'We have no experience in stopping a nuclear war.' - Sidney Drell (no replies)        
'..My greatest concern is the lack of public awareness about this existential threat, the absence of a vigorous public debate about the nuclear-war plans of Russia and the United States, the silent consent to the roughly fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in the world. These machines have been carefully and ingeniously designed to kill us. Complacency increases the odds that, some day, they will. The “Titanic Effect” is a term used by software designers to explain how things can quietly go wrong in a complex technological system: the safer you assume the system to be, the more dangerous it is becoming.'

'The harsh rhetoric on both sides increases the danger of miscalculations and mistakes, as do other factors. Close encounters between the military aircraft of the United States and Russia have become routine, creating the potential for an unintended conflict. Many of the nuclear-weapon systems on both sides are aging and obsolete. The personnel who operate those systems often suffer from poor morale and poor training. None of their senior officers has firsthand experience making decisions during an actual nuclear crisis. And today’s command-and-control systems must contend with threats that barely existed during the Cold War: malware, spyware, worms, bugs, viruses, corrupted firmware, logic bombs, Trojan horses, and all the other modern tools of cyber warfare. The greatest danger is posed not by any technological innovation but by a dilemma that has haunted nuclear strategy since the first detonation of an atomic bomb: How do you prevent a nuclear attack while preserving the ability to launch one?


..the Cuban Missile Crisis, when a series of misperceptions, miscalculations, and command-and-control problems almost started an accidental nuclear war—despite the determination of both John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev to avoid one. In perhaps the most dangerous incident, the captain of a Soviet submarine mistakenly believed that his vessel was under attack by U.S. warships and ordered the firing of a torpedo armed with a nuclear warhead. His order was blocked by a fellow officer. Had the torpedo been fired, the United States would have retaliated with nuclear weapons. At the height of the crisis, while leaving the White House on a beautiful fall evening, McNamara had a strong feeling of dread—and for good reason: “I feared I might never live to see another Saturday night.”


The personnel who command, operate, and maintain the Minuteman III have also become grounds for concern. In 2013, the two-star general in charge of the entire Minuteman force was removed from duty after going on a drunken bender during a visit to Russia, behaving inappropriately with young Russian women, asking repeatedly if he could sing with a Beatles cover band at a Mexican restaurant in Moscow, and insulting his military hosts. The following year, almost a hundred Minuteman launch officers were disciplined for cheating on their proficiency exams. In 2015, three launch officers at Malmstrom Air Force Base, in Montana, were dismissed for using illegal drugs, including ecstasy, cocaine, and amphetamines. That same year, a launch officer at Minot Air Force Base, in North Dakota, was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison for heading a violent street gang, distributing drugs, sexually assaulting a girl under the age of sixteen, and using psilocybin, a powerful hallucinogen. As the job title implies, launch officers are entrusted with the keys for launching intercontinental ballistic missiles.


..A recent memoir, “Uncommon Cause,” written by General George Lee Butler, reveals that the Pentagon was not telling the truth. Butler was the head of the U.S. Strategic Command, responsible for all of America’s nuclear weapons, during the Administration of President George H. W. Bush.

According to Butler and Franklin Miller, a former director of strategic-forces policy at the Pentagon, launch-on-warning was an essential part of the Single Integrated Operational Plan (siop), the nation’s nuclear-war plan. Land-based missiles like the Minuteman III were aimed at some of the most important targets in the Soviet Union, including its anti-aircraft sites. If the Minuteman missiles were destroyed before liftoff, the siop would go awry, and American bombers might be shot down before reaching their targets. In order to prevail in a nuclear war, the siop had become dependent on getting Minuteman missiles off the ground immediately. Butler’s immersion in the details of the nuclear command-and-control system left him dismayed. “With the possible exception of the Soviet nuclear war plan, [the siop] was the single most absurd and irresponsible document I had ever reviewed in my life,” Butler concluded. “We escaped the Cold War without a nuclear holocaust by some combination of skill, luck, and divine intervention, and I suspect the latter in greatest proportion.” The siop called for the destruction of twelve thousand targets within the Soviet Union. Moscow would be struck by four hundred nuclear weapons; Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, by about forty.

After the end of the Cold War, a Russian surprise attack became extremely unlikely. Nevertheless, hundreds of Minuteman III missiles remained on alert. The Cold War strategy endured because, in theory, it deterred a Russian attack on the missiles. McNamara called the policy “insane,” arguing that “there’s no military requirement for it.” George W. Bush, while running for President in 2000, criticized launch-on-warning, citing the “unacceptable risks of accidental or unauthorized launch.” Barack Obama, while running for President in 2008, promised to take Minuteman missiles off alert, warning that policies like launch-on-warning “increase the risk of catastrophic accidents or miscalculation.” Twenty scientists who have won the Nobel Prize, as well as the Union of Concerned Scientists, have expressed strong opposition to retaining a launch-on-warning capability. It has also been opposed by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State George Shultz, and former Senator Sam Nunn. And yet the Minuteman III missiles still sit in their silos today, armed with warheads, ready to go.

William J. Perry, who served as Secretary of Defense during the Clinton Administration, not only opposes keeping Minuteman III missiles on alert but advocates getting rid of them entirely. “These missiles are some of the most dangerous weapons in the world,” Perry wrote in the Times, this September. For many reasons, he thinks the risk of a nuclear catastrophe is greater today than it was during the Cold War. While serving as an Under-Secretary of Defense in 1980, Perry also received a late-night call about an impending Soviet attack, a false alarm that still haunts him. “A catastrophic nuclear war could have started by accident.”

Bruce Blair, a former Minuteman launch officer, heads the anti-nuclear group Global Zero, teaches at Princeton University, and campaigns against a launch-on-warning policy. Blair has described the stresses that the warning of a Russian attack would put on America’s command-and-control system. American early-warning satellites would detect Russian missiles within three minutes of their launch. Officers at norad would confer for an additional three minutes, checking sensors to decide if an attack was actually occurring. The Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack System collects data from at least two independent information sources, relying on different physical principles, such as ground-based radar and satellite-based infrared sensors. If the norad officials thought that the warning was legitimate, the President of the United States would be contacted. He or she would remove the Black Book from a briefcase carried by a military aide. The Black Book describes nuclear retaliatory options, presented in cartoon-like illustrations that can be quickly understood.


Although the Air Force publicly dismissed the threat of a cyberattack on the nuclear command-and-control system, the incident raised alarm within the Pentagon about the system’s vulnerability. A malfunction that occurred by accident might also be caused deliberately. Those concerns were reinforced by a Defense Science Board report in January, 2013. It found that the Pentagon’s computer networks had been “built on inherently insecure architectures that are composed of, and increasingly using, foreign parts.” Red teams employed by the board were able to disrupt Pentagon systems with “relative ease,” using tools available on the Internet. “The complexity of modern software and hardware makes it difficult, if not impossible, to develop components without flaws or to detect malicious insertions,” the report concluded.

In a recent paper for the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, Andrew Futter, an associate professor at the University of Leicester, suggested that a nuclear command-and-control system might be hacked to gather intelligence about the system, to shut down the system, to spoof it, mislead it, or cause it to take some sort of action—like launching a missile. And, he wrote, there are a variety of ways it might be done.


Strict precautions have been taken to thwart a cyberattack on the U.S. nuclear command-and-control system. Every line of nuclear code has been scrutinized for errors and bugs. The system is “air-gapped,” meaning that its networks are closed: someone can’t just go onto the Internet and tap into a computer at a Minuteman III control center. At least, that’s the theory. Russia, China, and North Korea have sophisticated cyber-warfare programs and techniques. General James Cartwright—the former head of the U.S. Strategic Command who recently pleaded guilty to leaking information about Stuxnet—thinks that it’s reasonable to believe the system has already been penetrated. “You’ve either been hacked, and you’re not admitting it, or you’re being hacked and don’t know it,” Cartwright said last year.

If communications between Minuteman control centers and their missiles are interrupted, the missiles can still be launched by ultra-high-frequency radio signals transmitted by special military aircraft. The ability to launch missiles by radio serves as a backup to the control centers—and also creates an entry point into the network that could be exploited in a cyberattack. The messages sent within the nuclear command-and-control system are highly encrypted. Launch codes are split in two, and no single person is allowed to know both parts. But the complete code is stored in computers—where it could be obtained or corrupted by an insider.

Some of America’s most secret secrets were recently hacked and stolen by a couple of private contractors working inside the N.S.A., Edward Snowden and Harold T. Martin III, both employees of Booz Allen Hamilton. The N.S.A. is responsible for generating and encrypting the nuclear launch codes. And the security of the nuclear command-and-control system is being assured not only by government officials but also by the employees of private firms, including software engineers who work for Boeing, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Lord Des Browne, a former U.K. Minister of Defense, is concerned that even ballistic-missile submarines may be compromised by malware. Browne is now the vice-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit seeking to reduce the danger posed by weapons of mass destruction, where he heads a task force examining the risk of cyberattacks on nuclear command-and-control systems. Browne thinks that the cyber threat is being cavalierly dismissed by many in power. The Royal Navy’s decision to save money by using Windows for Submarines, a version of Windows XP, as the operating system for its ballistic-missile subs seems especially shortsighted. Windows XP was discontinued six years ago, and Microsoft warned that any computer running it after April, 2014, “should not be considered protected as there will be no security updates.” Each of the U.K. subs has eight missiles carrying a total of forty nuclear weapons. “It is shocking to think that my home computer is probably running a newer version of Windows than the U.K.’s military submarines,” Brown said.In 2013, General C. Robert Kehler, the head of the U.S. Strategic Command, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about the risk of cyberattacks on the nuclear command-and-control system. He expressed confidence that the U.S. system was secure. When Senator Bill Nelson asked if somebody could hack into the Russian or Chinese systems and launch a ballistic missile carrying a nuclear warhead, Kehler replied, “Senator, I don’t know . . . I do not know.”

After the debacle of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet Union became much more reluctant to provoke a nuclear confrontation with the United States. Its politburo was a committee of conservative old men. Russia’s leadership is quite different today. The current mix of nationalism, xenophobia, and vehement anti-Americanism in Moscow is a far cry from the more staid and secular ideology guiding the Soviet Union in the nineteen-eighties. During the past few years, threats about the use of nuclear weapons have become commonplace in Moscow. Dmitry Kiselyov, a popular newscaster and the Kremlin’s leading propagandist, reminded viewers in 2014 that Russia is “the only country in the world capable of turning the U.S.A. into radioactive dust.” The Kremlin has acknowledged the development of a nuclear torpedo that can travel more than six thousand miles underwater before devastating a coastal city. It has also boasted about a fearsome new missile design. Nicknamed “Satan 2” and deployed with up to sixteen nuclear warheads, the missile will be “capable of wiping out parts of the earth the size of Texas or France,” an official news agency claimed.


Russia’s greatest strategic vulnerability is the lack of a sophisticated and effective early-warning system. The Soviet Union had almost a dozen satellites in orbit that could detect a large-scale American attack. The system began to deteriorate in 1996, when an early-warning satellite had to be retired. Others soon fell out of orbit, and Russia’s last functional early-warning satellite went out of service two years ago. Until a new network of satellites can be placed in orbit, the country must depend on ground-based radar units. Unlike the United States, Russia no longer has two separate means of validating an attack warning. At best, the radar units can spot warheads only minutes before they land. Pavel Podvig, a senior fellow at the U.N. Institute for Disarmament Research, believes that Russia does not have a launch-on-warning policy—because its early-warning system is so limited.

For the past nine years, I’ve been immersed in the minutiae of nuclear command and control, trying to understand the actual level of risk. Of all the people whom I’ve met in the nuclear realm, Sidney Drell was one of the most brilliant and impressive. Drell died this week, at the age of ninety. A theoretical physicist with expertise in quantum field theory and quantum chromodynamics, he was for many years the deputy director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator and received the National Medal of Science from Obama, in 2013. Drell was one of the founding members of jason—a group of civilian scientists that advises the government on important technological matters—and for fifty-six years possessed a Q clearance, granting him access to the highest level of classified information. Drell participated in top-secret discussions about nuclear strategy for decades, headed a panel that investigated nuclear-weapon safety for the U.S. Congress in 1990, and worked on technical issues for jason until the end of his life. A few months ago, when I asked for his opinion about launch-on-warning, Drell said, “It’s insane, the worst thing I can think of. You can’t have a worse idea.”

Drell was an undergraduate at Princeton University when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed. Given all the close calls and mistakes in the seventy-one years since then, he considered it a miracle that no other cities have been destroyed by a nuclear weapon—“it is so far beyond my normal optimism.” The prospect of a new cold war—and the return of military strategies that advocate using nuclear weapons on the battlefield—deeply unnerved him. Once the first nuclear weapon detonates, nothing might prevent the conflict from spiralling out of control. “We have no experience in stopping a nuclear war,” he said.


Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin confront a stark choice: begin another nuclear-arms race or reduce the threat of nuclear war. Trump now has a unique opportunity to pursue the latter, despite the bluster and posturing on both sides. His admiration for Putin, regardless of its merits, could provide the basis for meaningful discussions about how to minimize nuclear risks. Last year, General James Mattis, the former Marine chosen by Trump to serve as Secretary of Defense, called for a fundamental reappraisal of American nuclear strategy and questioned the need for land-based missiles. During Senate testimony, Mattis suggested that getting rid of such missiles would “reduce the false-alarm danger.” Contrary to expectations, Republican Presidents have proved much more successful than their Democratic counterparts at nuclear disarmament. President George H. W. Bush cut the size of the American arsenal in half, as did his son, President George W. Bush. And President Ronald Reagan came close to negotiating a treaty with the Soviet Union that would have completely abolished nuclear weapons.

Every technology embodies the values of the age in which it was created. When the atomic bomb was being developed in the mid-nineteen-forties, the destruction of cities and the deliberate targeting of civilians was just another military tactic. It was championed as a means to victory. The Geneva Conventions later classified those practices as war crimes—and yet nuclear weapons have no other real use. They threaten and endanger noncombatants for the sake of deterrence. Conventional weapons can now be employed to destroy every kind of military target, and twenty-first-century warfare puts an emphasis on precision strikes, cyberweapons, and minimizing civilian casualties. As a technology, nuclear weapons have become obsolete. What worries me most isn’t the possibility of a cyberattack, a technical glitch, or a misunderstanding starting a nuclear war sometime next week. My greatest concern is the lack of public awareness about this existential threat, the absence of a vigorous public debate about the nuclear-war plans of Russia and the United States, the silent consent to the roughly fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in the world. These machines have been carefully and ingeniously designed to kill us. Complacency increases the odds that, some day, they will. The “Titanic Effect” is a term used by software designers to explain how things can quietly go wrong in a complex technological system: the safer you assume the system to be, the more dangerous it is becoming.'

- Eric Schlosser, World War Three, By Mistake, December 23, 2016


The International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

          #003: Fünf Mittel gegen Aufschieberitis        

Aufschieberitis ist die Feindin der Schnelligkeit. Aufschieberitis ist ein sehr vielschichtiges Problem. Es steht in jedem Fall jeglicher Schnelligkeit im Weg – und damit auch jedem Anti-Zeitmanagement.

Lernen Sie in dieser Podcast-Folge ein paar Dinge über das Phänomen “Aufschieberitis” und lernen Sie für Tipps kennen, wie Sie dem inneren Schweinehund ein Schnippchen schlagen können.

# Fünf Mittel gegen Aufschieberitis

Im Podcast gebe ich Ihnen fünf Tipps zum Umgang mit dem inneren Schweinehund. Hier noch einmal in der Übersicht:

1. Der letzte Arbeitstag

2. Der 10-Minuten-Trick

3. Entscheidung auf Zeit

4. Die Gunst der Stunde

5. 1:1-Vertrag

Im Podcast spreche ich über die Aufschieberitis-Spirale. Hier ist ein Artikel, der diesen Gedanken vertieft: 


Schreiben Sie einen Kommentar zu dieser Folge oder empfehlen Sie ihn weiter: http://www.blatternet.de/003-aufschieberitis/

          Facetted Crystal Earrings + Update        
Beautiful Handmade Silver Hook Earrings with Facetted Crystal & Silver Spiral All kind of crystals help us to see more clearly and the facets support the facets in our lives Would you like to wear these earrings? Please tell me, thank you 🙂 You will find these earrings here in my Jewelry Sale and other […]
Wizard City and the Spiral Worlds are infested with evil creatures. Become a brave wizard student and take on exciting adventures. Face evil monsters with your friends and prove yourself in exciting trading card duels!!
          With an emphasis on culture, a new kind of nature trail emerges along Chicago’s south lakefront        
Environment & Conservation

North of the Margaret Burroughs Beach, a Caracol-inspired gathering space with a Mesoamerican hop scotch game is be part of a new trail in the Burnham Wildlife Corridor. This is one of five sites installed in by teams of artists and community-based organizations whose designs are inspired both by local ecology, as well as the heritage of communities adjacent to the south lakefront.

Moving along the trail, just past the 31st Harbor, an intertwined monarch butterfly sculpture crowns a hill, this design will be circled with common milkweed. West of Lake Shore Drive on 31st Street, south on the trail, a Scholar's rock sits in a grove of mature oak trees; have a seat and imagine the sounds of traffic as waves from an ocean, urban nature at its best. Crossing 39th street/Oakwood, on the west side of Lake Shore Drive, designed for growth every year, sculpted willow branches take organic shapes. The woodchip trail continues, a fallen tree hugs a bird sculpture born from the Sankofa symbol, a soulful reflection on nature.

The Gathering Spaces, part of the Roots & Routes Initiative, were curated by a volunteer committee comprised of arts professionals and community leaders. 

Caracol Opening

Caracol, Burnham Wildlife Corridor, Roots & Routes, Habitat Restoration, Pilsen, Contratiempo, Chicago, Lakefront
Photo by John Weinstein, © The Field Museum

1. Caracol

Lead artists:  Georgina Valverde, Diana Solis, Jose Terrazas

Non-profit partner:  contratiempo (Pilsen) – preserves and highlights the cultural identity and contributions of the Spanish-speaking

Latino population in the United States.

Description:  Drawing on rich connections from the natural world and cultural symbolism, Caracol (“snail” and “shell” in Spanish) represents the immigrant's desire to belong while maintaining the core of memory and identity. Snails perform a critical role in the food chain, breaking down plant matter and aiding in the nutrification of the soil. Likewise, immigrants economic and cultural contributions enrich and revitalize the host society. Caracol´spiral-shaped structure suggests ongoing movement from the core to a widening exterior—from the familiar to the unknown.  The installation includes a table that can function as a work or picnic table, and as a painting surface for a series of murals featuring the interplay of language and images, a stage, and a hopscotch game that uses Mesoamerican numbers.


La Ronda Parakata

Gathering Spaces, Burnham Wildlife Corridor, Chicago, Festivals, Summer, Spring, Latino art, African-American art, monarch butterfly, sankofa, bronzeville, pilsen, chinatown, scholars rock, La Ronda Parakata
Photo by John Weinstein, © The Field Museum

2. La Ronda Parakata

Lead artists:  Hector DuarteAlfonso “Piloto” Nieves

Non-profit partner:  Casa Michoacán (Pilsen) – promotes cultural, social, and sporting activities between the Mexican and immigrant Michoacán community, with a transnational vision.

Description:  This project is a circular sculpture inspired by the magic symbolism of the butterfly, harmony with nature, and migration.  It is demarcated by a delicate sculptural ring or “ronda” of interlocking butterfly forms. The center of the space features native plants and cement blocks that are being repurposed as rustic seating.


Set in Stone

Gathering Spaces, Burnham Wildlife Corridor, Chicago, Festivals, Summer, Spring, Latino art, African-American art, monarch butterfly, sankofa, bronzeville, pilsen, chinatown, scholars rock, Set in Stone
Photo by John Weinstein, © The Field Museum

3. Set in Stone

Lead artists:  Andy Bellomo, Anna Murphy

Non-profit partner:  Chinese-American Museum of Chicago (Chinatown) -- promotes the culture and history of Chinese-Americans in the Midwest through exhibitions, education and research.

Description:  This project is an interpretation of a traditional Chinese “scholar’s rock” by sculpting, molding and fabricating a sculpture that emulates the magnificence felt through viewing these rocks. The scholar’s rock sculpture is placed at the center of a tranquil rock garden with hand-carved log benches for viewing/contemplation.


Sounding Bronzeville

Gathering Spaces, Burnham Wildlife Corridor, Chicago, Festivals, Summer, Spring, Latino art, African-American art, monarch butterfly, sankofa, bronzeville, pilsen, chinatown, scholars rock, Sounding Bronzeville
Photo by John Weinstein, © The Field Museum

4. Sounding Bronzeville

Lead artists:  Fo Wilson, Norman Teague

Non-profit partner:  Bronzeville Community Development Partnership (Bronzeville) -- focuses on information technology, heritage tourism, hospitality workforce development and training, preservation and sustainability in Bronzeville.

Description:  This site includes several organic, amorphous sculptural forms that rise from the ground in different heights and shapes, covered with native plant material. Some of these forms serve as seating, and some have “sound ports” or “nesting ports.” These openings allow for visibility through the forms as well as opportunities for specific audial experiences between people. This piece commemorates and remembers the strength and resilience of thousands of African-Americans who made the journey from the South seeking better opportunities North with 100 years of the Great Migration.

Architects: Monica Chadha and Mike Newman; Landscape Architects Nilay Mistry and Nathan Wright; Willow Furniture Maker and Consultant Dave Chapman


Sankofa for the Earth

Gathering Spaces, Burnham Wildlife Corridor, Chicago, Festivals, Summer, Spring, Latino art, African-American art, monarch butterfly, sankofa, bronzeville, pilsen, chinatown, scholars rock, Sankofa for the Earth
Photo by John Weinstein, © The Field Museum

5. Sankofa for the Earth

Lead artists:  Arlene Turner Crawford, Dorian Sylvain, Raymond A. Thomas

Non-profit partner:  South Side Community Art Center (Bronzeville) -- preserves, conserves and promotes the legacy and future of African American art and artists, while educating the community on the value of art and culture.

Description:  This project features a “Sankofa” bird made from mixed-media and recycled materials. In Africa, a bird looking backwards over its tail represents the Sankofa symbol, which means “go back and fetch it.” It is an understanding that our past(s) holds important information to move us forward in life. There is a mosaic on the exterior of the bird and mural on the interior representing Bronzeville history. QR codes are integrated into the mural design to allow visitors with smartphones, to access sites with information about the images included in the mural, as well as, information on Bronzeville, the Chicago Park District and the Field Museum.


How to get to the Gathering Spaces: 

Gathering Spaces Map

          January 2015 DAY DESIGNER - Gold Stripe - Yearly Planner & Daily Agenda, Calendar, Organizer by whitneyenglish        


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The story behind the Day Designer®:

The Day Designer® was born on a Saturday morning in November of 2010, as wife, mother, and designer Whitney English faced of an overflowing inbox, piles of disorganized lists and notes, and a daunting holiday rush season in full swing.

In 2012, Day Designer® was introduced to the world. The first planner offering a daily agenda format, users quickly embraced it. Unlike traditional planners that offer a week-at-a-glance format, Day Designer's signature feature is a single page for every day (and combined pages for weekends).

Day Designer® will allow you to make notes about family, business, and personal goals and dreams. It will keep you on course and focused. It's all about living an intentional, well-designed life. Every single day.

Day Designer® is printed on luxe weight (50 lb) paper. It is bound with brass-finished spiral binding and finished with a hardcover and hardback. Day Designer® is 100% designed and made in the US!

The January 2015 Day Designer® is a combined edition, featuring Whitney English's "Define Your Core" worksheets, a personal self-discovery process created to help you find balance and clarity.

:: Approximate size is 9" x 9.5" x 1.25".
:: Over 350 pages!
:: A yearly calendar overview.
:: A monthly calendar overview.
:: A daily planning page for each day of the week.
:: Daily pages feature a spot for:
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// Dinner - who are you eating with or what are you having?
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:: Combined weekend planning pages.
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The Gold Stripe and Black Stripe January 2015 editions are printed on off-white French Paper Co. stock. While many of the images you may have seen look white, the color is actually an off-white.

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          Viviendo como un Hada 6: besos de diciembre, besos azules ...        
"Mejor que las Navidades-le dijeron a su madre- es prepararse para ellas"

Margaret Sydney "Los Cinco pimientitos y cómo crecen"

Queridas mías,
 como cada mes, aunque en esta ocasión suba esta entrada un poco tarde, no puedo faltar a mi cita conmigo misma ... cuando me siento frente al ordenador a recoger  ideas para cada mes parece que el mundo se abre un poco más y se renuevan mis ganas de todo... y si las fiestas abruman un poco...y parece que está todo por hacer... quizá lo mejor sea dedicarnos primero una cosa y después a otra, de uno en uno y punto a punto los días se vuelven brillantes, y cada precioso minuto pasa ante nuestros ojos brillante y puro como los copos de nieve... qué haremos con tantos tantos minutos? He recogido muchas cositas sencillas porque este mes es un mes de jaleo para todas y seguro que si el tiempo se puediese regalar, sería el mas agradecido de los presentes...

Pero antes de ello quería subir esta Tiara Cupcake ( a la que prefiero llamar Tiara Las hadas del Azúcar) que he hecho esta semana, ya casi no me queda tiempo para coser, y no puedo hacer demasiadas cositas, pero algo es algo no?

 Y ahora sí,

 Alegrías para Diciembre

1- Adorna de veras tu casa. Propaga la alegría de estas fiestas por toda tu casa con adornos apropiados... plantas de hoja perenne, lucecitas y adornos naturales... no hace falta gastar mucho dinero, la idea es sencilla, cuando haces un esfuerzo especial por crear belleza en tu hogar, estás preparando un escenario, un ambiente de Navidad, hanuca, Solsticio de Invierno o como quiera que lo celebres.

Puedes hacerlos con ramas...
 o bolitas de tela pintalas o cosidas como esta de Thea and Sami
Las piñas son fáciles de conseguir, puedes pintar algunas de dorado...

Puedes hacer guirnaldas de papel, sencillamente haciendo aros:

o con palomitas y bayas rojas....

con papel blanco puedes hacer copos de nieve que caeran delicadamente sobre tu cabeza... (tutorial aqui)

2- que te parece leer poco a poco "canción de Navidad" de Dickens? quiza puedas hacerlo tipo serial si alguien comparte contigo estos maravillosos momentos de lectura!

3 Organiza tu propio festival de películas clásicas, aquí van algunas propuestas, enrollate en tu manta preferida, y a disfrutar y a llorar a moco tendido!!:

"De ilusión también se vive" ("Milagro en la calle 34”)

“Cuento de Navidad” (basado en la novela de Charles Dickens)

“¡Qué bello es vivir!”

“Un ángel pasó por Brooklyn”

4- haz que se cumplan los sueños navideños de un niño que no sea tu hijo.

5- Comparte tus bendiciones con algun refugio para personas sin hogar, ¿ropa que ya no quieres? quizá algo de comida?

6-Sigue tu estrella, una noche de diciembre sal y da un paseo bajo la luna, esa luna que ha alumbrado a tantas mujeres antes que a ti durante años, siglos y milenios... contempla las estrellas y elige una que será la tuya...
Si quieres tenerla de manera oficial puedes comprar una en Global Star Registry

7-dile adios a todas las cosas que quieres dejar atrás... ¿cómo hacerlo? escribe en un papel cada cosa que NO quieres tener este año que entra, metelos todos en una caja, envuelvela con un paño negro y después tírala al fuego diciendo A PASEO!!!! ahora ya puedes olvidarte de lo malo y comenzar bien limpia de alma!

8- haz hombrecillos de jengibre, receta CLIC

9 Prepara tu cuaderno de la Navidad, compra una libreta de espiral con motivos navideños, será tu libro de recuerdos para las navidades (estas y las próximas) empieza por escribir el año y una muestra (o fotocopia ) de las tarjetas que vayas a enviar y una lista de destinatarios... pega trozos de lazo, papel de regalo, cintas , etiquetas y el nombre de las personas que han recibido regalos tuyos... puedes crear composiciones con los restos de papel...
Guarda invitaciones  de fiestas a las que te hayan invitado y hayas disfrutado ¿que llevabas puesto? como estaba decorada?
Sin limitarse  a las fiestas a las que asistas puedes recordar momentos especiales que hayas vivido en estas fechas..
Puedes colocar también fotos que recibas o de revistas... frases que oigas...quizá la letra de algun villancico...
con los años seguroq ue recurrirás a él para hacer de tus navidades las mejores sobre la Tierra


           Modelling the SEDs of spiral galaxies         
Popescu, C.C. and Tuffs, R.J. (2009) Modelling the SEDs of spiral galaxies. EAS Publications Series, 34 . pp. 247-256. ISSN 1633-4760
          Best Time To Invest in Art, NOW! by Ginger Van Hook        
TV celebrity Jason Alexander supports the arts at the TAG Gallery in Santa Monica, California on August 18, 2007 for the CALIFORNIA OPEN EXHIBITION show juried by Peter Frank. Now showing NEW WORKS, painting, mixed media, sculpture, photography and video through September 1st 2007. Jason Alexander, an actor who played the part of "George" in the long running and popular hit TV show "Seinfeld",
is pictured here beside sculpture artist Ali Alinejad.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Christine Owens, president of the Focus One Community Credit Union and sponsor of the
Focus One Gallery in Monrovia, California is presented with the Renaissance Award
by Monrovia City Councilman, Joe Garcia at the Monrovia Arts Festival Association Gala Black Tie Annual Fund-raising Event May 12, 2007. The Renaissance Award is given to honor and recognize a special member of the community whose contributions to their fellow citizens leads to the cultural enrichment of the community as a whole. Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Artist, Photographer and Actor, David Newsom poses with his dog in front of his latest photographs (Thistle #1) being exhibited at the DCA Fine Arts Gallery, in Santa Monica, California, (June 1, 2007 through July 14th, 2007). Three miles of Idaho is an exhibit focusing on the landscape between his brother and his sister's properties in a unique and poignant family setting. David Newsom released large scale renditions of his work currently published from his best-selling book titled SKIP.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Peter Frank, Jurist, for the TAG Gallery, CALIFORNIA OPEN EXHIBITION,
stands beside emerging Los Angeles based artist, Luke Van Hook, August 18th, 2007.
The Painting in background, oil on canvas, "May", the study of Giotto's perfect circle.
by Luke Van Hook
(Investigating the legend that Giotto drew a perfect circle for the Pope)

As the economy goes up and down, so do the trends in the arts and art collecting. This is an exciting time for the arts because we have many historical markers and world conditions that exist today that make it a good time to invest in the arts. For instance, instability in the stock market often releases money to make investments in art, that, like real estate, also goes up in value as the years progress. Additionally, there are wars raging around the world so instability in world economic markets are impacting the art market too. The best impact that market instability plays upon the arts is that it gives incentives to support artists in your local communities. These artists are here and now. Their work is presently available, and like property, it too can be insured, placed into a family trust or safety deposit vault and along with the family heirlooms, art can be bequeathed as a legacy or inheritance to members of your family. Both the housing market and the stock market have been riding a roller-coaster in recent years making a good piece of tangible artwork a far more solid investment than betting on governments, point spreads or Las Vegas Mega Slots.

y husband Luke and I have explored a number of fine art galleries and art communities that will interest the art lover, the art collector and fellow artists in the pursuit of great works being created in the NOW, as well as some works that have survived the test of time. In my Blog I intend to discuss some of the hot spots and hot artists in Sunny Southern California. I'll share photos with you of some of these exciting options available to the every day collector, the seasoned collector, the art aficionados, or the emerging collectors eager with new money to infuse into an already thriving and ripe harvest of works in Oil Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Conceptual works, Collage, Digital Photography, Digital Film and Electronic Visual Art.

Through this summer we visited communities on the West side such as Santa Monica, West LA, and Culver City. In the inland areas, we visited some of the foothill mountain art communities such as Glendale and a little further inland, we visited Old Town Monrovia. Starting with the inland foothills we find the quaint town of Monrovia where I grew up and went to school at Immaculate Conception Elementary on Shamrock Avenue. In Monrovia, the City of Art and in Duarte, the City of Health, I grew up as a child. I volunteered about 300 hours as a candy striper for the City of Hope in my teenage years, went on to work for the Duarte Library and attended Alverno High School for girls in Sierra Madre. This is the place where I was raised marching in parades with the Brownies and the Girl Scouts and where I learned to tap dance, twirl a baton and where I rode a ferris wheel for the first time at the fiesta, (as well as ate a lot of cotton candy), I came back as an adult to find an incredible amount of support for the arts in local schools. The arts are not limited to crayons and pencils either. There is an extensive array of art mediums in which students, and some very young students at that, learn to hone their creative skills. For instance, at Paint N Play on Myrtle Avenue, they learn how to throw pottery. Also, with after school teacher, Rouzanna Berberian, children learn the art of drawing, photography and gallery showmanship as well. There are art lessons going on, on almost every street corner you encounter in the busy Old Town Center on Myrtle near the Krikorian Movie theatre. You'll find this charming section of town both soothing and exhilarating. You ought to try walking up and down the main street where there are sidewalk activities, new park benches to rest under shade trees, new lampposts and lanterns all reminiscent of a nostalgic time. Artists show their work on wide city blocks and inside cool and dim lit gallery spaces. The mountains loom in the distance and the afternoons yeild a light summer breeze in the early evening.

We support the Monrovia Arts Festival Association in their endeavors to promote the arts to the children at a very young age. It is not uncommon for lots of families that are raised to appreciate art to blossom into artists later in life. MAFA is a nonprofit organization led by President Bill Beebe with a history of supporting local artists and local after-school art programs. Over the years, the Monrovia community has begun to expand its outreach of art by developing local talent through a number of venues: Focus One Gallery for instance, is located in the lobby of the Focus One Community Credit Union at 404 East Huntington Drive on the corner of California and Huntington Drive. The president of Focus One Community Credit Union, Christine Owens is known for her support of local artists and was recently nominated for and awarded the annual Renaissance Award by Monrovia City Councilman Joe Garcia at the MAFA Black Tie Fundraiser in May 2007. This is a prestigious award that goes to honor and recognize a special member of the community whose contributions to their fellow citizens leads to the cultural enrichment of the community as a whole.

MAFA Marketing coordinator, (on left)Denise Daniels is pictured here with Christine Owens, President of Focus One Community Credit Union and Bill Beebe, President of MAFA at their annual Black Tie Fundraiser that occurs in May.

Monrovia, California
Foothill Mountain Communities
Some Artists in Action...

THE MONROVIA ARTS FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION otherwise known as MAFA, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and is dedicated to the cultivation and support of the arts in children's after school programs as well as educational awareness of the arts in the community at large. MAFA P.O. Box 92 Monrovia, CA 91017 (www.artfestivals.org) 626-256-3124

Several galleries and art venues have developed over the years which participate and support MAFA. The following information is current as of August 2007: If your event or venue is not listed, please contact Ginger Van Hook, press liaison, for MAFA at (enilde@sprintmail.com).

The AZTEK ART GALLERY, is located beside the Aztek Hotel at 305 West Foothill Blvd. Exhibits local artists work as well as holds art classes during scheduled times. The contact person is Bill Hyatt, (Hyatt2000@yahoo.com)

California Wine and Cheese, LLC supports local artists. New Artist reception for Frank Zgonc, Photographer is scheduled for the evening of Friday August 24th, 2007. Frank Zgonc shares images from his travels through Europe, scenes from Bodie Flats, Nevada and local scenes in Monrovia along with his signature digital watercolor manipulations. California Wine and Cheese is located at 115 W. Foothill Blvd., Owned by Janet and Tom Dugan, their website can be located at www.cawineandcheese.com (Contact by phone 626-358-6500 for reservations.)

The MONROVIA COFFEE COMPANY supports local artists and is located at 425 South Myrtle Avenue. Exhibits contemporary and emerging artists work. Next artists showing September 1 through December 30th, Ginger and Luke Van Hook Photography exhibit, Methusula in the Bristlecone Pine Forest. (Landscape photographs of some of the oldest pine trees on the planet. Some trees aged over 4,700 years, older than the Egyptian Pyramids.) (Additional digital photography of flowers and collage by Ginger Van Hook.) For artist schedules, contact person is Carol Curtis, (shutterbug@altrionet.com)

The PAINT 'N PLAY ART GALLERY is affiliated with Monrovia Arts Festival Association in its' support of the arts by providing a meeting place for MAFA members to discuss and plan their upcoming events for the community on a monthly basis. Contact Lisa or Rachel at paintnPlay2@aol.com. Paint 'N Play is located at 418 South Myrtle Avenue. Paint N Play sponsors the SUMMER ARTWALKS in Old Town Monrovia along with several merchants who participate every year. KidsArt, Segil Fine Art, Oh My Goddard Gallery, Family Festival Productions, Scoops, Joy Print and Design, Box Jewelers and Baldwin's Baked Potatoes as well as the Outback SteakHouse- Arcadia and Trader Joe's also participate in art festivities that promote the education of art in schools through Summer Artwalks. For more information regarding Summer Art Walks and how you may participate, you may also contact Betsy Thurmond (626-358-7800) or kamonrovia@verizon.net. The next SUMMER ARTWALK is scheduled for Saturday evening, August 25, 2007 from 6:30 to 9pm.



August 11 - September 28th, 2007.
Glendale Public Library Associates of Brand Library
1601 West Mountain Street Glendale, CA 91201
818-548-2051 www.brandlibrary.org

A group show Titled: PATTERN PLAY. Four artists demonstrate the variety of patterns available in color schemes, pattern originality, unique images in oil paints, sculpture, and graphic designs. Artist reception August 18, 2007. Artists featured are Patsy Cox, Yuriko Etue, Melanie Rothschild, and Jerrin Wagstaff. Definitely a great show for the entire family. You'll experience a great variety of brilliant colors and patterns that pop out of the walls, rise from the floor and reveal creative abstract patterns that draw you in, spiral you out and make you feel good.

Artist, Melanie Rothschild

Artist, Patsy Cox

Artist, Yuriko Etue

Artist, Jerrin Wagstaff



16:1 Gallery, Santa Monica, California Summer 2007


Kathryn Andrews
Chris Lipomi
Donald Morgan
Stephanie Taylor
organized by Kathryn Andrews

Showing August 11 through September 8, 2007

2116 Pico Blvd., Unit B
Santa Monica, CA 90405
email: info@16to1.com



Delia Cabral, Gallery Director
3107 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405

From Exhibition, THREE MENDACIOUS MINDS, (The Return of Paris' New Pestilence School) David Schoffman, Currado Malaspina, Micah Carpenter July 23- August 31, 2007 310-770-2525
Photo by Ginger Van Hook



TAG Gallery
Elizabeth Sadoff
Gallery Director
2903 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Elizabeth Sadoff, Gallery Director, TAG Gallery
handing out awards to the winning artists.

Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Jason Cimenski accepts award from Peter Frank and Elizabeth Sadoff
TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

First Place Winner, Artist, Jason Cimenski with his daughter "The Flooded Room" TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007 Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Artist Kim Kimbro, TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Artist, Lorien Suarez,
TAG Gallery August 18, 2007
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Artist, Carlos Daub,
TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Derek McMullen, Luke Van Hook, Dennis Treretola Three artists, oil painters, from the same graduating class at Otis College of Art and Design, 2004
TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Artists, and fine art painters, Carlos Daub, Luke Van Hook, Dennis Treretola
TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Artist, Carole Garland, "Midnight Mystery", oil on canvas
TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007

Photo by Ginger Van Hook

TAG Gallery, Santa Monica, California
August 18, 2007
Standing room only at the popular show

Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Peter Frank thanks the artists and their guests who have participated
at the TAG Gallery, Santa Monica, California Open Exhibition,
August 18, 2007
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

          channelers ~ video & album premiere        

Each time I see the news from Inner Islands my days turns into a little celebration. The music this label releases resonates so deeply with my perception of the world, that it feels almost impossible. Of course there are always some space for interpretations and subjectiveness but some things don't need an explanation. They just emerge somewhere between the sounds, between the flips of the tape, in the soft humming of endless water streams shown in this amazing video which label's boss Sean Conrad shot in American deserts and over expanses of Iceland... When the beauty arises, it touches hearts directly, without need in words. That's why we love music so much - it can be pure beauty, without strict material form, just flow of vibrations from one soul to another. It needs just few instruments or voice to appear and an open ear to be heard.

channelers ~ space makes clearing (inner islands, 2016)

 Â«Reverence for the cycles of life, for the ever-changing sky, for the yearning that drives one forward, for the acceptance
that keeps one still».
inner islands

On the different paths life makes through the space and time there are always cycles, seasons, changes which unfold like an endless spiral. With every new turn we may feel something like deja vu, considering the ability of our minds to forget everything quickly, to think in one dimension. To regain the experience of past cycles in the present, to make them significant and changing, we create rituals - may kinds of them. Starting from morning tea and social interactions and up to religions and annual celebrations. And once again our minds are failing, forgetting the meaning, flattening the experience... So the only way here is awareness, which unavoidably leads to self-invented ceremonies, practices, to the clear feeling of your own unique path. While listening to the music created by any of Sean Conrad's projects this feeling on the uniqueness appears with every album, showing the perception of the world, which may be shared, but at the same time remains thw whole in itself. Like any river is created by the thousands of streams, the Inner Islands is a bright torrent of personal world perceptions, created by many artists and Sean's ability to maintain that stream is amazing. There is a place for many forms and crossroad for many path, but still this unique universe of sound keeps its doors open for any resonating soul. And its essence is always changing, moving with the sun and moon, growing, unfolding... Archipelago of the tiny whirls of creative energy, forming something bigger and powerful than its part taken separately. Each album of Ashan or Channelers seems like a private ceremony, which concentrates the overall aura of Inner Islands. Gathering of winds and waters, celebration of new cycle, which begins with every new batch of sounds released to the world... It may seem unimportant, but this is the thing of such intimate creations - it becomes bigger, when you inside of it. Like gazing at the drop of water, which reflects the whole sky. Each song here is a drop. And each tiny moment of silence between them is the passage from the inner to the outer. It's simply fascinating.

listen ~ buy

          saåad ~ verdaillon        

saåad ~ verdaillon (in paradisum, 2016)

When it comes to drone music one may think "there is nothing special about it - just lonely guys making sounds with their laptops" and usually this is true. Of course, there are many bands using guitars or synths for this and it makes music a bit more interesting. But how about church organ? I don't know many drone albums with such source of sound - Razen, Anna Von Hausswolff, Charlemagne Palestine of course... But still not much. French duo Saåad is well-know to any drone maniac for their powerful, raw sound and this time it takes new turn on the spiral of their evolution. Using the organ of Church of Notre-Dame de la Dalbade along with the field recording made at the same place, they managed to recreate haunting ambiance of the times, when music was truly spiritual and served not just for entertainment. This approach makes sense in the modern world, full of music created almost for no reason - if only for fun, but just out of boredom, especially when it comes to ambient & drone... This album is not just excursion, it has ability to transport your mind into the places & states of transformation, of better feeling yourself and world around you. I'd say it has meditative qualities, but there is nothing new-agey about it. Just pure power of sound, energy of life, captured it the short moments of aural bliss.
listen ~ buy

          Spiraling UP...        
          This is what privatisation did to Australia's household electricity bills        

When three eastern and one southern state formed the National Electricity Market in December 1998 Australia had the lowest retail prices in the world along with the United States and Canada.

The rules which underpin this National Electricity Market are created by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) set up by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) - through the COAG Energy Council - for that purpose and to advise federal & state governments on how best to develop energy markets over time.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) sets the amount of revenue that network businesses can recover from customers for using networks (electricity poles and wires and gas pipelines) that transport energy.

So far so good. There's a defined market and there are rules.

Then the privatisation of electricity supply and infrastructure began in earnest.

It should come as no surprise that this push towards full privatisation, with its downhill spiral in service delivery and uphill climb in cost to retail customers, began and was progressed during the term of Liberal Prime Minister John Howard.

By 2017 the NSW Berejiklian Coalition Government has almost completed its three-stage privatisation of state power infrastructure by selling off poles and wires and, it goes without saying that the retail cost of electricity is expected to rise again next year.

This is where we stand today……………………

[Graphs in Financial Review, 4 August 2017]
The Financial Review, 4 Augut 2017:

The annual cost to households of accepting a standing offer from one of the big three retailers instead of the best offer in the market has been estimated at $830 in Victoria, $900 in Queensland and $1400-$1500 in NSW and SA by the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Mr Mountain said power bills are constructed in such a complex way that ordinary customers without sophisticated spreadsheet and analytical skills have little hope of analysing competing offers to work out which offers them the best deal.

Private comparison websites do not include all market offers and charge retailers for switching customers, while the websites offered by the Australian Energy Regulator and the Victorian government do not provide the tools customers need to discriminate among offers.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ordered the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to conduct an inquiry into electricity supply, costs and pricing, including retail pricing.

The Treasurer should have a preliminary report from the ACCC in his hands by the end of September this year, however this body does not submit a final report until 30 June 2018 with no guarantee that any recommendations will be adopted by government and industry.

Quite frankly, it appears the privatisation train left the platform some time ago and there is no way to halt or divert it in order to genuinely benefit household consumers.

          What the Conservatives need to achieve this week in Manchester        
Cameron must convince the public that they do understand what he's on about really
People within a few yards of Whitehall understand that David Cameron is in control because they really get him. They see him everyday and think he looks just the ruddy part. The rest of us however have not the slightest idea what he's going on about. Cameron must carefully explain in words of no more than two syllables, very loudly, that just because people don't understand the Big Society, it doesn't mean it's not a super dooper idea. It's our fault we don't get it, not his.  

Cameron must blame the riots on people not getting married any more
The PM reacted incredibly well to the riots. He flew back off holiday, invented the word 'criminality' and cancelled all leave for the police officers he's about to sack. He must ensure that riots are perceived as society's problem, not the government's. People in society can't just go on living life differently and in a diverse manner. They need to get married, go to church more often and stop relying on the state to sort their problems out. If they've got no hope for their future, they need to stop blaming the government for their ills, and point the finger squarely at that single-Mum of theirs' who can't afford to keep them in education and Nike Air Max fussions.

Osborne must keep saying the word 'deficit' to scare people
The Chancellor needs to make people see that them losing their jobs, their homes and their pensions will somehow make things better for everybody in the long term and promote growth. Tell voters the next time they get their car repossessed to think of how massive that deficit is. At least that's one less car on the road so other commuters can get to 80mph quicker on the motorways on their way to their job that no longer exists. All this kind of thing supports growth, trust us.

Tell people their fuel price rises aren't our fault
Rather than admit that privatisation of our fuel service providers has led to bills spiralling out of control, blame it all on climate change. That's right, it's not because shareholders at British Gas or EDF want a nice Christmas bonus that your Great Aunt Mavis has hypothermia, it's because scaremongering environmentalists are making things up about natural resources.

Boris shouldn't talk about what he's achieved
With the London mayoral elections coming up next year it's important to show just how popular old Boz is with party members. If you see him wave at him, laugh at whatever he says but don't whatever you do, start talking about what he's achieved in the last three years. Ponderous silence doesn't play well to the media.

Tories shouldn't try and understand people from Hackney
They're not like you and me. Some of them even talk in funny, street lingo that just sounds like random noise. We shouldn't try and speak their language else we'll look as stupid as Richard Madeley did when he did that impression of Ali G. Don't waste time trying to understand these people, they're not likely to vote for you anyway. 

The above is in response to a tory diary piece on Conservative Home.

          DAYTONA BIKE WEEK        
Nº76 MOTO REPORT Abril 2008
Talvez tenha sido o apelo de areia dura, nos dias amenos de Inverno, ou talvez a excitação da primeira corrida de moto pela praia, que fez de Daytona Beach o palco da Bike Week mais famosa do mundo inteiro. Provavelmente o retorno, todos os anos, de cada vez mais pessoas ao evento, dever-se-á às carismáticas actividades que lá têm lugar e que, por isso mesmo, têm ajudado a elevar o seu nome cada vez mais alto. Seja como for, esta Bike Week é uma prestigiada tradição que tem lugar desde 24 de Janeiro de 1937, originalmente com o nome de Daytona 200. Este ano, de 29 de Fevereiro a 09 de Março, cumpriu-se novamente a tradição, e o sonho de muitos que lá ambicionam ir.

A primeira corrida teve lugar ao longo de 3.2 milhas (pouco mais de 5.100 metros), num percurso misto de areia de praia e estrada, ao sul de Daytona Beach. O californiano Ed Kretz, mais concretamente de Monterey Park, foi o vencedor. Ele pilotava uma moto de um conceituado fabricante americano, a Indian, e a velocidade média cifrou-se nos 117km/h. Kretz venceu também a corrida inaugural da cidade de Daytona Beach. Entre 1942 e 1947, devido à II Guerra Mundial, esta prova teve de ser cancelada. A American Motorcycling Association (AMA) considerou que, no interesse da defesa nacional, deveria ser imposto um interregno ao evento. É que a guerra obrigava ao racionamento dos combustíveis, e a produção de pneus, e de componentes mecânicos de base, para veículos domésticos ou particulares deveria ser canalizada, quase que em exclusivo, para a obtenção de mais material bélico. Porém, neste período, uma outra corrida, não oficial, teve lugar. Era descrito pelos locais com “Handlebar Derby” (a prova dos guiadores). A 24 de Fevereiro de 1947, e com o conflito mundial já terminado, um ilustre cidadão local, Bill France, promoveu a reorganização da corrida e contou com 176 concorrentes. Vários jornais da época relatam que terá sido pedido à população que acolhesse os motociclistas visitantes nas suas casas, pois o ramo hoteleiro estava simplesmente lotado. Em 1948, um novo percurso de praia e estrada foi delineado, motivado pela construção na área onde antes as corridas se realizavam. Desta feita, os organizadores moveram-no ainda mais para sul, para junto de Ponce Inlet. Contava agora com 4.1 milhas (mais de seis quilómetros e meio) de extensão. A última Daytona 200, num percurso misto de areia e alcatrão, ocorreu em 1960. Depois disso, a prova foi transferida para o circuito Daytona International Speedway. Esta Bike Week sempre encerrou em si mesma um toque bastante peculiar. Algures, depois da guerra, criou-se uma certa tensão em seu torno. Enquanto que a competição era devidamente organizada, obedecendo a regras bem definidas, tudo o resto à sua volta não. Com o passar dos anos, a população local começou a sentir-se insegura com aquilo que denominava de “A Invasão”. Os agentes da autoridade eram poucos, tendo em conta a dimensão do evento, e os confrontos entre bikers e polícia eram cada vez mais intensos. Esta espiral de violência atingiu o seu pico em 1986. Daí em diante, estabeleceu-se uma equipa operacional, composta por várias entidades, como sejam a própria organização, diversas instituições da cidade e até a câmara de comércio local, com o fito de melhorar as relações entre os participantes e a população, alterando a magnitude dos acontecimentos. Hoje em dia, a Bike Week, é um acontecimento que dura dez dias, e que se estende até ao condado de Volusia. Há centenas de actividades para participarem motociclistas ou simples entusiastas. São centenas de milhar os que lá comparecem, e a população local, agora, recebe-os de braços abertos.
- Em média, por ano, morrem entre quatro a dez pessoas.
- Em 2000, morreram entre dez a quinze pessoas.
- Em 2006, doze motociclistas morreram nos primeiros oito dias. No último dia a lista chegou aos dezoito mortos e catorze destas ocorreram nos condados de Volusia e Flagler.
- Em 2007 morreram duas pessoas.
© Todos os direitos do texto estão reservados para MOTO REPORT, uma publicação da JPJ EDITORA. Contacto para adquirir edições já publicadas: +351 253 215 466.
© General Moto, by Hélder Dias da Silva 2008

          What ails Indian farmers         
A study finds faulty agricultural policies and practices and not just indebtedness to blame for rising suicides among farmers.
Loans are not the only reason for farmers' distress. (Source: India Water Portal)

Over the last few months, we saw protests by distressed farmers of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and other states over farming crisis and farmer suicides. In what seemed like a knee-jerk reaction, many state governments announced farm loan waivers without thinking if it would actually help the farmers. 

Are loan waivers enough to improve the situation of farmers? Experts think otherwise. They believe that certain core issues of farming have been left unaddressed and need urgent consideration.

What do farmers have to say about the increasing crisis in agriculture and rising suicides? This article titled Lives in debt: Narratives of agrarian distress and farmer suicides published in the Economic and Political Weekly discusses the findings of a study on farmers’ experiences from two districts with high suicide rates in the country--Yavatmal in Maharashtra and Sangrur in Punjab.

The article argues that farmer suicides need to be understood in the context of the broader crisis in agriculture. It is not only indebtedness but a number of core issues related to faulty agricultural policies and practices that contribute to the distress among farmers.

Glaring signs of the crisis in agriculture

  • The contribution of the agricultural sector to India’s GDP has been declining steadily. Nearly half of the workforce in the country, however, is involved in farming.

  • There has been a steady increase in the percentage of farmers having small landholdings. Small landholdings do not support mechanisation and irrigation. Moreover, the absence of land records in many cases prevent these farmers from accessing formal credit, government benefits or crop insurance.

  • A large number of small farm holders are accessing credit mainly from informal sources.

  • Indebtedness among farmers is on the rise with 52 percent of agricultural households in the country being plagued by it.

What causes distress among farmers in Yavatmal and Sangrur?

Although Yavatmal and Sangrur are very different in terms of socioeconomic backgrounds, crop patterns, agricultural practices, the underlying reasons for distress are found to be similar.

  • Flawed cropping patterns aggravating water scarcity

In Sangrur and Yavatmal, where paddy and cotton are grown, the crop choice is not harmonious with the agroclimatic features of the region. BT cotton is very sensitive to the timing and intensity of rainfall. Growing it in Yavatmal that has unpredictable rainfall and no alternative source of irrigation is unsuitable for the region.

As much as 2,000–4,000 litres of water are required to produce one kilo of rice. The high water demand makes rice unsuitable for a place like Sangrur which is highly water stressed with falling water tables due to severe depletion of groundwater resources.

  • Rising input costs

Farmers in both regions complain of rising input prices (seed, water, electricity, fertiliser, pesticide and land rent) and the absence of a proportionate increase in minimum support prices (MSP). In Yavatmal, BT cotton producers are barely able to meet the costs of production, while traders and middlemen make profits at the cost of farmers who are not able to store the harvest and wait for the right price. Farmers in the study question the instability of prices and demand an enhancement of the loan amount from formal credit sources so that they can cover input costs and make farming viable.

In Sangrur, in addition to the high input prices needed for farming, dependence on paddy cultivation increases the demand for water, forcing farmers to spend huge amounts on digging borewells in an area that suffers from severe depletion of groundwater resources.

  • The unending cycle of borrowing, non-repayment and the shame of debt

Rising input costs force farmers to borrow. Since the bank loans are insufficient to meet these high input costs, farmers are compelled to access informal sources of credit. At times, farmers prioritise repayment of loans taken from informal sources over bank loans due to high rates of interest and to retain their rapport with the moneylender to remain credit-worthy. Also borrowing from different sources to repay bank loans to stay within the banking system further pushes farmers into the spiral of debt. This, coupled with crop failure, worsens their situation.

At times, farmers are forced to borrow from their close relatives when other avenues of borrowing such as moneylenders have been tried and exhausted. The shame associated with one’s inability to repay is immense in village society and it is worse if money is borrowed from relatives, which forces many farmers to commit suicide.

  • Rising aspirations and absence of alternative sources of income

Recently, rising aspirations have also led to farmers taking huge loans for non-farming activities such as marriages, ceremonies, cars, gadgets, contributing to their financial burden as many do not have any other source of income.

What is the way out?

The article suggests some fundamental changes to alter the situation.

  • Moving towards cropping patterns that are suitable for the agro-climatic zones and encouraging indigenous patterns of farming that are less cost intensive.
  • Modifying the institutional credit disbursal system by introducing the option of repayment in instalments.
  • Introducing a proportionate loan–land ratio which would enable the farmer to retain his rights for the rest of his landholdings, which can then be used as a source of liquidity.
  • Introducing specific farming credit policies for dryland and rainfed areas.
  • The introduction of cashless loan components to avoid diversion of crop loans towards non-farm expenditures.
  • Restructuring of loans against localised crop failures where specific and targeted compensation packages take extreme weather events or natural calamities into account.
  • Introducing land reforms, correcting the terms of trade that work against farmers and providing them with alternative sources of livelihoods.

A copy of the paper can be downloaded from below:

Don't Show In All Article: 

          Quick Thoughts on the Concert Ban        
Reading about the recent Jewish music concert ban and the resulting cancellation of a widely promoted upcoming Jewish music concert in Madison Square Garden made my head spin. How did this happen? I mean, I know that a similar ban had gained foothold in the Israel Charedi world - but for some reason I thought things were different here. There are also apparently members of the Israeli Charedi community who seem to find it appropriate to spray women dressed in clothing deemed inappropriate with bleach, or get violent with a woman sitting at the front of a public bus. I guess I should have paid closer attention to the warning bells going off in the back of my brain. After all, recent events have brought us a boycott over headshots of women displayed in a storefront on a main public thoroughfare, and calls for elementary school Rebbes to stop playing ball with their Talmidim - we've even graduated to rioting over in the ostensibly more mixed Charedi neighborhood of Boro Park (before you disagree, remember that in BP, as compared to the Israeli Charedi neighborhood of Bnei Brak, men and women still shop in the same stores and walk on the same side of the street, and restaraunts in BP still seat groups of men and women eating together).

But I can still admit to being shocked that views that I consider to be so extreme have started to affect my world. Do I expect a Jewish music concert ban to come to the more moderate Yeshivish/Charedi Lite segment of the Five Towns any time soon? Well, no... but I am starting to worry that the possibility might not be as implausible as it seemed just a few years ago. I know locals who had planned to take their kids to the now-canceled concert in question - their kids were (almost) as excited for the concert as the multitudes of shrieking tween girls I saw lined up in a news story about a Hannah Montana concert. I'm not suggesting that Orthodox Jews need our own version of Hannah Montana, but I am suggesting that kids need an outlet that allows them the opportunity to have some fun and let off some steam.

The Jewish Star actually reports that the text of the ban would seem to imply that all Jewish music concerts are affected - though a Rosh Yeshiva who signed the ban seems to dispute that, leaving the whole situation a bit confused:
...the text of the ban was identical to that of a ban enacted in Israel last year, which succeeded in shutting down a joint performance of Mordechai Ben David and Avrohom Fried. It included references to Israel and called for a complete end to Jewish music concerts. That made it unclear if the document was intended to apply only to the Madison Square Garden event, or if American Charedi rabbonim intended to follow the lead of Israeli colleagues and enact a sweeping prohibition against Jewish music.
In an interview with The Jewish Star, Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky, a rosh yeshiva in Philadelphia who signed the ban, said, “It is very general, you’re right, but I don’t think it will refer to all concerts. You have to have an outlet for kids.”
I can certainly get behind the sentiment that our kids need an outlet. It's one thing to live a lifestyle that encourages our barely pubescent kids to spend long hours in the Beit Midrash, 6 days a week. I can fully appreciate that sort of commitment to Torah study - but how can we realistically expect our kids to sign on for said lifestyle when the opportunities for getting some release via "kosher" fun get taken away, one by one? Are we entering an era where just about everything we teach our children includes the word "don't" or "can't"? Say it ain't so...
          December 2014 Printed Matter!        

The latest installment of printed matter was mailed out early this month and, thanks to the US postal service (and those in the UK, Iceland, New Zealand and Canada), should be in the hands of the PLL members.

The matter includes the latest PLL anniversary poster (yes, five years!) and a lovely poster of Smithsonite. 

Also included: a letterpress print, Some Quasi-Versions of Pastoral, an homage to Robert Smithson, after Ian Hamilton Finlay's print Some Versions of Pastoral (an homage to William Empson and his book, Some Version of Pastoral).

All members receive packets of printed matter twice a year. If you would like to join the Library and receive this matter too, please contact the Librarian at personallibraries{at}gmail{dot}com.
          SPIRAL JETTY + THE LOST WORLD        

As a part of the Portland2014 Biennial Saturday Series, the Library is very excited to present a double film feature of Robert Smithson's 1970 Spiral Jetty and Harry O. Hoyt's 1925 adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World.

Saturday, April 5 / 7-10 pm
The Best Art Gallery in Portland / 1468 NE Alberta St. / Portland 97211

Hope to see you there!

          Até logo/ See you!        

Perfumados leitores,

Há um certo tempo minha vida se tornou uma espiral de responsabilidades cada vez mais frequentes, fruto de recompensas e desafios com relação à minha carreira e vida pessoal. Se por um lado, isso é muito compensador. Por outro lado, atualmente tive que fazer escolhas. Uma delas é dizer, de forma oficial, até logo!
Confesso que não consigo fazer as coisas de qualquer jeito e tudo tem que ter tempo e qualidade, principalmente com relação ao Perfume da Rosa Negra, um espaço virtual apaixonante sobre perfumaria que me proporcionou conhecer muita gente apaixonada por perfume e muita gente que é referência em Perfumaria , que respeitou o meu conhecimento e minha paixão, além de ter me proporcionado projetos de muito valor.
Sou grata aos leitores e a todas as pessoas que acreditaram em mim. Também agradeço a Deus o tempo a que me dediquei intensamente ao Perfume da Rosa Negra.  Fiz tudo isso com muito amor. Tive muitas alegrias mas também muitas decepções e tudo isso faz parte da jornada. A experiência foi sempre divina, a cada perfume e tudo está guardado: cada sentimento com relação às fragrancias e, cada sensação Ãºnica através do olfato que eternaliza os momentos perfumados na alma. O melhor de tudo é que, onde coloquei a minha marca, as pessoas passaram a conhecer mais sobre as fragrancias e o valor disso é imensurável.
Não retorno tão logo e, por estranho que pareça, digo um até logo feliz.  Sei que não serei a primeira blogueira de fragrancias que se afasta por um tempo. Muita gente boa, de excepcional talento em perfumaria, também disse adeus por um período. Durante esse tempo, além de todas as novas jornadas, quero repensar a própria perfumaria. O Perfume da Rosa Negra não deixa de existir. Como diria Flaubert, Perfume da Rosa Negra c'est moi. Eu sou Rosa Negra e ela vai exalar um perfume em outros cantos desse mundo.
Despeço-me feliz. Preciso levar algumas responsabilidades e projetos adiante, dentre eles está a perfumaria. Certamente eu voltarei e o blog só será a extensão de algo muito maior porque a perfumaria está no meu DNA. Voltarei com mais força e com ideias grandiosas que há muito tempo estão na minha mente e que só essa bela Arte merece.
Enquanto isso, deixo-lhes o meu legado perfumado , de coração!
Sigam cheirosos!
Abraços perfumados,
Cris Rosa Negra
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By Ferramentas Blog
          Music Marathon         

Here's the music I'm listening to during the marathon.
I'll explain a little bit more later, but generally, I put in healthy doses of heavy metal. I like it because it's my favorite music, and ultimately your music race mix should simply have your favorites. But it's also hard-driving, inspirational music that keeps my energy flowing. I find it almost impossible to lack energy when there's a fast, hard song crashing through my ears.
I also like music that carries a memory with it, to give my mind a break from the journey I'm on, and even if I am a fan of heavy metal, I like to mix it up with the occasional softer song. Not only does that give me some time away from someone yelling at me, it makes the good stuff sound that much harder when the assault begins again.
So here's a little explanation of a few of my songs:
• "Lose Yourself" is a tradition. I like the beginning…"If you had one shot, one opportunity…would you capture it, or let it slip?" I see every race as an opportunity, and it's up to me to capture it. This song gets me into that mindset.
• Tim Coons is a friend, and this song will help calm me because this race scares the shit out of me. It'll be the first time I push it hard on a marathon, my third. Also, you may notice that I've got a few calmer songs in the beginning. This will help slow me down, which is crucial at the beginning of a race, when all I want to do is run hard and fast. The beginning of a race is not the time to run hard and fast.
• I heard "The Crazy Ones" right before I went to sleep before my 22-miler and thought it was perfect. 
Check it out.
• Arch Enemy makes the most appearances on this mix, I believe. That band packs a punch, and I'll need that.
• "Under and Over It" is a suggestion, a great one, from Bad Blood. So is "Spiral."
• "Where the Streets Have No Name" was the opening song to a movie I made about the twins' first year. So even something simple like that can bring back a good memory of when we found out we were having twins. It's no accident that this is song 36, when I think the pain will be at the worst. The finish line is still far away, and yet you've also ran even longer. Two songs down is "Soar," which is a song I used for my son's ending song in his movie.
• I'll blast out the last couple miles with the help of As I Lay Dying, a metal band who put out easily one of my favorite albums this year.

If you want any of these songs for your mix, come find me. I'm still waiting for a couple songs from Bad Blood myself. 

          Into The Fire        

We lined up, all of us, shuffling around in our brightly colored racing flats a few feet from the white line. No one wanted to be the first to toe it.
No one wanted to be the first one to jump into the fire.
It was July 4, at 6:50 a.m., minutes before the Lenexa Freedom Run. I've run this race for the last three years. You have an option of doing a 10K or a 5K. I've avoided the 5K in the past. This would be the first time I planned to go for it.
Though 5Ks should be a part of any runner's racing plan, I generally avoid them. If you do them right, running a 5K is akin to bathing in the flames of hell. 10Ks are less painful. I actually prefer half marathons. 
This year, it would feel like hell for another reason as well. A heat wave had swallowed my home state of Colorado for much of June, torching what seemed like half of it, and decided to follow us across to my homeland of Kansas for my annual summer trip. As soon as we arrived on June 29, temperatures hit triple digits every day, and coupled with the humidity, made it downright dangerous to be outside for too long. 
As I stepped outside Dad's porch at 5:45 a.m. on July 4 to make the drive to the start, I honestly wished the race was scheduled to go off at 6 a.m., which shows how much running has changed me but also shows the power of the heat. The sun was just beginning to peak over the horizon and would need at least an hour to gather enough muscle to start frying the landscape again. It was the only respite I'd get, and I knew it. Even then, the temperature was almost 80 degrees.
In Colorado, even on our 100-degree days, it's cool enough in the morning to make our runs pleasant, or at least not miserable. But Kansas, like the rest of the country hampered by humidity, cooler morning temperatures are a luxury.
As I finally toed the line, along with my fellow racers, lining up at slot marked for 6:30-pace runners (which would give me a PR), beads of sweat already started to pool on my forehead.
I read in Runner's World earlier that week about an interesting study that suggests the heat really is in your head. Bikers who cycled on stationary bikes in 78 degrees outperformed bikers who were forced to work in 89 degrees in a controlled gym. But when scientists tricked the bikers through a faulty temperature gauge that made them believe it was 78, rather than 89, there was no drop off in performance.
A 5K is painful, but I could probably pretend it wasn't as bad as it felt, especially for just 20 minutes.
It wouldn't kill me. It wouldn't even injure me.
It would just hurt.
The gun went off. The crowd of runner moved me forward, almost pushing me into the flames.
• â€¢ â€¢ 
It's miserable when it's 100 degrees, humidity or no humidity, until you hit up a swimming pool. Then it's the most awesome temperature in the world. The water feels like a bath, and when you get out, your balls don't hide in your stomach. The pavement burns a bit (like fire), but that only makes the water sweeter.
So we didn't go to the zoo, or a park with a bunch of rides, or even a lake in Kansas this year. We went swimming. Every day.
When we visited Salina, which is not only where Kate's grandmother lives but where I worked for my first job, I was flabbergasted at the city's new pool. It's not really a pool. It's many pools. With five slides, including one called the "toilet bowl" that tosses you around a huge whirlpool that, well, kinda makes you feel like a large turd being flushed into the pipes. There was a high dive, a lazy river that led into a wave pool and a kiddie pool. 
Oh, yeah, there was a place to swim too.
I hate "back in my day" posts, but back in my day, we had a neighborhood pool, and it was really cool because it had a diving board AND a small slide. They also played music over some loudspeakers. Fancy. We were lucky.
So take a peek inside the mind of a human being, or maybe just an American, as we left Salina's pool. Mom's neighborhood pool seemed weak by comparison. No diving board. No slide even. In fact, later that week at my Dad's, in one of the well-off neighborhood pools, I found myself feeling disappointed because that pool "only" had two monster slides and a smaller lazy river. 
• â€¢ â€¢ 
I kept peeking at my GPS, which I've told myself not to do during races. I now believe it's better to run by feel, by effort, rather than by pace because that way you aren't limiting yourself. There's no way I run 1:37 in the Vegas half marathon if I stared at my GPS because I would have held back.
But I was at sea level and didn't want to start too fast. When my breathing was labored enough for a 5K and I saw my pace was 6:30 after a half mile, I was disappointed and reassured at the same time.
I was disappointed because I thought I had a shot at a 19-minute 5K. My pace would need to be around 6:15-6:20 for that. But a slight headwind, which felt great even if it slowed me down, just wasn't going to allow that. This was not going to be the perfect day I'd need. I probably should have known that. It WAS 80 degrees at the start.
But I was also reassured because my 5K PR is 20:40, and that's a 6:40 pace. Keep it here, I told myself as I started to pass groups of runners, and you'll be really happy with your race.
A half-mile later, I was already waist-deep in the fire, and I reminded myself to relax.
I kept shaking my hands out, telling myself not to clinch them. I smiled. I tried to steal deeper breaths every fifth breath so it didn't feel like I was gasping for air all the time. The more I relaxed against the pain, the more I could stave off the panic and the vice that always seems to creep over my chest, as if I'm wearing a corset. 
I'm in another place during the most intense races. The music I carefully selected to help me run faster — in this case, fast, hard heavy metal — floated through my ears, as if I could hear it in an elevator (which would be funny actually). I didn't really see my other runners, just felt them, through elbows or their ragged breath. I tried to hitch a ride with them, but I usually wound up passing them or, near the end, they found another gear that I didn't have.
About a half-mile to the end was the hardest, as it always is because it's supposed to be. But I had to claw up two steep hills, and the sun had started its dirty work, roasting the pavement even at 7:15. My legs had no bounce. Hold on, I told myself. Just hold on. Somewhere from space, "Spiral" from Nightrage told me to run faster as I saw the finish. 
The finish line is always more relief than jubilation, but that's especially true in a 5K. And as I crossed it, my face felt like boiling water, and I tried not to collapse, walking in stumbles away from the line so other runners could get through. Easing yourself from the fire is almost as hard as throwing yourself into it, and I walked around in small shuffles, desperately trying to calm my breathing and my scorched throat. I grabbed a bottle of water, though I had no plans to drink it yet, and wiped puddles of sweat from my eyes.
I thought my time was 20:40, which matched my PR, so I was somewhat pleased as I waited in line for a computerized printout of my results and where I'd placed. I talked with a guy who passed me at the very end who I'd pegged at 50. Turns out he was 65. Sigh. Then I got my printout and looked at my time.
20:29. I had a new PR. Turns out the clock was the gun, not my chip time. Sweet. I smiled a bit but only a bit. I had survived the fire. This time, I even seemed to welcome it.
• â€¢ â€¢
The rain fell hard a few days later, like we were stuck under a waterfall, from outside our Goodland, KS hotel window at 3:30 a.m. Temperatures had dipped into the 70s, bringing storms and cool air.
I ran a couple days later after the race on a trail that winds through woods and across fields and wetlands. It's one of my favorite things to do in Kansas, and yet it was 91 degrees by the time I finished, and I felt at the end like a flank steak. 
We drove home in clouds. The air conditioning isn't even on in our house tonight.
It feels like such a relief. 
I need a break from the fire. It's the only way to get strong enough to go back in one day.

          Livre d'or Kraft naturel 100% nature - 9,50 €         

Livre d'or Kraft naturel 100% nature : ce livre d'or Kraft 100% nature est à spirales de 20 pages soit 40 feuilles en papier Kraft naturel qualité de luxe de  24 x 24 cm avec couverture rigide, idéal pour anniversaire, baptême, mariage à thème champêtre, nature, shabby chic, voyage, rétro, vintage. 

          Nouvelle rentrée...        

Nouvelle rentrée avec des espoirs...

Je sais bien qu'il faudra du temps avant que des réformes et des décisions lourdes de sens soient prises mais il est frustrant de constater que :

  • des élèves ayant besoin d'un AVS (assistant de vie scolaire) se retrouvent sans personne ou avec quelques heures seulement...
  • les effectifs sont toujours chargés (et on s'étonne ensuite que les élèves ne cartonnent pas à l'oral)
  • le nombre de surveillants ou d'assistants pédagogiques est toujours risible... Surveiller 400 gamins quand on est deux dans la cour... mais bien sûr...
  • pas assez de sous pour des dotations de TBI ou de vidéoprojecteurs...
  • des élèves avec des besoins particuliers qui se retrouvent noyés dans la masse du collège unique alors qu'ils auraient besoin d'une structure plus adaptée...
  • les zones sensibles n'ont toujours pas de conseiller d'orientation psychologue, d'assistante sociale ou d'infirmière à temps plein...

Il est de bon ton de dire que les profs râlent tout le temps... Mais pour qui râlent-ils exactement ?
Pour eux ? Je ne crois pas avoir réclamé à cor et à cri une hausse de salaire ou un équipement high-tech de fou... Certains diront même que je suis débile car avec mes propres deniers, j'ai investi dans un vidéoprojecteur afin de travailler comme je le souhaite, afin de rendre mes cours plus ludiques et variés, afin que les élèves reçoivent un enseignement de qualité qui les motive, que tous les moyens soient mis en oeuvre pour leur permettre de progresser vite et bien...
On râle parce qu'on se sent impuissant face à l'échec de certains élèves, face à leurs difficultés qui ne sont pas forcément dues à un manque de travail ou de la paresse... mais qui ont tout avoir avec leurs conditions d'apprentissage.

Parce que sous des dehors cyniques, caustiques, trash... vous, qui me lisez depuis longtemps, avez sans doute bien compris quelle frustration et quel écoeurement je ressens quand je vois beaucoup de mes élèves ne pas progresser aussi vite qu'ils le pourraient... Ce n'est ni ma faute, ni de la leur... La faute à un système poussiéreux qui depuis cinq ans commençait dangereusement à considérer l'école comme une entreprise à manager. Je garde espoir que les choses s'améliorent peu à peu... Naïveté ? Sans doute. Mais si je pars du principe que rien n'évoluera dans le bon sens... pfff... autant aller se recoucher ou se reconvertir.

En cette rentrée, j'ai pu voir les progrès d'élèves que je suis depuis un bon moment. Je suis fière de moi, je suis fière d'eux, de leur parcours. Et quand je croise un prof de lycée qui se dit épaté par les qualités d'expression écrite de tel ou tel élève, je bois du petit lait car je sais que je ne suis pas étrangère à cette réussite, que j'ai su les guider, les motiver pour qu'ils exploitent leurs capacités à fond les ballons. Plus le temps passe, plus je réalise à quel point on délaisse ces élèves pour consacrer un maximum d'énergie à ces élèves non-motivés qui ne se mettront jamais au travail. Les élèves choupi sont là, plus discrets souvent, plus autonomes... On a l'impression qu'ils ont moins besoin de nous... c'est un leurre qu'il est parfois difficile de surmonter et d'équilibrer.

Bon, histoire de râler et biatcher quand même, j'ai pas mal été interloquée en entendant au zapping de Canal, les propos d'une enseignante lors d'un reportage du JT de France 2 concernant le portable au collège dont l'usage lui paraît bénéfique en cour de récréation... Captivés par leurs SMS ou musique, ils en oublient de se battre...
Mouais. C'est quand même dommage de devoir trouver un palliatif technologique pour éviter les bastons et les insultes. Surtout que le portable est aussi source d'envie, de jalousie, de discorde en pleine cour de récré... Des SMS qui font circuler des rumeurs sur un élève... Des vols, de la casse... La question du portable reste très épineuse et délicate. Il n'est pas question de savoir s'il est judicieux qu'un ado de 12 ou 13 ans ait un Samsung Galaxy, c'est du cas par cas (même si dans la majorité des cas, je trouve ça bien trop tôt ou vite sujet à dérapage et abus...) mais après tout, ça regarde les familles... sauf que lorsque ça a des répercussions au bahut, ça devient également NOTRE problème. Si le portable était sagement rangé au fond du sac, éteint... utile uniquement sur la route du collège ou en cas de super-urgence... pas de souci... mais encore une fois, c'est l'abus qui crée l'interdiction ou la sanction. À quand l'harmonisation d'un vrai règlement concernant le téléphone portable à l'école ?

Je rebondis également sur des mails que j'ai reçus concernant le fait que je trouve particulièrement pas judicieux de laisser son mouflet seul à la maison le soir pour cause d'horaires de travail pas choupi.
Je persiste et signe. Laisser son môme de 5, 8 ou 13 ans constamment seul entre 17h et 21h voire plus tard... ben c'est effectivement pas youpi-youpi. Pour des raisons de sécurité tout d'abord, ça me paraît évident. Je repense à cette mère d'élève affolée car son mari, censé garder les enfants âgés de quelques mois à 5 ans, pendant qu'elle était à la réunion parents/profs avec ses deux aînés, s'était tiré boire un coup avec ses potes, laissant les gamins dans leurs lits... affolée quand elle a appelé pour dire qu'elle aurait du retard et que c'est le petit de 5 ans qui a répondu en disant que ses frère et soeur pleuraient à chaudes larmes...
Laisser un enfant de 10 ans seul du moment où il rentre de l'école au moment où il va se coucher doit, selon moi, être exceptionnel voire méga-temporaire parce qu'un enfant a besoin d'un cadre et de limites que sa nouvelle autonomie ne pourra pas lui donner. Il ne faut pas se leurrer, on parle d'un enfant et rares seront ceux qui agiront exactement comme ils le feraient si leurs parents étaient là... Les devoirs retardés ou expédiés... jouer tout son soûl à la console... manger des chips pour le goûter... boire deux grands verres de coca en surfant sur Facebook. La tentation est grande d'être moins rigoureux et je comprends facilement ces élèves qui bâclent leur travail ou qui n'ont pas envie d'approfondir leur travail. Alors, bien sûr, je ne suis pas débile, je sais bien que parfois on n'a pas le choix... mais dans la mesure du possible, il y a bien quelqu'un de la famille, un voisin, un ami, les parents d'un copain de classe qui peuvent régulièrement checker que le gamin va bien voire le prendre en charge quelques heures ou une nuit de temps en temps... Le laisser totalement seul doit être TEMPORAIRE et ne doit pas durer toute l'année scolaire... J'ai l'impression d'enfoncer des portes ouvertes en écrivant ça...

Je m'insurge enfin contre mes congénères qui, effectivement, ont des demandes de fournitures chelou, introuvables, voire hors de prix... Nous ne sommes pas tous comme ça malgré ce qu'en disent les médias qui donnent l'impression que tous les profs se frottent les mains à l'idée des sueurs froides qu'ils vont filer aux parents avec leur kit de pinceaux en poil de Kangourou de Guinée à 17.90 € pièce ou leur cahier 30x32 à grands carreaux, sans spirale, trouvable uniquement sur un site spécialisé qui livre sous trois semaines. Je me souviens des cours d'arts plastiques quand j'étais au collège avec des crayons de couleur obligatoirement de telle marque, des crayons HB, des crayons2B ou des tubes de gouache dont on ne servait quasiment pas... Mais rassurons-nous, la majorité des profs n'a pas des exigences de dingue qui donnent des envies d'acide chlorhydrique dans la gueule.

Bon courage aux profs ♥ Bon courage aux élèves choupi, accrochez-vous, ne cédez pas à la facilité de l'oisiveté ♥

Le Biatchounours continue sa pause en attendant de chouettes nouvelles concernant l'instruction des enfants.


          Tai Chi Equation in Stress Management        
Whether or not I was conscious about it then, I now realize that the reason that drew me to learning Tai Chi is that intuitively, I knew that it holds the key to solving the many stressors in my life.

Even as a child, I have always exuded a façade of noticeable calmness, earning me a title of Mister at the age of 3. But truly it was a clever mask of being in control, to hide an inner tension emanating form a need to understand and control the forces that hinder my search for the elusive "happiness".

Albert Einstein, while declining a political position, remarked that "power and position can only be for a life time, but an equation . . . that is for eternity." My realizations in managing my stress up to this point in my learning journey can be summarized in simple equations:

Happy Life = (Learning from + Controlling/Balancing) Stress


Life = Stress = Chi

Presupposed here is that life necessarily implies stress. The force of life, which we call "chi" is the result of stress or tension caused by the intrinsic existence of polar opposites in everything. This is the "yin and yang" symbolized by the tai chi logo. True but apparently contradictory, everything in life is both polarizing (grouping into opposite positions) and complementing opposites (completing each other like "soul mates"). They cannot actually exist without the other, they are the two sides of the same coin. Perhaps this is an explanation for the popular expression of exasperation – "men/women, you can't live without them, you can't live with them". Right there is one of the intrinsic stressors in life, which aptly describes many of our fond relationships. Indeed, life does not exist without this rhythmic beeps alternating between these oppositions in our dualistic universe. Without this opposition, what we'll have is the flat monotone sound of death in the ICU's vital signs monitor.

So, for chi to come to life the tension and stress is an essential condition. There is the unwanted stress that gives us high blood pressure and cause us to pull our hair in desperation. A main cause of unwanted stress is a one sided view of and our tendency to oppose what can be termed our "negative others". These include everyone and every thing and every situation that happens to us that we don't like. This is something we avoid but seem to attract in our life. We go through the process of non-accepting, rejecting, defensively posturing against and denying them.

Through ta chi, I found it such a liberating and chi flowing experience to discover that there is a positive and essentially important reason for the existence of the "negative others" in life. And further, I can accept them as a unique, timely opportunity to learn about something that I cannot otherwise know about myself - a present item in the divine agenda for me to discover within my being that I need to integrate into my conscious awareness. It is the Universe's uniquely personal lesson at this very moment for me to upgrade myself for promotion into a higher level of being.

Of course, most of us know how very alive we feel when we find the "one" complementing opposite of our own being. This usually lead to the feeling of "being in love". It makes us feel so alive and "joyfully stressed". But, without being a pessimist, if one does not have the sensitivity and skill in balancing, this "high" would eventually swing like a pendulum to a crashing "low", a suffering state. This is a natural law that we cannot defy, but we can work with by learning the tai chi principles of grounding, sinking centering and balancing.

Controlling = Balancing

From learning tai chi came to me the realization that the grand ultimate in living is not being the "mostest" or the grandest but simply getting and staying in the golden centre of balance and spiralling upward while remaining balanced.

It is from this point of balance that we can control the dualistic, opposing and complementing nature of events to avoid being hurt by the swings. Otherwise, we would necessarily just be at the mercy of life's "unfeeling" laws. Without this necessary balance, people do come to realize that life is nothing more than suffering, that real happiness can exist only in the after life.

Of course, balancing is the art of tai chi which is a difficult skill to master. That is why we included in the equation the "learning" item. Life is eventually meaningless and empty without the joy of a sense of growing in wisdom and understanding.

From tai chi, I understood that our misery stems from the misunderstanding of the perspective in this equation. We wrongly cling to the idea that happiness lies in something in the future, a destination, an achievement to be "had in the future". Actually, it is not that it is not "there", but with that one sided perspective, "there" will always be something "there" and happiness will never be here, even when "there" is already "here".

It is an instantaneous satisfaction to accept that there is deep joy and ecstasy in letting go of this stressful clinging, and enjoying life as a challenging journey, a divine game of learning and finding a win-win-balance in the constant opposition that we encounter.

Tai chi gives us the metaphor in this game of life. The way of being balanced and centred in our posture and stances such that we hold the centre between up and down left and right, forward and backward, and in and out. An unattached awareness that gives an unbiased view and a non-violent option to a world that has lost its balance and left with no recourse except a predeliction for violence and dominance.

It is from this idea of balance where tai chi empowers us, that despite not being in the position of power, there is a way of leveraging for that tai chi position "to deflect a force of a thousand pounds with our minimum four ounces of strength".

In all of these, I found that theoretically at least, living could be negatively stressful. Or it could be a magical journey of learning and balancing- a learning to be and to do, an adventurous warrior path, a kungfu of delicate balancing where stress can be joyfully challenging.

~ESS/Manila Philippines/Copyright Pending
          As Students Struggle to Pay Tuition, Schools Scramble to Trim Budgets         

HOLLY SNIFF, who is the first person in her family to attend college, found out about making hard choices early on. "I really wanted to go out of state for school, but because of financial reasons I couldn't," says Ms. Sniff, who is now a sophomore at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

For as long as she can remember, Sniff has been putting away money for her education. "I saved every dollar I was given as birthday presents or special treats as a child," she says.

Those childhood savings along with summer earnings and additional financial help from relatives got Sniff through her first year of college. But tuition continues to rise, and Sniff, along with millions of other students, is struggling to keep up.

At the same time, both private and public colleges and universities are moving beyond trimming at the margins to control costs.

Many schools are freezing faculty salaries, suspending hiring, delaying building maintenance, limiting course offerings, and even cutting academic departments.

Administrators are finding that they can no longer fund every project, department, or program. In the 1991-92 academic year, 57 percent of all colleges and universities were forced to reduce their operating budgets, according to an annual survey by the American Council on Education in Washington, D.C.

At the University of Vermont, a budget committee's proposal to eliminate the School of Engineering led to an uproar and the eventual resignation of the university's president.

AS state funding shrinks, public universities are being forced to increase class sizes and cut back on student services. Students at California's public universities have staged massive student protests against overcrowded classes and eye-popping tuition increases.

Nationwide, public colleges raised their tuition and fees an average of 10 percent and private-college increases averaged 7 percent this year, according to the College Board's annual survey released last month.

"Given the state of the economy and its impact on state budgets, many people expected much larger [tuition] increases this year, particularly in the public sector," says Donald Stewart, president of the College Board.

The rate of increase for public-college tuition is actually down this year compared with last year's 13 percent rise. And private colleges held their increases to last year's rate.

Yet that doesn't mean tuitions are gravitating back to earthly levels, warns Arthur Hauptman, a college tuition consultant.

"What the public tuition number says is that the recession has eased a little bit," he says. "If things get better [in terms of the economy], you would expect to see some additional reduction in those numbers."

In the '90s, Mr. Hauptman points out, there is much more competition for state funds than there was in the 1980s. Health care, prisons, and elementary and secondary education are all clamoring for funding.

"Despite predictions at the beginning of the '80s that it would be a tough decade, it turned out to be a very good decade for higher education in terms of revenue growth," Hauptman says. "Every major revenue source for colleges grew in real terms during that time - federal, state, tuitions, endowments, sales, and services."

And how were those revenues spent? Some faculty critics argue that the funds were spent on administrative bloat. "The fact is that in the '80s administrative staff at both private and public colleges grew much faster than the faculty," Hauptman says. "It is also true, however, that in the 1980s faculty salaries increased in real terms."

Last year, Rep. Patricia Schroeder (D) of Colorado launched a congressional investigation into the skyrocketing cost of tuition at public colleges.

"When it comes to college education, American families are paying more and getting less," she said. "Since 1980, the cost of sending our kids to college, a key part of the American dream, has doubled or tripled the rate of inflation every single year."

The investigation found that the growing research orientation of public higher education has fed the spiraling tuition costs. The teaching load of professors dropped from the traditional 15 hours per semester to as low as six hours per semester at some institutions, according to the study.

Pinning down the cause of increased tuition at either public or private universities isn't easy. Education is a labor-intensive enterprise that does not lend itself to productivity gains, administrators argue.

"Because faculty salaries have lagged in the past and because of competition for faculty among universities and industry, faculty compensation [increases] now exceed inflation," points out Paul Locatelli, president of Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, Calif.

Yet it is possible to increase teaching loads, reexamine the length of the academic year, and de-emphasize research in an effort to gain productivity, argues Hauptman.

"Colleges want to increase their resources; it's a natural inclination," he says. "If you read the college presidents' letters to the parents, you would assume costs are pushing tuition increases. But I think it's more that the revenues provided by the tuition hikes allow the schools to increase costs."

Meanwhile, students like Holly Sniff are willing to work harder or borrow more in order to get a college degree. Sniff expects to have accumulated about $10,000 in loans before she graduates. "I think I'm better off taking out loans now and using my life savings so that hopefully in the future I can find a better-paying job," she says.

Increased indebtedness raises the stakes for many students. "I'm not really concerned with it now," Sniff says, "but as soon as I graduate I'm going to have to get a good-paying job to pay off all of these loans."

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          John Kerry Reporting For Duty Once Again        
Unfortunately, Kerry's duty these days includes offending the very Americans he claimed to want to serve two years ago and misrepresenting the facts about his own country. After Kerry's claim of a "botched joke" pretty much did in his potential 2008 Presidential run, he now seems to be in a full spiral downhill. This week the "John Kerry Self-Destruction Tour" stopped off in Davos, Switzerland, where the world's leaders are gathering for the World Economic Forum.

Kerry, while sharing the stage with the former President of Iran Mohammad Khatami during a discussion entitled, "The Future of the Middle East," took the opportunity on foreign soil nonetheless, to blast away at American foreign policy. Kerry said, "So we have a crisis of confidence in the Middle East - in the world, really. I've never seen our country as isolated, as much as a sort of international pariah for a number of reasons as it is today." He added, "When we walk away from global warming, Kyoto, when we are irresponsibly slow in moving toward AIDS in Africa, when we don't advance and live up to our own rhetoric and standards, we set a terrible message of duplicity and hypocrisy."

What's most hypocritical and duplicitous about this statement is that Kerry actually favored not ratifying the Kyoto treaty, along with the rest of the Senate in 1995. In a unanimous 95-0 vote, the Senate passed the Byrd-Hagel Resolution, which stated the following:
Resolved, That it is the sense of the Senate that--
(1) the United States should not be a signatory to any protocol to, or other agreement regarding, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992, at negotiations in Kyoto in December 1997, or thereafter, which would--
(A) mandate new commitments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the Annex I Parties, unless the protocol or other agreement also mandates new specific scheduled commitments to limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions for Developing Country Parties within the same compliance period, or
(B) would result in serious harm to the economy of the United States; and
(2) any such protocol or other agreement which would require the advice and consent of the Senate to ratification should be accompanied by a detailed explanation of any legislation or regulatory actions that may be required to implement the protocol or other agreement and should also be accompanied by an analysis of the detailed financial costs and other impacts on the economy of the United States which would be incurred by the implementation of the protocol or other agreement.

Additionally, Bill Clinton never submitted Kyoto to the Senate to be ratified and even Al Gore admitted that he would not ratify an ammendment until it had been written to include developing nations as well.

So basically, Kerry voted against it before he voted for it. Duplicity and Hypocricy - John Kerry style. So to recap - Kerry lied and whined - all on foreign soil. What a great American!
          100mm Dial Temperature Gauge Bottom Stem        
100mm Dial Temperature Gauge Bottom Stem

100mm Dial Temperature Gauge Bottom Stem

For Use In The Heating /Ventilation , Mechanical Services And Air Conditioning Markets  Case : Black Enamel Steel Bezel :304 Stainless Steel  Window : Instrument Glass Temperature Movement : Precision Bimetal Spiral  Stem 6mm OD 316 Stainless Steel  Fitted as Standard 1/2" BSP Brass 9mm OD, Length Measured From Underside Of Hex  Dial : Aluminium 

          smart50: Нежность прятать в кармане дырявом...        


1827016_0a027050756e2bb6cbbca5e941c5b453 (270x96, 23Kb)


Одиночество развращает -
смазливым лицом в зеркало.
Раскрепоща-я запирает тело в клеть.
Неуверенным шагом, неровным,
к объятьям.
Заминаясь на пол-движения.
На поражение - меч-Той...
Что б было оно и не было...
Влюбленной в себя, любить до сожжения...
Одиноким в объятьях, не тепло и не слишком холодно.
Кожи удобство лелея, пресекая границы.. дозволен-но.
Потоками страхов, зависимость множить.
до смерти,
с белой ромашкой у рта.
Яблочным ядом сон мой тревожить.
Я устала сама,- ста...
Стать другой?
Влюбленной, кожу спалить лягушачью.
Стать Той?...
И жизнь жалеть?
О другом случае чаять.
Песни свободы украдкою петь...

© Copyright: Ленка Маленькая, 2009
Свидетельство о публикации №109012800584





мне всегда было интересно..
почему этот мир разбит на тех, кто был одарен и тех, кто не был?
почему существуют те, кто любимы и те, кто нет?
кто разделил?
где был перекресток на дороге?
нет...может, разделение было еще в самом начале?
возможно, это было уже решенно в момент нашего рождения

если это правда..
для чего была нужна
моя жизнь?


Аояги Рицка (Лавлес)




022 (700x700, 214Kb)




Чем пахнет разлука?
С утра горьким кофе,
Чуть-чуть не допитым тобой...
А верный компьютер твоё фото в профиль 
Мне дарит,  как образ живой...
Разлука в мой дом вносит запах полыни
И вяжет тоской на губах!
В ней столько осенней бесчувственной стыни,
Что виснет в окне на ветвях...

Ложится на сердце удушливым камнем,
Затейливо вяжет узлы,
И ждёт,  что однажды любовь где-то канет  -
Мечты у разлуки так злы...
Моими духами и грустью немножко,
И мокрым осенним листом,
Унылым пейзажем,  пропавшей серёжкой  -
Разлука приходит в мой дом...

Букетиком роз,  что безвременно сохнет
На кухне...  который уж день...
Его я вбираю отчаянным вдохом!
Душа без тебя набекрень...
И пахнет разлука застоем и пылью,
Болотом стоит день за днём,
Но лишь твоя аура духом ванильным 
Летает со мною вдвоём...

И тапки,  скучая,  стоят в коридоре,
И веет тобой простыня,
Надеясь,  что пытка закончится вскоре,
Когда ты обнимешь меня...
Кровать без тебя так жестоко огромна,
Так ночью она холодна,
И каждый твой жест подсознательно помня  -
Я жду,  снова жду у окна...

Уносит разлука сил жизненных токи,
Все стрелы летят в  "молоко"...
И пишутся дни,  как унылые строки,
Дрожа под усталой рукой...                                          
Я помню тот вихрь наших "пьяных" полётов
И твой поцелуй на плече...
Разлука  -  собака! 
Разлука  -  бесплотна!
Разлука не пахнет!!!


© Copyright: Касатка Тата, 2014
Свидетельство о публикации №114100500530



1827016_2516228156 (600x463, 48Kb)


Какая это пытка — постоянно соприкасаться с Ñ‚еми, кого нам не Ð´Ð°Ð½Ð¾ понять! И Ð»ÑŽÐ±Ð¸Ð¼ мы Ñ‚ак, словно нас приковали рядом, к Ð¾Ð´Ð½Ð¾Ð¹ стене, и Ð¼Ñ‹ Ð¿Ñ€Ð¾ÑÑ‚ираем друг к Ð´Ñ€ÑƒÐ³Ñƒ руки, но ÑÐ¾ÐµÐ´Ð¸Ð½Ð¸Ñ‚ься не Ð¼Ð¾Ð¶ÐµÐ¼. Мучительная потребность полного слияния томит нас, но Ð²ÑÐµ усилия наши бесполезны, порывы напрасны, признания бесплодны, объятия бессильны, ласки тщетны. Стремясь слиться воедино, мы ÑƒÑÑ‚ремляемся друг к Ð”ругу и Ð»Ð¸ÑˆÑŒ ушибаемся друг о Ð´Ñ€ÑƒÐ³Ð°.


1827016_imageeey (694x700, 392Kb)





1827016_e0822d8d1fdc (298x69, 6Kb)

 (97x51, 3Kb)


устала обрывать себя на полусло...
чтобы не дай бог не проговори...
мысленно перехожу на капсло...
все пытаюсь хоть как притвори....

вот же бессмысленный шаг -
нежность прятать в кармане дырявом
все равно проклевывается душа
нежная, голая, где-то в лопатке правой

все равно нет нет да и выскочит из меня
мол этот мир и вертится потому что я лю....
я не хочу ничего меня...
просто опять не сплю.



 (97x51, 3Kb)




 (97x51, 3Kb)


Rachel Yamagata

Singer/songwriter Rachael Yamagata grew up listening to Carole King, Roberta Flack, James Taylor, and the like, for music was the one thing in Yamagata's life that remained consistent. Although her parents divorced when she was two, she had a wonderful childhood and she credits her parents for doing such an amazing job.

7034fb0ac73ef988378872cdd82956cd (500x645, 43Kb)


Finding a balance between her German-Italian mother's apartment in New York City and the Washington, D.C., home of her third-generation Japanese father was a task, but it readied Yamagata for a way of life that would eventually lead her to a professional singing career. By the time she reached college in the mid-'90s, Yamagata had one year of piano lessons and a spiral notebook full of songs under her belt.

Not sure of what she really wanted to do, Yamagata headed to Northwestern to study French. Within a year, she switched to being an Italian theater major at Vassar, but sporadic changes loomed ahead. When her acting coach at Vassar moved to Barnard College at Columbia University, Yamagata thought she'd go too. She eventually decided to head back to Northwestern instead, to join their theater program. During her junior year, she befriended the funk band Bumpus. Bumpus was a mainstay on the club circuit in Chicago. From the start, Yamagata thought she'd like to be a part of the band. After seeing countless shows and attending band practices for several months, Yamagata finally landed a gig singing with Bumpus.
1827016_Girls_Girl_in_red_dress_sitting_in_a_cafe_100671_ (700x393, 151Kb)
She'd spend six years writing and recording three albums with the band and touring the country. By 2001, Yamagata felt like her time with Bumpus had run its course. She had a solid batch of songs that weren't fitting in with the band's funkafied formula, so she went solo. In September 2002, Yamagata landed a deal with Arista's Private Music and her self-titled EP arrived in October. Her first full-length album, Happenstance, followed in June 2004.



 (97x51, 3Kb)


1827016_0_ce05e_76f24dc5_XXL (479x700, 126Kb)



Чем пахнет Любовь?
Тончайшей ванилью,  грехом
На кончике пальцев...
В объятиях сладким медком...
А запах любви так влеком!
Он в воздухе кружит легко,
И гладится,  будто мельком
Бесёнком твоим под хмельком,
На тёплую грудь  -  холодком
От рук...
                           Ð¿Ð¾Ð´ платком...
Есть запах любовный во всём  -
И в виски твоём дорогом,
В вагоне метро,  с ветерком,
Закрывшись от граждан шарфом
Ты дал мне испить его ртом!  -
Глоточек любви.
А потом  -
Поездка на счастье верхом
В автобусном чреве лихом
В деревню,  где всё кувырком  -
И мы...  и одежда...  и дом...
Как солью на бреге морском  -
Прощальной слезой под глазком,
Когда расставания ком
Так ноет,  так горько знаком...
И горьким любовь пахнет  Я-БЛО-КОМ,
Зажатым твоим кулаком 
(Сей привкус греха невесом)  -
Сокрыто оно рюкзаком
От искуса нежных истом,
Достав,  ты сказал мне,  что в нём  -
НАЧАЛО  в саду было том!...
Любовь пахнет красным вином
И сеном с ночным мотыльком,
Открытым под утро окном...

И опять...  молоком!

© Copyright: Касатка Тата, 2013
Свидетельство о публикации №113022608883





Прослушать запись Скачать файл
Прослушать запись Скачать файл
Прослушать запись Скачать файл
Прослушать запись Скачать файл








          Examples of Cyber Loss        

  • Business Interruption - crippled computer systems, a downed website or abrupt data loss can produce a spiral effect of lost revenue to limit your ability to meet payroll and other expenses. Business Interruption forces you to suspend normal operations until everything is fixed back to normal. A normal insurance policy protects you from Business Interruption if you building burns down. Cyber Insurance protects you from the same thing, but in a digital sense.

  • Notification Costs - these expenses mount quickly. As the laws regarding data breach change and develop, legal obligations for businesses are increasing. In the event of cyber breach, you may be required to inform customers and the public that their information is at risk. This can get very expense. Payment for call centers, drafting written alerts and press releases, printing, postage, advertisements/ publications to inform them about the breach. Cyber insurance will cover these expenses, so you do not have to shoulder them yourself.

  • Credit Protection - in a cyber information breach, your company will be financially liable for the credit monitoring services that each of your customers will require.

  • Crisis Management - fees for public relations to reestablish your name and credibility.

  • Cyber Extortion - this is when a when a hacker holds your information hostage. Ransom money has run into the millions in some cases.

  • Legal Fees - what you pay in the face of lawsuits. Because your company had a duty to secure customer information, you could face lawsuits for the breach of this duty, resulting in hefty legal fees. Insurance companies are not only well equipped with lawyers who specialize in dealing with lawsuits of this type, they are able to settle claims out of court to minimize the losses you face.

  • Forensics Costs - what you Because there was a breach of your security system, your company will now have to pay for a digital forensics analysis to determine how the breach occurred, and new security systems to guard against future instances will have to be installed

  • During this whole process, your business's day-to-day operations will be interrupted while security breach issues are cleaned up

  • Lost Time = Lost Revenues - self explanatory. During this whole process, your business' day-to-day operations will be interrupted while security breaches are cleaned up.

          Oahu Rail may tax Outer Islands        
SUBHEAD: Hawaii may seek higher state taxes to cover Honolulu Authority Rapid Transit cost overrun. 

By Ed Wagner on 9 August 2017 in Island Breath -

Image above: HART rail guideway car photo-op over Farrington Highway at Leokane Street near Waipahu Sugar Mill. From Civil Beat article below. Photo by Cory Lum.

I hope the neighbor island folks reading this message are ready to fight the Legislature to help stop the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon our people since statehood, the Honolulu rail boondoggle.

Why should any of you help pay for this fraud? The state uses the argument that it helps other counties with [reasonable and legal] public projects so why not require other counties to help with this illegal and fraudulent one to continue the fleecing of our people and continue to cause irreparable financial harm to the people of Hawaii for another three or more generations, all to protect the profits of the wealthy, power elite?

When will the people wake the hell up and rebel against our crooked and corrupt city and state government, the most corrupt in the USA, and stop this abuse of power?

Public testimony will be accepted however, please avoid repetitive and duplicative testimony.

Testimony must be submitted via email to the Senate Committee on Transportation and Energy at: (TRETestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov)


Rail Tax Presentation - 52 pages

Oahu rail seeks more funds

SUBHEAD: Lawmakers consider making Outer Islands help pay for Oahu's troubled rail project.

By Nathan Eagle on 7 August 2017 for Civil -Beat 

With a special session set for the end of August, the Hawaii Legislature will lay out several funding options for the public at a briefing next week.

Hawaii lawmakers are weighing five options to provide funding to complete Honolulu’s over-budget rail line from Kapolei to Ala Moana, including a statewide increase in the general excise and hotel taxes, according to a state Senate presentation obtained by Civil Beat.

The Legislature plans to hold a special session later this month to try again to reach a deal on how to pay for the 20-mile, 21-station project, which is now estimated to cost $10 billion.

Key House and Senate committees have scheduled a joint public information briefing Monday morning at the Capitol. The new options to fund the project, along with the choices under consideration before the Legislature adjourned in May, are expected to play a central role in the negotiations.

The draft 52-page presentation, provided by a state senator Monday, lays the groundwork for a case to have Kauai, Maui and Hawaii counties help fund Honolulu’s beleaguered project. It notes that Oahu subsidizes harbors, airports and highways on the neighbor islands.

The presentation includes options to extend the 0.5 percent general excise tax surcharge for Oahu; increase the GET surcharge for Oahu; extend the GET surcharge for Oahu and increase the hotel tax for Oahu; or establish a statewide GET surcharge and hotel tax increase.

The Federal Transit Administration is kicking in $1.55 billion for the project. It could withhold some of those funds, particularly if the rail line has to stop short of its plan to go from Kapolei to Ala Moana Center. The project was expected to cost $5.2 billion just a few years ago.

House Speaker Scott Saiki has said the city’s latest figures project a nearly $1.4 billion shortfall from now to 2024.

The two chambers ended the session far apart. The Senate left with a bill to extend Oahu’s 0.5 percent general excise tax surcharge for 10 years, until 2037, to help complete the rail project.

That’s the option Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell and the tourism industry supported.

The House pushed a bill that would have allowed the GET surcharge to be levied for just one additional year, to 2028, while increasing the state’s 9.25 percent transient accommodations tax for 10 years.

“In spite of our impasse during the 2017 legislative session, the Legislature understands the importance in crafting a legislative solution that will provide the City and County of Honolulu a dedicated revenue stream,” said Senate President Ron Kouchi in a press release announcing the public briefing.

The briefing starts at 10 a.m., Monday, in the Capitol auditorium. The special session is set to run from Aug. 28 to Sept. 1.

See the draft presentation, which a state senator said was created by the Senate Ways and Means Committee at link below.


Testimony on Failing Rail Project

SUBHEAD: UH Law Professor says the cost of building the Honolulu Rail is getting out of hand.

Video above: Retired UH Law Professor Randy Roth sums up rail project in 3 minute video. From (https://youtu.be/ZL9pIrxaA3Q).

He also described the project as deliberate misrepresentation, deliberate fraud on this 30 minute ThinkTech Hawaii with Kelii Akina, President of Grassroot Institute. From (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw_NDLg6EbbmYlNOSy13a0NKNmM/view?usp=sharing).
Whether one is Pro-Rail or Anti-Rail, there’s something virtually everyone in the state agrees about – the cost of building the Honolulu Rail is getting out of hand.

Not only that, serious questions have been raised about how well the funds already invested in this project have been spent.

Law professor Randy Roth, who has a long history advocating for the public good, appears on E Hana Kakou with Dr. Akina to discuss why it is time to hold our government leaders responsible for the progress of the Rail.

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Rail Cost Spirals Out of Control

SUBHEAD: Watch short video and sign the petition here to require a forensic audit of the rail.

 By Staff on 22 July 2017 for Grassroots Institute of Hawaii

Video above: Group seeks to audit the Honolulu rail project with "Where is our Money Going?" From (https://youtu.be/X8Fa2qr2djg).
 Longtime journalist Mark Coleman talked recently with ThinkTech Hawaii host Tim Apicella about his recent Grassroot Institute of Hawaii article titled “Honolulu rail clearly a fiasco,”and suggested that now would be a ideal time to subject the over-budget, behind-schedule project to an independent forensic audit.

In particular, Coleman suggested that the state legislators use their upcoming special session to order such an audit, which would allow them to avoid extending or raising any state taxes until they have better information about why the city’s rail project has veered so far off track — while yet so much of it remains tobe built.

The timing is apt, he told Apicella, because the City Council just approved selling bonds to fund construction of the rail through to next year, thus taking pressure off the Legislature to consider anything before it starts its regular session in January 2018.

Coleman said transportation experts warned city officials years before the rail project was even started that it would be a “gigantic white elephant,” and by now it’s clear that just about everything that could have gone wrong with the project has — though nobody has a definite explanation as to why.

Has HART committed federal crimes?

SUBHEAD: Is falsification of federal documents, lying to officials to get $1.55B HART a crime?

By Ed Wagner on 9 August 2017 on Google Drive -

The people of Hawaii seek Congressional, DOJ, & FBI investigations into the following allegations against Mayor Caldwell, City Council, HART, Developer DR Horton, construction unions, Pacific Resources Partnership (PRP), DLNR, regarding the Honolulu rail project:

Systemic fraud, waste, and abuse of power, violations of public procurement codes, violations of the Hawaii State Constitution's Public Trust Doctrine, violations of basic ethical and moral principles, perjury, deliberate falsification of Federal documents / lying to Federal officials, deliberate misrepresentation of facts, deliberate fraud, bribery, racketeering, malfeasance, graft, conspiracy to defraud, and criminal offenses directly related to obtaining $1.55B in federal funds for the Honolulu rail project.

Those advocating for a forensic audit & investigations include former Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano, retired UH Law Professor Randy Roth, UH Civil Engineering Professor, Panos Prevedouros, President of Grassroot Institute and OHA Trustee, Dr. Keli’i Akina, former Army War College faculty instructor, retired Col Al Frenzel, retired businessmen, 2 attorneys, an accountant, and concerned citizens.

Dr. Keli’i Akina submitted testimony to the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure, Subcommittee on Railroads regarding these issues.

All major newspapers and TV networks around the country have been notified about the dire situation in Hawaii.

It is argued that the City is jeopardizing its credit rating and solvency over this project and someone has to stop the bleeding, stop the irreparable hard this rail project is causing our people today, and for the next 3 generations, and folks in Washington seem to be turning a blind eye to this matter.

In lieu of reviewing rail-related documents online, I request a formal meeting with a Honolulu FBI agent to discuss this urgent matter, a meeting to include those advocating for these investigations.

Others have written to FTA, OIG, GAO, and Congress, and spoke to some officials. One high ranking official stated to one individual that perjury to obtain federal funds for rail appears to be involved.

The Honolulu rail is likely a massive government cover up similar to Watergate, but called HARTgate.

Please help us. This dire situation is reaching critical mass.

Messages sent to Washington and FBI. The city deliberately falsified federal documents, lied to federal officials, and lied to the public. I encourage everyone to submit a request to the FBI to conduct an investigation.



Please give these messages widest possible distribution.


          Lay a hand on something        
SUBHEAD: Because the Boss Man is right around the corner and coming on fast, and he sounds pissed.

By Brian Miller on 6 August 2017 for Winged Elm Farm -

Image above: A father and son review their work together. From (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3829996/Why-s-fun-dad-mum-Mothers-enjoy-parenting-hard-work-fathers.html).

The old black man told me, “Lay a hand on something when the Boss Man comes around.” I was spending my summer between seventh and eighth grade stripping and waxing floors at the church my family attended, and it was my first real job.

The boss who was supervising me, had come around a corner and found me idly staring into space.

What may have seemed like cynical advice to offer a 12-year-old boy was actually meant as a well-intended reminder that we should stay focused on our work.

Throughout my high school years, summers were spent working construction jobs in the Louisiana swelter. I can’t say I was a towering example of the ideal worker, but both early jobs helped me build the muscle memory of an ethic that prepared me to enter into and navigate through adulthood.

It is an ethic that seems sadly out of fashion these days. As a culture, we seem to have slid into a pattern of expecting less and less from our children, both physically and intellectually, and allowing them to remain children for longer and longer.

Likewise, if my observations from years in the bookstore business are any indicator, the dominant genre of books read by adults now is the category of Young Adult.

In my career and on the farm, I have worked with many young people embarking on their first job, and it is increasingly hard to find new workers (and I’ll extend that range up into their late 20s) who have ever done any type of work.

Most have zero muscle memory for what is required to be responsible and productive either in the workplace or as citizens.

That undeveloped set of skills carries over into what are supposed to be the “responsible years”: how does a person learn, without having experienced work, to make independent decisions, take orders, discern truth from fiction, stay focused and busy, develop the stamina to play a constructive part in a culture over many decades?

Disciplined work habits established early on affect all aspects of our culture, from school and the workplace to the arts and civic sphere.

That there is a drift backwards into adolescence that pervades our culture — whether it’s reading cartoonish literature designed for an underdeveloped mind or a political sphere that is dominated by…well, let’s not go there — is extremely alarming.

Now, all this fretting may be the special preserve of a man who just this week will reach his mid-fifties, but I do worry what this downward spiral means for our culture, for our species.

I continue to be haunted by a work I read recently, “Ends of the World,” a science history of deep time and the cycles of extinctions on our planet.

For me, the book serves to highlight both our insignificance and the childish hubris of our species that imperils our brief reign here.

While it may not allow us to avert a crisis, it just may be time to return to the practice of “laying a hand on something.” Because the Boss Man is right around the corner and coming on fast, and he sounds pissed.


          Do you feel Capitalism dying?        
SUBHEAD: We need to develop the fortitude and skills needed for the future that is coming at us.

By Joe Brewer on 24 July 2017 for Medium -

Image above: A sign about "Capitalism" in Westminister Square with the Tower of London at British Parlement in the background. From (https://medium.com/@discomfiting/kill-capitalism-before-it-kills-us-fe23d10f6243).

Can you feel capitalism dying around you? There is a mental disease of late-stage capitalism causing deep worry and anxiety, prompting feelings of severe isolation and humiliation, combined with a profound sense of powerlessness for millions of people around the world.

The question I ask today is What are YOU going to do about it?

The feeling bubbles up when students graduate from college with mountains of debt and few prospects for meaningful work. It spreads across cities where housing prices are skyrocketing and a giant financial chasm exists between owners and renters of residential property. And it aches in the spiraling decay of exploited ecosystems as they unravel after decades (or centuries) of pillaging industries waging war on nature.

There is a reason only 5 men have the same aggregate wealth as half the human population. And that the Earth’s climate is ramping up for a phase transition that threatens our entire civilization. It is because a Global Architecture of Wealth Extraction has been carefully built up in the last five hundred years to produce exactly these outcomes.

And it is causing millions of people to feel a malaise of loneliness and quiet desperation that tickles at the edge of their tongues — yet they don’t quite know what to call it.

I’ve called it late-stage capitalism and this resonated with hundreds of thousands when I wrote about it last year. The depth and tenor of this resonance revealed that these feelings are truly widespread and the currents run deep within our veins.

So what are we going to do with these feelings? Some tens of millions of Americans decided to elect President Trump last year. They had fallen victim to a sophisticated information war that functions as a kind of political mind control.

Too few among them were able to discern what is really going on and now they are emotionally manipulated pawns in the end game for a small cohort of super-elites.

This is not an acceptable place to direct the feelings we have about the death of capitalism. It will only accelerate us on the path to planetary-scale collapse that we need to reckon with in our lifetimes.

Instead — if we can develop the fortitude and skills — we need to direct these feelings toward the much more productive path of learning how to design cultural change.

You see, it has been our inability to collectively set intentions that enabled elite groups to divide-and-conquer us in these times of mass confusion, hardship, and despair.

We need to recognize that the real state of power is culture and learn how to wield this power the way our ancestors once did.

Anthropologists who study hunter-gatherer societies have long known that they are all egalitarian.

Bullies and dictators were not able to rise up and boss people around because the group sanctioned against it.

They did this through a combination of shaming and ostracism, or in extreme cases they resorted to expulsion or execution. But they were able to keep the bullies in check becaus;
  1. everyone knew everyone else in these small bands of people and
  2. relationships of trust were robust enough to navigate conflicts and cooperate effectively against individuals who might be stronger or more skilled at hunting than any one person on their own.
We now have a vast digital infrastructure — the internet plus cell phones and satellite communication systems — that make it possible for the first time since the birth of civilizations to coordinate with transparency and trust at larger scales of society.

Yet we remain divided into political tribes, fighting amongst each other at the beckoning of those who set the terms of debate.

Are you a Democrat or Republican? Socialist or Capitalist?

A person of color or a beneficiary of white privilege? Categories of division such as these may have important realities embedded within them but none gets at the root issue that defines these times.

We are in a deep crisis that is carrying us all on the path toward extinction. We must learn to rise above our labels of separation and remember that everything is connected. Only then can we be seeds of transformation in a world where most of our stories are breaking down.

So I call upon you to name your feelings of angst and powerlessness.

Recognize that you are living through the death of a capitalist system that has brought our entire civilization to the brink of ruin.

Learn how to design for change in a world where only through a paradigm shift in values and behaviors will it be possible to navigate our way toward planetary resilience in the decades ahead.

We can get to the future we all want but only when we realize that it is our power to create cultural mythologies that has blinded us to our place within a world barreling toward humanity’s end.

This power must now be employed in service of life, compassion, humility, and care for the living world. These are dangerous times and our actions matter more than most of us are ready to realize.

Take hold of your feelings and direct them toward life, healing, and regeneration of our broken world.

We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our children, born and unborn.

And we owe it to the many other species whose very existence are now in jeopardy because an arrogant myth of human superiority has driven us to soil the beds we must sleep in as members of the natural world ourselves.

Time is short and there is much work to be done.

Onward, fellow humans.


          Bill 46 is a prerequisite for any hope at a balanced budget        
Alberta’s government finally got it. There is no hope of a balanced budget in this province unless our government manages to control the spiraling costs of its government employees.
          10 Questions on the Conflict in Syria        
A potential military strike by Western powers on Syria now appears to be a fait accompli and is being touted as long overdue. Given the spiralling humanitarian disaster that has overtaken the country during the last two years of conflict, continued inaction appears to be an untenable reality. The death toll is now well over 100,000 (although the proportion of civilians to combatants is unclear). There are 2 million refugees, half of whom are children, and over 4 million more internally displaced persons (IDPs), amounting to a quarter of the country's overall population. Yet, it was the apparent chemical weapons attack in the suburbs around Damascus known as Ghouta last week that has served as the impetus for international military intervention into the conflict. Amidst the rhetoric and war rehearsals, clarity on what is really happening seems to be cast aside in the media, in favor of faux-spontaneous leaks, retired generals, and trumpeters of past wars. Here are ten questions to try to set the record straight.

1. Were chemical weapons used in Syria?

When the initial attack unfolded last Wednesday, August 21 in the suburbs in Damascus known as Ghouta (near the town/suburb of Jobar), news quickly spread to local, regional and international media. Claims were made of hundreds of deaths, with some activists claiming the death toll was 1,300. Moreover, the Government of Syria immediately denied responsibility and has continued to do so. However, the attack did unfold amidst a series of army strikes on Jobar, which is a rebel-held area, and has been for quite some time. The Government conversely claimed to find chemical weapons supplies in tunnels in the same area, and it is alleged that some Hezbollah fighters were also exposed to chemical toxins.

A week on, it appears incontrovertible that chemical weapons were used, not just from YouTube videos but also from visits by independent journalists, and of course by a report by Médecins Sans Frontières that has documented at least 355 deaths from local hospitals. It is likely that the chemical agent used was a neurotoxin or nerve gas, most likely sarin gas. What is still not clear, is how they were delivered (i.e. in what form and carried on what type of weapon) and from where.

It should also be kept in mind that this was not the first attack that has been alleged. There have been numerous claims by rebels, and counter-claims by the government on the use of chemical weapons in the conflict. Here's a map of those events. In fact, this is precisely why the team of UN inspectors had arrived in the country, the day before this latest incident (and massacre) took place. In fact, what is interesting is that their investigation of other sites has now been put on the back-burner due to the latest developments.

2. Do we know who actually used the chemical weapons? 

The United States, United Kingdom, and France have all stated they are certain that the Government of Syria has undertaken the attack last week. On the U.S. side, at the forefront of the rhetoric has been Vice President Biden - who has said there is 'no doubt' - and Secretary of State John Kerry, who made an evocative plea for action several days ago. Of course, the next speech is the most important, and it would be one made by President Barack Obama. In light of this certainty, it would be difficult to question the attribution of blame. A leak from the US government also claims to have intercepted a murky call between commanders in the Syrian army that supposedly is evidence of culpability on the Syrian side.

There is tremendous reason to doubt U.S. claims. Firstly, it should not be forgotten that then Secretary of State Colin Powell presented ironclad evidence to the United Nations Security Council of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) that Saddam Hussein possessed, a finding that was later proven to be utterly false, but which was the basis of a war that continues until today. Secondly, the U.S. claimed that there was incontrovertible proof that the Government of Syria was responsible for earlier chemical attacks this year, but that finding has been contested, and some experts apportioned blame to the rebels fighting the government. And finally, in this case, no evidence has been presented, as of yet to make such a determination, at least not conclusively.

Does that mean the Assad and his regime are not responsible? No. It is very likely given the ongoing military operations in the same area that the Syrian government launched such an attack. Yet, more evidence needs to be presented to make a definitive conclusion. The other scenarios that could be possible are:

- Extremists groups like Jubhat al-Nusra, who have previously seized advanced weaponry and possibly chemical weapons from Syrian army bases and positions, were attempting to use them on Syrian soldiers (or conversely to cast blame on the Syrian army);

- The Government of Syria inadvertently hit a stockpile of sarin gas releasing the toxins (although unclear if this would lead to the effects that we've seen); or

- Rogue elements within the chain of command used chemical weapons intentionally or inadvertently.

Russia, Iran and China have of course cast doubt on western claims but that is to be expected.

3. What would be the basis or justification for US intervention?

The U.S. intervention would likely be on the basis of Obama's previously stated red line on Syria, which would be the mass use/movement of chemical weapons. It is not in fact about humanitarian intervention and the Responsibility to Protect framework, developed in the 1990s to prevent genocide and mass civilian deaths. If it was, then the humanitarian case for intervention has been present for some time, and other massacres by the Syrian regime, such as in Houla in 2012, would have provided sufficient pretext. Obviously, the U.S. and other Western powers, and regional countries, have their own interests at play that are much more geopolitical in nature, but the justification or casus belli being offered is around the issue of chemical weapons, and chemical weapons alone.

4. Will anybody else be involved in the military strikes besides the US and will this affect whether they are 'legal'?

Given Russian and Chinese opposition, and a likely veto of any resolution by the United Nations Security Council supporting such a military strike on Syria - especially in light of the intervention in Libya, which Russia regretted supporting - a 'coalition of the willing' will need to be developed. This coalition would be broader than the Iraq War in 2003, and would be similar to the coalition carrying out the strikes against Serb positions vis-a-vis Kosovo in 1999. While the U.S., U.K. and France will likely lead an effort, Turkey would also be critical as a staging ground (as it borders Syria from the North), and thus there will be an attempt to launch such an attack under the auspices of NATO. Despite its reluctance, Jordan, given its reliance on the U.S. and Saudi Arabia politically and economically, will have no choice but to support . The two other neighbours of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon are squarely against any military strike. And of course, the other neighbor - Israel - would sit this one out but would provide intelligence to the U.S. and other parties on Syrian positions, given that it has already undertaken a number of air strikes on Syria in the past two years.

Further afield, it is likely the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) will support military intervention, with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates possibly sending fighter jets to participate in a strike to give it regional cover and credibility. Finally, while many groups within the Arab and Muslim world, and the 'left' of the West, will oppose military intervention, many others will support it, because of the spiralling humanitarian situation in Syria.

Technically speaking if the military intervention is not sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council, and there is no imminent threat that the U.S. and other parties can point to towards its own territory or its assets, it would be illegal under international law. However, that has not stopped NATO or other countries (i.e. Russia in Georgia) form undertaking military action in the past. And before the Iraq War, some scholars claimed that while such an attack would be illegal it would be legitimate, and demonstrated retroactively to be legal. Given the state of world affairs, 'legality' is likely not a determining factor for a strike on Syria.

5. Are we seeing a repeat of Iraq in 2003? 

No. The situation today with Syria is different than it was in 2003 in Iraq, for many reasons, despite some passing similarities. In Iraq, the U.S. claimed that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction while in Syria, we already know Bashar al-Assad possesses chemical weapons, and the question is whether he used them (small aside, it was released this week that thirty years ago, the U.S. obstructed a UN investigation when it knew Saddam Hussein had used chemical weapons). In Iraq, the U.S. alleged that Saddam Hussein had links with Al Qaeda (and related groups), while in Syria, Bashar al Assad is widely acknowledged to be fighting Al Qaeda (and related groups) in addition to the 'Free Syrian Army' (and in addition to crushing peaceful demonstrators). In Iraq, there was no active state of conflict that was leading to a spiralling humanitarian catastrophe (and the potential use of WMDs), while in Syria there is not just a violent conflict, but also WMDs have been used by somebody (even if the culprit is not yet clear).

What should be noted, however, is that both Iraq in 2003 and Syria in 2013, are in complex environments, and any removal of government or sustained military intervention would have dramatic unforeseen consequences. It seems like the media debate in the U.S. is also similarly anaemic (but slightly better) this time around.

6. What is the real motivation for the United States and other powers?

As with all things in this world when it comes to international relations, the primary interest is not humanitarian but geopolitical. This is not absolute, however, and it could be argued that Turkey has been insisting on humanitarian intervention from an early stage. However, the regimes (not peoples) in the Gulf, most notably Saudi Arabia, are exclusively concerned with dislodging Syria from the Iranian orbit, and severing connections between Syria and Hezbollah. Humanitarian concerns are a by-product. And for the United States, something similar is at play. As noted above, if this was about humanitarian concerns, action would have been taken long before 100,000 deaths had occurred.

For the U.S. it has been looking for regime change in Syria for a while. However, these strikes if they occur, will be about sending a message and asserting America's position in the Middle East, given the red line that Obama drew. Ultimately, it may tip the scales in the rebels favour or improve the U.S.'s negotiating position vis-a-vis Iran. The chemical weapons attack in a morbid way, opened a door of opportunity for Western powers (with GCC support) to do something limited without a full-scale intervention.

7. Will military intervention solve the Syrian conflict?

No. Military intervention no matter how small or how big will not solve the Syrian conflict. In fact, it could very much exacerbate the situation on the ground even further (if that can be imagined). What is being reported currently is that the U.S. and allies will undertake a series of 'surgical strikes', a euphemism for a large-scale assault on key military and strategic installations, such as army positions, air bases, radar installations, communications infrastructure, supply routes, and, where appropriate, power stations (among other targets). More than anything this will be intended to send a message to the regime and weaken its capabilities. Yet, it would not be a fatal blow. And it would not necessarily tip the scales in favor of the rebels. It may in fact mobilize certain parties to support the regime, if there are civilian casualties from the intervention.

The solution to the Syrian situation has to be political, if it is going to lead to stability or peace. Yet, if the military intervention escalated and led to the removal of the Syrian regime, that would still not be the end of the conflict. After the Soviets were booted out of Afghanistan, the country devolved into a civil war for five years until the rise of the Taliban in 1996. Somalia has only recently stabilised (somewhat), more than 20 years after the assassination of its leader, President Siad Barre. And neighboring Lebanon, took 15 years of conflict (1975-1990) to reach an end, which was brought about by ironically Syrian military intervention (which committed its own crimes), that produced a - audible gasp - political settlement.

8. What could potentially go wrong?

Everything. The potential for disaster following military intervention in any country is great (see Black Hawk Down, Iraq, Afghanistan and the list goes on). Yet, in Syria it could be apocalyptic. Here is a list of what that could entail:

- Chemical weapons are used by Syria against its neighbors such as Jordan and Turkey, or U.S. military positions in those countries;
- U.S. planes/helicopters are shot down leading to an escalation of U.S. involvement requiring boots on the ground;
- Syria sends a volley of missiles into Tel Aviv and other places in Israel, leading to a regional war;
- Proxy forces of Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, launch a sustained campaign against Israel/U.S. interests, including attacks embassies within Lebanon/Palestine/Israel but also in other countries, in the short and medium-term;
- Al Qaeda forces in the region, while opposing the Assad regime, oppose U.S. intervention especially if there are masses of civilian casualties, and use it as a pretext for attacks in places such as Yemen;
- Russia objects to the U.S. strike, and mobilizes warships to the Mediterranean, leading to a standoff with Europe and the U.S.;
- Negotiations with Iran, still in embryonic stages are suspended irrevocably;
- Six party talks with North Korea are suspended by Russia, China, and North Korea irrevocably;
- The Syrian regime goes all out in its conflict and begins to bomb with even more abandon civilian areas controlled by rebels, leading to thousands of casualties, and counter-massacres by enraged rebel fighters;
- The Syrian regime is removed by force from power by the intervention, leading to a power vacuum sinking the country further into civil war for over a decade of even more violent strife and a possible Al Qaeda style government;
- Tensions rise in the Middle East, especially in places of sectarian division (i.e. Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia, and Iraq) leading to civil strife and attacks on governments, and counter-attacks on populations; and
- World War 3.

9. What could potentially go right?

It may seem that what is written above is slightly alarmist and that's true. Many things can go wrong (most of which, to be honest, are hard to predict as they will be unforeseen consequences or as Donald Rumsfeld, ironically calls them, unknown unknowns). However, the U.S.-led strikes could be quite effective. Firstly, if they are limited in scope, they can be completed in one day, reducing the risk for a military entanglement and civilian casualties. Secondly, if they are from the air, there is limited risk for casualties on the side of the intervening forces. Thirdly, an attack that is forceful and hits Syrian military positions, will send a message to Assad that there is a limit to what he can do, which thus far has not been the case, and may entice him to reach a political settlement. Fourthly, it is unlikely that the Syrian regime would retaliate, for a short strike on positions, against Israel, knowing that they cannot afford to fight a war on so many fronts (and thus far they have yet to retaliate to any Israel air strike). Finally, the systematic destruction of Assad's air capabilities could be instrumental in limiting civilian casualties by the regime in the future.

All of this is one possibility of what could occur.

10. Let's cut to the chase - should I support or not support military intervention?

There is no clearcut answer. Ultimately, military intervention should not be supported as a solution to the Syrian conflict. It is not, and whether we like it or not, a political solution/settlement is the only way the current situation moves towards peace and stability. The U.S. is negotiating with the Taliban. The Vietnamese negotiated with the U.S. The Lebanese negotiated with each other. The Dayton Accords to end the Bosnian War were signed with Slobodan Milosevic. It may not be easy, it may be unlikely, and it will not work perfectly, but political discussions involving all parties is the only way to find a real solution.

That being said, if a case is made with overwhelming evidence by independent parties (not U.S. conjecture) that chemical weapons were used by the Syrian regime, then military intervention on a limited scale, and for a period of 1-2 days only, should be undertaken, ideally with UN support - and if not with broad support of half of the members, i.e. 90, of the UN General Assembly to demonstrate legitimacy - against military targets only, which will both send a message about the use of these weapons and damage the capabilities of Assad.

What is clear is that whatever happens, there are no clear answers with regards to the conflict in Syria.

          Ramadan Dreams        
This week marks the start of Ramadan. I would say today, but as is the case for many things, Muslims cannot even agree on what day marks the beginning of the holy month. Is it Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday? Sometimes, even in the same country, clerics from different sects or schools of 'jurisprudence' disagree on the sighting of the crescent moon (which signifies that Ramadan has arrived). In Lebanon, Shiites started the fast on Tuesday, and Sunnis on Wednesday, at least the last time I checked. If only the Shiite-Sunni conflict was relegated to a debate over the start of Ramadan. Alas, while diversity is something to be treasured, that is not always true in what is the proverbial Muslim world. The Qur'an tells us about what we can gain from diversity:
O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. 
Somehow throughout history, perhaps the year after Prophet Muhammad died (circa 633 AD, or 1), Muslims lost sight of this. Today, you're more likely to hear about diversity as a threat rather than an asset. In fact, it seems to go hand-in-hand with regards to whether a Muslim country can be peaceful or democratic or successful: Well, I would say Country X would have a smooth transition, but they have a very diverse population with different ethnicities and groups. It's almost like Muslims can't survive with their own layered identities in the modern-age, longing instead for some Orwellian dictator to give them all a uniform to gloss over any differences that they may have. Of course, enough of those beautiful strongmen have come along for us to know that is not a great path either (um, certain exceptions aside of course).

And so in 2013, we enter into Ramadan, all 1.5 billion Muslims, or 1.2 billion, or 1.8 billion of us, depending on who's counting (or better yet who's making up statistics off the top of their head and then getting cited by the media, thereby cementing that figure as real), with a 'Muslim world' in complete conflagration - i.e. business as usual. Now all these millions of Muslims, some nominal, some not so nominal, live in different places with different challenges faced. Some in the West. Some in the East. Some in Muslim majority countries. Some as minorities in secular or other countries. And so it goes. Yet, look around, and we see challenges. There's the conflict in Syria, with a death count now over 100,000 and a displaced population representing a quarter of the country. There's the spiralling situation in Egypt, with an uncertain future ahead. And you can never count Pakistan out, with essentially a bombing a day.

You start to go through Muslim countries, and there's a lot that leaves a lot to be desired. It's almost too long of a list. It kind of makes you want to sing an Islamicized version of Les Misérables "I Dreamed a Dream", I guess with a Fatima instead of Fantine. Given the state of Islam, you might actually get in trouble for singing in public. I know that the 29 or so days of Ramadan will not bring peace, emancipation, and progress to the lands where so many Muslims live. Likely the strife, struggle, and scarcity that defines so many people's lives will not change. In fact in places like Syria, violence could actually intensify this month (some militant groups have actually announced an 'Operation Ramadan').

Thus, the realities of Ramadan may overwhelm us. Yet, if Ramadan is anything, it is a time for reflection and thinking of what can be, rather than what is. And in that spirit, I thought it would be good to end with a vision, a so-called Ramadan Dreams, of the realm of a possible future, of the Muslim world (i.e. Umma), where:
  • There are far more Sushis than Sunnis & Shiites; 
  • Being an 'Islamist' means being an expert in Islam rather than a judge/jury/executioner; 
  • The takbeer is used in excitement of a goal scored on the soccer field rather than a direct hit on the battlefield; 
  • Having a beard is a fashion statement not a religious statement; 
  • When we hear about a scandal about a royal Prince, it's because he had a nipple slip and not a multi-billion dollar arms deal go to his bank account; 
  • There are more ninjas than women in face-covering black robes; 
  • There will be actual Jews around to respond to somebody who says "don't be such a Jew"; 
  • When someone says "that's the bomb" he's not actually pointing at a bomb; 
  • You can debate the existence of God with two sides of the debate present; and
  • People can be proud to be Muslim...and not Muslim. 
Now before anybody gets their kefiyyeh in a twist, there are many Muslims who live in countries where things are not so bad, and countless others in Muslim countries, who believe in a pluralistic and open society. Yet, there is a long ways to go before we escape so many of the ills that have come to define Muslim lands and societies. Ramadan 2013 will not bring the change many of us would like to see, but here's hoping that, that change will come sooner rather than later, and help shape a Muslim world that embraces its pluralism, recognises its intellectual tradition, and empowers its people. Ramadan Kareem

          2010-2011 College Basketball Preview (Part I)        
Many of you have asked me how I feel about my beloved Vikings deciding to waive Randy Moss last week after trading for him a month earlier, so I thought I’d address it real quick. The truth is that I’m actually not that upset that Moss isn’t a Viking anymore, but I am upset that the Vikings front office (read: Brad Childress) ultimately threw away a draft pick because they couldn’t foresee Moss being a headache. This is like asking The Villain to be on your pick-up basketball team and then getting upset when he never passes you the ball. Or like letting The Villain borrow your car “for ten minutes” during your sophomore year at Ohio State and getting pissed when he returns it to you six hours later with less than a quarter tank of gas and a funky smell coming from the back seat. Sure it sucks that Moss was kind of a doucher, but ultimately it’s the Vikings’ fault for putting so much trust in him. That, more than anything else, is what is so frustrating. This whole ordeal is just another example of how other than murder, pedophilia, and rape, nothing in this world upsets me more than Brad Childress’ decision making, which is ironic because Childress looks like a guy who commits all three of those crimes on a regular basis. But enough about a mediocre NFL team. Let’s talk college basketball.

If you know anything about me or my blog, you know that there are three things in the world of sports that my life revolves around – college basketball, FIFA, and professional wrestling. And if the handfuls of emails I regularly get from the Trillion Man March are any indication, most of you also care about at least two of those three things. So, keeping this in mind and acknowledging that college basketball officially started this week, I’ve decided to team up with Keller to get you pumped for the season by bringing you what will surely be both the best and most irrelevant college basketball preview you will ever read.

For the preview, Keller and I intertwined our three favorite things about sports by likening different aspects of college basketball to aspects of both FIFA and professional wrestling. Keller knows more about wrestling than anyone I’ve ever met in my life, so he will be handling the wrestling section of the preview (warning – he wrote a ton). And since every time we play FIFA I beat Keller like he’s my ex-wife, I’ll be handling the FIFA section of the preview. Obviously, now that I’m writing college basketball pieces for ESPN and I’m therefore considered a college basketball expert, I’ll also be handing the basketball section. Finally, because the entire preview is longer than the list of people who wanted me to make a Greg Oden penis joke right here, I’ve decided to break it up into a bunch of parts and post a new part every couple of days (I would post a new one every day, but I can already anticipate Keller not getting his sections done).

With all of that being said, here is Part I of your 2010-2011 Club Trillion College Basketball Preview. Boom baby.

This category is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll explain it a little bit anyway. These are the guys who you see either playing, wrestling, or on FIFA and think to yourself, “Wait, he’s still playing/wrestling? How old is that guy?” You know, guys like…

FIFA: David Beckham (LA Galaxy)

Beckham is kinda like the Brett Favre of soccer. Not only has he been playing seemingly forever, but he also has an immaculate stubble beard and there are pictures of his junk all over the internet (although, his junk is unfortunately covered by whatever underwear he is endorsing for that particular photo shoot – damn). Plus, the video game version of Beckham is also much better than the real version of him, just like Favre and his video game likeness. What’s more, Beckham and Favre both married women who are about one year older than them. In fact, the only difference I can see between these two is that Beckham didn’t cost the Vikings their first trip to the Super Bowl in my lifetime by throwing an inexcusable interception to Tracy Porter late in the NFC Championship. Not yet, anyway.

Pro Wrestling: Ric Flair (The Nature Boy)

As a man who currently has a 15-year unbeaten streak in Mercy, and who’s been shaving since the 7th grade, I’ve been conditioned never to cry under any circumstances. That being said, I stood helpless as my eyes welled up with tears while I watched Monday Night Raw on March 31, 2008. The night before, Ric Flair had lost his retirement match against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIV, and this night’s Raw was dedicated as a farewell show to the Nature Boy, honoring his multiple-decade career. Prior to this moment, I think the last time that I cried was during a 5th grade AAU basketball game, where an opponent who was no less than 12 inches shorter than me bit me in the stomach as I dribbled up the court. After yelling at the top of my high-pitched 5th grade lungs “HE BIT ME!!!”, the combination of rage, shock, and pain led to me sobbing on the bench for the entire 3rd quarter before re-entering the game and fouling the kid in retribution.

So imagine my surprise when I learned that watching the Four Horseman reuniting in the ring for the first time in 20 years caused the waterworks to start up. The sound of the greatest entrance music in wrestling history combined with the visual of Ric Flair sobbing in the ring was too much for me. This was the perfect send-off for arguably the greatest wrestler in history. Unlike most of his contemporaries, Flair wouldn't spend his final years toiling away in second rate promotions tarnishing his legacy for a few more paydays. Flair would be different. That is, until Flair would un-retire to toil away in a second rate promotion, tarnishing his legacy for a few more paydays. My tears were for nothing now.

When you're a stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling and dealing son of a gun, you tend to acquire expensive tastes and multiple wives. Flair lived a lavish lifestyle (hell, even his famous robes cost upwards of $5,000 apiece) and let throngs of women ride Space Mountain (his awesome euphemism for sex). By giving out season passes to Space Mountain to not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different women, and continuing his free-spending ways to go along with those divorces, Flair essentially went broke after his retirement and was forced to come back. He signed a contract with TNA a year after his retirement ceremony, and sadly continues to wrestle to this day.

It's truly a shame it ended up this way too, because there have been multiple points in Flair's career where he could have retired on top besides the post-Wrestlemania ceremony. There was the time he went crazy, stripped off his clothes in the middle of the ring, and started elbow dropping his suit jacket. Or after his match with Sting on the final episode of WCW Monday Night Nitro. Or every time he talked sh*t to a fan by calling them "fat boy" or telling them that their mother rode Space Mountain and that they'd ride it later that night. Or when Will Ferrell paid homage to him as Ashley Schaeffer. Through the years there were plenty of perfect times for Ric Flair to go out like the Nature Boy truly should have, and not have to languish in 2010 wrestling in TNA, looking like a droopier-breasted Randy the Ram while every fan who cheered for him during his heyday looked on embarrassed (I say looked on in the loosest sense of the word, because TNA sucks and nobody actually watches it). Much like the Nature Boy never has learned to stop going to the top rope (at this point I would link you to a montage of Flair getting slammed from the top rope, but for some stupid reason there is no video of it on YouTube, despite Flair never once landing a top rope move in any match I’ve seen even though he tries every time), he's never learned it's time to hang up his boots.

College Basketball: David Lighty (Ohio State)

The official Ohio State basketball website says that Dave Lighty is a 5th year senior this year, but this is also the same website that once said that The Villain’s hobbies include reading and playing golf, so forgive me for being a little skeptical. I’m fully convinced that he has somehow been in the program for at least ten years. This is mostly because Dave joined the Ohio State basketball team before I did, yet I played four full seasons with the team and graduated, and Dave is still going to play one more year. Those of you who have followed Big Ten basketball for awhile surely agree that Dave has been playing for the Buckeyes forever, but if for some reason you don’t, consider this: Dave was college teammates with Greg Oden and Greg Oden is at least 82-years-old. You do the math.

This category is also self explanatory, but I won’t insult your intelligence like I did with the last one and explain it to you. Let’s just get to it.

FIFA: Kaka (Real Madrid)
(Note: I know Kaka has an accent mark somewhere in his name, but last time I checked, this is America and we don’t use accent marks in America. You can either love it or leave it.)

Diehard soccer fans who follow real soccer being played by real people would tell you that Kaka is one of the best players in the world, which is something you would most likely respond to by saying that you “don’t give a s*** because soccer is gay.” The FIFA version of him is every bit as good as the real version, as Kaka would easily be the best player on just about every other team than the one he’s actually on. Unfortunately for him, he will have to settle with his role as sidekick because he’s teammates with Cristiano Ronaldo, who is without question the greatest player on a sports video game since Jeremy Roenick on NHL ‘94 (more on Ronaldo later on in the preview).

Other than being the best sidekick on FIFA, I think Kaka is the most versatile player on the game as well. His default position is in the midfield, but I’ve literally played (and dominated) with him at every position except goalie. I’ve also discovered that he’s a master of finishing rebounds that come from Ronaldo rocketing shots off the goalie’s nuts. I’m not sure what that has to do with anything, but I swear if there was an attribute for “being in the right place at the right time to score the goal and get all the credit, even though your teammate did all the hard work,” Kaka’s rating in that particular attribute would be at least a 96.

Pro Wrestling: Scott Hall (Razor Ramon)

On paper, Scott Hall had it all: legit size, loads of charisma, awesome shirts that make you consider spending $200 to get on eBay, a finishing move that you could easily break someone’s neck with, the list goes on. The only thing he never had was a world title. For someone with arguably the greatest stubble beard of all-time and the ability to make a full denim outfit look cool, you’d think that Hall would have spent the better part of the 90s as the heavyweight champion. But due to unfortunate timing and his inability to not get drunk and party six nights a week, Hall would settle down into a role as the quintessential second banana.

As Razor Ramon in the (then) WWF, Hall would consistently earn cheers like a main-eventer, despite the fact his only push to the main event scene came when the Ultimate Warrior did what the Ultimate Warrior did best (besides being insane and gay-bashing, which for him are mutually exclusive) and left the company without any advance notice, leaving Razor Ramon as an emergency replacement to lose to Bret Hart. Instead, Hall spent much of his time in the Intercontinental title scene, having matches that remain legendary to this day. He stole the show against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania X by defending his Intercontinental title in the very first ladder match, which both males and females will excitedly remember as “the match where you got to see HBK’s bare ass.” The Intercontinental title would be the peak of Hall’s run in the WWF, excluding the time he made a couple of young kids’ dreams come true on the Jerry Springer Show. In ’96, Hall signed with WCW and continued his career living a real-life version of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” albeit he was a bridesmaid with some pretty awesome chest hair.

Despite being the first member of the New World Order to invade WCW’s shows, Hall was quickly pushed down the pecking order due to Hollywood Hogan’s heel turn and his own failure to power bomb announcers through the stage. For the second time in as many companies, Hall would win the second highest title (this time the WCW United States title), but never make it to the top. At first, Hall was stuck behind legendary WCW title moments like Hollywood Hogan and Sting’s feud that culminated at Starrcade 97 (a pay-per-view I’ll never forget, because for the first time in my life I convinced my mom to let me order a pay-per-view, only to have the signal be scrambled and the show ruined. Scrambled Spice channel I could deal with, scrambled Starrcade I could not.) and Goldberg’s 173 match win streak. Eventually though, Hall’s actions behind the scenes started costing him opportunities. His excessive drinking began spiraling out of control, with Hall even performing in the ring under the influence. At this point, you would have been more likely to find an attractive girl with a shrine to Jerry Orbach than a WCW executive who would ever have faith in Scott Hall being a main eventer. He would never again get past the midcard. Instead of trying to get Hall help, the brain trust at WCW decided to exploit Hall’s problems by incorporating them into an angle, as the last few memorable moments of Hall’s time in WCW revolved around him pretending to be drunk in the ring. While he never made it to the top in either company, Scott Hall is arguably the greatest wrestler ever in a supporting role.

(Note: I choose to ignore Hall’s time after WCW, because I refuse to believe that he would end up looking like he did)

Suddenly the stubblebeard isn’t as cool as it used to be

College Basketball: Nolan Smith (Duke)

It is a well-documented fact that Duke sucks. Since they’ve won a ton of national championships, I obviously don’t mean this in a “Duke isn’t good at basketball” way, but more of a “Duke fans are insufferable and the white guys on the team who slap the floor on defense make me lose all hope in humanity” kind of way. Duke fans think that people hate them because we are jealous and secretly want to be just like them, which is the same ass-backwards philosophy that made LeBron say, “They boo you because they like the way you play basketball.” No. We boo Duke/Duke fans/LeBron because they act like entitled pricks and think that the game of basketball couldn’t exist without them. Why is it that there are college basketball programs all over the country that have historically had more success than Duke, yet Duke is really the only team that is the bane of America’s collective existence? The answer is simple – because Duke sucks.

But despite the hatred we all have for Duke, there’s no denying that they historically are always a juggernaut, they have one of the greatest coaches of all-time, and they are probably the favorites to win back-to-back titles again this year. Now that Scheyer Face has graduated, Kyle Singler is the undisputed leader and best player on the team, but Nolan Smith is a senior NBA prospect in his own right who will be the Blue Devils’ leading scorer on many occasions this year. Like Kaka and Scott Hall, Smith is good enough to be the star on pretty much any other team, but he still embraces his role and knows that Duke wouldn’t be nearly as good without him. So, if you get the chance to watch him play this year, be prepared to be impressed with his skills. And if you do appreciate the way he plays, please remember to have the common courtesy to boo him as loudly as you possibly can. It’s the least you could do.

This category was developed in protest to the absurd number of tournaments and events that are held in the world of sports every year. The truth is that nobody cares about the non-BCS bowls (except when the MudDogs won the Bourbon Bowl), the non-majors in golf and tennis (or even the majors in golf and tennis), or any race of any kind that isn’t the Daytona 500 or Indy 500. These things are meant to wet our whistle while we’re waiting on the important tournaments, but in reality they pretty much just get in the way.

FIFA: FA Cup (England)

Wikipedia tells me that the FA Cup has been around since 1871 and is the oldest soccer competition in the world, which would be impressive except “nobody gives a s*** because soccer is gay.” In reality, this tournament is probably a very big deal to people in England, not so much because it’s really old and has a lot of history but more because England sucks in the World Cup and this tournament at least guarantees English people that a team from England will win the thing. All that’s fine and well, but I’m not concerned with real soccer. I only care about virtual soccer and on FIFA, this tournament does nothing but get in my way.

When I play manager mode on FIFA, I play with Manchester United, only because the Premier League is the only competitive league and I kinda like Wayne Rooney’s game (I also like his soccer game). My only goal on manager mode is to win the Champions League or whatever they call it on the game. I have no interest in anything else. The only reason I even play regular season games is to finish in the top of the league so I can qualify for next season’s Champions League. At no point in time have I ever cared about winning the FA Cup, which is why I used to simulate those games. The only problem with this is that FIFA would sometimes screw me when I simulated the FA Cup games and I would get upset by a scrub team in the first round. When this would happen, my coach’s rating or whatever would plummet, I’d get fired, and I’d be stuck managing an MLS team the following season. Therefore, I have no choice but to play these FA Cup games and win some tournament that I literally could not care any less about.

Pro Wrestling: Women’s Wrestling (WWE)

Quick: can anybody name their favorite women's wrestling match of all time? I've been a fan of pro wrestling in some capacity since 1990, and I can still only remember four things about women wrestlers – that Alundra Blayze showed up on WCW Nitro and threw away the WWF women's title on live TV in a move that seemed extreme before the nWo showed up, that Mae Young gave birth to a hand, that Chyna has some not-so-womanly bodily features that the world saw in her sex tape with X-Pac (as has previously been mentioned in this blog before...Google at your own risk), and that I first learned how to clear my internet history to hide the Playboy pictures of Sable I had looked up. After scanning through my Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, and SummerSlam anthologies, not a single women’s match listed on the cards brought back a memory, and I'm the same guy who can still tell you the home phone number of a girl I had a crush on in the 9th grade, despite never having the balls to actually call her. Even a Google search to help jog my brain instead produced results that were split between fetish female wrestling porn and sites completely dedicated to moments where a female wrestler's top came undone and their breasts were exposed on live TV.

And that's what seems to be missing on Vince McMahon and other people who run wrestling companies. The only time a male fan is going to watch a women's wrestling match is in the hopes that a boob pops out during a suplex. The unfortunate reality is that there is no amount of technical proficiency that can take place in a women's match that will make it compare to a men's match. Many women’s matches are filled with hair tosses and kicks when the fans want to see finishers like this, much like many WNBA games are filled with set shots and missed lay-ups when the fans want to see, well, men's basketball (I'm only slamming the WNBA because they can't slam things themselves!!!). And since, according to a site that I cannot even think about linking to because of the content, there have not been that many nipple slips in women's matches, that they're even happening at all is a waste of time.

College B-ball: Cancun Challenge (Preseason Tourney)
Note: The teams playing in this year’s Cancun Challenge are LaSalle, Missouri, Providence, Wyoming, Morgan State, North Florida, Prairie View A&M, and Western Illinois.

I can’t tell if these “preseason” tourneys (by the way, calling them preseason tournaments is both deceiving and dumb – kinda like calling this a college basketball preview although the season has actually already started) have been going on for awhile and I just recently started noticing how many there are or if they are a relatively new fad in college basketball. My guess is that the success of the Maui Invitational gave the higher-ups the idea to create more of these things than any one person could possibly keep track of. Either way, I’m pretty confident that when it comes to preseason college basketball tournaments, the Cancun Challenge is the cream of the crap.

Cancun is one of the few places in Mexico that Americans can visit right now without being 100% sure that they will die (there’s only an 85% chance you’ll die), so the Cancun Challenge was probably created as a way to give these college athletes an opportunity to experience a different culture for a few days. Unfortunately, the organizers of the tournament failed to realize that the Cancun Challenge is really nothing more than a cocktease to the players. As cool as a free trip to Cancun seems, it’s not like these guys are going to be sipping margaritas and sexing senoritas the whole trip. For the most part, all of their time will be spent either practicing, playing, or falling asleep in film sessions, which means their trip to Cancun would essentially be the same as a team trip to Detroit in the middle of January.

As for the fans who are crazy enough to travel to the tournament, it’s a similar story. They pay ridiculous amounts of money for a vacation to Cancun, only to get down there and realize that their vacation is being ruined by subpar basketball games that are being played in a hotel ballroom (yes, the games really are played in a hotel ballroom). Throw in the fact that absolutely zero neutral college basketball fans are going to pay attention to games like North Florida vs. Prairie View A&M and Wyoming vs. Western Illinois, and it’s easy to see why this will be the biggest waste of time event in college basketball this year. __________________________________________________

Because it’s Movember and nothing else matters more in my life right now than growing my mustache, I’ve decided to substitute the awesome basketball YouTube video at the end of the blog posts this month for a little history lesson that I will be calling “Great Mustaches In American History.”

Today’s Great Mustache In American History is brought to you by Teddy Roosevelt.


Teddy Roosevelt is without a doubt the most badass president (and quite possibly human being) in the history of America. I could honestly write 10,000 words about how awesome this man is, but I’ll just provide you with three bullet points that tell you all you need to know about the guy.

  • In 1912, former-president Roosevelt was the target of an assassination attempt and was shot in the chest shortly before he was scheduled to give a speech in Milwaukee. Instead of being rushed to the hospital like everyone suggested, Roosevelt kicked common sense in the balls and proceeded to give his 90 minute speech as planned. He even opened the speech by telling the crowd, “I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot; but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose.” After he gave the speech, Roosevelt finally went to the hospital, but the bullet was never removed and he lived with it in his chest for the rest of his life. What a badass.
  • Teddy Roosevelt was awarded both the Medal of Honor and the Nobel Peace Prize. Try wrapping your mind around that for a second. The only possible explanation I can think of for this is that he was such a badass that people decided to play nice because they were so terrified of what he was capable of.
  • Roosevelt eventually died of a heart attack while sleeping when he was 60-years-old. The US vice president at the time, Thomas Marshall, had this to say about his death: “Death had to take Roosevelt sleeping, for if he had been awake, there would have been a fight.” Let it be known that I want that exact quote put on my headstone when I die, even if I don’t die in my sleep and even though my last name isn’t Roosevelt. If it weren’t for Nathan Hale, that would be the greatest quote in American history (by the way, I’m not going to explain the Nathan Hale reference to those of you who don’t know his quote – that’s something that should be common knowledge for anyone who loves their country).

Proud To Be An American But Even Prouder To Be A Buckeye,

Mark Titus

Club Trillion Founder

          Recette sans gluten: tarte tatin aux pommes et au sucre d'érable        
On sent que c'est enfin le printemps au Québec. La neige fond, les crocus commencent à percer la terre et depuis quelques semaines, le sirop d'érable coule à flot. Du plus loin que je me souvienne, j'ai toujours aimé le sirop d'érable. Petite, je buvais ce nectar à la fin de mon repas. Maintenant, j'incorpore le sirop d'érable presque tous les jours dans ma cuisine sans gluten. 

Inspirée par les nombreuses recettes à l'érable concoctées par l'équipe de Martin Picard pour l'émission Un chef à la cabane, j'ai créé cette tarte tatin sans gluten aux pommes et au sucre d'érable. Et puisque je n'avais aucun oeuf dans mon frigo, j'ai aussi développé une recette sans gluten de pâte brisée où j'ai remplacé l'oeuf par une c. à soupe de gelée composée de graines de chia et de psyllium moulues. Finalement et contrairement à la tradition, je n'ai pas fait cuire ma tarte tatin dans une poêle ou un moule à tarte tatin, mais tout simplement dans un plat en pyrex.
Rendement: 1 tarte sans gluten de 8 pouces ou 20 cm
Temps total de préparation: 20 minutes + 1 heure de réfrigération et environ 50 minutes de cuisson
Mise en place/instruments: pour préparer cette recette sans gluten de tarte tatin aux pommes et au sucre d'érable, vous aurez besoin d'une balance électronique + tasses/cuillères à mesurer, d'un couteau, un petit contenant pour préparer la gelée de chia, de deux bols pour préparer et mélanger les ingrédients, d'un coupe-pâte, de fourchette/cuillère en bois/spatule, de pellicule de plastique ou papier parchemin, d'une poêle, d'un plat à tarte de 8 pouces ou 20 cm, d'une assiette de service de plus de 9 pouces ou 23 cm.
Pâte brisée sans gluten et sans oeuf
Farine sans gluten: 100%
Beurre: 57%
Eau: 30%
Sucre: 25%
Gelée de chia/psyllium: 20%
Gomme de xanthane et sel (moins de 1% chacun) 
INGRÉDIENTS PÂTE BRISÉE SANS GLUTEN ET SANS OEUF (pour 1 tarte de 8 pouces ou 20 cm)
  • 100 g de mélange de farines sans gluten (mon mélange est composé de: 26 g (33 ml ou 1/8 de tasse) de farine de sorgho ou de millet, 20 g (33 ml ou 1/8 de tasse) de farine de riz brun, 40 g (65 ml ou 1/4 de tasse) de farine de riz blanc, 10 g (1 c. à soupe ou 15 ml) de farine de tapioca et 4 g (1 c. à thé) de fécule de maïs ou Maïzena
  • 1/2 c. à thé de gomme de xanthane ou de guar
  • 25 g (env. 33 ml ou 1/8 de tasse) de sucre brut fin
  • 57 g (65 ml ou 1/4 de tasse ou 1/2 bâton) de beurre non salé très froid et coupé en dés
  • 1 c. à soupe de gelée de graines de chia et de de psyllium (voir note ci-dessous)
  • 2 c. à soupe d'eau glacée (plus ou moins) selon le besoin
Pour créer la gelée de graines de chia et psyllium, mélanger 1 c. à thé de graines de chia moulues et 1 c. à thé d'enveloppe de psyllium dans 2 c. à soupe d'eau bouillante. Laisser reposer 2 minutes puis allonger avec un peu d'eau chaude si la gelée est trop épaisse.

  1. Dans un grand bol, tamiser puis mélanger tous les ingrédients secs ensemble
  2. Incorporer les dés de beurre aux ingrédients secs. 
  3. Avec un couteau ou coupe-pâte, couper les morceaux de beurre dans les ingrédients secs jusqu'à ce que le beurre ait l'apparence de gros flocons de gruau ou de pois secs. 
  4. Ajouter la gelée de chia/psyllium, puis incorporer l'eau aux ingrédients secs une cuillère à soupe à la fois, et mélanger avec une fourchette. Soulever le mélange avec votre coupe-pâte ou votre fourchette afin de bien répartir le liquide. Ajouter de l'eau jusqu’à ce que se forme une boule de pâte. Si la pâte vous semble trop humide ou collante, ajouter de la farine sans gluten 1 c. à soupe à la fois, jusqu'à ce que la pâte soit moins collante. La pâte est prête lorsqu'une petite poignée du mélange se tient lorsqu'on le presse entre les doigts.
  5. Avec vos mains, former un disque de pâte. 
  6. Ne pas trop manipuler la pâte afin de ne pas faire fondre le beurre.
  7. Couvrir le disque de pâte avec une pellicule de plastique et réfrigérer ensuite pour une heure.
  8. Sortir du réfrigérateur et abaisser la pâte entre 2 feuilles de papier parchemin ou de pellicules de plastique. 
  9. Réfrigérer l'abaisse pendant que vous préparez la garniture de la tarte.
  • 70 g (115 ml ou 1/3 tasse et 2 c. à soupe) de sucre d'érable 
  • 2 c. à soupe (30 ml) de sirop d'érable
  • 30 g (2 c. à soupe ou 30 ml) de beurre non salé
  • 6-7 grosses pommes (j'ai utilisé des pommes Golden Delicious), pelées, épépinées et coupées en quartiers 

  1. Dans une poêle, faire chauffer le sirop d'érable, le beurre et le sucre d'érable. Faire mijoter à feu moyen jusqu'à ce que le caramel devienne bien doré (mais pas trop car il pourrait devenir amer). Ajouter les quartiers de pommes et les enrober avec le caramel.
  2. Transférer les pommes et le caramel à l'érable dans le plat de tarte en pyrex et disposer les quartiers de pommes pour créer un motif de spirale. Laisser refroidir.
  3. Faire chauffer le four à 190 C ou 375 F.
  4. Déposer l'abaisse de pâte sur la garniture et avec vos doigts, glisser l'excédent de pâte entre les pommes et l'intérieur du moule.
  5. Mettre la tarte au four et réduire la température à 180 C ou T6 ou 350 F. Cuire pour environ 45 à 50 minutes, ou jusqu'à ce que la croûte de la tarte soit bien dorée.
  6. Sortir la tarte du four et la laisser tiédir environ 15 minutes. 
  7. Couvrir la tarte avec une assiette ou un plat de service aux dimensions plus grandes que la tarte, puis démouler en renversant la tarte sur l'assiette.
  8. Servir les morceaux de tarte tatin tiède avec de la crème glacée à la vanille ou un filet de crème anglaise.

          Comment on Nays Story Page 45 by LoveIsInTheBlood16        
Yeah sure it was a fucked up thing for Amber to say. But you have to see it from her point of view as well. As far as Amber knows, no one knows she likes Nay that way and that's how she wants it to stay. She's obviously extremely uncomfortable with people knowing. She's really concerned with Nay finding out it seems to be her biggest fear. The mind is so troublesome sometimes. It can stack up problems that are really unnecessary. Make things seem bad when they really aren't. And that's how Amber's mind is taking it. In her head if people find out especially Nay her whole comfortable world she's made for herself will spiral into chaos. So she tries to avoid that by threatening Charlie and boy a threat it is. Threating Charlie with revealing her secrets is a really powerful threat that guarantees her silence. Amber only does this because she doesn't want to get hurt. Self preservation is a natural human thing to do. It's not like Amber wants to hurt Charlie but Charlie put her in a situation where she got really scared. When you back a scared animal into a corner that is usually docile they'll turn and attack you to try and save itself because fear has taken over and it thinks you're gonna hurt it. Same thing applies with Amber here. Personally I get where she's coming from.
          Senate Republicans Alter Health Care Bill To Avoid 'Death Spiral'        
Updated at 5 p.m. ET Senate Republicans have updated their plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, attempting to patch a hole that threatened to destabilize the individual insurance market . The original Senate bill, unveiled last week, required insurance companies to offer coverage to everyone, including people with pre-existing medical conditions. But there was no requirement that individuals purchase insurance. Critics said that created a perverse incentive for healthy people to go without insurance, only buying coverage after they got sick. Without enough healthy customers making regular premium payments, insurance companies would be forced to raise prices, driving more customers away — a situation sometimes described as a "death spiral." The revised bill attempts to solve that problem by imposing a penalty on those who don't maintain continuous insurance coverage: People who let their coverage lapse for at least 63 days in one year would be locked out of the insurance
          How The Senate Health Care Bill Could Disrupt The Insurance Market         
Senate Republicans have little margin for error as they prepare for a vote this coming week on a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act . Some lawmakers are already raising concerns that the bill could aggravate the problem of healthy people going without insurance, driving up costs for everyone else. "If you can get insurance after you get sick, you will," Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., told NBC's Today Show . "And without the individual mandate, that sort of adverse selection, the death spiral, the elevated premiums, all of that that's going on gets worse under this bill." The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, tried to address that problem by requiring all Americans to have health insurance or pay a penalty. But that so-called "individual mandate" is one of the least popular provisions of the law. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and his colleagues are determined to get rid of it. "We agreed on the need to free Americans from Obamacare's mandate so

Ben-Artzi ha relatado cómo muchos otros analistas, no solo de Deutsche Bank, sino de varias entidades con sede en Nueva York, se quejaban del asunto en reuniones privadas o en encuentros «after eight». Todos ellos eran conscientes de que la valoración de riesgo que se hacía llegar a las autoridades no respondía fielmente a la realidad y la mayoría tenían miedo de las consecuencias que podría tener en sus carreras si se descubriese el asunto. La cuestión es que les daba más miedo aún perder el empleo y ser vetado en el sector. “En Wall Street, seguramente también en el resto del mundo, las dos principales motivaciones por las que la gente actúa son la codicia y el miedo”, juzga Ben-Artzi. “Y en mi caso fue el miedo, pero visto desde otro punto de vista. No quería pasar toda mi vida laboral sintiendo miedo, miedo de lo que ocurriría si se descubriese. Es cierto que he pagado un duro precio por ello, pero al menos no vivo con miedo”.

El hecho de que Deutsche Bank, el mayor banco sistémico del mundo, se encuentre en estos momentos al borde de la quiebra, está directamente relacionado con un exempleado de la entidad, Eric Ben-Artzi, un analista de riesgo que trabajaba en Nueva York y que un buen día agarró varias cajas de documentos y se las llevó a la SEC para demostrar que el banco estaba inflando partidas deliberadamente, con el objetivo de lograr una modificación de la valoración de su exposición a productos derivados. Varias semanas antes había expuesto el asunto a sus superiores, pero no hubo reacción alguna en la entidad y, finalmente, se dirigió a las autoridades estadounidenses. Poco después fue despedido y su nombre sigue siendo hoy un tabú en las conversaciones entre el personal de Deutsche Bank.
En Francfort han corrido varios rumores sobre las posibles motivaciones que llevaron a este joven y brillante analista a dar semejante paso. Se ha hablado de un enfrentamiento personal con Robert Rice, uno de los encargados posteriormente de la investigación interna, y se ha hablado también de una oscura relación homosexual y una venganza. Pero a nadie escapa que esos rumores son interesados y contribuyen a desprestigiar al informante y, cuando Ben-Artzi ha sido preguntado por su motivación, ha respondido que “… bueno, yo era analista de riesgo, por lo que sencillamente hice mi trabajo. La pregunta debería ser por qué tantos otros antes que yo y tantos otros después no han hecho”.
Que no fue la codicia lo que hubo tras su denuncia es un hecho probado. La SEC quiso premiarle con una recompensa de 8,25 millones de dólares a repartir junto a Matt Simpson, otro analista que posteriormente también contribuyó con datos a la investigación. El dinero procedía de un fondo del Congreso estadounidense y fue ingresado en su cuenta bancaria después de que las autoridades estadounidenses hubiesen impuesto una primera multa a Deutsche Bank de 55 millones de dólares por sus irregularidades contables, con la que quedaba cerrado el caso.
La reacción del analista fue devolver el dinero y enviar un artículo a Financial Times en el que denunció que las “puertas giratorias” entre la directiva del banco y los organismos reguladores estaban sirviendo para que los ejecutivos del banco quedasen impunes. “En este caso, los mejores abogados de la SEC ocuparon antes puestos de responsabilidad en el banco, un ejemplo del movimiento de cargos entre el organismo y el banco, incluso cuando las investigaciones sobre la malversación de Deutsche Bank estaban en curso”, escribió, al tiempo que aseguraba que un caso civil no serviría para solucionar el caso, sino para traspasar el daño a los accionistas. A fecha de hoy, ante todo el que quiere escucharle, Ben-Artzi sigue pidiendo responsabilidades penales y apunta directamente a Robert Rice, abogado jefe encargado de la investigación al Deutsche Bank en 2011, que se convirtió en alto cargo de la SEC en 2013. También menciona a Robert Khuzami, abogado jefe del banco en EE.UU., que dejó su puesto para encabezar investigaciones en la SEC.
Inmediatamente después de la publicación de su artículo en «Financial Times», las autoridades estadounidenses calcularon de nuevo la sanción y propusieron al banco alemán una multa de 14.000 millones de dólares. Deutsche Bank no ha provisionado en sus cuentas mucho más de 5.000 millones de euros para gastos legales y la diferencia entre las dos cifras generó una espiral de desconfianza en su liquidez, cuando no en su solvencia, que ha tumbado su cotización y ha disparado los rumores sobre la necesidad de un rescate, pero si se habla de responsabilidades penales ni nadie cuestiona las puertas giratorias a las que se refiere el analista.
En su opinión, el auténtico origen de la crisis financiera es la permisividad con la que los directivos de bancos, que se benefician directamente a través de sus bonus del maquillaje de las cuentas y la estrategia, entren y salgan de los reguladores como Pedro por su casa. Y si a eso le sumamos que â€œa alguien se le ocurra hacer su trabajo”, podemos volver a darnos de bruces con otra crisis sistémica en cualquier momento.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Agencia de gobierno
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission WIKIPEDIA

          Houston : Gated, Lakeside Community Features Stunning New Model Home        

The latest luxury model home from Plantation Homes is now open in the community of The Villas at Kings Harbor in Kingwood, TX on the shores of Lake Houston.

The Villas at Kings Harbor is conveniently located on W. Lake Houston Parkway on Lake Houston, and offers upscale townhomes. The gated community is woven with superior urban planning and architectural design principles, creating a rich atmosphere with a true sense of place and enduring character.

In this beautiful setting, Plantation Homes allows buyers to imagine life in this sought-after community through a stunningly constructed model home.

The brand-new model home from Plantation Homes at 1711 Billfish Blvd. Kingwood, TX 77345 makes use of the Evadale floor plan. Consisting of 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths spread over 2,685 square feet, the design offers the options modern homebuyers seek in an attractive layout.

A spiral staircase entices visitors upon entrance and is the focal point for a first floor consisting of a private guest suite with full bath, a flex space perfect for a game room or second living room, and access to a two-car garage. Colorfully rich, vintage looking maple wood floors are featured throughout the first floor.

The maple wood flooring continues on the second floor where common areas such as a kitchen featuring bright white and gray-tones with a modern hexagon backsplash, breakfast area, dining room, and family room are featured. A butler’s pantry and wine storage make the space perfect for entertaining. The model home also showcases the optional balcony and fireplace options in order to give potential buyers a true sense of how glorious the home can be.

The third floor features a master suite bathed in bright, natural light with an oversized closet, soaking tub, and spacious shower. The master suite also features an optional balcony for added luxury. A second guest suite with a full bath and conveniently located utility room completes the third floor.

The model features one of five total floor plans offered, with various elevations and options to suit tastes and styles. All homes are capable of including an elevator to help visitors move between the floors of your new home.? Homes in this perfectly situated Lake Houston community are priced from the $260s.

Tour Our Model Home and Receive Exclusive Offers

Come visit this amazing home to learn more about the life that awaits you in The Villas at Kings Harbor.

Need even more reasons to visit Kings Harbor? Purchase a new home in The Villas at Kings Harbors until May 31 and receive a $5,000 move-in ready package from Plantation Homes that includes a stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator, luxury front-load washing machine, and luxury front-load electric dryer.

Contact Plantation Homes online or call 713-917-4220 to speak to one of our sales counselors today about the community of The Villas at Kings Harbor.

          A simple diet        
I'm pretty lazy when it comes to food prep. Usually because I'm rushing in the door and I'm hungry NOW. And that's why I love eating the way I do, because food prep is unbelievably quick. Sometimes even as quick as peeling a banana or biting into a nectarine.

I do occasionally make more complex foods. But "complex" is a relative term - I have no desire to slave over a stove for half an hour, just to have something to eat. And I don't have the patience for some of the gourmet raw food recipes that require a million ingredients and three days of dehydrator time.

So here's a super quick recipe for raw spaghetti that takes about 5 minutes to prepare. Ingredients are deliberately vague - the great thing about raw recipes is that precise amounts of ingredients are not needed for things to taste delicious. You can adjust ingredients depending on taste and availability.

Enough rambling. Here's a recipe and a crappy phone pic.

Ingredients for pasta:
1 zucchini spiralised
Few squeezes of lemon juice

Ingredients for sauce:
1 tomato
About 1/4 small bell pepper
Small stick of celery
Couple pieces sun dried tomatoes
1 date
A small chilli pepper (optional)
Basil & oregano to taste

Basically, soften the zucchini with the lemon juice (takes only a few minutes, I do this first and allow to soften whilst making the sauce). Blend half of the tomato and the rest of the sauce ingredients until chunky. Dice remaining tomato and mix into sauce. Pour onto zucchini noodles immediately before serving.

This recipe was for one person, since everyone else at my house eats cooked food. And, I recommend having a large serving of fruit as a starter, because this pasta is extremely low in calories. I ate about a kilogram of grapes, an hour before eating this meal.

Super low fat, and super high in nutrients. I don't get pasta cravings anymore, that's for sure!! 

          Houston : Plantation Homes Offers $10,000 in Options for Towne Lake Homes        

Summer just got a little hotter for purchasers of a new Plantation home in the award-winning, waterfront community of Towne Lake. The builder is offering $10,000 in options and upgrades when customers purchase a new home by July 31.

Buyers can peruse available options and decor selections at the Plantation Homes’ design center. There, they can view the hottest trends in home design, such as outdoor kitchens with built-in grills, wet bars in the game room or the addition of a second master suite. New homeowners can choose upgrade granite countertops and hardware, add hardwood floors or design the perfect bedroom retreat, all with the help of a Plantation Homes’ design professional.

“There is more to creating a perfect home than selecting a floor plan, “said James Miller, region president of McGuyer Homebuilder Inc., (MHI), parent company of Plantation Homes. “Buyers want homes that express their interests and fit in with their lifestyles. With Plantation Homes’ flexible home designs and an array of options, the sky is the limit — and $10,000 goes a long way.”

Plantation Homes offers 20 contemporary designs in Towne Lake, a planned community comprising 2,400 acres in Cy-Fair. Homes range in size from 2,384 to 4,271 square feet and feature volume ceilings, island kitchens, spacious great rooms and relaxing master suites. Prices are based price from the $350,000s.

Residents of Towne Lake enjoy an active lifestyle with neighborhoods connected by waterways and scenic coves. A planned Boardwalk will feature waterfront restaurants, office space and recreational outlets with marina parking for residents’ boats. Other amenities include a fitness center, tennis courts, clubhouse, biking and hiking trails and a new, state-of-the-art waterpark featuring a lazy river winding through waterfalls and tunnels, a diving pool and a landing pool for the spiraling water slide.

Towne Lake is located in Northwest Houston off Barker Cypress and U.S. 290, close to major employment centers, shopping, dining and entertainment options. Students attend schools in the award-winning Cy-Fair Independent School District.

          Houston : Plantation Homes Now Selling in Towne Lake’s New Section        

The essence of lake living is within your reach when you purchase a new Plantation home in the scenic, master-planned community of Towne Lake in Cypress. The builder is now selling in a new section of the 2,400-acre property, which is centered on a private, 300-acre, recreational lake.

Inviting, easy-living home designs, inspired by the Hill Country ambiance that imbues this sought-after Cy-Fair community, provide ample living space and endless opportunities for casual entertaining with spacious great rooms flowing into attractive, functional kitchens. A model located at 10403 Mayberry Heights Drive demonstrates both the beauty and functionality of these homes.

With 20 designs ranging in size from 2,384 to 4,271 square feet, beautifully finished exteriors and interiors, formal living and dining rooms, upstairs game rooms adjoining data centers, elegant staircases and indoor balconies and options to create al fresco dining areas with Texas-sized covered patios and outdoor kitchens, buyers are sure to find a home that perfectly expresses their individuality.  Prices start from the $350,000s.

Plantation Homes builds all of its homes to be eco-friendly, exceeding the platinum standards of the Environment for Living Program and ensuring that homes are comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient.

Residents of Towne Lake enjoy an active lifestyle with neighborhoods connected by waterways and scenic coves. A planned boardwalk will feature waterfront restaurants, office space and recreational outlets with marina parking for residents’ boats. Other amenities include a fitness center, tennis courts, clubhouse, biking and hiking trails and a new, state-of-the-art water park. The private park overlooking the lake features a lazy river winding through waterfalls and tunnels, a diving pool and a landing pool for the spiraling water slide.

Towne Lake is located in Northwest Houston off Barker Cypress and U.S. 290, close to major employment centers, shopping, dining and entertainment options. Students attend schools in the outstanding Cy-Fair Independent School District.

          Eccentricks by Charlie Frye - Book        
Eccentricks by Charlie Frye - BookA rich collection of over 70 tricks, gags, and stunts amusingly presented by one of the world’s leading eccentric performers, Charlie Frye. Colorfully illustrated; humorously taught.

Balancing stunts, sleight of hand miracles, hilarious gags, and eccentric approaches to everything from manipulation to mentalism.

Whether you’re looking for five minutes, or five seconds, the offbeat material presented herein is guaranteed to tickle the fancy of all those blessed with a fancy. Highly visual; thoroughly entertaining, this book is a treasure trove of extraordinary material.

When the best in the business are looking for ideas, they turn to Charlie Frye.

Pages 57 - Spiral bound

Buy Now
          Tanaman-tanaman Pemangsa        
Darisemua tanaman aneh di dunia, banyak tanaman yang butuh daging..sepertidaging serangga, dan mereka adalah tumbuhan karnivora .Semua tanamankarnivora dapat ditemukan di daerah dimana tanah memiliki nutrisisangat sedikit. Tanaman menarik ini dikategorikan sebagai karnivorakarena mereka membuat perangkap serangga dan arthropoda, menghasilkancairan pencernaan, melarutkan mangsa , dan sebagian besar, nutrisimereka dari proses ini. Buku pertama tanaman ini ditulis oleh CharlesDarwin, pada tahun 1875, “Insectivorous Plants”.

Setelah penemuan dan penelitian lebih lanjut, diyakini bahwa sifat pemakandaging berevolusi pada enam kesempatan terpisah, dari lima perintahyang berbeda dari tanaman berbunga.sekarang ditemukan lebih dari 630spesies yang berbeda tanaman berbunga.

Ada lima mekanisme dasar tentang jebakan yang digunakan dan ditemukan disemua tanaman: seperti perangkap Fly Kertas, perangkap pukulan,perangkap kantong dan jebakan pot Lobster. Saya ingin menunjukkanbeberapa tanaman, menggunakan mekanisme masing-masing, sehingga Andajuga dapat melihat perbedaan antara genera yang berbeda.

10. Sarracenia

Sarracenia, atau tanaman Pitcher, adalah Genus tanaman karnivoradi pesisir timur, Texas, danau besar dan Kanada timur selatan, dengansebagian besar spesies yang hanya ditemukan di negara bagian tenggara.Itujuga merupakan tanaman pertama dengan perangkap yang akan kita bahas.daun tanaman telah berevolusi menjadi corong, dengan tudung sepertistruktur berkembang selama pembukaan untuk mencegah air hujan darimenipiskan cairan pencernaan.Seranggatertarik oleh warna, bau dan sekresi nektar seperti di bibirteko.permukaan licin, dibantu dalam setidaknya satu spesies, denganobat hantaman nektar, menyebabkan serangga jatuh ke dalam dan merekaakan mati dan dicerna oleh protease dan enzim lainnya

Nepenthes, tanaman pitcher tropis atau Tumbuhan cangkir monyet,yang lain genus tanaman karnivora dengan perangkap . Ada sekitar 130spesies yang tersebar luas, dan dapat ditemukan di Cina, Malaysia,Indonesia, Filipina, Madagaskar, Seychelles, Australia, India,Kalimantan dan Sumatera. julukan "cangkir monyet" julukan berasal darifakta bahwa monyet sering minum air hujan mirip dengan tumbhan ini.Sebagianbesar spesies Nepenthes adalah tanaman merambat tinggi (10-15m), dengansistem akar dangkal. Dari batang Anda akan sering melihat pedangseperti daun berkembang, dengan sulur yang (sering digunakan untukmemanjat) menonjol dari ujung daun.Padaakhir sulur tersebut, pitcher bentuk pertama sebagai bola kecil, yangkemudian mengembang dan bentuk cangkir. perangkap berisi cairan, yangdihasilkan oleh tanaman, yang mungkin ORS encer manis dan digunakanuntuk menenggelamkan dan mencerna serangga. Bagian bawah dari cawan itumengandung kelenjar yang menyerap dan mendistribusikan nutrisi.Kebanyakan tanaman ini kecil dan cenderung menjadi perangkap seranggasaja, tetapi beberapa spesies yang lebih besar, seperti NepenthesRafflesiana dan Nepenthes Rajah, telah didokumentasikan untuk menangkapmamalia kecil seperti tikus. 

8. Genlisea
Genlisea, lebih dikenal sebagai tanaman pembuka botol,terdiri dari 21 spesies dan umumnya tumbuh di darat basah untuklingkungan perairan semi, dan tersebar di seluruh Afrika, tengah danAmerika Selatan.Genliseaadalah tumbuhan kecil dengan bunga kuning yang memanfaatkan perangkaplobster (Perangkap yang mudah untuk masuk tetapi tidak mungkin untukkeluar, seperti dengan menggunakan rambut kecil tumbuh menuju pintumasuk atau dalam kasus ini, yang pernah maju mendorong spiral).Tanamanini memiliki dua jenis daun - daun fotosintesis di atas tanah, dan daunbawah tanah khusus untuk menarik, menjebak dan mencerna organismemenit, seperti protozoa.daun bawah tanah ini juga melakukan tugas akar,seperti menyerap air dan pelabuhan, sebagai tanaman tidak memilikiapapun.Daunbawah tanah ini bentuk tabung berongga di bawah tanah, tabung inimemiliki bentuk pembuka botol mendorong maju, dan dengan bantuan aliranair konstan, mikroba kecil bisa membuat jalan mereka ke dalam tabung,tetapi tidak dapat menemukan jalan keluar lagi. Ketika mereka mencapaibagian di dalam tabung, mereka akan dicerna dan diserap. 

7. Darlingtonia Californica
Darlingtonia californica, juga disebut Bunga California atau Lilly Cobra,adalah anggota tunggal dari genus darlingtonia, dan asli NorthernCalifornia dan Oregon.Mereka tumbuh di rawa dan merembes dengan airdingin dan, karena jarang di dataran, tumbuhan ini dianggap biasa.Daundari Lily Cobra yang bulat dan membentuk rongga kosong, dengan bukaanyang terletak di bawah balon, bengkak seperti struktur dan dua menunjukdaun tergantung dari ujung seperti taring.Tidakseperti tanaman pitcher besar, Lilly Cobra tidak menggunakan perangkapjebak, melainkan perangkap lobster pot. Begitu di dalam, serangga yangbingung dengan lampu besar Speckles diizinkan untuk bersinar melaluitanaman.Ketikamereka mendarat di sana, ada ribuan bulu-bulu halus lebat yang tumbuhke dalam, mereka dapat mengikuti rambut yang lebih dalam terhadap organpencernaan, tetapi mereka tidak bisa berbalik atau bergerak ke belakanguntuk melarikan diri. 

6. Utricularia
Utricularia, atau dikenal sebagai bladderworts, adalah genus tanaman karnivorayang terdiri dari sekitar 220 spesies. Mereka tumbuh di air tawar dantanah basah sebagai spesies darat maupun di perairan, di setiap benuakecuali Antartika.Merekaadalah satu-satunya tanaman karnivora yang menggunakan perangkapkandung kemih. Sebagian besar spesies memiliki perangkap yang sangatkecil, di mana mereka dapat menangkap mangsa dalam sekejap, sepertiprotozoa. Perangkap dapat berkisar dari 0.2mm - 1.2cm, dengan perangkapyang lebih besar, menjebak mangsa yang lebih besar seperti kutu air danbahkan berudu kecil.Perangkapmemicu rambut kecil melekat pada pintu jebakan. Kandung kemih, ketikaset, berada di bawah tekanan negatif dalam hubungan ke daerahsekitarnya. Saat rambut pemicu jatuh, pintu perangkap terbuka,menghisap serangga dan air di sekitarnya, dan menutup pintu lagi, semuadalam hitungan 10 ribuan per detik. 

5. Pinguicula

Pinguicula, atau butterworts
,adalah sekelompok tanaman karnivora yang menggunakan zat lengket,kelenjar daun untuk memikat, menjebak dan mencerna serangga. Nutrisidari serangga melengkapi kandungan mineral dari tanah yang miskin .Adasekitar 80 spesies yang dapat ditemukan di seluruh Amerika Utara danSelatan, Eropa dan Asia.Daun-daunbutterwort adalah indah dan biasanya berwarna hijau derah atau merahmuda . Ada dua jenis khusus dari sel-sel ditemukan di sisi atas daunbutterwort. Salah satunya dikenal sebagai kelenjar penduncular, danterdiri dari sel-sel sekretori di atas sel batang tunggal. Sel-sel inimenghasilkan sekresi mucilaginous yang membentuk tetesan terlihat dipermukaan daun, dan bertindak seperti flypaper effect. Sel-sel lainnyadisebut kelenjar sesil. Mereka terhampar di permukaan daun danmenghasilkan enzim seperti amilase, esterase dan protease, yangmembantu dalam proses mencerna. 

4. Drosera
Drosera, umumnya dikenal sebagai sundews, terdiri dari salah satu genus tanaman karnivora terbesar,dengan sedikitnya 194 spesies. dapat ditemukan secara luas tersebar disetiap benua kecuali Antartika. Sundews, (tergantung pada spesies)dapat berbentuk mawar bersujud atau tegak, mulai dari 1 cm sampai 1mtinggi, dan dapat hidup sampai 50 tahun.Sundewsdicirikan oleh kelenjar tentakel bergerak, diatapi dengan cairanlengket manis. Ketika serangga tanah lengket pada tentakelnya , tanamanini dapat menggerakkan tentakel lebih ke arah serangga untuk menjebaklebih lanjut. Setelah terperangkap, kelenjar sesil kecil akan mencernaserangga dan menyerap nutrisi yang dihasilkan, yang kemudian dapatdigunakan untuk membantu pertumbuhan. 

3. Byblis
Byblis, atau tanaman pelangi,adalah genus kecil asli tanaman karnivora Australia. Nama tanamanpelangi berasal dari tampilan yang menarik daun lendir mereka ditutupidi bawah sinar matahari. Meskipun tanaman ini terlihat mirip denganDrosera dan Drosophllum, mereka tidak terkait pada kesamaan spesies dandapat dibedakan dengan bunga zygomorphic dengan lima benang sarimelengkung.Daun memiliki penampang bulat, dan mereka cenderung sangat memanjang dan meruncing di ujungnya.Permukaan daun benar-benar tertutup rambut kelenjar yang melepaskan zat mucilaginous lengket, yang pada gilirannya menjadi perangkap serangga kecil pada daun atau tentakel sebagai perangkap flypaper effect pasif. 

2. Aldrovanda vesiculosa
Aldrovanda vesiculosa, juga dikenal sebagai tanaman kincir air,adalah tanaman menarik tanpa akar, karnivora, dan juga tanaman air.biasanya memakan vertebrata kecil, menggunakan mekanisme yang disebutperangkap perangkap snap.Tanamanini terutama terdiri dari batang mengambang bebas, mencapai 6 - 11cmpanjangnya. Daun perangkap tumbuh sepanjang 2-3mm tumbuh dari 5-9,berturut-turut sepanjang batang dekat pusat tanaman. Perangkap melekatpada petioles, yang berisi udara, dan membantu dalam pengapungan.Inimerupakan tanaman berkembang sangat cepat dan bisa mencapai 4-9mm perhari, dalam beberapa hal bahkan menghasilkan ulir baru setiap hari.Sebagai tanaman tumbuh dari satu ujung, ujung lainnya akan terusmati.Perangkap pada dasarnya terdiri dari dua lobus yang sama untukmembuat perangkap menutup.Bukaandari perangkap keluar titik, dan tercakup dalam lapisan yang memicurambut, yang akan menyebabkan trap untuk bertepuk menutup saat setiapmangsa yang datang terlalu dekat. kecepatan perangkap menutup adalah 10mili/detik, membuatnya menjadi salah satu contoh gerakan tercepattanaman dalam kerajaan hewan.

1. Dionaea Muscipula
DionaeaMuscipula, lebih dikenal sebagai penangkap lalat Venus, mungkin adalahtanaman karnivora paling terkenal dan ia makan terutama pada seranggadan arakhnida. Penangkap lalat Venus merupakan tanaman kecil yang memiliki 4-7 daun yang tumbuh dari batang bawah tanah pendek.Helaidaun yang dibagi menjadi dua : tangkai daun berbentuk hati yang pipihdan sepasang lobus terminal berengsel di pelepah, membentuk perangkapyang sebenarnya adalah daun sejati.Permukaan bagian dalam dari lobusini mengandung pigmen merah dan ujung-ujungnya mengeluarkan lendir.Inimenunjukkan lobus tanaman gerak cepat dengan meletakkan menutup ketikarambut sensorik khusus dirangsang. Tanaman ini begitu maju sehinggadapat membedakan antara stimulus hidup dan stimulus yang tidak hidup.Lobusmenutup dalam waktu sekitar 0,1/detik. mereka dibatasi oleh tonjolanseperti duri kaku atau silia, yang menutup bersama dan mencegah mangsabesar dari melarikan diri. Setelah mangsa tidak dapat melarikan diridan permukaan bagian dalam lobus terus dirangsang, tepi lobus tumbuhatau mencengkeram bersama, menyegel perangkap dan menciptakan sebuah"perut" tertutup di mana pencernaan dan penyerapan dapat terjadi


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          Vol State 2012        
All packed up!

All my junk unpacked!
After only making it 130 miles last year, I have spent the past year waiting for July to come back around. 2012 was going to be my redemption year (although two of my races thus far this year have been slower and I did not get to participate in the book set out). So far- I was not redeeming anything, but I was still looking forward to trying Vol State again. I felt like I learned a lot from last year and Strolling Jim this year taught me more patience and not to quit. I was looking at Vol State like going to the dentist with a toothache.  I hated to go, but knew it would be worth it when I finished. I did not get to train like I had envisioned earlier in the year due to a death in the family and then beginning a new race directing venture. I wanted to try to get my   feet toughened up more. Alas, I had about three weeks before the start where I got some good mileage in going back and forth to work. I live 12.5 miles from work.  On Monday and Wednesday mornings, I would jog into work and on Tuesday afternoons (my early day), I would walk home- working on my walking pace in the heat of the day. My plan was to try to jog in the morning and evenings as much as possible when the temps were cooler and then keep a good walking pace during the heat of the day. The last week of work I also would stand all day instead of sitting on a stool to try to get myself use to being up all day on my feet.  (don't know if any of that truly helped, so...)
  I felt like I packed well last year, but I did decide to add a fanny pack to make getting to my wallet, phone, etc easier throughout the day.  I was glad I did.  I'm sure I packed more than many others, but I had reasons for everything I took.  I made a list of everything and had it in three columns. 
  In my Go-lite pack:  2-24oz insulated water bottles, shampoo, 10 q-tips, caress soap, deodorant, razor, Glide, Neosporin, scissors, umbrella, sunblock, phone charger, ipod cord for charger, xtra shirt and shorts, 3 pairs socks, 2 pairs underwear, 5-band aids, maps, flashlight, Advair inhaler, toothbrush/paste, waterproof bags for everything to slide into in pack, garbage bag, devotionals for each day, and Dad (actually a tupperwear container with his ashes). 
  Waist pack had: pepper spray, chapstick, credit/debit cards, medical card, driver's license, roll of quarters, cell phone, ipod/earphones, cash, emergency inhaler, and ziplock bags (for phone with rain & tp (used & unused)). 
  Then I wore or had on my pack: hat, sunglasses, shirt, jog bra, shorts, underwear, socks, shoes, 2 buffs, bandanna, watch, and pic of Angela Ivory (all runners had laminated pic of her) and I had my dad on other side.
  My husband was going to drop me off at the ferry and return to pick me up if/when I finished.  He also offered to come crew or just bring dry shoes if I felt like I needed him to finish the race (I didn't). 
Day 1: I woke up and started to get dressed. The first snafu. Somehow, I had forgotten to pack my jog bra. (I later found it in my duffel bag that I had packed for him to bring at the finish line.) Thankfully, there was a Wal-Mart near and we were able to find one and get back in time for some breakfast before heading to the ferry.  I was a little disappointed about the ferry not running because I wanted my husband to get to ride across the river. He didn't seem to be bothered by it though. He did buy me a ferry shirt. While he was paying, the race started. I took off because I didn't want to get lost through Hickman. I knew he would be at the top of the hill and I figured I'd say goodbye to him then. Well, I got to the top of the hill and he was there, with Carl and laz. I wasn't sure if giving him a hug would be considered crewed or not. So I didn't get to really say bye to him, but I thought he might be at the Subway in Union City. So I kept going. The highlight from Hickman to Union City was Stu Gleman sitting on his vehicle playing his guitar.  
  I didn't really see anyone and I got a little turned around in Union City looking for the Subway, but when I got inside, Sulaiman, Richard, and Thomas were there.  Paul, John, Psyche, Mike, Sherry, and I believe a few others came in/out.  I headed on down the road and caught up with Fred Davis and we covered several miles chatting about religions.  The sky was overcast and kept the sun at bay for the most part.
  I was feeling pretty good.  I leapfrogged with Richard and Erika's crew, Adam, before reaching Martin.  I stopped at Pizza Hut in Martin and saw Mike Melton.  Heading into downtown Martin, I caught up with Dusty and John Price.  Dusty got a chuckle when she found out I was jog/walking telephone pole to telephone pole.  Traveled with Dusty for awhile, catching up with Psyche.  I stopped at a store for some juice.  Headed into Dresden feeling pretty good.  I had made it earlier in the evening than I did last year.  I stopped st Subway for carryout and then DG Store for a Sunny D for in the morning before heading to my hotel.  I let Dusty know which room we were in, since we decided to share.  I hurried and tried to get my shower and clothes washed before she arrived so she could have the bathroom.
  It was a good day.  40.5 miles completed with only a slight heel blister that I didn't take care of immediately and let get too big.
 Day 2:  Dusty had left earlier, so I headed out alone.  I saw 3 raccoons as I was walking back to the course from the hotel.  Later down the road I saw a deer in a field as I headed to Gleason.  I called my mom and let her know I was okay.  There were a few sprinkles of rain, but not too much.  I actually love running in the rain, so it lifted my spirit.  I made it into Gleason and headed for some breakfast.  I chatted with a few of the locals and the waitresses.  Went through McKenzie and headed into Huntingdon where I caught and passed Fred.  I stopped at Huntingdon at Mallard's for lunch and was joined by Fred.  (Last year I had stopped in Huntingdon on the second day.  So I was still doing better than last year.)  I had to take cover at a church on my way out of Huntingdon due to a storm rolling through.  I made it into Parkers Crossroad and stopped at Subway before heading to the hotel.  I stopped at the first hotel and thought I was going to have to go across the expressway because he didn't have any non-smoking rooms.  When he went to call the other hotel, the phone rang, and he had a cancellation!  Praise the Lord!  I ended up in a room with three beds- all the pillows I could want!  I did not sleep very well though.
  I completed 41.5 miles for a total of 82.
Day 3:  My original goal was to head to Linden, but I knew I could stop in Parsons for Plan B if I needed too.  Turns out I would have to go to Plan B.  With the limited sleep and the pouring rains, I was moving at a snail's pace.  I stopped In Lexington and had to run to the bathroom before a dirty accident happened, all the while a nice gentleman is trying to buy me a drink.  I felt so bad that I had to run to the bathroom and not get to properly thank him (but its a good thing- would have not been a pretty sight!)  My stomach had begun to misbehave and I had the runs but not in a good way.  The clouds began to move in again and I stopped in DG Store and bought a pair of flip flops.  I figured my best bet at combating blisters was to keep my feet and shoes as dry as possible.  The rain was coming down as I exited the store and I sat under a bank drive thru changing into my new race accessories.  I was a little worried that my feet would slip in them and I'd risk twisting my ankle.  A needless worry.  I was much slower walking in flip flops but it was better than trashing my feet, or worse yet, waiting for the rain to pass and losing precious time.
  Naresh came upon me in my new shoes and snapped a pic.  I did not talk long because he had Abi in the car and she was not feeling well and had dropped.  The rain eased up and I changed back into my shoes.  Of course, it came back and I thought I might try to just tie my grocery bags (I had kept the store bags just in case) around my ankles with my feet down in them.  It worked well for awhile.  Until I got a hole in it, then I had water just sloshing around soaking my shoes.  I was mad at myself for being so dumb.  I took them off and trudged on.  Not caring how wet my feet became.  The long stretch from Lexington to Parsons was spent watching one storm after another roll in on me.  I eventually reached the store that we reached last year- but was closed.  It was open and I headed in to dry off and get a bite to eat.  I had a corn dog because I was nervous about my stomach and it was all I could really get down.  I bought a newspaper and stuffed my shoes while I ate.  When I went to tear the paper up, I came across the article that laz had wrote about the race.  I tore it out and put it in my ziplock bag for a keepsake. 
  I eventually had to leave because the a/c was freezing me.  I changed out the newspaper and stuffed my shoes in a bag and headed back out in the rain in my flops.  Trudging along with a chill.  This was Vol State- you weren't supposed to be cold!  My feet began to hurt and I was worried I may be causing a stress fracture, I took refuge under a bridge to change my shoes.  It was nice to get out of the relentless pounding of the rain.  It slowed down enough for me to come back out and I headed into Parsons with off and on sprinkles.  I tried to call the motel that was past the town center (the same one we tried to reach last year), and I kept getting a busy signal.  So I asked my husband if he would try to get hold of them.  If I could get to that motel, I'd be a little farther than I was last year on the third day. 
  By the time I reached Subway, he had me a reservation.  I was thrilled but I still had to go four miles to get there.  I tied my Subway bag to my pack and headed out.  I was able to jog some.  Well, as much as possible on a two lane road with no shoulder, plenty of cars, and rain.  I was glad when I crested the hill and so the motel sign.  When I went to check in, they told me my mom had called.  I was a little confused, but I figured Pat might have recruited her help too.  When the lady read off the phone number, I did not recognize it.  Come to find out, they almost gave me Erika's room.  : )  I almost asked them if I could dry my socks, but I felt bad about asking and headed to my room.  This is when I learned of snafu number two.  I had left my cell phone charger at the last hotel (and its only the third day).  I had a small meltdown, but since there was no cell service anyway- the owners had already told my husband we could use the phone as much as possible.  I had a solar charger that I bought for the race ( a nice cheap one from Wal Mart) and once I figured out how to work it- I charged my phone some.  I tried to make Naresh feel bad enough to bring me a charger, but he wasn't budging.  He wanted me to stay self supported for as long as I could.  Thanks Naresh!
  I was getting ready to go to sleep when I heard, "Adam."  I jumped up and tried to poke my head out but the dumb door would not open.  It took me a couple of minutes of tugging and yanking, but finally I was able to go outside.  Adam was sitting outside, chuckling at whoever (me) trying to open the door.  When I stepped out, over Adam's shoulder was this huge, vibrant rainbow.  It was awesome.  I chatted with him and Erika before heading to bed.  It was a bad night.  I needed the air on to try to dry my clothes, but I freezing.  My teeth were chattering and I hated to crawl out of bed the next morning.
Only 29 miles- 111 total miles, one lost charger, and one vibrant rainbow.
Day 4:  I wish I would've asked about the dryer.  You could just feel the dampness in the air.  None of my clothes dried.  I picked out the driest socks to wear and then used the blow dryer to work on my shorts and shirt; burning a hole in the back of my shirt in the process.  I actually managed to get out of the room before sunup though.  My goal was Hohenwald today. 
  I reached Linden, and after chatting with a cop about the race, I headed into the Commodore Inn as Naresh pulled up.  They let me use their dryer for my socks.  I went back outside to chat with Naresh as my socks dried.  Laz and Carl pulled up as I was trying to cut the burned part of my shirt off (it was sticking me)- surgery on my shirt as laz called it.  We headed inside for breakfast where Jan and Fred were.  I ordered oatmeal- but it was not (I think it was cream of wheat or some such crap).  I forced myself a few bites as I watched Abi try to bandage Jan's back and shoulders from her pack rubbing her raw.  I finished and went up and got my socks, which were better but still slightly damp, and headed on down the road.  I planned to stop at the store where I had missed the turn last year.  Once I passed the store, I would be on unfamiliar ground.  Mom and I rode the course tour from Shelbyville to the start last year, but that was over a year ago.  I hoped I would be okay.
  When I reached the last store out of town, it was closed for church.  I could either wait 45 minutes or go on.  I filled up my bottles from the side faucet outside and called my husband.  Naresh, laz, and Carl pulled up to check on me.  Laz said that was all he ever saw me do- sit on my butt (that is what I am good at though).  Just as I was getting ready to leave, the owner returned, early, and opened up.  I got a Gatorade and a payday.  It was a 15 mile stretch with nothing to Hohenwald.  Jan eventually caught up to me as I was lying in the shade.  We traveled together for awhile before I had to step off to tinkle. 
  I made it into Hohenwald and the second store I stopped at had a phone charger.  Score!  Then I came upon a laundromat.  I stopped to get all of my socks dried.  Things were looking good.  Jan and Dusty were coming out of a Mexican place as I came through town and we headed to the hotel together.  I felt bad about not offering to room with Jan (Dusty already had her room) but I knew how restless I was trying to sleep and how I liked to use all of the pillows.  I just didn't want to cause her (or anyone to have a bad night's sleep- I was doing it enough to myself).  I got in my room and ordered a pizza. 
  I called Pat while I was eating and on the second piece I stopped eating.  My chest felt all flutter and I just felt bad.  It just hit me all at once and the chest part was a little disconcerting.  We discussed it and I figured after sleeping, I would feel better.  Unfortunately, the ac would not stay running.  I would wake up sweating, turn the air back on, fall asleep, then wake up sweating, turn the air on, etc.  The cycle went all night and I did not get a good night rest- if that is even possible at vol state. 
33 miles- 144 total
Day 5:  Monday Morning Meltdown  The next morning, the chest was still fluttering.  I used my inhaler and called my husband.  I was a little nervous about leaving the room.  All kinds of thoughts were running through my head.  I didn't want to be on the side of the road and having some kind of heart attack or something.  Plus, this was the day I was to head to Columbia.  Everyone always warns about going into Columbia at night and I was already loosing time by waffling on my decision on what to do.  Plus, there was no Plan B- no hotels between Hohenwald and Columbia.  Finally, I got it together and told him I would try.  I would just take it easy and not stress myself out.  No running, keep a walking speed without getting out of breath.  That was my plan as I headed to Wal Mart.  I stopped there to get a few more pairs of socks (I know like, 4 pairs wasn't enough) and a new watch.  Mine was suppose to be good for 100 meters, but apparently I went deeper than that the day before and I left it at the Pine Tree Inn all fogged up and not working.  Incidentally, my camera on my phone had quit working too.  The rain, heat, humidity was wiping everything, including me out.
  It was a beautiful morning as I set out and I tried to be positive.  I had a hard time when I called Carl to check in.  Tried hard not to be too blubbery- Tom Hanks knows nothing but there is crying in vol state.  It was a 17 mile stretch to Hampshire but Carl had said there was a campground I could get water. 
  Heading out of Howenwald, I heard my phone chime and checked it.  It was the morning's update.  I stopped and sat down on a bridge and read the update that I felt that was just for me: 
vol staters may be consistent with their performance,
but their emotional state is a different matter.
part of running the vol-state, at least successfully,
is surviving the crushing emotional and physical lows that accompany the effort.
sitting at home (or even putting in endless miles up and down the route in a car)
it is easy to say that every low will pass,
that highs
(such as one can feel a "high" after a couple of hundred miles, with over a hundred remaining)
will be in the future.
at the time when it is only with the greatest effort one can trudge along at 30 minutes a mile,
it seems like this is the state that will last forever.
that, if anything, it will get even worse.
the ever-present pain seems to crescendo,
until it's cacaphonous screaming wracks your body and fills your head.
the mind can only calculate the endlessly depressing slow progress,
which will never get you to the finish.
the downward spiral disappears into the mists below you.
the freefall can only end when you crash to earth in a total collapse.

to succeed at the volstate
you must preserve a spark of hope deep inside.
you must persevere thru any depression.
it will not always be that way.
there are still times in the future when you will move strongly,
and you will feel invincible,
as if you could go on forever.
and somewhere out there in the future is the rock.
the reward for never losing sight of your goal.
the incredible power of that moment,
when you step on, touch, or kiss the rock,
and all the pressure ends cannot be described.
it can only be felt.
and the memory of that moment will last a lifetime,
with a power that could not be, if it were not for the hopeless, horrible lows.
so easy to understand on the sofa,
so hard to believe on the road.
what comes down must go up.
  Carl was correct about the campground.  I was also able to get the best buttered toast.  The owners were cleaning up after their bed & breakfast guests had left and offered to fix me food, but toast was the only thing I felt I could get down.  They were very sweet and I headed out feeling much better about the day.  I was feeling really good when I finally reached Hampshire.  It was lunchtime and I ordered a fried bologna sandwich.  I was able to charge my phone and chat with the locals.  They told me about Juli staying at their Men's club and one of the guys offered to rent his apartment to any of us for the night.  They were really sweet and I hated to leave, but I knew I needed to get out of there.  Columbia and darkness was preying on my mind.  I filled my buff with ice and wore it on my head to keep my cool.  As it dripped dried, I laid my buff on one shoulder and I eventually lost it somehow.  (I loved that buff- my LLTH's buff.)  Carl, laz, and Mike pulled up and I chatted briefly with them, but I knew I needed to get going.  Especially since I knew I'd have to rest in the shade as the day was getting warmer- which I did several times.  I think I scared a poor farmer that came upon me while he was mowing his field and I was stretched out with my feet on a fallen log.
     I finally reached the edge of town and kept plowing ahead.  It was only about 5 or 6 in the evening, so I felt okay.  I went through the town square (which is apparently the less desirable part of town), I was a little nervous, but I kept plowing ahead.  I finally saw the hotel ahead and breathed a sigh of relief, especially since the clouds were rolling in again.  After I got checked in, I went back out to the steak house in front and ordered me a steak, mashed potatoes, and grilled veggies.  Steak sounded so good and I figured I'd have time to digest it before heading back out.  I ran my bath water and grabbed the suitcase stand for a tv table.  Nothing better than soaking in the tub while eating a steak dinner.  I was getting food in me and was becoming human again.
35 miles- 179 total went from a morning low to an evening high
Day 6:  I still was having the fluttering feeling, but not too much.  I headed out with the hopes of getting to Shelbyville, but I had Lewisburg as Plan B.  I knew Dusty was several hours ahead of me.  We would text about where we were each day.  She was so diligent about getting up early every morning and starting early.  I wish I could do that.  I couldn't make myself get in bed because I didn't want to get up the next day to face the truth.  It was great to know I was close to someone.  I also chatted with Diane on the phone a couple of times a day to see how she was faring and let her know where I was.  I knew that if she caught up to me- I would finish, but if she passed me, it was going to be like Ray K at the Backyard.  She was my grim reaper always nipping at my heels.  (I adore these two for their encouragement throughout the race!) 
  I reached the Bench of Despair and had the best biscuits and gravy I have had in a very long time.  Since my camera was kaput, the lady offered to take a pic of me on the bench and text it to me.  I thought that was so sweet of her to do. 
  Culleoka, past I-65 interchange to Lewisburg was kind of a blur.  Just suffering, tired, and hot.  I kept stopping probably every half hour.  I stopped on a bridge and laid down right beside the road on the bridge because it was the only shade available.  I sat on guardrails in the shade.  I finally reached Lewisburg.  There was two convenience stores- one ahead on my side and one across the road.  I looked ahead and was trying to see if it was open instead of having to cross the road.  I was dying for something cold to drink.  I saw a truck pull in, so I opted to keep going.  I reached the store- it was closed for remodeling.  Skunked again!  I decided to keep going.  Figured there had to be others.  There wasn't.  I came upon a gentleman sitting on his front porch and asked him how much farther to the restaurants and he acted like they were wayyyyy up there.  So I decided to go over to the Family Dollar Store that sat back off of the road on the other side.  I needed something cold and I was almost out of water.  It helped some,and I headed back out. This was becoming a bad day as I reached the intersection I looked at my choices.  Huddle House was on the course but did not sound good.  Pizza Hut was about 1/4 mile off the course, but I figured I could stomach a cheese personal pan pizza.  I took off my shoes and socks and swapped out for my flip flops.  My feet were so happy as I sat there chatting with a family and waiting for my food.
  I was at Lewisburg and I was fairly early.  I did not want to go on to Shelbyville- it was still 21 miles to go, but it was too early to call it a day.  So I headed back out.  I stopped at a store and had a hard time explaining that I wanted ice.  "You know frozen water" I tried to explain.  Our sheet said that there were various stores between miles 210-220- so I decided to keep going.  I was really starting to drag even more.  Called to whine to my husband a couple of times.  A friend of mine that lives outside of Shelbyville wanted to pick me up and take me home for dinner.  I had to explain to her that I couldn't do that because it would make me crewed.  Not sure she understood my text, so I had my husband call her to explain -not sure if he did.  I passed a store that was closed and I was broken.  There was a family out in the yard and the wife asked if I needed anything and I begged of some water.  They gave me some ice too.  They were great.  They also let me know the next store was closed too, but thought I could make the one after that.  I thanked them and headed on my way.  This is when the highlight of my otherwise really, rotten, hard, suffering, day was.  I was crossing a bridge and saw the water rippling under the bridge.  I figured it might be a turtle, then I thought it was a deer as I saw brown fur.  Then it came into view- a bobcat.  I watched him looking side to side in the water as he waded through it.  He came out on the rocks and then stepped into the deeper side of the creek and swam across to the other side.  He got out and shimmied the water off and then squatted for a poo (or pee).  That was when I realized how alone I really was and decided to get the heck out of there.  Especially since he was already looking for dinner it seems.  I did make it to the store 25 minutes before they closed and was able to get a hamburger to eat and charge up my phone.  I was late a few minutes checking in because my phone was dead.  (I was really bummed about my camera because I had such a great vantage of the bobcat, but my phone was dead anyways- but it just added to the discouragement of the day.)  I had about 9 miles to go and it was 8:00pm.  I probably did the most running of the race trying to get to Shelbyville.  I just had my cheap little flashlight that I only used when a car came so I could see the white line to make sure I didn't go off the road and fall in a ditch.  I was worried the dumb light might die and I am the biggest chicken at night (seeing the bobcat did not help).  There is a reason I call myself a candy arse!  I finally saw the city limit sign, stopped at a store for a drink, and then headed to the hotel.  When I reached the Magnolia hotel, which was on the course, I took a couple of steps toward it but could not make myself go in.  I wanted a good night sleep with good AC and it did not look like that would happen.  So I sat down and used my phone to find the next nearest hotel.  There was an America's Best Inn about a 1/2 mile off course.  After calling to make sure someone was there to get me checked in (didn't want to be like Psyche- get to a hotel and not be able to get checked in), and that they did have non smoking rooms left, I headed off course. 
  This was my roughest day.  I would go 100 feet start tearing up, get mad at myself for being soft.  Go 100 feet, tear up, get mad.  It was ridiculous.  I also thought about my dad and if he was alive he would be calling me on my cell and be like, "You're doing what?!" and then proceed to tell me about his problems.  lol  As the darkness fell, I let fear take hold even though I know the spirit of fear is not from the Lord- just repeating it to myself kept me sane but I also argued with God that if it wasn't from Him, then He better get them fear spirits away from me!  It was more panic than fear.  That and I just could not see and I just wanted to get done and in a hotel room.
  I reached the hotel.  Praise the Lord!  My longest day and the longest mileage I have ever went.  44 miles in 17.5 hours (no wonder I have 3 50 miler DNF's!).  Total mileage: 223.  (I did not set my alarm for the next morning.)
Day 7:  When I finally woke up and got moving,  I backtracked to the course, but then missed my turn.  When I reached the Magnolia I knew I had messed up.  Re checked my maps and realized I passed my turn when I crossed the street and was trying not to get hit in the morning traffic and completely missed the street sign that I was watching for.  Once back on course, I headed thru town and came across a coffee shop and was able to have some real oatmeal (finally).  I tried to shove as much as I could down before heading toward Wartrace. 
  I reached the convenience store at Wartrace and went in to have lunch- as many others were.  I sat down and traded out my shoes/socks for my flip flops while I waited for the line to go down.  I also plugged in my phone (always worried about my phone dying).  There were three tables in there and by the time I got my food and sat to eat, they were filling up.  The couple that sat with me use to live in New Albany, IN (which is about 25 minutes from where I live now).  He also helps out with the SJ40 every year.  One of the best parts of VS is chatting with the locals.  Makes me homesick, especially now because I live in a small town that is similar to all the ones we trek through.  Loved it!  I finally got moving down the road but before I could get out of town, the heavens opened up.  I decided to just keep going.  I knew today was a fairly short day, so I figured I could get to the hotel and get my shoes dried back out.  Leaving Wartrace, Mike Melton drove up and I chatted with him for a few minutes before he headed off to pick up Jan.  I was very lucky Mike came up because he told me the turn was just up ahead.  When I reached "the turn" I still wasn't sure Mike knew what he was talking about.  I pulled out my turn sheet, re read my maps, and then for good measure looked at my google maps on my phone.  I finally felt like Mike meant for me to veer to the left- so I did (thank God Mike came along when he did!).  Leaving Wartrace was beautiful with the light rain falling and all of the growth.  I enjoyed this section, even the hill.  Did have a short run in with a Pyrenese, but I kept pointing my umbrella out at him.  The neighbor across the road was watching me brandishing my umbrella and "No'ing" the big hound.  Mike and Jan passed by again and I eventually caught up with Psyche (walking in wet socks and her shoe insert!).  We came upon an empty store and sat under the awning.  I gave her 3 pairs of socks that I had bought and knew I wouldn't need (I later felt bad for not giving her more of my socks).  I also gave her my flip flops, my solar charger, and cord since her phone was dying.  Although her beau, Charles, was coming to crew her, I felt bad for leaving her, but I knew needed to get going.  I took off and saw some kids playing on a trampoline just before I saw the jaws of life coming at me.  I had just walked not more than 50 feet from Psyche when this dog comes screaming out of this yard at me.  I did not have my pepper spray out (I know dumb right).  I start yelling at the kids to get their freaking dog while trying to keep the dog off of me.  I knew I couldn't dig in my waist pack for my spray, so I reached around and unclipped my pack to keep it between me and his jaws.  I figured if I could get it lodged in his mouth, I could strangle him somehow with the straps.  One of the kids finally come out but instead of grabbing the dog by the collar, he starts throwing rocks at the dog- which does not help the situation.  So I am still yelling and doing the 'stay away from the teeth' dance.  The kid finally grabs the dogs collar, but when he does the dog takes one final lunge at me and scratches my leg. The other kids were still playing on the trampoline during all of this.  It made me nervous that the dog would get off of his chain and go for Psyche, so I walked back to walk past the house with her (the house across the street had another dog chained up and he was stalking us quietly- not the good stalk you want to see either).  This time I had my pepper spray and when I felt like we were in the clear I left Psyche again. 
  As I headed down the road, a car comes by me and honks the horn.  I looked behind me and a husky looking dog quickly turned from me and dashed back into the woods.  I didn't even realize I had someone following me.  I love dogs, well animals period, but I was not feeling good about dogs when I finally made it to the campground outside of Manchester and here comes another dog at me.  This one just wanted to jump and play though, but I was a little edgy and had my umbrella out as a weapon to whack him in the head.  Thankfully, the owner was there and got him under control and apologized for the dog.  I used the bathroom and headed out feeling more than a little weary.  Somewhere along the road, I lost my umbrella.  I kept tucking it (and map pieces) under the flap on my waist pack.  Problem was, I would open the flap to get something out of my waist pack and forget the umbrella (or whatever was there).  Many times I would catch it, but apparently not this time. 
  Rita and newly crowned "King of the Road" Dan came by and chatted for a minute.  They offered to take any trash, but I didn't have any.  I later chuckled to myself because they probably thought my bag of socks hanging off my pack was trash- not my most treasured possessions. 
  As I was making my way through road construction, Fred and his mother stopped.  They were leaving to head to a reunion.  I was tired and frustrated because I couldn't figure out how far I was or how far to go to Manchester.  I explained that I was using my map, but hadn't seen any identifying road signs.  Fred gave me a paper that had mileage points for different places, mainly cemeteries, stores, etc.  He was trying to explain it to me and I loved seeing him, but I just wanted to get going.  (I felt bad because he probably thought I was so rude, but I just wanted to get moving and get to food and shelter for the night.)  I stuffed the sheet in my waist pack and headed on.  I pulled it out later after getting out of the road construction part, but it had so much numbers and stuff.  I'm sure it would help, but I had a good system that was working for me.  I like my little map pieces.  I would find a street name on my map and I would know about how many miles I was.  Tenness is just like everywhere else, road signs are limited.  So a lot of the time, I would find out that I was actually farther than I thought I was- which was a real boost.  I left Fred's sheet in Manchester (sorry Fred).
  I finally made it into Manchester and was irritated with myself because I stopped at a Subway, but once I crossed over the interstate, there was an O'Charley's.  I almost threw out the sandwich for a Cajun chicken pasta dinner but I felt that I had wasted so much food already that I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  I checked in with laz and then checked into the hotel.
29.5 miles for the day, 1 lost umbrella, several dog fights with only a scratched and bruised leg, 252.5 miles total
Day 8:  I was looking forward to this day.  The shortest day yet.  The climb into Monteagle.  It all started with a stop at Wal Mart for more flip flops and an umbrella.  I knew how much I enjoyed going shoeless and it would be worth the few dollars and lost time.  I made it to Hillsboro and tried to eat a coconut raspberry zinger and a yoo hoo.  It looked good but I could only get about a 1/3rd of one down.  I was hoping there was a cafe or something in Pelham (my mileage sheet said there was).  When I reached Pelham I came upon a house that said cafe, but I was thinking someone said the cafe was named Southern something or another.  While I was sitting in front of the post office trying to decide to go a little further to see if the cafe was ahead or to go back and go into the house that had said cafe, Psyche and Charles drove up.  I was so glad to see her crew show up for her!  They hadn't noticed a cafe, but a lady came out of the post office and Charles went over and asked her.  Yep- it was up ahead.  I headed on and sure enough there was the cafe.  I changed into my new flip flops and headed in.  I found a table close to an electrical outlet to plug in my phone.  I can't remember what I ate but it was dang good!  Southern cooking, but I was really looking forward to taking a nap out in the porch swing.  The restaurant closed at two and after checking with them, I headed out for a nap.  I had already stopped in a field and laid down under a shade tree.  I was having a really hard time staying awake.  Figured a nap would help and a porch swing is the best place to get one.
  I eventually got up and headed across the street to the small store.  I finally found a Gatorade, but no luck with ice.  So I walked back to the restaurant to beg for some ice.  Then I remembered I better buy another bottle of water- so back to the small store.  I finally was able to leave Pelham after chatting with a couple that was working out in their yard.  I had seven miles to Monteagle with the climb up the mountain in there.  I was worried about the climb, but it turned out not to be bad at all.  Very pretty too and for the most part shaded.  Charles and Psyche passed again and let me know I was getting close.  Psyche had a milkshake from McD's that looked really good (but of course by the time I reached a McD's it did not sound good anymore).  At the top of the mountain, the course goes left but the hotels are to the right.  There was some kind of steak house in front of me, but wasn't sure if it would be any good.  I pulled out my phone and looked at my hotel options.  I ended up staying at the American Eagle Inn (I think was the name).  I asked the guy about the steak place and he said it was the best in Monteagle (probably the only one).  After I cleaned up, I called in an order and then headed over to get my food.  While waiting, I realized I did not get all of the sunblock off of my legs.  That crap was caked on there.  So I decided to take a bath when I got back to my room and eat my dinner again while soaking in the tub.  I eventually filled my belly and cleaned my body and headed to bed.  I had told my husband the past day or so that I was not going to make a big push to finish on Friday night.  It was crazy to make myself suffer more than necessary.  I was almost done.  I would just stop in Kimball on Friday and then finish on Saturday morning figuring the pictures would be better in the daylight anyways.
21 miles, another steak dinner, and one mountain climbed.  273.5 miles total
Day 9:  At the light of day, best laid plans go awry.  I decide that I am done with this race.  I am finishing tonight no matter what.  I just want it to be over.  Plus a little guilt from laz about having to go back up on Saturday morning.  Not too mention after reasoning it out in my head.  It made no sense to stop in Kimball and get a room, then have to go 14 more miles.  If I didn't finish before check out time then I would have to pay for another night.  (I am way too cheap for that!)  When I first tell my hubster of my new plan, he is a little shocked, but he also begins to see the reason after we've miffed each other.  Although I ended up leaving later than I intended from Monteagle (due to a storm when my alarm originally went off), I was gonna finish on Friday!  I stopped at a store for a drink, candy cigarettes, and a garbage bag.  It was still raining and in the early morning hour, I was freezing.  I reached Tracy City and found a $20 lying in the gravel lot next to the store where I stopped for a bacon biscuit.  I didn't stay long because I knew I needed to try to get to Jasper (16 miles) before the heat came.  I did stop at the DG Store and bought a pair of scissors, a  pair of gel insoles and foam insoles.  My feet were feeling pretty bad and I figured a little bit of cushion might help.  I cut both pairs of insoles for my shoes, put the foam ones in, and gave the scissors to the clerks since I didn't need them any longer.  That was a good idea! 
  Okay from Tracy City to Jasper- that is just desolate.  There seemed to be nothing.  Good thing- it was easy to find pp spots.  Bad thing- no change of scenery, seemed to take forever.  Good thing- John Price found me dragging along and chatted with me.  Whenever you see someone, it always gives you a quick pick me up.  I made it almost to the descent but the call of a closed gas station with shade was calling my name.  I laid down between the two gas pumps using the hoses to prop my unshod feet and legs up and rested my eyes for a bit.  That helped and I was able to start down the hill, even jogging some.  You should never waste a down hill.  John was at the bottom of the hill and we chatted again.  While coming into Jasper, a guy was trying to push his truck in a parking lot.  I asked if he needed help, but he was trying to push it to get it to start.  He didn't seem to think I'd be much help in that effort, but I felt bad for him.  I asked if he had a cell phone.  Turns out it was dead, so I sat and rested while he used mine to call for help.  I headed on into Jasper and found a nice little cafe to have lunch.  Best grilled chicken salad ever.  Had a slice of watermelon and an orange with it.  Good stuff.  Thank you Lord for the twenty in Tracy City because the lady's credit card machine would not work and it gave me the cash to pay for my food.  I was getting low (another reason to finish). 
  I was really starting to feel good about my chances of not only finishing, but finishing tonight!  I reached Kimball and was greeted by the sight of my mom and other dad.  I told them to meet me at the gas station up ahead.  I felt bad for not accepting anything from them, but my mom understood even though it was killing them both not to be able to even buy me a drink.  I bought my Gatorade and sat on the sidewalk chatting with them before heading out.  I was by the Wendy's and John had said it was only a half marathon left to go.  I crossed the Tennessee river for the second time.  Checked my phone camera to see if by some chance it might work- it didn't.  I headed into New Hope.  Laz called to see where I was and I let him know what road I had passed and he knew where I was and made me feel like I was getting close to 377 (the road I was watching for).  I wasn't that close.  SR156 seemed to take forever.  I finally came upon a convenience store and stopped to go potty and for fluids.  He also let me have some ice.  As I headed out a guy pulled up and asked if I was in the race and where was Diane at.  I chatted with him and he gave me a glo light.  He tried to give me another but I had to cut him off.  (I'm sorry buddy but I gotta finish this race.  It's getting late and I am a candy arse.)
Another call from laz telling me to call my mom when I reached the Alabama state line.  I finally reached the turn off and was so happy to be heading up Sand Mountain.  Happiness faded as the steepness settled in.  I finally came to the state line and called my mom.  She didn't know why I was calling.  I was feeling frustrated as to why I was calling, other than they were wanting to know where I was.  I vaguely remembered that you could see the runners at some point, but the runners were still a ways away.  Turns out I was coming up on that spot.  I heard all of the yelling from across the valley.  I waved my arms.  If I'd had the energy I would probably have mooned them, but also out of respect for my dear momma- I did not.  I just trudged along.  Abi pulled up briefly but I didn't hear what she said because another car pulled up behind her and honked the horn.  I still trudged along.  I crested and had three dogs run out to greet me.  I waved my umbrella at them and chased them back into their yard.  I kept trying to find some point on my maps to line me up to where I was on the course.  I had a lady offer to give me a ride because she had seen me walking earlier in the day. 
  Finally, CR 132-Castle Rock  Road!  woo hoo I was getting somewhere now!  I turned and kept plodding along.  About that time my mom, other dad, and hubby came up.  They took a few pictures then almost got stuck in a yard as they were turning around.  I was glad they had come up when they did because I just had a guy pull off into a drive and yell "Run Forest run".  Turned out to be the glo light guy from earlier.  He may be a nice guy, but I was tired and he kind of creeped me out.  I followed those tail lights from my mom's blazer like a drunk to a bar.  Jogging as much as I could until I'd come to a little incline.  Trudge upward, see the tail lights and jog some more.  I made it back the private drive- so pretty with all of the trees lining the drive.  I saw the power lines and started watching for the road to turn on.  Blazer had stopped, so I turned onto the road.  Then Blazer turned and I kept running off to the side trying to give them room to pass.  Finally, I just stopped and waved them past.  Through the corn field.  Laz was correct- the corn was really tall!  It was getting dark and I wished I had my flashlight.  I grabbed the glo light out of my pack and bent it.  A little light for the way.  I saw the tail lights turn down the dirt road.  I knew I was getting close.  I was singing "Zippity Doo Dah, zippity ah my oh my what a wonderful day."  I was making up lines about the race ending to fit the song and I was sounding good (Of course, now I cannot remember for the life of me what I was saying).  Then I came upon a large puddle.  I tried to decipher which side would be the best with my little glo light.  I went left, but ran into briers.  I backed back out and went right and was able to get past without soaking my feet.  Back to jogging and singing.  I could hear voices getting closer!  I saw a car.  More voices, yelling, clapping.  I slowed down because I knew there was a drop off at the rock.  I just wanted to find the rock.  Laz is telling me to hurry ("what's the hurry now!").  John is yelling for me to come to him.  He is out on the rock and I make my way to him with laz telling me to hurry, John telling me to slow down.  It was chaos- BUT I was finished as soon as John stuck me on the spot and called out time.  8 days, 13 hours, 13 minutes, and 36 seconds.  Dang I could have had 8:13:13:13 if I would have known where to go before I got there or if I hadn't been playing by the puddle like Briar Rabbit.  A couple of pics and I was allowed to sit on the 'thrown'.  I had never felt so good!
  I only had one thing left to do.  After I had rested and chatted with John, family, laz, Sherry, & Dusty, I dug into my pack for one last thing, my dad's ashes.  I walked back over to the rock and opened up the ziplock bag and let him fly.  He had traveled the whole race with me and I got him to Georgia, although not Fort Benning.  I figured he didn't always listen to what I wanted (like for him to stop drinking), I could get away with not listening completely to him.  Plus, my sister has the rest of his ashes and plans to follow his wishes- so I'm good.  When he passed away in January, and we were discussing his wishes, I knew immediately why I didn't finish the race last year.  This year I would finish and I would have extra meaning to the finish.  I didn't want my gesture to take away from my finish (or anyone else's), but it made it special to be able to do that.  My husband came over and gave me a hug and I went and sat back down.  Laz made some joke about what I was doing because he didn't really know.  I let him in on the secret that only Pat and my mom knew about.  I joked with laz that I really thought about leaving him a couple of times to lighten my pack load.  I was actually nervous that I might leave the ashes somewhere after the second night of leaving my charger.  I was careful to check every morning as I packed my bag for the day.
  I didn't want to tell anyone and if I didn't make it, have some feel sorry for me.  Plus, it was a private kind of thing but it was part of also what made my finish extra special and I feel I can share it now.
  We headed off the mountain and met up with laz and Naresh at Huddle House- and of course more rain.  The lights flickered a few times while we were eating.  The lights were out at our hotel room, but they came on in the middle of the night.
  This year was so different from last year and not just because I finished.  Last year I kept catching up to John and Stu and seeing several others.  This year other than the first day and a few hours with Jan one day, I didn't travel with anyone.  This year I never thought about quitting.  There were many times that I wanted the race to be over with or the day to be done, but not quitting.  Last year my shins were horrible and I could hardly go downhill without crying and I did not know anything about taking care of blisters.  I still don't know a lot about taking care of blisters, but I managed to only get the one heel blister the first day, then just a couple of small ones later in the week.  But they were manageable.  As for my shins, I never had any pain in them, my legs, or anything.  I was a little sore in my hips, knees, or back periodically but not outright pain (Of course, I didn't haul butt like the front runners either).  Last year I carried my ipod but never got it out.  This year if I was on a long stretch and not much traffic, I would get it out and hang it on my pack.  I probably used it maybe 5 or 6 times for an hour or so.  It was a great pick me up, but it also would start getting on my nerves.  This year I tried to enjoy myself more.  Although I did have quite a few melt downs that my husband can attest too, I remembered what Carl had said in his SJ report.  One other thing that I felt helped me was my course from home to work is 12.5 miles and I know how far different points are from home.  So if I knew I only had 4 miles to the next point, then I'd tell myself, "okay its from the pond to home."  10 miles- "from the bridge to home."  And so on.  It helped me to digest the miles.  That and I had a lot of prayer coverage over me!
  Honestly, if it wasn't for the pictures, I wouldn't believe I had even finished it.  I also feel like anyone can do this race.  I mean really, if I can finish it- anyone can!  When I was out there, I didn't think I'd ever want to go back, but I know I will.  I want to do a few other races first, but I will be back.  Shooting for my 40th birthday which is in three years.  I hope to get under 7 days or better.  I really need to finish a 50 miler and work on my speed- or at least getting out of the jogging and maybe get closer to some running.  Although my energy level is really low still after two weeks and my bruised leg from the canine has healed, I feel more energized toward wanting to run than in a really long time.  Thanks laz for a great race!  And thanks Carl for helping out and keeping me on track.  I know I was a little better knowing where I was when I called in this year; a little better.  : )
  For those that might want to know:  Counting the night in Union City before the race, I spent $594.84 on hotels (lowest was $39 and highest was $86).  I spent $238.71 + the $65 in cash I brought on food, drink, and whatever else I bought (i.e. socks, watch, umbrella.)  I also gave a small donation to the RD.  I found a twenty and some change, more so near the end of the race (thanks Dusty).  ; )
  Vol state to me is like a Christian's walk.  You have valleys and mountains.  You do a lot of things wrong and a fw right.  You hope to get the chance to do it better next time.  I feel closer to God because of VS, but I still have a long way's to go.  Kind of like I feel better about my races, but I have a long way's to go.  : )

          Old Grass Gnu Grass 04-08-2017 with Jack Rummel        

Don Stover- Rockwood Deer Chase - Things In Life
Kayl Brecher- High Flying Bird - Spirals And Lines
Blue Mafia- Like A Mining Man - Hanging Tree
Old Crow Medicine Show- Wagon Wheel - Best Of
Corrina Rose Logston- Laughing Boy - Bluegrass Fiddler
Bluegrass Patriots- When You And I Were Young Maggie - Through The YearsFavorite Songs And Requests
- voicebreak -
Ginny Mules- Bet Your Last Dime - Ginny Mules
Masontown- Bringing My Sweet Baby Back - Masontown EP
Wildfire- A Bible And A Bus Ticket Home - Rented Room On Broadway
Tony Furtado- Amazing Grace Firecracker Live - Cider House Sessions Live At Reverend Nats
Ray Cardwell- Tennessee Moon - Tennessee Moon
Mipso- Train Down The Line - Coming Down The Mountain
- voicebreak -
The Gibson Brothers- Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes - Brotherhood
KC Groves- Northern Lights - Happy Little Trees
Mac Wiseman- Somewhere Bound feat Buddy Melton Milan Miller Andrea Zohn - I Sang The Song Life Of The Voice With A Heart
Karl Shiflett Big Country Show- My Buckets Got A Hole In It - Sho Nuff Country
Gene Wooten- Poison Love - The Great Dobro Sessions
- voicebreak -
Pert Near Sandstone- Dont Need You - Discovery Of Honey
Foghorn Stringband- Stillhouse - Devil In The Seat
The Everly Brothers- Lightning Express - Songs Our Daddy Taught Us
- voicebreak -
The Earls Of Leicester- Dig A Hole In The Meadow - The Earls Of Leicester
Hot Rize- Rocky Road Blues - Take It Home
Steve Spurgin- Sweet Sunny South - Distant Faces
GREAT NORTHERN- Why You Been Gone So Long - CD
- voicebreak -
Alison Krauss Union Station- Every Time You Say Goodbye - Live
Open Road- Its Blowing Away - Lucky Drive
Flatt Scruggs- Get In Line Brother - Foggy Mountain Gospel
- voicebreak -
Hazel Dickens Carol Elizabeth Jones And Ginny Hawker- Old Memories Mean Nothing To Me - Heart Of A Singer
IIIrd Tyme Out- Little Black Train - Erase The Miles
- voicebreak -
Del McCoury- Hey Hey Bartender - I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Bill Monroe His Bluegrass Boys- Tennessee Blues - The Essential Bill Monroe The Monroe Brothers
Jim Watson Mike Craver Tommy Thompson- While The Band Is Playing Dixie - Meeting In The Air
Don Reno Red Smiley- Sweethearts In Heaven - The Very Best Of
The Stanley Brothers The Clinch Mountain Boys- I Long To See The Old Folks - The Complete Mercury Recordings
The Stanley Brothers The Clinch Mountain Boys- Our Last Goodbye - The Complete Mercury Recordings
Doc Watson- Tennessee Stud - The Definitive
Jim Eanes- Your Old Standby - Rebel Records 35 Years Of The Best In Bluegrass
The Dillards- Somebody Touched Me - Back Porch Bluegrass

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/80/playlistDate/2017-04-08
          Golden Spiral Frame Clip Art        
          Sam Lutfi Wants to Help Lindsay Lohan With Her Comeback        
Sam Lutfi has found a new celeb to prey on. He’s still in the middle of an on-going legal battle with Britney Spears. He was there when Britney started spiraling out of control back in 2007 before her father stepped in and took over conservatorship... Continue reading…
          Selbst die "taz" ist befremdet vom Online-Pranger der Grünen – News vom 27. Juli 2017        
1. Wenn selbst die dezidiert feministische Berliner "tageszeitung" ("taz") befindet, die Verantwortlichen für die Schwarzen Listen der Grünen hätten ihren Kritikern den Vorwurf, es handele sich um einen "Online-Pranger", leicht gemacht, sollten diese Verantwortlichen sich vielleicht doch endlich fragen, ob sie sich von den Grundsätzen politischer Moral allzu weit entfernt haben. Oder gilt ihnen inzwischen selbst die "taz" als ein Blatt der rechten Szene?

Zwar pflegt auch die "taz"-Autorin Carolina Schwarz ein sehr übersichtliches Weltbild, indem sie Menschen, die ihre Ideologie kritisieren, als schlichte Dumpfbacken karikiert: "Antifeministen hauen wilde Thesen raus" heißt es bei ihr. Aber immerhin erkennt sie, dass es dem grünen Online-Pranger an "Zahlen, Fakten und transparenten Arbeitsweisen" fehlt. Das Erstellen von Schwarzen Listen über den politischen Gegner kenne man eigentlich von Rechten, "die beispielsweise auf Twitter Feminist*innen oder Homosexuelle auflisten, um diese anzugreifen und zu beleidigen." Dass Andreas Kemper & Co. die Strategie derMenschen, die ihnen am meisten verhasst sind, längst übernommen haben, hören sie indes nicht zum ersten Mal.

Unklar bleibt indes, ob Carolina Schwarz wirklich keine Schwarzen Listen wünscht oder nur ordentlicher geführte. So wirft sie zum Beispiel den grünen Akteuren vor, bei ihren Denunziationen Bundesrichter Thomas Fischer übergangen zu haben, obwohl der "frauenverachtende Thesen" schreibe. Der Link indes, der suggeriert, er würde diese kühne Behauptung belegen, führt ins Leere. Offenbar musste die "taz" den betreffenden Artikel löschen. ("Gerad das Fischer-bashing war doch so ein peinliches Eigentor, müßt ihr das echt noch mal rausholen?" kommentiert unter Carolina Schwarz' Beitrag ein genervter Leser.)

Empört äußert sich inzwischen auch die "Tagespost" in dem Artikel "Wie Kritiker des Feminismus denunziert werden". Ein Auszug:

In Deutschland hat das seit dem Nationalsozialismus und der DDR Tradition. Listen erstellen, Stigmata zuordnen, mundtot machen. Heutzutage geschieht das am medialen Pranger. (...) Noch werden die vermeintlich Schuldigen "nur" an den digitalen Pranger gestellt. Weiteres muss nicht ausgeschlossen werden. Wer einmal anfängt, Stasi-Methoden zu verwenden, setzt eine tödliche Spirale des Hasses in Bewegung. (...) Die selbsternannten Gerechtigkeitsvertreter erzwingen eine Form von Konformität, indem sie andere ächten.

Die "Tagespost" kritisiert weiter, dass diejenigen, die mit dieser Website andere Menschen namentlich denunzieren, selbst zum größten Teil auf ihrer Anonymität bestehen. Immerhin aber würden sich die ideologischen Köpfe dieser Aktion namentlich outen:

Die "Agent*In"-Redaktion setzt sich aus dem Münsteraner Soziologen Andreas Kemper und Henning von Bargen (Gunda-Werner-Institut) zusammen. Man muss sie nicht kennen. Doch wenn man den Fokus auf sie richtet, stellt sich die Frage, ob "Der Mythos vom Niedergang der Intelligenz" (Kemper) mit dem Vergleich von Bargens beginnt, der "Antifeminismus gleich Antisemitismus" setzt. Und das meint der bitterernst! Unglücklicherweise trifft das Vorhandensein mangelnder Empathie auf die Anmaßung des Vergleiches. Die Abwesenheit eindeutiger Kategorien ruft offenbar eine schimärische Selbsterhöhung zur Manifestierung eigener Schuldkomplexe hervor.

Bei diesem lagerübergreifend negativen Echo in der deutschen Presse dürfte die aktuelle Denunziatons-Kampagne der Grünen ein weiterer Rohrkrepierer werden. Der aktuellsten Forsa-Wahlumfrage zufolge hält Schwarz-Gelb seine regierungsfähige Mehrheit. Vielleicht sollte das linke Lager doch irgendwann auf Dialog statt auf Ausgrenzung setzen.

2. Der Tagesspiegel berichtet, wie sich Berlin mehr und mehr in Kapriolen genderpolitischer Korrektheit verstrickt.

3. Die Post. Einer meiner Leser schreibt mir heute:

Gestern veröffentlichte das akademische Wissens Magazin The Conversation, einen Artikel mit der Überschrift: "Men forced to have sex with women aren’t being properly recognised by the law." Zu deutsch: "Männer die von Frauen zum Sex gezwungen werden, werden vom Gesetz nicht berücksichtigt."

Der Artikel kritisiert das englische Sexualstrafgesetz, das für Vergewaltigung nur Männer als Täter vorsieht.

Heute, einen Tag später, ist dieser Artikel nicht mehr aufrufbar.

Aber über Google Cache kann man ihn noch finden.

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          Bread Making        
There is something really special about baking bread.  At it's most basic, bread is some kind of flour and water which is then baked.  But there are so many wonderful variations of bread, and so many ways in which we can not only bake it but also use it once it is baked.  Bread can be part of a feast, it's consumption can be part of a ritual or it's creation can be magic!

Whether we bake our own bread, use a mix or buy breads, they are often part of my magical path.  When I was first learning, I had 'cakes and ale' at pretty much any ritual I did, even just for myself.  If I could, I tried to get some nice pastry, to offer up and partake in as part of my rituals, along with a special (often alcoholic) drink.  But sometimes it was a few crackers and some water.  What was important to me is that it was food and drink, and the food typically was a bread like thing.

Often breads are created in specific shapes, and those shapes bear special meaning.  Hot Cross Buns were the first special bread I ever knew of (because of the nursery rhyme), but breads (and cookies, which are definitely like breads!) can be made into all kinds of fancy shapes.  They can look like other foods (like grains or vegetables), people (like gingerbread men), structures (like gingerbread houses) or animals (I made some very cute bunny rolls several years back for an Ostara ritual...sadly I can't find a picture of them).

You can also make simple shapes and press or carve symbols into them.  I have done this with both salt dough and cookies.  Runes or other symbols could be used to infuse the dough with the energy of the symbol.  These could be used as offerings, or consumed (if the dough is edible) to bring that energy into yourself.  Symbols abound, and when you start looking for them, you will find them, as I did when I drew the spiral WomanRune, then realized that my breakfast that day was in the spiral shape! 

I love working with and playing with salt dough.  It is a really simple and easy way to create symbols of things you want to work with, or basic statues.  As it can be nothing more than salt, flour and water, it can be used as leave out offerings that won't be harmful (for an offering that doesn't need to last, you can actually omit the salt and just make a basic dough with flour and water...the salt helps keep it together if you want to keep your creations around).  Basic shapes, such as this pentacle are fairly simple to make, by just rolling the dough into long strands and pressing them into the shapes you want.  

While an unfinished piece like that may eventually weaken and crumble, you can make your pieces last longer by sealing them.  You can use craft or hardware sealants, anything that will keep moisture out of them.  You can paint them before you seal them if you want them to have more color.  I sealed these ones with nail polish, the small Odin statue (which was a blast to make) is sealed with just clear nail polish, while the snakes I played with different colors (I really like the shimmer in some of the colors on the snakes).  The cat I kept a plain dark, since it is less detailed, I kind of liked just having it be monochromatic.  And the wolf head actually isn't salt dough, but clay (but since he was another small figure I've made for my altars, he was in this picture).

What I find really fun with dough is that you can add all kinds of things to them.  I have modified my salt dough with both coffee grounds and cornmeal.  It was definitely an experiment to get the consistency of the dough right, but I loved how they came out.  This is the cornmeal dough, which I made into small offering stones.  I cut most of them with tiny 'cookie cutters' that were originally meant for kids' playdough.  I used the same molds to press shapes into different ones.  And I made some spirals and simple round 'bun' shapes with X cut into them.

The ones I made with coffee grounds reminded me a little of concrete, because the grounds gave them a much rougher texture.  Salt dough, even without being sealed, will last for a very long time as long as you don't get it wet.  I made this set two (or three) years ago, and it is still hard and hasn't changed.  And they still smell a little like coffee!  I was having a hard time cutting the designs into this dough (because of the texture) so used a toothpick to poke the patterns in.  I thought it was neat that the outside got so light as it baked, but where I had poked the dough down, it stayed dark (and the bottoms, where they were resting on the pan stayed dark as well).

And whether you are making salt dough for ritual use or bread dough for eating, you can pick additives based on your purpose.  I love to add herbs to my dough when I am baking, and my pantry is full of choices.  Actually most of my magical herbs are kitchen herbs, so picking from the pantry isn't a new thing for me. 

The bread making process has plenty of places to add a little extra magic.  I often give herbs (and sometimes salt) a bit of a grind in my mortar and pestle, especially if the herbs are quite large and I don't want such big chunks.  Grinding as well as kneading are times that I find perfect to chant and focus on infusing my work with my intentions.  If you are working with a dough that has to rise, you can use that time to charge the dough, either by placing your bowl on a sigil or other symbol, or covering it with a cloth that is appropriate (which could be laid over the cloth or paper you have covering the dough).

Bread is just such a versatile medium with which to work.  If you haven't tried your hand at it, I highly recommend it!  There are many simple recipes that you can try, and a basic salt dough can take just minutes to whip up (as it doesn't have any leavening, so no need to rise).  There is something really special about the transformation from ingredients to dough to finished product (whether that is a bread or a statue).

          Revisiting the past        
I've said before that I'm not much of a record keeper.  I don't typically spend hours and hours recording every magical or spiritual thing I do.  However, I am a decent journaler, and I have been trying to record more of my (non-daily) divination spreads.

But I think there is a lot of value in coming back to things we have done before, whether it is an old practice, a memory, a journal entry or a book we have read before.  It doesn't matter how well I think I know a thing, when I go back to it, I always walk away with new insights.

I think part of that is that I am not the same person today that I was when I experienced the thing in the past.  I have grown and changed, and so my personal perspective is different.  I'm quite literally looking at it with new eyes, and making new connections because different things may be important to me today.  I may have gone through experiences and learned things that make different parts of a thing more meaningful. 

I also think that we see what we are meant to see, in this moment.  So I may not be ready to understand everything the first time through, and only by coming back to something can I uncover those other layers.

This is particularly true for me with books.  I can read a book a dozen times (and I have some books that I have definitely read dozens of times) and each time I read it, I will have different insights and takeaways.  I also find that often information has to settle a bit for me to really start to internalize it.  So at first read I may get just the basic bones of an idea, but on the next time through I can start to flesh it out, and really work it into my understanding of the world.

With personal journals, I think there is a different mechanic at work.  When I am writing, I am not always thinking about what things mean.  I am trying to express what is inside, and trying to get all those hard thoughts into words.  But when I go back and read what I have written, I can think about it and consider what the words I wrote mean.  Especially if a decent amount of time has passed, I can get greater insight into my own mind and experiences and see things that I couldn't at the time, because I was caught up with my focus somewhere else.

This is one thing that I think is especially true when it comes to divination readings.  Sometimes we need that perspective, we need to look at things in hindsight in order to make sense of them.  When we are in the middle of something, we just can't see the whole picture, even with some help from our tools.  Interpreting a reading in the moment gives very important information, and can be a great help in deciding what to do, but looking back on that same reading after the event in question has come to pass, helps us see the greater patterns that will help us when facing similar situations down the road.

When working with memories, I think we encounter another really interesting phenomenon.  We tend to remember memories as they felt 'in the moment' that they happened.  So we remember them from the perspective of our younger self.  Certain memories may haunt us because we didn't have the tools with which to understand and deal with the situation when it happened, and without deliberately looking back and working through the memory, we continue to be trapped by that emotional response that was set when the event happened.

One way to start breaking through that wall is to write down the memory, exactly as you remember it, with all the thoughts and feelings that you can remember feeling at the time.  Really try to capture the moment as it happened, without any judgement or editing.  Then, let it sit for a while.  Try not to think about it until you feel ready to go back in and work with the memory.  When you are ready, read what you have written, but not as if it were your memory, but the experience of someone else. 

Write down your reaction to the event, from your current perspective.  Try to be more factual at first, writing down why you think things unfolded the way they did.  If you have learned more about the situation since it happened, write that down too.  Then think about how you might talk to the person this happened to if they were your closest friend.  Think about how you would talk to them if they were a child...and then if they were an adult.  Write down your thoughts and advice.

This is a process you can keep working on, reading what you have written and writing new reactions and responses, until you start to find your own peace with the situation and memory.  You may find yourself writing about how that experience has molded your behavior or personality.  It may be things you like (even if the actual event wasn't so pleasant) or it may be things you want to change (and are going to work through their roots so you can start to modify them).  Each time you go back to that memory, you will work in it a little bit more and uncover new things.

When it comes to old practices, I love going back to things I used to do and working with them again.  Sometimes it is a short term thing.  I'll remember that I used to cast circle a certain way, when I was learning, so I'll go back to the method I used and play with it, using my current level of knowledge to explore the old practice.  I may find that it is too simple for me, or that perhaps my path has taken me along a different way of experiencing the world and the old practice just doesn't fit with my beliefs any more.  It is still fun and informative to go back and work with it for a little while.

Other times, I'll go back to something that was sort of basic and work through it from a more experienced perspective.  My practice of grounding has changed and evolved so many times over the years, but going back to the basic sitting meditation, reaching into the ground and connecting with the earth while reaching upward and also connecting with the sky.  It was something that I have struggled with at times, because of the way it is often described.  And yet, whenever I go back and work with that particular method of grounding, I am able to see different aspects of that practice, as well as things I can work with in my own grounding practice.

There are things that we just can't figure out, unless we go back to things.  We may have to read a book many times before we understand one of the points in it.  We may find ourselves in a lovely spiral with a practice, where we keep doing it, and it starts to feel so familiar that we don't have to think about it and then all of a sudden we have a breakthrough and it's like a whole new experience even though outwardly it is the same.  We may wrestle with a memory, trying to escape it's grasp, knowing that we will need to spend a lot of time working with it until we can start to untangle it's effects in our life.  Never be afraid to go back and work through something again...you never know what you will uncover!
          Building your symbol library        
I do a lot of work with symbols, and I find them to be not only really versatile but also with a depth of meaning that can be built up in layers.  But symbols have their weakness, and many times the more simple the symbol, the harder it can be to use them in ways that go beyond the obvious.

Symbols are mainly used in two ways:  they can be used in magic or writing to represent an idea or concept and they can be used as messages from the divine that we interpret.  The more fluent we are with the symbol, the more information we can gain from it when it pops up in our life (whether out in our daily life or as part of a divination system).  And the more different ways we can use the symbol in our practice and spell work.

Take for example the money symbol:  $.  When we see it, we think of money, often specifically of dollar bills.  If we were to start seeing this symbol repeatedly in our daily life, we may jump to the idea that money will be coming our way.  But money can also represent things like:  power, freedom, responsibility or fun.  And if we look at the symbol itself, we could see it as a snake and staff, a crossed through S or a broken infinity symbol.

The more you work with the symbols you use, the more different ways you can understand them.  I am a huge believer in the power of stories.  For me, learning the stories behind things help me remember them much easier.  So when I work with learning symbols, I am always looking for the story.  I want to know why a thing means what it means.  I want to learn all the interesting facts about a symbol.

One of the first proper symbol sets I worked with was the Futhark Runes.  I actually learned them as an alphabet first, which I used for a lot of my early magical writing.  But then I started to learn the meanings of each of the runes, and they became a sort of magical shorthand.  Instead of spelling out the things I wanted to represent with runes, I would find runes that represented the ideas I wanted to call upon, and I would use those runes in my work.  At this point, my understanding of the runes was very rudimentary, I had a keyword for each one and that was about it.

It was many years before I began a true inquiry into the runes and their deeper meaning.  And once I did, I was hooked.  I started looking at some of the larger lists of correspondences for each rune, and some of them confused me.  I didn't understand, for example, why Fehu was known as 'Cattle' but represented wealth, or how Gebo represented both 'Gift' and exchange.  I also had a really hard time remembering the different rune names and which one meant which thing.

And that was because I was looking at their meanings as simply lists of ideas.  I wasn't connecting the ideas to the rune, and I definitely wasn't finding stories about the ideas.  Once I started looking at the shape of the rune symbol, and actually sitting down and journaling about what the shape looked like to me, what it might mean, and how that fit with the accepted meaning of the rune, that is when things started to come together.

Another thing that was really helpful to me was finding a couple of different sources where people shared their own stories about the runes.  Being able to read a short guided meditation about the rune, or read legends and folklore that was related to the runes helped me see the connections, so that now when I look at one of the rune symbols, I start thinking of different stories and ideas that are connected to them.  I still look things up, but now I am more likely to turn to my own notes and journal pages than a published book or website, because I have built up my own connections and reflections on the runes.

Last year I started working with the WomanRunes which is another rune system, though one that takes a more feminine perspective.  But much like the runes, the symbols themselves are quite simple, and they each have a basic keyword that they are associated with.  I really enjoyed them from the start, I like that there are some really great ideas represented with these runes (like Labor or Laughter).  But again, much like with the Futhark Runes, they really came alive for me once I had gone deep with them.  I took an immersion class, where I spent time with each rune, exploring them from my own perspective with journal and art prompts.  And even now, when I see other people share their experiences with the WomanRunes, I grow my understanding even more.

I just ordered a batch of charms, which I am using as the base for a Trinket oracle (which may actually stay a charm oracle, I kind of like the uniformity of having them all be charms).  I bought my batch blind and random (though I did request more nature/animal charms, and the seller was amazing in fulfilling that), so I am in the process of becoming familiar with the charms and what they might mean to me.  Some of the charms are simple and obvious.  There is a little spiral, the word 'love' and a bicycle.  But there are also several varieties of leaves and trees.  So I see a good bit of research in my future (which I am excited about....yes I'm one of those people who likes researching new things!)

But even with initial impressions, there are several charms that stand out.  There is an elephant charm, but it has sort of crazy eyes and big circles on it's body.  I immediately connected it with the pink elephants from Dumbo...so that charm could be the energy of elephant for me, but it could also be imagination/creativity, or even a small touch of insanity.  There is a mouse charm, and if you look really closely he's holding a tiny cookie.  So now it's not just a mouse, but also represents an endless cycle (or toddler logic..)

Each charm will have it's own stories, it is up to me to uncover them.  And then, when I work with them, to figure out which story fits the situation.  Because I am a firm believer that symbols can have multiple and sometimes contradictory meanings.  Just because a symbol is connected with both life and death doesn't mean that it means both at the same time.  I don't think that anything in life is absolutely one dimensional, we just need to look harder to find the other perspectives of some things.

This past Yule a friend gave me a fascinating little game called Brainspin.  It comes with all these symbol cards, and the point of the game is to come up with as many things that the symbol on a card could represent in a limited amount of time.  It is really fun to play, not only to challenge yourself to break free from your first impressions (which is REALLY hard...especially since you know your on a time limit), but also to see what kind of connection other people come up with for the same symbol

But the process is a very useful tool.  You can apply the same principle to other symbols!  Give yourself a minute, and pick one symbol (whether it is a shape symbol like these ones or the runes or an item symbol like a turtle or an apple).  And then write down every thing that comes to your mind when you think/look at it.  Any connection you can come up with.  Perhaps Algiz looks like a chicken foot to you, or that 8 looks like a snowman.  A turtle could make you think of computer programing (wow am I showing my age....) or it could remind you of soup.

If you really want to go deeper, after you are done brainstorming, go through your list and journal about each thing.  Write about how it is connected to your original symbol, and what that might mean when you work with or receive the symbol. 

I also find this journaling process really good for coming to a deeper and more personal understanding of traditional symbol meanings.  Sometimes, when I am having trouble making connections with a traditional meaning, I'll sit down and work it out on paper.  I may write out a couple of different ways that the meaning and the symbol could be connected.  It might mean that I have to put myself in someone else's shoes, and pretend that I am someone who sees the connection and am trying to explain it to someone else (me!) who doesn't quite get it.

What is really interesting about this process, is even if you don't ever make the connections yourself, even if the traditional meaning never clicks for you, by writing about it, you are more likely to remember it.  If you just want to remember traditional meanings, sometimes you can take the 'ridiculous story' approach.  To do this, come up with the craziest explanation for why something means what it does that you can imagine.  Seriously the stranger and more outlandish the better.  This is the power of stories, and why learning stories behind things helps forge stronger connections.  Because stories are interesting, and the more interesting the story, the more likely you are to remember it.

So, whether you are picking up a new symbol (or set of symbols!) or just wanting to deepen your connection with the symbols you already work with, remember to seek out the stories!  Delve into the stories that are out there, but don't be afraid to make your own stories.  The more stories you have connected to a symbol, the more it will become a deep and meaningful addition to your toolbox, and the easier it will be to use it in different situations.
          Banana é um santo remédio        

Passe adiante as vantagens de se comer banana. Depois de ler isto, você nunca vai olhar para uma banana da mesma maneira novamente. A banana contém três açúcares naturais - sacarose, frutose e glicose, combinados com fibra.

A banana dá uma instantânea e substancial elevação da energia. Pesquisas provam que apenas duas bananas fornecem energia suficiente para um treino de 90 minutos extenuantes.

Não é à toa que a banana é a fruta número um dos maiores atletas do mundo. Mas energia não é a única forma de uma banana pode nos ajudar a manter a forma. Pode também ajuda a curar ou prevenir um grande número de doenças e condições, tornando-se uma obrigação para adicionar à nossa dieta diária.

Depressão: De acordo com recente pesquisa realizada pela MIND, entre pessoas que sofrem de depressão, muitas se sentiram melhor após ter comido uma banana. Isto porque a banana contém triptofano, um tipo de proteína que o corpo converte em serotonina, reconhecida por relaxar, melhorar o seu humor e, geralmente, fazem você se sentir mais feliz.

TPM Esqueça as pílulas - comer uma banana. A vitamina B6 regula os níveis de glicose no sangue, que podem afetar seu humor.

Anemia: contendo muito ferro, bananas estimulam a produção de hemoglobina no sangue e ajudam nos casos de anemia.

Pressão Arterial: Este fruto tropical é muito rico em potássio, mas reduzido em sódio, tornando-a perfeita para combater a pressão alta. Tanto é assim, os EUA Food and Drug Administration acaba permitiu que a indústria de banana a oficialmente informar sua habilidade da fruta para reduzir o risco de pressão alta e infarto.

Cérebro: 200 estudantes de uma (Middlesex) Twickenham escola (Inglaterra) tiveram ajuda dos exames este ano comendo bananas no café da manhã, lanche e almoço em uma tentativa de elevar sua capacidade mental. A pesquisa mostrou que o fruto elevado teor de potássio pode ajudar a aprendizagem, tornando os alunos mais alerta.

Constipação: com elevado na fibra, incluir bananas na dieta pode ajudar a normalizar as funções intestinais, ajudando a superar o problema sem recorrer a laxantes.

Ressaca: uma das formas mais rápidas de curar uma ressaca é fazer uma vitamina de banana, adoçado com mel. A banana acalma o estômago e, com a ajuda do mel aumenta os níveis de açúcar no sangue, enquanto o leite suaviza e reidrata o sistema.

Azia: elas têm efeito antiácido natural no organismo, por isso, se você sofre de azia, experimente comer uma banana para aliviar.

Enjoo matinal: comer uma banana entre as refeições ajuda a manter os níveis de açúcar no sangue elevado e evita as náuseas.

Picadas de mosquito: antes de o creme de picada de inseto, experimenta esfregar a zona afetada com a parte interna da casca da banana. Muitas pessoas acham excelentes em reduzir o inchaço e irritação.

Nervos: Bananas são ricas em vitaminas do complexo B que ajuda a acalmar o sistema nervoso.

Excesso de peso e no trabalho?Estudos do Instituto de Psicologia na Áustria mostram que a pressão no trabalho leva à excessiva ingestão de comidas, como chocolate e biscoitos. Olhando para 5000 pacientes em hospitais, pesquisadores concluíram que os mais obesos eram mais prováveis ​​para a alta pressão empregos.

O relatório concluiu que, para evitar a ansiedade por comida, precisa-se controlar os nossos níveis de açúcar no sangue por lanches alimentos ricos em carboidratos a cada duas horas para manter níveis estáveis.

Úlceras: A banana é usada na dieta diária contra desordens intestinais pela sua textura macia e suavidade. É a única fruta crua que pode ser comida sem desgaste em casos de úlcera crônica. Também neutraliza a acidez e reduz a irritação, protegendo as paredes do estômago.

Controle de temperatura:Muitas culturas veem a banana como fruta 'refrescante', que pode reduzir tanto a temperatura física como emocional de mulheres grávidas. Na Tailândia, por exemplo, as grávidas comem bananas para os bebês nascerem com temperatura baixa. Sazonal Affective Disorder (SAD): a banana auxilia os que sofrem SAD, porque contêm o natural do humor, Enhancer triptofano.

Fumar e Uso do Tabaco: As bananas podem ajudar as pessoas que tentam deixar de fumar. A B6, B12, assim como o potássio e magnésio, ajudam o corpo a recuperar dos efeitos da retirada da nicotina.

Stress: O potássio é um mineral vital, que ajuda a normalizar os batimentos cardíacos, levando oxigênio ao cérebro e regula o equilíbrio de água do corpo. Quando estamos estressados, nossa taxa metabólica se eleva, reduzindo os níveis de potássio. Que pode ser reequilibrado com a ajuda da banana, rica em potássio.

Enfarto: de acordo com pesquisa publicado no New England Journal of Medicine, comer bananas como parte de uma dieta regularmente pode reduzir o risco de morte por enfarto em até 40%!

Verrugas: os interessados ​​em alternativas naturais juram que se quiser eliminar verrugas, pegar um pedaço de casca de banana e colocá-lo sobre a verruga, com o lado amarelo para fora. Segure cuidadosamente a pele no local com uma fita de gesso ou cirúrgico!

Banana Vermelha?

A bananeira vermelha da abissínia tem folhas brilhantes e enormes, com mais de 3 metros de comprimento e um veio central avermelhado. Elas são dispostas em espiral, formando o pseudocaule, caracterizado por pecíolos sobrepostos. As inflorescências são muito vistosas, em longos cachos e delicadas flores cor creme. Bananeira raríssima, muito procurada por colecionadores e de um inestimável valor ornamental...

Assim, a banana é um remédio natural para muitos males. Quando você o comparar com uma maçã, tem quatro vezes mais proteína, duas vezes mais carboidratos, três vezes mais fósforo, cinco vezes mais vitamina A e ferro e dobro das outras vitaminas e minerais. Também é rica em potássio e é um dos alimentos mais valiosos.

          How to Make a Button Bracelet        
Themed Button Bracelet Using A Stretch Cord In making stretchy themed button bracelet all you need are your chosen themed buttons and Stretch Magic Bead/Jewelry Cord. There are wide assortments of themed buttons available at your local bead stores. You can be creative and include some handmade glass beads if you want to. Just use buttons and make a spiral design; however this will require you a lot of buttons and it doesn't show off smaller buttons well.
          Korean Japchae Zucchini Noodles Recipe        

What you’ll learn in this recipe: How to cook classic Korean Japchae Noodles recipe, substituting spiralized zucchini noodles for the traditional sweet potato noodles. Get the best flavor by cooking the ingredients separately in the stir fry. How to prevent mushy zucchini noodles – with clear photos on when to stop cooking Inspiralizer giveaway Spiral […]

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          re: Reconnecting - By Rick Gold        


Thank you for your thoughtful heartfelt article on the state of Thoroughbred racing in this country and it effect on all fans and lovers of the most beautiful being on the planet - The Horse.  

I am first and foremost a lover of animals and horses in particular.  After many years I put aside all other extracurricular activities and made it to Belmont to see the racing thoroughbred.  I'm not a bettor, it doesn't interest me - whether it be Las Vegas, bingo, etc.  On rare occasion I will place a bet (dreamed Big Brown would win the Derby).  Love Zenyatta and placed a bet in BC.  Even though she didn't win, I'll hang on to the ticket for the memories, because she ran a spectacular race against a tough field.  In my opinion every thoroughbred is a winner just by surviving in this most risky of sport.

So, it pains me year after to read the fine thoughtful articles submitted, such as your article above, in the B-H magazine and B-H on-line with no thoughtful, or honest follow-up by the racing powers or industry at large. My viewpoint is that 'industry' is the killing operative.  In today's modern context whether it's horse racing, oil, wall street or banking the only element that matters is the bottom line and Greed for more of whatever it is that turns them and their families on.  That is the momentum killing horse racing.  

Maybe it's time to repeal OTB and other off-track betting avenues, like Sunset legislation?  Look at the OTB fiasco in New York State and NYRA's ills.  It has brought NY racing to its knees. Once it was a racing jewel, now it is in a death spiral.  Look at all the racing jurisdictions around the country-they are incomprehensible.

One final note - to the security guards at SA & HP who are looking forward to Zenyatta leaving - she kept you in a job - you should be grateful to her, because there is most likely someone who loves horses eager to step into your shoes!

          Dalvin Cook Could Be the Breakout Rookie Nobody Is Talking About        

Dalvin Cook is different. 

The Minnesota Vikings rookie running back is different because he can shimmy into and out of creases others wouldn't even dare look at, let alone accelerate through. He's different because of his nimble feet and short-area quickness, which makes defenders come up with only handfuls of air. And he's different because of his ability to blast off into the open field while piling up chunk yardage.

He's different in the best way possible, which is why the 22-year-old has already passed the toughest eye test of all: the one from his teammates.

"They see him out there on the field with the other guys, and it's like, 'There's something different about this guy, the way he runs, accelerates, the creases he can get to'," Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer recently told The MMQB's Albert Breer. "He's got a tough mentality. Players can see exceptional athletes. When they go out there and they're going against guys, they can see: This guy is pretty good."

The Vikings are in a situation where "pretty good" from Cook might not be enough. But at a high level of college football, the former Florida State standout showed he can rise to another tier.

He can do the same in the NFL, too. In the process, he'll restore the Vikings' offense to its natural state—a rushing juggernaut that dominates opponents physically.

That's how Minnesota's offense functions when at its best. And it's what the Vikings did when Adrian Peterson, the legend Cook is replacing, was named to seven Pro Bowl teams during his 10 years in Minnesota. Although Peterson is aging at 32 years old, we don't have to look back far to see both his impact and how much the Vikings spiraled without a physically imposing running back.

The void Cook needs to fill is deep, dark and swirling.

But there's a reason why the Vikings traded up in the 2017 draft to select Cook at 41st overall. It's why the 5'10", 210-pound runner is sitting atop the team's first unofficial depth chart of training camp.

The reason? He's a multidimensional weapon with the tools to make the league fear the Vikings' backfield again.

What stands out most about Cook—and what fueled two straight college seasons with 1,600-plus rushing yards—is his smooth, fluid movement in small spaces, which causes would-be tacklers to eat a mouthful of grass.

The best running backsthe ones who can become the engine driving an offenseare able to get far more than just what's blocked in front of them. They have the vision to follow those blocks and execute what was drawn up. But they can also make a defender miss in the open field to tack on precious extra yardage.

Cook established himself as that sort of running back at Florida State, where he averaged 6.5 yards per carry during his three-year career. His best collegiate season came in 2016, when he finished with 1,765 rushing yards and 19 touchdowns on the ground. Cook basically lapped with field with his missed tackles created that year, according to Pro Football Focus.

No other draft-eligible running back in 2017 was within even 15 forced missed tackles. Cook reached that level through both finesse and power.

The latter came when Cook bullied his way through defenses, constantly clawing forward for extra yards. That's a defining characteristic of an offense-altering three-down back, and Cook can be a punishing downhill runner. He averaged 4.2 yards after contact in 2016, per PFF, which led the nation.

Cook fell to the second round primarily due to off-field issues and injury concerns. He's had three legal run-ins dating back to 2009, along with three shoulder surgeries. But if Cook stays out of trouble off the field, he has shown his body can withstand a hefty workload. He had 321 touches in 2016, which was the NCAA's seventh-highest total.

The Miami native didn't crumble under that heavy use. Instead, he thrived while also evolving his already loaded skill set. Prior to the 2016 season, Cook accrued a modest 447 receiving yards over the previous two years combined. In 2016, he showcased what he can do as a pass-catcher, finishing with 488 receiving yards at an average of 14.8 per catch.

That was one way Cook produced yards in chunks. The other was by reaching another gear with his 4.49-second speed in the 40-yard dash.

Creating space and opportunities for yourself is only half the battle as a running back. The best runners also need to capitalize on the defenders they've left sprawled by reaching top speed out of their cuts quickly. Cook can do that with ease, and showed it when 45.1 percent of his yards in 2016 came on 15-plus-yard runs, per PFF.

That towered over the breakaway production of Latavius Murray, who plodded away for the Oakland Raiders in 2016, averaging just four yards per carry.

The Vikings recently activated Murray from the physically unable to perform list after he missed the start of training camp due to an ankle injury. He'll still have a place in the Vikings' backfield, and he could vulture some goal-line work after being effective in that role for the Raiders. Murray scored 20 touchdowns over three seasons in Oakland, including 12 in 2016.

But the starting job was always Cook's to lose, and not just because of his draft status or the physical attributes and skill that produced 4,464 rushing yards at FSU, making him the school's all-time leading rusher.

There's also an intangible quality to Cook, one which Zimmer's comments shed a light on. When Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur chimes in with how quickly Cook is advancing in his run-blocking—typically the tallest barrier separating rookie running backs from three-down work—it's clear Minnesota has added a special talent.

"He has a really great foundation coming from Florida State, so he understands the big picture, and he understands our terminology as to who we're blocking, and he really has a good feel for the game," Shurmur said, via Ben Goessling of the Star Tribune. "I don't see any elements of running back play that he can't be very good at, and pass protection is one of them."

While the Vikings have set the bar high for Cook, he has the natural ability to sail above it while being one of the leading contenders for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Read more NFL news on BleacherReport.com

          Fait Main de novembre 2007        


Fait Main novembre 2007 vient de paraître. Un numéro à ne pas manquer ! Voici pourquoi...

Côté couture:

  • Dès la couverture, votre regard sera probablement attiré par ce beau modèle de manteau rouge...ne soyez pas effrayée par sa réalisation: en effet, il inaugure une nouvelle rubrique couture facile de Fait Main ! Laine bouillie et bords francs pour se simplifier la vie...Coudre son propre manteau permet de porter un modèle unique tout en faisant des économies... C'est aussi un cadeau de Noël qui pourra être très apprécié.
  • un tailleur classique avec les explications pas à pas du col à revers et des épaulettes, accompagné par un gilet et une cravate en satin, ainsi que la robe boule assortie.
  • Des tuniques à la coupe très tendance avec empiècement, fronces ou lavallière...et de réalisation simple.
  • un ensemble mode et féminin composé d'une jupe à panneaux terminés en pointes qui pourra régaler les patcheuses...et d'une veste-chemisier à l'encolure volantée: facile mais chic !
  • une robe plissée présentée dans un large éventail de tailles (du 38 au 50)
  • en grandes tailles (du 46 au 58) dans les tons prune, deux vestes féminines: une plutôt chic en velours imprimé et la seconde plus décontractée en polaire, ainsi qu'une jupe à volant de coupe seyante.
  • une jupe ajustée à bretelles
  • pour les plus jeunes, des costumes de chevaliers: cape, tunique et cagoule en tailles 6 à 16 ans, avis aux amateurs de jeux de rôles !
  • une coquette garde-robe à coudre pour les fillettes de 2 à 6 ans: robe, tunique, gilet, pantacourt...à décliner dans différents coloris !

Côté tricot et crochet:

  • un adorable boléro ajouré fermé par un ruban de velours pour les fillettes de 2 à 8 ans
  • un pull classique pour homme, présenté dans le style marin mais qui peut aussi être réalisé en uni.
  • une superbe tunique dentelle pour femme
  • Un magnifique pull d'experte, à l'encolure arrondie en jacquard norvégien, en camaïeu de gris. Une idée en plus ? l'interpréter en version traditionnelle rouge et blanche ou version arc-en-ciel avec un joyeux mélange de laines multicolores !
  • Un pull dans le style irlandais traditionnel des îles d'Aran...pour tricoteuses confirmées
  • un débardeur vite tricoté, décoré d'un coeur en perles
  • un grand plaid style patchwork, pour finir nos restes de laine et réchauffer le canapé...ouvrage de longue haleine mais qui restera longtemps apprécié.
  • A crocheter: une longue veste-manteau avec de gros boutons en laine et une écharpe assortie: 5 à 7 pelotes de grosse laine suffisent ! 

Côté customisation:

  • un jean transformé en sac (qui vous rappellera peut-être celui-ci... ;)
  • de gros boutons en laine crachetée (voir rubrique tricot-crochet ci-dessus)
  • très gai: un sac décoré de laine feutrée en spirales multicolores ! Et avec le pas à pas tout en images cela semble facile à réaliser... Une idée en plus ? décorer le manteau rouge avec de la laine feutrée et réaliser un sac assorti !

Côté déco et broderie:

  • on prépare Noël avec différents décors de table en hardanger rouge, vert et or, à réaliser selon votre temps disponible (explications en dessins)
  • pour les bricoleuses: un pouf astucieux à réaliser en bois et recouvrir de tissu, qui dissimule...un rangement pour nos ouvrages !


prochainement toutes les photos des modèles visibles sur coudre-broder-tricoter.com

          11/28/06 - "More on that guy. Jeez, I'm wordy when feeling jilted."        
I don't think Rocky Votolato sounds like the Gin Blossoms anymore.

I feel even sicker now. Part of it is probably because I was drinking last night. Part of it is because I still can't really eat, and my stomach being empty just makes it more upset. The other part is that I was right. The girl that I thought it was? Lindsay confirmed that it's her. How did I know? He omitted to mention that she was in his apartment once. He told me that Patrick and Alan were up there watching a movie, but didn't say Christina. I was with Johnny at the time, and Johnny commented that was strange, where did Christina go? She was there, of course. At the time I was willing to write it off as maybe he didn't realize I had already met her and would know who she was. But it stuck with me, and other vibes I got while hanging out with them both, and now it really doesn't seem this was as "sudden" as he claimed, considering I noticed this on November 15th, a full week before he claims anything happened with her. Which makes me feel more stupid, for trusting him instead of my instincts.

Want to hear the funny part? Before she moved here, Dave and I went out to dinner in the U-District, and I was feeling rather introspective after watching a movie about dying, and he made a joke about me thinking too much. Later, while he waited with me for a bus, we were faced with a gaggle of skinny, over-coiffed, underdressed twinks, who were babbling about something inconsequential, and who happen to be dead ringers for Christina. I motioned to them and said, "Would you rather I was like that? Because if so, we might as well end it right here, because it'll never happen." He replied, "No, no, they're nice to look at, and sometimes nice to have sex with, but that's about it." Hilarious, right? Now he has his very own, practically living in his apartment (now she doesn't have to share a bed with Patrick! How convenient!), and apparently the irony is completely lost on him.

Maybe I just need to be mean again. I used to treat boys pretty badly. Like they were expendable. I was uncompromising when it came to what I wanted. One of the hardest things to hear from Joey after we broke up was that he felt like he was my slave. I didn't want to be like that. Then I jumped into things with Chris, and carried over some of that characteristic. I pulled a few "my way or the highway" moves with him, but felt bad for it. When we ended things, that was a huge reason for my boyfriend moratorium. I was tired of jumping from relationship to relationship, and I was tired of being such a bitch to boys that I cared for. Shouldn't they be the ones I'm nicest to?

I dated casually for a while, and did a pretty good job avoiding emotional entanglements. I was smarter than that, I thought. Sex is just sex, it's for fun. No heartbreak, and no need to be particularly considerate of these guys either; I mean hey, they weren't my boyfriend. Then the whole thing with Bo, which was obviously emotional for entirely different reasons (and also oddly unemotional... something I'm sure I'll have to come to terms with eventually), and then being freaked out by things of that nature, and then... a string of mostly drunken, irresponsible choices. But hey, at least it was fun, and I didn't have to deal with any messy feelings. I started to have an actual crush on Will, and was a little bummed when he didn't reciprocate, but nothing even approaching tear-worthy. Then I met Robert, and had a burst of hey-this-person-is-awesome-I-want-hang-out-with-him-all-the-time! Which, regardless of how it all turned out, was a nice thing to feel again. I had sort of forgotten what it was like to be so excited about someone. But, despite the great beginning, things spiraled quickly, and I was able to, rather painlessly for me (to the point that his pleas started to simply anger me, fueling my resolve), extricate myself from the situation. Meeting Eric at the time also made it easier. Now I fear that Dave feels towards me what I felt towards Robert - I was so happy to be with Eric, the idea of Robert struck me as ludicrous, as did the feelings he professed to have for me. If lighthearted myspace quizzes are indicative, Dave appears to be practically giddy over this transition from me to her. Sort of like I was with Eric. Ugh. There's that sick feeling again.

Why am I constantly plagued by bad relationship karma? Here was my second earnest attempt at earning good karma, thrown back in my face just like the first. I was upbeat, I was supportive, I gave more than I took, and I followed what I've now come to regard as the relationship golden rule: Leave them better than you found them. Someone told me once that our highest responsibility in a relationship is to leave them better than you found them-- that no matter what goes down, even if you end up not speaking, as long as you leave them better than you found them then you've done your duty, and I really took it to heart. I feel I've done that twice over now; will I ever get it back? Or is bad karma the only kind that comes to pay its respects?
So, what have I learned: that when you come to a relationship openly and with your guard down, when you give it your attention and your respect and, out of respect for the other person, stop fooling around with other people, they trample all over you. But, if you ignore someone, while simultaneously seeing other people, and don't give a shit about any of it? They'll keep begging for more. This isn't something that I'm okay with - do I have to be labeled a "hopeless romantic" or some other cliche to reject this lesson?
          In pictures: Park Hill steel staircase        
Park Hill takes another step towards completion. A large spiral staircase is being installed in the north block.
          Monster black hole formed by trio of colliding galaxies stuns scientists        
BLACK HOLES: Three colliding spiral galaxies 1.8 billion light years from Earth have produced a monster black hole weighing in at 3 billion times the mass of the Sun.
          How galaxies change the look of the universe        
STARSTUFF PODCAST: Galaxy evolution shows a dramatic drop in the ratio of spiral to elliptical galaxies. Also; astronomers find a nearby quasar powered by two supermassive black holes, and red sprites at night prove to be an astronaut's delight.
          Your guide to galaxies        
GALAXY FAQ: Don't know your elliptical from your spiral galaxy? ABC StarStuff's Stuart Gary explains how different types of galaxies formed and evolved over time.
          â€œLa comunicación es un tejido vivo que marcha en el espiral del tiempo hacia el reencuentro y despertar de los pueblos”        
          LP Spiral Knights Ep 2 Of Keymasters Lockpicking and Jill Sandwiches        
- youtube : LP Spiral Knights Ep 2 Of Keymasters Lockpicking and Jill Sandwiches
          Girlfriend of man who fatally shot Officer Miosotis Familia details his spiral into paranoia and violence        
BY James Fanelli | NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, July 17, 2017, 12:01 PM The girlfriend of the crazed killer who gunned down Officer Miosotis Familia broke her silence Monday, describing how she desperately tried to get her boyfriend help as he spiraled into madness before the fatal shooting. “I didn’t know it could end […]
          Butter Rum Ham Glaze...        
Butter Rum Ham...
This ham was so moist and flavorful....So easy to prepare!
 I bought this ham for Thanksgiving dinner. It was so good...I'm doing a repeat for Christmas!
Rum Butter Glaze...
1 cup of Karo syrup 
2 heaping tablespoons of Hot Butter Rum Batter
1/4 cup of gold rum
1 tablespoon of brewed coffee
Blend together and baste the ham with some glaze
Cook the Ham according to the directions. *I used a Smithfields Spiral Bone-in Ham.
After the Ham is cooked, glaze again & let rest for 10-15 minutes.
Slice & Serve
Oh My...this was AMAZING! Full of flavor & taste, I barely had enough for left overs.
I froze the ham bone...Using that this week for some pinto bean soup! YUM, keep an eye out for the recipe! 
Holiday Ham Served with Style...

          Do you need a spiralizer? And if so, which one?        
Do you need a spiralizer? And if so, which one?

Every time I post a tweet about my new spiralizer or upload an image of some zucchini noodles I’ve just made to Instagram, I get asked: “What brand of spiralizer did you buy?” and “Do you recommend a spiralizer?” So I thought I’d take a few pics and share how I came to decide on this brand.

          Review Lesson         
As I mentioned in my last "taking a break" post, my next lesson would be coming to you from my new dining room!  So, just to give you a visual, here it is :-)
This was one of my favorite features of the new house because this table was a wedding present from my parents and the for the 8 years we've been married, we've never been able to sit all the way around it!  It's always been pushed up against a wall in an eat-in kitchen.  This is just one of the many ways God has blessed us!  (This is completely off the subject, but I'm in the process of redoing all the chairs, painting them red...that's why they're all unmatching right now!)  So, the girls and I sat down right here this morning and did our lesson! 

As I began planning this lesson last night, I felt completely off my game.  First of all, our Bible verse cards (which I specifically did not pack early because I wanted to keep track of them) have become lost in the move!  And I had no idea where the storybook Bibles were or my "Bible lessons" spiral notebook.  I also had been thinking that Jenna probably didn't remember anything because it had been so long and she's been completely obsessed with Wonder Pets lately and thinking of little else!  SO, because of this I decided to do a review lesson today.

Also, I used a new book today to help with the review.  It's The Baby Bible Storybook.   These books are so cute for toddlers and I had recently picked this up at a consignment shop to use for Madeline.  I used it today because Jenna loves it too, and it gives really brief reviews of the stories we had already done.

Review Lesson
1.  Verse - no new verse.  I need to find our other verses before our next lesson!!

2. Lesson -
  • Pray with your child about the lesson.
  • Review the Bible stories that you've already taught.  I did this by reading the first three stories out of The Baby Bible Storybook, "God Made Everything," "Noah and the Animals," "God's promise to Abraham and Sarah."  (These were all just one short page, so this didn't take very long to do.)
  • Review all the previous lessons by going through our Bible Crafts binder. (This is a notebook we've put together of all of Jenna's Bible lesson crafts.)
3.  Craft - Writing Practice
Since the point of today was really to review names and stories, I decided to do something a little different and have Jenna practice writing/tracing the names from our stories.  If you go to this handwriting website, you'll find a worksheet generator for you to type in any words and it will print them as print-dot letters to use for writing practice.  I used the "Paragraph Worksheet Maker" and typed in "Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, Tower of Babel, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac."  Then Jenna traced the letters as we talked about each name. 
It was something different and it worked well for the review.

4.  Song -
I asked Jenna what she wanted to sing and she chose "The Noah song."  So we sang the "Who built the ark?" song from the Wee Sing Bible Songs cd.  (#29)

I hope this review lesson is helpful to you in some way!  I'm gonna go on a hunt for our Bible verse cards and plan a new lesson for next time! 
Bye for now!

Un grupo de alumnos de la ESO y Bachillerato de Lengua Castellana y Literatura y de Literatura Universal de IES Ramón Menéndez Pidal presentan en la Biblioteca del Menéndez su proyecto de Diarios de escritura creativa para el tercer trimestre del curso 2016-2017.

El proyecto, todavía en desarrollo, consiste en la elaboración de un cuaderno o diario de escritura creativa en el que se recoja la vida cotidiana de los alumnos y que sirva de memoria en un futuro lejano de sus intereses y actividades en la primavera del 2017.

La realización del cuaderno y su interpretación de los temas propuestos es libre.
Las únicas pautas comunes para todos los alumnos consisten en el respeto y el sentido común, la utilización de las normas ortográficas vigentes y el cuidado de la caligrafía.

Los asuntos que aparecen recogidos en los diarios son los grandes temas de la Literatura universal de todos los tiempos: el amor, la familia, la amistad, el paso del tiempo, los viajes, la libertad, el humor, el miedo...

Se han seleccionado más de cien posibles entradas para el diario y entre ellas cada persona trabaja en las que piensa que se adaptan mejor a su manera de ser.
Los alumnos eligen el tema, lo desarrollan o interpretan a su gusto y lo ilustran.

En el diario también aparecen recogidas canciones, poesías y citas o textos literarios del agrado de los alumnos.
Nuestros alumnos escritores incluyen en el diario sus propios textos literarios.

Aunque muchos de los alumnos han elegido un formato similar, la presentación formal del diario creativo es libre. 
Algunos han optado por trabajar sobre cuadernos, agendas o diarios o por tunear libretas convencionales de espiral o de grapas, otros están trabajando sobre hojas sueltas con la intención de crear un portafolio o de encuadernarlas posteriormente.

Para la decoración o la ilustración se han mezclado técnicas diversas: dibujos con bolígrafos y rotuladores, pinturas acrílicas, lápices de colores, acuarelas...
Se están utilizando para ilustrar las páginas las técnicas del dibujo, del collage, del troquelado, del manchado, del soplado, del recortado...
Algunas hojas se han agujereado, adornado, emborronado, perfumado, recortado, envejecido o quemado  para adaptarlas mejor a los temas que trataban.
Durante pocos días y de una manera excepcional para celebrar la Semana del Libro, nuestros alumnos han accedido a mostrar algunas páginas de sus diarios creativos en la Biblioteca del Menéndez. 

          Apple Knows Plenty        

Apple is poised to become the biggest company in the world by 'market capitalisation'. It maybe briefly inched ahead of EXXON yesterday in chaotic market trading, but it will very surely be well ahead of the pack by the end of the year. Apple's sales and profits are rocketing and the value of the company is still being significantly underestimated by the markets.

The remarkable fact is that although Apple is now a large company by any standards (annualised sales of over $100 Billion) its profits and its sales turnover are still growing at an amazing rate. Big companies can be very profitable, and big companies can sometimes grow revenues quickly, but Apple is doing both of these things consistently, quarter by quarter. As can be seen in this chart produced by Horace Dedieu

For fuller discussion of the chart see Asymco's note on Apple's growth scorecard for second quarter 2011. In Asymco's deadpan style these sales and profit growth stats are dubbed merely"exceptional" or "very good". But Asymco is being too phlegmatically Finnish, it is frankly unprecedented for a company with annual sales of approaching $100 Billion to be growing year on year at 82% (and in the preceding quarters 83%, 70%, 67%, 61%, 49%, 32%, 6%). You have to go back to Q3 2009 to find the merely respectable figure of 6% annual growth!

The crazy thing is that there are some very strong planks in Apple's growth strategy that we still cannot infer from reported figures. Only Apple knows, or can guess, how strong a part of the growth story will come in the next decade from the sale of music, film, books, and apps all coursing through iTunes and all generating a 30% turn for Apple. This IP-derived cash will become an important part of Apple's revenue streams and even more of its profits, because the marginal cost of selling more digital media through iTunes is very low.

We dont know much about Apple's revenue from apps in iTunes, but we do know, from a press release, that Apple had cummulatively paid out over $2.5 Billion to app developers by July 2011, which means that Apple has retained $1.1 Billion from its share of sales of apps through iTunes (over the 4 years that apps have been for sale in iTunes). At the iPad 2 launch event in January Apple had announced 2$ Billion in payments to app developers, so it is probable that Apple sales from apps will comfortably exceed 1$ Billion in 2011.

Buried within these gross figures, that are reported in bald outline, there will be an amazing amount of detail that is available to Apple only. Apple now has a good deal of insight on the relative buying patterns of owners of iPhones and iPads (now 150 million and 30 million owners in each case). Apple has a lot of information on individuals buying habits for music, film, and for apps, for games, productivity tools, ebooks and magazines and newspapers. Very little of this information is aggregated or understood outside the confines of Cupertino. It would be very interesting to know what the average iPad owner spends on media in the first quarter or the first year of 'ownership', on games, music, ebooks and periodical subscriptions. If the 'average' iPad owner spends $6 per annum on magazine subscriptions through iTunes there is already an annualised market for nearly $200 million in magazine subs. That figure may be too high at this stage when there are so many 'experimental' magazine apps out there doing their publishers experiments. But it is not outlandish to suppose that periodical subscriptions spending could soon head towards $10 or $20 per owner, which will mean that the market will soon be measured in billions. It would be informative/encouraging to know whether expenditure on various classes of media tends to increase or flatten out? There is a widespread belief that app purchases tend to focus around the very low prices on the Apple pricing matrix: 99c or $1.99. That stands to reason, but many publishers and developers would like to have more information, more guidance on pricing at higher levels for more sophisticated offerings. I suspect, and we have smidgins of data that bear this out, that iTunes is now selling relatively big ticket items well (by 'big ticket' I mean items priced at $15 or over, even $50 and over) Apple does not currently have a way of guiding developers and publishers on these issues: except through reporting sales on specific apps -- which Apple does well, promptly and fairly, in my opinion.

I suspect that the information that the market-wide information Apple now has on some of these issues is both quite surprising and also of minimal use to Apple's competitors. So I expect that Apple will find ways of conveying more information that will help to guide the deliberations of its developers and publishers.

From the snail's eye view that we have at Exact Editions one can say with confidence that Apple's potential for revenue generation through iTunes and the app store in particular is extraordinary. Here are four things that we have learned since Apple introduced its automatic renewals within iTunes:

(1) Renewals are good. We have limited data (less than three months) but there are indications that subscriber renewals through iTunes will be over 75%, possibly over 90%. Month by month. If annual renewals are also good, Apple's and the publishers revenues from digital magazines enter a virtuous spiral.

(2) Any special interest consumer monthly magazine with a paid annual circulation over 10,000 print subscribers will make good money from deploying a branded app in iTunes. The revenues from iTunes, even after Apple's commission, taxes, and Exact Editions development charges, will significantly exceed the costs (there must be some exceptions to this rule of thumb, but we have not seen them yet). A magazine that has 10,000 subscribers in print will find 1,000+ subscribers in the 200 million consumers that have iTunes accounts. Next year that proportion will be higher, when there are 250 million iPads.....

(3) The gap between appreciation of magazines on the iPad ("I love my magazine") and appreciation on the iPhone is widening ("the page IS small"). Most iOS magazine apps are being bought by iPad owners. The new iPad 2 is also clearly better than its predecessor for magazines. We think that the iPad 3 may mark another step change, especially for highly visual magazines.

(4) A significant proportion of users who subscribe to a magazine in iTunes will choose the expensive option of a 12 month sub, rather than the easy option of a 30 day sub. Though all our publishers offer discounts for annual subs when they price their subscriptions for iTunes, in nearly all cases the reward for the 12 month sub is small -- 10/15%. So we have been surprised to see 20%, 25% even 30% of subscribers opting for the bigger ticket (it varies with different magazines). Surely the adoption rate will be even higher when magazine publishers decide to start experimenting with promotional annual subscriptions in iTunes. This is excellent news for publishers who wish to maximise subscription revenues on the digital side, it is very good news for Apple also, though it is going to be another 9 months before we start to find out how good the annual renewal rate in iTunes is!

          Mengatasi Menstruasi Berlebihan        
Berikut ini cara paling tepat, paling aman untuk mengatasi menstruasi berlebihan, tanpa efek samping. Sebelum membahas cara mengatasi menstruasi / haid berlebihan, simak dahulu penjelasan singkat mengenai haid berlebihan dan penyebabnya. Menorrhagia atau menstruasi berlebihan adalah keluarnya darah menstruasi secara berlebihan atau dalam jumlah yang terlampau banyak. Selama masa menstruasi, jumlah rata-rata darah yang dikeluarkan adalah 30-40 ml. Dan seorang wanita dianggap mengalami haid berlebihan jika kuantitas darah yang dia keluarkan berkisar antara 60-80 ml. Adapun beberapa kondisi atau penyakit yang dapat menyebabkan perdarahan menstruasi berlebihan diantaranya adalah:
  • Terjadi gangguan fungsi ovarium, harus diwaspadai karena bisa mengganggu Kesuburan Wanita.
  • Terjadi tumor rahim jinak atau polip uterus, kanker ovarium Kanker rahim, dan kanker serviks.
  • Wanita menggunakan obat pengencer darah, karena telat haid,
  • Penggunaan Alat kontrasepsi spiral (IUD),
  • Terjadi keguguran atau kehamilan ektopik,
  • Terjadi gangguan pembekuan darah.
  • Terjadi Adenomiosis (kondisi di mana lapisan rahim tertanam di dalam dinding otot rahim), yang sering terjadi pada wanita paruh baya yang sudah memiliki beberapa anak.
  • Wanita mengalami penyakit radang panggul, endometriosis, gangguan tiroid, infeksi organ reproduksi, penyakit hati atau ginjal.

    Tissue Double Majakani Solusi Paling Tepat Paling Aman Mengatasi Menstruasi Berlebihan Rekomendasi Boyke Dian Nugraha
    Harga PROMO : Rp.160.000,-/BOX
    1 box = berisi 10 sachet (62x95 mm)
    1 sachet berisi 1 sheet (140x200 mm)
    Tissue Double Majakani adalah Tissue yang dibuat dengan kandungan herbal didalamnya, merupakan tissue herbal kualitas premium yang terbukti paling ampuh, paling aman digunakan setiap hari untuk mengatasi menstruasi berlebihan. Merupakan produk herbal khusus kesehatan organ intim wanita yang direkomendasikan secara resmi oleh pakar kesehatan: BOYKE DIAN NUGRAHA. Tissue Double Majakani mengandung bahan-bahan herbal diantaranya: ekstrak alami buah Majakani Piper Betle, Lactic Acid & CHAMOMILE serta Vitamin E, terbukti mampu mengobati sekaligus mengatasi menstruasi berlebihan dan juga mampu membantu :
    • Menstabilkan PH asam & mengurangi cairan (basah) berlebihan
    • Membuat aroma lebih wangi disekitar organ intim
    • Membantu mengencangkan otot-otot perut & rahim setelah melahirkan
    • Membina rahim & membersihkan selepas bersalin & haid
    • Mencegah Keputihan
    • Menghilangkan gatal-gatal pada organ intim
    • Mencegah jamur yang menyebabkan bau tak sedap
    • Menjaga agar kulit sekitar organ intim tetap sehat dan terawat.
    • Mencegah Kanker Serviks (bukan melalui hubungan pasutri)
    • Merileksasikan otot kewanitaan
    • Mengatasi KRAM saat menstruasi
    Cara Pakai Tissue Double Majakani

    Gunakan Tissue Double Majakani pada organ intim kewanitaan & selipkan sebagian saja lalu biarkan, diamkan 15-20 menit. Karena bidang tissue cukup lebar, bisa di bagi 2 untuk siang & malam, Sedangkan untuk membersihkan organ intim gunakan dari dalam kearah luar organ intim kewanitaan tanpa perlu di bilas kembali.

    Pesan Sekarang Juga!!!

    Untuk Pemesanan, Cukup Kirim SMS berformat:

    TM : MAJAKANI : Jumlah Pesan : Nama : Alamat Lengkap : No Hp

    Kirimkan Ke No. Pemesanan:

    0877 550 86 130 ( SMS & Telp )


    Sejak duduk di bangku SMP saya mengalami gangguan Menstruasi yaitu sakit di bagian perut, pinggang dan betis. Bukan hanya itu sirkulasi haid pun tidak teratur, saya sering menstruasi 2 bulan sekali dan bahkan sebaliknya 1 bulan saya mengalami 2x menstruasi. Dan itu sangat menggangu aktivitas saya karena beberapa kali saya jatuh pingsan karena rasa nyeri di perut.Namun setelah saya menggunakan TDM yang di rekomendasikan oleh kakak ipar saya, dan setelah memakai 4 sachet, saya langsung menstruasi yang sebelumnya sudah terlambat 2 bulan 1 minggu. Namun ada yang berbeda pada menstruasi kali ini saya tidak merasakan sakit sama sekali, ini membuat saya sangat gembira karena saya dapat beraktifitas dengan baik dan dapat berpergian kemana saja meskipun sedang menstruasi...TERIMA KASIH ABE atas TDM nya.
    (Ibu Mona - Palu)

    Saya mengalami kista dan mentruasi yang berlebihan selama 3 bulan dan berbagai upaya saya lakukan baik obat-obat tradisional maupun medis. Selama 2 tahun rasa tersiksa saya harus makan obat dari dokter tanpa hasil yang memuaskan.Lalu saya disaran oleh paman saya sebagai distributor ABE untuk mengkonsumsi Lady Fem dan bersamaan dengan Tissu Double Majakani. Setelah saya mengkonsumsi 1 kotak Lady Fem dan Tissu Double Majakani (TDM) ukuran kista telah mengecil dengan ukuran 2,6 cm dan bulan kedua kista saya mengalami perubahan, bulan pertama dengan mentruasi saya mulai tertatur.

    Saya lanjutkan kembali mengkosumsi bulan kedua dan hasilnya ternyata pada bulan ketiga saya periksa kembali pada dokter bahwa kista saya sudah tidak ada lagi. Terima kasih ABE.
    (Ibu Susi Megarinti - Pontianak)

        "luar biasa tisu double majakani (TDM) ini, teman saya 2 bulan lebih menderita kesakitan terkena varises vagina, jangankan untuk hubungan pasutri untuk buang air seni saja sakit sekali.... tapi alhamdulillah... sejak memakai tisu manjakani ini varises sudah tidak terasa saat diraba padahal baru 1x pakai... untuk hasil optimal rutin di gunakan hingga 2 minggu tiap hari... Terimakasih.... "
        (Ibu Nur - Medan)

        "konsumen saya memberi kesaksian terkena infeksi vagina (perih & gatal) sejak memakai air toilet di mall saat bepergian, saya anjurkan memakai tissue majakani, 1 lembar di bagi 2 untuk siang & malam, yang siang harinya baru pakai 25 menit dia merasa ada yang bekerja di dalam organ intimnya (seperti gerakan merambat), lalu yang untuk malam hari sy anjurkan untuk didiamkan hingga pagi harinya, besoknya dia hubungi saya saat tissue dikeluarkan timbul lendir kekuningan & ada serbuk seperti bedak, menurut pakar yg seperti serbuk itu adalah bakteri... dan pada hari ke 5 dengan pemakaian rutin... (menghabiskan 5 sachet) infeksi vagina tsb sembuh!"
        (ibu Lilies - Jakarta)

        "Sejak memakai Tisue Double Majakani, keputihan yang dialami istri saya berkurang sangat drastis! saat pertama kali pemakaian lalu didiamkan 20 menitan & saat dikeluarkan pada tisu menempel lendir kekuningan yang cukup banyak, kini sejak pemakaian aromanya pun terasa segar & istri lebih bergairah, selain sehat tentunya.. terimakasih atas solusinya...."
        (Bpk. Agus - jakarta)

        "istri saya sejak memakai tisu dari Boyke & co ini kemampuannya luar biasa... organ intimnya menjadi lebih kesat, otot kewanitaan lebih ketat dan seperti saat muda lagi... wah...bener-bener luar biasa produk dari boyke & co ini! "
        (Bpk. Tino - depok)

        *) Hasil berbeda pada tiap wanita karena kondisi tubuh yang juga berbeda.
        **) Ada banyak sekali testimonial kepuasan dari pelanggan kami yang kami terima, testimonial memakai nama samaran untuk privacy pelanggan.

    Pemesanan? Klik Gambar dibawah ini.

    cara pesan tissue double majakani mengatasi menstruasi berlebihan

    * Mengatasi Nyeri Saat Haid *

              Cara Memperlancar Haid        

    Cara Memperlancar Haid

    Untuk anda yang mengalami masalah menstruasi, kami perkenalkan Cara Memperlancar Haid secara herbal yang terbukti lebih aman tanpa menyebabkan efek samping seperti mengganggu kesehatan rahim dan organ reproduksi lainnya. Produk ini merupakan tissue dengan kandungan herbal yang direkomendasikan secara resmi oleh pakar kesehatan: BOYKE DIAN NUGRAHA sebagai herbal khusus wanita dewasa BPOM CA No. NA18141600031 mampu membantu mengatasi masalah menstruasi tidak teratur / tidak lancar dan permasalah organ intim lainnya. simak penjelasan lengkap cara memperlancar haid dibawah ini.

    Kenali Penyebab Haid Tidak Lancar & Teratur

    Terlambat datang bulan atau haid tidak teratur kerap dialami wanita. Selain karena kehamilan, penyebab telatnya menstruasi juga bisa bermacam-macam. Ada yang hanya merupakan gangguan hormon ringan ada pula yang patut diwaspadai karena merupakan pertanda adanya penyakit serius.
    • Penurunan Berat Badan yang Drastis. Kondisi gangguan pola makan serius seperti anoreksia dan bulimia adalah penyebab utama orang mengalami penurunan berat badan drastis dan terlambat datang bulan.
    • Stres. Dokter spesialis kandungan Alyssa Dweck, M.D, seperti dikutip dari Women's Health menjelaskan bahwa hypothalamus, salah satu bagian dari otak sangat terpengaruh oleh stres. Hypothalamus adalah tempat bernaungnya banyak hormon yang mengatur periode haid. Jadi ketika stres mengganggu kinerja hypothalamus maka produksi hormon pun jadi tak seimbang.
    • Gangguan Pada Kelenjar Tiroid. Kelenjar tiroid berfungsi mengatur metabolisme tubuh. Tapi ketika terjadi ketidakseimbangan pada tiroid, akan berpengaruh juga terhadap kelancaran siklus haid.
    • Hormon Tidak Seimbang. Menurut dokter spesialis kandungan Kolonel Dr Frits Max Rumintjap, SpOG(K), penyebab utama menstruasi tidak teratur adalah hormon yang tidak stabil. Bisa karena beberapa faktor, seperti sering kelelahan, pekerjaan, atau stres.
    • Pil Kontrasepsi. Beberapa jenis pil kontrasepsi dosis rendah, Alat lainnya seperti IUD, spiral atau suntik KB bisa menyebabkan haid tidak teratur.
    • Jamur atau Penyakit. Dr Frits mengatakan, jadwal mens yang berantakan bisa juga karena adanya penyakit seperti jamur. 

    Cara Memperlancar Haid dengan Tissue Double Majakani Rekomendasi Boyke Dian Nugraha

     cara memperlancar haidTissue Double Majakani adalah tissue dengan kandungan herbal yang sangat cocok dipakai setiap hari untuk cara memperlancar haid. Mengapa? Karena produk ini merupakan Tissue kesehatan yang digunakan sangat baik untuk menjaga kebersihan dan kesehatan organ intim selain mampu membantu mengatasi permasalahan menstruasi anda. Sebagai cara memperlancar haid, Tissue majakani dengan formula bebas alkohol, ph balance dan extrak bahan alami seperti: eksrak biji buah Majakani, Piper Betle, Lactic Acid & CHAMOMILE serta Vitamin E, menjadikan tissue majakani cara memperlancar haid sekaligus sebagai pembasuh yang sangat lembut, aman, bebas iritasi dan segar sepanjang hari. Intimate Tissue Majakani berfungsi untuk membantu :
    • Mengatasi KRAM saat menstruasi
    • Mengatasi haid tidak teratur / tidak tuntas / tidak lancar
    • Mengetatkan otot organ intim wanita
    • Memberikan rasa kesat di organ kewanitaan
    • Menstabilkan PH asam & mengurangi cairan (basah) berlebihan
    • Membuat aroma lebih wangi disekitar organ intim
    • Membantu mengencangkan otot-otot perut & rahim setelah melahirkan
    • Membina rahim & membersihkan selepas bersalin & haid
    • Mencegah Keputihan
    • Menghilangkan gatal-gatal pada organ intim
    • Mencegah jamur yang menyebabkan bau tak sedap
    • Menjaga agar kulit sekitar organ intim tetap sehat dan terawat.
    • Mencegah Kanker Serviks (bukan melalui hubungan pasutri). Tahukah anda? SETIAP perempuan berisiko terkena kanker serviks. dan tiap 1 jam, 1 wanita indonesia meninggal karena kanker mematikan tersebut.
    • Menghaluskan & melembutkan kulit area organ kewanitaan
    • Merileksasikan otot kewanitaan

    Apakah anda tahu mengapa produk ini telah dikenal sebagai cara memperlancar haid terbaik yang paling dicari? Hal ini karena tissue double majakani selain mampu mengatasi masalah menstruasi, juga mampu mencegah kanker serviks, mengatasi keputihan serta membuat otot organ intim wanita kembali kencang dan terasa kesat. Khasiat hebat yang dihasilkan tissue majakani cara memperlancar haid berasal dari kandungan alami biji buah majakani yang dipadukan dengan piper betle (daun sirih), seperti yang sudah terkenal selama ribuan tahun lamanya, kedua herbal tsb merupakan perpaduan terbaik dalam mengatasi permasalah organ kewanitaan, seperti mengobati keputihan dan mengatasi masalah menstruasi. 

    Cara Pemakaian untuk Cara Memperlancar Haid :
    1. Gunakan Intimate Tissue ini pada organ intim dan diamkan sejenak (+- 30 menit )
    2. Gunakan dari dalam kearah luar organ intim anda tanpa perlu dibilas kembali


     mengobati keputihan rekomendasi boyke dian nugrahaSejak duduk di bangku SMP saya mengalami gangguan Menstruasi yaitu sakit di bagian perut, pinggang dan betis. Bukan hanya itu sirkulasi haid pun tidak teratur, saya sering menstruasi 2 bulan sekali dan bahkan sebaliknya 1 bulan saya mengalami 2x menstruasi. Dan itu sangat menggangu aktivitas saya karena beberapa kali saya jatuh pingsan karena rasa nyeri di perut. Namun setelah saya menggunakan TDM cara memperlancar haid yang di rekomendasikan oleh kakak ipar saya, dan setelah memakai 4 sachet, saya langsung menstruasi yang sebelumnya sudah terlambat 2 bulan 1 minggu. Namun ada yang berbeda pada menstruasi kali ini saya tidak merasakan sakit sama sekali, ini membuat saya sangat gembira karena saya dapat beraktifitas dengan baik dan dapat berpergian kemana saja meskipun sedang menstruasi...TERIMA KASIH ABE atas TDM nya. (Ibu Mona - Palu)

     mengobati keputihan rekomendasi boyke dian nugrahaSaya mengalami kista dan mentruasi yang berlebihan selama 3 bulan dan berbagai upaya saya lakukan baik obat-obat tradisional maupun medis. Selama 2 tahun rasa tersiksa saya harus makan obat dari dokter tanpa hasil yang memuaskan. Lalu saya disaran oleh paman saya sebagai distributor ABE untuk mengkonsumsi Lady Fem dan bersamaan dengan Tissu Double Majakani. Setelah saya mengkonsumsi 1 kotak Lady Fem dan Tissu Double Majakani (TDM) ukuran kista telah mengecil dengan ukuran 2,6 cm dan bulan kedua kista saya mengalami perubahan, bulan pertama dengan mentruasi saya mulai tertatur. Saya lanjutkan kembali mengkosumsi bulan kedua dan hasilnya ternyata pada bulan ketiga saya periksa kembali pada dokter bahwa kista saya sudah tidak ada lagi. Terima kasih ABE. (Ibu Susi Megarinti - Pontianak)

    "luar biasa tisu double majakani (TDM) ini, teman saya 2 bulan lebih menderita kesakitan terkena varises vagina, jangankan untuk hubungan pasutri untuk buang air seni saja sakit sekali.... tapi alhamdulillah... sejak memakai tisu manjakani ini varises sudah tidak terasa saat diraba padahal baru 1x pakai... untuk hasil optimal rutin di gunakan hingga 2 minggu tiap hari... Terimakasih.... " - (Ibu Nur - Medan)

    "konsumen saya memberi kesaksian terkena infeksi vagina (perih & gatal) sejak memakai air toilet di mall saat bepergian, saya anjurkan memakai tissue majakani, 1 lembar di bagi 2 untuk siang & malam, yang siang harinya baru pakai 25 menit dia merasa ada yang bekerja di dalam organ intimnya (seperti gerakan merambat), lalu yang untuk malam hari sy anjurkan untuk didiamkan hingga pagi harinya, besoknya dia hubungi saya saat tissue dikeluarkan timbul lendir kekuningan & ada serbuk seperti bedak, menurut pakar yg seperti serbuk itu adalah bakteri... dan pada hari ke 5 dengan pemakaian rutin... (menghabiskan 5 sachet) infeksi vagina tsb sembuh!" - (ibu Lilies - Jakarta)

    "Sejak memakai Cara alami mengobati keputihan Tisue Double Majakani, keputihan yang dialami istri saya berkurang sangat drastis! saat pertama kali pemakaian lalu didiamkan 20 menitan & saat dikeluarkan pada tisu menempel lendir kekuningan yang cukup banyak, kini sejak pemakaian aromanya pun terasa segar & istri lebih bergairah, selain sehat tentunya.. terimakasih atas solusinya...." - (Bpk. Agus - jakarta)

    "istri saya sejak memakai tisu dari Boyke & co ini kemampuannya luar biasa... organ intimnya menjadi lebih kesat, otot kewanitaan lebih ketat dan seperti saat muda lagi... wah...bener-bener luar biasa produk dari boyke & co ini! " - (Bpk. Tino - depok)

    *) Hasil berbeda pada tiap wanita karena kondisi tubuh yang juga berbeda. 
    **) Ada banyak sekali testimonial kepuasan cara memperlancar haid dari pelanggan kami yang kami terima, testimonial memakai nama samaran untuk privacy pelanggan.

    1 BOX isi 10 sachet (62x95 mm)
    Tiap 1 sachet berisi 1 sheet (140x200 mm)


    Pemesanan? Klik Gambar dibawah ini.

     cara pesan tissue majakani

    * Cara Memperlancar Haid *

    Ditulis oleh: Agen Resmi Felice Collagen Soap

    Awhile back I had to go to Strasbourg for another eye test and when I returned Frenchie met me at the train station and we spent a leisurely hour or two wandering the streets of Colmar. It is filled with tiny cobblestoned streets lined with interesting shops and cafes. We happened upon a Madagascar Festival that was basically just a market filled with stand after stand of wonderful craftmanship all made by the women of Madagascar and they proudly would tell you about how they polished said stone or wove said scarf from raw silk. I was astounded by the beautiful pieces on display and the prices were so low I couldn't help but select several pieces. The labradorite heart here is so colorful, I am afraid the pictures don't do it justice. It Flashes with gorgeous blues and greens. I think it is probably the nicest piece of Labradorite I've ever seen and I can't wait to make a piece out of it.

    The shell in the center was an interesting piece. The woman actually had raw shells that hadn't been polished yet on display and she explained how she polished them and made the pieces. She called this the eye of Santa Lucia. I love the spiral design in the center!
    The ammonites were just amazing. I picked up two matching ones and a larger single piece to make earrings and a necklace. The selection was plentiful and some of them were so big. I could have easily spent a fortune there, it was so hard to pick and chose.
    Lastly, Frenchie stopped at the silk scarf stand and though I make and sell silk scarves and have a whole dresser full of silk I had to admit I wanted one so bad. Frenchie happily bought me the most beautiful scarf. It has become my favorite and I have already wore it several times. It is completely different from the silk I normally work with so I don't feel too guilty.

    All it all it was a nice find. The prices were so low and knowing they were going directly to these wonderful women made me happy. I have seen some of the conditions in Madagascar. It is a poor country but beautiful. I am glad they came to Colmar and I hope they return again. Next time I will try to take pictures! 
    Hopefully soon I will put a few of these to the wire and try to make some jewelry out of them. I am struggling with my jewelry right now though. Taking this long break has made me rusty. I have been trying to make a simple pair of earrings for three days and nothing is working. Please send me some patience to help me through this dry spot. I need it!

    Wishing you all a restful and wonderful weekend...

              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 04-19-2017 with Indra Raj        

    Imaginary Tricks- Night Owl - Skommel
    Mount Kimbie- We Go Home Together feat James Blake - We Go Home Together feat James Blake Single
    Max Cooper- Distant Light Rival Consoles Remix - Emergence Remixed
    - voicebreak -
    Bonobo- Kerala - Migration
    Faintlife- Origami Cascade - Ever Was
    Ultrasta- Static Light - Ultrasta
    Janka Nabay The Bubu Gang- Sabanoh - Build Music
    Serengeti- Off On - Kenny Dennis III
    Actress- X22RME - AZD
    - voicebreak -
    Here Lies Man- I Stand Alone - Here Lies Man
    Hoops- Rules - Routines
    Yaeji- Noonside - Yaeji EP
    Lusine- Witness feat Benot Pioulard - Sensorimotor
    Maxwell- All The Ways Love Can Feel - BlackSUMMERSnight 2016
    Overmono- Telephax 030 - Arla II EP
    - voicebreak -
    Bridget Kearney- Wash Up - Wont Let You Down
    Dirty Projectors- Death Spiral - Dirty Projectors
    Steve Lacy- Looks - Steve Lacys Demo EP
    Sam Gellaitry- Jungle Waters - Escapism III EP
    Bonny Doon- Lost My Way - Bonny Doon
    Cilantro Boombox- Onans Disciples - Shine
    - voicebreak -
    Beats Antique- Let It All Go - Beats Antique
    Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2- Star Stuff - Star Stuff
    Lykke Li- I Follow Rivers - Wounded Rhymes
    Local Natives- Villainy - Sunlit Youth
    Talaboman- Six Million Ways - The Night Land
    - voicebreak -
    Jay Som- Take It - Everybody Works
    Happyness- Falling Down - Write In
    Pick A Piper- Flood Of My Eyes feat Shadowbox - Distance
    Oumou Sangar- Yere Faga feat Tony Allen - Mogoya
    Kendrick Lamar- ELEMENT - DAMN
    Orchestra Baobab- Fayinkounko - Tribute To Ndiouga Dieng
    - voicebreak -
    Joe Goddard- Lose Your Love - Electric Lines Deluxe Version
    Sir Was- Can We Be More - Digging A Tunnel
    Contry- So Get A Baby - Cell Phone 1
    Thundercat- Heartbreaks Setbacks - Insecure Music From The HBO Original Series
    Daym Arocena- Eleggua - Cubafona
    - voicebreak -
    The Range- Five Four - Potential
    The Black Angels- Id Kill For Her - Death Song
    Fujiya Miyagi- Serotonin Rushes - Fujiya Miyagi
    Herbie Hancock- Chameleon - Best Of

    playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/35/playlistDate/2017-04-19
              Rest Your Wings ATC        

    Here is an ATC I made for the "Put a Bird on It" swap in the Vera Lane Studio FB group. The bird image is a freebie.

    I used Distress Inks in Salty Ocean, Mustard Seed, and Picked Raspberry for the background. 

    I white embossed some dots and silver embossed some spirals. 

    I used a Tim Holtz alphabet stencil and Distress Paint in picket fence.

    I coloured the bird with coloured pencils and gamsol. I added Glossy Accents to the feathers on the body and to the bird's eyes. 

    I drew my own tree branch and coloured it with Prismacolour markers. 

    I added some Tim Holtz word stickers for the sentiment. 

    Thanks for having a look.

    Talk to ya soon xx


    7122 27fe 400

    [Reposted from lifedownthespiral via vogel]

              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 12-08-2016 with Joel Davis        

    The Brothers Rap- The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Afterschool Special The 123s Of Kid Soul
    Betty Davis- Down Home Girl Take 4 - The Columbia Years 19681969
    HanHan- Sige - Han Han
    Thee Oh Sees- At The End On The Stairs - An Odd Entrances
    - voicebreak -
    Jeff Parker- Super Rich Kids - Slight Freedom
    Tanya Tagaq- Cold - Retribution
    Kan Wakan- I Would - I Would Single
    Adrian Younge- The Concept Of Love - The Electronique Void
    KC The Sunshine Band- I Get LIfted - Saturday Night Fever bonus Selection
    Mike Watt- ForeverOne Reporters Opinion - BallHog Or Tugboat
    Syna So Pro- Holiday - Vox
    Denki Groove X Schadaraparr- Twilight Cornelius Remix - Cm3 Interpretation remixed By Cornelius
    - voicebreak -
    Rico Rodriguez- Ska Wars - Man From Wareika
    The Scientists- This Is My Happy Hour - A Place Called Bad
    - voicebreak -
    Nam Amor John Convertino- Black Boot Shuffle - The Western Suite And The Siesta Songs
    Coulibaly Tidiane Dafra Star- Sie Koumgolo - Bobo Yy Belle poque In Upper Volta
    Goat- Psychedelic Lover - Requiem
    Sedcairn Archives- Little Doors - OOBYDOOB
    Springtime Carnivore- Nude Polaroids - Midnight Room
    - voicebreak -
    Anthony Child- Nine Personality Type Map - Electronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol 2
    Steve Lehman- Origine - Slbyone
    Steinski Double Dee- Easin In - What Does It All Mean 19832006 Retrospective
    MC Paul Barman- A Somewhat New Medium - Paullelujah
    Divine Styler- Livery - Spiral Walls Containing Autumns Of Light
    Julien Jacob- Truckin Gotta Keep On Streamer Remix - Streamer Soundcloud
    Rev Sekou The Holy Ghost- The Revolution Has Come - The Revolution Has Come
    - voicebreak -
    Makam- Buddhas Bridge - Than Sadet
    Sidestepper- Song For The Sinner - Supernatural Love
    Timmy Thomas- Why Cant We Live Together DJ Platurn Cracker Beats Drum Edit - Why Cant We Live Together dj Platurn Cracker Beats Drum Edit single
    Tay Sean- Australopithecus - Leavings
    Dexter Story- Veggie Wondem Combo Ras G Afrikan Space Program Remix - Wondem Remixed
    - voicebreak -
    Various Artists- Augustus Pablo East Of The River Nile - DJ Spooky Creation RebelTrojan Records UnMixed
    Kid Koala- The Observable Universe - Music To Draw To Satellite feat Emilana Torrini
    Yo La Tengo- Well You Better - Fade
    This Girl- Kungs - France Rocks Vol 4
    Icebucket- These Boots Are Made For Walking - These Boots Are Made For Walking Single
    Becky Warren- Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time - War Surplus
    Run The Jewels- Talk To Me - Talk To Me Single
    - voicebreak -
    Four Tet- A Lost Track That Ive Been Playing On The Radio And Stuff Seemed Like A Nice Thing To Put Out There Because Of Smashing It On The Internet Etc - A Lost Track
    Africaine 808- The Lord Is A Woman - Basar
    The Kondi Band- Belle Wahallah - Belle Wahallah EP
    AMOUI- Mr Bassie - Analog Riddim Single
    Skinshape- Summer - Oracolo
    - voicebreak -
    Jonathan Finlayson- Flank And Center - Moving Still
    Henry Rollins- Twas The Night Before Christmas - A Lump Of Coal

    playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/50/playlistDate/2016-12-08
              20.10.17 19:00 Uhr - Nürnberg - Dominik Forster: "Crystal.klar"        
    Tickets erhältlich unter: http://www.frankentipps.de/veranstaltung205697-tickets

    Vom Gelegenheitskiffer zum Crystal Meth-Dealer: Dominik Forster hat alles durch. Doch mit Breaking Bad hat alles nichts zu tun: Statt Millioneneinnahmen und Machtmonopol folgen Absturz und Gefängnisstrafen. Als Ex-Knacki und Abhängiger werden ihm die Jobangebote nicht gerade hinterhergeworfen, und so dreht sich die Abwärtsspirale weiter. Nach einem Nahtoderlebnis findet Dominik Forster mit Entzug und Therapie in ein selbstbestimmtes Leben zurück. Heute engagiert er sich ehrenamtlich in der Suchtprävention und leistet Aufklärungsarbeit über Drogenmissbrauch bei Jugendlichen. Dieses Buch zeigt schonungslos seinen Weg durch den Drogensumpf – und wieder zurück.

    "Heute bin ich clean, rauche und trinke nicht, besuche Schulen und halte dort Präventionsunterricht."
              Mysterious 'Galaxy X' Around Milky Way May Soon be Found         
    A dwarf galaxy that is too dim to see but is thought to orbit the Milky Way could soon be found using a new mathematical technique that analyzes ripples in the distribution of gas in spiral galaxies.
              28.09.17 20:30 Uhr - Nürnberg - Gorilla Mask (Searching for the young Jazz Rebels)        
    Tickets erhältlich unter: http://www.frankentipps.de/veranstaltung209939-tickets

    Unbarmherzig und furchterregend streifen Gorilla Mask auch auf ihrer brandneuen, dritten CD IRON LUNG durch die Berliner Kieze und ihre Musik birst dabei vor archaisch wilder Energie. Der kanadische Ausnahme-Saxophonist und WahlBerliner Peter van Huffel, Schlagzeuger Rudi Fischerlehner und Bassist Roland Fidezius haben alle Free Jazz, Punk und Metal in ihrer DNA, aber im Verlauf der Evolution haben diese Silberru?cken die Grenzen ihrer genetischen Codierung weit hinter sich gelassen . Ihre Musik ist schnell - sie ist wie Ebbe und Flut eines hellwachen Trios, das ganz genau weiß, was es will. Ständige Ausweichmanöver sind ihr Metier! In dem Moment, indem sie Deine Fu?ße unter Strom setzen, ziehen sie Dir darunter den Boden weg. Aber - dieser Wahnsinn hat Methode, er folgt einem geheimen Plan, ja ist das Ergebnis einer unablässigen tätigen, äußerst intelligenten Kollektiv-Intelligenz von drei Virtuosen.
    Van Huffel bläst ein machtvolles Alt-Saxophon: Man stelle sich den höhlentiefen Ton von Arthur Blythe u?berschrieben von dem innovativen, ausgefransten Experimental-Stil von David S. Ware und dann hat man wenigstens den Schimmer einer Idee von van Huffels Stil. Er surft auf der megahohen Schaumkrone einer aus frenetischem fuzz-wah-Bass und pickelhartem, punktgenauen Schlagzeug-Beat aufgerichteten hohen Welle, der höchsten, die man sich vorstellen kann. Auf diese Weise kreieren Gorilla Mask komplexe vier oder fu?nf-dimensionale Sound-Spiralen – und sie kneifen Dich in die Rippen, während sie Achterbahn in Deinem und mit Deinem Gehirn fahren. In dem Moment , wo die lustvolle Intensität von Gorilla Mask in Schmerz umzuschlagen droht, in eben dem Moment, wo man gerade im Begriff ist, um Gnade zu schreiben, etwa so: „Es ist gut – nicht mehr davon!“, ja in diesem Moment ist die unglaubliche Energie bereits unterwegs in ein auf keiner Karte verzeichnetes Universum.
              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 11-13-2015 with Nat        

    DJ Shadow- Influx - Preemptive Strike
    Twilight Circus Dub Sound System- Thunder Mix - Binshaker Dub
    The Upsetters- One Step Dub - Arkology Box Set
    - voicebreak -
    Filastine Maga Bo- Batalha Cotidiana Feat Rabah Maga Bo Remix Of Btalla - Extra Dirty Bomb
    Von Magnet- Nostalghian - El Planeta
    Lisandro Meza- Cumbia Negra - Realeza De La Cumbia Sonidera
    Los Ecos- sos Peligro - Cumbia Beat Vol 2
    - voicebreak -
    Bright Channel- Witness - Bright Channel
    Whirr- Press - Sway
    Tom Waits- Goin Out West - Bone Machine
    Dick Dale- Scalped - Unknown Territory
    Link Wray The Wraymen- The Shadow Knows - The Swan Singles Collection
    Pleasure Seekers- What A Way To Die - Friday At The Hideout Boss Detroit Garage 196467
    Yo La Tengo- Deeper Into Movies - Stuff Like That There
    Belly- Now Theyll Sleep - King
    Cocteau Twins- Wolf In The Breast - Heaven Or Las Vegas Remastered
    Peter Gabriel- Blood Of Eden - Us Remastered
    Pentangle- A Maid Thats Deep In Love - Cruel Sister
    The Widows Bane- Haul Away Boys - The Widows Bane
    16 Horsepower- Haw - 16 Horsepower EP
    Espers- The Road Of Golden Dust - III
    Y La Bamba- Death On The Road - Oh February EP
    Hamster Theatre- Reddy 4 Luv - Mister PersonalityQuasi Day Room
    They Might Be Giants- Spiralling Shape - Kids In The Hall Brain Candy
    XTC- Travels In Nihilon - Black Sea
    The Young Gods- Longue Route - Leau Rouge Red Water
    Insomnium- Through The Shadow - One For Sorrow
    Vladiswar Nadishana- Song Of The Far Lands - Penetration Into Substance

    playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/65/playlistDate/2015-11-13
              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 11-12-2015 with Joel Davis        

    Divine Styler- The Next - Spiral Walls Containing Autumns Of L
    Superhuman Happiness- Super 8 - Escape Velocity
    La Bronze- Formidable En Arabe Stromae - Formidable En Arabe stromae
    Smoove- African Mailman Smoove Remix - DJ Maestro Presents Little Girl Blue Remixed
    Heiss- 8431 Miles feat Jackson Whalan And Falu - The Black Swan Theory Vol 2 Selected By Joel Davis
    - voicebreak -
    LaBrassBanda- Tecno - Europa In Dub
    Various Artists- Shaft - Studio One Funk
    Roots Manuva- Dont Breathe Out - Bleeds
    Ilhan Ersahin- Sooth Me - East2West
    Francois Virot- 3 - Unreleased 2008 2010
    The Polyversal Souls- Love In Outer Space - Invisible Joy
    Alan Watts- Fingernail Poem - This Is It
    DJ Krush- Living In The Future feat Tha BOSS - Butterfly Effect
    Les 54321- Bond Street - Sushi 3003
    - voicebreak -
    Sambanzo- Etiopia - Daora Underground Sounds Of Urban Brasil HipHop Beats Afro Dub Deluxe Edition
    Corrina Repp- Set Fire - The Pattern Of Electricity
    Yo La Tengo- False Alarm - ElectrOPura
    Populous- Vu feat Clap Clap Larry Gus Remix - Night Safari Remixed
    Illa J- Perfect Game - Illa J
    Nicola Cruz- La Cosecha - Prender El Alma
    - voicebreak -
    La Mecanica Popular- Mtame En La Tormenta - Noche Triler Single
    Omar Souleyman- Bahdeni Nami Legowelt Remix - Bahdeni Nami
    Minutemen- Theatre Is The Life Of You - Double Nickels On The Dime
    Boogat- Los Tabarnakos - NeoReconquista
    Lord Invader- Rum And Coke Andres Digital MashUp - Andres Digital Presents Sonidero Tropical
    Srikalogy- New Paradigm - New Paradigm
    Kamasi Washington- The Rhythm Changes - The Epic
    - voicebreak -
    Singers Players- Kunta Kinte Dub - Trevor Jackson Presents Science Fiction Dancehall Classics
    Ancient Astronauts- Surfing The Silvatide feat Bajka Dday One Remix - Themes From Tomorrowland
    Ursula 1000- The Shadow Of Your Smile feat Puddles Pity Party - Voyeur
    Hot Chip- Huarache Lights - Huarache Lights Soulwax Remix Single
    Ibibio Sound Machine- Talking Fish Titeknots Remix - Remixed EP
    - voicebreak -
    Prince Fatty- Final Stage Dub feat Earl 16 - Mad Professor Meets Prince Fatty In The Clone Theory
    Radio Citizen- Shores - The Night The City
    Baba Zula Mad Professor- Gerekli Seyler Dub - Duble Oryantal
    - voicebreak -
    St Germain- Mary L - St Germain
    Makaya McCraven Junius Paul Justefan- Slightest Right - In The Moment
    Dexter Story- Eastern Prayer feat Nia Andrews - Wondem
    Filastine- Gendjer2 Copyflex Remix - Looted
    - voicebreak -
    Khruangbin- Mr White - The Universe Smiles Upon You

    playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/50/playlistDate/2015-11-12
              5 Jenis Latihan Fisioterapi Pada Stroke        
    Kompetensi Fisioterapi Dengan
    Kumpulan Makalah Ft

    Gambaran Umum :

    Stroke adalah kematian sel otak yang mendadak atau tiba-tiba oleh karena gangguan sirkulasi darah ke otak. ketika asupan darah keotak lemah, oksigen dan nutrisi yang penting untuk otak tidak dapat disalurkan. Akibatnya tenjadi ketidak normalan fungsi otak. Gangguan aliran darah keotak dapat terjadi oleh karena blokade atau kerusakan dari pembuluh arteri.

    Stroke dapat disebabkan oleh trombosis, emboli, perdarahan subarachnoid dan lain-lain yang menimbulkan hemiplegia.

    Pemberian latihan pada pasien stroke akibat trombosis dan emboli jika tidak ada komplikasi lain dapat dimulai 23 hari setelah serangan dan bilamana terjadi perdarahan subarachnoid dimulai setelah 2 minggu. Pada stroke karena trombosis atau emboli pada penderita infark miokard tanpa komplikasi, program latihan dapat dimulai setelah minggu ke tiga, tetapi jika segera menjadi stabil dan tidak didapatkan aritmia, latihan yang gentle dapat dimulai pada hari kesepuluh. Pada stroke yang berat lebih aman menunggu sampai tercapai complete stroke kemudian baru dimulal program latihan, meskipun hanya gerakan pasif saja yang diberikan. Jika proses penyebabnya dicurigai berasal dari arteri karotis ditunggu 18 s/d 24 jam dan jika penyebabnya dari sistem vertebrobasiler
    tunggu sampai 72 jam sebelum memastikan
    tidak ada perburukan lagi.

    Ada beberapa bentuk metode atau tipe latihan yang dapat diaplikasikan oleh pasien stroke diantaranya adalah :

    1. Conservative/Tradisional :
    Metode latihan ini terkesan umum dan latihan-latihannyapun didasarkan penekanan pada pencegahan & perawatan kontraktur dengan mempertahankan luas gerak sendi atau latihan Range Of Motion (ROM exercises).

    Memperkenalkan mobilisasi dini kepasien dengan cara pengoptimalan sisi yang sehat untuk mengkompensasi sisi yang sakit. Tipe jenis latihannya adalah penguatan dengan
    menggunakan tahanan.

    2.Propioseptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation (Metode PNF) Metode latihan ini bertujuan untuk merangsang respon mekanisme neuromuskuler melalui stimulasi proprioseptor. Bertujuan memfasilitasi
    pola gerakan sehingga mencapai "functional
    relevant" dengan tujuan memfasilitasi irradiasi
    impuls untuk tubuh bagian lain yang
    berhubungan dengan gerakan utama.
    Menggunakan rangsangan proprioseptif
    (streetching/peregangan otot, active movement/gerakan sendi dan resisted/tahanan terhadap kontraksi otot sebagai input sensorik yang didesain untuk memfasilitasi kontraksi otot spesifik)Tehnik-tehnik dari PNF dapat dijabarkan sebagai berikut:
    1. Pemberian tahanan maksimal
    2. Traksi & aproksimasi sendi
    3. Quick stretch
    4. Cutaneous pressure (hold & grip)
    5. Gerakan sinergis (untuk memperkuat gerakan
    yang lemah)
    6. Mempergunakan aba-aba yang sederhana
    7. Pola gerak : spiral - diagonal

    3. Movement Therapy/Brunnstorm
    Konsepnya :
    Reedukasi otot menggunakan latihan refleks.
    Dasar teori :
    Kerusakan susunan syaraf pusat/SSP telah
    menyebabkan evolusi terbalik & regresi kembali
    ke pola gerak filogenetik yang lebih tua (terjadi
    sinergi dan refleks primitive). Sinergi & refleks
    primitive ini dianggap sebagai bagian normal dari
    proses penyembuhan sebelum terbentuk pola
    Kombinasi eksteroseptif & proprioseptif
    Tehnik :
    1. Memberikan tahanan pada ekstremitas yang
    normal, tapping (input sensoris) & tehnik
    2. Diberikan sesuai dengan 6 stadium
    penyembuhan Twitchell :Flasiditas, Spastisitas
    dan onset sinergi, Peningkatan spastisitas &
    beberapa control sinergi volunteer, Penurunan
    spastisitas & peningkatan control sinergi
    volunteer, Tidak adanya control fungsi motorik
    dari sinergi, Gerakan sendi individual
    3. Tahapan tehnik latihan : Merangsang gerak
    sinergis (Associated Reaction Pathological Tonic
    Neck & Labyrinthine reflex)
    Mengontrol gerakan sinergi :
    - Latihan terlepas dari pengaruh pola sinergis
    (dengan gerakan kombinasi pola sinergis
    - Merangsang fungsi tangan & jari tangan secara
    volunteer, ada beberapa tahapan yang harus
    diperhatikan dalam latihan ini diantaranya
    adalah :
    Tahap 1-3 : merangsang control volunteer
    sinergis & memakai gerakan ini untuk aktifitas
    stabilisasi obyek /àyang bertujuan (ROM bahu,
    abd volunteer, untuk ADL memegang,
    menjinjing, dll)
    Tahap 4-5 : mengontrol flexor & ekstensor sinergi
    sehingga penderita dapat melakukan aktifitas
    Tahap 6 : ketrampilan tangan dengan melatih
    fungsi tangan

    4. Neurodevelopmental Technique/Bobath
    Dasar teori :
    Pola gerakan patologis tidak boleh digunakan
    untuk latihan oleh karena penggunaan berulang
    jalur eferen patologis dapat menyebabkan
    ekspansi ke jalur normal. Menggunakan konsep
    hirarki fungsi SSP manusia, dengan komponen
    yang saling integral : input sensorik & system
    feedback motorik. Konsep motor relearning
    mungkin dapat berurutan seperti pada
    perkembangan normal dan Berlawanan dengan
    Brunnstorm & PNF.
    Prinsip :
    1. Kontrol pola spastisitas dengan menghambat
    pola abnormal
    2. Fasilitasi pola normal / refleks postural normal
    (righting & equilibrium reaction)
    Tujuan :
    1. Stabilisasi tonus postural
    2. Inhibisi pola abnormal / gerakan abnormal
    3. Fasilitasi refleks otomatis & pola gerakan
    normal yang lebih selektif & persiapan
    ketrampilan fungsional
    Tehnik :
    1. Reflex Inhibiting Posture/pattern (RIP) :
    meletakkan anggota gerak dalam posisi pola
    2. Key Point of Control (KPOC) : menghambat
    spastisitas & pola gerak abnormal sekaligus
    memberi fasilitasi pola gerak yang normal
    a. Proximal KPOC (shoulder, hip dan trunk)
    b. Distal KPOC (tangan & kaki) Tidak
    menganjurkan pemakaian alat bantu jalan, oleh
    karena latihan NDT menekankan penggunaan &
    weight bearing pada sisi lumpuh
    3. Push-pull technique : tehnik untuk
    menimbulkan ekstensi terutama pada lengan di
    mana fleksi lebih dominan
    4. Placing & holding : mempertahankan posisi
    dalam RIP position
    5. Tapping : pada otot antagonis dari otot yang

    5. Sensory Motor Approach
    Fasilitasi/inhibisi pergerakan melalui stimulasi
    proprioceptor, exteroceptor atau enteroceptor.
    Teori :
    Deficit motorik adalah hilangnya fungsi yang
    terjadi dipandang dari sudut pandang
    yangàselama perkembangan sensorimotorik
    normal berhubungan dengan input sensorik
    Stimulasi kulit untuk fasilitasi stabilisasi &
    mobilisasi otot :
    1. Stimulasi free nerve ending : Fasilitasi pada
    kulit di atas otot stabilisator 30 menit sebelum
    terapi untuk brushing yang tujuannya
    memfasilitasi gamma motor neuron dengan
    tujuan untuk stabilitas otot proksimal sendi
    (biasanya menggunakan electrically powered
    brush), Aplikasi dengan es (suhu 12-17derajat F)
    3-5 menit memfasilitasi C fiber
    2. Fasilitasi mobilizing muscle : Quick stroking /
    icing pada tangan, kaki &/bibir
    3. Stimulasi otot stabilisator : Electric brushing/
    repetitive icing dengan tujuan stimulasi
    stabilisator secondary muscle & inhibisi spastic
    mobilizing muscle

              Penanganan FT pada Nyeri Adnexitis        

    [Sponsor "KORSET TLSO" ]
    Adnexitis adalah inflamasi yang mengenai adnexa yaitu salah satu atau kedua tuba falopii dan ovarium. Radang tuba falopii dan radang ovarium (adnexa) biasanya terjadi bersamaan. Oleh sebab itu tepatlah nama salpingo-ooforitis atau adneksitis untuk radang tersebut. Tuba dan ovarium (adneksum) berdekatan, dan dengan perabaan tidak dapat dibedakan apakah suatu proses berasal dari tuba atau dari ovarium, maka lazim digunakan istilah kelainan adneksum. Istilah tumor adneks digunakan apabila pembesaran terdapat disebelah uterus, dan tidak diketahui apakah itu berasal dari tuba atau dari ovarium, serta tidak/belum diketahui pula apakah itu proses peradangan atau neoplasma. Apabila itu jelas proses peradangan, maka istilahnya diubah menjadi adneksitis (akuta atau kronika). Pada adnexitis di samping cukup banyaknya durasi nyeri juga menyebabkan keterbatasan yang nyata pada aktifitas, peran dan fungsi biologis wanita. Adnexitis terutama terjadi pada wanita usia 16-35 tahun dan berbahaya bagi wanita karena dapat menimbulkan infertilitas karena adanya pembengkakan dan jaringan parut yang lengket pada tuba falopii sehingga menyebabkan tuba non patten (tidak berlubang).

    Adnexitis terutama disebabkan oleh infeksi bakteri dan jarang oleh virus. Sebagian besar kasus infeksi disebabkan oleh gonococcus, streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli, chlamydia trachoma, dan clostridium, dimana bakteri-bakteri tersebut hidup tanpa oksigen. Faktor air sangat dicurigai sebagai faktor penyebab adnexitis, hal ini dikarenakan air mengandung bakteri yang dapat masuk ke dalam tuba falopii melalui vagina. Begitu pula dengan pembalut wanita yang kurang steril dan micobacterium tuberculosa juga dapat menimbulkan adnexitis. Adnexitis dapat dengan mudah terjadi pada wanita saat dan setelah menstruasi, setelah aborsi dan setelah melahirkan. Hal ini disebabkan oleh pengeluaran zat horsestyle yang ikut keluar pada saat menstruasi, saat aborsi dan saat melahirkan. Zat tersebut berfungsi sebagai daya tahan tubuh terhadap mikroorganisme atau benda asing yang akan menyebabkan terjadinya suatu penyakit atau radang. Dengan berkurangnya zat tersebut akan menyebabkan daya tahan tubuh menurun. Sehingga mikroorganisme atau benda asing dapat dengan mudah masuk ke tubuh melalui organ genitalia eksterna dan menimbulkan reaksi berupa penyakit atau radang. Perjalanan infeksi pada adneksitis yaitu faktor penyebab tiba di ovarium dan tuba falopii dengan cara yang berbeda, tergantung pada tempat daerahnya. Bisa dari asenden dan desenden. Jika faktor penyebab tiba di peredaran darah ovarium dan tuba falopii maka disebut infeksi haematogen. Pada infeksi asenden faktor pencetus adnexitis bergerak ke lapisan atas dan uterus masuk ke tuba falopii. Faktor pencetus infeksi asenden antara lain: air, pembalut wanita yang kurang steril, selama dan setelah menstruasi, setelah melahirkan, setelah aborsi, gangguan-gangguan uterus misalnya adanya spiral, perubahan membran mucus dalam servix oleh karena keluarnya nanah yang mengalir dari tuba falopii dan ovarium, adanya myoma atau polips serta tumor.

    Pada infeksi desenden ini terjadi jika ada inflamasi pada organ sekitar misalnya appendicitis atau proctitis atau adanya radang usus besar yang menyebar ke tuba falopii. Infeksi haematogen merupakan infeksi pada peredaran darah dan termasuk jenis adnexitis micobacterium tuberculosa yang berhubungan dengan tuberculosa. Untuk mengetahui adanya adnexitis diperlukan suatu pemeriksaan antara lain: anamnesa, pemeriksaan gynekologi dan pemeriksaan darah lengkap. Pada anamnesa biasanya penderita mengeluh nyeri hebat di daerah perut bagian bawah, nyeri saat menstruasi, nyeri saat berhubungan sexual dan kadang penderita mengeluh nyeri pinggang. Pada saat dilakukan palpasi pada abdomen ditemukan ketegangan pada dinding abdomen oleh karena adanya kontraksi otot abdominalis sebagai reaksi proteksi terhadap radang, terdapat nyeri tekan pada abdomen bagian bawah. Pada pemeriksaan gynekologi saat uterus dipalpasi (dengan tussue) juga dirasakan nyeri. Dan pada pemeriksaan darah lengkap LED meningkat. Nyeri meningkat pada saat kegiatan naik turun tangga dan mengangkat barang-barang berat.

    Tulang dan sendi pelvic

    Pelvic di bentuk oleh 4 buah tulang yaitu 2 buah tulang pangkal paha (coxae) yang terletak di sebelah depan dan samping tulang coxae sendiri merupakan pertautan antara tulang usus, tulang duduk dan tulang kemaluan. 1 buah tulang belangkang (sacrum) di sebelah belakang, 1 buah untaian tulang ekor (coccygeus) di sebelah belakang bersambung dengan sacrum. Rongga Pelvic dibagi dua yaitu pelvic mayor dan pelvis minor. Ada 4 buah sendi yang penting antara lain: artc. sacro iliaca 2 buah masing-masing kiri dan kanan (berkapsul), artc. Symphisis pubis (tanpa kapsul), artc. sacro
    coccygeus dan artc. lumbosacral. 

    Otot-otot pelvic

    Dasar panggul adalah “diagfragma muscular” yang memisahkan rongga pelvic di sebelah atas dengan ruang perineum di sebelah bawah. Jadi dasar panggul sepenuhnya terdiri atas sejumlah otot panggul yang sangat penting fungsinya. 
    Otot-otot tersebut antara lain: 
    • m. levator ani (m. pubo coccygeus, pubo vaginalis dan pubo rectalis), 
    • m. sphincter ani externus, 
    • m. bulbo cavernosus
    • m. ischio coccygeus. 
    [Sponsor "KORSET TLSO" ]
    Bagian dari pintu bawah panggul adalah diagfragma pelvis yang dibentuk oleh m. levator ani dan m. coccygeus. Lapisan paling luar (di atas dasar panggul) dibentuk oleh otot-otot bulbo cavernosus, yang melingkari genitalia externa, otot perinea transversus superfisialis, otot ischio cavernosus dan sphincter ani externus. Dinding abdomen terdiri atas kulit, lemak dan otot-otot diantaranya mm. Rectus obliqus externus dan internus, transversus abdominalis dan apponeurosis. M. rectus abdominalis berpangkal di depan coxae 5, 6, 7 berjalan ke bawah symphisis, bersama dengan otot yang lain berjalan miring dan melintang membentuk suatu system sehingga dinding abdomen menjadi lebih kuat. Salah satu fungsi dinding abdomen yang sangat penting ialah bersama dengan diagfragma mengecilkan rongga perut dan meningkatkan tekanan dalam rongga perut, sebagai salah satu fungsi yang penting pada persalinan, sebaliknya jika otot tersebut lemah maka dapat mengganggu persalinan serta membuat seseorang gampang terkena nyeri pinggang.

    Persarafan dan pembuluh darah pelvic  "FISIOTERAPI"
    • Sistem pembuluh darah
    Aliran darah arteri untuk tuba falopii dilepaskan dari arteria uterina dan arteria ovarica. Vena-vena tuba falopii mencurahkan isinya ke dalam vena uterina dan vena ovarica.

    Pembuluh darah pada pelvis berasal dari:
    a. ovarica melalui cabang aorta abdominalis ke L2,
    a. haemoridalis/rectalis superior yaitu lanjutan a.mesenterica inferior ke L3,
    a. iliaca interna dan a. iliaca externa keduanya merupakan cabang a. Iliaca communis dan cabang-cabangnya antara lain: a. iliaca interna (a. ilio lumbalis, a. sacralis lateralis, a. glutea superior), a. obturatoria, a. vesicalis superior dan inferior, a. uterina, a. rectalis/haemoridalis media, a. pudenda interna dengan cabang a. rectalis inferior, a. perineae, a. Clititoris

    Suplai darah ke ovarium diberikan oleh arteri ovarica. Arteria ovarica cabang dari pars abdominalis aortae melintas ke kaudal dengan menyusuri dinding abdomen bagian dorsal. Ditepi pelvis arteria ovarica ini menyilang pembuluh arteri iliaca externa dan memasuki ligamentum suspensorium ovarii. Arteria ovarica melepaskan cabang-cabang ke ovarium melalui mesovarium kemudian ke medial dalam ligamentum latum uteri untuk memasok darah ke tuba uterina dan uterus. Kedua cabang arteria ovarica beranastomosis dengan arteria uterina. Saluran vena dari ovarica kanan langsung bermuara ke dalam vena cava inferior, sedangkan aliran vena ovarica kiri bermuara ke dalam pembuluh balik ginjal kiri.
    •  Sistem persarafan
    Persarafan tuba falopii sebagian besar berasal dari plexus ovaricus dan untuk sebagian dari plexus uterina. Serabut aferen disalurkan ke dalam nervi thoracici XI-XII,dan nervus lumbalis1.
    Persarafan pada pelvic yaitu :
    n. pudendus yang terdiri dari n. haemoridalis inferior, n. perinea dan n. dorsalis clitoris. Di dalam panggul berisi: sistima urinaria yang tediri dari ureter, uretra, dan vesica urinaria, sistima genetalia pada wanita terdiri dari uterus, tuba falopii, ovarium dan vagina dan sistima digestive yaitu rectum.

    Serabut saraf dari ovaricus menurun mengikuti pembuluh ovarica. Plexus ovaricus berhubungan dengan plexus uterina. Serabut parasimpatikus dalam plexus berasal dari nervus vagus. Serabut aferen dari ovarium memasuki medulla spinalis melalui nervus thoracicus X.

    Nyeri Akibat Adnexitis

    Menurut The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) nyeri adalah pengalaman sensorik dan emosional yang tidak nyaman yang berkaitan dengan kerusakan jaringan atau berpotensi merusak jaringan atau menyatakan kerusakan jaringan. Nyeri dapat terjadi oleh karena adanya stimulus, ada reseptor yang menerima rangsangan dan ada yang menghantar rangsang sampai ke pusat sensori di otak sehingga ditafsirkan sebagai rasa nyeri. Selanjutnya otak mengadakan reaksi untuk menghindari stimulus tadi yaitu dengan adanya reaksi tubuh berupa proteksi. Sehingga dengan sendirinya tubuh akan terhindar dari kerusakan jaringan yang lebih parah.

    Gangguan nyeri akibat adnexitis terjadi karena adanya inflamasi pada adnexa yaitu salah satu atau kedua tuba falopii dan ovarium yang mengakibatkan penurunan aktifitas, peran dan fungsi biologis wanita.
    • Mekanisme Nyeri
    Pada prinsipnya terjadi nyeri harus ada stimulus reseptor, saraf afferen dan pusat sensori di korteks serebri. Keempat unsur tersebut harus ada, jika salah satu tidak bekerja dengan baik maka tidak akan terjadi nyeri. Mempelajari nyeri dengan melewati keempat unsur tersebut dikenal dengan trasmisi nyeri yaitu neuron pertama, neuron kedua dan neuron ketiga. Pertama stimulus dapat berupa mekanis, termal ataupun kimia diterima oleh reseptor yang bertugas menerima rangsang nyeri yaitu nosiseptor (nouciceptor) merupakan ujung saraf afferen di perifer (neuron pertama). Nosiseptor paling banyak terdapat di kulit, fasia, periost, otot dan kapsul sendi. Sedangkan di tulang rawan sendi (cartilago hyalin) tidak terdapat nosiseptor. Kedua, dari neuron pertama disampaikan ke neuron kedua di medula spinalis yang selanjutnya dihantarkan melalui spinothalamic menuju ke thalamus. Ketiga, dari thalamus disampaikan ke kortex (neuron ketiga) merupakan pusat sensorik yang kemudian ditafsirkan sebagai rasa nyeri.

    • Proses terjadinya nyeri pada adnexitis
    Radang adalah reaksi tubuh terhadap mikro organisme, benda asing dan ruda paksa. Tanda-tanda adanya radang antara lain nyeri,bengkak, panas, merah dan kemampuan fungsi menurun. Radang pada tuba falopii dan ovarium akan menimbulkan reaksi jaringan berupa pelepasan zat iritan nyeri (algogene) seperti produk kimiawi prostaglandin, bradikinine dan histamin. Akibat adanya zat iritan nyeri tersebut menyebabkan nyeri daerah abdomen bawah, tekanan uterus sering meningkat, adnexa (tuba falopii dan ovarium) menjadi bengkak karena adanya sumbatan pada tuba falopii yang bisa menjadi bertambah besar dengan terjebaknya cairan yang ada di dalamnya dan tekanannya menimbulkan nyeri (hydrosalpinx). Penimbunan nanah (abses) dalam tuba falopii dan ovarium bisa pecah dan nanahnya akan mengalir ke dalam rongga panggul sehingga menimbulkan nyeri sekali pada perut bagian bawah. Dinding abdomen menjadi tegang karena adanya kontraksi otot abdominalis sebagai reaksi proteksi terhadap radang serta gerakan servix uteri terasa nyeri. Sinyal nyeri ini dihantarkan oleh saraf tipe c. saraf ini kemudian masuk ke medula spinalis melalui radiks dorsalis dan berakhir di kornu dorsalis substansia grisea medula spinalis. Kemudian serabut tersebut menyeberang kesisi medula spinalis yang berlawanan dan berjalan ke cranial menuju otak melalui traktus spinothalamikus. Nyeri tersebut menyebabkan keterbatasan seorang wanita dalam melakukan aktifitas, peran dan fungsi biologisnya.

    Adnexitis akut

    Tanda-tanda adanya radang yaitu: calor (panas), dolor (nyeri), tumor (bengkak), rubor (merah), functio laesa (kelemahan fungsi). Gejala pada adnexitis akut antara lain: suhu tubuh meningkat, nyeri hebat di daerah abdomen bawah, dinding abdomen menjadi tegang karena adanya kontraksi otot abdominalis sebagai reaksi proteksi terhadap radang. Demam dan kadang disertai mual dan muntah, kondisi umum terdapat kelemahan yang parah, sering kali lapisan yang meradang mengeluarkan nanah, tekanan uterus sering meningkat dan menimbulkan nyeri, adnexa (tuba falopii dan ovarium) menjadi bengkak sehingga tekanannya menimbulkan nyeri, gerakan-gerakan servix terasa nyeri, hypersensitif daerah ovarium dan tuba falopii.

    Adnexitis kronik

    Jika fase akut telah hilang kemudian timbul keluhan lagi (excubation) ini merupakan inflamasi ulangan mungkin karena ketidakberhasilan dalam pengobatan atau akibat perubahan bekas luka (jaringan parut) setelah inflamasi sembuh. Keluhan juga dapat timbul jika penderita terlalu lelah, hal ini dikarenakan adanya kontraksi otot-otot abdomen yang menimbulkan ketegangan dinding abdomen sehingga terjadi kelemahan pada otot-otot abdomen dan akhirnya timbul nyeri. Gejala pada fase kronik sama seperti adnexitis akut hanya pada adnexitis kronik tidak terdapat peningkatan suhu tubuh. Gejala lain yang terjadi pada fase kronik antara lain: nyeri pada saat menstruasi oleh karena terjadinya kram atau kontraksi otot uterus, nyeri pada saat berhubungan sexual, nyeri setelah aktifitas berat dan nyeri bersifat menyebar ke struktur disekitarnya dan kadang penderita mengeluh nyeri pinggang bawah atau low back pain (LBP). Jika hal tersebut terjadi secara terusmenerus maka berbahaya untuk terjadinya infertilitas karena adanya pembengkakan dan jaringan parut yang lengket pada tuba falopii sehingga menyebabkan tuba non patten (tidak berlubang). Fase kronik dapat terjadi beberapa bulan sampai bertahun-tahun.


    Penetrasi short wave diathermy dalam jaringan

    Short wave diathermy memiliki penetrasi paling dalam, tetapi tergantung tehnik penerapan aplikatornya dan nilai dielektrik jaringan yang dilalui. Pada through dan through condensor field penetrasi paling dalam dan panas optimal di jaringan lemak dan jaringan ikat. Pada coplanar condensor field penetrasi paling superfisial dan panas optimal jaringan dielektrik tinggi misalnya dalam otot rangka. Pada elektroda double coil/diplode penetrasinya lebih dalam dari single coil (monode/minode), keduanya efektif untuk jaringan tubuh dielektrik tinggi. Pada metoda inductant coil dengan grid filter (circuplode) tidak terjadi panas di kulit tetapi pengaruh thermal pada jaringan di
    bawah kulit, karena produksi panas ditimbulkan oleh murni medan magnet.

    Pengaruh fisiologis short wave diathermy

    Meningkatkan metabolisme lokal. Meningkatkan aktivitas lokal dari kerja kelenjar keringat. Terjadi vasodilatasi lokal, adanya hyperemia merupakan respon terhadap peningkatan kebutuhan nutrisi jaringan. Meningkatkan rileksasi otot. Efek sedatif terhadap sistem saraf sensorik bila diberi mild heating. Bila diberikan dalam waktu yang lama akan meningkatkan temperatur tubuh, meningkatkan frekuensi pernafasan dan denyut jantung. Respon tersebut merupakan aksi dari panas yang tidak dipakai oleh tubuh dan respon dalam memelihara keseimbangan temperatur.

    Pengaruh terapeutik

    Mengurangi nyeri. Mengurangi spasme otot. Mempercepat penyembuhan inflamasi kronik dengan cara membantu menyerap kembali (reabsorbsi) exudat oedema sebagai akibat peningkatan supplay darah. (4) Membantu meningkatkan sirkulasi cutaneus, memberikan respon vaskuler untuk panas normal. Membantu dalam mengontrol infeksi kronik oleh peningkatan sirkulasi. Ini akan meningkatkan sel darah putih dan anti body untuk melawan organisme infeksi, memperkuat mekanisme petahanan tubuh normal. Meningkatkan extensibility jaringan fibrous, seperti tendon, kapsul sendi dan jaringan parut (scar) dengan waktu 5-10 menit yang dihasilkan oleh pengaruh peningkatan temperatur. "FISIOTERAPI"

    Pengaruh short wave diathermy terhadap adnexitis

    Meningkatkan sirkulasi darah, sehingga mempercepat penyembuhan inflamasi. Meningkatkan rileksasi otot. Meningkatkan metabolisme lokal, sehingga menyebabkan penyembuhan peradangan dipercepat karena absorbsi obat-obat yang dikonsumsi pasien lebih baik. Mempercepat penyembuhan inflamasi dengan cara membantu menyerap kembali (reabsorbsi) exudat oedema sebagai akibat peningkatkan supplay darah. Menguragi nyeri melalui ujung sensorik serabut A delta dan C. Pengurangan nyeri juga berhubungan dengan pengurangan spasme otot.

    Penatalaksanaan dengan menggunakan intervensi short wave diathermy cross-fire berdasarkan penelitian yang dilakukan oleh Fr. Suwarti Hardjono, Dedeh Herawati, Mayang Anggraini. N tentang PERBEDAAN PENGARUH PEMBERIAN SHORT WAVE DIATHERMY CROSS-FIRE DENGAN SHORT WAVE DIATHERMY CO-PLANAR TERHADAP PENGURANGAN NYERI PADA ADNEXITIS. tahun 2006. Perlakuan diberikan intervensi short wave diathermy cross-fire setiap hari, durasi 15 menit dimana aplikasi pertama selama 7,5 menit dan aplikasi ke dua 7,5 menit dengan intensitas 10-50 watt/cm² dan frekuensi 6 kali.

    Sesuai dengan deskripsi data yang diperoleh, wanita yang menderita adnexitis berkisar antara usia 24-39 tahun. Dimana 100% baik kelompok perlakuan I dan II mengeluh nyeri abdomen bagian bawah. Pada kelompok perlakuan I, 60% pasien mengalami nyeri saat menstruasi. 80% nyeri saat berhubungan sexual, 70% nyeri pinggang bawah, 50% nyeri timbul setelah aktifitas berat. Sedangkan pada kelompok perlakuan II, 40% pasien mengalami nyeri saat menstruasi. 60% nyeri saat berhubungan sexual, 40% nyeri pinggang bawah, 30% nyeri timbul setelah aktifitas berat. Dari tabel-tabel deskripsi data pada kelompok perlakuan I sebelum dan sesudah 6 kali intervensi short wave diathermy cross-fire terjadi pengurangan intensitas nyeri yang ditunjukkan dalam visual analogue scale. Dimana hal ini terlihat pada nilai Mean sebelum intervensi 73,6 dengan SD 6,736 dan nilai Mean sesudah intervensi adalah 19,9 dengan SD 6,262. Kemudian dibuktikan dengan uji Wilcoxon diperoleh hasil P=0,005 dan Z= - 2,814 dimana P<0,01, yang berarti ada pengaruh yang bermakna pemberian short wave diathermy cross-fire terhadap pengurangan nyeri akibat adnexitis. Adnexitis terutama disebabkan oleh infeksi bakteri, faktor air, pembalut wanita yang kurang steril juga oleh microbacterium tuberculosa. Radang tuba falopii dan ovarium atau istilah umumnya disebut adnexitis ini menyebabkan nyeri hebat daerah abdomen bagian bawah, tekanan uterus sering meningkat, adnexa (tuba falopii dan ovarium) menjadi bengkak karena adanya sumbatan pada tuba falopii yang bisa bertambah besar dengan terjebaknya cairan yang ada didalamnya dan tekanannya menimbulkan [Sponsor "KORSET TLSO" ]
    nyeri (hydrosalpinx), penimbunan nanah dalam tuba falopii dan ovarium bisa pecah dan nanahnya akan mengalir ke rongga panggul sehingga menimbulkan nyeri sekali pada perut bagian bawah, dinding abdomen menjadi tegang karena adanya kontraksi otot abdominalis sebagai reaksi proteksi terhadap radang serta gerakan servix terasa nyeri.

    Pada penderita adnexitis yang menggunakan short wave diathermy crossfire akan mempunyai pengaruh mengurangi nyeri, memperlancar sirkulasi darah, meningkatkan metabolisme lokal sehingga
    menyebabkan penyembuhan peradangan dipercepat karena absorbsi obat-obat yang dikonsumsi pasien lebih baik, hal ini akan mempercepat penyembuhan inflamasi dengan cara membantu menyerap kembali exudat oedema sebagai akibat peningkatan supplay darah dan mengurangi spasme pada otot karena efek thermal memberikan efek rileksasi pada otot.

    Daftar Pustaka
    Aua, Sapsford, Ruth, Dip Phty, “Women’s Health A Textbook for Physiotherapists”, Harcourt Brace and Company Limited, Los Angeles, 1999.
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    Juranl Fisioterapi Indonusa, Vol. 6 No. 2 Oktober 2006

              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 07-21-2015 with Barry Roark        

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              Spiral Pasta With Cabbage, Peppers & Poppy Seed Dressing        
    I have NO IDEA what the "real" name for this salad is! All I know is that my Aunt Wendy made it for a bridal shower, and I loved it so much I decided to bring it to this year's 4th of July family reunion. I thought the red bell peppers in it made it looks pretty patriotic :)

    16 oz. spiral/corkscrew pasta
    1 red bell pepper, diced
    1 green bell pepper, diced
    1 head green cabbage, sliced into bite-size pieces
    1 bottle poppy seed dressing

    Cook pasta according to package directions. Rinse under cold water. Toss pasta with vegetables and coat with the poppy seed dressing. Easy peasy!
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              Google takes a stand        
    It's a bold move by Sundararajan. We'll see how it works out for him. It was inevitable, because SJWs always double down, but the irony of Pichai Sundararajan, a high-caste Tamil Brahmin, firing an employee for expressing his belief in biological inequality, is practically off the charts.
    Google has fired an employee who wrote an internal memo that ascribed gender inequality in the technology industry to biological differences. James Damore, the engineer who wrote the memo, confirmed his dismissal saying that he had been fired for "perpetuating gender stereotypes," in an email to Reuters on Monday. Damore said he is exploring all possible legal remedies.
    As I observed after reading the Google CEO's memo, Damore was doomed because Sundararajan had to mollify his insane SJW employee base, which right now is dancing and celebrating its own inevitable demise. Damore will be fine; he's better off out of the SJW-converged madhouse and has already been offered jobs by Gab's Andrew Torba and WikiLeaks's Julian Assange. But Google will not be, because this is a clear signal to the key engineers in Search and AdWords that it is Time To Go.

    DH, who is one of the Dread Ilk's expert data guy's, explains.
    All of Google is kept afloat by one thing only. Adwords. They have no other significant source of income after a decade or more of trying to diversify. Every other business is borderline trivial when compared to AdWords. All the moonshots have failed. All the R&D has failed. It's. All. AdWords.

    The money-making core of Google is a tiny speck of its workforce, a tiny core of people who make AdWords work. The fear is not that 2/3 are SJWs, it's that one or two or three of the key engineers, who are working on the next version of Search and Adwords, who are actively fighting and hardening against existential threats to the product, might walk, or even just do a slightly less great job.

    Google is actually a very fragile company. They are ripe for disruption from a new player, or alternatively, to be drained from a few deep pocketed rivals. The entire bubble of online advertising stems from a belief that is often irrational that online advertising is effective at certain definitions of cost effectiveness.
    In other words, as the AdWords model fails, which is already happening, Google's massive market cap is going to rapidly decline with it because all of its other businesses have failed to find traction. The company has observably entered the ideological death spiral that is the inevitable result of the Impossibility of Social Justice Convergence.
              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 07-31-2014 with Jahsonic        

    Flow Dynamics- Better On Stage - Flow Dynamics
    The Wind And The Wave- Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise em High - From The Wreckage
    I Monster- The Blue Wrath - Neveroddoreven
    Nancy Ajram- Ma Tegi Hena - Nancy 8
    Fdel- The Crew - Fdel
    Clean Bandit- Rather Be Feat Jess Glynne - New Eyes
    - Vai Minha Tristeza - Singles
    Corvus Corax- Avanti - Mille Anni Passi Sunt
    How To Destroy Angels- How Long - Welcome Oblivion Bonus Track Version
    Kalya Scintilla- Rises In The East - Dance The Spiral Never Ending
    Claire- Pioneers - The Great Escape Bonus Track Version
    Boozoo Bajou- Alice Russel Feat TM Juke Hurry On Now - Juke Joint II
    Moxy Phinx- Crossed - Crossed Single
    Cheshire- Snatching It Back feat Slynk - Simply Lifted
    Thunderball- Stereo Tonic - Scorpio Rising
    Mr Little Jeans- Good Mistake - Pocketknife
    Bumble Onda- Salam Libnan - Single
    Mochipet- Godzilla New Year David Starfire Instrumental Remix - Godzilla New Year
    Ursula 1000- Chase Sequence - Single
    Tycho- Awake Com Truise Remix - Single
    Big Band Sounds- Moon Glow Benny Goodman Version - Big Band Sounds Swing Era 19361937
    Claire- Broken Promise Land - The Great Escape Bonus Track Version
    Banks- Warm Water Snakehips Rmx - Warm Water Snakehips Rmx Single
    Iamamiwhoami- O - Bounty
    Thievery Corporation- Rereturn Of The Original - Outernationalist
    Fdel- Rocksteady - Funk N Beats Vol 1 Mixed By Pimpsoul
    Knossos- Tarak - Dark Light In The Wake Of Silence
    I Monster- Lust For A Vampyr - A Dense Swarm Of Ancient Stars
    EdIT- Straight Heat - Certified Air Raid Material
    Beats International- Brand New Beat -
    Bassnectar- Ephemeral - Noise Vs Beauty
    Tosca- Busenfreund Baby Mammoth Version 3 - Suzuki In Dub
    The Juan MacLean- Happy House Radio Edit - Happy House
    Bajofondo Julieta Venegas- Pa Bailar Siempre Quiero Mas - Pa Bailar EP
    REG- Ourjouwan - Project II
    The Chuckles- Melody Maker - The Hudson Affair Keith Hudson And Friends
    Osc Featuring Vinja The Spit Brothers- Originate - Bay Area Dubstep Volume 3
    DJ Kambo- Oriental Fire - Arabian Spices
    Zero 7- Destiny - Simple Things
    I Monster- Daydream In Blue - Neveroddoreven
    Phutureprimitive- Cryogenic Dreams - Kinetik

    playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/50/playlistDate/2014-07-31
              Holtzapffel workbench project #6: bench completed        

    Hi all

    I have completed the bench, I still don’t know if I will install the veritas twin screw vise or install a wood hook, making it a holtzapffel – roubo hybrid. So I will wait for now and start using the bench as is

    the drawbore mortise went pretty well, No broken peg out of 12 joints (24 pegs!). I was glad to have this nice peg cutter powered by a drill and socket , it went pretty fast.

    All ash pegs end were whittled, then lightly sanded and then waxed. I have also marked the peg with location when it is fully in. The pegs moisture were at 10%. I sure wished they had been dryer.

    The joint were tighten by clamps prior to the insertion of the peg. I used glue for the base only. No Glue for the base / top joints.

    for the top mortises, I used the router with 1/2 spiral up bit , then chiseling the corners.

    Holes in the side of the top were done using a guiding jig

    I then finisned the top with one coat of linseed oil and beewax mix. The outer and mid sections is oak, the two sandwich sections is ash

    then on to the pine shelf

    I wanted to add the wagon vise but then I looked at my small record vise on my utility bench and decided to use it instead. I mortised a slot underneet the bench, Using the top side as a cheek

    The top holes were done with drill and jig with 3 1/2 inch o.c. the vise chop is ash

    I am overall very satisfied, specially that this was my first furniture project. I would like to thank guys like Mike, Kem and Damian who have posted blogs on their own holtzapffel project which gave me some guidelines.

    Now on to another project!
    Thanks for watching

              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 11-20-2013 with Stephen Whitehead        

    Cave- Silver Headband - Threace
    The Head And The Heart- Shake - Lets Be Still
    Anoushka Shankar- River Pulse - Traces Of You
    Bare Mutants- Nothing Is Gold - The Affliction
    King Khan The Shrines- Thorn In Her Pride - Idle No More
    Coke Weed- Anklet - Back To Soft
    - voicebreak -
    Femi Kuti- The World Is Changing - No Place For My Dream
    The Poets Of Rhythm- More Mess On My Thing - Practice What You Preach
    Ha Ha Tonka- Staring At The End Of Our Lives - Lessons
    AkronFamily- Way Up - Sub Verses
    Grooms- Completely - Infinity Caller
    - voicebreak -
    Causa Sui- Homage - Euporie Tide
    The Stranger- Spiral Of Decline - Watching Dead Empires In Decay
    Juana Molina- Eras - Wed 21
    - Ocean Waves - PDX Pop Now 2013 Compilation
    Thao The Get Down Stay Down- The Feeling Kind - The Feeling Kind EP
    - voicebreak -
    Elephant Revival- Rogue River - These Changing Skies
    Rokia Traor- Tuit Tuit - Beautiful Africa
    Cass McCombs- Big Wheel - Big Wheel And Others
    La Yegros- Trocitos De Madera - Viene De Mi
    Jack Lawrence- St Annes ReelWhistling Rufus - Arthels Guitar
    West Water Outlaws- Come On - Real Killer
    - voicebreak -
    Laura Veirs- Ikaria - Warp And Weft
    Beats Antique- Charons Crossing - A Thousand Faces Act 1
    - New Son - PDX Pop Now 2013 Compilation
    Breathe Owl Breathe- Ferns Move - Passage Of Pegasus
    Farm- Let That Boy Boogie - Farm
    Casey Neill The Norway Rats- All You Pretty Vandals - All You Pretty Vandals
    - voicebreak -
    Vijay Iyer Mike Ladd- Capacity LynnBronx - Holding It Down The Veterans Dreams Project feat Maurice Decaul Lynn Hill
    Volcano Choir- Tiderays - Repave
    Son Lux- Lost It To Trying - Lanterns
    Obits- Besetchet - Bed Bugs
    - voicebreak -

    playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/35/playlistDate/2013-11-20
              FUNctional Food        
    Check out this cake!

    I've been thinking for a while about what I'd like to call the Fun Principle. So often this whole raw-health-nutrition scene gets so serious. And yeah, on one level it IS incredibly serious. We've talking about our health here, and as the old saying goes, what have we got if we haven't got our health? So eating the optimal diet is most definitely a worthy goal that ought to be among our highest priorities.

    But at the same time, we have to lighten up. I don't necessarily mean by compromising and eating less healthy foods, though there are times when that might be a worthy decision if it supports your social life and lessens stress - but that's not what I'm talking about right now. What I'm talking about is looking at food from the pleasure angle. The Yum Factor. The joyful, blissful, pure enjoyment of really amazing food that makes us feel great and buzz with happiness. The kind of food that makes us want to shout because it tastes so good and is so freakin' full of nutrition you can feel your cells dancing. This is happy food! And it ought to be celebrated.

    Hence the celebratory cake above. This is Hi-Cake: full of raw cacao, lucuma and nuts, and topped with a rich raw chocolaty icing made of avocado! I made this cake in honor of my brother, Alex, traveling almost as far as one can possibly go around this little earth of ours to visit me in Australia. After spending 30 hours in transit, doesn't he deserve a joyful cake? I thought so. And what is more joyful than chocolate cake - what, that is, other than raw chocolate cake full of bliss chemicals and heaps of vitamins and minerals.

    The recipe comes from one of my heroes: Kate Magic Wood. Her middle name is Magic! How cool is that? Kate is a super raw foods educator, writer and entrepreneur who lives in the UK and operates the funky website Raw Living. But it's not just her passion for raw and superfoods that I dig about Kate. It's her holistic view of things. The way she really gets that the whole point behind this whole nutrition thing is to allow people to fully realize themselves and reach their highest potential, and to provide a basis for the flowering of humanity - the real revolution. And her website is pink and purple - I dig that too. Her superfood recipes are so innovative and have such a sense of FUN flowing right off the page. If only I were in the UK to try some of her food. For now I will have to settle for deriving creative inspiration - like this amazing cake. I added the goji berry spirals because they just seemed to be in the spirit of Kate! I also subbed cashews for brazil nuts and used honey instead of agave - about half as much as called for. Divine.

    Look, nutrition is a serious matter. But at the same time it's a laughing matter! Because joy is the true path to vibrant physical, mental and emotional health. So here's to utmost nutrition, unspeakable pleasure, and true creativity, which ultimately are all one and the same. Talk about having our cake and eating it too!


    by Kate Wood

    (published at Raw Living)

    Time needed: 30 mins, 3 hours setting time
    Equipment needed: blender
    Makes 8 large slices

    By popular demand, here is a raw chocolate cake recipe for you, so you can see what all the fuss is about. These cakes are so nutrient-dense, one slice is a meal in itself, packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats. Easy to make, and even easier to eat! Remember the Hi-bar? The first raw chocolate bar to be sold in the UK (and beyond!), made with cacao nibs and brazil nuts, this is the Hi-bar in a Cake.


    • 250 g cacao nibs
    • 250 g brazil nuts
    • 250 g lucuma
    • 6 tbsp agave nectar
    • 150 ml water


    • 2 avocadoes
    • 30 g raw chocolate powder
    • 2 tbsp agave nectar
    • 60 ml water


    • 2 tbsp goji berries
    • 2 tbsp dried cranberries

    Grind up the nibs and nuts separately in a high power blender or coffee grinder. Transfer to a mixing bowl with the lucuma and agave. With your hands, mix the all the ingredients so you have an even powder. Add the water gradually, kneading the mixture into a ball with your hands. It should end up as a fairly thick dough-like consistency. Press into a springform cake tin, and leave in the fridge to set for a few hours.

    To make the icing, put the avocado flesh in the blender along with the chocolate powder, agave and water. If you haven't got chocolate powder, you can substitute carob or mesquite. Blend until you have a thick cream. Once your cake is set, you can remove it from the cake tin, and spoon the icing evenly over the top and the sides. Decorate with dried goji berries and cranberries sprinkled over the top. Uneaten cake can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks
              Green Romance        
    I've been having a clandestine affair with spirulina. Just look at those curvy spirals! How could a curly-girl like me resist?

    I thought the secret was safe from my long-time superfood lover, cacao, until I returned home from the office with a telltale smear of green on my cheek. Luckily cacao is a generous lover - she's okay with my girl-on-the-side green goddess. So now I'm dosing my body and my tastebuds with both of these phenomenal food-medicines, and life is just one big dance of ecstatic pleasure. Who would have thought that algae could be so racy!

    Look, I'm not letting cacao go. I'm still drooling over her gorgeously bitter flavor, her delectable rich oils, her tantalizing way of potentiating other superfood partners. I'm blissing out on her feel-good chemicals: her love-inducing phenylethylamine, chill-creating anandaminde, brain-balancing tryptophan and serotonin, and satisfyingly stimulating theobromine. And as a woman, I appreciate the way her massive dose of magnesium soothes my sensitive soul.

    But I'm just not a one-superfood kinda gal. And green is my favorite color. So spiraly spirulina is my new lover, superfood extraordinaire. The number one reason I've fallen for her is an absolutely amazing protein content - we're talking over 65%, which blows animal products out of the water. Not to mention this is a slaughter-free way of getting my protein, and is much more absorbable by my body. So don't ask me again where I get my protein! Or my iron, for that matter. Spirulina gives me super-power energy, balances my brain chemistry, and innundates me with antioxidants, and then some. If that's not sexy, I don't know what is.

    This little firecracker is not just for adding to green smoothies or juices anymore, either. I'm eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I got a little inspiration from the fabulous video here: Courtney Pool of Tree of Life talking Spirulina Salad on Tim VanOrden's Raw Running Project.

    Spirulina salad! Who knew? I've been making awesome green cacao yummies for my darling for a while now, and sneaking teaspoons of the stuff into my own smoothies and juices, but on salad? Whoa now. Green on green. That's madness.

    Luckily I adore madness! So I gave it a try. Yeah, it's freakin' good. So good that I've been eating it at least once a day every since. I even had a simple spirulina salad with chard, sesame oil and himalayan salt for breakfast one morning instead of my usual green juice! And I've discovered an even better variation: adding some maca. Wow. The possibilites are endless. Here's my favorite recipe so far:

    Maca-Spirulina Salad

    Big bowl of iceberg/cos/romaine lettuce, torn into bite-size bits
    Good drizzle of Olive Oil
    Good sprinkle of Himalayan salt
    Big heaped Tbsp Spirulina
    Big heapted Tsp Maca
    1/2 Avocado, cut into small chunks
    1 small tomato, diced

    Mix it all up and enjoy the salty/sweet/creamy/tangy/umami/refreshing pure joy.

    And yes, just like Courtney says, your teeth get all green and you get a lovely little green moustache. A bit dangerous to eat on my lunch break at the office, but they all know me as health freak girl anyway! Which they don't mind, because I bring in lots of treats that they all agree taste way better than the usual lollies and baked goods, and they love the way these foods make them feel.

    But raw superfood desserts are an easy sell. You're just going to have trust me (and gorgeous Courtney) on the spirulina salad. Go try it. Right now. Life will never be the same.

    Just make sure to thoroughly wipe your face after - or risk your new romance being discovered.
              Swine Flu Dangers - Do You Know What To Do?        
    Medical experts watching the Swine Flu tell us that once the flu is detected in an area, the entire community can be QUARANTINED for 6 to 12 weeks, the normal time for the Swine Flu to run its course, IF no further outbreaks are detected.

    Being prepared for all types of emergencies should be a priority for everyone in the U.S. With more threats than ever before, we know that any number of events can be right around the corner. But lately its completely understandable that many of us probably have our mind on economic worries at the very least. But knowing what we do know about the swine Flu break out, it might be a good time for us to consider investing in our own safety just in case.

    Find More About The Swine Flu Dangers Now

    As of now there are over 1,000 deaths in the country of Mexico. Granted we are not Mexico, and we do have an outstanding heads up on the current situation, that doesnt mean that we shouldnt take precaution anyways.

    But a bigger point can be made - We should be ready for any other crisis that could happen, even if the Swine Flu stays contained.

    Further more, the swine flu cannot be see as the end to it all. If everything ends up well and the swine flu remains contained in a few countries, which is hopefully what will happen, we will see be prepared for any case of illness and disease that might happen in the future.

    But just because we have caught this virus earlier than Mexico, doesnt mean its going to be O.K. Honestly, we are right nesxt door to the country, and we havnt done a great job of keeping Mexican immigrants out of our country in the past. And it only takes 1 unknowing victim to spread the Swine Flu virus to a large group of unsuspecting colleagues , classmates, or total strangers in a supermarket.

    Find Out About The Swine Flu Dangers Now

    I am definitely not trying to be someone that tries to scare people, but whenever a society takes something like this too lightly , things can spiral out of control in the blink of an eye. It is our responsibility to take stock of situations like these and make honest assesments.

    In the coming weeks we will know for sure if the Swine Flu will become epidemic, pandemic, or nothing more than a slight outbreak. I hope that its the latter. But I really hope that we are all prepared for anything and everything.

    For more information on Swine Flu preparedness and emergency Food Supplies follow the link below:

    Swine Flu Dangers

    See the Code - See it Full Page - See Details

    An idea for an animation that I had when playing with the tools for my spiraler project here https://codepen.io/tsuhre/project/full/ZgbOYx/

    This Pen uses: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and

              I'm back        
    I almost threw in the towel.

    People seem to blog less when they are losing. I'm no exception. Over the summer I had a couple of my best months this year followed by my two worst months ever.

    There were two main problems with my game.

    My daily struggle just to tread water on the reduced Supernova pace was the first, and somewhat the cause of the second -- the tilt spiral between some run bad, a lot of playing bad, and letting that seep into my offline life.

    It's tough to sit down after 6 weeks of nothing but losing fistfuls of cash every day, never mind trying to put in the volume to maintain Supernova, minimal as it is. I dreaded it every day, often finding myself sitting down, firing up HM2, and then closing everything down before I even got started. This of course led to more Supernova stress, playing higher to earn more VPPs, losing more, more tilt, and more general unhappiness.

    I wasn't even worried about losing the rakeback percentage. It was simply the thought of losing something that takes so much work to achieve. I was tired of it all and sincerely ready to quit.

    And I did quit. At least, for two weeks at the end of July, I was finished. I withdrew 95% of my bankroll and gave up on the VPP chase. It was the first time in 4 years where I didn't even think about logging in for an extended period of time.

    Oddly enough I already have the requisite 65k VPP on the reduced 2012 plan, but unfortunately they're not spread out over 10 months. My volume took a beating at the beginning of the year when the Weighted Contributed shit hit the fan. I became so heavily involved in the discussion that I missed my January target and missed March as well due to all the travel associated with my IOM invite plus the hours spent at home crunching numbers instead of putting in volume. I don't regret the trip or the work I did, it's just a factor in what transpired.

    I was happy again. No stress. The weight of Supernova off my shoulders. I could do whatever I wanted instead of being chained to my desk. But after two weeks, I started to miss the game. I didn't miss the money (or rather losing money). I missed the competition and the puzzle.

    It's funny how you sometimes need to be done with whatever you're doing before you can see it objectively. And then it seems so obvious. And it's likely something you already knew, but couldn't accept because you just couldn't give up the ghost.

    What did I want out of this game? Not the stress. Not the tilt. Not my offline emotions riding the rollercoaster of my online graph. The money was a nice bonus, but I obviously didn't care about it as much as I thought I did.

    The answer was simple: as a naturally competitive, analytical person, poker was my creative outlet.

    That's where my passion for the game originated, and that's what became lost in the stress and the tilt. I hated poker and the person I was becoming because of it. Or rather, because of these things that had tainted it for me.

    I decided that if I were going to play this game again, I needed to stay focussed on the passion and find a way to take control of the things I didn't like.

    The Supernova volume part was already taken care of as it lapsed at the end of July; a huge weight taken off my shoulders. I have reduced my volume stress to zero. I simply do not care how many VPPs I have. I will play when I want and for how long I want. The monetary value of the lost rakeback is worth far less than my sanity.

    The tilt problem. I've read countless books about the mental game and even listened to some of Tommy Angelo's Eightfold Path over the past number of years. But none of it really stuck with me in the past. My mindset was that these books had good reviews, the authors know what they're talking about, and I found them to be good, interesting reading material, and that's all they were to me.

    I went back to Angelo's Eightfold Path, but this time I was really listening because I knew if I couldn't conquer the tilt demon, I was going to give this up for good. And so far, the mindset and techniques have been working really well

    I've really tried to embrace lopping off my C-game, mindfulness, and right-view, which in turn brings me back to what I really want out of this game:

    Competition -- Trying to play my best at all times.

    Creative, Analytical Thinking -- Finding ways to outplay my opponents using factual information.

    I don't ignore the beats to avoid the tilt. Sticking my head in the sand would be no better than stumbling through the fog of tilt induced insanity I was in before. I now acknowledge that my opponent played XX a certain way, had Y% equity, and happened to hit his hand. That's it. I just plug it back into the analytical process and think about ways to exploit this in the future. Next hand.

    I'm certainly not tilt free yet and I don't think it's completely possible. We are human after all. But I've reduced the most destructive versions of it drastically, and I leave it all at the table. When I log off, I am logged off.

    To date, I've had three sessions since mid September where I could feel the bankroll busting anger coming back. In the first two, I recognized it quickly, but wasn't able to get away from it in the next 5 minutes and decided to shut it down, likely saving myself a number of buyins. In the third, I recognized it quickly, was able to process what I was thinking, and bring myself back.

    Also note that these three sessions were at relatively nano stakes considering I haven't put anything back online. Given that I was still able to feel the monkey tilt coming on, I have to say that I've realized it's not the loss of $X that bothered me at higher stakes. It was the frustration of doing everything "right" and still losing, and probably a good measure of embarrassment that a clearly inferior opponent was taking stacks off me.

    During my time off I also picked up a couple of hobbies. I didn't really plan this as part of my get back to poker plan, but it worked out really well anyway. I'm finding it very helpful to have other outlets to occupy myself with when I don't feel like playing poker.

    At first I was planning to get back into digital art and got myself a subscription to TutsPlus. There's a ton of great stuff there from photoshop to illustrator to mobile and web design. I thought about doing some of that again commercially in my spare time, but reconsidered when I looked at the market flooded with freelancers willing to do anything for nearly free just to get noticed.

    I've also discovered a plethora of free online classes and started re-learning programming. This is essentially what I wanted to do out of high school but I found some of the required college math ridiculously difficult and unfortunately gave up on that before I found out I just had a shitty professor. Screw degrees. I just want to have a tool and the skill to be able to implement my ideas instead of perpetually leaving them on the drawing board.

    I've started studying poker a lot more as well, coming up with my own game strategies based on analysis of tons of different situations. This is something I would always skip in favour of putting in volume before. It's easy to coast for a long time when you're winning. The lack of tilted sessions and some nice self-discovered nuggets in my study have produced some nice results. I don't mean that in the traditional way of I won a bunch of money and ran at expectation. It's just really satisfying to come up with a hypothesis, test it out, and have the results reflect your work.

    Small sample so far. I've probably put in 50% play, 50% study instead of 90/10, and I'm actually enjoying the study part as much as the playing part. I started from the bottom of the ladder again but nonetheless I'm ecstatic with my attitude and how I've played controlled poker for the past month.

    At least now I know that I can play poker and be happy. If I happen to improve enough, I'll have Supernova again. And if I don't, that's fine. But then it will be on my terms and my de facto tier once I'm again playing stakes where it doesn't matter how much you play and minimal volume gives you the required VPPs. There's nothing wrong with being an FPP Pro either since you won the rake in the first place, but personally, I find myself much more motivated and having fun when I'm not grinding for the next bonus instalment.

    It's good to be back!
              IOM Trip / Zoom        
    Another long interval between posts... I need to start updating more often again.

    Edit: The lack of photos that I took is really an injustice to how nice the island is so I took some pictures to add in when I got home (from Google street view).


    I returned from the Isle of Man meetings with Stars several weeks ago at their headquarters. Thanks to everyone who gave me their messages of support and ideas, it was very much appreciated. It was a really long flight there for me and flying ~14 out of 20 hours was pushing the limit. I basically didn't sleep at all on the way there and was feeling the vertigo, but American played a decent selection of movies and TV from NBC which kept me entertained.

    After a day of recovery and meeting up with the other invitees, we had two brain storming sessions on subsequent days in mid March with Stars staff. I obviously can't say a lot compared to what the January elected reps were able to report back as their meeting suggestions were implemented immediately and public knowledge, while the March meetings were pretty much all regarding future considerations.

    Here is the list of what was discussed. I'm not going to go into detail on anything:

    • PokerStars Financials
    • VIP History
    • Game Security
    • Software
    • Impact of WC Change
    • VIP Program
    • High Stakes Issues
    • Micro-Rake
    So I can't really offer much else up besides my opinion. I found the meetings really productive from a problem solving and site improving perspective. I'm cautiously optimistic that things are going to improve given that Stars follows through of course.

    There is still the odd concern out there that I would like to address that reps/invitees are just in it for their own personal gain. Logically I think that's actually impossible to accomplish even if it is their goal since there are always more than a handful of extremely intelligent players and staff around the table that are more than capable of picking any of those self serving interests apart.

    Our schedule was pretty full so there was pretty much zero time for any sight seeing. I managed a half hour walk attempting to go around the block early one morning. That plan does not really work when you keep spiraling up around a hill. I also managed to run around 5 minutes prior to my taxi showing up to take me back to the airport trying to snap some poor quality, non-post worthy pre-dawn photos.

    We didn't have any pizza, but the "chips" in the hotel bar were excellent! We also happened to have a few minutes left on our lunch break in the meeting room when real money Zoom was launched on .com. One of the other players grabbed the laptop hooked up to the projector to try it out while I loaded up my laptop. Despite my ability to super use him via projector screen, 4 tables of $0.01/$0.02 PLO was too much for me to handle on a tiny screen to even realize he was at my tables and bluff raising me off a number of pots, much to the amusement of everyone else watching the projector.

    Edit: Here's a few pictures I've taken from the internet and google street view. They are basically the pictures I would have taken had I had a spare minute =)

    Recovering from the flight, playing poker on the balcony

    Out for chips and beer at the hotel on arrival the night before meetings begin.
    Out for dinner with players and Stars reps and management at JAR - 2nd night

    King Edward Road - Sefton Hotel
    Out for a walk early morning
    Driving up to Stars HQ
    A view of Douglas Bay

    I had a great time though interacting with the other players and the staff and would recommend that if you have the opportunity, you should go. The ability to actively discuss issues and ideas is orders of magnitudes greater than forum or email interaction.


    The main reason for my lack of posts lately has been a direct result of Zoom, which I've played exclusively since they released it. Along with my new G13 which was super easy to program with Table Ninja, I've been playing some monster sessions that feel like nothing.

    I got an email response earlier this from Stars that my January VPP reduction due to WC was 19%. I got a follow up email last week saying 15% of players had been calculated wrong and my actual reduction was only 12%. I am a bit on the laggier side.

    However with Zoom, I seem to be a lot more laggy given that I'm only playing 4 tables and can concentrate so much better on postflop hand reading and identifying +EV situations. I'm actually seeing significant VPP rate increases over 2011 rates at all stakes I've played (25NL-200NL). I've also been running really hot and playing fairly well and am currently maintaining a whopping 12-14 bb/100 at 100NL Full Ring over a growing sample. I've also had a good amount of similar uccess at 200NL over a smaller sample, but I had a bit of a 16% W$SD implosion yesterday which wiped out nearly all of my profits from that stake for the month.

    I think this is exactly what I needed. For the longest time I've wanted to cut tables to improve and focus more but I just can't bring myself to give up the volume. This lets me keep the volume and cut tables. I've considered trying to 6 table it, but right now I'm thinking why mess with something going so well?

    The other great thing about Zoom is the complete lack of startup, sitout and shutdown times. If you're a mass tabler, with the state of the waiting lists in the lobby it's going to take you upwards of a half hour to get 12-24 tables going, and probably longer yet the higher you play. Which means you can't really take a break either once you're in full swing. It's also going to take you a considerable amount of time to shut down while waiting for hands to play out to finish your orbits. Plus you're always going to have that one troll table where someone sits out ahead of you giving you the privelege of playing a discounted orbit at the expense of your agitated wife wondering where you're staying 30 minutes after she told you dinner would be ready in 15 minutes. The discount is all fine and good if you're happy with slashing your hourly rate and don't have anything better to do than not give up that dollar in EV to go do something else. I would literally rather volunteer 3 hours a month at McDonalds if I could get back those 10 extra minutes every session.

    With Zoom, you are instantly dealt in to all your tables the moment you join the pool. If you want to take a break you have a reasonable amount of time where you can sit out and come right back where you left off. And shutting down your sessions is as simple as fast-folding your hands to the big blind. This takes a matter of minutes depending on how many playable hands come up.

    So with all of this time removed, it makes mini-sessions extremely easy to put in. Instead of playing mindless games on my phone to waste 10 or 15 minutes before leaving the house for something, I can fire up Zoom, put in 50 VPPs and 200 hands. If I did this on average every day with a very modest winrate, it would come out to an extra $1k FPP value and $1.5k winnings on the year and a significant boost towards my next milestone.

    With all that combined now, I've gone from a 65k VPP reduced Supernova maintenance goal to a 200k VPP goal. I could potentially go for 300k but it's going to require a significant amount more work so we'll have to see what kind of volume I can put in over summer before deciding. Right now I need a 650 VPP pace for 200k and a 1025 VPP pace for 300k.
              WWE Legend Gets Cinematic Release For Documentary        

    WWE Hall of Famer "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase will see a theatrical release for his biographical documentary The Price of Fame. It will see a one-day-only release on November 7th in select US theatres. The press release is below: DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ted DiBiase is known by scores of fans as the “Million Dollar Man” – the larger-than-life character that helped launch pro-wrestling into the international spotlight and one of the greatest villains in pro-wrestling history. But the price of fame took DiBiase away from his family into an egocentric world of self-fulfillment and desire, where he spiraled out of control. In […]

    The post WWE Legend Gets Cinematic Release For Documentary appeared first on WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

              Wild Tales – Relatos Salvajes        
    Almost fortnight ago, my friend, @bnanno and her husband, recommended a movie to me. I know very little of Argentine cinema, but it was sold to me as “a series of situations in which every step the character takes makes some sense at the time, but that spirals into catastrophe”. Personally, I adore fiction, books […]
              Washday | Uncharted Territory...Spiraling Out of Control        
    This past Saturday I headed to the salon to get a touch up. The same products were used, but since I've got some new readers (Heyyy y'all!) I'll go ahead and mention them below. Here's what my stylist did:

    • Based my scalp
    • Applied the Mizani Sensitive Scalp relaxer. Total processing time was about 20 minutes. 
    • Rinsed and applied protein treatment for about 30 minutes. 
    • Rinsed and shampooed several times. 
    • Applied leave ins (Keracare foam wrap lotion, Chi Silk Infusion) 
    Style: I decided to try somethng different (which so happens to fit this week's wash day them
    perfectly). Instead of my usual rollerset I decided to get a spiral rollerset. At first I was unsure of how I felt about the style, but as my curls fell the more I liked it. I tried the pineapple method to preserve the curls, but the next day the boo and I went to a theme park where it was ridiculously hot and humid and I ultimately decided to pin up the back of my hair. By day 3 my curls were barely holding on so I set my hair with flexirods overnight and my curls are back in action! How was your wash day?
    The Wash Day Experience

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              Washday/Relaxer Update...Ending With A Bang!         
    So I feel like I've really been slacking on my washday posts and in reality I've been slacking on my hair too. As some of you already know I recently got engaged and have jumped head first into wedding planning and house hunting! It was a bit intense at first and my hair took a backseat. Needless to say my hair literally felt like straw no matter what I did, no matter how much moisturizer I used it felt awful. Partly because I was neglecting my hair and partly because I was trying to make a product work for me even though I knew it wouldn't. Needless to say that resulted in a minor set back that ended in a small cut *GASP* I know...y'all are probably thinking I had heart palpitations and broke out into a cold sweat. The other part to this story is that I've been bored out of my mind with my hair. I was tired of buns and my overall feeling about my hair was just blah. I was itching to make a change. I bravely walked into the salon and explained my dilemma to my beloved stylist (she cut me some slack due to wedding planning). It turns out that my hair wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Shrinkage told me a very dark and twisted tale. Thank God for shrinkage! I ended up only getting 1/2 inch cut from my ends, which I was totally happy with because it also gives my layers a chance to catch up! In addition I decided that I missed my bangs and needed something to jazz up my bun life so I got side swept bangs cut! Overall I was super pleased with my hair cut and basically I just cut off what I grew this relaxer stretch! How about a hand clap for the happy ending to this story! Now that I've told y'all what went down here's how my wash day went:

    • My stylist based my scalp and the perimeter of my hair as she always does. 
    • She sectioned my hair into four sections and began applying my relaxer (Mizani Sensitive Scalp Formula). Application and processing time took about 16-20 minutes. 
    • She rinsed thoroughly and applied my protein treatment for about 20 minutes. 
    • She then shampooed and sat me under the dryer for about 15 minutes. 
    • Next she removed the remaining moisture with a blow dryer and showed me what needed to be cut using the white paper method (the easiest way to spot thin ends!). 
    • She trimmed my ends and cut my bang :)
    • Because I'm in a I don't care what length it is as long as it's healthy mood I decided to get spiral curls! 
    Oh I almost forgot to mention that I got to show my length retention pictures to one of my stylist' clients. She couldn't believe how far my hair has come in less than 2 years! 

    Overall I really had an awesome experience as usual. While I did have a minor setback I'm back on track and back in the right mindset to keep my hair on track. Stay tuned for a product review about that product that attributed to my straw like hair dilemma! How was your wash day? 

    The Wash Day Experience

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              I Love Sober People Spiral Notebook        

              Gift Guide / / Jewellery Organisers        
    What do you buy for the person who already has everything? Well, I can think of a thing or two...

    Welcome to the weekly gift-guide: I am delighted to be sharing with you unique, inspiring & significant gift ideas on Rachael's blog. This week I bring you jewellery organizer ideas . I hope these gift ideas inspire you. Enjoy, Hannah.

    Unique bird print framed wall hanging jewellery organizer by Urban Outfitters.

    Blue flock of bird jewellery tree stand by Urban Outfitters.

    Wooden ecological jewellery tree stand by Jaukudesign via Etsy.

    Spiral copper earring tree by fatcatbeads via Etsy.

    Bronze delicate bird jewelry stand by Not a jewellery box via Notonthehighstreet.

    Woodland theme jewellery stand by Amanda Coleman via Notonthehighstreet.

              Comment on Weird Weather, 3 by LANA DENNING        
    Where is the amazing SPIRAL with cupola from???????Thank you, Lana
              Jazz Lives 08-04-2016 with David Vorzimer        

    Hank Mobley- If I Should Lose You - Soul Station Remastered
    Art Tatum- The Man I Love - Piano Starts Here
    Javon Jackson- Breakin Up Someones Home - Have You Heard
    - voicebreak -
    Aaron Diehl Trio- Moonlight In Vermont - Live At The Players
    Sonny Criss- All Night Long - Criss Craft EP
    Diana Krall- Ive Got You Under My Skin - When I Look In Your Eyes
    - voicebreak -
    Miles Davis- So What - Kind Of Blue Legacy Edition
    Miles Davis- Freddie Freeloader - Kind Of Blue
    - voicebreak -
    Charles Mingus- Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Mingus Ah Um
    Charles Mingus- Boogie Stop Shuffle - Mingus Ah Um
    - voicebreak -
    Ella Fitzgerald- Someone To Watch Over Me - The Very Best Of The Gershwin Songbook
    Ella Fitzgerald- Blue Skies - Irving Berlin Always
    - voicebreak -
    John Coltrane- Naima - Giant Steps
    John Coltrane- Spiral - Giant Steps
    - voicebreak -
    Ray Charles- When Your Lover Has Gone - The Genius Of Ray Charles
    Ray Charles- Let The Good Times Roll - The Genius Of Ray Charles
    - voicebreak -
    Nina Simone- Summertime - Nina Live At Town Hall
    Frank Sinatra- Just In Time - Come Dance With Me
    - voicebreak -
    Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers- Monin - Monin
    The Dave Brubeck Quartet- Take Five - Time Out 50th Anniversary Legacy Edition
    - voicebreak -
    Ornette Coleman- Lonely Woman - The Shape Of Jazz To Come

    playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/57/playlistDate/2016-08-04
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    11" x 11" Ebony Banana Portrait Spiral Sketch Pad

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              Podcast JDR : Le Vide Fertile, avec Frédéric Sintès        

    (Durée 02 : 10 : 41)
    Télécharger le podcast

    C'est une loi de la nature ! Lorsque Vincent Baker développe un concept, Frédéric Sintès s'en empare et le traduit dans ces mots à lui. Il tente ainsi d'en extraire toutes les huiles essentielles à la fabrication de jeux de rôle. C'est ce qu'on appelle entre nous faire la Sintès. Tel est le cas de the fruitful void un concept d'origine bakerienne devenu vide fertile sous la plume sintèsienne.

    Avec Jérôme, Natacha, Emmanuelle et Adrien, cette semaine, les jumeaux démoniques Fred et Fabien deviennent Fred et Jamy. Ils vont essayer, non sans difficulté, de nous montrer que le vide fertile est moins sorcier qu'il en a l'air. Mais qu'est-ce que c'est ? Quels sont les liens entre l'économie d'un système et son vide fertile ? Comment sait-on qu'il y a du vide fertile dans un jeu ? Comment favoriser son émergence ? Voyage au cœur des dynamiques sociales au cours d'une partie de jeu de rôle...

    Bonne semaine à tous ! Portez-vous bien et, surtout, jouez bien !

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              Nepal quake victims still stranded, PM says toll could be 10,000        

    Kathmandu: People stranded in remote villages and towns across Nepal were still waiting for aid and relief to arrive on Tuesday, four days after a devastating earthquake destroyed buildings and roads and killed more than 4,600 people.

    The government has yet to assess the full scale of the damage wrought by Saturday`s 7.9 magnitude quake, unable to reach many mountainous areas despite aid supplies and personnel pouring in from around the world.

    Prime Minister Sushil Koirala told Reuters the death toll could reach 10,000, as information on damage from far-flung villages and towns has yet to come in.

    That would surpass the 8,500 who died in a 1934 earthquake, the last disaster on this scale to hit the Himalayan nation.

    "The government is doing all it can for rescue and relief on a war footing," Koirala said. "It is a challenge and a very difficult hour for Nepal."

    Nepal told aid agencies it did not need more foreign rescue teams to help search for survivors, because its government and military could cope, the national head of the United Nations Development Programme told Reuters.

    Experts said the chance of finding people alive in the ruins was slim more than four days after disaster struck.

    "After the first 72 hours the survival rate drops dramatically and we are on day four," said Wojtek Wilk of the Polish Center for International Aid, an NGO which has six medical staff and 81 firefighters in Nepal. "On the fifth day it`s next to zero."

    In a rare glimmer of hope, a Nepali-French rescue team pulled a 28-year-old man, Rishi Khanal, from a collapsed apartment block in Kathmandu after he had spent around 80 hours trapped in a room with three dead bodies.

    In Jharibar, a village in the hilly Gorkha district of Nepal close to the quake`s epicentre, Sunthaliawas not so lucky.

    Her husband away in India and with no help in sight, she dug for hours in the rubble of her collapsed home on Saturday to recover the bodies of two of her children, a 10-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son.

    Another son aged four miraculously survived.

    In Barpak, further north, rescue helicopters were unable to find a place to land. On Tuesday, soldiers had started to make their way overland, first by bus, then by foot.

    Army helicopters also circled over Laprak, another village in the district best known as the home of Gurkha soldiers.

    A local health official estimated that 1,600 of the 1,700 houses there had been razed. Helicopters dropped food packets in the hope that survivors could gather them up.

    In Sindhupalchowk, about 3.5 hours by road northeast of Kathmandu, the earthquake was followed by landslides, killing 1,182 people and seriously injuring 376. A local official said he feared many more were trapped and more aid was needed.

    "There are hundreds of houses where our people have not been able to reach yet," said Krishna Pokharel, the district administrator. "There is a shortage of fuel, the weather is bad and there is not enough help coming in from Kathmandu."

    International aid has begun arriving in Nepal, but disbursement has been slow, partly because aftershocks have sporadically closed the airport.

    According to the home (interior) ministry, the confirmed death toll stands at 4,682, with more than 9,240 injured.

    The United Nations said 8 million people were affected by the quake and that 1.4 million people were in need of food.

    Nepal`s most deadly quake in 81 years also triggered a huge avalanche on Mount Everest that killed at least 18 climbers and guides, including four foreigners, the worst single disaster on the world`s highest peak.

    All the climbers who had been stranded at camps high up on Everest had been flown by helicopters to safety, mountaineers reported on Tuesday.

    Up to 250 people were missing after an avalanche hit a village on Tuesday in Rasuwa district, a popular trekking area to the north of Kathmandu, district governor Uddhav Bhattarai said.

    A series of aftershocks, severe damage from the quake, creaking infrastructure and a lack of funds have complicated rescue efforts in the poor country of 28 million people sandwiched between India and China.

    In Kathmandu, youths and relatives of victims were digging into the ruins of destroyed buildings and landmarks.

    "Waiting for help is more torturous than doing this ourselves," said Pradip Subba, searching for the bodies of his brother and sister-in-law in the debris of Kathmandu`s historic Dharahara tower.

    The 19th century tower collapsed on Saturday as weekend sightseers clambered up its spiral stairs. Scores of people were killed when it crumpled.

    Elsewhere in the capital`s ancient Durbar Square, groups of young men cleared rubble from around an ancient temple, using pickaxes, shovels and their hands. Several policemen stood by, watching.

    Heavy rain late on Tuesday slowed the rescue work.

    In the capital, as elsewhere, thousands have been sleeping on pavements, roads and in parks, many under makeshift tents.

    Hospitals are full to overflowing, while water, food and power are scarce.

    There were some signs of normality returning on Tuesday, with fruit vendors setting up stalls on major roads and public buses back in operation.

    Officials acknowledged that they were overwhelmed by the scale of the disaster.

    "The big challenge is relief," said Chief Secretary Leela Mani Paudel, Nepal`s top bureaucrat. "We are really desperate for more foreign expertise to pull through this crisis."

    India and China, which have used aid and investment to court Kathmandu for years, were among the first contributors to the international effort to support Nepal`s stretched resources.



    News Source: 

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              Chart the week ahead        

    Golden spirals February 25 | That Madras Place City-artist Tammarah, in association with That Madras Place and Hindustan Trading Company, is organising

    The post Chart the week ahead appeared first on Indulge.

              The Day After the Election        
    Download:Audio icon 00399.mp3

    I am not worried about November 8.  On election day, people will walk into their local polling places, see their neighbors, talk about their lives.  They will see Republicans and Democrats, people that they know and trust, standing guard over a process that has been tested and tried and almost always turns out OK.  People who go to vote will feel proud that they have done their civic duty.  All will be well.

    It is November 9th that worries me.  And the day after that, and the day after that.  Because on November 9th, we are going to have to figure out how to repair the damage that has come from the rhetoric and contention of this election.  There have been some nasty things said and done.  And yet we are still going to be neighbors, going to shop at the same grocery store, sit in the same pews.

    Each candidate cast a vision that set them apart, a set of hopes and ideas that they believed would best shape the future.  But on November 9th we are going to have to figure out how to bring the pieces together into a whole, create a civil context where good can happen for all people.  How are we going to accomplish this?  In other words, how are we going to do the hard work of democracy?

    I would suggest several things are going to be critical.  Because not only are we learning how to operate for the common good, we are teaching our children to do so as well.  One of the lessons that my children had to be taught was how to be a gracious winner and a gracious loser.  Many a soccer tournament and cross country meet provided opportunities to test our ability to let go, to be kind when we are frustrated, to take personal responsibility for peace.  Now on a national scale, there will be winners and losers.  That is the democratic way.  And we will have to be kind and calm.  We will have to congratulate and concede.  

    Of course we practice this every two years.  But this election cycle has exposed frustrations and complaints that could permanently divide us, and we cannot afford to let this happen.  There will be winners and there will be losers. And wherever we fall, we will have to be adults.  Gracious and civil adults. 

    Another critical practice that our society will need to engage is to envision ourselves as whole again.  Envision what is the common good.  It seems to me, I deeply hope, that our differences are about how to get to common good.  We have a wide range of ideas about that.  But our ideas cannot become ends in themselves.  They have to lead somewhere, be adapted into progress.  We cannot make our ideas into ditches that we are willing to die in.  There is enough violence, and not enough useful and meaningful compromise. 

    In order to envision our common good, we need to talk to one another.  Not shout, not dismiss, not search for the worst, not broadcast the failures.  One lesson we have to learn is that we all have faults and failures.  If that is what we are going to focus on, we will spiral into a cycle of constant revenge and nastiness and inertia. 

    By talk, I mean face to face, meaningful, interactive civil conversations.  Conversations that Krista Tippett would say must include generous listening, humility, patience and hospitality.  Let’s be honest, we have a very hard time with this.  We have been taught to put being right ahead of being kind.  But being right can be a very lonely victory.  We need each other.  Everyone has value and important contributions to make.  We are wasting a lot of time being right.  It certainly hasn’t created a better world for all people.

    So, we have to be gracious, to have important and productive conversation, and we have to move on. Personally I am tired of the stuckness of the political system, tired of a lack of compromise that leads nowhere.  How we will forgive some of the things that have been said, some of the distasteful things we have seen, some of the hurt that we have experienced, I don’t know.  But we have to.  Again, we are adults.  We reconcile.  Or we stay frustrated and stuck.  

    What I am certain of is that we all have to participate.  I heard a quote recently by Rev. Otis Moss of Cleveland.  He was speaking on racism but I think it applies to the bigger picture as well.  He said, “Some of us are guilty, all of us are responsible.” In the healing of this nation, beginning November 9, all of us are responsible.  What will you to do heal and recreate our country into a place where we can be proud to belong?

              Classic Wire Bound Cold Pressed Water Colour Pad | Sized Listed        
    Classic Wire Bound Cold Pressed Water Colour Pad | Sized Listed

    Classic Wire Bound Cold Pressed Water Colour Pad | Sized Listed

    Classic Cold pressed paper  Lovely heavy paper 300g / 140lbs Spiral Bound 12 sheets Each sheet is perforated so it is easy to remove

              Interview of Norbert Untersteiner by Brian Shoemaker        
    Interview of Norbert Untersteiner by Brian Shoemaker Untersteiner, Norbert, 1926- Dr. Untersteiner was raised in Austria. In 1931, his father took him to Spitsbergen. This trip and reading books about explorers of the polar regions influenced him to work in polar regions. He describes life in Austria under the Nazis. After World War II, he was employed by the American Occupation Troops to run errands after living in difficult conditions in Vienna. He was a student at the University of Vienna, and then transferred to the University of Innsbruck. In the summer, he worked with the Austrian Alpine Club to survey glaciers. After completing his doctorate in geophysics and astronomy, he accepted an apprenticeship with a Vienna radio station. After becoming an assistant at the University, Dr. Untersteiner was involved in a heat balance study, and in foliation studies in the Alps. He was a member of a team to study heat balance, moisture balance, and radiation on mountains in East Pakistan. After difficulties in obtaining a position, he was employed by the University of Washington, for the U. S. Northern Hemisphere Glaciology Program. Many studies on mountain glaciers and on ice floes are described in detail. The various problems of delivering supplies by airplanes are included. The problems of evacuating people and supplies from an ice floe (Ice Station Alpha) that is breaking up were challenging. On Ice Station Alpha II, he and his associates made physical measurements for a complete one year cycle. From some of this work, the Ekman Spiral was developed. Dr. Untersteiner used this data for a comprehensive paper on heat and mass balance of melt ice. Conditions at ARLIS II are compared to others. U.S. Submarines and Russian submarines added mystery to the work of a few persons on Ice Station Alpha II. The development of AIDJEX (The Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment) started in the late 1960s. After a short stay as Director of the Office of Ocean Programs for NOAA, he returned to the University of Washington as Director of the Polar Science Center. Before leaving AIDJEX in 1978, he received a grant to start the Arctic Data Buoy Program. In 1988, Dr. Untersteiner accepted the position of chairman of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and retired in 1997. In 1992, he accepted membership on the U.S.A. Environmental Task Force to advise the CIA. Later, it was converted to MEDEA. He cites some work of MEDEA. He summarizes some of the early history of the Polar Research Board, National Research Councils and the usefulness of the meetings. He was in charge of the research plan for the Hansen Drift Station established by the International Research Council. In 1999, he accepted the position of Chapman Professor of Physical Science at the University of Alaska. In conclusion, he said “it was a very good time to be a scientist.” Major Topics 1. Early interest in polar studies kindled by a trip to Spitsbergen when he was five years old. 2. He describes living conditions at the University of Vienna for students after 1945. 3. His first position was weather forecaster for a radio station. 4. Early work studying ice melt is discussed. 5. Difficulty in conducting research and living on an ice floe is discussed. 6. The moving ice of the glacier made it necessary to more the Jamesways, and to build a new runway. The Jamesways were difficult to move. 7. The purpose of the camp on the glacier was to make measurements for a one year cycle. 8. He describes an incident with some crew members of a US submarine on the Ice Station Alpha. 9. The development of a Geophysics Department is described. 10. His role in designing the mission of AIDJEX is summarized. Cooperation with other research groups made the program more comprehensive. 11. He became Director of the Office of Ocean Programs for NOAA. He describes his disappointment with the position and returned to his faculty position in Seattle, and became Director of the Polar Science Center. 12. In the 1990s, he accepted a position on an Environmental Task Force which involved advising the CIA and a member of MEDEA. Key Individuals Mentioned 1. His father, _____ Untersteiner, M.D.—p.1, 2, 3 2. Richard Fensterwalter—p.7 3. Professor Viatorres—p.7 4. Professor Schotts—p.7 5. Professor Heinz von Ficker—p.8, 9 6. Herfried Hoinkes—p.10 7. Hans Almann—p.10 8. Karl Christian Wallen—p.10 9. Walter Schawarzacher—p.11, 14 10. Bullock Workman—p.11 11. Heinrich Herald—p.12 12. Walter Brendel—p.13 13. Alfred Hoikes—p.13 14. Colin Bull—p.14 15. David Elliott—p.14 16. Robert Sharp—p.14, 15 17. Bert Crary—p.15, 17, 89 18. Mildred Crary—p.19 19. Harry Wexler—p.15, 16 20. Richard Hubley—p.16, 23 21. Chuck Sterns—p. 17 22. Phil Church—p.18, 22, 31, 41, 42, 108 23. Arne Hansen—p.18, 20, 35, 36, 38, 43, 46 24. Joe Fletcher—p.19, 57, 60, 70, 90, 91 25. Father Tom Cunningham—p.19 26. Fritz Awe—p.19, 23, 28 27. Morris Davidson—p.20, 77 28. Ken Hunkins—p.20, 22, 28, 37, 38, 39, 40, 56, 57 29. Terrence McDonald—p.20, 84 30. Lt. Colonel Stromquist—p.20 31. Joe Smith—p.20 32. Joseph Bilotta—p.20 33. Brian Freeman—p.20, 21 34. John Sader—p.24 35. Charlie Keeler—p.24 36. Tom English—p.26, 37 37. Frank Badgley—p.28 38. Bill Campbell—p.29, 36 39. George Cvijanovich—p.35 40. Walfried Ekman—p.38, 39, 40 41. Wieland Bieckness (?)—p.39 42. Hal Brayton—p.43 43. Max Brewer—p.44, 45, 53 44. Art Leckenbrook—p.46 45. Lawson Brigham—p.47 46. Major Joe Belota—p.48, 49 47. Jack Calvert—p.49 48. Sir Hubert Wilkins—p.52, 53 49. Lowell Thomas Sr.—p.52, 53, 54 50. Peter Froekin—p.52, 53 51. Bernt Balchen —p.53, 54 52. Prof. Charles Raymond—p.55 53. Allen Thorndike—p.55, 70, 71, 80 54. Gary Baker—p.55 55. Sam Kolbeck—p.55 56. Walt Whitman—p.55, 92 57. Admiral Bowen —p.57 58. Richard Goodie—p.58 59. Suki Manave—p.58, 62 60. Brooks Brian—p.58 61. Ned Ostenso—p.58, 62, 74 62. Bill Swenbeck—p.58 63. Dick Waters—p.59 64. Ross Burent—p.59, 60 65. Kurt Bryan—p.62, 63 66. Bert Boleen—p.63 67. John Kutzba—p.63 68. Joe Smagerinski—p.63 69. Jule Charney—p.63 70. Admiral Tom Owen—p. 65, 66, 67 71. Brian Shoemaker—p.1, 52, 64, 68, 69, 100 72. Dick Schauss—p.68, 69 73. Admiral Geiger—p.71, 72, 94, 96 74. Admiral Bachokle—p.72 75. Waldo Ryan—p.72, 73 76. Elliott Weinberg—p.74 77. Ferris Webster—p.74, 76 78. George Beckman—p.77, 82 79. Drew Rothrock—p.71, 77 80. Jamie Morrison—p.77 81. Dick Trobridge—p.77 82. Reid Parmutter—p.77 83. Jim Evans—p.77 84. Gary Macutt—p.77 85. Tom Grenfell—p.77 86. Bob Brown—p.70, 77 87. Ben Vogel—p.78 88. Bo Buck—p.78, 79 89. Roger Colony—p.78 90. Jim Baker—p.80, 81, 82 91. Ross Heath—p.82 92. Gordon McDonald—p.84 93. Al Gore—p.84 94. Walter Monk—p.85 95. Rita Coburn—p.88 96. Larry Gould—p.89 97. Paul Palmeroy—p.89 98. Nick Washburn—p.89 99. Bill Keel—p.89 100. Tom Jones—p.90, 91 101. Bob Rutford—p.71, 91 102. Ed. Todd—p.91, 97 103. Peter Wilkness—p.91, 92 104. Sherry Abbott—p.91, 92 105. Trishnakov—p.95 106. Ron McGregor—p.96, 97 107. Max Britten—p.96 108. Sydney Chapman—p.100, 109 109. Keith Roncort—p.100 110. Dr. Sofoo—p.101
              10 razones por las que deberías conocer a Chi Kung, el primo menos popular de Yoga        
    Chi Kung viene de China y su nombre significa “trabajo con energía”. Como su prima india, Yoga, a Chi Kung le gusta unir el cuerpo, la respiración y la mente. Es menos vistoso y llamativo que su prima india, pero no lo pases por alto, esas aguas tranquilas corren profundas.
    Aquí tienes 10 razones por las que te encantará llegar a conocer a Chi Kung:
    1. Es un sanador increíble. Puede reducir la sintomatología de la artritis, dolor crónico, presión arterial elevada, fatiga, diabetes así como los síntomas asociados al cáncer y su terapia; mientras aumenta tu sistema inmunológico, energía, densidad ósea, mejora el sueño, el estado de ánimo y equilibrio. Además es muy serio, porque tiene muchos estudios que lo prueban.
    2. Tiene más de 3000 años y se conserva genial. Tiene unas curvas fantásticas en vez de las líneas rectas y ángulos de su prima Yoga. Chi Kung se mueve en círculos y espirales, fluye.
    3. El es modesto. No hay nada ostentoso en él. Sus movimientos son lentos, conscientes, elegantes y enérgicos. Aunque es fantástico desarrollando fuerza y equilibrio, sus movimientos no son particularmente complicados y probablemente no le verás en la portada de una revista deportiva de moda. No hacen falta mallas ajustadas para disfrutar de su compañía.
    4. El es energizante. Después de pasar un rato con él, te sentirás más fuerte y móvil en tu día.
    5. Es ameno para pasar el rato. En contra de su primo Meditación (que es genial, pero afrontémoslo, en ocasiones puede ser un poco rígido), Chi Kung no te pide que te sientes y trates de no prestar atención a tus pensamientos. En cambio te ayuda a que se calme tu mente y sistema nervioso dándote muchas cosas a las que prestar atención como tu respiración o movimientos simples que se repiten.
    6. Te ayudará a relajarte. Puede con la ansiedad y el estrés y puede que hasta duermas mejor.
    7. Te ayudará a evadirte de tu mente mejor que Yoga. No me malinterpretes, siempre querré a Yoga, pero a veces, todo lo que hace resulta tan desafiante que parece “la mente sobre el cuerpo” en vez de una unión mente-cuerpo. Puede resultar difícil estar en contacto con tu cuerpo mientras que al mismo tiempo tratas de dominarlo. Con Chi Kung, la lucha para hacerlo “correctamente” o hacerlo parecer a lo que hace otra persona desaparece. La simplicidad de sus movimientos hace que resulte sencillo sentir el “chi” recorriendo tu cuerpo y entre tus manos.
    8. El te hará sentir bien. Te querrá independientemente de lo fuerte y flexible que seas y tu también le querrás.
    9. Te ayudará a querer a tu cuerpo. En vez de hacerte ver tu cuerpo como algo que necesitas ignorar o transcender (Como algunas veces pide Meditación), Chi Kung te anima a sintonizar con tu cuerpo como foco para la concentración. Tu cuerpo se convierte en el portal para descubrir capas más sutiles.
    10. El es sofisticado. Tiene diferentes rutinas para cada sistema del cuerpo. Incluso te puede enseñar puntos que los acupuntores utilizan para que el Chi se mueva adecuadamente.
    Artículo traducido “con ciertas licencias” de Brodie Welch.
              Re: Gaudi in Barcelona - Major Buildings in the Catalan Capital 1878-1926        

    Thanks, Molly! Yes, the blue of the stairwell is particularly captivating. Did you known the the interior spiral staircase is the inside of the dragon's tail?

              COMPRESSION BANDAGING        


    Compression bandaging is one of the compression therapy that used to improve calf muscle pump function, improve venous return, reduce venous hypertension, control venous ulcer exists, facilitate healing.

    “Compression bandaging” describes a wide variety of bandage with many different application or short or high stretch bandages and classified or light, moderate, high or extra high compression bandages.

    Keywords: compression, bandage/bandaging, venous


    Lower limb venous ulceration or venous leg ulcers occur as a result of impaired return of venous blood from the tissue to the heart, or chronic venous insufficiency. Venous ulcers are much more common, accounting for 70% to 90% of all leg ulcers (WOCN Society, 2005; Valencia et all, 2001)1.These lesions develop as a result of skin and tissue changes caused by chronic venous insufficiency and the assorted ambulatory venous hypertension.

    One of primary strategies for correction of venous insufficiency and hypertension is compression bandage. It has been documented in recent years that the most effective treatment for venous leg ulcers is the application of compression bandaging. (Conwall, 1988; Blair et all, 1988; Barbarel et all, 1990)2

    This study was conducted in order to review of compression bandaging in the treatment and management of lower limb venous ulceration/venous leg ulcers.


    The purpose of this study is to know and review of compression bandaging in the treatment and management of lower limb venous ulceration/venous leg ulcers.


    The successful management of venous leg ulcers represents a significant clinical problem and a major drain on limited financial resources. Research has shown that the majority of ulcers can be induced to heal by the application of adequate levels of sustained graduated although this technique is contra-indicated for the treatment of ischaemic ulcers.

    This paper describes:
    • The venous system of the leg
    • Indication of the application of external compression
    • Application of Compression Bandages


    The veins of the leg are divided into the superficial and deep systems according to their position relative to the fascia. These vessels contain valves which permit the flow of blood in only one direction from the superficial veins to the deep veins.2 The venous pressure of the ankle of a subject who is lying supine is around 10mmHg, but on standing this will rise by about 80mmHg, due to an increase in hydrostatic pressure (equivalent to the weight of a vertical column of blood stretching from the point of measurement to the right auricle of the heart).3

    On walking, contraction of the calf muscle compresses the deep veins until they are almost closed. This increase pressure to as much as 250mmHg, and empties the veins of blood. As the fast is plantar flexed, pressure falls, the veins are them refilled from blood passing from the superficial. In the normal venous system, the valves will prevent blood from returning down the leg.2

    The “pumping” action of the calf muscle causes the hydrostatic venous pressure in the ankle region to gradually fall until it reaches a steady state, usually about 30mmHg in deep veins and 40mmHg in the superficial veins.3

    Blockage or damage to the venous system disrupts the normal blood flow. This may result in valvular damage in the perforator veins, with blood being forced in the reverse direction into the superficial veins giving rise to varicosities.2

    For patients with venous disease, the application of graduated external compression can help to minimize or reverse the skin and vascular and lympathic compartments. As the pressure within the veins of a standing subject is largely hydrostatic, it follows that the level of external pressure which is necessary to counteract. This effect will reduce progressively up the leg, as the hydrostatic head is effectively reduced. For this reason it is usual to ensure that external compression is applied in graduated fashion, with the highest pressure at the ankle.

    Graduated compression result from applying a bandage at a steady and even pressure from toes to below the knee, because sub-bandage pressure is inversely proportional to the radius of curvature of the limb (Thomas, 1990).4

    Compression implies the deliberate application of pressure. The term “compression bandage” describes a wide variety of bandages with many different applications. This bandage are most commonly used to control oedema and reduce venous hypertension in venous disorders of the lower leg. The bandages are placed in one of four categories according to their ability to produce predetermined levels of compression.2 Compression bandages are graded as light, moderate, high and extra high compression.4

    1. Light Compression Bandages able to provide and maintain low levels of pressure; up to 20mmHg at the average ankle. They are suitable for managing superficial or early varices and varicosis during pregnancy but not suitable for reducing oedema, or for applying even low levels of compression to very large limbs.2

    2. Moderate Compression Bandage may apply approximately 30mmHg compression to the average ankle. They are suitable for the treatment of varieosis during pregnancy, varices of medium severity, the prevention and treatment of ulcers and the control of mild oedema.2

    3. High Compression Bandages provide approximately 40mmHg compression at the average ankle. They are indicated for the treatment of gross varices, post thrombotic venous insufficiency, the management of leg ulcers and gross oedema of limbs of average circumference.2

    4. Extra High Compression Bandages able to apply pressure in excess of 50mmHg. The power in the bandages is such that they can be expected to apply and sustain these pressure on even the largest and oedematous limbs for extended periods of time.2
    Compression bandages are describe too as short or high stretch bandages. Short stretch bandages may be applied singularly or in two layers of bandages (if additional pressure is required). High stretch bandages are usually applied as a single layer. Compression bandages can be cotton and or synthetic, with or without elastic or lately.4


    Four layers system consists of a non adherent, viscose primary dressing and four individual bandages. It is designed to provide 40mmHg compression at the ankle decreasing to 17mmHg the knee.

    - Layer 1 – cotton wool
    - Layer 2 – crepe (applied in a spiral)
    - Layer 3 – light compression (applied in a figure of eight)
    - Layer 4 – cohesive flexible (applied in a spiral).3


    1. The leg is gently washed and dried
    2. Moisturise the leg with prescribed lotion
    3. Assess the leg according to indicators for assessment
    4. Palpate pedal and leg pulses, to ensure good vascularity
    5. record an ankle/brachial pressure index using a Doppler ultrasound if arterial insufficiency is suspected.
    6. Dress ulcer, if present, according to care plan. If zinc paste bandage is to be used, aply bandage in a smooth spiral from toe to knee
    7. All compression bandages require a padding bandage under compression bandages for skin protection. A p[adding bandage is applied over the zinc paste bandage or dressing, in a spiral from toes to knees. Extra padding may be required at ankle or over bony prominences.
    8. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for individual brands of compression bandages. The bandage is applied with the foot at right angles to the floor. Apply one compression bandage, from above the toes to below the knee in a spiral, overlapping preceding turn by 50% or as prescribed, including the heel. A figure of eight locking turn can be used to obtain a secure bandage at the heel. Constant pressure is exerted at the ankle to below the knee
    9. If low stretch compression bandages are used, a second low stretch bandages may be required to obtain a higher pressure, if so apply as for the first. If high stretch bandages are used, one high stretch compression bandage is sufficient.
    10. If additional pressure or security is required, cover the bandages with either an elastic tubular or cohesive bandage
    11. Encourage ambulation.3


    The application of compression bandaging has been documented in recent years as the most effective treatment for venous leg ulcers. So, as a nurse, we have to know about the venous system of the leg, indication of the application of external compression, and application of compression bandages


    1. Bryant R (2007). Acut and Chronic Wounds: Current Management Concept. St.Louis: Mosby,
    2. Delegate Book: The Assesment and Management of Leg Ulcers : Module 2
    3. Thomas,S (1998). Compression Bandaging in The Treatment of Venous leg Ulcers
    4. Carville,K (1998). Wound Care Manual. Osborn Park, Western Australia: Silver Chain Foundation
    5. Dealey,C (2005). The Care of Wounds: A Guide For Nurses. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
              The Meteorite Shower over Lebanon – a Russian Missile Launch?        
    New information is surfacing regarding yesterday’s meteor shower over Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Israel/Palestine and Armenia. It seems as if the whole thing was not mother nature’s doing. Instead, it was mother Russia flexing its military muscles. This video shot in Syria shows the “meteorite” as following a spiral trajectory, which is not possible for a […]
              Jayne Mansfield: Silver Screen To Vegas Headliner        

    There is just something about the blonde bombshells of Old Hollywood that always spark my interest. Hollywood thought they had found another Marilyn Monroe when Jayne Mansfield busted (pun totally intended) on to the scene, but Jayne was a completely different animal. Aside from having blonde hair and a knock out figure... the two stars couldn't be farther from each other. Jayne Mansfield was over the top, larger than life... dare I say campy? That's just what made me so interested in her. She knew exactly what she wanted and what she needed to do to get it. She used her 'obvious talents' to make a name for herself. She knew what Hollywood expected of her... so she gave it to them. 

    I've seen a few of of her films, so I wanted to learn more about the woman behind the camera. This post will be the first of many exploring Jayne's other talents and other sides of her career that sometimes get lost behind her bombshell, sex symbol image.

    Jayne started out her career as Hollywood's newest, hottest blonde bombshell, but even with her successes on the big screen, Jayne wasn't earning what she thought was a fair salary... only earning $2,500 a week from the studio. Lucky for her, she was in demand outside of Hollywood. She was able to capitalize on her popularity by turning her sex symbol reputation into a lucrative stage career. She took her 'satire on striptease' every where from Las Vegas to North Carolina to Mississippi.

    The Tropicana | Take 1

    Sign at the Tropicana advertising Jayne's show

    On February 12th, 1958, fresh off their honeymoon, Jayne and new husband Mickey Hargitay made their debut in the 4 week run of 'Tropicana Holiday' at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. The show took place in the world famous resort's show room called 'The Theater Restaurant' which sat 450 people for dinner and was produced by Monte Proser. Jayne played Trixie Divoon in the original musical composed by Gordon Jenkins that sported a 50 piece orchestra led by Nat Brandwynne. The show's opening night helped raise $20,000 for the March of Dimes. What a change of pace this must have been for the blonde bombshell. She was now earning $25,000 a week to appear in front of sold out crowds, and on top of that the Tropicana was footing the bill for her & her family's living expenses. They even took out a $1 million dollar insurance policy on Jayne because of the risky acrobatic moves she and Mikey were performing during the show. 'Tropicana Holiday' ended on March 19th, 1958, but it wouldn't be long until she was back on the Vegas strip.

    Jayne posing pool side at the Tropicana

    Jayne posing pool side at the Tropicana

    The Tropicana | Take 2

    "Jayne Mansfield and some sequins"

    On May 14th, 1959, Jayne & Mickey were back at the Tropicana for a 4 week reboot of their successful stage show, now titled 'The Tropicana Hotel Nightclub Revue.' The show was again a success, selling out every night. This time it wasn't the acrobatic stunts she and Mikey were performing on stage, it was Jayne's costume... or the lack of shall I say. It was so shocking it made the news. The papers described the gown as a barbed wire fence and wrote, "it protects the property but doesn't obstruct the view." The gown was made of a sheer nylon fabric with strategically placed sequins & stones to cover her lady parts and had half a dozen petticoats that were worn at the knee. Jayne told the press, "I designed it myself. I wanted to be completely covered. If I had tried to compete with the nudes on their own grounds it would have been in bad taste. And besides, those girls are not as healthy as I. They have been through a war and all that hardship."

    The Dunes Hotel

    Jayne posing poolside at The Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas

    On December 29th, 1960 Jayne and Mickey continued their successful stage act at The Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas with their striptease revue, 'The House of Love.' The show took place in the Dunes' state of the art restaurant/showroom, was produced by Jack Cole, written by Sid Kuller (who also wrote for Jack Benny) and featured Bill Reddie and his orchestra. Jayne was earning $35,000 per week, which was a career high for the actress. The show sold out every out every night. Seems like people were really interested in seeing Mickey twirl Jayne above his head... or maybe they wanted to get a peek at that infamous barely there gown. Yes, Jayne brought THAT gown with her over to The Dunes. The 8 week engagement ended on February 27th, 1962, but the show was such a big hit 20th Century Fox had another idea to capitalize off Jayne's success. In 1962, 20th Century Fox Records released 'Jayne Mansfield Busts Up Las Vegas' featuring the actresses music numbers from 'House of Love.'

    Jayne posting in various costumes from 'House of Love'
    Jayne Mansfield & Mickey Hargitay on stage for 'House of Love'

    Outside of Vegas

    Jayne posting on stage

    Jayne realized her earning power as a Hollywood celebrity, and took her show on the road. She made her first appearance outside of Vegas in March of 1963 when she appeared at The Plantation Supper Club in Greensboro, North Carolina where she earned $23,000 a week. She followed this up with a stop at Iroquopid Gardens in Louisville, Kentucky. 

    Jayne giving 'all that she has' during an unknown appearance

    The Fremont Hotel and Casino

    The Fremont Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas

    Jayne next and final appearance in Las Vegas would find her off the famous Vegas Strip. From September 1st through September 18th 1966 'Jayne Mansfield's Nightclub Revue' took to the stage of the Fremont Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas. Jayne was flying solo this time as she sang, danced, joked, and even sat on the audiences laps.

    Jayne performing on stage at an unknown location

    At It 'Till The End

    The Jayne Mansfield way to shop for groceries

    By the mid 60's, Jayne's film career was on a downward spiral and work was few and far between. Jayne resorted to doing small gigs at clubs much less glamorous than the Tropicana and The Dunes. It seemed Jayne was willing to show up anywhere if you had her $10,000 appearance fee. You could find her from supermarket promotions to drug store openings. Her final public appearance was in Biloxi, Mississippi at Gus Stevens Seafood Restaurant & Buccaneer Lounge. It was on this late night drive to New Orleans that the tragic car accident happened that ended the star's life.

    Various photos of Jayne in Biloxi, Mississippi

    Keep an eye out for the next installment of my Jayne Mansfield series...

              Is your leadership foundation cracked?        

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third in a six-part series exploring values-based leadership by Chris Hitch, director of the Gen. H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center. 

    Gen. Hugh Shelton asserts that integrity is the foundation for a good values based leader. He makes the point that, if a person does not have integrity, a person does not have strong moral character. You cannot count on a person without integrity. Conversely, a person who does have strong moral character and integrity is someone you can trust implicitly.

    In Shelton’s words, "Their word is their bond. You don’t have to worry about a person with integrity. If they tell you they’re going to commit to do something, they will do it. If I tell you I’m going to do something, you know that I’m going to do it if at all possible. The best leaders who’ve been forged as leaders in the crucible of combat go all the way to say, ‘I will do it even if it costs me my life. I’m going to go out and do what I promised you that I would do.’"

    Additionally, Shelton notes that we end up disassociating ourselves from a person who lacks integrity because we don't want our integrity to be tarnished. The challenges of integrity go back throughout recorded history of time. It’s evident in many books in the Old Testament. It is the subject of many writings in the classical humanities studies. We see it today in the headlines that trumpet the individuals from many professions who have not led with integrity.

    As noted in the post on honesty, integrity is based on a series of decisions you and I make that are analyzed and cataloged by those we lead and those we are led by. When you lead with integrity, you also bring others to you who share your same values, and it creates a reinforcing spiral of goodness. Luckily, the more that you associate with people who have a great deal of integrity, the more you are inspired to continue to act in a similar vein. 

    What situations have you found where you completely trusted an individual because of that person's integrity?

    Chris Hitch, Ph.D., is director of the Gen. H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center and program director of the Poole College of Management Executive Education at North Carolina State University.

              Hair Perm: Types and Tips For Getting A Killer Perm!        

    Spiral Perm This style of perm creates a fantastic spiral curl that winds down like a staircase. These glamour curls provide a fuller, thicker, look to the hair and it is known to complement an oval-shaped face the best.

    Hair Perm: Types and Tips For Getting A Killer Perm! article is originally written by Hairstyles 2017 - Trendy Haircuts and Hair Colors

              Traduttore, traditore        
    Recién finalizó mi colaboración con CNNExpansión. Traducir para el portal financiero supuso una lluvia de aprendizaje constante, palabra a palabra, todos los días, desentrañando las tripas de la economía (ora en voz de Colin Barr, David Goldman, Anne Fisher, Jeanne Sahadi, Paul R. La Monica o Geoff Colvin, los de cajón).

    Diccionarios especializados y algunas horas de estudio para poder comprender el lenguaje que nombra una realidad que nos ha llevado al carajo (llevo meses volcando al español, con la misma cautela, suaves preludios para la “R word”, Recesión…desaceleración, ralentización, debilidad económica, escaso crecimiento, espiral descendente…), tan cerca y tan lejos de los de a pie.

    Solía despertarme con las noticias de CNN para adivinar el tema que tendría la traducción de ese día (ah, ya cayó Lehman, AIG, oohh, las automotrices gringas, el rescate, desplome en las bolsas, Maddoff, Steve Jobs). Comencé a tomarle el gustillo a la economía, prefería traducir sobre eso que sobre viajes al Amazonas, novedades tecnológicas o autos híbridos.

    Echaré de menos la urgencia de la entrega, el reto de trasvasar con claridad, verter sin tanta pérdida, la “negociación” como la llama Umberto Eco. Echaré de menos la desprestigiada literatura de periódico, el estilo argumentativo del periodismo de opinión norteamericano.

    Vale. Ya no traduzco economía, volveré a los días en los que sólo interpretaba las monedas en mis manos.

              Ay México        

    Vivir en México es habitar en la irrealidad, en una ficción permanente similar a la que se vive ‘al otro lado del espejo’ (donde la Alicia de Caroll andaba hacia atrás y en dirección contraria, y repartía primero el pastel y después lo partía… acá primero se construyen las calles y luego se planean, primero se inundan las ciudades y luego se edifican presas, primero se elige al representante popular y luego hay elecciones).

    En México, durante todas las horas del día la realidad está invertida (se castiga al honrado y se premia al ímprobo, se alientan la improductividad y la lentitud, se recompensan la ineficacia y la estulticia).

    Es el México de Breton, “mal despertado de su pasado mitológico”, donde el tlatoani viste los colores de un partido o las siglas de un sindicato. Un México surrealista y kafkiano (reza el sabio dicho: Si Franz Kafka fuera mexicano, sería costumbrista).

    México es el reino del alogos, bajo todas sus acepciones: la no-razón, el no-orden, el no-fundamento, el no-sentido, el no-lenguaje. Aquí se vive la contradicción sin superación dialéctica, aquí la contradicción no se resuelve, es nuestro modo humano de ser en el mundo.

    La casa que habitamos los mexicanos es tierra baldía. En el México del maíz se importa el grano, en el México petrolero se importa la gasolina, en el Méxicocuernodelabundancia el salario mínimo es de miseria (5 dólares diarios) -en contraste, nuestra burocracia es una de las más caras del mundo (cada uno de los 500 diputados del Congreso gana 15,000 dólares mensuales, mientras que cada uno de los 128 senadores percibe una dieta de 13,000 dólares mensuales, sin contar pólizas, aguinaldos y bonos)-. En el México del “sí se puede” la mitad de la población vive en condiciones de pobreza: uno de cada dos mexicanos “no puede.”

    En el México del contrasentido, las fauces de la Secretaría de Hacienda se tragan a los que “medio sí pueden” para que el 10% de los hogares ricos entre los ricos sigan concentrando el 40% de los recursos. ¿Paga más quién más gana? En el México de la honestidad el empleado de Hacienda me confiesa: “En lo que va del año usted, con sus seis salarios mínimos, ha pagado más impuestos que un REPECO que gana 2 millones de pesos.” En el México de la desolación me hundo en la silla del módulo del SAT.

    En el México de los robatodo éste es el pillaje que más duele (conocimiento de causa: me han robado el coche, la cartera, el teléfono celular, y han entrado a casa en varias ocasiones). ¿Los impuestos son el precio de vivir en una sociedad civilizada?, este Estado mexicano no devuelve a la sociedad esa extracción impositiva a través de bienes públicos -educación, servicios, justicia, seguridad, sanidad-. Una persona como yo, con actividad profesional (¿traducir los vaivenes de la economía global es una profesión?), no goza de ninguna prestación (sin patrón no tienes ni seguro social, ni infonavit, ni seguro de retiro, ni prestación por desempleo).

    En el México de las palabras vacías la reforma hacendaria lleva la coletilla “Por los que menos tienen”… y yo, que estoy escasa, me atiborro de siglas que mes a mes me roban dos días laborables y me carcomen el jornal: ISR, IETU, IVA, DIOT. Es el México de los trámites, 5 declaraciones mensuales por seis salarios mínimos con una carga tributaria que se chupa el 30% de mis ingresos. En el México del revés el sistema fiscal progresivo es regresivo. En el México comprensivo a los morosos Hacienda les condona hasta un 80% de sus adeudos.

    Es el México sano pero infestado de violencia y corrupción, donde los habitantes son árboles con raíces descompuestas, atacados por la analogía más cercana al gigantesco Armillaria ostoyae (ese famoso hongo responsable de la devastación de 900 hectáreas en el Bosque Nacional Malheur de Oregón): el narco, la mordida, la rapacería política, la ineptitud, el secuestro, se extienden subterráneamente. Somos comestibles, en una letal simbiosis entre hongo y planta.

    Es el México donde la pesadilla de Giuseppe Tornatore Una pura formalitá encarna en cada oficina y dependencia, incluso en cada universidad. Todos los que estamos inermes frente a la ventanilla, frente al escritorio, somos Onoff, atormentados por sabe dios qué culpa disfrazada de trámite. La burocracia se erige en Inspector, con mayúsculas (Roman Polanski se inspiró en nuestros funcionarios para representar el papel), con toda su raíz latina -inspicio, fijar la mirada atentamente-.

    Es el México de millones de gregoriosamsa convertidos en escarabajo pelotero y sin invitación a la fiesta de la habitación contigua donde suena el violín. Vulnerables al manzanazo que todos los días se nos incrusta en la espalda.

    ¿Qué hacer en el alogos? ¿Buscar un orden, un sentido?

    Lo hay si recurrimos a la “ciudad infernal” de Italo Calvino, esa ciudad que -según Kublai Khan- hacía inútil todo esfuerzo humano porque se imponía como destino último: “y allí en el fondo, en una espiral cada vez más cerrada, nos sorbe la corriente.”

    ¿Qué respondió Marco Polo? “El infierno de los vivos no es algo por venir; hay uno, el que ya existe aquí, el infierno que habitamos todos los días, que formamos estando juntos. Hay dos maneras de no sufrirlo. La primera es fácil para muchos: aceptar el infierno y volverse parte de él hasta el punto de dejar de verlo. La segunda es riesgosa y exige atención y aprendizaje continuos: buscar y saber quién y qué, en medio del infierno, no es infierno, y hacer que dure, y dejarle espacio”.

    Ah, Calvino supo definir ese magma que constituyen las ciudades, lugares de trueque…no sólo de mercancías, también trueques de palabras, deseos, recuerdos. Pero en la casa que habitamos los mexicanos el intercambio es deficitario, entregamos mucho a cambio de muy poco.

    ¿Aceptamos el infierno para dejar de verlo o nos entregamos a la tarea de buscar, en medio del infierno, lo que no es infierno? ¿De verdad hay ciudades felices escondidas en las ciudades infelices? ¿Una pequeña razón en la tierra del alogos?

              El mundo laboral        
    Quisiera echar mano a mi edificante ejemplar “El derecho a la pereza” de Paul Laforgue. Este libro fue obsequio, paradójicamente, de uno de los hedonistas más tristemente alienados por el capital, mi amigo J.

    Quisiera, digo, tener cerca el librito y gastar un par de horas arrullándome con él, convenciéndome de que estas ganas monstruosas de ocio absoluto son naturales, más aún, connaturales. Y que tenemos derecho (justo y legítimo, pues, exigirlo) a la pereza.

    Pero el libro está en una de las tres estanterías –sería presuntuoso llamarlas “bibliotecas”- repartidas acá y allá del mar. (Por cierto, en el ejercicio de nuestro derecho a la cultura, los gobiernos deberían exigirle a las aerolíneas no considerar los libros como equipaje, sino como extensiones físicas del pasajero). Así que no puedo acceder al dulce consuelo que da Laforgue.

    Laforgue, por lo demás, era yerno de Marx. Y mientras el segundo intentaba desentrañar las misteriosas y viciadas relaciones entre el capital, el trabajo y el hombre, el yerno redactaba una refutación al “derecho al trabajo” que apostaba por una cultura del ocio, un humanismo encaminado a la revaloración de las máquinas como las verdaderas salvadoras del trabajo sórdido y monótono, diosas metálicas que le dan al hombre tiempo para el ocio y libertad.

    En fin, lo que me mantiene alejada de este mundo virtual es ese otro mundo más allá del horizonte, el mundo de los ingresos y los gastos, de las facturas y los pagos. No puedo atenerme al café y al cigarrillo, necesito más monedas para la leche, el internet, la luz, el gas… Estos meses han sido una peregrinación desgastante hacia el santuario de un sueldo fijo. Tenía toda la intención de enrolarme en las filas de esa sociedad útil, trabajadora, abejada en la feliz tarea de contribuir a la vida del panal.

    Pero la sola búsqueda de trabajo también aliena. Toda la tinta de la impresora para currículos, toda la gasolina para repartirlos. La vista amaestrada para detectar ofertas en el periódico (al día de hoy no he dado con ninguna que solicite a un diletante de la filosofía). Entrevistas dantescas (sobre la puerta de las empresas e instituciones podía leer sin que estuviera inscrito “Abandonen toda esperanza, quienes entren aquí”), jornadas intensas por 3 mil pesos (200 euros), horario flexible cuando en realidad es “disponibilidad de horario”, 90% bilingüe pero el mismo sueldo de un telefonista mudo, pagar por ingresar a una bolsa de trabajo, hacer antesala. Realicé presupuestos exhaustivos, asistí a citas en la conchinchina. Nada.

    Entretanto, todos los meses, con la inexorabilidad de la luna llena, debo informar a Hacienda, ese laberinto micénico de formas y claves, sobre mis nulos o exiguos ingresos. Es algo así como una combinación modesta de Kafka con Zolá.

    Me pregunto si no debería existir un sindicato para los asindicalizados, para todos aquellos que nunca hemos firmado un contrato, una tarjeta del seguro social, una hipoteca, para los que no estamos en el buró de crédito porque nunca hemos calificado para un préstamo. Para los que no entramos en esos tranquilizadores sustantivos de “empleado”, “funcionario”…

    Finalmente, tras cansada travesía, amarré la nave en un puerto discreto: buscar equivalencias en el desvencijado baúl de las palabras (dócil labor de traductor traidor) y convencer a un grupo de muchachos, a eso de las 10 de la noche, de que vale la pena mantenerse despiertos para escuchar a Ortega y Gasset. Hoy, por ejemplo, les endulcé la lectura de Sartre con un poco de chocolate. Quizá, cuando estos estrenados universitarios piensen en aquello de “Estamos solos, sin excusas. Es lo que expresaré diciendo que el hombre está condenado a ser libre” no se les quemen las entrañas.

              5 Favorite 43 Folders Podcasts, 2006        

    43 Folders Podcast

    O'Reilly and Associates logo, detail

    I'm a far from prolific contributor to the personal podcasting scene, but 2006 brought several episodes of the podcast that people seemed to enjoy and that I'm pleased to have made.

    If you're new to 43f's podcast (subscribe for free) or just want to amble down memory lane with me, here's my five favorite episodes from this past year. Unexpurgated, unedited and, as ever, featuring candid depictions and the occasional swear; because sometimes productivity talk is just NSFW.

    1. The Perfect Apostrophe - (MP3)

      powered by ODEO
      In terms of the amount of feedback I've received, and for my own personal reasons, this confessional commentary on procrastination (and why the godforsaken O'Reilly book never got written) is my hands-down favorite. To this day, I get amazing notes from people about this one.
    2. The Richard Scarry Book of the Future - (MP3)

      powered by ODEO
      2006 was the year in which I really grokked that knowledge workers aren't issued hats to identify what we each do. Each of us has the opportunity to define our job plus the challenge to manage all career inputs and outputs. Each of us is the untrained traffic cop for our life and career. This was the most downloaded episode of the year (grabbed ~75k times).
    3. It’s just a cup - (MP3)

      powered by ODEO
      Avoid fractal productivity spirals by learning to see your productivity system no differently than your morning coffee. When a ritual become invisible -- requiring a minimal amount of effort and maintenance to adequately get the job done -- you know you've got something right.
    4. Productive Talk Compilation: 8-episode podcast with GTD’s David Allen - (MP3 | Enhanced M4A)

      powered by ODEO
      It was a thrill and a pleasure to hang out with David Allen for a few days, so, at least for me, the mini-podcast series that resulted from our meetings was gravy. That said, over the course of this 90-minute mp3, David had more fresh and useful and telling ideas to share about GTD than I'd heard collectively in the 3 years since I read his book. So grateful that he shared his time so generously.
    5. First-time Sex & the Beauty of 1.0 - (MP3)

      powered by ODEO
      This episode from September was one of the most popular episodes this year (owing in part, no doubt, to its salacious title). But, I'd like to hope the point won't be missed, because it applies far beyond software and "productizing" -- there's no indignity to not being perfect the first time. Plus, sometimes, seeking simply not to end up crying in an emergency room can make for a surprisingly romantic third date.

    Subscribe: Subscribe to the 43 Folders Podcast on Odeo.com Subscribe to the 43 Folders podcast in iTunes add to my PodNova

    43 Folders icon ”5 Favorite 43 Folders Podcasts, 2006” was written by Merlin Mann for 43Folders.com and was originally posted on December 29, 2006. Except as noted, it's ©2010 Merlin Mann and licensed for reuse under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. "Why a footer?"

    JPGby KAHD © 08-03-2013:
    I kind of liked a little doodle I did while at a meeting the other day, so I expanded on it then vectored it. Spiral and curve fun. :P Cat, snail, flower, frog, moutain, butterfly, dragonfly, fish, cattail.

    2231hrs BST

    We arrived in London last week and have managed to cover a fair chunk of our 'to-see' list. Considering the ultra max information dump we've had in the last few days, I think it's a good time to pause and pen down my thoughts and observations about things we've seen in this amazing city.

    The Underground

    a. So far we've never had to wait for a train for any more than 2 mins on any line, any time of the day. Ever! I found that amazing as efficient public transport is not one of the strong suite of any cities I've lived so far. 

    b. For a first-time visitor, a rail network of such complexity can be confusing without proper signs/markings or helpful staff. All tube stations have clear directions, the tube map is perfect and we've never felt lost.

    c. The railway line that connects Heathrow Airport is the Piccadilly line. Some overground railway stations on Piccadilly line do not have elevators. It's a fair bet that this railway line will carry visitors, like us, with heavy luggage, and they'd surely appreciate an elevator rather than lugging a 25+kg suitcases over flights of stairs.

    d. Life goes at a quick pace in London. The Underground, however, seems to have life of its own. St. Undergroundeswarar, the Lord of the Underground, presses the 'Breakneck Pace' button every time a Londoner enters a Tube station. That explains why people zoom past down the escalator, rush to the platform, get off in a hurry, rush back up the escalator and return to the normal pace once out of the Tube station. Why this avasaram da? Relax, no?

    e. I work in the area of real-time power system operations. I understand the challenges involved in operating complex, interconnected networks like the Underground. To operate an essential service like this in a safe, reliable and efficient manner must have some highly skilled engineers and field crew.

    We bought the 7-day Zone 1-2 TravelCard. The TravelCard makes us eligible to use the 2 for 1 vouchers at participating London attractions. Its given us good deals so far.

    St. Paul's Cathedral

    St. Paul's Cathedral
    We visited St. Paul's Cathedral through a walking tour by a company called London Walks. Judy, our guide, gave us an informative and engaging tour of St. Paul's. She gave us a gripping account of how this iconic cathedral survived the bombings of WWII and the efforts made by Londoners to protect the Cathedral. The interiors of the dome were jaw-dropingly awesome. Since this is a working church, we had to stop and remain still once every hour for a prayer.

    We went up the Dome which involves climbing 500 odd steps through spiral staircases and narrow passages. Sindhu felt mildly claustrophobic when going up the spiral staircases. She made it to the top though. It was worth the effort as the views from the dome were breathtaking.

    View from the Dome a.k.a Golden Gallery
    London Walks charges GBP 9 per person for their services. You have to pay entrance fee at St. Paul's. We availed the 2 for 1 offer. Highly recommend!

    Lord's Cricket Ground

    Visiting Lord's, the very home of the great game, is one of the highlights of our stay in London. It was a clear sunny day and I was buzzing with excitement as I entered the ground through Grace Gate for the ground and museum tour. I've done ground tours of WACA, Melbourne Cricket Ground and Eden Park. I have also watched Test cricket at 'Gabba, Chepauk and SCG. None of those Test venues exude the aura of class and the quiet charm as Lord's. It is a special place.
    Lord's. Can you see the famous Lord's tilt?
    We ambled around the Cricket Museum first. We saw the real Ashes 'urn' and read the history behind it. India's first world cup trophy, the Prudential cup, was on display. The crystal Ashes replica looked meh. 

    We were then taken to the famous Long Room. Its walls were adorned with paintings of cricket legends - Don Bradman, Keith Miller, Jarvis, to name a few. Then, off to team dressing rooms. The rooms were not as big as I thought it would be. It would be fairly crowded place on match days. It felt surreal to stand on the Lord's balcony admiring the view of the ground *goosebumps*. I stood at the exact same spot where Ganguly famously twirled his shirt in that Natwest final.

    In the famous Honours board, there was no Tendulkar, no Lara, no Ponting, but one A Agarkar was present…that too in the batting list. #facepalm to Cricket God and his sense of humour.

    I envy Cricinfo dudes who get to do live commentary from JP Morgan Press box. What a view!

    Easily the second best view of the Ground
    Ground and museum tour costs GBP 15 per person. We made use of the 2 for 1 offer. Win!

    Westminster Abbey

    I didn't know much about Westminster Abbey apart from it being Will and Kate's kalyana mandapam. When I did shrug my ignorance and read about it, I realized its immense significance and importance to British history. We reached the Abbey on an warm, cloudy afternoon with a plan to attend the 5PM Evensong. When we reached the Abbey we were greeted by the incredible carvings on the Northern entrance and a very long queue. We ditched the Evensong plan and checked out St. Margaret Church which is next to the Abbey. I learnt that Winston Churchill got married there. The stained glass at the Altar was beautiful.

    The following morning we arrived early to this beautiful soaring architectural wonder. Its true majesty lies inside. As you walk in, the beautiful chandeliers, stunning architecture, the staggering detail on the dome just takes your breath away. We spent a few hours walking around the Abbey with a Audio guide. Its impressive the Brits have managed to preserve and display couple of thousand years of history. But frankly, I found the history of King Edward/Henry/Queen Elizabeth I, II, III etc a bit dry. I am a science student who likes poetry. What interested me were the final resting place of Newton, Dickens, Kipling, Charles Darwin, Wordsworth etc. All important figures buried under one roof. Phew!

    Entrance fee costs GBP 16 per person.

    Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

    We 'straddled' the Prime meridian. There were neat exhibits on the history of astronomy and maritime navigation. 'Camera Obscura' was cool.

    Entrance fee was GBP 7 per person.

    Sir John Ritblat Gallery, British Library.

    It was a brief stop. This gallery is aptly called 'The Treasures'. The highlights were:

    a. The Beatles Corner: Handwritten lyrics of one of my fav song 'Yesterday' on a scrap of paper.
    b. Original manuscripts of Mozart.
    c. Handwritten letter by Isaac Newton from his final days.
    d. Different versions of Bible and Koran.
    e. Magna Carta room.

    Madame Tussaud's

    It was our first time to a wax museum and we loved it. The museum was well laid out and the waxworks were obviously quite impressive. My favorite bit was the 4D Marvel show. It was as good as Shrek 4D show at Movie World in Gold Coast.

    So. Waxworks of all important celebs in Hollywood - check. Waxwork of Sachin Tendulkar - check. Wife takes a pic with her beloved SRK - check. Bollywood section has a waxwork of Salman Khan - *puke*. After all this, the Thamizhan in me had a burning question, "ALLLLL this is okay, where is Rajnikanth?".

    GBP 30 per person. We used the 2 for 1 voucher.

    'World famous in Thamizh Nadu' Saravana Bhavan, East Ham, London.

    Items ordered:
    Paper Roast
    Idly Vadai Sambhar (immersed)
    Filter Kaapi

    Whether it is London or Mylapore, the Sambhar tastes only one way: Heavenly! And that's Saravana Bhavan.

    So what's remaining in the list?

    The Shard.
    Pint at Westminster Arms.
    Buckingham Palace
    Churchill's Underground War rooms
    Wimbledon Museum tour.
    Tower of London.

              Mascara - Cheater        
    Mascara - Cheater

    Mascara - Cheater

    Cheater! is a fabulously volumizing mascara enriched with Panthenol, which strengthens and conditions your lashes. The spiral brush gives you the look of dramatic, faux lashes without the extra work. Apply a single coat to achieve volume and length.This buildable, non-clumpy, formula can be layeredto take your lashes to new levels.  

              Sprial Staircase Shawls and Fall Festival        
    Hello Blog Friends,

    I just finished these two scarves/wraps/shawl recently. I started them in the Summer.  I used Red heart With Love yarn.  They are my favorite yarns; durable, affordable and easy to work with.

    The blue one  is smaller and shorter (55") since I used a smaller needles.  The yarn color is called Deep Blue.

    The second one is larger and longer (65").  The yarn color is called Autumn.  At first I didn't really care for this color but I tried on the shawl and oh it is very pretty.
      You can fine the pattern here.

    For local friends, I will be here this weekend

    Our Mother of Good Counsel Church (610) 525-0147
    31 Pennswood Road, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

    My next show will be at SunVally High School in Aston PA.  Will post detail next week.

    Until next time


              In the NO Podcast EP. 275: Little Letdowns        

    Michael and I talk about these little letdowns that keep spiraling into Pelicans defeats - and while Michael walks away more positive than expected, I end up a bit more negative. A bit of a change of pace for us, I think! We talk about the importance of the next 6 games to the trade deadline, and if we think Dell and crew are even moving on anything at all.

    We also talk about Tyreke's inability to finish with any finesse at all. Ridiculous.

              How Quickly Can America Exit Iraq?        
    Yes, the combat mission is over. Yes, U.S. forces don't necessarily have to do anything should intra-Iraqi violence spiral upwards again. But that doesn't mean that the U.S. can go home.

    Hence, the question: If Iraq is the new Lebanon, will the United States play Syria?
              Help! Teens Are Eating My Paycheck        
    One of my girlfriends has a very singular type of financial problem – her teenage boys are practically eating through her paycheck. As fall athletics ramp up, her kids’ appetites are escalating and their buddies – often around the home after sports practice – routinely raid her kitchen. As her grocery bills spiral out of control, she’s struggling to determine how to manage her budget so that her savings goals aren’t (quite literally) eaten away. I absolutely understand her plight. There were many things that I was unprepared for when I became the stepmother of two teenage boys, but the grocery bill was unexpectedly among the most staggering day-to-day expense I encountered. I value healthy eating, but I quickly learned that feeding a bunch of teenagers requires a different type of menu planning, snack strategies and sneaky techniques for hiding expensive treats from the teeming hoards of friends who stopped by and plowed through the cupboards. (MORE: The Other Awkward Talk You Need to Have with Your Kids) Raising kids is expensive in many ways, and food expenditures – a substantial portion of that overall cost – are not getting any cheaper. According to a recently released USDA report, a middle income family with a baby born in 2011 will spend $234,900 on average to raise that child to age 18 (excluding the cost of college) – and food costs account for 16 percent of that total, or about $37,440. While $37,440 over 18 years may not seem overwhelming, the per-year cost is highest when children become teens. What a typical family spends varies, of course, depending on the number of kids, household income and general eating habits. If you’re wondering how you stack up against a typical family, check out the USDA’s Cost of Raising a Child Calculator, which enables you to enter your family profile. I entered a sample family (middle income, two adults, two teenagers aged 13 and 15) and determined that the average family of this make-up spends $5150 per year (or $429/month) on food just for their teens.
              [fic, Marvel] Lethewards Chapter 3 part II        
    Title: Lethewards: Chapter Three: Wayfaring Stranger part II
    Rating: R
    Fandom: Marvel - 616
    Pairings: Primarily pre-slash Steve/Tony, but with several platonic relationships, as well as references to past relationships and a few minor relationships
    Part word count: 1221
    Genre: Drama, angst, hurt/comfort, character study
    Warnings: These are warnings just this part, seeing as they may change from part to part. Please see this post for overall fic warnings Depiction and talk of mental illness, implied hallucinated non-con
    Disclaimer: I own none of these characters and make no profit from them
    Part Summary: Tony recounts the beginnings of his downward spiral
    Thanks: My beta [personal profile] autolobotomysuicide and being absolutely fantastic. [personal profile] jazzypom and [livejournal.com profile] pandanoai for their adivce and beta work, as well as cheer leading. And last but not least, [livejournal.com profile] oddwildflowers for being an amazing cheerleader.
    Author's note: Please, please, please see this post for a list of overall fic warnings and for background information/changes from canon.
    As always, thank you for all the kind comments. New parts Sunday and Tuesday.
    Sorry this part is so short, but there was a warning on this one that I didn't want to carry over to the whole chunk. Tuesday's part is long, I promise.
    Previous Parts: Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two part I part II Chapter Three part I

    Did seeing your dead loved ones count as problems with vision and hearing? )

    comment count unavailable comments
              [fic Marvel] Lethewards: Chapter Three part I        
    Title: Lethewards: Chapter Three: Wayfaring Stranger part I
    Rating: R
    Fandom: Marvel - 616
    Pairings: Primarily pre-slash Steve/Tony, but with several platonic relationships, as well as references to past relationships and a few minor relationships
    Part word count: 3051
    Genre: Drama, angst, hurt/comfort, character study
    Warnings: These are warnings just this part, seeing as they may change from part to part. Please see this post for overall fic warnings Depiction and talk of mental illness, talk of suicide, blood, graphic images.
    Disclaimer: I own none of these characters and make no profit from them
    Part Summary: Tony recounts the beginnings of his downward spiral
    Thanks: My beta [personal profile] autolobotomysuicide and being absolutely fantastic. [personal profile] jazzypom and [livejournal.com profile] pandanoai for their adivce and beta work, as well as cheer leading. And last but not least, [livejournal.com profile] oddwildflowers for being an amazing cheerleader.
    Author's note: Please, please, please see this post for a list of overall fic warnings and for background information/changes from canon.
    As always, thank you for all the kind comments. New parts Sunday and Tuesday. This part and the previous one are probably my favorite in the whole fic.
    Previous Parts: Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two part I part II

    Were you aware of what was happening to you? )

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              Mundo- El gran sueño Africano        
    6-7-17   Le Monde Diplo en español

    El gran sueño africano

    Ignacio Ramonet

    Con la llegada del verano, volvemos a asistir a los repetidos y a veces trágicos asaltos contra las murallas alambradas de Melilla, llevados a cabo –con sofisticadas técnicas y artimañas de asedio medieval– por disciplinadas columnas de jóvenes subsaharianos. En otras zonas (Canarias, la isla italiana de Lampedusa, las costas de Sicilia, de Grecia, de Chipre, de Malta y la isla francesa de Mayotte, cerca de Madagascar), los “invasores” llegan casi siempre a las playas de noche –cuando no zozobran–, en silenciosas embarcaciones, como antaño lo hacían sin duda vikingos, normandos o sarracenos.
    En Europa y en otras partes del mundo rico, muchos (entre ellos el presidente estadounidense Donald Trump) tienden a considerar a esos “asaltantes” como agresores, delincuentes y hasta criminales. La extrema derecha europea reclama más mano dura para repeler a los intrusos, menos miramientos, y la adopción urgente de medidas más radicales. Más vigilancia, más policía, más ejército, más expulsiones... Y no siempre se pregunta: ¿por qué causas están dispuestas esas personas a correr tantos riesgos para, en definitiva, poner, por precio vil, al servicio de nuestro confort y nuestro alto nivel de vida, su fuerza de trabajo?
    El África Subsahariana es una de las regiones más empobrecidas del planeta.
    Con una pobreza extrema que se explica por diversos factores. En primer lugar: la trata de esclavos, crimen y genocidio que vació durante siglos el subcontinente de millones de sus hombres y mujeres más jóvenes, sanos y fornidos, obligando a comunidades enteras a vivir escondidas y aisladas en las profundidades de la jungla, sin contacto alguno con los progresos de la técnica y de la ciencia.
    Rememorarse también que África ha sido, hasta hace apenas unos decenios, tierra de colonización. De una colonización impuesta por las potencias europeas a sangre y fuego, a base de guerras, exterminios y deportaciones. Todos los poderes locales que osaron oponerse y resistir a los conquistadores –portugueses, holandeses, británicos, franceses, alemanes, italianos o españoles– fueron aplastados.
    En el aspecto económico, las potencias coloniales establecieron, de modo autoritario, una economía fundada en la exportación de materias primas hacia la “metrópoli” y en el consumo obligatorio de productos manufacturados producidos en Europa. De esa manera, África perdió en los dos tableros. Y esa doble explotación, por lo esencial, no se ha modificado.
    Por ejemplo, Costa de Marfil, primer productor mundial de cacao (el 40% del volumen mundial) nunca ha podido desarrollar una industria chocolatera exportadora. Lo mismo se puede afirmar de Malí o Níger, dos de los principales productores de algodón, quienes se han hallado en la imposibilidad de montar una verdadera industria textil. Y eso porque, en general, las excesivas tarifas aduaneras impuestas por los países importadores ricos a los eventuales productos elaborados en el Sur arruinan toda posible competencia con los productos fabricados en el Norte.
    Los países desarrollados quieren conservar la exclusividad de la transformación de las materias primas, o, en el marco de la globalización liberal, aceptan deslocalizar sus fábricas hacia China o Bangladesh, donde la mano de obra es hábil, dócil y sobre todo barata, pero no están en absoluto dispuestas a invertir en África, ni en desarrollar en este continente un sector industrial importante.
    La división internacional del trabajo, efectuada en favor de los intereses de los países del Norte, atribuye a África un papel subalterno, marginal, lo cual impide a este continente entrar en la espiral virtuosa del desarrollo.
    Las fabulosas riquezas mineras y forestales del continente africano son vendidas a precios de saldo, para el mayor enriquecimiento de las empresas importadoras y transformadoras del Norte. De ese modo, no se crean empleos ni siquiera en las industrias agroalimentarias, que es el sector básico a partir del cual se puede edificar un verdadero desarrollo agrícola, y más tarde industrial. Por eso también, África es el último continente que aún conoce con regularidad crisis alimentarias y hasta hambrunas.
    Esta región del mundo, tan a menudo calificada por los medios dominantes del Norte de “subdesarrollada”, “violenta”, “caótica” e “infernal”, no habría conocido tal inestabilidad política – golpes de Estado militares, insurrecciones, masacres, genocidios, guerras civiles, terrorismo yihadista–, si los países ricos del Norte (empezando por las antiguas potencias coloniales) le hubiesen ofrecido posibilidades de desarrollo reales en lugar de seguir explotándola. La pobreza creciente se ha convertido en causa de desorden político, de corrupción, de nepotismo y de inestabilidad crónica. Y esta misma inestabilidad desalienta a los inversores, tanto locales como internacionales. Con lo cual se cierra el círculo vicioso del laberinto de la pobreza.
    Todo esto explica por qué hoy un (o una) joven del sur del Sahara, en plena salud y a menudo con buena formación educativa, no desea seguir viviendo en lo que es el calabozo del mundo. Decenas de miles, en este momento, están marchando hacia los vados que conducen a Europa, con la esperanza de poder vivir, por fin, una vida normal. Y quizá también con la reivindicación inconsciente de que algo les debemos de nuestra riqueza actual.
    Esto es solo el comienzo, y no se sabe qué tipo de muros habrá que construir para desalentar el flujo. Porque el Banco Mundial acaba de advertir de que la bomba demográfica ya ha estallado, y que ya hay en los países pobres unos 2.500 millones de jóvenes menores de 22 años que no encuentran trabajo en sus países. Y cuya única perspectiva es correr al asalto de las murallas de Europa...
    Para algunos países africanos del Sahel, que están entre los Estados más pobres del mundo, como Malí, Burkina Faso, Níger y Chad, el algodón, “oro blanco”, representa entre un 30% y un 40% del valor de sus exportaciones. Es, por consiguiente, un producto vital del que, en estos Estados, viven directamente tres millones de agricultores e indirectamente más de quince millones de personas… “El algodón está ligado a la historia de África y a la penosa historia de la esclavitud –dice Aminata Traoré, exministra de Cultura de Malí–, pero hoy queremos que nos ayude a liberarnos y no que nos esclavice de nuevo”.
    Estos países pobres, en los últimos decenios, han sacrificado otras infraestructuras y han hecho esfuerzos considerables (construcción de embalses, canales de riego) para aumentar las superficies dedicadas al cultivo del algodón. Y hoy se encuentran en una situación dramática porque, a pesar del bajísimo coste de una producción realizada por campesinos pobres, el algodón africano se vende mal a la exportación y resulta más caro que el que producen algunos países ricos como Estados Unidos, que controla el 30% de las exportaciones mundiales de la fibra blanca.
    ¿Cómo es posible que el algodón producido a precio de oro en Norteamérica resulte más barato que el que se cultiva a coste infrahumano en África? Sencillamente porque Washington vierte a sus productores de algodón unas subvenciones anuales de unos 3.000 millones de dólares… Por eso el algodón estadounidense puede venderse en el mercado internacional a un precio inferior al de su coste y hasta más bajo que el precio del “oro blanco” africano.
    Consecuencia: si esas subvenciones se mantienen, se producirá una catástrofe económica de gran envergadura en esos países africanos del Sahel que ya se encuentran entre los menos avanzados del planeta. Millones de agricultores seguirán abandonando el campo para ir a enrolarse en los ejércitos yihadistas que controlan gran parte del Sahel; o irán a hacinarse en los barrios de chabolas de las periferias urbanas desde donde la miseria y el hambre empujarán a los más atrevidos a tratar de emigrar a Europa. A bordo de cayucos hasta Canarias, o atravesando el desierto del Sahara hasta Libia intentando después cruzar a Italia.
    Del algodón a la patera solo hay un paso. Y aunque parezca que una cosa no tiene que ver con la otra, los países de la Unión Europea, y entre estos los más expuestos a la entrada de los inmigrantes clandestinos subsaharianos, deberían insistir para que se supriman las subvenciones a las exportaciones agrícolas, y en particular a las del algodón, que solo benefician a unos miles de agricultores norteamericanos mientras arruinan a millones de africanos.
    Recordemos que la actividad principal, a escala planetaria, sigue siendo la agricultura. De todos los campesinos del mundo, apenas unos 30 millones disponen de un tractor, 250 millones trabajan con instrumentos de tracción animal y 1.300 millones usan herramientas manuales… Esa es la dramática realidad de la agricultura de hoy.
    En junio de 2005, para tratar la situación de África y como coartada en dirección a la opinión pública mundial, los jefes de Estado del G-8 invitaron a los presidentes de Sudáfrica, Argelia, Etiopía, Ghana, Senegal y Tanzania, además de a Kofi Annan, entonces secretario general de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU). La idea de Tony Blair, primer ministro británico en aquel momento y que presidía ese G-8, era reducir la deuda externa de los países intermediarios, después de haber reducido la de trece países pobres de África. También proponía aumentar la ayuda pública al desarrollo (APD) unos 25.000 millones de dólares al año durante un lustro hasta alcanzar el 0,75% del producto nacional bruto (PNB). El presidente estadounidense George W. Bush se opuso a ello bajo el pretexto de que África no sería capaz de absorber tal cantidad de capitales... Sin embargo, la ayuda propuesta por Tony Blair era inferior a lo que estaba costando entonces la guerra de Irak. Otros observadores recordaron que Estados Unidos consintió consagrar, después de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, no el 0,75% de su PNB, sino el 1% durante cuatro años para ayudar a reconstruir Europa con el Plan Marshall...
    Si de verdad quisieran ayudar a África, los países ricos tendrían que tomar, con urgencia, cinco sencillas medidas:
    — Primera, suprimir definitivamente la deuda externa africana (por cada dólar prestado, África ya ha devuelto 1,3 dólares solo en intereses).
    — Segunda, suprimir las subvenciones a las exportaciones agrícolas que inundan, a precios de saldo, los mercados de los países en desarrollo y destruyen la agricultura local.
    — Tercera, abrir los mercados agrícolas de Norteamérica, de la Unión Europea y de Japón a los productos africanos.
    — Cuarta, aceptar que los países africanos establezcan una política proteccionista en favor de sus producciones locales tanto agrícolas como industriales, sin que el Fondo Monetario Internacional (FMI) o el Banco Mundial los sancione.
    — Y quinta, reorientar la investigación farmacéutica para curar las epidemias endémicas de África (cuando hoy, el 90% de la investigación farmacéutica está orientada a mejorar la vida del 10% de la población rica mundial).
    Los recursos abundan y existen soluciones para erradicar la pobreza en África y en el resto del planeta; falta voluntad política. ¿Cuándo se acabará de admitir que suprimiendo la pobreza y las injusticias, se suprimen las principales causas del terrorismo en el mundo?


              QUELQUE CHOSE D'AUTRE        
    Sexport, le duo d'Antoine Herran et Mathias Richard, sort un quadruple album, intitulé "Quelque chose d'autre"

    On peut l'écouter et le télécharger (gratuitement) ici :

    C'est un album de 45 pistes et 4h de musique, enregistré à Bruxelles en 2017

    Quelque chose d'autre
    par Sexport

    1. Une vie 03:24
    2. Mission 03:01
    3. Le plan 06:29
    4. Je veux du plaisir 03:04
    5. Un chien 07:32
    6. Tu pleures 01:28
    7. Un testament 10:49
    8. Je suis perdu 05:53
    9. Un discours 03:36
    10. Ton regard 02:24
    11. Effondrement 08:12
    12. Tourne-toi 03:39
    13. La lune dans ta tête 02:37
    14. Les personnes réelles 03:52
    15. On est nouveaux 05:34
    16. Respirer en spirale 06:41
    17. Lumière rose 01:31
    18. Prenssée 05:22
    19. Alphabet 04:57
    20. A Marseille 02:24
    21. Le soleil 09:33
    22. Je t'appelle 03:10
    23. Seuls 04:06
    24. Une vie (2) 03:10
    25. Interlude 03:06
    26. A la recherche du Viaduc avec Ladislas 06:29
    27. Chaque point de l'espace 06:24
    28. Interlude 2 01:36
    29. Le long du canal 05:23
    30. Flash info 07:24
    31. Les vagues 07:33
    32. Je ne m'approuve pas 04:39
    33. J'ai mis mon masque 09:14
    34. Là-bas 05:59
    35. Lisse et inatteignable 14:35
    36. On va s'en sortir 05:05
    37. Interlude 3 02:02
    38. Le problème 10:15
    39. Un criminel 00:14
    40. Un flingue dans la tête 03:30
    41. Extra extraterrestre 11:01
    42. Le présent est une secte 05:51
    43. Je ne sais pas être une personne 03:03
    44. Est-ce que 09:56
    45. Extrait concert Sexport au Viaduc (Ixelles, 15/04/2017) 05:49
    + un bonus en téléchargement

    Antoine Herran : claviers, machines
    Mathias Richard : voix, mots, harmonica

    Textes : Mathias Richard, excepté "Ton regard" d'après un texte de Serpil Çökelik

    Enregistré à Bruxelles en 2017, du 8 au 14 avril au Lac (Molenbeek) et le 15 avril au Viaduc (Ixelles)

              Dimps Crafts Another Amazing 2D Sonic Game        

    Any self-respecting Sonic fan will tell you that Sega’s premier franchise has spiraled downward over the years. However, an important distinction must be made here: While the console games have been awful, the handheld titles quietly retain impeccable quality. Developer Dimps has been leading the handheld charge with terrific Sonic platformers from GBA to DS, and it continues its run of entertaining titles with Sonic Colors.

    Sonic Colors captures the most fluid sense of speed I’ve ever experienced in a Sonic game. Players blaze through bright and gonzo levels at the push of a button thanks to a holdover from the Sonic Rush series – the boost gauge. The classic spindash still exists, but boosting retains momentum better and makes tearing through double screen loop de loops and zipping across water fast and easy.

    The boost ability is joined by a plethora of multicolored powerups called wisps, and each adds an interesting new gameplay mechanic without succumbing to Werehog-itis. Sonic frees captured aliens, gaining abilities like a drill, ricochet laser, and rocket. My favorite transforms Sonic into an all-consuming black-hole, which allows him to vacuum up enemies and rings , becoming huge in the process.

    Boss fights are handled similarly to the Sonic Rush titles, which infuse a 3D element to create more depth in perspective and strategy. These fights shine brightest when Sonic is dismantling a gigantic spacecraft by destroying turrets or challenging Dr. Eggman to a dramatic, multi-stage final battle. Sonic Colors also features the series’ most addictive and well-balanced special stages. Players steer Sonic with the stylus through halfpipe collect-a-thons, reminiscent of Sonic 2, which make going back for chaos emeralds more of a treat than a chore.

    While the core game is a riot, the experience ends just as it approaches blissful levels of fun. Sonic Colors can be completed in a few hours, about the same time as one of the Genesis-era titles. Replay incentives such as time trials, item-collecting missions, by-the-numbers multiplayer, and unlocking wisps in earlier stages are nice additions, but become too repetitive.

    If you’re craving more after Sonic 4, looking for a great DS game, or just want to experience an awesome platformer, don’t let Sonic Colors pass you by.

    ホワイトノースリーブニット×テラコッタ膝丈スカート (SPIRAL GIRL)
    まだまだ暑い日は続きますが、暦の上ではすでに秋ですね! ショップや雑誌では、ニットやファー素材のお洋服やアイテムが勢ぞろい♪ 今期トレンドカ
              Chrome Spiral Clothes Rail Display Stand - H1702 x W508 mm        
    Chrome Spiral Clothes Rail Display Stand - H1702 x W508 mm

    Chrome Spiral Clothes Rail Display Stand - H1702 x W508 mm

    Chrome Spiral Clothes Rail Display Stand - H1702 x W508 mm FREE-STANDING DESIGN - Ideal for retail shop displays, market stalls or exhibitions.  ADJUSTABLE SPIRAL ARM - Adjust the height to accommodate different sizes of clothing. 29 BALL-STOPS - The 29 ball-stops provide equal spacing for your clothes and prevent them from slipping down the spiral. STUNNING DISPLAYS - The spiral creates eye-catching displays, ideal for shirts, jumpers, trousers and jackets. EASY-TO-ASSEMBLE - The clothes rail comes flat-packed and is quick and simple to construct. CHROME FINISH - The chrome finish provides a stylish look and is easy to clean.

              Grime MC Bugzy Malone: 'When you're from outside London, you'd better be special'        

    After an impoverished youth and a spell in jail, Bugzy Malone found an outlet in grime, giving Manchester a voice in a hitherto London-dominated scene. But, he says, the self-doubt is never far away

    In the six years since he started releasing mix tapes and EPs, Bugzy Malone has established himself as one of grime’s brightest stars – and its leading voice from outside London. The Manchester MC’s last two EPs, both self-released, reached the Top 10 in the UK album chart, and his latest, King of the North, hit No 4 when it came out last week.

    But Malone’s ascent to this throne has been a hard one, and the lasting legacy of poverty and dysfunction looms large in his lyrics. Now 25, Malone (real name Aaron Davis) grew up in a family torn apart by, as he puts it, “career criminals”, spiralling into a spell in prison in his teens, before being rescued first by boxing and then finding the courage to make music.

    Continue reading...
              Il nuovo campo di battaglia di Isis        

    Dietro la spirale del terrore che sta colpendo la comunità cristiana copta egiziana, ci sarebbe una strategia ben precisa messa a punto dagli uomini del Califfato islamico. Dopo le sconfitte sul terreno, registrate in Siria, in Iraq e in Libia, infatti, secondo gli esperti, lo Stato Islamico punta ora ad espandersi nel nord del Sinai e […]

    L'articolo Il nuovo campo di battaglia di Isis proviene da Gli occhi della guerra.

              New York Ready to Take Another Toll on Business        

    Not merely content with holding this year's position as the least business-friendly state in the nation, or ranking dead last for business tax climate, or even being named to the Top 10 list of states that Forbes considers to be in an economic "death spiral", New York is showing once again that they remain unwilling to rest on their laurels, finding new ways to drive businesses away from the Empire State in droves.

    The latest tactic?  A proposal by the Thruway Authority to enact a massive 45% toll hike on trucks - a concept that would cripple the trucking industry, pass costs on to consumers, and increase safety hazards while tangentially creating untold problems for the state's highway infrastructure.

    All the while referring to the plan straight-faced as a "modest" increase.

    State Assemblyman, and vocal opponent of the plan, Steve McLaughlin, tells FreedomWorks that referring to the toll hike as "modest" is simply dishonest.

    "It is anything but," he opines.  "It's a massive toll increase that follows on the heels of repeated toll hikes over the past years."

    McLaughlin, explains that the plan isn't simply an economic burden on truckers and businesses alone either.

    "It is nothing more nor less than a massive tax hike on the people of NY," he said.

    It was a little over a year ago that New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo launched a new marketing initiative called, "New York Open For Business", which according to a press release, had the following aim:

    The goal of the "New York Open for Business" initiative is to promote the many assets of investing in New York so the state can regain its reputation as a business-friendly location.

    While the state itself may be open for business, the Thruway Authority is apparently trying to make conducting business as difficult as possible.

    Via the Buffalo News:

    The New York State Motor Truck Association insists that a 45 percent toll hike would cripple some firms and most assuredly result in trucking companies and their clients passing along the cost of the toll increase to consumers. Or some truckers could decide not to take the Thruway, cutting into the anticipated revenue stream.

    McLaughlin also notes that a business decision to avoid the Thruway would create less-noticeable issues for the state.

    "This action will lead to greatly increased wear and tear on roads that were not designed to handle big rigs, which in turn will result in increased costs to localities and the state to maintain those roads," he says.

    "Additionally, there is most definitely a safety issue involved if greater numbers of big rigs are using surface roads and a much greater risk of serious accidents."

    McLaughlin summarizes the impact, stating that the 45% toll increase on trucks "would be a disaster across the board".

    On this, there seems to be some bipartisan pushback against the Authority. Most notably, a former supporter of the plan Governor Cuomo, is now referring to the possibility of a toll hike as "detrimental", and urging officials to "get creative" in their efforts and avoid raising tolls on the 570-mile highway.

    While some would see such a shift by the influential governor as damning to the Thruway Authority's plan, McLaughlin says the fight is far from over.

    "I believe they still intend to increase tolls and the fight now is over how much they will increase," he says.  "Given the chance and given their past behavior, I firmly believe the Thruway Authority will hold a meeting and slam an increase through."

    Can a state ranking dead last in business-friendliness currently afford a toll increase that would devastate businesses and consumers alike?  Certainly not. And certainly not now in this economic client.

    McLaughlin is urging FreedomWorks readers to take action in the fight against a New York State Thruway toll increase.  In response, FreedomWorks has set up an action page where you can contact Governor Cuomo yourself and tell him what you think about the proposed toll hike.

    Tell Governor Cuomo that New York businesses and consumers simply can't afford an outrageous 45% toll hike in today's economy!

    "Please continue to spread the word about this issue and keep this in the spotlight," McLaughlin asks.  "Public pressure is vital."

    Now, more than ever.

              There's something about a clean refrigerator...        
    How's that for a catchy title?  

    This morning I cleaned out the fridge.  I removed everything (well, I didn't do the stuff in the door...I just realized I forgot that part).  Dismantled the shelves, washed them in hot soapy water, dried them, threw out the expired stuff and replaced the good stuff.  It looks so nice.

    Lil Sis and I went out for lunch to celebrate our hard work.  She didn't really help, but she likes to celebrate.  We also got a few things at Wal-Mart and then went to our favorite grocery store to buy stuff to refill the fridge.  In the spirit of celebrating the upcoming holiday, I caved to Lil Sis's request to use the cart that looks like a truck.  She rode for awhile, then we needed her compartment to hold all the stuff and she was eventually ejected from her driver's seat.  She was very helpful in loading up the cart and counting gallons of milk (3) and cream cheese blocks (5).  I may have overdone the cream cheese, but I firmly believe that you can never have too much cream cheese in the house this time of year.  There's hash brown casseroles to make and dips, and cream cheese frosting for pumpkin bars, etc.

    We bought a spiral ham (the smallest one I saw) and ordered a fresh turkey (12 lb) that we'll pick up on Saturday for our Sunday dinner.  We decided to make two meats this year.  Not sure why, we just wanted to have options.  I think we'll also have some leftovers.  We're cool with some leftovers.

    Wow, when I began this post, I thought, what am I going to post about?  And now, I'm wondering, how can I babble about the refrigerator for this long?

    Yesterday, when Big Sis unpacked her backpack after school, she showed me a turkey she had colored that was attached to a paper.  On the paper, she wrote "I am thankful for family and I am thankful for God and Jesus and friends and food and waddr".  I asked her what the last word was... it's 'water'.  I think that's a pretty awesome list.  Note to readers:  she goes to public school.  So I think this is extra cool!

              Giants-Padres Preview 2008-08-02        
    With their season spiraling downward, the San Diego Padres don't see a need in overexerting their staff ace.Jake Peavy takes the ball Saturday on an extra day of rest for the struggling Padres as they continue their three-game series versus the San Franci
              (CF13/S/27K/T2) Mini Spiral 13W 2700K        
    (CF13/S/27K/T2) Mini Spiral 13W 2700K

    Mini Spiral Warm White 13 Watt


              Ana Casas. Kinderwunsch.        
    Frente a tanto fotolibro de urgencia, deseo hacer el elogio de uno que ha tardado años en ser gestado y que acaba de entrar en mi biblioteca, Kinderwunsch, de Ana Casas. 

    Ana Casas Broda es una artista visual española, austríaca y mexicana nacida en 1965.  Estudió fotografía, pintura e historia, eligiendo expresarse a través de la fotografía a partir de 1983, ocupándose de la perturbadora grieta abierta entre fotografía y realidad. Nos gustaba hablar español en Viena y alemán en México, y era divertido sentir que nadie nos entendía.
    Ana Casas. Álbum
    Para Ana Casas la fotografía  es el medio que nos permite fijar la mirada, dejar a los demás entrar en nuestro cuerpo y en nuestra casa, el lenguaje universal de la memoria.
    Para adentrarse en Kinderwunsch, considero necesario referirme brevemente de sus dos primeros proyectos, completamente imbricados con éste, Álbum y Cuadernos de dieta.

    Ana dedicó 14 años al proyecto Álbum, donde amalgama imágenes de su abuela, de su madre, de su infancia - diarios, palabras, audios, videos – Álbum es una mezcla de diversos formatos en los que la palabra y la imagen tienen la misma jerarquía.  Es un  proyecto en el que intenta explicarse y buscar las razones de su vida  a través de Mnemosine, la diosa de la memoria, que rige todos sus trabajos como nos recuerda Susan Bright (Fotografía hoy).

    A los iniciados, en lugar de beber de las aguas del río Leteo que hacía olvidar  todo recuerdo de vidas anteriores y convertir a las sombras casi en piedras, se les permitía beber de las aguas del Nmemosin en las cuales afloraban todos los recuerdos, beber de sus aguas tenía la capacidad de recordarlo todo, nadar por el río Nmemosin es como bucear en un Álbum familiar.

    De madre austríaca y padre español, vivió sus primeros años en estos países, y a los 9 años su madre la trasladó a vivir a México. Entre el 89 y el 93 vivió entre Viena, la casa de su abuela y Madrid. En el 93 regresó a México,  pero pasaría largas  temporadas en Viena cuidando a su abuela con la que mantiene una  relación afectiva necesaria, el  ancla en su peregrinaje errante.  

    Después de la partida de mi abuelo, mi mamá se fue a Londres a continuar sus estudios y se especializó en rituales religiosos aztecas. Se enamoró de un chileno, luego de un hindú y finalmente conoció a José, mi papá, que es de un pueblo de Andalucía. Él le daba clases de español. Aprendió la “r” recitando Verde que te quiero verde de García Lorca. Él cocinaba tortilla de patatas que volteaba en la sartén haciéndola girar en el aire.

    Mi papá creció en un cortijo solitario entre dos pueblos de Granada. Su madre murió de tuberculosis durante la Guerra Civil, cuando él tenía cuatro años.

    Trabajaban la tierra. El agua se sacaba de un pozo y cocinaban en la chimenea. A los ocho años se marchó a una pensión en un pueblo cercano para ir a la escuela. Después estudió la carrera en Granada y un doctorado en Londres donde conoció a mi mamá.
    Ana Casas. Álbum
    En Cuadernos de Dieta nos sigue dando  pistas y se desnuda ante nosotros:

    Llevé cuadernos de dieta desde 1986 hasta 1994. Empecé el primero a los veintiún años. Durante ocho años anoté absolutamente todo lo que comía y me tomaba fotos con regularidad.

    Estas fotos no fueron hechas para ser mostradas, son el resultado de un proceso íntimo, cerrado. Las tomaba guiada por la necesidad de mirarme, verificar los mínimos cambios que lograba con las dietas, explorar mi cuerpo desnudo desde ángulos que no me daba el espejo.  Dan cuenta de la fisura entre mi cuerpo y su reflejo, de la profunda necesidad de construir una imagen de mi misma. Y al mostrarlas, me permiten convertirme en observadora de esa grieta y transformarla en el tema de la obra. Estos cuadernos abren preguntas sobre la disociación entre la imagen y la experiencia, la perturbadora e inasible relación entre la fotografía y la realidad.

    Cuadernos de Dieta fueron finalmente publicados por Ivory Press con un texto introductorio de Viz Munik, el prestigioso fotógrafo brasileño.

    Este ir y venir constante de su vida, y la disolución de su familia, la llevó a establecer vínculos afectivos a través de la fotografía. Su abuela, aficionada a la fotografía, registra profusamente su infancia, le regala la cámara, y desde los 18 años Ana Casas Broda, utiliza la imagen fotográfica  para amarrar  su relación de afecto con la abuela, y trazar un puente que explique los vínculos con sus hijos, y su cuerpo convertido en casa de otros.
    Ana Casas. Álbum

    En el 2003 nació su primer hijo Martín y en el 2008 Lucio. Ambos son fruto de un duro proceso de fecundación in vitro.
    Desde el 2006 hasta el 2013 trabaja en el proyecto Kinderwunsch, palabra alemana que une niño y deseo, el verso castellano, el deseo de tener hijos, apresado en una sola palabra por las magias de las estructuras lingüísticas.
    Las imágenes y los textos han construido una narración, un mundo cerrado constituido por 112 imágenes tomadas a lo largo de siete años que habla de los médicos, el cuerpo, la enfermedad, la identidad de la mujer como madre.

    El trabajo comienza cuando proyecta el nacimiento de su segundo hijo, Lucio, y la necesidad de hablar de la maternidad, de la relación física con el bebé, y el descubrir un hecho que marcaría su infancia, tras la depresión en la que entra cuando su hijo Martín cumplía los seis años. Descubre husmeando papeles familiares que fue abandonada por la madre a la misma edad, a los seis años, y dejada durante dos años al cuidado de un  padre, casi desconocido, un extraño.

    Ana Casas se intenta leer en los ojos de su hijo. Reconstruir, reescribir su historia psicoanalíticamente a través de la fotografía. 

    Luego mi mamá se fue. La mesa estaba llena de periódicos y papeles. Mi papá hablaba por teléfono y jugaba con su pelo entre los dedos. Alrededor del teléfono todo estaba lleno de pelos. Yo quería una tele. Mi papá echó a Julia, la mujer que me cuidó siempre, para que no se enteraran en el pueblo que su mujer lo había dejado. Alguna vez me dijo que ella se había ido con un indio. Se me quedó grabada la imagen de un indio apache sentado en un trono, en un espacio enorme con suelo de mármol brillante. Como un aeropuerto.

    Ana establece los vínculos afectivos a través de la fotografía, de la necesidad de reconstruir su identidad y de descubrir los hilos que construyen  las relaciones.
    Y en este proceso de construcción de identidad, el cuerpo, su cuerpo,  es esencial. Con el cuerpo investiga su identidad como mujer, la construcción social de la familia, los condicionamientos de las herencias recibidas.
    La exposición Home Truths, comisariada por Susan Bright, reunió a una docena de mujeres fotógrafas contemporáneas entre las que podemos encuadrar a Ana Casas Broda, que interpretan fotográficamente la maternidad confrontando los estereotipos culturales a los que esta confinada: Janine Antoni, Elina Brotherus, Elinor Carucci, Fred Hüning, Leigh Ledare, Miyako Ishiuchi, Ann Fessler, Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, Katie Murray and Hanna Putz, Tierney Gearon.

    La imagen de la madre es una construcción artificial, que está condicionada por arquetipos culturales que venimos arrastrando y que configuran el imaginario colectivo, ya sea desde la representación de las Madonnas, de las vírgenes de Rafael y Leonardo, o desde el imaginario patriarcal.
    Desde el Concilio de Trento (1545) las imágenes de la virgen encinta se prohibieron y muchas fueron destruidas, siendo esta la causa de que sean muy pocas las que se han conservado. Mucho más extraordinaria es la representación de la Virgen parturienta. Se conserva una en el alto Loira, en la Basílica San Julián, Brioude.

    Colegiata de Toro (Zamora)
    Así  se va configurando desde el siglo XVI  una especie de relato mágico, que va desde la pureza de la Anunciación, a la Virgen amantísima con el niño en brazos, saltándose todos los demás pasos. 

    Dice Ana Casas que sus fotografías de una madre amamantando a su hijo tienen en una lectura violenta, ofensiva, y a veces ha sido criticada por ellas, mientras que las imágenes que siembran de barbarie y de muerte se ven reproducidas todos los días en la prensa o en la televisión  sin que apenas nadie advierta que ese es el espectáculo verdaderamente obsceno.

    Su cuerpo desnudo sobre la alfombra, derrotado, caído como muerto, fuente de vida para su hijo, está tratado con una luz tenebrista y oscura. Lo que es cierto es que no es una imagen de madre dentro de los cánones iconográficos que nuestra alma dibuja cuando pensamos en madre. No  tenemos más que hacer la prueba en un buscador de internet escribiendo la palabra madre.

    Habitamos un cuerpo, y ese cuerpo habla de aspectos de la experiencia contemporánea. Ella intenta apropiarse de su cuerpo,  para trazar con él un puente hacia la vida, la de sus hijos, la suya, la de su madre, y sobre todo la de su abuela.

    Para Ana, la fotografía es un acto de afecto.

    Ana Casas concibe a sus dos hijos a una edad ya tardía, a los 38. Martín fue el primero, y a los 44 el segundo. En el primero hay un padre aunque está prácticamente ausente, en el segundo  el padre sólo es un donante de semen, porque ya está separada. Su deseo de tener hijos trasciende al modelo de familia patriarcal.

    Su deseo de tener hijos lo realiza a través de las técnicas de  reproducción asistida. Desde 1978 cuando nació el primer bebé probeta, la niña  Louise Brown, por las técnicas de fecundación in vitro, este procedimiento ha dejado ya  de ser noticia.

    Las clínicas que se dedican a la reproducción asistida son representadas siempre de una forma aséptica, en la que el blanco y el azul cielo son los colores dominantes. Se anuncian con la imagen estereotipo para representar un proceso científico: alguien mirando por el microscopio o con una probeta en la mano.

    En el libro Kinderwunsch hay muchas sombras, colores oscuros e imágenes que al igual que el embarazo y el parto de la Virgen, tampoco se nos suelen mostrar. Se procura que las técnicas de fecundación asistida se asocia a la magia de la Anunciación y al milagro de cumplir un sueño. Solo se nos muestra un microscopio asociado a  la imagen de una madre sonriente con su hermoso hijo en brazos, de cabellos dorados y ojos azules. La ciencia es limpia, es pura. La ciencia ofrece un proceso higiénico, rápido y eficaz, que permite ser madre sin oscuridad, sin dolor, sin sudor, y cumplir un sueño.
    Ana Casas. Kinderwunsch

    Frente a estas imágenes Ana Casas nos enseña todo el proceso, la tramoya que siempre queda oculto al espectador. Las fotos de las cortinas  e un rojo saturado son como un telón teatral, de la representación que se va a representar ante nuestros ojos. No esconde la sordidez. Pero también, hay insólito sentido del humor. Jamás hubiéramos sospechado que la enfermera transporta el esperma  metido entre sus senos para darle calor y  que no se enfríe antes de la inseminación. 

    Ana Casas. Kindeerwunsch

    Frente a la limpieza con la que las imágenes estereotipadas muestran el proceso, Ana Casas es una ballena con el cuerpo deformado y los pechos protuberantes, y su rostro no oculta el dolor. Y la expulsión del bebé que parece venir de tinieblas interiores, todo embadurnado de negro. El caos.

    La maternidad comienza con el deseo de ser madre, con el largo y tortuoso proceso de la fecundidad, con la deformación del cuerpo, la lactancia, la fusión de la carne con la carne, y termina con el agotamiento.

    Ana Casas. Kinderwunsch
    Visita al doctor Fischl en Viena quien escribe en su historia clínica: paciente con antecedentes de cuatro años de deseo de tener hijos

    El deseo de tener un hijo, un embarazo. Habitar un cuerpo ajeno, perfecto. Parir, los pechos llenos de leche, el delirio de los primeros meses, un espacio atemporal, sin forma, día y noche se suceden sin divisiones. El placer de ese pequeño cuerpo pegado al mío, a mi pecho, amamantar cada tres horas, dormitar, delirar, el agotamiento. Un cuerpo que se alimenta de mí. Tantas emociones intensas, contradictorias, sorprendentes

    En el relato de un delirio, del peregrinaje durante cuatro años de médico en médico, de  tratamiento en tratamiento, es donde entran las palabras, porque Kinderwunsch es una unión entre las palabras y la fotografía. ¿Cómo poner en imágenes ese deseo?

    Tuve dos retrasos, el último de dos semanas. Val volvió a México y decidí que me quedaría sola en Viena hasta el tercer mes para evitar riesgos, Recorté de la guía de televisión la foto de un bebe recién nacido y la pegue sobre mi cama.
    La prueba nunca dio positivo y después de dos semanas tuve un sangrado muy doloroso, Volví a México. Val y yo peleábamos.

    Otro doctor, de origen húngaro y con la consulta llena de helechos le dice: En estos tiempos es casi imposible que una mujer no se embarace.

    Y finalmente tras muchos dolorosos intentos, otro doctor en México es el que obra el milagro de la ciencia, en su cuerpo. Una ciencia sin afectos, distante, aséptica donde el cuerpo de la mujer es un campo de experimentación:

    Llega Barroso y dice: tenías endometriosis. Pone un video en el que se ve mi útero y como unas pequeñas pinzas cortan los tejidos. Pensé; esta entusiasmado. Nos enseña el video, lo adelanta y nos explica cosas que no recuerdo. Me duele mucho y no puedo mirar. Vomito.
    Le pido una copia del video.
    Un mes después estoy embarazada. Tengo 38 años.

    Ana Casas no nos niega ninguna imagen real del deseo de tener hijos. Su vientre colgante, su cuerpo deformado, la herida del ombligo del niño. Crecer es ir dejando restos de pelo, de uñas, dientes de leche, cordón umbilical adherido al cuerpo de la madre.

    Ana Casas. Kinderwunsch

    Me parece muy interesante como recrea el nacimiento del primer hijo al raparle la cabeza, y crear el trampantojo de que vuelve a salir del útero, negro de pez como el hermano, y como en espacios que genera de juego con sus hijos, hay breves, muy breves momentos, en los que los niños se vuelven blancos, como el juego del baño blanco de  leche.

    Ana Casas. Kinderwunsch
    Pero ese mismo baño se vuelve de aguas negras, la madre naciendo del hijo.  Una espiral de unión de contrarios, de fuerzas opuestas, la dualidad de todo lo existente. Ana parece identificarse con el principio taoísta del yin, el principio femenino, la tierra, la oscuridad, lo que se  deja ser fecundado, la absorción. El cuerpo de Ana, oscuro como la tierra.

    Ana Casa. Kinderwunsch

    También en las imágenes oscuras está la referencia iconográfica, aunque emergiendo de las tinieblas. Es la madre con el hijo en brazos, es la madre con el hijo muerto en su seno, es una piedad. Vemos una mater dolorosa a través de la puerta entreabierta.

    Ana Casas- Kinderwunsch

    Los juegos con sus hijos son inquietantes. Están rodeados de sombras, son escenarios oníricos. Un drama que comenzó a representarse en un cuarto de hospital. Es como si nos presentara su vida durante estos ocho años como un sueño, un sueño en el que no existe vida exterior, un mundo claustrofóbico y cerrado, una casa sin ventanas, en el que ella es la madre, es la tierra, y alimenta hasta la extenuación a sus hijos. Su cuerpo desnudo se entrega a los juegos infantiles como un lienzo para ser garabateado y escrito, como un cuerpo para ser vendado y amortajado, como un cuerpo para ser moldeado.

    Y al final la casa de la abuela, también en sombras, escenario tenebroso de los cuentos infantiles,  el cuerpo vacío, como el cuarto vacío,  en la que un hijo crece y tendrá que aprender a reconstruir su infancia y a mirar a su propio pasado, si ha conseguido criarlo fuerte y valiente como en los cuentos de final feliz, para atreverse a beber  de las aguas del río de la memoria.

    Las fotografías que conservamos en nuestros álbumes familiares están llenas de momentos felices con nuestros hijos, no conservamos el recuerdo grabado de  aquello que nos dolió, o que nos hizo sufrir, y eso hace que se esfumen de nuestra memoria los dolores, los cansancios, y las agonías, y que la maternidad se convierta para  la memoria colectiva en un prado verde alfombrado de risas y rosas y margaritas. La imagen de un mundo perfecto y maravilloso, luminoso, paraíso artificial.

    El trabajo de Ana Casas Broda es circular, siempre retorna a la casa de la abuela en Viena. Álbum abre con un fragmento del diario de su abuela Hilda Broda:

    Pero eso no lo viví, y mi madre o ya no lo sabe o ya no me lo contará porque seguramente sigue pensando que de esas cosas no se habla y mucho menos con los propios hijos. Quizá soy injusta, quizá le gustaría hablar sobre ésto. Pero aún si así fuera, hoy ya no puede ver las cosas como antes, ordenar todo como sucedió. En tres días cumplirá ochenta años. Es por ello que quiero empezar a escribir desde ahora, antes de que sea demasiado tarde, por que en unos años cuando hojée estas páginas pensaré diferente y quizás se me habrán olvidado cosas. Incluso ahora, muchas cosas ya se han esfumado de mi memoria, pero a pesar de ello, algunos sucesos reaparecen tal y como fueron.

    Es por ello que quizás Ana Casas Broda comenzó a los 18 años a escribir su diario fotográfico, para poder hablar con sus propios hijos antes de que los recuerdos se esfumen de su memoria. 

    Ana Casas. Kinderwunsch

              NEMINI PARCO. Jesús Monterde        
    El 11 de marzo de 2015 comenzó Lanzadera, proyecto comisariado por Iñaki Domingo en CentroCentro lanzando al espacio visible a cinco jóvenes fotógrafos con sus primeras exposiciones individuales en una institución pública. Un proyecto magnífico para un espacio reducido en un edificio privilegiado.

    Por Lanzadera ya han transitado, hasta la fecha, David Hornillos, Alejandro Marote, Lucía GómezMeca, y actualmente hasta el 14 de febrero aún se está a tiempo de conocer la obra de Jesús Monterde. El ciclo lo clausurará Rut Panuse.

    La urdimbre tejida por Iñaki Domingo tiene nombres que pronto serán imprescindibles para contar lo que está sucediendo en el panorama fotográfico español en este largo comienzo del siglo XXI.