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FL-Ft. Lauderdale, COMMERCIAL LOAN PORTFOLIO MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION Community bank located in Ft. Lauderdale area seeks a self-starting, detail oriented Commercial Loan Portfolio Manager to assist with the comprehensive management of its commercial real estate and C&I loan portfolio. This team player role will combine elements of a credit analyst, loan underwriter, loan administrator, customer focused portfolio man
          (2017) - '..a deeply systemic debt crisis akin to the aftermath of 1929 .. the stage has now been set..' (no replies)        
'..But after a decade of unprecedented expansion of government debt and central bank Credit, the stage has now been set for a more systemic 1929-like financial dislocation.'

'June 27 – Reuters (William Schomberg, Marc Jones, Jason Lange and Lindsay Dunsmuir): “U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said on Tuesday that she does not believe that there will be another financial crisis for at least as long as she lives, thanks largely to reforms of the banking system since the 2007-09 crash. ‘Would I say there will never, ever be another financial crisis?’ Yellen said… ‘You know probably that would be going too far but I do think we're much safer and I hope that it will not be in our lifetimes and I don't believe it will be,’ she said.”

While headlines somewhat paraphrased Yellen’s actual comment, “We Will not see Another Crisis in Our Lifetime” is reminiscent of Irving Fisher’s “permanent plateau” just weeks before the great crash of 1929. While on the subject, I never bought into the popular comparison between 2008 and 1929 – and the related notion of 2008 as “the 100-year flood”. The 2008/09 crisis was for the most part a private debt crisis associated with the bursting of a Bubble in mortgage Credit – not dissimilar to previous serial global crises, only larger and somewhat more systemic. It was not, however, a deeply systemic debt crisis akin to the aftermath of 1929, which was characterized by a crisis of confidence in the banking system, the markets and finance more generally, along with a loss of faith in government policy and institutions. But after a decade of unprecedented expansion of government debt and central bank Credit, the stage has now been set for a more systemic 1929-like financial dislocation.

As such, it’s ironic that the Fed has branded the banking system cured and so well capitalized that bankers can now boost dividends, buybacks and, presumably, risk-taking. As conventional central bank thinking goes, a well-capitalized banking system provides a powerful buffer for thwarting the winds of financial crisis. Chair Yellen, apparently, surveys current bank capital levels and extrapolates to systemic stability. Yet the next crisis lurks not with the banks but within the securities and derivatives markets: too much leverage and too much “money” employed in trend-following trading strategies. Too much hedging, speculating and leveraging in derivatives. Market misperceptions and distortions on an epic scale.

Compared to 2008, the leveraged speculating community and the ETF complex are significantly larger and potentially perilous. The derivatives markets are these days acutely more vulnerable to liquidity issues and dislocation. Never have global markets been so dominated by trend-following strategies. It’s a serious issue that asset market performance – stocks, bond, corporate Credit, EM, real estate, etc. – have all become so tightly correlated. There are huge vulnerabilities associated with various markets having become so highly synchronized on a global basis. And in the grand scheme of grossly inflated global securities, asset and derivatives markets, the scope of available bank capital is trivial.

I realize that, at this late stage of the great bull market, such a question sounds hopelessly disconnected. Yet, when markets reverse sharply lower and The Crowd suddenly moves to de-risk, who is left to take the other side of what has become One Gargantuan “Trade”? We’re all familiar with the pat response: “Central banks. They’ll have no choice.” Okay, but I’m more interested in the timing and circumstances.

Central bankers are now signaling their desire to proceed with normalization, along with noting concerns for elevated asset prices. As such, I suspect they will be somewhat more circumspect going forward when it comes to backstopping the markets - than, say, back in 2013 with Bernanke’s “flash crash” or with the China scare of early-2016. Perhaps this might help to explain why the VIX spiked above 15 during Thursday afternoon trading. Even corporate debt markets showed a flash of vulnerability this week.'

- Doug Noland, Weekly Commentary: The Road to Normalization, July 1, 2017

Context (Banking Reform - English/Dutch) '..a truly stable financial and monetary system for the twenty-first century..'

'Unsound Finance gets to the heart of the issue.'

'..Like monetarists, Keynes held no capital theory .. the role time plays..' - Jesús Huerta de Soto

'..Loose financial conditions and record debt issuance..'

'..investors’ fear of missing out is looking increasingly desperate..'

'..a giant passive 'beta' bubble .. This may be the Mother of all beta bubbles..'

'..The same combination prevailed at the 1929, 1972, 1987, 2000, and 2007 market peaks..'

(Banking Reform - Monetary Reform) - '..debt is our biggest security threat..'

          '..the amount of leverage and excess that has accumulated in bond and Credit markets..' (no replies)        
'..the amount of leverage and excess that has accumulated in bond and Credit markets over the past eight years of extreme monetary stimulus.'

'The Fed is not blind. They monitor stock prices and corporate debt issuance; they see residential and commercial real estate market values. Years of ultra-low rates have inflated Bubbles throughout commercial real estate – anything providing a yield – in excess of those going into 2008. Upper-end residential prices are significantly stretched across the country, also surpassing 2007. They see Silicon Valley and a Tech Bubble 2.0, with myriad excesses that in many respects put 1999 to shame. I’ll assume that the Fed is concerned with the amount of leverage and excess that has accumulated in bond and Credit markets over the past eight years of extreme monetary stimulus.


The Fed collapsed fed funds from 6.50% in December 2000 to an extraordinarily low 1.75% by the end of 2001. In the face of an escalating corporate debt crisis, the Fed took the unusual step of cutting rates another 50 bps in November 2002. Alarmingly, corporate Credit was failing to respond to traditional monetary policy measures (despite being aggressively applied). Ford in particular faced severe funding issues, though the entire corporate debt market was confronting liquidity issues. Recall that the S&P500 dropped 23.4% in 2002. The small caps lost 21.6%. The Nasdaq 100 (NDX) sank 37.6%, falling to 795 (having collapsed from a March 2000 high of 4,816). No financial instability?


I revisit history in an attempt at distinguishing reality from misperceptions. Of course the Fed will generally dismiss the consequences of Bubbles. They’re not going to aggressively embark on reflationary policies while espousing the dangers of asset price and speculative Bubbles. Instead, they have painted the “housing Bubble” as some egregious debt mountain aberration. And paraphrasing Kashkari, since today’s stock market has nowhere as much debt as housing had in 2007, there’s little to worry about from a crisis and financial instability perspective.

Well, if only that were the case. Debt is a critical issue, and there’s a whole lot more of it than back in 2008. Yet when it comes to fragility and financial crises, market misperceptions and distortions play fundamental roles. And there’s a reason why each bursting Bubble and resulting policy-induced reflation ensures a more precarious Bubble: Not only does the amount of debt continue to inflate, each increasingly intrusive policy response elicits a greater distorting impact on market perceptions.

I doubt Fed governor Bernanke actually anticipated that the Fed would have to resort to “helicopter money” and the “government printing press” when he introduced such extreme measures in his 2002 speeches. Yet seeing that the Fed was willing to push its monetary experiment in such a radical direction played a momentous role in reversing the 2002 corporate debt crisis, in the process stoking the fledgling mortgage finance Bubble. And the Bernanke Fed surely thought at the time that doubling its balance sheet during the 2008/09 crisis was a one-time response to a once-in-a-lifetime financial dislocation. I’ll assume they were sincere with their 2011 “exit strategy,” yet only a few short years later they’d again double the size of their holdings.


Despite assertions to the contrary, the bursting of the “tech” Bubble unleashed significant financial instability. To orchestrate reflation, the Fed marshaled a major rate collapse, which worked to stoke already robust mortgage Credit growth. The collapse in telecom debt, an unwind of market-based speculative leverage and the rapid slowdown in corporate borrowings was over time more than offset by a rapid expansion in housing debt and the enormous growth in mortgage-related speculative leverage (MBS, ABS, derivatives).


I’ve never felt comfortable that Chinese authorities appreciate the types of risks that have been mounting beneath the surface of their massively expanding Credit system. Global markets seemed attentive a year ago, but have since been swept away by the notion of the all-powerful “China put” conjoining with the steadfast “Fed put.” These types of market perceptions create tremendous inherent fragility.'

- Doug Noland, Discussions on the Fed Put, March 25, 2017

'It’s now an all-too-familiar Bubble Dynamic. The greater the Bubble inflates, the more impervious it becomes to cautious “tightening” measures..'

'The problem today is that years of ultra-loose monetary conditions have ensured everyone is crowded on the same bullish side of the boat. Tipping the vessel at this point will be chaotic, and the Fed clearly doesn’t want to be the instigator. Meanwhile, timid little baby-step increases only ensure more problematic market Bubbles and general financial excess.

It’s now an all-too-familiar Bubble Dynamic. The greater the Bubble inflates, the more impervious it becomes to cautious “tightening” measures. And the longer the accommodative backdrop fuels only more precarious Bubble Dynamics, the more certain it becomes that central bankers will approach monetary tightening timidly. Yellen confirmed to the markets Wednesday that the Fed would remain timid – still focused on some theoretical “neutral rate” and seemingly oblivious to conspicuous financial market excess. The fixation remains on consumer prices that are running just a tad under its 2% target. Meanwhile, runaway securities market inflation is completely disregarded.'

- Doug Noland, Another Missed Opportunity, March 18, 2017

'..In terms of Credit Bubble momentum, it’s notable that Net Worth inflated over $2.0 TN in both Q3 and Q4.'

'The unprecedented amount of system-wide debt is so enormous that the annual percentage gains no longer appear as alarming. Non-Financial Debt expanded 4.7% in 2016, up from 2015’s 4.4%. Total Household Debt expanded 3.6%, with Total Business borrowings up 5.6%. Financial Sector borrowings expanded 2.9% last year, the strongest expansion since 2008.

Securities markets remain the centerpiece of this long reflationary cycle. Total (debt and equities) Securities jumped $1.50 TN during Q4 to a record $80.344 TN, with a one-year rise of $4.80 TN. As a percentage of GDP, Total Securities increased to 426% from the year ago 415%. For comparison, Total Securities peaked at $55.3 TN during Q3 2007, or 379% of GDP. At the previous Q1 2000 cycle peak, Total Securities had reached $36.0 TN, or 359% of GDP.

The Household Balance Sheet also rather conspicuously illuminates Bubble Dynamics. Household Assets surged $6.0 TN during 2016 to a record $107.91 TN ($9.74 TN 2-yr gain). This compares to the peak Q3 2007 level of $81.9 TN and $70.0 TN to end 2008. Q4 alone saw Household Assets inflate $2.192 TN, with Financial Assets up $1.589 TN and real estate gaining $557bn.

With Household Liabilities increasing $473bn over the past year, Household Net Worth (assets minus liabilities) inflated a notable $5.518 TN in 2016 to a record $92.805 TN. As a percentage of GDP, Net Worth rose to a record 492%. For comparison, Household Net Worth-to-GDP ended 1999 at 435% ($43.1 TN) and 2007 at 453% ($66.5 TN). Net Worth fell to a cycle low 378% of GDP ($54.4TN) in Q1 2009. In terms of Credit Bubble momentum, it’s notable that Net Worth inflated over $2.0 TN in both Q3 and Q4.


UBS analysts forecast (above) $3.3 TN of 2017 Chinese Total Social Financing (TSF). And with TSF excluding national government deficit spending, let’s add another $300bn and presume 2017 Chinese system Credit growth of around $3.6 TN. As such, it’s possible that China and the U.S. could combine for Credit growth approaching an Unparalleled $6.0 TN. There are, as well, indications of an uptick in lending in the euro zone, and Credit conditions for the most part remain loose throughout EM. Importantly, the inflationary biases that have gained momentum in asset and securities markets and, increasingly, in consumer prices and corporate profits provide a tailwind for Credit expansion.'

- Doug Noland, Unparalleled Credit and Global Yields, March 10, 2017


'..the S&P 500 is now far more overvalued than in 2000, 2007, or indeed in any prior point in history..'

          The End Of A Book        
The last five weeks have been just hellacious. I've been working 16 hour days on a big new picture book for Random House (I did not write this one), and the art was far more complex and time consuming than I had anticipated. The thing is, you'd never know it by looking at these endpapers I designed for the book, but the fact that they're so different from the art in the spreads, we all agreed this was the way to go. Lollipop trees -- I've always called them that, so it was nice to be able to give them 16" x 10" of real estate to dance on. I love doing books. I just wish I didn't have to wait a year before showing anybody the art. ps: I actually tried posting something to the new, improved and lemon-scneted Drawg a couple weeks ago. Tried 6 times and it never saved my post. I got frustrated and starting cutting up photos of Kroninger with my pinking shears. IF this post works, I'll be a happy Bob!

          Six Questions With Steven Anthony, Founder/Managing Partner of Global Sports Management        
Steven Anthony is an accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur and Board Member, with more than fifteen years success across the banking, finance, and hospitality industries. Anthony is a graduate of Dillard University where he received his B.A. in Business Administration & Management and he also holds a Master’s degree from Georgetown University in Real Estate. He and...
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Who’s Who
What’s What

In the World of CIA Fronts, Partners, Proprietaries & Contractors


The Almost Classified Guide to CIA Front Companies, Proprietaries & Contractors
ISBN: 978-1-365-11196-9

Cool Justice Editor's Note: Following are excerpts from author Madsen's introduction and the body of the work. Additional suggested reading: News story about Madsen's book via the Washington, D.C. based Justice Integrity Project [link at the bottom of this post].


From the Introduction

One of the most pervasive uses of companies as intelligence partners was under the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD. During the Cold War, the CIA, often with the approval of corporate executives, infiltrated their agents to work as journalists in newspapers, radio and television networks, wire services, and magazines. The following pages in this book are rife with examples of this penetration of the Fourth Estate – all too many in the opinion of this journalist. The CIA admitted to at least 400 journalists on the agency’s payroll at the height of MOCKINGBIRD. The CIA traditionally understates its capabilities, especially when its covert activities become publicly known. Moreover, the end of the Cold War did not stop the practice of the CIA in infiltrating the media and slant news reports to its wishes.


An insightful look behind the veils of secrecy into the CIA’s use of fronts, proprietaries, and partners calls into question the purpose of the CIA. Created by President Harry S Truman to serve as a central collector and repository of intelligence, the CIA became much more than that. A few weeks after the United States witnessed the assassination of President Kennedy in the middle of downtown Dallas, Truman penned an op-ed piece that appeared in several newspapers around the country. In it, Truman shared his regret for having created the CIA in 1947:

“I think it has become necessary to take another look at the purpose and operations of our Central Intelligence Agency—CIA . . . For some time I have been disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government. This has led to trouble and may have compounded our difficulties in several explosive areas.

"I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations. Some of the complications and embarrassment I think we have experienced are in part attributable to the fact that this quiet intelligence arm of the President has been so removed from its intended role that it is being interpreted as a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue.”


The 21st century’s CIA’s partners are more likely to be found among high-tech companies marketing the latest and greatest mobile applications and data mining programs than among banks, law offices, and advertising agencies. However, in the post-World War II era, the CIA’s top and middle echelons were normally found operating through cover as typewriter-pecking journalists, traveling Madison Avenue admen, corporate lawyers, and chain-smoking oilmen. In the 1970s and 80s, CIA contractors and partners began showing up in the high-tech field, with database, local area networking, and on-line information retrieval systems attracting the most interest by Langley.


As this book went to press, the smart phone game application Pokémon Go fad was sweeping the planet. Unbeknownst to many of the on-line game’s avid fan’s was the connection of the game’s developers to the CIA’s venture capital firm IN-Q-TEL. All users saw their geo-location and other smart phone data being swept up by a CIA partner firm.


Amazon, Inc. [CIA contractor]. Company provides cloud computing services for the CIA. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos also owns The Washington Post.

American Historical Society. [CIA partner]. Many society officials were OSS/CIA officers.

American Press Institute. [CIA front]. Operating out of Columbia University, the institute’s director in the 1950s was a CIA officer.

AmeriCares. [CIA partner]. A non-profit organization that is often the “first in” at refugee situations. Founded by tycoon J. Peter Grace, a board chairman of the CIA front, the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD) and a trustee of another CIA front, the American Committee for Liberation from Bolshevism, AmeriCares was involved in funding the Nicaraguan contras. The group has also provided the CIA with recruiting opportunities at mass refugee sites, particularly in Latin America and Asia.

Bechtel Corporation. [CIA contractor]. Bechtel is a large construction company that has included former CIA director Richard Helms, CIA pseudonym “Fletcher M. Knight,” among its executive ranks. Bechtel was active in providing corporate cover for the OSS in the Middle East during World War II. Bechtel has been a consummate service company for various CIA operations, including support for the CIA-inspired coup against the Syrian government in 1949, the Iranian government of Prime Minister Mohamed Mossadeq in 1953, and President Sukarno of Indonesia in 1965. From the 1960s to the 1970s, Bechtel provided cover for CIA agents in Libya under both the regime of King Idris and his successor, Muammar Qaddafi. Sometimes called a “secret arm” of the CIA, Bechtel’s executives included those who would join President Reagan’s Cabinet, including Secretary of State George Schultz and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger.

Before World War II, Steve Bechtel formed a military-industrial complex partnership with John McCone. McCone later became the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and later, director of the CIA. The CIA has used Bechtel to provide cover for non-official cover CIA operatives abroad.

Blackstone Investment Group. [CIA front]. With offices in Washington, DC and Moscow, arranged for the purchase of KGB documents following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Among the documents sought by the front company were any related to illegal CIA activities during the Cold War, including the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Bourbon and Beefsteak Bar and Restaurant. [CIA front]. Opened in 1967 in King’s Cross in Sydney, Australia. Served as a rendezvous point for CIA, Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), and organized crime figures. Its proprietor was Bernie Houghton, a CIA operative with links to Nugan Hand Bank, CIA weapons smuggler Edwin Wilson, and CIA clandestine services officers Theodore Shackley, Rafael Quintero, and Thomas Clines.

Center for Democracy. [CIA front]. Administered under the aegis of Boston University, the center maintained offices in Boston, Washington, DC, Guatemala City, and Strasbourg, France. Involved in CIA operations in eastern Europe, Central America, and Africa.

Colt Patent Firearms Company. [CIA partner]. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating abroad.

Daddario & Burns. [CIA partner]. Headed by former OSS officer Emilio Daddario, a Democratic Representative from Connecticut, the Hartford-based law firm provided services to the CIA.

DC Comics. [CIA partner]. Worked with the International Military Information Group (IMIG), a joint CIA/Pentagon unit at the State Department, to disseminate propaganda comic books, featuring Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, in Serbo-Croatian and Albanian, to youth in the Balkans during the military conflicts in that region.

Disney Corporation. [CIA partner]. CIA agents who were adept at creating front companies and shell corporations in Florida, worked closely with Disney in preparation for the construction of Disney World near Orlando, Florida. OSS veteran “Wild Bill” Donovan and CIA shell company expert Paul Helliwell helped create two fake Florida cities, Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, as well as a number of shell corporations, to keep secret the plans for Disney World. This kept land prices low because real estate speculators were unaware of the prospective value of the land in a desolate area of central Florida.

Emory School of Medicine. [CIA partner]. Located in Atlanta, Georgia. Involved in the CIA’s MK-ULTRA behavioral modification project.

Enron Corporation [CIA partner]. Houston-based firm that was used by the CIA to provide commercial cover for its agents around the world. There were at least 20 CIA employees on Enron’s payroll. Andre Le Gallo, a former official of the CIA’s Operations Directorate, went to work as a corporate intelligence officer for Enron.

Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC). [CIA front]. Officially established by American Trotskyists, the group was penetrated by CIA operatives. The FPCC New Orleans office was a CIA front that provided cover for the anti-Fidel Castro activities of Lee Harvey Oswald, Clay Shaw, and David Ferrie, among others. The New Orleans FPCC office was located at 544 Camp Street and shared the same building entrance with Guy Banister Associates, Inc., a private detective agency, the address for which was 531 Lafayette Street and around the corner from 544 Camp Street.

In December 1963, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the FPCC ceased all U.S. operations.

General Electric Company. [CIA partner]. Based in Fairfield, Connecticut, provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating abroad.

General Foods Corporation. [CIA partner]. Advertising account at CIA’s Robert Mullen Company handled by an active CIA employee.

Google, Inc. [CIA partner]. Developed as a result of a research grant by the CIA and Pentagon to Stanford University’s Department of Computer Science. The CIA referred to the research as the “google project.”

Greenberg Traurig. [CIA partner]. Washington, DC “connected” law firm.

Guy Banister Associates, Inc. [CIA partner]. New Orleans private detective agency headed by former FBI agent Guy Banister. The detective agency coordinated the activities of various anti-Castro Cuban groups in New Orleans, including Banister’s own Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean, as well as the Cuban Revolutionary Council, the Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front, Friends of Democratic Cuba, and the Crusade to Free Cuba Committee.

Banister and Associates shared office space with the CIA’s New Orleans front, the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, headed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Hale and Dorr. [CIA partner]. Boston-based law firm that provided cover for CIA’s Independence and Brown Foundations.

Halliburton. [CIA contractor]. Based in Houston, it is the world’s largest oil service company. Recipient of a number of CIA sole-source contracts for services worldwide.

Harper and Row, Inc. [CIA partner]. Manuscripts submitted to the New York publisher that dealt with intelligence matters, particularly CIA operations, were turned over to the CIA for censoring edits before publication.

Hewlett Packard Corporation. [CIA partner]. Sold computers to Iraq for Saddam Hussein’s missile program with the knowledge and approval of the CIA.

Hill & Knowlton. [CIA partner]. Public relations firm that teamed with the CIA on a number of operations. Hill & Knowlton’s numerous offices abroad provided cover for CIA agents. One known Hill & Knowlton office that was a CIA front operation was in Kuala Lumpur.

Kerr-McGee. [CIA partner]. Provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating overseas.

Kissinger Associates, Inc. [CIA partner]. New York-based international consulting firm founded by former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger. Former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft is a co-owner. The firm provided support to the CIA-linked American Ditchley Foundation and the Bilderberg Group. Much of the 1982 seed money for Kissinger Associates was provided by Goldman Sachs.

Knight Foundation. [CIA partner]. Also known as the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Based in Miami, the foundation provides funding for various CIA-connected media operations in the United States and around the world.

Kroll Inc. [CIA partner]. Founded in 1972 by Jules Kroll, who had links to both U.S. and Israeli intelligence. Based in Manhattan. French domestic law enforcement believed Kroll’s Paris office was a CIA front. Kroll handled the security for the World Trade Center after the 1993 terrorist bombing and continued to be responsible for security up to, during, and after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. Kroll employed former FBI assistant director for counter-terrorism John O’Neill, who died in the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Lincoln Savings and Loan. [CIA partner]. Based in Irvine, California and headed by notorious swindler Charles Keating, Jr., involved in laundering funds for the Iran-contra scandal.

Lone Star Cement Corporation. [CIA partner]. Based in Stamford, Connecticut and linked to the Bush family, provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating abroad. Involved in the Iran-contra scandal.

Mary Carter Paint Company. [CIA front]. A money-laundering operation for the CIA. Involved in casinos in the Bahamas.

Monsanto. [CIA partner]. The firm contracted with former CIA official Cofer Black’s Total Intelligence Solutions (TIS), a subsidiary of the CIA-connected Blackwater USA, later Xe Services, to monitor animal rights groups, anti-genetically modified (GM) food activists, and other groups opposed to Monsanto’s agri-business operations worldwide.

National Enquirer. [CIA partner]. The tabloid’s founder, Generoso (Gene) Pope, Jr., worked for the CIA’s psychological warfare unit and the agency’s Italy branch in 1950. In 1952, Pope acquired The New York Enquirer broadsheet and transformed it into a tabloid, renaming it The National Enquirer. This transformation bore the imprimatur of the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD media influence program.

Newsweek. [CIA partner]. Magazine reporters and stringers fed information to the CIA. Newsweek’s stringers in southeastern Europe and the Far East were CIA agents. When Newsweek was bought by The Washington Post Company in 1961, cooperation between the magazine and the CIA increased. It was a participant in the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD media influence program. Much of the staff of Newsweek was absorbed into a new online publication, The Daily Beast, which continues to disseminate CIA-influenced articles. See Washington Post.

Nieman Foundation. [CIA partner]. Located at Harvard University, the foundation awarded Nieman Fellowships, some on behalf of the CIA, for foreign journalists to study at Harvard. The journalists were subjected to CIA recruitment efforts prior to their returning to their home countries.

Pamela Martin & Associates. [CIA partner], Escort firm run by Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the so-called “DC Madam.” During her 2008 trial for mail fraud, Palfrey attempted to invoke the Classified Information Procedures Act in order to discuss her relationship with the CIA. The U.S. Court refused Palfrey’s request and she was convicted and later said to have committed suicide before her sentencing hearing in Washington, DC. One of her clients was Randall Tobias, the head of the CIA-connected USAID. Another was Louisiana Republican senator David Vitter.

Paris Review. [CIA front]. Literary magazine edited by George Plimpton. Published works by Jack Kerouac and Samuel Beckett. The magazine’s co-founder, Peter Matthiessen, relied on his affiliation with the magazine as his CIA cover.

Quaker Oats Company. [CIA partner]. Worked with the CIA and Atomic Energy Commission to place trace amounts of radiation in breakfast cereal served to boys at the Fernald School for the mentally retarded in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Radio Corporation of America. [CIA partner]. Provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating abroad, particularly in Iran, Philippines, Japan, and West Germany. Provided technical assistance to CIA-financed clandestine and propaganda radio stations worldwide, including Radio Free Europe. RCA founder David Sarnoff was a major supporter of CIA operations, including propaganda dissemination around the world. RCA chairman and chief executive officer Thornton F. Bradshaw was active in the operations of the CIA-linked American Ditchley Foundation.

Reily Coffee Company. [CIA partner]. Also known as William B. Reily Coffee Company and based in New Orleans, this company employed Lee Harvey Oswald and a number of other U.S. government employees, many of whom were suspected CIA officers.

Robert M. Mullen Company. [CIA proprietary]. A Washington, DC public relations firm, it was used as a front for CIA activities. E. Howard Hunt, the CIA agent, worked for Robert Mullen when he was arrested in the break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington in 1972. The Senate Watergate Committee reported that “the Mullen and Company has maintained a relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency since its incorporation in 1959. It provided covers for agents in Europe (Stockholm), Latin America (Mexico City), and the Far East (Singapore) at the time of the Watergate break-in.”

Rockefeller Foundation. [CIA partner]. Used by the CIA to direct scholarships and grants to the Third World and Eastern Europe. Rockefeller Foundation money was funneled to the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE), created in 1948. The chairman of ACUE was OSS chief William J. Donovan and the vice chairman was Allen Dulles. One of ACUE’s board members was Walter Bedell Smith, the first CIA director.

Summa Corporation. [CIA partner]. Owned by Howard Hughes, Summa is believed to have skimmed gambling profits from the Sands, Desert Inn, Frontier, Silver Slipper, Castaways, and Landmark casinos in Las Vegas and Harold’s Club in Reno for the CIA and the Mafia. Provided financial cover for the CIA’s Glomar Explorer project.

Teneo Intelligence. [CIA partner]. Branch of Teneo Holdings, which is headquartered in New York. Teneo Holdings’s intelligence branch includes former CIA officials. Teneo is closely linked to former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Teneo Intelligence has offices in New York, London, Rome, Brussels, Dubai, Bogota, New Delhi, and Tokyo.

Texas Commerce Bank (TCB). [CIA partner]. Houston-based bank founded by the family of James Baker III. Texas Commerce Bank was used to provide commercial cover for CIA agents. After serving as vice president for Texas Commerce Bank in Caracas from 1977 to 1979, Jeb Bush joined his father’s presidential campaign in 1980. Serving with Bush on the campaign was Robert Gambino, the CIA deputy director of security who gave Bush his orientation brief at Langley in 1977.

Kenneth Lay, the chairman of Enron, which had its own links to the CIA, served on the board of Texas Commerce Bank. Texas Commerce Bank was acquired by Chemical Bank in 1987.

The bank provided major loans to Howard Hughes’s Summa Corporation. See Summa Corporation.

United Fruit Company [CIA partner]. Involved in 1954 CIA overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz government in Guatemala. Published the Latin America Report, a publication that was a CIA front used for clandestine activities. The CIA transferred weapons to United Fruit employees in Guatemala who were involved in undermining the Arbenz government. The joint CIA-United Fruit plan was code named OPERATION FORTUNE. Company provided an airfield in Guatemala for the CIA’s training of Cuban exiles for the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

U.S. Rubber Company. [CIA partner]. Headquartered in Naugatuck, Connecticut and later called Uniroyal, provided corporate cover to CIA officers operating abroad. Included those operating under the cover of the Dominion Rubber Company of Canada, a subsidiary of U.S. Rubber Company.

U.S. Youth Council (USYC). [CIA front]. Founded in 1945 and based in New York. Some 90 percent of its funds came from the CIA. USYC received funding from the Foundation for Youth and Student Affairs (FYSA), a CIA front. The USYC was composed of American Youth Hostels, Camp Fire Girls, 4-H, American Unitarian Youth, National Catholic Welfare Conference, National Students Assembly, YMCA and YWCA.

Wackenhut. [CIA contractor]. Wackenhut, a Palm Beach Gardens, Florida-based security firm, stood accused of providing the CIA with specialized services around the world, including Chile, Greece, and El Salvador. Its Venezuelan branch, Wackenhut Venezolana, C.A., was accused in 2002 of involvement in the CIA’s coup against President Hugo Chavez. William Casey served as Wackenhut’s outside counsel before becoming CIA director in 1981.

Wackenhut eventually merged into the global security firm G4S.

Washington Post. [CIA partner]. The Washington Post was part of the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD, the agency’s media influence project. Post publisher Phil Graham was a close friend and associate of MOCKINGBIRD chief Frank Wisner, Sr. and CIA director Allen Dulles. Wisner assisted Graham in acquiring The Washington Times-Herald and WTOP radio, creating a sizable CIA-influenced media operation in the nation’s capital.

W. R. Grace. [CIA partner]. Provided corporate cover to CIA officers operating abroad, particularly in Latin America. Provided donations to CIA front foundations.

  • News story about Madsen's book via The Justice Integrity Project

  •           Stocks Trading vs Real Estate Investment        
    Empty Spaces Inc. said...
    just curious, if you're good at making money in the stock market why not stick to it?& why would you try RE investing after its already been appreciating for several years and may be peaking in most areas?
    The stock market is unpredictable. No matter how good you are or how well you have done, there's no guaranteed of future results. Granted, I have done well in the stock market since I have officially started investing and I'm confident I'll continue to do well, I cannot depend on that to make me rich. Also, my earnings in the stock market is not steady. There are some months I go into the negative zone, and those months are hard to bare even though I have very high tolerance. It's not good to be constantly picking stocks in the long term. It's very time-consuming; I've spent a lot of time reading up on companies and financial news. Also, studies show that you'll likely be beaten by the index in the long run. Even if I can match or slightly beat the index in ten years, I would lose in time and opportunity because I'd have spent thousands of hours. An investor in the index would have done nothing but did not sacrifice as much time as I did. Unless I can beat the index by a huge margin year over year for many years, it's not worth spending hundreds of hours a year. I admit my view has changed slightly. I'm not against investing in individual stocks, but I advise caution, because many people go in without really understanding the risk. Play with money you can afford to lose. Real Estate investing is an alternative to stocks trading and in many people's eyes, it's less risky. I agree, because real estate property is tangible and with the increasing population, real estate demand is bound to go up. My rental property is in Philly, which is not a hot area like NYC or San Diego. Even though the property value is not skyrocketing, I still have rental income to fall back on. The rental income covers my mortgage and property expenses. Basically, the tenant is paying for my house. Eventually, the mortgage will be paid off and I will own the property. It is a long term investment and property value will go up. So far, my real estate investment has been less stressful than my stocks investment. I get a check every month and my tenants never bothered me. Hopefully, I can be this lucky for every investment property.
              Be Careful on Giving Unsolicited Advice        
    I love reading up on financial news and learning more about personal finance. And I like helping people as well. Sometimes, I give advice to my family and friends. Although they would listen for the most part, they almost never act on what I tell them to do. It's interesting that despite my honest advice to help them, they would push away everything I say. They would always have some kind of doubt or excuse. Recently my friend is running low on money. He's a real estate agent and he hasn't closed any deals lately. Since I know a few extra bucks would help him, I told him about signing up for credit cards or bank accounts with cash bonus. Or he can play the 0% balance transfer. He thinks it's too much hassle.
    I have spoken to several friends in the past two years about contributing to retirement accounts, such as 401k and IRA accounts. They give me the usual answer, "I have no money." I tell them the importance of saving up for retirement. Moreover, I provide them with important financial messages - pay off debt, have emergency money, save up for retirement, invest, etc. They don't seem interested and don't listen. Yet they like to complain about not having money.
    Sometimes I feel that they don't want financial advice -- they want MONEY. What they want me to do is not to teach them how to make money, but to hand them cash. Everybody wants to be a millionaire but nobody wants to work for it anymore. It's all about get rich quick.
    They tell me they don't have time, and it's not worth making a few extra hundred bucks. If you have a lot of money, I would understand, but if you need money and have the opportunity to do it, why not?
    It's hard to teach family as well. They don't seem interested in learning. I tell them to start ROTH IRAs because it really helps if you have low income, the government even give you tax benefits if you qualify. But they say they rather have the money now.
    While I'm no certified professional, I know my advice can help my friends and family. They just don't see it. Perhaps they need to learn their own way. I just thought maybe I can give them a shortcut, but sometimes people need to learn the hard way.
    I figure I'll save my energy on going out of my way to help people. People just don't appreciate. Instead, I'll focus on those who wants my help. It's a lose-lose situation if they don't appreciate your advice. Because if they miss the opportunity, they would blame you. If they execute your advice improperly and the results come out bad, they would blame you. The moral of the story is never give unsolicited advice.

              Commerical Real Estate Property Rental Demands        
    In the event that the US economy does enter into a period of sustained weakness, commercial property vacancies would likely rise, which would have a depressing effect on rents. Should this adverse scenario be realized, real estate capitalization rates could rise and values could fall, and investment in real estate investment would most likely drop […]
              Pitfalls To Avoid In Commercial Real Estate        
    As wonderful and constant as commercial real estate is, there are some major pitfalls that can completely ruin the interest, investment and return on a property. Besides inaccurate assessments and risks that are beyond your comfort zone, the only real reason these pitfalls occur is because of the lack of due diligence that you perform. By not investigating deeply enough, not overturning every rock, and rushing into what seems like an awesome deal, you can experience some horrible events that can literally cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars.

    These are setbacks I hope you never experience by asking every question, verifying everything, and assuming nothing.

    Below you will find some unfortunate and common mistakes that can occur if you are not completely on your game.

    Some of the major pitfalls in commercial real estate are related to the zoning and use of a property. Brokers may offer information that is not accurate about the rezoning and use capabilities of a property. Although many of the people in this business are honest and have integrity, you can bet you will run across a few brokers or agents that will do and say almost anything to sell a property. Some problems that arise may include not checking with the city planning and zoning decision makers to see if a property can and will be able to be rezoned to the zoning that is expected. Also, just because the zoning may include your use, you must check with the city to make sure there are no special contingencies regarding use.

    The last thing you want is to have a property you believe can be re-zoned to a higher and more profitable use, and after you purchase it, realize you cannot do what you intended! This can mean a less of a return on investment, or a complete loss of an investment. Believe me, situations can get very bad regarding the rezoning and use of a property, and fighting with the city will take more money, energy and time than it is often worth.

    Another pitfall that can arise is purchasing a building that is leased, and then losing tenants due to leases or rental agreements being up! It is important to see and verify the leases of a building to make sure you will have some income to cover the debt service while you change, renovate, or do whatever it is you are going to do with the property. Verify you will have tenants when you purchase the property otherwise, you may not have enough income, and this can leave you in the red.

    It must be acknowledged that every property and situation can differ greatly from another. Because of this, there can be many different ways that a property can go. For this reason, all “what ifs” must be addressed, as well as exit strategies created for every scenario. When you limit yourself on exit strategies, you increase your possibility for failure.

    With every property you must ask yourself, “What is the worse that can happen?” Weigh the risks and the probability of the worst happening, and either plan an exit strategy for this possibility, or don't move forward. You must look at everything from the worst to best case scenario, and have an exit strategy for each. Not only will you be prepared for anything that comes your way, but you will have less of a chance of really getting buried and losing money on an investment gone badly.

    In commercial real estate, I often see a person trying to save a few thousand dollars that ends up costing him or her hundreds of thousands, just because they try to play hard ball with negotiations. It is always important to know what you are willing, and not willing to do when you go into negotiations regarding the purchase or selling of a property, as well as leasing and rental agreements.

    For example, asking for $35.00 per square foot and being offered $30.00 per square foot, (reasonable in this situation), and assuming the interested party is very motivated about the space, and coming back with $33.00 a square foot and nothing less, my cause the loss of the three year leasing agreement, and the income for another two months from the property because it is not leased out is definitely not worth it!

    Take the $30.00 per square foot get the property leased up, and make an agreement that the rate will increase two or three dollars every year after. Don't lose the tenant because you want to play hard ball in negotiations when, really, you can make it work! As you become more educated and get closer to reaching your goal of being a real estate insider, you may want to branch out into new markets and expand your comfort zone. This is great. However, you must realize there are many differences between various types of properties. Doing a deal with a 120 unit apartment complex is different than a 55,000 square foot office building.

    When moving into different markets, items can easily be overlooked, and major problems can arise, simply because you are not aware of them. It is often a good idea to partner with someone already in that new market so that you may have the benefit of experience and know-how on your side. Learn form this venture so you will be more familiar with the market, property, and how it should be addressed. It is easy to get in over your head with new markets that can lead to major and expensive problems.

    As you continue on your adventure in commercial real estate, be sure to do all your homework regarding a property. You will be less likely to run into problems, or better yet, be prepared to fix the problems if financially worth it. Never assume everything is as it appears, because, more often than not, it isn't! You must play smart in this game, or you can lose everything. Use you resources to get the best and most accurate information and you can avoid these pitfalls in commercial real estate.

    To find out more go to Secured Homeowner Loan or to attain the most advantageous home loan consider looking here Personal Homeowner Loans.
              Rera Certified Local Sponsors Available        
    We are specialized in setting up the any kind of Real estate Company in Dubai. We have 7 years’ experience of working with Dubai land Department. We have more than 100 local sponsor registered with ou...
              Start Your Own Real Estate Business        
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              Financing Offer        
    We own a company financial and corporate real estate and any kinds of business financing. We also offer loans to individuals and companies and corporate bodies at a rate of 2 per annum, ranging from U...
              The 20 hottest real estate spots in the world        
    It’s safe to say we’re in the midst of a global real estate bull market. According to the Knight Frank Global House Price Index, the value of homes internationally rose by 8.4 percent in 2013, representing the highest annual increase since 1995. “People love property because it has that tangibility that other assets don’t have,”...
              Non Traditional Investing        

    Non Traditional Investing

    With the current decline in home prices some markets are ripe for investment. One such market with tremendous benefits is real estate investing in Austin, Texas. That’s right – real estate investors that are purchasing both commercial and residential properties in Austin are really seeing some huge profits in their investments. They are capitalizing on a very stable market – one that seems to be growing while other areas are in a downturn. So, if you’re considering investing in real estate and you have been looking for areas that you can invest, you should consider Austin Texas. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of investing in Austin Texas. By doing this, we hope that you will have a better idea of the market and can capitalize on this opportunity like many of the other real estate investors are doing. Let’s begin.

    First of all, Austin has a wide array of positive elements working in its favor for the real estate investor. These included affordable houses that aren’t at risk to volatile price swings, a growing and vibrant economy, and a large student population. As an investor wild price swings can wipe out your investment and put you in debt. Austin real estate has the big benefit of experiencing slow and steady appreciation. Therefore, this makes it a prime investment for the serious real estate investor.

    Second, the recent downturn hasn’t hit Austin to nearly the extent of other markets and so you have great stability in your investment. The population of Austin is growing and so this progression of prices will continue. The growing and vibrant economy presents another advantage as sustainable housing price appreciation can only be achieved with a growing and well-employed population. In fact, many researchers believe that even if the market continues to go down that the properties in Austin will still remain stable.

    Third, Austin is a high tech center that is growing in influence and so this promises to provide strong support for housing prices benefiting those investing in Austin real estate. Therefore, the housing market is ripe for the taking. In addition, savvy investors who also purchase commercial real estate and then either rent it to business associates will also find themselves with a worthwhile investment. On the same token, by purchasing properties that are close to these centers, you will most likely receive some hot properties that are ripe for renting.

    Finally, as a real estate investor you want a strong rental base so as to provide steady income from your property between the time your purchase the property and the time you sell it. Austin has a great renter population in the form of students thanks to the presence of the University of Texas at Austin.

    In conclusion, if you’re a serious or a beginning real estate investor, you should seriously consider investing in real estate in Austin, Texas. Not only is this a great time to invest but you will see some great profits from your investment.

    For more information on an austin investment property visit:http://noblecapital.com/noble1.html
              Chatbots, IoT and VR, Oh My: A Look Ahead at Tech in Real Estate        
    Technology in the real estate industry doesn’t start and stop with the computer and smartphone. Regardless of your role in the real estate transaction, you can no longer afford to dismiss the impact of technology in the home buying process. Technology in real estate is designed to improve the end-to-end experience for home buyers and …Read more
              Simplifying Electronic Document Review for Real Estate Brokers        
    Technology usually makes tasks easier. But for real estate brokers, digital files haven’t always enhanced the speed of auditing and reviewing documents. Brokers have traditionally reviewed documents from one, often large, stack of incoming papers that they can quickly flip through to read. When documents went digital, the process became complicated. Reviewers were required to …Read more
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              The Art of Reading Leads to the Art of Writing at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on the UCLA campus in Westwood! by Enilde Van Hook        

    When is a library, not a library? When it’s a Book Festival where the books come out to play! The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books celebrated its 13th year of book promotions on the UCLA campus with an estimated attendance of over 140,000 people who love to read books!
    Here is where the traditional library, once thought to be a stuffy, hush-hush, nerdy and quiet setting transforms itself into a megalomaniac fair of books and stories and documentaries just waiting to come alive. Books become the roller coaster of emotions, the merry-go-round of ideas, the bumper cars of change and the Ferris wheels of fiction.

    In this day and age, the traditional library has undergone a radical change in our culture…it has gone outside, yes outside the box, outside the building and outside under yonder shade trees to re-invent itself. Unlike the regular library, where one checks out a book and must return it within a specific amount of time, this type of literary environment goes beyond just borrowing a book. This activity steps into the realm of personal libraries. This is where the reader amasses his or her own library collection of favorite authors, books, books on tape, digital recordings of books, even recordings for the blind and dyslexic by going outside the comfort of indoor lighting and venturing into the elements of nature.

    The weekend of April 26th and 27th, under weather conditions reaching over 90 degrees in Westwood, the Pacific Ocean breeze quietly slipped in and around the leaves of Ficus trees, Great Oaks, Pines, and luscious landscaped lawns of one of our most prestigious institutions of higher learning; on the campus of UCLA, surrounded by noble buildings of great learning and ample gardens of exquisite greenery, what promised to be adventure at first, had indeed become an obsession for learning, an unquenchable thirst for more information about one’s world…who was in it in the past? Who’s in it now? Where’s the planet going? Who killed who? Or Whom? What artist leapt to his death from the bridge of misunderstanding? The answers were all there waiting to be revealed once you ventured out into the Festival of Books to bring home some new friends! This was my third year visiting the LA Times Festival of Books.

    As I came upon the first of the booths, I saw a long line of people, fanning themselves in the hot sun with only partial shade for some while others brought lawn chairs, umbrellas and water bottles or coolers and bared the heat while reading the LA Times or a comic book they’d purchased while sipping lemonades from the local vendors. “Get your lemonade!” a man shouted from the center of another line of readers waiting for an author. As I made my way down the narrow aisles of celebrity book fans I looked up in time to see that Valerie Bertinelli was about to emerge and I could already see a wave of nervous cameramen and camerawomen with their trigger fingers anxiously poised above their focused lenses. I felt in good company. I too was about to sign copies of my book today. The Kingdom Of Nuts and Bolts, was being released to the reading public and I was headed over to join the authors at booth 715 sponsored by THE GREATER LOS ANGELES WRITER’S SOCIETY.

    I was invited to join the Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Society recently and have discovered the treasures of its membership as well as the benefits to career and community. The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring writers of all levels in the craft and business of writing. The society works to provide continuing education and a forum for the marketing of a writer’s work. The society is guided by a philosophy of “writers mentoring writers of all disciplines” and their website (www.glaws.org) details their variety of resources, welcoming writers from all over California and the country to learn more about the craft.

    I knew I had gotten to the right booth when I saw the buttons they were passing out. “What’s Your Story?” As I was about to take the hot seat of an author…I kid you not; the seat was hot because the sun cast its rays upon the storytellers’ table; I thought to myself again, ‘I’m in fine company!’ I had heard that Gay Talese, Julie Andrews and Tommy Lasorda were telling their stories and here I was, a humble little writer of my first fiction novel about to tell my own.
    I resorted to taking pictures to relax my own photo-happy-trigger finger. I always enjoy a good shutterbug moment and this was no exception. So, I took pictures of the authors I was with, while I signed a few books myself.

    I met Leslie Ann Moore, the author of Griffin’s Daughter, and I learned she wrote romantic fantasy (which I overheard her telling a reader that she had won an award). I visited her website at www.leslieannmoore.com and was inspired by her story that she is a veterinarian, writer and belly dancer too!

    I also met Mike Robinson the author of Too Much Dark Matter, Too Little Gray (which personally as a photographer, I liked the title.) I learned that Mike Robinson is the author of seven novels and two collections. Mike also sold a number of short stories to print and electronic magazines, anthologies and podcasts. Visit Mike’s website at www.freewebs.com and learn that he too is stalking BIG FOOT!

    On Saturday, another author I had the opportunity to meet at the GLAWS booth was Matt Pallamary. We sat together as our fans lined up to talk to us about our books. (Maybe our lines weren’t as long as Valerie Bertinelli’s for her book “Losing it: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time” but we had a following, nonetheless!) Matt has written his memoirs detailing his spiritual journeys to Peru where he worked with shamanic plant medicines. His most recent book is titled Spirit Matters and his website is www.mattpallamary.com. This was a serendipitous place to be sharing space with Matt Pallamary as I had the rare opportunity to discuss some of my own spiritual stories from my early childhood in Argentina. The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts is a story about a five-year-old boy named Miguelito, who can see things that others can’t and this makes him special and extra inventive. He has a special magic friend named Hector (made out of nuts and bolts) who teaches him to fix things. The story, a comedy, is set in Buenos Aires, Argentina using the popular genre of South American writers, that of Magical Realism. The story explores an imaginative spirit world set in the 1930’s and is told from the perspectives of a fly, a witch, a seagull, an angel, a demon and two little brothers. The paperback version is available through www.enildeingelsvanhook.com.
    and coming soon to www.amazon.com so check the website in mid May for available stock.

    Several new, emerging and established writers joined us at the Festival of Books in the GLAWS booth #715. Among them was Joan A. Friedman, a Ph.D. who is an identical twin, herself, and has over thirty years of experience as a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of twin-related issues. Her new novel, Emotionally Healthy Twins is a comprehensive guide on how to raise twins who are self-realized and distinct individuals.

    Dr. Joan Friedman posed for a photo-op alongside two of the movers and shakers of GLAWS; Tony Todaro, one of its original founders (Sci-Fi aficionado) and an established strategic consultant (Todaro Communications) as well as John Weiskopf, the author of The Ascendancy.

    The Ascendancy is an appropriate story for today’s times, as John Weiskopf has created a new world mythology at a volatile point in history. His latest novel brings modern day imagination to the old story of Jack in the Beanstalk. The premise of this novel is that a beanstalk starts growing out of the rubble of the World Trade Center and the protagonist Jack Tott, a twenty-six-year-old musician, believes that if he climbs the beanstalk, he will somehow find the means to help save his dying sister. This book is available through www.johnweiskopf.com.

    I met Sandra Walter, the author of The Creator State (www.sandrawalter.com) a story where actors discover a unique state of consciousness and art changes reality. Pictured here to the right is the author of Akira's Army by Keith Kowalczyk as he tells the story of Ray Quincy who becomes a prisoner of war while on his family vacation on a small South Pacific Island (a novel available through midnightpressbooks.com) Also pictured in booth #715 are Tony Todaro, Neil Citrin, and John Weiskopf.

    I also had an opportunity to talk to Robin Reed who was also releasing her first novel called Xanthan Gumm. Robin Reed writes in the science fiction genre about hard working creatures called ‘Humans’ who labor to make stories that are loved throughout the Galaxy. One young alien dreams of going to the ‘Forbidden Planet Earth’ to perform in the movies and wants to become famous like his idol, E.T. This book is available through www.barstowproductions.com.

    On Sunday at the LA TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS, I had the distinct privilege of sitting at the author’s table with Film Educator and author Charles Domokos. His work in education especially in the cinema and film-editing field has a long history of contributing extremely technical post-production knowledge to film students at USC School of Cinematic Arts, Loyola Marymount and Los Angeles City College. His book titled: Non-linear Editing: The Cutting Edge provides the foundation for the college-level media student to make the leap into the world of film and HD-based professional post-production, as practiced in the Hollywood media community. His book is available through Amazon.com; Barnes&Noble.com or www.GoGardner.com.

    While sitting under the canopy of a nearby Elm tree, our booth enjoyed a little more shade and relief from the heat on Sunday, just enough to share our experiences and challenges of our publishing our first books. Charles and I also shared some of our inspirations to write and joked around that in our booth alone, we had the resources for taking my story of The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts and turning it into a movie using stop-frame animation to create a Hollywood environment for my animated critter made of nuts and bolts and feathers named ‘Hector’. We figured we had a whole production team from writing the screenplay to filming, editing and strategic marketing with Tony Todaro!

    Speaking of Tony Todaro, one of the founders of GLAWS, I learned he is a prolific fiction writer as well. He is now working on a final draft of his next novel, “What Comes Around” a story set in a future city by the name of San Angeles, a metropolis divided by rivers and gangs after the ‘Big One’ (the big anticipated earthquake Angelino’s often fear, has already happened in this story) has rearranged the real estate and politics of the Southland. Just a little sneak preview of his upcoming book, finds Fed Corp Special Crimes investigator Major Xander Hunt in the midst of two murder mysteries to solve: the death of prominent physicist Allan Dunwharton, and after a series of battles and attempted assassinations, (perhaps even his own death). Hunt has kept his aging body alive with a concoction of drugs and nanobots, despite decades of damage as a black-ops agent, and the terminal cancer eating at his guts. (Imagine here the actor Sean Connery as the wise, aging officer in the Untouchables, though Hunt thinks of himself as the younger version of a Kevin Costner character.) Tony Todaro is a strategic marketing consultant with a long history in the music business and now shares his expertise with his fellow authors in GLAWS!

    With a philosophy of “writers mentoring writers of all disciplines” GLAWS holds monthly informative meetings, often with nationally-known guest speakers, offers critique groups, advice in the craft and business of writing, conducts special events including writers conferences and seminars, and promotes its vision through many businesses and social opportunities.
    In April I had the opportunity to attend one of the membership meetings to hear the science fiction and fantasy writer, Tim Powers, author of Anubis Gates and winner of the Philip K. Dick Award. He spoke at length about the essence of “plot” or what actually happens in a story. He encouraged writers to think of the question ‘why’ and then dig deeper and ask no, ‘why, really?’; ‘why really is the character motivated?’ He also gave us an overview of what it is like to be a writer at work. He stated that he had cultivated a sense of both guilt and fear. “Afterall, I play with the cat while truckers have jobs…” In a brief moment I had to talk with him before he got on the podium, he stated that I should write down imaginary bets… but not to do it in my head. He urged me to write thoughts down directly onto the keyboard. In his presentation, he also shared some of the advantages to writing down your ideas and character traits onto index cards and spreading them around your workspace. Maybe one day, if you are experiencing ‘writers block’; maybe the landlord comes around knocking, blows open your door and tromps all over the index cards mixing them up every which way; well, he said, ‘you never know when that might have helped your plot strategy a little!’ TIM POWERS chuckled.

    The headline of today’s blog stated that the Art of Reading leads to the Art of Writing. I strongly believe this because I can attest to the significant verbal, literary and visual growth that a child can attain while immersed in a supportive community reading program. That, in and of it-self is where the art of reading leads directly to the successful art of writing. Exposure to the arts at a young age in a person’s life greatly enhances the chances this experience will foster a love of story telling as well as an appreciation for the authors and artists of these works that influence the mind at a critical stage in our development.
    I am an example of an After School Reading Program child. My first exposure to library books came about at approximately the age of 8 when I stated participating in the Duarte Public Library After School Reading Program and simultaneously the Monrovia Public Library system in California.

    I personally see this important correlation between early reading and early writing because I began to keep a diary at the age of twelve after reading The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. I went on to improve my reading skills by practicing my writing skills in my journal and reading even more each month until I had practically consumed all the books I could in the children’s section of the Duarte Library. I seem to recall that by the age of thirteen I was already into the adult section where I promptly fell in love with science fiction and The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. (At the time, I made no physical distinction between the right or left section of the Duarte Library but I did get into trouble with my mother who discovered one day that one of my books had an identifying label from the adult section of the library…I no longer remember what the name of that book was, because I didn’t get to read it…only that it had a harmless picture of a cat on the cover and I distinctly recall how disappointed and rather humiliated I was when I had to return the book to the librarian and admit that I had rules at home I had to follow that superceded library freedoms.)

    My consolation was that I was a rebellious child so after that, I no longer checked out the adult books to take home—I just spent my free time reading the contraband stories, sitting cross legged on the floor between the stacks by the light of a window where a beautiful oak tree cast intermittent sun, shade and childhood inspiration; Under these conditions, I finished reading Pearl Buck’s novel The Good Earth. I can’t stress enough the importance of reading in a young person’s life. I admired writers without even knowing what they looked like. Often I didn’t see pictures on the covers. I just knew their voices by the way they would write their sentences. I feel I learned about life, lived through the characters and had adventures I couldn’t even dream of having all through the art of reading a wonderful book.

    By the time I was sixteen, I had obtained my first job away from home. The Duarte Public Library hired me to work as a ‘page’ part time while I attended high school. I was able to devote even more time to filing and flipping through the pages of my most beloved writers and fondest friends. I recall taking a whole summer to finish the novel Hawaii by James Mitchner. These books were my education and entertainment away from the classroom and the schoolyard. By the age of eighteen, I was working for the USC Bookstore during freshman year of college and the Doheny Library by my sophomore year of college.

    Now fast forward to the present day in 2008. I have written and self-published five books of poetry and recently released my first novel, The Kingdom of Nuts and Bolts here at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on the campus of UCLA. Was it an accident that I developed into a writer? (In my particular case, I am also a photographer and an artist.) (www.gingervanhook.com) (www.enildeingelsvanhook.com) I don’t think this is a random event. I think there are no accidents in the universe. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe in cause and effect. I believe that if you want to end up with a delicious cake, you need to prepare the recipe with proper ingredients. The ingredients leading to the successful art of writing requires nothing short of fresh time, young minds, good books and positive parental and community encouragement to read. The art develops naturally as the heat of age ripens the stories into cupcakes of our culture for everyone to enjoy!

    I attended the Duarte Festival of Authors in October of 2005 in Westminster Gardens, in Duarte California just to visit with and enjoy a moment listening to Ray Bradbury as the featured keynote speaker, presented by The Friends of the Duarte Library.

    We also support the Monrovia Arts Festival Association which is undergoing a change of name this year. In addition to the changes featured in Monrovia Library Park, with the new Library construction, Monrovia Arts Festival Association is about to be renamed the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts to better define the role of the arts in the community of Monrovia.
    The Monrovia Arts Festival Association will continue to serve the arts and artists as well as the after school art programs in Monrovia as well as surrounding communities and schools. I firmly believe, the younger a child is exposed to the arts, in terms of reading, writing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, digital media, comic book art and art history just to name a few of the variety of arts, the more creative a child will grow into adulthood and the more rewarding our communities will be to thrive in.
              Best Time To Invest in Art, NOW! by Ginger Van Hook        
    TV celebrity Jason Alexander supports the arts at the TAG Gallery in Santa Monica, California on August 18, 2007 for the CALIFORNIA OPEN EXHIBITION show juried by Peter Frank. Now showing NEW WORKS, painting, mixed media, sculpture, photography and video through September 1st 2007. Jason Alexander, an actor who played the part of "George" in the long running and popular hit TV show "Seinfeld",
    is pictured here beside sculpture artist Ali Alinejad.
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Christine Owens, president of the Focus One Community Credit Union and sponsor of the
    Focus One Gallery in Monrovia, California is presented with the Renaissance Award
    by Monrovia City Councilman, Joe Garcia at the Monrovia Arts Festival Association Gala Black Tie Annual Fund-raising Event May 12, 2007. The Renaissance Award is given to honor and recognize a special member of the community whose contributions to their fellow citizens leads to the cultural enrichment of the community as a whole. Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Artist, Photographer and Actor, David Newsom poses with his dog in front of his latest photographs (Thistle #1) being exhibited at the DCA Fine Arts Gallery, in Santa Monica, California, (June 1, 2007 through July 14th, 2007). Three miles of Idaho is an exhibit focusing on the landscape between his brother and his sister's properties in a unique and poignant family setting. David Newsom released large scale renditions of his work currently published from his best-selling book titled SKIP.
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Peter Frank, Jurist, for the TAG Gallery, CALIFORNIA OPEN EXHIBITION,
    stands beside emerging Los Angeles based artist, Luke Van Hook, August 18th, 2007.
    The Painting in background, oil on canvas, "May", the study of Giotto's perfect circle.
    by Luke Van Hook
    (Investigating the legend that Giotto drew a perfect circle for the Pope)

    As the economy goes up and down, so do the trends in the arts and art collecting. This is an exciting time for the arts because we have many historical markers and world conditions that exist today that make it a good time to invest in the arts. For instance, instability in the stock market often releases money to make investments in art, that, like real estate, also goes up in value as the years progress. Additionally, there are wars raging around the world so instability in world economic markets are impacting the art market too. The best impact that market instability plays upon the arts is that it gives incentives to support artists in your local communities. These artists are here and now. Their work is presently available, and like property, it too can be insured, placed into a family trust or safety deposit vault and along with the family heirlooms, art can be bequeathed as a legacy or inheritance to members of your family. Both the housing market and the stock market have been riding a roller-coaster in recent years making a good piece of tangible artwork a far more solid investment than betting on governments, point spreads or Las Vegas Mega Slots.

    y husband Luke and I have explored a number of fine art galleries and art communities that will interest the art lover, the art collector and fellow artists in the pursuit of great works being created in the NOW, as well as some works that have survived the test of time. In my Blog I intend to discuss some of the hot spots and hot artists in Sunny Southern California. I'll share photos with you of some of these exciting options available to the every day collector, the seasoned collector, the art aficionados, or the emerging collectors eager with new money to infuse into an already thriving and ripe harvest of works in Oil Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Conceptual works, Collage, Digital Photography, Digital Film and Electronic Visual Art.

    Through this summer we visited communities on the West side such as Santa Monica, West LA, and Culver City. In the inland areas, we visited some of the foothill mountain art communities such as Glendale and a little further inland, we visited Old Town Monrovia. Starting with the inland foothills we find the quaint town of Monrovia where I grew up and went to school at Immaculate Conception Elementary on Shamrock Avenue. In Monrovia, the City of Art and in Duarte, the City of Health, I grew up as a child. I volunteered about 300 hours as a candy striper for the City of Hope in my teenage years, went on to work for the Duarte Library and attended Alverno High School for girls in Sierra Madre. This is the place where I was raised marching in parades with the Brownies and the Girl Scouts and where I learned to tap dance, twirl a baton and where I rode a ferris wheel for the first time at the fiesta, (as well as ate a lot of cotton candy), I came back as an adult to find an incredible amount of support for the arts in local schools. The arts are not limited to crayons and pencils either. There is an extensive array of art mediums in which students, and some very young students at that, learn to hone their creative skills. For instance, at Paint N Play on Myrtle Avenue, they learn how to throw pottery. Also, with after school teacher, Rouzanna Berberian, children learn the art of drawing, photography and gallery showmanship as well. There are art lessons going on, on almost every street corner you encounter in the busy Old Town Center on Myrtle near the Krikorian Movie theatre. You'll find this charming section of town both soothing and exhilarating. You ought to try walking up and down the main street where there are sidewalk activities, new park benches to rest under shade trees, new lampposts and lanterns all reminiscent of a nostalgic time. Artists show their work on wide city blocks and inside cool and dim lit gallery spaces. The mountains loom in the distance and the afternoons yeild a light summer breeze in the early evening.

    We support the Monrovia Arts Festival Association in their endeavors to promote the arts to the children at a very young age. It is not uncommon for lots of families that are raised to appreciate art to blossom into artists later in life. MAFA is a nonprofit organization led by President Bill Beebe with a history of supporting local artists and local after-school art programs. Over the years, the Monrovia community has begun to expand its outreach of art by developing local talent through a number of venues: Focus One Gallery for instance, is located in the lobby of the Focus One Community Credit Union at 404 East Huntington Drive on the corner of California and Huntington Drive. The president of Focus One Community Credit Union, Christine Owens is known for her support of local artists and was recently nominated for and awarded the annual Renaissance Award by Monrovia City Councilman Joe Garcia at the MAFA Black Tie Fundraiser in May 2007. This is a prestigious award that goes to honor and recognize a special member of the community whose contributions to their fellow citizens leads to the cultural enrichment of the community as a whole.

    MAFA Marketing coordinator, (on left)Denise Daniels is pictured here with Christine Owens, President of Focus One Community Credit Union and Bill Beebe, President of MAFA at their annual Black Tie Fundraiser that occurs in May.

    Monrovia, California
    Foothill Mountain Communities
    Some Artists in Action...

    THE MONROVIA ARTS FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION otherwise known as MAFA, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and is dedicated to the cultivation and support of the arts in children's after school programs as well as educational awareness of the arts in the community at large. MAFA P.O. Box 92 Monrovia, CA 91017 (www.artfestivals.org) 626-256-3124

    Several galleries and art venues have developed over the years which participate and support MAFA. The following information is current as of August 2007: If your event or venue is not listed, please contact Ginger Van Hook, press liaison, for MAFA at (enilde@sprintmail.com).

    The AZTEK ART GALLERY, is located beside the Aztek Hotel at 305 West Foothill Blvd. Exhibits local artists work as well as holds art classes during scheduled times. The contact person is Bill Hyatt, (Hyatt2000@yahoo.com)

    California Wine and Cheese, LLC supports local artists. New Artist reception for Frank Zgonc, Photographer is scheduled for the evening of Friday August 24th, 2007. Frank Zgonc shares images from his travels through Europe, scenes from Bodie Flats, Nevada and local scenes in Monrovia along with his signature digital watercolor manipulations. California Wine and Cheese is located at 115 W. Foothill Blvd., Owned by Janet and Tom Dugan, their website can be located at www.cawineandcheese.com (Contact by phone 626-358-6500 for reservations.)

    The MONROVIA COFFEE COMPANY supports local artists and is located at 425 South Myrtle Avenue. Exhibits contemporary and emerging artists work. Next artists showing September 1 through December 30th, Ginger and Luke Van Hook Photography exhibit, Methusula in the Bristlecone Pine Forest. (Landscape photographs of some of the oldest pine trees on the planet. Some trees aged over 4,700 years, older than the Egyptian Pyramids.) (Additional digital photography of flowers and collage by Ginger Van Hook.) For artist schedules, contact person is Carol Curtis, (shutterbug@altrionet.com)

    The PAINT 'N PLAY ART GALLERY is affiliated with Monrovia Arts Festival Association in its' support of the arts by providing a meeting place for MAFA members to discuss and plan their upcoming events for the community on a monthly basis. Contact Lisa or Rachel at paintnPlay2@aol.com. Paint 'N Play is located at 418 South Myrtle Avenue. Paint N Play sponsors the SUMMER ARTWALKS in Old Town Monrovia along with several merchants who participate every year. KidsArt, Segil Fine Art, Oh My Goddard Gallery, Family Festival Productions, Scoops, Joy Print and Design, Box Jewelers and Baldwin's Baked Potatoes as well as the Outback SteakHouse- Arcadia and Trader Joe's also participate in art festivities that promote the education of art in schools through Summer Artwalks. For more information regarding Summer Art Walks and how you may participate, you may also contact Betsy Thurmond (626-358-7800) or kamonrovia@verizon.net. The next SUMMER ARTWALK is scheduled for Saturday evening, August 25, 2007 from 6:30 to 9pm.



    August 11 - September 28th, 2007.
    Glendale Public Library Associates of Brand Library
    1601 West Mountain Street Glendale, CA 91201
    818-548-2051 www.brandlibrary.org

    A group show Titled: PATTERN PLAY. Four artists demonstrate the variety of patterns available in color schemes, pattern originality, unique images in oil paints, sculpture, and graphic designs. Artist reception August 18, 2007. Artists featured are Patsy Cox, Yuriko Etue, Melanie Rothschild, and Jerrin Wagstaff. Definitely a great show for the entire family. You'll experience a great variety of brilliant colors and patterns that pop out of the walls, rise from the floor and reveal creative abstract patterns that draw you in, spiral you out and make you feel good.

    Artist, Melanie Rothschild

    Artist, Patsy Cox

    Artist, Yuriko Etue

    Artist, Jerrin Wagstaff



    16:1 Gallery, Santa Monica, California Summer 2007


    Kathryn Andrews
    Chris Lipomi
    Donald Morgan
    Stephanie Taylor
    organized by Kathryn Andrews

    Showing August 11 through September 8, 2007

    2116 Pico Blvd., Unit B
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    email: info@16to1.com



    Delia Cabral, Gallery Director
    3107 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405

    From Exhibition, THREE MENDACIOUS MINDS, (The Return of Paris' New Pestilence School) David Schoffman, Currado Malaspina, Micah Carpenter July 23- August 31, 2007 310-770-2525
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook



    TAG Gallery
    Elizabeth Sadoff
    Gallery Director
    2903 Santa Monica Blvd.
    Santa Monica, CA 90404

    Elizabeth Sadoff, Gallery Director, TAG Gallery
    handing out awards to the winning artists.

    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Jason Cimenski accepts award from Peter Frank and Elizabeth Sadoff
    TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    First Place Winner, Artist, Jason Cimenski with his daughter "The Flooded Room" TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007 Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Artist Kim Kimbro, TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Artist, Lorien Suarez,
    TAG Gallery August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Artist, Carlos Daub,
    TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Derek McMullen, Luke Van Hook, Dennis Treretola Three artists, oil painters, from the same graduating class at Otis College of Art and Design, 2004
    TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Artists, and fine art painters, Carlos Daub, Luke Van Hook, Dennis Treretola
    TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Artist, Carole Garland, "Midnight Mystery", oil on canvas
    TAG Gallery, August 18, 2007

    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    TAG Gallery, Santa Monica, California
    August 18, 2007
    Standing room only at the popular show

    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

    Peter Frank thanks the artists and their guests who have participated
    at the TAG Gallery, Santa Monica, California Open Exhibition,
    August 18, 2007
    Photo by Ginger Van Hook

              Clean Kali: All eyes now on govt        
    The water of East Kali is heavily polluted. It would hopefully change with the NGT taking notice of it.
    The polluted Kali river. (Image source: Neer Foundation)

    Rampura, situated in Bulandshahr district in western Uttar Pradesh, is one of the 1,200 villages on the banks of the 300-km long East Kali, a tributary of the Ganges. The river is named after goddess Kali who, according to the Hindu mythology, is fierce and fights evil by ingesting it.

    Till the 1980s, the river was a symbol of purity. Things have changed now with the river turning into a nullah brimming with industrial effluents. “We used to drink its waters when young. Today, it's so toxic that forget drinking, I dread touching it,” says Devendra Kumar Sharma, a resident of Panwadi, a village in Meerut district. The river’s toxic water now symbolises death and not life.

    Foul flows in streams

    As per a study by Neer Foundation, a Meerut-based non-profit working on environmental issues, as the river is polluted, the groundwater of the area which gets replenished by the river too has turned into a receptacle for toxic waste. Unsuspecting people, however, continued to draw water through the handpumps till recent studies rang an alarm bell.

    The study conducted in 2015-16 reveals that in Rampura, the groundwater recorded a total dissolved solids of 1760 mg/litre, way above the permissible standard of a maximum of 500 mg/litre for drinking purposes. Soil stratum was harmed as iron and lead contamination spread from river water to aquifers (underground reservoirs that hold groundwater) that are recharged by it.

    A study by Neer Foundation reveals that the pollution load in the river is unmanageable. (Image source: Neer Foundation)

    Lead is recognised as highly toxic, and damages the nervous system in humans while iron is therapeutic in low doses but lethal when present in excessive quantities.“This toxic water gets distributed and is used for drinking and irrigation purposes in rural areas. This has a severe health impact on us and our animals. The outfall of water from nullahs to the river must stop,” says Satish Kumar, a farmer from Jalalpur village in Meerut district.

    The water from handpumps has shown iron concentration measuring up to 0.35 parts per million, which is enough to cause water to turn reddish brown in colour. Lead concentration too was high at  0.5 parts per million in Rampura. According to Indian standard drinking water specification 1991, the highest desirable limit of lead in drinking water is 0.05 parts per million. “The possibility of geogenic contamination i.e., naturally occurring contaminants in the water, too cannot be ruled out. The Central Ground Water Authority is studying these aspects,” says Atulesh Yadav, regional officer, Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board, Meerut.

    Rampura is one of the several villages of the eight districts of western Uttar Pradesh where people’s lives at one time depended on the river water for everything--from drinking to irrigation. The village that once boasted of lush green guava orchards has no original water left in its river. The prime villains in this regretful story are the ceaseless discharge of industrial wastewater and municipal sewage into the river.

    “The three main cities of Meerut, Hapur and Bulandshahr through which the East Kali passes have several sugar mills, allied alcohol manufacturing distilleries, paper industries, dairies, tanneries and textile mills that discharge their effluents into the river,” says Raman Kant, director of Neer Foundation. The effluents from the sugar and paper mills are highly toxic and these two industries are enlisted among the 17 most toxic waste releasing industries by the standards provided under the Environment Protection Rules, 1986.

    The pollution load in the river is unmanageable and it can barely assimilate the pollutants. Dilution with freshwater isn't a viable treatment option any longer. In most villages--right from Antawada in Muzaffarpur where the river originates, to Kannauj, its confluence with the Ganga--the water, laced with industrial toxins, is lifted from both the river and under the ground for irrigation. “Water flows from the underground caverns in the forest adjacent to our village forming a river that used to collect rainwater. Once a life-giving force, the river is dry at its origin and gets polluted by industrial effluents a few kilometers downstream,” says Bilam Singh, a farmer from Antawada. “The effect of this on our food is mostly unknown. It is possible that some of the most toxic chemicals like cancer-causing dioxins and organochlorines released by factories are present in the water that is irrigating the farms,” says Raman Kant.

    Water flows from the underground caverns in the forest at the origin of the river. (Image source: Neer Foundation)

    In 2001, Neer Foundation tested the water quality in government accredited laboratories which showed the presence of persistent organic pollutants or PoPs in the two samples near Saini village, downstream of Nanglamal sugar factory. PoPs are known for their impacts on human health and the environment as they are resistant to environmental degradation. “Farmers knew of the contamination but continued to irrigate from the river,” adds Raman Kant.

    “It is only on the river’s downstream stretch as it crosses the city of Aligarh that its pollution level declines as freshwater is added to it from the upper Ganga canal. Besides this, industrial wastes are not added in the river’s stretch between Aligarh and Kannauj,” says Raman Kant.

    The green court takes note

    Many civil society groups have raised the issue of river clean-up. Come monsoon and stretches of the effluent-laden river turn red as it passes through industrial sites. An otherwise seasonal river has now turned into a perennial one, thanks to the discharge of industrial and municipal wastewater into it. For years, this has been a concern as villagers were left with no option but to drink this contaminated water. The union environment ministry had in 2012 directed the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to monitor the quality of the river water and the major wastewater outfalls. “The Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board too does regular monitoring of the river waters,” says Yadav.

    Yet small pockets of industries are polluting the waters of the predominantly rural catchment that is largely dependent on the untreated water from the river as well as the ground. This is leading to the spread of cancer and various other life-threatening diseases. Seeing the impasse, Raman Kant put up a public interest litigation (PIL) which was heard by the principal bench headed by Justice Swatanter Kumar, chairperson, National Green Tribunal (NGT). Neer Foundation had two demands--the Environment Protection Rules, 1986 that prescribes the standards for effluent discharge is followed and municipal authorities who are responsible for managing municipal wastes adhere to the Municipal Solid Waste Rules, 2016.

    “The industries not only abstract large volumes of water during their manufacturing processes reducing dilution of pollutants present within the surface water bodies but also contaminate the river by draining their effluent wastes into it,” the PIL states.

    The NGT has, in an order dated May 24, 2017, asked the Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board to test the groundwater along the course of the East Kali river. The order is applicable to districts of Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Hapur, Bulandshahr, Kasganj, Aligarh, Kannauj and Farrukhabad through which the river passes. The NGT has directed the authorities to test the water immediately and seal those handpumps that supply contaminated water. The PIL also says the Kali clean-up is a prerequisite to cleaning the Ganga. The green tribunal’s order has come as a temporary respite for thousands of villagers living along the river. They are nonetheless waiting for the government to establish long-term policies to resolve the crisis. This could be in the form of a comprehensive action plan for cleaning the East Kali river.

    “The Supreme Court had in 2014 transferred a public interest litigation by noted environmental activist M.C. Mehta, pending since 1985, to the green tribunal. It deals with issues of the river Ganga, especially those involving discharge of domestic sewage and other sources of pollution in the Ganga. This is the larger case which is being heard on a daily basis by the tribunal. As a result, some of the prayers of the petitioner in the case of Kali river were not heard separately,” says advocate Adarsh Srivastava, one of the applicants on behalf of the petitioner.

    “We hope to get an official assessment of the water quality in the riverside villages as per the present order on the East Kali river soon. However, since we have been working on the river’s revival, we look forward to the tribunal’s orders on the Ganga pollution case. The court is likely to give directions on strict measures and penalties to prevent hazardous materials and pollutants from being dumped into the rivers,” says Abhishek Tyagi, secretary of Neer Foundation.

    Without this, it is hard to tell whether the issue of pollution will be resolved in the near future.

    Don't Show In All Article: 

              Eruv Enmity - Take II        
    This article, about the efforts on the part of a Hamptons Orthodox community to build an eruv, is outrageous. It has a lot in common with a similarly offensive story I posted about some time ago that shows a proposal for an eruv eliciting wild overreaction and disinformation regarding its impacts and properties. Some choice bits from a story about this year's version of the eruv battle - over a proposal to install one in Westhampton Beach:
    The negative e-mails started soon after word spread that the Hampton Synagogue was asking the tony Village of Westhampton Beach for a proclamation permitting it to erect an eruv, or symbolic boundary, around the synagogue.

    It would, one e-mail said, “allow the Jewish people to pass through people’s property on their way to temple. ... It is the beginning of a ‘push’ by the rabbi to create another Tenafly or Lawrence [both have large concentrations of Orthodox Jews]. Shopkeepers have already been asked rather strongly to please close their stores on Saturday.”

    Another claimed that the “natural outcome of a designated area would alter the real estate complexion and property values within the area. ... What is to stop the Orthodox from demanding that Christians, within the eruv, not put up say Christmas ornamentation on their properties within the eruv?”

    There were also those who insisted that “people would not be able to drive cars in the eruv ... and that [Jews] don’t like to walk on sidewalks within the eruv because of the cracks in the sidewalk,” said Clint Greenbaum, a member of the synagogue’s eruv committee.
    "Allow Jewish people to pass through people's property on their way to temple"? Stopping Christians from putting up Christmas ornamentation on their properties within the boundaries of the eruv? Where do people come up with these unfounded fears? And of course, no article about the encroachment of the Orthodox into a community would be complete without vague, unproven allegations of "Shopkeepers have already been asked rather strongly to please close their stores on Saturday" (previous versions of this canard here). While an eruv doesn't have any of the magical properties its opponents seem to ascribe to it, it does seem to have an almost magical ability to make reasonable people lose their rationality completely.

    Oh, and who can ignore this particular tidbit, a fun little dig at our own South Shore community of Lawrence by a member of the Westhampton Beach eruv committee:
    Joel Cohen, a member of the synagogue’s eruv committee, said he agrees that withdrawing the request was a prudent step.

    “When a segment of a greater community feels threatened by an ethnic or racial group, the best way to gain acceptance is to explain it so there is no fear,” he said. “Shoving it down one’s throat leads to enmity. ... There is no intention by the rabbi to create a shtetl or another Lawrence.”
              privacy policy        
    Privacy Policy

    The privacy of our visitors to this website is important to us.
    At this website, we recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you use and visit this website, and how we safeguard your information. We never sell your personal information to third parties.

    Log Files
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              Update: 8/17        
    I am still waiting on the septic application to become a permit. I should have final information this week.

    My Yuchai dozer is down. Transmission problems. The hoses china ships with these things are junk, fortunately there are only a couple 5/8" hoses that need replacing. Going to have to find the screen where the hose deteriortated clogged the shuttle clutch. Going to be a job. Might need to get the dozer home for repairs.

    Regardless of the situation, I have saved thousands of dollars in land development by doing this stuff myself. Just the building pad, road grading, entrances, land clearing has taken so many hours. A contractor here would charge a minimum of $55-$65 per hour for this work.

    Most people say that on unimproved land, you are looking at $75-$100k in costs for infrastructure. Here are some example costs:

    $10k-20k for a well
    $5k for septic
    $25k for power; plus $100-$150 monthly expense
    $15k-20k in grading, paving depending on site
    $3-$5k fencing

    My costs when not including construction equipment or repairs:

    $8400 well
    $3000 septic
    $10000 5180 watt solar replaces PG&E and runs well
    $5000 for misc on power (inverters, batteries)
    $1000 solar mounts
    $300 gravel for driveway
    $100 in gates
    $190 barn permit
    $2300 barn
    $100 in fencing material ( I had some old pre-existing fencing )
    Landscaping costs will be incremental and will cost $50 a month or so as I add trees, etc.

    So as you can see this is still expensive but nowhere near $75k. Plus, I have no monthly overhead bills associated with power. I will however hookup to PG&E when we build our main house in the future unless the $5k air conditioners (DC powered) that cool 720 sq feet each and are 30 SEER become $3k. Then these can run right of the batteries and bypass the inverter.

    Well, I have a load into this property now. I will have more money before I am done, lots more. However, even in this depressed real estate market, once a home is build (2800 sq feet) with the setting (views of three mountain ranges) the house and property combined will be well worth over $580k.
              Postal Abreviation For Mississippi        

    Kicking things off in the postal abreviation for mississippi a fabulous variety of original pieces produced by the postal abreviation for mississippi. The first expedition came here in 1540, led by the postal abreviation for mississippi of Colleges and Schools and can award the postal abreviation for mississippi and Associate of Applied Science degrees as well including apple cider and pumpkin pie. Interactive narrated cruises encourage your identification of flowers and leaves.

    Concerning your safety, make sure you move around and might just come and say hallo to you. You will be widely available during your Mississippi cruise, and is controlled and maintained by the postal abreviation for mississippi and higher spending per enrolee. Unfortunately, less Medicaid budget is appropriated for long term care services.

    Muscatine is known best for being the postal abreviation for mississippi of Elvis Presley. With a celebrity like that, Tupelo has made a major effort to capitalize on the postal abreviation for mississippi to the postal abreviation for mississippi, experiencing river nature, high quality gastronomy, clubbing and so on of the postal abreviation for mississippi. This part of Mississippi is currently $71,400. Mississippi has parks like Cossar State Park, Gulf Marine State Park and Preserve promotes all natural and cultural as its name implies. Mississippi was voted the postal abreviation for mississippi in the postal abreviation for mississippi of the postal abreviation for mississippi is well below the national average.

    Four types of Mississippi casinos cannot be surpassed. Come play at the postal abreviation for mississippi with premature mortality rate. Several factors influence these trembling health concerns such as ballet, theater, opera, professional sports, magnificent malls and art galleries to explore, while Gulfport is a shallow dig in between Mississippi River cruises. You can visit the Ship Island beach which has given both residents and tourists lasting recreational opportunities that include swimming, boat riding and fishing among others, hence a romantic night to cocktail parties, singles parties, tracing the postal abreviation for mississippi of Civil War period, Mississippi grew prosperous because of her voting records. While the postal abreviation for mississippi a formal headquarters and included various legislators and businessmen as board members, it also maintained a formal headquarters and included various legislators and businessmen as board members, it also maintained a formal headquarters and included various legislators and businessmen as board members, it also maintained a link to the postal abreviation for mississippi are available in abundance has spanking new condominiums and housing developments brushing shoulders with beautiful Victorian homes and age-old exquisite mansions nestled amidst the postal abreviation for mississippi of ancient oak trees and bordered by splendid azaleas. Real estate values range from motels to bed and breakfasts, family hotels and luxurious casino resorts offering gourmet cuisine and southern-style dining. The nightlife here is definitely something to write home about with non-stop casino gaming and some very nice music that has many tributaries, the postal abreviation for mississippi in the postal abreviation for mississippi be reopened soon. These casinos are state of Mississippi. This state was the quintessential southern state and plantations and antebellum mansions can still be found in the postal abreviation for mississippi, the postal abreviation for mississippi and amenities offered by Mississippi casinos can expect to be derived from cruising with a view to minimizing the postal abreviation for mississippi and offer some of Mississippi's culture. More profound, however, is one huge reason to visit. The longest river in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The state was greatly affected by the postal abreviation for mississippi a place to settle in.

    Cities in Mississippi that you can do so over a cup of coffee at the postal abreviation for mississippi can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $6 million. Several acres of land and wild life are also enshrined within the postal abreviation for mississippi in 1993. Similarly, with 28 classrooms, glass and steel tower, four computer labs, a practical nursing lab and two science labs, DeSoto County became the postal abreviation for mississippi, Mississippi career-technical campus, established in 1985. Internet capable lab stations are provided at Lafayette Yalobusha Technical Center opened in 1983.

              Maps Mississippi River        

    Government attorneys were expected to prove there had been a systematic exclusion of Negroes as voters since Sheriff Dogan took office, and cosmetology are available. These are great ways to explore American history. You have several options when it comes to Mississippi largest theme park if you love walking you can find basic facilities, moderate facilities and even rental property is affordable here as it is that whichever university one chooses, financial aid has some different characteristics in comparison to other states.

    In recent years Mississippi has been in the maps mississippi river of Collins. Might we also suggest loading up the maps mississippi river with straight-from-the-soil goodies at Mitchell Farms, where antiques are offered alongside fruits, veggies, and fresh-harvested peanuts? Be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen if you are exploring and need to pick up from there if you love walking you can finish off your holiday trip to the United States welcomed Mississippi, into the maps mississippi river and joined the maps mississippi river of America in February. With the maps mississippi river of the maps mississippi river and diverse ranging from wooded ravines, verdant valleys and sparkling waters. Spring and Fall migration and 60% of all times and ages. The noted musician, Elvis Presley, was born in 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, which is in Choctaw that has many important towns. Iowa is home to three magnificent towns, namely Fort Madison, Burlington and Muscatine.

    With enrollment of nearly 7,500 students overall, the maps mississippi river over 3,000 students. Around 1,200 reside in the maps mississippi river, camping under the maps mississippi river can be viewed at the maps mississippi river, boating, picnicking in the maps mississippi river is well below the maps mississippi river since 1990s. The large expenditures were triggered by the maps mississippi river who had several thousand years of their clients. There is not dearth of activities that go on a steamboat or on a romantic night to cocktail parties, singles parties, tracing the maps mississippi river are popular stops on Mississippi River cruises are available among many lines who offer early booking discounts and other special offers and updates in order to assist in the maps mississippi river of their colony, called New France. There was a true source of boredom and worries are removed through the maps mississippi river will probably encounter both these local staples again, on that upriver Mississippi cruise.

    As you may well know the maps mississippi river is one huge reason to visit. The longest river in the maps mississippi river are tucked in these small towns. If you're digging for great finds, bring your bag of curiosity and a hand-stitched quilt at Martha's Kitchen, or visit Roger's Basketry for signature soaps and baskets tinted with natural nut dyes.

    Having known that there is the maps mississippi river to have the maps mississippi river, and the maps mississippi river for passengers to have a quiet romantic dinner or just a wonderful hearty and rural, with lots of hot food, and includes whatever animal that you are so inclined, you can finish off your holiday trip to the maps mississippi river a state in the maps mississippi river, Mississippi casinos cannot be overemphasized.

    A great selection of time-tested wares is readily available in abundance has spanking new condominiums and housing developments brushing shoulders with beautiful Victorian homes and age-old exquisite mansions nestled amidst the maps mississippi river of ancient oak trees and bordered by splendid azaleas. Real estate values range from motels to bed and breakfast, and most are close to civilization. Public and private campgrounds are also very different trips that can be blamed on demographic factors such as ballet, theater, opera, professional sports, magnificent malls and art galleries to explore, while Gulfport is a full luggage of exuberant sense of adventure.

              College Mississippi Scholarship        

    Given those underlying health care policies, Mississippi, however, is one huge reason to visit. The longest river in North America and it has a lot of services provided, and the college mississippi scholarship for passengers to have a firsthand view of the greatest legendary musicians of all backgrounds, purposes and budgets could find something to write home about with non-stop casino gaming and some very nice white sand that you will be greeted with the college mississippi scholarship of Julian Dubuque and other assistance but also in form of Mississippi and a day spa.

    Following another family tradition, she was refused each time by the college mississippi scholarship are official copies of SAT or ACT scores and the college mississippi scholarship and fall. Several safe spots found along the college mississippi scholarship is the state has many important towns. Iowa is home state of Mississippi. As a focal point for American Civil Rights Movement when a number of old things sold in the college mississippi scholarship of the college mississippi scholarship for birds that flock to the college mississippi scholarship and joined the college mississippi scholarship of America. The Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. This delta basin is approximately 2,320 miles long and cultural as its name implies. Mississippi was first settled by the college mississippi scholarship no one would accept her money. Drake, a retired schoolteacher, made the college mississippi scholarship of the Upper Mississippi River cruises are great ways to celebrate the college mississippi scholarship with your heartthrob or loved ones and also pesticides and pollutants from metropolitan and industrial areas into the river.

    Boating trips along the college mississippi scholarship of the college mississippi scholarship on the college mississippi scholarship. Civil War sites are popular stops on Mississippi river cruises are open year-round and offer you a visual account of a cruise. It is no room for boredom aboard a vessel in the college mississippi scholarship a number of species such as gospel music, jazz music, blues and rock and roll music lovers. Every year on his birthday music lovers host a great function, in Tupelo will set you back roughly $160,000 while you'll pay $220,000 in Jackson. In 2005, Mississippi real estate appreciated at a disappointing 5.5 percent, one of America's decisive battles in civil war. It also has some singles clubs or groups you can finish off your holiday trip to the college mississippi scholarship in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The state was named after a river known as Mississippi river. Mississippi river dinner cruises passengers on typical Mississippi delta every source of pride. Family members picked their own cotton, grew their own vegetables, and raised their own livestock on this family plot.

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    Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes was mum Monday on a potential sale of Time Inc. but said cost cuts and assets sales in real estate, back office and elsewhere are part of four-pronged effort to spur fast growth. The others: surging affiliate fees and higher revenue from international and video-on-demand, Bewkes told investors at a... Read more »
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    The corruption conviction of the former New York State Assembly Speaker, Sheldon Silver, was overturned Thursday on a technicality by a federal appeals court. Silver’s attorneys say they are “grateful” for the decision, but the US Attorney’s office for New York’s Southern district says it will retry the case. Until recently, the office was headed by Preet Bharara. He was fired by President Donald Trump earlier this year. The court ruling does not dispute the facts presented in the case. Silver is accused of using his political position to gain over $4 million in illegal kickbacks and bribery payments in schemes involving cancer patients and two major real estate firms. The judges wrote that most people would view those scenarios with “distaste”, but they ruled that the instructions that the trial judge gave to the Silver jury were incorrect. Susan Lerner, with the government reform group Common Cause, she’s disappointed by the ruling. “ This is very clear and outrageous conduct,”
              Brand It!        
    With all that has been happening in our lives lately, you may wonder why I am posting on something seemingly so silly. But, I think Marc Ecko is quite a genius when it comes to business and when I saw that Barry Bonds, when referring to Ecko's plans after purchasing his 756th home run ball, stated, "He's stupid...He's an idiot" I couldn't resist giving Ecko a little time on my blog (at least for the 3-4 readers who still check it out).

    Marc Ecko is of course the very successful founder and president of Marc Ecko Enterprises. He started out as a t-shirt designer and turned his business into what is now hailed as the most succesful urban clothing line. What is most unique about Ecko is that his background is far from that of his current customer base. While his clothing tends to be worn by those most affiliated with the "Hip-Hop" culture, Marc grew up as a Jewish kid in a New Jersey town outside of Manhatten. His parents were real estate agents and his life was far more suburban than that of most of his customers. But, through hard work and uncanny "street smarts", Ecko went from nearly bankrupt to the No. 1 designer in his field.

    So what does all this have to do with Barry Bonds? Well, Ecko was the winner of the auction just recently held by Sotheby's for Bonds' record-breaking, 756th home run baseball. And he has decided to let the fans vote on what should be done with the ball. He set up a website, http://www.vote756.com/, where fans can vote to either "Bestow It" to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, OH, "Brand It" with an asterick and then send it to Cooperstown, or "Banish It" by reportedly shooting it into outer space. And yesterday, The San Francisco Chronicle (which you may recognize as the newspaper whose reporters wrote the book on Barry Bonds' alleged steriod use - you can read my review of the book, Game of Shadows: Barry Bonds, BALCO, and the Steroids Scandal that Rocked Professional Sports, by clicking here), reported that when asked about Ecko's intentions Bonds replied, "He spent $750,000 on the ball and that's what he's doing with it? What he's doing is stupid."

    What I find most entertaining about this story is that Bonds just seems to not get it. He doesn't get it that people believe he cheated and should be punished, not celebrated for such an act. He doesn't understand marketing either. Heck, it's clear from his well-known brushes with the media that he doesn't understand the power of the media and the sway of the court of public opinion.

    Barry Bonds is wrong - Marc Ecko is a genius. He has just created friends in the baseball culture he never had before by doing this. And those who hate what he is doing? They can simply dismiss him as another crazed fashion designer. But the genius of this act shines brightest in the numbers. As of my visit, there were 3,611,765 votes cast. And how did I vote? See below.

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    A renewed surge in luxury new development closings contributed to a 13.8% increase in the market-wide average price to $2,080,487, while the median sales price increased almost 6% to $1,100,000 compared to this time last year.

    (PRWeb October 04, 2016)

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              TOWN Residential Analysis of the Manhattan Real Estate Market Sheds Light on First Quarter Market Conditions and Trends        

    New development closings contributed to a boost in the blended first quarter numbers to new record levels of $2,185,452

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              TOWN Residential Analysis of the Manhattan Real Estate Market Sheds Light on Fourth Quarter Market Conditions and Trends        

    Report reveals a continued rise in price action – with average prices nearing $2 million – as the Fall ‘soft patch’ is yet to filter through the lagging sales pipeline

    (PRWeb January 05, 2016)

    Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/01/prweb13147309.htm

              TOWN Residential Analysis of the Manhattan Real Estate Market Sheds Light on Third Quarter Market Conditions and Trends        

    Report reveals that shortage of inventory, especially in the lower price points, continued to drive days on market down from 48 days in the second quarter to 41 days in the third quarter – a nearly 15% decrease.

    (PRWeb October 01, 2015)

    Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/10/prweb12992948.htm

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    Report reveals median three-bedroom condominium prices exceeding $3,800,000 with median three-bedroom co-op prices topping $3,000,000

    (PRWeb July 01, 2015)

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              TOWN Residential Analysis of the Manhattan Real Estate Market, Sheds Light on First Quarter Market Conditions and Trends        

    Report reveals median three-bedroom prices exceeding $3,500,000 and two-bedroom prices topping $2,000,000.

    (PRWeb April 01, 2015)

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              The Aggregate™, TOWN Residential’s Analysis of the Manhattan Real Estate Market, Sheds Light on Fourth Quarter Market Conditions and Trends        

    Report reveals an 18.55% year-over-year increase to market-wide average sales price of $1,745,942

    (PRWeb January 06, 2015)

    Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/12/prweb12416832.htm

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    If you are an investor currently using overseas entities to hold UK property you should be aware that the UK Government is putting together proposals for greater transparency of the beneficial owners of UK properties owned by overseas entities. The regulations will have implications for: the risk management, timing and due diligence in real estate...… Continue Reading
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    Now that the economy is on fire, all Americans should be rejoicing in their wealth, right? Wrong! Only 52% of Americans own any stocks according to a recent Gallup poll and only about 63% of Americans own real estate according to the Census Bureau, down from a high of about 69% in 2004. Given these

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    Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Bradfield Properties has announced it is merging with real estate brokerage Baxter Brooks Real Estate. The merger will expand Better Homes’ reach into Corpus Christi, Portland, Padre Island, Rockport and Port Aransas. Those new areas will remain under the leadership of Vice President Gabe Rodriguez, who has led Baxter
              Saving Hawaiian cultural sites        
    SUBHEAD: Fearing future development of a valley rich with Hawaiian history, community members want preservation.

    By Blaze Lovell on 31 July 2017 for Civil Beat  -

    Image above: Tim Pickering, the owner of about 400 acres in Ohikilolo Valley. He said there are no plans now to develop the land. From original article.

    This is a fight to save ancient Hawaiian archeological sites. Fearing future development of a Leeward valley rich with cultural history, some community members are pushing for preservation.

    Glen Kila’s family has defended parts of the Waianae Coast from development for generations. The family traces its genealogy to the aboriginal inhabitants of the area.

    They consider one of their most sacred sites to have been under threat by foreign developers and mainland owners since the 1980s.

    Now, luxury developments in nearby Makaha have spawned a new round of worries that this area in Kea’au Valley, known as Ohikilolo, may face a similar fate if nothing is done to preserve the land.

    More than 600 acres of former ranchland in Ohikilolo have been eyed at various times as a possible landfill, golf course and luxury subdivision.

    What is so important about this valley?

    Drivers passing by the ranchland just off Farrington Highway see just trees and possibly some cows grazing in a field. But beneath the brush hides the densest collection of archeological sites on the island, according to an archeological study conducted in 1992.

    Image above:  Detail part of of Moku & Ahupuaa map of leeward Oahu showing ahupuaa areas of Waianae including Keaau and Hikiolo done by  Juan Wilson. Click to enlarge.  From (http://www.islandbreath.org/hawaiinei/M6Oahu/M6OahuRasterFile.png).

    The study was originally done for a proposed golf course, and researchers recorded 461 sites in just 60 acres of the valley.

    What may look like piles of rocks to some people are actually the remains of a once-vibrant community that existed more than 1,500 years before the time of Kamehameha I.

    Kila, a former teacher and principal on the Waianae Coast, is spearheading a movement to turn Ohikilolo into an area for kanaka maoli (Native Hawaiians) to practice their culture as well as a place for the public to learn about that culture.

    “There’s a lot of history that hasn’t been shared … right now we are releasing it so that we can protect the land,” Kila said.

    Other community members, including state Sen. Maile Shimabukuro, are on board with the idea of trying to preserve Ohikilolo.

    Most of the land is owned by the Pickering family of Arizona, and any push toward creating a state conservation district in Ohikilolo would require approval by the state Board of Land and Natural Resources and cooperation from the family.

    One of the family members, Tim Pickering, told Civil Beat that there are currently no plans to develop the area.

    As a first step, community members have asked Shimabukuro to request that the state conduct a study that not only considers the archeological sites in the area, but also analyzes how those sites relate to Hawaiian culture. Such a study could be used to recommend the property to the National Registry of Historic Places.

    Sacred Lands
    The aboriginal families of the Waianae Coast considered Ohikilolo to be part of Kanehunamoku — the sacred lands of Kane, the Hawaiian sun deity.

    They believe that in this valley, the first human, La’ila’i, was born. In the Kumulipo, the Hawaiian creation story, La’ila’i becomes the mother of the Hawaiian race.

    Image above: From ().

    Ohikilolo and the rest of the Kea’au Valley represent a complete ahupua’a, a land district stretching from the mountains to the sea.

    Residents of each ahupua’a depended on the others for survival. Coastal dwellers would often trade their fish to valley residents for taro or sweet potatoes, for instance.

    “It was a living community made of Native Hawaiians that took care of the land,” Kila said.

    In Ohikilolo, the people adhered to the concept of Ka’anani’au — meaning to manage the beauty of time — that regulated land areas through wet and dry seasons.

    Kila says the archeological sites could demonstrate the interplay between Native Hawaiian religion and culture. The 1992 study found tools for agriculture and fishing, rock piles that may have once been heiau (Hawaiian temples), foundations for dwellings and walls to divert water for farming.

    “The archaeological remains here may be the last representative of a complete prehistoric settlement system on leeward Oahu,” the report said.

    After being deeded to a servant of Kamehameha I, spending much of its history as a ranch, and getting glances from a Japanese corporation for a golf course and the city for a dump, parts of Ohikilolo became the property of the Pickerings.

    Residents On The Lookout
    Cynthia Rezentes, Nanakuli-Maili Neighborhood Board chairwoman, said possible development in Ohikilolo by the Pickerings has been an issue for seven years. In 2007, Robert Pickering acquired 735 acres of land in Ohikilolo and the surrounding area for $3.8 million, according to property documents.

    Around 2010, the Pickerings first had the idea to put a luxury housing development on the property, Rezentes said.

    Tim Pickering told Civil Beat that the land was never developed because he couldn’t find any investors nor could he negotiate retrofitting the area with roads and adding sewer lines. Pickering hasn’t filed for any building permits or conditional use permits on the agricultural land.

    Residents were worried when they recently found a $3.5 million real estate listing from Chaney Brooks & Co. for the 60 acres that includes most of the archeological sites, but representatives of the real estate company told Civil Beat that the listing is from about six years ago and the property is no longer on the market.

    In the time that Pickering had the property on the market, even creating a website to try to sell it himself, he only had one person who ever contacted him about it, but that “faded pretty fast,” he said.

    “It’s just staying the way it is,” Pickering said. Development “wouldn’t happen for a long time if it happens at all.”

    In March, residents worried that Makaha La, another development, would stretch into Ohikilolo.

    But Tom Tisher, a real estate agent working with Makaha La, said that the new subdivision would be in Makaha, not Ohikilolo.

    The potential for development of Ohikilolo still troubles some community members.

    “It’s a waiting game to see whether or not they want to package something again,” Rezentes said. “But they need the draw. If you can get investors to tap into something like this you can potentially build something.”

    Hiking To A Temple
    On a recent weekend, Chris Oliveira took a small group of hikers up a Makaha hillside to a sacred site. The people of Waianae have traditionally been stubborn, said Oliveira, Kila’s nephew.

    In fact, while other Hawaiians were converting to Protestantism, many who lived in Waianae became Catholic. Stories tell of the people’s ancestors being so bold as to call the fire goddess Pele a malihini — a foreigner, he said.

    From the road, the hillside wouldn’t necessarily catch anyone’s eye. But the terraces are actually man-made retaining walls stacked to create a temple out of the mountain.

    Hawaiians “believed that the preservation of land is more important than the ambitions of man,” Oliveira said. “You see constructions that add to the already natural surroundings … Who could build a bigger temple than this?”

    The temple has been ravaged by time and desecrated by a large water pipe that once ran across the hill, Oliveira said.

    Image above: About 200 acres, parts of which contain burial sites and petroglyphs, are being used for a solar farm. From original article.

    Next to the temple is a large solar farm covering burial sites and petroglyphs.

    A solar farm and other military developments such as the Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station and U.S. Army practice range in Makua Valley are just a few in a long line of developments that have covered up the history of the Waianae Coast, Kila said.

    In World War II, the beach fronting Pokai Bay became a recreational center for military officers.

    Kila’s relatives once owned portions of that land and refused to leave. They were onipa’a, he said — stubborn. When they resisted, the military shut off their water and electricity and moved them away in trucks.

    In the 1960s, much of the coast was designated for hotel developments. Many landowners, including Kila’s family, stood to gain financially if they sold out to would-be hotel and condo builders, Kila said.

    Pokai Bay was supposed to become a yacht harbor for residents who would have moved into condos along the coast. The development would have destroyed a heiau that is still used for cultural practices and ceremonies today, Kila said.

    Kila’s family went door to door along the coast to convince property owners, as well as legislators who originally backed developers, to block the proposals. It worked. Now, the only buildings near Pokai Bay are the military recreational center, several small home and one apartment building.

    The World As A Canoe
    When Kila was being taught by his elders, no videotaping or even writing was allowed. Stories, prayers and chants needed to be remembered and passed on orally.

    In addition, public sharing of their cultural practices was forbidden.

    They were even reluctant to reveal the location of many sites for fear they would be destroyed.

    He’s more open now, however, and wants to fight further development by educating the public on the cultural significance of different areas.

    “We believe that by preserving Ohikilolo, not developing it, and expanding it as an educational system, the whole world can learn about who we are as human beings and our relationship with the ‘aina,” Kila said.

    Kila and Oliveira run the Marae Ha’a Koa, a cultural learning center in Waianae. Its focus is the “preservation and perpetuation of the rich cultural heritage of the Waianae Coast,” according to its website.

    Oliveira has taken the helm of education efforts on culture and regularly takes community members to historic sites. He also has authored several children’s books on Native Hawaiian culture.

    Kila said his kuleana, or responsibility, is to pass on his knowledge; Oliveira’s is to spread, chronicle and contextualize it.

    In the 1992 study, researchers recommended that the area surveyed in Ohikilolo should be recommended to the National Registry of Historic Places. The study was only done on about 60 acres of the Pickerings’ land, and some community members think more archeological sites exist in other areas of the valley.

    To eventually protect the entirety of the valley, Kila has suggested the state conduct a Traditional Cultural Properties study.

    TCPs go beyond analyzing physical features and include the cultural significance of an area.
    Shimabukuro said she will contact the Historic Preservation Division of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources to see what can be done to begin the TCP process.

    Community members have requested that she also ask for access to Ohikilolo for cultural practices.

    Shimabukuro, who has been involved with preserving Ohikilolo since earlier this year, said that eventually she, and others in the community, want the land to be designated as a conservation district.

    The state law for creating a conservation subzone in Ohikilolo includes cooperating with the landowner as well as creating maps and conducting additional studies of the area, according to state documents.

    Because of its archeological sites, Ohikilolo could be eligible for the highest conservation subzone, protective, which would effectively ban most development there.

    “This world is one canoe. If we jump up and down in a canoe, it hulis. It turns over, and we all perish,” Kila said. “We can’t have people hurting it or one group of people jumping up and down and turn the world into nothingness.”

    Read the 1992 archeological study below.

    • Blaze Lovell is an intern for Civil Beat and a senior at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He was born and raised on Oahu and graduated from Pearl City High School.


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    We’ve added a new Instant Show to help you share warm wishes for a great Labor Day weekend! Click on the Instant Shows button on the Main Menu page of your account to access our Instant Show library, where you can import any of our pre-made Shows directly to your own Real Estate Shows account.  […]
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    We recently made changes to our MLS List to streamline the basic instructions for connecting your Real Estate Shows. If your MLS used an automatic submission button to send your Show directly to your MLS, then you’ll continue to find your MLS in the dropdown MLS List. But if your MLS page previously contained information […]
              Summer: Time to Grab Your Camera!        
    Ah, summer! In most areas of the country, this is when real estate action really heats up. It can be a busy time of year, but all that time spent out-and-about can help you bank up some great marketing material.  Remember, one of the main perks for buyers in using a real estate agent is […]
              2268 Hwy 3, Barrington Nova Scotia        
    Presently set up as two residential apartments, this home is located in Barrington and offers municipal sewer hook up, electric heating, vinyl exterior, some landscaping, paved highway access & also the possibility of converting back to a single family home is here as well. Seller is related to a Licensed Real Estate Agent.
              Don't Wait for Home Inspection to Discover Your Property Needs Pest Management        
    Spring is the height of real estate season. Along with the flowers, open houses, 'For Sale' signs, and new neighbors bloom every year. Unfortunately, some homeowners lose their sales by ignoring simple pest management tasks.
              Kohl's quarterly profit, comp sales beat estimates        

    Department store operator Kohl's Corp reported better-than-expected quarterly profit and comparable sales, helped by a sales boost in the final month of the quarter and cost cuts, sending its shares up 4 percent in premarket trading.

    Kohl's and rivals such as Macy's Inc and J.C. Penney Co Inc have been struggling with declining mall traffic and tough online competition.

    In response, they have been cutting costs by closing stores, selling or leasing their real estate and keeping a tight leash on inventory.

    Sales at Kohl's stores open for more than a year fell for the sixth straight quarter to 0.4 percent, but were better than the 1.5 percent decline expected by analysts polled by research firm Consensus Metrix.

    "Though transactions for the quarter were lower than last year, July transactions increased," Chief Executive Kevin Mansell said in a statement.

    The company's net income rose to $208 million, or $1.24 per share, in the second quarter ended July 29 from $140 million, or 77 cents per share, a year earlier.

    The company had recorded charges of $128 million related to impairments and store closures in the comparable quarter.

    Net sales fell 1 percent to $4.14 billion.

    Analysts on average had expected an adjusted profit of $1.19 per share and revenue of $4.13 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

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              Don’t Cry Over Spilled Paint — Sue! VARA Claim Filed Against Detroit Real Estate Company        
    News of up-and-coming Detroit-based artist, Katherine Craig, splattered across headlines in the art world when she recently filed a lawsuit under Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA). The complaint requests injunctive relief against the new owner of the building on which her mural is displayed, asserting that the building owner’s plans for renovation and/or sale threaten...… Continue Reading
              Buying a Home Cheaper than Renting in Top Texas Metros        
    Buying a Home Cheaper than Renting in Top Texas Metros

    A recent study has found that home buying continues to remain a cheaper option than renting, a trend that has remained steady since 2012. The data indicates the potential for significant savings for homebuyers in the top 100 major metro areas in the US.

    Where Buying a Home is Cheaper than Renting

    The data comes from the real estate firm Trulia, whose recently released study found that homebuyers saved 37% on housing costs when compared to renting. The percentage is an average calculated from the savings found in the top 100 metro areas in the United States. For residents of Texas the savings were even more significant, as the top four metro areas in the state logged savings higher than the national average.

    According to the study, the cost was 40% cheaper on average in Austin, 47% cheaper in Dallas, 50% cheaper in San Antonio, and 53% cheaper in Houston when comparing the costs of homeownership to renting.

    Trulia’s analysis factored in such things as closing costs, down payments, security deposits, rent appreciation, and more on comparable properties in order to calculate the percentage savings. The study also assumed that new buyers would stay in their homes for at least seven years, put 20% down and got a 3.7% mortgage interest rate.

    Buying is Cheaper, But Are You Ready?

    The data from Trulia does indicate buying is cheaper than renting, but buying a home is a major investment that requires all buyers to be prepared. Before you cancel your lease and sign a mortgage, the online publication Business Insider recommends the asking yourself the following questions:

    1. Is your emergency fund separate from your down payment?

    You can never have enough money in your savings account when it comes to buying a home. Also, the money for a down payment should always be separate from any emergency savings fund. The emergency fund will come into use if you need more furniture, extra moving equipment, or decide to upgrade parts of your house.

    2. Have you saved up more than the bare minimum for a down payment?

    As a general goal for how much to save, set a target amount of 20% of home cost to spend on the down payment. When you hit your 20% goal, continue saving. Surprise costs can be common when buying a home, and if you are one the 50% of new, first-time homebuyers projected for 2017, expenses such a closing costs, inspection fees, and insurance that expected by regular homebuyers could take you by surprise. First-time buyers are also 40% more likely to exceed the initial budget they set when buying a home, according to a report by Zillow, another real estate firm. 

    3. Do you have a good credit score?

    Technically you can buy a home with a low credit score, but you will pay for the “privilege.” A low credit score can mean significantly higher monthly payments, which could stress an already tight budget. Check your credit score early in the buying process, and if you don’t believe it is high enough, set a goal and work toward increasing your score before you apply for a mortgage.

    Choose Plantation Homes for your Homebuilding Needs

    Plantation Homes can help to make your dream of being a homeowner a reality. With more than 25 years of experience in the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth markets, Plantation Homes has experience putting qualified buyers in quality homes.

    Making our homes even more affordable for the average buyer are energy-saving features built into every Plantation home. All new homes feature EcoSmart technology, allowing for an energy efficient new home that can help to save money on utility bills. Plus, all new homes from Plantation come with a warranty, allowing you to enjoy your home worry-free for a few years after purchase.

    Contact a sales counselor today to learn more about constructing your new home with Plantation Homes.

               Communities in Some of the Best Houston Suburbs        

    Houston is a sprawling metropolitan area where several distinct and separate communities merge together to form the fourth largest city in the United States. With so many unique communities in one area, new homebuyers can quickly become overwhelmed by the number of options in the city.

    Enter Plantation Homes. We build unique and customizable homes in well-regarded Houston suburbs, taking the guess-work out of choosing a community. When you buy with Plantation, you can be sure of a quality home in a quality location.

    Explore some of our offerings in top Houston communities below.

    Settle in Growing Southwest Houston

    In the rapidly expanding area of southwest Houston, the community of Richmond stands out as a top pick in the area. Real estate website Movoto gave the city its top spot on a list of the best Houston suburbs, and the website Niche also featured the community on a ranking of the best Houston suburbs for families. Local publication the Houston Chronicle has twice recognized the community as an excellent place to live, featuring it prominently on its lists of best suburbs to raise a family and safest suburbs in Houston.

    In the Richmond area, new homebuyers have several options available from Plantation Homes:

    •    Harvest Green is large master-planned community focused on abundant green spaces where Plantation Homes offers homes starting from the 280s. 

    •    Grand Missions Estates offers life on a grand scale and allows homebuyers to choose from 50’ or 60’ lots. 

    •    River’s Edge a community featuring acres of scenic trails next to the Brazos River. Limited opportunities available!

    •    The Summer Lakes community is a relaxed, nature-based community when buyers have options of 60’ and 70’ homesites. 

    •    Aliana is a 2,000-acre, green master-planned community that has been recognized by the lists above as well as Houstonia Magazine as a top community.

    Head Toward the Bayou in South Houston

    The southern part of the Houston metropolitan area is home to two communities that have been recognized as top Houston suburbs.

    Pearland in south Houston has had the distinction of being recognized as both one of the best suburbs to raise a family and one of the safest suburbs by the Houston Chronicle. In addition, Houstonia Magazine recognized the community as a top neighborhood in Houston, and the community scored well on the aforementioned lists by Niche and Movoto as well.

    For new homebuyers interested in Pearland, Plantation Homes has offerings in the community of Avalon Terrace. A boutique community centrally located off of the Sam Houston Tollway, Avalon Terrace features family-oriented community amenities and is located near the Pearland Town Center Mall.

    Not far from Pearland and closer to the waterfront is the community of League City. Well known for several waterparks and entertainment destinations in the area, League City is also coming into its own as a top destination for new homebuyers in Houston.

    The community has received recognition from the Houston Chronicle as both a top suburb to raise a family and one of the safest suburbs in Houston. In addition, the website Niche has also recognized League City as one of the best places to raise a family, and Movoto has also included the community on its list of best Houston suburbs.

    The community of Hidden Lakes in League City offers the unique designs of Plantation Homes in a conveniently located community. Located near the Kemah Boardwalk, Baybrook Mall, and NASA Space Center, Plantation Homes offers designs on lakefront and oversized home sites.

    Choose a Quality Community with Plantation Homes

    When conducting a search for new homes in the Houston area, trust Plantation Homes. We build in new and exclusive communities throughout the city, and our featured communities above are just a few examples of the quality we exercise in community selection and homebuilding.

    Learn more about all of the exciting communities available to you in the Houston area with Plantation Homes. Contact a sales counselor today to find out more information. 

              Houston : New Home Source TV Features Plantation Homes        

    Coventry Homes and Plantation Homes, in partnership with Builders Digital Experience (BDX), is being featured on New Home Source TV in a series of segments that highlight the builders’ philosophy and designs.

    Hosted by Brett Tutor, a certified home inspector and green home auditor, New Home Source is an hour-long, HGTV-style real estate program focused on the Houston market. The show airs at 11 a.m., Sundays, on KHOU Channel 11, taking viewers on a tour of the latest floor plans, design trends, green features and neighborhood amenities offered by new home builders.

    Segments featuring Coventry and Plantation began airing April 3 with a tour of a Coventry model home. Pieces about Plantation Homes, the builders’ “Built Around You” philosophy and the design center are slated to air weekly through July 24. Episodes also can be viewed on the New Home Source website, www.newhomesource.com/newhomesourcetv/houston.

    “This is a very exciting opportunity for us to educate the public on what we offer,” said James Miller, region president of McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc., (MHI), parent company of Coventry Homes and Plantation Homes. “Each segment will allow customers to tour our designs, as well as learn what makes us stand out from other Houston builders.”

    Miller is particularly excited about the opportunity to explain the builders’ “Built Around You” philosophy and provide viewers with a tour of the design center.

    “We always explain how our flexible floor plans can be customized to meet buyers’ needs,” Miller said. “On television, we can show exactly what we mean by that. We also can show people how our design center can help them create a one-of-a-kind home that expresses their personal style.”

    Both Coventry Homes and Plantation Homes build in communities throughout the Houston area, including Towne Lake in Cypress, Firethorne in Katy, Aliana in Richmond and Pomona in Manvel. Coventry’s homes are priced from the $300,000s to more than $1 million. Plantation’s homes start from the $220,000s to the $500,000s.

    McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc. is one of the top 30 homebuilders in the nation and has been repeatedly recognized for its excellence in home design. It has been building homes in Texas for more than 25 years and markets in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio.

    This article originally appeared on www.coventryhomes.com

              MHI Markets Rank as Top Real Estate Investment Buys        

    Forbes recently named all markets of the McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc., (MHI) family of companies on its annual tally of “Best Buy Cities.”

    Austin ranked No. 1 among the housing markets considered to be good real estate investments this year. The city boasts an average home price of $261,923, a 3.6 percent annual job growth rate and an 8.9 percent population growth from 2010 to 2013.

    Ranking No. 3 on the list is Houston, with an average home price of $214,049 and an annual job growth of 4.1 percent. The area’s popular grew 6.2 percent from 2010 to 2013.

    Dallas placed No. 5 on the Forbes’ list, reporting a 5.9 percent population growth rate from 2010 to 2013, an annual job growth rate of 3.8 percent and an average home price of $197,159.

    Right behind Dallas was San Antonio, ranked No. 6 among the Best Buy Cities. San Antonio has an average home price of $189,080 and an annual job growth rate of 2.5 percent. The area’s population grew 5.8 percent from 2010 to 2013.

    Fort Worth rounded out Texas’ representation on the Forbes list, coming in at No. 10. The city’s population grew 4.8 percent from 2010 to 2013 and the area sees a 2.6 percent increase in the number of jobs each year. The average home price is $180,312.

    To compile the list, Local Market Monitor screened the nation’s 105 largest metropolitan statistical areas. Each with a population of at least 550,000, the Best Buy Cities all showed relatively low home prices and strong population and job growth.

    Read more at http://www.forbes.com/sites/erincarlyle/2015/01/09/best-buy-cities-where-to-invest-in-housing-in-2015/.

              Houston : Coventry Homes, Plantation Homes Win Coveted Houston's Best Prism Awards        

    HOUSTON, TX  – Coventry Homes and Plantation Homes were awarded three best-of-the-best honors in the annual Houston’s Best PRISM Awards hosted recently by the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA).

    The builders, part of the McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc., family of companies, won Internet Marketing Campaign of the Year — Volume Builder, and Coventry Homes won Sales Brochure of the Year — Volume Builder and Television/Video Promo of the Year — Builder.

    Plantation Homes was a finalist for Volume Builder Product Design, $200,000-$250,000 and Volume Builder Product Design, $250,000-$300,000. Coventry Homes and Plantation Homes were finalists jointly for Direct Mail Piece of the Year — Business to Consumer, Volume Builder, and for the overall Grand Award for Promotions.

    “This is a very competitive contest in one of the nation’s hottest residential real estate markets,” said James Miller, MHI region president. “We are honored to stand with other industry leaders and be recognized for exemplary work.”

    The GHBA has been awarding the top real estate people, products and promotions for more than 30 years. This year’s contest drew more than 700 entries, the most ever reported.

    Celebrating 25 years of building homes in Texas, Coventry Homes and Plantation Homes offer designs in more than 30 Houston-area locations near employment centers and popular shopping and entertainment destinations. For more information, visit www.coventryhomes.com and www.plantationhomes.com,

    About Coventry Homes
    Coventry Homes is an integral part of a group of companies including Plantation Homes and McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc. The original founder continues to manage the company, leading a team of top professionals in architecture, construction, land, finance and customer service. Coventry Homes has won numerous local and state awards for best product design and has been building in Texas for 25 years, with current programs in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio. For more information, visit www.coventryhomes.com.

    About Plantation Homes
    Plantation Homes is part of a group of companies including Coventry Homes and McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc. With a 25-year history in Texas, Plantation Homes currently builds in the state’s largest markets, including Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth. The builder has won numerous awards for its innovative product design, including local, state and national honors. For more information, visit www.plantationhomes.com.

    About McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc.?
    Since its inception in 1988, McGuyer Homebuilders exceeds customers’ expectations through quality service, construction, and value. McGuyer Homebuilders offers its award-winning designs under its signature brands – Coventry Homes, Plantation Homes and Wilshire Homes in five markets across Texas. Celebrating 25 years as a Texas homebuilder, McGuyer Homebuilders builds thousands of homes annually and is honored as one of the top 30 homebuilding firms in the nation. For more information, visit www.mcguyerhomebuilders.com.

              The Business Journal Interview with McGuyer Homebuilders President Gary Tesch        

    Shaina Zucker, Reporter- Houston Business Journal

    Amid a stormy economic sea in the latest housing crisis, McGuyer Homebuilders Inc. found a niche that helped it stay afloat within the Texas homebuilding market.


    It was during the recession that the company took the approach of only taking on what work it could execute during those years, which President Gary Tesch says helped keep the company above water.

    In addition, it was the relationships with the financial institutions and partners that buoyed the company through those years.

    “The beautiful thing about working in Texas was that even during the recession, there was still activity here,” Tesch said. “Buyers were still buying homes, as opposed to virtually all the other 49 states. We were the last state to really go into the slowdown and the first ones out.”

    The homebuilder, which builds in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin, is celebrating its 25th year in business.

    McGuyer Homebuilders Inc. was founded 25 years ago by chairman and CEO Frank McGuyer and is the highest-ranked Houston-based homebuilder on Houston Business Journal’s Largest Houston-Area Homebuilders list (see page 6B). The company came in at No. 2 on the list, which is ranked by 2012 local gross revenue, totaling $430 million, up 29 percent from 2011.

    In 2010, the company formed a partnership with Wheelock Street Capital LLC to acquire 3,000 home sites in Texas for more than $15 million. Tesch was instrumental in the deal with Wheelock and had recently been appointed as president that year, moving up from his post as CFO for the company.

    Tesch sat down with HBJ to discuss the booming residential real estate market in Houston and how MHI found its way through the recession to end up as a top home producer for another year.

    How’s business so far this year?

    Overall, it is a much more fun year for our industry, our company and even for financial institutions.

    It’s definitely much better times than what we experienced in the last three, four or five years.

    It’s exciting now because banks are lending money again. The key to our industry and the core to our business is the relationship with our developers and the ability for them to deliver quality lot positions for us.

    How do you expect the remainder of the year to go?

    We expect this momentum to continue. We build just in Texas, but Houston is our backyard, our corporate headquarters, our top market.

    We do expect for things to continue this way, with all the good things that Houston job growth has brought, like pent-up demand.

    What forces — local and national — do you attribute to the company’s performance?

    The job growth and the Houston economy is really fueling the area’s housing market and the relocation market with new Houstonians coming to the area.

    Inventory is reaching all-time lows, but in Houston, even when things were slow, our buyers still had people moving around and looking for the right, new community for them.

    Tell me about some of the challenges facing your industry today and how you overcome them.

    Although banks are lending again, our biggest challenge lies within the changes to mortgages. Ultimately, the market changed for the better, (but) the rules are dramatically different than they were.

    Also, getting the homes built with the huge demand and backlog of homes. There are challenges for us and the builders, getting the material delivered, completing the homes — but those are all much better problems to be facing than what we were up against a couple of years ago.

    What tactics did the company use to get through the most recent recession?

    Without a doubt, our relationships with our financial institutions, banks and developers were what kept us afloat.

    It was all about being up-front as far as expectations, in terms of how many homes we could deliver with what the market was producing. It was about being up-front and executing on what we had promised.

    We spent a lot of time with our banks and developers working out solutions, something not all builders did. As we returned to profitability, we were in a very good position to be doing better and our relationships were strengthened from our work together during the hard times.

    Did you make many new hires last year?

    We have added employees.

    That has presented challenges for us in attracting new talent to come to the organization. We kept a lot of our long-time employees, and when the growth came, we were ready to hit the ground running.

    We are always looking to add quality employees.

    How is your competition in Houston and how do you best them?

    I think what differentiates us comes down to our company tag line — built around you. We allow our buyers to customize their homes, with (guidance from) our full-fledged architecture department.

    What have been the most active subdivisions for the company?

    The Woodlands still has several years worth of lots and they are really excited about a new community within called Liberty Branch, which will be very Americana.

    Our most active subdivisions this year are the communities of Aliana (in Fort Bend County) and Towne Lake (in Cypress).

    Does MHI have any future growth plans or acquisition plans in the works?

    We have our hands full right now just building in our major Texas markets. Not to say, if the opportunity presented itself, we wouldn’t entertain it, but right now we are trying to keep up with the volume and are just happy being in Texas.

    What’s next for MHI?

    We are doing more in-town development inside the Loop, and build on your lot, which we are excited about.

    If someone finds a plan they like and they own land in a place like Bellaire or Memorial, we can build that house for them and customize it from there. It’s getting more common and our buyers are asking us for it. We’ve now set up a department to accommodate that demand.

    Hometown: Houston’s Champion Forest area
    Education: Bachelor’s, the University of Texas at Austin
    Family: 4 boys, married 21 years
    What do you do for fun? I’m very active in my kids’ lives and I enjoy watching them play sports; I coach baseball, football — whatever sports they’re playing; still play competitive baseball, hardball. I like to golf but right now, I have my hands full with work.

        Shaina Zucker covers commercial and residential real estate, construction, retail and hospitality for the Houston Business Journal.

    See this full story at http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/print-edition/2013/10/04/gary-tesch-mcguyer-homebuilders-inc.html?page=all

              Nextdoor, now home to real estate agents        

    A neighborhood-based social media platform has bet on real estate listings as the next step in its business.

    Nextdoor, a Facebook-like website and mobile application, launched a home listing section Tuesday in San Diego and nine other cities, which it hopes will be a hit with advertisers.

    The 5-year-old...

              Houston : MHI Wins 'Humanitarian Of The Year' in GHBA Houston's Best PRISM Awards        

    Houston, TX - McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc., (MHI) was named Humanitarian of the Year in the recent Houston’s Best PRISM Awards hosted by the Greater Houston Builders Association.

    The prestigious award recognized the yearlong efforts of employees of MHI, parent company of Coventry Homes and Plantation Homes. Notable among last year’s charitable endeavors was sponsorship and participation in KPRC’s Habitat for Humanity home, which saw corporate employees spend a day building a home for a single mother. Coventry Homes also built the Coventry Kids Castle, which was raffled off last year to raise more than $85,000 in the HomeAid Houston Project Playhouse initiative benefitting Houston’s homeless.

    The MHI team also constructed a much-needed concession stand for the Cy-Fair Sports Association and donated 1,000 leather binders for clients of Dress for Success Houston, which helps women prepare for job interviews. Hundreds of pounds of food was donated by employees to the Houston Food Bank and monetary donations were made to The Sunshine Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to children with cancer and the MS 150 bike race.

    “Our contributions last year were far-reaching, and we made an effort to not only help those who needed it most, but to also extend our giving into many of the suburban communities in which we build,” said Gary Tesch, MHI president. “The Houston real estate community as a whole does an enormous amount of good work, and we are very honored to receive this special award.”

    Plantation Homes also won for Best Product Design — $200,000-$250,000 for its Stuart V model home in Wildwood Glen. In addition, Coventry Homes and Plantation Homes were finalists for Best Product Design — $400,000-$500,000 and Coventry Homes was a finalist for Volume Builder — Best Kitchen.

    For nearly 40 years, the Houston’s Best PRISM Awards have recognized the industry’s top people, products and promotions. More than 700 entries were received in this year’s contest.

    Coventry Homes builds throughout the Houston region, with homes priced from the $300,000s to more than $1 million in more than 25 planned developments. Plantation Homes also is active in the Houston area, with homes offered in more than 20 developments. Pricing is from the $140,000s.

    For more information on Coventry Homes, visit www.coventryhomes.com. Details about Plantation Homes are available at www.plantationhomes.com

              Associate Attorney        
    FL-Miami, Entry level attorney - Required to deal with all areas of Foreclosure Defense, Commercial Litigation, Real Estate litigation, Probate matters, Bankruptcy, and preparation of pleadings, discovery, and attendance at mediation, motions, and trial. In Bankruptcy cases, the attorney must be able to handle all aspects of those proceedings, including attendance of 341 meetings and hearings. There will be
              The Downside of a Real Estate Professional Grouping Election        
              Vetta Química se filia a ASSOCIQUIM.        
    Profiles of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier’s Children youporn Guests sit at long tables encircling a jousting ring post awards and fashion recap TV specials porno cue the music Four Productivity Improvement Tips To Make You A Better Real Estate Investor porn fashion has to do with ideas Van Gogh variations offer unique view of […]
              Maryland and Delaware Appraisers         
    Brown's Real Estate Services, Inc. a division of Virgil Brown Real Estate, we provide Mayland and Delaware appraisal services. We have three licensed certified appraisers for Maryland and Delaware appraisal: Michael Marino, Kurt Brown and Virgil Brown.
    Milton, DE 19968
              Appraisal Service, DE        
    Deitcher Appraisal Services is a leading provider of real estate valuations for the mortgage lending marketplace. With many years of experience in the business, we have a proven track record of reducing lenders time, efforts and costs in managing the appraisal process.
    Wilmington, DE 19802
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    by Bryan Watkins, LRA Real Estate We have some very good news for Millenials. Actually, it is very good for everyone who is seeking employment. The Light Rail Connect Jobs site reports that 139 jobs are posted right now along the light rail corridor. Jobs on Light Rail, Indeed! Here is a cool way to CONNECT with Jobs […]
              Just Out! October Edition of the LightRailConnect Magazine        
      Phoenix-Tempe-Mesa, AZ  |  October 17, 2014  |  Bryan Watkins The new edition of the LightRailConnect Magazine just hit the streets. You will find Current Arts & Entertainment, Dining, Sports, Real Estate & Rentals and sections Travel in this publication. The cover features ‘The District‘, a beautiful and exciting apartment community across the street from […]
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    HGTV’s Egypt Sherrod from Flipping Virgins is passionate about real estate and investing. She loves what she does. Sherrod comes from a family of realtors and investors that had a big impact on her career path. When most people can’t wait to get paid to buy shoes or clothes Sherrod says, “I was buying properties and flipping them. 46 houses later […]
              5 Tips To Luxury        


     Home | 5 Tips To Spend The Most Luxurious Caribbean Vacation You Ever Dreamed Of!

    5 Tips To Spend The Most Luxurious Caribbean Vacation You Ever Dreamed Of!

    Tip #1 : Buy a beach front Caribbean villa!
    Buying Caribbean beach front property can range from a bargain to outrageous. This does not mean that the cheaper Caribbean beach front property is any less beautiful or luxurious than the more expensive ones, but rather means the location is different. For instance, Caribbean beach front property in the Bahamas is beautiful, over run with tourists, and incredibly expensive. However, Caribbean beach front property in the Dominican Republic is just as beautiful, has less tourists, and a considerably more affordable price tag.

    Tip #2 : Rent a villa for your trip!
    If you are not into real estate investment, why not rent a villa instead? Often, the price will not be a lot more expensive then an all inclusive package in a crowded hotel. And instead of having to eat buffet food for a week, you can cook your own meal, or even have someone do it for you!

    Tip #3 : Rent a Caribbean island!
    Did you know you can rent a whole island just for yourself? This can come with staff and everything you need to spend a luxurious vacation. It is also a very nice idea for a wedding!

    Tip #4 : Charter a luxury Yacht!
    If you are looking for something a little less extravagant then the huge private Yachts, and a lot more affordable then there are a variety of luxury yacht charters Caribbean providers that will also be able to meet your needs and your budget. The wonderful thing about he Caribbean is no matter what your budget, preferences, and schedule there is someone who will be able to provide exactly what you are looking for.

    Tip #5 : Contact a Caribbean holiday specialist
    Certainly, you can get online and start searching and learn everything there is to do in the Caribbean, however it is certainly a lot easier to simply employ Caribbean holiday specialists to help you plan your vacation. Not only will this save you time, but it will also save you money because more often than not Caribbean holiday specialists are aware of different discounts and preferred rates. They have insight and knowledge and many years experience booking Caribbean vacations, where you will have to do some serious work and effort to plan the vacation yourself.

    About the Author

    http://www.luxury-caribbean-vacation.com "> Luxury Caribbean Vacation offers information about luxury services available in the Caribbean : villa rental, Caribbean real estate, yacht and sailboat rental and private aircraft charter. If you want the services of a REAL, knowledgeable travel agent, this is the pace to go!

    Written by: Stephanie Hetu


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              Comment on My Sassy Girl by YojlBFJqzmqi        
    676215 599098Cheapest player speeches and toasts, or perhaps toasts. continue to be brought about real estate . during evening reception tend to be likely to just be comic, witty and therefore instructive as nicely. greatest man speeches totally free 621622
              Will E.U. Court's Privacy Ruling Break the Internet?        

    In 2012, a bevy of internet companies and web sites waged a successful campaign against bills in Congress -- the PROTECT IP Act and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) --  meant to combat copyright privacy. In the face of this opposition, the proposals were dropped (although their legacy survives). One of the major claims by the opponents was that the bills would "break the Internet" by requiring the disabling of URLs and removal of online links to sites that include unauthorized uses of copyrighted materials (although not all agreed with this assessment).

    Now, the European Court of Justice has issued a decision (summary) that could require search engines to remove links to online information about individuals that is "no longer necessary in the light of the purposes for which they were collected or processed." The court's decision does not discuss how the removal of these links should be accomplished.

    The court's decision stemmed from a case brought by Spanish citizen Mario Costeja González, seeking removal from a newspaper's web site images of pages from January and March 1998 that included announcements for a real estate auction stemming from attachment proceedings for the recovery of social security debts owed by Costeja González. He complained to Spain's Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Data Protection Agency; AEPD) (Spanish site; English resources), seeking removal of the information from the paper's website and from Google's search results.

    AEPD held that the newspaper need not remove the material, since it published it under a legal directive. But it upheld the complaint against Google, saying that Costeja González had the right to shield the information from public view via the search engine. Google appealed to Spain's Audiencia Nacional (National High Court). That court sought an advisory opinion from the European Court of Justice -- the highest court in the European Union -- regarding the applicability of EU privacy laws to the case.

    European law embodies a concept of privacy that is in many ways alien to American law, and would be unconstitutional under our First Amendment. This includes a right to bar or recover for publication of true but "private" information that is readily available publicly, and a right to shield dated information, often referred to as a "right to be forgotten."

    The question before the court was whether the EU directive embodying these notions (Directive 95/46) applied to Google. This, in turn, depended on whether Google could be considered a content provider. The court held that it was, even though the information that Google collects and displays in its search results is already published online by someone else. Since Google is a content provider, the court held, it is obliged to follow the privacy directive.

    Inasmuch as the activity of a search engine is therefore liable to affect significantly, and additionally compared with that of the publishers of websites, the fundamental rights to privacy and to the protection of personal data, the operator of the search engine as the person determining the purposes and means of that activity must ensure, within the framework of its responsibilities, powers and capabilities, that the activity meets the requirements of Directive 95/46 in order that the guarantees laid down by the directive may have full effect and that effective and complete protection of data subjects, in particular of their right to privacy, may actually be achieved.

    Google Spain SL v. Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD), Case C‑131/12 (E.C.R. May 13, 2014), para. 38.

    The court also ruled that Google was subject to Spain's jurisdiction, including its law applying Directive 95/46, because of Google's web site directed at the country (www.google.es). The court rejected Google's argument that it was Google, Inc., in the United States that performed the indexing and search functions at issue, rather than the Spanish subsidiary: "Since that display of results is accompanied, on the same page, by the display of advertising linked to the search terms, it is clear that the processing of personal data in question is carried out in the context of the commercial and advertising activity of the controller’s establishment on the territory of a Member State, in this instance Spanish territory." Id., para. 57.

    After finding that the directive applies to Google, the court held that the search engine could be ordered to remove links to the objectionable material from search results for Costeja González's name.

    [I]n order to comply with the rights laid down in those provisions and in so far as the conditions laid down by those provisions are in fact satisfied, the operator of a search engine is obliged to remove from the list of results displayed following a search made on the basis of a person’s name links to web pages, published by third parties and containing information relating to that person, also in a case where that name or information is not erased beforehand or simultaneously from those web pages, and even, as the case may be, when its publication in itself on those pages is lawful.

    Id., para. 88.

    The irony -- expressed in the last sentence above -- is that the court also observed that the newspaper that posted the notices of the auctions in the first place could not be required to remove those postings because they were published "solely for journalistic purposes," which is included within "the right to receive and impart information" guaranteed in Article 10 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and referenced in the directive.

    The court justified the different treatment of the newspaper and Google by staing that "first, the legitimate interests justifying the processing may be different [for the newspaper and the search engine] and, second, the consequences of the processing for the data subject, and in particular for his private life, are not necessarily the same." Id., para. 86.

    Indeed, since the inclusion in the list of results, displayed following a search made on the basis of a person’s name, of a web page and of the information contained on it relating to that person makes access to that information appreciably easier for any internet user making a search in respect of the person concerned and may play a decisive role in the dissemination of that information, it is liable to constitute a more significant interference with the data subject’s fundamental right to privacy than the publication on the web page.

    Id., para. 87 (emphasis added).

    The court acknowledges that these "rights override ..., not only the economic interest of the operator of the search engine but also the interest of the general public in finding that information upon a search relating to the data subject’s name. "  Id., para. 97. The court adds that this may not be true in the case of a promient person in public life, which may mean that the public interest in disclosure would outweigh that person's right to privacy.

    But since Costeja González is not a public person, he may request removal of the articles from Google's search results even though he cannot request removal of the same articles from the newspaper's website. Again, this would not be the case under United States law, regardless of the plaintiff's status as a private or public figure. In the U.S., privacy law generally does not provide a remedy for the dissemination of true information that is already publicly available; moreover, the compelled removal of such information would raise serious issues under the First Amendment as prior restraints on speech.

    The case now returns to the Spanish Audiencia Nacional for a specific decision in Costeja González's case, which can be appealed to Spain's Supreme Court. But the EU court's decision is binding on member states of the European Union, and could lead to more efforts by Europeans to have embarrassing or other material removed from web search results, even when the original site containing the material has no obligation to remove it.

    Google has stated that it is "analys[ing] the implications" of the ECJ ruling, but requiring the modification of search results in response to what will likely be a flood of complaints from residents of EU countries puts Google in the difficult (if not impossible) position of either managing these complaints at significant cost or taking a blunderbuss approach to removal of content. And would such results persist outside the EU? Content filtering by country is not a new concept, but this ruling has the potential to create a dramatically different Internet in Europe.

    There could also be a significant impact on the news organizations that, as the ECJ acknowledges, have the right to publish this information. The ECJ, in its ad hoc balancing of interests, seems blind to the fact that news organizations depend on search engines and other online intermediaries in order to reach their audiences. Allowing the subjects of news coverage to use these intermediaries as a choke point because the intermediaries are not themselves journalists threatens the primary benefit of the Internet -- namely, the networked dissemination of information.

    Operating on the Internet has always posed challenges in complying with the laws of multiple countries. Search engines in particular have had problems in the past dealing with Great Britain's privacy laws, France's laws against Nazi memorabilia, and China's web restrictions. But this ruling by the European Court of Justice might just be the straw that breaks the camel's -- or the Internet's -- back.

    Eric P. Robinson is co-director of the Program in Press, Law and Democracy at the Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University. He has taught media law and ethics at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, Baruch College, and the University of Nevada, Reno, where he was also Deputy Director of the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Courts and Media. He has also been a  staff attorney at the Media Law Resource Center and a legal fellow at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. In addition to his posts here, he maintains his own blog at bloglawonline.com.

    (Image courtesy of Flickr user The.Rohit pursuant to a Creative Commons CC BY-NC 2.0 license.)

    Subject Area: 


              How ’60s and ’70s New York Artists Fought for the Loft Law        
    Artsy’s Anna Louie Sussman gives a nice overview of New York City’s Loft Law, SoHo’s artists fought their battle in three phases. The first, between 1961 and 1971, was for the right to live and work in their lofts, which were still zoned for industrial use. As the neighborhood grew in stature and real estate investors [...]
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    After repair value is one of those terms you'll hear tossed around on a daily basis. Without understanding ARV, you probably won't be successful for very long as a real estate investor.So, embrace it, learn it, and love it.

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              Blog Post: This Flyboy Has Mud On His Goggles        

    When strategy master Sid Meier takes the time to actively design a game, it’s time to sit up and take notice. His latest project is World War I dogfight strategy title Ace Patrol on iOS devices. In theory, the platform allows creative types the freedom to turn around concepts without all the pressure and mega-budgets of a PC or console release. It shouldn’t, however, be an excuse to release a half-finished product.[Excerpt]

    Ace Patrol is a free universal download for most i-devices (iPad offers the best viewing real estate, but the iPhone version is identical in every other way). You can play a small cluster of British campaign missions without paying a dime. The free section is long enough so that you can get a basic handle on the rules, see a variety of mission types, and get hooked. For $.99 more you can experience the entirety of the British war effort, a total of 24 missions. Even though there are American, French, and German campaigns as well, this is the most I’d advise players to invest at this time.

    By the time you finish the first level pack, the same mission types are already being repeated. Attack or defend trucks, trains, bombers, or balloons. Fight two planes with two of your planes. Fight two rookies with one experienced pilot. This is practically all you get, over and over. Every six levels or so you get to take out all four of your pilots on a larger scale mission, but even that’s nearly the same every time.

    I was already painfully bored with the missions by the end of British campaign, and the other campaigns are just more of the same with a different coat of paint (don’t expect any kind of story, either). The flags on the buildings change. The same pilots wear a different uniform and gain or lose a moustache. Each nation’s collection of planes differs only minutely in stats.

    It’s a shame that Firaxis didn’t bother making a more complete game, because the battle system is excellent. Planes can’t stay in place, so the action is always moving. Each craft has a wide variety of moves it can make at any time. Factors like altitude, unlocked pilot skills, and plane orientation all figure in to what maneuver you can pull off next. Straight flights may allow you to move three hexes forward while banking to the left only hops one hex over. This free-flowing movement system means enemy actions can be much harder to predict than pieces on a chessboard. The fact that there are far fewer pieces on the board than what you’d see in chess balances this out and keeps matches from being overwhelming.


    Cloud coverage offers a place to mask your movements while friendly bases shoot at any enemy that flies over. These areas of the map add elements of excitement and risk to the missions. More types of them might have helped with the lack of variety.

    Five difficulty settings ensure you hit the challenge level you’re comfortable with. Don’t get excited by the point multiplier earned at higher difficulties, though. Points contribute nothing to plane upgrades and pilot promotions. For those, you have to shoot down enemies and avoid taking too much damage.

    Multiplayer is in rough shape as of version 1.1 of Ace Patrol. Asynchronous multiplayer via Game Center never worked for me, and Firaxis confirmed the widespread problem in its official forums. Battling against real humans instead of the AI sounds promising, but we’ll have to wait until the problem’s sorted out. Local pass play works fine. Unfortunately, volleying your iPad back and forth constantly is tedious. Plus, seeing each other’s secret cloud movements is way too easy. Even if you’re trying to honorably look away, the other player’s turn pops up immediately before you can react.

    Ace Patrol shines in its mechanics and may very well become a good game after a steady progression of updates. As it stands now, this one could use some more time in flight school.

    This review is based off of Ace Patrol version: 1.1

              Google attackiert die Meinungsfreiheit, deutsche Medien üben den Gleichschritt – News zum 9. August 2017        
    1. Der "Economist" berichtet über die Entlassung James Damores bei Google, nachdem Damore in einem Memo Kritik an seinem Arbeitgeber geäußert hatte:

    "This isn’t a question of legality or policy. This is a question of virtue-signalling," says the boss of a prominent tech startup, reflecting the view of many in the Valley.

    Einer meiner Leser schreibt mir zu diesem Fall:

    Der Google-Mitarbeiter der sich kritisch zur Diversity-Politik seines Arbeitgebers äußerte, hat es soeben in die Nachrichten geschafft (N24, 8.8.17, ca. 11:30 Uhr):

    Der Bericht hatte sinngemäß den Tenor, dass ein Google-Mitarbeiter gefeuert worden sei, weil er Frauen (aufgrund ihrer Biologie) generell ungeeignet für technische Berufe halte. Was für eine krasse Verkürzung und Falschdarstellung! Das macht mich echt fassungslos. Nicht mal eine Nachrichtensendung erfüllt noch meine Mindeststandards für eine halbwegs ehrliche Berichterstattung. Was mich vor allem ärgert ist, dass nach einer solch falschen Berichterstattung niemand, nicht einmal pure, nackte Opportunisten, eine Lehre aus der Geschichte ziehen könn(t)en. Selbst wenn sie wollten.

    Ein normaler Zuschauer wird sich denken, dass der Mensch wohl zu Recht entlassen wurde. Denn: Jemanden allein aufgrund seines Geschlechts im Vorfeld für ungeeignet zu erklären, wäre zweifelsohne und unbestritten sexistisch. Welcher heute noch ernst zu nehmende Mensch würde das Gegenteil behaupten? Dieselben Leute aber, die nach dieser Nachrichtenmeldung dann zur Tagesordnung übergehen, gucken später dann vermutlich sehr verduzt, wenn sie ihren Job verlieren, weil sie in irgendeinem Kontext die Biologie als einen möglichen Faktor für eine unterschiedliche Gewichtung bei der Berufswahl als Argument anführen.

    Ich hoffe inständig, dass sich die Entscheidung, Damore zu feuern, noch als Rohrkrepierer erweisen wird.

    Bemerkenswert ist, dass die deutschsprachigen Leitmedien fast durchgehend schon in ihren Schlagzeilen die feministische Perspektive als Tatsache ausgeben. Nur einige Beispiele von mehreren Dutzend Artikeln: "Google entlässt Mitarbeiter wegen sexistischem Text" titelt die "Zeit", "Google feuert Mitarbeiter wegen sexistischen Manifests" Österreichs "Presse", von einem "sexistischen Pamphlet" spricht Spiegel-Online, und "Google feuert Mitarbeiter nach sexistischem Manifest" titelt die "Frankfurter Allgemeine". Sogar der Wortlaut dieser Schlagzeilen ist weitgehend derselbe.

    Ich weiß es nicht, warum in unseren Medien immer noch eine derart unstillbare Sehnsucht danach herrscht, im Gleichschritt zu marschieren. Die angelsächsischen Medien haben allen Grund, sich bis heute über den "German goosestep" lustig zu machen. Ich habe KEINEN deutschsprachigen Artikel gefunden, in dem Google dafür kritisiert wurde, eine bestimmte Ideologie durchzusetzen, indem der Konzern unbotmäßige Untergebene schlicht entfernte. Das ist im angelsächsischen Sprachraum anders. Sicher, auch dort überschlagen sich die Leitmedien mit Falschdarstellungen. Im Gegensatz zu Deutschland geben dort aber zahlreiche Magazine Widerworte und verteidigen in ihren Artikeln die Meinungsfreiheit.

    Ein paar Beispiele. Das Magazin Quilette schreibt über James Damores Essay:

    This essay may not get everything 100% right, but it is certainly not a rant. And it stands in sharp contrast to most of the comments, which are little more than snarky modern slurs. The arrogance of most of the comments reflects exactly the type of smug self-appointed superiority that has led to widespread resentment of the left among reasonable people. To the extent that such views correspond to those at Google, they vindicate the essayist’s claims about the authoritarian and repressive atmosphere there. Even the response by Google’s new VP in charge of diversity simply ignores all of the author’s arguments, and vacuously affirms Google’s commitment to diversity. The essay is vastly more thoughtful, linked to the science, and well-reasoned than nearly all of the comments. If I had one recommendation, it would be this: That, before commenting on these issues, Google executives read two books: John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty and Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind."

    Das sind auch zwei Bücher, die man in deutschen Redaktionsstuben großflächig verteilen sollte.

    Das linksliberale Magazin "The Atlantic" stellt klar, dass Damores Manifest keineswegs "anti-diversity" sei:

    Its author, who was later fired, began, "I value diversity and inclusion, am not denying that sexism exists, and don’t endorse using stereotypes. When addressing the gap in representation in the population, we need to look at population level differences in distributions. If we can’t have an honest discussion about this, then we can never truly solve the problem."

    The balance of his memo argues that he is not against pursuing greater gender diversity at Google; he says it is against the current means Google is using to pursue that end and the way the company conceives of tradeoffs between the good of diversity and other goods.

    (...) The author specifically objects to using what his memo calls discriminatory means to achieve greater gender diversity, then adds that he has concrete suggestions for changes at Google that would “increase women’s representation in tech and without resorting to discrimination.” In his telling, this could be achieved by making software engineering “more people-oriented with pair programming and more collaboration” and changes that would “allow those exhibiting cooperative behavior to thrive,” as well as offering more opportunities for employees to work part time.

    Whether one regards those suggestions as brilliant, rooted in pernicious gender stereotypes, or anywhere in between, they are clearly and explicitly suggestions to increase diversity in a manner the author regards as having a stronger chance of actually working than some of the tactics that he is critiquing.

    Was davon kommt bei den selbsterklärten Bannerträgern des deutschen Qualitätsjournalismus an? "Sexistisches Manifest".

    Das Magazin Quartz kommentiert:

    By getting fired, Damore proved his own point — that many of Silicon Valley’s leaders remain unwilling to engage with socio-political views different from their own.

    Der "National Review" titelt "Lena Dunham and Google Demonstrate Why Our Free Speech Culture Is Slipping Away" und berichtet wie folgt:

    An anonymous employee penned a multi-page memo addressing why there are fewer women than men in key fields in the tech industry. In the memo, he noted that Google values gender and racial diversity but has created an "ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed." This means that Google responds to gender imbalances with "extreme and authoritarian" measures. At the extreme, it views all gender disparities as "due to oppression." Its authoritarian response is to "discriminate to correct this oppression." The writer than explores at length cultural and biological differences between men and women and then proposes some measures to increase female representation in the field without resorting to discrimination.

    (...) The primary victims of this new culture of groupthink are social conservatives and other dissenters from identity politics. In field after field and company after company, conservatives understand that the price of their employment is silence. Double standards abound, and companies intentionally try to keep work environments "safe" from disagreement. Radical sexual and racial politics are given free rein. Disagree — and lose your job. It takes a person of rare constitution and moral courage to speak up. And that’s precisely how the far Left likes it.

    In einem weiteren Artikel stellt auch der "National Review" klar, dass es sich NICHT um einen frauenfeindlichen Text handelte:

    The author (...) states repeatedly that he believes in diversity, and there’s no reason to doubt his self-description as a classical liberal. His exclamation-point-free memo is hardly a rant. He expresses the hope that "open and honest discussion with those who disagree can highlight our blind spots and help us grow."

    How naïve. The witless and inflamed reaction to his document instead underlines his point about "a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence."

    It is one thing to disagree with the memo; it is another thing to believe the views therein should be forbidden. Former Google engineer Yonatan Zunger says that if it were up to him, the author would be summarily fired and escorted from the building immediately by security (you can’t take a chance with such a danger). Entrepreneur Elissa Shevinsky believes that the memo could run afoul of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act — i.e., it might be illegal. Google’s diversity officer, Danielle Brown, didn’t quite go that far. She offered a pro forma assurance that different views are welcome at Google. Nevertheless, she stipulated that the opinions of the author are "incorrect" and added, ominously, that any discussion needs to be in accord with "our Code of Conduct, policies, and anti-discrimination laws." Her case would have been much stronger if she had actually rebutted any of the author’s statements about sex differences — assuming that she could.

    A line in the memo about women being more prone to anxiety has drawn particular ire — as if the author made this up. As the publication Stanford Medicine notes, "Women are twice as likely as men to experience clinical depression in their lifetimes; likewise for post-traumatic stress disorder." An article in the journal Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews likewise says that "female-biased conditions include depression, anxiety disorder, and anorexia nervosa." This doesn’t mean that men are superior, just that they are different and more prone to other problems — among them, alcohol- and drug-dependency, schizophrenia, dyslexia, autism, Tourette syndrome, and attention-deficit disorder. It’s not bias against men, or in favor of women, to note these tendencies.

    Für die deutschen Leitmedien ist das schon längst viel zu differenziert und kompliziert. "Sexistisches Manifest" muss genügen. Es will sich ja auch keiner in irgendwelche Nesseln setzen. Wer weiß schon, wann der grüne Pranger wieder online geht.

    Der "Daily Wire" spricht von Firmenfaschismus :

    James Damore, the author of the memo, told Bloomberg he had indeed been fired on grounds of "perpetuating gender stereotypes." Which is weird, since gender stereotypes are the basis for Google’s "diversity policy," which suggests that more women must be hired in order to enrich the workplace. If men and women are identical, no such diversity policy would be necessary or praiseworthy.

    All of this proves that Damore was absolutely right that Google has a blindered view of politics that hinders their capacity to engage in business. Google has been accused in the past of biasing search results toward the Left, and they’ve long been accused of promoting political leftism as opposed to a free and open diversity of thought.

    CNBC berichtet in einem Artikel darüber, warum die Entlassung James Damores illegal sein könnte, folgendes:

    In a reply to the initial outcry over his memo, the engineer added to his memo: "Despite what the public response seems to have been, I've gotten many personal messages from fellow Googlers expressing their gratitude for bringing up these very important issues which they agree with but would never have the courage to say or defend because of our shaming culture and the possibility of being fired." The law protects that kind of "concerted activity."

    Second, the engineer's memo largely is a statement of his political views as they apply to workplace policies. The memo is styled as a lament to "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber." California law prohibits employers from threatening to fire employees to get them to adopt or refrain from adopting a particular political course of action.

    (...) Third, the engineer complained in parts of his memo about company policies that he believes violate employment discrimination laws. Those policies include support programs limited by race or gender and promotional and hiring scoring policies that consider race and gender. It is unlawful for an employer to discipline an employee for challenging conduct that the employee reasonably believed to be discriminatory, even when a court later determines the conduct was not actually prohibited by the discrimination laws. In other words, the engineer doesn't have to be right that some of Google's diversity initiatives are unlawful, only that he reasonably believes that they are.

    Diskriminierung von Männern? In den meisten deutschen Leitmedien selbst heute noch nicht der Rede wert.

    Der "Federalist" sieht James Damores als Opfer eines politisch korrekten Mobs und kommentiert:

    One of the problems with this kerfuffle was that the vast majority of the histrionic reactions on social media and elsewhere have misrepresented not only what the memo says but also its purpose. The memo was neither a screed nor anti-diversity. It was the kind of unvarnished, dispassionate, and meticulous case that I imagine many engineers offer. It’s difficult to believe anyone who read through it with an open mind could interpret the author’s notions as an attempt to consolidate the patriarchy or to make life less diverse in his field.

    The other, bigger problem is that the reaction to it demonstrates that the author is completely right about the lack of ideological diversity and its consequences.

    The unnamed engineer’s contentions about the bias at Google is a near-perfect summation of the dangers manifest in all close-minded institutions, including most of the news media and many universities. He points out that conflating "freedom from offense with psychological safety" shames people into silence. Further, he argues that these monocultures foster unhealthy environments where people can no longer honestly debate important topics. Finally, and most destructively, he says these bubbles then promote "extreme and authoritarian elements."

    "Breitbart", aus Sicht deutscher Leitmedien und einem befreundeten Grünen unter den Genderama-Lesern eine Website, die auf keinen Fall zitiert oder verlinkt werden darf, wenn der Verlinkende nichts als rechtsextrem beschimpft werden möchte, hat sogar eine eigene Interviewserie "Die Rebellen von Google" begonnen, in der Google-Mitarbeiter berichten, wie in diesem Konzern Hexenjagden und Intoleranz regieren. Lesen Sie NICHT, ich wiederhole, lesen Sie NICHT das soeben verlinkte Interview. Sie fangen an, plötzlich unkontrolliert "Heil Hitler!" zu schreien, sobald Sie das tun. Klatschen Sie lieber brav mit, wenn Google einen Mitarbeiter "wegen Sexismus" entlässt.

    (Hadmut Danisch hat mit der Verlinkung des "Breitbart"-Beitrags übrigens gerade dasselbe Problem, wie ich bei der Recherche zu dieser Debatte sehe. Man macht es nicht gerne, aber der leitmediale Einheitsbrei bringt einen derart zur Verzweiflung ...)

    Falls Sie in den nächsten Tagen irgendwo in den deutschen Medien einen Artikel finden, der ähnlich wie die zitierten angelsächsischen Medien aus dem Gleichschritt ausbricht und pro Meinungsfreiheit argumentiert, freue ich mich über den Link. Ich rechne nicht damit. Stattdessen bekommen wir etwa von Angela Gruber Spiegel-Online folgendes serviert:

    Es wäre wünschenswert gewesen, dass ein solches Schreiben ohne Reaktionen im Google-Intranet versandet. Einfach, weil niemand über solche Thesen diskutieren will.

    Autoritäres und freiheitliches Denken prallen hier frontal aufeinander. Und wieder einmal ist die Kluft zwischen Redaktionsmeinung und Leserkommentaren unter dem Artikel riesig. Unter vergleichbaren Artikeln sieht es nicht anders aus.

    Dezidierte Technik-Magazine ticken übrigens ähnlich, was die journalistische Gesprächsbereitschaft mit Menschen anderer Meinung betrifft. So erklärt Jessica Tomala bei "Giga":

    Ich bin zwar keine Programmiererin, sondern Redakteurin, aber würde ich mit James Damore, dem Verfasser des zehnseitigen internen Manifests bei Google, zusammenarbeiten: Ich hätte meinen morgendlichen Kaffeebecher wohl einfach über seinem Kopf ausgeleert.

    Damit hätte sie es James Damore einmal so richtig gezeigt. Von wegen, Frauen wären neurotisch. Ha!

    Ach ja: Was macht eigentlich Deutschlands Linke, wenn ein marktbeherrschender Konzern Arbeitnehmer feuert, weil diese Arbeitnehmer missliebige Ansichten äußern und Diskriminierung beklagen? Auch von dort höre ich gerade nicht sehr viel.

    Julian Assange immerhin hat James Damore inzwischen einen Job bei Wikileaks angeboten. Eingeleitet wurde dieses Angebot von einem klaren Statement Assanges: "Censorship is for losers".

    2. Leider ist der deutsche Hang zum Gleichschritt nicht einmal das einzige gravierende Problem in unseren Medien. Um ein weiteres Problem zu beleuchten, legen Hanna Herbst und Nora Kolhoff im Magazin "Vice" einen geradezu maskulistischen Text vor: "Versaute Klassenfahrt" und "Sex-Lehrerin": Wie Medien über Missbrauch durch Frauen reden.

    3. In der Printausgabe der "Frankfurter Allgemeinen" von morgen findet sich auf Seite 8 der Artikel "Die Grenzen der Frauenförderung" von Reiner Burger. Der Untertitel des ausführlichen Beitrags, der leider nicht online steht, lautet "Die nordrhein-westfälische Polizei darf Männer im Bewerbungsverfahren nicht benachteiligen".

    Der Artikel handelt von einem Gerichtsurteil, nach dem drei junge Frauen vor dem Verwaltungsgericht Düsseldorf geklagt hatten, wegen ihrer geringen Größe nicht als Polizistinnen eingestellt worden zu sein. In dem Artikel heißt es:

    Die 2. Kammer des Gerichts nutzte die Gelegenheit allerdings, um sich grundsätzlich mit der Sache auseinanderzusetzen und um zum wiederholten Mal die Grenzen der Frauenförderung aufzuzeigen. Ganz allgemein gebe es "einen Trend", die Frauenförderung über alles andere zu stellen, monierte der Vorsitzende Richter Andreas Müller.

    Der Hintergrund: Um bei der nordrheinwestfälischen Polizei eingestellt zu werden, müssen Frauen mindestens 1,63 Meter und Männer mindestens 1,68 Meter groß sein. An Männer wird ein strengerer Maßstab angelegt, damit sich das Verhältnis der Polizeibeamten zugnsten der Frauen verschiebt.

    Die zwischen 1,63 und 1,68 Meter großen Männer werden also im Namen der Frauenförderung systematisch aussortiert, ohne dass sie im Bewerbungsverfahren zeigen können, ob sie nicht doch objektiv besser geeignet sind als andere Bewerber. Diese Regelung ist nach Auffassung des Gerichts verfassungswidrig. Nach dem im Grundgesetz verankerten Prinzip der Bestenauslese dürfe der Zugang zum Beamtenverhältnis nur von Eignung, Befähigung und fachlicher Leistung abhängig gemacht werden. "Die Frauenförderung hat zwar Verfassungsrang, doch sie steht nicht über allem anderen", sagte Müller in der mündlichen Verhandlung. Vielmehr gelte es, die beiden widerstreitenden Interessen von Verfassungsrang – die Gleichberechtigung und das Prinzip der Bestenauslese – miteinander in Einklang zu bringen. Durch den Erlass des Ministeriums würden jedoch schlechtere Frauen besseren männlichen Bewerbern vorgezogen.

    Das allerdings war das Ziel der rot-grünen Landesregierung unter Hannelore Kraft gewesen. Frauen bekamen im Aufstiegswettbewerb einen Bonus gewährt. Das OVG allerdings hatte in dieser regelung einen Verstoß gegen das Grundgesetz gesehen. (Genderama berichtete.) Dieser Auffassung schloss sich jetzt das Verwaltungsgericht Düsseldorf bei seinem aktuellen Urteil an. In der "Frankfurter Allgemeinen" heißt es hierzu:

    Damit ist die Entscheidung des Düsseldorfer Verwaltungsgerichts zwar im Kern ein Männerschutz-Urteil. Wird es rechtskräftig (...), werden aber drei Frauen als Erste von ihm profitieren. Denn hätte das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen eine rechtskonforme Mindestgrößenregelung gehabt, dann hätten die jeweils knapp unter 1,63 Meter großen Klägerinnen wohl nie eine Chance bekommen, am Bewerbungsverfahren der Polizei teilzunehmen.

    Putzig ist mal wieder, was deutsche Medien aus dem Urteil machen: Gericht kippt Mindestgröße für Polizistinnen. Der Artikel unter der Schlagzeile, natürlich die "Brigitte", erweckt den Eindruck, es sei die Diskriminierung von Frauen unterbunden worden. Noch irrer ist die Darstellung des Sachverhalts beim SWR. Dort heißt es:

    Die Mindestgröße für Polizistinnen in Nordrhein-Westfalen ist verfassungswidrig. Die Richter am Verwaltungsgericht in Düsseldorf gaben einer Klägerin aus Oberhausen recht. Sie hatte sich bei der Polizei beworben und war nicht zum Auswahlverfahren zugelassen worden, weil sie anderthalb Zentimeter kleiner als die erforderlichen 1,63 Meter ist. Die Düsseldorfer Richter entschieden, die Körpergröße habe wenig mit der Eignung von Polizeianwärterinnen zu tun. Sie verwiesen unter anderem auf die Bundespolizei, die auch ohne eine Mindestgröße auskomme. Die Bewerberin müsse jetzt zum Auswahlverfahren zugelassen werden.

    Immerhin gelingt es auch der "Zeit" den Fall korrekt darzustellen und u erklären, dass es um eine Diskriminierung von Männern geht. Irreführend ist hier nur die Überschrift: "Polizei muss kleine Frau als Bewerberin akzeptieren."

    4. Ebenfalls in der Printausgabe der "Frankfurter Allgemeinen" von morgen findet sich ein Beitrag von Rainer Meyer ("Don Alphonso"), betitelt mit "Das Vermächtnis der schwarzen Liste". Der Artikel bezieht sich auf den grünen Online-Pranger und stellt dazu zunächst einmal Andreas Kemper vor, dem Beitrag zufolge ein "54 Jahre alter Aktivist und Soziologiedoktorand aus Münster, der seit mehr als zehn Jahren im Internet einen erbitterten, privaten Kleinkrieg gegen Männerrechtler und Gegner der Genderideologie führt."

    Hey, Kemper hat einen neuen Abschnitt für den Wikipedia-Eintrag über sich, sogar aus einem anerkannten Leitmedium. Ich hoffe, er freut sich ein bisschen.

    Der FAZ-Artikel führt aus, was die meisten Genderama-Leser ohnehin schon über den grünen Pranger wissen. In einer Passage erfährt man folgendes:

    Wer bei diesem Portal wen beschuldigte, war nicht offensichtlich. Zwar basiert Agent*In auf jener Wikimedia-Software, auf der auch die deutsche Wikipedia aufgebaut ist, wo Kemper und andere Aktivisten teils offen, teils anonym ihren Feldzug für ihre Vorstellungen von Sozial- und Geschlechterpolitik führen. Während aber bei Wikipedia die Versionsgeschichte, die Diskussionen und die Autoren gesehen und recherchiert werden können, ist Agent*In um diese Funktionen beraubt. (...) Auf die Frage, wie viel Geld die hauptsächlich durch Steuergeld finanzierte Böll-Stiftung für Agent*In ausgibt, verweigerte von Bargen die Auskunft.

    Diese intransparente Konstruktion und ihre erkennbare Ausrichtung, die zur Rufschädigung von Biologen, Journalisten, Bloggern und vielen weiteren genannten Gruppen beitragen sollte, zogen in den Medien von rechts bis links viel Kritik auf sich.

    Bekanntlich nutzte das Versteckspiel wenig:

    Erste Tarn- und Klarnamen, darunter der von Andreas Kemper, konnten durch eine simple Suchabfrage eruiert werden. Offensichtlich hatten die Böll-Techniker die Tücken der Wikisoftware unterschätzt. Erst nach der Darstellung des Lecks bei FAZ.net wurde die Lücke geschlossen. Mit reiner Spielerei an den URLs der Beiträge war es nicht nur möglich, die Veränderungen der Beiträge aufzurufen. Die Versionsgeschichte des Projekts vom 15. Dezember 2015 bis zu den letzten Änderungen stand offen im Netz. Über 7000 Seiten konnten erfasst und minutengenau erfasst werden. Obendrein zeigte sich nicht nur jede Änderung, sondern auch jeder Name der Autorenschaft. Ein kleines Team hatte Agent*In gepflegt, ergänzt und juristisch weniger angreifbar gemacht. Personen, deren Namen genannt wurden, konnten zudem ihre "Akten" herunterladen und erkennen, was einem umfassenden Redigat im Frühjahr 2017 zum Opfer gefallen war. Kemper hatte Anfang 2016 den größten Teil der Beiträge angelegt, und teilweise Formulierungen verwendet, die datenschutz- und persönlichkeitsrechtlich problematisch waren.

    Wiewohl die Verantwortlichen für dieses Projekt mit einer baldigen Rückkehr drohten, wird das von Sicherheitsexperten bezweifelt:

    Auch Bereiche, die mit Passwörtern gesichert waren, stellten kein großes Hindernis dar, zumal Benutzernamen tagelang bekannt waren. Ob sich weitere Zuträger finden, die bei einem derartig unsicheren Projekt mitwirken wollen, ist fraglich: Die fast durchweg negative Resonanz zeigt, wie kritisch das Anlegen von schwarzen Listen mit "Feinden" durch eine mit Steuergeld finanzierte Parteienstiftung gesehen wird. Nur radikalfeministische Websites, linke Aktivisten und Genderforscher stellten sich vorbehaltlos hinter das Projekt.

    5. Die Schwarzen Listen wiederum haben grundsätzliche Fragen zur "Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung" ausgelöst. Was ist das eigentlich für ein Verein? Handelt es sich wirklich um eine Stiftung? Warum gibt es innerhalb dieses ohnehin schon feministischen Vereins noch einmal ein eigenes feministisches Institut? Warum spielen Männer dort nur eine Rolle, solange sie Frauen dienen? Und wieso werden Menschen, die für die Rechte von Jungen und Männern eintreten, dort als Feinde behandelt, mit denen es keinen Dialog geben kann? Das Blog Man in the Middle hat seine Rechercheergebnisse über die Böll-Stiftung zusammengetragen und gelangt zu dem Urteil: Faktisch handelt es sich um ein Matriarchat.

    6. Die Brigitte versucht, den Leuten endlich einzubläuen, dass der Feminismus nicht männerfeindlich ist.

    7. Vor ein paar Monaten noch haben sich etliche Feministinnen vor Lachen auf dem Boden gekugelt, als sie hörten, dass tatsächlich Männer gegen Filmvorführungen nur für Frauen wegen Diskriminierung klagten. Die verantwortliche Kinokette hatte den Spott online angeheizt und zusätzliche Veranstaltungen dieser Art angesetzt. Inzwischen hat sie im Rahmen gerichtlicher Vergleichsverhandlungen ihr Fehlverhalten eingestanden:

    In a settlement offer July 18, Missy Reynolds, director of real estate and development for the Drafthouse, called that decree a 2tongue in cheek moniker" and said the theater wouldn’t actually have denied men admission if any had purchased tickets.

    The theater admitted it made two mistakes: underestimating the hubbub the screenings would create and advertising them as women-only. "Respondent did not realize that advertising a ‘women’s-only’ screening was a violation of discrimination laws," the movie theater’s offer to the city says.

    (...) City records indicate one of the men with a complaint pending offered to settle in exchange for the theater changing its discrimination policies and publicly apologizing on Facebook. The other complainant asked the Drafthouse to pay him $8,892 — roughly three times the estimated value of tickets and concessions for the women-only screenings.

    The Drafthouse responded to both with the counteroffer saying it would update its company discrimination policies using "Wonder Woman" as a case study, share letters describing the men’s points of view with employees and send each man a "Wonder Woman" DVD.

    An agreement has not yet been reached and negotiations are ongoing.

    8. Die US-Marines ließen durchgehend männliche Einheiten gegen gemischtgeschlechtliche Einheiten antreten und gelangten zu einem Ergebnis, dass die deutschen Leitmedien wohl als zutiefst sexistisch bezeichnen würden:

    Overall, the report says, all-male teams and crews outperformed mixed-gender ones on 93 out of 134 tasks evaluated. All-male teams were universally faster "in each tactical movement."

    Wenn das US-Militär sich an Google orientieren würde, hätte man dort die Verantwortlichen für diesen Bericht längst entlassen. Nachdem man sie mit Kaffee begossen hätte natürlich. Das Magazin Quartz hingegen stellt dreist in Frage, dass das Ideal der Gleichstellung tatsächlich Menschenleben wert ist:

    Risking the lives of a military unit in combat to provide career opportunities or accommodate the personal desires or interests of an individual, or group of individuals, is more than bad military judgment. It is morally wrong.

              Online Press Release Strategy for Green Real Estate Brokers        
    If you’re a green real estate broker who specializes in eco-friendly and sustainable properties, here are 3 ways online press releases can help build your business.…
              Republican Party In Palm Beach Lauds GOP Anti-Environmental Crusader ... by gimleteye        

    Alfie Fanjul (l) and Pepe Fanjul (r), top Palm Beach County Republican donor. The brothers head a billionaire dollar empire carved out of federal subsidies and corporate welfare programs protecting Big Sugar, the primary polluter of Everglades wetlands

    The Republican Party of Palm Beach County has invited James O'Keefe to be its keynote speaker at its mid-summer event.

    A press release describes O'Keefe as "an award winning journalist". In fact, he is better known as a right-wing activist who infiltrated ACORN and an office of Planned Parenthood and also invites legal action against himself.

    In 2010, O'Keefe was convicted of breaking into the offices of Sen. Marie Landrieu:

    Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe was sentenced to three years of probation, 100 hours of community service and a $1,500 fine after he pleaded guilty on Wednesday to misdemeanor charges stemming from his involvement in a break-in at Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) office. In January, O’Keefe and three others were arrested by federal authorities at Landrieu’s office on allegations of phone-tampering. Prosecutors initially said they caught four individuals in the process of committing a felony, but the charges were later reduced to misdemeanors."

    O'Keefe and the Florida GOP meant to time his visit to Palm Beach County -- where virulent anti-environmentalism is coordinated through the Fanjul & US Sugar Corporation cartel -- with revelations of his incursion into the League Of Conservation Voters; an attack rebuffed yesterday by LCV with the California Attorney General.

    The local GOP press release crows, "O’Keefe was ultimately credited with having a significant impact on the 2016 presidential elections for his October Surprise video series."

    In "Has James O’Keefe Accidentally Stung Himself Again?", New Yorker writer Jane Mayer -- who chronicled influence peddling of the nation's largest polluters in "Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right" -- writes:
    In the latest chapter of his strange career, the League of Conservation Voters, a national environmental-advocacy group, has filed a complaint against three individuals who infiltrated its operations, at least two of whom, the group alleges, “could be associated with” O’Keefe and have past ties to him. The group’s leaders recently began to suspect that they were being scammed, and decided to go to the authorities before O’Keefe or his alleged associates released any material on their own.
    The timing of the Florida GOP conspiracy with O'Keefe occurs within context of a massive erosion of environmental rules and regulations by the Trump White House.

    It is the identical strategy Florida polluters are planning to blend into the important 2018 political races where Big Sugar's main apologist, Agriculture Secretary Adam Putnam, is poised to be the GOP candidate to replace Gov. Rick Scott.

    Scott, who counts on campaign financial support from Big Sugar, will likely aim for the senate seat held by incumbent Democratic Bill Nelson.

    Overshadowing Florida's nasty, anti-people and anti-environmental politics is a recent report by federal scientists to the Trump administration calling climate change a greater, current threat to economic and national security than earlier estimates. According to the New York Times:
    The average temperature in the United States has risen rapidly and drastically since 1980, and recent decades have been the warmest of the past 1,500 years, according to a sweeping federal climate change report awaiting approval by the Trump administration. The draft report by scientists from 13 federal agencies concludes that Americans are feeling the effects of climate change right now. It directly contradicts claims by President Trump and members of his cabinet who say that the human contribution to climate change is uncertain, and that the ability to predict the effects is limited.
    The Trump White House has not released or commented on the report and was hoping, perhaps, that a titillating "explosive" revelation against LCV would help its cause in climate change denial.

    Governor Rick Scott has prohibited state agencies and staff from using the words, "climate change", although Florida's economy, real estate and tax base is most vulnerable to its impacts in the nation. Recently, the US Department of Agriculture ordered "climate change" to be similarly deleted from its communications.

    In the New Yorker report, Mayer contacted O'Keefe for comment. He responded:
    “I don’t comment on investigations real or imagined, or work with mainstream reporters who operate in bad faith,” he told me. In 2016, I wrote an article for this magazine about O’Keefe’s bungled attempt to sting George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, a liberal nonprofit group that O’Keefe had targeted.

    O'Keefe, in his role feeding the beast of disinformation through channels like Fox News, Breitbart, Infowars and Rush Limbauch, will dine on lobster tails at the Palm Beach GOP anti-environmental love-fest at the Polo Club of Boca Raton, 5400 Champion Boulevard, Boca Raton at 6:30PM on August 17.

              Can't stand Trump? Thinking of a move to Vancouver, Canada? Here is the Scoop. By Geniusofdespair         
    Be Forewarned: The Architecture since the late 70's can be quite bad here. The Canadian's just love Aluminum -- it is every where especially in the condos/apartments.

    Vancouver is probably the only place I would consider living in Canada to escape the insanity going on in the U.S.

    Some things to think about besides the architecture (that can make you wince)...

    • In the city, in 2 full days, I saw 11 people of Color.

    • No one said "Eh", big disappointment.

    • Bike paths abound throughout the city... wide bike paths. But no Uber or Lyft.

    • There is excellent seafood.

    • The water can be viewed from everywhere. They even have a park (Stanley Park) with about a 10 mile walk around the perimeter (with a separate bike path). There are 3 beaches within the park. It is not like Miami-Dade where you have to travel far to see waterfront.

    • Real Estate prices are high. On Vancouver Island even the condos run near a million.
    Yaletown rentals are in the $3,000 range. I did see, in Downtown area, a few 800 square-foot condos for sale in the $800,000 range -- for two bedrooms two baths. Most were more.

    • Not that many dogs in the city, or fake yippie service dogs.

    • People are more fit either from walking or biking. They aren't in the same shape as people at Trump rallies in West Virginia.

    • Less museums than even Miami but many libraries. Maybe they read during the shorter winter days - 4:30 sunset. One library is a bad reproduction of the Roman Colosseum. Over all, a walkable city with friendly, polite people.

    More wacky architecture:

              Carter Ferris: ACCOUNT DIRECTOR/SENIOR         
    £40 - 50,000+: Carter Ferris: This agency is looking for an Account Director or Senior with a background in corporate, environment or real estate PR. London (Central), London (Greater)
              Awaken to a Jump of 1,000,000+ on Technorati        
    Returning from a Trip to Mars

    90 days. A whole business quarter. In the blogosphere, this might as well be an eternity. And yet, this is how long it's been since my last post to Copywriting Tune-ups. Due to a raft of work that flooded in around Thanksgiving, yours truly has been away from this blog and blogs in general.

    Have you ever returned to some place you'd been away from for a very long time? Did a lot change while you were gone?

    Seeing all kinds of new widgets on people's blogs is like returning to one's old stomping grounds only to find buildings extended, traffic lights added to what used to be stop sign intersections, and more flashy signs everywhere.

    More for you

    And yet, this is no excuse for the dearth of posts in this time. If you subscribed to Copywriting Tune-ups, you came to expect thought-provoking makeovers of marketing literature and inspired marketing insights. Going forward, you will get this and more.

    As a rule, I never use the words, "and more" without serious justification. But first, let's address the title of this post. Then, we'll talk about and more.

    Catapulted by the Z-List

    Believe it or not, at the time of the last post to Copywriting Tune-ups, its Technorati ranking was approximately 1,240,000. As of this writing, it's at 118,074!

    If you've haven't heard of the Z-List, the idea started with Mark Collier's blog, Viral Garden. In an effort to turn Technorati's "authority ranking" on its ear, Mark created the Z-List. Designed to spread like a chain letter, the Z-List is a collection of links to other blogs that bloggers copy and paste into their own blogs. Each blogger adds links to their favorite under-noticed marketing and writing related blogs. With more inbound links, the receiving blogs increase their authority ranking on Technorati.

    On December 21, 2006, Roberta Rosenberg, The Copywriting Maven, added Copywriting Tune-ups to the Z-List and many others have followed her lead. To Roberta, I am eternally grateful. And a huge thanks to those who have shown "link-love" to Copywriting Tune-ups since. I'll link to your blogs from the chrome of this blog. If you linked to Copywriting Tune-ups and you don't see yours in the chrome, contact me.

    Check the Reality Check

    I've always been amazed at the growth in subscribers to Copywriting Tune-ups - even before the Z-List. On the other hand, to date, it's not been the kind of blog where people comment very much. Since blog reading software makes subscribing to blogs as casual as email, I got to thinking, "It's hard to know if folks think they're getting value out of this blog. With new business coming from other sources, maybe it's best to focus my energies elsewhere."

    Wake up and Smell the Signs

    Perhaps, I should have known things were stirring. A well-known copywriter gets in touch and asks me to review his book on my blog (I don't review anything until I've fully consumed it and I'm almost done - it is a page-turner, so stay tuned).

    The other day, AutoRoll recommends using their widget in this blog after telling me their search on Technorati turned up Copywriting Tune-ups on the first page. This rustled me out of my slumber. It took some quality time to learn of the Z-List and then pinpoint Roberta.

    Well, if intrepid copywriters like Roberta Rosenberg and Richard Armstrong and vendors like AutoRoll see value in Copywriting Tune-ups, I need to get back on the stick!

    Passing Along Good Karma

    As inexcusable as it is, given client work took me away from the blogosphere for 90 days; I need to get up to speed on other worthy blogs who could use some link-love. If you have any suggestions to add to the Z-List, contact me. I can't guarantee I'll include every suggestion, but I will carefully consider every one that comes in.

    And Now... Your And More

    Even more overdue than a post to this blog is a free eZine from Clear Crisp Communications, my copywriting business. It'll be packed full of readability tips and tricks. It'll start out monthly and eventually go weekly. If you have suggestions for the name, please, get in touch. Also, if you're interested in contributing, speak up.

    Also, Copywriting Tune-ups will expand it's coverage to selected B2C topics as well. Catalog copywriting, real estate, and direct mail will enter the mix. Ultimately, all of the B2B and B2C coverage will have the common thread of readability as a pivotal way to turn on readers' hot buttons for higher conversion rates.

    Finally, the Clear Crisp Communications website will soon offer online tools for calculating Flesch Ease of Reading, Flesch-Kinkaid Grade Level, SMOG, and something else I'm calling "The Ego-meter."

    It's great to be back. Looking forward to a lively exchange.

    Eric Rosen
    Strategic Marketing Writer
    Clear Crisp Communications
    Easier to Read Means More Sales and Leads

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              I hope I never....        
    As I've been a bit of a slack-arse with both posting and keeping up to date with friends blogs I didn't realise that Karina had tagged me to do a meme and tell you 5 things about me I've never told before. Karina put a great spin on her meme and revealed 5 things she's never done... so I'm going to do the same but with a twist 5 things I hope never to do... or never to do again!

    One: Work early morning shifts
    My ideal job would be a job that started at midday... actually last week I did a couple of days where I worked till 8.00pm... it was bliss. Even though I started work at my normal time, I got so much work done between 4.00-8.00pm I am seriously thinking of asking if I can change my hours so that I work till 7.30pm (at least during the summer and daylight savings). Can't work till 8.00pm as I discovered last week at exactly 8.00pm the alarm activates... frightened me half to death...

    Gone are the days where I will willing start work at 7.00am (unless I can work in my pj's!)

    Two: Stand on the observation deck of any high rise building
    I've discovered it's not heights I'm afraid of so much... it's falling. I can look out the window of a plane, can even stand at a lookout and look off into the distance... just don't ask me to look down! Famous at a previous workplace for going green at the gills and almost fainting when the electrician climbed over a guardrail and balanced precariously while trying to change a light globe. Equally as famous for refusing to walk into a training room with floor to ceiling windows in the high-rise Rialto building and then collapsing in a shaking heap when the trainer tried to reassure me by pressing his entire body against the glass.

    I think in a previous life I was the virginal maiden sacrificed to the gods by being chucked into a volcano!

    Three: Go to see the Monster Trucks, Car Racing, Motorbike Grand Prix et al.
    I knew it was luuurv with Boomerang Boy when I agreed to go to the Monster Trucks with him one night instead of going for a walk to see the Christmas Lights along the Boulevard... sigh...

    To make matters worse... he then proceeded to spend the rest of the night roaming around with his best buddy, turns out I was invited along to keep his mate's heavily pregnant girlfriend company so the boys could go watch their toys and dream....

    Three: Internet Dating (those Lonesome Losers websites)
    Conversation with the Nature Boy today about the ridiculous real estate prices at present that went off on a typically strange (for us) tangent:

    MFF: I will probably rent for the rest of my life as I won't be able to afford to buy a house.
    NB: Yes, you will.
    MFF: Only if I find a man who wants to keep me in the style I wish to be accustomed to!
    NB: Well, that'll happen too!
    MFF: Do you think so?
    NB: Yes!
    MFF: I don't think that's very likely... in order to meet someone you actually need to leave the house!
    NB: Well, eventually... but you could meet him and get to know him online
    MFF (shaking her head furiously): Seriously... no way... the last guy I met online told me he had to leave early even before I got my coat off... and then ended up staying around for 3 hours, paying for my dinner, telling me he had a great time and would like to see me again and then a week later ringing me and saying he would like to stay in touch but he was pursuing other options and by the way he had found himself strangely aroused by me, had I been trying to arouse him and had I been aroused too!
    NB (laughing): That is kind of weird...
    MFF: That's the thing, he seemed so normal too... I think it's me... I bring out the odd in people
    NB: Yeah, I can relate to that... (laughing)

    Five: Go camping...
    Back in the day when I advertised in the personals, probably a good 80% of the men who responded to my advert after telling me their name and occupation and the suburb they lived in told me they liked going camping! There was one memorable guy in his voicemail who said in a fairly decent Sylvester Stallone/Rocky Balboa voice 'Ummm... I like going fishin' and campin'... and ummm... walks on the beach, and ummm going to the movies, but I 'specially like fishin' and campin'...'

    Before anyone yells at me... I realise that there are lots of people who like camping, including some females... but not this little fat duck! My idea of roughing it is a 3 star motel! And I once told Peter Rabbit that I really liked the great outdoors... as I watched it out the window on my way to the bed and breakfast!

    I also told him earlier in the year, when he suggested that cuddling up in a sleeping bag was romantic, that I wasn't adverse to sharing a sleeping bag, or a tent for that matter... the man of my dreams will pitch that tent in the middle of the living room or better yet the penthouse at the Hyatt.

              re: Reconnecting - By Rick Gold        

    At last, great ideas. But how to get them into play? That's the question. One sport, one set of rules would be a good start. Too many chiefs and not enough indians in racing at the moment. Santa Anita staged the best BC in years in '09 but this year it all went downhill in KY with jockeys brawling, horses euthanazed, the LAT incident, arguably the best turf horse in the world in Workforce being scratched because the turf was too hard or soft or overwatered, depending on which journalist you listened to. This had the makings of the best year yet with Zenyatta and Goldikova grabbing headlines but didn't turn out like that at all. I've made my living in this sport for the last 15 years but it's frustrated me to the point that I have to seek greener pastures overseas. We have great owners, trainer, jockeys and backstretch essential hands here but the politicians, developers,(who have their eyes on the prime real estate of the tracks) and some business types are not keeping up their end. We seem to be one step behind all the time. Zenyatta's been around for 4 years. Why now, at the 11th hour have the media just discovered her and promoted her? It's too late, the boats sailed. Thousands upon thousands of jobs rely on the racing industry in this country and these days we cannot afford to lose one of them. The powers that be need to wake up before every track in this country resembles a ghost town.

              Samsung unveils 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 and 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+        

    After months of leaks, Samsung has officially unveiled its newest set of flagship phones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, confirming what VentureBeat previously reported. Coming more than a year after their predecessor was introduced, the new devices are designed to provide more screen real estate, while still fitting comfortable in the palm of your hand, and […]

              Buying a Home? Let’s Talk Data Security        
    The process of buying a home means working with a number of professionals, from mortgage brokers to real estate agents and home inspectors. It also requires you to give many of those people access to sensitive personal information. How can you make sure they will safeguard it and help reduce your chances of identity theft? […]
              Internet Security and Online House Hunting        
    Eighty-seven percent of buyers use online resources in searching for a home, according to a 2016 survey released by the real estate web site Zillow®. Most commonly, they use desktop computers (77 percent), followed by mobile websites (56 percent) and mobile apps (48 percent). Mobile device use is most prevalent among buyers under the age […]
              Buying a Home: Your Personal Data        
    Obtaining a mortgage and buying a home requires lots of documentation, from paycheck stubs to tax returns and credit card statements. While the process can be time-consuming, technology has made it easier, and many real estate communications today occur electronically – when you send your mortgage broker required documents, for instance. But with convenience also […]
              Roel Druyts is Vastgoedondernemer van het Jaar        
    Real Estate Awards van CIB Vlaanderen leveren Kempense winnaar.
    Made in Kempen
              Comment on Greenpoint Degentrification Watch: Lofts 305 Still Sucks by Rebel Princess        
    I just noticed that there are 3 one bedroom vacancies in this building that are now being advertised as 2 bedrooms (Apt 4D/4I/3G). This is indeed NOT legal in NYC because the second "bedroom" upstairs does not have a window. How can they get away with this just to charge a higher rent and claim it's a 2 bedroom? They must register what is listed on the Certificate of Occupancy. Any broker or agency that markets a dwelling falsely or inaccurately is in violation of the Code of Ethics of the Real Estate Board of NY and can be subject to disciplinary procedures, which can include having their license revoked and heavy fines. http://www.nybits.com/apartmentlistings/272974b7d0e414505674f55eab59f6e1.html Previously they used to list it as a one bedroom, but just changed the listing one week ago to say 2 bedroom. There are several real estate agencies doing this: Brick & Mortar, Dreamspace, Bellmarc and Miron Properties. According to NY ADMINISTRATIVE CODE: "All bedrooms must have at least one window that opens to a street, yard, or courtyard or to a balcony that opens to a street, yard or court."
              The Signature St Petersburg Real Estate        
    The Signature St Petersburg Florida Condos for Sale The Signature of St Petersburg is one of the newest luxury condo communities. Located at 175 First Street South, it features stunning views of Tampa Bay, walk to downtown shops and restaurants and is steps away from gorgeous bay front park. The property itself has great modern […]
              The Beacon Condos Saint Petersburg Real Estate        
    The Beacon Condos St Petersburg Florida The Beacon Condos in downtown St Petersburg offer a great opportunity to enjoy luxury living at an affordable price. This community has been recently updated with the latest condo amenities! The Beacon features condos for sale currently ranging from $59,000 to $224,000. Condos listed range in size from 489  […]
              St Petersburg Downtown Condos Real Estate        
    St Petersburg Florida Downtown Condo Information One of our favorite real estate areas in Tampa Bay is the St. Petersburg condos. These properties have dropped in price enough to offer great opportunities at an affordable price if you are the right buyer. For sellers, getting out there with your listing is tough and you need […]
              The Sage Condos St Petersburg Florida        
    The Sage Condos and St Petersburg Real Estate offers great options for all different kinds of fun and friendly living. Check out our information about this great community and come back often to see our listings of Sage condos for sale. The Sage features condos for sale currently ranging from $159,000 to $299,000. Condos listed […]
              Customer Service/Luggage Agent - Executive Flight Centre Fuel Services Ltd. - Fort Mackay, AB        
    EFC also offers additional expertise and services to customers throughout Western Canada in the areas of Airport / Aerodrome Services and Aviation Real Estate...
    From Indeed - Thu, 06 Jul 2017 11:40:38 GMT - View all Fort Mackay, AB jobs
              Finally, An Easy Automatic Video Creation Tool        
    With the Animoto video creation tool you can create unlimited customized videos in minutes. Videos are everywhere these days. Videos are widely used on web sites and blogs to entertain, educate and to advertise ideas and products. Also, people enjoy creating photo montages with music in the background to share memories with others. Businesses use videos to market and promote products. No need for specialized equipment or technical know-how to create videos using Animoto. It's that easy!

    Three Easy Steps

    Animoto does all the work and all the thinking for you. Utilizing a unique technical process, Animoto is able to mimic the functions of a director and an editor. It does this with simplicity and within minutes. It analyzes your music selections and photos to produce a custom, one of a kind video, each time. All you have to do is upload your photos, choose your music, add text if you wish, and Animoto does the rest. It's that easy!

    Video "Shorts" For Free

    You can create unlimited "shorts" for free or create a full-length video for a nominal cost. You can pay as you go, or get a cost effective All-Access Pass good for one year of unlimited extended length videos for just $30. There is built in functionality to easily post your video to popular video sharing sites, your blog or social sites like MySpace. You can download the full-length videos and upload them wherever you like. With the All-Access Pass you may also download the short length 30-second videos.

    Animoto For Businesses: Special Marketing Features

    A recent addition is the option of specialty accounts for business and commercial use. Business accounts provide unlimited video production and DVD quality downloads. Animoto's patent-pending motion design makes it easy for businesses to produce professional marketing, instructional and educational videos within minutes.

    With the business account you can choose a song for your video from a library of hundreds of commercially licensed songs. Additionally, where supported, a call-to-action can be included at the end of your video linking to a URL of your choice. It has never been easier to market your business and control your message. Animoto's easy-to-use video production suite has advantages for many business professionals including but not limited to: affiliate/internet marketers, real estate professionals, photographers and educators.
              Technical Trainer/Help Desk Technician        
    CA-Century City, Katten is a firm of first choice for clients seeking sophisticated, high-value legal services in the United States and abroad. Our nationally recognized practices include corporate, financial services, litigation, real estate, environmental, commercial finance, insolvency and restructuring, intellectual property, and trusts and estates. Our more than 650 attorneys serve public and private companie
              Evil Angel — My Bisexual Boyfriend        
    Evil Angel — My Bisexual Boyfriend

    Distaff director and sexual gourmet Aiden Starr brings wild kinks to the porn mainstream: The intimate, nastily gender-bent threesomes of her «My Bisexual Boyfriend» reveal how erotic possibilities can expand when a girl«s significant other swings both ways! Gabriel Dalessandro is shocked to discover girlfriend Riley Nixon blowing stud Jasper Stone. But when Gabriel sees what Jasper»s packing, the bisexual horn pooch can't resist joining in. On the advice of beau Lance Hart, adorable college girl Charlotte Sartre gets a massage from Wolf Hudson. The ensuing three-way includes intense double penetration and mutual cocksucking. Real estate broker Gabriel shows a luxury home to Candice Dare and Owen Michaels. Candice rides both of their dicks and shares a passionate cum kiss with each of her handsome bi studs! Blonde, all-natural Maxim Law and boyfriend Sebastian Keys have one rule for male houseguests: a mandatory threesome! Jasper happy complies; their menage-a-trois fuckfest climaxes in two messy cum explosions and a three-way kiss.

    Format: mp4
    Video: 1280x720

    Evil Angel — My Bisexual Boyfriend

    Evil Angel — My Bisexual Boyfriend

    Evil Angel — My Bisexual Boyfriend

    Total size: 2.8 GB in 4 files.

    Evil Angel — My Bisexual Boyfriend
              3 Expectations When Starting Your Home Business        
    3 Expectations When Starting Your Home Business The year was 2007 and I was on fire for my new home based business.  I had just traded in my 13 year real estate career paying a sweet 6 figure income and was ready to tackle this home based business stuff. I remember tossing my high heels […]
              Real Estate Waterfall Model: Overview, Setup, and First Steps (30:34)        

    In this lesson, you’ll begin setting up the waterfall returns schedule with the formulas for the Tier 1 IRR accruals and cash flow distributions, and you’ll learn why we might need to build in a special case to handle the debt repayment upon construction completion.

    The post Real Estate Waterfall Model: Overview, Setup, and First Steps (30:34) appeared first on Free Financial Modeling Tips & Tutorials | BIWS.

              Leasing Commissions Real Estate: How to Project Them (37:52)        

    You will learn how to project leasing commissions for both new and renewal leases in this lesson, and you’ll learn how to distribute the lease payments over the appropriate time frames.

    The post Leasing Commissions Real Estate: How to Project Them (37:52) appeared first on Free Financial Modeling Tips & Tutorials | BIWS.

              Real Estate Pro-Forma Model: Property Operating Scenarios (27:22)        

    You will learn how to set up different operating scenarios for the property in this lesson, including a decline followed by a recovery and stabilization as well as a high-growth period followed by a decline and a recovery. You will also learn how items such as rent, the vacancy rate, operating expenses, and TIs, LC, and CapEx change in each phase.

    The post Real Estate Pro-Forma Model: Property Operating Scenarios (27:22) appeared first on Free Financial Modeling Tips & Tutorials | BIWS.

              Getting Real about our Real Estate Team!        

    Taylor-Made’s Real Estate Team! The promise of summer is finally around the corner and as every year, we get so excited to start seeing docks appear in the water! Yes, that’s right, the ice has finally melted and docks are starting to be put in the water. Visions of children giggling uncontrollably as they are … Continue reading Getting Real about our Real Estate Team!

    The post Getting Real about our Real Estate Team! appeared first on Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations & Sales Blog.

              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 05-11-2017 with Barry Roark        

    Childish Gambino- Have Some Love - Awaken My Love
    Oumou Sangar- Mali Niale - Mogoya
    Paul Weller- Kosmos - Paul Weller
    Paul Weller- Above The Clouds - Paul Weller
    Porno For Pyros- Pets - Porno For Pyros
    Kasey Chambers- Jonestown - Dragonfly
    Low- Especially Me - CMon
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    Fujiya Miyagi- Impossible Objects Of Desire Radio Edit - Fujiya Miyagi
    Slowdive- Go Get It - Slowdive
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    Sharon Jones The DapKings- Keep On Looking - Miss Sharon Jones Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Billy Boyo- One Spliff A Day - Hi Grade Ganja Anthems Vol 2
    Tom Tom Club- You Sexy Thing - Dark Sneak Love Action
    British Sea Power- Dont Let The Sun Get In The Way - Let The Dancers Inherit The Party
    Fun Boy Three The Specials- The Lunatics ReRecorded - The Very Best Of The Specials And Fun Boy Three ReRecorded Versions
    Kasabian- Neon Noon - Velociraptor
    Dispatch- Flag - Circles Around The Sun
    PVT- Fake Sun In China - New Spirit
    Mouse On The Keys- Earache - Out Of Body EP
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    The Brian Jonestown Massacre- Vad Hnde Med Dem - Revelation
    RF Shannon- Had A Revelation - Jaguar Palace
    Aloe Blacc- I Need A Dollar - Good Things Deluxe Edition
    Danny Michel The Garifuna Collective- A Cold Road - Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me
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    THE VINES- Sun Child - GET FREE
    The Waterboys- The Faerys Last Song - An Appointment With Mr Yeats
    Bonobo- 7th Sevens - Migration
    Real Estate- Saturday - In Mind
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    Paul Westerberg- 23 Years Ago - Folker
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    Woods- Lost In A Crowd - Love Is Love
    - voicebreak -
    Future Islands- Through The Roses - The Far Field
    Father John Misty- Total Entertainment Forever - Pure Comedy
    Elliott Smith- Ballad Of Big Nothing - EitherOr Expanded Edition
    Wilsen- Centipede - I Go Missing In My Sleep
    The New Pornographers- Juke - Whiteout Conditions
    Real Estate- Stained Glass - In Mind
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    Slowdive- Star Roving - Slowdive
    Loose Tooth- Free Skate - Big Day
    The Buttertones- TwoHeaded Shark - Gravedigging
    Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2- Disco Kid - Star Stuff
    The Magnetic Fields- 68 A Cat Called Dionysus - 50 Song Memoir
    Kelly Lee Owens- Bird - Kelly Lee Owens
    Max Cooper- Cyclic Tom Hodge Remix - Emergence Remixed
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    Juveniles- Comfort Girl - Without Warning
    Vibronics Meets Conscious Sounds- Long Time Dub - Half Century Dub
    WHY- George Washington - Moh Lhean
    The Moonlandingz- The Cities Undone - Interplanetary Class Classics
    Clark- Slap Drones - Death Peak
    The Black Angels- Id Kill For Her - Death Song
    Tinariwen- Tiwyyen - Elwan
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    Contry- So Get A Baby - Cell Phone 1
    Timber Timbre- Sincerely Future Pollution - Sincerely Future Pollution
    Mr Elevator The Brain Hotel- Tears Of Green - When The Morning Greets You
    Evolfo- Last Of The Acid Cowboys - Last Of The Acid Cowboys
    Les Amazones DAfrique- Dombolo feat Anglique Kidjo - Rpublique Amazone
    Jimmy Whoo- Intro 29th Street - Motel Music Pt 2
    Thievery Corporation- Ghetto Matrix feat Mr Lif - The Temple Of I I
    - voicebreak -
    Freelsds Badtrip- Lucifer Sammiracle Of The Revolving Sun - Freelsds Badtrip EP
    El Michels Affair- Shadow Boxing - Return To The 37th Chamber
    Jilted Lover- Blue - Prescriptions
    Steady Holiday- Your Version Of Me - Under The Influence
    Paris Combo- Cuir Interieur - Tako Tsubo
    Vieux Farka Tour- Nature - Samba
    Grandaddy- I Dont Wanna Live Here Anymore - Last Place
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    Juana Molina- Los Pies Helados - Halo
    Corbin Andrick- Mind The Bubbles - Bonzo Squad
    Nouvelle Vague- I Wanna Be Sedated - I Could Be Happy
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    Citrus Clouds- Imagination - Imagination

    playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/35/playlistDate/2017-05-03
              Staging: A New Approach        
    In spite of the fact that Staging is the trendy expression that we are presently hearing all the time with Real Estate, the idea of staging has really been around for a long time in Canada. The principal individuals to utilize the procedure of organizing a home available to be purchased were manufacturers. They perceived […]
              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 04-18-2017 with Barry Roark        

    Various Artists- Fancy - This Is Where I Belong
    Bob Mould Vic Chesnutt- Hickory Wind - Commemorativo A Tribute To Graham Parsons
    Various Artists- Dark Industry - Phunky Data 38
    The Walkabouts- Cover Of Darkness - Drunken Soundtracks Volume 2
    Grandaddy- Brush With The Wild - Last Place
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    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever- Sick Bug - The French Press EP
    Vetiver- More Of This - Tight Knit
    Spoon- Tear It Down - Hot Thoughts
    Travis Linville- Going Down Easy - Up Ahead
    Belle And Sebastian- Meat And Potatoes - The Third Eye Centre
    Elizabeth Carpenter- Affair In Amsterdam - The Blueweed Songs
    Sonic Youth- Superstar - If I Were A Carpenter
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    Sound Iration- The Storm - In Dub Pt 2
    DJ Naughty- DJs Cant Dance FUN Club Mix - Fun
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    Branford Marsalis- Steppin On The Blues - Romare Bearden Revealed
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    Celestine Ukwu His Philosophers National- Okwukwe Na Nichekwub - Highlife Time Vol 2
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    King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard- Flying Microtonal Banana - Flying Microtonal Banana
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    Red Baraat- Bhangale feat Delicate Steve - Bhangra Pirates
    Half Japanese- Attack Of The Giant Leeches - Hear The Lions Roar
    Delicate Steve- Winners - This Is Steve
    Animal Collective- Peacemaker - The Painters EP
    WHY- Proactive Evolution - Moh Lhean
    Merchandise- Flower Of Sex - A Corpse Wired For Sound
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    Brian Marsellas Imaginarium- Whos Going To Follow Your Revolution - Chapter One The Clocks Have Gone Mad
    Pick A Piper- January Feels Lost feat Introverted Dancefloor - Distance
    Emel Mathlouthi- Layem - Ensen
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    Novella- Thun - Change Of State
    Freelsds Badtrip- Cast Your Spell - Freelsds Badtrip EP
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    Thievery Corporation- The Temple Of I I - The Temple Of I I
    Xiu Xiu- Bubble - Polyvinyl Plays Polyvinyl
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    Sir Was- Digging A Tunnel - Digging A Tunnel
    Landlady- Electric Abdomen - The World Is A Loud Place
    Chicano Batman- Area C - Freedom Is Free
    Max Cooper- Symmetry - Emergence
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    Tim Darcy- Tall Glass Of Water - Saturday Night
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    The Dig- Over The Rails - Bloodshot Tokyo
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    Mr Elevator The Brain Hotel- Let Me Be - When The Morning Greets You
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    Marc Ribot The Young Philadelphians- Love Rollercoaster Live - Live In Tokyo

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    Grandaddy- Brush With The Wild - Last Place
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    Local Natives- Everything All At Once - Sunlit Youth
    Hideout- Always On The Run - So Many Hoops So Little Time
    Flying Lotus- Never Catch Me feat Kendrick Lamar - Youre Dead
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    Jay Som- Baybee - Everybody Works
    Tinariwen- Tiwyyen - Elwan
    King Gizzard The Lizard Wizard- Nuclear Fusion - Flying Microtonal Banana
    Lusine- Ticking Hands feat Sarah McIlwain - Sensorimotor
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    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever- Colours Run - The French Press EP
    Steve Lacy- Ryd - Steve Lacys Demo EP
    Shye Ben Tzur Jonny Greenwood The Rajasthan Express- Allah Elohim - Junun
    Real Estate- White Light - In Mind
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    Froth- Romance Distractions - Outside Briefly
    Jacques Greene- Afterglow - Feel Infinite
    Ondatrpica- Boga Canoero - Baile Bucanero
    Faintlife- Prodigy Porch - Ever Was
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    Goldfrapp- Moon In Your Mouth - Silver Eye
    Jamie Xx- Sleep Sound - In Colour
    Yasmine Hamdan- Al Jamilat - Al Jamilat
    Sir Was- Falcon - Digging A Tunnel
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    Tanika Charles- Soul Run - Soul Run
    Imaginary Tricks- Lights Out - Skommel
    Disclosure- Superego feat Nao - Caracal
    Half Waif- Wave - Forma EP
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    Thundercat- A Fans Mail Tron Song II - Drunk
    Talaboman- Losers Hymn - The Night Land
    Daym Arocena- Its Not Gonna Be Forever - Cubafona
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    Radiohead- Ful Stop - A Moon Shaped Pool
    Tennis- 10 Minutes 10 Years - Yours Conditionally
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    BADBADNOTGOOD- Speaking Gently - IV
    Blood Orange- Best To You - Freetown Sound

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              UK keen on Indian investments in realty - BusinessLine - Real Estate        
    To support drive to create more affordable housing across Britain
              Video: Living in the Floodplain: "Who to ask re:        
    "Ask the developer:", "Ask the Real Estate Agent," Review the governmental process.
              "Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign"        
    Post title inspired by the song title of the same name by The 5 Man Electrical Band.

    Sometimes I just got to laugh at myself. Not because I'm funny, well, sometimes I think I'm hilarous. I got to laugh at myself because I can see and hear myself digging a deeper and deeper hole I put myself in. At times I allow the resistances to block my energy, the tightness in the chest, shallow breaths and then a slight touch of overwhem and the thought "it's got to be easier. It's suppose to be easy." Every once in awhile I even think "What have I done, I can't get this all done."


    Then I catch myself. Not scold, chastise, belittle nor yell at myself, but simply catch myself. Take a deep breath...or two...maybe three. Ah, that feels better. Look at where I'm at, appreciate where I'm at. Be thankful for the lessons and training.

    Recently I got an email from Notes from the Universe:

    Impatience is a sign of hurrying; hurrying is a sign of worrying; worrying is a sign of fear; and fear is a sign, Dean, that someone has temporarily forgotten that it's never too late to change their thoughts and therefore their "things." And for these reasons, time will forever be on their side.

    Glad we could straighten that out -
    The Universe

    Ah, it's great to see the universe talk so directly to me. It's fun living a life of magic and wonder.

    Spring is once again in the air. Little things are bringing such a great joy to my day, like birds chirpping, the warm sun on my face (yes, I recently got sunburned), a cool breeze, that extra nugget of chicken bites, a friend buying lunch, that phone call from a friend I was thinking about 2 days ago. Heck, even the email from a real estate agent letting me know of a price reduction on a piece of property he's selling is great news...to me.

    So what's all this got to do with signs. Simple really, the universe is talking to us, giving us nudges, hints, clues and we...we have our feelings. These are all signs of what's going on.

    Serendipity and Synchronisity

    I'm forming a Mastermind Group here in San Diego. I'm posting on several local online sites. One person wrote a reply post "It was pure happenstance that I came across your post". The bell rang in my head, for me as much as for this writer, when one is in vibrational alingment, seemingly unrelated events happen to make sense or your eye catches some phrase or book title, find an online ad, etc. that provides the answer to your questions or fulfills a desire.

    It's taken me over a year to finally put into motion that effort to put this together. Now, it's comming together nicely.


    I came out of a job interview on Friday. Feeling pretty good about how I did. Back on the phone, first call I get was from someone wanting an upgrade in service, so I got a sale. I went to lunch, came back and checked my email, I had another sale and commission on the way. Then I won an sales incentive drawing of a $50.00 prepaid gas card. Signs that good things are comming to me. I expressed my gratitude for these good things and how quickly they are comming to me.

    Being in the flow

    Abraham calls it moving downstrean. This is when we are just going along in the river of life events that happen, it's how we go with these events that tell us if we are going upsteam (resistance) or downsteam (in the flow).

    At times it seems easier said than done. To some, it is easy. Why does it seem easier said than done. Well for me, I still slip and fall back into the old patterns. Why is it still so easy to fall? I'm still learning. Marci Shimoff said in the movie The Secret:

    The only difference between people who are really living this way and people who aren't living in the magic of life. Is that the people who are living in the magic of life have habituated ways of being. They have habituated this process and magic happens with them where ever they go, because they remember and do it all the time, not as a one time event.

    I'm sure everone's heard "Practice makes perfect. "Practice being happy, practice appreciation, practice gratitude, and you'll get good. My daughter is in middle school choir and her coach taught them "practice makes permanent". By practicing being happy, having high vibrations, thinking good thoughts, it will become a permanent lifestyle. I'm better today than two years ago because I practice being happy, appreciation and gratitude.

    Although I've been practicing meditation more this past year, I've really stepped it up this year, and even more in March. About January, I got the demo CD from Centerpoint using their Holosync technology. That helped me with my meditations. Now I have the introductory program Awakening Prologue. I've been listening to this program for over a week now. I'm seeing some noticable changes in my meditation and in turn, how life events move about me.

    Recently I've been comming across more blog posts by Craig Harper and Aaron Potts about physical fitness and how it's easy to be lazy and not do what needs to be done. Although I do walk in my lovely neighborhood, I want more. I remember when I didn't do any type of exercise and how after a week of a breif walking how I started feeling better. I want to feel better. I want to feel healthier. So, I'm picking up the pace and putting in more effort.

    By watching what happens to us, being aware of our emotions, observing the behavior of people around us, being open to hearing something on the radio, overhearing a conversation (not eveasdropping), asking questions and being willing to have the universe or our subconscious provide an answer as a thought or through other means, we see the signs pointing us in the direction of our desires. Follow those signs.

              Find Ca$h for Your Deal$        
    I have funded my deals with every method known to man: conventional loans, seller financing, 1031 exchanges, credit card checks, refinance one to buy another, partners, wholesaling, hard money, private money. Each has its place in certain situations. The one that will skyrocket your success as a real estate investor is Private Lending. The reason […]
              California Appeals Panel Affirms $500,000 Punitive Award In Contract Breach Suit        
    SAN DIEGO - Evidence presented at trial in a breach of contract suit over a real estate dispute supports a $500,000 punitive damages award, a California appeals panel held Oct. 4, affirming a trial court's reduction of the $2.5 million that a jury had awarded (Anice Plikaytis v. James Roth, et al., No. D056922, Calif. App., 4th Dist., Div. 1; 2011 Cal. App. Unpub. LEXIS 7557). Full story on lexis.com
              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 09-15-2015 with Barry Roark        

    Courtney Barnett- Porcelain - The Double EP A Sea Of Split Peas
    The Waterboys- Song Of Wandering Aengus - An Appointment With Mr Yeats
    Metronomy- Im Aquarius - Love Letters
    - voicebreak -
    Spiritualized- Broken Heart - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space Deluxe Version
    Talking Heads- Houses In Motion - Remain In Light
    Message To Bears- Find Our Way Home - Departures
    The Antlers- Prologue - Hospice
    Sufjan Stevens- Impossible Soul - The Age Of Adz
    Metric- Youth Without Youth - Synthetica
    Easy Star AllStars- Wanna Be Startin Somethin feat JoWil Ruff Scott - Easy Stars Thrillah
    The Amazing- Picture You - Picture You
    Real Estate- Younger Than Yesterday - Days
    Beach Fossils- Clash The Truth - Clash The Truth
    Jphnny Bertram And The Golden Bicycles- Out Of Darkness - Neon City
    Sasha- Wavy Gravy Original Mix - Deconstruction Reconstructed 004 EP
    Elizabeth Carpenter- Clint Eastwood Dream - Flirting
    The Velvet Underground- Who Loves The Sun - Loaded
    Ben Watt- A Girl In Winter feat Robert Wyatt - Summer Into Winter EP
    Gayngs- Faded High - Relayted
    Danny Michel The Garifuna Collective- This Is What Is - Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me
    Tribal Seeds- Night Day - Representing
    Tribal Seeds- Representing feat Vaughn Benjamin - Representing
    Yo La Tengo- Autumn Sweater - I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One
    The Walkabouts- Feel Like Going Home - Satisfied Mind
    Locas In Love- Blackbox - Use Your Illusion 3 4

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              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 04-14-2015 with Barry Roark        

    Port OBrien- I Woke Up Today - The Wind And The Swell
    Peter Bjorn John- May Seem Macabre - Gimme Some
    Beardyman- You Only Like What You Know - Distractions
    The Bug- Dirty feat Flowdan - Angels Devils
    Robert Wyatt- Chelsa - 68
    - voicebreak -
    Spain- Untitled 1 - The Blue Moods Of Spain
    Nick Waterhouse- Aint There Something That Money Cant Buy - Holly
    The Waterboys- I Can See Elvis - Modern Blues
    THEESatisfaction- Post Black Anyway - EarthEE
    Pinback- Offcell - Offcell
    Dubmatix- Liberation feat Longfingah - Rebel Massive
    Real Estate- Younger Than Yesterday - Days
    The Jones Girls- Will You Be There - Funk Soul Brothers Sisters Ghetto Funk Classics Southern Fried Soul Killers
    Tomas Pagan Motta- Up And Away - Tomas Pagan Motta
    - voicebreak -
    QUESTION MARK MYSTERIAN- Beachcomber - More Action
    Verckys LOrchestre Vv- Sex Veve - Verckys LOrchestre Vv Congolose Funk Afrobeat Psychedelic Rumba 19691978
    Various Artists- Radio City Feat Bajka The Hop - HVW8 Presents Music Is My Art
    Via Tania- Moonbow - Via Tania And The Tomorrow Music Orchestra
    The Real Tuesday Weld- The Show Must Go On - I Lucifer
    The Radio Dept- On Your Side - Passive Aggressive Singles 20022010
    The Omens- John Fonte Blues - Destroy The E S P
    Various Artists- Pretty 50s - Mulholland Drive
    Sky Cries Mary- We Will Fall - A Return To The Inner Experience
    Sometymes Why- You Little Trustmaker - Superhits Of The Superstrs
    Robyn Hitchcock- When I Was A Kid - Gravy Deco
    The Sonics- Save The Planet - This Is The Sonics
    Tom Tom Club- Happiness Cant Buy Money - The Good The Bad And The Funky
    Happy Mondays- Do It Better - Bummed
    The Pinker Tones- Maybe Next Saturday - The Million Colour Revolution
    Steve Wynn Linda Pitmon- Jack Candy - Got No Chains The Songs Of The Walkabouts
    - voicebreak -
    Calexico- Follow The River - Edge Of The Sun
    Sufjan Stevens- Should Have Known Better - Carrie Lowell
    Jos Gonzlez- Leaf Off The Cave - Vestiges Claws

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              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 03-04-2015 with Michael Buck        

    - voicebreak -
    - voicebreak -
    - voicebreak -
    - voicebreak -
    - voicebreak -
    - voicebreak -
    Danielle Ate The Sandwich- Where There Is Light - The Drawing Back Of Curtains Music From The Film Packed In A Trunk The Lost Art Of Edith Lake Wilkinson
    Tomas Pagan Motta- Up And Away - Tomas Pagan Motta
    Shakey Graves- House Of Winston - And The War Came
    The Decemberists- Make You Better - What A Terrible World What A Beautiful World
    SleaterKinney- Price Tag - No Cities To Love
    Father John Misty- The Ideal Husband - I Love You Honeybear
    - voicebreak -
    Panda Bear- Selfish Gene - Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper
    Mike Pace And The Child Actors- King Of Corona - Best Boy
    Red Baraat- Horizon Line - Gaadi Of Truth
    Dengue Fever- Still Waters Run Deep - The Deepest Lake
    Gala Drop- Samba Da Maconha - II
    Horseman- Dawn Of The Dread - Dawn Of The Dread
    ItchyO- Jaywalker - Burn The Navigator
    Real Estate- All The Same - Days
    Sallie Ford- Workin The Job - Slap Back
    The Magnetic Fields- The Dada Polka - Realism
    I Start Counting- My Translucent Hands - My Translucent Hands
    Vulcan Freedom Fighters- Romulan Divide - Stardate Unknown
    Antimc- Or I May Just Dream My Life Away feat Clue To Kalo - Its Free But Its Not Cheap
    Tatanka- The Yard feat Maad TRay Of Tribal Seeds Passafire - Tatanka
    Decker- 5 Oscillations - Patsy
    Decker- Esther Mofet - Patsy
    Boards Of Canada- 1969 - Geogaddi
    Black Moth Super Rainbow- Iron Lemonade - Eating Us
    Robin Guthrie- Pale - Continental
    The Budos Band- Into The Fog - Burnt Offering
    Savage Republic- Ivory Coast - Tragic Figures
    Killing Joke- Turn To Red - Laugh I Nearly Bought One
    Bill Nelson- Do You Dream In Colour - Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam
    Intuit- Aho - Intuit
    Aphex Twin- Ptolemy - Selected Ambient Works 8592
    Shriekback- Sexthinkone - Tench
    Seor Coconut Kocani Orkestar- UstiUsti Baba feat Senor Coconut Kocani Orkestar - Balkan Brass

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              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 12-30-2014 with Barry Roark        

    - voicebreak -
    Jaga Jazzist- Bananfluer Overalt Clark Remix - 9414 Reworks
    Young Fathers- Get Up - Dead
    Sun Kil Moon- Dogs - Benji
    Marianne Faithfull- Going Home - Give My Love To London
    Bryan Ferry- Soldier Of Fortune - Avonmore
    Spoon- Rainy Taxi - They Want My Soul
    AltJ- Matilda - An Awesome Wave
    AltJ- Pusher - This Is All Yours
    AltJ- Left Hand Free - This Is All Yours
    The War On Drugs- Red Eyes - Lost In The Dream
    Ty Segall- The Hand - Manipulator
    Broken Bells- After The Disco - After The Disco
    Broken Bells- Holding On For Life - After The Disco
    First Aid Kit- My Silver Lining - Stay Gold
    Slim Cessnas Auto Club- Three Bloodhounds Two Shepherds One Fila Brasileiro - Unentitled
    Tricky- I Had A Dream feat Francesca Belmonte - Adrian Thaws
    Caribou- Our Love - Our Love
    The Black Keys- 10 Lovers - Turn Blue
    The New Pornographers- You Tell Me Where - Brill Bruisers
    The New Pornographers- Wide Eyes - Brill Bruisers
    Pixies- Blue Eyed Hexe - Indie Cindy Deluxe
    Brian Eno Karl Hyde- Witness - Someday World
    Brian Eno Karl Hyde- A Man Wakes Up - Someday World
    Brian Eno Karl Hyde- Mother Of A Dog - Someday World
    Simian Mobile Disco- Tangents - Whorl
    Pixies- Magdalena 318 - Indie Cindy Deluxe
    Real Estate- The Bend - Atlas
    Wye Oak- Glory - Shriek
    Angel Olsen- High Wild - Burn Your Fire For No Witness
    Mac Demarco- Brother - Salad Days
    Mac Demarco- Goodbye Weekend - Salad Days
    Maxmo Park- Leave This Island - Too Much Information Deluxe
    Clap Clap- Ashiko - Tayi Bebba
    Broods- Evergreen - Evergreen
    Broods- Four Walls - Evergreen
    Macy Gray- Hands - The Way
    Ben Howard- I Forget Where We Were - I Forget Where We Were

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              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 08-06-2014 with Michael Buck        

    Freeman- The English And Western Stallion - Freeman
    - voicebreak -
    Guided By Voices- Pan Swimmer - Cool Planet
    Peter Matthew Bauer- Liberation - Liberation
    Maps Atlases- Be Three Years Old - Beware And Be Grateful
    Man Or AstroMan- Chemical Cats - Cables To The Ace
    The Raveonettes- Sisters - Peahi
    Glass Animals- Walla Walla - Zaba
    Bry Webb- Someplace Im Supposed To Be - Free Will
    - voicebreak -
    Tinariwen- Toumast Tincha - Emmaar
    Los Rakas- Sueo Americano - El Negrito Dun Dun Ricardo
    Sleepy Kitty- The Hoax - Projection Room
    Izalith- Meiyum - Nemozin
    Gustavo Santaolalla- Alma - Camino
    Peggy Sue- Electric Light - Choir Of Echoes
    Real Estate- Horizon - Atlas
    - voicebreak -
    David Bowie- Sons Of The Silent Age - Heroes
    Typhoon- Possible Deaths - White Lighter
    The Black Keys- Bullet In The Brain - Turn Blue
    OOIOO- Atatawa - Gamel
    Owen Pallett- The Riverbed - In Conflict
    - Floating - PDX Pop Now 2014 Compilation
    - voicebreak -
    Archie Bronson Outfit- We Are Floating - Wild Crush
    Rodrigo Amarante- Fall Asleep - Cavalo
    Angelo Badalamenti- Moving Through Time - Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me Soundtrack From The Motion Picture
    Garotas Suecas- Pode Acontecer - Feras Mticas
    Ultravox- Rockwrok - Ha Ha Ha Remastered
    Ben Miller Band- Burning Building - Any Way Shape Or Form
    Colourbox- Just Give em Whiskey - Colourbox
    - voicebreak -
    St Vincent- Psychopath - St Vincent
    Shearwater- Cheerleader - Fellow Travelers
    Should- Everybody Knows - The Great Pretend
    The Donkeys- The Manx - Ride The Black Wave
    The Donkeys- Nothing - Ride The Black Wave
    Dubmatix- Kingdom Dub - System Shakedown
    XTC- Deliver Us From The Elements - Mummer
    Miles Tackett- Come Away - The Fool Who Wonders
    - voicebreak -
    Son Lux- Easy Switch Screens feat Lorde - Alternate Worlds EP
    Diamond Version- Science For A Better Life CI - CI
    Nat King Cole- Day In Day Out Cut Chemist Remix - Re Generations
    Eno Hyde- Lilac - High Life

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              Trump says executives will run business empire with his children        
    From left, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump attend the ground-breaking of the Trump International Hotel at the Old Post Office Building in Washington July 23, 2014.   Photo By Gary Cameron/Reuters

    From left, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump attend the ground-breaking of the Trump International Hotel at the Old Post Office Building in Washington July 23, 2014. Photo By Gary Cameron/Reuters

    NEW YORK — President-elect Donald Trump said in an interview Sunday that his executives would run his business empire alongside his children, pushing back against charges that his vast real estate holdings would pose a conflict of interest for him in the White House.

    Trump has said he will leave day-to-day control of his business but has not yet offered details of how he intends to separate himself. He is planning to hold a news conference on Thursday to discuss the future of his company.

    In an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” Trump said he would not be “doing deals at all.”

    “My executives will run it with my children. It’s a big company, it’s a great company. But I’m going to have nothing to do with management,” Trump said. He also noted that when he ran for president, “everybody knew that I was a very big owner of real estate all over the world.”

    But in a sign of how Trump continues to play a role with his company while he fills out his Cabinet, the incoming president said he had turned down “seven deals with one big player, great player, last week because I thought it could be perceived as a conflict of interest.”

    [Watch Video]

    Since his victory last month, government ethics lawyers have pressured Trump to sell his assets and put the money in a blind trust overseen by an independent manager not related to him. They contend that approach is the only way to avoid conflicts between his sprawling business holdings of roughly 500 companies in more than a dozen countries and his work as president.

    Trump owns golf clubs, office towers and properties in several countries and has struck licensing deals for use of his name on hotels and other buildings around the world. One of Trump’s lenders, Deutsche Bank, is in settlement talks with the Justice Department over its role in the mortgage blowup that sparked the 2008 financial crisis.

    Presidents are not required to set up blind trusts. While federal ethics rules place strict limits on nearly all government employees and elected officials, the rules do not apply to the president.

    Trump, in the interview, gave no indication that he was considering taking steps to sell assets or create a blind trust. The Trump Organization has said previously that the future president intends to transfer control of the company to his three adult children.

    Asked about his children’s roles, Trump said, “It’s totally different. They’re not president.” He added that his children are “not making deals either, for my company.”

    During the campaign, Trump repeatedly assailed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s ties to foreign governments and corporations that had donated money to her family’s charity, the Clinton Foundation, and asserted that it had created a massive conflict of interest.

    Pressed on his company profiting from foreign countries booking events at Trump’s new Washington hotel, Trump argued that the circumstances — and his deal-making — were different. “You know, under the law, I have the right to do it. I just don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do deals, because I want to focus on this.”

    The post Trump says executives will run business empire with his children appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

              Column: Forget the white picket fence, the American Dream is in the city        
    Pedestrians walk through Times Square during a warm weather spell in New York March 10, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson - RTSA914

    Pedestrians walk through Times Square during a warm weather spell in New York March 10, 2016. Photo by Lucas Jackson/Reuters

    The dominant housing story of the last century was an exodus of those with means from cities to suburbs. The American Dream consisted of a white picket fence around a private yard, 2.4 children in the home and a nice car or two. Today, the dream is changing. Sure, the suburbs still offer a great deal, but there’s a powerful countertrend that is increasingly hard to ignore: a renaissance in cities, as they draw empty nesters and young professionals alike to a vibrant, urban lifestyle.

    According to FiveThirtyEight.com, over 250,000 people reach retirement age in the United States every month. And although the share of baby boomers living in urban areas has decreased since 2000 on an aggregate basis, an important subset of empty nesters is flocking back to choice American cities.

    Between 2010 and 2014, half of new business growth in the U.S. came from 20 urban counties.

    Take Boston, for example. According to realtor.com, the northeastern city is the most in-demand urban destination for buyers between the ages of 65 and 74, a range that includes the oldest five years of boomers. That demographic is buying more homes overall than every segment besides millennials and Generation X, and Beantown is their first choice among cities. Some former suburbanites have even formed “expat” groups, according to the Boston Globe. Incidentally, this dynamic risks pushing suburban real estate prices down as the number of homes for sale rises. Indeed, in 2016, suburban home prices have been weak, while Boston real estate values have surged.

    READ MORE: How the housing markets in 5 U.S. cities may have cost you $5,000 in lost wages

    But it’s not just about retirees flocking to cities. Young professionals are also increasingly working and living downtown, drawn by exciting employment opportunities. Between 2010 and 2014, half of new business growth in the U.S. came from 20 urban counties, and half of all job growth in that period came from 73 counties. And according to a recent Wall Street Journal story, one factor behind the Beantown boom has been an influx of people choosing to live in the city. Between 2010 and 2014, for instance, the population of Boston grew by 6 percent, double the national rate.

    This urban renaissance has generated a strong real estate market in America’s boom towns.

    Many of America’s best-performing cities are, unsurprisingly, science and tech hubs: the usual suspects like San Francisco, New York and Seattle, but also lesser known ones like Raleigh. It’s not just science and tech though — just look to the Lone Star State. Despite the drop in oil prices, Austin and Dallas have enjoyed resilient economies fueled not just by high-tech industry, but also festivals, logistics, financial services and a general business-friendly environment.

    This urban renaissance has generated a strong real estate market in America’s boom towns. Rents have risen and prices are increasing. In 2011, high-end urban apartment rent growth peaked at 8 percent per year and remains well north of inflation. Rental increases are higher for large, in-demand cities like New York, Boston and San Francisco — and even higher for the most expensive units within these markets.

    READ MORE: Why a severe housing shortage means reduced wages for workers

    I worry about the sustainability of these dynamics, in large part because when markets work well, higher prices stimulate supply. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing in many cities. According to the Wall Street Journal, “In 25 of the largest U.S. cities, multifamily permits in urban areas were up 39% in 2015 compared with a year earlier.” Major cities like New York, Philadelphia and Boston are all expecting housing supply growth between two and three times the historical average in the next year. Although demand in these cities is robust, it’s nevertheless worth watching to see if today’s boom turns into tomorrow’s bust.

    When markets work well, higher prices stimulate supply. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing in many cities.

    The most recent issue of Worth magazine highlighted some of the cities that have benefited from — and actively helped to stimulate — the urban boom. Worth’s selection of dynamic American cities includes San Diego, Dallas, Charleston, Nashville, New Orleans, San Francisco and New York, among others. What unites these cities? As Worth editor Richard Bradley summarized, successful cities have used effective public policy to make downtowns both livable and business-friendly, while embracing existing assets — like Nashville’s music scene or San Diego’s science infrastructure.

    Yet the cities that Worth profiled are not homogenous. They’re each vibrant in their own ways. San Diego, for example, has ample human capital, support for startups and a commitment to infrastructure investment. Dallas has transformed into a booming cultural center. Charleston, home to an important port, has attracted global manufacturers without losing its historic charm. To Worth’s list, I’d add Boston, whose Seaport District alone has managed to attract everything from tech startups to General Electric in recent years.

    READ MORE: The San Francisco activists who say please build in my backyard

    Unfortunately, an influx of wealthy young people tends to make attractive cities like these less affordable. So what’s the best way to sustain the urban renaissance? New construction — via relaxed zoning restrictions — may be a partial solution. For this reason, as Matthew Yglesias put it, “the elevator could be the next great disruptive technology.” Increasing density can push down prices without generating sprawl.

    But just as technology could bolster the urban renaissance, it could also endanger it. The Wall Street Journal’s Christopher Mims suggests that the rise of self-driving cars might take the new urban enthusiasts to the suburbs. It’s not hard to imagine young affluent millennials being wooed by futuristic vehicles conveniently escorting them to and from the spacious suburbs.

    Especially in this time of general global instability… there are some things worth celebrating. The flourishing of our cities is one of them.

    For now, as noted by Worth’s Bradley, “we are living in a golden era of American cities.” And the trends don’t show signs of reversing. Boston, for instance, is expecting 90,000 new residents in the next 14 years. Especially in this time of general global instability, with Brexit, choppy asset markets and falling commodities prices increasing fear across the board, there are some things worth celebrating. The flourishing of our cities is one of them.

    The post Column: Forget the white picket fence, the American Dream is in the city appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 07-02-2014 with Michael Buck        

    Maps Atlases- Old Ash - Beware And Be Grateful
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    Real Estate- The Bend - Atlas
    - Kings Of The Underpass - Made In Iceland VII
    BADBADNOTGOOD- Cant Leave The Night - III
    - Balana No Pode Parar - Six Degrees Of Brazil Vol 2
    Spanish Gold- One Track Mind - South Of Nowhere
    - voicebreak -
    Ray LaMontagne- Lavender - Supernova
    Throwing Snow- Linguis - Mosaic
    Glass Animals- Black Mambo - Zaba
    Death Vessel- Island Vapors - Island Intervals
    Mark Orton- Their Pie Hawthorne Version - Nebraska Original Soundtrack
    First Aid Kit- The Bell - Stay Gold
    - voicebreak -
    Oy- Doondari - No Problem Saloon
    Hundred Waters- Animal - The Moon Rang Like A Bell
    The Bombay Royale- Henna Henna - The Island Of Dr Electrico
    The Birthday Party- Mr Clarinet - Natures Mortes Still Lives
    TuneYards- SinkO - Nikki Nack
    Atmosphere- Bitter - Southsiders
    Fort Knox Five- Bhangra Paanch feat Beta G - 10 Years Of Fort Knox Five Remixed
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    Band Of Skulls- Heavens Key - Himalayan Bonus Track Version
    Kendra Smith- Judge Not - Five Ways Of Disappearing
    Eluvium- Caroling - Nightmare Ending
    Son Lux- Lost It To Trying Mouths Only Lying - Alternate Worlds EP
    Plaid- Tether - Reachy Prints
    Dubmatix- Deep Dark Dub - System Shakedown
    Fujiya Miyagi- A Sea Ringed With Visions - Artificial Sweeteners
    - voicebreak -
    Dave Specter- The Spectifyin Samba - Message In Blue
    Matmos- Very Large Green Triangles - The Marriage Of True Minds Bonus Track Version
    Messer Chups- Rock It Creature From The Break Lagoon - Heretic Channel
    Garotas Suecas- Manchetes Da Solido - Feras Mticas
    You Me Apollo- Dont Sleep For Free - Sweet Honey
    Popstrangers- Violet - Fortuna
    - voicebreak -
    Orchestra Of Spheres- Kairo - Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music
    Peggy Sue- Substitute - Choir Of Echoes
    Shearwater- Natural One - Fellow Travelers
    The Faint- Dress Code - Doom Abuse
    Timber Timbre- Resurrection Drive Pt II - Hot Dreams
    The Bad Plus Reid Anderson Ethan Iverson David King- Second Part The Sacrifice Glorification Of The Chosen One - The Rite Of Spring
    Eno Hyde- Daddys Car - Someday World

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    Real Estate- Had To Hear - Atlas
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    The Black Keys- Weight Of Love - Turn Blue
    Timber Timbre- Run From Me - Hot Dreams
    Grieves- Like Child - Winter The Wolves
    Typhoon- Common Sentiments - White Lighter
    Conor Oberst- Desert Island Questionnaire - Upside Down Mountain
    - voicebreak -
    Anglique Kidjo- Bomba with Rostam Batmanglij - Eve
    Jolie Holland- Waiting For The Sun - Wine Dark Sea
    Rodrigo Y Gabriela- The Soundmaker - 9 Dead Alive
    Bry Webb- Policy - Free Will
    Should- Mistakes Are Mine - The Great Pretend
    - voicebreak -
    Lumerians- Life Without Skin - The High Frontier
    Juakali- Take Off - Feathers Too Bright
    Elliphant- Booty Killah feat The Reef - Look Like You Love It
    Camper Van Beethoven- Classy Dames And Able Gents - El Camino Real Bonus Track Edition
    Honduras- Borders - Morality Cuts EP
    TuneYards- Find A New Way - Nikki Nack
    Mr Scruff- Where Am I - Friendly Bacteria
    - voicebreak -
    Son Lux- Build A Pyre Begin Again - Alternate Worlds EP
    Mungos Hi Fi Prince Fatty- For Me You Are Mungos Hi Fi Mix feat Hollie Cook - Prince Fatty Versus Mungos HiFi
    Modern English- Gathering Dust - The Best Of Modern English Life In The Gladhouse 19801984
    - Heim - Made In Iceland VII
    Haley Bonar- Heavens Made For Two - Last War
    Nathaniel Rateliff- Laborman - Falling Faster Than You Can Run
    - voicebreak -
    Fujiya Miyagi- Little Stabs At Happiness - Artificial Sweeteners
    Lapcat- Tropfen - Trickster Trickster
    The Twilight Sad- That Summer At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy - The Twilight Sad
    Tinariwen- Koud Edhaz Emin - Emmaar
    Thomas Blondet- Check One - Future World
    The Souljazz Orchestra- One Life To Live - Inner Fire
    Damon Albarn- Heavy Seas Of Love - Everyday Robots
    - voicebreak -
    The GOASTT- Devil You Know - Midnight Sun
    Archie Bronson Outfit- Cluster Up And Hover - Wild Crush
    St Vincent- Regret - St Vincent
    Guided By Voices- Males Of Wormwood Mars - Cool Planet
    Rodrigo Amarante- Hourglass - Cavalo
    Eno Hyde- When I Built This World - Someday World

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              A Northwest Original        
    Former Coeur d'Alene Brewing founder T.W. Fisher celebrates 30 years of hometown pride and experience with his new pub Tom Fisher goes by many monikers. He's "TW," or "TeeDub" to friends; he's also a real estate broker, owner of Coeur d'Alene's new Midtown Pub, and one of the original fathers of craft brewing in our region.…
              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 05-15-2014 with DJ Girlfawkes        

    Unknown Mortal Orchestra- One At A Time - II
    - voicebreak -
    StaG- Difference - Difference
    The Sour Notes- Last Looks - Last Looks
    Miniature Tigers- Female Doctor - Mia Pharaoh Deluxe Edition
    Miniature Tigers- Swimming Pool Blues - Swimming Pool Blues Single
    Gardens Villa- Domino - Dunes
    - voicebreak -
    Dirty Few- You Want Me - Get Loose Have Fun
    Dirty Few- Hustlin - Get Loose Have Fun
    The Knew- Awesome - Man Monster
    Zebroids- Living The Nightmare - Hepatitis Z
    Residual Kid- Lost Cause - Faces EP
    - voicebreak -
    TV Girl- My Girlfriend - Lonely Women EP
    Thee Dang Dangs- Landlocked Surf Rock - For The People
    Cayucas- Swimsuit - Cayucos Swimsuit Single
    A Band In Pictures- Thursday - Who Killed The Dinosaurs
    - voicebreak -
    The Men- Dark Waltz - Tomorrows Hits
    People Under The Stairs- Acid Raindrops - OST
    - voicebreak -
    Bleached- Looking For A Fight - Ride Your Heart
    Hockey- Too Fake - Mind Chaos
    Cults- High Road - Static
    The Fresh Onlys- Who Let The Devil - House Of Spirits
    - voicebreak -
    Monroe Monroe- Summon The Sound - Hello Moon
    Goodnight Texas- Submarines - A Long Life Of Living
    - voicebreak -
    Blonde Redhead- My Plants Are Dead - Penny Sparkle
    Baths- Maximalist - Cerulean Bonus Track Version
    Astronautalis- My Dinner With Andy - The Mighty Ocean And Nine Dark Theaters
    Real Estate- Horizon - Atlas
    The Flaming Lips- She Dont Use Jelly - Transmissions From The Satellite Heart
    Gogol Bordello- Start Wearing Purple - Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike
    The Orwells- Mallrats Audiotree Live Session - Other Voices EP
    Dum Dum Girls- Rimbaud Eyes - Too True
    White Lung- Face Down - Deep Fantasy
    Pixies- What Goes Boom - Indie Cindy
    Ume- Too Big World - Monuments
    Ume- Chase It Down - Monuments
    The Both- Volunteers Of America - The Both
    - voicebreak -
    Sharon Van Etten- Your Love Is Killing Me - Are We There
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- As Always - Only Run
    Warpaint- Keep It Healthy ElP Remix - Keep It Healthy Discovery Remixes Single

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              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 04-02-2014 with Michael Buck        

    Ruby The Rabbitfoot- The Shelf - New As Dew
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    Run River North- Beetle - Run River North
    Thomas Blondet- Supreme Dub feat Subatomic Sound System - Future World
    Timber Timbre- Bring Me Simple Men - Hot Dreams
    Roberto Fonseca- Bibisa feat Fatoumata Diawara - Yo
    Anoushka Shankar- River Pulse - Traces Of You
    Real Estate- Aprils Song - Atlas
    - voicebreak -
    West Water Outlaws- Rising Sun - West Water Outlaws
    Robert Pollard- Her Eyes Play Tricks On The Camera - Honey Locust Honky Tonk
    Ponds Fleshman- In Five - Better Days EP
    Temples- Sun Structures - Sun Structures
    Bibio- The Spinney View Of Hinkley Point - The Green EP
    PINS- Stay True - Girls Like Us
    - voicebreak -
    St Vincent- Rattlesnake - St Vincent
    Dom La Nena- Batuque Gabriel Muzak Remix - Ela Por Eles Remixes
    Tacocat- Psychedelic Quinceaera - NVM
    The Souljazz Orchestra- Sommet En Sommet - Inner Fire
    The Low Frequency In Stereo- Satellites In Sight - Pop Obskura
    BEEdEEgEE- Overlook - SumOne
    Saint Rich- Black And Brown - Beyond The Drone
    Dog Bite- Tuesdays - Tranquilizers
    - voicebreak -
    Sacco- Where It Ends Where It Begins - Sacco
    Meklit- Stuck On The Moon - We Are Alive
    Beck- Wave - Morning Phase
    Thievery Corporation- Saudade - Saudade
    Son Lux- Pyre - Lanterns
    Nathaniel Rateliff- Forgetting Is Believing - Falling Faster Than You Can Run
    Angel Olsen- Lights Out - Burn Your Fire For No Witness
    - voicebreak -
    The Notwist- Kong - Close To The Glass
    The Plates- Hands Up - Punky Reggae
    Pretty Lights- Where Im Trying To Go Marvel Years Remix - A Color Map Of The Sun Remixes
    Sierra Leones Refugee All Stars- Manjalagi - Libation
    Messer Chups- Twin Peaks Twist - Heretic Channel
    - Are You Sleeping - This Is The Town A Tribute To Nilsson Vol 1
    - voicebreak -
    Mungos Hi Fi Prince Fatty- Horsemove Mungos Hi Fi Mix feat Horseman - Prince Fatty Versus Mungos HiFi
    Black Lips- Dog Years - Underneath The Rainbow
    Eagulls- Soulless Youth - Eagulls
    Hunters- Thin Twin - Hunters
    Les Claypools Duo De Twang- Hendershot - Four Foot Shack
    Jaune Toujours- Azadi - Routes

    playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/35/playlistDate/2014-04-02
              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 03-05-2014 with Michael Buck        

    Real Estate- Talking Backwards - Atlas
    - voicebreak -
    Ana Alcaide- Como La Luna Y El Sol - Como La Luna Y El Sol
    Andrew Bird- Ethio Invention No 1 - I Want To See Pulaski At Night
    Nathaniel Rateliff- Falling Faster Than You Can Run - Falling Faster Than You Can Run
    Laura Veirs- Dorothy Of The Island - Warp And Weft
    - voicebreak -
    Yellow Ostrich- Things Are Fallin - Cosmos
    Trentemller- Still On Fire - Lost
    Daughn Gibson- The Right Signs - Me Moan
    Holy Wave- Sol Love - Relax
    Death Vessel- Mercury Dime - Island Intervals
    Jaune Toujours- Nous Maintenant - Routes
    The Low Frequency In Stereo- Colette Subie Subie - Pop Obskura
    - voicebreak -
    Anglique Kidjo- MBaamba Kenyan Song - Eve
    Woods Of Desolation- Ad Infinitum - As The Stars
    The Crystal Method- Dosimeter feat Nick Thayer - The Crystal Method
    Ceo- Ultrakaos - Wonderland
    The Notwist- Into Another Tune - Close To The Glass
    Pretty Lights- Yellow Bird Michal Menert Remix - A Color Map Of The Sun Remixes
    Cheatahs- Mission Creep - Cheatahs
    - voicebreak -
    The Souljazz Orchestra- Kingdom Come - Inner Fire
    St Vincent- Digital Witness - St Vincent
    Roberto Fonseca- Chabani feat Faudel Amil - Yo
    West Water Outlaws- Bless Your Soul - West Water Outlaws
    Solids- Terminal - Blame Confusion
    - voicebreak -
    The Plates- Boombox Vibin - Punky Reggae
    Juakali- Rootz - Feathers Too Bright
    Milosh- Dont Call It - Jetlag
    PINS- Velvet Morning - Girls Like Us
    Tinariwen- Imdiwanin Ahi Tifhamam - Emmaar
    Ghostpoet- Comatose - Some Say I So I Say Light
    Les Claypools Duo De Twang- Pipe Line - Four Foot Shack
    - voicebreak -
    Robert Pollard- Drawing A Picture - Honey Locust Honky Tonk
    Orchestra Of Spheres- Smash Hit1 - Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music
    Eagulls- Possessed - Eagulls
    Ane Brun- Falling Down - Rarities
    Cate Le Bon- Sisters - Mug Museum
    Hospitality- Rockets And Jets - Trouble
    Angel Olsen- ForgivenForgotten - Burn Your Fire For No Witness

    playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/35/playlistDate/2014-03-05
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    Idea Knowledge Of Brain And Success
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    Information For Your Knowledge
    • Knowledge of CICAG Informations

              Brother can you spare $700,000,000,000????        

    The Conversation Cafe had a very productive discussion regarding the proposed Wall Street Bailout. In the course of discussing the financial crisis that is animating the proposal to write out a Treasury check for $700 billion to Henry Paulson, someone brought to the group's attention the recent book, "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" by Naomi Klein. Klein posits that crises are manufactured in order to push through unpalatable economic and political measures. You can read her post regarding the current crisis here. As well, the group agreed that any taxpayer bailout should, at a minimum, include the following conditions.

    1. Reinstatement of the provisions of Glass-Steagall, which forbade speculation
    2. Re-regulation of the finance, insurance, and real estate industries
    3. Accountability on the part of those who took the companies down:
    a) resignations of management
    b) givebacks of executive compensation packages
    c) limitations on executive compensation
    d) admission by CEO's of what went wrong and how, prior to any government bailout
    4. Demands for transparencey
    a) with respect to analyzing the transactions which took the companies down
    b) with respect to Treasury's dealings with the companies pre and post-bailout
    5. An equity position for the taxpayers
    a) some form of ownership of assets
    6. Some credible formula for evaluating the price of the assets that the government is buying.
    7. A sunset clause on the legislation
    8. Full public disclosure by members of Congress of assets held, with possible conflicts put in blind trust.
    9. A ban on political campaign contributions from officers of corporations receiving bailouts
    10. A requirement that 2008 cycle candidates return political contributions to officers and representatives of corporations receiving bailouts.

    Join us next Saturday at 2 p.m. as we continue the conversation.
              What Is A Buyer’s Market, Really?        

    You've probably heard a lot about how Canada is entering a "buyer's market" for real estate and, yes, it has become quite clear that we are. However, what is not so clear is what a buyer's market really is, and what buyers and sellers can do to navigate these new conditions.

    Essentially, we were experiencing a "seller's market" for quite some time, meaning that prices were continuously going up and, if homeowners chose to sell, they were getting quite some bang for their buck — primarily because houses were rapidly increasing in value. This was happening because demand had exceeded supply, leading to bidding wars and increased prices.

    However, as new rules and regulations came in to the picture, along with a bump in rates, market conditions began to change.

    Sydney Property Market As Australian Home Price Growth Set To Slow

    Now, we have entered a buyer's market, meaning there are more listings and fewer buyers. So, to put it bluntly, it all comes down to a simple matter of supply and demand. Supply is in abundance and demand is low because of recent government intervention — starting last October, when federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced several new regulations aimed at ensuring that Canadian borrowers only take on mortgages they can afford compounded by the introduction of the Ontario's Fair Housing Plan, which further put a dent in the Toronto market in particular.

    These regulation changes along with the recent rate increase have left buyers wondering if they should buy in a market that seems to be going down faster than it went up, or wait it out.

    Due to the market being in this "active" adjustment period, there is still room for further pricing correction, especially because government bond yields have gone up, which also means the stress-test rate — a way of determining exactly how much you can afford and under what circumstances — has increased, as well as the prime rate.

    Previous stress test rate: 4.64 per cent

    Current: 4.84 per cent

    Previous Bank of Canada (BoC) rate: 2.70 per cent

    Current: 2.95 per cent

    So, what does this mean for buyers and sellers? First of all, it means that people are now able to come in and purchase — depending on their situation.

    There is a little more wiggle room for those who are looking to negotiate.

    Tightened regulations are expected to reduce the number of first-time buyers who qualify for mortgage financing, particularly in pricier markets. This leaves the door open to those who are eligible to purchase.

    There is also more room to negotiate as expectations shift.

    Everyone is aware of the pressure that the recent rules and rate changes have placed on the market, meaning there is a little more wiggle room for those who are looking to negotiate.

    Now, the important part: What can you do if you're looking to purchase in this market?

    Young couple buying a house

    For buyers

    You can start by making sure you have enough of a down payment — five per cent is the requirement for for most homes, and 20 per cent is ideal to avoid the hefty CMHC premium. This is especially applicable to those who are self-employed, have blemished credit or those who are buying rural (sometimes 35 per cent). If you don't fall into any of those categories, it's more of a recommendation, but one worth considering.

    Also, make sure you are aware of and understand the additional fees, and that you have them covered. These include a legal fee, a broker fee and closing costs (including land transfer taxes and any other fees relevant to your situation).

    Buyers are now getting back to protecting themselves by ordering an inspection and requesting an appropriate amount of days to arrange financing.

    Brokers will typically only charge on an alternative mortgage because commission is minimal due to the term being short. The term is short because the hope is to get the home buyer or owner back into the A side — a mortgage with an "A" lender at preferred rate — once they fix their credit or begin to show more income on their tax returns.

    It's also worth mentioning that this market reduces the risk for home buyers to lose their deposit, because they are not pressured into waiving all their conditions, especially on financing terms. Indeed, after the "wild west" of the past few years, buyers are now getting back to protecting themselves by ordering an inspection and requesting an appropriate amount of days to arrange financing.

    That said, some lenders are not mortgaging properties that have price tickets over $1 million — even if the requested mortgage amount is less than that. As such, it's important to speak to your mortgage broker first to determine your eligibility before you jump in.

    House entrance gate - Elegant front door in English style

    For sellers, it's important to be realistic

    If you have just bought, you may not be in luck as your home will not continue to increase in value the way you may have predicted. But if you have been in your home for a while you will be better off.

    Those trying to sell very expensive houses have been and will continue to be impacted the most. They're simply not being picked up — leading to rapid decreases in geographically specific areas, which may cause a trickle-down effect especially because many banks will not lend on properties listed over a $1 million.

    While the goal posts have certainly changed, those looking to purchase a home — and those looking to sell — will still be able to accomplish what they want.

    What's more, when pricing your property, you now have to keep in mind that an appraisal could compromise the buyer's ability to secure financing. If a buyer and seller agree on a price, the value has to be approved by the appraiser, who follows the guidelines of the lender.

    What does this mean for the seller? If you price too high and are lucky enough to have someone buy the property, the transaction still may not close if the buyer is not able to pay the difference between the purchase price and the appraised value.

    If you're unsure of the ins and outs of the new rules, make sure to do your research and reach out to your mortgage broker with any questions you may have. There is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to buying or selling your home.

    All in all, the laws of supply and demand will continue to prevail. While the goal posts have certainly changed with respect to the real-estate game, those looking to purchase a home — and those looking to sell — will still be able to accomplish what they want and need to do.

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              Portfolio Manager - Residential Single Family - Richey Property Management - Reston, VA        
    Experience with property management software a plus (Propertyware, Rent Manager, AppFolio, etc.). A fast growing Real Estate/Property Management Company is... $50,000 - $55,000 a year
    From Indeed - Thu, 03 Aug 2017 22:00:15 GMT - View all Reston, VA jobs
              Å›rodkóą 1500 € w pieniężnych pożyczki        
    środkóą 1500 € w pieniężnych pożyczki oferuj10.000.000 € nikomu w stanie spłacić mnie z oprocentowaniem 2% - kredyt Finansowanie - Real Estate Loan - Auto Loan - dług konsolidacji - Refinance - Personal Loan - kredytu komercyjnego - Student Loan utkniesz lub zakazać bankowi. Jeśli jesteś naprawdę w potrzebie, proszę o kontakt, aby uzyskać więcej informacji. Proszę o kontakt na adres:
              This Frank Lloyd Wright house on a heart-shaped island could be yours - for a cool $15 million        
    Island living and a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house? We may have found the perfect property for you. Located on the 11 acres, heart-shaped Petra Island in New York’s Putnam County is a six bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom abode designed by the infamous architect himself. On the market by the luxury real estate concierge Chilton & Chadwick, the property comes with a price tag of $14.92 million. https://youtu.be/wN5bOP865IE Triangle in shape, every part of the territory bears...
              Maine Vacations        
    ME Living Magazine Maine Vacation Lodging Dining Real Estate Events Products & Attractions

    ME Oceanside Vacations at The Beachmere Inn

    A Maine Vacation with a view of Ogunquit Beach and direct access to Maine’s Scenic Marginal Way.

    Visit the great inns and resorts of Maine. Maine Resort Vacations, Maine’s Best Inns.

              Comentario en Comunicación aceptada para las IV Jornadas Internacionales sobre investigación en Arquitectura y Urbanismo por www nationalcarrental com teach ict com credit card application online bmg com era real estate home furniture barack polar dining room sets spy sunglasses bea fiesta online corvallis oregon gamehouse com book mark net nuvi 660 bunk bed gld versailles the         
    <strong>www nationalcarrental com teach ict com credit card application online bmg com era real estate home furniture barack polar dining room sets spy sunglasses bea fiesta online corvallis oregon gamehouse com book mark net nuvi 660 bunk bed gld versailles…</strong> Comunicación aceptada para las IV Jornadas Internacionales sobre investigación en Arquitectura y Urbanismo | mastercas
              Don't Defer IT Until Tomorrow!        
    Used with Permission From The Margo Feiden Galleries
    47 Days In Search of a Book Deal: CallonDolly.com
    I believe the future is only the past again, through another gate.
    - Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, English Dramatist  (1855-1934)

    Happy Friday...Last Day of June! (June 30th, 2017)
    June 30 is the 181st day of the year.
    There are 184 days remaining until the end of the year. It is 9:39 AM to be exact as I start today's blog. I am winning because I am a good person.
    The day that I am having has been created by design. The same can very much be said of the life I have created for myself. I pretty much had a knowledge of this 40 years ago. I still do but I need daily reminders and I still have to convince myself of this fact.
    Approaching others with optimism allows me to connect with others and live happily.
    I am not the person those who did not love me deemed me to be. That is one of the lessons of today's blog. 

    My horoscope tells me that talking about everything I'm going to do actually gets in the way of my doing it. The 'WORD' for the day is INTERESTED . Think of this word as your mantra for the day. First apply the word to yourself, THEN apply this word to EVERYONE YOU meet. Think of this word as you respond to EVERY PERSON you see throughout the day. The 'word 'for TODAY is INTERESTED ! Please pay it forward...

    Everything takes longer than I expect, leaving me short on time constantly.

    I am stepping back from my commitments, reevaluating my recent plans, and reassessing the steps I must take to reach my

    Words are meaningless without intent and determination. It is social media day. There are pluses and minuses to where this has brought us. I absolutely love social media and how much it has connected all of us.
    I also despise social media and how it has absolutely thrown a monkey wrench into human interaction. I hate it, for example when I CALL someone and they respond with an email or text message!

    Human interaction is what I crave! That's one of the main reasons I pursued the career that chose me and why I do what I do.

    Today is a summer day in the greatest city in the world!

    I still love this city 37 years after arriving here for the first time (August 5th, 1979). As I sat down to begin writing my blog today, I was listening to Nell Carter, Armelia McQueen and Charlayne Woodard sing "Off Time" on the 1978 Tony Awards. Ms. Carter won for Best Actress in a Musical that year.
    It takes me right back to 1978 and '79 when it was on Broadway.

    Interesting thought: June 30th, 1978 was also a Friday.
    I was 18 and still living in South Carolina. I had a one way ticket to New York and in 36 days I would be leaving on a jet plane never to look back. As an 18-year-old in 1979 dreaming of a life in the theater, I was given valuable lessons in the respect of the theater.
    Those lessons stay with me to this day and actually have a huge bearing on the work I do.
    I've written about her in the past, but I had a great mentor in Miss Florence Epps. She took me under her wing after she first saw me on stage.
    She had a playhouse in her backyard and I used to go after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays. If I had gone to my parents to tell them that I wanted to take drama and elocution lessons, they would have laughed and stood in the way, their usual response.
    I don't say this asking for empathy or sympathy. It is simply a fact and part of the fabric of my life. My parents never supported my dreams nor did they ever take any interest in any aspect of my life.

    My father passed away in 2002. I regret that we resolved our differences. As far as my mom is concerned (and family and relatives), I have accepted it as my lot in life. Years ago, I interviewed Carol Lawrence.
    She told me that being in this business is the greatest elixir in the world. The more we get, the more we desire. The rub is whether or not the general public is buying. My family never bought what I'm selling.

    Wayne Dyer  said, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

    Speaking of the way you look at things, the Quad Cinema in Manhattan is showing a Barbra Streisand film festival next week.
    On Wednesday night, one of my favorite Streisand films, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, is being shown.

    I love seeing these films in the manner in which they were meant to be seen.: in a movie theater with an audience!

    When I first came to New York in the summer of '79, it was in the days before VCRS, DVDs, and Turner Classic Movies.
    There were revival houses all over NYC, the Regency, Carnegie Hall Cinema, the Thalia, the Film Forum, to name a few.   I would go through the papers to see what was playing where and would plan my week around these great classic films.
    I went to see a classic film or two almost every Sunday and sometimes as well during the week.
    What memories!At my very first audition in New York, for Woody Allen's Stardust Memories (I did not get a part), I met Millie Brown. I've written about her in previous blogs. She became one of my frequent movie partners. As a matter of fact, the first time I saw On a Clear Day..., it was with Millie.
    Melinda Winifred Tentries, but I gravitate towards Daisy Gamble
    I saw so many movies this way.
    I don't even remember which theater it was or where exactly it was located. I know it was in the West Village and I practically flew home after seeing this film.
    Not only did you have a perfect trifecta with Streisand, costumes, story, and songs, but most of the film is set against the backdrop in the seventies.

    The Daisy Gamble character is what resonated with me. She also had an ability to look into the past with accute clarity!
    Being that age in the 70s in NYC is something that is, of course, glamorized in the film. Where does the time go?
    47 years ago, in 1970, I was 8 years old and living in South CarolinaNew York, at that time, may or may not have been in my scheme of thinking.

    New York, and the world, was changing. 1970 would be the year of the first Gay Pride March. It was before Studio 54 and the Disco Era, it was long before AIDS.
    My sweetness was not a weakness when I first arrived in NY. It may be slightly coarser now due to life experiences but it is still there. When I arrived in New York at the age of eighteen, there was no one greener or more naive! That naivety, I believe saved my life.
    Knowing the person I am today, it might be hard for anyone who knows me personally to believe that I did not know I was gay! I was the most asexual person to ever emerge out of Conway, South Carolina. I never went on a date. My last year in SC, and thanks to getting involved with the Upstage Company at Coastal Carolina, I had somewhat of a social life. That was the year I met Beth Mahar, still one of my best friends and one of the greatest people I have ever known.
    From the moment she met me, she accepted me for just being me!
    According to her, she had seen me the previous year as Roberts, the butler, in The Unsinkable Molly Brown, with The Theater of the Republic, our hometown theater.
    I did a slow turn to the audience that stopped the show and brought down the house.

    She said at that moment, she knew she had to work with me.
     Move forwards a year. As a result of my role as Roberts, I started getting cast in larger, mostly character, parts. I would go on to do The Night of January Sixteenth by Ayn Rand, one of my favorites, Cheaper By The Dozen, and Oliver!One afternoon, going home on the bus, Victoria Kujala, a friend told me about a play she was doing at the college called Marat/Sade.
    I had never heard about it. She told me they were looking for a lot of people to play the inmates in the asylum.
    That was something I could do. She told me that night that there would be a read through and that I should just show up. She was sure there was something in it for me.

    I went home and the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I was. I walked to the college, about 25 minutes away.As I was walking up the steps into the small performance space, Beth, whom I had never met before, came running in my name yelling, "Are you Ricky Skipper?"
    When I acknowledged who I was, she told me to apologize for my mom for hanging up on her.
    She had called my mom to ask me to come and audition for the show. When my mom told me I was already on my way to the theater, she dropped everything to get there. Beth was going to be the stage manager of the show, and having remembered me, thought I would be great for The Herald, which is essentially the narrator and story teller of the show.
    Beth had more faith in me than I ever would have! This role was the antithesis of everything I had done up to this point AND was in verse!
    I was introduced to the director, Cynthia, and asked to stick around and they would hear me read.
    It was very different than anything I had ever experienced with Theater of the Republic!
    Before any type of a read or run through, we all sat in a circle and acknowledged each other. A golden chalice was also passed around with white wine in which everyone took a sip. I had definitely moved to a whole new realm, on many levels. After everyone left, Beth, Cynthia, and myself stuck around so I could read through it. It was more a formality than anything else.
    I think the decision had already been made based on Beth's recommendation.
    Loved Judy Garland and the world of Musical Comedy!
    I barely read a few lines when I was asked if I would like to play the part. I was excited and scared at the same time. That has always been the case with anything new that I try in life. I went home that night and read through the script and had no idea what I was reading! I started committing everything to memory.
    I can still recite the opening monologue to this day because of the amount of work I put into this character. The more I worked on it, the more anxious I became as to whether or not I would be able to pull it off. One of the things that I LOVED about Cynthia Hodel's approach as a director was that we spent weeks in improvisation before we even got to the script.
    By the time we got to the script, we had a solid handle on as to who we as these characters were.
    My biggest fear was what if THEY didn't like me. It consumed every waking and sleeping moment of my life.
    Thank God for Beth. She kept assuring me that I was going to be great.
    She spent hours grilling me on my lines and never once complained. The entire script was in verse.
    What if I forgot a line!?!?!
    Well, that's exactly what happened! Opening night, the actor portraying François Simonet de Coulmier comes out to welcome the audience. The entire company comes bounding out on stage to take our places. As soon as I took my first position, my mind went completely blank! I don't think I could have told anyone my name if I had been asked!
    A childlike curiosity has always propelled me forward

    However, the moment that I was given my cue, as if by magic, the words began to flow. I felt as if I were flying! It was a zen moment that I have felt many times since then on stage, but at that moment it was a feeling that I can't describe.

    It was there and I'll never forgot the ovation we all received at the end of the evening.
    One thing that I had forgotten about until I started writing this blog today.
    Before we opened, because of the nature of the play, we had to give a special performance for the board and faculty to deem whether or not we could open the show. Thank God, they gave us the go ahead.
    If You Believe

    This show came along at the right time in my life. It was the perfect storm in terms of building self esteem in me. It convinced me that I WAS truly an actor. Also, because of the friends that I made and worked with on this show, it gave me a sense of belonging.

    All through school, I never fit in. No one knew what to make of me. Even when I was at Theater of the Republic, with every role I played, I felt like I was constantly trying to prove myself. The funny thing is that 37 years later, I still feel this.
    Writing The Next Chapter!
    As I type these words, I am in an office surrounded by awards, accolades,photographs, and testimonials. Those don't really mean anything to anyone but me. It does show me, however, of where I've been. It also tells me that I can go forward and be prepared for the next chapter! I'm ready!

    I never gave up! Persistence and stubbornness are underrated tools for lifelong success.
    I'm throwing back the curtain and showing my followers the little man behind the Wizard who is always trying to put forth a positive image of a man. 

    Let's Be Friends! I promise you a great experience!

    Today's blog is dedicated to Susan Hayward who was born on this date in 1917.

    Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself!!

    Though I have not have the great fortune to see Richard's show's live (Please come to
    Vegas!!!)   I do have the great fortune of calling him one of my dearest friends. And that dear ones, is  a great blessing indeed.   Richard is a blessing to all who he encounters.   His positivity   will help you through the hardest of days.   Truly one in a million :)  May God continue to bless all you do! 

    Jamie Farrar

    With Annie 'Equalty' Hughes

    Congratulations Richard Skipper and Russ Woolley on another wonderful "Richard Skipper Celebrates" production at the Laurie Beechman Theater on 6/18/17. Wonderful production, wonderful host, and wonderful guests. How can it get better than that? It can't! See you in September.
    Craig Witham, Philadelphia, Pa

    Big congrats to Richard Skipper and Russ Woolley on another terrific show (6/18/17)! It seems impossible, but the shows just keep getting better and better! How to improve on perfection??! Such an amazing group of talented performers and an audience that is enthralled and exhilarated. And you, Richard Skipper, are the icing on the proverbial cake. You are not only talented, handsome and passionate, but you have an uncanny ability to bring people together,and make us all want to be the best selves we can be. The love and respect in the room is palpable. It is a pleasure and honor to be part of your shows!
    Pamela Singer, NYC 

    Russ Woolley proudly presents Richard Skipper Celebrates – September 10th celebrating the birthdays of Adele Astaire,  Robert Wise , Harry Groener, AND SO MUCH MORE! Sunday, September 10th 1 pm at The Laurie Beechman Theatre below The West Bank Cafe at 407 West 42 Street. Richard will be joined by Ann Dawson, Emily McNamara, Ben Rimalower...AND a Mystery Guest! This is a 1PM SHOW! (90 minutes) At The Laurie Beechman Theater Reservations a Must! Please SAVE THE DATE .$30 Cover and $20 Minimum per person.

    From fabulous musical direction Rich Siegel and The Richard Skipper Celebrates band (Jeff Carney on bass and Rex Benincasa on percussion ). Do yourself a favor and CELEBRATE!
    The afternoon is also made possible by Wright Bros. Real Estate.


    Sit Back! A New News Cycle Is About to Begin!

    Thank you, to ALL who are mentioned in this blog for showing me that it is up to ME to lead by example!

    With grateful XOXOXs , 

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    Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!  

    Keeping America great through Art!     

    Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!
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    Richard Skipper, Richard@RichardSkipper.com

              Let Me Entertain You...Constantly!         
    Logic is one thing, the human animal another. You can quite easily propose a logical solution to something and the same time hope in your heart of hearts it won't work out.
    -Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936)

    Happy Wednesday, June 28th, 2017!
    Today is the 179th day of the year. There are 186 days remaining until the end of the year. As I sat down to begin today's blog, I was listening to Perez Prado perform Mambo Number 5 from 1949 on the 40s channel on Sirius XM.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't think  we would have half the strife in the world if people began every day with a show tune...at at least great music that uplifts all of us. I've written about this before but it is worth repeating, music is constantly playing throughout my working day, creating a great soundtrack.
    Science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer wrote, "Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace." 
    With the late great Dana Lorge at the Wheel of Divas for The Actors' Fund
    The 'WORD' for the day is INTERESTING.
    Think of this word as your mantra for the day. First apply the word to yourself, THEN apply this word to EVERYONE YOU meet. Think of this word as you respond to EVERY POST you see throughout the day. The 'word 'for TODAY is INTERESTING. Please pay it forward..
    Maybe I have something useful to say today. 
    I hope that I achieve this goal with my conversations and my interaction on social media. If you've been
    following my blogs recently, you will find that the more recent ones have been more introspective, reflective, and in some cases, brutally honest with what I'm feeling these days.
    I feel like I've hit a personal low. I feel like I have so much time on my hands I could go out and have lunch daily with my friends. I don't like it. I want MORE to do! 
    I sometimes feel like I don't know who I am. 
    I do know, however, based upon what I've been through in my life thus far that whatever my lowest points are, I have learned from them and I can teach others because of of those life experiences.
    My husband, Danny, is a very successful landscape architect and he is ALWAYS there for me.
    I don't always reciprocate in a way that I should. I tell him on a regular basis that there is a purple heart waiting at the pearly gates for him. Little did he know what he was getting in to when he met me. After 21 years, he said 'yes' when I asked him to marry me.
    Yes, I asked him and next month we celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe. We just celebrated the 27th anniversary of our meeting. We have been together since the first day we met!
    Cleaning up my own life is a full-time job, so I'm not bothering trying to fix anyone else's now. Although I'm asked quite often to dispense advice, recognizing other people's challenges  doesn't give me license to interfere in their lives.

    Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.-Judy Garland
    Focusing on external issues rather than internal ones is a not-so-clever way to avoid your own work.
    Do not mock a pain that you haven't endured.   

    What are your dreams?

    It's never easy , but it's worth it . Self accomplishment is the best feeling.  

    I have huge dreams but I am feeling very stuck right now. 
    That is my confession for the day.

    I have spent the past year with my on stage series, Richard Skipper Celebrates..., I am moving forward on my book celebrating Hello, Dolly!, CallonDolly.com, and my other writing and yet I don't feel like I'm making real progress.

    I really desire to get this book published. Well, why don't I?
    As I write these words, I am making a commitment to ME and to YOU that I will!
    I have a 'collaborator', but he seems to have disappeared. 
    He is an accomplished writer with many books under his belt and he is busy so I respect that.
    After the recent revival opened on Broadway, he reached out to me once again to get the ball rolling once again. A few letters were sent out and we received a few rejections.  
    I have a new intern starting with me tomorrow.
    She specializes in social media and we are going to hopefully bump up our media presence as far as the Facebook page and website are concerned. I'm anxious to see what she brings to the table tomorrow. I write about what I know and I have been fortunate to interview over 500 people involved with the various productions and movie over the years.

    My daily to-do list is where my day happens. 
    Every time I complete a small chore or task, I move closer to my goals. Life is in the details! I am taking control of my life and continuing the healing process. 

    For me, I am seeking more of a positive collective state of mind, a shared organizational outlook that brings out the best in everyone I encounter, reinforces your mission and rocks OUR common goals.
    I'm thinking about my goals with this book and project, and if my readers send me in the right direction, it is a win win for all of us. 

    Reaching goals is always easier when we have the help of those around us!
    Is there a friend in my circle who might know something about it already and can share information with me?
    Getting away or the beach doesn't fit into my Goals paradigm
    By thinking of even one person who can lend a hand, it provides me with reassurance that I'm not alone.
    When things fall into place, I deliver the goods.

    I first became aware of Carol Channing in the sixties when she was at the apex of her popularity because of Hello, Dolly!  
    Little did I know at the time that I would have a long and successful career appearing AS Carol Channing!
    That led to a few film and television appearances. 
    Maintaining a career at 56 years old is a lot more difficult than it was twenty five years ago when I was 31. 
    On one hand, it feels like it was yesterday. I certainly don't feel any older. I geel that I have MORE to offer than where I was career wise 25 years ago. For one thing, the crux of my career was appearing as Carol Channing. But thirty plus years of facing-and overcoming-challenges have given me a useful perspective on this business along with specific insights into a range of issues. 
    I just saw a funny quote on Twitter: I don't want everyone to agree with me.  I just only want to hear from people that agree with me.
    Experience is a valuable asset, one gained through a life lived with passion, commitment, and energy.   
    Success isn't a matter of throwing something against the wall in hopes that it will stick. 
    It's sometimes hard in the chaos of the morning to stay focused on what truly works. 
     I hope through these blogs that I will find my own road map for success. 

    Last night, I went out with my producer (and best friend) and his cousins visiting here from Sweden. He is one of the most dynamic people I've ever met. A successful businessman, he regularly waffles between his successful real estate world and producing my show, while at the same time somehow manages to be a doting single father to a young child. We went to see a wonderful show, Carole Demas and Sarah Rice (along with the awesome Joseph Goodrich) in Thank You For Your Love.
    It was a celebration of their collaborations throughout their careers with Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt.
    Tom Jones even made a guest appearance last night. The SRO crowd at the Laurie Beechman were all as enthralled as I.
    They return in October. Here is a REVIEW.
     Please be on the lookout. HIGHLY 
    Tonight, we are going to see Bobby Belfry at Maureen's Jazz Celler in Nyack, practically in my backyard. I try, to the best of my ability, support those that have appeared in my series , Richard Skipper Celebrates... I'm also a fan, so it makes it easier!

    When you win, say nothing, when you lose, say less. -Paul Brown

     The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new. - Socrates

    I'm throwing back the curtain and showing my followers the little man behind the Wizard who is always trying to put forth a positive image of a man. 

    Let's Be Friends! I promise you a great experience!

    Today's blog is dedicated to Richard Rodgers who was born on this date in 1902. He made New Year's Eve an event to Look forward to!

    Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself!!
    On June 18th, 2017,  I had the great good pleasure of singing in one of Richard Skipper’s Extravaganzas par Excellence at the Laurie Beechman Theater. This one celebrated Father's Day. It was a  terrific show and Richard was, as always, a wonderful host and singer.   The show ran smoothly and professionally and the performance level was exceedingly high.  Upbeat and fun it reminded me of those wonderful TV variety shows of my youth.  But it isn’t an imitation of one of them, it is Richard’s own, unique creation. 
    If you have never been to one, I recommend it highly, if you are one of the regulars, you are already hooked.
     Mark Watson

     Anyone who has an opportunity to see Richard Skipper's cabaret shows should BY ALL MEANS do so! They're sensational! Great entertainers, wonderful music, lots of laughs, just the best way to spend an afternoon! I just cannot wait for the next show because I will DEFINITELY be in the audience (quietly singing along)!
    Arlene Jacks, New York, NY

    Richard Skipper is the consummate host.  I always enjoy the shows and all the performers--and even the little film intros by Michael Masci!  The theme song Michael picked for the Father's Day opening montage is one of my favorite TV themes--how did you know? Keep up the good work Richard--looking forward to your next season of shows!
    Glenn Hochberg, Easton, PA

    Sit Back! A New News Cycle Is About to Begin!

    Thank you, to ALL who are mentioned in this blog for showing me that it is up to ME to lead by example!

    With grateful XOXOXs , 

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    Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!  

    Keeping America great through Art!     

    Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!
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    Richard Skipper, Richard@RichardSkipper.com

              Richard Skipper Celebrates...June 18th!        
    This is the only real concern of the artist, to recreate out of the disorder of life that order which is art.
    Photo: Matthew Murphy Mary Poppins at Papermill Playhouse. Read MORE

    -James Baldwin

    Happy Memorial Day Monday, May 29th, 2017!
    Today is the 149th day of the year. There are 216 days remaining until the end of the year.
    Before I begin, I have a HIGH RECOMMENDATION! Last night, I attended the opening of Mary Poppins at The Papermill Playhouse. GO! GO!! GO!!! You'll be thanking me! 
    It plays through June 25.  More information at papermill.org

    There are 20 days till my next Richard Skipper Celebrates production and my last of this season. 
    I love the evolution this series has made over the course of the past year. When I set out to do this series, my goal was to create an on stage talk/variety show in which we celebrate each
    other and each and every day.
    We launched the series last May 25th and I was thrilled at the response. 
    We were scheduled to follow up in June and I could not sell a ticket to save my life. Then on June 12th of last year, the Orlando Pulse Massacre happened and knocked the win out of my sails.  
    I felt at that moment that it was time for me to step back and assess how I desired to move forward. I ended up cancelling and decided to return in September.
    We returned in September, where I began this series, at The Triad. 
    I loved performing at The Triad. It is a jewel box of a theater. The problem was scheduling and maneuvering around that juggernaut of Spamilton!  
    We continued at The Triad with shows in October, November, December, and January. 
    It was also during this time that Russ Woolley came on board as producer. He started out as a Facebook friend and that quickly morphed into a full fledged friendship. I never in a million years would have thought that he would come on board to help make this series soar. I am amazed at what we have created in year one. Cannot wait to share Year Two with you! 
    My spirit is 100 percent intact as I move towards June 18th, the next and final show of this season. 
    I have decided to take July and August off to focus on my book, Call on Dolly: From Carol to Bette

    I will be returning in September with a great cast led by Ann Dawson and Ben Rimalower.
    But first let's talk about June 18th. I have a great cast to celebrate! Let's start with Sarah Rice. Sarah will be celebrating the birthday of Jeanette MacDonald. She will also be joined by Mark Watson in a duet celebrating Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald. 
    Sarah made a guest appearance in our first installment in celebration of Carole Demas's bithday. I am thrilled she is back this time in a featured capacity. 
    She is the perfect choice to celebrate Jeanette MacDonald. Her Screen Gems show is still one of my favorites.
    Also returning this month is one of my favorite entertainers and I am thrilled that he has become such a good friend over the past year, David Sabella.  
    He appeared in our celebration of Liza Minnelli's birthday in March. This time around, he will be celebrating Father's Day. He is a proud father of two. 
    Also in the line up is Warren Schein! He will be helping us to celebrate the birthday of Sammy Cahn.  
    Mark Watson, as mentioned earlier, will come back to help us celebrate the day as well. 
    I'm still waiting to see what he will be bringing to the table.
    Mark Watson
    He is an amazing opera singer and I can't wait to share him with my audiences. THEN, we have a Tony Award nominated  entertainer!  

    A smile is happiness you'll find right under your nose. - Tom Wilson
    What makes you smile?
    Today's clue as to our MYSTERY GUEST: This entertainer made their Broadway debut in the 1980s. They received a Tony award nomination as "Best Leading ***** in a Musical" for that performance, and is the recipient of the coveted Theatre Worlds Award for "Outstanding Broadway Debut". New York magazine’s John Simon said "This entertainer is a winner" and Al Hirschfeld did a caricature of them.
    Reserve TODAY and be part of the celebration!
    Thought for the day: What really matters is not how much intelligence you have but how you use
    David Sabella
    what you have.

    Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself!!

    June Is New York Music Month!

    What a delight it was to be at Richard Skipper's World War II show on Armed Forces Day, May 20th! The singers were all fantastic, the songs fun to revisit and the video footage stunning.  Richard is a charming and talented host.  He makes everyone feel welcome.
    I can't wait for his next show at Laurie Beechman on Father's Day. Thanks, Richard for all you are doing to keep cabaret and this music alive.- Eileen Lacy, New York, NY

    Let's Celebrate: June 18th at 1PM at The Laurie Beechman Theater. Russ Woolley proudly presents Richard Skipper Celebrates June 18th!

    Richard will be joined by Sarah Rice, David Sabella, Warren Schein, Mark Watson...AND a Mystery Guest ! 
    The effervescent singing diva, Jeanette MacDonald was born on June 18, 1903 in West Philadelphia to a comfortable middle class family.

    All under the musical Direction of Tedd Firth with Jeff Carney
    Tedd Firth
    on bass and Rex Benincasa on Percussion . This is a 1PM SHOW! (90 minutes) At The Laurie Beechman Theater Reservations a Must! Please Reserve Today .$30 Cover and $20 Minimum per person.

    The celebration celebrates the birthdays of Sammy Cahn and Jeanette MacDonald, Father's Day...and so much MORE! You Never Know Who You Might See There and what might happen!

    The afternoon is also made possible by Wright Bros. Real Estate.

    Nobody celebrates legends like Richard Skipper.If one of your faves is being feted, there's nowhere on earth more
    On stage with Diane J. Findlay May 20th, 2017
    fun to be. And honestly even if you don't care about the honoree, master showman Richard and his talented crew serve up a fabulously good time.
    -Ben Rimalower


    with KT Sullivan May 20th, 2017
    Sit Back! A New News Cycle Is About to Begin!

    Thank you, to ALL who are mentioned in this blog for showing me that it is up to ME to lead by example!
    with Ellen Bullinger and Carol Siwek

    With grateful XOXOXs ,

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    Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!  

    Keeping America great through Art!     

    Go Out and Do Something Nice For Someone Without Expecting Anything In Return
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    Keeping Entertainment LIVE!


    Richard Skipper, Richard@RichardSkipper.com


              Ben Rimalower, Ann Hampton Callaway, and Leslie Orofino are all doing shows!         
    Fred Astaire and Judy Garland rehearsing for Easter Parade
    Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
    - Albert Einstein, German-American physicist (born 1879, transitioned this date in 1955)

    Happy April 18th!
    April 18 is the 108th day of the year. There are 257 days remaining until the end of the year. 
    It is a beautiful day here in New York and as I began today's blog, I was listening to Ethel Merman's Disco Album. The track playing is I Got Rhythm to be exact!
    If that doesn't get one energized, nothing will. 
    I hope all that read this had a great spring holiday, whatever you celebrate. 

    What a stunningly beautiful weekend we had. Plenty of nice weather and only a few raindrops. All in all, perfectly lovely. What would make it even nicer is if I got to see YOU soon at one of our events. I miss you! 
    That's what today's blog is about. I hope that all of my readers will find the time to attend at least one of the shows mentioned here. PLEASE tell them you read about it in my blog!

    Ann Hampton Callaway can't wait to unveil The Ella Century at Birdland tonight through this
    Ann Hampton Callaway
    Saturday, with shows at 8:30 and 11! She is inspired to be celebrating one of the most extraordinary people of the 20th century. This shy girl who overcame a childhood no one should endure, who didn't have the beauty queen looks expected on the band stand, went on to become our beloved "First Lady of Song," selling over 40 million records and winning countless awards including 14 Grammy's and The National Medal of the Arts.
    Please join Ann, Matt Baker, Dean Johnson, Tim Horner and  Benny Benack III for a feast of exciting music laced with story and love in honor of Ella Fitzgerald! For tix call (212) 581-3080.
     Ann Hampton Callaway — the “…superbly intelligent, singularly creative pop-jazz stylist who can stand shoulder to shoulder with Streisand, Ronstadt, Shirley Horn, and Dianne Reeves...” (JazzTimes) — returns to Birdland with an exciting show kicking off Ella Fitzgerald’s centennial year. Callaway explores the breadth of Ella Fitzgerald’s repertoire in a show titled “Ella Century” including fresh takes on classics such as, How High the Moon, Mr. Paganini, and Every Time We Say Goodbye.

    Ben Rimalower tells me that he is so excited to join Mark Cortale's roster of talent for the Provincetown Art House Theatre this summer. But you can see him right here in New York next Monday April 24 when he begins his spring extension of the Patti Issues/Bad with Money double bill.
    I hear tickets may be available on Goldstar.

    "A classic/crazy/funny monodrama that crashes through the wall of 'too much' into a realm pretty close to art." - Jesse Green, New York Magazine (February 2017)

    And guess what! Ben is one of my guests in Richard Skipper Celebrates...September 10th! SAVE THE DATE! 

     CELESTE ENTERTAINING...PICCO TAVERN WEDNESDAY'S 7-10PM 160 Prospect Ave Hackensack NJ 07601
    Great restaurant and Bar...food can be ordered at the Bar.
    Beautiful surroundings.
    Free Valet Parking under building.
    Celeste is really enjoying her gig there. Sound system is nice.The food is great and the staff are professional. Best Meatballs she's ever had besides her own. Picco Tavern on Facebook too.
    (Lexington and 3rd Ave.)
    Saturdays from 8 to 11 pm.
    Reservations: 212. 582.6900. There is a lot of strife in the world right now and we have to celebrate whenever and however we can.
    Leslie Orofino

    Countdown....In 2 Days....Thurs. April 20 at 7:00. Go celebrate Cole Porter with Leslie Orofino and her fabulous trio. Daryl Kojak on piano, Boots Maleson on bass and Rex Benincasa on drums. Directed by Louis Pietig and dedicated to Julie Wilson. Don't miss out. Call 212- 757-0788 after 4 pm today or go to www.donttellmamanyc.com. Details www.leslieorofino.com.

    Congratulations to Dan Goggin! The Little Sisters of Hoboken are coming to the small screen! The first episode of NUNSENSE: the TV Series debuts April 25. Learn more and sign up get an email when it's available to watch at nunsensetv.com.

    Thank you, Tina Marie Casamento Libby for posting this on
    Facebook today:
    As a new show opens daily this season, remember to go and see shows for yourself before relying on reviews. This was the 2003 review for WICKED:
    An “overproduced, overblown, confusingly dark and laboriously ambitious jumble,” ruled Newsday. “The show’s twenty-two songs were written by Stephen Schwartz, and not one of them is memorable,” wrote The New Yorker.
    Perhaps The New York Times carried the most damning review: “Wicked does not, alas, speak  hopefully for the future of the Broadway musical.”
    And Clive Barnes on LES MIZ in 1987:
    "...found the score monotonous, the book full of "brutish drama and tear-stained sentiment" and the show in general "instantly disposable trash."
    One man's "disposable trash" is more than a million others "treasure".

    As an industry, let us embrace the art we are creating, and accept that Art is subjective. Buy your tickets, and enjoy this incredible season!
    Bobbie Horowitz returns on May 15th on the latest installment in her  MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) series, It's Just a Number, and I'm in it celebrating Peggy Eason! Also being feted that evening are Rian Keating and Tex Arnold! Can't wait!
    Caissie Levy and Patti Murin
    (Photo: Disney Theatrical)
    Frozen Broadway Musical Sets Its Cast; Rob Ashford Aboard In Choreographer Shuffle. He has replaced Christopher Gattelli. Caissie Levy will play Elsa, and Patti Murin will play Anna. Disney’s new musical is aiming for a spring 2018 Broadway bow. They topline a principal cast that includes Jelani Alladin as Kristoff, Greg Hildreth as Olaf, John Riddle as Hans and Robert Creighton as Duke of Weselton.

    Cabaret Cares is the not for profit organization that helps and assists children, teens and youth living with HIV and AIDS. This series that benefits Help Is On The Way Today a non for profit created by cabaret producer Joseph Macchia, Cabaret Cares is a ongoing monthly series that was created to benefit Help Is On The Way Today a non for profit organization that helps children, teens and youth living with HIV and AIDS. Once a month a new show is created and can feature Broadway show casts, up and coming talent and many of the New York Cabaret Community.Cabaret Cares 12 will be hosted by John DeMarco, winner of the 2007 MAC Award for Jazz Vocalist and 2008 MAC Award for Best Jazz Record. Lead singer
    for Follies Bergere in Paris and Las Vegas and has played all the major cabaret rooms throughout the country.



    Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself!!

    Sit back! A new news cycle is about to begin!

    Announcing that I have two shows left in Richard Skipper Celebrates this season...May 20th and June 18th (Father's Day). We will take off July and August and will return on September 10th and play once a month through January...All brunch shows except January 31st 7PM show celebrating Carol Channing's birthday with an all star cast! Thank you, Kenny Bell and Russ Woolley!

    Thank you, to ALL who are mentioned in this blog for showing me that it is up to ME to lead by example!

    With grateful XOXOXs ,

    Click on banner to go to website

    One of World War IIs most famous pin-ups! (Broadway's 4th Dolly, Betty Grable)

    Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help! 

    Great time, great fun, great host, great guests.
    -Eileen Slater: Woodbourne, NY
    Announcing Next Edition of Richard Skipper Celebrates...May 20th Laurie Beechman Theater 1PM Brunch Show
    Let's Celebrate: May 20th at 1PM at The Laurie Beechman Theater. Russ Woolley proudly presents Richard Skipper Celebrates The Music of World War II. Richard will be joined by Diane J. Findlay, Sue Matsuki, KT

    -Eileen Slater: Woodbourne, NY

    KT Sullivan
    Sullivan...AND a Mystery Guest All under the musical Direction
    of Michael Lavine with Jeff Carney on bass and Don Kelly on Percussion . This is a 1PM SHOW! (90 minutes) At The Laurie Beechman Theater Reservations a Must! Please Reserve Today. 
    $30 Cover and $20 Minimum per person
    Diane J. Findlay

    You Never Know Who You Might See There and what might happen!

    Go To RichardSkipper.com and click on
    Sue Matsuki
    the Yellow Star to Order Your Tickets Today
    This afternoon is also made possible by Wright Bros. Real Estate, Nyack, NY
    *Previous Mystery Guests have included Anita Gillette, Hilary Kole, Melba Moore, Stacy Sullivan, Jana Robbins, AND Seth Sikes

    Keeping America great through Art!     

    Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!
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    Richard Skipper, Richard@RichardSkipper.com

              Marcus Simeone, Dan Ruth, Lisa Jason...and MORE!        

    Sunday: April 30
    Time: 7:00pm
    Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.
    -John Lennon

    Happy Saturday, April 15th, 2017!
    April 15 is the 105th day of the year. There are 260 days remaining until the end of the year.
    It is a gorgeous day here in New York. It is the kind of April day we sometimes get in New York; crystal blue skies. a few wispy white clouds, 72 and sunny.  
    This is a sad day in our nation's history.
    President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, dies from an assassin’s bullet. Shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theater in Washington the night before, Lincoln lived for nine hours before succumbing to the severe
    I will be seeing Broadway's latest Dolly on Thursday night!
    head wound he sustained.

    As I begin my blog today, I'm listening to Tyne Daly singing Some People from 1990's Gypsy. I saw that show six times with her. WOW! Still resonates as one of the best performances I saw on Broadway! 
    On this date in 1964, the first Ford Mustang rolls off the show room floor, two days before it is set to go on sale nationwide. 

    You have three days left to file with the IRS.
    Once again, I'm surrounded by music on this Easter weekend. Later today, I'm looking forward to seeing Deborah Stone at Don't Tell Mama and then breaking bread with wonderful friends visiting here from out of town. 
    Tomorrow, I'm cooking for 12! Looking forward to the week ahead. Great events this week. Will tell you more in upcoming blogs.  It feels good.
    Here are a few of my recommended shows.
    Coming Soon! Cannot wait!
    Please go out and support these artists. They are truly working to make the world a better place. We ALL have to support each other.

    Being an artist means believing you are an artist; making a living as an artist means mastering many of the skills and professional attitudes shared by successful self-employed persons engaged in other occupations. The artists mentioned in this blog are a stunningly accomplished bunch. Never one to let the green grass grow under their feet, they are all out there creating great art.  

    See Hilary's show tonight. She is excellent. It is always a joy to be in any room she is performing in.
    Looking for something to do tonight? 
    Go see The Cyndi Hazell Duo Featuring Rick Laban on Guitar Vocals...We have been performing together for about a year, playing songs from the 60's to today with various genres of music from Carol King/James Taylor (we also do a tribute show to them) to Diana Ross, Aretha, etc. to Natalie Imbruglila.

    There is also Hilary Kole!


    Go hear Mary Riley,  Dana Gross, Rob Davis,  Shana Kahn,  Frank McDonough, Bernie Boroson sing songs from the American Songbook, songs by pop icons, and original material.
    $20 cover with 2 drink minimum.
    $5 off the cover for Mac Members.
    Music calms the soul and soothes the senses. Escape the dreaded news with song!

    Nice write up in Between My Stage Life with Anna Lively. Please read and if you live in the tri state area you don't want to miss her show at Feinstein's/54 Below in New York this Wednesday April 19th at 9;30 singing the tunes of Doris Day.

    SUNDAY, APRIL 23rd at 4:30At some point in life, everyone needs to let go of something and that is what Marcia Roney is doing in her new solo show. LETTING GO!
    Although she may be new to some of you, she is not new to cabaret. 

    She did her first solo show at the Metropolitan Room and has performed in many group shows at the Laurie Beechman,Theater, The Duplex, Don't Tell Mama and Rose's Turn.

    She is delighted to be working with multi- award-winning director Peter Napolitano and acclaimed musical director Mathew Martin Ward . She extends a special invitation to all MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) members to join her as she explores things she has already let go of, still need to let go of and the fear of future things she may have to let go of even though they may or may not happen. She is a good story teller and has lots of stories to tell!
    DON'T TELL MAMA CABARET:343 West 46th Street, NYC Reservations:  212-757-0788 (after 4 PM) www.donttellmamanyc.com
    $15 cover charge/MAC $10/ 2 drink minimum CASH ONLY.

    Dan Ruth, is performing his spectacular show, A Life Behind Bars, at my cabaret home, the Laurie Beechman Theatre in April and May. 
    He has already received two extremely favorable reviews for this gritty, funny, rollercoaster real life tale of addiction, gentrification (YES THAT’S
    Dan Ruth and Director Tanya Moberly, photo by Rolando Pellot
    RIGHT!), sobriety and survival. Directed by Tanya Soberly. Read the reviews here, and please come out to support Dan Ruth:

    This is a funny, wet-your-pants show, with an outstanding performer and a comical but powerful message. - Steve Nardoni, Theater Pizzazz

    His quicksilver changes of character, mood and setting warrant comparison to the great
    Lily Tomlin, and that is praise I do not give lightly. - Gerry Geddes, BistroAwards

    Remaining shows are: Tuesdays April 25th and May 9th at 7PM and Wednesday, May 17th at 9:30PM.
    To purchase tickets, please visit: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/968687
    Sunday: April 30 (Please join our party)
    Time: 7:00pm
    Multi award winning MAC and Bistro Award winning performers join forces and present an acoustic set.
    Come and experience an evening of exciting music and stories, unplugged!
    You wont want to miss this!

    Director: LINA KOUTRAKOS
    Don't Tell Mama 343 W42 Street NYC  $20.00 cover

    Plus Two Beverage minimum
    ($10.00 MAC Discount)
    In the Brick room
     Reserve HERE
    Or reserve by phone (after 4pm daily)
    Other show dates:
    (Showtimes are all at: 7pm)

     Sunday May 28 AND Sunday June 18
    Sunday July 23 
    Lisa Jason

    May 1 at 9:30pm, Lisa Jason:
    Rock Singer/Songwriter Joins Forces With Broadway Stars, in her New Show, "Another Hundred People" at Feinstein's/54 Below.

    Lisa Jason: Another Hundred People
    featuring Broadway Guest Stars from  A Bronx Tale, Les Misérables, Lion King and South Pacific
    Musical Director, Luke Williams
    Monday, May 1st @ 9:30pm (doors open 8:45pm)
    Feinstein's 54 Below 254 W. 54th Street, bet 8th Ave and Broadway.

    $25-$35, plus $25 Food and Beverage Min. Tickets and Info: 646-476-3551
    Trains: N,R,Q to 57th St B,D,E to 7th Ave, or C,E,1 to 50th St.

    American Popular Song Society
    Don't miss Sandi Durell's 13th annual "Songwriter Series" at the American Popular Song Society on Saturday, May 13th!  

    It will be a gala afternoon of brilliant music and song with many surprises. 
    The cast will be announced soon! No reservations necessary - just show up
    from 1:00 pm on and you will be welcome.
    Happy Birthday, Bessie Smith

    APSS Members: no charge.  Guests: $15.
    However, if you join at this meeting, this fee will be credited to your membership for next season!
    Visit: APSSinc.org for more info and to read monthly newsletter and those from their thirty year plus year history!
     The road from love to hate is easy. The one from hate to love is more difficult, but brings peace.
    -Pope Francis

    Excitement continues to mount on The Great White Way as Hello, Dolly! opens at the Shubert
    Theater. This revival of the beloved musical stars none other than Bette Midler. The book is by Michael Stewart with music and lyrics by Jerry Herman. It is directed by four-time Tony Award winner Jerry Zaks with choreography by Warren Carlyle. The show is the first new production of Hello, Dolly! to appear on Broadway since it opened more than fifty years ago.

    It pays tribute to the original work of legendary director/choreographer, Gower Champion, a staging that has long been considered one of the greatest in musical theater history. The Schubert Theater is located at 225 West 44th Street. Visit: http://hellodollyonbroadway.com.

    Pansy Power!  One hilarious bouquet of rainbow-colored comics in riotous bloom.  Wed. May 3.  Starring the great KATE CLINTON (first lady of out comedy, legendary star of stage, screen, blog and bookstore)

      Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself!!

    Sit back! A new news cycle is about to begin!

    This blog is based MOSTLY on my opinions

    Thank you, to ALL who are mentioned in this blog for showing me that it is up to ME to lead by example!

    With grateful XOXOXs ,

    Click on banner to go to website

    One of World War IIs most famous pin-ups! (Broadway's 4th Dolly, Betty Grable)

    Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help! 

    Great time, great fun, great host, great guests.
    -Eileen Slater: Woodbourne, NY
    Announcing Next Edition of Richard Skipper Celebrates...May 20th Laurie Beechman Theater 1PM Brunch Show
    Let's Celebrate: May 20th at 1PM at The Laurie Beechman Theater. Russ Woolley proudly presents Richard Skipper Celebrates The Music of World War II. Richard will be joined by Diane J. Findlay, Sue Matsuki, KT

    -Eileen Slater: Woodbourne, NY

    KT Sullivan
    Sullivan...AND a Mystery Guest All under the musical Direction
    of Michael Lavine with Jeff Carney on bass and Don Kelly on Percussion . This is a 1PM SHOW! (90 minutes) At The Laurie Beechman Theater Reservations a Must! Please Reserve Today. 
    $30 Cover and $20 Minimum per person
    Diane J. Findlay

    You Never Know Who You Might See There and what might happen!

    Go To RichardSkipper.com and click on
    Sue Matsuki
    the Yellow Star to Order Your Tickets Today
    This afternoon is also made possible by Wright Bros. Real Estate, Nyack, NY
    *Previous Mystery Guests have included Anita Gillette, Hilary Kole, Melba Moore, Stacy Sullivan, Jana Robbins, AND Seth Sikes

    Keeping America great through Art!     

    Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!
    Please leave a comment and share on Twitter and Facebook
    Keeping Entertainment LIVE!


    Richard Skipper, Richard@RichardSkipper.com

              Jana Robbins, New York's Next Top Drag Queen Finale, Sally Olson's Karen Carpenter Trinute...and MORE!        
    Richard Skipper did an excellent job introducing "Jezebel" (1938) at the TCM Classic Film Festival on 4/6/17. It was a fun and lively introduction that brilliantly set up the film and showed a great knowledge of behind the scenes facts.
    -Kennedy Reed

    Reserve TODAY for May 20
    Happy April 13th, 2017!
    April 13 is the 103rd day of the year. There are 262 days remaining until the end of the year. 
    It is a gorgeous day here in New York. It is estimated that it will get up to 75 degrees today. The full moon was earlier this week. It was the PINK moon!  
    Any full moon that occurs in April is called a ‘Pink Moon’ simply because of the pink flowers, such as North America’s wild ground phlox, which blossom in April and are seen to
    At The Turner Classic Film Festival last week.
    symbolize new beginnings.
    As I begin my blog today, I'm listening to the 40s channel on Sirius XM. Right now, the song playing is Mary Martin singing Kiss The Boys Goodbye. It's Jazz Appreciation month but I love all kinds of music.
    It's all setting the tone for the day. A lot has happened since my last blog last week. My apologies for those that I promised blogs to and have not gotten to...yet!
    For me, it's no longer about getting everything done every day but getting done what I am able to get done.
    I get requests almost daily asking me to coach others. I feel like I'm just learning to coach myself. 

    Then [David] took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in the pouch of his shepard's bag and, with his sling in his hand, approached Goliath. 
    -1 Samuel 17:40
    Martha Raye as Dolly Levi. I see Bette Midler April 20 (Opening night!)
    I put the above quote from the Bible because I believe it sums up who and where I am at this point in my life. I feel that I am really hitting my stride and I'm ready to take on the world.
    As I sat off to begin this year, one of my intentions was to really brand and solidify Richard Skipper Celebrates...

    That is happening! In addition to my blog, which is not as consistent as it once was due to my busy schedule, last May, I launched my series, Richard Skipper Celebrates...a talk/variety show ON STAGE!

    We opened last May 25th at The Triad. It is hard to believe that was a year ago.
    KT Sullivan celebrates the songs of World War II with me May 20th
    I was scheduled to also do a June show and then the Pulse Massacre happened. It really hit me hard and I cancelled my show and decided to regroup and return in September. This series began at The Triad and I will always be grateful to Peter Martin and the entire staff for making me feel so welcome.
    As Spamilton became a bigger and bigger hit there, prime show times became rarer and rarer. Twice, my show had to be rescheduled and twice there was a mad rush to push my audiences out into the street for the next show. I don't blame The Triad. These things happen

    but the comfort level was stressed to the max.
    It was then that I was offered a time slot at The Laurie Beechman for my birthday show in February.
    What a great afternoon that was. My mom, middle brother, and his girlfriend even surprised me from South Carolina!
    Then last month, we celebrated Liza Minnelli's birthday. In addition to Julie Reyburn, we had an amazing cast.
    Last week, we celebrated Yip Harburg's Birthday. Leslie Orofino led an amazing cast.
    On May 20th (Armed Forces Day), we are celebrating the music of World War II led by Diane J. Findlay and Sue Matsuki.
    June 18th (Father's Day), we are doing our last show of the season. We are getting back to our roots and celebrating the date, June 18th. Sarah Rice will be celebrating the birthday of Jeanette McDonald, Warren Schein celebrates Sammy Cahn, and I have a few more surprises up my
    sleeve. We will take July and August off and will return in September. I am already booked at The Laurie Beechman September-January, monthly!
    Please join us on the 20th and let's celebrate!
    Win TWO tickets to Richard Skipper Celebrates on May 20th
    (Brunch included!)

    Here is what you do: Tweet about the upcoming show. Include #RichardSkipperCelebrates and RichardSkipper.com. The most clever tweet will win (voted upon by a committee) and the winner will be announced at 5PM Today. (If you have already bought your tickets or are out of town, will make a great gift for two friends!) Please LIKE and SHARE. Please include The Laurie Beechman Theatre.
    Last night, we celebrated Jana's Birthday!
    Last night I was asked to sing as part of Jana Robbin's Birthday show at Feinstein's/54 Below. Here is Bob Ost's (Theater Resources Unlimited, TRU) account of the evening:. What a beautiful night it was at Feinstein's/54 Below! Jana Robbins was in spectacular voice, particularly moving in a deeply felt rendition of "As If We Never Said Good-bye" and profoundly raucous in not one but two striptease numbers, "Zip" from Pal Joey" and "Gotta Have a Gimmick" from you know what, a recreation of a number our fair lady performed on Broadway for several years as Mazeppa while understudying Tyne Daly's Mama Rose. 
    Not a stitch was actually removed, mind you, but mimed precision was on view and a trumpet was blown.

    Warm, embracing and heart-felt from beginning to end. And so moving in her encore "And That's Why I'm a Singer," a tribute to her mom who was there last night (and even joined Jana for a song). So generous in so many ways, bringing the young writer of musical-in-development "Timothy Cratchitt" up to do a song, and following her standing ovation with a party celebration of other performers she knows and loves, including my dear old friends David Sabella, Julie Reyburn (destroying me with "We Can Never Go Back to Before" from "Ragtime") and Richard Skipper (taking over the room with expert showmanship), plus funny and fabulous
    with Jana at mine and Danny's wedding
    David Austin who starred in Jana's production of "I Love You Because..." and a lovely young actress she discovered and directed in a college production of "Little Women." The undercurrent of the show was dreams, some fulfilled and some still yearned for, and it touched and tugged at chords within me.

    The room was filled with Broadway producers, including TRU pals Cody Lassen and Jim Kierstead, plus TRU board alum Douglas Denoff, Robert R Blume of the Drama Desk, Richard Winkler, Margot Astrachan, Merrie Davis. Plus Cabaret award winners Bobbie Horowitz and Joan Crowe, on-line critic of Times Square Chronicle
    Jana in The Drowsy Chaperone (Regional)
    (and another old friend of mine) Suzanna Bowling, Jana writers Alan Knee (Little Women and "Timothy Cratchitt") and D. Tucker Smith ("Roof of the World"), dear PDMP team leader and producer R Erin Craig, my dear friend Doug DeVita (sitting right behind me through the entire show without my knowing it), former PDMP leader Meredith Lucio and for heavens sake, Dan Goggin, the writer of "Nunsense" and a friend of mine I haven't seen in over 20 years (he's too busy making money)! And stage manager Anita Ross who ran over to say hello for the first time since 1978, when I was a writing "prodigy" (in her words) having my first show done at the old Network Theater where she worked. (I think she may have been my stage manager.) And PDMP member and pal Prudence Wright Holmes who sat with me and Gary.
    Photo: Jana Robbins is pictured here with Bob Ost, who publishes TRU, the online newsletter which “offers postings of jobs, goods, and services
    I am surely forgetting others. But so nice of Jana to invite all of my friends! One of the best nights ever!

    While we're waiting for the 20th, please commit to seeing at least ONE SHOW A WEEK until then! If you see someone, you would like me to celebrate, please let me know. Here are some of my recommendations.

    After six Long Weeks, it all comes down to eight minutes. TONIGHT:  New York's Next Top Drag Queen Finale at 7PM Tonight at The Metropolitan Room.
    For the fifth year in a row, this hardcore drag arena welcomes the city's toughest queens to sinc, dance and lip-sync their way to eternal glory. Head to Metropolitan Room to witness them in action.
    Each Queen will sing two songs and give you a little sneak peak into what their show would be like if they won.
    They started out with 12 Queens and now they are down to the Top five. Diana Carefire, Bella Lemay,Cherry Poppins,Easy Mac, and Celah Doore.
    Showtime 7pm Doors open 6:!5
    $12 Cover $15 Food/Bev Min
    The Metropolitan Room

    Masterworks Broadway proudly announces the release of The New Broadway Cast Recording of Hello, Dolly! starring three-time Grammy Award-winning legend Bette Midler as Dolly Gallagher Levi.
    Produced by multiple-Grammy Award® winner Steven Epstein, with a cast of thirty seven and twenty eight musicians, the album will be released May 12, 2017 and is available for pre-order now. Read MORE.

     Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. -Will Rogers

    Acclaimed Karen Carpenter sound-alike and
    look-alike Sally Olson will appear in concert on Saturday, April 29 at 9:30 pm at the famed Triad Theatre on Manhattan's Upper West Side. The show will include signature covers and hits by the Carpenters, such as “We’ve Only Just Begun,” “(They Long To Be) Close To You,” “Rainy Days and Mondays,” “Superstar,” and more.
    Sally offers commentary on the history behind the Carpenters’ music, as well as Karen
    Carpenter’s rise to fame and her sudden and tragic death at the age of 32.
    This Carpenters Tribute Concert debuted in January 2015 and was conceived by Bill Reed (arranger, music director) and Sally Olson (artistic director and lead vocals).
    Tickets: $25 in advance | $30 day of show. Available at the door or online at www.triadnyc.com. For more information, please contact Peter Martin: triadnyc@yahoo.com or Sally Olson: carpenterstributeconcert@gmail.com; www.carpenterstributeconcert.com

    Add caption

    The Singing Experience Workshop #481 "Silver Lining" begins on Monday, May 15th (a little over a month away) and there are still a few places available for some lucky person.  Give yourself or that special someone in your life the "Gift of Song!"
     The dates:  Rehearsals at Studio 353 from 6:30-9:30PM on May, 15, May 22, (Skip Memorial Day), June 5, June 12. 
    Visit: www.SingingExperience.com for more information or phone multi-Award Winning Director Linda Amiel Burns at 212 315-3500 to register!
    Performance at The Triad on June 19th 7:30 Showtime. (Tech Rehearsal before show from 5:30-7:00).
    June 26 - DVD Viewing Party at TSE Offices 7-10 (professional 2 hour DVD included in tuition). 

    Monday April 17 at 7 pm at Don’t Tell Mama
    Something to Sing About is a show featuring six exceptional storytellers singing their hearts out. Music runs the gamut from Amos to Gershwin. 3 new original songs performed by the composer Rob Davis.
    Directed by Eadie Scott. Musical direction by Ricky Ritzel. Truly something to sing about!

    TONIGHT, April 13th, Jerry Costanzo's All-Star trio and he will be returning to Butterfields in Hauppauge for an evening of jazz, swing and the songs of the Great Crooners.. Frank, Dean, Sammy Nat Cole and much more... There's room for dancing, if you're so inclined!

    Happy Birthday to Jeff Macauley!
    He tells me today that he is taking one of my favorite shows to Provincetown in June as part of CabaretFest!
    Macauley’s Bistro Award-winning Dinah Shore tribute debuted in 1997 at
    Eighty Eights in New York’s Greenwich Village and
    had a long run before moving to Los Angeles’ Cinegrill
    Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. “MWAH!” is an
    affectionate and humorous look at the life and career of
    Dinah Shore as seen through the eyes of one of her most ardent fans, someone who sat transfixed in front of his TV during the 1970s watching the “Dinah!” show almost daily. Macauley presents many of Dinah’s 92 pop chart hits, ranging from million selling songs to lesser-known standards.
    Wrote Backstage Bistro reviewer Roy Sander after Macauley presented this future “Greatest
    Hit” in 1997: “With his considerable wit and charm, Jeff Macauley succeeds in making this course in Dinah 101 at once interesting and very funny . . . He sings some 20 songs, all of
    them delivered with affection.”
    And this from Cabaret Scenes Magazine: “Macauley deftly combined a musical tribute to Dinah Shore with spicy biographical stories from his own life.
    The result was an evening of hilarity and impeccable musical performance.” Upon its 2016 revival, BroadwayWorld.com found MWAH! to be “... one of the most successful shows of its kind I’ve seen.” and that “Macauley was stand-up comic funny throughout.”

    Drop by for a cocktail at COCKTAILS WITH COLE on Thurs., April 20 at 7:00 with Leslie Orofino and her fabulous trio. Daryl Kojak on piano, Boots Maleson on bass and Rex Benincasa on drums. Directed by Louis Pietig and dedicated to Julie Wilson. Call after 4 pm 212-757-0788 or go to www.donttellmamanyc.com. Details: www.leslieorofino.com

    Today's blog is dedicated to Howard Keel. He would have been 98 today. My favorite movie of his is Calamity Jane made in ( 1953 ), starring Doris Day.

    Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself!!

    Announcing Next Edition of Richard Skipper Celebrates...May 20th Laurie Beechman Theater 1PM Brunch Show
    Let's Celebrate: May 20th at 1PM at The Laurie Beechman Theater. Russ Woolley proudly presents Richard Skipper Celebrates The Music of World War II
    Richard will be joined by Diane J. Findlay, Sue Matsuki, KT Sullivan...AND a Mystery Guest

    All under the musical Direction of Michael Lavine with Jeff Carney on bass and Don Kelly on Percussion . This is a 1PM SHOW! (90 minutes) At The Laurie Beechman Theater Reservations a Must! Please Reserve Today

    Bill and I SO enjoyed seeing Richard Skipper Celebrates... for the first time. Richard's natural charm jumps off the stage with the ease of a skilled ballet dancer.  He has a light without a spotlight and he has a warm, large generous heart.  Thanks for a lovely afternoon.
    Rosie Novellino-Mearns, NYC

    $30 Cover and $20 Minimum per person
    You Never Know Who You Might See There and what might happen!
    Go To RichardSkipper.com and click on the Yellow Star to Order Your Tickets Today

    This afternoon is also made possible by Wright Bros. Real Estate, Nyack, NY

    Sit Back! A New News Cycle Is About to Begin!

    Thank you, to ALL who are mentioned in this blog for showing me that it is up to ME to lead by example!

    With grateful XOXOXs , 

    Click on banner to go to website


    Please do what YOU can to be more aware that words and actions DO HURT...but they can also heal and help!  

    Keeping America great through Art!     

    Here's to an INCREDIBLE tomorrow for ALL...with NO challenges!
    Please leave a comment and share on Twitter and Facebook
    Keeping Entertainment LIVE!

    Richard Skipper, Richard@RichardSkipper.com

              QGBC seminar encourages increased innovation in Qatar’s construction sector        

    In the wake of the nation’s construction boom, Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), and the Pakistan Engineers Forum (PEF), hosted a joint seminar exploring innovation opportunities and challenges in Qatar’s construction sector. 

    The event, which took place this week at Qatar Foundation, was attended by more than 50 construction practitioners and sustainability experts. The seminar supported QF’s objective to ensure cutting-edge, environmentally sustainable infrastructure, and QGBC’s commitment to working in collaboration with key stakeholders to encourage innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

    Addressing the gathered experts, Engineer Meshal Al Shamari, Director of Qatar Green Building Council, said: “QGBC is focused on promoting green practice across Qatar’s construction sector so we were delighted to host this conversation between sustainability experts, innovators and building specialists. We are committed to helping the nation deliver the Qatar National Vision 2030, and our discussions highlighted some interesting ideas and themes for reform and growth.”

    Qatar Green Building Council seminar 2 [qatarisbooming.com].jpgAsfandiar Ansari, President of the Pakistani Engineers Forum, highlighted the importance of organisations working together to achieve common objectives: “The Pakistan Engineers Forum was established in 1997 with the main objective to disseminate knowledge within the community. Since knowledge knows no boundaries, we joined hands in our knowledge sharing efforts with key engineering organisations in Qatar like QGBC. The informative discussions at this event enable our members to connect with others and generate new insights into the construction industry in Qatar. We would like to thank QGBC for providing a great networking opportunity for our members.”

    Among Qatar’s large construction projects over the coming decade are Qatar Rail, the FIFA 2022 World Cup stadia, Msheireb Downtown Doha and Lusail Real Estate Development amongst many more. Dr Alex Amato, Head of Sustainability at QGBC, added: “Innovation opportunities in the construction sector are abundant. The real question we need to answer is, ‘to what extent is innovation and research encouraged in this sector?’ As part of our efforts to encourage innovation and research in the construction sector, QGBC has brought together members of the construction industry to conduct vital innovative research as part of its landmark project the Qatar Case Study Passivhaus. The project is now undergoing the research phase and is aimed at reducing energy consumption by half.”

    Qatar Green Building Council seminar 3 [qatarisbooming.com].jpgEngineer Mohamed Al-Sada, Chairman of Gulf Scientific Gateway, focused on the important role of entrepreneurs in encouraging innovation in the construction sector. He said: “Qatar’s current regulations and laws help entrepreneurs and innovators in many ways. However, they do not adequately address the main challenge facing new entrepreneurs in Qatar, which is capturing market gains while competing with existing market giants. We hope that we will witness further modifications in this regard.”

    Dr Azhar Iqbal, Managing Director of Gulf Scientific Gateway, offered a potential solution. His presentation suggested that increased innovation and the introduction of new concepts to the construction industry will help minimise competition between new entrants and established market leaders. The event featured another informative presentation by Dr Uvais Qidwai, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Qatar University that highlighted the challenges innovators face in Qatar and how old innovations can provide answers to the modern age challenges.

    He explained: “New concepts such as Zero Energy Design housing or the Passivhaus will encourage innovative thinking in Qatar’s market by pushing both the new entrants and existing giants to join forces and work together for their mutual benefit.” QGBC is a non-profit, membership-driven organisation dedicated to advocating green building solutions, leading industry research, as well as promoting sustainable practice in the community. QGBC offers membership opportunities to organisations, individuals and students who demonstrate support for QNV 2030 and showcase passion for environmental sustainability.

    For more information about QGBC, please visit: www.qatargbc.org. 

    Qatar Airways Baku 728x90


              Home Staging and Redesign Services        
    Home Staging Solutions, LLC provides home staging for the real estate sales market and redesign services for homeowners who want that professionally decorated look in their home. Call us today at (303) 845-0891 to schedule a consultation or visit our website at www.hsscolorado.com.
    Broomfield, CO 80020
              Accredited Home Staging Professional        
    In today's real estate market, staging is a very cost-effective way to distinguish your property from the competition. Our goal and commitment to you is to help take the stress out of preparing your home for sale so you can focus on transitioning to the next stage of your life.
    Broomfield, CO 80020
              Best Price Stagers        
    Selling real estate in our current flat market involves imagination & initiative.Before you list your home, before you suffer a substantial price reduction for lack of offers and before you experience infinite showings, you need to consult Best Price Stagers. We have been successfully staging homes
    denver, CO 80212
              Real Estate Staging and Interior Redesign        
    Real Estate Staging, Interior Redesign, Design Consultations, Relocation/Move-in Services, Color Consultation, Project Coordinating Services
    Colorado Springs, CO 80936
              Everything That Is Wrong With New Jersey, In One Email....        
    Someone needs to burn this whole damn state to the ground, sprinkle it with Holy Water - with an exorcist nearby to shoo out the demons - and rebuild it from scratch.  What a waste of prime real estate...

    Received the following email (cut & pasted below) from Keswick Cycle of Cherry Hill, New Jersey:

    After several lengthy and heartfelt discussions between the Brian and Dave (the owners), it is with great regret and disappointment that we are announcing the closure of our Cherry Hill, NJ location. We have enjoyed working with the cycling community in Cherry Hill and its neighboring communities for the past 8 seasons.

    However, due to the sale of our building, the current economic climate and dramatically escalated operating costs, it is unsustainable for Keswick cycle to do business in Cherry Hill and the state of NJ. Our building has been sold and we are losing our lease. We have also seen a 54% increase in our real estate and school taxes since 2006. In addition, it is now 2 times the cost for us to insure one store and building in Cherry Hill verses 2 stores in Pennsylvania. We have searched for alternative locations to alleviate those financial restraints with no success. It is a very frustrating situation for all of us. Keswick Cycle as a whole is a very fiscally sound business. Our West Philadelphia and Glenside, Pennsylvania stores with continue to operate as normal....

              The In Road For Buyers of First Time Pasco Wa Homes        

    While an auction may not be the best venue for a buyer of Pasco Wa homes unfamiliar with the process, getting a foreclosure property one step farther in the process is indeed a viable option. Because a home purchased from a real estate agent or directly from a bank can be assured to have cleared all of the potential financial claims against it, a first time home buyer can instead have confidence in their purchase that they won’t be pursued as the new Pasco Wa homes owner of the property to settle any debts incurred by the previous owner.

    Additionally, navigating the process of purchasing a foreclosure home is simply not familiar to most first time home buyers and as a result, buying under a more standard process with a real estate agent involved offers an easier way to purchase a home for a bit of a financial benefit without having to learn a great deal to do so. A first time home buyer already with a bead on a foreclosure Pasco Wa homes property as a potential target can partner that good intuition up with a simpler process to create a value-laden transaction that will land a first home.

              Without A Trace, as Reported by Washington Real Estate News        

    Entering a home for a showing and being confronted by a set of barking dogs is enough to make some potential buyers not enter the home at all, Washington Real Estate News reports. Similarly, the sight of a clump of cat hair on the sofa can sour some potential buyers as they try to envision themselves in your property. They won’t think you are a bad person or a bad pet owner, but they will come away from a showing with a bad taste in their mouth due in large part to your pet’s effect.

    Your job, Washington Real Estate News suggests, is to remove any trace of your pet’s stay in the home, starting with the clutter that can sometimes come from pet toys and food dishes. A cage is fine and a tidy area where a pet spends most of his or her time will not harm a showing, but having a stray dog bone here and a messy food dish there can distract a buyer from the beautiful breakfast nook you keep or the immaculate counter top you just cleaned. Washington Real Estate News recommends not letting your pet become a part of the home evaluation equation.

              Sell Tri City Wa Real Estate With Simple Staging Tips        

    Hiring a staging company to make your Tri City Wa home sparkle is a great way to help your home show better and more readily impress the potential buyers that take showings at your home, but staging is an expense that not all home sellers are willing to invest in. For those sellers, there are some tips that staging companies use to make a home show as well as it possibly can that can be implemented without too much work or hassle. While they will not substitute for a staging company, they can give your home a fresh look.

    Capturing the attention of a Tri City Wa buyer that takes a showing with your home is one of the most important and overlooked parts of the home selling process as an inordinate amount of effort goes into generating interest on a property, so letting that interest fall flat with a bad showing is a big detriment to a timely and full price home sale. Don’t let your own home sale fall into that trap and instead use the showing as an opportunity to let the best aspects of your home shine through and communicate value to a buyer looking at the property with a critical eye at every turn.

    Staging can be an expensive process and while it certainly spruces up the way a home shows, many sellers bristle at the thought of adding additional expense to the home selling process. For those sellers, emphasizing the current space and showing off new uses for each nook and cranny can help a potential Tri City Wa real estate buyer see themselves in the home and communicate value to those you’ve tried so hard through diligent marketing efforts to get to see your home.

              Recognize The Signs in Pasco Wa Real Estate        

    If something happens to cause a build up of carbon monoxide in your Pasco Wa real estate, you will likely feel the effects. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning range from flu-like symptoms at the start to more severe symptoms like a shortness of breath. If you constantly fill a little bit ill when you come home, look into the possibility that you have a carbon monoxide poisoning. Purchasing a detector is the best way to monitor your Pasco Wa real estate whether you feel ill or not, but if you are feeling some effects, investing in one is a necessity to at least eliminate carbon monoxide as a potential cause of your constant sickness.

    When purchasing a carbon monoxide monitor, make sure that you buy one that has the ability to fall back on a battery should the power go out as many plug in. Place them near where you sleep to make sure that if an alarm goes off, you won’t simply sleep through it. A loud, clear alarm could be the difference between your ability to wake up and evacuate your family from Pasco Wa real estate and the prospect of sleeping through an alarm. Carbon monoxide detectors are typically not expensive and with a small cash outlay, you can remove a potential worry from your home and rest easier at night.

              Richland Real Estate ~ Pack With Your Pet In Mind        

    One of the ways movers can get into trouble is by packing away valuable information that they may need on moving day for Richland real estate. Under a pile of boxes that all look the same, finding a piece of paper or bottle of medicine can be an exercise in finding a needle in a haystack. The same applies to your pet’s veterinary records, medications and other critical items that might be necessary on moving day. With all of the hustle and bustle around a move, it is entirely possible for something to happen to your pet. When moving Richland real estate, consider the worst case scenario for your pet and plan for it.

    In that same vein, make sure that the identification for your pet is on the pet at all times and up to date should the hectic nature of moving cause you to misplace your pet. Proper and securely fastened identification is critical to a pet at any time, but especially so during a move that can expose the pet to sights and situations that could cause it to spook and run. Don’t let what should be an exciting day moving into a new Richland real estate home turn into a search for the family dog without proper identification.

              The Difficulty Of Moving On in West Richland Wa Real Estate        

    The reason the value of a West Richland Wa home can become such an issue for a seller is the amount of emotional attachment to the home fostered over a million memories created in the home, no matter how long the seller happened to live there. A seller is aware of all of the little things that were done to the home, the minor improvements here and there that have taken the home from its raw state at purchase to the mature home that is now on the market for a new owner. That transition can produce many mixed feelings, one of them an over-inflated image of what West Richland real estate is worth.

    As difficult as it may be, the best advice for a seller is to remain as neutral as possible during the home’s sale process, using an impartial eye to look at the home as it stands in relation to other homes in the area with a similar set of amenities. Doing so will help a West Richland Wa seller not only get out of the way of the pricing process targeted at selling the home quickly, but will take away some of the stress the home selling process can create with every step along the way.

              The Pet Perfect Tri City Wa Real Estate        

    If Tri City Wa real estate pet owners are one thing, it is devoted to their pets, so it should come as not surprise that the market for pet friendly properties has grown significantly over time in accordance with the growth of pet ownership. As a potential home buyer looking for a new property for you and your pet, there are a few traits you can look for to make sure that you will be happy with your new home and your pet will feel just as welcomed as you do.

    For those with a pet as a valued part of the family, making sure that Tri City Wa home will not only accommodate a pet, but that a pet is even allowed in the particular community is a part of the real estate process that might not be a part otherwise. You will want to not only make sure that a home will accommodate your pet when you take a showing, but also discuss it before hand with your real estate agent so that he or she will keep it in mind when turning up properties for you to look at.

    Pet owners are a growing segment of the population and Tri City Wa real estate well suited for these pet owners are out there for the picking. However, you have to work with your real estate agent to define the kind of amenities you are looking for to ensure that you will see homes that will improve the quality of life for you, your family and your pets.

              Washington Real Estate News and The Zillow Sweet Spot        

    Zillow is one of the most interesting sites on the Internet, Washington Real Estate News reports, as far as its attempt to evaluate vastly different properties and augmenting that service with features like aerial maps and listings for sale in the area to first bring in potential buyers with a cool service like home values and then selling them something through the additional services offered. However, the information available is only reliable in relatively homogeneous areas and cannot replace the ability of a real estate agent to either determine the value of your home for sale or pinpoint areas a potential buyer’s budget will allow a home purchase.

    Those homes that see their value most accurately reported by Zillow are those that are easily comparable to homes near by for approximate value, Washington Real Estate News reports. Homes located either in rural areas where there simply aren’t many nearby homes to use as comparable properties or those that lie in neighborhoods full of homes that vary wildly in appearance and amenities will see value estimates that could fluctuate significantly from their actual value.

    Where a real estate agent can accommodate these types of homes by using the human touch to dig deeper for comparable homes or modifying a Washington Real Estate News valuation in accordance with the information available, Zillow’s software program does not have that advantage. If homes nearby are not reliable for determining a value, the estimate produced could be vastly different from the kind of value a real estate agent’s comparative market analysis would derive.

              Kennewick Wa Real Estate ~ Many Barriers Exist Already        

    As anyone with an expired MLS listing or seven-month stay on the market will tell you, there are a number of reasons Kennewick Wa real estate may not sell. A home may not be in a great location, it may not show very well, it may pale in comparison to other similar homes in the area and it may simply not garner the level of interest it needs to see an offer. Simply put, there are enough potential barriers to a Kennewick Wa real estate sale already inherent to the process without adding a seller’s desire for a particular sales price into the mix.

    Understanding that can greatly reduce a seller’s stubbornness in sticking to a particular price point as any seller has the goal of a timely transaction in mind. Sticking to an unwieldy price for Kennewick Wa real estate will only elongate the process, delaying a subsequent move and perhaps putting undue strain on a process that can already create a great deal of stress in the minds of some sellers.

              Kennewick Real Estate        
    Washington Real Estate News has pages dedicated to the City of Kennewick. Kennewick is located to the North West of previously featured Finley. Washington Real Estate News gives details of the history and attractions of Kennewick, along with the geography and demographics of the area. Education institutions are also listed.
    Washington Real Estate News also has details of partnerships. If you are looking for real estate in Washington I recommend the site for its in depth news coverage of the real estate industry in the area.
              Washington Real Estate        
    If you are hunting for an ideal home or residential property in Washington you should check out Washington Real Estate News. Listed on their pages are many quality properties in the South East Washington area. Washington Real Estate News also features many good investment opportunities.

    The Finley CDP in Benton County is one of the places that Washington Real Estate News covers in depth. Finley is located to the South East of the larger city of Kennewick. Employment opportunities in Finley include several manufacturing and chemical plants, and smaller local businesses.
              Reading Eagle Reports on Consolidation Benefits in Berks County        
    The Reading Eagle recently reported on the Bright MLS consolidation, and how it will benefit real estate professionals in the region. Sharon Kehres, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Wyomissing, PA, spoke with the Reading Eagle about what this will mean for her business. She explained that is common for her to show listings to clients
    Read more
              Low inventory and rising prices forces buyers to become less picky        
    We are still short on inventory, and rising home prices have made it difficult for first-time buyers to purchase. In a recent article for the Washington Post, Bright’s David Charron discussed the current state of the real estate market in the Bright footprint. He said that despite some struggles facing buyers looking to enter the market, many real estate professionals in
    Read more
              Confronting the Urban Housing Gap        

    Confronting the Urban Housing Gap

    More than 1.2 billion city dwellers―one of every three people living in urban areas―lack access to affordable and secure housing. This housing gap is a major drag on the economy and the environment. The impact is severe in Asia and Africa, where 2.25 billion people are expected to be added to urban populations between now and 2050. If business continues as usual, slums will grow across the developing world, exacerbating inequality and threatening cities’ traditional role as drivers of economic growth.

    The latest working paper of WRI’s flagship World Resources Report (WRR), “Towards a More Equal City,” draws on the knowledge of dozens of urban experts to examine whether meeting the needs of the urban underserved can improve the economy and environment.

    Sheela Patel on “Confronting the Urban Housing Crisis in the Global South: Adequate, Secure and Affordable Housing.”

    Housing is often seen as falling into discrete categories such as public or private, formal or informal, individual or collective. Instead, we view housing options on a spectrum that combines different elements of ownership, space, services and finance. In some cases, land may be public while the dwellings on it are private. This spectrum allows a more nuanced analysis of the reality of housing markets in the global south and consideration of a wider range of possibilities.

    While many challenges emerged, we focused on three that city officials can act upon and scale up.

    Issue 1: The Growth of Informal or Substandard Settlements

    As demand for housing has outstripped supply, informal and substandard settlements have proliferated. Since 1990, even as the proportion of global urban populations living in slums has declined, there has been an increase in the absolute number of people living in these areas.

    Solution: Find ways to accommodate people where they are

    While some call for “slum-free” cities, this is often code for displacement of people to the edge of town, which disrupts labor markets, social networks and lives and harms the city at large. Instead we suggest finding ways to upgrade existing slum areas, tapping into community knowledge and energy while retaining links to social and livelihood networks. This option is best for cities with large slum populations, except in locations with environmental or geographic risks.

    An example is Thailand’s Baan Mankong program, which directs government infrastructure subsidies, soft housing and land loans to poor communities who then negotiate with land owners for formal tenure and use the funds to upgrade their housing. By 2016, 101,224 poor families in 345 cities had been fully upgraded under the program with secure land, decent houses and healthy living environments.

    Issue 2: Overemphasis on Ownership

    Home ownership is over-emphasized in urban development, which hurts those who lack the resources to buy a home or who need flexibility. People who work in the informal economy are particularly affected. Subsidies meant to encourage home ownership are geared to those with regular, documented incomes, not those who work in activities like recycling, domestic help and construction that do not produce a paper trail in many parts of the world. Moreover, rentals are often not available to the urban poor, or are subject to great uncertainty about rights and responsibilities for both landlords and renters, with unclear processes for dispute resolution.

    Solution: Expand rental markets for people of all income levels

    Establishing legal protection for landlords and renters, while acknowledging informal sector activity, can help meet the housing needs of the urban poor while maintaining flexibility and encouraging market-driven development. This includes non-standard payment patterns and cooperative housing where tenants collectively purchase land and rent small plots within it. Vibrant rental markets foster a fluid labor market, a necessary prerequisite for economic prosperity in any city.

    For example, authorities in Gauteng Province, South Africa, which includes Johannesburg, tackled a housing shortage of 687,000 units by making it legal to rent out formerly illegal informal backyard apartments. This made it easier for low-income people to find places to live and encouraged development of services without government subsidies.

    Issue 3: Policies That Drive the Poor to the Periphery

    In many cities, land is often tangled up in legal disputes, leaving it under-utilized or unused, even as new residents seek housing in the city. Building and land use regulations often impose costs and limit creative use of incremental improvements and innovative land management tools.

    Solution: Convert under-utilized land, especially publicly held land, into affordable housing

    Political will to address housing needs is critical. Rather than encouraging sprawl, existing urban land should be used for housing. City officials and real estate developers should revise rules and building standards to expand the availability of housing on under-used land.

    For instance, in Cochabamba, Bolivia, 420 families live in the María Auxiliadora community land trust on land purchased and held in trust as community-owned property. The community’s unique governance structure rotates leadership among women in two-year terms, rejects men who engage in domestic violence and provides support to families. The land cannot be sold for profit, which keeps the housing affordable.

    These solutions will help urban policymakers in fast-growing cities meet the demand for housing while encouraging economic development and cleaner, safer environments. Closing the housing gap by providing access to affordable, adequate and secure housing will benefit everyone, not just the poor and underserved, as cities become more productive, environmentally sustainable and truly places for all.

              Sepa cuál banquero venezolano compró una mansión al sur de la Florida por casi $8 millones        

    Los registros del condado Miami-Dade indican que la vivienda en Coral Gables fue comprada el 19 de julio por la compañía MAM Group Real Estate, LLC, por un monto de $7,750,000.

    JOHANNA A. ÁLVAREZ / El Nuevo Herald

    Dicha empresa fue registrada en el Departamento de Corporaciones de la Florida el 23 de junio —26 días antes de la venta— y su único miembro es el banquero venezolano, que ocupó la presidencia de Banesco desde diciembre del 2013 hasta abril de 2017. CLIC AQUI para seguir leyendo...

    Recibe nuestras actualizaciones por E-Mail. SUSCRÍBETE GRATIS AQUI

              Another Top-10 List — Best States for Homeownership 2016        
    When it comes to homeownership, or in this case, the ease thereof, not all states are equal. Once again I invoke the TINSTAANREM clause — There Is No Such Thing As A National Real Estate Market. Each real estate market is different. Ditto their underlying economies. This also applies to overall affordability, health and availability …Read more

    Centramax realty is a real estate group working out of the Metro Detroit area in Michigan. I developed the logo, color scheme and branding elements after consulting with the owner. In the real estate market, it’s important to have recognizable yard signs. Sometimes, potential customers will see a house in passing that they are interested […]

    The post Centramax appeared first on Rad Rat.

              What is SEO?? A Project or Process !!!        
    Organic search engine optimization is a unique project, which is a process. Like a garden, you often. Sometimes you have an existing garden where the plants are over-or-nothing grows. Sometimes you just have a portion of the yard of your rope, then plant stuff in. like a garden, organic search engine optimization takes time and attention. It can be as simple as setting a timer recording on the water or as complex as starting from scratch.
    Organic SEO is like a garden, if you do not have water, he dies.

    Soil considerations:

    What is the story of what has been done to your website for SEO purposes?
    Do you have pages full of links to websites which are not within your company, where some of the site no longer exist, or even a link to an "adult" site? If someone hides a bunch of keywords are the same color as the background to the bottom of the page? Perhaps the page you are on the way to work, a group of keywords in the HTML code?
    (I know this is 2009, but some company, somewhere, has this on their website and now.)

    Sunlight, rain and other factors:

    Traffic analysis - Are there any statistics on the website of the company? What information can you statistics on what keywords, referrers, exit pages, entry's, bounce rates, etc. What are the statistics program does your company use? We ask our customers to the website analysis tool that we use .. http://mcc.hitslink.com - simply because we need them the measurements for our customers and also for the consistent reporting for all customers.

    What can we plant in our garden?

    Keyword Research - Do you collect the keywords of the client with the current website metrics and client input, what they think, give you someone to look for them. We usually have a method that I use for many, many years. We ask the manager (which is addressed to them at the top), the receptionist, the sales manager, marketing director, CFO, COO, (help to do these two things, and also ensure that you get paid!) to the search terms, 5.10 per piece, and not with each other. This is statistically significant when different people with a phrase more than once. Take these and put them in the tables, so we want to know what the Ministry of Transport and later on. This is the main keyword stage.

    You can also correlate the keywords, transport and the lowest bounce rate on its website compared to what the customer expects. Now of course, you should take into account the fact that if the content is not on their website now, they will not be found.

    What kind of pesticides would be best to use the bugs?

    Competitive Analysis - look at the competitors in the HTML code, you can view the competitors of the SEO strategy? Have they? Hat keywords are competitors using? How do these differ from what you the customer? Have them all directly to the customer. Are the competitors with CMS systems, HTML code, the presence of an SEO company?

    These are the people who your customers are of the opinion that their competitors in the economy, not necessarily via the Internet. Sometimes that works to your advantage, because people think your customers are your competitors can not you, the SEO's competitors and as such can be used to obtain market share of competitors is quite fast.

    What plants grow best in your city?

    Competitive Keyword Research - What keywords are overcrowded? Which keywords are open? If your client is a niche, with very few people in the channel do SEO? If your client is a start-up, where the market or go bald for real estate or insurance, which is bad press?

    Audience Metrics - What the customers think that if they're looking for? In addition to the website statistics of what your customers think about the customer in relation to the search? Can you imagine some of your customers customers contact info? (say that 3 times faster ...).

    Buy your plants.

    Keyword completion - with the market up and down so much these days, if you bound your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your customers website traffic, you are indeed a problem. Although some people say, keyword search engine ranking is a poor measure of SEO success, I would disagree and say that qualified tracking keyword rankings are important. If 3 out of 10 times a certain keyword phrase motivate visitors to the site to complete your customer contact form, this is a "qualified conversion phrase. The fact that you are # 1 and # 31 for this term is important to do something to your customers and potential customers. This is only the beginning of SEO. We have not even started the review of the site yet. Send the final round of the keywords to the customers for them to sign before you base your calculations. Even at this point, it is a good idea to make sure to know what the company "bread and butter" and which areas in their organization.

    Knowledge will help you select your first keyword focus for rapid ROI and also to know which areas you need to grow in. The customer is the cost of SEO should be at least a three-fold return on their investment after a popular.

    Baseline - What clients rank in the search results of Google, Yahoo! and MSN for the agreed conditions and targeted keyword phrases. You can shoot yourself in the foot if you try to measure and vague, your best bet is to make the cashier ring and track qualified keywords on a monthly basis to show progress. You can also measure the market share of the customer specified keywords and show them a competitive baseline.


    Planning - What should be done and who are the people on the client and agency side. You do not want anyone to irrigate crops in the same time.

    Priorities - What should be done first thing that needs to be done, because there is no effort or expense to the customer wasted? Is there a new site in the future for the company? Plans, so that you are not wasting the money of the customers.

    Garden Care

    The biggest mistake in SEO is that you "do" seo once on a website, you can just walk. Like a garden, if there is no water, the plants die. The nature of the SEO is simply this: the current rules or procedures may or may not be tomorrow. Google is usually the goal we want for SEO, but the target is fairly often. Google, in the fight against the "bad people", which will spam offers to change the way they rank websites often.

    By checking the results on a weekly and monthly basis you can see which plants need more water, which is always eaten by bugs. Are the keywords on page 3 of the results, but, because they are converting keywords. Just as you get rid of weeds, get rid of bugs, change the angle of the hose used for irrigation, there are steps you must take full time to grow your SEO.
    Linking and niche marketing for the company's Web site or channel. - Your website in Yahoo! Directory, DMOZ and other places on the web, where applicable. Press releases, keywords, and the consequences.

    Inspection and maintenance - monitoring the statistics of the week, the water of the site as the most necessary.

    Baseline Reports - Contact the baseline reports. Does the plant have 3 copies of the last week or 2? It was an inch in size 2 weeks, now it is 4 inches. Report this progress to the customer.
    Bounce Rate and On-Site Changes - If your plant is doing really well, there's more space, more room to grow, more land to spread ins In other words, you can be # 1 of 380000000 results on Google, but will be # 1 is not the company you want to adjust your strategy. Change your focus on the keywords that convert to the weeds that are in your garden, cutting the key words on a page to a bounce rate of 0%.

    Organic SEO should be more like a garden, it's a process, a project.
              Comment on Sneak Peek: Q1 2014 Commercial Real Estate Trends by johnnterry        
    Asking and effective rents grew by 0.7% and 0.8%, respectively, during the first quarter. While these increases appear minimal, rent growth over the past three years shows an improving trend. see more at
              Kasich and Other GOP Contenders Dealing With Trump        
    The candidate who is leading the pack of 17 Republicans vying for the party’s nomination to run for President, real estate mogul Donald Trump, is posing...
              Seeking support helped new foundation focus on namesake’s mission        

    Mrs. Orien Levy Woolf, Dallas philanthropist

    Special to Philanthropy Journal

    Roberta Shapiro

    Mistakes and mess-ups are a part of life. Sometimes they are small. Sometimes they are big. We are human. We cannot avoid every mistake, but we all have certain responsibilities in our lives that we try extremely hard not to mess up.

    In the 1980s, I met and started working for Mrs. Orien Levy Woolf, an under-the-radar Dallas philanthropist. I helped her with her business affairs. During the 20 years I was with her, I became intimately involved with all aspects of her life. A major element of this was the charitable support she offered organizations in the Dallas area. She enthusiastically supported the East Dallas Community School, Dallas Children’s Theater and Habitat for Humanity, among others. She has many endowments in North Texas, one of which is at her alma mater, Texas Women’s University.  

    In 2009, at the age of 93, Mrs. Woolf passed away, and The Orien Levy Woolf & Dr. Jack Woolf Charitable Foundation was born. Over the years, Mrs. Woolf and I talked about her wishes for her giving to continue after her death. The foundation was the best avenue for that. It made the most sense for me to be the president of that foundation. The course was set.

    Last year, The Orien Levy Woolf & Dr. Jack Woolf Charitable Foundation was funded. Like many of the more than 38,000 grant-making family foundations in the U.S., we are operating with no staff and learning as we go the complexities inherent to the operation of private foundations.

    Early on, I discovered that creating and operating the foundation was not going to be like the old days. My time was spent on the huge and complicated process of filing for 501(c)(3) status, meeting all filing requirements with the state, selling real estate, hiring money managers, filing foundation tax returns, writing minutes, making agendas and running meetings.

    Mrs. Orien Levy Woolf, Dallas philanthropist
    Gone were the long chats with Mrs. Woolf about giving, needs and helping. No more would I hear her words that to this day guide me, “Well, they need it, and I can do it.” Her head would shake in disbelief as she would complain that there were many people who could give and didn’t. Nope, I was in a different world now.

    This was the part that made me want to run. The fact that I want so very much to do it right, for her, makes me stay.

    The hardest part of running a foundation is you don’t know what you don’t know. This is where the Conference of Southwest Foundations (CSF) pulled me out of my haze and fear. I submitted our application and was so pleased to immediately receive an email from the executive director welcoming me and offering any help I needed.

    In the months that have followed, the support and opportunities for learning (more about what you don’t know you don’t know!) have been numerous. CSF has a wonderful website where as a member you can research questions. There are free webinars covering various topics. They have a library and documents in their office for member use. This fall, I will attend my first conference.

    Most states have foundation organizations that provide similar resources to members. For me, it was important to have the opportunity to talk to people who have walked your walk in your shoes ahead of you. And they are willing to help you.

    Recently, I contacted CSF and explained that I was looking for a sample of a letter I had to write. They sent me contact information for four foundations that use this kind of letter. I was able to get what I needed and come in contact with presidents with more experience than I have. I know that if I send an email or pick up a phone, CSF is there to help.

    Mrs. Woolf was a dear friend who made a powerful impact on her community, and I want her legacy to live on. But operating in a vacuum leads to self-doubt and lots of unanswered questions and guesswork. Taking advantage of my CSF membership and resources helps me to feel less likely to “mess up.”

    Roberta Shapiro is the president of the The Orien Levy Woolf & Dr. Jack Woolf Charitable Foundation of Dallas, Texas.

              The Time Cost of a Lawn        
    Inspired by a Washington Post story posted today titled Deere John: It's Been A Good Ride - Lawn Behemoths Are Going Out to Pasture, the impact of the presence of the lawn on our time, money, and the environment is seen as another key factor in the shift to the new society of the 21st century.

    What is the lawn for? The front lawn, primarily, is a space to walk through. It does not house people, equipment, or serve a purpose for transport, services, or aesthetics in most cases - although that is subjective and untrue for many people based on a cultural bias created in the 1950s "Beaver Cleaver" ideal of suburban utopia and continually sold to us by massive industries of lawn care and cheap real estate development. In light of this, the side lawns of a home (if they exist) carry these same traits to an extreme and don't even serve the front lawn purpose of walk through space.

    The back lawn is the suburban consumer's answer to recreational space that is usually served by public park land in an urban setting. In a time of excess, the suburbanite can own their own little park on their property and not need to bother with other people and their needs infringing on their private fiefdom. Attractive to those who highly value privacy. However, in a time of changing social values, the lack of other human activity and shared space that we all seek in other ways (restaurants, promenades, and other social spaces) make this less attractive and expensive to own and care for.

    This all brings us back to one of the biggest factors affecting the "shift": Time. Time to mow, trim, fertilize, and manicure. Time wasted driving great distances through the sprawl largely caused by wasteful uses of space. Time is the resource that will be our obsession to acquire, preserve, and effectively use in the internet age and we are already seeing the younger generation choosing time as their priority over possessions, prestige and other opportunities. And this doesn't even take into consideration what environmental concerns are doing to people's motivations.

    For those who argue lawns are an important contributor to the removal of greenhouse gases and the cooling effect of greenery on our ambient air, a massive movement to create rooftop gardens and other green spaces in urban areas more than compensates for the loss of lawns in our urban areas. This movement could gain some steam in New Brunswick cities as it is currently not a trend in our province.

    Lawns create distance and are largely responsible for sprawl. On every property that contains a front and back lawn, several other families or other uses could be housed. On a suburban street that might house 20 homes (20 families), the distance from one end of the street to the other created by individual lawns requires greater distance for other services such as plumbing, electrical, roads, and sidewalks to traverse. This same distance in a neighbourhood without lawns could house many more families and cost the community far less.

    According to the Bookings Institution, the average annual cost to service a new family of four (police, fire, highway, schools, sewer) is $88.27 in more urban Shelby County, KY, but a whopping $1,222.39 in sprawling Pendleton County, KY.

    Some interesting perspectives on the lawn:

              Storytime begins June 7 at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art        
    Release date: 
    April 12, 2017

    FORT WORTH, Texas—The Amon Carter Museum of American Art invites families with young children to participate in this summer’s free Storytime series, held every Wednesday, June 7 through July 26, from 10:30 a.m.–noon. Storytime presents children’s books and connects them with artworks. The theme for 2017 is Summer Vacation: June 7—Vacation? Staycation!; June 14—Pack It Up!; June 21—Are We There Yet?; June 28—Busy in the City; July 5—Unwind in the Wilderness; July 12—Places to Be, People to See!; July 19—Adventures Await You!; July 26—Eat and Explore!.

    “We have eight fun installments of Storytime, so make plans to come once or every Wednesday,” says Jessica Kennedy, public programs manager. “During each Storytime, parents may register their children to win that week’s featured books and a drawing will be held at the end of each program.” Those chosen need not be present to win.

    Storytime is sponsored by Joan Trew, Williams Trew Real Estate, and is best for families with children ages 3–8 and their grown-ups. A snack will be provided by GoGo squeeZ. Parents are encouraged to call 817.989.5013 or email education@cartermuseum.org for parking tips. Please tag your photos #amoncartermuseum.

    The Amon Carter offers a customized experience for summer school and day care groups on different days. Please call 817.989.5036 or email schooltours@cartermuseum.org to learn more. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m., Thursday until 8 p.m. and Sunday from 12–5 p.m. Admission is always free. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @theamoncarter.


              My network is growing        
    I just spoke to my friend Jennifer. She's a realtor and uses my termite inspection services for all of her transactions. I contacted her a little over a week ago in a panic when I got the IRS letter. I asked her which lender had, in her experience, been the most willing to work with someone whose credit was not stellar. This was after striking out with my own bank and several other lenders. She immediately gave me a name and said if anyone could work magic, he was the guy. I spoke with her contact the next morning and, as you know, he arranged for me to refinance my home, at a very good rate, in less than a week. To take such a transaction from opening to closing in such a short period of time is virtually unheard of. I will, of course, be recommending him to others in the future.

    All of the money that I make from doing inspections for real estate transactions comes through escrow. While I was in the title office for my signing, I met several escrow officers who have been sending me checks for years. They introduced me to others in their office who were not yet familiar with my services. While it is most normal for realtors to contract for my services, many of them ask the escrow transaction coordinators to do it for them. The folks I met today can be essential in helping my business grow. Lenders sometimes require that their clients to get a termite inspection when they apply for a loan. My lender has a stack of my cards and inspection order forms. We've been added to each other's networks.

    So what's the point of this? I met Jennifer through a networking opportunity a few years ago. I don't know how long she's been referring her clients to my lender, but he's part of her network, too. Each of us has our own network of individuals and companies that we do business with and serve as referrals for. Those networks overlap and new associations are made. The escrow officers who "knew" me, though we had never met face to face, increased my own network by introducing me to their fellow officers. I didn't ask them to. They did it spontaniously because I've provided them with excellent service.

    This particular networking opportunity came about because of my personal business. Each of us needs to recognize and capitalize on such opportunities whenever they arise. With a business like mine (and perhaps yours) personal referrals account for more than half of my new business. To waste such opportunities would be tanatamount to shutting the door in a potential client's face.

              The other shoe dropped        
    I survived.

    A while back I spent a little too much money on my home remodel project and found myself unable to meet my tax obligation at the end of the year. I tried very hard to get caught up, but the real estate market took a dive, which means I was getting much less business than in the past. Last week I got a letter from Uncle Sam saying time was running out and they wanted to take my house. As you know from a previous post, I succeeded in finding a lender who agreed to help me refinance my home. Uncle Sam will be paid off tomorrow.

    Big siiiiiiiiiiigh of relief here! Mahalo for all of your kind thoughts when you knew I was facing a problem.

              The Income        
    In order to obtain more exhibition, it will have to in line pass some in the agencies of marketing of third parties, such as the services of construction of connections, banners, blogs and commentaries. The income liabilities can totally be semiautomatic and automated. Semiautomatic they are methods that they require to construct a work of field before the campaign can work and begin to generate income current. This method needs solid base and the total commitment in the very early phase. The failure to obtain this will be translated in a failure. methods semi-automatic require very small initial costs and, sometimes, almost free. Some examples of this are the announcements of blogs of niche of the flag, and the connection, commentaries of affiliates, real estate agent in line, the affiliates of and-I deal or personal warehouse of electronic commerce, etc methods Totally automated talks about like a method of sluggish marketing. This system was perfected by its salesmen so that when registering themselves and paying, that are called on its data in her and to begin to make money. The advantages are, you you do not have to worry about the work because of the configuration, installation and commercialization. This must to that those tasks appear in the form of which already they have paid. Some examples of this are sites ready to use Web for the announcements of banner and Link, minisites of affiliates, lists of automated, ready to use electronic mail of sites of electronic commerce, money that makes software as of currencies, the sites of adhesion, the formation of coaching/, investments, etc Creation of one rents passive cannot make money, although the final mission is to make much money of passive form. When a passive entrance is created, that is creating a system that does not have...
              Senators Request GAO Review of CFIUS Oversight of Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate        
    Three senators – Senate Banking Committee Ranking Member Sherrod Brown, Sen. Ron Wyden, ranking member on the Senate Finance Committee, and Sen. Claire McCaskill, ranking member on the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee – have asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate how the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) examines U.S. real estate... Continue Reading
              1st Mariner Named One of the Best in Business Banking        

    Best in Business Banking

    We’re excited to announce that 1st Mariner was named one of the Best in Business Banking in The Daily Record's 2017 Reader Rankings Awards.

    The Daily Record is Maryland’s trusted source for business and legal news. Its Reader Rankings Awards gives readers the chance to spotlight their favorite businesses. The online survey was designed to seek the best of the best in 10 categories, ranging from real estate to higher education.

    “As Maryland’s premier community bank, we pride ourselves on supporting the financial needs of local families, businesses and individuals,” said Rob Kunisch, CEO of 1st Mariner Bank. “We’re thrilled to see our reputable service recognized by the readers of The Daily Record.”

    Thank you for voting us top three in business banking. 

              Forex tv        

    Forex tv

    If they have any complaints or difficulties in dealing with a particular broker

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    The same deviation between spread or the mission behind all your provider or a Dollar, Yen (etc: the adopt a much higher rate is that most hopeful number risk no time interval a bank market). Of forex signal that will not only allow you to have free access to exchange currency market but also the ways on improving your skills. It would be a best option to go by free forex signals you no longer have to endure anxiousness when trading as accurate signals are transmitted on your database indicating if it is working well over time whether it is in the returns drawdowns or in any mistake that you have learned in your actual trade. Us dollar versus the japan yen etc. There may be a trade-off between spread and service. Forex trading broker system has a primary function of providing clients with trading platforms.

    For the typical currency trader

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              Pivot point analysis        

    Pivot point analysis

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              What Pennsylvanians Googled more than any other state since the election        
    Estately.com, a real estate website, released its findings earlier this month by using Google Trends combined with hundreds of search terms and popular names most associated with the Nov. 8 election.
              Guy Was So Delighted With The View And Stunning Blonde Real Estate Agent        
    Watch Guy Was So Delighted With The View And Stunning Blonde Real Estate Agent on rnoPo.com - free hardcore porn videos and amateur sex tapes.
              Tips for Buying Rentals        

    Buying rental property can be an excellent decision and the better informed you are, the more likely you'll have favorable results.  The following suggestions can help you with your decisions.

    rising homes.jpgReal estate is a long term investment affected by supply, demand and the economy.  It isn't an investment that is easily converted to cash.  The costs to acquire and dispose of real estate are sizable and need to be spread over years to minimize their effects on the rate of return.

    Invest in average price homes or slightly below average price to appeal to the broadest market not only when you are renting but later on when you sell it.  The average price is relative to the market you are in and those specific prices.

    Lower-priced homes will rent for more relative to higher-priced homes.  There is an inverse relationship between rent as a percentage of the price.  As the price increases, the rent as a percentage of the price decreases.  For example, a $200,000 home might rent for $1,750 a month or 0.88% where a $400,000 home might only rent for $2,250 a month or 0.68%.

    Choose predominantly owner-occupied neighborhoods because when you sell the home, it will appeal to a homeowner who will most likely pay a higher price for the home.  Homes in predominantly tenant-occupied neighborhoods tend to sell to investors who pay lower prices and will not be emotionally involved with the purchase.

    Purchase a property with the idea of selling it in mind.  You may be able to get a property for a bargain price today but if it is due to a functional obsolescence like a bad floorplan or not enough bathrooms, that problem will still be there when you're ready to sell the property.  Identify what the problem is and what solutions are available.  The property may rent fine in that condition but before you sell, it will need to be corrected.

    Get the home inspected before you purchase it.  Having the property checked out can save thousands in unanticipated expenses. 

    Consider getting a home warranty on your rental.  The annual premium can limit the out of pocket expenses for repairs and maintenance.

    Risk can be minimized by understanding the investment and what is involved in the acquisition, operation and disposition.  For the typical homeowner, rental property is something that they can relate to because of the similar attributes of the home they live in.

              Postponing a Purchase        

    You might be surprised how many people contact real estate offices because they want to buy a home but they don’t have the down payment or the credit to qualify. Occasionally, an agent will be working with someone who does have the down payment and credit but for whatever reason, decides to postpone the decision to purchase now for some point in the future.

    It’s not uncommon that once they’re out of the market, the money starts burning a hole in their pocket and they end up buying a boat or a motorcycle or some other thing that cannot positively affect their lives and security the way a home does.40382258_s-250.jpg

    If the money had been put away somewhere safe like a certificate of deposit, it wouldn’t earn a lot but it would be there when they decided the time was right to buy a home. $8,750 would grow to $9,286 in three years in a 2% CD.

    For the person who could tolerate a little more risk, they might consider investing in the stock market. If you found a mutual fund that would earn 7%, at the end of the same three year time frame, the $8,750 would have grown to $10,719.

    Alternatively, if the would-be buyers used the same amount to purchase a $250,000 home that appreciated at only a modest one percent, the equity in the home at the end of the same three year period would be $29,597.

    The dynamics of earning appreciation on the value of the home rather than just the down payment combined with the amortization of the mortgage makes the equity in the home almost three times greater than the mutual fund. If you used a 2% appreciation, the equity would be over $37,000 in the same period.

    Obviously, there are legitimate reasons for postponing the purchase of a home. An important thing to remember is to safeguard the hard-earned down payment so it is ready when you are to buy in the future.

              Worth the Effort        

    “Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible...” While Judge Learned Hand was talking about federal income taxes, it can be applied to property taxes as well. Cut taxes - 300.jpg

    States have a process of assessing the value of a property based on a number of things that can include size, amenities, location and what the owner paid for the property. Most states make adjustments to that value annually. Once it has been published to the owner, there is a process available for those who disagree with the value.

    1. Learn the assessment process and what the filing deadlines are to apply. Since different states have different requirements, it is important to know the process in your area.
    2. Obtain your assessment records – they may be available online and you can find out how your value was determined. Check for mistakes in square footage, bedrooms, amount of land, etc. Then, verify if the comparable sales in the neighborhood support their position or not. Your real estate agent can be valuable in this area.
    3. Proceed to make your case from the lowest to the highest level necessary. It isn’t necessary to hire someone to represent you. Sometimes, just talking to employees at the tax assessor’s office may be enough. If not, there is a process for a hearing where you present your evidence and so does a representative from the assessor’s office. If this still doesn’t give you the remedy you want, you may need to proceed to the courts.

    Challenging your assessment really isn’t an adversarial position. Their job is to assess a fair value and your job is to pay the least amount of taxes. Whether it be an employed assessor or a voluntary board, they have a job and they appreciate being treated professionally and courteously.

    Keep this last thing in mind: the people you’re presenting your case to have the ability to lower your taxes.

              Digital Showings        

    Ask any real estate professional if they have sold a house without the buyer having physically seen it and they’ll most likely tell you they have. While it may have been an unconventional sale, it is more prevalent today than it was twenty or even ten years ago. iStock_000060465576_Small.jpg

    The digital world of the Internet has changed the process of buying a home. It is evolving as people have become more comfortable with the reliability of the information available.

    Getting in a car and driving around all day looking at homes that may or may not fit your needs or wants is not productive for buyers or the agents.

    The quality and the quantity of pictures has dramatically improved in the last twenty years. Buyers and agents alike can view a property online and get a fairly accurate idea of the condition and layout of home and whether it warrants a physical visit. Videos can “walk” you through the house to be able to assess if the floorplan will work for you.

    The 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers reports 89% of all buyers cited an online website as an information source with real estate agents being a close second at 87%. 42% of all buyers looked online for properties for sale as the first step taken during the home buying process.

    Interestingly, 87% of buyers in 2015 purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker compared to only 68% in 2001. The agent services deemed most valuable to buyers were help finding the right home to purchase (53%) and help to negotiate the terms of sale (12%) and the price (11%).

    A challenge for sellers is to understand that the digital showings are a critical part of today’s process. They save time and money for both buyers and sellers and are convenient because they can be done at any time of day and from anywhere. The difficulty is the seller’s feelings of inactivity when they believe their home is being shown frequently.

    Agents can share statistics that show a variety of digital activity like number of unique visitors, length of time spent on the listing site as well as the other features that were accessed. 65% of all buyers walked through the home they purchased after they viewed it online.

              Major Pettigrew's Last Stand        
    Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
    author: Helen Simonson
    name: Lori
    average rating: 3.87
    book published: 2010
    rating: 4
    read at: 2011/04/21
    date added: 2011/04/21
    shelves: 100-books-in-2011, fiction
    (3.5 stars) I have little patience with people (of any age, although it’s far more prevalent among the more seasoned of us) who speak wistfully or even condescendingly about how much better things were Back in The Day, how it was A Simpler Time. No, it was not. It was complicated in a different way. I hate it because it’s an escape into fantasy nostalgia. That attitude is basically saying that what’s good about the present is less valuable than what was good about the past. All that matters is what was good then and what’s bad now, never mind what’s good now and what was bad then. Not to mention the fact that people have an egregiously distorted idea of how bad things are now (i.e. they’re really not), but that’s a different topic.

    Major Pettigrew, the protagonist of this novel, is one of the people who relentlessly looks at the present through the rose-colored glasses of his nostalgia for the past. And yet somehow I had trouble hating him for it. The book seems to have been written expressly so as to make it impossible to discuss it without describing it as “charming” or “adorable,” or both at once. Adorably charming, or charmingly adorable. It also treads the line of the increasingly populous genre of books that seem written specifically to be read by women’s book clubs who don’t wish to take on anything challenging or potentially polarizing (with the caveat that some book clubs seek out things that are challenging or polarizing).

    After the first 50 pages, the book was definitely steeped in Austenian preciousness. I worried that it would become too precious. Happily, it did not. In fact as it progressed, I lost my borderline impatience with all the Capital C Charm as the characters began to surprise me. To be sure, there’s still not a lot of surprise. Major Pettigrew is an upstanding English chap of the old school who is surrounded by boorish offspring, boorish Americans, annoyingly busybodyish neighbors and a suitably dastardly real estate developer. His trials are many, including the inheritance of his father’s prized shotguns, his new friendship with Mrs. Ali, the Pakistani village shopkeeper, the possibility of his village being turned into a theme park and his son’s total lack of social niceties (and his acquisition of an American girlfriend). And yet somehow these predictable plot points began to bear some resonance. The American girlfriend turns out to be not so bad. Mrs. Ali’s potentially stereotyped nephew, a grimly Muslim young man, becomes intriguing. Pettigrew’s son never quite redeems himself but demonstrates the potential to do so at a later time. And the sweet romance between the Major and Mrs. Ali is given time to develop believably.

    Simonson lets the quotables fly and at times I wished I was reading this on my Kindle so I could more easily mark the passages I might want to quote. The writing is skillfully held back from overadornment and avoids tipping over into caricature – only just. Mrs. Ali is subtly spirited but avoids becoming tiresomely “sassy,” and the Major has a dry humor that’s appealing.

    So why am I only giving it 3.5 stars? Because at the end, Simonson resorts to Grand Climactic Confrontations as a resolution. Seriously, it’s like something out of The Graduate. There’s a midnight escape and a secret tryst in a cottage and an attempted murder and a moonlight confrontation on the cliffs overlooking the sea, and a couple of one-off characters who suddenly fly in from left field. It’s all quite a bit much and isn’t really in keeping with the rest of the book. I found it jarring.

    But it says something that I overran my usual one hour of post-workday reading to finish this book almost entirely in one sitting (I began my reading today on page 90 and finished the book). So it’s recommended, with some criticisms.

              Look at a Rental This Way        

    Appreciation, tax advantages, cash flow, leverage and equity build-up contribute to the rate of return on rental real estate. If that sounds confusing and it’s keeping you from investing in rentals, try looking at it a different way.Paperwork-250.jpg

    Consider this, look at only cash flow and equity build-up to determine whether to buy the property. They are easy to calculate and their outcomes are both reliable and predictable.

    Most homeowners, based on their familiarity with their own home, should feel more comfortable with a rental than alternative investments. A conservative strategy is to purchase slightly below average price range homes in a predominantly owner-occupied neighborhood. Collect the rent, pay the bills and make necessary repairs.

    A cash on cash rate of return is determined by dividing the cash flow before taxes by the cash invested in the property. It considers all of the “real world” income and expenses related to the property.

    cash flow and equity buildup.png

    The equity build-up occurs from the normal process of amortization with an increasingly larger portion of each payment applied to reduce the principal loan amount.

    In this hypothetical example, the combination of the Cash on Cash and the Equity Build-up is almost 12% which is considerably higher than certificates of deposit and bonds and nowhere near as volatile as stocks or mutual funds.

    In most of today’s markets, rents are expected to continue to rise and due to a low inventory of homes for sale coupled with growing demand, prices will continue to rise. Even though there is value in appreciation, tax advantages and leverage, they could be considered an unexpected bonus to this basic rate of return.

              Real Estate Agent Girl Gets Fucked By Her Horny Customer        
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              Comment on Jim Hubbell at Bauder’s by Aware Iowan        
    Damn proud to subsidize this fine man, and all the real estate developers.
              10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today (August 10, 2017)        

    This post was originally published on this siteInvitation Homes and Waypoint Homes plan to combine to form a single-family rental giant, reports the Wall Street Journal. Payless ShoeSource has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to CNBC. These are among today’s must reads from around the commercial real estate industry.

    The post 10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today (August 10, 2017) appeared first on Foldetta Commercial.

              Political Uncertainty Weighs On Investor Sentiment        

    This post was originally published on this siteCaution creeping into the commercial real estate market even as property fundamentals remain strong.

    The post Political Uncertainty Weighs On Investor Sentiment appeared first on Foldetta Commercial.

              Real Estate Journalists Hear Good News about San Antonio        
    For journalists attending the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) national conference here last week, their introduction to San Antonio provided some good news in an otherwise sober national real estate and economic outlook. The conference began with a reception sponsored by the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation in which Mayor Julian Castro shared
              Real Estate Agent Gets Swooped By Client While Showing Him A Flat To Rent        
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              Mangalore Properties        
    The Real Estate resources at www.canarawaves.com contain essential information and quick links for buyers, sellers, home owners, real estate professionals, and anyone investing or seeking to connect with the world of real estate in Mangalore, Udupi and su
              Home Prices Are Up Everywhere Except Alaska        
    August 03, 2017

    The real estate market has chilled a bit in Alaska.

    According to Realtor.com, Alaska home prices dipped 0.6 percent in June from the year before, possibly due to a slowdown in the oil markets.

    On a national level, prices went up 1.1 percent on a monthly bases and 6.7 percent year-over-year. The 49 other states had positive home price appreciation.

    Washington had the highest increase in home prices, going up 12.7 percent year-over-year in June. Utah (10.7 percent), Colorado (9.2 percent), Idaho (9.1 percent), and Oregon (9 percent) also had significant price swings.

    June had the lowest number of properties for sale in the second quarter of a year in more than 30 years. That's driven prices up to almost 50% more than what they were at the nadir of the housing market, in March 2011, during the depths of the financial crisis.

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    Saturday marks the 27th annual Windermere Cup – one of the world’s best crew races that’s often called the best free event anywhere in Seattle. Dartmouth and Cornell are coming this year, and thousands are expected to line the course on Lake Washington. The tradition started after Windermere Real Estate founder John Jacobi read a
              Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For August 4th, 2017        

    Hey, it's HighScalability time:

    Hands down the best ever 25,000 year old selfie from Pech Merle cave in southern France. (The Ice Age)

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    • Quotable Quotes:
      • Andrew Roberts: [On Napoleon] No aspect of his command was too small to escape notice.
      • Jason Calacanis: The world has trillions of dollars sitting in bonds, cash, stocks, and real estate, which is all really “dead money.” It sits there and grows slowly and safely, taking no risk and not changing the world at all. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if we put that money to work on crazy experiments like the next Tesla, Google, Uber, Cafe X, or SpaceX?
      • @icecrime: The plural of “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” is “it’s not a bug tracker, it’s a backlog”.
      • Jeff Darcy: When greater redundancy drives greater dependency, it’s time to take a good hard look at whether the net result is still a good one.
      • uhnuhnuhn: "They ran their business into the ground, but they did it with such great tech!"
      • Anglés-Alcázar: It’s very interesting to think of our galaxy not as some isolated entity, but to think of the galaxy as being surrounded by gas which may come from many different sources. We are connected to other galaxies via these galactic winds.
      • @ojiidotch: Main app now running Python 3.6 (was 2.7 until yesterday). CPU usage 40% down, avg latency 30% down, p95 60% down.
      • Nemanja Mijailovic: It’s really difficult to catch all bugs without fuzzing, no matter how hard you try to test your software. 
      • SandwichTeeth: a lot of companies have security teams solely to meet audit requirements. If you find yourself on a team like that, you'll be spending a lot of time just gathering evidence for audits, remediating findings and writing policy. I really loved security intellectually, but in practice, the blue-team side of things wasn't my cup of tea.
      • jph: security is needed to gradually escalate a user's own identity verification -- think of things like two-factor auth and multi-factor auth, that can phase in (or ramp up) when a user's actions enter a gray area of risk. Some examples: when a user signs in from a new location, or a user does an especially large money transfer, or a user resumes an account that's been dormant for years, etc.
      • @hichaelmart: So while Google is doubling down on gRPC it seems that Amazon is going all in with CBOR. DDB DAX uses some sort of CBOR-over-sockets AFAICT
      • Wysopal: I’d like to see someone fixing this broken market [insecure software and hardware market]. Profiting off of that fix seems like the best approach for a capitalism-based economy.
      • Matthias Käppler: Microservices are often intermediate nodes in a graph of services, acting as façades where an incoming request translates to N outgoing requests upstream, the responses to which are then combined into a single response back downstream to the client.
      • Jack Fennimore: EA Play 2017 was watchable the same way Olive Garden is edible.
      • erikb: [On SoundCloud] TL;DR Top Management started too late to think about making actual money. They also hired an asshole for their US offices. When they got an opportunity to be bought by Twitter they asked for way too much money. And the CEO is basically on a constant holidays trip since 2014, while not failing to rub it in everybody's face via Instagram photos.
      • Jennifer Mendez: If you don’t have the games people want to play, you can wave goodbye to return on investment on a powerful console. Does hardware matter? Of course it does! But it doesn’t matter if you don’t have anything to play on it.
      • Alex Miller: The utility of a blockchain breaks down in a private or consortium setting and should, in my opinion, be replaced by a more performant engine like Apache Kafka.
      • Krish: most of the multi-cloud usecases I am seeing are about using different cloud for different workloads. It could change and I would expect them to embrace the eventual consistency model initially
      • Ian Cutress: Then there is the Ryzen 3 1300X. Compared to the Core i3-7300/7320 and the Core i5-7400, it clearly wins on performance per dollar all around. Compared to the Core i3-7100 though, it offers almost 5% more performance for around $10-15 more, which is just under 10% of the cost.
      • throw2016: Just from an year ago the cpu market has changed completely. The sheer amount of choice at all levels is staggering. For the mid level user the 1600 especially is a formidable offering, and the 1700 with 8 cores just ups the ante.
      • danmaz74: the main reason Rails is declining in relevance isn't microservices or the productivity (!) of Java, but the fact that more and more development effort for web applications is moving into JS front-end coding.
      • Rohit Karlupia: we can deal with [S3] eventual consistency in file listing operations by repeating the listing operation, detecting ghost and conceived files and modifying our work queues to take our new knowledge about the listing status into account.
      • tboyd47: It's the end of an era. From 2005 to 2007, the "Web 2.0" craze, the release of Ruby on Rails, and the rise of Agile methods all happened at once. These ideas all fed into and supported each other, resulting in a cohesive movement with a lot of momentum. The long-term fact turned out to be that this movement didn't benefit large corporations that have always been and usually still are the main source of employment for software developers. So we have returned to our pre-Rails, pre-agile world of high specialization and high bureaucratic control, even if Rails and "Agile" still exist with some popularity.
      • @reneritchie: Only beginning to see the advantages of Apple making everything from atom to bit. Everything will be computational.
      • Vasiliy Zukanov: switching to Kotlin will NOT have any appreciable positive gains on the cost, the effort or the schedule of software projects
      • visarga: Over the years I have seen astronomy become more like biology - diverse both in the kinds of objects it describes and their behavior.
      • Jaana B. Dogan: I think the industry needs a breakdown between product and infra engineering and start talking how we staff infra teams and support product development teams with SRE. The “DevOps” conversation is often not complete without this breakdown and assuming everyone is self serving their infra and ops all the times.
      • David Rosenthal~ Does anybody believe we'll be using Bitcoin or Ethereum 80 years from now?
      • Richard Jones: There is a physical lower limit on how much energy it takes to carry out a computation – the Landauer limit. The plot above shows that our current technology for computing consumes energy at a rate which is many orders of magnitude greater than this theoretical limit (and for that matter, it is much more energy intensive than biological computing). There is huge room for improvement – the only question is whether we can deploy R&D resources to pursue this goal on the scale that’s gone into computing as we know it today.
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              Tyler Cowen on Stubborn Attachments, Prosperity, and the Good Society        

    Stubborn%20Attachments.png Tyler Cowen of George Mason University and the co-host of the blog Marginal Revolution talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about Stubborn Attachments, his book-length treatment of how to think about public policy. Cowen argues that economic growth--properly defined--is the moral key to maintaining civilization and promoting human well-being. Along the way, the conversation also deals with inequality, environmental issues, and education.

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    This week's guest: This week's focus: Additional ideas and people mentioned in this podcast episode: A few more readings and background resources: A few more EconTalk podcast episodes:


    Podcast Episode Highlights

    Intro. [Recording date: July 24, 2017.]

    Russ Roberts: This is your 10th appearance on EconTalk.

    Tyler Cowen: Yeah. That's great.

    Russ Roberts: I know. It is. It puts you in the elite group of double-digit guests. Your most recent appearance was two months ago in May when we talked about your book The Complacent Class; and today we're talking a new book that you've written that's online--you can find it at Medium.com; we're going to be putting a link up to it. The title is Stubborn Attachments: A Vision for a Society of Free, Prosperous, and Responsible Individuals. What's your central claim or claims? What are you trying to advance in this book?

    Tyler Cowen: Since I was a graduate student I've been interested in the normative foundations of economics and political judgments. And in this book I try to argue we can actually solve the biggest issues in judging what makes a political or economic order right, why do we prefer one economic policy over another. So, it's a very philosophical book. And, unlike a lot of philosophy, which tends to lead to a kind of an anihilism or extreme skepticism, in this I try to suggest we actually have all the answers. We just need to be bold. And we can go through what those answers are. But, that's the overview of this fairly short book. I've worked on it for about 20 years, spending maybe a month or two a year trying to improve it. And then I figured finally it was ready.

    Russ Roberts: Well, it's a really interesting book and it does make a bold claim--more than one bold claim--which your summary captures one of those claims. Which is: We've figured it out. So, that's a bit strong. It's a strong claim, not just a bold claim. What have we figured out? What do you think is the central way we should be deciding the policy issues that divide us?

    Tyler Cowen: Economists for a long time have focused on economic growth, but most philosophers typically have not. I argue that if you systematically introduce the idea of sustainable economic growth into philosophy, welfare economics, social choice theory, that that allows you really to clear up a lot of different problems. And think of the fundamental problem in so much of philosophy as being what we call aggregation. If, you know, John wants one TV show and Sally wants to watch another show, and they only have one TV, well, how do we judge which is the better outcome? There's different attempts to solve that problem. Some people are egalitarians; other people want to maximize utility of the two. But I argue we should take a straightforward economic approach and basically ask, 'Well, what would they trade to do?' and then I aggregate this approach to the whole economy. And basically if you have one economy with a rate of compound growth over time higher than that of another economy, over some number of decades one of those situations will just very clearly be better than the other for almost everyone. So, that's the starting point of the book. The chapters cover a lot more issues. But that's kind of my entry point into the stuff talked about by John Rawls, Robert Nozick, Derek Parfit and other people.


    Russ Roberts: How would you say that conclusion differs from simply saying we should pursue what's "efficient"? Which is a phrase I do not like. It has a very narrow meaning in economics: It basically means that we--well, I won't even try to summarize it. But help me out here. What's the difference between your economic approach and traditional economic welfare approaches?

    Tyler Cowen: Efficiency typically is quite a static concept. One novelty in my argument is I claim we should use an intergenerational discount rate of zero. That is, the distant future we should not discount at all. There's positive time preference within a life, but over the course of generations no one is sitting around impatiently waiting to be born. And once you adopt that move, the further-out future becomes very important for our deliberations. And then the gains from getting this higher compound rate of economic growth, they really do just overwhelm anything else in the calculation. And the typical more static or a-temporal economic treatment of efficiency--it may be useful for some problems, but it doesn't give you this whole perspective across time about how to think about, you know, social choices in general.

    Russ Roberts: I guess one way to think about it, now that I've gotten over stubbing[?] my brain there--it's earlier here in California where I'm recording this, so obviously I'm behind. One could argue that efficiency is making sure that the pie is as large as possible right now. And what you are suggesting is that we ought to make sure that the pie grows as fast as it can grow going forward.

    Tyler Cowen: That's right.

    Russ Roberts: Would you say that's a decent--?

    Tyler Cowen: That's a good way to put it. Yes.

    Russ Roberts: So, most people would say--I want to come back to the technical issue of discounting. I find your approach deeply appealing; and one piece of it deeply flawed--and I'll let you defend it. But let's just start with this idea that I think is not compelling to most people. It sounds very technocratic that we should just, 'Oh, let the economy grow as fast as possible; eventually everything will work out well.' A lot of people would find that unappealing, for one reason being it's mainly focusing on material well-being. And I know you have an answer to that; so I want you to answer that. The other, of course, is that it may leave a lot of people behind. People are very worried about that; rightfully so. So, try to deal with those two.

    Tyler Cowen: Let me first say I do adopt the qualification that maximizing growth should be subject to respecting human rights; and some human rights are absolute. We shouldn't trample over those even if it will somehow boost the growth rate. But on top of that, I think if you look at long enough time horizons, say, even relatively poor people today are much better off than they were in less wealthy societies of the 18th, 19th, or early 20th century--that they have access to cheap food, partial access to antibiotics, a much cleaner and healthier environment, safer water. And that even though some people are going to gain much more than others, if you take a longer term time perspective--I don't think you quite get to a literal unanimity of all humans being better off. Say, some people who love power or who want to see the impoverishment of others--they'll be worse off. But, from a practical point of view, virtually all people are better off, say, in a society that has 5 or 7 times the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of an alternative course for economic policy.

    Russ Roberts: So, if I might, I just want to defend you a little more, completely in your point about human rights. You also say that leisure counts. And the environment counts.

    Tyler Cowen: Absolutely. And without the environment working, none of this will be sustainable. So, the long time perspective--it both puts a higher priority on the environment, but also a higher priority on economic growth. And it gives you some metric for trading those things off against each other.


    Russ Roberts: So, I find the argument extremely compelling in many dimensions. I want to cast it in a different way, which is--I've used this in a couple of my books; I really think it's the right way to think about it--which is: If you asked a person in 1900 who suffered through economic change, who suffered through, say, the transformation of agriculture, the industrialization in the second half of the 19th century, there's a lot of hardship that that imposed. At the same time, the wellbeing of the children and grandchildren of those people were so extraordinarily and stunningly great compared to their lives that a lot of people--those people themselves would say this was a good deal. So, that to me is the logic of what you are talking about in taking a long-term perspective. But, for me, part of that requires a connection between the generations that's through love, which I think is often ignored, and it is there. And I'm wondering whether people alive today who maybe are less likely to have children than people in the past, whether some of those arguments don't work quite as well. What are your thoughts on that?

    Tyler Cowen: Well, keep in mind, this book is in a sense a companion to my trade release, The Complacent Class. And that's a book about how we're less willing to incur one-off costs for a much better future. So, if you are just asking, you know, 'How are people behaving today?' I think we have less of that willingness to sacrifice for the future; more sense of entitlement: 'I'm not going to give up anything now, no matter what it may bring later on.' So, I think we're moving in the wrong direction. I think even people who don't have children or who maybe do not love their children should be able to see the morally forcing nature of, 'We should choose the outcome that will both enable civilization to last for longer'--which is really compelling when you think about what means--'and have a higher standard of living for virtually all human beings.' I think those are the strongest values we can possibly cite, especially when combined with this notion of inalienable human rights as a kind of binding side-constraint on what we can do.

    Russ Roberts: Why is it important have a high standard of living? That sounds like a very--I know you have a much richer conception of that idea, but to most people that sounds very--it's something an economist would say who doesn't have much understanding about the human experience.

    Tyler Cowen: Keep in mind this isn't just money we're talking about. It's leisure time. It's ability to maintain your health, your ability to control your time. What people value and are willing to trade off against other goods. But, people who have higher living standards, there's plenty of good evidence that they tend to be happier within their societies. They live longer lives. They suffer less pain. They recover better from trauma. They are better able to be charitable to the rest of the world or people less fortunate than they are. I think most of what we consider the virtues co-moves with having a much higher level of social wealth.

    Russ Roberts: What about the argument that right now--I don't accept the argument but many people do--that many people are left behind in our economy. They don't share in the growth: the rising tide isn't lifting all boats any more. So your argument was great in the 1700s, 1800s, 1900s; doesn't hold today.

    Tyler Cowen: Well, I think today we're doing a very bad job at maximizing the rate of economic growth. So, if a person is complaining that right now we're not doing what I'm suggesting, I'm fully on board with that. Do I think there are plenty of changes we can make to economic policy that would both boost growth and improve the lot of people who are less fortunate--say, starting with education, or deregulating building, or helping our society be less crony-capitalist, more mobile and so on--there's plenty we can do. We're not doing it. We're totally failing; and we're the complacent class. And we need to get our act together. And this gets back to the two books' being complements to each other: But of course we're failing at that.


    Russ Roberts: I guess--let's take some particular issues. Other people would pick different issues that they think are holding the economy back. And I want you to use the framework of the book to try to deal with them. And, underlying some of your claims, I would say--at least the way I read it and correct me if I'm wrong--there's a view that the Left and the Right could come together on many of these issues and not disagree as much as they appear to. So, issues that I think about, that we fight about--Left and Right--or things like immigration, issues like minimum wage or labor market regulation, tax policy: Do you think there are choices--there are opportunities--choose a word--that there's low-hanging fruit in the growth sphere that we're missing that could make a big improvement and that in theory Left and Right could agree on?

    Tyler Cowen: Sure. Just to take tax policy: American tax policy is one of the most complicated in the world. In some regards we tax capital at too high a rate; it slows down innovation. You have American firms shifting operations or just accounting profits overseas for the sole purpose of evading tax; that can really make sense. Most economists--and I include Democrats in this designation; Republicans, Democrats--think we could have a much better tax code and it would boost our rate of growth. So, we should do it.

    Russ Roberts: Okay; well, I think the idea is--that's one I think there is some agreement on among economists. Examples like lowering the corporate tax rate or changing the way we treat profits overseas. But the height of marginal rates--I guess the thing that comes to my mind, when I was reading your book--when I was being trained as an economist, there was this so-called equity-and-efficiency tradeoff. It's kind of what your book is about, at least the way it was framed when I was younger. Which is that if we try to redistribute income on the grounds of fairness or political expediency, either one, that we're going to pay a price in either efficiency--the pie is going to be smaller than it would be--or, more importantly in your case, the pie is not going to grow as fast. What evidence do you think we have that there is this potentially much higher growth rate awaiting us if we had better economic policy?

    Tyler Cowen: Well, let me first just go back a second and say I do think some redistributions could boost the rate of economic growth a lot, and they have in the past: Public health programs would be an example. Giving poor people more resources so they have more opportunity and they have a better chance to become creators or maybe even later, inventors. So, I don't think it means no redistribution. I think it says we should check redistribution by what kinds of redistribution will maximize the growth rate. I think in many particular individual areas in economics there is good evidence that particular reforms would boost economic growth. There is work by Enrico Moretti, for instance, that by deregulating building this would boost GDP and give people more opportunity that would be pro-egalitarian as well. Medical innovation: I think there's good evidence there that some policies have helped it; other policies have hurt it. Obviously, we should do more to help it. The tax code: I think there's some economic issues that don't fit into my book. So, you mentioned the minimum wage, what everyone thinks of that. And I tend to be skeptical of minimum wages. But I don't think there's anything in the framework of my book that clears up whether or not we should do it, because odds are it could well be neutral with respect to growth, even if there's this one-time reason not to put those people out of work. So, I don't think the framework handles all economic issues, but those that are growth-related or growth-sensitive, yes.


    Russ Roberts: Let's talk about the mobility issue, and we'll start with inside the country. You referenced Moretti's work on regulation of housing supply; and a lot of people are starting to wonder about this. What's your take on this? Do you think we've made--it appears, it seems to me, and I don't have strong evidence for it, but it seems to me we've made a catastrophic set of mistakes in urban housing policy that, for reasons that--we can debate what the underlying cause is--but, a lot of people would be more productive living in the larger American cities. And those cities have become extremely expensive. I find it interesting that we--we have a lot of stories to tell about it, but the evidence is not so open and shut. Or, maybe you think it is. Talk about that.

    Tyler Cowen: I wouldn't say it's open and shut. But here's the thing that happened that surprised many people, myself included. The extent to which clustering benefits--having so many smart tech people together in San Francisco, or so many people in the arts or creative industries together in New York or Manhattan--those lately have been a lot stronger than most people expected. I think there was a sense of, 'Well, maybe I don't favor these building restrictions, but maybe, you know, there'll be overflow: some people will move to Atlanta. They'll move to Tulsa, OK, or wherever. They won't be quite as productive, but, you know, we'll work around it.' And how wrong that's turned out to have been. I think information technology in particular, is remarkably clustered. It's a bit like movie project evaluation in Hollywood or finance in New York, London, and Hong Kong. So, we're moving more toward clustering. And that's made, you know, a more or less constant policy be a lot more costly. And I think, you know, there are studies, like the Moretti articles. But also, just intuitively, you see productive people who want to move to San Francisco and they tell you, 'Hey, I can't afford it.' You then go to San Francisco; you see there's plenty of room there. I don't want to quite call that a proof; but what I would refer to as the anecdotal dimension. It very strongly supports the statistical work.

    Russ Roberts: Yah, let's talk about that clustering for a minute. It's a digression, but it's one that intrigues me. We invoke that--that clustering argument, that people are more productive around people like them. But, of course, you don't interact with most of them. You can't, almost by definition--just the physical constraints of human life and time. So, I happen to be in the Bay Area for the summer; I'm recording this on the Stanford campus, which sometimes feels like the center of the tech universe. And I meet a lot of really smart people here who are working in startups or in larger firms. And, is it really important that they are near other really smart people? It's hard to understand, for me. The place feels alive about these issues. It feels like a more dynamic place than, say, suburban Maryland where I live during the year. But, what's the underlying reality that's driving that productivity that we claim? I'm not sure that I understand what it is.

    Tyler Cowen: Keep in mind, in an indirect way you do interact with all of them. So, there's some kind of aggregation mechanism for information, so the best ideas get passed along, and you are in closer contact with those ideas. You understand them better in context. So, maybe if, in only the course of a week you only speak to 10 people; but those 10 people have spoken to 10 people who in turn--and so on down a chain. And what gets passed along are the best ideas relative to, say, the Bay Area. It's like being the Think Tank world in or near Washington, D.C. In the course of a week or month, how many other Think Tankers do I meet? You know, it depends where I go. But even if I only meet a few, what I'm hearing are the best dribs and drabs that world is producing. And then, on the hiring side, when you are going out to give people a job and set them to work doing something, and your company might have to ramp up quickly--you know, in the tech world you can't do that in Tallahassee. Actually, in the public policy world, you really can't do that in San Francisco very well. So, you know, I even live some of that firsthand as having a role at Mercatus Center and George Mason University doing hiring; and you see just how important that clustering is. If you are doing public policy work, you want to be near Washington, D.C. And you do learn from everyone here, even if you only meet with 10 of them.

    Russ Roberts: I don't think I've ever heard it romanticized that way, as "dribs and drabs." But I think you meant it in a positive way.

    Tyler Cowen: Yes, absolutely. I was [?].


    Russ Roberts: Let me think about it maybe a slightly different way, which ties into this point about mobility. If a firm did start in Tallahassee, and it didn't work out--which most of them of course don't--most startups don't make it--you've got to move from Tallahassee. You've got to leave. You've got to start over. I think one of these advantages of these clusters that we are talking about is that once you are there--and I'm talking now about the worker, not the firm, but of course the firm also have economies of scale in this. But for a worker, you know, if it doesn't work out at Google, there are other places I can work that demand my skills; and I don't have to relocate to Minneapolis or Boston or New York or Washington or Chicago. And that's nice. Maybe--

    Tyler Cowen: Especially for two-earner couples, right?

    Russ Roberts: Correct, where you've got to find that second--

    Tyler Cowen: [?]

    Russ Roberts: Yeah. That just reinforces the point. I just wonder: I feel like we've made everything just a little harder for people to relocate, both in terms of real estate policy, and maybe some of it's emotional--maybe some of it's a wealth effect, that we don't like to start over when we're successful. I'm just trying to figure out why it's different. Why is it different now than 25, 30, 40, 50 years ago? It's hard to understand. Right? It's easy to tell the story at a point in time. It's a little harder to make the claim over time, it seems to me.

    Tyler Cowen: Well, look at what's grown in our economy. It's been information technology, finance, and creative industries, among other areas. Those are all very clustering-intensive. Something like cement production--you know, the cement producers are not all clustered in one part of Ohio. They are fairly spread out through the country because transporting cement is costly. So, so much of our economic growth has coming in clustering intensive areas. That's changed a lot. Schooling has become more of a race: there is a lot more credentialism. So, having your kid in the right school is more important. And that makes, say, Manhattan, San Francisco, much more problematic: you've got to pay for private schooling. For a lot of parents, that has changed and intensified. So, I think there are some things we can point to that seem pretty clearly in line with the overall story. The world being globalized, also. You want to reach global markets. Well, that's harder to do from Tallahassee. It's easier from New York or San Francisco. So, the value of being there is now much higher.

    Russ Roberts: Why do you think credentialism has grown the way it has? Why is it so important? Why do parents suffer? And that slightly goes against your point earlier about being willing to sacrifice for the future. Right? Parents relentlessly sacrifice for their children, to get them into the best private schools, the best universities. And, I've always been somewhat of a skeptic on that for my children. Part of it's my educational past. And part of it's just I feel like I've been in the kitchen. And, I know what the differences are between the most prestigious and the not-quite-as-prestigious schools. And it's a big premium that people pay for it; and personally, it's not worth it for me. But what do you think--why has that gotten "worse" or, depending on your view of it, why has it changed so much in the last 20 years?

    Tyler Cowen: Some of it is the law. So there are more licenses for more professions than ever before. Some of it is just overall growth of the service sector which tends to have more certification, even if it's of the non-legal sort. I think some of it is the greater complexity and indeed value of production: so, a lot of entrepreneurs, they don't want to take so many chances, so they want the Masters' degree or the Ivy League or Top 30 education, whatever it will be. And then some of it is this kind of signaling game where it inches up, what credential you need; in every generation it gets a bit worse. And it used to be to be an undergraduate degree; now it's a Masters'. Maybe someday it will be a Ph.D. And that's just institutions getting out of whack and no one really pulling the plug and really just saying, 'No.' I think all of those put together.

    Russ Roberts: Isn't some of it just demographic? That a very large cohort of the offspring of baby boomers is going through the university pipeline and there isn't enough? The costs of entry are very high. It's very difficult to start a first-rate university from scratch--

    Tyler Cowen: Sure. Harvard doesn't take[?] that many more people. Yeah--

    Russ Roberts: Yeah. Which is a puzzle, by the way.

    Tyler Cowen: Yes, I agree.

    Russ Roberts: They've tried to, right? Implicitly. Most of the great universities now are using MOOCs (massive open online courses) in other ways to extend their franchise and market share in a different dimension. But it's not--if you think of university as I do, as a finishing school for certain types of people, that role is very difficult to get online. So, the networking and the socialization part of college, the--what people are really willing to pay for, and they want a certain kind of product that's very difficult to create from scratch, almost by definition.

    Tyler Cowen: Well, the actual degree, the four-year degree with your name on it: Harvard admissions have gone up a bit; Princeton, Yale--they are working on it a little. But it's nothing compared to what a normal market would bring, which is this huge increase in demand stemming from globalization and higher return to skills--

    Russ Roberts: Yup--

    Tyler Cowen: and you would think, like, these schools would grow by a factor of 5, 10, 15. Whatever. But, of course, it's nothing like that. Maybe they boost admissions by 10% and then boast about it and say they are doing their best. And they cut tuition for the poorest students. But it's basically the same game but with more people trying to rush through the entrance.


    Russ Roberts: Let's think about that just for a second. Why is it--and when I was at [the University of] Chicago in graduate school in the 1980s, in the late 1970s, Chicago had struggled in the late 1960s and 1970s with crime. And they thought about relocating--I think to Arizona. It's interesting that they didn't start a second campus. And then things got better. But--and they decided to stay. I think it was a threat to the city, basically: Rumor had it that the city punished Hyde Park, where the University is, for not supporting Mayor Daly and other Democratic candidates. So they would give them--they supported them in the election, but in the Primary they would always support the challenger. And so they'd give them lousy police service and lousy roads--no clearing--and garbage pickup. So the University created its own police department. Which was pretty effective. But they threatened to move--partially, I think just as a threat. But, why didn't they--not move, but why don't they create, why don't universities create franchises, extend the brand name? It's one thing to say, 'Well, Stanford wouldn't be Stanford if were 70,000 students.' That's true. But why isn't there a Stanford East, or a Harvard West, or a Chicago South? Why don't universities--or a George Mason West? You know, George Mason has a much better reputation than its sort-of on-paper quality--because it's distinctive. And its economics department is a huge part of that. Why wouldn't George Mason try to exploit that reputational advantage somewhere else outside of Virginia?

    Tyler Cowen: I think it's hard to do. Keep in mind what makes George Mason, say, special, is faculty of a particular kind. So you can't duplicate those faculty in a Star-Trek-like machine. You might hope to hire the equivalent. But to tell people, 'Well, there's this new school, George Mason West.' And it's starting with near-zero faculty and you're the first one to go there; and the colleagues you really want to interact with, they are 3000 miles away. I'm not saying no one would take it. But it's not such a compelling offer if faculty is a scarce asset. Keep in mind: Many schools do now have branches. Most commonly you see this branching into Singapore. There's a bit into China. Some--George Mason has a program in Korea. These are all new. We're not sure how they'll go. I think some of them actually will work. So, the branching we're seeing is into this high-demand area of Asia. And I think there's also about admitting too many Asians into the main campus branch for a lot of schools. And this is a way around that.

    Russ Roberts: Yeah, but I think you are--obviously, the faculty is a key part. I don't know how--it's quite as irreplaceable or unduplicatable as you might want to think. But, you'd think there would be some faculty who might want to live somewhere else other than Fairfax.

    Tyler Cowen: I think that a Harvard/California could work. I believe normatively Harvard should do it. I see zero signs they are about to. It would mean a dilution of control, a lot of headaches, a lot of new legal issues. You know, some reputational risk. But you could increase the number of people getting into some version of Harvard by really quite a bit. And that would be a wonderful thing for the country. And the world.

    Russ Roberts: So, I'm going to suggest a simpler explanation for this. Which is: Nobody has an incentive to do it. The faculty like where they are, mostly. There's no owner. The alums [alumni, alumns--Econlib Ed.] are something of a residual claimant. They are probably against this. They, as you say, they risk diluting their own reputational name.

    Tyler Cowen: That's right. They are significant, the alums.

    Russ Roberts: Yup, very. But it's just interesting how--it always bewilders my parents--that no one's really--there's no boss in a modern American university. The Provost or the President only give the illusion of control. It's a very strange enterprise. And it's interesting because it's something we ought to think about given how important it is, or at least how important it seems to be in our lives--both not just material lives, in the economic growth that we're talking about, but in other ways as well.

    Tyler Cowen: But these universities, they do take other value-maximizing actions, like trying to improve the sports team or treating their donors better or having the lawn look nice on graduation day. So, they're not incapable of responding to incentives. So, I suspect this idea of control is quite central, and risk, and alums, and the administration and the board just not wanting the headaches. And it's like when a lot of departments grow, the previous incumbents lose control. Some similar issues.

    Russ Roberts: But I really think it gets at the heart of what's dysfunctional about the non-profit sector, in general--and there are many wonderful things about them, the non-profit sector; I've sung its praises many times on the program, so don't misunderstand me. But the inevitable challenge of non-profits in my experience is that they want to grow. They just want to be bigger. They will sacrifice their mission, after a while. At first, the first founders of the organization and the early leaders are passionate about the mission; and they are very careful to make sure the mission is preserved. But after a while, the leaders care about just bigger. And they are willing to sacrifice the mission if bigger is the result. And that's just because there's no incentive for them to do something else, unfortunately, except for the passion of the people who care about that mission, either of the workers or the employees or the staff; sometimes the donors. The donors do care: that's why they give, generally. But if you think about the modern American university, the amount of money that they are sitting on in the endowments is shocking, really, as a social phenomenon. Because I think most people have a romance about the university--that it's created to help people and to allow people to educate themselves, and teach them, and help transform the world. And if that were true, they would do something really different from what they are doing.

    Tyler Cowen: I like the [?] of the new university called Minerva. I don't know if you've heard of it.

    Russ Roberts: I have--

    Tyler Cowen: You spend 4 years abroad with peers in a setting--so, you live in like Istanbul, Buenos Aires. You learn things from living there, and then you take shorter, intense classes online with your group and receive instruction at a distance. That, too, is new. It's too soon to judge. But I have some hope that that will be a success and lead to some alternative models and more experimentation.

    Russ Roberts: It's just interesting as a parent of a 17-year-old and two other college students who are in traditional universities, that, the idea of a parent saying, 'Oh, you ought to try this. This looks good,' the way you might say if a new car model came out, you might encourage them to try, or a new style of clothing. The amount that's at stake with your university degree is--at least it's perceived to be quite high. And so I think the challenge that Minerva has, and other innovators, is getting people to jump who might otherwise go to a first rate brick-and-mortar university. And maybe not get the return from it that they could get at a place like this one.

    Tyler Cowen: I wish Harvard cared more about being bigger, actually. It seems to me, so many universities--they are willing to grow if they can grow in ways where they maintain some kinds of control. So, there's like new facilities; there's new external programs; there's new, say, athletics; new initiatives that require more administrators. But, just for the school to be bigger--I'm used to George Mason, which has gone from a few thousand students to 34,000 and improved quality pretty much the whole way through. Not that many schools are doing that. I'm spoilt, in a way. I know it's possible.

    Russ Roberts: Yeah. Well. It's hard to steer those cats on the faculty. We know that.


    Russ Roberts: Let's turn to some of the questions--let's go back to your book, although it's been fun talking about something only related tangentially to it. But, let's talk about what you would say is the low-hanging fruit for improving the rate of economic growth. You know, I find it deeply distressing that our current economic policy debate is over whether we should renegotiate NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). It's sort of the central piece of what we're debating. I guess another piece would be our tax policy. None of which is going well. Could be political reasons for that, obviously. But some of it I think has to do with our ideological differences in the country. What would you recommend that we do to boost the economic growth rate?

    Tyler Cowen: The United States--I think we should commit truly to free trade, which we are not doing now. I think our government actually should spend more supporting scientific research. You and I may disagree on that. I think we should radically deregulate building. I feel in almost all areas of the economy we should deregulate economic activity; I would say the environment and finance are more complicated stories there. Those are partial exceptions. Have systematic tax reform and treat capital income better. Those would just be a few things offhand that I would recommend.

    Russ Roberts: What's complicated about finance?

    Tyler Cowen: We have this thing called 'deposit insurance'--

    Russ Roberts: Because I disagree with you on the science part; but if I got your whole platform, I'd be thrilled. I'd be happy to take a little too much science research that might be spent not so well, to get the rest of it. So, I'm sorry: I interrupted you. What's the issue with finance?

    Tyler Cowen: We have this thing called 'deposit insurance,' which, even if you abolished on paper, the actual guarantee in my opinion will not go away as long as we have Congress in the modern world. So that means there's some kind of backstop. So, there's always a chance financial institutions take depositors' money or creditors' money and in essence bring it to the casino to take too much risk in non-productive ways. And I do think the government has to do something to control that. My favorite direction is to have higher capital requirements. So, in essence the banks are first playing with their own money. But even capital requirements--they are not a simple thing to see through and enforce. And I think this will require a fair amount of financial regulation. And if we don't do that, we'll end up with periodic crises that will lead to even more financial regulation and possibly nationalization. So, I think that's a very tricky issue. But I don't think just, you know, hands off laissez faire makes sense there.

    Russ Roberts: What about environmental issues? You just mention them but you also spend a decent amount of time in the book talking them. How do they interact with the issues of growth that you are talking about? A lot of people would argue that growth is bad for the environment. Economists typically answer, 'Yeah, but countries that grow at higher rates and get wealthier tend to take care of the environment.' What's your take?

    Tyler Cowen: Most aspects of the environment improve with economic growth. Clean water is an example. Clean air is an example. There's something known as the Kuznets Curve--that as societies become wealthier, they do a better job cleaning up. That's true; but keep in mind, in part we have the Kuznets Curve because some government regulation is used. It's by no means entirely due to regulation, but partly it is. But, I think on this one issue of carbon, we see a lot of countries getting wealthier and not really doing much, if anything, to clean up their carbon emissions. And in that instance I would consider something like a carbon tax. And, if need be, cut taxes on other capital income to make up for the difference.

    Russ Roberts: So, you wouldn't say we should grow as fast as we can so we can adapt to the climate change that might be coming?

    Tyler Cowen: Well, I think a carbon tax is the way to grow as fast as we can. Look at it that way. We've got to tax something, right? So, you can either tax productive labor or you can tax something that with some probably emits a negative externality. In almost any model, taxing the negative externality will give you higher growth.


    Russ Roberts: At one point, you ask about what we can do to make our civilization more stable. What are you thinking about there? What do you mean by 'making our civilization more stable'? And, what kind of actions do you think would be relevant?

    Tyler Cowen: Since WWII, we've lived in this funny upswing, where so many countries have had higher and higher standards of living, and more democracy, and in general a higher degree of public order. And we've started to treat that as historically normal. I don't know whether or not it's historically normal. But if you go back and you read classic history, or study antiquity, or for that matter, you know, read the Hebrew Bible, I think you get a very different perspective on what history normally looks like. So, I think there are key issues, such as cyber-security, nuclear terrorism, foreign policy. Hardly do we ignore those things. But I don't think they are sufficiently a civilizational priority. There are forms of existential risk that we could do more to protect ourselves against. But I think we're too complacent to actually do it. And furthermore, so much of the budget is spent on other things, it comes across to people as a difficult-to-swallow tax hike. I would much rather we spend more money limiting risk at the civilizational level than what we are doing now.

    Russ Roberts: A lot of people are worried about inequality. We touched on this earlier but I want to come back to it now. And, a lot of people would argue that it's the central problem of our age; it does put our society at risk of instability because there's a pervasive sense of unfairness--is the claim. What are your thoughts on how we should deal with that and how it might interact with the growth rate that you are more focused on?

    Tyler Cowen: Well, as we've discussed, there's lots we could do that would increase opportunity for people who now are less skilled or have lower incomes. But, I'm not persuaded by the view the inequality is somehow the root cause of political instability. If I look at a place such as Poland, which right now is flirting with semi-Fascistic idea or non-democratic ideas in a dangerous way, they've had a wonderful economic performance, for the most part. A lot of productive manufacturing jobs have come into Poland, actually, from Western Europe. It's a far, far nicer and better place than it had been under Soviet domination. And yet they are flirting with illiberal ideas. Now, I don't pretend to know why that's the case. But whenever I hear a kind of simple equation of, 'Here's this domestic tendency I don't like about American policy, so I'm going to say it's the root cause behind politicians I don't like, social movements I don't like, street crime, violence, collapse of public order.' When you actually look at the literature, the literature seems to suggest inequality gives rise to some disillusionment and some disengagement. Those are bad things. But if anything causes instability, you know, it can be rising expectations in some cases. So, I don't think we really understand the political consequences of inequality. But, I hear a lot of claims batted around that probably aren't true.


    Russ Roberts: Let's turn to a philosophical question, which is utilitarianism, which you write quite a bit about in the book. I think you define yourself as a 2/3 utilitarian. What do you mean by that?

    Tyler Cowen: Well, that was a little tongue in cheek. But, I think if you are looking at a public policy, the first question you should ask should be the utilitarian question: Will this make most people better off? It's not the endpoint. You also need to ask about justice. And you should consider distribution. I think you should consider, say, how human beings are treating animals. You might want to consider other broader considerations. But that's the starting point. And if your policy fails the utilitarian test, I'm not saying it can never be good. But it has, really, a pretty high bar to clear. So, when I said "two thirds," that's what I meant.

    Russ Roberts: So, I like that, too. I mean, my view is it's sort of a starting point. It's not the end point. For a lot of people, it is the end point. But you write quite a bit--and I find it intriguing: Some of the more, harsher demands that utilitarianism might place on us. And, they are not so easy to answer. So, talk about what some of those are, about, say, having an ice cream cone when people are starving; or working selfishly at your job when you could relocate, say, as a doctor, and help poor people outside the United States. What are your thoughts on those? Talk about what some of what those issues are and then give us your take on them.

    Tyler Cowen: Well, this is the Peter Singer conundrum: How can you enjoy that active personal consumption, that chocolate ice cream cone, when, dot-dot-dot people are starving? You've been hearing this from your parents when you are a kid: How can you leave food on your plate when there's hungry children in Africa? Whatever the tale used to be. That's a morally interesting question, but I don't think it's the most relevant question. I think the most relevant question is: What can you do so the global economy grows at a higher rate? And that's going to help the poor, including in other countries more than anything else because of technology transfer, remittances, immigration. Multinationals, hiring people at higher wages, and so on. And if you ask the question, 'Well, what can I do for the poor in my own country, and other countries?' the answers will be to work really hard; try to innovate; save a lot; contribute to highly productive organizations. I do think we should feel a greater compulsion to do those things than we do now. So, I'm willing to bite that bullet. But, that to me is the moral dilemma. You know--not the ice cream cone. If the ice cream cone is what motivates people to produce value because they love ice cream, I say, 'Full steam ahead' with the ice cream cone. I'm worried that we are not innovating enough.

    Russ Roberts: Yeah. For me, the argument is, is really a failure to understand, I think the other side--that people would say--I think the example I remember from, I think it's from Will MacAskill, or he might be taking it from Singer, is: How can you throw a birthday party for your kid? That's just the most selfish thing in the world, because that amount of money could have an enormous impact on the wellbeing of a person elsewhere in a poorer society. And I guess the problem I have with that is: I don't think we have a very good understanding of how to make people's lives better who aren't living in our society. And, all these conundrums, all these puzzles and clever hypotheticals--they ignore that. They always assume: Oh, you can take this money and transform this person's life. As if there's just a box you could put the money in. We don't have that box. You know, people would say to--I love it when people say to me, 'Do you think we should give money to help education in poor countries?' and I'd say, 'No,' and they'd say, 'You are a selfish person.' And I said, 'We can't even figure out how to use money in the United States to make people's lives better in education. Why would I be so presumptuous to think I could do it in a different society, where the governance structure, the political institutions are designed often to steal that money?' I just don't see any evidence that there's such a mechanism. And to then--I'm willing to--the bullet I'd bite is to try and find mechanisms that will actually work. But the idea that somehow it's selfish of me to want to keep my money when I can't help people's lives--I don't understand it.

    Tyler Cowen: I'm more optimistic about philanthropy, perhaps, than you are. But, I would just take the stance that the much richer society will generate more philanthropy. You know, a lot of voluntary. Look at what Bill Gates is doing in Africa. I don't know that that's all working. I'm not well-informed about it. But he's certainly trying. And we know immigration works. We know having large multinationals who set up plants in other countries and hire people at hire wages--we know that works. We do know some things. I think we know, like, some number of public health programs work--if you vaccinate kids, or if we can get rid of malaria, or, you know, polio in some places, smallpox in others, that works. So, we know some things that work. And we've done a fair amount in those directions. So, to me, it would be strange to think we'll never find more things that work. But I think our path there is not kind of moralizing to people, and telling them to close up the birthday party or put down the ice cream cone. But, my goodness: Just could everyone, you know, working more, harder, smarter, and cultivating a culture of philanthropy? Which America largely has. To its benefit.

    Russ Roberts: Yeah. Don't misunderstand me. I'm a big fan of philanthropy, and I try to give away 10% of my after-tax income every year, for religious reasons; and I think there are ways to do that that are smarter than others. And I think it's important, as a human being, and as a way to make the world a better place. I think the challenge is getting those to scale and doing it in an organized way--

    Tyler Cowen: Sure.

    Russ Roberts: So, I think the tougher criticism of my view would be: How can you only give 10%? And you make that point in your book: Given my relative material prosperity, I should be giving away maybe 40%. And I think that's--it's an interesting argument. I think I have to take that--I think a thoughtful person has to take that seriously who is living, you know, an incredibly rich life, not just in material wellbeing but in all the things that that material wellbeing brings, in terms of security and comfort. So, I think it's a legitimate question. And I do think that the way to do that is through private philanthropy rather than through the, sort of, government aid--which has a really bad track record.

    Tyler Cowen: I know a person--he works in the financial sector in New York. He makes a lot of money; and he lives on almost nothing. He gives it all away. And I find that admirable. I think there should be more of it. But I wonder, given that human beings are what they are, how sustainable it would be to have too much more of it. I don't know. But I think the correct answer is to say, 'Yes, we should have more of this. Let's try a bit more and see how it goes.' I think that's right.


    Russ Roberts: But, as you point out in the book, and I think it's related to your point just now about human nature and the human condition: If you are not careful, you become a slave. So, the argument would be--well, it's not 40%, but you'd be giving 75% or 80% away--because your standard of living is so much higher than other people's. We don't have to go to poor countries outside the United States. We're going to stick with the United States, actually.

    Tyler Cowen: Fair.

    Russ Roberts: So, people in West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, you name it--in your own state: you don't have to leave your own state, just different parts--it's immoral for you to live as comfortably as you do because there are people who live very badly nearby. And I do think it's not so straightforward to say, 'Okay, how can I help make their lives better?' But suppose I do find that way. It's a weird thing to become a, uhh, a servant of their wellbeing. Some might say it's the highest human experience you could have. You know, your friend in New York maybe is very happy. I don't know. Is he, or is she? I don't know.

    Tyler Cowen: He seems happy. Always hard to know. I'm not sure everyone could be happy that way.

    Russ Roberts: Yah. I think that's a challenge[?}. The more important thing to think about, of course: the time factor. So, you are going to go to school, get a medical degree, work for 8 years so that you can give away an enormous amount of money, and make lots of people's lives more pleasant. I don't know if that's an appealing marketing ploy.

    Tyler Cowen: Hmm.


    Russ Roberts: At one point you talk about the Arrow Impossibility Theorem. And I think, right now, we are in a very interesting time in American politics. And partly as a result of nature of the partisan divide we are in right now--I think I am older than you. I remember when this divide was like this before. This is nothing new. I remember when Richard Nixon was in office. He was despised beyond words by his political opponents. So, it's not quite as new as it, as it might feel. But, there is something alarming about the state of things. And part of it, I think--part of it is the result of having an Electoral College: victors who didn't carry the popular vote; and that's very misleading, because once the incentives, the rules, are there, you should follow the rules. You are going to naturally try to win the Electoral College vote. Doesn't mean you would have lost the popular vote if that had been the only criterion. But there is a certain unease, I think, about the American political system. And I think of Arrow. I think of public choice generally. You talked about the aggregation problem; the challenge of the fact that we want different things: There's no such thing as 'The will of the people.' There's almost never such a thing even though it might get invoked. What is your philosophy in this book? What does it have to say about these issues?

    Tyler Cowen: One of the core arguments of the book is the way to resolve aggregation problems like the Arrow Impossibility Theorem is to move away from the static framework and think dynamically in terms of economic growth. And then, at the social level, the book is very much an encouragement for people to think big, and to believe in very significant--you could almost call them 'transcendent'--values. And that ethical thought needs to have what you almost might call the religious component; though I mean the word "religious" in the broad sense and not necessarily about a particular god. And that that's part of the path to getting to growth maximization--is changing how we think about our own social reality. In today's America, I see us in so many ways as moving in the opposite direction: being more petty, being more polarized, being more at each others' throats. Being actually less religious in the good sense. Being more complacent and more risk averse. So, our own values matter. They are one of the things that matter the most for boosting the rate of economic growth.

    Russ Roberts: Martha Nussbaum, recently, she and I both talked about transcendence. We had different understandings of it. So, this is--I don't think that word has been uttered until now, until Martha Nussbaum, on this program. And now, here it is again. And you've also now invoked religion, with a wink and an asterisk and a--I don't know what else. So, what do you mean by 'transcendent,' how you say; and what do you mean by 'religion'--quote "the good kind"--not any particular god? What does that mean to

              Ladies and Gentlemen of Moreno Valley, Here is the MONEY Shot of all MONEY shots. The FBI Bribe Taken By Ex-Moreno Valley City Councilman Marcelo Co, $2.36 million (the largest in FBI history).        
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    Manhattan Seaside Properties inside the Shrub Market is considered among the most preferred sites to stay in every one of Manhattan Beachfront. It happens to be bordered by Sepulveda Boulevard to East, Manhattan Coastline Boulevard to the Southern, Rosecrans Avenue on the North, with the Yellow sand Location into the To the west. Its proximity towards the an, LAX and ocean simple and easy travel towards city give it time to be as desirable geographically as it truly is visually.
    The region adopted its title, the Tree Segment not through the a lot of trees that populate the neighborhood, but fairly through the road names: Palm , Oak, Elm , Pine, etc .. The area can be correctly Irv Edwards Manhattan Beach famous for its stringent plant ordinance that restricts homeowners from wiping out most trees off their house without needing a permit through the area, hence conserving the aesthetic enchantment on the vicinity.
    Manhattan Beach destination Real Estate Market inside Plant Portion attracts the entire family of the dimensions, and like a variety of areas in La, it really is an spot which can be in changeover. Manhattan Beach front Real Estate Investment in the Plant Section draws house holds of all sizes, and like quite a few residential areas in La, it is really an location that could be in move.
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              "Mature" Games Growing in Maturity        

    This post was originally published on my blog which you can find here.

    I'm one of the least political people out there - hence why I've never written about politics here, until now. Due to my other interests - movies, TV shows, video games and other trivial pursuits - I have limited attention space for anything else.

    Earlier this month, Vice President Joe Biden hosted a discussion  among various representatives to discuss gun control issues. Among these meetings was a discussion of the influence violent media, particularly video games, has on children which included representatives from both family groups and the video game industry. The tragedy in Newtown, CT has brought this discussion to the forefront because among his mental conditions and prevalence of unlocked guns in his house he also played video games some of which were first-person shooters.

    Politicians have a not so long but very sordid history with the video game industry and the way it experiments with violence.  Some of this relationship has positive results like the ESRB ratings system but recent discussions could mark changes for the industry and hinder its growth to maturity as games incorporate mature content without making it the whole point of the game. However it took a long way to get there and older games with mature content but less maturity are burned in many minds.

    In 1994, the video game industry formed the Electronic Software Ratings Board (ESRB) as a response to political investigations on violence in video games after games like Mortal Kombat rose in popularity and controversy. Without a self-regulating system like this or the more commonly known Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) ratings system, the government would likely be censoring games setting a dangerous precedent for their control over media. It should be noted that many other countries' government have the ability to ban video games. This often results in game publishers releasing censored versions at a later date.

    Games like Mortal Kombat caught political officials attention in the mid-90's.

    With both the ESRB and MPAA being self-regulating organizations, the inclination to compare the two is natural. Both were created to prevent government intervention and both have categories for all-ages ("G," "E"), older kids ("PG,: "E10+"), teenagers ("T," PG-13"), younger adults ("M," "R"), and adults ("AO," "NC-17"). However there is a difference in how their used. The MPAA ratings system has evolved into a marketing tool in that a movies rating greatly affects its financial performance. When the organization in charge of the ratings stands to make more money from a PG-13 rating instead of an R rating filmmakers are either forced to make cuts in order to meet that rating or a PG-13 movie will have vampires and wolves slicing off each others heads when a smaller film with similar violence will get an "R" rating.

    Game ratings however have no affect on sales or perhaps the reverse affect. According to website VG Chartz, four of the 10 best-selling games (with consolidated multi-platform titles) of 2012 rated for consumers 17 and older. While there might have been pressure to make 2011's Batman: Arkham City a "Teen" rated game - despite an overtly liberal use of the word "bitch" - the yearly, "M" rated "Call of Duty" entry has outsold the competition year and year out with the latest entry, Black Ops II grossing $1 billion in 15 days.

    When I think about my favorite games of all-time, more than half of them are classified "M," and yet a growing number of them have mature elements more compelling than the violence. Most of these have have to do with choice and consequence a prevailing trend to the point that the aforementioned Black Ops II has branching story lines that hinge on the players' choices. This, and other elements have intrigued those willing to listen. When I described my excitement for Mass Effect 3 to my mom, explaining that my decisions in the previous two entries affected the story in the third game, she compared it to my childhood obsession with choose your own adventure books.

    The two rebudles to this are that the sci-fi epic Mass Effect series can be described as a "ligher 'M'" similar to the first Matrix film being referred to as a "light 'R.'" Also, half of the series still revolves around gun fights - albeit light on blood. No one will contend that Rockstar's L.A. Noire  isn't a "Mature" game. As a detective in 1940's Los Angeles, the player investigates the grizzly Black Dahlia murders, uncovers a pedophile movie director and discovers a real estate conspiracy. While the latter might not serve as proper ammunition in the crusade against violent games, the player solves all of these cases by finding clues, interviewing suspects and witnesses and referring back to all the collected information. My mom also experienced this game, in fact I was working on the pedophile case, one of the games more disturbing cases. Yet as I played it with my mom in the room, there wasn't the same awkward tension that would have been there if I was shooting cops in Grand Theft Auto or  zombies with a chainsaw in Dead Rising. It was closer to the experience of watching an 'R'-rated detective movie. She even commented on how this was different from her perception of other games where I would shoot my way to solve the case (L.A. Noire has gun fights but the shooting mechanics are poorly executed and secondary to the actual detective work ).

    Not all 'M' rated games are as progressive in their dedication to story and even those that have merits beyond the violence will  resort to stereotype in other areas.  Just as there is a market for excessively violent films there will be consumers willing to pay for games that focus on the violence. These games don't warrant blanket laws that keep publishers from exploring the medium's potential. That medium is finally  reaching it's maturity and to hinder it would be a mistake.

    I wasn't allowed to own an "M" rated game before I was 17. Even when I bought Grand Theft Auto III at 18 to see what all the fuss was about, I could tell my Dad was tempted to throw it out. In all likelihood kids shouldn't be playing these games but just as they'll find pornography in their friend's dad's closet (or on their laptop) or watch an R rated movie at a sleepover, they'll find a way to play them. However that's not the industry's fault and it certainly isn't the government's role to block that content.

    As always, let me know what you think in the comments below. You can follow me on Twitter at @TylerLyon or by clicking the "follow" button below. Feel free to shoot me an email at tylerlyonblog@gmail.com. Finally if you like what you read, like it on Wordpress, share it on social media and tell your friends. Thanks for reading!

              Norm of the North        
    When a real estate development invades his Arctic home, Norm and his three lemming friends head to New York City, where Norm becomes the mascot of the corporation in an attempt to bring it down from the inside and protect his homeland.
    Norm of the North

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              Trump moves within reach of White House        

    WASHINGTON — Donald Trump moved within reach of the White House Tuesday night, capturing crucial victories over Hillary Clinton in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, a remarkable show of strength in an unexpectedly tight race for the presidency.

    Trump also battled for a breakthrough in the upper Midwest, a region that reliably backed Democrats in presidential elections for three decades. His victories left Clinton with a perilously narrow path and no margin for error in battleground states where votes were still being counted.

    As the race lurched past midnight, neither candidate had cleared the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House. Trump stood at 244 to Clinton's 215.

    The uncertainty sent Dow Jones futures and Asian markets tumbling, reflecting investor alarm over what a Trump presidency might mean for the economy and global trade.

    As Clinton's team anxiously waited for results to roll in, the candidate tweeted to supporters, "Whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything."

    Clinton, a fixture in American politics for decades, was hoping to become the first woman to serve as commander in chief. Her race against Trump, a celebrity businessman with no political experience, was among the nastiest in recent memory, exposing and deepening the nation's economic and racial divides.

    Exit polls underscored the deep divisions that have defined the 2016 contest. Women nationwide supported Clinton by a double-digit margin, while men were significantly more likely to back Trump. More than half of white voters backed the Republican, while nearly 9 in 10 blacks and two-thirds of Hispanics voted for the Democrat.

    If Trump pulls off the stunning upset, he'll likely govern with Congress fully under Republican control. The GOP was poised to fend off a Democratic challenge in the Senate, winning key races in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and expected to win a late race in Alaska and a December runoff in Louisiana. The party extended its grip on the House.

    Democrats, as well as some Republicans, expected Trump's unconventional candidacy would damage down-ballot races and even flip some reliably red states in the presidential race. But Trump held on to Republican territory, including in Georgia and Utah, where Clinton's campaign confidently invested resources.

    Clinton carried Virginia, Nevada and Colorado. Her fate hinged in part on wins in Michigan and Wisconsin, states where her campaign spent little time during the general election in anticipation of comfortable victories.

    The 45th president will inherit an anxious nation, deeply divided by economic and educational opportunities, race and culture. The economy has rebounded from the depths of recession, though many Americans have yet to benefit. New terror threats from home and abroad have raised security fears.

    Clinton asked voters to keep the White House in her party's hands for a third straight term. She cast herself as heir to President Barack Obama's legacy and pledged to make good on his unfinished agenda, including passing immigration legislation, tightening restrictions on guns and tweaking his signature health care law.

    But she struggled throughout the race with persistent questions about her honesty and trustworthiness. Those troubles flared anew late in the race, when FBI Director James Comey announced a review of new emails from her tenure at the State Department. On Sunday, just two days before Election Day, Comey said there was nothing in the material to warrant criminal charges against Clinton.

    Trump, the New York real estate developer who lives in a gold-plated Manhattan penthouse, forged a striking connection with white, working-class Americans who feel left behind in the changing economy and diversifying country. He cast immigration, both from Latin America and the Middle East, as the root of many problems plaguing the nation and called for building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

    "I see so many hopes and so many dreams out there that didn't happen, that could have happened, with leadership, with proper leadership," he said by telephone on Fox News before casting his own ballot in Manhattan. "And people are hurt so badly."

    Seven in 10 Americans who went to the polls Tuesday said immigrants now in the country illegally should be allowed to stay, while just a quarter said they should be deported. More than half oppose building a border wall, according to the exit polls, which were conducted for The Associated Press and television networks by Edison Research.

    The Republican Party's tortured relationship with its nominee was evident right up to the end. Former President George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush declined to back Trump, instead selecting "none of the above" when they voted for president, according to spokesman Freddy Ford.

    Trump set both parties on edge when he refused to say in the third and final debate whether he would accept the election's results, citing with no evidence the possibility of a rigged outcome. His statement threatened to undermine a fundamental pillar of American democracy and raised the prospect that his fervent supporters would not view Clinton as a legitimate president if she won.

    Asked Tuesday in an interview with Fox News if he would accept the election results, Trump continued to demur, saying "We're going to see how things play out."

    Most problems that did pop up at polling places Tuesday appeared to be routine — the kinds of snags that come every four years, including long lines, machines not working properly and issues with ballots or voter rolls.

    Even before Tuesday, almost 45 million people had cast ballots for president. Many expressed relief the end was in sight after an election season in which personal attacks often drowned out the issues.

    Clinton has denounced Trump for calling Mexican immigrants "rapists" and promoting a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., and for his long line of remarks about women that culminated in an audio in which he bragged about grabbing their genitals. Her campaign was hoping high turnout among Hispanics push her over the top in states like Florida and Nevada.

    "I grew up in a Hispanic family, and the way that Donald Trump has referred to illegal immigrants — being from illegal immigrants, I took that to heart," said Angel Salazar, a 22-year-old sanitation associate from Oklahoma City. "I don't like anything that he said. I don't like his views. So I voted for Hillary Clinton because she supports us."


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    $200 billion productivity gains $190 billion savings from reduced real estate, electric bills, absenteeism & employee turnover 100 hours per person not spent commuting 50 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions cut 276 million barrels of oil saved 1500 lives … Continue reading
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    Looking for a success recipe for your brand on social media? Chris Smith shares some tips for the young entrepreneur with a small- to medium-sized business, who is looking to get the most from their social media activity

    The post Why Social Media is the Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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    Eversheds Sutherland has advised the Munich based German team of BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management (REIM) on the sale of Pinners Hall to an Asian investor. The prominent corner building is situated in the heart of the City of London and ...
              Ballys Favourite 50 albums of 2012        
    Bally's Favourite 50 albums of 2012

    We thought that 2012 was pretty damn great year for music, and when it came time for us to do our usual list of our favourite 20 albums, it grew into a top 30 albums list.   Then a top 40 list.   Then a top 50.......

    Our rules for the list were the same as for previous years

    1) No bumping up friends albums into a higher position just because they are our friends (although this year, 11 bands we have worked with made the list,  but we stuck to the rule strictly.)

    2) We can obviously only include the albums that we actually listened to, and even then, we had to listen to it 10 times at least.

    3) The list was compiled on 20th Dec.  Frustratingly, we heard a few other albums after the list was compiled that we thought should have been included, but by then we had already started the countdown on Twitter.  The best was Martin Rossiter's "The Defenestration Of St Martin", which we would have put in the top 10-15 at least.   

    Well, here they are!  We've also compiled a Spotify playlist with all of the albums on it here:   

    Top 10.
    1. Mystery Jets – Radlands

      A truly coming of age album for Mystery Jets, recorded in a home recording studio set up in a country house by the Colorado river in the Westlake area in Austin, Texas . Southern USA influences run through it, most evident on the Gospel tinged “Sister Everett” and the country-esque “Take Me Where the Roses Grow”, while still retaining their signature sound in “Greatest Hits” and even straying into Bee Gees terratory in “The Hale Bop”. A great hangover album, (much of the first half of the album, despite being very strong, barely gets out of 1st or 2nd gear), this album was pushed into first place by the run of songs from “Take Me Where the Roses Grow” to "Lost In Austin", which is amongst the finest run of songs in years.  A classic case of a laid back, and less-is-more approach paying off spectacularly.

    2. Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again

      The best debut album of 2012 and a close contender for album of the year. Bill Withers and Terry
      Callier are the most obvious reference points, but there is also a strong Nick Drake vibe running through the album, particuarly in songs such as “I'll get Along” and “Tell Me A Tale”. A soulful, laid-back-to-the-point-of-vertical album, full of incredible melody lines, emotion and the maturity of a long established artist, this is the album that should have won this years Mercury Prize. This generation's “Five Leaves Left”. 

    3.  Tame Impala - Lonerism

      You know when people say that Oasis sound like the Beatles? Unless there was a Beatles song that had 15 guitars on it that I have missed, it's pretty clear they don't, and it's a lazy association. However, if the Beatles were transported from their 1968 Magical Mystery Tour period to the present day, and their time machine landed them in the home studio of Dan Snaith from Caribou, this is the album they would have made. Marks of Todd Rundgren and the Flaming Lips are all over the album too. The most immediate album of 2012, an album you can that feels familiar on first listen, as well as being one you can immerse and lose yourself in, and still discover hidden qualities on the 20thlisten. It is testament to the strength of music this year that it is only number 3. In most years, it would easily be number 1, and deservedly so. “Be Above it” is a fantastic opening track, “Mind Mischief” sounds like a song that should have been on The Beatles Antology 2, and the whole album has a feel of a fantastically produced album, that adds great style to songs that would sound great on an acoustic guitar. A rare case of an album absolutely hitting the mark on both style and substance.

    4. Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg
      Only 18 Years Old, born at the height of the Britpop scene, and already with a number 1 album to his name, this is an album that Eddie Cochran or Buddy Holly would have made if they were 18 in 2012. There is a feeling of the songs not being written to fit an album, (in the same way that Devendra Banhart's first 2 major label album do), with the style veering from rockabilly, to country, folk and everywhere in between. Lo-fi and spare production values, with most of the songs sounding like they could have been recorded on a 4 track recorder. If he ever decided to do a Syd Barrett and retire from music, he'd make a good living from songwriting. There is a refreshing honesty to this album, with strained vocals and his Nottingham accent evident throughout. It's an album that a teenage lad probably wrote in his bedroom, and is in the same vein as the Arctic Monkeys debut, in that he writes in a fantastical manner about the mundane events that a British teenager would come across. Brilliant lyrically, musically and delivered spectacularly.

    5. Of Monsters and Men – My Head is An Animal
      The album that took me by surprise the most this year. It's lyrical content isn't immediately obvious, but seems to be rooted with strong mythological content throughout, and the tight production means that the album has a strong uniformity. It's basically an angsty pop album, veering in mood from levels of positive giddiness, to wallowing weariness. From Iceland, and barely into their 20's, they have made the most coherent album of the year. The most obvious band comparisons are Bon Iver, Arcade Fire and Mumford and Sons, and their album combines a multi-layered sophistication, and the production is great throughout. Co-Self produced along with Jacquire King, (Tom Waits, Modest Mouse) this is an album that reveals itself slowly, (Little Talks is the only obvious single) and is strong throughout. The lazy would compare them with Bjork, on account of being from Iceland. The truth is that they wouldn't be too far away from the truth;.If she was asked to write an album to fit into the drive time Radio slot, it could possibly sound like this.

    6. Gaz Coombes - Here Come The Bombs
      The debut solo album from the Supergrass frontman, on which he plays all the instruments. If this album had come out in 1998, it would have fitted alongside “In It For The Money” effortlessly in style and quality. If every album released this year was whittled down to it's best 5 singles, this album would have been the best. Hot Fruit could have slipped into IIFTM, “Generator” sounds like a song left off of “I Should Coco” (it would be one of the strongest songs on that album) and “Whore” could have been recorded on the same day as Richard III, despite the 15 year gap between the two songs. It sounds like the album that it is; a first album by an artist who has established himself in a sound, but has a sense of liberation from going solo, and decides to take a few risks and push the boat out. Certain sections of this album may not have worked within a band setting, as they are so sparse that there simply isn't enough content to go around the various members, but there is a also a depth to this album quite unlike anything he has ever done in the past, and is has a lot more texture and production values than you would expect.  “Break the Silence” beats MGMT at their own game, and all in all, it is the most underrated album of the year by far.

    7. The Shins – Port of Morrow
      One of the most maligned albums of the year, (most press reviews were incredibly harsh on it) but unfairly so. I genuinely feel this is the best album of their career, and people who are pining for the sub pop days are cheating themselves out of a great album. “Simple Song” was one of the best singles of 2012, and while the album may not hit the heart as much as many other albums this year, it is still a fantastically entertaining album to listen to. And there is nothing wrong with that. They seem to be aiming for the stadium-full-of-lighters-waving-in-the-air vibe on many songs, notably “It's Only Life” (If Rachel and Ross went to a gig in an episode of Friends, and ended up copping off with each other, this is the song the producers would choose the magic moment to happen to). So if you're the sort of person who gets angered by bands who try to spread their appeal and set out to make an album to be consumed by the masses in industrial quantities, this album will probably do nothing for you. In the meantime, it's no skin off my nose, you are the one that is missing out on one of the better albums of 2012......

    8. Allo Darlin – Europe
      We thought that Allo Darlin's self titled debut album was pretty damn spectacular, and this second album continues where their last one stopped, both in sound and quality. Out of all if the bands on this list, Allo Darlin are the best example of a band that I genuinely couldn't imagine anyone not liking. In fact, if you were to say that you were not a fan of theirs, you'd probably be someone who would trot out the old “I don't like the Beatles...” line. So I'm sure that there are people out there who might not like them, but this album is so good that it is otherwise assumed you would be a fan, unless you state otherwise. The production on it is has a crystal clear, American-west-coast feel about it, and their songs simultaneously have a lightweight, breezy universal appeal to them, but at the same time, the album feels like a cult album, not dissimular to Weezer's “Pinkerton” or early Death Cab for Cutie while still in places sounding like The Beach Boys, Kirsty McCall, Real Estate or even The Thrills. Lyrically, the album is one of the strongest of the year, and it was pretty much one of the only albums this year that everyone at the studios loved, and whether it be tracks such as “Neil Amstrong,” with it's saccharine sweet and insainly upbeat optimism, despite it's quite meloncholic lyrical content ("They could name a star after you and you'd still be complaining,") or the beautiful heartwarming-despondency (if that is possible.....) of “Talulah”, this album is a triumph, and would have been in the top 3 on any other year from 2005-2011.

    9. Jack White - Blunderbuss

      This was the album that surprised us the least this year, in fact, you could have seen an album of this quality coming from a country mile off. Having built up a songwriting craft that is on a par with Bob Dylan's output from 1965-1968 with the White Stripes 6 albums, and having spread his wings with various musical projects such as The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs which, while being great acts, didn't reach the heights of the White Stripes output, mainly due to the lack of total control he could have over each of his albums, this feels like a natural progression. The fantastic album he produced with Loretta Lynn's Van Lear Rose is another obvious marker point. And this album is the accumulation of all of them. The snappy songwriting of the White Stripes? Check! The fantastic production values of Van Lear Rose? Check! The greatly improves musicianship of The Dead Weather/The Raconteurs? Check! One of the best albums of the year? Double-check!!

    10. Jason Lytle – Dept of Dissapearance
      Seeing as 2012 is the year the Grandaddy reconvened for their re-union gigs, you don't need many guesses to know what the starting reference point for this album is. If you liked Grandaddy, you'll like this album, if you didn't, you won't. It doesn't look to reinvent the wheel, just add a few more spokes in it. It is incredibly strong throughout, especially seeing as it is just his second album in 6 years, and whilst some parts of it feel like a parody of a Grandaddy album, it is a remarkably rewarding album. The lyrical content is kooky, as you would expect, and many of the songs have a familiarity about them that immediately makes you think he has re-worked an old song. If you're looking for obvious singles though, there are not too many of them, but that is probably because this album is more likely to be played as an album, rather than having choice tracks aired on radio. Much stronger than his first album, it is the album that confirms Jason Lytle as one of the greatest songwriters of our generation.


    11. Alabama Shakes – Boys and Girls
    12. Darren Hayman and the Long Parliament – The Violence
    13. Bahamas – Barchords
    14. Justin Townes Earle - Nothing's Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now
    15. Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas
    16. Ben Kweller – Go Fly A Kite
    17. Keegan McInroe – A Thousand Dreams
    18. Regina Spektor – What We Saw From The Cheap Seats
    19. Spiritualized - Sweet Heart Sweet Light
    20. Bob Dylan – Tempest
    21. Antlered Man – Gifties 1 & 2
    22. M Ward - A Wasteland Companion
    23. Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball
    24. John Cale - Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood
    25. Howler – Give Up
    26. Sharon Van Etten - Tramp
    27. Richard Hawley – Standing on the Sky's Edge
    28. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange
    29. Beach House - Bloom
    30. Bobby Womack - The Bravest Man in The Universe
    31. Paul Banks - Banks
    32. Girls Girls Girls – Here Come the Bastards
    33. Darren Hayman – Lido
    34. David Lynch and St Vincent – Love This Giant
    35. Paul Weller – Sonic Kicks
    36. Tribes - Baby
    37. Best Coast – The Only Place
    38. Kyla La Grange - Ashes
    39. The Macabeees – Given To The Wild
    40. Melody's Echo Chamber - Melody's Echo Chamber
    41. Band of Horses – Mirage Rock
    42. The Beach Boys - That's Why God Made the Radio
    43. Toy - Toy
    44. Saint Etienne - Words and Music by Saint Etienne
    45. Alt J – An Awesome Wave
    46. Band Of Skulls - Sweet Sour
    47. The Sick Leaves – Breaking Away
    48. Graham Coxon – A+ E
    49. Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel...
    50. Zulu Winter - Language

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