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blog entry 76
          Blog Post: New Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Trailer Filled With Action        

PopCap has released a new trailer for the action-oriented take on its Plants vs. Zombies franchise, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. The new clip isn't long, but it's loaded with gameplay details.[Excerpt]

Watch the video below to see the plants take on invading zombies, including dolphin-wielding fellow pictured above. He might look relatively harmless, but he's packing a sticky mine. There's a glimpse of a pirate ship, too, which caps off the video's nautical theme. 

Look for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on February 25.


For more information on the game, take a look at our earlier preview, which highlight's Garden Warfare's four-player co-op.

          Blog Post: New Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Trailer Filled With Action        

PopCap has released a new trailer for the action-oriented take on its Plants vs. Zombies franchise, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. The new clip isn't long, but it's loaded with gameplay details.[Excerpt]

Watch the video below to see the plants take on invading zombies, including dolphin-wielding fellow pictured above. He might look relatively harmless, but he's packing a sticky mine. There's a glimpse of a pirate ship, too, which caps off the video's nautical theme. 

Look for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on February 25.


For more information on the game, take a look at our earlier preview, which highlight's Garden Warfare's four-player co-op.

          Hidden Treasure         

I have been working at the Bradley Inn and Restaurant for a month now. I prepare breakfast for the Inn guests and the desserts for the Inn Restaurant and the sister restaurant The Contented Sole. I haven't eaten at the Inn since 2010 but remembered it being a wonderful meal, the best to date we've had since living in Maine. Having seen the kitchen, the locally sourced foods and care that goes into the menu planning along with the talent saying I was excited to have dinner last night would be a terrible understatement.
Making a menu selection for me is a struggle and I usually change my mind three times once the waiter or waitress actually asks for my order. Because I had know the owners would be out of town for the evening and Bitza was Chef I asked his advice on what to order. He suggested that I 'let him surprise me.' Surprise does not describe the meal we experienced for our anniversary. Allow me to walk you through the evening.

The Inn has a dining room, blue patterned carpeting, white tablecloths, formal yet inviting. In a room off the living room is the warmly lit Tavern with a large granite bar, several tables, deep dark wood everywhere, model ships, a ship's wheel and a well-stocked bar. adjacent to the Tavern with two past through is The Chart Room. More warm wood tones, an ebony piano, nautical charts and tables. A few tables in both the Tavern and Chart Room have very masculine camel colored leather wing back chairs fit for a Sea Captain.
We arrived a bit early for dinner and enjoyed a drink at the bar, marveling at the surroundings and the backyard rhododendron  in full bloom. Suzie made our drinks and entertained us with conversation. We made our way to the corner of the Chart Room and selected a table in he corner by the windows. Our waitress Peke, who also works the Front Desk of the Inn during the day, was dressed in white button up shirt, black slacks and a long white wait staff apron. She let us know that Bitza was preparing our meals and recommended the Pinot Noir (my fave!).
The first plate to materialize at our table was an amuse bouche, that is bite sized food meant to amuse the mouth and prepare the palate. A sampling of mortadella, smoked almonds, briny olives, garlic scallions, radishes, Parmesan, crab cakes and house cured duck breast. Bitza was going to pull out all the stops. I will take this opportunity to apologize for any errors in identifying the food, I was having a hard time not passing out from foodgasm delight.

The next items to arrive were Pemaquid Oysters with a prosecco Mignonette, a sauce of shallots, vinegar and pepper and flat bread with mortadella, mozzarella and garlic scallions. The pairing of the mignonette with the oysters transforms what is on it's own a beautiful metallic, plump taste of the sea into something that makes you close your eyes, hum and rock gently back and forth. The flat bread was crisp and airy at the same time with fatty mortadella giving it richness and depth of flavor.
At this point we were in awe at the level of detail and execution and could not wait for our entrees. We didn't realize more courses were coming. Next to arrive were Damariscotta River clams casino, grilled with apple wood smoked bacon, oregano and sweet pequillo peppers. These little gems are smaller but meatier than the oysters and stand up to the pieces of sweet smoky bacon. I became somewhat worried with the amount of food we were having and whether or not I was up for the challenge - I was thankful I chose Lycra spandex for my evening wear. Our silverware was replaced several times during the meal and our crumbs swept away, never a detail missed.

Peke and Mara arrived with two more plates, this time New Harbor lobster fettuccini with house made tender fresh pasta, fire roasted tomatoes and a tarragon cream. This was served in individual tureens, porcelain white bowls on their own lovely stands. The anise flavor of the tarragon in the cream was perfection.

Just when I started considering if I would be stricken with gout on the ride home Bitza arrived in Chef coat with one more plate, our entrée. A locally sourced skirt steak with rosemary crisp fries and a chile glazed duck breast over risotto. The beef was tender and buttery, the duck done perfectly with crispy glistening skin.

Somehow we mustered the courage to order dessert, I had to see how they came out and honestly hadn't tried the lemon pudding myself despite having made it several times. My husband ordered the Espresso Crème Brulee and set about rolling his eyes back into his head. I had the lemon pudding served in a tea cup with Maine blueberries and a sugared pansy. We were treated last with the check and a mignardise or small sweet, two of the caramels dipped in dark chocolate with sea salt that I had made.

The food was incredible, the service - top notch. We talked about how wonderful the restaurant is and how it seems to be a closely guarded secret. I will do my part to get the message out to others. It truly is a treat and while you can sit and have a white tablecloth experience you can also sit in the Tavern and order small plates of any of the above for the pleasure of the food in a more casual 'off with the cloth' atmosphere.

Please go, you won't be disappointed.

          13-Jan-1833: The day HMS Beagle nearly sank        
Charles Darwin's closest brush with death during the Beagle voyage came on Sunday 13th January 1833, near that most infamous of nautical perils, Cape Horn.
          Volunteering: Slovenia - Morigenos Dolphin Project!!        

Morigenos – marine mammal research and conservation society is seeking applications for:



Research assistants are required to assist with the ongoing long-term research and monitoring programme of the Slovenian Dolphin Project. The project focuses on the study, monitoring and conservation of the local population of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Slovenian and adjacent waters in the north Adriatic Sea since 2002, collecting information on distribution, abundance, social structure, habitat use, fishery interactions and tourism impact.


The research base is located in Portoroz, Slovenia (EU). The fieldwork is carried out in Slovenian and adjacent waters (north Adriatic Sea).


20th June – 1st October 2010

Candidates are expected to committ to the project for a minimum of 1 month, but can also apply for the whole period.


The research assistant will be responsible for assisting the project leaders in all aspects of research and associated tasks. Duties include, but are not limited to:

· daily fieldwork (boat surveys on a 5.7 meter RIB, land-based watches with binoculars and theodolite tracking, photo-identification, behavioural sampling, data recording)

· database entry, database management, data analysis

· boat upkeep and maintenance

· research base upkeep and maintenance

· coordinating teams of participants in Morigenos research camps


This position is unpaid, but accommodation and food are provided. Successful applicants need to cover their own travel costs.



  • A background in biology, veterinary medicine, geography or related sciences
  • Previous experience in cetacean research
  • Nautical licence and experience in handling RIBs
  • Good IT skills (Word, Excell and Access are a must)
  • Ability and willingness to work long hours outdoors, in often hot weather
  • Ability to work well in a small international team
  • Good verbal and written communication skills

The following qualifications are not required, but one or more of the following will be considered an advantage:

  • Good knowledge of GIS
  • Previous experience and knowledge of photo-ID, distance sampling, habitat modelling, theodolite tracking or C-POD use
  • Experience in the use of software packages MARK, SOCPROG or R


Send a letter of interest and a CV, outlining why you are applying, your previous experience and qualifications, why you think you should be considered for the position and your availability in the given period. Include contact details of two references.

Send your application to tilen.genov(at) Please specify 'MORIGENOS RESEARCH ASSISTANT' in your subject title. Deadline: 3rd April 2010.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome by the 13th April 2010.

Morigenos team will be at the ECS conference in Stralsund, where we would be happy to talk to you. When you send your application, please let us know whether you are attending the ECS and we can possibly arrange a meeting.

Tilen Genov

Morigenos - marine mammal research and conservation society

Jarska cesta 36/a

SI-1000 Ljubljana

Slovenia (EU)

          Concluso il Trofeo Challenge Ezio Astorri, sesta tappa dello Zonale Optimist        
VIAREGGIO – Oltre cinquanta timonieri della Classe Optimist hanno animato la terza edizione Trofeo Challenge Memorial Ezio Astorri, la tradizionale manifestazione organizzata quest’anno nelle acque del Lago di Massaciuccoli dal Circolo Velico Torre del Lago Puccini in collaborazione con il Club Nautico Versilia e valida anche come sesta prova del Campionato Zonale Optimist 2017. Grazie [...]
          Snipe, a Rochelli – Semec il 62° Campionato Adriatico        
CHIOGGIA РSi ̬ svolta sabato 5 e domenica 6 agosto a Chioggia la sessantaduesima edizione del Campionato Adriatico della classe Snipe, organizzata dal Circolo Nautico Chioggia e valida come prova per il Campionato zonale della XII^ FIV РVeneto, oltre a far parte del circuito che insieme al German Open/Piada Trophy di Caldonazzo svolto [...]
          Boalena Girl Dress        
Channelling the 1970's retro sailor theme this watermelon red Boalena dress is designed in a lightweight cotton perfect of those breezy summer days. Style with bright white Avarca sandals to complete that classic nautical look. This dress is fully lined and comes true to size, we recommend purchase of exact age for perfect fit.

Price: £64.00 Special Price: £44.80

          Montija Baby Shirt        
This season we have hit refresh on our best selling nautical trend. The blue and white stripe Montija baby shirt with navy and yellow embroidered polka dots is set to be a favourite this summer. We love it styled with plain bloomers or trousers for a carefree and casual look. This garment comes true to size, we recommend purchase of exact age for perfect fit.

Price: £39.00 Special Price: £19.50

          Montija Girl Skirt        
This season we have hit refresh on our best selling nautical trend. The blue and white stripe Montija skirt with navy and yellow embroidered polka dots is set to be a favourite in any girl's wardrobe this summer. We love it styled with a white plumetti shirt and bright yellow Mary Janes for a carefree and casual look. This garment is fully lined and comes true to size, we recommend purchase of exact age for perfect fit.

Price: £44.00 Special Price: £22.00

          The Navy League        
 The Navy League, Northumberland Branch is dedicating to sponsoring and supporting our two corps: Navy League Cadet Corps Northumberland and Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps Skeena. Our Navy League Cadet programme provides youth 9 to 12 years of age the opportunity to develop important life-skills in a dynamic, challenging and fun learning environment. This nautically themed programme prepares the youth Continue Reading
          Kap Verde - Snustorrt stenrike idealiskt för sol och bad...        
Solen skiner från klarblå himmel året om på Kap Verde. Det är också det stora samtalsämnet på de tio öarna varav nio är bebodda. Alla kapverdier drömmer om regnet som kanske ska komma en dag och fylla de uttorkade flodfårorna med vatten. Kap Verde, som ligger 120 mil söder om Kanarieöarna och 60 mil väster om Senegal på afrikanska fastlandet, är tämligen snustorra stenriken.

Torkan har i århundraden givit upphov till förödande svältkatastrofer och djupaste fattigdom. Idag vädrar kapverdierna morgonluft för att turister har börjat hitta hit. Äntligen kan vanligt folk få en försörjning. För skandinaver är den eviga torkan synonymt med ett stabilt och solsäkert klimat på semestern. Ingen annanstans, åtminstone inte på närmare håll, är chansen till en lyckad sol- och badsemester så stor som på Kap Verde.

Hotell har därför börjat växa upp längs kusterna på ön Sal och skinande nya taxibilar trafikerar den enda vägen. Regeringen har nämligen beviljat skattefrihet på just taxibilar. Allt för att turisterna ska trivas och komma tillbaka. De ska självklart åka ståndsmässigt och bekvämt och inte som lokalbefolkningen i rostiga bussar och på lösa bänkar på lastbilsflak.

Alla kommer till Sal
Alla besökare kommer till Sal där den internationella flygplatsen ligger. Den är likt grannön Boavista platt som en pannkaka med vita sandstränder som slingrar sig fram längs kusten. Hotell Odjo d´Agua i den lilla byn Santa Maria på Sal har några år på nacken och är följaktligen föredöme för öarnas nya hotellägare. På Odjo d´ Agua bor de flesta i trivsamma studios kring en snustorr damm med en djungellikt blommande liten trädgård som överlever tack vare avsaltat havsvatten. Varje hotell med självaktning på Kap Verde har egen avsaltningsanläggning.
PÃ¥ stranden finns bar och solstolar men här syns inga skränande strandförsäljare sÃ¥ lÃ¥ngt ögat nÃ¥r. Souvenirbutiker med krimskrams finns inte heller. De har helt enkelt inte hittat hit ännu. Det smaragdgröna havsvattnet hÃ¥ller behaglig temperatur och inbjuder till bad, vattensporter och djuphavsfiske. Förutom sten är havets läckerheter den enda naturtillgÃ¥ngen. Allt annat mÃ¥ste importeras.

Esplanada Mateus på Sal
Vid torget i Santa Maria serverar krögaren Mateus Nunes dignande fat med fisk och läckra skaldjur. Restaurang "Esplanada Mateus" har bara tre väggar. Den fjärde är helt enkelt öppen ut mot folkvimlet på torget. Krögaren bjuder på husets vin och toppar menyn med röda trekiloshumrar som kravlar omkring i disken tills det är dags att hamna på grillen. Byns band spelar sin melankoliskt gungande fado till vilken en väderbiten liten farbror i keps sjunger på kreol. När gästerna väl har fått sitt greppar Mateus gitarren och spelar en stund med orkestern innan han tar mikrofonen och börjar sjunga. Folk jublar och applåderar. Somliga dansar mellan borden. Kvällen är varm och det röda, tunga vinet flödar ur karafferna.

Den här kvällen går plötsligt strömmen varpå hela Santa Maria blir kolsvart. En ficklampa i handväskan är med andra ord att rekommendera. Ingen kan hitta hem till hotellet i det kompakta mörkret. Vi sitter följaktligen kvar. Någon panik byter emellertid inte ut. Servitriserna tänder levande ljus och en stund senare tuffar Mateus igång ett dieselaggregat som ger krogen ström. Kockarna fortsätter laga mat, orkestern spelar upp på nytt och gästerna roar sig som förut. En timma senare kommer strömmen tillbaka och lyser upp resten av byn. Sånt är livet rätt ofta på Kap Verde.

Stenöken med saltdammar
Det finns få sevärdheter på Sal som egentligen mest av allt liknar en stenöken. En guide med rastaflätor tar oss nästa dag med på en skumpande tur i en minibuss längs närmast obefintliga vägar. I byn Palmerias hamn hörs kvinnor sjunga från ett litet kapell medan fiskebåtarna lägger till med morgonens fångst. Strax intill hamnen byggs en tonfiskfabrik och intill den står två vindmöllor som alstrar elektricitet – en genial idé på Kap Verde där passadvinden från Sahara fläktar oavbrutet.

Vid lagunen i Buracona slår vågorna in mot klipporna med en sådan kraft att vattnet blir skummande vitt. De våghalsiga kryper fram till hål i marken för att ta en bild av ljusfenomenet "det blå ögat" sju, åtta meter ner. Men se upp! Här finns inga skyddsanordningar. Den som till äventyrs trillar ner kan inte ta sig upp igen. Strax kommer nästa våg och vispar med sig allt som finns i grottan.

Efter en fikapaus hos krögaren Mateus Nunes bror, på en uteservering i staden Espargos, väntar saltdammarna i en krater vid Pedra Lume. Här utvanns salt ur havsvattnet förr och av det fick ön sitt namn. I dag lönar det sig bättre att låta turisterna bada i de saltmättade dammarna. Det är en upplevelse men se upp med småsår. Saltvattnet svider och det är långt till den enda duschen som dessutom kostar en slant.

Utmärkt inrikesflyg mellan öarna
Kap Verde har ett väl fungerande inrikesflyg mellan öarna. São Tiago, vars befolkning är mer afrikansk, består mest av berg och sten. Här slår havet oftare in mot svarta klippor än mot sandstränder. Ön bjuder emellertid också på några grönskande palm- och bananodlingar likaväl som en spännande historia.

Slavskeppen lastades om i Ribeira Grande
Fiskebyn Cicade Velha minner om de första portugisiska bosättarna som på 1460-talet grundade staden Ribeira Grande vid foten av ett berg på vars topp fästningen São Filipe numera ligger i ruiner. Här pågick slavhandeln mer eller mindre ostört tills den förbjöds efter amerikanska inbördeskriget 1865. Då hade även fransmän och britter varit här och snott åt sig av kakan. Mot vapen, rom och andra åtråvärda varor i lasten kom de hit och bytte till sig infångade afrikaner. Ön fungerade som omlastningsstation för slavskepp på väg till Amerika. Här fick de svagaste slavarna tillfälligt komma iland och äta upp sig inför den sex veckor långa överfarten.

Sverige och svenskarna hade dessvärre också intressen i slavhandeln genom såväl Afrikanska som Västindiska kompaniet. På National Maritime Museum i huvudstaden Praia på São Tiago finns fler än 800 kopparplåtar slagna i Sverige åren 1644-1759. De kommer från ett danskt Danish East Indiaman-skepp som under befäl av Earl Ernest Schimmermann förliste norr om ön Maio på sin väg till Kina den 24 april 1781. Skeppet hittades för bara nio år sedan. Biskopen på Maio har byggt en liten kyrka av svarteken från båten medan lasten alltså har hamnat på museum.
– Det finns fortfarande svenska kopparplåtar kvar på havsbottnen där skeppet förliste, säger museimannen. Dykningar pågår för fullt. Hans museum ruvar på flera ovärderliga skatter. I en pappkartong ligger exempelvis Afrikas förste biskop om än i delar och något intorkad form. Han vårdas emellertid ömt av personalen.

Svensk hjälp med kulturhus
Medan slavhandeln pågick i Ribeira Grande grundades Afrikas första biskopssäte där 1523
- samma år som Gustav Vasa blev kung här hemma. Ribeira Grande övergavs efter upprepade piratattacker och är numera bara den lilla fiskebyn Cicade Velha. På torget står en kopia av pålen vid vilken slavar förr bands fast och pryglades till allmän beskådan. Strax intill ligger ett rekonstruerat 500 år gammalt kvarter med pittoreska kulturhus längs kullerstensgatorna Rua de Banana och Rua Correia. Amigos de Cabo Verde, en svensk vänförening från Mälarhöjden, har finansierat en del av restaureringsarbetet.

Färgstarkt folkvimmel
Marknaden i huvudstaden Praia på São Tiago bjuder på färgstarkt folkmyller. Mest iögonfallande är fisk- och köttmarknaden där varorna exponeras under bar himmel.

Kunderna klämmer på köttstyckena med smutsiga fingrar och flugorna flockas. Stora säckar med söt, krossad majs lockar till sig öns alla getingar. Vissa säljare tigger pengar och karameller. Somliga vänder sig bort för att slippa vara med på bild. Andra ler med stora, vita tänder och ber att få bli fotograferade en gång till.
Fiskebyn Tarrafal
Den som i lokalbuss vill ta sig tvärs över ön till fiskebyn Tarrafal får skumpa fram längs kullerstensvägar genom ett hopplöst torrt ökenlandskap inramat av dramatiska klippformationer. Den lilla hamnen lockar med en inbjudande sandstrand med vajande palmer och möjlighet till såväl fiske som vattensporter. Ovanför ligger värdshuset där gruppen Pó di Terra åtminstone den här dagen bjuder på traditionell dans och musik. Lammgrytan är god men tanken på de surrande flugorna på köttmarknaden i Praia dämpar aptiten.
Den långsamma dödens läger
Ett stenkast från Tarrafal ligger Chao Bom eller "Den långsamma dödens läger". Straffkolonin byggdes 1936 och användes av portugiserna under Salazardiktaturen. Oppositionella befrielseledare, poeter och författare spärrades in i långa baracker med vakttorn och tortyrkammare som ännu finns kvar. Guiden berättar om fångarna som tvingades stå packade som sillar medan solen brände hål i deras huvuden genom hål i taken. Invånarna i Tarrafal visste vad som pågick och kunde ibland smuggla in mat till fångarna. När straffkolonin upphörde 1974 strömmade folk till från hela ön för att storma lägret som numera alltså är museum.
Diplomatkvarteren i Praia på São Tiago
Hotell Praiamar ligger vackert vid havet i Praias mer välbesuttna diplomatkvarter. På området finns swimmingpool, jacuzzi, gym och fitness, barer och en stor restaurang. Den som vill kan pröva nationalrätten Cachupa, en slags soppa på böner, majs, morötter, kål tomater och om det finns, korv, kyckling eller bacon. Den värms upp efterhand tills den mer liknar en inte alltför välsmakande gröt. Fisk och skaldjur är därför att föredra. Det inhemska ölet Cristal är gott och kaffet en riktig hit. På Kap Verde finns gott om espressomaskiner.
Förtagare i sand och sten
Bofasta svenskar kan räknas på ena handens fingrar. På São Tiago bor emellertid Birger Palmqvist från Munkedal sedan början av 90-talet. Hans företag därhemma hade gjort sitt och fyllda 40 år var han för gammal för den svenska arbetsmarknaden, tyckte han. På Kap Verde var hans kunskaper och entreprenörsanda värda sin vikt i guld.
– Jag valde mellan sten, källvatten och toalettpapper, säger han en kväll över en kall öl på hotell Praiamar. Resultatet blev en stenkross som sedan dess har gett arbete åt 27 personer.
Nu har han spanat in Mauritanien på afrikanska fastlandet som inte har någon sten. Där finns emellertid sand som Kap Verde lider skriande brist på.
– Framöver blir det export av sten och import av sand, säger Birger.

Mindelo på São VicenteStaden Mindelo vid Porto Grande på ön São Vicente är Kap Verdes vackraste stad präglad av de engelska kolonisterna som kom hit i mitten av 1800-talet för den djupa naturhamnens skull. Än idag är fartygstrafiken livlig i Mindelo som tveklöst också är Kap Verdes

kulturella centrum med en utpräglad kreolsk befolkning. Den portugisiska kulturen är påtaglig i såväl konsten som musiken. Härifrån kommer exempelvis barfotasångerskan Cesaria Evora som har vunnit en hel värld med sin morna som likt den gungande fadon förenar vemod och kraft.
Bra restauranger, nattklubbar och diskotek ligger sida vid sida i hamnkvarteren. Den kreolska musiken ljuder till långt in på småtimmarna från exempelvis Club Nautico. Det är dragspel, fiol, gitarr och cavaquinhon, ett instrument som närmast liknar en ukulele.
Från São Vicente går färjan till Kap Verdes grönaste ö Santo Antão. Den som en gång har tagit sig över bergskammen och kommit in på ön glömmer det aldrig. Ingenstans är Kap Verde så vackert som här.
Det anrika Hotel Porto Grande vid Mindelos vackra torg Praca Nova, där fontänen av naturliga skäl står snustorr, håller hög klass och har pool. Den som vill bada i havet får annars ta sig till Baia das Gatas.

Svenska Harriet i São Pedro
I São Pedro nära flygplatsen där stranden också är fin är strömmarna för starka och mer lämpade för drakflygning och snabb windsurfing. Här bor Harriet Birkhahn från Vasastan i Stockholm i öns vackraste hus, en gul stenvilla av spanskt snitt med generöst tilltagen altan och en stenträdgård anlagd i etager med blommande hibiskus och bougainvillea. Det är möjligt tack vare tankbilen som för Harriets skull letar sig hit med vatten varje vecka.

Harriet kom hit som Röda Kors-syster 1977. Hennes uppgift var att på Kap Verdes alla öar styra upp hälsovården för mödrar och spädbarn. Projektet nådde goda resultat och i dag är barnadödligheten inte större här än den är i Sverige. Harriet förälskade sig i São Pedro. Här finns en undangömd liten vik dit hon och vännerna brukade dra sig undan om helgerna när projektet pågick som bäst.
– Alla tog med sig en maträtt. Vi badade och fiskade med harpun. Harriet byggde sitt hus redan 1991 och när hon för fem år sedan gick i pension, bestämde hon sig för att stanna kvar på ön.
– Naturen här är så fantastisk, säger hon och tar oss med på en tur längs stranden. Vågorna slår in med väldig kraft över svarta klipphällar. Lycklig står hon där medan vattnet skummar omkring henne.
– Ibland är det sand på stranden, säger hon. Ibland är det sten. Det är olika varje gång. Men havets färger är alltid vackra. Varje gång jag kommer hit blir jag lycklig.

Kopiering och eftertryck förbjudet.
Detta material är skyddat enligt lagen om upphovsrätt.
Copyright text och bild: Monica Antonsson
Proffsbilder till texten finns hos fotograf Per Arvidsson

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Use this URL with the following arguments:
lat = your latitude in decimal format, South is negative.
lon = your longitude in decimal format, West is negative.
radius = your search radius in nautical miles (100 is the default).


          Seminar Topics(100)        
Excellent Seminar/Paper Presentation Topics for Students

Put the desired topic name in search bar to get detail search about the topic.

1. 4G Wireless Systems
3. Artificial Eye
4. Animatronics
5. Automatic Teller Machine
6. Aircars
7. Adding interlligence to ineternet using satellite
9. Aeronautical Communications
10. Agent oriented programing
11. Animatronics
12. Augmented reality
13. Autonomic Computing
14. Bicmos technology
16. Biomagnetism
17. Biometric technology
19. Boiler Instrumentation
20. Brain-Computer Interface
21. Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks
22. BIBS
23. CDMA Wireless Data Transmitter
24. Cellonics Technology
25. Cellular Positioning
26. Cruise Control Devices
27. Crusoe Processor
28. Cyberterrorism
29. Code division duplexing
30. Cellular Digital Packet Data
31. Computer clothing
32. Cordect WLL
35. CDMA
55. CVT
56. Delay-Tolerant Networks
58. DiffServ-Differentiated Services
59. DWDM
60. Digital Audio Broadcasting
61. Digital Visual Interface
62. Direct to home television (DTH)
80. DSL
81. DTM
82. DWDM
86. Embedded system in automobiles
87. Extreme Programming
88. EDGE
90. E BOMB
          USS Ramage        
USS Ramage to Participate in 2016 Connecticut Maritime Heritage Annual focus on Connecticut’s rich nautical history and traditions includes a major salute to the Navy tied to 100th... (more)
          Webcam in Benalmadena - Nautic Club        

This Benalmadena Webcam shows a live beach view from the Benalmadena Nautic Club

          CLASSIC WITH A TWIST        

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with planning my
dream wedding. I would look through pictures for hours on end and my
best friend even helped me create a desktop folder full of potential ideas.
Then Pinterest came along, and you can probably guess how I spend my free time.

None of my wedding ideas were ever outlandish or funky. I like to think
of my dream wedding as how I think of my fashion sense:
classic with a twist.

I will wear white, have traditional flowers, and matching bridesmaids, but there
are tons of little quirks to throw in, especially for the reception, to
personalize the day and make guests feel at home.

Here are some {cute} and {fun} ideas:

What could be {preppier} than navy striped ribbon?
Dress up a classic and simple bouquet with a uniquely tied ribbon in
{preppy} colors to match your wedding.

This couple used Personalized Koozies (similar) for reception drinks.
The other side reads "To Have and To Hold and Keep Your Beer Cold"!
That is a great take home item for guests to remember your BIG day!

Another great way to serve drinks is in traditional Mason Jars.
{I mean, we are from the south, right?!?!}
Tie coordinating {preppy} ribbon around them to add even more 
southern charm.

One of the hardest decisions to make is what to give as favors!
Preppy & Pink girls are ALL about some personalization, so
choose something important to your family & their traditions. This couple gave their
guests the mother of the groom's famous homemade truffles! YUMMY!

Whatever you choose to do on your big day, just remember that {classic}
NEVER goes out of style, there is ALWAYS room for one more monogram
& you can NEVER have too much "preppy"!

*Post by blog contributor Kate Roe

          NASA was hacked 13 times last year        

Washington: NASA said hackers stole employee credentials and gained access to mission-critical projects last year in 13 major network breaches that could compromise US national security.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Inspector General Paul Martin testified before Congress this week on the breaches, which appear to be among the more significant in a string of security problems for federal agencies.

The space agency discovered in November that hackers working through an Internet Protocol address in China broke into the -network of NASA`s Jet Propulsion Laboratory,

Martin said in testimony released on Wednesday. One of NASA`s key labs, JPL manages 23 spacecraft conducting active space missions, including missions to Jupiter, Mars and Saturn.

He said the hackers gained full system access, which allowed them to modify, copy, or delete sensitive files, create new user accounts and upload hacking tools to steal user credentials and compromise other NASA systems. They were also able to modify system logs to conceal their actions.

"Our review disclosed that the intruders had compromised the accounts of the most privileged JPL users, giving the intruders access to most of JPL`s networks," he said.

In another attack last year, intruders stole credentials for accessing NASA systems from more than 150 employees. Martin said the his office identified thousands of computer security lapses at the agency in 2010 and 2011.

He also said NASA has moved too slowly to encrypt or scramble the data on its laptop computers to protect information from falling into the wrong hands.

Unencrypted notebook computers that have been lost or stolen include ones containing codes for controlling the International Space Station, as well as sensitive data on NASA`s Constellation and Orion programs, Martin said.

A NASA spokesman told Reuters on Friday the agency was implementing recommendations made by the Inspector General`s Office.

"NASA takes the issue of IT security very seriously, and at no point in time have operations of the International Space Station been in jeopardy due to a data breach," said NASA spokesman Michael Cabbagehe.


In a separate development, the U.S. Air Force said on Friday

it had scrapped a plan to outfit thousands of personnel with second-generation iPad tablet computers from Apple Inc, but denied the reversal was because some of the software it wanted on the devices had been written in Russia.

Two days ago, news website Nextgov raised questions about a requirement that the 2,861 iPad2s come equipped with GoodReader, an electronic document display program written by an independent Russian developer.

The devices were to be used to store and update flight information, regulations and orders, according to procurement documents.

"The cancellation was not the result of any concern about GoodReader," said Matt Durham, a spokesman at the Air Force Special Operations Command.

He said the cancellation of the six-week-old order followed a decision that the procurement should not have been reserved for small businesses.

The military and other branches of government have been putting an increased emphasis on "supply-chain security" as they try to make sure that hardware, software and other components have not been tampered with by other nations.

This has proved challenging because so many parts come from overseas. Even American companies often contract for programming work abroad.

Mike Jacobs, who headed the National Security Agency`s program for defending U.S. equipment, said in an interview he had killed a major procurement of encryption software within seconds after learning that a U.S. supplier had included a small amount of Russian-made code.

Bureau Report

Image Caption: 
News Source: 

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          NOAA Corps – A Long History of Service to the Nation        
Photo of NOAA Corps officers, one of the seven uniformed services of the United States.

In connection with American Heroes Week (July 24—28, 2017), the U.S. Department of Commerce is proud to highlight its own American heroes and the important role Commerce agencies play in serving and protecting American communities. 

Did you know the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a corps of commissioned officers, one of the seven uniformed services of the United States?

NOAA Corps officers play a vital role in the acquisition and analysis of environmental data to aid our nation in meeting the security, economic and environmental challenges of the 21st century. Collectively, they have been and continue to be true heroes to our nation.

NOAA Corps officers command ships that scan the seafloor for potential hazards to shipping, monitor oceanographic and atmospheric conditions and study ocean resources. They also pilot NOAA's highly specialized aircraft that collect environmental and geographic data necessary for weather and flood prediction, precision mapping and charting, disaster response and resource management.

On Monday, July 24, 2017, eighteen officer candidates were sworn into the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps training program as Basic Officer Training Class (BOTC) 130. The officer candidates of BOTC 130 are the first class to be sworn in since the 100th anniversary of the creation of the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps. They now embark on a challenging 19-week curriculum that prepares them to support NOAA’s vital missions to protect life and property by understanding and predicting changes in the climate, weather, ocean and coastlines. NOAA Corps recruits train alongside Coast Guard officer candidates at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT, before receiving their first assignment.

Both NOAA and the NOAA Corps have a long history of service to the Nation. NOAA traces its history back to the formation of the Survey of the Coast in 1807. Faced with tough national security and economic challenges and a natural world governed by powerful and mysterious forces that often threatened life, property and commerce, President Thomas Jefferson created the Survey of the Coast in 1807 to support the nation’s defense, promote the well-being of its citizens and unlock nature’s secrets. The new agency’s mission was to chart the nation’s coastal waters to ensure that ships could move civilians, troops and materials safely.

During the next 150 years, the Survey of the Coast (later called the Coast & Geodetic Survey) would fulfill its mission in war as well as in peacetime. With America’s entry into World War I, a commissioned service of the Coast & Geodetic Survey (CG&S) was formed on May 22, 1917, to ensure the rapid assimilation of C&GS technical skills for defense purposes. During World War II, officers and civilians of the C&GS produced nautical and aeronautical charts, provided critical geospatial information to artillery units and conducted reconnaissance surveys.

Today, the work of the C&GS—and more—is conducted NOAA and the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps—one of the seven uniformed services of the United States. The direct descendants of the C&GS, NOAA and the NOAA Corps work every day on land, in the air and on the sea to keep the nation secure and productive by providing products and services that support maritime domain awareness; help ensure safe passage of commercial and military traffic on our nation’s waterways; warn mariners, aviators, and the public of severe weather; aid search and rescue efforts; and conserve and protect our natural resources. They are true American heroes. 

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Page by Page Books: Find books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells, as well as speeches from George W. Bush on this site.
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          Comment on Massachusetts Authorizes PPPs by Jeff Mullan        
Thanks for the post on this item. I am glad that Nossaman has launched this blog and am following it closely. Massachusetts is in the midst of a enormous change to the way it delivers transportation services and is preparing for the new Massachusetts Department of Transportation on November 1. MassDOT is a consolidated, intermodal authority to be governed by a five member board. It combines the assets of the Mass. Highway Department, Mass. Turnpike Authority, all of the bridges and some of the parkways now under the control of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, and the Tobin Bridge. It also includes our Registry of Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics Commission, and through a separate legal entity, the MBTA. It does not include the Massachusetts Port Authority, although MassDOT's Secretary has a seat on Massport's board. The landmark legislation includes PPP authorizations. As Mr. Petrov notes, the statute presents some financial challenges. It is still significant in that it is the first time we have general authorization to pursue PPPs from the legislature. As we examine all of our options, we will explore the use of PPPs in limited circumstances, particularly with non-core assets. There are some opportunities. Keep up the good work. Jeffrey Mullan Executive Director Massachusetts Turnpike Authority
          NASA Glenn Generates Over $700 Million Annually in Economic Value for Ohio        
Glenn Research center also creates and supports over 7,000 jobs across the state

NASA Glenn

NASA’s John H. Glenn Research Center in Cleveland has played an important and well known role in the advancement of space exploration and modern aeronautics. Less well known but equally important is the Center’s status as a significant economic development engine and job generator for the state of Ohio. According to a new economic impact analysis released by Cleveland State University’s Center for Economic Development, NASA Glenn generates over $700 million annually in economic activity and creates and supports over 7,000 jobs. NASA Glenn also generates nearly $500 million in labor income and over $125 million in tax revenue per year.

“By every measure of economic impact the Glenn Research Center is a tremendous driver of the state economy and a major economic asset for Northeast Ohio,” notes Iryna Lendel, director of the Center for Economic Development in CSU’s Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs. “Additionally, the Center attracts talent and dollars to the state that have significant direct and trickle-down effects for the economy and local communities.”

Glenn actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with industry, academia, and other government agencies and laboratories through regional economic development efforts. Glenn makes its technology available to private-sector innovators through licensing options while incorporating private-sector developed technologies with NASA research.

“We strive to ensure that our unique facilities, technology and expertise benefit both NASA and U.S. taxpayers,” said Sandra Reehorst, deputy director of Glenn’s Office of Technology Incubation and Innovation. “It is our goal to make a positive impact on private sector job creation and increase private sector revenue.”

Economic impact analyses estimate the benefits within a regional economy generated by the economic activity of an entity. The NASA Glenn study used an input-output model to estimate the effect of the Center’s spending on the economies of Northeast Ohio and the state as a whole. It measured economic impact in terms of growth in economic output, value added, the number of new and supported jobs, labor income, and tax revenue.

CSU’s Center for Economic Development is a regional think tank that provides research, economic analysis and technical assistance to government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private industry in Northeast Ohio. It specializes in research on industrial clusters, innovation and entrepreneurship, and economic inclusion. The Center was founded in 1985 and has been designated as a U.S. Economic Development Administration University Center.




Experience the nautical tradition that is the 73rd Sydney to Hobart international ocean yacht race.  Scheduled to arrive in Hobart on New Year’s Eve, join the festivities of race presentations and the week-long Taste of Tasmania festival....

The post SYDNEY TO HOBART RACE SPECIAL appeared first on Travel Experience.

          From Hidden to Modern Figures        

Hidden Figures

Cleveland State University and NASA Glenn Research Center will celebrate the legacy of late CSU alumna Annie Easley and other women have played and continue to play a pivotal role in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. CSU and NASA Glenn will host "From Hidden to Modern Figures," which features an educational program, panel discussion and movie screening, on campus this Friday, May 5.

The event kicks off at 8:30 a.m. with demonstations by NASA and CSU students in the Architects & Engineers Lounge, an exhibit with NASA Glenn Deputy Chief Dovie Lacy in the Michael Schwartz Library, and a history lesson with CSU's Black Studies Ambassadors in the Mim's African American Cultural Center.

Retired NASA Glenn director, Dr. Julian Earls, will moderate a panel discussion in the Glasscock Family Foundation Ballroom at 10 a.m. Panelists include: Dr. Marla Pérez-Davis, deputy director of NASA Glenn; Dr. Concha Reid, energy storage specialist at NASA Glenn; and Dr. Lizalyn Smith, aerospace engineer at NASA Glenn. 

At noon, following the panel discussion, the acclaimed movie "Hidden Figures" will be screened in the Main Classroom Auditorium.

The event is free and open to the public.

          Loot! The Gen Con 2013 Report        


This year I brought home a veritable dragon's horde of stuff. It's so much stuff it needs CliffsNotes so here's the short version: 

I got three new games, Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG, Outbreak: Undead RPG and Shadows of Esteren RPG. We expanded our collections for other games, including Monsterpocalypse, Dust Tactics, Classic Battletech, Battletech A Time of War RPG, Pathfinder RPG, Call of Cthulhu LCG, and A Game of Thrones LCG. I got a limited edition copy of the new rules for Shadowrun RPG, and the quick-start preview rules of Call of Cthulhu RPG 7th edition. The core rule book for 7th ed. comes out this spring. For Desi I brought home a huge Squishable Cthulhu plushy, a zombie t-shirt, a Gen Con hoodie, Shadowrun bag, and a couple of patches, but her big haul was a collection of steampunk accessories that should pretty much complete her steampunk costume. I got a selection of dice to even out my collection from the bulk bins the last two years, even more Hirst Arts molds than I got last year, a GMing book, a few miniatures, the dice cup I've been after for a couple of years, and some Gen Con 2013 swag.

Detailed list below, which is mostly for my own benefit, but you can check it out if you really want.

Gen Con 2013 Report

The big, bold, headline highlight from Gen Con 2013 would be, "Shadows of Esteren Is Awesome!" The subtitle would be, "I wish Desi had been able to share it with me."

Shadows of Esteren
Shadows of Esteren is a dark, gritty, role playing game with elements of horror, steampunk, and Mideval fantasy. It's a new game, or at least the English translation is new, and it wound up winning a bunch of awards Friday night. When I bought the first book Friday afternoon, however, I'd never heard of it. I bought Book 0-Prologue on a whim because the vendor put another book I bought in this great big bag, and I felt like I had to get something else. Less than an hour later I'd gotten all three books, the Game Leader Kit and the set of map tiles that went with the intro adventure.

When I came back for my book, they invited me behind the table for this photo op. The guy next to me is the lead developer and the guy in the foreground is the lead illustrator.
The Shadows of Esteren booth after ENnies

You see, just around the corner from where I'd bought the first book I found the booth with the whole Shadows of Esteren team talking to people. These were the authors, illustrators, artists, designers and translators. They are all French, and only one of them spoke decent English. I talked to him first. He explained the whole thing to me through a thick French accent, but I got the gist. As he talked I grew convinced Desi would love this game. He described it as a mashup of Game of Thrones, steampunk, and Lovecraft. Perfect.

My table for Shadows of Esteren
I bought it all up, and set out to find someone running it. By some miracle I managed to get into a game Saturday afternoon even though the ENnies had elevated its profile and there were a bunch of generic-holding players in line ahead of me. It was even more luck that I got what turned out to be the best possible GM (called a Game Leader in SoE). The adventure was scary, paranoia-inducing, and atmospheric, drawing on Alfred Hitchcock for inspiration. One of our party nearly lost an eye to the birds. It also had cultists that you might find in a Call of Cthulhu scenario. It was every bit what the creators promised. Not only was Amanda Stewart, the game leader, spectacular, so too were the other players at the table. We actually did some role playing and played our characters, and I think we all did it well. SoE is a high lethality game, and none of our characters died, which was as good as a win. 

Original art and inscriptions from the creators of the game.
To top it all off, I left book 1 with the SoE team overnight and when I picked it up the next day the illustrator had drawn some original art on the inside title page and everyone had signed it. I now have a one-of-a-kind copy of the game.

Will Call area Wednesday evening
Beyond SoE, however, Gen Con was a decidedly mixed bag for me this year. On the one hand, I did something I never do--the whole "shop 'till you drop" thing--which you can tell just by looking the rundown of loot. I brought home more stuff than I have ever done. On the other hand, Desi wasn't there. Desi's doctor said the noise and stimuli of Gen Con would be too much too soon after her concussion, so she couldn't go. It figures that the one time Desi gets all of the craft-type activities she wanted, a couple of which she's wanted to do for years, is the one she has to cancel. We got a refund on the event tickets, but the $74 badge was non-refundable at that point. Bummer.

One of my Shadowrun games
Desi's special activities were just about the only thing we had luck getting when registration opened. I got one ticket to one Shadowrun CMP event, and that was it. On the other hand, we (it was still we, then) got our ideal hotel, the Downtown Marriott. Having that hotel is just soooo nice. I went back to the room between just about every event, before the vendor hall so I didn't need to carry my gaming equipment through cramped isles, and after the vendor hall so I didn't have to lug my (often weighty) purchases to my next game. I got to lay down on the bed in the quiet for a few minutes, and slash water on my face. Plus, and I can't stress the importance of this, I didn't have to use the public restrooms in the convention center.

Everything was like that, back and forth, good and bad in more or less equal measure.

Dealer/Vendor Exhibit

A booth Desi would have liked in the exhibit hall
A booth I liked in the exhibit hall
I spent more time in the dealer hall than ever. Every day I went for more than an hour. Each previous year we'd start off trying to see everything, and then run out of time, abandon our systematic approach, and fly around trying to find the stuff we were especially interested in seeing/visiting/getting, blowing by the rest. This year I think I finally managed to see everything there was to see in the vendor hall. 

Something Desi would want, and eventually bought virtually, through me
Since Desi wasn't there I had to shop for her. She actually did some of the shopping herself, vicariously, through me. With pictures, text messages and a couple phone conversations she picked out some things she wanted me to buy. The guys at the steam punk costume place were very nice about letting me take pictures and they got a kick out of the whole back and forth.


Limited edition of the new Shadowrun 5e rules
I didn't have but one actual ticket for an event, but I ended up playing a few games. Firstly, the Shadowrun folks worked their tails off to fit generics into pick-up games. They short scheduled every table so they would have at least one seat of overflow for generics, and they scheduled not one, but five floating GM's to build whole tables of generics. This, they said, was a lesson learned from Origins this year, and they committed to not turning any player away. 

Stephen A. Tinner, GM to the Stars, and he ran our first ever Shadowrun game. He was one of the hard-working floating GM's this year.
That was a promise they probably regretted about Friday evening. I played two games on Thursday, but the hall was loud and I wussed out of the 8:00pm slot. I played another game Friday morning, but when I went back Friday for the 8:00pm slot they were so packed to the gills that I gave my seat up to make room for a couple that had just been introduced to Shadowrun and were eager to play. They may have been able to fit us all in if I had stayed, but it would have been grim. Their portion of C Hall was just overflowing with players and the staff had this contorted expression somewhere between cheerfullness and the edge of insanity. They deserve a lot of praise. Every Catalyst Game Labs person, be they staff or volunteer, was exceedingly nice and eager to please. 

I also played 13th Age, Outbreak: Deep Space, Shadows of Esteren, and the Walking Dead board game. That was it, really. I had made plans to play Mouse Guard that fell through, I couldn't get a seat at Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, couldn't catch drop ship into a Battletech Grinder. If I hadn't been so focused on shopping I could have played more demos in the dealer hall, and I particularly regret not taking the time to play the Battletech: Alpha Strike.

13th Age is a good game. It has good mechanics and a decent setting. I love the story-based character building aspect. However, for me it's just too much of yet another fantasy RPG. There anything so compelling about it that I would spend money on it. I can see a disgruntled Pathfinder or D&D player taking it up, though.

Christopher De La Rosa, author of Outbreak: Undead
Outbreak: Deep Space is an expansion to the Outbreak: Undead RPG. I had hopes of getting into the Outbreak: Undead game one table over, but they were full up with people holding actual tickets. Deep Space is an interesting game, and it's kind of in beta, sort of, which I guess is why the author and creator of Outbreak was our GM. That was really awesome! I only wish I'd been playing with better players. The guy on my right was a complete spazz who'd never played any RPG but Pathfinder.  Not particularly swift, he just couldn't grasp some of the mechanics and none of the spirit of the game. Plus he kept saying that he was a technical sort of player, which was patently untrue and made his assertions grating. Add to that some truly horrible luck on the dice, and the session was a grind. I want to play the game again because that wasn't a fair trial. 

Playing Shadows of Esteren was by far the best experience I had at this year's Gen Con. I hope Desi and I get a chance to play it together next year.

Detailed List

Squishable Cthulhu
12x Monsterpocalypse boosters
          - 4 of unit and monster boosters from Rise, and 
          - 2 ea. from I Chomp NY.
Q-workshop tan suede dragon dice cup
Dust Tactics P-48 Pellican
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Odyssey; The Complete Game Master's Guide to Campaign Management
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Shadows of Esteren RPG Book-0, Prologue
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Shadows of Esteren RPG Game Leader Kit
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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG Beginner Game box set
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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG Roleplay Dice
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Monsterpocalypse I Chomp NY Strategy Guide
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Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Watch Station     
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GameMastery Chase Cards Deck (PFRPG)                   
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Pathfinder Subscription Picked Up
-Pathfinder Pawns Bestiary 2 Box
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-Pathfinder Player Companion, Demon Hunter's Handbook
-Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Demons Revisited
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-Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Mythic Adventures


81 d4's
23 d6's
14 d8's
118 dice total

Hirst Arts Molds

57, 58, 59, 221, 272, 301, 302, 326, 327, 328, 329, 330
          The 'Nautica' Collection PRAM LINER - $79.00        
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Stunning grey and white stripe Bassinet cover Fits all bassinets- designed for pram bassinet and nursery also Elastic fitted sheet to fit your mattress well
          La Bruja de Monterrey y el monstruo de Flatwoods        
Un día salto la noticia en Mexico.

Un extraño ser atemorizaba a la población; parecía una bruja, un ente fantasmal o un extraterrestre, se filmó en video, muchos lo vieron, llegó incluso a atacar a un policia.

Un policía atacado!!! Un ser volador, ojos grandes, capucha, de negro, Caramba!!!

Y la noticia se magnificó en México:

Dios!!!! Que monstruo, plumas y ojos rojos y ademas vuela.
Una verdadera bruja!!!

Pero no solo ocurrió en Monterrey:

En 1952, cinco años espues del Caso Roswell, en Flatwoods (Virginia EE.UU.) ya se vió algo parecido.

Un extraño ser volador con ojos rojos, capa y extrañas garras, de enorme tamaño, flotando junto a un centenario arbol.

Lo vieron muchos testigos y se armó un gran revuelo.

Descrito por los testigos como un ser enorme y volador, alarmo a casi toda la población de Virginia y la noticia recorrió todos los EE.UU.

Enseguida el gobierno abrió una investigación, enviando al lugar de los hechos a especialistas que enseguida sacaron conclusiones para acallar a la opinión pública y "desinformar" a la población.
La versión oficial fue que se trataba del efecto visual del paso de un meteorito junto con un buho en un arbol.

También sel desacreditó a los testigos presenciales de los hechos y se ridiculizó el incidente. La población desconcertada de Flatwoods cayó en silencio. La mayor parte de la gente implicada en el incidente apenas volvió a hablar del “monstruo” y la historia pasó a formar parte del folklore de Virginia Occidental.

Pero los ufólogos se hicieron eco del caso y se negaron a aceptar la versión dada por el gobierno.
Ufólogos como Stanton T. Friedman investigaron el caso y llegaron a la conclusión de que el Gobierno de los EE.UU. mentía y que en Flatwoods, realmente había tenido lugar un acontecimiento con un ser extraterrestre, cosa que las evidencias y la investigación de otros ufólogos corroboraron.

El caso se convirtió en un clásico de la ufología y dió la vuelta al mundo.
Dibujos, muñecos, videojuegos, etc pasaron a formar parte del caso del monstruo de Flatwoods:

Libros y multitd de páginas web se hacen eco del caso:

Incluso tiene una entrada en Wikipedia:

Y en Flatwoods se hizó negocio con el monstruo, una verdadera industria del souvenir.
Pasa un poco lo mismo con el caso de la Bruja de Monterrey, que llena páginas enteras en la web.

Desde luego el video que muestra la bruja en pleno vuelo es impresionante, volando sobre el monte, flotando en el aire...

No solo asustaría al policía mexicano, si no a cualquiera al que se le aproximara.

Lo que me lleva a recordar este otro video, filmado por el ejercito de estados unidos:

Andá!!!! si resulta que es el Williams X-Jet. Una plataforma para la observación a baja cota, dentro de toda la amalgama de artefactos voladores de los EE.UU.

Pero no solo los hay tripulados, tambien tienen DRONES o UAVS, que son plataformas pequeñas y voladoras para la observación táctica del enemigo en combate:

Aún con todo, se está comercializando por parte de una empresa, "Performance Aviation Manufacturing Group", este tipo de plataformas, a las que le quieren dar multitud de usos; desde la vigilancia forestal, vigilancia del tráfico de drogas, hasta la extinción de incendios y salvamento:

Pero el caso del monstruo de Flatwoods ocurrió en 1952 y en esa época la tecnología del Dron no existía.

En los años cuarenta ya se estaba perfeccionando el sistema de plataformas de observación
De hecho, aparatos como la Plataforma Voladora Hiller, fue desarrollada en 1945, en base a unos diseños alemanes y en 1950 pasó a la dotación del Us Army como M-1031 A-1
o también VZ-1 Pawnee.

Y ufólogos como Stanton Friedman, llegando a la conclusión de que se trata de extraterrestres; parece mentira, él que es ingeniero nuclear para la industria aeronautica y trabajó para varias empresas aereas, debería de ser conocedor de tales aparatos.

Vemos que la bruja de Monterrey y el monstruo de Flatwoods guardan una estrecha relación en cuanto a similitud y observación ánimica por parte de los testigos y es que no hay como el pánico ante lo desconocido para que la mente deforme y adorne la situación.

Y si algún día vemos a una verdadera bruja, con volando en una escoba, con su nariz ganchuda y su capa y sombreros al viento, habremos de recordar lo que dijo Descartes, padre del método cientifico:
"No hay nunca que dar algo por verdadero aunque parezca evidente"

Y para muestra un boton, (en este caso un video):


          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 06-11-2014 with Dave Blackwood        

Dubmatix- Kingdom Dub - System Shakedown
The Plates- Boom Boom Rockers - Punky Reggae
Eccodek- In My Tribe - Singing In Tongues
Srikalogy- Little Warrior Feat Malia Kulp - New Paradigm
Bibio- Dye The Water Green - The Green EP
Anoushka Shankar- Indian Summer - Traces Of You
Juana Molina- Eras - Wed 21
Howie B- Down With The Dawn - Down With The Dawn
Plaid- Ropen - Reachy Prints
Matthew E White- Hot Hot Hot - Outer Face EP
The Budos Band- Budos Theme - The Budos Band
Quantic- Magnetica - Magnetica
William Onyeabor- Fantastic Man - World Psychedelic Classics 5 Who Is William Onyeabor
Compilation- Outa Space - Love Funk 2 12 More Classic Funk Hits
Hansimoto- Kwestfest - Mixtape Vol 1
Trentemller- Constantinople - Lost
Karol Conka- Vola - Batuk Freak
Met Met- Exu - MetaL MetaL
Shaheed DJ Supreme- Right Now - Knowledge Rhythm And Understanding
- Aint It Funky Now - The Soul Fire Box Set
Diane Coffee- Never Lonely - My Friend Fish
- voicebreak -
Death- Keep On Knocking - For The Whole World To See
Death- North Street - III
- voicebreak -
Les Claypools Duo De Twang- Stayin Alive - Four Foot Shack
The Kinks- Dancing In The Street - Kinda Kinks
- voicebreak -
Kurt Vile- Shame Chamber - Wakin On A Pretty Daze
The Black Angels- The Occurance At 4507 South Third Street - Clear Lake Forest
Gringo Star- In The Heat - Floating Out To See
Black Lips- DriveBy Buddy - Underneath The Rainbow
Ponds Fleshman- Here Comes The Summer - Better Days EP
TOBACCO- Good Complexion - Ultima II Massage
The Low Frequency In Stereo- Cybernautic - Pop Obskura
The GOASTT- Moth To A Flame - Midnight Sun
Chad VanGaalen- Monster - Shrink Dust
Mr Scruff- Where Am I - Friendly Bacteria

playlist URL:
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 02-19-2014 with Dave Blackwood        

Father John Misty- Only Son Of The Ladies Man - Fear Fun
Foxygen- On Blue Mountain - We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace Magic
Bill Callahan- America - Apocalypse
Friends Of Dean Martinez- Inner Sanctum - Atardecer
Bob Marley The Wailers- Soul Rebel - Africa Unite The Singles Collection
Various Artists- Lively Up Yourself Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix - Bob Marley And The Wailers Roots Rock Remixed
The Clash- Police Thieves - Hits Back
Obits- Light Sweet Crude - I Blame You
Courtney Barnett- Avant Gardener - The Double EP A Sea Of Split Peas
- voicebreak -
Damien Jurado- Silver Timothy - Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son
Cass McCombs- Big Wheel - Big Wheel And Others
Mogwai- Remurdered - Rave Tapes
Battles- Toddler - Gloss Drop
- Stolen Youth - Zen A Ninja TuneBig Dada Sampler 2013
Ghostpoet- Them Waters - Some Say I So I Say Light
Dbruit Alsarah- Hawya - Aljawal
Skip Die- Killing Aid - Riots In The Jungle
Sounds From The Ground- Catching Over Light - Tribes
Devo- Jocko Homo - Hardcore Devo Vol1 7477
The Low Frequency In Stereo- Cybernautic - Pop Obskura
Cibo Matto- Emerald Tuesday - Hotel Valentine
Future Bible Heroes- Keep Your Children In A Coma - Partygoing
Diane Coffee- New Years - My Friend Fish
The Fall- Mexico Wax Solvent - Your Future Our Clutter
- voicebreak -
Beats Antique- Kismat feat Alam Khan - A Thousand Faces Act 1
Sharon Jones The DapKings- Retreat - Give The People What They Want
Various Artists- The Skatalites malcom X - The Rough Guide To Ska
Peter Gabriel- The Family And The Fishing Net - Peter Gabriel 4 Security Remastered
Talking Heads- I Zimbra - Popular Favorites 19761992 Sand In The Vaseline
Tipsy- Hard Petting - UhOh
Deadbeat- May Rotten Roots - Eight

playlist URL:
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 02-12-2014 with Dave Blackwood        

William Onyeabor- Lets Fall In Love - World Psychedelic Classics 5 Who Is William Onyeabor
Deco- Peachtree Interlude - Timescales
Deco- At Most Sphere - Timescales
Ghostpoet- Them Waters - Some Say I So I Say Light
Damien Jurado- Silver Donna - Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son
The Low Frequency In Stereo- Cybernautic - Pop Obskura
Crystal Stilts- Future Folklore - Nature Noir
Gringo Star- In The Heat - Floating Out To See
Shawn Lee- AJs Mood - Synthesizers In Space
Lecture On Nothing Eddie Miller- I Will Rise - Lecture On Nothing
Lecture On Nothing Eddie Miller- Addiction - Lecture On Nothing
The Speakers- Par La Manana - En El Maravilloso Mundo De Ingeson
Mexican Institute Of Sound- Cumbia - Soy Sauce
Courtney Barnett- History Eraser - The Double EP A Sea Of Split Peas
Django Django- Wor - Django Django
Kurt Vile- Snowflakes Are Dancing - Wakin On A Pretty Daze
Cibo Matto- Check In - Hotel Valentine
- voicebreak -
Diane Coffee- New Years - My Friend Fish
Jim James- State Of The Art - Regions Of Light And Sound Of God
The Phoenix Foundation- Friendly Society - Fandango
Material- The Western Lands A Dangerous Road Mix - The Road To The Western Lands
Nashaz- Khartoum - Nashaz
Beats Antique- Charons Crossing - A Thousand Faces Act 1
Machinedrum- Gunshotta - Vapor City
Sounds From The Ground- Dimewater - Tribes
Dbruit Alsarah- Jibal Alnuba - Aljawal
Youngblood Brass Band- Aint Nobody - Pax Volumi
The Poets Of Rhythm- The Donkey - The Anthology 19922003
Fort Knox Five- The Big Score - 10 Years Of Fort Knox Five Remixed
Shaheed DJ Supreme- Right Now - Knowledge Rhythm And Understanding
Matthew E White- Hot Hot Hot - Outer Face EP

playlist URL:
          2015 Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowship        
Congratulations to current School of Mechanical Engineering Research Fellow,  Dr Yunpeng Xue, who was a recent recipient of a 2015 Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowship, this award will support 6 months of research, at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Dr Xue plans to undertake a short term investigation to obtain advanced understanding of the [...]
          PB Inspired Rope Wrapped Mirrors        
In a perfect world I would be able to flip through the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog and order all of the furniture and accessories I wanted.

But I live in the real world, people.
And that never happens.

How to Make Rope Mirrors

I've been eyeing Potter Barn's Rope Mirrors like this or this for awhile.
So, when I rediscovered some old circle mirrors in my basement, the idea to replicate PB's rope mirrors was born.
how to make rope mirrors via
{I purchased these mirrors from Hobby Lobby for $10 each on a half-off week many years ago.  I have seen them there recently, so if you did want to recreate this project exactly, you'd probably still be able to find them there!}

Here's how I transformed my old black mirrors into  pretty white nautical delights!
how to make rope mirrors via
1.  I used to have these black mirrors hanging in the bedroom of my old house. I had them stashed away in boxes in the basement and had kind of forgotten about them!  Love to find old treasures in the basement!
2.  I taped off the mirror to avoid getting spray paint on it!
3.  I spray painted the mirror Dover White by American Accents and took the tape off.
4.  I bought 20 feet of rope-by-the-yard at Rural King.  They have a great selection of ropes!  To cut the rope to size without fraying it, I taped it off with electrical tape and sawed it with a hack saw. {That has got to be the manliest sentence I've ever typed on my blog....ha!}
5.  Using a lot of hot glue, I glued the first layer of rope to the mirror.  It had the perfect ridge to glue the rope to.  
6.  To cover my electrical tape edges, I wrapped twine around them.  It gives the mirror such a pretty and finished look!
7.  {Not pictured.}  I repeated this entire process to add one more layer of rope to the outer edge of the mirror.  I didn't really plan on adding another layer of rope, but it looked unfinished without it.

I love how they add a nautical touch to the living room!
how to make rope mirrors via
{I have the hardest time photographing my living room.  The large windows are so bright!  They make my clear glass lamp disappear...notice the floating lamp shade??}

Don't let my picked-up house fool usually is strewn with whatever toys Miss L. has decided to play with dump on the floor.
how to make rope mirrors via

One more close-up shot:

My little supervisor is never far from me while I'm taking pictures... ;)

Let's see what my Get Your DIY On co-hosts came up with this week!
Confessions of a Serial DIYer's Summer House Sign
The Hankful House's Anchor Artwork
The Happy Housie's Succulent Arrangement

 I hope you have a great weekend!
My niece is graduating from high school, and I'll be helping with the party prep and decor! My favorite!!


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          Summer in the City means Weddings in the Hampton's!        

This weekend marked the beginning of summer... and in New York City the official exodus of New Yorkers out to the Hamptons! And while I love having such a beautiful vacation-land so close to home.... in my world this weekend also marked the beginning of wedding season in the Hamptons!

The Hamptons offer New York couples the ability to have a true 'destination wedding' while still being extremely close to home. There are beautiful beaches, quaint churches, acres of farm land, vineyards and don't forget the magnificent mansions all available for rent for your special day! (or week if you want to really make it luxurious!) There are also a bevy of private yachts, yacht clubs, dance clubs and charming bed and breakfasts to choose from as well. Each has its own allure and offers your guests a different glimpse into the often talked about Hamptons experience!
There are so many great reasons to choose to have your destination wedding in the Hamptons.
· It makes for a great mini vacation weekend for your friends and family.
· There are great pre and post wedding activities to keep your guests busy. Shopping, Wine Tastings, Antique Shops, Biking, Water Sports....the list goes on and on!
· And when it comes to your wedding design concept, there are a ton to use as inspiration! From beachy, to shabby chic, to nautical, to rustic barn, the options go on and on!
But before you set your sites on getting married out there -there are some things to strongly consider.
· Traffic. When you try and take thousands of people in cars from a 4 lane highway gradually down to a 1 lane country what you get is TRAFFIC...a lot of traffic. As new yorkers we may be used to this concept but many of your guests will not be. So it’s really important to prep them. Make sure that you mention the length of time it may take to get out to the Hamptons on a Saturday morning (if they are not planning on staying out there the night before) Nothing makes for a grumpy guest quite like the panic they feel when they see they are going to be late for the ceremony or even worse miss it all together because they didn’t plan enough time for travel.
· Accommodations. The Hamptons is certainly not known for being “budget friendly”. So what you may think is an “affordable” option for a hotel or B&B night stay – your guests may think is a portion of their life savings. You need to know your guests and try and set their expectations or plan accordingly to make sure that everyone feels they have an option.
· Heat. You may have been dreaming about your beach wedding for months now, but make sure you consider your guests. East Coast beaches aren’t exactly like the palm tree lined beaches of the Caribbean. Rarely is there any type of coverage or shelter from the sun. So make sure that you provide sun & sand comforts in advance for your guests such as parasols, hand fans, ice water and even a shoe valet so guests don’t have to walk in the sand with their shoes!
· Transportation. While most of your guests will be driving and will have their car to get out to the Hampton (taking the train or the Jitney is also a great and convenient way to get out to there) Most party hosts worry about “getting” their guests to their event but not “leaving”. The Hamptons can be very dark and desolate at night. Lots of small winding country roads. Not the kind of place you want any of your guests driving after having partaken in your very generous open bar! The police in Suffolk County take drunk driving very seriously! So you may want to consider a bus or car service for the end of the night to help get your guests home safely.
· And last but not at all least...Noise. The biggest issue when planning a wedding in the Hamptons. While music is obviously an integral part of an amazing party, the Hampton’s are primarily residential areas. A lot of flat land and large open masses of water equals noise traveling FAR! It’s pretty amazing just how far the sound of amplified music and people having fun carries, and thus The Hamptons have instilled Noise Ordinances that are strictly adhered to. Most areas require that you substantially lower or completely shut off any amplified music by 9:30-10pm. And for most people who want to have a sunset ceremony and a late Saturday evening reception, 10pm is EARLY to be slowing the party down! And trust me, from years of experience, there’s nothing more stressful to a bride or groom than to have to deal with the police on the night of their wedding to discuss shutting the party down! Unfortunately there aren’t many ways to get around this other than to plan an early event that can wind down around that 10pm hour. One of the ways I have found to ‘pre empt’ the call from your neighbors to the police is to send a note in advance. Whenever we rent a home for our clients we usually send a hand written note (with a bottle of wine or champagne) to all of the neighbors explaining that we are having a celebration on this particular date and that while we will try and be mindful of the noise we produce, that they also please understand that this is a once in a life celebration. Inviting them to stop by for a drink and a dance is also a generous way of enticing them to celebrate with you instead of complaining about you.

All in all, the Hampton’s is an amazing place to throw an unforgettable “Destination Wedding” weekend. But like any other even, planning the details for the pit falls ahead of time is what ensures a flawless event that was enjoyed by all!

Here are some of my favorite Hampton Wedding Details!

          Interview of Robert C. Newcomb by Raimund E. Goerler        
Interview of Robert C. Newcomb by Raimund E. Goerler Newcomb, Robert C. Robert Newcomb served as Navigation Officer on the icebreaker USS Glacier during both Operation Deepfreeze I and II to Antarctica. In 1947 he was commissioned an ensign in the U.S. Navy, and while assigned to the aircraft carrier, the USS Kearsarge, was introduced to the science of navigation, an interest he pursued for his entire career. After one year he was named executive officer and navigator, and later commanding officer, of the minesweeper, the USS Pigeon, during which time he mastered dead reckoning, as well as celestial and electronic navigation. In 1955 Newcomb was named navigator of the USS Glacier, one of the largest and most powerful icebreakers built at the time. Its first assignment was to proceed to McMurdo Sound in Antarctica, with earlier stops en route at Panama and New Zealand. The voyage was very rough in the far southern waters; the ship would roll 65 to 70 degrees, but it performed splendidly. Patrick Maher was the Commanding Officer and was an experienced and effective skipper, well liked by his entire crew. Apart from Captain Maher, few of the crew had had any previous experience in Antarctica. The Glacier also transported several important scientists who planned to study flora and fauna in the oceans and on ocean bottoms. By and large the military and civilian personnel worked well together, although Newcomb noticed occasional minor tension between Admirals Dufek and Byrd. As the ship approached Antarctica, navigation through the ice fields was a great challenge. Celestial navigation was useless in an environment of near or total day light, as were magnetic compasses that far south. Dead reckoning had to be used. This too was challenging due to the need for constantly changing directions as the ship plowed through the ice. Another difficulty was that during Deepfreeze I and II most of the nautical charts were made from aerial photographs that did not show the depth of water. At times the ship had to break through ice ten to twelve feet thick. On Deepfreeze I the icebreaker initially could not get within six miles of McMurdo Station, and the cargo had to be offloaded onto the ice for transport to the base. This too could be risky; once the driver of a D8 tractor fell through the ice to his death. The buildings for the base were pre-fabricated, and were assembled by Navy Seabees. No serious construction problems were reported. As for the scientists, they got busy immediately on their research projects. Once the ship was unloaded, the Glacier moved about and broke ice for others as a need arose. It was called upon to free a New Zealand ship, the Endeavor from the ice. Much work was also done on taking soundings and updating navigational charts. Similar tasks were undertaken during Deepfreeze II. As a result of his excellent service in Antarctica, a small bay there was named in his honor. In the years since his service in Antarctica, Newcomb has maintained contacts and friendships with many of his colleagues from the two expeditions. He does not recall, however, that his service there had any great impact on his subsequent naval career. He regards the greatest accomplishments of his navy career as commanding a minesweeper at age 27, serving as commanding officer of a destroyer, and being the navigator of the Glacier. Major Topics Service aboard the icebreaker USS Glacier during Operations Deepfreeze I & II Typical icebreaker challenges: Unloading cargo, navigation, moving through ice Anecdotes from his days in Antarctica Newcomb’s long career as a naval officer AGB, Icebreaker, US Coast Guard, p. 4 Byrd, Richard, Admiral, pp. 7-9, 15 CIC, Combat Information Center Dufek, George, Admiral, pp. 7-9, 15 Kalb, Bernard, reporter, pp. 6, 10 Maher, Patrick, Commander of USS Glacier, pp. 3, 6-7, 9 Shoemaker, Brian, pp. 10, 20 Siple, Paul, p. 8 Tressler, Willis, oceanographer, p. 6
          Interview of Edward M. Ward by Brian Shoemaker        
Interview of Edward M. Ward by Brian Shoemaker Ward, Edward M., 1918-2004 Commander Edward Ward was the first Commanding Officer of VXE-6, the naval aviation group that was involved in exploration of Antarctica in the 1950s. Ward had been interested in aviation from his early youth. In 1938 he joined the Marine Corps Reserve, but two years later entered the Navy to attend flight school, his primary interest. He graduated from flight school in May 1941. In September 1941, he married Marilyn Hesser Ward, though at the time officers in his program were forbidden to marry, so he kept the arrangement secret. Initially he expected to be assigned to a carrier, but instead he was sent to Pensacola to attend Instructor’s School. After graduation, as the war began, he was assigned to a PBY squadron, and flew many anti-submarine flights. Later he served on Okinawa, and as the war ended, briefly in Japan. Ward applied for, and was granted, a regular navy commission. His first assignment in the regular navy was to Point Barrow, Alaska, where in May 1946, he began to fly a PBY as part of an aerial magnetometer survey, the Special Alaskan Magnetic Survey (SPAM). He made magnetometer flights with scientists from the US Coast and Geodetic Survey team to Kodiak, Umiak, and to Petroleum Reserve No. 4, which then included the entire north coast of Alaska. From the air they were seeking indications of oil deposits. Their major discovery was Prudhoe Bay, recognized, in later years, as the largest oil field in North America. Ward also had some close contacts with the local Eskimo community, despite the fact such contacts were discouraged because of the high incidence of tuberculosis among the natives. His SPAM assignment ended in August 1946, but it would prove to be the start of a lifetime of involvement with the polar regions. In early 1947 Ward made other magnetometer aerial surveys of the Aleutian Trench, including dormant volcanoes, such as Great Sitkin, that dominated the entrance to Adak. He also flew from Adak to Midway and Wake Islands, to do aerial surveys of Bikini and Enewetak atolls. In September 1947, he flew home to Alameda aboard the huge Mars seaplane, the world’s largest commercial seaplane. In early 1949 Ward was sent to GCA (Ground Control Approach) School, but soon received different orders to Military Air Transport Service (MATS) with the Air Force. This was excellent duty, but temporary, and in October 1950, he returned to Alaska to participate in Ski Jump I, which among other things, involved landing an R4D on skis on sea ice on the Arctic Ice Cap to do oceanographic research. Except for Sir Hubert Wilkins, who had earlier crash landed on the sea ice, no one had ever done this before. Ward and his crew stayed at the Naval Arctic Research Lab (NARL) at Barrow. There were three officers and several high ranking enlisted men in his crew, and included photographers and radiomen. They transported civilian oceanographers from Wood’s Hole. Their challenge was to find suitable, safe landing sites on smooth sea ice. These were provided by the “leads,” or areas of open seas that had recently refrozen. Their first landing was successful, and Ward and scientists from Wood’s Hole started immediately to set up Oceanographic Station No. 1. The location was approximately 280 miles due north of Barrow. Using an ordinary chain saw, the scientists drilled a square hole in the ice, through which a 10,000 foot cable could be lowered to the bottom of the ocean to measure temperature and salinity, take depth soundings, and collect bottom samples. The men set up a tent, but slept aboard the plane. Ideally the ice should be three feet thick for a safe landing. All landings were made on wheels, not skis. During their first year of operation, Ward and his colleagues established twelve ice stations between March and June 1951, as part of Operation Ski Jump I. About a year later Ward returned to the Arctic in February 1952, as part of Ski Jump II. It was a larger, more ambitious enterprise, using three planes rather than one, two P2V’s, and an R4D. Twice the P2V’s had engine failure, and multiple oil leaks. The men were cautioned to look out for polar bears, and carried carbines in case of an attack. None ever occurred. Typically Ward and his colleagues could make two ice landings on a single day, but occasionally they would remain at a site for a day or longer. Large bladders filled with fuel were deposited at several locations, but it was found that direct refueling from another plane worked best. On a planned trip to the North Pole Ward’s R4D, running low on fuel, landed on a less than ideal ice cap. Another pilot, carrying fuel, landed a P2V, but his plane was damaged in the landing. Fortunately repairs were made, the R4D refueled, and the P2V returned safely to base. Unfortunately, Ward’s plane was damaged in takeoff, lost a prop, and the men found themselves in a survival situation 800 miles north of Barrow in one of the most remote places in the world. Nobody knew where they were, and radio communication did not work. After two days the radio man established contact with an amateur ham radio operator who notified the Navy of the location and plight of the damaged aircraft. After nearly a week Jack Cooley, a pilot, found the downed plane and returned the nine men safely to Barrow. But plans for a flight to the North Pole were scrapped. The R4D plane was abandoned. Soon Operation Ski Jump II was concluded. It had led to the creation of six additional oceanographic ice stations, making a total of 18 for both Ski Jump I and II. After two brief postings, in July 1953 Ward was assigned to the Bureau of Aeronautics in Washington, D.C. The next year a chance encounter with Admiral Byrd gave Ward an opportunity to indicate his interest in an Antarctic assignment. Thanks to a timely intervention by President Eisenhower, funding was found for another expedition. Captain (soon to be Admiral) George Dufek, USN, brought back from retirement, was placed in charge, and Ward volunteered to accompany him to Antarctica. This was the beginning of Operation Deep Freeze I. Ward was named as the Air Operations officer. Dufek provided strong leadership, and Admiral Byrd, also recalled from retirement, was named Officer in Charge of Antarctic Programs, a glorified title for his role as a consultant. Herb “Trigger” Hawkes was named Chief of Air Operations by Dufek for Deep Freeze I, and he recruited various other team members. As it happened, the Secretary of the Navy rejected Hawkes as Chief of Air Operations. Ward replaced him temporarily as Commander, but four months later Gordon Ebbe became the Skipper of the Squadron. Commander Ward, stationed at the time at the Naval Air Station in Patuxent, Maryland, conferred frequently with Admiral Dufek, and worked to recruit additional members of Deep Freeze I. Harry Hedblom, Commander, USN, was recruited as Senior Flight Surgeon. Hal Kolp, Marine Lt. Colonel, was named Executive Officer of VX-6. As it happened, Ward was not able to participate in Deep Freeze I in Antarctica. Shortly before his planned departure his wife, Marilyn, faced a dangerous medical situation caused by a caesarian birth. Consequently, Ward was named Officer in Charge of the Patuxent Detachment so that he could remain at home close to his wife. Those who participated in Deep Freeze I recorded many significant accomplishments, including some of the first long-range reconnaissance flights in the R5D. Joe Entrigen piloted the first airplane to land at McMurdo after a long international flight. Later he made a long flight toward the magnetic South Pole. Hank Jorda and Jack Donavan, accompanied by Gordon Ebbe, flew Admiral Byrd to the South Pole, his last visit there. Back home, one of Ward’s responsibilities at Patuxent was to line up planes for the expedition. Two planes connected to Deep Freeze I crashed; an Otter in Antarctica, and a P2V in the Brazilian jungle not far from Manaus. Fortunately, all crew members from both flights were rescued. Ward was able to participate in Deep Freeze II. He flew to McMurdo via Hawaii, Fiji, and New Zealand. The final leg of the flight, on October 17, 1955, from Christchurch to McMurdo, was the “worst flight” he ever made in his entire career. On part of the trip they flew through blizzard conditions. Minutes before they landed, a second plane, a P2V, crashed on the runway. Four crewmen were killed on that flight. Virtually out of fuel Ward successfully landed his own plane. The next day Ward was named to write the formal accident report on the crashed P2V. Soon he was busy making various flights, including three long-range R4D flights over the South Pole and beyond, to do trimetrogon photography. His flights were the first ever made to these locations. Hank Hanson was his co-pilot, Dick Swadener his navigator. He also flew an Otter several times to Marble Point although he never landed there. Admiral Dufek had some interest in possibly constructing a permanent base there. Gus Shinn, pilot, and “Trigger” Hawkes, co-pilot, made the first landing at the South Pole on October 30, 1956. Admiral Dufek and Doug Cordiner sat in the back as passengers. Ward himself landed at the Pole on November 30, 1956. Construction started soon thereafter by the Seabees on the first base at the South Pole. The Air Force used C-124’s to drop supplies. In February, 1957, Ward, and others, including Shinn and Cordiner, were flown out to the sea plane tender, USS Glacier, for the trip back to New Zealand; from there they flew home to Quonset Point aboard an R5D. He did not participate in Deep Freeze III. Instead he was named Commanding Officer of VU4, a utility squadron based at Chincoteague, Virginia. He managed various kinds of aircraft including drones. Later he had several different commands. For his polar achievements Ward was named an Honorary Member of the American Polar Society. Major Topics Aerial surveys in late 1940’s for oil sites on north coast of Alaska Operations Ski Jump I (1950) and Ski Jump II in Alaska (1952) Construction of 18 research stations on ice floes in early 1950’s Capability and features of various military aircraft in 1950’s Operation Deep Freeze II in Antarctica (1955-56) Recollections about numerous Navy pilots and personnel from 1950’s and 1960’s Key Names Bower, Dick, Seabee who built South Pole station, p. 148 Bower, Paul, p. 103 Brewer, Max, pp. 65-66 Brower, Tom, pp. 30-31 Butler, Smedley D., Marine Corps General, p. 5 Byrd, Richard, Admiral, pp. 1, 42, 44, 90-91, 116-117, 161 Canham, Dave, Lt. 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          Interview of John David Reimer by Raimund E. Goerler        
Interview of John David Reimer by Raimund E. Goerler Reimer, John David Mr. Reimer developed an interest in nautical things while he was a Boy Scout. After graduating from high school, he joined the Navy and completed over 26 years of service. He became interested in photography at the Aviation Fundamental School. As a member of VX6, he was assigned to an ice breaker. He produced a pictorial history of life on the ship. After arriving in Antarctica in 1956, he assisted in construction of a base. He photographed the items that the marine biologists removed from Weddell Sea. During the 1957 trip, he did aerial mapping of the mountain ranges around McMurdo. The cameras were not designed for cold weather. The cameras operated satisfactorily after the lubricants were removed. A seismologist had him photograph seismology tests at the South Pole to determine the thickness of the ice cap. Another mission involved aerial mapping of crevasses on tractor trains routes. The equipment used in aerial mapping and the procedures are described. During the 1958-59 season, he photographed the opening of the season—supplies and people arriving and winter crew leaving. The delivery of a new bulldozer to Byrd station resulted in some nice still photographs. The plane’s crew identified another mountain range while aerial mapping the Sentinel Mountains in 1959-1960. While at Byrd Station, he was advanced to chief photographer’s mate. During the 1960-61 seasons, he did more aerial mapping. On one trip, a large deposit of coal was identified. In summary, Mr. Reimer comments on the interactions between scientists and the Navy personnel. After 3 years at NAS Norfolk, he was assigned chief in charge of the photo lab on USS America CVA66. After being made chief in charge of VDX6 photo division, he returned to Antarctica during Operation Deep Freeze 66. He had a similar assignment with Deep Freeze 68. Major Topics 1. Mr. Reimer’s Boy Scouts led him eventually to join the Navy. 2. In 1956, he was assigned to the photo group on the Icebreaker Staten Island, to make a pictorial history of the crew. 3. The building of Ellsworth Station is described. 4. His assignment included both still and motion photography, and aerial photography. 5. On the trip to Antarctica, he photographed sea organisms collected by the marine biologist. 6. In 1957, John did aerial mappings of the mountain range around McMurdo. 7. Mr. Reimer listed operational problems with photographic equipment in a cold climate in 1957-1958. 8. Another project included aerial mapping of crevasse fields. 9. The equipment and flight procedures for aerial mapping are described in detail. 10. In 1958-59, his work included photographing the aerial drops of bulldozers. 11. In 1959-60, while photographing the Sentinel Mountains, they identified another group of mountains. 12. In November 1961, he was advanced to chief photographer’s mate and describes the initiation ceremony. 13. During Deepfreeze 61, he helped geologists photograph a coal deposit. Later, he married a New Zealand girl. 14. The interactions between civilian scientists and the navy personnel are described. 15. John returned to Antarctica during Operation Deepfreeze 66, and again in Deepfreeze 68. 16. Highlights of his career included making chief petty officer, and having a mountain named for him. 1. Captain Finn Ronne p. 4, 5, 6 2. Dr. Vivian Fuchs p. 5, 6, 20 3. Admiral Dufek p. 11, 15, 18, 19, 20, 30 4. Reverend Doctor Lanahan p. 13 5. Sir Edmond Hillary p. 20 6. Admiral Tyree p. 24 7. Admiral Bupers p. 26 8. Lieutenant Riley p. 26 9. Werner Von Braun p. 29
          Interview of Ronald K. McGregor by Brian Shoemaker        
Interview of Ronald K. McGregor by Brian Shoemaker McGregor, Ronald K. Commander McGregor had dual citizenship (Canadian and USA) until he finished high school. After completing college, he enlisted in the Navy’s aviation program and finished in 1941. After World War II, he was stationed in Cuba. He studied meteorology at Monterey Naval Air Station. Upon completing a tour in the Pacific area, he returned to Cuba. Commander McGregor became interested in the Antarctic after he flew skis to a supply ship for Operation High Jump. While assigned to the Early Warning Squadron, he patrolled the area from Midway Island to Adak. He continued reading about Antarctica while working as the aviation safety officer at the Bureau of Aeronautics. He accepted a position of aviation officer for the Construction Battalions Atlantic (CBA). CBA was directed to prepare buildings for under snow at Byrd Station and at Pole Station. Cdr. McGregor described the preparation of the buildings and of the personnel before going to Antarctica, and difficulties after arriving. He describes interactions with private contractors, Russian visitors, and scientists, when he returned to Davisville, Rhode Island. One project included trying to fold VX-6 and CASA together. The successes and failures of the group wintering in Antarctica are discussed. Commander McGregor summarized the various changes of command when he was made Polar Operations officer on the CNO staff in 1963. Many of his new responsibilities are listed. After retiring from the Navy in 1968, he was involved with the Navy Arctic Program for 13 years. Some of the Arctic projects are described; including defense projects for the Navy and Russian activities in the Arctic. The role of the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory in sponsoring basic unclassified research is described. Many other projects in the Arctic and the personnel with each are summarized. He describes the problems of closing up the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory. Leading Themes 1. Early and post secondary education 2. pilot training 3. HAM radio training 4. construction of a nuclear power plant 5. His return to Davisville, R.I. to be Task Group Commander under Task Force 43 6. Drinking water supply 7. Description of a long garden hose (fuel line) and its destruction. 8. His appointment as Polar Operations Officer. 9. The Antarctic Treaty 10. Starting working on the Navy Arctic Programs in 1967 11. CRREL (Cold Regions Research Engineering Laboratory) 12. Canadian Continental Shelf Program 13. Development of NARL buildings 1. Dr. Thomas Jones – p.2 2. Reverend Roy Harrisville – p.3 3. Forrest Leathers – p.4 4. Gus Morrison – p.5, 6 5. Leonard Schramm – p.5 6. Cecil Schilberg – p.8, 10 7. V.A. Dorrel – p.8 8. Lois McGregor (wife) – p. 11, 61, 68 9. Admiral “Blackjack” Reed – p.11 10. Captain Dan Gallery – p. 14, 21 11. Commodore Battle – p.15 12. President F. Roosevelt – p. 16 13. Prime Minister W. Churchill – p.16 14. Admiral P.D. Stroop – p.16, 24, 25 15. Arnie Havoo – p.17 16. Captain E.M. Morgan – p.18 17. Captain Hawkins – p.18 18. Admiral Kivette – p.19 19. ___ Scott – p.22 20. Admiral Byrd – p.22 21. Graham Rowley – p.22 22. Hap Asman – p.24 23. Ed McKeller – p.25 24. Mrs. Ruth Siple – p.25 25. Capt. Allemand – p.26 26. Capt. Roy Schultz – p.26, 44 27. Lt. Commander Lou Timberlake – p.28, 77 28. Ed Todd – p.31 29. Admiral Tyree – p.34, 43, 48, 56, 64, 77, 86, 97 30. Tom Jones – p.34, 35, 56 31. Phil Smith – p.34, 56 32. Ken Moulton – p.35 33. Bill Everett – p.38, 42, 44, 56 34. Paul Siple – p.40, 56, 64 35. Ron McGregor – p.44, 56, 59, 98 36. Lt. Dave D’Vekka – p.45, 46 37. Igor Zotikov – p. 48 38. Gordon DeQ Robin – p.56, 64 39. Baron de Gerlache – p.56, 64 40. Bert Crary – p.56 41. Paul Astapenko – p.62, 63 42. Captain Schultz – p.63, 80, 85, 89 43. Finn Ronne – p.65 44. Dusty Blades – p.67 45. Arped – p.70 46. CDR Soyat – p.71 47. Ron Koss – p.72 48. Captain James Elliott – p. 85 49. Capt. Don Bursik – p. 85 50. Admiral Reedy – p. 85, 89, 90, 93, 97 51. Admiral Strain – p. 87, 89 52. Rear Admiral Foley – p.88 53. Dick Kickerson – p. 90 54. President Kennedy – p. 92, 93 55. Jerry Brown – p. 94 56. Ed Zeller – p. 94 57. Tom Jones – p. 95 58. Max Britton – p. 98, 100, 112, 116, 118, 124 59. Max Brewer – p. 98, 123 60. Beau Buck – p. 102, 104, 109, 112, 124, 126 61. Waldo Lyon – p. 102, 118 62. Dr. Igor Zotikov – p. 104 63. Willy Weeks – p. 105, 106, 112, 124 64. Norbert Untersteiner – p. 106, 112 65. Joe Pletcher, p. 106, 109, 110 66. Fred Roots – p. 108 67. Dr. Russ Banks – p. 108 68. Jack Hunt – p. 109 69. Chester McCarty – p. 110 70. Kurt Aagard – p. 112 71. Carl Erb – p. 112, 113 72. Dr. Jess Walker – p. 113 73. Admiral Owen – p. 118 74. Admiral Griger – p. 120 75. Anna Mae Weston – p. 122, 123 76. Dr. Ken Hunkins – p. 124 77. Hank Kutchel – p. 124 78. ___ Holmes – p. 124 79. ___ Narver – p. 124 80. Kelly – p. 125 81. Denner – p. 125 82. Andy Heiberg – p. 125
          How Artificial Intelligence Helped Us Predict Forest Loss in the Democratic Republic of the Congo        

How Artificial Intelligence Helped Us Predict Forest Loss in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Compared with the planet's other large tracts of tropical forests, the forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have remained relatively intact — though that may soon be changing. Driven by factors such as shifting cultivation (slash-and-burn agriculture), fuelwood demand, logging, mining, infrastructure development, population growth and migration, rates of forest loss in the African country have doubled over the past 15 years.

New WRI spatial modeling research sheds light on the uncertain future of the DRC's forests. Based on an application of machine learning, the study focuses on a specific set of the DRC's most intact forested areas identified as containing critical biodiversity habitat; it predicts that without intervention, at least 332,200 hectares (820,884 acres) of these critical forests could be lost by 2025. The collective size of this predicted forest loss — an area the size of Luxembourg within a country the size of Western Europe — may be small, yet millions of people rely on these forests for food, shelter and medicine. This underscores an urgent need to use this study to inform smart land-use decisions in the DRC.

The Study: Where and How

Within the DRC, our research focuses on the landscapes prioritized by the Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE), a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded program implemented by WRI and other partners. As the program was established to maintain the forests and biodiversity of the Congo Basin, its six DRC landscapes were chosen because they contain forests that are important for biodiversity, as well as the livelihoods of millions of people. They also include a range of land-use types such as settlements, zones for extracting timber and minerals, areas of subsistence agriculture and protected areas.

This study used spatial modeling software and an artificial neural network architecture, based on the functions of a human brain, to map the links between past forest loss and its drivers in these landscapes, whether tied to biophysical factors (elevation, slope and precipitation), accessibility (distance from roads, settlements, rivers, conflict and shifting cultivation) or land management (forest concession and protected areas). As it's fed data on how landscapes have changed over the past, the model 'learns' and adapts until it arrives at the most accurate linkages between past loss and drivers. The model then ranks the influence of various forest loss drivers in the CARPE landscapes and produces a map showing areas at high risk for forest loss.

What Major Factors Influenced Forest Loss?

Model results show that human presence has had a significant influence on forest loss in the landscapes. Presence of shifting cultivation — a common land-use practice in the region, as most people rely on subsistence farming to feed their families — had the highest influence on predicting forest loss. Distance from roads was also significant, allowing access into forests that would otherwise be too remote and difficult to traverse for fuelwood and timber extraction. Average precipitation levels had an important influence on forest loss as well, likely due to their effect on agriculture and the probability of forest fires.

<p>Area cleared for agriculture near Yangambi, DRC. Flickr/CIFOR</p>

Area cleared for agriculture near Yangambi, DRC. Flickr/CIFOR

The majority of loss is expected to occur in the Ituri-Epulu-Aru (34 percent) and Lac-Télé-Lac Tumba (25 percent) landscapes, with loss concentrating near farmland, along roads and near settlements in all landscapes. In some landscapes, protected areas are particularly vulnerable; for example, protected areas within Salonga-Lukenie-Sankuru and Lac Télé-Lac Tumba landscapes are projected to lose 11,700 hectares (28,911 acres) of forest.

How We Can Use Spatial Modeling

The government of the DRC is currently pursuing an ambitious program of land use planning reform as part of its national REDD+ process. The country has also made important commitments in the forest sector to set aside 17 percent of forest area as protected, reduce deforestation and restore 8 million hectares of forest land (19.8 million acres). With information about the drivers of deforestation in hand, authorities can proactively make land-use decisions that shift development pressure away from high-value forests and identify opportunities to restore degraded land to address the food and energy needs of a growing population.

By revealing where future forest loss is most likely to occur, our research can inform land-use decisions and prioritize conservation efforts. The impact of future roads, settlements or other infrastructure changes can be assessed to reduce forest loss, particularly in protected or other high-value areas. And by seeing where pressure on forests is likely to shift due to increased protection in one area, decision-makers can also better understand the implications of conservation efforts such as increased law enforcement, new protected areas or expanding community forest management.

In the DRC, WRI is working with the government, NGOs and civil society partners to ensure that development of new land-use policies and plans integrate high-quality information on forests and biodiversity, including spatial models and scenarios. As part of these efforts, we will continue to build capacity of decision-makers, including provincial authorities and park managers, to understand and implement the findings of this study. Its results should inform a decision-making framework that ensures that land is developed in a way that considers economic, social and environmental impacts. Spatial data and scenario planning must be integrated with land-use decisions — and donors must support the creation of the spatial data infrastructure needed to make this possible.

The Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE) is administered by the U.S. Agency for International Development. CARPE is a US Government long-term effort to sustain the ecological integrity of the second largest tropical humid forest ecosystem in the world – The Congo Basin. CARPE has a rich network of implementing partners, including WWF, WCS, WRI, AWF, regional institutions such as COMIFAC, local NGOs, universities and federal agencies including the Department of Interior, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (U.S. Forest Service and the Foreign Agricultural Service), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

          Comentariu la Cine îi vrea capul lui Daniel Antonie? de MINER        
Finantistii fac greva,mediu face greva ,profesorii fac greva ,metroul face greva ,aeronautica face greva. MINERILOR voi o duceti bine........DORMITI.
          Nasa detecta que septiembre fue el más caliente en 136 años        
En un análisis de la NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) se encontró que el mes de septiembre fue el más caliente en 136 años en un registro por Narrow Margin  Un mapa de la edición de septiembre el año 2016 LOTI (índice de temperatura tierra-océano) una anomalía, lo que...
          U.S. destroyer challenges China's claims in South China Sea        
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Navy destroyer carried out a "freedom of navigation operation" on Thursday, coming within 12 nautical miles of an artificial island built up by China in the South China Sea, U.S. officials told Reuters.

          PT Pindad (Persero)        

PT Goodrich Pindad Aeronautical Systems Indonesia (the “Company”) is a joint venture enterprise, formed between Lucas Industry Public Limited Company, located in Stratford Road, Sollhull B 904 LA England, PT Pindad (Persero) and PT Metinca Dirgantara from Indonesia.

The company was established by the name PT Lucas Pindad Aerospace Indonesia in the framework of Foreign Capital Investment Law No.I/1967 and No. 11/1970, based on public notarial deed No. 10 dated March 5, 1997. The deed of establishment was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in his decision letter No. C2-5.147.HT.01.01.Th97. The Articles of Association was published in State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No.75, dated September 19,1997, Supplement No.4203.
Articles of association have been amended by notarial deed No. 17 dated June 8, 2000, pased by P.S.A.Tampubolon, notary public in Jakarta, regarding the change of name from PT Lucas Pindad Aerospace Indonesia to become PT TRW Pindad Aeronautical Systems Indonesia, and further amended by notarial Deed No.26, dated November 18, 2002, passes by P.S.A.Tampubolon,notary public in Jakarta, regarding the change of name from PT TRW Pindad Aeronautical Systems Indonesia to become PT Goodrich Pindad Aeronautical Systems Indonesia. These changes are published in State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia nimber 22, dated March 18, 2003, Suplement number 2103.
Surface Treatment Engineer


* Male/Female, age max 37 Years Old
* Min Diploma degree in Technical Backround (Electro, Mechanical, Chemical, Metalurgy)
* Experience in Surface Treatment/Plating Process min 5 years
* Good Communication in English oral and writing is a must and other language will be advantage
* Computer literate
* Understanding of drawing interpretation and create work instruction
* Familiar with : Failure Mode Effect Analysis, Problem Solving Tool, Statistic, Lean Manufacturing Process
* Self motivated, able to work under pressure and strict deadline individually or in a team
* Ability to work independently and willing to improve knowledge
* Creative, Inovatif, Meticulous, Communicative
Heat Treatment Engineer
* Male/Female, age max 37 Years Old
* Min Diploma degree in Technical Backround (Metalurgy, Mechanical)
* Experience in Heat Treatment Process min 5 years
* Good Communication in English oral and writing is a must and other language will be advantage
* Computer literate
* Understanding of drawing interpretation and create work instruction
* Familiar with : Failure Mode Effect Analysis, Problem Solving Tool, Statistic, Lean Manufacturing Process
* Self motivated, able to work under pressure and strict deadline individually or in a team
* Ability to work independently and willing to improve knowledge
* Creative, Inovatif, Meticulous, Communicative
If You fell that You meet the qualification above, please send your application letter, CV, other document and recent photograph email to :
The company and its plants is located on:
Jalan Gatot Subroto No. 517
Bandung, West Java, Indonesi
          Eating on the Magra        
For  a while we had been wanting to try a new retaurant Moor on the banks of the river Magra. We decided to go one weekend with some guests who were staying with us.( Booking is advisable at weekends).

The setting amongst the boats on the banks of the river,  hence the name, is magical, both at night with the lights reflecting on the water and at lunch time on a sunny day when the large glass windows are folded back and you can sit on the terrace and take in the view.

Unlike a lot of Italian retaurants the restaurant is modern and 'designed' with a distinctly nautical feel.

The food is seafood and fish with some unusual combinations but on the night we were there was also duck.The food was good and the fish fresh - Tuna which was delicious

 A little more expensive than the average restuarant in the area but well worth it if you are looking for something a little different from the norm in a great location.

We had a grat time and would recommend it.
          Oh, bollocks. It’s March already!        
Yes, time does indeed fly. The same cannot be said about my writing, which (productivity wise) has been blessed with all the aeronautical grace of a slab of lead. Surrounded by bastard grade, extra heavy concrete… So it’s March and … Continue reading
          Cuckoo Clock wall clock art sculpture kelly green forest green - Faethm Cuckoo by Marisol Spoon by marisolspoon        

350.00 USD

Faethm Cuckoo Clock - a nautical themed visual symphony which tells a story as well as the time.

Featuring some of our favorite creatures from the sea such as the whale and octopus, and a favorite from the land~ the owl. Hand sculpted, cast and painted by us. This clock comes in a limited edition of 250. This clock is #45 of 250. It's "Forest Moss" in color (A deep green undertone with kelly green highlights).

Body made of cast stone and wood
Finished with artist acrylics and Damar varnish
Measures 20" x 10" x 5" (inches)
Brass clock hands
Authentic Black Forest carved wooden dial made in Germany
Battery operated clock mechanism with 10 year guarantee
Comes with certificate of authenticity

*** For all buyers outside of US please contact us for accurate shipping quote **

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

***All art and content © 2009-2013 Marisol Spoon***

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          framed mermaid art prin11x14 mermaid girl and jellyfish seashells framed painting fox nautical fish hand painted frame - by Marisol Spoon by marisolspoon        

195.00 USD

Framed "Avalon" print on somerset velvet

This listing is for a framed (frame is handmade by us, details below!) 11x14 print on Somerset Velvet.

About the frame:

The 11x14 Nautical frame is made of Cast-stone. This one is Chocolate in color (a rich brown with red undertones). It will hold artwork measuring 11x14, outside of frame measures 15x18. Hand painted, sculpted, and cast by us!

We find vintage frames and add to them before making a mold. For our Nautical frame we sculpted four schooner style ships at each corner, one ship features a fox and another features a mermaid. These little guys adorn each corner, keeping a watchful eye on what appears inside the frame. These frames are limited edition, but also one of a kind as they are hand painted - making no two exactly alike!

Frame comes with acid free backer board and high quality (non glare) plexiglass (looks just like real glass only safer for shipping).

We are also offering this frame without a print for $130 ~ contact us for more details!

About the print:

11x14 "Avalon" print on Somerset Velvet. Archival Giclee print made from an original oil painting by Marisol Spoon. Printed on Somerset Velvet fine art paper with archival ink and is guaranteed to stay true for lifetime.

Somerset Velvet is 100% cotton, acid-free paper with luxurious weight, texture and finish that has a museum quality appearance. There's a lovely soft richness about it!

This piece will arrive safely packaged double boxed in accordance with USPS safe delivery methods.

**** International buyers please contact us before purchase for exact shipping costs ****


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Copyright © 2009 - 2015 Marisol Spoon. All rights reserved.

          Cuckoo Clock wall clock art sculpture Buttermilk - Faethm Cuckoo by Marisol Spoon by marisolspoon        

350.00 USD

Faethm Cuckoo Clock - a nautical themed visual symphony which tells a story as well as the time.

Featuring some of our favorite creatures from the sea such as the whale and octopus, and a favorite from the land~ the owl. Hand sculpted, cast and painted by us. This clock comes in a limited edition of 250. This clock is # 36 of 250. It's Buttermilk in color (An off white with yellow ochre undertones )

Body made of cast stone and wood
Finished with artist acrylics and Damar varnish
Measures 20" x 10" x 5" (inches)
Brass clock hands
Authentic Black Forest carved wooden dial made in Germany
Battery operated clock mechanism with 10 year guarantee
Comes with certificate of authenticity

*** For all buyers outside of US please contact us for accurate shipping quote **

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

***All art and content © 2009-2013 Marisol Spoon***

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          Cuckoo Clock wall clock art sculpture chocolate brown - Faethm Cuckoo by Marisol Spoon by marisolspoon        

350.00 USD

Faethm Cuckoo Clock - a nautical themed visual symphony which tells a story as well as the time.

Featuring some of our favorite creatures from the sea such as the whale and octopus, and a favorite from the land~ the owl. Hand sculpted, cast and painted by us. This clock comes in a limited edition of 250. This clock is # 43 of 250. It's Chocolate in color (An warm brown with red undertones and cinnamon highlights)

Body made of cast stone and wood
Finished with artist acrylics and Damar varnish
Measures 20" x 10" x 5" (inches)
Brass clock hands
Authentic Black Forest carved wooden dial made in Germany
Battery operated clock mechanism with 10 year guarantee
Comes with certificate of authenticity

*** For all buyers outside of US please contact us for accurate shipping quote **

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

***All art and content © 2009-2013 Marisol Spoon***

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          Unique Framed art Nautical ship framed print picture frame wall art boys room ocean sea print 11x14 Somerset velvet - by Marisol Spoon by marisolspoon        

195.00 USD

Framed "Ladyship" print on somerset velvet

This listing is for a framed (frame is handmade by us, details below!) 11x14 print on Somerset Velvet.

About the frame:

The 11x14 Nautical frame is made of Cast-stone. This one is Chocolate in color (a rich dark brown with touches of red and yellow ocre). It will hold artwork measuring 11x14, outside of frame measures 15x18. Hand painted, sculpted, and cast by us!

We find vintage frames and add to them before making a mold. For our Nautical frame we sculpted four schooner style ships at each corner, one ship features a fox and another features a mermaid. These little guys adorn each corner, keeping a watchful eye on what appears inside the frame. These frames are limited edition, but also one of a kind as they are hand painted - making no two exactly alike!

Frame comes with acid free backer board and high quality (non glare) plexiglass (looks just like real glass only safer for shipping).

We are also offering this frame without a print for $130 ~ listing coming soon!

About the print:

11x14 Ladyship print on Somerset Velvet. Archival Giclee print made from an original oil painting by Marisol Spoon. Printed on Somerset Velvet fine art paper with archival ink and is guaranteed to stay true for lifetime.

Somerset Velvet is 100% cotton, acid-free paper with luxurious weight, texture and finish that has a museum quality appearance. There's a lovely soft richness about it!

This piece will arrive safely packaged double boxed in accordance with USPS safe delivery methods.

**** International buyers please contact us before purchase for exact shipping costs ****


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Copyright © 2011 Marisol Spoon. All rights reserved.

          Alice Through the Looking Glass film costumes on display at L.A.'s FIDM Museum...        
Even though I'd previously seen the majority of these costumes at Disney's D23 Expo and the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, L.A.'s FIDM Museum also provided a wonderful 360º view of Colleen Atwood's costume designs from last year's Alice Through the Looking Glass movie on February 8, 2017.
Original film costumes from Alice Through the Looking Glass
Alice Through the Looking Glass movie costume exhibit
Alice Through the Looking Glass movie costumes
Alice Through the Looking Glass film costumes
Alice Through Looking Glass costume exhibit
The Costume Designer also had two other fantastic selections of outfits at this 25th Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibition, her Oscar-winning Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them costumes and her The Huntsman: Winter's War film costumes, so be sure to check them out too.

Alice Through the Looking Glass movie billboard
Alice Through looking Glass movie billboard
Since we last saw our titular character in Alice in Wonderland she's been sailing around the world, exploring far off lands like Asia, which have influenced her wardrobe with regional inspiration and nautical influences.

Alice Kingsley costumes worn by Mia Wasikowska
in Alice Through the Looking Glass
Mia Wasikowska Alice Through Looking Glass Asian costume
Alice Through Looking Glass Asian costume
Alice Through Looking Glass Asian costume pants
Alice Through the Looking Glass Asian film costume
Alice Through Looking Glass Asian costume
Alice Through Looking Glass Asian costume detail
Alice Looking Glass Asian movie costume
Alice Through Looking Glass Nautical movie costume
Alice Looking Glass Nautical costume
Alice Looking Glass Nautical costume back
The first colourful costume is loosely inspired by imperial costumes in China with its embroidered purple tunic, shaped collar and neckpiece and pants, whilst Alice's other look has a more naval theme from her time at sea.

For more fantastical costumes worn by Mia Wasikowska make sure you also check out these Oscar-winning Alice in Wonderland movie costumes.

Alice Through the Looking Glass movie billboard
Alice Through the Looking Glass movie billboard
In the movie Alice goes to a party in Victorian England in her Chinese-inspired costume and meets 'Alexandra' (played by Joanna Bobin), who is the wife of 'Hamish Ascot' the new owner of the trading company and the ship Alice captains, who she once declined to marry.

Alexandra Ascot costume worn by Joanna Bobin
in Alice Though the Looking Glass
Alice Looking Glass Alexandra Victorian gown
Alice Looking Glass Alexandra Victorian gown
Alice Though Looking Glass Alexandra costume
Alice Looking Glass Alexandra film costume
In this sequel, 'Time' himself is the very enemy for Alice as she tries to help her friend the 'Mad Hatter' and Sacha Baron Cohen plays the personification of the magical being.

Time costume worn by Sacha Baron Cohen
in Alice Through the Looking Glass
Sacha Baron Cohen Alice Looking Glass Time movie costume
Alice Through the Looking Glass Time film costume
Time movie costume Alice Looking Glass
Time glove detail Alice Through the Looking Glass
Time clockwork glove detail Alice Looking Glass
Alice Looking Glass Time costume back
I really love this outlandish costume for the Lord of Time with its dramatic, oversized shoulder pads.

Fans of the actor can also check out his film costumes in The Dictator and his Ali G InDaHouse movie costume.

Red Queen organic armour costume worn by Helena Bonham Carter
in Alice Through the Looking Glass
Helena Bonham Carter Alice Looking Glass Red Queen costume
Alice Looking Glass Red Queen costume
Alice Through Looking Glass Iracabeth costume
Alice Looking Glass Red Queen costume boots
Red Queen costume boots Alice Looking Glass
Red Queen costume train Alice Looking Glass
In the movie Helena Bonham Carter reprises her role as 'Iracebeth' and via Alice's travels through time we get to see how she received her oversized big head and turned into the wicked 'Red Queen'.

I loved getting to see this ornate organic armour costume out from behind a dark, reflective display case, and if you like this, be sure to also check out the other regal costume she wears as the Red Queen in Alice through the Looking Glass (as featured in this billboard for the movie)

Alice Through the Looking Glass movie billboard
Alice Through the Looking Glass movie billboard
Buy the movie: Alice Through the Looking Glass (BD + DVD + Digital HD) [Blu-ray]
          El port de la Ràpita comença a operar com a base de rutes de xàrters nàutics        
Cruesa és la primera empresa que opera des de la Ràpita rutes de xàrters nàutics entre les Illes Balears, els ports ebrencs, els ports de Castelló i les Columbretes Els responsables de les institucions que componen Delta Ebre Port han … Continua llegint
          LÉ William Butler Yeats rescues 149 people off Libya        
The migrants were found drifting in a rubber craft about 47 nautical miles North East of Tripoli this morning.
          The Geek Christmas Quiz 2013: The Answers!        

Here are the answers to this year’s Geek Christmas Quiz.

What does this acronym stand for? (one point per correct answer)
    1. AWS – Amazon Web Services
    2. SQL – Structured Query Language
    3. NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    4. GNU – GNU is Not Unix
    5. SCSI – Small Computer Serial Interface
    6. HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language
    7. HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
    8. ReST – Representational State Transfer
    9. NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    10. RAF – Royal Air Force

Name that computer (one point for the model, another for the company/inventor)

NeXT Cube / NeXT Apple II / Apple Difference Engine / Babbage
IBM PC / IBM Macintosh / Apple ZX Spectrum / Sinclair
System 360 / IBM Colossus / Tommy Flowers PlayStation / Sony

Name that programming language (one point for each correct answer)

  1. BASIC
  2. C#
  3. C
  4. F#
  5. Python
  6. T-SQL
  7. Bash
  8. Lisp/Scheme/Clojure
  9. Haskell

Science fiction (one point for each correct answer)

    1. "These are not the droids you are looking for" (what film?) – Start Wars IV
    2. "Open the pod bay doors please HAL" (what film, or book?) – 2001 A Space Odyssey
    3. Who wrote Rendezvous with Rama? – Arthur C Clarke
    4. What spaceship uses dilithium crystals – USS Enterprise
    5. what does the acronym CREW in Iain Bank's culture novels mean when referring to weapons - Coherent Radiation Emission Weapon
    6. Name 3 futurama characters -
    7. Who wrote the 3 laws of robotics? – Isaac Asimov
    8. What is the first law of robotics? – “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm”
    9. Who is the leader of the Daleks? - Davros
    10. Directive? (which film?) – Wall-E

Science (one point for each correct answer)

    1. 1 degree fahrenheit is a different size to 1 degree centigrade which means they must cross at some point. At what temperature are both scales the same? - -40.
    2. When and where was the first cell in your body created? - The egg that created you was formed inside of your mother’s fetus while she was inside of your grandmother’s womb.
    3. What is the device which blends air and fuel in an internal combustion engine called? – Carburettor.
    4. What was the name of the first hydrogen (thermonuclear) bomb test? – Mike.
    5. What is special about Sirius, the Dog Star? – It is the brightest star in the night sky.
    6. What year did the last man land on the moon? – 1972 (Apollo 17)
    7. Who invented the jet engine? – Frank Whittle.
    8. In trigonometry what is calculated by dividing the adjacent by the hypotenuse? - Cosine
    9. Which part of the Earth lies between the outer core and the crust? – The mantle.
    10. Where in the body are alveoli to be found? – The lungs.

Name that cartoon character (one point for each correct answer)

Lisa (Simpsons) Iron Man Fone Bone
Denis the Menace Tom & Jerry Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
Pointy Haired Boss Professor Calculus Dan Dare

          Reeds nautical almanac 2017: ebook edition        
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          Pigeon Wings – Spread ur pigeon wings & fly in this Frantic arcade shooter        

Pigeon Wings is a mixture of both a side-scrolling racing game and a shoot ’em up. Throughout the game you play as a pigeon named Pigeon.Pigeon is faced with the daunting task of saving East Megalopolis from an aeronautics titan named Duke Dexter and his deadly pilot XO-9999 Pigeon Wings Genre:Puzzle Developer:Ignacio Schiefelbein Pigeon Wings ($1.99)

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          Navy blue nautical curtain online sale will become the main selling way        
Curtain selling became more and more bigger following the market policy, having its own selling way, including online sales. Online navy blue nautical curtains, customers have many demands on sellers, such as the good record, best online service and good curtain quality. If there are lots of good records that means the products online are […]
          Boardies® Nautical Flag Pink Swim Shorts BS103M        
Boardies® Nautical Flag Pink Swim Shorts BS103M

Boardies® Nautical Flag Pink Swim Shorts BS103M

Product Features 100% super quick dry Polyester material Elasticated with Boardies® branded drawstring 2 Side Pockets Mesh Lining Velcro Back Pocket Embossed Boardies® eyelets Comes With a matching Boardies® Drawstring Bag Style code: BS103M

           The virtual AirDyn: a simulation technique for evaluating the aerodynamic impact of ship superstructures on helicopter operations         
Kääriä, C. H. and Forrest, J. S. and Owen, I. (2013) The virtual AirDyn: a simulation technique for evaluating the aerodynamic impact of ship superstructures on helicopter operations. Aeronautical Journal , 117 (1198). pp. 1233-1248. ISSN 0001-9240
           Minutes of the Society for Ontofabulatory Research: report from the Committee for Aeronautical Psychogeography         
Coley, Rob (2013) Minutes of the Society for Ontofabulatory Research: report from the Committee for Aeronautical Psychogeography. In: Radical Space, 18-20 October, 2013, Centre for Cutural Studies Research, University of East London.
          Station JMPN7 - 8658163 - JOHNNY MERCER PIER, WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC        
August 10, 2017 3:00 pm EST
Location: 34.213N 77.786W or 5 nautical miles NW of search location of 34.142N 77.721W.
Wind Direction: ENE (70°)
Wind Speed: 6 knots
Wind Gust: 7 knots
Atmospheric Pressure: 30.15 in (1021.0 mb)
Pressure Tendency: -0.03 in (-1.0 mb)
Air Temperature: 78°F (25.5°C)
Water Temperature: 82°F (27.5°C)

          Station WLON7 - 8658120 - WILMINGTON, NC        
August 10, 2017 3:00 pm EST
Location: 34.228N 77.954W or 13 nautical miles WNW of search location of 34.142N 77.721W.
Atmospheric Pressure: 30.18 in (1021.9 mb)
Pressure Tendency: -0.02 in (-0.6 mb)
Air Temperature: 73°F (22.5°C)
Water Temperature: 82°F (27.5°C)

          Station 41013 - FRYING PAN SHOALS, NC        
August 10, 2017 3:20 pm EST
Location: 33.436N 77.743W or 42 nautical miles S of search location of 34.142N 77.721W.
Wind Direction: NE (50°)
Wind Speed: 8 knots
Wind Gust: 10 knots
Atmospheric Pressure: 30.15 in (1021.1 mb)
Air Temperature: 78°F (25.4°C)
Dew Point: 74°F (23.6°C)
Water Temperature: 82°F (27.5°C)

          Station BFTN7 - 8656483 - BEAUFORT, NC        
August 10, 2017 3:00 pm EST
Location: 34.717N 76.671W or 62 nautical miles NE of search location of 34.142N 77.721W.
Wind Direction: ESE (110°)
Wind Speed: 6 knots
Wind Gust: 8 knots
Atmospheric Pressure: 30.16 in (1021.3 mb)
Pressure Tendency: -0.03 in (-0.9 mb)
Air Temperature: 79°F (26.3°C)
Water Temperature: 77°F (24.8°C)

          Station CLKN7 - CAPE LOOKOUT, NC        
August 10, 2017 3:00 pm EST
Location: 34.622N 76.525W or 66 nautical miles ENE of search location of 34.142N 77.721W.
Wind Direction: E (80°)
Wind Speed: 6 knots
Wind Gust: 6 knots
Atmospheric Pressure: 30.16 in (1021.5 mb)
Pressure Tendency: -0.03 in (-1.1 mb)
Air Temperature: 79°F (26.0°C)

          Station MROS1 - 8661070 - SPRINGMAID PIER, SC        
August 10, 2017 3:00 pm EST
Location: 33.656N 78.916W or 66 nautical miles WSW of search location of 34.142N 77.721W.
Atmospheric Pressure: 30.14 in (1020.8 mb)
Pressure Tendency: -0.03 in (-0.9 mb)

August 10, 2017 2:45 pm EST
Location: 33.349N 79.189W or 87 nautical miles WSW of search location of 34.142N 77.721W.
Wind Direction: ENE (60°)
Wind Speed: 6 knots
Atmospheric Pressure: 30.15 in (1021.0 mb)
Air Temperature: 77°F (25.1°C)
Dew Point: 74°F (23.6°C)

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Busty asian beauty Nautica Thorn opens her shaved pussy wide

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          Ä°lk uçan araba 2022 yılında gelebilir        
Metro Skyway, Tel Aviv merkezli Urban Aeronautics’in bir alt kuruluşu olarak, 2022 yılına kadar dört kişilik, hidrojen yakıtlı “uçan araba”ların tepemizde uçacağını beklediklerini ifade etti. Araç önce jet yakıtı kullanacak, ama daha sonra teknolojisi ticari olarak yarışabilir hale gelince sıvı hidrojene dönecek. VTOL olarak bilinen dikey kalkışlı ve inişli arabaya CityHawk ismi veriliyor ve Urban Aeroutics tarafından patentli iç rotor sistemi de bulunuyor. Urban Aeronautics’in başkan yardımcısı olan Janina Frankel-Yoeli, “hidrojen kullanmanın tek yolu çarpışmaya karşı dayanıklı yakıt tankları kullanmak” diyor, “ancak şu anda kullanımda olan oldukça fazla hidrojenli taşıt var ve hidrojen yakıtının neden jet yakıtından daha güvenli olduğunu açıklayacak birkaç da sebebimiz var”. Bunun başarıya ulaşamayacak bir proje olduğunu düşündüyseniz bir de Urban Aeronautics’in bu konuya on yıldan fazla bir süredir kafa yorduğuna dikkat edin. Kuzey Ä°srail’de bir tonluk, insansız Cormorant isimli aracın deneme sürümleri devam etmekte. Cormorant,..
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          Marine Engineering        
Marine engineering is a division of engineering that deals with the nautical architecture and science.
Marine engineers are skilled individuals involved in the design, construction and maintenance of vehicles and structures used on or around water. Marine engineering technology and techniques are used to create cruise ships, oil platforms and harbors.
Marine engineering often refers to the engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs and any other marine vessel or structure, but also encompasses oceanographic engineering.

Marine Engineers are responsible for the design and connstruction of seagoing vessels and structures, focusing primarily on their internal systems. Simply put, they design the onboard electrical, environmental and propulsion systems aboard everything from oil platforms to cruise ships.

Marine engineering basically is meant for research conducted in oceans and coastal or inland waters connected to the sea. Marine engineers have the entire responsibility of the ship's technical management. The construction, operations and maintenance of the engine room are the main obligation of a marine engineer. Marine engineering also comprises of anthropology, engineering, archaeology, sociology and other related studies of human relationships with the sea.

Eligibility :

UG: 4 Years

For admission into bachelor’s degree, the candidate must have passed intermediate in science(10+2) examination with subjects biology, maths and chemistry. For IITs, It is mandatory to clears JEE - Advance.

PG: 2 Years

For admission into master’s degree, the candidate must have passed bachelor's degree in (B.E/B.Tech) or any other equivalent branches of engineering.

          Maizi Flats        
Haut Monde has just put out a great new pair of flats, the Maizi Flats!  They are just full of summer flavor, with a nautical twist. Pair them with your favorite pair of cut off shorts, or a frilly sundress. Have a look at some of the great colors you can choose from!

Maizi Flats - LavenderMaizi Flats - Coral Rose
Maizi Flats - Black
Showing Lavender, Coral Rose, and Black

(click image to see bigger)

Stop by the Haut Monde Mainstore today (Sunday) and pick up three colors of these cute flats for the fantastic Lazy Sunday price!

           10 Teknologi Karya Anak Bangsa Yang Membuat Bangga Indonesia        
1. Panser Anoa

Namanya terilhami dari mamalia khas Sulawesi, Anoa tampilannya tidak kalah dengan buatan Eropa. Kelahirannya disiapkan untuk mewujudkan kemandirian di bidang alutsista oleh Departemen Pertahanan dan PT Pindad. Panser beroda 6 ini mampu melaju hingga kecepatan 90 Km/jam. Mampu melompati parit selebar satu meter dan menanjak dengan kemiringan sampai dengan 45 derajat. Panser ini dilapisi baja anti peluru yang apabila diberondong dengan AK47 atau M-16 dijamin tidak akan tembus.

2. Pesawat Gatotkaca N-250

Pesawat ini adalah pesawat regional komuter turboprop rancangan asli IPTN (Sekarang PT. Dirgantara Indonesia) Diluncurkan tahun 1995. Kode N artinya Nusantara, menunjukan bahwa desain, produksi dan perhitungannya dikerjakan di Indonesia atau bahkan Nurtanio, yang merupakan pendiri dan perintis industry penerbangan di Indonesia. Pesawat ini diberi nama Gatotkaca dan primadona IPTN merebut pasar kelas 50-70 penumpang.

3. KRI-Krait-827

Kapal perang ini merupakan hasil saling tukar ilmu antara TNI AL lewat fasharkan (Fasilitas Pemeliharaan dan Perbaikan) Mentigi dan PT Batan Expressindo Shipyard (BES), Tanjung Guncung. Dikerjakan selama 14 Bulan dan 100 % ditangani oleh putra-putri Indonesia. Berbahan baku aluminium, bertonase 190 DWT dengan jarak jelajah sekitar 2.500 Mil. Dilengkapi dengan radar dengan jangkauan 96 Nautical Mil (setara 160 Km) dengan system navigasi GMDSS area 3 dengan kecepatan terpasang 25 Knots.

4. Smart Eagle II (SE II)

Merupakan Prototype pertama UAV (Unman Aerical Vehicle) yang dibuat PT. Aviator Teknologi Indonesia guna kepentingan intelegen Indonesia. SE II menggunakan mesin 2 tak berdiameter 150cc, mampu terbang hingga 6 Jam. Dilengkapi dengan colour TV Camera. Mampu beroperasi dimalam hari dengan menggunakan Therman Imaging (TIS) kamera untuk opsi penginderaannya.

5. Mobil Arina-SMK

Mobil ini dirancang menggunakan mesin sepeda motor dengan kapasitas mesin 150cc, 200cc dan 250cc. Konsumsi bensin hanya 1 liter untuk 40 km. Panjang 2,7 meter, lebar 1,3 meter dan tinggi 1,7 meter sehingga bisa masuk jalan dan gang yang sempit. Dinamakan Arina-SMK karena pembuatannya bekerja sama dengan Armada Indonesia (Arina) dengan siswa-siswa SMK.

6 senjata baru buatan Indonesia
Patutlah Kita Bangga Terhadap Indo Yang Sedang Maju Di bidang Militer

7. Chip Asli Buatan Indonesia

Chipset Wimax Xirka, sebuah chip yang dibuat oleh orang Indonesia asli, Bukan usaha mudah memang membuat chip dengan kompleksitas yang cukup tinggi. Xirka yang dikawal beberapa engineer Indonesia ini mulai dikembangkan pada 2006.

Chipset ini terdiri dari dua spesifikasi, yakni Chipset Xirka untuk Fixed Wimax dan Chipset Xirka untuk Mobile Wimax. Untuk fixed wimax telah diluncurkan pada Agustus tahun ini. Sedangkan mobile wimax rencananya diluncurkan pada quartal keempat 2009.

Produk asli buatan Indonesia ini diluncurkan langsung oleh Menteri Riset dan Teknologi Republik Indonesia, Kusmayanto Kadiman. Beliau menjelaskan, seluruh komponen di dalam Xirka merupakan buatan Indonesia. Operator yang memberikan layanan Wimax wajib menggunakan Xirka.

Wakamini adalah komputer tablet seratus persen buatan Indonesia dengan harga yang bisa dijangkau siapapun, Rp3.599.000.
Dari sisi layarnya, desain komputer tablet lokal ini tergolong unik yang dapat diputar 180 derajat, berukuran 10 inchi dan memiliki empat varian warna; coklat, merah, hitam dan biru.
Sistem operasinya menggunakkan Windows 7 Home Premium dan Ultimate, dengan layar sentuh.
Wakamini dibekali dengan prosesesor Intel Atom N450 berkecepatan 1,66 Ghz,RAM (Random Access Memory) sebesar 1 GB DDR2, Ruang penyimpanan 250 GB, sedangkan bobotnya 1,35 KG dengan Wifi “4 in 1″ card reader dan 1,3 MP Webcam dengan batrai berdaya tahan tiga jam.

Tablet pc zyrex wakatobi mini 963

Sementara Wakatobi berukuran lebih mungil dan didesain untuk anak-anak, hanya 8,9 inchi. Desain layarnya juga unik, demikian pula harganya yang cukup menarik Rp2,999.000 per unit atau termurah di kelasnya.
Tapi berbeda dari saudaranya, Wakatobi tidak mendukung fitur multi touch.
Prosesor Wakatobi adalah Intel Atom N270 berkecepatan 1,6 Ghz, dengan RAM 1 GB DDR2. Bobotnya hanbya 1,25 kg.

Lembaga Pengkajian Teknologi (Lemjitek) TNI AD, Karangploso, Kabupaten Malang, mampu menciptakan robot tempur.

prototype robot tempur ini sudah beberapa kali diujicobakan,dan mampu menempuh jarak hingga 1 km dari pusat kendali. ”Ukurannya 1,5 m kali 0,5 m dengan berat sekitar 100 kg. Robot ini memiliki mesin penggerak dua roda,dan mampu mengangkut beban hingga sekitar 150 kg, kecepatan maksimalnya bisa mencapai 60 km/jam,” terangnya. Robot yang diciptakan pada tahun 2009 dan belum memiliki nama ini, digerakkan dengan tenaga listrik dari dua baterei yang tersimpan di dalam bodi robot.

Dua baterei ini memiliki kekuatan 36 volt yang berfungsi untuk penggerak, dan 12 volt untuk sistem kontrolnya. Gunawan mengaku, kondisi robot ini belum sepenuhnya sempurna karena baru selesai proses perakitannya, kemungkinan masih sekitar 70-80% dari kondisi ideal yang diinginkan.


Walaupun, roket RX-420 masih jadi pertimbangan Departemen Pertahanan, apakah mampu menjadi salah satu senjata penangkal di darat yang dapat diandalkan sehingga, Indonesia tidak memerlukan armada kapal atau senjata perang lainnya, selain faktor biaya yang dominan besar.

ide produksi rudal dalam negeri mulai tercetus tahun 2005. Dana sebesar Rp 2,5 miliar digelontorkan untuk proyek pembuatan rudal pada tahun itu, dan bila itu terwujud Dephan akan menggandeng PT Pindad Indonesia, pabrik senjata dalam negeri yang melakukan penelitian hulu ledak kaliber 122 milimeter.

Saat ini, LAPAN telah berhasil meluncurkan roket dengan kekuatan jarak tempuh 100 kilometer, dan memiliki kecepakatan luncur awal 4 kali kecepatan suara
          Greg & Jacqui's Marina Wedding        

Today's #RealWedding was sent to us by Happy Zebra Photography, the photographer from Greg and Jacqui's beautiful marina wedding. The event was held on Cape Cod at the Nauticus Marina in Osterville, Massachusetts (near Boston) on a gorgeous summer day in June. The weather was just perfect, you couldn't have asked for anything better on their wedding day! The day started off like any other as the bride and groom got ready with their closest friends and family members by their side. The women shared time laughing together and sipping prosecco, while the men shared stories and laughter and maybe a

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          Top 5 Tattoos        
                      Tattoos are extremely popular among most civilisations, but have you ever wondered what the most popular ones are? Here are the top 5 most popular tattoos. Number one: Tribal tattoos, these are seen on both males and females, they can be traditional or self designed and are found all over the body. Two: Stars, this has become an increasingly popular fad among more of the mainstream public, there is not specific type of star but nautical stars are most common, this is also a unisex tattoo choice. Three: a cross, People have been getting crosses tattooed on themselves forever, religion is very important to a lot of people, also found on all genders. Four: Angels, there are a lot of different kinds of angel tattoos, most common are linked with religion, for a loved one, or a fallen. Five: flowers, both female and male also, the most popular flower tattoo is a rose, the most common placement can not be told because of the endless possibilities. Those were the top 5 most popular tattoos.
          Moving along: Continuing to expand the Panama transport and logistics network        
A geostrategic location and the presence of the Panama Canal make Panama a natural centre for transportation and logistics. In fact, the transportation, logistics and communication sector combined is easily the largest contributor to GDP, a fact recognised by the current administration. In its Strategic Economic Plan 2010-14, the logistics sector, along with finance, agriculture and tourism, was identified as one of the country’s four pillars of economic growth. To secure the future of the sector the administration is investing $9.6bn, equivalent to 70% of public sector investment, from 2010 to 2014 in infrastructure upgrades alone. Public spending on infrastructure extends well beyond the flagship $5.25bn Panama Canal Expansion and includes the construction of a line on the Panama City Metro, a large overhaul of the national road network and several upgrades to maritime and airport infrastructure. With the canal’s ability to attract global trade, the country has been working for nearly a decade to create a business-friendly regulatory framework – replete with special economic areas and incentives for multinational headquarters – which should serve in attracting further investment as it continues developing the transport and logistics hub. While on the one hand the government is moving quickly to ensure its infrastructure networks are capable of providing a platform for the growing logistics and value-added manufacturing industries, on the other it is aggressively revamping airport infrastructure and further pushing to establish itself as a major aviation centre.

Quantifying Progress

Figures published by the National Statistics Agency (Instituto Nacional De Estadí stica y Censo, INEC) aptly portray the sector’s wider role within the rapidly growing economy. According to the latest available figures from INEC at the time of writing, the transportation and communication sector accounted for 24.1% of the nation’s total GDP (at 1996 prices) in 2012. Moreover, the sector has grown at double-digit rates in each of the past five years apart from 2009 when the global financial crisis slowed progress in the sector to 8.2%. The sector’s average annual growth rate from 2008 to 2012 was an impressive 12.7%. It has also been a major attractor of foreign direct investment (FDI) as logistics, construction and infrastructure firms look to take advantage of the country’s expanding role in regional and global transport. FDI stock in the transportation, logistics and communication sector reached $4.52bn in 2011 and represented 19.6% of the national total of $23.1bn, according to data from the National Comptroller.

Global Rankings

Heavy spending on infrastructure development has yielded improved scores in the World Economic Forum’s “Global Competitiveness Report 2013-14”. Indeed, Panama’s score in the report’s metric on overall quality of infrastructure has improved drastically under the current administration from 67th in the 2009-10 iteration of the report to 30th in the 2013-14 edition. Other related categories also paint a similar picture. Panama improved from 54th in the 2009-10 index to 35th in 2013-14 in goods market efficiency, from 18th to sixth in quality of port infrastructure, from 32nd to fifth in air transport infrastructure, from 62nd to 30th in railroad infrastructure, and from 62nd to 48th in road infrastructure.

Sector Structure

Despite steadily improving infrastructure across the country, the transportation and logistics sector lacks a titular head in the form of a dedicated Ministry of Transportation and Logistics. In its place is the Ministry of Public Works (Ministerio de Obras Públicas, MOP) which oversees the construction and maintenance of the national public infrastructure network, though in practice the MOP is primarily responsible for the national road network together with the autonomous Terrestrial Transport and Transit Authority. Numerous additional public entities with varying degrees of autonomy oversee the rest of the sector, including the Metro de Panamá Secretariat, a special secretariat created in 2009 to monitor the planning, construction and administration of the Panama City Metro. The Panama Canal Authority (Autoridad del Canal de Panamá, ACP) has been in complete control of the Panama Canal and its finances since the country took over control in 1999. Although it possesses a board consisting of various ministerial heads, another autonomous government agency, the Panama Maritime Authority (Autoridad Marítima de Panamá, AMP) is charged with overseeing all things maritime. Meanwhile, in the aviation sector it is the Civil Aviation Authority (Autoridad Aeronáutica Civil, AAC), which also boasts a diverse board full of governmental leaders, that supervises the country’s aeronautical activity.
In October 2010 the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (Ministerio de Comercio e Industrias, MICI), together with the Georgia Tech Panama Logistics Innovation and Research Centre, launched the National Logistics Council (Consejo Nacional de Logística, CNL). The CNL was created to establish a platform for collaboration among the government, private sector and academic institutions and eventually facilitate the development of the country into “the logistics and trade hub of the Americas”. However, the lack of a governmental ministry or secretariat charged with overseeing the long-term development of all infrastructures and responsible for coordinating inter-agency stratagem and budgets is a common complaint from the private sector given the already large and growing impact of the sector on the wider economy. Indeed, though the creation of the CNL represents a step forward in the logistics segment, it still falls short of the sort of authority granted the Secretary of Science, Technology and Information, for example, in driving the growth of the information and communication sector.


The legislative environment in Panama has for the most part been conducive to business and investment in the country. Legal and tax incentives have been established through several laws for companies basing themselves in one of the country’s free or special economic and trade zones.
The Colón Free Zone (CFZ), the second-largest of its kind in the world, is a strong example of the importance of creating such areas, in particular for logistic and reexport companies. New special economic areas including Panama Pacifico and the City of Knowledge have also been created and should lead the way forward in the future (see Economy chapter).
However, in the second quarter of 2012 a new piece of legislation passed through the national legislature and was signed by the president. Known as Act 41, the legislation could cause issues with international investors within the maritime sector. The law stipulates that 75% of shares and personnel within the maritime services and auxiliary fuel distribution sector be sourced domestically. The rule sparked backlash from the EU, which considers it to be in violation of international commitments already made by Panama.

The Hub & Spoke

Panama’s location bodes well not only for its status as a trading hub, but also for its growing stature as a major regional centre of aviation. Indeed, Panama City’s location is within “narrow-body” range, the typical distance that the single-aisle airplanes which dominate the Latin American market can travel, of nearly all major cities within the Americas. Additionally, its improving airport infrastructure, expanding tourism sector and rapid economic growth are all supporting the country’s efforts to become the most important transit hub in the region.

Commercial Aviation

The impressive growth of Panama’s only major airline, Copa Airlines, also points towards a bright future for the sector. Founded in 1947, the Compañía Panameña de Aviación (Copa) is now the flagship airline of the country and one of the most prominent airlines in the expanding, yet still underserved, Latin America region.
Following the 2005 purchase of AeroRepublica in Colombia and the company’s initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange, making Copa the third Latin American airline to list on the exchange, growth has been impressive. According to figures from Copa, from 2005 to 2013 capacity has increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17%, while earnings have experienced a CAGR of 21% during the same timeframe. As a result Copa has become one of the most profitable airlines on the planet, recording an operating profit margin of 17.9% for 2012. According to the latest data from the International Air Transport Association’s 2010 airline profitability report, the carrier ranked 10th in 2007 and fourth in 2008, with operating profit margins around 18-20%.
Meanwhile, the airline’s expansion plans include increasing its numbers in terms of fleet, route and frequency over the next five years. Indeed, Copa’s fleet plan includes the addition of 44 (30 firm orders and 14 optional) new aircraft between 2013 and 2018, most of which are single-aisle Boeing 737-800s with a range of 3000 nautical miles.

International Connections

Although Copa is responsible for more than 80% of daily operations at Tocumen International Airport, several international airlines also operate out of Tocumen including KLM, United Airlines, American Airlines, Iberia and Delta Airlines. In total, commercial airlines flying from Panama City service around 70 destinations – up from 29 in 2004.
The AAC has been working together with the Ministry of Foreign Relations and the executive branch to firm up accords with foreign nations over air traffic rights. According to Ivan Vergara, director of air transport at the AAC, “Over the past several years we have signed agreements with Brazil, Ecuador and Peru and expanded our accord with Mexico. In 2013 we also added or expanded agreements with Costa Rica and France as well.” Indeed, with Air France joining KLM and Iberia in operating transatlantic flights to Europe in November of 2013, Panama City could soon establish itself as a transit hub not only for travellers going from South America to North America, but to Europe as well.


One of the flagship projects of President Ricardo Martinelli’s administration, the construction of the $1.88bn Metro de Panamá should help to alleviate traffic congestion within the capital. The first line is expected to be inaugurated on March 5, 2014. The long-term master plan for the system’s development calls for the construction of four separate lines and one tramway line by 2035, though thus far construction has been started only on the first line (see analysis).

Urban Transport

In fact, the metro is just one part of a complete renovation of Panama City’s transportation system as the MOP has been in the midst of a major overhaul to the capital city’s road network since 2011. Meanwhile, structural changes to the existing public transportation system – mainly the replacement of the city’s diablo rojo (red devil) bus network – should also ease congestion in the medium to long term.
Over the course of the past few years numerous projects to improve road connectivity and traffic flow have seen various parts of Panama City turned into construction zones. In total the MOP reported in June 2013 that a combined eight road projects totalling $1.7bn were under way in the capital city. The largest project is the $782m construction of an underground connection between Avenida Balboa and Avenida Los Poetas, which was awarded to Brazil’s Odebrecht. It not only involves the construction of a new tunnel, but also renovations to Los Poetas, the construction of new sports facilities, bike lanes, gardens and even a sporting arena, the Maracanã Stadium. However, the project has become a source of controversy as it will also include the extension of the Cinta Costera (Coastal Beltway), a highway constructed a few years ago to relieve congestion inside the city and whose extension will wrap around the city’s Casco Viejo (Historic District).
While the project includes green areas and pedestrian walks it has drawn criticism as the beltway is seen as an eye sore and counterproductive to ongoing efforts to renovate the historic district. Fears that it would lead to the removal of Casco Viejo from UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites – due to the destruction of the centuries-old sea wall to make way for the highway – have been allayed as UNESCO announced in June 2013 the project would not impact Casco Viejo’s status.
The preservation of the historic district itself is a $175m project also being completed by Odebrecht and is seen as a key part of the country’s tourism development plan. Apart from renovating the area’s small streets and alleyways, the project also includes the construction of a new road dubbed Vía Cincuentenario. Both projects are expected to be completed in 2014.
Other projects include the $237m improvement and expansion of Avenida Domingo Díaz, which consists of the construction of three vehicular and three pedestrian bridges and the expansion of the road to six lanes.
Via Brasil, another major artery, is also being renovated in a two-phase project to the tune of $217m and $181m for each respective phase. The remainder of the investment, $76.5m, was poured into the construction of three underpasses, which are now fully operational.

On The Road

Outside Panama City, the road network is also under development as connectivity in the interior of the country continually improves. From 2009 to 2013 the MOP reported investing $3.4bn in road and public infrastructure projects, though the majority of that figure ($2.25bn) has been used to overhaul Panama City’s road network. Outside the capital the heaviest investment was found in Chiriquí, which received $262m, most of which was used to upgrade two highways from David to Boquete ($119m) and from Paso Canoas to Port Armuelles ($114m). Meanwhile, Veraguas received $179m; Herrera and Los Santos, each $156m; Coclé, $136m; Bocas del Toro, $72m; Colón, $64m; Comarca, $66m; and Darién, $61m.
In 2012 the introduction of a new stretch of highway from Panama City to Colón – easily the most important intra-city highway in Panama – reduced travel time from the capital to the Colón Free Zone to just 45 minutes. The project began in 2010, and when construction was completed in 2012, investment in the project reached $186m, MOP figures show. The $80.7m renovation of the Bridge of the Americas – which spans the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal – is another major project which was started in 2010, though it will not be completed until the end of 2014.

Maritime Transport

Obviously many of the maritime transport activities revolve around the Panama Canal, which has extensive port facilities at both entrances in the Port of Cristóbal (Atlantic), the Manzanillo International Container Terminal (MIT, Atlantic), the Colón Container Terminal (Atlantic) and the Port of Balboa (Pacific). In total Panama boasts 14 private and 14 state-owned and operated ports. Ensuring the country is able to meet demand increases following the arrival of post-Panamax ships after the completion of the Panama Canal expansion project is crucial to sustaining the long-term growth of the sector.
“Panama needs to have more terminals built in order to continue growing, especially a new post-Panamax port inside the canal,” Ricardo Lince Boyd, the executive president of Agencias Continental, a local ports and shipping logistics firm, told OBG.
Both the Port of Cristobal and the Port of Balboa are receiving an upgrade by the Panama Ports Company, operator of both ports, at a cost of $1bn. All expansion projects at both ports are expected to be completed by 2015 and will improve their combined capacity to 6.5m twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs).
Meanwhile, the MIT and the Colón Container Terminal (CCT) serve the CFZ and have also received sizeable investments in recent years. According to information published by Georgia Tech, the CCT recently spent $100m upgrading its terminal to its current capacity of 1.3m TEUs. The MIT is currently investing $270m to upgrade capacity to a total of 4m TEUs per year.


Identified as one of the four pillars of future economic growth, the logistics sector is arguably the most integral piece in further developing the Panamanian economy. According to Proinvex, the investment promotion agency, roughly 3% of global maritime trade, including 10% of US international seaborne trade, passed through the canal in 2013. These figures are likely to swell upon the doubling of the canal’s cargo capacity once the expansion project is complete. This fact alone gives the country an edge over competing logistics centres in the Caribbean and along the Atlantic coasts of the US and South America. Still, obstacles do stand in the way, mainly a lack of qualified personnel.


All of the ingredients for Panama to become a centre for transportation and logistics are beginning to coalesce. Domestic connectivity is being upgraded via major infrastructure projects such as the Metro de Panamá, the Panama-Colón Highway and an overhaul of the national road system. Meanwhile, international connectivity is also being improved thanks to continued investment in airports and seaports. Nevertheless, if the goal of improving national transportation infrastructure is to capitalise on goods moving through the canal by expanding the logistics and transport sectors, there are still obstacles to overcome such as the short supply of labour and strong regional competition.
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          Giraffe AMB Spares and Support Contract        
Defence and security company Saab has signed a contract with SIMMAD (integrated structure for the operational maintenance of the aeronautics equipment of the French Ministry of Defence) for spare parts and support contract for Giraffe AMB. The contract is for an ordering period of 17 months and a performance period of 34 months, commencing on the 8 August 2016, and includes obsolescence management. A Saab team has been participating in the Giraffe Air detachment committed in the CASEX 16...
          Old or New: (Yes, another!) This or That?        
Hey girls! Today, here's a NEW This or That? about outfits. Enjoy!
Outdoor Play Outfit (left) or Hiking Outfit (right)
I love both of these! I think both of these outfits are cute and I love the colors on each, but personally (since I already own the Outdoor Play Outfit) I will have to go with the Hiking Outfit!

Coconut Play Outfit (left) or Coconut Fun Outfit (right)
Absolutely the Coconut Play Outfit! I love the bright colors, the cute casualness of it, and just the overall look of it- if it was still available, I would so buy it!

Ballet Outfit (left) or Ruby Ballet Outfit (right)
I think both of these outfits are cute, but I like the Ruby Ballet Outfit the best. I love that there's no pink and how detailed it is!

Beach Pajamas and Slippers (left) or Kit's Striped Nightie (right)
I really like the Beach Pajamas the best. The nautical colors and themes is adorable and the navy blue really complements Kit better than a pink night gown. 

So, what do you think?

ps. You can check older This or That?s on my sidebar. :-)

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This is a facelift to a project I did a while back.

Nautical buoy makeover for a driftwood stump
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DIY starfish projects
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          Frasca Delivers Mustang Level 5 FTD to the FAA        
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has taken delivery of a Cessna Citation Mustang Flight Training Device (FTD) built by Frasca International, Inc., Urbana, IL. The device is qualified as an FAA Level 5 FTD and has been installed at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City. This is the first Level 5 FTD delivered for a very light jet (VLJ) category aircraft. The device accurately replicates the flight deck of the Mustang jet and includes the Garmin G1000 avionics package,...
          LEVANTNAUTICA-Centro Nautico e Desportivo        


          Set sail for a San Francisco wedding with two sailor grooms        
After meeting in the Navy and residing together in Hawaii for several years, Lee and Leon said their vows in San Francisco this past June. How absolutely fitting is it that these two Navy men got married at the nautical-themed Argonaut Hotel?
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Rockwell Collins avionics have been selected for General Atomics Aeronautical Systems’ (GA-ASI) MQ-9B SkyGuardian™. Rockwell Collins will support GA-ASI to efficiently upgrade the proven Predator B Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) system to simplify civil airspace access. GA-ASI has selected the capabilities of the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion® integrated avionics system for this unmanned aerial system (UAS) ground control station to support customers and missions that re...
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Elbit Systems of America, LLC, announced that it was awarded a contract by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to develop a cockpit display replacement for the F-35 aircraft. The development contract is for the Technology Refresh 3, Panoramic Cockpit Display Unit. The value of the award was not in a material amount. The award further expands Elbit Systems of America's work on the F-35, which already includes power amplifiers, structures, and sustainment work. In addition, Elbit Systems of America, to...
          By: sesquiotic        
:) I chose to use the more recent reconstrued variant just in keeping with the spirit of the topic. <i>Jerry-rig</i> shows up first in the 1950s and has been increasing in use since, though <i>jury-rig</i> is still ahead. It's probably based on <i>jerry-built</i>, which appeared in the 1880s and is not evidently taken from <i>jury</i> (which, as you may know, in this context refers to makeshift nautical parts, not legal assemblies); given the time of its appearance, it's also quite reasonable to think it's influenced by <i>jerrycan</i>, which showed up first in the 1940s (also <i>jerrican</i>), and probably the use of <i>Jerry</i> to refer to Germans in WWII (which was also the source of <i>jerrycan</i>).
          Comment on Hawaiian Airlines partners in aircraft mechanic apprenticeship by UH News        
Hi David, For more on the program go to the aeronautics maintenance technology website at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> or <a href="" rel="nofollow">download the program brochure</a>. The program brochure has a phone number, (808) 844-2309, for more information. UH News staff
          And Then There Were Six…        

CalgaryWritersMeetUpGroup-PortOCallHotel-Satire-Whodunit-WriteNight-Writers 1

Posted by MsBurbTonight was my first Write Night and I was nervously excited, filled to the brim with “social science experiment” curiosity.

The Calgary Writers Meet Up Group was hosting the 2nd in a series of three such nights; whereby, hackers like myself could go and get some serious work done, on possibly not-so-serious topics.

The room was filled with warm, dead air despite the de rigeur hotel air conditioning.  A sense of the closterphobic initially enveloped me, as it may have done to the others already seated in that tiny room. Possibly the dreary dark olive green walls didn’t help matters. Possibly the recessed lighting. Possibly it was the feeling that I had entered a funeral parlour without the de rigeur coffin and dead guy within.

It’s not right to be bothered like that, especially in a writing group, I thought to myself. One should feel open and relaxed to let the creative juices flow, as they say. Funeral parlours don’t often give off that warm and fuzzy-feeling affect but some of the best writers in the world were dead. Maybe there was a connection.

People stiff and unsure, shy and sedate, one by one they filed into that room. There had been some Front Desk confusion as to whether or not We as a Group even existed in the Port O Call Hotel that night and maybe that was fitting - non-existent people in a coffin-sized room. But eventually, all who had wanted to attend, did materialize, and we all chose spots around a large board room table, every other seat dutifully filled. Pens and paper, laptops and tablets, everyone was there to “work” but as yet we weren’t quite sure what that “work” would entail.

Introductions were first on tap. Every person in his or her turn giving a micro-diatribe of their accomplishments or lack thereof. I’m always more appreciative of the “lack thereof” People, that tells me they know their best work is before them and they are damn hungry to start feasting at the Table of the Literary Unknown. Fabulous adventurers, the “lack thereof” People are…with an as-yet-undeveloped egocentric facade! Next on tap was the tap, for although I, MsBurb, was the first one to voice this suggestion (hmm, all who know me already could have seen that coming!) - the need for alcoholic refreshment - it didn’t take long for the rest of the Write Night Gang to chime in as well. It may be hard enough to hack for a living but having to do so in front of strangers, well, if that doesn’t demand chemical infusion, what would?

The social banter continued for a time, amidst the in and out of our waitress who was in charge of taking our orders, a quiet girl, totally unassuming but typically hotel pleasant and efficient. Our Leader, Cheryl, finally had to put the “school marm” foot down to get Us (and possibly by Us, she meant me!) to pipe down and start producing. This was a Write Night, after all, and we were here to write, goshdarnit, not gain Miss or Mister Congeniality awards, and write well, even if it killed us.

Giggles now nicely supressed, heads slowly lowering, final coughing's made and We as a Group got at it. A topic idea had been suggested by Cheryl but it seemed most of Us knew what We wanted to hack out. The mystery still remained though of the What and the Why in each of Us.

As I began my tale, the plot already tightly sealed - and as yet unrevealed on paper - in my head, in between word choices, I would covertly gaze around the room at the rest of Us Literary Guinea Pigs. It’s not every day you get to observe how the Other Half hacks, you know, and my curiosity feverishly overtook me. It became utterly fascinating, observing how each member attacked their own work, rifling with abandon through their own brain for those 1000 watt-bulb ideas, choosing ever so smartly those surgically loaded words, all golden, I’m sure, well beyond mine. I had a plan as I’ve said but the atmosphere completely absorbed me. Calgarians, writers, hackers like me, the tiniest of microcosms, an infinitesimal percentage of the entire writing world, gathered here, tonight, right now, creating literary gems. It made one wonder just how much “greatness” was still out there, as of yet unpublished, for all of Us to read and enjoy.

Forcing myself to settle down now and focus, I still couldn't help but notice out of the corner of my eye, the salt and pepper shakers standing soldier straight in the middle of the table, desperately staring back at me. They had a voice, yes they did, and they were pleading for me to set them free. They had a severe case of the wanderlust, had never lived beyond the oh so nauseatingly boring confines of this hotel, the doors to Freedom just mere footfalls away but without feet impossible to reach. I told them to stop it already. I had work to do. I told them to pick on some bags-of-dough, big-headed corporate seminar dude the next time there was a meeting in here, someone who had all the time in the world and far less important things to do. They sighed and went silent, finally.

I had narrowed down my field of interest tonight to just simply writing the Great Canadian Novel. Nothing more, nothing less. All nicely punched out on my tablet keyboard, it would be, with the raunchy roughness of a Jerry Lee Lewis-type hacker…on Speed. No, I wasn’t on Speed but I was on several buckets of coffee. How else does one manage said in less than a couple hours?

My field of interest fantasy aside, the reality held for me a mere uncelebrated Short Story, I was sure. I could have continued writing on my book or on some other seriously demented research topic on murder and sociopaths but somehow who could possibly get that kind of inspiration in a funeral-like setting. Not I, I say. Not CalgaryWritersMeetUpGroup-PortOCallHotel-Satire-Whodunit-WriteNight-Writers 2I. The salt and pepper shakers silently nodded in agreement.

I had ordered a Guinness as I had yet to have dinner – a meal in a glass, it is, kind of like a Slimfast shake but only tasty! TheCalgaryWritersMeetUpGroup-PortOCallHotel-Satire-Whodunit-WriteNight-Writers 3 others ordered various beers and wines and our dutiful waitress came in to deliver. There was a bit of confusion as two women in the group had ordered red wine and the carafes -  although one of Merlot and one not - looked identical and were initially indistinguishable by the waitress as to their vineyard types. Jade and Rachel said they didn’t mind who drank what, they wanted their drinks now, not later, and who could blame them. This Night, as I’ve said, just couldn’t be done on tea-totaling. Any delay to solve the Mystery of the Wines by our waitress was one delay too many. It turns out that waxing poetic takes a certain kind of mental fortitude often found at the bottom of a fermented bottle. I could have told everyone there, that.

Once the waitress had left, assuring the red wine women beforehand that she had got the carafes correct after all, all fell dead quiet, all fell funeral quiet.

Still no floral arrangement to fill one’s nose with sinus congestion nor any coffin on show at the head of the room. But I felt dead sure my literary attempt would end up D.O.A. if I didn’t start ignoring the atmosphere, stop gawking at the members, stop thumbing my nose at the shakers and start drinking and getting down to business. It’s amazing I ever write at all, I fear.

With incredible fortitude and self-discipline (no Leader whip on offer that I knew of) I was finally focusing, honing in, seeing clearly my task before me. I had wondered if I could pull it off, tonight, writing under pressure, but as it turns out I too can write silly crap when a figurative gun is pointed at my head. I’d hate to be “special”, you know, I’d hate to be that one in a million of Us uncelebrated authors that could actually write prosaic liquid gold, under deadline, in a hotel board room, in front of total strangers. That would make me feel so uneasy. Thankfully, that is a concern that will never keep me awake at night along with the walking Undead.

As I feverishly hacked, hotel guests came and went in the hall outside, our unobtrusive waitress came in to ask Us if we were alright. Everyone was alright, as it turned out, well, as alright as one can be “creating” to a micro-deadline. Good thing this “creation” of mine didn’t have to be read out loud at the end of the evening, I’d rather have time and space in between me and this publishing for All to read, to lessen the embarrassment.

Sixteen members were booked in for this meeting, seven showed up. A rather good percentage, if you ask me, given that most meetings of the artsy-fartsy crowd can often be hit or miss. It’s not like we’re uptight, anal-retentive stock-brokers you know, the muse to do anything hits and then misses, not just for the “Art” but for real life, Meet Up meetings included. The first Write Night, I gather, was a sell-out, a rousing success of eighteen souls. I began to wonder what happened to the others from that first meeting? The thought gave me the chills…or was it the air conditioning that was finally kicking in, in that room? It was hard to tell.

Just as I was pondering that question, in between choosing the right words for my Short Story tome, a slow but ever-so-smooth nautical “list” began to appear in my immediate vicinity, a vague awareness that what was directly across from me was no longer on the level as it had been. I thought, No, not from just one Guinness, I can’t be that bad off. And with that spark of concern now dawning on me, I decided to focus hard, directly across the table. Jade - that natural blond, lovely, soft-spoken woman, so polite, so professional, so focused - her torso, ever so slightly started to lean to the left and within seconds, which felt like minutes, down she went to the carpeted floor below, still, dead quiet, silent as the grave, no utterance was made by her at all as she fell like the Leaning Tower of Pisa will some day.

The loud bang as her head hit the table leg shook everyone seated around that table, back into reality and away from their page. Almost in unison we catapulted off our chairs and clumsily raced over to Jade’s body, now lying limp on the floor. Kevin who was closest to the exit ran to the Front Desk to call for help while Davey and Laurie helped slide the chairs and boardroom table to the right, to make more room around Jade’s body. The hotel doctor was summoned and on quick order he and his medical bag were kneeling beside the inert Jade. The rest of Us were stunned into silent submission, slowly backing away now to give Jade and the doctor some space, all of Us looking down, all with deer-in-headlight bulging eyeballs, utterly shocked at the spectacle playing out before Us. The doctor felt for her pulse and shot with bullet precision question after question at Us all – What had happened? Did Jade say anything? Did she injure herself? Was there an altercation in the room? We all just kept shaking our heads in the negative or mumbling No. There was nothing out of the ordinary at all, we said. Nothing at all. The room had felt like a funeral parlour, I told you, but I kept that thought to myself.

The doctor called for an ambulance but his shaking head told us the real story. Jade was dead. Stone-cold dead. Well, as stone-cold as a body can be in the middle of a Calgary summer, in the middle of a lousy air-conditioned board room, only seconds after becoming dead.

Our gasps were very audible. Luckily in this gathering though there was no rotund woman nor waif-like socialite screaming bloody murder as often is the case in Murder Mysteries. Had there been, I would have died of literary boredom, a second death, a second body on the floor. No one needed that, most especially me, the floor in this tiny room was only so big to hold so many bodies, you know.

The police were called of course. The ambulance was on its way. And the doctor was still kneeling over the corpse. “We Six Remaining” stood around the room in robotic shock and the hotel staff, now in what looked like Hotel Guest Service wolf-packs, started to race to the area, more curious than helpful. The room was anything like a solemn funeral parlour now, boy, more like a Barnum & Bailey madhouse.

No one paid any attention to the return in the room of our still humble, diminutive waitress, when she entered to clear off the used drink glasses that were now competing for space with the medical equipment strewn on that board room table. Nothing should have been disturbed, of course, but in that awful scene no one thought anything of her efficiency. In the one carafe and in its accompanying wine glass, chosen specifically for Jade by our waitress and then skilfully removed, the remnants of Merlot laced with ricin remained. No one had graduated to thoughts of murder, for even the doctor wasn’t thinking beyond trying to give Jade CPR in the vain hope the paramedics could still revive her.

Hours before, when our waitress wasn’t a waitress at all but working her day job as a Copy Girl down at one of Calgary’s local independent newspapers, she was again not really noticed by anyone she worked around nor who worked around her. After all, a Copy Girl is the last rung on the News Floor ladder. But it really didn’t matter what job Soon Lee took on, she was always rather an invisible creature in her modest efficiency. Working day and night, her main enemy was exhaustion and earlier today, nearing the end of her hectic shift at the newspaper, she had trundled into the Lunch Room to grab her favourite pick-me-up snack from the vending machine, the type of yummy, salty carbs-in-a-bag one can only find in a packet of

CalgaryWritersMeetUpGroup-PortOCallHotel-Satire-Whodunit-WriteNight-Writers 4


Every day, at about 3pm, Soon Lee would grab a bag and wolf them down, the empty calories were what got her though to the start of her night shift as a waitress for the Port O Call Hotel.

Only on this day, her yearning was unfulfilled. Unbeknownst to her, a co-worker, a journalist at that same newspaper, had got to the vending machine ahead of her and as Soon Lee watched, helpless, this woman punched F9 and out came the very last bag of Cheezies. Soon Lee couldn’t believe her eyes. She was almost at the point of tears, panicking now, asking herself how was she ever going to cope. Cheezie carbs or nothing at all, was her motto and now, for the very first time, it was nothing at all.

Jade, with that bag of cherished Cheezies in her aquiline, alabaster hand, her thoughts completely consumed on the article she had to put to bed before the 6 o’clock deadline, saw a girl behind her but really paid very little attention. Copy Girls came and went in this place all the time and to get too acquainted with them, well, it was never really recommended. As Jade passed by Soon Lee, Jade’s head lowered in utter concentration, Soon Lee glared at her in silent rage. How dare she take the last bag, she thought. How…dare…SHE!CalgaryWritersMeetUpGroup-PortOCallHotel-Satire-Whodunit-WriteNight-Writers 5

No one in that hotel board room saw Soon Lee open Jade’s purse that had been perched on the back of her chair. No one saw her slowing unzip the top and extract a perfectly good, unopened bag of Cheezies. Soon Lee knew Jade was keeping them for tonight’s Write Night. She had overheard Jade tell a co-worker when she returned to her desk from the Lunch Room, that she was headed to the Port O Call (the exact same hotel Soon Lee worked at as her moonlight job) for a Write Night and the Cheezies were insurance in case of a munchie attack while writing, having no time to grab a decent dinner before it began and little time in between writing to order a proper meal at the hotel. Soon Lee couldn’t believe her luck. Jade would be her customer at the hotel, on that very night. Fate was smiling down on Soon Lee and as she witnessed Jade pack up at her news desk and leave for the day, a wide-mouthed Grinch-Who-Stole-Christmas grin over-took her expression.

Carrying a tray of used glassware in her left hand, she slyly stuffed into her right front pants pocket with her right hand The bag of cherished Cheezies. Soon Lee left that room of death as she had entered, a Spiteful Server Silent.

Then casually, covertly but ever so gracefully, Soon Lee entered the hotel kitchen and slid the tray of used glassware onto the massive dishwasher conveyor belt, Jade’s wine glass and carafe seconds away from pristine clean. Her “work”, to remove all traces of her dastardly deed, done, Soon Lee made her way to the Lobby and slowly sauntered out the Front Door of the hotel, unseen as always even when there, never to be seen there again.

“Teach you to take the last bag of Cheezies, teach you real good” was all she said, whispering those devilish words under her breath, her still thin-lipped, wide-mouthed, ghoulish Grinch grin now opening ever so slightly, fingers slowly pushing in one Cheezie after another, passing as they did through her dainty lips.

Photos, in Order of Appearance: Title Photo – Calgary Meet Up Member Photos, Montage by MsBurb; Glass of Guinness –; Glass of Red Wine –; Cheezies Cartoon –; The Grinch Cartoon –

Calgary Writers Meet Up Group, Port O Call Hotel, Satire, Whodunit, Write Night, Writers

Me llamo Eva Elle voz. Tengo 28 años humanos o 36 crines clorales. Nací en el campo experimental in vitro de Chinchilla (ALBACETE), vivo en la ciudad de Metrilant (EUROPA) y trabajo en Tiuwan (ASIA). He estudiado en University of Fredelín and Meterckam en estudios a distancia cibernéticos. Soy programadora de chips, experta en androides de evolución chisme-cósmica y licenciada

en nucleosis de los pelos craneales. Tengo tres parejas sentimentales cibernauticas y un hijo con ADN elegido en Mesterclasing. Cuando alcance la mayoría celular será experto en Plutánico efervescente. Creo en la inteligencia intuitiva y soy defensora de la terapia racional emotiva (Creada por: Albert Ellis).
Soy noticia por la creación y apertura del primer salón de Ciber-peluquería dirigido exclusivamente por androides. Siendo, a día de hoy, un rotundo éxito en eficacia, rentabilidad, calidad y creatividad. La responsabilidad, demostrada anteriormente con sobresaliente brillantez en su trayectoria profesional por todo el universo, va a cargo del androide «ROBOCOT». ÉL, conjuntamente con un impresionante equipo robótico, es el gran icono de este proyecto.
Tal vez, esta declaración sea un pensamiento de la parte irracional de mi cerebro. Son pequeños instantes donde lo real y lo irreal se pierden en el subconsciente de la mente. O bien, será uno de esos sueños premonitorios como los de Leonardo da Vinci, que a veces mi locura creativa desnuda y despojada de perjuicios terrestres y materiales predicen sin pelos en la lengua (válgase la expresión literaria, pues a pelos nos referimos y de ellos vivimos). Sea lo que sea, lo cierto es que estamos más cerca de esta futura realidad que la del presente que creemos afianzada a nuestros negocios.

 Muchos esperamos que nuestros clientes vuelvan ordenadamente con frecuencia a nuestros salones, dejen de comprar la coloración en la farmacia o el supermercado y que vuelvan a comprarnos los champuses, cremas, mascarillas y productos de acabado que tan mal supimos vender destruyendo la confianza de nuestros consumidores, aplicando en ocasiones márgenes económicos desorbitados o realizando coloraciones sin imaginación y fácilmente imitables por nuestras clientas. Nunca más volverá a ser lo que fue. Me viene a la mente una cita de un filósofo y político inglés que vivió en Londres hace más de cuatrocientos años y que leí, también, hace unos años: «El que no aplique nuevos remedios debe esperar nuevos males, porque el tiempo es el máximo innovador» (SIR FRANCIS BACON)
«CAMBIO». Esa es la clave. Adaptación al cambio. La era industrial, sin lugar a dudas, es un modelo social que, por suerte o por infortunio, está dejando de cohabitar en nuestra sociedad y de darnos medios económicos de subsistencia. Sin darnos cuenta, la era digital ha cambiado nuestra realidad cotidiana y económica provocando un estado al cual le llamamos CRISIS TRANSITORIA. «ROBOCOT» es nuestro futuro, no lo olvidéis. ÉL será nuestro sustituto. Mientras llega pongámonos a trabajar e instalemos en nuestras mentes el androide de la estimulación creativa. Nos ayudará a ser una sociedad sin miedo al fracaso y entender que fracasar en algunas cosas es parte del aprendizaje. A dejar de ser una sociedad que unas de sus mayores aspiraciones es ser funcionario...

Asesor creativo - artístico de Kin Cosmetics
          Sponge Bob Square Pants        

Are ya ready kids?
Aye, Aye captain!
I can't heeeaaar yooouuu!
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Sponge Bob Square Pants!
Absorbent and yellow and porous is he.
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Ah Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha, Ha, hArgh wh..arire..Ha arrrigh.

This tip courtesy of the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration which is shown below. After reading the article, please then link to the following address:

The Fire:
Shortly after midnight, on July 12, 1973, a fire was reported at the NPRC's military personnel records building at 9700 Page Boulevard in St. Louis, MO. Firefighters arrived on the scene only 4 minutes and 20 seconds after the first alarm sounded and entered the building. While they were able to reach the burning sixth floor, the heat and the smoke forced the firefighters to withdraw at 3:15am. In order to combat and contain the flames, firefighters were forced to pour great quantities of water onto the exterior of the building and inside through broken windows. The fire burned out of control for 22 hours; it took two days before firefighters were able to re-enter the building. The blaze was so intense that local Overland residents had to remain indoors, due to the heavy acrid smoke. It was not until July 16, nearly four and a half days after the first reports, that the local fire department called the fire officially out.
During the long ordeal, firefighters faced severe problems due to insufficient water pressure. Exacerbating the situation, one of the department's pumper trucks broke down after 40 hours of continuous operation. Numerous times, the fire threatened to spread down to the other floors; but firefighters were successful in halting its advance. In all, it took the participation of 42 fire districts to combat the disastrous blaze. Due to the extensive damages, investigators were never able to determine the source of the fire.

The Aftermath:
The National Archives focused its immediate attention on salvaging as much as possible and quickly resuming operations at the Page facility. Even before the final flames were out, staff at the NPRC had begun work towards these efforts. All requests and records shipments from other government agencies were temporarily halted, and certain vital records were removed from the burning building for safekeeping. These included the NPRC's operating records, a computer index for a major portion of the NPRC's holdings, and more than 100,000 reels of morning reports for the Army (1912-1959) and Air Force (1947-1959). The latter proved especially important in the days following, as NPRC's officials determined that the fire damage had been worst among the Army and Air Force records for this same time period. As such, on July 23, 1973, the Government issued a Federal Property Management Regulations Bulletin (FPMR B-39) halting Federal agencies from disposing of records that might be useful in documenting military service. Such records have proved vital in efforts to reconstruct basic service information for requestors.
On July 23, the NPRC awarded a construction contract to clear and remove the remains from the ruined sixth floor. That same day, employees, previously on administrative leave, returned to work to assist in recovery efforts and resume reference services. The removal and salvage of water and fire damaged records from the building was the most important priority, and such efforts were overseen by a specially appointed project manager. Their work led to the recovery of approximately 6.5 million burned and water damaged records.
Following the fire, the most immediate concern in the center revolved around water. In order to combat the blaze, firefighters had been forced to pour millions of gallons of water into the building. To stop sporadic rekindling of fire, firefighters continued spraying water on the building until late July. In addition, broken water lines continued to flood the building until they could be capped. Water damage was heaviest on the 5th floor but was spread throughout the building. Standing water, combined with the high temperatures and humidity of a typical St. Louis summer, created a situation ripe for mold growth. As paper is highly susceptible to mold, officials sprayed thymol throughout the building to control any outbreak.
Controlling the spread of mold was one concern; but, so too, was the issue of how to dry the millions of water-soaked records. Initially, NPRC staffers shipped these water-damaged records in plastic milk crates to a temporary facility at the civilian records center on Winnebago, where hastily constructed drying racks had been assembled from spare shelving. When it was discovered that McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Corporation in St. Louis had vacuum-drying facilities, the NPRC diverted its water damaged records there for treatment. The vacuum-dry process took place in a chamber that had previously been utilized to simulate temperature and pressure conditions for the Mercury and Gemini space missions. The chamber was large enough to accommodate approximately 2,000 plastic milk cartons of water and fire damaged records. Once inside, McDonnell Douglas technicians lowered the air in the chamber to the freezing point and then filled the room with hot dry air, which squeezed out the water molecules. For each chamber load, they were able to extract approximately 8 pounds of water per container - the equivalent of nearly 8 total tons of water for each session. In addition to utilizing two more supplemental drying chambers at McDonnell Douglas, the NPRC also sent records to a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) facility in Ohio for drying.

Towards Reconstruction:
As part of the reconstruction effort, the NPRC established a "B" registry file (or Burned File) to index the 6.5 million recovered records. So too, the NPRC established a separate temperature controlled "B" file area to protect and safeguard the damaged records. Later, in April 1974, the NPRC established the "R" registry file (or Reconstructed File) to further assist with reconstruction efforts. Since then, staffers have placed all newly reconstructed records into the "R" registry file and stored them in an area separate from the "B," or burned, files.
In the months following the fire, the NPRC initiated several new records recovery and reconstruction efforts, including the establishment of a new branch to deal with damaged records issues. As many military personnel records had been partially or completely destroyed by the fire, the new branch's central mission was to reconstruct records for those requesting service information from the NPRC. While some staffers sought to recover such information from documents and alternate sources outside of the NPRC, others searched through the center's organizational files for records to supplement the destroyed OMPFs.
These alternate sources have played a vital role in the NPRC's efforts to reconstruct service files. Some of the more important records used by the NPRC to supplement damage files include: Veterans Administration (VA) claims files, individual state records, Multiple Name Pay Vouchers (MPV) from the Adjutant General's Office, Selective Service System (SSS) registration records, pay records from the Government Accounting Office (GAO), as well as medical records from military hospitals, entrance and separation x-rays and organizational records. Many work hours were spent making these sources usable. Efforts included: the transfer of records to the NPRC, screening projects and securing access to VA computer records.
In terms of loss to the cultural heritage of our nation, the 1973 NPRC Fire was an unparalleled disaster. In the aftermath of the blaze, recovery and reconstruction effort took place at an unprecedented level. Thanks to such recovery efforts and the use of alternate sources to reconstruct files, today's NPRC is able to continue its primary mission of serving our country's military and civil servants.”

          GATE Exam Best Coaching Centres In Chennai        
Some of the Best Coaching institutes for GATE examination based on Students Feedback.
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01.  Solved Question Paper : GATE-CSE-2016-SET2 - by ACE
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   GATE 2017: Important Dates 

GATE 2017 Online Examination Dates:
February 4 – 5, 2017 & February 11 – 12, 2017  (Saturdays and Sundays only)
GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS) Website Opens for Enrollment, Application Filling, Application Submission
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          Scientist Discover Super Massive Black Hole Headed Towards Our Universe        
A new study regarding the revised position of Super Massive Black Hole APM 08258+64423 was published in the Astrophysical Journal by the Orion Group at the University Of Oxford’s Department Of Astrophysics, led by Director of Astrophysics, Jeln Bickelhaupt, in conjunction with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Astrophysics Department. Scientists have long held that […]
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          Arkansas state highway agency now called ArDOT        
The transportation agency for Arkansas has a new name.The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department is now called the Arkansas Department of Transportation and will serve as the point of contact for intermodal development in coordination with aeronautics and waterways for purposes of economic development.Senate Bill 589, now Act 707 of 2017, went into effect Monday and changed the name of the department.Although the Legislative Task Force on Intermodal [...]
          THE END OF THE FUTURE: Peter Thiel Essay On the Failure of Innovation        


Modern Western civilization stands on the twin plinths of science and technology. Taken together, these two interrelated domains reassure us that the 19th-century story of never-ending progress remains intact. Without them, the arguments that we are undergoing cultural decay — ranging from the collapse of art and literature after 1945 to the soft totalitarianism of political correctness in media and academia to the sordid worlds of reality television and popular entertainment — would gather far more force. Liberals often assert that science and technology remain essentially healthy; conservatives sometimes counter that these are false utopias; but the two sides of the culture wars silently agree that the accelerating development and application of the natural sciences continues apace.

Yet during the Great Recession, which began in 2008 and has no end in sight, these great expectations have been supplemented by a desperate necessity. We need high-paying jobs to avoid thinking about how to compete with China and India for low-paying jobs. We need rapid growth to meet the wishful expectations of our retirement plans and our runaway welfare states. We need science and technology to dig us out of our deep economic and financial hole, even though most of us cannot separate science from superstition or technology from magic. In our hearts and minds, we know that desperate optimism will not save us. Progress is neither automatic nor mechanistic; it is rare. Indeed, the unique history of the West proves the exception to the rule that most human beings through the millennia have existed in a naturally brutal, unchanging, and impoverished state. But there is no law that the exceptional rise of the West must continue. So we could do worse than to inquire into the widely held opinion that America is on the wrong track (and has been for some time), to wonder whether Progress is not doing as well as advertised, and perhaps to take exceptional measures to arrest and reverse any decline.

The state of true science is the key to knowing whether something is truly rotten in the United States. But any such assessment encounters an immediate and almost insuperable challenge. Who can speak about the true health of the ever-expanding universe of human knowledge, given how complex, esoteric, and specialized the many scientific and technological fields have become? When any given field takes half a lifetime of study to master, who can compare and contrast and properly weight the rate of progress in nanotechnology and cryptography and superstring theory and 610 other disciplines? Indeed, how do we even know whether the so-called scientists are not just lawmakers and politicians in disguise, as some conservatives suspect in fields as disparate as climate change, evolutionary biology, and embryonic-stem-cell research, and as I have come to suspect in almost all fields? For now, let us acknowledge this measurement problem — I will return to it later — but not let it stop our inquiry into modernity before it has even begun.


When tracked against the admittedly lofty hopes of the 1950s and 1960s, technological progress has fallen short in many domains. Consider the most literal instance of non-acceleration: We are no longer moving faster. The centuries-long acceleration of travel speeds — from ever-faster sailing ships in the 16th through 18th centuries, to the advent of ever-faster railroads in the 19th century, and ever-faster cars and airplanes in the 20th century — reversed with the decommissioning of the Concorde in 2003, to say nothing of the nightmarish delays caused by strikingly low-tech post-9/11 airport-security systems. Today’s advocates of space jets, lunar vacations, and the manned exploration of the solar system appear to hail from another planet. A faded 1964 Popular Science cover story — “Who’ll Fly You at 2,000 m.p.h.?” — barely recalls the dreams of a bygone age.

The official explanation for the slowdown in travel centers on the high cost of fuel, which points to the much larger failure in energy innovation. Real oil prices today exceed those of the Carter catastrophe of 1979–80. Nixon’s 1974 call for full energy independence by 1980 has given way to Obama’s 2011 call for one-third oil independence by 2020. Even before Fukushima, the nuclear industry and its 1954 promise of “electrical energy too cheap to meter” had long since been defeated by environmentalism and nuclear-proliferation concerns. One cannot in good conscience encourage an undergraduate in 2011 to study nuclear engineering as a career. “Clean tech” has become a euphemism for “energy too expensive to afford,” and in Silicon Valley it has also become an increasingly toxic term for near-certain ways to lose money. Without dramatic breakthroughs, the alternative to more-expensive oil may turn out to be not cleaner and much-more-expensive wind, algae, or solar, but rather less-expensive and dirtier coal.

Warren Buffett massively capitalized on both of these trends with his $44 billion investment, most made in late 2009, in BNSF Railway — making it the largest non-financial company in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. Understandably, the Oracle of Omaha proclaimed “an all-in wager on the economic future of the United States” and downplayed any doubts he might have harbored. For present purposes, it suffices to note that 40 percent of railroad freight involves the transport of coal, and that railroads will do especially well if the travel and energy consumption patterns of the 21st century involve a regression to the past.

In the past decade, the unresolved energy challenges of the 1970s have broadened into a more general commodity shock, which has been greater in magnitude than the price spikes of the two world wars and has undone the price improvements of the previous century. In the case of agriculture, at least, technological famine may lead to real old-fashioned famine. The fading of the true Green Revolution — which increased grain yields by 126 percent from 1950 to 1980, but has improved them by only 47 percent in the years since, barely keeping pace with global population growth — has encouraged another, more highly publicized “green revolution” of a more political and less certain character. We may embellish the 2011 Arab Spring as the hopeful by-product of the information age, but we should not downplay the primary role of runaway food prices and of the many desperate people who became more hungry than scared.

Warren Buffett massively capitalized on both of these trends with his $44 billion investment, most made in late 2009, in BNSF Railway — making it the largest non-financial company in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. Understandably, the Oracle of Omaha proclaimed “an all-in wager on the economic future of the United States” and downplayed any doubts he might have harbored. For present purposes, it suffices to note that 40 percent of railroad freight involves the transport of coal, and that railroads will do especially well if the travel and energy consumption patterns of the 21st century involve a regression to the past.

In the past decade, the unresolved energy challenges of the 1970s have broadened into a more general commodity shock, which has been greater in magnitude than the price spikes of the two world wars and has undone the price improvements of the previous century. In the case of agriculture, at least, technological famine may lead to real old-fashioned famine. The fading of the true Green Revolution — which increased grain yields by 126 percent from 1950 to 1980, but has improved them by only 47 percent in the years since, barely keeping pace with global population growth — has encouraged another, more highly publicized “green revolution” of a more political and less certain character. We may embellish the 2011 Arab Spring as the hopeful by-product of the information age, but we should not downplay the primary role of runaway food prices and of the many desperate people who became more hungry than scared.

Let us now try to tackle this very thorny measurement problem from a very different angle. If meaningful scientific and technological progress occurs, then we reasonably would expect greater economic prosperity (though this may be offset by other factors). And also in reverse: If economic gains, as measured by certain key indicators, have been limited or nonexistent, then perhaps so has scientific and technological progress. Therefore, to the extent that economic growth is easier to quantify than scientific or technological progress, economic numbers will contain indirect but important clues to our larger investigation.

The single most important economic development in recent times has been the broad stagnation of real wages and incomes since 1973, the year when oil prices quadrupled. To a first approximation, the progress in computers and the failure in energy appear to have roughly canceled each other out. Like Alice in the Red Queen’s race, we (and our computers) have been forced to run faster and faster to stay in the same place.
Taken at face value, the economic numbers suggest that the notion of breathtaking and across-the-board progress is far from the mark. If one believes the economic data, then one must reject the optimism of the scientific establishment. Indeed, if one shares the widely held view that the U.S. government may have understated the true rate of inflation — perhaps by ignoring the runaway inflation in government itself, notably in education and health care (where much higher spending has yielded no improvement in the former and only modest improvement in the latter) — then one may be inclined to take gold prices seriously and conclude that real incomes have fared even worse than the official data indicate.

This dismal and straightforward conclusion tends to be obscured by a range of secondary issues, which are important but do not really change the larger point about trends since 1973:

Mean incomes outperformed median incomes (inflation-adjusted in both cases), and there was a trend towards greater inequality. Median incomes rose by only 10 percent. Mean incomes rose by 29 percent, which works out to a glacial pace of only about 0.7 percent per year — much slower than in the preceding four decades.
Non-wage benefits, mostly health care, increased by about $2,600 per worker, for an additional 0.2 percent per year since 1973. So if the U.S. government has underestimated inflation by only 0.9 percentage points per year, then mean wages and benefits have been completely stagnant.
Corporate profits increased from 9 percent to 12 percent of GDP — again, a significant but easily exaggerated shift.
Women were hired in the 1980s and men were fired in the 2000s.
College graduates did better, and high-school graduates did worse. But both became worse off in the years after 2000, especially when one includes the rapidly escalating costs of college.
The era of globalization improved living standards by making labor and goods cheaper, but also hurt living standards through increased competition for limited resources. Free-trade advocates tend to think that the first effect dominates the second.
Economic progress may lag behind scientific and technological achievement, but 38 years seems like an awfully long time.

The economic future looked very different in the 1960s. In his 1967 bestseller The American Challenge, Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber argued that accelerating technological progress would widen the gap between the United States and the rest of the world, and that by 2000, “the post-industrial societies will be, in this order: the United States, Japan, Canada, Sweden. That is all.” According to Servan-Schreiber, the difference between the United States and the rest of Europe would grow from a difference of degree into a difference of kind, comparable to the difference between Europe and Egypt or Nigeria. As a result of this steady divergence, Americans would face less pressure to compete:

In 30 years America will be a post-industrial society. . . . There will be only four work days a week of seven hours per day. The year will be comprised of 39 work weeks and 13 weeks of vacation. With weekends and holidays this makes 147 work days a year and 218 free days a year. All this within a single generation.
We need to resist the temptation to dismiss Servan-Schreiber’s space-age optimism so that we can better understand how the consensus he represented could have been so terribly wrong — and how, instead, for many Americans, the Fourth Commandment (“Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy”) has been effectively forgotten.
Like technology, credit also makes claims on the future. “I will gladly pay you a dollar on Tuesday for a hamburger today” works only if a dollar gets earned by Tuesday. A credit crisis happens when earnings disappoint and the present does not live up to past expectations of the future.

The current crisis of housing and financial leverage contains many hidden links to broader questions concerning long-term progress in science and technology. On one hand, the lack of easy progress makes leverage more dangerous, because when something goes wrong, macroeconomic growth cannot offer a salve; time will not cure liquidity or solvency problems in a world where little grows or improves with time. On the other hand, the lack of easy progress also makes leverage far more tempting, as unleveraged real returns fall below the expectations of pension funds and other investors

This analysis suggests an explanation for the strange way the technology bubble of the 1990s gave rise to the real-estate bubble of the 2000s. After betting heavily on technology growth that did not materialize, investors tried to achieve the needed double-digit returns through massive leverage in seemingly safe real-estate investments. This did not work either, because a major reason for the bubble in real estate turned out to be the same as the reason for the bubble in technology: a mistaken but nearly universal background assumption about easy progress. Without fundamental gains in productivity (presumably driven by technology), real-estate values could not go up forever. Leverage is not a substitute for scientific progress.

The technology slowdown threatens not just our financial markets, but the entire modern political order, which is predicated on easy and relentless growth. The give-and-take of Western democracies depends on the idea that we can craft political solutions that enable most people to win most of the time. But in a world without growth, we can expect a loser for every winner. Many will suspect that the winners are involved in some sort of racket, so we can expect an increasingly nasty edge to our politics. We may be witnessing the beginnings of such a zero-sum system in politics in the U.S. and Western Europe, as the risks shift from winning less to losing more, and as our leaders desperately cast about for macroeconomic solutions to problems that have not been primarily about economics for a long time.

The most common name for a misplaced emphasis on macroeconomic policy is “Keynesianism.” Despite his brilliance, John Maynard Keynes was always a bit of a fraud, and there is always a bit of clever trickery in massive fiscal stimulus and the related printing of paper money. But we must acknowledge that this fraud strangely seemed to work for many decades. (The great scientific and technological tailwind of the 20th century powered many economically delusional ideas.) Even during the Great Depression of the 1930s, innovation expanded new and emerging fields as divergent as radio, movies, aeronautics, household appliances, polymer chemistry, and secondary oil recovery. In spite of their many mistakes, the New Dealers pushed technological innovation very hard.

The New Deal deficits, however misguided, were easily repaid by the growth of subsequent decades. During the Great Recession of the 2010s, by contrast, our policy leaders narrowly debate fiscal and monetary questions with much greater erudition, but have adopted a cargo-cult mentality with respect to the question of future innovation. As the years pass and the cargo fails to arrive, we eventually may doubt whether it will ever return. The age of monetary bubbles naturally ends in real austerity.

On the political right, we are seeing a quiet shift from the optimism of Jack Kemp to the pessimism of Ron Paul, from supply-side economics to theTea Party, and from the idea that we can combine tax cuts with more spending to the idea that money is either hard or fake. A mischievous person might even ask whether “supply-side economics” really was just a sort of code word for “Keynesianism.” For now it suffices to acknowledge that lower marginal tax rates might not happen and would not substitute for the much-needed construction of hundreds of new nuclear reactors.
We have seen that even the simple question of whether a technology slowdown has occurred is far from straightforward. The critical question of why such a slowdown seems to have occurred is harder still, and we do not have the space to tackle it fully here. Let us end with the related question of what can now be done. Most narrowly, can our government restart the stalled innovation engine?

The state can successfully push science; there is no sense denying it. The Manhattan Project and the Apollo program remind us of this possibility. Free markets may not fund as much basic research as needed. On the day after Hiroshima, the New York Times could with some reason pontificate about the superiority of centralized planning in matters scientific: “End result: An invention [the nuclear bomb] was given to the world in three years which it would have taken perhaps half a century to develop if we had to rely on

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          Assateague Island, Chincotegue, Maryland, Virginia, Vintage Map Pillow, Blue Pillows, Nautical, Beach House, Ocean, Coastal, Beach Cottage by AbundantHaven        

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Assateague Island, Maryland & Virginia 12" x 12" Map Pillow

This vintage-inspired, hand drawn map pillow of Assateague Island will summon memories of special vacations spent on the beach, watching the wild ponies and playing in the surf!

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I am practically speechless! It's GORGEOUS! One of a kind! PERFECT! Highly recommend this artisan. Susan was very easy to work with - replying quickly and clearly, as well as providing a draft of the early design. The item was created and shipped so quickly. Thank you again!

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We’ve received some awesome titles from Nobrow Press, PIE International, Rizzoli, Standards Manual, and more. Also included are rad bandanas designed by Hitch, gorgeous linen journals from House Industries, and a collection of architecturally-inspired rubber stamps by Aurelien Debat. Check them all out after the jump. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Graphics Standards Manual Designed by […]
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          Aeronautica Militare Collection 2013        

Uno stile che identifica. La storia della nostra Azienda comincia da lontano. Ha un passato legato alla lavorazione artigianale della pelle e un presente intrecciato al mondo dell’ Aeronautica Militare Italiana che ci autorizza ad impiegare i suoi fregi, scudetti e insegne per realizzare una linea di abbigliamento ed accessori autentica e originale.
Tutti i fregi, gli scudetti e le insegne che caratterizzano le Collezioni Aeronautica Militare-Collezione Privata sono originali: sono gli stessi che indossano tutti i giorni i piloti dell’Aviazione militare italiana. Aeronautica Militare-Collezione Privata è quindi garanzia assoluta di esclusività e autenticità. Diffida dalle imitazioni.Scopri la nuova collezione donna 2013 di Aeronautica Militare. A Pistoia in esclusiva da Tennis e Oltre.

          Nuova stagione e tante novità da Tennis e Oltre        
La nuova stagione è partita e da Tennis e Oltre le novità sono tante: nuovi marchi, nuove linee degli storici marchi per il tempo libero e tutto il materiale tecnico per lo sport. Segnaliamo in questo inizio di stagione AeroClub, un brand giovane e accattivante con tanta personalità appartenente alla famiglia "Aeronautica Militare". Grande l'attesa per le nuove linee firmate FREDDY e per l'abbigliamento ufficiale ADIDAS delle squadre NBA.  Tutta da scoprire la nuova collezione NEW BALANCE.


          DC Seger Snowboard Glove in Nautical Blue        
DC Seger Snowboard Glove in Nautical Blue

DC Seger Snowboard Glove in Nautical Blue

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          Il silenzio delle istituzioni        
1 - Le istituzioni non rispondono?

Si dice molto spesso che non esistano risposte "ufficiali" da parte delle istituzioni. Si ripete di frequente che siano state presentate 14 interrogazioni parlamentari sul problema delle scie. Si continua a dire che nessun organo ufficiale parli di chemtrails. Non è vero.

È vero che sono state presentate 14 interrogazioni parlamentari, ma non ci si citano mai le loro riposte. Non tutte le interrogazioni hanno avuto risposta scritta, ma in ben 5 di loro la risposta scritta è presente online.

È vero che è stata presentata un'interrogazione al Parlamento Europeo, ma è vero anche che alla stessa, il parlamento Europeo ha dato una risposta.

Le istituzioni hanno inoltre dato risposta, ad esempio l'Arpa Friuli Venezia Giulia

Come anche l'Arpa Toscana

l'Enac, ha riposto a un complottista che ha chiesto informazioni.

E i piloti, attraverso il sito md80, hanno risposto alle principali domande sull'esistenza delle Chemtrails

Andrea Corigliano (meteorologo), già nel 2010 ha detto la sua relativamente al fenomeno.

A lui si aggiunge PIerluigi Randi (meteorologo del MeteoRomagna ed Epson Meteo Regional Center)

Ci sono ovviamente le Faq del Cicap, che andrebbe calcolato come istituzione, nonostante il mondo complottista si ostini a ridicolizzarla come tale.

2 - Le risposte

Le risposte, riassunte quasi tutte qua, sono bene o male sempre le stesse:

"In via preliminare si precisa che, secondo le indagini svolte, i velivoli dell'Aeronautica militare non sono coinvolti nella generazione o emissione di scie differenti da quelle normalmente dovute alla condensazione del vapore acqueo."

"In particolare, il fenomeno delle scie si riferisce alla condensazione di vapore acqueo che normalmente viene rilasciato dai motori a combustione interna."

"Il combustibile usato dai velivoli militari è analogo a quello usato dai vettori civili e l'impatto ambientale, in relazione alla concentrazione di idrocarburi, è risultato molto minore di quello normalmente rilevabile nelle comuni aree urbane."

"In ultimo, non è emerso alcun elemento relativamente alla presenza di velivoli in volo senza contrassegni di nazionalità'"

"Dall'esame della letteratura scientifica internazionale e del contenuto dei siti web specialistici non è possibile confermare l'esistenza delle scie chimiche. I siti specialistici degli osservatori delle scie chimiche, in particolare, risultano carenti dal punto di vista scientifico. Si possono, tuttavia, fare le seguenti considerazioni. L'interpretazione più plausibile del fenomeno è che i presunti episodi di scie chimiche siano in realtà comuni scie di condensazione che sono durate più a lungo ed hanno assunto forma peculiare per effetto delle condizioni meteorologiche."

"In genere, si afferma che le scie chimiche non siano altro che comuni scie di condensazione il cui aspetto anomalo è dato dalle particolari condizioni meteorologiche. In genere si tratta di ricercatori che hanno studiate a lungo le scie di condensazione e dalle quali si evince chiaramente che possono comportarsi anche come le presunte scie chimiche."

"In ultimo, l'Aeronautica militare, che nel 2003 non ha sottoscritto alcun accordo con gli Stati Uniti sulla specifica problematica, non ha - come erroneamente affermato - «triplicato i voli militari», ma, al contrario, ha ridotto, dal predetto anno ad oggi, l'attività di volo dei propri aeromobili del 15 per cento circa."

"The Commission is aware of such claims but is not aware of any evidence that particles of barium, aluminium or iron are being emitted, deliberately or not, by aircraft. (Tradotto, la Commissione è al corrente di dette affermazioni, ma non è a conoscenza di nessuna prova che particelle di bario, alluminio o ferro siano emesse, deliberatamente o no, da aereomobili).

"The Commission is not aware of any evidence that such methods are being employed in Europe. (Tradotto: La commissione non è a conoscenza di alcuna evidenza che tali metodi siamo impiegati in Europa)".

"Pur non essendoci alcuna definizione precisa, si è osservato che, in generale, con il termine CHEMTRAIL vengono indicate le scie di condensazione prodotte dagli aerei che persistono a lungo o che si espandono sino a formare delle velature. In base a quanto riportato nel paragrafo precedente, la naturale varietà delle caratteristiche atmosferiche riesce naturalmente a rendere conto di come a volte le scie di condensazione si dissipino in tempi brevi ed in altri casi rimangano visibili per ore o addirittura si espandano."

"Si può senz'altro ritenere che la serie di teorie che vanno sotto la voce di “scie chimiche” sia in gran parte ispirata ed alimentata dal fenomeno delle scie di condensazione prodotte dai gas di scarico degli aerei in volo. D’altra parte la visibilità delle scie di condensazione è presumibilmente aumentata a partire dagli anni 90 e questo può essere stato uno degli elementi che hanno favorito il diffondersi di queste teorie; ciò insieme all'altro fattore determinante costituito dalla disponibilità e facilità di accesso a qualsiasi tipo di informazione attraverso la rete internet e il web."

"A quanto ci risulta invece, le scie persistenti segnalate sono le cosiddette “condensation trails (contrails)” e sono prodotte dagli scarichi degli aeromobili sia civili, sia militari. Sono formate essenzialmente da acqua in forma di cristalli di ghiaccio e non sono dannose per l’uomo."

3 - Conclusione

Le domande sono state giustamente poste. Ma le risposte sono state date. Quindi il punto ora è: siamo noi i ciechi che non vediamo il cielo sopra le nostre teste, oppure sono i complottisti che fanno domande, il sordo che non vuol sentire?

          Rendezvous 2017 – Tall Ships Regatta Discover the Wonder!        
Ordinary is not on deck this summer as Rendezvous 2017 – Tall Ships Regatta, dock at four ports around Cape Breton Island.  These famed and notable ships, from around the world are covering 7,000 nautical miles during the epic transatlantic race. You’re invited to join these intrepid seafarers as they dock in Port Hawkesbury, St. […]
          Osservatore esperto        
1 - Osservare il cielo

È notoriamente più facile provare l'esistenza di una cosa, che la sua non esistenza. Posso dimostrare che una cosa esiste (sulla base della fiducia, ovviamente) semplicemente affermando di averla vista, mentre il non aver mai visto qualcosa, non dimostra la non esistenza della stessa.

Gli attivisti contro le scie chimiche, postulano spesso che le scie che vediamo oggi non sono normali, in quanto "prima" (non si sa mai bene di preciso quando sia esattamente questo prima...) non si sarebbero mai viste oppure si sarebbero viste più raramente (a seconda delle versioni della teoria).

Secondo però il principio di cui sopra, ha più valore la testimonianza di un numero ristretto di persone che dice di aver visto qualcosa, piuttosto che la testimonianza di un numero maggiore, che dice di non averlo osservato.

Molti di noi non hanno mai visto un Airbus atterrare da solo con entrambi gli autopiloti attivati, ma il fatto che i piloti degli Airbus, affermano questa cosa, vale più di tutti quelli che dicono di non averlo visto.

E questo è quello che non capisco. Possono essere in molti ad affermare che le scie di condensa una volta non c'erano o non si espandevano o non persistevano... Ma il fatto stesso che ci sia qualcuno che invece le ha viste, come testimonianza, vale molto di più. Così come conta molto di più il fatto che ci siano studi sulla persistenza delle scie, la loro espansione e via discorrendo, che non una moltitudine di gente che afferma il contrario.

2 - Osservatore esperto.

Quello che mi capita spesso di sentire, inoltre, sono le fonti delle testimonianze sulla "non osservazione" delle scie. In una discussione su, mi sono stati indicati come fonte i contadini del paese dell'interlocutore, in quanto sarebbero da sempre stati attenti osservatori del cielo, per ragioni agricole.

Non capisco come sia possibile, non considerare come "attenti osservatori del cielo" chi il cielo lo guarda di professione. In moltissimi altri aspetti della vita, chi lavora con qualcosa, viene ritenuto in media più esperto di chi non ci lavora e a ragion veduta. Poi ovviamente, lo storico del suo lavoro permette meglio di capire quanto questa esperienza supposta sia reale o no.

La mia macchina fa un rumore, un rumore che prima non avevo mai sentito. Conosco un dentista che lavora in una via molto trafficata e che sente passare molte macchine sotto la sua finestra e di conseguenza lo ritengo esperto in "rumori di macchine" e porto la macchina da lui per farla controllare... ??? No di certo. La porterò da un meccanico. C'è caso che proprio lui mi spieghi che quel rumore che ho sentito per la prima volta (ossia da qualche mese da che ho la macchina), è in realtà causato dagli iniettori del metano e finché non ho avuto una situazione di macchina in moto, ferma, con me fuori, non avevo notato. Il rumore c'era sempre stato, ma non l'avevo ancora notato. Da quanto l'ho notato, inoltre, lo noterò in quasi tutte le auto a metano che passano.

Per cui mi chiedo, perché la testimonianza di un contadino, che dice di non aver mai visto le scie espandersi, varrebbe di più di quella di un meteorologo, o di un pilota?

Ci sono 650.000 piloti di linea circa (fonte che OGNI SANTO GIORNO volano in cielo, alle quote delle scie, e le vedono. Nessuno di loro le trova strane. Nessuno di loro dice di averle viste solo di recente. Oltre a osservarle tutti i santi giorni e averle SEMPRE OSSERVATE, hanno anche le conoscenze e l'esperienza lavorativa per giudicarle. Perché la loro testimonianza non conta?

Negli Stati Uniti, nel 2012 lavoravano circa 25.000 operatori al controllo traffico aereo. (fonte Non ho trovato altri dati, per ora. Spesso e volentieri, oltre al monitor operativo, i controllori danno un'occhiata al cielo. Anche loro hanno le conoscenze per determinare cosa sia strano e cosa no.

Così come i tecnici aeronautici (sempre negli Usa, nel 2008 erano 123.000, fonte

Poi gli operatori meteo, non ho trovato statistiche mondiali, ma in Italia ci sono qualcosa come 500 osservatori meteo, per l'aviazione. (250/300 in Enav, poi ci sono i Marescialli dell'Aviazione militare e una 20ina di meteorologi che lavorano nei due centri di previsione Enav di Linate e Ciampino).

Centinaia di migliaia di persone esperte, che osservano il cielo PER LAVORO, che hanno le conoscenze necessarie, CHE NON NOTANO NIENTE DI STRANO NELLE SCIE DI OGGI, ma che soprattutto LE HANNO SEMPRE VISTE, certo in numero leggermente minore una volta, ma le hanno sempre viste.

Perché la loro testimonianza NON VIENE MAI tenuta in conto?

3 - Conclusione

Nella sua lettera, il Maresciallo Domenico Azzone ( parla della questione dell'osservatore esperto.

"Ebbene, Signor Delitala, sono anch’io un Osservatore Esperto e contrariamente a quanto lei afferma (insieme ai Signori Mercalli e Onorato) sono certo e confermo che non tutte le Scie di Condensazione rilasciate dai velivoli (militari e/o civili) sono tutte normali, almeno a far data dalla fine degli anni 70 inizio anni 80 del Secolo Ventesimo."

Detto questo, si profonde in una spiegazione del perché le scie non sarebbero normali, identificando tutta una serie di anomalie, che in realtà anomale non sono.

La domanda successiva è: in assenza di prove (!), tra osservatori in teoria egualmente qualificati, conta anche il numero quale indice di probabilità. Ovvero, perché tenere in considerazione di più l'affermazione del Maresciallo Azzone, che non quella dei suoi quasi 500 colleghi? Certo, se ci fossero le prove al riguardo, la sua affermazione conterebbe più di quella dei suoi colleghi, ma in assenza di queste, preferisco alle affermazioni di tutti gli sciachimisti, quelle del milione e passa di operatori mondiali del settore. 

Questo basterebbe a risolvere la questione.
          RFMP e VTRPE        
Tornando alla primissima volta, in cui sentii parlare di scie chimiche in vita mia, incappai in una raccolta di brevi video prodotti da Tankerenemy. In uno di questi
la voce narrante, spiegava che esistevano dei programmi informatici militari che consentivano di monitorare il campo di battaglia in configurazione tridimensionale. Siccome, il radar che dovrebbe sviluppare le immagini, funziona solo sopra l’acqua ma non sulla terra, verrebbe sparso del bario in atmosfera, per creare un condotto (“duct”) per il segnale radar, così da poter monitorare il terreno.
Sempre sul progetto RFMP VTRPE, lo stesso autore pubblica anche un altro video
Dove ripete bene o male i concetti sopra esposti, ma relegando ai satelliti la capacità di prelevare immagini dell’area, congiungendole a quelle riprese dai mezzi in volo.
E di recente ha pubblicato un articolo su Edward Teller dove ritorna (velocissimamente) sulla questione.
1 – Lo scoop non è suo
Tanto per cambiare, tutta la faccenda, non è frutto di una ricerca indipendente reale (ovvero spulciare tra gli archivi e fare sperimentazioni di verifica), ma di una copiatura dal sito di Carnicom (da dove provengono parecchie cose dei “primi tempi” della bufala “scie chimiche”).
2 – Sono modelli matematici.
R.F.M.P. ovvero Radio Frequency Mission Planner (cioè pianificatore delle radio frequenze per la missione) è un tool software che aiuta a pianificare come gestire le radio frequenze.
E’ talmente segreto, che c’è un tutorial sul web su come usarlo.
Il V.T.R.P.E. (quando non lo scrivono invertendo le lettere ...) è invece un modello matematico che è alla base del tool RFMP. Serve per descrivere la propagazione delle onde radio. Sta per Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation, ed è appunto un modello matematico molto preciso della propagazione radio che tiene conto di un sacco di fattori.
Altrettanto segreto, qui lo studio sull'affidabilità.
3 – Le informazioni del terreno
Le informazioni del terreno, non sono lette dai satelliti durante la battaglia, o fornite dalle immagini degli elicotteri di supporto, ma fanno già parte del software, come confermato anche in “MODERN HF MISSION PLANNING COMBINING PROPAGATION MODELING AND REAL-TIME
ENVIRONMENT MONITORING” di D. Brant, G.K. Lott, S.E. Paluszek, BE. Skimmons, a pag. 333 dove dice: “The user opens a map window of the operating area. Selections include Digital Chart of the World, World Database III, and other chart Products” che tradotto vuol dire “L’utente apre una finestra mappa dell’area operative. La selezione include Digital Chart of the World, World Database III e altri prodotti di cartografia”
Alla fine il tool software, mostra sì una vista in 3D, colorata a seconda della propagazione del segnale. E serve appunto per valutare come funzioneranno le comunicazioni radio (si evince dal colore calcolato dal modello matematico) e di conseguenza anche le funzionalità del radar, a seconda del terreno e in particolari condizioni meteo.
4 – Il “condotto” (“duct”)
Il fatto che si debba creare un condotto in atmosfera è puro misunderstanding. L’effetto condotto, è una anomala propagazione del segnale radio, dovuto ad un effetto di rifrazione per via della densità più grande del normale, del tratto di atmosfera attraversata. Le due immagini che vengono sempre mostrate (una senza l’effetto condotto e l’altra con..) servono in realtà a indicare che il software è in grado di simulare anche quel particolare effetto, fondamentale per capire se le comunicazioni avranno successo oppure no.
Qui a pag. 27, l’esempio del VTRPE col calcolo dell’effetto condotto.
Qui alla terza pagina, la spiegazione dell’effetto condotto, con esempi.
5 – Bario?
Non c’è nessuna indicazione, né nei paper relativi al RFMP, né in quelli relativi al VTRPE, dell’impiego di bario per il loro utilizzo.
Posso solo immaginare che, dato che una tempesta o le nuvole, portino all'effetto condotto, e quindi a una anomalia del radar, qualcuno abbia collegato uno dei tanti millantanti falsi (ed errati) brevetti per il quali il bario renderebbe asciutta l’atmosfera e quindi il radar ci vedrebbe meglio.
Inoltre Tankerenemy differisce nell'errore da Carnicom. Secondo il primo, sarebbe il particolato di bario, che essendo elettro-conduttivo (??) creerebbe il canale (errata concezione di duct, ovvero condotto) per la trasmissione radio. Secondo Carnicom, il bario impedirebbe alle nubi di piovere, e rimanendo in aria piegherebbero le onde radio, creando un effetto condotto, che permetterebbe di oltrepassare l’orizzonte.
6 – Facciamo ancora più confusione
Nell'articolo su Edward Teller, ad un certo punto, l’autore afferma:
" Il progetto dell’aeronautica militare V.R.T.P. e quello della Marina R.F.M.P. (V.T.R.P.E.) includono l’impiego di particolato metallico composto da fibre dall’alluminio (chaff) ([2025] Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025).”
A parte che in Owning the Weather in 2025, non si parla MAI di VTRPE o di RFMP. E l’unica volta in cui si parla di usare chaff per modificare il tempo atmosferico, è per mitigare i fulmini e non ha nulla a che vedere coi due progetti in questione.
(Oltretutto Ownin the weather non fa nemmeno DIRETTO riferimento all’uso di chaff, ma a pag. 19, quando parla di “triggering lightning” fa riferimto al paper Heinz W. Kasemir, “Lightning Suppression by Chaff Seeding and Triggered Lightning,” in Wilmot
N. Hess, ed., Weather and Climate Modification (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1974), 623–628.)
7 – Il filmato preso da Red Flag
Nel secondo filmato, proposto all'inizio dell’articolo, per concludere è divertente notare che è stato mescolato un video di un’esercitazione militare, che nulla ha a che vedere coi progetto RFMP e VTRPE, con la voce e le scritte aggiunte da Tankerenemy
Inoltre, se si ascoltano le parole in sottofondo, in inglese, si sente chiaramente che si tratta di una simulazione di guerra su larga scala, che gli awcas (gli aerei col radar a disco sopra) forniscono supporto tattico ma controllano anche la missione (più tardi l’istruttore criticherà un pilota per una quasi collisione) e al minuto 00:41 si sente la frase “Each aircraft broadcasts real-time telemetry that appears as three-dimensional imagery onboard the Awcas”, che tradotta è “Ogni aeromobile trasmette telemetria in tempo reale che appare come immagine tridimensionale a bordo dell’awcas”
Ovvero la situazione dei rispettivi aerei è trasmessa dagli aerei stessi al sistema di supporto dell’awcas. Per il monitoraggio del campo da battaglia, anche nel video non viene menzionato né RFMP né VTRPE.
E se si finisce di ascoltare l’originale voce in inglese sotto (cercando di non sentire la voce italiana aggiunta dopo) si nota che non vengono mai menzionati bario, alluminio, chaff o composti igroscopici.
Mi stupisco ancora di quanta fuffa ci sia all'origine di tutta la vicenda.

          Il Calabrone e la Scienza.        
Capita spesso, durante una disquisizione, anche sulle scie chimiche, che l’interlocutore, una volta messo di fronte a prove o deduzioni, che fondano la base sulla scienza, ci definisca scientisti, inteso come una sorta di dispregiativo. In genere, il passaggio successivo, è che la Scienza non può spiegare tutto, che spesso si sbaglia e via discorrendo.
1 – La scienza non può spiegare tutto
Non credo che nessuno abbia mai affermato nulla di simile. Ma spesso, per comodo, i complottisti confondo questo assunto, col fatto che un fenomeno può essere spiegato nella sua interezza, come ad esempio le scie. Attualmente non esiste aspetto della formazione o caratteristica delle scie, che non abbia almeno un paper di studi al riguardo.
2 – Il Calabrone non può volare, lui non lo sa e vola lo stesso.
Questa frase, mi è stata riportata un sacco di volte, e nelle intenzioni dell’interlocutore, si vorrebbe smontare il fatto che si possano usare argomentazioni scientifiche come base delle dimostrazioni sulla questione in discussione.
Beh, tanto per capirci, la frase è una bufala.
O meglio, agli inizi del ‘900, alcuni entomologi, provarono ad applicare le equazioni della resistenza dell’aria sull’insetto. I calcoli di allora, mostrarono che teoricamente, il Calabrone non poteva volare.
Ma la Scienza, di fronte ad una situazione del genere, normalmente s’impegna a trovare l’errore. E così è stato. E non si trattava di un errore di calcoli, ma quanto più di applicazione di formule.
Nel caso del Calabrone, si è utilizzato un modello lineare semplificato di profili alari oscillanti. Questo modello assumeva piccole oscillazioni delle ali e nessuna separazione del flusso d’aria attorno ad esse.
Una migliore analisi del movimento delle ali del Calabrone (le ruota mentre le batte in alto e in basso), una misura precisa della velocità con cui batte le ali (circa 200 volte al secondo), e uno studio più approfondito della morfologia dell’ala vera e propria (inizialmente si credeva che fossero lisce, mentre si è notato che invece sono corrugate e questo cambia completamente la dinamica dell’aria su di esse), hanno portato alla conclusione, che la “forza bruta” insita nel volo del Calabrone, porti le sue ali a produrre costantemente uno stallo dinamico.
Uno stallo dinamico, è una condizione in cui, mentre l’ala si muove ad alta velocità, supera l’angolo d’incidenza critica. A differenza dello stallo classico, uno stallo dinamico, per un breve momento, produce prima di perdere portanza, un potere di sollevamento maggiore di quanto farebbe l’ala se si muovesse linearmente nell’aria. Sfruttando questa caratteristica dello stallo dinamico, e producendolo in continuazione, il Calabrone riesce tranquillamente a sollevare il suo peso per aria.
3 – I modelli cambiano
Questo fa la Scienza. Se viene trovato un errore, lo si cerca, lo si corregge e si va avanti. Il Calabrone ha mostrato sì un errore, ma non nei calcoli, ma nell’aver applicato quelli sbagliati invece di quelli giusti. Ha mostrato che si è data per scontata la sua meccanica di volo.
Per le scie, il principio è lo stesso. I sostenitori spesso, non si rendono conto di aver fatto lo stesso errore, di continuare ad applicare le considerazioni sbagliate. Danno per scontato di conoscere le meccaniche che le generano, senza conoscerle effettivamente.
Per assurdo, uno scienziato, se vedesse il 2 Giugno, un aereo che rilascia una scia di condensa da gas di scarico, a 1000 metri di quota, prima di credere ad una cospirazione, cercherebbe di capire se il modello attuale è sbagliato, se c’è qualcosa che non sa sull’atmosfera di quel giorno o sul tipo di ali e motore utilizzati, e via discorrendo. Aggiornerebbe cioè i modelli, a fronte delle nuove informazioni.
Per fortuna però, le scie che vediamo nei cieli, continuano a rispettare TUTTI i principi della fisica e della chimica. Rispettano TUTTE le proprietà che ci si aspettano dal ghiaccio. Rispettano tutti gli studi compiuti dai meteorologi, dagli ingegneri aeronautici e dagli studiosi.
Per cui, al momento, non c’è nessun modello da cambiare. Con buona pace di chi ci dice che non possiamo essere sicuri che qualcosa debba ancora essere scoperto riguardo alle scie, finché tutto conferma quanto studiato, supposto, sperimentato e verificato fino ad oggi, non c’è motivo di dubitare granché

          DC Tick Snowboard Jacket in Nautical Blue        
DC Tick Snowboard Jacket in Nautical Blue

DC Tick Snowboard Jacket in Nautical Blue

Colour: Nautical Blue Fabric: EXTOEX 10 Made from 100% nylon twill  Taffeta lining  Cuff adjuster  Snap patch on chest pocket  Snap centre front Snap centre sleeve pocket  2-way adjustable hood Tailored fit Hand pockets with snap top entry and zip-up side entry Internal zip-up pocket

          Malaysia: Marine police seize boat, arrest crew for illegal trawling near Sarikei        
Goh Pei Pei New Straits Times 7 Aug 17; KUCHING: Region 5 marine police seized a fishing boat and arrested its four crew members yesterday after they were caught trawling in a prohibited area, 0.5 nautical miles off Kuala Belawai, Sarikei. Region 5 commander Assistant Commissioner Salehuddin Mat Zaman said a patrol unit spotted the boat, which was less than five kilometres from the shore, at about 6am. “They are not supposed to use such a method in the area, which is very close to the shore. "Hence, our team seized the boat and four locals, including the skipper. We escorted them back to...

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          The Art of Knots        
Although I'm a sailor and am consequently obsessed with boats and all things nautical, I've pretty much limited my knot tying efforts to those everyday useful easy ones like the bowline, the rolling hitch, the square knot, the stopper knot, etc. My girlfriend Michelle, however has taken to the art and craft of fancy knot tying and rope work with a passion. She's left me far behind in my meager knowledge of knots, and lately has enough 600-foot spools of manila on hand to rig a small schooner. Michelle got her inspiration from the late Captain Charles Strickland, who she met this past summer at Point Cadet Marina as he was in his last days battling cancer. Capt. Charley's dream was to pass on as much of his knowledge as possible before he was gone, and Michelle was an eager student during the brief visits they had while he could still teach.

Now she's making plaited rope door mats, bowls, trivets and monkey's fists keychains just to name a few. Here's some examples in the photos below:

This is a round Turk's Head mat that can be used in the galley or at home to put hot pots or dishes on.

This large door mat is called an "Ocean Plait" Made from 1/2-inch manila, it's durable and just gets better with the effects of age and weather. These are a great nautical touch for a sailor's front door, or for the dock or in the cockpit.

This cool knot is a Monkey's Fist. These small ones make great key chains that tell everyone you're a sailor. They are also usefull all over a boat where you need a handy pull, such as attached to zippers as my friend Artie has done on his sail covers. These small one's are made from 1/8-inch Dacron cord. They can be made most any size.

Email me for prices and shipping information at: if you are interested in any of these pieces of traditional nautical art, or if you have questions.
          Dreamiest Hotels I Dropped By         
I am not a big one for plush rooms, extraordinary rain showers or a seven-course meal during my stays... But give me the sound of a waterfall in my room, the lure of pet and wild animals on the property and a chatty owner and I might coerce them to let me stay for another day. The last few years have been fabulous for researching hotels, homestays and guesthouses for books and articles. Here are some of the dreamiest hotels I’d love to go back to.
At The Blue Matsya with Henry Anna, Pic Courtesy Nishal Lama

The Blue Matsya – A beach house from where you can see the Lighthouse of Kaup beach is one of my favourites. The kind of place I would like to take up for a month and become friends with Henry Anna (the little adopted pup), finish a couple of books, get some work done, whet my cooking skills (self sufficient kitchen) and be let in to all the fisherwomen gossip along the coast. Be warned: The white and lemon coloured house will be hard to leave. (

Olaulim Backyards â€“ I think this is my staple suggestion to everyone going to Goa. Even though Olaulim has been covered by every major travel magazine and blogger, it’s still as heartwarming and familiar to go to. Thanks to Pirkko and her troupe of dogs, cats, goats and a donkey, Mantra, and her wonderful family. The highlight for me was definitely the animals and a tributary of the Mandovi River (Olaulim River) that skirts the house. Canoeing in that, with the dogs swimming alongside is my favourite memory from the home. A place I could spend a month in and still not want to leave. (

Chateau Woods –It was difficult to tear myself from the balcony of my room. For two whole mornings, it took me three cups of coffee and massive self-coercion to get up and start work. The sprawling tea estate in front and the sound of the Soochipara waters at the back of the home, and two little devil kittens for company – what more does one need? Perfect for getting some writing done if you stick to the terrace of front of the main bungalow or bag the cottage on the edge of the valley. (

Oland Estate – The earthy sensibility of Oland Estate’s plush cottages blend in seamlessly with the surrounding tea bushes and coffee plantations, off Ooty. The home-run plantation stay truly embodies the spirit of providing an authentic wildlife experience in the midst of luxury. Wide-open balconies, wooden furniture, leaf patterns embedded in the flooring and quiet nooks & corners are best suited for privacy in spacious set ups for families or large groups. The common lounge areas in the units are well equipped with LCD TVs, DVD players. All this, comes with a fantastic view of a wide range of hills right in front. The hook for me? An in-estate waterfall perfect for a picnic. (

Villa Templeberg, Galle, Srilanka

Villa Templeberg – Just a few nautical miles away from the southern edge of India, this is my pick for Galle. Though the 200 years old house in not inside the walled fort, it is just a ten minutes drive away. Two dogs, brilliant (this is an understatement) local food, a library, a sun deck and plenty of conversations over coffee is just the beginning. Wait till you get yourself up at the Jacuzzi at a vantage viewpoint and chat with the monkeys and squirrels in the coconut plantation. After strolling around in the Galle Fort, tuck yourself in the cosy four-poster bed with a mosquito net. (

          14 New Singapore Attractions for Kids that Opened in 2017        

We are nearly approaching the end of the first half of 2017 and while there are the usual places to bring the kiddos, there are quite a number of new places that have sprouted up this year to discover together as a family.

Some of them may be familiar names but to the kids, they offer a different fun experience! So the next time the holidays or weekends come along, here are 14 new adventures - of which NINE are FREE for all! - to take your pick from.

1. Let 'Em Play

Located at Tradehub21 (near International Business Park and The Chevrons in Jurong), Let 'Em Play is a brand new family-centric edutainment hub which combines both the fun of wall-climbing AND high elements obstacle course.

There are a total of 5 different types of climbing walls, each with varying difficulty as well as a 2-level high elements obstacle course. Billed as the FIRST and ONLY indoor High Elements Obstacle Course in Singapore, this course features over 15 different obstacles - and all in air-conditioned comfort! The course is suitable for both adults and children as young as 3 or 4 years old (accompanied by parents). Kids who are over 6 years of age can go on the course on their own.

The REAL highlight at Let ’Em Play though, is Singapore’s FIRST Augmented Reality Rock Climbing Wall. Currently one of the hottest trends around the world, Augmented Reality (AR) Climbing is the world’s first global gaming platform for climbing walls which projects graphics onto a climbing wall and paired with proprietary body tracking to create a variety of interactive games, like how participants are tasked to climb the wall in order to smash a bat.

Head HERE for a detailed review.

Address: 18 Boon Lay Way, Trade Hub 21, #01-100, Singapore 609966 (In front of McDonalds & Sakae Sushi)
Opening Hours: Weekdays 10.30am - 10pm | Weekends: 9.30am - 10.30pm
Cost: From $20 (child) for a 90-minute session. Visit HERE for full rates.

2. KIDZLAND Indoor Playground

Located right beside PasarBella at The Grandstand, KIDZLAND spans over 12,000 square feet and consists of 2 portions: an indoor playground and an arcade centre. The Forest indoor playground is a jungle-themed one, and recommended for kids between three and 12 years of age. The main play area consists of a three-level climbing structure with various obstacles, tunnels and slides to get through.

One of the focal points at the Main Play Area is the mini Carousel area, where kids will be able to hop on for a good spin. But the most unique - and most instagrammable - portion of the indoor playground has got be the Rainbow Net, which is a huge 2-level climbing net structure that kids will have a fun time ascending.

Have kids that find the indoor playground childish? A massive arcade centre forms part of KIDZLAND and comprises of all the game machines that you can imagine.

Head HERE for a detailed review.

Address:  200 Turf Club Road, #02-14, The Grandstand, Singapore 287994
Opening Hours: Mon - Thurs 10.30am - 8.30pm | Fri 10.30am - 9.30pm | Sat, Sun, PH & Sch Hols 9.30am - 9.30pm
Children (Above 3 years old) – $22 Peak, $20.00 Non-Peak, Unlimited Play Time
Toddlers (1 - 3 years old) – $18 Peak, $16 Non-peak, Unlimited Play Time
Babies (Below 1 year old) – Free, Unlimited Play Time
Adults –  Free for first adult, $5 per subsequent adult

3. The Learning Forest

The Learning Forest is the newest extension of Singapore Botanic Gardens and located in located in the new Tyersall-Gallop Core. Spread over a stunning 10-hectare area (that's equivalent to 15 football fields!), the Learning Forest features a network of boardwalks and elevated walkways that allow visitors to explore habitats ranging from a freshwater forest wetland to a lowland rainforest.

The Learning Forest is divided into five areas - The SPH Walk of Giants, the Lowland Rainforest, Keppel Discovery Wetlands, Bambusetum, and Wild Fruit Tree Arboretum. The biggest draw is the Canopy Web which allows visitors to experience being in the canopy of a forest from a height of about 8m. Visitors get to lie on the installed canopy webs, be among the canopy layer of century-old trees and gaze up into the crowns of trees!

No matter whether your kids are young or old, I strongly recommend paying The Learning Forest a visit. The entire area is extremely walkable as there are hardly any steps to climb. It's even stroller-friendly, thanks to the walkways and elevated boardwalks.

Head HERE for a detailed review.

Address: Singapore Botanic Gardens
Opening hours: 5am – 12 midnight daily
*The SPH Walk of Giants and Keppel Discovery Wetlands will be closed from 7pm to 7am to maintain a conducive habitat for wildlife
Cost: FREE Admission

4. Diggersite @ ORTO

Located at ORTO, Singapore's first 24-hour multi-recreational park, Diggersite offers little diggers the chance to realise their dream of operating a real-life working excavator! Previously at East Coast Park, Diggersite now occupies a larger area in Yishun which means that the construction vehicles are spaced out further apart.

All of the previous stations at East Coast have been replicated here - some with a slight twist. In total, there are now 5 stations where one of the fave will be kids having the chance to drive - yes, DRIVE - a forklift around the Diggersite compound while transporting a wooden mallet from one point to another. For kids who love sand play, there is a dedicated sand pit with sand toys.

Head HERE for a detailed review.

Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu, #01-01, Singapore 769198
Opening hours: Weekdays 11am - 9pm | Weekends 9am - 9pm
Cost: $5 per ride (7 minutes per ride, except for Forklift which is 5 minutes)

5. Aviation-themed Playground at Seletar Aeospace Park

The Oval at Seletar Aerospace Park (SAP) is currently the foodie hot spot to head to for a family-friendly alfresco brunch or dinner. But for kids, the aviation-themed playground is undoubtedly the main attraction.

In keeping with the aviation theme of SAP, all the play structures at the playground come in the form of aeroplanes and other aviation landmarks.

The playground is essentially divided into 2 areas: one for toddlers and younger kids while the other is for older kids who love a good climb. The toddler area features a mini play structure where everything are mini-sized, like the climbing rope, ladder, wall and slide. For older kids, they might fancy the other playground which comes with larger play structure and a control tower. There is also a huge life-sized Ludo (or aeroplane chess) board game that parents and kids can play together!

Head HERE for a detailed review.

Address: 3 Park Ln, Singapore 798387
Cost: FREE

6. Palawan Pirate Ship

Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa may have closed its doors in December last year, but the water play park with the iconic pirate ship comprising of plenty of water slides and cannons for the kids to splash around and run amok has OPENED its doors again this year. And best of all, it is FREE for everyone!

Re-branded as Palawan Pirate Ship, the water play area retains all the play features that the kids love. Housing a signature water play area in the shape of a huge pirate ship, expect lots of water pistols, slides and water jets. There is also a wading pool surrounding the entire ship!

Head HERE for a detailed review.

Address: Palawan Beach, Sentosa
Opening Hours: 10am - 6pm daily
Cost: FREE

7. Pang Sua Pond

Built in the 1990s, Pang Sua Pond's main job is to collect rainwater runoff from the surrounding areas before the water is pumped to the Upper Seletar Reservoir for storage and treatment. Under PUB's Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme, the pond has been revitalised after a 30-month makeover where the drains, canals and reservoirs have been integrated with the surrounding environment to create beautiful community spaces for all to enjoy.

Now, it is home to Singapore’s second largest floating wetland and boasts a boardwalk across the pond. And it is beautiful.

Located just a 10-minute walk from the Senja LRT station and beside Senja-Cashew Community Club, the pond features a 480m-long elevated boardwalk suspended at a height up to 7m above water, connecting residents to facilities such as the new 3G Wellness Centre and Bukit Panjang Neighbourhood 5 Park. More interestingly, Singapore's second-largest man-made floating wetland system (the largest being Sengkang Floating Wetland in Punggol Reservoir) can be found at Pang Sua Pond.

Besides beautifying the surroundings, the wetland plants serve an important purpose which is to help improve water quality in the pond and also create a habitat for dragonflies, birds and fishes.

Head HERE for a detailed review.

Address: Located beside Senja-Cashew Community Club (101 Bukit Panjang Road, Singapore 679910)
Cost: FREE

8. Singapore Maritime Gallery

The Singapore Maritime Gallery has underwent a face-lift and re-opened in April this year with fresh exhibits and experiences. The Gallery not only tells the story of the growth of Maritime Singapore from a small entrepot to a premier global hub port and a leading international maritime centre, but also demonstrates how Singapore prepares itself for the future.

From a ship simulator to “Ship Spotting”, visitors can immerse themselves in virtual reality as they experience a 360 degrees view of the various ship models and their components. They can also take the helm at the simulated ship bridge and pilot eight unique ships through story-driven missions.

In addition, children will be able to learn more about the diversity and vibrancy of Singapore's maritime industry through interactive games. For example, a container-stacking game which explains the importance of not overloading a vessel, hands-on nautical knots challenge, and a “Set Sail” game where children can learn about navigational safety and the importance of marine conservation.

Address: 31 Marina Coastal Drive, Marina South Pier, Level 2, Singapore 018988
Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm (Tues - Sun) | Closed on Mondays, except for Public Holidays
Cost: FREE
9. Parkview Museum Singapore

Located within Parkview Square - one of the most iconic skyscrapers of the Bugis cityscape - Parkview Museum Singapore is a private gallery and for its inaugural exhibition, it touches on the tenacious topic of shark protection and ocean conservation.

Titled “On Sharks & Humanity” (until 9 Sep 2017), this exhibition displays 33 engaging works from 29 artists, and explore and analyse the interdependent relationship between sharks, the ocean, and human beings, challenging prevailing prejudices surrounding this deeply feared creature and bringing to light the importance of sharks in the marine ecosystem.

And the best part? Admission is FREE for everyone!

Address: Level 3 Parkview Museum Singapore, 600 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188778
Opening Hours: 12pm - 7pm daily

10. Former Ford Factory

Previously known as Memories at Ford Factory - or more recently, Syonan Gallery - the Former Ford Factory is the site of the surrender of Singapore by British forces to the Japanese Imperial Army. Re-opened in February and a national monument, its contents have been revamped and now features refreshed content and a new focus. The gallery highlights a new area of focus for the exhibition by looking at the impact of the war and the Occupation years, including the immediate and longer-term legacies of this period on Singapore and the region.

The exhibition space proper is broadly divided into three zones: Fall of Singapore: Outlines the events leading up to that fateful moment where British forces surrendered unconditionally to the Imperial Japanese Army in the Ford Factory boardroom, Becoming Syonan: Captures the diverse experiences of people during the Japanese Occupation and Legacies: Highlights the various legacies of war and Occupation in Singapore, from the political and social changes that arose and the ways we remember the war in Singapore today.

Head HERE for a detailed review.

Address: 351 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 588192
Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 9am – 5.30pm | Sundays, 12 noon – 5.30pm
Cost: FREE Admission for all Children under 6, Singaporeans and permanent residents, Singapore student pass holders and Museum Roundtable members | Others: $3 per person

11. Windsor Nature Park

Located off Venus Drive at the Upper Thomson area, the 75-hectare Windsor Nature Park is a green buffer for the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Visitors can explore new trails including the specially curated Hanguana Trail and the Drongo Trail. The Hanguana Trail is lined with rare native plants, some of which are named after Singapore. The Drongo Trail features a sub-canopy walk where visitors can catch a glimpse of the fauna that are found under the canopy level, in addition to examining the understorey of the regenerating secondary forest.

Discover other highlights of Windsor Nature Park such as a marsh habitat and several freshwater streams by hiking on the restored trails and new boardwalks.


Address: 30 Venus Drive, Singapore 573858 (Located close to Singapore Island Country Club)
Opening Hours: 7am – 7pm daily

12. Clip 'n Climb

Okay, so I cheated a little because this attraction opened late last year. But hey, this is one indoor playground with a difference and one which I am sure kids will go crazy over!

New Zealand's indoor climbing theme park Clip 'n Climb has set up base at HomeTeamNS Tampines' space located at the refurbished Our Tampines Hub, a community and sports centre. Quirkily designed walls awash in bright colours greet climbers at Clip 'n Climb, which is not your run-of-the-mill indoor climbing joint. There are 19 wall designs in the 260sqm facility that range from easy for the rookies to difficult for the more experienced, such as the snaking beanstalk from fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk, a lightning bolt and Morse code-inspired one.

The park utilises an automatic belay system, which means kids can climb the different walls at the same time without having to take turns. Experience a twist in rock climbing at the Dry Ice wall where you’ll be given ‘ice picks’ - a pair of wooden sticks - to scale the structure and manoeuver yourself to the top.There is no minimum age for climbers, they just need to weigh between 10 and 150kg.

Head HERE for a detailed review.

Address: Our Tampines Hub, 51 Tampines Ave 4 #03-03, Singapore 529684
Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 12pm – 9pm | Friday and Saturday: 10am – 11pm | Sunday and public holiday: 10am – 9pm | School holiday and eve of public holiday: 10am – 11pm (1st Monday of every month: 2pm – 9pm)
Cost: From $18 for 90 minutes. View all rates HERE.

13. Chestnut Nature Park

There are two areas to Chestnut Nature Park – Chestnut Nature Park (South) and Chestnut Nature Park (North). Chestnut Nature Park (South) opened last year and is Singapore’s first nature park with separate mountain biking and hiking trails. Chestnut Nature Park (North) opened in February this year and together with the southern portion, Chestnut Nature Park now totals 81 hectares, making it Singapore’s largest nature park to date.

If you are planning to bring the kids for their first taste of hiking, great news - the hiking trail is slightly undulating and pretty straightforward. Chestnut Nature Park (South) has a 2.1km hiking trail, while Chestnut Nature Park (North) has a 3.5km hiking trail. Click HERE to download the southern hiking trail and HERE for the northern hiking trail.

For more adrenaline thrills, the 8.2 km mountain biking trail at the fully completed Chestnut Nature Park comprises varying levels of difficulty ranging from easy, moderately difficult, very difficult and extremely difficult. Visitors can rent mountain bicycles at AIRE MTB (Address: 201 Chestnut Avenue, #01-K1, Singapore 679525).

Address: Located along Chestnut Avenue
Opening Hours: 7am - 7pm daily
Cost: Free Admission

14. Playeum's 'Making It Home' Exhibition

Located at Gillman Barracks, Playeum is a museum without walls which hopes to inspire children through self-directed exploration and learning and in the process, establish a culture of meaningful and impactful play.

The new exhibition opened on 16 May and will last all the way until 29 October 2017 and it is all about dreaming rooms, making spaces and creating places. Kids (and parents) will be able to experience the home as a place where many ordinary materials can have multiple purposes and support imagination, innovation and sustainability.

Interestingly, the spaces within the indoor playground - if you can call Playeum that - have been transformed into different ‘rooms’, each with a different purpose with different opportunities for the kids to explore, experiment and redefine. Whether it is imagining colours, materials and designs for floors walls and ceilings, to conjuring up art works with sand or recyclable materials, kids can stretch their creativity and imagination to the limit! Head HERE for my review.

Address: Blk 47, Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, #01-23, Singapore 109444
Opening Hours: Tues - Sun: 10am - 6pm (Closed on Mondays)
Cost: $22 per child (1-12) | Accompanying adult: Free | Additional accompanying adult: $10

I'll update the list whenever new attractions open in Singapore, so do check back often!

          æ–°å“æœªä½¿ç”¨ 国内未発売 VANS Old Skool サイズ23.5cm Nautical Blue バンズ オールドスクール        
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          Golden Moments -5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics        
It's always been a pleasant experience cherishing past memories with great happenings. Even now, just a month and a week later, I can be happy going though my own flashback of 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics held in Brazil. Blogging requires to be specific sometimes and in this post I will recall about some interesting happenings took place during the 3 days from 19th to 22nd of April 2012. You can always check about the pre-events that preceded the 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics and also the event schedule/ program.

I had the pleasure of participating in the 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics as an invited speaker as the president of the Mathematical & Astronomical Society of University of Colombo. Having arrived in Brazil for the first time, and being though my first 2 days in Brazil I was slowly having my lessons and learning about the culture and the people, who proved to be very dynamic, spontaneous and friendly as I was progressing with rest of the stay. The hospitality I received was amazing, Professor Marcelo was always making sure I was doing fine and helped me in whatever possible way he could have had, and later as I was traveling in some parts of the Brazil, it proved to be no exception, as the Brazilian hospitality I received was at its best.
My Visa for 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics

Well, Let's get straight into the context, 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics started on the 19th morning inside the cinema hall of the Shopping Boulevard in Campos dos Goytacazes. Saying something about the hosting city, which is usually referred to as Campos, it is located almost in the middle between the cities of Vitória and Rio de Janeiro, which are the metropolitan capitals of Brazilian states of Espirito Santos and Rio de Janeiro respectively. I think you would get to Campos in a 3-hour driver from Rio. In Brazilian Portuguese, Campos means fields and they say Gaytacazes is an Indian tribe that used to live in the area and hence the name Campos dos Goytacazes.

During the Opening Ceremony of 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics at Shopping Boulvard, Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ, Brazil - People pictured from right to left are, Professor Marcelo Souza from Campos dos Gaytacazes, Brazil, Tamas Ladanyi from Hungary, Johannes Stübler from Austria, Andrea Sanchez-Saldias from Uruguay, Prasanna Deshapriya from Sri Lanka, Dirk Ross from Japan, Dimitri Gadotti from ESO,  Douglas -A representative of Shopping Boulevard, 2 other personnel from Campos dos Goytacazes city.

The audience at the same time: The audience consisted of students, teachers, and citizens of Campos dos Goytacazes

Professor Marcelo Souza, speaking at the opening ceremony
Here you can see the happy face of Professor Marcelo Souza, who is the chief organizer of 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics. Also pictured is the Hungarian astro-photographer Tamas Ladanyi from the TWAN- The World At Night project.

Just before the start !
You may see here how crowded the cinema hall was getting just before the start of the opening ceremony. Here you can see Professor Marcelo and some of the members of the Luis Cruls astronomy club as well. I must mention that these guys did an awesome job behind the scenes with so much untiring efforts towards the success of the 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics. Thus it is with great gratitude I mention them here for despite their young age they delivered really serious and tough work. I'm really happy to have enjoyed their company throughout my stay in Campos, not only during the meeting, but also prior and post to the event.

Tamas Ladanyi from Hungary - TWAN (The World At Night)
Here you see the first speaker of the 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics, Tamas Ladanyi, an astrophotographer from Hungary who also works for the TWAN, specialized in the landscape photography.  During his session he showcased his experience with astrophotography, which was vivid with a lot of fine combinations of skies and landscapes. One of the interesting pieces of his work was the photograph titled in Spanish "Mira mira Mira" (Mira olha Mira em Português) where his daughter Mira, is looking at the red-giant star Mira (a star in the constellation Cetus).
Professor Marcelo performing the interpretation task during the astrophotography workshop of Tamas Ladanyi

During the evening of the second day he also conducted a workshop on using equipment/ gear for astrophotography, touching down many technical specs as well. Then he led an expedition into a darker and distant area of the city with Professor Marcelo to flee from the lights of the city to get involved with more hands-on activity, where he demonstrated exactly the very steps that one needs to follow in taking a decent photo of some celestial object with the inclusion of a landscape as well. I was able to join this expedition and get more insights into my understanding of this beautiful branch of astronomy. Below you will see a picture that Tamas made at the end of the observation session at this remote location, along with all the participants.
Have a thorough look at the southern skies  !!
Southern skies and the participants of the Tamas Ladanyi's workshop -  Tamas himself, Professor Marcelo Souza and Johannes Stübler from Austria are also presented in the picture. (Photo Credit : Tamas Ladanyi)
Me and Tamas Ladanyi
 The second speaker José Carlos Diniz, a Brazilian astronomer from Rio de Janeiro spoke about the difficulties that one must undergo when doing astronomy in Brazil as well as about some determined individuals who have proved themselves exceptional, still to continue practicing astronomy in Brazil despite the various issues. The humorous sense he developed whilst presenting himself added more vibe to his presentation bringing about the ideology of his talk "Astrophotography in Brazil, the victory of passion".

One of the funny slides of José Carlos Diniz  (Photo Credit : Johannes Stübler)
It was really inspirational as José went on to particularly mention how difficult it was for him and his colleagues to find dark areas for observations in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil and how they finally managed to find better areas in the end in the same vicinity with adventures mixed with huge passion, and love for the astronomy.

The next was the presentation of Johannes Stübler, the National Co-ordinator of AWB (Astronomers without Borders) from Austria. Johannes gave an account about his ambassador role in "Living the Idea", traveling from Linz, his home city in Austria across Jordan, Syria and Turkey, promoting the astronomy and trying to get more people, met on the road to look at the skies and get interested. I was convinced that it is a great coincidence that Johannes Stübler also comes from the same city that Johannes Kepler was once living, as I was gathering more information.
Astronomy Outreach - from Orient to Occident (Photo Credit : Johannes Stübler)
 As I had the chance of having the company of Johannes during the meeting, we were sometimes sharing our ideas and experiences and it was fascinating to hear about the AWB Beer they had in Austria for the GAM (Global Astronomy Month) and I think it shows the innovation and creativity, blended with popularizing astronomy among people.

A souvenir I received from Johannes Stübler
Me and Johannes Stübler, he presented me the gift of the raffle draw :)
 Here is another picture taken during the first day of the meeting. Pictured are José Carlos Diniz, Patrick - the Portuguese<>English interpreter throughout the meeting, Norma Reis from Brasilia, Brazil and Oscar Matsuura from São Paulo, Brazil. Look at the variety of people that astronomy could bring together !
Another picture, you add the caption for this !
Dimitri Gadotti, a Brazilian working at ESO in Chile, during his presentation
The talk about the life and work at ESO telescopes in Chile with a focus on E-ELT, ESO's newest challenge, by Dimitri Gadotti was interesting, and curious as I was wondering how they make such great missions possible. It was also my Why for ESO's preference on southern skies, as they produce a lot of sophisticated cutting-edge accessories and equipment in Europe and transport those all the way across Atlantic Ocean and further to Chilean deserts.

“Jorge Marcgrave in Dutch Brazil: his founder role in Astronomy of Brazil and of the New World” - This sounded different for me in the beginning, Dutch Brazil ? Well, as I was through the presentation of Oscar Matsuura, who is a veteran researcher based in São Paulo, Brazil, I managed to figure out answers to my puzzle. He spoke about the pioneering role of Jorge Marcgrave in astronomy in Dutch Brazil or Brasil holandês as it is said in Brazilian Portuguese and about the influence he had on the people of northern parts of Brazil when they were Dutch colonies. Although I've included the Wikipedia link about Jorge Marcgrave here, I'm more than sure the presentation of Oscar was more resourceful.
Oscar Matsuura, and me outside the Shopping Boulevard, Campos
Attendees for the 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics waiting inside the Shopping Boulevard, You can also see the telescopes, multimedia, mobile planetarium, belonging to the Louis Cruls Astronomy Club.
Astronomy + Chess : I've always stumbled upon this game whenever I was out of Sri Lanka. I really don't know how I always find a connection with Chess and end up playing it, as the time permits. With me here is Laura from Louis Cruls Astronomy Club with a keen interest in astronomy.
The second day of 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics continued at Campus Guarus do Instituto Federal Fluminense, a new location also close to the city center.

Dr. Robert Zubrin from United States during his presentation
First presentation in the morning was that of Dr. Robert Zubrin from Mars Society, US about the project "Mars Direct" which is an attempt to get the man to the red planet in no more than a decade. Dr. Zubrin particularly expressed his idea on why this should be done within a time frame of 10 years and no more. He was quite certain about the potential about the project and I think it wouldn't be too far away the day where there would be Mars colonies, probably within our lifetime provided all works out fine.

Professor Marcelo & Dr. Zubrin with Monique, Ana, Lucas & Hermerio - First Brazilian Crew in Mars Desert Research Station
Then followed the report of the first Brazilian crew in Mars Desert Research Station, a facility located in the US. The report was about the experiences of Lucas, Ana, Monique & Hermerio, 4 students of Louis Cruls Astronomy Club who had the chance of visiting Mars Desert Research Station and spending few days there under the crucial conditions, similar to those, to be faced in real exploration activities in Mars. The students were supposed to be crew members, who had different areas to undertake like, geologist, communicator, etc whilst during the stay at this facility. For example Ana, who was in charge of communications had to wait long hours for the feedback from Earth, taking into account the distance between the two planets after she has sent any message/ signal. I believe it was truly an inspiration to all the participants as the students shared their individual experiences. Professor Marcelo also thanked Dr. Zubrin for his involvement in this project and I reckon there would be more chances for the Brazilian students in the future.

One of the other interesting as well as curious sessions to follow was the presentation of meteorite hunter Dirk Ross from Yamaguchi University, Japan and AWB with the topic "Meteor/Meteorite Soup"
Here is Dirk Ross, as he presents on "Meteor/Meteorite Soup"
One of the facts that Dirk mentioned in his talk still echoes in my mind; he went on to say that there had been only few meteorites found in the Brazilian territories and provided the large size of the country, there could be many more meteorites to discover. Later I got to know that Dirk, himself led some expeditions on lookout for possible meteorites along with some other students, and the results were not positive though. Nevertheless I hope they enjoyed the expeditions.

Dirk is confronted by curious students after his talk !

Dirk Ross at his meteorite hunting workshop, Look at the meteorites on the table !
 I don't know how to relate what happened the following evening, We received the NEWS from locals that there had been a meteor crash close to Campos and someone had recorded it as well and had put the video up on Facebook. We were with Professor Marcelo and he was receiving a lot of calls, reporting about this so-called meteor crash. In a different sense it was funny that Dirk Ross had just delivered his presentation about meteorites during the day and he had just had conducted the workshop in the evening on how to look for and identify them, and few hours later we're receiving a lot of reports on meteorite sighting.
Professor Marcelo, Dirk, Andrea and me as we were receiving the HOT news !, Believe me, this kept us sleepless and awake till the early morning.

However later taking into account the information and all the possibilities, Dirk concluded it to be space junk, seen being burnt as it was entering the atmosphere. However it triggered some fuss and suddenly a lot of interest and attention was paid to what Dirk was trying to explain in his talks.
The Souvenir from Dirk Ross

Still on the second day there were many other sessions and activities too with the inclusion of variety of events both indoors and outdoors.
The areas discussed in the meeting were vivid, here you see Eugênio Reis talking about Sun and its life cycle

Eugênio Reis with students at his outdoor session on solar observation.

Norma Reis from Brasilia, talking about her work with scientific communication, her topic was “Teacher’s MEC Portal exemplified by the site “Astronomy, Astronautics and Space Science at the School”
Here you see Oswaldo Barbosa during his workshop session, he's specialized about rocket propulsion and is from ACRUX Aerospace Technologies based in São Paulo, Brazil.
Outdoor adventure with Oswaldo Barbosa
  Whenever there was a break between the sessions I always tried to talk to fellow speakers and students and learn more about what they do, for I was naturally driven with the curiosity. These times proved to be hard sometimes when I stumbled upon some students who hardly spoke any English. However the universal expression of smile was commonly shared despite the language barrier. Below is one such a situation.
Dirk Ross and me with some students
This is Gennady Saenko from ROSCOSMOS talking about "Russia in Space - Vision and Challenges"
Andrea Sanchez-Saldias from Universidad de La Republica – Uruguay, during her presentation of “Educational experiences in Uruguay (formal and non-formal)”
This is me with Adriano Leonês, who talked about “School in the Stars – Experiences and Reports of three years teaching astronomy”
This is me with Andrea and Claudio, I should mention the latter is a polyglot, believe me he spoke Greek as well, and was one of the interesting characters I got to know during the meeting. I'm putting this picture up because of this amazing guy although I look pretty terrible in the picture, don't look at me !
During my presentation, which was the last on the agenda.
I spoke about the outreach activities of astronomy in Sri Lanka, generally what we do here to popularize astronomy. In addition I also talked a bit about my astronomy career and how IYA2009 boosted my involvement with astronomy outreach. In the picture above, in the slide, I'm seen presenting the annual astronomy magazine "Sigma" of Mathematical & Astronomical Society to the staff adviser Professor Chandana Jayarathne at the 'Star Quest 2011' inter-school astronomy quiz competition held in May 2011. In fact this was a great milestone of my astronomy career as I was the editor of that publication. 

The amazing and promising team of Louis Cruls astronomy club, who were behind the organizing of the 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics and bringing it to such a success. Kudos to all of them it was a great event !
It is with great gratitude I mention here Professor Marcelo Souza and his beloved wife Eponine. Professor Marcelo is a wonderful person with a great personality. His hospitality and friendliness is irresistible. Muito obrigado Marcelo por tudo. I humbly feel privileged to have known him.

          Pre-events of 5th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics        
As I've mentioned in my previous post I managed to arrive in Campos 16th of April and I was lucky enough to have a glance at the series of events arranged prior to the 5th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics, raising more awareness among the locals and getting more people interested. Through this post I will try to put into words some of the experiences I've been through until the start of 5th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics on 19th of April.

During the most of these 2 days I was with Professor Marcelo from morning to the evening, and therefore it was possible for me to easily connect with the students of the Louis Cruls Astronomy Club and other individuals who were a part of this endeavor, for I almost spoke no Portuguese back then. Professor Marcelo always helped me with everything, and introduced me to his colleagues and friends, making my stay more welcoming and easier. 

The series of pre-event activities organized in connection with the 5th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics were already in progress from 16th through 18th of April and were held in the Shopping Boulevard of the host city of Campos dos Goytacazes located in a nice neighborhood with interesting architecture.  

Professor Marcelo and Carlos, busy at work with inflatable mobile planetarium

Brazilian students with their lovely smiles !
An inflatable Mobile Planetarium had been set-up inside the Shopping Boulevard and there were repetitive sessions at regular intervals about night-sky observation and stars. The sessions were free for anyone and were conducted by Marcelo himself or the members of Louis Cruls Astronomy Club and were held from morning to the late evening.

Inside the mobile planetarium

Further there were different telescopes on display for attendees to check out and for me it was really interesting to see a lot of young school students attending this pre-event. I tried to talk to them, which was really hard with my handful of Portuguese words and however ended up sharing a smile and a picture with them sometimes. I was told that it was this occasion that some of these students were making their first visit to the Shopping Boulevard thanks to the social project, run by the municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes.

Additionally there were video guides about astronomy in general and a daily cinema aired in Portuguese about the life of astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS). I was enjoying the visual appearance and the aesthetic Brazilian Portuguese accent, trying to improve my linguistics at the same time.

Extending queues of students for the pre-events of 5th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics at the Shopping Boulevard : Picture courtesy :

The life of astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS)
One of the snaps I took inside the cinema

Inside the Shopping Boulevard in Campos with Marcelo and his colleagues.

Making new friends at the same time !
I also could visit the University where the observatory of Louis Cruls Astronomy Club is located and Professor Marcelo was kind enough to show me around. The dome reminded me of the Molesworth Telescope that our astronomical society, Mathematical & Astronomical Society (MAS) possesses.
Me, at the observatory of Louis Cruls Astronomy Club
The next day on the 18th, I met meteorite hunter Dirk Ross, who was one of the fellow invited speakers. He is an American born scientist living in Japan and I had the pleasure of having his interesting company throughout the rest of my stay in Campos. With Professor Marcelo, we went for a TV station and there was a talk on air. The TV program discussed about the oncoming 5th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics and meteorites.
Professor Marcelo Souza, me, Dirk Ross along with the presenters at the local TV station in Campos
Picture courtesy : Professor Marcelo Souza
Me and Dirk Ross with students, trying to speak some Portuguese to communicate
 Thus the set of pre-events of 5th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics was a great success and I was really happy to have been a part of the activities, with a bunch of new experiences in a new country. Muito Obrigado por todos !!

          Blogging from Brazil !!        
Finally, I made it to Campos, RJ, Brazil last Monday and now we're the beginning of the 5th Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics. Actually it;s supposed to get started in a few hours time and I will remind you the schedule for today.

Day 1 - April 19th - Dia 19 de abril

Shopping Boulevard - Campos

9:00h – Opening Ceremony - Abertura

10:00h  - My astrophotography work in "The World At Night" – Meu trabalho de Astrofotografia no “The World at Night” - Tamas Ladanyi (TWAN project)

11:00h  - “Astrophotography in Brazil, the victory of passion” -  “Astrofotografia no Brasil, a vitória da paixão” - José Carlos Diniz (NGC 51 and CANF)

12:00h - Lunch - Almoço

14:00h - “Living the Idea“ – “Vivendo a ideia” - Johannes Stübler (AWB – Austria)

15:0h - “Living in the desert and the E-ELT, ESO's newest challenge” – “Vivendo no deserto e o E-ELT, o mais novo desafio do ESO” -  Dimitri Gadotti (ESO)

16:00h – Coffee Break - Intervalo

16:15h – “Jorge Marcgrave in Dutch Brazil: his founder role in Astronomy of Brazil and of the New World” -   "Jorge Marcgrave no Brasil holandês: seu papel fundador na astronomia do Brasil e do Novo Mundo" - Oscar Matsuura (IAG/USP retired researcher, associate researcher of MAST/MCT and HCTE/UFRJ)

19:00h – Sky Observation and Cultural Activities


The location of the first day "Shopping Boulevard" is the largest shopping mall in the Campos and it looks really modern and an interesting place, Last 2 days we've had astronomy exhibition there and many youth from around the schools in Capmos took part in it. The set if events comprised of the mobile planetarium session and the movie "Space Station" aired in Portuguese in the cinema of the Shopping Boulevard.

So far I've tried to learn some Portuguese with the help of Marcelo, the members  of the astronomical society - Louis Cruls Astronomy Club and other locals. Hope there will be some improvement kudos to them !

Stay tuned for more news.


          Program Launched - 5th Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics        
Olá !!!

More news from Brazil !! The program of the 5th meeting on astronomy and astronautics has just been launched.

Here it goes !!!

Day 1 - April 19th - Dia 19 de abril

Shopping Boulevard - Campos

9:00h – Opening Ceremony - Abertura

10:00h  - My astrophotography work in "The World At Night" – Meu trabalho de Astrofotografia no “The World at Night” - Tamas Ladanyi (TWAN project)

11:00h  - “Astrophotography in Brazil, the victory of passion” -  “Astrofotografia no Brasil, a vitória da paixão” - José Carlos Diniz (NGC 51 and CANF)

12:00h - Lunch - Almoço

14:00h - “Living the Idea“ – “Vivendo a ideia” - Johannes Stübler (AWB – Austria)

15:0h - “Living in the desert and the E-ELT, ESO's newest challenge” – “Vivendo no deserto e o E-ELT, o mais novo desafio do ESO” -  Dimitri Gadotti (ESO)

16:00h – Coffee Break - Intervalo

16:15h – “Jorge Marcgrave in Dutch Brazil: his founder role in Astronomy of Brazil and of the New World” -   "Jorge Marcgrave no Brasil holandês: seu papel fundador na astronomia do Brasil e do Novo Mundo" - Oscar Matsuura (IAG/USP retired researcher, associate researcher of MAST/MCT and HCTE/UFRJ)

19:00h – Sky Observation and Cultural Activities


Day 2 - April 20th -  20 de abril

Campus Guarus do Instituto Federal Fluminense

9:30h – “Mars Direct: Humans to the Red Planet within a Decade” – “Direto para Marte: Seres Humanos em Marte dentro de uma década” -   Robert Zubrin (Mars Society)

10:30h – Report of the First Brazilian Crew in Mars Desert Research Station – Relato da Primeira Tripulação Brasileira na Estação de Pesquisa no Deserto sobre Marte

10:45h – “Meteor/Meteorite Soup” – “Sopa de Meteoro/Meteorito” - Dirk Ross (Yamaguchi University and AWB)

 12:00h – Lunch - Almoço

 14:00h – “Sun – Past, Present and Future” – “Sol – Passado, Presente e Futuro” - Eugênio Reis Neto (MAST/MCTI)

 15:00h – “Variable Stars Project during CUREA programa at Mount Wilson Observatory” - Projeto Estrelas Variáveis durante o programa CUREA do Observatório Monte Wilson – Jônatas Chagas Ramos (CALC/IFF)

 15:15h – “Teacher’s MEC Portal exemplified by the site “Astronomy, Astronautics and Space Science at the School” - Portal do Professor do MEC exemplificado pelo site temático “Astronomia, Astronáutica e Ciências Espaciais na Escola” - Norma Teresinha Oliveira Reis (MEC)

 16:00h – Coffee Break – Intervalo - Posters Presentation – Apresentação de Painéis

 16:15h – Workshops

 - Meteors, Meteorites and Fireballs – Meteoros, Meteoritos e Fireballs – Dirk Ross (Yamaguchi University and AWB)

 - Practical advices for astronomical landscape imaging - Conselhos práticos para imagens astronômicas (de paisagem) – Tamas Ladanyi (TWAN project)

- Is it possible to inhabit other planets outside our solar system? - Es posible habitar otros planetas fuera del Sistema Solar? - Andrea Sanchez-Saldias (Departamento de Astronomia-Facultad de Ciencias – Universidad de La Republica – Uruguay)

 - “Workshop about the Sun” - “Oficina sobre o Sol”  - Eugênio Reis (MAST/MCTI)

- Projeto para Construção e Lançamento de Foguete a Água – Oswaldo Barbosa Loureda (ACRUX Aerospace Technologies)

19:00h – Sky Observation and Cultural Activities


Day 3- April 21th - Dia 21 de Abril

Campus Guarus do Instituto Federal Fluminense

9:00h – Short Communications - Trabalhos Orais

-  “Radioweb Creative Science: New Technological resources for teaching and popularization of Physics and Astronomy for the visually impaired” - “Radioweb Ciência Criativa: Novos recursos tecnológicos para o ensino e divulgação de fisica e astronomia para deficientes visuais” - Luís Fernando Sodré Gomes (UENF and CALC/IFF), David Willian da Silva Batista (UENF and CALC/IFF),, Hélio Dutra (IFF), Carlos Cruz (CALC/IFF) and Marcelo de Oliveira Souza (UENF and CALC/IFF).

– “Parallel between Cosmogony and Cosmology trying to explain the Origin of the Universe” – “Um paralelo entre Cosmogonia e Cosmologia buscando explicar a Origem do Universo” - Bruno Leonardo do Nascimento Dias (UFRJ), Mário Novello (CBPF) e Érico Goulart (CBPF)

 â€“ “Parallel between Cosmogony and Cosmology trying to explain the Origin of the Universe” – “Um paralelo entre Cosmogonia e Cosmologia buscando explicar a Origem do Universo” - Bruno Leonardo do Nascimento Dias (UFRJ), Mário Novello (CBPF) e Érico Goulart (CBPF)

 - “Project "Looking to the sky in the southern Rio" a contribution to initial and continuing teacher training”  - “Projeto “Olhando para o céu no sul fluminense" uma contribuição a formação inicial e continuada de professores” - Marco Aurélio do Espírito Santo (IFRJ) e Fernanda Cópio Esteves (IFRJ)

- “School in the Stars – Experiences and Reports of three years teaching astronomy” – “Escola nas Estrelas - Experiências e Relatos de 3 anos Ensinando Astronomia” - Adriano da Silva Leonês(UnB), Paulo Eduardo de Brito (FUP/UnB) and Eliane Mendes Guimarães (FUP/UnB)

-“Mutual phenomena between the

Galilean Moons of Jupiter” - Fenômenos Mútuos entre os Satélites Galileanos de Júpiter – Alex Dias (Observatório Nacional)

- “Light Pollution in Campos dos Goytacazes” - “Poluição Luminosa em Campos dos Goytacazes” – Nicolle Cabral Coutinho (UENF) and Marcelo de Oliveira Souza (UENF and CALC/IFF)

 10:20h – Coffee Break - Intervalo
10:30h – “Russia in Space - Vision and Challenges” –  “A Rússia no espaço – Visão e Desafios” - Gennady Saenko (ROSCOSMOS)

 11:15h – “The Popularization of AStronomy in non-formal Education Spaces” - A divulgação da Astronomia em Espaços não Formais de Educação – Douglas Falcão (MAST/MCTI)

12:00h – Lunch - Almoço

14:00h – “Educational experiences in Uruguay (formal and non-formal)” -  Experiencias educativas en Uruguay (formal y de divulgacion) - Andrea Sanchez-Saldias (Departamento de Astronomia-Facultad de Ciencias – Universidad de La Republica – Uruguay)

 15:00h – “New trends in Rocket Technologies” -  “As Novas Tendências em Tecnologias de Foguetes” – Oswaldo Barbosa Loureda (ACRUX Aerospace Technologies)

 15:45h – “Let us look to the Sky” -  “Venha, vamos olhar para o Céu” - Valdir Boesel (Clube de Astronomia Nós e os Astros – Hamburgo – Rio Grande do Sul)

 16:00h – Coffee Break – Intervalo -  Posters Presentation – Apresentação de Painéis

16:15h – “Outreach of astronomy in Sri Lanka” – “Atividades de popularização da Astronomia no Sri Lanka” - Prasanna Deshapriya (Mathematical & Astronomical Society of University of Colombo, Sri Lanka)

16:45h – “End of World in 2012” – “O fim do Mundo em 2012” – Marcelo de Oliveira Souza (UENF and CALC/IFF)

 17:15h – Closure - Encerramento


Well, this looks really interesting and covers a broad range of topics in astronomy. There are speakers/ presenters from many countries and I'm sure the event will be educational as well as very effective and productive to anyone. It looks like the whole event will be held in 2 venues, and this time there is gonna be someone from Sri Lanka taking part as an invited speaker :)

See you soon in Brazil !! - Tchau !!!

Before finishing the post I will also mention the 2 committees behind the  5th Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics with many thanks.

Scientific Committee

  • Mike Simmons (USA)
  • Babak Tafreshi (Iran)
  • Andrea Sanchez (Uruguay)
  • Manoj Pai (India)
  • Azhy Hasan (Iraq)
  • Marcelo de Oliveira Souza (Brasil)
  • Ronaldo Rogerio de Freitas Mourao (Brasil)
  • Martin Makler (Brasil)
  • Rosa Doran (Portugal)
  • Julio Vanini (Nicarágua)
Local Committee

  • Marcelo de Oliveira Souza (CALC))
  • Eponine Wagner B. B. Souza ( CALC)
  • Joao Batista Lannes (CALC)
  • Otávio Jardim (CALC)
  • Luís Fernado Sodré Gomes (CALC)
  • Carlos Augusto Cruz (CALC)
Information source :

          5th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics        
This is great news for astronomy enthusiasts, the 5th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics is just around the corner. It will take place in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 19th to 21st of this month.

Louis Cruls Astronomy Club of Brazil has yet again taken the initiative of organizing the 5th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics and this time it's gonna be an amazing set of interesting events, packed with this rendezvous. According to the latest news from Brazil, a special opening event will take place on April 19, at 9:00h, at the the Trianon Theater located in Campos dos Goytacazes. Further the meeting will include exhibitions, Digital Mobile Planetarium sessions, astronomy clubs exhibits, International Competitions, Star Party and many more.This sounds really interesting and I guess anyone wouldn't mind gathering such a variety of experiences in one of the most beautiful cities in the world together with both local and international astronomy folk.

5th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics

All the presentations, workshops and exhibits will be held in IFF (Instituto Federal Fluminense - on April 20 and 21 in the same city. It is reported that the program "Um Passeio pelo Céu"( will make a complete coverage of the event, which sounds great because you can have access to the happenings of event, even if you do end up missing the chance of taking part, in the worst case scenario.

 There have been free registrations until the 07th of April 2012 and am not sure about the availability of that any longer. But you can obtain more information at
Additionally you can visit Louis Cruls Astronomy Club blog: The event is being organized by Louis Cruls Astronomy Club and have the support of Instituto Fedreal Fluminense , Astronomers Without Borders, UNAWE, UNESCO office in Brazil, Diário da Rússia ,the program StarPeace and Global Teacher Training Program .
 The UNAWE program in Brazil from December 2010 has the support ofthe UNESCO office in Brazil.

Finally not forgetting the great guy behind all this, the president of  the organizing committee of the 5th International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics, Mr. Marcelo de Oliveira Souza !
A warm round of applause for him.

 Abraços do Sri Lanka !

          Sailing Through Life        
 I wanted to make a man's birthday card and happened to have some Stampin Up double sided DP with a nautical theme that matched the card stock, also from Stampin Up. It was paired with a stamp set from Prima-Almanac Collection. The sentiment and birds are from Tim Holtz.
Inks: Night of Navy (SU), Versafine Onyx black.
Inksentials: glossy accents (compass)
Hope you like it.

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(PRWeb March 29, 2016)

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          Model aviation community donates $92,000 to Wounded Warrior Project        

Through National Model Aviation Day celebrations across the country, and the efforts of modelers at approximately 235 AMA chartered clubs, the Academy of Model Aeronautics raised $92,000 to support Wounded Warrior Project. AMA clubs have contributed a total of $268,000 to Wounded Warrior Project since 2013.

(PRWeb January 19, 2016)

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          AMA Reminds New Drone Owners to Operate Aircraft Safely        

Academy of Model Aeronautics promotes safe flying practices as new drone owners take to the skies after the holidays

(PRWeb January 05, 2016)

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          Academy of Model Aeronautics, Fly Robotics, and Civil Air Patrol Team Up to Provide sUAS Training to Cadets        

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is proud to announce that in conjunction with its longstanding partnership with Civil Air Patrol (CAP), they will now offer sUAS ground school powered by Fly Robotics to thousands of cadets across the country.

(PRWeb December 29, 2015)

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          California Dream Flight Sweepstakes Winners Chosen        

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Foundation is pleased to announce the winner of the California Dream Flight Sweepstakes. Christopher Mayer, of Owatonna, MN, was randomly chosen from entries submitted by approximately 5,000 people.

(PRWeb December 18, 2015)

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          Academy of Model Aeronautics and Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals Sign Collaborative Memorandum of Understanding        

A long-standing partnership between the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OPBAP) has been formalized with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

(PRWeb November 25, 2015)

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          Academy of Model Aeronautics Welcomes MultiGP as an official FPV Racing Special Interest Group        

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), led by its Executive Council, has officially welcomed its newest Special Interest Group (SIG), MultiGP, also known as Multirotor Grand Prix, to represent the First–Person View (FPV) racing community.

(PRWeb November 24, 2015)

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          New Video Webcast Spotlights Latest UAS News        

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is pleased to announce that the inaugural episode of its new monthly video webcast, AMA Air, has launched. AMA’s newest communication program will highlight model aviation and UAS news, features, and events, while showcasing members and clubs.

(PRWeb October 05, 2015)

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          Academy of Model Aeronautics Achieves Youth Member Milestone        

AMA has achieved a membership milestone with 50,000 Youth members 18 and younger. This is a great achievement for the model aviation community and partners of the AMA.

(PRWeb September 15, 2015)

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          Academy of Model Aeronautics Launches UAS Competitive Education Program        

The Academy of Model Aeronautics has launched a new program to encourage teamwork, competition, and success through a STEM-based education platform. The new UAS4STEM program will provide student teams of four to eight people with training, insurance, licensing, and equipment to compete in search-and-rescue challenges starting this fall.

(PRWeb August 17, 2015)

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          Model Flying Clubs to Celebrate the Hobby and Raise Money for Veterans        

The Academy of Model Aeronautics will host the third annual National Model Aviation Day celebration on August 15. Nearly 200 clubs nationwide have registered to participate in the celebration and promotion of the hobby of model aviation.

(PRWeb August 11, 2015)

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          Academy of Model Aeronautics to Start Online Fantasy Flight Competition        

The Academy of Model Aeronautics has plans to reenact the 1915 National Model Aeroplane Competition in celebration of its centennial.

(PRWeb July 23, 2015)

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          Academy of Model Aeronautics Awards $46,500 in Scholarships to College-Bound Model Aviation Pilots        

The Academy of Model Aeronautics has awarded $46,500 in scholarship funds to thirteen high school graduates from across the nation.

(PRWeb May 29, 2015)

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          Model flying pilots celebrate the Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation’s Third Annual National Model Aviation Day        

The Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation will be celebrating the third annual National Model Aviation Day on August 15, 2015. National Model Aviation Day was created to celebrate the hobby of model aviation nation-wide and to introduce model flying to the general public.

(PRWeb May 28, 2015)

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          Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation to host National Model Aviation Day Motorcycle Rally and Family Fest in Muncie, IN        

The Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation will be hosting a Motorcycle Rally and Family Fest in celebration of National Model Aviation Day. The event will take place at the AMA headquarters in Muncie, IN on August 15, 2015.

(PRWeb May 27, 2015)

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          HMAS Darwin Seizes Large Weapons Cache        
HMAS Darwin 's boarding team has uncovered and seized a large weapons cache, following a boarding of a fishing vessel during their deployment to the Middle East Region as part of Operation MANITOU. Operating under Combined Task Force 150, responsible for counter-terrorism operations within the Middle East Region, Darwin intercepted the fishing vessel approximately 170 nautical miles (313 kilometres) off the coast of Oman to conduct a flag verification boarding. After assessing the vessel t...
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          Polo Μπλούζα Μερσεριζέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1127J1 Πράσινο        
Polo Μπλούζα Μερσεριζέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1127J1 Πράσινο

Polo Μπλούζα Μερσεριζέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1127J1 Πράσινο

Polo Μπλούζα Μερσεριζέ Έντονες Διχρωμίες Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο Red Flag Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Μερσεριζέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1154J371 Μπεζ        
Polo Μπλούζα Μερσεριζέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1154J371 Μπεζ

Polo Μπλούζα Μερσεριζέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1154J371 Μπεζ

  Polo Μπλούζα Μερσεριζέ Έντονες Διχρωμίες ΔίχρωμοςΓιακάς Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο Τ346-Α Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Μερσεριζέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1157J1 Λευκό        
Polo Μπλούζα Μερσεριζέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1157J1 Λευκό

Polo Μπλούζα Μερσεριζέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1157J1 Λευκό

Polo Μπλούζα Μερσεριζέ Έντονες Διχρωμίες Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο Helicopter Pilots Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες και Ανάγλυφο Γιακά Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1140P134 Μπλε        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες και Ανάγλυφο Γιακά Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1140P134 Μπλε

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες και Ανάγλυφο Γιακά Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1140P134 Μπλε

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Ανάγλυφο Μικροσχέδιο στον Γιακά Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο Aces Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          (30 Days to a Naturally More Vibrant You) Day 29: Thinking about basics        
**Updated to add collages!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and I assume we all survived, I am ready to get back to talking about building a cohesive wardrobe that suits you.

Today I want to talk about choosing basics. I think that a lot goes into choosing good basics that you will really wear and be happy with. However... I'm not really going to give you a specific thing to buy.

I have been on blogs that say "Get this t-shirt in this color, here's where to buy it", and those blogs can be a really great place to start, especially if we are new to shopping or learning how to dress nicely. And sometimes you just love what that girl has, so it's really nice to know the source she uses for her awesome tastes.

For me, I have bought "other people's basics" before, and they just hang in my closet unworn. Or I would just go through Target and grab a V-neck in each color, without a rhyme or reason to it (and that lilac shirt hung in my closet a long time. I bought it, I should wear it, right?)

How to Choose Basics for Your Style, Shape, and Colors

1. What's your shape? How should your basics flatter your shape?

2. What are your colors?

3. What is your style? What basics do you on your pinterest board that you are drawn to?

Love the v-neck tucked into a skirt
An example

Let's take myself as an example here. Let's say I'm shopping for a t-shirt. My shape is an hour glass. I have a full bust, so I am not comfortable wearing a crew-neck t-shirt because it accentuates my boobs a lot (it also doesn't go with my very feminine romantic style) but I do have a lot of V-necks and boat neck shirts on my pinterest board. I am going to choose an ivory color, because that is my main neutral, and is also pinned in a lot of my boards. The other thing that was important to me is that it I wanted it to drape well. I have two ivory V-necks, one is thick and the other thin. I like the thin one better for my style because I am using it in a lot of different ways. I like it layered, and I like it tucked, so thin works well for me. (I ended up going with one from Urban Outfitters, but if you get one beware that my normal size fits a bit loose, so I'm sizing down next time)

So, when you are choosing a basic, try to see it for the complete picture it provides. What will that piece look like when put with other things?

Something else I'm realizing is that I have a really hard time with jeans. I am picky about the way they look and I get discouraged shopping for them. But I don't actually have a lot of jeans on my pinterest. Maybe my problem is that jeans aren't really a good basic for me. Maybe I need to look for some versatile skirts and warm tights, or some more vintage style pants rather than jeans.

Good Basics to Consider

A t-shirt in your styling and color choice

A chambray- There are many washes, fits, thicknesses and stylings. Choose one that will be versatile with what you like. I actually have one that is loose and a light wash that I like to wear to dress down a super girly outfit, and then I have a thinner one that is fitted and a dark wash that I wear tucked into skirts.

A striped shirt- I'm still on the lookout for a boatneck with thin ivory and gray stripes, but I do have a sweater that is fun for the winter :) Yours should be in a pattern and shape that goes with that styling you like. Maybe some stripes that are kind punk-rock-ish, or some nautical inspired ones.

Some blouses for layering and changing the look of an outfit- Think about the textures, colors, patterns, and necklines involved. Something with a fun neckline or ruffles can be great for layering. We will talk more about this in detail later on. One of my favorites is an ivory chiffon.... it is sleeveless and has a high neckline with a a tie-neck. A good button up in your favorite styling is another good one (plaid, polka dots, a plain color or neutral ,etc) A wrap top is another good ones for an hourglass, and an empire waist blouse would be great for a circle shape.

A blazer- My favorite is a fitted gray one.

A cardigan or two- Preferably in your neutrals, or one of your main colors and a neutral. I have a grandpa cardigan that gets a lot of use, and then also a beigey slouchy one that adds texture and warmth to an outfit.

I think that is enough to think about for today. There are obviously more things you need in your wardrobe, but pants and skirts and dresses feels like it would be better left in another post (here!).

What kind of basics are you working on for your wardrobe?

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμες Ριγέ Λεπτομέρειες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1158P82 Λευκό        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμες Ριγέ Λεπτομέρειες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1158P82 Λευκό

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμες Ριγέ Λεπτομέρειες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1158P82 Λευκό

Polo Μπλούζα ΠικέΔίχρωμες Ριγέ ΛεπτομέρειεςΛογότυπο Aeronautica MilitareΣτενή Γραμμή100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμες Ριγέ Λεπτομέρειες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1158P82 Τυρκουάζ        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμες Ριγέ Λεπτομέρειες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1158P82 Τυρκουάζ

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμες Ριγέ Λεπτομέρειες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1158P82 Τυρκουάζ

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Δίχρωμες Ριγέ Λεπτομέρειες Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 162PO1040P112 Μπλε        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 162PO1040P112 Μπλε

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 162PO1040P112 Μπλε

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Έντονες Διχρωμίες Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο Frecce Tricolori Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1067P118 Λευκό        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1067P118 Λευκό

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1067P118 Λευκό

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Εξωτερικές Ραφές Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο 20 Gruppo Λογότυπο Typhoon Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1067P118 Μπλε        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1067P118 Μπλε

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1067P118 Μπλε

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Εξωτερικές Ραφές Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο 20 Gruppo Λογότυπο Typhoon Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1149P112 Λευκό        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1149P112 Λευκό

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1149P112 Λευκό

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Διχρωμίες Μερσεριζέ Γιακάς Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο Pattuglia Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1149P112 Μπλε        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1149P112 Μπλε

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1149P112 Μπλε

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Διχρωμίες Μερσεριζέ Γιακάς Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο Pattuglia Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1150P135 Μπλε        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1150P135 Μπλε

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1150P135 Μπλε

Polo Μπλούζα ΠικέΈντονες ΔιχρωμίεςΑνάγλυφος ΓιακάςΛογότυπο Aeronautica MilitareΛογότυπο Desert DuskΣτενή Γραμμή100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμο Jean Γιακά Στενή Γραμμή 162P01022 J17 Λευκό        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμο Jean Γιακά Στενή Γραμμή 162P01022 J17 Λευκό

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμο Jean Γιακά Στενή Γραμμή 162P01022 J17 Λευκό

Polo Μπλούζα ΠικέΔίχρωμος Jean ΓιακάςΛογότυπο Aeronautica MilitareΣτενή Γραμμή100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμο Jean Γιακά Στενή Γραμμή 162P01022 J17 Μπλε        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμο Jean Γιακά Στενή Γραμμή 162P01022 J17 Μπλε

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ με Δίχρωμο Jean Γιακά Στενή Γραμμή 162P01022 J17 Μπλε

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Δίχρωμος Jean Γιακάς Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Πετροπλυμένη με Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Στενή Γραμμή 161PO941P113 Ροζ        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Πετροπλυμένη με Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Στενή Γραμμή 161PO941P113 Ροζ

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Πετροπλυμένη με Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Στενή Γραμμή 161PO941P113 Ροζ

Polo Μπλούζα ΠικέΠετροπλυμένηΔίχρωμες ΛεπτομέρειεςΛογότυπο Aeronautica MilitareΣτενή Γραμμή100% Βαμβακερό

          Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Τρίχρωμη Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1155P138 Κόκκινο        
Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Τρίχρωμη Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1155P138 Κόκκινο

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Τρίχρωμη Στενή Γραμμή 171PO1155P138 Κόκκινο

Polo Μπλούζα Πικέ Τρίχρωμη Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο Gruppo Caccia Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          T-Shirt Λαιμόκοψη με Στάμπα "1923" Στενή Γραμμή 161TS1253J308 Γκρι        
T-Shirt Λαιμόκοψη με Στάμπα "1923" Στενή Γραμμή 161TS1253J308 Γκρι

T-Shirt Λαιμόκοψη με Στάμπα "1923" Στενή Γραμμή 161TS1253J308 Γκρι

T-Shirt Μπλούζα Λαιμόκοψη Στάμπα "1923" Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          T-Shirt Λαιμόκοψη με Στάμπα "C-119" Στενή Γραμμή 171TS1341J367 Λευκό        
T-Shirt Λαιμόκοψη με Στάμπα "C-119" Στενή Γραμμή 171TS1341J367 Λευκό

T-Shirt Λαιμόκοψη με Στάμπα "C-119" Στενή Γραμμή 171TS1341J367 Λευκό

T-Shirt ΜπλούζαΛαιμόκοψηΣτάμπα "C-119"Λογότυπο Aeronautica MilitareΣτενή Γραμμή100% Βαμβακερό

          T-Shirt Λαιμόκοψη με Στάμπα "Target" Στενή Γραμμή 162TS1308J17 Μπλε        
T-Shirt Λαιμόκοψη με Στάμπα "Target" Στενή Γραμμή 162TS1308J17 Μπλε

T-Shirt Λαιμόκοψη με Στάμπα "Target" Στενή Γραμμή 162TS1308J17 Μπλε

T-Shirt ΜπλούζαΛαιμόκοψηΣτάμπα "Target"Λογότυπο Aeronautica MilitareΣτενή Γραμμή100% Βαμβακερό

          T-Shirt Λαιμόκοψη με Στάμπα "Target" Στενή Γραμμή 171TS1253J308 Λευκό        
T-Shirt Λαιμόκοψη με Στάμπα "Target" Στενή Γραμμή 171TS1253J308 Λευκό

T-Shirt Λαιμόκοψη με Στάμπα "Target" Στενή Γραμμή 171TS1253J308 Λευκό

T-Shirt Μπλούζα Λαιμόκοψη Στάμπα "Target" Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          Î’ερμούδα Cargo Μιλιτέρ με Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Στενή Γραμμή 171BEO31CT1122 Μπλε        
Βερμούδα Cargo Μιλιτέρ με Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Στενή Γραμμή 171BEO31CT1122 Μπλε

Βερμούδα Cargo Μιλιτέρ με Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Στενή Γραμμή 171BEO31CT1122 Μπλε

Βερμούδα CargoΜιλιτέρΕξωτερικές ΡαφέςΔίχρωμες ΛεπτομέρειεςΛογότυπο Aeronautica MilitareΛογότυπο Frecce TricoloriΣτενή Γραμμή100% Βαμβακερό

          Î’ερμούδα Μιλιτέρ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 161BE003CT1122 Μπλε        
Βερμούδα Μιλιτέρ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 161BE003CT1122 Μπλε

Βερμούδα Μιλιτέρ με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή 161BE003CT1122 Μπλε

Βερμούδα Μιλιτέρ Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Εξωτερικές Ραφές Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο Target Στενή Γραμμή 100% Βαμβακερό

          Î’ερμούδα Μιλιτέρ Μονόχρωμη Στενή Γραμμή 161BE007CT1863 Κίτρινο        
Βερμούδα Μιλιτέρ Μονόχρωμη Στενή Γραμμή 161BE007CT1863 Κίτρινο

Βερμούδα Μιλιτέρ Μονόχρωμη Στενή Γραμμή 161BE007CT1863 Κίτρινο

Βερμούδα Μιλιτέρ Μονόχρωμη Τσέπες Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Στενή Γραμμή 71%CO - 29%LI

          Î’ερμούδα Μιλιτέρ Μονόχρωμη Στενή Γραμμή 161BE007CT1863 Κόκκινο        
Βερμούδα Μιλιτέρ Μονόχρωμη Στενή Γραμμή 161BE007CT1863 Κόκκινο

Βερμούδα Μιλιτέρ Μονόχρωμη Στενή Γραμμή 161BE007CT1863 Κόκκινο

Βερμούδα Μιλιτέρ Μονόχρωμη Τσέπες Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Στενή Γραμμή 71%CO - 29%LI

          Î–ακέτα Αθλητική με Διχρωμίες και Κουκούλα Στενή Γραμμή 162FE1134F304 Λευκό        
Ζακέτα Αθλητική με Διχρωμίες και Κουκούλα Στενή Γραμμή 162FE1134F304 Λευκό

Ζακέτα Αθλητική με Διχρωμίες και Κουκούλα Στενή Γραμμή 162FE1134F304 Λευκό

Ζακέτα Αθλητική Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Κουκούλα Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Εξωτερικές Τσέπες Φερμουάρ Στενή Γραμμή 92%CO - 8%SP

          Î–ακέτα Αθλητική με Διχρωμίες και Κουκούλα Στενή Γραμμή 162FE1134F304 Μπλε        
Ζακέτα Αθλητική με Διχρωμίες και Κουκούλα Στενή Γραμμή 162FE1134F304 Μπλε

Ζακέτα Αθλητική με Διχρωμίες και Κουκούλα Στενή Γραμμή 162FE1134F304 Μπλε

Ζακέτα Αθλητική Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Κουκούλα Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Εξωτερικές Τσέπες Φερμουάρ Στενή Γραμμή 92%CO - 8%SP

          Î–ακέτα Αθλητική Μελανζέ με Διχρωμίες και Φερμουάρ Στενή Γραμμή 162FE1116F9 Λευκό        
Ζακέτα Αθλητική Μελανζέ με Διχρωμίες και Φερμουάρ Στενή Γραμμή 162FE1116F9 Λευκό

Ζακέτα Αθλητική Μελανζέ με Διχρωμίες και Φερμουάρ Στενή Γραμμή 162FE1116F9 Λευκό

Ζακέτα ΑθλητικήΜελανζέΔίχρωμες ΛεπτομέρειεςΛογότυπο Aeronautica MilitareΕξωτερικές ΤσέπεςΦερμουάρΣτενή Γραμμή92%CO - 8%SP

          Î–ακέτα με Διχρωμίες και Στάμπα "AM" Στενή Γραμμή 171FE1188F74 Μπλε        
Ζακέτα με Διχρωμίες και Στάμπα "AM" Στενή Γραμμή 171FE1188F74 Μπλε

Ζακέτα με Διχρωμίες και Στάμπα "AM" Στενή Γραμμή 171FE1188F74 Μπλε

Φούτερ Ζακέτα Διχρωμίες Πλαϊνές τσέπες Λεπτομέρειες "ΑΜ" Κλείσιμο με φερμουάρ Λογότυπο  Aeronautica Militare Κανονική Γραμμή 92% Co 8% El

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Ζακέτα με Διχρωμίες και Φερμουάρ Στενή Γραμμή Comando Squadra 152MA955L254 Μπλε

Ζακέτα με Διχρωμίες και Φερμουάρ Στενή Γραμμή Comando Squadra 152MA955L254 Μπλε

ΖακέταΔίχρωμες ΛεπτομέρειεςΦερμουάρΛογότυπο Aeronautica MilitareΛογότυπο TargetΣτενή Γραμμή90%CO - 10%CAS

          Rosewood Display Table 41" L x 22" W x 31" H        


 With one simple wrench assemble this Display Table in minutes

Present your model ship or other nautical décor on this elegant table, crafted from the finest Rosewood and exuding nautical class and sophistication. With a classic design, this table is perfect for displaying your model in any room or office.

*Available in CLASSIC or MODERN styles

  • Made from rosewood with a high-quality finish
  • Fits all sized model ships or other decorative items
  • Perfect for the office, den, study, living room or anywhere else you would love to display a model ship or other item.
  • Easily assembled/unassembled in minutes (only basic wrench needed)
  • If combined with a display case, the table prevents the case from ever being knocked off the table.


          Aeronautical Chart User's Guide        
Aeronautical Chart User's Guide

Aeronautical Chart User's Guide

The updated 12th Edition of the Aeronautical Chart User's Guide by the FAA AeroNav Products branch is the definitive learning aid, reference document, and introduction to the weath of information provided on aeronautical charts and in chart navigation publications.

          Aeronautical Knowledge - Air Law        
Aeronautical Knowledge - Air Law

Aeronautical Knowledge - Air Law

For almost any pilot, Air Law is the first Theoretical Knowledge (TK) subject to be tackled on any pilot’s licence course. Indeed, many training organisations require the student pilot to pass the Air Law exam before first solo flight and passing the Air Law exam ahead of the other TK subjects is recommended practice under EASA syllabus guidance.

          ÎšÏÎ¬Î½Î¿Ï‚ Μηχανής Δερμάτινο 162KS921 A13 Μπλε        
Κράνος Μηχανής Δερμάτινο 162KS921 A13 Μπλε

Κράνος Μηχανής Δερμάτινο 162KS921 A13 Μπλε

Κράνος Μηχανής Μονόχρωμο Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Αποσπώμενη Επένδυση Made in Italy

          ÎœÎ±Î³Î¹ÏŒ Βερμούδα Κοντό Μονόχρωμο Στενή Γραμμή 171BW163CT1537 Μπλε        
Μαγιό Βερμούδα Κοντό Μονόχρωμο Στενή Γραμμή 171BW163CT1537 Μπλε

Μαγιό Βερμούδα Κοντό Μονόχρωμο Στενή Γραμμή 171BW163CT1537 Μπλε

Μαγιό ΒερμούδαΚοντόΙμάντας ΣύσφιξηςΛογότυπο Aeronautica MilitareΣτενή Γραμμή100% Poly

          ÎœÎ±Î³Î¹ÏŒ Βερμούδα Μονόχρωμο Στενή Γραμμή 171BW164CT1537 Λευκό        
Μαγιό Βερμούδα Μονόχρωμο Στενή Γραμμή 171BW164CT1537 Λευκό

Μαγιό Βερμούδα Μονόχρωμο Στενή Γραμμή 171BW164CT1537 Λευκό

Μαγιό Βερμούδα Διακοσμητικές τριχρωμίες Ιμάντας Σύσφιξης Εξωτερικές τσέπες Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Στενή Γραμμή 100% Poly

          ÎœÎ±Î³Î¹ÏŒ Βερμούδα Μονόχρωμο Στενή Γραμμή 171BW164CT1537 Μπλε        
Μαγιό Βερμούδα Μονόχρωμο Στενή Γραμμή 171BW164CT1537 Μπλε

Μαγιό Βερμούδα Μονόχρωμο Στενή Γραμμή 171BW164CT1537 Μπλε

Μαγιό ΒερμούδαΔιακοσμητικές τριχρωμίεςΙμάντας ΣύσφιξηςΕξωτερικές τσέπεςΛογότυπο Aeronautica MilitareΣτενή Γραμμή100% Poly

          ÎœÎ±Î³Î¹ÏŒ Σορτς Logo Τριχρωμία Στενή Γραμμή 171BW164CT1537 Μπλε        
Μαγιό Σορτς Logo Τριχρωμία Στενή Γραμμή 171BW164CT1537 Μπλε

Μαγιό Σορτς Logo Τριχρωμία Στενή Γραμμή 171BW164CT1537 Μπλε

Μαγιό Σορτς Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο Target Τσέπες Κορδόνι Περίσφιξης Στενή Γραμμή 100% Poly

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Μαγιό Σορτς Logo Τριχρωμία Στενή Γραμμή 171BW165CT1537 Μπλε

Μαγιό Σορτς Logo Τριχρωμία Στενή Γραμμή 171BW165CT1537 Μπλε

Μαγιό Σορτς Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο Target Τσέπες Κορδόνι Περίσφιξης Στενή Γραμμή 100% Poly

          ÎœÎ±Î³Î¹ÏŒ Σορτς με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή Pilota BW147 Κίτρινο        
Μαγιό Σορτς με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή Pilota BW147 Κίτρινο

Μαγιό Σορτς με Διχρωμίες Στενή Γραμμή Pilota BW147 Κίτρινο

Μαγιό Σορτς Δίχρωμες Λεπτομέρειες Λογότυπο Aeronautica Militare Λογότυπο Target Τσέπες Κορδόνι Σύσφιξης Στενή Γραμμή 100% Poly

          ASA Book Style Chart Wallet        
ASA Book Style Chart Wallet

ASA Book Style Chart Wallet

This hard backed book style chart wallet organises, holds, carries, and displays aeronautical Sectional, WAC, and Low Altitude En-route charts, VFR+GPS Charts or ICAO Charts conveniently.

          ASA Instrument Plotter        
ASA Instrument Plotter

ASA Instrument Plotter

ASA's instrument plotter features: 12 scales to accommodate all instrument charts, including a conversion scale for Nautical and Statute miles

          ASA VFR Long Tri-Fold Kneeboard        
ASA VFR Long Tri-Fold Kneeboard

ASA VFR Long Tri-Fold Kneeboard

The ASA Long VFR tri-fold kneeboard accommodates all aeronautical FAA charts without additional folding. For the pilot looking for a flight "briefcase", the kneeboard fits snugly into a three-panel jacket.

          Bearing Position Calculator        
Bearing Position Calculator

Bearing Position Calculator

For fast, simple Position Fixing on 1:500,000 Topographical Aeronautical Charts. Conventional means of using V.O.R. and D.M.E. to give a geographical fix on the Topographical Chart 280mm in length,

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          Public Resource Audits Scholarly Literature        
I (from personal experience), and others, have commented previously on the way journals paywall articles based on spurious claims that they own the copyright, even when there is clear evidence that they know that these claims are false. This is copyfraud, but:
While falsely claiming copyright is technically a criminal offense under the Act, prosecutions are extremely rare. These circumstances have produced fraud on an untold scale, with millions of works in the public domain deemed copyrighted, and countless dollars paid out every year in licensing fees to make copies that could be made for free.
The clearest case of journal copyfraud is when journals claim copyright on articles authored by US federal employees:
Work by officers and employees of the government as part of their official duties is "a work of the United States government" and, as such, is not entitled to domestic copyright protection under U.S. law. So, inside the US there is no copyright to transfer, and outside the US the copyright is owned by the US government, not by the employee. It is easy to find papers that apparently violate this, such as James Hansen et al's Global Temperature Change. It carries the statement "© 2006 by The National Academy of Sciences of the USA" and states Hansen's affiliation as "National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Institute for Space Studies".
Perhaps the most compelling instance is the AMA falsely claiming to own the copyright on United States Health Care Reform: Progress to Date and Next Steps by one Barack Obama.

Now, Carl Malamud tweets:
Public Resource has been conducting an intensive audit of the scholarly literature. We have focused on works of the U.S. government. Our audit has determined that 1,264,429 journal articles authored by federal employees or officers are potentially void of copyright.
They extracted metadata from Sci-Hub and found:
Of the 1,264,429 government journal articles I have metadata for, I am now able to access 1,141,505 files (90.2%) for potential release.
This is already extremely valuable work. But in addition:
2,031,359 of the articles in my possession are dated 1923 or earlier. These 2 categories represent 4.92% of scihub. Additional categories to examine include lapsed copyright registrations, open access that is not, and author-retained copyrights.
It is long past time for action against the rampant copyfraud by academic journals.

Tip of the hat to James R. Jacobs.
          Vintage Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace / 1980s Gold Seashell Nautical Avon Statement Necklace by LuckyDryGoods        

36.00 USD

Vintage 1980s shiny yellow gold nautical seashell motif Kenneth Jay Lane for AVon graduated runway style statement necklace. Safety clasp closure.

Signed: KJL for Avon

Circumference: 9 1/2"

Excellent condition. No flaws or damage

Shop Our Collection of Vintage Necklaces HERE:

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          Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace - GP Nautical Seashells Starfish - S2124 by SCLadyDiJewelry        

45.00 USD

This gold-plated necklace by fashion designer Kenneth Jay Lane is 20" long and perfect for summertime. It is so fashionable and attractive and can be worn casually or dressed up. It would also be perfect to wear on a cruise. This piece was made by KJL for sale by Avon. It is in Like New Condition and signed on the back of the starfish. Don't miss the opportunity to get this wonderful, fun necklace today. It would also make a great gift for someone. Buy it now.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE DESIGNER: With a career spanning over 5 decades, the legendary New York designer Kenneth Jay Lane is, without a doubt, the king of costume jewelry. His pieces are now as sought-after and collectible as precious gems, with vintage pieces selling at Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Kenneth Jay Lane's "jewels" have adorned fashion icons including Wallis Simpson (Duchess of Windsor), Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn and more recently, celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Britney Spears.

Thank you for visiting my store. Be sure to check back later to see what new things have been added.

You can also find me at AND

          Bye Bye Summer        

  Ok, it's been just a couple months since I've posted something, but that means I have a ton of goodies to show. First, I had to let you check out this awesome shoot we did awhile back with Mary from Very Merry Events. Since, this shoot was Nautical Themed  I thought it would fit perfectly with the ninety degree weather in October, love me some Cali seasons;-)

   When I heard from Mary that she wanted us to be apart of a MODERN shoot, I was so in!  I love mixing all different types of design in my work. Also, I found out I was going to be surrounded by fabulous vendors. The list was unbelievable, of course, Very Merry Events, the most talented Caroline from Tinywater Photography and the breathtaking work of the ladies from Atelier Joya. If you didn't see this feature on Grey Likes Weddings already, you will enjoy this bright refreshing shoot. Bye Bye Summer!

Add caption
Venue: Casa Real, Pleasanton // Event designer/Planner : Mary Phan of Very Merry Events // Photography: Caroline Winata, Tinywater Photography // Floral designers: Lisa Boone & Priska Jayme of Atelier Joya // Stationery designer: Alex Rinde of The Aerialist Press // Vintage Rentals: PJ Rude of Milkglass Vintage Rentals // Party Rentals, tableware: Hartmann Studios // Linens: La Tavola Linens

          Resin Pendant, Schooner, Nautical, Ship, Brown, Black, Unisex, Square, 1 inch, Rustic by BytheGulfCreations        

8.50 USD

This pendant is of a digital image of a vintage schooner.

It is encased in Ice Resin, a jeweler's grade resin and is waterproof but not recommended for wearing in chlorine or salt water. The image is set in a 1 inch antique bronze bezel.

It comes with an option of buying the pendant alone or with a choice of 16-18 inch (41 1/2cm-43 1/2cm) rubber cord with an extender for adjustment in length.

All my jewelry comes gift boxed.

          A Fan of WSJ's Mackubin Thomas Owens        
The Wall Street Journal's Mackubin Thomas Owens has been inpressing me for quite some time now.  He is  a professor of national security affairs at the Naval War College, editor of Orbis, the quarterly journal of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, and author of "US Civil-Military Relations After 9/11: Renegotiating the Civil-Military Bargain" (Continuum, 2011).

He writes quite fluently with his military topics and is "top on" with his audience.  Here is a copy of what he worte on May 2, 2011:

Why We Still Need the Marines

Their unique combination of sea, land and air capabilities makes them an indispensable rapid response force.

In Washington these days, the Defense Department is looking to cut its budget and the Marine Corps especially is reviewing its future role. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has spoken of "anxiety" that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have turned the Corps into a "second land army," and he has cancelled major Marine weapons systems, such as the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle. No institution is sacrosanct, so it's worth asking: Why should we maintain the Marine Corps in the future?

The utility of any institution must be balanced against the opportunity cost of maintaining it. In arguing against maintaining a Marine Corps in the future, one must prove either that what the Marines do isn't necessary, or that it is necessary but that another organization can do it more efficiently and effectively.

In 1954, the political scientist Samuel Huntington argued that each service was built around a "strategic concept"-"the fundamental element of [a] service . . . its role or purpose in implementing national policy." A service's strategic concept answers the "ultimate question: What function do you perform which obligates society to assume responsibility for your maintenance?"

The current Marine Corps strategic concept envisions an expeditionary force in readiness capable of responding rapidly to the full range of crises and contingencies, primarily but not exclusively from the sea, with integrated and balanced air, ground and logistics teams. To this end, the Marines provide a responsive and scalable "middleweight" force that is light enough to get to where it is needed quickly but heavy enough-and with sufficient logistics support-to prevail against an adversary upon arrival.

Due to the proliferation of high-tech defensive weapons, the most controversial element of the Marines' strategic concept are amphibious assaults against defended littorals. What most people envision when they think of an amphibious assault is a World War II scenario with landing craft churning toward a defended beach. But today's amphibious assaults seek to avoid the strength of the enemy's defenses, exploiting seams and gaps in those defenses in order to achieve surprise.

For example, in October 2001, Naval Task Force 58-commanded by then-Brig. Gen. James Mattis, who is now commander of U.S. Central Command-conducted an amphibious assault to seize the airfield at Kandahar, Afghanistan. Gen. Mattis's force of two infantry battalions, along with fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and logistics support, thrust 450 nautical miles from ships off the coast of Pakistan to Kandahar in only 48 hours.

In addition to conducting amphibious operations and providing forces for two wars, over the past decade the Marines have also been engaged in the Caucasus, Africa, the Pacific and Latin America. They have provided training and support for friends and allies and have responded to numerous crises: noncombatant evacuation operations in Liberia (2005) and Lebanon (2006), as well as humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in Indonesia, the U.S. Gulf region (2005), Haiti (2008 and 2009), Pakistan (2010) and Japan (2011).

Marines routinely split amphibious ready groups into smaller packages to provide a variety of capabilities over a wider geographic area, reassembling to conduct larger operations. Marine assets are currently involved in aircraft-recovery operations in support of NATO forces in Libya.

So it would seem that what the Marines do is of value to the United States. But could another service do what the Marines do? The answer, of course, is yes. But the opportunity cost would be very high.

All of the U.S. military services are carrying out missions in support of their own strategic concepts. Asking another service to do what the Marines do risks crowding out what they already do. Each of the other services operates primarily in one "domain": the Army on land, the Navy on water, and the Air Force in air and space. The Marines operate in a "lane" that intersects all three domains. In that lane, the Marines possess what economists would call comparative advantage.

What about the charge that the Marines have become a second land army in Iraq and Afghanistan? As the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Joseph Dunford, recently remarked, the Marines have no reason to apologize for sustained operations ashore.

Such operations, he observed, are part of the basic "sticker price" of the Marines: the requirement to carry out missions as directed by the president, an obligation Marines have met in Korea and Vietnam as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, an important part of Marine Corps tradition has been to prepare to fight the kind of small-unit wars we have confronted over the past decade.

The Marines are an expeditionary force with a maritime soul. Of course, the current security environment requires all services to become more expeditionary than was the case during the Cold War. But as former Marine Commandant Gen. Carl Mundy was fond of saying, "'Expeditionary' is not a mission. It's a mindset." The Marines have developed this expeditionary mindset over decades, and it is something that will serve the nation well in the future.


          TLV <-> SFO DELAYED        

By default Google Maps still shows us the way to get from Tel Aviv to Istanbul is to drive through neighboring Syria and Iraq. Algorithms are ignorant of the grim geopolitical reality that restricts our travel options from Israel. But the peculiar case of the permanently delayed flight from TLV to SFO is neither the result of a computer glitch nor an aeronautical limitation, but an invisible man-made barrier erected by neglect and maintained by ignorance. It undermines Israeli high tech and is a national embarrassment for a country that is the clear number two to Silicon Valley in high tech innovation.

We Israelis seem to have accepted the current situation as yet another imposition we can live with. After all, a simple query on Kayak demonstrates that there are many other ways of flying to SFO via NY, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, Toronto, Dubai etc. But this just proves the point that TLV’s situation is an outrageous anomaly for an otherwise very connected country. Other major cities wait patiently for their own high tech economies to take off, while their national airlines are already prepared with daily flights in and out of SFO.

Not so in Israel, where our strong ties to the Valley thrive despite the lack of direct flight options. Migrant Israeli travelers we are forced to choose between connection anxiety and layovers long enough to gain permanent residency; between sleepless “redeyes” and abandoning meetings midway to catch the only flight back in time to catch the connection to TLV. As a result, many Israelis spend as much time traveling as they do visiting their Silicon Valley destination, making relocation a common remedy.

But this still just sounds like a minor inconvenience for the privileged few and therefore yet another grievance from an ungrateful citizen of a country with many other economic priorities. While there are more pressing issues, not so in the high tech sector of which the country is so proud. The TLV to SFO delay hurts Israeli high tech in more ways than we think.

If we want Silicon Valley to come to Israel, we should pave the path. Israel literally pays foreigner multinationals and investors to set up shop in Israel through tax incentives and grants, and for good reason as foreign direct investment is a boon to the economy. But we underestimate the shock Silicon Valley executives get when their secretaries inform them they will have to fly via Heathrow or Newark, and that they can’t use Emirates. They are impressed when it dawns on them that those Israelis have been doing the same trek month after month for years, but then reality sets in. Why would a Silicon Valley CEO want to establish an Israeli subsidiary when there are no direct flights? Which of their execs can free up the time to fly out there regularly? They have to want it really badly, which puts Israel high tech at a permanent disadvantage when other options are available.

Conversely, the indirect flight paths have a direct affect the willingness of Israelis entrepreneurs to move to the Valley versus the East Coast. Israeli startups do themselves a disserve not starting their US office in the Valley as it keeps them away from the center of high tech activity with all its repercussions. While some Israeli entrepreneurs choose NY or Boston over the Valley because of a sector specialty, the extra travel distance is the determining factor for everyone else still choosing the frigid East Coast over sunny Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurs simply can’t stomach the idea of flying back and forth between their Israeli and Silicon Valley offices. Ironically, successful Israeli companies headquartered in NY and Boston have had a major part in keeping those regions still relevant in an age when everything else in high tech has consolidated in the Valley. And to avoid any confusion, while NY is still the finance capital of the world, most tech analysts and bankers covering everything from Internet to semiconductors moved to Silicon Valley over a decade ago.

If there was ever a capitalist justification for government intervention in the private market, the establishment of a line linking Israel to the center of the high tech world would be it. Although it probably wouldn’t need to, the government could even subsidize a TLV SFO line to get it off the ground. I know it’s complicated with airport landing rights, game theory between competing carriers and keeping all lines profitable, but the government props up countless unviable high tech companies via the Chief Scientist. And surely we can find more than a few precedents for the Ministry of Transportation subsidizing strategically important, yet unprofitable roads, tunnels and bridges. TLV <-> SFO is a national economic priority with a fairly immediate ROI. 

As I write this missive conveniently during my layover in Heathrow Terminal 5, I am reminded of the fact that overwhelming economic considerations eventually helped China overcome the politically unthinkable and establish a direct flight linking Shanghai and Taipei despite the lack of formal diplomatic ties. The economics are on our side and the politics are non-existent, so it may just be a matter of time. But I hope it happens soon because eventually one of those European capital cities with direct flights to SFO will realize the advantage they offer Silicon Valley companies and steal the attention.

Coincidentally, my colleague, Amit Karp, published a great post on the importance of being local, which you can read here. Also, please sign the Petition if you haven't already.

          Subnautica Download Free Game For PC        

Subnautica Download Free Game For PC Subnautica is actually a paid game in steam but we are providing a subnautica download…

The post Subnautica Download Free Game For PC appeared first on Tech1Xpert.

          @> Best DeLorme AE-008372-201 Earthmate PN-60w with Topo North America and Map Pack Review        
Spend less on DeLorme AE-008372-201 Earthmate PN-60w with Topo North America and Map Pack home shopping with a most excellent selection of . This particular product May be The top of perfect of your Most beneficial Final price Be quick to access the Magazine At this moment. This whitening kit Go Easily.

Navigate worry-free with the PN-60w's high-end GPS features and unrivaled selection of maps, aerial imagery and boating charts. The PN-60w also enables 2-way satellite text messaging and interactive SOS when paired with a DeLorme inReach (sold separately). No other GPS offers such a broad array of navigation and communication solutions. Navigation: Find your way with included Topo North America maps of the USA and Canada. Use the free MapPack subscription to add official USGS and Canada government topo detail, U.S. aerial imagery, and NOAA nautical charts. See your position, insert waypoints, and collect tracks with accuracy to within 10 ft. View cutaway elevation profiles with your position pinpointed. Generate road and trail routes automatically on Topo North America for transfer to the PN-60w, Use PN-60w routing function to create "on the fly" road routes Communication: With DeLorme inReach satellite communicator (not included) Take advantage of exclusive 2-way satellite text messaging when there's no cell phone coverage, or in lieu of bringing your cell phone into challenging environments. With delivery confirmation, you'll never have to wonder if your message was received. Send descriptive SOS messages so responders can prepare accordingly. Enable remote tracking, letting anyone you designate follow your travels online. Stay connected wherever you go, on land or water, from pole to pole. Premium GPS features; high-sensitivity 32-channel chipset and dual-core processor. Determine direction while stationary with tilt-compensated 3-axis electronic compass. Determine precise elevations with sensitive barometric altimeter. Save waypoints and tracks as gpx files, to internal memory or to SD cards, with no finite limits. Store all the maps and aerial imagery you need with 3.5 GB of internal memory and support for SD cards up to 32 GB. Stretch battery life with multiple power management features.

DeLorme AE-008372-201 Earthmate PN-60w with Topo North America and Map Pack Features
  • Supports satellite communication when paired with the DeLorme in Reach
  • WAAS-enabled accuracy (to within 3 meters). Waterproof. Military standard 810F for vibration and shock
  • GPX support for waypoint, track and geocache file management
  • Supports up to 32GB SD cards;2.2 TFT LCD
  • Downloadable maps including USGS Quads, 1:50K Canada topographic maps, NOAA Charts

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          Itama e Moma al Salone Nautico di Roma        
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          The Black Flower: A Novel of the Civil War        
The Black Flower: A Novel of the Civil War
author: Howard Bahr
name: Lawyer
average rating: 4.18
book published: 1997
rating: 5
read at: 2012/12/14
date added: 2017/01/19
shelves: 2012, american-civil-war, southern-literature, howard-bahr, group-read, on-the-southern-literary-trail, the-army-of-tennessee, john-bell-hood, patrick-cleburne, battle-of-franklin-tennessee, carnton-plantation, mcgavock-family, signed-first-edition
The Black Flower: A Novel of the Civil War: Howard Bahr and Franklin, Tennessee

The Black Flower: A Novel of the Civil War is the first of three novels by Howard Bahr set during the American Civil War. The other volumes are The Judas Field: A Novel of the Civil War and The Year of Jubilo: A Novel of the Civil War. A number of members of On the Southern Trail are currently reading all three volumes
of this compelling set of related tales set during and after the Civil War. This review is reposted for those "Trail Members" engaged in this read. It is my sincere hope that perhaps this review will lead other readers to discover what I consider to be outstanding historical fiction based on the
war that tore our nation apart. Howard Bahr is an exceptional writer. Consider joining "The Trail," and join in the ongoing read by other members.

Some times I do not think I shall live to be very old--but should it be God's will for me and any come to me and ask how it was in the old War times, I will say--that there was really no victory, and no defeat. There were only brave men.

--Bushrod Carter's Commonplace Book
Florence, Alabama
November 16, 1864"

Howard Bahr, 1946-

Howard Bahr was born Howard Hereford in Meridian, Mississippi, in 1946. Bahr is his stepfather's name. Both his father and stepfather are deceased. However, his mother lives in Jackson, Mississippi, where Bahr teaches creative writing at Bellhaven College.

Tall, distinguished in appearance, Professor Bahr has been on the quiet side when I've met him at book signings. However, he's led an interesting life, and is quite the story himself.

After four years in the Navy, a portion of it in combat in Vietnam, Bahr returned to the States, working as a brakeman on a railroad on the Gulf Coast. He enrolled in the University of Mississippi in 1973. He became the curator of Faulkner's home, Rowan Oak, in 1976, holding that position until 1993. It is not surprising that Faulkner is among his favorite authors.

During his Ole Miss years, Bahr obtained his BA and Master's degrees in English, teaching literature at the University. Although he began a doctoral program, he did not submit a dissertation. Thinking his career at Ole Miss had reached a dead end, he took a position at Motlow State in Tennessee, teaching literature and creative writing.

While at his new teaching position Bahr wrote The Black Flower: A Novel of the Civil War. Getting it published was another story.

The Historical Context

General John Bell Hood, Commander, Army of Tennessee

John Bell Hood, who had fought at Gettysburg with Lee, witnessed Pickett's Charge, but learned nothing from it. Wounded by an exploding shell he lost the use of his left arm for the remainder of his life. At Chickamauga he lost a leg, amputated just below the hip.

He had pursued courtship of a Richmond belle, Sally Buchanan Preston, known to her friends as "Buck." She repeatedly turned Hood's efforts at courtship aside. Before his transfer to the Western theater of the war, she reluctantly agreed to marry him. The wedding never occurred.

Hood had taken the command of the Army of Tennessee from Joe Johnson who had defended Atlanta using trenches and breastworks. His troops had loved him for his value of their lives.

Hood was a different animal. He was aggressive to the extreme. He despised fighting on the defensive. His objective was to cut off Union troops under the command of General Schofield from uniting with General George H. Thomas, known as the "Rock of Chickamauga" for his stand at that battle on September 19, 1864.

On the night of November 29th, Schofield's troops quietly crossed the exhausted Confederate lines without being discovered, moving on to take the heights of Franklin, Tennessee.

Upon learning that Schofield had eluded him, Hood became enraged the following morning. He would launch a frontal assault at Franklin, Tennessee. He had eighteen divisions of troops, almost 20,000 men.

"When he explained what he meant by 'make the fight'--an all out frontal assault, within the hour--consternation folllowed hard upon doubt by his lieutenants that they had hear aright. They too had looked out over the proposed arena, and could scarely believe their ears. Attack? here? headlong and practicallly gunless, against a foe not only superior in numbers but also intrenched on chosen ground and backed by the frown of more than sixty pieces of artillery?", Shelby Foote, The Civil War: A Narrative, vol. III, p. 666, Random House, New York, 1976.

Bushrod Carter's War

He was born in Cumberland, Mississippi, in 1838, and baptized at the age of eleven months in the Church of the Holy Cross. He attended the University of Mississippi at Oxford and was educated. He had a love of books and poetry, having been taught by his cousin Remy that without poetry the heart was empty. When the war came he immediately enlisted in the Cumberland Rifles with his pards Jack Bishop and Virgil C. Johnson. He had fought in every engagement entered by the Army of Tennessee. Yet, though he was but twenty-six, his beard and mustache were streaked with gray.

"His own side--that is, the Confederate States of America, which existed for Bushrod only as a vague and distand, and rarely generous entity--had provided him a first-rate Enfield rifle with blued barrel and a rich, oily stock into which he had carved his initials...[H]e was not a sharpshooter; Bushrod preferred to leave his targets to chance."

Through all the fights, Bushrod was uncomfortable, preferring to call his enemies as "The Strangers." In the assaults, he did not look up, nor did he think about what was happening, nor did he know what he did during battle. It was only later that he would remember what he had done. He would rather not remember it.

Now, it is November 30, an Indian Summer day that hunters back home would dream about having. Unlike earlier times he is wishing it is this time tomorrow. He is waiting for something to happen.

Often in battle he thought there was another Bushrod Carter who took his place who did those things he did not want to remember. At times the other would speak to him. He heard it now.

"All a-tremble over things that ain't happened yet, that might not happen atall. I won't have this, won't have it. Now, listen. Listen--

Bushrod shut his eyes tight, and in the dark behind his eyes arose a vision: the battlefield, the tangled breastworks of the enemy floating closer and closer, what had been life's endless prospect shrunken to a few yards of brittle grass. And the Departed! The Departed rising from the earth like blackbirds, by the hundreds, by the thousands, groaning and chattering, disappearing forever into the smoke--

That was Hawthorne said the voice. Remember what he said. The black flower. Let the black flower blossom as it may--"

His pards are as they always are. Jack, the cynical one. Virgil C. the clown.

"'This is all folly,' Bishop went on, 'and I for one am inclined to forego the whole thing. See those trees yonder?' He swept his arm toward the river. 'They will make this whole end of the line bunch up toward the center, and it'll be a fine day for hog killin, won't it Bushrod, old pard?'"

"'If you are killed, said Virgil C., 'can I have your watch?'
'No!' said Bishop. 'I have told you a hundred times, that watch was give to me by my mother, and I intend to carry it even unto the grave.'"

The army formed up at the McGavock family place, Carnton Plantation. The breastworks are visible a mile and a half away over clear plain. It is a killing field.

Carnton Plantation

It is over around two a.m. Jack was right. It was a good day for hog killin. Bushrod is buried beneath the dead seven and eight deep at the Strangers' breastworks. He is rescued, and carried back to Carnton. He has been struck in the head with the butt of a musket. The tip of a finger has been shot off. But he is alive.

At Carnton Bushrod will be cared for by Caroline McGavock's cousin Anna. Each have known love and lost it. Perhaps they have one more chance.

The Long Road to Publication

Howard Bahr submitted "The Black Flower" to several publishing companies. All rejected it. Ultimately, The Nautical and Aviation Pulishing Company of America, Baltimore, Maryland, published the novel as part of a project to launch a series of historical fiction. The novel was largely overlooked and rarely reviewed.

In 1998, Henry Holt and Company, New York, published "The Black Flower" as a new work in a trade paperback edition. Robert Wilson, reviewing the novel for the NYTimes wrote:

Howard Bahr's first novel was published in hardcover last year by a small press in Baltimore, but despite being nominated for several awards it escaped the attention of most reviewers and readers. Now appearing in paperback, it's being republished as if it were new. The success of ''Cold Mountain'' certainly has something to do with this, since ''The Black Flower,'' like that surprising best seller, is, as its subtitle reminds us, ''A Novel of the Civil War.'' Let me promise right now not to compare Bahr's bold effort with ''The Red Badge of Courage,'' ''The Killer Angels,'' the film ''Glory'' or a certain public television documentary. Forget Margaret Mitchell, Shelby Foote and even Charles Frazier. Bahr's novel is too eccentric and too uneven to support such comparisons. And at moments it's almost too good to support them."

Wilson particularly found Bahr to write with a post Vietnam ferocity, establishing the malignity of war and its pointlessness, calling "The Black Flower" a deeply moral novel. Indeed it is.

The Reviewer Wraps Up

Just how good is "The Black Flower?" It was nominated for The Stephen Crane Award, and won The Lincoln Prize from Gettysburg College and The LSU Michael Shaara Award for Civil War First Fiction. It was also nominated for the the Sue Kaufman First Fiction Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. In addition, the novel was chosen as both a Book-of-the-Month Club and a Quality Paperback Book alternate. It was also considered a New York Times Notable Book of the Year in 1998.

I have walked the terrain of Franklin. I've been to Carnton, the Carter House Gin. It is small wonder that among Civil War historians the Battle of Franklin is frequently called the Pickett's Charge of the West. Surveying the ground, Hood's "lieutenants" were correct. So was Bushrod's cynical friend, Jack Bishop. The very lay of the land would funnel the army into a trap where they were subjected to enfilading fire.

The Killing Field at Franklin

Bahr wrote a significant novel regarding the futility of war. In stark and at other times, dream like, prose, he reminds us that there is no glory in war. As Bushrod tells us it is hard to tell the difference between winning and losing.

The McGavock Family Cemetery

Just walk through the McGavock Family cemetery at Carnton. You'll agree.

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I am joining the protest, and as of now Badass Locomotive is no longer on Greenlight.

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In the meantime, you can still get Badass Locomotive here.

          Schoolchildren build two Julie skiffs at Faversham        
A group of lucky schoolchildren have built two 16ft Julie skiffs at a Faversham Creek Trust boatcamp led by local boatbuilder Alan Thorne and assistant Malcolm Hazleton at the trust’s Purifier building. The skiffs are to be launched at the town’s nautical festival around mid-day on the 23rd July. Naturally, Julie and I plan to be there! … Continue reading Schoolchildren build two Julie skiffs at Faversham
          17 'facts' about space and Earth that you thought were true — but have been debunked by science        

black hole stars galaxies warped space nasa

Whenever someone asks me about outer space, I get animated.

No surprise there. I've made a living speaking to experts and writing about it for more than a decade, and I've read obsessively on the topic for much longer than that.

I've heard a lot of peculiar "facts" over the years — and even believed and shared a few myself — that I eventually learned were false.

Here are some of the most common myths, misconceptions, and inaccuracies I've encountered that should be thrown into a black hole.

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MYTH: The sun is yellow.

You'd be forgiven for thinking the afternoon sun looks yellow — but the light it gives off is technically white.

The Earth's atmosphere makes the star appear yellow. The gases bend the light in an effect called Rayleigh scattering, which is what also makes the sky appear blue and causes sunsets to blaze into brilliant oranges and reds.

It also doesn't help that astronomers classify the sun as a yellow main-sequence G-type star, or "yellow dwarf" — which has nothing to do with color.

Sources: NASA, NOAA, Washington University, University College London

MYTH: The asteroid belt is dangerous.

Movie scenes of spaceships flying through a dense field of tumbling, colliding rocks are not realistic.

The asteroid belt — a zone 200 million to 300 million miles from the sun — is an incredibly lonely and desolate void.

In fact, if you pulled all the asteroids in that belt together, they'd be only about 4% of the mass of Earth's moon.

That's why NASA gets excited when it catches even one asteroid colliding with another.

Sources: NASA, Today I Found Out

MYTH: Going into space makes you weightless.

Most scientists agree that space begins 62 miles up, where the Earth's atmosphere is more or less a vacuum.

Yet going past this point does not magically make you weightless. If you were in an accelerating rocket, you would feel many times Earth's gravity. It's only when you start falling that you'd feel weightless.

To orbit something is to fall forever around that object. The moon around the Earth, the Earth around the sun, the solar system around the Milky Way — they're all falling toward one another in a crazy cosmic dance.

If you were 250 miles above the Earth, you'd have to travel 17,500 mph around the planet to experience continuous free-fall — the same speed as the International Space Station and its inhabitants.

Sources: FAI, NASA

See the rest of the story at Business Insider
          Astronomers have reconfirmed Einstein's most famous theory in a stunning way        

quantum fabric spacetime einstein rosen bridge wormhole worm hole space shutterstock_309841256

Once again, scientists have confirmed Einstein's theory of general relativity, which describes the way massive objects — like stars — cause space to bend.

For the first time, astronomers have glimpsed the bending of light from a more distant star by a nearby white dwarf. They then used Einstein's theory to calculate the white dwarf's mass. They published their study this week (June 7, 2017) in the peer-reviewed journal Science.

Kailash C. Sahu at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland led the international team that conducted this new research. The team used the Hubble Space Telescope to make their observations.

Terry Oswalt of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida wrote a related perspective piece in the same issue of Science, and his university produced the explanatory video at the top of this post. Oswalt said in a statement:

The research by Sahu and colleagues provides a new tool for determining the masses of objects we can't easily measure by other means. The team determined the mass of a collapsed stellar remnant called a white dwarf star. Such objects have completed their hydrogen-burning life cycle, and thus are the fossils of all prior generations of stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Einstein would be proud. One of his key predictions has passed a very rigorous observational test.

Einstein thumb05

Einstein himself believed you could, in theory, obtain mass measurements from gravitational lensing. But his astounding revelations about the universe didn't include predictions about the many advances in instrumentation that have actually occurred. Thus in a 1936 article in the Science, he wrote that because stars are so far apart:

… there is no hope of observing this phenomenon directly.

dwarf star bends light einstein relativity sahu1HRAnd yet, of course, the phenomenon of the bending of starlight has been observed, beginning with Arthur Eddington and team's May 1919 measurement of light bending around our local star, the sun, during a total solar eclipse. That early confirmation of Einstein's theory made headlines around the world and made Einstein the world's most famous scientist.

Since 1979, astronomers have had the technological oomph to observe the bending of light by yet-more-distant objects, starting with SBS 0957+561, aka the Twin Quasar.

In the 1980s, astronomers realized that the combination of CCD imagers and computers would allow the brightness of millions of stars to be measured each night. And since then — in observational programs such as Poland's Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE), astronomers have discovered hundreds of examples of gravitational lensing and microlensing.

dwarf star bends light einstein relativity sahu2HR

The statement featuring Terry Oswalt at Embry-Riddle explained why this new research is different and significant:

When a star in the foreground passes exactly between us and a background star, gravitational microlensing results in a perfectly circular ring of light — a so-called 'Einstein ring.'

Sahu's group observed a much more likely scenario: Two objects were slightly out of alignment, and therefore an asymmetrical version of an Einstein ring formed. The ring and its brightening were too small to be measured, but its asymmetry caused the distant star to appear off-center from its true position. This part of Einstein's prediction is called 'astrometric lensing' and Sahu's team was the first to observe it in a star other than the sun …

Sahu's team measured shifts in the apparent position of a distant star as its light was deflected around a nearby white dwarf star called Stein 2051 B on eight dates between October 2013 and October 2015. They determined that Stein 2051 B — the sixth-closest white dwarf star to the sun — has a mass that is about two-thirds that of the sun.

Terry Oswalt explained that the finding is important because it "provides a new tool for determining the masses of objects we can't easily measure by other means." He said it also opens a new window to understanding "the history and evolution of galaxies such as our own."

Bottom line: Once again, Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity has been confirmed, using gravitational microlensing. Astronomers used the Hubble Space Telescope to measure the mass of a nearby white dwarf, as it bent the light of a more distant star.

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          Denmark stakes claim to oil-rich North Pole        
Denmark submitted a claim to the North Pole to the United Nations on Monday, asserting that the underwater Lomonosov Ridge connects to Greenland, its protected territory and qualifies the European nation under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Courtesy NOAA

Denmark submitted a claim to the North Pole to the United Nations on Monday, asserting that the underwater Lomonosov Ridge connects to Greenland, its protected territory. Courtesy NOAA

Denmark has claimed the North Pole. On Monday, the European nation delivered an official claim to a United Nations council in New York, part of a the race to own the Arctic that includes Norway, Canada and Russia.

Five nations including Denmark, the U.S., Canada, Russia and Norway are vying for claim over the North Pole. At present, all five countries’ claims to the Arctic Circle end approximately 200 nautical miles off their shorelines. These countries have been diligently mapping the ocean floor over the past decade to solidify their claims to the North Pole.

Each country must submit a claim to the Arctic within ten years of ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The United Nations considers claims based on the extent of the continental shelf from the nation’s coast.

But early data suggests that Greenland, a Danish autonomous territory, may give Denmark the strongest claim to the North Pole. A study found that Lomonosov Ridge, a 1,118 mile-long underwater mountain range that extends off the coast of Canada to the waters above eastern Siberia, is connected to Greenland. This would make approximately 347,492 square miles of ocean off the coast of Greenland Danish territory.

“The submission of our claim to the continental shelf north of Greenland is a historic and important milestone for the Kingdom of Denmark. The objective of this huge project is to define the outer limits of our continental shelf and thereby – ultimately – of the Kingdom of Denmark. It has been a process characterised by the very good cooperation not only between authorities within the Kingdom of Denmark but also with our Arctic neighbours,” Martin Lidegaard, the Danish minister for foreign affairs, said in a statement.

Denmark has submitted claims over five areas through the Arctic since ratifying the convention in 2004.

The claim would give Denmark control of potential oil and natural gas resources below the Arctic. A U.S. Geological Survey study in 2008 found that potentially 90 billion barrels of oil and 44 billion barrels of natural gas liquids are hiding under the unclaimed Arctic.

Last December, Canadian foreign affairs minister John Baird announced that Canada would submit a claim to the extended sea shelf off its coast. In 2007, Russia sparked international controversy by staking a flag in the sea floor under the North Pole.

The post Denmark stakes claim to oil-rich North Pole appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

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          Sure and Steadfast        
Hi, everyone! This week's Featured Stamper over at Splitcoast is Cindy Weeks aka Weekend Warrior....congrats, Cindy!!  I chose this amazing card to recreate today using the 'Anchor' set and 'Nautical Paper Collection', both from Our Daily Bread designs. Since I used speckled cardstock, I did not add any splatters like Cindy's card. I chose not to add any gems so that it's not lumpy for mailing.

ODBD Anchor, ODBD Nautical Paper Collection, Card Designer Angie Crockett

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