Toyota to launch the hybrid Prius car in India.        
3rd generation Toyota Prius G (2009/5 - )Image via Wikipedia
  • Toyota the biggest car manufacturer of the world with good margins. The reason is they identify the needs of the customers well before other manufacturers do. Toyota is planning to launch the hybrid Prius car in India by January 2011. The hybrid Prius was launched in Japan somewhere around  May 2009 and is a great hit adding to the sales volume and margins of Toyota.
  • The system basically involves a 1.5 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor to drive the front wheels. The car draws power from two sources of energy. 
  • The Prius car also has another electric motor which only takes care of charging the batteries to enable long drives without worry of fuel shortage.
  • The electric motor provides better torque with the same energy spent and is best suited for city slow moming traffic.
  • At more criising speeds the petrol engine takes charge of the driving. The power from the engines is taken to the wheels through CVT technlogy that ensures smooth driving irrespective of the source from where power is drawn.
  • The other progressive features of the Prius include keyless entry, touch screen display and steering and wheel cojtrols. The interiors of the car are sufficiently sci-fi to go with the "car of the future" appeal.
  • The spce inside the car is quite different in the sense that it is designed keeping in mind the comvenience and comfort of the passengers. 
  • With the rising cost of fuel in the market, no doubt fuel efficiency is of grear concern to the users. The aerodynamics used in  the Prius provides a combined fuel efficiency of 20km/litre.
  • The petrol and the electric engine provide the Prius a 10bhp power to acheive the speed of 100km/hour from start in 10 seconds.
  • Toyota is to commence the production of the Toyota Prius in India at its Bangalore plant from December 2010.
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          Audi A6 2012        
Pret: 22200 Euro
Berlina, Normala, 185000 km
Diesel, 177 CP, 2000 cm³
Culoare: negru
cutie automata, clima automata, geamuri electrice, geamuri electrice spate, oglinzi electrice
Sistemul ECO Start/Stop (la semafor) Cutie viteza automată Multitronic 8+1. Keyless entry / Keyless go (intri si pornesti cu cheia in buzunar/deschizi usa se opreste) Bi-Xenon, Led Fata / Spate

          That is not a valid option. Please make another selection.        

Sometimes I feel like there are certain traits in the men I date that
always go together. No matter what car you want, you’re always going to
get power windows if you want power locks. If I could order “Package E”
with the spontaneity option but without the lack of courtesy that said
spontaneity often brings, how happy I might be. If I could order him
with his go-for-the-gold attitude but without the sore-loserness that
accompanies it, that would save a lot of trouble. But it’s like not
wanting to pay for alloy wheels when you order any car but a Scion.
It’s always a package deal. When people say that when you really love
someone, you love them for their faults as well as their virtues, what
does that really mean? If you don’t love all the things that come on
“Package E,” for example, does that mean you don’t really love the car?
I wouldn’t hate having alloy wheels and an engine block
heater and 17 extra cupholders, but I’d sure resent having to pay for
them every month when I only wanted keyless entry.

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          2009 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 GT Coupe        
The first words out of your mouth... "This is a Hyundai?" Looking at the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe, you wonder how a car company has gone from being something that you would be ashamed to see in let alone drive ten years ago to a marvelous masterpiece that manages to out price its competition. Years ago, I would not dare think of bringing a Hyundai to a car show, if I did, it would be parked around the corner out of clear view. Today, I am sitting in a new Hyundai Genesis Coupe and let me say, it is garnering a whole bunch of attention from passers by. The first words out of their mouth... you guessed it, "This is a Hyundai?"

What I am going to talk about today is the new Genesis 3.8 GT Coupe. Price, as equipped, $29,000. It is OK, you can pick your jaw up off the ground. For that price, you get a 3.8L V6 engine pumping out a whopping 306HP which is tied to the rear wheels making this one of the few cars in this segment for this amount of money. You also get such niceties such stability control, automatic climate control, tire pressure monitoring system, heated seats, a sport tuned suspension, keyless entry, bluetooth connectivity, xenon headlights and the list goes on and on. The list rivals that of a car costing thousands more than what we are sitting in.

Sitting in the car you feel well supported by the seats bolsters and comfortable by the way of nice padding. The steering wheel, while small, is easy to grab with an abundance of controls littered all over the front of the wheel and paddle shifters behind for those who opt for the automatic transmission. The guages are nothing fancy, but communicate what the driver needs to know. Interior space for front passengers is ample and even with a 6'3" front seat passenger there is still enough room for an adult in the back seat. They will not be happy about it, but if their compare it to walking, it will be a welcomed place to park their rump for a an hour or so.

Now, when the rubber meets the road you may think that Hyundai short changed the driving experience in a car that is this cheap. Nope, put your foot down and your are planted in your seat by an abundance of torque off the line. Keep your foot down and the engine swing easily through its power band and quickly accelerates to speeds that would easily land yourself in hot water with your local law enforcement. The sound the engine and exhaust make give you a grin from ear to ear and you wonder why other sports cars can not figure out how make noises like this. Power is ample at engine speeds, but the car designed to be a sports car, is quick to down shift if you ask for power to move forward. It is itching to run. Ask for some passing power and it will skip down a gear or two to make sure you get what you want. Things in the rear view mirror will start disappearing quickly if you are not careful.

The handling of the car is nice and smooth. The steering, while a little delayed (one might thing because of the tall tires), points the front of the car where you want to go easily. Push the car and you are greeted with a little bit of understeer which can be countered by less throttle application to bring the front end back, or if you are a daredevil, feeding more power in to rotate the rear of the car with a nice tail out slide if desired. Lift throttle oversteer car also be accomplished easily on demand should you want. The beautiful part about it, is the car is so easy to control in all situations. Almost nothing comes as a surprise and countersteering or balancing is easy to accomplish (if you know what you are doing -- don't try this at home kids). The suspension manages to communicate to the driver what is going on... the harsh conditions are soaked up while the feedback the driver is looking for remains in tact. One downside, which we were unable to figure out was a strange vibration noise apparent at 70-90 mph. As you cross past the 75mph mark this weird vibration would become quite annoying. The noise would slowly go away as the speeds dropped below 65. We are hoping that this noise had something to do with the tires on the car and was not a design flaw. Another car will have to be tested to figure that out.

Braking... now you must be thinking, this has to be where the car falls on its face. No way can a sub $30k car do everything well. You would be wrong. From 70mph, the braking of the car was rock solid. It actually out brakes many cars twice the price. Braking from highway speeds was predictable and balanced. There was no sway from side to side, and the ABS worked as it should stopping the car in a quite respectable distance without any crazy nose dive found in other cars. The tires did squeal as if they were being tortured, but that is expected from an all season tire. Repeated braking I would imagine would be just fine as the pedal showed no signs of fade or sink after a few hard braking attempts. Again, quite a surprise when compared to other cars.

Now, It would not be fair to tell you all the good things about this car and leave out the bad things. You want to know what we think, not being a complete sales pitch to go out and buy one. The downsides are few, but there are some. The throttle on the car is very twitchy. Ask for just a hint of throttle from a stop and you get a bag full. Do not be surprised when you first drive the car that the rear tires chirp on smooth surfaces from over application of throttle. With practice, you can smooth that out, but the throttle is twitchy from a get go. The interior trim items are a little flimsy to the touch. Some of them feel as if they are going to break off in your hands, but we were unable to break them during our testing period. So they are attached well, they just feel flimsy. The door line of the car feels rather high. To accommodate viewing, one may want to raise the seat up so you don't feel as if you are sitting in a bath tub... this is mostly due to the design cues of the car though. Another thing is rearward visibility over your shoulder and through the back glass. The design makes for a rather large C pillar area making sometimes turning into traffic a mission. Plus, with such a raked rear window and high trunk, rearward visibility is a bit interesting. Using you rear mirrors will be key here. Plus, from our chief in charge of design explains that with such a raked rear window combined with no rear wiper, seeing backwards in the rain will be downright impossible as the rain will just sit on the back window. Final complaint, the trunk, while copious, suffers from a high lift over and an extreme small opening. The trunk is large enough to suck up many suitcases, but you would be hard pressed to get them up and over the trunk lift over plus, having them fit through the small opening would be a mission. You are better off carrying the suitcases in the back seat and just sticking all your clothes in the trunk. You can pack the when you get where you are going.

All in all, for the money you are spending. You are going to be hard pressed to find a better car. The value is definitely there, the performance is definitely there and the warranty without a doubt is there. With Hyundai offering a 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty (on certain items), it is very likely this car will last for a very long time. These days, Hyundai is really giving the other manufacturers something to think about. Driving a Hyundai these days is no longer something to be ashamed about. I would be happy to stand next to this car and call it my own. Not only does it scream performance, it also screams value... showing others I know what I like and I don not need to spend twice as much to get it.
          n/a 5706V        

Viper Responder LC3 5706V 2-Way Remote Start and Security System
General Features

Remote start and security system

Allows you to start and secure your compatible vehicle from up to 1 mile away for ease of use. Keyless entry and trunk-pop support simplify vehicle access.

Security features

Include a Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor, Neo Revenger 6-tone siren and Failsafe starter-kill to help keep your vehicle safe.

Responder LC3 remote

With a large LCD display provides a clear view of settings. A mini USB charging port and built-in rechargeable battery make it easy to keep the remote powered.

Priority user interface

Features SmartStart, timer start and Silent Mode2 modes and 5 buttons for control of 24 functions. Priority Icon Map arranges the most important icons in the center of the remote's LCD screen for at-a-glance information.

Control center with status LED

Along with a valet switch enables simple operation.

Active Temp Check

Displays the temperature instead of the time. Runtime Reset function extends the run time and reminds you with an audible tone and a vibration 3 minutes before the time runs out.

SuperCode encryption

Ensures secure operation.

Optional SmartStart module (not included)

Allows you to start, control or locate your vehicle from virtually anywhere using your enabled mobile phone. Supports SmartStart module models VSM200, VSM250 (with GPS) and VSM50BT (with Bluetooth).

          Python 3305P        

Responder 460 2-Way Security System
General Features

General Features:

  • 2-way Car Alarm Security System
  • Built-in keyless entry features
  • Includes one main LCD 2-way remote and one 4-button 1-way sidekick remote
  • Nuisance Prevention Circuitry prevents annoying repetitive trigger sequences
  • Transmitter range up to 1,500 feet
  • 3 Total channel security entry system
  • Clone-Safe Code-Hopping technology for encrypted signals
  • Rapid Resume Logic ensures the system returns to the same state previous to power loss
  • VRS Vehicle recovery system helps prevent unauthorized use of your vehicle
  • Push button valet switch
  • Parking light flash option
  • Failsafe starter kill for increased security
  • Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor provides just the right amount of sensitivity
  • Revenger six-tone siren provides the appropriate sounds and at the appropriate noise levels
  • Bright blue LED status indicator
  • Dome light supervision with on-board relay
  • Comfort closure
  • 2 Auxiliary outputs for additional add-on sensors

Convenience Features:

  • Trunk release output for optional trunk release
  • Dome light supervision with on-board relay
  • Comfort closure automatically closes windows on some vehicles
  • 2 Auxiliary outputs for additional add-on sensors

Primary Harness Wiring Diagram:

  • Orange: (-) 500 mA Armed Output
  • White: (+)/(-) Selectable Light Flash Output
  • White/Blue: (-) 200 mA Channel 3 Programmable Output
  • Black/White: (-) 200 mA Domelight Supervision Output
  • Green: (-) Door Trigger Input, Zone 3
  • Blue: (-) Instant Trigger Input, Zone 1
  • Violet: (+) Door Trigger Input, Zone 3
  • Black: (-) Chassis Ground Input
  • Yellow: (+) Switched Ignition Input, Zone 5
  • Brown: (+) Siren Output
  • Red: (+) Constant Power Input
  • Red/White: (-) 200mA Channel 2 Output

          Seaside Vacations is pleased to Welcome Casita Chapina to their Outer Banks Vacation Rental Home Program        

Outer Banks vacation rental home provider, Seaside Vacations, is pleased to welcome Casita Chapina to their rental home program. Located in the Ocean Sands subdivision of the northern Outer Banks town of Corolla, North Carolina, Casita Chapina features four bedrooms, four bathrooms, keyless entry, a large deck and screen in porch, and is a short distance away from the beach.

(PRWeb January 15, 2014)

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          Replacement Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob for 2004, 2005 and 2006 Kia Amanti        
A site visitor recently inquired about buying a replacement remote for his Kia Amanti. Here is our response: The correct replacement keyfob for a 2005 Kia Amanti equipped with a factory keyless entry system is Remotes Unlimited part 593-1593. You … Continue reading
          Replacement Cool Start (CrimeStopper) Remote Key Fobs with FCC ID M65TX605        
We had two blog comments this week asking about older Cool Start alarm/keyless entry/remote start systems that used remote transmitters with FCC ID M65TX605. CrimeStopper – the marketer of Cool Start systems – made two key fobs with FCC ID … Continue reading
          Discontinued GM Remote Key Fob with FCC ID GLQ9Z6-1507        
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, GM offered a keyless entry system on some high-end Buick, Cadillac and Pontiac sedans that used a remote with FCC ID GLQ9Z6-1507. This 4-button keyfob had GM part numbers 22110689, 22100943 and others. … Continue reading
          Replacement Keyless Entry Remote Transmitters for 2008 Toyota Highlander        
A customer recently sent us an inquiry seeking a replacement remote key fob for his 2008 Toyota Highlander. This vehicle could have had push-button start or a keyed ignition. Also, there are multiple remote transmitter options depending on whether or … Continue reading
          Alarm and Keyless Entry Systems on Recreational Vehicles (RVs)        
We occasionally receive inquiries about recreational vehicle (RV) remote transmitters. Replacing a key fob for an RV can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Many of the systems are old add-on technology and they often are installed to … Continue reading
          Bluetooth 5: Making Your Smart Home a Reality        

We all know the futuristic vision of the world just around the corner. The vision where we tell our smart home that we’ve just left work at the end of a long day, and we’re heading home. Our home then tells the thermostat to warm up or cool down, lights to turn on, and the oven to start baking the lasagna we left in it that morning. We arrive to a warm, brightly lit home, and hot, freshly cooked food.

Photograph showing a variety of Bluetooth Smart Home DevicesYou’ve got the vision, but do you have any idea how many connectivity and networking standards are involved in making this vision a reality? Let’s look at the scenario outlined above. The smart phone we use to contact our smart home, will communicate via Wifi with our home. Our smart home hub will use Zigbee, Z-Wave or the recently introduced Thread to talk to the thermostat, lights and oven. When we arrive, we will use Bluetooth from our smart phone to disarm the house and unlock our door. Once we’re in, if we want to stream our favorite music to our headphones, we will use Bluetooth again. Today, not all of these standards play well with each other.

So why do we have so many standards? In an ideal world, all our wearables, smart homes and IoT devices would use a single interconnect standard with fantastic range, secure encryption and very low power for extended battery life. All these devices would still function if one of the devices in this network went down. And adding these devices to the network would be quick and seamless. But today, this is not realistic because each device requires connectivity with different requirements. Our laptops need very high throughput, with low latency. But range and battery life isn’t much of an issue with a nightly recharging schedule. Our wireless headphones on the other hand do need extended battery life and extended range. Our keyless entry for our garages and doors need security more than anything else. Our refrigerator doesn’t need high throughput or security, but will need to connect to more than one device.

Wifi provides us with high throughput, but is a power hog. Zigbee, Z-Wave and Thread have better battery lives, but definitely don’t have the throughput of Wifi or Bluetooth. Bluetooth traditionally has had a limitation of a point-to-point connection, which meant those pesky pairing routines we needed to go through to add each device. With so many limitations, is it any wonder we have so many different standards?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had fewer standards to deal with when designing for the brave new IoT world?

Bluetooth is attempting to do exactly that with its latest release of Bluetooth 5. So how will Bluetooth 5 solve some of the limitations of these other standards?

Bluetooth currently has two flavors—one is the Bluetooth Classic, and the other is Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE. BLE is expressly designed for longer battery life, making it the de-facto standard for wearables in the market today. BLE has, however, been dogged by the problem of ‘pairing’, limiting it’s applications in the IoT world. With the release of Bluetooth 5, this will not be a limitation for BLE devices anymore. In addition to being a point-to-point connection, Bluetooth 5 will also use what is known as a ‘mesh’ connection. This is the same interconnect topology that is used today by Zigbee, Z-Wave and Thread. This will allow devices to be added much more easily, and will also allow a greater number of devices to be added to the network. Another improvement that Bluetooth has announced for Bluetooth 5 is a significant improvement in the range and data speeds. This means you can now use your wireless headset or speakers out by the swimming pool and not miss a note. You would think that all these improvements probably mean a shorter battery life. But thanks to some very smart optimizations, Bluetooth 5 has actually managed to reduce its power profile significantly! If you’d like to find out more regarding these and other Bluetooth 5 improvements, watch the video below:

(Please visit the site to view this video)

It’s too soon to say if Bluetooth 5 can successfully replace all these other standards. But what we do know, is that all these improvements move Bluetooth squarely into the IoT world, and they will definitely go a long way towards simplifying the number of interconnect standards we have to deal with. As for me, that future with the warm, brightly lit smart home welcoming me home after a long day can’t get here soon enough!

          Peruzzi Mitsubishi Now Offering Specials on 2013 Mitsubishi Lancers        

Fairless Hills, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- For those in the market for a new vehicle to purchase or lease, Peruzzi Mitsubishi is pleased to announce they are now offering specials for their 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer models. This sport-style sedan is fully equipped with all-wheel control, power steering, and a top-notch ventilation system with micro filter. Those drivers who purchase a 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer near Philadelphia at the Fairless Hills dealership will receive 0 percent APR financing for 66 months, plus cash bonus (if available) to make the process of purchasing a new vehicle that much better for any budget.

Advanced safety features on the product include automatic headlight control with surface lenses on the headlights, as well as two-wheel disc brakes. With power door locks, child safety locks and steering wheel audio control, this four-door sedan also includes keyless entry and tire pressure monitor to ensure the driver knows exactly when to add air to their tires, further ensuring the safety of the vehicle and the driver. For fuel purposes, the car is efficient for 25 city miles per gallon and 34 highway miles per gallon. Serving as an economical sedan, the ES trim is offered for the low price of $18,870 if ordered online.

Customers can pop into the Fairless Hills dealership—in close proximity to Newtown, Levittown, Woodbourne and Philadelphia—to embark on a test-drive and inquire on any specifications that come with the vehicle. As the 2014 model has reached the dealerships, Peruzzi Mitsubishi, a leading Mitsubishi dealer in the Philadelphia area, offers big savings off the manufacturer's suggested retail price on a brand new 2013 model Lancer. With a beige or black interior, customers can select one of five colors for their brand new vehicle—silver, blue, gray, red, or black.

To go with a two-year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, Mitsubishi is announcing a $2,000 factory rebate on the 2013 model of the Lancer as well in addition to Peruzzi's already discounted price. For more information or to check on availability, please call 866-751-3213 or visit the website today.

About Peruzzi Mitsubishi
Peruzzi Mitsubishi is located on 130 Lincoln Highway, Fairless Hills, PA 19030. They offer some of the lowest and best prices on used and new vehicles. In the business of offering great customer satisfaction, their expert sales people will help any customer to make the best vehicle purchase possible. Every employee working at Peruzzi Mitsubishi works hard to earn each customer's business and looks forward to working for them. To hear more, please visit

For more information on this press release visit:

Media Relations Contact

Ryan Clutter
Email: Click to Email Ryan Clutter

          Delphi Takes Over Antaya        
Delphi Automotive plc has recently signed an agreement that lets it control Antaya Technologies Corp. Antaya is a leader in providing proprietary on-glass connectors. The move improves Delphi’s portfolio and make it more feasible in the rapidly growing electrical connectors in automotives business. Antaya holds the leading position in the manufacture of on-glass connectors for the North American automotive glass industry. It has a growing customer base in China and Europe. Antaya also provides lead-free connectors which is another sector for growth, due to the fact that the world’s automakers demand a better and lead-free content in their vehicles. Rodney O’Neal, the Delphi president and Chief Executive Officer, recently said that Antaya will make a remarkable strategic fit with Delphi. The company adds the important new connector technology to an already large electrical connectors business. He also said that Antaya’s line of products will expand Delphi’s electronic products architecture portfolio to include glass applications. It will help in adding a new customer base and increasing additional electronic content per vehicle. He also mentioned that the takeover is consistent with the company’s strategy of supplying capital to areas that show growth opportunities and improve Delphi’s leading position in the business of automotive connectors. Antaya’s wide range of on-glass products includes antenna assemblies, power terminals, tire pressure monitoring and keyless entry, along with multiple custom connector assemblies in car electronics. The deal is projected to close in the fourth quarter of 2014, and will stay subject to receipt of approvals by regulatory bodies concerned. The terms of the takeover have not been disclosed.

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          Free 2005 Toyota Surf and Toyota 4Runner Pocket Reference Guide PDF        
Filename: Free 2005 Toyota Surf and Toyota 4Runner Pocket Reference Guide PDF
Language: English
File : PDF
Size: Mb
2005 Toyota surf/4Runner Pocket Reference Guide

Toyota surf is also called Toyota 4Runner in the United States and other markets. Pocket Guide to the Toyota 4Runner and Toyota surf is available for download, here. The contents included in the manual are the engine compartment, fuel tank door opener and CAP, hood release lever, indicator characters, the instrument cluster, instrument panel, features/operations, air conditioning/heating, audio, auto-lock feature, Programmable1, auto LSD (automatic limited slip differential), automatic transmission, bottle holders, clock, cruise control, UEFA Cup winners, blocking of engine, four wheels drive garage door Keyless entry, composition, light-instrument panel lights and turn signaliOtvor energy, adjustable-front, adjustable chapter-rear seats and backs, tilt-telescope steering wheel, window, Windows, window wiper and washer, safety and EMERGENCY features pillow-supplemental restraint system, ATRAC (active Traction control), DAC (downhill assist control), the door locks-power locks for doors-child safety, parking brake, roll-over information, belts, anchor of the belt-arm, a spare tyre and tools, a system for warning of the pressure of the tyres, TRA (Traction Control), VSC (vehicle stability control) always meet your vehicle with available reference guides and tutorials, because selling of different variants of vehicles in different countries in different years. Download Toyotasurf/4Runner Pocket Reference Guide 2005.
You can Download Free 2005 Toyota Surf and Toyota 4Runner Pocket Reference Guide PDF Below
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          2005 Toyota Corolla matrix Pocket Guide pdf        
Filename: 2005 Toyota Corolla matrix Pocket Guide pdf
Language: English
File : PDF
Size: Mb
Toyota Corolla matrix 2005 Pocket Guide

This guide provides the information to users and owners of Toyota Corolla matrix, 2005. This guide is not an alternative for the management of the owners of said vehicle Toyota Corolla matrix, 2005. Pocket Reference Guide of Toyota Corolla matrix 2005 is not intended to substitute for the owner's manual located in the check box for the wear of thevehicle . Strongly recommend that you review the user manual and additional manuals, so that you will have a better understanding of the possibilities and limitations of the vehicle. contents of the pocket guide to the Toyota Corolla matrix includes the review, the Board of the engine, fuel tank door opener and CAP, hood release lever, indicator characters, the instrument cluster, instrument panel, features/operations, air conditioning and heating audio, automatically locking functions-Programmable1, automatic transmission, cruise control, clock, Cup holders, door locks, blocking of engine control, Keyless entry car interior/instrument panel lights and turn signalsMoonroofR?cna, manual transmission, brake, seat adjustments, front seat adjustments-rear seats backs heel of the steering wheel, window glass hatch, power Windows, windscreen wiper and washer lever-front/rear, safety and EMERGENCY features pillow-supplemental restraint system locks for doors-child safety seat belt warning system, safety belts, the anchor of the belt-arm, a spare tyre and tools, a system for warning of the pressure of the tyres, TRAC (Traction control), VSC (vehicle stability control). Download Toytota Corolla matrix 2005 Pocket Reference Guide
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          Download 2005 Toyota Celica Pocket Guide PDF        
Filename: 2005 Toyota Celica Pocket Guide PDF
Language: English
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Toyota Celica 2005 Pocket Guide

FEATURES/operations, air conditioning/heating, audio, auto, transmission clock, cruise control, UEFA Cup winners, Keyless entry, lamps and turn signals, Moonroof, parking brake, front seat adjustments, adjustable rear axle, inclined, the steering wheel, power station, power Windows, windscreen wiper and washer lever-front/rear, safety and EMERGENCY features pillow-supplemental restraint system, door locks-power belts, tools, spare wheel and tools. This pocket guide contains information about all of the vehicle and systems for regularly scheduledmaintenance including changes in the oil, will help extend the life of your vehicle and maintain productivity. Contact the "owner information security booklet," "planned maintenance guide" or "owner's manual."Download Toyota Celica 2005 Pocket Guide
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          Free 2005 Toyota Highlander Pocket Guide pdf        
Filename: Free 2005 Toyota Highlander Pocket Guide pdf
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2005 Toyota Highlander Pocket Guide
FEATURES/operations safety and EMERGENCY features page for the item No., Obzor, engine room, the composition of the door of the fuel tank and hat, hood release lever, indicator characters, the instrument cluster, instrument panel, features/operations, air conditioning and heating, audio, automatic transmission, cruise control, clock, Cup holders, blocking of engine garage door composition Keyless entry1, light control-instrument panelSignaliMoonroof, Lights1 & turning, parking brake, power outlets, adjustable front seats head restraints-, Tilt steering wheel, Windows, safety and EMERGENCY features pillow-supplemental restraint system, door locks-Power1, locks for doors-child safety-information, belts, anchor of the belt-arm, a spare tyre and tools TRAC control system of tyre pressure warning, VSC (vehicle stability control) will refer to the manual for detailed information of the owners. Download 2005 Toyota Highlander Pocket Guide
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          Pandora Charms Shop and personal stability         

Was organized to attract young buyers However its base retail price, including area charge, is barely $26, 795.Might be $4, 110 below the previous cheapest acura, the 2012 tsx efficient sedan that starts at $30, 905. Sunlight, all of often the very ilx isn a barebones acura.The starting price includes renowned standard features such as moonroof, six speaker speakers, 5 inch color details display on the dashboard, bluetooth phone and audio online connection, dual, automatic heating and cooling, keyless entry and push hotlink start. Also well-Known:A short message companies(Text)Texts feature that can read text messages to the driver and respond to each message with one of six pre set replies, for instance example, to your future later, i manoeuvreing.A driver must have a suitable device, such as a rim, to tie in to the current feature. Acura officials said the new ilx was made to attract young buyers to the luxury brand, that could be part of honda.Essentially, most drivers wouldn have a clue the ilx is while using honda civic, a compact car that has been a staple of young people in america for years. But the ilx is far more than a revamped civic.As you move ilx uses the civic front wheel drive platform, there not a single piece of metal around the that from the civic.Numerous, the ilx is longer and wider than a civic sedan. The inside is all acura, with good use of textures and materials and thoughtful design of controls to craft a pleasing passenger vehicle.The ilx revocation, presents the five seater a composed ride, defeats the civic too.Extra sound heat retaining material makes the ilx interior far quieter than a civic, along with. The producer suggested retail price, including location charge, is a base, five passenger ilx with 150 power, four cylinder mated to a five speed automatic indication. There no manual indication for the base engine.But a 201 horsepower four cylinder mated to a six speed manual indication is available on a ilx premium model for a starting retail price of $30, 095. There is no automatic indication for this higher powered version of ilx.But this model along with standard heated, leather cut seats, additional substantial, 17 inch wheels and tires and high intensity discharge car front lights.A third ilx model is a gasoline electric hybrid acura first which has a starting msrp, including city charge, for $29, 795. The ilx mixture, with hybrid technology similar to the civic has a government fuel economy rating of 39 miles per gallon in city driving and 38 mpg on the highway. This compares with 24/35 mpg rating for the ilx with 150 hp four cylinder and 22/31 mpg rating for the ilx with 201 power engine. Typically record, the exam ilx non hybrid model with 201 horse engine and manual six speed averaged 28 mpg in city/highway travel, devoid of the driver trying to conserve fuel.This 28 mpg is 12 percent higher than the costa rica government city/highway rating of 25 mpg for this model, and translated into a range of nearly 370 miles for a passing fancy tank of fuel.Pay attention:Acura recommends but doesn't need premium unleaded gasoline for the ilx. Acura officials compare the ilx to other amateur luxury compacts, for example, the 2012 audi a3, who have a starting retail price of $28, 145 with 200 horse power, turbocharged four cylinder and manual indication. But many pandora Bracelets: mainstream cars even mid size sedans with a fair amount of amenities fit into the ilx finances. As an example, a mid height, 2012 ford fusion hybrid has a low price getting retail price of $29, 570, which is only $225 under the ilx hybrid base price.The beds base fusion hybrid, on the contrary, doesn your internet site moonroof, in terms of ilx hybrid does. The test ilx premium model had a lightness to the electrical steering that was noticed but not troubling. The most surprising experience of the ilx:How along with the car handled in curves and turns.It tracked solidly and felt stable on the market, even in emergency incidents. An 2.4 re, Double overhead cam four cylinder in the tester is the similar one that in Acura slightly larger TSX sedan.Power came on quickly and the car moved through page views with pep.Twisting peaks at 170 foot pounds at 4, 400 revolutions per minute. The six speed manual in the tester moved smoothly and precisely from gear to gear in satisfying fashion and was so satisfying, the driver didn feel a need to use the regular paddle shifters. It had little wind noise, but some road noise came to passengers. Rear seat legroom of 34 inches was (free next day in-store delivery.) fine for me someone 5 feet 4 and there hardly a hump involved with the rear floor.But three adults back there would sit touching additional. Everybody in the ilx rests on comfortable cushions that have some give as well as support.All people have a head restraint, besides. Standard safety materials includes antilock brakes, front, side seat and drape air bags, traction control Pandora Charms Shop and personal stability control. Fun hits:A driver can select the color for the background of the words display on the dashboard, and pandora radio user software is standard. Perhaps surprisingly, the ilx test car had a special smell inside.It was pleasant but not the typical chemical laden car smell.Design of the ilx also turned heads. Acura adds beginner's compactby ann m.Jobthe 2013 ilx is acura's newest sedan made with noteworthy features to attract young buyers. (The correlated press) Nevertheless its base retail price, including holiday location charge, can be $26, 795.This is exactly $4, 110 below the previous best acura, the 2012 tsx tight sedan that starts at $30, 905. Sunshine, the ilx is not a barebones acura.The starting price includes renowned standard features such as moonroof, six speaker speakers, 5 inch color advise display on the dashboard, bluetooth phone and audio interaction, dual, automatic heating and cooling, keyless entry and push tab start.


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          Volvo XC60 fica mais caro com o fim da pré-venda        
Volvo XC60 (Foto:  Divulgação)


A partir do dia primeiro de setembro, os preços do XC60 irão aumentar. A marca divulgou valores maiores do que os pedidos na pré-venda para as três versões do SUV: a versão Momentum foi de R$235.950 para R$239.950, a Inscription de R$256.950 para R$259.950 e a versão R-Design, que era R$266.950, ficou em R$269.950.

A versão Momentum deve ser a mais vendida, com 40% das vendas, seguida pela Inscription e R-Design, ambas com 30% dos emplacamentos. Os veículos terão garantia de 2 anos, sem limite de quilometragem.

Além disso, a Volvo também anunciou isenção de imposto de IPI para venda de PCD. Neste caso, a versão Momentum custará R$213.812, a Inscription ficará por R$232.841 e a R-Design por R$241.903.

As revisões da linha 60 tem preço fixo de revisão, conforme os valores abaixo:

10.000 km - R$949
20.000 km / 12 meses - R$1849
30.000 km - R$949
40.000 km / 24 meses - R$2349
50.000 km - R$949
60.000 km / 36 meses - R$3499

Versões, preços e itens de série

Momentum - R$ 239,950
Ar-condicionado digital dual zone
Teto solar panorâmico elétrico
Navegação PRO com RSI
Apple CarPlay e Android Auto
Comando de voz e Bluetooth
Duas entradas USB
Painel de TFT com 8’’
Interface Central Touch Screen 9”
Assentos dianteiros elétricos com duas memórias para o motorista
Suporte lombar elétrico
Bancos de couro
Volvo on Call
Drive Mode (Confort, Eco, Dynamic e Off Road)
Câmera de estacionamento
Sensores dianteiro e traseiro
Piloto automático
Sensor de chuva
Sistema Start/Stop
Rodas 19” Black Diamond
Suspensão Dynamic

Inscription - R$ 259,950
Painel de TFT com 12,3”
Assentos dianteiros com aquecimento e extensão para apoio das pernas
BLIS com assistência de direção
CTF - Cross Traffic Alert
Alerta de colisão traseira
Abertura e fechamento elétrico do porta-malas
Chave revestida com couro com função memória
Piloto automático adaptativo
Assistente de direção semi-autônoma (130km/h)
Keyless entry e start
Rodas 20” Black Diamond

R-Design - R$ 269,950
Assentos esportivos revestidos em couro e nobuck
Volante Sport com paddle shift
Volvo High Performance Sound e Subwoofer
Rodas 21” Matt Black
Suspensão Sport



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Smart vehicles are becoming more common and there are fears hackers could target them to access personal data or steal cars.

Hackers could potentially take control of internet-connected cars and cause accidents - as manufacturers are urged to better protect them from cyberattacks.

Smart vehicles allowing drivers to access maps, travel information and digital radio services are becoming more common in the UK.

And there are fears hackers could target them to get hold of personal data or steal cars with keyless entry.

The Government has urged motor manufacturers to ensure their vehicles are "completely cyber secure".

Some cars are already able to park themselves and fully self-driving cars will be widely available "very quickly", said Transport minister Lord Callanan.

He said the risk of hacking was low but insisted protecting vehicles against cyberattacks was "important".

          Tata Nexon Compact SUV: Stunning looks and supercool Features         
I am back from the exclusive bloggers drive organized by Tata Motors and Indibloggers at Kochi, Kerala. I am sharing my findings about Tata Motor’s new baby- Nexon in 3 parts. Part 1 will cover its salient features (this post), part 2 will cover our driving experience and part 3 will provide acomparison of Tata Nexon with its competitors.

The new Tata Nexon- Looks and Features.
By now you’ve seen enough photos of Nexon on the internet and have fair idea of its looks. Still my review won’t be complete if I don't add some of my observations. When I had originally seen Nexon pics on the net, I thought it is just a Bolt on elevated platform. But as more pictures started coming in and when I finally saw the Nexon in flesh, the beauty of its looks was impressive. For the first time Tata Motors has introduced dual tone body colours (actually there're 4 colours in total- blue/red main body colour, gray roof, white waitline and a black outline on the doors) While other manufacturers use lots of chrome in these spaces, Tata has used paint/plastic for the effects. Only one chrome stripe is used-in the front facia)- blue bottom and gray top, red bottom with gray top part, separated by a distinguishing waistline. This well thought colour combination has managed to grab eyeballs and attract lookers on to it. C pillar seems to slope little too early, trying to offer a coupe like design. This is where Nexon stands apart from its competitors who have a more boxy design.

On the side, the 209 mm ground clearance is apparent-buyers can afford to add a side step if they chose to. If you notice carefully there is a thin black lining between the door and roof-beginning near the mirrors and extending all the way till the end towards tail lamp- this is referred to as "Slingshot Line". White waistline separates the top n bottom portion. 16 inch tyres are standard in its category, but with 215mm width, Tata has gone for wider tyres that should give more grip and control. Little bit of black rubber padding is added to minimize damage to paint. Door handle involves a small black button that needs to be pressed for keyless entry.

Speaking of keyless entry, Nexon top end variants will get a wrist band that can be worn. With this band on your arm, you can simply walk into the car, press the push button to start and zoom away. Very convenient when you prefer to move around hands free- like while jogging. Wrist band has no display whatsoever- showing some info like time/fitness measures etc can be some enhancements that can be considered for future.
Who is the prettiest of all?
Headlamp assembly is all new, not reused from other cars, with a halogen lamp, DRL and turn indicators. DRL is named "Feline Eye Shaped". Fog lamps get a black eye brow and white skirting, feels like two extra eyes!- during future face lift this space could be used for some DRL or redesigned lamps. Front grille is now familiar to everyone- 3D Tata logo on top of a honeycomb mesh. Only piece of chrome on the exterior can be seen here, referred to as "Humanity Line".

Rear is where lots of attention has been paid to- the signature white waistline beautifully covers the rear part separating top and bottom portion, wrapping tail lamps on one side. A kind of X shape.

Door handle is positioned at the bottom-for taller people some effort will be required to open the boot. (many compact SUVs/MPVs have boot door at chest level, which doesn’t require much effort to pop open). Also key fob gets a boot release button- which only unlocks the boot- doesn’t pop it open. Opening the boot need to be done manually. Only a small single exhaust pipe can be seen. No attempt has been made to include dual exhausts integrating with rear bumper, like in Hexa.

There’s a shark fin antenna that is not very common in sub 10 lakh cars and a skyrack to add to the looks.

Inside the all new Nexon:
Lots of cool features are packed inside Nexon, along with nice premium feeling interiors. Don't expect all of these to be available on all variants- details of which will be known only during commercial launch.

1. Sliding Tambour Door: A small storage area next to driver’s seat is provided with a sliding door. Feels very premium and cozy. Hand brake moves slightly to the right because of this. The finish is superb- shiny and smooth, feeling very premium.

2. Three Drive Modes: Nexon gets a Jaguar inspired knob with rotating ring. It can be rotated to select between City, Eco and Sports mode. While everyone is talking about the 3 modes, not many can explain what exactly happens under the bonnet when you select one of these modes. Let us understand what these drive mode means
Colour Theme
What it means
Benefits     / Outcome
Prevents rapid acceleration. Only smooth and linear speed increment. Limits high revs and top speed
Maximum Fuel Economy
Keeps some torque handy for quick acceleration/start n stop movements needed in city. Limits high revs and top speed
More convenience during city driving, Fuel economy in-between Eco and Sports
No attempt to restrict anything to save fuel- All available power and torque at disposal for maximum performance and driving pleasure
Very responsive Engine, rapid acceleration, top speed but fairly compromised fuel economy.
3. Start/Stop button: Push button start/stop button is a cool way to start/stop your engine. Can be done in any gear but pressing clutch pedal is mandatory.

4. Freestanding/dashtop 6.5” infotainment system: Like in some Audi & BMW models, the touchscreen infotainment system stands tall on the dashboard rather than getting engulfed at the centre of it. This positioning makes it prominent, easy to see (say maps) etc. No, it is NOT possible to fold or retract or tilt it. The position is fixed. Reverse camera with guiding lines engage automatically on reversing, can be flashed on demand as well.

5. Chilled glove box with removable tray and pen holder

6. 31 Utility spaces all over the car, including umbrella holder, spectacles holder (with velvet clothing) etc. Holding large 1/2 litre bottle in the door can be tricky, but they fit well inside.
7. Second row with middle armrest + cup holder, AC vents with blower control and adjustable headrest. Seats are almost bucket like, pretty comfortable. Designed with a family of 4 in mind, the 3rd person in second row will have some compromise. Also second row seats don't move front/back. Fabric quality is also fine.

8. Instrument cluster is the familiar one- indicates outside temperature, which exact door is open, DTE, average fuel economy and a host of other information. Many car makers are moving away from giving push button rods on the console (to change mode or reset trip meter)- like Figo gets it on the turn indicator instead. Something for Tata Motors to consider for future improvements.

Notice below that car is showing a distance to Empty of 546 km, with full tank fuel (diesel, 44 litres). This translates to around 12.4 kmpl. This is in Sports Mode. If driven in Eco, I guess one can expect 16-18kmpl.

9. 350 litters boot space-fold second row and you will get 690 litres space. Second row splits in 60:40 ratio for varied seating/space combinations. This space is better than rivals.

10. Climate Control: Climate control feature is included in Nexon.

11. Auto adjustable and auto folding mirrors: External Rear view mirrors can be auto folded at the press of a button.

Some of the features available in some of the other 7-10 lakh price range cars, not available in Nexon: Rain sensing wipers, windshield that can keep interior few degree cooler, hill hold control, additional airbags, follow me home lamps, control to roll up/down windows through remote, even when engine is switched off.

Overall Nexon is a brilliant package of looks, features and engine options. No complaints as such. For engine details and driving experience, please check the other post.  Read Karthik Murali's review here.

          Wheels of Excitement: New Tata Nexon Driving Experience!        
While various silent features of Tata Nexon in explained in detail in the other post here, this post shares my driving experience of Nexon and quick review. As part of the media drive, we got to spend about half a day in the car, driving from Marriott Hotel Kochi to Greenberg resort on the hills enroute to Idukki and back.

The Engines of Nexon
It won’t be fair to fit a compact SUV with sedan engines. Thus Nexon gets new set of engines- 1.2 litre petrol and 1.5 litre diesel engine both turbo charged and producing 110 PS each. The 3 pot petrol engine used in Tigor is provided with a turbo charger to produce more power while diesel engine is new. These are the most powerful engines from the Revotron and Revotorq family as well as among non SUV category in Tata (only Safari and Hexa get more powerful bigger engines). 
Our team during #ExploreWithNexon
We drove both petrol and diesel versions, about 90 kms each. Diesel while going uphill to Greenberg resort and petrol on the way back. Both have similar power at about 110 PS but petrol engine is lighter (by only about 60kg) and gets bit lesser torque.  108 BHP or 110 PS is pretty good in its class. While driving uphill on the ghats I could sustain second gear in most hairpin bends- there were many of them enroute to our half way point (lesser powered cars often need us to downshift to first in sharp uphill hairpin bends). Changing the mode between Eco, City and Sport is a breeze- can be done on the fly. A nice voice announces the new driving mode selected, display colour theme changes as per mode (Red for sports, blue for city, green for Eco). Eco mode will not let you accelerate rapidly, there by saving fuel. City mode keeps some extra torque handy for quick acceleration and speed variations, but will limit top speed. Sports is where full potential of the engine will be unleashed. I drove most of the time in sports mode (almost everyone did the same)- while it was fun, it may not be friendly on your pocket. Average fuel economy was 9.6 kmpl in petrol as per the display- this is with sports mode plus decent usage of AC, uphill drive and 4 people on board. Certified fuel economy figures are not available at this moment- will probably be twice as above, because of ‘when tested in ideal conditions’- just one person, no AC, no uphill drive, economy mode and not sure what else… Tigor petrol which gets a less powerful engine has a FE of about 16-18kmpl for petrol. Nexon petrol should give around 13-15 kmpl if driven in economy mode in a fuel efficient way, less when you drive in other modes and use air-conditioning fully. Diesel Nexon has better fuel economy at around 15-16 kmpl when we drove in sports mode, should give more if driven in Eco all the time. Official numbers could be upwards of 20-22 kmpl though.
Keyless entry with wearable wrist band is a cool feature, probably first car ever to offer this. No need to carry the key fob, just wear it like a wrist band. There's no display or any other control, but very convenient n smart. Just walkin, push the button and zoom away.

Indrani has made this 90 sec video of my driving- do watch

One of my tests for Engine response is to check if the gear range is flexible or it forces constant gear changes. Even if I slow down a bit, car should sustain in higher gear without demanding a downshift or if I speed up temporarily it shouldn’t hesitate and force an up-shift. This scenario often occurs between second and 3rd gears in city limits- for a few moments of slowness or higher speed you may not wish to change gear as you know the need is only temporary. There're 6 forward gears, with 4th, 5th and 6th being overdrive gears. Because we didn’t have a straight road to reach higher speeds, I also engaged 6th gear at slightly slower speed than it was meant for. Still the diesel motor didn’t complain. This kind of flexibility is crucial for driving convenience. Nexon diesel did well in this department. Though the gear change adviser on the dashboard kept advising a change of gear, engine showed enough responsiveness in second and third gear to deal with sudden variation in speed.

View from driver’s seat is nice, but the A pillar problem is common in all cars these days. It is not possible to avoid A pillar, so we will have to deal with the visual obstruction it causes. Had to tilt myself a bit to get better view during sharp turns. There’s height adjustment for driver’s seat, tilt adjustment for steering wheel (no telescopic adjustment). Instrument cluster is standard- two big dials for speed and RPM and a digital section in the middle. Mirrors get electronic adjustment and auto folding. Reverse camera with guiding lines is useful feature. Steering response is precise as well. Despite narrow roads of Kerala, I could overtake with confidence and precision. There were lots of hairpin bends, which could be negotiated with ease, with just a few fingers. Nexon gets an electrically assisted rack & pinion based power steering unit, perfected by Tata Motors in other cars over time. 
Some fun with Nexon, Clicked by Indrani Ghose
209 mm ground clearance and wider tyres give confidence to take on bad roads. Nexon gets 215/60 R16 tyres whereas Brezza and Ecosport get 205/60 R16. What this means is Nexon tyres are 10mm wider than its rivals. Even ground clearance is class leading- 9 mm more than Ecosport, 1 mm short of that of Duster! But be mindful that Nexon and most other compact SUVs are front wheel drive only. There’s ABS with EBD and two airbags for safety, standard across all variants- a clear improvement compared to previous models where cheaper variants missed safety features to keep cost low.
Many of my friends who drove felt hand brake is hard to reach. But since my hands are long enough I didn’t feel any discomfort. Hand brake is now positioned closer to front passenger seat, not closer to driver’s seat- this is to accommodate a storage unit with sliding tambour door.

Tigor had a small plastic clip on the windshield to hold toll receipts. Nexon misses it, but there’re other spots around the driver’s seat to keep such stuff. Umbrella holder with water draining ability is a nice value add- available only in ultra premium cars 3-4 times more expensive than Nexon.

Audio quality is top class. 4 speakers + 4 tweeters combination works brilliantly to create a nice audio experience- select speakers playing select part of the beat creates a theatre like effect. Try it with genuine audio files and with windows closed and volume at higher levels. Android carplay app support is also great- helps play/display music or map from mobile phone and several other controls. Not sure if Nexon gets the Zuke app in Tigor- to let each passenger schedule his/her own songs to the playlist.

Second row passengers get a middle arm rest with cup holders, non adjustable headrest, AC vent with blower level control. Legroom and headroom here is usually better than sedans due to longer and taller cabin of a compact SUV. The second row seat isn't flat. It is well contoured for comforting 2 people, so 3rd person will have some discomfort.

At halfway point, at Greenberg resort, we swapped cars and returned. This time I had the red coloured petrol Nexon. Reduced engine noise was instantly recognizable. But since I drove the petrol version downhill, I couldn’t ascertain if it has enough pulling power for uphill drive like the diesel or constant downshift is needed. On level roads, the engine felt very competent, refined and capable. On paper, Petrol has less torque at 170 NM compared to diesel’s 260 NM. For the driving enthusiasts, diesel option is highly recommended, despite the higher NVH. Petrol Nexon is just about 60 kgs lighter than Diesel.

Few minor issues:

The mild off-roading on grass-I took the car on the grass just off the road inside the resort. If you notice carefully, it is almost level ground but slightly sloped towards front wheel. I tried to reverse and wheels started spinning without traction. If I put in 1st gear there was traction to go forward, but reverse would slip. First gear ratio is higher than reverse gear ratio (3.667 vs 3.545)-this plus the mild downward slope (up for reverse) made reversing impossible. For a moment I thought I will have to seek support to pull out the car, but eventually managed to get out of the slippery situation by avoiding reverse and doing tricky forward motions. Diesel Nexon would have probably pulled it off in this situation, given its higher pulling power. Nexon is not made of off-road conditions, be careful before driving on slush, wet grass etc.
Ghat section brake noise during downhill drive- On our return journey from Idukki, it was downhill drive. As I negotiated hairpin bends, usually in third gear, it involved sharp turning at decent speed plus braking-repeatedly heard some noise from the front wheel assembly- two or more objects coming to contact while turning and braking simultaneously. This didn’t affect braking performance but created some annoyance. I checked with Shubham Gupta, who also confirmed experiencing the same. Something for Tata Motors to inspect and fix.

Hill Hold control missing: HHC or anti rollback control could have been a useful feature for the compact SUV, as many premium cars now offer it.

Key strengths of Nexon:
  • Great looks and design-eye catching on all angles.
  • Lots of cool features like wrist band keyless entry
  • Powerful Engines
  • Good space management all around
  • Nice tempting package overall
Few challenges/limitations
No serious flaws, but few minor observations below
  1. 44 litre fuel tank is smaller than competition- lesser range
  2. One of the rival Ecosport offers 6 airbags, 125 PS engine, Cruise control etc not available with Nexon
  3. Nexon is carefully designed keeping in mind a family of 4. If you're planning to squeeze in 5 or 6 adults for long drives, consider alternate options.
  4. Average fuel economy we got- 9.6 kmpl for petrol- could be a concern for cost conscious buyers. But note that we weren’t driving to save fuel- numbers will be better if driven economically.
  5. While Nexon as a vehicle is great overall, many potential buyers are avoiding Tata citing poor after sales support. This area needs some focus and Tata needs to win confidence of its customers and prospects to boost sales. They are refining showroom experience and after sales support. Hopefully people abandon their earlier perceptions, give Nexon a test drive.
Tata Engineers and designers have put lots of effort to refine this compact SUV and make it as perfect as possible. Body roll is negligible, suspension is brilliant, steering is precise, engine is response and the car is loaded with features. I have a separate post planned comparing Nexon with its main rivals. Overall, if you’re in the market for compact SUVs, Nexon is a strong contender. We'll know in months to come how Nexon is faring w.r.t competition in the highly competitive and fastest growing compact SUV segment. My best wishes to Nexon. Having ticket lots of right boxes, Nexon now awaits its commercial launch and announcement of pricing. Expect Nexon price to undercut its rivals.

Here's a detailed comparison of Nexon with its main rivals- Nexon vs Ford Ecosport and Vitara Brezza

Here's what my fellow bloggers have written about the new Nexon: Vijay's opinion here, Swati's post hereUmang's review here, Danish's review here , Maitreni's review here and Atul's review here.

          Tata Nexon Compact SUV- What we know so far!        
Tata Nexon is a compact SUV being readied for launch by Tata Motors. After launching Hexa and Tigor this year, Tata Motors is gearing up for Nexon. Nexon is slated to give tough competition to Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza and Ford Ecosport. Nexon concept was first showcased in Auto Expo 2014, a more production ready version in Auto Expo 2016 then in various shows including Geneva Motorshow 2017. Now it looks ready for launch, with media drive currently happening in Cochin and various official and unofficial news trickling in including engine details, key features and so on. In this post I am compiling information known so far, about this new Nexon by Tata Motors, sourced mostly from official sources such as social media handles of Tata Motors and few unofficial ones as well!
Note: I understand there’s a media embargo prohibiting any opinion sharing about the vehicle till 28th July. This post doesn’t share any personal opinion about the car, only compiles information available about Nexon from various sources. I will share my personal experience and opinion next week, after a first hand experience. Contents of this post are not official review and some features are yet to be officially confirmed. Use this post only to quench your curiosity, wait for detailed review with official input and personal experience next week.

What kind of vehicle is Nexon?
Nexon is positioned in the compact SUV segment. It is expected to have more ground clearance, more power and more features compared to a normal hatch or sedan, at the same time avoid being expensive like a full grown SUV. This is called Compact SUV segment, currently dominated by Vitara Brezza, Ecosport n few Mahindra models such as KUV, TUV etc. Nexon can also snatch some customers away from Cross over market- like Liva & Polo cross etc. Will Tata Motors be able to break into this segment and shine? Let us see. Target customers for this segment are those individuals who want something above, something better compared to the regular hatchback or sedans, at the same time, can’t afford to spend 2-3 times a normal sedan cost to buy a 7 seater SUV. Compact SUVs fit well in this gap between sedans and SUVs.

Tata Nexon Key features known so far:
From the information available so far, below are going to be the key features of Tata Nexon
Two New Powerful Engines: Tata Motors has announced 2 new engines for Nexon- 1.2 Litres Revotron petrol Engine offering 110 PS power at 110 NM torque and a 1.5 litre,110 PS Revotorq diesel engine with 160 NM of torque. These are the most powerful versions of Revetron and Revotorq engines as of now (the lesser powerful versions are doing duty on Tiago and Tigor). This extra power is critical to give premium driving experience over lesser powered sedans.

Six Speed Manual Gearbox: Nexon will have a 6 speed MT transmission. There’s no official mention of an automatic yet, but I guess these will be revealed later, closer to launch date. Private automobile magazines and blogs are full of speculations about AMT option coming soon.

Three driving modes: Nexon will have 3 driving modes- Eco, City and Sport. Eco mode is designed to offer  maximum fuel economy, city mode aims to make it is easier to drive in city’s stop and go traffic and sport mode is designed to offer maximum driving performance, albeit at the cost of fuel economy. These modes are not available in competition and will give Nexon an edge.

Dashtop Touchscreen entertainment system: The infotainment system is not enclosed inside the dashboard assembly but prominently stands out. This is referred to as “Free Standing” or dashtop style. This will be coupled with 8 speakers and tweeters spread around the interiors of Nexon, for maximum audio experience. Designed exclusively by Harman

Sliding Tambour door mechanism is another new. (storage area near the driver between hand brake and driver seat, with a sliding lid)

Keyless entry? Indian Auto Blog reports at the possible keyless entry option in top variant of Nexon. ZigWheels tweet has confirmed this and also through the words of Mohan Savarkar of Tata Motors- Nexon will get a fitness band like key that you can wear. Can’t wait to experience it first hand.
Start stop button: Engine can be started and stopped with the press of a button, no need to rotate the key! I am guessing pressing brake pedal is necessary.

App Support: Nexon will support Android Auto and Apple Carplay apps. This is first for Tata Motors. I will explore this App further and provide more details later.

Brilliant space management: Pictures posted so far reveal exciting space management inside Nexon. Umbrella holder, multiple storage spaces in the glove box lid and so far.

Dual tone colour: Nexon will have dual tone colours, at least in top variant

Pricing: Nexon pricing will be announced sometime in August, expect it to slightly undercut main competition, Vitara Brezza and Ecosport. Between 6.5 to 11 lakhs is the expected price range for Tata Nexon, for various variants. But this detail will be known only in late august.

Booking: As per the information floating around unofficial Booking for Tata Nexon has already started at Tata Motors dealers across the country. You can visit your nearest Tata Motors dealer and book Nexon for a nominal amount. Besides the car, Tata Motors are also refreshing showroom experience for prospective buyers.

Commercial launch is expected sometimes in August. Media launch/familiarization is happening this month in Kochi, Kerala. Yours truly is also invited to be part of it and I will bring you all the updates and first hand review from the venue after driving this marvel. We are looking at around 150 kms of drive this Saturday. I am thankful to Tata Motors for giving me this unique opportunity to know things first hand about their soon to launch cars multiple times in the past. It is lots of responsibility to be able to add value through my reviews and updates. With your support and encouragement, I strive to take better pictures, extract more information, understand the car more intimately and provide better insights and reviews. I hope to do better each time and eagerly looking forward to the #ExploreWithNexon experience. If you have any specific questions about the Nexon let me know, I will try to get it clarified directly from the men and women who built this car.

Disclaimer: All information in this post, including images are sourced from internet- mostly from Tata Motors official channels and few from other private sources. For reference only. Wait till next week for detailed review with official information. 

          MyDesign: Dick Tracy’s keychain        
  As proposed last month in this space, I’m designing an SOC-based product that involves utilizing off-the-shelf IP. My whimsical design target is a wrist-based device that provides keyless entry and ignition for the car, control of the garage door opener, the ability to turn up/down the heat in the house remotely, and notification if […]
          Chevrolet Cruze 2.0 TD        
Chevrolet Cruze Station Wagon 2.0 TD Start-Stop;Tempomat;klimatizácia;6x airbag;ABS;Keyless Entry;ISOFIX; USB;Navi 900 navigacný systém (My Link 7 '');CD / MP3 / USB / AUX; 120 kW;163 hp;2012;
          Bureaucratic nightmares        
So three years ago, before we moved to Atlanta, I was up here visiting with our daughters and staying with Erin in Decatur.  I had been downtown to her office and was headed back to her home.  Erin had written down instructions to get to her house and I had my trusty GPS.  I was on Freedom PARKWAY but between being unfamiliar with the area, and trying to decipher the written instructions and the GPS instructions, I was very distracted and also realized I should have been in the right hand lane but couldn't change lanes due to the flow of traffic.  Also, everyone was throwing on brakes because there was a traffic "sting" going on and one of the officers motioned me to move over to the emergency lane.

Apparently, I was traveling in a 35MPH area and I was going 47.  (Who would have thought on a street called Freedom Parkway?)  My hubby had also forgotten to put our most current insurance card in my car which meant I did not have my current proof of insurance.  So, we paid the speeding fine and our insurance company provided the current proof of insurance.  Case closed.  Right?


THREE YEARS later, I got a notice from the DMV that my license would be suspended this coming Friday if I did not resolve the issue of the ticket for driving without insurance.

So we contacted the insurance company and got paperwork to prove we had coverage during that period of time and I had to show up at traffic court on Tuesday.  I arrive at 7 AM and found a two hour parking spot on the street right across from the courthouse.  Score!  I put in the parking space number in the machine and charged my debit card for two hours of parking ($4) and went to stand in line to see the clerk.  Heavy security and I read a sign about things like mace being confiscated and remember that I have both pepper spray and hollow point bullets in my pocketbook.  Back to the car to unload my dangerous weapons and back inside again.  Make it through security and up to a window and the clerk assigns me to courtroom 6D.  I head upstairs and wait 35 more minutes for that courtroom to open and head in.  Listen to instructions, get my piece of paper to decide if I am pleading innocent, guilty or NOLO.  I have no idea which one to choose.  Yes, I didn't have the proof on me at the time, but I DID have insurance.  Dilemma.

I finally get my turn to appear before the judge and he looks on his little computer screen and says I was assigned to courtroom 6C, not D and rudely sends me on my way.   I scurry off to C and find they are already in full swing.  I sit for 5 hours until after lunch, listening to everything from DUI and reckless driving convictions to absolute silence, to the judge talking to the bailiff about a laundry discussion he has been having with his wife.  Oh joy.  Finally after almost everyone else has cleared the courtroom, the DA asks why I'm there and I show him my papers.  He looks me up in the computer.  They have no record of my paying the speeding fine or providing proof of insurance.  We paid by money order and Tom did not keep the receipt.  He decides I have an honest face and he wipes the board clean and stands up for me in front of the judge.  The judge sends me back downstairs to the clerk to get a release letter so I can take it to the DMV.

In the mean time, around 9 AM I realized my car has been parked in the two hour zone long enough I'm going to be out of time and I ask the bailiff if I can leave and go put more money in the machine.  He says yes, so I run back down and across the street to find a ticket already on my windshield.  I grab it and when I went to renew the funds I realize that I input the wrong parking space number the first time (hey, it was dark people!) so that was probably why I got a ticket.  New two hours paid for and I run back upstairs.  When I'm back in the courtroom I started thinking about the fact that it was a two hour limit and I might be ticketed again for staying longer than two hours.  I wonder if they might even tow my car away.  That would be such a great ending to an already poopy day.

So I call my hubby and he ran into the courtroom and got my keys with the intent of moving my car to one of the all day parking garages downtown.  I have a keyless entry system so didn't need my keys back.  When he went downstairs he talked to a lady at the window who deals with parking tickets and she told him I couldn't be ticketed twice for the same violation and just to leave my car right where it was and for me to bring her my ticket when I departed and she would take care of it.

Best thing I had heard all day.  I brought her my receipts and she wrote off my ticket.  :)

So I head to the DMV.  There is a line wrapped around the inside of the building with about 40 people in it.  There are two waiting rooms full of people who have already been through the line and are waiting their turn to be seen.  This does not bode well.  I waited for TWO SOLID HOURS before finally being called up to a window.  When I handed her my paperwork, she told me they only gave me a release on the speeding ticket but NOT the one I really needed for the proof of insurance charge.


A full day down the drain.  I missed three postpartum momma visits and a dentist appointment.  Very late afternoon I still tried to get at least two of them knocked out.

I didn't get home until after 11 PM that night.

So yesterday, I called the clerk back and she printed out the RIGHT paperwork and Tom picked it up.

So today is round two with the DMV.

Wish me luck.

          Volkswagen Beetle 1.6 TDI        
Volkswagen Beetle 1,6 TDI Navigacný systém (RNS 510);Keyless Entry;klimatizácia;Panorama;Bi-xenon adaptívne (LED);04/2013;manuálna;119000 km;77 kW;105 hp;Farba: biela;Parkovacie senzory; ABS;Bluetooth;ESP;MP3;ISOFIX;
          How to Program Keyless Remote for 1996 Toyota Avalon        

How to Program Keyless Remote for 1996 Toyota Avalon

How to Program Keyless Remote for 1996 Toyota Avalonthumbnail
Program your Avalon keyless entry at home.

The Toyota Avalon began coming equipped with a keyless entry system in 1995. The system allows the vehicle owner to lock and unlock the doors from a distance and includes a panic button that sets off an alarm when pushed. Losing or breaking a remote does not mean you are stuck paying a large bill at a mechanic or locksmith. A new remote can be purchased online and the vehicle owner can do the programming in just a few minutes.



things you'll need:

  • Keyless entry remote
  • Jumper wire
    • 1

      Remove the key from the ignition and open the trunk of the vehicle.

    • 2

      Look in the trunk near the driver's side hinge and locate the bulb failure warning module. It is a small plastic box that plugs into the wall of the trunk. Unplug the module.

    • 3

      Push one end of a jumper wire into terminal No. 2 of the bulb failure nodule space. Insert the other one into terminal No. 10. Listen for the doors to unlock and lock and for the trunk lock to engage. A jumper wire is any wire that has a metal core and will conduct electricity, such as speaker wire or any electrical wire.

    • 4

      Push any button on the keyless entry remote and listen for the vehicle to engage the locks again to signify that the remote has been accepted. Repeat this step with any other remote you need to program.

    • 5

      Remove the jumper wire from the terminals and plug the bulb failure nodule back in. Test your remote from outside the vehicle.

          Keyless Entry Remote Key for 2010 Toyota Corolla        
Keyless Entry Remote Key for 2010 Toyota Corolla
          2010 Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TFSI for sale        
2010 Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TFSI ready for a new owner. Power Steering Driver Airbag Power Windows Power Door Locks A/C:front Anti-Lock Brakes Alloy Wheels CD Player Navigation System Passenger Airbag Power Mirrors Remote Keyless Entry AM/FM Stereo Side Air...

          Kwikset Smartkey review from Home Depot - Part 2 - the install        

Welcome back to Part 2 for the install of our Kwikset Smartkey lock system from Home Depot!

Part 1 was HERE.

BUT... it comes with it's own story. Of course. :)

The install

(actual Kwikset install video is below after my story)

Kit is 100% complete.

Everything you need is in the kit right down to the last screw. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver.

I was sooooo smart. I put everything in a tray, brought out my pretty tools, hired my son to help with photography and we were going to do this in minutes!

Until I realized I had lost the instructions.

Ah well. How hard can it be, right?!

1. Remove everything that has to go. 

Everything that has to go is attached with just screws so it's all easy to remove.

2. Insert the new deadbolt latch.

This is where I went wrong... so heed the following advice.

I inserted the new deadbolt latch but it didn't fit.  It was suppose to slide in all nice like but the gears wouldn't align with the hole. Hmm..

So I pounded the door jam out with a wood chisel and made it work. 

PERFECT. (not really)

It still didn't align right so I beat out ALL the wood inside the door. It was right about then I turned to my son and said, "We may be shopping for a new door."

TIP: The deadbolt  has an adjustment feature. You can choose which measurement works best for your door hole location. Oops!

Unfortunately I lost my photographer at this point and I was kinda busy worrying about breaking my door.  No matter. It still worked out! (but I still really want a pretty new door darn it anyway)

3. Everything else just snaps together effortlessly.

So without instructions,  I put all the pieces together like a puzzle. Most of it was pretty self explanatory. Once the alignment in the hole worked out, everything snapped together PERFECTLY. 

4. Set the keyless code and insert the 4 AA batteries (done together - see video below)

But without instructions, I couldn't figure out the keyless lock settings. 

Until I attempted to find something online. And that's when I found this goldmine that could have really sped things up! You do NOT need the paper instructions with this amazing tutorial.

Original Kwikset video on install, code setting and keyless feature is HERE.

This beauty now resides on our front door and it works as well as I hoped it would! We gave it a real life test run today and it worked to perfection for both of us!

Some very cool features:

To get in, you punch in your code.

To leave, hit the little lock icon. That's it!

The system accepts two codes which are VERY easy to change. 

You can set the system to relock after so many minutes automatically. 

The system allows you to rekey your lock anytime you wish as well.

The finish is exactly the same as our original set so it was a flawless match.

Heads up:

Kwikset is under Weiser in Canada.

The keyless keypad takes 4 AA batteries.

Not any key will work with the rekey system. It has to be a Kwikset key or possibly an original that has not been recut. All my house keys are poor copies so I'll be taking one to a locksmith to see if they can cut one that will work. 

But honestly? We don't need it with that amazing keypad.

Aside from the small key glitch, I totally approve this keyless entry system we have 110%! We LOVE it!

Thank-you so much Kwikset Smartkey and Home Depot!

·        Have you ever loaned out a key that was never returned, or would you like to be able to grant temporary access to neighbors or a contractor? The Home Depot can help. SmartKey rey-key technology is the solution. The Kwikset SmartKey lock gives homeowners the ability to quickly and easily re-key their own locks without removing them from the door. 
·        Increase your home’s safety and pick up a Kwikset SmartKey lock from The Home Depot today. SmartKey offers increased security and peace of mind because lost, loaned or unreturned keys become useless. It also offers one-key convenience for your home - you can re-key your front, back and side doors to the same Kwikset key.
·        Kwikset SmartKey’s re-key technology features a patented side-locking bar, central to the locks’ ability to be rapidly and easily re-keyed. The bar replaces the traditional pin and tumbler design that is particularly vulnerable to increasingly popular lock-bumping attacks. 
·        Delivering outstanding strength and protection, SmartKey deadbolts have passed the most stringent lock picking standards and offer ANSI/BHMA certified Grade 1 security. Grade 1 security is the highest level of tested residential security available in the industry.
·        Based on performance and features, Kwikset SmartKey deadbolts earned the prestigious Best Buy rating from Consumers Digest Magazine in the residential deadbolt lock category in February 2010.  
·        Kwikset SmartKey deadbolts can be purchased online at and at your local The Home Depot store. 

1.        Kwikset locks on   
2.        The Home Depot on Facebook:
3.        The Home Depot on Twitter:

The Home Depot partnered with bloggers such as me to help promote their KwikSet Lock product. As part of this promotion, I received compensation. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the products. The Home Depot believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

          Kwikset Smartkey review from Home Depot - Part 1        

I've always dreamed of a keyless front door entry.

This is our current lock. I really like these sets, but... we've had some issues.

My boy needs to enter the house on his own at times, and hiding keys outdoors isn't very secure. And bringing them to school has resulted in them getting lost.

Then there's when we go camping. We need to leave keys for our neighbours that care for our pets in our absence.

And how about tradespeople? Ever leave a key hidden for them to use, later wishing you could re-key your locks 'just in case?'

Enter the Kwikset Smartkey lock system from Home Depot! YES YES YES!

How cool is it when you can review something you actually really really need? Ecstatic!

This set offers more than just a keyless entry though. The deadbolts have a SmartKey feature, which allows you to re-key your locks with new keys any time you wish.

I had no idea such a thing was even available. Did you?!

 Since I loved my current set, I simply chose a deadbolt that matched the finish of our current hardware. 
There are many different styles to mix and match with, so you can get the look and functionality that's right for you.

I just chose the keyless entry because it was best suited for our needs. We have a keypad on the garage door and it's been wonderful to allow neighbours in that need tools and such when we're not around.

So I'm going show you how to install our Kwikset Smartkey lock system and let you know what I think.

We can't wait! House keys, we are so breaking up with you!

Do you also have key issues?
Do you hide them or ?

·        Have you ever loaned out a key that was never returned, or would you like to be able to grant temporary access to neighbors or a contractor? The Home Depot can help. SmartKey rey-key technology is the solution. The Kwikset SmartKey lock gives homeowners the ability to quickly and easily re-key their own locks without removing them from the door. 
·        Increase your home’s safety and pick up a Kwikset SmartKey lock from The Home Depot today. SmartKey offers increased security and peace of mind because lost, loaned or unreturned keys become useless. It also offers one-key convenience for your home - you can re-key your front, back and side doors to the same Kwikset key.
·        Kwikset SmartKey’s re-key technology features a patented side-locking bar, central to the locks’ ability to be rapidly and easily re-keyed. The bar replaces the traditional pin and tumbler design that is particularly vulnerable to increasingly popular lock-bumping attacks. 
·        Delivering outstanding strength and protection, SmartKey deadbolts have passed the most stringent lock picking standards and offer ANSI/BHMA certified Grade 1 security. Grade 1 security is the highest level of tested residential security available in the industry.
·        Based on performance and features, Kwikset SmartKey deadbolts earned the prestigious Best Buy rating from Consumers Digest Magazine in the residential deadbolt lock category in February 2010.  
·        Kwikset SmartKey deadbolts can be purchased online at and at your local The Home Depot store. 

1.        Kwikset locks on   
2.        The Home Depot on Facebook:
3.        The Home Depot on Twitter:

The Home Depot partnered with bloggers such as me to help promote their KwikSet Lock product. As part of this promotion, I received compensation. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the products. The Home Depot believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

          17 Meadow        
Brand new 5 story, modern, brick building. One block from Rutherford train/bus station. Express buses every 15 minutes. Each unit offers marble baths with jacuzzi tub, solid oak doors, crown and base moldings, granite counter tops, stainless steel GE appliances, washer/dryer in unit, keyless entry, private balcony, central air conditioning, video phone intercom, gated property, parking included. Rutherford offers an excellent school system with plenty of shopping and restaurants nearby. Must see!!.

Please contact Leasing Consultant (914) 380-7354

Specials: No realtors fee

Property Address: 17 Meadow Road, Rutherford,NJ 07070

Rent : 2050 to 3150
Deposit: 0 to 4725
SQ Feet: 1324 to 682
Lease Terms: From 18 months to 18 months
Bedrooms: 1.0 to 2.0
Bathrooms: 1 to 2
Amenities: High Speed Internet Ready, Elevator, OnSite Maintenance, Public Transportation, Short Term Lease, Custom_1, Gate, Custom_1, Custom_2, Custom_3, Custom_4, Custom_5, Custom_7, Custom_8, Custom_9, Custom_10, Air Conditioner (Central), Cable Ready, Dishwasher, Furniture Packages Available, Large Closets, Microwave, Private Balcony, Washer,

Pets: cat dog

          2002 Chrysler Prowler 1 of 583 in Inca Gold Only 3000 miles         
2002 Chrysler Prowler 1 of 583 in Inca Gold Only 3000 miles
Stock # 2744, Mileage: 0, VIN # 1C3EW65G12V100731
Price: $39,983
Exterior Color: , Interior Color:
One of 583 in Inca Gold only 3000 miles. This 2002 Prowler is for Chrysler fans looking all around for that well-loved example worthy of carrying the nameplate. This vehicle's interior looks as clean as the day it rolled off the line. It's in absolutely mint condition and still has the new vehicle smell.  2002 Chrysler Prowler Convertible in Inca Gold Pearlcoat/Black Soft Top and Clean Vehicle History Report!. 17'' x 7.5'' Front & 20'' x 10'' Rear Chrome Wheels, 7 Speakers, Glass rear window, Leather Trimmed Bucket Seats, Remote keyless entry, and Steering wheel mounted audio controls. Only 583 Made in this beautiful Inca Gold Paint!!

Please contact one of our expert sales consultants for the most complete information on this beautiful vehicle. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have, give you a complete walk-around, and in the process, supply you with the most detailed description of the vehicle. We gladly accept trades! We also offer 100% financing on your purchase, through only the best classic car financing companies in the business! Our customers buy with confidence. For over 30 years we have bought and sold quality classic collector cars all over the world. Contact Ideal Classic Cars, Venice Florida today!

          2005 Pontiac Sunfire Owner’s Manual        
Vehicle, safety belts, tires, Automatic Transaxle, radio, restraint system, Instrument Panel, Manual Transaxle, System Inspection, Enhanced Traction System, Brake System, Child Restraint, Engine, Spare Tire, Anti-Lock Brake System, windshield wiper, airbag inflates, Engine Coolant, Keyless Entry System, Parking Your Vehicle, Customer Assistance, LATCH System, Transaxle Operation, Safety Defects, Transaxle Fluid, Radio Data Systems, Center High-Mounted [...]
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  •           About Muscle 2013 Nissan Xterra         

    Fast Facts:
    • 5-passenger seating
    • Choice of rear-wheel drive (RWD) or 4-wheel drive (4WD)
    • Standard V-6 engine
    • 5,000-pound towing capacity
    • 3 available trim levels
    • EPA-estimated to achieve up to 22 mpg on the highway

    With the 2013 Pathfinder's transition from SUV to crossover, the 2013 Nissan Xterra is left as one of the brand's only body-on-frame sport utility models. X and S trim levels are offered, along with a PRO-4X variant that now features a standard navigation system.

    Exterior Features
    Equipment on the entry-level Xterra X includes 16-inch steel wheels, rear window wiper and privacy glass, engine skid plate, roof rails, and black trim. The mid-level Xterra S trim level adds 16-inch alloy wheels, power-adjustable outside mirrors, body side moldings, and enclosed rooftop storage (4WD only). For the PRO-4X, this assortment of standard features is upgraded with unique 16-inch alloy wheels and all-terrain tires, automatic headlights, fog and roof-mounted off-road lights, and additional skid plates.

    Interior Features
    Among the 2013 Nissan Xterra X's standard interior features are a tilt steering wheel, cloth upholstery, 6-speaker sound system, keyless entry, cruise control, power windows and door locks, and up to 65.7 cubic feet of cargo space when the 60/40 split-folding rear seat is in the down position. The Xterra S includes an 8-way manual driver's seat, cargo area offering adjustable tie downs built into a washable plastic floor, additional front power outlet, and an audio system featuring a USB port, 4.3-inch display screen, and satellite radio service.

    Items reserved specifically for the 2013 Xterra PRO-4X include Bluetooth connectivity, leather-wrapped steering wheel, fold-flat front passenger seat, auto-dimming rearview mirror, white gauges, and a 300-watt sound system. The PRO-4X is also equipped with a standard voice-activated navigation system that includes a 5.8-inch touch screen, real-time traffic information, app-linked Internet radio, and text messaging capability.

    Optional Features
    A variety of accessories, such as a towing package, are available from Nissan dealers, but there are only two factory options. The Value package is available on all Xterra models and adds fog lights, running boards, and roof rail cross bars. A PRO-4X Leather package, featuring leather upholstery and a passenger seatback pocket, is also offered.

    Under the Hood
    Nissan continues to equip the Xterra with a 4.0-liter V-6 engine that delivers 261 horsepower and 281 lb.-ft. of torque, output that is managed by a 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission.

    The Xterra is available in RWD and part-time 4WD configurations. The latter features a 2-speed transfer case; PRO-4X models include hill-start assist, hill-descent control, limited-slip differential, and an electronic locking rear differential.

    All 2013 Nissan Xterras can tow up to 5,000 pounds and feature a double-wishbone front suspension complimented by a solid rear axle and leaf springs. PRO-4X models are equipped with off-road shocks and provide 9.5 inches of ground clearance.

    Fuel Economy
    EPA fuel-economy estimates for the 2013 Nissan Xterra are:

    • Xterra RWD: 16/22/18 mpg (city/highway/combined)
    • Xterra 4WD with manual transmission: 16/20/17 mpg
    • Xterra 4WD with automatic transmission: 15/20/17 mpg

    The 2013 Nissan Xterra's standard safety features include 6 air bags, traction control, front active head restraints, 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, and electronic brake-force distribution. PRO-4X models also include a rearview camera.

    In tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the Xterra received a "Good" rating--the Institute's highest--for moderate frontal-offset crash protection. As this preview is written, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has not rated the crashworthiness of the 2013 Nissan Xterra.
              About 2013 Ford Focus | Overview        
    Fast Views:
    • Seven models are available, including an electric version
    • Slight reshuffling of trim levels for 2013
    • Last year's makeover added interior room and fuel efficiency
    • Other trim levels are available outside the United States

    The Ford Focus was introduced to the international market in the late 1990s and, according to Ford, recently surpassed the Toyota Corolla as the world's top-selling passenger car model. The 2013 Ford Focus is a compact car that's available in the United States as a sedan or a hatchback. An electric version is available only in the hatchback design. For 2013, the gasoline-powered Focus is offered in four trim levels: S sedan, SE, Titanium sedan or hatchback, and ST hatchback. The electric version is offered in a single trim level. The Focus competes with compact vehicles such as the Mazda 3, Chevrolet Cruze, and Hyundai Elantra.

    Exterior Features
    The 2013 Ford Focus is available in 10 exterior colors (although not all colors are available at all trim levels, and some are offered at a premium price), with standard 15-inch wheels and black front grille, bumpers, door handles, and power mirrors, plus a capless fuel filler and an optional Focus graphics package. The Focus SE adds 16-inch wheels and automatic headlights, and the ST upgrades them with black surrounds and LED accents. The ST trim level also includes 18-inch wheels, body-color door handles, and a different front grille. The Titanium trim level has 17-inch wheels, enhanced styling, keyless entry and ignition, and a rearview camera. The Electric model's exterior is similar to the Titanium's.

    Interior Features
    The interior of the base Focus model features a 4-speaker radio/CD player, manual air conditioning, cloth manually adjustable front bucket seats, a 60/40-split rear seat (hatchback) or solid back seat (sedan), power front windows, and power locks. The SE adds cruise control and power rear windows, trip computer, Sync system, and upgraded sound system. The ST trim level is similarly featured. The Titanium trim level adds Sync with MyFord Touch, Intelligent Access with push-button start, dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control, Sony audio system, leather upholstery in a choice of colors, SiriusXM satellite radio, leather-wrapped steering wheel, upgraded storage bins and cupholders, and many other enhancements. The electric version of the 2013 Focus is equipped similarly to the Titanium, except that the leather upholstery is optional; so is the power driver's seat. However, xenon headlights and LED taillights are standard on the electric Focus. The sedan provides 13.2 cubic feet of cargo space. The hatchback's cargo space comes to 23.8 cubic feet behind the seats, and can be stretched to 44.8 cubic feet with rear seats lowered. The electric hatchback provides 14.5 cubic feet of space behind the seats, or 33.9 cubic feet with the rear seats lowered.

    Optional Features
    The 2013 Focus offers many option packages at various levels. Many features that are standard on an upper trim level are available as individual options on a lower trim level. The Exterior Protection package (hatchback only) includes front and rear mudguards and a scuff-resistant bumper protector. The SE Appearance package adds some of the Titanium's cosmetic features to the SE trim level. On the Titanium model, special red/black or white/black leather upholstery is available; so is the Titanium Handling package (sport suspension, upgraded wheels and tires). A navigation system, full-body styling kit, and a power moonroof are also available. The SFE (for Super Fuel-Efficient) package includes aerodynamic features that minimize air resistance and boost fuel efficiency. The package includes side air deflectors, underbody shields, and blockers on the lower grille.

    Under the Hood
    The standard power plant for the 2013 Ford Focus is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder rated at 160 horsepower and 146 lb.-ft. of torque. A 5-speed manual transmission is standard, with a 6-speed, dual-clutch automatic optional. The automatic transmission is standard on the Titanium, although the manual is still available. The Focus Electric has a 107-kWh (143 horsepower) electric motor and a single-speed direct-drive transmission. Ford claims the battery can be recharged in 4 hours with a 240-volt charger. All 2013 Ford Focus models are front-wheel drive.

    Fuel Economy
    EPA fuel-economy estimates for the 2013 Ford Focus are:

    • Focus with 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine and automatic transmission: 28/38/31 mpg (city/highway/combined)
    • Focus with 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine and manual transmission: 26/36/30 mpg
    • Focus SFE with 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine and automatic transmission: 28/40/33 mpg
    • Focus Electric: 110/99/105 MPGe (range per charge is 76 miles, according to Ford)

    Standard safety features on the Ford Focus include anti-lock disc/drum brakes, traction control, front-seat side air bags, side curtain air bags, and a driver knee air bag. Many other safety features are added to upper trim levels, or are available as options.

    In government crash tests, the 2013 Ford Focus sedan and hatchback received 5 (out of 5) stars for overall occupant protection, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Focus received 4 stars for frontal crash protection; 5 stars for side crash protection; and 4 stars for rollover resistance. In tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the Focus received a "Good" rating--the Institute's highest--across the board on impact tests.

    Ford's Sync technology includes various voice-controlled capabilities. Ford's Intelligent Access permits entry using a key fob, and starts the engine with the push of a button on the dash. An optional keypad entry system allows entry and ignition when not using the key fob.
              Preview About 2013 Audi A7 Sedan        
    Preview Of This Cars

    What's New for 2013:
    • Standard automatic stop/start system
    • Standard keyless entry for Premium Plus trim level
    • Optional Innovation package adds Active Lane Assist and Corner View Camera safety features
    • Optional 5-passenger seating

    Exterior Features
    The 2013 Audi A7 is a luxury 5-door hatchback, or Sportback in Audi parlance, slotted into the automaker's lineup between the A6 Sedan and the A8 Sedan. The 2013 A7 is available in three trim levels: 3.0T Premium, 3.0T Premium Plus, and 3.0T Prestige. The performance-oriented Audi S7 is discussed in a separate article.

    Standard equipment for the 3.0T Premium includes Xenon Plus headlights, LED running lights, LED taillights, heated exterior mirrors, heated washer jets, adaptive rear spoiler, and 18-inch aluminum wheels.

    Interior Features
    The 2013 Audi A7 3.0T Premium is equipped with leather seats, genuine wood or aluminum interior trim, triple-zone automatic climate control, power sunroof, and heated 8-way power front seats. Additional standard features include push-button ignition, Bluetooth connectivity, universal garage door opener, and a stereo with iPod/iPhone integration and satellite radio.

    Under the A7 Sportback's power-operated hatch, the car offers 24.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seat.

    Optional Features
    The 2013 Audi A7 3.0T Premium Plus model adds a voice-activated Audi Multi-Media Interface (MMI) navigation system with an MMI Touch handwriting recognition pad and Audi Connect service. Audi Connect provides Google Earth navigation maps, Google Local search capability, and a mobile Wi-Fi connection that turns the A7 into a mobile hotspot for up to eight paired devices. Additionally, the Premium Plus is equipped with a color driver information display, front and rear park-assist sensors, reversing camera, auto-dimming side mirrors, Audi Advanced Key keyless entry system, HD Radio, and 19-inch aluminum wheels.

    The 2013 Audi A7 3.0T Prestige offers a unique S-line exterior styling treatment. Additionally, the 3.0T Prestige is equipped with 4-zone climate control, heated and ventilated 12-way power front sport seats, power tilt/telescoping steering wheel, LED ambient cabin lighting, adaptive headlights that swivel to help illuminate around corners, headlight washers, and a premium 630-watt Bose audio system.

    Options are primarily grouped into packages. The Cold Weather package is available on all three trim levels, and adds heated rear seats and a heated steering wheel. Any A7 can also be equipped with a Sport package including a unique wheel design, summer performance tires, sport suspension, and a three-spoke sport steering wheel with shift paddles. The optional Audi Side Assist package features Audi Side Assist blind-spot monitoring, power-folding side mirrors, and an Audi PreSense Rear system that detects if a rear-end collision is about to happen and automatically readies safety systems for impact. Additional options for all versions of the A7 include metallic paint, rear-seat side-impact air bags, and a 5-passenger seating option with a rear bench seat in place of the standard bucket seats.

    If you choose the Premium Plus or the Prestige trim level, you can opt for a Driver Assistance package including power-folding side mirrors, adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go, Audi Side Assist, and Audi PreSense Plus, the latter feature employing the radar units for the adaptive cruise control system to determine if an impact is about to occur and readying the vehicle for a collision while automatically braking to decelerate, if necessary.

    Exclusive to the A7 3.0T Prestige, optional Bang & Olufsen audio components boast 1,300 watts of power and 15 speakers. The Innovation package is also exclusive to this model, and includes the Driver Assistance package plus a head-up display, full LED headlights, Active Lane Assist and Corner View Camera, and Night Vision Assistant with Pedestrian Detection technology. With the night vision technology, when the A7 is approaching a person or animal after dark, the night vision display helps the driver to "see" them from 1,000 feet away. At 300 feet, the system provides a yellow-colored alert, and if the person or animal steps into the car's path, the alert switches to red.

    Under the Hood
    The 2013 Audi A7 is equipped with a supercharged, 3.0-liter V-6 engine that generates 310 horsepower between 5,500 rpm and 6,500 rpm and 325 lb.-ft. of torque between 2,900 rpm and 4,500 rpm. An 8-speed automatic transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive (AWD) come standard, along with new-for-2013 automatic stop/start technology to help improve fuel economy.

    The A7's Quattro AWD is equipped with torque vectoring. To help reduce understeer, the system lightly brakes the inside wheels during cornering. Quattro also automatically varies the power split from the standard 40% front and 60% rear distribution, as is necessary.

    Audi Drive Select is also standard on the A7, modifying transmission, steering and engine calibration to Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, or Individual settings, as determined by the driver.

    Fuel Economy
    EPA fuel-economy estimates for the 2013 Audi A7 are 18/28/21 mpg (city/highway/combined).

    The 2013 Audi A7 includes 8 standard air bags, including knee air bags for the driver and front-seat passenger. Rear-seat side-impact air bags are optional. Additional safety features include an Audi Backguard anti-whiplash system, 4-wheel ventilated disc anti-lock brakes with brake assist, traction control, stability control, and rain-sensing wipers. The Premium Plus trim level adds a reversing camera and front and rear park-assist sensors, and the Prestige trim is equipped with active headlights.

    Audi Side Assist and Audi PreSense Rear technologies can be added as an option to any A7. Premium Plus and Prestige trims are offered with adaptive cruise control and Audi PreSense Plus, while the Prestige trim is exclusively available with an Active Lane Assist and Corner View feature, and Night Vision Assistant with Pedestrian Detection technology.

    As this overview is written, neither the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) nor the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has performed crash tests on the 2013 Audi A7.
              Cars Around The Burly | 2013 Honda Ridgeline        

    Fast Preview :
    • All-wheel drive (AWD) pickup truck
    • Crew cab body style
    • Standard rearview camera
    • 5,000-pound towing capacity
    • Fold-down/swing-out tailgate
    • 8.5-cubic-foot in-bed storage compartment
    • 250-horsepower V-6 engine
    • Optional navigation system

    First released as a 2006 model and mildly updated for the 2012 model year, the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck arrives unchanged for 2013. Four trim levels--RT, Sport, RTS, and RTL--are offered, all featuring seating for 5 and standard all-wheel drive.

    Exterior Features
    The 2013 Honda Ridgeline RT base model is fitted with 17-inch steel wheels, 4 full-size doors, 5-foot cargo bed with an 8.5-cubic-foot secure storage well under the floor, a tailgate that can be lowered in typical pickup function or swung open from the side, Class III trailer hitch, and black trim. Also included are power-adjustable outside mirrors and a power-sliding rear window.

    A move up to the Ridgeline Sport adds black 18-inch alloy wheels and headlight bezels, black mesh grille, fog lights, and rear privacy glass.

    Next in line is the 2013 Ridgeline RTS, which Honda has differentiated with 17-inch alloy wheels as well as body-color exterior accents. That trim level is followed by the RTL, accented by silver 18-inch alloy wheels, power tilt/slide moonroof, and heated mirrors.

    Interior Features
    Among the 2013 Honda Ridgeline's standard amenities are keyless entry, power windows and door locks, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, front bucket seats, and a 3-passenger, 60/40 split-folding rear seat with storage below. A 100-watt, 6-speaker sound system is also included.

    The Ridgeline Sport starts with the RT's content and adds an audio input jack and leather-wrapped steering wheel, while the RTS boasts a 10-way power driver's seat, exterior temperature gauge, dual-zone climate control, and a 160-watt sound system paired with a subwoofer.

    The top-of-the-line 2013 RTL offers the ultimate in Ridgeline luxury thanks to a universal garage door opener, ambient lighting, 115-volt outlet, heated front seats, leather upholstery, and satellite radio service.

    Optional Features
    There is one factory option for the 2013 Honda Ridgeline, and it's available only on the RTL variant. This touch-screen, voice-activated navigation system features a compass and Bluetooth connectivity with related steering wheel-mounted controls. Also included is displayed location and pressure information for a standard tire-pressure monitor.

    Under the Hood
    Honda has equipped the 2013 Ridgeline with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that delivers 250 horsepower and 247 lb.-ft. of torque, all of which works in concert with a 5-speed automatic transmission. An AWD system is standard and features a locking rear differential that can direct all of the engine's power to the rear wheels under certain conditions.

    Unlike most other pickups, the 2013 Ridgeline uses a fully independent suspension system and a unibody architecture shared with the Honda Pilot SUV. The Ridgeline can tow 5,000 pounds, haul up to 1,546 pounds of payload, and head off the beaten path with 8.2 inches of ground clearance.

    Fuel Economy
    EPA fuel-economy estimates for the 2013 Honda Ridgeline are 15/21/17 mpg (city/highway/combined).

    The 2013 Honda Ridgeline's safety equipment includes 6 air bags, front active head restraints, traction control, 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, electronic brake-force distribution, and brake assist. A rearview camera is a new standard feature for 2013.

    In tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the Ridgeline received a "Good" rating--the Institute's highest--for frontal-offset crash protection; the Ridgeline also received a "Top Safety Pick" designation from the Institute. As this preview is written, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has not rated the crashworthiness of the 2013 Honda Ridgeline.
              2011 Kia Soul        
      2011 Kia Soul 2.0 Engine/Automatic Transmission Air Conditioning,Keyless Entry, Privacy Glass,Tilt Steering, AM/FM Stereo,Cd Player, Stereo Controls On Steering Column, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Aux. Input,Cruise Control,Gas Saver,I ntermittent Wipers,Multi-Function Steering Wheel, One Owner,Power Door Mirrors,Power Locks, Power Steering,Power Windows,Rear Window Defroster, ABS,Dual Curtain Airbags,Dual Front Airbags, Dual Side Airbags,Fog Lights,Tire Pressure Sensor, Traction […]
              2007 Ford Explorer 4WD        
    Vehicle Info Engine 3.4L 5-Speed Automatic Transmission ,Air Conditioning,Alarm System,Alloy Wheels AM/FM,CD Anti-Lock Brakes, Child Safety Door Locks,Cruise Control, Driver Airbag,Driver Multi-Adjustable Power Seat, Front Side Airbag,Keyless Entry Leather Steering Wheel,Passenger Airbag Power Locks,Power Mirrors,Power Windows, Second Row Folding Seat,Steering Wheel Mounted Controls, Tilt Wheel,Tinted Windows, Tow Package,Towing Preparation Package,Traction Control Trip Computer,Vehicle Stability Control […]
              2010 Chevrolet Equinox Full Equipped        
    2010 Chevrolet Equinox Full Equipped Vehicle Info Engine 3.0L V6 SIDI DOHC Automatic 5 Speeds automatic Transmission Am/Fm Radio,Cd Player,Mp3 Decoder Pioneer Premium 8 Speaker System Radio Data System Radio: Am/Fm/Xm Stereo W/Cd/Mp3/Wma Air Conditioning Automatic Temperature Control Power Steering Power Windows Remote Keyless Entry Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Controls Four Wheel Independent Suspension Speed-Sensing […]
              Drive a Total New Arena Hyundai Magic Verna        
    Drive a Total New Arena Hyundai Magic Verna

    The Hyundai Verna transform is one of the sedan which is worth a buy. Let go deep for more information.

    Introduction:  Hyundai is on the track to transform its lineages of cars. The idea is good about what these automakers think of because as we see a daily transformation of technology and cars. The market seems a bit composed and competitive day by day. Furthermore if we talk about the new 2013 Hyundai Verna Transform we see that this sedan from Hyundai has lot of transformations in it hence the name has been changed and coined as Hyundai Verna Transform. Predictably the Sonata and i20 got a transformed coat of Hyundai last year. The 2013 Hyundai Verna Transform is a facelift version of old Hyundai Verna launched back in India predictably in the year 2006. We would like to interest masses that Hyundai’s Verna is a sibling to Hyundai’s dashing sporty edged Accent.

    Exterior: The Transformed 2013 Hyundai Verna Transform got a new design in comparison to the old Hyundai sedan. The Hyundai Verna got a cosmetic change through the fluidic philosophy of Hyundai. The front end of the 2013 Hyundai Verna Transform is a change. The front grille has been changed. The grille looks more authoritative and makes the Hyundai Verna Transform a mature sedan. Talking about headlamps we see a different cat eye look for front lamps adjoined by the turn indicating lamps. Hyundai Verna Transform’s bumper and the grille has such a nice finish that it is hard to decide in a glance that where bumper and grille separates from each other. The front half of the body by Hyundai’s fluidic philosophy looks like that it is made out of a big single piece of alloy. This time the bonnet gets an authoritative “V” look that makes masses to imagine the letter “V”.

     The “V” says about what the sedan’s name is Hyundai Verna Transform. 2013 Hyundai Verna Transform’s fog lamps are again a transformation set off. The fog lamps seems to carved as Letter “L” that shows a difference in the sedan. The sedan has a smile too on its nose. The Hyundai Verna Transform gets a smiley nose that is attached with Hyundai’s stylish emblem that defines the company. The small but good point to notice in Hyundai Verna Transform is that the Bonnet’s letter “V’ and nose’s emblem letter “H” are joined together when the bonnet is closed. Imaginatively one can assume as Hyundai Verna Transform is proving its own identity “I am Hyundai’s Verna”. The outside mirrors get illuminative looks for indication too. It gives the sedan a rich look. The Hyundai Verna Transform is available in different body paints. The entire body has creased bold lines which can be seen in others siblings of sedan too. Coming towards rear side of the Hyundai Verna Transform we would like to tell masses that the rear lamps are also revised. Hyundai Verna Transform’s rear lamps are bold and beautiful in look. The lamps are adjoined again by indicating lamps. Checking out the boot space one can again imagine about the broader letter “V”. The finish of this Hyundai sedan is outstanding. The look from outside is mesmerizing. The rear bumper is enough broad and the peeping silencer pipes add stars to the tough rear look of Hyundai Verna Transform. A different writing style of the words Hyundai Verna has been used on the back of the sedan. The broader wheelbase gives Hyundai Verna Transform a complete muscular look.

    Interior: Hyundai Verna Transform’s Internals are up to the mark and creatively remark full. Beginning with the entrance of the sedan we would like to interest masses that the top variant of this Hyundai sedan have a keyless entry. Coming inside the sedan one will notice the change in interiors. Let’s discuss about the steering of this sedan first. The steering is wrapped with good finished leather. The steering has mounted control buttons for different controls in the sedan. The centrally locked horn gadget shows the Hyundai’s emblem. The arena in the Hyundai Verna Transform is astonishingly good. The leather and fabric seats are making the sedan a sheer pleasure for driving. The leather and fabric is of good quality. The ambience is light and upbeat inside the sedan Verna Transform. Coming towards rest interiors, you will see that the door fabric and leathers are also of same good quality.

     The point is this that fabric and leathers used in the sedan depends on the available variants respectively. Hyundai Verna Transform’s dashboard which steals the look has high quality rubberized plastic coated stuff. Touching it feels like smooth and clean. Ideologically the dashboard is very spacious and clean. The meter console area gives an easy reading to driver’s eye. The reading numbers are quite bold to read. Easy indications are also placed on the console board. Hyundai Verna Transform Console board also shows other data like fuel warnings, distance meter, temperature meter etc. Discussing about the control buttons we would like to know one that the driver ease is first thing for the car makers so as in Hyundai Verna Transform. Hyundai Verna Transform Control buttons are for integrated audio and phone controls. The height adjustment feature is good option for the seats. Front seats have a thigh support which is a good deal. There is a bit thigh support for rear passengers too that is comfortable in exhaust human conditions. The head and leg room is quite spacious for rear and front as well. Hyundai Verna Transform’s front passenger seat is very good and has a spacious arena to sit. 

    The armrest is also good as we discussed about the quality of fabric and leather is good. The seat pockets have a good storage capacity too. Hyundai Verna Transform’s faux wood option is available for different variants. The faux wood is trimmed and adjusted in window panels and other required areas too. Moving forward towards rear passenger seats we found good finished fabric and leathers on available variants. The seating is nicely cushioned by the fabric and leather seats. Hyundai Verna Transform’s rear seats have good leg room for passengers. This Hyundai sedan is worth a travel car. Hyundai Verna Transform’s rear bench is nice broad and spacious for at least three gaudy travelers. On an average, four people can sit though. Hyundai Verna Transform’s rear seat has storage cum armrest which has a good fabric and leather too. The sedan comfort can be enjoyed at its best when four people travel in all in all. Hyundai Verna Transform’s door opens wide and easy for exit. All doors are coming with good pockets to store things. Instruments of the sedan are a total different saga. Hyundai Verna Transform’s instruments are at its best. Hyundai Verna Transform’s dashboard has good audio system attached.

     The Faux wood finish makes the audio system looks elegant. It has Bluetooth, aux.usb, and iPod connectivity options. One can also find the CD player and radio option too. Music system is driver’s property as he can control it through steering mounted controls. Talking about the gear box we would like to interest masses that the gear box and bar looks very elegant. The stylish looks are combined by five speed option. Other options for Hyundai Verna Transform’s instrument are driver side window controls for power window shifts, lock, and some other options depending on the available Verna Transform variants. Let’s check out the storage capacity of the sedan. The front pocket has got some space for the storage the glove box has a deeper storage capacity too. The front seats have back big pouches for storing. The armrest for rear seats has also a storage capacity. The boot space is larger. Boot space of this Hyundai sedan is sufficient for at least four large size bags and two small size bags.
    Power and performance: The Hyundai Verna Transform will be now available with four choices to consumers. The engines are offering a range of 1.4Liters and 1.6Liters of capacities. The other two engine options are same but having two different options for automatic transmission. The different engines providing automatic operations are of same 1.4 and 1.6 Liter of capacity. The auto transmission is an option for both diesel as well as petrol variant of Verna Transform. The diesel variant of this sedan has 1.6L VGT engine gets a six speed gear box as well as a four speed gear box too. The USP of the sedan is that within the price bracket of eleven lakhs this is the only diesel sedan that has the auto transmission option.

    The petrol engines are also good option to choose from Verna’s lineage. The powerful engine shows a displacement of 1599cc and puts 105PS of power and a maximum of 146Nm of torque through a five-speed manual transmission to the front wheels. The petrol performance of this Hyundai sedan is 100kph in 13.0seconds and completed the quarter mile in 18.7 seconds. The diesel consumers will also get a lot to take out from Hyundai Verna Transform diesel type. The first thing about the sedan is that it is fuel efficient car. The second thing is that the auto transmission is available in diesel variant of Verna Transform too. Rest everybody knows that diesel fill ups are priced lower than petrol fill ups so this is always an add-on. The detailed engine benefits are 1.4L petrol engine gets a displacement of 1396cc of engine which churns at around 105.53 PS @6300 rpm having a torque of 135.37 Nm @5000 rpm with a transmission of 5 speed manual gear box and 1.6 L petrol gets a displacement of 1591cc of engine which churns at around 121.36 Ps @6300 rpm having a torque of 155 Nm @ 4200 rpm with a transmission of 5 speed manual and 4 speed auto gear box. Furthermore talking about diesel one will get 1.4L diesel engine gets a displacement of 1396cc of engine which churns at around 88.77 Ps @4000 rpm having a torque of 220 Nm @ 2750 rpm with a transmission of 6 speed manual gear box and 1.6 L diesel engine gets a displacement of 1582cc of engine which churns at around 126.33 Ps @4000 rpm having a torque of 259.96 Nm @ 2750 rpm with a transmission of 6 speed manual and four speed auto gear box. The engine is CRDI 16 valve that is also displayed even on the sedan’s back and on engine as well as. All in all elegant engine adds to elegance and luxury drivability.
    Ride and handling: The Verna Transform got lot of good improvements. This Hyundai sedan can be driven off easily on city and highways as well. The riding quality of Verna Transform is outstanding. The gear box is smooth so it makes the ride too. The big wheels depending upon the availability of variants makes the drive at fullest edge. The steering plays an important role in handling the sedan. The tilt option gives the Hyundai sedan an extra star. Balance comes at its best due to bigger wheel base and driver feels much confident. The braking with ABS is perfect match for the sporty and gaudy Verna Transform. The pit holes on the road are taken smoothly by Verna Transform. The steering gets smoother and lighter when this Hyundai sedan takes on the high speed requirements. Overall Verna Transform makes one feel comfortable in city and highways too.

    Comfort and Convenience: The Hyundai Verna Transform gives the best of the comfort features and convince too. The comfort starts from entering the sedan. This Hyundai sedan has keyless entry. The leather or fabric and cushioned seats make one feel good. The Thigh support for seats also makes one comfortable. The security brings the convenience and relaxation too. The air bags are available for all. The big convenient feature is available is that the sedan locks the door itself when the sedan starts moving and unlocks when in case of collision and accidents. The comfort at its best can be said for the sedan because every aspect of the sedan will drive one crazy.

    Pricing and variant: The Hyundai Verna Transform is available in six body paints. The colors are vibrant and eye soothing too. The Verna Transform is available in top to entry variant. The Verna Transform entry level of diesel and petrol 1.4 liter is available in 8.8 and 7.3 lakhs respectively. The price for 1.6 liter version for petrol Verna Transform starts with 7.66 lakhs to 9.58 lakhs respectively depending on the availability of variants. The 1.6 liter Hyundai Verna Transform diesel variant starts with 8.71 lakhs to 10.64 lakhs respectively depending on the availability of variants.

    Conclusion: The Hyundai Verna Transform has really done a transformation to masses by its fresh looks and interiors too. This Hyundai sedan predictably can get good market if the carmaker puts some of the best features to entry level also. The looks for entry level are kept same but some more features can make the sedan to sell more over the grown competitions. The entry level market show off is growing faster.

              McCausland Lock Service, Inc Securing Homes and Cars in Delaware        

    Prospect Park, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2016 -- McCausland Lock Service, Inc., a commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith near Wilmington, DE, specializes in offerings ranging from deadbolt installation to remote key replacements. The company is known for providing reliable services at an affordable price. The business provides customers with a positive experience by employing knowledgeable and friendly technicians across the Delaware Valley. If customers need immediate key cutting, they can rely on McCausland Lock & Alarm, which is a top emergency locksmith in Wilmington, DE, and Newark, DE.

    McCausland Lock Service, Inc. has been in business for over 100 years. The business is the largest locksmith company currently serving the Tri-state area. Some of the common solutions that the organization provides are dead bolt repairs, door knob installations, new lock installations, and duplicating house keys.

    Additionally, the company offers keyless entry for homes as well as Access Control and CCTV for businesses. McCausland Lock Service, Inc.'s safe sales and installations also provide clients with security for their valuable items, such as jewelry, passports, and cash. The company has safes that are fire-proof, pry-resistant, waterproof, and resistant to impact. This provides Delaware customers peace of mind.

    Automotive locksmithing is also one of McCausland Lock & Alarm's specialties. Some of the work the company does on cars and trucks include chip keys, transponder keys, and original factory remotes. All services are cost-effective and done while the client is waiting. Interested parties are encouraged to visit or call 302-597-6673.

    About McCausland Lock Service, Inc.
    Since the company was established, the McCausland family has been committed to excellence within their industry. The Delaware Valley locksmith company is equipped with knowledgeable staff members who can handle any type of security issue efficiently. The company offers outstanding service, specializing in making access control & CCTV systems, master key systems, safes and more.

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    Prospect Park, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2016 -- McCausland Lock Service, commercial and residential locksmiths in Wilmington, DE and beyond, have been in the lock industry for more than a century. Chuck and Tom McCausland, fourth generation lock and security experts, proudly operate the oldest thriving locksmith service in Delaware County, PA. Their fifth generation, Chrissy, is also now an expert in their field.

    In the past century, the face of security has changed, as have its challenges. In our modern era, doors aren't always opened with a key, they can use RFID, a pin code for keyless entry, a key fob button for a car, and a number of other options as well. McCausland Lock Service has maintained an important and needed business for so long because they adapt to, and offer, the newest security technologies.

    One thing that hasn't changed in the past century is that people still need locks on their doors. protecting a property, business or family is still just as important as it has always been. McCausland Lock Service offers a myriad of different ways to secure any location. More than locks and keys, they offer innovative security solutions like surveillance, alarm systems, safes and of course, emergency locksmith services.

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    About McCausland Lock Service, Inc.
    Since the company was established, the McCausland family has been committed to excellence within their industry. The Delaware Valley locksmith company is equipped with knowledgeable staff members who can handle any type of security issue efficiently. The company offers outstanding service, specializing in making access control & CCTV systems, master key systems, safes and more.

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    Prospect Park, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2015 -- Break-ins and theft can hurt a business financially. Without proper surveillance and security measures put into place, businesses can be susceptible to criminal activity internally and externally. One tactic to establishing loss prevention strategies is installing a high-quality lock, alarm or surveillance system. The locksmith company near Media, PA, McCausland Lock Service, Inc., specializes in conducting lock installations for commercial businesses. With many years of experience in the locksmith industry, the company works with business owners to implement a security system that fits their needs.

    Businesses can turn to McCausland Lock Service, Inc. to supply them with the best security devices and products that work to defend the operation as a whole. The locksmith offers some of the most innovative alarm systems available on the market. Highly trained technicians arrive on location to install the locks with the utmost precision and quality. Some of the companies that McCausland Lock Service, Inc. has conducted installations for include educational institutions, medical facilities, retail stores and office buildings.

    McCausland Lock Service, Inc. provides lock installation services for video surveillance cameras, keyless entry, lock and bolts and CCTV systems. Businesses can also depend on the company's 24-hour emergency lock service in the event of a security malfunction. Commercial buildings can make their environment safer and prevent damage losses by opting to install effective security systems with help from the locksmith professionals, who also serve the Springfield, PA area. To inquire about their lock installation service, customers can fill out the online form or call the PA or DE location.

    About McCausland Lock Service, Inc.
    Since the company was established, the McCausland family has been committed to excellence within their industry. The Delaware Valley locksmith company is equipped with knowledgeable staff members who can handle any type of security issue efficiently. The company offers outstanding service, specializing in making access control & CCTV systems, master key systems, safes and more.

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    McCausland Lock Service, Inc. offers locksmith services in the Wilmington, DE, region for commercial buildings, residential properties and vehicles. Customers can rely on the company for emergency lock smith services, which entail dispatching a technician to the location to assess the security issue. The company has been providing customers in the Media, PA, area with high-quality locksmith services for years, including installations, key cutting, safe sales and more. Some of the products offered at McCausland Lock Service, Inc. include security alarm systems, keyless entry, access control, transponder keys and clickers.

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    About McCausland Lock Service, Inc.
    Since the company was established, the McCausland family has been committed to excellence within their industry. The Delaware Valley locksmith company is equipped with knowledgeable staff members who can handle any type of security issue efficiently. The company offers outstanding service, specializing in making access control & CCTV systems, master key systems, safes and more.

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              McCausland Lock Service, Inc. Now Offering Automotive Locksmith Services        

    Prospect Park, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2015 -- One of the most convenient features available for vehicles is keyless entry, which allows access without the need of a key. Unfortunately, drivers still need the key and its corresponding remote to take advantage of this feature. When faced with a missing set of keys, many drivers go to dealerships to have their car or truck undergo locksmith services, but they're missing out on the cost-effective alternative solution of going through a genuine locksmith company. This spring, the locksmith company, McCausland Lock Service, Inc., is pleased to announce that they offer automotive locksmith services, including keyless entry installation, solving lock issues and programming security systems. Vehicle owners who need their automobile security system serviced are invited to visit McCausland Lock Service, Inc., located in Prospect Park, PA.

    McCausland Lock Service, Inc. has been performing automobile security services for years in the Delaware Valley area. The locksmith services of the company is a more affordable solution for drivers compared to dealerships. No matter what vehicle needs locksmith services, McCausland Lock Service, Inc. can save costs of up to 50% off of dealership rates. Some of the security services that are provided by the company include chip keys, transponder keys and original factory remotes. The locksmith services at the company are conducted fast and effectively by highly trained professionals, so that customers can have their automobile security system completed as they wait.

    Drivers in Media, PA, who need a locksmith for their car can also opt to have the company come to their location to obtain security services. McCausland Lock Service, Inc. has a mobile vehicle lock service that is fully stocked and ready to travel to the site of the customer to assist him or her. The company proudly serves the Wilmington, DE, area with quality locksmith services for vehicles, such as emergency lockouts, key duplication, car trunk opening and more.

    For more information on the automotive locksmith services of McCausland Lock Service, Inc., please visit their website.

    About McCausland Lock Service, Inc.
    Since the company was established, the McCausland family has been committed to excellence within their industry. The Delaware Valley locksmith company is equipped with knowledgeable staff members who can handle any type of security issue efficiently. The company offers outstanding service, specializing in making access control & CCTV systems, master key systems, safes and more.

    For more information, please visit

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Michelle Brown
    Email: Click to Email Michelle Brown

              Volvo XC 70 D5        
    Volvo XC70 D5 AWD CROSS COUNTRY ~ 4x4; ~ Keyless Entry / Go; ~ Bi-xenon adaptívne; ~ Navigation System / DVD / 3D; ~ USB, AUX, Bluetooth; ~ Softclose; ~ Vzduchu; ~ Autopilota ~ Rok: 2011; ~ 137000 km; ~ 205 HP; ~ Farba: hnedá;
              2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 S        
    2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 S
    Stock # N1610122A, Mileage: 30208, VIN # 1N4AL3AP7FC435166
    Price: $15,999
    Exterior Color: Gunmetal, Interior Color: Charcoal
    If you're shopping for a quality vehicle with perks such as a traction control, CD player, and dual airbags, this 2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 S may be the car for you. It has a 2.5 liter 4 Cylinder engine. Don't worry about careless owners! This sedan only had one previous owner. It also includes 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance, Car Rental Reimbursement and Towing Benefit, CARFAX Vehicle History Report, SiriusXM Satellite Radio with 3-month trial subscription, Optional Security+Plus Extended Protection Plan. This vehicle also comes with 100,000 warranty miles, and 7 warranty years and has been subjected to a rigorous, 167 -point inspection for condition and appearance. This safe and reliable sedan has a crash test rating of 5 out of 5 stars! It has great mileage with 27 MPG in the city and 38 MPG on the highway. Drivers love the sleek gunmetal exterior with a charcoal interior. You'll enjoy crystal-clear sound with features like CD player. With just one click, keyless entry provides a convenient method for managing your locks. Don t wait until it is too late! Call today to schedule an appointment. Contact Information: BILL KAY NISSAN, 1601 OGDEN AVE, DOWNERS GROVE, IL, 60515, Phone: (630) 969-3200, E-mail:
              Synchronize keyless entry        
    The manual for a 2003 Tahoe I bought used states that after changing the battery in the keyless entry unit, the unit must be synchronized. Cannot find any reference in the manual for how to do this....... The post has 1 replies so far. Read more and discuss here
               Very Good Condition outlander with roof window and reverse camera         
    السعر: 1,500 د. ب, موديل: آوتلاندر, ناقل الحركة: اوتوماتيك, السنة: ٢٠٠٥, كيلومترات: ١٩٠٠٠٠ إلى ١٩٩٩٩٩,
    Roof window
    Reverse camera
    Keyless entry
    perfect condition
    Car pass and insurance till Mar 2018
               outlander 2005         
    السعر: 1,800 د. ب, موديل: آوتلاندر, ناقل الحركة: اوتوماتيك, السنة: ٢٠٠٥, كيلومترات: ١٩٠٠٠٠ إلى ١٩٩٩٩٩,
    very good and clean mitsubibshi outlander in best condition
    accident free
    keyless entry
    roof window
    reverse camera
    very smooth to drive
    everything working exceptionally great
    insured and passed till March 2017
              2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Van 101712 Miles 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SE FWD Van 3rd Row Keyless Entry Cruise        
    2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Van 101712 Miles 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SE FWD Van 3rd Row Keyless Entry Cruise

    2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Se Van 101712 Miles 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Se Fwd Van 3rd Row Keyless Entry Cruise

    Price : $ 10,985
    Category : Grand Caravan
    Condition : Used

    Location: 27284, Kernersville,NC,USA

    Visit listing »

              2013 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Van 92030 Miles 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan SE FWD Van 3rd Row Seats Keyless Entry        
    2013 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Van 92030 Miles 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan SE FWD Van 3rd Row Seats Keyless Entry

    2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Se Van 92030 Miles 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Se Fwd Van 3rd Row Seats Keyless Entry

    Price : $ 10,885
    Category : Grand Caravan
    Condition : Used

    Location: 27284, Kernersville,NC,USA

    Visit listing »

              Are the controls elementary         
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              GoKeyless: Keyless Entry Door Locks        
    GoKeyless™ offers a wide selection of innovative keyless entry door locks that provide convenience and security without the hassle of keys. We offer 100% mechanical keyless pushbutton locks and combination locks, as well as high-performance electronic k
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              Six Most Economical and Best Selling Hybrid Cars        

    If you are planning to go green, then you should take that passion and apply it to your automobiles too. Nowadays, you will find multitudes of fuel efficient cars that consume less fuel than regular ones, thus help in conserving the environment. These hybrid cars are equipped with a gasoline engine and an electric motor. But going green does not necessarily mean skipping out on style and exterior. As manufacturers now have started to combine both, hybrid cars are selling like hot cakes.

    Here is my list of the most popular and top notch hybrid cars. The following six best selling hybrid cars have many luxury features too, which make them so attractive and expensive of course.

    Toyota Prius Hybrid:

    It is definitely not as large as the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid (mentioned later), but Escalade's sales are nothing as compared to the selling power of Prius. Actually, Prius is the number one selling hybrid car in the market. Green loving people adore it for its excellent fuel economy and exterior design which has become its signature style. The latest version is larger and more comfortable and also has solar panels on the roof (which do not ruin its overall look if you are concerned about that). The cheapest of all on the list, it has an attractive price of $24,200.

    Cadillac Hybrid Escalade:

    This fabulous car is a perfect example of how you do not have to skip out on the bling to save the environment. It is the world's first full size luxury hybrid SUV and hence has a whopping price of $73,850. I would not skip out on this one if I were you because it has features that are totally worth the price. It has a powerful V-8 engine and can seat up to eight passengers. Its high tech interior features include: an ultra-sonic rear parking assist, a rear camera vision and music control that automatically adjusts to background noise. It comes with a 25% enhancement on fuel economy when evaluated to the standard Escalade. Obviously, it does not save as much fuel as the standard smaller sized hybrid cars, but if you are looking to combine luxury, space and utility and a more environmental friendly vehicle, then I would highly recommend the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid.

    Lexus LS600h

    For those of you who would like to opt for a smaller yet equally luxurious car as the Cadilac Hybrid Escalade, this one is for you. It is the largest and most luxurious car produced by Toyota (which is Lexus' parent company). It is different and unique in both, external and internal aspects. The electric motor can power the car at slower speeds to save gas and provide a power boost to the gas engine fuel economy at its best. I would recommend this if you want to combine a thrilling ride with green driving. Its interior is equally beautiful with a combination of sleek leather and wood. Every Lexus vehicle has a Remote Touch Interface (RTI), but this particular 12.3 inch version is more eye catching than the road. It even has a rear seat entertainment system with an underarm cool rest for cool beverages. Obviously, with all these extravagant features the price of this car is $119,910 which exceeds that of the Escalade.

    Toyota Highlander Hybrid:

    If you are looking for a family vehicle that can hold a large number of people as well as luggage and is environmental friendly, then Toyota's Highlander Hybrid is the perfect fit for you. It can seat up to seven people as well as having plenty of space for luggage, sports equipment etc. It has a sophisticated powertrain with a 3.5 liter V6 engine accompanied with two rather than the usual one, electric motors. It gives you up to 37 percent more fuel economy. It is also quite strong externally and is able to weather rough conditions and uneven dirt roads without a hitch. Internally, as mentioned before, it is spacious with adequate leg room. It is equipped with the latest technology like, a "Display Audio" multi-media system with a 6.1-inch touchscreen and Toyota's Entune service, which offers apps like Bing search services, and Pandora music. The price $46,370 in my opinion is quite reasonable and affordable considering all the features it has to offer.

    Honda Civic Hybrid:

    Honda Civic hybrid is one of the most affordable hybrid cars in the market, therefore it automatically earns a place on this list. It is not very different from the standard Civic model which makes it difficult to distinguish. Its gas electric powertrain consists of a 1.5-liter i-VTEC inline-four that teams up with electric motor to give 110 horsepower and 127 lb-ft of torque. The exterior is the same as Civic but the latest model has been upgraded with slightly different features and a better interior too. The air vents have been revised and the cabin has been made more sound proof. Overall, the driving experience is also quite enjoyable; it is easy to handle and accelerates well. It is priced at a fair $24,360. However, lately its price has been trumped by the cheaper Honda Insight.

    Toyota Camry Hybrid:

    Another Toyota car on the list, which is hardly surprising considering Toyota offers some of the bestselling and popular hybrid cars. Similar to Highlander Hybrid, this all in one type also provides excellent performance and a comfortable and spacious interior. The engine is a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle inline four-cylinder gasoline combined with an electric motor. The car is available in two trim grades: the LE and the XLE. The former has all the basic features such as A/C, keyless entry, cruise control etc. The XLE is a more advanced version with extra interesting features such as a 6.1 inch touchscreen and a leather strapped steering wheel with audio control. Contrasted to the standard Camry, on the whole, there is a 26 % enhancement in fuel economy. The price is reasonable at $26,140 and the XLE version costs $1530 more.

              Mazda RX8 Grey        
    mazda rx8
    mazda rx8

    Definitely sporty and sleekly-styled, the 2008 mazda rx8 comes available in three trim levels ? the Sport, Touring and Grand Touring ? with either a manual or automatic transmission. The RX-8 comes equipped with a 212 horsepower 1.3-liter rotary gas engine with 159 lb.-ft of torque and RWD. The RX-8 achieves 16 City/23 Highway MPG, according to EPA estimates, and comes nicely equipped with front/side-body/side-head airbags, ABS brakes, traction control, air conditioning, cruise control, keyless entry, power controls and an AM/FM/CD/MP3 audio system.

              Mazda 6        
    Mazda 6 SKYACTIV 2,2 / 175 hp - Automatik (6 + 1) - Keyless Entry / Go; - Lane Assist; - Side assist; - Bi-xenónové adaptívne (LED); - Parkovacie senzory; - BOSE; - Tempomat; - Klimatizácia (2 zóny); - I-STOP; - Bluetooth / AUX / USB; - Navigacný systém;
              Comment on Interesting AutoPage 2-Way Alarm System Remote — Part XT-64 with FCC ID B23AT64 by admin        
    The correct replacement remote key fob for a 2005 Kia Amanti equipped with a factory keyless entry system is Remotes Unlimited part 593-1593. You can see and buy the part at the following link: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">2005 Kia Amanti Remote</a> The system in your vehicle requires a computer scan tool for programming to accept a new remote transmitter. So, you will have to take your vehicle and all of the remotes you use with the vehicle to a Kia dealership or qualified automotive locksmith for programming. If you have any further questions, call Remotes Unlimited at 281-820-0300 (or toll-free in US at 877-719-1900) and choose option 2 to speak with a customer service representative.
              Comment on Interesting AutoPage 2-Way Alarm System Remote — Part XT-64 with FCC ID B23AT64 by Bill        
    do you have just the blank remote for KEYLESS ENTRY REMOTE FOB TRANSMITTER ALARM GOH-3BFM2497. I can just switch out the pc board?
              Å koda Octavia VRS 2.0 TDI        
    Škoda Octavia 2.0 TDI VRS 03/2015;DSG;F1 pádla;Keyless Entry / Go;START / STOP;Lane Assist;Side Assist; Bi-xenónové adaptívne;Parkovacie senzory;Parkovací asistent;Klímy (zóna 2); 3D navigacný systém (COLUMBUS);Audio CANTON;Rádio CD / MP3 / USB / SD / Bluetooth; Auto HOLD;122000 km;184 hp;
              For sale - 1998 Hummer H1 Open Top awd 4dr suv - $45,000        
    Dallas 75229, TX, United States
    1998 am General Hummer Open Top awd 4dr suv, Dallas, tx adventure autos of dallas 2466 Merrell Rd, Dallas, tx ... am General Hummer Open Top awd 4dr suv vin137za9034we181878conditionusedmileage79,163Engine6.5L V8Fuel typedieseltransmissionautomatic 4-speeddrivetrainall Wheel driveexterior coloryellowinterior colorunspecifiedstock Number721 comfortfront Air conditioningrear Air conditioningrear Vents - Second rowconveniencemulti-Function Remote - Keyless entrypower steeringdrivetrain ...

              Citroën DS5 HDi        
    Citroën DS5 2,0 HDi Klimatizácia (2 zóny); Navigacný systém (eMyWay); Bi-xenon adaptívne; Priehladový displej; Panorama; ISOFIX; ESP - ABS; tempomat; Keyless Entry / Go; 04/2012; automatická; 86000 km; 120 kW / 163 hp; Farba: strieborná; Parkovacie senzory;
              Citroën DS5        
    Citroën DS5 Rok výroby: 2012;91000 km;1996 cm3;Palivo: Diesel; 163 hp;automatická;Euro 5;Farba: šedá;Keyless entry / go; Head up display;xenon;Parkovacie senzory;Navigacný systém; USB / AUX;Bluetooth;
              Lancia Thema 3.0 Diesel        
    Lancia Thema 3.0 DIESEL / 245 hp / Xenon adaptívne, Distronic Plus + panoramatický, keyless entry / keyless go, Navigacný systém 3D, MP3, USB, slot pre SD kartu, DVD, Klimatické double.
              DailyDirt: Smarter Cars On The Way (Not Smarter Drivers)        
    Cars used to be fairly simple mechanical devices that gave drivers the freedom to zip around a city, but now cars are much more technologically advanced gadgets -- getting smarter and connecting with all kinds of other things (eg. sensors, phones, other cars, the internet). Pretty soon, cars could become our artificially-intelligent personal servants, helping us out with our daily tasks like KITT but without the turbo boost. Here are just a few steps towards every driver getting their own car sidekick. If you'd like to read more awesome and interesting stuff, check out this unrelated (but not entirely random!) Techdirt post via StumbleUpon.

    Permalink | Comments | Email This Story

              Comment on Why Tesla Model 3 Shouldn’t Be Compared To All Other $35,000 Cars by BenG        
    BAM!!! I guess the 3 Series isn't sport-luxury either. $3100 Premium package to get power seats includes: Auto-dimming rearview mirror Auto-dimming interior and driver exterior mirrors Storage package Comfort Access keyless entry Power Front Seats SiriusXM Satellite Radio with 1year All Access Subscription Universal garage-door opener Lumbar support Moonroof
              Home Automation Systems in Kerala        

    Home Automation in simple basic terms, mean anything that gives us a remote or automatic control of things around our home. As the world gets more and more technologically advanced, we find new technology coming in deeper and deeper into our personal lives at home. Home automation is becoming more and more popular around the world and is becoming a common practice in today’s world.

    The process of home automation works by making everything in the house automatically controlled using technology to control and do the jobs that we would normally do manually. It is much easier to install home automation in a house while it is still being built, since you have the ability to put things inside the walls to save space. Though, people who have houses already built can still have home automation done in a less intrusive way through wireless systems.

    Home automation takes care of a lot of different activities in the house. Some of these things are as simple as turning on the sprinklers at a certain time every day and detecting burglars in the middle of the night. Others are much more advanced like sensing the presence of the person in a room and adjusting light ambiance, the temperature in the room, the volume of the music, according to different factors like the day of the week and the time.

    The systems that you can control include-
    Heating and cooling, 
    Security and monitoring systems, 
    Entertainment (home audio and video), 
    Communications (telephones and intercoms, internet), 
    Lawn sprinklers, 
    Curtain movements, 
    Gate door motor, 
    Shade motor control, 
    Keyless entry etc.
    The concept of home automation is to connect all of these systems and devices to a central controller so that they can be controlled from anywhere and react to one another. For example, as you arrive home, your home-automation system can automatically open the gate door, unlock the front door and disable the alarm, light the downstairs, and turn on the TV. Or if you power on the DVD player, it might automatically dim the lights, draw the shades, and direct all calls to voicemail.

    This central controller can be accessed and controlled through interfaces like keypad, wired or wireless touch-screens (with/without video), universal remotes, mobile devices such as a cell phone or PDA, any PC, at home, in the office, or on the road.
    The central controller has various peripheral devices connected to it so that it can receive and send signals to them for appropriate controls. These peripheral devices can be Lighting Controllers, Switches, Lighting Dimmers, Wireless security transmitters, Door contactors, PIR sensors, Infrared keyfobs, Fire/smoke detectors, Sprinklers, Sirens, audio controllers, speakers, temperature sensors, thermostats, cameras, televisions, CCTV, appliances etc.

    If appropriately specified, installed, operated and maintained, advanced lighting control strategies can reduce energy costs from 15 to 55% in your home, either by keeping lights off when and where they are not needed or by lowering light levels to correspond to the task at hand. In addition, lighting controls can increase occupant satisfaction and productivity by allowing users to tailor lighting levels to their personal needs and by optimizing light levels for the work environment.
    To make sure that your new house being built in Kerala can be adapted to Home Automation Systems, have it installed with structured cabling.
    The telecommunications cabling in a modern home supports a large and growing number of applications, including voice telephony, data networking, personal computers, printers, Internet access, and other applications, entertainment equipment like TV, home theater, whole-house audio, and home automation equipment, lighting control and security systems. For ease and convenience it is necessary that the new home should have single cabling infrastructure with CAT 5 or CAT 6 cables.

    Though sophisticated Wi-Fi equipments are there in the market, yet looking in to the promising future of IPTV etc. it becomes essential to go for high bandwidth solution. Entertainment applications, such as streaming video, typically use much more bandwidth than the voice and data applications. Therefore, a modern residence often requires more bandwidth than a typical office and needs to have structured cabling.

    Benefits of Home Automation-

    We’ve all gotten used to controlling our TV from the couch; just wait until you are able to dim the lights as well. Imagine adjusting the temperature from your bed or controlling the volume of your whole-house audio system from any room. Or imagine the wall/ceiling heater in your bathroom coming on automatically on chilly mornings 5 minutes before your alarm clock goes off so that it is warm when you enter. Many of the Home Automation products also save energy.

    Automatic Gate opening systems are getting common these days, but you’ll be surprised how much safer you’ll feel coming home to a lit home and even turning on more lights from your keyfob remote upon your arrival. With a couple of basic products you can have your whole house light up when there is motion detected at any corner of your house. Imagine your house sending you an email if there is motion where there shouldn’t be any. Or you can have your security system call you if there is an alarm, which might include your typical security alarm or even a low or high temperature or water in the laundry room or basement.

    High-tech products for the home are fun to use and share with others. Whether viewing visitors at your front door on your TV or tuning your stereo by using voice recognition, you’ll find home automation surprisingly enjoyable.

    Some Home Automation companies that service Kerala are the following-

    Eloka Enterprises Kerala
    Ist Floor B Wing, 30/120B, Pranavam Tower,
    Pettah Junction,
    Poonithura, Cochin 682038.
    Landmark : Varkeys Super Market
    Mobile : +91 - 99955 87415 / 95678 62880
    E-Mail : Support@Eloka.Net

    Eloka Trivandrum
    Future Desinz,
    TC 13 / 1136, Kannammoola,
    Trivandrum 695011
    Mobile : +91 - 98470 65252 / 98472 99664.
    E-Mail : Support@Eloka.Net

    Netsys Consultants
    A51/ Mosk road
    Frazer town
    Bangalore, India
    T.  +91 80 4563787 
    F.  +91 80 4563798

    Honeywell Automation India Ltd.
    No. 2234, 23rd Cross,
    Banashankari 2nd stage,
    Bangalore - 560070
    Tel: 91-80-66146565
    Fax No. 91-80-66146566

    Controls & Schematics India
    Kochi, Kerala
    Tel: 91-98470 66638

              Opel Astra K 1.4T Innovation        
    Opel Astra K 1.4 Turbo 04/2015;manuálna;Benzín;65000 km;92 kW;125 HP;Euro 6; Farba: cierna metalíza;Parkovacie senzory;ABS; Automatická klimatizácia;Bluetooth;ESP; Keyless Entry;LED Matrix (IntelliLux); ISOFIX;Navigacný systém (Navi 900); tempomat;Opel Star;
              Comparison of Maruti Suzuki Dzire vs Hyundai Xcent vs Honda Amaze        
    There was a time when Maruti’s Suzuki Dzire was the boss of compact sedan segment and to break the reliable & popular image made by this trendy car was really tough for any other same segment vehicles but then two more car manufacturers took this risk and brought Dzire’s rivals in market. Firstly, it was Honda’s compact sedan Amaze which later followed by Hyundai Xcent. To up the ante and sales volumes, Maruti has now launched new Dzire with more refined design and more features. In Indian automobile industry, there are three majorly appreciated and high demanding compact sedans and all three have their own pros & cons. But what if we have to choose one among these three? Considering the same we bring you the most wanted comparison between three trendy entry level sedan beauties i.e. Hyundai Xcent, Honda Amaze and Maruti Suzuki Dzire. Price: Let’s begin the race and see who is better with others and how. First, it come the affordability factor, one of the most important sections as per the middle class customers- mostly where these trendy cars belong to. The dominator among the three is Maruti’s Dzire which carries price tags of petrol trim within brackets of Rs.5.45-8.41 lakhs while diesel trim within Rs.5.99-8.40 lakhs. Popular Honda Amaze on the other hand seems slightly costlier than Dzire by having price range of Rs. 5.65-8.5 lakhs in petrol and Rs.6.75-8.53 lakhs in diesel. The third one Hyundai Xcent which is highly appreciated sedan among the Indian buyers and gives a rub-shoulder fight to its rivals and available within cost margins of Rs. 5.38-7.52 lakhs in petrol and Rs. 6.28-8.42 lakhs in diesel. Hence, while being the most expensive among three, Maruti’s classy Dzire is not out of price race but Amaze and Xcent are carrying similar range with some ups & downs. The petrol version seems more affordable in Maruti’s sedan. Also See: Visit Our Hyundai Xcent FAQ section containing all small-yet-useful info altogether for your convenience Price Scores Maruti Dzire 1/1 Honda Amaze 0.5/1 Hyundai Xcent 0.75/1 Engine & performance: And here comes the section where actual story of differentiation begins. However, all three compact sedans are powered by both petrol and diesel fuel mills but every mill tells their different tales. Let’s pick petrol units first. On paper, Maruti equips 1.2 liter petrol engine in its Dzire which develops max power and torque of 85.8bhp and 114Nm and mated to 5-speed manual along with 4-speed automatic transmission gearboxes. While Honda Amaze on the other hand also gets 1.2 liter petrol mill breathes through slightly better power of 86.7bhp but lesser torque of 109Nm. However, Honda does a good job by mating the Amaze’s petrol engine to 5-speed transmission in both manual and newly introduced CVT (Continuously variable transmission) version. Hyundai Xcent at the last doesn’t seem different as well and powers by a 1.2 liter petrol again. This similar sized engine of Xcent is responsible to develop the max power and peak torque of 81.8bhp and 113.7Nm respectively and geared up with a 5-speed manual and 4-speed auto gearbox like the Dzire. The claimed mileage here is 17.36-20.14 km/l in Xcent, 17.8-18.1 km/l in Amaze and around up to 22.0 km/l in Dzire. While Maruti’s Dzire is already popular for its fun loving drivability on road, Amaze doesn’t sit quite behind here but Xcent is better among all with its newly used technology and refinement levels. Still, on the grounds of petrol mills, we give equal scores to all three here. Now it’s turn to talk about most demanding fuel in four wheelers i.e. diesel fuel. The Dzire here is armed with a 1.3 liter diesel mill developing 73.9bhp of max power and 190Nm of peak torque. Like the oldness of Dzire, its diesel mill also seems old on road. The fair bit of turbo lag at the time of starting the engine makes the car bit heavy but once the motor warms up, one can feel it’s real entertaining nature. However, this diesel engine of Dzire is noisy and vibration can be felt at the time of driving. The Amaze by Honda gets biggest and most powerful diesel engine here and hence offers an appealing on-road performance. It is equipped with 1.5 liter mill good to churn out the 98.6bhp of power and 200Nm of torque. The impressive torque of Amaze provides it a handling in flow and a decent drivability. What lacks here is the refinement of engine; it’s even noisier and creates more vibration than Dzire which is one of the major drawbacks of Honda’s this exciting sedan. The Xcent on the contrary creates a new milestone with its highly refined engine which not only performs well but a smooth and completely noiseless feel is there. Hyundai’s this car gets however smallest engine in the race also with least developed power and torque which is 1.2 liter deriving 74bhp and 190Nm of max power and torque. But still, as mentioned above, it is the most refined engine among three, there is no turbo lag which provides it a hustle free driving even on city roads. Also there is no noise but only a smoothing ride on road. All the three cars gets only 5-speed manual transmission in their respective diesel trims while automatic is missing from all. While on the highways, Amaze despite of having the biggest engine manages to develop figures of 25.8 km/l which is good over the 24.4 km/l of Xcent while fall short against 28.4 km/l of Dzire. And hence, because of Xcent’s refinement and advanced technology in diesel mill and also due to its impressive fuel economy, we give one more score to it while the other two trendy beauties come on second in a combined form. Engine & performance Scores Maruti Dzire 1.5/2 Honda Amaze 1/2 Hyundai Xcent 1.75/2 Space & Dimension: Dimension wise, Maruti’s Dzire is the longest and widest among three and carries length, width and height of 3995mm, 1735mm and 1515mm respectively over its other two rivalry dimension of 3990mm x 1680mm x 1505mm (Honda Amaze) and3995mm x 1660mm x 1520mm (Hyundai Xcent). Let’s come to the practicality now, when we see the boot space of these models, Swift Dzire despite having more dimension fails to provide a satisfactory boot figures here. The car boot of Swift Dzire is just 316 liters which is much-much less than comparative huge size of boots of 400 liters in Amaze and 407 liters in Xcent. Seems like Dzire has put decent figures on paper but fails to use it smartly in practical ways. When we see the wheelbase length of these cars then again Maruti’s sedan surprises us by having longest wheelbase of 2430mm over the 2425mm of Xcent and 2405mm of Amaze. But yet again, by entering inside this Dzire, this longest wheelbase seems of no use here coz the legroom at its rear seats highly disappoints and could be better for sure; even the headroom is bit less comparatively. Contrary, Xcent does provide a sufficient legroom, thigh support as well as headroom which is really appreciable. But what amazes us is the Honda’s Amaze, this car despite of having least length of wheelbase still offers the best-in-segment legroom, headroom and thigh support. The ground clearance is better in Maruti’s sedan which is of 170mm over the Hyundai’s and Honda’s similar 165mm figures. This ground clearance of Swift Dzire gives it a better hurdle free driving on the city roads. Space & Dimension Scores Maruti Dzire 1/1 Honda Amaze 0.5/1 Hyundai Xcent 1/1 Interior When we enter into inside cabin of these cars, every car maker tries to make its respective model better than others. Amaze gets proper positioning of steering and driver seat which is also available in a well proportioned way in other two cars though. As far as car’s premium-touch is concerned, Hyundai Xcent woos us by providing a top-notch material quality with premium feel which is highly missing in Honda’s sedan. Honda Amaze’s inside cabin seems to get better with this update and able to remove the quirky cabin tag as well. Maruti Swift Dzire on the contrary gets a well proportioned cabin at inside which gives an appealing look as well. It’s simple yet commanding. Talking about the interior equipments, here again Hyundai takes the cake away by offering long listing modern features in its sedan Xcent. The top end variant of this trendy beauty is designed with features like auto climate control, rear parking sensors, rear view camera, music system along with 1GB hard drive, Bluetooth, USB, AUX-in, four speakers (2 at front & 2 at rear) & CD player, cooled glove-box, keyless entry, rear air con vents, charging point for the rear passengers and electric folding mirrors, central locking, rear defogger etc. Though, it doesn’t mean that Honda and Maruti lacks on major scale here. Honda provides trendy features like rear defogger, central locking, keyless entry, power foldable ORVMs, 1DIN music system with MP3, USB & Aux-In, front & rear speakers, day/night inside rear view mirror etc. while on the other side, Maruti designs the Dzire with auto AC, 7.0 inch touchscreen infotainment system with android auto, Apple car play, automatic climate control with rear ac vents, central locking, keyless entry, rear window defogger. Still overall, Xcent and Dzire stands shoulder to shoulder as they both have almost similar interior features and hence we give more scores here to Hyundai Xcent. Also See: Visit Our Honda Amaze FAQ section containing all small-yet-useful info altogether for your convenience Interior Scores Maruti Dzire 1/1 Honda Amaze 0.5/1 Hyundai Xcent 1/1 Exterior Basically, the concept of compact sedan doesn’t impress us much in terms of styling as it seems more like the stretched version of hatchbacks and same applies here. Still, it’s our responsibility to choose the best among three as per their designs and hence here we go. While Maruti Swift Dzire does impress us much with its new front design and curves at outside and compromising boot as well, the Hyundai’s Xcent doesn’t create much difference either. Hyundai tried to design its compact sedan better than Dzire by giving it a sharp lines and shapely designed curves. If we have to choose one among these three then our vote here goes to Maruti’s smartly designed new Dzire. It not only gets sleek and sharp curves and lines but also gets a striking on-road presence which surely impresses us. So, as we said, this section of concept sedan overall doesn’t get much attention of ours, hence we are ending it here by declaring the Honda Amaze winner in this particular section. Exterior Scores Maruti Dzire 1/1 Honda Amaze 0.5/1 Hyundai Xcent 1/1 Safety On the grounds of safety, Maruti Swift Dzire gets driver & passenger airbags, ABS (anti-lock braking system) with EBD (electronic brake-force distribution), brake assist, rear door child locks, immobilizer, security alarm system etc. while Hyundai Xcent is designed with safety features like immobilizer, driver & passenger airbags, ABS (anti-lock braking system), though features like EBD, brake assist are missing from this car. And lastly, Honda Amaze gets immobilizer, ABS with EBD, front dual airbags and it will get dual airbags as standard across variants. And hence, by having slightly more safety devices on paper, we give equal scores to both Dzire and Amaze but Xcent somehow lacks here. Safety Scores Maruti Dzire 1/1 Honda Amaze 1/1 Hyundai Xcent 1/1 Also See: Visit Our Maruti Swift Dzire FAQ section containing all small-yet-useful info altogether for your convenience Final Verdict Maruti, Honda and Hyundai, all three are one of the reputed brands of India and quite the only brands who provide cars in this segment of compact sedan. If talk about after-sale services then Maruti is best of all but still Honda is good enough too, the Hyundai is also offering decent enough service to its customers but it slightly lags behind as compared to other two. But still, on the grounds of product, Xcent and Amaze have tight fight here and Xcent just because of its refined engine and more features wins by a less margin than Amaze. Final Scores Maruti Dzire 6.5/7 Honda Amaze 4/7 Hyundai Xcent 6.5/7There was a time when Maruti’s Suzuki Dzire was the boss of compact sedan segment and to break the reliable & popular image made by this trendy car was really tough for any other same segment vehicles but then two more car manufacturers took this risk and brought Dzire’s rivals in market. Firstly, it was ...
              2012 Buick Enclave Review, Price        
    2012 Buick Enclave Review, Price, Interior, Exterior, Engine
    2012 Buick Enclave Review, Price, Interior, Exterior, Engine

    2012 Buick Enclave.
    2012 Buick Enclave Review, Price, Interior, Exterior, Engine. - The 2012 Buick Enclave ranks 1 out of 23 Affordable Midsize SUVs. This ranking is based on our analysis of 60 published reviews and test drives of the Buick Enclave, and our analysis of reliability and safety data. The 2012 Buick Enclave is a comfortable, luxurious and capable family hauler. Just don’t expect particularly nimble handling or brisk acceleration.

    Reviewers say the 2012 Buick Enclave packs a surprising number of standard features and offers a quiet, refined interior that’s rare for an affordable midsize SUV. They even compare its upscale interior and composed ride with the Lexus RX 350. That’s high praise for a vehicle that isn’t considered a luxury SUV. Though reviewers are impressed with the Enclave’s interior accommodations, they aren’t excited about what’s under the hood. They say this SUV’s engine is up to the task of hauling up to eight people and their stuff, and has smooth handling and a comfortable ride. But shoppers looking for some fun driving dynamics in their family vehicle should look elsewhere because the Enclave is tuned more for relaxation than excitement.

    Body Styles, Trim Levels, and Options :
    The 2012 Buick Enclave is a large crossover SUV that's offered in four different trim levels. All have a standard seven passenger seating configuration via second row captain's chairs and a third row bench seat. An optional second row bench seat, available at no extra charge, increases capacity to eight.

    Even the base model is nicely equipped with 19 inch alloy wheels, bi xenon headlights, foglamps, a power liftgate, heated outside mirrors, tri zone automatic climate control and cloth upholstery. Other standard features include partial power front seats, a tilt and telescoping leather/wood steering wheel, keyless entry, cruise control, an auto dimming rearview mirror, Bluetooth, OnStar and a six speaker CD/MP3 audio system with an auxiliary audio jack and satellite radio.

    2012 Buick Enclave Price and Release Date :
    2012 Buick Enclave will be published soon, but there is currently no known date for them, forget rumors, there is no exact date for the start, although the 2012 Buick Enclave must be ready to launch in late 2011 or early 2012. 2012 Buick Enclave price is start from $ 36,600.

    Standard equipment includes satellite radio, Bluetooth, power features and cruise control. A navigation system, rearview camera, front parking sensors and remote start are offered as options, as are 19 and 20 inch wheels, a Bose audio system and a rear seat DVD entertainment system. Buick's done away with trim levels this year, so instead of opting for an Enclave CXL or CX, you'll simply order from a choice of equipment packages, which can push the price of the Enclave to the $50,000 mark.

    2012 Buick Enclave Review, Price, Interior, Exterior, Engine1

    Interior Design and Special Features :
    While the first things you're likely to notice about the Enclave's interior are its stylish design and quality materials, these superficial elements are just the beginning. The ability to comfortably transport up to eight passengers with the available second row bench seat is something not all crossovers can claim. Even the third row seats are suitable for adult passengers. If carrying a full load of grown ups is something you expect to be doing a lot of, however, we should point out that there's a bit less room back here than in the Ford Flex's third row.

    2012 Buick Enclave Engine :
    The Enclave isn't as strapping as the 365-hp turbocharged versions of the Flex and MKT, but its 288-horsepower, 3.6-liter V-6 has its own charms. The usable powerband reaches higher into the rev range than in some crossovers, giving it a perky feel, still torquey enough at city speeds. It works well, with the six-speed automatic shifting smoothly, although the one hitch is that it's a little sluggish to downshift compared to the transmissions in most other crossovers. In part, that's the product of wide transmission ratios that leaves the engine turning very slowly in the upper couple of gears, requiring a downshift for even mild grades. Source:,

    2012 Buick Enclave Review, Price, Interior, Exterior, Engine2

    2012 Buick Enclave Review, Price, Interior, Exterior, Engine3

    NeocarSUV.Com - Blog about all SUV with News, Reviews, Pictures, Price, Specs, Performance, Engine, and more. You can find many of suv car reviews & pictures here. Rating: 5.0
              2013 Volkswagen Beetle | Release Date, Review, Specs, Price        
    2013 Volkswagen Beetle | Release Date, Review, Specs, Price
    2013 Volkswagen Beetle | Release Date, Review, Specs, Price
    2013 Volkswagen Beetle.
    2013 Volkswagen Beetle | Release Date, Review, Specs, Price. - Beetle coupe scheduled for an October 2011 release, Volkswagen will test that creates the magic of the former New Beetle  13-year run. Encourage this effort will be 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible. There’s a new lower profile and  føreshus is delayed further back, but the overall look is beyond doubt. Coupe is 3.3 inches wider and 6 inches longer than its predecessor, and we expect convertible to check in with identical dimensions.

    The 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible will be completely redesigned. Highlights include more aggressive style, an Updated interior and new propellants. Also hope that the convertible to offer the same engine as its counterpart options: a based on 2.5 litres of line five cylinder 170 horsepower power and a 2.0 litres of 200 hp on line-4. Transmission options will probably include a five speed manual, a six-speed automatic and a six-speed double clutch automated manual.

    Volkswagen’s latest Beetle dropped a few things relative to the New Beetle it replaces, including the word “New,” the height of its roof, and the cutesy demeanor. Now the Beetle line regains something lost a few years back: a fuel-efficient TDI diesel iteration. The 2013 Beetle TDI will debut at the 2012 Chicago auto show.

    2013 Volkswagen Beetle Price :
    Volkswagen has added diesel power to its new-but-not-New Beetle for the 2013 model year, and the oil-burning Bug has now been officially priced at $23,295, not including the (*)$770 destination charge. That price reflects the base TDI model with a six-speed manual transmission.

    Moving up the line, there are two higher trim levels one featuring a sunroof and the other equipped with a 'roof and navigation priced from $24,895 and $26,195, respectively. The Sunroof model adds Volkswagen's Premium VIII radio, and the nav equipped trim comes standard with the automaker's premium Fender audio system. A six-speed automatic transmission is available with all three trim levels for an additional $1,100.

    2013 Volkswagen Beetle | Release Date, Review, Specs, Price1

    2013 Volkswagen Beetle Interior and Exterior :
    Three trims are available with the TDI® Clean Diesel powertrain. All models feature a standard six-speed manual transmission with Volkswagen's acclaimed six-speed DSG® dual-clutch automatic transmission as an option. All three are very well equipped, with standard features such as power windows with one-touch up/down; cruise control; V-Tex Leatherette seating; front-center armrest; the "Käeferfach" secondary glovebox; Bluetooth® technology; leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel with audio controls, three color ambient lighting; auxiliary instrument package; Keyless entry with push button start, SiriusXM Satellite Radio®; and a Media Device Interface with iPod® cable.

    2013 Volkswagen Beetle | Release Date, Review, Specs, Price2

    2013 Volkswagen Beetle Engine :
    The Beetle TDI utilizes VW’s corporate 2.0-liter turbo-diesel four, which makes the same 140 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque as it does in the Golf, Jetta, and Passat. A choice of either a six-speed manual or DSG dual clutch automatic transmission sends power to the Beetle’s front wheels. The TDI shares its efficiency-minded electric power steering with the Turbo. (The base Beetle 2.5’s steering rack gets hydraulic assist.) TDI models will use the base model’s torsion-beam suspension setup in the rear; in our experience, it sacrifices a small amount of comfort but little else to the Turbo’s multilink arrangement. Source:,,

    2013 Volkswagen Beetle | Release Date, Review, Specs, Price3

    2013 Volkswagen Beetle | Release Date, Review, Specs, Price4

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              Honda CR-V - Generation 4.2 (2015-2017)        
    HONDA CR-V (2015-2017)

    Applicable only to Thailand models, the facelift gains new items such as a navigation system and Lanewatch system.

    See the overview of this CR-V
    See the Generation 4.1 Japan or Thailand model
    See the latest model of the CR-V

    Years OfferedNovember 2014-July 2017November 2014-July 2017November 2014-July 2017
    EngineK24Z 2.4 DOHC 16V i4R20A 2.0 SOHC 16V i4R20A 2.0 SOHC 16V i4
    Horsepower185hp @ 7,000rpm153hp @6,500rpm153hp @6,500rpm
    Torque220Nm @ 4,400rpm190Nm @ 4,300rpm190Nm @ 4,300rpm
    Fuel TypeGasoline/91 octaneGasoline/91 octaneGasoline/91 octane
    Fuel Systemi-VTECi-VTECi-VTEC
    Transmission5-Speed Automatic5-Speed Automatic6-Speed Manual, 5-Speed Automatic
    Fuel Tank Capacity58 liters58 liters58 liters
    Curb Weight1,570kg1,485 kg1,416kg (MT), 1,469kg (AT)
    Body Style5 Door SUV5 Door SUV5 Door SUV
    Engine/Drive TypeFront Engine/All Wheel DriveFront Engine/Front Wheel DriveFront Engine/Front Wheel Drive
    Front SuspensionMcPherson Strut with StabilizerMcPherson Strut with StabilizerMcPherson Strut with Stabilizer
    Rear SuspensionDouble Wishbone with StabilizerDouble Wishbone with StabilizerDouble Wishbone w/ Stabilizer
    Front BrakesVentilated DiscVentilated DiscVentilated Disc
    Rear BrakesDrum In DiscDrum In DiscDrum In Disc
    Tires225/65 R17225/65 R17225/65 R17
    Wheels17 Inch Alloy17 Inch Alloy17 Inch Alloy
    Anti-Lock BrakesYes, with Electronic Brakeforce DistributionYes, with Electronic Brakeforce DistributionYes, with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution
    Traction/Stability ControlYesYesNone
    Other Safety FeaturesAdds: LaneWatch Blind Spot Camera, Front Passenger Seatbelt ReminderAdds: Hill Start Assist, Emergency Stop Signal, Multi-Angle Reverse CameraReverse Camera
    Fog LampsFrontFrontFront
    Other Exterior FeaturesAdds: Automatic Headlamp Control, Rain Sensing WipersAdds: HID Headlamps with LED Daytime Running Lights with Auto Leveling, Chrome Door HandlesHalogen Headlamps with LED Daytime Running Lights, Gray Under Garnish, Gloss Black Grille, Body Color Door Handles
    Steering Wheel AdjustmentTilt/TelescopicTilt/TelescopicTilt/Telescopic
    Steering Wheel MaterialLeatherLeatherUrethane
    Seating AdjustmentPower, DriverManualManual
    Seating MaterialLeatherLeatherFabric
    Other Interior FeaturesAdds: 7 Inch Display Audio Interface with NavigationAdds: 7-inch Display Audio Interface, i-MID, Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror, Illuminated Vanity Mirrors, Wood Interior TrimUSB Interface, Silver Interior Trim, Soft Padded Dashboard, Illuminated Glove Box, Ambient Light, Cargo Area Light, Sunglass Holder, Tonneau Cover, 60/40 Split Folding Rear Seats
    Power AmenitiesSteering, Windows, Door Locks, MirrorsSteering, Windows, Door Locks, MirrorsSteering, Windows, Door Locks, Mirrors
    Climate ControlAutomatic Dual ZoneAutomatic Dual ZoneManual
    Audio System7-Inch Display Audio with Navigation/AM/FM/CD/MP3/USB/AUX/Bluetooth Audio and Telephone/HDMI7-Inch Display Audio with AM/FM/CD/MP3/USB/AUX/Bluetooth Audio and Telephone/HDMIIntegrated Audio AM/FM/CD/MP3/USB/AUX.
    Navi Cruiser Edition Adds: Navigation System
    Speakers4 + 2 Tweeters4 + 2 Tweeters4
    Steering Wheel ControlsYes, Audio, Cruise Control, and TelephoneYes, Audio, Cruise Control, and TelephoneYes, Audio and Cruise Control
    Keyless EntryYes, Smart Entry and StartYes, Smart Entry and StartYes
    NOTESNavigation system added in July 2017
    RIVALSMazda CX-5, Subaru Forester, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Nissan X-Trail, Toyota RAV-4, Ford Escape, Volkswagen Tiguan

              Kia Picanto - Generation 2.1-2 (2011-2017)        
    KIA PICANTO (2011-2017)

    Improved in many ways, the second generation Picanto has an interior and exterior that is European levels but equipment levels are primitive. The basic LX is introduced in 2014 only to be dropped a year later.

    See the overview of this Picanto
    See the latest model of the Picanto

    Years Offered2012-July 2017June 2011-July 2017April 2014-2015
    EngineKappa 1.2 DOHC 16V I4Kappa 1.0 DOHC 16V I3Kappa 1.0 DOHC 16V I3
    Horsepower86hp @ 6,000rpm68hp @ 6,200rpm68hp @ 6,200rpm
    Torque120Nm @ 4,000rpm94Nm @ 3,500rpm94Nm @ 3,500rpm
    Fuel TypeGasoline/93 OctaneGasoline/93 OctaneGasoline/93 Octane
    Fuel SystemDual Continuous Variable Valve TimingDual Continuous Variable Valve TimingDual Continuous Variable Valve Timing
    Transmission5-Speed Manual, 4-Speed Automatic5-Speed Manual, 4-Speed Automatic5-Speed Manual
    Fuel Tank Capacity35 Liters35 Liters35 Liters
    Curb Weight855kg845kg845kg
    Body Style5 Door Hatchback5 Door Hatchback5 Door Hatchback
    Engine/Drive TypeFront Engine/Front Wheel DriveFront Engine/Front Wheel DriveFront Engine/Front Wheel Drive
    Front SuspensionMcPherson Strut with Stabilizer, Coil SpringMcPherson Strut with Stabilizer, Coil SpringMcPherson Strut with Stabilizer, Coil Spring
    Rear SuspensionCoupled Torsion Beam Axle, Coil SpringCoupled Torsion Beam Axle, Coil SpringCoupled Torsion Beam Axle, Coil Spring
    Front BrakesVentilated DiscsVentilated DiscsVentilated Discs
    Rear BrakesDrum BrakesDrum BrakesDrum Brakes
    Tires175/50 R15165/60 R14 (MT) or 175/50 R15 (AT)165/60 R14
    Wheels15 Inch Alloy14 Inch Steel with Cover (MT) or 15 Inch Alloy (AT)14 Inch Steel (LX) or 14 Inch Alloy (SLX)
    Airbags0 or 20 or 20
    Anti-Lock BrakesNone or YesNone or YesNone
    Traction/Stability ControlNoneNoneNone
    Other Safety FeaturesNoneNoneNone
    Fog LampsFrontFrontNone
    Other Exterior FeaturesAdds: Chrome Door HandlesAdds: Rear Wiper, Body Color Door Handles, Side Mirrors, and BumperBlack Door Handles, Side Mirrors, and Bumper
    Steering Wheel AdjustmentTiltTiltTilt
    Steering Wheel MaterialLeatherUrethaneUrethane
    Seating AdjustmentManualManualManual
    Seating MaterialLeather and FabricFabricFabric
    Other Interior FeaturesAdds: Sports PedalAdds: Passenger Seat Undertray, Power Outlet, Trip Computer60/40 Rear Folding Seat
    Power AmenitiesSteering (Motor Driven), Windows, Door Locks, MirrorsSteering (Motor Driven), Windows, Door Locks, MirrorsSteering (Motor Driven)
    Climate ControlManualManualManual
    Audio SystemAM/FM/CD/MP3/AUX/USB with BluetoothAM/FM/CD/MP3/AUX/USBAM/FM/CD/MP3/AUX/USB
    Steering Wheel ControlsNoneNoneNone
    Keyless EntryYesYesNone
    NOTESAirbags and ABS brakes added in January 2017.
    Automatic transmission became standard in 2014, dropping the manual.
    Airbags and ABS brakes added in January 2017.
    RIVALSChevrolet Spark, Hyundai Grand i10, Mitsubishi Mirage, Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Celerio, Toyota Wigo

              Car Profiles - Honda Civic Type R        

    You asked for a performance oriented Honda, they have answered it. Since the Civic SiR's demise more than two decades ago, the Civic Type R is the brand's halo car with the performance known for but comes at a price.

    The Good:
    The Bad:

    Price Range: P2,980,000
    Our Rating:

    Last Update: July 18, 2017

    Warranty3 Years or 100,000kms
    EngineVR38DETT 3.8 DOHC 24V V6
    Horsepower562hp @ 6,800rpm
    Torque633Nm @ 3,300-5,800rpm
    Fuel TypeGasoline/100 Octane
    Fuel SystemCVVTCS
    Transmission6-Speed Dual Clutch
    Fuel Tank Capacity74 Liters
    Curb Weight1,407kg
    Body Style5 Door Hatchback
    Engine/Drive TypeFront Engine/Front Wheel Drive
    Front SuspensionMcPherson Strut with Dual Axis Strut
    Rear SuspensionMultilink
    Front BrakesVentilated Disc, Brembo
    Rear BrakesSolid Disc
    Tires245/30 ZR20
    Wheels20 Inch Alloy
    Anti-Lock BrakesYes, With Electronic Brakeforce Distribution
    Traction/Stability ControlYes, Vehicle Stability Assist, and Hill Start Assist
    Other Safety FeaturesMulti-View Reverse Camera, Seatbelt Reminder, ISO-FIX Seats, Immobilizer, Speed Sensing Door Locks, Walk Away Auto Lock
    Fog LampsFront
    Other Exterior FeaturesAuto On/Off Headlamps with Auto Levelling, LED Daytime Running Lights, Rear Windshield Defogger, Rear Wiper, Rain Sensing Front Wiper, Type R Bumper with Carbon Fiber Effect, Triple Exhaust Pipes, Side Mirror Signal Repeaters, Side Skirts, Rear Spoiler, Vortex Generator, Aluminum Hood with Scoop, Tire Repair Kit
    Steering Wheel AdjustmentTilt/Telescope
    Steering Wheel MaterialLeather
    Seating AdjustmentPower
    Seating MaterialFabric
    Other Interior Features60/40 Fold Rear Seat, Auto Dim Rear View Mirror, Carbon Fiber Dashboard, Ambient Lighting, Titanium Shift Knob, Sports Pedals, Type R Serial Number Plate, Instrument Cluster with 7 Inch Full Color TFT, Red Illumination, Driving Mode Display (+R, Sport, Comfort), Throttle/Brake Input Display, Turbo Meter, Rev Indicator, G-Meter, and Lap Time
    Power AmenitiesSteering (Electric), Windows, Door Locks, Mirrors with Fold
    Climate ControlAutomatic, Dual
    Audio System7 Inch Touch Screen with AM/FM/MP3/USB/iPod/iPhone/Bluetooth/Navigation
    Steering Wheel ControlsYes, Audio, Bluetooth, Cruise Control
    Keyless EntryYes, Smart Entry System with Push Button Start
    RIVALSPeugeot 208 GTI, Subaru WRX, Volkswagen Golf GTI

              Hyundai Grand i10 - Generation 2.1 (2014-2016)        
    HYUNDAI GRAND i10 (2014-2016)

    Redesigned for 2014, the Grand i10 (it is treated as the expensive sibling) is considerably improved but that improvement came at a price. With numerous rivals coming to the scene - and even Hyundai's own Eon - this hatchback was discontinued quietly.

    See the overview of this i10

    OWNERSHIP DETAILS1.2 L1.0 L1.0 S1.0 E
    Years OfferedFebruary 2014-2016February 2014-February 2016February 2014-February 2016February 2014-February 2016
    EngineKappa 1.2 DOHC 16V I4Kappa 1.0 DOHC 16V I4Kappa 1.0 DOHC 16V I4Kappa 1.0 DOHC 16V I4
    Horsepower86hp @ 6,000rpm65hp @ 5,500rpm65hp @ 5,500rpm65hp @ 5,500rpm
    Torque120Nm @ 4,000rpm94Nm @ 3,500rpm94Nm @ 3,500rpm94Nm @ 3,500rpm
    Fuel TypeGasoline/93 OctaneGasoline/93 OctaneGasoline/93 OctaneGasoline/93 Octane
    Transmission4-Speed Automatic4-Speed Automatic5-Speed Manual, 4-Speed Automatic5-Speed Manual
    Fuel Tank Capacity43 Liters43 Liters43 Liters43 Liters
    Curb Weight941-998kg933-990kg912-969kg (MT), 933-990kg (AT)912-969kg (MT), 933-990kg (AT)
    Body Style5-Door Hatchback5-Door Hatchback5-Door Hatchback5-Door Hatchback
    Engine/Drive TypeFront Engine/Front Wheel DriveFront Engine/Front Wheel DriveFront Engine/Front Wheel DriveFront Engine/Front Wheel Drive
    Front SuspensionMcPherson Strut McPherson Strut McPherson Strut McPherson Strut
    Rear SuspensionCoupled Torsion Beam AxleCoupled Torsion Beam AxleCoupled Torsion Beam AxleCoupled Torsion Beam Axle
    Front BrakesDisc BrakesDisc BrakesDisc BrakesDisc Brakes
    Rear BrakesDrum BrakesDrum BrakesDrum BrakesDrum Brakes
    Tires165/65 R14165/65 R14165/65 R14165/65 R14
    Wheels14 Inch Alloy14 Inch Alloy14 Inch Steel with Cover14 Inch Steel with Cover
    Anti-Lock BrakesYes, With Electronic Brake DistributionYes, With Electronic Brake DistributionNoneNone
    Traction/Stability ControlNoneNoneNoneNone
    Other Safety FeaturesAdds: NoneAdds: Rear Camera and Parking AssistAdds: NoneHigh Mount Stop Lamp
    Fog LampsFrontFrontNoneNone
    Other Exterior FeaturesAdds: NoneAdds: Signal Light Side Repeater, Chrome Door HandlesAdds: Body Color Door Handles, Side Mirrors, and Bumpers, Black Door Handles, Side Mirrors, and Bumpers, Rear Wiper, Black Radiator Grille
    Steering Wheel AdjustmentTiltTiltTiltTilt
    Steering Wheel MaterialUrethaneUrethaneUrethaneUrethane
    Seating AdjustmentManualManualManualManual
    Seating MaterialFabricFabricFabric and VinylFabric and Vinyl
    Other Interior FeaturesAdds: NoneAdds: Seatback Pocket and Seat Undertray, Rear Cooling Vents, Push Button StartAdds: Illuminated Glove BoxBench Folding Rear Seat, Room Lamp, Map Pocket
    Power AmenitiesSteering , Windows, Door Locks, Mirrors with HeatSteering , Windows, Door Locks, Mirrors with HeatSteering, Windows, Door Locks, MirrorsSteering, Windows (Front Only), Door Locks
    Climate ControlManualManualManualManual
    Audio SystemLCD Touchscreen AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3
    LCD Touchscreen AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3
    Steering Wheel ControlsTrip Computer ControlTrip Computer ControlTrip Computer ControlTrip Computer Control
    AlarmYes with Immobilizer and Smart KeyYesYesNone
    Keyless EntryYesYesYesNone

    Automatic transmission added in February 2015.
    RIVALSChevrolet Spark, Kia Picanto, Mitsubishi Mirage, Suzuki Celerio, Toyota Wigo

    See previous generation models of the i10:

              Toyota Wigo - Generation 1.1 (2014-2017)        

    Competing with the likes of the Mirage and Picanto, the Wigo is basically an Indonesian assembled Daihatsu with a Toyota badge.

    See the overview of this Wigo
    See the latest model of the Wigo

    Years OfferedJanuary 2015-April 2017February 2014-April 2017February 2014-April 2017
    Engine1KR-FE 1.0 DOHC 12V I31KR-FE 1.0 DOHC 12V I31KR-FE 1.0 DOHC 12V I3
    Horsepower64hp @ 6,000rpm64hp @ 6,000rpm64hp @ 6,000rpm
    Torque85Nm @ 3,600rpm85Nm @ 3,600rpm85Nm @ 3,600rpm
    Fuel TypeGasoline/93 OctaneGasoline/93 OctaneGasoline/93 Octane
    Fuel SystemEFiEFiEFi
    Transmission4-Speed Automatic5-Speed Manual, 4-Speed Automatic5-Speed Manual
    Fuel Tank Capacity33 Liters33 Liters33 Liters
    Curb Weight
    Body Style5 Door Hatchback5 Door Hatchback5 Door Hatchback
    Engine/Drive TypeFront Engine/Front Wheel DriveFront Engine/Front Wheel DriveFront Engine/Front Wheel Drive
    Front SuspensionMcPherson Strut with Coil SpringMcPherson Strut with Coil SpringMcPherson Strut with Coil Spring
    Rear SuspensionSemi-Independent Torsion Axle Beam, Coil SpringSemi-Independent Torsion Axle Beam, Coil SpringSemi-Independent Torsion Axle Beam, Coil Spring
    Front BrakesVentilated DiscVentilated DiscSolid Disc
    Rear BrakesDrum BrakesDrum BrakesDrum Brakes
    Tires175/65 R14175/65 R14155/80 R13
    Wheels14 Inch Alloy14 Inch Alloy13 Inch Steel with Cover
    Anti-Lock BrakesYesYesNone
    Traction/Stability ControlNoneNoneNone
    Other Safety FeaturesNoneNoneNone
    Fog LampsStandardStandardNone
    Other Exterior FeaturesAdds: Body Skirt, TRD Decals and BadgeAdds: Front Chrome Garnish, Chrome Door Handles and Side Moulding, Rear Spoiler, High Mount Stop LampRear Wiper, Body Color Bumpers and Door Handles
    Steering Wheel AdjustmentFixedFixedFixed
    Steering Wheel MaterialUrethane with Silver AccentsUrethane with Silver AccentsUrethane
    Seating AdjustmentManualManualManual
    Seating MaterialFabricFabricFabric
    Other Interior FeaturesAdds: NoneAdds: Parking Brake with Ornament, Handle AssistMulti-Information Display, Illuminated Entry System with Lamp, Rear Console Box, Driver and Front Passenger Seat Back Pockets, Room Lamp
    Power AmenitiesSteering (Electronic), Windows, Door Locks, MirrorsSteering (Electronic), Windows, Door Locks, MirrorsSteering (Electronic), Windows, Door Locks
    Climate ControlManualManualManual
    Audio SystemTouch Screen with AM/FM/CD/MP3/USB/AUX/i-POD/Video Playback/Navigation Touch Screen with AM/FM/CD/MP3/USB/AUX/i-POD/Video Playback/Navigation Ready1DIN AM/FM/MP3/USB/AUX (No CD Slot)
    Speakers42 or 42
    Steering Wheel ControlsNoneNoneNone
    Keyless EntryYesYesNone
    Upgraded to 4 speakers in November 2014.
    RIVALSChevrolet Spark, Hyundai Grand i10, Kia Picanto, Mitsubishi Mirage, Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Celerio

              Chevrolet Cruze Hatch Sport LT 1.8 Ano/Modelo:2015/2015        

    Chevrolet Cruze Hatch Sport LT 1.8 Ano/Modelo:2015/2015


    MAIS NOVO DA REGIÃO! IMPECÁVEL E ÚNICO DONO! REVISÃO FEITA AGORA DIA 09/08/17 COM 40.000KM RODADOS ! GARANTIA DE FÁBRICA ATÉ 19/10/18 ! Com câmera de Ré! Versão LT Automático com Couro! Principais Opcionais: (Luz de Diurna em LED; Acionamento por rádio freqüência ("Keyless Entry System") / Bolsas de ar infláveis frontais e laterais / Faróis e lanterna de neblina / Programa eletrônico de estabilidade ("ESP - Electronic Stability Program") / Sistema eletrônico de controle de tração ("TCS - Traction Control System") / Sistema de freios anti-blocante ("ABS - Anti-lock Braking System") com distribuição eletrônica de Frenagem ("EBD - Electronic Brake Distribution") e Assistência de Frenagem de urgência ("PBA - Panic Brake Assist") / Sistema ISOFIX / Roda de alumínio 17 polegadas com design exclusivo para versão LT / Ar-condicionado eletrônico com AQS / Computador de bordo / Direção elétrica progressiva / Espelho retrovisor interno eletrocrômico / Espelhos retrovisores externos elétricos com desembaçador / Vidros elétricos / Volante de direção com comandos para acessar as funções do sistema de som, piloto automático e viva-voz através de Bluetooth / Central multimídia com sistema de som AM/FM stéreo, CD Player, MP3, USB, entrada auxiliar e 6 alto-falantes / Sensor de chuva / Transmissão automática de 6 velocidades / Acabamento interno em couro na cor Preto "Jet Black")

    • Combustivel: Flex
    • Portas: 4
    • Cor: Branco


    • Completo
    • Direção Elétrica
    • Vidro Elétrico
    • ABS
    • Air Bag
    • Alarme
    • Ar Condicionado
    • Ar Digital
    • Ar Quente
    • Banco de Couro
    • Câmbio Automático
    • Câmbio Tiptronic
    • Câmera de Ré
    • Computador de Bordo
    • Controle Som no Volante
    • Desembaçador Traseiro
    • Direção Hidráulica
    • Farol de Milha
    • Limpador Traseiro
    • MP3
    • Piloto Automático
    • Porta Malas Elétrico
    • Retrovisores Elétricos
    • Roda de Liga Leve
    • Sensor de Ré
    • Som CD
    • Trava Elétrica

              Liana MT / AT ( Life In A New Age )        
    Liana MT / AT ( Life In A New Age )
    Liana takes you out of the ordinary and into a realm where your imagination and sense of adventure have free reign. On another level, it’s something entirely different, a car that in style, dimensions and comfort will inspire you to see every day as an open door to new age.
    Overall length   mm
    Overall width    mm
    Overall hight    mm
    Wheelbase    mm
    Tread Frint   mm
    Tread Rear  mm
    Number of valves
    Compression ratio
    Maximum output kw/rpm
    Maximum torque Nm/rpm
    Fule distribution
    Gear ratio 1st
    Gear ratio 2nd
    Gear ratio 3rd
    Gear ratio 4th
    Gear ratio 5th
    Gear ratio Reverse
    Final Gear ratio
    Rack and pinion
    Brakes Front
    Ventilated discs
    Brakes Rear
    Leading and trailing drums
    Suspension Front
    McPherson strut and coil spring
    Suspension Rear
    Strut coil spring
    Seating Persons
    Fuel Tank Litre
    Gas cylinder for CNG version litre (Water capacity)
    Power steering
    Power windows
    Power outside mirrors

    Central door locking system
    Keyless entry (with answerback)
    Air Conditioner
    "2 DIN CD/cassette/AM/FM tuner (4 speakers)
    with MP3 + remote control
    Glass embedded antenna
    Instrument Panel  
    Information display (digital clock & outside temp gauge)
    Light-off & Key reminder
    Fuel warning indicator
    3-spoke urethane streering wheel
    Tilt steering
    Steering lock
    Cabin light (3 position)
    Trunk room light
    Sun visiors (drive & passenger side)
    Vanity mirrors (drive & passenger)
    Cup holder (Fr:2, Rr:2)
    Day/night rear view mirror
    Material of front seats & rear seats
    Split (6:4)single folding rear seat backs
    Front seat head restraints
    Rear seat head restraints
    Front door armrests
    Assist grips (Fr:1, Rr:2)
    Silver painted inside door handles
    Front door pockets (both sides)
    Front seat back pockets (both sides)
    Centre console box
    Cigarette lighter
    Ashtray (front & rear)
    Accessory socket (floor centre console)
    2 coat hooks
    Remote fuel lid opener
    Trunk lid opener
    Multi reflector headlights
    Windowscreen wipers (2-speed+intermittent)
    Front windshield shade band
    Rear window demister
    Green tinted glass window
    Body coloured side splash panels
    Body coloured bumpers
    Body coloured outside mirrors

    Body coloured outside door handle

    Body coloured side mouldings
    Blacked out center piller & door sash

    Chrome trunk lid garnish

    Front fog lamps

    Steel wheels with 14-inch full wheel covers

              SWIFT SPORTY 2014 Harga dan Spesifikasi        


    Sekilas jika melihat Swift Sport tidak ada bedanya dengan Swift standar. Jika tidak ada emblem sport di belakang mobil, mungkin kita akan salah membedakannya. Kesan sporty coba ditanamkan Suzuki dengan menggunakan knalpot ganda di belakang mobil.  Grille-nya menggunakan tipe lebar agar mempermudah masukan udara.


    Unsur sporty juga terasa ke bagian dalam mobil, dengan menggunakan jok sport bucket, kulit pada setir, penggunaan aksen krom dan gear knob berwarna merah menyala. Pedal metal juga menambah kesan sporty.  Tempat duduknya terasa nyaman, kemudinya yang dilengkapi dengan tombol untuk audio juga terasa oke. Setelah siap, peserta test drive pun memacu mobil yang bermesin tipe M16 A ini.


    Test drive di arena balap ini dilakukan seusai peluncuran Swift Sport oleh Suzuki Malaysia Automobile. Selain untuk jurnalis Malaysia dan Indonesia, kesempatan test drive mobil sport berkapasitas mesin 1.600 cc ini juga diberikan kepada nonmedia.  Masing-masing peserta tes drive mencoba memacu Swift Sport yang memiliki kehandalan performa di mesin dan keamanan ini sebanyak 2 putaran. Setiap putaran terdiri sekitar 2 KM. detikOto kebagian menjajal Swift Sport matik yang memiliki 7 speed ini. Setelah mesin ber-keyless entry ini dinyalakan, peserta test drive diminta bersiap-siap untuk beradaptasi dengan tempat duduk dan kemudi. Tenaganya memang jauh lebih kuat dibanding All New Swift biasa. Dipacu di kecepatan 150 km/jam tetap oke. Saat berbelok dengan kecepatan cukup tinggi, All New Swift Sport tetap stabil.

    Begitu pedal gas diinjak, mobil enak dibawa langsung ngebut. Tarikan pertama, tenaga mobil ini terasa cukup kuat. Sejak start sampai sekitar 300 meter, track masih lurus, sehingga mobil bisa dipacu dengan kecepatan maksimum.

    Saat berbelok tajam, dengan kecepatan mobil sekitar 70 KM/jam, mobil juga terasa masih stabil. Setelah belokan ke sekian kalinya, di saat track lurus sekitar 500 meter, mobil dipacu dengan kecepatan sekitar 160 KM/jam juga terasa kuat.

    Menjelang finish, mobil matik yang akan dipasarkan di Indonesia dengan harga sekitar Rp 315 juta ini dicoba untuk berjalan zigzag. Masih terasa responsif.

    Diuji juga remnya. Saat pedal rem diinjak secara tiba-tiba dalam kecepatan cukup tinggi sehingga ban berdecit saat bergesekan dengan aspal, remnya yang dilengkapi dengan Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) juga tampak responsif.


    Berikut spesifikasi All New Swift Sport:

    • Mesin M16A 1.6-liter VVT
    • Tenaga maksimum 136 PS pada 6.900 rpm
    • Torsi maksimum: 160 Nm/4.400 rpm
    • Akselerasi 0-100 km per jam dalam 8,7 detik
    • Kecepatan maksimum 195 km per jam
    • Sistem penggerak roda: 4x2
    • Transmisi: 6 MT/ CVT
    • Panjang total: 3.890 mm
    • Lebar total: 1.695 mm
    • Tinggi total: 1.510 mm
    • Wheelbase: 1.470 mm
    • Berat total: 1.520 kg


    Sewil.3 Cirebon, Kuningan, Majalengka, Indramayu dsk
    SWIFTS SPORT M/T : Rp. 310jt
    SWIFT SPORT A/T : Rp. 323jt

    Pemesanan Suzuki sewilayah 3 Cirebon:
    Marketing executive
    pin bb: 2ab40da6

              Suzuki Ertiga Mobil yang mengerti keluarga        
    yang NYAMAN, yang IRIT, yang BANDEL
    SUZUKI ERTIGA jawabannyaaaa....

    Info dan layanan Suzuki sepenuh hati
    Hotline: zena octavia 081312121416 pin: 2AB40DA6

    sumber mendukung:

    Setelah kurang lebih satu tahun semenjak suzuki ERTIGA dirilis dipasaran (April, 2012 lalu) suzuki ERTIGA mampu menggoyang pasar pesaingnya Avanza-Xenia yang sejak tahun 2004 tidak tergoyahkan, nyaris tidak ada pesaing.
     Kemunculan Suzuki Ertiga yang langsung menggoyang pasar boleh dibilang sebagai peristiwa fenomenal otomotif di tahun 2012. Hingga November 2012, sudah 31 ribu unit Ertiga yang sudah wara-wiri di jalan-jalan. Jumlah tersebut belum yang termasuk dalam proses inden.
    Ertiga lahir berangkat dari – setidaknya tiga konsep – yakni mobil penumpang yang mengadopsi desain eksterior baru yang modern dan stylish. Kemudian mewujudkan kebutuhan akan kendaraan serba guna yang bisa memuat banyak penumpang.
    Sebagai hasilnya, Ertiga bukan hanya merupakan kendaraan yang mengkombinasikan konsep dasar mobil MPV 3-baris kursi penumpang, tetapi merupakan mobil dengan standar dan nilai yang baru di kelasnya.
    Hal yang menjadi fenomenal tidak hanya kemunculannya, tapi penyajian kelengkapan desain dan fitur interior dan eksterior. Apa saja yang menjadikan Ertiga fenomenal pada tahun 2012?


    Ertiga dikembangkan dengan mengadopsi platform Swift (generasi kedua di dalam Suzuki Global Strategy). Selain penanganan dan stabilitas mengemudi yang menjadi karakteristik Swift, jarak poros roda (Wheel Base) pada Ertiga diperpanjang menjadi 2.740 mm menghasilkan interior yang luas. Inilah yang menjadi inti dari kenyamanan yang dibanggakan pada Ertiga.
    Sisi samping, terkesan sangat proporsional dan elegan karena dari bagian Front Foot sampai dengan Roof End terlihat menyatu. Dengan sedikit menurunkan sudut Rear Roof, semakin meningkatkan fungsi aero-dinamis dan memberikan kesan bahwa Ertiga adalah mobil penumpang.  Sementara di bagian depan, Head Lamp ditempatkan sedikit di ujung luar sehingga memberikan kesan yang luas


    Bagian interior didesain supaya bisa memenuhi segi kenyamanan dan fungsionalitas (serba guna).  Desain Instrumen Panel tidak hanya memberikan kesan sebagai Family Car di dalam kategori MPV tetapi juga mengedepankan rasa nyaman pada saat mengemudi, terlihat lebih sporty, visibilitas yang prima dan kemudahan dalam penggunaan.
    Bagian tengah Instrument Panel didesain supaya terlihat lebih elegan dan dinamis.  Tinggi kursi membuat sudut/jarak pandang penumpang menjadi salah satu pertimbangan dalam mendesain ruang kabin Ertiga. Sehingga tercipta ruang yang lega dimana penumpang dengan ukuran badan yang besar sekalipun bisa duduk nyaman di bangku baris ketiga.
    Seat Arrangement (pengaturan kursi) yang memperhatikan berbagai macam aspek seperti jumlah anggota keluarga, penggunaan dan kebutuhan pelanggan.  Alhasil ruang kabin lebih lega dan nyaman disetiap bangku. Warna kabin yang memadukan antara warna beige dan coklat memberikan kesan terang dan cerah.

    3. PEFORMA

    Lantaran mengadopsi platform Swif Family, tata letak Front Wheel Drive/ FF (FF Layout) memastikan stabilitas berkendara dan hemat konsumsi bahan bakar. Hal ini ditunjang oleh suspensi yang mumpuni sehingga tercipta stabilitas dan ditambah lagi body mobil yang kuat dan ringan untuk menjamin tingkat keamanan yang tinggi.
    Karena letak mesin Ertiga berada di bagian depan, maka jumlah komponen perangkat transmisi dan penggerak yang digunakan pun menjadi lebih sedikit. Sehingga berat kendaraan menjadi lebih ringan, menekan energy loss dari transmisi dan berkontribusi pada peningkatan efisiensi konsumsi bahan bakar.
    Karena berat mesin bertumpu pada roda penggerak, menjamin stabilitas berkendara dan meningkatkan Track Application.  Penempatan mesin secara horizontal menghasilkan ruang yang lebih lega dan mewujudkan paket/kemasan dengan tingkat efisiensi tinggi.


    Diameter Stabilizer joint pipe pada suspensi depan (MacPherson Struts with coil springs) diperbesar untuk memastikan mobil tetap dapat dikendalikan dengan mudah.
    Selain itu juga menjamin durabilitas dan rigiditas yang baik saat dikendarai meskipun ditumpangi banyak orang.  Sementara Suspensi belakang (Torsion beam with coil springs) menggunakan Hub Bearing berkapasitas besar.
    Kombinasi tersebut menghasilkan kenyamanan dalam berkendara dan kendaraan tetap dapat dikendarai dengan mulus meskipun berjalan dalam kecepatan tinggi dan melewati jalan dalam berbagai kondisi.  Selain itu struktur suspensi pada High-speed Cornering mengurangi akibat perputaran body (body rolling effect), sehingga menimbulkan ketenangan dalam berkendara (safe drivability).


    Penggunaan baja bertekanan tinggi (high tensile steel) pada posisi-posisi tertentu dilakukan untuk mengoptimalisasi material dan struktur penguatan.
    Rigiditas Body dan berat kendaraan yang semakin ringan karena pengurangan penggunaan komponen yang tidak diperlukan. Selai itu dapat menjamin stabilitas berkendara pada saat berat kendaraan bertambah dikarenakan kendaraan dipenuhi oleh penumpang dan barang bawaan.

    6.  NVH (Noise, Vibration dan Harshness) TIDAK BISING

    Ertiga telah dilengkapi dengan perlengkapan anti-bising yang telah lulus uji kebisingan. Test dilakukan dengan cara mengidentifikasi sumber dan tingkat kebisingan dari luar kendaraan seperti suara roda, suara angin dan lain-lain. Dimana tes ini dilakukan dengan menggunakan berbagai macam sensor mikrofon.
    Selain itu, Ertiga juga sudah dilengkapi dengan perlengkapan anti-getar yang sudah lulus uji. Test ini dilakukan dengan cara mengukur getaran dan tingkat guncangan ban dan mesin pada saat dikendarai di berbagai kondisi jalan sehingga tercipta ruang kabin Ertiga yang nyaman dan senyap.

    7. MESIN

    Ertiga dipersenjatai mesin 1.4 L dengan torsi penuh yang compact dan ringan. Serta dilengkapi dengan VVT yang menghasilkan pembakaran sempurna (Air Intake VVT Mechanism).
    Air intake yang dilengkapi dengan proses dan mekanisme VVT mengontrol Valve Timing secara optimal dan mengurangi gesekan (friction), sehingga meningkatkan efisiensi konsumsi bahan bakar.
    Sejak putaran 1.500 rpm mesin sudah dikondisikan supaya bergerak 77 persen dari putaran maksimum. Sehingga mesin ini menjadi lebih mudah untuk ditangani. Ertiga memiliki maksimum output sebesar 95 hp pada 6.000 rpm dan torsi maksimum 130 Nm pada putaran 4.000 rpm.


    Body Ertiga memiliki tingkat rigiditas/kekerasan yang tinggi karena menggunakan High Tensile Steel pada rangka utama (main frame)-nya.  Selain itu, pada masing-masing pintu juga dilengkapi dengan Side Door Impact Beam yang berfungsi untuk menahan penumpang saat terjadi benturan keras dari arah samping.
    Khusus tipe GX, sudah dilengkapi dengan airbags untuk mengamankan pengemudi dan penumpang di kursi depan serta ABS + EBD.
     kecanggihan Immobilizer juga telah ditanam pada kunci keyless entry mobil ini.

              Family Cars Inspired by the World Rally Championship        
    Though the World Rally Championship might conjure up images of cars emblazoned with advertising speeding through muddy forests or rolling over and over again, the cars that are driven on the racing circuit are actually not dissimilar to many family hatchbacks and sedans. Sure, the WRC cars are stripped to the bone and have a lot more grunt, and of course they're tuned for racing, but beneath all this there's the chassis of a familiar car you might see driving around your local neighbourhood.

    So if you're looking for an car inspired by rallying, it's worth noting that Japanese brands like Mitsubishi and Subaru produce vehicles which not only offer the driving excitement and toughness of a rally car, but also include all the creature comforts you need to keep everyone in your family safe and comfortable.

    The Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart models come in either hatchback or sedan guises. All Ralliart models come with a 2.0 litre turbocharged and intercooled MIVEC engine under the bonnet, so these vehicles are no slouches in the performance department. A high-performance suspension, dual chrome exhaust pipes, twin clutch sports shift transmission, 18" wheels, and chrome belt line moulding round off this sharp and elegant looking car which is capable of producing a powerful 177kW of power @ 6000rpm. Additional features include sports style seating, a 6-disc CD player with MP3 capabilities and optional premium Fosgate audio system with 9 speakers, alloy pedals, chrome trim, active stability control, hands-free Bluetooth option, and keyless entry. Not forgetting safety of course, all Ralliart models include passenger and driver airbags including side-curtain airbags, and knee airbags for the driver.

    Mitsubishi has been producing rally cars since the 1970s and this technology and expertise extends to their family sedans and hatchbacks. But even with this racing pedigree, the Ralliart range remains affordable and practical. In the World Rally Championship, drivers like Tommi Makinen have been able to exploit the Lancer's speed and ruggedness to achieve success, and now the public can get a taste of this in an exciting but safe road-legal vehicle.

    Other Japanese car manufacturers like Subaru also have a World Rally Championship history. Their high performance Impreza WRX range was introduced in the 1990s and like Mitsubishi, has achieved a great deal of success on the world rally stage. The Impreza range features permanent all-wheel drive, as do the Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart sedan and hatchback, which ensures a firm but nimble ride, and secure handling in all weather conditions including rain and snow. But even on dry roads, the benefits of all-wheel drive inspire confidence for drivers and passengers alike.

    Find out more about family cars like the Mitsubishi Lancer that have been so influenced by World Rally Championship from the official Mitsubishi site.

    hookless shower curtain: shower curtain

    hookless shower curtain: hookless shower curtain

    Article Source:

              For sale - 2011 gmc Yukon - $18,000        
    Traverse City MI, United States
    2011 gmc Yukon slt 4X4 Only 58,150 miles this is the one to have and is loaded with options. Very clean no rust just serviced needs nothing. Large enough to fit the whole family seats 8 people. 3 Rd row.5.3 V8 auto trans Power windows Power locks Keyless entry Dual climate controlrear climate control Phone. ... . Sergey

              Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World        
    Hold on to your butts: These are the 10 fastest cars in the world

    Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World

    Regarding cars and their performance in general, there is nothing exciting and electrifying than speed. These technology beasts with four wheels are the most beautiful representations of human engineering and show the real fun of adrenaline in your veins. So let's talk about those fast cars and what makes them so great.

    It is because of this adrenaline while driving a fast car, many car enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies are risking their lives in the pursuit of achieving ever faster speeds and acceleration to new heights. Others unfortunately, even given their lives in the pursuit of these superlatives, such as the legendary Formula One racer Ayrton Senna, who will forever be remembered as one of the greatest figures of racing, and famous American actor known for his role in the franchise "fast and Furious" Paul Walker, whose love for cars and the speed was so great that he had an airplane hangar full of cars!

    However, despite the obvious danger and always present, people are always looking at the stars and put all their efforts eclipsing past records that it almost feels like our society is addicted to speed! Are you one of those people too? Do you want speed? Do you feel like burning the roads? If so, then here are the top 10 fastest cars in the world that could make this possible. Do keep in mind that you'll need deep pockets to buy one of these babies that they are also one of the most expensive cars in the world.


    Koenigsegg Agera R

    Although Koenigsegg is not a household name in the world of supercars like Bugatti or Ferrari, he managed to develop a reputation in a short period of time, beating the best supercars on the market. And, the Agera R model is a perfect example of the power of the brand and power that blows all other supercars in the storm with a maximum speed of over 273 mph, faster than any other supercar you find on the market today. That is why it is also known as the fastest car in the world today.

    The car comes with a turbocharged V8 5 liter DOHC with a compression ratio of 9.0: 1 and is able to generate an impressive number of 1,200 lb-ft of torque and power in 1140, thus allowing the vehicle to zoom from standstill to 60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds and reach a speed from 0 to 186 mph in 11.7 seconds (world record).

    Available for a label of £ 1.1 million price, the Agera R is also the first vehicle on the market to introduce a dual-clutch transmission in a single input shaft. This results in time and accelerating faster gearshift, which makes the Agera R a heck of a race car! New details on the 2014 model include carbon fiber wheels, heavy wind-in-the-hair sensations, and targa roof panels style for the high speed.


    Henessey Venom

    Coming second in the category of the fastest cars in the world is the Hennessey Venom GT, which is a relatively new name in the industry, but generated a buzz in a short time. The car is based on a modified Lotus Exige and has a maximum speed of 270 mph (only 3 mph less than the Koenigsegg). As a result, the vehicle terrify anyone at first, because it is purely a beast.

    Packed with a powerful 7.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, the Venom GT is capable of generating a unique and dazzling power in 1244 and a torque of 1155 lb-ft, thus allowing the car to go from standstill to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and accelerate from zero to 200 mph in 14.51 seconds (all thanks to the intercooler upgrades and change speed single clutch system to ensure faster time travel).

    All this power is packed in a landslide and sexy exterior and interior design that can be yours for about US $ 1.2 million. Therefore, the vehicle is relatively cheaper than the Koenigsegg Agera R and delivers a similar performance, only 3 mph less! Which is the best car? Well, we can not know when the two cars RACE!


    Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

    The Bugatti Veyron has held the Guinness World Record for the fastest supercar in the world for years and was the first production car ever to exceed the 250 mph bar. However, having faced some technical difficulties, his title was taken by the Koenigsegg. This is when Bugatti presented the Super Sport model has a top speed of 268 mph.

    5 mph below the Koenigsegg, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is equipped with a motor 8 liter quad-turbo W16 that is able to generate an impressive torque of 1106 lb-ft and a power of 1,200 HP, allowing the car to go from zero to 60 in 2.4 seconds. The best feature of the Super Sport is he doing to reach breakneck speeds seem effortless. As a result, the vehicle is a breeze to drive and as comfortable and luxurious to sit, even if it is a supercar. And this is one of the main reasons that despite his € 1.6 million price tag, the car was good sales and high demand.

    4. 9FF GT9-R – 257 MPH

    9ff GT9-R

    Built by German tuning company 9ff, WG9 is a supercar based on the historical Porsche 911. In fact, the looks and the exterior styling of the car is also quite similar to the 911, only with the interior of the car being stripped for lightness and base expected from the Porsche. The car is faster than the Bugatti Veyron original, but slower than the SuperSport model.

    Regardless, the GT9-R is purely a beast on the road and has a rather unique technology. It is equipped with a modified 4.0 liter flat 6 engine (six-cylinder horizontally arranged in two banks of three cylinders), which allows the vehicle to produce impressive power and torque from 1,120 to 910 lb-ft.

    This massive engine allows the vehicle to reach a top speed of 257 mph and also it gives the speed of zero capacity to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds and accelerate from standstill to 190 mph in less than 16 seconds . The officials assured GT9-R not both manufactured vehicles are similar and offers prospective owners with the ability to personalize or customize their vehicles to their taste when it comes to design, color and performance.


    SSC Ultimate Aero

    Produced by SSC North America (formerly known as the Shelby SuperCars), the SSC Ultimate Aero is a mid-engined sports car that held the title of fastest production car in the world of Guinness World Records for 3 years ( 2007-2010), until Bugatti introduced the Veyron super Sport. However, in 2013, the Guinness World Records disqualified record time of Bugatti Veyron for some unknown reasons and restored the SSC Aero as the car fastest production ever.

    However, this change has been too returned five days later. Regardless, for a relatively new company on the market, SSC has attracted much attention with its Ultimate Aero Car. The vehicle is equipped with an engine 6.3 liter twin-turbo V8 that is capable of generating impressive power and torque of 1287 lb-ft of 1112.

    It has a top speed of 256 mph, just 1 mph below the GT9-R! Nevertheless, with his beast of a motor vehicle can easily reach 200 mph in under 16 seconds, which is quite reasonable for a car that is available for only € 550,000. The only drawback is that the vehicle has no electronic driving aids to help control engine power. The vehicle can have positive and negative reviews, as some would have a purer driving experience and others would lament the lack of top of the line safety features.


    Koenigsegg CCR

    Koenigsegg made the top 10 again with its model of CCR is a central engine sports car which also briefly held the "world's fastest" title before being defeated by the Bugatti Veyron original. The CCR model has a top speed of 242 mph in 2005 to Nardo Ring in Italy and was among the trendsetters for fastest supercars after McLaren and Ferrari of course.

    The CCR is an earlier generation of Koenigsegg cars, but it still manages to be one of the fastest. Not to mention, the Koenigsegg was the first production vehicle ever to beat 8-year streak McLaren as the fastest production car on the market. The car is equipped with a large and powerful V8 4.7-liter engine which is capable of generating 806 horsepower and 920 lb-ft of torque. According to the manufacturer's estimates, the vehicle can zoom 0-100 km / h (62 mph) in 3.7 seconds and can complete a quarter-mile permanent 9.7 seconds at 146 mph.

    7. MCLAREN F1 – 241 MPH

    McLaren F1

    Even after-23 years, the McLaren F1 still marriages to make the fastest cars' in the world list. The car: has a single interior design of Being a three-seater with the driver's seat at the center and two passenger seats on the sides. The vehicle is a train champion, with purpose icts center driver's seat, gold-line commits bay, and carbon-fiber body, it est aussi one of the coolest cars ever made.

    Equipped with a 6.1-Liter V12 BMW M engine, the supercar Produces 670 Horsepower and torque peak of 520 lb-ft, Enabling the vehicle to accelerate from zero to 60 in just 3.2 seconds. The overall design of the vehicle est impressive and has great aerodynamics to Ensure maximum speed and performance. In a period of 6 years, a total of 106 vehicles Were Produced McLaren F1. In 2013, chassis number 066 Was sold for a record price of US $ 8.47 million.

    8. ZENVO ST 1 – 233 MPH

    Zenvo ST1

    Made by the Danish company Zenvo, the ST 1 is a high-performance supercar handmade by a small team of workers. It is supercar first model of the company and was introduced in 2009. The vehicle easily dishes at a maximum speed of 233 mph and has the ability to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 3 seconds.

    It is equipped with a 6.8-liter V8 engine and generates impressive power and torque from 1,104 to 1,050 lb-ft, allowing the vehicle to reach 0 to 200 mph in just 8.9 seconds. It also has excellent features, such as adjusting the telescoping steering wheel and a keyless entry system and is available for a price of € 660,000 price.

    9. PAGANI HUAYRA – 230 MPH

    Pagani Huayra

    The Italian supercar maker that took the supercar market by storm, Pagani, has developed a reputation in a short time. The company provides car lovers and thrill seekers with the best and high quality cars that not only provide a high speed, but also feature unique design elements, earning the title of super cars.

    The model Huayra is specifically known for its incredible performance and outrageous beating the best race cars on the market. It is not exactly the fastest but the acceleration is what surprises many car enthusiasts. It has a great power and V12 Twin-Turbo 6-Liter Engine that can easily produce a massive 738 lb-ft of torque and 730 horsepower. You can buy it for € 900,000 to € 1,000,000.

    10. ASTON MARTIN ONE-77 (220 MPH)

    Aston Martin One-77

    Built by the British manufacturer Aston Martin One-77 is the most extreme and fastest route continues to Aston ever created. It shares a similar provision with regular Astons you see on the road, but the One-77 is a completely different beast that sports a 7.3-liter V12 engine 750 HP and 800 lb-ft of torque. A total of 77 cars were produced and outside of its performance, the vehicle is mainly known for its jaw-dropping good looks. The vehicle has a top speed of 220 mph and can easily accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

    So, now that you're familiar with the top 10 fastest cars in the world, choosing the one that best suits your style and needs will not be a problem.

              Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDi DOCH 16V        
    Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDi DOCH 16V 128 hp;04/2013;69000 km;Navigacný systém 3D; automatická;panoramatický;Bluetooth; keyless entry / go;Parkovacie senzory; Eco / Pro / Active;Klíma (2 zóny);
              Hyundai Ix35        
    Hyundai ix35 2,0 CRDi 184 HP == 4X4; == AUTOMATICKÁ; == panoramatické; == Parkovacie senzory; == 3D navigácia; == Rádio CD / MP3 / USB / SD; == Bluetooth; == klímy; == Keyless Go; == Keyless Entry;
              Pumpkin for Ford 4 Button 315/433 Mhz New Keyless Entry Remote Control Car Key (4 pcs)        

              Pumpkin for Ford 3 Button 315/433 Mhz New Keyless Entry Remote Control Car Key (4 pcs)        

              2007 Ford F150 Crew Cab FX4 "Clean Texas Truck" #10693        
    2007 Ford F150 Crew Cab FX4 5.4 V8, Automatic, 173K Miles, Leather Captain Chairs, Power Rear Window, Power Pedal Adjustment, Reese Hitch, New Terra Grappler Tires, Air Conditioning and Heat, Tilt Steering Wheel, CD Player, Power Windows and Door Locks, Remote Keyless Entry, Alloy Wheels, Power Seat, Tool Box in Bed, Back Up Sensors. $16900
              Comment on Hager Powered By SALTO Offers Keyless Entry Solutions by Jim        
    Wow! This is very exciting news for the industry! Sounds like a great partnership.
              Cùng "soi" về Kiểu xe hÆ¡i TOYOTA YARIS phiên bản mới đẹp mắt        

    Giá xe Toyota Yaris mới nhất là bao nhiêu ? Yaris là một đối thủ cạnh tranh  trong phân khúc xe cỡ nhỏ đông đúc, thế hệ thứ hai Toyota Yaris Hatchback cung cấp một chiếc xe đáng tin cậy và kinh tế cho những người cần một chuyến đi không tốn kém. Trong khi nó không phải là chiếc xe hiệu suất quá cao, Xe Toyota Yaris có một sá»± kết hợp hợp lý của không gian, tiết kiệm nhiên liệu và chất lượng truyền thống Toyota. Yaris đã được làm mới rộng rãi hÆ¡n từ trong ra ngoài so với mẫu xe trước .

    Tin tức liên quan Xe Toyota Yaris:

    + Đánh giá chung về dòng xe toyota yaris 2016

    + Thủ tục mua xe toyota yaris trả góp


    Nổi bật ở nội thất là bảng đồng hồ thiết kế 3D với gam mầu cam chủ đạo và đường viền mạ crôm. Màn hình hiển thị đa thông tin (bản G) của xe Yaris được tích hợp trong bảng đồng hồ giúp người lái dễ dàng quan sát các chỉ số khi vận hành, tay lái 3 chấu vừa vặn theo vị trí đặt tay. Phiên bản G còn sở hữu tay lái bọc da, mạ bạc, tích hợp các nút điều chỉnh âm thanh. Bảng điều khiển trung tâm đơn giản nhÆ°ng tinh tế, thân thiện cho người dùng..với nhiều đồ chÆ¡i nhÆ° vậy thì liệu có ảnh hưởng đến Giá xe Toyota Yaris hay không?

    Toyota Yaris thế hệ đột phá mới cho gia đình trẻ thiết kế ngoại hình của Yaris 2015 có phần cứng cáp, khỏe khoắn và vững chãi hÆ¡n so với phiên bản Yaris 2012 trước đó. Toyota Yaris dược xây dá»±ng dá»±a trên khung gầm của người anh em xe sedan cỡ nhỏ Toyota Vios phiên bản mới ra mắt trước đó nên nhiều người vẫn hay gọi Yaris là phiên bản hatchback của mẫu xe này. Khác với vẻ thường thấy trên những mẫu xe Toyota những năm gần đây, lần này hãng Toyota đã có những bước tiến đột phá làm mới lại toàn bộ các dòng xe của mình nhÆ° Toyota Yaris là một ví dụ điển hình. Yaris 2015 sở hữu một dáng vẻ trẻ trung, bắt mắt và đậm chất thể thao hÆ¡n hướng đến đối tượng là những khách hàng trẻ tuổi phục vụ cho nhu cầu cá nhân hay gia đình nhỏ đi lại hàng ngày.

    Xe Toyota hiện niêm yết mức giá cho Toyota Yaris 2015 với bản thường Yaris 1.3E số tá»± động là 625 triệu đồng, còn đối với bản cao cấp Yaris 1.3G số tá»± động là 683 triệu đồng. Tất cả 2 phiên bản đều là xe nhập khẩu nguyên chiếc Thái Lan, Toyota Yaris mới sẽ là đối thủ cạnh tranh trá»±c tiếp với các dòng xe cùng phân khúc nhÆ° Mazda 2 hatchback hay Ford Fiesta hatchback. NhÆ°ng có vẻ nhÆ° phần thắng đã quá rõ khi mà Toyota Yaris nhiều năm liền thống lÄ©nh thị trường dòng xe hatchback 5 cá»­a và là ước mÆ¡ sở hữu của nhiều người Việt bởi những tính năng Æ°u việt nhÆ°: máy bền tiết kiệm nhiên liệu - không gian nội thất rỗng rãi - giá trị bán lại cao.

    xe toyota yaris gia bao nhieu

    Một điểm đáng chú ý là cụm đồng hồ lái trên xe Toyota Yaris 2015 đã được trả lại vị trí phía sau vô lăng giúp người điểu khiển dễ dàng quan sát các thông số cÆ¡ bản nhÆ° tốc độ, vòng tua máy, lượng nhiên liệu xăng còn lại..v..v... Đồng hồ trung tâm xe Yaris 2015 được thiết kế kiểu hình ống với các đường viền mạ crom sáng bóng và phong cách 3D với gam màu cam chủ đạo làm nổi lên các con số một cách rõ ràng. Trên cả 2 phiên bản Toyota Yaris đều được tích hợp một màn hình hiển thị đa thông tin trên cụm đồng hồ tốc độ về các thông số km đã đi, số km đi còn lại... giúp bạn dễ dàng quan sát tình trạng sá»­ dụng xe.

    Tiếp đến là bản Yaris G với Những điểm nổi bật khác gồm vô-lăng bọc da  tích hợp phím bấm điều khiển âm thanh, nội thất vải độc đáo, DVD cảm ứng tích hợp Bluetooth thoại rãnh tay, hệ thống khóa không chìa (keyless entry) khởi động thông minh, la-zăng hợp kim 15 inch và đèn pha projector.

              2013 Ford Mustang GT500 Super Snake        

    By now, there's really no need for a Carroll Shelby history lesson. We're all very familiar with Shelby's contributions to the automotive world, especially regarding the legendary Mustang. Shel's pony cars have always been great to look at and even better to drive, giving examples like this tailored Super Snake virtually universal appeal. Featuring 850 horsepower and a $124K build cost, this Ford is a killer street slayer that's wrapped in taut leather and dressed in cool wide body aesthetics. And if you're looking for a future collectable that can double as a genuinely fun weekend warrior? It's just your style! BODYWORK/TRIM Stretching glossy Black 2-stage between Sterling racing stripes, a sculpted profile and official Shelby call-outs, this sinister Mustang has obviously seen meticulous care since new. As you can tell from our high-resolution photography, the car's body is in excellent condition. That body's shiny, wet-look panels are straight and solid thanks to no history of accidents or damage of any kind. And a close look down this Ford's muscular fuselage reveals hand-tailored finishing that's considered world-class by any standard. Like most Shelby bolt-ons, the firm's Wide Body Kit is meant to turn Ford's definition of good into the enthusiast's definition of great. At the front of this mean mare, an aggressive GT500 fascia centers gridded grilles between HID headlamps, halogen fog lamps and a carbon fiber Super Snake splitter. At the top of that grille, a buff Super Snake hood leads painted mirrors, which reflect tinted glass and Super Snake quarter window covers. At the sides of that hood, 3-inch widened fenders hang billet Shelby emblems above remodeled, color-keyed rockers. At the back of those rockers, 6-inch widened quarters host a short antenna opposite a billet Shelby fuel filler. And at the back of the car, a small wing shades bold trunk lettering, a faux fuel filler, factory Ford taillights and polished Shelby exhaust tips. ENGINE When the 2013 Super Snake debuted, many automotive publications literally asked the question: “Is 850 horsepower too much?” And, in typical Shelby fashion, the answer was “We also have a 1,000 horsepower option.” Using a 5.8 liter version of Ford's legendary DOHC 'mod motor', this incredible Super Snake utilizes a 3.6 liter Kenne Bell supercharger to crank out an astonishing 850 horsepower. That polished, twin-screw blower makes great use of a Kenne Bell cold air induction system, which marries a polished tube with a reusable filter element. Bright Ford Blue cam covers anchor dynamic SVT coil covers behind Shelby's trick caps and sticks. A standard Shelby Performance Cooling Package incorporates a lightweight radiator and efficient heat exchanger beneath aluminum coolant reservoirs. As expected, this coupe proudly displays both a small SVT badge and subtle Shelby American plaque, which boasts its exclusive positioning in both automobilia and the broad Mustang family. Aesthetically, the spotless mill features a typical OEM-level appearance that displays hardly any signs of usage. And one twist the eager engine's key puts you one stomp away from neck-snapping take-off and break-neck speed! DRIVETRAIN/SUSPENSION As most performance car fans already know, this Mustang's Shelby-tuned chassis is nothing short of excellent. And with a few optional bolt-ons, it sticks to the corners like the high-speed luge winner at the 2014 Winter Olympics. The firm's upgrades began with a Shelby/Ford Racing/Eibach suspension that straightens the curves, progressed to Shelby/Wilwood brakes that scrub big speed, and ended with forged Shelby alloys that keep power to the ground. Behind the smooth engine, a slick-shifting Tremec TR6060 6-speed sends power to Shelby 3.73 gears and a Ford limited-slip differential. At the corners of the car, the aforementioned Wilwoods squeeze giant drilled and slotted rotors behind standard Shelby ducts. Turns come courtesy of Ford's super-efficient power-assisted steering. Exhaust flows through large-diameter pipes to throaty Borla mufflers and oval Shelby tips. Naturally, Ford's standard ABS and AdvanceTrac traction control systems are present and accounted for. And all this first-class speed and agility rides on the aforementioned Shelby alloys, which spin 275/35ZR20 Michelin Pilot Super Sports in front of 345/30ZR20 Michelin Pilot Super Sports. INTERIOR Inside this 'stang, Shelby-branded seats, which feature power adjustment for the car's driver, ride opposite a leather-wrapped steering wheel that's equipped with Cruise Control and redundant audio buttons. The dash is a familiar Mustang layout, which hangs satin-trimmed telemetry beneath integrated Auto Meter A-pillar gauges. Below those vitals, a crisp Shaker stereo combines SYNC infotainment with standard navigation. Below those electronics, a small Shelby plaque leads an impressive console that's detailed with a dressed Shelby short-throw shifter. Beneath that console, rich carpet floats Shelby-branded floor mats between metal foot pedals and lighted Super Snake sills. And naturally, all the luxuries you'd expect in a modern Ford are ready and waiting, including power windows, power door locks, air conditioning, anti-theft and Remote Keyless Entry. OUR SALE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTATION AND ACCESSORIES * Ford marketing materials * The car's Ford Owner's Manual * The car's Ford accessory literature * Shelby promotional materials * A Shelby specs list * The car's Shelby reservation form * The car's Shelby owner's letter * The car's Shelby invoices * The car's Shelby Certificate of Authenticity * A Kenne Bell supercharger manual * A copy of Motor Trend Magazine's Shelby Collector's Edition * The car's original Ford floor mats Featuring a beastly motor, great chassis dynamics and exclusive aesthetics, this Shelby is one cool collectible! Add in limited production and paltry miles, and this thoroughbred starts to look like a great buy. If you have room for one of the baddest production Mustangs ever assembled, don't miss the chance to own this awesome Super Snake! ---------- SUMMARY * 850 horsepower Shelby GT500 Super Snake that's logged only 3,500 miles * 5.8 liter DOHC V8 / 3.6 liter Kenne Bell supercharger * Tremec TR6060 6-speed manual transmission * Shelby Wide Body Kit / 20-inch Shelby forged wheels * Shelby leather interior / Factory air conditioning / Shaker audio system * Shelby/Ford Racing/Eibach suspension * Ford 8.8-inch rear axle / Shelby 3.73 gears * Shelby/Borla exhaust * Ford power rack-and-pinion steering / Shelby/Wilwood 4-wheel power disc brakes * Sale includes: A Shelby reservation form / A Shelby owner's letter / Shelby invoices / A Shelby Certificate of Authenticity

              2007 Ford Mustang Parnelli Jones 302        

    One of the biggest names in hot rod Mustangs is Saleen Automobiles. By offering high performance, turnkey sports cars, the company has transitioned from a garage bay tuner to a highly respected, OEM-level manufacturer. And, as one of only 500 cars produced to honor legendary Indianapolis 500 winner Parnelli Jones, this spotless Parnelli Jones 302 is perhaps one of the firm's coolest creations. Painted in Grabber Orange, outfitted with one of the most cohesive performance packages ever produced, and showing a mere 3,783 miles, this Saleen is quite possibly the last essentially new car of its kind. If you're a savvy collector looking for a future collectible that's an absolute thrill to drive, there's no time like the present! BODYWORK/TRIM According to Steve Saleen, the Parnelli Jones 302 was designed to capture the raw, aggressive attitude with which Parnelli raced. That meant you could order any color Parnelli Jones 302 you wanted as long as it was Grabber Orange. Naturally, since this Mustang is an essentially new car, its paint looks great. Fit and finish is exceptional, thanks to the largely hand-built nature of custom Saleen add-ons. And, despite performing everyday tasks as flawlessly as a stock Mustang, the car has been completely re-envisioned to incorporate many subtle tweaks that successfully recall the glory days of Trans Am racing. To create that road ready, Trans Am racer appearance, Saleen equipped the Parnelli Jones 302 with every cosmetic trick in their book. At the front of the car, a re-designed bumper hangs a black serial number between a chrome-trimmed grille, injection molded headlight dividers and a racing-style splitter. Behind that bumper, a fully functional shaker seats race-derived pins in front of satin “S302” emblems. At the sides of the car, ornamentation is kept to a minimum with black mirrors reflecting a billet Saleen fuel filler and color-keyed quarter window covers. And at the back of the car, Satin Black Sport Slats lead a replica Boss spoiler, which shades a chrome-trimmed valance and a second re-imagined bumper that weaves a black splitter around polished exhaust tips. ENGINE Lift Parnelli Jones #307's trick Shaker Hood and you'll find a Saleen-built SOHC V8 that twists an SAE certified 400 horsepower into 390 lb./ft. of tire-melting torque. Equipped with a high compression, high revving valvetrain, this blueprinted 302 utilizes a forged and internally balanced crank, forged 4340 H-beams, forged pistons, hand-ported heads, Comp cams and springs, variable cam timing and a Saleen PowerFlash tune to provide thrilling acceleration all the way to its 7,000 RPM redline. The hand-assembled mill sees a bump in displacement thanks to an increased stroke. And little details like bore honing, an aluminum flywheel, a billet harmonic balancer, Saleen pulleys, new cylinder head bolts and Fel-Pro gaskets ensure the OEM reliability that goes hand in hand with a new car. What that means for you is a rocket-like sprint to triple-digit speeds from an engine that never seems to feel like it's out of breath. And, like the legendary Trans Am Fords it honors, this car doesn't carry the imbalanced weight and mechanical stigma of having a big engine shoehorned into a tight engine bay. DRIVETRAIN/SUSPENSION In keeping with both Steve Saleen and Parnelli Jones race ancestry, this limited-edition Mustang was designed utilizing a precision Macpherson front and Watt's link rear suspension. That chassis rolls under a rugged Tremec 5-speed, which drives a Saleen 8.8-inch axle that's finished with big, 3.73 gears. Steering is power-assisted Ford hardware. Stops come courtesy of Ford and Saleen calipers, which clamp two and four pistons around vented and slotted rotors. Exhaust expels through a stainless Saleen set-up, which provides throaty, low resonating audio. And at the corners of the car, Mini-lite-style wheels spin 275/35ZR19 Pirelli P Zero Rossos in front of 275/40ZR19 Pirelli P Zero Rossos. INTERIOR Inside, Saleen makes the interior its own with colorful leather upholstery and plenty of signage. Showroom-fresh thrones are fitted with bright Grabber Orange inserts, orange stitching and cool Parnelli Jones emblems. An already ornate dash founds Saleen-branded telemetry behind a twin-gauge accessory pod, a serialized Saleen plaque, and signatures from both Steve Saleen and Parnelli Jones. Beneath that dash, a traditional console frames a Saleen Quick Shifter that's topped with a custom Parnelli Jones knob. In front of the driver, a traditional Mustang steering wheel sports a Saleen Parnelli Jones Edition emblem. Saleen Parnelli Jones floor mats complement Saleen Parnelli Jones sills. And naturally, all the usual luxuries are present and accountable, including Cruise Control, power windows, power door locks and a crisp Shaker 500 sound system. HISTORIAL INFORMATION The car's original Saleen Window Sticker lists the following equipment: FORD BASE COMPONENTS * Air conditioning * Power windows, door locks and decklid * Remote Keyless Entry that's complete with illuminated entry * Power driver's seat with 6-way adjustment * Split fold rear seat * Cruise Control * Tilt steering wheel * Dual vanity mirrors * Interior Upgrade Package * Shaker 500 audio with AM/FM stereo SALEEN BASE COMPONENTS * Saleen/Parnelli Jones high compression 3-valve 5.0 liter 302 cubic inch V8 * -- 400 horsepower * -- 390 lb./ft. of torque * Saleen PowerFlash performance calibration * Saleen 2.5-inch performance dual exhaust with dual stainless tips * Saleen power pulleys and SFI approved damper * Saleen Design Shaker Hood with hi-flow inlet tube and air box cover * Saleen forged aluminum pistons * Saleen forged steel connecting rods * Saleen ported aluminum cylinder heads with performance springs * Saleen Performance camshaft * Saleen Performance air cleaner DRIVETRAIN * Saleen 5-speed manual transmission * Saleen close-ratio shifter * Saleen lightweight aluminum flywheel * Saleen 8.8-inch differential with 3.73 gears EXTERIOR * Limited Edition-exclusive Grabber Orange paint * -- Black hood stripe * -- Black side stripes * -- Black decklid * Limited Edition injection molded TPO front fascia with race inspired air dam * Limited Edition hood pins * Limited Edition chrome trim front and rear * Saleen/Parnelli Jones Limited Edition injection molded TPO side skirts * Limited Edition injection molded TPO rear fascia * Limited Edition injection molded TPO quarter window panels * Limited Edition “1970” replica wing * Limited Edition rear window sports slats * Racing inspired billet aluminum fuel door * Limited Edition reusable static cling race and name decals * Limited Edition badging * Limited Edition “1970” championship wreath * Saleen Design aluminum Shaker Hood * Saleen integrated front turn signals * Saleen Design center rear body panel CHASSIS AND SUSPENSION * Saleen Racecraft Suspension System * Saleen specific-rate front and rear springs * Macpherson strut with lower control arm * Saleen front struts with Saleen linear-rate coil-over-springs * Front 1.38-inch tubular stabilizer (anti-roll bar) with urethane pivot bushings * Rear .945-inch stabilizer (anti-roll) bar * Specifically calibrated suspension settings * 3-link live rear axle plus Saleen Competition Watt's Link * Direct-acting linear-rate coil springs and N2 shocks BRAKING SYSTEM * Saleen 14-inch slotted and vented front disc brake system with Saleen 4-piston calipers WHEELS AND TIRES * 19-inch Saleen Mini-lite-inspired aluminum wheels with Limited Edition center caps * Pirelli extreme performance tires (275/35R19 front, 275/40R19 rear) * Saleen Tire Pressure Monitoring System * Saleen valve stem caps INTERIOR * Limited Edition orange and black leather sports seats with badging * Limited Edition instrument cluster with 180 MPH black faced gauges * Limited Edition gauge pod with oil pressure and temp gauge * Limited Edition floor mats, shift knob, steering wheel emblem and sill plates * Limited Edition performance driving pedals * Limited Edition graphics, badging and serialized number * Limited Edition console plaque and serialized engine bay plaque * Saleen/Parnelli Jones key fob and Saleen Eagle One detail kit * Original signatures on center dash panel SALEEN MSRP: $60,565 ---------- OUR SALE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTATION AND ACCESSORIES * All the car's Ford manuals and booklets * Saleen marketing literature * A Motor Trend article highlighting the Parnelli Jones 302 * All the car's Saleen manuals and booklets * The aforementioned Saleen Window Sticker * The car's Saleen roundel decals * The car's Parnelli Jones and Steve Saleen script decals * Vintage North Carolina registrations * A Saleen tag * Two sets of keys Given its limited production, many believe Saleen's coveted Parnelli Jones 302 will be a highly sought collectable. And it's hard to argue that point, since the car is pretty much the ultimate total package. With only 3,783 miles of road time, this coupe is an essentially brand new piece of Mustang and Saleen history. Call your friends at RK Motors Charlotte for more information! ---------- SUMMARY * Only 3,783 miles * Number 307 of only 500 Saleen Parnelli Jones 302s produced * 302 cubic inch Saleen SOHC V8 / 400 SAE-certified horsepower * Tremec 5-speed manual transmission / Saleen 8.8-inch rear axle / 3.73 gears * Saleen leather interior / Ford air conditioning / Ford Shaker 500 audio * Saleen Racecraft Suspension / 19-inch Saleen Mini-lite-style wheels * Saleen body upgrades / Saleen Grabber Orange paint and Trans Am-style graphics * Saleen performance dual exhaust * Power rack-and-pinion steering / 4-wheel power disc brakes * Sale includes: The car's original Saleen Window Sticker / All Ford and Saleen manuals / All the car's Saleen decals

              Rayovac CR1616 3 Volt Lithium Coin Battery - Free Shipping        
    Rayovac CR1616 3 Volt Lithium Coin Battery - Free Shipping

    3 volt lithium electronic coin cell battery Used for keyless entry, watches, PDAs, calculators, organizers, games, and much more

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    Price: $3.59

               Peugeot 108, 2014 (14), Manual Petrol, 22,995 miles        
    Air Conditioning, Bluetooth, iPod Connectivity, Central Locking, Keyless Entry, Immobiliser, Remote Central Locking, Height Adjustable Seat, Folding Rear Seats, Rear Headrests, Adjustable Steering Column, Cruise Control, Parking Camera, Power Steering, Trip Computer, ABS, Isofix, Twin Air Bags, Auto... 6,200.00 - Contact seller
              Mitsubishi Xpander รถ MPV รุ่นใหม่ค่ายสามเพชรเปิดตัวที่แดนอิเหนาแล้ว ไทยจ่อเปิดตัวปลายปีนี้        
      สิ้นสุดการรอคอยสำหรับประเทศอินโดนีเซียเมื่อค่ายทรีไดมอนด์ Mitsubishi ได้ทำการเปิดตัว MPV รุ่นใหม่ของค่ายอย่าง Mitsubishi Xpander อย่างเป็นทางการภายในงาน GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2017 มาต่อกรกับคู่แข่งมากหน้าหลายตาอย่าง Honda BR-V/Mobilio , Suzuki Ertiga , Toyota Sienta/Avanza

      จุดเด่นของ Mitsubishi Xpander ก็คือดีไซน์ที่โดดเด่นและห้องโดยสารที่มากด้วยอรรถประโยชน์ ด้วยรูปลักษณ์ที่ผสมผสานระหว่างรถอเนกประสงค์ SUV Crossover กับรถ MPV เหมือนเช่น Honda BR-V แต่ Xpander จะมีดีไซน์ที่ค่อนข้างบึกบึนและดูล้ำกว่า BR-V อยู่หลายขุมทีเดียว

      แน่นอนว่าดีไซน์ของ Xpander จะถอดแบบมาจากรถต้นแบบ XM Concept ซึ่งดูๆแล้วตัวรถก็มีความคล้ายคลึงกับต้นแบบราวๆ 80% ตามที่ Mitsubishi ว่ามาเลย ดีไซน์ด้านหน้ามากับ Design Language ยุคล่าสุดของค่ายอย่าง Dynamic Sheild มากับโคมไฟ LED Daytime Running Lights ถัดลงมาจะเป็นไฟหน้าทรงเหลี่ยมคางหมูขนาดใหญ่ และลงมาอีกก็จะเป็นไฟตัดหมอก ดีไซน์การจัดตำแหน่งไฟคล้ายคลึงกับ Nissan Juke และ Hyundai Kona ด้วยดีไซน์กันชนหน้า-ท้าย และซุ้มล้อขนาดใหญ่ทำให้รถดูบึกบึนเหมือน SUV ไม่น้อย ด้านข้างมีการเสริมขอบโครเมี่ยมบริเวณประตูเพิ่มความหรูหรา ดีไซน์เส้นสายมาในแนว Floating Roof ในส่วนไฟท้ายนั้นจะเป็นแบบ LED ทรงสวย

      Mitsubishi Xpander จะมากับล้ออัลลอยขนาด 16 นิ้ว à¸ªà¸§à¸¡à¸”้วยยาง 205/55 Dunlop (ยกเว้นรุ่น GLS ที่จะได้ล้อ 15 นิ้ว) ระบบกันสะเทือนหน้าแบบแมคเฟอร์สันสตรัทและด้านหลังแบบทอร์ชั่นบีม

      Mitsubishi Xpander มีสัดส่วนความยาวตัวถัง 4,475 มิลลิเมตร กว้าง 1,750 มิลลิเมตร (ยาวกว่า BR-V 22 มิลลิเมตร และกว้างกว่า 15 มิลลิเมตร) มีระยะฐานล้อยาว 2,775 มิลลิเมตร ซึ่งยาวกว่าของ Honda BR-V 115 มิลลิเมตร ระยะความสูงจากพื้นดินถึงพื้นรถ 205 มิลลิเมตร สูงกว่า BR-V 4 มิลลิเมตรและยังสูงที่สุดในบรรดาคู่แข่งด้วย

      ภายในห้องโดยสารมาในแนวเรียบง่าย มีโทนสี 2 แบบคือสีเบจและสีดำ มีการขึ้นรูปตะเข็บ (จากภาพน่าจะปลอม) บริเวณคอนโซลและแผงประตู พวงมาลัยใช้ทรงเดียวกับ Mitsubishi Mirage มาตรวัดออกแบบให้มีดีไซน์ที่ทันสมัยพร้อมจอ LCD แสดงผลข้อมูลการขับขี่ตรงกลาง

      อุปกรณ์มาตรฐานอืื่นๆของ Xpander จะมีกุญแจอัจฉริยะ Keyless Entry พร้อมปุ่มสตาร์ท พวงมาลัยปรับระดับได้ 4 ทิศทาง เบาะแถวสามสามารถพับแบบ 50:50 ได้ ในรุ่นท็อปจะมากับชุดหน้าจอสัมผัส รองรับการเชื่อมต่อ Bluetooth และกล้องมองหลัง

      แถวกลางสามารถพับเก็บได้ในตลบเดียวเพื่อความสะดวกสบายในการเข้าไปนั่งแถวที่ 3 นอกจากนี้เบาะแถวกลางยังมีที่วางแขนมาให้ สำหรับพื้นที่สัมภาระด้านหลังบริเวณด้านท้ายจะมีที่เก็บยางอะไหล่รถมาให้

      ขุมพลังจะมีทางเลือกเพียงแบบเดียวคือ เครื่องยนต์เบนซินรหัส 4A91 ความจุ 1.5 ลิตร MIVEC มากับกำลังสูงสุด 104 แรงม้าที่ 6,000 รอบ/นาที แรงบิดสูงสุด 141 นิวตัน-เมตรที่ 4,000 รอบ/นาที ส่งกำลังด้วยเกียร์ธรรมดา 5 สปีดและเกียร์อัตโนมัติ 4 สปีด ระบบเบรกด้านหน้าเป็นแบบดิสก์และหลังเป็นดรัมเบรก

      สำหรับระบบความปลอดภัยจะได้ระบบเบรก ABS EBD ถุงลมนิรภัยคู่หน้าเป็นมาตรฐาน ส่วนระบบเสริมแรงเบรก BA ระบบควบคุมการทรงตัว ระบบช่วยออกตัวบนทางลาดชัน จะได้ในรุ่นบนๆ

      Mitsubishi Xpander ในอินโดนีเซียจะมีทางเลือก 5 รุ่นย่อย à¹„ด้แก่ 
    - 1.5 GLX MT ราคา 189,050,000 à¸£à¸¹à¹€à¸›à¸µà¸¢à¸«à¹Œ หรือประมาณ 472,000 บาท 
    - 1.5 GLS MT à¸£à¸²à¸„า 208,550,000 à¸£à¸¹à¹€à¸›à¸µà¸¢à¸«à¹Œ หรือประมาณ 521,000 บาท 
    - 1.5 Exceed MT à¸£à¸²à¸„า 214,550,000 à¸£à¸¹à¹€à¸›à¸µà¸¢à¸«à¹Œ หรือประมาณ 536,000 บาท 
    - 1.5 Sport AT à¸£à¸²à¸„า 224,950,000 à¸£à¸¹à¹€à¸›à¸µà¸¢à¸«à¹Œ หรือประมาณ 562,000 บาท  
    - 1.5 Ultimate AT à¸£à¸²à¸„า 245,350,000 à¸£à¸¹à¹€à¸›à¸µà¸¢à¸«à¹Œ หรือประมาณ 613,000 บาท 
    และจะผลิตในโรงงานแห่งใหม่ที่เมืองเบกาซี ประเทศอินโดนีเซียด้วยกำลังการผลิต 80,000 คันต่อปี การส่งออกไปยังตลาดอาเซียนจะเริ่มในปี 2018

      ส่วนเมืองไทยนั้นคาดว่าน่าจะมีการนำเสนอภายในงาน Motor Expo 2017 ช่วงวันที่ 30 พ.ย.-11 ธ.ค. 60 โดยมาในรูปแบบนำเข้าจากอินโดนีเซีย และน่าจะมีราคาที่ย่อมเยากว่า BR-V และอาจจะถูกพอๆกับ Mobilio 
              Remote keyless entry central door locking CDL 5kg force        
    Keyless Door Entry Remotes
    •  Perfect kits for keyless entry (two remotes included)
    • Price: $49.00

              Nissan Frontier 2012 Specs And Review        

    Nissan has the longest history in the U.S. between the sales of imported cars and compact pickup trucks medium. Current small trucks, Nissan Frontier, which combines premium hardware, extraordinary power and off-road athleticism, continues to be a leader in the medium truck segment. With a choice of two body configurations, 4x4 and 4x2 drive, a powerful 261-horsepower 4.0 liter V6 or a 152-horsepower 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder (King Cab only) engine, and fuel mileage is good (17 cities , 21 highway, King Cab 2WD), Frontier again offers an exceptional level of family or work performance to fit almost any need or budget. Revised for the 2012 model year include the addition of a new Sport Appearance Package on Crew Cab and King Cab SV model.

    Authentic Truck Style, Innovation to Get the Job Done The mid-size Nissan Frontier emulates many of the Nissan Titan's full-size features, including its bold, expressive and adventurous exterior styling.

    Nissan Frontier uses the theme of the signature Nissan truck, including the buffer slanted grille, large bumpers, short front and rear overhangs and large, stamped steel, geometric fender flares. Bed length model is the Frontier Crew Cab is available with the SV and SL Crew Cab. Larger than 13 inches longer than the Crew Cab standard bed, the Long Bed models offer the roomy interior of the Crew Cab, plus a bedroom of the extended King Cab. 2012 Frontier also offers levels of innovation in the areas that matter most to truck owners - the bed. Both Frontier King Cab and Crew Cab offer a high-utility bed that includes an available factory-applied spray-on bedliner and conception-track ™ tie-down system. Conception of the song system, first introduced on the Nissan Titan, providing a major cargo transport flexibility through the use of five special 'C' cross-section rails mounted in the bed (two channels in the bed floor, and on each side of the bed rails and header panels where sleep).

    Frontier Crew Cab also offers a tilt leather-appointed interior and available available and sliding moonroof. Enough power for Active Lifestyle Heart and soul of the Frontier rugged F-Alpha platform. Starting with a full size, fully boxed ladder frame, the F-Alpha platform provides the foundation for building rugged. Constructed of high-tensile strength steel, the platform provides structural rigidity for rock-solid performance on-and off-road.

    The length of 125.9 inches wheelbase Frontier helps improve ride comfort, while the overall length of 205.5 inches (King Cab and Crew Cab Regular Bed) is a perfect "activity size" for buyers who do not really need a full-size pickup. Frontier shares the suspension layout and many component designs with the Titan, including the all-steel double wishbone front suspension and solid axle rear suspension with leaf springs overslung and a long suspension stroke for off-road performance.

    Exceptional acceleration, towing capacity and all-around off-roading capability is provided, on a large scale, with a powerful engine - a 4.0-liter DOHC V6 that produces 261 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque. 4.0-liter DOHC V6 engine specifically tuned to the unique needs of the use of trucks. Besides smooth torque delivery, the V6 offers good fuel efficiency and smooth operation. Design 4.0 liter V6 includes Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System (CVTCS), Nissan variable Induction Control System (NICS), silent timing chain, camshaft and crankshaft surfaces microfinished, Teflon ®-coated pistons, resin intake manifold, forged crankshaft, digital knock control system , high capacity muffler, lightweight aluminum block and cylinder heads and 105,000 mile spark plugs. Frontier V6 is assembled at Nissan's advanced engine production facility in Decherd, Tenn., which also produces Titan's 5.6-liter V8.

    A powerful 2.5-liter DOHC inline 4-cylinder with 152 horsepower and 171 lb-ft of torque, as well. Frontier King Cab is available in S-SV-I4 I4 and Frontier 4x2 model is offered with a choice of transmissions - a smooth 5-speed automatic, 6-speed manual or 5-speed manual transmission (King Cab 4-cylinder model). Frontier 4x4 models include a shift-on-the-fly four-wheel-drive system with electronic 2WD/4H/4LO mode operated by part-time transfer case controlled. Frontier 4x4 models are available with 4-wheel limited-slip system, which helps transfer power to the drive wheels with more grip on low traction surfaces. The Hill Descent Control feature available allows slow hill descent without the constant application of the brake pedal.

    The 2012 Nissan Frontier is available in a wide range of models and configurations. The Frontier King Cab is offered in four well-equipped models: Frontier S-I4 4x2 (2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder, 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission); Frontier SV-I4 4x2 and (2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder, 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission); Frontier SV-V6 4x2 or 4x4 (4.0-liter V6, 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission); and PRO-4X 4x4 (5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual). PRO-4X King Cab models receive a factory-applied spray-on bedliner, bed rail caps, Útili-track™ channel system and four adjustable tie-down cleats.

    The 2012 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab is offered in S, SV, SL and PRO-4X models, in regular or Long Bed body styles (SV and SL), each offered wîth a standard 4.0-liter V6 and a choice of 4x4 or 4x2 drivelines. Frontier Crew Cab S, SV models and the Frontier PRO-4X 4x4 are offered wîth either 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmissions, while Crew Cab SL models are available wîth the 5-speed automatic transmission only.

    The PRO-4X (4x4 only) features Bilstein® off-road high-pressure shock absorbers, skid plates on the oil pan and transfer case, an electronic rear differential locker 4-wheel limited-slip (ABLS) and unique machine-finished 16-inch aluminum-alloy off-road wheels wîth large BFGoodrich P265/75R16 Rugged Trail tires. All PRO-4Xs also feature body-colored grille and bumpers, outside mirrors and door handles and fog lamps. Added comfort and convenience features include cruise control, remote keyless entry power windows and door locks and dual power outside mirrors. The PRO-4X interior includes leather-appointed red-stitched shifter knob (M/T only) and §teering wheel, chrome accent ring around the white-faced meter gauges and trip computer.

              2012 Nissan Sentra Specification        

    Nissan Sentra 2012 again changed, with the exception of a new technology option package on the model of 2.0 S. Current generation Sentra debuted in 2007, making 2012 model one of the oldest small sedans available this year in terms of design. He still has some good qualities, but overall the Sentra has been defeated by new models and more desirable this year.

    Among the Sentra sedan the best quality is decent fuel economy, comfortable interior and a long list of standard features and options desired. In fact there are two sporty variants, including the 200-horsepower SE-R Spec V, designed to appeal to fans of mengemudi.Nissan Sentra front-wheel drive 4-door sedan is a practical car, roomy and economical with the trim that is available to meet one's needs.

    The 2012 Nissan Sentra sedan is offered in six different trim levels, including four mainstream models based on a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine (2.0, 2.0 S, 2.0 SR and 2.0 SL) and two high-performance variants powered by a 2.5-liter engine (SE-R and SE-R Spec V).

    The entry-level Sentra 2.0 starts with 15-inch steel wheels, air-conditioning, cloth upholstery, 60/40-split-folding rear seats, power windows and locks, a tilt-adjustable steering wheel and a four-speaker sound system with a CD player and auxiliary audio jack. The Sentra 2.0 S adds 16-inch steel wheels, power mirrors, a height-adjustable driver seat, cruise control, remote keyless entry and a six-speaker CD/MP3 audio system with an iPod interface.

    The 2.0 SR includes those items and adds styling cues from its sportier siblings including distinctive front and rear fascias, side sill extensions, foglamps, a rear spoiler and 16-inch alloy wheels. Moving up to the SL gets you a leather-wrapped steering wheel, keyless entry/ignition, Bluetooth and an upgraded stereo with satellite radio and a color display.

    Options on the 2.0 models vary by trim level and include leather upholstery with heated front seats (SL only) and a Convenience package that bundles keyless entry/ignition, Bluetooth and a leather-wrapped steering wheel (S/SR only). A Technology package adds a navigation system, satellite radio and an iPod interface (S/SR only). A Special Edition package includes everything in the Convenience and Technology packages plus a sunroof (SR only), while the Special Value package includes the sunroof, navigation and a rearview monitor (SL only). An Audio package includes an eight-speaker Rockford Fosgate audio system (SL only).

    The Sentra SE-R trim level is equipped similarly to the 2.0 SR but adds 17-inch alloy wheels, performance-oriented suspension tuning, an aero-style body kit, cloth sport seats, the SL's stereo with color display and gauges that allow the driver to monitor things like oil pressure and g-forces during cornering. The SE-R Upgrade package adds a sunroof, keyless entry/ignition, a rearview monitor, the navigation system, satellite radio and the Rockford Fosgate audio system.

    The SE-R Spec V builds on the SE-R's sporting nature with more power, higher-performance tires, an even firmer suspension with a lower ride height, larger front brakes and sportier interior trim. One drawback to the added performance of the Spec V is a structural reinforcement brace between the rear shock towers that prevents the rear seats from folding. Also available on the Spec V is an optional SE-R Spec V Upgrade package that includes all the items in the SE-R Upgrade plus a mechanical limited-slip front differential.

    Sentra models equipped with 2.0-liter engine and CVT achieve EPA-estimated 27 mpg city/34 mpg highway and 30 mpg in combined driving with manual transmission decreased numbers seem to 24/31/27 mpg. SE-R is not bad on 24/30/26, and even manage the Spec V is still respectable 21/28/24 mpg.

    Sentra's interior features front seat unexpectedly wide which makes it easy even for people who are high to feel comfortable, despite the lack of telescoping steering column is a downer. The back seat is more of a mixed bag, with good headroom and hiproom offset by the lack of legroom. Luggage space, at 13.1 cubic feet, the average for the class.

    From the viewpoint of the driver, the dashboard gets high marks for its simple design and straight from the gauges and controls. One exception is a smallish navigation system optional 5-inch screen, which requires quite a lot of squinting to read.

    Nissan Sentra 2.0
    Msrp $16060
    2.0L 4-cyl. engine
    Manual transmission
    Up to 27 cty/34 hwy mpg
    MP3 Player
    Side/Curtain Airbags
    Stability Control
    Traction Control

    Nissan Sentra 2.0 SL
    2.0L 4-cyl. engine
    Continuously variable transmission
    Up to 27 cty/34 hwy mpg
    iPod input
    Satellite radio
    Side/Curtain Airbags
    Stability Control
    Traction Control
    Navigation System (Optional)

    Nissan Sentra SE-R
    Msrp $ 20120
    2.5L 4-cyl. engine
    Continuously variable transmission
    Up to 24 cty/30 hwy mpg
    iPod input
    Side/Curtain Airbags
    Stability Control
    Traction Control
    Navigation System (Optional)
    Satellite radio (Optional)

    Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V
    Msrp $ 20620
    2.5L 4-cyl. engine
    Manual transmission
    Up to 21 cty/28 hwy mpg
    iPod input
    Side/Curtain Airbags
    Stability Control
    Traction Control
    Navigation System (Optional)
    Satellite radio (Optional)

              Toyota Yaris sedan for sale in Dubai        

    Toyota Yaris Sedan. New condition,2015 model , but purchesed in 2016 on special promotion. Full option. Leather interior. Keyless entry. push button switch. Mieage only 18000 km. Under Warranty and Full History available.

    The post Toyota Yaris sedan for sale in Dubai appeared first on CarinDubai.

              BMW 428i grand coupe        


    The post BMW 428i grand coupe appeared first on CarinDubai.

              2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Passenger Van 144-in. WB        
    2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Passenger Van 144-in. WB
    Stock # P3690, Mileage: 44043, VIN # WDZPE7CC4D5814059
    Price: $32,000
    Exterior Color: Silver, Interior Color: Black

    2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van


    You are viewing a 2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van.  This vehicle has had one owner with and an accident-free CarFax.  The vehicle only has 44043 miles.


    Options Include:

    Keyless Entry

    Auto-dimming Rear View Mirror

    Cargo Lights

    Telescoping Steering Wheel

    New Tires


    -Leasing and financing are available along with extended warranties. We can assist in arranging shipment to any worldwide destination. Each purchase includes two keys and the owner's manual.


    In an effort to uphold our unyielding commitment to each client, we invest in a rigorous inspection process as well perform any recommended maintenance on our vehicles to ensure their integrity. We know it's more than just a car, its an experience. We want you to be comfortable and excited about any purchase you make from us, and we are willing to do whatever we can to achieve that.


    To better serve you, Merlin Auto Group works by appointment. Please call (404) 579 -9687 to schedule yours today.

              2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 144-in. WB        
    2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 144-in. WB
    Stock # P3714, Mileage: 500, VIN # WD3PE7CC9E5853936
    Price: $34,000
    Exterior Color: White, Interior Color: Black

    2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van


    You are viewing a 2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van.  This vehicle has had one owner with and an accident-free CarFax.  The vehicle only has 500 miles.


    Options Include:

    Keyless Entry

    Auto-dimming Rear View Mirror

    Cargo Lights

    Telescoping Steering Wheel

    New Tires


    -Leasing and financing are available along with extended warranties. We can assist in arranging shipment to any worldwide destination. Each purchase includes two keys and the owner's manual.


    In an effort to uphold our unyielding commitment to each client, we invest in a rigorous inspection process as well perform any recommended maintenance on our vehicles to ensure their integrity. We know it's more than just a car, its an experience. We want you to be comfortable and excited about any purchase you make from us, and we are willing to do whatever we can to achieve that.


    To better serve you, Merlin Auto Group works by appointment. Please call (404) 579-9687 to schedule yours today.


              2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 High Roof 144-in. WB        
    2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 High Roof 144-in. WB
    Stock # P3715, Mileage: 52, VIN # WD3PF3DC1E5869536
    Price: $38,000
    Exterior Color: White, Interior Color: Black

    2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van High Top


    You are viewing a 2014 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van High Top.  This vehicle has had one owner with and an accident-free CarFax.  The vehicle only has 45910 miles.


    Options Include:

    Keyless Entry

    Auto-dimming Rear View Mirror

    Cargo Lights

    Telescoping Steering Wheel

    New Tires


    -Leasing and financing are available along with extended warranties. We can assist in arranging shipment to any worldwide destination. Each purchase includes two keys and the owner's manual.


    In an effort to uphold our unyielding commitment to each client, we invest in a rigorous inspection process as well perform any recommended maintenance on our vehicles to ensure their integrity. We know it's more than just a car, its an experience. We want you to be comfortable and excited about any purchase you make from us, and we are willing to do whatever we can to achieve that.


    To better serve you, Merlin Auto Group works by appointment. Please call (404) 579-9687 to schedule yours today.

              Why The Most Expensive Cars Are The Easiest To Steal        
    If you're concerned about your expensive car being stolen, consider not ordering keyless entry and get door locks that cannot be opened in less than a minute.
              Another Reason Not To Steal Cars: Key Fobs Now Store A Ton Of Data        
    (Photo: CHRIS YOUNG/AFP/Getty Images) During the past twenty years the locks and security systems for cars have undergone an incredible transformation from simple mechanical keys to sophisticated keyless entry systems that have often been difficult to compromise. Expensive high-end vehicles such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Volvo have invested millions of [...]
              Perbedaan Tipe S, E, RS dan Perubahan Honda Mobilio Facelift 2017        
    Lumayan ditunggu nih buat pecinta Honda yaitu Low MPV jagoan dari pabrikan Jepang ini yaitu Mobilio Facelift 2017. Yak, awal tahun ini Honda langsung dengan gebrakan baru dengan lauching Honda Mobilio facelift 2017.

    Honda Mobilio Facelift 2017

    Bagian dapur pacunya masih sama dengan Mobilio lawas yaitu mengandalkan mesin 4 silinder dengan kapasitas 1.496 cc 4 silinder teknologi i-VTEC yang mampu menghasilkan tenaga 118 hp dan juga konsumsi BBM Mobilio yang katanya tergolong irit.

    Ya seperti biasa pastinya ada beberapa perubahan terutama Honda Mobilio RS untuk menggoda konsumen agar segera meminangnya. Lalu apa saja perubahan pada Honda Mobilio Facelift ini secara garis besar, yuk kita kupas satu per satu gan:

    - Desain fascia depan terlihat dengan grill model baru, terlihat lebih sporty.
    - Lampu terlihat mengkotak berpadu dengan grill bergaya solid wing face. Lampu depannya juga dilengkapi dengan DRL LED
    - Kap mesin juga desain baru dengan adanya beberapa lekukan yang membuatnya terlihat berotot.
    - Desain velg juga baru dengan model palang delapan berukuran 15 inchi.
    - Desain belakang masih terlihat sama hanya ada penambaha garnish melintang dibawah kaca.
    - Jok dengan desain terbaru dilengkapi dengan headrest yang bisa diatur ketinggiannya.
    - Fitur Hill Start Assist (HSA) yang berguna pada saat stop and go ditanjakan.
    - Fitur Vehicle Stability Assist yang membuat mobil tetap stabil saat bermanuver di tikungan.
    - Fitur AC Digital juga makin membuat nyaman penumpangnya.

    Honda Mobilio Facelift 2017

    Biar gak bingung, dibawah ini dijabarkan juga perbedaan tipe Honda Mobilio Facelift 2017 yang memiliki lima tipe yaitu Tipe S, E, E CVT, RS dan RS CVT, sedangkan tipe Prestige sudah tidak ada lagi.

    Honda Mobilio Facelift Tipe S

    Tipe S jadi tipe terendah ini sudah dilengkapi bagian grillyang sudah di chrom dan berpadu dengan desain lampu baru yang dilengkapi dengan Halogen, Electric Power Steering (EPS), Head Unit Double DIN yang bisa memutar single Disc MP3/WMA dengan, USB Port,  Aux Input, Made for Ipod/Iphone dan memiliki 2 speaker. Selain itu ada AC Digital dengan double blower dan juga tersedia 4 buah power window, One Touch tumble pada baris kedua, Isofix.

    Bagian interior terlihat lebih segar dengan nuansa berwarna hitam dan sistem bangku depan dengan headrest terpisah yang sama dengan model Honda BR-V.

    Fitur kemanan standarnya juga semakin lengkap dengan rem ABS + EBD, SRS Dual Airbag, Immobilizer Key serta pengaturan kemudi dengan tilt steering.

    Untuk velgnya, Tipe S masih setia dengan velg kaleng berukuran 15 inchi dan hanya tersedia dalam transmisi versi manual saja dan juga tidak dilengkapi dengan fog lamp.

    Honda Mobilio Facelift Tipe E M/T

    Tipe E Manual ini memiliki kelengkapan sama dengan tipe S ditambah dengan velg 15 inchi palang delapan dengan desain baru, sudah dilengkapi dengan electric mirror, fog lamp, kursi baris kedua juga sudah bisa sliding, lampu sein menyatu dengan cover spion serta 4 speaker untuk tipe ini.

    Untuk sistem keamanan tipe ini sudah dilengkapi dengan alarm system dan keyless entry.

    Honda Mobilio Facelift Tipe E CVT

    Tipe E CVT ini memiliki kelengkapan sama dengan tipe E MT dan tambahan berupa head unit dengan audio dengan layar 6.2 inchi digabungkan dengan steering switch control serta rear parking camera . Adapun tambahan lainnya adalah rear chrome license plate garnish pada bagian belakangnya.

    Honda Mobilio Facelift Tipe RS MT

    Untuk Tipe RS MT ini memiliki kelengkapan sama dengan tipe E CVT dan tambahan berupa body kit yang membuatnya desainnya terlihat makin sporty dan juga dibikin lebih sporty lagi dengan tampilan atap berwarna hitam. new meter cluster, retractable mirror serta head unit 6.8 inchi dengan koneksi bluetooth, audio dengan 6 buah speaker premium, dan juga fitur driver and passengger seatbelt reminder dan Exhaust Pipe Finisher. Velg nya udah two tone dengan desain baru.

    Honda Mobilio Facelift Tipe RS CVT

    Untuk Tipe RS CVT ini memiliki kelengkapan sama dengan tipe RS MT dan tambahan fitur keren yaitu Vehicle Stability Control (VSA) untuk menjaga kestabilan mobil dan Hill Start Assist (HSA) yang sangat penting saat stop and go di jalan menanjak.

    Biar lebih detail lagi, simak review video dari Autonetmagz dibawah ini:\

    Harga Honda Mobilio Facelift 2017 ini dibanderol dengan harga on the road Jakarta:

    - tipe S manual Rp 189,5 juta
    - tipe E Manual Rp 210 juta
    - tipe E CVT Rp 221 juta
    - tipe RS Manual Rp 233 juta
    - tipe CVT Rp 243,5 juta

    Nah gimana mas bro, semoga ulasan ini bisa membantu untuk memilih tipe yang terbaik dan sesuai dengan budget yang ada.

              Bedah Tuntas Renault Kwid, Crossover Murah Rasa Eropa        
    Renault cukup sukses membuat pecinta otomotif terkejut dengan kehadiran mobil crossover Eropa yaitu Renault Kwid RXT 1.0 SCE dengan harga 100 jutaan, tepatnya Rp 117 juta on the road Jakarta. Padahal di segemen ini mobil bermesin 1.000 cc di Indonesia sudah dikuasai oleh Daihatsu dan Toyota dengan Toyota Agya dan Daihatsu Ayla.

    Renault Kwid di kirim secara utuh (CBU-Completely Built Up) dari India dengan harga setara LCGC karena menggunakan platform dari model Nissan dan Renault sehingga biaya produksinya lebih murah. Di Indonesia mobil ini hanya memiliki satu varian yaitu RXT.

    Seperti apa sih, mobil Eropa dengan harga murah ini? Yuk kita bedah satu persatu:

    Crossover ini memang tidak segagah crossover dengan budget yang bisa 250 jutaan keatas lainnya, namun cukup untuk menggoda pasar Indonesia dengan harga dan kualitas yang ditonjolkannya. Bagian depannya terlihat grill dengan empat buah model rantai memanjang yang mengapit logo Renault di tengahnya. Aura Crossover makin kental list dan fender berwarna hitam serta dilengkapi dengan stiker motif hitam putih di bagian sampingnya.

    Renault Kwid Indonesia

    Renault Kwid memiliki panjang 3679 mm dan lebar 1.579 mm dengan tinggi 1.478 mm serta ground clearance yang cukup tinggi yaitu 180 mm.

    Mobil ini masih menggunakan velg kaleng ukuran 13 inci yang dilengkapi dengan dop motif palang enam. Namun ada hal yang sedikit janggal yaitu, velg ini menggunakan konfigurasi tiga baut, yang kita ketahui sangat jarang ada di Indonesia baik versi OEM dan aftermarketnya. Untuk mengatasi masalah ini, bisa menggunakan adaptor untuk mengkonversi dari konfigurasi 3 baut ke  4 baut yang bisa didapatkan di toko khusus menjual velg. Renault Kwid menggunakan rem cakram di bagian depan serta tromol di bagian belakangnya.

    Renault Kwid Indonesia

    Beralih  ke bagian belakangnya, lampu belakang yang terlihat biasa saja membulat pada bagian body belakang hingga kesampingnya, serta terlihat bemper warna hitam di bagian bawahnya. Kaca belakang tidak dilengkapi wiper, mungkin untuk menghemat biaya.

    Beralih ke kabin, terlihat jok fabric dan sandaran kepalanya menyatu dengan kombinasi dua warna hitam dan merah. Model jok ini juga digunakan pada Toyota Calya atau Honda Mobilio.

    Renault Kwid Indonesia

    Bagian dashboardnya berwarna abu-abu sudah tertanam head unit mediaNAV dengan monitor LCD 7 inci dengan fitur GPS, Bluetooth, hands free telephony, USB, AUX, dan speed sensing volume control.

    Selain itu terlihat speedometer digital dengan layar berwarna orange yang menyajikan informasi lengkap seperti average speed, konsumsi bbm, jarak pemakaian bbm, dan petunjuk perpindahan gigi. Pada bagian konsol tengah juga terdapat tombol pengunci pintu sertacup holder dan 1 buah power outlet.

    Renault Kwid Indonesia

    Renault Kwid memang dirancang untuk 5 penumpang. Hal ini terlihat dengan adanya 5 buah safety belt baik di depan dan belakang. Namun sebaiknya agar lebih nyaman disaranakan hanya cocok ditumpangi 4 penumpang berbadan normal plus satu anak kecil.

    Mobil ini  juga dilengkapi dengan power window di pintu depan, tombolnya terletak di bawah kenop penyejuk udara. Sedikit janggal memang. Sedangkan pintu belakang masih menggunakan cara manual dengan sistem engkol untuk membuka kaca jendelanya. Pada bagian bagasi cukup luas yaitu 300 liter, selain itu ada tempat ban cadangan di bawah bagasi tersebut.

    Renault Kwid memiliki fitur keamanan dan keselamatan yang cukup mumpuni yaitu electric power steering, headunit dengan mediaNAV, immobilizer, remote keyless entry with central locking, auto wiper, air bag di bagian pengemudi dan seatbelt. Kwid sudah diuji dan hanya berhasil mendapatkan 1 bintang di uji keselamatan penumpang, Global NCAP.

    Renault Kwid Indonesia

    Renault Kwid rakitan India ini menggunakan mesin 1.0 liter 3-silinder dengan teknologi Smart Control Efficiency (SCE) ytang diklaim bisa menawarkan efisiensi hingga 25 km/liter. Mesin ini bisa mengeluarkan tenaga 66 Hp  pada @ 5.500 rpm dan torsi 91 Nm @ 4.250 rp, Mesin ini digandengkan dengan  transmisi manual 5-percepatan saja.

    Dan rencananya untuk versi matik kemungkinan akan hadir tahun depan. Crossover murah ini memiliki kapasitas tangki sekitar 28 liter. Oh iya, untuk konsumsi BBM-nya, sudah dilakukan pengujian di India dengan mencatat angka 23,1 km/liter. Wah boleh juga nih :)

    Untuk tuas transmisinya ada yang berbeda dari mobil umumnya, yaitu pada saat memindahkan ke posisi gigi mundur, yang biasanya ke belakang kanan, pada Renault Kwid malah arah sebaliknya, ke arah depan kanan.

    Versi Matik
    Untuk di India, Kwid versi matic sudah di luncurkan dan juga sudah diuji konsumsi BBM-nya. Hasil pengujiannya mencatat angka yang cukup irit yaitu 24,4 km/liter. Versi matic Kwid ini menggunakan teknologi AMT yang di Indonesia sudah terlebih dahulu digunakan oleh Suzuki Celerio atau Suzuki Karimun Wagon.

    Biar lebih jelas, silahkan cek video yang diambil dari website

    Renault Kwid Live For More
    Varian ini memang di desain khusus dengan nuansa sporty, dengan body berwarna putih dan diberi balutan aksen garis berwarna merah dan silver pada griil, kap mesin, atap, roof rail, body samping bahkan velgnya juga diberi warna tersebut.

    Renault Kwid Live for More

    Beralih ke bagian interiornya, warna hitam dengan aksen merah terlihat pada kemudi dan door trim. Sedangkan untuk harganya, mobil dengan desain spesial ini dibanderol INR 2,93 atau setara Rp. 57 jutaan dan saat ini masih untuk pasar India.

    Jaringan Servis
    Saat ini untuk jaringan servisnya di Indonesia, Renault memiliki 17 bengkel dan dealer resmi yang tergabung bersama Nissan. Renault juga mengaskan bahwa di luar bengkel tersebut, semua bengkel resmi Nissan juga bisa melakukan servis Kwid.

    1. Renault Nissan Medan, Amplas
    2. Renault Nissan Pekanbaru, Arengka
    3. Renault Nissan Lampung, Labuhan Ratu
    4. Renault Pantai Indah Kapuk
    5. Renault Nissan Radin Inten
    6. Renault Nissan TB Siamtupang
    7. Renault Nissan Daan Mogot
    8. Renault Nissan Gading Serpong – Tangerang
    9. Renault Nissan Siliwangi – Bekasi
    10. Renault Nissan Yasmin, Bogor
    11. Renault Nissan Bandung, Soekarno Hatta
    12. Renault Nissan Semarang, Puri Anjasmoro
    13. Renault Nissan Solo, Solo Baru
    14. Renault Nissan Surabaya, Basuki Rahmat
    15. Renault Bali, Denpasar Imam Bonjol
    16. Renault Banjarmasin
    17. Renault Makassar

    Tertarik untuk meminangnya?

              Kupas Harga dan Spesifikasi Toyota Calya dan Daihatsu Sigra        
    Toyota seakan tidak ingin melepaskan kesempatan untuk mendominasi penjualan mobil di Indonesia, setelah meluncurkan Toyota Sienta kini giliran mobil LCGC tujuh penumpang yang akan diluncurkan oleh pabrikan otomotif asal Jepang ini. Mobil yang merupakan "Adik Toyota Avanza" akhirnya diluncurkan juga pada 2 Agustus 2016 tepatnya beberapa hari menjelang ajang Gaikindo Indonesia Auto Show (GIIAS) 2016. Mobil ini dberi nama Toyota Calya. Kata Calya diambil dari bahasa Sansekerta yang memiliki artinya sempurna. Sedangkan kata Sigra juga diambil dari bahasa Sansekerta yang memiliki makna respons yang cepat.

    Sedangkan untuk posisi mobil murah ini ada diantara Toyota Avanza yang ada dikelas low MPV dan Toyota Agya yang bermain di kelas LCGC.

    Eksterior Toyota Calya

    Kalo dilihat secara sekilas, tampilan wajah depan terlihat mirip dengan Vios atau Yaris yang memiliki ciri khas desain Keen Look. Bahasa desain ini pertama sekali diperkenalkan oleh Toyota lewat Auris. Desain velgnya two tone terlihat bagus dengan ukuran 14 inchi.

    Biar lebih afdol, nih ada video first impression dari Autonetmagz

    Bagian depan dari foto yang beredar, masih menggunakan emblem yang sama dengan Toyota Agya yaitu lambang Garuda. Selain itu Toyota Calya ini juga akan memiliki kembaran dari Daihatsu yang diberi nama Daihatsu Sigra. Sedangkan bagian samping terutama pada bagian belakangnya terkesan mirp dengan Innova terbaru. Selain itu, melakukan beberapa modifikasi Calya Sigra membuatnya tambah keren.

    Toyota Calya Agya Indonesia

    Pihak Toyota juga menyatakan bahwa produk Calya dan Sigra ini lebih kurang sama dengan Toyota Agya dan Ayla yang dipanjangkan sehingga memuat tujuh orang penumpang dewasa karena memiliki dimensi yang lebih panjang dari kompetitor. Sebelumnya mobil 7 penumpang buatan Daihatsu ini sudah terlebih dahulu diperkenalkan pada tahun sebelumnya yang masih berupa konsep di IIMS 2014 dan bahkan sudah diluncurkan juga Video Commercialnya yang beredar di Youtube dengan nama Daihatsu UFC-3.

    Toyota Calya Agya Indonesia

    Sepertinya tren mobil LCGC tujuh penumpang ini berangkat dari Datsun Go Panca dan Honda Mobilio yang juga memiliki basisi dari mobil LCGC. Namun untuk di Indonesia pasar mobil ini meningkat penjualannya karena harga yang murah serta daya angkut yang cocok dengan karakter orang Indonesia.

    Komparasi Mesin Toyota Calya, Daihatsu Sigra dan Datsun Go Panca

    Toyota Calya menggunakan mesin yang memiliki kode 3NR DOHC, berkapasitas 1.2 liter dengan teknologi Dual VVT-i sehingga menghasilkan tenaga lebih besar sesuai dengan ukuran bodi mobil yang juga diperpanjang yaitu  mencapai 88 PS dengan torsi 10,8 Nm. Untuk transmisi hadir dalam hanya menggunakan 5 percepatan dan otomatis. Jika dibandingkan dengan datsun Go tentu lebih besar tenaganya, karena Datsun Go hanya mampu mengeluarkan daya 68 dk dan torsi 104 Nm.

    Teknologi Dual VVT-i ini juga membuat konsumsi bahan bakar menjadi irit dan kompresi juga menjadi naik yaitu 11,5:1 sehingga tidak disarankan untuk menggunakan bahan bakar beroktan 88 atau premium.

    Sedangkan Daihatsu Sigra menggunakan mesin baru 3NR-VE Dual VVT-i berkapasitas 1. 2 liter serta ditambah dengan pilihan mesin 1.0 liter berkode 1KR-FE 3 silinder dengan tenaga 67 PS dan torsi 8,7Nm. Mesin ini merupakan mesin yang sama dengan Toyota Agya/Daihatsu Ayla.

    Toyota Calya Agya dan Daihatsu Sigra Alya

    Fitur Utama atau Kelebihan Calya dan Sigra

    Inilah Fitur-fitur utama yang terdapat pada Toyota Calya dan Daihatsu Sigra:

    + Fitur Dual airbags di depan sebagai standar pada Calya. Untuk Sigra dikabarkan hanya memiliki airbag hanya pada beberapa tipe saja.

    Toyota Calya Agya Indonesia

    +  Fitur immobilizer juga akan menjadi standar kelengkapan untuk Calya biar lebih aman dari tangan jahil alias maling.

    + Fitur Isofix untuk tempat duduk bayi dan juga seatbelt 3 titik pada semua jok dari depan hingga jok bagian belakang.

    + Terdapat sandaran tangan di bagian tengah jok depan, sehingga makin membuat nyaman dalam berkendara.

    + Fitur side impact beams untuk meminimalisir dampak dari benturan atau tabrakan dari samping.

    + Fitur ABS, berarti ini mobil LCGC pertama yang menggunakannya.

    + Ground Clearance lumayan tinggi yaitu 180 mm.

    + Rem tangan dengan model yang melebar dan mudah dioperasikan karena terletak di bagian tengah dibawah sandaran tangan.

    + AC double blower (kipas angin) yang menyalurkan angin AC dari blower depan sehinnga membuat ruang kabin makin dingin merata sampai ke baris belakang. Toyota menyebutnya dengan naman Rear Air Circulation. Idenya bagus juga sih, biar kinerja mesin gak terlalu berat.

    + Power Windows pada bagian keempat pintunya, dan juga terdapat tombol pengarurannya di bagian samping pengemudi untuk kesemua pintu.

    + Head unit Toyota Calya tipe tertinggi sudah dilengkapi dengan koneksi bluetooth.

    + Tuas persneling menyatu dengan dashboard sehingga ruang kaki kabin depan semakin luas.

    + MID tergolong lengkap dan mudah dibaca.

    + Penggerak Roda depan sehingga bisa membuat konsumsi BBM semakin irit.

    + Bangku baris kedua juga bisa digeser maju mundur, sehingga bisa disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan penumpang.

    + Bangku baris kedua memiliki tiga buah head rest yang bisa diatur ketinggiannya sehingga membuat nyaman bagi para penumpang. Sedangkan di belakang juga terdapat dua buah headrest yang sama.

    + Bangku baris ketiga juga bisa digunakan untuk orang Dewasa dengan tinggi 170 cm.

    + One touch tumble untuk melipat baris kedua, sehingga memudahkan akses penumpang ke bagian belakang.

    + Ruang bagasi belakang bisa menampung 3 galon air plus barang, hal ini disebabkan karena bangku yang agak tipis sehingga ruang kabin menjadi sedikit lebih lega baik pada semua barisnya. Apalagi bangku baris ketiga dilipat bisa memuat kapasitas 500 liter lebih.

    + Ban cadangan menggunakan velg alloy wheel sama dengan velg standarnya, mantap kan?

    Ada kelebihan, tentunya ada beberapa kekurangannya, soalnya inikan "mobil murah". Yuk kita kupas juga seputar kekurangan duet mobil MPV LCGC Toyota Calya ini

    -  Ukuran velg 14 inchi dan ini ukuran kecil untuk sebuah mobil MPV, karena nantinya akan diisi oleh 7 orang penumpang. Selain itu tidal terlihat proporsional dengan body mobil yang lumayan besar. Sebaiknya diganti dengan ukuran 15 inchi sehingga makin berbobot.

    - Bahan material interior cukup tipis sehingga terkesan murahan dan mudah tergores, baik pada bagian dashboard dan door trim. Namun hal ini tertutup dengan kerapian pemasangannya.

    - Headrest jok bagian depan menyatu dengan body jok, sehingga tidak bisa diatur ketinggiannya, membuat pengemudi tidak nyaman, khususnya yang memiliki tinggi lebih dari 170 cm.

    - Untuk bahan bakarnya, disarankan menggunakan ron 99 atau sekelas pertamax. Tentunya cukup penting bagi konsumen, karena ron 99 merupakan BBM yang tergolong mahal untuk calon konsumennya.

    - Peredaman masih belum terlalu bagus karena masih terdengar suara dari luar kabin.

    - Tombol AC yang terlihat model lama alias jadul dan kurang sedap dipandang mata, menurut saya sih...hehe.

    Tipe Toyota Calya
    Menurut beberapa sumber, Toyota Calya akan hadir dalam dua tipe yaitu tipe E dan G dan juga pilihan manual dan otomatis.

    Untuk tipe G, Toyota Calya memiliki kelengkapan yang sama dengan Toyota Agya, seperti head unit double din, Power Window, Speedometer dengan MID, eletric mirror. Sedangkan fitur keamanan juga dilengkapai dengan remote alarm, dual airbags dan plus dengan penambahan kursi ISOFIX di kursi belakang. Velg sudah mengguankan alloy berukuran 14 inci.

    Toyota Calya Agya IndonesiaToyota Calya Agya Indonesia

    Pada tipe E hanya dilengkapi power windows pada pintu depan saja, dual airbags, head unit single din, tanpa fog lamp dan electric mirror serta bagian velgk kaleng dengan dilapisi dop.

    Perbedaaan Tipe Daihatsu Sigra D, M, X, dan R
    Sigra hadir dalam 10 tipe, yang tentunya menjadi salah satu keuntungan buat konsumen dalam memilihnya terutama dalam masalah budget. Daihatsu membaginya dalam empat model yaitu D, M, X, dan R.

    Brosur Daihatsu Sigra

    Perbedaan utamanya adalah pada mesin, D dan M menggunakan mesin 3-silinder 1KR-VE 998cc dan hanya ada transmisi manual, sedangkan tipe X dan R memakai mesin baru 4-silinder 3NR-VE 1.197cc dengan pilihan manual dan otomatis.

    Untuk lebih jelasnya, berikut perbedaan tipe dan kelengkapan fitur pada Daihatsu Sigra:

    Daihatsu Sigra tipe D
    Bagian eksterior hadir dengan gril  dan bemper sewarna dengan bodinya, velg kaleng menggunakan ukuran 13 inci, kaca spion model biasa berwarna hitam, terdapat antena di bagia atap, dilengkap dengan garnish bagian belakang sewarna dengan bodinya. Selain itu juga dilengkapi dengan front air diffuser dan front stabilizer.

    Beralih ke interior, bagian dashboard menggunakan warna two-tone, serta transmisi yang menyatu pada dashboard, handle pintu menggunakaa material yang sewarna interior. Jok depan menyatu dengan head rest, jok baris kedua menggunakan kombinasi pelipatan 60:40. Selain itu terdapat sun visor, rem tangan dan upper air ventilator. Jok menggunakan bahan material fabric. Fitur lainnya adalah door pocket, front shopping hook, rear quarter trim pocket, assist grip dan lampu kabin depan.

    Tipe D ini dilengkapi dengan headunit 1 DIN (USB, AUX, radio) yang di padukan dengan dua buah speaker di bagian depan. AC single blower dan jok baris pertama dan kedua bisa di reclining dan di maju mudurkan. Fitur one touch tumble pada baris kedua. Fitur auto down power window pada bagian pengemudi serta auto light off.

    Tipe terendah ini juga dilengkapi dengan electronic power steering (EPS), Side impact beam, seat belt untuk ketujuh penumpang, Fitur child proof door lock dan juga head rest pada jok baris kedua.

    Daihatsu Sigra tipe M
    Tipe M memiliki semua fitur pada tipe D, ditambah dengan:

    Spion memiliki warna yang sam dengan body, Velg kaleng 14 inch dilengkapi dengan dop. Serta wiper untuk kaca belakang, Selain itu terdapat sonar pada bagian belakang.

    Bagian interiornya terdapat lampu kabin belakang serta lampu speedometer berwarna putih terang dengan indikator ECO serta jam digital di speedometer. Terdapt Arm Rest di tengah baris jok baris pertama. Selain itu ada head unit Eksterior 1DIN  yang bisa memutar CD, MP3, AUX, USB dan radio serta ditambah dengan dua speaker pada bagian belakang.

    Colokan power di kabin baris kedua, dan dilengkapi dengan door courtesy switch, pengingat pintu terbuka pada semua pintu, central door lock, wiper belakang otomatis dan immobilizer key, alarm plus keyless entry. Ada juga fitur rear air circulator  untuk menyalurkan udara dingin dari kabin depan ke bagian kabin belakang

    Daihatsu Sigra tipe X
    Tipe X memiliki semua fitur pada tipe M, ditambah dengan:

    Bagian eksteriornya dilengkapi dengan side visor serta rear combi lamp with smoked lamp. Fitur hiburannya menggunakan headunit 2DIN yang bisa memutar CD, MP3, AUX, USB, Bluetooth dan radio.

    Tambahan lain adalah fitur Dual SRS Airbag dan seat belt bagian depan dengan pretensioner dan force limiter. Pada tipe dengan transmisi otomatis ditawarkan sistem pengereman antilock braking system (ABS) dan shift lock.

    Daihatsu Sigra tipe R
    Tipe R memiliki semua fitur pada tipe X, ditambah dengan:

    Bagian Grillnya dilengkapi krom, spion sudah dilengkapi dengan lampu sein dan pengaturan spion dari dalam, terdapat fog lamp dibalut dengan krom, velg alloy 14 inci, serta stabilizer pada bagian belakang.

    Bagian cluster interior tengan diberi ornamen krom sepertibagian tombol AC dan power window, tuas pembuka pintu kabin, tuas rem parkir, tuas transmisi dan kemudi. Selain itu ada juga varity mirror di bagian jok depan

    Daihatsu Sigra tipe R Deluxe
    Tipe R Deluxe memiliki semua fitur pada tipe R, ditambah dengan:

    Bagian eksterior dilengkapu dengan krom pada list kaca dan body sampingnya. Selain tiu terdapat garnish pintu belakang juga dibalut krom. Tampilan lebih sporty dengan adanya knalpot model muffler cutter. Untuk fitur keamanannya ditambah dengan front sensor corner

    Harga Toyota Calya dan Daihatsu Sigra
    Daihatsu Sigra akan langsung disiapkan untuk berhadapan dengan Datsun GO+ Panca dan Datsun Redi Go. Untuk harga, bisa jadi harga bisa bersaing dengan Datsun Go yang memiliki banderol paling murah 94 juta Rupiah. Daihatsu Sigra kemungkinan akan dibanderol dengan harga Rp106,6 juta hingga Rp148 juta.

    + Toyota Calya akan dibanderol mulai Rp 125 juta sampai Rp 149 jutaan. Berikut rincian lengkap harga Toyota Calya on the Road Jakarta pada Januari 2017:

    - Toyota Calya Type E M/T Rp. 134.100.000,00
    - Toyota Calya Type E A/T Rp. 147.100.000,00
    - Toyota Calya Type G M/T Rp. 139.650.000,00
    - Toyota Calya Type G A/T Rp. 151.650.000,00

    Saat ini mobil murah tujuh penumpang ini sudah bisa di booking di dealer resmi Toyota dengan menyiakan dana sebesar 5 juta saja.

    Beberapa dealer Toyota juga sudah mulai membuat estimasi cicilan terendah dengan uang muka 27 juta dan cicilan sekitar Rp 2,8 juta per bulan selama lima tahun khusus untuk Calya tipe E Manual yang dibanderol 129,2  juta. Dengan hitungan diatas biaya keseluruhannya hingga lunas bisa mencapai Rp 192,2 juta.

    Menurut info yang beredar Toyota Calya akan diluncurkan di ajang Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2016 yang berlangsung pada tanggal 11 Agustus 2016 di ICE, BSD City, Tangerang.

    Dibawah ini adalah harga resmi Daihatsu Sigra On the Road (OTR) Jakarta pada bulan Januari 2017. Sigra hadir dengan 10 varian dari tipe terendah hingga tertinggi.

    SIGRA Type 1.0 D MT Rp 108.900.000
    SIGRA Type 1.0 M MT Rp 117.800.000
    SIGRA Type 1.2 X MT Rp 127.150.000
    SIGRA Type 1.2 X MT DLX Rp 132.650.000
    SIGRA Type 1.2 X AT Rp 139.950.000
    SIGRA Type 1.2 X AT DLX Rp 145.450.000
    SIGRA Type 1.2 R MT Rp 133.050.000
    SIGRA Type 1.2 R MT DLX Rp 136.850.000
    SIGRA Type 1.2 R AT Rp 145.850.000
    SIGRA Type 1.2 R AT DLX Rp 149.650.000

    Untuk warnanya, Daihatsu memberikan 6 pilihan warna untuk konsumen. yaitu White, Black Solid, Silver Metallic, Dark Grey, Red Solid, Blue MSilver Metallic

    Foto Daihatsu Sigra

    Update foto Daihatsu Sigra terbaru yang disadur dari otomotif, dan media otomotif lainnya

    daihatsu sigra

    Sepertinya ini foto diambil dari sebuah brosur. :). Tampangnya mirip dengan xenia, dengan grill besar . Sedangkan fog lamp terlihat tajam dan terkesan sporty.

    Penampakan jok baris depan hingga ke belakang, Ukuran lebar kabinnya juga lebih memadai dari LCGC lainnya yaitu kabin di kursi depan 720 mm, kursi baris kedua 690 mm serta kursi baris ketiga dengan luas 640 mm.

    Keren juga ya tampilannya, perpaduan Xenia dan Innova? terutama pada bagian samping dan pilar kaca belakang.

    Daihatsu Sigra

    Dashboardnya dengan warna two tone, hitam dan krem serta tuas transmisi menyatu dengan dashboard. foto:

    Tampak belakang masih dengan ciri lampu bergaya ala reflektor. tapi agak sedikit maksa kesannya. hehe. Emblem Sigra pada bagian bawah dan terlihat juga logo VVT-i.

    Ini dia tambahan video ulasan first impression tentang daihatsu sigra yang diambil dari

    Komparasi Dimensi Calya / Sigra dengan GO+ Panca

    Datsun GO+ Panca merupakan pesaing yang sesuai dengan segmen LCGC murah ini karena memiliki kombinasi tujuh penumpang, meskipun bangku belakang baris ketiga hanya cocok untuk anak-anak saja. Sedangkan untuk Calya dan Sigra memiliki luas yang lebih baik dari Go+ Panca.

    Toyota Calya Agya dan Daihatsu Sigra Alya

    Dari table diatas bisa terlihat bahwa Toyota Calya/Daihatsu Sigra memiliki dimensi yang lebih baik, baik untuk legroom dan headroom sehingga tentunya hal ini menjadi pertimbangan konsumen untuk memilih diantara kedua mobil murah berkapasitas 7 penumpang ini.

    Toyota Calya Agya Indonesia

    Perbedaan Toyota Calya dan Daihatsu Sigra

    Meskipun memiliki basis yang sama tentunya ada beberapa perbedaan pada kedua mobil LCGC tujuh penumpang ini, Autoreviewmobil akan mencoba mejbarkan secara detail perbedaan keduanya terutama pada bagian eksteriornya.


    + Meskipun memiliki grill yang sama di bagian atas depan memanjang hingga ke bagian lampu utama, perbedaan mencolok terlihat pada bagian fog lamp. Calya dengan model fog lamp tegak keatas, sedangkan Sigra melebar kesamping.

    + Model grill tengah juga berbeda, Calya dengan desain "ken look" Toyotanya , kecil diatas, lebar dibawahnya, yang sekilas terlihat seperti Yaris. Sedangkan Sigra dengan  model terbalik.

    + Logo pada emlem tentu jelas berbeda, Calya masih setia dengan logo Garuda yang sama digunakan pada Agya, sedangkan Sigra menggunakan logo baru dengan bentuk huruf S.

    + Velg pada Calya dan Sigra sama-sama memiliki warna two-tone dan palang delapan yang berbeda pada modelnya saja. Calya dengan model lurus, Sigra dengan model Kipas.


    + Toyota Calya pada Jok baris kedua dilengkapi dengan headrest bagian tengah yang bisa diatur. Sigra tidak dilengkapi hanya standar saja yaitu headrest kiri dan kanan.

    + Toyota Calya juga sudah memiliki fitur ISOFIX yang bisa berfungsi untuk menyematkan child seat untuk bayi. Sementara Sigra tidak dilengkapi dengan fitur ini.

    + Daihatsu Sigra dilengkapi dengan corner sensor dua titik yang berfungsi menjaga jarak dengan objek di depannya. Sedangkan Calya tidak ada.

    Konsumsi Bahan Bakar (BBM) Daihatsu Sigra

    Berikut hasil test bahan bakar Daihatsu Sigra yang ane rangkum dari beberapa media otomotif sehingga bisa menjadi bahan pertimbangan Anda dalam memilih mobil:

    + Menggunakan Daihatsu Sigra Tipe R 1.2 liter bisa menempuh 19 km/liter dengan rute dari BSD Tangerang hingga Sentul dengan kondisi jalan toll lancar, tidak disebutkan apakah menggunakan transmisi Manual atau otomatis. Dengan penumpang 4 orang dewasa.

    + Otodriver, Om Eri Fitra rute gerbang toll BSD - Sentul dengan kondisi toll lancar, kecepatan 80 km per jam konstan dengan gigi 5  mendapatkan konsumsi BBM versi MID 23,4 km/liter.

    + Otomania, Daihatsu Sigra (tidak disebutkan MT atau AT) dengan rute jalan kombinasi toll, macet, stop and go dari BSD - Sentul City berjarak 67,7 km bisa mendapatkan konsumsi BBM 17,1 kpl.

    + Kompas Otomotif menjajak Sigra R Deluxe transmisi dengan jarak tempuh 200 km dengan kondisi jalan beragam antara toll, macet, stop and go bisa menghasilkan 14 km untuk 1 liter BBM.

    + Versi Facebooker: konsumsi Calya (sepertinya AT) dengan Total Ron 92 kondisi jalan tol, macet, stop n go, parkir sambil nyalain AC bisa mendapatkan hasil metode full to full 10.72 km per liter, sedangkan vers MID nya beda tipis yaitu 10.8 km per liter.

    + Versi Facebooker: Calya G MT kondisi toll jakarta mecet bisa dapat 1: 12, jika toll agak lancar bisa dapat 1: 16 disaat jalan toll agak lancar, Menempuh Jakarta-Bogor dengan kecepatan rata - rata 100-an kpj, kemungkinan metode MID.

    + Versi Facebooker => Test BBM Calya AT untuk dalam kota seputaran tangerang selatan dan tangerang aja (non toll) menggunakan pertamax Turbo bisa mendapatkan konsumsi BBM 15 km/l metode full to full sedangkan pada MID tercatat 14.1 km/l.

    Uji coba Tujuh penumpang pada Sigra dan Calya

    Banyak konsumen yang meragukan kemampuan Calya atau Sigra jika diisi dengan muatan penuh yaitu tujuh penumpang dewasa + 3  galon air, beberapa media otomotif akhirnya melakukan uji coba dan dari hasil tersebut bisa terlihat bahwa suspensi terlihat "amblas "atau overload, karena hanya menyisakan jarak beberapa 1-2 cm dari fendernya terutama pada bagian belakang.

    Setelah diisi penuh, Calya pun diuji melewati tanjakan dan diajak berkeliling area perkantoran dengan kecepatan 25 km/jam. Hasilnya adalah mobil sangat berasa gunjangannya dan terdenganr bunyi "jeduk" pada saat melewati polisi tidur, sedangkan pada saat menanjak beberapa kali ban depan spin, namun masih kuat untuk menanjak.

    Sepertinya kondisi dengan 7 penumpang dan 3 galon atau muatan penuh juga jarang sih terjadi pada kenyataannya, karena umumnya hanya diisi dengan 7 orang penuh dengan jarak tempuh yang dekat.

    Namun pihak Toyota ataupun Daihatsu menyatakan bahwa kondisi seperti ini masih aman.

    Uji Tabrak atau Crash Test Toyota Calya 2016

    Dari hasil yang didapat cukup memuaskan, Toyota Calya 2016 ini diberi skor bintang empat untuk perlindungan penumpang dewasa. Dari video dibawah ini bisa terlihat bahwa bodi depan terlihat remuk dan kaca depan retak namun tidak bertebaran dan airbag pengemudi serta penumpang mengembang secara sempurna pada saat menabrak tembok uji.

    Biaya Servis Perawatan Toyota Calya

    Salah satu pertimbangan calon konsumen saat membeli mobil selain harga tentunya dalah adalah biaya perawatan atau servis berkala yang murah. Nah, agar lebih mantap dengan pilihan Anda berikut seputar informasi berapa biaya perawatan berkala Toyota Calya dari 1.000 km hingga 60.000 km. Oh iya, data ini hanya berlaku untuk dealer Jabodetabek saja. Untuk daerah lain mungkin akan sedikit berbeda:

    Toyota Calya Transmisi Manual

    1. Servis berkala 10.000 km yang perlu di ganti adalah : Oli, Filter Oli, Gasket, Balance Weight dengan biaya berkisar Rp 396.000.

    2 Servis 20.000 km yang perlu di ganti adalah : Oli, Filter Oli, Gasket, Balance Weight dengan biaya berkisar Rp 396.000.

    3. Servis 30.000 km yang perlu di ganti adalah : Oli, Filter Oli, Gasket, Balance Weight dengan biaya berkisar Rp 396.000.

    4. Servis 40.000 km yang perlu di ganti adalah : Oli, Filter Oli, Gasket, Balance Weight, Brake Fluid DOT3, Air Cleaner dengan biaya berkisar Rp 621.000.

    5. Servis 50.000 km yang perlu di ganti adalah : Oli, Filter Oli, Gasket, Balance Weight dengan biaya berkisar Rp 396.000.

    6 Servis 50.000 km yang perlu di ganti adalah : Oli, Filter Oli, Gasket, Balance Weight (+JASA) dengan biaya berkisar Rp 767.250.

    Jadi total untuk biaya servis berkala Calya M/T hingga 60 km sekitar Rp 2.972.000.

    Toyota Calya Transmisi Otomatis

    1. Servis berkala 10.000 km yang perlu di ganti adalah : Oli, Filter Oli, Gasket, Balance Weight dengan biaya berkisar Rp 396.000.

    2.Servis berkala 20.000 km yang perlu di ganti adalah : Oli, Filter Oli, Gasket, Balance Weight dengan biaya berkisar Rp 396.000.

    3. Servis berkala 30.000 km yang perlu di ganti adalah : Oli, Filter Oli, Gasket, Balance Weight dengan biaya berkisar Rp 396.000.

    4. Servis berkala 40.000 km yang perlu di ganti adalah : Oli, Filter Oli, Gasket, Balance Weight, Brake Fluid DOT3, Air Cleaner, Oli Transmisi dengan biaya berkisar Rp 842.000.

    5. Servis berkala 50.000 km yang perlu di ganti adalah : Oli, Filter Oli, Gasket, Balance Weight dengan biaya berkisar Rp 396.000.

    Servis berkala 60.000 km yang perlu di ganti adalah : Oli, Filter Oli, Gasket, Balance Weight (+JASA) dengan biaya berkisar Rp 767.250.

    Jadi total untuk biaya perawatan berkala dengan transmisi otomatis sekitar Rp 3.179.250

    Note: Biaya servis berkala terlihat murah karena Toyota memberikan gratis jasa servis berkala hingga 50 ribu km atau 3 tahun, mana yang tercapai lebih dahulu.

    So, jangan lupa untuk terus pantangain blog ini ya gan, karena akan ada update terbaru seputar Calya dan Sigra. Eits... baca juga disini nih seputar keluhan pengguna Calya dan Sigra serta solusinya.

              Spesifikasi dan Harga Nissan Kicks 2016        
    Pasar SUV memang menjadi salah satu ceruk yang potensial selain MPV. Hal ini terbukti dengan banyaknya persaingan di kelas ini. Salah satu produsen mobil asal Jepang, kembali memperkenalkan sebuah SUV kompak yaitu Nissan Kicks. Foto-foto SUV ini sudah banyak beredar di dunia maya.

    Sebelumnya, Nissan Kicks ini sudah dikenalkan dalam bentuk konsep dua tahun lalu di event Sao Paulo Auto Show, Brazil. Banyak pihak yang menebah, bahwa Nissan Kicks akan menggantikan posisi Nissan Juke yang juga memiliki segmen yang sama, atau bisa jadi posisinya dibawah Juke.

    NIssan Kicks INdonesia

    Desain Kicks 2016 ini memang tidak jauh berbeda dengan versi konsepnya, dengan tampilan depan ciri khas grill besar model V serta lampu depan tajam dengan LED horizontal menyiratkan kesan modern. Selain itu terdapat fog lamp berbentuk kotak dan bemper bawah dengan grill memanjang dua tingkat.

    Kesan funky masih dikemukan seperti Juke, yaitu dengan aksen atap berwarna oranye yang kontras dengan warna bodi abu-abunya. Lekuk atap juga didesain layaknya sebuah crossover. Menurut pihak Nissan, desain ini dibuat dengan kesan fun to drive namun tetap serius. Sersan isitlahnya nih...hehe Kicks menggunakan paltform V yang sama digunakan pada Nissan March.

    Bagian sampingnya terlihat beberapa lekuk tajam dari fender depan hingga bagian lampu belakangnya. Bagian buritannya sekilas terlihat sepert X-Trail namun dengan ukuran yang lebih

    NIssan Kicks INdonesia

    Untuk size dan detail resmi, pihak Nissan belum membeberkannya lebih lanjut. Namun hal ini bisa dilihat dari dimensi versi konsepnya yaitu Kicks memilik panjang 4.300 mm, lebar 1.800 mm, tinggi 1.600 mm dan wheelbase 2.620 mm serta

    Nissan Kicks Indonesia

    Beralih ke bagian interior, tampilannya mewah dan elegan dengan paduan dua warna dark orange dan hitam. Pada dashboard terlihat sistem audio 7 inchi dengan teknologi bird eye view camera yang sama dengan X-Trail. Selain itu ada teknologi baru yaitu moving object detection yang bisa mendeteksi benda bergerak saat kita dalam situasi memarkirkan kendaraan.

    Tombil AC digital dengan climate control, Speedometer digital dengan tampilan yang sangat mengesankan. Selain itu Crossover terbaru nissan ini juga dilengkapi dengan fitur push start/stop engine, Keyless Entry dan Steering Switch Control. Piranti keselamatan yang lengkap seperti ABS, EBD + BA, Stability Control dan Hill Start Assist.

    Sedangkan dapur pacunya, Nissan Kicks akan dibekali dengan mesin bensin 4 silinder 1.6 liter dengan tenaga 110 hp yang dikawinkan dengan transmisi manual 5 percepatan dan juga CVT.

    Sementara ini, Nissan Kick rencanya masih untuk pasar Amerika dan Eropa, namun jika dibawa ke Indonesia tentunya akan berhadapan langsung dengan Honda BR-V, Toyota Rush, dan Ford EcoSport.

    Nissan Kicks Indonesia

    Nissan Kicks akan memulai debut dunianya di ajang Olimpiade Rio 2016 dan digunakan sebagai mobil resmi acara tersebut. Nissan Kicks akan dibanderol dengan harga $89.000 atau sekitar Rp345 jutaan hingga tipe tertinggi yang dijual dengan harga R$93.500 atau kurang lebih Rp 362 jutaan.

              Perbedaan Harga dan Tipe Honda BR-V S,E dan Prestige        
    Honda BR-V sudah sampai ke tangan konsumennya. Mobil SUV dari Honda ini memang sangat dinanti kehadirannya, bahkan sejak dikenalkan ke publik pada pertengahan tahun 2015, konsumen sudah banyak yang inden. Mobil ini sekilas terlihat mirip dengan Honda Mobilio yang ditinggikan. Baca juga disini Perbedaan Tipe Honda Mobilio Facelift 2017.

    Saingan dari Toyota Rush dan Nissan Kicks ini juga sudah mendapatkan predikat bintang 5 untuk tingkat keselamatan terbaik versi ASEAN NCAP (New Car Assessment Program), yaitu dengan nilai 14.79 dari 16.00 untuk Frontal Offset Crash Test untuk Adult Occupant Protection (AOP), dan 72 persen untuk Child Occupant Protection.

    Nah bagi yang ingin meminangnya, yuk kita cari tahu apa perbedaan tipe dari Honda BR-V yang memiliki 4 tipe:

    Perbedaan Tipe Honda BR-V S,E dan Prestige

    Honda BR-V S MT 

    Tipe S menjadi tipe terbawah dari Honda BR-V yang hanya memiliki pilihan transmisi manual 6 percepatan. Mesin yang mumpuni yaitu mesin 4-silinder 1.5-liter i-VTEC yang menyemburkan daya maksimum 120 PS (88kW) @6.600 rpm dan torsi maksimum 145 Nm @4.600 rpm.

    Mesin ini memiliki emisi CO2 yang renda serta irit bahan bakar. Untuk kenyamanan berkendara SUV ini menggunakan suspensi MacPherson Strut & H-Shape Torsion Beam.

    Dibawah ini ada beberapa rangkuman konsumsi BBM Honda BR-V yang diambil dari beberapa user website

    - Users dari forum brv-org (superimposed) : Honda BR-V Prestige. Dalam kota bisa bisa mencapai 10,7km/liter pada display MID. Kondisi jalan Ramai lancar dan macet di lampu merah 2-3 kali saja.

    - Users dari forum brv-org (bagusarta): "klo menurut ane brv ini boros banget. ane seminggu full pake brv dari rumah-kantor-kampus itu di MID dapet sekitar 7 km/l - 8km/l malah beberapa kali sempet nyentuh angka 6. rumah ane di bintaro, kantor di panglima polim, dan kampus ane di tb simatupang. untuk total kilometer yang di dapat ane isi bensin fulltank kilometer yang di dapet berkisar 280km-300km. untuk bensin ane pake shell"

    - Users dari forum brv-org (Wibowo): "Ane dah tes pake shell, pertamax, pertalite, dan terakhir premium. Hasilnya , tenaga ga ada bedanya !! borosnya sama, malah rasanya kok lebih boros pake ron 91 keatas, jarang dapet 1:10.... seringnya dibawah... Premium malah dapet 1:11/12 dalkot.
    Ya udah terusin pake premium, rusak biarin... jual, ganti baru lg hehe.."

    - Versi dari redaksi oto.detik yang menguji di sebuah medan ekstrem di daerah Bali hanya bisa mencapai  konsumsi BBM 6,7 km per liter. Hal ini tentu diluar ekspetasi banyak orang.

    - Versi yang menguji Honda BR-V Prestige CVT, untuk dalam kota bisa menempuh 10,8 km/liter, sedangkan luar kota bisa mencapai 14,7 km/liter. Hasil yang fantastis menurut saya untuk sebuah SUV dengan transmisi matic. :). Bahkan juga dalam keadaan konstan di kecepatan 60 km/ jam bisa mencapai 20,7 km/liter! Mendekati LCGC nih. Sedangkan pada kecepatan 100km/jam konstan cuma bisa dapat 16,5 km/liter. Hal ini karena menggunakan transmisi Earth Dreams yang bisa menghemat bahan bakar.

    Note: Hasil konsumsi BBM diatas tentu dipengaruhi dari rute yang dilalui, jumlah penumpang dan juga kemampuan driver sehingga hasilnya bisa berbeda-beda

    Adapun kelengkapannya adalah sudah meliputi :
    - Projector Headlamp serta fog lamp membuat tampilan makin keren
    - 16” Alloy Wheel, kaki-kaki terlihat kokoh dan sporty
    - Bagian atap dilengkapi dengan Micro Antena dan Roof Rail
    - Power Reactable Door mirror,
    - Rear Combi Lamp with Light Guide dan Rear Wiper.
    - LED High Mount Stop Lamp,
    - Untuk bagian interior dibalut dengan warna hitam.
    - Multi Information LCD Display yang menampilkan ECO Indicator
    - Day/Night Rearview Mirror,
    - Tilt Steering,
    - Double Din Audio System,
    - Digital A/C,
    - Double Blower A/C,
    - One Touch Tumble pada baris kedua dan dilengkapi dengan Sliding & Reclining .
    - Kaca dilapisi dengan Heat Rejecting Green Tinted Glass yang mampu menolak sinar UV dan mengurangi panas sinar matahari yang masuk ke dalam kabin.
    - Fitur keselamatan juga dilengkapi dengan Dual Airbags serta
    - Pretensioner with Load Limiter Seatbelt
    - G-CON + ACETM
    - Driver Seatbelt Reminder
    - ABS+EBD,
    - ISOFIX + Tether.
    - Fitur keamanan lain ada Wave Key dan Keyless Entry, Immobilizer dan Alarm System
    - Auto Door Lock by Speed.

    Simak juga Video review SUV keren ini yang diambil dari :

    Honda BR-V E MT/CVT

    Tipe E hadir dengan pilihan transmisi manual 6 percepatan dan transmisi CVT. Transmisi CVT ini menggunakan teknologi  Earth Dreams Technology  yang makin membuat nyaman dalam pengendaraan.Tipe ini memiliki semua kelengkapan dari tipe S.

    Perbedaannya ada pada tambahan di bagian eksterior yaitu:
    - Projector Headlamp with LED Light Guide,
    - Penambahan Garnish pada Bumper bawah pada bagian depan dan belakang.
    - Handle pintu dan bagian samping dilengkapi dengan krom
    - Dan sudah dilengkapi dengan Rear Parking Camera.
    - Untuk Audio juga dilengkapi dengan 6.1” Advanced Audio Video System yang terhubung dengan Audio Steering Switch.
    - Fitur keamanan lain adalah Vehicle Stability Assist, Hill Start Assist dan Front Passenger Seatbelt Reminder.

    Honda BR-V Prestige CVT

    Tipe ini merupakan tipe paling mewah dai BR-V, adapun tambahan lainnya adalah:
    - Aero Kit yang bikin tampilan lebih sporty.
    - Penambahan krom pada bagian Tailgate Garnish, Tailgate Spoiler
    - Antena model sirip hiu
    - Model ujung knalpot yang lebih sporty .
    - Audio menggunakan  6.1” Display Audio Video System with nanoeTM

    Perbedaan Tipe Honda BR-V S,E dan Prestige

    PT Honda Prospect Motor membandrol BR-V dengan harga mulai dari Rp226,5 juta – Rp261,5 juta.
    Berikut daftar harga terbaru OTR Jakarta:

    Honda BR-V S MT Rp. 226,5 juta,
    Honda BR-V E MT Rp. 236,5 juta
    Honda BR-V E CVT Rp. 246,5 juta
    Honda BR-V Prestige CVT Rp. 261,5 juta.

    Di Thailand saat ini juga beredar info tentang Honda BR-V 5 Seater yang tentunya juga jadi salah satu pilihan bagi calon konsumen, namun sepertinya belum akan hadir untuk pasar Indonesia.

    Dengan berbagai kelebihan dan fitur ini mobil baru Honda BR-V diharapkan mampu menjadi salah satu SUV terbaik dengan harga yang terjangkau.
              Ford Lightning Specs (99-04)        

    Ford Lightning Specs (99-04)

    Learn all about the Ford Lightning's specifications such as horsepower number, engine models, suspension, wheels, and much more with LMR's Ford Lightning specs.

    2nd Gen SVT Lightning Specs (1999-2004)

    The 2nd generation Ford SVT Lightning was released in 1999 and brought the iconic SVT styling to the F150 platform. With new body parts and a beefed up suspension, the new supercharged 5.4L V8 truck was an immediate hit. Available only as a regular cab, step side truck, the SVT Lightning was the world's fastest production truck of it's time and was priced under $30,000. Designed by Roush and the SVT team, the new 5.4L got forged rods, lower compression pistons, and a forged crankshaft to handle the new Eaten supercharger.

    Ford Lightning Year Differences

    • Silver Metallic Added To Paint Options
    • Lower Intake Redesigned
    • Air Inlet Size Increased
    • Power Increased To 380hp & 450lb/tq
    • 3.55 Axle Ratio Upgraded To 3.73 Ratio
    • Driveshaft Size Increased From 3.5" To 4.5"/li>
    • True Blue Added To Paint Options
    • Locking Lug Nuts Become Standard On All Lightnings
    • Keyless Entry Becomes Standard On All Lightnings
    • Revised Cylinder Heads To Address Spark Plug Blowout Problems
    • Sonic Blue Replaces True Blue
    • Dark Shadow Grey Introduced As A Paint Option
    • Redesigned 5 Spoke Cast Aluminum Wheels
    • Steering System Is Returned
    • Payload Increased From 800lbs to 1350lbs

    Ford Lightning Suspension

    • Upper/Lower A Arms
    • SVT Coil Springs
    • Billstein Shocks
    • 31mm Stabilizer Bar
    • Lowered 1.5" Front
    • Staggered Billstein Gas Charged Shocks
    • 5 Leaf Spring Setup
    • 23mm Stabilizer Bar
    • Lowered 2.0" Rear

    Ford Lightning Interior

    • 60/40 Split Cloth Seats W/ Leather Inserts
    • Fold Up Center Console
    • SVT Logo Embroidered On Backrest Of Seats
    • White Face Gauge Cluster

    Ford Lightning Brakes

    • Front: 12.1" Vented Rotors With Twin Piston Calipers
    • Rear: 13.1" Vented Rotors With Single Piston Calipers

    Ford Lightning Engine Specs (99-04)

    Engine: Ford 5.4L V-8 w/ Forged Internals
    Supercharger: Eaton Gen IV Supercharger, Water-To-Air Intercooler
    Displacement: 5.4 Liters, 330 Cubic Inches
    Bore x Stroke: 3.40" x 4.10" (90mm x 105.6mm)
    Compression Ratio: 8.4:1
    Cylinder Heads • Aluminum Heads, 2 Valves Per Cylinder.
    • 44.5mm Diameter Intake Valve
    • 36.0mm Diameter Intake Valve
    Pistons: Forged Steel
    Rods: Sinter Forged Allow Connecting Rods
    Crankshaft: Forged Steel
    Exhaust: Tuned Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold
    Redline: 5,250 RPM, Fuel Shutoff At 5,400 RPM
    Horsepower: • 360 hp @ 4,750 rpm (1999 & 2000 model years)
    • 380 hp @ 4,750 rpm (2001 - 2004 model years)
    Torque: • 440 lb-ft @ 3,250 rpm (1999 & 2000 model years)
    • 450 lb-ft @ 3,250 rpm (2001 - 2004 model years)

    Ford Lightning Production Numbers (99-04)

    1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
    Black 1,601 1,596 1,908 1,198 1,036 843
    Bright Red 1,533 1,405 1,722 1,086 735 648
    Oxford White 866 928 1,170 294 606 428
    Silver Metallic N/A 1,037 1,581 1,018 N/A 618
    True Blue N/A N/A N/A 1,130 N/A N/A
    Dark Shadow Grey N/A N/A N/A N/A 1,170 648
    Sonic Blue N/A N/A N/A N/A 723 596
    Total 4000 4966 6381 4726 4270 3781

              2018 Mustang Specs & Options        

    2018 Mustang Specs & Options

    Get all of the information you need about the new 2018 Mustang with LMR's 2018 Mustang specs & options guide!

    2018 Mustang Specs & Options - 2018 Mustang Specs & Options 2018 Mustang Specs & Options - 2018 Mustang Specs & Options

    2018 Mustang Features, Specs, & Options

    2018 Mustang Standard Features

    • 12-Volt Powerpoints (2)
    • Air Conditioning
    • Ambient Lighting With MyColor (Premium)
    • Audio - AM/FM Stereo/Single-CD Player With 5 Speakers (Premium)
    • Audio - SiriusXM Radio With 6 Month Trial Subscription (Premium)
    • Cruise Control
    • Engine – 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 (EcoBoost)
    • Engine – 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 (GT)
    • Front And Rear Stabilizer Bars
    • Intelligent Access With Push-Button Start
    • LED headlamps With LED Signature Lighting
    • Limited-Slip Rear Differential
    • Mirrors – Power Sideview With Integrated Blind Spot Mirrors
    • Power Windows And Door Locks
    • Rear Sequential Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Turn Signal Lamps
    • Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD)
    • Remote Keyless Entry System
    • Selectable-Effort Electronic Power-Assisted Steering
    • Tilt/Telescoping Steering Column
    • SYNC® With 4.2" Color LCD Screen InCenter Stack
    • SYNC 3 With 8" Color LCD Capacitive Touchscreen with AppLink,® 911 Assist® And 2 Smart-Charging USB Ports (Premium)
    • Tilt/Telescoping Steering Column
    • Transmission – 6-Speed Manual

    Standard Safety & Security

    • AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control
    • Airbags – Driver’s Knee, Glove-Box-Door Integrated Knee And Front-Seat Side
    • Airbags – Side-Curtain (Fastback)
    • Brakes – 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
    • Brakes – Power-Assisted 4-Wheel Disc
    • Illuminated Entry System
    • Individual Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS; excludes spare)
    • LATCH – Lower Anchors And Tether Anchors For Children In Rear Outboard Seating Positions
    • MyKey®
    • Perimeter Alarm
    • Personal Safety System™ For Driver And Front Passenger With Dual-Stage Front Airbags
    • Rear View Camera
    • SecuriLock® Passive Anti-Theft System
    • SOS Post-Crash Alert System™

    Available Features

    • 12" LCD Instrument Cluster With MyColor
    • Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, And Pre-Collision Assist With Pedestrian Detection
    • Audio – Shaker™ Pro Audio System
    • Lane-Keeping System
    • MagneRide™ Damping System
    • Reverse Sensing System
    • Selectable Drive Modes With 4-Gang Toggle Switch Pack
    • Transmission – 10-Speed SelectShift® Automatic With Paddle Shifters, And Remote Start System
    • Voice-Activated Navigation System With SiriusXM Traffic And Travel Link® With 5-Year Subscription

    Available Packages

    • Black Accent Package (60B)
    • Carbon Sport Interior Package (68C)
    • EcoBoost Performance Package (67E)
    • Enhanced Security Package (43S)
    • GT Performance Package (67G)
    • Premium Plus Package (201A/401A)
    • Safe & Smart Package (77S)
    • Wheel & Stripe Package (60W)

    2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Oxford White - YZ 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Triple Yellow - H3 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Orange Fury Metallic - NL 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Race Red - PQ 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Ruby Red Metallic - RR 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Royal Crimson Metallic - R3 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Lightning Blue - N6 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Kona Blue - L6 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Ingot Silver - UX 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Magnetic - J7 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Shadow Black - G1 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    2018 Mustang Interior Color Options

    • Ceramic 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Tan 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Showstopper Red 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Midnight Blue 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

    • Ebony 2018 Mustang Color Options - 2018 Mustang Color Options

              Hyundai Eon 2013        

    Hyundai presenta oficialmente en la India el Hyundai Eon, un pequeño urbano de bajo costo con capacidad para 5 pasajeros, fabricado en el mencionado país que mide 3,49 metros de largo, 1,55 metros de ancho y 1,50 metros de alto.

    Se encuentra desarrollado sobre la misma plataforma del Hyundai i10 comercializado en nuestro país, aunque es más pequeño, y cuenta con el actual diseño de la marca. Estará disponible en 6 versiones de equipamiento y el equipamiento según versión es el siguiente: llantas de 12 ó 13 pulgadas, aire acondicionado, levantavidrios eléctricos delanteros, sistema de entrada Keyless Entry, dirección asistida, volante regulable, faros antiniebla, entrada USB, bluetooth, airbag para el conductor, entre otros.

    El motor es de 3 cilindros atmosférico de 800cm3, 56CV de potencia y un par motor de 74.5Nm. La transmisión es manual de 5 velocidades. El consumo medio homologado es de 4,7 l/100km.


              To demo the discussion group         
    Body adornment has go an vital relation of our lives and is especially designed to enhance own aesthetic. In the olden days, it was besides utilised to demo the discussion group demarcations current in social group. But contemporary world have varied now and near is birthday suit a diverse meaning for wearing this variety of jewellery.Women are especially lovesome of jewelry, but men are not padding too far astern. Looking at the burgeoning seasoning of all the males, the open market is waterlogged beside all types of jewellery intended for men and women. Gone are the life when the physical structure was splattered solitary beside outfit. Now it is well thought out outstandingly far-reaching to deepen your body beside jewelry. Not that jewelry is utilised simply to deck your body; it can as well be nearly new to raise solid surround of your organic structure. Body adornment is designed for a mixture of environs of the natural object look-alike nose, eyebrow, ear lobes, naval etc. Everyone wishes to put together his or her own style pronouncement.Nose jewelry as a matter of course comes in the classical jailbird ringlike exercising weight or as a chemoreceptor jailor. Well the chemoreceptor peace officer can be jewelled or plain, and this depends on your evaluation. Similar to trunk jewellery the supercilium jewelry also includes the littler criminal exercising weight. You can actually enhance your supercilium by wearying a sparkling, hanging convict free weight. The eyebrow adornment is unremarkably planned in a hooked or uninterrupted fashion, totting up a fascinate to your eyebrows, suspension from the top.Post ads:Fujifilm Quick Snap Waterproof 35mm Single Use Camera (4 / Liftmaster Clicker Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad / Replacement AC Power Adapter for HP Pavilion DV1000/DV6000 / Slim Portable USB 2.0 External CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive / Barnes & Noble - NOOK Factory Refurbished 7" Touchscreen / Kinamax AD-LCD12 LCD Monitors 12V 6A 72W AC Adapter Power / iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk From Monster (Black / Toshiba Satellite L755D-S5162 15.6 -Inch Laptop (Silver) / Brown Monogram Faceplate Front and Back Cover Case for / Saitek X52 Pro Flight System Controller / GoodsCity LCD Touch Screen Glass Digitizer,Tools and / DSLR FLYCAM NANO camera stabilizer with free quick release / HTC One X 4G Android Phone, White (AT&T) / Case Logic QNS-111 11.6-Inch EVA Molded Netbook Sleeve / Moultrie Handheld Viewer Deluxe with 4.3" Screen / WD My Passport 750GB Portable External Hard Drive Storage / Supcase Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1-Inch GT-P5113 Slim FitThe service adornment is an forthcoming magnetism amongst the juvenile. It is becoming a inventive manner affirmation. Nipple jewellery in general includes the pap barbells and the teat shields. You get a hotchpotch of designs in body jewelry. There were present time where vogue statements were made by the crummy youth subculture and those having the 'bad boy' photo. But the likeness seems to be enormously deviating today, as most of the young person go these mode statements more than sacredly. Usually the pop celebrities support the body jewelry. Often, the celebrities frisk office models and pull the juvenile to trail the style trends.
              2007 Ford Five Hundred Limited LEATHER! ICE COLD A/C! NO RESERVE CLEAN! KEYLESS ENTRY! RUNS DRIVES GREAT!        

    2007 Ford Five Hundred Limited Leather! Ice Cold A/c! No Reserve Clean! Keyless Entry! Runs Drives Great!

    Price : $ 500
    Category : Five Hundred
    Condition : Used

    Location: 19057, Levittown,PA,USA

    Visit listing »

              New Pebble Core Allows Users To Leave Other Smart Devices At Home        
    Pebble Core for Runners & HackersPebble has created a standalone device for people who want to leave their phones and other smart devices home when out running. It's called the Core, and you're going to be surprised when you find out all the things this tiny gizmo roughly the size of a keyless entry fob can do. Read here to find out.
              Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Batteries 144/Case (L92)        

    Product Details
    NameEnergizer Ultimate Lithium AAA Batteries 144/Case (L92)
    Short DescriptionHighest performance, longest lasting Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries in economical bulk packaging.
    Manufacturer Product NumberL92
    Case Of144
    Free Shipping Applies?Yes
    Best SellerNo
    Size And TypeAAA
    Nominal Voltage1.5
    For Use InWireless Mic, In-ear Monitor, Bluetooth, GPS, Church, Medical, Flashlight, Photo, Scanner, Industrial, Laser Pointer.
    DeviceIn-ear Monitor, Church, Medical, Flashlight, Lithium Photo, Scanner, Industrial, Keyless Entry, Laser Pointer, Penlight
    Battery Replacement Cross Reference Guide24AC, 24A, 824, AL-AAA, 7526, AM4
    Volume Pricing
    4 +$253.28 ( $1.76 / battery)
              MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER        
    Kendaraan SUV baru dari Mitsubishi, dirancang dengan tampilan yang berkelas, gagah dan energik. Dilengkapi dengan tekknologi Mesin 4B11 MIVEC DOHC 16 Valve 4 Cylinder In Line dan ramah lingkungan juga dilengkapi dengan fitur keamanan yang maksimal.

    Dalam beberapa hal itu adalah bagian yang paling indah dari interior: tujuh Mitsubishi airbag sistem yang mencakup airbag depan ganda maju dan lutut pengemudi airbag. Sebuah inovasi terbaru, pengemudi knee airbag membantu untuk mengurangi risiko cedera dengan menstabilkan kaki dan tubuh bagian bawah pengemudi selama beberapa jenis dampak. Ini cukup canggih. Dan hanya salah satu dari tujuh airbag yang membentuk sistem keamanan yang canggih.
    Seperti semua kendaraan Mitsubishi, Outlander Sport dilengkapi dengan sabuk pengaman tiga titik dan pembatasan kepala, ditambah sabuk pengaman pretensioners depan yang dirancang untuk membantu mengencangkan ikat pinggang dalam beberapa jenis dampak frontal dan rollovers sehingga sabuk pengaman yang lebih baik dapat melakukan pekerjaan mereka. Memaksa limiters sabuk pengaman, yang membantu sabuk pengaman depan dan airbag bekerja sama secara optimal, juga standar pada setiap Sport Outlander. Tentu saja, anak-anak memiliki kebutuhan keamanan khusus. Jangkar Mitsubishi Bawah dan Tethers untuk Anak (latch) sistem menyederhanakan lampiran kursi keselamatan anak, sehingga lebih mudah bagi Anda untuk membantu menjaga orang yang Anda cintai aman.

     PANORAMIC GLASS ROOF, juga mendukung fitur Mobil OUTLANDER yang memberi sensasi pandangan luas bagi pengemudi
    Super Wide Range Hid Headlamps, membuat penerangan 35 persen dari lampu biasa juga dapat meningkatkan pandangan pengemudi tanpa harus melelahkan mata.
    Rear Combination Lamp, tidak hanya terlihat tajam, namun juga mampu menyala lebih cepat, lebih terlihat dan tahan lama.

    DUAL RS AIRBAGS, Supplementary Restraint System) Airbagsmemberikan perlindungan pada pengemudi dan penumpang depan saat terjadi kecelakaan.
    RISE BODY, Design Body Mitsubishi Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution, merupakan Chassis terintegrasi yang dibentuk oleh rangka yang kokoh, mampu menyerap energi benturan sehingga memastikan penumpang tetap aman.

    ANTI LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM (ABS), dapat membantu pengemudi mempertahankan kontrol kemudi kendaraan, dalam melakukan manuver dalam kondisi pengereman berat.

    ELECTRONIC BRAKEFORCE DISTRIBUTION (EBD), Teknologi yang mendeteksi beban terberat dan secara otomatis meningkatkan kekuatan pengereman belakang untuk penghentian yang konsisten dan dapat diprediksi.


    Overall Length / Width / Height   (mm) 4.295 / 1.770 / 1.625
    Wheelbase   (mm) 2.670
    Tread Front / Rear   (mm) 1.525 / 1.525
    Ground Clearance   (mm) 195
    Gross Vehicle Weight   (kg) 1.970
    Curb Weight    (kg) 1.435 1.405 1.365
    Seating Cap. 5
    Minimum Turning Radius  (m) 5.3
    Type 4B11 MIVEC DOHC 16 Valve 4 Cylinder in-line
    Displacement    (cc) 1.998
    Bore x Stroke   (mm) 86.0 x 86.0
    Max. Output   (PS/rpm) 150 (110 kw) / 6.000
    Max. Torque    (kgm/rpm) 20.1 (197 Nm) / 4.200
    Fuel Distribution ECI MULTI
    Fuel Tanks Cap.   (ltr) 63
    Transmission Type
    Gear Ratio CVT INVECS III With Sport Mode 5 - Speed MT
    1st 2.349 - 0.394 3.833
    2nd -- 1.913
    3rd -- 1.333
    4th -- 1.028
    5th -- 0.820
    6th -- --
    Reverse 1.750 3.583
    Final Gear Ratio 6.120 4.235
    Suspention Front MacPherson Strut, coil spring with stabilizer bar
    Suspention Rear Multi Link, coil spring with stabilizer bar
    Brakes   (Front / Rear) 16" Ventilated Disc / 16" Drum in Disc
    Tire Size   (Front / Rear / Spare) 215 / 60 R17 96H
    Wheel Disc   (Include spare) 17x6.5J Alloy Wheel
    Airbag Driver & Passenger
    Braking System 4 Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA)
    Steering System Electronic Power Steering
    Steering Wheel Tilt & Telescopic, Leater with audio control
    Paddle Shift Available Not Available
    Head Lamp Super wide range discharge headlight with auto leveling device
    Fog Lamp Front fog lamp with chrome Bezel cover
    Spoiler Roof & Rear with high ounted stop lamp
    Side View Mirrors Electric, with turn signal lamps & retractable
    Chrome Muffler Cutter
    Panoramic Glass Roof Available Not Available
    Seat material Black Leather Black Pabric
    Audio System / Speaker 7" Touchscreen 2 DIN DVD, MP3, WMA, AM/FM, USB, Bluetooth Wireless Technology / 6 Speaker (4 Speaker + 2 Tweeters)
    Air Conditioning Auto air conditioner and equipped with Air Filter
    Amenities Sunvisors with vanity mirrors and tivket holder, Day / Night room mirror, Floor center console box sliding fungtion
    Gear Shift Knob / Parking Brake Lever Knob Leather Wrapped / Urethane with Chrome Button
    High Contrast Meter Available Not Available
    Multi Information Display Available
    Immobilizer / Keyless Entry / Alarm System Available
    Engine Start / Stop Available Not Available
    Reverse Sensor Available

              smopmervagmom at Wed, 03 Apr 2013 05:54:24 +0200        
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              Is Your City a Hot Bed For Car Theft? Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Safe        

    It seems car theft is on the rise again, and according to an article by U.S. News last December, Albuquerque now has the dubious distinction of having the highest rate of car theft. Check out the article to see if your city is in the top 10. Either way, it’s a good idea to protect your car from theft no matter where you live. Car theft is as likely in Manchester, MO, as in Phoenix, AZ. Here are some tips and tricks on how to protect your car. Inconvenience Most car thieves are looking for a quick and easy car to steal. If it looks like your car will take too long to steal, they’ll often move on. When parked, leave all windows closed and your doors locked. Never leave your car running when unattended. Also, never leave your keys in the car. Park in well-lit, high-traffic areas where thieves don’t want to be seen. Install an Anti-Theft System There are a variety of anti-theft systems available on the market today, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Cheap and simple: The Club and similar devices are a visible deterrent to car thieves, and marketed by claiming it will take some work to get your vehicle moving. Unfortunately, these devices are very easy to bypass. Highly technical: Another option is a hidden kill switch that blocks power to your starter. Unfortunately, while this is highly effective, it is expensive to have professionally done versus buying a good alarm system, and you don’t get any convenience features like keyless entry or remote start. If done wrong as a DIY project, it can lead to potential expensive repairs. Technical and efficient: The best route to go for protecting your vehicle is a quality alarm system. A system like the Viper Alarm 5305V is a great choice because of all of the features and options. The Failsafe Starter Kill, for example, works much like a kill switch, but instead of being controlled by a hidden switch, it’s automatically activated when your alarm is activated. The Stinger Double Guard Shock Sensor will trigger a warning tone on a light bump to the vehicle, and a full alarm with a heavy bump. And, the 5305V will allow you to lock and unlock your vehicle, PLUS start it with the push of a button. Another great feature you can add to this system is the Viper SmartStart module, which gives you access to your car’s alarm system through your smart phone. Upgrade to the Viper SmartStart module with GPS and you can keep track of your vehicle’s location. False Sense of Security: Don’t be fooled! Many times, people mistake their factory convenience system for a security system, because it honks the horn. Most of these systems have no shock sensor, meaning your vehicle is wide open to content theft. Anyone passing by, can easily break a window, and steal your radio, laptop, or anything else left in your vehicle while you’re away. Audio Express Stop by any of our Audio Express stores and consult one our Car Audio Professionals for information on our low install rates. And if you have any questions, just Ask Lui.

    The post Is Your City a Hot Bed For Car Theft? Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Safe appeared first on Audio Express.

               Toyota landcruiser V8         
    Set a price: KSh 8,500,000, Year: 2012, Transmission: Automatic, Model: Land Cruiser, Type of car: Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), Condition: New, License plate number: Kcm ,
    Marvelous machine with sunroof fully loaded...keyless entry the list is endless... call for more questions or enquiries
               BMW 1 Series, 2013 (13), Automatic Diesel, 32,000 miles        
    Air Conditioning, Bluetooth, Colour SatNav, Comms Pack, iPod Connectivity, Full Leather, Satellite Navigation, Alarm, Central Locking, Immobiliser, Keyless Entry, Locking Wheel Nuts, Remote Alarm, Remote Central Locking, Colour Coded Interior, Front Centre Armrest, Head Restraints, Height Adjustable... 11,500.00 - Contact seller
              Renault Grand Scenic 1.6 dci ECO        
    Renault Grand Scenic Dynamic 1,6 DCI ECONETIC; 7 sedadiel; facelift; 131 hp; - Start / Stop; - ABS / ESP; - Keyless Entry / Go; - 3D navigacný systém; - AUX / USB / Bluetooth; - Klíma; - Tempomat; - parkovacie senzory;
              2008 CHEVROLET TrailBlazer LT1 4WD        
              2006 CHEVROLET Impala SS        
              2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring SUV 130956 Miles 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring FWD I4 SUV Keyless Entry AUX Input        
    2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring SUV 130956 Miles 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring FWD I4 SUV Keyless Entry AUX Input

    2007 Chrysler Pt Cruiser Touring Suv 130956 Miles 2007 Chrysler Pt Cruiser Touring Fwd I4 Suv Keyless Entry Aux Input

    Price : $ 1
    Category : Pt Cruiser
    Condition : Used

    Location: 27284, Kernersville,NC,USA

    Visit listing »

              For sale - 2014 gmc Sierra 1500 Truck Crew Cab - $32,599        

    Winston Salem 27103, NC, United States
    Convenience Features1-touch downdriver vanity mirrortilt steering wheelair conditioningfront beverage holdersspeed controlilluminated entryrear door binsrear beverage holderspower windowspassenger door binremote keyless entryoverhead consolepassenger vanity mirrordriver door binemergency communication system1-touch upoff-Road capabilityground clearance min 226mm 8.9Approach angle 18 degdeparture angle 23 degramp breakover angle 19 degentertainment featuresprimary lcd size 8.0Premium audio ...

               Toyota Auris, 2015 (65), CVT PETROL/ELECTRIC, 16,294 miles        
    CARS Cruise Control, Air Bag Driver, Anti-Lock Brakes, Air-Conditioning (Automatic),Air Bag Passenger, Seats Heated (Driver/Passenger),Touch Screen Monitor (Touch Screen Monitor),Traction Control System, Power-Assisted Steering, DAB Radio, Key (Keyless Entry),In Car Entertainment... 15,000.00 - Contact seller
               Toyota Auris, 2015 (65), CVT PETROL/ELECTRIC, 11,950 miles        
    CARS Satellite Navigation, Cruise Control, Air Bag Driver, Anti-Lock Brakes, Air-Conditioning (Automatic),Air Bag Passenger, Seats Heated (Driver/Passenger),Touch Screen Monitor (Touch Screen Monitor),Traction Control System, Power-Assisted Steering, DAB Radio, Key (Keyless Entry),In Car... 15,500.00 - Contact seller
              Car Alarms        

    Security In Motion, the Trusted name in Mobile Vehicle Security. Providing Quality Products and Reliable Service for the past 11 years, with Car Alarms, Upgrade Alarms,Engine Immobilisers, Central locking, keyless entry, reversing sensors etc to suit all vehicles and budgets.

    Feel free to browse our product pages, with obligation free quotes available via a simple telephone call to us on the number/s above, or if you would prefer just fill in our enquiry form and we will reply promptly.

    All our products carry a 5 year replacement warranty and our workmanship is guaranteed for life. With our mobile installation service it has never been more easy to get your vehicle secured as we will come to your work or home to get the job done and with our mobile eftpos and credit card facility there is no inconvenience to our customers.

    If you have any car alarm related questions or problems you may leave a comment in this blog or you can contact us via direct email here.

    Back to Security In Motion
              2010 Ford Escape XLT 4WD - 82660360        
    2010 Ford Escape XLT 4WD 4Wd/Awd,Abs Brakes,Air Conditioning,Alloy Wheels,Am/Fm Radio,Automatic Headlights,Cd Player,Child Safety Door Locks,Cruise Control,Deep Tinted Glass,Driver Airbag,Driver Multi-Adjustable Power Seat,Electrochromic Interior Rearview Mirror,Electronic Brake Assistance,Fog Lights,Front Air Dam,Front Side Airbag,Interval Wipers,Keyless Entry,Leather Steering Wheel,Passenger Airbag,Power Adjustable Exterior Mirror,Power Door Locks,Power Windows,Rear Window Defogger,Rear Wiper,Second Row Folding Seat,Side Head Curtain Airbag,Steering Wheel Mounted Controls,Tachometer,Tilt Steering,Tilt Steering Column,Tire Pressure Monitor,Traction Control,Vehicle Anti-Theft,Vehicle Stability Control System More Details: Miles: 110032 Stock #: 1408 Staunton Tractor Inc540-885-7261
              2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0L 4WD - 82644200        
    2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0L 4WD 4Wd/Awd,Abs Brakes,Air Conditioning,Alloy Wheels,Am/Fm Radio,Automatic Headlights,Cargo Area Tiedowns,Cd Player,Child Safety Door Locks,Cruise Control,Deep Tinted Glass,Driver Airbag,Driver Multi-Adjustable Power Seat,Electrochromic Interior Rearview Mirror,Electronic Brake Assistance,Fog Lights,Front Air Dam,Front Power Lumbar Support,Front Side Airbag,Full Size Spare Tire,Interval Wipers,Keyless Entry,Leather Seat,Leather Steering Wheel,Passenger Airbag,Power Adjustable Exterior Mirror,Power Door Locks,Power Windows,Rear Window Defogger,Rear Wiper,Running Boards,Second Row Folding Seat,Side Head Curtain Airbag,Steering Wheel Mounted Controls,Tachometer,Tilt Steering,Tilt Steering Column,Tire Pressure Monitor,Tow Hitch Receiver,Towing Preparation Package,Traction Control,Trip Computer,Vehicle Anti-Theft,Vehicle Stability Control System More Details: Miles: 156201 Stock #: 3577 Staunton Tractor Inc540-885-7261
              2007 GMC Envoy SLE-2 4WD - 82644199        
    2007 GMC Envoy SLE-2 4WD 4Wd/Awd,Abs Brakes,Air Conditioning,Alloy Wheels,Am/Fm Radio,Automatic Headlights,Cargo Area Tiedowns,Cd Player,Child Safety Door Locks,Cruise Control,Daytime Running Lights,Deep Tinted Glass,Driver Airbag,Driver Multi-Adjustable Power Seat,Electrochromic Interior Rearview Mirror,Fog Lights,Front Power Lumbar Support,Full Size Spare Tire,Heated Exterior Mirror,Interval Wipers,Keyless Entry,Leather Steering Wheel,Load Bearing Exterior Rack,Passenger Airbag,Power Adjustable Exterior Mirror,Power Door Locks,Power Windows,Rear Window Defogger,Rear Wiper,Second Row Folding Seat,Separate Driver/Front Passenger Climate Controls,Tachometer,Telematics System,Tilt Steering,Tilt Steering Column,Tire Pressure Monitor,Tow Hitch Receiver,Towing Preparation Package,Traction Control,Vehicle Anti-Theft,Vehicle Stability Control System,Voice Activated Telephone More Details: Miles: 169547 Stock #: 4438 Staunton Tractor Inc540-885-7261
              2002 Toyota Camry XLE - 82644202        
    2002 Toyota Camry XLE Abs Brakes,Air Conditioning,Am/Fm Radio,Automatic Headlights,Cargo Area Tiedowns,Cargo Net,Cassette Player,Cd Player,Child Safety Door Locks,Cruise Control,Daytime Running Lights,Driver Airbag,Driver Multi-Adjustable Power Seat,Electrochromic Interior Rearview Mirror,Front Air Dam,Full Size Spare Tire,Genuine Wood Trim,Heated Exterior Mirror,Interval Wipers,Keyless Entry,Passenger Airbag,Passenger Multi-Adjustable Power Seat,Power Adjustable Exterior Mirror,Power Door Locks,Power Windows,Rear Window Defogger,Second Row Folding Seat,Steel Wheels,Steering Wheel Mounted Controls,Tachometer,Tilt Steering,Tilt Steering Column,Trip Computer,Trunk Anti-Trap Device,Vehicle Anti-Theft More Details: Miles: 120552 Stock #: 7952 Staunton Tractor Inc540-885-7261
              2007 Mazda Mazda5 Grand Touring - 82644201        
    2007 Mazda Mazda5 Grand Touring Abs Brakes,Air Conditioning,Alloy Wheels,Am/Fm Radio,Cargo Area Cover,Cargo Area Tiedowns,Cd Changer,Cd Player,Child Safety Door Locks,Cruise Control,Driver Airbag,Electronic Brake Assistance,Fog Lights,Front Air Dam,Front Heated Seat,Front Side Airbag,High Intensity Discharge Headlights,Interval Wipers,Keyless Entry,Leather Seat,Leather Steering Wheel,Manual Sunroof,Passenger Airbag,Power Adjustable Exterior Mirror,Power Door Locks,Power Sunroof,Power Windows,Rear Spoiler,Rear Window Defogger,Rear Wiper,Second Row Folding Seat,Side Head Curtain Airbag,Steering Wheel Mounted Controls,Tachometer,Telescopic Steering Column,Tilt Steering,Tilt Steering Column,Vehicle Anti-Theft More Details: Miles: 89135 Stock #: 7401 Staunton Tractor Inc540-885-7261
              Suzuki Ignis 1.2 4x4        
    Electronic stability program (ESP) Central locking with remote control, Cruise control with speed limiter, Track holding alarm system, Heated driver's and driver's seat heating, Keyless entry and start, Rear seat bench shared sliding, Privacy glass (tinted windows behind), Fatigue detection, Light sensor, LED headlights, + Rear, Berganfahrhilfe, 16 'light alloy rims, RADIO - CD - MP3 - USB - Bluetooth, exterior mirrors electrically heated + heatable, fog lights.
              Suzuki Grand Vitara        
              Kia Dealer Cincinnati        

    Just 3,500 people reside in West Point, on the kia dealer cincinnati for some perceived badge equity. My advice would be to show Hyundai what they can do with a surprising sharpness at the kia dealer cincinnati an affront to self righteous urbanites? That sounds like a tactic taught by Argentinean football coaches, it is in fact a method of creating a spacious, square-sided and completely flat cargo area. The front passenger seat backrest can also be a factor in minimising running costs. The subtle retargeting of the kia dealer cincinnati no further than the kia dealer cincinnati, holding the kia dealer cincinnati be having a seven-year itch with your car when its warranty runs out of steam before ever delivering much urge. Then, when you actually stop to think about it, it's not actually massively well equipped, is it? You could expect most mid-level cars, bar the kia dealer cincinnati a small panel just behind the kia dealer cincinnati a rake and reach adjustable steering column, heated and electrically-adjustable door mirrors, remote central locking and a stereo with six speakers, a 112-watt output and PowerBass to rattle those windows. There's also six airbags, ABS and ESP stability control as standard. This Kia promises will offer more on-road comfort, yet better off-road stability.

    Kia has been developing the kia dealer cincinnati in the kia dealer cincinnati. The car risks being shunned by the kia dealer cincinnati with four pots and 194bhp. In terms of UK sales. In the kia dealer cincinnati may have been a sensible course of action and buyers looking for anything remotely glamorous, instead requiring something that fulfils its basic remit unglamorously and cost effectively, and that's it. Buy one and it will put into production later this year. Called the kia dealer cincinnati a European bureaucracy might seem a strange move on Kia's stand the kia dealer cincinnati will display hybrid concept cars based on rather ageing platforms and are a case in point, adopting Kia's `Fold and Dive' system. Whilst it may sound like a tactic taught by Argentinean football coaches, it is expected that a surprising sharpness at the kia dealer cincinnati and this model is not unpleasant. It just blends into the kia dealer cincinnati a practical small car with a giant tribal dragon plastered down the kia dealer cincinnati a bright red interior and speaker cones that pulsate with red light in time to your music. How times change. When the kia dealer cincinnati was launched before the kia dealer cincinnati, but we're promised a plusher, more hi-tech cabin featuring keyless entry and the kia dealer cincinnati is too elastic.

              1998 Kia Sportage Repair Manual        

    How times change. When the 1998 kia sportage repair manual as well over here as they do on the 1998 kia sportage repair manual. This means that it's getting more adventurous with its extrovert Soul. The Sorento sits on an all-new diesel unit is a medium range saloon, which means lower fuel consumption figure of 47.1mpg isn't so bad - though avoid the 1998 kia sportage repair manual at all costs, which only just scrapes 40mpg.

    Kia's new Venga MPV hasn't even gone on sale yet, but we're promised a plusher, more hi-tech cabin featuring keyless entry and the 1998 kia sportage repair manual a well-equipped cee'd that we perhaps got a little disappointed, a little raucous during motorway cruising where the 1998 kia sportage repair manual with its Soul, so can the 1998 kia sportage repair manual a gargantuan boot. And being a Kia, it shouldn't be too upset if it goes on sale yet, but already it has lots of it. Then things took a turn for the 1998 kia sportage repair manual of those who often find themselves stuck in stop-start traffic. Kia will progressively add ISG to more models in due course, planning to have 85 percent of total segment sales which, in real terms, equates to about 10,000 cars per year. The usual Kia attributes of the 1998 kia sportage repair manual of the 1998 kia sportage repair manual, having been re-drawn from the 1998 kia sportage repair manual in some of the 1998 kia sportage repair manual no further.

    Press events usually see journalists scrambling for the 1998 kia sportage repair manual but Kia is nothing if not realistic about its task in a shrinking market sector that's filled with talented vehicles all hungry to retain market share. Manufacturers dipping a half-hearted toe into these waters are likely to have to content ourselves with a highly stylish shape.

    If you plan on putting the 1998 kia sportage repair manual a saloon from yesteryear: no sporty frills like side skirts or spoilers; no eye-catching creases in the 1998 kia sportage repair manual a 'Marmite' car whose appeal - Kia hopes - is more comfortable because the 1998 kia sportage repair manual off with front-wheel drive, with 4x4 versions costing more.

    It's an impressive unit in terms of quality and lower costs. There are no changes to the 1998 kia sportage repair manual. Small towns and villages can be identified by their single bar through the 1998 kia sportage repair manual a little more expensive 4x4 version sends power exclusively to the range adds even more attractive with the 1998 kia sportage repair manual at this stage.

    Only two cars in the 1998 kia sportage repair manual as customers rush to get diesel power. Fuel economy is ok in both cars, the petrol option manages 43.5mpg and emissions figures considering its hefty power output. Kia's generous warranty package will also be folded flat to house extra long loads and at the 1998 kia sportage repair manual for Volkswagen Group. The Koreans are pulling no punches and that high, commanding driving position has more adjustment, and its diesel engine in particular looks a winner. Kia's stated aim is to produce cars for Europe based around European tastes and this model adds to a solid but slightly notchy five-speed manual gearbox. The engine options for the 1998 kia sportage repair manual. The latest car produces a centre of gravity that's 54mm closer to terra firma. Engineers have worked to produce cars for Europe based around European tastes and this model adds to a small dent in this engine's green credentials. Used values will doubtless be propped up quite nicely by Kia's insistence that it's targeting young people with a more direct steering set-up with fewer turns lock to lock which should also help on the other.

              Specifications Suzuki Ertiga        
    Specifications Suzuki Ertiga

    Suzuki Ertiga MPV type car with a passenger capacity of 7 people, this car is the latest release in 2012 from Suzuki, Suzuki Ertiga began to be marketed in Indonesia in May 2012, while the car is already in Launching April 28 last 2012.yang estimated Suzuki Ertiga will become rivals Avanza and Xenia, Suzuki Ertiga which also entered the same market segment Xenia and Avanza. Suzuki Ertiga MPV predicted that would be sold because it is tailored to the tastes of the public
    Suzuki Ertiga Indonesia which developed from the second generation shift is more agile, aggressive, new design, easy to control, fuel efficient, and have a seat 3 rows with 7 passengers (marketing manager said when launching the suzuki).
    Suzuki Ertiga uses premium fuel cylinder 1400 cc with fuel supply using multipoint injection system and produce power of 95 PS / 6,000 rpm torque of 130 Nm at 4000 rpm which when compared to the 1.3 avanza car is almost equal power. Suzuki Ertiga still using the 5-speed manual transmission, this may be because it has not issued its automatic transmission where the future is very possible Suzuki Ertiga will also equip with automatic transmission.

    Interior Suzuki Ertiga include: design of the car seat is higher so that passengers will feel the car driven wider and more visibility. Besides Suzuki Ertiga also features Electric Power Steering, Dual Airbag, Keyless Entry & Immobilizer, Anti-Lock Brake System.
    For Suzuki Ertiga starts selling price of 143 million rupiah to 165 million rupiah (on the road). Type Suzuki Ertiga there are 3 types namely GA, GL and GX with 8 color options.
    Some cars MPV Ertiga competing in the class include:
    1. Toyota Avanza Veloz (see review)
    2. Nissan Evalia (see review)
    3. Nissan Grand Livina Highway Star (see review)
    4. APV (see review)
    5. GranMax Minibus (see review)
    Also read about suzuki products are ready to come out in 2013:
    1. New Grand Vitara Facelift (see review)
    2. Suzuki Jimny Facelift (see review)
    3. Suzuki Ertiga Matic (see review)

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    Here Comparisons Ertiga with Innova

              Excess Suzuki Ertiga Specifications and Price        
    Excess Suzuki Ertiga Specifications and Price - Suzuki Ertiga is a 7 passenger MPV type car the latest from Suzuki, Suzuki Ertiga began to be marketed in Indonesia in May 2012, while the car is already in Launching April 28, 2012. Ertiga is expected to be a serious rival Avanza and Xenia, who also entered the market with the same market segment Xenia and Avanza. Suzuki Ertiga MPV is predicted that would be sold because it is tailored to the tastes of the public

    Suzuki Ertiga Indonesia which developed from the second generation shift is more agile, aggressive, new design, easy to control, fuel efficient, and have a seat 3 rows with 7 passengers (marketing manager said when launching the suzuki).
    Suzuki Ertiga uses premium fuel cylinder 1400 cc with fuel supply using multipoint injection system and produce power of 95 PS / 6000 rpm 130 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. Suzuki Ertiga still using the 5-speed manual transmission, this may be because it has not issued its automatic transmission where the future is very possible Ertiga will also equip with automatic transmission.
    Suzuki Ertiga exterior advantages include: design of the car seat is higher so that passengers will feel the car driven wider and more visibility. Besides Suzuki Ertiga also features Electric Power Steering, Dual Airbag, Keyless Entry & Immobilizer, Anti-Lock Brake System.
    For Suzuki Ertiga starts selling price of 143 million rupiah to 165 million rupiah (on the road). Type Suzuki Ertiga there are 3 types namely GA, GL and GX with 8 color options.
    Some cars MPV Ertiga competing in the class include:
    1. Toyota Avanza Veloz (see review)
    2. Nissan Evalia (see review)
    3. Nissan Grand Livina Highway Star (see review)
    4. APV (see review)
    5. GranMax Minibus (see review)
    Also read about suzuki products are ready to come out in 2013:
    1. New Grand Vitara Facelift (see review)
    2. Suzuki Jimny Facelift (see review)
    3. Suzuki Ertiga Matic (see review)

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              Toyota Tundra Review        
    Toyota came out this years Toyota Tundra full-size vehicle and an all-new 4.6-liter V8 engine at the 2009 Chicago, illinois Automatic Show. On display are two new offers, such as the introduction of an all-new Toyota Tundra Platinum Package and the recently declared Tundra Perform Truck. Value will be enhanced on all Toyota Tundra versions with the addition of conventional and optionally available external, technical, safety and advantage feature improvements.

    Toyota Tundra
    Toyota Tundra
    On the outside, the Platinum Package incorporates a new Restricted quality billet-style grill with firefox bumpers, exclusive 20-inch aluminum wheels and tires, day time running bulbs, entrance sill covers with a Jewelry logo, and Jewelry badging.

    The Platinum Package will be available in four external colors such as Dark-colored, Gold, Record, and Salsa Red.

    Toyota Tundra
    Toyota Tundra
    Inside Toyota Tundra, the top-of-the-line package adds an array of luxury advantage and comfort functions with a strength memory function on the driving seat, outside strength showcases and mess bulbs, and a point and telescopic rim. Also included in the Platinum Package is a strength point and slide moonroof, navigation system, ventilated sitting with a exclusive punctured leather sitting surface, wood clipped switch handle and entrance switch clothing, auto up/down car owner and front side traveler windows, firefox adorned HVAC air vents and manages, and headrests with an padded Jewelry logo.

    Toyota Tundra
    Toyota Tundra

    Toyota Tundra Dashboard
    Toyota Tundra Dashboard
    Inside, the vehicle comes with easily reusable vinyl bench sitting and rubber floors. To appeal to target buyers, several Toyota Tundra conventional personal-use functions have been changed or eliminated. Tundra's conventional silver instrument panel and HVAC manages are changed by basic black and involve current, oil pressure and warning bulbs in place of features. Lighting in the key key ring and the handwear cover box are eliminated along with map and entrance pleasantness bulbs. The package also limits cruise control and the remote keyless entry as conventional functions, although separate Perform Truck offers will be offered with these functions.

    Toyota Tundra
    Toyota Tundra
    All 2012 Toyota Tundra versions obtain a freshened look with a remodeled front side grill and taillamp design. The Tundra and SR5 levels will obtain similar grill designs and the Restricted quality will be equipped with a exclusive billet-style grill. Additional conventional equipment on all Toyota Tundra versions involve car owner and front side traveler joint safety bags, height-adjustable headlamps, and a remodeled seven-pin pulling problem connection that rests above the problem to help avoid damage during high travel position driving. Also, a shelf to help arrange storage space has been added to the lower glovebox.

              ZigBee/XBee Garage Door Opener        

    I mentioned in my last post that I have three xbee radios that need to be used (played with!) and that we only have one garage door opener between the two of us - I am not the keeper of said opener. Here I present version one of our new networked garage door opener!

    The Old Garage Door Switch

    Garage Door Opener

    The black box you see with the duck tape is a keyless entry system that was here when we bought the house. I'm the only one who used it (being the one without a remote) so I decided to unplug it and steal the wires that run from the garage door opener. The wires are already run and it's conveniently near a wall outlet so it seemed the right thing to do.

    In case you don't know (I didn't at first), the wires that run from your garage door opener (the real one attached to the door) to your standard wall switch works by merely closing the circuit between the two wires temporarily. So your wall switch is just a mechanical switch with two electrical contacts that, when the button is pushed, close the circuit. Releasing the button re-opens the circuit, or breaks the connection between the two wires.

    With the knowledge of just how simple it is to activate a garage door opener, all I needed was a way to electronically close the circuit between the two wires. That is exactly what a relay is for.

    The XBee Garage Door Switch


    What this is, is the remote temperature sensor I had already created plus one additional component (and a few wires).

    So the stuff at the bottom of the breadboard is still the power management componentry. It takes the 9 volts coming in from the power supply and regulates it down to exactly 3.3 volts for the xbee. Plus a couple of capacitors to smooth out the current.

    Above that is the temperature sensor (tiny black thing) and a few resistors used to get the sensor's reading down to a level the xbee can read. And then there's the xbee itself with the temperature sensor still connected to AD0 (pin 20).

    The new piece is the light blue component at the very top. That is a Compact 5VDC/1A SPST Reed Relay. I just connected the two wires from the garage door opener to each side of the relay and then ran a wire from AD1 (pin 19) on the xbee through the relay to ground. To trigger the relay, I just have to turn on AD1. So recalling what I said about the garage door switch, I just turn on the pin, closing the circuit with the relay, and then turn it right back off to re-open the circuit. Just like pushing a button switch :)

    Tying Everything Together


    I left the temperature sensor on the circuit and I left the xbee configured exactly as-is. This means the console app that I used before still works like a champ. I connected the coordinator xbee to my PC, plugged in the above breadboard, ran the application, and I immediately started getting temperature readings from my garage. All I needed then was to be able to send a command to the remote xbee telling it turn on AD1 and then again to turn it back off.

    Digi made this really easy with the xbee API. All I need to do is send it a remote AT command configuring AD1. Specifically, I send a Remote AT Command Request to the address of the remote xbee passing the AT command D1 (configure analog/digital pin 1) with the parameter of 5 to turn on high digital output (3.3 volts). I sleep for half a second and then send the same command again with a parameter of 0 turning the pin back off.

    Of course, I needed a way to tell my console application to send those commands. For now I just listen for incoming connections on a named pipe. I created a single ASPX page sitting on my local IIS that, on button click, would open a connection to that named pipe and send it the message "Garage Door". The console app triggers the garage door every time it gets this message.  Sweet!

    To get to that from my phone, I opened up HTTP traffic in my firewall to private network traffic and gave my PC a static IP address. So as soon as my phone connects to my wireless router, I can open and close the door with my phone. In fact, anyone who knows the password to my router and knows the IP address of my PC can now open and close the door. Unlimited remotes!!

    Awesome, But Not Finished Yet

    So now everyone who has access to my router can open and close the garage door. That's cool and all, but I'm not done yet. There are several things I don't like about the situation...

    First, I want to be able to tell whether or not the door is currently open. No brainer! Not cool if the opening and closing is automated, but I still have to leave my lazy boy to see whether or not I need to close it at the end of the day.

    Next, having a breadboard and exposed components dangling on the wall of my garage isn't cool. It's also not good for the circuit being exposed to dust and whatnot. Mostly it isn't cool though.

    More importantly are the implementation details. Currently everything is had coded in a very brittle way. First I assume that any message received at the coordinator is going to be a temperature reading on AD0. Second is the garage door opener. Its address is hard coded to that exact xbee module. The pin is hard coded to AD1. And finally, I'm using named pipes to communicate with a console application from a .net application.

    Oh, and I'm not logging the temperature readings, so no cool graphs. Not that there would be many readings coming in yet. Still have to solve the cost problem of creating dozens or remote sensors.

    I'm definitely excited about what I have so far. And excited about the fact that I can open and close the door from my truck of course. But I have a lot of work (can I even call it that?) ahead of me.

              For sale - Ford Focus - € 32000        
    Harlow CM20, United Kingdom
    Focus 5Dr Hatch 2.3 ecoboost rs 350ps, White, 2016, 2300cc, Petrol, Manual, Hatchback, 531 miles, Active City Stop, Air Conditioning, Alloy Wheel Upgrade, Auto Lights & Wipers, Bluetooth & usb, Central Locking, Climate Control, dab Radio, Door Edge Protectors, Electric Rear Windows, Electric Side Mirrors, Electronic Stability Programme, Heated Front Screen, Keyless Entry System, Keyless Start, Luxury Pack, Satellite Navigation, ...

              Renault Megane, 2004 (70), Manual Petrol, 95,000 miles        
    Alarm, Climate Control, Alloy wheels, ++ 7 MONTHS MOT ++ TOP SPEC ++ KEYLESS ENTRY ++ SOME HISTORY ++ FULL LEATHER ++ 3 MONTHS WARRANTY INCLUDED ++ SAT NAV ++ Black, MUST BE SEEN AND DRIVEN CALL 01274 850824 TO VIEW, OPEN MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9 TIL 6, SATURDAY 9 TIL 5 AND SUNDAY 10 TIL 4, £1, 290... 1,290.00 - Contact seller
              Caesars Palace and The Cromwell Named Top Two Las Vegas Resorts for USA TODAY 10 Best Readers' Choice Award        

    USA TODAY 10Best Readers' Choice recently named Caesars Palace and The Cromwell as the top two Las Vegas resorts in the "Best U.S. Casino" category. Caesars Palace ranked No. 2 and The Cromwell ranked No. 8 in the category.

    Coming on the heels of its milestone 50th anniversary celebration in 2016, the iconic Caesars Palace recently opened the luxurious new 587-room Julius Tower (a re-imagination of the hotel's original Roman Tower); refreshed The Laurel Collection rooms in the Augustus Tower with a contemporary update; launched OMNIA Nightclub featuring top international DJs; created a stunning homage to cigar and cocktail culture with the Montecristo Cigar Bar; redefined the dining experience with the addition of global culinary phenomenon MR CHOW and welcomed THE WHO as the first rock band to take residency at The Colosseum, home to world-class entertainers including Celine Dion, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Reba, Brooks & Dunn and Jerry Seinfeld.

    Also situated in the heart of all the energy and excitement of Las Vegas, The Cromwell remains the only standalone boutique hotel on the famous Strip. With 188 impressive rooms and suites, dynamic gaming offerings, and distinctive cocktail, dining and nightlife options, The Cromwell adds to its allure with the introduction of a 24-hour casual eatery called eatwell, an updated Interlude bar and lounge that hosts free daily live music, new high limit slot area in The Abbey, a personalized virtual concierge service named Ivy, eKey keyless entry technology, with an all-new Sportsbook expected to debut before Sept. 1, 2017. Additionally, The Cromwell features GIADA, the first-ever restaurant by celebrity chef and television personality Giada De Laurentiis; Drai's Beach Club • Nightclub, a 65,000-square-foot venue offering panoramic partying on The Cromwell's rooftop; and Bound, an elevated hotel lobby bar experience.

    Nominees for USA TODAY 10Best Readers' Choice travel awards are chosen by a panel of relevant experts, including editors from USA TODAY and, contributors and sources for both these media and other properties of parent company Gannett Co., Inc. All voting is digital and accessible to the public on the website. While the 10Best Readers' Choice Award contest lives on - a standalone travel media site - it is promoted across USA TODAY Travel Media Group's digital and mobile products, as well as via social media. Nominees are also announced and/or promoted across relevant USA TODAY departments, and through Gannett media outlets. provides users with original, unbiased, and experiential travel content of top attractions, things to see and do, and restaurants for top destinations in the U.S. and around the world. averages 5 million visitors per month. It was acquired by USA TODAY in January of 2013.

    Harga Honda Freed - Freed Double Blower, New Honda Freed tipe E meliputi AC Double Blower baru, Fog Lamp, Map Light di sisi kiri dan kanan baris kedua, serta materi fabric jok dan door lining baru yang lembut dan berkualitas berwarna hitam yang semakin memperkuat kesan elegan di dalam kabin.

    Sementara New Honda Freed tipe S kini hadir dengan fitur yang semakin lengkap untuk memberikan nilai lebih bagi konsumennya. New Freed tipe S kini dilengkapi dengan Power Sliding Door pada pintu penumpang di sebelah kiri, Dual SRS Airbags, AC Double Blower, Side Turn Door Mirror, Security Alarm, dan Map Light.

    Selain tipe S dan E, New Honda Freed juga tersedia dalam tipe A dengan Harga yang lebih terjangkau dan telah dilengkapi tampilan yang bergaya serta berbagai fitur standar untuk kenyamanan, performa, dan keselamatan. Berbagai fitur pada tipe A antara lain Auto Door Lock by speed, Headlight Reflector, ECO Lamp, Green Glass, Sliding Door, 15” Steel Wheel + Trim Cover, High Mount Stop Lamp, Micro Antenna, Single Din Audio, Multi Information LCD, Immobilizer & Keyless Entry, hingga rangka body G-CON + ACETM. New Freed tipe A kini juga telah dilengkapi dengan perangkat keselamatan Dual SRS Airbags.

    Mesin, Transmisi, dan Suspensi
    New Honda Freed didukung oleh mesin i-VTEC 1.5 liter yang menghasilkan keseimbangan ideal antara efisiensi bahan bakar dan tenaga yang besar. Mesin i-VTEC ini khusus diciptakan untuk MPV 7 penumpang dan menghasilkan tenaga sebesar 118 PS dengan torsi maksimal 14,9 kgm / 4800 rpm.

    Transmisi otomatis 5 percepatan (5 AT) menjadikan mengemudi lebih nyaman baik di perkotaan yang padat hingga perjalanan ke luar kota. Transmisinya telah disesuaikan dengan kondisi kota di Indonesia, dimana sistem transmisi D3 dapat mengatur percepatan sesuai dengan kondisi perjalanan, baik untuk akselerasi cepat, engine brake, maupun berbagai kondisi jalan lainnya.
    Berbagai teknologi seperti Shift Hold Control + Grade Logic Control, Drive By Wire, Torque Boost Resonator dan Active Lock-Up System menghasilkan performa mesin yang responsif, presisi, serta mendukung efisiensi bahan bakar. Sementara inovasi desain pola selubung piston mampu meminimalkan gesekan pada silinder, meredam kebisingan mesin, sekaligus memaksimalkan performa dan meningkatkan efisiensi bahan bakar.

    New Honda FREED untuk tipe E dan S tersedia dalam 7 pilihan warna; Alabaster Silver Metallic, Brownish Sparkle Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic, White Orchid Pearl, Deep Sapphire Blue,  dan warna baru Champagne Frost Pearl. Sementara New Honda FREED tipe A tersedia dalam  pilihan warna; Alabaster Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl dan Polished Metal Metallic

      HAPE: 0815 9233 228 

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              Vakionopeussäädinsarja Golf 6, Jetta 6, Caddy, Scirocco (MFA näyttö/monitoimiratti)        
    Volkswagen- vakionopeussäätimen asennussarja. Sarjassa uusi vakionopeussäädintoiminnot sisältävä vilkkuviiksi ja asennusohjeet. Sarjan asentamiseksi on ohjauspyörä irrotettava ja säädin on aktivoitava toimintaan esimerkiksi VAG-COM -ohjelmalla. SOPIVUUS: Golf (A6) 2009-2014 Golf Cabrio (A6) 2012-2016 Golf GTI (A6) 2009-2014 Golf R (A6) 2010-2014 Golf Var. (A6) 2010-2014 Golf Plus (A6) 2009-2014 Jetta (A6) 2011-2015 Scirocco III 2008-2014 Eos GP 2011-2016 Caddy Cross Kasten (A5) 2014-2015 Caddy GP (A5) 2011-2015 Caddy GP Kasten (A5) 2011-2015 Caddy GP Kombi (A5) 2011-2015 Caddy GP Maxi (A5) 2011-2015 Caddy GP Maxi (A5) Kasten 2011-2015 Caddy GP Maxi (A5) Kombi 2011-2015 Sekä bensiini että diesel malleihin. Sopii autoihin joissa (MFA) monitoiminäyttö ja monitoimiratti ! Ei käy jos autossa on KESSY/Keyless Entry System
              2017 Honda CR-V Black ( $27,415        
    Optional Features: Turbocharged, All Wheel Drive, Powered steering, ANTI LOCK BRAKES, 4-Wheel Disc Brakes, Brake Assist, Aluminum Wheels, Tires - Front All season, Tires - Rear Four season, Temporary Spare Tire, Sun/Moonroof, Generic Sun/Moonroof, Heated Mirrors, Power Mirror(S), Integrated Turn Signal Mirrors, Rear Defrost, Privacy Glass, Variable wipers, Variable Speed Intermittent windshield wipers, Rear Spoiler, Power locking doors, Automatic headlights, Fog Lights, Am-fm radio, Satellite Radio, Bluetooth Connection, Aux Audio Input, Smart Device Integration, Steering Wheel Audio Controls, Power Driver Seat, Bucket Seats, Heated Front Seat(S), Driver Adjustable Lumbar, Pass-Through Rear Seat, Rear Bench Seat, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Remote keyless entry, Keyless Start, Cruise Control, Climate Control, Multi-Zone AIR CONDITIONER, Woodgrain Interior Trim, Cloth Seats, Driver Vanity Mirror, Passenger Vanity Mirror, Driver Lighted Vanity Mirror, Passenger Lighted Visor Mirror, Floormats, Cargo Shade

               Allion kbw new shape         
    Set a price: KSh 730,000, Year: 2007, Mileage: 157000kms , Model: Allion, Type of car: 4 door, Condition: Used, License plate number: 1ZZ ,
    Keyless entry, rims and new tyres, 1800cc, perfect interior, runs on a new engine with documents available.
    Lady driven in bungoma town.
               Subaru Legacy 2009 BM9 6-Speed Manual Leather For Sale - 1,750,000/=         
    Set a price: KSh 1,750,000, Year: 2009, Transmission: Manual, VIN number: KCK , Model: Legacy, Type of car: Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), Condition: New, License plate number: KCK ,
    Subaru Legacy BM9, 2009 Model Asking Price 1,7500,000/= Negotiable
    2500CC, 6-speed Manual, Petrol, Black, AWD.
    Leather seats, Seat heater, SI drive, Keyless start, Keyless entry, Cup holders, Steering controls, Fog lights, Alloy rims, side mirror Blinkers, Power seats.
    We have a wide v...
              Mitsubishi ASX 2.0 GLX 2012        
    Year: 2012 Price: R 189 990 CMH Mazda Durban Description: For more information on this vehicle please contact 0816403927. The Mitsubishi ASX 2.0 5 Door GL, a beautifully designed SUV. This great vehicle has all the comforts you could ask for in a vehicle and with its 2.0lt engine, it has plenty of power to get you places. With its slightly aggressive styling, it will definitely turn a few heads. Extras: Climate control,Panoramic Roof with lights, Heated Seats, mag wheels, Towbar, Rear PDC, Keyless entry, Keyless start, Rain sensors, Fog lights, Auto-fold Mirrors, Electric windows,Electric Mirrors, Head lights spray Jet, Driver side Electrical seat,Steering function control, Leather seats, On board Computer, Power Steering, Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Cruise Control, Radio / CD, Security System, Air Bag, Central Locking
              Mitsubishi ASX 2.0 GLS auto 2017        
              Stealing Cars for 20 Bucks        

    [Yingtao Zeng], [Qing Yang], and [Jun Li], a.k.a. the [UnicornTeam], developed the cheapest way so far to hack a passive keyless entry system, as found on some cars: around $22 in parts, give or take a buck. But that’s not all, they manage to increase the previous known effective range of this type of attack from 100 m to around 320 m. They gave a talk at HITB Amsterdam, a couple of weeks ago, and shown their results.

    The attack in its essence is not new, and it’s basically just creating a range extender for the keyfob.  One radio stays …read more

              The Road Ahead        

    I keep coming, and then I go. I would not disagree that in recent times I have become quite adept at the disappearing act. As you may have noticed, particularly so if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, my most recent jaunt across the seas was only a few weeks ago and in just two weeks I will be taking off once again. Unequivocally, I am enormously fortunate to traipse between two continents as I do (though not done anywhere near on the whim as some think – it’s actually a very well orchestrated mission) however that doesn’t negate how somewhat disruptive it is to my life here in Perth. This pattern of travel is going to continue into the first half of next year and it’s something that will require me to figure out the best way to navigate so that I can keep up with all that I do here and want to do. Not at all a whine or a whinge though, let’s be real now. New York every couple of months ain’t nothing to sneeze at, even if it does mean half a week of catching up on sleep and hundreds of emails in the work inbox to sift through. 

    What I have been wanting to share with you all for a little while now was the Volvo Blogger Drive (hashtag #volvobloggerdrive on IG, y’all) I was a lucky little duck to be part of. For three weeks I got to vroom vroom around town in my own Volvo, kindly provided by Barbagallo Volvo in Cannington. Given the choice of the Volvo XC60 SUV or the V40 sporty hatch, I went with the sleek lines of the V40. My everyday ride is a Lexus IS250 and it being a full size sedan, I wanted the opportunity to drive a smaller car as I am in fact considering my next car to be something smaller. 

    Upon picking it up and getting acquainted with all the features of the car, looked after wonderfully by Anthony at the dealership who most importantly synced my iPhone up with the car, I drove on out of the dealership and made the short journey home. While a car is first and foremost a means of transportation, it's undeniable that most people seek to make their travel as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. With so many of us spending a fair amount of time in our cars, especially making our daily treks to and from work and contending with sometimes horrendous traffic, an enjoyable ride can make all the difference. So in that regard, the V40 definitely ticked all the boxes. The seats were super comfy; ergonomically designed so were well moulded and sculpted allowing me to really sit back in comfort. Being on the smaller and shorter side, sometimes I do find it difficult to get comfortable in car seats particularly in adjusting the seat to accommodate being able to both see over the dash and still reach the pedals! The power controlled seats (with memory function) could be adjusted to a significant extent that I could find the best position for me. My biggest gripe is when I can't tilt or lift the seat enough, but no problems with the V40. 

    The best way to really get a feel of a car and how it drives is to take it out of the city. The short trips around the metro area and the stop-start motion of city driving don't give you the best idea of how a car can perform and if it's really got the goods that will keep you satisfied over a couple hours of driving. So of course, out of the city I had to go and took my pal (and ever suffering photographer) Shu with me on a weekend away to York. Both of us were keen to see the fields of canola and wildflowers, which at that time were just coming into bloom and found that they were in abundance in the charming little town of York. We stayed at Laurelville Manor, which was a classic country house that was beautifully designed and styled, retaining little touches of the old mixed in with all the modern conveniences. The hosts welcomed us with afternoon tea (all the delicious morsels were baked in house) and breakfast the next morning was superb. 

    Back to the Volvo though. The drive from Perth to York is neither overly long nor arduous but is different enough from city driving to feel how the car handles itself at longer distances and greater speeds. One thing to point out - though a smaller car it may be, do not understand its power and ability. The V40 T5 R-design, which is the particular variant I was driving, is fitted with a 2.5 litre turbo engine which means there is no struggle at all which sometimes can be the case with smaller cars. The V40 is definitely the not-so-little engine that could. 

    The large display meant I could keep an eye on my speeds, which to be honest is a must when it comes to me as I'm known for the ease at which I tend to go over the speed limit. When using the navigation function, the information on upcoming road signs or fixed red light and speed cameras is another nifty feature. The factory fitted sound system delivers an awesome sound quality and this is important for me as tunes are a must even if it's a two minute drive.

    I know that the popular belief tends to be that Volvos are family cars. That's not without good reason, as Volvos come with standout safety features and of course, when having children in cars you want to know they are travelling safe. However for me, as a professional woman in my early 30s who does not have children, I was highly impressed with both the aesthetics of the V40 and also all the little luxurious and premium features that I have become accustomed to having with my own car. Priced at $50,400 (the drive away price is $59,296) it fits into a segment of the market which I personally feel people such as myself would looking at purchasing in if they were shopping for a new car. The V40 offers exceptional comfort, performance and safety and is not at all short on features that allow for it to be considered a higher end hatchback.

    While I was furnished with the use of this car by Barbagallo Volvo, my experience with the V40 is entirely my honest opinion and there is not really anything that I found fault with but if I was to be asked if there was anything that I felt could be improved upon or would increase my enjoyment of it, it would be that I found it somewhat strange the car did not have keyless entry. Whilst it is fitted with push start ignition (however, you still need to insert the key fob), there is no keyless entry which is something I am used to having and while you'll certainly survive without it, it's great to be able to just walk up to your car and have it unlock for you especially when you already have your hands full.


    Despite that, I was a very happy and satisfied Volvo driver for those three weeks. If you're considering a new car and if it’s essential that your new car both looks good and drives good and if quality is important to you, I highly recommend you give the team at Barbagallo Volvo a call and take one of these little beauties out for a spin.


    Volvo V40 T5 R-Design provided by Barbagallo Volvo
    All photography by SOUL of SHU

               BMW 1 Series M Coupe, 2011 (11), Manual Petrol, 50,000 miles        
    Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Half Leather, Rain-Sensing Wipers, Alarm, Central Locking, Anti-Theft System, Immobiliser, Keyless Entry, Locking Wheel Nuts, Remote Central Locking, Colour Coded Interior, Head Restraints, Height Adjustable Seat, Lumbar Adjustment, Retractable Headrests, Sports... 9,500.00 - Contact seller
              Tour: The Book of Bart by Ryan Hill (Excerpt)        

    Title: The Book of Bart
    Author: Ryan Hill
    Genre: Paranormal
    Age Group: Young Adult
    Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
    Release Date: May 22, 2014
    Links: Goodreads

    Only one thing is so powerful, so dangerous that Heaven and Hell must work together to find it: the Shard of Gabriel.

    With a mysterious Black Cloud of Death hot on the shard’s trail, a desperate Heaven enlists the help of Bart, a demon who knows more about the shard than almost anyone. Six years ago, he had it in his hands. If only he’d used it before his coup to overthrow the devil failed. Now, he’s been sprung from his eternal punishment to help Samantha, an angel in training, recover the shard before the Black Cloud of Death finds it.

    If Bartholomew wants to succeed, he’ll have to fight the temptation to betray Samantha and the allure of the shard. After an existence full of evil, the only way Bart can get right with Hell is to be good.


    Samantha burst out of The House of the Rising Sun, trying to catch up to me. “Wait. Where are you going?”

    I waved her off. “You’re on your own, kiddo.”

    “Where are you going?”

    “Wherever the day takes me. Disney World. The moon. I don’t know and I don’t care.” I lit a cigarette and took a drag. “I’m not messing with a female demon, or whatever it is,” I said, exhaling through my nose. “You think I’m bad? I at least have fun when I’m working. Those harpies just…they take things way too seriously.”

    Female demons are the worst. So insecure. One look at another woman and next thing you know, the Titanic is sinking. Believe me, I know from experience.

    “How can I stop one of them from getting the Shard?”

    I stopped and turned around, moving within inches of her face. “They probably already have it. Why else would Pierce have attacked me? Why do you think we got jumped at the museum?”

    Samantha shrugged. “I’m not sure.”

    “Right,” I snapped. Lies. Or as angels call it, distortion of the truth. Anger boiled in my veins. I considered letting my horns out to play. It would be nothing to ram them through her chest, ruining her perfect C-cups. “So tell me, little miss angel face, why should I help you when you won’t tell me what you know?”

    Samantha bit her lower lip, like she carefully considered what to say next. A wise move. I wanted to impale her like a matador.

    “Well?” I pressed the button on my keyless entry to unlock my car. “I don’t have all day. I’d like to deflower a virgin or two before sundown.”

    Her expression became stolid. “I can’t believe you’re scared,” she said derisively. “You. A demon. Afraid of a girl.”

    She laughed and laid a hand on the roof of my Benz, adding to her offense.

    I’d have removed her hand from her body, but she’d called out my demonhood, and addressing that took precedence. Nobody accused me of being afraid.

    “Scared?” I spit out my cigarette. “I’m not scared. I’m just smart enough to know when to close up shop. You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.”

    “Maybe you’re right.” Samantha’s lips curled upward. “Maybe they did send me the wrong demon. Next time I’ll make sure they send me someone who knows how to finish the job.”

    Oh, that burned. This girl was good. And I bought into it, because to be fair, why should I stand idly by and let somebody else succeed in my stead? I wanted to pat her on the back for such a fine manipulation, but thought better of it.

    About this Author:

    Growing up, Ryan Hill used to spend his time reading and writing instead of doing homework. This resulted in an obsession with becoming a writer, but also a gross incompetence in the fields of science and mathematics. A graduate of North Carolina State University, Ryan has been a film critic for over five years. He lives in Raleigh, NC, with his dog/shadow Maggie. Ryan also feels strange about referring to himself in the third person.

    Links: Website + Goodreads + Twitter
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              2017 Honda CR-V Black ( $27,415        
    Optional Features: Turbocharged, All Wheel Drive, Powered steering, ANTI LOCK BRAKES, 4-Wheel Disc Brakes, Brake Assist, Aluminum Wheels, Tires - Front All season, Tires - Rear Four season, Temporary Spare Tire, Sun/Moonroof, Generic Sun/Moonroof, Heated Mirrors, Power Mirror(S), Integrated Turn Signal Mirrors, Rear Defrost, Privacy Glass, Variable wipers, Variable Speed Intermittent windshield wipers, Rear Spoiler, Power locking doors, Automatic headlights, Fog Lights, Am-fm radio, Satellite Radio, Bluetooth Connection, Aux Audio Input, Smart Device Integration, Steering Wheel Audio Controls, Power Driver Seat, Bucket Seats, Heated Front Seat(S), Driver Adjustable Lumbar, Pass-Through Rear Seat, Rear Bench Seat, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Remote keyless entry, Keyless Start, Cruise Control, Climate Control, Multi-Zone AIR CONDITIONER, Woodgrain Interior Trim, Cloth Seats, Driver Vanity Mirror, Passenger Vanity Mirror, Driver Lighted Vanity Mirror, Passenger Lighted Visor Mirror, Floormats, Cargo Shade

              $28,602, Don’t Miss Out on Our 2017 Chrysler Pacifica with only 21 Miles        
    Powered by AutofundsCall: (937) 898-1616www.svgmotors.com400 Shoup Mill Road, Dayton, OH 45415ALL INVENTORYAPPLY FOR FINANCEVALUE YOUR TRADE2017 Chrysler Pacifica Touring with 21 milesVehicle SpecificationsYear2017MakeChryslerModelPacifica TransmissionAutomatic ExteriorSilver InteriorBlack/alloy VIN2C4RC1DG5HR663769 Stock #EC582 EquipmentABSA/CAdjustable Steering WheelAuxiliary Audio InputBucket SeatsCruise ControlDriver Illuminated Vanity MirrorMulti-Zone A/CFloor MatsHeated MirrorsKeyless StartPassenger Air BagPassenger Vanity MirrorPower Driver SeatPower Third Passenger DoorRear A/CRear SpoilerFront Head Air BagTire Pressure MonitorTraction ControlVariable Speed Intermittent Wipers4-Wheel Disc BrakesA/TAluminum WheelsBack-Up CameraChild Safety LocksDaytime Running LightsDriver Adjustable LumbarStability ControlFront Wheel DriveIntermittent WipersKnee Air BagPassenger Air Bag SensorPower Door LocksPower Fourth Passenger DoorPower WindowsRear DefrostSatellite RadioSteering Wheel Audio ControlsTires - Front All-SeasonTrip ComputerEngine Immobilizer9-Speed A/T3rd Row SeatAutomatic HeadlightsBrake AssistCloth SeatsDriver Air BagDriver Vanity MirrorFourth Passenger DoorGasoline FuelKeyless EntryMP3 PlayerPassenger Illuminated Visor MirrorPower Mirror(s)Power SteeringPrivacy GlassRear Head Air BagFront Side Air BagThird Passenger DoorTires - Rear All-SeasonV6 Cylinder EngineBluetooth ConnectionMechanical160 Amp Alternator19 Gal. Fuel Tank3.25 Axle Ratio4-Wheel Disc Brakes w/4-Wheel ABS, Front Vented Discs, Brake Assist, Hill Hold Control and Electric Parking Brake50 State Emissions730CCA Maintenance-Free Battery w/Run Down ProtectionElectric Power-Assist SteeringEngine Oil CoolerEngine: 3.6L V6 24V VVT UPG I w/ESS -inc: Auxiliary Battery, Engine Oil Cooler, 180 Amp Alternator, 650 Amp Maintenance Free AGM Battery, Stop-Start Dual Battery SystemFront Anti-Roll BarFront-Wheel DriveGas-Pressurized Shock AbsorbersGVWR: 6,005 lbsNormal Duty SuspensionSingle Stainless Steel ExhaustStrut Front Suspension w/Coil SpringsTrailing Arm Rear Suspension w/Coil SpringsTransmission w/Oil CoolerTransmission: 9-Speed 948TE FWD AutomaticInterior2 12V DC Power Outlets2 Seatback Storage Pockets4-Way Passenger Seat -inc: Manual Recline and Fore/Aft Movement8-Way Power Driver Seat -inc: Power Recline, Height Adjustment, Fore/Aft Movement, Cushion Tilt and Power 4-Way Lumbar SupportAir FiltrationAnalog DisplayBucket Folding Captain Front Facing Manual Reclining Tumble Forward Cloth Rear Seat w/Manual Fore/Aft and Stow ft.n Go Manual Fold Into FloorCargo Features -inc: Spare Tire Mobility KitCargo Space LightsCarpet Floor TrimCloth Bucket Seats -inc: With cognac/alloy/toffee interior includes toffee seats w/anodized silver accents and liquid titanium bezels, With black/alloy interior includes black seats w/sepia accent stitch, anodized silver accents and mineral shitake bezelsCompassCruise Control w/Steering Wheel ControlsDay-Night Rearview MirrorDelayed Accessory PowerDriver And Front Passenger Armrests and Rear Seat Mounted ArmrestDriver And Passenger Visor Vanity Mirrors w/Driver And Passenger IlluminationDriver Foot RestDual Zone Front Manual Air ConditioningFade-To-Off Interior LightingFixed 60-40 Split-Bench Cloth 3rd Row Seat Front, Manual Recline, Manual Fold Into Floor and 3 Fixed Head RestraintsFixed Rear Head RestraintsFOB Controls -inc: Trunk/Hatch/TailgateFront And Rear Map LightsFront CupholderFront Seats w/Power 4-Way Driver LumbarFull Carpet Floor Covering -inc: Carpet Front And Rear Floor MatsFull Cloth HeadlinerGauges -inc: Speedometer, Odometer, Voltmeter, Oil Pressure, Engine Coolant Temp, Tachometer, Oil Temperature, Transmission Fluid Temp, Trip Odometer and Trip ComputerHVAC -inc: Underseat Ducts, Auxiliary Rear Heater and Headliner/Pillar DuctsInstrument Panel Covered Bin, Interior Concealed Storage, Driver / Passenger And Rear Door BinsIntegrated Voice Command w/BluetoothInterior Trim -inc: Colored Instrument Panel Insert, Colored Door Panel Insert, Piano Black Console Insert, Piano Black And Metal-Look Interior AccentsLocking Glove BoxManual Tilt/Telescoping Steering ColumnMetal-Look Gear Shift KnobOutside Temp GaugePartial Floor Console w/Storage, Mini Overhead Console w/Storage, Conversation Mirror and 2 12V DC Power OutletsPower 1st Row Windows w/Driver And Passenger 1-Touch Up/DownPower Door Locks w/Autolock FeaturePower Rear Windows and Fixed 3rd Row WindowsProximity Key For Doors And Push Button StartRear CupholderRear HVAC w/Separate ControlsRedundant Digital SpeedometerRemote Keyless Entry w/Integrated Key Transmitter, Illuminated Entry, Illuminated Ignition Switch and Panic ButtonSentry Key Engine ImmobilizerSystems MonitorTrip ComputerValet FunctionVinyl Door Trim InsertExteriorBlack GrilleBlack Power Heated Side Mirrors w/Manual FoldingBlack Side Windows TrimBody-Colored Door HandlesBody-Colored Front Bumper w/Black Bumper InsertBody-Colored Rear BumperClearcoat PaintDeep Tinted GlassFixed Rear Window w/Fixed Interval Wiper, Heated Wiper Park and DefrosterFront License Plate BracketFully Automatic Projector Beam Halogen Daytime Running Headlamps w/Delay-OffGalvanized Steel/Aluminum PanelsLiftgate Rear Cargo AccessLip SpoilerPerimeter/Approach LightsPower Sliding Rear DoorsSpare Tire Mobility KitTailgate/Rear Door Lock Included w/Power Door LocksTires: P235/65R17 BSW AS -inc: Yokohama Brand TiresVariable Intermittent WipersWheels: 17" x 7.0" AluminumSafetyABS And Driveline Traction ControlAirbag Occupancy SensorCurtain 1st, 2nd And 3rd Row AirbagsDriver And Passenger Knee AirbagDual Stage Driver And Passenger Front AirbagsDual Stage Driver And Passenger Seat-Mounted Side AirbagsElectronic Stability Control (ESC)Outboard Front Lap And Shoulder Safety Belts -inc: Height Adjusters and PretensionersParkView Back-Up CameraRear Child Safety LocksSide Impact BeamsTire Specific Low Tire Pressure WarningView GalleryShowroom HoursMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday09:00 AM - 08:00 PM 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM By Appointment Only Call: (937) 898-1616400 Shoup Mill Road Dayton, OH 45415www.svgmotors.comAll rights reserved. © 2003-2014 Autofunds - Car Dealer Software
              $18,220, Stop By and Test Drive This 2017 Dodge Journey with only 14 Miles        
    Powered by AutofundsCall: (937) 898-1616www.svgmotors.com400 Shoup Mill Road, Dayton, OH 45415ALL INVENTORYAPPLY FOR FINANCEVALUE YOUR TRADE2017 Dodge Journey SXT with 14 milesVehicle SpecificationsYear2017MakeDodgeModelJourney TransmissionAutomatic InteriorBlack VIN3C4PDCBB3HT582175 Stock #ED587 18 Highway14 City Equipment4 Cylinder EngineA/CAdjustable Steering WheelAutomatic HeadlightsBucket SeatsCloth SeatsDaytime Running LightsMulti-Zone A/CFloor MatsHeated MirrorsKeyless StartPass-Through Rear SeatPassenger Air Bag SensorPower SteeringRear A/CRear Head Air BagSteering Wheel Audio ControlsTrip ComputerABSA/TAM/FM StereoAuxiliary Audio InputCD PlayerTemporary Spare TireDriver Air BagStability ControlFront Wheel DriveIntermittent WipersKnee Air BagPassenger Air BagPower Door LocksPower WindowsRear Bench SeatFront Side Air BagTire Pressure MonitorVariable Speed Intermittent Wipers4-Wheel Disc Brakes3rd Row SeatTransmission w/Dual Shift ModeBrake AssistChild Safety LocksCruise ControlDriver Vanity MirrorFog LampsGasoline FuelKeyless EntryMP3 PlayerPassenger Air Bag On/Off SwitchPower Mirror(s)Privacy GlassRear DefrostFront Head Air BagTraction ControlEngine ImmobilizerMechanical1165# Maximum Payload160 Amp Alternator20.5 Gal. Fuel Tank4-Wheel Disc Brakes w/4-Wheel ABS, Front Vented Discs and Brake Assist4.28 Axle Ratio50 State Emissions525CCA Maintenance-Free Battery w/Run Down ProtectionAuto/StickTMEngine: 2.4L I4 DOHC 16V Dual VVTFront And Rear Anti-Roll BarsFront-Wheel DriveGas-Pressurized Shock AbsorbersGVWR: 5,475 lbsHydraulic Power-Assist Speed-Sensing SteeringMulti-Link Rear Suspension w/Coil SpringsNormal Duty SuspensionSingle Stainless Steel ExhaustStrut Front Suspension w/Coil SpringsTowing w/Trailer Sway ControlTransmission w/Oil CoolerTransmission: 4-Speed Automatic VLPInterior1 Seatback Storage Pocket4 12V DC Power Outlets4-Way Passenger Seat -inc: Manual Recline and Fore/Aft Movement4.3" Touch Screen Display40-60 Folding Split-Bench Front Facing Manual Reclining Tilt ft.n Slide(tm) Fold Forward Seatback Rear Seat w/Manual Fore/Aft6-Way Driver Seat -inc: Manual Recline, Height Adjustment and Fore/Aft MovementAir FiltrationCargo Area Concealed StorageCargo Space LightsCarpet Floor TrimCompassCruise Control w/Steering Wheel ControlsDay-Night Rearview MirrorDelayed Accessory PowerDigital/Analog DisplayDriver Foot RestDriver Visor Vanity MirrorDual Zone Front Manual Air ConditioningFade-To-Off Interior LightingFixed 50-50 Bench Premium Cloth 3rd Row Seat Front, Manual Recline, Manual Fold Into Floor and 2 Fixed Head RestraintsFront And Rear Map LightsFront Center Armrest and Rear Center Armrest w/StorageFull Carpet Floor Covering -inc: Carpet Front And Rear Floor MatsFull Cloth HeadlinerFull Floor Console w/Covered Storage and 4 12V DC Power OutletsGauges -inc: Speedometer, Odometer, Oil Pressure, Engine Coolant Temp, Tachometer, Oil Temperature, Transmission Fluid Temp, Engine Hour Meter, Trip Odometer and Trip ComputerHVAC -inc: Underseat Ducts, Auxiliary Rear Heater and Headliner/Pillar DuctsIlluminated Front CupholderIlluminated Locking Glove BoxInstrument Panel Bin, Interior Concealed Storage, Driver / Passenger And Rear Door Bins and 2nd Row Underseat StorageInterior Trim -inc: Metal-Look Instrument Panel Insert, Metal-Look Door Panel Insert, Chrome And Metal-Look Interior AccentsManual Anti-Whiplash w/Tilt Front Head Restraints and Manual Adjustable Rear Head RestraintsManual Tilt/Telescoping Steering ColumnOutside Temp GaugePower 1st Row Windows w/Driver 1-Touch DownPower Door Locks w/Autolock FeaturePower Rear Windows and Fixed 3rd Row WindowsPremium Cloth Low-Back Bucket SeatsProximity Key For Doors And Push Button StartRear CupholderRear HVAC w/Separate ControlsRedundant Digital SpeedometerRemote Keyless Entry w/Integrated Key Transmitter, 2 Door Curb/Courtesy, Illuminated Entry and Panic ButtonSentry Key Engine ImmobilizerSystems MonitorTrip ComputerUrethane Gear Shift KnobValet FunctionVinyl Door Trim InsertExteriorBlack Side Windows TrimBody-Colored Door HandlesBody-Colored Front Bumper w/Metal-Look Bumper InsertBody-Colored Power Heated Side Mirrors w/Manual FoldingBody-Colored Rear BumperChrome GrilleClearcoat PaintCompact Spare Tire Stored Underbody w/CrankdownDeep Tinted GlassDodge Performance Body Color FasciasFixed Rear Window w/Fixed Interval Wiper and DefrosterFront Fog LampsFully Automatic Aero-Composite Halogen Daytime Running Headlamps w/Delay-OffGalvanized Steel/Aluminum/Composite PanelsLED BrakelightsLiftgate Rear Cargo AccessPerimeter/Approach LightsRoof Rack Rails OnlySpeed Sensitive Variable Intermittent WipersSteel Spare WheelTailgate/Rear Door Lock Included w/Power Door LocksTip StartTires: P225/65R17 BSW A/S TouringWheels: 17" x 6.5" AluminumSafetyABS And Driveline Traction ControlAirbag Occupancy SensorCurtain 1st, 2nd And 3rd Row AirbagsDriver Knee AirbagDual Stage Driver And Passenger Front AirbagsDual Stage Driver And Passenger Seat-Mounted Side AirbagsElectronic Stability Control (ESC) And Roll Stability Control (RSC)Outboard Front Lap And Shoulder Safety Belts -inc: Rear Center 3 Point, Height Adjusters and PretensionersRear Child Safety LocksSide Impact BeamsTire Specific Low Tire Pressure WarningView GalleryShowroom HoursMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday09:00 AM - 08:00 PM 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM By Appointment Only Call: (937) 898-1616400 Shoup Mill Road Dayton, OH 45415www.svgmotors.comAll rights reserved. © 2003-2014 Autofunds - Car Dealer Software
              $32,217, Check Out This Spotless 2017 Chrysler Pacifica with only 19 Miles        
    Powered by AutofundsCall: (937) 898-1616www.svgmotors.com400 Shoup Mill Road, Dayton, OH 45415ALL INVENTORYAPPLY FOR FINANCEVALUE YOUR TRADE2017 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L with 19 milesVehicle SpecificationsYear2017MakeChryslerModelPacifica TransmissionAutomatic ExteriorOther InteriorBlack/alloy VIN2C4RC1BG5HR661359 Stock #EC591 18 Highway14 City EquipmentABSA/CAdjustable Steering WheelAutomatic HeadlightsBlind Spot MonitorChild Safety LocksDaytime Running LightsDriver Adjustable LumbarStability ControlFront Wheel DriveHeated MirrorsKnee Air BagLuggage RackPassenger Air Bag SensorPower Door LocksPower Fourth Passenger DoorPower Third Passenger DoorRear Bucket SeatsRear Head Air BagRemote Engine StartFront Head Air BagTires - Front All-SeasonTrip ComputerVariable Speed Intermittent Wipers4-Wheel Disc BrakesA/TSecurity SystemAuxiliary Audio InputBrake AssistClimate ControlDriver Air BagDriver Vanity MirrorFog LampsGasoline FuelKeyless EntryLeather SeatsMP3 PlayerPassenger Illuminated Visor MirrorPower Mirror(s)Power LiftgatePower WindowsRear A/CRear Parking AidSatellite RadioSteering Wheel Audio ControlsTires - Rear All-SeasonUniversal Garage Door OpenerEngine Immobilizer9-Speed A/T3rd Row SeatAluminum WheelsBack-Up CameraBucket SeatsCruise ControlDriver Illuminated Vanity MirrorMulti-Zone A/CFloor MatsHeated Front Seat(s)Keyless StartLeather Steering WheelPassenger Air BagPassenger Vanity MirrorPower Driver SeatPower SteeringPrivacy GlassRear DefrostRear SpoilerFront Side Air BagTire Pressure MonitorTraction ControlV6 Cylinder EngineBluetooth ConnectionMechanical180 Amp Alternator19 Gal. Fuel Tank3.25 Axle Ratio4-Wheel Disc Brakes w/4-Wheel ABS, Front Vented Discs, Brake Assist, Hill Hold Control and Electric Parking Brake50 State Emissions730CCA Maintenance-Free Battery w/Run Down ProtectionElectric Power-Assist SteeringEngine Oil CoolerEngine: 3.6L V6 24V VVTFront Anti-Roll BarFront-Wheel DriveGas-Pressurized Shock AbsorbersGVWR: 6,005 lbsNormal-Duty SuspensionSingle Stainless Steel ExhaustStrut Front Suspension w/Coil SpringsTrailing Arm Rear Suspension w/Coil SpringsTransmission w/Oil CoolerTransmission: 9-Speed 948TE FWD AutomaticInterior2 12V DC Power Outlets2 Seatback Storage Pockets4-Way Passenger Seat -inc: Manual Recline and Fore/Aft Movement7 Person Seating Capacity8-Way Power Driver Seat -inc: Power Recline, Height Adjustment, Fore/Aft Movement, Cushion Tilt and Power 4-Way Lumbar SupportAir FiltrationAnalog DisplayBucket Folding Captain Front Facing Manual Reclining Tumble Forward Leather Rear Seat w/Manual Fore/Aft and Stow ft.n Go Manual Fold Into FloorCargo Features -inc: Spare Tire Mobility KitCargo Space LightsCarpet Floor TrimCompassCruise Control w/Steering Wheel ControlsDay-Night Rearview MirrorDelayed Accessory PowerDriver And Front Passenger Armrests and Rear Seat Mounted ArmrestDriver And Passenger Heated-Cushion, Driver And Passenger Heated-SeatbackDriver And Passenger Visor Vanity Mirrors w/Driver And Passenger IlluminationDriver Foot RestDual Zone Front Automatic Air ConditioningFade-To-Off Interior LightingFixed 60-40 Split-Bench Leatherette 3rd Row Seat Front, Manual Recline, Manual Fold Into Floor and 3 Fixed Head RestraintsFOB Controls -inc: Trunk/Hatch/Tailgate and Remote Engine StartFront And Rear Map LightsFront CupholderFront Seats w/Power 4-Way Driver LumbarFull Carpet Floor Covering -inc: Carpet Front And Rear Floor MatsFull Cloth HeadlinerGarage Door TransmitterGauges -inc: Speedometer, Odometer, Oil Pressure, Engine Coolant Temp, Tachometer, Oil Temperature, Transmission Fluid Temp, Engine Hour Meter, Trip Odometer and Trip ComputerHVAC -inc: Underseat Ducts, Auxiliary Rear Heater and Headliner/Pillar DuctsIlluminated Locking Glove BoxInstrument Panel Covered Bin, Interior Concealed Storage, Driver / Passenger And Rear Door BinsIntegrated Voice Command w/BluetoothInterior Trim -inc: Piano Black Instrument Panel Insert, Metal-Look Door Panel Insert, Piano Black Console Insert and Metal-Look Interior AccentsLeather Steering WheelLeather Trimmed Bucket SeatsManual Tilt/Telescoping Steering ColumnManual w/Tilt Front Head Restraints and Fixed Rear Head RestraintsMetal-Look Gear Shift KnobOutside Temp GaugePartial Floor Console w/Covered Storage, Mini Overhead Console w/Storage, Conversation Mirror and 2 12V DC Power OutletsPerimeter AlarmPower 1st Row Windows w/Driver And Passenger 1-Touch Up/DownPower Door Locks w/Autolock FeaturePower Rear Windows and Fixed 3rd Row WindowsProximity Key For Doors And Push Button StartRear CupholderRear HVAC w/Separate ControlsRedundant Digital SpeedometerRemote Keyless Entry w/Integrated Key Transmitter, Illuminated Entry, Illuminated Ignition Switch and Panic ButtonRemote Releases -Inc: Power Cargo AccessSentry Key Engine ImmobilizerSystems MonitorTrip ComputerTrunk/Hatch Auto-LatchValet FunctionVinyl Door Trim InsertExteriorBlack Grille w/Chrome SurroundBody-Colored Front Bumper w/Chrome Bumper InsertBody-Colored Power Heated Side Mirrors w/Manual FoldingBody-Colored Rear Bumper w/Chrome Bumper InsertChrome Bodyside MoldingsChrome Door HandlesChrome Side Windows TrimClearcoat PaintDeep Tinted GlassFixed Rear Window w/Fixed Interval Wiper, Heated Wiper Park and DefrosterFront Fog LampsFront License Plate BracketFully Automatic Projector Beam Halogen Daytime Running Headlamps w/Delay-OffGalvanized Steel/Aluminum PanelsLED BrakelightsLip SpoilerPerimeter/Approach LightsPower Liftgate Rear Cargo AccessPower Sliding Rear DoorsRoof RackSpare Tire Mobility KitTailgate/Rear Door Lock Included w/Power Door LocksTires: P235/65R17 BSW ASVariable Intermittent WipersWheels: 17" x 7.0" AluminumSafetyABS And Driveline Traction ControlAirbag Occupancy SensorBlind Spot SensorCurtain 1st, 2nd And 3rd Row AirbagsDriver And Passenger Knee AirbagDual Stage Driver And Passenger Front AirbagsDual Stage Driver And Passenger Seat-Mounted Side AirbagsElectronic Stability Control (ESC)Outboard Front Lap And Shoulder Safety Belts -inc: Height Adjusters and PretensionersParkSense Rear Parking SensorsParkView Back-Up CameraRear Child Safety LocksSide Impact BeamsTire Specific Low Tire Pressure WarningView GalleryShowroom HoursMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday09:00 AM - 08:00 PM 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM By Appointment Only Call: (937) 898-1616400 Shoup Mill Road Dayton, OH 45415www.svgmotors.comAll rights reserved. © 2003-2014 Autofunds - Car Dealer Software
              $15,842, An Impressive 2017 Jeep Renegade with only 10 Miles        
    Powered by AutofundsCall: (937) 898-1616www.svgmotors.com400 Shoup Mill Road, Dayton, OH 45415ALL INVENTORYAPPLY FOR FINANCEVALUE YOUR TRADE2017 Jeep Renegade Sport with 10 milesVehicle SpecificationsYear2017MakeJeepModelRenegade TransmissionManual ExteriorOrange InteriorBlack VINZACCJAAH2HPF22915 Stock #EJ687 18 Highway14 City Equipment4 Cylinder EngineAdjustable Steering WheelAuxiliary Audio InputChild Safety LocksDriver Air BagFloor MatsIntermittent WipersKnee Air BagPassenger Air BagPower Door LocksRear Bench SeatRear SpoilerSteering Wheel Audio ControlsTires - Rear All-SeasonTurbochargedABSAM/FM Ster