5 fabulosas técnicas de belleza para que luzcas radiante siempre        
Inicia el 2017 practicando 5 hábitos para lucir bella | Elena del Mar
Nada más saludable y rejuvenecedor que llevar rutinas de belleza que cuiden de tu aspecto y te permitan lucir renovada cada día. Elena del Mar como uno de los centros de estética en Chicó, te da a conocer 5 diferentes pero espectaculares rutinas para que las pongas en práctica por el resto de días. Empiézalos de manera distinta.

Estás a tiempo. Renueva tu estilo de vida

Pasados casi 30 días del año aun estás a tiempo de retomar y aplicar a tus días rutinas que te permiten empezar a renovar tu rostro y cuerpo, por ello, propón consentirte y sorprenderte, verte bella y radiante gracias a prácticas que podrás realizarte en algún spa en Bogotá norte y te ayudarán a lograr ese cambio tan deseado. Ten en cuenta estos consejos o hábitos de belleza, son especialmente para ti.

#1. Cambia de look

Sin dudas, este aspecto es crucial para que te sientas diferente contigo. Poder mirarte al espejo y lucir mucho mejor es el paso fundamental para que empieces a tomar decisiones en tu vida. La grandiosa Coco Chanel un día dijo: â€œuna mujer que corta su cabello está a punto de cambiar su vida” y sí que es cierto. O, ¿qué sucede cuando vas a la peluquería y decides transformarte? ¿Cómo te sientes? Tú tienes la respuesta. Entonces hoy toma camino a la peluquería y cambia tu look.

#2. Ejercítate y moldea tu cuerpo

Aunque suena hermoso, realmente es un objetivo difícil por su amplitud. Por ello, intenta ponerlo más específico, por ejemplo, salir a trotar todas la mañana, asistir al gym que está cerca a tu casa. De este modo, será mucho más alcanzable y no olvides que tu mayor motivación siempre serás tú; lucir bien y mantener tu peso para que tu salud no esté en riesgo.

#3. Aliméntate correcta y balanceadamente

Cuando se trata de cambiar hábitos es importante y muy aconsejable que lo hagas de manera gradual, ya que así acondicionas tu cuerpo y los empiezas a tomar como costumbres en tu vida. Por tanto, ¿qué tal si empiezas analizando cómo son tus comidas? ¿Tomas muy pocas raciones de fruta o verdura? ¿Tomas agua? Te aconsejamos que comiences a evitar los azúcares. Margarita Rosa de Francisco, actriz y presentadora aconseja evitar los lácteos, los fritos y el pan y, te invita para que tomes agua, té verde y agua de Flor de Jamaica.

#4. Para el cuerpo y rostro una buena hidratación

Éste hábito te anima para que te consientas gracias a buenas rutinas de limpieza de tu rostro. Limpiezas que puedes realizar en tu casa y si deseas más profundidad, existen spas en el centro de Bogotá que te ofrecen fabulosos planes y promociones que te prometen limpiezas correctas. Adicionalmente, es muy importante que te acostumbres a usar protector solar. Y, por supuesto, exfolia tu rostro y piel corporal una vez a la semana, te ayuda a eliminar células muertas.

#5. Fíjate en las tendencias

Estas serán las que te ayuden a determinar qué sigue y qué tipo de procedimiento o técnica de belleza podrías practicarte. Observa y analiza las tendencias en maquillaje, ejercicios, tratamientos que podrás realizarte en tu centro de estética en Hacienda Santa Bárbara o bien, aquellas grandiosas técnicas que podrás llevar a cabo en la comodidad de tu casa.

Hoy te hemos enseñado 5 diferentes consejos para que te propongas, en lo que queda del año, cambiar y adoptar hábitos en tu vida que te permitirán lucir mucho más radiante y bella. En Elena del Mar te ofrecemos procedimientos faciales y corporales, llevados a cabo con grandiosos equipos y tecnologías que te prometerán lucir magnífica. Visita nuestro centro de estética facial en Cafam Floresta y empieza a cambiar desde hoy.

Artículo tomado de Elena del Mar.

          Volkswagen Beetle Commercial        
Volkswagen Beetle Commercial

Ah yes, Aunt Sandy's infamous Kwanzaa cake video. You didn’t think I’d end the blog without slipping that in one more time, did you?

I am incredibly lucky to have undergone this experiment, and I thank everyone who has been a fan these past 6 ½ years, and the hardworking people who make and serve the food I’ve talked about.

So what does the future hold for me?  Danged if I know.  Work, family, hopefully some romance here and there, definitely some food.  I will say this: I am heading to New Orleans for a conference in May and getting some delicious food there, and hopefully in my down time seeing the Southern Food & Beverage Museum (particularly their Maryland exhibit - they do indeed have one).  Plus I’ll be eating locally and growing locally more often than I have in the past.  Most exciting, however, is a trip to Dublin for my birthday (the one in Ireland).  I normally would not do this or even bother to scrounge up the money, but it’s one of those "big" birthdays and I wanted to do something special.  Again, I’m incredibly thankful and lucky that I even get to do this.

Apart from all that, I will just continue cooking food, growing food, investigating recipes from my own backyard and from around the world, but without telling cyberspace about it (alright, I might mention a few of these things on Twitter, but not on here).  Before I decided to finish the blog, I got a hold of my Great Great Aunt Florence’s old recipe book.  I had thought of working through each recipe and seeing how it turned out (there are two crab cake recipes in there, plus one for a Dream Whip Cake).  Maybe I should write a blog about it?

Nah, done that already ;)


And so, this is John, signing off for the last time.  Don't worry - I'm not taking the blog down. It's staying up for the foreseeable future, and probably longer than that. I will check and moderate the comments for a while and maybe add a few jump breaks to some of the longer posts (now that they've bothered to add that capability when I need it the least). Oh, and I should direct you to the newly-indexed State-by-State page to the right.  But I’m not posting anymore.  Seriously, I’m done.  I am pooped. I will miss this blog, but I’m really looking forward to missing it. And finishing it.  Really.

Now what better way to finish than with one of those crazy food haiku?

Time to close up shop.
Bawlmer Snacker is complete.
Now, what’s for dinner? :)

(No the smiley face doesn’t count as an extra syllable!  It’s still a haiku.  Sheesh.)

          State-by-State Redux: X of X - A Julia Child recipe that does not feature butter, and an Ina Garten recipe that makes up for it        
Here it is, the last State-by-State post after more than two years of this project chugging along.  And for this final State-by-State post, I am visiting some American classics that I haven't done for this series, and surprisingly even much in the history of this blog, which you know by now is also ending soon.  I thought it was imperative to visit some of these classics by using recipes from the Queen herself, Julia Child.  Oh, and also Ina Garten.

Snacking State-by-State Redux X of X: The United States

Official Name: United States of America
Nickname: none
Founded: July 4, 1776
Capital: Washington, DC
Other Important Cities: There are a lot of 'em.  Can we just leave it at that? 
Region: North America
RAFT Nations: All of them, except Moose (upper Canada)
Bordered by: Canada (north), Arctic Ocean, Bering Strait & Russia (northwest), Pacific Ocean (west), Mexico (south), Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean Sea (southeast), Atlantic Ocean (east)
Official US Foods and Edible Things: none
Some Famous & Typical Foods: see the previous two years worth of posts for this.  Also: apple pie, barbecue, hot dogs, hamburgers, fast food, and so on

Of all the famous chefs in American history, it's pretty safe to say that none rivals the importance of Julia Child.  I mean, did the Smithsonian Institution put James A. Beard's kitchen on display in the American History Museum in Washington?  I've been a few times, and I just don't get tired of it.

Child was, among all chefs, a pathbreaker in that she introduced the American public to the pleasures of an intimidating cuisine (French, not American) in as accessible a way as possible.  From her Mastering the Art of French Cooking to her long-standing partnership with PBS, her many books and television shows, and her co-founding of the American Institute of Wine and Food, Child left an important and lasting impression on American food [Smithsonian National Museum of American History (Behring Center), no date]

For my final State-by-State post, I am showcasing one of Child's more American recipes: the ever-popular meatloaf.  Yes, she had a recipe for meatloaf, which she considered it a cousin to the French pâté: "Since they are so closely related, I consider the one a variation of the other" [Child 2000: 53].  I had never thought of meatloaf that way, but I guess it is.  But I also did change this one up, not so much fiddling with the master so much as using a version that was "pre-fiddled with".  You see, I realized when planning this final post that I had used so many different meats over the past two years for this series: beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, shellfish, even buffalo, but not the one all-American bird that deserves extra attention in such a series: the turkey.  I left out any turkey recipes!  Yes, that idiotic bird that Benjamin Franklin would have made into our national symbol had the bald eagle not swayed other people instead.

Fortunately, I found a recipe that swaps out the pork in Child's recipe for turkey plus precooked rice.  I'm not sure of the actual provenance of this recipe.  Various sources attribute a turkey meatloaf to Mark Ladner of Del Posto restaurant, though I don't think this is the version in question.  I did find Child's meatloaf with the turkey and rice swapped in for the pork on, of all places, the CD Kitchen website.  Poster "AmandasMom971" [2012] provides the measurements for what is, otherwise, Julia Child's recipe.  To her credit, she does call it "Julia Child's Meatloaf" and doesn't pass it off has her own.

To further complicate things, I swap out the beef in her meatloaf for that tried and true "meatloaf mix" of beef, pork and veal.  Mixing all of those together still gave me some quite pleasant results.

To go along with this turkified version of Child's meatloaf, I thought I would add two important sides: mashed potatoes - for what is meatloaf without mashed potatoes - also from Child's Julia's Kitchen Wisdon: Essential Techniques and Recipes from a Lifetime of Cooking [2000], and a recipe for one more recipe that I have never made for this series or this blog, but has become an important part of the American food landscape: macaroni and cheese.  This time, however, I go with Ina Garten and her "adult mac & cheese" featuring tomato slices, Gruyère and cheddar.  A hearty and wonderful macaroni and cheese on page 202 of Garten's Barefoot Contessa Family-Style cookbook [Garten 2002]

The Recipes: Julia Child's Meatloaf (with Turkey) and Mashed Potatoes, with Ina Garten's Grown-Up Macaroni and Cheese

First, Julia Child's meatloaf that you will certainly not hate.

The Recipe: Julia Child's Meatloaf (with Turkey)

Assemble the following:

* ground beef (or in this case, "meatloaf mix", about $7 per lb at Whole Foods.  Child calls for two pounds of beef, but I settled for 1 1/2, which worked for me)
* turkey (about a pound, about $5 at Whole Foods, mixed with...
* white rice (I just got this in the hot food bar at Whole Foods while I was shopping for the other things)
* toasted bread crumbs (nothing faincy here, just a few toasted slices of plain old white bread pulsed in the food processor)
* onions (three that I got the day before at Waverly - I got about six in all for $2
* beef broth (I swapped that out for chicken broth á la Better Than Bouillon.  Yet another animal added to the mix
* eggs (in case you decide not to swap beef for chicken broth, this will help add chicken to your meatloaf anyway)
* Cheddar cheese ($5 for a block of the XXX Sharp Cheddar from Yancey's Fancy.  I got this at Wegman's.  This surprised me, since I've never heard of cheese in a meatloaf.  But Julia Child put it in there and I'm sure she knew what she was doing.  Don't forget to grate it)
* garlic (had it - again, I used the garlic paste from Trader Joe's that I had in the fridge, but stuck the head of garlic in the photo)
* salt & pepper
* various spices: oregano, thyme, paprika, allspice and bay leaves (had them all)

You will also need oil to sauté the onions, and a tomato sauce to pour over the meatloaf.  Look for more on that below.

First chop the onions and sauté them in a skillet.

Mix your bread crumbs with the onions.

Add the meatloaf mix...

...the turkey and rice (yes, that is rice)...

...the grated Cheddar and the eggs...

...and your chicken broth, salt, pepper and herbs and spices, holding off on the bay leaves which go on top of the whole thing.

Child suggests cooking a little bit of it in the skillet and tasting it to make sure it's right.  It's stuff like this, folks, that explains why her kitchen is in the Smithsonian.

Push it into a meatloaf pan (I used one with holes in the bottom and another pan underneath to catch all the juices) - Child suggests greasing it with butter (natch), though I used baking spray instead - and top it with the bay leaves.  Bake in a pre-heated oven for 90 minutes (until the juices run clear) at 350°F.

While that is in the oven, make the tomato sauce for the meatloaf.  Child suggests the sauce on page 30 of her book, which uses fresh ones.  I used canned San Marzanos instead ($4 per 28 ounce can), with chopped onion and basil, and reduced until thick.

Ninety mintes later, the meatloaf should be springy...

...and the sauce should be reduced and very intense.

Child's mashed potatoes go wonderfully with this: just boil some potatoes, add cream and/or milk alternating with butter.  I just used a hand masher.

The Recipe: Ina Garten's Grown-Up Macaroni and Cheese

As for Garten's luxurious macaroni and cheese (which, unlike the meatloaf, I halved), you should gather the following ingredients:

* macaroni (I got the Barilla variety for about a buck and a half)
* Cheddar (here I thought I'd run out of Cheddar.  I still have a ridiculous amount left over)
* Gruyère (I got the cheaper, mild kind at Whole Foods, about half a pound for $7)
* milk (fresh from the South Mountain Creamery stall at the farmers' market at Waverly)
* flour (had it)
* tomatoes (a few Romas from the supermarket)
* butter (had it)
* nutmeg, salt and pepper (had them all)
* bread crumbs (more than enough left over from the meatloaf)

Start by grating your cheeses.

Boil your macaroni in a large pot.

Melt that butter!

Once melted, whisk in your flour (exact measurements in Garten's recipe on page 202 of the Family Style cookbook)

Add the milk and whisk some more, then remove from heat.

Next, whisk in your shredded cheeses...

...and your nutmeg, salt and pepper.

Drain your macaroni and add this to the mixture, coating thoroughly.

Pat it all down into an oven-safe dish.

Then mix the bread crumbs with a little more melted butter.

Slice the tomatoes and place on top of the macaroni and cheese.

And then spread the bread crumbs over everything.  Yes, all over everything.

Bake in a preheated 375°F oven for about 35 minutes.

Though the meats were not exactly the ones she recommended, Julia Child's meatloaf still turned out to be lovely.  It's done for me what homemade sauce did for me for spaghetti: it made it taste good again.  As for the mac & cheese: it was good, though distinctly second fiddle to the meatloaf.  But a hot bowl of the mac & cheese alone (and it must be hot - lukewarm really doesn't bring out the flavors all too well) is still a nice thing on a cold day.

- - - - -

And that's it!  Fifty states, one territory, one federal district, plus several regions and an all-encompassing "America" post, and my Snacking State-by-State series is now - pardon the wording - history.  I have enjoyed learning about all the different ways of eating all over this country over the past two years and a handful of months.
  • I've either learned or re-learned how to pick apart a lobster (Maine), a crawfish (Louisiana), a King crab (Alaska) and a shrimp (Florida).   I sought out easier ways to shuck oysters (Delaware, Mississippi and Virginia) and clams (Rhode Island).  Mind you, I already knew how to pick blue crabs (Maryland), duh, and Dungeness (Washington) was something I remembered from back in California.  
  • I learned that Youtube is a great repository for how-to videos, on everything from frying bison testicles (Wyoming) to making Mr. Beer home brew as interesting as possible (Wisconsin), to making sushi rice (California), to mixing up your own Korean potato salad (District of Columbia) and so on.
  • As far as my own state's food goes, I've learned just how much more Southern we are in our culinary history (note: panfried chicken, Smith Island cake) than we are Northern, though we still have that.
  • I was also reminded that Lady Baltimore cake (South Carolina) has nothing to do with Maryland, no matter how hard John Shields or myself want it to be.
  • I've learned a few new-to-me culinary terms: 
    • bizcochito (New Mexico)
    • buckeyes (Ohio)
    • chislic (South Dakota)
    • curtido (District of Columbia)
    • funeral potatoes (Utah)
    • haluÅ¡ky (Pennsylvania)
    • hot chicken (Tennessee)
    • johnny cakes (Rhode Island)
    • knoepfla (North Dakota)
    • mofongo (Puerto Rico)
    • musubi (Hawaii)
    • pemmican (Montana)
    • pork roll (New Jersey)
    • purloo (South Carolina)
    • sofrito (Puerto Rico)
    • St. Paul sandwich (Missouri)
    • tapioca maltodextrin (Illinois)
    • tourtière (New Hampshire)
    • wojapi (Nebraska - this one and pemmican are both Native American dishes)
  • I now know how to smoke pork butt  (North Carolina) in the slow cooker, as well as beef brisket (Texas), and how to smoke pork ribs (Missouri & Tennessee) in the oven.
  • I learned how expedient and how expensive mail-ordering foods can be when you just cannot buy them locally - ahem, huckleberries, anyone? (Idaho)
  • I learned that Miss Paula may claim that gooey butter cake for Savannah, Georgia, but they were making it in Missouri long before she caught wind of the idea.
  • I still never got to make steamed crabs from Maryland or Virginia, Jamaican jerk chicken from New York, or apple pie from all over the country, but I do think I covered most of the bases.
And that closes the textbook on this culinary exploration of America.  It has been enriching, exhausting, expensive and fattening all at the same time.  And with that, I can now go to the supermarket secure in the knowledge that I don't have to root out any specific ingredient for any blog-related reason, anymore.  And to quote the master herself one final time, Bon Appétit!


"AmandasMom971" (poster).  "Julia Child's Meatloaf".  CD Kitchen, posted 2012.  Copyright CDKitchen 2005-2013, all rights reserved.

Child, Julia.  Julia's Kitchen Wisdom: Essential Techniques and Recipes from a Lifetime of Cooking.  David Nussbaum, collaborator.  Knopf: New York, 2000.  Reprinted 2009.

Garten, Ina.  Barefoot Contessa Family Style: Easy Ideas and Recipes That Make Everyone Feel Like Family.  Clarkson Potter: New York, 2002.

Smithsonian National Museum of American History (Behring Center).  Bon Appétit! Julia Child's Kitchen at the Smithsonian.  Rayna Green and Paula Johnson, content and curatorial for website, Nancy Growald Brooks, editor (full list of website and exhibition credits can be found here).  Copyright 2002 - present, Smithsonian Institution, all rights reserved.

Some information also obtained from the United States Wikipedia page and from the Food Timeline State Foods webpage.
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Amy Winehouse- Amy Amy Amy - Frank

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          State-by-State Redux: VIII of X - The New England and Northeastern States Revisited - Youse call this pizza!?        
As I cross the Mason-Dixon for the final regional post for this series, I think I finally have a handle on just what constitutes "Northeastern food".  A lot of it is tied to New England, but even when it isn't (New York, New Jersey and so on), immigrant foods come quickly to mind, for example: Irish, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, Portuguese, Polish, German, Jewish, Chinese, among many others.  And of course, Italian.

Snacking State-by-State Redux VIII of X: The New England and Northeastern States

What are the Northeastern States?: always includes the New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut) and upper Mid-Atlantic states (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania); sometimes includes Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, West Virginia and northern Virginia
Important Cities: Arlington, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Charleston, Dover, Harrisburg, Hartford, Manchester, Montpelier, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Providence, Springfield, Trenton, Washington, Wilmington
Regions and Subregions: Appalachia, Mid-Atlantic, New England
RAFT NationsChestnut (southern West Virginia, northern Virginia, District of Columbia, central Maryland, southeastern Pennsylvania), Crabcake (Chesapeake Bay coastline, Susquehanna River), Clambake (Delaware & eastern half of Delmarva penninsula, Philadelphia area, New Jersey, New York City, southern and coastal New England, coastal New Brunswick and the Canadian Maritime provinces), Maple Syrup (northern West Virginia and western Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, northern New England, southern Québec, New Brunswick); Wild Rice (Great Lakes coast of Pennsylvania & New York, southern Ontario)
Foods the Region is Best Known For: Ethnic European immigrant foods throughout the major cities and coastal areas (especially Italian, Irish, Polish, German, Russian, Jewish, Portuguese in New England); Canadian / French Canadian and WASP / "Yankee" foods in parts of New England (including clam and lobster chowders, sweet cornbreads, pies, baked beans, Whoopie pies); maple syrup, fiddlehead ferns, pizza; Appalachian foods in western Pennsylvania, western Maryland, West Virginia; foods of the Upper South in states below the Mason-Dixon Line (especially spoonbreads, less sweet cornbreads, fried chicken, etc); oysters, blue crabs; multicultural offerings in the largest cities (metro areas of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington / Northern Virginia)

New Yorkers are rabid over their pizzas, or as they call them, "pies".  And they are quick to let you know that they do not approve of  your pies.  (Now let's see y'all try to make a crab cake, but I digress).  Apparently there's something in the water in the Big Apple - not my words, folks - that makes the pie crust up there so tasty!  So I set out to make an actual New York-style pie crust.

As you'll see, I am no good at getting them flat, so I wind up with something super puffy instead.  Perhaps this might be due to my dividing the dough and making two smaller pizzas.  You see, the other pizza was not a New York-style pizza, but a New Haven (as in Connecticut)-style clam pizza.  Yes, I'm trying to cover all the bases in the Northeast, and these two pies seemed like a reasonable set of bases to steal.

Note that you can find the typical tomato and mozzarella pies in New Haven, but the clam pizza is what they are best known for.  Not sure how the two are different?  Here's a comparison.

Classic New York style pizza pie (I got this information from J. Kenji López-Alt [2010], who laid out in gory detail the basics in making a classic New York-style pizza pie):
  • A slow-simmered tomato sauce.  It's easiest just to make this one yourself.
  • Grated block of mozzarella cheese - never the soft, fancy kind.  Plus, exactly as he put it [2010], "you must grate it yourself". Never ever buy the pre-shredded kind.  Why? Because pre-shredded mozzarella is typically covered in potato starch or cornstarch to help avoid clumping (yum, corn in my cheese.  It really is in everything).  Freeze the cheese for a few minutes after grating and apply just before baking for best melting.
  • Pizza crust contains sugar.  Just a little for sweetness.
  • Once baked, the crust should be crispy on the bottom and chewy just above that.  The outer rim of crust should be a little higher than the middle.
While most pizza chefs do not do this, López-Alt found a lot of success in getting the tastiest dough not by using the ever-versatile Kitchen Aid, which can be used for absolutely anything short of finding life on Mars (scratch that: they probably have an attachment for that, too), but instead his food processor.  Zuh? López-Alt explains why, according to Peter Reinhart's American Pie:
[Reinhart's] method is to mix together the flour, yeast, salt, sugar, olive oil, and warm water in the bowl of a stand mixer, knead it slowly for a couple minutes, then allow it to rest for a few minutes in a step called an autolyse. Autolysis allows time for flour to absorb water, and for the gluten-forming proteins to shorten themselves through enzymatic action, allowing them to be more easily aligned and stretched with subsequent mixing.  
The dough is then kneaded again until enough gluten is developed to pass the window-pane test [taking a small ball of dough and stretching it between your fingers until you get an almost translucent "window-pane" through which you can see your fingers if you tap them right behind it], allowed to rise overnight in the refrigerator, then shaped, proofed, rolled, and baked. [López-Alt 2010]
When you make pizza dough in the stand mixer, however, the flavor is kind of off - not bad, but not "New York-flavored pizza".  López-Alt reasons that the culprit is something that you simply can't control for with the Kitchen Aid: a dough ball of minimal size with maximum exposure to air.  Instead, as he and his sources suggest, the food processor pulses everything together much faster with far less exposure to the air.  His results when he tried the food processor method?  The dough not only passed that window-pane test but tasted much more like a typical New York pizza pie.

Classic New Haven style clam a-pizz (what a Nutmegger typically calls "pizza") is a bit different, in a few key ways, as Roadfood's Michael Stern [2010] spells out in his typically rapturous description of a-pizz from Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven:
  • The crust is Napoletana-style, as Stern puts it (I love how he puts this, by the way): "thin but not brittle, with a real bready flavor. Cooked at high temperature on the brick floor of the ancient oven, it is dark around its burnished gold edge, and there is a good chew to every bite" [2010]
  • No mozzarella.  Though they do eat mozzarella on many different types of pizza, these New Havenites will just shake their heads if you try to put any of that on a clam pizza.  A little grated Romano isn't so bad though [Gourmet 1995]
  • Use clams that are fresh as possible.  I didn't shuck my own, but instead of the "Chicken of the Sea in a can" I wanted at least some good clams from New England, so I got a tub of some frozen ones caught in Massachusetts.
  • Also spread some cornmeal on your pizza peel (the big wooden paddle you will use to slide your pizza onto your pizza stone)  This will help it slide off the peel easily, so you won't actually have to peel it off [Gourmet 1995]
I did have one problem in making these pizzas, as you will see below: I have never been able to get nice, thin crust.  It always puffs up like an elephant ear for me.  This will likely have to do with dividing half a recipe of pizza dough into two smaller pieces of dough, and stretching them out as much as possible, then not poking any holes in the bottom.  Still, my end result was satisfying.

This recipe from Gourmet magazine [1995] ended up as the basis for my New Haven style clam pizza.  I followed López-Alt's [2010] to make the New York style one, as well as his pizza dough recipe.

There are two final things you will definitely need if you want as close a New York or New Haven style pizza as possible (I have alluded to these above): the pizza peel and the pizza stone.  The peel (about $10 to $20 typically - don't spend more) when covered with cornmeal will make the uncooked pizza slide easily onto the other thing you need.  This is a pizza stone (anywhere from $15 to $30 - I borrowed my mother's cheap one from Aldi's which still worked fine).  This can be the round kind you buy in many supermarkets today or even unglazed quarry tile from the Home Depot (check out Marye Audet's Green Living Tips column at the TLC website for how to get great pizza stone tiles at Home Depot for all of five bucks [2012]). You will want this because it distributes the heat evenly and ensures a crisp crust.  You don't want to use a pizza pan for this, but bake directly on the stone.  And you must make sure to put the pizza stone into the oven before you turn on the heat!  Let the stone heat with the oven.  If you try to put it into a hot oven, it will shatter.

The Recipes: Traditional New York Pizza and New Haven Clam Pizza

First, we start with the dough.

The Recipe: New York Style Pizza Dough

For this good all-around pizza dough I assembled the following, all of which I had on hand.  Exact measurements are in López-Alt's recipe, which I halved:

* hard flour (bread flour works best - do not use a soft, cake flour.  You're not making cupcakes here)
* dry active yeast (I had a packet on hand.  For his full recipe, you'll probably use a whole packet)
* olive oil
* sugar (just a little - again, not making cupcakes)
* kosher salt
* water

You should also have a gallon ziplocked bag in which to store the dough, and extra flour (this time it can be soft) to flour the surface.  A rolling pin isn't a bad idea (though it is technically cheating), and something to poke holes into the crust (which I did not use, but really should have) - that would keep it from rising as much as it did on me, though getting it thinner would've helped too.  And that one's totally on me.

I went ahead and tried the food processor method for making the dough - something my sister may not forgive since she often makes the dough in her Kitchen Aid.  First you add together the flour, sugar and salt.

Then add the yeast.

Pulse it together until mixed.

Next add the olive oil...

...and the water.

And combine until the dough starts to ball up.

I had to add a little extra water in the end.

Punch it and roll it into a ball.  Mark it with a B.  Oh, sorry, childhood flashback.  Scratch that last part.

Put it in a ziplocked bag to let rise overnight in the fridge.

This is what I had when I put it in the refrigerator.

And this is what I got a day later. When I was ready to assemble the pizzas, I put the dough in the oven while it was off to rise just a little bit more.  I got some nice bulk there.

As you can see, my pizza dough doesn't exactly pass the "window pane test".  This will have ramifications in getting my dough thinner.  Perhaps it needs to rise more?  Or maybe I just need to knead it better?  Anyway, I was working on a schedule here, so I would have to live with this effort.

I divided the dough to make my two mini-pizzas, and got ready to assemble.

That was actually the difficult part.  The easy part comes in assembling your pizza pies.  First, the New York style.

The Recipe: New York Style Pizza

First, the sauce - again, López-Alt's recipe, which I did not cut in half this time.  I figured I'd save the rest, or use it as spaghetti sauce.  It makes a very nice spaghetti sauce.

* tomatoes (canned San Marzanos will work nicely here.  I wanted the whole ones - about $4 for a 28 ounce can)
* butter (had Kerrygold.  Don't twist my arm by making me eat the good Irish butter)
* olive oil (had it)
* sugar (same)
* dried oregano (had it too)
* garlic (and this)
* onion (very cheap from the store)
* chili flakes
* basil (I bought a little plant grown locally - okay, the Shenandoah Valley, so relatively locally - that is on my windowsill right now, for about $4

Crush your tomatoes, or blend them in the blender or with a hand blender (finally busting out the one I bought reduced at Super Fresh when they were closing down)

Grate your garlic on a grater, or else very finely mince it.

Next, melt your butter together with your olive oil in a saucepan.

Once melted, add the garlic and brown but don't let burn.

Add the maters and all other ingredients (I only added most of the basil here, and held off until the last few minutes to add the rest, to make it even more "basil-y").  Note: when adding your onion, you will not mince or chop it, but cut it in half and just throw it in.

Let simmer for at least an hour, or until reduced by half.

Again, I added the last bit of basil at the end.

Spoon out the onion when ready to use.

When ready to begin assembling the pizza, put your pizza stone into a cold oven.  Then turn it to about 500°.

For the New York style pizza itself, you need

* the sauce you just made, plus
* the dough you just made, and
* pre-packaged mozzarella cheese - neither the shredded kind nor the fresh kind.  I used Polly-O, which set me back about $4 to $5

Grate your block of mozzarella into a bowl.

Pop it in the freezer for at least 15 minutes.  This will help it to melt at just the right time in the oven.

Now for the dough.  Flatten it on a floured surface...

...and stretch it out as best you can.  Mine kept on tearing here and there (again, looks like something got lost in the translation, but happens to me even with pre-bought pizza dough).  I may be impatient, and perhaps I just didn't have enough dough (or the dough wasn't elastic enough) but with hand-stretching this is as stretchy as it got for me.

So I broke out the rolling pin.  I still could only get it to about 8 - 10".  So I wasn't exactly going for mini-pizzas, but I got mini-pizzas.

Spread cornmeal all over your pizza peel.

Plop the dough on top of it, and spread tomato sauce over the dough, leaving about an inch margin around the sides.

Cover that with the mozzarella.

Slide the pizza off the peel and onto your pizza stone (here is where the cornmeal really helps).

And bake for about 12 to 15 minutes.

You will probably get a pizza that isn't nearly as puffy as this one.

From the side, the cheese and sauce melted together nicely.  And while the flavor and texture of the dough were to my liking, again the thickness was a notable setback.

The New Haven style pizza - again from Gourmet magazine [1995] - is a bit different, but even easier to assemble.  I used the

 The Recipe: New Haven Style Clam Pizza

* pizza dough (the other half of the dough I made earlier.  Of course, already stretch this out and put on a cornmeal-covered pizza peel).  
* Oh yes, you need a little more cornmeal.
* garlic (chopped - actually, I ended up using the garlic paste from Trader Joe's)
* olive oil
* dried oregano
* Romano cheese (not mozzarella.  You will grate this yourself.  This wedge was about $7 per pound, and cost me about $4)
* chopped fresh clams (about $6 for the frozen New England kind.  Try to avoid the stuff in a can.)

Mix together the olive oil and garlic, and then chill.  Awww yeah.

Spread the garlic oil on your flattened, stretched out pizza dough.

Top all over with clams and some of the clam liquor.

Sprinkle on top the oregano...

...and the grated Romano cheese.

Bake, again, at 500° for about 15 minutes.

And again, it came out not exactly round or flat.

However, I was again pleased with the texture and flavor of the dough.  The topping was just as satisfying.

So my first attempt at making both New York pizza and New Haven clam pizza wasn't completely a bust.  The New York style's tomato and cheese really were as I have remembered many a pizzeria-bought pizza pie: deliciously chewy cheese on top of a tangy, intense tomato sauce.  The New Haven clam pizza was something new for me: the garlic and clams meld together wonderfully on top of a soft bed of dough.  And speaking of which: the only thing that went against me was the dough.  I should have worked harder at making it thinner.  But it tasted and felt delicious (I guess the food processor method works).  However, if thickness is my only problem then I'll take it.

- - - - -

That's the last regional post for this series. We have two more to go in this series.  The last one will deal with an All-American Classic (or two).  But first, a side trip to the local Chinese take-out for, believe it or not, another All-American Classic.  At least it should be, since like most Chinese takeout dishes, next week's dish cannot be found anywhere in actual China.


Audet, Marye.  "DIY: Make a Homemade Pizza Stone for $5 Dollars".  "Planet Green" column, TLC, 2012.  Copyright 2013 Discovery Communications, LLC, all rights reserved.

Gourmet.  "New Haven-Style Clam Pizza".  March 1995.  Posted on the Epicurious website.  Copyright 2012 Condé Nast, all rights reserved.

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López-Alt, J. Kenji.  "New York Style Pizza".  "The Food Lab" column, Serious Eats.  Posted October 29, 2010.

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Stern, Michael.  "Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana".  Roadfood.  Posted June 29, 2010.

Some information also obtained from Wikipedia and from the Food Timeline State Foods webpage.

          Food: Transforming the American Table, 1950-2000        

I stopped in the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History today and saw, completely unbeknownst to me, a new ongoing exhibit surrounding Julia Child's kitchen (a most permanent set of artifacts on the first floor).  The new exhibit, Food: Transforming the American Table, 1950-2000, examines the massive changes in the American food and wine landscape since 1950.  Key sections on display include, among others: the influence of immigrants in the American food landscape (from Italian, Mexican and Chinese to Middle Eastern, Indian, Jamaican and Thai), an examination of food co-ops, fast food technology, the influence of agribusiness on how food (and how much of that food) gets to our table, soul food, the local food movement and cookout culture in suburban America.  Grills, place mats from In-N-Out, cookbooks by James A Beard and Steve Raichlen, wine making equipment from California and a donut making machine from Krispy Kreme are just some of the exhibits on display.  And yes, the entire Julia Child exhibit is part of this new exhibit.  Also fascinating is the lengthy dining room table in the middle of the exhibit with various food pyramids and maps embedded into them in turntables that several kids really enjoyed turning.  It's very cool.  Go see it, and then get some food in DC while you're at it.

Anyone else remember these mugs from McDonald's?

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Bob Andy Marcia Griffiths- Young Gifted And Black - Fire Burning
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Galactic- Higher And Higher feat JJ Grey - Into The Deep
Clarendonians- Rudie Bam Bam - Studio One Ska Fever
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Gogol Bordello- Hieroglyph - Pura Vida Conspiracy
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The Cave Singers- Strip Mine - Banshee
Dale Watson- My Baby Makes Me Gravy - The Sun Sessions
Moon Taxi- Make Your Mind Up - Daybreaker
Gerrand- The Wind Of Change - Transcend The Quest Of A Goldminder
The Budos Band- Origin Of Man - II
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Eric Monty Morris- Hear Them Say - Listen To The Music Caltones Jamaican 45s 196669
Jack Garratt- Worry - Phase Deluxe
The Very Best- Ufumu - Makes A King
Marco Benevento- Dropkick - Dropkick Single
Bombino- Azamane Tiliade - Nomad
Mitty Collier- Im Missing You - Hard To Handle Black America Sings Otis Redding
Waterbabys- Binary Bird - Waterbabys
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Lucinda Williams- Place In My Heart - The Ghosts Of Highway 20
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The Head And The Heart- Summertime - Lets Be Still
Fela RansomKuti And Koola Lobitos- Highlife Time - Koola Lobitos 19641968
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Tame Impala- Cause Im A Man - Cause Im A Man Single
Jos Gonzlez- Let It Carry You - Vestiges Claws
Pazy The Black Hippies- Wa Ho Ha - Wa Ho Ha
The Revivalists- Bulletproof - Men Amongst Mountains
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Michael Kiwanuka- Tell Me A Tale - Tell Me A Tale The Isle Of Wight Sessions Single
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Villas of Distinction gives consumers a chance to win a 7-night villa vacation at Cliffside Cottage

(PRWeb March 09, 2016)

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A quién no le apetece una cerveza bien fresquita en verano? seguro que todos tenemos una marca favorita para disfrutar. Hoy precisamente voy a hablar de disfrutar de una buena cerveza. El título ya lo dice, una cerveza que nos sugiere emociones y que suele disfrutarse al lado de una buena comida de una manera más relajada y gracias a una cata con representantes de esta marca de cervecera hemos podido probarla.

Su nombre es Red Courtesy y su estética nipona ya nos está diciendo mucho de esta cerveza de tipo artesano sin gas añadido, pues su fermentación termina en la botella igual que el cava. 

Es una cerveza muy suave que sigue también un ritual y cada uno podemos elegir el toque que más nos guste en el momento de servirla, para ello esta cerveza se acompaña, si uno desea, de un kit de servicio también de inspiración japonesa, siendo la única en el mundo que nos permite esto.

Cuenta con tres especias que potencian su sabor, la cidra, el azahar y la pimienta de Jamaica, así en el momento de servirla en vaso podemos elegir cualquiera de los tres para obtener el sabor que más nos gusta.

Se debe servir entre 6 y 8 grados, pues el frío atenúa los sabores. Una cerveza diferente que dicen, lo importante es que nos sugiera historias, seguro que se os ocurren muchas para compartir junto a una buena cerveza.

Mamá Rosa
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JRocc- The Rhythm Or The Beat - Beats On Tape
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Iba Mahr- Diamond Sox - Diamond Sox Single
Al Lover- Death Rattle - Cave Ritual
BADBADNOTGOOD Ghostface Killah- Nuggets of Wisdom - Sour Soul
Slimkid3 DJ NuMark- King featurng Diamond D KNatural Clean - King Single
Slimkid3 DJ NuMark- King instrumental - King Single
The Mighty Sceptres- Sting Like a Bee - All Hail The Mighty Sceptres
DJ Muro- Ultramagnetic Mcs Bait - 7 Inches Of Rap 45s A Gogo
DJ Muro- Biz Markie Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz - 7 Inches Of Rap 45s A Gogo
Nickodemus- Endangered Species Raeo Remix - Wonder World 10 Years of Painting Outside The Lines Mixtape
Ras G The Afrikan Space Program- Cant Hide - Other Worlds
Al Lover- Permanent Now - Cave Ritual
DJ Muro- Gang Starr 2 Deep - 7 Inches Of Rap 45s A Gogo
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fLako- With you - The Mesektet 2LP
Mr Chop- Get On The Mic - For Petes Sake
Paul White- The Bright Future - My Guitar Whales
King Krule- Ceiling - 6 Feet Beneath the Moon
DJ Muro- Super Funky Rock Breaks Vol 1 Track15 - Super Funky Rock Breaks Vol 1
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Flying Lotus- Fat Boy Face - Tracks
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Lord Newborn The Magic Skulls- Astro Blue - Lord Newborn The Magic Skulls
- Porry - World Psychedelic Classics 3 Loves A Real Thing The Funky Fuzzy Sounds Of West Africa
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          Why seasonal businesses depend on foreign workers        
Lobster rolls are for sale in the Massachusetts Grange building on the Avenue of the States during the 100th anniversary of The Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S. September 21, 2016. Picture taken on September 21, 2016. REUTERS/Lisa Quinones - RTSOZWS

Cape Cod businesses are struggling with a dearth of workers this summer after Congress restricted the number of H-2B visas — temporary work visas that grant employers permission to supplement their American workforce with a limited number of international workers. Photo by Lisa Quinones/Reuters

Editor’s note: Restauranter Mac Hay employs about 70 Jamaican workers to be the dishwashers and cooks in his three restaurants and three seafood markets on Cape Cod. And to do so, he relies on H-2B visas — temporary work visas that grant employers permission to supplement their American workforce with a limited number of international workers. But this summer, businesses on the Cape are struggling with a dearth of workers after Congress restricted the number of these visas. There simply aren’t enough American workers, Provincetown business owners say, pointing to an unemployment rate of 4.2 percent and a year-round population of just 3,000.

Economics correspondent Paul Solman met Hay in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where H-2B visas are popular among business owners. Hay says the visas keep the seasonal economy there afloat. Hay has become politically active on the issue, building a coalition of small business owners in Cape Cod and New England to lobby Washington to support the program.

“It’s become so important not just for the season, but for the future of Cape Cod. For the future of families like mine that depend on these businesses,” he told Paul.
The shortage of H-2B visas has hurt not just Cape Cod but also Maryland’s crab-picking and oyster-shucking houses, Texas’s shrimpers and Michigan’s tourist destinations. Below, Paul and Hay discuss the importance of the H-2B visa program and why so many business owners opt to hire foreign rather than American workers.  Read their conversation below, and tune in to tonight’s Making Sen$e report, which airs every Thursday on the PBS NewsHour.

— Kristen Doerer, Making Sen$e editor

The following conversation has been lightly edited for clarity and length.

Photo by Sarah Clune

A worker holds up an 18-pound lobster. Photo by Sarah Clune

PAUL SOLMAN: So why is this program important to you?

MAC HAY: The H-2B program is the spark that basically feeds our economy. The workers that come in on this program do the jobs that we can’t find American workers for — cooks, dishwashers, prep cooks. That doesn’t mean that these jobs are necessarily low-skilled; we need our cooks to have skills. But finding the American workers to fill those positions is virtually impossible.

Trying to bring workers from Jamaica or Mexico is incredibly challenging, incredibly expensive and time-consuming. And now because of the way that the government has treated this program, it’s incredibly stressful.

PAUL SOLMAN: But there are brokers, right?

“The H-2B program is the spark that basically feeds our economy. The workers that come in on this program do the jobs that we can’t find American workers for — cooks, dishwashers, prep cooks.”

MAC HAY:  Well, there are firms you can use to help recruit. We now have been bringing back the same workers year after year, so essentially, we don’t need any of the recruiting firms. So we go directly to the workers.

Originally, our workers were already in Provincetown or Wellfleet [on Cape Cod] and they came to us. They were working for someone else on an H-2B visa, and they said, “We’d like to come back next year and work for you.” So I started with four or five H-2Bs 12 years ago, and now we have up to 65, 70 workers through the program.

PAUL SOLMAN: Is that because they’re referring their friends?

MAC HAY:  Their family members, their friends. If you want to build a legitimate business, you can’t be grabbing people from random places that may or may not work out, that may or may not have the skills that we’re looking for. We’re trying to establish real businesses on the Cape. We’re not trying to be this two-month just get in, grab as much money as you can and get out. We’re trying to be a sustainable business that creates jobs year-round. And that’s what the H-2B program does. Like I said before, the economy is an engine. The seasonal economy is an engine that gears up extremely quickly. And if you don’t have that core staff, that spark that ignites the economy, the rest of it isn’t going to function.

PAUL SOLMAN: But why shouldn’t you, business owners like you, make an effort in places like Franklin, Canton, Foxborough – nearby towns – and see if you can find American workers who then will refer their friends year after year and come back?

MAC HAY: We’ve tried programs reaching out into other communities. It’s just not realistic. Workers from New Bedford are looking at a 2.5 to 3 hour commute each way in the middle of the summer.

PAUL SOLMAN: But you put up the foreign workers, right?

MAC HAY:  Sure, if they’re willing to relocate and stay down here. But from our experience, the reality is Americans don’t want to relocate their life for six months. Some will, but not enough. And like I said, if they’re willing to do it, I’m more than happy to hire them. But the issue is longevity. Are they committed to us for not just one season but two or three or four or beyond? Are they actually willing to relocate, to move down here for what amounts to a good paying job? It’s not a front of house position where you make $30, $40, $50 an hour. Pay ranges from a dishwasher at $12.50 to a cook who can make $17, $18 an hour plus overtime. So they’re making legitimate wages. We’re not talking about $8 an hour wages.

Mac Hay at Mac's Fish House Provincetown July 21 2017

Mac Hay speaks with Paul Solman at Mac’s Fish House in Provincetown, Massachusetts on July 21, 2017. Photo by Sarah Clune

PAUL SOLMAN: So then what’s the disconnect here? Are you saying there just isn’t a way for people like you to connect with Americans who would want that wage?

MAC HAY:  It is extremely difficult. The recruiting process that we go through, we have to advertise these positions on the job banks in Massachusetts. We advertise in newspapers. They have to be in our region, in our local newspapers in the Cape Cod area. We have to advertise on the job bank in Massachusetts. So an American could have gone on the Massachusetts workforce job site and looked at all of these vacancies – and believe me, every other business that uses the program on the Cape is advertising for these positions.

PAUL SOLMAN: Because you have to.

MAC HAY:  Because we have to. And not just we have to; we want to. We want to see who’s going to apply for these jobs. And I can tell you this. In the 12 years that I’ve been using this program, I’ve advertised over 50 job postings. Four or five people in 12 years have responded to the advertisements. And they run for two weeks at a time.

“They want to work hard, they want to make money. They send the money either back to their families or to build a house at home, to put their kids through school, to better their lives. Those are the workers that I want, whether they’re American or foreign.”

So the labor shortage down here is real. This is not a program to circumvent paying higher wages. This is not a program to circumvent not trying to hire American. If you take a look at the history of immigration labor in the United States, this goes back before the visas were required to work in the United States. Back when Mexicans used to come up into the farms and the fields for the season and then return. So the H-2B visa was born out of necessity to keep an immigrant or a non-immigrant labor program going, to help fuel the businesses that need that program.

Also, I couldn’t continue on running a business if it didn’t have purpose and meaning behind it. One of the stories that is a bit untold is the purpose and meaning we give to the H-2B workers themselves.

PAUL SOLMAN:  What do you mean?

MAC HAY: They come here because they respect the opportunity. They want to work hard, they want to make money. They send the money either back to their families or to build a house at home, to put their kids through school, to better their lives. Those are the workers that I want, whether they’re American or foreign. I don’t really care.

I want people who are invested in making themselves better. And if I can find them here in the United States, that’s great, but we don’t have them here. We just don’t have them. We have some, we have a few, but where we are in a seasonal environment, where our population in the winter is 2,000, and it goes to 30,000 in the summer. Where does the workforce come from to fuel the businesses that service those people?

Watch Making Sen$e’s broadcast report on H-2B visas and the impact they have on Cape Cod’s seasonal economy.

The post Why seasonal businesses depend on foreign workers appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

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Thievery Corporation- The Outernationalist - The Richest Man In Babylon
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Blind Idiot God- Stealth Dub - Cyclotron
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Uplifted Gourmandizers- Bouncin Slow - Other Music
Prince Far I- Low Gravity - Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 3
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Uplifted Gourmandizers- Windswept - Other Music

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          Re: JOHN LONG        
This is probably not your John, but if you run across mine, I would sure appreciate any info. My John & wife Jane Young Henry Long with several children, including John Jr. immigrated abt. 1753 from England or Ireland. Johns grandfather may have been Samuel Long of England & Jamaica. I'm trying to find a link between Samuel & John or what family John actually came from in England/Ireland.
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 02-11-2014 with Gavin Dahl        

The Wood Brothers- Sing About It - The Muse
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Jane Sapp Pete Seeger Si Kahn- Carry It On - Carry It On
Mother Natures Army- Charge Of The Light Brigade - Coming To Get You
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Billie Joe Norah Jones- Im Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail - Foreverly Track By Track
The Devil Makes Three- Goodbye Old Friend - Im A Stranger Here
Neil Young- Only Love Can Break Your Heart Live At The Cellar Door - Live At The Cellar Door
The Black Keys- Meet Me In The City - Chulahoma
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Bruce Springsteen- The Ghost Of Tom Joad - High Hopes
Asheru- Life After The Show feat Proverb Kaygee Hip Hop Pantsula - Sleepless In Soweto
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Marcia Griffiths- Tell Me Now - Naturally
The Free Design- Where Do I Go - The Redesigned Originals Recorded By The Free Design 19671970
- Doo Wop That Thing Instrumental - Dr Rapper Instrumentals Vol 2
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Mayer Hawthorne- Maybe So Maybe No - A Strange Arrangement Bonus Track Version
Lake- What You See Is What You Get - Circular Doorway
Saint Rich- Dreams - Beyond The Drone
Dr Dog- How Long Must I Wait - Be The Void Deluxe Edition
Sharon Jones The DapKings- People Dont Get What They Deserve - Give The People What They Want
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The Head And The Heart- Lets Be Still - Lets Be Still
DeVotchKa- The Clockwise Witness - Live With The Colorado Symphony
- Fare Thee Well Dinks Song - Inside Llewyn Davis Original Soundtrack Recording
Gabrielle Louise- Natures Not A Fool - The Bird In My Chest
Eliane Elias- Dont Ever Go Away Por Causa De Voce - Eliane Elias Plays Jobim
Willie Nelson- Till The End Of The World feat Shelby Lynne - To All The Girls
Pixies- Debaser - Debaser Live
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Tommy McCook The Supersonics- Ska Jam - Real Cool The Jamaican King Of The Saxophone 6677
Tommy Castro- Greedy - GreedyThats All I Got Single
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Mother Natures Army- Buy More Stuff - Coming To Get You
Compilation- Trail Of Life - Heartbeat 2 More Voices Of First Nations Women
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Shigeto- Relentless Drag - Full Circle
El Ten Eleven- Thanks Bill Com Truise Remix - Transitions Remixed
Lorde- Royals Lazerdisk Remix - Single
Vibesquad- Empower The Wallflower - The Fire
Daft Punk- Get Lucky Mystress Remix - Random Access Memories
Big Gigantic- Driftin - A Place Behind The Moon
Kill Paris- Tender Love - Tender Love
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Prometheus Brown And Bambu- Lookin Up - Prometheus Brown Bambu Walk Into A Bar
Erykah Badu- Gone Baby Dont Be Long - New Amerykah Pt 2 Return Of The Ankh
Busdriver- The Troglodyte Wins - RoadKillOvercoat
Los Rakas- Abrazame Uproot Andy Remix - Single
Goapele- Play Los Rakas Remix - Single
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Camp Lo- Luchini AkA This Is It - Giant Single Profile Records Rap Anthology
R Carlos Nakai- Honor Your Love - Reconnections
Diego Bernal Ernest Gonzales- Una Vez For It Was Told - Atonement
Christian McBride- Sister Rosa - Conversations With Christian
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John Lee Hooker- Boogie Chillun - Boogie Chillun

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The Lumineers- Flapper Girl - The Lumineers
Barbara Pittman- I Need A Man - The Greatest Women Of Classic Country
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Mos Def- The Panther Remix - Soundwave Presents The Mos Def Collection
Jane Sapp Pete Seeger Si Kahn- Solidarity Forever - Carry It On
Bigg Jus- Eerie Silence - Poor Peoples Day
Invincible- State Of Emergency Intro - ShapeShifters
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Manic Focus- Poor Mans Prayer - Distant Perspective
- War No Right - Studio One Women
Easy Star AllStars- Brain Damage Featuring Dr Israel - Dub Side Of The Moon A Reggae Version Of Pink Floyds Dark Side Of The Moon
- Divorce Papers - Spokompilation
Polka Dot Dot Dot- Tree Medley - Syzygy
Robert Johnson- When You Got A Good Friend - The Complete Recordings
Elephant Revival- The Obvious - These Changing Skies
Mara Hruby- Is This Love - From Her Eyes
Alice Russell- Twin Peaks - To Dust
Kristin Rand- Guys Say Things To You - Single
Council Of Word- Unglued - Thin Air Acclimation
Mara Wiles- Thelma From Scooby Doo Haircut - Single
DJ Cavem Moetavation- Wheatgrass - The Produce Section The Harvest
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Various Artists- Thins A Come Up To Dub - Version Dread 18 Dub Hits From Studio One
Brownout- Tell Her Shes Lovely - Aguilas And Cobras
Bjork- Who Is It - Gilles Peterson Presents The Bbc Sessions Vol 1
Shigeto- So So Lovely - Full Circle
Om Unit- Dark Sunrise feat Tamara Blessa - SaintGermaindesPrs Caf Vol 14
Malcom Kipe- Mystery Child - Lit
The Xx- Islands Nosaj Thing Remix - Islands EP
El Ten Eleven- Yellow Bridges Slow Magic Remix - Transitions Remixed
Macklemore- White Privilege - The Language Of My World
- voicebreak -
- Dont Turn Away - Free Design The Now Sound Redesigned
Letherette- Blad - Brownswood Electric
The Goodies- Sophisticated Boom Boom - Boys Can Be Mean
Sublime- I Love My Dog - Sublime Deluxe Edition
Femi Kuti- Stop AIDS - Fight To Win
Blue Scholars- Life Debt - Blue Scholars
Tommy McCook The Supersonics- Persian Cat Ska Once In A Persian Market Place - Real Cool The Jamaican King Of The Saxophone 6677
Big Brother The Holding Company- Flower In The Sun - Cheap Thrills
Malo- Pana - Bill Graham Presents In San Francisco Fillmore The Last Days
- voicebreak -
Nathaniel Rateliff- How To Win - Falling Faster Than You Can Run
Finn Riggins- Shaky - Vs Wilderness
Paper Bird- Drekovsky Flovoski Remix By Flobots - Carry On Rmxd
STS9- Metameme Alex B Concepts Remix - Peaceblaster The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes
Ital Tek- Human Version - Nebula Dance
Air 2 A Bird- We Gon Get It - Crow Hill
GEANT Sounds- Voyager 1 2 Spacecraft Duet - Free Download
- voicebreak -
Sonny Rollins- You Are My Lucky Star - Our Man In Jazz Bonus Track Version
- voicebreak -
Liz McComb- Basin Street Blues - In The Brass Land
Daedelus- Tiptoes - Drown Out
Ocote Soul Sounds- STTP Speak Truth To Power - Taurus

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          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 12-06-2013 with 99 & Barry        

Merle Haggard- The Fugitive - The Lonesome Fugitive
- The Ghost Of Henry Wells - Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands Vol 8
The Sadies- The Very Beginning - Internal Sounds
Psapp- Everything Belongs To The Sun - What Makes Us Glow Deluxe Edition
Meridian Brothers- Eschuchen El Grito Del Tigrillo - Devocion Works 20052011
Koby Israelite- Kashmir - Blues From Elsewhere
- voicebreak -
Baloji Lorchestre De La Katuba- Buy Africa feat Kuku - Red Hot Fela
- Atsui Yoru No Kawa - Live At The Knitting Factory Vol 1
Lee Scratch Perry Erm- Capricorn - Humanicity
Suphala- Not Even - Alien Ancestry
Solomon Ilori- Yaba E - African High Life
- voicebreak -
Xiu Xiu- Pirate Jenny - Nina
The Hand To Man Band- Semina System - You Are Always On Our Minds
- Themselves - Neighborhood Rhythms
Dusty Springfield- The Corrupt Ones - The Magic Of Dusty Springfield
- Buena Suerte - Skanish Sound Jamaican Influenced Music From Spain 1964 1972
William Onyeabor- Love Is Blind - World Psychedelic Classics 5 Who Is William Onyeabor
Pelican Daughters- Subcutaneous Scrimshaw - Fishbones Wishbones
Amadou Mariam- Sans Toi Sierra Remix Simn Meja Bomba Estreo Remix - Mali Meets Latin America EP
BEEdEEgEE- Helium Anchor - SumOne
Capitol K- Zokkor U Popcorn - Andean Dub
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble- Favella Funk - Fly The Customs Prelude
- voicebreak -
Koby Israelite- Just Cliches - Blues From Elsewhere
Darth Vegas- Waltz Of The Pumpkins - Brainwashing For Dirty Minds
David Shea- Screwy Squirrel - I
Ergo Phizmiz- Valse For Lydia - Nose Points In Different Directions
- Theme From Bonanza - Cover The Earth
Melt Yourself Down- Release - Melt Yourself Down
Alain Eckert Quartet- First More - Alain Eckert Quartet
Secret Chiefs 3 FORMS- Scorched Earth Saturnalia - Book Of Souls Folio A
Juana Molina- Lo Decidi Yo - Wed 21
Matias Aguayo- Levantate Diegors - The Visitor
Roberto Musci Giovanni Venosta- Old Time Religion - Messages Portraits

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          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 10-17-2013 with DJ K-Nee        

Snowboy The Latin Section- Flintstones - The Best Of Snowboy The Latin Section
- voicebreak -
Zero 7- Destiny Photek Rmx - Simple Things Remixes
SYLK 130- Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Prophecy Mix - Last Night A Dj Saved My Life prophecy Mix Single
Compilation- Baby - FEEL
Michael Franti Spearhead- Everyone Deserves Music - Everyone Deserves Music
- voicebreak -
Us3- Tukka Yoots Riddim - Flip Fantasia Hits Remixes
Morgan Heritage- Brooklyn And Jamaica - Reggae Gold 2007
The Herbaliser- Welcome To Extravagance - There Were Seven
- voicebreak -
AlunaGeorge- Your Drums Your Love - Body Music
Submotion Orchestra- Thinking - Fragments
Laura Mvula- Green Garden Applejacs Lets Go Rmx Single - Green Garden applejacs Lets Go Rmx Single
- voicebreak -
Monophonic- Somewhere Theres Music First Touch Retouch feat Nadine Demetrio - Yosoy Records The Compilation Vol 2
KAYTRANADA- At All - At All Hilarity Duff Single
Magic Eye- Inside My Love - Inside My Love EP
Ferdinand Weber- Told You original Mix - Told You original Mix Single
- voicebreak -
Valique- Take 1 - Oksid 3 Single
Moonchild- Be Free - Be Free
Veronica Domingues- Just Chill - Just Chill
- voicebreak -
Fat Slim- My Baby Sau Paulo Rmx - My Baby sau Paulo Rmx Single
Erykah Badu- Cleva Captain Planet Rmx - Cleva captain Planet Rmx Single
- voicebreak -
Zeep- Ghost Town Isso Nao Da - People Things
Ellie Goulding- Burn - Halcyon Days Deluxe Edition
MO- Pligrim - Pilgrim Single
- voicebreak -

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          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 10-07-2013 with Wally        

John Frusciante- Murderers - To Record Only Water For Ten Days
Dr Dog- Nellie - BRoom
Rubedo- Aint It Funny - Love Is The Answer
Balkan Beat Box- Adir Adirim feat Victoria Hanna - Balkan Beat Box
The Bad Plus- Layin A Strip For The Higher Self State Line - Give
The Robby Wicks Band- Devil In Your Head - Songs From The Biltmore
Les Claypool- One Better - Of Whales And Woe
Water Babys- Radio - Water Babys
Charles Bradley- Dusty Blue feat Menahan Street Band - Victim Of Love
Greensky Bluegrass- Old Barns - Five Interstates
RJD2- Work It Out - The Third Hand Bonus Track Version
Those Darlins- Too Slow - Blur The Line
MarchFourth Marching Band- Gospel - Rise Up
Blockhead- Grape Nuts And Chalk Sauce - Uncle Tonys Coloring Book
Trio Subtonic- Bombast - Cave Dweller
James Hill- Voodoo Forever Aloha part 1 - Man With A Love Song
Prince Paul DJ P Forreal- Paid It No Mind - Negroes On Ice
Dr Dog- Too Weak To Ramble - BRoom
- Work - Spiky Dread Issue One
Delicate Steve- Butterfly - Wondervisions
Bettye LaVette- Crazy - Thankful N Thoughtful
Mike Coykendall- The Hippie Girl feat Eric Earley Zooey Deschanel Ben Gibbard - Chasing Away The Dots
Man Man- Head On Hold On To Your Heart - On Oni Pond
The Wood Brothers- Wastin My Mind - The Muse
Edward Sharpe The Magnetic Zeros- Lets Get High - Edward Sharpe The Magnetic Zeros
Mike Doughty- Super Bon Bon - Circles
Maker- Walk Away Son - Maker Vs NowAgain
John Vanderslice- How The West Was Won - Dagger Beach
Foxygen- Bowling Trophies - We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace Magic
The Moondoggies- Red Eye - Adis Im A Ghost
Grizzly Bear- He Hit Me - Friend EP
Blitzen Trapper- Feel The Chill - VII
- Killer Joe - Listen To The Music Caltones Jamaican 45s 196669
Taj Mahal The Hula Blues- All Along The Watchtower - Hanapepe Dream
The Idan Raichel Project- BaLayla At Night - Quarter To Six
The Motet- La Lucha - Instrumental Dissent
Paper Bird- Windchimes - Carry On Rmxd paper Bird Reimagined
Water Babys- Theres A Griffin Atthe Door - Water Babys
Bob Thiele Emergency- Head Start - Head Start
Head For The Hills- Priscilla The Chinchilla - Blue Ruin
Eddie Spaghetti- The Value Of Nothing - The Value Of Nothing
- She Loves You - Beatles Reimagined

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          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 10-04-2013 with 99 & Barry        

Cyro Baptistas Banquet Of The Spirits- Batida De Coco - Infinito
Cyro Baptistas Banquet Of The Spirits- Batida De Coco - Infinito
Tal National- Kaani - Kaani
- Kon Togethy Come Together - Cover The Earth Vol 3
- Kon Togethy Come Together - Cover The Earth Vol 3
Ras G- All Is Well - Back On The Planet
Ras G- All Is Well - Back On The Planet
Jungle By Night- Rangda - Hidden
- voicebreak -
- voicebreak -
Man Man- King Shiv - On Oni Pond
The Residents- Hit The Road Jack Remix - Our Tired Poor Huddled Ma
OOIOO- Ina - Gold And Green
Hello Skinny- Crush - Revolutions EP
Hello Skinny- Crush - Revolutions EP
Yuka Honda- Hydrosphere - Heart Chamber Phantoms
- voicebreak -
Baba Brooks- Catch A Fire - This Is Dub Rare Jamaican Ska Reggae
Meridian Brothers- El Jazz Del Chupasangres - Devocion Works 20052011
Myeck Waters- The Banjo - Myecks Big Waste Of Time
Messer Chups- Midnight Preacher - Heretic Channel
La Vida- Peace Of Mind - Los Nuggetz 60s Punk Pop And Psychedelic From Latin America
Yamasuki Singers- Yama Yama - Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki
Count Stocky The Upsetters- To Hell And Back - The Sound Doctor
- voicebreak -
AutorYno- Poznan - Cosmopolitan Traffic
Melvin Gibbs Elevated Entity- Represent Do Rio - Ancients Speak
- I Beg - Afrobeat Airways 2
Abdellah El Magana- Kassidat El Hakka The Poem Of The Truth - Kassidat Raw 45s From Morocco
Ornette Coleman- Blues Connotation - This Is Our Music
Todd Snider- Conservative Christian RightWing Republican Straight White American Males - East Nashville Skyline
The Clash- Straight To Hell - Hits Back
African Head Charge- Some Bizarre - Off The Beaten Track
Yann Tomita- Medical Service - Doopee Time
Matias Aguayo- Lleg El Don - The Visitor
- voicebreak -
John Zorn- Light Chapels - Dreamachines
Hellebore- Artefact - Il Y A Des Jours
Les Enfants Du Monde- Les Bara Jeux Travail Et Funrailles DihimBoro Omaly Loiseau Qui A Dans Hier - Chant Des Enfants Du Monde Vol 14 Madagascar Chants De Brousse
Aya Nishina- Flora Ode To Infinity - Flora
Senking- Pathogenic Agent - List
Mylab- Earthbound - Mylab

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/65/playlistDate/2013-10-04
          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 10-01-2013 with Wally        

John Frusciante- Murderers - To Record Only Water For Ten Days
Rubedo- Law Of Attraction - Better Days Ahead
Water Babys- Radio - Water Babys
Trio Subtonic- Bombast - Cave Dweller
Head For The Hills- Goin Down - Robbers Roost
ODeath- Bugs - Outside
The Robby Wicks Band- Devil In Your Head - Songs From The Biltmore
The Arrivals- Simple Pleasures In America - Volatile Molotov
Delicate Steve- Butterfly - Wondervisions
Total Ghost- President Of Tokyo - Electrosexual
MarchFourth Marching Band- Gospel - Rise Up
Taj Mahal- Lovin In My Babys Eyes - Phantom Blues
DeVotchKa- Commerce City Sister - Una Volta
Blockhead- Grape Nuts And Chalk Sauce - Uncle Tonys Coloring Book
Maker- Walk Away Son - Maker Vs NowAgain
Bettye LaVette- Let Me Down Easy - Bettye Lavette Selected Hits
FaceT- Rise - Tuff Like Stone
Dafuniks- All I Want Featuring Elias feat Elias - Bone Jacked Buggin Out
Dr Dog- Long Way Down - BRoom Deluxe Edition
Foxygen- Bowling Trophies - We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace Magic
Mayonaie- Dr MJ - Mayonaie
RJD2- Work It Out - The Third Hand Bonus Track Version
Chunk No Captain Chunk- In Friends We Trust - Something For Nothing
- Killer Joe - Listen To The Music Caltones Jamaican 45s 196669
Those Darlins- Too Slow - Blur The Line
Chinese Man- Washington Square feat Bionic Man Sound - The Groove Sessions
Poets Row- Ill Be Here - Poets Row
Council Of Word- Keepin Shapes - CO2 A Heavy Gas
Forgetters- Vampire Lessons - Forgetters EP
The Wood Brothers- Come And Get It - Let Us In Americana The Music Of Paul McCartney
The Motet- La Lucha - Instrumental Dissent
Primus- Wynonas Big Brown Beaver - Tales From The Punchbowl
Balkan Beat Box- Adir Adirim feat Victoria Hanna - Balkan Beat Box
Courtney John- Lucky Man - Made In Jamaica
Bad Plus- Layin A Strip For The HigherSelf State Line - Give
Greensky Bluegrass- Old Barns - All Access Vol 2
Ariane Moffatt- Rules Of Legal Love - MA
Scatter Gather- Eat - Just Smile
Mux Mool- Skulltaste - Skulltaste
Paper Bird- ImbiraOwt Ni Tuc Remix By DJ This That And The Other - Carry On Rmxd
Bob Thiele Emergency- Head Start - The World Needs Changing
Buck 65- Paper Airplane With Jenn Grant - 20 Odd Years
Lo Stato Sociale- Abbiamo Vinto La Guerra - Turisti Della Democrazia Deluxe Edition
Esme Patterson- All The Days - All Princes I

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          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 09-03-2013 with Wally        

John Frusciante- Murderers - To Record Only Water For Ten Days
- Never Worked So Hard - PDX Pop Now 2013 Compilation
Mexican Institute Of Sound- Ms - Politico
Bonobo- Antenna - The North Borders
The Robby Wicks Band- Rock Bottom - Songs From The Biltmore
The Robby Wicks Band- Devil In Your Head - Songs From The Biltmore
Atmosphere- Breathing - God Loves Ugly
- You Know What To Do - PDX Pop Now 2013 Compilation
Blind Pilot- Go On Say It - 3 Rounds And A Sound
Dr Dog- Broken Heart - BRoom Deluxe Edition
Asha Bhosle Kronos Quartet- Dum Maro Dum Take Another Toke - Youve Stolen My Heart Songs From RD Burmans Bollywood
Gotye- State Of The Art - Making Mirrors
El Ten Eleven- Birth Amp Live Remix - Transitions Remixed
Kronen- Transducer Abuser - Peace Of Mind
Dirty Projectors- About To Die - Swing Lo Magellan
Johnny Hawksworth Hampton Hawes- Jazz Rule - Spiritual Jazz 4 Americans In Europe
Chatham County Line- The Legend Of Old 99 - Chatham County Line
- Mystery Life - PDX Pop Now 2013 Compilation
West Water Outlaws- Come On - Real Killer
Man Man- Life Fantastic - Life Fantastic
Scatter Gather- Eat - Just Smile
Various Artists- Battling Giants - PDX Pop Now 2010
Kronen- Artfully Answered - Peace Of Mind
Mike Coykendall- The Hippie Girl feat Eric Earley Zooey Deschanel Ben Gibbard - Chasing Away The Dots
The Orb- Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orbs Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld
Invader- LookKa Py Py - Keep On Struttin
- Band On The Run - Let Us In Americana The Music Of Paul McCartney
Jason Isbell- Traveling Alone - Southeastern
A Tribe Called Red- Electric PowWow Drum - A Tribe Called Red
Phosphorescent- Song For Zula - Muchacho
- Love Is The Greatest Science - Listen To The Music Caltones Jamaican 45s 196669
Paper Bird- As I Am - Rooms
Delicate Steve- Afria Talks To You - Positive Force
The Johnny Otis Show- High Heel Sneakers - Cold Shot
Ringside- Tired Of Being Sorry - Ringside
Gotan Project- La Gloria - Tango 30
Grizzly Bear- He Hit Me - Friend EP
Portugal The Man- Purple Yellow Red And Blue - Evil Friends
David Wax Museum- Will You Be Sleeping - Knock Knock Get Up

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/20/playlistDate/2013-09-03
          LAUREL AITKEN        

Galera, depois de um tempo sem postar nada aqui no blog devido a correria, além de estudos, resolvi me dar uma folga essa semana, ouvir as bandas que curto sem preocupação nenhuma e fazer este post que já planejava a muito tempo, mas por falta de material não havia feito, então segue o que consegui.
Já posso adiantar que esta post vai ser atualizado futuramente...

Curtam aí o padrinho do SKA...O 1º cara ''cult'' do movimento Skinhead, ou será que teve outro antes?...

Laurel Aitken, também conhecido como "padrinho do ska", (Havana, 1925 — Leicester, 2005) foi um músico influente da música da Jamaica.

Nascido em Cuba, filho de pai jamaicano e mãe cubana, imigrou para a Jamaica aos oito anos de idade. Na Jamaica, participou de concursos de novos talentos, para turistas que visitavam o Caribe até, ainda muito jovem, se firmar como uma das vozes mais queridas da ilha naqueles anos. As suas primeiras gravações de calipso, mento e R&B datam de 1952. Com "Boogie in My Bones", single lançado pela então iniciante gravadora Island, de Chris Blackwell, permanceu treze semanas no topo das paradas de sucesso.

Na época que o R&B estourou nos Estados Unidos, nascia o ska na Jamaica e Laurel Aitken foi um dos primeiros a interpretar e gravar o ritmo.

Nos anos 60 começou a fazer rocksteady ainda na Jamaica, e no final dessa década se mudou para Brixton na Inglaterra, fazendo fama na capital inglesa e se tornando um dos maiores nomes do reggae, bem na época em que o ritmo havia estourado na terra da rainha. O rude boy consagrou então temas como "Sally Brown" e "It's Too late", entre outros. Foi também responsável pela popularização do bluebeat (como os ingleses denominavam o ska jamaicano). Foi o artista principal do selo de mesmo nome, disputadíssimo por colecionadores de ska e reggae de todo o mundo.

Produziu nomes como Winston Groovy, Prince Buster e outros. Além de trabalhar nos selos ingleses, foi acompanhado pela banda The Rudies, que trazia nos trombones Rico Rodríguez. Teve ainda canções suas editadas por Prince Buster, Duke Reid e outros. Na Inglaterra, encontrou uma audiência fiel entre os jovens da classe trabalhadora, principalmente entre os skinheads, apaixonados pela música negra adotaram para si mesmos temas como "Woppi King", "Jesse James" ou "Haile Selasie" (um dos poucos temas rastafaris que cativaram aos skinheads).

Durante os anos 1970 flertou com a temática rastafari (em "Rasta Man Power"), mas definitivamente se consagrou com um heroi do skinhead reggae (em "Skinhead Train"). No final dos anos 70, quando o ska e o reggae decairam na Inglaterra e o punk, o mod revival e a 2tone estouravam, colaborou com bandas como o Secret Affair e o The Ruts.

Durante os anos 80 e 90, fez turnê e deu suporte à várias bandas, entre elas Potato 5, The Busters, Malarians, Ska Flames e Skarlatines.

Faleceu aos 80 anos, vitima de um ataque cardíaco, às 8h00 da manhã do dia 17 de julho de 2005, no Glenfield Hospital, em Leicester, Inglaterra. O artista se recuperava bem de uma dupla pneumonia e de outro ataque cardiaco, sofrido em dezembro de 2003.

Em 2007, após uma longa campanha, uma placa azul em sua homenagem foi colocada em sua casa em Leicester.

Segundo Toni Face, da Liquidator Music, "Laurel Aitken viu passar todas as modas e estilos importados e nascidos na Jamaica. Gravou de tudo: Mento, calipso, jazz, boogie, rhythm and blues, ska, bluebeat, reggae, rocksteady, skinhead reggae, roots, deejay, toasting, lovers rock e outros estilos mais".

ugh. i'm so crap at composing blog entries these days. here is some shit that has been happening:

while the current shitty depressive episode is still ongoing, i'm getting closer to some proper treatment. a few months ago my referral to LIFT Psychology, a local mental health service, went through and i was sent on a three-day "stress and mood management" course based on introductory cognitive-behavioural therapy. it did help explain some shit about how exactly the thought patterns created by depression work, how they become cyclical or "neverending", how triggers exacerbate them, etc. the downside was that although this knowledge might be useful if i do get any one-on-one sessions with a CB therapist, it didn't do any good for actually halting or removing any of those destructive patterns. that was the first day, and the other two were about anxiety disorders and anger management, so although i was there they weren't really relevant. they're gonna call tomorrow evening for a "review" and i'm hoping they'll send me on something specific to long-term depression now. i'll take what i can get. i also discovered that this whole time i'm meant to have had weekly or fortnightly appointments with my GP specifically to discuss my mood, thoughts, antidepressants and the like, which the GP has utterly failed to even mention, so i'm gonna try and set that up even if it's just a medication review. i haven't had the dose on my escitalopram (my main antidepressant) checked or adjusted for about five years now so i'm pretty sure it needs doing.

it was my birthday on the 14th - i got all the messages people sent me & all that, so thanks for the kind words. i also checked the facebook page duneo set up so thankyou for your messages there as well. my family went to the pub carvery (yeah that's how classy we are) and i abused the fact that i've survived twenty-six years without killing myself or dying of self-induced septicaemia to persuade the chef to give me an extra Yorkshire pudding and the tasty bit off the top of the roast beef that everyone else doesn't want. HAUTE CUISINE. my brother and his partner baked a cake that was blue on the inside, with yellow and purple buttercream, covered with iced flowers and rainbows, and was filled with jelly beans in the centre. it was a badass cake. i didn't want any presents on account of the cost, but my parents bought me a weird-looking toy frog to replace the one that i'd had since i was born that got stolen from me when i was moving out of University halls one summer (i had two big market bags that contained all my possessions/clothes/books and the one with all my textbooks, my toy frog, my recent birthday presents from friends, a little book that my dad gave me when i was two or three and my completely worthless sentimental-value jewellery was the one some scumbag lifted while i was loading up the other one into a taxi.) i named it Slymer II after the first one. i'm still gutted about that fucking frog.

regarding university, i have been trying to get into Bristol University, but we got the news a week or so ago that they don't take students without maths A2 levels, which i don't have, or they would have accepted me. their advice was either to go back to sixth form (yeah, back to fucking SCHOOL) for two years to get one, or to apply to the other local university UWE (University of the West of England). having looked at both courses, i'm pretty sure the Bristol one is too theoretical for the type of research i wanna go into - plus i don't wanna go hang out with a load of sixteen-year-olds who are still in compulsory education, i don't wanna wear a school fucking uniform, and i especially don't wanna go anywhere near the town secondary school which was the place where i got so badly bullied that i don't even have proper memories of most of it. the UWE course seems much closer to what i was studying in Aberdeen. i am actually very, very bad at maths - one educational psychologist in Aberdeen thought i had dyscalculia because i can't do basic arithmetic in my head, although i'm alright with stuff like algebra - so even if i did manage to get an A at the A2 level, i don't think i would be able to handle the contents of the second and third year university courses, which you have to take at the Maths Department with the maths students. even if i did i wouldn't be able to get the sort of grades i was getting in Aberdeen. seems like there's a distinction between mathematical, theoretical computing science in some universities and applied, less academic CS in others - the only thing i'm kind of worried about is that this might make it a "lesser" degree and maybe that would affect my chances of a career. when i was applying for places on linguistics & language degrees at eighteen i was repeatedly told not to apply to UWE because of its bad academic reputation, so i was also worried about that, but it seems that was referring to the Languages department, and UWE has apparently vastly improved its rankings over the last five years or so. so, i'm now trying to find someone at UCAS to find out how to apply for this place given my rather twisted situation.

in other news, my parents have decided to use what they've saved up over the past few years and take us on a holiday. a massive ten day holiday. the kind i've never been on before. they're going to some all-inclusive place in fucking Jamaica and for some reason they actually agreed to take me with them - i've seen the brochure and it looks incredible. the pool has a bar that you swim up to and sunken seats where you drink your drink and there's a snack hut on the side that gives you hot jerk chicken. it even has a Chinese restaurant. they're going in September (so my ma will have her 50th birthday out there which is pretty bizarre to think about because there is no way my ma looks fifty years old), so hopefully if i do get into UWE it won't interfere with classes, but i suppose i can always take some class work with me. i wouldn't mind working the whole time if i could go to the pool bar for breaks. i've never done anything like it - we don't have that kind of money and they've saved for a long time i think, it's never gonna happen again, so i'm still amazed they actually let me come. (hence why i didn't want them to spend any money on my birthday.) i am gonna have to take about ten cans of factor 75, and figure out a way to get a litre of heavy opiate painkillers into the country without being arrested, but i fucking love travelling when i can & i think it's gonna be fucking great.

i have also lost half a stone since being taken off one of my antidepressants, quetiapine. if any of you have depression, or an anxiety problem or a psychosis-related condition, i'd advise thinking really carefully about your calorie intake and checking the side-effects of your medications before you start if you're offered a new one. especially that particular medicine - it does help you with mood but it's so, so bad for side effects and i've had similar experiences (though not as bad) with others. i didn't look at the info properly and so because i didn't change my diet as they increased the dose i went from a size 8, weighing eight and a half stone, to a size 12 weighing eleven. being disgusted with yourself and not being able to figure out why reducing your calorie intake isn't working like it should pretty much offsets any benefits the drug might have moodwise, and it doesn't help if you're finding it hard to do things like put on makeup, shower properly, etc because now every time you look in the mirror or down at your body you're reminded that you're repulsively overweight. i'm hoping to lose the rest of the weight over the next year.

i'm loath to say "EVERYTHING IS FINE NOW" because it's still not and every time i say that something fucking awful happens, but shit is at least going a better way than it was a few months ago. i've been able to tidy the house and make the beds more often the last couple of weeks, and also to take my dog out for a couple of walks, and today i did the house, had a shower, did my hair and paint, and took my laptop to Hawkes House (the local omni-hangout that does restaurant food and tapas and drinks and coffee, that sort of shit) with the express purpose of putting a blog entry up and starting to deal with emails. a month ago doing any one of these things would have been the max i was capable of in one day, and there were a lot of days when i couldn't do fuck all.

i'm gonna try and do this again tomorrow. i haven't replied to any emails today (i was writing this) but i did clear out all the spam and automail, so tomorrow i'm gonna try and get to the emails.

carpe corporem

          Comment on Vado – Respect The Jux Video (feat. Jae Millz) by RoshenaMcpherson        
OG YELLO, OG YELLO, OG YELLO! Is the Author of Respect The Jux and not this fake frank. Frank has stolen this man's works (20 manuscript) and is living a stolen legacy. Ten Years in prison it seems wasn't enough for Frank to stop being a criminal! He owes OG YELLO more than half of everything he's made. It was The OG who gave him all the ideas that he is now parading as his own. I wonder if VADO knows he's playing the character of the real live author of the book OG YELLO AKA Raymond James! Who is unable to defend himself in the matter because he was deported back to his native country Jamaica. Are things starting to make sense now? Hear is the question I would like to know. Where did this born American (or Liberian) get the idea to write a story about a bunch of Jamaicans while doing ten years in prison? I never before heard of a black american writing about Chinese and Haitians or Indians and Russians. So why did this cat spend so much time writing about Jamaicans in such details? Where did he get all the Jamaican information from in prison if it was not from another Jamaican?!!!!! He has also released another one of OG YELLO"s work titled Below The Radar. Wait till you hear the story on that one.?
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poverty%20chickens.jpg Chris Blattman of the University of Chicago talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about whether it's better to give poor Africans cash or chickens and the role of experiments in helping us figure out the answer. Along the way he discusses the importance of growth vs. smaller interventions and the state of development economics.

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Podcast Episode Highlights

Intro. [Recording date: June 12, 2017.]

Russ Roberts: Today's episode is a little strange. It starts with the fact that a while back you wrote--not so long ago--you wrote an open letter to Bill Gates, a very wealthy man, reacting to his idea of giving poor people chickens--poor people in Africa--as a way to escape poverty. That open letter of yours to Bill Gates prompted a response from Lant Pritchett. And so, I interviewed Lant about the topic of how do we help the poor. And inevitably some of your arguments and points came into the conversation. So, I want to get your side of the story today on some of those issues and more broadly and more generally on how we should think about development. Let's start with Bill Gates's original idea. What was he suggesting, and how did you respond to it?

Chris Blattman: So, Gates and the Gates Foundation have a lot of big ideas; and this includes driving down financial transaction costs and tackling serious diseases. And generally terrific programs. One idea that Bill Gates has floated a few times in the last year is the idea that chickens are the future for Africa: basically, that they are very poor people who don't have a lot of income, and they are basically scrounging around a subsistence [?]. And, if we could give them chickens, they they'd be able to raise them. They could eat them, of course. But more importantly, they could sell them or they could sell the eggs, and make some extra money. And, this would make them much less poor: maybe they earned $2/day; maybe now they'll earn $4/day. Who really knows? And he called this one of the best investments we could make. Which is probably true to some extent, except what was unusual about his idea is that he envisioned perhaps 30% of Africans. So, this would be 300 million people raising these chickens rather than the existing number, which is maybe 5% of Africans--so, maybe 15 million people, for argument's sake.

Russ Roberts: And, you wrote this open letter. What did you say in that letter?

Chris Blattman: Well, I mean, so, you know, we share a common premise is that one of the reasons people are very poor is that they don't have the opportunity to engage in business: that it's actually not so hard for a lot of people to go from earning $1 a day to earning $2 a day or $2-$4 a day, or $5-$10 a day by starting up a small enterprise; and that the main thing stopping them from doing this is they don't have any capital. If they had capital, they wouldn't be poor. So, they don't have a lot of cash; they don't have a lot of assets; they don't have productive assets. And that could be tools, it could be buildings to build things in; that could be the raw materials, and the skills to build these things. It could be animals. A cow is an asset, or a form of capital; a chicken, or a bunch of chickens is. So, they don't have these things; and they generally don't have access to borrowing. And so, if they get access to capital, you often see people leap ahead and start businesses. So, I think we share this idea. And chickens probably aren't a bad--they aren't a terrible investment. I guess I--before Bill Gates, who is one of the most influential people in development--writes influential development letters--I think it's important to try to correct some possible problems. One is that it's not clear that anyone's going to actually make money if you suddenly go from 15 million to 300 million Africans producing--I think I've actually got my numbers wrong, actually: I'm not doing division and multiplication in my head.

Russ Roberts: It doesn't matter. It's a big [?] increase. And we're pretty sure that--

Chris Blattman: Yeah, 33%--a third of Africa.

Russ Roberts: That could affect the price of eggs. You know. Hypothetically.

Chris Blattman: Yeah. You know. I was surprised he made this argument because he's a very smart guy and he understands economics. So, this isn't a crazy idea: If a third of Africans start producing chickens and eggs, that the price of chickens and eggs are going to fall pretty fast. And there's probably limits to how many chickens and eggs people can eat. So, that's--it just struck me as an odd idea. And if it was some other organization saying, 'We're going to do this,' then I sort of roll my eyes. But when Bill Gates says he's going to do it, there's a good chance he's really going to try, and maybe succeed. So, it's not the best--not everyone should invest in the same thing. And then, of all the things people could invest in, it's not clear to me--and I think there's a lot of evidence pointing to the idea that: Chickens are a fine investment. But they are not necessarily a great investment. And so, why were folks [?] on giving people chickens? I don't know.


Russ Roberts: But, I thought your real point was: If we gave them money, they'd be free to buy chickens if they wanted; or they could buy a piece of a cow [i.e., a share of a jointly-owned cow--Econlib Ed.]; or they could buy a hammer; or they could buy access to electricity--or whatever it is. And presumably, people have a pretty good idea of what they need relative to what you think they need. And, chickens just obviously--to me--we're going to get more deeply into the economics of this--but it's obvious that chickens is the wrong answer. Whatever the virtues of chickens are, it can't be the case that giving 300 million something is--it's going to be better to give them money. I'm pretty confident about that. Now, you could argue that if you give them money they are going to use it on gambling, or drinking, or partying, or whatever you think is the wrong use of the money; but, 'They can sell the chicken, come on! They can convert it into money.' So, this romance, I think, 'Chickens are the key to the future,' like plastics are in the movie, The Graduate--it's just--or computers in 1978--it does seem a bit naive for someone who is clearly not a naive person. You could think of it as symbolic. But I think your point was: We've had these debates--which is what I think we talked about in a previous episode about different ways to help people with small amounts. Obviously, if you give them 1000 chickens--one person a thousand chickens, and one person a thousand of something else, and another person a thousand of something else, maybe it would really change their lives. But if we're going to give micro-amounts, like 5 chickens, or 1 chicken, cash might be even better. And you and I are both kind of fans of cash. There are problems with cash. That's a different episode. That's not what we're talking about today. We all understand that cash has drawbacks, too. But, I think you proposed--what was interesting about your response to Gates was: 'Let's have a horse race,' to add another animal to the metaphor mix. 'Let's see whether chickens outperform cash.' Right? Wasn't that the thrust of your point?

Chris Blattman: Yeah. And the reason is, is because it may be like a deeper point. It's not about whether--there's lots of reasons cash could be better than chickens, and for the reasons you've just mentioned; and there's some risks, as well. Those are all--and we don't have to talk about--I think generally the picture looks pretty good for cash, and we don't have to talk about the details today. But, the deeper point is the problem with a lot of programs--given that we're already giving--a lot of aid is donor agencies and governments giving very poor people stuff. It's giving them skills-training. It's giving them chickens. It's giving them cash. It's giving them other forms of capital. It's giving them productive assets. Right? And I'm excluding all the stuff that's about public goods, and water, and health--these are huge and they are important. And we're going to set them aside because they are just a different kind of thing. A lot of assistance is giving poor people stuff to either eat or to turn into something they can eat. Meaning, they can start a small business with it. And that's what the training and the cows and the [?] and some of the cash are mainly for. So, the problem with most of these programs is everyone thinks about the numerator: What's the impact of this program? And nobody thinks about the denominator, which is: What's the cost of providing this program? And then, we sort of divide that to get some sort of return. And when we compare those things, if you ignore the fact that some of these programs are dramatically more costly than others to deliver, then even if one is more effective in terms of its impact, in terms of how big a business someone can grow, if it's also 10 times as costly, that's a problem. And this is the problem with chickens, in some sense, is: Somebody has to go and buy the chickens; and then deliver them to the people. Or, somebody has to go and hire a trainer and bring them to the village, to train people in whatever it is you want to train. Maybe it's raising chickens--this is often a big part of these chicken programs. But maybe it's something that's standalone, like how to start a business. Or something. So, this is a problem, because those people--all that labor and all that transport is really, really, really expensive. And these people are often in remote areas. They are very poor. Even if they are in an urban area and not that remote, they are earning so little that giving some reasonably middle-class person in that country to go off and buy the chickens and then deliver them, or deliver the training, or even get the training to go and deliver the chicken, is so costly that it totally outweighs any potential benefits that--maybe not totally, but it grossly outweighs a lot of the benefits. Such that, some of these programs--the studies that have looked at chickens and giving people chickens and cows and goats randomly pay off, but it takes something like 15 or 20 years before they cover the costs. Basically, the impact is as much as the program costs. And that's a lot.


Russ Roberts: But I also thought your main--and that's a great point. Those are great point. And they raise a separate issue we may come back to, which is: 'Hey, I know what you need. Here.' I alluded to that earlier. It's like, 'You need to learn how to make butter. Here, let me teach you. I'll give you some butter machinery.' There's a certain lack of appreciation for knowledge and how hard it is to understand how to impact a person's life, and the material versus spiritual, and [?]--

Chris Blattman: Well, one of the other things that's going on--I have a lot of friends in these organizations. My wife works for an international rescue committee. I've spent a lot of time working with these organizations. And one of the--if you put yourself in their shoes--first of all, you don't always know. And the thing is that you've seen a lot of programs where people get chickens without the training--because that seemed like a good idea. Or they just get cash. Like, you see a lot of examples where people fail. You don't know if everyone fails. You don't know how many people succeed. You know a lot of people fail. And we know this is true. Like, the big cash experiments I've done, others have done--at least half the people don't really move ahead as a result of this cash. They start a small enterprise and it fails. This is what business is. And that's hard to--you don't know if on balance people are succeeding or failing, especially when you just give them cash. At least with the chickens you can see something there. And you are really hesitant to let people fail. So, you want to do, you want to invest as much as possible in people to minimize the risk of failure, because they are in your circle. You see them, you care about them, you are responsible, you've done something to their lives and in some ways you are responsible. And you have the ability to continue to help them. And you don't see all these other people you are not helping. So, doubling or tripling or quadrupling or even further increasing the cost of a program--not to make them dramatically more successful but just to reduce their costs of failure--is really natural human instinct. Some people would say that's their responsibility; you could make a moral argument that that's appropriate. But I think that's what drives this cost up. So, it's easy for me to sort of, from afar, say, 'Well, I don't know any of these people. They are all strangers to me, and I'd rather see more people helped for less; and if some fail, that's going to happen anyways,' rather than just investing in a small number of people and trying to keep them from failing. But, if I were in their position--certainly when I raise my children I don't take that approach. And that's another extreme example, right? So, you know, I'm sympathetic. But as a small NGO--a small Non-Governmental Organization--you can afford to make your own moral choice about whether you help a lot of people a little bit and let them fail sometimes, or if you help just a few people and really foster them through. But if you are the U.S. Government Aid agency, or you are the Ugandan Bureau of blah-blah-blah that's in charge of this, in some sense you don't get to make that choice. In some sense, your responsibility, I think, is to help the most people.

Russ Roberts: But I also thought you are making a methodological point with Gates which is really interesting, which is: Well, maybe it will have a good impact; maybe it won't. Obviously if you sat down, if you and I had 30 minutes with Mr. Gates we'd say, 'Gee, 300 million is a big increase. Maybe that's going to have an unexpected effect on--you wouldn't want to generalize from the 5% who have chickens now to the 30% you'd like to have them.' And he'd nod, say that's a good point. But I think you are trying to say, 'Let's try to actually measure this. Let's try to actually see--let's learn something. Before we launch this enormous, grandiose experiment, let's do a pre-experiment where we try to see which is better. And we'd learn so much that we would be able to help people much more down the road, not just with your venture.' Is that a fair summary?

Chris Blattman: Yeah. This is actually--I make [?] this point sort of in general: If I go to--pick a country--if I go to Uganda or like Uruguay[?] or Colombia which are all places where I spend a lot of time or have spent a lot of time, you'll see that the government or the World Bank or somebody saying, 'All right, we have this $5 million, or $100 million, or $500 million dollar program that we're going to roll out over the next 5 years; and we've written the program manual and we [?] spend all that money doing x.' And x is quite specific. It might be like chickens. It might be job training. And then they just launch into it. And inevitably it fails, because, what are the chances that you ever get that formula right from the outset when you implement it? And so, 2 or 3 years in they redesign and they start figuring it out; and, they don't have a lot of sense of what's going on. Maybe then they run some evaluations or they turn to more of the evidence. And let's say they get a slightly better program for the last half of that 5-year program. Then, that's a lot of money wasted. And if it's a credit to that country, meaning it's a loan to that country, then some future taxpayer of that country has to pay that back. Which seems kind of tragic. Or it has to be forgiven--some future taxpayer of this country has to pay that back. And that just was all money that--you know, that could have been averted. And I, so every time I'm there, I'm saying, 'Listen, instead of doing this, I'm saying: Why don't you do 5 or 10 things on a small scale for the first year? You have to scale up, you have to get moving. I understand the political pressure. So get moving; but why don't you just try 5 or 10 things? And maybe you then really rigorously study what you're going to do?' That would be fine. Sometimes we should do that. But even if you don't, it will probably be obvious which of those 5 or 10 things seems to be more successful than the others. Certainly the ones that are failures will be more obvious. And then you'll know with more precision, if you invest some money in studying it. So, as a general principle, this is just something that's not done with aid--the sort of trial and error and with some rigorous testing. And we've managed in the last 10 years to introduce the idea of randomized testing with randomized trials without introducing this idea of trial and error and moving ahead and trying many ideas. And that's a problem. I would like to see both. So, that's kind of what I'm saying--this is just another case. Instead of just scaling up your crazily specific program that's only been a little bit tested, why don't you try a few different things and then push ahead with the thing that's most successful? And in this case, I think we've got enough evidence to say, 'Actually, we're doing a lot of this chicken stuff, regardless of what Gates is doing. We're doing a lot of handing out of chickens and cows. And--I don't know if it's $1 billion, or $10 billion, or $100 million dollars a year, but it's somewhere in that range. And if we could spend $10 million dollars just to, like, tweak the direction of that, to sort of kill a bad idea and replace it with a less bad idea'--that's kind of what I want to see. I want to see us rigorously evaluate, like, run a horse race between these different things that we could do, these different varieties, kind of like trial and error but in a structured way. And then just replace the bad things with less-bad things. And thereby make a lot of very, very unfortunate people a bit better off. That's basically it.


Russ Roberts: So, I have a lot of things to say to that. It's a fantastic summary of, I think, the position you are taking. I just have to mention in passing, though: you said, 'Well, of course it fails.' And I think a lot of people would say, 'How could it fail? You are injecting all this money into these sectors, regions, poor people, whatever. It's got to have some effect--some overwhelmingly good effect. You're putting--you are going to add $100 million into this community?' And it's really, I think, a sobering reality that it often doesn't work very well. So I just want to mention that to the point where you say, 'Well, of course it doesn't work.' But I think most intuitive, everyday people would say it would work, akin to their natural inclination to inject money into the U.S. school system. 'Because the more you spend, the more education you get.' Which of course isn't true. It might be true. But it need not be true. And, if the incentives--

Chris Blattman: Right. And I would say, even if you are more optimistic--and I think if you put in more input you are going to get more output. You put in more money to the educational system, I think probably you are going to get more education, or better outcomes--not always, you are right. Same with this aid, chickens. The chickens are not going to be a bad idea. They are not going to all fail. It's just: We're putting so much money into this that--not only is someone going to have to pay back in future, but it's such a missed opportunity. Like, it's really desperate to--if you were making $1 or $2 a day, this means like, your child is probably going to--the chance your child dies in infancy or of some disease or that some crisis hits and really terrible things happen to someone in your family is just so high. And that's also true at any level of poverty. And it's just more dire and risky, the poorer you are. So, to sort of callously and irresponsibly, in my mind, not try to use the sort of trial-and-error approach and try to do the right thing, and rather than just have 33% of Africans or something producing chickens--they might be a bit better off, they'd probably be better off. What if--that's such a missed opportunity to really change some people's lives? One of the rare instances where I really think aid can have a big impact. It really is an area where we can be super-effective; and I don't say that about a lot of things. And so, it's such a sad, tragic thing not to do this more responsibly.


Russ Roberts: Well, I want to challenge the premise that underlies that, even though I'm sympathetic to it and it sounds great. We had on the program a while back, Adam Cifu, author of a very provocative book, co-author of a book, Ending Medical Reversal, where he shows that so many times a study will be done, a cross-sectional, longitudinal study, a statistical analysis of some device or some dietary change, some relationship in epidemiology, is alarming or effective, whatever it is. And people start doing this technique or avoiding this technique. And then, 15 years later, there's an actual randomized control trial where people are put into two different groups: You're not using statistical techniques to try to hold things constant; you are actually using a real experiment, not a pseudo-experiment. And you find out that the original finding doesn't hold up under the randomized control trial. So, this is why--we can call it the gold standard of experimental science. It's what scientists do: They see if things can be replicated; they try to actually test things directly. It's a really nice thing. And, there's a huge--I don't want to call it a fad--a trend, we'll call it a trend--it could be a fad--in Development Economics to do randomized control trials. Which is what you're talking about: Wouldn't it be great, do 5 or 10 experiments to see what works and what doesn't work? But, the problem it seems to me is that unlike epidemiology or medical things where a trial could actually often illuminate what does and doesn't work, it strikes me that in human societies, that's a lot more difficult. So, an example we've mentioned before on the program is deworming. Deworming, a lot of excitement about it because some experiments had showed it to be very effective in helping children--if you took the worms and parasites out of their system, they could sit in school longer, make more money, etc.--have better lives. But, it's not obvious that it scales. It's not obvious that it worked in other villages. It's not obviously--etc. So, isn't [?] part of the problem here--and is this a reality or am I being too skeptical?--that, the kind of knowledge that you would like to produce with those trials in the early stages of a large-scale rollout of a program--they are not necessarily going to be as reliable as a true scientific experiment would be?

Chris Blattman: Right. Well, yes. So, this is basically right. But the question is--I guess, my argument would be, I guess I think is a pretty basic premise: Through the accumulation of lots and lots of empirical evidence and theoretical thinking and then using that empirical evidence to sort of understand our theory of poverty--why are people poor and what kinds of things make them less poor? The accumulation of lots of evidence from lots of places is how we get a better theory. This is just how it works; and it will be harder than in physics or medicine for exactly the reasons you say. But, there's a big difference here. So, the deworming excitement is coming off of--I don't know if you know this: I worked on this experiment when I was a graduate student. This was like one of my first jobs in development: I ran one of the followup surveys.

Russ Roberts: I did not know that.

Chris Blattman: Yeah. So, I ran the 5-year followup survey. So, I spent a lot of time with these kids who got this deworming medicine. It's a very incestuous group, a small, incestuous group, development economics. So, listen: There was one big trial showing big effects, and it was on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya, which is the birthplace of humanity, and then not coincidentally the birthplace of human parasites. So, an impact of deworming medicine there is going to be not surprisingly quite impactful; and if you go somewhere else, where you are not on the shores of a parasite-filled lake, then maybe it's going to be different. And that doesn't surprise me. And we don't actually have a lot of trials of deworming medicine elsewhere. And, the other ones haven't been very good, or they haven't been very long term, or they haven't measured economic outcomes and educational outcomes. So, we just don't know. Whereas, when it comes to policy, we have dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens. So, it's not just randomized control trials but all sorts of evidence. A great book is Poor Economics, by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo, who sort of pulled together all the descriptive and observational and qualitative, and experimental data. And just a lot of it points to a particular view of poverty--that people have constraints; that from little access to credit and to capital and little access to insurance; and overwhelming evidence that just one of those constraints is relieved, maybe cash, maybe by a chicken, that people leap ahead. That you can make improvements on the margin. And it's not some magic formula. And you can also improve the way financial markets function; and then people get more access to insurance and credit and capital and things. So, it's just a totally different story. And everything I'm saying about both chickens and cash are very consistent with that theory. And now, the randomized trials which I was proposing we do, on large numbers of people and large numbers of countries in different parts of the world, in a way that we could get at what you're saying is sort of getting at the finer details: saying, okay--not knowing if we can make any general statements but, do we see a general pattern across many types of people in many types of places that chickens tend to be lower return than cash? That, people tend to use cash wisely in many places. And then also, very importantly, to figure out what we call the general equilibrium effects. Or the spillover effects. Like, what happens to the whole local economy when you get this giant influx of chickens, or cash? Like it's good? Bad? And it could go either way. We don't really know. So, there's a really different evidence base. And then, the kind of experiment I was proposing, which costs $15 million dollars or some number like that because it's much bigger than anything that's ever been run, is in some sense designed to get around exactly this concern.


Russ Roberts: So, that's a nice defense. In fact, you are kind of channeling your inner Lant Pritchett there. When you talked about the accumulation of knowledge, he made this similar argument, which I found unpersuasive. But, I find it a little more persuasive in your case. He was talking about general economic theory that's small--any one piece of economic research may not be that informative but it eventually creates this great base of knowledge. And I think that's romanticizing what economic research does, somewhat inaccurately. But let's put that to the side--

Chris Blattman: Well, if I could just interrupt--one thing is: I don't think that knowledge is accumulated to a consistent understanding of how something works across lots of different areas. I also study--I mean, I'm a professor of global conflict studies. In principle, I spend most of my time studying violence, as well. And, we don't really have a good understanding of what reduces violence. Like the things have not accumulated to a coherent answer. Or if you take the macro study of aid, and whether aid is good or bad, and what its good or bad affects our economics or politics--we don't have a coherent answer. It's sort of cumulated into a mess. That was my--

Russ Roberts: Yeah, that was my--it's my, it's close to my view.

Chris Blattman: But there's--but, right. But, other things have turned out--sometimes in certain medical research, and in this case, I think [?] our micro-understanding of poverty turns out, 'Oh, this thing seems to work pretty much similar ways'--you know, we're wrong in lots of details I'm sure. But, more than other things I've understood. And this is why I come on podcasts, you're right, about we should act on this and I don't come on and talk about violence. I don't have a coherent message about what we should do to reduce violence. I don't know that we've accumulated a coherent answer. But, in this case the world works in a simple or straightforward-enough way to have enough evidence, or something about, something the situation is just, I think, points us to more confidence than a lot of other areas. And so, great. And the wonderful thing is it can, like, a lot of people who are in a really, really, really terrible place can benefit from that, in a relatively simple way. This is one of the things that aid does well. Like, just logistically, like just get a lot of stuff out there that seems to work on its own.


Russ Roberts: This isn't where I thought we'd end up. But let's stay here for a while, because it's so interesting. You are telling me that the aid literature is indecisive--imperfect. Which I think is true. Many people would disagree with you, by the way. I think some people would say, 'Oh, we know exactly what works.' In fact, Lant Pritchett said so: we know it's property rights and free markets and prices. And, while I'm sympathetic to that, I think it actually is more complicated than that. Other people would say, 'We know what works.' Jeffrey Sachs, on the program, 'We just need to give a lot more money. We need to spend it well.' And he thinks he knows how to spend it well. But you are skeptical. Okay. Fine.

Chris Blattman: Well, you know, but Jeffrey Sachs--if you want to say, like an African nation--how do we help an African nation go from $1500 a head to $3000 a head? That's not necessarily a hard problem. Or, you know, that's a hard problem. But it's a much different problem to say, how does that nation, what could we do as outsiders or what could that government do as insiders to get to $20,--- a head? Some sort of like middle-income status. And then nobody has a good answer to that. So, sometimes they are just talking about different changes. When you are talking about development, they can be talking to different things.

Russ Roberts: That's a great point. Just what I was going to say, actually. So, what I was going to say is that, if you are telling me that at the micro level, we know that it's good to give people more access to financial markets--the ability to borrow--because they are often financially constrained. Or, we know that if we give them things they will be better off--it's not so interesting, really. But it really comes to what I think is the crux of the matter. Which is, the, what I would call, the real essential point that Pritchett was upset about in that previous episode, which is the following. He is claiming that--and I have mixed feelings about this, but I don't care, it doesn't matter; whatever you have to say--he's claiming that the real problem isn't poor people. It's poor countries. These people are in places with bad economies: Bad government, bad economies. And to put a band aid on their economies with a chicken is the wrong thing to be spending time on. We ought to be spending time on [?] we ought to figure out how to liberate their economy, liberate the skills to cooperate together in a market setting--which is how we know, that's [?] how you get to $20,000. When you get to $20,000, you've got to have a vibrant labor market. You've got to have a vibrant skills market. You've got to have people trade and exchange with each other within a country and outside of a country. And, we know all that already. And so that's what we ought to be spending our time on, not whether 5 chickens are going to improve somebody's life. Of course they would. They'd improve mine, too. I'd eat them. I like chicken. My wife, she's a vegetarian, but she'd be happy to see me happy. We know all that. So, what's the--what is the defense of the approach that you are suggesting of these micro-experiments to get people truly out of poverty? We understand--what you're saying is all true. It's not important.

Chris Blattman: So, you know, these things aren't in complete contradiction. So, if you want to make--I think Lant's larger--he's got two big points. Lant--I think I've mentioned to you in the past--Lant is, I mean, Lant was one of my first teachers in Development, and still remains sort of one of my idols in Development. And everything of his I can read, I do read, because I think he's got--you know, he has a really, he says a lot of original things and he has his finger on the pulse of these things. And he's made two points here that I think are true. One is that the Development community at large has tended to focus on sort of this weird, extreme form of poverty rather than just thinking of other people who are vey poor instead of extremely poor. So, there's this artificial threshold of $1, $2 a day that distorts a lot of policy. That's fine; I agree with that; and a lot of things--all the chickens and cash stuff I'm talking about, you can ignore that concern. You could say, 'Well, I think the chickens and cash could help someone who is extremely poor and very poor and just a little bit poor.' All these people have limited access to capital. I think that's what we would, what we are learning from the evidence, what we would learn from my experiment. His bigger point is that there is maybe a misallocation of time and policy in academia: That, a lot of people are just focused on the small stuff; that there are these bright, shiny [?]s that come along; it's very appealing to get an answer that a lot of people--there's all this data and computer technology that lets us do, answer a lot of small questions while [?]--

Russ Roberts: You get an article real quick; you get an article on your CV (Curriculum Vitae).

Chris Blattman: Yeah. And so there's two--with a profession--the world would be a better place if more smart policy-makers and more smart economists and political scientists were spending more sweat and brains and money on big questions about growth in this case[?]. And then, and so--and I think that's probably right. I think we probably do have a slight misallocation--I think you could make a good argument. But that doesn't mean--it doesn't mean--he sort of made a--he sort of exaggerates as some do and say, 'We should only focus on growth. Most people should focus on growth.' And I think that's wrong for two reasons. One is, I think it's wrong big thing to focus on. And we could get to that. But I think more immediately, I think you can't ignore the poverty. Because, what this says--so listen: If I say, 'I'm going to--everyone needs to be focused on growth.' If we just dedicate all this time, even if he's right, and we were able to make future unborn generations better off, because we're spending all this time and money and brains and energy, on growth, the fact is that there's still a lot of horribly-off people today. Now, if you, if you sort of--some people make that tradeoff. They'll say, 'Listen. Better make 20 generations much better off than trade off making them slightly better off just to make these people less poor.' That's just--someone who is, say, a utilitarian who wants to make the most good for the most people, would say we need to sacrifice today's generation and help these future generations. That's the way to maximize the good. But if you have sort of a different moral calculus--that if you think, for example, that we're only as good as, say, the least among us; or that we have a responsibility to help the very, very least among us even if that means we wealthy people or future wealthy people who are not yet born will be substantially worse off--that's also a defensible claim. And I guess I would say I'm willing to make that tradeoff, to some degree. And I think a lot of--I think that's fundamentally why so much policy is dedicated toward alleviating poverty. That, even if we knew how to make future generations off with certainty, it would still make sense to spend a lot of time worrying about poverty today. That's a--not everyone is going to feel that way, but it's a totally justifiable way. And that's how I feel.


Russ Roberts: So, I'm not a utilitarian. But I do think we should improve future generations at the expense of the current one--for a different reason. So, let me lay that out. And you can respond. The people themselves who are alive today would want us to do that, because they love their children and their grandchildren. And if I said to them, 'I'm going to give you a choice. I'm going to give you a bunch of chickens and I'm going to make your suffering less dire,' or, 'You're not going to get any chickens. You're going to lead a miserable life, but your children and grandchildren are going to lead very, very greatly improved, materially improved lives,' I think most, if not all people would jump at the chance. And we see that people do that all the time. They take risks, and they impoverish themselves. They risk death to come to richer countries. So, that would be my argument there. But I think, to me, the real issue is just the severity of the poverty. For people who are, you know, near death, that, yes, we need to do something for those people now. For people who are just having a hard time--if we can, I add that proviso of course, if we know how. And I think people should choose morally to do that. But for people who are just uncomfortable, I think they'd be thrilled to live with that discomfort and have their children thrive.

Chris Blattman: Right. So, I mean, we can debate this. On some level it's a moot point to--yeah, I mean, it's a moot--sort of the defense of my argument--where we should--and I want--I'm, personally in my life, I agree with Lant[?]; I spend too much time on stupid randomized control trials and on poverty alleviation. It's important, but this is not what I think is really important or really where I can, you know, contribute in some way. So, in some sense I'm unbalanced. I fundamentally agree. But still I think this experiment, this grand thing that I pitched to Bill, Bill Gates, is important. And I would even work on it. The last thing I really want to do--it's really miserable to run these--it's really, really hard and miserable. I hate running these things. It's so logistically and managerially intensive. And you don't think. You just sort of make things happen. And I'm okay at that, I'm pretty good at that. But I don't enjoy it. And I would rather spend my time on something else. But I will do it, if I have to. Because nobody else seems to be doing it. I will do it, because we live in a world not where we are making these grand, philosophical choices, but how to orient aid--and we live in a world where the rich countries and poor countries have made the decision that we are going to spend $10 or $100 billion a year giving the very poorest people stuff. And if I can do a little thing, spend, like 10% of my time for 3 years and $15 million dollars, somebody else's money, to sort of say, 'Guess what? You could be twice as effective and really make an impact on people's lives if you just killed this bad idea and did something less bad,'--that's a huge thing. There's a way to just sort of--given the world we live in, on the margin, there's a handful of studies that I think could really reallocate how this giving people stuff is done. And, and that would be a big thing. And I think that's actually what--I think because I look back at the last 10 years and the cash-transfer work that's been done, including my own experiments--and I say, 'That's the impact this had.' Despite the fact that I wasn't working on what I really wanted to work on, it was important to work on and I actually think that had a lot more immediate impact, precisely because we live in a world where there's just buckets of money, pipelines of money going to these places, being spent poorly. And that can be improved, on the margin.

Russ Roberts: Superbly said. I salute that. Beautiful.


Russ Roberts: Has Bill Gates responded?

Chris Blattman: No. And, you know what? Someone pointed out to me--

Russ Roberts: Sound of crickets--

Chris Blattman: Well, I even--I got a chance to--so, someone pointed out to me after I wrote this letter that, 'Do you know that Bill Gates follows your Twitter?' Then it turns out he only follows, like, 300 people; and a number of them are development people, for obvious reasons; and one of them, it turns out, was me. So, I thought--I had no idea. I'm going to direct-message Bill Gates. Maybe he reads his Twitter feed. Like, why else would he only follow it, 2-300 people? So I even direct-messaged him on Twitter--politely, saying, 'With all due respect, this was my [?]; I'd love to have a conversation about this, if you're interested.' And then: Crickets.

Russ Roberts: Well, I don't know that he listens to EconTalk; but this could put him over the edge, if he does. You may be getting--when this comes out, you'll probably get a summons. And I'd be happy to interview Mr. Gates, by the way.

Chris Blattman: I'm a marginalist, right? I think that every little bit matters.

Russ Roberts: Definitely raised the probability. And I want to just say publicly I would love to interview Bill Gates for EconTalk. So, Bill, if you are listening, or if someone who knows you is listening and thinks that would also be a good idea, please get in touch. But it is an interesting question. By the way--this is a sub-point; and you're sort of--I think you have feet in all the various camps: The academic world--there's the academic world; there's the money world--which would be the Gates foundation--and then there's this weird, nether-region of international organizations like the World Bank that has academic people in it, in and out of it--they come and go. So, that whole thing is--they all have their own rules. I'd like to hear you react to the idea that the incentives are what ruin where development economists spend their time. Of course, people have written not-so-nice things about the appeal of traveling to exotic places and having nice meals and Range Rovers to carry you around, and all that. But, talk about the incentives that you experience as an academic, but also as somebody who is in these different worlds, even if you're not--you don't get calls from Bill Gates's cellphone.

Chris Blattman: Mmmhmmm. The incentives to go do these kinds of--

Russ Roberts: Whatever it is. I mean, they are incentives that encourage some people to just do all kinds of things--articles on this or that, spend time in a particular country because the World Bank funds it. And all of the--we do what we like, and we also care, most of us do, about what makes the world a better place. As you point out. And you confessed a minute ago that you wish you'd maybe spent a little less time on some of these things and more on the bigger things. So, just reflect on that.

Chris Blattman: Well, answering the bigger questions would still put me firmly, even more often, in foreign places. Like, right now, I'm really interested in, I happen to be studying a lot of gangs in Latin America and also in Chicago. And, the thing that's holding me back from being more effective is my lack of tie-in to go and spend time in these places. One of the fundamental incentives is that, I think that to answer important questions about other parts of the world, you have to spend a lot of time in other parts of the world. And you also--not just talking to people and collecting data, but also building relationships with other academics who are there or other policymakers. Because it's not an individual production function. So, that's--answering the question requires be there, big or small question, whatever if you are going to do this right. The incentives in the economics profession, for a long time, and to a lesser extent now, were always against young economists and especially graduate students going and spending lots of time in the field. And in some sense, there is still a discouragement to spend a lot of time often in other countries: still spend relatively little time compared to other academic disciplines. And it used to be zero. There's--an interesting set of people to bring on would be people like Michael Kremer, Chris Utry, who are development economists who broke the path in the, maybe the 1980s and 1990s by spending a lot of time in places like Ghana in Chris's case, and Kenya in Michael's case, doing this kind of work, pioneering it. There are others as well. They sort of stand out in my mind. And showing that you could do important work, and making development economics credible again in the profession. And showing--and sending their students to Ghana--like, this is why--why was I in Busia[?], Kenya running this deworming experiment? Because Michael's student, Ted Miguel [?], he sent to run some experiments and collect data. And Ted did his dissertation there; and he started his own studies in Busia[?], Kenya. And then I showed up at Berkeley, and Ted was this young prof, maybe just one or two years in, who became my dissertation adviser. And he sent me to Kenya, my first semester. And then, why did I end up working on violence in northern Uganda? Because the second time I got sent to Kenya, I was sitting in a cafe, and I met a woman--because it takes 20 minutes or 30 minutes for the Hotmail page to load up, which should tell you what year it was. And so I struck up a conversation with a woman next to me who was doing this qualitative study of children affected by conflict and child soldiers in northern Uganda. And then a year later I was landing by plane in northern Uganda to run a survey that looked a lot like what Ted was doing in deworming except I was studying the effects of violence. And that became my dissertation. And it also so happens that we produced several papers and a marriage, and now two children. Because they're more important than the papers.

Russ Roberts: Yeah; of course it is. But the best part about that story is--most unintended consequences are negative. But here we have the positive unintended consequence of a lousy internet access. That you were sitting there for 20 to 30 minutes waiting for your page to load, and you meet your future wife. What a great--

Chris Blattman: Right. But my--then I've sent my students to go work on my project in northern Uganda, and later Liberia; and now, Colombia. And now, they are graduating, they're Ph.Ds., they're getting jobs; and they are doing amazing research; and they are sending their students to these--or wherever they happen to work. And so, this has been this amazing thing that has happened: You talk about the incentives. It's against the grain, against the incentives to go and invest all this time really understanding a place. All the inputs required for all these experiments, or any big study, data--you have to collect your own data in a place like Africa. Most of the time. And so, the incentives are all against that. So, why are people doing it? I think they are really passionate about the questions. And, of course, now there's its own set of esteem[?], and you have your own dysfunctions as a profession; and we're doing a lot of the wrong things; and so on, and so on. But, nonetheless, like, this is still a big, positive change. And I've always said that the most important thing about randomized control trials is not the causal effect that lots of people, we've identified. The effect of like--the important part about the deworming experiment in all this time in Kenya by all these people is not--it's now[?] the fact that Ted Miguel and Michael Kremer could lecture you for hours on Kenyan politics and development in a very sophisticated way that has nothing to do with the causal estimate. Economists now have a much richer understanding of the way world works, how the aid sector works, what the political and social and organizational dysfunctions are from everything from USAID (United States Agency for International Development) to some government in some far corner of the world. There's this rich knowledge that was just not there before that I think is really affecting the way the theories were developing. It's affecting the cognitive teaching; it's affecting the questions we're asking; it's affecting the advice. And I think that's been so much more important than any stupid little causal effect.

Russ Roberts: That's great. And I think Adam Smith would be happy about it. Maybe I'm wrong. I like to think of Adam Smith--maybe I'm romanticizing, which I am prone to--but I do think of him as open to the richer understanding of human activity than our sort of blackboard theories; and obviously was a student of many aspects of human life, not just the financial and monetary side.

Chris Blattman: Right, right.

Russ Roberts: What you are really arguing is that it's good that we've become more like sociology. Which could be true.


Russ Roberts: I would have argued that the reason we shouldn't work on big picture issues and big picture questions is because we don't know much about them. So, I think most people would argue that governance, political institutions are a big problem. I suggested recently that what we should do with that $15 million dollars, say, is pay a leader to leave, and replace him with someone more--of course, obviously, replace him with another dictator is the problem. But if you could change a political system, that would be the way you'd spend your money. We don't know how to do that. And the idea that we should be spending more time understanding that doesn't necessarily follow; the idea that that's the most important thing. If we can't figure out the levers to improve it, it really doesn't matter. So, what are your thoughts on that?

Chris Blattman: I'm more hopeful. I think we don't know a lot about it. I think we also--I think that--I actually teach a class on this, and it turns out Lant Pritchett has just written a book on this as well, with two co-authors. He's focused more on building, on something a bit narrower, which is building state capabilities--which is basically making states more effective. And that includes public sectors and governments. It's actually a free book online, and I think it's actually one of my favorite books I've read this year. So, he didn't talk about that, but--

Russ Roberts: What's it called?

Chris Blattman: I think it's called Building State Capabilities.

Russ Roberts: We'll put a link up to it, for this episode.

Chris Blattman: Exactly. And he even negotiated to be able to get this free online. And I think he has a course, as well, where you can go along this as well. And so, there's both a book and a free course online. And I teach a class. Sometimes I call it "Order and Violence." Sometimes I call it "Political Economy Development." But, it's really about these big questions about saying: You know what? What doesn't--I think Lant would agree with this: Growth is the wrong way to think about this. We don't need more people focused on economic growth. I think we need more people focused on understanding state capabilities, and democratization, and politics in these countries. There's a fair amount already: most other political science--there's a lot of bad research; there's a lot of good research. And I--by spending a lot of the last 10 years reading that research and trying to teach it, and learning it; and when I say I want to reorient what I do, in some ways, I--this is the book I would like to write. Probably I won't write it for 10 years. But one day I will write this book about this kind of political development, if you will. And I think that's fundamentally the problem. And it's hard for me to believe, partly because I've read so much that really has changed the way I think about how the world works; and I think if it could be translated into terms, sort of messages that people could absorb and understand in a less academic way, I think it would be really impactful. So, one, I think we could translate more; two, I think we could do more of it. But it kind of a big--it's a big risk. It's hard to see immediate payoffs. Yet, I guess the reason I think it can't be ignored is, maybe you could put it simply like this: That, China and Brazil and Russia and Vietnam and a whole host of countries that are currently like middle income, or a little poorer or a little richer, are generally growing, you know, at a reasonably quick pace--like, say, I don't know, maybe it's 5% a year. In some years that will be higher; in some years that will be lower. But they are basically on their way to being high-middle, or upper-middle--or even upper-income countries. So, they are growing. And as long as there is no major world cataclysm, then in 20 years, those are going to be basically rich countries. And that's going to be most of the population of the world. And that's probably most countries in the world. But there's a bunch of countries, a couple in, you know, Central and South America, maybe Bolivia, certainly Guatemala, and maybe like a Honduras or Jamaica, and much of sub-Saharan Africa, and some parts of Central Asia that are just not growing at all, or they are growing a little bit but not very fast. Or, they are growing a little bit but there is a lot of inherent political instability and it's hard to imagine that growth lasting for long before there's some tanking[?]. So, it's possible that in 15 or 20 years there will be about 20 or 30 countries in the world that are still enormously poor and unstable, next to what are generally a relatively homogenous group of middle- and high-income countries. And that's going to be a bad situation. It's not--it's a better situation than today, where we've got a lot of poor people. But there's going to be this growing inequality; and these are going to be places of instability. And there's going to be a lot of negative spillovers for the

          The Ska Vengers: 'The worst that could happen? We could get lynched'        

India’s first ska band talk about how they got together – and how their radical lyrics have led the secret police to spy on their gigs

Six years ago a Croydon-born, New Delhi-based keyboard player called Stefan Kaye corralled some local musicians to form a new band. They were, by all accounts, faintly nonplussed by his proposal. “I just never thought it would be possible,” shrugs vocalist Taru Dalmia. “I said to him,” – his voice takes on a slightly incredulous tone – “‘if you can find enough musicians to do this, it’ll be amazing’.”

In Europe or the US, Kaye’s idea wouldn’t have been particularly radical: in the 39 years since the Coventry Automatics changed their name to The Specials and their sound to ska, umpteen bands have opted to play a punk-infused take on the prevalent sound of 1960s Jamaica. In India, however, the formation of the Ska Vengers seems to have been an unprecedented musical event: the scene in New Delhi encompasses everything from hip-hop to heavy metal, but no one seems to have thought of forming a ska band before. “I love ska, I love the ethos of the musicians who played it first, like the Skatalites, but would I ever play in a ska band?” says guitarist Chaitanya Bhalla. “I didn’t think so.”

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Las comidas de Guerrero son de gran variedad. Confluyen tres grandes corrientes culinarias: la indígena, la española y la francesa. Predomina la primera, pues los ingredientes dominantes son: el maíz, el chile, el fríjol y la carne. De ascendencia indígena son los moles rojo, verde, clemole, ayomole, huaxmole y todos los chilmoles o salsas de chile; las tortillas, memelas, picadas, chalupas, tostadas, totopos; Los atoles blancos y dulces combinados con diversas frutas; los pozoles blanco, verde y de elote o elepozole; los frijoles se preparan de muchas maneras y son de alimento cotidiano. Además del chocolate y los platillos basándose en jitomate y tomate de cáscara.

De origen español es el pan de trigo, blanco o biscocho incluyendo las “chilpancingueñas”, las semitas tixtlecas, marquesote chilapeño, etc. En Chilapa se preparan deliciosos platillos franceses que llevaron las monjas del “Verbo Encarnado” en el siglo XIX y enseñaron a las alumnas de su Colegio.

Las regiones tienen platillos especiales que preparan las familias y ofrecen a sus invitados: salsa y mole de jumil, en Taxco; tamales de fríjol, calabaza o ciruela, en Tepecuacuilco; pichones y codornices en Iguala; adobo de cochinita, en Huitzuco; panques de arroz y mantequilla, en Teloloapan; chalupas fritas cubiertas de carne deshebrada, cebolla y salsa de chipotle, así como gallina rellena, en Chilapa; fiambre, especia y barbacoa, en Tixtla; pulpo enamorado y camarones a ajillo, en Acapulco; caldo de langostinos, de iguana cuatete en Costa Chica; pescado a la talla y relleno de puerco en Costa Grande; mole de iguana o de armadillo en Tierra Caliente; totopos y barbacoa de chivo, en La Montaña. En todo el Estado se preparan barbacoas de res, chivo, carnero y pollo; arroz y verduras en variadas combinaciones.

Entre las bebidas calientes, a parte de los variados atoles, el chocolate y el café, hay que considerar las variadas infusiones con “té”, el toronjil, hojas de toronjo, flores de naranja y limón, hierbabuena, manzanilla; entre las bebidas frescas, además de las aguas de limón, naranja, piña, guayaba, guanábana, jamaica y tamarindo, el chilate de Costa Chica y las aguas frescas de mango, papaya, mamey, marañona, zapote prieto, coco, tuba de palma, jugo de caña y aguamiel de mamey.

De las debidas alcohólicas, el mezcal de Guerrero es superior, según los conocedores, a cualquier otro mezcal, su producción es muy limitada y su consumo es únicamente de carácter local. También es famoso el vino de Huitzuco.


La población de la entidad guerrerense se encuentra integrada por cuatro grupos étnicos: mixtecos, tlapanecos, nahuas y amuzgos, así como la población mestiza y en menor medida el grupo afromestizo.

Debido a la heterogeneidad de su población, el estado de Guerrero tiene tradiciones muy diferentes en cada región. La música y la danza también tienen características muy particulares en las que se puede apreciar la mezcla de los diversos grupos étnicos que han convivido en la entidad. En la Tierra Caliente se baila el gusto y el son. Ambas procedentes del llamado “Sonecillo de la Tierra Caliente” y el pan de jarabe que trajeron las caravanas artísticas españolas.

Originarios de la Costa Chica de Guerrero, con el nombre de artesa, adoptados y adaptados al sentimiento y estilo de los tixtlecos, los “arranca zacate” y los jarabes son los que se bailan como preámbulo de un son, (derecho o de imitación) palomo o chilena, que dan lugar para formar el fandango en los barrios de Tixtla

El fandango en Tixtla se realiza en las fiestas del patrón de las capillas o iglesias de los barrios o en las festividades cívicas; los músicos se acompañan con arpa, vihuelas y el cajón de tapeo. Normalmente la tarima es rodeada de camapés o sillas, que es donde se sientan las mujeres que van a bailar y en uno de los extremos se colocan los músicos. Los bailadores permanecen de pie. En esta región los bailes característicos son los sones de artesa, la chilena, los paseos, palomos, zapateados, el jarabe y los corridos de gran influencia hispana y sudamericana e indígena.

Las bandas de viento, llamadas “Chile Frito” son muy acogidas por los guerrerenses, puesto que son las principales animadoras de las fiestas populares. Las danzas de los Tlacololeros, los Tecuanes, los Viejitos, los Manueles, los Doce Pares de Francia, son los bailes más tradicionales de la entidad.

          Hány ország van a földön?        
Elég gyakran felmerülő földrajzi kérdés, hogy tulajdonképpen hány ország van a földön, másként hány ország van a világon? Természetesen ezt nehéz pontosan megállapítani, hiszen ahogyan a történelmet figyelemmel kísérjük, rengeteg állam jött és jön is létre az évszázadok, olykor évtizedek alatt, éppen úgy, ahogyan egyesek megszűnnek vagy integrálódnak más országokba.

A legelfogadottabb és legmegbízhatóbb adatok szerint a világ jelenleg 196 országot különböztet meg bolygónkon.

Ezt az adatot, más megbízható adatok is alátámasztják, melyek jól feltérképezik a világ országait és ezzel együtt arra is rámutat, hogy mely országokat nem ismer el az adott szervezet, tehát kvázi mely országokat hagyja ki a számításából.

Ilyen például az Egyesült Nemzetek Szervezete (ENSZ), angol nevén United Nations, melynek 193 tagja van. Ellentétben a gyakori tévhittel, ez a szám nem reprezentálja a földön található összes országot. Nyilván való, hogy vannak az ENSZ-től elkülönülő független országok, ilyen például a Vatikán és Koszovó.

Az Egyesült Államok külügyminisztériuma 195 országot különböztet meg a világon. Ez a lista viszont politikai okokból nem ismeri el különálló országként Taiwant, mely 1971-ig az ENSZ-nek is tagja volt.

Érdemes megemlíteni a témával kapcsolatban, hogy vannak olyan tartományok, régiók, melyek bár a köztudatban gyakran országként jelennek meg, valójában nem rendelkeznek a független állam címével, illetve bizonyos irányítási szerepet más ország gyakorolja felettük. Erre kiváló példa Észak-Írország, Skócia, Wales, Anglia.

Biztosak vagyunk benne, hogy néhány olvasónkat egészen konkrétan érdekli, hogy mely országok tartoznak a nagy 196-os listába, ezért elkészítettük a listát az országokhoz tartozó fővárosokkal. Ne tévesszen meg senkit, hogy egy országhoz adott esetben több főváros is tartozik. Bizonyos országok több főváros kijelölésével oldják meg közigazgatási ügyintézésüket.

Afganisztán - Kabul
Albánia - Tirane
Algéria - Algiers
Andorra - Andorra la Vella
Angola - Luanda
Antigua és Barbuda - Saint John's
Argentína - Buenos Aires
Örményország - Yerevan
Ausztrália - Canberra
Ausztria - Vienna
Azerbajdzsán - Baku
Bahamák - Nassau
Bahrein - Manama
Banglades - Dhaka
Barbados - Bridgetown
Fehéroroszország - Minsk
Belgium - Brussels
Belize - Belmopan
Benin - Porto-Novo
Bhután - Thimphu
Bolívia - La Paz (közigazgatási); Sucre (bírói)
Bosznia és Hercegovina - Sarajevo
Botswana - Gaborone
Brazília - Brasilia
Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan
Bulgária - Sofia
Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou
Burundi - Bujumbura
Kambodzsa - Phnom Penh
Kamerun - Yaounde
Kanada - Ottawa
Zöld-foki-szigetek - Praia
Közép-afrikai Köztársaság - Bangui
Csád - N'Djamena
Chile - Santiago
Kína - Beijing
Kolumbia - Bogota
Comore-szigetek - Moroni
Kongói Köztársaság - Brazzaville
Kongói Demokratikus Köztársaság - Kinshasa
Costa Rica - San Jose
Cote d'Ivoire - Yamoussoukro (hivatalos); Abidjan (tényleges)
Horvátország - Zagreb
Kuba - Havana
Ciprus - Nicosia
Cseh Köztársaság - Prague
Dánia - Copenhagen
Dzsibuti - Djibouti
Dominika - Roseau
Dominikai Köztársaság - Santo Domingo
Kelet-Timor (Timor-Leste) - Dili
Ecuador - Quito
Egyiptom - Cairo
El Salvador - San Salvador
Egyenlítői Guinea - Malabo
Eritrea - Asmara
Észtország - Tallinn
Etiópia - Addis Ababa
Fidzsi - Suva
Finnország - Helsinki
Franciaország - Paris
Gabon - Libreville
Gambia - Banjul
Grúzia - Tbilisi
Németország - Berlin
Ghána - Accra
Görögország - Athens
Grenada - Saint George's
Guatemala - Guatemala City
Guinea - Conakry
Bissau-Guinea - Bissau
Guyana - Georgetown
Haiti - Port-au-Prince
Honduras - Tegucigalpa
Magyarország - Budapest
Izland - Reykjavik
India - New Delhi
Indonézia - Jakarta
Irán - Tehran
Irak - Baghdad
Írország - Dublin
Izrael - Jerusalem
Olaszország - Rome
Jamaica - Kingston
Japán - Tokyo
Jordánia - Amman
Kazahsztán - Astana
Kenya - Nairobi
Kiribati - Tarawa Atoll
Észak-Korea - Pyongyang
Dél-Korea - Seoul
Koszovó - Pristina
Kuvait - Kuwait City
Kirgizisztán - Bishkek
Laosz - Vientiane
Lettország - Riga
Libanon - Beirut
Lesotho - Maseru
Libéria - Monrovia
Líbia - Tripoli
Liechtenstein - Vaduz
Litvánia - Vilnius
Luxemburg - Luxembourg
Macedónia - Skopje
Madagaszkár - Antananarivo
Malawi - Lilongwe
Malajzia - Kuala Lumpur
Maldív-szigetek - Male
Mali - Bamako
Málta - Valletta
Marshall-szigetek - Majuro
Mauritánia - Nouakchott
Mauritius - Port Louis
Mexikó - Mexico City
Mikronéziai Szövetségi Államok - Palikir
Moldova - Chisinau
Monaco - Monaco
Mongólia - Ulaanbaatar
Montenegró - Podgorica
Marokkó - Rabat
Mozambik - Maputo
Mianmar (Burma) - Rangoon (Yangon); Naypyidaw or Nay Pyi Taw (közigazgatási)
Namíbia - Windhoek
Nauru - Nincs hivatalos főváros; A kormányzat Yaren tartományban található
Nepál - Kathmandu
Hollandia - Amsterdam; The Hague (a kormányzat helye)
Új-Zéland - Wellington
Nicaragua - Managua
Niger - Niamey
Nigéria - Abuja
Norvégia - Oslo
Omán - Muscat
Pakisztán - Islamabad
Palau - Melekeok
Panama - Panama City
Pápua Új-Guinea - Port Moresby
Paraguay - Asuncion
Peru - Lima
Fülöp-szigetek - Manila
Lengyelország - Warsaw
Portugália - Lisbon
Katar - Doha
Románia - Bucharest
Oroszország - Moscow
Ruanda - Kigali
Saint Kitts és Nevis - Basseterre
Santa Lucia - Castries
Saint Vincent és és a Grenadine-szigetek - Kingstown
Szamoa - Apia
San Marino - San Marino
São Tomé és Príncipe - Sao Tome
Szaúd-Arábia - Riyadh
Szenegál - Dakar
Szerbia - Belgrade
Seychelle-szigetek - Victoria
Sierra Leone - Freetown
Szingapúr - Singapore
Szlovákia - Bratislava
Szlovénia - Ljubljana
Salamon-szigetek - Honiara
Szomália - Mogadishu
Dél-Afrika - Pretoria (közigazgatási); Cape Town (törvényhozói); Bloemfontein (bírósági)
Dél-Szudán - Juba (Áthelyezve Ramciel-be)
Spanyolország - Madrid
Srí Lanka - Colombo; Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte (törvényhozói)
Szudán - Khartoum
Suriname - Paramaribo
Szváziföld - Mbabane
Svédország - Stockholm
Svájc - Bern
Szíria - Damascus
Tajvan - Taipei
Tádzsikisztán - Dushanbe
Tanzánia - Dar es Salaam; Dodoma (törvényhozói)
Thaiföld - Bangkok
Togo - Lome
Tonga - Nuku'alofa
Trinidad és Tobago - Port-of-Spain
Tunézia - Tunis
Törökország - Ankara
Türkmenisztán - Ashgabat
Tuvalu - Vaiaku village, Funafuti province
Uganda - Kampala
Ukrajna - Kyiv
Egyesült Arab Emírségek - Abu Dhabi
Egyesült Királyság - London
Egyesült Államok - Washington D.C.
Uruguay - Montevideo
Üzbegisztán - Tashkent
Vanuatu - Port-Vila
Vatikán (Vatikánváros) (Holy See) - Vatican City
Venezuela - Caracas
Vietnam - Hanoi
Jemen - Sanaa
Zambia - Lusaka
Zimbabwe - Harare

          2 - Seven Sisters        
Seven Sisters

You could blindfold yourself in Seven Sisters, spin around a few times, and throw a dart in any direction (although I wouldn't recommend it), and there is about a 4% chance that you will hit a musician with it. The place is positively teaming with them. Studios, and musician flat-shares, everywhere. And it is easy to see why. Firstly, it is a little "rough around the edges" Not in a bad way too. What it lacks in clean lines, 5 year plans and commercial aesthetics, it more than makes up for in atmosphere and vibrancy. It's unlike any other area in London.

The best part of Seven Sisters is undoubtedly West Green Rd. For several reasons. I am of the strong belief that any business why decides that their staff need to wear uniform in order to show the customer who works at the store is missing a trick. I can understand a huge chain store warranting them, for brand identity, etc. However, a better way to show your customers who runs the shop, and who they need to chat to is to simply make your presence known to the customers. And that, in a nutshell, is West Green Rd. Walk down the road, and many shopkeepers are standing in doorways. Some will say "Hello my friend, have a look around, best price for you my friend, best price....." They are all passionate, many of them will have their kids working on the weekend. Signs are handwritten on bright yellow and pink cards. There are only 4 chain shops on the road out of about 130-150. Let me just repeat that -  there are just 4. A fried chicken shop, a betting shop, an estate agents and a convenience store.   There is not one chain shop on the Tottenham end of West Green Rd. None. 

Here is something that says a lot about the area. There was a Pound Store there. (Not the big chain, an independent one). Someone set up a shop called "99p or less." In an act of business bravado that was mind-blowingly simple as it was brilliant, someone down the road set up the "98p shop". (Right now, in Tottenham, someone is plotting the opening of the 97p store...) It's that sort of place. Shopkeepers live on their wits, you can bargain with them.  I once bought 2 suitcases that were £35 each for £39 in total, and the shopkeeper seemed happier with my purchase than the guy before who paid full price for his parrot cage. Yep, a parrot cage and suitcases being sold in the same shop. That's West Green Rd. 

There is a road with 19 African churches on it too, Lawrence Rd. This isn't the longest road in the area by the way, you can walk it in about 4 mins. The local community centre is called the Bernie Grant Arts centre, and has the Marcus Harvey Library in it. Not some 16th century aristocrat who many people fire up wikipedia to find out who he is, but men who meant something to the people there, in the late Local Labour MP Bernie Grant, the first British Black politician, and Marcus Garvey, the Jamaican Political leader who died in 1940.

Some roads in London have an African shop. West Green Rd has a Ghanian shop, an Ethiopian Shop, a Kenyan Shop, etc. I used to work as a Butcher, and used to do shifts as a fishmonger on the side. There are fish shops selling fish I had never heard of there. Instead of the local travel shop having promotional deals to Barcelona, Paris and New York, instead there are trips in Nairobi, Kingston Jamaica and Akra. Now, I probably have more need of a cheap flight to New York, rather than Ghana, if I am honest - but the difference is that 99% of all of the travel agent shop windows in London show the prices to the same places. These ones do not. Instead of a package holidays, it's flights only. These people are not going away for a 2 week holiday in the sun, they are making a pilgrimage home. Not many people based in the area have family in New York, compared to Ghana, Nigeria and the Caribbean. Thus, these shops are actually representative of the area. The products they sell are actually tailored to the area, as opposed to being a homogenized Starbucks-Costa Coffee-Pizza Express parade of the usual suspects. 

What a novel idea!! They are shops by the people of the area, for the people of the area. Instead of a multinational company deciding what their customers want, and convincing them that they want it, these shops have a different approach. As the sign in a shop window a few weeks ago said: "We book tickets to anywhere. Ask Amin for details." Amin. Not "your local store manager". Ask Amin, he'll sort it out for you. There is no Starbucks. No "head of marketing and brand development." The guy who cashes up and signs the lease is the same guy who mops the floor at the end of the day. It is business as it should be, and as a business owner in the area, I have to admit that sometime I walk down the road, and get a great feeling from seeing these independent business owners go about their trading. And that is because I actually feel part of the community here. I feel that I am actually contributing to the area, and I feel that I know the other people that are too.

Another great place is the South American Indoor market that is right next to the entrance of Seven Sisters station. Its a fantastic indoor market, where the sellers and shop staff have personality and rapport with their customers. (I once went into a shop on the road, just outside the market, looking for a deal on some soft drinks, and the shop owner shouted down into the basement, "Dex? I'm sending a guy down to see you, sort out some cheap drinks for him. He's might order some extra stuff off us, so don't f**k up his order, right?" To be fair, he didn't f**k up my order, which I was glad for.) The shops might not be on the same scale as the Westfield, but nor should it be. The best selling point of the area as a whole is that, when people say to me "What's it like", it takes me about 3 mins to explain it all. It usually ends with me saying "Well, you should go there." Sure, many of the stores are a bit rundown, and need a bit of a clean up, but it's all part of the character for me.

Aside from this vibrancy, which is it's greatest selling point, there are other good points too. Transport is great. Central London in 15 mins. The buses are good. Night buses too. Many of the properties rival Northumberland Park in terms of size and quality. More bands that come to the studios come from Seven Sisters rather than any other area, and a lot of them are working in the city, or students, looking for more bang for their buck within the rental market. If you;re looking for that, as Bally Studios staff can personally testify, there are worse areas than Seven Sisters. 
Of course, the area is not perfect, not by a long stretch. There are prime buildings that have sat empty for 10+ years. The building that used to be the bank, right on the corner next to the station,and Wards Corner, the empty building opposite, both have huge potential. But alas, they have been empty for years, and that is sad. It is also very hard for the local shops to compete with the local Tesco. Maybe this is the reason that all of the shops that are in the area specialise in the sort of food that Tesco would not usually handle.

This part of Tottenham has been in the news recently, as many of the residents are concerned with plans to open a shopping arcade in the area. We have touched upon in in our Blog post in the area, and our views on the subject are mixed. On one hand, the jobs for the area will be great, and hopefully it might encourage people to visit the area. However it is also hard enough for the local businesses to survive while being in competition with Tesco, so we hope that this is taken into effect when the local council decide whether to press ahead with the plans, as it would be a real shame to lose so many of these great shops that already add to the area. More details are here. http://sevensistersregeneration.co.uk/

The Best Parts:
The shops of West Green Road.
Transport Links

Room For Improvement:
Let's hope that the council decides to make sure that the current South American Market can, in some way, be saved, while still redeveloping the area.

          Usos de “bolt” em inglês que caem como uma bomba        

alimento para cães bolt, nutrire, ração para cachorroBolt. Quando ouvem essa palavra inglesa, muitos brasileiros pensam logo no sobrenome de Usain Bolt, o corredor jamaicano, campeão olímpico e mundial. Para muitos estudantes de inglês, porém, bolt possui diversos significados. Quer conhecê-los? Então, follow me. Alimento para Cães Continuar lendo →

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          nos rearmamos de esperanza....        

Desde las 7:00 de la noche del día sabado comenzó la jornada por la vida, fue una cofradía, un rito, una fiesta: los artistas llegaron todos y se sumaron otros, no hubo un segundo en que no hubiera una voz, una guitarra, un texto, un poema, un sonido, una sonrisa, una làgrima, un video que nos recordara a todos los que estabamos en la VELADA POR LA VIDA, porqué estábamos y estamos aquí. Hubo magia en LA BANQUETA, entre el pino, las flores, las candelas, el incienso, los artistas, la gente, los tamales, la rosa de jamaica, el café, las fotos, los videos, la memoria de los desaparecidos, y la ESPERANZA nos dimos cuenta que todos los esfuerzos valen la pena.GRACIAS a todos los artistas:
De ahora en adelante el 30 de junio será una fiesta, los 30 de junio del pasado son historia, de ahora en adelante los 30 de junio seguirán siendo una celebración a la vida, seguirán siendo el DÍA DE LOS HEROES, HEROINAS Y MÁRTIRES hasta que se haga justicia, y cuando se haga continuaremos para que el pasado no nos persiga, para que el presente valga la pena y para que el futuro nos mantenga juntos.
CAMINAMOS JUNTOS DESDE EL PARQUE JOCOTENANGO HACIA EL PARQUE CENTRAL, fuimos muchos y cada vez fuimos más, las calles se tiñeron de colores y esperanza, no hubo desórdenes, no hubo peligro, no hubo disparos ni hubo que salir corriendo como nos ha enseñado la historia. Cantamos, brincamos y gritamos TODO POR LA VIDA. Y luego vino el parque, una fiesta maravillosa en la que el arte tampoco se detuvo, celebramos, bailamos, recordamos, lloramos frente al palacio que ha sido escenario de tanta destrucción para demostrar que nosotros y nosotras somos constructores, que con la memoria de los que nos enseñaron a pelear por la justicia, que con la enseñanza de los y las que todavìa están aquí, que con la fuerza de los que están organizados, que con las ganas de los que se suman y con la inocencia de los que vienen somos capaces de cambiar la historia.
PARA LOS QUE CREEN EN LOS SIMBOLOS, PARA LOS QUE RECUERDAN QUE TODOS LOS 30 DE JUNIO DEL PASADO LLUEVE A MAS NO PODER, ESTE 30 DE JUNIO HIZO UN DÌA MARAVILLOSO, EL CIELO ESTABA ABIERTO A ESTA OFRENDA, AZUL PROFUNDO Y EL SOL A MAS NO PODER y con todo y el calor, lo recibimos en nuestras pieles para no detenernos, no dejar de recordar, no dejar de escuchar y no dejar de bailar.
GRACIAS A HIJOS POR CONVOCAR, GRACIAS POR ESTA DEMOSTRACIÓN DE FUERZA Y UNIDAD, gracias a todas las instituciones que se sumaron a la organización de esta actividad, gracias a todos los que nos protegieron, a todas esas personas e instituciones que garantizaron nuestra seguridad, gracias a todas esas personas que llamaron, escribieron, vinieron, aconsejaron, aportaron, se acercaron, GRACIAS, GRACIAS, GRACIAS.POR LA VIDA!
Z.1-- 2a Av. 11 - 19 Zona 1.Guatemala,
Para mayor información, videos, afiches y fotos visita nuestro blog:labanquetaz1.blogspot.com

          Brutus Jamaican Tartan Trimfit Shirt        
Brutus Jamaican Tartan Trimfit Shirt

Brutus Jamaican Tartan Trimfit Shirt

Product Features Three finger rolled button-down collar Short sleeve with trademark button and vent detail Matching chest pocket Shaped and darted for perfect waist fit Matching Jamaican: Black, Green & Gold Tartan-handkerchief Trimfit | Slimfit Materials NevaPress© polycotton 65% polyester | 35% cotton

          Pipis patrioticos        

La ultima de Brunet, el control con el obstetra estuvo perfecto, el baby esta enorme, y ya lo siento haciendo lo que quiera que sea que haga ahi adentro, (para mi que me muerde, jajaja). Yo estoy bien, con la presion bastante baja, hay que seguir controlando eso, pero lo demas bien.

Pipis hasta en la sopa, en este caso mòviles

Y los mas recientes (recien los termino) escarapelosos patrioticos, jaja, en este momento, despues de ver tanto celeste y blanco, deseo vivir en jamaica, seria mas colorido el trabajo, jaja.
Que tenga un muy buen fin de semana!!!!

          a beachy 4th        
4th of july, fairfield, ct... right by da beach (boyyyyy) <– said with a jamaican accent
(These are just the photos shot with my canon powershot s90.)

a gray day on the water

doug and meredith being cute


          Excerpt - The Impossible Vastness of Us by Samantha Young         

From New York Times bestselling author Samantha Young comes a story of friendship, identity, and acceptance that will break your heart—and make it whole again. Order your copy of THE IMPOSSIBLE VASTNESS OF US today!



“I know how to watch my back. I’m the only one that ever has.”

India Maxwell hasn’t just moved across the country—she’s plummeted to the bottom rung of the social ladder. It’s taken years to cover the mess of her home life with a veneer of popularity. Now she’s living in one of Boston’s wealthiest neighborhoods with her mom’s fiancé and his daughter, Eloise. Thanks to her soon-to-be stepsister’s clique of friends, including Eloise’s gorgeous, arrogant boyfriend Finn, India feels like the one thing she hoped never to be seen as again: trash.

But India’s not alone in struggling to control the secrets of her past. Eloise and Finn, the school’s golden couple, aren’t all they seem to be. In fact, everyone’s life is infinitely more complex than it first appears. And as India grows closer to Finn and befriends Eloise, threatening the facades that hold them together, what’s left are truths that are brutal, beautiful, and big enough to change them forever…


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  About Samantha Young: Samantha Young is the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of adult contemporary romances, including the On Dublin Street series and Hero, as well as the New Adult duology Into the Deep and Out of the Shallows. Every Little Thing, the second book in her new Hart’s Boardwalk series, will be published by Berkley in March 2017. Before turning to contemporary fiction, she wrote several young adult paranormal and fantasy series, including the Amazon bestselling Tale of Lunarmorte trilogy. Samantha’s debut YA contemporary novel The Impossible Vastness of Us will be published by Harlequin TEEN in ebook& hardback June 2017 Samantha has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award 2012 for Best Author and Best Romance for On Dublin Street, Best Romance 2014 for Before Jamaica Lane, and Best Romance 2015 for Hero. On Dublin Street, a #1 bestseller in Germany, was the Bronze Award Winner in the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2013, Before Jamaica Lane the Gold Medal Winner for the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2014 and Echoes of Scotland Street the Bronze Medal Winner for the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2015. Samantha is currently published in 30 countries and is a #1 international bestselling author.  

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“This is Jay,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest in defiance at the stern look on her face.
I hated when she acted like she gave a crap.
“I don’t care who he is.” Hayley tried to fry his ass with her eyes. “You can leave.”
Jay stared back at her with as much defiance as I did, making me like him more. He turned to me and pressed a slow, intimate kiss to the corner of my mouth. “See you at school, babe.”
He laughed at the mischief in my eyes.
I waited until he’d brushed by Hayley without a word and I heard the front door close behind him. “Nice. Thanks.”
Hayley’s dark eyes narrowed into slits. “Don’t talk to me like that. I’m tired, it’s been a long day and now I come home and find my daughter being mauled by some walking hormone. Am I supposed to be happy that you’re dating some guy who looks like he’s seen the inside of prison more than once?”
“We’re not dating. We’re just fooling around.”
“Oh, well, then, why am I so upset?” She threw her hands up in exasperation.
She flinched, like she always flinched when I called her by her name (so she flinched a lot). “Don’t ‘Hayley’ me. I have a right to be upset about this.”
“Don’t be. I’m not serious about him. And I’m not getting pregnant. Anyway, you’re home early.”
“They put me on a shorter flight.” She dumped her purse on the couch as she moved farther into the room. “We’ll discuss Jay later. I need to tell you something.”
I tensed. “Yeah?”
She stared pensively at me for a few seconds before finally taking a seat by my side. “I’ve met someone.”
Dread instantly filled me.
Scrutinizing me for a reaction and getting none, Hayley smiled reassuringly. “He’s wonderful. His name is Theo and he has a daughter who’s actually your age. He lives in Boston. We met on one of my flights out there.”
My stomach churned. “How long?”
“Several months ago.”
“I knew something was going on,” I muttered.
“I’m sorry I kept it from you for so long… I just wanted to make sure it was real between us.”
“And is it?”
“Very much so. We’ve fallen in love.”
“That’s some long-distance relationship.”
“I stay with him when I fly out there. I see him as often as possible.”
I snorted. “And you think he’s faithful all the times you’re not around?”
“Don’t.” She cut a hand through the air. “Those are your trust issues, India. Not mine.”
My blood boiled with indignation. She was completely naïve if she thought for one second this guy wasn’t’ a loser. She had chosen badly before, after all. I had a right to the dread that was making me feel sick.
“I just wanted to give you a heads-up that it’s serious.”
“What does that even mean?”
“It means that if this is going where I think it’s going, then that might mean a big life change for us.”
Oh, hell.
I stared at her in horror.
Hayley sighed wearily at the expression I wasn’t even trying to conceal. “I’m going to make a cup of tea. I’m tired so we’ll talk about Jay another time.” She turned but then stopped to stare at me sadly. “Thanks for being so happy for me, by the way.”
That didn’t even deserve a response.
There was a time Hayley couldn’t give a damn about my happiness. I felt it only fair that I feel apathetic now about hers.

          Random Kitties: James Bond Edition        

Sean Connery cuddles a kitten on the set of Dr. No, 1962.


 costa palamides <costapalamides@yahoo.com>
15 de mayo de 2017, 1:32

1. La actuación protagónica de nuestro gran histrión de teatro, el peruano Roberto Moll, es memorable. Toda una tragedia isabelina de traiciones, ambiciones y visiones cobra en este actor, una experiencia trascendente, más si viene hecha por alguien que hizo con Carlos Giménez "Bolívar", "La muerte de García Lorca", "El Señor Presidente", "La Charité de Vallejo" y otras maravillas. El genio de Roberto Moll es indiscutible y lo recordaremos por siempre tal como recordamos a Cosme Cortázar por "Jericó" y a "Rafael Briceño" por "Gómez". Los aportes del teatro al cine y la televisión son incontables aquí y en el mundo entero.  

2. La dirección de Arte, los efectos especiales y el realismo mágico que se imprime en la película es contundente y preciso. La mirada esperpéntica que marca Román Chalbaud en gran parte de la película, no sólo es un homenaje a Valle-Inclán, nuestro gran desconocido teatral, sino que cada locación posee una mirada escenográfica. El paisaje se funde con los decorados interiores y en muchos casos las miniaturas se llenan de grandilocuencia. Una proeza.

3. El guión de Luis Britto García no escatima ironías, parodias y semejanzas con nuestra realidad más cercana. Los chispazos a la injerencia de las grandes potencias se hacen a "rajatabla" y la locuacidad de los personajes, hasta los más efímeros, son un toque de "abrapalabra". No se puede esperar más. Cada mirada de Moll está llena de literatura y cada guiño de los personajes secundarios son pura poesía. Qué  decir de José Gregorio Hernández, una mirada totalmente nueva, entre el milagro y el compromiso. 

4. Muchas de nuestro teatro secundan al líder Roberto Moll, inolvidable Rajatablino. Ellas son Aura Rivas, Antonieta Colón y Juliana Cuervos,  entre varias. Y entre ellos, una gran mayoría, destaca el Rajatablino Pedro Pineda, el Tetiano Ludwig Pineda,  el Duendiano Vito Lonardo y el polifacético Antonio Cuevas. Mención aparte Laureano Olivares, que no por más cinematográfico es más consecuente. 

5. Ver  la ciudad Patrimonio de la Humanidad de Coro, nuestos cielos llaneros, la Calle de los Lanceros de Puerto Cabello, la Casa Amarilla y en especial nuestro mar Caribe, es una magia que agradecen los ojos.... y el alma. Román Chalbaud ha vuelto nuestro paisaje urbano y naturalista en un clásico. La tradición a cada paso y lo sagrado corporizado en lo obsceno. El "enfant-terrible" de nuestro cine, el "pandemonium" de nuestro teatro y la...."oveja negra" de nuestra televisión...Una trilogía que siempre agradeceremos. 

6. A 50 años del estreno de la obra "El Pez que Fuma" pensar que teatro e historia se funden en Román Chalbaud no es nada nuevo. Pero qué vitalidad de pensamiento, qué movimientos de cámara, que montaje certero y qué luz.

7. Uno de nuestros grandes compositores de teatro y ópera, Federico Ruiz, se destaca otra vez con una música orquestada para brillar en decorados naturales y humanos y sobre todo para mezclarse con propiedad con algunos de los grandes hitos de nuestra música popular como valses, guasas y el comienzo de nuestra música cañonera: nunca más explícita con tanto "fuego al cañon".

8. Los aspavientos binacionales entre Colombia y Venezuela parecen sacados de nuestros grandes diarios amarillistas del momento. Los comportamientos de presidentes, ministros, banqueros, periodistas y politiqueros, son un fiel reflejo de los manotazos asambleistas. El recorrido por el Salón Elíptico es....Apocalíptico.

9. El rescate de uno de nuestros grandes manifiestos políticos hecho por un esmerado Cipriano Castro para arremeter contra "la planta insolente" tiene momentos tan excelsos como "la carta a Jamaica" o "el delirio sobre el Chimborazo", en todo caso la similitud entre Bolívar y Castro, nunca fue tan reveladora.

10. Segunda película sobre "El Cabito" . Sólo Bolívar y Reverón han tenido tanta imaginería cinematografica en  nuestro país. Insoslayable. Una bioépica tragicómica, profética, paródica y agónica que sólo se puede explicar con puro Teatro. Enhorabuena.

Costa Palamides  

           Mass media and folk media : the convergence of television and storytelling for the survival of folk culture in Jamaica         
Forrester, Joy Angela (1992) Mass media and folk media : the convergence of television and storytelling for the survival of folk culture in Jamaica. Masters thesis, Concordia University.
          Mad Caddies – Backyard – Live on Fearless Music HD        
The Mad Caddies stand alone in their latest musical achievement. Combining elements of rock and roots reggae that evokes memories of the Clash, the Police and Sublime, the upcoming record Keep It Going takes the listener on a musical journey from lively Jamaican dancehalls to the underground DIY music venues of America. Keep It Going, [...]
          Lights – Drive My Soul – Live on Fearless Music HD        
Born in Timmins, Ontario, LIGHTS lived in the Philippines and Jamaica during her elementary school years. “My family is very get-up-and-go if we feel called to do something different,” the singer explains. “It was a really important thing to learn about as a kid, that nothing is so important that you cant leave it behind.” [...]
          Fightback: Vanley Burke's black Birmingham – in pictures        

The Jamaica-born ‘godfather of black British photography’ spent the 70s and 80s documenting street protests in the city. His work can be seen at Cardiff’s Diffusion festival until 31 May

Continue reading...
          Corrupt Cops In Jamaica Exposed And Under Fire        

In Kingston, Jamaica, being male, young, black and poor is a dangerous combination. On one side are the armed gangs fighting to control the streets and on the other are the nations lethal security forces.

The post Corrupt Cops In Jamaica Exposed And Under Fire appeared first on Dancehall Usa.

          Blonde Cougar Milf Housewife Gets Fucked By Jamaican Boy        
Enjoy Blonde Cougar Milf Housewife Gets Fucked By Jamaican Boy at PornoTube.rs - best free hardcore pornotube videos and homemade sex movies.
Have you every really realized the things you use EVERY DAY? 
I just realized these few things about myself 

1) I use only one bowl in my house to eat out of. It's a vintage blue bowl I got at an antique store. 
2) I only eat from one plate. If it's dirty I wash it before I will eat. It's small (I have always preferred smaller plates must have been that weight watchers thing from years ago) It's a rectangle with sides.
3) Now this one I've know for a long time. I only use Soup spoons to eat with! don't know why but I love them & my very favorite one I took from a resort in Jamaica. (Sorry I know that was wrong of me but I want to be buried with this spoon)
4) This one isn't much of a secret but I needed a 4th for my picture lol! My French press. I have had coffee makers in the past & have one now but I just Love my French press the best!

When I quit my Job I had grand plans to make my own sour cream, yogurt, sour dough bread, cheese, pasta, etc.... well non of which I have made lol. 
But this week I did start making bread, not sour dough (which I did make the starter it just seemed like way more work that I was willing to put in to it). Now for the best part..... My family ate it all at one sitting! The third time it didn't all go but I did get a good effort. It tastes a lot like egg bread kind of sweet and oh so yummy. I did make home made cinnamon rolls this morning which I thought were good but I had ran out of white flour and had to use some Whole Wheat flour well hubby noticed the "brown " color and declared he does not like Wheat! WTH really you don't like Wheat? whatever not worth the fight. 
So This week I will be adding Olives to my bread to see what that might taste like!
Here's the link to the Recipe (click the word Recipe)


          Historia de la región        
Tomado de: http://www.senadoragloriainesramirez.org/index.php/2010/01/en-sucre-asesinan-lider-indigena-de-los-zenues/

La historia del Caribe se comienza a escribir tras 1492, año del descubrimiento de Cristobal Colón, pero antes, las islas de esta región ya estaban pobladas. Los taínos fueron sus primeros moradores, era una tribu oriunda del lugar que destacaban por la pesca y la agricultura, y eran estupendos navegantes y guerreros.

 Tomado de: http://www.todacolombia.com/conquista.html

También hay que destacar la historia Maya de la zona caribeña de América Central, con lugares como Tulum, como cuna de la cultura maya, la gran dominadora de la zona hasta 1492, año en el que la historia de esta región cambie de rumbo definitivamente. Hasta entonces, los más de 3 millones de kilómetros cuadrados eran desconocidos para europeos y asiáticos, fue en ese momento cuando la historia cambió en esta región, cuando Cristobal Colón puso pie en la primera isla caribeña en una expedición financiada por los Reyes Católicos para buscar rutas alternativas a las indias.

El desarrollo del caribe no se hizo esperar, y rápidamente el comercio se hizo dueño y señor de este lugar, Durante el Siglo XVI ciudades como Portobelo se desarrollaron hasta límites insospechados, generando riqueza, ferias comerciales, intercambios, trueques, comercio al fin y al cabo que atraía dinero a la zona, y también piratas, una de las formas de delincuencia más comunes en la mar en aquella época. Es por ello que los fuertes y fortalezas comenzaron a proliferar en la zona, como el Fuerte de San Lorenzo, n el Siglo XVI. Cartagena de Indias, La Habana, Portobelo, fueron ciudades que crecieron de forma rápida.

En el Siglo XVII, franceses e ingleses se lanzaron también a la caza o a la conquista de territorios en esta zona del globo, los franceses ocuparon Martinica y Guadalupe, Inglaterra hizo lo propio con Barbados y Jamaica, arrebatándoselas a España, hasta ese momento dueño y señor de todos los territorios caribeños. Port Royal, en jamaica, se convirtió en un importante refugio de piratas, con nombres que quedarán en el recuerdo de estas aguas e islas, como Barbanegra, o el mismísimo Drake o Morgan.

Ya en el Siglo XIX se produce otro fenómeno que afectó sobre todo a España, los procesos independentistas de las diversas islas caribeñas. Muchas islas comenzaron un proceso que para España culminó con la pérdida de Cuba en 1898. A principios del Siglo XX, Panamá se separó de Colombia y se construyó el famoso Canal dePanamá. 

 Tomado de: http://www.natura-medioambiental.com/2007/09/reforestacin-concluida-en-el-canal-de.html

En el Siglo XXI, el Caribe adoptó una carta única rubricada en isla Margarita mediante la cual se constituyeron en un lugar único, el cual había que proteger, ha nacido el Caribe como región.

 Tomado de: http://www.elheraldo.com.co/ELHERALDO/BancoConocimiento/T/turiscartage/turiscartage.asp


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          Usain Bolt ‘Always’ Eats Fast Food After Winning a Race        

Usain Bolt‘s diet is not exactly what you’d expect from an Olympic gold-winning athlete.

The Jamaican sprinter made headlines in 2013 after admitting he ate 1,000 chicken nuggets during the Beijing Olympics, but his massive consumption of processed food does not appear to have been a one time thing.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Bolt says his victory meal tends to be the same after every race. “As long as it’s fast food, I’m fine. I think that’s the only time I get , because most of the time it’s always late so we always stop at a fast food place,” he says.

FROM PEN: Poach a Perfect Egg Everytime With a Foolproof Microwave Hack

The fastest man alive recounted his famous Beijing binge in his autobiography, Faster Than Lightening. “At first, I ate a box of 20 for lunch, then another for dinner,” he writes. “The next day I had two boxes for breakfast, one for lunch and then another couple in the evening. I even grabbed some fries and an apple pie to go with it.”

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Eating in large quantities also happens to be the G.H. Mumm Chief Entertainment Officer‘s tactic for curing a hangover.

“Just eat as much food as possible,” he says, adding that he doesn’t get hangovers as much as he did when he was younger. “That’s what somebody told me to help soak up that alcohol, so when I was younger that’s what I usually did. As soon as you wake up, just keep having food and drinking water.”

          Cyber Surf Shop and more links        
175 links and growing... If you know of a surf label with its own Web site that should be on this list and isn't, submit it by posting a comment. LEGENDARY NAMES Surfboards or works of art? Bruce Jones Surfboards The Endless Summer dude. Robert August boards That other Endless Summer dude. Sweet fish shapes. Michael Hynson Surfboards Wanna surf a Donald Takayama? Hawaiian Pro Designs These ain’t your dad’s Hobie Alters. Hobie Shapes the longboard champ’s ride, retros and more. Stewart Surfboards All shapes from a historic San Diego label. Gordan & Smith 24 shapes endorsed by a magical surfer. Joel Tudor Boards from a true pioneer. Dewey Weber Lightning bolts, tow-ins and more. Gerry Lopez Surfboards Gotta Hawaiin surf spot named for you? Dale does. Surfboards By Velzy You probably want a longboard from this guy. Dick Brewer Surfboards Australian icon Wayne Lynch's brand. Evolution WOOD BOARDS Expensive but beautiful kits and finished boards from paipo to log. Grain Surfboards Redwood and balsa shapes. Eaton Surfboards From ancient Hawaiian shapes to fish. Tom Wegener Surfboards Unreal, exquisite hollow woodies. Paul Jensen Surfboards Redwood planks and balsa models. Born Again Boards Solid balsa and redwood. Chuck Bassett Custom balsa’s at Ron Jons. Jeri Custom Balsawoods Hollow, solid and foam-core balsas from Oz. Riley Balsa’s from Satellite Beach. Balsa Bill Custom balsas from Carlsbad, Cali. Mack Surfboards How about a solid Agave board? Linden Surfboards Santa Cruz classics. Johnny Rice LONGBOARDS Credited with resurrecting longboards, has all shapes now. Walden Surfboards Seal Beach, Cali., since 1959. Beautiful work. Harbour Surfboards San Diego guns, logs and funshapes. Eaton Surfboards Legend? Yes. Longboards? Definitely. "Renny" Yater Family tree mother branch, Hap Jacobs. (Under Construction.) Hap Jacobs Surf Original noseriding legend. David Nuuhiwa Surfboards Some say he was really “First in Foam.” Dave Sweet Surfboards New label from family of the Duke. Kahanamoku Sons Legendary island label, iconic triple stringers. Surfboards Hawaii Mostly longboards. Classic Cali. Con Surfboards Crescent City, Cali., models. Rhyn Noll Surfboards Absolutely gorgeous Rincon-area retros. Cooperfish Surfboards Ventura, Calif., classic designs. Mobley Surfboards Famed longboards, but have lots of shapes. Pearson Arrow Surfboards Two-piece longboards buit to travel. Pope Bisect New York shop with all shapes, really. Bunger Really sweet shapes, paints from Costa Mesa,Calif. Dano Surfboards Bing Copeland started on the Pacific Coast Highway in 1959. Bing Surfboards PRO RIDES Kelly Slater’s ride. Channel Islands Al Merrick's new logo. Anacapa Can’t go wrong with this medicine. Surf Prescriptions Not just Hawaiian, world class. Hawaiian Island Creations The official Jeff Bushman site. 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Rainbow Surfboards More than just groovy. Plastic Machine Surfboards ALTERNATIVE MATERIALS & SHAPES Looks like an alien shape. Jet Bottoms Hemp and cotton cloth, hollow balsas. Ocean Green Full-on space aged internal frames. Hydro Epic Displacement hulls, flex fins. Say what? A must read. Liddle Surfboards The one and only Nugget shape. McCoy Surfboards Patagonia magnate, Fletcher Chouinard’s composite boards. Point Blanks Parabolic rail stringers. Firewire Surfboards A tail with springs in it. Surf Syndicate Hollow carbon fibers. Aviso Surf Built like airplane wings or UFOs? Salomon S-Cores Balsa, redwood, cedar and foam composite. GR Designs Soft tops for serious surfing. Tom Morey Tougher contruction’s by name-brand shapers. Surftech Epoxies from 6’2” to 10’ South Point Epoxies from 4’9” to 11’ NSP Aerated Cellular Structure tech equals indestructible. Bic Sport Surfboards FLORIDA SHAPERS Port Orange in the house! Klein Surfboards A Cocoa Beach master. Natural Art Flagler Beach shaper. maTTz Surfboards A real New Smyrna kahuna. Wooster Surfboards Still working on their site, but... Quiet Flight Flagler Beach’s world champ. Queen of the pier. Zamba Surfboards Atlantic Beach shop. Whisnat Surfboards St. Augustine shapes. Inspired Surfboards. Power to the Peeples. Erie Surfboards Melbourne labels. Cannibal Surf Space Coast shaper.Tom Neilson Shapes Daytona Beach rockers. Clever Surfboards Fernandina Beach house. Cyclone Surfboards EAST COAST RIDES Virgnia Beach icon. Wave Riding Vehicles North Carolina shop. AJW Surfboards GULF COAST Texas sticks of all shapes and sizes. Superior Surfboards Never seen a channeled bottom like this. Fry Surfboards THE HAWAIIAN BUNCH All style. All business. Town & Country Mostly guns. Casey Surf Designs Nothing says Hawaii like it. Aloha Surfboards A top dog name, bruddah. Ben Aipa North Shore bro, Jeff Johnston. Shapes Hawaii Another North Shore all star. 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Season Surfboards Team Jamaica's label. Quashi IRELAND Remember your wetsuit. Power Source Surfboards GERMANY Olas uber alas! Norden-Surfboards BRASIL Can you read Portugese? FM Surf PANAMA Surf the canal! Boa Surfboards BRITAIN There are loads more Brit shapes, but check these tail stringers! SKUA Surfboards STAND-UP PADDLEBOARDS Ku Ku Hoe’s. Hawaiian for “stand up paddle.” Infinity The kind Laird Hamilton and crew ride. Pohakus More Hawaiian stand-ups. Paddle Surf Hawaii Here's a list of more links for all things surfer. If you think of any more surfy sites that should be included, send in a suggestion by posting a comment and I'll take a look. LOCAL SURF DOCUMENTARY The photo-documentary "When We Were Kings" is about New Smyrna Beach surfing in the 80s. It's by J. Patrick Altes. WEATHER LINKS NOAA wave models NOAA St. Augustine buoy NOAA Canaveral buoy NOAA wind flow vector model National Weather Service marine forecasts NOAA Northwest Atlantic water vapor loop satellite SURF REPORTS & CAMS New Smyrna Beach cam Daytona Beach cam East Coast Cams Sunglow Pier cam Cocoa Beach based 2nd Light report Melbourne Beach wave gague St. Augustine based The Surf Station report Daytona Beach based Pier Monkey report Gulf coast report Rep Your Break's Jacksonville Pier report Fluid Groove's Jacksonville Beach report Rep Your Break's Daytona Beach Pier report Dade County surf report South Florida report Southern North Carolina reports Links and more on EastCoastSurf.com Ross's Cocoa and Idiatlantic report Red Dog's New Smyrna report 16 Streets Cocoa report Surf Consolidator northeast Florida reports NATIONAL FORECASTS Surfline WaveWatch Wet Sand Magic Seaweed COSTA RICA Nosara, Costa Rica Costa Rica surf map BAJA LINKS Scorpion Bay campground Web site COMPETITION ASP World Tour ASP North America regional tour Eastern Surfing Association National Scholastic Surfing Association ZINES & CLEARINGHOUSES Surfing The Mag Surfer Magazine Global Surfers Surfers Village surfing news Swaylock's surfboard design forum Surf Expo! MAPS Map of Bahamas surf spots SURFBOARD MUSEUM DISPLAY This link is to a 360-degree photographic tour of the surfboard exhibit the Daytona Beach Museum of Arts and Sciences held in May 2005, called Surfing USA. . The photo tour was created was John McSwain. Surfboard exhibit I NEVER KNEW THAT! There's a site to report and look for stolen surfboards. StolenSurfboardsOnline The American Society of Civil Engineers did a paper on Ponce Inlet wave simulations.

          Bringing Iberian Food To Queens        

O Lavrador Restaurant and Bar 138-40 101st Ave., Jamaica ( 718) 526-1526 olavradorrestaurant.com Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:30 a.m – 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday: 11:30 a.m. – 11 p.m. Cuisine: Spanish and Portuguese Credit Cards: Yes Delivery: Yes Take-out: Yes Catering: Yes If you are in the mood to try the finest cuisine from the Iberian […]

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          Pro-ISIS Sheikh Abdullah Al-Faisal’s Website Solicits Donations Via Western Union, Moneygram; Al-Faisal Asks Paltalk Participants To ‘Donate Generously To The Dawah Effort’        
Jamaican pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Sheikh Abdullah Al-Faisal’s official website, Authentic Tauweed, provides instructions for interested individuals to donate to the “dawah [preaching] of Sheikh Faisal.” The solicitation, at the bottom of the main page on Al-Faisal’s website, reads: “DONATE TO THE DAWAH OF SHEIKH FAISAL. TO ASK FOR DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO USE WESTERN UNION [&hellip
          PELO ONLINE..........        


    Steve Jobs, CEO de Apple, es una de esas personalidades que desataba pasiones por su enorme carisma. Es uno de los nombres más conocidos en internet y, para mi gusto, una de las personas más brillantes de los últimos tiempos. Su legado es hoy patrimonio de la humanidad. Su ejemplo nos deja grandes instantes y grandes frases que nos descubren qué ser o adónde dirigirnos. Una de esas reflexiones nos enseña a distinguir a los nuevos emprendedores del siglo XXI: “La innovación distingue a un líder de un seguidor”.

    Hace unos días, en mi espacio de una red social en la que trabajo a diario, encontraba un comentario de un colega peluquero. Me hacía referencia a una nueva técnica que he creado de rasta Jamaicana a la piedra volcánica, y compartido ONLINE: "mis clientes nunca se harían eso en sus pelos", me contestaba solapando mi mensaje. Y yo, me pregunto, ¿esto es motivo para dejar de innovar? ¿Para dejar de crear? ¿Para dejar de ser emprendedores? ¿Nuestra frontera creativa y de negocio acaba con los clientes que habitualmente nos visitan en nuestro salón?... Los grandes triunfos siempre han sido conseguidos por personas individuales o pequeñas empresas, aunque después las grandes las compran y las difunden.

    Nuestros mayores consumidores, ahora maduros niños del baby boom (nacidos entre los años 60 y 75), que levantaron este país con ideas, trabajo y, sobre todo, consumismo, empieza a vivir sus horas de estabilidad consumista, como toda la vieja Europa. Salir de la recesión económica es, pues, una labor ardua, lenta y que paradójicamente se ha convertido en  un problema con falta de relevo generacional.

    Nuevos países emergentes inundan nuestras mentes creativas de nuevas oportunidades de crecimiento en nuestro sector. La exportación de ideas y experiencia será el valor más preciado para un futuro ya muy inmediato, como medida de superación y crecimiento económico. Según la Institución Brookings se pronostica que antes del 2020 más de la mitad de la humanidad -3.200 millones- tendrán un poder adquisitivo con capacidad de consumir bienes y servicios. Actualmente, de los casi 7.000 millones de humanos que poblamos la tierra solo 1.800 millones ganamos lo suficiente para consumir.

    Por favor, ¿habéis leído bien estas cifras? Es la gran oportunidad de este país. Es la oportunidad de la innovación, de los peluqueros emprendedores, donde las fronteras solo existan en planos museísticos. La única diferencia de estos miles de consumidores nuevos es que llegan a nosotros en una era diferente: la digital. La era industrial, como factor clave de crecimiento, ya es historia. Sus nuevas reglas ONLINE son las que mandan. Usar la inteligencia colectiva es la solución. Saber que quieren nuestros posibles clientes antes que ni ellos mismos lo sepan es la clave del éxito. La energía personal y su canalización las 24 horas del día son vitales. Trabajo y ocio se fusionan para producir y crecer sin parar un momento... Es vivir en un espacio sideral donde las ideas son el instrumento que alimenta la creatividad y las oportunidades.

    Yo, de momento, gracias a todas estas revoluciones digitales sigo rejuveneciendo. Preparo mi cepillo de dientes, mis tijeras, mi iPad y un par de mudas y me preparo para viajar y descubrir ese nuevo mundo emergente que espera mi creatividad.

    Seguir aprendiendo sin descanso me permite seguir viviendo.

    Julián Gijón
          CUIDADO, BOLT        

Johan Blake le acaba de ganar en los trials de Jamaica. Blake, 9.75  y Bolt, 9.86

          Annie John        
Annie John
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           Study suggests that humans killed off the Jamaican monkey         
The researchers, from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, made the finding while carbon dating a Jamaican monkey leg bone discovered in the 1990s.
          Don Letts 2017-08-06 Crucial Isley Brothers        
“The Don’s selections cross time, space and genre – mixing his favourite new music with classics from the UK, Europe, USA, Jamaica, Africa, Japan and way beyond. Each week he also highlights a piece of Crucial Vinyl – a cherished album from his own collection. This time it’s 3+3 released by the Isley Brothers in […]
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Cast: Captivate Photo+Cinema

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          The Reveal        
A story I wrote for the 2016 series on the Dark Mountain blog where seven different writers have been  stepping outside the bubble of instant opinion to reflect on the wider significance of a turbulent year. 

‘I used to care but things have changed’ – Bob Dylan

‘The dead lie in layers beneath us,’ said Tony Dias, ‘and influence all our actions.’ We were in a schoolroom in Ry in northern Denmark, and I was teaching a class about deep time. The students were sitting in a circle, each taking up position in the calendar of the year, discussing how each station affected them. It is the end of October and the writer and philosopher is sitting in the position of the ancestors, also known as Samhain or Halloween. I am at winter solstice. We are holding a conversation about the end of things, which makes sense as people who met through Dark Mountain and as the oldest people in the room. I talk about restoration and composting the past and he talks about the oceans, how oil has come out of an anaerobic process, so doesn’t break down and feed life. ‘It is a zombie fuel,’ he says.

Afterwards we will  climb into canoes and silently cross the lake to the woods where the class will fan out and encounter the wild spaces on their own. The copper leaves of the beech trees will shower down on our endeavour to connect with the living, breathing planet.  A lot of the students will have problems getting beyond the whirl of their technology-driven minds.

‘Everything is hitting against that zenith of the summer solstice and resisting the fall,’ remarks Tony. ‘The  violence and destruction happens, so everyone can jump the process and begin again.’

For the last two weeks I have switched off the computer, and tried to look back at this tumultuous year from the perspective of where I live, a small lane in East Anglia on the edge of England. Most of my working and social life is done via this machine, so when I go offline the world and its headlines vanish. The physical place comes closer, and with it a depth of perception that all the buzzy discussion about politics and celebrity, about money, about the end of globalisation, never allow in. You get a sense of the mood of the times.

One thing is clear: you can’t skip the fall, no matter how much you try.


The growing year came and went down the lane. The machines thundered past our windows, wresting commodities of peas, sugar beet, maize and wheat from the clay. The hawthorns and wild roses put on a beautiful show in the hedgerows, though the cold spring meant many of the growers’ roadside stalls would be closed by September. On May morning Mark, Josiah and I went to a tiny meadow of frosted green-winged orchids, marooned in an industrial prairie of barley. When the sun rose a hare bounded past and the skylarks sang above us. We realised that none of us could call ourselves community activists anymore. Our attention was on other things, but the place still connected us, in ways we had no words for.

The lane is one of a series of lanes behind the village church, skirting reed beds and broads that were shaped by the Ice Age 12,000 years ago. It houses a few indigenous Suffolk families who have lived here for generations, but mostly well-off incomers who live in converted barns and cottages and have a penchant for lacquered willow fencing. This year the suburbanisation continues its mission creep, replacing bird-singing scrub with ponies and crunchy driveways. Delivery trucks chew up the verges. The outdoor lights flare a ghoulish green into the night, on the once elegant Queen Anne facade of the big house on the corner, now owned by a multi-millionaire clothing entrepreneur from Jamaica. The field opposite our house, known as Hare Field, has been enclosed with a rabbit-proof fence, so now we look at meshed wire where once we caught sight of the wild creatures bounding past. The big ash trees have begun to die back.

It is not what it was when we came. It has devolved, said Mark.

I don’t like to think about that much and keep my eyes up into the sky, tracking the geese coming in from Siberia, the fly past of jackdaws at dawn, the light which reflects amber and gold on the trunks of the oaks as the sun goes down. But I can’t not look. The lane is part of brutal Britain, the rabbit-proof fence is all fences in Europe that keep out the unwanted, the pesticide-wrecked soil, every industrialised arable field in the world, the felled and dying trees, all forests killed to maintain our zombie lifestyle.

And he is right. It was more beautiful. There were more creatures – hedgehogs and stoats and hares. You could hear nightingales singing in May. Butterflies once covered the buddleia in August. David Moyse, the village’s history man and steeple keeper, would wave to us as we cycled by and give us green tomatoes for chutney. It was wilder, more country, sweeter.

It was still feudal though. You still had to deal with a frequency loaded with ancient snobbery and hostility. Us, the landowners with our gamekeepers and huge cars and you, renters, with your second-hand boots and pesky questions about RoundUp. Some things don’t change. Some things haven’t changed in England for a thousand years or more.

There was a period in the community activist years when there was a kind of bridge with some of the people in the lane, where I could be enthusiastic about non-threatening subjects like give and take days and community gardens and share jars of foraged damson jam, so long as I didn’t push the climate change, fossil fuel dependence thing, or talk about factory farming or flying. So long as I could say how calm and blue the sea was this year, the best swimming year in a decade, and not mention the sandy cliffs at Easton Bavents that continued to fall into the waves.

But in 2016 that bridge fell down. What do you do? had became a conversational mine-field:

‘Oh, an editor, how interesting, and what’s the Dark Mountain Project?’
‘We’re a network of artists and writers looking at social and environmental collapse...’

Not a great opener over the canapés and Chardonnay.

Which is why I can’t really tell you what is being discussed this season down the lane. I have to  travel elsewhere to have those conversations.


Here I am today in Colchester in early November meeting Christian Brett for the first time. For three years we’ve worked together shaping and producing the Dark Mountain books via the telephone, long conversations between a tower block in Rochdale and a tied cottage in East Anglia. He is setting up an installation called ‘The Sound of Stones in the Glasshouse’, a work he conceived with the artist Gee Vaucher whose ‘Introspective’ is about to open at the town’s modern art gallery. It’s a bold, uncompromising work: a glasshouse made of panels engraved with the names of every intervention the US military has made in the last 100 years. Around the walls are excerpts of presidential inaugural speeches talking about freedom and democracy and the numbers of the dead caused by wars on their watch. In the centre of the glasshouse a video of soldiers emerging out of a trench plays on a loop, and a patch of bare earth.

We go for lunch and talk and it feels the same as it does on the phone, except we’re not looking at computer screens, we’re looking at each other. The rain falls down on the capital of Roman Britain, now a nexus for the modern Armed Forces. The show was opening on the 11th.

If you are an artist, or a writer, you have to see differently from the conventional world that appears to own and control everything. You have to look outside the echo chambers, beyond the burning issues of the day, beyond the headlines, into something deeper, more intrinsic, not bound in time. You have to see what Sebald once called the 'Rings of Saturn', as he walked down the Suffolk coastline, the machine of history that crushes us in its talons.

‘Have you got Mr Trump in the wings?’ I ask.
‘We have them both ready,’ he replies.



In the space of a year two people I used to be close to took their own lives. What struck me when I remembered them wasn’t to do with their brilliance as editors and designers, or their long struggles with mental illness. It was about their presence and their intensity, a certain kind of intimacy you rarely experience with people. It felt as if their spirits had burned out of control, like a forest fire, and no-one knew how to deal with the blaze. It felt that whenever you leave out what you most love about people,  our deep feeling natures, what used to be called the soul,  something always crashes. It crashes in individuals and in collectives and in nations. The spirit of this trauma lives in all of us by virtue of being born into the system. No one escapes that, not the rich, not the poor, not the powerful, nor the meek. The question we face as Rome falls is: how can we speak with each other and get out of the cycle?

When I switch off the machine and the headlines recede, I realise we are not in a political crisis; we are in a spiritual crisis, an existential crisis. We don’t know what it means to be human anymore. We have lost contact with the meaning of time, our presence here. How can we be human in a collapsing world? How can I be female outside the patriarchy? How can I matter in a community where I am one of the unnecessariat, the precariat, part of the low-income, left behind, just about managing, tax credited, zero-contract gig economy?

When I switch off the machine, I step out into the lane and walk into the twilight. You can feel everything more closely in the dark, especially the trees, your senses open up, your feet feel the ground, the wind coming from the south. Venus outshines the glow of the brewery distribution centre on the horizon. That’s when I realise that to this place, I matter. My presence, my intense engagement matters. To the dead, to the ancestors I matter. To consciousness, to the fabric of life I matter. We matter. That is no small thing.

What we need is a new social contract.


In the spiritual years – I guess that was mostly the '90s – I slept in moon lodges and dreamed of medicine people and Cathars and Indian gods, and I sang and danced alongside a band of fellow seekers moving through the great landscapes of the Americas. We were searching for a deeper relationship with the world and our ‘hard yoga for the earth’, as Gary Snyder once described it, pushed us into some very difficult corners, not least among ourselves. We spent a lot of time dealing with the karma of our families and connecting with indigenous medicine plants. We all thought, foolishly, that the collective shift of consciousness we yearned for would somehow just happen.  We were coming from the future and had been born into the past. We thought we could travel forever and live in bamboo huts on the sides of sacred mountains, but history or destiny dragged us back to our home countries. The ancestors told us: those who caused the problem have to deal with it. And then they disappeared.

The problem, we knew, wasn’t going to have a neat solution, like a mindfulness class you could do every Tuesday.  I am another yourself was not a mantra: it meant going through all the files your cultural history threw at you, being treated like an exile, losing most of your dignity and your spending power, and then having to start over again. Few of us wanted to go through the emotional mangle that would make us human. Most of us resisted the fall in our own ways and stalled.

When we said we were looking for a new narrative, we meant we were looking for a new language. At some point we knew the theory would have to become practice. We were waiting for something to move.



'Strange attractors' are so called because they make a particular shape in phase space which radically alters the dynamics of a system, sometimes called the shape of uncertainty. Strange attractors allow chaos to break up rigid forms and create new ones. Civilisations by their design are fixed systems living within vast non-linear systems. Fatal attractions are their undoing.

Strange attractors, as we might have noticed in 2016, don’t always look like the pleasing butterfly shapes you see in chaos theory manuals. They have bad haircuts and bad attitude and send shockwaves through social media. Their chief characteristic is that they hold all the missing information, so when they exert their influence they challenge the order that is dependant on certain things kept out of the picture.
In 2016 a lot of missing people suddenly appeared in the picture that had excluded them for aeons and did the only thing that the Establishment allowed them to do: they voted. For decades the dispossessed of North America’s Rust Belt and England’s factory towns have held the collective shadow of the classes above them, so the multicultural hi-tech uberfolk of the metropolis could shop and tweet and travel with impunity.

In 2016 a lot of those '90s words like transformation and chaos became a way to look at the string of political events that had crashed the world views of the privileged. The shadow had reeled into the open. Nigredo is the first stage of alchemy, bringing to light the dark materia that needs to be transformed. The nigredo is a scary moment. You have to know how to negotiate it. When the hidden rage of millions is unleashed – generations of people humiliated, derided, told they are worthless and have no future – you have to hold fast to your humanity. Here be dragons. You can’t be righteous and float above this scary territory, because that fury is in you and me. No-one in the system escapes its hostility. You can refuse to carry the shadow of your culture, only if you have dealt with it yourself, only if you are not still blaming mummy and daddy and your first boyfriend and that prick in HR who doesn’t recognise your true value. Only the system wins in the system.

Nigredo is all about the reveal. When the US election result is announced it feels less scary than 2008 when everyone was whooping with joy and hope about the future. Trump entered stage right, the pantomime villain, the bad cop, to loud hisses from the gallery, but the exiting good cop with his suave saviour style had been less easy to discern. However, as the Glasshouse reminds us, all cops are cops when it comes to ‘full spectrum dominance’. The Empire is the Empire whatever country you now live in. We are all Romans and all slaves.

This alchemical moment has nothing to do with social justice, or environmentalism or any of the grassrootsy stuff I have found myself advocating during last decade. There are initiatives and networks around the world focussing on these worthy things, but none of this transforms anything if we are the same people inside, if we haven’t dealt with our stuff – as we used to say in the '90s –  if we haven’t uncivilised ourselves, made contact with the layers of dead under our feet, in the sky, in the rivers. If we haven’t stood with the Lakota, or with the yew trees, with the rainbow serpent, with the glacier, with the tawny owl. If we haven’t found a way to dismantle the belief systems that keep us trapped in the cycles of history, if we haven’t dealt with our insatiable desire for power and attention and found ways to live more lightly on the planet, we are not going to make it through this stage. And it is a 'we' because, in England at least, we are on a very crowded island and no matter how much we say we don’t like our neighbours, they live next door.


In 2016 I am 60 years old and do not collect my bus pass.

‘In the old days we would be putting our feet up by now Ellen,’ I say, hauling another sack of Issue 10 into the Post Office.
‘Don’t get me started,’ says Ellen.

On my birthday I go in search of foxgloves on Walberswick Common. It has been a peerless year for bluebells and primroses and seakale, the wild flowers I track each year. But foxgloves are nowhere to be seen. I curse as I stumble over burned gorse and birch tree stumps. Bloody management systems! If I had been more attentive I would have remembered that foxglove is a heart medicine and this was the site of a brutal enclosure in 1624 and known as Bloody Marsh. I hear their strangulated voices first, and then I see the group, walking down the old railway track as if they owned the whole planet, and before I know it a fury surges through my chest: why don’t you people fuck off back to London!

‘It wasn’t just me,’ I say when I find Mark again. It’s not just the repressed violence inside ourselves that roars out of our mouth in the nigredo, it is the rage of the dead. We have a task to recognise that. Take notice.

That night I watch moon daisies swaying under the starlight, under the influence of the tiny English liberty cap. The silver sea is breathing in and out, you can taste the salt on the night air. It’s summer solstice and everything is peaking, reaching its ultimate growing moment. The 12-foot hogweed at the end of the garden lifts its giant head to the full moon. Hooligan flower, outlaw flower, shining with light. En-ger-land En-ger-land!

‘What?’ says Mark.
‘Something is revving up!’ I say, laughing.  Something is shifting gear.

I can’t say we felt the shock about the referendum vote to leave Europe in the lane a few days afterwards. Nor about the result of the US election later in the year. No-one spoke about it. People were no more racist than before, nor any less fond of French wine or Danish crime thrillers, or Ravi the baker, or Señor Vila the dentist, or the Polish bus driver whose name we don’t know on the 99 bus to Lowestoft. The white and blue postcard town carried on serving the rich weekenders from the city. The day-trippers kept eating the disappearing cod and chips down by the pier. The small shops, hammered with higher rents and rates, continued to be replaced by chains and boutiques selling high-end sailor tops and children’s clothes manufactured in China. The hospital and the police station remained closed. The Post Office lost its crown status and the staff had to wear corporate-style uniforms and work on Sundays. The delivery drivers looked more and more harassed as they took our boxes of books from the door. The Library held sales to keep open. Nothing was secure.

In May the asparagus, once picked by the women from the surrounding villages, was gathered by bands of young Eastern Europeans. They pick and sort fast and are gone when the season is over, carrying home pay packets that are worth more in their own countries – a scenario that is played out across the flinty vegetable fields of the Eastern seaboard, in Norfolk and Lincolnshire. No one knows where this will end. If you have been to the jobseeker centre recently in Lowestoft you might guess who will be picking asparagus in the future and for whom. No-one will care however if this person is you.


When I boarded the boat train at Harwich I breathed a sigh of relief. It was a moment of homecoming that I never had when I was a traveller, when England was a country I wanted to get away from. The carriage was shabbier than any in IKEA Europe, and air on the platform smelled of winter, of salt and rain and green. The conductor walked down the passageway and three men who were travelling together and drinking beers laughed out loud. No-one had laughed on those Dutch and Danish trains and no-one had made an entrance like that, a deliberate music hall swagger down the aisle, like a rolling English road, like the curve of the Oxfordshire hills, almost, you could say, hobbity. Not of this time, nor of this dimension.

A door that seemed shut in the schoolroom in Denmark suddenly swung open. A joy ripped through me. The mythos was still here!

You can look at nature,  the writer Richard Mabey once wrote, as a tragedy or a comedy. It depends on your point of view. The character of a people is not the same as a society hamstrung by a corporate global economy. As the curtain closes on 2016, it’s worth bearing in mind that the drama changes tack the moment we give up our high tragic roles and become ordinary players. It’s true, comedy is used to paper over the dark things, to make light of serious matters; the Empire has used entertainment to distract people forever. Strictly Britain is not very militaristic, as George Orwell once noted. We’re more interested in theatrics which is why we are such dismal suckers for Punch and Judy politics and royal parades, even as the joke is so often on us. That’s the way to do it!

However comedy is not just about laughing, or poking fun, it is seeing life from a certain perspective, with heart. It gives an agency to situations where tragedy can only offer a solitary death, it reminds us above all that life is an ensemble act that brings affection, even in the hardest times. We are in this show together. Tickets please, ladies and gentlemen.

In spite of everything, I realised I wanted to go home to the lane. Though the Empire will keep telling me I do not belong, I know that I do. And no kind of politics will take that relationship away. I am not going anywhere else. I am not a nationalist, a flag waver, a patriot, I don’t know what ‘British values’ are, I can’t tell you the names of any football players or newscasters or the kinds of questions aspiring UK citizens are tested on. But I can love this place, these marsh birds, these oaks. I can cohere in a fragmenting time, I can remember in a forgetting time. We don’t need a grand vision, another story right now, we need to get through the nigredo, the seismic shaking of the jar, and allow the seeds we hold inside us to break open their coats.

Afterwards will come the albedo, the deep memory of water, and the rubedo, the solarising forces, the warmth and light of the sun. We will unfurl ourselves then. All is good, all is return, all is regeneration in alchemy. We just have to have the stomach for the work. We have to trust that whatever happens in our small lives, whatever move we make to undo the unkindness of centuries will affect the whole picture, that we are not on our own. Everything matters. The ancestors are behind us: all good comedies end in a dance, they say.   


Pictures: ‘Midsummer Eve Bonfire’, after c.1917, by Nikolai Astrup (from Painting Norway at Dulwich Picture Gallery); 'The Stones in the Glasshouse' by Christian Brett and Gee Vaucher (photo: Douglas Atfield/Firstsite’ ); feather at Base Camp, Dark Mountain gathering at Embecombe, Devon (photo: Warren Draper); excerpt from the documentary, Human by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

You can subscribe to the Dark Mountain books here - or make a donation to help to keep their site going.

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Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with University Hospital Birmingham National Health Serive Trust (UHB) to collaborate in the development of Centres of Excellence at health facilities in Jamaica. The areas covered under the MOU include cardiology, nephrology, neurosciences and oncology. The agreement also... Read More
          New Board Chairman and Board Appointed for Western Regional Health Authority        
A new chairman and board have been appointed for the Western Regional Health Authority (WRHA). Dr. David Lowe, the CEO of Caribbean Producers Jamaica, was appointed chairman. His tenure took effect on July 11, 2017 and he will serve in this capacity until March 31, 2019. Mr. Tony Hart, the... Read More
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Contextual Situation Although there has been an increasing acceptance of and interest in M&E, advocacy for M&E within Regional Health Authorities and NGOs continues to be weak, donor driven and challenged by varying levels of internal capacity. M&E is still used interchangeably with ‘reporting’, suggesting an incomplete understanding of the... Read More
          A feast of figurative        
(image from here)
The primary reason for going to Pallant House yesterday was the John Minton exhibition.  I first came across John Minton's work on book jackets, and I have loosely known his work without really knowing anything about it or him.  So, as the Pallant puts on such good exhibitions of British 20th century artists we grasped the opportunity to find out more.
(image from here)
And I find I really like the work - especially the early paintings, and those from his travels.  Indeed the early works very much brought to mind the currently fashionable artists of the St Judes' stable.  I very much am drawn to the flat presentation of figures - yet so expressive - and the delightful elegant scribbled - and yet emotionally informative detail. 
Children by the Sea oil on canvas (image from here)
In the picture above, all the plants and Cornish details are incorporated like the stones in the walls - graphically, but as they are in fact too.
I am still absorbing and enjoying what I have seen.
Summer Landscape gouache on board (image from here where there is a review of the exhibition)
Landscape near Kingston Jamaica ink and watercolour on paper (image from here, with another review)
Melon Sellers, Corsica  oil on canvas (image from here - with more images)
Exotic Fruit (image from here)
For the time, I find his colours extraordinarily vibrant, and none more so than in his paintings of Corsica, Spain, and Jamaica.  And stunning in the enigmatic painting The Entombment, below with its beautiful Corsican cross.
The Entombment oil on canvas (image from here)

Here is another review.

          â€œThis ain’t Jamaica”        
A follow-up to my post on the demise of the US military’s Human Terrain System: an interesting report from Vanessa Gezari in the New York Times.  She’s the author of The Tender Soldier, a first-hand account of the Human Terrain System, and she starts her Times essay by recalling her own experience accompanying a US patrol […]
          Dub Palace 05-22-2016 with Dj T-dub        

Berlin Boom Orchestra- Jerusalem - Kopf Stein Pflaster
Bob Marley The Wailers- Roots - Exodus Deluxe Edition
Ini Kamoze- World A Music - Ini Kamoze
King Tubby- Back Out This Dub Stylee - Majestic Dub
Scientist Bs Prince Jammy- Round 2 Prince Jammy - Big Showdown At King Tobbys 1980
- voicebreak -
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad- Nice Feeling - Steady
Mad Professor- Kunta Kinte - The Inspirational Sounds Of Mad Professor
The Green- Roots - The Green
- voicebreak -
Vivian Jones- Legalize Ganja - 50th
EekAMouse- Ganja Smuggling - WaDoDem
Turbulance- Jamaican Weed - Jamaican Weed Single
Scientist- Dangerous Match 5 - Scientist Wins The World Cup
Mad Professor- Fast Forward Into Dub - The Very Best Of Mad Professor
- voicebreak -
Ziggy Marley- Weekends Long - Ziggy Marley
Israel Vibration- Herb Is The Healing - Stamina
Jah Shaka- Expensive Dub - Jah Shaka
Johnny Osbourne- Give A Little Love - Never Stop Fighting GreenSleeves
- voicebreak -
Renegade Soundwave- Black Eyed Boy - In Dub
Mystic Roots Band- Marie - Mystic Roots
Prince Jammy- Sunny Side Dub - Crucial In Dub
Alpha Blondy- Bahia - Jah Victory
Gregory Isaacs- Night Nurse - Live At Maritime Hall
Mono Verde CO- Muevete - Mono Verde Co

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/102/playlistDate/2016-05-22
          Reggae Transfusion 04-27-2016 with Dj T-dub        

Easy Star AllStars Citizen Cope- Karma Police - Radiodread
Ini Kamoze- World A Music - Ini Kamoze
Damian Jr Gong Marley- Welcome To Jamrock - Welcome To Jamrock
Policulture- The Bridge - The Bridge
Rastasaurus- Yesterdays Criminal - Bad For Business EP
Mono Verde CO- Muevete - Mono Verde Co
- voicebreak -
Tatanka- Rise - Rise Single
John Holt- Police In Helicopter - Police In Helicopter
Gregory Isaacs- Night Nurse - Night Nurse Bonus Track Version
Various Artists- CultureWhy Am I A Rastaman - Jamaica
Scientist- The Vulcan - The Scientist Dub Landing
Various Artists- Hopetown Lewis Take It Easy - This Is Reggae Music Golden Era 19601975
Barrington Levy- Murderer - Barrington
Dubkor- Ites Gold And Green - Rastaman Riding
Lone Ranger- M16 - M16
The Skatalites- Rock Fort Rock - Ball Of Fire
Red Sage- All I Need - Good To Be Alive
Bob Marley- Work - Soul Almighty
BUNNY WAILER- Bald Head Jesus - Liberation
Berlin Boom Orchestra- Calamity Ska - Kaboom
- voicebreak -
Berlin Boom Orchestra- Dubby Lan Echoboy Luke RMX - Kopf Stein Pflaster

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          Reggae Transfusion 04-13-2016 with Dj T-dub        

Berlin Boom Orchestra- Alles Was Zacht - Alles Was Zacht
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad- Nice Feeling - Steady
Bob Marley The Wailers- Punky Reggae Party - Bob Marley The Wailers Gold
King Tubby- Back Out This Dub Stylee - Majestic Dub
- voicebreak -
The Skatalites- Ball Of Fire - Ball Of Fire
Scientist- Dangerous Match 9 - Scientist Wins The World Cup
Peter Tosh- Legalize It - Legalize It Legacy Edition
Bob Marley The Wailers- Wake Up And Live - Survival
Mono Verde CO- Muevete - Mono Verde Co
Berlin Boom Orchestra- Dubby Lan Echoboy Luke RMX - Kopf Stein Pflaster
- voicebreak -
Policulture- The Bridge - The Bridge
Ini Kamoze- WorldAMusic - Reggae Gold 2013
Rastasaurus- Sometimes Its No Good - Bad For Business EP
Alpha Blondy- Bahia - Jah Victory
Dubkor- Same Routine feat Empress Que - Rastaman Riding
- voicebreak -
Mad Professor- Fast Forward Into Dub - The Very Best Of Mad Professor
Berlin Boom Orchestra- Geh Doch - Kopf Stein Pflaster
Scientist Bs Prince Jammy- Round 0ne - Big Showdown At King Tobbys 1980
EN Young- Never Gonna Leave Your Side - En Young
Lone Ranger- Jamaican Weed - Single
Johnny Osbourne- Give A Little Love - Never Stop Fighting
Israel Vibration- Herb Is The Healing - Stamina
Through The Roots- Bear With Me feat Eric Rachmany - Bear With Me feat Eric Rachmany Single
Vivian Jones- Legalize Ganja - 50th
Etana- I Rise - I Rise
Mad Professor- The AntiRacist Dub Broadcast - AntiRacist Dub Broadcast
Scientist- Dance Of The Vampires - Rids The WorldOf The Evil Curse Of The Vampires Remastered
Ini Kamoze- Here Comes The Hotstepper - Here Comes The Hotstepper
Prince Jammy- Sunny Side Dub - Crucial In Dub
- voicebreak -

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- voicebreak -
King Tubby- Back Out This Dub Stylee - Majestic Dub
Rastasaurus- Sometimes Its No Good - Bad For Business EP
Ini Kamoze- World A Music - Ini Kamoze
Damian Jr Gong Marley- Welcome To Jamrock - Welcome To Jamrock
Mono Verde CO- Voy Hacia El Sur - Ecos De Le Y Esperanza
EN Young- Never Gonna Leave Your Side - En Young
Vivian Jones- Legalize Ganja - 50th
Berlin Boom Orchestra- Spre Den Verlust - Hin Und Weg
- voicebreak -
Rastasaurus- Yesterdays Criminal - Bad For Business EP
STEEL PULSE- Roller Skates - Earth Crisis
Lone Ranger- Jamaican Weed - Single
Johnny Osbourne- Give A Little Love - Never Stop Fighting GreenSleeves
Alpha Blondy- Bahia - Jah Victory
- voicebreak -

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          Reggae Transfusion 03-16-2016 with Dj T-dub        

John Holt- Police In Helicopter - Police In Helicopter
Ini Kamoze- Here Comes The Hotstepper - Here Comes The Hotstepper
Ini Kamoze- World A Music - Ini Kamoze
Damian Jr Gong Marley- Welcome To Jamrock - Welcome To Jamrock
Lone Ranger- Jamaican Weed - Single
Julian Marley- Boom Draw - Awake
Through The Roots- Bear With Me feat Eric Rachmany - Bear With Me feat Eric Rachmany Single
Anuhea- Higher Than The Clouds - Higher Than The Clouds Single
- voicebreak -
Through The Roots- Dancing In The Rain - Take You There
Berlin Boom Orchestra- Weg Ziel - Hin Und Weg
Gregory Isaacs- Night Nurse - Dubmission
Israel Vibration- Herb Is The Healing - Stamina
Barrington Levy- Murderer - Too Experienced The Best Of Barrington Levy
Dubkor- Law - Rastaman Riding
- voicebreak -
Dubkor- Zion Capacity - Shackled And Chained
Dubkor- Wait Son - Rastaman Riding
BUNNY WAILER- Bald Head Jesus - Liberation
Culture- Why Am I A Rastaman - Humble African
Musical Youth- Pass The Dutchie - Bong Hits
Cali P- Herbalist - Necessary Mayhem Presents Herbalist
- voicebreak -
Mad Professor Meets Mafia Fluxy- Spaceman Skank - SciFi Dub Series Part 1 From Mars With Dub
Max Romeo- Captain Of My Ship - The Max Romeo Catalogue Chapter 3 Verse 3348
Black Uhuru- Stalk Of Sensimenia - Stingray Records Reggae Jams Vol 1
Scientist- Golden Goal - Scientist Wins The World Cup
King Tubby- Back Out This Dub Stylee - Majestic Dub
- voicebreak -
Scientist- The Mummys Shroud - Rids The WorldOf The Evil Curse Of The Vampires Remastered

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          Reggae Transfusion 02-10-2016 with Dj T-dub        

King Tubby- Back Out This Dub Stylee - Majestic Dub
Scientist- Extra Time 5 - Scientist Wins The World Cup
Sublime- Doin Time Uptown Dub Remixed By Wyclef Jean - Sublime Deluxe Edition
Bunny Wailer- Dub Tree - Dubsco
The Skatalites- Freedom Sounds - From Paris With Love
Max Romeo- Kumbia - Fari Captain Of My Ship
Vivian Jones- Schooling - Big Leaders
Renegade Soundwave- Black Eye Boy - In Dub
Lone Ranger- M16 - M16
Lone Ranger- Jamaican Weed - Single
Lone Ranger- DJ Daddy - Rosemarie Meets DJ Daddy
Bob Marley The Wailers- Exodus - Legend Remastered
Dubkor- Law - Rastaman Riding
King Tubby- Best Dub In The Business - King Tubby
Israel Vibration- My Masters Will - Reggae Knights
Augustus Pablo- Frozen Dub - King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
Augustus Pablo- Nature Dub - East Of The River Nile
Lee Scratch Perry- I Do Voodoo Arrangend By Dubblestandart Robo Bass Hifi Feat Gudrun - Nu School Of Dub Arranged By Dubblestandart Robo Bass Hifi
Jah Shaka Mad Professor- New Decade Dub - New Decade Of Dub
EN Young- Never Leave Your Side feat Gonzo - Live Love Stay Up
Berlin Boom Orchestra- Alles Was Zacht - Alles Was Zacht
King Tubby- Dub Of A Woman - Dub From The Roots
Alpha Blondy- Bahia - Jah Victory
Mono Verde- Lucha Con Tu Ritmo - Ensamblando Culturas
STEEL PULSE- Roller Skates - Earth Crisis
Dubkor- Rastaman Riding - Rastaman Riding
Peter Tosh- Glass House - Honorary Citizen
Rudie Clash- RequimStep Dub - Round 1
Mad Professor- Cool Runnings Mandela - Psychedelic Dub
King Tubby- Sir Nineys Rock - King Tubbys Special
Bob Marley The Wailers- Crazy Baldhead - Rastaman Vibration Remastered
Scientist- Bad Days Dub - Scientific Dub
- voicebreak -

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/41/playlistDate/2016-02-10
          Help For Credit Card Debt        
I thought as finance professional I would personally offer some assistance with how to together with disputing credit card charges. This is not as simple of a procedure that some plans ready say it is just. There are a lot of variables that do not even really using the case. Sometimes you might possess a representative who does not know what they generally do or a company that blatantly does not tell the truth in a dispute case. The private credit information company that a person dealing with may have a bearing on things. I carried out various things in finance, but have not worked in conflicts. I do have various friends who been employed by and managed in the billing disputes department of several credit card banks and will share the wealth of that knowledge. Hopefully posting is going to help the user.

[url=http://generateurdecartebanc airefr.blogspot.com][img]http://texcpe.c om/html/credit-card-number-generator-117 .jpeg[/img][/url]

What is really a Bad Credit Credit Cartomancy? - Without further explanation, a poor credit credit card is purposed for people with [url=http://generateurdecartebancairefr. blogspot.com]generateur de carte de credit[/url] horrible credit reports. Persons applying for a poor credit credit card are usually unable get credit using their company credit card companies or lenders. Because applicants are high risk, the price and fees on poor credit cards are outrageous. Yet, this is the price for rebuilding their credit.

Visa designers from all over the world have created one hundred beautiful charge cards for Epos International of Japan. The credit card with chocolate sample seems pertaining to being the most delicious individual.

The island country saw a debt burden growing between 1996 and 2003 as its financial sector took famous and a drought hurt the agricultural production. Jamaica even introduced the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) program to restructure its domestic debt.

Bad credit holders generally do not find much help and assistance from people economic maters. As his or her financial records are not too good, people mostly see in unfavorable to trust them in monetary matters. Even so certain new systems think you are implemented where it is tried to pay attention and help to the poor holders. In this particular respect, it's always mentioned that they has now been straightforward for a bad credit holder to gain credit cards too. Certain credit card agencies can you find who attended forward that will help such debtors. But there are certain ingredients that you has to know about the loan cards credit score systems.

Many bank cards let you withdraw some initial cash too. Try to avoid this if simple. The cash usually accumulates more interest basically using the credit card for purchases, and can require a fee for withdrawing cash. You may end up paying $35.00 for a $20.00 cash withdraw or maybe if slowed because of smaller pay it back suddenly.

Thus, is actually not indeed a bad idea attempt to eliminate your visa card debt without making any payments. Instead, work on reducing your debt by adopting legal and moral directions.

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          Jamaica smiles again as McLeod wins gold in London        
Omar McLeod brought the smile back to Jamaican sprinting as he powered to the 110 metres hurdles title at the World Athletics Championships on Monday before dedicating his triumph to Usain Bolt. Following the shock defeats of Bolt and Elaine Thompson in the 100 metres events, McLeod, another overwhelming race favourite from the Caribbean island, made no mistake as he added the world crown to the Olympic title he won last year. The 23-year-old dominated the race, winning in 13.04 seconds, a metre clear of the defending champion Sergey Shubenkov, the Russian who was competing as an 'authorised neutral athlete' with his country's federation still banned from international athletics. "It was a pressure and I had to channel it into a positive way. The Jamaican camp was really daunting, and I took it upon myself. I really wanted to bring that spark back honestly and I really wanted to come out and win. and I especially wanted to dedicate this win to Usain Bolt's retirement," he said afterwards. Kenya's Faith Kipyegon added the world title to her Olympic gold when she won a superb women's 1,500 metres final in a white-hot London Stadium atmosphere on Monday, judging her charge to perfection and holding off the field. Kipyegon, silver medallist two years ago, took up the running with 600 to go and was stride for stride with in-form Sifan Hassan until the Dutchwoman faded while the Kenyan stayed strong to cross the line in four minutes 2.59 seconds. Yulimar Rojas claimed Venezuela's first-ever World Athletics Championships title when she won the women's triple jump by two centimetres from great rival Caterine Ibarguen in a see-saw battle on Monday. The 21-year-old's win came one day after the South American country won their first medal of any colour when Robeilys Peinado took the bronze in the women's pole vault. "What great pride to see the victory of our Yulimar Rojas, a glorious athlete of the golden generation," tweeted Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro, whose country is embroiled in an economic and constitutional crisis. Colombian Poland's Anita Wlodarczyk destroyed the opposition to win a third hammer throw world title despite suffering from a broken finger and cramps at the World Championships on Monday. The 31-year-old had been the one to beat going into the competition. With two Olympic titles to her name, the world record holder has not been beaten since early 2014. After a slow start, she took the lead on her fourth throw at the London Stadium, with a 77.39 metres effort, and wrapped up the gold with 77.90. with Reuters
          Clyde Bridges (1)        

Pictures/Photographs of Glasgow, Scotland

Jamaica St Bridge and 1st Caledonian Railway Bridge, viewed NW from Carlton Place.

[Texture overlay]

          The Strain Reviews - Purple Bud and Lamb’s Bread        

If you’re looking for the kind of strain that combines premium genetics from all over the world, you won’t be let down by Purple Bud. Diversity is the name of the game with this girl, combining genetics from California, Holland and Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region. The result is a very generous-yielding Afghani-Sativa cannabis strain that produces some seriously pretty plants.


Purple Bud is surprisingly easy to grow indoors and represents a great choice for beginners. It’s also perfectly suited to outdoor growing if you happen to live somewhere with at least a Mediterranean-ish climate.


As an Indica-dominant strain, the high is predominantly body-centred, though far from overpowering. Trace her origins even further back and there’s a welcome dose of Jamaican ancestry in there, which adds an uplifting and energising back-note to the high for a good sense of balance. Though her purple ancestry isn’t particularly strong, the purple colours the plants develop as they mature can be seen primarily on the buds themselves. The leaves often remain green, contrasting gorgeously with the purple flowers.


There’s a distinct fragrance of sandalwood and pine to the flowers of Purple Bud, which translates to a smooth, musky smoke with plenty of sweet berry flavours. Flowering times of just seven weeks or so promise healthy pay-outs in no time at all, from a plant with the durability to largely take care of itself. Both hydro and soil growing setups will get the job done nicely, producing plants of a medium height that tend to be extremely sturdy and robust.


Purple Bud is such a pretty strain that it’s ideal for anyone looking to grow just a single specimen plant. But at the same time, it produces gorgeous weed that’s more than worth growing in bulk. Just be sure to protect it from any sudden cold snaps outdoors, if you choose to let nature take care of things for you.


Lamb’s Bread
Most cannabis strains have their own unique claims to fame, but Lamb’s Bread is said to have a notch in its belt that goes above and beyond most. It’s said that Lamb's Bread was none other than the favourite cannabis strain of Bob Marley himself, which in its own right earned it guaranteed God-like status among millions of stoners worldwide.


Try out Lamb's Bread for yourself and you’ll immediately understand why it’s something of a musician’s favourite. The high is one that begins with an immediate uplift and energy boost, coupled with glorious euphoria and a sense of heightened creativity.


As a strain with predominantly Sativa genetics, the high hits the brain far harder than the body. There’s a sense of relaxed contentment, but on the whole there’s almost no noticeable effect on the body when smoking Lamb's Bread. It’s all about focus, concentration and that real sense that can (and just might) accomplish anything.


It’s also a winner for its flavour profile, which is heavy in spicy-pine and citrus notes with a definite skunk undertone. In medical cannabis circles, Lamb's Bread has become a key player in the treatment of ADHD, depression and anxiety, not to mention poor appetite, glaucoma and migraines.


If you choose to grow Lamb's Bread at home, you’ll probably find it one of the easiest strains out there to get the job done. Despite its legendary status, it’s a breeze to cultivate indoors or out, even if you don’t have any prior experience. Flowering times of around nine weeks mean you won’t be waiting too long for the payoff, which can be as generous as 400g for every square metre when provided with optimum conditions. THC content hovers around the 18%, which means that while Lamb's Bread packs a punch, it isn’t going to blow you into the middle of next week.





          Jamaica Scores Another World First – Weed ATMs at Airports!         

If you’re lucky enough to live in Jamaica, this is the kind of story that’s guaranteed to prompt smugness of the highest order. If you live elsewhere, it’s more likely to be a case of agonizing envy. For generations, Jamaica has been more closely associated with cannabis than most countries by a wide margin. This, despite the fact that it was only this very year that decriminalisation of cannabis actually happened in Jamaica. It may be a way of life for many, but it’s still highly controlled across the country.


Nevertheless, the fact that cannabis legislation in Jamaica has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century means there’s more than enough room for experimentation right now. That is, experimentation with regard to how to get it out and about for those legally allowed to buy it and use it. Suffice to say, they’ve well and truly taken the ball and ran with it!


How exactly? Well, how about the fact that for a fair few lucky souls in Jamaica, getting hold of cannabis will be just as easy as taking cash out of an ATM. Literally. Not only this, but these cannabis vending machines that are set to begin springing up at various locations across the country will even appear at Jamaica’s airports. That’s right – you’ll be able to access cannabis vending machines in the arrivals hall, just as you’d normally be able to get an overpriced candy bar or a terrible coffee in a plastic cup.


Pretty cool, right?


So it’s pretty clear that as far as the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) is concerned, making it very quick and very easy for visitors to get hold of pot represents a good thing for the country. There is of course one slight caveat – that being that in order to legally buy, possess and use cannabis in Jamaica, you’ll need to get yourself a license. Not that they’re really in the habit of handing out huge punishments though, as even in the very, very rare instances the authorities decided to ticket small-time cannabis users, the fine comes in at somewhere in the region of £3. Scary stuff.


Not that this is the biggest of problems either, as in order to make life easier for all involved and keep things nice and legal, they’ll even be setting up desks at the airport where you can buy yourself a license. You collect your case, you get your license, you buy your weed and away you go. If only it was like this every time you travelled through an airport!


Like we said, a tale of total smugness or envy, depending on where you happen to reside.


Recent months have seen Jamaica’s cannabis industry explode in terms of size and importance. While it may have been used routinely by much of the population for generations, it wasn’t until very recently that it was officially decriminalised. Cops may have traditionally turned a blind eye to small-time cannabis use, but it was still impossible for much to be set up at an industrial or commercial level. Now though, efforts by the Cannabis Licensing Authority are ramping up and leading toward a far more liberal future for Jamaica’s cannabis users.


Not to mention, visitors to the island…numbers clearly being guaranteed to shoot up over the coming years.


As for the rest of us, the idea of a cannabis ATM making it to an airport nearby anytime soon? Well, to be frank you’re more likely to find yourself scoring weed from Bob Marley’s ghost, so don’t’ go holding your breath!



          Jamaica is About to Have the World’s Coolest Airports         

It’s enough to make you green with envy. That is of course, unless you happen to already live there, are planning to relocate there in the near future or simply have the intention of spending your holidays there from now on. We are of course talking about Jamaica, which contrary to popular belief only went ahead and decriminalised marijuana in February this year. It may be one of the places in the world most commonly associated with smoking copious amounts of pot, but it still was in every sense completely illegal until just a few months ago.


Needless to say, ever since the effort was made to remove somewhat outdated and pointless cannabis law and legislation, those in charge have been exploring (exploiting?) an extraordinary variety of ways and means by which to make the most of the country’s new liberal attitudes. We’ve come across a variety of interesting methods of commercialising cannabis and getting it out into the public, but we have to say that so far Jamaica takes the top prize.


How exactly? Simple really – the country will soon be installing automated cannabis dispensers at its airports, in order to make it as easy to get hold of cannabis as it is to take cash out of an ATM. Suffice to say, they’ve made it abundantly clear that their primary goal is to ensure that not only is cannabis readily available, but that it is readily available quite literally the minute tourists step of the plane and enter the country.


It’s all the work of the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), which is frantically beavering away on all manner of ideas for cashing in on marijuana sales, after the decision was made to legalise it. If you’ve been doing your homework on the whole thing, you may be aware of the fact that it will still be necessary to obtain a special license in order to legally purchase, carry and make use of up to 2 ounces of weed at any one time.  Those who fail to do so are liable to be ticketed by the police and fined somewhere in the region of £3, though realistically you are more likely to bump into the ghost of Bob Marley.


Just to make sure that as many people as possible stay on the straight and narrow, they will also be setting up dedicated desks at the Airport itself where the necessary licenses can be obtained. Which basically means that from stepping off the plane to walking out of the arrivals halls, you will be able to score yourself a license to legally purchase some of the best cannabis in the world and then go and do exactly that from a nearby vending machine.


As mentioned earlier, it really is enough to make you green with envy.


Unsurprisingly, the cannabis industry in Jamaica has exploded in size and complexity over the past few months, with so many looking to make the most of the new relaxed legislation. This has prompted the Cannabis Licensing Authority to work as hard and fast as possible in the turning over of new policy and legislation on commercial cannabis, in order to ensure that things don’t go entirely out of control. But when you are presented with the idea of cannabis vending machines at the Airport, you sort of get the idea they aren’t particularly interested in keeping a lid on things.


Which is good…at least for those lucky enough to be there.


Can you even begin to envisage a day when you’ll be able to pick up a hefty bag of Kush from a vending machine at Heathrow Airport after touching down from your holidays.


Me neither, unfortunately.



          Could the Caribbean Become the World’s Next Weed Hotspot?        

There are quite a few pundits across the worldwide weed community who believe that the next region to become nothing short of heaven for cannabis users will be the Caribbean. Of course it’s no secret that marijuana use across the Caribbean is pretty prolific already, with the obvious exception of Cuba. Cannabis has been a part of Caribbean culture for a great many generations, ever since workers from India travelled to the Caribbean and brought homegrown weed along for the ride. And of course, the growth and expansion of the Rastafarian movement has also had a huge impact on marijuana use in the Caribbean.


Nevertheless, there are several signs that things may be destined to head in an even more liberal direction going forward – much to the delight of residents and Caribbean holiday fans alike.


Read on for just a few of the reason why so many people are predicting that the Caribbean will soon become a global marijuana hotspot:


1 – First of all, the very first cannabis plants legally grown in Jamaica are blooming at this very moment. The country’s law was changed in 2015 in order to allow for cannabis to be grown legally for scientific, religious and medicinal purposes for the first time. Not only this, but the same bill also decriminalised possession of marijuana up to a maximum of 200g, along with each adult being given the right to grow a maximum of 5 cannabis plants for their own consumption. This represented the biggest transformation in cannabis law in the country’s history.


2 – Recently, the president of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines admitted that he would prefer to grow and export marijuana than continue growing and selling bananas. “I think that it’s about time that we move into the 21st century and stop this prohibition that has caused much pain on a lot of people,” he said, adding that deforestation as a result of banana growing was becoming not only an inconvenience, but a genuine hazard to health and safety.


3 – The sentiments of the president of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines were also shared by Saint Lucia governmental representative Valentine Clement James, who said: “I feel, trust me, there will be more to export than the bananas, because you have more youth in the ghettos who will be happy to plant it, to sell it. The banana will not really sell fast like the marijuana.”


4 – A Cannabis Committee was established by the Caribbean Union in 2015, with every one of the 15 Caribbean states being represented. The committee promised that it would “soon begin its work to look into the economic, health and legal issues surrounding the use of marijuana and to consult with stakeholders to get a view on the issue.”


5 – The Jamaican government minister for tourism has made no secret of the fact that he and the rest of the country in general intend to use the new relaxed marijuana laws as a means by which to attract more tourists to the country. The idea of cannabis tourism has been floating around the Caribbean in general since 2014 and is something a great many member states are expected to focus on going forward.


These represent just a few of the apparent indicators that a wide number of Caribbean islands are likely to soon become havens for marijuana users and cannabis tourists in general. There are certain Caribbean islands that still punish consumption and possession of cannabis quite strictly – including the Dominican Republic and Guyana. Nevertheless, the work that goes on behind the scenes at the Cannabis Commission of the Caribbean Union could lead to widespread changes encompassing even the most skeptical of member states.







          It’s Official – Marijuana Has Been Decriminalised in Jamaica         

With the way the place is portrayed in popular culture, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Jamaica was the first and, for a long time, the only country in the world where marijuana was fully legal. It’s the cliché stereotype of the place we’ve all perpetuated once or twice, furthering the presumption that if there’s one thing you can do legally in Jamaica, it’s blaze a blunt.


Contrary to the conclusions of about 99% of the world’s population however, marijuana use, ownership and the growing thereof has always been just as frowned upon by law enforcement authorities as is has elsewhere in the world.


That is, until just a few short days ago.


Yes, in what’s likely to come as quite the shock to those having misconstrued the subject all along, Jamaican lawmakers have within the past week decriminalised small amounts of marijuana following the passing of the first ever act of its kind. In addition to allowing the good people of Jamaica to carry and smoke weed in modest quantities, a new licensing system has been outlined in order to develop a working medical cannabis industry for the benefit of the whole population.


Isn’t this just the kind of news you can’t wait to hear about your own home country?


Debate went on for a fair few hours last Tuesday, but there was really never any real doubt as to the outcome. What’s interesting about the new bill, however, is that while it will make enormous changes to the country’s attitudes to weed, it’s still not totally legal for members of the public. Instead, those carrying no more than 2oz (56.6g) at any one time will be considered to have committed a petty offence and will therefore not face any kind of prosecution or a criminal record. In addition, Jamaicans will be permitted to grow up to five plants per household.


So, if you add that up, that’s a new bill where you can grow five plants worth of the stuff legally, but to be in possession of it in small amounts will still technically not be legal, but only considered a petty offence.


It’s nice to see that the lawmakers of Jamaica are prone to coming up with the same wacky and nonsensical laws and rules as the rest of the world’s politicians.


Not to poke fun at that change on their side of things, however, as it’s better than anything we can expect on this side of the pond for quite some time. It’s not largely expected that the change will suddenly result in vastly more Jamaicans taking up pot smoking just because they can – weed use has of course been prolific across the region pretty much forever. An important part of the Rastafarian religion, ganja has been a part of Jamaica’s lifestyle for generations and it’s unlikely that the change in national laws will make any real difference in this sense.


Instead, the biggest difference of all will likely be that of unprecedented time, effort and resources being pumped into the research of medicinal marijuana for the good of the Jamaican public in general. Recent years and dozens of large-scale studies have brought about substantial evidence to suggest that with the right focus, support and open-minded approach, the benefits of weed and its extracts for use in a medicinal capacity could be fully understood in the very near future. With the new law in-tow, Jamaica could become one of the world’s leading authorities in medicinal marijuana research.


          Jamaica Looks Set to Legalise Weed – We Ask, Where Next?        

If there’s one country in the whole world where most outsiders would think marijuana was legal, it’s of course Jamaica. Even more so than the likes of Amsterdam with its glorious coffee chop culture, Jamaica has long been considered the world’s official cannabis capital and the most obvious place for its legalisation. But even now as the first months of 2015 tick by, weed is still technically illegal in Jamaica – a fact a fair few people might find hard to believe.


However, things could all be set to change in the very near future as, after what seems like an eternity of battling by campaigners and religious groups, Jamaica is just a few short steps from making pot legal for the first time. A new bill was recently approved by the cabinet for Jamaica which upon its successful passing at Senate level will bring about the long-awaited decriminalization of marijuana growing and smoking.


There will of course be certain strings attached to the deal as is the case in the US states which have already brought weed laws in line with the 21st century. Once the new law is enacted, folks in Jamaica will be allowed to own up to two ounces of cannabis at any one time, which can be used for therapeutic, religious and scientific purposes alike. Certain hemp production practices will also be green-lighted by the bill, though smoking in public will still be illegal.


A Slow Burner

To say that changes in the way marijuana is regarded in Jamaica have been a long time coming would be something of an understatement to say the least. Home to the Rastafarian religion, for which ganja plays a pretty important role, Jamaica ranks number ten in the world’s official rankings for marijuana use on the whole. Such is the widespread nature of pot smoking in the country that much of the world had long assumed that it was in fact legal already, when this wasn’t and as of yet isn’t the case at all.


While these kinds of matters generally take a long time to fully address and put into action, it’s been an incredible 14 years since the first official moves were made to get weed legalised in Jamaica. Apparently, one of the main reasons politicians in Jamaica stayed away from the idea of legalising pot for so long came down to the way in which the United States so heavily frowned upon the idea, making it clear that such moves would strain ties between it and any nation where weed was made legal. Now though, it’s become clear that it is in fact the US that is making the most confident strides towards pot legalisation which may be motivating other nations to do the same.


Left Behind

Along with the 14 US states that have decriminalized weed use and the four states that have made weed wholly legal, a growing number of countries seem to be coining onto the idea. From Mexico to Colombia to Argentina and more, it’s becoming the new norm for at least a small amount of weed to be perfectly acceptable and no longer scrutinized. In fact, such has been the pace at which the rest of the world has been moving that Jamaica came close to being somewhat left behind – despite it being considered the world’s original weed capital.


As such, it’s been heralded as a victory for common sense that Jamaica will finally be brought into the modern age of marijuana tolerance for the greater good of all. Speaking of the greater good, it was made clear from a pretty early stage that the nation’s government had far more on its mind that the social impact of weed legalisation alone, having singled out the need to remain competitive as a tourism destination as a key driver in the decision.


While much of the world still remains opposed to pot in general, it seems we’ll at least be able to head over to Jamaica for a smoke without having to worry about the consequences.


Where Next?

Unsurprisingly, changes in Jamaica’s law have prompted questions as to what could be next – which of the world’s nations will be next to see sense and get weed on the menu year-round? It’s a tricky subject to nail and an even harder one to predict, but there are nonetheless certain places where we at least reckon we’ll be seeing new attitudes to weed sooner rather than later.


For example, there’s a pretty powerful and undeniably enormous pot production culture in British Columbia which has been rallying for a change in Canadian law for years. Canada shot to fame by becoming one of the first major western nations to legalise the use of medical marijuana, which can be grown, sold and shipped legally by a whole bunch of companies. As such, it’s now seen as little more than common sense that full legalisation will follow soon enough.


          Rhinos, Fundraising, a Little Thought and a Little Research        
My Facebook feed declared last night that the Western Black Rhinoceros had been declared officially extinct. I was sad. I have never seen one and now never would. The world — my world — felt diminished without this creature in it. Because of the prevalence of false news on social media, I decided to make sure the story was true. Snopes, my go to source for reality, confirmed the story. The demise of Western Black Rhino has indeed happened. In 2006. Okay, that doesn't make it any better. But I am glad I took the time to check the story and didn't share it.
Letter from the Animal People Forum

Similarly, yesterday, I received a letter from an organization called Animal People Forum. The postmark was Jamaica, New York, though with a mailing address in the state of Washington. Overall the piece looked a bit odd. And despite my 17 years in animal welfare, I had never heard of this organization. So, I went to their website. I looks pretty good. But you have to read it carefully. They have four projects. One is called, "Beyond Human: Animals, Aliens and Artificial Intelligence." Yikes. I'm glad I checked that one out too.

This all made me wonder how many letters hit our supporters' mailboxes, and whether people check out what they receive. In my experience, people who care about animals are a very kind bunch. They want to help. Sadly, this can be taken advantage of. And there are groups that range from misleading and dubious to outright frauds ready to take advantage.

I would never presume to tell anyone the causes they should support but I hope and pray that people ensure that they are really supporting the issue they intend. It only takes little thought and a little research.

First, what are the issues you care about? Mainly domestic pets? Wildlife? Are you mainly concerned about local issues? National? International? All of the above? Do you want to support actual care for animals or do you think that awareness and advocacy are really going to affect change? Having considered these questions before that very emotional appeal hits your mailbox can help you to make sure your hard-earned cash does what you want it to.

The second consideration is whether the organization asking you for cash actually does what it says — or implies. A quick review of their website is sometimes all you need to do. What does this organization actually do? Be careful here, I have a seen some misleading practices. A few sites show animals for adoption, but none of the animals are actually in the care of that organization, just adoptable animals pulled from other websites. An organization may highlight an important issue, but it's not clear what they are doing about it. I am very concerned about the loss of the Western Black Rhino, but the OHS website does not imply that we did anything to try to prevent it. Beware too of small gestures that are expensive and may not add up to significant change. Sending a staff team to China to adopt a few dogs from the meat markets and fly them back to Canada may raise awareness, and it certainly saves some canine lives, but is supporting the flights the best way to close the markets? Is it where you want to invest your money?

Other places you can check are the Canada Revenue Agency charities listings. Every registered charity in Canada is listed and you can easily find out how they spend their money with a few clicks. And if they are not a registered charity, ask yourself why not?

If it is a humane society asking for your support, are they a member of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS)? Most are. And another few clicks on the CFHS site can tell you.

You can always call us at the OHS too. We won't provide a recommendation, but we sometimes can provide some basic facts and we will tell you if we work with a particular group.
The OHS is one of only two humane societies in Canada
to achieve accreditation with Imagine Canada
I hope that in the not-too-distant future accreditation of various sorts will help us all in separating the legitimate and effective from the dubious and misleading. That is why the OHS sought and achieved accreditation with Imagine Canada for excellence in board governance, financial accountability, fundraising, staff management, and volunteer involvement last year. We wanted to support this direction among not-for-profits and wanted to assure our community of supporters of our commitment.

Few charities have achieved this, and only one other humane society in Canada, the British Columbia SPCA, has done so to date. I am not suggesting that those that haven't are not legitimate, but I look forward to a day when you and I can rely on this and other forms of accreditation to assure that our kindness is not exploited.

Until then, you and I can do it ourselves, through a little thought and a little research.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director

          Boston Area Liquor Stores        
I just answered 2 emails about Boston liquor stores that carry a good selection of rums. I figured I’d just re-post what I wrote to them. I frequent a few places in and around Boston: Blanchard’s in Jamaica Plain (You can order online and pickup there, so it’s great. Mediocre selection, really, but they’re the […]
          Saturday August 5th: Clinton Fearon and the Boogie Brown Band        
Clinton Fearon and The Boogie Brown Band
 – August 5th 2017 at The Farm If you know reggae music, you know Clinton Fearon. Born in Jamaica, Clinton became the bassist, vocalist and lyricist of the mythic Gladiators at the age of 19.  He was also a session musician for Coxsone Dodd at Studio One and Lee […]
          Comment on Things Locals Want You To Know Before Visiting Jamaica by chasafulkerson        
Oh that is awesome! I hope this has been helpful for you!
          Regional Roundup: Top New Features This Week Around Our BroadwayWorld 6/29 - THE LITTLE MERMAID, RAGTIME, NEWSIES, and More!        

BroadwayWorld presents a comprehensive weekly roundup of regional stories around our Broadway World, which include videos, editor spotlights, regional reviews and more. This week, we feature THE LITTLE MERMAID, RAGTIME, NEWSIES, and more!

Check out our top features from around the BroadwayWorld below!

Central Pennsylvania: Contributor Marakay Rogers reviews NEWSIES at the Fulton Theater. She writes "Matt Farcher, who plays Jack Kelly, leader of the newsboy throng, is certainly energetic as well as a fine vocalist; local audiences will possibly not recognize him, though they've seen him before - as the Beast at Fulton's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. His performance here may be a bit more informed, however, by his prior performance as Che Guevara in EVITA in Maine, as well as having played revolutionary Enjolras in LES MIS in the past. (That "LES MIS turns positive" vibe is strong with this show.) Kate Fahrner makes for a tough, but charming, potential love interest as Katherine Plumber, intrepid early female reporter who is trying hard to not be her father's daughter - a major plot point of the show. If there's a real criticism to be had of the book, it's Katherine's part; the amazement over a female journalist shouldn't have been so great, given that Nellie Bly was a major expose writer for Pulitzer (the big bad of the show) in 1887 and that her famous Around The World stunt was done for Pulitzer in 1888. The historic newsboy strike was in 1899, when Bly had only recently (and temporarily - she did war correspondent work in World War One) retired. Writer Fierstein presumably based Katherine on Bly, but the show is set just late enough that anyone relatively familiar with history will find the lack of prior existence of Bly irritating."

New Zealand: Contributor Monica Moore reviews BONNIE AND CLYDE. She writes "Bonnie, played by Nicolette Nes is superb. She has the look, the voice and the style. And the top quality performances just keep coming at you. Blanche (Katrina McConnell) is excellent along with Buck (Brian Wolfman) Preacher (Simon Chapman) and well, actually they're all pretty darn good! Special mention to the young Bonnie (Samara Bayliss and Medody Lui-Webster) and Clyde (Tim Cloves) who deliver Great Performances. The set is engaging and designed by the well-known John Fausett who cleverly incorporates and ensures the story is kept interesting."

Minneapolis: Contributor Karen Bovard reviews SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE at the Guthrie Theatre. She writes "Crucial to the success of any production of this show are the two leads. Randy Harrison is suitably difficult and awkward in Act 1 as Seurat, and far slicker as his great grandson George in Act 2, where he seems more in command. Act 1 belongs to Erin Mackey as Dot, who is sexy and sympathetic and sly and sings with great feeling. She's also fully credible as the elderly wheelchair bound Marie in Act 2; it's a startling, funny, and moving transformation. All the members of the strong ensemble take on new roles in Act 2, and part of what makes this second act work so well are the bold choices they've made in sketching in their characters. The music swells with real grandeur, thanks to their ensemble power, an excellent mic system, and a full 13 piece orchestra behind them, helmed by conductor and pianist Mark Hartman."

Oklahoma: Contributor Ronn Burton reviews MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET at the Lyric Theatre. He writes "Director Dave Steakley wisely steps back and lets his boys go to town when necessary, yet his subtle guidance of the tone and flow of the show does not go unnoticed. The costumes by the reliably-proficient resident designer Jeffrey Meek are period-perfect yet fashion-forward. Helena Kuukka's lighting and Adam Koch's sets work hand-in-hand seamlessly - the colors and patterns playing off each other consummately. Important to note: the musical performances wouldn't be as impeccable as they are without Anthony Risi's sound design, which subtly yet perfectly enhances the recording studio vs. live performance effects throughout the evening."

Long Island: Contributor Melissa Giordano reviews RAGTIME at East Islip's BayWay Theatre. She writes "Among the talented cast, Chazmond Peacock makes a superb Coalhouse; intense, great voice... he's a natural for the role. Coalhouse is the beau of Sarah (and father of her child) portrayed exquisitely by Amanda-Camille Isaac. Ms. Isaac's striking portrayal of poor Sarah is a roller coaster of emotions including a gorgeous rendition of the hopeful song "Wheels Of A Dream" with Mr. Peacock. Additionally, kudos to Mike Press who is an outstanding Booker T. Washington, Coalhouse's mentor. On Ms. Waller's clever creative team, Bob Butterley's bi-level set ideally fills the open stage. Rolling pieces, tucked away on the sides, are used throughout. Also, the fun here is that you get to use your imagination a great deal. The music, on tracks, is coordinated by Eizabeth DeGennaro who is also part of the cast. This is enhanced beautifully by Jessy Gill's choreography and Joseph Kassner's stunning costumes."

Kansas City: Contributor Alan Portner reviews JERSEY BOYS at Starlite Theatre. He writes "Jersey Boys offers up super production values with this touring show. Portrayals of Massi and DiVito are a little one dimensional, but the singing, acting, production, and dancing make up for any lack. The supporting cast is excellent. Jersey Boys is a little strange to get used to. It is an excuse for a concert of great music. The music does not advance the story much except in parallel in the documentary. Most of the first act is required for the audience to get used to the style, but the final forty minutes grabs the audience and transports them back to the golden age just prior to the Beatles in the Doo Wop period. The audience ends up loving the performance."

St. Louis: Contributor Chris Gibson reviews SEUSSICAL at Stages St. Louis. He writes "Ryan Cooper is a perfectly disarming and amusing Cat in the Hat, with nimble movements and well-timed comic delivery of lines that bring forth smiles and laughs from young and old alike . You can just see that he's having fun. Cooper and Company draw the audience into the tale immediately with the rousing opening number "Oh! The Things You Can Think," and Cooper takes on several different comedic roles throughout the proceedings. As JoJo, Colton James Kastrup is a very believable little boy, and definitely possesses just the right voice and enthusiastic innocence that fit the part. Anthony Arpino absolutely shines as Horton, with a warm and deeply concerned performance that makes you genuinely care about his plight. April Strelinger is delightfully vainglorious as Mayzi and oozes attitude to spare. Leah Berry is simply terrific as Gertrude McFuzz, a single-feathered bird who's in love with Horton, but having trouble getting him to realize it. Her take on "Notice Me, Horton" is a sad and sweet delight."

Rhode Island: Contributor Andira Tieman reviews THE DIANA TAPES. She writes "The Diana Tapes is a tightly-written one act with just four actors. Playwright James Clements takes on the role of biographer Andrew Morton with Sam Hood Adrain as Michael O'Mara, his publisher. The two of them receive and transcribe recordings made by Princess Diana's friend James Colthurst, played by Jorge Morales Pico. The attention to detail with the sets and costumes is impressive for a production barebones as this. Battered chairs are swapped for fancy ones when the scene changes from the office where Morton and O'Mara frequently meet to Diana's residence where she talks with Colthurst. Diana's iconic wedding ring, now Kate Middleton's, is replicated. While the men's costumes are necessarily basic, Diana gets several glamorous outfit changes that suit the scenes perfectly."

St. Louis: Contributor Chris Gibson reviews THE LITTLE MERMAID at The Muny! He writes "Emma Degerstedt is delightful as Ariel, effectively conjuring up the image of a young mermaid who wants more out of life, and is positively driven to do so. Her voice is splendid as well, as would befit a character who uses it as a bargaining chip so she can gain her true love. Jason Gotay does fine work as the object of her affections, Prince Eric, and you genuinely root for them to connect. Emily Skinner is perfectly menacing as Ursula, creepily costumed and brimming with malevolent intentions, Skinner makes a memorable impression. Jerry Dixon is commanding and surly as King Triton, bringing plenty of bluster to the role. James T. Lane is enthusiastic as Sebastian, the red Jamaican crab who is also a composer. The undeniably catchy "Under the Sea" gets a great workout under his guidance. Jeffrey Schecter is funny and friendly as Scuttle the seagull, and Spencer Jones is awfully cute as Flounder. Kevin Zak and Will Porter are quite good as Ursula's moray eel minions; Flotsam and Jetsam, respectively. Frank Vlastnik is also sharp as Chef Louis/Pilot, specializing in seafood dishes as the Chef, which naturally rubs Sebastian the wrong way. Richard B. Watson rounds out the cast as Eric's manservant/confidante, Grimsby. Of course, the large ensemble also adds to the merriment, and gives the show an even wider scope."

Chicago: Contributor Rachel Weinberg reviews MOBY DICK at Lookingglass Theatre Company. She writes "MOBY DICK also features three extraordinary female actors in its ensemble: Kelly Abell, Cordelia Dewdney, and Mattie Hawkinson. While each essays various roles, they also come together as the three Fates-an inventive and eerily effective device. Decked out in Sully Ratke's magnificent and haunting costumes, they provide the warning of what's to come upon the play's conclusion. At various points in the production, Abell, Dewdney, and Hawkinson also embody various elements of nature: the ocean, a whale carcass, and even Moby Dick himself. Outside of the skeletal structure of the set, there is no literal whale onstage-but that is perhaps one of the most striking representations of Moby Dick in the production."

Regional Editor Spotlight:

Christy Brooks
Pennsylvania Contributing Editor

Christy Brooks is a teaching artist, actor and scriptwriter located in South Central Pennsylvania. She works as an independent contractor in producing and directing small and large-scaled performing arts productions. In addition, Christy has created curriculum, focusing on Reader's Theatre, Acting Workshops, and Scriptwriting, for public and private school districts. She donates a portion of proceeds from theatrical work to local non-profit organizations. Christy is a proud graduate of The Pennsylvania State University.

Writing for Broadway World has been a wonderful and fulfilling complement to my involvement in the performing arts. It brings me joy to watch a live performance and absorb the many facets involved in producing and acting in a performance. Whether I am reviewing a show or interviewing actors, my focus is on what I might learn from each theatrical encounter. Theatre is ever-evolving and I want to contribute to it in a passionate way that promotes constructive, not destructive, dialogue.

Join Team BroadwayWorld! Interested in joining our team, but not exactly sure what we do? All of your questions are answered, along with every open position from guest and student bloggers, Regional Editors, and more! Find out where we have open positions available here!

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          México igualó 0-0 ante Jamaica partido jugado en Denver por la Copa Oro 2017        

Copa Oro 2017 En Vivo, un torneo en el cual el seleccionado mexicano viene de ganar en la primera jornada y en la Jornada 2 ahora tienen que jugar en contra de los jamaiquinos o mejor conocidos como los Reggae Boys en Denver Colorado, México vs Jamaica estará disputándose en el Estadio Sports Authority Field […]

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          Marriage Equality, New York Times, Muslim Mr. Gay Denmark and More! LGBT Religion News Summary        

GLAAD’s Religion, Faith & Values program works to elevate LGBT-affirming voices of faith in mainstream, regional, and community media. To find out more, visit www.glaad.org/faith

Spirit Day is fast approaching on October 19. We encourage all faith organizations to get involved. If your organization or faith community would like to be listed as a Spirit Day partner, please email faith@glaad.org. Individuals are encouraged to take the pledge to go purple.

African American Christians have become more of a political focal point, particularly concerning marriage equality. Some outlets are claiming that marriage equality limits their support for President Obama, while others focus on the support for marriage equality coming from African American church leaders. Catholics are also garnering attention in Minnesota and Washington, which both have votes on marriage equality.

A gay minister in Reno had his radio show pulled from a Fox News Radio Affiliate, while the Worcester Diocese cancelled the sale of a mansion for fear of potential marriage ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples.  This video compresses two weeks’ worth of the struggle for LGBT equality in the United Methodist Church into 30 minutes, and one Presbyterian pastor challenges her church’s ban on marriage equality.

Matthew Vines, the 22-year old biblical scholar, had a profile in the Sunday Style section of the New York Times (photo above from NYT with GLAAD Director of Religion, Faith & Values, Ross Murray, Matthew Vines, and Rev. Shari Brink of Marble Collegiate Church). Bishop Gene Robinson has a new book, while a blog asks questions of a transgender Christian. Unitarians continue to support LGBT people, both locally and beyond. LGBT Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah, and Mr. Gay Denmark is Muslim. Fortunately, he’s not alone.

For additional religion and faith updates, be sure to subscribe via our online registration form. We welcome suggestions at faith@glaad.org.


Black Churches







Marriage Equality





Unitarian Universalist


September 21, 2012

          New Year's Resolutions        
A couple of suggested New Year's resolutions for Ancestry's programmers:
1) Communicate with Ancestry.com users.
2) Finish what you start.
Sometimes new features are just sprung on users with no explanation. No opt out and all Ancestry employees can say is, "That feature is being tested and until it is widely available, all I can do is acknowledge it is intentional - not an error." Helpful, really helpful.
Other times things are taken away with no notice whatsoever. If you're like me you probably hadn't noticed that links for locations are gone. We can no longer click on the location of an event and be taken to a map. It doesn't take much effort to use Google Maps instead but that's not the point. Lack of communication is the point. Apparently communication within the company is not a priority either. In this thread it took Ancestry employees over two weeks to figure out the feature had been discontinued.
Photo tagging disappeared when "global commenting" was added. Apparently it's never coming back. Has Ancestry said anything about this other than a random comment on their message boards?
Meanwhile, the programmers continue to add new features without ever fixing issues with existing ones.


✿ Photo labels - Portrait / Family Photo, Site / Building / Place, Headstone, Document / Certificate, Other - have been around since at least 2009 but they have yet to serve a purpose. You cannot sort or search within a tree's photo gallery by label. You cannot include/exclude a photo label in a global photo search. I'm so glad I went through my entire gallery and assigned the appropriate label to each item. It's been so helpful. </sarcasm>
✿ Photo captions and comments cannot be formatted. If you're typing and hit return it looks as if you've started a new paragraph, until you save the caption/comment and view it. The return is not recognized. Same goes for the transcription section for "Document / Certificate" images.
✿ Formatting doesn't always work on stories either. Write a story in a word processing program, copy and paste to Ancestry and it looks fine. Save and suddenly all bold, italics, font changes, and paragraph indications are gone. Luckily you don't have to re-type everything but you do need to re-do all the formatting despite the fact that it looks fine on the editing page.

AFTER THE JUMP: Search, Hints & FTM, Records, Messages & Invites, Gift Memberships, and more.

ⓑⓐⓡⓚⓘⓝⓖ  ⓤⓟ  ⓣⓗⓔ  ⓦⓡⓞⓝⓖ  ⓣⓡⓔⓔ


✿ I wrote an entire post on the issue with sliders. You can read it here.
✿ When searching from a profile, the "smart filter" is supposed to filter out collections that already have a record attached. Unfortunately if you have only a marriage record attached the smart filter suddenly becomes incredibly dumb.

Click here to see more Ancestry.com FAIL cards.

In this case 146 of the first 150 search results were all from the same collection, the one collection that should have been filtered out.
✿ Since some photos are documents Ancestry's programmers decided all photos should be included in searches for historical records making the check box for photos is absolutely useless.

In the above search family trees, stories & publications, and maps will be excluded but you will still have to scroll through family photos and clip art. There's an entire post about this here.


✿ Phantom hints
✿ Hints to nonexistent collections. The BillionGraves collection was removed from Ancestry's collections, the hints were not.
✿ Multiple hints for Find A Grave. The original Find A Grave collections were indexed by state. They have been re-indexed by country. The state Find A Grave hints are still there but unlike the BillionGraves hints the links to the memorials still work.

Besides having multiple Find A Grave hints some of these hints will not disappear once they are attached. You have to click 'ignore' to get rid of them.
✿ Hints to photos from your own photo gallery. Even if the "smart filter" worked it wasn't designed to filter out media gallery items.
✿ The previous issue is complicated by a glitch in Family Tree Maker (FTM) that Ancestry refuses to fix. The glitch strips all information about who originally shared/uploaded the item. It will probably take a class action copyright suit to get Ancestry to take the issue seriously. Meanwhile people are accusing other Ancestry members of theft. If are a victim of this glitch and have a question about an image you attached you'll have to search for it again. You might have to sort through multiple copies of the image to find the earliest upload to ask the actual owner of the image.


✿ A list of "New and Updated" record collections is always available on your Ancestry homepage. Don't expect the "United States" filter to be of much help though.

So El Salvador, South Africa, Jamaica, and the Czech Republic are now part of the United States? Way to live up to the "Americans know nothing about geography" stereotype Ancestry!
✿ All marriage records are not equal on Ancestry. Some will create an event on both the bride's and groom's profiles. Others will create a marriage event only on the profile where the record being attached. Some will create a profile for the spouse, others will not despite the fact that both names have been transcribed and are included on the index. Of course you don't know what the collection will do until you have attached the record. There's a good chance you will have to undo everything. It's best to add a marriage event to the profile then attach the record and hope that it isn't one of the collections that will add a duplicate event anyway.


✿ You should get an email anytime someone sends you a message through your Ancestry account. Emphasis on should. This issue was supposed to be fixed but I still wouldn't count on it. Always check the envelope icon at the top of the page.
✿ If you message DNA matches you may want to keep a separate log of your messages. Some people have reported their "past messages" showing as zero after they've exchanged messages with someone.
✿ Inviting someone to your tree is even more unreliable than messaging. They may never get the email invite. There is a workaround for this one. Have the person create their free Ancestry account. If they use the same email address you sent the invite to your tree should be in their tree tab. If it's not then invite them using their Ancestry username. They still may not get an email but your tree will be in their tree tab.


Gift memberships cannot be added to an existing subscription and will not be a surprise. The recipient will get an email the day the gift membership starts but you have to ask them when their subscription ends if you don't want the gift to overlap. From the gift membership FAQs:
Can I buy a gift membership for someone who is already registered with Ancestry.com?
Yes, as long as your recipient doesn’t have an active paid membership. If you buy a gift membership and then find out your recipient has an active paid membership, you can transfer the gift membership to someone else — or request a refund within seven days of your original purchase date.
Extending a current membership is not an option. Read more of the FAQs and eventually all the answers will look like, "We really don't want this to be easy" and "We don't want to deal with new customers."
It's almost 2015, doesn't everyone sell gift cards? Nope, not Ancestry. You cannot give someone a $20 or $50 gift card for them to use towards a DNA test or subscription. You could get them a Visa or MasterCard prepaid card which has an added cost of about $3.95/card. Of course they can then use it for a subscription to Family Tree Magazine or MyHeritage or FindMyPast or dinner or clothes which is why most businesses offer gift cards. They want to guarantee the money will be going into their company's pocket. They want customers. Not Ancestry. Ancestry wants people to regret their purchase.


✿ Relationship Calculator: Rather than give the closest blood relationship the calculator may tell you that John Smith is the husband of the niece of your 2nd cousin once removed's sister-in-law when he's your 4th great-grandfather.
✿ Facebook App: Has this app ever worked properly? It also slows the loading of profile pages and there is no way to turn it off.
✿ Online Cancel Option: Below on the left is an image from Ancestry's help page, on the right is what I saw when I tried to cancel.

Click here to see more Ancestry.com FAIL cards.

I wound up emailing support@ancestry.com to cancel. I included the screen cap on the right and mentioned it was what I saw in both Firefox and Safari.
✿ Recent Member Connect Activity (RMCA): If you get a notice that says "2 photos" or "2 records" were attached by X member nothing will happen when you click on the "2 photos" link.

You have to click "See more" at the top of the RMCA box then click on the "2 photos" link.
✿ The Community: Ancestry's "Support Community" was launched almost two years ago. Despite assurances for the first few months that it would eventually be integrated into the main site it still requires a separate sign in. Be sure to read the comments in the second link ;-)



          ÐœÐ¾Ñ‚олайв №5 - Король пробок        
Доброго времени суток, товарищи! :) В общем в этом выпуске вы увидите: Салавата Юлаева, Короля пробок, Аделю уронившую свой мотоцикл, мотоцикл Дианы, злого волкодава, слепую зону у автомобилей, типичного альфавода, типичного тазовода, проезд через пробку, а также бременских музыкантов. Скоро лето! Жизнь прекрасна. Не забываем кататься и радоваться жизнью :)

P.S. Трек играющий в треке: Veak — Jamaica

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          3d Cat Wallpaper         
3d Cat Wallpaper Biography
3d Cats wallpaper  have been a subject of books, movies and so much more. Who hasn’t heard of Hello Kitty? And who could possibly not know Garfield? Cats are also one of the most common and widely searched for wallpapers on the World Wide Web. Their antics can be as hilarious as they can be cute. These wallpapers are bound to bring a smile on your face every time you look at them. You cannot possibly ignore the loveliness of these furballs. If you have a weakness for cats and kittens, these wallpapers are definitely going to brighten you up.
Get the best of cat wallpapers right here – high resolution images so that you do not have to put up with pixelation. Add cuteness to your screen and smile some more with these cute cat wallpapers.
A major figure in the positive-consciousness dancehall movement, Jamaican DJ/toaster 3d Cat was born William Maragh in a ghetto section of Kingston known as Cockburn Pen or Seivright Gardens (the same area that produced DJ stars like U-Roy and Prince Jazzbo). Interested in music from a very young age, Maragh was touring Jamaica with various sound system organizations by the time he was a teenager. His first DJ name, Cat-a-Rock, was eventually switched to Super Cat due to the former's resemblance to the word "cataract"; he also earned a secondary nickname, the Wild Apache. Super Cat made his recording debut in 1981 with the single "Mr. Walker," recorded for the Techniques label and produced by Winston Riley. A succession of singles for various labels followed, as did his debut album Si Boops Deh, which appeared on Techniques in 1985. Settling for a short time on the Skengdon label, Super Cat recorded another album, Boops, but soon grew dissatisfied enough with the business aspect of recording to start his own label, Wild Apache Productions. The self-produced album Sweets for My Sweet followed in 1988, as did a number of singles produced for other artists on the Wild Apache imprint; Super Cat also teamed up with Nicodemus and Junior Demus for the first triple-team DJ album in dancehall history, Cabin Stabbin'.
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          Canadian Wife On Holiday In Jamaica        
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          historia de italo dance        

El Italo disco es un término que refiere a varios tipos de música disco, pop, y dance europea que fue desarrollado durante la década de 1980 en Italia, Alemania, España, y otras partes de Europa. Durante los años 80, el término "Italo-disco" se usó en Europa para describir todos las producciones de música dance no basadas en el Reino Unido, incluyendo algunas de Canadá. En el Reino Unido y los EEUU, el Italo-disco fue prácticamente desconocido para los consumidores. En este tiempo, muchos DJ's italianos comenzaron a experimentar con los teclados, con apenas un dedo y después a elevar la velocidad, inspirándose en el sonido disco americano y muy influenciados por la nueva ola británica de grupos como O.M.D. Human League, Yazoo... pero con esa melodía especial que la caracterizó, sobre todo a partir de 1983 cuando los "Summer Hits" invadieron la escena dance con temas de RYAN PARIS, KANO, MY MINE, P.LION, BALTIMORA, MIKO MISSION, KEN LASZLO...
A partir de 1985 la historia continúa cuando en muchas emisoras de radio FM empezaron a pinchar esas canciones que enganchaban a la primera y comenzaron a ganar terreno a los oídos de los Clubber's de Europa, Florida, Japón... Para intentar definir, ¿qué es la música Italo Disco? lo primero y más obvio sería decir que era la música disco que se hacía en Italia a mediados de la década de los años 80. Pero tratando de definir el estilo en sí, digamos que la base instrumental se caracterizaba por ser muy melódica. En los inicios de este estilo era habitual la inclusión del piano, lo cual ayudaba a crear una atmósfera más melancólica, especialmente en aquellos temas más lentos o de medio tiempo. Por último indicar que la franja de velocidad estaba situada entre los 100 y 150 b.p.m.Haciendo una breve reseña histórica, las primeras producciones de música disco italianas, entre finales de los 70 e inicio de los 80, seguían las directrices de los estilos que entonces estaban de moda, el Disco y Funky, así como los nuevos estilos que surgieron al principio de la década de los 80, como la música electrónica y el Tecno-Pop entre otros. Aunque pueda parecer lo contrario, el Italo-Disco no tuvo una gran repercusión en su país de origen. Sin embargo, ello no significa que algunos temas no estuvieran presentes en las listas italianas. Este fue el caso, entre otros, de "Masterpiece" y "I Like Chopin" de Gazebo, "Happy Children" de P. Lion, "Dolce Vita" de Ryan Paris, "Self Control" de Raf, "People From Ibiza" de Sandy Marton, "Comanchero" de Moon Ray, "Mad Desire" y "Future Brain" de Den Harrow, "The Night" de Valerie Dore, "Looking for Love" de Tom Hooker y "Easy Lady" de Spagna...
Para conocer un poco más sobre los orígenes del Italo-Disco, te recomiendo encarecidamente que leas el siguiente articulo, muy interesante:
La música disco es un estilo infravalorado pero en el que hay mucho que descubrir y disfrutar. En 1974, la música disco era un fenómeno underground, pero sólo 3 años después, todo el mundo la bailaba con John Travolta. Aunque la música disco fue uno de los fenómenos musicales populares más prominentes de la década de los 70, nunca recibió el crédito que merecía. Aún hoy, sigue conservando un halo cutre y kitsch, y pocas personas creen que merezca la pena bucear en este estilo musical para encontrar joyas “avant-garde”. El disco es un estilo "up-tempo" de la música dance de los años 70, especialmente el soul y el funk, y en sus comienzos se hizo popular entre las audiencias afro-americanas y gays de EEUU. La palabra "disco" viene del francés "discothèque", que a su vez es una mezcla entre "disc" y "bibliotèque" Las discotecas nacieron en el París ocupado durante la II Guerra Mundial. Los nazis prohibieron los clubs de jazz y de baile, de modo que la gente iba a locales ilegales a escuchar y bailar música grabada. Uno de esos clubs ilegales, situado en la Rue Hachette, se llamaba “La discothèque”. Más tarde Paul Pacine abrió el club “Whiskey a Go-Go”, donde la gente bailaba discos pinchados por disc-jockeys. Estos clubs fueron evolucionando y extendiéndose por toda Europa en los años siguientes. Pacine abrió en 1960 el club Chez Régine, donde acudía toda la “gente guapa” de la ciudad y la “jet-set” de otros lugares del mundo. Entre ellos también había norteamericanos, quienes, inspirados en el club parisino, abrieron en Nueva York “Le Club”.
Este club no duró mucho, porque enseguida hubo otro que se puso más de moda: el “Peppermint Lounge”. Antes de que la música disco existiera, el vocablo “discotèque-records” se usaba para hablar de la música que se pinchaba en los clubs privados y fiestas “alter-hours” de Nueva York como “The Loft” y “Better Days”. La música en cuestión era una mezcla de funk, soul e importaciones de Europa, la misma música que por aquella época pinchaba el DJ jamaicano Kool Herc en la primitiva escena Hip-Hop. Esa música recibe el nombre de “proto-disco”. El primer 12” fue en realidad un 10”. A mediados de los 70, el DJ Tom Moulton iba a los estudios de Media Sound Records a solicitar acetatos de las últimas novedades. Estaba como loco por conseguir lo último de Al Downing, un tema titulado “I’ll be holding on”. Al técnico de la discográfica, José Gonzalez, no le quedaban discos de 7”, así que Tom le dijo que le planchara el disco en un 10”. “¿Cómo voy a planchar un tema tan corto en un disco tan grande? ¡Es ridículo”- dijo José. Entonces se les ocurrió subir el nivel del sonido hasta +6. El resultado sorprendió a todos.El primer 12” oficial fue la grabación de First Choice “Ten Percent”, editado por el sello Salsoul en su inconfundible formato de 12”. A partir de este momento, cambiaron muchas cosas en las pistas de baile Los tiempos cambiaron, las drogas cambiaron (la droga “disco” por excelencia era el “Poppers”), y nuevos clubs como el “Paradise Garage” abrieron sus puertas; había nacido el maxi de 12”. Por primera vez en la historia, se componían y producían las canciones con la palabra “discoteca” en mente. Los dorados años del disco terminaron con sus audiencias gays diezmadas por el SIDA.
Los sellos de mayor calidad de ésos años son Salsoul, Prelude y West End. No se puede decir que la música disco fuera un fenómeno estrictamente gay (y por tanto vedado a las mujeres, que tenían prohibida la entrada en muchos clubs), pero hay muchos gays famosos en esta escena musical, como Silvester, Giorgio Moroder y Patrick Cowley. La música disco supone también el surgimiento de las “disco divas”, grandes cantantes de soul, funk o R&B, que trabajaban codo a codo con los productores grabando impresionantes partes vocales. Algunas de las más grandes son Loleatta Holloway, Taana Gardner, Gwen Guthrie, Aretha Franklin, o Gloria Gaynor. Podemos encontrar sus partes vocales en grabaciones bajo títulos como Double Exposure, Inner Life, Musique, etc. Estas vocalistas sobrevivieron a la era disco y algunas de ellas siguen trabajando con productores de house, acid jazz, etc. Sin embargo, una vez más, encontramos a pocas mujeres en el terreno de la producción musical, que sería el ámbito de mayor poder. Los 70 también vieron florecer el fenómeno del “gay clubbing”, que se convirtió casi en una religión, en un estilo de vida para muchos gays de grandes ciudades norteamericanas. La imagen “camp” y “glam” que el “gay-clubbing” imprimió a la música disco, hizo que a mediados de los años 70 se percibiera como la música de negros, gays y mujeres de clase obrera. Precisamente esos sectores no estaban representados entre la elitista clase de críticos de rock, que rechazaron de entrada este estilo tachándolo de poco serio. También hubo una reacción de intolerancia machista y racista en Gran Bretaña y EEUU llamada “Disco sucks” (el disco apesta). Era una campaña en contra de la liberación gay y el orgullo negro. Los pro-hombres del rock reclamaban su blanca hegemonía, que, por primera vez, veían en peligro. En la publicación inglesa “The Young Nationalists”, se advertía a sus lectores de la necesidad de luchar contra este estilo de música y su “pseudo-filosofía”, a no ser que se quisiera que las calles de Gran Bretaña se llenaran de “negros y maricones”.
En 1979 (un año antes del cierre de Studio 54), se celebró en Chicago la “Disco demolition night”, en el que cientos de fans del rock quemaron vinilos al grito de “disco sucks!” En 1974 el productor Meco Monardo contrató a la entonces desconocida Gloria Gaynor para grabar un par de temas, “Honey Bee!” y “Never can say goodbye”. Hasta aquí nada de particular: no era más que una de las muchas sesiones que se sucedieron en los Media Sound Studios de Nueva York. Pero cuando llegó el momento de hacer la mezcla, Monardo tomó una decisión revolucionaria: en lugar de dejar la sección rítmica como acompañamiento –la práctica entonces más habitual-, subió los canales del bajo y la batería y los colocó en primer plano, para así dejar atrás la orquesta y la voz de la cantante. El resultado fue sorprendente: había nacido el primer hit de la era disco. El advenimiento de la música disco marcó la caída de los conjuntos de baile. La música de los 70 ya venía marcada por el “groove”, pero el disco enfatizó por encima de todo el “beat”, incluso por encima de la voz y de la canción. Los DJs de los mencionados clubs gays de Nueva York pinchaban discos de soul y funk con una fuerte base rítmica y groove (proto-disco). Esos discos se convertían en éxitos y después se pasaban por la radio y vendían muchas copias. De este modo, las casas discográficas empezaron a producir discos específicamente para la pista de baile. Esos discos también tenían una fuerte componente pop, de forma que llegaran a un gran público. Los albums no tenían muchas canciones, y los “singles” aparecían en formato de 12”, con versiones extendidas para facilitar la remezcla. Con esa intención de la mezcla, los discos marcaba también las cantidades de “bpm” (beats per minute). Así, los beats de la música disco llenaron las listas de éxitos y todos los artistas, incluídos los de rock, grabaron canciones “disco”. Sin embargo, la música disco era un medio de productores, ya que ellos escribían las canciones y creaban los temas. “Sólo cuando la ocasión lo requería es decir, cuando el tema era ya un éxito, se podían reclutar unas caras bonitas o unos cuerpos atractivos, esbeltos y/o musculazos para que prestaran su imagen al producto. Tal fue el caso de Boney M: Liz, Marcia, Maite y Bobby no eran más que el rostro público de las creaciones del alemán Frank Farian. Símbolo del éxito (ciento cincuenta millones de copias vendidas en todo el mundo de hits como “Rasputin” o “Daddy Cool”), Farian se convirtió en el ejemplo a imitar. El francés Jacques Morali contraataco con Village People, un sexteto histriónico (se disfrazaban de camioneros, policías, sioux y demás iconografía kitsch), que pretendió ejemplificar el joie de vivre del colectivo gay.
Larry Levan fue el primer “DJ-estrella”. Se movía entre los géneros disco, house y garage. Durante 10 años reinó en la corte del club “Paradise Garage”, uno de los más importantes de la historia del disco. Muchos DJs de éxito confiesan que la exposición a la música pinchada por Larry Levan en el Paradise Garage cambió sus vidas y les inspiró en sus respectivas carreras. Levan también está considerado el primer DJ en introducir la estética del dub en la pista de baile y el primero en mezclar un amplio y ecléctico abanico musical: “Levan tenía un control absoluto sobre la pista de baile y un estilo único en las transiciones. Combinando diversos estilos y tempos conducía al público a un frenesí total a través de sus eternas mezclas, y usando varias copias del mismo disco podía crear verdaderas remezclas en directo, sobre las que iba alternando efectos de sonido. Como decía en Internet un habitual del club, “la mejor noche de mi vida fue en junio de 1984, cuando Larry pinchó “Music is the answer”, de Colonel Abrams durante toda una hora Con la llegada de los 80, más que morir, la música disco mutó en otros géneros como el “dance-pop”, el hip-hop, el house y el tecno. Se evolucionó hacia sonidos más electrónicos, dando origen a la actual música “house”. Es en estos momentos de transición o “crossover” donde encontramos algunas de las piezas más interesantes. Sin embargo, el house en sus inicios no bebió sólo de la música norteamericana.
En los clubs de Nueva York y Chicago eran muy populares artistas electrónicos británicos como Depeche Mode o Soft Cell y otros de corte más disco como Giorgio Moroder o Klein & MFO; también alemanes como Kraftwerk, belgas como Telex, y miles de producciones de baile italianas (italo disco). El Paradise Garage, en NY, y el Warehouse en Chicago (presidido por Frankie Knuckles), rompieron con las barreras de la raza y la opción sexual (hasta entonces, negros y blancos, gay-les y heteros se divertían segregados), y pusieron el acento en la música. La música que se pinchaba en estos clubs era tan variada como su clientela: música negra basada en el r’n’b, y música disco aderezada con cosas tan diversas como el “Magnificent Seven” de The Clash. Otra mutación de la música disco fue el “no wave”, mezcla de disco y punk. En el verano del mismo año en que se abrieron el Warehouse y el Paradise Garage, 1977, las revistas norteamericanas hablaban de un nuevo fenómeno musical llamado “punk”. A caballo entre el ruido punk-rock y el disco, la escena “no wave” vivió una corta etapa en NY, en estrecho contacto con la escena artística de vanguardia. En esta escena destacan las pioneras ESG, y también The Contortions, Konk, Yoko Ono, Lydia Lunch, Cristina, etc. Básicamente era una actitud musical que rechazaba el formato tradicional del rock ‘n roll (cuerdas, coros), e incorporaba también otras influencias como el Free Jazz y la música negra.

          Leland Community Garden Annual Honey Day!        
Leland Street Community Garden Annual Honey Day Celebration! The lineage of Boston beekeepers at the Leland Street Community Garden in Jamaica Plain spans 15 years. The latest apiarist duo to share hive space are Sadie Richards and Addy Smith-Reiman. Their
          'Invisible Racism': Claudia Rankine to read at Queens University Jan. 16        
When Alexandra Schwartz interviewed poet Claudia Rankine last summer for the New Yorker, she asked her how her award-winning poetry collection, "Citizen: An American Lyric," came about.

Here's what Rankine answered:
I started working on “Citizen” as a way of talking about invisible racism—moments that you experience and that happen really fast. They go by at lightning speed, and you begin to distrust that they even happened, and yet you know that you feel bad somehow. My husband is a great fan, or used to be a great fan, of Tiger Woods, and so I started by watching a lot of golf tournaments. I am a great fan of the Williams sisters, and I would watch tennis. You began to see a lot of little moments, and they would happen, and they would happen, and they would happen, at the U.S. Open and at various other Grand Slams, and I thought, “I’m going to start documenting these.”
And as I began documenting them in Serena Williams’s playing life, I started doing it in my own life. Then I started interviewing people and asking them for stories in their lives. I specifically said, to people I met and to friends, “Tell me a moment when you suddenly found yourself feeling invisible or internally unsettled by something that came down to a moment that you then read as racism, but I want it to happen between you and a friend.” I didn’t really care too much about what people were doing in Ferguson, at this level. I meant in their day-to-day working lives. And then, as people began to tell me stories, I began to see it in my own life, everywhere, happening, and I just started writing them down.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, poet Claudia Rankine earned a BA at Williams College and an MFA at Columbia University. She is a former Queens University instructor in its MFA program.

Rankine has published several collections of poetry, including Citizen: An American Lyric (2014), a finalist for the National Book Award; Don’t Let Me Be Lonely: An American Lyric (2004); and Nothing in Nature is Private (1994), which won the Cleveland State Poetry Prize.

Claudia Rankine Reads:

When: 8:30-9:30 p.m., Friday, Jan. 16
Where: Ketner Auditorium, Queens University
Cost: Free and open to the public.

          The Man Who Saved Britain: A Personal Journey into the Disturbing World of James Bond        
The Man Who Saved Britain: A Personal Journey into the Disturbing World of James Bond
author: Simon Winder
name: Mark
average rating: 3.23
book published: 2006
rating: 3
read at: 2015/04/12
date added: 2015/04/12
The Man Who Saved Britain
A Personal Journey into the Distrubing World of james Bond
Author: Simon Winder
Publisher: Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux
Published In: New York
Date: 2006
Pgs: 285


A shattered great power ensconced in the post-World War II ruin. A proud world power brought low. In this world, Ian Fleming created an alternate world of secret British greatness and glamor. In Bond’s world, Britain was a player, The Player. Fleming via Bond has his say on much of the world in that era; sex, the monarchy, food, class, America, etc. This novel explores the Bondian influence on postwar Britain. Agent 007 reporting. Bond...James Bond.

Autobiography and memoir
Behind the Scenes
Literary criticism

Why this book:
It’s Bond...James Bond.

Favorite Character:
James Bond, even though he isn’t exactly favorably disposed of here, despite being one of the author’s favorite characters.

Least Favorite Character:
Great Britain

The Feel:
The narrative feels almost angry about pulling the curtain back and looking in on the great and powerful Oz, though whether Oz is Bond, Fleming, or the Britain of the era or some combination of all three isn’t necessarily spelled out. Almost like, the author found more and considered more than he was initially prepared to do when he started the process.

Bond stands in contrast. He is from the Britain that they, both the author and the people of Britain who were his first fans, seem to wish existed rather than the one that actually existed during that time.

Favorite Scene:
The author’s mother sitting on the steps of her home in London during the Blitz eating a honey sandwich as planes fly overhead on their way to or from the Battle of Britain.

Where the author is describing the experience of snorkelling after reading the scuba scenes in Bond books…
If someone goes into a tropical sea in a Bond novel the narrative demands the immediate presence of some dangerous fish. Indeed, it would be a banal disgrace if there were not one - just as Bond cannot talk to a girl without having sex with her or enter a casino without winning big. Most unfortunately this has so raised the bar for anyone entering the water as to make the actual experience a bit woeful.
...same with walking into a casino. Standing at a baccarat table in a casino on an American Indian Reservation, while awesome, is not Monte Carlo or wherever Bond happens to be playing. We were spoiled by the fiction, I think.

This book is very well paced. The author bends words in a wonderful way. I have misgivings about the way the book points at and elaborates on its central premise, but it is extremely well written.

Plot Holes/Out of Character:
The author’s characterization of British children of the 70s being more warpornish than kids in other countries is mistake. When he describes setting up toy soldiers and fighting mock battles, he could have been with my brother and I in Lake Dallas, Texas and our armies gathered along both sides of a small drainage in the backyard as we start throwing small rocks, sorry...bullets and mortars, across the ditch at the opposing armies. Warporn may be a generational thing or it may be hardwired into us as a species, but it is assuredly not just a British 50s, 60s, 70s childhood phenomena.

When the author describes the Bond books or Bond as a character, I can feel the rose colored glasses that I’ve always viewed both through falling from my eyes. They are very much a part of their time. Reading about the books when the author summarizes them and comments on them feels a lot like watching sausage be made. I know that Daniel Craig’s Bond in the movies is a more evolved and up-to-date version of the character with the old sensibilities being a flavoring rather than the whole dinner. This may be what saves Bond from the trashbin of history where characters like Matt Helm have fallen.

Hmm Moments:
Is it just me or is this a damned odd paragraph?
As a memoir, this book is fragmentary and scraped together from very slightly interesting bits and bobs. My life has just not been melodramatic enough to take up more than a few pages. I had a cheerful childhood packed with affection, no specific features to incite sympathy and no adventures to speak of. As history it will anger many, filled as it is with shocking generalizations and lack of documentation. I share that anger. This book was written in large part because I want to convey, perhaps in an overdrawn form, some of the ways in which Britain has changed-and by following James Bond show some of a vanished world which he in various ways pulled together.

I get the point of it. So I guess it’s all good. But, the paragraph strikes me as odd. Sort of a introduction denouement.

The author’s comparison of the perception of the last statesmen of the portraiture era vs the first statesmen of the radio and television era is spot on. We look at the last and see vibrant colors and artists bringing the heroic into focus vs the last appearing as staticy, flitty, sound and black and white images that make them seem small and comic opera. This perception is fed by the media of the images and sounds as much as the history that is known about the characters.

The exploration of Bond’s possible literary forebears is interesting; Rohmer’s Fu Manchu novels, Hope’s Prisoner of Zenda, and Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines.

The idea of postwar Britain as a stuffed cobra and a front room full of bric-a-brac, tourist trap tchotchke crap from the vanishing empire is well presented

One of his commentaries on Conservatives in the postwar British period could have been his speaking on America in the modern day.
Britain was left with a zany system in which the MPs of the Conservative Party, who ruled cumulatively for thirty-five years from 1945, would not themselves have dreamed of using either the public health system or public transport (beyond first class carriages on trains) and would have been socially ostracized if they had sent their children to state schools. This left a long lasting, very peculiar split where the Conservatives, often blue blooded figures of astonishing dimness or over-articulate fatalism, continued to attract support from a broad base - partly aspirational but also, and more important, bitter and angry about the whirlwind ruining their world.

This is a vision of a Britain that I’ve never really been cognizant of, or more properly, I knew of, but this is a depth and flavor to it that I was not aware existed.

Why isn’t there a screenplay?
A screenplay on a book about the history and culture of Britain told through the filter of James Bond...better to watch the Bond films and read the Fleming books. Though I warn you now, they are becoming more and more dated as the years slide passed.

Casting call:
Connery will always be my Bond. I really liked Craig and Brosnan. Moore and Dalton were okay. Was never a Lazenby or Niven guy.

I believe wholeheartedly that Idris Elba should be James Bond. He’d be freaking awesome. Dreamcasting there. And that James Bond should be the cover identity given to the top spy in Britain. 007 should be legion. Always only one, but always evolving with the times and becoming something new.

Last Page Sound:
At the end, this piece of nonfiction is the author coming to terms with what his country is and where its at. Amazingly well written. I didn’t like it. but I’m glad I read it. I didn’t like it because it showed me a Britain that isn’t the fantasy that has lived in my head for forever. It is hard to have the lies we tell ourselves brought out into the light and exposed. I’ll never be able to re-read the Bond novels again after this. And that’s okay. This is going to color my experience with those novels and the movies. And that’s okay. Sometimes, the braces have to fall away.

Author Assessment:
Mr Winder sounds in the introduction like he doesn’t like Britain, like he’s disgusted with the Britain that existed in the mid-World War interregnum. And he doesn’t sound like he likes Ian Fleming very much. Though in truthfulness, the way Fleming is described here, I doubt that I would have liked him either.

Winder’s style is interesting and feels personal.

Though the story purports to be about Bond, the world he created and that he was created by and that he is mentioned on every other page, this is tangentially at best about Bond and is more along the lines of a diatribe against what Britain was and what she became in the 1900s. The book is anti-royalist, anti-Conservative, anti-Labour, and is essentially anti-British. This isn’t a love story to the Britain that existed across this era.

I love the way this is written. But there is a bit of feeling like I am being made to look at myself naked in the mirror or to stare at my own feet. Confronting your foibles through the writing of someone else and having a hero be undressed in this fashion is jarring.

Case by case basis, I would absolutely give anything else written by this author a look.

Editorial Assessment:
Could have benefited from the editor drawing the narrative back onto the path a time or three, especially in the introductory chapter.

Knee Jerk Reaction:
glad I read it

Disposition of Book:
Irving Public Library
Irving, TX

Would recommend to:
history buffs, the hardcore James Bond nerd, post war Britain aficionados

Ian Fleming once had an ongoing affair with the mother of Chris Blackwell. Chris Blackwell and Island Records helped bring Jamaican music out to the world. A ton of artists in many genres found their way through Island Records over the years.

          The Best Sandals Resort in Jamaica        
A review comparison of luxury-included resorts
          Profile of the Day: Elizabeth Barrett Browning        
On this day in 1861, English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning died at the age of 55. Remembered as one of the most popular poets of the Victorian Era, Elizabeth was very well known during her lifetime in Europe and America. The eldest of twelve children, Elizabeth Barrett Moulton-Barrett was born on March 6, 1806 in Coxhoe Hall in County Durham, England. Her father’s family had acquired their wealth in Jamaica, where they owned sugar plantations. From a... Read the full story
          Inter-American Church Strengthens Special Needs Ministries with First Territory-Wide Congress for the Hearing Impaired        
More than two hundred deaf persons, interpreters, and special needs ministries directors from across the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Inter-America gathered for the first territory-wide Congress for the Hearing Impaired.

More than two hundred deaf persons, interpreters, and special needs ministries directors from across the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Inter-America gathered for the first territory-wide Congress for the Hearing Impaired.

The five-day event, held at Montemorelos University in North Mexico in July, sought to reassure deaf members and friends that they are valuable to God and the church, and provided training to church leaders on strengthening special needs ministries in churches and communities.

“Disabilities are not a problem for God, because God is the Creator of all of us and gives us abilities,” said Pastor Samuel Telemaque, Special Needs Ministries director for the church in Inter-America, as he addressed some 150 deaf persons in the audience. “Those abilities you have, the church needs today.”

The congress, in collaboration with the church in North Mexico and Montemorelos University, was part of Inter-America’s long-term initiative to bolster special needs ministries across the territory since it was established four years ago, said Telemaque.

“The church in Inter-America is moving beyond awareness to create a new paradigm to help people with disabilities to appreciate their value and understand who they are in the sight of God, as they take active part in the growth of the church,” explained Telemaque.

Pastor Larry Evans, special needs ministries director for the Adventist world church, spoke during the training event and restated that “the ministry is not about disabilities but about possibilities for those with special needs.”

Evans applauded the work of the church in North Mexico for their advocacy of special needs ministries with the local government and across hundreds of churches. He also spoke highly of Montemorelos University for offering a course in interpreting to students and ensuring that every deaf student on campus is able to understand each class they take.

“We should begin at every Adventist university to involve students in the special needs ministries,” said Evans. He also praised the work in Inter-America for being exemplary in special needs ministries around the world church.

Monica Vera is an interpreter and has been employed by Montemorelos University to teach students to sign and assist deaf students on campus and outreach activities in the community. She was delighted to coordinate the event and provide activities to deaf persons and more training to her interpreter students and church leaders, spreading the word that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is inclusive of all people with disabilities.

“We wanted to train persons with hearing impairment to be evangelists to persons with their same disability and for interpreters to be more skilled and excited to keep working with them,” said Vera.

The 150 deaf attendees from across the church in Mexico took part in fun activities, special lunches, musical performances and a communion service. Three were baptized during the event. In addition, Montemorelos University offered a full scholarship to three deaf persons starting in the upcoming school year.

The congress provided seminars for pastors and leaders on how to develop a culture of special needs in the church, from theology to principle, to values and methods, how to evangelize the deaf in the community, sign language courses for pastors, caregivers, interpreters, and more.

International speakers included Pastor Jeffrey Jordan, associate director of Deaf Ministries for the Adventist world church and Taida Rovero, Director of Deaf Ministries in Spain.

Church leaders from Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Jamaica, Honduras, Colombia, Spain, and the United States took part in the event.

Francisco Javier Diaz, who is the national lay coordinator of the Adventist Deaf Ministry in Mexico, taught many to sign and perform the hymns he interpreted on video during the congress. He works as an interpreter for the deaf in Chiapas, Mexico, and is proud that the Adventist Church is moving forward in involving the hearing impaired in the life of the church. Diaz has also translated the Faith of Jesus in sign language and trains church members to use sign language back home.

Attendees brought up resolutions and requests for the church regarding strengthening special needs in particular deaf ministries. The requests include a need for a full time worker in every union, more biblical resources for the deaf, and provide experts on sign language, and the like.

Times have changed and the church needs to move forward strengthening special needs ministries, emphasized Telemaque.

“The church has to be committed in integrating the deaf into services and the life of the church,” Telemaque said.

Plans are underway for Inter-America’s Special Needs Congress to be held next year on the campus of the Colombia Adventist University in Medellin, Colombia.

For more information on Inter-America’s Special Needs Ministries visit interamerica.org.

To view a photo album of the event, click HERE.


This article was written by Libna Stevens and originally published by the Inter-American Division.

Image Credit: Montemorelos University


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Presenta tallos con hojas opuestas en la base y alternas en el resto, palmaticompuestas con estípulas libres o persistentes. Flores anemófilas, monoicas o dioicas; pequeñas, en inflorescencias cimosas, las masculinas ramificadas, paniculiformes y con muchas flores, las femeninas más compactas. Flores estaminadas con 5 sépalos, 5 estambres antisépalos; polen triporado, rara vez 2, 4, 6 porado. Flores pistiladas con un cáliz tubular, membranoso, corto, encerrando al ovario, con 2 carpelos unidos formando un ovario unilocular con 2 estigmas alargados; primordios seminales solitarios, anátropos.

Cannabis sativa es conocida en castellano como "cáñamo" o "marihuana" y su fibra tiene usos variados, incluyendo la manufactura de vestidos, cuerdas, ropa, y papel; los árabes la llamaban haxix.

En Jamaica se le conoce por el nombre de Ganjah.

          Morris’s 88th-Minute Goal Gives US Gold Cup Title        
Former Stanford star Jordan Morris scored a tiebreaking goal in the 88th minute , and the United States beat Jamaica 2-1 on Wednesday night for its sixth Gold Cup title and first since 2013.
          (Video) Papikeepitrill – C.R.E.A.M.        

(Video) Papikeepitrill – C.R.E.A.M. South Jamaica, Queens rapper and WolfPack / Reaper Gang founder Papikeepitrill recently delivered an official music video for his new single “C.R.E.A.M.”, available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other digital ...

The post (Video) Papikeepitrill – C.R.E.A.M. appeared first on JamBaze.com | Mp3/Video Download.

          A Year Ago        
It's not terribly popular in my circles to admit you were a Bernie supporter. In hindsight all female Bernie support seems like a betrayal of gender. Let me assure you that gender had nothing to do with my enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders. I thought his message had value.

Spare and I went to a Bernie rally in the spring of 2016. We stood in line all day at Temple University. This was as close as we ever bonded, I think ... and life kind of went downhill for both of us after this event.

The Democratic National Convention was held in Philadelphia in July of 2016. There were many well-attended pro-Bernie rallies and marches as a part of that convention. Since I wasn't blogging then, I'm going to walk down memory lane and show a few photos of the marching that came before the real marching.

Of course all the pro-Bernie rallies were organized over Facebook, and that's where I saw the message from the woman named Michelle. She left a comment: "I wish I could be there with you. I'm a single mother of a disabled son. I need single payer and a decent minimum wage. Please, someone, march for me."

So I did. Then I posted all the photos with her name tagged. Below, Exhibit A, is the "establishing shot" with City Hall in the background, so Michelle would know I was for real. I was wearing my Bernie hat and my Phillies shirt with no sleeves that I use on paint crew.

It was about 95 degrees that day with very little shade. The rally began at Thomas Paine Plaza.

It seemed like a huge crowd at the time, but now ... after the ensuing events ... it was little more than a congenial gathering.

I wasn't the only Baby Boomer in that crowd. Seemed like it skewed to older people.

Michelle wanted to feel like she was there, so I asked lots of people to hold my "Hi Michelle" sign.

To be absolutely honest, this was one of the few people in attendance that actually was a Bernie bro. He came in from Akron, Ohio.

Guess I wasn't alone in being a traitor to my gender.

Proof that not all middle-aged white men voted for Trump.

I talked to people from all over the place. Some of them weren't prepared for Philly weather.

Kinda wanted to flirt with this one, but didn't.

This is a sentiment I did not share, even at this rally. I was going to vote Democrat even if they nominated Bill Maher.


More female voters who were seduced by the good looks and shallow charm of Bernie Sanders.

Philadelphia is a big city. It has real, live socialists. They hand out leaflets and everything. Here is someone who probably really didn't vote for Hillary Clinton.

Someone made a Bernie quilt.

Hi Michelle, we need to OVERTHROW this system! Someone? Anyone? Can I get a harrumph?

Again in hindsight, this one seems a little bit prescient. When it comes to voter fraud, I have my suspicions. And they rest squarely upon bullying, intimidation, and sketchy machinery.

Some of these folks, I just wonder. Did they really sit out the election? Or did they, like me, scurry to the polls to vote for Secretary Clinton, who -- I'll be the first to admit -- had every quality a leader of the free world would ever need?

These jackasses were scattered all over the city. There were 52 of them, one for each state, one for Puerto Rico, and one for the District of Columbia. Each one was painted differently. This one was Iowa.

So, on that hot day a year ago, we rallied at Thomas Paine Plaza and then set off on a march down Broad Street, exactly the same route the Mummers take on New Year's Day. It was so unbearably hot that I bagged the march at the corner of Broad and Pine, doubled back and took the El train home to Snobville.

On the way to the train, I got accosted by a young woman with an island accent (couldn't place it, might have been Jamaican or Haitian). She took me to task about Bernie in a way that led me to believe she had lived in Philly long enough to pick up its behavior patterns. How the hell, she wanted to know, could I support Bernie when a menace like Donald Trump loomed? How could I feel right about splitting the ticket? Didn't I know what danger Donald Trump posed to immigrants?

I assured her I did, and I promised that I would vote for Hillary (and I did), and with an airy wave at the throng of protesters, I said, "They all will too. Don't worry about a thing."

Never ask me to handicap a race. This last photo was shot on November 9, 2016. To this day I wonder where that island lady is, and how she is faring. Oh my bored gods, what burdens we bear.

Late addendum: Yes, Michelle saw the photos, and she loved them. She was very grateful and kind of amazed that I went to so much trouble for a stranger. I hope she has her health care and a decent wage.
          Usain Bolt: Greatest-Ever Sprinter Loses Final Solo Race To Athletics’ Biggest Pantomime Villain        

Usain Bolt is a name that personifies success in the world of athletics. The Jamaican has created records, only to shatter them later. Ahead of his final hurrah at the IAAF World Championships, Bolt’s form in global 100m and 200m finals read: WWWW, DSQ (Disqualified for false start), WWWWWWWWW. While his rivals were desperately hoping

The post Usain Bolt: Greatest-Ever Sprinter Loses Final Solo Race To Athletics’ Biggest Pantomime Villain appeared first on FreakyViral.

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North Korean Defector Threatened Over His Reliable News Reports. 4/3/12 | 11:18 AM ET. Clashes in Rival Towns Kill 22 in Western Libya

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Actors tussle over girlfriend Chennai box ... Rajini releases Thottaal Poo Malrum songs ... Filming without permission – Sivaji unit fined!

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“@thenewpaper: Actor fined $3,000 for tussle over dog poo http://t.co/3OOYh6ve”
Thats a golden shit! What the heck..“@thenewpaper: Actor fined $3,000 for tussle over dog poo http://t.co/3OOYh6ve” Thats a golden shit! What the heck..
From: yazbanz - Source: Twitter for iPhone

          Actor fined S$3000 for tussle over dog poo        

Actor fined S$3000 for tussle over dog poo : Videos

Former actor Huang Yiliang fined S$3000 for dispute over dog poo - 05Apr2012
Former actor Huang Yiliang fined S$3000 for dispute over dog poo - 05Apr2012

Former actor Huang Yiliang fined S$3000 for dispute over dog poo - 05Apr2012

He wanted to do the right thing, but ended being fined instead. Former MediaCorp actor Ng Aik Leong, better known as Huang Yi-Liang, was fined S ... Rated: 5     Duration: 40 seconds     Video type: YouTube     Hosted by: www.youtube.com on Thu, 05 Apr 2012 11:18:59 PDT

Michael Lerner Sam Botta Atlas Shrugged April 15 Movie Release Oscars
Michael Lerner Sam Botta Atlas Shrugged April 15 Movie Release Oscars

Michael Lerner Sam Botta Atlas Shrugged April 15 Movie Release Oscars

named Press, works publishing, children, loves Sy'Rai! honored Counselor. Actress Tasha acting coach, o word director Tyler that's gig ... Rated: 1.7107296     Duration: 58 seconds     Video type: YouTube     Hosted by: www.youtube.com on Fri, 15 Apr 2011 10:18:37 PDT

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Tanya Roberts Outrageous Love & Friendship Sam Botta-Live Fearless-Chris Shining,Executive Producer

Tanya Roberts Outrageous Love & Friendship Sam Botta-Live Fearless-Chris Shining,Executive Producer

Her husband of 25 years had died from illness, she was there for him and has overcome the grief and built a new life. Sam Botta: I asked you the ... Rated: 1.96176     Duration: 54 seconds     Video type: YouTube     Hosted by: www.youtube.com on Fri, 10 Feb 2012 03:34:03 PST



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Wife shot dead by husband after dog poops in house
Wife shot dead by husband after dog poops in house

Wife shot dead by husband after dog poops in house

DALLAS (Reuters) - A 76-year-old Texas man was charged with murder for shooting his wife and two dogs after one of the animals pooped in the house ... Rated: -1     Duration: 62 seconds     Video type: YouTube     Hosted by: www.youtube.com on Thu, 29 Mar 2012 20:09:34 PDT

YouTube Poop: Mans Best Friend Kills Leon S. Kennedy
YouTube Poop: Mans Best Friend Kills Leon S. Kennedy

YouTube Poop: Mans Best Friend Kills Leon S. Kennedy

YouTube Poop When animals attack Leon S. Kennedy Remember that dog that Leon saved from that bear trip at the begining of the game, well this is ... Rated: 4.5555553     Duration: 27 seconds     Video type: YouTube     Hosted by: www.youtube.com on Sat, 15 May 2010 22:16:52 PDT



A bizarre, bogus story of a German zookeeper killed by 200 pounds of elephant dung is explained and re-enacted using a real elephant. Not for the ... Rated: 3.6666667     Duration: 84 seconds     Video type: YouTube     Hosted by: www.youtube.com on Tue, 02 Aug 2011 18:29:26 PDT

Uncensored Net Noise Feb 17, 2012 Podcast
Uncensored Net Noise Feb 17, 2012 Podcast

Uncensored Net Noise Feb 17, 2012 Podcast

defended by owner after man has heart attack Man Killed in Dog Poop Dispute After a long dispute over dog poop a man kills his neighbor. MSC Radio ... Rated: 2     Duration: 7610 seconds     Video type: YouTube     Hosted by: www.youtube.com on Sat, 18 Feb 2012 13:30:12 PST

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YouTube Poop: Carlito Creeps While Eddie Guerrero Kills The Dog From Duck Hunt Like A Boss

YouTube Poop: Carlito Creeps While Eddie Guerrero Kills The Dog From Duck Hunt Like A Boss

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THe death Of Kahlid MUhammad(The over whelming event)
THe death Of Kahlid MUhammad(The over whelming event)

THe death Of Kahlid MUhammad(The over whelming event)

Meaning of The Death of The Great Warrior KHALID MUHAMMAD [Composed, February 29, 2001] It was in the year 1988-there was in the headlines of the ... Rated: 4.4444447     Duration: 449 seconds     Video type: YouTube     Hosted by: www.youtube.com on Wed, 28 Oct 2009 21:05:53 PDT

Youtube Poop: Clowns try to kill Billy
Youtube Poop: Clowns try to kill Billy

Youtube Poop: Clowns try to kill Billy

I wanted to make a Youtube Poop of this episode so... yeah! Enjoy. Rated: 4.5555553     Duration: 195 seconds     Video type: YouTube     Hosted by: www.youtube.com on Sat, 08 Oct 2011 18:37:17 PDT

Funny Pet News #1- Feces House, Champion Poodle, Snake Plane
Funny Pet News #1- Feces House, Champion Poodle, Snake Plane

Funny Pet News #1- Feces House, Champion Poodle, Snake Plane

This is Zootoo.com's program dedicated to Pet News. Watch as Laura and Beth bring you real pet news that proves the truth is stranger than ... Rated: 4.1428571     Duration: 194 seconds     Video type: YouTube     Hosted by: www.youtube.com on Mon, 16 Jul 2007 08:52:43 PDT

YouTube Poop - The Dramatic Gopher goes on a KILLING RAMPAGE!
YouTube Poop - The Dramatic Gopher goes on a KILLING RAMPAGE!

YouTube Poop - The Dramatic Gopher goes on a KILLING RAMPAGE!

The king doesn't remember being a human skateboard, so Mama Luigi begins to scream. Chris Crocker thinks that the caterpillars are causing him ... Rated: 5     Duration: 250 seconds     Video type: YouTube     Hosted by: www.youtube.com on Sun, 10 Jan 2010 19:17:46 PST

Actor fined S$3000 for tussle over dog poo : Photo Gallery




Actor fined S$3000 for tussle over dog poo

So luxe for big bucks | The New Paper
So luxe for big bucks | The New Paper

So luxe for big bucks | The New Paper

So luxe for big bucks | The New Paper

Pole Pursuit | The New Paper
Pole Pursuit | The New Paper

Pole Pursuit | The New Paper

Pole Pursuit | The New Paper




The former actor, whose real name is Ng Aik Leong, was fined $3000. On May 20 last year, Ms Tan was walking her dog along the driveway of Block 122, Toa Payoh Lorong 2, when it pooped. Despite carrying a plastic bag with her, the 48-year-old pet owner ...

Actor fined S$3000 for tussle over dog poo : Latest News, Information, Answers and Websites

- The Washington Post

Batman pulled over in Silver Spring; Top Videos. Obama: If I had a son, hed look like Trayvon (1:53) Richard Dawkins speaks on Reason Rally (3:38)

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Topic galleries provide easy access to stories and photos about people, places, organizations, events and subjects of interest to you. They bring together rich ...

          The Famous Rum Punch ~ You Wont Be Disappointed With This Jamaican Rum Drink. Ingredients 1 Cup Orange Juice 1 Cup Pineapple Juice 1 Cup Apple Juice 3 Ripe Bananas PuréEd In A Blender 2 ½ Cups Water ½ Cup Appleton White Rum Preparation Add All Ingredients To A Bowl. Mix Slowly To Ensure Mixing Then Vigorously. Remove 1 Cup And Then Place In Blender Liquefy Mixture Then Add Ice Cubes If Desired.        

The Famous Rum Punch ~ You Wont Be Disappointed With This Jamaican Rum Drink. Ingredients 1 Cup Orange Juice 1 Cup Pineapple Juice 1 Cup Apple Juice 3 Ripe Bananas PuréEd In A Blender 2 ½ Cups Water ½ Cup Appleton White Rum Preparation Add All Ingredients To A Bowl. Mix Slowly To Ensure Mixing Then Vigorously. Remove 1 Cup And Then Place In Blender Liquefy Mixture Then Add Ice Cubes If Desired.
          Lilac Weekend (2009) at the Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain        
          La primera vía o la revolución democrática en Cuba        
Por Julio Antonio Fernández Estrada

No conozco al centro cubano en política. No sé quiénes son. He leído mucho sobre la "neocontrarrevolución socialdemócrata" pero imagino que esta no sea el centro sino algún extremo misterioso.

Sabemos, eso sí, que el centro existe, -si existe la izquierda y la derecha-, y sabemos que en la historia las posiciones de centro muchas veces se han aliado con las más conservadoras, como también sabemos que partidos de izquierda han terminado en el otro extremo del ámbito político.

Algunos nos educamos en las ideas de la izquierda radical. Aprendimos que el peor enemigo era el capitalismo porque este no defendía los intereses de la mayoría sino de los privilegiados, que siempre son los mismos.

Después aprendimos que en el socialismo también hay privilegiados y comprendimos que también son nuestros enemigos.

Las ideas radicales de izquierda que nos conformaron parten del pueblo y solo se detienen cuando se detiene la pobreza, la injusticia social, la inequidad y el desprecio a los humildes.

La izquierda cubana está viva. La primera vía no es, sin embargo, la de los burócratas. Nosotros sabemos que el socialismo se salva si el pueblo lo levanta en sus hombros y no fuimos nosotros, los nacidos en los 70, los que hemos quitado de los labios de los jóvenes la palabra socialismo.

Nosotros, la izquierda, queremos que los derechos humanos se respeten sin excepción. Los que se oponen a los derechos humanos no son el centro, ni la peor derecha puede defender esta propuesta, solo los fascistas pintados del color que sea, pueden defender un criterio de patria y de nación por encima de los derechos humanos.

Nosotros, la izquierda, queremos que el pueblo de Cuba sea el dueño de los recursos naturales, de las riquezas del país, del pan que se amasa en las madrugadas, de los hoteles, de las playas, de los campos de golf, de las zonas especiales, de las marinas, de los yates, de los carros de lujo y de las guaguas de uso.

Si alguien piensa que el pueblo cubano debe contentarse con un pan de a medio, con croquetas saltarinas de escamas de pescado, con vacaciones a la programación de verano de la televisión y con colas como ríos interminables para comprarlo todo, entonces no conoce al pueblo y no está en el centro, ni en la derecha, ni en la izquierda, sino debajo de la tierra, en la humedad del dogmatismo y el fundamentalismo.

Nosotros, la izquierda, queremos que el socialismo cubano no pierda ni un hospital, ni una escuela, ni un museo de la historia de la revolución. Moriremos por mantener la educación gratuita y la salud libre para todos y juramos que no le entregaremos en el futuro a ningún paciente un documento  que diga lo que cuesta nuestra salud gratis.

Los que defendemos el socialismo no queremos más poder que el de participar, no sentimos ninguna clase de odio por la generación histórica ni clase alguna de amor por los burócratas que hablan a los diputados de la Asamblea Nacional como si fueran pioneros en un matutino.

El socialismo solo se salvará si los jóvenes lo recogen de los contenes donde se conectan a internet para hablar a gritos con sus familiares de Miami, si hacen suyo el sueño y lo convierten en su obra.

Si Fidel hubiera usado "los canales establecidos" no hubiera habido revolución. Si José Antonio y Fructuoso hubieran sido disciplinados y hubieran confiado en los que dirigen porque "ellos saben lo que hacen" no hubiera habido base moral ni mártires sobre los que edificar el futuro.

Ahora no queremos muertos. El estado y el gobierno serán nuestros aliados, porque ellos han sido la vanguardia del pensamiento de izquierda en América Latina y deberán entender que si queremos la soberanía popular, la independencia y no el anexionismo, si respetamos más el honor de Carlos Manuel de Céspedes que de todos los autonomistas del siglo XIX juntos, no somos los enemigos, sino ciudadanos, interlocutores, sujetos políticos, actores sociales, compañeros, parte del pueblo cubano, que llevan a su patria, a no dudarlo, en el centro del pecho. Si no lo entienden, no será por nuestra actitud. Nosotros estamos donde hemos estado siempre.

Nosotros, la izquierda, queremos la paz y el crecimiento del bienestar del pueblo cubano. No queremos entregar el país a los norteamericanos ni regalarlo a los inversionistas extranjeros. Debe recordarse que los que siempre están en peligro de entregar a la patria son los que deciden qué hacer con nuestro dinero y con nuestros recursos, jamás el pueblo que va en guaguas y se queda sin agua de un día para otro.
La izquierda cubana cree en la paz porque sin ella no hay felicidad para las madres, para los hijos, para los ancianos y los que están por nacer. Sin paz en el mundo y en Cuba no hay prosperidad posible, y con venganza y rencor solo se llega al abismo del odio entre hermanos.

Nosotros queremos que las niñas y niños sigan viviendo en el país seguro donde se juega en la calle, donde los vecinos cuidan a nuestros hijos como propios y donde nada es más importante que la infancia y su tranquilidad.

La izquierda cubana ama a su patria, a su historia, a sus héroes, heroínas y mártires y sabe que sin democracia y derechos humanos defendidos y elevados a columnas de la nación, no habrá futuro digno para los cubanos y cubanas.

No sé quiénes son el centro en política en Cuba hoy. Amo y respeto a los seres humanos y gozo con sus ideas diferentes y lucho por las mías en el terreno de la ciudad, del surco y de la plaza cívica. Solo creo en la intolerancia para los que practican la intolerancia. Las leyes de la libertad no deben permitir ni el odio entre pueblos, ni la xenofobia, ni la discriminación por ser de un color, de una orientación sexual, de una ideología que promueva alguna forma de amor, de una religión cualquiera.

La izquierda que somos ama a  América Latina, sufre por la desigualdad en todo el mundo, cree en la solidaridad con los que tienen menos e incluso con los que tienen más. Para nosotros el socialismo no es una mala palabra pero debe ser una palabra nueva si la queremos conservar con vida.

La única vía que conozco para salvar la esperanza en Cuba, la esperanza en un mañana donde la dignidad no sea solo para los ricos y donde los burócratas no se conviertan en millonarios con más dinero que diplomas, es que el pueblo se haga dueño de su presente, que no apruebe los documentos que le traen como regalos sino que los redacte en el taller y en la calle, apoyados sobre la espalda del maquinista más fuerte, como se hacía en la Comuna.

Algunos sabemos dónde está el socialismo y no dejaremos que lo extingan, ni los de la derecha brutal que odia, que ha inventado la tortura, los golpes de estado y las doctrinas de seguridad que lo justifican todo, ni los del extremismo de estado, que quieren más a sus autos que a sus hijos, que miden la vida en litros de gasolina y que quieren resolver los problemas de la gente en una reunión donde nadie habla como un herrero ni como un campesino.

La primera vía es la única que nos interesa, con democracia, derechos humanos, estado de derecho, legalidad, paz, concordia nacional y justicia sin dobleces, para que los que no han sido beneficiados por la obra de la revolución, al fin puedan ser rescatados. El socialismo también tiene que ser para los miles de albergados sin vivienda, para los miles de presos, para los varados fuera de Cuba que se han quedado sin país, para los emigrantes que no han dejado de sentirse cubanos, para los pobres que no saben lo que es comer mantequilla desde 1989 o que les falta el agua desde hace décadas.

No sabemos quiénes son el centro. Nunca los hemos escuchado hablar desde la radio o desde una mesa de la televisión por lo tanto pensamos que tal vez no existan o que sean el resultado de la obsesión de los que cazan enemigos en las horas sagradas en que deberían trabajar para el pueblo.

No sabemos quiénes defienden el anexionismo como opción para Cuba pero estamos seguros que si existen, el pueblo de Cuba tiene derecho a saber quiénes son y qué argumentos tienen y así podremos cruzar los dedos, o mejor, hacer política al fin, para evitar que esas propuestas convenzan a la gente.

No sabemos quiénes son los socialdemócratas cubanos pero sabemos que hay escuelas en Cuba que llevan el nombre de respetables socialdemócratas del pasado reciente. Estoy seguro que el pueblo de Cuba tiene el derecho a escuchar las tesis de los que piensan de una forma o de otra, nadie como el pueblo para saber por quién votar y nadie como el pueblo de Cuba para decidir con justicia después de décadas de alta educación, de programas de estudios nacionales, de políticas culturales nacionales, de televisión nacional, de propaganda política nacional, todas a favor del socialismo.

Tal vez suceda que cuando sean convocados a presentar sus proyectos políticos, los liberales, los socialdemócratas, los anexionistas, los defensores del estatus quo inamovible, suceda que nadie acuda, que nadie quiera dar la cara, que nadie aproveche la oportunidad de hablar, de discutir, de tantos años sin practicar la deliberación y la polémica.

Si la defensa del socialismo es la primera vía entonces creo que somos muchos los que estamos en ella. Pero aviso de que venimos con manuales distintos a los de los 70. En nuestras mochilas están, todos con la misma importancia, los Cuadernos de la Cárcel, El manifiesto de Montecristi, La carta de Jamaica, los Estatutos de la Universidad Popular José Martí, La pupila insomne,  Canto a mí mismo y Las iniciales de la tierra, por citar algunos referentes al vuelo. No creemos en el sectarismo ni en el esquematismo facilón, que convierte en un lema cada intento de idea, por eso preferimos a Paulo Freire y confesamos que hemos leído toda la literatura prohibida en el socialismo real, desde Pasternak hasta Kundera, de Padilla a Norberto Fuentes.

No renegamos de nada que la historia del socialismo haya dejado de bello y justo y esa es la razón por la cual defendemos el Estado de Derecho, la legalidad y la democracia, porque pensamos que a nombre del socialismo no se puede pisotear el Derecho, ni la Ley, ni a la soberanía popular.

Por eso confiamos en la belleza de la creación cubana. Aceptamos la singularidad de la cubanía sin festejar la supuesta preponderancia de nuestra gracia, inteligencia, creatividad y sexapil, que no son más que mala propaganda de un pueblo igual de hermoso y frágil que otro cualquiera.

Creemos, en fin, que la primera vía puede ser, todavía, el socialismo, pero solo si este es el templo más grande y brillante de la democracia, el amor, la paz y el bienestar humanos.

          The Lawless Jerky Approach to Innovation        
Matt Tolnick on the set of MVP
How does the team at Lawless Jerky, and particularly me as our resident “jerky chef,” come up with our line of world-inspired Braver Flavors, and convert those ideas into recipes you can find at your local convenience store, supermarket or mailbox?

My team and I keep our eyes on emerging culinary trends and influences that may not be familiar to most Americas. As you can see from Lawless Jerky’s flavors, I’ve found tremendous inspiration in cuisine throughout Asia: Japan, China, Thailand and beyond. I also had a powerful stroke of inspiration during a recent trip to Jamaica for a friend’s wedding. Jerk seasoning is only the tip of the iceberg (a flavorful iceberg) in Jamaican cooking. 

To start, I face the fundamental challenge of translating my inspiration into a marinade recipe that will convey the flavor into a single bite of jerky. I begin with similar ingredients to the original recipe, and a ton of trial and error! Lawless Jerky is unique in that we don’t consider the conventions of the industry, what the other guys are doing. I start from scratch with an idea, a dream flavor, in mind and work tirelessly until I’ve brought it to life. Along the way I keep copious notes to inform my next experiment, and to faithfully replicate the formula when I hit the jackpot.

In creating Lawless’ line of Braver Flavors, I’ve developed a technique that has served me well with flavors like Mango Habanero, Sweet Sriracha and Honey Chipotle. By balancing the heat of hot peppers with a corresponding sweetness, the resulting flavor profile is much richer and more enjoyable than if spicy or sweet were dominating the other on the palate. In sampling our products, you’ll also recognize the varying prominence of distinct flavor components during the course of the chew, particularly in our more complex recipes.

In addition to looking around the globe and into the future for our next big flavor, I also look back in time for ideas. Jerky is, of course, based on traditional methods of preserving meat. Part of Lawless Jerky’s craft approach draws upon the knowledge of our ancestors. Sometimes the old way of doing things makes for a more satisfying, flavorful and healthful result than the modern version that is optimized for automation, speed and cost.

Sometimes it’s as simple as persistent suggestion from an old friend. As long as I’ve made jerky, about 15 years, my buddy Ethan found every possible way to suggest I translate his favorite dish, Vietnamese Pho, into a jerky. Finally, when Lawless Jerky ran a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the highest support level offered a batch of jerky in a flavor of the donor’s choice. I should’ve guessed that Ethan would take advantage, but that only required me to make a single batch. Despite my chagrin that he’d finally forced my hand, I wanted to faithfully recreate the flavor. I did plenty of research at restaurants around LA and in Vietnamese cookbooks to ensure the jerky had the full bouquet of flavors including cilantro, mint, basil, jalapeno, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, fish sauce, plum sauce and more. Long story short, the Pho jerky came out so well it is now among our bestsellers at some retailers and a cornerstone of Lawless Jerky’s commitment to unique ingredients exquisitely combined.

Where to next? I can’t divulge all my secrets but I’ll provide some hints. First, we’re experimenting with new protein options for our jerky beyond the 100% grass-fed beef and humanely-raised pork of today. Goat is my personal favorite, but I’m not sure America’s quite ready for it. We’re also looking to Africa for a new Braver Flavor profile. And, most exciting, we’re working on a protein snack for a time during the day people don’t normally reach for jerky. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, use coupon code INNOVATION for 25% off your order at LawlessJerky.com so you can sample all of the delicious flavors discussed above.

Visit Lawless Jerky: http://www.lawlessjerky.com
          The Sun is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon        

I'm a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Or dreams that will never come true. I'm definitely not the kind of girl who meets a cute boy on a crowded New York City street and falls in love with him. Not when my family is 12 hours away from being deported to Jamaica. Falling in love with him won't be my story.

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          Main Lines, Blood Feasts, and Bad Taste: A Lester Bangs Reader        
Main Lines, Blood Feasts, and Bad Taste: A Lester Bangs Reader
author: Lester Bangs
name: Joe
average rating: 3.95
book published: 2003
rating: 5
read at: 2013/05/26
date added: 2013/05/26
shelves: 2013, music

That mantra is what Lester Bangs uses throughout his writing, constantly testing music against his own needs, fears, loves, and obsessions, and the product is the best writing about rock n' roll yet produced. Two essays are my favorites: his review of Fear of Music, which detailed and described emotions for the Talking Heads that I had previously only felt abstractly, and his travelogue on Jamaica, where he visits several reggae and dub musicians. That essay does such a good job of describing exactly what music can and cannot do for someone that I believe it should be required reading for anyone attempting to change the world with their art.

"Fear of Music might as well have been called Fear of Everything."

"his philosophy might best be summarized as “I am nervous, therefore I am.” To feel anxiety is to be blessed by the full wash of existence in its ripest chancre—everything else is wax museums. Having rejected drugs, animal husbandry, jogging as well as breathing itself, hamlets, metropolises and indeed whole continents in his search for some little nook where he can relax for even one instant, Byrne finally lays it on the line in “Heaven”: “Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.”

"The closer you get to whatever it is you’re terrified of, the more it and the dread of it begin to seem like old friends, ergo you become progressively less terrified. As a second Dark Ages seems to loom over us, David Byrne strolls right down its maw, placid and bemused, humming little tunes to himself. Sometimes I think Fear of Music is one of the best comedy albums I’ve ever heard. Which doesn’t mean he makes you forget the fear is real. He just reminds you that it’s something you’re going to have to live with, so you might as well get a kick out of it while you can."

          Obama administration is promoting a pro-homosexual agenda around the world, including in Israel        

United States is trying to “bully” Jamaica to drop its anti-sodomy law, and African countries have complained that the U.S. is doing the same.

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Artículo Enciclopedia encarta:


Constitución (ciencia política), ley fundamental, escrita o no, de un Estado soberano, establecida o aceptada como guía para su gobernación. La constitución fija los límites y define las relaciones entre los poderes legislativo, ejecutivo y judicial del Estado, estableciendo así las bases para su gobierno. También garantiza al pueblo determinados derechos. La mayoría de los países tienen una constitución escrita. La de Gran Bretaña, encarnada en numerosos documentos (por ejemplo, la Carta Magna) y el derecho consuetudinario que definen las relaciones de los ciudadanos con la Corona, el Parlamento y los tribunales, no está escrita, pese a que, en muchas ocasiones, se ha postulado su redacción para que Gran Bretaña disponga de un texto análogo al de la gran mayoría de estados.

Las constituciones pueden clasificarse mediante varios criterios: si están protegidas contra enmiendas (constituciones blindadas), si presentan una clara separación de poderes, si las disposiciones pueden ponerse en vigor mediante revisión de la actuación del ejecutivo o del legislativo, si establecen un Estado unitario o federado, etc. Las constituciones escritas están asociadas históricamente al liberalismo político y a la Ilustración. Tal es el caso de la historia del constitucionalismo español. Muchos estados autoritarios y totalitarios poseen unas elaboradas constituciones, pero, en la práctica, no tienen vigor para ser respetadas por el gobierno en el poder, que siempre puede no acatarlas, suspenderlas o invalidarlas.

Constituciones en el mundo
Constituciones vigentes en el mundo

1. Afganistán: 1987 .suspendía tras el golpe fundamentalista al gobierno marxista en 1992
2. Albania : 39 de abril de 1991
3. Alemania: ley fundamental. promulgada en 1949
4. Andorra : 1983
5. Angola: noviembre de 1975. modifica en 1976,1980,1991
6. antigua y barbuda: noviembre de 1981
7. Arabia saudita: desde el 1 de marzo de 1992 , el gobierno monárquico absolutista se rige por intermedio del sistema básico gubernamental
8. Argelia : febrero de 1989
9. argentina : 1853. modificada en 1860,1866,1898y 1994
10. Armenia: en 1993 entro en vigencia una nueva constitución
11. Australia : 1 de enero de 1901
12. Austria:1920 .enmendada en 1929
13. Azerbaiján: se prepara una constitución dentro del sistema autoritario que impera en el es país islámico
Bahamas : 10 de julio de 1973.
14. Bahrein : 1973, bajo la monarquía absolutista
15. Bangla Desh: es enmendada e 1973,74,75,77,79,81.88.89 y 91
16. barbados : 30 de noviembre de 1966
17. belarus: se redacta una nueva constitución
18. Bélgica: 1831.enmendada varias veces y revisadas en 1949 y 1971
19. Belice: 21 de septiembre de 1981
20. Benín: el dictador Kereskou al abandonar el marxismo establece una constitución el 2 de diciembre de 1990 .propiciando el multipartidismo por primera vez
21. bhutan : 1953
22. Bolivia 1967
23. bophuthatswana : se rige por la constitución de Sudáfrica
24. Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1974.Modifica en 1989,90,91
25. Botswana: 30 de septiembre de 1966.En una de las pocas democracias del África
26. brasil: 5 de octubre de 1988.la primera constitución , en un gobierno civil en 24 años
27. Brunei darussalam :1959. algunos preceptos fueron suspendidos en 1962 , por el reino absolutista mas rico del mundo
28. Bulgaria :13 de junio de 1991 , ante la caída del viejo régimen marxista pro soviético y la instauración del pluripartidismo
29. burkina faso: con el establecimiento del multipartidismo se consolida una nueva constitución el 11 de junio de 1991
30. Burundi : 13 de marzo de 1992.suspendida por el golpe militar de 1993 que derroco al primer presidente civil .Melchior Ndadaye en plena vigencia
31. cabo verde : 7 de septiembre de 1980 modificada en septiembre de 1990
32. Camboya : 27 de junio de 1981. modificada por el régimen pro soviético de Samrin en 1989
33. Camerún : aprobada en 1996
34. canada : acta constitucional de 1982
35. ciskei : suspendida por el nuevo régimen militar en 1990
36. Colombia : 6 de julio de 1991
37. congo: al establecerse e nuevo sistema multipartidista , se redacto una nueva constitución en 1992
38. corea del norte : la constitución del 27 de diciembre de 1972
39. corea del sur: 25 de febrero de 1988
40. costa rica : 7 de noviembre 1949
41. cote d” Ivoire: (antes costa de marfil ) 31 de octubre de 1960. modificada por el presidente vitalicio Houphoner
43.Croacia: Diciembre de 1990
44. Cuba: 1976
45. Chad: Aprobada en 1996
46. Chile: 1980, Enmendada en 1989
47. Chipre Septentrional: 5 de mayo de 1985, aprobada por referéndum
48. Chipre, 16 de Agosto de 1960
49. Dinamarca, 5 de junio de 1953
50. Djibouti, 1991 y 1984. Leyes constitucionales realizadas pro la dictadura de Aptidón.
51. Dominica: 3 de noviembre de 1978
52. Ecuador: 10 de Agosto de 1978
53. Egipto: 11 de Septiembre de 1971
54. El Salvador: 20 de Diciembre de 1983, modificada en 1991.
55. Emiratos Árabes unidos: Siembre de 1971, en provisional establecido por la monarquía absolutista.
56. Eritrea: El país más joven de la tierra esta redactando su primera constitución bajo el gobierno provisional de Osaías Afwerki, Ex líder de la guerrilla del Frente de Liberación popular de la Eritrea (FLPE).
57. Eslovaquia: El país más joven de Europa se rige bajo la misma constitución de la Republica Checa creada el primero de enero de 1993, ambos estados pertenecían a la antigua Checoslovaquia
58. Eslovenia, Diciembre de 1991
59. España, 29 de diciembre de 1978
60. Estado Vaticano, no hay constitución,(Ley fundamental) 2001
61. Estados unidos, 1787, tiene 26 enmiendas
62. Estonia, una nueva constitución fue sometida a referéndum el 28 de junio de 1992, el país Báltico fue uno de los primeros en independizarse y establecer el sistema multipartidista.
63. Etiopía, promulgada en 1994
64. Fiji: 25 de julio de 1990
65. filipinas: El régimen democrática Corazón Aquino estableció una nueva constitución el 2 de febrero de 1987, que fue sometida a referéndum.
66. Finlandia: 17 de Julio de 1979
67. Francia: 6 de octubre de 1958
68. Gabón: 21 de febrero de 1961, modificada por Omar Gongo, uno de los dictadores mas antiguos del mundo en 1967-1975-1981-1986-1990.
69. Gambia: 24 de abril de 1990 , enmendada en 1982 por el régimen democrático de Dawda K. Jawara.
70. Georgia: Aprobada en 1995
71. Ghana: Marzo de 1992, el nuevo régimen democrático somete a referéndum la nueva constitución.
72. Granada: 1974 fue suspendida por el golpe marxista de 1979 y reestablecida en 1984, luego de la invasión norteamericana.
73. Grecia: Válida desde 1986
74.Guatemala: 14 de enero de 1985
75. Guinea Bissau: 16 de mayo de 1984, bajo la dictadura izquierdista de Luis Cabral y modificada en 1991 por su seguidor Joao Vieira.
76. Guinea Ecuatorial: Obiang Nguema establece una nueva constitución en noviembre de 1991 y es sometida a consulta popular.
77. Guinea: 23 de diciembre de 1991
78. Guyana: El régimen izquierdista de Forbes Burham establece una nueva constitución el 6 de octubre de 1980 y modificada en 1988 por sucesor Desmond Hoyte
79. Haiti. 1987
80. Honduras: Noviembre de 1982,
81. Hungría: 18 de Agosto de 1989. Modificada en 1972, 1983, 1989.
82. India: 26 de Enero de 1950, Modificada en 1975, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1986, 1988, 1992 en la democracia más grande del mundo.
83. Indonesia, agosto de 1945, modificada en 1969 por régimen autoritario más antiguo del mundo del dictador Suharto.
84. Irak: 22 de septiembre de 1968, enmendada en 1969,1970, 1973, y 1974 de manera provisional.
85. Iran: Creada por el gobierno fundamentalista islámico del desaparecido Ayatollah Khomeini en diciembre de 1979, enmendada en 1989.
86. Irlanda del Sur: 29 de Diciembre de 1937
87. Islandia: 17 de junio de 1944
88. Islas Camoras: 7 de junio 1992
89. Islas Marianas del norte: 1986
90. Islas Marshall: 1 de mayo de 1979
91. Islas Micronesia: 10 de mayo de 1979
92. Islas Palau: 1 de enero de 1981
93. Islas Salomón: 7 de julio de 1978
94. Israel: No existe constitución política como tal sino un conjunto de leyes; desde 1950 se han incorporado durante un periodo no específico.
95. Italia: 1 de enero de 1948
96. Jamaica: 6 de Agosto de 1962, conjuntamente con la independencia nacional
97. Japón: 3 de noviembre de 1946. En vigor en mayo de 1947.
98. Jordania: 1 de enero de 1952, enmendada en 1974, 1976 y 1984.
99. Katar: 2 de abril de 1970, creada por la monarquía Absolutista con carácter provisional.
100. Kazajstán: Aprobada en 1995
101. Kenya : 12 de diciembre de 1963, enmendada en 1982, 1986, 1991 durante los gobiernos autoritarios de Jommo Kenyata y Danieal Arap Moi.

Las 10 Constituciones mas jóvenes del mundo

1) Chad: 1996
2) Camerún: 1996
3) Sudáfrica: 1996
4) Georgia: 1995
5) Armenia: 1995
6) Kazajstan:1995
7) Malwi:1994
8) Bielorusia:1994
9) Lusemburgo: 1994
10) Rusia: 1993

No Existen constituciones en los siguientes países

1) Israel
2) Nueva Zelanda
3) Reino Unido (Escocia, Inglaterra, Gales, Irlanda del Norte)
4) San Marino
5) Vaticano
6) Bhutan
7) Omán
8) Somalia

Se han suspendido las funciones de la Constitución en los siguientes países

1) Afganistán: Tras el derrumbe del gobierno marxista en 1992.
2) Togo: El régimen autoritario de Eyadema la suspendió en 1991, tras los disturbios políticos que reclaman mayor para el multipartidismo al igual que otros países africanos.
3) Sudán: El nuevo régimen fundamentalista, que llegó vía golpe militar en 1989, suspendió la constitución de 1985 y ahora se rige a base de leyes coránicas.
4) Venda: El nuevo régimen castrense de 1990 con apoyo de Sudáfrica suspendieron la constitución.
5) Ciskei: Los golpistas militares que asumieron el gobierno en 1990 con apoyo de Sudáfrica suspendieron la Constitución.
6) Myanmar: El régimen castrense que asumió el poder en 1998 prohibió la constitución de 1974.
7) Burundi: Los golpistas que llegaron al poder a finales de 1993 y derrocaron la primera democracia del país, suspendieron la constitución de marzo de 1992
8) Transkei: Los golpistas encabezados por el general Bantu Holomisa suspendieron la constitución de 1987.
          Asian Pear Liquer        
My mom's friend has an asian pear in her yard. She gave my mom a huge shopping bag full. This is what i made with some of them...
no good pics of liquer, syrup or drink... here's a pear

Asian Pear Liquer

First, infuse rum with the pears.
Chop any amount of pears and place in a large jar, crock, vessel, whatever.
Cover completely with rum.
Shake every day.
I think I might have done 6-8 pears in my 2 cups of rum.

then make simple syrup by heating equal amounts of sugar and water on the stovetop.
I had leftover spiced syrup from a cranberry sangria I made for Thanksgiving

2 C sugar
2 C water
8 allspice
6 cloves
3 star anise
3 cinnamon sticks

This was from a Jose Garces recipe on Chow. Bring to a boil stirring regularly. Take off heat and let spices steep til cool. Strain, bottle, and fridge.

I had several different fruit infusions I had made but the pear worked great with this spice combo.
I ended up with this ratio:

2 C pear infused rum
1 C spiced simple syrup

Now this is really tasty but my plan kind of backfired. I don't really drink liquers straight and I dont have many recipes wanting spiced pear liquers. Plain old pear rum night have been better for mixing. The inital fruit infusion is going to lower the abv a bit but Im not quite sure how to accurately calculate it. Cutting the infusion with simple syrup at a 2:1 ratio cuts the proof in half. So, at most it is 20% abv, but really probably more like 15%. Tasting tiny sips while making it this seemed fine but in retrospect and in mixed drinks this is a bit too sweet. I decided to try it out for making hot buttered rum, since that is spiced and sweetened, and my concoction would take a step out of that recipe. It was tasty but too sweet. Here's what I ended up using it for:

Hot Pear Pie

4-6oz boiling water
1 oz asian pear liquer
1 oz smith & cross rum
thick pat of butter (1tsp- 1Tbl)

Boil water and pour it in a glass, start with 4 oz. Add booze and butter. If it's too boozy add a little more water to your taste. Garnish with a cinnamon stick if you like.

Butter sounds gross in a drink but wait until its super cold out and then it will all make sense.Rich, warm and comforting. Smith & Cross is a funky, high proof Jamaican rum. It tastes like fermented magic, not like the sweetish liquor that rum usually is. Its high proof and its weird funkiness really helps to balance out the super sweet pear. It's really good altogether. You could probably make other fruit flavored hot buttered rums with different liquers, using that Smith & Cross to balance it out.

          An Unreasonable Brexit could be fatal for the UK        
The weeks pass and the position of the Conservative Brexit government grows ever more unreasonable. Many people who voted to leave the EU would still have been perfectly happy with an "economic association", indeed it was the default option for probably the majority of those who voted to leave: "we should have an economic not political union". Leaving aside the practicalities of how much economic issues require political engagement, the idea of limited economic cooperation is not unreasonable.

However the current position of the Conservative government is that Brexit means the end of British membership of any European cooperation groups, whether political or economic. Brexit means not merely withdrawal from the EU, but the outer group of European Free Trade Area (EFTA) nations that are members of the EEA. It even means the withdrawal from the EU customs union. This total withdrawal is not the majority position of the British people: 48% voted to remain full members of the EU and it is quite clear that many, possibly most of those who voted to leave still expected some kind of ongoing relationship short of membership with the EU.

Then there is the growing evidence that the Conservative position of complete exit is going to cause considerable damage to the the UK- both economic and political. The disruption in Northern Ireland could even trigger the renewal of violence in the province. The rage in Scotland at being forced into a complete severance of EU ties is bringing separatism back on the political agenda, even despite the horrendous economic mess that that particular Leave vote would bring.  Then there is the limbo into which we have placed 3 million EU citizens living in the UK, as well as a large number of our own citizens living in the continuing EU. Already UK farmers report significant issues with seasonal labour. Universities have seen a significant drop in EU applicants. The reputation of the UK as an open and tolerant society is daily being undermined by the moronic racism that the vote has ignited in its wake. It is quite likely that all of the GM plants in the UK will close after the mooted PSA acquisition, with the cost of many jobs. The City is losing thousands of jobs to Dublin, New York and Frankfurt. All of this before we even understand what kind of relationship will follow the enactment of article 50.

Yet EU governments are thinking carefully. The timeline for article 50 negotiations is too short and it is clear that without creating transitional arrangements, the Brexit on offer will be extremely disruptive. In a sense the aggressive statements by Michel Barnier on outstanding payments owed by the UK are a good thing, since there is at least something that the EU would want from the UK. Otherwise Britain begins to look like a total loser in any negotiation. There is sympathy in many quarters at the position that the UK finds itself in, but also frustration at how little the HMG is prepared to commit to. The 12 points that Mrs May has offered are simply too general to be a basis for any substantive agreement, while the threats of simple reversion to WTO rules are too weak a negotiating position to have credibility- the UK cannot negotiate separate WTO rules for itself in time, even if there was no opposition from such members as Russia. Neither are there well functioning back channels into Brussels. The UK is deeply isolated and in a very weak position.

All of this could have been avoided if a reasonable position had been adopted by Mrs. May's government, but "Brexit means Brexit" actually means an extreme and damaging Brexit. Total withdrawal will come at huge cost. 

The result is increasing rage against the Conservatives. Even if one could accept that leaving the EU would lower barriers, rather than raise them- a highly debatable point- the disruption of moving away from the largest trade block and the largest economy in the world is unlikely to create any benefit in the short or long term. Even if one believed the "Singapore without the sunshine" hype of the Tory Libertarians, the fact is that the timing is very unfortunate to say the least. The rise of Trump could bring to an end of a century of Anglo-American alliance at a time when Russian mischief making creates a huge threat to our freedom. Even if one accepts that the Tory best case scenarios are even possible, the questions of basic competence in the Cabinet room are more than enough to raise as many fears as hopes. 

The population and economic power of all the other 15 Queen's Realms: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica (which has given notice it intends to become a Republic) plus 11 very small countries in the Caribbean and Pacific, all combined, is less than that of Germany. Furthermore the idea that Australia is going to switch away from trading with Asia to the UK is obvious nonsense. The world trades with its neighbours, which is why we trade massively more with Ireland than we do with India, and that will be true whether we have a free trade agreement with India or not. The Imperial nostalgia of such figures as Jacob Rees-Mogg is not credible as a policy either politically or economically. So the EU states continue to regard the debate in London with a growing sense of disbelief and unease.

Of course, the European Union is itself going through significant challenges: the Dutch, French and German elections not least. The wildest hopes of the UK anti Europeans rests on victories for their allies in these countries. Yet the meddling of Mr. Putin- so successful in the UK and the US- may find limits in the rest of the EU. It would make a great deal of sense for the UK to delay Article 50 until new governments are in place in these three founder states, yet Mrs. may does not seem to have a keen awareness of her own interests, and her Brexit bulldozer has no reverse gear. We can make no predictions, but the chances are high that Marine Le Pen will not be the French President, that Geert Wilders will not be the Dutch Prime Minister and that there will be no breakthrough for anti-Europeans in Germany. The British will not be waiting to see anyway. So we have to find a way to start the discussions without causing meltdown from the very beginning.

Several EU governments have reached out to the UK, but have been frustrated by the continuing internal dialogue in London: it is not that there is no running commentary, there is still no credible sense of direction, except further retreat from any position that could be considered a compromise. The UK expects nothing, but is not prepared to ask for anything anyway. 

In the face of one of the most damaging acts of policy since the 1930s, the British government has not been able to create a credible negotiating platform. It is a serious failing and one that unless remedied this year will cause a decade long crisis. The UK is on a knife edge, and one that carries huge risks not merely of damage but humiliation. It may even be a final -existential- risk. 

British pragmatism was always reasonable. Now this lack of reason may in fact finally destroy the United Kingdom. It would be a pity, but "whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad".

It is time for the UK to find a reasonable position and a reasonable tone of voice. 

Can Theresa May deliver?
          2013-2014: CONCACAF Goals in English Leagues        
CONCACAF goal scorers in the top 6 tiers of the English Football League system in the 2013-2014 season.

Goals - Player (Club: League Tier Level)

Antigua and Barbuda
3 - Kieran Murtagh (Woking: 5)
1 - Dexter Blackstock (Leeds: 2)

7 - Louie Soares (Basingstoke: 6)
6 - Neil Harvey (Hednesford: 6)
2 - Emmerson Boyce (Wigan: 2)
2 - Jon Nurse (Barnet: 5)
1 - Jon Nurse (Farnborough: 6)
1 - Louis Moss (Colwyn Bay: 6)
1 - Ed Moss (Colwyn Bay: 6)

14 - Nahki Wells (Bradford: 3)
7 - Nahki Wells (Huddersfield: 2)

6 - Gavin McCallum (Sutton Utd: 6)
4 - David Hoilett (QPR: 2)
2 - Simeon Jackson (Millwall: 2)
2 - Marcus Haber (Notts County: 3)
2 - Michael Petrasso (Coventry: 3)
2 - Iain Hume (Preston: 3)
1 - Iain Hume (Fleetwood: 4)
1 - Evan James (Tonbridge: 6)

Costa Rica
2 - Bryan Oviedo (Everton: 1)
1 - Bryan Ruiz (Fulham: 1)

10 - Richard Pacquette (Maidenhead Utd: 6)

3 - Bradley Bubb (Aldershot: 5)
2 - Anthony Straker (Southend: 4)
1 - Leon Johnson (Wycombe: 4)

1 - Ricky Shakes (Boreham Wood: 6)

16 - Kevin Lisbie (Leyton: 3)
7 - Jermaine Beckford (Bolton: 2)
6 - Ricardo Fuller (Blackpool: 2)
6 - Deon Burton (Scunthorpe: 4)
5 - Garath McCleary (Reading: 2)
5 - Theo Robinson (Doncaster: 2)
5 - Marcus Bean (Colchester: 2)
5 - Fran Francis (Hednesford: 6)
4 - Simon Dawkins (Derby County: 2)
4 - Marvin Elliott (Bristol City: 3)
3 - Rudolph Austin (Leeds: 2)
3 - Joel Grant (Yeovil: 2)
3 - Jamal Campbell-Ryce (Notts County: 3)
2 - Jobi McAnuff (Reading: 2)
2 - Wes Morgan (Leicester: 2)
2 - Chris Humphrey (Preston: 3)
2 - Darren Byfield (Tamworth: 5)
1 - Adrian Mariappa (Crystal Palace: 1)
1 - Claude Davis (Rotherham: 3)
1 - Marlon King (Sheffield United: 3)
1 - Nyron Nosworthy (Bristol City: 3)
1 - Jamar Loza (Southend: 4)
1 - Cleveland Taylor (Harrogate: 6)

3 - Yoann Arquin (Notts County: 3)

4 - Javier Hernández (Manchester United: 1)

4 - Alex Dyer (Welling Utd: 5)
1 - Donervon Daniels (Gillingham: 3)

St. Kitts and Nevis
6 - Romaine Sawyers (Walsall: 3)
1 - Callum Willock (Staines: 6)

Trinidad & Tobago
2 - Carlos Edwards (Millwall: 2)
2 - Jason Scotland (Barnsley: 2)
1 - Kenwyne Jones (Cardiff: 1)
1 - Chris Birchall (Port Vale: 3)

United States
3 - Daniel Williams (Reading: 2)
2 - Geoff Cameron (Stoke City: 1)
2 - Jay Denny (Solihull Moors: 6)
1 - Zak Whitbread (Derby: 2)
1 - Jozy Altidore (Sunderland: 1)

          2014 World Cup: Foreign Born Players        
Players in the final 2014 World Cup squads that were born outside of the country they are representing.



Charles Itandje (France)
Benoît Assou-Ekotto (France)
Allan Nyom (France)
Joël Matip (Germany)
Maxim Choupo-Moting (Germany)

Dejan Lovren (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Vedran Ćorluka (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Nikica Jelavić (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Ivan Rakitić (Switzerland)
Mateo Kovačić (Austria)
Sammir (Brazil)
Eduardo (Brazil)

Miguel Ángel Ponce (USA)
Isaác Brizuela (USA)


Dario Vidošić (Croatia)

Miiko Albornoz (Sweden)
Jorge Valdívia (Venezuela)

Bruno Martins Indi (Portugal)
Jonathan de Guzmán (Canada)

Diego Costa (Brazil)



Cote d'Ivoire
Sol Bamba (France)
Jean-Daniel Akpa-Akpro (France)
Giovanni Sio (France)
Mathis Bolly (Norway)

Loukas Vyntra (Czech Republic)
José Holebas (Germany)
Panagiotis Kone (Albania)

Gōtoku Sakai (USA)


Costa Rica
Óscar Duarte (Nicaragua)

Raheem Sterling (Jamaica)

Gabriel Paletta (Argentina)
Thiago Motta (Brazil)

Fernando Muslera (Argentina)



Patrice Evra (Senegal)
Rio Mavuba (Born at Sea; link)


Valon Behrami (Kosovo)
Xherdan Shaqiri (Kosovo)
Blerim Džemaili (Macedonia)
Admir Mehmedi (Macedonia)
Gelson Fernandes (Cape Verde)
Johan Djourou (Cote d'Ivoire)


Gonzalo Higuaín (France)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Emir Spahić (Croatia)
Mensur Mujdža (Croatia)
Sead Kolašinac (Germany)
Zvjezdan Misimović (Germany)
Muhamed Bešić (Germany)
Izet Hajrović (Switzerland)

Daniel Davari (Germany)
Steven Beitashour (USA)

Peter Odemwingie (Uzbekistan)


Miroslav Klose (Poland)
Lukas Podolski (Poland)

Adam Kwarasey (Norway)
Kevin-Prince Boateng (Germany)
André Ayew (France)
Jordan Ayew (France)
Albert Adomah (England)

Pepe (Brazil)
Nani (Cape Verde)
William Carvalho (Angola)
Éder (Guinea-Bissau)

United States
Fabian Johnson (Germany)
Timothy Chandler (Germany)
John Brooks (Germany)
Jermaine Jones (Germany)
Mix Diskerud (Norway)


Raïs M'Bolhi (France)
Cédric Si Mohamed (France)
Carl Medjani (France)
Liassine Cadamuro-Bentaïba (France)
Faouzi Ghoulam (France)
Aïssa Mandi (France)
Medhi Lacen (France)
Hassan Yebda (France)
Mehdi Mostefa (France)
Sofiane Feghouli (France)
Saphir Taïder (France)
Yacine Brahimi (France)
Nabil Bentaleb (France)
Riyad Mahrez (France)
Nabil Ghilas (France)

Anthony Vanden Borre (DR Congo)


South Korea

          All-Time CONCACAF World Cup Wins        
USA - Algeria (1:0, 2010)

Costa Rica - China (2:0, 2002)
Mexico - Iran (3:1, 2006)
Mexico - Iraq (1:0, 1986)
Jamaica - Japan (2:1, 1998)
Mexico - South Korea (3:1, 1998)

USA - Mexico (2:0, 2002)

Costa Rica - Scotland (1:0, 1990)
Costa Rica - Sweden (2:1, 1990)
Cuba - Romania (2:1, 1938)
Mexico - Belgium (2:1, 1986)
Mexico - Belgium (1:0, 1970)
Mexico - Bulgaria (2:0, 1986)
Mexico - Croatia (1:0, 2002)
Mexico - Czechoslovakia (3:1, 1962)
Mexico - France (2:0, 2010)
Mexico - Republic of Ireland (2:1, 1994)
USA - Belgium (3:0, 1930)
USA - England (1:0, 1950)
USA - Portugal (3:2, 2002)

Mexico - Ecuador (2:1, 2002)
USA - Colombia (2:1, 1994)
USA - Paraguay (3:0, 1930)

          2014 World Cup: Foreign-Born Players        
Players in the provisional 2014 World Cup squads that were born outside of the country they are representing.



Charles Itandje (France)
Benoît Assou-Ekotto (France)
Allan Nyom (France)
Jean-Armel Kana-Biyik (France)
Raoul Loé (France)
Joël Matip (Germany)
Maxim Choupo-Moting (Germany)

Dejan Lovren (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Vedran Ćorluka (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Nikica Jelavić (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Ivan Rakitić (Switzerland)
Mateo Kovačić (Austria)
Sammir (Brazil)
Eduardo (Brazil)
Mario Pašalić (Germany)

Miguel Ángel Ponce (USA)
Isaác Brizuela (USA)


Dario Vidošić (Croatia)

Marcos González (Brazil)
Miiko Albornoz (Sweden)
Jorge Valdívia (Venezuela)
Pablo Hernández (Argentina)

Bruno Martins Indi (Portugal)
Jonathan de Guzmán (Canada)

Diego Costa (Brazil)



Cote d'Ivoire
Sol Bamba (France)
Jean-Daniel Akpa-Akpro (France)
Giovanni Sio (France)
Mathis Bolly (Norway)

Loukas Vyntra (Czech Republic)
José Holebas (Germany)
Panagiotis Kone (Albania)

Gōtoku Sakai (USA)


Costa Rica
Óscar Duarte (Nicaragua)

Raheem Sterling (Jamaica)

Gabriel Paletta (Argentina)
Thiago Motta (Brazil)
Rômulo (Brazil)
Giuseppe Rossi (USA)

Fernando Muslera (Argentina)



Patrice Evra (Senegal)
Rio Mavuba (Born at Sea; link)


Valon Behrami (Kosovo)
Xherdan Shaqiri (Kosovo)
Blerim Džemaili (Macedonia)
Admir Mehmedi (Macedonia)
Gelson Fernandes (Cape Verde)
Johan Djourou (Cote d'Ivoire)


Gonzalo Higuaín (France)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Emir Spahić (Croatia)
Mensur Mujdža (Croatia)
Sead Kolašinac (Germany)
Zvjezdan Misimović (Germany)
Muhamed Bešić (Germany)
Izet Hajrović (Switzerland)

Daniel Davari (Germany)
Steven Beitashour (USA)

Peter Odemwingie (Uzbekistan)


Miroslav Klose (Poland)
Lukas Podolski (Poland)

Adam Kwarasey (Norway)
Jeff Schlupp (Germany)
Kevin-Prince Boateng (Germany)
André Ayew (France)
Jordan Ayew (France)
Albert Adomah (England)

Pepe (Brazil)
Nani (Cape Verde)
William Carvalho (Angola)
Éder (Guinea-Bissau)

United States
Fabian Johnson (Germany)
Timothy Chandler (Germany)
John Brooks (Germany)
Jermaine Jones (Germany)
Terrence Boyd (Germany)
Mix Diskerud (Norway)


Raïs M'Bolhi (France)
Cédric Si Mohamed (France)
Carl Medjani (France)
Liassine Cadamuro-Bentaïba (France)
Faouzi Ghoulam (France)
Aïssa Mandi (France)
Medhi Lacen (France)
Adlène Guedioura (France)
Hassan Yebda (France)
Foued Kadir (France)
Mehdi Mostefa (France)
Sofiane Feghouli (France)
Ryad Boudebouz (France)
Saphir Taïder (France)
Yacine Brahimi (France)
Nabil Bentaleb (France)
Amir Karaoui (France)
Riyad Mahrez (France)
Rafik Djebbour (France)
Nabil Ghilas (France)

Anthony Vanden Borre (DR Congo)


South Korea

          Beto Jamaica está namorando nova loira do É o Tchan        

Beto Jamaica, do É o Tchan, está namorando a nova loira do grupo, Gabrielle Mascarenhas. A dançarina postou no Instagram

O post Beto Jamaica está namorando nova loira do É o Tchan apareceu primeiro em Informe Baiano.

          Sharing our blessings this season        

Last year around this time, we worked with our boys to raise funds for Heifer International.  Our goal was to buy some bees and a goat for people around the world that are in need.  We didn't quite make that goal, but were able to purchase a goat and some chickens.  My boys learned just a little bit about what it means to love people as Christ did.

This summer we met Mr. Baxter at our garage sale.  He had stopped by to look at something and began to share with us about the ministry he heads.  This local ministry reaches out to children and families in Jamaica who are in need.  They work with 3 local "Basic Schools" as well as churches and individuals to improve the lives of Jamaicans through Christ-like relationships.  Mr. Baxter travels regularly to Jamaica to continue these spiritual ties.

We loved talking with Mr. Baxter about Jamaica UpRiver Outreach.  As we spoke, he shared that it only costs about $35 a month to feed one of their basic schools.  That's 28 kids from ages 3-6.  We brainstormed about ways that we could connect with these schools and how our children could be in touch with some of the people there.  It has been great to begin learning about Jamaican culture with the boys.  
Manasseh, our 5 year old, has fallen in love with the people, the music, and the culture.  He is extremely enthusiastic about working to raise money to help the children at one of the schools - Fustic Grove Basic School.  I asked him the other day what kind of goal we should make regarding how many days to try and feed the students, his answer? 100,000.  I figured out that would cost about $117,000.  That's do-able, but I'm not certain it's within our reach this year.

Our goal this year is to raise $420.  This would feed the children at Fustic Grove for an entire year.  That's 1 meal per child, 28 children per month, for 12 months.  It breaks down to about $1.17 per day - less than most people in the United States spend on a hamburger or a coffee.  

Our plan is to sell crafts and baked goods at our church sale this weekend.  We will have handmade felt masks, felt crowns, some Christmas ornaments, banana bread, a variety of cookies, and someone is even donating a diaper cake.  There will be a variety of other items available at the sale for donations to this project.

The boys and I are also available to help with yard work such as raking, picking up sticks and nuts, etc.  We would love to bake or cook in exchange for donation, or even do a little light cleaning around the house.

Will you consider helping us feed these precious children in 2014?  $420 is all it will take - can you give up a soda this week to feed an entire class in Jamaica?  You won't only be filling their bellies.  Feeding these children will help them learn better, they will be more successful as adults, and have an opportunity to know Christ's love in a new way.

If you're interested in helping the students at Fustic Grove this season, feel free to contact me through my personal email address - jenlcrum@gmail.com - or on Facebook.  I will be glad to answer questions for you.  We are also able to mail some of the craft products in exchange for donation.  ALL proceeds will be donated to the children at Fustic Grove Basic School.

Many blessings to you and yours as we enter this season.

          8th Annual World Naked Bike Ride        
TweetStarting location: 45 Danforth Street, Jamaica Plain, MA – 6PM Saturday! Final details for World Naked Bike Ride BOSTON! Pass it on! We've a pre-party location and will release that info 24 hrs prior to the ride. pic.twitter.com/dx15bKNZIh — WNBR Boston (@WNBRBoston) … Continue reading
          Jamaican Jerk Seasoning        

Looking for the best Jamaican Jerk seasoning? Whether you’re a pirate or back yard master chef, our Jamaican Jerk Seasoning will add the spice to any of […]

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          Louis Garneau Atlantis Cycling Helmet - One Size 54-60cm - Red        
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          Marimba A Go Go        

son solo dos rolitas de este disco, cuales? pss la de mi nena ska y jamaica ska, no ripee las demas por falta de tiempo, espero con estas les baste, agradezcan que no les cuesta nada y si no lo haran ahuevo, jaja!!!

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          Desmond Dekker - Las favoritas de Frankie        
Bueno pss gente, ya tenia muchisimo tiempo que no subia nada asi ke espero les guste, aki les dejo la selección de rolas ke hice de este Señorazo (q.e.p.d.) el cual por si no lo sabian lo admiro demasiado, si no preguntenle a mi amada, ke ya ha de estar harta de ke siempre lo menciono, jaja, espero les gusten las 20 rolitas, creo que todas son exitos de el, jaja asi ke pss ke mas digo.
ahi esta la lista:

1.-007 (shanty town)
2.-beautiful and dangerous
3.-carry go bring come (feat. the spacials)
5.-fu man chu
6.-get up edina
8.-i belive
9.- israelites
10.-it mek
11.-jamaica ska (feat. the specials)
12.-king of kings (feat. the specials)
13.-king of ska
14.-obladi, oblada
15.-oil in my lamp (feat. the specials)
18.-sammy dead
19.-yakety yak
20.-you can get it if you really want


          Byron Lee - Las favoritas de Frankie        

Wow! Hola Hola! hace mas de medio año que no publico nada de nada aqui, ja. Ojala me hayan extrañado.

Pss mi mujer me dijo que retomara el camino del blog, y pss ultimamente me encanta la musica de este señor asi que decidi subir unas rolitas de el. pss aki les va la lista

1.- 007 (shanty town)
2.-and i love her
4.-green onions
5.-hold me tight
6.-jamaica ska
7.- lively up yourself
8.-my boy lollipop (feat. palm hall)
9.-night train
10.- no woman no cry
11.- oil in my lamp (feat. the ska kings)
12.-sammy dead (feat. eric morris)

espero les agrade y les prometo seguir subiendo cosas de hoy en adelante.

          Jamaica Ska - Varios Artistas        
pss aki les dejo estas versiones de jamaica ska, varias estan chidas otras les desagradran como la de carmen rivero o la de la tremenda korte, jaja, komo sea hay algunas muy chingonas como las de pablo beltran ruiz

disfrutenlo y caguense de risa!

          La importancia de llamarse SKINHEAD.        

Eso de ser de una subcultura es algo que trae muchas satisfacciones, pero a la vez esta lleno de incomodidades. Sin duda algna es algo muy divertido.

Eso de ser SKINHEAD es excepcional y lo digo por que a la gente "común" le parece algo, nuevo, algo extraño, algo de lo que se ha oído muy poco y se sabe prácticamente nada si no estas familiarizado.

Comenzare hablando de aquella convivencia con gente común. Es típico que llegues vestido como un skinhead; ya sabes, tu muy normal te levantas por la mañana y te pones una camisa a cuadros, una polo, o tal vez alguna playera con algún logo o banda relacionada con el desmadre; te pones tus pantalones y los arremangas para que se muestren las botas (generalmente Doc. Martens o si no tienes mucho varo, como en mi caso jeje, algunas vegan boots o similares o igual unos tenis adidas negros con blanco), te pones tus tirantes y una chamarra bomber, un suter con cuello en V o chamarra de mezclilla y por supuesto tu cabeza rapada.

Por ejemplo digamos que te invitaron a una fiesta fresona llena gente que no tiene ni idea de lo que eres, esas fiestas en las que generalmente te invitan tus amigos que dejaste de ver hace un chingo o a la fiesta en la que te clavo alguna ex-novia o de plano te colaste con algún compa que mas o menos sabe que onda traes.

Y pues bueno estas aca viendo unas morras, parlando con tu valedor el cual saluda a una bola de gente que se te queda viendo con cara de: "no manches, a este wey de que penitenciaria lo saco cabrón" y pues los saludas de lo mas normal y ellos con un poco de miedo ps asi te saludan (pensando seguramente que los vas a madrear si te hacen algun gesto, sin darse cuenta de que no pueden quitar la pinche jeta de impresion jajajajaja) en fin. Te sirves chupe y andas pisteando escuchando la bola de madres de las que hablan estos weyes; ya sabes:

"no manches wey esta semana fulano se compro un nuevo celular" o " ya viste que fulanita trajo esos zapatos ¡uo no manches!" o "no mames wey fui a un antro super-nice la semana pasada y estuvo ¡wow!" y pendejadas así. Y tu ps a lado de tu amigo, escuchando la musiquilla electro de fondo, y así repentinamente una morra (amiga de tu valedor) agarra y te dice (la mayoría de las veces y no se por que, son morras):

morra:"Que onda we! ¿como te llamas?

tu: "a pues me llamo TOño pero me dicen "TOBY"

morra: "Orale que lindo TOBY jejeje oye que lindas botas traes donde las compraste"

(jajaja, típico las pinches botas siempre es por lo primero que te preguntan o te comentan, nunca, nunca falla)

tu: "Ah si, este pues las compre en el centro baratas baratas"

morra: "¡Orale y usas tirantes! asi como mi abuelito"

(siempre cabrón siempre es comparando los tirantes con su pinche abuelito)

morra: ¿Donde los consigues o que onda? se ven súper lindos.

(en realidad le parece de lo mas extraño verte con tirantes en una fiesta donde generalmente la bola de weyes trae cinturones de marca o de plano unos weyes ni traen y andan con el pantalón a media nalga presumiendo sus boxers con monitos)

tu: Ah si es que son muy comodos jeje y pues ¡gracias! los compre en el centro también baratos baratos.

(¿gracias? ¿de que wey? jajajajajajaja)

morra: "¡orale! pues tu si andas mucho por allá por el centro y esos lados ¿no? andas en una onda así como de tribus urbanas o ¿que onda? ya sabes los darketos o los punketos ya sabes jajajajaja"

(darketos o punketos ¡cabrón! típico que te mencionen esos terminos jajajaja y aparte tribus urbanas, me caga esa palabra, no mames ps que traemos penacho, taparrabos, flechas, arcos, y hablamos algún dialecto o ¿que pedo? jajajajajaja pinche gente por cierto un saludo para la Greis que espero que lo este leyendo un abrazote Greis TKM, jajajaja pero en fin tu amablemente contestas...)

tu: Ah si! este pues no no soy punk ni dark soy mas bien pues...(PAUSA!)

Le vas a contestar que eres un Skinhead y te preparas para contarle tooooooooda la historia que conlleva el decir lo que eres o con que te identificas...SIGAMOS...

tu:...soy un SKINHEAD.

morra: Un sin-head ¿o como?

(ya es por de mas no esperes que al principio lo digan bien wey, esta cabron jajajajaja)

tu: este...SKINHEAD... asi de skin de piel y head de cabeza, cabezas rapadas que les llaman.

morra: ah wow! orale un skinhead ya ya ¿y eso que onda o que traen?

(te lo dije...y empiezas a contar...Hace mucho tiempo por ahí del 69 en Inglaterra y asi pasando por todas las generaciones 77, actualmente explicando a detalle incluso relaciones musicales y subculturas relacionadas rude boys, mods, hooligans, etc intentando explicarle para que entienda)

tu: ...si y asi esas "ondas" tu crees? (finalizas)

(a estas alturas ya llevas una hora platicando y ves la cara de confusión-impresión de la morra)

morra: O sea que chido, neta que no te imaginas, wey que chido que andes en esas ondas suena muy chido, neta...

(si "que chido verdad" jejeje, lo bueno de la gente normal es que hasta ahí se queda, meramente, y te dicen que a ver cuando los llevas a aun tokin o un sound system, namas pa conocer, a sabiendas de que si los invitas seguramente no irán jajajajajajaja)

También esta la gente que mas o menos sabe que onda o que de plano...bueno dejenme les cuento.

Estas en una fiesta en algún bar (musica rock de fondo una rola de por el centro de la ciudad saliste con unos amigos del trabajo o de la universidad e igual, vas aca con tu vestimenta de SKINHEAD y estas aca cheleando platicando con tus vales y en eso asi de la nada se acerca un morro que ni conoces y ya medio pedo te pregunta:

morro: ¿Que onda amigo?

(¿amigo? ¡¿tu?! mejor un perro jajajajajaja)

morro: Oye te puedo preguntar algo.

(a ver wey, ni te conozco, pero ya te me acercaste a preguntarme que onda, supongo que con es a pinche confianza pues no hay pedo jajajaja aparte de la pinche cara de babas que tienes y pues pa no verte culero le dices...)

tu: ¿A ver preguntame?

morro: ¿Eres un NAZI o algo asi?

(¡PUTA MADRE! pues no cabron, pero me encanta madrear a los pendejos ¿tu crees? jajajajaaja pa empezar si fuese NAZI te hubiera mandado a la chingada y no me juntaría con esta gente en fin tu le contestas...)

tu: no chavo, no soy NAZI

morro: ¡AH orale! pero si eres asi como un SKINHEAD ¿no?

("algo asi como un SKINHEAD jajajajaja chale mano, ora si te fumaste hasta el filtrp jajaja, para esto traes puesta una playera con un logo enoooorme que dice skinhead o algun parchesillo)

tu: Si, soy un SKINHEAD, si

morro: Ah ya decia yo, ¡orale! que chido, y escuchas asi como los Skatalites o a Decibelios ¿no?, esos weyes tocan bien chido y tambien los skatalites son de mis bandas favoritas ¡wow! es que yo tenia un compañero en la chamba que asi se vestia como tu y escuchaba la misma musica pero también conocí uno nazi que era medio culero jajajaja si si lo recuerdo...pero explicame que onda con ustedes...por que hay nazi y no nazis explicame porfas es que quiero saber.

(a ver cabrón, pa empezar si había un skinhead en tu chamba ¿por que no le preguntaste a el?, ¡ah no tiene que estar pedo pa venir a preguntarme a mi que pedo! cuando vengo con mis amigos, seguramente has escuchado como dos rolas de los skatalites y ya eres muy fan jajajaja, dime que me querías hacer la platica y no hay pedo jajaja, tercero otra vez voy a describirte una monografía de que pedo con la subcultura)

tu: (pa no verte culero, le cuentas que pedo, otra vez ahí vas!) hace mucho tiempo por ahí del 69 en Inglaterra y así pasando por todas las generaciones 77, actualmente explicando a detalle incluso relaciones musicales y subculturas relacionadas rude boys, mods, hooligans, etc intentando explicarle para que entienda.

(el pedo es que con estos cabrones salen mas y mas preguntas asi como...,marcas de ropa que usaban, nombres de interpretes o bandas de reggae, ska, oi! los cuales el wey anota en su celular y te pide que se los repitas para no cagarla jajajajajaja, lugares donde se hacen los sound systems, divisiones políticas o apolíticas, y demás madres que el wey ansia que le contestes valiendole verga que estés con tus valedores y quieras echarte una chela con ellos)

Esto a veces tiene sus ventajas en una ocasión uno de estos personajillos, muy buen pedo, y creo que hace poco me agrego, me disparo la peda por el simple hecho de ser SKINHEAD hasta me presento con sus amigos y amigas (que no estaban nada mal jejejeje) y todo se mostraron muy emocionados y me pidieron mi teléfono y la chingada jajajajaja. Como que para ellos es la novedad, casi casi como si fuera de otro pinche planeta jajjajajaja, sinceramente ese tipo de experiencias te llena de alegría y te hace sentir chido; todavía me acuerdo que ya bien pedo ese compa me dijo:

morro: Orale! nunca había tenido un amigo SKINHEAD, chido la banda!

Si morro no hay pedo, soy tu amigo tu sigue sacando la chela jajajaja

En fin asi es esto de ser un botudo rapado con tirantes, la neta no es la gran cosa, solo tienes que ser muy borracho, desmadroso, violento y estar orgulloso de ser asi, valiendo verga la vida! como dice mi compa el Clandestino un saludo y un abrazo y para todos los skins que espero lo hayan leído a ver si se identifican jajajajajaaja y por cierto bailar musica jamaicana y gritar oi! oi! oi!

luego les contare mas... ;D hasta pronto, Salud!

          Hey from SA        
Just a quick note to introduce myself. I am british born of Jamaican decent - I have been living in South Africa for the past seventeen years. my children study in asia and I finally have time for me.... Spark has opened a window that is giving me control in every area of my life. thanks for those who have gone before me.... your success spurs me on....
          The Morning Sound Alternative 03-25-2016 with Meredith Carson        

The Neville Brothers- Drift Away - Uptown
John Gorka- Blues Palace - I Know
Emmylou Harris- Thanks To You - Cowgirls Prayer
Lyle Lovett- Ive Been To Memphis - Live In Texas
Kd Lang- Honky Tonk Angels Medley In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down You Nearly Lose Your Mind Blues Stay Away From Me - Shadowland
Greg Brown- WhateverIt Was - Slant 6 Mind
- voicebreak -
CJ Chenier- Falling Up - Rollin Into Memphis Songs Of John Hiatt
The Henrys- Avenues Of Forgiveness - Chasing Grace
Amos Lee- El Camino - Mission Bell
Laurie Lewis- Old Ten Broeck - Skippin And Flyin
Washboard Chaz Blues Trio- I Cant Be Satisfied - Live At The Spotted Cat Music Club New Orleans
- voicebreak -
The Belleville Outfit- Wanderin - Wanderin
- voicebreak -
Chris Webster Nina Gerber- Sitting Here In Limbo - Apple Blossom Lane
Various Artists- It Hasnt Happened Yet Terrance Simien - Rollin Into Memphis
The Bills- Nowhere To Go And All Day To Get There - Let Em Run
Guy Clark- Baby Took A Limo To Memphis - Dublin Blues
Sarah Lee Guthrie Johnny Irion- Swing Of Things - Exploration
Various Artists- You Dont Have Very Far To Go - Tulare Dust A Songwriters Tribute To Merle Haggard
Gillian Welch- Dear Someone - Time The Revelator
Teddy Thompson- The Worst Is Yet To Come - Upfront Down Low
Angela Strehli- Two Bit Texas Town - Blonde And Blue
John Mooney- She Aint No Good - All I Want
Various Artists- Mavis Staples Hard Times - Beautiful Dreamer Songs Of Stephen Foster
- voicebreak -
Jackson Browne- Jamaica Say You Will - Jackson Browne
Don Henley Blind Pilot- These Days - Looking Into You A Tribute To Jackson Browne
Sean Watkins Sara Watkins- Your Bright Baby Blues - Looking Into You A Tribute To Jackson Browne
Griffin House- Barricades Of Heaven - Looking Into You A Tribute To Jackson Browne
- voicebreak -
The Band- Down South In New Orleans Concert Version feat Bobby Charles - The Last Waltz
Stephen Bruton- Ordinary Man - From The Five
Rodney Crowell- Jesus Talk To Mama - Tarpaper Sky
Rosanne Cash- Runaway Train - Kings Record Shop
Mollie OBrien Rich Moore- Train Home - Love Runner
Eva Cassidy- Oh Had I A Golden Thread - Songbird
- voicebreak -

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/64/playlistDate/2016-03-25
          Sounds of '68        

From psychedelic rock to country and jazz, the soundtrack of 1968 was a kaleidoscope of sounds. 

take a look at the colorful tapestry of album sleeves decorating a
portion of "The 1968 Exhibit." Stroll around and you'll see only a few
of the hundreds of records released that year. They include Canadian
folk songstress Joni Mitchell's debut double-album "Song to a Seagull"; 
Diana Ross & the Supremes "Love Child," a record whose number one
single told the story of a child born out of wedlock, and
singer-songwriter Johnny Cash's "At Folsom Prison," an emotional set of
songs played in a California penitentiary. From avant-garde jazz to
stirring soul, 1968 seemed to have it all. 

Here's a look at some of the year's musical moments:

The Rise of the Fillmore East

March, Bay Area rock promoter Bill Graham opened the Fillmore East in an
abandoned theater in New York City. The space was dubbed  "the Church
of Rock n' Roll" and featured two nightly shows and a number of the
period's best known acts. Many live albums were recorded there including
sets by the Allman Brothers, the Grateful Dead and Miles Davis. 

Brown soothes Boston

One day after the April 4
assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., soul
singer James Brown took the stage in Boston to perform a stirring batch
of songs. The concert was broadcast on public television, and it is said
to have kept many from rioting in the streets.

'Age of Aquarius'

On April 29,
the musical "Hair" shook off its off-Broadway trappings and leapt into
the big time. Set in New York City, the Broadway show explored themes
near and dear to the counterculture including drug use, sex, war and
race. A worldwide smash, the rock opera spawned a Grammy-winning live
recording featuring the original cast.

The White Album

a sojourn in India to soak up the teachings of guru and Transcendental
Meditation founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,  The Beatles hunkered down to
record a self-titled album that is known more popularly as "the White
Album."  The double-LP boasted a range of genres including psychedelic
rock, country, classical and vintage music hall and spawned the hits
"Hey Jude" and "Revolution." Unfortunately, the album was linked to the
brutal 1969 Charles Manson murders that put a tragic end to the decade. 

World beat

was musically significant in other parts of the world. Brazilian
singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso released his first album, a self-titled
affair melding poetry, traditional Brazilian music, psychedelia and
pop; Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley and his bandmates Rita Marley,
Bunny Livingston and Peter Tosh were working hard to nail down a
commercial sound.  Malian musician Ali Farka Toure had just bought his
first guitar and was busy soaking up the music of James Brown, Otis
Redding, John Lee Hooker and other blues luminaries. 

Revolutionary rhythms

they didn't release their debut album until 1970, Harlem-based The Last
Poets trace their roots back to 1968. It was then that members Abiodun
Oyewole, Jalal Mansur Nuriddin and Umar Bin Hassan formed a musical
group that placed radical poetry against a soundtrack of drumming and
jazz. Inspiration came from the politics of the Black Panther Party and
the African American experience. 

year's albums included Van Morrison's "Astral Weeks"; Marvin Gaye's "I
Heard It Through the Grapevine"; "The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter" by
the Incredible String Band; Pink Floyd's "A Saucerful of Secrets"; The
Velvet Underground's "White Light/White Heat" ; "Dance to the Music" by
Sly and the Family Stone and Jimmy Hendrix's "Electric Ladyland." Top
hits included Otis Redding's "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay"; Simon
& Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson"; "Grazing in the Grass" by Hugh
Masekela and The Beatles' "Hello, Goodbye."



          Inmigrantes en la Inglaterra de los 60's lidian con discrimen racial        
Título: Wondrous Oblivion (2003)
Países: Inglaterra
Idiomas: inglés (sin subtítulos pero con closed captioning)
Género: drama con elementos humorísticos
Ocasión: Para quitarte la depresión luego de ver Machuca
Dónde se consigue*, Netflix, Amazon Marketplace


Una familia negra de Jamaica se muda a un vecindario blanco en Inglaterra en la década de los 60’s. El padre de la familia, un gran jugador de cricket, comienza a darle clases a su vecino judío y los demás vecinos no les hace ninguna gracia.


Hace una o dos semanas, decidí organizar mis entradas por género de películas y me di cuenta de la desproporción que tengo a favor de los dramas. Esto indica, por un lado, mi predilección por ese género. Sin embargo, también indica que me hace falta ver más películas de otros géneros. Por eso me gustaría que aquell@s de ustedes que entran a este blog y nos leen, nos recomienden buenos filmes. Así no solamente nos beneficiamos nosotros (que conocemos películas nuevas) sino que podemos expandir nuestro repertorio. ¡Muchas gracias!


Estos últimos días he estado viendo películas que hablan sobre lo mala que es la humanidad. He visto, al menos 3 o 4 bastante corridas que enfatizan la maldad y la “naturaleza perversa” de los seres humanos. De vez en cuando, uno necesita una historia que le recuerde que hay gente buena en este mundo… que todavía hay esperanza de que las cosas puedan mejorar.

En el fondo, Wondrous Oblivion es este tipo de películas. Aunque, efectivamente, el racismo y la discriminación forman una parte importante (si no esencial de la historia), habría que fijarse en cómo los personajes principales de este largometraje luchan con sus propios prejuicios y tratan de subvertirlos. Ésta es la verdadera importancia de Wondrous Oblivion.

Más que nada, veo esta película como la contraparte de la última que reseñé, Machuca. Mientras en Machuca vemos cómo el odio de los adultos infecta a l@s niñ@s, en esta vemos como la tolerancia de l@s niñ@s infecta a los (algun@s) adultos. Es por esto que aunque tratan temas similares, Machuca es deprimente (aunque buena igual) y Wondrous Oblivion es esperanzadora.

Por demás, habría que destacar el buen trabajo que hace el escritor/director con el tratamiento del cricket en la película. Al empezar, parecería que esto es, simplemente, una historia de triunfo más; de esos largometrajes que narran la trayectoria de un deportista o de un equipo. Sin embargo, aunque efectivamente el cricket tiene un papel importante en la película, no es el papel principal. El cricket es, más que nada, un vehículo para narrar las historias de prejuicio y discrimen que se dan en esta comunidad. La historia, entonces, no se convierte en una banalidad de “auto-ayuda” y positivismo azucarado. Sí, nos provee esperanza, pero no de esa clichendosa de “piensa positivo y sé invencible”, sino de la que nos dice que es posible ir en contra de toda nuestra programación social.

En fin, Wondrous Oblivion además de ser una película esperanzadora, es muy entretenida y está bien hecha. Espero que la disfruten.


* Parte del propósito de este blog es compartir