News: M800 Royal Gold Raden        
The release of a new Raden model to follow-up on last year’s Sunrise has been expected but specific details have been lacking.  That changed this evening when De Roos gave us a glimpse of a new Raden model from Pelikan via their Instagram page.  De Roos is a fountain pen retailer based in Heemstede, Netherlands and has […]
          Badshah Masala launched their new ad campaign #HumareYahan        

by Shrutee K/DNS
National: Badshah Masala, this Independence Day, has launched their new ad campaign #HumareYahan, aiming to decrease this divide and pushes notice to how similar these two sister countries are. Badshah Masala believes that despite all the differences we may have, food transcends all boundaries and brings people from different places together. 
In this video, Manno is a traditional Indian mom whose daughter, Dimple, has just returned from US after finishing her studies. Dimple, whilst showing Manno pictures from her time in US, also shows her a picture with her Pakistani friend, Saad. Manno immediately points to Saad being a Pakistani, but is shunned by her young and liberal daughter.  
Dimple then mentions that she wants to meet Saad, an idea which Manno isn't too fond of. After much deliberation, Manno asks Dimple to invite Saad over for dinner so that she can keep an eye on him. Once Saad comes over for dinner, he amazes Manno with what he does.
This video is a testimony to how much the younger generation can influence their parents in breaking stereotypes that have prevailed in modern India. The campaign also communicates a broader message that gets us thinking as to how Indians perceive foreign nationals. It stresses on the importance of respect for an individual regardless of his or her racial background and nationality, and the importance of not judging a person based on our own preconceived notions and existing stereotypes.
Kailash Jhaveri, Managing Partner of Jhaveri Industries, said,”As we are inching closer to a 70th Independence Day, there is no better time to contemplate the ties between these two countries. We are trying our best to close this divide by starting a conversation over something that no one would decline - Swaad.” 
Hemant Jhaveri, Managing Partner of Jhaveri Industries, adds, “Badshah Masala has always been involved in forming connections through food. From the very beginning of this company, we have looked at food as something that can bring people from everywhere together. We are glad that we are taking this opportunity to provide another outlook to the current scenario that our country is facing.” 
Anushree Pacheriwal, Creative Head of Gemius, said, “It has been an incredible experience working for this campaign. From the very start, we were certain that this message needed to be out there, and that shaped the direction that this campaign took.”
The campaign is by Badshah Masala conceptualised by agency Gemius and creative head Anushree Pacheriwal, Story, Saurabh Pacheriwal. The production house is 50mm Media Productions and Director & DOP is Saurabh Desai and Ankit Mavchi. Gemius is co founded by Saurabh Pacheriwal, a marketing professional and Anushree Pacheriwal, a creative professional. Its clientele includes Badshah Masala, World Economic Forum, Just In Time, Baggit, TEDx events amongst others.
·       Campaign Link:
Client: Badshah Masala
Managing Partners: Kailash Jhaveri, Hemant Jhaveri
Agency: Gemius
Managing Director: Saurabh Pacheriwal
Creative Head: Anushree Pacheriwal
Account Management Team: Tanvi Khandelwal, Abhishek Doshi, Varsha Tanna
Story: Saurabh Pacheriwal
Production House: 50mm Media Productions
Director & DOP: Saurabh Desai & Ankit Mavchi
Production Team: Fenil Patel, Siddhant Shah, Nehal Trivedi, Jigar M, Setu U

          Marketing Contractor - Pixability        
Boston, MA - Boston HQ
Who We Are
Pixability is a video advertising technology company that gives media professionals the ability to plan, buy, and report across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Spotify. Pixability?s holistic solution empowers advertisers to deliver
          Side-talk: The Ramen Stall at 787 North Bridge Road        
Recently I heard raves about this newly halal food establisment that sells Japanese. I see pictures of their food on various social networking platform like facebook and instagram (especially instagram). Although Singapore has sizable a muslim population, it is not easy to get halal japanese food here; especially good ones. This is because japanese usually uses mirin and pork broth in their cookings. The newly halal restaurant that I am referring to is call The Ramen Stall, located at 787 North Bridge Road. When I heard that still stall sells halal ramen, I was really excited because I am avid viewer of Japanese Hour on Channelnewsasia and often see people eating ramens. I have never tasted japanese ramen simply because it is difficult to get halal ones. I even considered going to Tokyo to get taste of halal ramen there.

So yesterday I decided to give it a try after work. The place is located all the same street as Zam Zam. I was expecting a crowd since it is newly halal certified and I was right about 7.30pm and there was already a long queue. My friend and I then comtemplated whether we should go to Afterwit which was located nearby and serves Mexican food. Alas, we decided to queue up. Fortunately, we got a seat after 10 minutes becauses there was only two of us. Those who came in big groups in front of us has to wait longer.

I knew what to order straight away. I ordered their Volcano Ramen ($11). My friend to longer to decide because she is not familiar with Japanese food (unlike someone who watches Japanses Hour). She settled for Oyakodon ($9.90). We also ordered a sides, Torched Beef Sushi ($7.90).

The first dish to arrive was our Torched Beef Sushim It was soo good that I even considered on seconds. The beef was so soft and well marinated and smokey. It kinda melt in my mouth. It really went well with the wasabi and the preserved radish. Usually I dont even like to put wasabi on my sushi.

The came my volcano ramen. I selected level 1 because I not really a fan of spicy food. I like those which are savourly spicy. The broth before mixing with the chilli was quite mild. It tasted better after mixing with the chilli. The restaurant was quite generous with the toppings but I find the noodles quite little. Maybe because I like carbohydrate. I especially like the kale/seaweed, minced meat and the eggs in the soup. But I find this Volcano Ramen kinda overhyped.

My friend Oyakodon. It is like chicken mixed in batter of ingredients and then fried and placed on top of rice. It is then topped with raw egg and drizzled with soy based sauce. My friend found it nice and mind you she is a picky eater. The serving was also quite big.

There was also a 17% service charge when you dine in. I will definitely come back to try their sushis and unagi rice! 

          This Model Shows The Truth Behind A Perfect Bikini Pic        
Imre Çeçen is an instagram model and she recently shared to her followers two photos- one beautiful and flattering, and the other just downright honest. The first is showing off her flat stomach and toned thighs and the other is more real, and shows what happens to all of us – no matter how fit […]
          Machado Midas        
I really like the 5'10 Midas dims as a small wave board, but no midas in helium spewing.
          See & Hear All About It! May 1 @USJCT - Erin Moriarty's Chilling, Blockbuster Report on Stalking @48hours         


  • Preview via WTIC1080

  • Seating

    To ensure seating, please R.S.V.P. to

    Before the event please review the links below.

    Erin Moriarty has been a correspondent for "48 Hours" since 1990. She has covered the death of Princess Diana, the JonBenet Ramsey investigation, the murder of financier Edmund Safra, and the war in Iraq.

    Drawing on her training as an attorney, Moriarty has examined some of the most important social and legal issues of the day, including DNA testing of evidence in death-row cases, the abortion controversy and battered women's syndrome. She covered the Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine High School shootings and the 9/11 investigation, overseas. Her exclusive behind-the-scenes report on the defense of convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was broadcast on "60 Minutes" in 1997.

    Moriarty has received numerous honors, including nine national Emmy Awards.

    "48 Hours" investigates the horrors of stalking
    and how CBS' "NCIS" star Pauley Perrette
    is fighting to change the laws to protect victims

    Victims in sustained fear
    as police responses vary
    including 'victim shaming'

  • STALKED broadcast

  • Moriarty bio

  • Also of interest

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  • Photos: Crime scene and clues

  • Solve this case: Can you identify the man in the sketch?

  • Full story

  • Moriarty Twitter

  • "48 Hours" Twitter

  • CBS Sunday Morning Twitter

  • For art's sake: When funding the NEA is in jeopardy

  • Interview w/ Mary Higgins Clark via CBS Sunday Morning

  • USJ Instagram

  • USJ Facebook

  • USJ Twitter

  • USJ website

  • 2017 Spring Speaker Series Debut w/ Poet Kate Rushin

  •           [updated*] Suggested reading and listening, 2017: THE BLACK BACK-UPS and other poems, by Kate Rushin        

    University of St. Joseph students, West Hartford, CT,
    With Kate Rushin Following Poetry Workshop, 2-22-17 ...

    usjct This afternoon some of our students had the pleasure of meeting successful writer, teacher, and feminist Kate Rushin. We had the pleasure of hearing her read The Bridge Poem along with many others. Thank you Kate for joining us here at USJ today! #usjct #poetry #katerushin

  • USJ Instagram

  • USJ Facebook

  • USJ Twitter

  • USJ website

  • Upcoming: Kate Reads Friday, Feb. 24 With Nat Reeves Jazz Combo, 'Nat Reeves State of Emergency,'

    At The Artists Collective, 1200 Albany Ave. (corner of Woodland Street) in Hartford.

  • Details

  • ---


  • Kate joins Colin’s WNPR Nose panel for discussion of "Manchester By The Sea"

  • * Ongoing updates to include
    upcoming appearances

    Plz see links below for poems, articles

  • Leisure listening, Kate Rushin on NPR

  • The Bridge Poem

  • Kate's website

  • News reports:

  • Hartford Courant

  • Harvard Crimson

  • Photos by BOB THIESFIELD

    In photo above the book jacket, Kate fired up a diverse crowd of poets, writers, boxers, students, business leaders, cops and academics with her version of the Ali Shuffle. The event took place Jan. 15, 2010 at The Hartford Club.

    Directly above, Kate joins colleagues Gaby Calvocoressi and Binnie Klein, taking a breather after many rounds of poetry and prose. The festivities -- including writing workshops, two bands and a boxing exhibition -- drew about 150 guests to the Hartford Club

              Be inspired by Proteas        
    My Instagram feed has been full of proteas over the past two weeks! Yes, these lovely blooms are in season, but I've seen them in art and fashion too.

    Many of us think they are native to Australia but they're actually from South Africa, where they are also known as Sugarbushes, and according to local tradition, they represent change and hope. They are so well suited to our climate, and work so well with other natives, it's no wonder we've seconded the protea for ourselves.

    Here are some of my favourite spottings of proteas in Australia this week:
    Read more »
              Early Beginnings         
    Perfumer's Garden - Mountain Path

    Do not mistake my lack of posting for lack of action. It's been quite the opposite - the most action-packed few months of my life. Here is what I've accomplished - to put your minds at ease and satisfy any curiosity that might have remained among those of you who haven't given up on SmellyBlog yet:

    - Designed, planned agonized over and built a new Perfume studio, Pilates studio - and renovated my old home) while making new friends with the builders and architects involved
    - Lived in a yurt for 4 months (November through March) while I was at it - and also found myself adopting a cat of all creatures (not intentional, but seems to work out)
    - Transitioned my daughter into a Hebrew-speaking high school for another two years of education
    - Moved from the yurt to the house
    - Adopted a rescued female Doberman (that was a dream come true)
    - Taught two Perfumery Courses back to back: Fougere and Orientals (while meeting with Dan Riegler - a Canadian- Israeli from Ontario who gifted me with the most incredible incense resins imaginable - more on that in a separate post
    - Became auntie to one more niece and nephew (that was quite effortless!)
    - Continue to try and establish my perfumery studio (and Pilates studio) in the new surroundings
    - Try my best to be with my grandma, who's 93 years young and had a heart event about a month ago. Every moment with her is so pure and precious.
    - Planning and beginning to plant my Perfumer's Botanical Garden, which is truly taking much of my time and is the main reason I haven't been blogging. The photo above is from the section of it that is on the mountain and is dedicated to fragrant Mediterranean plans and medicine herbs.

    I spend very little time around the computer (after months of wifi & electricity-free yurt life and bad battery in my laptop - old habits have been broken to little shreds and I only post quick updates via my phone on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts)
    Hopefully I've gotten to the point when I'm settled down to return to regular blogging - as demanding as life has been all these months, I know deep in my heart that it does do me good to write regularly. It's not just a fragrance/perfumery blog, but also functions as a personal journal to me.
              Bondville Mother's Day Giveaway 2016        
    Win this fabulous Mother's Day gift selection worth $200! We all deserve a little treat and this prize pack includes a ceramic mortar and pestle, cute art print (I'm picturing this one framed in a nursery!), a splash of colour for your bathroom, stylish side plates and a sweet timber wall plaque. To enter, comment here on Instagram. Closes Mother's Day - Sunday 8th May 2016. Read on for more details:

    Read more »
              Thank you Barang Dapur Basah!        
    Salam, hai semua....

    Ni kira post pertama sebagai Puan lah ye.. eh kire post kedua la. sebab post ni duk dalam draft. Wanie post pasal citer gigi bongsu tu dulu... hahaha poyo naww!! Banyak kali dah nak post macam-macam kat blog, tapi ada jeeee alasan-alasan malasnye. Kihkihkih~

    So.... apa yang berbeza lepas kahwin?

    Takde beza apa pun... sebab sebelum kahwin pun, wanie dengan husband (ecewah!) memang berjumpa after work pergi makan, lepas tu balik rumah masing-masing. Weekend, kalau wanie tak kerja, kitorang hang out dengan kawan-kawan takpun layan movie je. After married, lebih kurang sama je rutin. Cuma, kitorang banyak makan di rumah sebab nak berjimat (yang dah kahwin, tahu laaa account bank korang macam mana ghuper bentuk "O" nye kan... hahahahaha) . Selalunya, wanie dengan husband gilir-gilir masak, tapi... nampak gayanya macam husband yang kerap masuk dapur lagi sebab dia tak suka kemas rumah, basuh sidai lipat kain ni.. hahahahah~

    Sebulan dua lepas kahwin ni, memang kitorang hidup berjimat cermat weh. Meh nak promote sikit! Yang mana yang sibuk kerja, yang "alahaiii malasnyaaa nak siang cuci ikan segalaaaa" , yang macam wanie kalau nampak isi perut ikan rasa nak pitam (ahahahaha..) , tak payah nak pening-pening kepala chu olz! Korang order terus dengan Barang Dapur Basah atau korang Whatsapp je! Sebulan atau 2 bulan sekali, sini lah "pasar online" wanie shopping. Tak payah nak pening-pening kepala, nak letih badan... harga pun berpatutan. Pakej bawah ni antara pakej yang wanie dengan husband prefer. Tahan untuk sebulan ke sebulan lebih kami berdua...

    Macam wanie punya style, wanie bayar guna online banking je. Lepas tu kat luar rumah, wanie dah ada macam cakuk yang wanie sangkut kat pintu rumah. Katakanlah wanie tak balik rumah lagi ke, takpe... senang. Runner yang datang hantar tu biasanya dorang akan call yang dorang dah sampai / nak hantar ke rumah. Wanie just inform je suruh sangkut kat cakuk tu. Bila balik rumah, terus bawak masuk dalam rumah, atau lebih tepat, masuk freezer terus!

    So, wanie dengan husband ke Jaya Grocer atau pasar malam, beli bawang-bawang, sayur-sayur, buah-buah... macam tu je lah.

    Sekarang kan bulan puasa. Pakej-pakej yang disediakan lagi mengancam kawww!! Tapi dah nama pun hidup berdua laki bini, dua-dua kerja, masak pun ala kadar / bila rajin. Mujur cik abe jenis tak lorat / kisah sangat. Sebab sebelum kahwin dah pernah cakap, kalau nak komplen jarang masak ke apa, izinkan saya menjadi fulltime housewife TAPI jangan tarik muka kalau bini ajak masuk Sephora. Hahahaa~ sebab kalau barang-barang makeup ni wanie prefer beli pakai duit sendiri. Tak tau kenapa, benda lain ok je.

    Dah melalut pula... ok lah chu olz! Nak rest-rest jap... baru lepas keluarkan daging. Hari ni off day, so time ni la nak masak, kemas rumah, lipat sidai kain 2 3 bakul kan.. hehe.. petang ni nak masak favourite dish cik abam kite, daging masak asam and pajeri nenas. Nak jimatkan duit.. takyah gi bazaar Ramadan sangat. Semua benda ko nak beli.. ahahahahah~ kbai!

              Bagaimana Saya Hilangkan Jerawat dan Parut Jerawat - BERKESAN!        
    Salam semua...

    Wanie belanja sikit gambar ye.

    1.  Gambar first - nampak macam takde apa-apa sangat kan? Tapi sebenarnya ada banyak macam jerawat batu, yang degil tak nak keluar tu. 

    2.  Gambar kedua - wanie ada amalkan supplement dan terus bertukar kepada natural skincare. Jerawat-jerawat yang terpendam tu, semua keluar dan start masak. Muka pun dah macam merah-merah udang bakar. 

    3. Gambar ketiga (bawah) - lepas semua jerawat dah keluar. time ni dalam healing crisis lagi.

    4. Gambar keempat dan yang terkini - yang tinggal ganya parut-parut lama dan open pores sahaja untuk dirawat.

    Tipulah kan kalau nak tunjuk muka terus flawless sampai tak ada apa kesan langsung. Yang tu kalau pakai berus tembaga + clorox ke, kut lah kan.. mihmihmih...

    Apa supplement yang wanie makan dan apa product skincare yang wanie guna?

    PRAVENTAC dan AG FACTOR!! - wanie penah review pasal both supplement ni dalam entry 

    OK, for skincare product... meh wanie listkan...

    1. Orique Cleanser + Babyskin LembutbyAdlina

    2. Toner by Orique

    3. Day and night serum - Orique Ultra Peptide and Comeminus

    4. Moisturizer  - Flawless Gel LembutbyAdlina and Orique Xerominus 


    5. Acne cream - to combat existing acnes

    6.  Weekly mask (to exfoliate dead skin cell) - Mocha Honey Mask by LembutbyAdlina

    Haa.. setiap satu wanie senaraikan untuk korang so korang tak miss satu pun. 

     Sekarang ni, hanya Orique dan Lembut sahaja wanie gunakan. Wanie dah try macam-macam dan dah habis beribu-ribu, contohnya Eskay-tu , Garn***, Lor***, Saf*, product yang start dengan De-de tu.... just makin worse wanie rasa. So, wanie stop semuaaaaaa tu dan back to natural product. 

    Kang ada orang tanya, apesal wanie cuci muka, guna moisturizer, ada 2 jenis... orique dan Lembut? 

    Yes, wanie guna both. Haruzzzlahhh sebab penjimatan duit! Hahahahah... korang ingat murahhhh ke. Bahahaha~ Tapi yang penting, BERKESAN! Contohnya la kan, Cleanser Orique tu harga RM 80 (last up to 3 month), Babyskin Lembut tu RM 35 (last up to 6 month). See the difference? Hahahah~ nak maintain supplement lagi sebulan RM 500 oii.. cik abam tak sayang lagi, aku tak tau lahh~ hahaha


    Produk keluaran Bumiputra yang setanding dengan produk lain. Hanya menggunakan bahan-bahan semulajadi dan natural dan tidak berbahaya kalau termakan! Macam Mocha Honey Mask yang consist of coffee, chocolate and honey - banyak kali dah wanie ter'ngap' ... sedap! Hahhaha~ 

    Kesan yang serta merta (skin lembut dan moist toing toing). Penggunaan yang berkala, boleh dapat kesan macam wanie. 

    Nanti wanie bukak satu post khas untuk produk Lembut by Adlina, wanie explain in detail (I will never post/suggest anything if I haven't try it for couple of months to see the difference). Anyway, wanie stokis di Putrajaya (which cover in Cyberjaya and Bangi as well). And of course Lembut is sooooooooooo awesome sampai wanie jadi stokis.

    Kalau korang nak stalk stalk dulu, boleh visit IG dan FB wanie :

              E-day Final - Hari Majlis yang Dinantikan        
    Salam semuaaaa.. ada ke yang reading blog ni, kang syiokkk sendiri pulak. Hihihihihi~

    OK......... tarik nafas panjang-panjang, dalam-dalam.......... fuhhhhhhh!!

    Dengan ini, saya dah official jadi TUNANGAN ORANG!!! yeahhh!!

    Letih juga tau nak menjelang hari e-day ni. Dengan tiba-tiba asthma attack few days sebelum majlis sampai takleh nak kemas rumah or buat keja berat sikit, confirm semput. Tapi alhamdulillah, all went well!

    OK, kat bawah ni official list barang-barang hantaran daripada pihak lelaki dan pihak perempuan which is my side.

    Pihak lelaki (5 hantaran)
    **  Cincin emas dengan diamond
    **  Hand bag Carlo Rino
    **  Skincare Orique + Jam tangan ICE
    **  Kek tunang
    **  Buah-buahan

    Pihak perempuan (7 hantaran)
    **  Perfume Calvin Klein
    **  Kemeja
    **  Jam tangan ICE
    **  Belt + Dompet Sembonia
    **  Cupcake
    **  Buah-buahan
    **  Set penjagan muka dan badan sponsored by "Lembut by Adlina"

    **  Baju tunang custom made by Lesung Creation
    **  Tudung (mama beli kain meter kat Jakel dan Mak Lang potong dan jahitkan)
    **  Makeup daripada Lembut by Adlina
    **  Pelamin tunang DIY (kalau berkenan dengan pelamin wanie macam ni, boleh contact Lembut by Adlina - sewa RM 199 sahaja sekali stage! )

    Part makanan pula, boleh kata semua homemade. Mama masak mi kari dan dessert pula puding jagung. Abah order roti jala jugak. Lepas tu along orderkan red velvet cake yang yaaaa ampunnn sedap yakmat!

    Part nak disatukan pula, kitorang plan bulan 3 tahun depan. Tapi sekarang ni mama dengan wanie dah siap-siap pergi survey bridal boutique di sekitar sini. So far, kitorang dah terjah Butik Pengantin Nabil Barakbah di Alor Setar dan Ixora Bridal Boutique di Changlun. Dua-dua cantik dan harga ditawarkan pun within the budget (below 6k untuk kedua-dua belah pihak). Cuma sekarang ni, kena discuss dengan mr tunang dulu (ecewahhh.. status dah upgrade kawww.. hahahaha) dan oleh sebab size cik tunang kita ni agak XXL, kena lah datang fitting kat butik dulu. Kalau tak muat, kenalah baju baru (korang pesan partner korang nanti diet sket.. taknak diet takpe, tapi siapkan duit yeee.. hahahaha).

    Oklah, meh wanie belanja sket gambar nye...


              Ikan Stim Masak Taucu Simple        
    Haaa double post, balas dendam! Hahahaha~

    Semalam off day sebab weekend ni kena keja... sob sob~ malas sangat lah nak keluar rumah. Nak masak pun macam malas jugak, tapi tak makan kang kebulur. Rasa macam nak lepak kat rumah, layan citer Korea, main game, tido sampai lebam! Kalau bakal mak mertua tahu punya malas perangai ni, mau direject. Hahahah~ sebab dah malas, so resepi kali ni pun resepi bermalas-malasan, tapi harus sedap dan kena selera. Ajet-ajet nak "eat clean", jaga pemakanan sikit kali ni. Acerrrr nengok resepi Ikan Stim Masak Taucu ni ha..

    Ikan?? Haaa~ selit sikit story. Yang mana kenal wanie, tahu laa wanie ni jenis tak boleh nak siang-siang ikan.. Tak tahan bau bohhh, lepas tu kesian pulak kalau nengok orang siang ikan cabut perut tu, kalau kesian takleh makan, tapi suka makan ikan~ fret not! zaman sekarang internet di hujung jari, semua boleh! Ikan, ayam, daging, udang semua dah siap potong basuh wehhhh.. korang order je kat Barang Dapur Basah ni haaa... mudah kan hidup kite-kite yang acah busy ni.. hahahaha

    -  2 ekor ikan
    -  1 inci halia (hiris)
    -  1 biji bawang besar (hiris)
    -  4 biji bawang putih (ketuk)
    -  1 batang serai (ketuk)
    -  2 keping asam keping (kalau besar, 1 keping cukup)
    -  2 sudu besar taucu (wanie guna brand Tamin)
    -  2-3 sudu besar apple cidar (cuka apple)
    -  1 sudu besar sos tiram
    -  2 batang cili hijau
    -  3 batang cili padi (ketuk/potong bulat-bulat pun boleh)
    -  1 biji tomato potong 4 bahagian (optional)
    -  garam + gula
    -  1 cawan air
    -  2-3 sudu besar minyak menumis

    1.  Stim ikan dalam 15 minit (wanie guna rice cooker je.. air rebusan tu wanie saje letak serai 3-4 batang (sebab serai lama nak buang sayang dan halia).

    sebab kesian tengok ikan takde geng, so wanie tabur tabur bunga rampai bawang besar, halia dan cili padi... hahahaha~

    2.  Panaskan minyak dalam kuali. Masukkan serai, cili hijau dan bahan hirisan, tumis sampai wangi. Bila dah naik bau, masukkan air.

    ni bahan-bahan nak berenang dalam kuali.. hehehe

    3.  Masukkan taucu, asam keping, tomato dan sos tiram. Masukkan juga cuka apple nak bagi "kick" rasa dia. Bila dah mendidih, perasakan dengan garam dan gula supaya seimbang.

    wanie memang suka taucu, so wanie lebihkan sikit taucu. brand taucu tamin tak berapa masin sangat, so tak lah takut-takut nak letak banyak.. hehehe

    4.  Biar mendidih sampai tomato layu, kemudian boleh masukkan ikan stim tadi. Biar dia berenang dalam kuali pula dalam 5 minit. Ok siap, ready to serve!

    Cak!!! Inilah hasilnya! Lapar pulak! Hahaha~

              Checklist / Tips Sebelum Tunang : E-Day Part 1        

    ** LAST UPDATE : 21/9/2016
    (click here to updated post)

    Hi korang

    Debar-debar pulak kite nak hapdet entry kali ni. Wahhhhh gittew! Update kali ni lebih kepada checklist, senang sikit kalau nak check balik to-do, budget ke, senarai-senarai butik yang nak diterjah ke.. so, entry kali ni akan sentiasa diupdate time-to-time. Ala.. boleh recycle je post ni kalau hari nak kawen nanti.. wakakakak!

    Sejujurnya, budget is my utmost priority. Memang nak minimize sehabis boleh sebab saving wanie nanti nak spend banyak untuk persediaan rumah baru nanti. Huwaa... rumah lagi, nak kawen lagi... seb baik keta tak meragam sampai nak kena tukar pakai Subaru XV STI pun cantik jugak.. eh~~?? Tunang-tunang ni pun, sebab permintaan dari pihak keluarga. Nak kawen pun sebab dah kena bising, dorang cakap nak tunggu sampai kertu keeewww.. hahahah~ kalau nak ikut tak ready, memang sampai sudah tak pernah nye ready kan. Hahaha.. ok dah merepek meraban.

    1.  Cincin tunang (budget 1k ke bawah je sudah), time nikah nanti dah taknak cincin. So sebentuk ni dah cukup. Nikah nanti mungkin gelang je kut.
    //cincin ada diamond mana ada 1k.. dah survey.. hahahah.. lepas discuss dengan Teddy, budget cincin dalam below RM 1800 . uwaaa... gelang tak beli lagi.... 
    8/8 - hahahah budget mender? ke lauutttt lepas pergi tengok kat Habib Ampang. rambang mata dari pergi usha-usha Wah Chan.. dah tengok-tengok, so weekend ni insyallah pergi pulak dan beli terus.. hehehe

    2.  Hantaran (idea) - Budget below RM 400
    ** Kemeja
    ** Chocolate and cookies
    ** Kek / caramel pudding
    ** Buah-buahan
    ** Perfume
    ** Belt
    ** Cupcakes
    ** Potpouri
    ** Pulut kuning
    ** Sejadah
    ** Telekung

    3.  Makeup (to survey)
    ** Shu Eumura (approx RM 80 - blog)
    ** MAC (RM 190-265 ) - check this link
    ** MUA
    ** makeup dari bridal boutique
    ** beli makeup sendiri

    4.  Baju (budget below RM 400)
    ** (mahal ni.. hahahaha, tapi nak cuci mata boleh lah)
    ** Ampang Park 
    ** SACC Mall & Plaza Alam Central
    8/8 : ok, baju dah confirm dan alhamdulillah, RM 260 je

    5.  Pelamin and photographer (to be determine later, macam not necessary je)
    //photographer mama dah talk dengan kawan dia, murah ya amat! kawan mama cakap sebab dah kenal bagi RM 50-100 je dah, siap dengan gambar edit nanti.. alahai.. tak tergamak nak bagi murah sangat, RM 150 ok kut... sebab request softcopy je nanti..

    6.  Food (budget RM 400-500)
    ** nasi
    ** lauk pauk
    ** agar-agar
    ** air
    //untuk tunang, mama cakap dia dah jumpa kawan dia, budget dalam RM7/head. So, mungkin ambik untuk 50-70 tetamu. so still dalam budget below RM 500

    7.  Goodies bag (time tunang kena bagi ke eh? tapi list down idea juga lah)
    ** potpouri
    ** kuih/kek span atau kek buah + air mineral/kotak
    ** candies
    ** yassin + tasbih
    ** nuts/honey/cookies in cute jar
    ** pudding (buat sendiri pun ok jugak)

    Goodies link for idea :
    *** ( boleh walk in ke P6, Block C, GM Klang Wholesale City, Jalan Kasuarina 1, Klang )

              By: Catherine        
    Hi! I'm Cateure from Instagram, we just friended each other and I really love your blog and am so impressed that you were in Carol J Adam's book! That's so awesome! I just did a paper on why feminist ethics are the solution to animal I love her work and I am so intrigued with the connection between woman and body vs. male and brain and how that affects our diet and the exploitation of animals, which are seen as bodies like women...ANYWAY. :) OH and love the girl crush post.
              Cristiano Ronaldo, William Levy y otras celebridades tienen secretos estéticos ¿Cuáles son?        
    Secretos estéticos de Cristiano Ronaldo y otras estrellas | Elena del Mar
    Las grandes y reconocidas celebridades que ves en el cine, la televisión y el deporte internacional no son, por naturaleza, imponentes y de tez impecable. Ellos tienen sus secretos para lucir jóvenes y radiantes y hoy te damos a conocer esos secretos para que los pongan en práctica y te cuides como ellos lo están haciendo.

    Con nosotros encontrarás establecimientos y spas en el centro de Bogotá u otros sectores de la ciudad para que tomes decisiones guiándote en expertos que apoyan tus intenciones y respaldan lo que deseas transmitir. En Elena del Mar llevamos más de 52 años promoviendo un estilo de vida orientado al bienestar y la armonía del cuerpo.

    ¿Qué están haciendo las celebridades para cuidarse?

    Entre las estrellas se encuentran Cristiano Ronaldo, William Levy, Huge Jackman, Adam Levine, Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling, Rayan Reynolds y William Smith, son algunos de los que mantienen hábitos que los ayudan a lucir siempre saludable y radiantes, es que parece que entre más pasan los años mejor les queda el tiempo. Sigue sus pasos e irradia vitalidad…

    • Ellos cuidan su cabello, invierten en champús y cremas nutritivas para tenerlo bien cuidado. Procuran mantenerlo limpio y libre de químicos. Es así como logran transmitir esa naturalidad y pureza que merece el cabello.

    • Llevan una rutina de ejercicio juiciosa y constante donde integran trabajo de peso, fuerza y cardio para mantener el equilibrio. Hoy es posible que lo lleves a la práctica en los gimnasios en Bogotá de Elena del Mar, nuestro equipo de profesionales te guiará y estructurará la perfecta rutina para tu caso en específico.

    • Lavan su piel todos los días y no dudan en realizarse limpiezas mucho más profundas y profesionales que les permitan deshacerse de impurezas que pueden ingresar en el piel. En Elena del Mar te ofrecemos promociones que responden a este tipo de situaciones, puedes adquirirlos en nuestros centros de estética en Chicó.

    • Mantienen su piel hidratada con mezclas con preparaciones caseras como la miel de abejas ya que está preparación ayuda a humectarla y la lleva a lucir fresca y revitalizada. Además, no piensan dos veces en disfrutar de planes económicos de gimnasios en Bogotá porque saben que un equilibrio con el ejercicio es indispensable para lucir saludables y para que la piel se renueve constantemente.

    Las celebridades se encuentran sumergidas en un ambiente que les exige estar saludables, lucir una figura impecable y al mismo tiempo, ser ejemplo para otros hombres. En esta oportunidad te hemos revelado algunos de los secretos de belleza que ellos tienen presentes para lucir radiantes para que los pongas en práctica y sigas sus pasos. Elena del Mar como centro deportivo y estético con experiencia extiende su ayuda para cuentes con con expertos que conocen de estética para que resplandezcas como una celebridad.

    Fotos extraídas de Instagram: 
    William Levy @willevy 

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Artículo tomado de Elena del Mar.

              Clan Kardashian: técnicas estéticas (y de moda) para lucir espectaculares        
    Aplica los tips de las Kardashian para lucir perfectas | Elena del Mar
    Este clan K ha sabido posicionarse por sus curvas, mantenerse en un ámbito de flashes y moda, ser súper modelos, lucir una perfección que muchas desean, o bien, pasar de ser las rezagadas a tener programas de televisión. Keeping up with the Kardashian, una telerrealidad transmitida por el canal E! cuenta los días de esta familia (sus problemas, eventos, maneras de afrontar la vida, ocupaciones, relaciones, estados anímicos, rutinas para mantenerse en forma) entre otras situaciones que enfrentan en su cotidianidad.

    En cuanto a â€œRevenge Body”, la menor de las Kardashian (Khloé) demuestra su esfuerzo para mantener un peso saludable después de tantas dificultades y por tanto, gracias a un grupo de expertos ayudará a otras personas que tienen como meta bajar de peso y transformar su apariencia física.

    Elena del Mar como uno de los centros de estética en Chicó y otras zonas de la capital te invita a conocer más de este clan: rutinas para mantener una pequeña cintura, ejercicios que no dejarían de hacer, tratamientos estéticos que hacen parte de sus vidas, etc.


    Bien es sabido que las redes sociales de Kim, Kourtney y Khloé están siempre en movimiento. Es el medio más efectivo para llegar a sus seguidores y enseñar diferentes técnicas utilizadas para mantenerse en forma y los trucos de belleza más oportunos. ¡Ponlos en práctica! Además siéntete bien en cualquiera de nuestros centros de estética facial en Bogotá.

    - La más famosa de las Kardashian (Kim) revela en su cuenta de Instagram que lava su cabello cada tres o cinco días. En el tercero y cuarto día lo recoge con una trenza o coleta bien tirante. Antes de hacerlo lo alisa con una plancha de cerámica. De este modo evita deshidratarlo y lucir siempre una melena perfecta.

    - Cada una de las integrantes del clan K se somete a intensas rutinas de ejercicios que incluyen duras sesiones de entrenamiento. En el caso de Khloé cuenta con su personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, él se encarga de dirigir sus actividades físicas. Por parte de Kim le preocupa mucho mantener sus glúteos firmes y altos con una cintura estrecha, por ello, utiliza un ajustado corsé con el que realiza cuatro series de doce repeticiones de sentadillas y zancadas además de 40 minutos de cardio, pilates o yoga. Elena del Mar te ofrece diferentes gimnasios en Bogotá donde podrás disponer de instalaciones idóneas para que empieces a seguir los pasos de las K.

    Kim no teme llevar ropa másculina“¡La ropa masculina tiene un inesperado aire sexy!”, recalca en publicaciones de su página web. Invita a sus seguidoras a ponerse una americana grande, una camisa blanca de botones o unos pantalones anchos para llevar un estilo varonil de una forma chic. 

    - La mayor de las Kardashian, Kourtney, menciona en sus redes sociales que reduce el consumo de pan, grasas nocivas e incluso del adorado arroz y le da fuerte bienvenida al cacahuate o maní, pues sabe que es una grandiosa fuente de omega 3. ¡Inclúyelo en tu dieta y mejora tus hábitos alimenticios!

    Ya sabes que hacen las Kardashian para lucir espectaculares y teniendo en cuenta que son varias sus rutinas estéticas y físicas para lograrlo, te invitamos a poner en práctica estos hábitos y empieces a cambiar tu estilo de vida como también te unas y pongas en contacto con los mejores en el sector.

    Elena del Mar es un gimnasio spa que te ofrece tener acceso a un centro de estética facial en Cafam Floresta y otras sedes de la ciudad. Adicionalmente, te invita a sus complejos deportivos para que comiences con tus rutinas de de ejercicio (intensas como las Kardashian). Nuestros planes económicos de gimnasios en Bogotá son especiales para cada caso.

    Visítanos y empieza a cumplir tus metas como el clan K. Ellas lo han logrado y lo siguen haciendo, tú lo puedes hacer también.

    Imágenes tomadas del Instagram de Khloé y Kourtney Kardashian.

    Artículo tomado de Elena del Mar.
              Book publishing site reports that Amazon is aggressive in deleting less-than-valid book reviews of self-published books         

    A site called “Just Publishing” offers what looks like good advice to new authors especially with self-published books, especially POD.

    “Why did Amazon delete my book reviews?  Because there was a problem with how you got the reviews”, link.

    I can certainly understand that paying for reviews is unethical (although you would wonder if people pay for Yelp and Angie's List, which both companies adamantly say you cannot).

    I can understand that family is off limits.  But the article also implies social media friends is a no-no.  That’s getting difficult, and I hadn’t heard that before.  People who network enough to sell their books the old fashioned way probably would attract quality Facebook friends and Instagram and twitter followers.  Such a policy would sound a bit self-defeating.

    It is true that there are industry statistics on the expected reasonable ratio of books sold to reviews – it’s high.

    I’ve noticed something else about the POD business.  POD companies often mark the list prices high, which will be only slightly discounted on the Amazon and BN sites, and perhaps some others.  Then they encourage authors to try copies themselves by buying hundreds of copies at maybe 50% off or so.  An author who really wants to operate her own wholesale (with bookstores) and retail (with consumers) could mark them up to about 60% or so and make a profit.  But that would be so time consuming that the author wouldn’t have time for new material.

    It’s frankly very difficult to sell books, or sell advertising on a blog, unless you have built a reputation first in some niche that relates to something people will pay for.  Fiction sometimes provides an exception, but even then it is often niche-like.  Hopefully it’s legitimate (not porn). Given the “gofundme” culture online today (which has become much more prominent than it was two decades ago when I got into this) there is probably opportunity to “sell” in the special needs area – but I have my own psychological and perhaps moral qualms about this.

              Kristen Stewart en el Desfile de Chanel - 02/07/2013        

     Kristen Stewart asistió esta mañana al Desfile de Chanel. A continuación podreis ver las primeras fotos de la actriz, que fue muy guapa:


    Twitpics: 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9| 10| 11| 12 | 13| 14| 15| 16| 17| 18| 19| 20
    Videos: 1| 2| 3| 4|
    Vía RobstenDreams /
    Todo Twilight Saga
              Primer Vistazo a la Campaña de Robert Pattinson para Dior Homme + Detalles sobre la Conferencia de Prensa        
    La espera ha terminado: POR FIN tenemos las primeras imagenes (aunque estén en mala calidad, mejor que nada) de Robert Pattinson en el famoso y esperadísimo anuncio para Dior. OMG tiene muy buena pinta.

    Para ver el video tendremos que esperar un poquito más :(

    Dior: Dior se complace en anunciar que el actor Robert Pattinson es la nueva cara de la fragancia Dior Homme fragrance. #DiorRob

    De la web de Dior Mag

    "El hombre detrás del perfume"
    Él ha vuelto de Autralia dónde estaba rodando la nueva película de David Michod con Guy Pierce, The Rover. Y pronto comenzará el rodaje de Maps to the Stars de David Cronenberg junto a John Cusack y Julianne Moore. Y luego será el turno de Hold On To Me, de James Marsh. Alguna idea? Preciavente, estuvo en Cosmopolis y Water For Elephants. Los cinéfilos deberían haberlo averiguado ya... Y su primer papel? Cedric Diggory en la cuarta entrega de la serie de Harry Potter. Caliente? Y luego... Bueno luego, por supuesto, vino la inolvidable Twilight Saga. No puede quedar ninguna duda, y lo has averiguado: Robert Pattinson dará cuerpo al nuevo hombre Dior, el nuevo Dior Homme.


    • Primeras Imagenes:    

    • Yves Bongarçon: Rob dice en el anuncio: "Sueña como si fueras a vivir para siempre. Vive como si fueras a morir hoy"
    Canción usada para el anuncio:

    Conferencia de Prensa: 

    *Es una periodista famosa aquí en España. Ella escribe para revistas como Vogue y GQ ;)*
    #Dior y #RobertPattinson que combinación para esta noche...

    Tiempo para él
    Estamos listos amantes del tumblr, el anuncio de #Dior con #RobertPattinson es muy sexy
    #RobertPattinson está delante de mí hablando, es agradable, lindo, dulce y dice que le encanta el olor de Londres

    "Como un actor tu estas por tu cuenta" #RobertPattinson

    Lo siento no permiten tomar Fotos de él
    Fiesta de Dior Homme en Soho House





    Sí, Rob esta aquí

    *Este chico se encuentra en la fiesta y efectivamente ha confirmado que Rob ya se encuentra en Soho House :)*
    Cenando con #RobertPattinson. Realmente genial
    *Natalie Portman también se encuentra allí, recuerden que ella es imagen de Miss Dior*


    • De Women's Wear Daily:

    PARIS - Christian Dior Perfumes ha confirmado que el actor Robert Pattinson es la nueva cara de la fragancia de Dior Homme.
    La estrella de "Crepúsculo" se une a una lista de embajadores famosos iluestres para las fragancias de Dior, que incluyen a Jude Law, Alain Delon, Natalie Portman y Charlize Theron.
    El fotógrafo americano Nan Goldin y el director francés Romain Gavrais grabaron las campañas que protagoniza Pattinson, dijo Dior, haciendo notar que serán difundidas en Europa excluyendo UK, y Asia, excluyendo China y Japón.

    • Comunicado Oficial de Dior - De Marie Claire UK

    Después de meses de especulación sobre la colaboración de la estrella con la marca, la casa de Dior ha lanzado un comunicado oficial hoy confirmando la campaña.
    Ellos han dicho: 'La Casa de Dior está encantada de anunciar que el actor Robert Pattinson va a ser la nueva cara de la fragancia Dior Homme'.
    El comunicado después alaba la exitosa carrera de Robert en un gran número de películas de alto-perfil, diciendo: 'Desde su primer papel relevante en 2005 en la 4º secuela de Harry Potter, la estrella de cine Robert Pattinson ha sido más conocido recientemente por su papel en el éxito de taquilla, The Twilight Saga.
    'Desde entonces él ha probado el alacance de sus talentos actorales eligiendo películas tan variadas como Remember Me de Allen Coulter, Water for Elephants de Francia Lawrence, en la que fue protagonista junto a Reese Witherspoon, o con su papel como Bel-Ami, el famoso personaje de Maupassant.
    En el último tributo a su talento, David Cronenberg le escogió para protagonizar su última película, Cosmopolis, adaptada de la novela de Don De Lillo. Un papel sorprendente como el chico de oro que se estrenó en el Festival de Cine de Cannes de 2012.
    Recientemente ha terminado de grabar The Rover, de David Michod, en Australia con Guy Pearce y pronto estará en el set en la próxima película de David Cronenberg, Maps To The Stars. Después, protagonizará Hold On To Me, dirigida por James Marsh y co-protagonizada por Carey Mulligan'.
    Dior Homme añade: 'Hoy estamos emocionados de anunciar que se unirá al privilegiado círculo de caras de Dior. Fotografiado por el artista americano Nan Goldin y grabado por el director francés Romain Gavras, esta nueva campaña publicitaria de Dior Homme será distribuida ahora exclusivamente en Europa (excepto UK) y Asia (excepto China y Japón).



    Y es que acabamos de saber que la maison le ha nombrado imagen de la nueva fragancia masculina de Dior Homme. El 'estreno' de esta nueva faceta lo podremos ver en septiembre, cuando se presentarán el perfume y la campaña con Robert como protagonista.

    Además, Glamour será la primera de las revistas femeninas en tener una entrevista exclusiva con el actor. Será en el número de septiembre, y en ella nos contará todos los detalles de su nueva faceta como embajador de una firma de lujo. No es la primera vez que Robert Pattinson trabaja como modelo (recordemos que los inicios de su carrera fueron posando) pero sí lo es como imagen de una casa como Dior.

    Fuentes 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Traducción: LaSagaRobsten

    Todo Twilight Saga
              Instagram Model Jennifer Pamplona Injects Four Pints of Fat Into Her Booty to Look Like Kim K        
    Curves are in - just ask Jennifer Pamplona, who injected four pints of fat into her booty to look like Kim Kardashian. The Brazilian...
              Galaxy Dolomites by Daniel F.        

    Galaxy Dolomites by Daniel F.

    VIDEO TUTORIALS BILDBEARBEITUNG WEBSITE INSTAGRAM Many techniques used on this image are demonstrated in my set of in depth tutorials. Just check out my website for more information. ____ Viele der hier angewandten Techniken werden sehr ausführlich in meinen aktuellen Video Tutorials demonstriert. Mehr Infos dazu findet Ihr auf meiner Website.

    Daniel F.: Photos

              Dark Forest by Lars van de Goor        

    Dark Forest by Lars van de Goor

    Best Seen on Black, hit the M | WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM |

    Lars van de Goor: Photos

              Who Packed your Parachute – Premium Flyer Template + Instagram Size Flyer        
    The Who Packed your Parachute – Premium Flyer Template + Instagram Size Flyer is the exclusive Photoshop PSD flyer template designed by ExclusiveFlyer to promote your Who Packed your Parachute – Premium Flyer Template + Instagram Size Flyer . This is a modern, stylish flyer and just be used for a Church Events, Concerts etc.

    [membership][button href="" colorstart="#000000" colorend="#FFFFFF" colortext="#FFFFFF" icon_size="12" class="" target="_top" color="red-button" align="horizontal" width="large" icon="icon-align-center" ]DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE[/button][/membership]

              Church Night – Premium Flyer Template + Instagram Size Flyer        
    The Church Night is the exclusive Photoshop PSD flyer template designed by ExclusiveFlyer to promote your Church Night. This is a modern, stylish flyer and just be used for a Gospel Concert, Pray Day, Churcn Event etc.

    [membership][button href="" colorstart="#000000" colorend="#FFFFFF" colortext="#FFFFFF" icon_size="12" class="" target="_top" color="red-button" align="horizontal" width="large" icon="icon-align-center" ]DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE[/button][/membership]


    アメブロを更新しました。 『リフォームフェア最終日!!』 #マツヤマ #カナート洛北店…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月10日 - 11:53



    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月10日 - 12:48

    アメブロを更新しました。 『京都ならではの結婚指輪~お盆にフェア開催中~【京都本店】』 #婚約指輪 #セットリング…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月10日 - 13:46

    アメブロを更新しました。 『暑い・・・』 #ラクセーヌ #パイソンバッグ…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月10日 - 15:11

    ブログを更新しました。 『お知らせ✴︎』…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月10日 - 15:16

    アメブロを更新しました。 『パライバネックレス』…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月10日 - 15:37

    アメブロを更新しました。 『幅広&ストレートフォルムが人気★個性的デザインで差をつける【葵山葵】結婚指輪』 #雅 #横浜元町…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月10日 - 15:58

    アメブロを更新しました。 『凛とした大人におススメ!ウェーブラインの品のある結婚指輪 雅 表参道』 #雅 #表参道…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月10日 - 18:54


    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月9日 - 11:29


    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月9日 - 11:43

    アメブロを更新しました。 『ジュエリー何でも相談会2日目!!』 #マツヤマ #カナート洛北店…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月9日 - 13:32

    アメブロを更新しました。 『人気のピンクダイヤ&ブラックダイヤが輝く【葵山葵-翠-】細身ウェーブラインの結婚指輪』 #雅 #横浜元町…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月9日 - 14:18

    アメブロを更新しました。 『8/11・12・13☆ジュエリーリフォームの達人来店!☆』 #達人 #夏空…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月9日 - 14:25

    アメブロを更新しました。 『【LAPAGE】ずっと着けるなら華やかな婚約指輪にしたい♪ 結婚指輪 雅横浜元町店』 #婚約指輪 #結婚指輪…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月9日 - 14:32

    エステシモ プレサート ファイン ウォッシュ✨

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月8日 - 11:09

    ブログを更新しました。 『お肌はスッキリ✴︎』…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月8日 - 12:19

    アメブロを更新しました。 『ジュエリー何でも相談会本日から!!』 #マツヤマ #カナート洛北店…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月8日 - 16:25

    アメブロを更新しました。 『パイソンバッグ新入荷・』 #パイソンバッグ #カラーバリエーション…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月8日 - 17:00

    アメブロを更新しました。 『無限大のセミオーダーが出来るAFFLUXの指輪【京都本店】』 #京都本店 #雅…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月8日 - 17:30

    アメブロを更新しました。 『★オススメ商品と、お盆休みのお知らせ★』…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月8日 - 18:23

    アメブロを更新しました。 『結婚指輪と婚約指輪が綺麗に重なるデザイン、重ね着けには雅の樹氷と二世の契りがオススメ 雅 恵』 #結婚指輪 #婚約指輪…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月8日 - 18:49

    アメブロを更新しました。 『本日水曜日は定休日でございます。婚約・結婚指輪専門店 雅-miyabi- 表参道』 #雅 #表参道…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月8日 - 19:34

    アメブロを更新しました。 『大人気!コーチ ウォレット』…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月6日 - 12:35


    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月6日 - 13:44

    アメブロを更新しました。 『表情可愛い♪細身のライン 結婚指輪 婚約指輪 雅横浜元町店  』 #婚約指輪 #結婚指輪…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月6日 - 14:09



    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月6日 - 15:25

    アメブロを更新しました。 『明後日よりリフォームフェア開催!!』 #マツヤマ #カナート洛北店…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月6日 - 16:41

    アメブロを更新しました。 『【AFFLUX】シンプルでお洒落♪プラチナ素材の結婚指輪・婚約指輪 雅 表参道』 #婚約指輪 #雅…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月6日 - 20:17

    アメブロを更新しました。 『日本の自然と趣ある情景をモチーフにデザイン.:*葵山葵のブライダルリング【京都本店】』 #結婚指輪 #婚約指輪…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月6日 - 20:22

    カバーマーク史上No. 1のカバー力💡

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月5日 - 12:25

    アメブロを更新しました。 『ウェーブラインのシンプルな結婚指輪・婚約指輪♪ プラチナ 18金 プロポーズ 雅 表参道』 #結婚指輪 #婚約指輪…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月5日 - 13:39

    アメブロを更新しました。 『個性的☆デザイン性ある 結婚指輪 雅 元町店』 #結婚指輪 #婚約指輪…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月5日 - 15:08

    アメブロを更新しました。 『無限大のセミオーダー☆二人らしい結婚指輪(マリッジリング)を見つけよう♪【京都本店】』 #結婚指輪 #婚約指輪…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月5日 - 17:24

    アメブロを更新しました。 『ジュエリー何でも相談会☆8日から』 #何でも相談会 #マツヤマ…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月5日 - 18:09

    アメブロを更新しました。 『輝くシンプルなウェーブの結婚指輪☆【京都本店】』 #ウェーブ #結婚指輪…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月5日 - 18:57

    上からシリコンマスクを重ねるのも効果的です♪( ´θ`)ノ…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月4日 - 11:58

    アメブロを更新しました。 『和風ブランド【葵山葵】が贈る❤美しくて丈夫な鍛造製法の結婚指輪 雅-miyabi-横浜元町店』 #雅 #横浜元町…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月4日 - 14:04

    アメブロを更新しました。 『★ジュエリー何でも相談会★』…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月4日 - 14:43

    ブログを更新しました。 『フレッシュな香りが人気✴︎』…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月4日 - 14:49

    アメブロを更新しました。 『流れるような美しいダイヤモンドが施された結婚指輪【京都本店】』 #京都本店 #雅…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月4日 - 16:09

    アメブロを更新しました。 『笑うふたりに幸きたる♡一目ぼれの結婚指輪“いろは”【京都本店】』 #結婚指輪 #マリッジリング…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月4日 - 16:38

    アメブロを更新しました。 『リフォームフェア、8月8日より開催!!』 #マツヤマ #カナート洛北店…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月4日 - 18:03

    アメブロを更新しました。 『もう八月なのねん☆』 #ダンシングストーン #ラクセーヌ…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月4日 - 18:15

    アメブロを更新しました。 『重ね付けにおススメ♪シンプルで可愛い大人の結婚指輪♪ 結婚指輪・婚約指輪 雅 表参道』 #婚約指輪 #結婚指輪…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月4日 - 18:40

    50g 5,500円(税抜)…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月3日 - 11:41

    ブログを更新しました。 『完成✴︎』…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月3日 - 12:21

    アメブロを更新しました。 『お得なマツヤマカードご紹介』…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月3日 - 12:40

    アメブロを更新しました。 『【葵山葵】個性的でカッコいい☆人と差をつける 結婚指輪 雅横浜元町店』 #結婚指輪 #雅…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月3日 - 14:53

    アメブロを更新しました。 『¥1,000均一ウォッチ』…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月3日 - 15:37

    アメブロを更新しました。 『曲線美のオンリーワンの結婚指輪 雅 表参道』 #エンゲージリング #マリッジリング…

    — 有限会社マツヤマ 【Matsuyama】 (@Matsuyama1945) 2017年8月3日 - 19:42








































































































              Ð’ ДТП погибла российская мотоциклистка - звезда Instagram        
    Фото: Газета.ruО том, какую скорость могла развить женщина на спортбайке, не сообщается. Те, кто знал погибшую, не исключают, что во время гонки она могла снимать видео.

              The Bastille Day Attack: The Fateful Day in Nice        
    It was the French version of the 4th of July, Bastille Day. As the fireworks ended, a horrific scene broke out. Credits: Instagram/@IAMPPSTHLM, Instagram/GA.Morrow, Instagram/alex_bulucea_Instagram, Nader El Shafei
              Justin Theroux Loves to Shout-Out Costars on Instagram        
    The actor's social media is all about giving praise to the famous pals he's starred alongside.
              Coffee cake!        
    Last night I made a coffee cake. I LOVE coffee cake. My grandmother used to make a coffee cake she called "Merk's." I have no idea who or what Merk's was, but the coffee cake was a sour cream batter with nuts and brown sugar layered between the batter. Never failed to get me up in the morning when I smelled it out of the oven.

    So, following that memory, when I saw Shutterbean's post on her mothers traditional coffee cake, I needed to make it. I went out and bought sour cream specifically for the purpose. Of course, seeing as it is only me and the boy in our house, there was no way I needed 12-16 servings sitting around taunting me while I work from home. Plus, I don't have a bundt pan. So I halved the recipe and improvised:

    It's a smaller pan - I believe it's the 7-8" range and I stuck a greased metal prep cup in the middle. I should have weighted it because as the cake rose, it pushed the cup out with it. So the hole doesn't go all the way's just an indent. No worries though! It still worked! It was also about 10 pm, so rather than trying to document something that would have dingy images, I just instagrammed it. (Yep. That's a word).

    And I had a bit left over batter, (and I knew that waiting 20 minutes for the cake to cool wasn't going to fly with our impatience for sweets) I made a tiny one for the boy and I to share:

    I made a bit of the maple glaze to go over it, but really, it's sweet and moist enough without it. And of course, we had some leftover for our breakfast this morning.....

    Though, right now we are attempting to finish the champagne with Mimosa's. Everyone knows you can't keep champagne, right?! Hehe. Happy Sunday!!
              Corned beef in my new Dutch oven!        

    (see full image)

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              11- Where I sleep        

    (see full image)

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              9- Daily routine        

    (see full image)

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              My sky (today)        

    (see full image)

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              5- Something I wore        

    (see full image)

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              #4- letterbox        

    (see full image)

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              #3- something I adore        

    (see full image)

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              Book Review - The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith        
    René Magritte Disclaimer: I have been a fan of these two guys for quite a few years now, and I loved their first book. So it may not come as a huge surprise that I am enjoying this one, too, which they were kind enough to send me as an advance copy free of charge.

    Let's start with the first page. You know, the frontispiece, the one after the dedications and the table of contents. It says:

    Ceci n'est pas un social networking book.

    So what does this tell us? First of all, that these guys know their Belgian surrealists - that's a twist on a very famous painting, The Treachery of Images, by René Magritte. They are signalling to us that they are smart, funny and cultured. If we are in on that secret, that means we are smart, funny and cultured, too! A good start. The statement is accurate, too - it's not a book about social networking, although obviously said networks are an important tool in their arsenal.

    I was more amused than illuminated by their attempt to quantify the social impact of a business, person or brand using an actual equation, where the variables make a cute mnemonic, no less:

        C x (R + E + A + T + E)

    C = Contrast
    R = Reach
    E = Exposure
    A = Articulation
    T = Trust
    E = Echo

    These are all interesting and useful concepts, and they are nicely broken up into sections: Ideas (which includes Contrast and Articulation), Platforms (which includes Reach and Exposure) and Network (Trust and Echo).

    It all makes consummate sense - you need to start with a good idea (with high contrast and well articulated, so people will get excited about it), but you need a platform to share it with the world (reach a lot of people and get them exposed to the ideas), and most importantly, you need a network of people who care and will share it with their friends, because you have built trust and you echo, or resonate, with their lives and concerns.

    They talk about matters as abstruse as bravery in life and as concrete as mind-mapping, whether in the form of those oval thingies with tails or whole storyboards. The book is chock-full of fascinating stories, from the Dollar Shave Club to Instagram, and analyses all of these businesses to see how they measure up in terms of the Impact Equation.

    One could argue that anybody who has been around on the Net long enough (and has read Seth Godin, Clay Shirky, Chris Garrett, et al.) could have come up with these criteria for success, but Chris and Julien sat down and clarified them for us, and for this we should all be profoundly grateful. That they also peppered their book with examples and good advice as to what has worked well for them makes it even better and more useful - but I really think their main contribution has been to put into words what so many have been struggling to articulate.

    Oh, and their book is just snicker-out-loud funny sometimes. "Welcome to the new tools, same as the old. Only better, because you actually know what to do with them. It's almost like puberty all over again." OK, I'm juvenile. Shoot me.

    In conclusion, I enjoyed The Impact Equation, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to make a mark out there in The World.

    P.S. It's my 100th blog post! Yikes. How did that sneak up on me? Paaarty!
              Editors’ round-up: 18 car-camping essentials for your next excursion        

    With the explosion of interest in the #Vanlife movement taking over Instagram, social media accounts and basically the entire web, there’s a newfound, much broader attention on camping and getting outdoors with friends, family, the dog, etc. Given the growing popularity of hitting the trail without leaving all the comforts of home behind, we’ve compiled […]

    The post Editors’ round-up: 18 car-camping essentials for your next excursion appeared first on Freeskier Magazine.

              The 15 most watched ski-related Jerry of the Day Instagrams of 2017        

    After hours of research and statistical analysis, the team at FREESKIER is proud to present the most watched ski-related Jerry of the Day Instagrams of 2017 (so far). During the production phase of these clips, the athletes on camera were in full send mode, and, therefore, their actions require the utmost respect. There are no […]

    The post The 15 most watched ski-related Jerry of the Day Instagrams of 2017 appeared first on Freeskier Magazine.

              INSTAGRAM week!        

     Short story  this week on my instagram account.

    Busy, busy, running from one place to another, with healthy snacks along. Almonds, bannana shake and water(trying to drink more). Had a treat too, white chocolate, that I shared, didn't eat it all on my own.
    Now for three days I am trying not to eat any kind of bread, nothing with flour, no sugar( just one Tspoon in my coffee), no salt, no dairy, just fruits and vegetables mostly smoothies and a salad per day. Cleansing a bit before Easter. 
    I've also been working on a little present for my godson, I hope he will like his new plimsolls.
    Other than that, working on orders and trying to be up to date with everything.

    Un rezumat al saptamanii mele pe instagram.
    Treaba peste treaba, alergat prin oras, a se citi condus, pentru ca nu o sa alerg la propriu  cand am ceva de rezolvat ca as fi varza:))) toata transpirata sa ma intalnesc cu clienti, ar fugii lumea de mine.
    Incerc sa imi iau la mine gustari sanatoase, migdale, shakeul meu de banane , si apa, pentru ca trebuie sa ma obisnuiesc sa beau mai multa. Ati vazut si ciocolata, alba, pe care am impartit-o, nu am mancat o tabla singura, cu toate ca puteam:)).
    Pentru trei zile , acum  incerc sa nu mananc paine deloc, nici fainoase, fara zahar(doar o lingurita in cafea), fara sare sau produse lactate. Doar legume si fructe, nuci, alune ne prajite, facute shake , si o salata pe zi. sa vedem daca ma tin de cura asta inainte de Paste, poate o tin mai mult, dar cu cate aniversari am de sarbatorit saptamana asta , nu stiu cum voi reusii. (tort!) 
    Am lucrat putin si la cadou pentru finutul meu, sper sa ii placa noii lui tenisi:P
    Inafara de asta, comenzile clientelor mele dragi.
    Ati fi curioase sa va arata cateva din ele?

              BADass Attitude        
     be BOLD...... be BEAUTIFUL!

    Really busy days, but I got these pictures from Bilootza Photography and I really want to share them with you . I'm in love with the result!  Alina, our model, has a super attitude, she moves and acts natural, it;s in her blood! I styled the new lace, leather bra and harness that you've seen on my instagram.
    So what do you say? Love it?
    Great news fomr ROMWE, check the details below

    Zile pline si putin timp, dar azi am primit fotografiile astea de la Bilootza, si vroiam neaparat sa vi le arat cat mai repede! Sunt super incantata de ce a iesit si imi doream de mult sa realizam asa un concept. Am facut stylingul cu multa piele, noual ham si sutien la care lucram acum cateva zile, pe care probabil le-ati si vazut pe instagram. ALina, modelul nostru, a fost atat de naturala in miscari, atitudine, are talentul in sange, e superba!
    Mie imi place maxim! Voua?
    Am vesti bune si de la ROMWe putin mai jos!

    White And Black Fluid Striped Shirt
    1am 3rd April GMT, lasts only 24 hours!
    400 pieces for $9.99! Don’t miss out.
    It’ll help you save 75% in total

              Biodata Afifah Nasir Pelakon Cantik Adik Anzalna Nasir         
    Biodata Afifah Nasir Pelakon Cantik Adik Anzalna Nasir |Korang kenal pelakon cantik dan jelita Afifah Nasir? Nur Afifah binti Md Nasir atau lebih dikenali sebagai Afifah Nasir adalah adik kepada Anzalna Nasir yang juga seorang pelakon. Adik Anzalna Nasir ini baru menjinakkan diri dalam bidang lakonan dari tahun 2015 hingga kini. Baru-baru ini isu membabitkan Afifah Nasir dan aktor terkenal, Aliff Aziz telah membuatkan namanya semakin menjadi bualan ekoran orang ketiga dalam isu rumahtangga Bella Astilla dan Aliff Aziz. Afifah Nasir kini akan muncul dalam drama terbaru berjudul Izinkan Aku Mencintaimu. Jom terjah biodata Afifah Nasir!

    Biodata Afifah Nasir Pelakon Cantik Adik Anzalna Nasir

    Biodata Afifah Nasir Pelakon Cantik Adik Anzalna Nasir 

    Nama Penuh : Nur Afifah binti Md Nasir
    Nama Komersial : Afifah Nasir
    Umur : 24 tahun (2017)
    Asal : Tasek Gelugor, Pulau Pinang
    Adik-Beradik Afifah Nasir : Anzalna Nasir (kakak)
    Pendidikan : Lulusan Psikologi dan Komunikasi dari Universiti di Australia
    Pekerjaan : Pelakon
    Drama : Aku Bukan Bimbo, Jasmine, Cinta 11 Syarat, Lara Aishah, Pengantinku Jatuh Dari Langit, My Sweet Lavender, Bahagia Kasihmu
    Instagram Afifah Nasir : @afifahnasir93

    Gambar Afifah Nasir Cun Melecun 

    Biodata Afifah Nasir Pelakon Cantik Adik Anzalna Nasir

              Biodata Idris Khan Pelakon Pinggan Tak Retak Nasi Tak Dingin        
    Biodata Idris Khan Pelakon Pinggan Tak Retak Nasi Tak Dingin|Anda kenal pelakon kacak dan tinggi lampai bernama Idris Khan? Idris Khan bin Abdul Ghaffar Khan atau lebih dikenali sebagai Idris Khan adalah pelakon lelaki yang makin terkenal dalam seni hiburan Malaysia. Beliau terkenal melalui drama Duda Terlajak Laris dan Uda & Dara. Kini Idris Khan muncul dalam drama terbaru berjudul Pinggan Tak Retak Nasi Tak Dingin bersama Raysha Rizrose dan Azrel Ismail di slot Akasia tv3. Jom kenali biodata Idris Khan!

    Biodata Idris Khan Pelakon Pinggan Tak Retak Nasi Tak Dingin

    Biodata Idris Khan Pelakon Pinggan Tak Retak Nasi Tak Dingin

    Nama Penuh : Idris Khan bin Abdul Ghaffar Khan
    Nama Komersial : Idris Khan
    Umur : 29 tahun (2017)
    Asal : Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
    Penglibatan : Finalis Hero Remaja tahun 2007/2008
    Pendidikan : Jurusan Perniagaan Antarabangsa di Universiti HELP
    Kerjaya : Pelakon & Model
    Drama : Abang Sado Jemur Kain, Cinta Hati Abah, Uda & Dara, Bodyguard, Duda Terlajak Laris, Mr. Donut Karamel, Pinggan Tak Retak Nasi Tak Dingin (2017)
    Telemovie : Kak Marr Raya, Trauma, Syawal Yang Kuinginkan
    Instagram Idris Khan :
              Now is a Great Time to Try Civilization VI        

    What are you waiting for? Sure, we’re biased, but the fine folks at Kotaku aren’t!

    Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett is one of the many thousands of people to take advantage of the hundreds of user-created mods made available since Steam Workshop has been added to Civilization VI. “I can definitely recommend jumping back in and trying some of this new stuff out,” he writes. And, as we continue to update the game, it’s only going to get better!

    So why not give it a try? A free demo for Civilization VI has released today on PC, making it the perfect time to try the latest entry in this iconic series. You can check out the tutorial or play a pre-set map to your heart’s content; there are no limits to how many times you can play the demo. Download it by heading on over to the Civilization VI page here.
    We’re dedicated to making Civilization VI the best possible game and look forward to your feedback as we continue to support the title. We thank you for your constant support. Stay civilized!

    Follow the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #OneMoreTurn, and be sure to follow the Civilization franchise on social media to keep up to date with the latest news and information on Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.


              Announcing the Civilization VI ‘AI Battle Royale’ on Twitch        

    Sid Meier’s Civilization VI will be in your hands soon when it launches on October 21. Soon, you’ll be able to lead one of history’s renowned civilizations to greatness, but which civ has the honor of being called the greatest? Civilization fans have been furiously making their arguments, but we feel there’s no better way to solve an argument than by letting each civ go at it in a no-holds-barred Battle Royale!

    Join us LIVE on Wednesday, October 19 at 3:30pm ET / 12:30pm PT / 8:30pm BST on as we pit eight of history’s greatest rulers against each other in an entirely AI-controlled game of Civilization VI. Find out who has what it takes to create a civilization to last the test of time!

    The developers behind Civilization VI will be giving live commentary as we watch eight AI-controlled civs go at it. Anything can happen!

    The “Civilization VI AI Battle Royale” will feature the following eight civs:
    • Aztecs
    • Brazil
    • England
    • Greece (Gorgo)
    • Japan
    • Rome
    • Russia
    • Spain
    Catch every turn, live on at 3:30pm ET / 12:30pm PT / 8:30pm BST on Wednesday, October 19. If you aren’t able to join us live, the full VOD will be posted to the Civilization YouTube channel[] shortly afterwards.

    If you haven’t caught up on everything new in Civilization VI, check out our First Look video series which showcases new civs, features, and behind-the-scenes looks at the game!

    Follow the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #OneMoreTurn, and be sure to follow the Civilization franchise on social media to keep up to date with the latest news and information on Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.
              Civilization VI - First Look Video Series        

    We've been posting Civilization VI videos like crazy on our YouTube page. Here is the playlist for our First Look series, in case any of you need to catch up on what's been revealed so far.
    We've also shared a few Wonder Movies - vignettes that play in the game engine when you complete construction of a Wonder - and you'll definitely want to check those out. With the in-game day/night cycle, these really shine!

    Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #OneMoreTurn, and be sure to follow the Civilization franchise on social media to keep up to date with the latest news and information on Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.
              Sean Bean Narrates Civilization VI E3 2016 Gameplay Video        

    We've posted a new video on our YouTube channel. This 12 minute long video is narrated by Sean Bean and provides a great overview of the Civilization VI experience, including a sneak peek at Cleopatra!

    Watch and subscribe to our YouTube page for EXCLUSIVE First Look videos and more.

    Follow Civilization on social media:
              Theodore Roosevelt Leads the Americans in Civilization VI        
    The Americans have been a fixture in the Civilization series since its inception 25 years ago, and in Civilization VI they are being led by the nation’s 26th president, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.

    Learn more about the Americans, including their unique units and building, by clicking the link below.

    Info ➜
              Naomi Campbell goes topless on Instagram for ‘free the nipple’ campaign        
    Supermodel Naomi Campbell dared to bare her breasts in an Instagram photo as part of the “free the nipple” campaign to protest the social networking site’s stance on nudity. Campbell shared the topless photo by Paolo Riversi from her Garage magazine shoot on Tuesday. The image has since been removed from Instagram, but the image





    ART HOUSE納品分↓









    LINEI@ID➡︎ @zsh1409v

    ご注文は LINEでご連絡下さい。


    横幅 10㎝、縦 5㎝





    Instagram ãƒ» Facebook ãƒ»twitter














    Instagram ãƒ» Facebook ãƒ»twitter















    Instagram ãƒ» Facebook ãƒ»twitter


    いつも置かせてもらってるART HOUSEさんに関ジャニ∞の番組「ジャニ勉」が取材にきたよ❤︎











    ART HOUSEさんに行った事ある人しか分からないよぅな程度だったわ。









    Instagram ãƒ» Facebook ãƒ»twitter

              ãƒãƒ£ãƒ©ãƒ³ãƒ 小春 ソロライブ        

    チャラン・ポ・ランタン 小春のソロライブ






    マネージャーのねこ太さんがインスタにあげてた、オモチャのアコーディオンを弾きまくる姿 ãƒ›ãƒ³ãƒˆã«ãƒ¤ãƒã‚¤ã§ã™âœ¨
    マリン ブローチの色展開したよ。

    横幅 4㎝、縦 5㎝



    Instagram ãƒ» Facebook ãƒ»twitter

              Supper at Restoran Chief Ikan Bakar        
    Salam Alaik
    Salam jumaat yang barokah buat semua.
    Restoran Chief Ikan Bakar ni depan umah je kami kat sungai tua ni.
    Last week, balik kije malam..
    Since lapo sangat and tak berapa sangat dinner sebelumnya.. singgahlah kedai ni tuk menjamu selera kononnya..

    Ikan Siakap Masak 3 Rasa
    yang ini menu ala carte untuk ikan.
    pilih kat luar, timbang and bagithu nak masak ape..
    bakar boleh, sweet sour boleh, 3 rasa boleh..
    semua pun boleh..
    harga mengikut berat, sebab harga tulis situ :
    100g = RM5
    so malam tu berat ikan dalam 400g+ : RM22 berapa ntah

    Daging Masak Merah.
    yang ni menu dalam salah satu set yang kitaorg order.
    set tu rega RM23.
    makan tuk dua orang.
    nasi putih dua
    sayur kailan masin (kami mintak tukar kerabu mangga)
    telur dadar
    tomyam seafood
    daging masak merah
    tu set yang kami ambil.
    ade fews lagi yg lebih kurang macam set yang kitaorg makan.
    rega pun set2 tersebut antara RM18 - RM23
    tu set yang makan tuk sorang ke dua orang
    kalau set lain, lagilah lain harganya.

    Ni la tomyam seafood tu.
    meletop rasa..
    total termasuk air : RM52++
    rasanya ade termasuk nasik tambah 1.
    ingat - ingat lupa.

    sapa - sapa tingin nak singgah Restoran Chief Ikan Bakar ni
    boleh lah tengok alamat di bawah:

    Restoran Chief Ikan Bakar
    Lot. 4706C, Jalan Sungai Tua, 
    Jalan  Mahkota, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor

    013-4444211 / 019-7919977

    Facebook: Restoran Chief Ikan Bakar
    Instagram : Restoran Chief Ikan Bakar

    kalau macam tak sure kat mana, sila cari jalan nak ke HULU YAM
    insyaa Allah jumpa la restoran ni.
    tepi jalan je

              Türkiye, Eurovision’a Geri Dönüyor! Mu?        
    Sertab Erener, önceki akşam vereceği konserden önce yaptığı Instagram canlı yayınında gelen soruları yanıtladı.   Eurovision ile ilgili gelen bir soru üzerine Türkiye’nin gelecek yıl Eurovision’a geri döneceğini ve katılacak şarkıcıya şimdiden başarılar dilediğini söyledi.   Bunun üzerine resmi kurumlardan şu ana kadar herhangi bir yalanlama veya katılacağımız yönünde bir açıklama yapılmadı.   Sertab Erener‘in bu […]
              Let's talk about Harry        
    You know in the old days Prince Harry just used to be the less attractive, douchey little brother of Prince William that used to get drunk and turn up to parties dressed as a Nazi. I mean, basically he was just a dude behaving like any other dude of his age, but as a prince I guess everyone got to hear about it and have an opinion about it. Sucks to be a prince I guess. Especially if your mum died when you were just a boy.

    But after following a couple of royal Instagram accounts, I gotta tell ya, I really kinda dig Harry. I mean, I guess it is in everyone's interest, including his own, that he works with and promotes charities, but if he was a real douche he'd probably just hang out in Monaco snorting coke of chicks' tits, right? I really like how he's always publicly getting HIV tests to promote HIV prevention. Here he is getting tested with Rhianna.

    I like how he talks about mental health issues and how hard he had it dealing with his mother's death. You know, like he would. I mean, sure it's all palace approved but he still does it and I gotta say word up to that guy. I know he gets lots of cool stuff like nice cars and good champagne and free trips and tax-payer funded income so he probably should be doing some good for the world, but word on him for doing that.

              Zomerse Primark Shoplog        
    Voor vakantie nog even de Primark binnen wippen en de laatste dingen meenemen, je kent het wel. Je snapt dan ook wel dat ik weer met veel meer terug kwam dan nodig had. En dacht, een shoplog is ook wel weer eens leuk. Kijken jullie met me mee? Vergeet je natuurlijk niet te abonneren, vind ik leuk! Volg mij: Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – Youtube – Bloglovin’
              Shoplog met HEMA, Steps, Kruidvat en meer!        
    Van de week ben ik er meerdere malen op uit getrokken en heb best wel wat leuke nieuwe dingen gekocht. Onder andere veel kleding, wat lifestyle spulletjes en ik laat jullie mijn super leuke goodiebags van LUSH en Pandora zien, kijken jullie met mij mee? Vergeet je natuurlijk niet te abonneren, vind ik leuk! De producten van LUSH en Pandora heb ik gekregen Volg mij: Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – Youtube – Bloglovin’
              Grote Sale Shoplog!        
    Het is het einde van de sale en dan willen alle winkels graag van hun spullen af. De uitgelezen kans voor mij om een paar mooie items met flink veel korting te kunnen scoren. Afgelopen week heb ik mijn pinpas niet in mijn zak gehouden en een aantal leuke items gekocht, kijken jullie mee? Volg mij: Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – Youtube – Bloglovin’
              Comment on Styling a Blush Fashion Trend For Summer by Esther        
    Darling, your outfit is so awesome. The color of the dress is fantastic. I fell in love with the Gucci bag. I follow you on Instagram now too. -Your pictures are amazing, Have a nice weekend. Love, Esther
              Marcelle : une nouvelle adresse gourmande à Paris        

    J'aimerais vous parler d'une nouvelle adresse gourmande que j'ai découvert sur Paris : Marcelle. Ce nouveau lieu sur la capitale est tenu avec un trio féminin, Ophélie Barès gagnante de l'émission de télévision "Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier ?", Irène Cohen créatrice des vêtements enfants Bonton et Alexandra Delarive qui a déjà lancé les restaurants Marcel et Marlon.

    Je suis allée chez Marcelle pour un goûter avec une copine et ma fille. J'ai choisi ce lieu pour son emplacement central, à 2 pas de Châtelet, pour les gourmandises et aussi la beauté de l'adresse. Nous n'avons pas été déçues.

    On s'est laissé tenter par une tarte aux fraises verveine, un smoothie, un cococut, une brioche nature et une part de cake au chocolat. Tout était délicieux ! Vous pouvez manger sur place, le lieu a 3 étages et même une petite terrasse.

    Il est possible...

    De prendre son petit déjeuner
    De déjeuner 
    De goûter
    Et même de bruncher le samedi ET le dimanche

    Il y a également un petit coin épicerie pour acheter vos produits préférés à consommer à la maison ou à offrir.

    Infos pratiques

    Coffee - Baker - Kitchen
    22, rue Montmartre 75001 Paris
    Le lieu est privatisable
    Ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 8h à 18h
    Samedi - dimanche de 9h à 18h

    N'hésitez-pas à suivre Marcelle sur Instagram !

    Connaissez-vous cette adresse gourmande ?

    Les photos sont de Luciole et moi.

              Maman... Mais pas que ! saison 4 épisode 8        
    Copyright PapaCube

    Le mois de Juillet est arrivé sur la pointe des pieds après un mois de Juin très chargé ! On l'attendait surtout pour les vacances d'été (départ officiel le 25 juillet en Espagne). J'ai fini mon CDD, je suis à la recherche d'un nouveau challenge professionnel.

    Pendant la dernière quinzaine...

    • J'ai fait un aller-retour de 24h en Vendée avec Fleury Michon (j'ai dormi dans un château avec piscine à cette occasion avec mes copines blogueuses)
    • J'ai passé une journée avec mes copines pour un enterrement de vie de jeune fille : spa, séance photo, soirée
    • J'ai organisé un apéro filles à la maison
    • J'ai assisté à une babyshower express pour une copine qui arrive dans quelques jours
    • J'ai reçu un très joli sac Nat & Nin à mon pot de départ

    Cette semaine, je vais essayer d'en profiter également avant que les enfants soient en vacances et qu'on parte quelques jours en Normandie. J'ai d'ores et déjà prévu du shopping, un soin et un déjeuner avec mes copines.

    Vous avez fait quoi pour vous dernièrement ?

    Les mamans lectrices
    Sandrine a fait une session de shopping avec comme butin des espadrilles, une robe et un gilet

    Les mamans blogueuses
    Marie fait le bilan de ses actions maman mais pas que du mois de Juin entre courses et apéro avec les copines
    Isabelle a participé à un tournoi de gym et a fait les soldes

              CiPU présente sa gamme de sac à langer et sacs écologiques        

    La semaine dernière, j'ai pu me rendre à la présentation CiPU (à prononcer "Ci-Pou") qui débarque en France avec des produits écologiques. La créatrice Jarrah Chou a conçue un sac à langer pour répondre dans un premier temps à ses propres besoins en devenant Maman (puis pour celui des autres).

    Ce sac à langer vous permettra de "survivre" à la meilleure aventure de votre vie : devenir parent ! Il est à base de matériaux ultra-légers et imperméable avec 14 compartiments larges et accessibles. Le textile est 100% issu de bouteilles en plastiques recyclées.

    Une large gamme de coloris et de formes

    J'ai d'abord flashé sur les coloris : noir avec pois, rose flashy, gris, jean... Mais également sur les formes ! Les sacs à dos sont déclinés pour les parents et les enfants. Il existe 4 tailles : Baby B-bag, Baby Plus B-Bag, Mini B-Bag et B-Bag.

    Enfin je dois vous parler de la poche secrète brevetée et le mieux c'est de vous montrer cela en vidéo...

    Here's an overview:

    After completing the first two steps, you can now start earning points and redeem rewards!

    What I like most about the app is that aside from the usual features you see on other retail mobile apps like the Catalogue, Store Locator, etc.,

    Penshoppe's also come with a beefed up MyPenshoppe Loyalty program where you can earn 1 point for every Php10 spent (Php1,000 = 10 points) and more! How do like a discount e-voucher on your Birthday? How about an invitation to Penshoppe's exclusive events? All that is in the app!

    Plus, it's also nice to see your celebrity crushes and idols wearing the latest from Penshoppe on the home page enticing you to visit the store and shop now!

    And as a launching treat, the Penshoppe App will give 10% off e-voucher welcome gift to new subscribers for a limited time only.

    About Penshoppe
    Founded in 1986, Penshoppe is the flagship brand of Golden ABC, Inc. Known for its fresh take on casual wear, Penshoppe has since evolved into an international fashion and lifestyle brand located not only in the Philippines but also in other countries in Asia and the middle East, including Indonesia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain, U.A.E, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and in Taiwan through online retail partner Zalora. To know more about Penshoppe, please visit or follow them on Facebook at Penshoppe, on Instagram with handle @penshoppe, on Twitter as @PENSHOPPE, and on Snapchat at @teampenshoppe.

    This November, ShopBack Philippines will hold their biggest online sale of the year as an early Christmas treat to all their customers with Singles Day: 11/11. ShopBack customers can get up to 31% Upsized Cashback from top Philippine online stores like Lazada and from 11am to 11pm on 11/11, 11 bestsellers from brands like SanDisk, MamyPoko, Nestle, Maybelline, Cherry Mobile and more will be available for purchase at only Php111 after Cashback.

    "We want to give Filipino customers a new way to do their Christmas shopping, and through ShopBack's Singles Day: 11/11 Sale they can get their Christmas list completed and add more money to their savings," said ShopBack Philippines' Country Manager, Ms. Kristina Ay-ay.

    ShopBack Philippines houses over 300 online brands and offers Cashback for every transaction made through its website. The Cashback is credited to a customer's Shopback account after a transaction is made and can the be cashed out to their local bank, PayPal, or GCash account.

    Ms. Ay-ay added, "The Philippines is one of the world's fastest-growing e-commerce markets and through ShopBack, every Filipino will be able to save money while they shop online, especially this Yuletide season.

    Visit to create an account for free or follow ShopBack Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more details on the Singles Day 11/11 Sale.
    One of my airport fears is being held up for something that's inside my hand-carry luggage. I recently experienced that on my way back home from my Taiwan trip and it was nerve-wracking! I overlooked packing this 100ml canister of Super volcanic clay mousse mask I bought from innisfree in my check-in baggage and there I was at the security checkpoint realizing that fear. But luck was on my side that day. They let me through upon checking the product (even though it's 100ml) without taking it. It was not liquid anyway. I was kinda ready to give it up since I bought it for just less than a Php1,000 but a part of me will regret it for sure if the case was otherwise. It's a good product, by the way.

    Now if it was a 100ml bottle of perfume, then that'd be a different story. You know how much a good bottle of perfume costs, right? Add that to the personal fact that I love smelling good always especially on travels.

    I usually bring two kinds of scents. One for when it's hot and the other, for when it's cold. But bringing two bottles of perfume can be a hassle especially at times when the trip is short and when I don't have baggage allowance. In comes Travalo.

    Let's get to know the brand first.

    Travalo originated from the United Kingdom and was launched in October 2009. The brand has won six international awards that include a Red Dot Design Award and a Beauty Challenger Award. Not only has it been raved by bloggers and Youtubers and featured in various publications such as Elle, Cosmopolitan and Style, but it also has won the favor of over 10 million users around the world.

    I'm featuring two atomizers today. The stylish Travalo Classic and it's more affordable sister, the Perfume Pod.

    The Travalo atomizer uses the innovative, patented Genie-S system that allows you to "pump to refill" and instantly transfer your favorite fragrance.
    The Travalo Classic comes in a sleek, rounded casing that makes it easy to slip into bags and pockets and it is also made in lightweight aircraft grade aluminum that doesn't have an ounce of glass on it. It is a little over three inches long and is small enough to fit inside an evening clutch or even your pocket. It stores up to 5ml of perfume and can spray between 65 to 80 times before needing a refill.
    This unique system allows the Travalo to refill in seconds without spillage or exposing it to air. All you have to do is remove the spray nozzle,

    connect the bottom part of the Travalo to the exposed tube, then start pumping the same way you spray your perfume. You can actually check through the clear part of the tube if the content is filled to your liking.

    Travalo Classic is available at the 2F of Travalo SM North EDSA, Lazada Philippines, and at 4L SM Aura and retails at Php999.75.

    Now if you prefer a cheaper alternative, then there's the Perfume Pod for you. Same as the Travalo, it comes with the patented Genie-S refill system. The atomizer is durable, scratch-resistant and shatterproof, and is crystal clear so you can see the perfume inside.
    The Perfume Pod measures three inches in length and carries 5ml of perfume to last you the whole weekend and can spray up to 65 to 80 times before needing to be refilled.
    Perfume Pod is available at the 2F of Travalo SM North EDSA, Lazada Philippines, and at 4L SM Aura and retails at Php349.75.

    Is this something you would like to include in your travel essentials? Sound off in the comments below.

    For more information, follow @travaloph on Instagram and like Travalo Philippines on Facebook.

    Lunch at a floating restaurant? Dinner in the dark? Now those pale in comparison to dining with zombies! Yes, you read that right. For a limited time only, you can now dine with "tamed" zombies at your beck and call.

    This is part of TriNoma's efforts in coming up with exciting new twists for their annual food campaign. For this year, it's Choose Your Own Food Adventure! Remember the book series? Now this one is edible.

    (Open daily from 12nn to 8pm until October 30, 2016 only)

    Hungry for something new? Located at the Level 1 Garden Restaurants is the Zombie Outbreak Diner, a safe post-apocalyptic base camp. The diner is a place for customers to have a unique dining experience with TriNoma's resident zombies. As you take a seat and enjoy your meal, expect to see zombies roaming around, serving you food, or just simply giving you a good scare.
    1. Order a minimum of Php 200 worth from the available food menus at the registration booth at Level 1 Garden Restaurants per person to be granted entrance in the Zombie Outbreak Diner.
    2. Payment should be done at the registration booth.
    3. After placing your order, you can enter the Zombie Outbreak diner and have an exciting experience living and dining with zombies.
    4. Your order will be delivered to you within 30 minutes.
    Starting October 15, Saturday, the Zombie Outbreak Diner will be having special events every weekend - one being the "WHODUNNIT: A Crime Solving Game". Here's a not-so-little sneak peek:

    You can go solo or take the more fun route, with a group, in helping solve the crime. Part of solving the crime is interrogating the characters but in order for you do so, you need to accomplish some tasks from the four training modules. Like this one where you need to gather the red balls aka "resources" in less than 2 minutes.

    Or this one where you need to knock down the zombies using an air gun within a minute.

    There were two more which I forgot to document but the most exciting was the one wherein you need to break out of a locked cage in less than two minutes. The most challenging part is you get to do it while a zombie is inside the cage with you.

    Now, let's meet some of the characters!
    Acting: intense
    This guy, the Supreme Leader, is quite intimidating. Good luck interrogating him.
    The police, also, the host.
    The girl (with the scarf) is the daughter of the killed Lead Research Scientist of the base camp, Dr. Francis Ramon, and the semi-bald guy was her former lover.
    Here's Pax using her charm to get some answers.
    Pax: Look at me naman while I'm tallking, Beshie.
    To help you solve the crime, clues are scattered everywhere.

    You will also be needing some serious deciphering (and Sudoku!) skills.

    Wanna know who killed the doctor? Well it's for you to find out! Visit the Zombie Outbreak Cafe until October 30 only.

    Say hello to the volunteers who helped solve the crime.

    If zombies are not your thing, then there's PAWS Pet Cafe!

    (Open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 2pm to 6pm until October 20, 2016 only)

    Located at Level 3 near Powerbooks is the PAWS Pet Cafe - a rustic barn setup where the Philippines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) brings their most adorable dogs and cats to spend a fun, furry afternoon with customers.

    To enter the PAWS Pet Cafe, customers will just have to order a snack, dessert, or a drink from the available menus at the registration area near the entrance.
    1. Order a dessert or drink from the available drink and dessert menus or purchase a minimum amount of Php 150 of any Purina Alpo, Friskies or Beggin at the registration booth at Level 3 near Powerbooks to be granted entrance in the PAWS Pet Cafe.
    2. Payment should be done at the registration booth.
    3. After placing your order, you can enter the PAWS Pet Cafe and hang out with all the adorable dogs and cats of Philippine Animal Welfare Society.
    4. Your order will be delivered to you within 20 minutes.

    This one is for all the food lovers who are up for a challenge to find the best eats in TriNoma. How does it work? Foodies will have to complete all challenges found on the the Foodie's Quest page of the Choose Your Own Food Adventure map. For every complete challenge, customers will have to present the purchase receipt indicating their order at TriNoma's Main Concierge (Level 1 near Activity Center) to mark the challenge done.

    Once all the challenges are completed, customers may claim their prize and even get a chance to win Php 1,000 gift certificates from chosen restaurants in TriNoma.
    1. Complete the Foodie's Quest challenges from September 30 to October 30, 2016.
    2. Present your purchase receipt indicating the order you made that would complete a challenge on the Foodie's Quest at Level 1 Main Concierge. The concierge will mark the challenge done and you can proceed to completing the other challenges.
    3. Customers must present their completed Foodie's Quest Challenge at Level 1 Main Concierge to redeem their tumbler. Customers are also entitled to the pick-a-prize draw and get a chance to win of the following instant prizes:
    4. Redemption period shall be until 60 days from end of the promo period.
    5. TriNoma reserves the right to validate receipts. Receipts that are defaced, crumpled, tampered, photocopied and smaller than the actual size will not be honored.
    For more information, like TriNoma Ayala Malls on Facebook and follow @ilovetrinoma on Instagram and @trinomatweets on Twitter.

    Bonus Choose Your Own Food Adventure hack: Get three (3) stamps/marks on your Foodie's Quest page! Here's how:
    1. Dine at the Zombie Outbreak Diner.
    2. Order from Hukad. You have to include in your order any size of Crispy Pata.
    3. Finish your meal with a medium (or large) Frozen Yoghurt at Red Mango.

    Okay, before I proceed, let me just clarify that the GQ magazine you see here is not included in the subscription of Saladbox Man (though there's a nice idea). I just think that Matt Damon, in all his dapper glory, is a perfect sight to go along with this month's Saladbox Man. They're bringing dapper back, in case you didn't know.

    For just Php880, expect up to Php4,000+ worth of items ranging from gift certificates, deluxe sized, trial sized, and full sized products, as well as style essentials like socks, tie and even a bracelet! Take a look at what's in store for you when subscribe.
    A. Nivea Men Invisible black and white deo
    B. Nivea Men acne and oil control facial scrub
    C. VMV Hypoallergenics 1635 shave cream
    D. ToppCock All-in-one for hair and body
    E. ToppCock Silver Hygiene leave-on for man parts
    F. Knitties knit tie
    G. Benefit Cosmetics Brow Wax for Bro
    H. Benefit Cosmetics gimme Brow (brow volumizing gel)
    I. Folded and Hung socks
    J. Ferrari Man in Red Eau de toilette
    K. En Pierre Handcrafted men's bracelet
    L. Felipe and Sons haberdashery Gift Card
    M. Resorts World Salon 500 pesos Gift certificate
    Of course, you won't be getting everything on the list but what's good about the Saladbox Sample Select feature is that you get to choose the featured items of the month: Nivea Men Invisible for black and white deo OR Nivea Men Acne and oil control face scrub  AND En Pierre handcrafted men's bracelet or Knitties knit tie.

    Check out the different Saladbox Man subscriptions at Subscriptions available are Single (individual box), Starter (three-box prepaid plan), and Patriot (one-year six-box prepaid plan).

    For more information, follow Saladbox Man on Facebook and @saladboxmanph on Instagram.
              WINGSTOP FLAVOR INVASION        
    Craving for some wings? What flavor are you in the mood for? Garlic Parmesan? Mango Habanero? Or better yet, why not try all 14 of Wingstop's mouth-watering flavors? You'll get a reward if you do!

    Catch the Flavor Invasion and explore Wingstop's 14 flavors with the Flavor Pass until August 31, 2016. Get yours with any single receipt purchase at any Wingstop store. Collect stamps for each flavor that you try and earn yourself Php1,000 gif certificates for every Flavor Pass that you complete.

    In addition, customers will receive an additional quantity of wings for free with every purchase of the Classic of Batter-Fried Wings--a 5-piece order gets 1 piece, a 7-piece order gets 2 pieces, an 11-piece order gets 3 pieces.

    Are you ready to get those stamps coming? Start with the smooth taste of the Hickory Smoked Barbeque! It's the flavor I'm representing as one of the 14 Wingstop Flavor Invasion ambassador. Hehe

    Gusto mo ba?


    Check out this BTS video from the campaign shoot.

    And here's another one!

    Whatever flavor you're craving for, don't miss out on the Wingstop Flavor Invasion at the Wingstop branch nearest you. For more information, LIKE Wingstop Philippines on Facebook and FOLLOW @wingstopph on Instagram.

              DENIM TALK: A PAIR FOR EVERY LOOK        
    Denim equates cool. That's what was instilled in my head growing up because my uncle wears it in rotation. He was my favorite. Any favorite of mine is cool.

    I remember this one particular denim jacket that he wears every time he goes out. So sputing, they say. He let me wear it one time just for kicks (it was ten sizes bigger; I was just 5) and even though I may look funny and all cute (haha), I won't forget that awesome feeling that I made it to cool kingdom.

    My uncle prefers matching his jeans with denim jacket in blue. As for me, I prefer the darker version. Or at least for this weather we're having lately.
    Ray-Ban frames
    Penshoppe denim jacket
    Penshoppe skinny jeans
    adidas Stan Smiths

    HYPE on
    For your other moods, check out Penshoppe's roster of international brand ambassadors and their take on the classic fashion staple.

    Classic Sean—
    Looking dapper is easy with a pair of dark straight cut jeans. Pair it with a crisp white shirt, cool denim jacket, and a clean, classic haircut, and you're well on your way to becoming as smooth as Sean O'Pry.
    Sexy Gigi—
    Skinny or high-waist jeans are usually the go-to for silhouettes for those who wish to highlight their assets. For an effortless fashion look, pair them with a plain white tank top, cool sneakers, and a must-do attitude just like Gigi Hadid.
    Boy Next Door Mario—
    Cropped jeans are among the most popular cuts of pants today and it's perfect for those who wish to sport that preppy but cool look a la Mario Maurer. Pair it with anything from a plain long line tee to a pique shirt or a casual hoodie and look instantly on-trend.
    Quirky Sandara—
    Want to dress like your favorite Asian pop superstar, Sandara Park? That can easily be done with a denim jumper skirt. Wear this super versatile piece with thigh-high socks, a white off-shoulder top, and you've got yourself a look that will make anyone say "Annyeonghaseyo" the moment they lay eyes on you.
    Cool Kendall—
    Are you the group's fashion guru? Reinforce your claim to that title with a fashionable denim jumpsuit. Yes, this one's a bit risky, but every bit worth it, especially for those whose aim is to make heads turn just like Kendall Jenner. Rock this piece with a sweet pair of ankle high-heeled boots for maximum effect.
    Model-Off Duty Lucky—
    In essence, laidback with a touch of high-fashion edge. Get Lucky Blue Smith's cool look by wearing ripped or distressed jeans with a plain shirt and unwavering confidence.
    By the way, Lucky Blue Smith is coming to Manila by the end of July.

    To know more about Penshoppe Denimlab, please visit or follow them on Facebook at Penshoppe, on Instagram and Twitter with handle @penshoppe, and on Snapchat at @teampenshoppe.


    So this is what I'm usually like every Friday: with phone (always) in my hands, stalking checking my friends on social media. Thanking God it's Friday (haha)...

    ...chilling in my casual shirt. My go-to brand for shirts that I can wear from the office to a night out with friends? T.M. Lewin! They have this casual line that is just perfect for chill days like today.

    Now, I happen to be giving away a shirt + chinos combo to two (2) followers of mine. The prizes are roughly around Php5,000 worth each. I'll be styling you as well!

    a. Like TM Lewin Philippines on Facebook (
    b. Follow @PaulThePRGuy and @TMLewinPH on Instagram
    c. Post a photo wearing your best Casual Friday look and tell us about your style.
    d. Tag @PaulThePRGuy and @TMLewinPH and use the following official hashtags: #TMLewinCASUALFRIDAYS #TMLewinPH
    e. Two (2) Lucky winners will receive one (1) shirt, and one (1) chinos from TM Lewin, styled by me.
    f. Promo will run from July 15, 2016 to August 12, 2016.
    g. Announcement of winners will be on August 15, 2016.

    I'll be talking more about the brand in the coming days. For the meantime, you can join my giveaway. See you on Instagram!
    I made it my life mission (lol) to treat my shoe collection as if they were my kids. And with that, no playing favorites.

    But just like any other families, there will always be that someone who's unique and a complete standout. Take my RegettaCanoe shoes for example. It's not usual. It's not even simple if you're gonna think about how it's made. And it's more than just a pair of shoes. It's a hardworking pair of shoes actually (and to think getting stepped on a regular basis is not hard work enough).
    Zara shirt
    Zara trousers
    RegettaCanoe footwear

    HYPE on
    Along with the uniqueness comes the consideration of how to build a look up wearing them. You really have to think about what to wear with them. Now I took cue from the brand's lookbook. I kept everything simple and just let the shoes do the talking.
    SS16 Footwear on Models-22
    Obviously, my look was inspired from this one.
    SS16 Footwear on Models-20

    SS16 Footwear on Models-14

    Born in the insanely talented mind of Yasuo Takamoto in 2005, RegettaCanoe was launched in 2012, bringing together revolutionary shoe-making material and techniques with the modern interpretation of the beautiful traditional Japanese shoe, the "Geta". The canoe-like structure of every unique pair is carefully designed to bring maximum comfort and balance that will keep you walking all day and night.

    On the topic of being more than just a pair of shoes, here are 5 reasons why you should own a pair of RegettaCanoe shoes (most of the following photos were taken last May 5 during the brand launch at the ultra stylish vegan restaurant SUSI at the Fort and Burgos Circle):

    1. It corrects posture of the body, subsequently alleviating knee and hip pressure which causes aches and pains in the long run.

    2. It reduces the impact on the feet.

    3. The arch support improves blood circulation, lessening feet fatigue.

    4. While most RegettaCanoe shoes are open, it is crafted in such a way that protects the wearer's toes and heels.
    13129078_10209297331213526_1215027674_o (1)

    5. And finally, RegettaCanoe pursues a Vegan philosophy, contributing to a reduction of animal suffering and environmental pollution, without sacrificing comfort and style.

    Do you need more convincing? No? Good!

    RegettaCanoe is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group of Companies --Asia's next retail giant and is available at select Res Toe Run stores nationwide and Robinsons Place Manila, 2/F Midtown Wing.Visit or follow @RegettaCanoePH on Facebook and Instagram to know more about the brand.

              ÎˆÎ½Î± αφιέρωμα στα σκυλιά του Άμστερνταμ!         

    Στο Άμστερνταμ τα σκυλιά επιτρέπονται σχεδόν παντού, στα εστιατόρια, στα μπαρ, στις δημόσιες συγκοινωνίες, όπου θέλετε. Στα εστιατόρια μάλιστα συνήθως θα σας ρωτήσουν αν θέλετε ένα μπολ με νερό για τον σκύλο σας.

    Δεν είναι καθόλου παράξενο οπότε ότι σε μια τόσο dog-friendly πόλη όπως το Άμστερνταμ θα δείτε εκατοντάδες ράτσες με τους ιδιοκτήτες τους να βολτάρουν αμέριμνοι. Αυτό το άρθρο είναι αφιερωμένο στα περίεργα, ιδιαίτερα, αξιαγάπητα, όμορφα σκυλιά του Άμστερνταμ!

    Περισσότερες πληροφορίες: Instagram