Euros Punt Podcast: 26th June        
Sunday's games see France take on the Republic of Ireland before Germany v Slovakia and Hungary v Belgium. On this edition we hear from Dereck McGovern, Chris Mayer & Stefan Bienkowski on the respective matches. Enjoy.
          The Punt: Euros Podcast 18th June        
Jack Critchley is joined by Chris Mayer to preview Belgium v Republic of Ireland and Tom Kundert to look ahead to Portugal v Austria. There's also a preview of Iceland v Hungary.
          The Euros - Group F Preview        
Group F features Portugal, Austria, Hungary and Iceland. Nick Walsh is joined by Pete Farries and Thom Kirwin to look at the best bets in this group. Enjoy.
          Science Night 9/18        

Earthflight, A Nature Special Presentation: Europe at 7 pm Cranes and geese rise over Venice, Dover, Edinburgh and the monkey-guarded Rock of Gibraltar. In Rome, the Loire Valley, Holland and Hungary, birds gather by the millions to breed and two … more
          Comment on Banners Design for Mobile Unlock Base by MichaelImmed        
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          Exhibition in Cleveland        
Starting from this Saturday (the 14th of September) I will participate in a group exhibition in Cleveland titled “Hungary for Art – The European exhibit”. The other three participants include Sandor Benko photo artists, Bela Horvath-Morvai artist and Gabor Pesthy graphic artists. The exhibition will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Embassy Suit...
          A Muslim's Top 10 Wishes for 2016        

This post originally appeared in the Huffington Post on January 3, 2015. You can find the original article by clicking here or on the title. 

A Muslim's Top 10 Wishes for 2016

Have you ever made a wish that's come true -- because you made the wish? Until now, making a wish, whether at the sight of a shooting star or when blowing out the candle(s) on your birthday cake or when breaking a wishbone, has not yet been scientifically proven to actually work, as far as I know. Yet, in the spirit of hope, I am making 10 wishes at the beginning of the New Year. And as is always the case, as a Muslim, I speak on behalf of 1.5 billion people. So here goes...
1. People no longer confuse me with ISIS.
My name isn't ISIS. It's not even Islamic State. In fact, the words Islamic or State are not actually in my extended name. Nevertheless, time and time again, I keep getting requests to respond to the group's actions. I swear, ISIS or ISIL or IS -- none of them are in my family tree; they're not some distant cousins of mine. In 2016, I just want people to stop confusing me with ISIS. I really don't know what ISIS is thinking and why they do what they do. It's not like the State Department is asked for comment because of the State-to-State connection. As a postscript, can ISIS stop using the word Islamic? 
2. Muslims stop killing Muslims for being Muslim.
Somewhere, along the way over the last couple of decades, Muslims started killing other Muslims for being Muslim in the wrong way, or at least took it to a whole new level. There's a whole ideology out there built around takfir or essentially "declaring Muslims as kufar or unbelievers" for failing an evermore peculiar litmus test. Imagine if death squads emerged killing Black people for not being Black enough. Originating in some of the philosophical exhortations by scholar Ibn Taymiyyah 700 years ago, the criteria by which you are deemed "takfir-ed" and permissible to be killed has reached insane if not idiosyncratic levels. It would be funny if the situation weren't so deadly. Even barbers were caught in the crosshairs and were being assassinated in Baghdad in the 2000s. 
3. Death and destruction in the Muslim world have a timeout. 
From Yemen to IraqLibya to Somalia, and from Afghanistan to far beyond, civil strife is rife in too many parts of what is defined as the Muslim world. Autocrats, militants, extremists and terrorists, don't care who they kill: men, women, children -- everyone is fair game. I wish this would stop. Into this toxic mix, the last thing needed is more killing coming into these countries from the outside; the 2003 invasion of Iraq proved that. I wonder if Russia will hear that message? 
4. We all get comfortable with the "other."
What a difference it was in 2015 between Trudeau and Trump in the North American political cycle. The world needs more Trudeaus and less Trumps (Donalds that is). The fear of the "other" is starting to define Western politics and it is not just about Trump. The rise of right-wing political parties in Europe from Hungary to Denmark is a poignant reminder of the breadth of this phenomenon. Yet, outside the West this fear of the other also permeates and often dominates. In Turkey, we are seeing a renewed vilification of the Kurdish population. Further afield in Burma, the Rohingyaare cast as outsiders. In Malaysia, Christians are prohibited from using the Arabic word for God. And, in nearby Brunei, Christmas was simply cancelled. In some of the war zones in the Middle East, Christians are on the verge of disappearing. The world would be a lot better off if we weren't so afraid of the bogeyman of the other.
5. The Muslim world deals with its taboos. 
Speaking of an aversion to the non-orthodox, there's a whole set of taboos that many Muslim countries and societies need to start dealing with. A lot of them relate to sex. Sometimes the Muslim world acts like it has one big case of the cooties. There have been attempts by some to break through these restrictions. Wedad Lootah in the UAE comes to mind. Shereen El Feki's Sex and the Citadel is another. This is not an issue to take lightly, especially in societies where 60-70 percent of youth are under the age of 30. Bombarded by sexualized imagery from modern and digital media, these youth then live, essentially, in an austere second world that is their reality. More importantly and tragically, rape and sexual assault are simply not talked about; child abuse is an even worse curse hidden under the rug. Finally, at some point Muslim countries - and the clerical establishment -- will need to come to terms with the fact that gay Muslims exist
6. Somewhere, over the rainbow, democracy and Islam go steady. 
Let's be honest, a lot of people have tried to set up democracy with Islam for a relationship. Sometimes it has been a surprise blind date (e.g. Iraq in 2003). Other times, it was a relationship that grew from blind passion (e.g. the Arab world in 2011). Often, the sparks of love eventually turn into animus and things quickly go south. In the Arab world, Tunisia is carrying - with some fragility -- the banner of democracy. Many Muslim-majority countries that used to be counted as democracies now suffer from authoritarian syndromes (e.g. TurkeyMalaysia, and Bangladesh). In other cases, democracy in its infancy quickly devolved into score settling or majoritarian mafias (e.g. the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt). Perhaps Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country is our hope that can breathe life into this wish. 
7. Averroes comes back in style. 
Averroes -- or Ibn Rushd -- was a man's man. He schooled his way into Raphael's The School of Athens. The polymath kept alive ancient Greek philosophy, paving the way for much of Europe's modern intellectual movements. Back in the day, in Andalusia, he was a big deal (Biden-style). And, why not? He vociferously argued for the co-existence of secular and religious thought in a posthumous debate with the Abbasid scholar Al Ghazali. Ultimately, Ibn Rushd lost the debate to the detriment of the Muslim world, but his arguments culminated with the work, The Incoherence of Incoherence, which I think would be a great riposte to all ISIS ideologues and their friends. If Ibn Taymiyyah came back, then let's bring Averroes back too. 
8. Flying while Muslim is no longer a thing. 
They say that flying while Muslim is the new driving while Black. I guess if you're a Black Muslim, this really sucks, especially if you drive to the airport for your flight. So my wish maybe can be two-pronged: getting rid of both 'driving while Black' as well as 'flying while Muslim.' What is flying while Muslim? Well, it often starts with a casual stare or two from across the way. A timid approach then ensues: "Excuse me sir." This is normally followed by a more forceful: "Please follow me." It can then get quite aggressive, with clothes falling by the wayside. It normally ends with your belongings in disarray, your belt on backwards, and you fast-walking without turning back in the hope that no one thinks twice about you boarding your flight. Oh, and don't watch the news while on the plane. I hate flying while Muslim. 
9. Trump presides over a Muslim beauty contest. 
Was 2015 the year of Trump? You have to hand it to Trump; he sure knows how to grab the spotlight. Unfortunately, he's used that spotlight to spew increasingly populist venom targeted at Muslims (and others). Maybe, we need to better appeal to Trump's core interest: beauty pageants. There are a few lists circulating online for potential Muslim contestants (for Men: click here | for Women: click here). Yet, I think we should make this a mipsters pageant and turn this whole thing on its head. 
10. Peace comes to Syria. 
This Muslim (me) -- speaking on behalf of 1.5 billion people around the world -- has 10 wishes for 2016 but if only one of them came true it should be this one. No country has been more ravaged in recent memory than Syria. Hundreds of thousands have been killed as gangsters, terrorists, and dictators fight for supremacy. The surrounding region, instead of trying to promote a solution, has sent in weapons, fighters, and incitement. The world, instead of trying to mediate, has sought to settle old scores. All the while, the people in Syria live in lifeless limbo amidst daily death and destruction. If I had only one wish it would be that the violence in Syria would come to an end. 
This wish list is non-exhaustive. I think I may have missed a few...

          Budapest Models – Leica Ms        
Budapest Models – Leica Ms Matthew Osborne Photography / Mr Leica January 2017 Model Photography I’m writing this post on the flight home after 3 days of model photography in Budapest, Hungary. As usual, I booked myself up with models each day … Continue reading
          Masters Of Balatonfüred        
Courtesy of FINA Masters World Championships, Balatonfüred, Hungary.

The masters swimmers will compete in a 3 km one loop competition between August 10th-12th Balatonfüred, Hungary at the 17th FINA Masters World Championships.

Those athletes 55 years and over will compete on Thursday. Those 40-54 years old will compete on Friday. Those ages 25-39 will compete in Lake Balaton on Saturday.

1,200 swimmers will take part, approximately 800 men and 400 women with the most popular age group being 45-49.

Two photos above are of the 5 km race at the 17th FINA World Championships recently held in July; the masters swimmers will compete in same location in Lake Balaton as the elite younger competitors used in July.

Copyright © 2008-2017 by World Open Water Swimming Association

          Sunshine While Swimming Down The Danube        
Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Romanian Avram Iancu continues on his scheduled 60-day stage swim of 2,860 km along the Danube River through Europe.

The 41-year-old librarian from Petrosani, Transylvania started his stage swim from Donaueschingen in the Black Forest in Germany. He is now heading into Day 36 as each day is a dynamically different replication of the day before.

Day 41 on July 30th

Today Iancu and his team enjoyed a lovely day with sunny weather and no clouds. This enabled him to swim 42 km. The team was cheered on by another group of Romanians 20 km into today's journey. They camped by the 1598 km milestone and are excited for tomorrow.

Day 42 on July 31st

Today Iancu swam 50 km, helped by the splendid weather. “Today has been the most beautiful and productive day so far, with a lot of sunshine and high temperatures. Whilst the weather might be too hot for most people on land, this is perfect for me, and everything went very smoothly today.”

The team had some mechanical problems with their car, but they were able to have that fixed by a kind mechanic who refused to charge them after hearing about their quest.

After the first 37 km, Iancu had another surprise in store for him: a professional massage, which made the last 13 km of today feel very easy and pleasant after. “My personal masseur from Romania promised to join us once we reach Romania and I am very much looking forward to having him around daily. Receiving a professional massage makes a huge difference in eliminating all the toxins in the body and helps muscle recovery. A Canah delegate also joined us today, bringing a lot of very delicious food – which was amazing as we did not have to worry about preparing anything.”

Day 43 on August 1st

Iancu swam 43 km today through the Hungarian lowlands helped by the nice weather. He also passed Paks where the only nuclear power plant in Hungary is located. Here they were stopped and questioned by the local police for the second time in Hungary, but having all documents in order, everything ended well and the team was free to continue. Canah delegates arranged for another massage for Iancu today. “It felt amazing to receive yet another massage, and I am very thankful to Canah for it; they also supplemented our food budget which is great.”

Day 44 on August 2nd

Today Iancu swam 46 km, pushing on until after the sunset. He also passed Baja where the Hungarian media interviewed him. At the end of the day, Iancu reached the 1462 km milestone and is expecting to reach Croatia tomorrow, leaving yet another country behind.

A report on his stage swims between Days 1-9 is posted here. A report on his stage swims between Days 10-13 is posted here. A report on his stage swim on Day 14 is posted here. A report on his stage swims between Days 15-16 is posted here. A report on his stage swim on Day 17 is posted here. A report on his stage swim on Day 18 is posted here. A report on his stage swims on Day 19-20 is posted here. A report on his stage swims between Days 21-23 is posted here. A report on his stage swims between Days 24-27 is posted here. A report on his stage swim on Day 28 is posted here. A report on his stage swims between Days 29-32 is posted here. A report on his stage swims between Days 33-35 is posted here. A report on his stage swims between Days 36-41 is posted here. To follow Iancu on Facebook, visit here.

Copyright © 2008-2017 by World Open Water Swimming Association

          2 Continents, 1 Week! Part 1--Ireland        
Wahooo. It's been a CRAZY week!

Let's start from the beginning.

Friday, March 5thA group of us from school went to Ronda, Spain. It was about a 2 hour drive in a miniature bus that held 19 people. Funny. Anyways, Ronda is a super old town that was built on two cliffs and is connected by a beautiful, old bridge. It was incredibly gorgeous. Perhaps the prettiest place I seen so far! The pictures definitely don't do it justice! So we hung out there for the day and toured the city. A group of us had coffee outside at a restaurant that sat on the edge of the cliff overlooking the ravine. It was breathtaking!
Saturday, March 6thWe never made it to Gibraltar. Kelly, Heidi, and I were too exhausted.

Monday, March 8th
I went to Spanish class that morning which ended at 9:45, came home around 10:30 after printing off my boarding pass and such, made some last minute phone calls in case I got locked up abroad in Ireland and never made it back home (Spain), and boarded my 6 hour long bus to Madrid around 1:00 pm. (Here they run on military time, but if the clock reads 14:30, it's said 2:30, I had no idea!) Anyways, the bus to Madrid was long & boring, but I had a seat to myself and read Water for Elephants/slept the whole time. Approaching Madrid I had a decision to make. Do I take the Metro from the the bus station to the airport or do I play it safe and hop in a taxi? I had a little less than 2 hours to get to the Ryan Air desk to check in once I arrived in Madrid. As I was getting my clunky hikers backpack (that totally clashed with my cute outfit) out from under to bus, I made a decision and decided to brave the Metro! I thought it was a necessary learning experience and didn't want to depend on anyone else but myself. (How inspirational. Gag) The Metro has a stop at the bus station so there was no problem finding it. I purchased my 1 euro ticket, asked for a map, and made my way to the train! In order to get from the bus station to the airport, you have change trains 3 times. I boarded the first train, took a seat, pulled out my map and checked perhaps a million times that I was going in the correct direction. (I forgot to mention. I totally wore my security, necklace pouch thing just to make sure no hoodlums got at muh plastic, muh dolla billz ((actually euros)), or muh passport. You would be proud Mom & Grandma). Anyways, I totally on schedule hoppin' trains and hanging out like a Spaniard on the Metro. I'm about to make my last hop onto the train that takes me to the airport when it all goes down the drain... I get off the 2nd train and suddenly there's a huge rush of people in the direction I am going. I'm not sure what's going on, but I go with it. Pues duh. Everyone's boarding the train with the same route I want, so I hop on also. About a stop down the route I realized I'm on the correct line but in the WRONG direction! Oh god, how the hell did I mess this up?? I checked and rechecked that damn map atleast 100 times! It was the rush of people, I got flusstered and went with the flow, even though it was wrong! I immediately get off at the next stop. I have my map out, I'm pacing back and forth looking for a sign to point me in the correct direction. I'm palms are clamy and my beginning to develop neck sweat from my huge neck brace of a scarf. I take a deep breath to settle down, look at my watch and almost pee in pants because I realize I only have 20 minutes to check into the flight! I some how compose myself and figure out I need to get to the other side of the tracks and that train will take me to the airport. I board it. Make it to the airport. Get off the train and have to pay 2 euro to get out of the Metro. What theeee! Now, I'm in the airport and I'm trying to pull out my boarding pass from under my coat, neck brace scarf, and sweater. I was getting weird looks. Did I mention I was run walking at a very fast pace? So I finally make it to the Ryan Air check with approximately 2 minutes or so to spare. I so not over exaggerating this either. After having my passport checked and my boarding pass revceive a stamp on run walking again to the terminal. I have 30 minutes to get to the terminal. Of course the plane is departing from the 1st and fatherest away terminal. Right now it's probably 9:00 pm. There is barely anyone in the airport (kind of creepy), but nice because no one was able to point and laugh at my struggling along. So I'm on my way to the terminal running down the escalator sidewalks which made me feel like I was sprinting (totally cool). Find myself approaching security and see a huge crowd a people. Oh shit! I'm totally going to miss this flight!! Now I'm regretting braving the Metro. As I walk up to the line I realize they're all saying goodbye and aren't actually in line. My dreams of Dave Matthews are still in reach, not all hope has been lost. There's actually no one in line and I breeze through. I collect my belonings from the conveyor belt and shimmy on over to have my passport checked and stamped by security. 3 strides from the check point I look down at my wrist to see how much longer I have until I'll be in tears because I will have missed my flight and realized MI RELOJ NO ESTA ALLI (my watch is not there). I jog my memory as to the last time I had it and 2 seconds later (because I'm really sharp) it hits me that I had to take it off when going through security. Great! I turn to one of the police/security guard men and tell them in panicked Spanglish that I forgot my watch. He lets me pass. I go back to the conveyor belt I was at and see my watch posted up on the desk. THANK GOD. I love that thing. I ask him for it. He asks me the brand. I say I don't know. (Very convincing that it's mine, I know). He senses my panicked rush and hands it to me. THAKS GOD again. I zoom past the passport check again and got the head nod from the man. I'm totally legit. So, now after that craziness, I check my watch to see that I have about 15 minutes to get to terminal 1. Again the run/walk starts up again which is turned into a sprint on the sidewalk escalator. I nearing terminal 1, it's finally in sight and so is a HUGE mob of people. What the hell is going on here? Oh look Ryan Air to Dublin is the first plane departing from terminal 1. Lucky. I hope in line. I'm probably in the front of the last third of people. Not bad. And I hear ENGLISH all around me. Heaven. I board the plane realize I don't have an assigned seat number on my boarding pass & prepare myself for the worst before I ask a nice flight attendent what the sitch (situation) is. I am then delighted to hear that Ryan Air doesn't do assigned seats. Get there early, sit where ever you want. Budget air fare. It was a smooth, 2 hour 20 minute flight to Dublin.

Well uh, the plane landed and when I came out
There was a dude who looked like a leprechaun standing there with my name out
I ain't trying to get arrested yet.
I just got here!
I sprang with the quickness, like lightening disappeared

I whistled for a cab and when it came near
The license plate said GOLD and it had 2 pots in the mirror
If anything I can say is that this cab was a marvel
But I thought 'Man forget it' - 'Yo home to Jacob's Inn Hostel'

Creativity at it's best. Thank you very much. Anyways, I made it to the hostel that night around 11:15, checked in, found my way to room which was a 12 bed (6 bunkbeds) mixed sex room at the sweet price of 12 euro a night. Score. There were 2 Spanish girls (they were weird) and 2 girls from Hungary, both sets were there before and after I left. The 4 girls were around my age, early twenties. Besides us there were some random 1 night, never seen except for sprawled out on their beds sleeping visitors. The bed seems clean and so did the room. People were hanging out downstairs were the WIFI was, very college-esque. I fell asleep right away. It was a very stressful day.

Tuesday, March 9th
I wake up around 8:30, hop on down to the free breakfast and feast. I had 2 pieces of toast and ate 1 with strawberry jam and decided to rep Sevilla by using Sevillan Orange jam. The Sevilla jam was disgusting, I tried to mask it with honey--even worse & then I spilled honey on my shirt. Great. On the flip side there was CEREAL, real, crunchy flakes of corn with MILK. Can you say HEAVEN? First bowl in 2 months. How have I survived without my sweet love? Anyways, after breakfast I grabbed my stuff and bounced to the mean streets of Dub. Wandered around a bit with no destination and after awhile thought I should see some of the major Dublin sights, a reasonable tourist thought. I jumped on an embarrassing double decker bus and sat on the top floor and listened to the sweet sounds of tourism while being paraded through the city. Glorious. Among the nearly 1 million stops, I can recall St. Patricks's cathedral, the Guinness Factory, Phoenix Park, the Ha' Penny Bridge, and Trinity College.

Guinness Factory--I toured it the next day. It was full of interesting information and neat things. The coolest part was obviously the Gravity Bar at the very of the touring facility! It had a panoramic view of the city along with a free pint of Guinness. I choked down the dark ale and gazed upon the city. It was great.

Pheonix Park--I just stayed on the bus and let it take me around the park. It's absolutely huge. It's the largest urban park in all of Europe and fit 3 Hyde Parks inside of it. Crazy. Also, the US ambassador lives there along with the President of Ireland. Side note: the prez lives in a house that looks almost identical to the white house. The white house was indeed designed by the same Irish architect who designed the Irish president's house. Crazy. Another side note: There is the Dublin Zoo housed in the park as well. Its one of the oldest zoos in Ireland. Additionally, from the zoo came the lion who makes the roar in the beginning of movies! Wahooo. I've learned so much!

Ha' Penny Bridge--1 of the many bridges in Dublin, but particularly special because it's a pedestrian only bridge. The story goes that back in the day, people were charged 1/2 a penny (idk how you make half a penny?)/penny to cross the bridge. One day 2 clever men approached the toll bridge and asked if there was a charge of baggage when crossing the river. The toll person replied no. One man jumped on the others back and they paid only 1 penny for the two to cross the bridge. Oh good one!

Trinity College--I was confused at first as to how to get inside, the college is like fortified. Finally after meandering along tall walls and being really confused, I found a little door with plenty of foot traffic. I hopped in line and soon enough it opened up into a huge courtyard with buildings and students all around. Super cool! I walked around for a bit and decided to check out the inside of one of the buildings. I opened the door and it was like just at home. Student lounging around in between classes, eating food, and sitting behinds booths for different organizations. So I played it cool and started walking around, made it to another door, tried to open it, but a special key card was needed so when I tried to open it, I created a miniature scene and thought it best to just walk away like nothing happened. As I was a sufficient distance away from humiliation and my face was now only a soft pink, I was approached by a young man asking for directions so I must have looked like I had some idea what was going on. Thank goodness.

Later that night was the DAVE MATTHEWS BAND concert! WAHOO. I took a tram that ran from near the hostel to the O2 where the concert was being played. I picked up my ticket at the box office and to my surprise, the standing room which was the cheapest ticket was right on the ground floor in front of the stage! WHAAAAAAT!?! It was absolutely crazy! and There really weren't that many people there!! Set list:

1. Bartender Play Video
2. Stay or Leave Play Video
3. Funny The Way It Is Play Video
4. Squirm Play Video
5. Shake Me Like a Monkey Play Video
6. Lying In the Hands of God Play Video
7. Gravedigger Play Video
8. Anyone Seen The BridgeAdditional Information: song segued directly into the following onesong segued directly into the following one Play Video
9. Ants MarchingAdditional Information: with Too Much "fake" introwith Too Much "fake" intro Play Video
10. #27 Play Video
11. Seven Play Video
12. The Stone Play Video
13. Crash Into Me Play Video
14. Crush Play Video
15. Where Are You Going Play Video
16. Why I Am Play Video
17. You & Me Play Video
18. You Might Die Trying Play Video
19. All Along The WatchtowerAdditional Information: introduced by Stefan Lessard bass solointroduced by Stefan Lessard bass solo (Bob Dylan cover) Play Video
20. Encore
20. Baby BlueAdditional Information: performed solo by Dave Matthewsperformed solo by Dave Matthews Play Video
21. Cornbread

Pretty good setlist. Shake me like a Monkey, Ants Marching, Crash into me, Why I am, and Cornbeard were the best. Many of them were new/slow songs, not my fav, but overall it was AMAZZZZZZZZING! Nothing like seeing DMB live, pure bliss. Love ya Dave!
Came back home after the concert that night and got a bag of popcorn from the vending machine. Another thing I haven't eaten in 2 months.

Wednesday, March 10th
Woke up around 9:30 went to a little cafe for breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, a piece of toast, a cappuccino, and an apple juice. Wow. That day I hopped back on the tourist bus and went to Guinness and took the tour again. Went shopping. Great shopping in Dublin. Walked around, took in the city, and enjoyed life. Later that night I voyaged over to the Arlington which is a hotel/bar with live Irish dancing and singing everynight! I had a huge 2 course dinner there, a delicious potato soup & some kind of beanie, mushroomie, artichoke baked in flakey crust with a white sauce. It was great! Not my fav, but I eat so many strange kinds of food here I would never consider eating back at home. I love it! I enjoyed my dinner while watching the traditional two steps of the dancers! It was really neat! I'm glad I ventured there even though I was alone and felt like a bit of a creep eating alone. Oh well. I had a fun!!

Thursday, March 11th
Woke up super early in order to catch my 7:25 am flight back to Madrid. I took a bus from one of the main roads to the airport, just navigating the city using public transit. Very economical. No crazy stories like my way getting to Dublin, I'm a pro airporter now. What's up? Departed for Madrid, made it there 2 hours later, hopped on the Metro again, made it to the bus station without a hitch, hopped on the bus, made it to Sevilla in 6 hours, and was home by 7:15.

Overall Ireland was a great city! It was different from Sevilla and provided me with a nice little get away for a couple of days! The concert was absolutely incredible and completely worth missing a week of school. I'd do it all over again in a second! Cheers to having a great life! Thank you God!
          Europe Forecast: Hot in the south - Thundery central areas, Aug 10 - 10:13        

Staying hot in southern Europe with thunderstorms in central areas Thursday Dry weather continues across Iberia - hot in south-west Spain and Portugal. Slack low pressure over western Europe brings cool and unsettled weather - areas of heavy rain and thunderstorms for France, the Low Countries and Germany, although the Riviera and also Brittany may escape dry. Thundery rain too for the Alps, and a few showers possible for northern-central Italy. Hot and dry for southern Italy, Greece and areas near the Black Sea. Scorching temperatures for the Balkan states, Hungary and Slovakia, also south-eastern Poland, topping 40C. A risk of severe thunderstorms developing and spreading from Austria to the Czech Republic and also across southern Poland. Areas of thundery rain for the Baltic states and Finland, whilst southern Scandinavia should stay dry.

Friday Fine and dry across Portugal and Spain today, feeling hot too. More hot and dry weather in the Balearics and the hot weather persists over Italy. Greece and Turkey will be remaining dry with more sunshine and staying hot. Fine with sunny spells in western France although the risk of some thunderstorms developing in the east. Sunny spells and an odd shower in the Low Countries. Heavy showers across Germany and Poland some of this heavy. Austria, Hungary and Switzerland will have thunderstorms. Fair for Denmark with sunny spells here. Fair for the Baltic States with sunny spells here. Staying dry in Finland with more sunny spells. Remaining fair across Sweden whilst some rain arrives in western Norway.

          Liberalism, secular religion, vulnerability        
There is a terrific review of a new book on liberalism over at First Things. The book is by a Polish philosopher named Ryszard Legutko, who was a dissident under the communist government and who believes that communism and liberalism share a similar secular religious framework.

The review, by Adrian Vermeule, is difficult to improve on, so I will limit myself to some commentary on one of the key points raised and then encourage you to go and read the whole thing yourselves.

What I found most interesting was the discussion of some contradictions within liberalism. For instance, liberalism emphasises both a materialist determinism (i.e. everything we do is predetermined by forces of history, genetics etc.) and a belief in the radically autonomous individual, including the idea that individuals, absent certain social conditions, will use this autonomous freedom to choose the good. How can you have a radically self-determining individual if you believe that everything is materially predetermined? One part of liberal philosophy insists that the individual is radically predetermined, the other that he only has dignity if he is radically self-determined.

The most interesting contradiction discussed, and one that is complained about all the time in alt-right discussions on social media, is why liberals seem uninterested in seriously illiberal policies in places like Saudi Arabia but come down heavily on mildly illiberal policies in places like Hungary. I think the answer given by Legutko, as summarised by Vermeule, is very interesting:
Why do Western liberal academics and EU technocrats object so stridently to the mild illiberalism of the Fidesz parliamentary party in Hungary, while saying little or nothing about Saudi Arabia and other monarchical or authoritarian nations, nominal allies of the West, who routinely control, punish, and dominate women, gays, and religious dissenters? Why are the EU technocrats, whose forte is supposed to be competence, so very bumbling, making policy mistake after policy mistake? How is it possible that while the sitting president of the United States squarely opposed same-sex marriage just a few years ago, the liberal intellectuals who supported him passionately also condemn any opposition to same-sex marriage as bigotry, rooted in cultural backwardness? Why was the triumph of same-sex marriage followed so rapidly by the opening of a new regulatory and juridical frontier, the recognition of transgender identity?

Legutko helps us understand these oddities. We have to start by understanding that liberalism has a sacramental character. “The liberal-democratic mind, just as the mind of any true communist, feels an inner compulsion to manifest its pious loyalty to the doctrine. Public life is full of mandatory rituals in which every politician, artist, writer, celebrity, teacher or any public figure is willing to participate, all to prove that their liberal-democratic creed springs spontaneously from the depths of their hearts.” The basic liturgy of liberalism is the Festival of Reason, which in 1793 placed a Goddess of Reason (who may or may not have been a prostitute conscripted for the occasion, in one of the mocking double entendres of Providence) on the holy altar in the Church of Our Lady in Paris. The more the Enlightenment rejects the sacramental, the more compulsively it re-enacts its founding Festival, the dawning of rationality.

Light is defined by contrast, however, so the Festival requires that the children of light spy out and crush the forces of darkness, who appear in ever-changing guises, before the celebration can be renewed. The essential components of the Festival are twofold: the irreversibility of Progress and the victory over the Enemy, the forces of reaction. Taken in combination, these commitments give liberalism its restless and aggressive dynamism, and help to make sense of the anomalies. Fidesz in Hungary is more threatening than the Saudi monarchy, even though the latter is far less liberal, because Fidesz represents a retrogression—a deliberate rejection of liberalism by a nation that was previously a member in good standing of the liberal order. The Hungarians, and for that matter the Poles, are apostates, unlike the benighted Saudis, who are simple heretics. What is absolutely essential is that the clock of Progress should never be turned back. The problem is not just that it might become a precedent and encourage reactionaries on other fronts. The deeper issue is that it would deny the fundamental eschatology of liberalism, in which the movement of History may only go in one direction. It follows that Brexit must be delayed or defeated at all costs, through litigation or the action of an unelected House of Lords if necessary, and that the Trump administration must be cast as a temporary anomaly, brought to power by voters whose minds were clouded by racism and economic pain. (It is therefore impossible to acknowledge that such voters might have legitimate cultural grievances or even philosophical objections to liberalism.)

The puzzle of the EU technocrats, on this account, is no puzzle at all. They are so error-prone, even from a technocratic point of view, at least in part because they are actually engaged in a non-technocratic enterprise that is pervasively ideological, in the same way that Soviet science was ideological. Their prime directive is to protect and expand the domain of liberalism, whether or not that makes for technical efficiency.

Liberalism needs an enemy to maintain its sacramental dynamism. It can never rest in calm waters, basking in the day of victory; it is essential that at any given moment there should be a new battle to be fought. The good liberal should always be able to say, “We have made progress, but there is still much to do.” This is why the triumph of same-sex marriage actually happened too suddenly and too completely. Something else was needed to animate liberalism, and transgenderism has quickly filled the gap, defining new forces of reaction and thus enabling new iterations and celebrations of the Festival. And if endorsement and approval of self-described “gender identity” becomes a widely shared legal and social norm, a new frontier will be opened, and some new issue will move to the top of the public agenda, something that now seems utterly outlandish and is guaranteed to provoke fresh opposition from the cruel forces of reaction—polygamy, perhaps, or mandatory vegetarianism.

If this is true, then it gives liberalism both a strength and a weakness. The strength is that people hold to liberal beliefs like a religion, and therefore as a source of meaning that is difficult to step away from. The weakness is that the force of the religious belief depends on an "eschatology" in which there is always a progress toward an ever more radical application of liberalism in society. Therefore, once liberalism is forced back it is vulnerable to collapse. In other words, if liberalism is seen to be obviously stopped, and some aspect of traditionalism restored, it is likely to trigger a psychological demoralisation amongst liberalism's adherents.

Liberalism needs opposition, it needs a force of reaction to battle against, but it needs to always win.

So we must not be content with being "house traditionalists" who exist merely to play a role within "the liturgy of liberalism." We need to be serious about building to the point that we are obviously regaining ground. At that point, liberals become vulnerable to psychological confusion and demoralisation. There may not be great depths of resistance once they lose a sense of inevitable progress.
          Travel To Budapest: A Marriage Made In Danube        
What makes this Hungarian capital an endlessly diverse adventure is the fact that in 1873, two towns (yes, Buda and Pest) on opposite sides of the Danube River united to become known as the Queen of the Danube and one of the largest cities in the European Union today. Brace yourself for the most unique experience in Eastern (or all) Europe as Hungary is an outpost of cultural and linguistic distinction that stands abruptly apart from its Slavic and Germanic neighbors. The Magyar stronghold of Budapest, established around 900 AD by the formidable clan from Central Asia, became the center of the Kingdom of Hungary capable of withstanding the carelessly blundering Ottomans, Habsburgs and Nazis. Discover the grandeur of one of the oldest and most established cities in Eastern Europe!

Take a Bath with the Queen
A great place to start your Hungarian journey is on the Western Bank of the river in Óbuda, the very oldest part of Budapest. Two thousand years of human life surround the excavated Roman city of Aquincum where Europe’s largest open-air amphitheater remains. Main Square is beyond charming with taverns and quaint single story houses and shops. From Óbuda to neighboring Buda, the hilly landscape is sprinkled with ancient Roman and Turkish Baths, fed by some of the 100 thermal springs that run through the area. The Art-Nouveau Gellért Baths in Buda are the most famous to relax in, although the Rudas and Rac baths, build by the Turks 400 years ago, are more interesting and less crowded. All three are located on top of scenic Gellért Hill inside the Citadel, an old military fortification from the 1800s. The pinnacle of Buda is the eponymous Castle Hill where the 14th century Baroque Royal Palace presides imperially over the city.

Grandeur in the City
Cross the historic Széchenyi Chain Bridge, the oldest of nine, and enter Pest, the more compact and metropolitan eastern side of the Danube. A walk along the regal Andrássy Boulevard past stunning mansions will lead to the Hungarian State Opera House, a true gem of acoustic and neo-Renaissance architectural prowess in all of Europe. While in the center of town, visit the noteworthy Inner City Parish Church, which happens to be the first church built in the city. On a grander scale, the enchanting Jewish quarter is home to the largest synagogue in Europe, the Dohány Street Synagogue, complete with an extensive Judaic art collection and Holocaust Memorial. Another monumental must-see is Budapest’s neo-Gothic Parliament building, Europe’s largest and arguably most beautiful. Take a peek at King Stephen’s legendary crown jewels that have been stolen and moved in and out of the country a near comical number of times.

Budapest is truly a traveler’s city. The enormous size offers experiences on every level, from simply local, musical or explorative to historic, artistic or commercial. Budapest is particularly noteworthy for its exceptional array of museums and galleries that litter the city, particularly the Hungary National Museum on Castle Hill, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Antique Picture Gallery, with the most extensive Spanish collection outside of Spain.

Fujian China

Beijing China

Yunnan China

          Ez bizony kemény menet lesz!        
Vajon mi történik, ha 14 gyönyörű lányt összezárnak egy hotelbe és a legkülönfélébb kihívások elé állítják őket? Egy biztos, a felkészítő tábor egy hete nem lesz leányálom a Miss International Hungary döntősei számára. Ez nem a felhőtlen szórakozásról szól, hanem arról, hogy a döntősök a lehető legtöbbet tanuljanak, »
          Túl egy újabb fordulón        
Jól nézel ki? Remek! Szépen mosolyogsz? Fantasztikus! Van egyéniséged? Szuper! Ám mindez nem elég ahhoz, hogy szépségkirálynő légy. A Miss International Hungary döntősei a hétvégén a Brand Art Academy oktatásán tanultak rengeteg mindent, legfőképpen saját magukról. A nemzetközi szakembereket felsorakoztató tanári kar kora reggeltől okította a szépségeket, akik számára »
          The Fashion Show – Miss International Hungary 2017        
Sok szeretettel köszöntünk a Miss International Hungary THE Fashion Show-n! A szépségverseny rendhagyó fordulójában neves magyar divattervezők kollekcióit mutatták be az idei döntősök. A különleges show extra résztvevőkkel volt teljes, akik ezúttal szokatlan szerepben mutatták meg magukat: Az MDC zenekar tagjai férfi kollekciót mutattak be, mint modellek, frontemberük, »
          Rapács Gréta        
Miss Nagykapos Nagyon boldog vagyok, hogy bekerültem a Miss International Hungary döntős lányai közé. Sosem fogom elfelejteni azt a pillanatot, amikor meghallottam a nevem a továbbjutók névsorában… mert álmodni merni kell! 🙂 Kor: 20 éves Város: Nagykapos További képek: Szavazás előtt likeold Rapács Gréta és a Miss International »
          Pinczés Laura        
Miss Veszprém Sziasztok. Pinczés Laura vagy a Miss International Hungary 2017 egyik döntős lánya. 21 éves vagyok a Miskolci Egyetem gazdasz tanuloja. Emellett a Tokaji Borvideken dolgozok a Disznókő Borászatban ahol borkostolókat tartok, illetve bevezetem a vendégeket a Tokaji borok sikerének titkaiba. 6 éves koromban kezdtem el táncolni, »
          Pásztor Noémi        
Miss Szabadka Kedves Látogatóm! Köszöntelek a világomban! Lassan egy éve, hogy elnyertem a Csongrád Megye Szépe címet, amiért jutalmul az a megtiszteltetés ért, hogy a Miss International Hungary 2017 csapata döntős lányai közé sorolt! Nagyon örülök ennek a lehetőségnek, igyekszem a legjobb formám hozni, hiszen itt 3 királynőt »
The European Commission declared on Monday 4 January that it would discuss the state of the rule of law in Poland after the country’s extreme-right government pushed through legislation placing the judiciary and the media under government control. In a move reminiscent of Hungary’s illiberal regime, the new Polish government is attempting to seize total control of the […]
          Hungarian Authorities Constantly Infringe the Freedom of the Press        
Budapest, 23 September, 2015 In the last few months Hungarian law enforcement authorities infringed freedom of the press by several different measures taken against journalists. These infringements of the freedom of the press are related to the authorities’ treatment of asylum seekers arriving in Hungary.The press has an important role as the broader public can only obtain […]
          Bondage Bombshell: Tied To The Table And Fucked Up Her Ass        
Bondage Bombshell: Tied To The Table And Fucked Up Her Ass
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Amirah Adara
Genres: Anal, Ass to mouth, Big ass, Cum in mouth, Cum Play, Deep throat, Facial, Fetish, Spanking, Squirting, Submissive
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Amirah is a submissive bondage bombshell who gets tied to the wooden table and fucked up her tight ass in today's House of Taboo fetish porn! Check out this brunette hottie from Hungary and watch her get her shaved pussy fingered by French man David Perry!

Format: mp4
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Bondage Bombshell: Tied To The Table And Fucked Up Her Ass Bondage Bombshell: Tied To The Table And Fucked Up Her Ass
Bondage Bombshell: Tied To The Table And Fucked Up Her Ass Bondage Bombshell: Tied To The Table And Fucked Up Her Ass

Bondage Bombshell: Tied To The Table And Fucked Up Her Ass
File size: 1.2 GB

Bondage Bombshell: Tied To The Table And Fucked Up Her Ass

Bondage Bombshell: Tied To The Table And Fucked Up Her Ass
          Jobs in UK - USA - EU - UAE | Job Seeker | Job Provider        
Search and apply to jobs in UK, USA, Canada, GreenLand, EU. Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Italy on the #1 job site in the World,
          Drupal Global Sprint Weekend January 28, 2017 and January 29, 2017        

Small local sprints everywhere (well, not everywhere, but anywhere) will be held during the weekend of January 28 and 29 2017. Listed alphabetically by continent, country, locality (state, province, city; where applicable).

Sprint Locations


  1. Remote sprint with an Accessibility focus - join the remotesprint Slack group for more. You need to join the Drupal Slack Group first (it's a lovely excuse to join if you never have)


  1. ?


  1. India

    1. Mohali, Chandigarh- Jan 28 - Details
    2. Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR - Jan 28 - Details
    3. Chennai, Tamil Nadu - Jan 28 -, Meetup
    4. Bangalore, Karnataka - Jan 28 -, Meetup
    5. Hyderabad, Telangana - Jan 28 -, Meetup


  1. Canberra, #govCMS Camp, Jan 30-31 Register & details


  1. Belgium

    1. Ghent, Jan 28th, Belgian DUG & Calibrate - details
  2. Bulgaria

    1. Sofia Jan 29 BulDUG - initLab Details
  3. Germany

    1. Berlin Jan 28-29 Drupal Berlin Details
  4. Italy

    1. Milan Jan 28 @Wellnet Details and application
  5. Russia

    1. Novosibirsk Jan 28-29 DrupalSib (Details will follow)
  6. Switzerland

    1. Zurich Jan 28 @ AmazeeLabs Meetup details
  7. United Kingdom

    1. London Jan 28 @Manifesto Digital Details
    2. Sheffield Jan 28-29 by Drupal Yorkshire, Union St & Magnetic Phield Details
  8. Netherland

    1. Amsterdam Jan 28-29 Details
  9. Hungary

    1. Budapest Jan 28 @Cheppers Details
  10. Poland

    1. Wroclaw Jan 28 @Ratio Web; details, FB
    1. Warsaw Jan 28 @New Emma Hostel; details, FB
  11. Serbia

    1. Novi Sad, Jan 28 @Develomon, details:
  12. Spain

    1. Cáceres, Jan 28th, details
    2. Bilbao, Jan 28th, details
    3. Sevilla, Jan 28th, details
  13. Slovenia

    1. Ljubljana, Jan 28 @ Agiledrop, details: g.d.o, Meetup

Latin America

  1. Argentina
    1. Buenos Aires, Jan 28th, @MediaMonks details
  2. Perú
    1. Lima, Jan 28th, CTIC-UNI details

Canada & US

  1. Canada
    1. Toronto, Canada - Jan 28 - Details
    2. London, Ontario, Canada - Jan 28 - Details
    3. Vancouver, BC, Canada - Jan 27 @ 5pm - Jan 28 - Details
  2. US
    1. Georgia, Atlanta - Jan 28-29 - Details
    2. Massachusetts, Boston - Jan 28-29 - Details
    3. North Carolina, Charlotte - Jan 28 - Details
    4. Texas, Austin - Jan 28-29 - Details
    5. NYC, New York - Jan 28 - Details

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To participate

  • use "Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2017" in the description of your sprint meetup, sprint camp session, mini-sprint, wind-sprint, or all-day sprint, like: "Drupal All-day Sprint in Anywhere Town, IL, USA is part of Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2017."
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  • use the tag "SprintWeekend2017" on d.o issues (no # in this tag name!)

Suggested announcement

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Everyone is welcome; if you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute. We will split into groups and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. For new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on, getting some contribution tools, and developers can install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core.

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Past global sprints

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          We’re Having a Baby!        

We're having a baby!

If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll already know that Motoko and I are having a baby. He’s only about six weeks away now. That will obviously bring some big changes. After 15 years of marriage, here are some of thoughts on our new lifestyle. I really like whether everything is going so far.

I am Canadian

We’ve decided to deliver the baby in Canada. Before and after the delivery we’ll need to have regular doctor visits and some stability in our lives.

We were considering Hungary, Japan and Thailand, but Canada was the clear winner. Our first two checkups were with a great doctor in Budapest, but it made more sense to go to Calgary. My immediately family is all here and everyone speaks reasonably good English. 🙂

We’ve tried medical services in about half a dozen countries, Canada is the best by far. All doctor visits are 100% covered by our free health care system and the quality and service are first rate.

Many Canadians complain about the long wait times, but I’d suggest they try other countries to see just how good they have it. Winters can be long and cold, but Canada is a pretty amazing …

          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 10-03-2013 with Rett Rogers        

Cannibal The Headhunters- Land Of 1000 Dances - Land Of A Thousand Dances
The Jaynettes- Sally Go Round The Roses - Tie The Knot Tunes Presents The Wedding Planner 2 Hours Of Dance Floor Golden Oldies
The Andrews Sisters- Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat - The Telephone Song
Bo Diddley- ELephant Man - The Black Gladiator
Sohail Rana- Soul Sitar - Kayber Mail
Ill Boogs- Ill Conga - Ill Congafunky Ghost Town
Art Ensemble Of Chicago- Thme De Yoyo - 100 Best Of Blue Note Selected By 2Sounds
Babatunde Olatunji Charles Payne- Soul Makossa - Soul Makossa
Dandy Livingstone- Think About That - Suzanne Beware Of The Devil
The Upsetters- Earthquake - The Complete UK Upsetter Singles Collection Vol 3
Hugh Masekela- Fuzz - Masekela
The Checkmates Ltd- Black Pearl - Love Is All We Have To Give
Astrud Gilberto Joo Gilberto Stan Getz- Corcovado Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars - Getz Gilberto No 2 Live
Chuck Wood- Seven Days Is Too Long - Northern Soul Keep The Faith Vol 3
The Sweet Inspirations- Unchained Melody - What The World Needs Now
The Kinks- Powerman - Darjeiling Limited Soundtrack
The Rolling Stones- 2000 Man - Their Satanic Majesties Request
- Loves A Real Thing - World Psychedelic Classics 3 Loves A Real Thing The Funky Fuzzy Sounds Of West Africa
Kamar Black Diamonds- Egun Dude - Lipa Kodia Ya City Council
Django Reinhardt- Appel Indirect - Quintet Du Hot Club De France Quintette Of The Hot Club Of France
Jair Rodrigues- A Messa - Festa Para Um Rei Negro
Various Artists- Garon Manqu - Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher
Pat Harris- Hippy Hippy Shake - Ultra Chicks
Wanda Jackson- Sticks And Stones - Right Or Wrong
Ariane- Les Petites Marionnettes - Ariane Et Les Petits coliers Chantants De Bondy 21 Chansons
The Standells- Riot On The Sunset Strip - Riot On Sunset Strip Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Them- Turn On You Lovelight - Them Again
The Blue Rider- Naked Brunch - The Blue Rider Ep
Patti Smith- Gloria - Horses
Ralph Soul Jackson- Matchbox - The Birmingham Sound The Soul Of Neal Hemphill Vol 2
Gino Parks- Same Thing - Same Thing Single
The Radiants- Hold On - Chess Chartbusters Vol 1
The Phenomenal Handclap Band- Baby - The Phenomenal Handclap Band
The Five Stairsteps- OOH Child - The First Family Of Soul The Best Of The Five Stairsteps Remastered
Various Artists- Aretha Sing One For Me - Shaolin Soul
Melanie- Lay Down Candles In The Rain - Beautiful People The Greatest Hits Of Melanie
Tony Pabon Y La Protesta- Free canta Tony Pabon - Free Original Recording
Black Sugar- Funky Man - Black Sugar
The Melodians- Rivers Of Babylon - The Harder They Come Remastered
Various Artists- Tamas Somlo Omega Azt Mondta Az Anyukam - Well Hung FunkRock From Communist Hungary Vol 1
Sun Ra- Watusa - The Best Of Sun Ra
Compilation- Rumble - RockaHits
Big Star- Stroke It Noel - Third Sister Lovers
Mahalia Jackson- Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Mahalia Jackson Sings Americas Favorite Hyms

playlist URL:
          Re: KAIP and YOUNG families, of Weyburn District, Ceylon, Suprise Valley - Mathias/Mat/Max YOUNG & Susanna KAIP        
Hi, I have Kaip and Yung in my extended tree although no connection to these individuals . I'm sure the Hungarian village you need to look for is Setchanfeld. (Also called Setschanfalva ) it is in the Banat region of old Austria-Hungary -modern day Serbia.
Try the Zichydorf Village Association site-
There you will find a link to the Kaiser familienbuch that has many Kaips and Young (Yung) families.
Good Luck
          KAIP and YOUNG families, of Weyburn District, Ceylon, Suprise Valley - Mathias/Mat/Max YOUNG & Susanna KAIP        
I have a marriage of Mathias - aka Max/Matt/Mike - YOUNG and Susanna KAIP 31 March 1913.
I would think their parents names would be on that record but I have no access to it.
I have found most of their children.
His parents appear to be John Young and Anne.
Her father may be Mathias. Her parents never made it over from the old country.
They were born in the same village in Hungary - something like Siesenfalva?
They lived in CEYLON Sask
...I am Looking for their PARENTS, SIBS, Uncle/aunt' etc ....
...Birth...information as census' are varying as are name spellings/transcriptions
There are Kaip' in Surprise Valley that I am trying to link them to.
They also had family in Minnesota.
When Susanna Kaip came to Canada via Minnesota in 1911 they spelled her Kype.
Thank you in advance WRC
          Re: JOHN and ANNA WOG, SURPRISE VALLEY        
Hi Family may have submitted family history/ stories to the Local History Book Project in the mid to late 1980's
Perhaps digitalized - to be viewed online at
OurRoots / Nos Racines -

Margie, you searched 1916 Canada Census - Weyburn Sask
and have the following information -
Perhaps researching - through the children - will help find the information you are searching form
WOG, John 53 born Austria /Hungary aprox 1863
WOG, Anna 49 born Austria /Hungary aprox 1867
WOG, Peter 29 born North Dakota USA aprox 1887
WOG, John P 31 born Hungary aprox 1885
WOG, Lina 29 born Bulgaria aprox 1887
WOG, John 8 born USA aprox 1908
WOG, Joseph 6 born North Dakota USA - aprox: 1900
WOG, Peter 4 born North Dakota USA
WOG, Nikalas 2. born Saskatchwan Canada

Per5haps family connected - Dcd North Battleford Sask
Online There is an Obituary for Anne Marie WOG
Spouse Joseph WOG - deceased - Son Harold WOG deceased
Parents Ben & Helen GERMAN

          JOHN and ANNA WOG, SURPRISE VALLEY        
Hello, We are looking for the death/or cemetery records of John and Anna Wog. They lived in Surprise Valley, Weyburn, Sask. on the 1916 and 1921 census records. They were both born in Hungary.
Any information would be helpful.
Thank you,
          Crazy Chick Veronica Loves Dick To Fuck Her Pink Pussy        
Pink Pussy is a Porn Star from Hungary. She was born on May 28, 1988. Measurements: 34A-26-37
          EU Court says Austria can Deport Asylum Seekers        
The European Court of Justice's ruling was brought by Austria and Slovenia, and could affect the future of several hundred people who arrived during the migrant crisis of 2015. Also in the programme: new diesel and petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 in the UK, and we hear from women who have fled Raqqa and are now being held by Kurdish forces on the outskirts of the city. (Photo: Migrants Cross From Hungary Into Austria On Route To Northern Europe. Credit: Getty Images)
          354: Punishing Negative Reviewers        
Photographers suing clients for bad reviews. Photos taken in Hungary w/o permission now illegal. A photographer wins 1.2 million dollars over photos taken from social media. And we interview Amanda Eddy, Public Relations Manager for Photodex.
          A Lesson from Scandinavia        
  • During the years 2005 and 2006, American sociologist Phil Zuckerman spent fourteen months in Denmark and Sweden to study these two societies. In a recent book, he reports these findings: (1)
  • Denmark and Sweden have among the lowest rates of violent crime in the world. (pp. 28-29) (2)
  • Denmark and Sweden have the lowest rates of HIV and AIDS in the world. (p. 27)
  • Sweden is third and Denmark is fifth in the world in economic competitiveness. (p. 27)
  • On gender equality, Denmark is second and Sweden is third in the world. (p. 27)
  • On access to the Internet, Sweden is third and Denmark is fourth in the world. (p. 28)
  • Denmark and Sweden are tied for the lowest infant mortality rates in the world with Norway, Iceland, Japan, and Singapore. (p. 26)
  • Denmark and Sweden are tied for first place with the Netherlands in the health and safety of children. (p. 26)
  • Denmark ranks fourth and Sweden ranks eighth in the world in the standard of living. (p. 27)
  • Political corruption is virtually non-existent in Denmark and Sweden. (p. 28)
  • Denmark and Sweden are tied for first in the world in a recent international study of social justice (p. 30) (3), and
  • Denmark ranks second and Sweden ranks third in the world in financial aid to poor nations. (p. 29)

Thus, according to Zuckerman, Danes and Swedes are among the most contented and generous people on the planet. But that's not all that Zuckerman has to report about these two nations. Remarkably, he notes, two of the most prosperous societies in the world are also two of the least religious. (4) Indeed, a huge majority in both countries are atheists or agnostics. Only 24% of Danes and 16% of Swedes believe in a personal God compared to more than 90% in the United States. (p. 24) Only 18% of Danes and 33% of Swedes believe in heaven compared to 80% of Americans. Only 10% of Danes and Swedes believe in hell compared to 75% of Americans. (p. 11, pp. 24-25) This is the lowest rate of belief in hell in the entire world! (p. 25) Next, only 7% of Danes and 3% of Swedes believe that the Bible is the literal word of God compared to 33% in the United States. (p. 25) Further, Danes and Swedes have the lowest church attendance in the world with only 3% of Danes and 7% of Swedes attending regularly. (p. 25, p. 162) (5) Also, only 8% of Danes and 15% of Swedes consider it important for a politician to believe in God compared to 64% of Americans who do (p. 12), and contrary to public and private practice in America, very few Danes and Swedes pray. (p. 2) Finally, more than 80% of Danes and Swedes accept evolution while less than half our population does. (p. 10) (6)

Professor Zuckerman sees an important lesson for us in his study of Denmark and Sweden. Contrary to what we've heard from "certain outspoken conservative Christians" (7), the sociologist suggests, a secular society need not be a scene of violence and depravity. (p. 4, pp. 17-18) Denmark and Sweden, he says, are not only "impressive models of societal health" (p. 17) but living proof that humans can survive and prosper without religion. (pp. 55-56) (8)


  1. Zuckerman reports his findings in Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment, New York University Press, 2008. All references hereinafter are to page numbers of this book.
  2. For instance, in Aarhus, Denmark, a city of 250,000 residents, there was a total of one murder in 2004. (p. 6)
  3. This study was done by a German group of social scientists associated with an institute called Hans-Bocker Stiftung. (p. 30) Denmark and Sweden are not without problems, however. Taxes are high, there is social friction due to recent waves of immigration, children eat too much candy, rates of bicycle thefts are high, fertility rates are low, and alcohol consumption is high. (p. 34)
  4. Other irreligious societies are the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Estonia, France, Japan, Bulgaria, Norway, England, Scotland, Wales, Hungary, and Belgium. (p. 25) Zuckerman points out that in all of these relatively secular societies the citizens freely gravitated from a religious to an irreligious perspective unlike North Korea, the former Soviet Union, China, and Albania where the governments attempted to impose secularism on the citizens. Zuckerman says that forced secularism doesn't work. See pp. 20-22.
  5. Paradoxically, despite the fact that most Danes and Swedes are atheists or agnostics and don't attend church regularly, 83% of Danes and 80% of Swedes continue voluntarily to pay a tax to the National Church, which is Lutheran (p. 112), and many hold traditional events such as weddings, baptisms, confirmations, and funerals in church. Zuckerman says that Danes and Swedes, while rejecting the supernatural dimensions of Christianity - Jesus performed miracles, Jesus was God, Jesus rose from the dead, the Bible is God's revelation, the Genesis account of creation is accurate, there is an afterlife with a heaven and a hell, etc. – maintain a "cultural religion" similar to many Jews. (pp. 153-155) Oddly, in Denmark a person may be a pastor and an atheist. (p. 154)
  6. Despite the fact that Danes and Swedes are irreligious, they are not hostile to religion, they shun serious discussions of it, they deem a person's views about religion a private matter, and many non-believers dislike being labeled an atheist because they take the term to imply hostility to religion. Further, many non-believers self-identify as "Christians." When one asks them what it means to be a Christian, they say it means being kind, helping people who need help, not hurting others, etc. As a rule they reject the supernatural components. See Chapter 8, "Cultural Religion," pp. 150-166. Also, see pp. 97-109.
  7. Zuckerman lists the following examples of Christian conservatives who claim that a society that is irreligious will fail: Pat Robertson, the late Jerry Falwell, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Schlesinger, William Bennett, Rush Limbaugh, and Paul Weyrich. (p. 4, pp. 17-18)
  8. American fundamentalists will no doubt object to Zuckerman's strongly favorable evaluation of Denmark and Sweden by noting that in these countries abortion has been legal for more than thirty years, prostitution is legal, and homosexuality is tolerated.

© 2008 Tom Shipka

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          Running With Uncle Chris        
My Nikes I inherited when Uncle Chris passed away
have been on runs all over the world. No better way to
honor someone who enjoyed his jogs like he did. 
Many of you who read this blog knew my Uncle Chris. One of the five Kamide brothers who grew up in Carthage, N.Y., he served with the Army in the war in the middle east, worked as a school teacher and a school board member, spent years as a high school and collegiate basketball referee, and above all else, was a great father to my cousins, Chris, Gabbi and Alyssa.

Uncle Chris and I shared a number of similarities. Like each of my uncles on both sides of my family, we shared a passion for sports. He enjoyed watching Syracuse football and hoops, his Dolphins, grew up a baseball fan, and jumped on the lacrosse bandwagon when his kids advanced on to play at the high school and collegiate levels.

Everyone said we looked a lot alike, we both - like my cousin Nate - battled Crohn's Disease, and both of us enjoyed going for a recreational run to keep in shape and get our mind off the daily grind and stress we had in our lives.

When Uncle Chris passed away in April 2013, it hit our family pretty hard. He was only 48-years-old, with young children who had yet to hit the prime of their lives. He had so much to offer this world, and for nearly five decades, he had done so with a big smile on his face and an energy and passion for life that I always noticed whenever I was around him. Just a couple years earlier, he had run in a marathon in Las Vegas to fundraise for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, and I had helped organize a fundraiser here in Northern Virginia for his cause. 

A few of his personal belongings were passed to members of the family, and since he and I had the same shoe size, I was given a pair of essentially brand new Nike running shoes of his. This, I told myself, couldn't be a more perfect opportunity for me to honor my uncle. I have had the opportunity via baseball to do a lot of traveling, and in the 28 months since his passing, have taken those running shoes with me to all parts of the country and to Europe for runs. I've worn his shoes for jogs here in Virginia, in upstate New York, in New York City, in South Carolina, in Georgia, and in Europe in Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

I don't know the exact mileage, but it's well over 200 miles I've run in Uncle Chris' shoes. Every time I tie the shoes before heading out for my run, I think of him. And I think of my cousins, who are without their father. Something I could not comprehend. 

And then there is the irony of the shoes being Nike. My grandfather owned a shoe store in Carthage for over four decades, 'Faye's Boot Shop', and the only brand of sneakers he sold were Nike. So until his passing in 1996, that's all the Kamide family wore. Each summer, we knew we'd get a new pair of kicks for the school year, and each winter, a new pair of basketball sneakers. The fact that Uncle Chris, like many of us in the family, still swore by Nikes, was just another example of the tightness of the family, and the loyalty shown to Grandpa whenever it was time for a new pair of sneakers.

That loyalty exists whenever I look at these two pairs of sneakers I inherited from my Uncle Chris. There are days where I don't feel like going for a run. I've got a bunch on my plate. I'm hungover. I had a big breakfast, and don't feel like cramping up a mile into it. I didn't get much sleep, and the snooze button on my phone or alarm looked very appealing. I won't lie and tell you the thought of Uncle Chris and the shoes forces me to go on that run every time, I unfortunately don't have that type of will power. But he and the shoes are working at about a 75 percent clip right now, and I'm in pretty good shape. A big reason for that is there is a part of me that says get off your butt and go make your uncle proud.

I know you're up there resting in peace, Uncle Chris. We all miss you very much. And I'll keep running until these things fall apart. And keep thinking of you each time I lace them up. 

          Goulash and Baseball        
We jumped straight from our flight, onto the bus, and over to the Prague
Castle, where our 42-person contingent toured the St. Vitus Cathedral.
Centuries-old culture, history and cuisine, chased with great-tasting (and ridiculously inexpensive) beer and maybe a couple scoops of Gelato. Toss in some (at times rugged) baseball, an ever-prompt tour guide, a muscle-bound bus driver, and our 42-member contingent of players, coaches and parents from Northern Virginia had their seven-day, five-game, four-country baseball trek through the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Thanks to the MVP International Athletics program, I had the opportunity earlier this month to travel to Europe for a third consecutive summer with a team from our area, this time a group of 13-15 year-olds and three high school head coaches from Northern Virginia; Madison’s Pudge Gjormand, South Lakes’ Morgan Spencer and Langley’s Kevin Healy.

These trips we take overseas are not as much about wins and losses on the baseball field as they are learning about how cultures were formed and have evolved, have succeeded or failed throughout the centuries, often times dating back to the Medieval Ages and even the Roman Empire. Since Pudge and Matt Foley first began organizing international trips some 7-8 years ago, players from our area have visited countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, the Dominican Republic, and the four Central European nations we toured this month. Next week, another team will head to Puerto Rico.

Those who have followed this blog know that I have caught the travel bug, a result of my being born on a U.S. Army base in Germany, a family vacation to Europe years ago, and an 18-month stint where I lived and coached overseas. Though my travels, I’ve gained an awesome appreciation for the cultures in Europe. I love trying the varying cuisines, whether it’s the great pasta and breads in Italy, the spicy dishes in Hungary, trying the differing versions of Goulash in Germany/Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary, sampling the sangria in Spain, debating which country brews the best beer, and of course, delving into my favorite European dish, the Czech Republic’s Svickova (I know, I’m missing the accents over the letters!).

It’s one thing to study world history, it’s another to witness in person where that history took place. Every trip, I’ve found myself sounding very much like my mother when she took my brother, sister and I overseas years ago when I tell players to pay attention during the guided tours of of castles, cathedrals and museums. I get it, you’re in middle school or about to start high school, you’d probably rather be paintballing or pounding your buddy in Halo or Gears of War than staring at stain glass windows in a 500-year-old church. But I tell them how impressed their history teacher would be when they get back to school next month and tell them stories of what they saw, or better yet, should they hand in a paper on it for some extra credit to start off the semester (I know, slim to no chance any of them do that!).

And then there’s the baseball. We get to see an awesome variety of fields and facilities, the parents love the fact that they serve beer at the games (FCPS, there’s an easy fix to the budget problem!), and what an experience for our guys to face youth national teams. Seeing ‘AUSTRIA’ or ‘HUNGARY’ across your opponent’s chest has a bit more meaning in the grand scheme of one’s baseball career than ‘MCLEAN’ or ‘WESTFIELD’. Don’t get me wrong, I want to beat those guys as well, but competing against a team representing a country is pretty special. Then being able to swap caps or shirts after games with those players? That’s pretty cool.

I certainly appreciate the opportunity that has been presented to me with these trips. My hope is that the players have as well, and that the parents have re-hydrated after all those half-liters of Kozel, Pilsner Urquell, Soproni and whatever else happened to be on tap at the clubhouses. That Atto, our tour guide, returns to Germany to a successful acting career. And that Miro, our Ivan Drago-lookalike at the bus’ helm, doesn’t body slam the next Fiat that cuts him off.

Until next time, Europe.

          Prioritizing What Is Important In My Life        
Spending more time with my brother and sister will be at
the top of the priority list with more free time in my life. 
An opportunity I have dreamed of, planned and prepared for now for over a decade while I have waited patiently to arrive has presented itself to me this summer.

The head baseball coaching position at my alma mater, Herndon High School, is open and I have been granted an interview for the right to coach where some of my best memories came from, on the same field where I grew up as a player and first decided I would one day get into coaching. In my 11 years coaching as an assistant at three different high schools, with numerous middle school and high school travel coaches, with a collegiate summer team, and overseas in Hungary and the Czech Republic, I have always maintained that the only head coaching job I’d ever want would be right there at Herndon.

For over a decade, I have worked to become the best coach I can. I was not the most-gifted player, the only colleges I was going to be given an opportunity to play ball at had less students than my high school. So I have had to build my name as a coach through the baseball I had in me above my shoulders, and through hard work, preparation and organization.

Like many assistant coaches trying to make their name and work their way up the ladder, I have coached essentially year-round: during the spring high school season, summer collegiate or travel season, fall travel ball and winter camps and clinics. The past two years, I have been 6-7 days a week of baseball from the third week of February to the end of July between my seasons at Oakton High School and with the Herndon Braves.

While I was dedicating these thousands of hours to the development of players and building of teams and programs all these years, I had fallen in love with the idea of being on baseball field and working to better someone else’s child. It is very fulfilling to see an investment in time pay off in the success of a player or team.

That being said, my eyes have opened in recent weeks to the fact that while I have fallen in love with being on the field and working with these kids, I haven’t allowed the time to potentially fall in love with someone myself, and that I’m now 36 years old and not raising and working to better children of my own.

For someone who always preaches to his players to keep your priorities in check so you can succeed in the classroom and on the field, to spend time with family and maintain time to simply be a kid, I realized I have gotten away from practicing any of what I have been preaching.

This is where I probably drop too much of my personal life on you, but here it goes.

These past two weeks have been an extremely emotional time for me. I have spent hours debating the prospects of taking on a responsibility such as running a high school baseball program, while also attempting to grow a business. I have taken a hard look in a hypothetical mirror and realized that while I constantly have something committing me from dusk until dawn, my life has become very empty. And when looking into an actual mirror a few days ago, I saw someone who is 15 pounds lighter than a few months ago, as my diet and exercise suffered while a usually committed workout regimen dwindled, and I often simply forgot to eat because I was sprinting from one commitment to another.

All this occurring as I sit here attempting to grow a business that has an awful lot of potential, and also needs my attention and commitment in order to thrive.

A light has gone on in recent weeks, and I have realized what really is important to me. By burying myself with so many responsibilities, I have been blinded to the one’s that should matter most to me: my family, friends, hopefully at some point a significant other, and my own health and wellness.

And for that, I owe a number of people an apology.

Most importantly, to my family, who I have not spent enough time with, by any measure, and have even become a punch line at times because something always seems to come up that prevents me from seeing them. To my buddies, many of whom I have not seen since before baseball started in February, for being MIA on the social scene, and in general. And to myself, for allowing my priorities to become as clouded as they did, and as a result everything I just mentioned above having to suffer the consequences.

And lastly, I owe an apology to the folks at Herndon, who I have strung along before finally today pulling my name from consideration for what surely would be an awesome opportunity to try my hand as a head coach at my alma mater.

It’s come to the time in my life where I need to pull back the reigns on my coaching commitments, and have more time to focus on the most important aspects in my life.
          Two Goals Down, One To Go        
The Titans celebrating their Českomoravská liga championship last weekend.
On Saturday, our club fought back to win our league's championship game, 3-2, with an eighth-inning two-run double proving to be the difference against a very good team from Hluboká, which is located two hours south of Prague not far from the Austrian border.

The ÄŒeskomoravská liga championship game took place eight months from the day I arrived and had my first practice with our team, and since then my players and I have certainly shared some growing pains together. They've had to adjust to my stubborn ways and the program I wanted to put in, and I've had to learn their strengths and weaknesses on the fly while adjusting to them in attempt to mend some of the cultural differences we have on the baseball field.

My coaching mentor, Pudge Gjormand, always said that 'it's a marathon, not a sprint', and that has never been more true than this season. We'll end up playing about 55 games between 'friendlies', tournaments, league games and postseason games, and have been practicing three times a week since February, minus a two week break in July. Over the course of that time, I've battled to get guys to buy in, and it's a great feeling when you see that happening and them understanding that what I'm preaching really does work more often then it doesn't. It certainly hasn't been a smooth ride at times, but results are what matter in this game and we've been able to check off goals we've set while stringing together some very good stretches of baseball.

We won 16 straight league games during May and June, won the regular season championship, our first goal, knocked off a surging team from Třebíč in the semifinals, and then defeated a former national team pitcher to win the league title, our second goal. We've competed well in games against the U18 Czech national team as well as the senior national teams from Croatia and Hungary. We led the league in hitting, and when the hitting cooled off at times in the playoffs, our pitching came up big for us.

With the championship trophy and Andrew Rodgers, our import
player from Australia, who has been a major part of our success.

And now, we have an opportunity to get this club back to the Extraliga, the country's top division, when we open the promotion/relegation series (they call it the Baráž here) against Olympia Blansko this weekend. That's our third goal, an annual one the past three years for our club, which dropped from the Extraliga in 2009 after 17 seasons of competing in the league.

I'm not afraid to tell anyone who will listen that I'm proud of my guys. Proud of them for putting up with me when I hammer them about 'doing the little things right', keeping the 'baseball Gods happy', always being 'the hardest working team in the Czech Republic', or when I let fly an occasional outburst of curse words, toss a fungo in the air in frustration, or go fire up an umpire who may or may not even speak English. Proud of how they all arrive on time now, and when they're running late, that I'll get an SMS letting me know that's the case, something that wasn't the case when I arrived. Proud of how we can fly through a practice plan, knock out drills that simulate game speed that we were dragging through back in March and April, execute in situational hitting drills, and for the most part, make adjustments in practice quickly so we can move on to the next task (this also wasn't the case early on, when EVERYTHING would be discussed at nauseum, something I've discovered as part of the culture in my time in Hungary and here in the Czech Republic).

Like I told my guys when we traveled to Třebíč with our best-of-five series tied at 1-1, I wasn't ready to go home and had no intentions of doing so while there were still goals left to accomplish. They agreed, and preceded to win the next two games and win the series. Then, at practice last week as we prepared for the championship game, I read them one of my favorite quotes, from Michael Jordan: "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen". And they made it happen, winning the club's first championship since the Czech Baseball Association was formed in 1993.

While I know the Hluboká club is very good and very well-coached, my guys deserved that championship. They have put in the work, and they were rewarded for it. And that's how it should be. They partied until the early hours of the morning after the game, chanting and singing songs and giving toasts I could only guess the meaning of, with some guys even passing out and sleeping in the locker room after a few too many postgame 'pivos'.

A goal had been checked off. We celebrated. Now, it's time to get back to work as we strive to reach the next one. 
          Getting Back at It        
Had my buddy Anthony Bennett in town for a
game as we got back to work this week at Tempo.
What are very popular here in Europe are summer "holidays", when the locals enjoy hitting the road with family or friends to head to mountain or lake homes, the beach or nearby cities with good night scenes.

Most baseball leagues across the continent will take anywhere from 3-6 weeks off between their regular season and postseason, a gap I think is a bit ridiculous for three reasons; teams lose momentum gained throughout the four-month regular season; play is sloppy early in the playoffs as teams work themselves back in game shape; and the best time of the year for baseball, weather-wise, is wasted.

That being said, I gave our guys two weeks off, and we started back this week with a four-day training camp in the mornings as well as single games on Tuesday and Thursday here in Prague and a doubleheader on Saturday in Bratislava, Slovakia. The first week away from the club was much-needed ... they needed to get away from me as much as I needed to get away from them. But the second week, I was itching to get back at it, and sat around most of the time playing with practice plans, figuring out our pitching rotation, and pretty much doing everything than I should have been doing during my time off, which is relaxing. 
The training camp, in my opinion, was a huge success. Our junior (16-18 year old) players, whose commitment I've openly questioned since I arrived in the Czech Republic, was fantastic. First guys to practice, sprinting everywhere, doing everything that was asked of them, they were like a completely different group than I had come to know.

One player in particular, an outfielder named Pavel, went from buried on the bench because of his lack of attendance at practices (most guys here are at about 90 percent attendance; some guys unfortunately don't approach that number) to in a position now with a few players unavailable to travel with us this weekend where he'll be starting in center field in our game against the Hungarian national team. For a young guy, what a great opportunity.

If any of you junior guys are reading this, I hope you keep the same work ethic you've demonstrated this week for the remainder of the season.

On Tuesday, we welcomed Anthony Bennett, a good buddy of mine from Hungary who is now coaching the Robur '58 club in Holland. As everyone around the baseball community knows, baseball in Holland is as good as it gets in Europe, and the Netherlands hangs with the big boys worldwide as well (they won the Baseball World Cup last year). Those guys did not disappoint, coming into to our yard and proving to be everything you'd expect from a club from over there; fundamentally-sound, talented and chalked full of guys who know how to compete. We ended up making a late run to make the final score 10-8, but they beat us up pretty good for the most part and were an example of what kind of club we're striving to become. Anthony, to no surprise of mine, has done a great job in his first year with the team.

On Thursday, we traveled across town to take on the A team from KRC Eagles Praha, which finished third in the regular season in the ExtraLeague, which we are seeking a return to after three seasons spent in the Českomoravská liga, the second-division here in Czech. Our guys set the tone early and we jumped to a 4-0 lead, but the big inning was our undoing, as they touched us up for six runs in the fourth and coasted to a 13-6 win. The score might not indicate it, but I thought we looked like a different team from the one that took a 14-3 loss to the Eagles in our first game of the season in their tournament back in March. Our guys were more confident at the plate, attacking fastballs early, and even when they had scored eight unanswered runs against us after our initial lead, we answered with two runs and had the game at 8-6 in the sixth. Earlier this season, we may have folded up shop in that situation.

This weekend, we'll conclude our week back on the field with games in Bratislava against one of their local clubs, Apollo Bratislava, as well as a game against the national team from Hungary, which is coached by another American buddy of mine, Justin Prinstein. Two more good tests as we look to face as many quality teams and as much good pitching in "friendly" games as we can before our first game in the ÄŒeskomoravská liga semifinals on September 8.

It feels good to be back on the field, and everyone's batteries seem to be recharged for the last, most-important leg what will be a nine-and-a-half month season for our guys by the time we wrap up in October.
          Organization, Preparation Key in Coaching        
Team huddle between innings in our game against Sokol Hluboka last month.
I've always felt that being organized and prepared gives you an advantage in life, whether it's in the classroom, workplace or on the playing field.

I'll freely admit that as a baseball coach, I've worked with and gone up against other coaches who know the game better than I do, know how to coach up and motivate players better than I do, and how to manage a game better than I do. So, while I feel I've closed that gap a bit over my eight years in coaching, I still feel the need to use other strengths of mine to help level the playing field.

I was raised in a military family, and while I did not completely grasp the discipline that enabled both of my grandfathers to serve in World War II and my father to have an admirable 23-year career in the U.S. Army, I do feel I've taken a couple of traits from the military lifestyle, being organized and prepared, and applied them to my coaching.

Those traits, I've found, are necessary more than ever while coaching in Europe. Back in the states, I was a part of high school staffs that usually had at least five and sometimes as many as eight coaches on the field every day. We'd have coaches focusing on the pitchers, the catchers, the outfielders, the middle infielders, the corner infielders, the base runners, the hitters, guys whose main job was just to keep the clock and make sure we remained on schedule with the practice plan, you name it. Even while coaching travel ball during the summer and fall, in what is a much more relaxed atmosphere, I'd have at least two assistants with me at practices and games.

Having that many coaches on the field really helps in our ability to develop a player's individual skills, to maximize practice time, make sure that nothing gets overlooked whether it's a player's footwork when turning a double play or a hitter slowing his hands down on breaking balls away. It's the no-stone-unturned methodology that I learned while coaching under Pudge Gjormand at James Madison HS in Vienna, VA, and helped with implementing when I moved over to assist Morgan Spencer at Centreville HS in Clifton, VA, in 2008.

That frame of mind had to be adjusted when I came over here, as I initially discovered when I hopped on late last summer to help Anthony Bennett out with his Szentendre Sleepwalkers team down in Hungary. During more than half of our practices and games, I'm the lone coach on the field. And that was certainly an adjustment from what I was used to back home. I don't always have an assistant to lean on to throw batting practice if my arm is dangling, to ask for their opinion on potential lineup adjustments, to pass off some administrative duties to, or to hit fungos to the infielders so I can go watch bullpens.

And that's not necessarily a bad thing.

It's forced me - and this may scare some people back home who already think I'm an OCD-crazed maniac at times - to become even more prepared and organized to make sure everything is in order when I arrive at the field and I can just focus on getting our team through that day's practice or prepared for that day's game.

In addition to the usual on-field and off-field coaching responsibilities, I make a point to email weekly schedules to players each Monday, and a spreadsheet is put together of who can and cannot attend each practice or game; practice plans that are detailed down to the minute are put together and emailed to our club's offices to be printed up and posted in the dugout every day; lineups for both games of our doubleheaders are put in our iPad scoring system, on our lineup board that is posted in the dugout and on the lineup cards the night before our games; heck, I even map out best- and worst-case pitching changes and substitutions for each game as I know I sometimes won't have the time to think them out on the fly while trying to manage everything else that's going on during a game.

In practices, I've tried to stress the importance of our guys focusing during drills so we're able to get through them more quickly, to sprint on and off the field as that saves time and keeps the Baseball Gods happy, and might designate outfielders to hit ground balls to infielders, or pitchers to hit fly balls to outfielders once they're done with their bullpens, long toss or running. I've had to reach to find ways to effectively get our team through a quality practice, and it's honestly been fun to try and think up new ways to do so. 

As a coach, you're always telling your players to think before the pitch is thrown so you know where to go with the ball if it's hit to you. You tell them to mentally begin their at-bat while on the on-deck circle, so you can just react and not think once you step into the batter's box. You're expecting your players to be prepared, so my feeling is that you had better follow suit and be prepared yourself.

Not having a pitching coach has forced me to study and learn more about that aspect of the game, which was undoubtedly my weakest trait. I appreciate when my one designated assistant, Ales, is able get away from work and come to practice because I know our outfielders will be getting some good work in that day. And when we do have someone come and throw batting practice, I make sure to take advantage of being able to watch our hitters more closely and help them make adjustments with their swings, or simply be able to give them a pat on the back and tell them how well they're swinging the bat if that is the case.

Don't get me wrong, our club does absolutely everything it can to support me and give me what I need. I've had former players come out to throw batting practice and swing a fungo, I have Ales and our general manager, Jiri, come out as often as they can to lend a hand, and I am always being asked if there's anything I need. But it's simply too difficult to find quality baseball people that can get away from work on a consistent basis to come and help out, and it forces you to make adjustments to how you go about your coaching responsibilities, to become even more prepared and organized, or else you will let your players down because they're not getting developed like they should be.

I feel that if a coach ever becomes stagnant and content with what he is, then it's time for him to get out of the game. I couldn't dig up the quote from Tony LaRussa, but remember reading somewhere him saying that in four decades of coaching the game, he still learned something new about it every day. That's how I'm treating my experience over here. Use it as a learning experience, and hopefully I'll get better at the trade in the process.

At the very least, I'll know what substitutions I'd like to be making in the eighth inning of the second game of our doubleheader that weekend.
          The Best Time of Your Life        
A week or so again I was talking to some of my friends when one of them posed a most interesting question, "What was the happiest time of your life?" On the surface, this sounded like a very easy question, but after some thought, it isn't. There are hopefully several happy times in everyones life. The happiest moment, the happiest day, the happiest period of time. I asked for some clarification as to which happiest time they were asking about. They wanted to know the happiest period of time. The most difficult of the three for most people. After a few minutes thought, I replied that for me, the happiest period of time was when I was a teenager and had the good fortune to live in the Bahamas for 15 months. This was from June 1964 until the end of August 1965. I can not think of a better place to be. Swimming in beautifully clear, warm water virtually everyday with the exception of a few hurricaine days. The experience of learning in a different type of school and educational environment. At that time, the Bahamas were a part of the British Commonwealth and therefore the the schools and most of the teachers were from England With the exception of one being from Hungary. This was with out a doubt the best year of learning that I ever had in my twelve years of public education. The English firmly believed in corporal punishment and whippings and caning were the rule of the day. Because of this, behavior problems disappeared within the first day or two of class each semester. Students all rose when the teacher entered the room and stood until they were acknowledged by the instructor. You also rose and stood at the end of each class. There was nothing perceived as wrong about showing respect for your elders and each other. We had a two hour lunch break evryday and quite often would go down to the beach to go swimming. It was not unusual to see someone sitting in class in the afternoon with wet hair. I lived on Grand Bahama Island in Freeport before it became a very popular tourist destination. There was a topless and nude beach, quite informative and educational for a boy my age, drinking at almost any age was tolerated as long as you did it in moderation. Moderation was something that everyone learned in order to keep their priviledges. Instead of a ice cream truck driving through town at night, the was a liquor truck, all you had to do was walk to the end of your sidewalk and the truck would stop. You could order all of your liquors, beers, mixers and ice. Your order completed, he would drive down the street to the next person standing at the curb. We had soft drink machines on the street that sold ice cold beer instead of soft drinks. All you had to do was put in your 2 shillings, 28 cents at the time, pick your desired beer, press the botton, and it would appear at the bottom of the machine. Quite often, after school, I would walk over to a friends house and we would enjoy a BeefeatersTM Gin and SchweppesTM Bitter Lemon. A very refreshing way to end a day of studying at school. The Bahamas were a very interesting mix of instense discipline and freedom. You were free to do quite a few things as long as you did not take advantage of your freedoms. During the time I lived there, whites made up only about 20 to 25 percent of the population. The rest of the population was comprised of Bahamians. These were blacks, potential slaves, that were left on the islands when the American Civil War started. The entire population of the island was less than 10,000 people at the time. The Bahamian blacks were of a different mindset than the American black. They were a very sweet, kind and honest people. The white people on the island were always welcome in th small villages on the other parts of the island such as Hunter, Seagrape or Eight Mile Rock. You were welcome in their bars and could dance with them because in their minds, they did not perceive a difference, you were just another person who had come to have a good time. My father would frequently go out to these small towns and bars to play music with them as he was a dyed-in-the-wool musician at heart. He was always wecome with open arms. There was no racial bigotry on the part of the Bahamians, there was some racism present on the part of the American whites when they first moved to the island but with rare exception, this disappeared after they had been there a while. This was completely diferent from the racial tensions and strife that were so prevailent 120 miles away in th mainland of the United States. Crime virtually did not exsist on the island and almost no one locked the houses when they were away in town. Spending fifteen months in a population where I was the minority taught me a great deal about looking at situations form all sides. At the time, I always thought it was strange that the whites that had moved to the island were there to help 'civilize' the native population. They were introducing the need for posessions, money and competion between individuals. This was something that previously really did not exist. The average Bahamian lived in a small house usually placed up on small pylons several feet above the ground. As most of the villages were located on a part of the island that was only several hundred yards wide, the land was only 3 or 4 feet above sea level. The highest point on the whole island was only 22 feet above sea level. By building their houses up on piers, this allowed the occasional high tide to simply flow under the house rather than through it. They all owned a few chickens, planted asmall garden and owned a small boat or dingy. When they were hungry, they ate, usually fish but sometimes one of their chickens, when they were tired they slept, and when they were horny, they made love to their wife or girlfriend. They were all deeply religious and all went to church every Sunday. To me, it seemed like they had a pretty good life and had figured out life pretty damn well. Leave it to us to come into their paradise and insist that they have to go to work everyday, punch a clock, and make money so they can be happy. Bullshit, it seemed to me that they were the truly cizilized people. This was definitely the happiest period of my life and would recommend that if or when you have children of your own, that you move to a small island for a while to let your children learn how to live life. I went back there several years ago with my family only to find that the island had been completely Americanized. It is still a very visually attractive place but it sucks now. None of the character it had all those years ago is still present, it is now nothing more than a tourist trap. You will have to find your own island, but rest assured, they still exist, I found one, but I'm not saying where it is. Peace and love to everyone until next time.

          The Refugee Crisis: Separating the Conspiracies from The Conspiracy™        

By Eric Draitser [Photo: Syrian refugees in Hungary September 4, 2015 (wikimedia).] As the refugee crisis in Europe has come to dominate western media headlines, it has predictably given rise to a complex web of theories, analyses, and politically and ideologically charged omissions and distortions. The corporate propagandists of ‘acceptable journalism’ have presented the issue […]

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          Tim Paczynski Represents Minnesota as Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship Winner        
Selected from a pool of over 1,500 applicants, the philosophy and math double major hopes to study in Hungary next year.
          What next for Eastern Europe?        
While President Trump tweets, the United States and Russia drift towards war over Syria, and the new Thirty Years War between Shi'ite and Sunni continues on many fronts, another critical drama is playing out in the Eastern half of the European continent.  I find it particularly interesting because it is a replay of the drama I described about 40 years ago in my first book, Economic Diplomacy and the Origins of the Second World War, which is linked at left and available as an e-book.

For the first few centuries of the modern era the peoples of Eastern Europe lived under large empires.  The Ottoman Empire had reached Europe in the 15th century and eventually included what is now Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Rumania, some of the nations of the former Yugoslavia, and Hungary.  The Tsar of Russia ruled what are now the Baltic States and, by the 19th century, Poland.  The Holy Roman Empire--which in 1806 became the Austrian Empire, and in 1867 the Austro-Hungarian Empire--included parts of Poland and the present-day Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia.  All these peoples, to varying degrees, developed nationalist movements during the 19th century.

The enormous strain of the First World War proved too much not only for the Russian, Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires, but also for the German Empire.  The Allies--France, Britain, Italy and eventually the US as well--sponsored the claims of some of the national movements in their territory.  In January 1918, in his Fourteen Points, Woodrow Wilson endorsed an independent Poland and autonomy (not independence) for the peoples of the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires.  When those nations collapsed ten months later, various national movements proclaimed new states.

As the brilliant but eccentric English historian A. J. P. Taylor noted in 1961, the post-1919 settlement in Eastern Europe reflected the astonishing fact that both Germany and Russia had been defeated. Only that allowed for the re-creation of an independent Poland, the new states of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia,a larger Rumania, independent Poland and Finland, and the three Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.  It seemed in 1918-9 that things might go even further and that Ukraine might become independent as well, but the Bolsheviks managed to secure control over it in the Russian civil war.  These states were economically and politically weak.  Nearly all of them initially formed some kind of democratic government, encouraged down that path by the western powers.

In the short run, several of the new states--Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Romania--were threatened by Hungary, which had lost huge territories at the peace conference, while in the long run Czechoslovakia and Poland had to worry about a resurgent Germany. France, eager to cement its status as the leading power in Europe, offered all those states some kind of alliance.  Clearly the French would have trouble defending them once the Germans or Russians regained their military strength, but the French were counting on keeping the Germans weak.  The alliances faced no serious threats until after the rise of Hitler.

By then all these countries had undergone profound political changes.  While all of them had begun as democracies, only Czechoslovakia, Finland and the Baltic States were still electing their governments by the early 1930s--the rest had come under some form of authoritarian rule.  The agricultural states among them, as I showed in my book, came under German influence after 1935 because the Germans, desperate for food, offered them a market for their produce.  In 1938 Hitler managed to destroy Czechoslovakia when the French abandoned their alliance.  In 1939-40, Hitler and Stalin concluded the Nazi-Soviet Pact. They partitioned Poland and the Soviets incorporated the Baltic States.  Hungary and Rumania became allies of Hitler while Yugoslavia was occupied by the Italians and the Nazis.  In 1945,  the whole region (except Finland) came under Soviet occupation and the USSR installed Communist governments.

The collapse of the USSR in 1991--77 years after the start of the First World War--started this process over again.  Once again, as in 1919, the entire region was liberated from foreign rule.  This time the proliferation of new states has gone much further, with Czechoslovakia and former Yugoslavia giving way to no less than 8 new states, and not only the Baltic States, but also Ukraine and Belarus, becoming independent.  Once again the new states established various forms of democracy.  And once again, powerful nations from outside the region offered them alliances. NATO, led by the US, offered membership to virtually every new state in the region, including the Baltic states--after initially promising the new Russian government not to do so.  The EU also offered many of them membership, choosing to ignore the enormous economic and cultural differences that still divide Europe somewhere around the frontiers of Germany and Poland.

Germany is no longer an imperialist nation, although it leads the EU and played a key role in its enlargement.  Russia once again went through a chaotic period but by 2000 it was recovering its strength under Vladimir Putin.  He is clearly determined to reassert Russian influence--if not more--over many of the states of the former USSR.  Belarus lost any real independence very quickly, and Putin is actively contesting the West in a bid for influence in Ukraine, and using the Russian military at the border to do so. He also very obviously has designs on the Baltic states, which are extremely vulnerable militarily.  And while Putin cannot offer these states markets the way the Germans did 80 years ago, he can provide them with energy.

And once again, democracy has proven fragile in Eastern Europe.  Rightist parties now lead the governments of Hungary, Poland, and some of the other states of the region. The governments of the Czech Republic and Slovakia are weak and subject to corruption and outside influence.  These nations face a choice between  western-style democracy--which is having enormous problems in the west--and Russian-style authoritarianism.  It is not at all clear which path they shall take.

Only a gigantic war settled the question of Eastern Europe's future 80 years ago.  Such a war does not seem in prospect now, but limited wars, such as a lightning Russian occupation of one or more Baltic states, cannot be ruled out.  Russian and NATO aircraft are constantly confronting one another in the region.  The Russians also seem to be using cyberwar against Ukraine, and they may use it elsewhere. To reach a new equilibrium diplomatically would require a level of statesmanship which is not apparent on the world scene.  Nearly thirty years ago, when the Soviet empire collapsed, I commented frequently that this time, Eastern Europe had taken a new shape without a new world war.  Now it seems that the process may involve a larger conflict--albeit of a possibly different kind.
          (Review) Choices: The True Story of One Family's Daring Escape to Freedom by J.E. Laufer         
Publisher and Publication Date: Little Egg Publishing Company. May 15, 2017.
Genre: Nonfiction, memoir, novella.
Pages: 116.
Source: Free copy from Little Egg Publishing Company and Smith Publicity.
Rating: Excellent.

A map of Europe is included for the time period of the 1950s.
Seven family photographs are located at the end of the book.
Choices is a novella, and a story for both adult and young adult readers.
For more information from the publisher about the book: Choices

J.E. Laufer has written a true story of her family’s escape from communist Hungary post World War II and the Hungarian Revolution. She was age two when the family left. She has an older brother named Gyorgy. Their parents names are Adolf and Kati Egett.
The story centers on the love and sacrifice the parents made for their beloved children.
The time period is the mid 1950s. Adolf and Kati Egett are aware of people leaving the communist country of Hungary. Some of the people leaving are known to them. People are afraid to tell anyone they are leaving. Some people leave with only the clothes they wear. Adolf and Kati contemplate leaving. They want a safe and secure future for their children. They hate to leave family, friends, job, and home. The escape itself is difficult and risky.

My Thoughts:
I love big books. I love long stories. I love a well-developed story and characters. Choices is a small book. A small package with 116 pages of written material. Before I began reading, I wondered, will Laufer be able to share this important story in so few of pages? The answer is yes!
I love this story!
I did not know anything about life in Hungary post World War II and after the country became communist. I have been given a glimpse of what the people endured.
Several reason led me to give Choices an excellent rating:
1. The story builds with anticipation as to what Adolf and Kati will do. Will they leave Hungary? How will they escape?
2. The story shows the dramatic events of leaving Hungary. Several questions are answered about their defection:
-how much money do they take and what it is spent on?
-how do they dress for the trip and what belongings do they take?
-who do they trust on the journey and who do they tell before leaving?
-how do they keep their children calm and quiet?
-what will they do until they can work and earn money?
-how will they leave Europe?
3. Kati reflects on the story of her experiences during the Holocaust.
4. A teenage girl is met on their journey. She takes a risk in helping them. They took a risk in trusting her. The relationship is tantamount to their survival.
5. The love expressed between Adolf and Kati. They have commitment and tenderness towards one another. They show patience and self-control. One does not make a decision without the other. I feel they are a beautiful example of a marriage and family.

          PEP Newsletter v17n2        

Photoelectric Photometry Newsletter, Vol. 17, No. 2
April 1997
J. Percy, editor


Message from the Editor

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a symposium at Yale University, in honour of the 90th birthday of Dorrit Hoffleit. Dorrit has made many and diverse contributions to astronomy. She was the second recipient (after Carl Sagan) of the American Astronomical Society's Annenberg Award, for outstanding contributions to astronomy education. Her research has spanned many fields, including variable stars. She has authored many interesting papers on the history of astronomy. She has served the AAVSO in many ways, being President in 1961 and 1962. To AAVSO photometrists, however, she may be best known as the editor of the Yale Catalogue of Bright Stars, which contains a gold mine of authoritative information about most of the stars in our program. Compiling catalogues is not a glamourous activity, but it is absolutely essential. The Yale Catalogue of Bright Stars is the most used and appreciated item on my bookshelf. I thank Dorrit for that and, on behalf of the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry program, I wish her many more years of good health and happiness.

The AAVSO Eclipsing Binary program and committee has recently compiled the fruits of many years' labours, in the form of times of minima, and (0-C) diagrams of about 100 EB's on their program. The co-authors are Marvin Baldwin and Gerard Samolyk. For a photometrist, it is interesting to look through these compilations, and be reminded that there are many EB's which are bright enough for photoelectric photometry with small telescopes. Beta Lyrae and Beta Persei are obvious examples, but there are also stars like R CMa and Delta Lib which are 5th magnitude or brighter. If you would like more information on the AAVSO Eclipsing Binary program, contact the chairman of the EB committee.

In a recent paper "Hotspots on Late-Type Supergiants" (Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 285, 529-539 (1997)), P.G. Tuthill, C.A. Haniff, and i.E. Baldwin report on interferometric imaging of Alpha Ori, Alpha Sco, and Alpha Her. They conclude that, in each of these stars, there are one to three unresolved features or "hotspots" which contribute between 5 and 20 per cent of the light. These seem to vary on time scales of 3 to 9 months, and are "thus consistent with a convective origin". These hotspots may be responsible for some of the light variations in these stars - two of which (Alpha Ori and Alpha Sco) are on the AAVSO photoelectric program.

Recent correspondence reminds me to remind you: your transformation coefficients should be determined at least once a season, and any time you make a significant change in your instrumentation. If you use red-blue star pairs to determine your transformation coefficient, you should use at least two, and preferably three pairs.

The W Boo Project

Attached to this newsletter is a preprint of a paper which has just been submitted to the IAU Information Bulletin on Variable Stars, which is published on behalf of IAU Commission 27 by astronomers at the Konkoly Observatory in Hungary. W Boo is a small-amplitude red variable on the AAVSO photoelectric photometry program. It appeared to switch period in about 1990, from 25 to 50 days, and this was interpreted as a change in pulsation mode. Unfortunately, several comparison stars showed some evidence for variability, so five of you "bore down" on W Boo last year. The preprint reports on the results. The 1996 light curve of W Boo is very interesting. It seems to be a superposition of two periods: 25 and 33 days. These, along with the 50-day period, may represent adjacent radial pulsation modes.

By the way, IAU Commission 27 (Variable Stars), and the IAU IBVS, can be found on the WWW at:

Computerized Photometry Project of Summer 1996

by Frank Dempsey

Computerized photometry became a reality for me last summer after I successfully (but not without problems) interfaced my Optec SSP-3 photometer to a portable laptop computer with ACQUIRE software by Robert Jones. I was first inspired by an article in the AAVSO PEP newsletter several years ago by Ken Luedeke who used the same photometer and laptop computer as the ones I was using. In my case, no electricity is available at my observatory location (at the edge of a farm field north of Pickering, Ontario) other than that which I supply from batteries and so being able to use my laptop computer for recording the output from the photometer would be ideal, knowing that another observer had already solved the inevitable problems I could expect to encounter with a new computer application.

When I mentioned my intention of starting this project to Howard Landis and asked if he had any advice, he referred me to Ray Thompson. Ray lives within an hour's drive from my home and he invited me to visit his observatory. He generously demonstrated and explained the ACQUIRE software and the AAVSO and other software used to record the photometer output and then convert it to the AAVSO file format and analyse each observation set for observational error (in situ, on the spot). However, after obtaining the appropriate software and hardware, frustrating bugs persisted that prevented the system from operating properly. After several weeks of e-mail communication with Ken Luedeke, Howard Landis, Ray Thompson and Robert Jones regarding diagnostic tests, potential solutions and encouragment to continue, an internal computer hardware fault emerged as the most likely source of the problems. At this point, the simplest and most economical solution seemed to be another computer. A Saturday of shopping at second-hand computer stores in Toronto with the photometry software on a disk in my pocket turned up a good, low-cost, old (heavy, bulky and relatively small memory) laptop computer in good condition with a good battery that works very nicely for the intended task. Now, photometric data collection is different; the only keystrokes in filing and submitting data are the ones to start and test the software and then to instruct the computer to begin recording the data while looking at the photometer output on the computer screen. The only minor drawbacks to be worked out now are the observatory light pollution (if the night is not moonlit) from the heavily red-filtered monitor screen, and the sluggish computer screen (not to mention short battery life) at winter temperatures much below freezing. Now the freedom from spending many hours typing in the photoelectric observations will allow more time for analyzing and interpreting the variable star observations. I would not likely have completed this project without the valuable photometry-wise assistance from Howard Landis, Ken Luedeke, Robert Jones and Ray Thompson, as well as several computer-wise members of the Toronto Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

RV TAURI Stars in the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry Program

John R. Percy and Akos Bakos

RV Tauri stars, according to the General Catalogue of Variable Stars, are: "pulsating supergiants having spectral types F to G at maximum light and K to M at minimum light. The light curves are characterized by the presence of double waves with alternating primary (deep) and secondary (shallow) minima which can vary in depth so that the primary minima may become secondary ones, and vice versa. The complete light amplitude may reach 3 to 4 magnitudes in V. The periods between two adjacent primary minima (called "double" or "formal" periods) lie in the range 30 to 150 days. Two subtypes may be isolated: RVa - variables of RV Tauri type which do not vary in mean magnitude; RVb - variables of RV Tauri type which periodically in mean magnitude with periods of 600 to 1500 days (or more), and amplitudes up to 2 magnitudes in V."

The cause of the alternating deep and shallow minima is generally agreed on; it is due to the presence of two pulsation periods in the ratio 2:1. The cause of the long-term variations is not known for sure.

In the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry Program, there are two RV Tauri stars: AC Her, an RVa star, and U Mon, an RVb star. Below, we show the light curves of these stars on both the long-term and the short term.



Fig. 1. The long-term light curve of AC Her. The vertical scatter is due to the pulsation, which has a double period of 75.41 days.

Fig. 2. The phase diagram of AC Her, using the double period of 75.41 days. The low scatter indicates that there is no long-term variation, or other irregularity.

Fig. 3. The long-term light curve of U Mon, an RVb star. Note the variation in mean magnitude, on a time scale of 2500 days. The vertical scatter is due to the pulsation, which has a double period of 92.23 days.

Fig. 4. The short-term light curve of U Mon, showing the alternating deep and shallow minima. The double period is 92.23 days.

We have used these light curves to determine precise times of minimum brightness of these two stars, and we are using these, along with many decades of data provided by Endre Zsoldos (Konkoly Observatory, Hungary) to study the period changes and evolution of RV Tauri stars.

The following is a paper on W Boo submitted to IAU Information Bulletin on Variable Stars

Sorting Out W Boo and Its Comparison Stars

W Bootis (HR 5490, HD 129712, V - 4.81, SpT M3 III) is a bright example of a small-amplitude red variable. Percy & Desjardins (1996) recently reported that W Boo had changed period in about 1990, from 25 days to 50 days, and suggested that W Boo had switched pulsation mode. Unfortunately, the check star (HD 130446) used in the differential photometry appeared to be slightly variable. A second check star (HR 5524, HD 130603) was adopted, but it too appeared to be slightly variable. We therefore decided to observe all three stars in 1996, relative to the original comparison star, and a new check star. We report the results here.

The comparison star was HR 5534 (HD 130948, V = +5.85, (B-V) = +0.56, SpT GO-2 V) and the new check star was HR 5454 (HD 128402, V = +6.41, (B-V) = +1.1, SpT KO). Five observers (Beresky, Luedeke, Smith, Thompson, Wood) carried out the measurements as part of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) photoelectric photometry program (Landis et al. 1992). The observations were made and reduced as described there, and in Percy & Desjardins (1996).

We have a total of 48 V observations of W Boo (and its comparison and new check star), 23 observations of HD 130446, and 25 observations of HR 5524. The standard deviation of the (new check - comparison) magnitudes is sigma = 0.011, which is the expected error of the observations, especially considering that they were made by five different observers. These stars therefore appear to be constant. The sigma of the (HR 5524 - comparison) magnitudes is 0.010, which suggests that this star is also constant.

The sigma of the (HD 130446 - comparison) magnitudes is 0.020, which suggests that this star may be slightly variable. It is also possible that the larger scatter is due to the faintness (V = 7.6) of the star. The power spectrum of the previous observations of this star (Percy & Desjardins (1996)) showed a peak at 0.1277 cycle/day, but this peak does not appear in the power spectrum of the present observations, nor does it produce a reasonable phase diagram. There are several peaks in the power spectrum of the present observations, none of which is very conspicuous. The star is KO III type, so the variability, if real, could be due to star spots. Hatzes & Cochran (1996) have recently reported short- term radial velocity variations in K giants, which they attribute to pulsation.

The 1996 light curve of W Boo (Figure 1) is very interesting. The cycle count period is 24 days (very similar to the period of W Boo before 1990), but it is strongly modu- lated, and there is some evidence for long-term variations. The light curve can be well represented as the superposition of two periods - 25 and 33 days. Periods of 25, 35 and 50 days were found by Percy & Desjardins (1996), and interpreted as adjacent radial modes. The new 25- and 33-dav periods were determined independently of the previously-known periods. The mode switching in W Boo is rather similar to that recently reported in RR UMi by Lloyd & West (1996). This star switched between periods of 34 and 61 days, with strong modulation of the amplitude.

Acknowledgements. A. Desjardins and M. Marinova were participants in the University of Toronto Mentorship Program, which enables outstanding senior high school students to take part in research projects at the university. JRP acknowledges a research grant from NSERC Canada, and thanks the AAVSO for the infrastructure within which this project was carried out.

Figure 1. The 1996 V light curve of W Boo, relative to the comparison star HR 5534. The time axis is (JD - 2450000). Note the modulation in the amplitude of the pulsation; the light curve can be represented as the superposition of 25- and 33-day periods.
Department of Astronomy and
Erindale College
University of Toronto
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L5L IC6
e-mail: jpercy@erin.utoronto-ca

1833 S. Virginia Avenue,
Maple, Ontario
Springfield MO 65807-7101, USA

9624 Giddings Avenue NE
Albuquerque NM 87109, USA

6715 N. Table Mountain Rd.
Tucson AZ 85718, USA

7 Welton Street
Canada L6A lR8

15101 David Court
Bakersfield CA 93312, USA


  • Hatzes, A.P. & Cochran, W.D., 1996, in Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun, ed. R- Pallavicini & A.K. Dupree, ASP Conf. Ser., 109, 527
  • Landis, H.J., Mattei, J.A. & Percy, J.R., 1992, IBVS No. 3739
  • Lloyd, C. & West, K.W., 1996, IB VS, No. 4335
  • Percy, J.R. & Desjardins, A. 1996, PASP, 108, 847

New Be Stars for the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry Program

There are four Be stars in the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry Program. Results of the observations of three of them (V2048 Oph, V832 Cyg, and EW Lac) have been published in JAAVSO 25, 14-20, (1996), the most recent issue. It appears that Be stars are well suited for the AAVSO PEPP, so we have added a few more. The finding charts and other particulars are attached. These stars should be observed on each clear night, if possible. Be sure to.observe the comparison and check stars as often as the variable. These -observations are being made as part of an international program of long-te= UBV photometry of bright Be stars, coordinated by Petr Hamanec, Ondrejov Observatory, Czech Republic. I thank Petr for his advice, assistance, and collaboration over many years.

Photoelectric Photometry Programs: General Considerations

  • Photoelectric photometry - by amateurs or professionals - can contribute signific- antly to astronomical research. Make sure your program is scientifically worthwhile. Amateurs can make an especially valuable contribution by making systematic observations over a long period of time: months and years.
  • Photoelectric photometry should be enjoyable as well as satisfying. Don't forget what the word "amateur" means.
  • Consult with the AAVSO, the IAPPP or your local professional astronomer for advice in choosing a program and carrying it out.
  • There are definite advantages to working with a group, on an established program or campaign. You get more feedback that way.
  • Choose a program which fits your equipment, site, ability and time available. Even if your site is mediocre, a few well-chosen observations in a night are quite worthwhile. Choose stars with relatively long periods.
  • It may be difficult for the program coordinator to combine observations of one star by very many observers, especially if they have not all been careful in correcting and transforming their observations. Consider "adopting" a few stars and observing them regularly.
  • Don't over-extend yourself. Bite off something you can chew. Strive for the greatest accuracy you can attain, by making your observations carefully and correcting carefully for extinction, gain settings and color effects. Don't observe on cloudy nights. A dubious observation is worse than no observation at all.
  • Computer acquisition and reduction of data is acceptable, but is no substitute for careful observation.
  • If your sky is non-uniform or otherwise imperfect, concentrate on differential photometry, with comparison stars close to the variable.
  • If your telescope is small, your photometer insensitive or your sky bright, stick to bright stars. There are over 1000 stars in the Bright Star Catalogue which require photometry.
  • Don't observe variables and comparison stars of different colors unless you are sure of your transformation coefficient. Don't observe variables and comparison stars on different gain settings unless you are sure of your gain setting calibrations.
  • If you are really confident of your equipment, your sky and your data reduction procedures, you might want to try absolute photometry. Many of the comparison stars on the various AAVSO charts are in need of accurate magnitudes and colors. For many purposes, it is adequate to observe in one filter only: usually V. Follow standard procedures for reducing data: correcting for extinction, color effects and gain settings.
  • You will get more satisfaction from your observations if you see them published or made available to the astronomical community. Make sure that this is being done
  • Observe at least two comparison stars, and calculate and publish delta m(Cl-C2).
  • Keep detailed, adequate records.

John R. Percy Department of Astronomy Toronto, Canada M5S lA7

          Hungarian Prime Minister Works To Turn Public Opinion Against NGOs        
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: The Hungarian government is considering ways to limit the activities of groups that advocate for human rights, democracy and press freedom. These nongovernmental organizations, or NGOs, often receive funding from abroad. And Hungary's nationalist leader says they are shadowy organizations that meddle in his government's affairs and encourage illegal activity. NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson has more from Budapest. (CROSSTALK) SORAYA SARHADDI NELSON, BYLINE: Employees at the downtown office of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee say they give a voice to people here who would otherwise have none. On a recent afternoon, it's a gay, Pakistani asylum-seeker who needs help. ANDRAS LEDERER: (Foreign language spoken). NELSON: The committee's Andras Lederer calls a Hungarian immigration official about paperwork he filed weeks ago on the Pakistani man's behalf. LEDERER: Because sometimes faxes go missing and all that, and it contained quite
          Hungarian Law Could Close Central European University Founded By George Soros        
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: An American university in Hungary is fighting for survival. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wants to shut it down, even though European Union officials are warning him not to. NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson reports. SORAYA SARHADDI NELSON, BYLINE: One of the 1,400 students at Central European University fretting about their future is Gaspar Bekes. The 23-year-old Hungarian says he's channeling his stress into organizing protests against a new Hungarian law that could shut down the university also known as CEU. GASPAR BEKES: Destroying the best Hungarian university is mental really. I just couldn't believe it. It's like the Cultural Revolution in China. They are just not taking people away yet, so destroying this for a political purpose is outrageous. NELSON: That sentiment is shared by a growing number of foreign leaders and academics. They have appealed to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to rescind the new law
          Hungarian Legislation Threatens American University In Budapest        
The right-wing government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is taking steps that could cause a popular American university in Budapest to close. Under a bill submitted to the Hungarian Parliament late Tuesday, non-EU universities issuing diplomas in Hungary would be required to have a campus in their home country. Central European University — which was founded in 1991 by liberal philanthropist and investor George Soros and is widely considered to be the top private university in Hungary — does not have a campus in the United States, even though it is registered in New York state. Students from scores of countries are enrolled in the university's English-language, graduate and post-graduate programs. Orban and the Hungarian-born Soros have a strained relationship, even though the prime minister received a scholarship from the Soros foundation that allowed him to study briefly at Oxford. Hungarian officials say the legislation doesn't have anything to do with Soros or CEU, even
          243 MERSUCH III-3 #4002 (Mersuch III x 205 Ajeeb-2, by Ajeeb) 1940 grey mare imported to the US from Hungary 1945 by the US Government; produced 10 registered purebreds        
243 MERSUCH III-3 #4002 (Mersuch III x 205 Ajeeb-2, by Ajeeb) 1940 grey mare imported to the US from Hungary 1945 by the US Government; produced 10 registered purebreds

From Jenna Orkin

The Senate probe into big phama's hand in the opioid crisis just got bigger

In a first, scientists have edited the DNA of human embryos that could turn into people using CRISPR

Researchers shut down AI that invented its own language

What humans will look like in 1,000 years

           The Artists’ Institute and the Institute of Art: a place which is not yet a 'place'         
Shepley, Alec and Dutton, Steve (2013) The Artists’ Institute and the Institute of Art: a place which is not yet a 'place'. In: 8th Annual Conference of the Arts in Society, 24-26 June 2013, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary.
          Libertarian position on the EU Referendum        
On 23rd June, the UK will vote on whether to remain in or leave the EU.  I'm voting to leave the EU, and believe that, on balance, those who believe in individual liberty including free trade should strongly support leaving the EU.

Bizarrely, Prime Minister David Cameron, having campaigned for a referendum, is now claiming that a vote for the UK to leave would trigger recession, economic catastrophe and even risk future war.  He’s been asked why he bothered putting the UK through such a risk, particularly since only months ago he said the UK would “do ok”.    Now both the Tory Government, most of the Labour Party and virtually all Liberal Democrats, Scottish and Welsh Nationalists and the Greens are all campaigning to remain in the EU, whereas the campaign to leave is led by Boris Johnson,  Michael Gove, nearly half of Conservative MPs, a handful of Labour MPs and UKIP.

The two main planks of the Remain camp are first that leaving the EU Single Market would damage the economy, and they cite many economists, the IMF, World Bank and OECD who all support this, along with some major business leaders and companies.  The second claim is that leaving the EU “lessens Britain” and isolates it, and means the UK loses influence. 

The Leave campaign has a few key messages.  One is that it will save £350m a week from not contributing to the EU (although that excludes receipts from EU programmes to the UK and Thatcher’s rebate, which could be removed at any time).  Secondly, is that leaving the EU will return sovereignty to the British Government, rather than the EU, which passes laws, even if all British MEPs oppose them, imposing them on the UK.  Thirdly, is concern that immigration cannot be effectively controlled whilst there is free movement and full rights for all EU citizens to reside in the UK.

For a libertarian, the EU referendum does mean a trade off.   Indeed, the only two elements of the EU that are pro-freedom are the single market and free movement of people.

EU Membership does provide a single market of over 550 million people, for goods if not for services.  However, it is a customs union that is highly protectionist, and has for decades been one of the biggest objectors to global free trade in agriculture and in many services at the WTO, particularly because France is consistently resistant to trade liberalisation.   Much is made of the EU signing “trade deals” with other countries, but it rarely includes services and never includes agriculture.   Nick Clegg likes to describe the many years and reams of paper needed for the EU to reach trade agreements with the likes of Canada, as if this is the norm (and a burden the UK would have to bear with other countries if outside the EU).  Yet this is quite unnecessary.  New Zealand and Australia agreed on free trade (CER) in less than four years, with a relatively simple agreement.  The only reason free trade agreements become complex is when one of the parties wants exemptions – not actually wanting free trade. 

The second libertarian element of the EU is the free movement of people.  The ability to cross borders virtually unimpeded is of significant value, but it is unconditional.  No EU Member states have the ability to shut out other EU citizens if they have been convicted of any serious offences.   I am not from the camp that believes that free movement within the EU is inherently bad, but I do believe countries should be able to exclude foreign nationals who are proven violent criminals.  The UK's immigration problems are in part, its own fault.  Its health system is the world's biggest civilian bureaucracy that makes feeble attempts to restrict non-national usage and asks nothing of users in terms of financial contributions.  Anyone with legal residency in the UK has access to the welfare state (including generous tax credits for low income workers and child benefits), to taxpayer funded education for their children and access to publicly subsidised housing (indeed there is a "legal right" to housing in the UK, paid for by others).   

In short, the UK has a welfare state edifice that is attractive to migrants with low skills, especially coming from much poorer countries with inferior health, education and housing provision.   If it wants to reduce immigration, it ought to look in the mirror.

Furthermore, as journalist Rod Liddle said at a Spectator hosted event on June 13th, eastern Europeans don't pose an existential threat to western civilisation or to the values of individual freedom that give cause to be concerned about Islamism.  As much as some are concerned about Polish migration to Britain, they integrate, they embrace the values of a developed Western liberal democracy, they set up businesses, they are not demanding media not offend them with threats of violence. Notwithstanding the distortions caused by the UK's wider welfare state, I am not concerned about migration from eastern European, as long as prudent measures are made to exclude convicted violent criminals.

However, the freedom of movement and freedom of trade within the single market do not, for me, outweigh what's wrong with the EU:

- It is a massive exercise in regulation and legal control on almost all areas of the economy.  The EU has over 10,000 Directives on anything from standards for fruit and vegetables, to blowtorches, to light bulbs, to employment.  It is a huge corporatist system that imposes major compliance costs on businesses, restricting new entry and restraining innovation.  Most explicitly, the EU has prohibited the use of genetically modified organisms in agriculture, ensuring that research and development of GM technology outside laboratories is based in the US and Asia, not Europe.

- Its budget is dominated by the protectionist racket known as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).  The CAP inflates the price of food for Europeans by heavily restricting imports from more efficient producers from many countries, including New Zealand, and subsidises overproduction in Europe which is then exported undermining market prices in other countries including poor producers in developing countries.  The CAP impoverishes farmers in poor countries, whilst the EU engages in pious virtue signalling about how much it cares about inequality.  The CAP itself isn't even equal in Europe, as it would have gone bankrupt had eastern European producers been subsidised at the same rates as those in western Europe, so perversely farmers in the EU's poorest countries (e.g. Bulgaria) receive subsidies one-third lower than those in its richest countries (e.g. Luxembourg).

- The EU takes £10 billion a year of British taxpayers' money more than it returns (and most of what it returns is to prop up farmers, to fund research projects or pious regional development projects).  That is money currently borrowed from future taxpayers.  It should end to help balance the budget.  The ludicrous idea that this is the "price for accessing the single market" is absurd.  Free trade does not need to be accompanied by massive subsidy schemes for small parts of the EU economy or politically motivated infrastructure, research or vanity projects (such as Galileo - the EU's complete duplication of the US GPS system, under the nonsensical basis that the US might "shut it down one day").  Furthermore, the majority of EU Member States are not net contributors, and until the past three years neither was France (primarily because it takes so much back in subsidies to prop up its 19th century farming sector).

- The EU is fundamentally authoritarian in instinct, having contempt for the democratically expressed choices of EU Member State voters (the EU President recently said that certain political parties would "not be allowed" to have power if they won elections in EU Member States, such as the Freedom Party in Austria).  The EU's utter failure to provide any discipline on spending in some Euro-member states and contempt for popular revolt at the resulting economic collapse reflects its distance from the concerns of Europeans.  Notably, it has taken few steps to address Hungary's creeping authoritarianism as its government subverts much of its media to support its own propaganda.

- Members of the European Parliament have no powers at all to introduce new legislation including legislation to abolish existing Directives.  Only the European Council can introduce draft legislation into the European Parliament, and the Council is comprised of people appointed by Member State Governments.  The closest the EU gets to accountability is that MEPs can vote to oppose the passage of draft directives, but none can propose their own new legislation.

- The European Commission budget has been found to be materially in error every year for the past 18 years, most recently by 3.9%, or around €5 billion.  This is in part because of the complexities of its spending programs there is considerable scope for fraud and mistake.  Never mind, the EU just keeps asking for more money.

- The EU never cuts its budget, ever.  Every year it asks for more and more, it never ceases to undertake any functions, it never seeks to hand back powers to Member States.  It grows inexorably.  Ten years ago it didn't have a common Foreign Policy, it is now discussing haviuniong an EU Army.  Bear in mind this growth continues in spite of it telling the likes of Greece and Spain that they need to cut spending to balance their budgets.

- The EU falsely claims it is responsible for peace in Europe amongst its Member States, ignoring not only the role of NATO in deterring war with the Soviet Union, but also the more fundamental principle that liberal democracies don't go to war with each other.  The EU got in the way of addressing the war in the Balkans in the 1990s as it opposed letting the Bosnian Muslims arm themselves to respond to the Serbian ultra-nationalist genocide being led by Radovan Karadzic, it has been divided over Ukraine.

- The EU attracts mediocre political appointees to have considerable power over us all.  The UK supplied the second Foreign Minister, Catherine Ashton, a Labour Party member, unionist and former peer (i.e. never elected) who had no foreign policy background.  Failed UK Labour Leader Neil Kinnock built a long career for himself and his family in the EU.  

- The EU has attacked free speech by requiring Google to remove content from searches that EU citizens specifically request as being the "right to be forgotten" .  More recently it has sought to have a common approach to "hate speech", including a call to restrict "disrespectful public discourse".  Fuck off you arseholes.

- The EU project's ultimate end game is a European superstate with power over taxation, national budgets and a massive programme to "harmonise" the regulation of all industries and sectors as one.  This superstate will not be interested in reducing what it does, granting more freedoms to its citizens and reducing its burden on taxpayers, rather the contrary.

Supporters of the Vote Leave campaign have produced this movie below, which is being freely distributed.

I have already cast my postal vote to leave and no, I don't take the views of President Obama, John Key, the IMF, World Bank,  UN Secretary General or others into account.  I don't expect any government or any international organisation to risk their own trade and relationships with the world's largest economy (the EU) by supporting the UK leaving.   Most bizarrely, it is odd that President Obama would ask the UK to stay in a political union that the US itself would never bind itself to even if it could, given the US itself refuses to sign up to many international treaties because it doesn't want its sovereignty restrained.

However, let's be very clear what leaving the UK does not mean:

The campaign to leave the EU is not led by those who want the UK to be isolated and protectionist: Unlike the opposition to the UK's original EEC Membership in 1975, those who lead the campaign to leave the EU now are not primarily socialists who feel threatened by foreign competition.  They are advocates of free and open trade with the rest of the world.   They are dominated by concerns that UK's national sovereignty is eroded by the EU and that the EU is wasteful, sclerotic, inefficient and dismissive of individual freedoms and people's concerns about it.

Leaving the EU is not "ending co-operation": Over 160 countries in the world co-operate on a vast number of matters.   Switzerland, Norway and Iceland are not in the EU, all trade freely with it and work with it and each other and other states, without being tied to the EU project.

Leaving the EU is not racist:  By illiberal-leftwing standards, the EU itself may be deemed racist with its trade policy that harnesses protectionism and European taxpayers' money to harm producers in developing countries.  Those advocating for Brexit want an immigration policy that does not favour EU citizens from non-EU citizens, which would appear to be anything but racist.

Leaving the EU is not "leaving" or "turning our back on Europe":  The EU is not Europe, it is a political-customs union project.  The UK has been at the heart of advocating values of freedom, civil liberties, liberal democracy, rule of law and separation of powers in Europe for much longer than any other countries in Europe.  It is understandable why some countries with recent totalitarian pasts would see the EU as a project that may enable them to move on from unspeakable horrors and oppression, but the UK does not have such a path.  UK outside the EU would trade, travel and work closely with European countries, with continued migration and investment, it simply wouldn't be shackled to how the EU wants Europeans to interact.

Leaving the EU is not seeking a return to a "golden age": Far from it, it is seeking to regain full sovereignty over UK laws to create a more dynamic, outward looking Britain that isn't dependent on the EU for freer trade with the rest of the world.  No one harks back to Empire, some say Brexit will enable trading relationship with the Commonwealth to be revitalised, but few see a future of self-sufficiency and exclusion.

So I have voted to Leave.  I know if it happens, the pound will drop, the FTSE100 will drop and there will be panic.  I also know that there are strong calls for Brexit to mean a significant toughening of immigration policy, which I largely oppose.  I also know there is chance the UK will be blocked from the single market for some time, as the EU and major EU Member States seek to punish the UK for leaving, rather than look at themselves as to why that might be.

However, I am also hopeful and optimistic that the world's 5th largest economy can be more outward looking, can liberalise its economy, can reprioritise its net contribution to the EU by cutting its budget deficit and replacing the subsidy programmes it receives now and phase them out.  I am hopeful that the UK can show the EU that it should be more dynamic, open and prosperous, stimulating the sort of reforms EU Member States desperately need.  I am also hopeful that the charlatan, the PR spin doctor Prime Minister, David Cameron, can finally retire, and the UK can have a government that doesn't look like the Labour Party stayed in power after 2010.

          Comment on Arrivabene: Hungary F1 win proved Ferrari’s strength of character by techmeister1        
Yes Kimi stood the pressure from Mercedes - again while protecting Vettel because Ferrari treats Kimi as a clear #2 driver not even remotely close to being a world champion or equal teammate. Arrivabene doesn't seem to understand the difference between luck and character. Kimi has demonstrated his character multiple times when Arrivabene refused to allow Kimi to pass the slower car of Vettel. Ferrari management shows their true character by not allowing Kimi to pass the slower car of Vettel. Kimi is not only a world champion but a better points scorer when Ferrari gives him a reliable car as the last two seasons have shown. Ferrari management scores zero points for scrupulous behavior IMNHO. They are becoming much like the unsavory management at Mercedes F1 who have clearly favored Hammy since the gold chained, diamond ear studded cheater, liar and thief arrived at Mercedes. Even lipstick on a turd can't help Hammy.
          Comment on Arrivabene: Hungary F1 win proved Ferrari’s strength of character by jziii        
Dying to know what Arrivabene said to Will Buxton when he rebuffed Will during his gridwalk before the GP. Judging from Will's reaction, it wasn't anything very polite.
          Why? - The Hate-Fuelled Attack on our Gender Identity         
The Jewish Cabala is "a powerful system for gaining control over people 
by harnessing and perverting sexual energies." 

Yesterday: Illuminati's Planned Parenthood: Teach Your Pre-Schooler, "Your genitals don't determine your gender." 

Greg (a reader): "
My niece is a student at the University of Oregon where there is a growing movement to eliminate gender references altogether.  For example, if you do not want to be considered a male or female, the University will acknowledge this on official records. I
t's crazy." 

  An occult hidden hand (Freemasonry) controls government and media and seeks to dehumanize and colonize us by eliminating gender.  This prophetic 2008 article explains how "sex magick" works. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

God's Creative Force enters humanity through a man's love for his wife and desire to raise his family in a secure and wholesome environment. It is reciprocated by a woman receiving her husband's seed (which symbolizes his spirit) and nurturing it.

cab2.jpgThus, the Cabalist central bankers are keen to neutralize the male-female (active-passive)  dynamo by making women usurp the male role. The bankers usurp the initiating male or "God" role for themselves.

According to the book, "Light bearers of Darkness" the Jewish Cabala is a powerful system for gaining control over people by harnessing and perverting sexual energies. (20)

In Studies in Occultism, (quoted in "Lightbearers of Darkness")  Henri de Guilbert says the Cabalist Jew
"looks upon himself as the sun of humanity, the male, opposed to which other peoples are but the female, manifesting and assuring the
coming of the Messianic era. In order to realize this sociological manifestation, the Jew organically extends his influence by means of secret societies, created by him in order to spread everywhere his initiating force...(hoping to realize ) the universal republic controlled by the god of humanity, the Jew of the Cabala." (p.21)

fb-marriage.jpgERASING GENDER

In the Protocols, the Cabalist Jew vowed to destroy "every collective force except our own." They have taken down nation, religion and race. By destroying gender, they destroy family.

Thus everywhere, the cabalist bankers have used education and media to neuter the populations of the West and undermine the institution of marriage and family. 

"We have castrated society through fear and intimidation," Harold Rosenthal boasted in 1976. "Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine outward appearance. Being so neutered, the populace has become docile and easily ruled. As all geldings...their thoughts are not involved with the concerns of the future and their posterity, but only with the present and with the next meal." ("The Protocols of Zion Updated" )
In a recent article, "Man-Child in the Promised Land",  researcher Kay Hymowitz  says American males have extended their adolescence into middle age.

"In 1970, 69 percent of 25-year-old and 85 percent of 30-year-old white men were married; in 2000, only 33 percent and 58 percent were, respectively. "

"What Kind of Man Reads Playboy?" The description best fits a homosexual. Meanwhile women have postponed marriage and usurped the male role as protector and provider.

"In 1960, 70% of American 25-year-old women were married with children; in 2000, only 25% of them were. In 1970, just 7.4% of all American 30-to 34-year-olds were unmarried; today, the number is 22%. That change took about a generation to unfold, but in Asia and Eastern Europe the transformation has been more abrupt. In today's Hungary, 30% of women in their early thirties are single, compared with 6% of their mothers' generation at the same age." (Hymowitz, "The New Girl Power" )

Meanwhile an estimated one million US children were conceived using sperm donors, with 30,000 added every year. Many are born to lesbians who are determined to change the "hetero-normative" basis of society.

California is on the vanguard of the cabalist banker plan to replace heterosexual norms with homosexual ones. A new law requires schools "to positively portray  sex changes, cross-dressing, homosexual marriages, and all aspects of bisexuality and homosexuality." This mandate affects children from kindergarten through 12th grade in California public schools.

andro.jpg(left-female; middle-unification; right-male) 

Bruce Shortt, author of "The Harsh Truth About Public Schools" notes, "No longer will children raised in these schools understand that God made us male and female. Children will be told that because there are many sexual orientations and gender identities, they simply have to reach their own conclusions about which sexual orientation and gender 'possibilities' are 'right for them.' Along with this will come the message that you really can't tell whether you like something unless you have tried it. The likely consequences of this for children, the institution of the family, our churches, and our culture are horrendous."

The Christian European majority is subjected to a relentless program of social engineering by the Cabalist bankers. Brainwashed ("guilted") to think that only minorities have human rights, the majority is being undermined and transformed into "slaves who love their slavery."


Who are these cabalists? For our purposes, they are the dynastic families who own the central banking cartel and dominate industry, culture and government, world wide. The names Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller and Schiff will suffice.

cab1.jpg(left, the Divine Hermaphrodite) 

War, and modern history in general, is an occult inspired charade designed to destroy Christian civilization by undermining our relationship to God, family, nation and race. The real meaning of  the word "revolution" is to turn the world upside down, and place the banker in the role of God. (See "Rothschilds Control Red Symphony" )

Every "revolution" since 1640 was dedicated to this goal. The bankers are behind all wars, and most "modern" social, political and philosophical movements, including Communism, Feminism, Diversity, Zionism, Nazism multiculturalism, post modernism, gay rights and sexual liberation.

"The History of Political Correctness"  shows that these movements were devised by intellectuals of "The Frankfurt School" to subvert Western civilization. Some of these "cultural Marxists"  literally were Soviet NKVD Agents. Almost all were Marxist Jews. The video shows how Americans were gulled to think revolution was trendy and to welcome the destruction of their society. These dupes now occupy all the positions of power in US culture.  

Basically mankind is the victim of a "cruel hoax" of cosmic proportions. When you create money out of thin air, you can buy a lot of "change agents."  Our elites actually think they are creating a better world. In fact, they are  building a world police state, the "New World Order" secretly dedicated to Satan. They are complicit in the cover-up of 9-11; and the "war on terror" is a ruse to deprive  us of our rights.

The "Jew of the Cabala" is the central banker, his allies and minions. The average Jew doesn't know anything about this plan. However, he is wrong to assume that because he is unaware, it doesn't exist. He is wrong to assume he won't some day be blamed for it. All groups and religions have been subverted. Whether Communist or Zionist, many Jews have been duped and manipulated by organized Jewry.

The average Jew is as much responsible for the NWO as the average American is responsible for the war in Iraq. However we all must take exception when our religion or nation are appropriated for evil.

Related - "Heteronormativity"- 98% must conform to 2%

---------On Sex Magick - Background 

See also my Ten Signs Western Society is a Satanic Cult 

"How They Control the World"

"Independent Historian Unveils Kabala Conspiracy"  

and "What Every Jew and Non-Jew Should Know"
First Comment from John:

This article is almost 9 years old and what is talked about here has come deeper into the fruition of human error as predicted.
I recently had a discussion with a young black woman who just graduated from high school. She said that in her freshmen year students were predominantly " strait" and the gay and lesbian students, if there were any, stayed in the closet.

But, by the she graduated the school had been turned upside down. In just three years what was once the exception had now become the new fad. She said that same-sex encounters were being performed in the locker rooms and that the straight students were afraid to come in, not knowing what they might walk in on.

Also, she said that nothing was done about it because the principal himself was gay as well as with some of the teachers. And thanks to the "bullying law" you cannot challenge or criticize them for this behavior.

The whole game plan here is to alienate and eliminate the Christian  from the norm of society. She said that kids were being taught to believe what the Bible says about this issue is wrong and that sexual perversion is a good thing.

America's days are numbered now and will have the fate of all past world empires that were infected with this disease who no longer recognized or protected the Law of God and his plan for humanity.

          Benjamin Freedman: Americans Haven't Been Free for a Long Time         

Left, Benjamin H. Freedman, 82, center, receiving an award in 1972.
They own the currency; they own the media; they own the politicians. This is an example of how they start and end wars. 

In WW1, Germany offered England a generous peace deal. But the Zionists sabotaged it by offering to bring the US into the war in exchange for England establishing Palestine as the "Jewish homeland." Then, they hired Hitler to exploit German resentment against Jews, forcing them to go to Israel, future capital of the Zionist NWO.

Benjamin Freedman was there: "President Woodrow Wilson was just as incompetent a newborn baby."

pike-3.-world-war2 (2).png
(Now they're setting the US up for WW3 against Russia, China and Iran) 
In 1964, Jewish insider Benjamin Freedman (1890-1984) revealed that the US has been a pawn in the Zionist Conspiracy for world domination (i.e. world government.) His speech was given before a patriotic audience in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., on behalf of Conde McGinley's patriotic newspaper, Common Sense. Here are a few cogent short excerpts. 

"Here in the United States, the Zionists and their co-religionists have complete control of our government. For many reasons, too many and too complex to go into here at this time, the Zionists and their co- religionists rule these United States as though they were the absolute monarchs of this country. Now you may say that is a very broad statement, but let me show you what happened while we were all asleep......

When [England was losing WW1], the Zionists in Germany...went to the British War Cabinet and ...said: "Look here. You can yet win this war. You don't have to give up. You don't have to accept the negotiated peace offered to you now by Germany. You can win this war if the United States will come in as your ally." 

The United States was not in the war at that time. We were fresh; we were young; we were rich; we were powerful. They told England: "We will guarantee to bring the United States into the war as your ally, to fight with you on your side, if you will promise us Palestine after you win the war."

In other words, they made this deal: "We will get the United States into this war as your ally. The price you must pay is Palestine after you have won the war and defeated Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey." 

Now England had as much right to promise Palestine to anybody, as the United States would have to promise Japan to Ireland for any reason whatsoever. 

It's absolutely absurd that Great Britain, that never had any connection or any interest or any right in what is known as Palestine should offer it as coin of the realm to pay the Zionists for bringing the United States into the war. 

However, they did make that promise, in October of 1916. And shortly after that -- I don't know how many here remember it - - the United States, which was almost totally pro-German, entered the war as Britain's ally.


What do we face now? If we trigger a world war that may develop into a nuclear war, humanity is finished. 

Why might such a war take place? It will take place as the curtain goes up on Act 3: Act 1 was World War I, Act 2 was World War II, Act 3 is going to be World War III. 

The Jews of the world, the Zionists and their co-religionists everywhere, are determined that they are going to again use the United States to help them permanently retain Palestine as their foothold for their world government. 

What are we going to do? The life you save may be your son's. Your boys may be on their way to that war tonight; and you don't know it any more than you knew that in 1916 in London the Zionists made a deal with the British War Cabinet to send your sons to war in Europe. 

Did you know it at that time? Not a person in the United States knew it. You weren't permitted to know it. Who knew it? President Wilson knew it. Colonel House knew it. Other insiders knew it.

Did I know it? I had a pretty good idea of what was going on: I was liaison to Henry Morgenthau, Sr., in the 1912 campaign when President Wilson was elected, and there was talk around the office there.

 I was "confidential man" to Henry Morgenthau, Sr., who was chairman of the finance committee, and I was liaison between him and Rollo Wells, the treasurer. So I sat in these meetings with President Wilson at the head of the table, and all the others, and I heard them drum into President Wilson's brain the graduated income tax and what has become the Federal Reserve, and I heard them indoctrinate him with the Zionist movement. 

Justice Brandeis and President Wilson were just as close as the two fingers on this hand. President Woodrow Wilson was just as incompetent when it came to determining what was going on as a newborn baby. That is how they got us into World War I, while we all slept. 

They sent our boys over there to be slaughtered. For what? So the Jews can have Palestine as their "commonwealth." They've fooled you so much that you don't know whether you're coming or going.
Related-  Audio of this 45-min speech

Jewish Defector Warns America 
Other Righteous Jews, Myron Fagan 
and  Henry Klein 

First Comment by WB:

How the Christian churches and Christian people have been duped. Jesus called us sheep for a reason. Sheep are one of the dumbest animals there are.

The infiltration, and take over, of "Christian Zionism" in Christian churches in the USA is appalling and represents close to 100% of our churches in this nation.  The reason why I say 100% is because the churches that do not openly and actively support the number one enemy of Jesus Christ in the world today...namely the State of Israel, orthodox Jews and Rabbis...just say nothing, keep quiet, and go along. The very thought of telling the truth about Israel and orthodox Jews strikes more fear in the hearts of Christian pastors than does the IRS. Telling the truth simply is not done.

This makes nearly 100% of the churches in the USA complicit in the murder and maiming of millions of people. Not to mention complicit in ushering in the new world order, and the mark of the beast.

Will they ever wake up? No...they are too far gone and very much to afraid of the Jews and being labeled antisemitic... which is almost funny when we realize that the Jews that run Israel are not Semitic, not descendants of Abraham at all.

          Schoolgirl Yasmine Gold shows her fuck moves        
Yasmine Gold is a Porn Star from Hungary. She was born in Budapest on October 22, 1985.
          Maruti Suzuki Splash Price Features Photos        

Maruti Suzuki Splash CarAfter the TATA’s nano 1lakh rupees car the next car which got the most attraction was the Maruti Suzuki’s Concept Car Splash. Its going to be a super advanced version of Wagon R , a Multi Purpose Vehicle. The production of this car has already started in Magyar Suzuki Corporation at hungary and this will the fourth model from maruti suzuki after maruti swift, Grand Vitara & Maruti SX4.

This new car would be available in 3 models ie 2 petrol and one diesel with a 5speed manual gearbox and the design is based on european style. The dashboard is very minimal and neat which is current requirement by consumers. Since the car is on the path of Wagon R the price tag is expected to be around 3.5 lakh rupees in India.

Maruti Suzuki Splash Car Maruti Suzuki Splash Car Maruti Suzuki Splash Car Maruti Suzuki Splash Car

          The Kills announce 'Echo Home: Non-Electric EP' in celebration of 15th Anniversary        


The Kills – Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince – will release the Echo Home – Non-Electric EP digitally on June 2nd, with a limited edition 10” vinyl release available for pre-order today.

Both the physical and digital versions of the Echo Home – Non-Electric EP will feature audio from a stripped down session the band captured recently at Electric Lady Studios in New York. Alongside “Echo Home”, the EP features Ash & Ice track “That Love”, a cover of Rihanna’s “Desperado” (which the band originally played as part of a Sirius XMU session), and the song “Wait”, off the band’s first ever release, Black Rooster EP, which celebrates it’s 15 year anniversary on May 28th.

The Black Rooster EP was originally released on Dim Mak in 2002 and was the start of what’s been an incredible career for Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince of The Kills.

With five full-length albums (the most recent being 2016’s Ash & Ice), four EPs, a documentary, and countless live shows under their belt, the passion and fire they continue to bring to every recording and performance is extraordinary.

In their 15th year as a band, The Kills have been looking back and celebrating with a string of anniversary shows and retrospective features, and now this re-recording of “Wait”, one of the first Kills songs ever released. Steve Aoki, owner of Dim Mak and another artist who has proven a career with similar staying power, recently had some words to share on the release of Black Rooster:

"Many moons ago, back in 2002, I had to make a decision whether to pursue a Ph.D. Program or continue with my label Dim Mak & after hearing a demo from The Kills and becoming the first American label to release their EP Black Rooster, I knew what path I was going to choose. They took me under their wing and I hit the road with them as their tour manager, merch guy, driver (we all took turns) and label. I’ll never forget that and love Jamie and Alison forever. Thank you for believing in lil me when not many people gave two shits about Dim Mak and what we were doing. Ride or Die.” – STEVE AOKI

Pre-order the Echo Home 10” HERE.

The Kills 2017 Tour Dates:

05/27 Liverpool, UK - Liverpool Sound City
05/28 Margate, UK - Margate Wonderland
05/30 London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
06/02 Saint-Brieuc, France - Art Rock Festival
06/03 Saint-Laurent-De-Cuves, France - Papillons De Nuit Festival
06/06 Prague, Czech Republic - Roxy
06/07 Liepzig, Germany - Taubchenthal
06/09 Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
06/10 Aarhus, Denmark - Northside Festival
06/13 Munich, Germany - Olympic Stadium *
06/16 London, UK - London Stadium *
06/17 London, UK - London Stadium *
06/24 Athens, Greece - Ejekt Festival
06/19 Helsinki, Finland - Rock The Beach #
06/21 Riga, Latvia - Lucavsala Island #
06/29 Gydnia, Poland - Open’er
07/02 Werchter, Belgium - Rock Werchter
07/07 Lisbon, Portugal - Nos Alive
07/10 Montreaux, Switzerland - Montreaux Jazz Festival
07/12 Dour, Belgium - Dour Festival
07/16 Berlin, Germany - Melt Festival
08/12 Bucharest, Romania - Summer Well Festival
08/15 Budapest, Hungary - Sziget Festival
08/17 Gampel, Switzerland - Open Air Gampel
08/19 Zagreb, Croatia - Tvornica Kulture
08/25 Charleville Mezières, France - Cabaret Vert
08/26 Paris, France - Rock En Seine
09/19 Porto Alegre, Brazil - Anfiteatro Parque (Outdoor) %
09/21 Rio, Brazil - Rock In Rio
09/23 Sao Paulo, Brazil - Allianz Parque %

* = with Guns ‘N’ Roses
# = with Foo Fighters
% = with Bon Jovi 

          The 'who's who' of European tax havens        
Will Germany, UK and Netherlands end up in the OECD "black list" of terrible "tax havens"?

Forget about the Bahamas, Panama, Cayman Islands, or Fiji. If you want to avoid paying taxes and have no problem with dicey business practices, Europe has a lot to offer.

Europe is far from innocent in the international offshore tax evasion industry, as the Tax Justice Network (TJN) recently demonstrated. Many European countries, with their stable infrastructure and professional personnel, provide fertile ground for businesses or individuals to evade taxes.

There are more than a few gaps that need to be filled in Europe, according to Markus Meinzer of the TJN. He helped paint a picture of who's who among European tax havens.
The independent mini-state of Andorra in the Pyrenees, which is not a part of the European Union, offers a secretive place for those in neighboring countries to stash their money. Particularly attractive is the personal service offered by banking advisers there. It's also easy for Spaniards and French to simply drive there to deposit cash. Afterwards, one can always tank up and buy cigarettes there - tax-free, of course.

As a country sharing borders with Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, Austria draws foreign capital by promising secrecy to account holders. It caters especially to Europe's German-speaking population, Meinzer said. But he also said that he knows of Argentines who, for example, combine investing in Austrian bonds with the advantages of bank secrecy. Due precisely to the lack of financial transparency and its geographic location, Austria has also attracted wealth from Arab world dictators for decades.
Channel Islands
The British Channel Islands Jersey, Guernsey and Sark are home to hundreds of financial institutions and insurance companies drawn to their simple and low taxes. While Jersey probably "hides the most dirty business," according to Meinzer, Guernsey is the most innovative.
With its so-called self-protected companies, an apparent single company is organized into cells with protective legal walls between them. And on Sark, according to British newspaper The Guardian, there are 24 companies registered for each of the approximately 600 inhabitants.
Cyprus is the perfect example of what can go wrong with depending on such dubious business models. It was particularly oriented toward former Soviet countries, and acted as a hub for them. Transactions over letterbox companies brought money into Cyprus, then back to countries like Russia - thus avoiding Russian tax authorities. But since the Cyprus bailout , in part by the EU, the Mediterranean island will have to come up with a new business model.
England, with London, represents one of the largest hubs for tax evasion and capital flight. Meinzer described London as "the mother of all tax havens" since the zone, which does not answer to the crown, has developed a network that continues to bring money back to the capital of the former empire. Money flows from there to British Channel Islands, such as Guernsey, Jersey or to the Isle of Man, then overseas to British territories in the Caribbean, such as the Cayman or Virgin Islands - or in Europe, to Gibraltar. London, is the seat of many dubious "letterbox companies," which only exist on the Internet.
Frankfurt skyline Foto: Frank Rumpenhorst dpa/lhe
Frankfurt is a great place for foreign investors to earn tax-free interest
Germany protects the data of foreign investors, who also don't have to pay taxes on interest.
Only Germans, or foreigners resident in Germany, have to actually shell out a flat rate withholding tax on interest income, Meinzer said.
Information on such yields also rarely flows out of Germany, he added: "Foreign investors with German accounts are protected with a certain degree of anonymity."
That's why Germany ranks ninth in the world for financial secrecy, according to TJN.
At the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, Gibraltar has specialized in allowing such letterbox companies, called "trusts." The structure of such trusts means there is no real owner of the company. They are often used to add a layer of secrecy to letterbox companies, Meinzer said, which is particularly good for money laundering.
Meinzer cited insider information in calling it "the dirty end of the spectrum" for bringing money back into financial markets. The presence of many gambling casinos there also comes into play.
It's called the "double Irish" in the financial world: A company founds two subsidiaries in Ireland with its business tax rate of 12.5 percent. Then, one claims to be based in a different tax haven. (Comparable taxes in the United States, for example, are around 35 percent.)

This is completely legal in Ireland, and therefore an optimal location for companies such as Google, Apple or Amazon.While the one company does business in Europe, it pays the other patent fees. Profits vanish, as costs and income equal out on the balance sheet.
Although other countries like the Netherlands offer similar models, Meinzer said the difference is that people do actually work in Ireland, which at least creates some jobs and a bit of growth in the country.
Isle of Man
Taxes are kind of an afterthought on this island between England, Scotland and Ireland. Inheritances and capital gains aren't taxed at all, while the highest level of taxation lies at 20 percent. Corporate tax is nonexistent. It's especially loved as a hidey-hole for British millionaires.
Luxembourg is the second-largest financial hub in Europe, after London. Innumerable investors and around 150 different banks enjoy a lenient tax framework in Europe's stocks and bonds center. Luxembourg's status as an EU member makes it particularly attractive for European companies and the international market, Meinzer explained. "If I want to get around German laws, for example, I could go through Luxembourg," Meinzer said, adding that 40 German banks do business there.

With its low tax rates, Malta, like Cyprus, has long drawn foreign capital. Although corporate taxes are around 35 percent, companies can get most of that refunded.
It's a favorite among German companies, which earn a higher profit if based on Malta. Meinzer said that while it's clearly a tax paradise for companies, it's not clear if that's also the case for individuals.
The Principality of Monaco continues to be home to the rich and famous, being surrounded by France. Millionaires happily set themselves up there due to the fact that they pay no income or inheritance taxes. The city-state also does not prosecute financial crimes committed abroad. Businesses, however, must pay taxes there - at rates of around 33 percent. France, though it doesn't play an active role, lends a protective hand, Meinzer said.
What Luxembourg is for private investors, the Netherlands is for large corporations. Business taxes are incredibly low, with many tax advantages for interest and licensing income.
With the "Dutch sandwich," a parent company has a subsidiary in the Netherlands, which it uses as a cheap tax base to develop its European business.
Although there are supposedly no more completely anonymous bank accounts in Switzerland (and neighboring Liechtenstein), it continues to draw large sums of money due to its strict banking secrecy. Considering the volume of money in Switzerland, it made first place on the TJN's Financial Secrecy Index.
Full text in

          Comment on Solar Cycles Cause Global Warming & Cooling by jamalshrair        
Einstein once wrote that one of the most important unsolved problems in physics centered around Earth's magnetic field. I sincerely believe I have came up with a theory that not only solves all contradictions in physics but also Earth's magnetic field. But, mainstream science cannot accept my theory because it will cause large magnitude earthquakes in so many physics theories. My name is Jamal S. Shrair, I am a physicist and researcher currently living in Budapest, Hungary. I have been working for the last decade on physics theory, which gives an explanation for what I believe to be the real reason behind global climate-change as well as global weather and geological phenomena. I have compiled my research and hypotheses in a book, which I published on the 19 of April 2013 on Amazon. The book provides a good theory for why earth reverses its magnetic field, what is the source of heat at the earth’s core and a rational explanation for the observable climate-change and geological phenomena which we are experiencing. In the first part of the book I explain the physics background and the reason why our current understanding of climate-change focuses on the “human influence”. I then explain to the reader how the sun is actually travelling through our galaxy on a helical path, which periodically crosses the galactic plane (above and below). Over thousands of years the strength of the sun’ s magnetic field increases as it moves above the galactic plane because the plasma region is denser. This in turn means an increased number of high energy cosmic particles in the magnetosphere and of course intense solar radiation. One such helical cycle takes the sun thousands of years to complete. As the sun approaches the highest plasma density above the galactic plane - which is also the highest possible point in the galaxy - the solar maximums and minimums begin to take on strange behaviour. Today there is much research to show how the magnetic fields of the Earth and Sun are linked, therefore when solar radiation increases or behaves erratically, so does the radiation on both the surface of the earth and inside. This variable behaviour of the sun influences the weaker magnetic field of the earth, which is experiencing a rapid shift in polarity at the present time. Compared to recent history, this polarity change has sped up considerably in the 20th century. Currently the magnetic poles are moving faster than at any other time in human history, changing position at almost 40 miles per year! This suggests that we are approaching the end of a polar chron! The rapid movement of the inner core which only recently has been recognized is the reason behind the “stirring” of molten magma in the earth. This influences the earth’s crust, causing earthquakes, volcanic activity to increase and the release of methane and carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. It is a scientific fact that oceans contain a huge amount of CO2, and when heat escapes from inside the earth and combines with solar radiation from above, they induce heat on the surface and at the inner layers of our planet. That causes the release of vast amounts of methane and carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. Therefore, the main reason for climate change is not “man-made” CO2. No doubt the picture becomes increasingly clear when you follow this logic. There is an abundance of reputable research in the book to support each point and almost daily news of unusually global weather phenomena, beside an amazing increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – often in geographic locations which are not known for these occurrences. At the same time this is a very sensitive topic, especially since there are so many environmental groups who believe that pollution, global warming and climate-change are all the result of “man-made” CO2.Please also see on the website my publications in low temperature nuclear fusion Thank you for your time, Sincerely yours Jamal S. Shrair
          Afrodiziakus receptek - Jelenlegi ára: 1 000 Ft        
Afrodiziakus receptek
Kiadó: Top Trading Hungary Kft.
Kötés típusa:: tűzött
Terjedelem: 35 oldal
Nyelv: magyar
Méret: Szélesség: 12. 00cm, Magasság: 19. 00cm
Súly: 0. 10kg
Állapot: Jó
Internetes könyváruházon keresztül fogjuk a kosárba rakott tételével kiszolgálni. Mivel a Vatera felületén csak szállítási módot tud kiválasztani, de konkrét helyszínt nem tud megjelölni, ezért szükséges, hogy pontosítsuk ezt.  Ezért körülbelül 20 perccel a rendelés leadását követően kapni fog egy e-mait tőlünk, amely tartalmaz egy linket.  Ha erre a linkre kattint, beállíthatja a szállítás pontos módját, helyszínét, illetve a fizetési módot. Ha nem találja a levelet, kérjük, nézze meg a SPAM mappájában is.  Ha sehol nem találja, kérjük lépjen kapcsolatba az eladóval! Vásárlás után kérjük, hogy bármilyen probléma esetén az e-mailben küldött címen vagy telefonon lépjen velünk kapcsolatba! Átvételi módok: Ingyenes, személyes átvételi lehetőség: Budapest V. kerület, IX. kerület,   Baja, Balatonfüred, Békéscsaba , Debrecen Dunaújváros,  Eger, Gyöngyös , Győr,   Kecskemét, Mátészalka,   Miskolc,   Nyíregyháza , Pécs, Sopron, Szarvas, Szeged, Szekszárd, Székesfehérvár, Szentes, Szolnok, Szombathely, Tatabánya, ZalaegerszegHázhozszállítás GLS futárszolgálattal:  Feladandó könyvek értéke - Szállítási díj0-3. 990 Ft - 890 Ft4. 000-7. 999 Ft - 690 Ft8. 000 Ft felett - ingyenesÁtvétel PickPackPont-ban: Feladandó könyvek értéke - Szállítási díj0-3. 990 Ft - 690 Ft4. 000-7. 999 Ft - 550 Ft8. 000 Ft felett - ingyenesFizetés: - Készpénzben átvételkor- PayPal rendelés véglegesítéskor- OTP online fizetés rendelés véglegesítéskor
Afrodiziakus receptek
Jelenlegi ára: 1 000 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2017-08-15 18:52
          Unicron replied to the topic Schumacher/Barrichello - Hungary 2010 in the forum Formula One        
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          BroadwayWorld Seeks Contributors Near Cape Playhouse & Berkshire Theater        

How can I get involved as a Contributing Editor?

All applicants should have excellent writing skills and an enthusiasm for giving local theaters and productions some prominence on - the largest theater site on the net!

As a Contributing Editor, you will have the opportunity to review the shows of your choice, conduct interviews with local and touring talent, design features of your own choosing for publishing, and work/network with your local theater press reps to bring exposure to the theatrical offerings in your area.

Your compensation as a featured writer with us not only includes exclusive press seats to all of the shows you cover (as is standard in your area and arranged between you and the theater) but also the opportunity to be published under your own byline and publishing profile on both the local and main pages of the site for maximum exposure to our 5M+ monthly visitors!

To apply, or for more information, send an email to

Not located near Berkshire or Cape Playhouse? Check out the worldwide BroadwayWorld regions we're currently recruiting in below!

United States:

Anchorage, Arkansas, Casper, Dayton, Fargo, Hawaii, Jackson, Madison, Milwaukee, Montana, New Hampshire, Sioux Falls, Wichita, Memphis, Tulsa, Vermont, Provincetown, South Dennis (RI), and Stockbridge(MA).


Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia Cuba, Egypt, Finland, France, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Montreal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Ottawa, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Prague, Qatar, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Toronto, Turkey, Vancouver, and Venezuela.

          Beauty || Starting out with Omorovicza         

Omorovicza is one of those brands that I've wanted to try for quite some time now but I've always been put off by the price tag. 
So imagine my surprise when I opened the 6 piece introductory kit   on Christmas morning. 
Priced at £42 this is a great way of getting to know the brand and see if those well hyped products are worth the hype. 
In this little kit you get the 
- Thermal cleansing balm (5ml) full price £45
-Cleansing foam (30ml) full price £45
-Illuminating moisturiser (20ml) full price £85
-Queen of Hungary mist (30ml) full price £46
-Instant plumping cream (5ml) £105
-Deep Cleansing mask (15ml) £57 

Instead of going through each product in detail I thought it be easier to tell you which products stole the show for me and which one I felt was perhaps wasted on little old me. 
I really like the mist but personally I found it very similar to the Caudalie beauty elixir and the cleansing foam well just wasn't anything to write home about. Again the moisturiser is lovely but I think there are cheaper alternatives.
As for the cleansing balm that's a whole different ball game - this odd looking black balm relies on minerals from the Hungarian thermal waters and muds gently lifts impurities whilst keeping skin hydrated. 
What I really like is that it  gives my skin a nice healthy glow but doesn't leave a nasty film.
I'm also in love with the deep cleansing mask and I cannot wait to repurchase this bad boy.
This clay mask uses moor mud to purify and de-congest the skin to revel bright,fresh and beautiful skin. 
Word of warning when they say deep cleaning they mean deep cleaning and I'd recommend that if your wanting to use this before a big event do it at least a few days in advance. 
It really does bring all the yucky grime to the surface but within a few days all that is gone and your left with lovely skin. 
This along with the balm really helped take my dull cold ridden skin from grey to glowing. 
You can also use this as an overnight spot treatment. 

Now finally the product that for me just didn't really shine was the instant plumping cream I just found that  it was wasted on my skin especially when it retails at £105 for a full sized pot. 
It's a product that's aimed at reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and at 23 that just isn't a concern of mine. 
This is a rich moisturiser containing  hyaluronic acid is left on overnight to reveal plump and juicy skin however I found that the Origins drink up intensive mask left me with the same results. 
However if this is something your after I'm sure you'll love this product. 

I really love these little starter kits and travel packs because they are great for getting to know the brand and seeing if its worth splashing the cash and eating beans for the rest of the week. 
I know that come pay day I will defiantly be surviving off the latter. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

          BODO BALAZS - CC project lead Hungary        
pogovor z Bodo Balazsom, CC project lead Hungary Bodó Balázs (1975), economist, assistant lecturer, researcher at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Sociology and Commu
          Montreal's Festival du nouveau cinéma Reveals Its Line-Up        
Today, Montreal's Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC), which will take place between October 12 to 23. Here's the complete line-up of feature films according to the press release we received.

Opening and closing

The 40th edition of the FNC kicks off on Wednesday, October 12, with Declaration of War by Valérie Donzelli (France) at Cinéma Impérial (Centre Sandra & Leo Kolber, Salle Lucie & André Chagnon). This critically-acclaimed second feature by Valérie Donzelli (The Queen of Hearts) tells the love story of Roméo and Juliette who are battling to save their sick child. The director and her producer Edouard Weil will be in attendance.

Ten days later, on Saturday, October 22, Monsieur Lazhar (Quebec/Canada) by Philippe Falardeau will close the Festival. Selected to represent Canada at the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film, Monsieur Lahzar shows the efforts of an Algerian schoolteacher to help his Grade 6 students come to terms with their teacher’s death. Between the opening and closing dates, the FNC will be in celebratory mode, highlighting the social relevance of featured works.

International Selection: Louve d’Or presented by Quebecor

The International Selection is an opportunity for relative unknowns to make their mark. This year, there are 19 contenders for the Louve d’Or, which includes a $15,000 prize from Quebecor. The 19 films in competition are: Behold the Lamb, by John McIlduff (United Kingdom); Black Blood, by Miaoyan Zhang (China); Blue Bird, by Gust Van Den Berghe (France/Belgium); Elena, by Andrey Zvyagintsev (Russia); The Giants, by Bouli Lanners (France/Belgium/Luxemburg); The Island, by Kamen Kalev (Bulgaria/Sweden); The Last Christeros, by Matias Meyer (Mexico/Netherlands); Nuit #1, by Anne Émond (Quebec/Canada); OK, Enough, Goodbye, by Rania Attieh & Daniel Garcia (Lebanon/United Arab Emirates); Oslo, August 31st, by Joachim Trier (Norway); Play, by Ruban Östlund (Sweden/France/Denmark); Shame, by Steve McQueen (United Kingdom); Toll Booth, by Tolga Karacelik (Turkey); Tomboy, by Céline Sciamma (France); Twilight Portrait, by Angelina Nikonova (Russia); Volcano, by Runar Runarsson (Iceland/Denmark); Wasted Youth, by Argyris Papadimitropoulos (Greece); White White World, by Oleg Novkovic (Serbia); and Without, by Mark Jackson (United States).

Special Presentation

Twenty-five films by established filmmakers will be screened in this year’s Special Presentation section, which features strong, committed works that reflect their creators’ bold vision: 30 tableaux, by Paule Baillargeon (Quebec/Canada); Les Amants, by Nicolas Klotz & Elisabeth Perceval (France); An Organisation of Dreams – Part 2 – Dangerous People, by Ken McMullen (United Kingdom); L’Apollonide (Souvenirs de la maison close), and De la guerre, Bertrand Bonello (France); Stopped on Track, Andrea Dresen (Germany); Norwegian Wood, Tran Anh Hung (Japan); Early One Morning, Jean-Marc Moutout (France/Belgium); Décharge, Benoît Pilon (Quebec/Canada); Faust, Alexander Sokurov (Russia); Almayer’s Folly, Chantal Akerman (France/Belgium); U2-From the Sky Down, Davis Guggenheim (United States); Hanezu, Naomi Kawaze (Japan); Hard Core Logo II, Bruce McDonald (Canada); Outside Satan, Bruno Dumont (France); Il se peut que la beauté ait renforcé notre résolution – Masao Adachi, Philippe Grandieux (France); Louis Martin, journaliste, Louis Bélanger (Quebec/Canada); Melancholia, Lars Von Trier (Denmark/Sweden/France/Germany); My Paris Movie, Jonas Mekas (United States); Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Turkey); The Skin I Live In, Pedro Almodóvar (Spain); Pina, Wim Wenders (Germany/France); Take This Waltz, Sarah Polley (Canada); The Turin Horse, Béla Tarr (Hungary); and A Separation, Asghar Farhadi (Iran).

International Panorama

Festivalgoers can tour the world, exploring countless new realities through a wide array of works, including comedies, documentaries, road movies and dramas. The 27 films in this year’s International Panorama section are: Abderrahmane Sissako: Une fenêtre sur le monde, by Charles Castella (France); Absolutely Tame Is a Horse (Asb Heyvan-e Najibist), by Abdolreza Kahani (Iran); Acorazado, by Alvaro Curiel de Icaza (Mexico); Avé, by Konstantin Bojanov (Bulgaria); Chico & Rita, by Javier Mariscal & Fernando Trueba (Spain); Cultures of Resistance, by Iara Lee (United States); Do Me Love, by Jacky Katu & Lou Viger (France); End of the Night, by Daisuke Miyazaki (Japan); Flying Home, by Tobias Wyss (Switzerland); Pio’s Generation (La Generación de Pio), by Juan Rodrigo & Pedro Rodrigo (Spain); Goodnight Nobody, by Jacqueline Zünd (Switzerland/Germany); The Furious Force of Rhymes, by Joshua Atesh Litle (France); Land of Oblivion, by Michale Boganim (France/Germany/Poland/Ukraine); Last Road to the Beach (A Última estrada da praia), by Fabiano De Souza (Brazil); Melting Away, by Doron Eran (Israel/Canada); Mike, by Lars Blumers (France); Mondo Lux – The Visual Worlds of Werner Schroeter, by Elfi Mikesch (Germany); Our Ancestors The Gauls, by Christian Zerbib (France); Policeman (Hashoter), by Nadav Lapid (Israel); The First Rasta, by Hélène Lee (France); Searching for Hassan, by Edouard Beau (France); The Terrorists (Poo Kor Karn Rai), by Thunska Pansittivorakul (Thailand/Germany); Three and a Half (Seh-O-Nim), by Naghi Nemati (Iran); A Life for Ballet, by Marlène Ionesco (France); The Life and Death of Celso Junior, by Panayotis Evangelidis (Greece); Vinyl (Tales from the Vienna Underground), by Andrew C. Standen-Razlrish (Austria/United Kingdom) and Y’a pire ailleurs, by Jean-Henri Meunier (France).


Turning the spotlight on homegrown talent, the Focus section presents original, unseen Quebec and Canadian works that wow, amaze and offer food for thought. This year’s lineup includes 9 films in competition for the Grand Prix Focus/Cinémathèque québécoise with a $5,000 prize, as well as 10 non-competing films. Opening the section on October 13 is the visually ambitious documentary Surviving Progress, by Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks (Canada). Also in competition: Amy George, by Yonah Lewis & Calvin Thomas (Canada); The Girl in the White Coat, by Darrell Wasyk (Canada); Fortunate Son, by Tony Asimakopoulos (Quebec/Canada); I am a good person/I am a bad person, by Ingrid Veninger (Canada); Laurentie, by Simon Lavoie & Mathieu Denis (Quebec/Canada); Marginal Road, by Yassaman Ameri (Quebec/Canada/Portugal); Peace Park, by David Bouthillier (Quebec/Canada); and Romeo Eleven, by Ivan Grbovic (Quebec/Canada). The non-competing films are: Alejandro Jodorowsky, grand rectum de l’Université de Foulosophie, by François Gourd & Matthieu Bouchard (Quebec/Canada); Another Silence, by Santiago Amigorena (Quebec/Canada/France/Argentina); National Parks Project, by Louise Archambault, Keith Behrman, Daniel Cockburn, Hubert Davis, Sturla Gunnarsson, Zacharias Kunuk, Stéphane Lafleur, Peter Lynch, Catherine Martin, Kevin McMahon, Scott Smith, Jamie Travis and John Walker (Quebec/Canada); Le Pays des âmes, by Olivier Godin (Quebec/Canada); Planet Yoga, by Carlos Ferrand (Quebec/Canada); Dust. A Sculptor’s Journey, by Jeanne Pope (Quebec/Canada); Rasta, A Soul’s Journey, by Donisha Prendergast (Canada); République: un abécédaire populaire, by Hugo Latulippe (Quebec/Canada); Les Tickets: l’arme de la répression, by Eric “Roach” Denis (Quebec/Canada); and Touch the Sky, by Adrian Wills (Quebec/Canada).

Temps Ø

The section opens with the North American premiere of Guilty of Romance by Sion Sono (Japan), a story of ordinary mental illness in the form of a psychosexual, neofeminist punk thriller, with powerful lead actress Megumi Kagurazaka in attendance. Other big names on the program: Takahi Miike with Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (a 3D remake of Kobayashi’s masterpiece); Shinya Tsukamoto, who will present the much-anticipated Kotoko, about a mother on the brink of madness, which nabbed the Orizzonti prize at the last Venice festival. Must-see new discoveries include Our Day Will Come by Romain Gavras, a Thelma and Louise for redheads and a cross between Gaspar Noé and Bertrand Blier, starring Vincent Cassel. It’s no secret that Australian film is in a state of effervescence, represented here by two major works: the mysterious Sleeping Beauty by Julia Leigh, with rising star Emily Browning, and Justin Kruzel’s monstrous Snowtown, which got a special mention at the 2011 Cannes Critics’ Week. And . . . (drum roll), don’t miss the long-awaited world premiere of Assassin’s Creed Embers, an all-new animated short by Ubisoft studios. Expect an evening of surprises, anecdotes and of course sneak previews of the new game by the Montreal mega franchise. On the US front, look for the astonishing The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, a beautiful love story told through one of the most radical artistic performances the world has ever seen. Director Marie Losier, the darling of New York’s experimental new cinema scene, will be in attendance. We’ll also be showing Take Shelter, by Jeff Nichols, which won the Critics’ Week Grand Prix at Cannes and has everybody talking, as well as the documentary Last Fast Ride: The Love, Life and Death of a Punk Goddess, by Lilly Ayers, on punk icon Marian Anderson (with narration by Henry Rollins). Asia will also be in the spotlight with Gandu, by Quashiq Mukherjee, a proud representative of an all-new style of Indian films (Wong Kar-wai meets a pornographic ghetto rapper version of Gaspard Noé in Calcutta). Also showing will be Shirome, by Koji Shiraishi, a horror film that takes delight in terrifying a group of young female Japanese pop stars, offering a new twist on The Blair Witch Project. Finally, the latest wacky flick from Thailand — Saturday Killer, by Yuthlert Sippapak, about a hit man with severe erectile dysfunction — along with the superb Tatsumi, Eric Khoo’s tribute to renowned manga artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi. And, last but not least, the first real 3D porn flick, Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, by Christopher Sun Lap Key, which smashed this year’s box office records in Hong Kong and has become a true Chinese cultural phenomenon.

          Roma International Scholarship Program (RISP), 2014-2015        

This scholarship has been extracted from the BEST SCHOLARSHIP WEB: Scholarships 2017 - 2017 =)

Roma Education Fund is inviting application for international scholarship program for pursuing bachelor, master, doctoral or postdoctoral program at a state accredited university in other than applicant’s home country. The Program is designed to provide partial support to Roma students who are citizens of one of the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine. REF can support under RISP scholarship scheme the same applicant throughout his/her studies for maximum 5 years.. Roma Education Fund’s Scholarship Program (REF SP) announces the opening of its yearly scholarship cycle of the Roma International Scholar

All the complete information in Roma International Scholarship Program (RISP), 2014-2015 !

          Barnhardt: Banned In Boston - Transcribed        

Kudos to Vanderleun for posting this:

Hello, my name is Ann Barnhardt and I am the person who says the things that everyone else is too terrified to say.

This is the speech that I was going to deliver in Boston today, May 15, 2011, had a facility been available to me. Unfortunately, no facilities were willing to host my speech, sponsored by Rabbi Jon Hausmann, because I was deemed to be “hateful”, “bigoted” and “potentially violent”. 

Well, we’ll see about that.

In this speech we are going to cover a lot of intellectual and theological ground. I tend to set my goals extremely high, and this speech is no exception. 

I hope to fully explain the relationship between Christians and Jews in today’s world, and show that we, and really all people of civilization and good will, are allied in a war of survival against satanic evil, manifested today by islam and Marxism.

I am also going to show how our fundamental human rights as codified in the Constitution of the United States flow directly out of the Judeo-Christian milieu and the bible.

I will then contrast this to the Marxist-islamist paradigm, and show that Marxism and islam are actually cut from exactly the same philosophical cloth.

Finally, I will discuss my personal three-point tactical plan that I will carry out should the proverbial “poop” hit the proverbial fan. My three-point plan serves not only as a system of engagement, but it simultaneously rebuts any and all accusations of “intolerance”, “bigotry” and “hatefulness”. 

AND I aim to do all of this in less than 30 minutes. Like I said, I’m a very high goal-setter.

The first concept we need to tackle is that of the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. There is a tremendous amount of confusion, ambiguity and bigotry flowing in both directions. There are plenty of anti-Semitic Christians who think that the Jews are the accursed killers of Christ. There are also plenty of Jews who think that Christianity despises them as a point of intrinsic doctrine. Both are completely wrong, and it is high time that someone stepped up and explained the relationship clearly and without mincing any words.

The fact of the matter is this: you show me an anti-semitic Christian, and I’ll show you a Christian who is completely and totally clueless about his faith. Sadly, in this day and age, most Christians are exactly that – CLUELESS. And that goes for everyone, Catholic, Protestant, non-denominational, all of them. If we look at the Church from an intellectual standpoint, it has already been reduced down to just a mere remnant. There are so many heresies active today that it would take a lifetime to define them all individually, so I have named them corporately. What the Church suffers from today is the Heresy of Stupidity.

Now everyone listen up, Jew, Christian, atheist – everyone.

The foundational premise of the Jewish people and of Israel is that Israel is the representative proxy for humanity. This is why the Jews are called “the chosen people”, because they are. God chose Israel to stand in representation of all people everywhere. This is an honor, but it is a taxing and dubious honor due to the Fall of Adam and Eve and the inherent tendency that all people have for sin, which is called concupiscence.

God chose Israel to stand at the fore of humanity and be the people with whom the historical narrative of Salvation History is played out. This began with a married couple, Adam and Eve, and then expanded to a family unit through Noah, then the expansion moved to the tribal level through Abraham, the national level through Moses, then to the level of a kingdom through David, and finally in the fullness of time the expansion moved beyond Israel to cover all people everywhere through Jesus Christ. BUT, the only way to fully understand God’s relationship with us as individuals is to understand God’s interaction with Israel through history.

We see in the Old Testament a continuous pattern of Israel falling away from God in sin, and God taking Israel back, many times after a required chastisement to make Israel fully appreciate the gravity of its sin. God says to Israel over and over again that He will NEVER, EVER forsake His covenant. God uses the imagery of marriage to make Israel understand that the relationship between God and Israel is not a mere legalistic contract – it is a covenant sealed in flesh. The covenant cannot be broken. It can be abused by one of the partners, but it can never be broken.

God does not walk out. God does not “get divorced”. He always has been and always will be ready and willing to take us back, forgive our indiscretions and betrayals, if we will only turn back to Him. He did it after the unfortunate incident with the golden calf at the foot of Mt. Sinai. He did it after the numerous phases in which Israel had bad kings and fell into idolatry and immorality. He did it with King David after David’s sins of the flesh.

The exuberant joy of the “honeymoon” period after Israel’s return to God was put into words by Solomon in the Song of Songs. The image of the rocky trials of the marriage relationship was put into writing by the prophet Hosea.

Every macro image of Israel presented in the Bible maps perfectly to the micro context of the individual. Every sin committed by Israel corporately is a sin I have personally committed as an individual. The worshiping of idols, the failure to trust in God’s provision, the hypocrisy, the sins of the flesh – all of them. Every single one. They all map precisely to me as an individual. And to each and every human being.

And now we move into the New Testament. There are many verses in which Jesus soundly and harshly rebukes the Jews and the Pharisees. Knowing now as we do that Israel is standing in our personal stead as the proxy representatives of humanity as a whole and as us as individuals, we need to read these words of Christ as chastisements and critiques of us individually and personally, not as a critique or condemnation of a third party.

When Christ says, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites . . .” He is speaking directly to me. “Woe to you, Ann, you hypocrite.” When Christ says, “You are like whitewashed tombs which appear beautiful on the outside but inside are full of dead men’s bones and every kind of filth” He is speaking directly to me. I am the serpent. I am the brood of vipers. I am the liar. And if I may be so bold, so is every one of you.

The more a person thinks that Jesus is speaking not to them but only to the Jews, and then considers themselves able to sit in seething hatred of the Jews, the further from Christ they actually are. These people who read Jesus’ words as exclusive to Jews aren’t in the right ballpark, they aren’t even in the right galactic cluster. This is the Heresy of Stupidity in full bloom.

Now to ten of the most beautiful words in the New Testament. Every Jew watching this has heard these words, and probably has shuddered every time they heard them. These ten words have been twisted by stupid, ignorant people to justify horrific acts of evil against Jews for 1978 years. And many of these people have claimed to be pious Christians. Well, we’re going to fix this deal once and for all. The ten beautiful words are: “Let His Blood be upon us and upon our children.”

These are the ten words shouted by the Jewish crowd to Pontius Pilate as he was sentencing Jesus. I repeat these words internally at every Mass, because these are the words that give hope to humanity. These are the words that open the gates of heaven. These words are the means by which our salvation is accomplished.

At every Mass, the temporally transcendent sacrifice of Calvary which is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ Himself, re-presented to God the Father by the power of God the Holy Ghost. This is accomplished through the transubstantiation of Bread and Wine as prefigured by the priest and King Melchizedek in Genesis 14. This sacrifice is the Todah sacrifice of Israel, which is the only sacrifice to be offered in the post-messianic age and for all eternity, according to ancient Rabbinic teaching. The Todah sacrifice is the sacrifice of Thanksgiving. The word “Thanksgiving” in Greek is Eucharist. The Divine Surprise to Israel and the world is that GOD provided and provides HIMSELF IN THE FLESH as the final, worthy and fully efficacious Todah sacrifice.

There is a saint called St. Gaspar del Bufalo who was an Italian priest who had mystical visions during his life. In one of St. Gaspar’s visions during a Mass, he saw angels approach the altar after the consecration of the wine into the Precious Blood. The angels took branches of hyssop and dipped them in the chalice. The angels then turned and proceeded to sprinkle the people with the Blood of Jesus, exactly the way that Aaron and all of the Levitical priests sprinkled the people of Israel with the blood of the animal sacrifices of the Old Covenant. We are literally being showered and cleansed with the Precious Blood of Jesus.

Let His Blood be upon us and upon our children.

I believe this is happening at every Mass in a dimension that we are not, at this time, able to physically see. And so TO the Jews who stood in Pilate’s courtyard as my representative, and as the representatives of all humanity, and called the Precious Blood of Jesus down upon humanity, all I can say is THANK YOU. God heard the deep, groaning cry of Israel, and answered it, even though Israel didn’t understand it themselves. And again, isn’t this exactly what I do as an individual? I lash out at God in groans of anger and despair and misunderstanding, and He hears me, and answers by transforming my anger and despair and misunderstanding into grace, through His Mercy.

In the last month and a half since I burned my Koran on YouTube, I have received a significant amount of anti-semitic email and comments left on my YouTube Channel. They are all fairly similar, but I did reply to one in particular. The man started out by complimenting my burning of the Koran and then asked, “When are you going to go after the Christkillers?” And then proceeded to launch into a typical anti-semitic diatribe, concluding that if I didn’t share in his anti-semitism, that I wasn’t really a Christian. I responded thusly:

“Sir, you are deeply confused. I killed Jesus. The Jews are merely the historical proxy for me.”

That shut him up. And I would invite all of the Jews the world over to feel free to use my reply if ever accused of being “Christkillers”. Please reply by saying, “No, Ann Barnhardt killed Christ.” 

Because that is the truth. I betray Him, and like Judas, I do it with a kiss.

It is ME who is whipping Him with the flagellum at the pillar. It is ME who spits on Him and laughs at Him as He carries the Cross that should be mine. It is ME who nails Him to the Cross. And it is ME who callously walks away leaving Him to die in my stead. And I do it every damn day. And yet He stays. You would think that He would eventually get to the point where He would simply say, “This is too much. I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry it didn’t work out between us, but I think it is better that we just go our separate ways.” But no. He’s not going anywhere because it is the same with me as it is with Israel. We are in a covenant, and He will not forsake that covenant. Ever. No matter how much I deserve it. He chose to enter into it, and I am free to choose whether or not I respond to that covenant or not – just like Israel was free to drift in and out of His Grace over the centuries.

Now that we understand that Israel is the proxy for all of humanity, both on a macro scale, and on a micro, individual scale, we can now turn to the question of proper systems of human governance as revealed to Israel and recorded in scripture.

We need to start in Exodus chapter 18. Israel has just escaped Egypt and is traversing the desert toward Mt. Sanai. Moses is visited by his father-in-law, Jethro. Yes, the Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies is named after Moses’ wifes’ father. And for very good reason, because Jethro was blessed by God with wisdom that would affect all of humanity. When Jethro arrived, Moses was sitting at the head of a huge line of people. One by one, each party would approach Moses and tell him of some sort of problem or disagreement between them that needed judgment, and one by one, Moses would judge these issues and claims. And this would go on for days, because there were hundreds of thousands of people in Israel, even at this time. Moses was judging them and governing them all alone.

When Jethro saw this he told Moses that it was “not good”. Jethro then, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, explained to Moses the concept of governmental subsidiarity. Jethro laid out a system whereby the people were encouraged to govern themselves in a tiered representative structure. The first tier removed from the individuals themselves was in groups of ten families. This would be the analogue of a neighborhood. The next representative tier was in goups of fifty. This would be analogue to a city or county commission. The next tier was in groups of one hundred. This would be the analog of a state legislature. The next tier would be in groups of one thousand. This would be the analogue of a national legislature. Finally came Moses himself, with Aaron at his right hand and Joshua at his left hand. This would be the equivalent of a Chief Executive with a cabinet.

Yes, our current system of representative republic governance in the United States was modeled after the Jethrine system in scripture. The big difference between The Jethrine system and our system is that in the Jethrine system, Moses personally appointed all of the representatives based upon their Godliness and good character. In our system, representatives and the Chief Executive, or President, are elected. However, the over-arching concept here is the concept of SUBSIDIARITY.

Subsidiarity is defined as the idea that a central authority should only perform those tasks which can not be performed effectively at a more immediate or local level. In other words, the most power resides with the sovereign individual, and as layers of government move away from the individual, the power structure necessarily dilutes, being tasked with those objectives that only they are capable of performing.

In the case of our federal government, those tasks would include such things as coordinating national defense, negotiating and entering international treaties and trade agreements, and perhaps most importantly, ensuring that the Rule of Law as defined in the Constitution is preserved, protected and defended throughout the chain of subsidiarity all the way back to the individual.

This concept of subsidiarity was first formally defined and codified by – GUESS WHO – the Catholic Church, although the concept existed and was understood and practiced in various ways all the way back to Jethro and Moses at the foot of Mt. Sinai. The Catholic Church has always understood subsidiarity through the life and actions of Christ Himself. Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, manifested His Kingship by submitting Himself totally and completely to his subjects, to the point of willingly dying for them, and thus doing for them the one thing that they could never do for themselves, which is make perfect atonement for their sins.

Subsidiarity is not exclusive to democracy, representative republic or parliamentary republics. Subsidiarity can be executed in many systems of governance, including hereditary monarchies. This is why Christ did not call out a specific form of governance, because He knew that many forms of governance are feasible, so long as subsidiarity is observed. History has shown us that a Godly man can reign as a king, living as a humble servant to his people. In the Old Testament Good Kings included Asa, Hezekiah and Josiah. In modern times, King St. Louis the ninth of France, King St. Stephen the first of Hungary, and King St. Casmir of Poland are examples of Godly monarchs who ruled in a spirit of subsidiarity.

As a corollary, democratic or representative republic systems do not guarantee subsidiarity, and if infiltrated and usurped by Godless, power-hungry, money-grubbing moral degerates like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and all the rest, those systems will lead to totalitarianism and ultimate collapse.

That is what we are seeing happen right now. This is also why the so-called “Arab Spring” is no such thing. The totalitarianism of the Islamic political system, elevated to power, though it may be, by democracy, is still totalitarianism. So long as islam is the driving force behind ANY form of government, that government is satanic by definition, and by definition will destroy the people within it. Don’t kid yourself. The Arab Spring is the Arab Winter, because that is all it can ever be.

The Catholic Church, and many Protestant sects as well, today have been infiltrated and infested by Marxists. There is still a remnant remaining, but please understand that the infiltration and rot is DEEP. Any Catholic, from a lay person all the way up to an Archbishop or Cardinal, who proclaims Marxism, and ratifies the concentration of power in the state to redistribute wealth by force, or to elevate the importance of the collective above the dignity of the individual is a DIRTY SATANIC LIAR. Period. End of story.

And that goes not just for Catholics but any Christian or Jew, because the concept of subsidiarity was revealed at the foot of Mt. Sinai, recorded in the Torah, and demonstrated par excellence by Christ crucified on Calvary.

The argument that Christ’s call to love and serve the poor is to be achieved by dehumanizing the individual and installing a totalitarian state is satanic, serpentine manipulation. You filthy Marxist scum have been twisting and perverting the Gospel into this satanic filth for decades, and you know what? I’m ending it. Right here and right now.

You CAN NOT BE both a Christian or an observant Jew and a Marxist.

Specifically to Christians now: you cannot advocate a satanic system of governance whilst claiming to be preaching the Gospel of Christ. Nope. You have to pick. It’s either Marxism or Christ.

And so to Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the majority of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the majority of the Jesuit order, the majority of the United Methodist church, the majority of the Presbyterian Church USA, the majority of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the majority of the Episcopalian Church (what little is left), and of course, the ironically named Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ, and all of the others, CHOOSE. 


It is either Christ or Marx. If you choose Christ – great. Praise the Lord. If you choose Marx – in even the smallest way – and we all know that you will, pack your bags and get out. And we’ll be praying for you and for your conversion and return to the fold as authentic Christians. But your days of squatting in the Church are OVER.

Finally, I would like to lay out my three-point tactical plan should the Marxist-islamic poop hit the proverbial fan, which I am afraid is all but inevitable at this point.

In this portion, I would like to focus once again especially on the Jews in the audience. So far, we have established how Israel has been the proxy for humanity throughout Salvation History. Understanding that as we do, we can now see that to hate Israel is to hate humanity itself.

All we need do to confirm this is look at where the locus of anti-Semitism exists in today’s world. There are two main loci today: Marxism and islam. Both of these political systems have at their core an intrinsic hatred of the individual man. Both mask this seething hatred by wrapping themselves in a false cloak of collectivism, manifested in the call for Marxist class warfare and jihad. Both systems use the Jews as their primary scapegoat and whipping boy, blaming all problems in the world on Jews, and then calling for the “final solution” to the stumbling block to utopia that is the Jewish race.

From the Koran to Mein Kampf, the rhetoric is exactly the same: exterminate the Jews so that utopia can be achieved. But what this is at its core is a call to exterminate humanity itself, which is the ultimate goal of both Marxism and islam. If the Jews are exterminated, the rest of humanity will follow quickly, because if the Jews are exterminated, that means that there are no longer any people of good will on earth who could see and understand the representative quality of humanity itself in Israel. No one would be left to take up the banner of Christ and the Church Militant to march against the forces of evil in defense of not just Israel, but of all human life on earth. It is essential to approach, understand and see this coming war with the forces of evil through that lens.

I recently saw a video of an Islamic execution taped in the Middle East. In it, the three condemned men were bound hand and foot, standing beside an incinerator, or furnace. The men were doused with an accelerant, presumably gasoline, and then thrown alive into the incinerator, where they could be seen writhing in flames as they died in the furnace. These men were not Jews, but that is beside the point. They were human beings who ran afoul of Sharia Law.

This is what is coming. This, and executions like this, are the inevitable destination of both islam and Marxism. Hitler had his ovens. Stalin had his gulags. Mao had his execution quotas. The Khmer Rouge had their killing fields.

And so here is what I say to all people of good will, but specifically today to the Jews. If a second holocaust begins and you find yourself standing bound on the precipice of an incinerator – I’m coming.

My first tactical objective will be to come in, guns-a-blazing, and rescue you and we’ll both get out of there, and hopefully take a bunch of evil men out in the process. That is objective number one.

If that doesn’t work and I am unable to free you by force of arms, I will negotiate with the evil executioners to switch places with you. I will offer to be executed in your place, so long as you are freed. That is tactical objective number two.

If that doesn’t work, then I am going to stay and die with you.

There is no possible way that I am going to turn my back on you as you stand on the precipice of the incinerator, walk away and let you die alone and afraid and then congratulate myself on my ability to “handle and survive the situation”. No. I am going to stand beside you, I am going to throw my arms around you, and I am going hold you and tell you that I love you. I am going to make certain that the last sounds you hear ringing in your ears on this earth are the sounds of a friend telling you that you are loved, and that you are precious, and that you are not, never have been, and never will be alone. And then we will go into the incinerator together. Because I can’t think of a better way to die – with the words “I love you” on my lips. THAT is tactical objective number three.

One final question. Do you honestly believe that Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or John Kerry or any of the Hollywood people, or Michael Moore or Keith Olbermann or Joy Behar or any of the people who would call me a venomous hate-spewing bigot would stay and die with you if it came down to that? Of course they wouldn’t and we all know this. But I am the hate monger. I’m the bigot. I am the danger to society.

Ladies and gentlemen, Western Civilization has officially jumped the shark. The words, “I love you”, delivered in sincere Christian charity are now a hate crime that warrants the suppression of free speech.

Thank you for your time.

My name is Ann Barnhardt . . . . and I love you.

          Chuyện trao trả tù binh trong chiến tranh Việt- Trung        
Duna Péter Nguyễn Hoàng Linh dịch và giới thiệu Dunai Péter, tác giả cuốn sách về Việt Nam “Một trăm ngàn cây số tại Việt Nam” (Százezer kilométer Vietnamban, NXB Kossuth 1986), từng là phóng viên thường trú ở Việt Nam của nhật báo “Tá»± do Nhân dân” (Népszabadság) và của Hãng Thông tấn Hungary … Tiếp tục đọc
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          György Kurtág on ECM        
György Kurtág Complete Works for Ensemble and Choir Asko | Schönberg and Netherlands Radio Choir; Reinbert de Leeuw, conductor ECM Records 3xCD 2505-07   Composer György Kurtág was born in Transylvania, but his many years of association with the Budapest conservatory have identified him as one of the foremost composers of Hungary, heir to Ligeti’s […]
          SMALL PEOPLE WITH HATS        

There are small people wearing hats in the society.

Graduation film from the Royal College of Art, 2014
Hand-drawn on paper

A film by Sarina Nihei

Sound design by Horret Kuus B6 STUDIOS


Grand Prize and Best Sound prize at Ottawa International Animation Film Festival 2015
Grand Prix of Primanima 2014, Budaörs, Hungary
Best Student Film at Anim'est 2014 in Bucharest, Romania
Korea Animation Producers Association President’s Prize at PISAF, Puchon, Korea
Special mention Anima 2015, Brussels
Grand Prix student film at HAFF 2015
Grand Prix of IdeasTap Graduate award Short Film
Special mention at Countryside Animafest Cyprus 2015


Anim'est 2014 Bucharest, Romania
PISAF 2014 Puchon, Korea
ReAnimania 2014 Yerevan, Armenia
Primanima 2014 Budaörs, Hungary
London International Animation Festival 2014
Greenhorn short film festival, London
IFF Etiuda&Anima 2014 Kracow, Poland
Animated Dreams, Tallinn Estonia
GIRAF, Calgary
Sommets du cinema d'animation
Animateka, Ljubljana Slovenia
Istanbul Animation Festival, Turkey
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2015
Anima 2015, Brussels
HAFF, Netherlands
Flatpack film festival, UK
Animex awards 2015, UK
EYEWORKS festival 2015, US
Mecal 17, Spain
IndieLisboa, Portugal
Athens Animfest, Greece
Anifilm, Czech Republic
Northwest animation festival
Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2015
Rooftop Films, NY 2015
Lago Film Fest 2015
Countryside Animafest Cyprus 2015
Anima Mundi, Brazil
Guanajuato International Film Festival
Anibar Animation Festival 2015, Kosovo
Concorto Film Festival, Italy
Fantoche 2015
Ottawa International Animation Festival 2015
Encounters short Film and Animation Festival 2015
ARS Independent Festival, Katowice, Poland 2015
Uppsala international short film festival, Sweden 2015

Cast: Sarina Nihei

Tags: graduation film, RCA, Royal College of Art and Sarina Nihei

          Trifling Habits        

My first year film at the Royal College of Art (2013)

Directed and animated by Sarina Nihei
Sound design by Pat Hime

Paint on paper


Anim'est 2013 in Bucharest
Primanima 2013 in Budaörs, Hungary
Sommets du cinéma d’animation 2013 in Montreal and Quebec
Northwest animation festival 2014 in Portland

Cast: Sarina Nihei

Tags: Animation, hand-drawn, paint on paper and RCA

          For sale - Cane Seat - Auction        

Cane 6710, Australia
Posting to: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Estonia, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Japan, Sweden, Korea, South, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Russian Federation, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait ...

          The Holocaust in Hungary        
By Anna Porter LRC, July 1, 2008 A family saga highlights altruism alongside deliberate cruelty Gratitude Joseph Kertes Viking Canada 609 pages, hardcover ISBN 9780670066698 This story has haunted me my whole life and I am writing a novel inspired by a family anecdote. The events in my story occurred before my time. But I […]
          Introducing Eclipse Toolmaker's Day        
Created for the tools developer community, Eclipse Toolmaker's Day takes place on Wed April 26 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.
          Creations for Charity – Hungary        
First of all I would like to thank to Nannan who helped us so much this year again, and the organization for the opportunity. As well, I would like to thank all the LEGO fans who helped us with donations. It was an honor to participate in this movement. I am from Hungary, the country […]
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great hungary

           Using Quick Scan at a medium-sized food company: a change management perspective         
McCullen, Peter and Atilgan, C. (2007) Using Quick Scan at a medium-sized food company: a change management perspective In: The 12th International Symposium on Logistics, 08 - 10 Jul 2007, Budapest, Hungary.
          ExchangeAbility Week Spring 2017 - ESN SZIE         

Between the 20th and the 26th of March, 40 ESN countries put the everyday struggles of students with disabilities forward, which included Hungary too.

          Ambassador of the State of Israel visits SZIU        

His Excellency Ilan Mor, Ambassador of Israel to Hungary paid a visit to Szent István University on 17 March 2016 and delivered a lecture, titled “Israel: From Agriculture (1948) to the Silicon Wad

          Fracture Design: Wildlife        

Egor Tucsin was born in a small russian town called Tyumen, but is currently living in Budapest, Hungary. In his childhood melodies were everywhere as his father was a huge fan of music, also the neighbor played the piano all the time, hearing the instrument was an instant love for Egor. He got his first synthesizer as a present when he was 12 years old and he started messing around with it. Ever since he gets his inspiration from the most beautiful city at night, Budapest.

Wildlife by Fracture Design
          Golden Moments -5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics        
It's always been a pleasant experience cherishing past memories with great happenings. Even now, just a month and a week later, I can be happy going though my own flashback of 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics held in Brazil. Blogging requires to be specific sometimes and in this post I will recall about some interesting happenings took place during the 3 days from 19th to 22nd of April 2012. You can always check about the pre-events that preceded the 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics and also the event schedule/ program.

I had the pleasure of participating in the 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics as an invited speaker as the president of the Mathematical & Astronomical Society of University of Colombo. Having arrived in Brazil for the first time, and being though my first 2 days in Brazil I was slowly having my lessons and learning about the culture and the people, who proved to be very dynamic, spontaneous and friendly as I was progressing with rest of the stay. The hospitality I received was amazing, Professor Marcelo was always making sure I was doing fine and helped me in whatever possible way he could have had, and later as I was traveling in some parts of the Brazil, it proved to be no exception, as the Brazilian hospitality I received was at its best.
My Visa for 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics

Well, Let's get straight into the context, 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics started on the 19th morning inside the cinema hall of the Shopping Boulevard in Campos dos Goytacazes. Saying something about the hosting city, which is usually referred to as Campos, it is located almost in the middle between the cities of Vitória and Rio de Janeiro, which are the metropolitan capitals of Brazilian states of Espirito Santos and Rio de Janeiro respectively. I think you would get to Campos in a 3-hour driver from Rio. In Brazilian Portuguese, Campos means fields and they say Gaytacazes is an Indian tribe that used to live in the area and hence the name Campos dos Goytacazes.

During the Opening Ceremony of 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics at Shopping Boulvard, Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ, Brazil - People pictured from right to left are, Professor Marcelo Souza from Campos dos Gaytacazes, Brazil, Tamas Ladanyi from Hungary, Johannes Stübler from Austria, Andrea Sanchez-Saldias from Uruguay, Prasanna Deshapriya from Sri Lanka, Dirk Ross from Japan, Dimitri Gadotti from ESO,  Douglas -A representative of Shopping Boulevard, 2 other personnel from Campos dos Goytacazes city.

The audience at the same time: The audience consisted of students, teachers, and citizens of Campos dos Goytacazes

Professor Marcelo Souza, speaking at the opening ceremony
Here you can see the happy face of Professor Marcelo Souza, who is the chief organizer of 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics. Also pictured is the Hungarian astro-photographer Tamas Ladanyi from the TWAN- The World At Night project.

Just before the start !
You may see here how crowded the cinema hall was getting just before the start of the opening ceremony. Here you can see Professor Marcelo and some of the members of the Luis Cruls astronomy club as well. I must mention that these guys did an awesome job behind the scenes with so much untiring efforts towards the success of the 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics. Thus it is with great gratitude I mention them here for despite their young age they delivered really serious and tough work. I'm really happy to have enjoyed their company throughout my stay in Campos, not only during the meeting, but also prior and post to the event.

Tamas Ladanyi from Hungary - TWAN (The World At Night)
Here you see the first speaker of the 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics, Tamas Ladanyi, an astrophotographer from Hungary who also works for the TWAN, specialized in the landscape photography.  During his session he showcased his experience with astrophotography, which was vivid with a lot of fine combinations of skies and landscapes. One of the interesting pieces of his work was the photograph titled in Spanish "Mira mira Mira" (Mira olha Mira em Português) where his daughter Mira, is looking at the red-giant star Mira (a star in the constellation Cetus).
Professor Marcelo performing the interpretation task during the astrophotography workshop of Tamas Ladanyi

During the evening of the second day he also conducted a workshop on using equipment/ gear for astrophotography, touching down many technical specs as well. Then he led an expedition into a darker and distant area of the city with Professor Marcelo to flee from the lights of the city to get involved with more hands-on activity, where he demonstrated exactly the very steps that one needs to follow in taking a decent photo of some celestial object with the inclusion of a landscape as well. I was able to join this expedition and get more insights into my understanding of this beautiful branch of astronomy. Below you will see a picture that Tamas made at the end of the observation session at this remote location, along with all the participants.
Have a thorough look at the southern skies  !!
Southern skies and the participants of the Tamas Ladanyi's workshop -  Tamas himself, Professor Marcelo Souza and Johannes Stübler from Austria are also presented in the picture. (Photo Credit : Tamas Ladanyi)
Me and Tamas Ladanyi
 The second speaker José Carlos Diniz, a Brazilian astronomer from Rio de Janeiro spoke about the difficulties that one must undergo when doing astronomy in Brazil as well as about some determined individuals who have proved themselves exceptional, still to continue practicing astronomy in Brazil despite the various issues. The humorous sense he developed whilst presenting himself added more vibe to his presentation bringing about the ideology of his talk "Astrophotography in Brazil, the victory of passion".

One of the funny slides of José Carlos Diniz  (Photo Credit : Johannes Stübler)
It was really inspirational as José went on to particularly mention how difficult it was for him and his colleagues to find dark areas for observations in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil and how they finally managed to find better areas in the end in the same vicinity with adventures mixed with huge passion, and love for the astronomy.

The next was the presentation of Johannes Stübler, the National Co-ordinator of AWB (Astronomers without Borders) from Austria. Johannes gave an account about his ambassador role in "Living the Idea", traveling from Linz, his home city in Austria across Jordan, Syria and Turkey, promoting the astronomy and trying to get more people, met on the road to look at the skies and get interested. I was convinced that it is a great coincidence that Johannes Stübler also comes from the same city that Johannes Kepler was once living, as I was gathering more information.
Astronomy Outreach - from Orient to Occident (Photo Credit : Johannes Stübler)
 As I had the chance of having the company of Johannes during the meeting, we were sometimes sharing our ideas and experiences and it was fascinating to hear about the AWB Beer they had in Austria for the GAM (Global Astronomy Month) and I think it shows the innovation and creativity, blended with popularizing astronomy among people.

A souvenir I received from Johannes Stübler
Me and Johannes Stübler, he presented me the gift of the raffle draw :)
 Here is another picture taken during the first day of the meeting. Pictured are José Carlos Diniz, Patrick - the Portuguese<>English interpreter throughout the meeting, Norma Reis from Brasilia, Brazil and Oscar Matsuura from São Paulo, Brazil. Look at the variety of people that astronomy could bring together !
Another picture, you add the caption for this !
Dimitri Gadotti, a Brazilian working at ESO in Chile, during his presentation
The talk about the life and work at ESO telescopes in Chile with a focus on E-ELT, ESO's newest challenge, by Dimitri Gadotti was interesting, and curious as I was wondering how they make such great missions possible. It was also my Why for ESO's preference on southern skies, as they produce a lot of sophisticated cutting-edge accessories and equipment in Europe and transport those all the way across Atlantic Ocean and further to Chilean deserts.

“Jorge Marcgrave in Dutch Brazil: his founder role in Astronomy of Brazil and of the New World” - This sounded different for me in the beginning, Dutch Brazil ? Well, as I was through the presentation of Oscar Matsuura, who is a veteran researcher based in São Paulo, Brazil, I managed to figure out answers to my puzzle. He spoke about the pioneering role of Jorge Marcgrave in astronomy in Dutch Brazil or Brasil holandês as it is said in Brazilian Portuguese and about the influence he had on the people of northern parts of Brazil when they were Dutch colonies. Although I've included the Wikipedia link about Jorge Marcgrave here, I'm more than sure the presentation of Oscar was more resourceful.
Oscar Matsuura, and me outside the Shopping Boulevard, Campos
Attendees for the 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics waiting inside the Shopping Boulevard, You can also see the telescopes, multimedia, mobile planetarium, belonging to the Louis Cruls Astronomy Club.
Astronomy + Chess : I've always stumbled upon this game whenever I was out of Sri Lanka. I really don't know how I always find a connection with Chess and end up playing it, as the time permits. With me here is Laura from Louis Cruls Astronomy Club with a keen interest in astronomy.
The second day of 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics continued at Campus Guarus do Instituto Federal Fluminense, a new location also close to the city center.

Dr. Robert Zubrin from United States during his presentation
First presentation in the morning was that of Dr. Robert Zubrin from Mars Society, US about the project "Mars Direct" which is an attempt to get the man to the red planet in no more than a decade. Dr. Zubrin particularly expressed his idea on why this should be done within a time frame of 10 years and no more. He was quite certain about the potential about the project and I think it wouldn't be too far away the day where there would be Mars colonies, probably within our lifetime provided all works out fine.

Professor Marcelo & Dr. Zubrin with Monique, Ana, Lucas & Hermerio - First Brazilian Crew in Mars Desert Research Station
Then followed the report of the first Brazilian crew in Mars Desert Research Station, a facility located in the US. The report was about the experiences of Lucas, Ana, Monique & Hermerio, 4 students of Louis Cruls Astronomy Club who had the chance of visiting Mars Desert Research Station and spending few days there under the crucial conditions, similar to those, to be faced in real exploration activities in Mars. The students were supposed to be crew members, who had different areas to undertake like, geologist, communicator, etc whilst during the stay at this facility. For example Ana, who was in charge of communications had to wait long hours for the feedback from Earth, taking into account the distance between the two planets after she has sent any message/ signal. I believe it was truly an inspiration to all the participants as the students shared their individual experiences. Professor Marcelo also thanked Dr. Zubrin for his involvement in this project and I reckon there would be more chances for the Brazilian students in the future.

One of the other interesting as well as curious sessions to follow was the presentation of meteorite hunter Dirk Ross from Yamaguchi University, Japan and AWB with the topic "Meteor/Meteorite Soup"
Here is Dirk Ross, as he presents on "Meteor/Meteorite Soup"
One of the facts that Dirk mentioned in his talk still echoes in my mind; he went on to say that there had been only few meteorites found in the Brazilian territories and provided the large size of the country, there could be many more meteorites to discover. Later I got to know that Dirk, himself led some expeditions on lookout for possible meteorites along with some other students, and the results were not positive though. Nevertheless I hope they enjoyed the expeditions.

Dirk is confronted by curious students after his talk !

Dirk Ross at his meteorite hunting workshop, Look at the meteorites on the table !
 I don't know how to relate what happened the following evening, We received the NEWS from locals that there had been a meteor crash close to Campos and someone had recorded it as well and had put the video up on Facebook. We were with Professor Marcelo and he was receiving a lot of calls, reporting about this so-called meteor crash. In a different sense it was funny that Dirk Ross had just delivered his presentation about meteorites during the day and he had just had conducted the workshop in the evening on how to look for and identify them, and few hours later we're receiving a lot of reports on meteorite sighting.
Professor Marcelo, Dirk, Andrea and me as we were receiving the HOT news !, Believe me, this kept us sleepless and awake till the early morning.

However later taking into account the information and all the possibilities, Dirk concluded it to be space junk, seen being burnt as it was entering the atmosphere. However it triggered some fuss and suddenly a lot of interest and attention was paid to what Dirk was trying to explain in his talks.
The Souvenir from Dirk Ross

Still on the second day there were many other sessions and activities too with the inclusion of variety of events both indoors and outdoors.
The areas discussed in the meeting were vivid, here you see Eugênio Reis talking about Sun and its life cycle

Eugênio Reis with students at his outdoor session on solar observation.

Norma Reis from Brasilia, talking about her work with scientific communication, her topic was “Teacher’s MEC Portal exemplified by the site “Astronomy, Astronautics and Space Science at the School”
Here you see Oswaldo Barbosa during his workshop session, he's specialized about rocket propulsion and is from ACRUX Aerospace Technologies based in São Paulo, Brazil.
Outdoor adventure with Oswaldo Barbosa
  Whenever there was a break between the sessions I always tried to talk to fellow speakers and students and learn more about what they do, for I was naturally driven with the curiosity. These times proved to be hard sometimes when I stumbled upon some students who hardly spoke any English. However the universal expression of smile was commonly shared despite the language barrier. Below is one such a situation.
Dirk Ross and me with some students
This is Gennady Saenko from ROSCOSMOS talking about "Russia in Space - Vision and Challenges"
Andrea Sanchez-Saldias from Universidad de La Republica – Uruguay, during her presentation of “Educational experiences in Uruguay (formal and non-formal)”
This is me with Adriano Leonês, who talked about “School in the Stars – Experiences and Reports of three years teaching astronomy”
This is me with Andrea and Claudio, I should mention the latter is a polyglot, believe me he spoke Greek as well, and was one of the interesting characters I got to know during the meeting. I'm putting this picture up because of this amazing guy although I look pretty terrible in the picture, don't look at me !
During my presentation, which was the last on the agenda.
I spoke about the outreach activities of astronomy in Sri Lanka, generally what we do here to popularize astronomy. In addition I also talked a bit about my astronomy career and how IYA2009 boosted my involvement with astronomy outreach. In the picture above, in the slide, I'm seen presenting the annual astronomy magazine "Sigma" of Mathematical & Astronomical Society to the staff adviser Professor Chandana Jayarathne at the 'Star Quest 2011' inter-school astronomy quiz competition held in May 2011. In fact this was a great milestone of my astronomy career as I was the editor of that publication. 

The amazing and promising team of Louis Cruls astronomy club, who were behind the organizing of the 5th International Meeting on Astronomy and Astronautics and bringing it to such a success. Kudos to all of them it was a great event !
It is with great gratitude I mention here Professor Marcelo Souza and his beloved wife Eponine. Professor Marcelo is a wonderful person with a great personality. His hospitality and friendliness is irresistible. Muito obrigado Marcelo por tudo. I humbly feel privileged to have known him.

          Comment on ANDRAS SCHIFF PLAYS CHOPIN by Toni Hertz        
Mr. Schiff is to be admired for his action in standing up against efforts to control freedom of expression in Hungary.
          Mag Review: Magpul 20 AK PMAG        


When I first saw the announcement for Magpul AK mags, my initial thought was something like, ‘why bother?’ Not because Magpul doesn’t make great kit, they absolutely do. More because steel AK magazines are next to indestructible, and at the time, dirt cheap. Once these little steel mags started rising in price, I began to take a more critical look at them.

Certainly, these robust communist relics are durable as hell, but they’re also quite heavy. Not necessarily for range use, plinking or hunting – but stick six or more loaded steel magazines in a backpack or carrier and polymer magazines start sounding better and better.

The only hurdle standing in Magpul Dynamics’ way were Bulgarian circle 10 magazines. Long considered the gold standard of polymer magazines, these waffle-pattern, steel reinforced magazines proved every bit as durable as their steel counterparts at a fraction of the weight. For a short time, these Bulgarian beauties were plentiful, and affordable - but slowly, almost unnoticeably, their price began to rise. Now these once inexpensive magazines run close to $50 each, assuming shooters can find them in stock.

For shooters like myself who like to have at least five magazines for any given rifle, this was just too expensive, leaving shooters to choose between heavy and affordable, or lightweight and expensive.

This is where Magpul AK PMAGs come in.

Lighweight, affordable and built from the same high-strength polymer as the AR15 magazines that built the company’s name, the AK PMAG is ideal for modern AK enthusiasts. Especially those that wish to purchase a dozen or so and run them hard.

Initially, AK purists and Bulgarian Circle 10 fans alike bemoaned the PMAG’s lack of metal reinforcements. Rightfully so - while unimportant for most shooters who don’t take their mags to war, the lacking tab on an AK magazine must be reinforced to ensure longevity. This is due to how the magazine locks up in the rifle.

Unlike STANAG or AR15 magazines that insert straight up into the magazine well, retained by a magazine catch – AK magazines use a lip at the front and tab at the rear to lock and rock into place. This lip needs extra reinforcement since dropping the rifle on its magazine (or performing a Spetsnaz pushup) applies crowbar-like pressure on the mag itself.

In response, Magpul released a new version of the magazine featuring steel reinforcement at critical locations. The magazine is more expensive and slightly heavier than the originals, but offers peace of mind to shooters who regularly use and abuse their equipment.

While great news for most shooters, folks like myself still yearned for another Magpul option. One that would replace the increasingly expensive Hungarian AK magazines, with lighter construction than metal Korean 20-round magazines.

Hungarian 20-round steel magazine

I know what you’re thinking, ‘but Magpul released a 10-round version, isn’t that good enough?’

In a word, no.

While the 10-round magazine is great for placating politicians and bench-rest shooting, it’s not capacious enough for serious use.  In particular, as the ideal magazine for a truck gun or bugout rifle.

Which is why I was so thrilled at the recent announcement from Magpul – a 20-round AK PMAG!

These magazines are completely polymer, and incredibly lightweight. Normally, I’d be concerned with their lack of metal reinforcements, but given their truncated length, they don’t have as much mechanical advantage applied to them as the full-length 30-rounders.

In testing, the magazines performed predictably great, with no malfunctions whatsoever in six test guns: a Romanian SAR-1, a Serbian N-PAP, an RAS-47, a C39, a milled Arsenal SAM7-SF, and an Arsenal SGL-21. This sample selection covers el cheapo all the way up to one of Arsenal’s most expensive products. In every single one of these guns, the magazine had solid lock up and zero wobble.

 After extensive testing, I’m replacing the steel, 20-round Hungarian magazine in my bugout AK with a Magpul 20 round AK PMAG. The weight savings and ease of insertion/removal more than make up for any tensile strength concerns. Plus, given the magazine’s low cost, they can be replaced for less than a third of the cost of a Hungarian mag.

It may ruffle the feathers of more traditional shooters or AK purists – but pragmatists and any shooter who simply wants a light, handy option for their Avtomat that allows them to carry a good amount of ammo and shoot from the prone position needs one of these magazines. That said, hopefully Magpul will release a steel reinforced version in the near future. If not, I won’t lose any sleep, but it would at least silence the naysayers.

          How Hungary Became a Haven for the Alt-Right (repost)        

The increasingly illiberal European country offers shelter to a growing number of international nationalists.

Read the rest of this post on the original site at How Hungary Became a Haven for the Alt-Right

on the main Kersplebedeb website:
          How Hungary Became a Haven for the Alt-Right        

The increasingly illiberal European country offers shelter to a growing number of international nationalists.

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          HUMAN RIGHTS IN 2010: THE CIRI REPORT        
In conjunction with Human Rights Day, 2011, the CIRI Human Rights Data Project releases its ratings of government respect for 16 internationally-recognized human rights in almost every country in the world for the year 2010. The CIRI project's data stretch back, annually, to 1981 and can be freely accessed at

The CIRI data are used by governments, scholars, international organizations, businesses, think tanks, and students the world over for a wide variety of purposes. The project is Co-Directed by Dr. David L. Cingranelli (Binghamton University) and Dr. David L. Richards (University of Connecticut) and assisted by Senior CIRI Associate K. Chad Clay (University of Georgia). Any inquiries may be addressed to

Below, we present four types of stories from this year's released data:


All 14 of CIRI's indicators of particular human rights can be summed into an overall human rights score for each country in the world. The top (best) score a country can receive is 30, while the worst score would be 0. The world average was 18 and the USA scored 26 (tied for 5th place). Below are the best and worst of 2010.

Top 13 Countries:

Denmark [30]
Iceland [30]
Austria [29]
New Zealand [29]
Norway [29]
Australia [28]
Belgium [28]
Finland [28]
Liechtenstein [28]
Luxembourg [28]
Netherlands [28]
San Marino [28]
Sweden [28]

Bottom 10 Countries:

Burma [2]
Eritrea [2]
Iran [2]
China [3]

Korea, Democratic People's Republic of [3]
Yemen [3]
Zimbabwe [3]
Saudi Arabia [4]
Congo, Democratic Republic of [5]
Nigeria [5]


On May 20, 2011, the United Nations elected 15 new members of the UN Human Rights Council. Here are their total CIRI human rights scores for 2010, out of a possible 30 points. Six out of the fifteen new members had scores below the world average of 18 for the year 2010. Below are the scores for each new member:

Austria         [29]
Benin          [16]
Botswana     [22]
Burkina Faso    [20]
Republic of Congo  [18]  
Chile             [26]
Costa Rica     [26]
Czech Republic   [24]
India               [10]
Indonesia        [13]
Italy               [24]
Kuwait          [11]
Peru              [18]
Philippines     [15]
Romania        [17]


The CIRI Index of Physical Integrity Rights measure's a government's overall level of respect for four rights: torture, extrajudicial killing, political imprisonment, disappearance. The index ranges from 0 (no respect for any of these four rights) to 8 (full respect for all four of these rights). In 2008-2009, the world saw an overall average increase in these rights of .047. However, a reversal of this improvement was seen from 2009-2010, with it's overall average decline in respect of -.031. In particular 2009-2010 saw the following dramatic changes:

Three Countries Lost 3 Points (Violations Increased)


Seven Countries Gained 2 Points (Violations Decreased)


The fact that the CIRI data stretch back in time to 1981 allows for longitudinal comparison. For example, the graph below shows how regional averages of respect for physical integrity rights have changed over the years:


An important part of this overall decline in respect for physical integrity rights comes from a continuing degradation, globally, of respect for the right not to be tortured. For example, 2009-2010 saw 17 countries engage in more torture, while only 8 engaged in less torture. Below is the list of these countries. CIRI's indicator of government respect for torture is as follows: (0) Frequent/systematic torture, (1) Moderate/occasional torture (2) No reported/confirmed episodes of

Increased Torture, 2009-2010

Congo, Republic of
Korea, Republic of
Kyrgyz Republic
Marshall Islands
Sierra Leone

Decreased Torture, 2009-2010

Czech Republic       
Micronesia, Federated States of       

This trend in the greater use of torture is not a post-9/11 phenomenon, however. The chart below shows the increased use of torture beginning in the early 1980s. The extent of the drop in respect for this right differed by region and is seen to be particularly acute in Africa.

          Hungarian Embroidery Magyar Sioagard Folk Art Photography Art Print affordable Fancy Needlework Home Decor wall art by closencounters        

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The original item is a section of a six foot long table runner or wall hanging which is part of a private collection of museum quality Hungarian embroidery. The extremely rich colors and dense embroidery are typical of the embroidery of this region in Northern Hungary and dates back to the late 1800's.

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          CCD Views #318        
                             C C D   V I E W S   #318
                                 April 1, 2004
1. Introduction
  Dr. Janet Mattei (1943 - 2004) was a true friend of CCD variable star astronomy. From the beginning of the CCD revolution she recognized the impact it would have on amateur observing. With Gary Walker, she helped organize one of the first amateur CCD observing workshops back in 1991, before most of us had even a dream of owning a CCD. She was constantly looking for funding so that the AAVSO could sponsor CCD equipment for our observers. She secured
funding to loan complete CCD systems to observers in Finland, Hungary, New Zealand and Australia to expand GRB network coverage.  She also funded the distribution of photometric filters to observers all over the world (CCD Views Vol. 2 No. 4) and worked with Arne Henden to coordinate the Precision CCD Photometry Workshop in 2001.
  This electronic version of CCD Views is a direct result of Janet's initiative. One day she wanted to discuss how we could help energize our CCD observers and take better advantage of their capabilities. At the time, Gary Walker was editing the original print version of CCD Views. The three of us brainstormed and decided to make it an electronic publication, meaning it could come out more often and be more responsive to our needs.
  Janet offered so much to everyone she ever worked with. CCD Observing is but one of those areas yet it illustrates well her gift of vision. She will be missed.
 Aaron Price (PAH), AAVSO HQ, on behalf of
Gary Walker (WGR), CCD Committee Chairperson.
In late February, BZ UMa (08:53:44.14 +57:48:41.1 - J2000) was visually observed in outburst by Mike Simonsen (SXN). Observers were notified via MyNewsFlash within minutes if they subscribed to the SNOBS (Significant or Noteworthy OutBurstS) list and the rest were notified via an AAVSO Special MyNewsFlash notice hours later when confirmation came in from Tonny Vanmunster (VMT). 4,270 CCD observations were made by AAVSO observers over four nights. We have analyzed that data and submitted an IBVS manuscript on the results. Responses from the IBVS editors are pending. In the meantime, a draft copy can be read here: [link removed]
This project highlighted two important things. First, the problems caused by gaps in the coverage. Visit the URL below to see the light curve and the gaps in it: [link removed]
Second, it highlighted our lack of understanding of the BZ UMa system. BZ UMa shows some signs of belonging to the UGSU subclass of dwarf novae(1). Its orbital period, mass ratio, outburst amplitude and frequency all suggest it is an UGSU. However, its outbursts do not show superhumps as they should, and it is a bright X-Ray source with abnormally strong Balmer emission lines and other peculiarities in its spectra. BZ UMa could be an intermediate polar (IP) or could be in a class of its own. Our analysis of the data from the February outburst shows signs of activity that are usually associated with IPs. It also has some tantalizing hints of other periodicities that could be very interesting, however the statistical significance of the signal is too weak believe on its own.
In an effort to shed more light on this system we are coordinating an intensive observing campaign of BZ UMa at quiescence. We would like to get as many observations as possible during this period to try and create a precise 24-hour light curve with as few gaps as possible.
We are targeting the evenings of April 19th - April 20 (UTD) as our primary day and April 17th - 18th (UTD) as a preliminary day. If you can only do one evening, choose April 19th-20th because we have time that evening on a professional Mauna Kea telescope to help fill in the Pacific gap. We realize that it is a Monday and some of our observers can not observe all night. However, please try to observe both days. This allows us to look for variations of a longer timescale and gives us some extra coverage. Note that all times are UT. We may setup a chat room for observers to hang out in during these long runs.
Basically what we need is for you to observe from your local dusk until dawn on the nights of April 17th and 19th.
We have two professional observatories who will help if weather permits. Arne Henden at the US Naval Observatory in Flagstaff and Karen Meech (University of Hawaii) who will be able to observe from Mauna Kea.
BTW, we need more coverage in Asia and the Pacific. If you have any friends in the area with a CCD please forward this to them!
BZ UMa at quiescence is quite faint, varying between V=16-17. We need integrations to be as short as possible because some of the flaring and periodicity we are looking for is on very short time scales (minutes). So we're calling for UNFILTERED observations. If you have a small aperture, consider binning your pixels if your seeing allows you to do that without taking a significant hit in precision.
If you think you can participate please e-mail with which of the two days (17th and/or 19th) are available to you and your timezone. A list of participants and their location will be kept on the web site (see below for URL).
A CCD Views Special Edition will be issued no later than 00 UT Friday, April 16th with the exact campaign times.
In the next two weeks please begin making observations of BZ UMa with your system. Use this time to find the best combination of exposure time and accuracy. In general, aim for 0.02 mag precision. But if you cannot reach that without taking a very long exposure then we can do with less precision. Test your system to determine the best you can do. If you have questions please e-mail your results to the aavso-photometry discussion group for advice. German-Equatorial users make note of BZ UMa's transit time at your location so you can keep the "flip-gap" as small as possible.
Arne Henden has calibrated this field. His data is plotted on the AAVSO f-scale charts at this URL: [link removed - all charts can be found at]
Use any comparison star and check star that you see on the chart. The 131 is a good color match. Some of them have close companions so be careful to keep stars out of your annuli.
Please upload your data to the AAVSO for these snapshot sessions. They will be useful in establishing a baseline of activity for BZ UMa before the campaign begins.
In a two-hour unfiltered observing run on March 20, Bruce Gary (GBL) detected variations of up to 0.3 mag on a time scale of around an hour. Do not expect to find these variations in your data but be prepared for *any* kind of variation or oscillation.
A To-Do Checklist:
1. Send an e-mail to with your timezone if you think you can participate.
2. Practice taking at least 1 BZ UMa observation each time you are observing up until April 17 (UTD).
3. On at least one night, spend some time on BZ UMa taking unfiltered exposures and finding the best way to get precision photometry with as short of exposures as possible.
4. Stock up on coffee, tea, pizza, etc and be prepared to observe April 17 and April 19 (UTD).
As we analyze the data we will keep anyone who participated in the campaign updated. Observers who get more than an hour of data with SNR>40 during the campaign or who otherwise provide significant help will be coauthors on any paper we publish.
A web page for this campaign will be maintained at: [link removed]
Public discussion will take place on aavso-photometry discussion group:
1 - Visit our February, 2000 Variable Star of the Month for more information about UGSU dwarf novae:
Luisa Ostorero at the University of Heidelberg (Landessternwarte Heidelberg) is requesting optical observations of the blazar S5 0716+71 for correlation with an INTEGRAL Target of Opportunity Observing (TOO) run scheduled for April 2-6.
S5 0716+71 is a blazar that reached historical brightness levels this week (Rc=12-13 with rapid variability). As a result, RXTE observations were recently approved and now observations with ESA's INTEGRAL satellite are planned.
Observers with a filter wheel are requested to perform B-V-R-I observations at the beginning and end of their observing run. In the middle B-R-I sequences should be taken for as long as possible.
Observers without a filter wheen should observe with an Rc filter.
Runs should be held from now until April 7 (UTD). Additionally, please add S5 0716+71 to your regular monitoring program.
Please report your observations to the AAVSO as soon as possible and include an Err: estimate. Charts are available at this URL:
Thanks to the 13 CCD observers (and 6 visual) who helped out with the 2003 superoutburst of UV Per.
We received 11,545 CCD observations providing excellent coverage over about 10 days. A superhump period (95.92 +/- 0.006 minutes) slightly different than the previously published period (95.63 +/- 0.05 minutes from Udalski, 1992) was detected along with a change in the period that had been previously undetected. We were especially pleased with the number of observations submitted with an uncertainty (Err:). The quality of this data allowed us to publish the observations as IBVS #5488 with each observer as a coauthor. The paper is available at this URL: [link removed]
The next superoutburst of UV Per is predicted to be between July 20, 2005 and April 14, 2006. The 14 CCD observers who make up the UV Per Hall of Fame are:
Lew Cook
Tonny Vanmunster
Bruce Gary
Dave Messier
David Boyd
Arto Oksanen
Gary Billings
Keith Graham
Bill Goff
Doug West
Patrick Schmeer
Arne Henden
Ron Zissell
Ron Royer
The 6 visual observers who helped by detecting the outburst or the period of post-superoutburst brightening are:
Eddy Muyllaert
Bill Anderson
Glenn Chaple
Tracy Scott
Gary Poyner
Hazel McGee
This report will be the beginning of regular reports on High Energy Network observations of possible GRB localizations to be included in each issue of CCD Views. The following observations were made by network members since the last issue of CCD Views.
GRB040228: Donn Starkey (SDB - USA) observed the field between 3 and 3.5 hours after the detection and did not detect an afterglow. No afterglow was reported by GCN.
GRB031220: Arto Oksanen (OAR - Finland) and Nyrola Observatory observed the field beginning around 14 hours after the detection and did not detect an afterglow. Chandra observed this field and reported a number of previously unknown X-ray sources. Optical counterparts for a few of them were observed by large professional telescopes but whether any of them were the actual afterglow has not been established.
GRB040319: Diego Rodriguez (RZD - Spain) observed this field quickly but the spacecraft localization turned out to be incorrect.
Thanks to Donn, Arto and Diego for keeping up the watch!
Remember GRB observations must be reported through this web page: [link removed]
Quality GRB localizations have been few and far between the past few months. If you are feeling rusty, go over your observing strategies and do some practice runs. When the next big one comes through those who are well practiced will be most likely to be successful.
By Radu Corlan (CXR)
Over the last year or so I've been developing gxc, a program that automates observations and VS data reductions. It started with cx, a program i made to control my home-made ccd camera. (
As the telescope I use doesn't point accurately enough to be able to make observations unattended, I've added a field-matching algorithm that can make pointing corrections by comparing the positions of stars extracted from a test frame to the GSC. It is now possible to obtain frames from hundreds of different fields in a fully automatic mode.
Identifying stars is also the most tedious step in data reduction. With the field-matching algorithm, GCX can astrometrically calibrate a frame against the GSC or some other catalog starting from an approximate position and scale, such as the coordinates of the target and the focal length of the telescope.
Once the frame is astrometrically calibrated, the program can do aperture photometry on selected stars. To automate the process, position standards and photometric standards are grouped in a "recipe" file, which can be thought as the electronic equivalent of an aavso chart.
The recipe file is 'run' on the data frame, and the program will automatically identify and measure the stars in the recipe file, and output a report. A relatively complex error model generates error figures for all measurements. I've checked the error model against time-series measurement results, and it has proven to be quite accurate.
The program was developed on Linux, but can probably easily be ported to other UNIX systems that support the gtk-1.2 library. GCX can be run as a GUI program, performing all the operations step-by-step, or in batch mode - so that it can be included in a higher-level reduction script.
The project home page is:
It is also listed on freshmeat at:
The CCD Batch Upload Tool has been upgraded to support the Center For Backyard Astrophysics (CBA) and MaximDL data formats. In addition, the Default 2 column format now supports an optional third column consisting of the error/uncertainty term you derived for the observation.
The tool can be accessed by logging into your WebObs account. More information is here:
8. CCD Observing Manual Update
The AAVSO CCD Observing Manual is an online manual for CCD observing aimed at the beginning to intermediate observer.
The entire manual has been inspected and updated where appropriate. Many links were updated or added and some grammar improved. The section on CCD Error underwent some further clarification and a new section on SNR was added along with a discussion of annuli. In addition, the new High Energy Network projects were added along with discussion about MyNewsFlash and the new Photometry Discussion Group. In particular you may want to pay attention to the discussion on SNR in the Photometry/Error section.
The following totals are for November, 2003 (last issue of CCD Views) - March 1, 2004.
REMINDER: CCD Points are *not* an official AAVSO report and carry no weight at HQ. They are provided purely for fun and to start barroom brawls at AAVSO meetings.
Points Obs. Observer
A description of the CCD Points algorithm is available in CCD Views #316.
An archive of "CCD Views" is available at
An archive of "Eyepiece Views," a similar newsletter intended for visual observers, is available at
Good observing!
Aaron Price, AAVSO Technical Assistant (PAH)
Gary Walker, Chairman of the AAVSO CCD Committee (WGR)
Copyright 2004, American Association of Variable Star Observers

          CCD Views #324        
                           C C D   V I E W S   #324
                               August 17, 2004
Table of Contents
 The AAVSO-Photometry Discussion Group has really come into its own the
last two months. In July it was a great tool for coordination of the Var
Her 04 campaign and posting of preliminary results and daily updates. In
August it has been a great place for discussion of photometric issues
ranging from error reporting to transformation coefficients.
Please consider joining the AAVSO-photometry Discussion Group. If
you are worried about being deluged with e-mails then choose the Daily
Digest version, which sends you one e-mail per day with all the posts
included in it. Or you can avoid subscribing and just read the discussion
group via our online archives. Just remember to come back every few days
to stay up on the latest and greatest in variable star photometry.
Archive viewing is available at this URL:
 Aaron Price (PAH), AAVSO HQ
Gary Walker (WGR), CCD Committee Chairperson
Var Her 04 seems to be happily hovering around V=16-16.5.
AUG 15.2033 16.6 JM CCDV
AUG 14.8990 16.20 RZD CCD Err: 0.05
AUG 12.3298 16.11 JM CCDV
AUG 12.2948 17.79 HQA CCDI Err: 0.071
AUG 12.2803 16.59 HQA CCDV Err: 0.106
AUG 12.2589 16.77 HQA CCDB Err: 0.047
AUG 10.2038 16.5 JM CCDV
AUG 10.0672 15.96 RSE CCDV Err: 0.162 Transformed
AUG 10.0517 16.21 BKL CCDV Err: 0.0462
AUG 08.3015 16.25 CTX CCDV Err: .009
AUG 06.1215 15.97 CDV CCD
AUG 05.1965 16.22 HDF CCDV Err 0.07
JM Robert James HDF Dennis Hohman
CTX Tim Crawford BKL John Blackwell
HQA Arne A. Henden RSE Steve Robinson
RZD Diego Rodriguez
Our intensive campaign in June and July has been most interesting and rewarding. Those who did not follow the action on the photometry discussion group can go here for a link to the archives and the raw data: [link removed]
At the AAVSO Spring Meeting in Berkely I gave a short talk on both BZ UMa and Var Her 04 detailing our observing strategies and a quick look at analysis of the results. It is available online at: [link removed]
 We received a little over 7,500 CCD measurements of Var Her 04 from 23 observers over 16 days. The light curve is characterized by a steady decline of 0.017 magnitudes per day until June 24.5 . An inflection in the light curve gives rise to a gentle hump that spans 0.1 magnitudes over 2 days. Then the light curve resumes a slow decline until June 30.053 when a rapid decline began. The decline was terminated after 0.5062 days and a drop in ~1.1 magnitudes. The star remained steady at ~V=16 through the end of observations on July 16.237.
 *Very* preliminary analysis at this point is supporting the UGSU type. However, there are some questions that need to be answered before we are sure. There are also lots of complicating factors such as a companion ~1 arc second away which may be variable in itself. It is still possible that this is a unique class of CV and could end up being one of the oldest CV systems detected. We are investigating all these possibilities.
 A brief report of your observations was issued as IAUC #8734. We have assembled a team to work on a paper for this object. We hope to have something prepared and submitted by October, which of course means it will likely be after that! Those who contributed significant observations will be listed as co-authors and were e-mailed more details last week.
 We will continue making public updates via CCD Views and the Discussion Group.
We haven't forgotten our friend in the belly of the great bear. BZ UMa has proven to be very difficult beast to tame. Our data is noisy because it was faint and, lets face it, for many of us this was our first attempt at high speed, faint photometry. Careful analysis of the data reveals the orbital period and a 0.033d period that comes and goes in the light curve, but is not consistent (a wavelet plot of this can be seen in the PowerPoint presentation listed in the previous article). Other than that, the light curve is dominated by heavy flickering and the power spectrum dominated by its associated red noise. What we really need is X-Ray observations to determine the spin period. There are a number of opportunities for just that in the coming months and we are pursuing them. We'll keep you updated via CCD Views and the coauthors via e-mail updates.
[Thanks to Arne Henden for much of the advice below.]
A good discussion of short exposure photometry occured on the AAVSO_Photometry Discussion Group in July. It can be read via the archives here:
As previously announced, the AAVSO is in the process of creating a program to detect exoplanet transits. The project will involve the monitoring of many bright stars with known planets but of unknown inclination (thus we're not sure if they transit or not). With all this emphasis on faint objects recently we wanted to summarize the results of this discussion of bright objects.
There are two main problems with high-precision short-exposure photometry (SEP from here on out). First, bright sources tend to get overexposed, especially if any nearby comparison star is fainter than the target. Antiblooming gate (ABG) CCDs typically saturate at about 50% of their full well depth, and many non-ABG chips saturate before the limit of their Analog/Digital Converters (ADCs). Second, the atmosphere itself conspires to degrade the photometry through a phenomenon called scintillation, where the turbulent bubbles of gas act like lenses, increasing or decreasing the amount of flux entering the front of your telescope. The twinkling of naked eye stars is caused by scintillation.
To counteract saturation, first test your CCD camera to find out the limits of its linearity and where full well occurs in the dynamic range of your ADC. Then keep the signal level within the linear range and below the full well. For very bright sources, you may reach a limit where you cannot take a short enough exposure to prevent saturation. Techniques to go even brighter include:
1. Stopping down the aperture of your telescope by using a mask with a cutout hole. You can often place the cutout so that the incoming light avoids the central obstruction and spiders.
2. Using a photometric filter, especially a blue one. The filter decreases the bandwidth and therefore decreases the amount of light reaching the CCD, enabling longer exposures. Using a blue filter further moves the incoming light to a wavelength regime where the CCD is less sensitive, enabling longer exposures.
3. Defocussing. While you don't want images with "donuts", you can often increase the image profile by a factor of two or more, thereby decreasing the central peak intensity.
4. Using a Barlow lens. Increasing the image scale spreads the starlight over more pixels, decreasing the peak intensity.
5. Wait for a night of poor seeing!
6. Often a night with uniform cirrus can be used, since such clouds decrease the incoming flux.
Scintillation can be tricky. It is stronger nearer the horizon where you are looking through more atmosphere. It is also stronger for smaller telescope apertures, where each blob of atmospheric gas is closer to the telescope aperture size (bigger telescopes average many blobs). It is also a function of wavelength (redder is better) and exposure time (longer is better). Tips to avoid scintillation:
1. Use relatively long exposures (10 seconds or longer). Use the techniques listed above to increase exposure time if necessary.
2. Don't work close to the horizon. We usually recommend staying above airmass 2.5 if possible.
3. Take multiple exposures and average to beat down the effects of scintillation.
Here is a formula posted By Radu Corlan (CXR) for estimating scintillation without taking altitude into consideration:
scint = (0.09 * A ^ 1.75) / (D ^ 0.66 * sqrt(2 * t))
Where A is the airmass, D is the aperture in cm and t is the integration time in seconds.
It is taken from a series of papers by Dravins et al. that begin with "Atmospheric Intensity Scintillation of Stars, I. Statistical Distributions and Temporal Properties" 1997, PASP. 109, 173.
There has not been much activity in the past four months. However, SWIFT is scheduled to be launched in early October. Good localizations are expected in mid November with their quality gradually increasing afterward. SWIFT is planning to follow an afterglow for at least 5.5 hours after detection.
SWIFT is expected to detect one GRB about every other day. Of these, we expect one GRB afterglow should be viewable from each observer's location every other week after accounting for daylight, weather and lunar interference. That is a lot of work! Remember, the race will no longer be about identifying and localizing a GRB from SWIFT. It will be about building high quality lightcurves. If each member of the High Energy Network observes one afterglow per month we would quickly build a substantial database of afterglow light curves which could be very popular among the researchers.
It is important to note that amateur observations of GRBs are still needed! In fact, NASA recognizes that and has given the AAVSO a nearly $50,000 grant to continue and expand operations of the High Energy Network in direct support of the SWIFT mission. Amateurs will be needed to build light curves after SWIFT stops monitoring the burst. In addition, the SWIFT monitoring telescope (UVOT) is a near UV-optical hybrid. It has a detector with a response range of 170-650nm. It peaks in the Johnson B band, has a little V sensitivity and no R or Ic coverage. Ground based observations in VRI will still be needed to complement the near-UV observations of SWIFT. In fact, SWIFT is planning to distribute the first UVOT image of the field for use as a finder chart for observers on the ground. The SWIFT team recognizes that they are part of a collaborative effort with ground based astronomers.
More information, including the SWIFT observing policy in Word and PDF format, can be found at this URL:
Below is a listing of the AAVSO International High Energy Network GRB observation reports since the last issue of CCD Views:
GRB040717: Zsolt Kereszty (KZX) imaged the field and did not detect anything down to R=17.95. To date, no optical transient has been reported by anyone else via GCN.
GRB040730: Berto Monard (MLF) imaged the field and did not detect anything down to CR=19.5 . To date, no optical transient has been reported by anyone else via GCN.
GRB040810: Berto Monard (MLF) imaged the center 22x20 arc minutes of the field and did not detect anything down to CR=17.5 under deteriorating weather conditions. To date, no optical transient has been reported by anyone else via GCN.
Chuck Pullen (PCH) has written "Zen Of Iraf: A Spiritual User's Guide to the 'Image Reduction and Analysis Facility' for the Linux Novice." It is a 53-page PDF treatise on achieving enlightment and the quenching of thirst through the use of the photometry package everyone loves to hate. Note, this is a work in progress. It can be downloaded at the following URL:
Thanks to all those who have responded to the recent CCD Views Special Edition's we've been publishing in the last few months. Lots of professional observatories and satellites requested your help.
QS Tel (Chandra - CCD Views #323) MLF - Berto Monard
V4641 Sgr (Chandra and VLA - CCD Views #322) JM - Robert James (excellent time series coincident with the VLA run)
VW Hyi (FUSE - CCD Views #322, #309) MLF - Berto Monard
Tim Crawford (CTX) recently assembled a list of AAVSO charts that have extended photometric information for CCD observers. Most of these charts have the data listed in a chart table in the lower righthand corner of the charts. The listing here includes the star designation, name, type, period, range and the filters for which photometric data is available (UBRI). AAVSO HQ is now maintaining this list on a web page and will update it when a new chart is issued with extended photometric information.
This is a good place to go when looking for new objects to add to your program. Currently we only add CCD tables to charts when there is a specific need for CCD observations of the object.
All charts can be found at
The following totals are for April 1, 2004 (last issue of CCD Views) - August 1, 2004.
REMINDER: CCD Points are *not* an official AAVSO report and carry no weight at HQ. They are provided purely for fun and to start barroom brawls at AAVSO meetings.
Points Obs. Observer
A description of the CCD Points algorithm is available in CCD Views #316.
An archive of "CCD Views is available at
An archive of "Eyepiece Views," a similar newsletter intended for visual observers, is available at
Good observing!
Aaron Price, AAVSO Technical Assistant (PAH)
Gary Walker, Chairman of the AAVSO CCD Committee (WGR)
Copyright 2004, American Association of Variable Star Observers

          Azerbaijani ax killer's pardon raises war fears        
Shortly before dawn, an Azerbaijani on an English course in Hungary crept into the room of a fellow student from arch-enemy Armenia. In a frenzy of ethnic hatred, Ramil Safarov hacked the sleeping Armenian to death with 26 ax blows — nearly decapitating h
          Central Bankers Think Their Job Is Done Fixing the Global Economy. Why Are They Still Letting Greece Suffer?        

In the two developed-world economies that suffered the most during the 2008 financial crisis and the ensuing recession, the central banks are at last declaring victory. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates three times in the past seven months and has telegraphed its intention to start shrinking its massive balance sheet this year. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen remarked in June that another financial crisis was unlikely “in our lifetime.” And the European Central Bank, confronting rising interest rates and a continuing economic expansion, is hinting that it may start to taper its asset purchases and will begin to consider raising interest rates, moves that suggest it thinks the eurozone’s economy can now function just fine with less of its help.

After failing miserably to forecast the severity of the global recession of 2009, central bankers are recovering some of their self-esteem. Looking back on the past decade, they succeeded in averting a total crash, setting the stage for a recovery, and sustaining the type of long expansion that generates jobs and, it is still hoped, income growth. While the economies of Europe and the U.S. are not quite firing on all cylinders, there is now a sense that they are chugging along just fine.

And then there’s Greece. While I was in Athens last week, the oppressive heat—107 at midday—felt like a metaphor for the heavy air of resignation and stagnation that blanketed the city. Garbage was piling up in the streets off Syntagma Square thanks to a strike by sanitation workers. We hastened to tour the Acropolis because we wanted to get there ahead of a strike by security guards that would shut down the site in the cool morning hours.

I know it’s the worst kind of reporting to drop in for a couple of days and make grand statements. (In the Financial Times, Simon Kuper’s latest Greece dispatch pulls it off quite nicely.) But there’s also the data, which speaks to a continuing financial and human crisis on a scale unimaginable in developed countries. Ten years after the onset of the crisis, Greece, which has a population of 11 million—roughly equivalent to that of Ohio—is far worse off than any U.S. state or European country was at their depths. The unemployment rate in April was 21.7 percent. The country has seen its population shrink for six straight years. The country’s total output has shrunk about 25 percent from its 2008 peak. GDP per capita is on par with Hungary and Latvia. And this is eight years into an expansion.

Growth cures a host of social, political, and economic ills, while stagnation exacerbates them. The best way to work your way out from under a massive pile of debt is to have a little inflation and some growth. But Greece, with its monetary fate tied to Europe (and hence to Germany), has had virtually no inflation and no growth whatsoever. If your debt is 100 percent of GDP and you hold it steady while the economy shrinks 25 percent, then your debt rises to 133 percent of GDP. That’s effectively what has happened to Greece, whose debt now stands at an astounding 177 percent of GDP.

Of course, Greece got itself into its debt trouble, and its political system has been generally ineffective at restructuring the country’s economy and reigniting growth. But they’ve lacked the most powerful tool a a struggling country has at its disposal—a central bank that will set accommodative policies.

And the technocrats at the European Central Bank haven’t done the country any favors. Greece continues to labor under the absurd austerity terms set by its creditors. Usually, when you foolishly lend money to entities that can’t pay it back, your lenders accept that they won’t get 100 cents on the dollar and write down a portion of the debt as part of a restructuring. The entities that have come to Greece’s rescue—the troika of the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank—have refused to countenance serious write-downs. (Largely for fear of how doing so would affect the health of the German banks that binged on Greek debt.) And so the country is required to run a primary surplus of 3.5 percent of GDP so that it generate sufficient interest payments to service its debt load. That would be like the U.S. running a $570 billion surplus every year.

Rather than pat themselves on the back for engineering growth and banishing financial crises forever, it would be nice if the world’s most powerful central bankers would acknowledge the continuing financial crisis in their midst. And then they could start arguing for a real resolution of the problem. The ECB (and the Fed) have spent enough resources and extended enough aid to the world’s banking system. It’s time to give Greece a break.

          Who Am I?        
You've seen this disaster of a profile before in Bottomless Pit 2. That post featured the events on the profile. This one has the list of alternate names. Over 6000 of them. Six THOUSAND!
This profile has given me nightmares. What if there's a profile somewhere on all of our trees that, because of a computer glitch, has every name and every event attached to it?
There are also a couple dozen "alternate name" facts with no name on them at all. See the horror after the jump.

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Florence Trapschuk
Joan Bodwell
Grace W Bodwell
Richard W Bodwell
Daniel L Bodwell
Ann E Bodwell
Geo R Pierce
Genevieve A Trapschuh
Ophelia C Kenney
Elmon Lewis
M Mary Mcdonald
B Elisabeth Mcdonald
Opal Macneil
Charles Weanhold
Helen E Bodwell
Kay Mc Neil
Gurney Mc Neil
Mary Mc Neil
Annie Mc Neil
Walter McKensie
Donald McDonald
Donald D Maclellan
Janet Sleat Macdonald
Marion Macleod
Alice A Costello
Walter Samuel Mcneil
Margaret Mcneil
Walter Marsh
Wallace Marsh
Alice E Marsh
Ellen C Marsh
Charles E Marsh
Abba F Marsh
Gracie M Marsh
Mary E MacDonald
Robert John MacEachern
Henry Pierce
Ethel R Costello
Donald A Mcdonald
Ida D Scott
Hiram Pierce
George D Tripp
Ruben Mc Kenzie
Ann E Bodwell
Gladys Perrien MacKenzie
John W Willis
Kalph Mc Kenzie
Julen Mc Kenzie
John Mc Kenzie
Malone Mc Kenzie
John Kane
Maude Kenney
Lucinda Sargeant
Mairon McKinnon
Edward J Costello
Norbert Costello
Dorothy F Sweeney
Francis L Sweeney
Margaret L Sweeney
Edmond McQueen
Sarah McQueen
Margaret McQueen
Flora Macdonald McQueen
Archibald McQueen
Rachael L Bodwell
Richard K Bodwell
Prichelle Marsh
Mary Kenney
William Salter
John Salter
George Austin
Lucy Austin
Lillie W Tripp
Mercie E Tripp
Barbara E Bodwell
Barbra Kenney
Tom Kenney
Lions Mcneil
Elizabeth Crowley
Lydia V Kenney
William Blaine Kenney
George Alvin Kenney
Kenneth MacQueen
Margaret McQueen
Alexander McQueen
Isabelle McQueen
Polly McQueen
Nepsey McQueen
Mary McQueen
Angus Mcqueen
Alexander McQueen
George A Kenney
Jessie Kenney
Emma M Kenney
Ida Trapschuh
Jerard F Cohan
Dennis Francis Cohan
James T Cohan
George R Cohan
rachel McNeil
michael McNeil
Amy Elizabeth Phillips
Rachel L Bodwell
Julia Cohan
Mary J Cohan
Margaret Cohan
James Cohan
Margaret Cohan
Nora Cohan
Arthur R Costello
John Costello
Helen Costello
Gertrude Weinhold
Helen Weinhold
Anna Kenney
Mary Kenney
Mike Kenney
Beth P Kenney
Nellie R Kenney
Gustave Trapschuk
Emma Trapschuk
Margaret F Sweeney
Daniel MacEachern
Alexander MacEachern
Sarah MacEachern
Jessie MacEachern
Jessie MacEachern
Hugh Maceachern
Mary Gillis
Nathan R Bodwell
Rachael L Bodwell
Lucy M Bodwell
Helen E Bodwell
Daniel L Bodwell
Richard K Bodwell
William Mcneil
John Mcneil
Patrick Cohan
Hazel M Kenniston
Albert C Kenniston
Frank E Kenniston
Millard K Austin
Malcolm Mckenzie
Ida Mckenzie
John E McKenzie
Aubrey Mckenzie
Daniel L Bodwell
Ivan Clifford Mckenzie
Rachael L Bodwell
Benjamin Pierce
helen tigges
James Mulvey
Rachel Mcneil
Mary McNeil
John McNeil
annie catherine McNeil
Eliza A Austin
John Austin
Lewis Mc Kenzie
Marie Mc Queen
James Hugh McQueen
Duncan Maceachern
Jessie Allan Macdonald
Carl Grover Trapschuh
Edwin Hudson
Erick Maclean
Donald Maclean
Hugh Maclean
Hugh Mc Isaac
Angus McIssac
Sarah MacInnis
Alexander MacEACHERN
Stephen Maclean
Alexander Maclean
Hugh McIsaac
Flora MacRae
Donald Angus McIsaac
Mary Maclean
Angus Joseph Mc Isaac
Alex Mc Isaac
Mary Kate McIsaac
Sarah McIsaac
Mary McIsaac
Ann McIsaac
Elizabeth Maclean
Elizabeth Ann McNeil
C. Mabel McNeil
Patricia Ann McNeil
Edward Allen McNeil
Mary Matilda McNeil
Margaret Matilda Nash
Clara Mae McNeil
John Warren McNeil
Gordon Francis McNeil
Malcolm Arthur Macneil
Mary B MacNeil
Mabel C McNeil
Hector J McNeil
Christine R McNeil
Agnes Mc Neil
Malcolm Francis Macneil
Maggie A Mcneil
Annie Maud Macneil
John James Macneil
Harry Macneil
Stephen Francis McNeil
Stephen F McNeil
Ann Mcneill
Dora Macneil
Catherine A McNeil
Margaret Connor
Simon La Noue Capet
Catherine Gordon of Huntly
Henry Robinson
Catherine Carter
Isabella Taillefer
Rev Samuel Kendall
Mehetabel Green
Mehetabel Green
Annie McLellan
Patience Reed
Ann Macdougall
Patience Hatch
Maria Barbara Schweitzer
Hazel Heston
Hans Georg Zimpelmann
John Fiske
Hector Roy (Eachuiinn Ruodh) MacLean
Norman Lewis
Richard Leveson
28 MAUD Matilda Primrose
Sarah Adams
Robert Kendall
John Thomas
Lord Robert VI Earl of Carrick De Brus
John DeBruce
Rebekah Reed
Margaret Leach
Jennetta Gordon
Hurnodius Rennes DeBretagne
Alasdair Ruadh (12Th of Glencoe) Macdonald
Robert deRos
Stephen Greenleaf
Eleanor Plantagenet
Charles Macdougall
Mary E Sweeney
Mary E Cohan
Mary E Cohan
Mary Cohan
Mary E Cohan
Isabel Macdonald
John Stewart
Hector Maceachen Macdonald
Elizabeth Thompson
John Fuller
Philinda Streeter
Samuel Haven
Hugh Macdonald
Llewfer"Lleiffer"Mawr"Lucius the Great" Ap COELLYN cousin
Margaret Drummond
Edward Leeds
Sarah Streeter
Abraham Foster
Catherine Lemmon
Jonathon Kendall
Wulgrin Ii C Angouleme Taillefer
Gruffydd Thomas Robin
Mary Tidd
Niall Carrick
Margaret Donavan
Margaret Robinson
William Heywood Head
Isabell Matilda Erskine Queen of Scots MAR
Susannah Blodgett
Elizabeth Fiske
Elizabeth Crichton Countess Huntly
Mary G Brooks
Herman I Andrews
King of France Philippe Iii Capet
Gruffydd Ap Meurig Lloyd
Gille Comgain MacRory Moray
Gillacomgan of Moray
Gillacomgain Earl of Moray MacRory
Gille Comgain MacRory Earl of Moray
Beatrice Adair
Hubert Besat Botelle
Catherine Ann MACISAAC
Catherine MacIsaac
Edward T Dowden
Edward T Dowden
Elizabeth Leith
Joseph Brooks
Hanger Taylifer
Hanger Taylifer (ie: taylor)
Alfred Rounds Tripp
Alexander 4th High Steward of Scotland
Alexander Stewart 4th High Steward of Scotland
Alexander Stewart Thomas High Steward of Scotland
Marjory Fiske
Anne Barnard
Eliza Robinson
James Harold Smith Jr.
Rachel Raymond
Simon Stone
Mary Marcella McKay
Samuel Blodgett
Samuel Blodgett
William deRos
David Stone
Samuel Kendall
Gwen verch Cunedag
Mary Mcneil
Hephzibah Reed
Nathen Mcneil
Elizabeth Reed
Charles F Beck
Elizabeth Richardson
Abram Adair
Charles Leslie Lyons
Samuel Kendall
John Leach
Rebecca Coffin
Ingram DeGunn 5th Chief of the Gunn
William Reed
Jenny Burd
Susanna Haven
Elizabeth Woodstock
Hugh MacEachern
Dennis J Crowley
Mary Scoirribheil McNeil
Mary Gillis
Hannah Reed
Catherine Isabella Chisholm
Sir James Bruce
Annie MacDonald
Elizabeth Kendall
John Robinson
Richard Leveson
Peter Coffin
Horace Paul Williams
Paul Horace Williams
Elene Sinclair
Dorcas Spofford
Ethel D Kendall
Donald Macdougall
Thomas de Ros Sir Kendal
Thomas de Ros Sir of Kendal
Mary Roos
Alice DeRos
Thomas DeRos
Neil Campbell
Jacob Kendall
Mary Kendall
Allan nan Sop Gigha Tarbert Mclean
Anne (Of Appin) Stewart
John William Power
John R MacKenzie
Sarah D Cameron
Nancy Davis
William Nichols
Adam Gordon
Lucy Brooks
Margaret Halliday
John (Angus) MacNeil
John"The Post" Macfarlane
John Taylor
Rebecka Kenney
Alexander Duncan Macdonell
Betty Stiles
Bethoc MacFergus Countess Moray
Bethoc De Scotland
Bethoc MacFergus
Margaret Mc Donald
Jonathan Bradstreet
Joseph Stevens
Philip Hatch
James Th Dunnyveg The Macdonald
Margaret E Macdonald
Dan A Mceachern
Joanna Stevens
Sadie J Cohan
Margareat K Schmitt
Agnes S MacEachern
John Bruce
Mehitable Smith
Margaret Princess of Scotland Dauphine of France Heiress of Scotland Stewart
Samuel Edward Robinson
Cecilia Baynham
Harold C Kendall
John Flint
Johann Leonhardt Haller
Ponce Demontgomery
Ponce Sire
Philipp Jacob Schenckel
Angus Innis McDougall
Dorothea Vernetta Haller
Lemuel Rea
George Gordon
Thomas Kane
Ann Lockhart
Reginald FOSTER II
Reginald FOSTER
Hester Streeter
Mercy Streeter
Thomas Kendall
Lord Peter of Hamlake DeRos
Peter De Ros
Anna C Smith
Eleanore Jean Haller
Lydia Ballard
Francis Wyman
Elizabeth Jennison
Anna Anne Stone
Mrs Christopher Codman
Christina DeBruce
Charles W Stayman
Judith Greenleaf
John Goodwin
Lucy Mckenzie
Hannah Coffin
Benjamin Taylor
King Arthur Dalriada of the Roundtable
Arthur Aurelius Aruthur Camelot Pendragon
Ellen Chisholm
Hugh Maclean
Allan Maceachern
Robert Burnap
Catherine MacKinnon
Elizabeth (Bessie) Maceachern
James Crichton
Mary Dixey
John Burnap
James I"Lord of Lorn""The Black Knight"King of Scotland Stewart
Lady Margaret (Duncan) of Lamberton De Lindsay
Emily Saunders
Eller L Williams
Herbert II 2nd Lord of Blaen Llyfni FitzHerbert *
Elizabeth Thompson
Agnes Smith
Margaret DeMar
Isobel Gordon
Mary MacDonald
Mary Fiske
William Lebrune Devalence Lord Valence Montignac
Elizabeth Kendall
Sir Gillespie Archibald Campbell
Sir Gillespic Archibald Campbell
Gillesperic Archibald Campbell
Elizbath Botelle
Alexander Kenneth MacKinnon
Thomas Bartlett
Elizabeth"Usell" George
Helen McKenzie
Sarah Stevens
John Bachymbyd Salisbury
Marshall Alling
Roxana Washburn Tyler
Fonia Moray
Fonia Of Moray
Frederick Steinmetz
Rebecca Reed
Sitric or Sigtrygg Sigtrygsson King of York"Squinty" Caoch
Duncan Allan McNeil
Ann Witt
Havoise Bretagne
John Macdonald ^
Laughin'Donald Big Marsh' Gillis
Jallus R Perreault
Lydia Stone
John Alonzo Dickerman
Francis Kendall
Sir William Harper
Godfred I Haroldsson
arcilla De Courson
John Macdonald
Chas. B Lyons
Leslie James Lyons
Gruffudd"y Glyn"ap Dafydd
Samuel Nichols
Daniel MacDonald
Mary Coffin
Johann Adam Haller
Edmund Greenleaf
Persis Kendall
Dorothy H Kendall
Elizabeth FULLER
James Douglass
angus macisaac
Robert Crichton
Angus Macdonald
Elizabeth Lizzie MacKenzie
Alida Williams V
Alida Williams V
Alida Hull
David Thompson "The First Yankee"
Juliette Williams
Helen Kane
Richard Jundon
Almodis Taillefer
Mary Miles
Elizabeth Largie Kintyre MacDonald
Joseph Kendall
Conn O Neill
Guillaume Taillefer
Constance Ireland
Robert Fuller
Adelaide Tiefenbach
Burnett Dobson
Donald Hugh Maceachern
Joanna Osgood
William Douglas
Catherine Green
Karl Merlin Severin
Carl Merlin Severin
Karl Merlin Severin
Karl Merlin Severin
Euphemia De Balliol
Thomas Dobson
Jedediah Haven
Maria Eva Bernhard
Solomon Kendall
Constantia Coffin
Isabel DAubigny
Samuel Leach
Elizabeth Shinkle
Margaret Graham Buchanan
Arthur Herbert Woodstock
Arthur Woodstock
Arthur H Woodstock
John McLean
Joseph Kendall
William Liebruh
Isabella Plantagenet
Llewellyn (Spouse 1) Ap Howel Ddu
Gilbert Earl of Angus deComyn
Benjamin Reed
Maj Benjamin Reed
Maj. Benjamin Reed
Joanna de Rushall
Mary Ann Bishop
Edmund Johnson
Albert E Gard
Eva Margaretha Faessy
Alexandra II Maccabee
Nancy Kendall
John Master Isles MacDonald
Donald Maceachern
William Angouleme
Maria Barbara Schenckel
Elizabeth Coffin
Mary Ann Gillis
Phillip Schmidt
Deliverance Stevens
Nathaniel Adams
Samuel IV Gatchell
John Kendall
Allan MacDonald (Clanranald) [Donald Ruadh 1787]
Harald of Islay
Gwlandys av SILURIA cousin
Daniel A Dimond
Christian Gordon
DENNIS Getchell
Janet Prestone
Martha Jo Haller
Rebecca Alling
Alexander Macdonald
Malcolm MacDUIBHN
William De Meschines
William DeMeschines
Ann Leech
Stephen Greenleaf
Howard E Camp
Daniel Walter Power
Joseph Fairbanks Kendall
John Peabody
Joseph Fay
Anna Barbara Bernhard
Wendell Maceachern
Beatrice Debruce
Margaret Maceachern
Samuel Stone
Mildred Cooke
Laurence Wallace Haller
Lawrence Wallace Haller
Lawrence W Haller
Naughton MacGillivail
Donald Maceachern
Anne MacDonald
Maurice H Smith
Philip Hatch
Mary Preston
Jean Erskine
Anne McDonald
Bevrona McTeiga
Ezekiel Waters
Johann Konrad Haller
Hephzibah Brooks
Elizabeth Kendall
Christiana deBruce
Sarah Streeter
John MacDonald
John Macdonald
John Donald MacDonald
Robert Ulf Brus Brusi
Arlogia of Orkney
Joan DeRos
Hildegarde Archaic
Elizabeth M Power
Isabel Scotland
John Kendall
Frances Miles KENDALL
John MacEachern
Lucille M Coughlin
Isabella Taillefer
Anna of Britain
Benjamin Thompson
Nathaniel Wyman
Adam M Hatley
Alma Wolgamott
Margaret Moubray
Angus Griminish MacDonald
Marion McKinnon
Jessie Allan Macdonald
Jessie Allan Macdonald
Janet Seton
Jonas Reed
Elisabetha Berg
Joseph Cohan
Robert 2nd Lord of Warkworth Sheriff of Northumberland FitzRoger
Capt John Peabody
James H Sweeney
Jessie MacEachern
Margaret Chesney
Mary Ann MacKenzie
Mary A Mckenzie
Louis Capet
Catherine Carter
Angus Macdonald
Marin Boudreau
Mary Fiske
Edward Joseph Farrell
Nathaniel Haven
Elizabeth Baroness Countess of Huntley Gordon
Winifred Power
Woulgrin Of Agen
Alex A MacDonald
Nathan Stevens
Samuel Leach
Samuel Flint Leach
Elizabeth Sims
Robert deRos
Richard Hubbard
Hugh Mcdonald
Hector Duncan Macisaac
Catherine MacNeil
Dubhgall Dugall Argyll MacSomerled
Isabell McDougall
Timothy Taylor
Ruth Kendall
Hubert Besat Botelle Jr
Rebecca Streeter
Sir David III Laird of Crawford Lindsay
Dougal MacDonald
Sally Kendall
Lillian E Wilbur
Robert Debraine Dreux
Maggie B Mckinnon
Christina Ann MacNeil
Christina Ann McNeil
Christie Mc Kenzie
Christy McNeil
Christie Mc Kenzie
Thomas Smith
Lydia Elvira Pierce
Joseph H Perreault
Ann Reid
Dorcas Stone
Thomas Fuller
Jeffrey Fiske
Jeffrey FISKE
Abigail Raymond
Mercy Dickinson
Robert de Bruce II
Robert De Brus
Hermann E GAUDES
Hermann Gaudes
Ernest H Goudes
Hermann Gaudes
Mary Kendall
Christina Macdonald
Angus Mckinnon
Timothy X Kendall
Lydia Mckinnon
Gunni Andresson
Gwenllian ferch Rhys
Thomas Raymond
Benjamin Butterfield
Anna Barbara Haller
Theobald Valoines
Dougald Cooper MacEachern
Beatrix FitzPiers
John 3rd Lord of Warkworth&Sheriff of Northumberland FitzRobert
Ann MacKinnon
Herbert FitzPiers
Lucy de Gloucester *
Margaret Tyndale
Abby M Kenney
Angus MacEachern
Samuel Jones
Eva O'Duibhne
Eva Na MacDuibhn
Elizabeth S Kendall
John Bonaventure MacEachern
Alexander Bruce
Doris A Kendall
Dorris A Kendall
doris a kendall
Rognvald Ranald Isles Somarledasson
Reginald Lord Of The Isles
Hector McLean
Robert Michael Haller
Alvia DeBraose
Alice DeBraose
Lulach McGillacomgan
James II"The Fiery Face"Earl of Buchan 38th King of Scotland Stewart
Sarah Waite
Bethia Rea
Mary A Gannon
Oscar A Anderson
Oscar Alexander Anderson
Oscar Alexander Anderson
Lord Everard DeRos
Everard De Ros
William Fuller
Mary Whitlock
Lucy DeRos
Isaac Gard
Abraham Taylor
Bridget E Gannon
Justina Elisabetha Haller
Catherine'donnachadh Ban' Gillis
Catherine'Donnachadh Ban' Gillis
Berthold Duke Andechs Meran
Israel Peirce
Robert Streeter
Joshua Rea
Donal King of Formaiel O Cathain
Ruth Eggleston
Ruth Eggleton
Samuel Alling
Rory MacDonald
Mary A Gannon
Alexandria Sturdivant
Alexandr Sturdivant
Frederick Douglas Adair
Fred D Adair
Fredrick D Adair
Frederick D Adair
William de Ros
Dhomhuill MacRanald
Sybil Gould
Nachtan MacGilmory
Abigal Nichols
Minnie Gertrude Kaufman
John Doherty
James Robert Haller
Living haller
James R Haller
Alice A Kendall
Grove A Streeter
Mary Kane
Rebecca Rea
Richard Beekman
Elizabeth E Williams
Amyes Colle
Agnes Curteis
Major John McDonald
Mary Barker Fisher
Donald Tynish Mc Neill
Donald Tynish McNeill
Eustachie De Courtenay
Joanna Thorne
William De Ros
Albreda Biset
Walter 6th High Steward of Scotland Stewart
Sarah Stone
Sarah Peasley
Sarah Peaslee
Dorothy Robinson
Joshua Nichols
Elizabeth Allsop
Charlotte"Lottie" Kenney
Priscilla Ann Haller
Alexander'alasdair Ban' Gillis
Alexander'Alasdair Ban' Gillis
Alasdair MacNeil
Caiden Tavish McEachern
Jeanne DeBourbon
Jon Kenneth Haller
Elizabeth Largie Kintyre MacDonald
Moses Lockhart
John Giffard
Catherine Macdougall
Abigail Williams
Bernice Dimond
Duibhn Fuilt Derg
John Kendall
Elizabeth Schmidt
Elwood W Haller
Christy Mckinnon
Mary Mckinnon
Mathilde Taillefer
Frances Thwaites
Elizabeth Fiske
Francis"Frank"John Power
Abigail Kendall
Donald MacEachern
Johann Christian Schenckel
Samuel Green
Geoffrey Leveson
Donald Mackenzie
Mary Polly Straw
Mary MacDonald
Allan V Macdonald
Mary Elizibeth Power
Elizebeth Power
Edmund Gale
Samuel Stone
John Hubbard
Domhnull Donald"OG" MacNeil
Elizabeth de Ros Colville Latimer heiress Kendal Castle
Johana Grigo
Hannah Kendall
Richard Haven
Robert Smith
Anna Maria Zimpelmann
Matilda Carter
Marjorie MacEachern
Sarah Barnard
Mary Taylor
Mary Taylor
Mary Tiefenbach
Anna Maria Steinmetz
William Taylor
Luther H Chamberlin
Sir DONALD GUNN CLYTH 6th Chief of The Gunn
Ellen Hagerty
Rita Dimond
William Pabodie
Joseph Streeter
Margaret Barrand
Grace Butterfield twin
Eliza A Williams
John Brooks
Margaret Howie
Daniel Power
Egidia Hay
Lady Agnes Isles MacDonald Baroness Montgomery
Benjamin Wyman
Timothy Ross
Foulques Taillefer
Samuel Reed Kendall
Julius Williams
John Mceacheran
Elizabeth MacNeil
Mary Fiske
Hannah Jennings
Elizabeth Gunn
John McNabb
Andrew Erastus Kenney
James Michael Power
Taylor Jean McEachern
Pierre Peter De Courtenay Capet
Laura Vollmiller
George H Murray
John Clark Woodstock
Catrin Conwy
John Rice
Walter Stanhope
Rebecca Kendall
Alexander MacDonald
Robert Peasley
Adelmodis Dangouleme
Thomas Getchell
Countess Alix Alice Angouleme Decourtenay
ALIX"ALICE"Joigny&Countess of Angouleme De Courtenay
Abigail Kendall
Roger De Pitres
Mary J Chisholm
William Boynton
Olive Williams
Peter Coffin
Erhardt Struntz
Jane Peaslee
Johann Michael Faessy
Rory King of Formaiel O'Cathan Ochaan O'Cathan
Rory King of Formaiel O Cathain
George Kendall Haller
Carl Chisholm
Howard Royal Roy Camp
Elizabeth Peasley
Sarah Streeter
Dermod OCahan
Edmund A Power
Lord Symond Brosyard Fiske
Katherine Hanson
Peter Ii Emperor of Constantinople De Courtenay Capet
Jeffrey Fiske
Mary Raymond
Vulgrin Angouleme
Maud deValoines
Robert deValoines
Ragnar Sigurdsson
Enoch Streeter
David Stevens
William Power
Samuel Kendall
Nathaniel Butterfield
Colin C Chisholm
Don Anna'the Prophetess'Ferch Mathonwy (Saint)
Margaret Fiske
Rebecca Reed
John Leveson
Thomas Keaveney
Dorothy Marian Walker
Flora Macdonald
Ranulf of Moray
Ranulf Moray
Beatrice de Falaise- Vagena
Mary A Brown
Mary A Brown Kendall
Donald McDonald
Andrew Stewart
Isobell Stewart
Robert Taylor
Maria Barbara Bernhard
Abigail Reed
MARJORY Charteries
Annes Barnardwife
Alice Decourtenay
Sarah Greenleaf
Mary A Gannon
Roy Merriman Woodstock
Joseph Stevens
Robert Stewart
Michal D Power
Samuel Gale
Guillaume Taillefer
Adam McDonald
Lillian Lillie Louise Prentice
May Amilia Alma Prentice
Aaron Archibald Prentice
Roy Edward Prentice
Alexander Garfield Prentice
Thomas Flint
Thomas Flint II
William Flint
Mary Catherine MacDonald
Joan de Ros
Charles Herbert Woodstock
Charles H
Charles H Woodstock
Charles H Woodstock
Clement de Wolverhampton FitzClement
Selyfan Salomon Salmon King of BRITAIN I
Selyfan or Salomon or Salmon I King of Brittany
Agnès Derochlitz
George Gard
Hugh Fitzhugh
Judith Stevens
Sir Malcolm 9th Thane of Lennox Drummond
Peter Gard
Duncan MacEachern
Caleb Kendall
Margery Wadam
Timothy Alling
James MacRory Lord Bute
William Gruffudd
Helewise DEValensis
Edmund Gale
Mary Cohane
Martha Boynton
Mary Kendall
Petronelle Deriche
Anne Hatch
Isaac Taylor
John Stanhope
Millicent Ros
Robert I King of Scotland BRUCE
Janet Seton
Alexander Stewart
John Tyndale
Laurance Provost
Dennis Cohane
Nathaniel Barnard
Andrew Ii of Hungary
Catherine Carter
Janet Isabel Roslin de StClair Sinclair
Johann Georg Haller
Helen Campbell
Rufine Power
Tyler Ball
Henry Flynte
Richard Fiske
Chloe Ball
Ola Power
William Adams
Delores Maceachern
Thomas Barnard
Helen Elvira Woodstock
Helen Woodstock
William Taylor
Mary MacNeil
John Robinson
Duncan Mceacheran
Alduin Angouleme
AnnaDane Agnes
Isabel Rogerson
William Patrick Power
Margaret Greenleaf
Thaddeus Reed
Albert A Sargent
Sarah Wheeler
Donald Angus MacEachern
Moses Adair
Tabitha Kendall
Living Kendall
Harmon N Williams
Stephen Streeter
Nancy J Kendall
Nathaniel Fiske
Margaret Greenleaf
Sarah Gale
Edward Lewis
anne cullen
Mary Green
william mure
Joan Plantagenet
Mary Adams
Abigail Reed
Deborah Streeter
Hughena Theresa McEachern
Maria Eva Zimpelmann
Llywelyn ap Tudur
Sir William DeRoss (Knights Templar& 5th Baron Hamlake ) I
James Smith
Richard Coffin
Nathaniel I Richardson
Abraham Gale
James Stewart
James Waters
Johann Heinirch Bernhard
Charles Brown
Martha Haven
Mary Bower
Judith Wyman
Simon Fiske
Betsey Haven
Martha Allen
Mary A Easton
Domhnull Ban MacNeil
Maud (Matilda)
Louis Viii"The Lion"King of France Capet
Isabel De Avenal
William I"Lion"MacCrinan de Dunkeld King of Scotland
Emma Vollmiller
James Macdougall 1807
Leslie Haller
Elizabeth Dutton
Esther Richardson
Ann Robinson
Donald McNeil
Catherine MacDonald
George C Beck
Willie S Kendall
Benjamin Reed
Elizabeth Wellsford Metherall
Helen DeL Isle
Ralph Kendall
Bethiah Rea
Eupheme Fitzalan
James Paterson
Agnes OCahan
Agnes1280 MacDonald
George Ira Wallace McEachern
Catherine Ann Macdonald
margaret macdonald
Michael Joseph Jabalee
Sara Gillis
Edwin Strunz
James Joseph MacDonald
Joseph Alling
Mary Jones
Robert Russell Haller
Edward"the Elder"King of the Anglo-Saxons se Leldra
Robert Erskine
Margaret Macdonell
Flora McEachern
Alexander Mckinnon
Joseph Getchell
Alice Kenney
Mary MacDougall
Mary Macneil
James Travers
Lydia Stone
Henry Sacherell
Charles Henry Haller Jr.
Charles H Haller Jr
Mary Sarah MacDonald
May Ann Mc Donald
Rory'John Big Rory' MacDonald
Janet McNabb
Joseph L MacDonald
Sarah Jane Lewis
Samuel Reed
Janet Gordon
Martha Haven
Richard Leveson
Mary Williams
Tristram Coffin
Samuel Kendall
Elizabeth Gordon
Christian Lady Gordon
Marguerite De Turrenne
Mary Christina Maceachern
Jonathan Richardson
Susan Kendall
Celestine Tarbell
Celestine T Kendall
Mary Raymond
Samuel Smith
Rose Ann O'Neill
Susan Rowland
Moses Haven
Marmaduke De Plumpton
Sir William DePlumpton
Agatha Agnes deClare
Anne de Ros
John H Mckinnon
Archibald Malcolm McNabb
Margaret Allien McNabb
Margaret Mary Prentice
John McNabb
Ingreda Brusisdatter
margaret macisaac
Timothy Taylor
Herbert Kenney
Henderson King
Barbara King
Regenwald Walfson
King Charles I of Sicily Naples And Anjou Capet
Sybil Braose
Bertha Kendal
Charlotte Merry
William Woodstock
Beatrix of Angus
Eustacia de Plumpton
James Douglas
Robert Fuller
Mary Maceachern
Duncan MacEachern
Duncan Maceachern
Ebenezer Thompson
Helen L Smith
John Ian Mortanistier Lord Macdonald
Hattie L Kendall
Hattie Kendall
Mary Catherine McNeil
Nicholas De Meynell
Jacob F Schmitt
Sarah Fuller
John Osgood
Alfred Power
Elizabeth Stone
Mary Tidd
Archy MacDonald
Jonet Salusbury
Vera Barbara Haller
Abigail Kendall Reed
Mary MacNeil
Elizabeth Mason
Elizabeth Nason
Elizabeth Nason
Rebecca Rea
Alice LeMeschin
Conan Brittany
Henry Schenckel
Mary Alice Jean McNabb
David Fiske
Christian DeLindsay Lady Seton
Lottie Alva Kendall
Lottie A Kendall
Helen Calvert
Elizabeth Alling
Marguerite Countess of Provence
William V Earl of Belvoir D'AUBIGNY
Ann Grady
Maria Ursula Zimpelmann
Maria Barbara Zimpelmann
Catherine Mckinnon
Bella Mckinnon
William MacDonald
Catherine Mckinnon
Majorie Countess Carrick
Obadiah Kendall
Violet Prentice
Margaret McNabb
Ruairidh MacNeil
Dorothy V Fay
Margred ferch Thomas
William Dixey
William (Capt) Dixey
Thomas King Barnard
Isabel Brittiane Harper
Isabel Harper
Isabel Harper
David Wolgamott
Morgan Gould Chamberlin
Richard Cooke
Daniel Rea
Reginald FitzPiers
Reynold FitzPiers
Thomas Pius Gannon
Elizabeth Jerusha Stevens
Olive Brown
Esther Alling
Benjamin Butterfield
Agnes Fiske
Sarah Power
Mary Florence Merriman
Edward Savage
Sarah Thomas
Eve or Isabel Lady Abergavenny Marshal Countess Gloucester and Hertford
Joan Scotland Stewart
Peggy Macfarlane
Lucy Ros
Mary Taylor
Virginia L Kendal
John Flint
Jonas Eaton
Gabriel MacNeil
Aethelhelm De Wiltshire
Charles McDonald
Mary Higlan Or Higlaw
Edward Streeter
Marion F Kendall
Samuel Getchell
Agnes Fiske
Annie MacEachern
Huw Conwy
Mary Belle Maceachern
Ann Campbell
Charles Woodstock
Simon Fiske
Anice Peabody
Isabelle Queen of France Dehainault
Sarah MacNeil
Anne Savage
Constance Salusbury
Daniel Rea
Mabel Alling
Nathaniel Taylor
Simon Thompson
Corlieu Devitapoi Debenauges
Samuel Bradstreet
Roger Deireland
Robert Woodde
George Alexander Scotney Robinson
Olaf I Bitling Man Isles
JOHN Sir Dunglass StClair SINCLAIR
Moses Smith
John Kendall
Ann MacPherson
Elizabeth Taylor
Mary Catherine Macdonald
James Gatchell
Richard Neville
Maude Lillian Frances Hinks
Margery SMITH
Sarah Greenleaf
Sister of Adrian King of Scots
Stella M MacEachern
John Sir of Kendal Castle De Ros
Carrie M Adair
Dorothy Dervail Crauchan
Ella Kendall
Henry Holton Kendall
Henry H Kendall
William Patrick Power
Mildred Norma Woodstock
Rosemary McDonnell
Comfort Streeter
Angus McLean
Ragnfred Eiriksson
Thomas Maceachern
George A Wolgamott
George A Wolgamott
Stephen Coffin
David George King
Eliza King
John William Lewis
Ellen MacNeil
William King
Jessie Emma King
Artemas Kenney
Ellenor Botelle
Malcolm II DeRos
Leonard T Fay
William Reed
Capt. William Reed
William Reed
Ernestine A Schmitt
Dorothy Stayman
Peter Burd Gard
Jean Gallaher Paton
William IV Lord Belvoir Magna Charta Surety D'AUBIGNY
Aaron Thomas Kendall
William Peabody
Elizabeth Skypping
Susanna Haven
Sir Adam"Lord of Rowallen" Mure
Lord Adam of Rowallan Mure
Adam"Lord of Rowallan" Mure
Sir Adam Rowallan Mure
Ealasaid Elizabeth Macneil
Agnes Ros
Lenora Kendall
Maria De Strathearn
Ann Miller
Mary A Gannon
Archibald McNabb
Henry Iii Plantagent
Alexander Francis Chisholm
Henri Pierre Dreux
Elizabeth Stevens
Mary A Gannon
Roger Demontgomery Earl Shrewsbury III
Richard Braose
Geoffrey Fiske
Maria Barbara Haller
Isabel Graham
Benjamin Brooks
Abigail Wyman
Richard Hubbard
Robert Leach
James MacDonald
James Kendall
Christian B Shinkle
Cassie (Catherine) Maceachern
Henry Gordon
Hatty L Kendall
Hattie L Sargent
Adelaide DeVermandois Meaux
Isabelle Huntingdon
Agnes Taylor
Lady Helen Hamilton
Lucius S Kendall
Lucius S Kendall
Lucius S Kendall
Susan Tidd
Eliza Ann Kendall
Violette Fenn
(wife) Havens
Catherine G Mac Donald
John Roderick MacDonald
William Hooker
Aymer De Lusignan
John Taylor
Sarah MacKenzie
Sybell Valoines
Christine Bilmore
Iain Sprangach MacDonald
Walter Graham
Georg Jacob Haller
Maggie Mceachern
Thomas J Mulcahy
Frances Miles
Margaret Clerkson
Hector Odhar Thomas Duart Thomas Maclean
Sarah Reed
Christyann McDonell
Edwin Francis Haller, Jr. Jr.
John E Mcnabb
Eurgen Verch Llewfer
Ebenezer Tidd
Joan Fyske
Joan Fyske
Sarah Taylor
Alan(7th earl of mentith) Stewart
Alicia Catherine Adare
Lydia Peabody
Nicholas Fiske
Elizabeth Ross
Petronille De Archaic
Petronille Heiress Bonteville Archiac
Susanna Newhall
Ranald Macdonald
Samuel Wolgamott
Maria Barbara Lautenschlaegar
Iris L Haller
Iries L Haller
Joseph Barnard
Beatrix Stewart
Thomas Eaton
Frank Kenney
Anne Macdonell
Francis Calvert
MosesMehitable Haven
William A McDougall
Thomas Dean of Dunkeld Stewart
Dionne Mayeur
Dione Haller
Thomas Adams
King of Scots
Susan Tidd
Isaac Foster
Mabel Brooks
Mrs. John Leveson
Ragnhailt Olafsdatter Man
Daniel Taylor
Isaac Kendall
Katherine Carmichael
Sitric Halfdansson
Demaris Peabody
Elizabeth Barnard
Ebenezer Green
Mael Coluim mac Mail Brigti
Richard Leech
Philip Jacob Shinkle
Sir David II Edmondstone
Hannah Kendall
Joseph William MacEachern
Francis Clark Woodstock
Betsey Kendall
John Daniel Maceachern
Isaac Kendall
Jonathan Reed
Rev. Angus Gillis
Mary J Carr
Piers DeRos
William Crowley
Robert De Brus
Robert DE BRUS
Robert Of Normandy Brus
Thomas Crowley
Robert Macinnis
Jessie Isabell Chisholm
Lleuki Verch Cynwric Sais
Catherine"Caty" Chisholm
Alice Stanyerne
Ruth Elaine Haller
Nicholas De Graham
Ralph L Smith
Walter Stewart
Mary Gibson
Sir Lachlan Mor Duart Mclean
Sir Lachlan Mor MacLean of duart 14th Clan chief
Lachlan Maclean
Lachlan BIG Maclean
Muriel Douglas
Abigail Adams
Susanna PIERCE
Annie Flora MacKinnon
Rebecca Bartlet
Carroll Merrill
Robert II King of Scotland Stewart
Janet Cohane
Ferdinand Robert Fay
Iain"John" Mackenzie
Iain john MacKenzie
Iain john MacKenzie
Isabel Avenal
Ermengarde DeBeaumont
Mary Locke
Nesta Gwent
Eustace Maceachern
Susanna Getchell
Constance S Flannigan
Joseph Butterfield
Charles Haller
Anne Fitzwilliam
Thelma Schoenbackler
Daniel W Kendall
Ann Taylor
Dwight Samuel Williams
Dwight S Williams
Angus R MacEachern
Margaret DeMontgomerie
John Wooden
Abigail Baker
Christina Johnson
Hans Georg Bernhard
Ursula Verch Dynod
Simon Hubbard
William LOCKE
Hector A Mackenzie
Otto I Meran
John Macdonald
John Dubh Macdonald
John Dubh Macdonald
Catherine McDonald
Laura E W Kendall
Laura E Rendall
Florence (Flora) Macneil
Ewen Maceachern
Annie M MacEachern
Benjamin Robinson
Cordelia Lovina Kenney
Cordelia Woodstock
Cordelia Woodstock
Cordelia L Woodstock
Alfred the Great King of England ap Aethelwulf
John Robinson
John Robinson
Ann Robinson
Catherine Macdonald
Ann Thomas Collinge
William Thomas Gard
Winifred Lucille Power
Marjory Bissett
Agnes Willmote
Mary of Islay and the Glens Macdonald
Mary Islay of The Glens MacDonald
Mary of Islay Macdonald
Joseph Getchell
John Getchell Capt
Clarence Wolgamott
Dennis Maceachern
Albert Harold Kendall
Albert H Kendall
Piers Menteith Stewart
Leonard Fay
Edith Hughes
Dernell Dunkeld
James MacDonald
Tom Grant
Daniel A Dimond
Ruth A Ryder
Ruth A Ryder
Euphemia Marilla"(malcolm) Maceachern
Jeremiah Crowley
David Robinson
David Taylor Robinson
Ambrose Leach
mary macisaac
Oda R Dowden
Ouda Robinson
Peter Smith-Gimblett Greenwood
Thomas Lockhart
Isabella DePlumpton
Alex R Maceachern
Hepzibah Nason
Robert Murray Kendall
Maria Catharina Faessy
Elizabeth Bond
Mrs Bond
Findoig Finval MacGilmory
Lady Findoig Finval MacGilmory
Alice Fuller
Duncan McKenzie
Sarah Thompson
John Salusbury
Nathaniel KENDALL
Alexander Macdonald
Caroline M Fay
RobertEarl of Menteith Atholl Bucha - Duke of Albany Stewart
Robert 1st Duke of Albany Earl of Fife Manteith and Albany Regent of Scotland Stewart
Olaf I Man Rognaldson
Thomas Kendall
Isabella Stewart of Scotland
Hannah Stiles
Isabel Bruce
Patrick Macfarlane
Tristram Coffin
Gov Tristram Coffin
Ygerna Igraine Verch Duchess Cornwall Amlawdd
Alasdair Macdonald
Alasdair Og MacIain (Glencoe) MacDonald
Alasdair Og MacIain (Glencoe) MacDonald
Alasdair Og MacIain (Glencoe) MacDonald
Walter 1st High Steward Scotland FitzAlan
Ralph Rush Kendall
Adam De Brus
Ursula Adams
Sarah Dunkhorn
Ailean Allan Na Sop Maclean
Elianor Robinson
Elizabeth KENDALL
Elizabeth KENDALL
Jane A Kendall
Gille Stewart
James Pierce
Joan Hill
Mary MacEachern
Sarah Stone
Earl Stevens
Unknown McEachern
Elizabeth Stewart
John Rea
Dennis Murray
Mary Reed
Angus Og of Balivanich; 1st of Milton MacDonald
Angus Og of South Uist MacDonald
Angus Og Balivanich stof MacDonald
William 2 Lindsay
Mary Foster
Mary Peabody
Alice DeRumilly
Alice De Rumilly
Finlay MacGillivrail
Frances Fannie G T Freidel
Frances Fredic
Agnes Bryant
Angus MacDonald
Ellen Taylor
Frances Abbott
Margeret M Dimond
Jeffery Fiske
Richard Kendall
Mary E Sweeney
Isabel of England
James William Fitzgerald
Samuel Alling
Elizabeth Reed
John Robinson
Anthony Cooke
Gwenhwyfryd LLEWYS
Joshua Smith
Christena"Tena" MacInnis
Sara Mor Coinneach Macleod
Sara"Mor Coinneach" MacLeod
Sarah'Mor Coinneach' MacLeod
Sara"Mor Coinneach" MacLeod
Sara Mor Coinneach MacLeod
Sara"Mor Coinneach" MacLeod
Sarah Alling
Sarah Ann Fuller
Hanah Davis
Ragnhild Haraldsdottir
Jonathon Ross
Guillaume Taillefer
Diane Jensen
Elizabeth E Williams Botelle
Elizabeth E Williams
Jesse Kendall
Erddylad ferch Llywelyn
Agatha Agnes De Lusignan
Ephraim Captain Flint
Isabelle"Elizabeth"Countess of Angouleme&Princess of France
Nathaniel Peabody
John (Captain) Brooks
John Brooks
Malcolm James McNeil
Caitriona MacNeil
Caleb Kendall
Catherine Macdonald
Elizabeth Burwell
Anna Flint
Hubbard Stevens
Robert"Le Meschin"2nd Lord Annandale deBruce
Robert Brus"Le Meschin"Baron De Bruce
Robert Brus"Le Meschin"Baron De Bruce
Rufus Streeter
George Coughlin
John Robinson
Susannah Jarvis
Wulgrim Ii 13Th Count of Angouleme De Valance De Taillefer Or De Taileferor
Wulgrim Count VonAngouleme
Wulgrin II Angouleme DeTaillefer
Sarah M Curran
Margaret GIFFARD
Florence MacEachern
Florence McEachren
Florence Power
Florence Power
Florence Power
Josiah Kendall
Robert"1st Lord Brus" De Bruce
Robert De Brus 6th Lord Annandale
Robert 6th Lord Annandale DeBruce
John Stanhope
Elizabeth Taylor
Mary McKenzie
Daniel William Kendall
Alexander Maceachern
Grace Calvert
Brian Boru
Johann Valentin Zimpelmann
Hans Valentin Zimpelmann
Hans Valentin Zimpelmann
William Henry Murray
Thomas Leveson
Geoffrey MacDonald
Anna (Hannah) Butterfield
Michael Mcneil
Margaret Countess Somerset Holland
Jonathan Streeter
Joseph Peasley
Jenney Y Lyons
John McDonald
Samuel Reed Kendall
Samuel Kendall
Alexander Gordon
Octavia Kendall
John Lockhart
Mary Coughlin
Robert (Sir) De Bruce
James Collier
Jean Tristan Of France Capet
Margaret Giffard
Audna Kjarvalssdatter
John Macneil
Isabella or Isabelle De Courtenay Capet
Hannah Taylor
Rebecca Mixer
Peter J Kane
Elizabeth Wroth
Ada S Kerney
Richard Jones
Elizabeth Coffin
Alexander Mackenzie
Jonet Verch Griffith
Anna Kibbe
Marguerite De Turenne
Anne MacKenzie
Charles Covit Tiefenbach
Fergus MacDonald Lord of Galloway
Eleanor Coffin
Mary Sweeney
Street Williams
Elizabeth G Kane
Isabel MacInnis
Patrick Albert"Pat" Fitzgerald*
Alvin Grant Kenney
John Chisholm
Margaret"Countess" De Carrick
Lady Marjorie {Margaret} Countess of Carrick
Margaret De Carrick
Hannah Kendall
Margaret J Woodstock
Samuel Taylor
Bridget Nason
Boleslaw of Silesia
Agnes MacAdam
Abigail Dixey
Bertha Smith
John Macdonald
Duncan Campbell
Sir Duncan 6th Knight of Lochow Campbell
Margaret Leslie
Nathaniel Beadles
Lydia Cockerill
Flora Ann MacDougall
Evelyn C Haller
Charles I De Anjou
Jonas Kendall
John Raymond
James Alling
Joan DeRos
Joanne Taylor
Maria Barbara Lochbaums
Elizabeth Alling
Margaret R Farrell
Robert Taylor
Catherine J MacDonald
Arthur Oig MacDuibhn
Anna Camp
Isabelle Macfarlane
Flossie E Robinson
William Crichton
Hvarfiod Dunkeld
Guy Debaudemont
John Kendall
John Brooks
Aaron Davis
Eustace FitzHugh
Lady Gruoch Queen of Scotland Macbeth
Gruadh (Gruoch)"Lady MacBeth"of Scotland Mac Duff
Gruoch of Scotland
Sarah Nason
Robert Wolgamott
Audry Ann Gilmore
Hannah Cass
Jacob Kendall
Ginger Porter
Elizabeth Robinson
Marcus Morton Kendall
Marcus M Kendall
John Greenleaf
Carolyn S Sterns
Hannah Jones
Elijah Brooks
Agnes Taylor
Frederick Patrick Cohane
Fredrick P Cohan
Frederick P Cohan
Frederick Cohan
Frederick P Cohan
Frederick Cohan
Hugh Lord Prenoy De Courtenay
Domnall MacMorgain of Moray Macrory
Anne"Nancy" Macfarlane
Uzziel Rea
William Reed
Sir William Richard 3rd Lord Annandale deBruce
Jonathan Thompson
Helen Ralston Paterson
Alexander Oig MacDonald
Ragnvald Rognvald II Brusesson
Ragnvald II"Jarl of Orkney" Brusisson
Ragnvald (Rognvald) Brusisson II
Ragnvald II Brusisson
Ivetta DeRos
Winfield D Sargent
Beatrix Stewart
Archibald Douglas
Betsy Woodstock
Beatrix DeAngus
Beatrix De Angus
Robert Colie Re
Mary Kenney
Johanna of Scotland Stewart
Lady Christina Of DIRBY
Elizabeth Kendall
Robert Robinson
Lady Maud DeVaux Baroness deRos
Maud DeVaux
Susanna Streeter
Lady John Margaret Welmote Willmote
Margaret Welmote
Margaret Willmote
William Seton
Hugh MacDougall
Isabel Elizabeth Bawle
William Philip Robinson
Jonas Blackman
Elizabeth Fyske
Elizabeth Dutton
Zachariah Boynton
Knight Gruffudd Goch ap Dafydd Grand Nephew last true Prince of Wales
Robert Fiske
Humberge Angouleme Taillefer
Crovan Godfrey
Louis Schmitt
Johannes H Shinkle
Deborah Kibbe
Herbert F Kendall
Allinor Taylor
Mabel Kendall
Mary MacDonald
Catherine Carter
Jome Chisholm
Mary Beck
Olov Basilius Severin
Sir Duncan MacDurine Campbell
Sir Duncan MacDurine 3RD Knight of Lochow Campbell
Sir Duncan MacDurine 3rd Knight of Lowchowe Campbell
Mary Raymond
Hamiliana of Orkney
Lady Anna Mawgawse Pendragon de Britons
Clara Louise Bennett
Euphemia Queen Consort of Scots, Moray Ross
Sarah Hubbard
Olof"Alof" Ragnarsdatter
Cecilius Calvert
Joseph Wolgamott
Gregory Stone
Dudley Davis
Isabelle MacNeil
Simon Schmidt
Abigail Leach
Joseph Wyman
Henry E Botelle
Thomas Stanhope
Thomas Kendall
Arthur A Tripp
Mainard LeRiche de Archaic
Eleanor Braose
Daniel Joseph Gannon
Dinah Coffin
William 4th Baron Topcliffe De Percy
Bethia Rea
Samuel Hatch
Elizabeth M Chisholm
George Raymond
Wendell Maceachern
Madonna Joan Maceachern
Nathaniel Haven
Thomas Kendall
Alexander Earl of Buchan Stewart
Guillaume Taillefer De Angouleme
Guillaume Taillefer dANGOULEME
John Leach
Robert G Williams
Prince Robert
Enoch Davis
Sophia Sheely
Symon Barnard
Agnes Crichton
Robert Vowell Hooker
Clara Kendall
Margarita Brusisdatter
Alice Maria Dobson
Sarah Alling
Margaret M Kane
Mary S Sweeney
Susan M Kenney
Duncan Joseph MacEachern
Annie Sweeney
Enoch Greenleaf
Charles C Murray
Sabina O'Neill
John Sir of Menteith Stewart
Bertha C Kendall
Angus Macdougall
Hannah Green
Caroline Volmiller
Joshua Tidd
James H Carr
Trevor Christian McEachern
Florence Flora Coffin
Barbara Elizabeth Dort
Margaret Coppin
Alexander MacDonald
Rolf Ketling
James Kendall
Walter Stewart XXII
Edward P Fay
Elizabeth Hildreth
Alvin Kenney
Countess Emma Delimoges
Emma De Limoges
Countess Emma De Limoges
Margaret Campbell
Joshua Kendall
Alexander McLean
Susanna Thompson
Philip Jacob Shinkle
Elsbeth Conwy
Allan MacNeil
Addison F Kendall
Nathan Reed
Samuel Paterson
Eunice Putnam
Avelina Campbell
Amos Richardson
Daniel Leo Power
George Reed
John Kendall
Archibald Douglas Earl of Douglas
Archibald Maceachern
Nancy Jones
Lady Elizabeth Somerset
Dorothy Stevens
Samuel Fuller
Marion Wickwire
William Wormall
Anna Katherine Lang
Anna Katherine"Ann" LANG
John Fiske
Edmund Smith
Twin Boys Kenney
Daughter Fiske
Margaret Robinson
Robert III 36th King of Scotland Stewart
Mary Coffin
Elizabeth Barnard
Foulques Fulk Taillefer Bishop Angouleme
William Taillefer d Angouleme
Mary Ann MacKinnon
Mary A MacKinnon
Katherine Barnes
Lady Jean Countess Bute Marchioness MacRory
Jean MacRory MacDonald Marchioness de Buidhe Heiress of Bute Arran
Timothy Paul McEachern
David Taylor
Stanley Crawshaw
Isabella Taillefer
Margaret A"Maggie" Fitzgerald
John A. or Ian Macdonald
Joseph Streeter
Grace Ann Ballard
Lucy M Kenney
Foulque (Fulk) Taillefer De Angouleme
Lodisca Harriett Kendall
William Jones
Roricon COUNT of Maine
Mary Macdonald
Nathaniel Getchell
Alexander (Sandy Malcolm) Maceachern
Elizabeth Leeds
♥ Elizabeth Leeds
Pierre"Peter"Count of Angouleme Prince of France&Emperor of Constantinople De Courtenay
Robert John III Duke of Albany King of Scotland Stewart
William Clement
Alasdair Og Macdonald
Beli Heli Ap Bran
Mary E Kendall
John Osgood
Sarah F Coffin
Sarah Coffin
Michael T Power
Michel Power
Abigail Alling
Deborah Streeter
Mary Maceachern
Jane Robinson
Floyd Frances Mc Neil
Arthur Abbott
Hugh Xi Lamarche Lusignan
Florence Hooke
Catherine Macdonald
John MacEachren
Richard Fiske
Comfort Streeter
Deborah Smith
Sir James 2nd Earl of Douglas and Mar
Elizabeth Savage
Donald Andrew Power
Polly Davis
Richard WATERS
Edward Coughlin
William Harper
William Harper
Thomas Harper
Walter R Kinsman
Catherine Stewart
Hugh Angus Maceachern
Daniel Wood
Jessie Macvarish
Duncan Campbell
Catherine Duart Maclean
Mary Power
Abigail Alling
Margaret Power
Adelmode Countess Lamarche
Vulgrin Taillefer
bartholomew Raymond
Susanna Smith
John Taylor
Margaretia Haller
Jane Gard
Edward Flint
John Thomas
Margaret Defairsted
Jabez Kendall
Peter DeRos
Alaxander De Ros
William Sir Lord Ingmanthorpe DeRos
Robert IV 1st Baron Hamlake de Ros
William VI de Braose
Emma Kaufman
Mary M Curran
Mary Cohan
Robert DePlumpton
William Osgood
Peter Shinkle
Ellen Julia Kendall
Ellen J Kendall
Ellen J Kendall
Thomas Innes Dobson
Tabitha Stone
William I Lion Scotland
Isabel Avenal
Thomas Gethin ab William
Viamia L Kendall
Mary Ann Gannon
Frederick George Hughes
Frederick George Hughes
Lady Reignaldsdatter Somarlidasson
Alice Flint
Ottar DeGunn
Gilbert Graham
Elizabeth Larina Power
Lena Power
Mary E Dimond
James Coffin
Elizabeth Kibbe
Michael Mckinnon
Robert C Kendall
Alexander DeBruce
Augustine Fiske
Mary Ros
Louis Vii King of France Capet
Rowland Taylor
Dr. Rowland Taylor
Harlevin de"Burgo""Chevalier"Vicomte CONTEVILLE
Harlevin de Burgo Chevalier Vicomte CONTEVILLE
Dubhn Doun Mac Duibhn
Piers DeRos
Experience Haven
Mary Lilly Ann MacEachern
Margaret Jessie MacEachern
Elizabeth Gray
Rebecca Kenny
Betty Macbournie
Abraham Taylor
Lawrence B Power
Charles McIntosh Keeney
Mary E O'Brien
Elizabeth Comey
Sir Archibald Gillespicth Knight Loch Campbell
Sir Archibald Gillespic7th Knight of Loch Awe Sheriff of Argyll Campbell
Sir Archibald Gillespic7th Knight of Loch Awe Sheriff of Argyll Campbell
Sir Archibald 7th Knight of Lochow Sheriff of Argyl Campbell
Ferither Finruo
James P Carr
William Coffin
Eleanor Brooks
Elizabeth Brooks
Samuel Brooks
Thomas Brooks
Stephen Streeter
Princeess Isabel Avenal Stewart of Scotland
Isabel of Scotland
Sally Williams
Clifford Myron Overstrom
Clifford M Overstrom
Mary De Braose
Giles de Braose
Margaret MacDonald
William COLLE
John Stevens
Donald MacDonald
Sigurd Hlodversson
Jane Taylor
Sigrid Helgesdotter
John De Bruce
Stephen Jennings Kendall
Rebecca Eaton
James Robinson
Cysleye JESSE
Robert Maceachern
Robert Smith
Anne Hooker
Princess Marjory Bruce of Scotland
Marjorie Princess of SCOTLAND
Marjorie Margaret Bruce Princess of Scotland
Margery Bruce
Sarah Davis
Adam Adelm Brus De Bruce
John Raymond
Vulgri Ii Taillefer
Henry Robinson
John Gunn
Adhemar V Boson Delimoges
Edmund Boynton
Matcholm McLean
Henry Plantagenet King Of England II
Heinrich Shinkle
Huw Conwy (formerly Huw apRobin)
Duncan Campbell
Elizabeth Isabel Campbell
Flora Gillis
Erastus H Kenney
Hull Abbott
William (Guillaume) II Angouleme de Taillefer
Han Philip Schenckel
Sarah Taylor
Sitric II Sigtryggrsson
Robert Fuller
Alice Kinge
George Taylor
Nicholas Leveson
Archie Macfarlane
Michael Joseph Silver
Dougal Campbell of Lochow
Benjamin Reed Jr
Isabel D Aubigny
Baroness Isabel D'Aubigny
Alisdair Carrach MacDonald
Margaret Woodhead
Mercy Haven
Hannah Stone
Hannah Boynton
Aymar Ademar Taillefer
Sarah Chedsey
John Boynton
Bethia Raymond
Bertha E Fitzgerald
Christian MacGregor
Lachlan Catanach XI Of Maclean
Lachlan Catanach XI Maclean
Lachlan Catanach XI Maclean
Hannah Backus
Duina MacDiubhn
Priscilla Getchell
Gardner Boynton
Lillian M Strunz
John Coffin
Penardin Ben Joseph
Donald Mcneil
Elizabeth JACKSON
Bernie MacEachern
Walter Stewart Dundonald Richard 3rd High Steward of Scotland
James I King of Scotland Stewart King
Ranald MacDonald
Angus'IV of Milton'Captain Macdonald
Arthur Streetor
John Johnson
Edward Bernard MacEachern
Zachary Taylor
Hillary Leveson
Sir Robert Kendall
Lydia Leach
Captain Thomas Flint
Sarah Stephenson
Elizabeth Boynton
Joan Stewart
Josephine Terciak
Josephine Parda
Armand Manzer Taillefer
Simeon P Stevens
Prinzvon Silesia Konrad
Nellie Robinson
John Reed
Prince Robert Count of Artois Capet
Jonathan Stone
Margaret DeBruce
Susanna Richardson
Richard Larry Overstrom
Sarah Somerby
Silas Kendall
Mabel Stiles
Isabel Maceachern
Benjamin Butterfield
David Thompson
Daniel A Dimond
George Christian Beck
Johann Anthon Bernhard
Joseph Stone
Peter Jakob Scherer
SIR Jordan De Kendale
Sir Jordan Kendall
William D Eu I
James Coffin
Bessie Todd Williams
Edward Leeds
Mary N Fetch
Esther Walker
Lady Elizabeth Mure of Rowallan
Elizabeth Mure
Lady Elizabeth"Queen of Scotland" Mure Rowallan
Mary Peasley
Daryl Myron Overstrom
Margeret Mcneil
Samuel Reed
Arthur T Kendall
Arthur Kendall
Arthur Kendall
Alice Macdonald
Nancy Ann MacDougall
Margaret Kendall Stephyns
Lucy deRos
Alexander deRos
Alice de Ros
Ralph Spratley
Donald McDonald
Enygeus Ann Ben Joseph
Obadiah Kendall
Martha Waters
Hannah Woodstock
Ephraim H Murray
Jane Kendall
Joseph Jones
Guthorm Ivarrsson
Edmund Boynton
Euphemia DeAumale
Euphemia of Scotland
Margaretha Cunningham
Catharine E Crowley
Deborah Streeter
Joshua Reed
Anna Coffin
Countess Bilichilde De Anjou
Catherine Josephine Power
Catherine C McEachern
Rebecca Williams
Samuel Reed Kendall Sr.
Grace A Williams
Dorothy Hooker
William Iv Count of Angouleme De Taillefer
Guillaume IV Taillefer
Guillaume IV Taillefer
Richard De Braose
Elisabetha Haller
Nathaniel Coffin
Edward Crichton
William DeCrichton
Mary Sarah Sullivan
James E W Adair
James E Adair
Emma of Brittany
Emma De Brittany
Anne Stanhope
Simon Thompson
Aldrien or Andrew ap Selyfan King of Brittany
Hannah Taylor
Janet Barbara Haller
King Harald Ddu The Black of Islay
Harald Ddu Black Islay
Harald The Black Godred
William Boynton
Angus Bernard Maceachern
Alix De Dreux
Martha Boynton
Catherine Macdonald
George J Coughlin
Elizabeth None 1 COFFIN
Man Olafr Guorosson
Johanna O Neill
Joanna ONeill
Joanna O Neill
Robert Meysnyll r
Richard Scrope
Stephen LeScrope
Isabella Scrope
Henry LeScrope
Henry Joseph Bourquin
Alice Louise Chisholm
Alick Prentice
Alice Fitzrobert
Stephen Scrope
Sir John LeSCOPE
Isabel Avenal
Sir Knight William I5th Baron of Hamlake Baron of Helmsley deRos
Evelyn Botell
Catherine Carter
Elroy Ralph Krestensen
Elroy R Krestensen
Hwyel Ap Llewellyn
Thomasin Hathey
Robert Getchell
Robert Getchell
Nathaniel Getchell
Daniel James Power
Isabella of SCOTLAND
Anna Barbara Haller
Ruth Peabody
Margaret Kendall
Ranald Milton MacDonald
Angus Macdonald
Angus 3Rd of Milton Macdonald
Flora (The Heroine) MacDonald
Simon Fiske
Jeff D Kenney
William Joseph MacDonald
Mary Celine MacLellan
Thomas MacEachern
Alesta de Mar
Infant Kendall
Mary A Volmiller
Olavus MAN
David Getchell
Ruth Getchell
Ruth Getchell
Andrew Macdonald
Ralph FitzHugh
Archibald Paterson
Helen Ralston
Sadie C Mceacheran
Henry George Haller
Henry G Haller
Donald MacAdam
Daniel Donald Fitzgerald
George Lewis
Jonathan Raymond
Jonathan Raymond Jr
Issac Reed
Fannie May Duval Howes
Hepsibah Reed
Ephraim Pierce
Mary Woodstock
Robert Salusbury
William Harper
ann isabel macisaac
Robert Wood
Hannah Robinson
Mary MacEachern
Raimond Taillefer
William Le Hardi De Douglas
Elizabeth Ann Maceachern
elizabeth ann mceachern
Florence McEachern
Sarah Green
Countess Ascrida Ragnvaldsdottir Oppland
Elizabeth Mcneil
Robert Kendall
William Wyman
Thomas Fiske
Catherine Carter
Annie J Kendall
Barbara McNabb
Sarah Spratley
Elizabeth M Power
Robert Fuller
Enoch Coffin
Joan Fiske
William Boynton
Innes Spotts Keeney
Joseph Pierce
Johann Heinrich Haller
Gilbert Fraser
Joan Osgood
Timothy Crowley
Margaret Flint
Theadore Mcdougall
Maire Inghean Countess Mentheith Mary Monteith Menteith
Ethel Spotts Keeney
William Gordon
Florence Catherine MacDonald
Orletta Jane Hadley
John Taylor
Mason M Robinson
Mason Robinson
James Thompson
george henry white
Dougald McDougall
Hannah Leach
Ranald MacDonald
Gilbert DeRos
Jonet ferch John Llwyd LLWLYD
Angus Beaton MacEachern
Mary MacDonald
Elizabeth Frances Woodstock
Maria Magdalena Haller
Lucy S Kenney
Ellen Fisher
Alvin Kenny
Alvin Kenney
Alvin Kenney
Alvin Kenney
Walter"The Freckled" Stewart
Gertruda of Silesia
Joseph Streeter
Isabel Fitz William
William"Joseph" Power
William Ros Lord deHelmsley
John Stewart of Burley Lord of Burley Stewart
Alexander ("The Wolf of Badenoch"-Earl Buchan) Stewart
Tristram Coffin
Keziah Hubbard
Abigail Merriman
Dougald Maceachern
Daniel Streeter
David Stiles
Edwin Sterns
No media has been added.
John Conwy
Arthur S Adair
John McDonald
Sarah MacKenzie
Living Robinson
Living Robinson
Donald Robinson
Theodore McDougall
Mary Adelia Cranston
Mary C Unknown (Chamberlin)
Thomas Barnard
Thomas Barnard Jr
Margaret MacDonald
William Joseph Haller
William J Haller
William J Haller
Geoffrey I Taillefer Comte D Angouleme
Geoffrey I Taillefer Angouleme
Timothy Ross
Bonnie Et
          Bottomless Pit 2        
 Birth 09 Aug 1675 in Upton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
 Death  in Upton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

 John Hanson (1549-1622)
 Janet Raynor (1551- )

 Walter Stanhope (1572-1661)
 âœ¿ Mary Stanhope (1602-1616)
 âœ¿ Jane Stanhope (1612-1693)
 âœ¿ Walter Stanhope (1612-1646)
 âœ¿ Edward Stanhope (1615-1675)
 âœ¿ Catherine Stanhope (1618-1618)
 âœ¿ Anne Stanhope (1623- )

If you're thinking Mary's birth year is a typo, you're an optimist. A birth year of 1575 would be better than having her parents and most of her children dying before her own birth. It would not, however, explain the births and deaths of Mary's parents, husband and children all occurring in England. Changing her birth year would also not improve the rest of the profile which is after the jump.
Here are just a few highlights (numbers in parenthesis are the number of events that are exact duplicates):

 âœ¿ Marriage
810 AD
Uppsala, Sweden
 âœ¿ Marriage
1503 7 Oct
Bernbowgale Edinburgh St. James St. Giles Toftis Manys Bernbowgale Manys Toftis Dummanyne Canongate Trinitarian Peblis Crukstoun, Midlothia, Scotland
 âœ¿ Christening
1847 31 Jan
Kerry, Ireland
1864 15 Oct
 âœ¿ Residence (85)
Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada
 âœ¿ Arrival (12)
1913 6 Jun
Detroit, Michigan
 âœ¿ Residence (72)
Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ SSN issued

After the jump: The complete list of events

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I will be having nightmares about profiles like this. What if there's a profile somewhere on each of our trees that, because of Ancestry's brilliant programmers or some bizarro computer glitch, has every event from every profile on it?

 âœ¿ Marriage
619 AD
 âœ¿ Marriage
810 AD
Uppsala, Sweden
 âœ¿ Marriage
865 AD
Angoulesme, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
914 AD
Islands, Orkney, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
925 30 Jul
Tamworth, Staffordshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
951 AD
Angoulême, Charente, Poitou-Charentes, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
959 AD
Orkney, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
988 AD
Islands, Orkney, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1000 AD
Tyrone, Tyrone, Northern Ireland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1000 AD
Tyrone, Northern Ireland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Orkney, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Normandy, Normandy, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Charente, Poitou-Charentes, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Normandy, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Avranches, Manche, Basse-Normandy, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
Avranches, Manche, Basse-Normandie, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
Bretagne, France
 âœ¿ King of Scotland
1057 15 Aug
Crowned at Scone
Suceeded MacBeth - his stepfather - and ruled for a few months until murdered by Malcolm III.
 âœ¿ Burial
Isle of Iona, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Angoulesme, Charente, Poitou-Charentes, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
Argyll, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
, Yorkshire, , England
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Lochowe, Argyll, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Skelton, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Charente, Poitou-Charentes, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
Alnwick, Northumberland, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Orkney Islands, Orkney, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Helmsley, Yorkshire, , England
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1129 30 Mar
 âœ¿ Marriage
Argyll, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Charente, Poitou-Charentes, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
Limoges, Haute-Vienne, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Morven, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Moray, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Reims, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
Morayshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Charente, Poitou-Charentes, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
Helmsley, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Warter, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
York, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Ende, Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1154 10 Aug
Reims, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
Pembrokeshire, Wales
 âœ¿ Marriage
Peeblesshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1160 18 Oct
Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitaine, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Helmsley, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Helmsley, North Riding, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1169 5 Sep
 âœ¿ Marriage
1169 5 Sep
Woodstock, Oxfordshire, , England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Cleveland, Yorkshire, , England
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Roslin Castle, Midlothian, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
, Moray, , Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Honsford, Norfolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Andechs, Starnberg, Bayern, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1189 28 Aug
Marlborough, Wiltshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1189 5 Sep
Woodstock, Oxfordshire, , England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Lincolnshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1670473, Lincolnshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Haddington, Lincolnshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1196 7 May
 âœ¿ Marriage
Lochowe, Argyllshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1200 23 May
Pont, Eure, Haute-Normandie, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
1200 24 Aug
Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitaine, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
1200 24 Aug
Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitaine, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
1203 28 Nov
Essex, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Esztergom, Komarom-Esztergom, Hungary
 âœ¿ Marriage
Angus, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Huntingdonshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Huntington, East Lothian, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Lochowe, Argyllshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1220 10 May
Valence, Drome, Rhone-Alpes, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
North Riding, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
North Riding, Yorkshire, , England
 âœ¿ Marriage
North Riding, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Lochowe, Argyll, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1234 27 May
Sens, Yonne, Bourgogne, France
 âœ¿ Marriage
1240 May
Gloucester, Kent, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Dundonald, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1243 5 Jun
 âœ¿ Marriage
Burgh Upon the Sands, Cumberland, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1246 17 May
Leicestershire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1265 9 Sep
Stinton Hall, Norfolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
West Riding, Yorkshire, , England
 âœ¿ Marriage
North Riding, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Turnberry Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1273 May
 âœ¿ Marriage
Gower, Wales
 âœ¿ Marriage
Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Ulster, Ireland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Brodick Castle, Perthshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Bramber, Suffolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Plumpton, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Stradbroke Castle, Suffolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Masham, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Residence
 âœ¿ Marriage
Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Sussex, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1315 2 Mar
Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1322 Bef.
Sanquhar, Dumfries, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1324 28 Nov
Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Edinburgh, Midlothian, , Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Helmsley, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Masham, Yorkshire, , England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Perth, Perthshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Sussex, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1347 22 Nov
Kyle, Ayrshire, , Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1347 22 Nov
Kyle, Ayrshire, , Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1347 22 Nov
Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Shadoxhurst, Kent, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1350 14 Jun
Dispensation, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Masham, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1365 13 Mar
Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1371 23 Sep
Dispensation, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1376 Abt.
 âœ¿ Marriage
Argyll, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Ellastone, Staffordshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Appleby-in-Westmorland, Westmorland, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Devon, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1424 2 Feb
Southwark, Surrey, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1424 2 Feb
St Mary Overy Southwark, Surrey, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1427 8 Jan
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Ellastone, Staffordshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Alwington, Devon, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1440 18 Mar
Huntley Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Westmorland, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1444 20 May
 âœ¿ Marriage
Kent, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Devon, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Ellastone, Staffordshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1459 10 Mar
Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1474 20 Oct
 âœ¿ Marriage
Merston, Shropshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Kent, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Westmorland, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Ellastone, Staffordshire, , England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1492 2 Jun
Clifton, Cheshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1493 11 Jan
Newark, , Caledonia, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Laxfield, Suffolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
Davenham, Cheshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Westmorland, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1503 7 Oct
Bernbowgale Edinburgh St. James St. Giles Toftis Manys Bernbowgale Manys Toftis Dummanyne Canongate Trinitarian Peblis Crukstoun, Midlothia, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1507 28 Feb
Perth, Perthshire, , Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Rutland, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1511 27 Jul
Huntley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Laxfield, Suffolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1521 16 Jun
Kilbride, Bute, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
Norfolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1529 27 Aug
 âœ¿ Marriage
1533 11 Jul
Chester Humphrey Gloucester Chester, Cheshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
Penarth, Glamorgan, Wales
 âœ¿ Marriage
Rothbury, Northumberland, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1541 21 Apr
Firth, Orkney, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1544 16 Sep
Norfolk, Norfolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Leicester, Leicestershire, England
 âœ¿ Baptism
1549 23 Sep
Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Suffolk, England
 âœ¿ Baptism (2)
1552 14 Oct
All Hallows Lombard Street, London, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1557 28 Oct
Mull, Emsland, Niedersachsen, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1563 25 May
West Riding Of, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1565 7 Feb
Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
5 Feb
Elland, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1571 Abt.
Redenhill, Norfolk, England
 âœ¿ Baptism
1574 28 Apr
Halifax, All Souls, Haley Hill, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Norfolk, Norfolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1576 25 Jan
Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Shelford, Nottinghamshire, England
 âœ¿ Baptism
1580 2 Jan
Lancashire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Gides Hall, Essex, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1583 19 Aug
Baslow, Derbyshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1583 8 Sep
Halifax, St John the Baptist, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1583 8 Sep
Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Newchurch, Lancashire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Marefield, Tilton, Leicester, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Wilmington, Kent, England
 âœ¿ Baptism
Southwick, Hampshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1588 28 Jan
Fewston, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
St Albans, Hertfordshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Ipswich, Suffolk, , England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1596 12 Sep
St James Garlickhithe, London, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1599 22 Jan
Redenhall, Norfolk, England
 âœ¿ Residence
Cumberland; Sagadahoc, Maine, USA
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Baptism
1604 3 Mar
St Botolph, Aldgate, London, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1604 22 Nov
St Peter Upon Cornhill, London, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1604 22 Nov
St Peter Upon Cornhill, London, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1605 25 Nov
Norfolk, Norfolk, England
 âœ¿ Arrival
 âœ¿ Marriage
Stafford, Staffordshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Ipswich, Suffolk, England
 âœ¿ Baptism
1617 2 Feb
Adel, St John the Baptist, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1617 1 May
Westmill, Hertfordshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1617 20 Jul
Nayland, Suffolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1619 28 Sep
Essex, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Brocket Hall, Hatfield Parish, Hertfordshire, England
 âœ¿ Arrival
Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival (4)
New England
 âœ¿ Arrival
New Haven, Connecticut
 âœ¿ Arrival
Plymouth, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Arrival (7)
Salem, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Residence
 âœ¿ Marriage
1621 28 Oct
Guiseley, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Emigration
1621 10 Nov
ship'Fortune'arrived at Plymouth the first ship after the"Mayflower I".
 âœ¿ Arrival
 âœ¿ Arrival (6)
Plymouth, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
Essex, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1623 26 Nov
Wells, York, Maine, United States
 âœ¿ Arrival
Plymouth, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1625 4 Oct
Whepstead, Suffolk, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Newbury, Essex, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1627 Jul
Dedham, Essex, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
 âœ¿ Marriage
Southwold, Blythe, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Arrival (3)
Lynn, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Arrival
New England
 âœ¿ Arrival (2)
Salem, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Arrival (3)
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Arrival
 âœ¿ Arrival
Boston, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Arrival
Ipswich, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Arrival
Boston, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Arrival (4)
Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival (3)
Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival (9)
 âœ¿ Arrival
Newbury, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Arrival (12)
Salem, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Immigration
The Truelove
 âœ¿ Marriage
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival
Dedham, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Arrival
Salem, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Immigration
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Arrived with brother John who stayed in Marblehead
 âœ¿ Marriage
1637 11 Oct
Elland, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1637 11 Oct
Otley, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage (4)
1637 11 Oct
Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage to Walter Stanhope
1637 11 Oct
Elland, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Arrival
 âœ¿ Arrival
Cambridge, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Arrival (2)
Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival
Salem, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1638 Bef.
 âœ¿ Arrival (4)
 âœ¿ Arrival (3)
Newbury, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Arrival (2)
 âœ¿ Marriage
Exeter, Devon, , England
 âœ¿ Marriage
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1639 10 Jun
Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Arrival
New Haven, Connecticut
 âœ¿ Arrival
Salem, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Residence
Massachusetts Colony, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Arrival (3)
Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival
Plymouth, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Residence (3)
Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival
Ipswich, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Arrival
Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival
 âœ¿ Arrival
Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival
New England
 âœ¿ Arrival
Newbury, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1644 15 Feb
Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1644 24 Dec
Woburn, Middlesex, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1644 24 Dec
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1644 24 Dec
Woburn, Middx, MA
 âœ¿ Arrival
Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival (2)
Woburn, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA
Moved here then sold his property
 âœ¿ Arrival (4)
 âœ¿ Residence
Massachusetts Colony, MA
 âœ¿ Residence
Salisbury, Essex County, MA
Moved his family here(Dorcas and Susannah)
 âœ¿ Arrival
 âœ¿ Marriage
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1650 14 Apr
Woburn, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1650 2 Oct
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1650 2 Oct
Woburn, Mddlsx, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1650 19 Oct
Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
Essex County, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1651 26 Feb
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1651 26 Feb
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1651 13 Nov
Newbury, Mass.
 âœ¿ Arrival
Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
York County, ME
 âœ¿ Marriage
1652 2 Mar
Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1652 4 Oct
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Arrival
 âœ¿ Marriage
1653 2 Mar
Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival
Ipswich, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Baptism (2)
1654 8 Mar
St Benet Paul´s Wharf, London, England
 âœ¿ Marriage (3)
1654 18 May
Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1655 28 Nov
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Arrival
Boston, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Arrival
Woburn, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1661 2 Mar
Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1664 12 Apr
Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Essex County, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1665 1 Sep
Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
Suffolk, Essex, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1666 16 May
Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1666 3 Nov
Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1667 1 Oct
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1667 24 Oct
New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1668 29 Jan
 âœ¿ Marriage
1669 17 Feb
Salisbury, Mass.
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1673 30 Jul
Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1675 9 Sep
Cambridge, Middlesex Cty., Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ 1675 9 Aug
Upton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
Woburn, Middlesex Cty., Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Military
1676 23 Sep Age: 1
Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA
Serving in Capt Jonathan Pooles company
 âœ¿ Marriage
1676 Age: 1
Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
1677 Age: 2
Norfolk County, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1678 9 Apr Age: 2
Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1678 Jun Age: 2
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1678 Age: 3
 âœ¿ Marriage
1679 12 Jun Age: 3
Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1679 23 Oct Age: 4
Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1679 27 Nov Age: 4
Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1679 27 Nov Age: 4
Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Alt date of 17 Nov 1679
 âœ¿ Marriage
1680 Age: 5
 âœ¿ Christening
1681 22 May Age: 5
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage (4)
1681 16 Dec Age: 6
Concord, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage (4)
1681 16 Dec Age: 6
Concord, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1683 2 Jan Age: 7
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1683 26 Oct Age: 8
New Haven, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1683 26 Oct Age: 8
New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1683 13 Nov Age: 8
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1683 13 Nov Age: 8
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Christening
1684 31 Aug Age: 9
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1685 16 Nov Age: 10
Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1686 24 May Age: 10
Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1686 24 May Age: 10
Woburn, Middlesex, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1686 24 May Age: 10
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1686 Age: 11
 âœ¿ Marriage
1690 Age: 15
 âœ¿ Marriage
1692 17 Mar Age: 16
Woburn, Middlesex, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1692 30 Mar Age: 16
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1692 Age: 17
Kittery, York, Maine, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1692 Age: 17
Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1692 Age: 17
Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1695 Age: 20
Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1695 Age: 20
 âœ¿ Marriage
1698 15 Jun Age: 22
Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1698 15 Jun Age: 22
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1700 12 Dec Age: 25
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1701 Age: 26
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1701 Age: 26
Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1702 20 Jan Age: 26
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1702 4 Feb Age: 26
Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1703 4 Feb Age: 27
Ipswich, Essex, MA
 âœ¿ vital
1705 9 Apr Age: 29
Topsfield, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1705 Age: 30
Woburn, Middlesex, MA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1705 Age: 30
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1706 9 Dec Age: 31
Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Christening
1709 6 Feb Age: 33
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Christening
1711 6 Sep Age: 36
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1712 10 Jan Age: 36
New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1713 21 Nov Age: 38
Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1713 21 Nov Age: 38
Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Christening
1714 26 Aug Age: 39
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1714 9 Nov Age: 39
Berwick, York, Maine, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1714 Age: 39
 âœ¿ Marriage
1716 16 Sep Age: 41
Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1716 Age: 41
Not yet found
 âœ¿ Marriage
1717 25 Feb Age: 41
Milford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Christening (2)
1717 28 Feb Age: 41
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1717 5 Mar Age: 41
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1717 20 Jun Age: 41
Hampstead Norris, Berkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1718 Age: 43
 âœ¿ Marriage
1719 14 Jan Age: 43
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage (4)
1719 3 Oct Age: 44
 âœ¿ Christening
1719 8 Nov Age: 44
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1719 Age: 44
 âœ¿ Property
1720 22 Jun Age: 44
Scarborough, Cumberland, Maine, United States
Land grant from a Proprietors Meeting
 âœ¿ Marriage
1722 9 Jul Age: 46
Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Christening
1723 7 Apr Age: 47
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1723 Age: 48
 âœ¿ Marriage
1724 4 Jun Age: 48
 âœ¿ Marriage
1724 15 Jul Age: 48
St. Michael's Church, Fewston
 âœ¿ Military
1725 Jun Age: 49
Corporal in Capt John Gray's company
 âœ¿ Marriage
1725 15 Jul Age: 49
Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1725 29 Nov Age: 50
Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1725 25 Dec Age: 50
Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1725 Age: 50
Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1727 30 Oct Age: 52
Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1727 16 Nov Age: 52
Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1728 14 Jan Age: 52
Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1728 Age: 53
Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1729 19 Jan Age: 53
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1729 3 Jul Age: 53
 âœ¿ Marriage
1729 3 Jul Age: 53
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts Colony
 âœ¿ Marriage
1731 7 Apr Age: 55
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1731 23 Sep Age: 56
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1732 30 Nov Age: 57
Hackness, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Christening
1733 22 Feb Age: 57
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1734 13 Nov Age: 59
New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1734 26 Dec Age: 59
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1735 21 Jul Age: 59
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1735 Age: 60
New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival
1736 Age: 61
Berwick, York, Maine, USA
Purchased land of Elisha Plaisted
 âœ¿ Marriage
1736 Age: 61
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Property
1736 Age: 61
Brunswick, Cumberland, Maine, USA
Moved with family
 âœ¿ Christening
1739 8 Feb Age: 63
Winden Bie Kandel, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany
 âœ¿ Property
1739 Age: 64
Winnegance River Brunswick Maine
Bought land from Arthur Noble
 âœ¿ Marriage
1740 13 Nov Age: 65
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
1740 Age: 65
York County, ME
 âœ¿ Residence
1742 Age: 67
Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
1742 Age: 67
Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Moved there w/spouse and brother’s family
 âœ¿ Burial
Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Union Cemetery
 âœ¿ Marriage
1744 9 Mar Age: 68
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1744 30 Jun Age: 68
New Haven, New Haven, CT
 âœ¿ Marriage
1745 29 Jun Age: 69
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1747 22 Jun Age: 71
New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival
1747 Age: 72
 âœ¿ Military
1748 Mar Age: 72
Brunswick, Cumberland, Maine, USA
Made Capt of Militia and led company on scouting trip up Kennebec to Belgrades and Sidney
 âœ¿ Marriage
1750 Age:75
 âœ¿ Residence
1750 Age: 75
Essex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
1750 Age: 75
Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1751 20 Sep Age: 76
Milford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage (5)
1752 3 May Age: 76
Midlothia, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1752 9 May Age: 76
Bridlington, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1752 18 Aug Age: 77
Woburn, Middlesex, , Mass
 âœ¿ Arrival (2)
1752 Age: 77
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 âœ¿ Marriage
1753 19 Jul Age: 77
Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1753 Age: 78
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage (4)
1754 Age: 79
Isle Skye, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1754 Age: 79
New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1756 22 Jan Age: 80
Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1756 27 Jan Age: 80
Concord, Middlesex, Mass
 âœ¿ Marriage
1756 27 Jan Age: 80
Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1756 6 Jun Age: 80
Cookham, Berkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1757 15 Aug Age: 82
 âœ¿ Marriage
1758 21 Jul Age: 82
Leominster, Worchester, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Military
1758 Age: 83
Capture of Louisberg
 âœ¿ Military
1758 Age: 83
Berwick, York, Maine, USA
Private Colonial Militia,"for the reduction of Canada"
 âœ¿ Marriage
1759 11 Apr Age: 83
Westford, Middlesex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage (4)
1759 12 Apr Age: 83
Brookfield, Worchester, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1759 26 Jun Age: 83
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Military
1759 Age: 84
Capture of Quebec
 âœ¿ Marriage
1760 17 Apr Age: 84
Spencer, Worchester, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1762 16 Feb Age: 86
Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1762 16 Feb Age: 86
Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1762 24 Jun Age: 86
Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1762 Age: 87
Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1764 31 Jul Age: 88
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1764 11 Sep Age: 89
Woodbridge, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1766 24 Jul Age: 90
Westminster, Worchester, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Marriage
1769 29 Aug Age: 94
Lunenburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1769 Age: 94
Barra, Inverness-shire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1773 8 Dec Age: 98
Shrewsbury, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1775 22 Jun Age: 99
Philadelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1777 4 Mar
Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1778 22 Jun
Berks, Pennsylvania, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1778 27 Jun
Quebec, Canada
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Christening
1780 16 Jan
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1780 18 Jun
Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1782 Abt.
of Altdorfedenkoben, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1788 8 Jan
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1788 21 Feb
Greenfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1788 15 Apr
 âœ¿ Christening
1789 6 Jan
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1789 6 Oct
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Christening
1789 12 Dec
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Emigration
Glenlandale, PEI, Canada
immigrated from Eilean Shona, Moidart, Scotland to PEI
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
Robeson, North Carolina, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
Berlin, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Residence (4)
Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
Canterbury, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
Leicester, Addison, Vermont, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
New Hampton, Strafford, New Hampshire, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1791 28 Nov
Danville, Caledonia, Vermont, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1793 4 Jul
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1794 18 Feb
Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
Arisaig, Nova Scotia, Canada
 âœ¿ Residence
Bow, Rockingham, New Hampshire
 âœ¿ Residence
Salisbury, Addison, Vermont
 âœ¿ Emigration
To Antigonish
 âœ¿ Marriage
1802 1 May
 âœ¿ Marriage
1803 20 Feb
Augusta, Kennebec, Maine, USA
 âœ¿ Christening
1804 24 Mar
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Residence
Inverness, Cape Breton, Canada
 âœ¿ vital
1806 5 Jan
Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
Antigonish County
 âœ¿ Residence
Boylston, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
Canterbury, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
Royalston, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Burial
1811 5 Apr
 âœ¿ Arrival
New York, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1813 28 Jan
Guilford, Windham, Vermont, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1813 29 Oct
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
1814 23 Mar
Cavendish, Windsor, Vermont, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1814 31 Oct
 âœ¿ Naturalization
 âœ¿ Marriage
1815 15 Apr
Evangelisch, Edenkoben, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany
 âœ¿ Residence
Vernon, Windham, Vermont, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1817 24 May
Malton, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Marriage
1818 1 Jun
Chesterfield,Cheshire,New Hampshire
 âœ¿ Marriage
1818 3 Nov
Barra, Inverness-shire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1818 3 Nov
Barra, Inverness-shire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Immigration
from Ireland
 âœ¿ Marriage
1820 2 Sep
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
 âœ¿ Residence
Hampshire, Virginia, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
Madison, New York, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Windham, Vermont, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1822 24 Jan
Cavendish, Windsor, Vermont, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1825 3 Feb
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage
Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Christening
1828 24 Aug
Edenkoben, Sudliche Weinstrasse, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Christening
1830 7 Feb
Gangloff, Bad Kreuznach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Residence
Madison, New York, United States
 âœ¿ Baptism
1833 8 Dec
Roman Catholic, Inchigeelagh Parish, Cork, Ireland
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1837 16 Mar
Wachenheim, Alzey-Worms, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
1837 17 Dec
 âœ¿ Ordination
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Residence
Guilford, Windham, Vermont, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
1840 1 Jun
Marion, Livingston, Michigan, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival
1840 4 Jun
New York, New York
 âœ¿ Residence
Knox, Ohio, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
Livingston, Michigan, United States
 âœ¿ Baptism
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
 âœ¿ Baptism
Valleyfield (Greffe de Valleyfield) (Index), Québec,
 âœ¿ Baptism
Valleyfield, Québec
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Residence
Bowmore, Argyll, Scotland
Age: 2
 âœ¿ Residence (4)
Bracadale, Inverness, Scotland
Age: 45
 âœ¿ Residence (3)
Inverness, Scotland
 âœ¿ Residence
Kildalton, Argyll, Scotland
Age: 6
 âœ¿ Residence
Ross and Cromarty
 âœ¿ Marriage
1843 22 Jun
Vanderburgh, Indiana, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1844 24 Mar
Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
1845 8 Oct
Greenfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1846 19 Mar
Wolfstein Stadt
 âœ¿ Marriage
1846 19 Mar
Wolfstein Stadt, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany
 âœ¿ Christening
1847 31 Jan
Kerry, Ireland
 âœ¿ Immigration
1848 15 Jul
Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Baptism
1848 30 Dec
 âœ¿ Marriage
1849 1 Jan
Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Rev James Fitton
 âœ¿ Arrival
 âœ¿ Marriage
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Bethel, Windsor, Vermont
 âœ¿ Residence (4)
Boston Ward 2, Suffolk, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Residence
Center, Vanderburgh, Indiana
 âœ¿ Residence
Clarendon, Rutland, Vermont, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Deerfield, Livingston, Michigan
 âœ¿ Residence
Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Greenfield, Franklin, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Residence (3)
Hamden, New Haven, Connecticut
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Hardy, Holmes, Ohio
 âœ¿ Residence
Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Residence
Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut
 âœ¿ Residence (13)
Weathersfield, Windsor, Vermont
 âœ¿ Residence (4)
West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont
 âœ¿ Residence
Wheeling, Guernsey, Ohio
 âœ¿ Residence
Williamstown, Orange, Vermont
 âœ¿ Residence
Winchendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Vernon, Windham, Vermont
 âœ¿ Marriage
1851 22 May
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Arrival (4)
 âœ¿ Residence
Ardnamurchan, Argyll, Scotland
 âœ¿ Residence
Barra, Inverness-shire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Residence (3)
Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Residence (3)
Dores, Inverness, Scotland
 âœ¿ Residence
Kilarrow, Argyll, Scotland
Age: 2; Relationship: Son
 âœ¿ Residence
Kilarrow, Argyll, Scotland
Age: 5; Relationship: Daughter
 âœ¿ Residence
Kilarrow, Argyll, Scotland
Age: 7; Relationship: Son
 âœ¿ Residence
Kilarrow, Argyll, Scotland
Age: 10; Relationship: Daughter
 âœ¿ Residence
Kilarrow, Argyll, Scotland
Age: 12; Relationship: Son
 âœ¿ Residence
Kilarrow, Argyll, Scotland
Age: 14; Relationship: Daughter
 âœ¿ Residence
Kilarrow, Argyll, Scotland
Age: 38; Relationship: Wife
 âœ¿ Residence
Kilarrow, Argyll, Scotland
Age: 46; Relationship: Head
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Residence (4)
Huntingdon County, Canada East (Quebec), Canada
 âœ¿ Residence (4)
Huntingdon, Le Haut-Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
 âœ¿ Residence (9)
Kings County, New Brunswick, Canada
 âœ¿ Marriage
1852 Abt.
 âœ¿ Residence
Hastings, Ontario, Canada
 âœ¿ Marriage
1853 25 Jan
Rutland, Vermont, USA
 âœ¿ Arrival (3)
 âœ¿ Baptism
1854 9 Mar
Antigonish, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
St Ninian's Cathedral
 âœ¿ Marriage
1854 3 Apr
Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Arrival
1854 31 Jul
Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
 âœ¿ Christening
1854 4 Dec
 âœ¿ Arrival (2)
 âœ¿ Arrival (2)
 âœ¿ Baptism (12)
Arichat, Acadie (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick)
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1854 Abt.
Mill River, PEI, Canada
 âœ¿ Burial
1855 May
Cohoctah, Livingston, Michigan, USA
Jones Cemetery
 âœ¿ Arrival (3)
 âœ¿ Immigration Year
 âœ¿ Arrival
1856 11 Oct
New York, USA
SS Exchange from Le Harve
 âœ¿ Marriage
Cape George, N.S.
 âœ¿ Marriage
1858 12 Sep
Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont, USA
 âœ¿ Baptism
1858 22 Nov
Sandy Point Roman Catholic Records
 âœ¿ Arrival
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1858 Abt.
 âœ¿ Marriage
1859 4 Sep
Woodbury, CT
 âœ¿ Marriage
1860 Feb
Judique, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
 âœ¿ Residence
Boston Ward 4, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
Boston Ward 11, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Cornwall, Litchfield, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (3)
Craftsbury, Orleans, Vermont, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (9)
Hawley, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (4)
Lawrence Ward 1, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (7)
Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
Newark Ward 10, Essex, New Jersey, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Norwich, Windsor, Vermont, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (4)
Readsboro, Bennington, Vermont, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Rutland, Rutland, Vermont, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
San Francisco
 âœ¿ Residence
San Francisco District 9, San Francisco, California, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (4)
Spring, Crawford, Pennsylvania, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (11)
Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (10)
Weathersfield, Windsor, Vermont, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (4)
West Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Wheeling, Guernsey, Ohio, United States
 âœ¿ Residence
Williamstown, Orange, Vermont, United States
 âœ¿ Baptism
1861 5 Feb
Port Hawkesbury, Inverness, Nova Scotia
St Joseph's Church
 âœ¿ Immigration
 âœ¿ Immigration (2)
Grand River Census record for Sister Margart
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Military
1861 25 Sep
Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
Enlisted 5th CT
 âœ¿ Residence
Barra, Inverness-shire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Residence
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
 âœ¿ Residence
Glasgow Barony, Lanarkshire, Scotland
 âœ¿ Residence (11)
Hammond, Kings, New Brunswick, Canada
 âœ¿ Residence
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
 âœ¿ Residence
North Bute, Bute, Scotland
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Nunnington, Yorkshire, England
 âœ¿ Residence
Rutland, Vermont, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
Rutland, Vermont, USA
enlisted in Civil War
 âœ¿ Residence
St Giles, Middlesex, England
 âœ¿ Residence (3)
St Jean, Canada East, Canada
 âœ¿ Military
1862 2 Aug
Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Military
1862 2 Aug
Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Company F, Fifteenth Volunteer Infantry (joined with his father)
 âœ¿ Arrival (2)
 âœ¿ Marriage
Ellenburg, Clinton, New York, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Residence (4)
1863 1 Jul
Meriden, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Marriage
 âœ¿ Marriage
1864 Feb
St Andrews Church, Judique
 âœ¿ Military
1864 25 Apr
Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA
1864 15 Oct
 âœ¿ Baptism
1866 3 Jul
Iona, Victoria, Nova Scotia, Canada
St Columba Church
 âœ¿ Marriage
Guysborough, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
 âœ¿ Marriage
1867 11 Feb
Port Hood, Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada
 âœ¿ Marriage
1867 4 Sep
New Gloucester, Cumberland, Maine
 âœ¿ Arrival (4)
 âœ¿ Marriage (2)
 âœ¿ Arrival
1868 21 May
New York, USA
 âœ¿ Baptism
1868 24 Jun
Iona, Victoria, Nova Scotia, Canada
St Columba Church
 âœ¿ Arrival (2)
 âœ¿ civil
 âœ¿ Military (2)
1869 13 May
Enlistment Age: 25
 âœ¿ Marriage
1869 21 Dec
Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
1870 4 Mar
Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut
 âœ¿ Baptism
1870 12 Sep
Iona, Victoria, Nova Scotia, Canada
St Columba Church
 âœ¿ Marriage (4)
1870 23 Oct
Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
 âœ¿ Arrival (4)
 âœ¿ Immigration
Manchester, Hillsboro, NH USA
 âœ¿ Marriage
Registration Year (8)
 âœ¿ Residence
Ashfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Bennington, Bennington, Vermont
 âœ¿ Residence (3)
Bethel, Windsor, Vermont, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (3)
Boston Ward 10, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
Bozeman, Gallatin, Montana, USA
 âœ¿ Residence (4)
Cache Creek, Yolo, California, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (15)
Cornwall, Litchfield, Connecticut, United States
 âœ¿ Residence (3)
Cornwall, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA
 âœ¿ Residence
Ellenburg, Clinton, New York
 âœ¿ Residence (2)
          GTA grandaddy Leslie Benzies opens a third studio in Budapest, former Crytek Hungary to lend a hand on Everywhere        
GTA Online mastermind seems to be collecting studios. Just how big is this new virtual world going to be? Former GTA producer Leslie Benzies has opened an office in Budapest, Hungary, and hired the team known as Crytek Hungary before the developer’s mass international closures. GamesIndustry reports this is the third location to open since […]
          Miron Zhirosh        
Miron Zhirosh (*1939,?2016) Rusyn historian, journalist and public activist, native of Ruski Kerestur, Serbia. Lived, worked and died in Kazincbarcika, Hungary. (Created using allowed original materials of
          Michal Vrabel, folklorist        
Michal Vrabel (*1866??1923) was folklorist in Serbia and Hungary, school teacher and cultural activist in Serbia. He collected and published Rusyn songs. Born in Presov Region, died in Budapest.
          Cats Wallpapers Download         
Cats Wallpapers Download Biography 
Cats wallpaper download are  (stylized as CATS) is a musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. It introduced the song standard "Memory". Cats first opened in the West End in 1981 and then on Broadway in 1982, each time directed by Trevor Nunn and choreographed by Gillian Lynne; it won numerous awards, including both the Laurence Olivier Award and the Tony Award for Best Musical. The London production ran for twenty-one years and the Broadway production ran for eighteen years, both setting long-run records. Actresses Elaine Paige and Betty Buckley became particularly associated with the musical. One actress, Marlene Danielle, performed in the Broadway production for its entire run (from 1982 until 2000). The show tells the story of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles and the night they make what is known as "the Jellicle choice" and decide which cat will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new life.

Cats wallpaper download is the second longest-running show in Broadway history, and the fourth longest-running West End musical. It has been performed around the world many times and has been translated into more than 20 languages. In 1998 Cats was turned into a made-for-Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cats is based on Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats (1939), which the composer recalled as having been a childhood favorite. The songs of the musical comprise Eliot's verse set to music by the composer, the principal exception being the most famous song from the musical, "Memory", for which the lyrics were written by Trevor Nunn after an Eliot poem entitled "Rhapsody on a Windy Night". Also, a brief song entitled "The Moments of Happiness" was taken from a passage in Eliot's Four Quartets. Andrew Lloyd Webber began composing the songs in late 1977 and premiered the compositions at the Sydmonton festival in 1980. The concert was attended by T.S. Eliot's wife, Valerie Eliot and she loved the songs that Webber had composed. She gave her blessing for the songs to be adapted into a musical stage play. Rehearsals for the musical began in early 1981 at the New London Theatre. Due to the Eliot estate asserting that they write no script and only use the original poems as the text, the musical had no identified plot during the rehearsal process, causing many actors to be confused about what they were actually doing. An unusual musical in terms of its construction, the overture incorporates a fugue and there are occasions when the music accompanies spoken verse. The show is completely told through music with virtually no spoken dialogue in between the songs. Dance is also a key element in the musical especially during the 10 minute Jellicle Ball dance sequence. The set, consisting of an oversized junk yard, remains the same throughout the show without any scene changes. Lloyd Webber's eclecticism is very strong here; musical genres range from classical to pop, music hall, jazz, rock and electro-acoustic music as well as hymnal songs such as "The Addressing of Cats".
Cats premiered in the West End at the New London Theatre on 11 May 1981. There was trouble initially as Judi Dench, cast in the role of Grizabella, snapped her achilles tendon during rehearsals prior to the London opening. The role of Grizabella was subsequently taken over by Elaine Paige, who only had 3 days of rehearsal before beginning previews. The role was beefed up for Paige and the song "Memory" (originally to be sung by Geraldine Gardner in the role of the red cat Bombalurina) was given to Paige. The musical was produced by Cameron Mackintosh and Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Group, directed by Trevor Nunn, with associate director and choreographer Gillian Lynne, design by John Napier, and lighting by David Hersey. It played a total of 8,949 performances in London. Its final performance in London's West End was on its 21st birthday, 11 May 2002, and broadcast on a large screen in Covent Garden to the delight of fans who could not acquire a ticket for the final performance. It held the record as London's longest running musical until 8 October 2006, when it was surpassed by Les Misérables.

The original 1981 London cast of Cats.
The show made its debut on Broadway on 8 October 1982, at the Winter Garden Theatre with the same production team. On 19 June 1997, Cats became the longest-running musical in Broadway history with 6,138 performances. It closed on 10 September 2000, after a total of 7,485 performances. Its Broadway record was surpassed on 9 January 2006 by The Phantom of the Opera. It remains Broadway's second longest-running show in history. Lloyd Webber stated that when the original show was produced, it cost £900,000, but on Broadway, it cost $5,000,000.[1]
In 1998, Lloyd Webber produced a video version of Cats, based upon the stage version, starring Elaine Paige, who originated the role of Grizabella in London; Ken Page, who originated Old Deuteronomy on Broadway; Sir John Mills as Gus; Michael Gruber as Munkustrap; John Partridge as The Rum Tum Tugger; Jo Gibb as Rumpelteazer with many of the dancers and singers drawn largely from various stage productions of the show.[2] It was directed by David Mallet, with choreography and musical staging by the show's respected original creator Gillian Lynne in London's Adelphi Theatre, and was released on VHS and DVD, as well as broadcast on television worldwide. Andrew Lloyd Webber and others on the production team for the film wanted to keep the feeling that viewers watching the film could still get the sense of seeing the show live, by having all views be facing the stage, therefore, getting multiple views of the set, with several close-ups. Beyond the productions in England, the U.S., Canada, and Australia, the musical has been produced professionally in Hungary, Austria, and Japan, 1983; Sydney and Toronto, 1985; Germany, 1986; France, 1989; Mexico, 1991; Netherlands, 1992; Argentina, 1993; Hong Kong, 1994; Spain, 2003; Poland and Czech Republic, 2004; Russia and Estonia, 2005; Israel, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, China and Finland, 2007; Singapore, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, China, Italy, Bulgaria and Japan, 2009; and Brazil and the Philippines, 2010. Cats has been translated into over 20 languages.[3]
A West End revival of Cats is being planned for 2013,[4] along with a rumored Broadway revival.[citation needed] It was announced on August 3, 2012 that a UK tour of the show will open on February 9, 2013, at the Edinburgh Playhouse.[5]
[edit]Detailed synopsis

[edit]Act I — When Cats Are Maddened by the Midnight Dance
After the overture, the Cats gather on stage and explain the Jellicle tribe and their purpose (Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats). The Cats (who constantly break the fourth wall, in the musical) spot the human audience and explain how the different Cats of the tribe are named (The Naming of Cats). This is followed by a dance from Victoria the White Cat that signals the beginning of the Jellicle Ball (The Invitation To The Jellicle Ball) and Munkustrap tells us that tonight is the night when Old Deuteronomy will choose a cat to be reborn into a new life on the Heaviside Layer.
Munkustrap appears and introduces Jennyanydots (The Old Gumbie Cat), a large tabby cat. She "sits and sits and sits" all day, while at night she rules over the mice and cockroaches, teaching various activities to them. Jennyanydots finishes, greets the other cats, but is interrupted. The music instantly changes, and The Rum Tum Tugger makes an extravagant entrance (The Rum Tum Tugger). The Tugger is a Tom with a wild mane and leopard spots on his chest. He is very fickle and unappeasable, "for he will do as he do do and there's no doing anything about it".
A shabby old grey cat stumbles out and looks around. It is Grizabella. All the cats back away. The cats sing of her saddened, unfortunate state (Grizabella: The Glamour Cat). Grizabella leaves and the music changes to a cheerful upbeat. Bustopher Jones, a fat cat in "a coat of fastidious black", appears (Bustopher Jones: The Cat About Town). Bustopher Jones is among the elite of the cats, and visits prestigious gentleman's clubs. A loud crash startles the tribe. Could this be Macavity? The cats run off the stage in fright. Hushed giggling signals the entrance of Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, a pair of near-identical cats. They are petty burglars, very mischievous, and they enjoy causing trouble for human families (Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer).
Finally, the Jellicle patriarch, Old Deuteronomy, shows up (Old Deuteronomy). He is a large old Cat that "has lived many lives" and "married nine wives (And more, I am tempted to say – ninety-nine)". He is the one who will choose which Jellicle cat will go to the Heaviside Layer. In most productions, at this point, the cats perform a song (The Awful Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles) for Old Deuteronomy. It is a story about two dog tribes clashing in the street and subsequently being scared away by the Great Rumpus Cat, a cat with flashing red eyes. After a few words from Old Deuteronomy on the destiny of Jellicle Cats and Pollicle Dogs, a second loud crash, presumably from Macavity, sends the alarmed cats scurrying. But Old Deuteronomy calls them back and the main celebration begins (The Jellicle Ball), in which the cats sing, dance and display their "terpsichorean powers".
After the Ball, Grizabella reappears and tries to dance, but her age and decrepit condition prevent her from doing so. Once again, she is shunned by the other cats, but that does not stop her from singing a short version of Memory.
[edit]Act II — Why Will the Summer Day Delay — When Will Time Flow Away?
After the Jellicle Ball, Old Deuteronomy sings of "what happiness is", referring to Grizabella. This message naturally goes over everyone's heads, so he sends the message again and Jemima (or Sillabub, depending on the production) sings it for everyone to hear, (The Moments of Happiness). Gus — short for Asparagus — shuffles forward ('Gus: The Theatre Cat'). He is the cat that once was a famous actor but now he is old and "suffers from palsy which makes his paws shake". He is accompanied by Jellylorum, who tells of his exploits. Gus then remembers how he once played the infamous Growltiger, Terror of the Thames (Growltiger's Last Stand). He tells the story about the pirate's romance with Griddlebone and how he was overtaken by the Siamese and forced to walk the plank.
Back in the present, after Gus exits, Skimbleshanks is sleeping in the corner (Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat), a cat who is unofficially in charge of the night train to Glasgow. He is very clever and very important because if he is gone "the train can’t start". Within his song, a whole locomotive train engine is assembled out of objects in the junkyard, with various cats spinning wheels, holding up the structure and lighting the headlights.
With a third crash and an evil laugh, the "most wanted" cat, Macavity appears. He is a "master criminal" and never is found at the scene of the crime. He is a horrifying looking cat and a "villain" of the Jellicle Tribe. Macavity's minions throw a net over Old Deuteronomy and capture him. As the other cats try to follow him, Demeter and Bombalurina sing what they know about Macavity, as they have had some sort of past with him (Macavity: The Mystery Cat). When they are finished, Macavity returns disguised as Old Deuteronomy. When revealed by Demeter, he fights with Munkustrap and Alonzo. Though he holds his own for a time, Macavity is overwhelmed by the two younger tomcats; as the rest of the tribe begins to gang up and surround him, he shorts out the stage lights and escapes in the confusion.
Rum Tum Tugger suggests that the cats find Mr. Mistoffelees (Magical Mr. Mistoffelees). Mr. Mistoffelees is black and small and can perform many feats of magic that no other cat can do. Mr. Mistoffelees performs his dance, which is often one of the most intricate and challenging dance solos in the show. The magical cat restores the lights and brings back Old Deuteronomy, earning praise from all the cats. The Jellicle choice can now be made.
After Old Deuteronomy sits down, Grizabella returns to the junkyard and he allows her to address the gathering. Her faded appearance and lonely disposition have little effect on her song (Memory). With acceptance and encouragement from Jemima and Victoria, her appeal succeeds and she is chosen to be the one to go to the Heaviside Layer and be reborn to a new Jellicle Life. (Journey to the Heaviside Layer). A large tire rises from the junk piles, carrying Grizabella and Old Deuteronomy partway toward the sky; he then steps off so she can finish the journey on her own. Old Deuteronomy gives his closing speech to the human audience (The Ad-dressing of Cats) and the show comes to a close.
Cats Wallpapers Download 
Cats Wallpapers Download 
Cats Wallpapers Download 
Cats Wallpapers Download
 Cats Wallpapers Download 
Cats Wallpapers Download 
Cats Wallpapers Download 
Cats Wallpapers Download 
Cats Wallpapers Download 
Cats Wallpapers Download 
Cats Wallpapers Download 
Cats Wallpapers Download 
Cats Wallpapers Download

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          The Legendary Vampire        
The Legendary Vampire

In some form or another the Vampire has been a part of most the cultures in the world, but as most people would think, part of ancient legends and lore. The word Vampire itself is derived from the Russian word Vampir, pi being the verb to drink. Put most simply, a vampire is a dead person who returns in physical or spirit form and drinks blood of animals or humans to continue their existence. People said to most likely become vampires are magicians, people who are werewolves, the excommunicated, people who have committed suicide, murderers and those attacked by vampires, die and become vampires.

In Europe, the Vampire legends have been most strongly believed in (before Bram Stoker's book, Dracula) by the Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe, although there are cases of Vampirism in Medieval England and France. From 1730-35 Hungary, the Balkans, Poland, Bulgaria and Bohemia (now the Czech Republic) had a Vampire Epidemic, an accusation that was never proved (most possibly caused by an outbreak by Cholera, due to the fact many cholera victims were buried prematurely and tried to escape from their coffin, a sign of vampirism). The United States itself has had many outbreaks of Vampirism in New England as in 1854, 1888, and 1890, all again attributed to cholera.

The legendary vampire of Europe's most notable features are extreme paleness, finger marks around a seemingly freshly dug grave, an allergic reaction to sunlight (sunlight usually kills them), a swollen and gorged appearance if the vampire has just feed upon blood, no signs of the corruption of the body even years after the burial and the lack of rigor mortis. The vampire must attack and drink the blood of other people, usually biting their jugular vein in the neck and drinking much of their victim's blood. The victim of a vampire usually dies from the lack of blood and in turn becomes a vampire themselves, after death. Vampires are said to have eternal youth and life, the only cost being they must drink blood every night to sustain themselves, stay away from the sunlight, which kills a vampire instantly because they have no soul (not a common part of the folklore until about the mid 19th century, before then vampires were thought to be able to walk amongst "normal" people during the day).

The most common way of killing a vampire is to take the body out of its coffin, removing and burning its heart, beheading it and impaling the corpse with a wooden stake made of any wood except pine, which is a symbol is everlasting life due to the fact the pine never loses its leaves.

Vampires have been the stuff of pop culture since 1896, when Bram Stoker wrote the novel, Dracula. When vampires are thought of most people think of the actor Bela Lugosi and his portrayal of the Count Dracula for the film of 1932, and the basis of thousands of films, novels, TV shows, games and radio shows for years. Since the late 1970's a youth sub-culture has grown up around the vampire, called Goth, which idolizes the vampire in every possible way and has been unjustly blamed for several outbreaks of youth violence in the United States in the last several years.

Most people think that the Vampire is the stuff of horror movies, legends and stories, however, some living people exist that show certain traits of vampirism, called psychic vampires.
source :

          Pirate Utopia        
Pirate Utopia
author: Bruce Sterling
name: Mark
average rating: 3.33
book published: 2016
rating: 3
read at: 2017/03/25
date added: 2017/03/25
Pirate Utopia
Author: Bruce Sterling
Publisher: Tachyon Publications
Published In: San Francsico, CA
Date: 2016
Pgs: 187


The futurist pirates of the small Regency of Carnaro are rising. The scourge of the Adriatic Sea are about to take their place on the world stage and Europe...the World is never going to be the same. World War 1 veterans, engineers, raiders, communists, capitalists, fascists, aristocrats, spies and their masters, prophets, warriors, poets, traitors, all come together in Carnaro. Ruthlessness clothed in steampunk with an eye toward the future. Robert E Howard, H P Lovecraft, and Harry Houdini, agents of the American Secret Service are on the job.
Science Fiction
Alternate History

Why this book:
Saw Sterling’s name. Read the blurb. And my brain asked me, “WTF?”

Favorite Character:
Secondari’s single handed attack on the armored car and the not-so-committed Communists who were attempting to threaten his Croat factory pirates outside the silent movie theater...yes, that reads factory pirates. No, I’m not going to explain. Which is kind of how this book is.

Secondari is crazy. Can’t tell if this is all his vivid fever dream or if it's really happening to him. The seance medic from Turin calling his ghost back to his body after he is wounded in a WW1 battle that Italy loses. And while he is convalescing Italy wins a decisive battle forcing Austria-Hungary from the war.

Secondari is a confusing character; both old man and young man, man of action and wounded warrior, pirate engineer and secret policeman, doting father figure and bloodthirsty revolutionary.

The Feel:
The disdain that all the characters seem to hold all the other characters in is palpable and awesome; from the theater ticket seller to the Corporate Syndicalist to everyone else, just awesome.

This is a weird damn book.

Favorite Scene / Quote:
“All the leaders of Occupied Fiume are geniuses, but all the geniuses had to pay to watcher her movies, anyway.”

“Inflation raged through Italy. The peacetime Kingdom of Italy was half graveyard and half clearing-sale. ...His own family doubted what he told them(of the war and his death and rebirth). They insulted him with their pity. Angry scenes ensued--especially with his older brother…(who thought) Those who fired the weapons did not prosper. Those who built the weapons had done well by the Great War. ...He(Secondari) could not stay in the city that would shelter such a man. He would have to find a holocaust city, a place fit for himself.” This was a great page. Secondari is much better defined after this page. Prior, he just seemed a crazed old coot. Now, he appears a delusional megalomaniac with his repeated references to his being a Nietzschean Superman, too good for the world around him.

The text has an odd energy to it and a frenetic pace.

Hmm Moments:
Many of the people and places used in this story actually existed, though they have been tweaked off their historical perches.

Factory pirates...interesting.

Sedonari seeing himself as a futurist because he saw Italy’s future as being a great war instead of in putting the just completed Great War behind them. Of course, he also sees himself as a futurist because he embraces the polyglot of Fiume political and cultural mores. And because he’s a arms maker who dreams of airborne torpedoes.

I wonder if Fiume’s Futurism wins the day as it looks down its nose at all the plethora of other movements that are making the Free City home.

Secondari and The Ace’s discussion of Woodrow Wilson’s stroke, the failure of The League of Nations, and the ascension of Colonel House reeks of Machiavelli as they contemplate their future and give themselves new titles and uniforms. I never realized that Wilson actually had a stroke in that timeframe and that House did step in as a shadow president.

Russian Marxist-Leninism is mirroring in this story. Anarcho-Syndicalism has a leading Prophet and a secret police force striking out at the wealthy bourgeoisie of Fiume.

When the Italians go home, the soldiers of fortune and stateless refugees come in, it reminds me of the pre and during WW2 era Casablanca.

Playing on the Marxist-Leninist paradigm, I wonder if Secondari is Stalin, with The Prophet as Lenin, and The Ace as Trotsky.

Lovecraft and Howard are more propagandist and provocateur than spy.

The real Prophet and Ace did free Fiume from Yugoslavia after the League and ruled over an anarchist city-state for fifteen months. The story does take a hard turn into science fiction, alternate history, and pastiche. Wilson, Hitler, and Mussolini dying much earlier than they did in our timeline. Scientific discoveries and projects occurring earlier in this timelilne than in ours.

Missed Opportunity:
With as well done and characterized as this was, it deserved a better ending.


Last Page Sound:
What? With the twisted way this was formated and formed, I wasn’t expecting a standard ending. But this leaves us in an odd place. Maybe “Say What” even more than What?.

Author Assessment:
I love how this was written. Just wish the story would have been...more.

Editorial Assessment:
Love the story, just wish an editor would have pushed for more story and an ending.

Knee Jerk Reaction:
glad I read it

Disposition of Book:
Irving Public Library
Irving, TX
South Campus

Dewey Decimal System:

Would recommend to:
genre fans

          Happy Birthday Dürer        
Albrecht Dürer was a painter, printmaker, and theorist of the German Renaissance. Born in Nuremberg on 21st May 1471, he was the third child and second son of his parents, who had at least fourteen and possibly as many as eighteen children. His father, Albrecht Dürer the Elder, was a successful goldsmith, who in 1455 had moved to Nuremberg from Ajtós, near Gyula in Hungary.

Dürer established his reputation and influence across Europe when he was still in his twenties due to his high-quality woodcut prints.   He died on 6 April 1528, also at Nuremberg, Germany.

Some Durer Quotes:-

Some think that they know everybody, but they really don't know themselves.
Albrecht Durer

Love and delight are better teachers than compulsion.
Albrecht Durer

What beauty is, I know not, though it adheres to many things.
Albrecht Durer

Dürer created large numbers of preparatory drawings, especially for his paintings and engravings, and many survive, most famously the Betende Hände (Praying Hands) from circa 1508, a study for an apostle in the Heller altarpiece. Dürer created the drawing using the technique of white heightening and black ink on (self-made) blue colored paper. The drawing shows a close up of two male hands clasped together praying. Also, the partly rolled up sleeves are seen.

(This copy of the drawing was given to me 
on my 21st birthday by my then girlfriend.)

The drawing was planned to occupy the central panel of the triptych installed in Frankfurt, which was later destroyed by a fire in 1729.  The drawing also once contained a sketch of the apostle's head, but the sheet with the head has been separated from it. Overall, Dürer made 18 sketches for the altarpiece. The image is thought probably to depict Dürer's own hands.
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Is No deposit available on mobile: Yes


Restricted countries for the casino: Estonia, Spain, France, Italy, United States, Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Islamic Republic Of, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic, Latvia, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russian Federation, Singapore, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, Turkey, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Australia

          Exclusive August $500 Freeroll Tournament at Lucky Creek, Mandarin Palace, Treasure Mile, Grand Eagle, WizBet        


Lucky Creek, Mandarin Palace, Treasure Mile, Grand Eagle, WizBet - Exclusive Weekly Tourney

New and Existing Players - US OK

Guaranteed prize pool: $500

Top 20 players win the prize.

Tournament name: LCB Sunday Slots Tournament

Games: Arcadia i3D, Buckin Broncos, Horn of Plenty, Road Trip Max Ways, Yeti Hunt i3D

How to participate: Existing players need to log to their account, new players need to sign up at Lucky Creek >HERE<, Mandarin Palace >HERE<, Treasure Mile >HERE<, Grand Eagle >HERE<, WizBet >HERE< register for the tournament and use the bonus code.

Bonus code: LCBSLOTS

Registration open from 1st August 2017

Tournament starts: 6th August 2017 at 7 pm EDT

Duration: The tourney will run for 2 hours 30 mins

Credits allocated: 2300

Top 10 Prizes:

1st prize: 80

2nd prize: 60

3rd prize: 55

4th prize: 45

5th prize: 40

6th prize: 35

7th prize: 30

8th prize: 25

9th prize: 20

10th prize: 15

Please note: The tournament is only available to players playing in USD currency

The following countries are restricted at the casinos: Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Romania, Russian Federation, South Africa, French Southern Territories.

Good luck! cards cool

          Superior Casino Exclusive August 100$ Freeroll Tournament        

Superior Casino - Exclusive freeroll tourney this August only for LCB members


New and existing players

Prizepool: $100

Tournament name: Arabian Tales Tournament

How to participate: Players need to sign up from our LINK, go to Cashier, click on 'Promotions' and redeem the promotion called “$10 FREEROLL Tournament (on Arabian Tales)”. Access the game (on any platform) to play your $10 Free and begin earning tournament points.

Game: Arabian Tales

Available on mobile: Yes

Available on download or instant play version: Both

Start date: 1st August 2017

End date: 31st August 2017


-To enter the tournament above you must redeem the exclusive $10 free available in the cashier
- Players can only play on 1 slot game (no progressives) throughout the use of the $10 free
- $10 free needs to be wagered 1 x
- Only wagers made while the promotion is active on allowed games count toward the tournament.
- Add-ons: If you make a deposit before reaching a balance of $0.00, then the promotion will remain active and you can continue earning tournament points with your deposit.
- For every US$1 wager you get 1 Prize Point. (Wagers in other currencies will be converted at the daily exchange rate to US dollars).
- The leaderboard will be displayed HERE - use the password to unlock the page.

Password: sc-lcb 


1st Place: $50
2nd Place: $30
3rd Place: $20

Restricted countries for the tournament: Bulgaria, Belarus, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Croatia, Finland, Indonesia, Lithuania, Latvia, Montenegro, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Russian Federation, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia.

Have fun and good luck! cards 777

          Vegas Crest Exclusive Sign Up Bonus        

Vegas Crest Casino - Exclusive First Deposit Bonus

New players only - US OK!

Amount: 300% up to $1000

How to claim the bonus: Players need to register from our LINK, make their 1st deposit by choosing deposit “With Bonus”. The bonus will be credited automatically.

WR: 30 x b x d

Minimum deposit: $25

Mo max cashout

Game contribution to the wagering requirements: Slots 100%, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, Video poker 10%.

Cashable bonus: Yes

Available on mobile: Yes

Exclusive promo expires: 31st December 2017

The following countries are restricted at the casino: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan,Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic,East Timor, Estonia, Georgia, Ghana, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Islamic Republic Of, Iraq,Israel, Kazakstan, Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of, Kyrgyzstan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Serbia, Montenegro, Singapore, Slovakia, Somalia, Spain, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, Province Of China, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, UK, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

          Casino Max Exclusive No Deposit Bonus        

Casino Max is a new brand launched by the previous owners of Club World Casinos. We have set up this exclusive for you LCB'ers, give them a try and we hope you enjoy!

New players only - US Ok!

Available on mobile and desktop

Amount: $40

How to claim: Players need to sign up from our LINK -  Redeem code LCB40 in the cashier.

Bonus code: LCB40

WR (wagering requirements): 35x

Max cashout: $200

Restricted Countries from this bonus: Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.

Restricted games: Slots only (no progressives allowed)

Once credited when does the bonus expire: No

Offer expires: Until further notice

Max bet amount for no deposit bonuses? Depends what game but there is no max bet set

Need to register credit card to claim no deposit?: No

Payment Verification deposit needed in order to cashout winnings?: Yes

Is the bonus cashable? No

Is the ND available on download &/or instant play version? Both



310% up to $3,100 + 200 Free spins

Exclusive bonus Code: LCB310


          Casino Max promotions and bonuses        

Sign Up Bonus - Slots:              300% up to $ 3000

Sign Up Bonus - Table Games: 150% up to $ 1500

Certain countries are excluded from first deposit Welcome Offer and non-deposit bonus offers (Armenia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Philippines, Turkey, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania).

Details: Casino Max Bonuses Review

          SlotsInc Casino No Deposit        

Casino site:

I've found another Progressplay Casino..

"Restricted Territories" shall mean the following countries: Belgium, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and the United States of America and additional jurisdictions blocked by the Company at its sole discretion.

Choose one of this 3 offers when registering as new player!

This promotion is valid until 1st August 2017 23.59 GMT and is only valid once per account / IP address.

Spinata Grande Free Spins: 

1. Register a new account with promotion code “SG25” - and receive 25 Free Spins upon activation.

Starburst Free Spins: 

2. Register a new account with promotion code “STAR50” - and receive 50 Free Spins upon activation.

Dazzle me Free Spins:  

3. Register a new account with promotion code “DM25” - and receive 25 Free Spins upon activation.

This promotion is valid until 1st August 2017 23.59 GMT and is only valid once per account / IP address.

Other Terms:

• The wager requirement is set to 50 times the amount before any withdrawal can be made.
• Deposit is required before any withdrawal can be requested.
• Free Play Bonuses cannot be withdrawn or redeemed for cash.
• Any winnings generated from the Free Play Bonuses are awarded only after all Free Play Bonuses have been played.
• Total winnings from free spins may not exceed £€$20 or 200kr.
• Any additional winnings from free spins will be considered nil and cancelled.
• Excluded countries for no deposit offer are Poland, Belarus and Romania.
• Canadian Players may not redeem free spins on any NetEnt Games.
• The wager requirement for bonuses shall be met within seven (7) days, otherwise the free spins and winnings from the free spins will be forfeited.
General Bonus, Terms and conditions apply.

          InstaCasino Exclusive First Deposit Bonus        

InstaCasino - Exclusive First Deposit Bonus

Amount: 200% up to 100 EUR + 50 free spins on Spinions

How to claim the bonus: Players need to sign up from our LINK, make the first deposit of €10 or more and enter the bonus code shown below.

Bonus code: LCBonus

WR: 45xb

Minimum deposit: €10

Max cashout: No

Restricted games: All Live Casino tables, Super Monopoly Money, Ragnarok, Scrooge, Devil's Delight, Champion of the Track, Robin Hood, The Wish Master, Castle Builder, Tower Quest, Pearls of India, Dead or Alive, Forsaken Kingdom, Gemix, Royal Masquerade, 1429 Uncharted Seas, Aliens, Tomb Raider- Secret of the Sword, Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde, Eye of the Kraken, Rage to Riches, Bonus Keno, Gunslinger, Peek-a-Boo, EggOmatic, Big Bang, Golden Jungle, Untamed Crowned Eagle, Untamed Bengal Tiger, Untamed Giant Panda, Untamed Wolf Pack, Pinocchio, Stardust, Double Dragons, Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Vikings go Berzerk.

Cashable bonus: Yes

Available on mobile: Yes 

Restricted countries for the bonus:  Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovakia, Latvia and Thailand

Exclusive promo expires: 30th October 2017

Restricted countries for the bonus: Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovakia, Latvia and Thailand

Restricted countries for the casino: American Samoa, Cyprus, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands), Afghanistan, Algeria, Belgium, Bouvet Island, British Indian Ocean Territory, Bulgaria, Comoros, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Greenland, Guam, Holy See (Vatican City State), Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland (sports betting prohibited), Israel, Italy, Jordan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Montenegro, Myanmar, New Caledonia, Nigeria, Pakistan, State of Palestine, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Somalia, South Africa, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, South Sudan, Spain, Sudan, Syria, The Faroe Islands, Turkey, Western Sahara, Yemen, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Benin, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bonaire; Sint Eustatius and Saba, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Costa Rica, Congo, Congo; Democratic Republic of, Cook Islands, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Curacao, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Equitorial Guinea, Eritrea, Fiji, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Kenya, Kiribati, Kyrgyzstan, Lao People’s Republic, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Mali, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mauritius, Micronesia, Montserrat, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Niue, Norfolk Island, Oman, Palau, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn, Rwanda, Saint Helena; Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & Grenadines, Samoa, Sao Tome & Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sint Maarten, Solomon Islands, Suriname, Swaziland, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tokelau, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Turks & Caicos, Tuvalu, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Virgin Islands; British, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

          Dream Jackpot Casino No Deposit        

Greetings LCB'ers,

Are u bored? Maybe i've got something for you to enjoy today! :)

Casino :

No Deposit : 25 Free spins at any netent slot!

Live chat support Holly said this to me:

Please load one of the Netent games to claim your 25 free spins such as Steam Tower, Dracula, Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, Dazzle me or Spinata Grande.

As soon as the game loads, the free spins will be ready for you to enjoy!

The max bet is 5 EUR.

Please note that the wagering requirement will only start once you have made your first deposit at the casino. If you make your first deposit and choose no match offer, you will have to wager the bonus balance in your account at the time of deposit x 35 before the bonus balance in your account will become part of your cash balance and you will be able to withdraw.

4.2 Restricted Countries
Dream Jackpot cannot open accounts, or process bets or financial transactions, for individuals residing in: Afghanistan, Algeria, American Samoa, Angola, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Guam, Guyana, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic, Latvia, Malta, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sao Tome and Principe, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Vietnam, Virgin Islands (U.S.), Yemen, Zimbabwe.

4.3 Additional Restricted Countries for Progressive Jackpots
The following countries are not eligible to play progressive jackpot games, and any winnings of any of the Jackpots will be voided, they are Australia, Azerbaijan, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Tunisia and Ukraine.

Pleas read terms here:

Good luck! :)

          CLOSED: Exclusive July $500 Freeroll Tournament at Lucky Creek, Mandarin Palace, Treasure Mile, Grand Eagle, WizBet        


Lucky Creek, Mandarin Palace, Treasure Mile, Grand Eagle, WizBet - Exclusive Weekly Tourney

New and Existing Players - US OK

Guaranteed prize pool: $500

Top 20 players win the prize.

Tournament name: LCB Saturday Slots Tournament

Games: Aladdins Loot, Elemental7, Le Chocolatier, Lucky Leprechauns, Wild Wizards

How to participate: Existing players need to log to their account, new players need to sign up at Lucky Creek >HERE<, Mandarin Palace >HERE<, Treasure Mile >HERE<, Grand Eagle >HERE<, WizBet >HERE< register for the tournament and use the bonus code.

Bonus code: LCBSLOTS

Registration open from 3rd July 2017

Tournament starts: 8th July 2017 at 7 pm EDT

Duration: The tourney will run for 2 hours

Credits allocated: 1500

Top 10 Prizes:

1st prize: 95

2nd prize: 70

3rd prize: 65

4th prize: 60

5th prize: 55

6th prize: 50

7th prize: 45

8th prize: 40

9th prize: 35

10th prize: 30

Please note: The tournament is only available to players playing in USD currency

The following countries are restricted at the casinos: Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Romania, Russian Federation, South Africa, French Southern Territories.

Good luck! dice money

          CLOSED: Superior Casino Exclusive July 100$ Freeroll Tournament        

Superior Casino - Exclusive July freeroll tourney only for LCB members


Prizepool: $100

Tournament name: Vintage Vegas Tournament

How to participate: Players need to sign up from our LINK, go to Cashier, click on 'Promotions' and redeem the promotion called “$10 FREEROLL Tournament (on Vintage Vegas)”. Access the game (on any platform) to play your $10 Free and begin earning tournament points.

Game: Vintage Vegas

Available on mobile: Yes

Available on download or instant play version: Both

Start date: 3rd July 2017

End date: 31st July 2017


-To enter the tournament above you must redeem the exclusive $10 free available in the cashier
- Players can only play on 1 slot game (no progressives) throughout the use of the $10 free
- $10 free needs to be wagered 1 x
- Only wagers made while the promotion is active on allowed games count toward the tournament.
- Add-ons: If you make a deposit before reaching a balance of $0.00, then the promotion will remain active and you can continue earning tournament points with your deposit.
- For every US$1 wager you get 1 Prize Point. (Wagers in other currencies will be converted at the daily exchange rate to US dollars).
- The leaderboard will be displayed HERE - use the password to unlock the page.

Password: sc-lcb 


1st Place: $50
2nd Place: $30
3rd Place: $20

Restricted countries for the tournament: Bulgaria, Belarus, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Croatia, Finland, Indonesia, Lithuania, Latvia, Montenegro, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Russian Federation, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia.

Have fun and good luck! smiley money

          CLOSED: Casino Extreme Exclusive July $175 Freeroll Tournament        

Casino Extreme - Exclusive $175 Freeroll Tourney this July only for LCBers


Prizepool: $175

Available on Download version only!

Must have an account in USD- YES

Tournament name: EXTREMELCB

Top 5 places win the prize ($35 per player)

How to participate: Players need to sign up through our LINK and enter the password.



Entry fee: Free!

Start date: 1st July 2017

End date: 31st July 2017

Add-on: free (35 times)

Re-buy: free (5 time)

Max cashout: 2 x value of the prize (1 x wagering of the prize value)

Available on mobile? No

Please note: For new members of the Casino Extreme deposit is required prior to withdrawal (to confirm account). Only one non-entry free tournament / free promotion is allowed between deposits. Tournament prizes claimed by players that have not yet deposited at Casino Extreme will be considered as if part of a no-deposit promotion and will be subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Restricted countries: Bulgaria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Croatia, Indonesia, Lithuania, Latvia, Montenegro, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Russian Federation, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia.

Good luck! money

          Casdep and Fantasino Casino join the LCB Shop        

Hi everyone!

More great news is coming from the LCB Shop. We have two new items ready for you!

Fantasino Casino

20 Free Spins on Starburst Slot

Deposit in the last 30 days to qualify for your first set of spins. Deposit in between for second and subsequent sets of spins. Deposits can be used in conjunction with welcome bonus offers.

Available once per week

Wager winnings: 40x

Max cashout: €50

Restricted countries: Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mauritius, Moldova, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan,Philippines, Poland,Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam

Casdep Casino

€10 Free Chip

Available to new and existing players. Deposit to qualify for your first chip and deposit in between for second and subsequent chips.

Can be claimed ONCE per month.

Allowed games: Any Game under the 'Casino Red' tab.

Wager: 80X

Max Cashout: €50

Available only to the folllowing countries: Austria, Australia, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland

          Joo Casino Exclusive Sign up Bonus        

Joo Casino – Exclusive Sign up Bonus

New players only – No US!

Amount: 150% up to 350 EUR/USD/20.000 RUB/3300 SEK/0.5 BTC plus 50 Free Spins

How to claim the bonus:  Players need to sign up through our LINK and make a minimum deposit.  The bonus will be added automatically.

WR: 50 x B

Minimum deposit: 20.00 EUR, 20.00 USD, 1,500.00 RUB, and 0.05000000 BTC

Max cashout:  No

Restricted games: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Lucky Angler, Big Bang, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Forsaken Kingdom, The Wish Master, Scrooge, Secret of the Stones, Simsalabim, Devil's Delight, Champion of the Track, Robin Hood, Tomb Raider 2, Castle Builder, Bloodsuckers, Kings of Chicago, Jackpot 6000 and Mega Joker

Free spins available for games:  SlotomonGo, Domnitors, Platinum Lightning.  Bonus is not available for Jackpot games.

Game type contribution to wagering: Table Games – Baccarat, Blackjack, Hi-Lo – 5% (excluding live games), Video Poker – 5%, Roulette and Poker – 5% (excluding live games), Jackpot games – 0%, Slots – 100%

Cashable bonus: Yes

Available on mobile: Yes

Exclusive promo expires: Until further notice

Restricted countries for the bonus: USA, UK, Spain, Israel, Romania, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Middle east (Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq with its autonomous Kurdistan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen), Africa, Mongolia.

          CLOSED: Grand Eagle Exclusive Father’s Day No Deposit Bonus        

Grand Eagle - Exclusive Father’s Day No Deposit Bonus

New and existing players: US OK!

Amount: $55

How to claim the bonus: New players need to sign up through our LINK and enter the bonus code LCBDAD. Existing players need to use a bonus code.

Bonus code: LCBDAD

WR: 40 x

Max cashout: $100

Game contribution to the wagering requirements: Slots: 100%, Roulette 50%, Baccarat 25%, Video Poker 10%, Blackjack 5%.

Please note: All offers are valid for 1 claim per player as per the respective casino brand. All offers are available in USD$, C$, Euro €, NOK, SEK, DKK.

Min deposit needed in order to cash out winnings: $20

Exclusive promos expire: 19th June 2017

Countries that are not eligible to claim any free bonus offers or free spin offers where no deposit is required. If such an offer is claimed any player from these countries that submits a subsequent withdrawal will have their winnings voided. However, players from these countries may claim a free offer after they have made a successful deposit on their account.
Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominica, Estonia, French Polynesia, Georgia, Guadeloupe, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macao, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tadzbikistan, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

Restricted countries for the casinos: Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Romania, Russian Federation, South Africa.

          Kings Win Casino No Deposit

5 euro no deposit for account registration

Make an account on KingsWin and receive 20 free spins in our special slot game called “The Slotfather 2”! (currently freespins are not available, therefore it will be replaced with free money bonus 5 EUR or 5 mBTC) (wager requirements x60 / max withdrawal limit 50 EUR / 50 mBTC) - No deposits required to receive free spins. - It's not allowed to have multiple accounts on KingsWin. - Read carefully our bonus terms and conditions.

Players from the following countries are not eligible for the no deposit free spins: Albania (AL), Algeria (DZ), Angola (AO), Austria (AT), Bahrain (BH), Bangladesh (BD), Belarus (BY), Benin (BJ), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA), Botswana (BW), Bulgaria (BG), Burundi (BI), Cameroon (CM), Cape Verde (CV), Chad (TD), Comoros (KM), Croatia (HR), Czech Republic (CZ), Côte d’Ivoire (CI), Djibouti (DJ), Egypt (EG), Equatorial Guinea (GQ), Eritrea (ER), Ethiopia (ET), Gabon (GA), Gambia (GM), Georgia (GE), Ghana (GH), Great Britain (GB), Greece (GR), Guinea (GN), Guinea-Bissau (GW), Hungary (HU), India (IN), Indonesia (ID), Iran (IR), Iraq (IQ), Islamic Republic of (IR), Jordan (JO), Kenya (KE), Kuwait (KW), Lebanon (LB), Lesotho (LS), Liberia (LR), Macedonia Republic of (MK), Madagascar (MG), Malawi (MW), Malaysia (MY), Mali (ML), Mauritania (MR), Mauritius (MU), Moldova Republic of (MD), Mongolia (MN), Montenegro (ME), Morocco (MA), Mozambique (MZ), Namibia (NA), Nepal (NP), Niger (NE), Nigeria (NG), Oman (OM), Pakistan (PK), Palestine State of (PS), Philippines (PH), Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Russian Federation (RU), Rwanda (RW), Sao Tome and Principe (ST), Senegal (SN), Serbia (RS), Seychelles (SC), Sierra Leone (SL), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SI), Somalia (SO), South Sudan (SS), Sudan (SD), Swaziland (SZ), Syrian Arab Republic (SY), Tanzania United Republic of (TZ), Thailand (TH), Togo (TG), Tunisia (TN), Uganda (UG), Ukraine (UA), United Arab Emirates (AE), United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (US), Vietnam (VN), Yemen (YE), Zambia (ZM) and Zimbabwe (ZW).

          Fantasino Exclusive Sign Up Bonus        

Fantasino Exclusive First Deposit Bonus

New players only - No US!

Amount: 150% up to €75

How to claim the bonus: Payers need to sign up from our LINK and the bonus will be added automatically. 

WR; 30 x b x d

Minimum deposit: €20

No max cash out

Restricted games: All Jackpot games, Jackpot 6000, Mega Joker, Aliens, Koi Princess, Blood Suckers, Dead or Alive, Double Dragons, Kings of Chicago, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, 1429 Uncharted Seas, Game of Thrones (15 lines), Spring Break, Ladies Nite, Eye of the Kraken, Tower Quest, Lucky Angler, Big Bang, Forsaken Kingdom, The Wish Master, Scrooge, Devil's Delight, Champion of the Track, Super Nudge 6000, Robin Hood - Shifting Riches, Pearls of India, , Peek-a-Boo, Royal Masquerade, Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider 2, Castle Builder, Untamed Bengal Tiger, Untamed Giant Panda, Untamed Wolf Pack, Untamed Crowned Eagle, Loaded, Thunderstruck, Egyptian Heroes, Wild Turkey, Lights, South Park and Jack and the Beanstalk.

Cashable bonus: Yes

Available on mobile: Yes

Exclusive promo expires: 31st Dec 2017

Restricted Countries from this bonus: Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mauritius, Moldova~ Republic Of, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, Viet Nam.

Restricted countries for the casino: United States, Aland Islands, Alderney, Armenia, Aruba, Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk, Croatia, Curacao, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Estonia, Federated States of Micronesia, France, Holy See (Vatican City State), Hungary, Isle Of Man, Jersey, Kahnawake, Lebanon, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine.

           Local Governance in Central and Eastern Europe: Comparing Performance in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Russia         
Hanley, S; (2009) Local Governance in Central and Eastern Europe: Comparing Performance in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Russia. SOCIOLOGICKY CASOPIS-CZECH SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW , 45 (6) 1318 - 1322. Green open access
           Religious dissenters and anarchists in turn of the century Hungary         
Aleksov, AB; (2009) Religious dissenters and anarchists in turn of the century Hungary. In: Christoyannopoulos, AJME, (ed.) Religious Anarchism: New Perspectives. Cambridge Scholars Publishing
          Girts commented on the post, Alonso took grid penalties at Silverstone to benefit in Hungary        
          [IWS] Eurostat: MATERIAL DEPRIVATION STATISTICS: EARLY RESULTS [30 March 2015]        

IWS Documented News Service


Institute for Workplace Studies-----------------Professor Samuel B. Bacharach

School of Industrial & Labor Relations-------- Director, Institute for Workplace Studies

Cornell University

16 East 34th Street, 4th floor--------------------Stuart Basefsky

New York, NY 10016 -------------------------------Director, IWS News Bureau


NOTE: Funding for this service ends on 31 March 2015. Postings will end on this date as well.



European Commission





Data extracted in March 2015. Most recent data: Further Eurostat information, Main tables and Database. Planned article update: May 2015.

Increased timelines of the EU-SILC data

Eurostat disseminates early results for severe material deprivation rates so that trends in poverty levels can be tracked more closely. 2014 data are available for over half the European Union (EU) Member States, and Iceland. The coverage and the timeliness is expected to increase in the coming years. Latvia and Hungary have provided final data for the early results, while Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Malta, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, the United Kingdom and Iceland have transmitted provisional data. Early EU-28 aggregates are not yet available for 2014, as not all Member States have transmitted final or provisional material deprivation variables.

In 2014, of the countries that sent data to Eurostat, early severe material deprivation rates increased for Greece (+1.4 percentage points), Belgium and Spain (both +0.8 pp) and for Malta (+0.7 pp) The rates fell significantly in Bulgaria (-9.9 pp), Latvia (-4.8 pp), Poland (-1.5 pp), Hungary (- 2.9 pp), Estonia (-1.4 pp), Italy and United Kingdom (both -1.0 pp). No large variations were seen in the other countries for which data is available.


This article is based on data sent to Eurostat by end of March 2015. Final EU-SILC cross sectional data for 2014 are already available for two Member States[1] and 15 Member States and Iceland have provided provisional material deprivation and ‘economic strain’ data[2]. In Eurostat’s online database, provisional indicators are flagged ‘p’ (provisional) to distinguish them from final data. The difference between provisional data and final data is explained below in the section on ‘Data sources and availability’. For the countries for which only provisional data is available, the analysis is merely indicative: in some cases, there may be discrepancies between provisional and final data. Although we refer to the severe material deprivation indicators for the 18 countries as early indicators, for Latvia and Hungary the values are already final.

Material deprivation rates gauge the proportion of people whose living conditions are severely affected by a lack of resources. The severe material deprivation rate represents the proportion of people living in households that cannot afford at least four of the following nine items:

·         mortgage or rent payments, utility bills, hire purchase instalments or other loan payments;

·         one week’s holiday away from home;

·         a meal with meat, chicken, fish or vegetarian equivalent every second day;

·         unexpected financial expenses;

·         a telephone (including mobile telephone);

·         a colour TV;

·         a washing machine;

·         a car; and

·         heating to keep the home sufficiently warm.

The severe material deprivation rate, broken down by gender, age group and household type, is the main indicator for material poverty in this article.



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          Tacheles mit Tangueros 6: An Interview with Murat Erdemsel - Part C        
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So, we are back again - after a long break (weeks, months). Leading different lives, making different experiences. In my case I was involved in "normal" or everyday life. And Murat has a turn of fate since his father became ill, had a stroke and he went to Istanbul taking care of him.

[04.09.14 23:05:28] Cassiel: Hi Murat, we are back again. How is your time now.

Murat Erdemsel: I am fine, and indeed it’s been a long time. I was just starting to realize that, it will be harder to resume our chat instead of making a brand new one. Well, we can't do that either, can we? So I'll try my best to jump back on the boat.

I took a clear break from doing what I thought made me, me. Traveling, teaching, dancing, making connections, doing photography, and a little bit of face booking, youtubing, flickring etc. It was a phone call from a friend who delivered me a message from my mother, stating, my father had a stroke and lost half of his body’s mobility. I should come back home, he might be leaving us.

Father & Son - Murat Erdemsel with his father Taçay Erdemsel (2014)

Cassiel: What was the first thought you had in this situation? I mean you had been a kind of imprisoned in a tight schedule. You feel you have to break free immediately ... but maybe it is not so easy to change right away. How do you remember this period of time?

Murat Erdemsel: Nothing else mattered, I got myself a new ticket and arrived at the hospital with my suitcases. First days I was in shock, didn't know what to do. Just told my mother to go home and I will take it over now. Rest was adjusting the situation day by day. Feeding him and giving his medicines through a pipe that was going to his stomach from his nose. Standing by him all day and crashing a few hours of sleep on the couch. A few days later I found myself becoming like a nurse, caregiver, cleaning staff and a personal assistant of his outside-of-the-hospital life. I took notes of everything happening, every word doctors said because I was so confused, understanding nothing. I had no such experience like it before. A few weeks later I got used to it. I started to understand his condition better than his doctors. But only a month later I finally felt for the first time that my father was sick and nearly dying and he needed my help.

Cassiel: How did your way of looking on life changed during this time? In other words: How would you describe the change of consciousness of a man in his best years being slowed down to nearly zero? And how is it changing a character who is usually aware of himself like a tango dancer?

Murat Erdemsel: I was feeling like a mouse dropped inside a labyrinth. Getting stuck in details but never to see the big picture. 2 months passed, and just as I thought I had got everything under control about him - as he started his physical therapy, he had a heart attack in the house. Which took us backwards with a large step.
I cancelled some events while had to keep a few. Everybody was incredibly nice to me. There was no problem. I learned a lot from this experience. Countless lessons.
Family always mattered for me. I realized, I have been a traditional person. Not in a sense as being religious or anything. But I grew up in a family with problems, and now realized those problems made me love the family as I had given so much to keep things together. I can see now that life is on a spectrum. No matter what you are doing, there is always the other side of the spectrum. Not better or worse but just the opposite, there is the furthest end on each side. Unavoidable to not see the life as a whole after recognizing that. Things happen to us to show us where we are, in perspective.

 (see also my facebook-message)

Cassiel: That raises us too a nearly philosophical dimension. :-)

Murat Erdemsel: Well, let’s go there then.

Cassiel: Is it too early to ask? Did your experiences affect your view on tango?

Murat Erdemsel: My view did not change, at least as far as I am aware of. But this was the longest time in my tango life that I did not dance, teach or even think about tango. About a month and a half.

Cassiel: In between I did a lot of tango, visiting workshops, attending festivalitos or encuentros.

Murat Erdemsel: Fantastic. Happy for you.

Cassiel: More and more I realize that tango shows you a missing part in your spiritual path. BUT: Tango shows you there is something missing … regularly, tango will not give you an answer. I've talked to a friend about that. I mean: You can perfectly hide behind tango activities and your big aim will be out of sight. Do you know what I mean?

Murat Erdemsel: Absolutely, how dare anybody can say the opposite. There is always a singer crying out loud in every tango that he either lost his woman, or he missed the city or the neighborhood he is from. Even if people do not understand the meaning of lyrics, they can still sense it. I will agree that feeling in the music will call out it's people, the right kind of people who left something in their life. (I am having a good moment here writing to you about Tango whilst listening to #8 In A Minor from Brahms.)

Cassiel: But - as always in life - people get trained during these times. How is your situation now?

Murat Erdemsel: Now… Ok, I needed to go to a few festivals that I was not able to cancel. Catania Tango Festival in Italy and Tarbes Tango Festival in France. Before I went, I knew this would become a crazy transition. From sleeping on a dirty couch in the patient room with the fears of catching the hospital virus, not being able to shower after being waken up 16 times during a night of sleep, eating hospital food… - to being a teacher in such festivals, especially teaching the special seminars outside of the program in Tarbes festival, giving photo shoots with the mayor after a class, posing for newspaper articles, staying in fancy hotels, eating good food, and getting paid well at the end. Before I left to these festivals, I thought I would have forgotten how to speak English, forgotten how to teach and dance. It turns out, it was only in my head, as usual. It was a terrific experience and a great success. One moment, I taught a class with over 800 students attending. Unforgettable experiences both in France and Italy.

Cassiel: Could you describe your visions before you gave a class for 800 people ... and finally: Did your expectations turn out correct in that special moment?

Murat Erdemsel: From the previous year's experience, I proposed to the organization that I would like to teach a class right before the milonga and share with dancers "how to dance in crowded milongas and be in unison". And including a piece called "Game Plan": I made slides on my keynote showing the floor plan of the milonga and pointed out the existing problems and offered solutions to resolve those problems so that the dancing experience can be better for all. About 800 people heard this section and when the other 1200 arrived to dance, these 800 dancers became the pioneers of the movement. That night dancing was significantly better than the previous nights. And all following nights were also noticeably better. Organizers expressed to me that, the last 4 years they were working on the issue, and they witnessed the problem was solved in this 1 hour. I took it as a compliment. (For more information please see also my notes on facebook.)

Cassiel: That seems to be a pretty strong contrast: Taking care of your father and being the centre of hundreds of people and assisting them to move nicely in a milonga. But - as always - success is a good fuel for action. But you returned to Istanbul didn't you?

Murat Erdemsel: Interesting you say that. Navigating my life among the 3 people; my father, mother and the nurse I hired, was much harder, much more demanding than navigating hundreds of people in the ronda during the class. There were some unforgettable moments during taking care of him at the hospital. One night I carried him to the showers with not enough preparation. I was thinking it’s been a month using wet wipes to clean him, so he deserved a good bath. I had no idea what was waiting for us there in that whole. Everything was wet and slippery, he was heavy, not properly sitting. Could not hold him right and wash him in the mean time. Everything went wrong. Door was locked and if we failed and fell, nobody would know we were there in the middle of the night. I was scared to death during the moments of carrying and handling him. No accident happened. But this was the most difficult hour in my life, never to be forgotten. So conducting an 800 people class was a piece of cake compared to carrying and showering an old man with a paralysed body.

Cassiel: I can imagine this time is also a kind of "very demanding" for a partnership. Is it too intimate to ask, how you and Michelle experienced that time?

Murat, Taçay and Michelle
Murat Erdemsel: Michelle always loved my father. Some years ago, once she had asked him in person; "I do not know my father, would you be my father too?" we all cried so crazy at that moment. She was sweet and my father was so touched. He loved her too.
When we heard about the news from my mother, we were at the Zadar Tango Festival in Croatia. She and I talked about what to do. It was a too short of a notice to give The New Zealand Tango Festival organizers. They requested if Michelle could teach the workshops while I was there in Istanbul. We accepted it. She went and taught by herself. It was a huge success. I am proud of her.

Cassiel: So, she experienced a success by her own … not only being a part of M&M?

Murat Erdemsel: Yes she did, and I believe this was her first festival teaching by herself. With some good number of people and students surrounding who were following my father's updates and supporting her with good vibrations. Indeed she did not necessarily need that support, but hopefully it made it a little easier for her.

Cassiel: Is it an idea for the future, that she will do workshops or classes on her own? I mean, you can't see what challenges are waiting for you and your family.

Murat Erdemsel: I can see this is a good question. Not because of my father's tentative situation that we may work separately, actually we have agreed to slowly separate our ways for our personal reasons some time ago.

Cassiel: Hmmm... So sorry to hear that. I am ... speechless. I feel with you both. Taking care of you and Michelle I hardly dare to ask how it comes … I mean, I really understand, if you do not want to talk about that. But would you like to try to describe from your point of view how this situation came up finally?

Michelle & Murat
Murat Erdemsel: I am sorry if this comes to you as a surprise. It is not easy to put in words what finishes our 10 years of working, loving each other, friendship, marriage. We did not want to announce it, did not want to post it on Facebook or any where on internet. But we have been answering openly when asked, we are honest about it. It is not a quick silly decision nor disagreement, there were no fights about it, with no broken hearts. There are different priorities in our lives now and we both respect the new ways we want to walk. We both are happier this way.
I love her and will take care of her when she needs me. As far as I know she wants to be in New York and continue to dance. Dance other forms as she used to before our partnership as well as Tango. I shouldn't say more about her plans as I do not know exactly.

[19.09.14 22:48:36] Cassiel: OK … I think we should not talk in detail about these things. I would like to respect Michelle’s and your privacy. Sure it is a break for you, you have to think about your life and tango. Do you have a feeling for the essentials? Or in other words: What will be stable in your tango? What will probably change?

Murat Erdemsel: Thank you, you are very kind.
This last 3 months, including this significant interruption in our interview, I found the chance of seeing the other side of the spectrum in my life. In fact I am having difficulties finding the bridges from one side to the other. I know what will stay and what will change and I should be able to summarize it for you. My family, where I am coming from, my duties in this part of my life are so real. I am learning and adjusting to the fact that these are worth changing many things in the other side of my life, where I created everything by myself anyway. This place is where my art resides, personal life, my interests and my relationships. It's getting easier for me each day to make the connections, so that eventually I should be able to blend the two. But, my goodness! I still cannot believe how I made this new life of mine in last 15 years that is just so different. This evening when I casually arrived my mother's house here, I saw my father was sleeping in front of TV which was displaying one of the DVDs I had made for my mother displaying our tango life, performances, interviews and lecture footage. That was so shocking to my eyes. It looked unreal, like Peter Parker watching the spider man on TV. That’s where it is blending, maybe I should say leaking in.

Cassiel: But then how would your traveling schedule look? When will you be back to your second home, The United States?

Murat Erdemsel: I will stay here around Europe for a while, teach in Europe and will always make more time to come back home to my parents. At least for a while. Already booking for 2015. Seems getting busy. Month of May is all gone. I will be in the USA in February, March and April of 2015. 
One thing keeps me walking on my artistic life is all the work I have put together so far, and the people inviting me to share it. Just visited France, Hungary and Germany. New weekends being scheduled at the moment. Any of these days I should be putting the new traveling schedule on my website.

Cassiel: Hmmm... You've just mentioned that you will stay here in Europe for a while. Is the distance to the place where your parents live the only reason? Or are there other differences in European and US-american tango (at least at the moment for you)?

Murat Erdemsel: Parents first, then new partnerships, new relationships and the desire to explore Europe more. I was supposed to know Europe first in fact. Being from where I am, I jumped overseas to the other side of the world and lived there for a long time (including being stuck for 8 or 10 years for not having a green card). While my brother lives in France, parents in Turkey, and my favorite place to visit being Germany.

Cassiel: How have you experienced Tango in Europe lately? I think the quality of sound has become a serious question in the last 2 or three years.

Murat Erdemsel: I think of the European Tango scene as a soup of many ingredients compared to American's. The difference between the styles of a Swedish dancer and an Italian, is way more noticeable than the New Yorker and a Chinese immigrant's dancing in Los Angeles. How tango is perceived in Germany, I guess is closer to what I have imagined it for myself.

Cassiel: I mean there is (at least in my opinion) a great variety in tango in Europe espacially in Germany. I think there is a real difference between Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Heidelberg (just mentioning a few cities) And I have to be careful right now. For every statement it is easy to find the opposite example.

Murat Erdemsel: I am sure it is that way from your perspective, being inside. But looking at it from a bird’s eye perspective, I see obvious facts about how tango is perceived in Germany compared to other countries in Europe and the United States, Australia etc.

Cassiel: Do you have a perception of German tango? How would you describe it?

Murat Erdemsel: I knew this was coming. It is always very hard to describe to someone about what I think of their dance and what’s different compared to the others. Because I can not exclude the cultural facts that are so well infused into the understanding of the dance. And perhaps the cultural part is the part which is harder to pin point. And the fact that I am not only Turkish, which would have been easier talking about Germans - since we are the largest minority in Germany, but, I am also American, makes it harder in some ways, easier in other ways to do this analysis.

By the way, I really do appreciate you looking in to other tango minds and asking for what we may think of tango in Germany.

Here are a few things I can tell, hopefully without making sharp corners. In Germany the people I have met so far, do their homework so well. I love that and take it as an example for myself. A dancer in Augsburg, Germany, happily stayed for additional 2 hours after the milonga, and helped me to set up a hand cut light fixture for the following night's event. A German will prioritize that the quality of the sound coming from higher quality speakers in the milonga place should not be diminished, especially compared to such other things like finding a larger parking place outside. He must be biking to the milonga anyway. I feel all this deeply inside me as well. And a bunch of other things I have seen and experienced. When I expressed myself in such ways while I am in The United States, I am feeling as I am judged as being intense, too perfectionist. Hard to explain.
In Germany, he or she will catch me during the milonga to ask deep questions even though with only decently understandable English, rather than asking me to dance. They will ask me to dance, if my answer was satisfactory. These qualities are a little bit demanding I feel when I am dancing or working there in Germany. I like being challenged, but cannot entirely relax either. It doesn't scare me necessarily, but keeps me up on my toes sometimes.

Cassiel: But do you really think, that is basically a question of nationality? I think it is more a question of a unique approach to tango. I know a lot of people from other countries doing it the same way. But they are more quiet in their path to tango … thinking twice before acting … seeking for something special … I mean: you will find these people from all nations usually in a small - maybe european - encuentro.

Murat Erdemsel: I do not know if it’s a cultural matter. All I can say, this kind of incidents happen to me a lot during my visits in Germany. I cannot, and should not generalize. But can only tell my experiences. Please take it with a grain of salt.

Cassiel: You have mentioned the organizers. What do you appreciate in detail from organizers? (Being friendly, being professional ... ... …)

Murat Erdemsel: I always felt, respecting the artists is significantly greater in Europe. Italians to be precise, they even love you, even if they have never met you before. To give an example, I remember moments of sitting in the back of a small Fiat after being picked up at the airport, but then observing through the mirror that the organizing couple in the front seat giggling at each other because they just can not believe we are simply in the same car with them. They confess that to you too. In The United States we are more like partners to each other. Which is also fine. But sets up a very different feeling. I appreciate both approaches, but love one. Please do not get me wrong, I do not ask for spoiling effects, and do not find it necessary. But in my opinion, there should be "invisible contracts" among every person. I am speaking in life in general. We need to respect the contract fully and unconditionally until one of the participants break it. Until that moment, I like opening myself honestly, trustingly, generously and even lovingly to the partners in our social contract. In Europe, I feel the invisible contract is set up with more flexibility, with more love and care. It usually is the key to the success of the overall experience in my work with others.

Cassiel: I am really enjoying talking with you but unfortunately we have to come to an end. We have talked about a lot of things starting with musicality and ending up with some remarks about the changes in your life and some observations you made in your work. I think I have to work a bit to bring it in a form suitable for reading. I have one last question: Do you have a vision? Who will you be in 5 years?

Murat Erdemsel: I agree with you. First things first. I will be saying hello to my friends with a new knowledge, new face, with new workshop titles and with a new partnership. I will announce to our organizers that I will be working in 3 different formats from now on. 
1) I will be working solo giving my lectures and workshops, 
2) I will be working with a new professional partner, Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh whom I have been observing with awe, and, 
3) I will be working with an assisting friend, Helena Ivezic who is an active DJ and a great dancer working in Europe.
Depending on the organizations’ needs, I will be able to respond with any of these options. Some are specifically interested in my lectures and musical training, some are interested in a mixture of palette including social dancing and partnerships, some are interested in a work that includes some serious dance performance work as well. I always have admired Sigrid since the first time we danced with each other in 2009. I have been following her career for the last years and we both are excited to be in this new partnership. I know I have so much to learn with her, from her. 
By the way, my 2015 travel schedule is already online. (A link to Murat's schedule)

Cassiel: How about the lectures and your research on music?

Murat Erdemsel: I will continue "8 elements of music" lecture and workshop training as it has been a great success this year. There are more locations inviting me to share this work. But, starting from 2015, I will also have a new line of work to share, it's called; "Elements in Movement" where I will share a deeper work in to the vocabulary and the partnership in the dance. Surely every movement will be geared towards social dancing, but it will include some of my recent works with Qigong and other martial arts. I am looking forward to sharing, an effortless, soft and comfortable dancing experience with my friends and students. And of course I will always incorporate my lectures and visual presentations.

Last but not the least, I have future plans to continue my research with my artistic lectures where I want to open it up to a larger spectrum of audience made of dancers, artists, musicians and scientists. I will accept offers from organizations who are interested in bringing new artistic inspirations to their community.

There will also be new versions of lectures that are specifically designed for Tango Marathons where organizers should be interested in providing inspiration to the dancers rather than offering workshops. No teaching but giving some good food for good thought.

Cassiel: It was a great pleasure and a huge honor to talk with you in depth. Thanks for all the time, the new ideas and being patient with me. I wish you all the best and a lot of good energy for your family and all the people you love. Take care ... please …

Murat Erdemsel: Thank you for having me. I have learned a lot during all this writing. I feel I made a good friendship with you, you were so patient and charming at all times, including those weeks of painful moments in my side of life.
Murat Erdemsel - teaching in Augsburg

Please visit Murat’s schedule page and book him for a festival, marathon and workshops.
Please visit Murat’s website for all his artistic work.

Murat wears custom made trousers designed by his mother.
His tango performance videos with various partners in his YouTube channel,
his art works and tango paintings in another YouTube channel.

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          Busija Receives Honorary Doctorate from Renowned European Med School        
David W. Busija, Ph.D., professor of physiology and pharmacology at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, has been awarded the prestigious Doctorem Medicinae Honoris Causa by the University of Szeged Medical School (formerly Albert Szent-Györgyi Faculty of Medicine), Hungary, one of the prominent medical schools of Europe.
          suddenness and stillness in vienna        

Vienna Historic District

Vienna Historic District

Travel comes suddenly.  The city hustles us through each spot, each meal, each person.  Each moment changes and we are lost in the novelty and craziness infecting our lives in that out-of-the-ordinary spot.

Time brings stillness.  We have the luxury to reflect on the place we visited and what we did there.  We can erase the rough edges of a place with the lighter golden haze of our memories.  Sometimes, I like the after of traveling more than the during

It is that way with Vienna for me.  Neither Patrick nor I were particularly impressed with the city --- it was too old fashioned, too slow, too ancient.  It didn't have the energy or the vibe of Budapest or Prague.  It was more mundane.  We told friends that Vienna was for our parents; Prague was for the young.

But, now, I enjoy reminiscing about the quiet moments we spent walking through the lovely gardens at Schonbrunn Palace, drinking coffee at Viennese coffee houses (more coming on that soon), and admiring the city's 17th century glamour.  When we return (for we probably will someday), I'll leave my rose tinted glasses on.

Vienna Hausmusic Vienna Historic District
Vienna Historic District Vienna Historic District

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          Euro 2016 Qualifying Upsets         
Upset wins (10+ FIFA ranking difference) in UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifying games between September 7-9

FIFA Ranking Difference
Score - Nation (Current FIFA Ranking)
Score - Nation (Current FIFA Ranking)

2 - Cyprus (140)
1 - Bosnia/Herzegovina (19)

2 - Northern Ireland (95)
1 - Hungary (34)

1 - Albania (70)
0 - Portugal (11)

1 - Estonia (93)
0 - Slovenia (39)

2 - Czech Republic (35)
1 - Netherlands (3)

1 - Slovakia (45)
0 - Ukraine (22)

1 - Romania (27)
0 - Greece (13)

3 - Iceland (46)
0 - Turkey (32)

          African Players with 10+ Goals in European Leagues - 2013/2014        
African players that scored 10 or more goals in top division European leagues in the 2013/2014 season.

16 - El Arbi Hillel Soudani (Dinamo Zagreb: Croatia)

13 - Igor Vetokele (København: Denmark)

16 - Vincent Aboubakar (Lorient: France)
13 - Leandre Tawamba Kana (MFK Ružomberok: Slovakia)
11 - Mbilla Etame (Khazar Lankaran FK: Azerbaijan)
11 - Leonard Kweuke (Rizespor: Turkey)
10 - Maxim Choupo-Moting (Mainz: Germany)

Cape Verde Islands
11 - Garry Rodrigues (Levski Sofia: Bulgaria)
10 - Héldon (Sporting CP: Portugal)

Central African Republic
13 - Mouhamadou Habibou (KAA Gent: Belgium)

15 - El Fardou Ben Nabouhane (Veria: Greece)

14 - Francis Litsingi (FK Teplice: Czech Republic)
10 - Prince Oniangué (Reims: France)

Côte d'Ivoire
20 - Yaya Touré (Manchester City: England)
18 - Seydou Doumbia (CSKA Moscow: Russia)
17 - Wilfried Bony (Swansea City: England)
16 - Salomon Kalou (Lille: France)
15 - Serge Deblé (FC Shirak: Armenia)
12 - Yannick Boli (Zorya Luhansk: Ukraine)
10 - Didier Drogba (Galatasaray: Turkey)

DR Congo
13 - Dieumerci Mbokani (Dynamo Kyiv: Ukraine)

13 - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Borussia Dortmund: Germany)

11 - Demba Savage (HJK: Finland)

10 - David Accam (Helsingborg: Sweden)

10 - Anicet Andrianantenaina (FK Botev Plovdiv: Bulgaria)

12 - Cheick Diabaté (Bordeaux: France)
11 - Mustapha Yatabaré (Guingamp: France)

17 - Aatif Chahechouhe (Sivasspor: Turkey)
15 - Abderrazak Hamdallah (Aalesund: Norway)
13 - Omar Er Rafik (Differdange: Luxembourg)
12 - Youssef El-Arabi (Granada: Morocco)

15 - Stanley Ohawuchi (Sliema: Malta)
14 - Ikechukwu Uche (Villarreal: Spain)
14 - Kennedy Igboananike (AIK: Sweden)
13 - Marco Tagbajumi (Ermis FC: Cyprus)
12 - Emmanuel Emenike (Fenerbahçe: Turkey)
11 - Alfred Effiong (Qormi: Malta)
11 - Obinna Obiefule (Hibernians: Malta)
11 - Abiola Dauda (Crvena Zvezda: Serbia)
10 - Imoh Ezekiel (Standard Liege: Belgium)
10 - Sylvester Igboun (Midtjylland: Denmark)
10 - Adeshina Lawal (B36 Tórshavn: Faroe Islands)
10 - Shola Shodiya (Birkirkara: Malta)
10 - Leke James (Aalesund: Norway)

15 - Moussa Sow (Fenerbahçe: Turkey)
13 - Sadio Mané (FC Red Bull Salzburg: Austria)
13 - Dame N'Doye (Lokomotiv Moscow: Russia)
12 - Baye Omar Niasse (Akhisar Belediyespor: Turkey)
10 - Ibrahim Sidibé (Debrecen: Hungary)
10 - Malek Mane (Sogndal: Norway)
10 - Lamine Diarra (Antalyaspor: Turkey)

11 - Emmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham Hotspur: England)

17 - Hamdi Harbaoui (KSC Lokeren: Belgium)

Stats from European 'Summer' leagues in Scandinavia and elsewhere are from the completed 2013 season.

          2014 World Cup: Player Representation by League         
League systems with players represented at the 2014 World Cup.


6 - England
4 - Brazil
3 - Italy
3 - Spain
2 - France
2 - Germany
1 - Russia
1 - Ukraine
1 - United States (1: Canada)

7 - France
6 - Turkey
3 - Spain
2 - Cameroon
2 - England
2 - Germany
1 - Belgium

4 - Ukraine
3 - Croatia
3 - Germany
3 - Italy
3 - Spain
2 - England
2 - Greece
2 - Russia
1 - France (1: Monaco)

15 - Mexico
3 - Spain
2 - Portugal
1 - England
1 - France
1 - Germany


6 - Australia
3 - England
3 - Germany
2 - Netherlands
2 - Switzerland
1 - Austria
1 - Belgium
1 - China
1 - Italy
1 - Qatar
1 - South Korea
1 - United States

5 - Chile
5 - Spain
4 - Italy
3 - Brazil
3 - England (1: Wales)
1 - Netherlands
1 - Sweden
1 - Switzerland

10 - Netherlands
6 - England (2: Wales)
3 - Germany
2 - Turkey
1 - Italy
1 - Ukraine

14 - Spain
6 - England
2 - Italy
1 - Germany


6 - Italy
3 - Argentina
3 - Colombia
3 - France (1: Monaco)
2 - Portugal
2 - Spain
1 - England
1 - Germany
1 - Mexico
1 - Netherlands

9 - Greece
6 - Italy
2 - England
2 - Spain
2 - Turkey
1 - Germany
1 - Scotland

Cote d'Ivoire
5 - France
4 - Germany
4 - Turkey
4 - England (1: Wales)
2 - Switzerland
1 - Belgium
1 - Cote d'Ivoire
1 - Italy
1 - Norway

11 - Japan
7 - Germany
2 - England
2 - Italy
1 - Belgium


Costa Rica
9 - Costa Rica
3 - Norway
3 - United States
1 - Belgium
1 - Denmark
1 - Germany
1 - Greece
1 - Netherlands
1 - Russia
1 - Spain
1 - Sweden

22 - England
1 - Scotland

20 - Italy
3 - France

5 - Italy
4 - Spain
3 - Brazil
3 - England
2 - Portugal
1 - France
1 - Japan
1 - Mexico
1 - Paraguay
1 - Turkey
1 - Uruguay


8 - Ecuador
7 - Mexico
1 - Brazil
1 - Colombia
1 - England
1 - Germany
1 - Netherlands
1 - Russia
1 - Saudi Arabia
1 - UAE

9 - England
8 - France
3 - Spain
1 - Germany
1 - Italy
1 - Portugal

11 - Honduras
4 - England
4 - United States
1 - Belgium
1 - China
1 - Costa Rica
1 - Scotland

9 - Germany
7 - Switzerland
5 - Italy
2 - Spain


7 - Italy
4 - Spain
3 - Argentina
3 - England
3 - Portugal
2 - France
1 - Mexico

Bosnia and Herzegovina
7 - Germany
5 - Turkey
2 - Croatia
2 - England
2 - Italy
1 - Austria
1 - Bosnia and Herzegovina
1 - China
1 - Hungary
1 - Ukraine

14 - Iran
2 - England
1 - Germany
1 - Kuwait
1 - Netherlands
1 - Portugal
1 - Qatar
1 - Spain
1 - United States (1: Canada)

6 - England
3 - Nigeria
2 - Belgium
2 - France
2 - Israel
2 - Turkey
1 - Italy
1 - Netherlands
1 - Russia
1 - Scotland
1 - Spain
1 - Ukraine


17 - Germany
4 - England
1 - Italy
1 - Spain

5 - Italy
5 - France
2 - Russia
2 - South Africa
1 - Belgium
1 - England
1 - Germany
1 - Ghana
1 - Greece
1 - Netherlands
1 - Norway
1 - Tunisia
1 - UAE

8 - Portugal
6 - Spain
3 - Turkey
1 - England
1 - France
1 - Germany
1 - Italy
1 - Russia
1 - Ukraine

United States
10 - United States (1: Canada)
4 - England
4 - Germany
1 - France
1 - Mexico
1 - Netherlands
1 - Norway
1 - Turkey


4 - Italy
4 - Spain
3 - England
3 - France
3 - Portugal
2 - Algeria
1 - Bulgaria
1 - Croatia
1 - Qatar
1 - Tunisia

11 - England
3 - Belgium
2 - Germany
2 - Russia
2 - Spain
1 - France
1 - Italy
1 - Portugal

23 - Russia

South Korea
6 - South Korea
6 - Germany
4 - England
3 - Japan
3 - China
1 - Saudi Arabia

Player Representation by League System

119 - England (4: Wales)
82 - Italy
79 - Germany
65 - Spain
46 - France (2: Monaco)
34 - Russia
26 - Mexico
26 - Turkey
22 - Portugal
21 - United States (3: Canada)
20 - Netherlands

15 - Japan
14 - Iran
13 - Greece
12 - Belgium
12 - Switzerland
11 - Brazil
11 - Honduras
10 - Costa Rica
9 - Ukraine
8 - Ecuador

7 - South Korea
6 - Argentina
6 - Australia
6 - China
6 - Croatia
6 - Norway
5 - Chile
4 - Colombia
4 - Scotland
3 - Qatar

2 - Algeria
2 - Austria
2 - Cameroon
2 - Saudi Arabia
2 - Sweden
2 - Tunisia
2 - UAE

1 - Bosnia and Herzegovina
1 - Bulgaria
1 - Cote d'Ivoire
1 - Denmark
1 - Hungary
1 - Kuwait
1 - Paraguay
1 - Uruguay

          All-time FIFA World Cup Rankings        
The all-time FIFA World Cup Rankings (based on results in previous WC appearances) of the 32 teams participating in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

All-time FIFA World Cup Rankings

1 - Brazil
2 - Germany
3 - Italy
4 - Argentina
5 - England

6 - Spain
7 - France
8 - Netherlands
9 - Uruguay
12 - Russia

14 - Mexico
18 - Portugal
19 - Belgium
20 - Chile
21 - Switzerland

25 - USA
26 - South Korea
27 - Croatia
28 - Cameroon
32 - Japan

34 - Ghana
37 - Nigeria
38 - Colombia
40 - Costa Rica
42 - Ecuador

44 - Australia
47 - Algeria
50 - Cote d'Ivoire
53 - Iran
59 - Honduras

61 - Greece
n/a - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Teams in the All-Time top 30 not participating in the 2014 World Cup:

10 - Sweden
11 - Serbia
13 - Poland
15 - Hungary
16 - Czech Republic
17 - Austria
22 - Paraguay
23 - Romania
24 - Denmark
29 - Scotland
30 - Bulgaria

          Oldtimer Expo: 50 éves a Mini        
50 éves a világ második számú népautója, a Mini. A III. Oldtimer Expo kiállításon a Mini Club Hungary és a BMW Magyarország 27 darab klasszikus és 3 új modellel ünnepelte az évszázad angol kisautóját, a jubileumi év fővédnöke őexcellenciája Greg Dorey.
          How are the wines of Croatia?        


In recent years Croatia has experienced a tourist boom, which has made its wines reaching unprecedented levels of international recognition. With a long history of wine production, comparable to that of the most traditional Mediterranean countries, Croatian wines were well known at different times, but Ottoman invasions, phylloxera, world wars, communism and conflicts in the former Yugoslavia caused it to fall into oblivion.

For decades, Croatian wine production was simply divided into "coastal" and "continental", but a few years ago a group of producers, sommeliers and experts created a new system that emphasized four regions, divided into 12 subregions with 66 Designations of origin. The country has 64 local grape varieties, in addition to an important presence of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Chardonnay.


It is the most southerly area, with a sunny and warm climate ideal for the cultivation of white wine, rich and fruity wines that are made with Posip, Debit and Marastina grapes. Red wines include varieties such as the Babic and Plavac Mali, with very good denominations of origin such as the Peljesac peninsula and the subregions of Dingac and Postup.

Istria and Kvarner

Located in the northwest of the country, it is known as "the other Tuscany", and the region includes the islands of the Kvarner Gulf. It is known for its refreshing white wines, ideal for fish and seafood and made with Malvasia Istriana and Zlahtina. The reds are produced basically with Teran grapes and some international varieties.


Is situated in the center of the country, on the border with Slovenia and Hungary, this region produces Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Sylvaner, Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay, as well as some reds made with Pinot Noir grapes and excellent sweet wine and ice wine.

Slavonia and Danube

Last, the region of Slavonia and Danube is known for its dry white grape wine Grasevina, known elsewhere as Welschriesling or Riesling Italico. Other whites are also produced, made from Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc, and Blaufränkish reds among other international varieties.

 TAGS:Korlat Cabernet SauvignonKorlat Cabernet Sauvignon

Korlat Cabernet Sauvignon



 TAGS:Kozlovic TeranKozlovic Teran

Kozlovic Teran

Read How are the wines of Croatia? in Uvinum's blog

          ZIONISM versus BOLSHEVISM -- A struggle for the soul of the Jewish people        
Dennis Mangan posted an article where he claims that "Jews were greatly over-represented among the early revolutionaries and later among the leaders of the Soviet Union, including the various incarnations of the secret police." I have heard this claim over and over by Eastern European commenters over at Gates of Vienna, not only about the Jewish dominance in the Soviet Union but in Bolshevism all across Eastern Europe. But is it really so? If it is, Dennis Mangan is making several points that are right on target in his article.

Dennis' brother Dave entered the discussion bringing up the Holodomor, that is the forced starvation of some 7 million Ukranians in 1932-33. Which Dave Mangan claims was enacted by Jewish commissars. But was it really so? Well, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency it was. They write about how in July 2008 the Ukrainian Security Service released a list of the high-ranking Soviet state and Communist Party officials responsible for perpetrating and executing the famine, and most of the names on the list were Jewish. (The Ukrainian Jewish Committee, however, called on the secret service to revise the list, which "incited interethnic hatred", in order to clear up the “inaccuracy”.)

But back to Dennis Mangan's article. It is interesting to find that his claims are backed up by someone I consider probably the most sound political thinker of the 20th century: Winston Churchill. Churchill published in 1920 an article named "ZIONISM versus BOLSHEVISM -- A struggle for the soul of the Jewish people", where he detailed the Jewish involvement in the Bolshevik revolution. Churchill discusses in this article the split between Jews: some are Communists, he wrote, while others are Jewish nationalists. Churchill favored the Jewish nationalists and he appealed to what he called "loyal Jews" to ensure that the Communist Jews did not succeed. Churchill went even further and blamed the Jews for "every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century". He also pointedly accused Leon Trotsky of wanting to establish a "world wide Communistic state under Jewish domination" in this article.

Under the subtitle of "Terrorist Jews" Churchill writes:
- - - - - - - - -
There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution, by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky, or of Zinovieff, the Dictator of the Red Citadel (Petrograd), or of Krassin or Radek -- all Jews. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people. Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by the latter in proportion to their numbers in the population is astonishing.
This backs the claims made by Dennis Mangan (and Slezkine, who he is quoting) by someone considered credible by most people (who counts). That should cue anyone in doubt about the Jewish character of Bolshevism to look more closely into the matter. Furthermore, this whole story, as suggested by Mangan, "puts a crimp in the Jewish notion that they have been unique victims, and in the notion that Germans have been uniquely evil."

Today the Jews that Churchill refers to as International and Terrorist Jews have shifted from Bolshevism onto multiculturalism, neoconservatism and other destructive internationalist causes (George Soros anyone?). So the same thing still applies, albeit in new shapes. Likewise, in my view, Churchill's endorsement of "national Jews" and Zionism is the remedy and the way forward. Churchill ends his article by writing:
But a negative resistance to Bolshevism in any field is not enough. Positive and practicable alternatives are needed in the moral as well as in the social sphere; and in building up with the utmost possible rapidity a Jewish national centre in Palestine which may become not only a refuge to the oppressed from the unhappy lands of Central Europe, but which will also be a symbol of Jewish unity and the temple of Jewish glory, a task is presented on which many blessings rest.
So yes, Zionism is the answer. However, in these sick times even that isn't without issues and problems, especially for America . (More about the role of America and Israel in our current mythology here: four subsequent comments). Churchill, however, was all through his life a firm pro-Zionist (see Churchill and the Jews: A Lifelong Friendship) which he was absolutely right to be.

In parallel to this discussion I'm having another discussion with Chechar (and to some extent Rollory). One of the problems I have with Chechar is the way he takes Hitler and Nazism as the starting point for the reconstruction of a revitalized and healthy Europe. I cannot understand why he wouldn't take Churchill (whose outlook largely harmonizes with Dennis Mangan's) as the starting point instead. For starters Churchill denounced and warned about Islam while Hitler and the Nazis admired it. Go figure....

          UK MoD Update: Latest on AgustaWestland HC3 Merlin Upgrade        
SMi reports: (2016.02.25 – Budapest, Hungary): Major General Richard Felton, Commander, Joint Helicopter Command, UK MoD, will be speaking at Helicopter Technology Eastern Europe 2016
          Alert Notice 215: Dwarf nova 0043+56b GX Cas in outburst AND 1544+28a R Coronae Borealis continues to fade AND Brightening of 1848-19 FN Sagittarii AND Reminders on 0409-71 VW Hydri, 0749+22 U Geminorum, and 2138+43 SS Cygni        

25 Birch Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
Tel. 617-354-0484 FAX 617-354-0665

AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 215 (October 16, 1995)


The dwarf nova type cataclysmic variable GX Cas is in outburst as reported by John Bortle
(Stormville, NY). David York (Abiquiu, NM) independently confirmed the outburst.
Below are observations reported to AAVSO Headquarters:

Aug 31.10 UT, < 15.3, J. Bortle, Stormville, NY; 31.10, < 14.0, G. Dyck, Assonet, MA;
31.2035, < 14.0, R Stewart, Fairlawn, NJ; 31.2583,16.4:, J. Nordby, Moorhead, MN; 31.899,
< 15.2, T. Vanmunster, Landen, Netherlands; 31.965, < 15.2, D. York, Abiquiu, NM; Oct
9.9743, 13.3, Bort1e;10.0979,13.4, York; 11.0708, 13.4, York; 11.9938, 13.3, Bortle; 12.0889,
13.4, York; 12.2243, 13.8, C. Scovil, Stamford, CT; 13.0111, 13.3, Bortle; 13.116, 13.7,
Stewart;13.1549,13.6, Scovi1;14.1174,13.6, York; 14.3097,13.8, J. Griese, Stamford, CT.

The observations in the AAVSO International Database indicate that the last two
outbursts of this star were in November 1993 and Aug 1994, when GX Cas reached 12.5
and 13.4, respectively, at maximum. The outbursts lasted about 15 days.

Please use the accompanying d and e scale AAVSO Preliminary charts to observe GX Cas
and report your observations to Headquarters, indicating the comparison stars used.


The observations below reported to AAVSO headquarters indicate that R CrB is fading
fast (see AAVSO Alert Notice 214). Please observe it closely and report your observations
to AAVSO Headquarters.

Oct 4.0715 UT, 6.4, W. Dillon, Missouri City, TX; 4.0813, 7.4, D. Weier, Madison, WI;
4.0833, 6.4, P. Collins, Scottsdale, AZ; 4.13, 6.7, L. Price, Oregon, WI; 4.768, 6.2, P. Skalak,
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic; 4.774, 6.8, Skalak; 4.791, 6.9, J Sainz, Madrid, Spain; 4.792,
6.5, G. Poyner, Birmingham, England; 4.817, 6.9, J. Ripero, Madrid, Spain; 5.0688, 6.7,
Dillon; 5.0972, 6.4, Collins; 5.1, 6.7, D. Swann, Carrollton, TX; 5.7743, 6.5, J. Van der Looy,
Balen, Belgium; 5.778, 6.8, Skalak; 6.0708, 7.0, Dillon; 6.1042, 6.4, Collins; 6.3333, 6.5, R.
Fidrich, Budapest, Hungary; 6.768, 6.9, Skalak; 6.803, 6.8, P. Schmeer, Bischmisheim,
Germany; 6.82, 6.8, G. Comello, Groningen,Netherlands; 7.0625, 6.8, A. Dill, Wichita, KS;
7.069, 6.4:, F. West, Hanover, PA; 7.0708, 6.9, Dillon; 7.1236, 6.9, Dillon; 7.779, 6.9,
Schmeer; 7.8056, 6.6, K. Medway, Southampton, England; 7.819, 6.9, Ripero; 8.1438, 7.0, A.
Abbott, Leduc,Alberta, Canada; 8.7639, 6.9, Van der Looy; 8.78, 6.9, Comello; 8.812, 7.0,
Ripero; 8.813, 6.9, Poyner; 8.98, 7.0:, G. Dyck, Assonet, MA; 8.9826, 7.2, R. Martin,
Crofton, MD; 9.007, 7.0:, West; 9.0243, 6.8, R. Harvan, Leonardstown, MD; 9.0451, 7.2,
Dillon; 9.0528, 6.9, Dill; 9.0938, 6.6. Collins; 9.13, 7.2, C. Spratt, Victoria, British
Columbia, Canada; 9.7708, 7.0, Van der Looy; 9.787, 7.0, Poyner; 9.9514, 7.1, J. Bortle,
Stormville, NY; 9.9708, 7.3, P: Dombrowski, Glastonbury, CT; 9.995, 7.2, West; 10.0, 6.9, R.
Stewart, Fairlawn, NJ; 10.0236, 7.0, R. Hays, Worth, IL; 10.0507, 7.1, L. Hiett, Arlington,
VA; 10.0590, 7.2, Dillon; 10.0833, 6.8, Collins; 10.0882, 7.4, D. York, Abiquiu, NM; 10.75,
7.2, L. Kiss, Szeged, Hungary; 10.778, 7.1, Poyner; 10.9653, 7.0, S. Sharpe, Ellsworth, ME;
10.98, 7.7, Dyck; 10.992, 7.3, West; 11.0424, 7.1, Dill; 11.0625, 7.2:, T. Hager, New Milford,
CT; 11.0771, 7.4, York; 11.1, 7.7, E. Heironimus, Hazelwood, MO; 11.1042, 7.2, Collins;
11.1049, 7.5, Dillon; 11.75, 7.3, Kiss; 11.8, 7.5, A. Pereira, Carnaxide, Portugal; 11.81, 7.8,
M. Zanotta, Milan,Italy; 11.9653, 7.0, Sharpe; 11.98, 7.8, Dyck; 11.988, 7.5, West; 12.0028,
7.8, Bortle; 12.0583, 7.5, Hager; 12.0819, 7.8, Dillon; 12.0833, 7.6, York; 12.0972, 7.5,
Collins;12.1229, 7.8, York; 12.7, 7.9, Fidrich;12.74, 7.9, Zanotta;12.81, 7.7, Pereira;12.819,
8.2, Ripero; 12.9917, 8.0, Bortle; 12.992, 7.7, West; 13.0, 8.2:, Stewart; 13.0035, 8.0, C.
Stephan, Sebring, FL; 13.0528, 7.7, Dill; 13.1, 7.9, G. Rosenberg, Tucson, AZ; 13.75, 8.0,
Kiss; 14.0639, 8.1, Hager; 14.0868, 8.7, York; 14.09, 7.8, Rosenberg; 14.1264, 8.8, York;

14.7238, 8.2, O. Shemmer, Ra'anana, Israel; 14.75, 8.2, Kiss; 14.83, 8.4, R. Goncalves,
Oeiras, Portugal; 15.0319, 8.8, P. Goodwin, Shreveport, LA; 15.1000, 8.7, Dillon; 15.78, 9.1,
Zanotta; 15.819, 8.9, Itipero; 16.012, 8.7:, West; 16.0326, 8.8, Goodwin; 16.0938, 9.4:,


The symbiotic star FN Sgr is brightening, as reported by John Bortle (Stormville, NY) and
as indicated by the following observations:

Aug 14.1 UT, 13.0, J. Bortle, Stormville, NY; 17.296, 12.9, W. Albrecht, Pahala, HI; 19.1,
13.0, P. Robbins, Kansas City, KS; 20.1, 12.9, Bortle; 22.1, 13.0, R. Modic, Richmond
Heights, OH; 26.1, 13.1, Robbins; 29.1, 12.9, Bortle; 31.9, < 12.0, R. Jones, Fish Hoek,
South Africa; Sep 12.0729, 12.4, Bortle; 15.0847, 11.8, Bortle; Oct 9.9528, 11.5, Bortle;
12.0056,11.5, Bort1e;13.0174,11.5, Bortle.

The last brightening of FN Sgr occurred in May 1994, when it reached magnitude 11.8 at

Please observe FN Sgr as closely as much as possible during this observing season, using
the revised d scale AAVSO Preliminary chart prepared by C. Scovil. Please note that the
13.3 comparison star to the north northeast of FN Sgr on the previous chart dated 8/94 has
been identified as a suspected variable (NSV 11479) in the New Catalogue of Suspected
Vaiable Stars.

AND 2138+43 SS CYGNI

0409-71 VW Hyi: The Hubble Space Telescope is scheduled to observe this dwarf nova on
21 October (see AAVSO Alert Notice 214). We remind observers in the Southern
Hemisphere to monitor this star closely through 22 October, and report observations to
AAVSO Headquarters daily. Please inform us immediately if VW Hyi goes into outburst.

0749+22 U Gem: The Hubble Space Telescope observed this dwarf nova during its
minimum on 10 October (see AAVSO Alert Notice 214) and is scheduled to observe it
again on 18 November. Please continue to observe U Gem closely and report your
observations to AAVSO Headquarters.

2138+43 SS Cyg: Please continue to report your observations of outbursts of SS Cyg to
Headquarters so that we can alert astronomers who are planning to observe it with the IUE
satellite if the outburst is anomalous, i.e., SS Cyg rises slowly to maximum.


Chart links are obsolete; 11/2013 create charts using VSP at

We have prepared electronic copies of AAVSO charts mentioned in this Alert Notice for
the followuig stars: GX Cas, FN Sgr. They are available from our FTP site: (, in /pub/alert215

The answering machine at AAVSO Headquarters is on nights and weekends for your
convenience. Please call our charge-free number (800-642-3883) to report your
observations. We also encourage observers to send observations by fax to 617-354-0665 or
by e-mail through the Internet to

Many thanks for your efforts and valuable astronomical contributions.

Janet A. Mattei


Information on submitting observations to the AAVSO may be found at‭:‬


An Alert Notice archive is available at the following URL‭:‬

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          Alert Notice 227: 1205-61 probable nova in Crux AND Outburst of 0749+22 U Geminorum AND Brightening of 1848-19 FN Sagittarii [CP Cru]        

25 Birch Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
Tel. 617-354-0484       FAX 617-354-0665

AAVSO ALERT NOTICE 227 (August 28, 1996)


We have been informed by William Liller, Vina del Mar, Chile, and by the
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (IAU Circular 6463), of the
photographic discovery by W. Liller, using the PROBLICOM method, of a probable
nova in Crux on Aug 26.04 UT.  He measured a CCDV magnitude of 9.25 on Aug
26.98, using magnitudes found in the Guide Star Catalog for nearby stars.

The position of the probable nova is given by Liller as:

            R.A. = 12h 10.51m     Decl. = -61 degrees 45.3'  (2000)

Additional observations of the probable nova include Aug 7.0 UT, <11.5
photographic, Liller; 27.781, 10.1 (poor observing conditions), D. Overbeek,
Edenvale, South Africa; 28.706, 10.4, Overbeek; 28.809, 11.1 (haze, moon), J.
Hers, Sedgefield, South Africa.

Accompanying is a CCDV image of the field of the probable nova taken and
supplied by W. Liller, showing the object at V magnitude 9.25 on Aug 26.98 UT.

Also accompanying is a chart showing the probable nova in Crux made using "The
" software; magnitudes are from the Guide Star Catalog.  Please use this
chart to make your observations, and report them to AAVSO Headquarters.  Be
sure to indicate which comparison stars you used in making your estimates.

Congratulations to Bill on his latest discovery!


The dwarf nova type cataclysmic variable U Gem has gone into outburst (see
AAVSO News Flash 53), as the following observations reported to the AAVSO

Aug 24.420 UT, <10.0:, R. Modic, Richmond Heights, OH; 25.10, 9.2, R. Fidrich,
Bakonycsernye, Hungary; 25.4056, 9.5, R. Hays, Worth, IL; 25.410, 9.6, Modic;
26.10, 9.0, Fidrich; 26.3750, 9.3, C. Scovil, Stamford, CT; 26.407, 9.7, Modic.

The last outburst of U Gem occurred in March 1996, when U Gem reached magnitude
9.3 and was bright for 13 days.

Please monitor U Gem throughout its outburst and report your observations to
AAVSO Headquarters.


The Z And type symbiotic variable FN Sgr is brightening (see AAVSO News Flash
), as the following observations reported to the AAVSO indicate:

Jul 17.1076 UT, 14.1, R. Harvan, Leonardstown, MD; 20.1319, 13.9, Harvan;
21.1375, 13.8, Harvan; 21.1382, 14.3, J. Bortle, Stormville, NY; Aug 7.2785,
12.3:, L. Shaw, Pinole, CA; 14.181, 12.5, R. Modic, Richmond Heights, OH;
16.1049, 12.8, Bortle; 19.1292, 12.5, Bortle; 22.1750, 12.8:, Shaw; 23.1854,
12.8, Shaw; 26.0694, 12.1, Bortle.

This star has been in the AAVSO observing program since July 1968. Observations
reported to the AAVSO International Database since then show FN Sgr varying
between magnitudes 11.1 and 14.3.

Accompanying is a "d" scale AAVSO preliminary chart of FN Sgr.  Please use this
chart to observe FN Sgr, and report your observations to AAVSO Headquarters,
indicating which comparison stars you used.


Chart links are obsolete; 11/2013 create charts using VSP at

Electronic copies of the AAVSO charts of the probable nova in Crux and FN Sgr
and the image of the probable nova mentioned in this Alert Notice are available
from our FTP site:

     (, in /pub/alert227

The charts and the image have also been placed on our Web site at the following


The answering machine at AAVSO Headquarters is on nights and weekends for your
convenience.  Please call our charge-free number (800-642-3883) to report your
observations.  If you are cut off when you telephone in your observations,
please wait a few minutes and call back to complete your call.  We have learned
that if someone calls to leave observations on the answering machine and while
they are speaking someone else calls, the first person may be cut off.  We
also encourage observers to send observations by fax to 617-354-0665 or by
e-mail through the Internet to  We would appreciate it
very much if you would report your observations in Universal Time.

Many thanks for your valuable astronomical contributions and your efforts.

Good observing!

Janet A. Mattei


Information on submitting observations to the AAVSO may be found at‭:‬


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          A Bath in England leads to Hungarian revolution        
After Ireland we took the ferry from Dublin to Wales then drove to the heritage listed city of Bath. It's a place Elizabeth always wanted to get to due to its history and its famous Georgian architecture. We decided to crash at the youth hostel (they take oldies), situated in a magnificent old building, and do our exploring on foot.

We made our way into the city centre coming across the beautiful Bath Abbey church with fabulous fan vaulted ceilings. Next up were the Roman Baths, used since year 1 (seriously 1AD) for every manner of ailment or injury, the only natural hot springs in England. Entertainingly presented with pretend Romans wandering throughout and an interesting blend of ruins and artifacts with interactive exhibitions and media. The Romans used to cover themselves in oil in the sauna and the dirt would come out of their skin into the oil and then they would scrape it off with a trowel. Ewww.

We followed that with a two-hour free walking tour, revelling in the historic structure of this town with its various levels of architecture: more recent inhabitants built on top of the lower levels so the previous Roman structure is underneath. We called it a day around 4:30, the time that it gets dark around here. The next day we visited 1 Royal Crescent (to see how the other half used to live), fully restored to depict the elaborate lifestyle of Georgian times from the bedrooms to the kitchen. The street itself was a picture of opulent indulgence with its sweeping arc of Georgian mansions.

The view from the 2nd floor of No. 1

Royal Crescent

We travelled from here to the town of Hurstpierpoint to visit an old friend, taking some much needed down time lounging around the house watching movies, and going to see some new ones (fyi the new 'Hunger Games' is awesome), after the hectic driving of the Wild Atlantic Way. Eventually we built up the energy to organise a plane trip to Budapest in Hungary and then train to Sopron to catch up with some old and new family members.

Sopron is an amazing old city with Roman ruins of its own and quirky architecture surprising you at every turn. As the world was turning into Christmas mode we got our first experience of what it is like celebrating in a cold climate. In Australia Christmas is more likely to be celebrated with a barbeque and an afternoon down the beach. Stunningly beautiful with its Christmas decorations twinkling in the crisp cold twilight, Sopron put on a display that literally took your breath away and not only because of the debilitating cold. Reindeer and nativity displays were surrounded by running and laughing children wrapped up from head to toe, while adults gathered around large smoking barrels emanating heat from the burning wood fires within clutching large cups of hot wine contentedly being warmed up from the inside out.

Even Elizabeth drinks hot wine in this cold!

The view from the restored Fire Tower

The ballet theatre

As we near the end of 2014 the Sopron ballet company put on a performance that celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Pan European picnic that occurred near the border here with Austria in 1989. Hungary was not a very good citizen in the communist community and had already started being lax with its borders with the rest of Europe. East German citizens were taking holidays here and then trying to stay and this was going to become a problem with the long cold winter. It was a badly kept secret that a picnic was going to leave the borders open for about 3 hours. So while the guards were enjoying a well needed break the East Germans fled to the west. This started a chain of events that would result in the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Iron Curtain. From this tiny town a friendly gesture would have massive effects.

The ballet started with events in 1956 during a previous 3 week period of open borders before the Russians came back and cracked down, hard, and worked its way forward to 1989. Really well done in an intimate old theatre.

Hungary never disappoints and we returned to Budapest enjoying the Christmas lights and a brief flurry of snow before looking for warmer climates to finish off the year in.

Budapest. Arguably the most beautiful city at night in the world.

          Fall 2016 European Tour — Budapest, Hungary        
"Not all who wander are lost" A twelve year odyssey with no end in sight.
          Kurtág on ECM        
György Kurtág Complete Works for Ensemble and Choir Asko | Schönberg and Netherlands Radio Choir; Reinbert de Leeuw, conductor ECM Records 3xCD 2505-07   Composer György Kurtág was born in Transylvania, but his many years of association with the Budapest conservatory have identified him as one of the foremost composers of Hungary, heir to Ligeti’s […]
          Animator Tissa David Passes Away at 91        

We were saddened by the recent news that New York-based indie animation artist Tissa David passed away last night at age 91 from a brain tumor. The news was first reported on animation luminary Michael Sporn’s blog who collaborated with her on many award-winning projects. Born in Kolozsvar, Hungary, Tissa went to art school in […]

The post Animator Tissa David Passes Away at 91 appeared first on Animation Magazine.

          Undateable 2014 S03E05 West Feed 720p        

Undateable Danny Burton is a 30-ish carefree single guy who has watched most of his friends move on to serious relationships...Os Impegáveis / Brazil / Villi ja vapaa / Finland / Megdönthetetlen / Hungary / Непригодные для свиданий / Russia

Autor: avatarSeriesWorld_
Tags: Undateable 2014 S03E05 West Feed 720p Full Episode Last Episode Full Serie
gepostet: 31 Oktober 2015

          Undateable 2014 S03E06 West Feed 720p        

Undateable Danny Burton is a 30-ish carefree single guy who has watched most of his friends move on to serious relationships...Os Impegáveis / Brazil / Villi ja vapaa / Finland / Megdönthetetlen / Hungary / Непригодные для свиданий / Russia

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          Undateable 2014 S03E08 West Feed 720p        

Undateable Danny Burton is a 30-ish carefree single guy who has watched most of his friends move on to serious relationships...Os Impegáveis / Brazil / Villi ja vapaa / Finland / Megdönthetetlen / Hungary / Непригодные для свиданий / Russia

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          Double Penetration Compilation – Abbie Cat        
Abbie Cat is a Porn Star from Hungary. She was born in Budapest on May 19, 1989. Measurements: 32D-24-35
          World News Briefs -- January 6, 2010 (Evening Edition)        

Suicide Attack On CIA Agents 'Was Planned By Bin Laden Inner Circle' -- Times Online

US intelligence officials believe that the suicide bomb attack that killed seven CIA officers in Afghanistan last month was planned with the help of Osama bin Laden’s close allies, raising fears that the al-Qaeda leader is enjoying a lethal resurgence.

They think that the attack could not have taken place without the prior knowledge and assistance of the Haqqanis, the powerful Taleban group thought to be shielding bin Laden.

Read more ....


Yemen for dummies.

Egyptian guard at Gaza border killed in protest over Galloway's aid convoy.

Iran shielding its nuclear efforts in maze of tunnels. At U.N., China insists it's not 'right' time for sanctions on Iran

Egyptian forces wound 2 Palestinians on Gaza border.

Jordan disputes Khost bomber status.

Dubai's decline gives way to Abu Dhabi's rise.


Kan, a weak Yen proponent, named Japan Finance Minister.

Three killed in Pakistani-administered Kashmir bombing.

Officials: Suspected US drones kill 12 in Pakistan.

Blast kills 2 Afghans, 9 NATO troops among wounded.

Murder trial tests Philippine justice.


US urges Guinea to restore civilian rule.

South Sudan army-civilian clash kills 17: official.

Ailing Nigerian president phones officials from hospital bed.

US screening 'risks Nigeria ties'.

Threats lead food agency to curtail aid in Somalia. Somalia’s al-Shabaab rebels deny demanding payments from UN.

Somali pirates free hijacked Pakistani 'mother ship'.

Egypt to host conference on the return of antiquities.


France’s elite colleges rise up in revolt against Nicolas Sarkozy.

Discord, revolt roil Brown's Labor Party before elections in Britain.

Britain falls to 25th best place to live in the world... behind Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Slovakia explosives gaffe 'highlights security failings'.

Dagestan suicide bomb kills six police officers. Suicide bomb in Russia's Dagestan follows strike on Al Qaeda.

Ulster defense association says it has disarmed.

Six more days of snow forecast as cold snap continues in Britain.


Honduras: De facto president objects to US request he leave.

Evo Morales: Climate power to the people.

Websites post picture of Castro in hospital-style wheeled chair.

Cold grips much of US, Fla. races to save crops.

Missing San Francisco sea lions 'off Oregon'.


More ex-detainees resort to terror, officials say.

Man who bombed CIA post provided useful intelligence about al-Qaeda.

Angry Barack Obama vows security changes. Obama rebuke over bomb plot prompts intelligence pledge.

Yemen arrests three Qaeda militants, targets leader.

U.S. to suspend Gitmo detainee transfers to Yemen.


Pump prices on pace to top 2009 high by weekend.

Cramped on land, big oil bets at sea.

Oil hovers below $82 amid US crude inventory drop.
          Vaccine vaporware?        
There is no effective vaccine for H5N1 at the moment but there is a lot of activity. Whoever makes a vaccine will have a ready market if there is an outbreak and in a threatened pandemic, with production capacity inadequate to meet global demand, there will be room for more than one producer.

One of the first to announce it was well on the way to a practical vaccine was Hungary, whose partnership with a small vaccine developer, Omniverst, was touted as one of the first out of the gate late last year. Both the health minister and Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany publicly took the vaccine and predicted Hungary would be able to protect its citizens against any pandemic. That was then.

Little has been heard since, according to a Bloomberg story reported in the Hungarian press. There have been no scientific publications and no one has ordered the vaccine from Omniverst. A large European pharmaceutical company looked at the technology and decided to proceed on its own. No regulatory approval has been applled for.
When contacted by Nepszabadsag, one of Omninvest's leaders, Tamas Laczko said that the Hungarian authorities had registered the vaccine and the company was in the process preparing the documentation necessary for European regulatory approval. The vaccine will only be deployed by the health authorities if there is an epidemic, he said. Therefore there is no urgency to get the European registration, which is costly for a small company like Omninvest, he added. (MTI)
No urgency. Of course not.

           The digitisation of observatory magnetograms         
Clarke, Ellen; Flower, Simon; Humphries, Thomas; Hussey, John; McIntosh, Robert; MacTaggart, Fergus; McIntyre, Brian; Owenson, Nicola; Henderson, Keith; Mann, Elizabeth; Mackenzie, Kenneth; Piper, Simon; Wilson, Louise; Gillanders, Richard; Kilpatrick, Karen. 2009 The digitisation of observatory magnetograms. [Poster] In: IAGA 11th Scientific Assembly, Sopron, Hungary, 23-30 Aug 2009. (Unpublished)
          Hungary self catering        

Fabulous range of Hungary self catering cottages, chalets and apartments
Heruvim написал(а):

Товарищи, как думаете, надо оно?

Надо красота требует жертв ) Бутылка была самая по своему распространенная "граната "!

12 августа 1941г. нарком обороны утвердил «Инструкцию по применению зажигательных бутылок». Согласно ей, в полках и дивизиях начали формирование и подготовку групп истребителей танков с зажигательными бутылками, а вскоре пользованию ими стали обучать весь личный состав. Дальность броска устанавливалась до 30 м, но реально была до 15, максимум - 20 м. Метание бутылок оказывалось успешным из окопов и щелей - особенно в корму танка или штурмового орудия на крышу моторного отделения, после их прохождения над окопом. Попадание бутылок на лобовую часть танка обычно лишь «ослепляло» экипаж. Опытные «истребители» на поражение одного танка расходовали в среднем 2-3 бутылки.

Heruvim написал(а):

Любопытно. Предложу Блантеру.

Ну так и должно быть ) Все эти "союзники" больше несли службу как тыловые части ибо на передовой из них редко что выходило путевое , за то в тылу это "вояки"проявили себя лютыми зверьем .... так что делать надо не только немцев ! … -khuzhe-ss
Союзники Германии на Восточном фронте. Часть I

Вот тут ссылка на венгерскую униформу вдруг понадобиться ) … -mirovuyu/

Heruvim написал(а):

Когда закончу с моделями раскуроченного джипа (их будет две, как у всех авто в игре), выложу все тут.

Все ждем значит, любопытно будет взглянуть ......

Станковые пулеметы это отлично но хотелось бы и миномет ))))
Пусть даже самый маленький калибром ))) … /14-1-0-72

          Massa wins Turkish Grand Prix        

Brazilian Felipe Massa roared to his first Formula One victory in Turkey on Sunday as Ferrari team mate Michael Schumacher failed to find a way past championship leader Fernando Alonso.

While the young Brazilian raced to the chequered flag from pole position, Renault's world champion Alonso and Schumacher were locked in a thrilling no-holds-barred battle for second place.

The two title contenders were nose to tail over the closing laps, with seven times champion Schumacher doing his best to force a way past and the 25-year-old Spaniard repelling every effort.

Second place stretched Alonso's overall lead to 12 points with four races remaining.

However Ferrari slashed Renault's lead in the constructors' championship to a mere two points. Renault now have 160 and Ferrari 158.

"Thank you boys, thank you," shouted Massa, punching the air in delight at a result that he could barely have expected when he and undisputed team number one Schumacher had lined up together on the front row.

Briton Jenson Button, a first-time winner like Massa at the previous race in Hungary, finished fourth for Honda with McLaren's Pedro de la Rosa fifth.

Italian Giancarlo Fisichella was sixth for Renault with Toyota's Ralf Schumacher, Michael's younger brother, seventh and Brazilian Rubens Barrichello eighth for Honda.

Schumacher's hopes of a 90th career win were effectively scuppered by the intervention of the safety car on lap 14 with Massa leading and the German in second place and Alonso further back in third.

Massa, Schumacher and Alonso all pitted together and the German had to wait in the queue while Massa was attended to first, allowing Renault to get Alonso out ahead of the German. A first lap collision put paid to the hopes of McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen, winner from pole position of last year's inaugural race at the Istanbul Park circuit.

The Finn, who could be announced as a Ferrari driver at the next race in Italy, was caught up in a six car shunt at turn one after Fisichella spun and was left facing the oncoming cars.

Raikkonen, hit by Toro Rosso's Scott Speed, crawled back to the pits with a shredded left rear tyre. But there was clearly a problem with the car when he returned to the track and he ploughed into the tyre wall.

Original Report here

          Alonso penalty adds to team woes        
Original report here:

Renault's Fernando Alonso will struggle to make the top 10 on the grid for the Hungarian Grand Prix after picking up a two-second qualifying penalty.

Alonso was punished for a deliberate brake test and for overtaking under a flag in Friday's second practice.

It is another blow for Renault who are not enjoying the best of weeks.

The French team, so dominant earlier in the season, had already scrapped their plan to use a "mass damper" considered crucial to their cars' performance.

The new design was banned by the FIA before last week's race in Germany only for the race stewards to pass it as legal.

Renault had intended to use the "mass damper" - a counterweight mounted on springs within the nose of the car - in Hungary but were forced to change their minds when it became clear that the FIA still considers the stability-aid to be illegal.

World champion Alonso, who has seen his championship lead shrink from 25 points to 11 in just three races, struggled last Sunday without the system.

By contrast, rival Michael Schumacher won his third straight grand prix and with six races to go is back in contention for an eighth world title.

The Ferraris have shown well in practice in Hungary and Schumacher could slash the lead still further if Alonso is stuck down the grid on a track where it is hard to overtake.

Alonso was docked one second for overtaking when yellow flags were waved to indicate a hazard towards the end of Friday's practice.

And he was penalised a further second after an incident with Red Bull test driver Robert Doornbos.

Alonso gesticulated angrily at the Dutchman after being held up on the start-finish straight. He weaved ahead and then slowed dramatically at the apex of the corner, forcing Doornbos to take avoiding action, a move the stewards interpreted as a brake test.

Alonso claimed he was just reminding Doornbos to use his mirrors but the stewards said his actions were "unnecessary, unacceptable and dangerous".

Earlier, a Renault spokesman said the team had "reconsidered" its decision to use the "mass damper" following a communication from the FIA explaining why it thought it was illegal.

The spokesman added that the team hoped they would not be as far off the pace in Hungary as they were in Germany.

"That was more down to tyre wear at Hockenheim," the spokesman said.

Renault learned before the German race that they would not be allowed to use the system, which they pioneered last season and which has subsequently been adopted by six other teams.

The FIA said it considered the system to be illegal because it helped the cars' aerodynamics.

But the FIA's race stewards in Germany then passed the system as legal - only for FIA bosses to say they intended to lodge an appeal against that decision.

As that appeal will not take place until after this weekend's race, Renault felt they could not risk running the system in Germany as they could have subsequently lost any points they scored if the FIA won its appeal.

But the FIA indicated after the German race that it would not seek to retrospectively punish any team using a "mass damper" if its appeal was successful.

That initially seemed to convince Renault to use the system in Hungary but a subsequent letter from FIA race director Charlie Whiting changed their minds.

Renault were hurt by the ban more than other teams because their entire car was designed around the system, whereas others had simply added it on at a later date.

nd the blow is even worse because F1 is in the middle of a ban on testing, which means the team cannot try out ways of improving the car other than at races, where track time is limited.

Engineering boss Pat Symonds admitted the team's performance was harmed by not running the "mass damper".

He said after the German race that "it goes without saying that removing it degraded our performance, otherwise the component would not have been on the car throughout the season.

"After using the device for the first time in the final races of 2005, the design and development of this year's car was optimised with it in place.

"The ride and the behaviour over kerbs of the R26 at the last race was certainly not as good as we have been accustomed to this year. But there were other factors at work as well."

Renault also struggled with tyre blistering, which was almost certainly worsened by not using the "mass damper", but they are hopeful that a new tyre for Hungary will solve that problem.

The team will also continue with a new aerodynamic package that was introduced in Germany, where its effectiveness was limited by the team's other problems.

Renault are facing a tough task holding on to their lead as Ferrari's tyre supplier Bridgestone has appeared to have an advantage over Michelin in the last three races.

          BroadwayWorld Seeks US and Internationally Based Regional Editors        

How can I get involved as a Contributing Editor?

All applicants should have excellent writing skills and an enthusiasm for giving local theaters and productions some prominence on - the largest theater site on the net!

As a Contributing Editor, you will have the opportunity to review the shows of your choice, conduct interviews with local and touring talent, design features of your own choosing for publishing, and work/network with your local theater press reps to bring exposure to the theatrical offerings in your area.

Your compensation as a featured writer with us not only includes exclusive press seats to all of the shows you cover (as is standard in your area and arranged between you and the theater) but also the opportunity to be published under your own byline and publishing profile on both the local and main pages of the site for maximum exposure to our 4M+ monthly visitors!

The position offers flexible hours and the convenience of working remotely from your hometown. (**Access to New York City is NOT necessary**). There are no administrative duties associated with the contributorship. You simply see the shows, meet the talent, and write on your own time and terms! (Note that some projects require a specific publishing turnaround which you will discuss with your editor on a case-by-case basis).

To apply, or for more information, send an email to

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United States:

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          BroadwayWorld Seeks US and Internationally Based Regional Editors        

How can I get involved as a Contributing Editor?

All applicants should have excellent writing skills and an enthusiasm for giving local theaters and productions some prominence on - the largest theater site on the net!

As a Contributing Editor, you will have the opportunity to review the shows of your choice, conduct interviews with local and touring talent, design features of your own choosing for publishing, and work/network with your local theater press reps to bring exposure to the theatrical offerings in your area.

Your compensation as a featured writer with us not only includes exclusive press seats to all of the shows you cover (as is standard in your area and arranged between you and the theater) but also the opportunity to be published under your own byline and publishing profile on both the local and main pages of the site for maximum exposure to our 4M+ monthly visitors!

The position offers flexible hours and the convenience of working remotely from your hometown. (**Access to New York City is NOT necessary**). There are no administrative duties associated with the contributorship. You simply see the shows, meet the talent, and write on your own time and terms! (Note that some projects require a specific publishing turnaround which you will discuss with your editor on a case-by-case basis).

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How can I get involved as a Contributing Editor?

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          Chris Birch: eyewitness account of Hungary 1956        
As the 60th anniversary of the heroic anti-Stalinist uprising in Hungary approaches, Chris Birch – one of the few surviving eye-witnesses – replies to a request for further information in a letter to the Morning Star: Chris Gould asks (M Star October 11) for an analysis of the 1956 Hungarian uprising and its effects. I […]
          Emerging Markets: The Week Ahead        
(from my colleague Dr. Win Thin)

EM FX appears to be rolling over (see our recent piece â€œIs EM FX Finally Turning?”).  Technical indicators are stretched as many EM currencies bump up against strong resistance levels.  Strong US jobs data is bringing Fed tightening back into focus.  We think ZAR could be shaping up to be the canary in a coalmine.  It was -3% vs. USD last week and by far the worst in EM.

Indonesia reports Q2 GDP Monday, which is expected to grow 5.08% y/y vs. 5.01% in Q1.  However, officials appear to be getting more concerned about growth.  Bank Indonesia just turned more dovish after signaling that the easing cycle had ended.  Next policy meeting is August 22, and the odds of a cut then are rising.

Czech Republic reports June industrial (7.0% y/y expected) and construction output and trade (CZK18 bln expected) Monday.  It reports July CPI Wednesday, which is expected to remain steady at 2.3% y/y.  This would remain above the 2% target and justifies further rate hikes after the CNB started the tightening cycle last week.  Next policy meeting is September 27, and another hike then seems likely.  
South Africa reports Q2 unemployment Monday, which is expected at 27.5% vs. 27.7% in Q1.  It then reports June manufacturing production Thursday.  Moody’s is scheduled to issue a rating decision Friday.  We expect a downgrade to its Baa3 rating, which is currently one notch higher than the BB+ from both S&P and Fitch.

Taiwan reports July trade Monday.  Exports are expected to rise 10% y/y and imports by 3.3% y/y.  It reports July CPI Tuesday, which is expected to rise 0.9 y/y vs. 1.0% in June.  The central bank released minutes for the first time ever for its June meeting, which showed a dovish stance.  Next quarterly policy meeting is in September, and no change is expected then.

Chile reports July trade and June GDP proxy Monday Economic growth is expected to slow to 1.1% y/y from 1.3% in May.  It reports July CPI Tuesday, which is expected to rise 1.6% y/y vs. 1.7% in June.  If so, this would be below the 2-4% target.  The central bank has signaled an end to the easing cycle, but it may restart it if current trends continue.  Next policy meeting is August 17, no change is expected then.

China reports July trade Tuesday.  Exports are expected to rise 11% y/y and imports by 18% y/y.  It reports July CPI and PPI Wednesday.  The former is expected to remain steady at 1.5% y/y, while the latter is expected to tick up to 5.6% y/y.   For now, markets remain comfortable with the mainland outlook.

Hungary reports July CPI Tuesday, which is expected to rise 2.0% y/y vs. 1.9% in June.  If so, it would be right at the bottom of the 2-4% target range.  The economy remains robust, but low inflation may lead the central bank to ease again with another tweak to its unconventional measures at the September 19 meeting.  However, no change is expected at the August 22 meeting.

Brazil reports July IPCA inflation Wednesday, which is expected to rise 2.64% y/y vs. 3.0% in June.  If so, this would be the lowest since February 1999 and falls below the 3-6% target range.  Next COPOM meeting is September 6, and dovish signals suggest another 100 bp cut to 8.25% is likely then.

Mexico reports July CPI Wednesday, which is expected to rise 6.40% y/y vs. 6.31% in June.  Banco de Mexico then meets Thursday and is expected to keep rates steady at 7.0%.  Price pressures are showing signs of topping out, and so we believe the tightening cycle is over for now.  Mexico reports June IP Friday, which is expected to rise 0.2% y/y vs. 1.0% in May. 

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas meets Thursday and is expected to keep rates steady at 3.0%.  CPI rose 2.8% y/y in July, below the 3% target but within the 2-4% target range.  We think the central bank will remain hold into 2018.  

Peruvian central bank meets Thursday and is expected to keep rates steady at 3.75%.  CPI rose 2.9% y/y in July, above the 2% target but within the 1-3% target range.  Since the easing cycle started in May, the bank has been cutting every other meeting.  Since it cut in July, it will likely remain on hold this month and cut at the September 14meeting.

Russia reports Q2 GDP and June trade Friday.  Growth is expected to pick up to 1.6% y/y from 0.5% in Q1.  Inflation unexpectedly fell to 3.9% y/y in July, below the 4% target for the first time.  The central bank paused its easing cycle in July after cutting three straight meeting.  Next meeting is September 15, we think a cut then is likely.    


          EM FX Technical Picture: Is EM FX Finally Turning?         
(from my colleague Dr. Win Thin)

Is EM FX finally turning?  We have been surprised (and puzzled) by how well EM currencies have held up as DM rates have risen.  Recent price action suggests we may at an inflection point for EM FX.  We note too that similar patterns are being seen in the major currencies as well.

The rand may be the so-called "canary in a coal mine" for EM and needs to be watched closely.
  The rand has been the second worst performer (-3% vs. USD) in H2 after being amongst the top performers (+5% vs. USD) in H1.  

We focus on ZAR because we think it has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the quest for yield by investors.  ZAR has always been one of our least favorite EM currencies.  South Africa comes with terrible fundamentals, as well as heightened political risk and downgrade risk.  Though the high yields have attracted hot money flows, the SARB is now cutting rates.  This will ultimately weigh on the rand’s attractiveness.  

USD/ZAR bottomed around 12.86 on July 27 and has since moved higher.  This bottom was a week after the SARB surprised markets by starting the easing cycle.  After an initial rally following the rate cut, the rand steadily weakened.  The SARB is likely to continue cutting rates at the September 21 and November 23 meetings, further eroding the interest rate differentials with DM.

Looking elsewhere, it appears that the dollar has bottomed against several other EM currencies.
  Many are bumping up against some key levels.  Failure to break through could see some renewed selling pressures.  Below, we identify some possible bottoms for the key EM currencies as well as retracement objectives from the July-August EM rally.

Latin America 

Brazil:  USD/BRL couldn’t break below 3.11 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on August 1.  Using the July drop, retracement objectives come in near 3.1930 (38%), 3.2190 (50%), and 3.2455 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 3.2150.  

Chile:  USD/CLP couldn’t break below 645 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on July 27.  Using the July drop, retracement objectives come in near 654 (38%), 656.50 (50%), and 659.25 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 661.  

Colombia:  USD/COP couldn’t break below 2950 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on August 3.  Using the July-August drop, retracement objectives come in near 3007 (38%), 3025 (50%), and 3044 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 2968.

Mexico:  USD/MXN couldn’t break below 17.45 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on July 19.  Using the July drop, retracement objectives come in near 17.93 (50%) and 18.04 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 19.4160.  

Peru:  USD/PEN couldn’t break below 3.2350 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on August 3.  Using the July-August drop, retracement objectives come in near 3.2485 (38%), 3.2525 (50%), and 3.2570 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 3.30.


Czech Republic:  EUR/CZK couldn’t sustain a break below 26 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on August 3.  Using the May-August drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 26.21 (38%), 26.31 (50%), and 26.41 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 26.75.

Hungary:  EUR/HUF couldn’t break below 303 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on August 1.  Using the July-August drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 305.50 (38%), 306.25 (50%), and 307 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 309.30.  

Poland:  EUR/PLN couldn’t break below 4.20 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on July 18.  Using the March-May drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 4.2565 (50%) and 4.2800 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 4.2965.  

Israel:  USD/ILS couldn’t sustain a break below 3.50 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on June 30.  The pair is on track to test the April high near 3.6855.  Using the January-June drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 3.6345 (38%), 3.6810 (50%), and 3.7275 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 3.6865.  

Russia:  USD/RUB couldn’t sustain a break below 56 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on April 25.  Using the November-April drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 61.30 (50%) and 62.60 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 59.40.  

South Africa:
  USD/ZAR couldn’t sustain a break below 13 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on June 14.  The pair is on track to test the July 11 high near 13.63.  Using the April-June drop, the last major retracement objective near 13.4245 (62%) now sets up test of the April 10 high near 13.96.  The 200-day MA comes in near 13.36.  

Turkey:  USD/TRY couldn’t sustain a break below 3.52 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on August 1.  Using the July-August drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 3.5635 (38%), 3.5800 (50%), and 3.5955 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 3.57. 


China:  USD/CNY couldn’t sustain a break below 6.72 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on August 1.  Using the July-August drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 6.7500 (38%), 6.7610 (50%), and 6.7720 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 6.8560. 
Hong Kong:  The USD/HKD peg at 7.80 will remain in place for the foreseeable future, as will the 7.75-7.85 trading band.  Still, the pair has drifted higher to trade near 7.82, its highest level since January 2016.  The high that month came in near 7.83.  

India:  USD/INR broke below 64 after the RBI rate cut but there has been very little follow-through so far.  The low for this move was recorded on August 3.  Using the July-August drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 64.08 (38%), 64.24 (50%), and 64.40 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 66.05.  

Indonesia:  USD/IDR couldn’t sustain a break below 13300 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on July 19.  Using the July drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 13341 (38%), 13356 (50%), and 13371 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 13335.  

Korea:  USD/KRW couldn’t break below 1110 and has turned higher.  The low for this cycle was recorded on July 27.  Using the July drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 1129 (38%), 1134 (50%), and 1140 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 1148.  

Malaysia:  USD/MYR couldn’t break below 4.25 and has turned higher.  The low for this cycle was recorded on June 15.  Using the May-June drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 4.29 (38%), 4.3015 (50%), and 4.3135 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 4.3665.  

  USD/PHP couldn’t sustain a break below 49.50 and has turned higher to trade at levels not seen since 2006.  The pair is now trading at the highest level since September 2006.  Clean break of the 50.26 area would set up a test of the July 2005 high near 56.45.  The June 2006 high near 53.65 is an intermediate target.  The 200-day MA comes in near 49.66.  

  USD/SGD couldn’t break below 1.3550 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on July 27.  Using the July drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 1.3665 (38%), 1.3700 (50%), and 1.3740 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 1.4040.  

Taiwan:  USD/TWD couldn’t break below 30 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on July 27.  Using the July drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 30.32 (38%), 30.38 (50%), and 30.44 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 30.91.  

Thailand:  USD/THB couldn’t break below 33.20 and has turned higher.  The low for this move was recorded on August 4.  Using the July-August drop, the major retracement objectives come in near 33.60 (38%), 33.72 (50%), and 33.84 (62%).  The 200-day MA comes in near 34.77.      


          Emerging Markets: What has Changed        
(from my colleague Dr. Win Thin)

  • The Reserve Bank of India started an easing cycle by cutting all policy rates 25 bp.
  • Bank Indonesia has tilted more dovish after signaling earlier this year that the easing cycle was over.
  • Czech National Bank became the first in Europe to hike.
  • Political risk is rising in Israel
  • President Trump signed the Russia sanctions bill.
  • Nigeria is trying to unify its system of multiple exchange rates.
  • Brazil President Temer survived a lower house vote that sought to put him on trial for corruption.
  • Fitch moves its outlook on Mexico’s BBB+ rating from negative to stable.
  • The US put sanctions on Venezuelan President Maduro.

In the EM equity space as measured by MSCI, Hungary (+2.9%), Brazil (+2.4%), and Hong Kong (+2.0%) have outperformed this week, while Egypt (-2.2%), Philippines (-1.9%), and Qatar (-1.6%) have underperformed.  To put this in better context, MSCI EM rose 0.4% this week while MSCI DM rose 0.3%.

In the EM local currency bond space, Brazil (10-year yield -18 bp), Russia (-10 bp), and Philippines (-6 bp) have outperformed this week, while Colombia (10-year yield +7 bp), China (+6 bp), and Czech Republic (+4 bp) have underperformed.  To put this in better context, the 10-year UST yield fell 2 bp to 2.27%. 

In the EM FX space, COP (+1.3% vs. USD), ARS (+1.0% vs. USD), and INR (+0.9% vs. USD) have outperformed this week, while ZAR (-3.0% vs. USD), ILS (-2.0% vs. USD), and RUB (-1.0% vs. USD) have underperformed.

The Reserve Bank of India started an easing cycle by cutting all policy rates 25 bp.  This reverses the 25 bp hike in the reverse repo rate back in April.  Going forward, RBI policy will get harder to predict.  After cutting rates, it kept a neutral stance and said inflation will rise in H2.  We'll have to take it meeting by meeting but we believe the RBI will err on the side of caution for the time being.

Bank Indonesia has tilted more dovish after signaling earlier this year that the easing cycle was over.  Governor Martowardojo said “"Bank Indonesia sees that inflation continues to be manageable, and provided conditions remain good with supporting data, we aren’t closed to the possibility of easing.”  He added that “we will consider [a cut] as we head into the upcoming meeting of board of governors.”  The next policy meeting is August 22, and the odds of a cut have risen.

Czech National Bank became the first in Europe to hike.  Market was split between no hike and the 20 bp hike that was seen.  Going forward, the pace of tightening will depend in large part on how strong CZK gets.  The central bank estimates a 1% appreciation has the same impact as a 25 bp hike.
Political risk is rising in Israel.  Police reportedly questioned Netanyahu twice in recent weeks over receiving gifts from businessmen.  Also, press reporting that police have a tape of him offering to help a newspaper owner in return for more favorable press coverage.  Netanyahu denies any wrongdoing, but opposition leaders are calling on him to resign.  

President Trump signed the Russia sanctions bill.  He didn’t have much choice, as both houses of Congress passed it by overwhelming, veto-proof majorities.  In turn, Russia ordered the US to cut its embassy staff by 755, or nearly two thirds.  Trump blamed the US Congress for worsening relations between the two nations.

Nigeria is trying to unify its system of multiple exchange rates.
  Authorities have asked banks to use the prevailing rates in the FX window created for foreign investors to make their quotes, rather than the official rate.  Trades in the so-called Investors’ & Exporters’ FX Window are thought to better reflect true underlying FX supply and demand.  The official rate is currently 305, the I&E (or Nafex) rate is around 365-370, and the black market rate is around 365.

Brazil President Temer survived a lower house vote that sought to put him on trial for corruption.  Temer’s allies defeated the motion by a solid 263-227 vote.  The result should allow Temer to complete his term next year.  However, advancement of labor reforms is by no means assured as the pension reform bill needs 308 votes in the lower house to proceed.

Fitch moves its outlook on Mexico’s BBB+ rating from negative to stable.  The agency said that the move reflects reduced downside risks to the growth outlook, which is expected to help stabilize the public debt burden.  Our own ratings model puts Mexico at BBB and so we think Fitch’s move was premature.

The US put sanctions on Venezuelan President Maduro in the wake of the controversial elections for the new Constituent Assembly.
  This comes a week after the US put sanctions on 13 other Venezuelan nationals.  Still, the US has so far refrained from taking measures that would harm Venezuela’s oil industry.  Such a move would likely hasten a default scenario.     


          Emerging Markets: Preview of the Week Ahead        
(from my colleague Dr. Win Thin)

EM FX was mixed last week, as markets await fresh drivers.  Jobs report this Friday could provide greater clarity with regards to Fed policy.  BOE and RBA meet but aren’t expected to change policy.  Data is likely to reinforce the notion that inflation remains low in EM, allowing those central banks to remain dovish.  Czech National Bank is the main exception, as it may start the tightening cycle this week.  

China reports official July PMI readings Monday, with manufacturing expected at 51.5 vs. 51.7 in June.  Caixin manufacturing PMI will come out a day later, and is expected to remain steady at 50.4.   CNY was one of the best EM currencies last week, and suggests limited market concerns about the mainland economy.

South Africa reports June money and credit growth and trade Monday.  M3 and credit growth are both expected to slow modestly from May.  SARB started the easing cycle this month with a 25 bp cut to 6.75%, and is likely to continue with a 25 bp cut to 6.5% at the next meeting on September 21.

Turkey reports June trade Monday.  The central bank releases its quarterly inflation report Tuesday.  Turkey then reports July CPI Thursday, which is expected to rise 9.9% y/y vs. 10.9% in June.  If so, this would still be above the 3-7% target range.  The bank kept rates steady last week, and is likely to do the same at the next meeting on September 14.  

Poland reports July CPI Monday, and is expected 1.6% y/y vs. 1.5% in June.  If so, it would remain at the bottom of the 1.5-3.5% target range.  The central bank has signaled an intent to keep rates steady into 2018 (or even 2019, as some officials suggest).  We see no change at the next policy meeting on September 6.

Mexico reports Q2 GDP Monday, which is expected to rise 1.9% y/y vs. 2.8% in Q1.  Momentum is slowing in the economy, though higher oil prices will help in Q3.  We believe Banco de Mexico is on hold for now.  Next policy meeting is August 10, no change is expected then.

Korea reports July CPI and trade Tuesday.  CPI is expected to rise 2.1% y/y vs. 1.9% in June, while exports are expected to rise 18.4% y/y and imports 15.7% y/y.  If so, it reports June current account data Thursday.

Thailand reports July CPI Tuesday, which is expected to rise 0.25% y/y vs. -0.05% in June.  Inflation remains well below the 1-4% target range, and seems likely to stay there.  We think Bank of Thailand is on hold for the time being.  Next policy meeting is August 16, rates are likely to remain at 1.5%.  

Indonesia reports July CPI Tuesday, which is expected to rise 3.94% y/y vs. 4.37% in June.  If so, this would be back in the bottom of the 3-5% target range.  We think Bank Indonesia is on hold for the time being.  Next policy meeting is August 22, rates are likely to remain at 1.5%.  

Peru reports July CPI Tuesday, which is expected to rise 2.85% y/y vs. 2.73% in June.  If so, it would remain in the 1-3% target range.  The central bank started the easing cycle with a 25 bp cut to 4% in May, stood pat in June, and then cut 25 bp again in July to 3.75%.  While the easing cycle is likely to continue, the bank may stand pat at its August 10 meeting before cutting at the September 14 meeting.  

Brazil reports June IP and July trade Tuesday.  IP is expected to rise 1.3% y/y vs. 4.0% in May.  COPOM minutes will also be released.  It cut rates 100 bp to 9.25%, as expected, but issued a more dovish than expected statement.  As such, the market is starting to price in a 100 bp cut at the September 6 meeting vs. 75 bp previously.  

Hungary central bank releases its minutes Wednesday.  Hungary then reports June retail sales Thursday, which are expected to rise 4.5% y/y vs. 5.5% in May.  It then reports June IP Friday, which is expected to rise 7.2% WDA vs. 6.2% in May.  The economy remains firm, but low inflation could lead the central bank to ease again at its September meeting.  

Reserve Bank of India meets Wednesday and is expected to cut rates 25 bp.  However, the market is split, with about a third of the analysts polled by Bloomberg looking for no change.  CPI rose 1.5% y/y in June, below the 2-6% target range.  

Czech National Bank meets Thursday and is expected to hike rates 20 bp to 0.25%.  However, the market is split.  Of the 21 analysts polled by Bloomberg, 11 see a 20 bp hike and 10 see no change.  We lean toward no hike now, but think it is very likely at the next meeting on September 27.  June retail sales will be reported Friday, which are expected to rise 5.5% y/y vs. 5.3% in May.

The Philippines reports July CPI Friday, which is expected to rise 2.9% y/y vs. 2.8% in June.  If so, this would still be in the bottom half of the 2-4% target range.  The next policy meeting is August 10, and rates are likely to be kept steady at 3.0%.

Colombia reports July CPI Saturday, which is expected to rise 3.57% y/y vs. 3.99% in June.  If so, it would be the lowest rate since October 2014 and would move further into the 2-4% target range. The central bank just cut rates 25 bp to 5.5% last week.  We think the easing cycle will continue into Q4, with another 25 bp cut to 5.25% likely at the August 31 meeting.        


          To State the Obvious, the Trump Administration’s New Affection for “Merit-Based” Policies Is Deeply Ironic        


On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that the Trump Justice Department is planning to sue universities whose admissions programs "give members of generally disadvantaged groups, like black and Latino students, an edge over other applicants with comparable or higher test scores." On Wednesday, POTUS himself unveiled "new legislation that would reduce legal immigration to the U.S. and evaluate visa applications based on merit," in Bloomberg's words. A theme emerges here: The Trump administration apparently believes that merit should determine an individual's access to valuable resources. To state the obvious, this is deeply ironic.

Donald Trump reportedly got into Wharton because an admissions officer was doing his brother a favor. He later inherited a real estate business from his very wealthy father.

Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner was admitted to Harvard despite mediocre grades and SAT scores shortly after his father donated $2.5 million to the school. His first prominent business endeavor was running a newspaper called the New York Observer, which his father bought for him for $10 million.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is a wealthy heiress who seemed unfamiliar with several basic education concepts during her confirmation hearings.

Senior national security adviser Sebastian Gorka insists on being called "Dr." despite having received his Ph.D from an obscure Hungarian university via what one U.S. expert has described as a "fraudulent" process involving a dissertation that another expert said "would not earn [Gorka] a doctorate at any reputable academic department in the United States."

And don't forget about top adviser Ivanka Trump (a UPenn legacy admit and nepotism hire), press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (the daughter of ex–Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee), Housing and Urban Development official Lynne Patton* (a Trump family event planner who listed schools she didn't graduate from on her LinkedIn page), and first lady Melania Trump (who claimed to have an architecture degree that didn't exist and plagiarized her convention speech from Michelle Obama).

So many self-made men and women at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. these days! Should they rename it the Merit House?

Correction, 5:25 p.m.: This post initially misspelled Lynne Patton's name.

          Use a Paddle with the Correct Shaft Stiffness for You        

There was a cool little piece I saw on a SUP Connect weekly recap yesterday that included “5 Tips to Help Improve Your Paddle Stroke”. It was pretty good in that it polled a number of the top SUP racers and asked them for their tips. Contributing paddlers were Mo Freitas, Connor Baxter, Kai Lenny, Annabel Anderson, and Lina Augaitis among others. You can find it by clicking here.

Tip 1 was about finding the “Right Paddle for You”, and both Kai and Annabel offered tips focusing on paddle length and blade size. Questions about paddle length and blade size are undoubtedly the most common ones asked by paddlers looking to purchase their first paddle. Choosing the right height and blade size for you can make your paddling a lot more pleasurable and help you perform a lot better. Choosing wrong can have a huge negative impact on your performance and make your paddling more frustrating and less enjoyable. It can also result in injury. Clearly choosing the right height and blade size is important, and Kai and Annabel offer really good advice.

One of the things that is much more rarely mentioned when discussing paddles is shaft stiffness. In my experience, shaft stiffness is a pretty important factor to consider as well.

Conventional wisdom suggests that a stiffer shaft is better than a more flexible shaft for serious racers. When the paddle shaft flexes it represents a loss of energy and means that less of the force you’re generating is applied against the water to move the board forward. While I can’t disagree with that, as with many other things in paddling it's not always that simple.

When I was paddling C1 I found that the paddles I liked best were stiff, but still had enough give to them that it helped me “feel” the water. In the early 1980s we used to get our paddles from Hungary. They were beautiful wooden paddles, not unlike the pieces of art that I see EJ Johnson make for SUP. I remember when I was very young picking one up on a European tour one year and coming home excited to try it, only to find out it was far too flexible for my liking. My catch and the first part of my pull felt too soft and ineffective because so much energy was lost in the bending of the shaft. While it felt like some of that energy was returned in the later stages of the stroke when the shaft straightened out again, the loss at the catch was something that I couldn’t live with. Remember the most effective part of the stroke is the part in which the blade angle is positive through to vertical. You don’t want to be giving anything up in that part of the stroke in exchange for something gained when the blade angle has passed through vertical and is negative.

Later in my career, when carbon paddles were starting to become popular, I got a paddle that was super stiff. Remembering my experience with the soft shaft paddle, and thinking that a stiff shaft preserved energy and would allow everything I put on the paddle to be exerted against the water to move my boat forward, I asked for one to be made as stiff as possible. I had no idea exactly how strong and rigid carbon fiber could be.

While this super stiff paddle was lighter than anything I had used before it was a disaster. The first time I used it I was shocked to find that I had virtually no feeling for the water I was trying to hold on my blade. Thinking that I just needed to get used to it, I continued to use that paddle twice a day for another three weeks. Surprisingly it didn’t get any better.

At that time I was as physically strong as I have ever been in the gym, and I have always been strong on my paddle. Yet I didn’t have the strength to deal with this paddle. The paddle was so stiff, with so little flex in the shaft or the blade, that it was incredibly hard to feel the water with. And since I couldn’t really feel the water gathering on my paddle blade at the catch, I couldn’t feel it being held there during the stroke. The blade was hard to control through the water and my paddling felt terrible. In fact, my speed decreased markedly while I struggled with this paddle while the energy I seemed to expend each stroke increased.

Experience has shown me that the perfect paddle is not only one which is the right height and blade size for you, but also the correct stiffness. Just as it’s possible to have a paddle that is too soft for your ability, it’s also possible to find one that is too stiff. Neither is good.

Most SUP paddles have enough give that a strong, top-level paddler isn’t going to encounter one like the super stiff C1 paddle that I couldn’t handle. But if you’re a middle of the pack paddler or more on the novice side, don’t rush out and get the stiffest shaft paddle you can buy without at least trying it first. You’ve got to match the stiffness to your strength, fitness and technical abilities in the same way that you do blade size and paddle height. You’ll have to go by feel when you try it. You’re looking for something that is stiff but still allows you to feel water gather behind it and that you can control through the water.

Even top-level paddlers might want to keep a paddle with a softer shaft in their quiver. This season I asked Jimmy Terrell to make me a V-drive with a softer shaft to use when I am doing high volume paddling and I start to feel it in my 52 year-old joints. When I really jack up the volume I tend to get sore, particularly in the elbows, to the point where they are extremely tender. Ice packs and anti-inflammatories become my best friend. I’ve found that switching to a softer shaft paddle in training can ease that and help me do the high volume training without exacting the same toll on my joints and connective tissue. I can easily go back to a stiffer shaft paddle a few days before I race and immediately adjust to it.

So this week’s Tip of the Week is to consider shaft stiffness as well as blade size and paddle length when purchasing your paddle. If possible, try before you buy, and match paddle stiffness to your ability. And if you are an experienced paddler who logs a lot of mileage and occasionally suffers from sore shoulders, elbows and ribs, try training using a paddle with a softer shaft. You’ll find it really reduces the load on joints and connective tissue, and you can always go back to the stiffer paddle before you race.
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          Illingworth GM Hunting in Hungary        

UPDATE (16 Sep): Max scored 3.5 from the last 4 rounds of his event. Thus, he not only won that tournament but also gained himself a GM norm!

(Original text below)

International master Max Illingworth, who starred for Australia at the Tromsø Olympiad last month, is extending his European stint in the hunt for another GM norm. And obviously in the process, hopefully, also raise his rating ever closer to that magic 2500.

Max is currently in the