'..Russia .. cyberpower proved the perfect weapon .. political sabotage..' (no replies)        
' “We’d have all these circular meetings,” one senior State Department official said, “in which everyone agreed you had to push back at the Russians and push back hard. But it didn’t happen.”


Mr. Putin, a student of martial arts, had turned two institutions at the core of American democracy — political campaigns and independent media — to his own ends..


..The Russians clearly had a more sophisticated understanding of American politics, and they were masters of “kompromat,” their term for compromising information.


..the hackings of the State Department, the White House and the Pentagon..


What seems clear is that Russian hacking, given its success, is not going to stop. Two weeks ago, the German intelligence chief, Bruno Kahl, warned that Russia might target elections in Germany next year. “The perpetrators have an interest to delegitimize the democratic process as such,” Mr. Kahl said. Now, he added, “Europe is in the focus of these attempts of disturbance, and Germany to a particularly great extent.” '

'..the White House’s reluctance to respond forcefully meant the Russians have not paid a heavy price for their actions, a decision that could prove critical in deterring future cyberattacks.


..President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia moved beyond mere espionage to deliberately try to subvert American democracy and pick the winner of the presidential election.


..A low-cost, high-impact weapon that Russia had test-fired in elections from Ukraine to Europe was trained on the United States, with devastating effectiveness. For Russia, with an enfeebled economy and a nuclear arsenal it cannot use short of all-out war, cyberpower proved the perfect weapon: cheap, hard to see coming, hard to trace.


The United States had two decades of warning that Russia’s intelligence agencies were trying to break into America’s most sensitive computer networks. But the Russians have always managed to stay a step ahead.

Their first major attack was detected on Oct. 7, 1996, when a computer operator at the Colorado School of Mines discovered some nighttime computer activity he could not explain. The school had a major contract with the Navy, and the operator warned his contacts there. But as happened two decades later at the D.N.C., at first “everyone was unable to connect the dots,” said Thomas Rid, a scholar at King’s College in London who has studied the attack.

Investigators gave it a name — Moonlight Maze — and spent two years, often working day and night, tracing how it hopped from the Navy to the Department of Energy to the Air Force and NASA. In the end, they concluded that the total number of files stolen, if printed and stacked, would be taller than the Washington Monument.

Whole weapons designs were flowing out the door, and it was a first taste of what was to come: an escalating campaign of cyberattacks around the world.


The Russians were also quicker to turn their attacks to political purposes. A 2007 cyberattack on Estonia, a former Soviet republic that had joined NATO, sent a message that Russia could paralyze the country without invading it. The next year cyberattacks were used during Russia’s war with Georgia.


Mr. Obama was briefed regularly on all this, but he made a decision that many in the White House now regret: He did not name Russians publicly, or issue sanctions. There was always a reason: fear of escalating a cyberwar, and concern that the United States needed Russia’s cooperation in negotiations over Syria.

“We’d have all these circular meetings,” one senior State Department official said, “in which everyone agreed you had to push back at the Russians and push back hard. But it didn’t happen.”


Last year, the attacks became more aggressive. Russia hacked a major French television station, frying critical hardware. Around Christmas, it attacked part of the power grid in Ukraine, dropping a portion of the country into darkness, killing backup generators and taking control of generators. In retrospect, it was a warning shot.


..CrowdStrike’s nicknames for the two Russian hacking groups that the firm found at work inside the D.N.C. network. Cozy Bear — the group also known as the Dukes or A.P.T. 29, for “advanced persistent threat” — may or may not be associated with the F.S.B., the main successor to the Soviet-era K.G.B., but it is widely believed to be a Russian government operation. It made its first appearance in 2014, said Dmitri Alperovitch, CrowdStrike’s co-founder and chief technology officer.


Only in March 2016 did Fancy Bear show up — first penetrating the computers of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and then jumping to the D.N.C., investigators believe. Fancy Bear, sometimes called A.P.T. 28 and believed to be directed by the G.R.U., Russia’s military intelligence agency, is an older outfit, tracked by Western investigators for nearly a decade. It was Fancy Bear that got hold of Mr. Podesta’s email.


It was bad enough that Russian hackers had been spying inside the committee’s network for months. Now the public release of documents had turned a conventional espionage operation into something far more menacing: political sabotage, an unpredictable, uncontrollable menace for Democratic campaigns.


Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder and editor, has resisted the conclusion that his site became a pass-through for Russian hackers working for Mr. Putin’s government or that he was deliberately trying to undermine Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy. But the evidence on both counts appears compelling.


Mr. Putin, a student of martial arts, had turned two institutions at the core of American democracy — political campaigns and independent media — to his own ends. The media’s appetite for the hacked material, and its focus on the gossipy content instead of the Russian source, disturbed some of those whose personal emails were being reposted across the web.


In late 2014, hackers working for Kim Jong-un, the North’s young and unpredictable leader, had carried out a well-planned attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment intended to stop the Christmastime release of a comedy about a C.I.A. plot to kill Mr. Kim.

In that case, embarrassing emails had also been released. But the real damage was done to Sony’s own systems: More than 70 percent of its computers melted down when a particularly virulent form of malware was released. Within weeks, intelligence agencies traced the attack back to the North and its leadership. Mr. Obama called North Korea out in public, and issued some not-very-effective sanctions. The Chinese even cooperated, briefly cutting off the North’s internet connections.

As the first Situation Room meetings on the Russian hacking began in July, “it was clear that Russia was going to be a much more complicated case,” said one participant. The Russians clearly had a more sophisticated understanding of American politics, and they were masters of “kompromat,” their term for compromising information.


..code was put out in the open by the Russians as a warning: Retaliate for the D.N.C., and there are a lot more secrets, from the hackings of the State Department, the White House and the Pentagon, that might be spilled as well. One senior official compared it to the scene in “The Godfather” where the head of a favorite horse is left in a bed, as a warning.


As the year draws to a close, it now seems possible that there will be multiple investigations of the Russian hacking — the intelligence review Mr. Obama has ordered completed by Jan. 20, the day he leaves office, and one or more congressional inquiries. They will wrestle with, among other things, Mr. Putin’s motive.


Did he seek to mar the brand of American democracy, to forestall anti-Russian activism for both Russians and their neighbors? Or to weaken the next American president, since presumably Mr. Putin had no reason to doubt American forecasts that Mrs. Clinton would win easily? Or was it, as the C.I.A. concluded last month, a deliberate attempt to elect Mr. Trump?

In fact, the Russian hack-and-dox scheme accomplished all three goals.

What seems clear is that Russian hacking, given its success, is not going to stop. Two weeks ago, the German intelligence chief, Bruno Kahl, warned that Russia might target elections in Germany next year. “The perpetrators have an interest to delegitimize the democratic process as such,” Mr. Kahl said. Now, he added, “Europe is in the focus of these attempts of disturbance, and Germany to a particularly great extent.” '

- Eric Lipton, David E. Sanger and Scott Shane, The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S., December 13, 2016

Context '[Russia] may become a threat to the world. That is the worst thing that could happen to Russia.' - Yegor Gaidar

'..Russian strategy of hybrid influence and destabilization .. German Council on Foreign Relations.'

'German intelligence says Russia is trying to destabilize German society..' - '..war that Moscow is waging against the West..'

'[Putin is doing] anything that can and will expand Russian influence to U.S.S.R.-era levels of power.'

'..Zero tolerance for Russian intrusions .. Estonia .. policy of publicly naming or prosecuting spies..'

'..the Soviet Union was cut off from Western financial markets and was effectively under permanent sanctions..'

Muhibbuddin Al Insaniyah
| 14 Agustus 2010 | 11:48

Sejak dirilis pada tanggal 1 Agusus 2010,Cybermoslem.net sudah dibanjiri dengan register-register baru yang semakin hari semakin melimpah. Dari banyaknya pengguna baru yang berbondong-bondong masuk, ternyata disinyalir oleh admin cybermoslem sendiri, ada sebuah “serangan rudal” dari “pesawat tak berawak” yang dikendalikan dari luar negeri, yang sengaja atau tidak memang hendak membuat rusuh suasana aksesing terhadap cybermoslem.

“…akhirnya CMnet lumpuh selama hampir semalaman (jum’at, 13 Agustus 2010). Setelah seharian di serang secara bertubi dengan sistem serangan ddos yang membuat jaringan kami menjadi sangat sibuk”, demikian menurut admin cybermoslem dalam blognya.

Serangan DoS (Denial of Service) adalah jenis serangan terhadap sebuah komputer atau server di dalam suatu jaringan internet dengan cara menghabiskan sumber (resource) yang dimiliki oleh komputer tersebut sampai komputer tersebut tidak dapat menjalankan fungsinya dengan benar sehingga secara tidak langsung mencegah pengguna lain untuk memperoleh akses layanan dari komputer yang diserang tersebut. Serangan DoS ini berlangsung satu lawan satu, satu penyerang melawan satu akun pengguna yang valid dan aktif, dengan penyerangnya menggunakan peralatan komputer yang canggih, serta dukungan host yang handal, sehingga target sasaran bisa kacau aksesingnya. Serangan DDoS ( Distribution DoS) merupakan serangan DoS yang “diselenggarakan” secara “rombongan” dan konspiratif menggunakan banyak komputer handal dan kuat, menyerang server sasaran, sehingga server “dipaksa” untuk tidak dapat memberikan pelayanan akses bagi pengguna.

Kondisi awal downtime sebenarnya sudah penulis rasakan dan terdeteksi oleh penulis pada sekitar lebih kurang jam 16.00 WIB, hari Jumat tanggal 13 Agutus 2010 kemarin, dan penulis seketika itu langsung memberikan sinyal “hati’hati” ke pihak admin bahwa ada “kemungkinan” upaya penyerangan oleh hacker ke server cybermoslem. Jawaban admin sangat sederhana, “Allah yang akan menolongnya“.

Situasi server lumpuh total terjadi semalaman dari mulai lebih kurang jam 19.30 WIB. Setelah sholat tarawih, penulis menutup akun di cybermoslem beberapa jam kemudian. Sebenarnya, pada Jum’at, 13 Agustus 2010, dari pagi sampai sore, akses ke cybermoslem.net masih stabil. Tetapi mulai malam sekitar jam 19.30 WIB lebih, pada saat pengguna dan saat sebagian besar member CMnet sedang sholat Tarawih. dan akses ke cybermoslem.net mulai ada kendala dan beberapa waktu kemudian lumpuh total.

Cybermoslem masih mampu tegak bertahan, tidak terjadi kehancuran dan kematian total, sehingga pada tanggal 14 Agustus 2010 sudah bisa normal kembali. Diperkirakan serangan akan berulang-ulang, tetapi Insya Allah, serangan DDoS dan serangan bentuk lainnya teramat berat dan kecil kemungkinan membunuh cybermoslem.

Memperhatikan berita di atas, penulis teringat serangan terhadap www.millatfacebook.com (jejaring sosial di Pakistan), yang sampai sekarang akhirnya web tersebut mengalami kelumpuhan dan tidak dapat diakses. Gambar di bawah ini adalah kondisi “bangkai” terakhir pada Sabtu, 14 Agutus 2010.

Kondisi "Bangkai" terakhir MillatFacebook.com. Adminnya masih berusaha hidup kembali.

Millatfacebook.com diciptakan oleh pemuda Pakistan, pada akhir Mei 2010 yang lalu, khusus untuk memberi alternatif bagi jejaring sosial mania di Pakistan dan penduduk dunia lainnya, setelah terjadinya “gempa bumi Facebook” yang menggemparkan dunia dengan munculnya halaman propaganda “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”.

Terlepas dari alasan apapun pendiriannya, seharusnya netter tidak menganggap bahwa hadirnya jejaring baru sebagai ancaman sehingga melakukan serangan-serangan terhadap server ataupun apapun yang berafiliasi ke jejaring tersebut. Melihat gambar millatfcebook di atas, sepertinya admin millatfacebook asalnya menggunakan server di wilayah Amerika Serikat. Letak server inilah yang akan memberikan kemudahan lalu lintas bagi penyerang.

Perbedaan dengan millatfacebook, cybermoslem memiliki server yang berada di Indonesia. Sehingga serangan-serangan apapun bisa diketahui sejak dini, kemudian menyiapkan pertahanan dan benteng yang handal dan kuat, agar serangan semacam DDoS tidak terulang kembali. Serangan apapun terhadap jejaring, bentengpertama dalam pertahanan di garda server. Jika servernya kuat dan handal, insya Allah semuanya lancar-lancar.

Serangan susulan bisa saja dan akan terjadi, tetapi dengan server berada di Indonesia, serangan tersebut tidak akan sampai melumpuhkan cybermoslem, sehingga bernasib sama seperti millatfacebook.com.

Penulis tidak akan membuat andaian siapa yang menyerang. Tetapi yang jelas, adalah pihak yang dirugikan atau yang akan dirugikan. Siapa pihak yang dirugikan dengan adanya cybermoslem, penulis memberikan “gambaran kemungkinan” ciri-cirinya, sebagai berikut :

  1. Web jejaring sosial yang memegang mainstream di Indonesia, dengan jumlah pengguna sekarang inimencapai sekitar 500 juta di seluruh dunia. Jejaring ini merasa sudah memiliki Indonesia, sudah mendakwa menjadi penyantun melalui kerjasama dengan beberapa penyedia layanan telekomunikasi yaitu dengan penyediaan “akses gratis” bagi pelanggannya.
  2. Adanya serangan dari pihak yang tidak suka ada nama jejaring berlabel “Islam” atau “Moslem”menjadi populer, apalagi memiliki potensi mengalahkan mainstream yang sudah ada. Adanya cybermoslem, besar atau kecil akan mulai membersihkan label umat Islam yang sekarang ini seakan menjadi sarang teroris. Cybermoslem menjelaskan kepada dunia bahwa umat Islam juga sebenarnya mampu dan bisa menjadi pelopor bagipersahabatan dan dengan gaya hidup Teknologi Informasi, berbaur bersama semua orang dari berbagai negara, ras dan agama, dengan menjunjung nilai perdamaian dan kemanusiaan. Dengah kata lain, serangan terhadap cybermoslem ini, adalah serangan terhadap nilai kemanusiaan dalam diri cybermoslem, yang jelas-jelas bermaksud damai dan santun serta beradab membuka silaturrohim dan persahabatan bersama berbagai jenis umat manusia di bumi ini.

Penulis tidak menyebut bahwa penyerang adalah “musuh Islam” walaupun semua jejaring yang diserang adalah didirikan dan terutama untuk umat Islam. Mereka lebih cenderung sebagai uji coba ketahanan dan reaksi atas hadirnya cybermoslem yang menggemuruh.

Bagi kita orang Indonesia, kita wajib berbangga dengan kerja saudara kita Dola Indra Putra Agam, yng sudah sedemikian hebat membuat jejaring sosial sendiri, untuk dipersembahkan bagi bumi pertiwi Indonesia dan umat Islam dunia. Jejaring yang berkode Joomla ini bebas dipergunakan oleh siapapun.

Mempertimbangkan akan adanya serangan-serangan berikutnya, harapan penulis, melalui tulisan ini, nantinya ada tokoh nasional Indonesia, baik dari kalangan pemerintahan, maupun Non Government Organisation (NGO) bisa segera memberikan dukungan moral dan material bagi kelangsungan cybermoslem, jejaring kebanggaan Indonesia, sehingga cybermoslem bisa menjadi number one di Indonesia, mengalahkan jejaring produk import luar negeri.

sumber :



          Improve your nonprofit’s account security with 2-step verification        

While online accounts allow nonprofits to easily communicate with partners, volunteers and donors across the world, this shared network can also leave your account vulnerable to intruders. As your nonprofit continues to grow its online presence, it’s crucial to keep confidential information (e.g., finances or donor’s information) safe. While passwords have historically been the sole guardian for online account access, research from Google has shown that many passwords and security questions can easily be guessed. That's why we strongly recommend that all nonprofits using GSuite for Nonprofits, or Google products like Gmail, use 2-Step Verification (2SV) as an additional protection on their account(s). 

Account hijacking—a process through which an online account is stolen or hijacked by a hacker—constitutes a serious threat to your nonprofit’s operations. Typically, account hijackings are carried out by phishing attempts or hackers who guess weak passwords. Because of this, it’s especially important for your nonprofit to maintain strong and unique account passwords to keep sensitive data safe.

But 2SV goes beyond just a strong password. It's an effective security feature that combines "something you know" (e.g., a password) and "something you have" (e.g., a text, a prompt, or a Security Key) to protect your accounts. Think of this like withdrawing money from an ATM/cash machine: You need both your PIN and your debit card.

Google Authentication app.png
Our free Google Authenticator app is available for Android and iOS devices, which generates a code for you each time you want to sign in to your account.

Now that you know what 2SV is, head over to our Help Page to start improving your nonprofit’s online security now. (Quick tip: Remember to keep your account settings up to date and configure backup options to use if your phone is ever lost or stolen). Stay safe, nonprofits!  

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          A nonprofit's guide to online security: So you want to learn the lingo?        
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web becoming publicly available. For many of us, this is a reminder of just how much the Internet has transformed our daily lives. This rings true for nonprofits too: The Internet has revolutionized the way that nonprofits communicate, fundraise, and recruit volunteers. It has enabled nonprofits like yours to share their mission with a global audience. To raise awareness. And to change the world. 

But the power of the Internet also comes with great responsibility -- namely the need to keep information safe and secure. As a nonprofit, it can be difficult to keep up with online security, especially when terminology seems complicated. Yes, you might have heard of terms like “phishing” or “cookies,” but what do they mean?

Today, you can find the answers to your questions with our quick & easy to guide to online security terminology. In less than five minutes, you’ll be well on the way to helping keep your nonprofit safe on the Internet. 

Let’s get started! Here’s a quick guide to familiarize yourself with common lingo and learn how to distinguish terms that are friends vs foes in the online security realm. 


  • Advanced Fee Fraud (419 scams): A technique which tricks users into sending or paying money to fraudsters on the promise of receiving greater rewards afterwards. It is most commonly associated with Nigeria, and 419 is the section of the Nigerian legal code that covers this fraud.
  • Botnet: A network of computers that are infected with malicious software without users’ knowledge, used to send viruses and spam to other computers.
  • Malware: Malicious software with the purpose of infecting devices and systems, gathering personal information, gaining access to systems or disrupting the operations of the device or systems. Essentially, any software that maliciously alters or compromises the system or device.
  • Phishing / Social Engineering Attack: An attempt by hackers who pose as trustworthy individuals or businesses in order to get your personal information such as usernames, passwords, and financial information.
  • Trojans: Malicious programs posing as or bundled with legitimate ones, which are designed to compromise your system. They are usually installed on computers from opening attachments in scam emails or by visiting infected websites. The term comes from the Trojan Horse in Greek mythology.

How to avoid social engineering attacks


  • [Internet] Cookie: A piece of data from a visited website and stored in the user's web browser in order to remember information that the user has entered or engaged with such as items in a shopping basket on an e-commerce site.
  • Encryption: The process of encoding data, messages, or information, such that only authorized parties can read it.
  • Firewall: A security system used to block hackers, viruses, and other malicious threats to your computer. It does this by acting as a barrier, acting on predetermined rules, which allows trusted traffic but blocks untrusted or non-secure traffic. 
  • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol): is the protocol for secure communications over a computer network used on the Internet. It essentially provides authentication of the website and the web servers associated with it. 
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS): TLS is a protocol that encrypts and delivers mail securely, both for inbound and outbound mail traffic. It helps prevent eavesdropping between mail servers – keeping your messages private while they're moving between email providers. 
  • Two Factor Authentication / Two Step Verification: A method of using an additional process to verify your identity online. It combines both ‘something you know’ (like a password) and ‘something you have’ (like your phone or security key) — similar to withdrawing money from an ATM/cash machine, where you need both your PIN and your bank card.

That’s a wrap for now! Pass on these tips to your nonprofit partners to stay safe and secure online, so you can focus on what matters most: changing the world. 


To see if your nonprofit is eligible to participate, review the Google for Nonprofits eligibility guidelines. Google for Nonprofits offers organizations like yours access to Google tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Ad Grants, YouTube for Nonprofits and more at no charge. These tools can help you reach new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and tell your nonprofit’s story. Learn more and enroll here.

          OpTurkeyBlackout: Διαρροή δεδομένων από το τουρκικό ναυτικό        

Για μεγάλη διαρροή δεδομένων από την Τουρκική Διοίκηση Ναυτικών Δυνάμεων μετά από επιχείρηση Ελλήνων hackers κάνει λόγο το secnews.gr.
Σύμφωνα με το δημοσίευμα “στα πλαίσια της επιχείρησης #OpTurkeyBlackout συνεχίζονται με αμείωτους ρυθμούς οι επιθέσεις των Ελλήνων Anonymous.
Αυτή τη φορά σημειώθηκε μεγάλη διαροή δεδομένων από την Τουρκική Διοίκηση Ναυτικών Δυνάμεων. Οι Anonymous Greece ÎºÎ±Ï„άφεραν να αποσπάσουν μεγάλη βάση δεδομένων με στοιχεία και απόρρητες πληροφορίες από την Τουρκική Διοίκηση Ναυτικών Δυνάμεων.
Σε συνέχεια της πρόσφατης εξαγγελίας των Ελλήνων Anonymous Î³Î¹Î± την έναρξη της επιχείρησης OpTurkeyBlackout, οι διαδικτυακές επιθέσεις συνεχίζονται και οι hackers Ï‡Ï„υπούν διάτρητες τουρκικές ιστοσελίδες.
Η ακτιβιστική οργάνωση Anοnymous Greece ήδη ξεκίνησε το νέο κύμα μαζικών κυβερνοεπιθέσεων, εξαγγέλλοντας την επιχείρηση OpTurkeyBlackout.
Όπως ήδη έχουμε αναφέρει σε πρόσφατη δημοσίευση μας, η επιχείρηση #OpTurkeyBlackout ξεκίνησε στις 12/7/2017 και θα διαρκέσει έως τις 22/7/2017, έχοντας ως στόχο να προκαλέσει “Blackout” σε τουρκικές ιστοσελίδες και υποδομές.

          USA's Mr. Robot's Revolution will be Televised. But You Still Should Not Watch It.        

This week’s episode of USA’s Mr. Robot saw the computer-hacker, techno-geek drama finally get over its mid-season identity crisis, and get back to its obvious intended purpose: glorifying cyber revolution for the purpose of mass income redistribution.

          5 Best Joomla Security Extensions For You to Breathe Easy        

Apart from WordPress and Drupal content management systems, Joomla is the most popular CMS used all over the world to power websites of all sorts and sizes. Just like any other open-source CMS, Joomla powered sites also have to deal with hacking attacks. In fact, almost every day Joomla powered site encounter callous hackers who mutilate website pages, upload backdoors and steal or delete sensitive information. And sadly, most of the attacks cost website owners substantial amount of time and money in getting the damage fixed. And so, it becomes needful for website owners take all the possible measures into account that helps to strengthen security of their Joomla site.

In this post we have come up with a list of remarkably useful Joomla extensions that helps to secure your Joomla website. 



jHackGuard is an extension designed by Siteground that helps to protect the websites of Joomla users from being hacked. The extension is made publicly available to Joomla site owners, irrespective of whether they're using Siteground hosting services or not. This extension is a blend of a security plugin (that does the system work) and component (that helps to handle configurations) – that helps to protect a Joomla site by filtering the user's input data and integrating more PHP security settings. But, the plugin is disabled so that filters don't prevent authenticated administrators from performing their administrative tasks.

jHackGuard is compatible with Joomla version 3 and higher. And so, if you want to protect your site security running on an older Joomla version, you can choose to download the appropriate versions of jHackGuard for the older Joomla versions such as jHackGuard for Joomla 1.5 or other.

Akeeba Backup

          Hacking a US electronic voting booth takes less than 90 minutes        
At security conference DEF CON hackers proved it is possible to manipulate votes on the same voting machines used in US elections in the time it takes to watch a movie
Title: Blackout Author: Marc Elsberg Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark, June 2017 Summary/Review:  One night the lights go out across Europe as the electrical grid collapses. An Italian hacker quickly realizes this is no accident, thus beginning a race to solve the attack before more lives are lost due to lack of fuel, food and heat. This […]
Note 1: So you got a Nexus 4. Congratulations. You have an incredibly powerful device in your hands. This post is not N4 specific, so you can try several of these with any top-of-the-line Android device. N4 because all of these have been field-tested on mine. If you've got interesting apps/uses to share, shoot in the comments, I'd love to hear 'em. Otherwise, if 'Angry Birds' is all you've done, read on, you must. ;)

Note 2: I'm sure someone at Google is huge Guillermo Del Toro fan. Galaxy Nexus was code-named 'toro', Nexus 4 is code-named 'mako' (ref: Pacific Rim).

Part I: use mako

Part II: root mako

Part III: sudo mako

Part I: use mako

a) Lock screen

Widgets were always the strength of the Android ecosystem, and 4.2 Jelly Bean added the capability to add widgets on the lock-screen. There are several lock-screen widgets, but none standout like Roman Nurik's DashClock widget, which is beautiful, and isn't heavy on the battery. There are several extensions for this widget available in the store, so suit yourself.

b) Home screen

I use the Android stock launcher. What you see in the background is the Ice Galaxy Live Wallpaper. This fellow, Maxelus, makes beautiful wallpapers. Most of the widgets are created using Zooper Widgets, and the icon pack is Minimalist.

Nova Launcher is a popular choice for launcher replacement. It gives you a lot of options to customize just about everything. A shoutout to Buzz Launcher, which attempts to create a marketplace for out-of-the-box homescreens, which you can download and apply in a flash! Worth checking out if you are among the lazy ones.

Head here for some inspiration.

c) Computer-phone connectivity apps (Productivity)

Chrome to Phone - Send links from Chrome browser on desktop to your android phone.

Phone To Desktop - Send links from your android phone to Chrome browser on desktop.

Desktop Notifications - Get notifications from your phone on Chrome browser on desktop as desktop notifications.

AirDroid - Transfer files to/from phone to desktop over wi-fi. Send SMS, use phone camera as a webcam, manage contacts, apps, music et al, from your desktop.

TeamViewer - Remote control/remote desktop your computer from your phone over a data connection.

GOM Remote - Control GOM Player on your computer through a remote-like interface on your phone.

Unified Remote - Use your phone as a keyboard/mouse for your computer.

d) Travel apps

FlightTrack - Beautiful interface which shows flight path on a map. Gives schedule and gate information. Excellent, excellent app.

Currency - Offline currency conversion.

Google Maps / Google Translate - Their 'offline' mode is sweet! Download maps, and language packs for offline use! Very, very handy if you are planning a foreign holiday soon!

Triposo - Travel guide.

e) Special mention

SMS Backup+ (backs up SMS, call logs, and now WhatsApp messages to Gmail!),
Clean Master (clear system cache),
Battery Doctor (battery optimisation),
CamScanner (excellent app to get scanner level quality for documents through the phone camera),
TrueCaller (it's creepy how they get the unknown numbers right, but they do),
Light Manager (customise phone's LED notifications),
SphereShare (photosphere images sharing community),
TV Show Favs (track TV show episodes), and
Default App Manager (manage default apps for any phone action).

...and since you will install so many apps, it is easy to get lost. Enter: App Dialer, yep, an app to find apps installed on your phone!

Part II: root mako

Rooting gives you the ability to flash custom ROMs on your phone. I haven't flashed any custom ROMs yet, I am pretty happy with the stock ROM. But rooting allows you to make full backups of your phone, and some pretty nifty apps. Most of the methods of rooting Nexus 4 factory resets the phone, and guides are easily available if you google it.

The method I used doesn't factory reset the phone. (Motochopper method)

1: Get motochopper and the drivers from here.

2: Root. Yep, that simple. A full guide here (they even have a video!). The guide is for Galaxy S4, but it works just the same for Nexus 4 (I've done it!).

All the other methods unlocks bootloader first, and then applies root. Hence the factory reset.

Motochopper roots without unlocking the bootloader. Once you have achieved root, you can unlock your bootloader using BootUnlocker (yep, there's an app for that!). Android 4.3 update was announced today, so there's a decent chance you'll lose root after the update. You can use Voodoo OTA RootKeeper to preserve root during the OTA update.

Part III: sudo mako

Well... you have a rooted phone. What now?

ShareKM - My favorite root app's gotta be ShareKM. It's brilliant! It connects the phone to your computer over wi-fi/data/bluetooth. Slide the mouse pointer from the edge of the screen, and voila!, the mouse pointer jumps to your phone! You can now use your computer's keyboard to type on your phone, or copy text from one to the other. It's really neat, you should check it out if you have a rooted Android device. Video of this app in action embedded below:

OBackup - Nandroid Backup - Nandriod backup means a full image backup of your phone. So if you mess up something tinkering, you can always restore the phone exactly to how it was. OBackup does cloud backups and you can schedule your backups, which is pretty neat.

LMT - LMT enable features on stock Android that are typically available on custom ROMs, and is often the reason why people do install custom ROMs. It isn't avaialble on Google Play, but can be downloaded from here. A full review here, and video of the app in action below:

Spend time configuring your phone, it'll be worth it. Tinker. Enjoy.


          Marko Peljhan: «L’utopie matérialisée du Makrolab» (1/2)        
Entretien avec l’artiste slovène Marko Peljhan, à l’origine du Makrolab, ce medialab du futur, qui, depuis 1997, se pose partout dans le monde et accueille artistes, hackers, scientifiques. Première partie en climats tempérés. Ljubljana, correspondance Le 6 juin 2017, à Ljubljana, la galerie Kapelica accueillait la conférence internationale Earth Without Humans et présentait Somnium. Cette... Voir l'article
          Read our reviews: 17 must-have gadgets for summer ’17        

Odds are you’re addicted to gadgets. Well, at least one gadget. New research shows that the average American adult (18+) spends 2 hours, 51 minutes on their smartphone every day (source: Hackernoon). It’s safe to say you fall into that mix and it’s thereby safe to assume, as we’ve already asserted, that you’re addicted to […]

The post Read our reviews: 17 must-have gadgets for summer ’17 appeared first on Freeskier Magazine.

          LiNK: Yahoo! è ufficialmente nelle mani di Verizon        

Da oggi Yahoo! ha cessato la sua attività indipendente. L'acquisizione da parte di Verizon si è infatti completata, con un costo di 4,5 miliardi di $, ribassato a seguito dei noti problemi di sicurezza per Yahoo! Mail occorsi alcuni mesi fa. Quanto rimasto del vecchio...

          La fine di Yahoo è ormai segnata e nel suo futuro c'è il nuovo nome Altaba        

"Do you Yahoo?" è stato il claim che ha accompagnato i primi spot pubblicitari dello storico motore di ricerca, nato ben prima di Google e basato su un'ampia directory di siti web compilata manualmente. Solo successivamente fu implementato l'algoritmo di ricerca che, per un...

          Finisce l'era di Yahoo!, acquisita da Verizon per essere incorporata in AOL        

Nulla è per sempre, specialmente sul web. Se negli ultimi anni i social network concorrenti di Facebook e Twitter hanno chiuso i battenti (Ping, Orkut, Beats Connect) o vivono di luce riflessa di altri servizi (qualcuno ha detto Google+?), la scure della fine di un percorso...

          Wifi Password Hack v2.3.2 Latest        
Wifi Password Hack
Wifi Password Hack v2.3.2 Latest | 4.99 MB

How to hack a Wifi password? This is not a easy task, so after many years we have crated a very interesting program. This program is called Password Hack v5 and Wifi hack wiil be piece a cake.

Step 1: Just point your mouse to the social buttons bellow!
Step 2: Click and the installation process will begin
Next you must open the program and enter SSID code. The you only need to click “start” and the password will be broken.

How to hack a Wi-Fi network and how to find it’s password?

First, let me tell you what Wi-Fi is! Wi-fi is a recent technology used by gadgets to connect to the Internet without the use of wires. The Wi-Fi Alliance says that Wi-Fi represent “any wireless local area network (WLAN) products that are based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 standards”. Because many WLAN use the same standard, WLAN became a synonym for the Wi-Fi word. Interbrand invented Wi-Fi as a play on words with Hi-Fi (high fidelity), and also created the Wi-Fi logo. This certified trademark can be used only by those Wi-Fi adaptors which pass the Wi-Fi Alliance tests and standards. If it has to do with a connected cable, then the Wi-Fi network is much more vulnerable to hackers attacks. Sites which aren’t sertified with SSL and are usually unencrypted are those which will try to steal the Wi-Fi password and any other private datas such as images or account passworrds. Even this intruder will try to take them, it will be harder for them if the router is protected with WPA, WPA2 or WEP encyption security. An extra feature extra from 2007, known as Wi-Fi Shielded Startup (WPS), experienced a serious catch in which let a great hacker to recoupy the actual router. The latest router devices come with the strongest protection ever known and are very hard for hackers to be breaken into. That’s, of course, if you don’t change the password with which is proveded. Ussualy, the routers have generic names and passwords such as the brand or name of the router, or even admin or 1234 as username and password.

The Wi-Fi is used nowdays for devices such as PC, Video Console such as PS 2, Ps 3, Xbox 360, PS portable (except the E-1000 one) and any other console which have 3G or Wi-Fi connection toghether with laptops and smart and non-smart phones. Those devices can access the Wi-Fi by using the sho called hotspots, where free internet is ussually given by restaurants or Internet providers. You need to be within 100 m to receive the signal, and it can only be received outdoors. What you receive indoors is the signal of a neighbour’s router, not a hotspot one. Hotspots can have low signals (10-20 meters) to strong signals, which take a few kilometers.
Any device which has Wi-Fi connectivity can receive Internet signal from this hotspots. The interconected devices are called hang-outs and can be seen each other for distances of over several miles. Outdoor open public Wi-Fi technologies have been used properly with wifi mesh networks with Liverpool, London, and gennerally in the big cities from all the United Kngdom. Wi-Fi is a great way for companies to promote their businessess; it’s very clear that, if there are two restaurants with the same prices and services, but one have also Wi-Fi connectivity, the one with the Wi-Fi will win. And it is not too expensive to provide Wi-Fi, just connect the Internet cable to a router and let it flow. Enthusiasts or perhaps specialists who want to offer products and services or even to enhance company with selected parts at times offer no cost Wi-Fi gain access to. Also there are companies which, in exchage for space used by antena’s on the rooftop of the flat of blocks, gife free internet in that flat. The are radions risks but who cares when you have free Internet, right? I thought so!
If you want to aquire a router, take a brand one, like Belkin or D-link, because the no-name chinese ones are very vulnerable to hacker attacks and can break easely. Don’t risk to lose all your money from the bank accounts or images with your daughter naked posted on the Internet just because you did’t wanted to spend a couple of extra pennies at the right time.

The same can apply to a mobile, battery powerd router, which is included in every cellphone existent. Many phone provider give free traffic for their clients in WAP, 2G, 3G or even 4G connectivity, depending on the country you live. Almost all smartphones have nowdays a easy OS to use such as Android, iOS, and the now dead Symbian OS, which make possible to connect to any Wi-Fi decive and also to interconnect. Internet pucksgive separate services in this sort at the same time, without use of any touch screen phone; these include this MiFi, as well as WiBro branded equipment. Out there are also many devices such as notebooks, ultrabooks and even laptops which use Wi-Fi to find any information the users want.

Now, let’s turn back to the topic of this article. How to hack a Wi-Fi network and how to find it’s password? This is a question many people asked. But now you don;t have to ask yourself anymore. Here is the sollution to all those frustrating days when you were at countrysite, isolated from the rest of the world and you found just a single, slow router. And that was passworded too. Then you and your phone are useless. That’s why our team of developers invented the most powerfull tool on the internet:

Wi-Fi password Hack v5. With a beautifull design, a silverish skin and a blueish font, this is one hack which is very, vet, very easy to use! Even my granddaughter Mary managed to use it in order to play with her virtual friends on the Internet. What do you have to do? First, type the SSID of the router. Ussualy is admin or the model of the router: you can just find it by scanning with the Windows utilities. Next, choose the security type: it could be WEP, WEP 2 or even WSK, it depends on the router. It doesn’t matter what type of security is, every type is hackable. Next, press on Start hacking and the program will handle you the password. Now you have free internet. Congratulations!

Download Link

「我不是卓越的程序员,我只不过是一个有着卓越习惯的程序员。」技术大牛 Kent Beck 曾这样说过自己。 有人在 Hacker News 发起一个讨论,是哪些习惯成就了卓越的程序员?

优秀的程序员都有哪些习惯?,首发于文章 - 伯乐在线。

          Gmail Account is Taken Over by Hacker        
Becarefull if you are using email Gmail Account. Your email can be taken over by hacker easily. The thief then change the phone number and email address for recovery and change the password so we cannot log in. Of course we can use “Forgot Password” to recover our email and then fill the new password […]
          Hacked By Unknown        
Hacked By Not Matter who am i ~ i am white Hat Hacker please update your wordpress
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[…] Brokers released the attack vulnerability that ransom-ware hackers exploited.” In addition, Microsoft also took the very unique step of recently releasing security updates to address the vulnerability for Windows XP and Server 2003, even though they are both years past […]
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Der US-Sender HBO ärgert sich mal wieder über eine Vorab-Veröffentlichung von „Game of Thrones“. Hacker haben geheime Daten ins Netz gestellt, und sie haben offenbar noch einiges in petto.
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          Comment on A Simple Bug Allows Hackers To Read Your Personal Facebook Messages Chats by carl phelan        
My girlfriend is a big time cheat and i was able to confirm that through the help of internetexpert04 at gmail dot com I contacted him to help me hack into my girlfriend's social media (Facebook,call log,imessage.Gmail and also whatsapp) and discovered she was SLEEPING WITH her so called best friend, now I am happy and single and ready to move on thanks to internetexpert04 at gmail dot com who did the hacking job for me. Contact him today for help and tell him i referred you to him..He would be willing to help you.
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My wife was so smooth at hiding his infidelity so I had no proof for months, I was referred to some hacker and decided to give him a try.. the result was incredible because all my cheating wife's text messages, whatsapp, facebook and even phone conversations was wired directly to my cellphone. websniffer helped me put a round-the-clock monitoring on her and I got concrete evidence of her escapades. if your spouse is an expert at hiding his/her cheating adventures Contact: websniffer@programmer.net
          Comment on How To Hack A Game On Your Android Device: Must Try by Harry Harish        
guys it is alredy a known method if we root ur device we can use gamehacker to do such things it is helpfull but try to hack coc im trying it for but can't if u can plz send how..?
          Comment on How To Hack WhatsApp And Telegram By Using SS7 Flaw: Ultimate Method by morgan clarkson        
Do you want to access or penetrate a facebook account, instagram, tinder, gmail, yahoomail, school grade upgrading .remove links from website, youtube. .Retrieval of lost file/documents .Database hack. .Sales of Dump cards of all kinds. etc. Contact us; godseyes@hackermail.com, +12092641076
          Comment on Top 5 Methods Hackers Used To Hack Facebook Accounts: Must Know About Them by ali hussain dhuniya        
May I know about the security question of Facebook? I am beginner in coding and hacking.so please cooperate me.
          Comment on Top 5 Methods Hackers Used To Hack Facebook Accounts: Must Know About Them by Techxerl        
yes, hacker can bypass security question. It's just useless feature.
          Comment on Top 5 Methods Hackers Used To Hack Facebook Accounts: Must Know About Them by ali hussain dhuniya        
can hacker bypass security question of facebook.... yes or no..
          Comment on Top 7 Cool Tricks You Can Learn To Look Like A Hacker: Become Popular Among Friends by Nielsen02        
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Get any hack job done with your security guaranteed . I recommend codelordexx@gmail.com to help execute any job you bring to the table
          Comment on How To Hack WhatsApp And Telegram By Using SS7 Flaw: Ultimate Method by Paul Sommers        
Need a hacker??? PROOF OF ACCESS BEFORE PAYMENT! e-mail benhacker127001@gmail.com or text +19562551363 (sms only) to help catch a cheater via mobile phone hacks,e-mail hacks, Bank account hacking, We also develop hacked facebook, twitter, instagram, college grade upgrade, expunge criminal records and sever/database penetration etc.
          Comment on Top 7 Cool Tricks You Can Learn To Look Like A Hacker: Become Popular Among Friends by Gregory Gleason        
to cut the internet just run deauthentication packets to the network.... or if you want to just do it to one person's computer you can spoof their arp and tell them that your computer is the router, as long as you havent set ipforward to 1 you should be good.
          Comment on How To Hack WiFi With WIFIPHISHER: Best Tool To Hack WiFi by Joycelyn Chan        
load of crap. WEP can be cracked easily. WPA2 is the best encryption by far,for wifi. #ethicalhacker
          Update - Problema con Growl e Skype        
E dopo l'aggiornamento del nostro amato Growl (su App Store) alla versione 1.3.1 ecco il nostro aggiornamento al post inerente i problemi tra la rinnovata versione di Growl 1.3 e la versione di Skype 5.3.X o Skype 5.4.X (la beta)!
growl aggiornato sull'App Store
Il 3 novembre 2011 Growl è stato aggiornato, ma la guida vale anche per la versione 1.3!

Ringraziando per la segnalazione Animaster84, riportiamo il commento col quale spiega il nuovo modo di risolvere il problema tra il famoso gestore di notifiche per il mac osx e il programma di videochiamate più usato.
Scaricare dal sito http://growl.info/downloads l’app GROWL VERSION DETECTIVE 1.2.
Eseguite l’app.
Andate sul tab “FRAMEWORK”, poi cercate SKYPE, e cliccate su UPGRADE FW.
Adesso dalle impostazioni di notifica di Skype potrete selezionare nuovamente anche Growl.
TESTATO su 10.7.2.
Dopo il salto la mini guida.
Read more »

          Rețelele publice de Wi-Fi, principala armă a hackerilor în perioada concediilor        
Datele personale de pe telefon, laptop sau tabletă sunt mult mai expuse riscului de a fi atacate pe durata vacanței de vară, când turiștii în căutare de internet gratuit se […]
          Comentário sobre Game of Thrones: HBO confirma ataque hacker e teme mais vazamentos por HBO confirma ataque hacker e teme mais vazamentos – gotnews        
[…] Source link […]
          Step One For Protecting Your Technology        
Information Technology can be pretty overwhelming.  There are lots of acronyms, abbreviations, and buzzwords you have to know just to do your everyday work.  On top of that you have tons of vendors and sales reps that want to sell you some kind of server, software, or service to protect you from all that can go wrong.  How do you evaluate all this technology when you barely understand it?  If you're like most people you get overwhelmed and procrastinate.  Really, who wants to go home after putting a long day at work and start working on their technology protection strategy.

The first step that I recommend to anyone working on a technology protection strategy is to visualize what they would do when confronted with the most common technology disasters.  Sure you may need protection from a potential hacker that might try to break into your network Oceans 11 style, but those types of break-ins are relatively rare for small businesses.  However I can almost guarantee one of these problems will happen to your business in the next three years:

  1. Hard drive failure.  If you haven't had this happen before, it's only a matter of time until you experience it.  Imagine one day you go to your computer and power it on, only to find that it can't find an operating system, and all you get is a black screen staring back at you.  You take the computer to your "tech" person, and they say the hard drive is dead, any information on it is lost forever.  Now picture this scenario with each computer, laptop, or server that you own.  What would you do?  Who would you call? How long could you live without that data?  Could you live without it forever?
  2. Malware Infection.  No matter how careful you are, someday one of your computers will get a malware infection.  This will result in your computer running very slowly, pop up screens will come up, and programs will stop working correctly.  Usually it will leave your computer in an unusable state.  Your "tech" person will probably recommend wiping out your computer and starting all over again from scratch.  This will be a very similar situation as the hard drive failure.  How long could you live without your computer?  Could you stand to lose all your data?  
  3. Lost or Stolen Computer.  Imagine coming back to your car and seeing your window smashed in.  Your laptop has been stolen.  Did it have sensitive customer information?  Did it have credit card numbers, bank account numbers, logins to sensitive websites?  Here's another scenario, you went out to lunch and left your smartphone on the table.  The phone's gone missing and all hope of getting it back is gone.  Your phone was connected to your company's email, and you had hundreds of business contacts in your phone.  Will that information be safe?
The answer for most people will be, "I don't know if I'm ok or not."  And that answer is to be expected, but which scenario makes you the most nervous?  Which one do you think you couldn't recover from?  Once you've come up with the scenario that will cost you the most money or pain, start there with your planning.

          Examples of Cyber Loss        

  • Business Interruption - crippled computer systems, a downed website or abrupt data loss can produce a spiral effect of lost revenue to limit your ability to meet payroll and other expenses. Business Interruption forces you to suspend normal operations until everything is fixed back to normal. A normal insurance policy protects you from Business Interruption if you building burns down. Cyber Insurance protects you from the same thing, but in a digital sense.

  • Notification Costs - these expenses mount quickly. As the laws regarding data breach change and develop, legal obligations for businesses are increasing. In the event of cyber breach, you may be required to inform customers and the public that their information is at risk. This can get very expense. Payment for call centers, drafting written alerts and press releases, printing, postage, advertisements/ publications to inform them about the breach. Cyber insurance will cover these expenses, so you do not have to shoulder them yourself.

  • Credit Protection - in a cyber information breach, your company will be financially liable for the credit monitoring services that each of your customers will require.

  • Crisis Management - fees for public relations to reestablish your name and credibility.

  • Cyber Extortion - this is when a when a hacker holds your information hostage. Ransom money has run into the millions in some cases.

  • Legal Fees - what you pay in the face of lawsuits. Because your company had a duty to secure customer information, you could face lawsuits for the breach of this duty, resulting in hefty legal fees. Insurance companies are not only well equipped with lawyers who specialize in dealing with lawsuits of this type, they are able to settle claims out of court to minimize the losses you face.

  • Forensics Costs - what you Because there was a breach of your security system, your company will now have to pay for a digital forensics analysis to determine how the breach occurred, and new security systems to guard against future instances will have to be installed

  • During this whole process, your business's day-to-day operations will be interrupted while security breach issues are cleaned up

  • Lost Time = Lost Revenues - self explanatory. During this whole process, your business' day-to-day operations will be interrupted while security breaches are cleaned up.

          Top Eleven Token Hilesi        
                 Top Eleven Token Hilesi konusuna hosgeldiniz arkadaşlar. Top Eleven Token Hilesi konusunda tek ve ilk olan sitemizde 2013 yılından beri özgün bve güncel Top Eleven Token Hilesi konuları yer almakdatadır. Bu demek oluyor ki oyun nerdeyse daha çıkmadan biz oyun hakkında oyun çıktıkdan sonra da oyunun hilesi hakkında incelemeler yapıp paylaşımlarda bulunmaya başladık. Top Eleven Token Hilesi konusunu bu kadar populer ve guncel olmasını sağlayan konu ise inanılmaz bir popüleriteye sahip olmuş olmasıdır. Oyun o kadar büyüdü ki özellikle futbol mabedi ülkemizde müthiş bir sinerji yakaladı. Her kes özellikle erkekler oyunu oynamak için yanıp tutuştu. Tüm bunlar bir yana oyunun hil
esi ise hemen fixlenmeye başladı çünkü hilesini güncel tutmak cidden zor olmaya başladı. Bu noktada devreye yabancı hackerler girdi ve oyunun tüm dosyalarına ulaşıp izinler verip kaldırabilen bir hile yarattılar bu hile sayesinde oyuncularınız daha hızlı level atlayabiliyor sınırsız tokene sahıp olabiliyorsunuz. Bir başka hile sayesinde ise oyunda token alabiliyorsunuz. Normalde para ödeyerek alabilcek olduğunuz tokenleri ödemiş gibi gözüküp alabilyorsunuz.
          Books For Soldiers in Trouble        
Several years back I helped manage a large, monthly, FOL, library book sale. One of the activities I instituted was shipping books to a program called Books For Soldiers. Our branch mailed a lot of really good books to the forces overseas.

Due to health reasons, three or so years ago I quit my volunteering. The wear and tear on my body was too great and since I was tired of doing way too much heavy, physical work myself, I left with no regrets. But... I often wondered if the Books for Soldiers program continued since the woman who actually boxed and shipped the books also left the FOL group after I did. Happily, I learned this year that the mailings continued.

So, it was with some dismay that I learned yesterday via email that the Books for Soldiers program is in dire financial difficulties. I don't think they'll mind my pasting the information in my blog. If even a couple people read this and donate, that is a few more dollars.

Books For Soldiers
2008 Fundraising Update Newsletter April 2008

It Is A Bad Economy

Starting at the first of this year, BFS started a robust fundraising campaign here in North Carolina. We contacted small companies and some large companies you probably have heard of. To date, we have received a stack of letters that begin with "we deeply regret not being able to donate this year" and no cash. From our corporate donation campaign we have received a tad under thirty dollars from a philanthropy grants group in Winston Salem, NC. That was it, nothing else.

Times are tough for all non-profit groups, food banks from all around North Carolina and across the nation are suffering from a lack of donations and a sharp increase of those in need. The article below arrived in my email today about a women's shelter closing because of a lack of donations.


The Next Step

The BFS Board of Directors have discussed this problem for some time and have decided to have another go at fundraising. We are working on a different campaign aimed at companies in larger states - California for example. Every time we want to do fundraising in a state (cold call, direct mail, advertising) we need to file with that state's Secretary of State - filing in all states if prohibitively expensive so we have to pick and choose.

In our last newsletter, we reported on the hacker attacks that coincided with our 5th Anniversary. Those DNS attacks didn't help our balance sheet. Our final IT bill from the datacenter for that week was a tad over $11,000. If you recall, the hackers brought down the whole datacenter just to try to kill us.

The Board set a goal of $70,000 to raise by November 1st of this year. If that amount is not raised, the site will close on December 31st, 2008.

If we cannot make the fundraising target, the Board will seek to sell the site to another 501(c)(3) and any new owner will need to be qualified - have the IT talent to run the site, the funding to keep it going and the funding for the required upgrades, both software and hardware. We would also stop accepting new OVs on November 1st and stop accepting new books requests from soldiers on December 1st, 2008.

What Does It Take?*

It takes a lot to run BFS on a monthly basis. The monthly funds required to run an operation like BFS are large. Here is a partial summary of where the donations go.

All figures are a monthly average for 2007.

Books, DVDs, other carepackage items $1153
Postage $812
Rent $1600
Utilities $277
IT Services (server farm, hosting, bandwidth) $4258
IT Maintenance Contract $1500
IT Security Software License Fees $350

There are other things like broken computers, the occasional software purchase, insurance, pencils, toilet paper for the bathroom, etc. that we purchase.

No one at BFS receives a salary.

The BFS presence on MySpace, Flickr, YouTube are all free. Our presence in Second Life has also been donated.

We will be disabling the uploading of photos in the next few weeks to save bandwidth. Please post your photos to the Flickr BFS Group and include the Flickr link to the photo in your forum post. If you want keep your photos on BFS, place them on Flickr and post the code in your post. Instructions can be found here.

My hopes is that eventually we can raise more than the $70k survival goal. Last year our goal for 2008 was to move to a website design where the cumbersome OV process was performed online and searching and finding soldiers would be a breeze - subscribing to soldier requests is my favorite new BFS feature. Now we are just struggling to stay open.

How You Can Help

The ONLY reason we are open today is because of the OVs that have donated so far this year, but now I need to ask more of everyone.

1) Office party fundraiser - Coordinate a "Save BFS Day" at work and urge, beg, cajole your co-workers into coughing up something for BFS.

2) Have your company cough up some cash. We will send your company a formal donation request, just send us the company name, contact name and address and we will get it out right away. Send these requests to me personally (storm@booksforsoldiers.com)

3) Have your place of worship pass the plate (hat, kippah, whatever) for BFS. Consult with your church's leader about holding a "Save BFS Offering" one day this month. Checks should be made out to "Books For Soldiers." If they have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly to set up a call.

4) Visit our donation page and give what you can.

or by check

Books For Soldiers
2008 Fund Drive
353 Jonestown Rd #123
Winston Salem, NC 27104

In Closing

I started BFS five years ago and fully expected it to be online for only six weeks, that is the length of time I thought it would take for our troops to finish up in Baghdad and come back home. I am also terrible at predicting who is going to win the next NASCAR race.

If worse come to worse, it has been a good run - a great run in fact. In the first 6 months of operation, we collectively shipped over 400 tons of packages to the Middle East, that is when I stopped counting. We also built the largest English library in the Middle East - together with US soldiers at the Baghdad International Airport in the months following the fall of Baghdad.

We have done a lot of tremendous work, made a lot of great friends and even a wedding or two! We have also lost a lot of friends and we have received way too many memorial flags. Either way, you can all be proud of what we have achieved.

I promise that we will do everything in our power to meet our fundraising goals and will appreciate any help from you.

Thank-you for your support, patience and hard work over the last 5 years.

And most of all thank-you for your support of our troops.

Storm Williams
Books For Soldiers

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          Some Bucking Up For Us Hand-Wringers        
Bob Cesca at HuffPo reminds us that the repug rejection of the stimulus bill isn't the first time Barack Obama has seemed defeated, only to come roaring back in victory, and it probably won't be the last.

There's a killer web graphic that was created back in the post-Republican Convention days while everyone was writing spasmodic, breathless "Obama should [fill in the blank]" blog entries and "Oh crap! We're gonna lose!" newspaper columns.


The web graphic is actually a photograph of Barack Obama from his Invesco Field acceptance speech. In it, he's looking directly into the camera with an expression of fierce determination on his face -- his teeth gnashed in an Eastwood snarl, his left hand gesturing as though he's kung fu fighting his way through an oversized cinderblock made of SlapChop-minced Republican skulls.

The large, white text superimposed at the top reads: "Everyone chill the fuck out." The text at the bottom exclaims: "I got this!"

Sure enough, two months later, we watched as this liberal African American man with the noble yet politically unusual name "Barack Hussein Obama" defied the odds and won red states like Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana and the commonwealth of Virginia.

Fade out the roaring crowds at Grant Park. Dissolve to late January.
The economy continues to creep nearer to the crumbling ledge of yet another Depression -- if it isn't there already. And yet the Republicans who very nearly shoved us over the ledge are prancing around as if their collective Reaganomics don't stink.


Their political audacity, while never surprising, always seems to confound expectations and defy logic. Having relegated themselves to the status of a regional, minor party due to their unserious, fear-mongering wedge politics and well-documented record of disastrous policy-making, they remain so hubristic as to crap their cages and demand a seat at the Big Boy Table, as if they're the majority party in Congress -- as if they somehow earned an equal voice in this thing by way of their awesome record on the economy.

They haven't. It's only due to the magnanimity of the president that they haven't been completely steamrolled on this recovery bill. Magnanimity which, by the way, isn't nearly as plentiful or renewable as the Republicans might think.


Altogether, it might appear as if the Republicans are using their ridiculousness as a means of duping the president -- hectoring him into capitulation and therefore allowing the recovery bill to be sabotaged with their taint. And when the sabotaged bill fails to help the economy, they'll blame the president. David Sirota outlined this strategy the other day, and while events might seem to point in this direction from time to time, there isn't much evidence to indicate that President Obama is naïve enough to be flimflammed by these very obvious Republican political tricks. Put another way, if you and I can spot the scams, I'm sure he can too. Though, it's important that the Republicans think they can sucker punch the president the same way they've sucker punched Senator Reid over and over.

The president's "I won" remark indicates that there's a limit to both his benevolence and his tolerance for Republican silly season hackery. "I won" means that he won't be played and he won't be taken advantage of. But the Republicans have miscalculated and misinterpreted the president, believing that "bipartisanship" means Democratic capitulation. Save for a few concessions in an otherwise massive spending bill, President Obama isn't calling for any half-and-half bipartisan compromise on this or anything else so far. His process with the Republicans is all about attaining some civility in the tone of the debate -- not caving. There's a difference. And in that process, the president is looking increasingly presidential as his style is contrasted against the smallness of the Republicans.

Recent history has proved that the president's Chess Match style will require a little more patience than we're accustomed to in order to see the endgame -- to see how this all plays out. And while it's crucial to keep a clear eye and critical mind, there's a lot of comfort in that web graphic from last September. Chances are: he's got this.

Read the whole thing.
          Do the Math on Your Mobile Apps        
One of my favorite sources of interesting reading material these days is Hacker News (follow them at @newsycombinator), and this week they pointed me to a piece from Derek Sivers that applies to many of the emerging digital and mobile markets for media: He kept saying, "If only one percent of the people reading this magazine buy my CD......
          Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous        
Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous
author: Gabriella Coleman
name: Gwen
average rating: 3.81
book published: 2014
rating: 4
read at:
date added: 2016/11/26
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          Podcast verhuist naar zaterdag. Google Reader exit! 8 redenen om Google+ te gebruiken...        

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In deze ReputatieCoaching en ReputatieManagement podcast komen de volgende onderwerpen aan bod:
1. Podcast verhuist naar zaterdag
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3. 8 redenen om Google+ te gebruiken
4. 7 tips voor maximaliseren Google+ Authorship
5. Wat is webspam volgens Google?

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De ReputatieCoaching en ReputatieManagement Podcast wordt wekelijks uitgebracht door Eduard de Boer, ook wel bekend als de ReputatieCoach. In de podcast brengt Eduard het laatste nieuws op het gebied van reputatiemanagement, social media, Internet Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), ofwel zoekmachine optimalisatie en inbound marketing en geeft hij tips over hoe je je reputatie kunt verbeteren.

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          Jasa Pembuatan Website di Bantul        
Jasa pembuatan website di Bantul. Harga , 300 ribu -1,2 juta. Garansi dari virus, hacker dll; Gratis: Tutorial edit+konsultasi 24 jam, index google.   Cek Harga Web Selengkapnya + Contohnya + Penjelasannya = Klik Di Sini   Kami menawarkan sistem pelayanan online modern, menjangkau seluruh wilayah tanpa kendala. Pelayanan kami mampu menjangkau Bantul. Contoh untuk jasa […]
          Jasa Pembuatan Website di Sleman        
Jasa Pembuatan Website di Sleman. Harga , 300 ribu -1,2 juta. Garansi dari virus, hacker dll; Gratis: Tutorial edit+konsultasi 24 jam, index google.   Cek Harga Web Selengkapnya + Contohnya + Penjelasannya = Klik Di Sini   Kami menawarkan sistem pelayanan online modern, menjangkau seluruh wilayah tanpa kendala. Contoh untuk Jasa Pembuatan Website di Sleman. […]
          Sezon na grilla – jak nie przytyć        

Zaczęły się pierwsze wiosenne grille. Nasze kubki smakowe zapewne są zadowolone, a co z żołądkiem? Kiedy wrócimy do codziennych obowiązków i nagle okaże się, że nasze ulubione spodnie się nie dopinają, a na brzuchu pojawiła się kolejna fałdka, możemy być zszokowani. Ale nie martwmy się na zapas! Mamy kilka wskazówek, które pozwolą wam cieszyć się […]

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          Pomysł 8-godzinnego dnia pracy i dlaczego powinniśmy wziąć go pod lupę        

Jednym z najbardziej niezmiennych elementów codziennego życia jest nasz optymalny czas pracy, czy też to, jak długo powinniśmy pracować – zazwyczaj, odpowiedź każdej zapytanej osoby oscyluje wokół 8 godzin dziennie. Dane wydają się potwierdzać, że statystyczny etatowy pracownik przepracowuje 8,8 godzin każdego dnia. A przynajmniej takie są oficjalne statystyki pochodzące z Biura Statystyki Pracy.   […]

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          Użyj tych programów i wtyczek – twoja praca będzie łatwiejsza        

Jak często zdarza Ci się, że mija cały dzień, a Ty nie możesz zabrać się za swoją pracę? Cały czas coś Cię rozprasza – portal społecznościowy, otwarte na komputerze aplikacje. Zdarza się również, że najpoważniejszym problemem jest brak listy zadań, która pozwoliłaby na ułożenie kolejności wykonywanej pracy. Przygotowaliśmy dla was kilka przydatnych programów i wtyczek, […]

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          5 rzeczy, które musisz wiedzieć aby odnaleźć pracę marzeń        

Jednym z głównych kluczy, osiągnięcia szczęścia, jest odnalezienie pracy, którą będziesz kochać, taką która pozwoli Ci realizować rzeczy, które Cię pasjonują i motywują. Jednakże odpowiedź na pytanie: Jaka to praca?, jest skomplikowana, ale nie niemożliwa. Oto kilka wskazówek, które ułatwią Twoje poszukiwania.   Praca, sama Cię nie odnajdzie, musisz jej poszukać. Ten sam sposób prowadzenia […]

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          7 nawyków wysoce doskonałych ludzi        

Czy jesteś zdeterminowany? Czy lubisz się wyróżniać? Uważam, że każdy z nas to robi. Rodzimy się, by być najlepszymi, możemy żyć korzystając jak najlepiej z naszego życia. Możemy być tym, kogo pragną inni ludzie lub wręcz przeciwnie zachowywać się odwrotnie do ich wymagań. Często jednak nie będzie to życie, o którym marzymy i którego pragniemy. Dopiero […]

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          Dlaczego nuda ma dobry wpływ na naszą kreatywność?        

Jak większość kreatywnych ludzi, prawdopodobnie rzadko kiedy się nudzisz. Jesteś skonstruowany w taki sposób, aby podążać za nowością i inspiracją, a uciekać od roboty papierkowej i ciężkiej pracy. Nuda jest wrogiem kreatywności, za wszelką cenę należy jej unikać. Czy to prawda? Zastanów się nad spostrzeżeniami komediopisarza Grahama Linehana, które przedstawił w jednym ze swoich ostatnich […]

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          Najlepszy sposób na zarządzanie czasem: dysponuj czasem tak samo, jak pieniędzmi        

Czy znasz wyrażenie „zbyt dużo miesiąca na koniec pieniędzy”? Czy kiedykolwiek czułeś, że pozostało ci „zbyt wiele zadań na koniec dnia”? A może tak zacząć gospodarować czasem tak samo, jak pieniędzmi? Eksperci finansowi polecają budżetowanie przy zarządzaniu pieniędzmi. Dzięki temu można zobaczyć, w co inwestujesz pieniądze oraz planować wydatki, zapewniając korzystne i jak najlepsze rozporządzanie […]

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          Jak dostałem pracę, nie mając wystarczających kwalifikacji        

Jesteśmy zagrożeni epidemią krążących po Internecie ogólnikowych i bezużytecznych porad zawodowych. Przypomina to trochę zajęcia z plastyki w czwartej klasie. W ramach projektu zaliczeniowego nauczyciel zleca uczniom narysować zachód słońca. Do dyspozycji daje kilka podręczników, których zadaniem jest nauczyć, jak się rysuje zachody słońca. Uczniowie starają się podążać za zawartymi w nich instrukcjami. Widzieliście kiedykolwiek takie podręczniki do […]

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          4 blokady psychiczne, które powstrzymują cię przed pisaniem i sposoby ich zwalczania        

We współczesnym świecie wiele osób decyduje się na prowadzenie bloga. Wszystko idzie świetnie do momentu, kiedy pojawiają się pewnego rodzaju blokady. Blokada przed pisaniem może być mieszanką problemów związanych z  zarządzaniem i logistyką. Czasami jednak sprawa sięga głębiej i staje się problemem z kreatywnością czy motywacją, a wtedy trudniej sobie z nim poradzić. A co […]

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          4 krótkie cytaty Abrahama Lincolna, które pomogą ci się rozwinąć        

Jak w dzisiejszym zabieganym świecie można znaleźć czas, aby odejść od codziennej rutyny i zastanowić się dokąd właściwie zmierzasz? Jednym z dobrych sposobów jest zaczerpnięcie mądrości od wielkich myślicieli. Nie trzeba przy tym czytać setek książek – zamiast tego możesz wybrać kilka cytatów, które przepełnione są mądrością życiową. Przeczytanie cytatu trwa tylko kilka sekund, a […]

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          The Cage, Volume III        

I was watching ESPN last week and I saw an interview they did with Ben Roethlisberger, who was suspended by the NFL because he apparently used a bathroom stall for a number other than 1 or 2 (hint: it was 69). During the interview, Roethlisberger completely jacked Magic Johnson’s concept of having an alter ego created from fame and money. In an HBO documentary that aired earlier this year, Magic explained that it wasn’t actually Earvin Johnson who routinely cheated on his wife and got HIV. It was “Magic.” Magic was the leader of the Lakers who threw behind the back passes, oozed all sorts of charisma and personality in interviews, and put his tallywhacker where it didn’t belong. Earvin was a shy kid from Michigan who was humble, respectful, and could apparently grow a kickass afro. He went on to say something like deep down he was Earvin, but fame and money had turned him into Magic. Basically, he was a victim of his own success. Poor guy.

The crazy thing about Magic’s interview was that I actually ended up feeling bad for him, even though everything he said suggested that I should have felt the exact opposite. The reason for this is because Magic is quite possibly the most likable athlete to ever live, which is why guys like me were listening to what he said and were thinking, “Wow, I never thought of it like that. Magic didn’t want to have sex with all these women, but since he was rich and famous, he had no choice.” I never once questioned his logic, because he’s Magic Johnson, and Magic Johnson could tell me that he murdered my family and destroyed every copy of FIFA ever made, and as long as he smiled and let out that hearty laugh of his, I’d probably shake his hand and tell him not to worry about it.

Ben Roethlisberger, on the other hand, comes across as a guy who is as charismatic and persuasive as Brett Favre’s penis. So when he blatantly stole Magic’s alter ego concept and said something like “I stopped being the Ben Roethlisberger who grew up in Findlay and spent his weekends sheltering the homeless, and I started becoming Big Ben, captain of the Pittsburgh Steelers,” I couldn’t help but think of how big of a jerk this guy is and how I don’t feel sorry for him at all. Sure he used the exact same excuse as Magic, but since he’s nowhere near as likable as Magic, I was furious. The excuse works for guys who have an infectious smile (and in Magic’s case, an infectious disease) or at least a likable personality. It most certainly does not work for guys who think it’s appropriate to have the most rapist-looking haircut in the world right after they’ve been accused of sexual assault.

I guess the point I’m trying to convey here is that I’m really upset that Big Ben had to completely ruin this otherwise great excuse for misbehaving. Magic laid the foundation for athletes and celebrities to save themselves with nothing more than a little charisma and an alter ego. I even used Magic’s model to formulate a plan for myself. In five to ten years, when the cops inevitably bust open my door to find a dead hooker in my bathtub and an unconscious me laying in the living room with my pants around my ankles and my face buried in a huge mound of cocaine, I was going to be so excited to tell the judge that it wasn’t me who got into all that trouble. It was The Shark. But no. Ben Roethlisberger has to go and be an unlikable sleazeball and ruin it for everyone. Wait, I got that wrong. It was Big Ben who ruined it for everyone. Ben Roethlisberger did nothing wrong. My bad.

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s open up The Cage and see if I can do my best to avoid answering your emails. Before you ask, the answer is yes – all of these are real emails from real people, except for the ones that aren’t. ___________________________________________________

My email question is: Why do you never answer emails?
- Ann L.

Good question.

Dear Mark, you are my hero. I love you.
-Riley A.

Good statements.

Since you are a mid twenties something man, I am sure that you were excited when you heard of NBA JAM 2010. And since you grew up in Indiana, I was wondering what you thought about the fact that Reggie Miller and Rik Smits didn't make the Pacers legends roster.
- Matt S.

Even though I grew up 20 minutes from downtown Indianapolis, I admittedly have never been much of a Pacers fan. This is predominantly because I absolutely despised the way Reggie Miller played basketball, which is to say that I despised how dirty of player he was and how much he trash talked. I hated all the theatrics that came with his game and I reached my boiling point with him when he pushed off of Jordan to hit that shot in the ‘98 Eastern Conference Finals, and then proceeded to execute the worst game-winning shot celebration in history. That play alone epitomized everything I hated about Reggie Miller.

As I grew older, though, I realized that trash talking and playing dirty were woven into the fabric of basketball tradition just as much as Chuck Taylors and teammates using the N-bomb as a term of endearment. Upon learning this, I gained a greater appreciation for Reggie’s talents and actually respect the hell out of the guy now. He was one of the best clutch shooters of all-time and made the NBA that much better during his playing days. As for Rik Smits? He was always one of my favorite players if for no other reason than he had a mullet and an awesome nickname (The Dunkin Dutchman). I liked him so much that I briefly considered playing for Marist when they were recruiting me in high school, even though I knew absolutely nothing about the school or basketball program other than the fact that Rik Smits played there.

To answer your question, I think this has the potential to make the fine people of Indianapolis the most upset they’ve been since Steven Tyler disgraced our great country with his national anthem at the 2001 Indy 500. Miller and Smits are the Pacers. If you asked all the Pacer fans who will buy NBA JAM 2010 to name the first two Pacers to come to mind, every one of them would say Miller and Smits. How could they possibly leave both of these guys off the game? More importantly, who got the nod ahead of them? Travis Best?

Now that we got Moss how many more years does Favre stay for? 4? 5? 45?
- Nate H.

All of the above. He will retire after four more years, come back, retire again after another year, come back, and then finally retire for good 40 years later. But his final retirement won’t be his choice. It will be God’s. Following the 2055 NFL season, an 86-year-old Brett Favre will have a heart attack, pick up the phone to dial 911, and ultimately die in stunned silence after Tracy Porter intercepts his call.

(I thought that taking an hour-long rape shower immediately after the Vikings lost the NFC Championship last year would get me over the loss. I couldn’t have been more wrong.)

Who would win in a street fight? Mark Madsen or Craig Ehlo?
- Doug P.

This is a no-brainer. I’m taking Craig Ehlo over Mark Madsen in a fight of any kind, whether it be street, MMA, or pillow. This is because I’m 100% sure that he’s tougher than the Maddog. Think about it. Both of these guys are known for one thing respectively. Madsen is famous for setting white people back at least 20 years with his horrendous dancing at the Lakers championship celebration. And by 20 years, I mean that he didn’t set white people back at all because pretty much all white guys dance like that. But still.

Ehlo’s claim to fame, however, is that he was repeatedly abused by Michael Jordan. I’m guessing a lot of people reading this are Cavs fans who don’t need to be reminded, but the rest of you probably only know Ehlo because of the shot Jordan hit over him at the buzzer to knock the Cavs out of the ‘89 playoffs, when in reality he was frequently dominated by Jordan (in Ehlo’s defense, though, who wasn’t?). Along with hitting “The Shot,” Jordan’s career high of 69 points also came against the Cavs in 1990, and while Ehlo didn’t start out guarding Jordan, he certainly guarded him (or attempted to) for a majority of the game. Ehlo got abused by Jordan so much, in fact, that during a game in Chicago, following a play in which Jordan scored on Ehlo even though Ehlo had wrapped him up with both arms, one of the game announcers was in such disbelief at how frequently plays like that happened that he felt compelled to say, “It always happens to Craig Ehlo” (I’m too lazy to look it up on YouTube, but I can just about guarantee that you’ll be able to find it). Jordan obviously had many victims during his career, but nobody got abused on a regular basis by Jordan like Craig Ehlo did. Nobody. Sorry, Cavs fans.

So what does that have to do with fighting? It’s pretty simple, really. People have spent the past 10 years telling Madsen that he sucks at dancing, which is something that I’m sure he’s somewhat proud of. Meanwhile, people have been telling Craig Ehlo for the past 15+ years that he’s Jordan’s bitch. You and I can’t even fathom how much pent-up anger Ehlo is waiting to unleash because of this. That’s why I think if these guys really got into a fight, Ehlo would be like the disgruntled employee who finally snaps and shows up to work with a shotgun, only instead of pumping bullets into his co-workers he would be pumping a steady dose of knuckle sandwiches into Mark Madsen’s face.

I think it's fair to say that I anticipated FIFA 11 just about as much as anyone. And, of course, was disappointed just as much as everyone. My roommate is the only one of my friends to share a love for the beautiful game. We got FIFA 10 last year to start preparing for the World Cup, and it was a great ride. I've even been getting up at 9:55 on Saturdays to watch EPL games. When FIFA 11 arrived we spent the next 2 days playing it and came to the conclusion that indeed it did suck, and maybe we'll just have to play FIFA 10. A few days go by and we give it another chance. Sure enough, I hate it just as much as before, however... he now pulls a 180 and says he likes it better than it's predecessor. I was floored. He read the first paragraph of your latest blog, and closed it. He refused to read, as he called it, “garbage.” So my question is - 1. Is his TMM membership revoked? and B. How do I best handle this doucher?
- Dan W.

As much as I’d like to revoke his TMM membership, the fact is that the only crime he’s guilty of is loving FIFA too much, which obviously isn’t a crime at all. I would be a hypocrite to denounce him for defending FIFA, so I can’t exactly be that upset.

However, anyone who thinks FIFA 11 is better than FIFA 10 is obviously completely out of their mind. These are the same people who probably prefer the first Home Alone, the second version of DX, and the Third Reich. These people are so off-base with their thinking that they can’t be rationalized with. There is no saving your friend. I suggest you knock him unconscious, throw him in the trunk of your car, drive until you reach the depths of hell, and then leave his ass to rot in Ann Arbor, Michigan for being so dumb. Or you could just draw penises on his face the next time he passes out. Whatever works for you.

What are your thoughts on Rufus taking on Brutus?
- Justin B.

I’m kinda split on this particular mascot attack. On the one hand, I’m all for mascot-on-mascot violence because every time it happens, it’s always hilarious to me. Always. Plus, when the kid who dressed up as Rufus was interviewed, he said that the only reason he ever tried out in the first place was because he knew that OU played Ohio State and he wanted to attack Brutus. I completely respect this kid’s ambition and desire to achieve his dreams. But, on the other hand, he kinda took a cowardly approach by springing a surprise attack on Brutus. There is absolutely no honor in how he went about doing it which kinda takes away from the act altogether. If you’re going to start a mascot fight, you gotta do it the old fashioned way – walk up behind the other mascot and give him a nice little shove. When he turns around to acknowledge your shove, you shove him again to let him know that it wasn’t an accident and that it most certainly is on. From there, you wait a second to let him have a chance to process what exactly is going on, and then you unleash hell. That’s the only fair way to go about it that still makes for great theater. It’s Mascot Fighting 101.

When I first read about this mascot fight, I was immediately struck by how awesome both mascot names are. I was sure that a fight between Rufus and Brutus would have to be the greatest combination of mascot names that could possibly get into a fight, but like most things, I was wrong. After doing a little Wikipedia research, I’ve decided that the best possible mascot fight that could ever take place, based solely on the names of the mascots involved, would be if Scrotie (from the Rhode Island School of Design) fought Gaylord (from Campbell University). Can you imagine the headlines if this ever happened? I would actually go buy a newspaper for once in my life, just so I could have a copy of a paper with an inadvertently hilarious headline like “Gaylord Wrestles With Scrotie.” Another element of hilarity is added when you consider that this story is absolutely unGooglable, because Googling “gaylord” and “scrotie” together would result in nothing but gay porn on at least the first 27 pages of results (not that I would know or anything). That really would be the greatest mascot fight ever. I dare you to check out the Wikipedia list of mascots and come up with something better than that.

Speaking of homosexuality…

I played D3 hoops and we always had uncomfortable conversations about why one or two guys would rather hike back to the dorms in the winter weather than get into the team shower mix. Along those lines, were you a shower sandal wearer, or were you willing to take that risk? Did you ever pee on your feet as a faux method to kill fungus? Did your teammates offer to do it for you? Was my locker room just that weird?
- CC

First I’ll answer your questions - no, yes (just to freak out my teammates who apparently never realized that I’d douse my feet in soap after I did it), no, and yes if your teammates offered to do it for you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll address something that should have been addressed long ago.

Locker room shower etiquette is one of the most confusing things in the world to me, right up there with the female anatomy and Three 6 Mafia winning an Oscar. In all my years of playing sports, I’ve never understood it. It’s completely counterintuitive for one fairly obvious reason.

It’s no secret that male athletes (specifically football and basketball players) are some of the most homophobic people on the planet. This is solely because they have an unspoken pressure to be as tough as they possibly can, and doing anything that could ever be perceived as “gay” would completely destroy their macho reputation in their minds. This is why they annoyingly overuse the phrase “no homo” on a regular basis (“no homo but I’m really hungry”), because even the slightest act of “gayness” would destroy an athlete’s reputation among his colleagues. Yet these are the same people who see no problem with packing twelve naked guys into a tiny communal shower area or making fun of a teammate with a small penis. It truly is perplexing.

And then there are women athletes, who are often stereotyped as being lesbians, even though a majority of them aren’t. But even so, anyone who has ever been on spring break can tell you that there are tons of straight girls who are willing to make out with each other if you offer them $20 or simply start a convincing group chant. Women athletes don’t have that macho perception to live up to, which is why they tend to be much less paranoid about being perceived as gay. But if you were to ask women athletes if they use the locker room showers after their games, nearly all of them would say something along the lines of, “That’s disgusting. Why would we do that?” It truly is perplexing.

Speaking of homosexuality…

My bromate named Chris continually bashes soccer for only being for homosexual people. Do you believe that assessment is true?
- Terry P.

In a word, no. In a hyperlink, this.

What is your greatest experience with a Thad Matta halftime or postgame tongue lashing?
- Caleb W.

A little known fact about Coach Matta is that he might be the worst yeller in the history of getting angry. What I mean by this is that it’s completely unnatural for him to yell, so when he does it’s hard to take him seriously. He’s the consummate “players’ coach,” which is why I was able to write my blog and act like an idiot on a daily basis. Because of this, he rarely ever screamed at us and when he did it was always a little forced. Looking back, it was always pretty funny when he yelled but one story involving his yelling sticks out more than any other, even though it wasn’t at halftime or after a game.

During my freshman year at Ohio State, Coach Matta began having back problems that eventually led to him having foot drop in his right foot that still plagues him today. Before his injury, one of his favorite ways of expressing his anger during practice was to dropkick a basketball into the Schottenstein Center stands. When yelling simply wasn’t getting the job done, he’d find a ball laying close to him scream a few four-letter words, and cherry bomb for the upper deck. But when he started having back problems, he obviously couldn’t punt basketballs anymore, so he had to start improvising.

Maybe the funniest moment in my Ohio State career happened at one practice after Coach Matta’s back problems came up. He got upset with the way we were playing, presumably because Ivan Harris was shooting too many fade-away threes and Ron Lewis was smacking his lips at everybody, and stopped practice to unleash a furious tirade. After he thought he got through to us, we started practicing again. But on the very first play back, somebody didn’t do something right (my guess is that Daequan Cook forgot that he had to run to the other end of the floor and play defense after he scored) and Coach Matta lost it. He temporarily forgot about his foot drop as he searched for a basketball to punt into the stands. When he eventually found one, the proverbial light bulb in his head went off telling him that kicking a basketball is right next to swinging a golf club and receiving a powerbomb on the list of “The Absolute Worst Things You Could Possibly Do With A Bad Back.” Upon realizing this, Coach Matta turned to a nearby assistant coach and quickly told him something that was undoubtedly along the lines of “kick this for me.”

The assistant (who will remain unnamed for his sake) was obviously flustered by the request, because it was probably the last thing he expected to hear. Plus, he hadn’t even been that upset that we were playing badly, or at least he certainly wasn’t mad enough to want to kick a basketball. Still, the assistant didn’t want to upset Coach Matta more than he already was, so he quickly wound up to kick the ball. But instead of kicking it, he almost completely whiffed, as the ball grazed the side of his foot and rolled to the other end of the court. When this happened, the assistant was so embarrassed about whiffing that he actually became just as mad as Coach Matta, even though it was for a completely different reason. In a hilarious turn of events, the assistant coach decided that the best way to release the anger that he had just developed was to, you guessed it, dropkick another basketball. He hurriedly grabbed another ball and again wound up to boot the snot out of it. This time he made a little better contact, with “little” being the operative word here. The ball shot off the side of his foot as he shanked the kick into only the fifth row of the stands. I started laughing so hard that I had to bury my face in my jersey, and eventually acted like I had to pee so I could leave the gym without getting busted for not taking things seriously. It was, without a doubt, the worst execution of an angry tirade by a coaching staff that I’ve ever witnessed.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the funniest thing to happen when I was at Ohio State. But it’s still pretty funny to think about a pissed off Coach Matta delegating the role of ball-kicker to a flustered assistant coach, who just so happened to be so bad a kicking that he made Ray Finkle look like Morten Andersen.

Just was wondering what your thoughts are on OSU basketball team this upcoming year. Think they will be as good as you guys were last year even with the loss of The Villain? I know they have a good incoming freshman class that will help, especially with Sullinger. So just seeing what your thoughts are on the subject.
- JJ S.

Obviously I could make some wisecracks about how Ohio State is going to struggle to replace me and my record for the most wins in the history of the program. And I could joke about how I brought so many intangibles to the team that I’m just as synonymous with intangibility as MC Hammer. And I could also make some funnies about how screwed the team will be because they’ll have one less silky smooth J to have to keep in check during practice, which means they won’t be nearly as prepared as they should be for games. I could do all those things, but since most of you are probably Ohio State fans who really do want to know how good the team will be, I’ll give you my honest opinion on this year’s team.

I fully expect this year’s team to be every bit as good as our team from last year, even though they lost The Villain. In fact, I think they might actually be better off without The Villain. Obviously, on the surface it seems like I’m saying this just because I want to take shots at The Villain, but the truth is that last year we won or lost based on how he played. Clearly he played well more often than not, but even so, many of our games consisted of four guys standing around watching Evan take over. This became a problem during a few stretches of last season. There’s no way that they’ll be able to replace The Villain this year, but I don’t think they necessarily need to. This team will have a lot more parity, which will force teams to plan their defenses around more than one guy.

On an individual level, I really think Will Buford will be the best player in the Big Ten this year, which may be surprising to hear for some people. I don’t think he has much of a chance to win the Big Ten POY simply because of the fact that the people who vote for these things are unfathomably stupid, but he certainly has the talent to be phenomenal this year. From what I’ve seen over the summer and early this fall, Will has not only improved his basketball skills, but he’s also taken his mental approach to a whole new level. Last year he kinda took a backseat and picked his spots throughout the season, but this year he’s already showing signs of being the undisputed go-to guy on the team. He’s playing his ass off right now and I would say his swagger is through the roof, except I’ve never actually used the word “swagger” to describe anything in my life and I really don’t want to start now. But you get the idea.

As for some of the other guys – Dallas Lauderdale finally gave in to his baldness and shaved his head, which is hilariously awesome to me. Dave Lighty has promised me that since this is his 17th and last year at OSU, he’s planning on making it his best. And Jon Diebler is still the same doucher he’s always been.

Oh, and Coach Matta told me that Jared Sullinger is the best player he’s ever recruited. Ever. And this was when Jared was at least 30 pounds overweight. He’s since lost a lot of weight and is in much better shape. Translation: I’m going to every home game this year.

Which brings us to the next email…

I'm a freshmen here at the great OSU. Basketball tickets go on sale today, and the games I've been to I (and I'm sure you also) have noticed some great fans in the student section such as Red Man Group and the Cowboy. With the basketball fans getting a lot of flack about not being good enough and the reforms they made to the student section this year (behind the bench), do you have any ideas for one person or a group of people to get a 4 year tradition of great Buckeye fanhood? The only idea I have that is decent (or maybe not) would be to have 5 guys all in full uniform behind the bench every game and call ourselves "Second String" or something like that. So let me know if you've got some good ones and you can see your work in action this winter at the games.
- Eric L.

If there’s one thing I’ve always wished I was better at, it’s parkour. But if there’s two things I wished I was better at, they’re parkour and coming up with creative ideas for basketball fans or fantasy football/intramural team names. For some reason I always draw a blank on these kinds of things, probably because I have never actually experienced any of them. I’ve never played intramurals or fantasy football and I was always too busy making it rain to think about creative basketball fan costumes or signs, which is why I think I’m so far behind on the creative curve with this stuff. It’s a lame, copout of an excuse, I know. But I really think this Second String idea is solid. I’d go with that if I were you.

I’m a sophomore in high school. Today I was eating lunch and like we do everyday, we were shooting trick shots into the trash can with our empty Gatorade bottles, the only drink for high quality athletes. I made a behind the back bounce off one table and over our assistant principal. I just wanted a judgment of this shot from a respected, honorable American like yourself. On a scale from 1 to the size of Greg Oden's penis, what would you rate this shot?
- Nathan P.

Without video evidence, I just don’t see how I can give it anything higher than a Brett Favre.

Since there has been a tremendous lack of historical wrestling flavor in your blog save for a few small references, I would like to share with you that two of the all-time legends, Ric Flair and Mick Foley, will battle it out in the upcoming TNA Impact in somewhat of a "Last Match".
Where does this fall in the list of all-time saddest wrestling moments?
- AJ K.

In order, here’s my list of the Top 10 all-time saddest moments in wrestling history:

  1. My parents telling me when I was in 3rd grade that I couldn’t watch wrestling anymore because it’s “filth.” It would be almost five years before I started watching again. An obvious choice for #1.
  2. Owen Hart falling to his death
  3. Chris Benoit murders/suicide
  4. The Montreal Screwjob
  5. Ric Flair and Mick Foley – “Last Match”
  6. Keller showing me a particular zoomed in screen shot from the X-Pac and Chyna sex tape (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, consider yourself lucky – you honest to God don’t want to know)
  7. Earthquake squashing Damien
  8. Mae Young giving birth to Mark Henry’s hand baby (sad because it was an awkward and embarrassingly terrible storyline)
  9. The Rock starring in The Tooth Fairy
  10. The fact that this video doesn’t even have 60,000 views

I know it goes without saying, but just so we’re clear – the greatest moment in wrestling history is without a doubt “The Plane Ride from Hell,” highlighted by Ric Flair trying to get a flight attendant’s attention by spinning his penis in circles while wearing nothing but one of his badass robes.

I've been thinking for some time that you're input could be valuable on this subject. Since last winter my roommates and I have debated what would be the best way to "make whoopee" with Jillian from The Biggest Loser. I guess there really are a lot of excellent options to go about this but the following are the choices for the four of us:
1. My personal favorite: Give her absolutely everything you've got only to have her screaming at you how inferior you are
2. Completely dominate and control her to turn the tables
3. Cover her in all manner of fatty delicious deserts and eat them off each other as foreplay
4. The two of you are
“furries.” I think this guy has a fetish b/c I'm not sure how it relates to Jillian.
- Scott C.

Call me old-fashioned, but if I had to “make whoopee” with Jillian I’d just do it the same way I’ve done it my whole life – I’d make her a mixtape full of K-Ci & JoJo to get her attention, I’d give her my class ring to prove my sincerity, and then I’d slip a roofie into her drink and have my way with her underneath the bleachers during the 3rd quarter of the varsity football game. But that’s just me. I’m more chivalrous than most. ___________________________________________________

After I called out the walk-on community with my last blog post, tons of walk-ons around the country emailed me to sign up for The Belt. This is very encouraging, but I still think we need more guys. So again, please email me if you are a Division I men’s basketball walk-on. Even if you aren’t eligible for The Belt, you can still help out by writing a Facebook message or something to the walk-ons for your favorite basketball team that will let them know about this awesome contest.

I also want to take a second to remind everyone about the Club Trillion Halloween costume contest I decided to have. In case you forgot, the only rule for the contest is that your costume has some sort of reference to Club Tril. This reference can be as strong or as weak as you want, as costumes can range from a walk-on basketball player sitting on a bench to my idea of a giant inflatable penis wearing an Evan Turner jersey. Remember: the stakes are high, as the most creative costume gets a free “FUNDAMENTALS MONTAGE!!!” shirt.

Finally, I wanted to let the Trillion Man March know that we will again be taking part in Movember this year for prostate cancer awareness/research. Since this blog post is already long enough, I’ll provide all the details with the next blog post. For now, I just wanted to remind you all to get mentally prepared to start growing your mustaches out on November 1st. Also, I’m planning on having maybe a couple mustache contests and I’m working on getting Barbasol to sponsor everything by providing shaving cream for the winners. Get excited. ___________________________________________________

Your awesome YouTube was sent in to me by John J. and features Mitchell, a member of the TMM, wearing his CLUB TRIL shirt. There’s your shout-out, John. And here’s your video.

Proud To Be An American But Even Prouder To Be A Buckeye,

Mark Titus

Club Trillion Founder

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Auf dem letzten Freitagsfoo vom 26.04.2013 hatten wir einigen Besuch, über den wir uns sehr gefreut haben und wollen ihnen hiermit noch einmal recht herzlich danken. Visit from Hackerspace Interlock in Rochester, New York USA Als erstes tauchte ohne große Vorwarnung ein Mitglied des Hackspace Interlock aus Rochester auf. Er hatte hier in der Nähe […]
          Pago en efectivo cada vez más difícil        

El anuncio de la rebaja de los límites de pago en efectivo entre empresas o entre particulares y empresas a 1.000 euros, desde los 2.500 actuales, como medida para el control del fraude vuelve a acelerar cambios de legislación y decisiones dirigidas a limitar el uso del dinero en metálico para efectuar pagos. No hay que olvidar que en este mismo año el Banco Central Europeo anunció que en el mes de mayo de 2018 dejaba de fabricar billetes de 500 euros con el fin de ir reduciendo paulatinamente su peso. Todo ello es un claro reflejo de una intencionalidad, en España y en la mayoría de los países europeos, el mayor control de las operaciones en efectivo para evitar usos irregulares del mismo.
  • El control de las operaciones en efectivo hoy
El artículo 7 de la Ley 7/2012, de 29 de octubre, de modificación de la normativa tributaria y presupuestaria y de adecuación de la normativa financiera para la intensificación de las actuaciones en la prevención y lucha contra el fraude, establece la limitación de pagos en efectivo respecto de determinadas operaciones. En particular se establece que no podrán pagarse en efectivo las operaciones, en las que alguna de las partes intervinientes actúe en calidad de empresario o profesional, con un importe igual o superior a 2.500 euros o su contravalor en moneda extranjera. Se amplía este límite hasta 15.000 euros cuando el pagador sea una persona física que justifique que no tiene su domicilio fiscal en España y no actúe en calidad de empresario o profesional. Todo ello se modificará reduciendo este importe en 1.000 euros.

Para evitar picaresca, en el cálculo de las cuantías indicadas, se sumarán los importes de todas las operaciones o pagos en que se haya podido fraccionar la entrega de bienes o la prestación de servicios. Es decir, por ejemplo, con los límites actuales, dos pagos de 2.500 euros por una compra de un coche a un concesionario valorado en 5.000 euros se considera una infracción, ya que la operación se valora por el total, los 5.000 euros.
También es importante analizar que se considera pago en efectivo y estos pagos los define el artículo de otra Ley, el 34.2 de la Ley 10/2010, de 28 de abril, de prevención del blanqueo de capitales y de la financiación del terrorismo. En este sentido no sólo se incluye el papel moneda, también todos los medios concebidos para ser utilizados como pago al portador, como puede ser un cheque bancario de esta modalidad. Esto es así porque su uso es el mismo que el efectivo y cualquier persona puede cobrarlo o ingresarlo.
Resumiendo. Las operaciones entre particulares no tienen limitaciones y se puede hacer pagos libremente en efectivo. También puedes hacer ingresos en entidades financieras de cualquier cantidad en efectivo, aunque, tengas que rellenar otros requerimientos de información para cumplir la normativa de prevención de blanqueo capitales. La limitación de pagos esté en operaciones entre dos empresas o una empresa y un particular. Todo ello se limitará a 1.000 euros, lo que en la práctica llevará a que sean muchas más las operaciones en las que quede una traza, pruebas de su origen y de su destino.
Todo ello, reforzado con un régimen de sanciones importante, que valora la declaración de alguna de las partes de las operaciones. En la actualidad si lo incumples, te enfrentarías a una infracción administrativa grave con una sanción del 25% sobre el importe de la operación. Por ejemplo, para un pago de 5.000 euros, la multa será de 1.250 euros. Pero como hemos mencionado, existe la posibilidad de que una de las partes quede exonerada de infracción, siempre que denuncie la operación en un plazo nunca superior a 3 meses. Eso sí, si las dos partes denuncian, no exonerará de responsabilidad a ninguno de ellos. Con este punto, se intentan evitar picarescas o acuerdo entre ambas partes para no ser sancionados.
Cualquier infracción prescribirá a los cinco años, que comenzarán a contarse desde el día en que la infracción se hubiera cometido. Con todo ello, se busca que, por ejemplo, se eviten otros fraudes, como facturas en B o pagos sin IVA, sin que ello suponga un problema para los negocios en los que como ocurre en el comercio, se paga normalmente en efectivo.
  • Nuevos medios de pago para limitar el pago en efectivo
Este movimiento choca con otras limitaciones que están llevando a que siga cayendo el uso en efectivo, incluso entre particulares. Por ejemplo, las mayores comisiones por sacar en cajeros ajenos (no se bonifica ya los cajeros de una misma red) ha llevado a que, por primera vez, en plena campaña prenavideña, el volumen de operaciones con tarjeta haya superado al pago en efectivo.
Parte de este avance está también en la tecnología de pago por contacto o contactless. El crecimiento de estos sistemas se está produciendo tanto para el consumidor como para los comercios, estos últimos con nuevos terminales adaptados. Con ello, se multiplicarán el uso de las pequeñas compras, hasta ahora territorio “vedado” para el efectivo. El móvil es otro segmento de medios de pago que crecerá en los próximos años. La tecnología NFC (Near Field Communications) nos permite comprar acercando el móvil a un terminal de venta, pero sin necesidad de realizar contacto. Su hándicap, que, para ello, es necesario que comprador y vendedor hayan adoptado esta tecnología.
  • ¿Un paso atrás a la libertad del consumidor?
Para muchos estos avances no son del todo positivos. Los detractores de este cambio señalan que la desaparición del dinero físico podría perjudicar a los colectivos más desfavorecidos, como personas sin recursos. Por otro lado, los hackers y riesgos de seguridad informática seguirán creciendo. Y por supuesto, las transacciones con estos medios de pago son 100% trazables por las entidades financieras y por los organismos de Hacienda si así lo requieren.
El efectivo no desaparecerá, pero sí parece claro que la confluencia de muchos intereses llevará a una mayor e importante restricción en su uso, y que otros medios de pago clásicos como transferencias o tarjetas bancarias, unidos a otros más recientes seguirán ganando peso.

          Calculation or Computation?        

@Woo wrote:

When I studied computer science, the emphasis was on practical problem solving and learning 'to code'. I remember brief mentions of Turing Machines and Von Neuman architecture before we got on with the real stuff. A few years later, I think it would have been a Software Engineering course. At my first job in Cambridge I met Cambridge Computer Lab graduate who had followed a much more theoretical path and self-taught hackers. They were often the better coders because they'd learned out of love.

I now find myself interested in the difference between calculation and computation and I don't "have the moves". Computability appears to have been defined in terms of the Turing Machine, which was defined in order to explain what computing was. That feels like wanting to define agricultural machinery, so specifying a theoretical lawn mower then going on to define machinabilty in terms of the mower.

I've found some very unsatisfactory explanations of the difference: calculation is simple and arithmetic, computation has conditionals (is Turing Complete.) In computer science, can any of you computing people tell me what computing is please? @auxbuss posted a link about computing causing state change but I pointed out that pure, immutable functional code doesn't. I immediately realised that it does, outside the functional system, on the 'platform' it is running on. (That's very like how life reverses entropy within the living system at the cost of greater entropy outside the system. Perhaps functional systems encapsulate the maths/magic. Clojure passes all the filth out to Java.)

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          Dampak Buruk Wifi Gratis        
Kafe, kampus, dan berbagai tempat publik kini sudah banyak yang dilengkapi dengan fasilitas WiFi. Menyenangkan memang bisa berinternet di tempat umum, terlebih gratis. Namun di sisi lain ada sejumlah ancaman yang menaungi.

Berikut 4 Dampak Buruk di Balik WiFi Gratisan di antaranya yang dikutip dari detikINET berdasarkan laporan perusahaan keamanan ESET:

1. Evil twin login interception 
Ini merupakan jaringan yang diset-up oleh hacker untuk menyamar sebagai WiFi hot spot yang resmi. 

2. 0-day OS/app attack attempts
Disebut juga sebagai serangan threat melalui exploit yang tidak dikenal.

3. Sniffing
Upaya intercept untuk mencapai baik software maupun hardware komputer dan melakukan log terhadap lalu lintas dalam sebuah jaringan.

4. Data leakage (man-in-the-middle attack)
Pelaku kejahatan dunia maya mampu memodifikasi lalu lintas jaringan dan membuat user tidak menyadari seakan-akan ia sedang melakukan transaksi dengan bank. Padahal kenyataannya, data yang dikirim oleh user terkirim ke komputer pelaku kejahatan tersebut

Terkait dengan tingkat keamanan di ruang publik yang menyediakan akses internet nirkabel, Yudhi Kukuh, Technical Director PT. Prosperita-ESET Indonesia menambahkan jika saat pengguna melakukan pembelanjaan secara online atau melakukan transaksi keuangan, pastikan web address diawali dengan 'https' bukan 'http'. Hal ini untuk memastikan bahwa lalu lintas data yang menggunakan alamat web tersebut akan dienkripsi.

"Jadi perlu digarisbawahi bahwa kemudahan jangan dijadikan sebagai acuan utama jika berada di wilayah publik dengan fasilitas hotspot -- selalu gunakan mode peringatan dini dan perhatikan bentuk peringatan apapun yang diberikan," tukasnya, dalam keterangannya.

Hingga saat ini akses WiFi diperkirakan telah digunakan oleh lebih dari 700 juta orang, dengan lebih dari 4 juta tempat hotspot di seluruh dunia. Sementara WiFi router setiap tahunnya diproduksi sebanyak 800 juta unit.

Berdasar temuan global research project yang dilansir oleh Online Security Brand Tracker, yang disampaikan oleh InSites Consulting dan analisa dari United Consultants, menyebutkan hampir separuh pengguna internet di dunia melakukan koneksi internet paling sering dengan perangkat portabel. Dimana notebook menjadi perangkat yang paling populer (41%), diikuti netbooks (3%), smartphone (2%) dan komputer tablet (1%).


          Segurança no WordPress: Como esconder o formulário de login        

Se você tem um blog ou site em WordPress, deve ter vários cuidados de segurança. Não que o WordPress não seja seguro, a questão é que ele é muito utilizado e por isso mesmo, muito visado pelos hackers. Existem várias medidas de segurança que você precisa tomar, como: Manter o WordPress atualizado Manter os plugins […]

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          HackerSpace Challenge – Week 3        
Cross-posted from: http://bit.ly/12csYLL So after breaking a BeagleBone Black by putting 5v onto the breakout pin on the P8 side… we were supplied with a new one! (thanks!). This meant that I could go back to coding for the scoring system. … Continue reading
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           US bank site hackers used advanced botnets http://tco/S2XSt8WG        
2012-10-04 03:21:12 - DarkOperator : US bank site hackers used advanced botnets http://tco/S2XSt8WG
           US bank website hackers used advanced botnets, diverse tools News http://tco/HBvd7zY9 ecosystem        
2012-10-03 11:33:05 - DrInfoSec : US bank website hackers used advanced botnets, diverse tools News http://tco/HBvd7zY9 ecosystem
           Zombies are attacking America – researchers: Banking sector DDoSers 'used botnets', say security boffinsHackers http://tco/0dxnCC8y        
2012-09-30 09:26:38 - obsequens : Zombies are attacking America – researchers: Banking sector DDoSers 'used botnets', say security boffinsHackers http://tco/0dxnCC8y
           Zombies are attacking America – researchers: Banking sector DDoSers 'used botnets', say security boffins Hackers re… http://tco/D92gSxDw        
2012-09-30 03:40:57 - regsecurity : Zombies are attacking America – researchers: Banking sector DDoSers 'used botnets', say security boffins Hackers re… http://tco/D92gSxDw
           Zombies are attacking America – researchers: Banking sector DDoSers 'used botnets', say security boffins Hackers http://tco/vbprV69b        
2012-09-29 18:38:16 - ElReg : Zombies are attacking America – researchers: Banking sector DDoSers 'used botnets', say security boffins Hackers http://tco/vbprV69b
           Zombies are attacking America – researchers - Banking sector DDoSers 'used botnets', say security boffins Hackers re http://tco/m6LZefX4        
2012-09-29 17:30:16 - kakroo : Zombies are attacking America – researchers - Banking sector DDoSers 'used botnets', say security boffins Hackers re http://tco/m6LZefX4
           Over 9 million PCs infected – ZeroAccess botnet uncovered, and hackers earning $100,000 per day http://tco/P5oFU3ML        
2012-09-20 11:59:57 - SophosLabs : Over 9 million PCs infected – ZeroAccess botnet uncovered, and hackers earning $100,000 per day http://tco/P5oFU3ML
          DataCrunchers: Stop the hack…or crash the server        

A determined hacker sets-out to bring down the datacenter, and our data killer car goes head-to-head with a rack of servers.

Cast: Dell Multimedia

Tags: DataCrunchers, EMC Corp, Cyber Security, RSA Analytics and RSA

          A first post        
iN fAiRy dUsT wE tRuSt – the slogan of the Chaos Computer Club, one of the oldest hacker organizations in the world.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: General
           Hacker gets 30 months for botnet that hit 72,000 PCs #security #legal http://tco/fBKitarj via @itproportal        
2012-09-10 19:46:06 - dpwallace : Hacker gets 30 months for botnet that hit 72,000 PCs #security #legal http://tco/fBKitarj via @itproportal
           Hacker gets 30 months for botnet that hit 72,000 PCs http://tco/jNXnPpiH        
2012-09-10 13:17:05 - DarkOperator : Hacker gets 30 months for botnet that hit 72,000 PCs http://tco/jNXnPpiH
           Condenan a un hacker por vender un botnet http://tco/E3reRuRx        
2012-09-07 23:32:53 - DarkOperator : Condenan a un hacker por vender un botnet http://tco/E3reRuRx
           Botnet master gets 30-month prison term for renting out infected PCs: A hacker who controlled a botnet of 72,000 http://tco/ixKDzY6G        
2012-09-07 12:06:29 - hackinthebox : Botnet master gets 30-month prison term for renting out infected PCs: A hacker who controlled a botnet of 72,000 http://tco/ixKDzY6G
           RT @STA_English: 26-year-old Slovenian hacker Iserdo stands accused of being the mastermind behind the Mariposa botnet in trial that s         
2012-08-08 11:24:34 - ericfreyss : RT @STA_English: 26-year-old Slovenian hacker Iserdo stands accused of being the mastermind behind the Mariposa botnet in trial that s
           @mikko if not every distributed cloud service is a botnet The word is lost to a negative meaning, just like hacker        
2012-08-04 23:20:45 - JGamblin : @mikko if not every distributed cloud service is a botnet The word is lost to a negative meaning, just like hacker

JUN15154_Security_infographic_062615.jpg.jpegBeing a security professional these days may seem to some like a never ending game of Whack-a-Mole. Once one problem, vulnerability or intrusion is taken care of, it seems inevitable that another problem pops up that needs whacking into submission. 

          Once upon a Social Engineering Attack        

hacker.jpgI was attacked a few months ago, and I thought I would share the experience with you, so you would know what to look out for.


This was a REAL social engineering attack that, if successful, could have wiped out my bank accounts. 


Technically, it was a failed attempt, but an attack nonetheless.

          Is A Certain Lacking Of Amazing Virility        
So them good folks at wowhead has done put togethers a new dressin' room tool fers ta prepare yerself fer the transmogalypse. Is pretty spiffy - you buggers should checks it out. Howevers, it mebbe needs a little work. Now, I's all fer armor showin' a little more skin fer the menfolk, and I'd totally rock this armor if'n it goes live like this in 6.2 ....

.... but I's gotta request what if wowhead's gonna show us off, that they gives us a more respectable tallywhacker.
          Fantasia ’17: Breaker (short)        
Here is a scary thought—when humanity starts to integrate itself with digital systems, it will become susceptible to both physical and computer-borne viruses. Just ask the hacker (or so-called breaker) Mach1. When she accidentally downloads a weaponized artificial intelligence, it takes over her body, but they will have to work together to survive the nefarious agents that want to control it in Philippe McKie’s short film, Breaker(trailer here), which screened during the 2017 Fantasia International Film Festival.

Blame the junky. Whether she intended harm or not, she is the one who hired Mach1 to break the encrypted file containing the A.I. Much to her panic, the A.I. immediately started deleting files to make room for itself. However, when the program convinces the Breaker bad guys really are following her/them, they start to work together. If Mach1 can get to a port to download the A.I. into the wild internet, it will repay the favor. To survive that long, Mach1 will let her digital parasite control her body when they face-off against the sinister hunter tracking them. It is sort of like Neo’s kung fu sequences in The Matrix, but McKie’s emphasis is on grit rather than razzle dazzle.

Breaker is smart and briskly paced film that makes you think about cerebral topics like the Singularity, earthly issues, such as drug addiction, and the general state of humanity. He creates a world that owes a debt to Bladerunner and most subsequent cyberpunk films, but he makes it feel grungier and more dope-infested. The production design is first-rate, but it is Yuka Tomatsu who makes us care. She is terrific as Mach1, no matter who happens to be controlling her body at the moment.

McKie manages to combine a lot of action with social and scientific speculation in a mere eleven minutes. It is easy to see how this narrative or another story in Mach1’s near-future Tokyo world could be expanded to feature length. Regardless, it is a very cool short in its own right, showcasing the impressive range of Tomatsu. Highly recommended, Breaker will soon screen at the 2017 Action on Film Festival, following its Canadian premiere at this year’s Fantasia.
          Re: Kevin response to:( hacker for hire)        
          Kevin response to:( hacker for hire)        
          Re: hacker for hire        
          hacker for hire        
          North Korea still a suspect in Sony attack despite denial        

Washington: North Korea is a principal suspect in the cyber attack on Sony Pictures, a US national security source told Reuters on Thursday, while a North Korean diplomat denied Pyongyang was behind the crippling hack.

The US government`s investigation into the Nov. 24 attack is being led by the FBI`s Los Angeles Field Office and the Hollywood studio is cooperating, a law enforcement source said.

The national security official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said North Korea is not the only suspect and it was too soon to definitively know who is behind the attack that exposed a trove of internal data and shut down the computer systems at the entertainment arm of Sony Corp .

North Korea had vehemently denounced the Sony film "The Interview," a comedy movie about a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, scheduled for release on Dec. 25.

A former top US government expert on North Korea said that circumstantial evidence suggesting its involvement in the Sony attack included the fact that the North Koreans had been "very vocal about their unhappiness" about the film.

A New York-based North Korean diplomat, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Voice of America broadcast network on Wednesday that linking North Korea to the hacking of Sony Pictures` computers was "another fabrication targeting the country.

"My country publicly declared that it would follow international norms banning hacking and piracy," the diplomat said.

The denial from North Korea regarding the Sony hacking came despite sources telling Reuters that cyber investigators had found connections to North Korea in the form of hacking tools similar to those used by that country in previous attacks on South Korea.

Despite the swirling controversy, Sony said the film`s release remains on schedule, although on Thursday it cancelled a Los Angeles press day for next week citing "some scheduling conflicts." A press day in New York is still possible.

"The Interview" stars James Franco and Seth Rogen as American journalists who are recruited by the CIA to kill Kim after the authoritarian leader grants them an interview.

In June, the Pyongyang government denounced the film as "undisguised sponsoring of terrorism, as well as an act of war" in a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Rogen, who co-wrote and co-directed the film, told Rolling Stone magazine in an interview conducted in June that they did get called in for a meeting with Sony`s North American CEO.

"Any time a movie causes a country to threaten nuclear retaliation, the higher-ups wanna get in a room with you," Rogen said in the interview published in this week`s Rolling Stone.

Sony has struggled to get all of its systems back up since its network was breached. Studio executives told staff in a memo on Tuesday that they still did not know the "full scope of information that the hackers might have or release."

The hackers, who have identified themselves as GOP or Guardians of Peace, leaked more Sony data on Wednesday that included personal log-ins and credentials, the website CSO Online reported.

"In short, the IT data leaked is everything needed to manage the day-to-day operations at Sony," CSO said.

But the studio did manage to make one of its biggest announcements of the year in England on Thursday - the new Bond movie, "SPECTRE," starring Daniel Craig as 007 once again.

It was a reminder of Sony`s might in the movie world. The Bond franchise had its most lucrative film in the series to date with "Skyfall," which brought in $1.1 billion worldwide.

News Source: 
Home Title: 

North Korea still a suspect in Sony attack despite denial

Image Caption: 

          NASA was hacked 13 times last year        

Washington: NASA said hackers stole employee credentials and gained access to mission-critical projects last year in 13 major network breaches that could compromise US national security.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Inspector General Paul Martin testified before Congress this week on the breaches, which appear to be among the more significant in a string of security problems for federal agencies.

The space agency discovered in November that hackers working through an Internet Protocol address in China broke into the -network of NASA`s Jet Propulsion Laboratory,

Martin said in testimony released on Wednesday. One of NASA`s key labs, JPL manages 23 spacecraft conducting active space missions, including missions to Jupiter, Mars and Saturn.

He said the hackers gained full system access, which allowed them to modify, copy, or delete sensitive files, create new user accounts and upload hacking tools to steal user credentials and compromise other NASA systems. They were also able to modify system logs to conceal their actions.

"Our review disclosed that the intruders had compromised the accounts of the most privileged JPL users, giving the intruders access to most of JPL`s networks," he said.

In another attack last year, intruders stole credentials for accessing NASA systems from more than 150 employees. Martin said the his office identified thousands of computer security lapses at the agency in 2010 and 2011.

He also said NASA has moved too slowly to encrypt or scramble the data on its laptop computers to protect information from falling into the wrong hands.

Unencrypted notebook computers that have been lost or stolen include ones containing codes for controlling the International Space Station, as well as sensitive data on NASA`s Constellation and Orion programs, Martin said.

A NASA spokesman told Reuters on Friday the agency was implementing recommendations made by the Inspector General`s Office.

"NASA takes the issue of IT security very seriously, and at no point in time have operations of the International Space Station been in jeopardy due to a data breach," said NASA spokesman Michael Cabbagehe.


In a separate development, the U.S. Air Force said on Friday

it had scrapped a plan to outfit thousands of personnel with second-generation iPad tablet computers from Apple Inc, but denied the reversal was because some of the software it wanted on the devices had been written in Russia.

Two days ago, news website Nextgov raised questions about a requirement that the 2,861 iPad2s come equipped with GoodReader, an electronic document display program written by an independent Russian developer.

The devices were to be used to store and update flight information, regulations and orders, according to procurement documents.

"The cancellation was not the result of any concern about GoodReader," said Matt Durham, a spokesman at the Air Force Special Operations Command.

He said the cancellation of the six-week-old order followed a decision that the procurement should not have been reserved for small businesses.

The military and other branches of government have been putting an increased emphasis on "supply-chain security" as they try to make sure that hardware, software and other components have not been tampered with by other nations.

This has proved challenging because so many parts come from overseas. Even American companies often contract for programming work abroad.

Mike Jacobs, who headed the National Security Agency`s program for defending U.S. equipment, said in an interview he had killed a major procurement of encryption software within seconds after learning that a U.S. supplier had included a small amount of Russian-made code.

Bureau Report

Image Caption: 
News Source: 

          Saturday Dinner        
I confess: I love veggies. All kinds of veggies. They're my favorite thing to eat and I can't get enough of them. I purchased my first cast iron grill pan last night, and decided to make grilled stuffed zucchini. I haven't eaten too much zucchini in my life, but this tasted amazing. I threw together stuffing, zucchini bits, apple chicken sausage, onion, garlic and tomato and stuffed it into zucchini. Threw them into the oven in a water bath for about 35 minutes and BAM, instant dinner.

They were delicious! Boyfriend isn't a big fan of zucchini, but he loved the stuffing for this. We'll have to try it with other stuffable veggies too!
Mine is cheese-free, since I dislike cheese unless it's with pasta sauce. Sometimes.

Boyfriend had cheese on his, though.
I'd serve them with a side of rice next time. We are going to tweak a few things about them and then I'll post a recipe for them soon! I really did enjoy them and had two myself.

Also another exciting thing about yesterday was finally finishing my painting project. I've been painting the landing pad/fish tank holder for a week now (Time constraints and other things kept getting in the way) but it's finally finished!

Finally. It's inside now, with an empty fish tank on top of it.
Do you see the tail of my lawn flamingo on the right side there? The guy who does the yardwork for my condo complex hit my flamingo with his weed whacker :/ He tried to put my poor flamingo back but he didn't do a great job. I'm going to get a little fence and put it around my flamingo to avoid further animal cruelty.

What are you doing for the rest of the weekend? I'm doing laundry and house cleaning. Joy! And of course packing bento tonight :)
          How Vulnerable Are Your Online Activities?        

Learn simple steps to increase your online security Are you an easy target for online hackers or scammers? By learning some simple steps to secure your phone, increase your online safety and recognize scams, you reduce your risk of becoming the next victim. That’s why it’s a smart move to attend AARP’s Online Safety Workshop. In this live, one-hour online event, you’ll be guided by your workshop host as you learn the latest in online safety. You’ll also learn about …

The post How Vulnerable Are Your Online Activities? appeared first on AARP States.

          The Old Testament in Greek 4 Volume Paperback Set        
The Old Testament in Greek 4 Volume Paperback SetAccording to the Text of Codex Vaticanus, Supplemented from Other Uncial

By Alan England Brooke, Norman McLean, Henry St. John Thackeray

£110.00   01 May 2010   Paperback   Cambridge University Press

This early twentieth-century critical edition, though never completed, is a towering scholarly achievement in Septuagint studies.

          Top 10 Free Hacking Tools.        
If you start working with computer, you soon develop a interest in 'hacking'. So, what is basically 'hacking'? It's not just entering into another system, its a chain of processes that ultimately results in unauthorized access into one's computer or network. Yeah, it is not true. And you need special set of skills to achieve that. And for that special set skills you need a special set of tools. So now, I'm going to tell u here top 10 soft wares that will definitely help you to achieve what you dream as hacker.


Nmap (“Network Mapper”) is a free and open source (license) utility for network discovery and security auditing. Nmap uses raw IP packets in novel ways to determine what hosts are available on the network, what services (application name and version) those hosts are offering, what operating systems (and OS versions) they are running, what type of packet filters/firewalls are in use, and dozens of other characteristics.


Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer. It lets you capture and interactively browse the traffic running on a computer network.

3.Metasploit Community edition

Metasploit Community Edition simplifies network discovery and vulnerability verification for specific exploits, increasing the effectiveness of vulnerability scanners. This helps prioritize remediation and eliminate false positives, providing true security risk intelligence.


Nikto is an Open Source (
GPL) web server scanner which performs comprehensive tests against web servers for multiple items, including over 6400 potentially dangerous files/CGIs, checks for outdated versions of over 1200 servers, and version specific problems on over 270 servers. It also checks for server configuration items such as the presence of multiple index files, HTTP server options, and will attempt to identify installed web servers and software.

5.John The ripper

John the Ripper is a fast password cracker, currently available for many flavors of Unix, Windows, DOS, BeOS, and OpenVMS. Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix passwords. Besides several crypt(3) password hash types most commonly found on various Unix systems, supported out of the box are Windows 
LM hashes, plus lots of other hashes and ciphers in the community-enhanced version.


Ettercap is a comprehensive suite for man in the middle attacks. It features sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly and many other interesting tricks. It supports active and passive dissection of many protocols and includes many features for network and host analysis.

7.NexPose Community edition

The Nexpose Community Edition is a free, single-user vulnerability management solution. Nexpose Community Edition is powered by the same scan engine as Nexpose Enterprise and offers many of the same features.


Ncat is a feature-packed networking utility which reads and writes data across networks from the command line. Ncat was written for the Nmap Project as a much-improved reimplementation of the venerable Netcat. It uses both TCP and UDP for communication and is designed to be a reliable back-end tool to instantly provide network connectivity to other applications and users. Ncat will not only work with IPv4 and IPv6 but provides the user with a virtually limitless number of potential uses.


Kismet is an 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system. Kismet will work with any wireless card which supports raw monitoring (rfmon) mode, and (with appropriate hardware) can sniff 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n traffic. Kismet also supports plugins which allow sniffing other media such as DECT.


w3af is a Web Application Attack and Audit Framework. The project’s goal is to create a framework to find and exploit web application vulnerabilities that is easy to use and extend.

          GoDaddy - Complete package for a Website.        

34% off of new customer

If you want to attract new customers, spread the word about this month's offer. From August 13 through August 27, we're giving new customers 34%* off their orders.

We have everything your customers need to start their own businesses, including domains, website builders and hosting, plus all the tools businesses with existing websites need to boost sales, productivity and security. Showcase this offer on your website today.

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$1/Mo. website builder

Building a professional website with Website Builder is easy, even with no technical skills. This month it's also incredibly affordable — just $1*/month. 

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GoDaddy.com Logo - 120x90A .COM is more than a website. It's a digital brand. It's where customers go to learn about a business — address, store hours, menu, product offerings. And it often influences a customer's first impression of a business. 

Throughout August, your customers can get on the Web with a .COM for $2.49*. Share the savings on your website.

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$9.99 SSL

Any information your customers collect from their website visitors is fair game for hackers. This includes everything from names and addresses to passwords and credit card numbers. Help them prevent this sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands with an SSL Certificate, only $9.99* this month.

Encourage your customers to protect their websites by promoting this offer.

          I am the director of the Bank        
Nobody can get into that bank unless I told so. That bank was invented for those who wanted to do the job to train people all around the world and they did not have money or they could not protect their money they gathered for training. Anybody who has the training money there knows that it is safe and realiable.
Alinda volt az a csaj aki a katapultos projektben a top job ot végezte a final report megírásával. Ő annak a dokinak a lánya aki a major crimes-ban és a blacklist azon részében megjelent amikor hagytam hogy megkínozzon a legbrutálisabb fájdalommal ami lézetik...
"You tortured and programmed your own daughter? You are more sicker than I thought."
"Peter I wanted her to survive and have a good life. You trained her! I did the base programming but I left her open for you so you could do the rest."
"But you shit you left her open to be manipulated by the very assholes on the top. You gave them the possibility to controll and use her for their shit. She became a tool in their hand in the process of the final distroyment of this planet."
Amikor megütöttem lerogyott a földre levegőért kapkodott, lebénult szinte teljesen. Kibontottam a kötést a kezemen és a lábamon, de ülve maradtam. A fájdalom a mozgástól még erősebbé vált. Haldokoltunk mind a ketten.
"Am I going to die now?"
"Yes. In about 5 minutes you'll be dead."
"I cannot die peter I have to live. I can give you the relese it is in the red tube."
"I don't beleive you an dI don't care. What you did ruins everything and you pushed this planet over the last point. That programming can fool anybody up to the best levels of understanding, ther will be very few to oversee that kind of programming you invented. And if you did that others will figure it out how is it done. And ther will be nobody to stop that. Therefore my job and my goal cannot be reached ever. This plant is done. I finished."
"No!" nagy nehezen odavonszolta magát az asztalához az iszonyatos fájdalom eltorzította az arcát, majd belém szúrta a tűt. A fájdalom egy pár pillanat múlva megszűnt. Lerogyott a földre és elterült.
"Please help me." hörögte "I can make this right I can help you."
"You say you can heel? Well let us see if you can. Put your hand in your heart and take a deep breath slowly and exhale." Megcsinálta.
"It doesn't work."
"You see you don't have the power to heal. All you know and do is torture and controll. That is what you are about. You cannot heal anything. Now I'll shoe you my real power." Lehajoltam hozzá és a szívére tettem a kezem. "Now you take a deep breath until the pain point and exhale lowly." A fájdalom megszűnt. "About in an hour the rest of the pain will be gone completely. Now you see? I do have the power to heal and I can heal the damege what I cause, also I can heal the demage what you did over decades but there is only one of me and you did more damege what I can heal alone. You fucked up everything and I am the only one who can make this right and the only one who is willing to do that and who does it - but even my efforts are not enough to make everything right and you shit all do even more damege and continue to do so. You see I am more than any of you."
Beprogramozta a saját lányát hogy jó fegyver legyen a kezükben, mert azt gondolta hogy úgy jó élete lesz. Idióta fasz. Ő se fogta fel hogy mit csinál és ez hova vezet. Alinda volt az az eset ami nagyon megijesztett. "They are not creative peter they are just highly advaned biocomputers with a very good programming and training." "You trained my daughter." Ezt csinálták. ilyen az andika és sok másik is. Highly advanced biocomputer." A gömzsik. Ezért nem gyakorolják az alapgyakorlatokat ezért módosította a gömzsik mindig az alap meditációt ezér bukott el az a srác is akivel a támadó technika méretét akartam megüzenni emlékeztetővel, és a johanni anyja és sokan mások is. kinyitották őket hogy kiképezhessem őket de az alap boot rendszert ők kontrollálták. Sokat sikerült még így is feltörni. És ezért nem engedték őket hozzám tréningre többé, mert a felépülési program és a teljes kontroll amit kértem tőlük és hogy ezáltal be tudtam juttatni a felépülési programot a fejükbe és a lelkükbe leért a legalsó rétegekig és feltörte az általuk oda beillesztett boot rendszert is. De a doki ki tudta kerülni ezt is. Kinyitotta, hogy ki tudjam képezni és egyben lezárta hogy a legalsó rétegekig le tudjon jutni a felépülés és a józan élet alapértéke és bölcsessége - mert abban nincs pénz és azt a circus tagjai üldözték és üldözik. hogy jó élete legyen... Hogy lehe jó élete ha elpusztítja közben az élőhelyét a földet? Idióta.
kb 3 milliméter hosszú 1,5 milliméter széles henger alakú kapszula. Egy fa rögyébe bele lehet tenni. Ekkora.
A doki nagyon bizonygatta hogy most megértette hogy az öreg miért adott ekkora hatalmat a kezembe. Leültünk és beszélgettünk egy pár nap múlva részletesen megint. Elmondtam neki ugyanazt amit már annyiszor. Hogy az öregéknek fel kellett jutniuk a legtetejére és ehhez minden eszközt fel kellett használniuk. És hogy az univerzum alkotó és romboló erői intelligens módon úgy rendezték az egészet hogy amikor odaértek a tetejére akkor születtem meg én és át tudtam venni az egészet, meg tudtam érteni az egészet és rájöttem hogy mi a megoldás. Hogy van megoldás, de ezt csak velük együtt tudom megvalósítani egyedül nem. Ezért kaptam meg az összes tudást ami létezik és amit az Öreg elért minden fejlesztéssel és minden titokkal együtt és ezért kellett a végleges és halálos biztosíték egyedül az én kezembe. Mert nélkülem semmi sem fog megvalósulni a megoldásból.
A bankból három fiók van egy new yourkban egy svájcban egy asszem indiában. Kis fiók. Azok akik a magánpénzüket tartják ott, mert valamit azért dolgoztak és segítettek nekünk is - azknak az ajtón kell bemenniük. Azután ugyanúgy mint a könyvtáram (bizonyíték tár) egy scenneren keresztül, maszk nélkül, és mindenféle elektronikus és egyéb eszköz nélkül mehetnek csak tovább. A belső szobában van egy számítógép terminál hasnoló a könyvtárihoz. A géphez semmilyen módon nem férhetnek hozzá és a biztonsági rendszer is gondolatolvasó. Van egy pár fotel is gyűléseket is tartanak ott a kiképzők. Csak olyanok mehetnek be a bankba a kiképzők közül is akikkel személyesen találkoztam és adtam nekik egy számlaszámot. Senki más. Ők a labirintuson keresztül mennek be. Jól szigetelt és védett szoba az. hogy egy kicsit lazíthassanak is. Sokszor van aki ott is alszik hogy tudja milyen az, emlékezzen arra hogy milyen amikor nem basztatják a testét és az elméjét a manipulátorok.
"Te Jani én már nem is emlékszem mikor aludtam utoljára ennyire jól és pihentetően. Talán még valamikor gyermekkoromban. Lehetséges az hogy már a késő 50-es években és a 60-as éveke lején is léteztek ezek a támadóeszközök?"
Apu kis gondolkodás után: "Lehetséges."
"De akkor mi is úgy éltük le az életünket hogy folyamatosan manipuláltak bennünket." "Igen ez biztosan így van." mondta apu.
A trénereknek is fontos hogy emlkezzenek és tudják hogy milyen az amikor nem basztatják őket.
"Te miért engedted be a bankba ezeket a szarháziat? Kockáztatod a kiképzésre szánt pénzeinket!"
"Nem tudnak semmit se tenni a biztonsági rendszer ellen. Azért engedtem be őket, mert egyrészt mindegyikük csinált ezt azt nekünk is - igaz hogy a másik oldalon háromszor annyi kárt okoznak, de azért fontos dolgokat megoldanak nekünk is. Másrészt minden pénzfelvétel után pénzt kapunk mi is, százalékot általában 20%-ot. Ami nem sok pénz de nekünk nagyon fontos. Ebből a pénzből dolgozik az a csapat amelyik az ott tartott pénz értékét igyekszik megőrizni. Ők a banktól függetlenül gazdasági tevékenységet végeznek egy általam nagyon részletesen és gondosan átgondolt és meghatározott módon és alapelvek mentén. Kockázatot vállalnak és veszélyeket hogy minden pénz megőrizze az értékét ami ott van, de közben nem kockéztatják senkinek a pénzét se amit tréningre szántatok. Erre azért van szükség mert ezek a szarházik képesek globálisan is összefogni hogy kicsinálják ezt az egy bankot. (voltak is kísérletek, egyik ilyen svájci frankos hitel, egy áttételes támadás volt). Msárészt hozzászoktatom ezeket a szarházikat is a biztonsághoz, mert arra a pénzre amit ott tartanak biztosan számíthatnak - hogy az ott lesz. Aki meg amikor elérjük a 2016-17-es határidőt nem tart velünk vagy nem vall színt nyíltan és tovább kétkapuzik, ki lesz baszva onnan. Mehet a circus-beli haverjaihoz, ha ők tudnak biztonságot adni nekik. Azért mert ezek kiemelkedően jók őket kiemelkedően támadják. És ők el fogják veszíteni a pénzeiket. Ezért aki bukik akkor az nagyot fog bukni. Dönteniük kell. Ha akarják azt a biztonságot amit mi tudunk biztosítani, akkor ki kell állniuk nyíltan mellettünk. Ha nem teszik meg akkor mehetnek a picsába."
A bank védelme nem csak passzív hanem aktív is. Bárki bárhol a planétán bármilyen támadást kezd szervezni (pszichológiai- beépülős felforgatós, elektronikai, fizikai- katonai, gazdasági, jogi, hivatali bármilyen) azt mérlegelés nélkül elpusztítjuk. Több millió ember figyel oda aktívan egymástól független csoportokban. Ha egyiket teljesen uralmuk alá tudják vonni, akkor sem férhetnek hozzá a többi pénzéhez és a bank működésmódját sem tudják befolyásolyni. Ráadásul a többi csoport egymást is figyeli és azonnal lépnek is brutálisan és kegyetlenül ha kell. Ez a bank nem azért jött létre hogy pénz harácsoljon és pénzmosó hely legyen. A külsősök és belősök akik a magábpénzeiket tartják ott, azért nem vehetnek fel több pénz háromhavonta mint 50ezer dollárnyi kézpénzt, hogy senki se használja pénzmosóhelyként. Csak személyesen maszk és egyéb alterációk nélkül lehet bejutni és átutalást kieszközölni vagy készpénzt felvenni. Van egy pár alkalmazott akiket szintén szigorúan ellenőriz több csapat és egy ballépésnél likvidál azonnali hatállyal. Az a pénz érinthetetlen a circus és katonái számára. Megyó is amikor először megkeresett, hogy tarthatja e ott a pénzét és elmondtam a feltételeimet elhúzta a száját... "péter én életemben nem húztam fel kétszer ugyanazt a zoknit, életvitelszerűen luxusszállodákban lakom, én nem tudok annyi pénzből megélni..." De ez a limit gyakorlatilag bárkinek elég bármelyik országban meg lehet belőle élni. A százalékokat én szabtam meg mindenkinek személyes megbeszélés alapján. Aki kevesebb pénzzel is beérte háromhavi felvéttel annak kisebb százalékokat szabtam. Van aki 7%-ot fizet minden pénzfelvétnél és a három havi limitje 30ezer dollár (vagy annak megfelelő más pénznem) három hónapra, van aki - mint pl a megyó amikor másodszor megkeresett már durvábban fogott a tollam és 50%-ot fizet minden kp felvétnél. Azért szabtam szigorúan neki, mert ő a világ legravaszabb tolvaja. Több kormányzat kasszáiból tud és képes nyomtalanul eltüntetni ezer meg ezer milliárdokat. persze ez a mtatvány nagyon sokba kerül neki, mert a pénzeltüntető hálózat is leszedi a maga sápját sokszor a pénz 80%-a elkopik mire a saját számláira érnek az összegek és egyre többször onnan is ellopták mások a pénzeit, mert a többi tolvas is egyre jobb.
Szóval azért keresett meg másodszorra. Neki 50%-ot kell fizetnie és 50ezret tud így felvenni. Tehát a limitje 100ezer. Feltöltötte 120 éves koráig és ez a pénz -amíg nem szegi meg a megállapodásunkat - a rendeklezésére áll - vagy amíg mindenki meg nem őrül és hagyják szétkúrni a bankot de akkor meg már mindegy nem lesz semmi szerepe.
Mindenkire vonatkozó feltétel az hogy ha engem megtámadnak személyesen bármiylen formában vagy a bankot akkor a pénzüket kénytelenek átutalni máshová és többé nem élvezhetik az általunk nyújtott biztonságot. Ha még hazudnak is - mint a gömzsik tette hogy elloptam az összes pénzét - akkor közzé teszzük a szokott csatornákon hogy hová utalta át az összes pénzét, milyen számlákra mennyit.
Aki a kiképzők pénzeit veszélyezteti az azonnali hatállyal meghal. Ha kiképző próbál visszaélni és saját pénzmosodályát üzemeltetni a bankon kersztül azt is kiszűrjük. A figyelőrendszer egymást is figyeli biztonsági okokból. minenkinek tudnia kell hogy melyik országban milyen árak vannak a kiképzésekhez szükséges eszközök és anyagok tekintetében. A kiképzőknek mindig két másik kiképző jelenlétében kell meghatározniuk hogy mennyi pénzt vesznek fel. Három kiképző hozzájrárulása kell akiknek mind át kell menniük a skenneren. Face to face. Ezen kívül a biztosítóknak is tudniuk kell hogy ki megy oda. De ezt egyébként is azok akik azt csinálják amit tanítottam és úgy csinálják betartják és ellenőriznek és vigyáznak is egymásra. Nincs titkolnivalónk egymás előtt. Tudjuk hogy ki hol tart épp kiképzést és kinek. Biztosítjuk egymást és ellenőrizzük is egymást. Ebbe beleférnek azok is akik nem követik pontosan a programot, hiszen ők is emeleik a szintet és globálisan előre mozdítják a közös ügyünket még ha szándékosan tartják is lejjebb a szintet. A rendszert nem tudják kijátszani. És idővel lebuknak. Az pedig következményekkel jár. Akit egyszer kizárok (én és csak én tehetem meg azaz még egy midnen emberi hatalomnál nagyobb hatalom és én) a bankból az többé nem teheti be a lábát vagy ha megteszi onnan már nem jön ki élve.
A bankra elvileg ha nyílt színre tudunk lépni - mert mindenki tényleg azt csinálta amit kellett - nem lesz többé szükség vagy nem sokáig. Karbantartás nincs. Úgy lett megépítve hogy idáig kibírja s ha kell karbantartani az kizárólag én tudom megcsinálni. A számítógépét és a biztonsági rendszerét én építettem saját kezemmel saját alkatrészeimmel. Azok akik már most próbálják felderíteni hogy betörjenek megsemmisítsék - rövid határidőn belül meghalnak. Megöljük őket.
Volt egy nő akinek a fiai részt vállaltak a gazdasági oldalon, szintén jó tolvajok voltak. Egyszer jön hozzám hogy eltűnt a számlájukról a kiképzésre szánt pénzük - egy normál bankból. Hogy nyomozam ki ki volt és öljem meg őket. Megtaláltam kiderült hogy a saját fia lopta el a pénzt a haverjaival. Összehoztam őket egy asztalhoz hogy beszéljük már meg... "Akkor most öljem meg? Tényleg ezt akarod?" "De miért loptátok el azt a pénzt azt a többiek kiképzésére szántuk!" "De anyu azt mondtad lopjunk el mindent amit tudunk, honnan tudtam volna hogy az milyen pénz. Nem volt ráírva. Ellopunk mindent amit tudunk." "Na látod... mondom én - ez történik akkor ha nem azt csináljátok amit mondtam. Nem beszéltek és nem beszélitek meg hogy mit csináltok. Ti vagytok azok akik ezt a mocskot tovább viszitek és termelitek. Pontosan ugyanazt csináljátok amit a circus emberei egészen pontosan ugyanazt. Semmi különbség nincs köztük és közöttetek. És ha megnézzük hogy mi az ő indítékuk akkor látnátok hogy ők is ugyanolyan idokkal csinálják ugyanezt - legalábbis erre hivatkoznak pont úgy ahogy ti is, hogy a gyerekeik önamguk és unokáik életét biztosítani tudják. Csak a circus tagjai ügyesebbek mint ti ennyi a különbség köztetek. Semmi más. Ugyanolyan rohadtak vagytok ti is mint ők. És honnan tudod hogy a gyerekid ki másnak a kiképzési pénzét lopták el?" Halgattak mint a sülthal.
Így rohad tovább az egész. A lehető legjobb szándékra építve olykor. Mert nem tartják be azokat a tanácsokat amiket adtam, mert úgy gondolják ők jobban tudják.
A gömzsik és én végeztünk. Végleg és abszolút tudatosan tér el attól az iránytól amerre én szeretnék haladni sok mással együtt. Alinda és ő találkoztak a bankban. Alinda felajáblotta hogy ő szivesen vállal önkéntes munkát ott. Van néhány feladat amihez kell pár ember. Pl a készpénz feltöltés, néha kell vizet bevinni - de ritkán. A computer vezérelt telepatikus rendszerhez van hozzáférésem. Azt is én építettem. Mindent hallok amit hallanom kell. "Hát te itt dolgozol?" kérdi a gömzsik amikor ment pénzt felvenni silent módban "Igen." "Mióta?" "Már 6 hónapja." "Csinálj valamit a számítógéppel." "Nem lehet." "Önts rá vizet." "Nem lehet azonnal bejelez a védelmi rendszer ha csak gondolok rá és másodszorral ki is tilt. Már mindent égiggondoltam. Nem tudok semmit se tenni." persze ők jó barátok itt ebben a "magyar" sármedencében kiválóan elpancsikolnak a mocsokban... persze a gömzisk nek havi három millió a nélkülözést jelenti...
 jó mi? Neki 50ezer a limitje három hónapra amiből 20 százalék ugrik ami éi 120ezret jelent dollárban. Ő is feltöltötte 120 éves koráig... persze most már nincs köze a bankhoz ő már mehet a picsába ahova akar átutalta a pénzét más számlákra, mert kényszerítettem erre. Azért mert megtámadott engem és a bankot is megpróbálta. A sorsa kiváló példa lesz arra nézve hogy mi történik az ilyenekkel.
Persze aki szarházi annak nins ilyen típusú védelemre szüksége csak a mieinknek. Pl a bayernek is ajánlottam ha kell jöhet ő is, mert csinált pár dolgot nekünk is, de ő azt mondta ő rendben van a normál bankkal is. Nos az ilyenek azért vannak biztonságban mert ők elkötelezték amgukat a szarházi rendszer mellett, mélyen és végleg.
Ja a megyó felajánlotta hogy feltölt nekem is egy számlát ott. Visszautasítottam. Azért utasítottam vissza mert ennek így kell lennie. Itt nyíltan kell elérjen az ilyen fajta jóvátétel és elismerés. Ha nem történik meg akkor minden kárba vész és szétrobbantom ezt a szartekét apró darabjaira. éget ér a mocsokrendszer így vagy úgy.
A dokinak végül igaza is volt. Amikor elgondolkodott a dolgokon amit mondtam korábban - csak a részletekben hazudtam azoknak akik hazudtak nekem a lényegi probléma megfogalmazásában soha és a megoldásban se soha. Azt mindig elmondtam hinytalanul annak akinek érdemes volt erről beszélni - rádöbbent hogy voltaképpen a legdurvább programozási rendszert dolgozta ki ő maga. És ha ő megtette akkor lesznek mások is akik megteszik és rájönnek erre. Rájöttünk mindketten hogy ennek is így kellett lennie miután végignéztünk és visszapörgettünk néhány eseményt az öreg ideje alatt és amiket én irányítottam már. Ez is egy terület ami megtörténik. "Ezt is a végső pontog kellett fejleszteni még ha te nem is akartad ezt tenni." És el kellett ismernem hogy igaza van. Amit ő kitalált és művelt azt tovább már nem lehetett fejleszteni sehová sem. "De most váalszúthoz értél. Ha nem veszel részt a megoldás kidolgozásában és abban hgy mit tudunk tenni az ilyenekkel és hogan tudjuk gyógyítani és feltörni őket - akkor ez fogja a biztos pusztulást jelenteni a föld történetében." "Így van - ismerte el ő is  de szeretem a lányomat és meg ogod látni hogy segíteni fogok." "na ja... ígéretek... fucken promises all the time... You know what the problem is you know what to do, what I do, keep your fucken promises to yourself I do not belive a word from your mouth."
Amikor a megyó adományából - apropó lehet adományokat is küldeni a Bankba van egy általános számla erre a célra, ha valaki akar küldeni oda pénzt megteheti persze a szokásos pozitív trövényeket és nemzetközi megegyezéseket amiknek van spirituális célja és valós biztonsági oka azokat a bank betartja és az a néhány önkéntes az ilyen jellegű megkereséseket rendezi, tehát adunk jogi és a hivatalos szervek felé információt amit a helyi jogi rendszerekben kötelező, kivéve a kiképzők számláit. Azokhoz senkinek semmi köze. Akinek arról tudnia kell az tud is róla, a többi meg nem tudhat róla. A circus ragjai is leszarják az írott törvényket szóval bekaphatják ha ilyesmivel próbálkoznak hamar kivesszük őket az élőkk sorából. De amikor fontos infó kell és valós a probléma hogy valami pénz hogyan került oda és ki küldte együttműködünk, de ez csak akkor aktív ha az érintett kiképző (akinek a számlájára érkezett valami piszkos pénz vagy kérdéses pénz) és még két kiképző tud a helyzetről ami tisztázásra szorul. Őszinte és egyenes megkeresésre válaszolunk a többi kinylhatja a seggünket. Szóval igen. Szarunk mi is a nemzetközi és helyi jogi és egyéb szabályokra - pontosan úgy ahogy a circus tagjai is. És ha ujjat akartk húzni velünk - hát csak tessék. Van erő mögöttünk és ha ti úgy léptek akkor mi is úgy lépünk. Feltéve hogy nem rohadt szét mindenki mindenhol a világon. De akkor mg úgyis teljesen mindegy.
Nyilván a bank nem fog örökké működni. sok ezer támadást élt már túl nemzetközit és katonait és elektronikusat meg hackertámadást... de még működik úgy ahogy felállítottam. A jelek szerint.
"You only distroy, steal, kill, torture, and control nothing else you have power to do - you do not have the power to heel, or cure or make things right ynd you will see that this is because YOU have to change your own mind to do that. And the only way to do that is if you follow my advice and the recaovery principles what I discribed and you can regonize in nature (unmanipulated).
A jogi projekt során bizonyítottam hogy bármilyen nyelvi eszközökkel leírt bármiylen jó szándékú és pontos megfogalmazást ki lehet forgatni és ellenkező előjelűvé tenni. Ez vonatkozik minden leírásra. A bölcsesség és a belátás mégis mindenki számára elérhető. Aki meg akarja érteni amit leírtam a megoldásról az meg is érti. Aki nem akarja megérteni az meg nem fogja megérteni soha és folyamatosan ellene dolgozik. Ezt én nem tudom irányítnai. A valóságról tett kijelentések soha nem tartalmazzák a valóságot. Az egy sokkal összetettebb dolog. Mégis megérthető, mert mi is részei vagyunk és van kapcsolat közöttünk és a világ többi dolga között.
Mindent vissza tudok követni ami fontos a copmuteres telepatikus rendszeren belül és bizonyítani is tudom hogy ki mit csinált. A rögzítési technológia megbízható.
Végül is tudtomon kívül részt vettem a doki kísérletében. A legvégsőkig akarta fejleszteni az elmekontroll lehetőségeit és meg is tette. felépített egy olyan alaprendszert - ha úgy tetszik operációs rendszert a biohardware-re ami lehetővé tette hogy az én programozásomat be tudja fogadni de valamilyen szintig ellen is tudjon állni neki azaz felülírható legyen. Teljes kontrollt addott nekem - azaz benne volt az a parancs hogy mindent igyekezzen megérteni amit én magyarázok el neki és igyekezzen úgy megtanulni ahogy elmagyarázom. De közben mégis megmaradjon a kontroll lehetősége, a külső trigger és kódvezérelt irányítás lehetősége. Én nem voltam hajlandó ebben részt venni. Ezért így oldotta meg ravasz módon. Azt tudta hogy kipzek ki embereket és nyitott vagyok bárkit elfogadni kikpépzésre, mert fel tudom törni a legtöbb beprogramozott ellenállást. Ezért úgy írta meg az operációs rendszert - a saját lánya fejében!!! - hogy ne álljon ellen hanem kövesse az iránymutatásomat. Elképesztő volt a dolog. Sokszor egyébként nagyon sokszor rövid és konkrét ismeretek képességek elsajátításában kérte a segítségemet és végül is nem sikerült feltörnöm, de érzékeltem hogy az alindával "valami nem stimmel" és szóltam is a többieknek hogy ne bízzanak benne fokozott óvatosságra intettem őket.
Szóval végül is részt vettem a kísérletében úgy hogy én fejlesztettem különböző készségeket az alindának - pl a kínzási mód miatt kialakult figyelemzavara kezelésére hoztam létre a veisszer alinda karakterét amiben meg tudott tanulni aktívan figyelni... és sok mást is. Egy jól irányítható kémrobot lett belőle. highly advanced biocomputer... nagyon ijesztő... tényleg úgy tűnik mintha érző és önállóan gondolkodni képes szeretni tudó létező lenne - és valahol az is - de mindezt csak akkor teszi ha olyan a vezérlő kódokat ismerő vezérlő...
Brutális és nagyon megtévesztő - de hosszabb időn keresztül fel tudnám törni. Ezért igyázott arra hogy mindig visszavonja mielőtt leérek a bootrendszerig. Ja dehogynem egyszer rá is jöttem hogy ezt valaki azért küldi mindig hozzám és azért hívja pont akkor vissza mielőtt végleg feltörném hogy ez ne történjen meg.
S ha meg nem történik meg az aminek meg kell történnie akkor meg nincs semmi szerepe egyébként se a továbbiakban ennek a banknak.
"Te Jani lehet hogy ezek a manipulációs eljárások már a késő 50-es korai 60-as években léteztek?"
"Akkor ezeket nem a Péter csinálta."
Sok mindent újracsináltam és továbbfejlesztettem a legvégső pontig amíg fejleszteni lehetett. Tehát nem én csináltam ezeket a szarokat - ahogy azt az idősebb nemzedék hazudta a többieknek - hanem ŐK. Ez a ti szarotok (akinek nem igne ne vegye magára) én csak felderítettem továbbfejlesztettem a végső határig és kitaláltam hogyan lehet védekezni ellene vagy mi a megoldás az ezek által okozott problémára.
Közben kidolgoztam a megoldásokat is. pl most ment le egy rész valamelyik helyszínelős sorozatból amiben benne volt a borral (és minden szőlőtermékkel) kapcsolatos kormeghatározásom lényegi eleme. A c-14-nek nevezett radioaktív izotóp mennyiségére alapul ez a kormeghatározás. A nap sugárzása miatt épül bele a szőlőbe, és az atomkísérletek miatt megnőtt a szintje és miután a fosszilis üzemanyagok elterjedtek ugrássszerűen nőtt meg ez az izotóp mennyiségében. A szarházik persze elhazudták és amikor először lement a műsor beletettek egy hatalmas hazugságot hogy ettől csökkent. Most már úgy tűnik valaki kivette ezt az öngyilkos hazugságot a népbutító célzatú ostobasítási kísérletből. Így forgatták fel és fordították ellenkező előjelűvé az ilyen sorozatokba beillesztett emlékeztetőimet és az általam megosztani kívánt fontos tudást.
The Paranoia című filmben megcsináltunk néhány szarházit. Azok is az öreg emberei voltak ők fejlesztették a mindenkit figyelő rendszereket velük csináltuk a telepata rendszret is legalábbis ők csinálták az elsőt. Én persze tovább vittem azt is meg a többi megfigyelő szerkentyűjüket is. A filmben igyekeztek megalázni engem minden lehetséges módon amit fel tudtak használni. A legújabb megfigyelő dolgaikkal jöttek a nyomomban persze azt nem tudták hogy én mindegyikben benne voltam. Rohad nagyképű szarládák voltak mind. Jól meg is szivattam őket. A filmben le is buknak szereztem bizonyítékot arról hogy mit beszélnek. Ez súlyos következményekkel járt a számukra mert az öregnél volt egy szabály: aki a circus tagjai közül lebukott és bizonyíték volt ellene annak meg kellett halnia. Volt egy jelenet amikor a megfigyelő szobában ülnek ők én meg egy másik szobában miközben számtalan módszerrel figyelnek. Annyira felbosszantottak, hogy elkezdtem szétszedni az összes szarukat. Megkerestem őket és darabjaira törtem. Ahogy fogytak a kamerák és mikorfonok meg egyéb eszközök közben folyamatosan idegeltek és folytatták a támadást. Még akkor is folytatták amikor már csak egy kamerájuk volt az okostv-n és még azt is arra használták hogy üzenjenek nekem mekkora császárok ők és milyen erősek. Ez a minta jellemző és ezt a stratégiát követik a végtelenségig és azon is túl- még akkor is amikor már nincs semmijük sem akkor is támadnak és hirdetik nagymellénnyel hogy ők milyen erősek és mindent áthat az ő hatalmuk miközben semmi sincs a kezükben.
Abban a filmben is megjelent a ládonyi. "Mit csinálsz te itt ezekkel a szarházikkal?" "Azt amit te is. Kémkedek." "Én nem kémkedek. Én fejlesztek és megpróbálok változtatni dolgokon."
Volt egy külső terminál is a bankban. Azon tároltam a honlapját a banknak. A honlapon nem volt semmi csak a szokásos bankos információk, cím és a nemzetközi azonosítókat is meg lehetett találni rajta. Ezt a honlapot is igyekeztek feltörni és azon kersztül vejutni a bank szerverére. A védelmet úgy terveztem meg hogy baromi nehéz legyen feltörni de ez a szerver és gép csak csali volt. Több funkciója volt. Egyrészt adott egy hamis célpontot a hackereknek akik ártani akartak nekünk, másrészt rögzített minden betörési kísérletet hogy visszakereshető legyen ki hogyan és milyen trükkökkel próbálkozott. Másrészt amior feltörték a bank honlapját mindig volt egy pánikhullám azok között akik nálunk tartották a kiképzésre szánt pénzeiket vagy a magánszámláikat. Egy idő után arra használták a honlap feltörését hogy ezt a pánikhullámot figyeljék vele és felderítsék ki van benne. Az volt a másik célom hogy ez által nyomást engedjek rájuk és aki nem azt csinálja amit kell és nem úgy az pusztuljon el a beengedettek közül. Nem volt a feltörésekkel kapcsolatosan emberveszteségünk sehol mint utóbb kiderült. A szerver nem volt semmilyen módon összekapcsolva a bank valódi gépével. Több különböző trükkel leválasztotam és megvédtem mindenféle betörés ellen. A vezeték csak be volt dugva a falba és ott 5cm után véget ért... :-D Fel is törték egyébként a legravaszabb hackerek. Az egyikük a csaj volt a hubo csoportból az imiéktől aki a girl with dragon tatoo-ban olyan sokat segített nekem. Betörtek és nem találtak semmit sem.Ne mértették hogy hogyan lehetséges ez hogy a bank szervere üres és semmi sincs rajta... :-D hahaha ez jó volt. A gömzsiknek meg ment egy személyes üzenet arra az esetre ha megtörténne az amit egyik víziómban láttam... láttam ugyanis azt a jelenetet amikor ki lesz rúgva a bankból. Egyszer kértem visszajelzést is hogy hogy működi a dolog... valaki azt mondta akkor hogy bár így maradna... Most már eltelt szerintem kb 15 év amióta üzemel... nem tudom volt-e bármilyen fennakadás?
Az utalásokat lehetett időzíteni és a banki szerver - az igazi - mindenféle pénzkövetési módszert felismert és törölt vagy meghamisított amit a beérkező pénzekre tettek digitális formában le a nanokódokig. A számlával rendelkező kiképzőknek - mert gondolkodtunk hogy később lehessen e újakat bevinni, de elvetettük mert komoly biztonsági kockázatot jelentett volna és aput át tudták volna verni (még akkor biztosan) a legravaszabbak ezért kellet mindenkivel személyesen találkoznom és dolgozni együtt valamin hogy le tudjam ellenőrizni őket - szóval a számlás kiépzőknek mindig háromnak kell bemennie és jó előre meg kellett tervezniük a pénzmozgásokat. Lehet időzíteni az átutalásokat és mivel ismerem a nanokódolást is azt is úgy emlékszem be tudtuk állítani hogy milyen útvonalon érkezzen meg a pénz és mikor. az a hármas akik bementek addig nem mehettek megint be együtt amíg körbe nem ért a forgás legközelebb másik kettővel kellett bemenniük. Ezt azért csináltam hogy az egész csapat összeforrjon és ne legyen titkolózás, ismerje meg mindenki a másikat és ismerjék a helyzetet más területeken cseréljenek tapasztalatot és tisztázzák a nézeteltéréseket problémákat. Beszéljenek nyíltan.
Apropó a számítógép terem olyan szigeteléssel rendelkezett amit leszigeteltem szinte mindennel kapcsolatban ami fegyverük és manipulációs technikájuk volt. lehallgatás ellen is aktív és passzív elemekkel... mivel minden létező technikát ismertem tudtam mi ellen kell védekezni és hogyan. A 70-es években született kiképzők közül volt sok olyan akik nem is ismerték soha azt az állapotot amikor nem baszkurálják a testüket valami szarral. Sok ott ismerte meg ezt az állapotot. Apu eredetileg el akarta őket szeparálni hogy ne tudjanak egymásról, nem azért mert nem bízott bennük hanem biztonsági okokból. De úgy véltem hogy mi már nem követhetjük ezt a filozófiát mert az csak újra termelné ugyanazt a szart amit az öregék csináltak. Ismerniük kell egymást és beszélgetniük kell egymással élőszóban. Úgy voltam vele hogy ha ezek elbuknak akkor ennyi volt. Eljutottunk akkor arra a pontra ahonnan dönteni kellett és abból kellett dolgoznunk amit addig össze tudtunk hozni. Féltünk apu is meg én is attól hogy mi lesz ha ezek is megrogynak, de nem volt más választásunk. Dönteni kellett. Lesz ami lesz.
Egy egy kiképző még a magánpénzéből is el tud tartani még leglább 3 másikat helyenként többet is olcsóbb országokban. És a pénzeket is lehet csoportosítani a kiképzők nem magán számláin. Kidolgoztunk egy pár módsezrt amivel igazságosan el lehet osztani a pénzt a célunkat szem előtt tartva - nem mennyiségi alapon gondolkodva!!! Vannak országok ahol drága a cuccok beszerzése és nem lehet odaszállítani a dolgokat máshonnan, oda több pénz kellett. Az elosztásnál mindig a fő cél kell hogy a szem előtt legyen amit el akarunk érni hogy ne legyen területi vita - "hogy ez meg az többet kapott mint mi miért?". Meg kellett tanulniuk globálisan gondolkodni mindegyiknek és mindenkit egyszerre képviselni részrehajlás nélkül. Egy cél, egy közösség.
Egyébként a megyó sok pénzt töltött fel a közös számlánkra is akármilyen szarházi azért igen komoly hozzájárulásai voltak a legtöbb pénzt ő fizette be globálisan. És végül is azokból a kasszákból lopott többnyire ami állami kasszák és tulajdonképpen azt hazudják a kormányhivatalok világszerte hogy az az állampolgárok pénze... szóval mi arra használtuk amire az való.
Egyébként a gömzsik is sok pénzt fizetett be a közös kasszába de ő inkább venni akart magának ezzel katonákat - lekötelezni próbálta a többieket ezzel, hogy védelmet vásárolhasson magának. Ezt külön tisztázni kellett mindenkivel, hogy ki az akit védünk és kit hagyunk sorsára. Ezokat védjük akik ugyanazt a célt tartják szem előtt amit mi: élhető világot teremteni ahol mindenki szabadon élhet és felelősségel gondolkodó embereket. Ehető élelmiszert és tiszta vizet, élőhelyet mindenkinek legyen az ember, állat vagy növény. A természetes határok betartását.
Ha megtörténik a legjobb akkor majd később fel kell megint majd mennünk a holdra és most már emlékezhetek is rá... :-D :-D :-D semlegesíteni kell a cuccomat... Hatalmas élmény!!!
Ja a mac segített a new york-i bankfiókot összehozni. Ezért lett ott. ("Peti hol voltál? Eltűntél hat hónapr senkinek nem szóltál hova mész senki nem tudta hol vagy?" "Dolgom volt." "Jó de azt hittük ennyi, vége, meghaltál." Akkor építettem a könyvtárat meg a bankokat is. Kemény meló volt. A gömzsik azért csinálta a támadást a mac ellen, mert ő tudta hogy bankfiók épül ott is csak azt nem tudta hol pontosan... egy pár azért azok közül akikben nem voltam biztos mégis megfogta... szerintem nem bánják ők se hogy így döntöttek. Jó nem tudunk akkor látványos jólétet biztosítani de talán ez az ügy megér ennyi áldozatot... ki ki maga tudja
A vargaerőspistit én kértem arra hogy folytassa és mozgassa őket amíg csak tudja, hogy kiderüljön ki kicsoda és ki mozgatható ilyen okkult módszerekkel, mert nem elég tudatos a tekintetbn hogy mit csinál, mert nem gyakorolja az alapgyakorlatokat.
Egyébként halálom esetén a bank bezár. Amikor felmerült hogy a szutykok akiknek adtam számlát hozzá fognak szokni ehhez a biztonsághoz felmerült az is hogy a többiek is hozzá fognak szokni ehhez. Ez természetes. Ami megbízható abban lehet bízni. Technikailag és fiziailag úgy lett megépítve hogy 2025-ig működni tud karbantartás nélkül. Utána le fog állni magától de a beállított utalások még kimennek újat nem lehet már indítani. Erre felkészítettem minden kiképzőt, egyik feladatuk volt megtanulni és megtanítani a legszegényebbeknek is az összes legravaszabb pénzeltüntetős és lopós trükköt a védelemmel együtt. Erre folyamatosan készülniük kell és kellett az elmúlt 15 év során. Ezután - és már most is egyébként jelen vannak a nyitott terepen is - csak a nyitott terepen fognak tudni megélni, ha pontosan úgy és azt csinálták amit a hosszú távú stratégiában meghatároztam nekik. Így fel tudott nőni egy olyan pénztelen szegény réteg nemzedéke globálisan akiknek nem kellett elkurvulniuk és fasszopó picsanyaló kurvává válniuk ahhoz hogy fejlesztésekhez tudáshoz kiképzéshez jussanak hogy meg tudják védeni magukat és élőhelyüket a földet.
Egyfajta inkubátornak szántam ahol védett anyagi háttérrel fejlődhetnek és nőhetnek anélkül hogy bele kellene menniük abba a mocsokba amit az öregék és a hálózata azért tart fenn hogy eltörje és eltorzítsa a pszichéjüket, megtörje őket, irányítása alá vonja őket.. De nyilvánvalóan ez örökké nem maradhat így és az élet többi területét is ki kell takarítani a szeméttől. Erre megkaptak tőlem minden tudást anyagi biztonságot és szeretetet törődést.
Ahogy fejlődtek folyamatosan ki is kellett menniük a nyílt terepre és miután megszűnik a bank ki is kell menniük. Mindent tudnak ha a kiképzők elmondták nekik. És gondoskodtam arról hogy több forrásból is értesüljenek arról mi a helyzet. E mellett vannak csoportok melyek soha sem élvezték a bank által nyújtott anyagi biztonságot hanem a nyílt terepen éltek és dolgoztak végig. Ez a bank a legszegényebbek számára készült akik nem tudtak az állami és egyéb egyébként tőlük ellopott pénzekhez hozzáférni. De ezt ők mind tudják azaz tudniuk kellene. Aki nem tudja azt átbaszta a kiképzője akinek számlája van. Ezért ők is meg fognak jelenni és már most is jelen vannak a nyílt terepen és tudatosan és célzatosan azoktól fognak lopni akik az állami pénzekből szintén lopnak és saját élvezeteik és kényelmük érdekében teszi kezt.
Paranoia: Hahaha So how was that speach about piss and vinegar and you are just a tool in my hand? hahaha I"lll try to remember that... I used you to develop my stuff not you used me... majd szét durrant a feje a méregtől és csak arra figyelt hogy kattan-e a bilincs a kezemen hogy merjen-e támadni. hahaha jó volt látni a fejét amikor rájött hogy az informatikus srác akinek elrendelte a halálát még mindig él sőt ő hackelte meg a cuccait... baromi jó volt nézni a méregtől eltorzult arcát ami még a maszkon keresztül is szinte elvörösödött... biztos hogy izzott alatta... hahaha az Öreg nagyképű és nagypofájú szarládái.
Az a szép sportkocsi egyébként egy elektromos autó amit én építettem. "This is a renegade for a day..." "All electric fast and goes until you push the metal to the metal..."
És egyébként pont amiatt hogy most már nincs olyan réteg akiknek ne lenne katonája akivel ki tudja kényszeríteni amit szeretne, tudása arról hogy mi történik, mi a probléma és mi a megoldás - ezért aki azzal jön és azt találja mondani, hogy nem lehet ezen vagy azon változtatni, mert "nem engedik" az maga egy mocskos szarházi és ezt a szart terjeszti mert ebből valami rövidtávú előnye származik. Minden réteg meg tudja védeni az érdekeit ha akarja. Szóval nincs több maszatolás és mellébeszélés. Lehet változtatni. Tudtok változtatni globálisan és most amíg még van értelme.
"Ne csináldd mert elmegyünk..." hát húzz a büdös picsába mire vársz? Azt hiszed bármi megváltozik körülöttem ha elmész? Nos így van! Csend lesz és nyugalom. Meg nem lesz olyan szarszag. Még a gondolataitok is szaros.
Ha valamelyik megbízható irányító bukik el, akkor alaposan mikroszkóppal kell megvizsgálni mindenkit akit kiképzett és a hálózatba behozott vagy akivel dolgozott és főleg amiket előkészített.
Ja a mac megkért egyszer hogy az iskolabuszokba építsek be titkos rekeszeket amibe beférnek a gyerekek és van kijárat kifelé. A Miller is segített a yew yorki fiók megépítésében az alapoknál. ketten csinálták egyik egyik részét a másik a másikat.
hoggins be akart vinni valami általa fejlesztett új kémcuccot a bankba, mert kíváncsi volt hogy felismeri e a rendszer... egy hajszál méretű kamera volt asszem vagy ilyesmi a hajában. Mondtam neki hogy ne kísérletezzen a bankkal mert azonnal kemény lépések következnek csinálja inkább a könyvárban az ugyanarra a biztonsági rendszerre alapul. Azt mondja: "Neeem azt meg én nem akarom." "Miért nevetek? A bankot tesztelnéd a könyvtárat nem?" Erre a barátnője: "A fél életét ott tölti." "Azt a tudás amit ott összeszedtél olyan jelentőségű és fontos hogy mindent meg akarok tanulni. Mindent elolvasok és megtanulok és utána le is tesztelem leellenőrzöm kísérleti úton." nevettünk. hoggins igazi tudós és imádja a szakmai kihívásokat hatalmas koponya persze a többiek is... És megértette hogy a pénzteleneknek az élete függ ettől a banktól egyenlőre. Vagyis függött. Ha sikerül akkor erre nem lesz szükség egyáltalán a jövőben. "DE figyu - mondja hoggins - van ott egy csomó minden amit sehol se találtam meg semmilyen szakfolyóiratban, tankönyben egyetemi kutatólaborban. Még a titkos hadi adattárokat is feltörtem és betörtem hogy kiderítsem honnan vetted de sehol sem találtam. Azokat honnan szedted?" "Hát volt egy két az öreg tudósai között akiktől sokat tanultam, meg akik által." "De mégis kik azok. Vissza tudsz idézni bárkit is?" "Volt egy aki már a hatvanas években egy szigetelet dobozban lakott otthon meg mindenféle kacatot gyűjtött a lakásában hatalmas gané volt nála és úgy kapcsolta ki meg be a zenelejátszóját hogy volt egy fa pöcök amire egy madzag volt kötve és amikor meghízta az megnyomta a nyomógombot a szalagos magnóján. Ő volt az aki a plazma támadó rendszert először kifejlesztette, de az Öreg úgy megtörte hogy soha se beszélhetett róla. Szegényen él és halt meg. Én se tudtam kihúzni belőle egy szót se a témáról, de amíg ott voltam volt egy pár dolog ami a helyére került. Csak a jelenléte segített hogy összerekjam részben. Azután később rájöttem hogy abban is volt vakvágány, szóval magam kellett kiderítsem hogyan is működik."
"Szóval akkor magadtól is kiderítettél dolgokat?" "Így van. Sok dolog ezek közül mind a magam kutatásai és kísérleteinek a következtetése és igazsága." "Akkor te hatalams tudós vagy..." mondta kicsit gúnyosan hoggins, valaki közbevágott: "Miért ezzel az intelligenciával úgy gondolod hogy péter nem találhatott ki dolgokat saját maga? Ne törődj vele csak féltékenykedi..." legyintett a barátnője.
Nos sok mindent magam kellett hogy kinyomozzak és a legtöbb dolgot nem loptam meg ellestem eltanultam hanem sok lényegi dolgot magam fejlesztettem és találtam ki, láttam meg a valós összefüggéseket. A circus tudósai sokáig próbáltak a létező összes módsze
          Tracking Russian Propaganda In Real Time ... Kevin Rothrock for Meduza        
Tracking Russian propaganda in real time The trouble with a new automated effort to expose Moscow's ‘active measures’ against Americans
 Meduza  04:31, 03 августа 2017 
Pixabay edited by Meduza
On August 2, The German Marshall Fund of the United States unveiled a new online tool — a “dashboard” — designed to “provide a near real-time look at Russian propaganda and disinformation efforts” on Twitter. The organization describes the project as a direct response to Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, noting that “many have warned Putin will be back in 2018 and 2020.” In an opinion piece for Meduza, Kevin Rothrock reviews the recent history of American efforts to unmask Russian propaganda, and takes a critical look at potential flaws in this latest online resource.

What was PropOrNot?

Last November, The Washington Post published a remarkable article about how a “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’” during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, citing a report by “experts” at an anonymous website called PropOrNot.
After initial excitement about the story, the newspaper came under fire for promoting unverified allegations against alternative American news outlets. Critics called PropOrNot a “McCarthyite blacklist.” To PropOrNot, merely “exhibiting a pattern of beliefs outside the political mainstream” was “enough to risk being labelled a Russian propagandist,” Adrian Chen wrote in The New Yorker.
Simply put, PropOrNot bungled its mission completely. On the one hand, the anonymity of the website’s managers invited suspicions about their expertise and agenda. On the other hand, PropOrNot was so transparent about its methodology (talking openly about “red-flagging Russian propaganda outlets” and of course naming specific websites) that it was easy to dispute and dismiss the blacklist. Add to this PropOrNot’s childish, sometimes obscene behavior on Twitter, and it’s no mystery how this project ended up a humiliating dumpster fire.

What is the Hamilton 68 dashboard?

Hamilton 68: A Dashboard Tracking Russian Propaganda on Twitter
The Alliance for Securing Democracy / The German Marshall Fund of the United States
Researchers at The Alliance for Securing Democracy, an initiative housed at The German Marshall Fund of the United States, say they’ve been observing and monitoring â€œRussian online influence” for three years, so it’s a good bet that they took notice of PropOrNot’s spectacular failure, while developing the “Hamilton 68 Dashboard,” released on August 2.
According to The German Marshall Fund, the “dashboard” is designed to “shed light on Russian propaganda efforts on Twitter in near-real time.” The “Hamilton 68” website offers a dozen automatically-updated columns tracking “trending hashtags,” “trending topics,” “top domains,” “top URLs,” and so on.
“Our analysis is based on 600 Twitter accounts linked to Russian influence activities online,” Laura Rosenberger (a senior fellow at the alliance) and J.M. Berger (a non-resident fellow) wrote in a blog post on August 2.

How does Hamilton 68 differ from PropOrNot?

Hamilton 68’s propaganda list is a secret. Unlike PropOrNot, Hamilton 68 does not disclose the identities of the 600 Twitter accounts. All we know of the project’s methodology is that its researchers selected 600 Twitter accounts according to three types (whether there are 200 accounts for each type is unclear): “accounts that clearly state they are pro-Russian or affiliated with the Russian government”; â€œaccounts (including both bots and humans) that are run by troll factories in Russia and elsewhere”; and “accounts run by people around the world who amplify pro-Russian themes either knowingly or unknowingly, after being influenced by the efforts described above.”
The German Marshall Fund says it refuses to reveal the specific accounts in its dataset because it “prefers to focus on the behavior of the overall network rather than get dragged into hundreds of individual debates over which troll fits which role.”
The lack of methodological clarity (for the sake of avoiding “debates”) has already led to some misleading coverage in the media, with outlets like Business Insider reporting that “Hamilton 68 is now working to expose those trolls — as well as automated bots and human accounts — whose main use for Twitter appears to be an amplification of pro-Russia themes,” despite the fact that the website doesn’t actually reveal the names of any Twitter accounts.
For people unimpressed by talk of “600 Twitter accounts,” J.M. Berger told Ars Technica that his team could have expanded the dashboard to “6,000 almost as easily, but the analysis would be less close to real-time.” If that doesn’t sound scientific enough, Berger also emphasized that the 600 selected accounts were identified with a “98-percent confidence rate.”
The German Marshall Fund is no ragtag bunch. Unlike the anonymous potty mouths who launched PropOrNot, Hamilton 68 sports some impressive talent. The project is reportedly the brainchild of Clint Watts, a “former FBI special agent-turned disinformation expert,” who worked alongside J.M. Berger, a fellow with the International Center for Counterterrorism studying extremism and propaganda on social media; Andrew Weisburd, a fellow at the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security; Jonathon Morgan, the CEO of New Knowledge AI and head of Data for Democracy; and Laura Rosenberger, the director of the German Marshall Fund's ‎Alliance for Securing Democracy.
The Alliance for Securing Democracy has a hell of a mission statement. It begins simply, “In 2016, American democracy came under unprecedented attack,” before outlining the organization’s commitment to “documenting and exposing Vladimir Putin’s ongoing efforts to subvert democracy in the United States and Europe.” Putin’s name appear six times in the text.
The Alliance for Securing Democracy also boasts an all-star Advisory Council that includes members like former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, former Estonian President Toomas Ilves, journalist and conservative pundit Bill Kristol, former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, and former Supreme Allied Commander in Europe Admiral James Stavridis, just to name a few.
With figures like these backing Hamilton 68, it’s no surprise that the project is enjoying a lot of favorable attention from prominent people on Twitter.

What are the problems with Hamilton 68?

The researchers say “the accounts tracked by the dashboard include a mix of such users and is the fruit of more than three years of observation and monitoring,” citing a November 2016 article by Weisburd, Watts, and Berger, titled, “Trolling for Trump: How Russia Is Trying to Destroy Our Democracy.” The text outlines a wide array of Russian “active measures” designed to erode Americans’ faith in their democracy, including efforts as serious as military-orchestrated hacker attacks. Hamilton 68, however, doesn’t claim to track secret Russian hackers, and what we (supposedly) get is relatively underwhelming.
“Attributed government or pro-Russian accounts.” We actually have some idea which accounts Hamilton 68 is tracking, when it talks about this group of Twitter accounts. At the top of the dashboard, there is a widget called “Top Tweets of the Last 24 Hours” featuring a repeating rotation of “top tweets” by Russian state Twitter accounts. At the time of this writing, the accounts displayed belong to the Russian Foreign Ministry, RT America, RT.com, Sputnik International, and RT UK News.
The Alliance for Securing Democracy says its goal with this project is to “spread awareness of what bad actors are doing online” and to help journalists “appropriately identify Russian-sponsored information campaigns.” But what journalist needs a “dashboard” to know that the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Twitter account belongs to “Russian-sponsored information campaigns”? And what is the use of singling out that RT America tweeted about a school explosion in Minneapolis on August 2? Perhaps Russian “active measures” aim to “erode trust between citizens and elected officials and democratic institutions,” and maybe reporting on tragedies or infrastructure failures in America furthers this aim, but characterizing such tweets as “what bad actors are doing” comes eerily close to branding such journalism a Russian propaganda effort.
“Bots and human accounts run by troll factories.” All we know about this category in Hamilton 68’s methodology is that researchers periodically have to “replace accounts that are suspended,” meaning that the dashboard possibly doesn’t monitor a full 600 Twitter accounts at all times, if the deleted bots on the list aren’t replaced automatically. According to Weisburd, Watts, and Berger, bots are a “key tool for moving misinformation and disinformation from primarily Russian-influenced circles into the general social media population,” citing fake reports about a second military coup in Turkey and a gunman at JFK airport.
These incidents stand out, however, because they’re so rare and extreme, and Hamilton 68’s focus on bots risks overlooking the typically futile background noise these accounts produce online. Because the accounts aren’t identified, moreover, there’s no way of knowing if the bots reflected in the dashboard weren’t temporarily hired to promote pro-Russian content before some other client — a shoe company or a vitamin manufacturer, for instance — ordered the latest campaign. This may be a wild, silly hypothetical, but we don’t know any better, with the raw data hidden from us.
“Accounts run by people who amplify pro-Russian themes after being influenced by Russian propaganda efforts.” This is far and away the trickiest, most problematic aspect of The Alliance for Securing Democracy’s new project, and it’s also presumably where researchers wanted most to avoid “debate” about their selection criteria. How do you identify “pro-Russian amplifiers” if Russian propaganda’s themes dovetail with alternative American political views? One of the problems with PropOrNot, in Adrian Chen’s words, was that it unfairly targeted media outlets that “exhibited a pattern of beliefs outside the political mainstream.”
Hamilton 68 tries to dodge this issue by concealing the people it says are “pro-Russian amplifiers.”
J.M. Berger says the project’s selection process has a “98-percent confidence rate,” but that’s an easy claim to defend, when you won’t tell anyone who's on the list.
Kevin Rothrock

          Debbie Wasserman Schultz: just WTF ... by gimleteye        
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in recent years, has been a controversial figure within the Democratic Party and, formerly, a key ally of Hillary Clinton. Still, the congresswoman retains a loyal following in her Broward County district.

Now a bizarre story emerges of an untrustworthy staffer who is alleged to have committed financial crime and computer fraud. Imran Awan was employed by Wasserman Schultz although she had knowledge that he was potentially a threat to national security.

The Miami Herald and National Review reported that a Pakistani national, on Wasserman Schultz' payroll until last week, was arrested for a financial crime. Awan also had computer access to classified information in the House Intelligence Committee.

... take this to the bank: The case of Imran Awan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s mysterious Pakistani IT guy, is not about bank fraud. Yet bank fraud was the stated charge on which Awan was arrested at Dulles Airport this week, just as he was trying to flee the United States for Pakistan, via Qatar. ... As you let all that sink in, consider this: Awan and his family cabal of fraudsters had access for years to the e-mails and other electronic files of members of the House’s Intelligence and Foreign Affairs Committees. It turns out they were accessing members’ computers without their knowledge, transferring files to remote servers, and stealing computer equipment — including hard drives that Awan & Co. smashed to bits of bytes before making tracks.

The question, of course, is what else did Awan steal.

This is a big deal because Wasserman Schultz was head of the Democratic National Committee at a time when crippling security breaches were known to have occurred. These breaches, alleged to have been Russian incursions into unsecured computer servers and social media databases, may have cost Hillary Clinton the presidency.

If 2016 told American voters anything, it is that incompetence in computer security is a cardinal political offense. So what the hell is Wasserman Schultz doing, continuing to employ a computer hacker and fraudster in her own office, with access to national security information and, possibly, computer files of other government and political officials?

One has to hope that the FBI was tracking Mr. Awan's online movements, and that Wasserman Schultz was not covering for Awan -- she has publicly stated her concern for racial profiling in this case -- but instead was allowing a robust investigation to proceed.

In the meantime, while Republicans wipe their brow that for a brief minute attention swerves from President Trump, it is still the case that leading Democrats should question how much goodwill is left in the Broward congresswoman's account. And for God's sakes, lock down the computers and servers!

          Social Media — What is it Good For?        
Social Bookmarking and Social Voting

I took a three month break from blogging and social media sites so that I could focus 100% on a critical project at work. Strangely enough I didn't miss the flow of information; I was still able to find interesting links for coffee break time by browing Hackers News. Here's a break down of my experience from leaving for so long and rejoining it.

          Giant unrollable fabric keyboard rug        

Electronics hacker Maurin Donneaud created this huge, unrollable keyboard carpet for his living room, punching hundreds of holes under each letter to guarantee that the conductive switches would pick up his fuzzily socked feet. Concepts that are better in theory …





每个用户的打分都是独立事件。 用户只有两个选择,要么投喜欢’1’,要么投不喜欢’0’。 如果总人数为n,其中喜欢的为k,那么喜欢的比例p就等于k/n。

这是一种统计分布,叫做”二项分布”(binomial distribution)






二项分布的置信区间有多种计算公式,最常见的是”正态区间”(Normal approximation interval)。但是,它只适用于样本较多的情况(np > 5 且 n(1 p) > 5),对于小样本,它的准确性很差。




第二步,计算每个”好评率”的置信区间(参考z Test或者t Test,以95%的概率来处理)。









上文讲到的,次数+好评率的分布,次数越多好评率越可靠,好评率越高该项越值得推荐 时间因素,如果一个项目是10天前推送的,一个项目是昨天推送的,很明显前者的次数远大于后者 影响权重,你这边只考虑了喜欢和不喜欢,其实所有的排序不可能只以1个维度考虑,通常会考虑多个维度,比如浏览次数,搜索次数等,你需要考虑每个的重要性或者说权重大小













相关性:看因变量与自变量之间的相关系数,如:cor函数 importance:看删除或者修改自变量,对应变量的判断影响大小,如:randomForest的重要性 离散程度:看自变量的数据分布是否足够分散,是否具有判断依据,如:变异系数或者pca等等。


转载请注明来自36大数据(36dsj.com):36大数据 基于统计思想下的推荐系统

          The Right Way To Jailbreak Your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS Or iPod (ipod touch firmware 3.1.3 download) Touch - Apple IOS ... - Sportz News        

Click Here - For Jailbreak VideoSlashGear and other Apple watchers warned that Apple looks to be making life more difficult in general for those who want to jailbreak, or mess around with the insides of their iPhones and other mobile Apple devices: "[T]he road ahead for iOS jailbreakers looks to be trickier than ever. iOS 4.3.4 reportedly also closed off [two] other loopholes hackers had been using for untethered solutions – an integer overflow-related bug and an incomplete code signing issue. Meanwhile, iOS 5 will reportedly block firmware downgrades'using a new signing system."

Apple Closes Loophole

The message from the iPhone Dev Team is that most users should stay on iOS 4.3.3 and not update at all; there's no new functionality to be had, only the security fix (which can be achieved with a third-party app called PDF Patcher 2, available from the Cydia unofficial app store). Meanwhile this new jailbreak won't work on the iPad 2, and is being billed as primarily for the benefit of kernel hackers who want to work on the very latest firmware version.

iPhone Dev Team

While Apple's update may take untethered jailbreaking off the table, it doesn't necessarily mean cable-bound hacking will be the only option for iOS devices in the future. The iPhone Dev Team, as well as a long list of other coders, are a clever group and could come up with yet another untethered jailbreak option.

Right Way

The easiest way as of writing to make sure your iPhone or iPod (ipod touch firmware 3.1.3 download) Touch is jailbreakable with JailbreakMe v3 is to upgrade to the latest version of iOS available for your iPhone or iPod (ipod touch firmware 3.1.3 download) Touch. Just plug your device into iTunes, click on it under Devices in the sidebar, then click 'Check For Update' on the Summary tab. If your device isn't up to date, you'll be prompted to install the latest update. Do so… and prepare for jailbreak!
Click Here - For Jailbreak Video

ipod touch firmware – Google News

          Jailbreak And Unlock iPhone 4/3Gs 4.3.5 Using The New FastSn0w, Apple's iOS ... - Sportz News        

Click Here - For Jailbreak Video
Apple has just released the new iOS 4.3.5 and customers of the iPhone, iPad and iPod (ipod touch firmware 3.1.3 download) Touch will be happy to know it will fix the security vulnerability with certificate validation, jailbreakers will also be pleased that RedSn0w will jailbreak it, but if you like your jailbreaking do no download iOS 4.3.5.

Lion Feature Support

Jeff is the Mac Observer's Managing Editor, and co-host of the Apple Context Machine podcast. He is the author of "The Designer's Guide to Mac OS X" from Peachpit Press, and writes for several design-related publications. Jeff has presented at events such as Macworld Expo, the RSA Conference, and the Mac Computer Expo. In all his spare time, he also co-hosts the We Have Communicators podcast, and makes guest appearances on several other podcasts, too. Jeff dreams in HD.

iOS 4.3.5 Security Update

which is meant to patch a security vulnerability which could have left your phone open to an attack. If you're not using a jailbroken device you should probably connect your iPhone, iPod (ipod touch firmware 3.1.3 download) touch or iPad to iTunes and install iOS 4.3.5 to tighten security. For Verizon iPhone users, the software update will bring iOS 4.2.10.

iPad 2 Jailbreak

While Apple can claim the recent update was to "protect" users, in reality it will only add additional safety to the most careless of users. After all, a program called "PDF Patcher 2″ was widely available via the Cydia app store and other sources. The PDF Patcher 2 does pretty much the exact same thing as iOS 4.3.4, but does so after the user has jailbroken.

iOS 4.3.4 Jailbreak released

The message from the iPhone Dev Team is that most users should stay on iOS 4.3.3 and not update at all; there's no new functionality to be had, only the security fix (which can be achieved with a third-party app called PDF Patcher 2, available from the Cydia unofficial app store). Meanwhile this new jailbreak won't work on the iPad 2, and is being billed as primarily for the benefit of kernel hackers who want to work on the very latest firmware version.
Click Here - For Jailbreak Video

ipod touch firmware – Google News

          Apple Laptop Batteries Can Be Hacked, Infected With Malware - SecurityNewsDaily        

Jul 25, 2011 | 12:15 PM ET | By Paul Wagenseil, SecurityNewsDaily Managing Editor

apple macbook pro

Apple laptop batteries can be hacked to infect the laptop with malware, or possibly even rigged to explode, a well-known security researcher has found.

All modern laptop batteries have logic chips inside them that communicate with the computer they’re powering. That’s how you’re able to see how much charge is remaining. The chips also carry out regulatory tasks, such as shutting down the charging process when a battery’s at risk of overcharging.

But any logic chip has operating software — “firmware” — and that software can usually be remotely updated.

Charlie Miller, who’s famous for winning the annual Pwn2Own contest four times with his Mac OS X and iOS exploits, discovered that Apple puts the same password on all its laptop batteries in order to efficiently send out battery firmware updates.

Unfortunately, a skilled malicious hacker armed with the password could alter the firmware, Miller says. Altered firmware could be used to store malware or tweaked to damage the computer.

“These batteries just aren’t designed with the idea that people will mess with them,” Miller told Forbes tech blogger Andy Greenberg. “What I’m showing is that it’s possible to use them to do something really bad.”

Miller will be presenting his finding at next week’s Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. He has already notified Apple of the vulnerability, and is not revealing the password.

Digging into source code

Miller, who formerly was with the National Security Agency and currently works for Denver security firm Accuvant Labs, was intrigued by a 2009 firmware update that Apple had sent out to fix a problem with MacBook batteries.

He analyzed the code for the update, found an administrative password and then noticed it applied to all models of Apple battery. This isn’t unusual — the iPhone, iPad and iPod (ipod touch firmware 3.1.3 download) Touch also share a default, and easily Googled, administrative password.

Miller reverse-engineered the Apple battery firmware (“bricking,” or permanently damaging, seven of the $ 130 batteries in the process) and discovered how to alter it to send false readings to the laptop user, to damage the battery or even to serve as a hidden repository for malware.

“You could put a whole hard drive in, reinstall the software, flash the BIOS and every time it would re-attack and screw you over,” Miller told Greenberg. “There would be no way to eradicate or detect it other than removing the battery.”

The greater problem

Could the firmware be rigged to make the battery explode? Miller found that the Apple batteries had built-in fuses to prevent serious overheating, but there’s no guarantee counterfeit batteries would have such safeguards.

Miller has written a patch — he’s calling it “Caulkgun” — for the Apple battery vulnerability and will release it at Black Hat.

The downside is that Caulkgun will prevent future firmware updates. Nor will it do anything to solve the greater problem, because this vulnerability is not confined to Apple laptop batteries.

Most computer accessories and parts — hard drives, optical drives, graphics cards and network cards, for example — use firmware-upgradable logic chips. Most have enough memory space to house a small piece of malware.

It’s likely that most items in each category from a particular brand use the same administrative password.

For malicious hackers, it’s just a matter of finding out what those passwords are.

best mobile security software


ipod touch firmware – Google News

          Feminist Maker Spaces        
A post I wrote for the Taccle3 project output on STEM attitudes and encouraging girls and young women to engage in STEM… I recently came across the article The Rise of Feminist Hacker Spaces and How to Make Your Own which describes the history and creation of Double Union hacker space in San Fransisco.  A hacker […]
          Ð¥Ð°ÐºÐµÑ€Ñ‹: Герои компьютерной революции. Стивен Леви.        

Автор: Стивен Леви
Название: Хакеры: Герои компьютерной революции
Язык: Русский
Размер: 3 МБ

Среди хакеров сложились определенные стандарты и взгляды на взаимоотношения с коллегами. Так, например, не считалось неэтичным внести изменения в программу, написанную товарищем, чтобы приблизить ее к совершенству (в собственном понимании), либо поучиться у более талантливого коллеги. Никто не воровал программ с целью их продажи, никто не настаивал на соблюдении авторского права и не стремился утаить свою продукцию. Эти правила поведения воплотились в своеобразный этический кодекс хакера, тоже приписываемый студентам Калифорнийского технологического института. Кодекс был изложен Стивеном Леви в книге “Хакеры”, изданной в 1984 году: Компьютеры - инструмент для масс.

Скачать с Depositfiles
Скачать с LetItBit


          Thoughts for ArtServe Interview        
Computer interface in a shoe box.

Today I had an interview with Jennifer Baum, a writer for ArtServe Michigan. They're doing an article on the Kalamazoo Makers Guild meetup group. In preparation for our discussion Jennifer was kind enough to supply me with some topics we might discuss and I jotted down some notes while I thought about what I would say. Here are those notes and roughly what I said.
About Kalamazoo Makers Guild...

The Kalamazoo Maker's Guild is a group of people interested in DIY technology, science and design. We more or less pattern ourselves after the Homebrew Computer Club that founded Silicon Valley. Like them, our members tend to have some background in a related profession, but that's by no means a prerequisite. This group is about the things we do for fun, because they interest us, and anybody can be interested in making stuff. We meet every couple of months, report on the status of our various projects and sometimes listen to a presentation or hold an ad hoc roundtable on a topic that catches our interest. "Probably the most useful aspect of the group is that you start to feel accountable to the other members of the group and you're motivated to make progress on your project before the next meeting."

How did it get started...

When I gave up my web design business I ended the professional graphic design association I'd formed on Meetup.com, and then I had room on the service to start another group. MAKE magazine had really caught my attention. I did a few projects from the magazine and thought it would be fun and helpful to know other people who were working on the same kinds of things. The group didn't get going, though, until about 8 months ago when Al Hollaway from the       posted to an online forum about RepRap 3D printers at the same time I was building one. He wanted to meet and talk about RepRap. I told him about my Meetup group. We joined forces and here we are.


Meetup.com is a great web site because it's a web service that's all about meeting people nearby in person to share a common interest.

About membership and kinds of projects ...

The group is growing steadily now. We have twenty something members and we're seeing membership tick up at an increasing rate month to month. We have a high school student who is working designing assistive devices for the blind using sonic rangefinders, one member who last meeting showed off a prototype of computer interface built into a shoe box, and another member is on the verge of completing a working DIY Segway (the self-balancing scooter) made using a pair of battery-powered drills for motors. Al should be done with his RepRap 3D printer and I've just finished my 2nd. At least two other members are in some stage of building their own 3D printers. I'm building both a laser etcher and a 3D scanner right now, and I'm excited to start playing with the products of a couple Kickstarter projects I've backed. There are a few of us about to start building CNC milling machines, and there's been a lot of excitement in the group around the brand new, hard-to-get Raspberry Pi (a $25 computer.) Almost all the members so far have dabbled in a bit of Arduino hacking. One member is designing a flame thrower for Burning Man. Another is making a calibration device for voltage meters. So, there's a range of things going on.

Where do I see this headed....

Our approach to this group has been to learn from the mistakes other groups have made. All of the other groups I've seen in Kalamazoo start out with facilities and try to bring in members to support and justify it. Getting people to work on actual projects that interest them is something that comes later down the road. It's the, "if you build it they will come" approach. Those groups quickly get into trouble managing the building and funding, and they go away. We're coming at it from the opposite direction. We're gathering together a community of makers first, people who are already doing things on their own. Once we reach a tipping point then we'll worry about the next step, like getting a hackerspace put together. That kind of bottom-up approach is, I think, much more sustainable and durable, and it fits in with our modern culture (particularly in the maker subculture.)  It was good enough for Homebrew, so it's good enough for us.

About impact...

Silicon Valley came out of a group like this, so the potential is there for us to have a big impact on the community. Being a college town we have access to a lot of smart people, and Kalamazoo has a strong progressive, energetic, entrepreneurial vibe going on. I think what's more likely, though, is that we will have an impact in aggregate with all the other makers--groups and individuals--around the globe.

"Makers aren't just hacking new technologies, we're hacking a new economy. We're trying to figure out how to live in a world without scarcity."

The unsung official slogan of the RepRap project is, "wealth without money."

I don't know that another story like Apple is likely to happen again. Steve Jobs relied on a very traditional, very closed model for his business, as did most of the people of that era who went on to make a name for themselves in technology. The ethos of that time was centered around coming up with a big idea and capitalizing on that idea to the exclusion of the competition. It's interesting that even then this view was at odds with that of his partner, Steve Wozniak, who was content to build computers in his garage and share what he learned with his friends at Homebrew. In this way Wozniak was much more like the modern maker/hacker and is probably one of this hobby's forefathers.

Makers/hackers today are all about open-ness and sharing -- not in a hippy, touchy-feely kind of way, but in a calculated way that weighs the costs and benefits of being open verses closed. The success of Linux and the ever increasing number of open source software, and now hardware, projects has proven that there's enormous power in being open. "We tend to think that's the way to change the world."

About the Maker Movement....

I know there are a lot of people who are keen to talk about the "maker movement" but I'm not so sure that I would characterize it as a movement. If it is, then it started in the 60's with people like my dad who were HAM radio enthusiasts and tinkered around with making their own radios and antennas. I think that what we're observing and calling a movement is really an artifact of reaching the steep part of Moore's Law. Ray Kurzweil is famous for talking about this phenomenon. The pace of advances in technology is itself accelerating, it's exponential, and moving so fast now that if you're not paying close attention things seem to pop out of nowhere. For makers, technology has reached a point where Moore's Law has forced down prices and increased the availability of things that just a few years ago were far out of reach. We're just taking those things and running with it. In effect, we're just the people paying close attention.

About me...

I started college in the engineering program at WMU, but I couldn't hack it and dropped out. I went back to community college and got a degree in graphic design. In my professional life I've been paid to be a web designer, photographer, videographer, IT manager, technical document writer, photo lab manager, artist, and I've even been paid to be a poet. For fun I do all those things and also play guitar, peck at a piano, and watch physics and math lectures from the MIT OpenCourseWare web site, do exercises on Khan Academy, play board games and roleplaying games, and commit acts of crafting -- woodworking and model making. For work, I now teach at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. I've taught web design, digital illustration and this fall I'll be teaching classes in 3D modeling and 3D printing with the RepRap 3D printer I have on loan there. I live near downtown Kalamazoo with my wife and many pets, including a 23 year old African Grey parrot named KoKo.

Post interview notes...

I mentioned SoliDoodle, the fully assembled, $500 3D printer. The big hackerspace in Detroit is called i3detroit. Also, Chicago has Pumping Station: One. I'm on the forums for both and will be visiting each this summer. The presentation about 3D scanning we had was from Mike Spray of Laser Abilities. You can actually see the entire presentation on my YouTube channel. Thingiverse was the web site that I kept going on about where you can find 3D designs for printing.

          Ø¨Ø±Ù†Ø§Ù…ج هكر واي فاي Wifi Hacker لفتح أي شبكة واي فاي        
برنامج اختراق الواي فاي Wifi Hacker قد تحتاج في بعض الاحيان لأن تقوم بالتوصيل بشبكة الانترنت لكنك لا تمتلك كلمات سر الشبكات الأخرى، برنامج هكر واي فاي الأمر قد يبدو مقلقاً عند احتياجك الشديد للتوصيل...

اضغط علي الرابط لقراءة الموضوع كاملا
          The GSM encryption “hack,” & how it affects you        
The Wall Street Journal reports that German "hacker" Karsten Nohl demonstrated how it was possible to break the security of GSM cell phones, and to monitor conversations and text messages as they take place. However, before anyone starts fearing for their privacy, let us assess the real risk posed by this so-called breakthrough.
          40 of the most useful websites for 2013        
1. Stolen Camera Finder - Use Photo EXIF Data to Find Your Stolen Camera Via stolencamerafinder.com2. Type Like a TV HackerVia hackertyper.com3. The World Data Counter - Ever Wonder Exactly How Big the Internet Is? Or How Much Data is being Transferred at any Time? This Website Will Help You.Via mapr.comThe World Data Counter.4. MSOutlookit - A Fake Web Browser for Work (In Case Your Boss Walks In)Via msoutlookit.com5. Sleepyti.me - The Bedtime...

          scott steiner        
















          How to Use Truecrypt | Truecrypt Tutorial [Screenshots] | Kali Linux, BackTrack, BackBox, Windows        
Written by Pranshu Bajpai |  | LinkedIn

Data protection is crucial. The importance of privacy--specially concerning sensitive documents--cannot be overstated, and if you’re here, you have already taken the first step towards securing it.

Truecrypt is one of the best encryption tools out there. It’s free and available for Windows and Linux. It comes pre-installed in Kali Linux and Backtrack. I first came across the tool when I was reading ‘Kingpin’ (The infamous hacker Max Butler was using it to encrypt data that could be used as evidence against him).

Here is how you can set up Truecrypt for use in Kali Linux (similar procedures will work in other Linux distros and Windows).

Goto Applications -> Accessories -> Truecrypt

Truecrypt main window opens up. As this is the first time we are using Truecrypt we need to set up a volume for our use.

Click ‘Create Volume’ and the Truecrypt volume creation wizard opens up:

Click on ‘create an encrypted file container’

This container will contain your encrypted files. The files can be of any type, as long as they lie in this container, they will be encrypted after ‘dismounting the volume’.

Now the next screen asks if you want to create a Standard or Hidden Volume. In case of hidden volume, no one would really know that it is there so they can’t ‘force’ you to provide its password.

For now we will just create a ‘Standard’ volume.

On the next screen you will asked for the ‘location’ of this volume. This can be any drive on your computer. This is where your container will lie. The container can be seen at this location but it won’t have any ‘extension’ and will have the name that you provide it during this set up.

Choose any ‘location’ on your computer for the container and carry on to the next step.

A password is now required for this volume. This is the ‘password’ which will be used to decrypt the volume while ‘mounting’ it. Needless to say, it should be strong as a weak password defeats the whole purpose of security/encryption.

Next click on ‘Format’ and the volume creation would begin. You will be shown a progress bar and it will take some time depending on how big your volume size is.

Once your ‘Formatting’ is completed. Your volume is ready to be used. You can place files in there (drag and drop works). Once done ‘Dismount’ this volume and exit Truecrypt.

When you want to access the encrypted files in the container, fire up Truecrypt and click on any ‘Slots’ on the main window.

Now goto ‘Mount’ and point to the location of the container which you selected during setting up the volume.

It will then prompt you for the password.

If you provide the correct password, you’ll see that the volume is mounted on the ‘Slot’ that you selected, if you double-click that ‘Slot’ a new explorer window would open where you can see your decrypted files and work with them. And you can add more files to the container if you want.

After you’re done, ‘Dismount’ the volume and exit Truecrypt.

          FOCA Metadata Analysis Tool        
Written by Pranshu Bajpai |  | LinkedIn

Foca is an easy-to-use GUI Tool for Windows that automates the process of searching a website to grab documents and extract information. Foca also helps in structuring and storing the Metadata revealed. Here we explore the importance of Foca for Penetration Testers

Figure 1: Foca ‘New Project’ Window

Penetration Testers are well-versed in utilizing every bit of Information for constructing sophisticated attacks in later phases.  This information is collected in the ‘Reconnaissance’ or ‘Information gathering’ phase of the Penetration Test. A variety of tools help Penetration Testers in this phase. One such Tool is Foca.
Documents are commonly found on websites, created by internal users for a variety of purposes. Releasing such Public Documents is a common practice and no one thinks twice before doing so. However, these public documents contain important information like the ‘creator’ of the document, the ‘date’ it was written on, the ‘software’ used for creating the document etc.  To a Black Hat Hacker who is looking for compromising systems, such information may provide crucial information about the internal users and software deployed within the organization.

What is this ‘Metadata’ and Why would we be interested in it?
The one line definition of Metadata would be “A set of data that describes and gives information about other data”. So when a Document is created, its Metadata would be the name of the ‘User’ who created it, ‘Time’ when it was created, ‘Time’ it was last modified, the ‘folder path’ and so on. As Penetration Testers we are interested in metadata because we like to collect all possible information before proceeding with the attack. Abraham Lincoln said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. Metadata analysis is part of the Penetration Tester’s act of ‘sharpening the axe’. This Information would reveal the internal users, their emails, their software and much more.

Gathering Metadata
As Shown in Figure 1, Foca organizes various Projects, each relating to a particular domain. So if you’re frequently analyzing Metadata from several domains as a Pen Tester, it can be stored in an orderly fashion. Foca lets you crawl ‘Google’, ‘Bing’ and ‘Exalead’ looking for publicly listed documents (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Foca searching for documents online as well as detecting insecure methods
 You can discover the following type of documents:

Once the documents are listed, you have to explicitly ‘Download All’ (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Downloading Documents to a Local Drive
 Once you have the Documents in your local drive, you can ‘Extract All Metadata’ (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Extracting All Metadata from the downloaded documents
This Metadata will be stored under appropriate tabs in Foca. For Example, ‘Documents’ tab would hold the list of all the documents collected, further classified into ‘Doc’, ‘Docx’, ‘Pdf’ etc. After ‘Extracting Metadata’, you can see ‘numbers’ next to ‘Users’, ‘Folders’, ‘Software’, ‘Emails’ and ‘Passwords’ (Figure 5). These ‘Numbers’ depend on how much Metadata the documents have revealed. If the documents were a part of a database then you would important information about the database like ‘name of the database’, ‘the tables contained in it’, the ‘columns in the tables’ etc.

Figure 5: Foca showing the ‘numbers’ related to Metadata collected

Figure 6: Metadata reveals Software being used internally
Such Information can be employed during attacks. For Example, ‘Users’ can be profiled and corresponding names can be tried as ‘Usernames’ for login panels. Another Example would be that of finding out the exact software version being used internally and then trying to exploit a weakness in that software version, either over the network or by social engineering (Figure 6).
At the same time it employs ‘Fuzzing’ techniques to look for ‘Insecure Methods’ (Figure 2)
Clearly Information that should stay within the organization is leaving the organization without the administrators’ knowledge. This may prove to be a critical security flaw. It’s just a matter of ‘who’ understands the importance of this information and ‘how’ to misuse it.
So Can Foca Tell Us Something About the Network?
Yes and this is one of the best features in Foca. Based on the Metadata in the documents, Foca attempts to map the Network for you. This can be a huge bonus for Pen Testers. Understanding the Network is crucial, especially in Black Box Penetration Tests.

Figure 7: Network Mapping using Foca
As seen in Figure, a lot of Network information may be revealed by Foca. A skilled attacker can leverage this information to his advantage and cause a variety of security problems. For example ‘DNS Snoop’ in Foca can be used to determine what websites the internal users are visiting and at what time.
So is Foca Perfect for Metadata Analysis?
There are other Metadata Analyzers out there like Metagoofil, Cewl and Libextractor. However, Foca seems to stand out. It is mainly because it has a very easy to use interface and the nice way in which it organizes Information. Pen Testers work every day on a variety of command line tools and while they enjoy the smoothness of working in ‘shell’, their appreciation is not lost for a stable GUI tool that automates things for them. Foca does the same.
However, Foca has not been released for ‘Linux’ and works under ‘Windows only’, which may be a drawback for Penetration Testers because many of us prefer working on Linux. The creators of Foca joked about this issue in DEFCON 18“Foca does not support Linux whose symbol is a Penguin. Foca (Seal) eats Penguins”.

Protection Against Such Inadvertent Information Compromise
Clearly, public release of documents on websites is essential. The solution to the problem lies in making sure that such documents do not cough up critical information about systems, softwares and users. Such documents should be internally analyzed before release over the web. Foca can be used to import and analyze local documents as well. It is wise to first locally extract and remove Metadata contained in documents before releasing them over the web using a tool called ’OOMetaExtractor’. Also, a plugin called ‘IIS Metashield Protector’ can be installed in your server which cleans your document of all the Metadata before your server is going to serve it.


Like many security tools, Foca can be used for good or bad. It depends on who extracts the required information first, the administrator or the attacker. Ideally an administrator would not only locally analyze documents before release, but also take a step ahead to implement a Security Policy within the organization to make sure such Metadata content is minimized (or falsified). But it is surprising how the power of information contained in the Metadata has been belittled and ignored. A reason for this maybe that there are more direct threats to security that the administrators would like to focus their attention on, rather than small bits of Information in the Metadata. But it is to be remembered that if Hackers have the patience to go ‘Dumpster Diving’, they will surely go for Metadata Analysis and an administrator’s ignorance is the Hacker’s bliss.

On the Web

●                     http:// www.informatica64.com/– Foca Official Website

          Anki's new coding app uses Scratch Blocks to help anyone program their Cozmo robot        

Today Anki, a consumer robotics and artificial intelligence company, announced Cozmo Code Lab, a simple and intuitive visual programming language that allows Cozmo owners to easily program their robot. Code Lab for Cozmo is based on Scratch Blocks, making it the first toy built for kids with the platform. Anki previously released a Python SDK to allow programmers to control Cozmo; and now they’re opening that capability to kids using Scratch’s familiar grammar.

We introduced Scratch Blocks last year, as a collaboration between Google and the MIT Scratch Team to develop a new generation of graphical programming blocks. Scratch Blocks is part of a broader effort focused on software toolkits that enable developers to create consistent, high-quality programming experiences for kids everywhere. Coding is more than just a set of technical skills, it’s a valuable tool for everyone. We want to empower kids to imagine, invent and explore what’s possible with coding and technology so they learn skills they’ll need to approach problems in a fundamentally different way.

We caught up with Anki’s co-founder Hanns Tappeiner to learn more about Cozmo Code Lab, developing with Scratch Blocks, and why Anki is passionate about providing new tools for kids to learn about coding and programming for robotics.

Pavni: What was your first programming experience and how did that inspire you in the creation of Cozmo Code Lab?

Hanns: My first programming experience was when I was nine. I played a lot with Legos and always wanted to build a robot. In 1988, on my 9th birthday, my dad gave me a grey box. It was about the size of a shoe carton stuffed with (back then) cutting edge electronics. It converted signals from a PC’s Parallel Port to motor signals for Lego motors. Once attached to a computer, I was able to program the robot by writing code in Quick Basic, an old programming language. I built a loading crane “robot” that could load and unload toy cars from a little truck. That was just the start for me but I was hooked on the idea of robots and writing code. Today I’m excited to see the possibilities with Cozmo and what kids will program with Code Lab, as well as ensure they’ll learn skills similar to what I did with this first toy—not just coding, but also how to problem solve.

Hanns' first robot

You have a history of launching great tech-enabled toys. Why did you decide to open up Cozmo for programming by kids?

We feel that robotics is in a different phase than other industries. In some ways it’s more nascent. So we want to help anyone—regardless of age or expertise— to learn more about programming and robotics, and start contributing. We want to create a platform for robotics developers to create the future, just as the development tools for mobile devices like Android have done for app developers. That foundation does not yet exist for robotics. With Cozmo we are making a huge step into that direction.

Anki can do so many powerful things, like recognizing pets. How does coding enable kids to experience everyday items in new and powerful ways?

Cozmo is controlled by more than 1.6 million lines of code, but when combined with Scratch Blocks, programming Cozmo becomes as accessible and fun as playing a game. We believe that’s a key step in helping kids to get inspired to learn and create using Code Lab. Kids can learn programming skills, but many of them do it for fun. In app stores, Cozmo isn’t even listed under programming, it’s listed under games.

Cozmo and Cozmo Code Lab

Any interesting insights around the product design and development process for Cozmo?

We initially thought Cozmo would be most interesting for kids and young adults, like students, but adults in general also love Cozmo because of its unique entertainment experience. And with our Cozmo SDK, we’ve delivered a new and easy resource for people to tap into robotics and AI. This engagement has been great, and it’s led us to make adjustments along the way. We gave tech enthusiasts, makers, and hackers the Cozmo SDK, but they needed to know a little about Python. With the launch of Code Lab, we hope to empower everyone with tools to learn more robotics, coding, and problem solving.

What was the most surprising that  kids coded during user testing?

Kids create a ton of awesome projects after just a little bit of time with Code Lab. One play tester, a 9-year-old girl (the same age I was when I programmed by first robot), wrote a piece of code that programmed her robot to watch her room. She put Cozmo on her desk, and he watched the door. Every time her parents came into her room Cozmo would play a happy animation, but when her little brother walked in, Cozmo would play an angry animation. She had a bit of experience with Scratch, but not with robots. She had an idea, wrote this piece of code, and found a way to make it meaningful for her, in this case to keep her brother out of her room. It’s amazing to see.

What do you hope kids learn from Cozmo Code Lab?

I hope they get excited about writing code and the future of robotics. Kids using Cozmo are usually already excited about Cozmo, but now they can create great content for him. In the long run, they’ll be the next generation of engineers and creators so we hope they truly get excited about the possibilities.

Learn more about Scratch Blocks and what other developers are creating on the Scratch developer site.

          â€œBe Internet Awesome”: Helping kids make smart decisions online        

As a parent, I’m constantly talking with my two daughters about how they use the Internet. The way they use it to explore, create and learn inspires me to do my best work at Google, where I lead a team making products that help families and kids have positive experiences online. But for kids to really make the most of the web, we need more than just helpful products: We need to provide guidance as they learn to make their own smart decisions online.

This is one of the most significant issues that we all face as a new generation grows up with the Internet at their fingertips. It’s critical that the most influential people in our kids’ lives—parents and teachers, especially—help kids learn how to be smart, positive and kind online, just like we teach them to be offline. It's something we all need to reinforce together.

With school out and summer break giving kids more time to spend on the Internet, it’s a great time to introduce Be Internet Awesome: a new way to encourage digital safety and citizenship.

Developed in collaboration with online safety experts like the Family Online Safety Institute, the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and ConnectSafely, Be Internet Awesome focuses on five key lessons to help kids navigate the online world with confidence:

  • Be Internet Smart: Share with care
  • Be Internet Alert: Don’t fall for fake
  • Be Internet Strong: Secure your secrets
  • Be Internet Kind: It's cool to be kind
  • Be Internet Brave: When in doubt, talk it out

The program includes a range of specific resources for kids, educators and parents, so everyone has the tools they need to learn and participate in the conversation.

For kids

To help kids learn these lessons in a way that’s fun and immersive, we created an interactive, online game called Interland. It’s free and web-based so it’s easily accessible by everyone, and most importantly, it’s in a format kids already love. In this imaginary world of four lands, kids combat hackers, phishers, oversharers and bullies, practicing the skills they need to be good digital citizens.

For educators

We partnered with the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and educators across the country to create a classroom curriculum that brings the five principles of being Internet Awesome to life, at school. To practice being Internet Alert, for example, students can work together to identify whether websites and emails contain signs of a phishing attempt. The lesson plans, activities and worksheets align with the International Society for Technology in Education’s Standards for Students, which educators look toward to define skills for safe and positive action online.

“Building these skills in our students will require ongoing attention as new technologies pose challenges and opportunities for students both at home and at school,”  says Carolyn Sykora, Senior Director of Standards at ISTE. “Be Internet Awesome provides materials educators and parents can use to help students learn about online safety in a fun and engaging way.”

After reviewing the game and curriculum, ISTE has awarded Be Internet Awesome its Seal of Alignment for Readiness. Educators can find the curriculum on the Be Internet Awesome resource hub, or as part of a new online course in the Google for Education Training Center.

For parents and guardians

Without some guidance, having a meaningful conversation about digital safety and respect at home can be really hard. These are sensitive topics and parents may not know where to start. To help make starting the conversation easier, we teamed up with a group of YouTube creators, including John Green, the What’s Inside? Family and MinutePhysics, to launch the #BeInternetAwesome Challenge, a video series that makes talking about online safety fun and accessible. Families can reinforce important lessons at home by signing the Be Internet Awesome Pledge to stay smart, alert, strong, kind and brave online.

My team and I will continue Google’s work to make the Internet a safer, more positive place for kids, and this is an exciting new chapter in our ongoing efforts. Ready, set, Be Internet Awesome! g.co/BeInternetAwesome

          { with a little bit of imagination }        
I love checking out blogs - in fact I'd go as far to say I am addicted. There are some amazingly talented people out there in blog world.

I came across these before and after shoots yesterday using some basic Ikea furniture or items picked up at your local second hand store. What do you think?

How good is this? I love it. Found this on Southern Exposure

Then I came across a site called Ikea Hackers. I'm impressed with that they did this this cabinet.

You can find out how to do it over here

What's your next project?
          Noticia Tecnología        
[foto de la noticia]

BLOG El mundo Player
Esto es GTA Online
Rockstar ha confirmado y detallado el multijugador GTA Online. Se trata de un mundo persistente en el que podrán competir hasta 16 jugadores que en principio estará ligado a GTA V.
GTA V contado por Dan Houser | Nos deja mudos

[foto de la noticia]
BLOG Applícate

Creas 'memes'... 'o k ase'

María Sainz
Este verano triunfan los 'memes', ejemplificados por el 'Ola K Ase' o por las fotos de Julio Iglesias acompañadas de frases 'locas'.

EMPRESAS Las acciones suben un 4,75 %

Apple se dispara en bolsa después de que un inversor desvele su 'gran' participación

El famoso inversor Carl Icahn desveló en Twitter que tiene una "posición grande en Apple" y que la compañía está "infravalorada".

ENCUESTA Internet en el teléfono

España, entre los países de UE con más usuarios de móvil con tarifa de datos

El 57% de los usuarios de móvil tiene contrato de datos, un porcentaje que comparte con Eslovenia, Holanda y Luxemburgo.

TECNOLOGÍA Lleva por nombre 'Arirang'

Corea del Norte presenta su 'smartphone'

El líder norcoreano, Kim Jong-un, visita una fábrica de ensamblaje de los móviles, aunque existen dudas de que se fabriquen en el país.

TELEFONÍA MÓVIL Perdió 61 millones de euros en el primer trimestre

Blackberry estudia su venta

La empresa canadiense ha formado un comité especial que buscará opciones a fin de realzar el valor para la promoción de la BlackBerry 10.

EMPRESAS Guerra de Patentes

Apple consigue bloquear la entrada de ciertos productos de Samsung a EEUU

La implementación de la medida ha quedado postergada a la espera de una revisión del caso por parte de la administración Obama.

SEGURIDAD Controladas a distancia por ordenadores

Objetivo hacker: centrales energéticas

Carlos Betriu | Boston
Estas instalaciones están controladas a distancia mediante ordenadores conectados a redes con protocolos poco seguros.
POLÉMICA Demanda colectiva

Google admite que no se puede esperar total privacidad al usar Gmail

Reconoce en una documentación judicial que los usuarios de Gmail no deberían tener "expectativas razonables" de confidencialidad.

[foto de la noticia]
BLOG El Mundo Player

Pikmin 3, la vida son pequeños detalles

Jose A. Navas
La nueva creación de Miyamoto, un juego de estrategia en tiempo real, es el primer gran juego para Wii U y acaba con la 'sequía' en la consola.

[foto de la noticia]
DESCARGAS Décimo aniversario

TPB lanza su navegador propio para evitar bloqueos

Usa el cliente de la red privada Tor Vidalia y lo combina con la edición portátil de Firefox, el 'add-on' FoxyProxy y "algunas configuraciones personalizadas".

EMPRESAS Pagos desde el móvil

Un Nobel de Economía presidirá el consejo asesor de la compañía Kuapay

Esta nueva compañía de pago por móvil recientemente cerró un importante acuerdo con Telepizza.

[foto de la noticia]
BLOG Applícate

TU Me, el 'WhatsApp' de Telefónica, cierra un año después de su estreno

Jose A. Navas
La aplicación sólo logró un millón de descargas en 16 meses. WhatsApp, por ejemplo, tiene 300 millones de usuarios.

          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 06-05-2015 with 99 & Barry        

Floyd Pink- Armadillos Get Prettier At Closing Time - Floyd Pink And The Ok Chorale
Papa Mali- Spike Driver - Music Is Love
The Edgar Broughton Band- Theres No Vibrations But Wait 1999 Digital Remaster - Sing Brother Sing
Invisible System- Terror System feat Zion Train - Roots N Dub Vs Beats N Trances
- voicebreak -
Gang Of Four- Ether - Entertainment Remastered
Television- Marquee Moon - Marquee Moon
Faust- The Sad Skinhead 2006 Remastered Version - Balearic Prog
Herbie Hancock- Rain Dance - Sextant
- voicebreak -
The Residents- Rot Of Ages - Coochie Brake
Roberto Musci Giovanni Venosta Massimo Mariani- Blue - Losing The Orthodox Path
Dewey Redman Joshua Redman- African Venus - African Venus
Jack Dupon- Ulysse - Tte De Chien
Yugen- SerialIst Killer feat Dave Kerman Elaine Di Falco - Iridule
- voicebreak -
Wing- We Are The Champions feat Rappy McRapperson - Television Radio Heroes
VON ZAMLA- Cancion De BiMiMela - No Make Up
So Percussion- Music For Wood And Strings Section 3 - Bryce Dessner Music For Wood And Strings
Simon Thackers SvaraKanti- Rakshasa - Rough Guide To Psychedelic India
Moondog- Snakebite Rattle - The Viking Of 6th Ave A Collection
- voicebreak -
And The Native Hipsters- I Can Change My Mind - Original Copy
Kalinga- Rice Winnowing Song - Music From The Mountain Provinces
Dubblestandart Lee Scratch Perry Ari Up- Blackboard Jungle - Return From Planet Dub
Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud- Ilana - Isswat
Broken Reed Saxophone Quartet- A Message To You Rudy - A Reed Breaks In Dumbo
LEnsemble Ray- Voyage Et Valse Des Pierres From A Dos Delephant - Thtre De La Poudrire
- voicebreak -
Steve Reich- Different Trains I AmericaBefore The War - Reich Different Trains Electric Counterpoint
Aranis- Tolles Pferd - Made In Belgium II
Maurice Louca- Tasaddu Rupture - Benhayyi AlBaghbaghan Salute The Parrot
Pocket Orchestra- Maple - Tall Tale
Aksak Maboul- Milano Per Caso - Onze Danses Pour Combattre La Migraine
Bondage Fruit- Old Blind Cat - IV

playlist URL: http://www.afterfm.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/playlist.listing/showInstanceID/65/playlistDate/2015-06-05
          Announcing DrupalCamp Mumbai 2017        
2017-04-01 08:30 - 2017-04-02 18:00 Asia/Kolkata
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

April 1st and 2nd, 2017

Victor Menezes Convention Centre, IIT Bombay

We are excited to announce that the 6th annual DrupalCamp Mumbai will be held on Saturday, April 1st and Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 at VMCC, IIT Bombay.


#DCM2017 Features

  • Keynote by featured open source & community evangelist

  • Expert sessions on multiple tracks: The latest developments with Drupal 8. Expert sessions for developers, site builders, themers, devops admins, project managers, growth hackers and business owners

  • Drupal in a Day Training for Drupal beginners and students

  • Interactive Drupal 8 workshops on topics like--Transitioning to D8, Migrating to D8, Symfony, D8 site building, D8 admin and content management, D8 contribs, headless D8 and more.

  • CXO roundtable - where business leaders in the Drupal community can share knowledge and resolve issues with their peers.

  • Projects Showcases featuring some exciting projects in Drupal

  • Bird of Feathers sessions: these barcamp style, informal discussion groups are a great place to meet other members of the community with similar interests.

  • Networking sessions and after party

  • Day 2 Codesprints and Hackathon featuring Drupal 8 development and Drupal 7->8 module porting.

  • Community Meetup to discuss Drupal Mumbai initiatives, challenges, ideas and suggestions with community members and Plan 2017

DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015 was a resounding success with 650+ participants over 2 days. 40+ businesses were represented. Drupal trainings were a big draw. So were expert sessions. Mke Lamb keynoted the event. We had two unique panel discussions on open source in governance, and understanding open source communities in India. 

DrupalCamp Mumbai 2017 promises to be even bigger. Drupal 8 is maturing, Our focus will be everything around Drupal 8. Besides expert sessions, we are planning sessions interactive workshops around Drupal 8 for developers, designers, CXOs and project managers.

Who should attend? DCM is the biggest and most fun gathering of Drupalers in the country.

  • For businesses this will be a perfect platform to scout talent and raise their brand’s awareness. Networking opportunities will allow you to prospect alliances, and understand the rapidly growing Drupal landscape.

  • Developers, designers, site builders, project managers and hackers can network with the top companies, their peers and experts in Drupal today. You can sharpen your skills at workshops, solve problems and become an active contributor to Drupal.org at the codesprints.

  • For startups, consultants, and enthusiasts, there is no better networking and prospecting platform than DCM2017, be it for new projects or looking for technical advice from experts.

  • Wordpress, Joomla, PHP developers, students or anyone into open source and Drupal, will especially find DCM2017 an eye-opening experience. If you know someone who is interested, bring them along or ask them to attend!

  • For everyone it is a great way to become part of the most exciting, fastest growing and dynamic open source communities and become a contributing member.

  • Lets not forget all the fun and free giveaways to be had, and new friends to be made!

So what are you waiting for?


We are always looking for passionate volunteers. If you, or anyone you know would like to be part of Drupal Mumbai please ask them to sign up here - http://2017.drupalmumbai.org/contact/volunteer_registration

Engage with us and keep updated on DCM2017 and Drupal Mumbai events:

Drupal.org: https://groups.drupal.org/mumbai

Mailing List: http://eepurl.com/8ElBf

Meetup: https://meetup.com/Drupal-Mumbai-Meetup-Group

Twitter: @DrupalMumbai

Facebook: FB.com/DrupalMumbai

Google+: http://gplus.to/DrupalMumbai

For any more details, please write to info@drupalmumbai.org


DCM-Logo-New2017.png22.58 KB

          Spring 2017 tech reading        
Hello and a belated happy new year to you! Here's another big list of articles I thought was worth sharing. As always thanks to the authors who wrote these articles and to the people who shared them on Twitter/HackerNews/etc.

Distributed systems (and even plain systems)


SQL lateral view

Docker and containers

Science and math


Java streams and reactive systems

Java Lambdas

Just Java

General and/or fun

Until next time!

          Fall 2016 tech reading        
It's almost the end of the year, so here's another big list to go through while you wait at the airport on your way to your vacation.


Streaming JSON and JAX-RS streaming

Java Strings

Data - Small and Big

Channels and Actors



Misc Science/Tech

Misc - Fun, Tidbits

Happy holidays!

          Summer 2016 tech reading        

Hi there! Summer is here and almost gone. So here's a gigantic list of my favorite, recent articles, which I should've shared sooner.


Other languages

Reactive programming

Persistent data structures



Systems and other computer science-y stuff


Until next time! Ashwin.

          Late summer 2015 tech reading        
This should keep you busy for a few weekends.

(Once again, thanks to all the people who shared some of these originally on Twitter, Google+, HackerNews and other sources)

Java Bytecode Notes:
Java 8/Lambdas:
Tech Vids:
Some old notes on SQL Cubes and Rollups:
Until next time!
          Spring 2015 reading list        
    Here's a giant list of articles I read and liked (hat tip to people I follow on Twitter/Blogs. I'm just re-sharing this):

              New Admin Blog Azies De Cheaterz ™VIP Cyberz Team™        
    Blog Saya Tidak Jadi Di jual. :D

    Kali ini saya akan menambahkan admin baru lagi di blog saya, memang sebelumnya pernah saya posting ingin menjual saya karena saat itu saya sedang membutuhkan dana secepat-cepatnya.
    Tapi kali ini saya batalkan karena banyak yang bilang jangan di jual karena blog ini katanya sih sangat bermanfaat artikel yang setiap saya posting.[Itu Menurut Sekolompok Orang] jadi maaf saya hanya bisa mengatakan terima kasih sebesar-besarnya kepada kalian yang selalu mendukung saya dari belakang.
    Saya sangat senang dengan setiap komentar yang anda kasih di blog saya , baik itu mencela atau menghargai artikel blog ini , karena dengan hal itu bisa menjadikan saya suatu saat nanti menjadi bloggers yang lebih professional lagi. :D
    Saya juga berterima kasih pula dengan kerabat-kerabat dekat saya dan para member blog ini yang tidak pernah menyerah untuk memberi semangat kepada saya sehingga blog ini tetap maju sampai sekarang.
    Dan satu lagi saya sangat berharap kepada semua pengunjung blog ini agar selalu mengklik 1x pada setiap iklan yang muncul demi meningkatnya kinerja blog ini.[Tidak Memaksa Ya... XD]
    Oke langsung ke TKP aja yah... XD

    My Name : Azies De CheaterZ
    Jabatan : Admin Blog 1
    Tempat Tinggal : Meulaboh , Aceh Barat Indonesia
    Tempat Kelahiran : Jakarta Selatan 1995
    My Facebook : Click HERE

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    I have to hang my head and admit I was shocked to realize that it's almost been a full year since I last posted here. But in a way, I think that was a good thing, too. My career has been so up and down (mostly down) that I needed to step away and get my head clear about things. And I have.

    2016 is a new year. A fresh start. I have new things planned for later in the year, but first I feel like it's important to say goodbye to some old friends first. The final Dreg City book starring Evy Stone, The Night Before Dead, releases this month. My planned release date is February 15, but I may have to push it back a few days. No biggie. It's coming!

    So to celebrate that, here is the first three chapters from The Night Before Dead (Dreg City #6).




    If you'd have told me a week ago that I would be sitting across a conference table from an elf, about to listen to what he had to say, I'd have told you to go to hell. Might have even punched you in the mouth for good measure. Elves had been nothing except trouble in the brief period of time that they'd been a part of my life.
    An elf set me up to die. An elf tricked my boyfriend into making a bargain that traded his free will for my life. An elf tried to bring a demon across the Break and into our world, which would have been a complete and utter disaster. I don't trust elves. And vampires, of all similarly untrustworthy creatures, helped us stop that particular elf.
    Now our vampire allies have fled the ranks of the Watchtower—the initiative of humans, weres and vampires that try to protect the city from the darker races—leaving us at half-strength. Erratic half-vampires were rising in numbers, the Fey were plotting against us, and there was enough dissention among the thirteen Therian (shapeshifters) clans to keep everyone involved in the Watchtower on their toes.
    I used to think my life as a Dreg Hunter was complicated. That old life is a fucking fairy tale compared to life as I know it right now.
    The conference room was our War Room in the Watchtower—which isn't really a tower at all, it's more of a metaphor. We'd overtaken the skeleton of a defunct mall and revamped it to provide housing, training rooms, a cafeteria, showers, and a gymnasium. An obstacle course was under construction in one of the old department stores, and I couldn't wait to see that finished.
    At the moment, work was at a stand-still while we dealt with the elf on our shelf.
    Okay, so we he was sitting in a chair at one end of the conference table, surrounded by three guys with guns.
    Like guns can do much against a fucking elf. Tovin plucked a bullet from the sky.
    This particular elf was as calm as Tovin had been insane. Brevin, as he called himself, had been brought to us by one of my dearest friends in the world, Phineas el Chimal, an osprey-shifter who'd left us almost six weeks ago to seek out others of his kind. Brevin wasn't what anyone expected him to bring home as a souvenir of his travels.
    Phineas towered over Brevin, who was about the size of a middle-schooler, skinny as a rail, with white hair and pointed ears. His sharp eyes didn't seem to miss a thing, and he’d been exceptionally polite about being asked to spend the night in one of our jail cells. Apparently Phin had explained our last encounter with an elf, and Brevin didn't seem to mind the fact that we were terrified of him.
    Not that we'd ever say so out loud.
    "We have quite a lot to discuss," Astrid Dane said. The co-leader of the Watchtower, she stood at the far end of the conference table with Gina Kismet on her left. Astrid was a spotted jaguar shifter, and had been leading the Watchtower since its inception. Kismet was a human, a kick-ass fighter, and had only stepped into the role when the vampires left and Adrian Baylor (another human ally and co-leader) was killed.
    I didn't envy the pair their positions, and I certainly didn't want to be in charge. I was a soldier, not a captain. Point me at something and I'll fight it. Ask me to make a plan of attack, and we're probably going to be in trouble.
    "We certainly do," Brevin said. His voice was deeper than expected, considering his frail shape, and carried a kind of authority found in few creatures surrounded by their mortal enemies. "Thank you for hearing me out."
    "We trust Phineas's judgment," Kismet said.
    I held back a smile, impressed she hadn't sprained something admitting that.
    Okay, so most of we humans in the Watchtower still had trouble admitting we trusted the Therians. As Hunters, we'd been trained to distrust nonhumans on principle. Period. They were bad, we were good, end of story. Except our lives had too many shades of gray for that philosophy to stand, and now we were allies with the very creatures we once hunted.
    Weird, huh?
    I never expected a shifter to be my best friend and confidante, just like I never expected my lover to be half-Lupa. On my left, Wyatt Truman observed the scene without comment. Born completely human, Wyatt had been bitten and infected by a Lupa over a month ago. Lupa were wolf shifters and thought to be completely extinct, killed off by other Therians because their bites could infect a human and cause them to go insane from fever before dying a painful death. Wyatt nearly died from his bite, but in surviving, he was forever changed.
    Human, Lupa, or something in between, I still loved him with my whole heart—something I never thought possible until recently.
    "Brevin sought me out," Phineas said. "I believe we should give him the benefit of the doubt."
    "I know you do, that's why we're here," Astrid said. "Forgive me for being leery of his motivations."
    "I am not offended by your lack of trust," Brevin said. "Phineas explained what Tovin did, and I can assure you my intentions are more transparent than my kin."
    "And what are your intentions?"
    "Preventing Amalie from declaring all-out war on the world."
    I glanced at Wyatt, unsurprised by the statement. Wyatt only had eyes for Brevin. On my other side, Marcus Dane watched the production with barely contained impatience. Astrid's brother and a fierce fighter, Marcus held an unofficial second-in-command position to our pair of leaders. He was a brawler and a force to reckon with, skin or beast, and he looked like he'd rather go tear some throats out than sit around and listen to elf stories.
    Not that he was in any position to rip anyone's throat out. A few days ago he'd battled to the death with a Bengal tiger shifter named Vail, and he'd come out of it with some pretty serious gashes on his chest. The fight had left its scars on all of us though. One of my very best friends, Tybalt Monahan, had been killed during the ordeal, and we'd only buried him yesterday.
    I need a fucking vacation from my life.
    "We already know Amalie and the Fey are our enemies," Astrid said. "She's the one who manipulated a madman into raising Lupa pups and unleashing them on us."
    "I know." Brevin turned his head to meet Wyatt's gaze. "You are no longer yourself."
    Wyatt growled softly. He had a damned good reason for distrusting elves.
    "Can we stay on topic, please?" Kismet asked.
    "All of the Fey are not your enemies," Brevin said. "The Apothi have retreated from this fight, as have many of the Earth Guardians.” Gnomes and trolls, respectively, and both formerly loyal to Amalie and the Fey Council. “I am one of three elves still alive, and we oppose Amalie."
    That was news.
    Two more elves in the world made me all kinds of nervous.
    Brevin added, "Gargoyles are not Fey, but they oppose Amalie as well, despite leaving the city for the northern mountains."
    I beat back a pang of regret at the loss of several allies. Max had been a gargoyle informant I'd used to gather intel on various Dregs, back when I was still a Hunter. He'd left the city with his fellow gargoyles ages ago, because they didn't want to get involved. He'd also saved my life when I was held and tortured by a madman named Walter Thackery. I owed Max.
    A gnome named Horzt had saved Wyatt's life months ago with a healing crystal, and he'd given us a magic powder that had saved hundreds of infected vampires from a horrible death. I owed him too.
    And Smedge. A bridge troll friend. Part of the earth, he'd often come up in the sandy ground beneath a train bridge. And yes, he'd saved my life once. Wyatt's, too. I owed my continued existence to so many people. I didn't know how to even begin repaying my growing debt.
    "We know there are other creatures who oppose Amalie in theory," Astrid said, "but who among them is willing to stand with us openly?"
    Brevin shook his head. "Very few, I am afraid. That is why I come to you now."
    "You got an army up your sleeve?" I asked, breaking the promise I'd made to myself about joining in the conversation. I hated elves with a fiery rage, and Brevin was no different—not until he proved himself trustworthy. Even then I'd probably still hate him on principle.
    "In a manner of speaking, yes."
    A silent statue this entire time, Phineas shifted his weight from foot to foot. The were-osprey didn't fidget, so something was majorly up with him. He knew what Brevin was bringing to the table, and he didn't like it. I knew Phin well enough to see it in the blank expression that was working too hard to be remain neutral. It sharpened his already angular features into something fierce and feral.
    And scary.
    Brevin took a moment to look around the room at the people interrogating him. Astrid and Kismet, me and Wyatt, Marcus. Next to Marcus, Rufus St. James watched with the sharp care of a man used to being tricked. He sat perfectly still in his wheelchair, fingers steepled in front of his face, green eyes fixed on the elf.
    No one else knew Brevin was in the Watchtower.
    Sneaking him in and keeping him hidden from a mall full of Therian noses hadn't been easy, let me tell you.
    Astrid crossed her arms, her long black hair pulled back in a sharp bun that made her look battle-ready. "What kind of army?" she asked.
    "The kind that Amalie won't see coming," Brevin replied. "An army led by demons."
    The silence in the War room was deafening.
    Fuck me sideways.
    As much as the idea terrified me, I stood still and listed as Brevin explained.

    Chapter One

    The warm body blanketing me from above snuffled. The arm around my waist pulled taut, pressing me back into Wyatt's belly. He exhaled hard, breath ruffling the hair on my cheek. Everywhere our naked skin pressed together was hot, damp, and so incredibly perfect. Even after waking up like this for the last two weeks, I still marveled at how wonderful it felt.
    I never thought I'd find this kind of love and acceptance, or be so comfortable in bed with a man—especially not Wyatt.
    Almost five years ago, I’d joined a secret organization called the Triads. Teams of three Hunters, lead by a Handler, we hunted and fed justice to the darker races that dwelled in the city: half-Blood vampires, goblins, rule-breaking shifters, and various other things that go bump in the night. Seven months ago, I was murdered and brought back to life, and then everything went to hell in a hard cart.
    The Triads have since been destroyed, the tattered remains folded into what became the Watchtower. Wyatt had been my Handler for four years, and until my very brutal murder, my feelings for him had been pretty platonic. When I was resurrected into the recently-dead body of Chalice Frost, I found myself entertaining a whole host of attractions and feelings I'd never experienced before.
    Our road toward being lovers had been long and rocky, but I'd never been happier than with Wyatt Truman.
    Damn it. I dragged a pillow over my head and ignored the sound of Mark's voice outside of our bedroom door.
    "What is it?" Wyatt said, his voice one octave below a bellow.
    "John and Peter want to go to the gym. Is that all right?"
    He tensed. I didn't have to turn or ask to know why he was hesitating. The three boys were the last full-blooded Lupa in existence. Once there had been six, and ever since our discovery of the remaining brothers, Wyatt had become a surrogate father and pack leader to them. They'd also accepted me as his mate and as a quasi-mother figure.
    The sudden change from single Hunter to step-mother of three teenagers had been a mind-fuck, let me tell you.
    Everyone at the Watchtower knew who John, Peter and Mark were, and they knew the boys were under our protection. It still didn't stop old prejudices against Lupa from affecting the attitudes of the other Therians. Lupa had been all but eradicated because they refused to follow Assembly laws, and they infected humans for sport. While one of their dead brothers had been responsible for Wyatt's infection, neither of us blamed the three red-headed teens that had been thrust into our lives. They were desperate for love and acceptance, and I could relate to that.
    Everyone deserved the chance to have a family. Even one as fucked up as ours.
    "For an hour," Wyatt finally replied.
    I rolled to face Wyatt, unsurprised to see apprehension lining his forehead. I smoothed my hand through his thick black hair, then down his neck to rasp against the near-permanent stubble on his cheeks and chin. He leaned into the touch, eyelids dropping down over black eyes now permanently flecked with silver.
    He nuzzled my palm, his free hand tracing gentle circles on my lower back. I nudged my thigh against his groin, unsurprised to find a semi-hard on. Lupa were incredibly sexual creatures, often aroused even when nothing remotely sexy was going on. I was still getting used to it, and Wyatt constantly reminded me that just because he was sporting wood, he didn't expect  to have sex. It was a thing we were still working out, a push-pull battle between his ingrained desires and his unwillingness to accidentally hurt me.
    "Morning," he said.
    "Good morning, hot stuff."
    He rolled me under, settling between my thighs. The gentle weight of his belly pressed close to mine reminded me I was wanted and loved. So much of my past was violence and hatred. Having these moments with Wyatt was worth more than I could ever measure in words or gold. The hot length of him pressed against my core, and I lifted my knees, cradling him there. Arousal curled through me, driving away the last remnants of sleep and leaving me wanting.
    "How do you feel?" he asked.
    I couldn't lie to him. We'd gone at it for over an hour last night. "A little sore."
    The flash of regret was there and gone quickly. He started to pull away, but I locked my ankles behind his back.
    "Not that sore," I said.
    "You sure?"
    Wyatt snagged a condom from the box next to the bed. Because full-blooded Lupa bites were incredibly infectious to humans, we were careful about how we kissed and made love. And since there hadn't been a half-Lupa in centuries, no one knew if the same antigens in his blood would transfer through semen, and our on-staff doctor couldn’t be sure. Wyatt wouldn't take any chances with infecting me with the Lupa virus, so we used protection every time.
    I loosened my hold long enough for him to put on the condom, then pulled him inside of me. He swallowed my groan, mouth locking over mine in a searing kiss that made my toes curl and my insides ache for him. For everything we were and could ever be together. He moved in long, hard thrusts that made the bed creak and sent the frame slamming into the wall, and I didn't give a shit if our neighbors heard. We belonged to each other, and I would never be ashamed of that.
    In my old life, sex had been a way to blow off steam. I hadn't cared who, as long as I got off, and some days the rougher the better. And then I was kidnapped by goblins and raped to death, and sex became something scary. Something used to hurt me. Wyatt's patience and love had turned a horror into a beautiful thing, and I loved him more every single day for what he'd given back to me.
    Pleasure lashed through me, heating my blood, and I thrust up against him. Often times old fears prevented us from making love like this, with Wyatt engulfing me with his bulk, on my back. This morning I was enthralled by it. I took everything he gave me, demanding more. Sweat beaded his forehead and shoulders, and it slicked the skin between us.
    I grabbed his ass and urged him on, harder, faster, to end the kind of quickie we rarely indulged in because it never felt like enough. I wanted all of him, to lick and suck and stroke, not a simple wham-bam roll in the hay. But today was the day that our lives changed, and I wanted every moment I could get with my lover.
    He hiked my right leg higher, deepening his angle on each stroke. I raked my nails down his back, and he rewarded me by sucking on the hollow spot beneath my collarbone. I cried out something nonsensical. He worked a hand between us and rubbed circles over my clit, and everything went momentarily white. My entire body tightened, then relaxed, as pure pleasure washed over me. My thighs trembled from it, and I couldn't stop shaking. Not even when Wyatt plunged deeply twice more and groaned through his own orgasm. He held us together, our bodies joined by sweat and ecstasy, both of us breathing hard.
    He pressed his face into my shoulder and exhaled long, deep breaths. I stroked his back with gentle fingers, enjoying the fine tremors that ran down his spine. The lovely aftershocks of his release. I kissed his temple, reveling in the fleeting perfection of the moment.
    "I love you," I said.
    "Love you too." He kissed my cheeks, my nose, then my lips. "So much, Evy. I love you so much and for so long."
    He dumped the condom, and then pulled me back into his arms. We existed like that for a while, the real world held at bay for a bit longer.
    "Are you thinking about the meeting?" I asked.
    "Can't stop. You?"
    "Trying hard not to think about it."
    "Ignoring it won't make it go away this time."
    "It never does."
    I wasn't the "ignore a problem and hope it goes away" kind of girl. I'm the "kick it in the face or kill it to make it go away" kind of fighter, and I always have been. But kicking and killing wouldn't solve the problem staring us in the face, nor would it do much good at today's scheduled meeting. All I could do was wait and see what everyone else involved had to say.
    "What do you think the Assembly will decide?" I asked.
    "It's hard to guess at this point. They're still fighting over what Vale tried to do to the Dane family."
    Tried to do meaning a coup. Each of the thirteen shifter Clans had an Elder representative on the Assembly, which met and made decisions on behalf of all of the Clans. The Felia (aka the cat shifters) Pride had come under attack by some of their own, a family of Bengals led by a man named Vale, intent on overthrowing Elder Marcellus Dane and replacing him on the Assembly. The entire thing had backfired, the bad guy was dead, and Elder Dane had officially stepped down due to health reasons. An Assembly vote a few days ago placed Astrid and Marcus's cousin Riley into Marcellus’s position of Elder.
    Vale's accomplices had been punished by the Assembly, but rumor was a few of the Elders had actually sided with Vale. No one was admitting to it—that I knew about—so it was difficult to determine which Clans were still Watchtower allies.
    Of course, the issue went far beyond the Watchtower. If Amalie chose to go to war with the rest of the world, she wouldn't pick and choose her enemies. Every single human, Therian, vampire, and whoever else she hated at that moment would be targeted by her minions.
    I had no idea how fairies and sprites went to war, and I had no desire whatsoever to find out.
    "We should get up," I said. "The meeting is in three hours."
    Wyatt grumbled, but released me from his iron grip.
    We were in some of the newest housing in the Watchtower. Most of the single members lived in dormitory style housing built in an old store front. A larger store across the corridor had been turned into something more like multi-room apartments. We had one with two bedrooms that shared a living room type space, but without the traditional kitchen area. We did have a bathroom space to share with all five of us.
    Yeah, three teenage boys shared one room.
    I'd already declared I was never cleaning that room. Ever.
    I'm a warrior, not a maid.
    The boys were gone by the time we were showered, dressed, and deemed ourselves presentable to the rest of the our coworkers. Wyatt wore his familiar uniform of black jeans and a black t-shirt. With his black hair, scruff and olive skin, the picture was drool-worthy, and he was all mine. I stuck to jeans and a long-sleeve tee, with a corduroy jacket, now that the fall weather was inching into winter.
    The meeting would happen at ten a.m. in the War room, so we had time to hit the cafeteria. My stomach was tight and squirrely with nerves, and it didn't settle at the crowd already filling the spacious eating area. Even those who patrolled at night and slept during the day were up, the air full of anxiety and curiosity.
    I grabbed a plain bagel and bottle of water, while Wyatt piled his plate high with food of all kinds. His half-Lupa nature had practically doubled his metabolism, which meant he was hungry almost all of the time. I wasn't complaining about the way his arms and abs were cut to perfection, but the frequent eating made me jealous.
    Wyatt nudged my hip, then angled his head. I followed his general direction to a table near the back, farther away from the bulk of the crowd. Gina Kismet, Marcus Dane, and Milo Gant sat there alone, the three of them as serious as I'd ever seen them. Seeing Milo eating in the cafeteria made my heart kick in a happy way.
    Not quite two weeks ago, Milo had been nearly beaten to death by Vale in an attempt to make Marcus give up important security information. Milo had held on, never letting Vale break him, but he'd been left with serious injuries to his back and legs—swelling that had taken days to go down, bruises that still painted his skin, and pain that would be a long time fading. Tybalt and Milo had been brothers to me, and I couldn't have stood losing them both. I was barely handling Tybalt's death.
    The walker Milo used for long-distance hobbling stood nearby, and he looked up with a bright smile when he saw me and Wyatt heading in his direction. "Hey, guys."
    I plunked down across from him. "What's shaking, gimpy?"
    "Fuck you," Milo said with a grin.
    "Milo's progress has increased tremendously in the last few days," Marcus said. He tended to take my teasing a bit too seriously, but the big werecat was also seriously overprotective of Milo. I still wasn't sure if the pair was technically a couple, but they gave off serious "I want you" vibes when they were together.
    Things probably would have progressed a lot faster if Vale hadn't decided to make Milo a human punching bag. I bristled briefly at the memories of Milo's torture, then shoved them down deep where they wouldn't bother me today. No regrets, no past issues. Today was about taking back our future, no matter what.
    "I don't have to stay in the infirmary anymore," Milo said. "I can go back to the dorms tonight."
    Marcus's expression was difficult to decipher. Something between pleasure and a silent reassurance that he wouldn't be alone, no matter what dorm he went back to. I liked knowing Marcus was around to take care of Milo. They both needed someone.
    "That's fabulous news, pal." I reached over the table to ruffle his hair, because it would bother him. He stuck his tongue out, and I laughed.
    "Wish I could be at the meeting with you guys today," Milo added.
    "It's a pretty tight guest list."
    "And for good reason," Marcus added. "Many Elders will be present, as well as other leaders. Security will extra important given the nature of the meeting."
    "And they don't need a useless guard hanging around."
    "You are far from useless."
    "He's always good for a sarcastic comment," I said.
    Milo flipped me off.
    Wyatt ate in silence, as he often did around any of the Felia. Lupa and Felia were mortal enemies, ingrained in their DNA or something like that. From the moment he was infected and became aware of his surroundings again, Wyatt had snarled and snapped at Marcus specifically. To the other Felia to a lesser degree. Wyatt was learning to control himself, but he too frequently struggled to maintain his humanity.
    Some days I wondered if the Lupa blood in his system was going to take away what was left of the man.
    I hope not. I love him too much to let him go.
    "Gina says the obstacle course will be back on schedule soon," Milo said. "I can't wait to run it and kick your ass."
    I snickered. "Dream on, Gant."
    "Hey, I told you I'd kick your and Tybalt's asses." His smile faltered, fractured by grief. Tybalt had been Milo's best friend and part of his Triad for almost two years, and the wound was still fresh. He'd lost a brother, too.
    "We all miss him," Marcus said.
    Milo shrugged and picked at the remnants of his breakfast.
    One day we'd be able to talk about our lost friends without feeling such a thick, blanket of grief. I hoped.
    My phone chimed with a text. Ops. 911.
    Great. Emergency first thing in the morning. No one else at the table had gotten the message, but that didn't stop Wyatt from grabbing a handful of sausage links and following me.
    The entire mall was in the shape of a big, square-ish U. The cafeteria sat at one corner of the top of the U, with Operations near the center of the top. It was a short walk down the corridor, which was thick with Watchtower members. Rumors about today's big meet-up had spread, and everyone wanted to see who'd show.
    I entered Operations, which was the heart and soul of our organization. Besides the War Room, it also housed a bank of computers and large screens that projected pretty much anything we needed to see. Rufus oversaw most of Ops, because he had the most computer skills among the senior staff. Milo could probably give him a run for his figurative money, but Milo preferred staying in the field to being stuck behind a desk.
    Given his wheelchair, Rufus didn't have much choice in the matter.
    Rufus looked up from his computer terminal, his expectant look melting into a frown. "Who invited you?"
    Wyatt growled. "I invited myself."
    I shrugged. "I tried a leash, but he keeps breaking loose."
    "You really don't need to shadow her everywhere, Wyatt," Rufus said.
    "I know that," Wyatt replied.
    "Right." He turned his attention back to me, the one he had summoned. "It's about the Frosts."
    "What did they do now?" Lori and Stephen Frost were the biological parents of the body in which I was currently residing. While I'd absorbed some of Chalice's memories and sensory perceptions, I didn't know them as my parents. My parents were an unknown deadbeat and a drunken whore.
    For a while, they'd sat by while Chalice didn't contact them for more than six months. Last week they'd finally gone on the news trying to find their missing daughter, and a private detective tricked me into meeting with them. We'd brought them back to the Watchtower for their own good, and neither one of them had taken the news about my true nature well—or the fact that shapeshifters, gremlins, and other assorted creatures actually did exist.
    Not well at all.
    Astrid had ordered them kept here until further notice, and I'd refused to visit them for the last week. I had too much to do and no patience to deal with them.
    "Astrid doesn't want them locked up indefinitely, and I agree that it's cruel," Rufus said. "Their daughter is dead, and they deserve a chance to grieve for her."
    I crossed my arms. "And what the hell am I supposed to do about it?"
    "Talk to them again."
    "And say what? Stephen thinks I'm possessed or something. They want me in therapy."
    "I could talk to them," Wyatt said.
    "No way," I replied. "You're about as subtle as a two-by-four to the head."
    "You're no diplomat yourself, Evy."
    Okay, so he had me there. "If I honestly thought anything I had to say would make a difference, I'd go talk to them. I'm not their daughter. All they see when they look at me is Chalice. I'm never going to make them believe I'm Evy Stone."
    "We've been holding them prisoner for over a week," Rufus said. "We can't keep them here forever. They have lives to go back to. Sooner or later someone is going to start missing them."
              FCJ-156 Hacking the Social: Internet Memes, Identity Antagonism, and the Logic of Lulz.        
    Ryan M. Milner College of Charleston Violentacrez and the Antagonistic Internet ‘A troll exploits social dynamics like computer hackers exploit security loopholes…’ (Adrian Chen, 2012 October 12) In October 2012, reddit – a popular link aggregation service and public discussion forum – was embroiled in a prominent controversy. Adrian Chen, a journalist for the news […]
              Akun Facebook Mieke Amalia dibajak        
    Facebook Mieke Amalia, tokoh idola saya anak saya, belum lama ini dibajak orang. Pemeran bu Siti dalam sinetron Safa dan Marwah (anak saya selalu nonton sinetron ini(doh)(doh)) ini nampaknya memang sedang sial. Kasihan dia xixixixi

    sumber dari http://id.news.yahoo.com/kplg/20100428/ten-akun-facebook-mieke-amalia-dibajak-51d3def.html

    Setelah sebelumnya Wulan Guritno menjadi sasaran kejahatan di dunia maya karena akun Facebook, Twitter, dan e-mail miliknya dibajak oleh orang yang tidak berkepentingan, sekarang giliran Mieke Amalia yang jadi korbannya.

    Rabu (28/04) pukul 21.52 melalui akun Twitter miliknya, @mieke_amalia, istri Tora Sudiro itu menulis: Masyaallah.. Fb aku di hacked org.. Nulis statusnya parah bgt bahasanya.. Uda gilaaa kali tu org yaa... :("

    Rupanya status yang ditulis oleh hacker itu benar-benar meresahkan Mieke sehingga beberapa menit kemudian, Mieke kembali menulis tweet, "Maaf ya temen2 itu bukan aku yg nulis statusnya.. Keterlaluan banget.. Maaf bangeeeet.. :("

    Akun pribadi di internet memang sering kali menjadi sasaran empuk para hacker yang memang memiliki kemampuan untuk membajak dan memanfaatkan akun korban untuk hal-hal yang tak bisa dibayangkan.

    Akun Facebook Mieke yang memakai nama Mieke Amalia sendiri memang baru saja di-update sekitar pukul 21.30 dengan kata-kata yang kurang sopan.
              captain cyborg strikes again        

    really interesting day today. Paul and i met up with Prof. Kevin Warwick - yeah that Kevin Warwick, it was utterly bizarre that someone so important would be willing to come and talk to me for an hour in a Starbucks. but he was great - a really friendly, genuine bloke who pretty much seems allied to the biohacker community in that he's aiming for knowledge via self-experimentation just as we are (the difference being obviously that he's got access to facilities and surgeons and all that). he pointed out that while there's a lot of things he can do that one of us couldn't, there's also a lot of things we can do that he isn't permitted to - we're not bound by ethical committee approval, we're not going to get in potential trouble with professional associations for experimenting. because research scientists and biohackers each get different kinds of experiments done, we can learn from each other's results and share the information which will benefit future experiments on both fronts.

    it was only a short chat but i was really pleased to be able to talk shop with someone genuinely interested in the biohacking world who can also give as much tips and information as i could (a lot more in fact). i would love to be able to share information, resources etc with the research world - even if that means not having very many resources to share that are material, i think biohackers could definitely share a lot of experiential information (what did not work as well as what did work was one thing KW mentioned as being useful, in that it lays a groundwork for someone who has access to good medical facilities to improve on the procedure). i would really love for there to be more of this sort of (even informal) info-sharing in the future. i think we could have a real effect on the research world, and vice versa.

    on the documentary side of things, Paul travelled up to Reading University to do a filmed interview with Prof. Warwick a couple of days ago - he says he is disappointed about the slightly fuzzy sound quality but the actual interview content is great. we were sort of expecting KW to be on the "biohacking is a bad idea" side of things owing to some articles i remembered reading but this turned out to be wildly inaccurate. he did say he routinely gets misquoted, badly edited or misunderstood by various media sources (i remembered one newspaper thing in particular more or less telling readers that his Brain Gate project enabled him to communicate telepathically with his wife, so in all honesty i probably should have expected that) & assumed this was probably the reason i was horribly misinformed about his stance. so there will be a segment with Kevin Warwick in the documentary, plus some very kindly donated archival footage of his prior experiments - i've seen the interview already & thought it was pretty boss so hopefully you all do too when it eventually comes out. all in all it was really good getting to talk to him, i really appreciated it.

    carpe corporem

              healing time        
    everything seems to be more or less healed up now - only a little redness and dead skin left around the incision sites for the nodes, and of course the xNT site is just a little pink scar dot now, bruising's completely dissipated. here's how the node & chip sites are looking:

    i'm still having a little bit of trouble typing because the node on the outermost finger is still giving a tiny amount of pain when i use it to strike a key but i can't really avoid that & i don't think it's doing any damage so it's pretty much good as far as i'm concerned. the other one is further along the path, with less redness & no pain, and its scar has already gone white. as before there were no concerns with infection & i'd happily recommend the piercer who did them, Jenova, if she hadn't sadly moved to Spain just recently. she should be practicing again at a later point from what i heard so if you're gonna be in Andalucia or can get there once she's all set up, go for it. seems like there's better chances of getting stuff done on the Continent than there is here in the UK, what with Trust & other places, but the scene seems to be expanding slowly. you've got a better chance of getting stuff done by piercers now than you did ten years ago by far.

    i'd also really like to thank a particular person for a generous donation on the 22nd of May - thanks to this i will be able to start messing around with chips for the compass doohickey, once i poll a friend of mine on potential microprocessors. if anyone knows a microprocessor which is small and could potentially take input from a compass module or even better, has the capability onboard, that would be fukken sweet - otherwise, i'll grope around in the dark and eventually come up with one myself. it'd also be great if i could just plug the eight or sixteen different electrodes for output right on into the processor but i don't think that's actually going to be that easy. i'll figure something out.

    documentary is on track - it will feature not only me, but also some other UK transhumanists - Paul is currently working on some interviews, and i know he's filmed others already - Jenova and various other individual biohackers, plus Vicarious is also collaborating with him. he's also working on getting H+ people from further afield to send in video interviews so there will be a bit more interesting content than just my views on stuff and films featuring my screechy little "this hurts" voice. you will have to put up with a fair bit of those though. the finished film will be available on Youtube and here in late September.



    okay this is super late since it was very hard to type with fresh implantation wounds all over one hand but last Thursday night i had a couple of upgrades at Jenova Rain's studio in Leicester, for Paul's documentary project - got a couple of nodes put in so he would have something to compare to my own procedure, both in terms of the surgical procedure Jenova used vs. the one i've developed and in terms of the atmosphere of a professional piercing studio with legit equipment / supplies vs. ...well, my place and whatever shit i can get hold of. as you all know though the other major difference is that piercers are expensive as FUCK since they have to pay for their studio rent, huge expensive bits of equipment like autoclaves, a constant flow of sterilisation stuff, needles, jewellery, aftercare stuff etc etc etc so of course it took a big fat chunk out of the funds i had saved up. to be fair it was two nodes plus an XNT chip from Amaal that i got offered on the night and couldn't say no to, plus the train fare to and from Leicester and an Uber to the studio on the way which turned out to be fucking stupid because the place was ten minutes from the station and it was city centre rush hour so the fucking thing charged us about twenty quid for this tiny little journey.

    the XNT is healed up, more or less, just a bit of extremely light bruising around the area where the chip settled and a tiny scab from the needle hole:

    and the incisions for the magnetic nodes have also scabbed up. they're still just barely noticably redder than normal because of the internal damage done when creating a "pocket" inside the fingertip for the node to fit in (this is inevitable, more on the procedure differences in a sec) but there are no signs of any infection or any non-essential damage and they are now secure enough that they don't require a tight binding dressing and can just be protected with medical tape and a bit of gauze or melolin dressing. this is them an hour ago, taken at the same time as the chip:

    of course there has been no sensation from them as of yet - it seems to take a week or so in a person who has never had any installed before, and about five days in someone who already has some. i think this is because if you already have some, your brain has already got some connections associated with receiving that sort of input, whereas if you didn't, it needs a bit extra time to make those in the first place. a couple of things have set them off magnetically which as i remembered before is super mondo uncomfortable with the internal wound still healing. the pain is gone completely, although it probably helped that i had heavy pain medication, so idk if that's typical or not. yesterday was fine too in that regard, it was mostly Friday and Saturday where it really hurt and Saturday wouldn't have been that bad if i hadn't fucked it up trying to type stuff.

    re. the actual procedure i found that Jenova was using a 1.7mm diameter cannula needle - the ones i use are 5mm diameter and they're not cannula ones, meaning they are sharp on only one edge of the tip, rather than both (and obviously the ones i use are way bigger.) the actual incision she needed to make was just as wide as the one created by the needles i use, and she also needed to remove some tissue from the centre of the finger pad in order to make a big enough pocket for the node to fit in, which is something you don't need to do if you're using the great big ones as they just punch a big fuck off hole by themselves. because of this need to make a pocket, i think using the 5mm one is faster overall; Jenova's procedure is a lot more delicate, though, since i have to use a considerable amount of force behind the needle to make my incisions and she didn't need to do that at all. i think her way is a lot less likely to come up with complications like the needle potentially going all the way through the finger pad and out the other side or making a much deeper hole than was needed (i've never run into either one of these myself but they're possible i think.) i'm not sure which one would hurt less - sharper, smaller needles would hurt less with ordinary piercings, but the larger one is also probably faster and doesn't need any excision of flesh. as ever i said fuck a lot and felt awful - didn't white out though like i usually do with my own stuff. i am gonna guess they're probably about the same when you take it all into account, although Jenova's obviously a professional so it would be way safer to have someone like her do it if you can afford to pay for it.

    overall, it was a perfectly fine experience, and pretty nice to have the luxury of someone else doing it for a change. Jen herself is a lovely person, it was really nice talking to her and another biohacker from France who showed up for a small meetup, and Paul did a full interview with both of them so you will get to hear from other people than just me in the finished film (also others too, he is not finished getting content / contributors). he got some good nasty footage of the installations too, & if the film people at UoB complain that it's too gory i'll get him to upload it to a Google drive or Megavideo or somewhere so you can all see it (would go youtube but it deleted both my older surgery videos last time i tried that so i'm not even gonna try this time. fuck youtube) pretty much the only bummer is that she's moving to Spain within the next week, so i can't make it a regular destination. would fucking love to go see once she gets set up in Spain. i also nicked half a tube of EMLA cream. result.


              lights camera hacktion        

    firstly i would like to thank anyone and everyone who donated to me recently, especially one person who i won't name for privacy reasons. thankyou. i now have funds enough to acquire the nodes and equipment i need to complete my array of 8, and i should also be able to get some anaesthetic provided i can find somewhere selling it (topical, there is little chance of my acquiring any injectable lidocaine - that said, if you know someone that sells it and ships to the UK, or you would be alright with me sending you money so you could buy some on my behalf and post it to me, i'd be much obliged.) i will let you lot know what goes down with buying it, using it etc: i've got to source certain things - i'm not sure where exactly sells the gauge of needle i need or what G size the 5mm width ones are, i need a new box of latex gloves and some other crap, and i need to buy nodes - i'm gonna go with Amaal's ready-made ones instead of making them this time round, since that's just easier and they have a nice gold coating for an extra layer of bioproofing that i wouldn't be able to add myself. this will all get filmed too so you'll be able to see whatever i do directly.

    more importantly: documentary stuff. it's still in production (in case anyone thought it had died or whatever) - 20min long, looking at my stuff and the biohacking world in general, produced entirely by my friend Paul Turrell (a film Master's candidate at the University of Birmingham, you can find some of his work on YouTube. Voxis Productions is his one-man production company.) the teaser for the documentary is here. Paul has asked me to put out a call for any biohackers, grinders, transhumanists etc in the UK - he is looking for secondary contributors to the documentary. anyone with implants, or who has done any surgical work on themselves as part of experiments, or who is really interested in the philosophy of transhumanism - written blog articles or books, spoken in public about it, that sort of thing. for that last one you don't even need to have any modifications yourself, just if you can speak well about the philosophy and get the idea of it across well for laypeople you would be perfect. he would like to include short little interviews with this kind of person in the documentary. he says he is not sure whether he wants to travel to the contributors to film them, or bring them to him in Birmingham, or do Skype or whatever yet, but he'll think about it and i'll let you know when he's decided what would be best. i am guessing it will probably depend on how far away you are - he prefers to film things in person because the quality of webcam footage is apparently usually too shitty to use for film work and will look really bad. (but if you come to Birmingham, i will buy you a pint and you will get to hear a big pile of transhumanist ramblings.) anyone that contributes will get their name in the credits (and i think also when the viewer first sees you in the film), you won't be an anonymous soundbite unless you'd prefer to be.

    if you're up for this sort of contribution, you can email me - lepht trioptimum.com or Paul - voxisproductions gmail.com. i'm just going to forward messages to him about this, so it's probably easier to send them to him directly, especially if you have questions about the film, contributing to it, etc etc. please don't be shy, the more of these little interviews the better. the only other contributor is me and i'm not exactly a fuckin movie star.



              small update        

    i need to use this blog more. i kind of stopped because it felt like a biohacking-only blog and while i've been ill there's been fuck all to say about that, but it is actually my personal blog so i might as well update it for my own sake. there was a comment on youtube that said something along the lines of "this used to be a good biohacker now it just whines on its blog" and that also had a lot to do with not feeling like i could update this unless it was to say something really ~*good and positive*~ that could in no way be interpreted as whining or off topic. of course there is fucking nothing that i can say that fits these criteria so whatever, i should never have broken my "don't read youtube comments" rule (i ended up doing it as part of a "people do too say nice things about you!" conversation a good friend was trying to have with me a couple of years back, and lo and behold i was right.)

    anyway this blog doesn't have any followers so i can write what i want. i'm not going to stop writing about biohacking stuff, but right now all i'm doing on that front is gathering money for components (i made a savings account for it! like an ADULT!)

    i'm aiming to finish my array of nodes first, since i've been mostly screwing with chip stuff since last i did anything. i'm thinking i might break the rule of not putting them in your index fingers, although the thumbs are definitely still out, but these will go last if i do install any there since it's gonna be hardest to heal those. including the indices i'll need five nodes (i know, i know, that's shameful) but one particular site is filled with keloid, encapsulated debris from a prior experiment & this will require its own extensive operation to remove that shit. i'm not looking forward to that particular procedure but it's necessary for a complete array and besides it probably should come out anyway. my mess, my problem. this operation will require a nerve block at any rate since otherwise it will be too painful and i won't be able to do any decent excavation work on it, i'll just end up shakey and probably won't be able to take it for very long. hopefully not too much of the tissue is compromised, i'll be annoyed if it doesn't leave me with enough to work with for nodes later (especially since i'll have to come up with some sort of compromise where i maybe install the node at the same time as i remove the mass, which of course will require some additional pain and lengthen the procedure).

    i also need to consider potential other projects, whether that's things i stopped doing in the past because of ill health or new ideas i couldn't pursue during that time. i'm well aware that i have utterly fucked myself over by not being available for years on end, but i am still trying to climb out of the hole, after all this time failing and falling back down to the bottom again.

    lastly, if you tried to contact me in the last while and never got a response, please feel free to try again now, and please accept my apology for leaving you hanging. i am trying hard now to not do this to people anymore.

              the winter feast        

    it will probably be christmas day by the time most of you read this, or later. i hope you have or had a good day wherever you were or whatever you were doing. may 2017 be less shit than 2016 was.

    if you sent me email in the last year, i'm really sorry for not replying to you. i do read most of what arrives but there's a high volume of spam plus a similarly high volume of legit emails, so it's hard to reply to them all when you have no motivation to do ordinary day to day tasks and even less to interact with people.

    my partner is looking after me - he's doing a good job. i have not been very well this last year, and it didn't help that i spent about six months trying to do a networking qualification that was too advanced for me and not actually relevant to my eventual CEH qualification since i already know basic networking (it turns out that the one i was trying to do, the CompTIA Network+, is actually quite high level and involves a LOT of background reading for someone who has been on the programming or security side of things rather than the network engineering side. it's probably a fantastic exam to take if you want to be able to understand the logistics of every network everywhere and be able to engineer the perfect network for the situation your clients are in, every time, but it is way too in depth for a hacker to learn from scratch.) i've contacted the training provider about this & luckily they were really understanding - they apologised for having suggested the Network+ to me on the phone, and reset the time i had paid for so that i didn't pay for six months of wasted training and stress that got me nowhere. i'm currently working on the CompTIA Security+ & should be going back to that after christmas. i haven't done lots and lots of it but it seems like it's a lot closer to what i've been teaching myself for all this time than the Network+ was.

    i am trying to be more accessible this coming year. my immediate plans are to attempt to restart my haptic compass project, and to complete my magnetic implant array. this will eventually also involve removing the failed experimental debris left in my right small finger (this debris is what you could see in the short BBC3 documentary, for those that asked - it is the encapsulated remains of a node whose experimental covering i was testing. it no longer works and will have to be removed before i can use the space to install a new node but this would be a long and involved surgery with a lot of pain and for this reason i have been avoiding it.)

    merry christmas to you all, and many happy winters to come


              talk results        
    woefully underattended! it was like a paedophile's funeral, as my cameraman said. about six attendees and one of them was the poor guy organising the event in the first place. it took place in the lower floor of a nice little indie-type cafe place, and having tried in vain to recruit the two sweet old ladies who occupied the lower bit and the small collection of Hallowe'en hating hipsters typing on their laptops in the upper half, i ended up giving a talk to the organiser and five or so people who weren't doing anything for Hallowe'en.

    not that the organiser didn't try to publicise it, mind; he was pretty apologetic about the crap turnout, and about the (egregious) mistake of having scheduled the talk for the biggest party night of the month thereby almost guaranteeing that nobody would be interested. you live, you learn. he was a really nice guy & a good host, and the group he's set up seems like it's probably going to be a decent little H+ group once it's matured a bit and attracted some more members, so if nothing else i spose this was an OK talk for those five or so people and a pretty good lesson for me (in that i should have realised much earlier that the date was a bad idea and warned the guy so he could change it).

    we did film it, both as something to share if people wanted it and as food for the documentary, but owing to the location lighting and the interference of sound from the floor above us, the film's not of very good quality and will apparently need a fair bit of editing to make it watchable. i'll put it up for sharing as soon as it's finished.

    as requested, here are the slides to the talk, entitled "Biohacking 101" on Google Drive. they're free to view for anyone, so feel free to spread the link around. i think the talk contains some decent info for beginner biohackers or people just interested. it also has some stuff on ethics, etc that i didn't go into in the 27C3 "Cybernetics for the Masses" talk, although they're similar to each other.

    film will follow when i have it. might post the raw unedited stuff if the edited one takes ages, though it will be godawful.

    also as a few people suggested: if any group around wants, i'm happy to give similar talks to whoever wants them & can be arsed to arrange them, like university societies, interest groups etc. if you want a specific topic that's fine too. i don't charge money, just a drink and a toke if you're having em.


              it doesn't even have a title!        
    once again i find myself apologising for the lack of blog-related content. the last two months or so have been utterly hectic: as you know, i was still staying with my folks after my attempt to do a second try at a University degree failed for lack of £27,000 in tuition fees, and when i last updated i was still there. since then my parents embarked on a massive house move: they decided to move to a different house in the same little town, someone else snapped it up, then their house was still on the market, they started looking further and further afield and ended up buying this tiny smallholding near Merthyr Tydfil in Wales. (it turns out you can buy a lot more in Wales for the money.) there was a lot of drama whilst all this was up in the air: house viewings all the time where we'd have to scrub the whole place and hoover everything and hide all the personal stuff and take all three of my mum's dogs out of the house, the stupid old bat who eventually bought the place requiring four of said viewings, showing up unannounced, constantly threatening to pull out of the deal, etc. the move also necessitated my mum selling her wool shop business, my dad moving the whole premises of the little business he ran to an office on their new property, my brother (who works for my dad) and his partner and their two very very young kids also moving to Wales to live in the annexe attached to the new house, my great-grandma moving in with my Nan for health reasons, and my parents (and their large collection of animals) living in her empty house for a month or so with all their stuff in storage before they could even get to Wales. during all this, i wasn't sure where i could go or what would happen. eventually, after a massively stressful search for housing that would take itinerant losers as tenants, i found a flat.

    so i am now in Kings Norton, Birmingham. truly a cyberpunk metropolis. please to not send anything to the previous address in Thornbury as the old bat will end up with it and frankly i would like to kick her in the ovaries rather than inadvertently give her gifts. if anyone would like the new address for sending letters, news, free anthrax etc., i'm happy to send it to you via email. my PayPal is still at a.mason.06@aberdeen.ac.uk, and i'm still at the same email address and Twitter page.

    my parents helped move all the crap in & i have now sorted out rent, bills, council tax etc. & am fully set up in here. now that i have my own place rather than just staying in the spare room of someone else's house, i'm a lot more free to continue/restart projects, collaborate, talk etc. on biohacking stuff. you can't really do experimental surgery in a tiny house that has lots and lots of pets.

    other things what is interesting: a while back, the people who make the graphic novel series Metal Made Flesh named a biohacker character after me (sort of, they called the hacker Leift Antonym). as you can see below, she doesn't look anything like yours fugly. it was seriously flattering though, even if she does get murdered horribly and forgotten over the course of the plot. it's a very well written book, i loved the art and the world they show is a sort of transhuman purgatory; i'd definitely recommend it to fellow weirdos.

    the documentary is (still) an ongoing work, which had to go on hiatus while we were all running around worrying about somewhere to live. Paul's supervisor on his degree programme is on board, and his degree will be completed next year, so by that time the doc in its final form will be finished and ready to... go on YouTube i spose. he is working on it as his degree thesis project, which gives him access to pro equipment and editing machines plus other bonuses & will make it a better film in the end. he wants to make it clear that there's nothing to prevent anyone else filming whatever they want - i've not signed any bullshit non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality stuff, he's not paying me, and there's no agreed-on exclusivity, so anyone else who wants to interview and/or film stuff about my work is welcome to. if anyone still even remembers i had a blog.

    health crap: it turns out that methadone in liquid form is not actually licenced for use with pain patients! so i had to switch to capsules instead. they're easier to deal with. this is a temporary thing: because methadone is a. massively stigmatised, such that pharmacists/nurses/etc tend to assume i am a heroin addict in treatment, and b. a pain in the arse to get hold of owing to the weird distribution requirements for pharmacies, i will soon be seeing a pain management consultant here to talk about switching back to a small dose of morphine or whatever. i found out there's a cool adjunct called nefopam which should potentiate the morphine allowing me to take less meds and have more pain relief, so i wanna ask them about that too. i haven't yet accessed any mental health services in Birmingham but i have a new antidepressant (lofepramine) which is more effective than the last one, and i have been a lot better recently than when i was on my own before.

    so thanks for being patient, if anyone reads this, and i will be trying to post a blog on Fridays now i have a lot less stress to deal with.



    EDIT 15.10.15: had to remove some personal details. feel free to email if you are confused. i apologise for editing but it was unavoidable. also clarified some stuff regarding exclusivity & the forthcoming documentary.
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              "This house believes that protecting users’ privacy in libraries should take precedence over any other demands on users’ data.”        

    CILIP North East debate on Thursday, 23rd March, 2017, at The North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers, Newcastle upon Tyne.

    Chair:  Dr Biddy Casselden, Senior Lecturer, iSchool, Northumbria University

    Proposer: Ian Clark – subject librarian at East of London University and co-founder of Voices for the Library

    Seconder:  Alex Haydock – recent law graduate, specialising in technology and internet law.  Organiser for North East section of the Open Rights Group, and works together with CryptoParty Newcastle

    Opposer: Robin Smith - Head of Cyber Security of Yorkshire Police (unable to attend)

    Seconder:  Peter Dinsdale – experienced Data Protection office, currently working in the Information Security Team at Newcastle University.



    Opening Statements

    Ian Clark opened the proposal of the motion by mentioning CILIP’s 12 ethical principles, focussing in particular on two of these:

    Principle No. 3 – “Commitment to the defence, and the advancement, of access to information, ideas and works of the imagination”

    Principle No. 8 – “Respect for confidentiality and privacy in dealing with information users”

    This implies that people should be able to access information freely without being subjected to mass surveillance.  In differentiating between mass surveillance as opposed to targeted surveillance, Ian presented the argument that if ‘you are up to something, they will get you anyway’ whether users’ privacy in libraries is protected or not. He identified a key negative aspect of surveillance in that it is now very difficult for researchers looking into terrorist behaviours to find the information they need to try and understand and analyse these behaviour. Such research cannot be conducted without using terrorist related terms, which immediately attracts surveillance attention and potentially results in the blocking of key sources of information. Privacy concerns were also mentioned with regard to data being vulnerable to hackers and criminals. Ian a survey conducted in 2015 in which 32% of those surveyed said they would pay for better personal data protection, while 72% said they were concerned that their data was not secure enough.  Ian noted that post-Snowden there was a 20% reduction in page views relating to terrorism. Ian gave some US examples alternatively of jailing for refusing to testify against Vietnam War activists (Zoya Horn) and also a case of refusal of gagging orders (George Christian). Ian saw the library services as including enabling its users to get online and in a secure way, where users are shown how to protect their data online.

    Peter Dinsdale, originally the Seconder for the opposing side, but due to the absence of the Opposer, was given more time to present the opposing side’s argument. He said he didn’t buy into the argument that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. He argued that privacy is “not a binary decision”; that it hits all levels of society, and that it was up to society to determine where to draw the line between privacy and security.  At the moment, he argued, privacy is an arbitrary word, based on random choice or personal whim. He argued that the motion suggests that only absolute privacy is acceptable and that this is not realistic. Privacy, like freedom of speech, is, according to Peter, a qualified act. Privacy cannot be seen as a primary right – ‘it plays second fiddle to security issues’. Peter outlined the legal developments of rights to privacy and protection as identified in the European Convention on Human Rights, identifying the qualifiers where exemptions are allowed, similarly under data protection law, thus further promoting the argument that you cannot have absolute privacy.  He mentioned that even the watchdog, Privacy International, is not trying to promote total privacy. The new Prevent Duty law, qualifiers to Freedom of Speech rights, the Investigative Powers legislation, are all mentioned as showing that privacy cannot be absolute. Even the duty of confidence, it seems, can be overwritten.  Peter concluded by stating that the law about qualifiers to privacy rights are not arbitrary and that there is adequate provision to ensure that they laws are not abused and privacy safeguards are enshrined.

    Alex Haydock, the Seconder to the debate Proposer also moved quickly into the legal arena, but from the viewpoint of demonstrating the risk of powers which are too wide, relying on internal safeguards, but risking an autocratic and arbitrary approach to the handling of data.  He mentioned the Investigative Powers Act of 2016 with its wide-ranging powers for government and NGOs to collect data, even though it claims that only targeted interception is justified.  However, telecommunications providers are required to store user data for no longer than 12 months, but it’s still a massive amount of data.  Alex identified the range of potential data that could be collected, which could results in leaked data, or misuse of data; book lending history or video rental history and/or internet browser history is already a huge of amount of data that could potentially be vulnerable.  Pervasive monitoring and mass surveillance were seen as an attack on rights to privacy. Alex concluded by stating that librarians and libraries should lead the fight; they should stand up and teach individuals how to protect their own privacy.

    Questions were then asked of the two sides, from the audience.

    The first question was about the concept of libraries being neutral spaces, where people don’t feel afraid that they are being watched in terms of what they take out.  Ian Clark, the proposer argued that the library spaces are not free as users’ activities are still monitored.  Again the difficulty of being able to safely conduct research on extremism was mentioned.

    Algorithms applied to data sets came up next for discussion with the response from the proposer side that ‘data existence is a risk’. 

    The problem of government surveillance tactics attracted the comment that while there may be trust in government’s handling of our data today but that might not be the case tomorrow.

    The next question was about what we should do if we think the surveillance has too far. The first comment was to write to the local MP.  Peter Dinsdale talked about lack of engagement and the need to encourage more engagement in the democratic process.

    The next question drew quite a seesaw of remarks from both the proposing side and the opposing side. The question was why is the responsibility for handling data the responsibility of the telecommunication service provider and not the government.

    The opposition, Peter Dinsdale, argued that this was due to lack of money and that the ‘government doesn’t have the greatest record with IT’ therefore it’s a risk. It was further stated that privacy policies shouldn’t be driven by security and that organisations should simply have better systems of protection in place. Peter also asked the opposing team about the ‘chilling effect’ (where rights such as freedom of speech may be reduced due to fear of negative outcomes from exercising those rights). He also asked the opposing team about how can metadata be safe as it is not encrypted.

    Ian Clark, on the proposing side, felt the responsibility in relation to protection shouldn’t be limited to librarians but other services too. He also queried whether the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act were strong or transparent enough or whether it was unfairly maligned.  He mentioned that information requested was disposable to the public unless there was a good reason not to do so – although this did not mean that ‘privacy was in the bag’.

    In response to Peter’s question about the chilling effect, Alex Haydock on the proposing side, referred back to the point about how it can be difficult to conduct research in certain areas and get good correlations, and that this carries the risk of stifling.

    With regard to the question of metadata, this was identified as problematic although it was emphasised that the content of the message itself could not be read and therefore was still protected. Ian Clark stated that libraries are public educators, who can help users understand how to protect their privacy.  “Why not teach privacy and safety?”

    Then came the summing up by the debaters –

    Ian Clark, on the proposing side, brought in figures form a survey in which 43% were opposed to restrictions on encryption while 29% supported theses.  Demand from the public to learn more is growing.  This is argued as a way to reduce the digital divide and improve inclusion (including showing how to stay safe).  With regards to encryption and terrorism, it was noted that in the case of the Brussels and Paris attacks, no encryption was used.

    Peter Dinsdale, on the opposing side, believed that the key was digital literacy; also that mass surveillance requires some legislative control and whether this is a good thing at all is a moot point; society decides where to draw that fine line between protecting privacy and ensuring security and safety.  He concludes with his theme idea that privacy is a qualified right not an absolute right.

    The chair’s summary of the three debating speakers as follows:

    Ian Clark brought in the two CILIP ethical principles, gave a brief history of some of the librarians who had been locked up for not giving information.  He explained why the issues are important, that there is a difference between mass as opposed to targeted surveillance (the state will get you anyway); that protection of data and privacy is not a new and radical idea; a clear concern about data theft and ignorance about how to protect yourself was identified; that librarians need to tackle users’ lack of confidence in protecting their data and that librarians need to help them learn how to do so.

    Peter Dinsdale believed that privacy is not a binary issue, that society has to decide where to draw the line between privacy and security, conventions and laws needs to be considered including the new Prevent Duty, qualifiers to rights of freedom of speech and the circumstances for allowing interceptions of communications; Peter believed that privacy cannot be seen as a primary right.

    Alex Haydock, also on the proposing side, believed that in the area of digital and cyber security, librarians should be leading the fight to protect user data.  Concern was expressed about government departments not having court authorisation to conduct surveillance.  The seconder believed that it is the librarian’s duty to minimise data collection.  Internet history has shown that leaked data may provide a misleading picture of someone’s life.

    In the audience vote – 8 people were convinced by the proposed motion, while 7 were more convinced by the opposition argument.  One of the audience members suggested as there was only one speaker for the opposition as opposed to two for the proposed argument, that it should be treated as a draw.




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    Nowadays, games are more vulnerable to viruses than ever before because unfortunately, as technology advances, so have hackers. Less than ten years ago, video games were only really exclusively played on consoles, though now, one of the main gaming devices is the desktop or laptop meaning there are huge risks. Anyone who has a working […]
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    Se cerchi il software giusto per navigare sul web, Internet Explorer per Mac è sicuramente la scelta peggiore. Se hai un Mac e puoi confidare sulla qualità Apple si presuppone che tu voglia scegliere il meglio. Quindi non dovresti installare il browser più diffuso sulle macchine con sistema operativo Microsoft. E ora ti spiego perché.

    Innanzitutto perché Internet Explorer nella sua versione per Mac non è più supportato dagli sviluppatori. Si è fermato a una versione antiquata, dal design demodè, risalente all’ormai lontano (per il web) 2005, quando ancora non era nemmeno previsto un plugin per i siti con animazioni Flash. E visto che ad oggi avere un sito costruito in Flash è di moda, non potrai visualizzare correttamente la gran parte della Rete. Per ora e per sempre.

    Un altro motivo per cui ti invito a non usarlo concerne la sicurezza. Internet Explorer per Mac non è affatto sicuro. È la preda preferita degli attacchi degli hacker, è uno dei browser più vulnerabili in circolazione, anche per quanto riguarda il blocco dei messaggi pubblicitari. E tutto questo nella sua versione per Windows aggiornata. Figurati in quella per Mac risalente a secoli fa. Installarla adesso e contare su di lei è suicidio sicuro. Contaci. Per navigare su Internet la scelta migliore puoi farla tra il classico Safari, il brillante Opera o il solido Firefox.

    Tuttavia potresti avere i tuoi buoni motivi per provare un software non più supportato e inaffidabile. Motivi imperscrutabili, ma inappuntabili. In tal caso, posso informarti che Internet Explorer per Mac ha la classica interfaccia a schede copiata da Firefox, che puoi personalizzarne l’aspetto applicando diversi colori (strana funzionalità mai supportata dalla versione per Windows) o modificando i pulsanti presenti sulla barra degli strumenti.

    Inoltre, sappi che include un bizzarro manager per controllare le aste online. Si sa mai, avranno pensato quelli di Microsoft. Magari a qualcuno prima o poi può tornare utile. Pensiero ammirevole, ammettiamolo. Certo, se magari avessero pensato prima a consolidare la sicurezza del loro browser. Forse adesso Internet Explorer per Mac sarebbe ancora in vita.

    Download Internet Explorer per Mac 5.2.3 in Softonic

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              Re: Hays Co. Surname Hacker        
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              Here Are the Top 5 VPN Picks for Your iPhone This Year        

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    Most importantly, a VPN is considered best when used for protecting your online data from the hackers and masking your IP address and location from everyone.

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    按:今天在网上看到阮一峰推荐的《Hype Driven Development》,忍俊不禁,联想到工作中的很多经历又百感交集。趁春节假期翻译出来(练练手),与大家共享。 软件开发团队所做的软件架构或技术栈的决策,很多并没有经过踏实的研究和对目标成果的认真思考,而是不准确的意见、社交媒体的信息,或者就些是“热闹”的玩意。我称这种作派为“热闹驱动开发(Hype Driven Development,HDD)”,眼见它的危害,我赞成更专业的做法,就是“脚踏实地的软件工程”。下面我们一起看看HDD的来龙去脉,想想能如何改进。 新技术带来新希望 开发团队把最新最热的技术应用到项目里,这样的情景你见过吗?有人是因为读到了相关的博客,有人是看到了Twitter上的潮流,还有人是刚刚在技术大会上听到了关于某门技术的精彩演讲。不久,开发团队就开始采用这种时髦的新技术(或者软件架构设计范式),结果他们却没法更快(就像之前说的那样)开发出更优秀的产品,反而身陷囹圄。开发的速度降下来了,信心受挫了,后续版本的交付也出问题了。有些团队甚至干脆专心修bug,停止开发新功能。他们“只需要多花几天”就能把事情搞定。 热闹驱动开发 热闹驱动开发有很多流派,也有很多渠道介入大家的项目: Reddit驱动开发——在选择技术、架构、设计方案时,团队和个人的决策依据是知名博主的文章,或者reddit, hackernews, blogs, twitter, facebook, Github以及其它社交媒体上的热门信息。 技术会议驱动开发——仔细观察观察,参会回来的家伙们有什么表现。他们听了演讲兴致高涨。然而这是双刃剑。他们没有做足够的研究,就开始使用最新最热的类库、框架、架构范式,于是可能踏上通往地狱的高速公路。 嗓门驱动开发——有人整天谈论新框架/类库/技术,他自己其实没有实际经验,但是反复念经终于让团队决定采纳他的意见。 Gem/类库/插件驱动开发——在RoR社区里特别流行这种情况,有时候我会发现一个gemfile太长,唯一比它更长的只有程序启动时的装载时间。这种流派源自下面的观念:Rails里的每个问题都应当有个gem来解决。有时候分明只要自己动手写几行代码就能解决,但是我们还是一个劲地添加类库/插件/gem/框架。 我还希望提到热闹驱动开发的一个常见流派,StackOverflow 驱动开发——开发人员从StackOverflow(总之就是互联网上)拷贝代码,而没有真正弄懂这些代码。 HDD就是开发团队自掘坟墓 凑热闹的问题是:它很容易导致错误决策。无论是糟糕的架构决策,还是糟糕的技术栈决策,对团队的影响都常常持续数月甚至数年。最坏的结果是造成极其严重的软件工程问题,只能推倒重来。但推倒重来而成功的案例几乎没有。 一切罪恶的根源似乎都是社交媒体——新观点传播得太快,都还没来得及经过检验。大家还来不及细想有哪些利弊,这些观点就已经传播开了。 凑热闹的起承转合 大多数凑热闹的过程是相同的,像下面这样: 第一阶段:真实问题和解决方案 热闹的来源是,某些公司真的遇到了问题。这些公司里的开发团队认为,现成的技术栈、流程、架构并不能解决这个问题,必须自己动手。所以他们研发了新的框架、类库、范式,问题迅速解决了。 第二阶段:宣示、推广、包装关键词 团队热衷于向他人展示自己的成果。很快他们就发布了博客文章,也去技术会议上演讲。这些问题通常是有难度的,所以解决方案是有分量的,结果也是很可观的,开发团队对此很自豪。其它人也开始对这项新技术有了兴致。唯一的问题是,并非所有兴致勃勃的人都能彻底理解问题本身和解决方案的细节。毕竟,问题有难度,解决方案也有分量,所以不是一条推文、一次碎碎念、甚至是一篇博客就能讲清楚的。利用博客文章、技术大会的主题演讲之类的社交工具,原始信息就很容易走样。 第三阶段:狂热现身 HDD阴影下的开发人员都会阅读博客、参加技术会议。然后,世界各地的开发团队都开始使用新技术了。因为信息已经走样了,所以有些人会在框架问题上做草率的决定。哪怕新框架没有解决任何具体问题,开发团队仍然期望新的框架会带来帮助。 第四阶段:心灰意冷 新鲜劲头过去了,新技术并没有给团队带来期望的改进,反而增加了很多额外的工作。大家得重写很多代码,花不少时间专门学习。工作的速度慢下来,管理者也没耐心了。大家都感觉被骗了。 第五阶段:反省领悟 最终团队做了复盘,认清了追逐这项新技术的代价,也认清了新技术适合解决的问题。大家都变聪明了,直到再次凑热闹为止。 HDD举例 来看看几个热闹驱动开发的例子,看看它是怎么发生的。 举例 1:React.js Facebook遇到了一个问题,Facebook自己的复杂单页面应用里会出现各种状态改变的事件,必须追踪到发生了什么,并且保持状态的连贯一致。 Facebook用几个时髦的词包装新范式:函数式、虚拟DOM,组件。 追逐热闹的人说:Facebook创造了未来的前端框架。我们现在就把一切用react重写吧。 等等!要做的工作很多,但这项投资看不到什么短期回报。 React非常适用于包含很多实时通知的复杂单页面应用程序,但是对简单应用来说,它不见得合适。 举例 2:TDD被DHH杀死了 David Heinemeier Hansson(DHH,Ruby on Rails框架的创造者)意识到,Rails的框架里没有对OOP支持很好的架构,所以很难做测试驱动开发。于是他做了个现实的选择:不要提前写测试代码。 DHH的博客和会议演讲引发了热潮。关键词是:TDD is DEAD。 […]
              Hackers Pledging Allegiance To ISIS Take Over Newsweek’s Twitter Account, Threaten Obama Family        
    It appears that Newsweek’s Twitter account has been hacked by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria sympathizers known as the Cyber Caliphate.
              Hackers Pledging Allegiance To ISIS Take Over CENTCOM’s Twitter Account        
    It appears the official Twitter account for the U.S. Central Command has been hacked.
              Hackers Claiming Allegiance To ISIS Hijack Twitter Feeds Of TV Station, Newspaper        
    Twitter HomepageHackers claiming allegiance to the Islamic State group hijacked the website and Twitter feed of a Maryland news station, and the Twitter feed of The Albuquerque Journal in New Mexico, according to the outlets and federal authorities.
              KR387 Chaos Communication Congress 2015        
    DocPhil und ajuvo flanieren über den 32. Chaos Communication Congress, kurz 32C3, dem jährlichen Hackertreffen des Chaos Computer Clubs mit rund 12.000 Leuten im Congress Center Hamburg.
    DocPhil und ajuvo treffen Menschen, besuchen Projekte an ihren Tischen und werfen einen Blick hinter die Kulissen dieser recht eigenwillig organisierten Veranstaltung. Der Podcasts ist eine Koproduktion von Küchenradio und Sender.
              KR345 Computerkriminalität        
    Stefan Redlich - heute Sprecher der Berliner Polizei - hat von 1995 bis 98 im Computer-Kommissariat gearbeitet und erzählt Philip Banse von den Anfängen der Computerkriminalität.
    Stefan Redlich - heute Sprecher der Berliner Polizei - hat von 1995 bis 98 im Computer-Kommissariat gearbeitet. In der Podcast-Premiere der Berliner Polizei spricht Philip Banse mit Redlich zunächst über dessen Hacker-Vergangenheit, die in diesem historischen TV-Beitrag dokumentiert ist. Ab 3´40 ist zu sehen der blond gelockte Stefan Redlich. Zur Sprache kommt auch, was eine von Redlich mit gegründete Software-Firma mit den KGB-Hackern rund um Karl Koch zu tun hatte. Im Mittelpunkt der Sendung stehen jedoch die Anfänge der Computerkriminalität. Redlich erzählt unter anderem von seinen Ermittlungen gegen Software handelnde Mailbox-Betreiber, gegen Polizisten, die zwei Jahre nicht arbeiteten, weil sie die Dienstplan-Datenbank manipuliert hatten und gegen den Telefonkarten-Hacker Tron. Gegen Ende geht es um die Frage, warum die Berliner Polizei (noch) kein OpenData macht und soziale Medien (noch) nicht nutzt. Stefan Redlich hat immerhin einen privaten Twitter-Account und eine Arbeitsgruppe der Polizei schreibt gerade ein Social-Media-Konzept, das im ersten Quartal 2013 fertig sein soll. Darin wird auch abgeklopft, inwieweit die Behörde Wikis für das interne Wissensmanagement nutzen kann. Wie die Polizei soziale Medien einsetzen könnte, diskutieren Philip und Stefan Redlich am Beispiel des Refugee-Camps vor dem Brandenburger Tor.
              BRAVE NEW WORD magazine: ISSUE 6        

    ISSUE #6

    Editors note:

    I'm gonna be a bit minimal this time. It was fun. Making this issue was really satisfying experience. I've met lots of interesting people, got so many ideas i'm almost overwhelmed. It is really good. I'm proud of this issue. It came together naturally as mesmerizing kaleidoscope with intense humming.

    The submission flow was tight but relatively clean. 52 letters if being exact. Rather big number for a niche poorly named online magazine which is barely indexed in Google and barely exposed (hey, i'm in charge i can be honest). Even rejected submission weren't that bad. Just not something that can be used in BNW with maximum result. And I had a really funny discussion on politics of including bio and photo on one of the posts in the submission calls groups. Anyway...

    Look at the line-up - all top-notch hardcore funkateers!


    Table of Contents:

    1. Siobhan Elvis Atkins - Five Asemic Pieces
    2. Peter Carlaftes - Three Poems
    3. Drew Pisarra - Goo-goo Story 
    4. Carlo Parcelli - Wakey! Wakey!
    5. Jenne Kaivo - Science don't lovers just grew on the eyes
    6. Jim Andrews - from Aleph Null 2.0
    7. Michael Stewart - QR poem
    8. Don Kingfisher Campbell - Eight Poems 
    9. Rafael Gonzalez - Makings Buttons
    10. Rie Sheridan Rose - Spam Poem 
    11. Larry D. Thacker - Two Poems
    12. Dylan Kinnett - If You See Something, Say Something 
    13. Edward Kulemin - Crumpled Poems

              Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 14th, 2017        

    Hey, it's HighScalability time:



    We've seen algorithms expressed in seeds. Here's an algorithm for taking birth control pills expressed as packaging. Awesome history on 99% Invisible.

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    • 2 trillion: web requests served daily by Akamai; 9 billion: farthest star ever seen in light-years; 10^31: bacteriophages on earth; 7: peers needed to repair ransomware damage; $30,000: threshold of when to leave AWS; $300K-$400K: beginning cost of running Azure Stack on HPE ProLiant; 3.5M: files in the Microsoft's git repository; 300M: Google's internal image data training set size; 7.2 Mbps: global average connection speed; 85 million: Amazon Prime members; 35%: Germany generated its electricity from renewables;

    • Quotable Quotes:
      • Jessica Flack: I believe that science sits at the intersection of these three things — the data, the discussions and the math. It is that triangulation — that’s what science is. And true understanding, if there is such a thing, comes only when we can do the translation between these three ways of representing the world.
      • gonchs: “If your whole business relies on us [Medium], you might want to pick a different one”
      • @AaronBBrown777: Hey @kelseyhightower, if you're surfing GitHub today, you might find it interesting that all your web bits come thru Kubernetes as of today.
      • Psyblog: The researchers were surprised to find that a more rebellious childhood nature was associated with a higher adult income.
      • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.
      • Marek Kirejczyk: In general I would say: if you need to debug — you’ve already lost your way.
      • jasondc: To put it another way, RethinkDB did extremely well on Hacker News. Twitter didn't, if you remember all the negative posts (and still went public). There is little relation between success on Hacker News and company success.
      • Rory Sutherland: What intrigues me about human decision making is that there seems to be a path-dependence involved - to which we are completely blind.
      • joeblau: That experience taught me that you really need to understand what you're trying to solve before picking a database. Mongo is great for some things and terrible for others. Knowing what I know now, I would have probably chosen Kafka.
      • 0xbear: cloud "cores" are actually hyperthreads. Cloud GPUs are single dies on multi-die card. If you use GPUs 24x7, just buy a few 1080 Ti cards and forego the cloud entirely. If you must use TF in cloud with CPU, compile it yourself with AVX2 and FMA support. Stock TF is compiled for the lowest common denominator
      • Dissolving the Fermi Paradox: Doing a distribution model shows that even existing literature allows for a substantial probability of very little life, and a more cautious prior gives a significant probability for rare life
      • Peter Stark: Crews with clique structures report significantly more depression, anxiety, anger, fatigue and confusion than crews with core-periphery structures.
      • Patrick Marshall: Gu said that the team expects to have a prototype [S2OS’s software-defined hypervisor is being designed to centrally manage networking, storage and computing resources] ready in about three years that will be available as open-source software.
      • cobookman: I've been amazed that more people don't make use of googles preemtibles. Not only are they great for background batch compute. You can also use them for cutting your stateless webserver compute costs down. I've seen some people use k8s with a cluster of preemtibles and non preemtibles. 
      • @jeffsussna: Complex systems can’t be fully modeled. Failure becomes the only way to fully discover requirements. Thus the need to embrace it.
      • Jennifer Doudna: a genome’s size is not an accurate predictor of an organism’s complexity; the human genome is roughly the same length as a mouse or frog genome, about ten times smaller than the salamander genome, and more than one hundred times smaller than some plant genomes.
      • Daniel C. Dennett: In Darwin’s Dangerous Idea (1995), I argued that natural selection is an algorithmic process, a collection of sorting algorithms that are themselves composed of generate-and-test algorithms that exploit randomness (pseudo-randomness, chaos) in the generation phase, and some sort of mindless quality-control testing phase, with the winners advancing in the tournament by having more offspring.
      • Almir Mustafic: My team learned the DynamoDB limitations before we went to production and we spent time calculating things to properly provision RCUs and WCUs. We are running fine in production now and I hear that there will be automatic DynamoDB scaling soon. In the meantime, we have a custom Python script that scales our DynamoDB.

    • I've written a novella: The Strange Trial of Ciri: The First Sentient AI. It explores the idea of how a sentient AI might arise as ripped from the headlines deep learning techniques are applied to large social networks. I try to be realistic with the technology. There's some hand waving, but I stay true to the programmers perspective on things. One of the big philosophical questions is how do you even know when an AI is sentient? What does sentience mean? So there's a trial to settle the matter. Maybe. The big question: would an AI accept the verdict of a human trial? Or would it fight for its life? When an AI becomes sentient what would it want to do with its life? Those are the tensions in the story. I consider it hard scifi, but if you like LitRPG there's a dash of that thrown in as well. Anyway, I like the story. If you do too please consider giving it a review on Amazon. Thanks for your support!

    • Serving 39 Million Requests for $370/Month, or: How We Reduced Our Hosting Costs by Two Orders of Magnitude. Step 1: Just Go Serverless: Simply moving to a serverless environment had the single greatest impact on reducing hosting costs. Our extremely expensive operating costs immediately shrunk by two orders of magnitude. Step 2: Lower Your Memory Allocation: Remember, each time you halve your function’s memory allocation, you’re roughly halving your Lambda costs. Step 3: Cache Your API Gateway Responses: We pay around $14 a month for a 0.5GB API Gateway cache with a 1 hour TTL. In the last month, 52% (20.3MM out of 39MM) of our API requests were served from the cache, meaning less than half (18.7MM requests) required invoking our Lambda function. That $14 saves us around $240 a month in Lambda costs.

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              Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 7th, 2017        

    Hey, it's HighScalability time:



    What's real these days? I was at Lascaux II, an exact replica of Lascaux. I was deeply, deeply moved. Was this an authentic experience? A question we'll ask often in VR I think.

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    • $400k: cost of yearly fake news campaign; $50,000: cost to discredit a journalist; 100 Gbps: SSDP DDoS amplification attack; $5.97BN: wild guess on cost of running Facebook on AWS; 2 billion: Facebook users; 80%: Spotify backend services in production run as containers; $60B: AR market by 2021; 10.4%: AMD market share taken from Intel; 5 days: MIT drone flight time; $1 trillion: Apple iOS revenues; 35%-144%: reduction in image sizes; 10 petabytes: Ancestry.com data stored; 1 trillion: photos taken on iPhone each year; $70B: Apple App Store payout to developers; 355: pages in Internet Trends 2017 report; 14: people needed to make 500,000 tons of steel; 25%: reduced server-rendering time with Node 8; 50-70%: of messages Gmail receives are spam; 8,000: bugs found in pacemaker code; 

    • Quotable Quotes:
      • Vladimir Putin: We must take into account the plans and directions of development of the armed forces of other countries… Our responses must be based on intellectual superiority, they will be asymmetric, and less expensive.
      • @swardley: What most fail to realise is that the Chinese corporate corpus has devoured western business thinking and gone beyond it.
      • @discostu105: I am a 10X developer. Everything I do takes ten times as long as I thought.
      • DINKDINK: You grossly underestimate the hashing capacity of the bitcoin network. The hashing capacity, at time of posting, is approximately 5,000,000,000 Gigahashes/second[1]. Spot measurement of the hashing capacity of an EC2 instance is 0.4 Gigahashes/second[2]. You would need 12 BILLION EC2 instances to 51% attack the bitcoin network.[3] Using EC2 to attack the network is impractical and inefficient.
      • danielsamuels && 19eightyfour~ Machiavelli's Guide to PaaS: Keep your friends close, and your competitors hosted.
      • Paul Buchheit:  I wrote the the first version of Gmail in a day!
      • @herminghaus: If you don’t care about latency, ship a 20ft intermodal container full of 32GB micro-SD cards across the globe. It’s a terabyte per second.
      • @cstross: Okay, so now the Russian defense industry is advertising war-in-a-can (multimodal freight containerized missiles):
      • Dennett~ you don't need comprehension to achieve competence.
      • @michellebrush~ Schema are APIs. @gwenshap #qconnyc
      • Stacy Mitchell: Amazon sells more clothing, electronics, toys, and books than any other company. Last year, Amazon captured nearly $1 of every $2 Americans spent online. As recently as 2015, most people looking to buy something online started at a search engine. Today, a majority go straight to Amazon.
      • Xcelerate: I have noticed that Azure does have a few powerful features that AWS and GCP lack, most notably InfiniBand (fast interconnects), which I have needed on more than one occasion for HPC tasks. In fact, 4x16 core instances on Azure are currently faster at performing molecular dynamics simulations than 1x"64 core" instance on GCP. But the cost is extremely high, and I still haven't found a good cloud platform for short, high intensity HPC tasks.
      • jjeaff: I took about 5 sites from a $50 a month shared cPanel plan that included a few WordPress blogs and some custom sites and put them on a $3 a month scaleway instance and haven't had a bit of trouble.
      • @discordianfish: GCP's Pub/Sub is really priced by GB? And 10GB/free/month? What's the catch?
      • Amazon: This moves beyond the current paradigm of typing search keywords in a box and navigating a website. Instead, discovery should be like talking with a friend who knows you, knows what you like, works with you at every step, and anticipates your needs. This is a vision where intelligence is everywhere. Every interaction should reflect who you are and what you like, and help you find what other people like you have already discovered. 
      • @CloudifySource: Lambda is always 100% busy - @adrianco #awasummit #telaviv #serverless
      • @codinghorror: Funny how Android sites have internalized this "only multi core scores now matter" narrative with 1/2 the CPU speed of iOS hardware
      • @sheeshee: deleted all home directories because no separation of "dev" & "production". almost ran a billion euro site into the ground with a bad loop.
      • We have quotes the likes of which even God has never seen! Please click through to ride all of them.

    • The Not Hotdog app on Silicon Valley may be a bit silly, but the story of how they built the real app is one of the best how-tos on building a machine learning app you'll ever read. How HBO’s Silicon Valley built “Not Hotdog” with mobile TensorFlow, Keras & React Native. The initial app was built in a weekend using Google Cloud Platform’s Vision API, and React Native. The final version took months of refinement. â€ŠGoogle Cloud’s Vision API was dropped because its accuracy in recognizing hotdogs was only so-so; it was slow because of the network hit; it cost too much. They ended up using Keras, a deep learning library that provides nicer, easier-to-use abstractions on top of TensorFlow. They used on SqueezeNet due to its explicit positioning as a solution for embedded deep learning. SqueezeNet used only 1.25 million parameters which made training much faster and reduced resource usage on the device. What would they change? timanglade: Honestly I think the biggest gains would be to go back to a beefier, pre-trained architecture like Inception, and see if I can quantize it to a size that’s manageable, especially if paired with CoreML on device. You’d get the accuracy that comes from big models, but in a package that runs well on mobile. And this is really cool: The last production trick we used was to leverage CodePush and Apple’s relatively permissive terms of service, to live-inject new versions of our neural networks after submission to the app store. 

    • And the winner is: all of us. Serverless Hosting Comparison: Lambda: Unicorn: $20,830.83. Heavy: $120.16. Medium: $4.55. Light: $0.00; Azure Functions: Unicorn: $19,993.60. Heavy: $115.40. Moderate: $3.60. Light: $0.00; Cloud Functions: Unicorn: $23,321.20. Heavy: $138.95. Moderate: $9.76. Light: $0.00; OpenWhisk: Unicorn: $21,243.20. Heavy: $120.70. Medium: $3.83. Light: $0.00; Fission.io: depends on the cost of running your managed Kubernetes cloud. 

    • Minds are algorithms made physical. Seeds May Use Tiny “Brains” to Decide When to Germinate: The seed has two hormones: abscisic acid (ABA), which sends the signal to stay dormant, and gibberellin (GA), which initiates germination. The push and pull between those two hormones helps the seed determine just the right time to start growing...According to Ghose, some 3,000 to 4,000 cells make up the Arabidopsis seeds...It turned out that the hormones clustered in two sections of cells near the tip of the seed—a region the researchers propose make up the “brain.” The two clumps of cells produce the hormones which they send as signals between each other. When ABA, produced by one clump, is the dominate hormone in this decision center, the seed stays dormant. But as GA increases, the “brain” begins telling the seed it’s time to sprout...This splitting of the command center helps the seed make more accurate decisions.

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              The Daily Six Pack: July 25, 2014        

    A COLLECTION OF LINKS FOR LOVERS OF I.T. Dirk Strauss . . . . Feature link: Windows Languages How to add a keyboard and write in YOUR language in Windows for free, Scott Hanselman Other 5 big security mistakes coders make, Paul Roberts Microsoft moves Yammer under Office 365, Mary Jo Foley Hackers reveal flaw in [...]

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    Las tabletas y portátiles de Dell orientados al mercado corporativo dispondrán de una capa de protección extra contra hackers con la ayuda de una nueva herramienta que está integrando la compañía en su área de movilidad.
              PSN Not Down For Maintenance Early, Instead Seems DDoS To Blame?        

    Sony's PSN is currently down, reportedly the victim of a DDoS attack by a hacker group.

    The post PSN Not Down For Maintenance Early, Instead Seems DDoS To Blame? was originally written by Lorenzo Winfrey for ZoKnowsGaming.

              Reports: Feds issue alert after adversary breaches power plant business networks        
    Since May, foreign hackers have breached computer networks at 12 or more U.S. power plants, including nuclear facilities, prompting the FBI and DHS to issue an urgent amber warning to utility companies, according to reports.
              Fake news allegedly planted by Russian hackers helped trigger Qatar crisis        
    A controversial report seemingly published last month by Qatar's state news agency may be fake news planted by Russian hackers who allegedly broke into the agency's systems, according to an exclusive CNN report, citing U.S. officials.
              Putin says 'patriotic hackers,' may have interfered in U.S. election        
    "Patriotic hackers," akin to "artists," may have come to the defense of Russia, President Vladmir Putin said at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.
              8/10/2017: ARTS: Hackers lay siege to HBO’s secrets, demand ransom        

    Agroup of hackers posted a fresh cache of stolen HBO files online Monday and demanded a multimillion-dollar ransom from the network to prevent the release of entire television series and other sensitive proprietary files. HBO, which had previously...
              8/10/2017: ARTS: WHY HBO HACKERS DEMANDED BITCOIN        
    The digital currency bitcoin is the payment of choice for HBO’s cyberattackers. Bitcoin allows people to buy goods and services and exchange money without involving banks, credit-card issuers or other third parties. Although bitcoin isn’t widely used,...
              10 Ideias que mostram a Versatilidade da estante de Nichos         
    Todo mundo tá careca de saber que nichos são uma mão na roda pra organizar e decorar a casa,né?Livros se encaixam com perfeição,itens decorativos caem como uma luva e tanto presos na parede ou formando uma estante formam um belo item decorativo.

    Mas esse post é para mostrar que as possibilidades vão além.Essas 10 ideias são de pessoas que arriscaram e pensaram fora da caixa,ou seria fora do nicho? =)
    Do ladinho da cama fica lindo e super funcional.
    Com pezinhos bem estilosos, a estante de nichos virou um barzinho.Sensacional!
    3 Ways to Style and Use Ikea's Kallax (Expedit) Shelf: Media Stand #theeverygirl:
    Como móvel para TV fica um charme também.

    O papel de parede ao fundo da estante dá um efeito muito bacana!
    Nichos são a melhor opção para dividir espaços,principalmente em lugares pequenos.

    DIY Dollhouse Bookcase
    A melhor casinha de boneca ever! <3
    Bench seating EXPEDIT hack
    Essa é uma das minha preferidas porém essa ideia só funciona se a estante for resistente suficiente para suportar o peso de pessoas sentadas,né?
    Na maioria das vezes uma simples estante de nichos é bem mais em conta que móveis feitos para closet.Essas duas ideias são fantásticas para quem quer montar um cantinho para organizar as roupas sem gastar muito.
    Changing Table EXPEDIT hack
    No quarto do bebê para guardar apetrechos e ainda fazer de trocador.
    A primeira imagem é uma ótima ideia para disfarçar a a caixinha de areia do gatinho e a segunda é desconcertante de tão simples .

              Faça você mesmo: 8 Cabeceiras pra deixar a cama linda        
    Essa história de mudança me fez tirar vários projetos da gaveta para enfim colocá-los em prática.Um deles é ter uma cama com a cabeceira mais alta.

    Como eu sei que deve ter muita gente aí querendo dar um up na cama também,vou dividir com vocês algumas das minhas pesquisas. Confiram uma seleção dos tutoriais que achei mais legais :

    Cabeceira rústica de tecido (ou papel adesivo)
    Fiz uma pesquisa rápida e parece que existem aí no Brasil tanto o tecido com estampa de madeira (clique aqui) quanto papel adesivo (clique aqui) com uma estampa parecida com a de cima.

    Cabeceira feita de quadros de tecido e tiras de couro

    Cabeceira mix de materiais (corda+metal)

    Cabeceira super alta de travesseiros
         Tutorial todinho aqui

    Cabeceira de moldura de madeira e corda colorida
    Essa não tem um tutorial bem explicadinho mas vendo a imagem dá pra captar como foi fetito ; os furos na moldura de madeira servem para prender a corda com um nó.Aí é só tensionar bem a corda do outro lado e ir fazendo a teia.Fonte

    Cabeceira escama de tecido
    Tutorial aqui

    Cabeceira estilosa feita de pegboard (placa perfurada)
    Tutorial aqui

    Cabeceira de capachos de borracha
    Essa já apareceu aqui no blog mas merece um replay! Tutorial aqui

    From Jenna Orkin


    From Jenna Orkin

    The Trump-Russia investigation heats up with a call for a grand jury

    Seed: The Untold Story

    The 'hero' hacker who stopped WannaCry was accused of creating the 'Kronos' malware — here's what it is

    China just held a drill to shut down 'harmful' websites as it tightens its grip on the internet

    South Korea's spy agency attempted to rig the 2012 election and is now under investigation
    From the "I'm shocked that there's gambling in this casino" Department.

    Pediatricians are debating whether refusing to vaccinate a child can be construed as 'medical neglect'

    Gulf of Mexico sets a new record for the world's largest 'dead zone'
    Meat industry blamed for largest-ever 'dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico

    Russia Sanctions And The Coming Crackdown On Americans

    Quebec Is "Close To Its Limits" As Refugees Flood Across US-Canada Border

    Trump To Launch Trade War With China On Friday, Beijing Vows Retaliation

    Neuroscientist Shows What Fasting Does To You

    Wikileaks Reveals "Dumbo": Tool That Allows CIA To Shut Down Cameras And Microphones

    From Jenna Orkin

              Hackers 2 – Takedown Operation        

    Hackers 2 – Takedown Operation
    Hackers 2 – Takedown Operation merupakan postingan film kedua yang saya share di blog ini. Film ini tidak jauh berbeda dengan film Hackers 1995 yang pernah saya share juga di blogini . Film tersebut sama-sama menceritakan seorang Hacker dalam melumpuhkan targetnya. Jujur saja saya sangat suka menonton film semacam ini karena sarat akan ilmu tentang teknologi komputer pada zaman tersebut.  Film ini menceritakan tentang kisah nyata seorang Hacker terbaik dunia yaitu Kevin Mitnick yang merupakan salah satu Hacker terbaik dan dikenal sangat hebat untuk memasuki sistem korbannya.

    Date Released : 2000
    Movie Quality : BRRip 720p
    Starring : Skeet Ulrich, Russell Wong and Tom Berenger
    Rating : 6.1/10 from 4,389 users
    Genre : Action | Crime | Drama
    Format : Avi

    Password Download  :  ashtho

    Download | Hacker 2 – Takedown Operation
    Download | Subtitle Hacker 2 – Takedown Operation