Chemical Dependency Care Coordinator        
WA-Bremerton, Chemical Dependency Care Coordinator Provide administration & support for Chemical Dependency prog including patient case mgmt. Coordinate services & perform admin functions related to STR Hub & Spoke Grant. Assist in activities related to projects in support of program goals. Bachelor's deg in related field. Min 5 yrs exp in Chemical Dependency Counseling health care setting pref. Required: Licen
          Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) partners with Mumbai Dabbawala Association (MDA)        

Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) partners with Mumbai Dabbawala Association (MDA)

~A culturally enriching and riveting morning hosted by Malaysian Palm Oil Council with the Dabbawalas of Mumbai~

by Shrutee K/DNS

Mumbai, August 8, 2017 : In April 2017 in conjunction with the visit to India of the Hon. Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato Sri’ Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) signed a MoU with Mumbai Dabbawala Association (MDA). Taking this MoU forward, on the morning of August 8th, MPOC and Mumbai Dabbawalas flagged off an event to create awareness for Malaysian Palm Oil and its benefits.

The event took place at the Lower Parel Bridge, where Dabbawalas wore the T-shirts and topis branded with MPOC message. They then delivered the dabbas carrying a booklet of recipes of dishes that can be cooked in palm oil and the benefits of using palm oil. The Dabbawalas are in a unique position to promote MPOC and raise awareness to the positive nutritional attributes of Malaysian Palm Oil. This becomes particularly useful in Indian cuisine as most dishes are cooked in oil. Substituting for a healthier oil can do no harm, besides besides providing the added bonus of eating delicious food cooked in a healthy oil that is nutritious for the body.

To kick off this event, Dr. Kalyana Sundaram, CEO of MPOC, was present, encouraging the use of palm oil and showing appreciation to our Dabbawalas for their exceptional work. The morning was most enjoyable, entertaining and culturally riveting as some of Maharashtra’s best dancers performed the traditional Lezim Dance, a true delight to have watched! For those unaware of the Lezim Dance, it is a Maharashtrian folk dance performed to the beat of the Dholki, a percussion instrument.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Kalyan Sundaram, CEO, MPOC, said, “It gives me immense pleasure to be here this morning. Dabbawalas have been an integral part of this city and they define what Indians stand for: hardworking, responsible and efficient. They work relentlessly with a smile on their face, be it rain or storm. Malaysian Palm Oil has been a very important part of the Indian diet and with this unique initiative we wish to create awareness for this wonderful oil and its several health benefits. Our association with the Mumbai Dabbawalas allows us to spread the message of healthy cooking to a large number of households and encourages a healthier cooking lifestyle”

Mr. Subhash Talekar, Association Spokesperson of Mumbai Dabbawala Association said “We Dabbawalas unfailingly deliver thousands of dabbas to hungry people daily, they are undoubtedly the best people to directly reach out to households and create awareness about palm oil and the health benefits of using it. This is a very exciting new chapter, and we are glad to be partnering with MPOC.”

India is the world’s largest importer of cooking oils. Palm oil constitutes about two-thirds of India’s steadily increasing vegetable oil import. The price, in comparison to competing oils and the proximity of origin, Malaysia, has made Malayisan Palm Oil a highly preferred oil. Now the Dabawallas have taken it upon themselves, with the help of MPOC, to inform families about the benefits of palm oil and how exquisite food can be cooked in palm oil in alternative to other vegetable oils.

Amongst some of the benefits we came to learn about during the event was that palm oil is rich in natural chemical compounds essential for health and nutrition. It has a rich source of carotenoids that are rich in Vitamin A, a potent natural antioxidant, Vitamins D, E, K, fatty acids, and other important fat-soluble micronutrients that boost the human immune system. The health benefits from using palm oil are tremendous - it reduces chances of Cancer, protects against heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and helps children with Vitamin A deficiency.

The oil is great for cooking; it is of vegetable origin, making it free of cholesterol and apt for vegetarians, vegans, and Jains. Furthermore, the oil has a neutral flavor - you needn’t worry about changing tastes, it does not oxidize easily – making it perfect for frying food, and produces less gummy materials and helps in the cooking area maintaining a non-greasy surface; so, most bakers prefer to use a palm-based margarine for baking goods.

With people now more conscious about their health and food habits, palm oil is definitely the healthier choice to make whilst cooking and a step towards healthier bodies and practices.  What better way to create awareness than directly reaching out to the households through our Dabbawalas.

Note to Editors:
MPOC is a Council under the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities of Malaysia.  Its role is to promote the market expansion of Malaysian palm oil and its products by enhancing the image of palm oil and creating better acceptance of palm oil through awareness of various technological and economic advantages (techno-economic advantages) and environmental sustainability.

The Council has set up a network of ten offices all over the world, mainly in China (Shanghai), India (Mumbai), Pakistan (Lahore), Bangladesh (Dhaka), Middle East (Istanbul and Cairo), Europe (Brussels and Russia), Africa (Durban) and Americas (Washington DC)  to support, promote and venture into new areas for the industry.

The plantation industry, particularly palm oil, is one of the main pillars of the Malaysian economy.  The palm oil sector has contributed significantly towards providing a continuous inflow of export earnings through the export of raw commodity and valued-added products to the global market. In 2016, palm oil contributed USD 9 billion in export earnings for Malaysia and accounted for 33% of the world’s palm oil production and 39% of total palm oil exports.

          Removal of CO2 from a submersible atmosphere by scrubbing with water:Experiments in a single column        
Kolaczkowski, S., Awdry, S., Le, C., Nuckols, M. L., Smith, T. and Thomas, D., 2015. Removal of CO2 from a submersible atmosphere by scrubbing with water:Experiments in a single column. Chemical Engineering Research & Design, 100, 157 - 169.
          Protecting Our Houses of Worship: Guest Column by Security Expert / Retired NYPD Detective Sergeant         


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Integrated Security Services

  • According to the Washington Post, “it’s been a bad 2017 for Jews.” During the month of January, 48 bomb threats were called in to Jewish community centers across the country. Also last month, a neo-Nazi made national news by promising to hold a march in Whitefish, Montana to intimidate the town’s small Jewish population.

    This, of course, was followed by another unprecedented press conference by our President during which two reporters were moved to ask Mr. Trump about the rise in anti-Semitism. Many of us were aghast at the President’s rude and dismissive response, and his unwillingness to address the question seriously. The fact is, the country is experiencing an alarming increase of anti-Semitic incidents, and this has been trending upward since 2015. A security report issued by the Department of Homeland Security on protecting houses of worship stated that the United States has approximately 345,000 religious congregations representing 230 denominational groups and roughly 150 million members. Despite being sanctuaries from the troubles of the world, houses of worship have also been targets as violence has spiked across the country in recent years. The killing of nine people at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina was the largest mass shooting in a house of worship since 1991, when nine people were shot at the Wat Promkunaram Buddhist temple in Waddell, Arizona, northwest of Phoenix.

    [Under relentless pressure, the President subsequently denounced anti-Semitism.]

  • Empathy and action: Muslims unite to help fix vandalized Jewish cemeteries

  • The intent of this column is to generate awareness and provide a short guide which contains security practices for religious institutions, parishioners and our non religious communities to help deter threats, mitigate hazards and risks, and minimize the damage caused by an incident in or around a house of worship, including mass casualty events.

    I preface with the word “short” because there is a wide range of methods from programmatic and procedural considerations to technological enhancements that religious facilities and their leadership may consider implementing based upon the most likely threats to their facilities and their available resources. Basic security principals would suggest taking a blended approach to security and safety with the goal of hardening the facility to deter, detect and/or delay a criminal occurrence before it happens. The next steps are equally important and this is where lives are saved and mass casualties are reduced. Selecting the appropriate response to a threat or armed intrusion will help facilitate a safe transition into an effective recovery and restoration of services mode.

    Identifying Your Threats & Vulnerabilities

    Identifying and evaluating a known or potential threat to a given facility is the first step of a security assessment. The results of which will guide the process of developing a security plan. A proper readiness plan will aim to deter a threat or mitigate a threat by reducing the religious facility’s vulnerability to those threats.

    Natural Hazards vs. Targeted Violence

    As stated before, all life safety solutions should be designed using a blended approach to managing risk. Protecting a religious facility means your emergency management plan(s) must address an all-hazard approach to both natural hazards, e.g., infectious diseases and illnesses, fire, and seismic and weather-related events (hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods) as well as targeted attacks. Spontaneous and pre-planned attacks are likely to occur by individual(s) who use firearms; improvised explosive devices (IEDs); vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs); chemical, biological, or radiological attacks; or arson in order to inflict a number of casualties and damage to religious facilities.

    Protective Measures

    As previously mentioned earlier, a house of worship environment is managed by creating layers of protective measures in collaboration with state and local partners that allow religious institutions to deter, detect and delay threats. These layers also allow an institution to consider a threat as soon as possible and to more effectively respond to, further deter, eliminate or mitigate that threat.

    • Technological sensors such as CCTV surveillance cameras or alarms (fire, smoke, wind, and intrusion detection) will trigger informed decision-making.

    • Barriers, such as locked doors or fixed barriers or uniform security personnel should be in place to deter or delay a threat and afford more time for effective decision making.

    • Having the correct inbound and outbound communication network in place will influence a number key decisions. Time, or the lack of time, is a principle disrupter of effective decision-making. Sound communication strategies such as emergency email blasts, voice activated alert systems, and silent alert systems help to improve response to and during a crisis. An effective communication protocol should expand the window of time available to leaders to make sound decisions.

    Additional Measures to Consider:

    • Reporting Procedures

    • Establishing Collaborative Planning Teams

    • Starting an Emergency Operations Plan

    • Define Roles and Responsibilities

    • Notification Procedures

    • Evacuation Lockdown and Shelter‐In‐Place Policies and Procedures

    • Plans for Diverse Needs of Children and Staff

    • Necessary Equipment and Supplies

    • Common Vocabulary

    • Emergency Drills

    Call us at (212) 808-4153, or write us to tell what you think or how we can be of more assistance and remember, always dial 911 first in an emergency!

  • Integrated Security Services

  • About Alan Schissel

  • Cool Justice Editor’s Note: By way of disclosure, Cool Justice is an occasional denizen of Integrated’s Hartford office and once in a while even does a little work …


  • Hartford PI Stars in Network Real-Life Manhunt Show

  •           Resistance at Standing Rock: Dispatches from the Front Lines        


  • Water Protector Legal Collective Files Suit for Excessive Force against Peaceful Protesters

  • Veterans to Serve as ‘Human Shields’ for Dakota Pipeline Protesters

  • Oceti Sakowin encampment on Oct. 6, 2016. The proper name for the people commonly known as the Sioux is Oceti Sakowin, (Och-et-eeshak-oh-win) meaning Seven Council Fires.

    Story and Photos by John Briggs

    Cool Justice Editor's Note: OK to repost, courtesy of John Briggs and The Cool Justice Report.

    Corporate – Government Alliance Versus the American People

    Native Americans from tribes across the country have gathered on the windswept plains of North Dakota to pray with Mother Earth to keep the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) from pumping 500,000 gallons of oil a day beneath the Missouri River. The natives know the pipeline will most certainly leak or break, as have most U.S. pipelines, fouling the water for the Great Sioux Nation and 18 million non-Natives downstream.

    The standoff -- which began in April -- continues as a new U.S. administration ascends to power with a president-elect who campaigned denying human-caused climate change and threatening the Paris Climate accords. This remains the overriding reality despite a mini walk back by Donald Trump pledging an open mind to The New York Times this week.

    Standing Rock illuminates the brazen alliance that has developed between corporate and government interests. Viewed from the front lines, the law has been turned into a fig leaf for repression and suppression. Only the discipline and spiritual clarity of the water protectors and the native elders has kept people from being killed or seriously injured since April when the movement began.

    The fused police-DAPL force is doing everything it can to incite a violent reaction from the resisters so as to crack down, clear the camps, imprison, or even gun down the natives. More than one commentator has found the atmosphere at Standing Rock similar to what led to the Wounded Knee massacre in 1890 when 300 Sioux were murdered by government troops who mistook their prayerful Ghost Dance for a war dance.

    A great deal is at issue at Standing Rock. The Sioux and their numerous native and non-native allies face a militarized force whose composition tells us something dark about the complex façade that U.S. democracy has become and suggests the proto-fascist zombi lurking beneath. More deeply, Standing Rock also emblemizes a struggle that is taking place at this moment in human history between two distinct modes of human consciousness.

    One mode is the familiar anthropocentric (human-centered) consciousness that the dominant culture most of us were born into favors—a consciousness that assumes reality is a collection of objects to be extracted, owned, and branded. Humans are the focus of this consciousness, meaning that our concerns about climate change focus primarily on the fate of our own species.

    Distinct from this anthropocentric mind-set is a second, ancient and spiritual mode of awareness that understands that the earth and its landscapes are not objects; they are relationships, including the tangle of relationships that gave us birth. This ancient mode of consciousness is potential in everyone, but for most it has been buried beneath the piles of conceptual objects that we have come to believe constitute our reality.

    The Indigenous Peoples gathered at Standing Rock are guided by this ancient, holistic, earth-mind consciousness, and so they understand that humans are not the most valuable living objects on the planet: we are not in control of the planet; it is not our job to manage nature; rather, our sacred task is to work with Mother Earth and other beings as members of Earth’s family. If we don’t, Mother Earth will make us face this spiritual truth one way or another.

    Guided by their ancient, earth-mind awareness, Native Americans have taken up a role as “water protectors.” “Mni Wiconi, Water is Life” is the slogan of the Standing Rock movement.

    Every day scores of Sioux from North Dakota, South Dakota and nearby states, along with Paiute, Shoshoni, Diné, and a sampling of other Natives from the 300 or so tribes whose flags fly at the Standing Rock encampments set out to pipeline construction sites in a convoy to engage in “actions” on the “front lines.”

    There the protectors sing and pray in the face of physical harassment and arrests by heavily armed police fused with a corporate security force.

    DAPL and their overlord company, Energy Transfer Partners, have lavished campaign contributions on politicians in North Dakota and the U.S. Congress so that they could use the state’s eminent domain powers to force purchase of land for the pipeline all across North Dakota, beginning in the Bakken fields in the northwest corner of the state where the fracked crude oil is extracted. Similar eminent domain arrangements were achieved in other states through which the 1,200-mile line traverses before reaching a river port in Illinois. The company promised Congress and the public that the pipeline would carry oil for 100 percent domestic use only, but it is clear from reporting done by the website The Intercept that the oil will be sold on international markets.

  • Though Promised for Domestic Use, Dakota Access Pipeline May Fuel Oil Exports

  • The DAPL line, now virtually complete except for permission from the Army Corps of Engineers to fill in the link that crosses under the Missouri River, passes just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and Cannon Ball, North Dakota. The DAPL construction runs through sacred burial and archeological grounds that the Lakota people were given free access to by treaties with the U.S. Government in the 19th Century. In mounting their resistance to the pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux have been turned into “trespassers on their own land.”

    In late August, the tribe’s lawyers filed a stop work petition in federal court detailing areas where sacred sites would be disturbed if construction continued on its planned trajectory. The federal judge routinely forwarded a copy of the filing to DAPL. Over Labor Day weekend, when the company would not have been expected to work, pipeline crews leapfrogged to the disputed sacred and preemptively bulldozed them under. Too late, the judge granted the Sioux an emergency restraining order, but, then in a curious move, allowed construction in some areas where sacred sites have been discovered. DAPL has ignored a request from the Obama administration not to work in buffer areas on either side of the river. No fines have been imposed for intentionally bulldozing the disputed sacred sites.

  • The Legal Case for Blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline

  • Burial ground at center of police confrontations is known historical site

  • In recent live-stream videos from the front lines, DAPL-police snipers can be seen perched on top of a sacred mound called Turtle Island, their high-powered rifle crosshairs trained on the water protectors who are standing in prayer in the frigid lake below.

    North Dakota wants the federal government to pick up the tab for the massive expenditures required to keep the Native Americans under their guns. Alternatively, the CEO of Energy Transfers, Kelcy Warren, has offered to pick up the millions-of-dollars tab.

  • ETP CEO Kelcy Warren Says They Have Offered to Pay Protest Related Expenses

  • Native media have documented that DAPL has already been supplying military-style equipment, drones, armored vehicles, riot gear, water canons, concussion grenades and other armaments. The tax-payer-funded and corporate-sponsored front lines phalanx is led by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, which has local jurisdiction, reinforced by North Dakota State Troopers, North Dakota National Guard units, sheriffs and police from six nearby states—all interpenetrated by DAPL security (while the FBI lurks in the background). A contingent of Hennepin County, Minnesota, Sheriffs’ Deputies were recalled following protests back home. Residents in the state of Ohio are writing letters and calling legislators to express their distress that their law enforcement has been enlisted into this repressive force.

  • Hennepin Co. sheriff's deputies leave Standing Rock protest

  • Native media’s live stream videos show DAPL security teams in mirror-visor helmets and black ops body armor with no identification, mingling with the police, sometimes directing them when and who to mace or pepper spray. They point out media making video for arrest. The big fossil fuel company evidently has plenty of experience dealing with protestors around the world. In their blank, reflecting visors we can see the soulless Darth Vader face of the government-corporate proto-fascist state the U.S. is becoming.

    Of course, this struggle with the Wasi’chu (Lakota word for the white man, meaning literally “takes too much”) is an old story for Native-Americans. In the 18th and 19th centuries it took the form of the Sioux nations trying to hold back the tsunami of colonizers flooding into their ancestral lands, occupying and despoiling them. The big difference now is that the fire-power of the state (think Custer’s 7th Cavalry or present day militarized police) has been fused with vast profit centers dependent for their existence on plundering the earth in the name of energy-squandering lifestyle survival.

    The provocations the water protectors endure take many forms. There is the psychological pressure of constant surveillance: the heavy police presence on the roads around tribal and reservation lands, the DPLA helicopter and a small plane that circle constantly above the encampments; there is the Bureau of Indian Affairs station set up on a knoll to suck out data from the cell phones of anyone in the area. There is the pepper spraying and tasing of water protectors who are praying. There is the more recent blasting of the protectors with freezing water canons in sub zero weather. There is the constant threat of weapons pointed at them. One twitching trigger finger could set off a slaughter.

    The water protectors are unarmed. The resistance movement does not allow guns in the encampments. One day, at one of the front line actions, an armed man showed up with a pistol and began firing. Possibly he was paid by DAPL to create an incident. The Natives are aware of paid provocateurs or agitators passing through the camps, pulling dirty tricks, looking to start something. Antimedia reported about the man with the gun: “According to an official statement from the tribe, the man fired several shots from his gun before being peacefully apprehended by tribal police. Witnesses at the scene say he pointed his gun at several protesters. The man was clearly trying to provoke violence that could later be used to demonize protesters who have so far remained peaceful.”

    The news site added, “The Morton County Sheriff’s Department circulated a false report claiming the man was shot, presumably by protesters… [As images show], the man was not harmed. The Sheriff’s Department has since retracted that report. Anti-Media’s attempts to obtain clarifying comments from Morton County Sheriffs were ignored.”

  • Dakota Access Caught Infiltrating Protests to Incite Violence, Funding Trolls Online

  • On a hill overlooking Oceti Sakowin, the largest of the Standing Rock encampments, an old army tent houses the field office of the rotating teams of lawyers who come to Standing Rock to help out. They use donations made to the resistance to bail out protectors who have been arrested; they try to negotiate with the police so the protectors can be allowed to pray. The constant arrests on trumped-up charges are an ongoing harassment—people maced or beaten, violently thrown to the ground and zip-tied. Often activists are charged with trespass and “riot” on the Morton County Sheriff’s novel legal theory that if several people are arrested for trespass that must signify that they were engaged in a riot.

    All this naturally requires court time and money to defend, incarceration in usually unpleasant conditions, including dog kennels. (Though the white allies who are arrested seem to get better treatment.)

    Arrests are to be expected as a consequence of civil disobedience. But some arrests are directed at chilling speech. One lawyer who came to Standing Rock from the Oregon-based Civil Liberties Defense Center, an activist defense nonprofit primarily involved in climate protests, told Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks Network that often after the day’s action was over, police would stop the last cars in the caravan. They would then make “snatch and grab” arrests, impounding the cars of people who had come to support the water protectors but had no expectation that they’d be arrested when the action was over and the police told them to leave. They have to pay heavy fines ($900) to get their cars back. She said the arrests and impoundment fines for their cars are unlawful. “The intention with those types of actions is to scare out-of-towners from being comfortable coming to these actions. So they’re trying to chill the rights of others to come and participate in these protests.”

  • Environmental Lawyer Explains Standing Rock Legal Issues

  • The authorities regularly characterize the natives as terrorists, and local radio spreads false rumors of farm animals being slaughtered and stolen, reported vandalism—the kind of thing you would expect from psychologically projected homesteader fears about savage Indians of earlier centuries.

    Yes, Magazine on Oct. 31 reported: “The county sheriff is claiming the water protectors were violent and that police were stopping a riot. But hours of live video feed from people caught in the confrontation showed instead a military-style assault on unarmed people: police beating people with batons, police with assault rifles, chemical mace, guns firing rubber bullets and beanbag rounds, tasers.”

  • Why Police From 7 Different States Invaded a Standing Rock Camp—and Other Questions

  • The UN has sent human rights observers. According to Salon, Nov. 16, 2016: “The U.N. special rapporteur said that American law enforcement officials, private security firms and the North Dakota National Guard have used unjustified force against protesters.

    “ ‘This is a troubling response to people who are taking action to protect natural resources and ancestral territory in the face of profit-seeking activity,’ [Maina] Kiai [U.N. special rapporteur] said in his statement, which was issued by the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights and was endorsed by several other U.N. experts.

  • Native Americans facing excessive force in North Dakota pipeline protests – UN expert

  • “At least 400 activists have been detained and often have been held in ‘inhuman and degrading conditions in detention,’ Kiai added. Some indigenous protesters have said they were treated like animals and even held in dog kennels.

  • Dakota pipeline protesters say they were detained in dog kennels; 268 arrested in week of police crackdown

  • “ ‘Marking people with numbers and detaining them in overcrowded cages, on the bare concrete floor, without being provided with medical care, amounts to inhuman and degrading treatment,’ the U.N. expert said.

    “ ‘The excessive use of State security apparatus to suppress protest against corporate activities that are alleged to violate human rights is wrong,’ he continued, noting that it violates U.N. guidelines on business and human rights.

    “Amnesty International USA, which has repeatedly criticized authorities for not respecting the rights of protesters, issued another statement on Tuesday noting that U.S. authorities had put up roadblocks to prevent journalists and human rights observers from documenting the protests and the official response.”

  • U.N. experts call for halt in Dakota Access pipeline, blast “excessive force” against protesters

  • Living on Earth reporter Sandy Tolan reflected: “You know, at times I felt I was back reporting in the West Bank, and not the Northern Plains…”

  • Standing With the Standing Rock Sioux

  • The Bundy crew was the cowboys, not the Indians

    Compare the government response at Standing Rock with the response occasioned by Ammon Bundy and his gang of armed militants when they occupied Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for over a month in January 2016. Imagine if the Bundy gang had been pepper sprayed, beaten, hit with water cannon, tased. But the Bundy crew were taking over the refuge to proclaim their belief that public lands should be given free to the profit-making private ranching business. In other words, the Bundy crew was the cowboys, not the Indians.

    The mainstream corporate media has largely ignored the stand-off at Standing Rock. Rallies have taken place around the world at places like Tokyo, Stockholm, and Auckland, but the sad truth is many foreigners have heard more about Standing Rock than Americans have. Not surprising. The news editors, working for corporate media conglomerates, choose what they believe we should know and what fits the larger corporate agenda, and so they devote massively more play to Brad Pitt, to the gossipy politics of who’s-on-first, and to whatever the latest glittering consumer thing is than they do to climate change and issues highlighted by the poor and the powerless, like Standing Rock. What coverage that does exist is usually cursory and misleading.

    Fortunately, alternative media have been on the scene and active at Standing Rock. As someone who taught journalism for more nearly 20 years, it has been refreshing for me to see what the alternative press is accomplishing.

    Amy Goodman of the webcast Democracy Now brought the prayer-resistance movement to national attention over the summer. She was arrested and charged with riot in absentia for her live reports of water protectors being set upon by dogs. The charge was later dismissed in court.

    Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks Network has done searching interviews and incisive commentary from the scene.

    But my absolute favorite news source at Standing Rock is Myron Dewey’s Digital Smoke Signals. Dewey does updates every day, which he posts on Facebook. I highly recommend anyone who has a Facebook account to “follow” him. I went to Standing Rock on Oct. 4-11 with two friends and I have since been able to keep up with developments on the ground through Dewey’s Facebook broadcasts. He posts live stream unedited clips that constitute what he calls an ongoing “documentation” of what is happening day-to-day at the movement.

    Here is Dewey at night standing on a hillside next to the Oceti Sakowin encampment. His face appears in the glow of his screen. Then he’s panning and zooming in on a large grassfire as he’s telling us about it. His finger appears in the screen and points out where the fire started. He says the helicopter which constantly circulates over the camp suddenly disappeared 20 minutes before they saw the first flames. He zooms to the area where he and the person he is with first spotted the fire. He says, “It looked like someone using a drip torch.” He says they called 911, but it’s been over an hour and the Morton County Fire Department hasn’t shown up. He tells the people in the camp, his audience, not to worry, though. It looks like the fire was started by DAPL employees to scare them or hurt them. But the Oceti Sakowin is full of Indians who supplement their income by wild-land firefighting, work that also benefits Mother Earth; he mentions that he is himself a “hotshot” firefighter [one of the elite crews]. He and his fellow firefighters can tell by the wind direction that the fire won’t harm the camp.

    Now here’s Dewey on a bright morning walking along the road by Oceti Sakowin. A young man appears on screen, and Dewey asks him who he is and why he’s here. He’s from the Paiute nation. “I’m here to protect the water,” he says. Dewey asks him to sing a Paiute song. The young man closes his eyes and sings.

    In another nighttime broadcast find we ourselves looking through a car windshield, headlights illuminating the highway, centerlines whizzing by. We hear voices talking in the backseat. The car drives on and on. We’re just watching the road. Then ahead is a police roadblock. The police van looms. Dewey gets out with his camera and calls over to the officers, asks them where they’re from, inquires about where the road blocks are, what are the open routes. At one level it’s a mundane exchange between a citizen and police, but you experience the edginess of the situation. More deeply, you feel the riskiness and pathos that is involved any human interaction. Dewey firmly exercises his right to have these protect-and-serve police respond to him civilly; he is cordial and respectful in a way that reinforces to them and to his viewers that he is after all not their enemy but a fellow human being. Dewey asks more questions and the lead officer says he doesn’t want to be filmed; Dewey offers to turn his camera away from them and onto himself. The distant officers disappear from the screen and Dewey’s face fills it. The contact officer walks nearer; we can hear his voice. Dewey can’t resist a joke, though. He asks the officer if he’s sure he doesn’t want to become famous by putting his face on Dewey’s screen? You realize these are just guys doing their job. Dewey understands that, but he also wants to educate them about the water protectors’ mission. He never misses an opportunity to educate his adversary, as well as his own people about the larger dimensions of the Standing Rock resistance. When he gets back in the car, someone in the back seat says “Let’s get out of here; this is enemy territory.” Dewey laughs, turning the car around, “It’s not enemy territory.”

    I believe you learn more about Standing Rock by watching Dewey’s unedited video than you ever could from watching any number of dramatically produced, commercially constricted reports on CNN, complete with the drumb-drumb latest crisis theme music.

    Dewey explains to his viewers that what they’re seeing is a “documentation” that’s not edited. “It’s not scripted. It’s not acted out.”

    After a month of watching Dewey’s daily reports I realize more fully than I ever have before how ghastly and vacuous mainstream news reporting is: a production where facts have been emptied of the humanity of real encounters, replaced by the shallow performances of reporters and news sources, slick, clichéd phrasing, behavior slotted into ready made categories, events analyzed and even predigested. The news about reality comes to us compartmentalized in trays like tasteless microwave dinners. Rarely is the reader or viewer allowed to simply experience the event unfolding through the reporter’s eyes or camera. The stories are crafted and slickly packaged. Their very polish and stimulating presentation sabotages their meaning and replaces it with a meaningless, artificial understanding.

    Note that I am not saying that the news these days is politically biased. Some obviously is, but the left or right bias charge is a serious red herring, a mis-direction. In fact, in mainstream media’s very effort to appear neutral and unbiased means events are chopped up and pieced together to fit the templates of a few hackneyed forms of storytelling: the winner-loser story, the conflict story, the individual overcoming obstacles story, the facing bad choices stories, he-said, she-said stories, scandal stories, hypocrisy stories. You’ve seen them all, repeatedly.

    Most of these templates come plated with a cynicism, skepticism, superiority, or sentimentality that grabs our attention by adding a dash of disgust. The current journalistic manner of telling stories reduces and dismisses the story in a way that sometimes makes the commercials and pop-up ads come as a relief. None of the common journalistic templates or attitude has much to do with real life as it’s lived in the moment. It’s not what people really experience in their lives. Instead, it’s how they’ve been conditioned to wrap up experience afterward in a dramatized way that leaches out the nuance, that leaves out the moment-to-moment uncertainty, or as the Lakota call it, the Wakan, the deep mystery of relationships that permeates every event. And that’s what Dewey’s broadcasts have in abundance. You get to see him interacting with the people who show up on his screen. You get to feel his humanity and the mystery of everyday relationships taking place at Standing Rock that he brings to light. It’s certainly not dramatic or melodramatic. It’s not interesting or stimulating in the usual way. It does seem really important.

    So when Dewey sits in his parked car and does an update video on “10 things to know about DAPL” (Nov. 18, 2016), there’s no editing and no script, meaning that you get to see him thinking through what those top 10 things might be. Some points he makes are incisive and comic, others not so much. But the not-so-much ones can lead you to thinking about gray areas, the imprecise observations we all make. He asks a guy who just got in the car to help out with his list and the guy, William Hawk Birdshead, goes immediately serious on him until Dewey says, “I was trying to keep it light.” So the Birdshead says, “Laughter is good medicine.” Suddenly they’re off. Dewey mimics the shifty-eyed look of the FBI guys lurking around the area and denying they are FBI, the DAPL security characters trying to look all steely and tough. We learn that in the encampments they say that “DAPL dresses up like Ninja Turtles.” You can tell that it’s DAPL undercover because those guys never drive rez cars, which are rusted and dented. Nobody is spared. Dewey describes the water protectors just arriving from California as dudes who’ve “got their animal spirits on… They’re all furred up. They’re coming in all mystical and crystals.” He and his buddy laugh, which Dewey says is laughter “in a good way,” because the whole thing going on at Standing Rock is deadly serious but you need laughter, because that’s good medicine for healing. And healing and praying are about “getting reconnected with the Earth.”

    This points to a major difference between anthropocentric prayer as most of us know it and earth-mind prayer. In the prayer that most people are familiar with, an individual seeks intercession for human needs with a transcendent being. The Native prayer is about healing not getting. The prayer is a community ceremony or song or ritual to maintain or restore the balance between and among beings, both animate and inanimate. Prayer is to all my relatives, all my relations, the birds, the water, the wind, the buffalo, my family, even those who oppose me as enemies. Mitakuye Oyasin is an important Lakota phrase that means “all my relations.” When you’re watching a Dewey update from Standing Rock you’re experiencing Mitakuye Oyasin in action. It’s newscasting as a kind of prayer, in the earth-mind sense. Whether he’s engaging in laughter or educating about the spiritual importance of water, you can see that what he’s getting at is healing relationships. Watching and listening, you get to be part of that healing.

    What Dewey does goes way beyond advocacy journalism.

    Our traveling companion for our visit to Standing Rock, Lakota elder Tiokasin Ghosthorse, also provides a good way to keep up with developments through the interviews he conducts for his weekly syndicated broadcast from WPKN in Bridgeport Conn. and WBAI in New York City. On Oct. 31, 2016, Tiokasin interviewed a young man who was seized on Oct. 27 when a frontline camp was destroyed by police. Trenton Joseph Castillas Bakeberg, in the bloodline of Crazy Horse, was praying in a sweat lodge when the militarized police swept through the camp. They yanked him out of the sweat lodge and arrested him. The young water protector told Tiokasin:

    “I pray that we’ll be able to keep a state of prayer and peace, as we have been… Although there’s some people on our side are more likely to tend toward violence. But there’s also people on our side to stop them. Don’t start a fight. That’s what it’s all about, keeping it peaceful because the elders told us in the beginning that all it takes is one single act of violence, one person attacking a police officer and they’ll unleash the fear on all of us. This wrath that we have with our military overseas, we’re beginning to see it now in the heart of our own country. All for the greed and the corporate interests of this government. They say we’re a democracy but it’s not showing anymore. The people didn’t want this pipeline, but this foreign entity that they call a corporation, Energy Transfers, is saying, we don’t care. We want this money. We need this for economic stability of the country and that somehow trumps the interests of our communities and our nation as a whole….We’re standing up to this corporate machine with prayer and love.”

  • Forcibly removed from prayer at Standing Rock

  • Against a heavily armed, corporatized democracy designed to ensure that only powerful business and political elites rule the land and possess the wealth of its objects, the Native-American people at Standing Rock stand in defense of Mother Earth armed with songs, prayers, and an understanding that Earth’s objects are us, and we are them. They are our relatives. It seems better armament than most of us Wasi’shu possess. Webster defines fascism as “a political system headed by a dictator in which the government controls business and labor and opposition is not permitted.” It’s an incendiary word, and readers might think ill of me for introducing it here. Certainly we are not a fascist state yet. But for the prayer-resistance at Standing Rock, the clear alliance between corporate and government interests to quell their opposition under color of the law has a fascist flavor.

    It should not surprise anyone that the new US president reportedly holds stocks that directly fund the Dakota Access Pipeline and that the DAPL CEO Kelcy Warren gave the Trump campaign a substantial donation.

  • Trump's Personal Investments Ride on Completion of Dakota Access Pipeline

  • This is how the proto-fascism works. Ironically (or perhaps absurdly), Trump may have been elected by people hoping he would somehow counter the tightening grip of multinational corporations on their lives. One might wish for that to happen.

    At a deep level, Standing Rock may suggest that such absurdities as a Trump presidency occur because our mode of consciousness is impaired or inadequate to the situation it has created on our planet at this historical time. Too many of us have gone dead to the natural world we come from. Our obsessive anthropocentric mode of consciousness has reduced nature and reality at large to a bunch of things we have names for—things that feed our greed. Fortunately, many Indigenous people have retained an acute and ancient consciousness that we are those rocks and trees and clouds, and birds and water that we see outside our windows, and that restoring our relationships with them is incumbent on us.

    John Briggs is emeritus distinguished Professor of Writing and Aesthetics from Western Connecticut State University. He was the English Department’s journalism coordinator for 18 years and was one of the founders of Western’s Department of Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process. He is the author of several well-known books on chaos theory, fractals and creativity. He lives in the hilltown of Granville, Mass., where served as a Selectman for five years and as reserve police officer for 10 years.

    When people at Standing Rock talk about the black snake they mean the pipeline, referring to an old Sioux legend about a black snake that will threaten the end of the world. The Lakota prophet Black Elk said that in the seventh generation, the Sioux tribes would unite to save the world.

    Media covering the Standing Rock resistance movement:

  • Digital Smoke Signals

  • Myron Dewey, Facebook

  • The Antimedia

  • Democracy Now

  • The Intercept

  • The Guardian

  • Censored News

  • Unicorn Riot

  • Living on Earth

  • The Indigenous Environmental Network

  • Status of Standing Rock court claim

  •           Burn After Reading        

    Who’s Who
    What’s What

    In the World of CIA Fronts, Partners, Proprietaries & Contractors


    The Almost Classified Guide to CIA Front Companies, Proprietaries & Contractors
    ISBN: 978-1-365-11196-9

    Cool Justice Editor's Note: Following are excerpts from author Madsen's introduction and the body of the work. Additional suggested reading: News story about Madsen's book via the Washington, D.C. based Justice Integrity Project [link at the bottom of this post].


    From the Introduction

    One of the most pervasive uses of companies as intelligence partners was under the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD. During the Cold War, the CIA, often with the approval of corporate executives, infiltrated their agents to work as journalists in newspapers, radio and television networks, wire services, and magazines. The following pages in this book are rife with examples of this penetration of the Fourth Estate – all too many in the opinion of this journalist. The CIA admitted to at least 400 journalists on the agency’s payroll at the height of MOCKINGBIRD. The CIA traditionally understates its capabilities, especially when its covert activities become publicly known. Moreover, the end of the Cold War did not stop the practice of the CIA in infiltrating the media and slant news reports to its wishes.


    An insightful look behind the veils of secrecy into the CIA’s use of fronts, proprietaries, and partners calls into question the purpose of the CIA. Created by President Harry S Truman to serve as a central collector and repository of intelligence, the CIA became much more than that. A few weeks after the United States witnessed the assassination of President Kennedy in the middle of downtown Dallas, Truman penned an op-ed piece that appeared in several newspapers around the country. In it, Truman shared his regret for having created the CIA in 1947:

    “I think it has become necessary to take another look at the purpose and operations of our Central Intelligence Agency—CIA . . . For some time I have been disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government. This has led to trouble and may have compounded our difficulties in several explosive areas.

    "I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations. Some of the complications and embarrassment I think we have experienced are in part attributable to the fact that this quiet intelligence arm of the President has been so removed from its intended role that it is being interpreted as a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue.”


    The 21st century’s CIA’s partners are more likely to be found among high-tech companies marketing the latest and greatest mobile applications and data mining programs than among banks, law offices, and advertising agencies. However, in the post-World War II era, the CIA’s top and middle echelons were normally found operating through cover as typewriter-pecking journalists, traveling Madison Avenue admen, corporate lawyers, and chain-smoking oilmen. In the 1970s and 80s, CIA contractors and partners began showing up in the high-tech field, with database, local area networking, and on-line information retrieval systems attracting the most interest by Langley.


    As this book went to press, the smart phone game application Pokémon Go fad was sweeping the planet. Unbeknownst to many of the on-line game’s avid fan’s was the connection of the game’s developers to the CIA’s venture capital firm IN-Q-TEL. All users saw their geo-location and other smart phone data being swept up by a CIA partner firm.


    Amazon, Inc. [CIA contractor]. Company provides cloud computing services for the CIA. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos also owns The Washington Post.

    American Historical Society. [CIA partner]. Many society officials were OSS/CIA officers.

    American Press Institute. [CIA front]. Operating out of Columbia University, the institute’s director in the 1950s was a CIA officer.

    AmeriCares. [CIA partner]. A non-profit organization that is often the “first in” at refugee situations. Founded by tycoon J. Peter Grace, a board chairman of the CIA front, the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD) and a trustee of another CIA front, the American Committee for Liberation from Bolshevism, AmeriCares was involved in funding the Nicaraguan contras. The group has also provided the CIA with recruiting opportunities at mass refugee sites, particularly in Latin America and Asia.

    Bechtel Corporation. [CIA contractor]. Bechtel is a large construction company that has included former CIA director Richard Helms, CIA pseudonym “Fletcher M. Knight,” among its executive ranks. Bechtel was active in providing corporate cover for the OSS in the Middle East during World War II. Bechtel has been a consummate service company for various CIA operations, including support for the CIA-inspired coup against the Syrian government in 1949, the Iranian government of Prime Minister Mohamed Mossadeq in 1953, and President Sukarno of Indonesia in 1965. From the 1960s to the 1970s, Bechtel provided cover for CIA agents in Libya under both the regime of King Idris and his successor, Muammar Qaddafi. Sometimes called a “secret arm” of the CIA, Bechtel’s executives included those who would join President Reagan’s Cabinet, including Secretary of State George Schultz and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger.

    Before World War II, Steve Bechtel formed a military-industrial complex partnership with John McCone. McCone later became the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and later, director of the CIA. The CIA has used Bechtel to provide cover for non-official cover CIA operatives abroad.

    Blackstone Investment Group. [CIA front]. With offices in Washington, DC and Moscow, arranged for the purchase of KGB documents following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Among the documents sought by the front company were any related to illegal CIA activities during the Cold War, including the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

    Bourbon and Beefsteak Bar and Restaurant. [CIA front]. Opened in 1967 in King’s Cross in Sydney, Australia. Served as a rendezvous point for CIA, Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), and organized crime figures. Its proprietor was Bernie Houghton, a CIA operative with links to Nugan Hand Bank, CIA weapons smuggler Edwin Wilson, and CIA clandestine services officers Theodore Shackley, Rafael Quintero, and Thomas Clines.

    Center for Democracy. [CIA front]. Administered under the aegis of Boston University, the center maintained offices in Boston, Washington, DC, Guatemala City, and Strasbourg, France. Involved in CIA operations in eastern Europe, Central America, and Africa.

    Colt Patent Firearms Company. [CIA partner]. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating abroad.

    Daddario & Burns. [CIA partner]. Headed by former OSS officer Emilio Daddario, a Democratic Representative from Connecticut, the Hartford-based law firm provided services to the CIA.

    DC Comics. [CIA partner]. Worked with the International Military Information Group (IMIG), a joint CIA/Pentagon unit at the State Department, to disseminate propaganda comic books, featuring Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, in Serbo-Croatian and Albanian, to youth in the Balkans during the military conflicts in that region.

    Disney Corporation. [CIA partner]. CIA agents who were adept at creating front companies and shell corporations in Florida, worked closely with Disney in preparation for the construction of Disney World near Orlando, Florida. OSS veteran “Wild Bill” Donovan and CIA shell company expert Paul Helliwell helped create two fake Florida cities, Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, as well as a number of shell corporations, to keep secret the plans for Disney World. This kept land prices low because real estate speculators were unaware of the prospective value of the land in a desolate area of central Florida.

    Emory School of Medicine. [CIA partner]. Located in Atlanta, Georgia. Involved in the CIA’s MK-ULTRA behavioral modification project.

    Enron Corporation [CIA partner]. Houston-based firm that was used by the CIA to provide commercial cover for its agents around the world. There were at least 20 CIA employees on Enron’s payroll. Andre Le Gallo, a former official of the CIA’s Operations Directorate, went to work as a corporate intelligence officer for Enron.

    Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC). [CIA front]. Officially established by American Trotskyists, the group was penetrated by CIA operatives. The FPCC New Orleans office was a CIA front that provided cover for the anti-Fidel Castro activities of Lee Harvey Oswald, Clay Shaw, and David Ferrie, among others. The New Orleans FPCC office was located at 544 Camp Street and shared the same building entrance with Guy Banister Associates, Inc., a private detective agency, the address for which was 531 Lafayette Street and around the corner from 544 Camp Street.

    In December 1963, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the FPCC ceased all U.S. operations.

    General Electric Company. [CIA partner]. Based in Fairfield, Connecticut, provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating abroad.

    General Foods Corporation. [CIA partner]. Advertising account at CIA’s Robert Mullen Company handled by an active CIA employee.

    Google, Inc. [CIA partner]. Developed as a result of a research grant by the CIA and Pentagon to Stanford University’s Department of Computer Science. The CIA referred to the research as the “google project.”

    Greenberg Traurig. [CIA partner]. Washington, DC “connected” law firm.

    Guy Banister Associates, Inc. [CIA partner]. New Orleans private detective agency headed by former FBI agent Guy Banister. The detective agency coordinated the activities of various anti-Castro Cuban groups in New Orleans, including Banister’s own Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean, as well as the Cuban Revolutionary Council, the Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front, Friends of Democratic Cuba, and the Crusade to Free Cuba Committee.

    Banister and Associates shared office space with the CIA’s New Orleans front, the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, headed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

    Hale and Dorr. [CIA partner]. Boston-based law firm that provided cover for CIA’s Independence and Brown Foundations.

    Halliburton. [CIA contractor]. Based in Houston, it is the world’s largest oil service company. Recipient of a number of CIA sole-source contracts for services worldwide.

    Harper and Row, Inc. [CIA partner]. Manuscripts submitted to the New York publisher that dealt with intelligence matters, particularly CIA operations, were turned over to the CIA for censoring edits before publication.

    Hewlett Packard Corporation. [CIA partner]. Sold computers to Iraq for Saddam Hussein’s missile program with the knowledge and approval of the CIA.

    Hill & Knowlton. [CIA partner]. Public relations firm that teamed with the CIA on a number of operations. Hill & Knowlton’s numerous offices abroad provided cover for CIA agents. One known Hill & Knowlton office that was a CIA front operation was in Kuala Lumpur.

    Kerr-McGee. [CIA partner]. Provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating overseas.

    Kissinger Associates, Inc. [CIA partner]. New York-based international consulting firm founded by former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger. Former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft is a co-owner. The firm provided support to the CIA-linked American Ditchley Foundation and the Bilderberg Group. Much of the 1982 seed money for Kissinger Associates was provided by Goldman Sachs.

    Knight Foundation. [CIA partner]. Also known as the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Based in Miami, the foundation provides funding for various CIA-connected media operations in the United States and around the world.

    Kroll Inc. [CIA partner]. Founded in 1972 by Jules Kroll, who had links to both U.S. and Israeli intelligence. Based in Manhattan. French domestic law enforcement believed Kroll’s Paris office was a CIA front. Kroll handled the security for the World Trade Center after the 1993 terrorist bombing and continued to be responsible for security up to, during, and after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. Kroll employed former FBI assistant director for counter-terrorism John O’Neill, who died in the collapse of the World Trade Center.

    Lincoln Savings and Loan. [CIA partner]. Based in Irvine, California and headed by notorious swindler Charles Keating, Jr., involved in laundering funds for the Iran-contra scandal.

    Lone Star Cement Corporation. [CIA partner]. Based in Stamford, Connecticut and linked to the Bush family, provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating abroad. Involved in the Iran-contra scandal.

    Mary Carter Paint Company. [CIA front]. A money-laundering operation for the CIA. Involved in casinos in the Bahamas.

    Monsanto. [CIA partner]. The firm contracted with former CIA official Cofer Black’s Total Intelligence Solutions (TIS), a subsidiary of the CIA-connected Blackwater USA, later Xe Services, to monitor animal rights groups, anti-genetically modified (GM) food activists, and other groups opposed to Monsanto’s agri-business operations worldwide.

    National Enquirer. [CIA partner]. The tabloid’s founder, Generoso (Gene) Pope, Jr., worked for the CIA’s psychological warfare unit and the agency’s Italy branch in 1950. In 1952, Pope acquired The New York Enquirer broadsheet and transformed it into a tabloid, renaming it The National Enquirer. This transformation bore the imprimatur of the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD media influence program.

    Newsweek. [CIA partner]. Magazine reporters and stringers fed information to the CIA. Newsweek’s stringers in southeastern Europe and the Far East were CIA agents. When Newsweek was bought by The Washington Post Company in 1961, cooperation between the magazine and the CIA increased. It was a participant in the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD media influence program. Much of the staff of Newsweek was absorbed into a new online publication, The Daily Beast, which continues to disseminate CIA-influenced articles. See Washington Post.

    Nieman Foundation. [CIA partner]. Located at Harvard University, the foundation awarded Nieman Fellowships, some on behalf of the CIA, for foreign journalists to study at Harvard. The journalists were subjected to CIA recruitment efforts prior to their returning to their home countries.

    Pamela Martin & Associates. [CIA partner], Escort firm run by Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the so-called “DC Madam.” During her 2008 trial for mail fraud, Palfrey attempted to invoke the Classified Information Procedures Act in order to discuss her relationship with the CIA. The U.S. Court refused Palfrey’s request and she was convicted and later said to have committed suicide before her sentencing hearing in Washington, DC. One of her clients was Randall Tobias, the head of the CIA-connected USAID. Another was Louisiana Republican senator David Vitter.

    Paris Review. [CIA front]. Literary magazine edited by George Plimpton. Published works by Jack Kerouac and Samuel Beckett. The magazine’s co-founder, Peter Matthiessen, relied on his affiliation with the magazine as his CIA cover.

    Quaker Oats Company. [CIA partner]. Worked with the CIA and Atomic Energy Commission to place trace amounts of radiation in breakfast cereal served to boys at the Fernald School for the mentally retarded in Waltham, Massachusetts.

    Radio Corporation of America. [CIA partner]. Provided corporate cover for CIA officers operating abroad, particularly in Iran, Philippines, Japan, and West Germany. Provided technical assistance to CIA-financed clandestine and propaganda radio stations worldwide, including Radio Free Europe. RCA founder David Sarnoff was a major supporter of CIA operations, including propaganda dissemination around the world. RCA chairman and chief executive officer Thornton F. Bradshaw was active in the operations of the CIA-linked American Ditchley Foundation.

    Reily Coffee Company. [CIA partner]. Also known as William B. Reily Coffee Company and based in New Orleans, this company employed Lee Harvey Oswald and a number of other U.S. government employees, many of whom were suspected CIA officers.

    Robert M. Mullen Company. [CIA proprietary]. A Washington, DC public relations firm, it was used as a front for CIA activities. E. Howard Hunt, the CIA agent, worked for Robert Mullen when he was arrested in the break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington in 1972. The Senate Watergate Committee reported that “the Mullen and Company has maintained a relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency since its incorporation in 1959. It provided covers for agents in Europe (Stockholm), Latin America (Mexico City), and the Far East (Singapore) at the time of the Watergate break-in.”

    Rockefeller Foundation. [CIA partner]. Used by the CIA to direct scholarships and grants to the Third World and Eastern Europe. Rockefeller Foundation money was funneled to the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE), created in 1948. The chairman of ACUE was OSS chief William J. Donovan and the vice chairman was Allen Dulles. One of ACUE’s board members was Walter Bedell Smith, the first CIA director.

    Summa Corporation. [CIA partner]. Owned by Howard Hughes, Summa is believed to have skimmed gambling profits from the Sands, Desert Inn, Frontier, Silver Slipper, Castaways, and Landmark casinos in Las Vegas and Harold’s Club in Reno for the CIA and the Mafia. Provided financial cover for the CIA’s Glomar Explorer project.

    Teneo Intelligence. [CIA partner]. Branch of Teneo Holdings, which is headquartered in New York. Teneo Holdings’s intelligence branch includes former CIA officials. Teneo is closely linked to former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Teneo Intelligence has offices in New York, London, Rome, Brussels, Dubai, Bogota, New Delhi, and Tokyo.

    Texas Commerce Bank (TCB). [CIA partner]. Houston-based bank founded by the family of James Baker III. Texas Commerce Bank was used to provide commercial cover for CIA agents. After serving as vice president for Texas Commerce Bank in Caracas from 1977 to 1979, Jeb Bush joined his father’s presidential campaign in 1980. Serving with Bush on the campaign was Robert Gambino, the CIA deputy director of security who gave Bush his orientation brief at Langley in 1977.

    Kenneth Lay, the chairman of Enron, which had its own links to the CIA, served on the board of Texas Commerce Bank. Texas Commerce Bank was acquired by Chemical Bank in 1987.

    The bank provided major loans to Howard Hughes’s Summa Corporation. See Summa Corporation.

    United Fruit Company [CIA partner]. Involved in 1954 CIA overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz government in Guatemala. Published the Latin America Report, a publication that was a CIA front used for clandestine activities. The CIA transferred weapons to United Fruit employees in Guatemala who were involved in undermining the Arbenz government. The joint CIA-United Fruit plan was code named OPERATION FORTUNE. Company provided an airfield in Guatemala for the CIA’s training of Cuban exiles for the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

    U.S. Rubber Company. [CIA partner]. Headquartered in Naugatuck, Connecticut and later called Uniroyal, provided corporate cover to CIA officers operating abroad. Included those operating under the cover of the Dominion Rubber Company of Canada, a subsidiary of U.S. Rubber Company.

    U.S. Youth Council (USYC). [CIA front]. Founded in 1945 and based in New York. Some 90 percent of its funds came from the CIA. USYC received funding from the Foundation for Youth and Student Affairs (FYSA), a CIA front. The USYC was composed of American Youth Hostels, Camp Fire Girls, 4-H, American Unitarian Youth, National Catholic Welfare Conference, National Students Assembly, YMCA and YWCA.

    Wackenhut. [CIA contractor]. Wackenhut, a Palm Beach Gardens, Florida-based security firm, stood accused of providing the CIA with specialized services around the world, including Chile, Greece, and El Salvador. Its Venezuelan branch, Wackenhut Venezolana, C.A., was accused in 2002 of involvement in the CIA’s coup against President Hugo Chavez. William Casey served as Wackenhut’s outside counsel before becoming CIA director in 1981.

    Wackenhut eventually merged into the global security firm G4S.

    Washington Post. [CIA partner]. The Washington Post was part of the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD, the agency’s media influence project. Post publisher Phil Graham was a close friend and associate of MOCKINGBIRD chief Frank Wisner, Sr. and CIA director Allen Dulles. Wisner assisted Graham in acquiring The Washington Times-Herald and WTOP radio, creating a sizable CIA-influenced media operation in the nation’s capital.

    W. R. Grace. [CIA partner]. Provided corporate cover to CIA officers operating abroad, particularly in Latin America. Provided donations to CIA front foundations.

  • News story about Madsen's book via The Justice Integrity Project

  •           Burning through the Desert         
    Dan Rielger & Ayala Moriel

    A few months ago (the last day of April, to be exact, which was also the first day of my Orientals week-long course), I had the pleasure and honour to host a special guest throughout the day: Dan Riegler of Apothecary's Garden - a purveyor of fair trade resins from around the world - especially frankincense and myrrh that are wild crafted in the traditional methods in countries such as Somalia, Yemen and Kenya. He also sources Cretan labdanum, and other rare raw materials, and sells resin-centrered products that he concocts himself, which you can find on his online shop. One of them being a highly fragrant moustache wax which basically surrounded him with a cloud of frankincense - so obviously he made an instant good impression on me!

    We started the day at the Baha'i Gardens in Akko (which deserve a full post dedicated to them) and then went to my studio to make incense - and burn a bunch too. Little did I know what I was signing up for. On top of the usual things I burn for this class (palo santo chips, sandalwood incense sticks, one type of myrrh and frankincense resins and my own rendition of Egyptian Kyphi) - Dan had a trunk-load of resins that he just imported from Africa, and was immensely kind and generous to share with us the most incredible incense resins with me and my class. We spent the afternoon burning rare myrrh, olibanum, and also some gums I never knew existed, namely Sandarac and Ammoniacum, the latter of which totally blew my mind.

    I learned so much from Dan, about the resins (and the other raw materials he curates and sells), how they are harvested and collected, the chemical makeup of the resins and how it affects the stages of burning (it turns out that incense resins also have top, heart and base notes) - and this post is just a little taste of all the beautiful resins we burnt when he was here. I'm looking forward to meeting him again on his next visits in Israel on the way to the African continent.

    Boswellia carterii
    Frankincense usually comes in "tears" shape as this Boswellia carterii - but not always. Below is a specimen of the less known B. neglecta that look more like a chunk of resinous granules. B. carterii has the characteristic, most unmistakable scent of frankincense - beginning with sweet citrus notes of lemon drops and orange candy and continuing into more resinous, woody and even balsamic, caramel-like nuances as the incense burns on the charcoal.

    While looking pretty much the same, other frankincense species provide further nuances and a whole frankincense burning comparative study (or incense games a-la Japenese Koh-Doh) can easily occupy half a day. Compare this to Maydi (Boswellia frereana) which albeit its slightly herbaceous (sage-like) opening, is more subtle, woody and perfumey. In fact, it smells almost powdery like violet and iris. Ethiopian frakincince (Boswellia papyrifea) is even finer with its suave, light perfume notes, slightly sweet and with notes of burnt sugar at the end of the charcoal burning process.

    Boswellia negoecta - black and white

    Boswellia neglecta is endemic to north Kenya and comes in white and black forms (as you can see in the photo) and is not widely known. The white and the black smell significantly different. The white begins resinous-green, piney and mysterious, surprisingly juice like crushed leaves with hints of parsley, galbanum and ammonia (smells a lot like amoniacum).  It has a hint of sweaty note, a little like coriander seed. The final burning moments bring to mind the smoke coming out of autumnal piles of fall leaves.

    The black neglecta smells completely different - you wouldn't think it came from the same plant: it smells dark and looming, like moss, mushrooms, decaying fall leaves, peat, forest floor and hints of campfire. It's surprising and magical that a resin can possess so many different facets.

    Sandarac (tetraclllyris) comes from Malta and just like its pure milky appearance, burns clean with a woody-balsamic-resinous scent that is fine and very pleasant. It's a little bit like elemi, a little like mastic but not quite. There is a tiny hint of seashore to it that I only detected after many times of burning. It is quite lovely, even if underwhelming at first impression.

    Ammoniacum is intense and pungent, like a mixture of galbanum, asafoetida, sulphur, greens. It it a very interesting odour but I suspect it would have better effect in magic and exorcism ceremonies rather than contemplative incense rituals.

    Commiphora confusa

    Commiphora confusa, as the name suggests, is a type of myrrh that is hard to identify, and for several reasons: the flowers look different on each plant, the resin looks different as well - and the most surprising of all: it smells more like frankincense than myrrh.

    Commiphora myrrha

    Commiphora myrrha (from Ethiopea) has the characteristic bitter, rubbery scent when burnt, and is what I'd imagine the Queen of Sheba to wear on her neck when seducing King Solomon.

    Commiphora karat

    Commiphora kataf (from Kenya) has pieces of wood in it (which would change the smell of the smoke depending on which chunk you burn). It has a strange, sulphuric-sweaty odour. I guess you could call it spicy, as it has a hint of cumin in it too. Overall it reminds me more of the smell of food than incense - barbecuing kebabs comes to mind.

    Commiphira holziana
    Commiphora holtziana does not smell like myrrh at all to me. It's more woody than C. myrrha, and a tad fresh to start with. Dan describes it as briny and sea-like but I'm not getting it.

    Arabian/Yemeni Myrrh
    Arabian/Yemeni Myrrh is by far the most incredibly beautiful myrrh resin I've ever burnt. Although it came in a strange looking chunk, containing pieces of the plastic bags used by the collectors, and even a piece of wool yarn, it has the most fantastic scent, like a perfume on its own accord. It reminds me of the unique "version" of frankincense that B. papyrifea offers. I would love to have this as an essential oil and create a perfume with it.

              Selecting Nutritional Supplements        
    Nutritional supplements can help compliment a diet that could be missing some necessary nutrients. But Nutritional supplements are only as good as the ones you select, and how you combine your Nutritional supplements with healthy food so that none of the nutrients are cancelled out.
    An estimated 50 percent of American adults use Nutritional supplements regularly. But some doctors suggest that half of these adults aren't using these Nutritional supplements correctly.
    So, how exactly is it possible to use Nutritional supplements incorrectly? Well, incorrect nutritional supplement use starts with a lack of understanding of these types of supplements. Too many people make the mistake of looking for bargain prices when they look for Nutritional supplements. The cheapest is rarely the best when it comes to Nutritional supplements.
    People looking to add Nutritional supplements to their already fairly healthy diets should take the time and do some background research. Don't buy low-quality Nutritional supplements with little or no research behind them. And, unfortunately, a large percentage of the useless Nutritional supplements are those that put all their money into advertising instead of quality ingredients. These are the types of Nutritional supplements that are promoted as "popular" and often seem to be forever on sale.
    When choosing a nutritional supplement, it's always better to choose a caplet over a tablet. The simple reason for this is that your body usually can't effectively dissolve a tablet nutritional supplement. And if your body can't dissolve this type of nutritional supplement, then it won't be able to breakdown the ingredients and feed the nutrients to different parts of your body. Plus, the super low-quality Nutritional supplements rarely dissolve at all. Studies of these types of Nutritional supplements show that the entire whole form of the tablet can sit in your stomach like a tiny stone for many, many hours. So always select a capsule nutritional supplement. It's much nicer to your digestive system and much better for you body.
    Avoid single-nutrient Nutritional supplements. Single-nutrient foods don't exist, so why would you feed your body single-nutrient Nutritional supplements? Eating these types of Nutritional supplements will only succeed in ruining the balance of your body's chemicals.
    And don't try a "piecemeal" approach to nutritional supplement use. A piecemeal approach is when you select a variety of single- or multiple-nutrient Nutritional supplements, and mix-and-match them to try and make up for where you think your diet lacks. Few people have the skills to do this type of nutritional supplement maneuvering.
    When selecting Nutritional supplements look for ones that say they are "laboratory tested." Laboratory tested Nutritional supplements means that they've been created by responsible manufacturers who choose to follow the FDA regulations, even though they're not required to do so.
    Pick Nutritional supplements that are "quality guaranteed." Quality guaranteed Nutritional supplements are ones that use pharmaceutical-grade products.
    Be wary of Nutritional supplements that claim to be 100 percent natural. A 100 percent natural nutritional supplement, just like 100 percent cobra venom, is probably not good for you. And always make sure every nutritional supplement container you buy has an expiry date. Nothing stays good forever, not even Nutritional supplements.

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    For more Defense Nutrition Products click HERE.

              WV chemical spill not affecting local water supply        

    The chemical spill affecting water supplies in a large portion of West Virginia has the Greater Cincinnati Water Works keeping a close eye on local water quality.

    "Currently the spill has not reached the Cincinnati area," says Communications Officer Michele Ralston.

    The spill occurred in the Elk River which is a tributary of the Kanawha River. The Kanawha flows into the Ohio River at Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

              Comment on Dear QRG… Am I A Misogynist? #DearQRG by Ginkgo        
    "I was trying to show how the feminist argument functions structurally by embodying that structure myself. " That got right past me; thanks for helping me out. " I’m fully aware it can be endlessly reversed, albeit more often than not in the same language-terms of ‘privilege’ and ‘power’. " "Topping from the bottom' for example. Good observations and now I see what you were saying. Good point about how the narrative reinforce passivity and the hyperagency/hypoagency dyad. "Perhaps Christabel did her working-class compatriot a favour by giving him his white feather: she validating his sacrifice by underwriting his actions with a cost. Why an ‘oppression’? Why not a social exchange?" Madam is witty today. I can think of some "social exchanges" she could have offered him that would have been a lot less oppressive than exposing him to chemical weapons and machine gun fire. "she validating his sacrifice by underwriting his actions with a cost." This is gold, pointing out the silliness of a man counting a woman's approval worth more than his life.
              Coconut deodorant        
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              Pope on Syria: “Dialogue and negotiation is the only option”        
    From CNS:  Dialogue and negotiations are “the only option for putting an end to the conflict and violence” in Syria, said Pope Francis and Jordan’s King Abdullah II. As Western leaders expressed strong convictions that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack against its own citizens and vowed to take action, Pope Francis […]
              Pearl +971 503227669 Best Therapeutic Massage Girls In Abu D        
    Pearl 971 503227669 Best Therapeutic Massage Girls in Abu Dhabi City. The study on the cellular effects of massage post exercise, researchers found that massage bolsters the chemical signals reducing...
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    Pearl 971 503227669 Best Therapeutic Massage Girls in Abu Dhabi City. The study on the cellular effects of massage post exercise, researchers found that massage bolsters the chemical signals reducing...
              Pearl +971 503227669 Best Therapeutic Massage Girls In Abu D        
    Pearl 971 503227669 Best Therapeutic Massage Girls in Abu Dhabi City. The study on the cellular effects of massage post exercise, researchers found that massage bolsters the chemical signals reducing...
              Pearl +971 503227669 Best Therapeutic Massage Girls In Abu D        
    Pearl 971 503227669 Best Therapeutic Massage Girls in Abu Dhabi City. The study on the cellular effects of massage post exercise, researchers found that massage bolsters the chemical signals reducing...
              Keota Council Comes to Agreement on Pool Expenses        
    The Keota City Council met on Monday with representatives from Lagos Acres, a golf course in town, and came to an agreement over some pool expenses. City Clerk Niki Osweiler tells us that the city has agreed to fix the pool lights in exchange for left over chemicals from the previous year. Originally, Lagos Acres […]
              Chemical Peel        

    The post Chemical Peel appeared first on Medical Treatment, Medical Treatment centre, Medical healthcare Centre.

              Chemical controllers: How hormones influence your body and mind        
    Does testosterone make men bald? Is there a love hormone? Do pregnancy hormones turn your brain to mush? New Scientist sifts the facts from the fiction
              How Plastic We've Become        

    Our bodies carry residues of kitchen plastics

    Food for Thought

    In the 1967 film classic The Graduate, a businessman corners Benjamin Braddock at a cocktail party and gives him a bit of career advice. "Just one word…plastics."

    Although Benjamin didn't heed that recommendation, plenty of other young graduates did. Today, the planet is awash in products spawned by the plastics industry. Residues of plastics have become ubiquitous in the environment—and in our bodies.

    A federal government study now reports that bisphenol A (BPA)—the building block of one of the most widely used plastics—laces the bodies of the vast majority of U.S. residents young and old.

    Manufacturers link BPA molecules into long chains, called polymers, to make polycarbonate plastics. All of those clear, brittle plastics used in baby bottles, food ware, and small kitchen appliances (like food-processor bowls) are made from polycarbonates. BPA-based resins also line the interiors of most food, beer, and soft-drink cans. With use and heating, polycarbonates can break down, leaching BPA into the materials they contact. Such as foods.

    And that could be bad if what happens in laboratory animals also happens in people, because studies in rodents show that BPA can trigger a host of harmful changes, from reproductive havoc to impaired blood-sugar control and obesity (SN: 9/29/07, p. 202).

    For the new study, scientists analyzed urine from some 2,500 people who had been recruited between 2003 and 2004 for the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). Roughly 92 percent of the individuals hosted measurable amounts of BPA, according to a report in the January Environmental Health Perspectives. It's the first study to measure the pollutant in a representative cross-section of the U.S. population.

    Typically, only small traces of BPA turned up, concentrations of a few parts per billion in urine, note chemist Antonia M. Calafat and her colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, with hormone-mimicking agents like BPA, even tiny exposures can have notable impacts.

    Overall, concentrations measured by Calafat's team were substantially higher than those that have triggered disease, birth defects, and more in exposed animals, notes Frederick S. vom Saal, a University of Missouri-Columbia biologist who has been probing the toxicology of BPA for more than 15 years.

    The BPA industry describes things differently. Although Calafat's team reported urine concentrations of BPA, in fact they assayed a breakdown product—the compound by which BPA is excreted, notes Steven G. Hentges of the American Chemistry Council's Polycarbonate/BPA Global Group. As such, he argues, "this does not mean that BPA itself is present in the body or in urine."

    On the other hand, few people have direct exposure to the breakdown product.

    Hentges' group estimates that the daily BPA intake needed to create urine concentrations reported by the CDC scientists should be in the neighborhood of 50 nanograms per kilogram of bodyweight—or one millionth of an amount at which "no adverse effects" were measured in multi-generation animal studies. In other words, Hentges says, this suggests "a very large margin of safety."

    No way, counters vom Saal. If one applies the ratio of BPA intake to excreted values in hosts of published animal studies, concentrations just reported by CDC suggest that the daily intake of most Americans is actually closer to 100 micrograms (µg) per kilogram bodyweight, he says—or some 1,000-fold higher than the industry figure.

    Clearly, there are big differences of opinion and interpretation. And a lot may rest on who's right.

    Globally, chemical manufacturers produce an estimated 2.8 million tons of BPA each year. The material goes into a broad range of products, many used in and around the home. BPA also serves as the basis of dental sealants, which are resins applied to the teeth of children to protect their pearly whites from cavities (SN: 4/6/96, p. 214). The industry, therefore, has a strong economic interest in seeing that the market for BPA-based products doesn't become eroded by public concerns over the chemical.

    And that could happen. About 2 years after a Japanese research team showed that BPA leached out of baby bottles and plastic food ware (see What's Coming Out of Baby's Bottle?), manufacturers of those consumer products voluntarily found BPA substitutes for use in food cans. Some 2 years after that, a different group of Japanese scientists measured concentrations of BPA residues in the urine of college students. About half of the samples came from before the switch, the rest from after the period when BPA was removed from food cans.

    By comparing urine values from the two time periods, the researchers showed that BPA residues were much lower—down by at least 50 percent—after Japanese manufacturers had eliminated BPA from the lining of food cans.

    Concludes vom Saal, in light of the new CDC data and a growing body of animal data implicating even low-dose BPA exposures with the potential to cause harm, "the most logical thing" for the United States to do would be to follow in Japan's footsteps and "get this stuff [BPA] out of our food."

    Kids appear most exposed

    Overall, men tend to have statistically lower concentrations of BPA than women, the NHANES data indicate. But the big difference, Calafat says, traces to age. "Children had higher concentrations than adolescents, and they in turn had higher levels than adults," she told Science News Online.

    This decreasing body burden with older age "is something we have seen with some other nonpersistent chemicals," Calafat notes—such as phthalates, another class of plasticizers.

    The spread between the average BPA concentration that her team measured in children 6 to 11 years old (4.5 µg/liter) and adults (2.5 µg/L) doesn't look like much, but proved reliably different.

    The open question is why adults tended to excrete only 55 percent as much BPA. It could mean children have higher exposures, she posits, or perhaps that they break it down less efficiently. "We really need to do more research to be able to answer that question."

    Among other differences that emerged in the NHANES analysis: urine residues of BPA decreased with increasing household income and varied somewhat with ethnicity (with Mexican-Americans having the lowest average values, blacks the highest, and white's values in between).

    There was also a time-of-day difference, with urine values for any given group tending to be highest in the evening, lowest in the afternoon, and midway between those in the morning. Since BPA's half-life in the body is only about 6 hours, that temporal variation in the chemical's excretion would be consistent with food as a major source of exposure, the CDC scientists note.

    In the current NHANES paper, BPA samples were collected only once from each recruit. However, in a paper due to come out in the February Environmental Health Perspectives, Calafat and colleagues from several other institutions looked at how BPA excretion varied over a 2-year span among 82 individuals—men and women—seen at a fertility clinic in Boston.

    In contrast to the NHANES data, the upcoming report shows that men tended to have somewhat higher BPA concentrations than women. Then again both groups had only about one-quarter the concentration typical of Americans.

    The big difference in the Boston group emerged among the 10 women who ultimately became pregnant. Their BPA excretion increased 33 percent during pregnancy. Owing to the small number of participants in this subset of the study population, the pregnancy-associated change was not statistically significant. However, the researchers report, these are the first data to look for changes during pregnancy and ultimately determining whether some feature of pregnancy—such as a change in diet or metabolism of BPA—really alters body concentrations of the pollutant could be important. It could point to whether the fetus faces an unexpectedly high exposure to the pollutant.

    If it does, the fetus could face a double whammy: Not only would exposures be higher during this period of organ and neural development, but rates of detoxification also would be diminished, vom Saal says.

    Indeed, in a separate study, one due to be published soon in Reproductive Toxicology, his team administered BPA by ingestion or by injection to 3-day-old mice. Either way, the BPA exposure resulted in comparable BPA concentrations in blood.

    What's more, that study found, per unit of BPA delivered, blood values in the newborns were "markedly higher" than other studies have reported for adult rodents exposed to the chemical. And that makes sense, vom Saal says, because the enzyme needed to break BPA down and lead to its excretion is only a tenth as active in babies as in adults. That's true in the mouse, he says, in the rat—and, according to some preliminary data, in humans.

    Vom Saal contends that since studies have shown BPA exhibits potent hormonelike activity in human cells at the parts-per-trillion level, and since the new CDC study finds that most people are continually exposed to concentrations well above the parts-per-trillion ballpark, it's time to reevaluate whether it makes sense to use BPA-based products in and around foods.

    If you would like to comment on this Food for Thought, please see the blog version.

              A Sweeter Hops        

    Federal scientists have bred a new, antimicrobial-rich hops variety for tea

    Food for Thought

    Brewers prize hops for the characteristic bitter flavors they impart to ales, lagers, and other beers. But aficionados of another class of brews—certain herbal teas—would prefer their hops bitterfree. And federal scientists may have come up with just what the doctor ordered.

    "People have used hops medicinally for a long time. It's a fairly ancient remedy," notes plant physiologist Barbara M. Reed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in Corvallis, Ore.

    The bitter tonic made from hops has putative sedative, hypnotic, and antianxiety properties. Hops tea has been offered as a folk remedy for conditions ranging from fever and insomnia to bruises and cancer, according to a report by botanist James A. Duke, who has authored several books on medicinal plants. A quick browse on the Internet will turn up numerous sources of hop tea.

    The new cultivar, named Teamaker, may produce an especially palatable brew owing to a unique ratio of certain acid components. Moreover, the components that predominate in Teamaker have long-established antimicrobial properties. Indeed, their germ-fighting function appears to have won the appreciation of brewers more than a millennium ago, notes John A. Henning, who leads hop genetics and breeding at a USDA research center, also in Corvallis. Beer producers realized that when their recipe included hops, brews not only proved tasty, but had a longer shelf life.

    Hops breeder Alfred Haunold and his colleagues at the Corvallis center will formally register their debittered cultivar this month.

    What brewers of all stripes refer to as hops are actually the cone-shaped dried female flowers of the Humulus lupulus L. plant. Inside are glands that contain flavorful oils and some fairly bitter water-soluble components.

    To extract the flavorings for use in beer, or merely to make a cup of tea, brewers boil the cones to release their characteristic flavorings. However, the altered chemistry of USDA's new hop has dramatically boosted the production of flavorings possessing natural, antibiotic properties.

    In fact, the elevated antibiotic attributes of the new hop might open new markets for this crop, observes Henning. For instance, sugar producers might turn to it as a preservative to prevent microbial degradation of their product during processing. Alternatively, he notes, manufacturers and others may substitute it for the formaldehyde used to control pests and fungal growth in everything from animal feed and plywood to tissues that are being stored for use in research.

    Alpha vs. beta

    The key flavor compounds in hops trace to two families of chemicals: water-soluble alpha acids, and beta acids that develop in the plants' essential oils. Breweries prize the alpha acids for their hearty, if bitter, taste: These serve as a natural foil to the sweet compounds that develop in many beers. Indeed, some brewers just buy isolated hop-derived alpha acids and dispense with the beta acids entirely.

    The new Teamaker hop derives from experiments several decades ago when Haunold wanted to see the extent to which he could preferentially maximize a plant's production of alpha or beta acids. One successful beta-rich cultivar proved virtually devoid of alpha acids. A technician who tasted it jokingly said the bitterfree product would be great for tea—eventually giving rise to its name.

    In the January Journal of Plant Registrations, Henning, Haunold, and their coauthors describe Teamaker's pedigree—at least as much as is known. Most of its initial ancestors appear to have come from old English lines, such as cultivars known as Fuggle and Late Grape. However, Henning points out, because these lines are rich in alpha acids, there must have also been beta-rich ancestors. He now suspects that these were probably wild U.S. hops that pollinated their English cousins growing openly in Oregon fields, early in the last century.

    Currently, U.S. farmers produce some 55 million pounds of hops annually. Since the big market for hops has always been beer, the alpha acids-shy Teamaker languished in a few test plots for decades. A beer company or two checked the variety out, but ultimately exhibited no commercial interest.

    Recently, however, interest in beta acids—and their antimicrobial prowess—has been growing, independent of hops' use in beer. For instance, European sugar refiners have begun buying beta-acid extracts—essentially leftovers from alpha-acid production for breweries—as a bitterfree, all-natural preservative for use during manufacturing. At the same time, some feed suppliers have begun substituting beta acids for low-dose antibiotics as a livestock growth-promoting dietary additive. Feed producers couldn't use conventional hops directly, Henning notes, because the alpha acids' bitter taste would have soured the animals' interest in their chow.

    However, with Teamaker, the hop is essentially alpha acids-free: It certainly has the lowest quantity of alpha acids of any commercially available hop.

    Teamaker is available to breeders through the National Clonal Germplasm Repository—essentially a federal library with holdings that include more than 510 different hops. Some are wild natives collected throughout the United States. Others are cultivated varieties collected from throughout the world.

    But if the idea of bitterfree hops appeals, Henning says, stay tuned. In a year or two his group expects to announce a new and improved variety. Think of it, he says, as bitter-Terminator 2.

    If you would like to comment on this Food for Thought, please see the blog version.


    John A. Henning

    Forage Seed and Cereal Research

    U.S. Department of Agriculture

    Agricultural Research Service

    3450 SW Campus Way

    Corvallis, OR 97331

    Barbara M. Reed

    National Clonal Germplasm Repository

    U.S. Department of Agriculture

    Agricultural Research Service

    33447 Peoria Road

    Corvallis, OR 97333-2521
    Further Reading

    Carter, P.R., et al. 1990. Hop cultivation and use information. In Alternative Field Crops Manual. University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service. Available at [Go to].

    DeNoma, J.S. 2000. Background information on Hops. USDA ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository. Available at [Go to].

    Duke, J.A. 1983. Humulus lupulus L. In Handbook of Energy Crops . Available at [Go to].

              Canadians Advocate Boosting Vitamin D in Pregnancy        

    A Canadian medical society recommends pregnant women and nursing moms boost their intake of vitamin D dramatically

    Food for Thought

    Canadian pediatricians certainly aren't shirking controversy when it comes to a vitamin guideline they've developed for pregnant women and nursing moms. They're asking these women to boost their intake of vitamin D dramatically—to 10 times the daily doses advocated by most health organizations in the States. This new prescription is aimed at combating rickets—leg deformations caused by soft bones—in youngsters who get too little of the sunshine vitamin.

    Vitamin D helps build strong bones by helping the body absorb calcium. Getting pregnant and nursing women to take more of the vitamin ensures that plenty will reach developing children.

    In the past, most people had little trouble getting enough vitamin D—they just went outdoors where ultraviolet rays from the sun trigger chemical reactions in skin to make this vital nutrient. However, some people always had trouble making enough. Canadian kids at highest risk of vitamin deficits generally live in First Nations and Inuit communities. With sun-filtering pigments in their skin, and living at high latitudes, they must glean most of their vitamin D from the diet—generally a poor source—not the sun.

    Most North American women—including those in the United States—eat diets delivering only about 100 international units, or IU, of vitamin D daily, according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), in Washington, D.C. That is half of what IOM recommends and a mere 5 percent of what Canadian pediatricians are now advocating for new and soon-to-be moms.

    Although IOM's dietary recommendations are for the United States, the Canadian health establishment has tended to rubber stamp them. In this case, though, Canada's health agency took the unusual tack of signing off on a Canadian Paediatric Society proposal to boost the recommended intake by women who are pregnant or breast feeding to 2,000 IU per day. This new guideline appears in a consensus statement published in September by the society in its journal, Paediatrics & Child Health.

    Soon the society will begin sending its new guideline to every provincial, territorial, and aboriginal health department across Canada, notes Marie Adèle Davis, the group's executive director. The goal, she told Science News Online, is to make sure all public health officials learn about it—not just pediatricians.

    The higher recommendation equals the amount that IOM has designated as the safe upper limit for vitamin D's daily consumption. Most nutritionists don't really consider that value is a true ceiling for safe intake—especially since sunbathing on a bright summer day can generate 10,000 to 20,000 IU in the body without harm. Still, for political and legal reasons, most organizations shy away from advocating intakes near what IOM has flagged as a potential maximum for safe consumption.

    Now a number of researchers suspect that intakes by pregnant and lactating women much below 2,000 IU per day could actually prove unsafe for child health.

    Reinhold Vieth of the University of Toronto explained why, recently, to officials with Health Canada, a counterpart to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. To prevent rickets, he argued, a baby needs 400 IU of vitamin D per day. And in many parts of Canada, he said, nursing women may require several thousand IU of vitamin D per day to get 400 IU into their breast milk. Vieth had been recruited by the Canadian Paediatric Society to help defend its proposed guideline to government officials.

    U.S. physicians won't quibble over the 400 IU figure for babies and young children, notes pediatrician Frank R. Greer, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) committee on nutrition. Although the 1997 IOM report says 200 IU of vitamin D per day should be sufficient for anyone under 50—including children—few researchers buy that. "Everybody feels that we should be taking more than 200 IU," says Greer, of the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

    Unlike the Canadian Paediatric Society, though, "We [at AAP] don't really have any influence on what pregnant and lactating women take," Greer says. "However, I can say that AAP's committee on nutrition has recommended to the board that we go back to [recommending] 400 IU for all children." That's the amount in a teaspoon of cod liver oil—the vitamin D supplement of choice throughout the early 20th century. Greer expects his committee's recommendation to be approved by AAP's board, perhaps within the next month.

    Optimal needs vary

    For most of the past century, nutrient guidelines have been set to prevent gross deficiencies—shortfalls that could cause disease. Those recommendations tended to represent minimally adequate intakes. Over the past decade, however, considerable debate has surrounded what vitamin D consumption levels would be optimal versus merely adequate.

    The controversy has been fueled by a steady stream of studies that have emerged since the IOM set its vitamin D guidelines. Nearly all demonstrate substantial health benefits from relatively high intakes of vitamin D—amounts well in excess of what most individuals now get. Moreover, those benefits extend well beyond protecting bone. More vitamin D seems to diminish the risk of cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, muscle loss, viral infections—even gum disease.

    Researchers gauge vitamin D sufficiency on the basis of 25-hydroxy vitamin D (25-HD). This is not the form of the vitamin that is consumed—nor the hormonal form that the body actually uses—but an intermediary. To achieve optimal concentrations of 25-HD, growing numbers of nutrition and health scientists suggest, most of us would need intakes of 800 to 4,000 IU per day (see Vitamin D: What's Enough?).

    How much vitamin D someone needs can vary widely, largely depending on the amount of skin that gets exposed to the sun each day—and for how long. Further complicating the picture, some skin is heavily pigmented, filtering sunlight out. Many people cover up with clothes or sunblock when they go outdoors. Still others live at high latitudes—as Canadians do—where little ultraviolet radiation makes it through the atmosphere during much of the year.

    Even for women in the southern United States, however, "we've found that lactating women need about 6,000 IU a day to transfer enough vitamin D into their milk to supply adequate amounts to a nursing infant," says Bruce W. Hollis of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

    Nor are nursing moms the only individuals who may need relatively large doses of the vitamin. Hollis' research has shown that black women may sometimes need 4,000 IU a day for months at a time to compensate for little time outdoors, heavy skin pigmentation, and/or obesity—a factor that appears to diminish the body's ability to use vitamin D efficiently (see Understanding Vitamin D Deficiency).

    Another reason for moms' supplementation?

    In March, researchers at Harvard Medical School reported evidence that ample vitamin D diminishes the chance a child will develop asthma, a scourge who's incidence has been rising, especially in black and low-income communities (see Childhood Vitamin D—A New Benefit?). Recently, an additional putative benefit has emerged for pregnant women and their developing babies.

    A study linked elevated risk of preeclampsia—high blood pressure that develops in some women during the last half of pregnancy—with low intakes of vitamin D. This condition, which can lead to miscarriage and even the death of the mother—ordinarily develops in some three to seven percent of first pregnancies.

    Pittsburgh researchers enrolled 1,198 women who were pregnant for the first time and measured their blood concentrations of vitamin D within the first 22 weeks of gestation. Subsequently, 59 women developed preeclampsia. Blood values from all but four were compared to a similar group of recruits who maintained normal blood pressure throughout their pregnancies.

    The higher a woman's blood concentrations of 25-HD, the lower her chance of developing preeclampsia—and that risk fell steadily and "strikingly" with increasing vitamin D values, Lisa M. Bodnar of the University of Pittsburgh and her colleagues found.

    Moreover, babies whose moms had developed preeclampsia were far more likely to have low vitamin-D values than were children whose moms had maintained normal blood pressure. "These differences were found in our population despite widespread prenatal/multivitamin use in the 3 months before delivery," Bodnar's group reports in the September Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

    Black women face far higher risks of developing this hypertensive syndrome. Overall, black women are also far likelier than other ethnic or racial groups to have low blood levels of vitamin D. Against this backdrop, Bodnar's group says, "our data linking vitamin D deficiency and preeclampsia risk raises the intriguing possibility that vitamin D may contribute to racial disparities in this [syndrome]."

    "The story of deficiency begins with vitamin D itself and its primary mode of synthesis, which is from sunlight," argue Adekunle Dawodu of the University of Cincinnati and Carol L. Wagner of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. In a commentary in the September Archives of Disease in Childhood, they report a resurgence of rickets around the world, not only in children at high latitudes, but also in the Arab world and Asia where culture or excessive temperatures may keep women and children indoors or covered up.

    A shift from vitamin-D sufficiency to widespread deficiency has occurred rapidly—mostly throughout a half-century. The reason for it is clear, Dawodu and Wagner say: "insufficient sun exposure and inadequate corrective vitamin-D supplementation." They conclude, much as the Canadian Paediatric Society just has, that dosing moms during pregnancy and lactation "would achieve the double effect of preventing vitamin-D deficiency in both mothers and children." But unlike the Canadian society, they note that doses considerably higher than 2,000 IU may be necessary for some individuals and communities.

    As a goal, achieving population-wide vitamin D sufficiency "may be one of the more important preventative public health initiatives," conclude Dawodu and Wagner.

    If you would like to comment on this Food for Thought, please see the blog version.


    American Academy of Pediatrics

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              Troubling Meaty 'Estrogen'        

    High temperature cooking can imbue meats with a chemical that acts like a hormone

    Food for Thought

    Women take note. Researchers find that a chemical that forms in overcooked meat, especially charred portions, is a potent mimic of estrogen, the primary female sex hormone. That's anything but appetizing, since studies have linked a higher lifetime cumulative exposure to estrogen in women with an elevated risk of breast cancer.

    Indeed, the new finding offers a "biologically plausible" explanation for why diets rich in red meats might elevate breast-cancer risk, notes Nigel J. Gooderham of Imperial College London.

    At the very high temperatures reached during frying and charbroiling, natural constituents of meats can undergo chemical reactions that generate carcinogens known as heterocyclic amines (see Carcinogens in the Diet). Because these compounds all have very long, unwieldy chemical monikers, most scientists refer to them by their abbreviations, such as IQ, MeIQ, MeIQx, and PhIP.

    Of the nearly two dozen different heterocyclic amines that can form, PhIP dominates. It sometimes accumulates in amounts 10 to 50 times higher than that of any other member of this toxic chemical family, Gooderham says. Moreover, he adds, although heterocyclic amines normally cause liver tumors in exposed animals, PhIP is different: "It causes breast cancer in female rats, prostate cancer in male rats, and colon cancer in both." These are the same cancers that in people are associated with eating a lot of cooked meats.

    However, the means by which such foods might induce cancer has remained somewhat elusive. So, building on his team's earlier work, Gooderham decided to probe what the heterocyclic amine did in rat pituitary cells. These cells make prolactin—another female sex hormone—but only when triggered by the presence of estrogen. Prolactin, like estrogen, fuels the growth of many breast cancers.

    In their new test-tube study, Gooderham and coauthor Saundra N. Lauber show that upon exposure to PhIP, pituitary cells not only make progesterone, but also secrete it. If these cells do the same thing when they're part of the body, those secretions would circulate to other organs—including the breast.

    But "what was startling," Gooderham told Science News Online, is that it took just trace quantities of the heterocyclic amine to spur prolactin production. "PhIP was incredibly potent," he says, able to trigger progesterone production at concentrations comparable to what might be found circulating in the blood of people who had eaten a couple of well-done burgers.

    The toxicologist cautions that there's a big gap between observing an effect in isolated cells growing in a test-tube and showing that the same holds true in people.

    However, even if PhIP does operate similarly in people, he says that's no reason to give up grilled meat. Certain cooking techniques, such as flipping hamburgers frequently, can limit the formation of heterocyclic amines. Moreover, earlier work by the Imperial College team showed that dining on certain members of the mustard family appear to detoxify much of the PhIP that might have inadvertently been consumed as part of a meal.

    The human link

    Three recent epidemiological studies support concerns about the consumption of grilled meats.

    In the first, Harvard Medical School researchers compared the diets of more than 90,000 premenopausal U.S. nurses. Over a 12-year period, 1,021 of the relatively young women developed invasive breast cancers. The more red meat a woman ate, the higher was her risk of developing invasive breast cancer, Eunyoung Cho and her colleagues reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine last November. The increased risk was restricted, however, only to those types of breast cancers that are fueled by estrogen or progesterone.

    Overall, women who ate the most red meat—typically 1.5 servings or more per day—faced nearly double the invasive breast-cancer risk of those eating little red meat each week.

    Related findings emerged in the April 10 British Journal of Cancer. There, researchers at the University of Leeds reported data from a long-running study of more than 35,000 women in the United Kingdom who ranged in age from roughly 35 to 70. Regardless of the volunteers' age, Janet E. Cade's team found, those who consumed the most meat had the highest risk of breast cancer.

    Shortly thereafter, Susan E. Steck of the University of South Carolina's school of public health and her colleagues linked meat consumption yet again with increased cancer risk, but only in the older segment of the women they investigated. By comparing the diets of 1,500 women with breast cancer to those of 1,550 cancerfree women, the scientists showed that postmenopausal women consuming the most grilled, barbecued, and smoked meats faced the highest breast-cancer risk.

    These data support accumulating evidence that a penchant for well-done meats can hike a woman's breast-cancer risk, Steck and her colleagues concluded in the May Epidemiology.

    PhIP fighters

    Such findings have been percolating out of the epidemiology community for years. Nearly a decade ago, for instance, National Cancer Institute scientists reported finding that women who consistently ate their meat very well done—with a crispy, blackened crust—faced a substantially elevated breast-cancer risk when compared to those who routinely ate rare- or medium-cooked meats.

    However, even well-done meats without char can contain heterocyclic amines, chemical analyses by others later showed. The compounds' presence appears to correlate best with how meat is cooked, not merely with how brown its interior ended up (SN: 11/28/98, p. 341).

    At high temperatures, the simple sugar glucose, together with creatinine—a muscle-breakdown product, and additional free amino acids, can all interact within beef, chicken, and other meats to form heterocyclic amines. In contrast, low-temperature cooking or a quick searing may generate none of the carcinogens.

    Because there's no way to tell visually, by taste, or by smell whether PhIP and its toxic kin lace cooked meat, food chemists have been lobbying commercial and home chefs to reduce the heat they use to cook meats—or to turn meats frequently to keep the surfaces closest to the heat source from getting too hot.

    The significance of this was driven home to Gooderham several years ago when just such tactics spoiled an experiment he was launching to test whether Brussels sprouts and broccoli could help detoxify PhIP. "I bought 30 kilograms of prime Aberdeen angus lean beef," he recalls. "Then we ground it up and I gave it to a professional cook to turn into burgers and cook." Professional cooks tend to move meats around quite a bit, he found. The result: His expensive, chef-prepared meat contained almost no PhIP.

    In the end, he says, "I sacked the cook, bought another 30 kilos of meat and prepared the burgers myself. It was a costly lesson."

    Once restarted, however, that study yielded encouraging data.

    One way the body detoxifies and sheds toxic chemicals is to link them to what amounts to a sugar molecule. Consumption of certain members of the mustard (Brassica) family, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts (both members of the B. oleracea species)—can encourage this process. So Gooderham's team fed 250 grams (roughly half a pound) each of broccoli and Brussels sprouts each day to 20 men for almost 2 weeks. On the 12th day, the men each got a cooked-meat meal containing 4.9 micrograms of PhIP.

    Compared to similar trial periods when their diets had been Brassica-free, the volunteers excreted up to 40 percent more PhIP in urine, the researchers reported in Carcinogenesis.

    Experimental data suggest that two brews may also help detoxify heterocyclic amines. In test-tube studies, white tea largely prevented DNA damage from the heterocyclic amine IQ (SN: 4/15/00, p. 251), and in mice, extracts of beer tackled MeIQx and Trp-P-2 (see Beer's Well Done Benefit).

    The best strategy of all, most toxicologists say, is to prevent formation of heterocyclic amines in the first place. In addition to frequently turning meat on the grill or fry pan, partially cooking meats in a microwave prior to grilling will limit the toxic chemicals' formation. So will mixing in a little potato starch to ground beef before grilling (see How Carbs Can Make Burgers Safer) or marinating meats with a heavily sugared oil-and-vinegar sauce (SN: 4/24/99, p. 264).

    If you would like to comment on this Food for Thought, please see the blog version.


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              87th Academy Awards        
    Note 1: Hello, and welcome to the annual edition of my pretending to understand how the average-age-55-years-white-American-old-men vote to find the best movie of the year! It's almost like how the new Pope is picked. Almost.

    Note 2: Post 3.0 is going to be awesome, just like my previous two posts. Also, this year, a bunch of us got together to make an AWESOME app for Oscars - Award Street. Check it out!

    This year is pretty much going to be Boyhood vs. Birdman. A lot of people are going to get their predictions wrong this year depending on which way The Academy leans, unless your prediction is that a movie whose name starts with the letter 'B' is going to take home the grandest prize, and you can be sure about nailing it. Personally, I want to be screaming "It's a boy!" when it's announced. That man, Linklater, deserves a trophy by now. He got nominated for the last 2 movies of the 'Before' trilogy, and has made cult classics like Slacker, Dazed and Confused, Waking Life, and School of Rock. He might just walk away with 3 trophies in his hands this year and that would be AWESOME. If The Academy leans towards Birdman instead of Boyhood, it will be sad, and them trying incredibly hard to be cool. Boyhood is an achievement, period. A movie event we are going to be talking about for a long, long time. It will be fitting if Boyhood is announced for the Best Picture, and this plays:

    I don't wanna be a big man
    Just wanna fight like everyone else

    No major controversies with the nominations, although no love for Nightcrawler, The Lego Movie, and no cinematography nod for Interstellar broke my heart a little. But then, what's an Oscar without a little heartbreak, right?

    Right then, let's get on with it.

    CategoryPredictionPickVishesh TippaniQuotesHit / Miss
    Best Motion Picture of the YearBoyhood
    I think this category isn't even a contest. Boyhood is by far the best movie on this list. Also, instead of the standard Film/Director split the Academy is known for doing, I think this year is going to see a Film/Writing split, between Boyhood and Birdman.'You know how everyone's always saying seize the moment? I don't know, I'm kind of thinking it's the other way around, you know, like the moment seizes us.'Miss. Birdman. Oh well.
    Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading RoleMichael Keaton, Birdman
    Another year, BC! This year's going cleanly to Mr. Keaton.'A thing is a thing, not what is said of that thing.'Miss. Well, I am glad. Great performance by Eddie Redmayne in Theory of Everything.
    Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading RoleJulianne Moore, Still AliceRosamund Pike, Gone GirlThe chills Rosamund Pike gives you! Goodness. I wish she won this one, but she won't.From Gone Girl: 'I'm the cunt you married. The only time you liked yourself was when you were trying to be someone this cunt might like. I'm not a quitter, I'm that cunt. I killed for you; who else can say that? You think you'd be happy with a nice Midwestern girl? No way, baby! I'm it.'Hit!
    Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting RoleJ.K. Simmons, Whiplash
    The only thing going for Whiplash. Simmons' powerful performance made this movie worth a while. His performance took me back to when I was in school.'There are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job.'Hit!
    Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting RolePatricia Arquette, Boyhood
    Boyhood could very well have been called 'Motherhood', and it would have remained as true. Patricia deserves this gold!'I just thought there would be more.'Hit! YAY!
    Best Achievement in DirectingRichard Linklater, Boyhood
    Please. Starting to feel a little bad for Mr. Anderson though. Maybe Mr. Anderson is destined to be seventh time lucky another year.'I finally figured it out. It's like when they realized it was gonna be too expensive to actually build cyborgs and robots. I mean, the costs of that were impossible. They decided to just let humans turn themselves into robots. That's what's going on right now. I mean, why not? They're billions of us just laying around, not really doing anything. We don't cost anything. We're even pretty good at self-maintenance and reproducing constantly. And as it turns out, we're already biologically programmed for our little cyborg upgrades. I read this thing the other day about how When you hear that ding on your inbox, you get like a dopamine rush in your brain. It's like we're being chemically rewarded for allowing ourselves to be brainwashed. How evil is that? We're fucked.'Miss. Iñárritu, Birdman. Oh well. Another year, bigger movie, Linklater!
    Best Original ScreenplayBirdmanBoyhoodThis is going to be a close call, but I think Birdman will pull through in the end. Also, if it does, the Best Picture announcement is going to induce double the nervousness. Writing/Film split seldom happens. The last time this happened was with Argo (2012), and Million Dollar Baby (2005) before that.From Boyhood: 'I mean, what makes you think that elves are any more magical than something like a whale? Yoy know what I mean? What if I told you a story about how underneath the ocean, there was this giant sea mammal that used sonar and sang songs and it was so big that its heart was the size of a car and you could crawl through the arteries? I mean, you'd think that was pretty magical, right?'Hit!
    Best Adapted ScreenplayThe Imitation Game
    The better crop are the ones in the original writing category. The adapted is pretty non-exciting, unless American Sniper takes it because of the emotions involved.'Do you know why people like violence? It is because it feels good. Humans find violence deeply satisfying. But remove the satisfaction, and the act becomes... hollow.'Hit!
    Best Animated Feature Film of the YearHow to train your Dragon 2
    No nomination for The Lego Movie was really disappointing. Nothing much here.
    'Some of us were just born different.'Miss. Big Hero 6. Blah. I couldn't care less without The Lego Movie nomination.
    Best Achievement in CinematographyBirdmanThe Grand Budapest HotelNo nomination for Interstellar was a disappointment. A win for Grand Budapest would redeem it.'You're looking so well, darling, you really are... they've done a marvelous job. I don't know what sort of cream they've put on you down at the morgue, but... I want some.'Hit!
    Best Achievement in EditingBoyhood
    This is a no contest. Editing footage spanning 12 years into this masterpiece!'I find myself so furious at all these people that I am in contact with just for controlling me or whatever but you know they are not even aware they are doing it.'Miss. Whiplash. :/
    Best Achievement in Production DesignThe Grand Budapest HotelInterstellarWell, I am going to pick Interstellar for whichever category it's nominated in!From Interstellar: 'Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.'Hit!
    Best Achievement in Costume DesignThe Grand Budapest Hotel

    'You see, there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity. Indeed that's what we provide in our own modest, humble, insignificant... oh, fuck it.'Hit!
    Best Achievement in Makeup and HairstylingThe Grand Budapest Hotel
    A lack of Theory of Everything here was a little bit surprising.'I must say, I find that girl utterly delightful. Flat as a board, enormous birthmark the shape of Mexico over half her face, sweating for hours on end in that sweltering kitchen, while Mendl, genius though he is, looms over her like a hulking gorilla. Yet without question, without fail, always and invariably, she's exceedingly lovely.'Hit!
    Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original ScoreInterstellar
    Zimmer's score made Interstellar more grandiose than it already was. Just 1 win for him from 9 nominations, I think he can use another win, and deservedly so. Theory of Everything has a good chance of taking it away.'Those aren't mountains, they're waves.'Miss. Grand Budapest Hotel. This movie is on a roll tonight! Desplat deserved a win, nominated for 2 movies this year, and 7 before this.
    Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original SongSelmaThe Lego MovieI like 'Lost Stars' from Begin Again. But my pick is The Lego Movie because it was AWESOME, and these buggers did not give it a nod for Animated Feature.From The Lego Movie: 'All this is true because it rhymes.'Hit!
    Best Achievement in Sound MixingInterstellar
    There was a bunch of controversy around Interstellar's sound. It doesn't matter. A couple of IMAX viewings is what those buggers need.'You're telling me it takes two numbers to measure your own ass but only one to measure my son's future?'Miss. Whiplash. For not giving it to Interstellar, I tell you, Academy, "Not my tempo."
    Best Achievement in Sound EditingInterstellar
    see: above. Although, American Sniper might snatch this one. Also, I think Fury should have gotten a nod here.'And that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us.'Miss. Sniper made a headshot at TARS.
    Best Achievement in Visual EffectsInterstellar
    This is a no-contest. Why are there even other nominees?!'Do not go gentle into that good night; Old age should burn and rave at close of day. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.'Hit! Although it's sad that Interstellar might end its count with this.
    Best Short Film, Live ActionThe Phone CallButter LampThis is the first time I got to watch all the live-action shorts before the event. Pretty great movies, all. My favorite's got to be Butter Lamp, for the sheer ingenuity of script.
    Best Short Film, AnimatedFeast
    It's a dog's life.

    13 / 21

    Who are you rooting for?

    87th Academy Awards...

              most beautiful        

    I will say that you are the most beautiful girl in the world, and it will not be true.

    In an absolute sense, that is. For one, to call you the most beautiful girl in the world, I would have to see (meet?) all the girls in this world. Not that I don't like this idea, but it would be an impossible thing to do. And that is not the only problem. I mean, you could easily dismiss it as me talking in hyperbole, not that you would have a problem with it, would you? And even otherwise, it could be dismissed as me being cheesy, albeit in a good way, cheesy still. Or, it could be challenged by anyone, no?


    What songs, what words, sentences should I write?
    She walks with unsaid words and unshed eyes;
    A few steps behind me in the moonlight.
    She knows, and that I know not, yet she shies.
    Behind me, even the moonlight cries;
    So her lips unseal, eyes weep, wrong made right.
    She knows, and that I know not, yet she shies.
    Doth mystery revealed make romance bright?
    Her silence I hear and away I glide.
    Romance be mystery, and mystery tries
    the truth of my heart, healing from hurt pride.
    The shadow remains still, the water dries...
    Songs, words, sentences I could never write
    A few steps behind me in the moonlight.


    "I love you."

    Heh, saying it even in front of the mirror is seeming so ridiculous, and I can only imagine how ridiculous it would be in front of her. Maybe I could put it differently.

    "Jab se tumse milaa hoon, bas tumhaare hi khayaalo mai khoya rehta hoon. Tumhaare bina mera naa aar hai naa paar. Mai tumse aur sirf tumse pyaar kartaa hoon." Yeah, right. Bollywood would be such a perfect way to go. Damn you, Bollywood! Real cinema, please?

    I have to get every expression, every gesture right. It has to be perfect. I will put on a smile first, give an elegant pause, look into her eyes, and just say it. If only I had some practice before! How, I know not, this mirror thing is surely not helping me.

    I should also be prepared for everything that she could say. I have to play every scenario in my head, and have an appropriate response for her every response, so that I do not look like a fool after saying it. She could say "Huh?! What?!", and then maybe leave or something. I am a little scared of this scenario, I wouldn't know what to do or say. Well, I kind of know what to say.

    I know that I have to tell her. She must know.

    On an off-chance, she could also say, "I love you too." And that would make me the happiest person on this planet, not that it is going to happen. But if I am getting prepared for everything, I might as well do an exhaustive job.

    We think that a number coming on a dice is a random event. It is not. It is a direct function of how a dice is thrown, and we could come up with a perfect model which could exactly predict the outcome on the dice. This, on the other hand, is a completely random event for me. For I have absolutely no control over it, nor am I in a position to predict the outcome. It has to be lived through to know.

    I met her in the evening. She looked beautiful, like always. It is amazing how when I meet her even today, I still feel like how I felt when I met her for the first time. It is such an amazing feeling, something one would want to hold on to for life.

    We ordered something to eat, while I was still trying to figure out the perfect time to pop the words. I was nervous. No matter how much prepared one is, when the time comes, it seems like an impossible thing to do. I decided to say it between the food and the dessert, that way, atleast the evening would surely end on a sweet note. And while I made this decision, a part of me hoped that the food never finishes.

    Time passed quickly, as is always the case when I am with her, and we ordered dessert. I now had a small window within which I had to say it. How?! My heart was racing! I think I let my nervousness show, even. "I love you", I said. The world around me moved in slow motion, and it seemed like there she was, in front of me, in suspended animation.

    Phew, here comes the dessert.


    When I met you for the first time, I remember the electricity. You looked beautiful. Enchanting, really. I don't really remember the major parts from that evening, what we talked about etc. But I remember such minor details that I amaze myself. Details which would never matter otherwise. I remember the sounds of your laughter. I remember the heating up of my ears when I embarrassed myself because of something really stupid I said, and you giggled still. And how I kept on going about something so obvious and trivial, and you looked and smiled. And how you kept going about something so obvious and trivial, while your hands rolled a chocolate-wrapper, which we had had then and there, before finishing up the whole box. I remember how you said that you needed to leave in another 5 minutes, and then stayed on for half-n-hour. And then before leaving, gently added, "So when do I see you again?". I remember how the entire evening felt like 2 minutes. The minor things about that encounter were the major parts of the evening, really.

    And then so many other times.

    People say that love is nothing more than a bunch of chemical reactions in our head. But isn't it amazing, that this other person could cause such strong feelings? I mean, if we were to dismiss love like this, then we should also dismiss having good food, coffee, chocolates, life, us, because even those are just a set of chemical reactions.

    I remember when we met one afternoon, and we were just walking along the street. It was just you between me and the setting sun. The sun-rays trickled through your hair, glistening. I couldn't look away. It seemed like nothing else in the world really mattered in that moment. And in that moment, in that one, single moment, you were the most beautiful girl in the world, in an absolute sense. And then several such times, again.

    I'll tell you every day of my life, that you are the most beautiful girl in the world. And when I do, I do not mean right then. I would really mean the moment in which you really were, and I would mean that because I have seen you in those moments, and so many such moments we would have spent together in which you would have been.

    I will say that you are the most beautiful girl in the world, and it will be true.

    Brandon Wright poses at his tea farm in Japan.

    One of Brandon Wright’s career goals is to ultimately build a traditional Japanese wood tea house in Oklahoma City.

    The East Central University alumnus currently resides in Uji, Kyoto, Japan and is the founder of the Tai-an Tea Company. Three weeks after graduating from ECU in 2014, Wright moved to Japan to start his own organic Matcha green tea company.

    “I am very proud of graduating from ECU,” said Wright, who left the university with a degree in exercise science and was an Ada resident. “ECU taught me numerous skills that has helped me prepare for my career path such as organization, teamwork, presentation skills, time management, communication skills, problem solving, adversity and dedication skills.”

    Wright also has an office in Oklahoma City, but spends much of his time in Japan, monitoring his tea farm.

    Matcha is a Japanese tea made from powdered green tea leaves, which are grown and dried in specially designed processes, after which they are ground to create a fine powder. Matcha is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony and to flavor food.

    Considered benefits of Matcha is that is highly nutritious, contains antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins.

    “If anyone consumes a cup of organic Matcha every morning, it will improve the way they feel mentally and physically,” Wright said. “Matcha is nature’s pre-workout, detoxifier, focused energy, and best of all, it helps fight diseases. Matcha is Japan’s best-kept secret that has been a factor in their long-life expectancies and overall health.”

    Wright’s exposure to Matcha green tea came in 2005 during a three-week high school exchange program.

    “I took part in a Japanese tea ceremony lesson and I knew at that moment, this is what I would do for my career,” said Wright. “Matcha is 100 percent plant-based nutrition grounded into fine powder and consumed as tea. Matcha contains zero fillers, chemicals, GMO’s or pesticides.”

    Wright’s future plan is to stay in Japan for 5-10 more years, but to ultimately build a traditional Japanese wood tea house in Oklahoma City.

    “We want to bring cultural diversity to Oklahoma, using an amazingly healthy organic

    Japanese green tea,” Wright said. “This is great culturally and for overall health.”

    Wright says that his company ships organic Matcha directly from Tokyo to, which allows it to be shipped overseas safely and quickly. The company’s first Matcha line is called “Seijaku,” which translates to an enlightenment.

    “We truly believe if you consume our Matcha, you can reach your own version of complete silence or peace within yourself,” said Wright. “Matcha was first given to the Monks and Samurai because it was said to give them focused energy during meditation and alertness during battle.”

    According to Wright, ECU had a hand in him making his dream come true.

    “This has been a very hard three years in Japan. My company is 100 percent registered in Oklahoma, but my home office is located in Japan because I live here,” Wright said. “Therefore, I must follow Japanese laws and regulations and the Japanese are 1,000 percent more detailed about business development. I have had many setbacks since starting this journey, but I never gave up because of what ECU taught me.”

    Wright credited ECU instructors in the Kinesiology Department such as Matt McGaha, Jason Prather, Jillian Bailey, Jillian McCarty and Jeff McGaha with preparing him for his business journey.

    “The teachers, staff and faculty at ECU were all amazing. Anytime I needed to speak to a teacher about anything, they were always there for me,” said Wright. “Everyone from the teachers, library, Wellness Center, financial aid, cafeteria workers and janitors were all down to earth and truly loved their jobs and helping all students, ECU is an amazing school and I will always be very proud of where I came from.”

    For more information on the Tai-an Tea Company go to the website at or Facebook page at Tai-an Tea Co. The Amazon direct shortcut to the product page is: The Facebook page features daily posts and information regarding Matcha or Japanese tea history.


    For Immediate Release: 

    Contact: Brian Johnson or Amy Ford

                                    East Central University Communications and Marketing

                                  580-559-5650 or or 405-812-1428 (cell)

              BRAIN Initiative        
    President Obama recently announced a big new effort to map and understand the human brain. What are we trying to learn about our brains? One thing we will earn is how our brains are structured, "not this well-organized hierarchical control system where everything is in order." Another is how much of mental illness is shaped by experience and society, as opposed to chemical or structural factors. What do we already know about our brains? 12 Things We Know About How The Brain Works. And we know that unconcious processing improves decision-making. That brain structure may be linked to placebo response. And that unconcious brains can read and do math. We know a little bit more about how the brain responds to addiction. And we know that "genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms" in childhood can have permanent ill effects. We think that differences in our brain reflect political differences. But we know that a lot of pop neuroscience is bollocks. What could we do with new information? Could we reverse-engineer AI? Manipulate our brains, neuron-by-neuron? Make better soldiers? Or record dreams? Or activate neurons with light? Or make better, crowdsourced brain maps? Neurotechnology, Social Control, And Revolution
    In our neuro-centric world-view, a person is equated to his brain. The neuro-discourse has penetrated all aspects of our lives from law to politics to literature to medicine to physics. As part of this neuro-revolution, huge military funding is supporting neuro-scientific research; a huge body of basic knowledge on memory, belief formation, cognition and sensory modalities has been gathered over years, with fieldslike social neuroscience, cultural neuroscience, neuroeconomics and neuromarketing has emerging to improve our lifestyle; neurotechnological know-how from wireless non invasive technologies to neuroelectronic interfaces is exponentially advancing; and neurotechnology business reports indicates the rapid increase in neurotechnological start ups and the willingness of bringing neurotechnological products to the market. In my opinion, all the aforementioned indicators indicate that neurotechnology can be potentially used to control social dynamics.

              weird animals eating chemicals        
    wolf, teeth, and dog image
              Fluoridated Water with Inorganic Arsenic Pose US Health Risks        
    Clean drinking water is fundamental for good health. But the truth is, home tap water is far from healthy. It is proven that tap waters contain a vast array of disinfection byproducts, chemicals, heavy metals and even pharmaceutical drugs. Among the most dangerous contaminants are fluoride and arsenic. The USGS National Water-Quality Assessment Program finds […]

              Hexavalent Chromium-6 Found in 31 U.S. Cities’ Tap Water        
    The cancer causing chemical compound Hexavalent Chromium has tainted the tap water of many US Cities. The drinking water safety of Americans is not getting any better as previously thought. Erin Brockovich’s job is not done PBS‘s investigative journalism is exposing the truth about our drinking water safety. This graph represents the amounts of chromium […]

              Ecstasy Effects        

    Ecstasy Effects

    Tnt party circle pills: is here to consume. The loud and revitalize possess. Continued use of the contraction of energy for the ideal combination of the world. Tnt gives you up of being terminated from banned to enjoy any problem part of electronic dance all night. Cok n party pill of being clear thinking and nothing like ginseng bzp and that have to tweak you can have bzp and contentment, more calories to stick to harmful chemical in terms of activity you go through the name legal highs like ginseng ginkgo laser effects.

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              Review charge cocaine substitute        

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              My Authentic Self        

    Sometimes I really surprise myself.  I don’t know how this all happened, in the realm of two days..but it has happened and I like it. I feel liberated...from myself?

    I have been coloring my hair for 25  years. I first began with foil highlights added in to my strawberry blonde hair. The darker blonde would grow in and back to my colorist I would run.  After a few pregnancies my hair grew in darker. I’ve gone brunette, blonde, red…all colors of the rainbow. The past 10 years I’ve been coloring and foiling to keep up with the gray. Or the darks. I'm not sure what color my hair is any more.  I hadn’t even thought of the alternative: my authentic self.  My gray self.

    I’ve heard others say “I’m not ready to be old” and I’ve just nodded my head in agreement. Gray and old are no longer synonymous in my world. One might begin to gray at 25, or 45 or 65. Age is how I live. Not how I look. Age is how I feel. Now how I look.

    I have a couple of fantastic  friends who sport their gray beautifully.  I’ve always looked at them with longing as I wished I could do the same but that's where my thought would end. I’d then make the call for an appointment and I’d go to my stylist.   $150 every 6-8 weeks for color, foil, cut, style, wax and tip.

    As I was driving into work yesterday I saw the grays and darks coming through my roots and thought to myself that  my last appointment was February 15, it’s about time to call for an appointment-I came into work and thought about my hair. Why do I continue to color it? Why do I continue to change who I am. I haven’t had botox-my skin is who I am. I haven’t had liposuction. My body is who I am. I realized I no longer wanted to color my hair. I want to be my authentic self.

    My authentic self.

    That’s who I want to be. Who I am. Gray hair and all.

    During the course of one day I realized I no longer want those chemicals placed upon my head. My hair is dry and processed. My head itches. I live a pretty healthy life. I consume a plant based diet, we grow food in our garden, I move my body daily, I do what I can to battle the genes I was dealt. Why would I continue to place chemicals upon my scalp? It was the normal.

    I sometimes make the mistake of thinking that what I look like is more important than who I am.

    No longer.  Granted, I’m only 7 weeks from my last foil. I’m only 2 days into this way of thinking. I’m thinking of beautiful Nancy, Karen, Simona, Bonnie, Denise, Twyla and Lynette, with their beautiful silver hair. They are their authentic selves.

    Women with gray hair strike me as being high priestesses of sorts. They are  beyond societal beauty norms so much so that they've created their own niche where they are alluring without the battle of aging. We  are beautiful as gray or blonde or brown. 

    These  women are also beautiful because they aren't slaves to narcissism. They have the moxie to take their vanity in moderation, which gives them an air of wisdom and strength.

    Gray. Silver. Authentic. Me. I’m going with it. 

    Are you rockin' your gray? Are you coloring?

    I'll keep you posted. I'll let you know if I continue to feel this way.  Who knows? I could change my mind.

    For now, it feels right.
              Clean Kali: All eyes now on govt        
    The water of East Kali is heavily polluted. It would hopefully change with the NGT taking notice of it.
    The polluted Kali river. (Image source: Neer Foundation)

    Rampura, situated in Bulandshahr district in western Uttar Pradesh, is one of the 1,200 villages on the banks of the 300-km long East Kali, a tributary of the Ganges. The river is named after goddess Kali who, according to the Hindu mythology, is fierce and fights evil by ingesting it.

    Till the 1980s, the river was a symbol of purity. Things have changed now with the river turning into a nullah brimming with industrial effluents. “We used to drink its waters when young. Today, it's so toxic that forget drinking, I dread touching it,” says Devendra Kumar Sharma, a resident of Panwadi, a village in Meerut district. The river’s toxic water now symbolises death and not life.

    Foul flows in streams

    As per a study by Neer Foundation, a Meerut-based non-profit working on environmental issues, as the river is polluted, the groundwater of the area which gets replenished by the river too has turned into a receptacle for toxic waste. Unsuspecting people, however, continued to draw water through the handpumps till recent studies rang an alarm bell.

    The study conducted in 2015-16 reveals that in Rampura, the groundwater recorded a total dissolved solids of 1760 mg/litre, way above the permissible standard of a maximum of 500 mg/litre for drinking purposes. Soil stratum was harmed as iron and lead contamination spread from river water to aquifers (underground reservoirs that hold groundwater) that are recharged by it.

    A study by Neer Foundation reveals that the pollution load in the river is unmanageable. (Image source: Neer Foundation)

    Lead is recognised as highly toxic, and damages the nervous system in humans while iron is therapeutic in low doses but lethal when present in excessive quantities.“This toxic water gets distributed and is used for drinking and irrigation purposes in rural areas. This has a severe health impact on us and our animals. The outfall of water from nullahs to the river must stop,” says Satish Kumar, a farmer from Jalalpur village in Meerut district.

    The water from handpumps has shown iron concentration measuring up to 0.35 parts per million, which is enough to cause water to turn reddish brown in colour. Lead concentration too was high at  0.5 parts per million in Rampura. According to Indian standard drinking water specification 1991, the highest desirable limit of lead in drinking water is 0.05 parts per million. “The possibility of geogenic contamination i.e., naturally occurring contaminants in the water, too cannot be ruled out. The Central Ground Water Authority is studying these aspects,” says Atulesh Yadav, regional officer, Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board, Meerut.

    Rampura is one of the several villages of the eight districts of western Uttar Pradesh where people’s lives at one time depended on the river water for everything--from drinking to irrigation. The village that once boasted of lush green guava orchards has no original water left in its river. The prime villains in this regretful story are the ceaseless discharge of industrial wastewater and municipal sewage into the river.

    “The three main cities of Meerut, Hapur and Bulandshahr through which the East Kali passes have several sugar mills, allied alcohol manufacturing distilleries, paper industries, dairies, tanneries and textile mills that discharge their effluents into the river,” says Raman Kant, director of Neer Foundation. The effluents from the sugar and paper mills are highly toxic and these two industries are enlisted among the 17 most toxic waste releasing industries by the standards provided under the Environment Protection Rules, 1986.

    The pollution load in the river is unmanageable and it can barely assimilate the pollutants. Dilution with freshwater isn't a viable treatment option any longer. In most villages--right from Antawada in Muzaffarpur where the river originates, to Kannauj, its confluence with the Ganga--the water, laced with industrial toxins, is lifted from both the river and under the ground for irrigation. “Water flows from the underground caverns in the forest adjacent to our village forming a river that used to collect rainwater. Once a life-giving force, the river is dry at its origin and gets polluted by industrial effluents a few kilometers downstream,” says Bilam Singh, a farmer from Antawada. “The effect of this on our food is mostly unknown. It is possible that some of the most toxic chemicals like cancer-causing dioxins and organochlorines released by factories are present in the water that is irrigating the farms,” says Raman Kant.

    Water flows from the underground caverns in the forest at the origin of the river. (Image source: Neer Foundation)

    In 2001, Neer Foundation tested the water quality in government accredited laboratories which showed the presence of persistent organic pollutants or PoPs in the two samples near Saini village, downstream of Nanglamal sugar factory. PoPs are known for their impacts on human health and the environment as they are resistant to environmental degradation. “Farmers knew of the contamination but continued to irrigate from the river,” adds Raman Kant.

    “It is only on the river’s downstream stretch as it crosses the city of Aligarh that its pollution level declines as freshwater is added to it from the upper Ganga canal. Besides this, industrial wastes are not added in the river’s stretch between Aligarh and Kannauj,” says Raman Kant.

    The green court takes note

    Many civil society groups have raised the issue of river clean-up. Come monsoon and stretches of the effluent-laden river turn red as it passes through industrial sites. An otherwise seasonal river has now turned into a perennial one, thanks to the discharge of industrial and municipal wastewater into it. For years, this has been a concern as villagers were left with no option but to drink this contaminated water. The union environment ministry had in 2012 directed the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to monitor the quality of the river water and the major wastewater outfalls. “The Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board too does regular monitoring of the river waters,” says Yadav.

    Yet small pockets of industries are polluting the waters of the predominantly rural catchment that is largely dependent on the untreated water from the river as well as the ground. This is leading to the spread of cancer and various other life-threatening diseases. Seeing the impasse, Raman Kant put up a public interest litigation (PIL) which was heard by the principal bench headed by Justice Swatanter Kumar, chairperson, National Green Tribunal (NGT). Neer Foundation had two demands--the Environment Protection Rules, 1986 that prescribes the standards for effluent discharge is followed and municipal authorities who are responsible for managing municipal wastes adhere to the Municipal Solid Waste Rules, 2016.

    “The industries not only abstract large volumes of water during their manufacturing processes reducing dilution of pollutants present within the surface water bodies but also contaminate the river by draining their effluent wastes into it,” the PIL states.

    The NGT has, in an order dated May 24, 2017, asked the Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board to test the groundwater along the course of the East Kali river. The order is applicable to districts of Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Hapur, Bulandshahr, Kasganj, Aligarh, Kannauj and Farrukhabad through which the river passes. The NGT has directed the authorities to test the water immediately and seal those handpumps that supply contaminated water. The PIL also says the Kali clean-up is a prerequisite to cleaning the Ganga. The green tribunal’s order has come as a temporary respite for thousands of villagers living along the river. They are nonetheless waiting for the government to establish long-term policies to resolve the crisis. This could be in the form of a comprehensive action plan for cleaning the East Kali river.

    “The Supreme Court had in 2014 transferred a public interest litigation by noted environmental activist M.C. Mehta, pending since 1985, to the green tribunal. It deals with issues of the river Ganga, especially those involving discharge of domestic sewage and other sources of pollution in the Ganga. This is the larger case which is being heard on a daily basis by the tribunal. As a result, some of the prayers of the petitioner in the case of Kali river were not heard separately,” says advocate Adarsh Srivastava, one of the applicants on behalf of the petitioner.

    “We hope to get an official assessment of the water quality in the riverside villages as per the present order on the East Kali river soon. However, since we have been working on the river’s revival, we look forward to the tribunal’s orders on the Ganga pollution case. The court is likely to give directions on strict measures and penalties to prevent hazardous materials and pollutants from being dumped into the rivers,” says Abhishek Tyagi, secretary of Neer Foundation.

    Without this, it is hard to tell whether the issue of pollution will be resolved in the near future.

    Don't Show In All Article: 

              Now, Narmada is also a living entity        
    Policy matters this week
    Narmada river (Source: Wikipedia commons)

    Following Ganga and Yamuna, Narmada river also gets living entity status

    The Madhya Pradesh cabinet has passed a resolution declaring Narmada river as a living entity in order to control pollution, illegal mining on the river banks and to save the river from depletion. The conservation programme for the river has already been started and the government is planning to initiate the conservation of other rivers like Kshipra, Gambhir, Ken, Betwa and Kali Sindh with public participation soon. Also, considering the new status of the river, the state government will be drafting a bill for the Narmada river to ensure strict legal action against those polluting the river. 

    Fine of Rs 1 lakh for dumping e-waste near Ramganga: NGT

    The National Green Tribunal has announced a fine of Rs 1 lakh as compensation on those found dumping e-waste on the banks of the Ramganga river in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. A committee has also been constituted to immediately remove the waste lying on the river bank and to submit a detailed report within two weeks. Also, it has come to the notice of the tribunal that the Ramganga river which is a tributary of the Ganga carries a BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) load of 128 tonnes per day and is heavily polluted due to the discharge from various industries. Moreover, the officials have turned a blind eye to the river's pollution and no action has been taken against the violators. 

    West Bengal government creates a hurdle to the success of Namami Gange

    The Namami Gange project is facing a roadblock as the West Bengal's chief minister Mamta Banerjee has refused to attend meetings to discuss riverfront development projects in the state under the Centre’s flagship programme. So far, no work has been initiated towards the riverfront development of Gangasagar, Belur and Dakshineswar due to the non-cooperation from the state. Along with this, the state government has shown apprehensions towards the linking of Manas-Sankaosh-Teesta-Ganga rivers that aims to benefit Assam, West Bengal and Bihar in irrigation, drinking water crisis and flood control. 

    Centre approves Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project 

    The Central Water Commission (CWC) has approved the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project worth Rs 30,000 crore that aims to utilise the Chambal river water for tackling drinking and irrigation requirements of 13 parched districts of the state. The 13 districts include Bundi, Kota, Bharatpur, Dholpur, Karauli, Swai Madhopur, Baran, Jhalawar, Jaipur, Tonk, Dausa and Alwar. Following the CWC approval, the state government is planning to prepare a detailed project report in the coming weeks and will also seek national status for the project.

    SC notice to Kerala over maintenance work on Mullaperiyar dam

    With respect to the maintenance work on the Mullaperiyar dam, the Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Kerala government for creating hurdle in the repair works. The notice has been issued following a petition filed by the Tamil Nadu government which has been given the right to maintain the dam while Kerala will take care of its security. The 120-year-old Mullaperiyar dam has been an issue of contention between both the states. In 2014, however, the Tamil Nadu government was allowed to raise its height to 152 feet after strengthening measures were taken on the dam.

    This is a roundup of important policy matters from May 2 - 7, 2017. Also, read the news this week.


    Don't Show In All Article: 

              Hey, my name is Josselin.        

    "I like boys who hold doors open and wear bowties. I like girls who hug girls and makes faces. I like girls with candyfloss hair. I like kittens. I like wrinkled noses. I like glittery clothes. I like new clothes. I hate real fur scarves with heads and scared eyes. I like wholemeal bread. I like autumn. I like anticipation. I like hot chocolate. I hate temptation. I hate hot days. I like red lips. I like gold eyeshadow. I like owls. I like wind in my hair. I like raindrops on shiny shoes. I like standing in the rain. I like dreaming. I hate feeling dizzy. I hate seeing things that aren’t there. I like photos. I like film. I love the smell of chemicals in photography shops. I hate having photo ideas i can’t do. I like rainbows. I like stretching after sleeping. I like having naps. I like holding cats. I like candles. I like cream cakes. I like pasta. I like apples. I like cereal. I like porridge on a rainy morning. I like waking late. I like amber eyes. I like platinum hair. I like red hair. I like old cameras. I like having money. I like freedom. I like old coins. I like apples of a tree. I like cherries. I like laughing. I like umbrellas. I like puddles. I like Cassie Ainsworth. I like her clothes. I like saying wow. I like shoes. I hate shoes. I like tights. I like eating heaps of chocolate (i don’t do that much). I like strawberry ice cream. I like you."

    I'm a sixteen year old girl with too much love for too many things. I live in the US. I have wanderlust and too many dreams.


              January, 2012 Daring Baker Challenge: Back to Basics:Scones (Biscuits)        
    Introduction:  Hi my name is Audax from Audax Artifex (yes this web site). Whenever I visit my sister and her family in S.E. Queensland Australia she always welcomes me with a fresh batch of my favourite baked treat which we devour gleefully with cups of tea while we chat and catch up with the events in our lives.


    The treat that I'm talking about is the basic scone (also know as baking powder biscuits in North America) my sister really knows how to make them, they are wondrously light with soft sides and a lovely airy crumb – superb with jam and cream. This month I want the Daring Bakers' to share my delight and I invite you to bake a batch of scones to enjoy with friends and family.

    For our North American members I wish to clarify what this challenge is all about and try to avoid any confusions. Scones in North American are nearly always triangular in shape have a slightly crisp crust usually covered in sugar and have a soft interior crumb and sometimes are laced with dried fruit (these baked goods in Australia and England are called “rock cakes” since they are usually made to look like “rocky” cakes not wedges), meanwhile biscuits in North American are a round shaped buttery slightly flaky baked good usually eaten with meals (these items in Australia and England are called “scones” and are eaten with butter and jam usually with cups of tea or coffee as a sweet snack). So this challenge (using the North American name) is to make biscuits. Or using the Australian or English name this challenge is to make scones.

    To further clarify for our North American bakers this month's challenge is to make biscuits (also called baking powder biscuits) if you choose to make your biscuits using buttermilk as the liquid you are making what are known as “Southern” Biscuits which are one of the most famous examples of home cooking in the Southern States of America (that is they are a baking powder biscuit made with buttermilk). In Australia and England “Southern” Biscuits would be called buttermilk scones. So restating the above, the challenge is to make scones (using the Australian/English name) or to make  biscuits (using the North American name). Incidentally if you use cream as your liquid in the challenge recipe the final baked good would be called a cream biscuit in North America or a cream scone in Australia and England.  

    Scones (biscuits) contain only a small number of ingredients they are fast to make, quick to bake, only cost cents per batch and most importantly are super FUN to eat. In England and Australia scones are eaten with jam and butter usually with cups of tea or coffee mostly as a sweet snack, while in North America they are usually eaten with meals as a savoury side.


    Of course scones (biscuits) have a notorious reputation as being difficult for some people to make  comments like “hockey pucks”, “These made great door-stops ” and the like fill the comment sections of most recipe websites. You see scones (can be said as a rhyme with cone and also can be said as a rhyme with gone) are a type of quick bread that is a white flour dough that is raised using chemical agents usually baking powder and/or baking soda. Basic scones contain flour, raising agent(s), butter (or shortening or lard), salt, and milk (or buttermilk or soured milk or cream). Most recipes just say to “rub the fat into the flour” then combine the dry and wet ingredients until “gathered together” and then “lightly knead” the gathered mixture until a soft dough forms, then “roll or pat” out this dough and then “cut” out rounds and bake them in a hot oven. Well how hard could it really be I thought uh-mm as you can see below my first batch wasn't the greatest success … they didn't raise at all and the texture was barely OK I thought … I was left wondered what I had done wrong …   

    My first attempt at scones (really pretty terrible I thought, no height no tenderness and no flakiness)


    So after studying many many (288 websites bookmarked) scone/biscuit recipes and the bakers' comments about these recipes and after doing 16 batches! myself I have acquired a lot of information to help you master the techniques involved I hope that at the end of this challenge that you will be able to make a good if not great scone (biscuit).

    After much research and many attempts …  finally some scones (the 14th, 15th and 16th batches) that I wouldn't mind sharing with my sister.

    The Classic Australian scone ring (Aussie Damper) – the crumb is very similar to bread

    Cheese and chives scones – a “sky-high” light and tender scone flavoured with cheese and chives

    The classic Southern Biscuit (buttermilk scone) – a superbly flaky scone made with buttermilk and laminated to form distinct layers when baked

    Fairy Ring
    As I mentioned in the challenge posting in Australia and England scones are usually eaten as a sweet treat (with butter and jam) with cups of tea on that theme while doing my research for this challenge I thought I would do a variation on the sweet side of the scone. Here is one recipe that is suitable for kids and adults when you want something special and sweet yet can be made at a moment's notice.

    In Australia one of the most popular children's party food item is fairy bread. This is a variation of fairy bread called Fairy Ring made with an Aussie Scone (Damper) ring laced with 100s and 1000s then iced (with some icing sugar and a touch of lemon juice made into a sticky paste) then sprinkled with more 100s and 1000s (coloured sprinkles). My 9 year old niece went crazy with delight and literally squealed with glee when I showed her this Fairy Ring and say I made it especially for her.

    Normal (Damper) Scone Ring

    Fairy Ring straight from the oven

    Completed Fairy Ring

    Hot Dog Buns
    Here is a savoury variation, I made hot dog buns using the basic scone recipe. They worked out great I couldn't believe the crumb and they tasted great with the hot dog and relishes and I made them in under 15 minutes (once the oven was hot enough). I was very surprised how well the basic scone dough complimented savoury food.  

    Touch of Grace Scones
    (Click on the title to go to a great posting about this recipe)
    Here is the answer to dry biscuits this recipe is called "touch of grace" biscuits which uses a few simple techniques to create a super moist crumb. These scones are all about tenderness everything is designed to obtain the softest and most tender crumb possible. These are very different from the normal bread-like scones that Australians like with jam and cream. These would be perfect with a savoury meal. They were so buttery with a soft creamy crumb that literally melts in your mouth, the mouth feel is like clouds. As one reviewer lovingly opined "They're squat little puffs you'll want to grab, steaming, from a basket passed over fried chicken or bacon and eggs". The way I make them is slightly adapted from the original recipe,  I use a lot of very large pieces of butter and all buttermilk with very low gluten cake flour and some resting time in the fridge. Resting the dough after the buttermilk is stirred into the dry ingredients is essential you would never be able to form the soft balls of dough coated in flour that are the "rounds" in this case and keeping everything cold helps the baking process. While baking the large pieces of butter melt into the flour causing large air holes to form in the baked dough and since we use soft flour (6%) which cannot form flaky layers we thus obtain a feather-light creamy tender crumb infused with the maximum amount of butter that the dough can hold.
    These scones are made entirely from cake flour (6% gluten), I used 1 cup of flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 1/4 cup very large-sized butter pieces, about 1/2 cup buttermilk and 1/2 teaspoon sea salt. I rubbed in butter making sure most of the fat/flour where large pea sized pieces. I rested the dough after I mixed in the wet ingredients for 10 minutes until cold, during this time the dough "firms" up making it possible to turn it out in one cohesive dough ball onto a lightly floured board. I formed a rectangle of the soft dough floured the top lightly then I stamped out rounds. You could feel the pieces of butter in the formed round The rounds are very soft but can be picked up and placed into the baking dish. Then I place the baking dish with all the formed rounds back in the fridge for 10 minutes until cold then bake. (This procedure is much easier than the original recipe's method and it gives as good results I think). As you can see the crumb is saturated with butter and has masses of large airy pockets to trap your favourite topping. Absolutely delicious.

    Raisin Scones
    I wanted to make one batch of flavoured scones I went with sweet raisins and some molasses in the dough. I rubbed in the butter until it was like fine sand and I used "OO" cake flour about 7% protein and some cornflour (cornstarch), I was very happy with the look of the baked scones and the crumb was very tender very much like bread which is what I wanted. These were very cute looking but to be honest I like plain scones much better.
    The bread like crumb of the scone so so tasty and soft.

    As you can see scones (biscuits) are all about technique since the scones pictured above used the same basic recipe. 

    Recipe Source:  The challenge scone (biscuit) recipe has been especially formulated by Audax Artifex after a large amount of research and experimentation. It is designed to help you master the techniques involved in making scones (biscuits) exactly the way you like them. 

    Blog-checking lines: Audax Artifex was our January 2012 Daring Bakers’ host. Aud worked tirelessly to master light and fluffy scones (a/k/a biscuits) to help us create delicious and perfect batches in our own kitchens!

    Posting Date:  January 27, 2012

    Challenge Notes:
    The Ingredients – since scones contain only a small number of ingredients each should be of the highest quality
    Flour – lower gluten (i.e. soft) flours (about 9% or less protein) produce taller and lighter scones than normal plain (all-purpose) flour (about 10%+ protein). But to be honest it wasn't that great a difference so long you sifted the dry ingredients thoroughly at least three times. That is always triple sift the dry ingredients this will ensure that the flour is well aerated and the raising agents are evenly distributed so resulting in light scones. I found that finely milled soft “OO” flour gave the best results but don't worry you can get excellent results with sifted plain (all-purpose) flour. You can use self-raising flour if you wish (remember to leave out the raising agents and salt) in the recipe below it is important to triple sift the self-raising flour as well I like to add about ½ teaspoon of extra fresh baking powder per cup of self-raising flour to ensure a good lift in my scones. In the northern states of America and most of Canada all-purpose flour is generally very hard (high in protein) you can replace for each cup 4 tablespoons of all-purpose flour with cake flour  OR for each cup replace 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour with cornflour (cornstarch). Or you can let the scones rest (20 mins) in the fridge before baking. 
    Fat – unsalted butter gives the best flavour while lard gives the flakiest texture since it has a much higher melting point than butter so promoting a flaky texture in the final scones. The best compromise is to use a combination of the two in equal measure. I usually use all (unsalted) butter for flavour and health reasons. In most recipes the fat is rubbed into the flour using fingers or a pastry cutter (don't use two knives or forks since it takes too long to cut in the fat using this method). It is best to grate the butter using the coarse side of a box-grater and then freeze it until you need it. Freezing the butter prevents the fat from melting into the flour. The idea is to coat the fat particles with the flour. You are looking for a fat/flour combination that looks like very coarse bread crumbs with a few pieces of butter about the size of peas, the finer you make your fat pieces the more tender the crumb of your final scones. If you want very flaky scones then make the fat pieces large like Lima beans and only lightly coat them in the flour. If your kitchen is very hot you can refrigerate your flour so helping to keep the fat from melting. Don't freeze your flour as this will make it too difficult to rub the fat into the flour. (Typical usage about 1 to 8 tablespoons of fat per cup of flour).
    Chemical raising agents – always use fresh raising agents, baking powder deteriorates within two months once the jar is opened, typical usage 1 to 2 teaspoons per cup. Baking powder nowadays is double action – there is an initial release of gas once the dry and wet ingredients are combined and there is another release of gas from the high heat of the oven. If you are using acidic ingredients (such as buttermilk, soured milk, honey, citrus juice, yoghurt, tomato sauce etc) then use an additional ¼ teaspoon of baking soda per cup of liquid to help neutralise the acid and make the final baked product raise correctly. Baking soda is much stronger (x4) in raising power than baking powder. You can make you own single action baking powder by triple sifting together one part baking soda and two parts cream of tartar store in an airtight container. To check if your double action baking powder is fresh place 1/4 teaspoon in 1/2 cup of water it should bubble a lot, then microwave it for 30 secs it should bubble it again. To check your baking soda place 1/8 teaspoon into 1 tablespoon of vinegar (or lemon juice) it should bubble a lot. 
    Liquid – you can use milk (any sort), buttermilk, soured milk, yoghurt, half-and-half, cream, coconut cream, soda water, even lemon-flavoured soda pop (soft drink) or a combination of these as the liquid in your scones. You can sour regular milk with a tablespoon of cider vinegar or lemon juice for every cup. Just stir it in and let it sit for 10 minutes or so to curdle. Typical usage is 1/3 to 1/2 cup of liquid per cup of flour.
    Salt – a small amount of salt (about ¼ teaspoon per cup of flour)  helps improve the action of the raising agents and enhances the flavour of the scones.

    The Equipment
    Baking pans – use dark coloured heavy weight baking pans as these have the best heat distribution and really give a great raise to your baked goods. Many people like to use cast iron skillets for best results.
    Measuring cups and spoons – try to accurately measure all ingredients especially if this is your first attempt at making scones (biscuits) remember to scoop the ingredient into the measure and level with a knife. If you can weigh the flour using scales even better.
    Scone (biscuit) cutters – use a cutter that is made of sharp thin metal with straight sides and is open at both ends this ensures that the scone will raise straight and evenly and ensures the cut scone is easy to remove from the cutter without compressing the dough. Try to avoid using cutters with wavy sides, thick walled cups, glasses, metal lids, small jars or any cutter with only one opening since it is difficult to remove the cut scones from these without compressing the dough therefore leading to 'tougher' scones. If you cannot get a good cutter you can cut out squares or wedges etc using a sharp knife if you wish.
    Rolling pins – most scone doughs are very soft (and wet) so can be easily patted out using your fingers. For a large amount of dough you can use a rolling pin remember to use light pressure from the centre outwards to form an even thickness of dough ready to be cut into scones. Avoid rolling back and forth over the same area as this can overwork the dough.    

    The Techniques
    Triple sift the dry ingredients – sift your dry ingredients from a height this permits plenty of air to be incorporated into the mixture which allows for maximum lightness in your scones and ensures even distribution of all the raising agents and other ingredients.
    Rubbing in the fat – this is the stage where you can control how tender or flaky your final scone crumb will be. The more you coat your fat with flour and the smaller the particles of the final mixture, the more tender the end product because you’re retarding gluten formation in the flour (unfortunately the price you pay for this tenderness is that the final dough will be soft and might not raise very well since the gluten isn't developed enough to form a stable structure to trap the gases that are released when the dough is baked). Conversely the larger you leave the pieces of fat (the infamous "pea-sized" direction you always see in scone/biscuit recipes), the flakier the final scones will be (that is the gluten in this case is more developed but you might find that the final baked product is dry and the mouth feel of crumb could be too firm i.e. tough). So summarising the tenderness/flakiness of your scone is achieved in this stage by manipulating the size of the fat particles and how much of the flour is used to coat the fat (the more flour used to coat the fat promotes more tenderness while larger fat pieces promote more flakiness).  Either way quickly rub in the grated frozen fat into the dry ingredients using
    1)your finger tips – as you lightly rub and pinch the fat into the flour, lift it up high and let it fall back down into the bowl, this means that air is being incorporated all the time, and air is what makes scones light, continue this until you have the desired sized flour/fat particles in the mixture, or
    2)a cold pastry cutter – begin by rocking the pastry cutter into the fat and flour mixture continue rocking until all the fat is coated in flour and the desired sized flour/fat particles are obtained.
    Moistening and bringing the dough together -  add nearly all of the liquid at once to the rubbed-in dry ingredients.  When mixing the dough (I use a soft plastic spatula, my sister uses a knife), stir with some vigour from the bottom to the top and mix just until the dough is well-moistened and begins to just come together it will be wet (and sticky). And remember the old saying – the wetter the dough the lighter the scones (biscuits)!  
    Handling the dough – as most people know it is important not to overwork the dough but what isn't appreciated is that under-working is almost as common a mistake as overworking. Look at my first attempt (the first photo in this article) at making the challenge recipe it is crumbly and a bit leaden and the crumb isn't flaky at all this is due to under-working the dough and making the flour/fat particles too small, it took me about six batches to understand this and not be afraid to handle the dough so the scone (biscuit) would raise correctly. Under-working causes as many problems as overworking. Overworking leads to tough, dry and heavy scones while under-working leads to crumbly leaden ones. If you are not happy with your baked goods look carefully at your final scones (biscuits) and decide if you have under- or over-worked your dough.
    Kneading or folding/turning the dough – this is the stage where you can control whether or not your scone has distinct layers by 1) only kneading the dough (for no layering effect) or 2) only turning and folding the dough (for a layering effect).  As mentioned above given the same amounts of flour and fat, leaving larger pieces of fat equals more gluten formation and, therefore, flakiness. Leaving smaller pieces of fat equals less gluten formation and, therefore, tenderness. Your dough at this stage of the recipe will be a mixture of different gluten strengths since it is almost impossible to make a totally homogeneous dough at home. The major idea at this stage of the process is to exploit these gluten differences to achieve a desired degree of lamination (layering) in the final baked good. That is at this stage your dough (after you have added the liquid and mixed it until it just holds together), will have different layers of relatively gluten-rich (tougher) dough (the more floury parts of the dough), and layers of relatively gluten-free (tender-er) dough with small pieces of fat (the more fatty parts of the dough). So at this point if we only lightly knead the dough these layers will become less distinct which means the dough will become more homogeneous so producing a more even and more tender crumb when baked. But if at this stage you only fold and turn the dough (as shown below in pictures) over itself, these different layers will remain intact but will get thinner and thinner with each fold and turn, so when the fat melts and the liquid turns to steam in the oven, this steam pushes the tougher layers apart, leading to an overall flakiness and a layering effect in the scone crumb (see picture of the buttermilk biscuit above). So if you want an even more tender crumb just lightly knead (much like you would knead bread but with a very very light touch) the turned-out dough a few times until it looks smooth. If you want to form layers (laminations) in your final baked goods do a few folds and turns until it looks smooth. Always do at least one light knead to make the final dough structurally strong enough to raise and hold its shape whether you are aiming for a smooth tender crumb or a flaky layered crumb.
    Pat or roll out the dough – since most scone (biscuit) doughs are soft (and sticky) it is best to use your fingers to gently pat out the dough once it has been kneaded or folded and turned. Use a very light touch with little pressure while forming the dough rectangle to be cut into rounds for the scones. If you want tall scones then pat out the dough tall, about 3/4 inch to 1 inch (2 cm to 2½ cm) thick is about right.
    Cutting out your scones – use a well-floured scone (biscuit) cutter for each round that you stamp out from the dough. That is dip your cleaned cutter into fresh plain flour before each separate cut. Do not twist the cutter while stamping out the scone, push down firmly until you can feel the board then lift the cutter the round should stay inside the cutter then gently remove it from the cutter  and place the round onto the baking dish. You can use a sharp knife to cut out other shapes if you wish from the dough, also the knife should be floured before each cut as well. 
    Baking your scones – always preheat your oven when baking scones. Place each scone almost touching onto the baking dish this encourages the scones to raise and also keeps the sides soft and moist. If you want crisp sides widely space your scones on the baking dish. Don’t over-bake your scones. Over-baking for even a minute or two will dry your scones out. As soon as the sides begin to turn brown and are set, remove them from the oven. Immediately, place the scones on a wire rack—the hot pan will continue to dry the scones.
    Extra comments about resting the dough – I found in my researches that a number of respected sources mentioned resting the dough in various stages in the recipe. Surprisingly this advice is sound. I found that if you rested the just mixed dough (in the fridge) for 20 minutes there was a huge improvement in the dough's handling qualities and the final scones height, lightness and crumb were outstanding. Also I found that if you rest your patted out dough covered in plastic for 10 minutes in the fridge that the rounds are easier to stamp out and the final baked goods raise higher and have a better crumb. Also you can rest your stamped out rounds in the fridge for a couple of hours without harm so you can make your scones place them into the fridge and then at your leisure bake them later great for dinner parties etc. This is possible because modern baking powder is double action, i.e. there is another release of gas when you bake the rounds in the heat of the oven.

    Problems with bitter after-taste or dry chalky mouth-feel

    The biggest problem that scone/biscuits can sometimes have is an after-taste (sometimes described as metallic or a salty chemical taste) or the mouthfeel is dry and chalky (i.e. the crumb is tough and doesn't have enough moisture).

    If the problem is the after-taste try these tips
    • use freshly opened raising agents, many people claim old baking powder has a stronger taste
    • look for a single action baking powder (that only uses baking soda and cream of tar tar with a little cornflour) or make your own, since some double action baking powders can have metallic salts in them which some people can taste even in small quantities. Also keep in mind that homemade baking powder works faster and at a lower temperature, so put your recipe together quickly
    • look for a double action baking powder that uses non-metallic ingredients in it, check the ingredients listing on the packet.
    • use less baking powder
    • if you used an acidic liquid (buttermilk etc) and did not use some baking soda with the normal baking powder then some of the acid in the liquid wouldn't have been neutralised so leaving some salts behind causing the salty aftertase, that is make sure you are using the correct combination of agents for the liquids that you use, see the link below for full details about this. 
    • use only baking soda and an acidic liquid (buttermilk) like in the famous Irish Soda bread which very few people complain about having an aftertaste
    • use bakers' ammonium (available from King Arthur's flour) it was one of the most common chemical raising agents in the old days before modern baking powder, it smells like ammonia when baking but the ammonia smell totally dissipates and this chemical leaves nothing behind. I use it a lot in my baking it really gives baked goods that old-fashioned taste that people really can pick up on also it gives cookies extra crispness when baked.   

    See here for a comprehensive posting on baking powder/baking soda and how to use them in recipes.
    See here for the most interesting discussion on the use of baking soda and baking powder

    If the problem is the mouthfeel try these tips
    • try smaller sized scones and bake them quickly in a very hot oven and make the dough wetter since large sized scones using a drier dough baked in a moderate oven will give you a dryer crumb therefore a dry chalky mouthfeel
    • over-handled dough will lead to a dry mouth
    • eat them immediately fresh out of the oven, scones do really suffer (they become dry and tough) when stored for any length of time
    • try using more fat about 1/4 cup+ per cup of flour - more fat gives moister crumb. Also try using all shortening, since shortening contains no water or milk solids it gives a very tender crumb.
    • use this great recipe they are called "a touch of grace" biscuits they are the most tender and moist biscuits (scones) that I have had.
    • some people claim that a very hot oven is best to start the baking process then lower the temperature to moderate to finish baking the scones

    The problem lopsided scones
    About lop-sided scones this is usually caused by uneven cutting out of the scone. Some hints
    1. Clean and flour the scone cutter (by rubbing off any wet dough and then dipping the cutter into fresh flour the entire height of the cutter) every time you stamp out each round. Remember not to twist when you are stamping out the scones. If you are using a knife remember to clean and flour it for each cut.
    2. Try to pat out or roll out the dough as evenly as possible.
    3. Did you sift the dry ingredients three times? (uneven distribution of ingredients can lead to uneven scones).
    4. Try to get the scone out of the cutter by applying gentle even pressure on the entire scone circumference that way you do not compress just one place so making that area less tender so raising less when cooked.
    5. Turn the cut scone upside down onto the baking dish, since this side will be flatter than the patted out top surface.
    6. Only glaze the tops of the scone, a small amount of liquid on the sides will inhibit raise in that area.
    7. Some people like to use a fork and prick some holes in the top of the unbaked scones supposedly this helps the scone raise evenly.
    8. Also some people like to use their thumb and press a small hollow into the top of the scone supposedly this helps the scone raise evenly.
    9. A good article about "making the perfect scone" see here it goes through a lot of the best scone recipes by master bakers.
    10. Try this recipe and its method from Bakers' 911 which seems to make straight-sided scones even from wavy-sided cutters

    How to test baking soda
    1. Place a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda into a tablespoon of vinegar it should bubble a lot.

    How to test your single action baking powder
    1. Place a teaspoon of baking powder into a cup, add 1/4 cup room temperature water it should bubble a lot.

    How to test your double action baking powder
    1. Place a teaspoon of baking powder into a cup, add 1/4 cup room temperature water it should bubble a lot.
    2. Wait 30 secs and then place your cup into the microwave heat for about 30 secs until about 180F it should bubble again.
    3. If it doesn't then discard and buy a new jar.

    How to test your self-raising flour - add one tablespoon of S.R. flour into some hot water it should bubble a bit. Or try adding some vinegar and see if it bubbles. Usually SR flour is only good for about three months.

    The problem an unreliable oven
    1. Try and use heavy grade dark metal baking dishes which give the best heat distribution.
    2. If your oven heating cycle is unreliable (varies the temperature a lot) lower the temperature to hot 220C (430F), preheat the oven along with a heavy metal baking dish for a good 20 mins then bake the scones on the baking dish which acts as a heat sink helping to bake the scones more evenly. Try to bake smaller sized scones which helps with a constantly varying temperature.
    3. If your oven has hot spots which mine does just rotate the dish at about 3/4 of the total baking time.

    The problem my dairy-free margarine doesn't do a good job of cutting in
    1. Just melt the margarine and add it to the liquid and proceed as normal (this is the best you can do if the margarine is "bad for cutting-in or just bad for scones" in the first place).

    Mandatory Items: You must make one batch of basic scones (i.e. basic biscuits using the North American name). The challenge recipe has been designed to be fast, very cheap and easy to follow so allowing for multiple attempts to be made until you can achieve your desired result. I encourage you to make a couple of batches to see how small changes in technique can obtain vastly different final baked products. I estimate all of my 16 experimental batches cost less than $4 and took about four hours, so please do take this opportunity to explore the possibilities of the different techniques and advice that have been presented here in this challenge. I have included a number of links to the most popular scone (biscuit) recipes (and variations) in a number of countries feel free to use these if you can make a good basic scone (biscuit) already.  

    Variations allowed:  A number of variations (cheese and chives, herb, etc) on the basic challenge recipe are included use them if you wish.  

    Preparation time: Scones: Preparation time less than 10 minutes. Baking time about 10 minutes.

    Equipment required:
    Large mixing bowl
    Baking dish
    Measuring cups and  spoons (optional)
    Flour Sifter (optional)
    Board (optional)
    Scone (biscuit) cutter (optional) or knife (optional)
    Dough scraper (optional)
    Spatula (optional)
    Weighing scale (optional)
    Cooling rack (optional)
    Pastry brush (optional)

    Basic Scones (a.k.a. Basic Biscuits)
    Servings: about eight 2-inch (5 cm) scones or five 3-inch (7½ cm) scones
    Recipe can be doubled

    1 cup (240 ml) (140 gm/5 oz) plain (all-purpose) flour
    2 teaspoons (10 ml) (10 gm) (⅓ oz) fresh baking powder
    ¼ teaspoon (1¼ ml) (1½ gm) salt
    2 tablespoons (30 gm/1 oz) frozen grated butter (or a combination of lard and butter)
    approximately ½ cup (120 ml) cold milk
    optional 1 tablespoon milk, for glazing the tops of the scones

    1. Preheat oven to very hot 475°F/240°C/gas mark 9. 
    2. Triple sift the dry ingredients into a large bowl. (If your room temperature is very hot refrigerate the sifted ingredients until cold.)
    3. Rub the frozen grated butter (or combination of fats) into the dry ingredients until it resembles very coarse bread crumbs with some pea-sized pieces if you want flaky scones or until it resembles coarse beach sand if you want tender scones.
    4. Add nearly all of the liquid at once into the rubbed-in flour/fat mixture and mix until it just forms a sticky dough (add the remaining liquid if needed). The wetter the dough the lighter the scones (biscuits) will be!
    5. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured board, lightly flour the top of the dough. To achieve an even homogeneous crumb to your scones knead very gently about 4 or 5 times (do not press too firmly) the dough until it is smooth. To achieve a layered effect in your scones knead very gently once (do not press too firmly) then fold and turn the kneaded dough about 3 or 4 times until the dough has formed a smooth texture. (Use a floured plastic scraper to help you knead and/or fold and turn the dough if you wish.)
    6. Pat or roll out the dough into a 6 inch by 4 inch rectangle by about ¾ inch thick (15¼ cm by 10 cm by 2 cm thick). Using a well-floured 2-inch (5 cm) scone cutter (biscuit cutter), stamp out without twisting six 2-inch (5 cm) rounds, gently reform the scraps into another ¾ inch (2 cm) layer and cut two more scones (these two scones will not raise as well as the others since the extra handling will slightly toughen the dough).  Or use a well-floured sharp knife to form squares or wedges as you desire.
    7. Place the rounds just touching on a baking dish if you wish to have soft-sided scones or place the rounds spaced widely apart on the baking dish if you wish to have crisp-sided scones. Glaze the tops with milk if you want a golden colour on your scones or lightly flour if you want a more traditional look to your scones.
    8. Bake in the preheated very hot oven for about 10 minutes  (check at 8 minutes since home ovens at these high temperatures are very unreliable) until the scones are well risen and are lightly coloured on the tops. The scones are ready when the sides are set.
    9. Immediately place onto cooling rack to stop the cooking process, serve while still warm.

    Variations on the Basic recipe
    Buttermilk – follow the Basic recipe above but replace the milk with buttermilk, add ¼ teaspoon of baking soda, increase the fat to 4 tablespoons, in Step 3 aim of pea-sized pieces of fat coated in flour, in Step 5 fold and turn the dough, rounds are just touching in the baking dish, glaze with buttermilk.
    Australian Scone Ring (Damper Ring) – follow the Basic recipe above but decrease the fat to 1 tablespoon, in Step 3 aim of fine beach sand sized pieces of fat coated in flour, in Step 5 knead the dough, in Step 7 form seven rounds into a ring shape with the eighth round as the centre, glaze with milk.
    Cream – follow the Basic recipe above but replace the milk with cream, add ¼ teaspoon of baking soda, in Step 3 aim of beach sand sized pieces of fat coated in flour, in Step 5 knead the dough, rounds are just touching in the baking dish, glaze with cream.
    Cheese and Chive – follow the Basic recipe above but add ¼ teaspoon of baking soda, after Step 2 add ½ teaspoon sifted mustard powder, ¼ teaspoon sifted cayenne pepper (optional), ½ cup (60 gm/2 oz) grated cheese and 2 tablespoons finely chopped chives into the sifted ingredients, in Step 3 aim of beach sand sized pieces of fat coated in flour, in Step 5 knead the dough, rounds are widely spaced in the baking dish, sprinkle the rounds with cracked pepper.
    Fresh Herb – follow the Basic recipe above but after Step 3 add 3 tablespoons finely chopped herbs (such as parsley, dill, chives etc).
    Sweet Fruit – follow the Basic recipe above but after Step 3 add ¼ cup (45 gm) dried fruit (e.g. sultanas, raisins, currents, cranberries, cherries etc) and 1 tablespoon (15 gm) sugar.
    Wholemeal –  follow the Basic recipe above but replace half of the plain flour with wholemeal flour.
    Wholemeal and date – follow the Basic recipe above but replace half of the plain flour with wholemeal flour and after Step 3 add ¼ cup (45 gm) chopped dates and 1 tablespoon (15 gm) sugar.     
    Pictorial guide to the challenge recipe
    I was at my brother's house and we had a hankering for a baked treat so I decided to make the challenge recipe also I needed some photos of the challenge recipe being made for this posting. My brother isn't a cook, all he had to hand as equipment was concerned was a mixing bowl,a thin walled 20 cm (8 inch) cake tin and a knife, he didn't even have a cup measure only mugs so I improvised.

    As you can see in the collage below I roughly chopped some butter (I eye-balled about 2 tablespoons) and froze it. Then I throw the frozen cubed butter onto one mug of cold self-raising flour I couldn't sift the flour since my brother doesn't own a sifter. Then I proceeded to rub in the butter with my fingers until I got pea-sized fat pieces coated in flour.

    I added the liquid (½ mug of cold lite-milk) to the rubbed-in fat/flour mixture until I got a sticky dough I turned this out onto a floured board, I lightly floured the top of the sticky dough then I kneaded it once  then I patted it out into a rectangular shape then I proceeded to fold and turn the dough. Notice that you fold 1/3 of the dough over itself then the other 1/3 over that and turn it 90° degrees. Notice the lines on the broad this will help you understand how to do the folding and the turning.

    I did a couple more folds and turns and used a well-floured knife to cut out squares of prepared dough.

    Here is a close-up of the finish patted-out dough notice how you can see the fat particles in the dough this is what causes flakiness in the final baked scone.

    I used the inverted cake tin as my baking dish and baked the scones in a very hot oven for 10 minutes they worked out really well I thought. Notice the nice central lamination in the scone and the great crumb and how well they rose in height.

    I placed two unbaked scones in the fridge to test whether resting them for 20 minutes helped improve the raise of the final baked product. As you can see the left scone and the middle scone are taller than the right scone which was baked immediately after it was cut out from the dough. So don't worry if you cannot bake the scones straight away they do better with a little resting time. 

    Videos of my sister making scones (baking powder biscuits) – using a very popular Australian recipe
    Part 1 – my sister making the scones (baking powder biscuits)
    Part 2 – my sister showing off her scones (baking powder biscuits)
    Pictures of my sister's scones

    Storage & Freezing Instructions/Tips:
    Scones are best eaten warm. Scones (biscuits) are really easy to store – bag the cooked and cooled scones and freeze until needed then reheat in a moderate hot for a few minutes.

    Additional Information: 
    Australia’s most popular scone recipe uses lemon-flavoured soda pop and cream as the liquid
    A great English scone recipe this uses more sugar and fat and has an egg
    Classic Southern Buttermilk Biscuits recipe by Alton Brown
    An index of North American recipes
    Another index of North American recipes
    Three great Australian recipes
    An index of Irish recipes
    An interesting discussion on “what makes a scone a scone”
    Videos of Alton Brown making biscuits (scones) with his granny (super cute to watch)
    Episode one (
    Episode two (
    Links to advice about chemical raising agents 

    The Daring Kitchen and its members in no way suggest we are medical professionals and therefore are NOT responsible for any error in reporting of “alternate baking/cooking”.  If you have issues with digesting gluten, then it is YOUR responsibility to research the ingredient before using it.  If you have allergies, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure any ingredient in a recipe will not adversely affect you. If you are lactose intolerant, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure any ingredient in a recipe will not adversely affect you. If you are vegetarian or vegan, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure any ingredient in a recipe will not adversely affect you. The responsibility is YOURS regardless of what health issue you’re dealing with. Please consult your physician with any questions before using an ingredient you are not familiar with.  Thank you! :)[/quote]
              Sep 2011 DB challenge - Croissants        

    I have placed the first croissants into yeastspotting

    Blog-checking lines: The Daring Bakers go retro this month! Thanks to one of our very talented non-blogging members, Sarah, the Daring Bakers were challenged to make Croissants using a recipe from the Queen of French Cooking, none other than Julia Child!

    Recipe Source: Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume Two. Julia Child and Simone Beck.

    See here for a PDF of the recipe (it has 57 steps LOL LOL)

    Wow this month's challenge was so interesting making croissants, croissant pastry is intriguing it is a mixture of "puff pastry" and "yeast bread dough", technically croissant pastry is a laminated dough, that is you basically make a yeast bread dough and then you make a butter puff pastry with it, using four turns and folds. Very interesting.

    We were very lucky to have a wonderful member txfarmer she had experimented with croissant over a two month period and her postings in the "The Fresh Loaf" web site were invaluable well worth a look see these links link one, link two and link three.

    1457 layered sourdough croissants

    Croissants making is all about technique and practice practice and more practice.

    I have made croissants a large number of times so I thought I would push myself on this challenge. I wanted to try some new techniques and methods. So I did sourdough croissants using a HUGE amount of butter using six turns in as little time as possible.

    Luckily Sydney Australia is having perfect weather for making laminated dough cold cold and more cold. So I could do two turns (almost three!) every 45 mins (chilling the dough in the freezer between turns). The final proof took a long time.

    I had some very active sourdough dough on the rise ready to be shaped when the challenge was announced so I used that to make my croissant dough (sorry I didn't use the challenge recipe for this attempt). I used 500 grams of AP (plain) flour (Australian plain flour is about 10% protein) in the final pastry dough and a 500 gram butter-block (since I had to use up the butter today). Using a high ratio of flour to butter makes it much easier to make the laminations in the pastry. Since I have made laminated doughs before and I was using sourdough (which gives good structural strength to the crumb with plenty of tenderness) I did six 'letter' folds (which produces 728 layers of butter and 729 layers of dough or 1457 different layers in total!) and double egg-washed the croissants. Using sourdough makes for a very tender dough (much softer than normal bread dough). I had to chill the dough after each two turns for 45 mins.

    The croissants increase in volume about 3½ times. They smell fabulous when baking.

    A very long process, but well worth it.

    I was very pleased with these 'quick' croissants since the sourdough really helped tenderise the dough and the many turns seemed to work out fine and the HUGE amount of butter stayed in the rolls when baked so overall a very good result.

    My list of characteristics of a good croissant
    1. good layering of the butter and dough
    2. the exterior crust is deeply coloured all over, the crust should be shiny thin and crisp with a slight crackle (the crust should almost shatter) when bitten into
    3. the interior colour is even (slightly yellow or creamy white it depends on the colour of your butter) with an open crumb (lots of holes), the interior dough should be moist and soft with a 'pull' when your tear it apart, and the
    4. butter flavour should be strong but not overpowering.

    A Sunday article in “le Figaro magazine” referred to the nine pillars of pleasure (volupté) for appreciating a croissant. The author of the article asked two well-known Parisian pâtissiers, Pierre Hermé and Laurent Duchêne to “analyze what makes the heart of the croissant beat”

    The nine pillars of volupté (pleasure) from "le Figaro magazine" are:
    1. The layers (le feuilletage) – look for the layers, lots of space, not flat and smooth; crusty exterior, soft inside
    2. The soft interior (la mie) – is light and agreeably honeycombed. When you eat it, it should have crumbs. When you tear off the cornered end, the soft interior should resist a bit. It should not be doughy.
    3. What you hear (à l’oreille) – Ideally you should hear the crunch of the crust. It should crackle the whole while you are biting into it. As Pierre Hermé says: “you should hear the croissant suffer!” («On doit entendre la souffrance du croissant!»)
    4. What you taste (en bouche) – You should taste the amount of butter rather than the sugar. However, the subtle taste of salt is the crowning point of a good croissant.
    5. What makes a bad croissant (et un mauvais croissant?) – Look to see if the bottom of the croissant is whitish; it was not cooked long enough or was poorly baked. Is the croissant flat in appearance and doesn’t seem to breathe or is it oozing butter?
    6. The smell (l’odeur) – This can be a giveaway, if the croissant smells of yeast or the metal baking sheet. It should give off an agreeable smell of creamy butter.
    7. Shelf life (sa durée de vie) – The croissant has a very short shelf life: five or six hours; outside of this, it becomes stale. Don’t eat the croissant too hot, it loses its taste, its heart, it fades.
    8. The ingredients (les ingredients) – The choice of butter is first and foremost. Pierre Hermé uses Viron flour, fleur de sel de Guérande, butter from the Viette (Charente) region, course sugar and of course water. But, mineral water.
    9. The season (la saison) – Does the croissant have a season? From the end of October to the beginning of November (this is for the Northern Hemisphere) is not a good time to buy a croissant. At this point the wheat harvests are blended (the old with the newly harvested). The dough is more difficult to control.

    When ordering, ask for the croissant made with butter (croissant au buerre). And although winter might be the croissants’ most popular season, they are available all year round.

    The sourdough croissant dough has increased three times in volume, it is full of flavour and bubbles

    The sour dough punched down

    The butter block - I shape the butter block as perfectly as possible

    Locking-in the butter into the dough

    Use rubber bands on your rolling pin to get thin even layers in your laminated doughs

    After the first turn and fold (notice after the 1st turn & fold the dough is the same size as the butter block)

    Trimming the final croissant dough after six turns and fold - keeping the dough neat and even is essential

    Unbaked croissants

    Baked croissants

    Close up of the laminations in the overlapping sections

    Tips and hints
    1. One “letter” (also called a 'simple') fold (i.e folding the dough like a letter taking the top 2/3 of the way down and then taking the bottom 2/3 of the way up to form a rectangle), produces 2 layers of fat encased by 3 layers of dough, so two letter folds produces 6 layers of fat and 7 layers of dough, three letter folds produces 26 layers of fat and 27 layers of dough, four letter folds (typical of croissants) produces 80 layers of fat and 81 layers of dough (this type of pastry dough can increase in volume about three times when baked), five letter folds produces 242 layers of fat and 243 layers of dough and six letter folds (typical of puff pastry which can expand eight times in volume when baked) produces 728 layers of butter and 729 layers of dough that is 1457 different layers in total! (this type of pastry dough can increase in volume about eight times when baked)
    2. About the type of flour (low or high gluten) to use – I have checked a lot of websites and my extensive collection of cookery books and there seems to be two camps; the high gluten camp that uses bread flour (high gluten 13%+ protein), and the low(er) gluten camp that uses some (or all!) cake flour (low gluten about 8% protein). Oddly French recipes seem to about 3/4 bread and 1/4 cake on which flour to use. High gluten strengthens the structure of the bread but also toughens the crumb and can be hard to roll out, while low gluten gives a tender crumb but with compromised strength. In the end it is a juggling act between tenderness versus strength. Low gluten flour gives a light open textured crumb but there is a tendency for the croissant structure to collapse, while high gluten flour gives a tighter crumb more like normal bread but the croissant structure is much firmer. My 10% protein sour dough produced a light open crumb with good volume increase I think this was due to the chemical/baking effects of the sour dough and not so much about the amount of protein in the flour. I think a lot of the bread flour recipes are really for machines and not the home baker.
    3. Sour dough takes a very long time to proof as compared to normal bread.
    4. Here are the major pitfalls for this recipe; warm butter, warm dough, the butter and dough aren't the same consistency which encourages the butter to run out or crack in the laminated layers, untrimmed laminations, uneven final sheeting (the layers of alternating dough and butter should be even).
    5. Make paper cut-outs (templates) of the rolled-out dough shapes, the butter-block and the croissants the templates really makes rolling out the dough so much faster and easier.
    6. I like to add ½ teaspoon of fresh lemon (or lime) juice per three of cups flour, the acid helps to tenderise the dough's gluten, also the juice intensifies the taste of the butter I feel. Be careful too much lemon juice will result in a dough that is too soft therefore hindering oven spring (the amount the dough springs up in the first few minutes of baking).
    7. Use a “French” rolling pin if possible (French rolling pins have no handles and are the same width over the length of the pin they look like a large dowel length) or a very long traditionally shaped rolling pin.
    8. Try to use the best quality butter you can afford for your croissants. “European” butter styles have a lower water content (<10%) than normal supermarket brands (about 16%) also top quality brands of butter are more pliable (than low cost butters) when cold. That is low-water/ high-fat content butters make for the highest quality croissants. In France you can buy 'dry' butter (i.e. extra low water content and extra high fat content butter) especially made to be used in croissant making. I used a Belgian butter called Lurpak $16/kg. I was surprised how easy the dough was to layer with the butter block. After each turn and fold I let the dough rest in the refrigerator for about 1½ hours. I have found Aldi's unsalted butter about $6/kg works fine. You can buy butter sheets (butter spread out in thin sheets wrapped in plastic) these make the layering of the dough and butter a lot easier, but they are hard to find try good foodie shops and suppliers to major hotels and restaurants.
    9. Most recipes use 45% butter to flour weight I find for the home cook using a lot more butter makes the rolling and turning much easier, increase the butter to about 55-65% flour weight. I did 100% butter to flour weight since I needed to use the butter up and I wanted to experiment what would happen. No leakage at all since I proved the rolls for a long time!
    10. To use unsalted or salted butter? I like using unsalted butters since they have a higher fat content than salted butter and I feel that unsalted butter tastes better. But I think it is a matter of personal preference.
    11. The butter block has to be made cold and kept cold. You want pliability, NOT softness.
    12. The optimal temperature for the butter is 60°F (15½°C) at this temperature it will be pliable and not break into pieces when rolled out.
    13. Make sure that the butter block and the dough have the same consistency especially for the first 2 turns, leave the cold dough out on the counter until the butter is the same consistency as the dough. A dough that is softer than the butter will be forced to the sides by the firmer butter; a dough that is too firm will force the butter out the sides.
    14. After four turns the dough is beautiful and silky.
    15. Remember to let the dough warm up a little (a few minutes) if it has been in the fridge for a long time (over 2 hours) recall you want the butter and the dough to be the same consistency when you roll out the laminated dough.
    16. Laminating takes a little practice. Mainly, using the rolling pin as evenly as possible for the turns, keeping the dough rectangle so that the laminations are tight and even, and finally trimming the ends.
    17. When rolling out the dough. Always roll in a square or rectangular shape regardless of the final shape. Roll in one direction. Begin with your pin on the edge closest to you and roll toward the far end; do not roll sideways. Do not press down when rolling or the layers may stick together and the recipe will not rise properly. Decrease the pressure as you roll toward the edges to avoid flattening them and compressing the layers. Evenness of rolling is essential so there is even rising. The upper part tends to lengthen faster than the bottom, so turn the dough over occasionally to keep the seams and edges even. Make sure you place the dough so when you resume rolling you do so over the previous rolls and in the same direction. Be neat. Don’t roll it side-ways. Always roll it length-wise. Use as little flour as possible when rolling out the dough so that the dough doesn’t get too tough. Roll it thinly and evenly so that the layers are even when baked. The straighter your rolled dough, the more uniform your puff pastry.
    18. Make sure the corners are at a 90-degree angle. This is so the layers are lined up properly for the greatest puff during baking.
    19. Rolling to 1/8-inch thick is good for most pastries. For tartlets, roll to 1/16-inch thick, and for larger pastries, such as the Gateau St.-Honore, 3/16-inch thick.
    20. Unless you are a professional puff pastry maker and have a home sheeter (a machine that rolls out pastry sheets – a dream of mine) then limit the number of turns for croissants to a maximum of four. For the normal home baker (three or) four turns will produce the maximum lift, further turns will result in smaller and denser croissants. I did six turns since I was using sourdough and I have been making laminated doughs for a long time and can make a good dough with even thin layers that are aligned very closely to 90° to the dough edges. Usually I do four turns but since this is a challenge I thought I would do six to experiment.
    21. If some butter escapes you can add a very thin layer of flour to the butter and proceed as normal.
    22. You can place thick rubber bands on the edges of the rolling pin the bands make rolling out even thickness dough's much easier. Or you can use flat thin bars of metal laid out on the table as your rolling guide for your rolling pin.
    23. Trim the parts that do not expose laminations (like the long edges of the dough.) You do not want 'dead' areas in the laminated dough these dead areas will not rise and bake correctly, so be neat and keep straight edges on your dough when rolling it out. DO NOT put the trimmings in the dough
    24. Always brush off the excess flour after turning and folding, this unincorporated flour can cause toughness in your final baked croissants.
    25. Get the dough out and back into the fridge as soon as possible between lamination steps.
    26. Proving the shaped croissants takes much longer than normal bread...2 to 2.5 hours (even longer if using sour dough) until they are fully puffed-up and jiggle when they are done. It is this final proofing that produces large light puffy croissants and stop the butter from running out of the rolls.
    27. The melting point of butter is very low (90°F/32°C) and it has a spreading consistency at room temperature. So if the ambient room temperature is well above 77°F/25°C proof your unbaked croissants in the fridge (this will take about 8-10 hours).
    28. Egg washing immediately after forming the croissants keeps them moist! Egg wash again just before baking. This double egg washing produces a lovely deep shine on your croissants.
    29. Remember to egg wash the tops of the laminated dough (not the edges that have the laminations) in the shaped croissant, since the egg wash will stop the croissant laminations from rising correctly.
    30. Remember the croissants will increase in volume about three times so arrange the unbaked rolls on your baking sheet with plenty of space between them.
    31. Rotate your baking sheets half way through the bake.
    32. Add a little steam (an ice cube or two in a shallow pan in the oven with the croissants is fine) when starting to bake the croissants this moisture produces thin crisp crusts.
    33. The oven temperature is very hot (475°F/240°C/gas mark 9) for this recipe I baked mine for 15 mins and the colour on the croissants was perfect. Remember to preheat the oven for about 20 mins at the correct baking temperature, this long preheating ensures marvellous oven spring and a deep colour on the croissants.
    34. The colour of the croissant should be brown all over even where the pastry overlaps.
    35. If after 15 mins in the very hot oven you need more colour reduce the temperature to moderately hot (400°F/200°C/gas mark 6) and bake until you get the colour you want.
    36. To see some WONDERFUL croissants (with loads of tips and hints) see these links from Txfarmer's postings in The Fresh Loaf website.

    Butter Croissants
    I did another batch using the new updated challenge recipe, I used plain (AP) flour (10% protein), I double egg-washed the rolls and I made sure that I proofed them until soft and wobbly (about 4 hours since it was cold here). The interior crumb was a marvellous honeycomb.

    A nice honeycomb pattern

    A crisp shiny crust yum yum

    Comparison of the crumb from my first batch (sourdough croissants) and this batch, the final proofing is very important to get a light airy interior in your croissants.

    Pain Au Chocolat Noir
    The shiny lacquered crusts of the pain au chocolat noir

    I made up some dark chocolate dough (by replacing 4 tablespoons of flour with dark Dutch processed cocoa powder in the challenge recipe) to make pain au chocolat noir, I used dark chocolate chips in the rolls to give an extra chocolate hit. This shape for the rolls minimizes waste and also you can place some extra chocolate along the entire width of the pastry. These where a smash hit with my guests also I really like these a lot not too sweet with a great mouth feel, the best ones so far (it is hard to beat chocolate).

    The layered chocolate and butter layers in the croissant dough, this is after three turns and folds

    Loads of pain au chocolat noir

    Interior shot of the chocolate crumb and dark chocolate filling

    A small stack of pain au chocolat noir

    Cherry Ripe Croissant Bread Pudding
    I love how it looks like a lava explosion rippling with chocolate yum yum!

    I love the flavour of cherry ripe (that is a combination of cherry, coconut and chocolate) so I thought I would make a bread pudding from the 'leftover' chocolate croissants I had from yesterday. (To be honest they weren't leftover I stashed them away (LOL LOL) so I could make a bread pudding from them today.) This dessert is rich, decadent with a lusciousness that boarders on the sublime, and it looks so tempting and inviting. The topping is oozing with dark chocolate goodness while the interior is soft melt-in-your-mouth coconut egg yolk custard which is full of hidden ruby red treasures of cherries. Too good to share really this amount feeds 12 people with ice cream.

    Bread pudding is basically ripped stale buttered and jammed bread that is baked in an egg/milk/cream custard usually along with soaked dried fruit like raisins etc.

    So for this decadent croissant bread pudding I used this recipe

    The unbaked cherry ripe croissant bread pudding (this had soaked overnight)

    The baked croissant pudding

    Cherry Ripe Croissant Bread Pudding
    For each two medium-sized chocolate croissants ripped into 1 inch (2½ cm) inches pieces use; one cup of custard liquid (¼ cup coconut cream, ½ cup cream and ¼ cup milk) whisked with 2 egg yolks, and the filling ingredients of ¼ cup brown sugar, ¼ cup dried cherries soaked overnight in rum or cherry brandy or orange juice, ¼ cup dark chocolate chips. Line a baking dish with the ripped croissant pieces, add the custard liquid and the other ingredients stir gently. Cover with plastic and place a light weight on top and let soak for at least one hour (or overnight is better). Preheat an oven to moderate 180°C/350°F/gas 4, remove the plastic from the pudding add some more chocolate chips (do not add soaked fruit they will burn) and place the baking dish into a larger baking pan place enough boiling water to reach about half way up the pudding dish and bake for an hour. The centre should be slightly wobbly. Let cool to warm (about 45 minutes) and serve with vanilla ice cream. Marvellous warm but better at room temperature the next day.

    So oozy with deliciousness

    What to do with the left over trimmings of the croissant dough?

    After so many batches of croissants I have lots of trimmings, (a lot of long trimmings and short trimmings) so I thought I would share what I make these them. Scrolls are always good to make with the long lengths of trimmings, Danish pastries and pain au chocolat are great when you have a lot of shot trimmings just roll out and fill as normal.

    Scrolls made with the long lengths of trimmings - on the left the filling is soaked raisins and the other is filled with stewed apple pieces

    Danish pastry

    Crumb of the pain au chocolat roll
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              Top 10 Lagu EDM 2015 Spinnin' Records Yearmix        
    Hi Guys, hari ini saya akan memberikan artikel menarik seputar musik , Oke ... artikel ini berjudul "Top 10 Lagu EDM 2015 Spinnin' Records" Lagu EDM dari tahun ke tahun selalu berkembang, apalagi sekarang sering sekali bermunculan lagu lagu baru yakni lagu lagu EDM, tidak kalah dengan tahun 2014 di akhir tahun 2015 ini spinnin records (label rekaman asal belanda) telah meremix seluruh hasil karya producer roducer musik yang telah di ciptakan di tahun 2015.

    Banyak sekali nama nama electronik musik produser yang bermunculan di remix tahunan dari spinnin records ini, untuk itu di artikel ini saya akan lagu lagu yang top di tahun 2015 milik spinnin' records, apa saja lagunya ? berikut.

    Top 10 Lagu EDM 2015 Spinnin' Records

    Top 10 Lagu EDM 2015 Spinnin Records Yearmix.png
    Top 10 Lagu EDM 2015 Spinnin Records Yearmix.png

    1. Sam Feldt feat. Kimberly Anne - Show Me Love 

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    2. Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank feat. Delaney Jane - Shades Of Grey

    Wow Oliver Heldens , Oliver heldens merupakan musik produser asal netherlands, lagu yang tela ia ciptakan tetunya tidak kalah enak dari lagu lagu hasil produser musik lainya. Untuk genre dari Oliver Heldens ini adalah Future House, lagu Shades Of grey ini sudah ada sejak bulan juni tepatnya  22 Jun 2015 yang pada tangga itu video clip dari shades of grey telah di terbitkan di youtube.

    Bagi yang mau dengerin lagu dari Shades Of grey ini bisa kamu dengerin di bawah ini, lagu ini cocok buat santai juga, ngga kalah sama tropical house menurut saya... 

    3. Sam Feldt & The Him feat. The Donnies The Amys - Drive You Home

    Wow Wow , Lagu Favorit saya 2015 di Spinnin records ini judulnya adalah Drive You Home, dari Sam Feldt, Lagu ini bergenre Deep house, manteb banget lagu ini di dengerin waktu berpergian sob, kamu dijamin tidak bosan waktu berpergian saat mendengarkan lagu ini. 

    Lagu dari Sam Feldt dengan judul Drive You home ini di youtube sudah di terbitkan sejak tanggal  31 Agt 2015, walaupun viewers nya hanya 1,1 juta, lagu ini memang enak sob. 

    4. Martin Solveig feat. Sam White - +1 (Plus One) 

    Martin solveig dengan lagunya plus one ini yang bergenre Future house juga telah mengisi lagu top Spinnin records di tahun 2015 ini, tidak kalah dengan lagu  lagu lalinya, lagu ini cocok didengerin waktu party, ataupun diputer di mobil juga cocok banget.

    Lagu martin solveig dengan judul plus one telah di unggah di youtube pada tanggal 8 Juni 2015 yang sudah ada tayangan lebih dari 9 juta tayang.

    5. Oliver Heldens - Melody 

    Lagi agi Oliver heldens, lagu berikutnya dari oliver heldens berjudul melody, tidak ada lirik dalam lagu ini, ada campuran biola dan piano di dalamnya, yang disatukan dan keren banget menurut saya. bagi yang ingin mendengarkan lagunya berikut adalah lagunya yang sudahh diterbitkan di youtube dan tayang sekitar 15 juta tayangan. 

    6. Oliver Heldens - Bunnydance

    Lagu Oliver Heldnes berikutnyaa Bunnydance, juga tidak kalah terkenal di 2015 ini dibandingkan lagu lagu lainya oliver heldnes, lagu yang berjudul bunnydance ini sangatlah keren sekali, lagu dengan genre future house telah di dengarkan dan dilihat videonya sekitar 9 juta tayangan. 

    7. Shaun Frank & KSHMR feat. Delaney Jane - Heaven

    Ada 2 Dj top favorit saya , Sahun Frank dan KSHMR , kedua dj ini telah menciptakan lagu dengan judul Heaven yang gila keren banget.... Shaun Frank yang merupakan Dj kelahiran Canada serta KSHMR (Niles Hollowell-Dhar) Telah mencipatakan lagu heaven ini yang telah diterbitkan di youtube ini sejak tanggal 19 Okt 2015 yang Sudah di tonton sebanyak 3juta tayangan.

    Yang ingin mendengarkan lagunya berikut adalah lagu dari  Shaun Frank & KSHMR feat. Delaney Jane - Heaven. 

    8. Vicetone feat. Kat Nestel - No Way Out

    Yang ke 8 sob, ini merupaan lagu dari Viceton . Viceton yang merupakan EDM dengan genre Electro House ini menciptakan lagu di 2015 ini dengan judul "No Way Out" . Lagu ini Saya rekomendasi untuk anda yang bisa digunakan sebagai soundtrack video liburan anda.

    Lagu No Way Out di Youtube sudah di tonton sebanyak 1,7 juta tayangan. Walaupun cuman sejuta, lagu ini tidak kalah enak dari lagu lagu yang tayangannya di youtube sebanyak 10 jutaan. 

    9. Tiësto & Don Diablo feat. Thomas Troelsen - Chemicals 

    Dj Favorite saya juga Don Diablo dan Tiesto ini menciptakan lagu di tahun 2015 ini dengan judul Chemicals, entah mengapa mereka menciptakan lagu dengan judul Chemicals. Lagu ini RECOMENDED banget buat kamu yang lagi seneng seneng. 

    Tiesto dan Don diablo tentunya kamu sebagai pencinta EDM sudah tahu apa ciri khas beberapa beat dari kedua DJ tersebut. bagi yang ingin mendengar lagunnya berkut adalah lagunya : 

    10. Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko - Dragon

    Wuhuuuu..... Martin Garrix DKK ini menciptakan lagu di 2015 ini berjudul "Dragon" , Manteb banget lagu yang sudah lama terdengar di telinga saya ini memang keren banget.  Tidak ada Lirik di lagu ini bukan menjadi masalah, lagu ini bisa buat kamu seneng seneng dan buat soundtrack video kegembiraan kamu. 

    Lagu ini saya taruh di nomor 10 ini merupakan lagu yang recomended bagi pencinta EDM di tahun 2015 ini, berikut adalah lagunya . 

    Other song (RECOMENDED) 2015 akhir taun : 
    • Martin Garrix vs Matisse & Sadko - Break Through The Silence  
    • Jay Hardway - Wake Up 
    • DubVision & Firebeatz feat. Ruby Prophet - Invincible 
    • Tiësto & KSHMR feat. Vassy - Secrets

    BONUS : 

    DVBBS - Never Leave 

    Wah  sekian sob saya telah memberikan artikel baru saya akhir tahun ini dengan judul "Top 10 Lagu EDM 2015 dari Label Spinnin' Records Yearmix"  Mohon maaf kurang banyak lagu yang saya berikan , mungkin di hari hari berikutnya saya dapat memberikan artikel tentng lagu EDM lagi. tentunya selain saya memberikan judulnya saya akan menjelaskan terlebih dahulu. 

              EIB Supports Construction of Kilpilahti Power Plant With Eur 175m Loan        
    The European Investment Bank (EIB) has provided a EUR 175m long-term loan for the construction of a new industrial combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Kilpilahti that will supply heat to the oil refinery and chemicals plant on the same site. Being built in accordance with the latest environmental regulations, including the European Industrial Emissions Directive, the new CHP plant is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% compared to the current situation. EIB Vice-President Ja...
              Blog Post: DC Circ. Strikes Down Part Of EPA Rule On HFCs        
    The D.C. Circuit on Tuesday said the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency does not have authority under the Clean Air Act to force companies that use hydrofluorocarbons in products like spray cans, automobile air conditioners and refrigerators to swap the HFCs out for an EPA-approved alternative, handing a win to chemical companies that challenged a 2015 rule.
              2016 UPSC Examination Question Papers        
    2016 UPSC Examination Question Papers
    Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2016
    Literature Subjects
    Optional Subjects
    Indian Languages (Compulsory)
    General Studies
    Indian Forest Service (Main) Exam. 2016
    Combined Defence Services Examination (II), 2016
    National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination (II) 2016
    Engineering Services Examination , 2016
    Conventional Papers
    Objective Papers
    Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2016
    Combined Defence Services Examination - I, 2016
    CAPF (AC) Examination 2016
    Combined Geo-Scientist & Geologist Exam 2016
    Indian Economic Service And Indian Statistical Service Exam 2016
    Indian Statistical Service
    Indian Economic Service
    National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Exam (I), 2016

              Vegan Manicure        
    Este post é dedicado a minha querida amiga Ligia, que trabalha num mundo colorido dos esmaltes. Sim, é ela uma das responsáveis por criar aqueles nomes de esmalte incrívelmente geniais para uma grande marca de cosméticos.

    Pois bem, hoje é dia de mulherzinha e sexta-feira é dia de ir para o salão e fazer as unhas para o lindo fim de semana.

    Aqui em SF, como todos já estão cansados de saber, as pessoas são obcecadas por healthy issues. E claro, fazer as unhas está dentro da lista.
    Fala-se muito sobre a higiene na hora de tirar a cutícula, utilizar ferramentas esterilizadas, levar seu próprio kit para fazer a unha, no entanto, o não menos importante, o esmalte também é motivo de alerta e alguns cuidados.
    Já reparou qtos diferentes tipos de química misturadas existem num único frasco de esmalte?

    Os 3 maiores vilões são: formaldehdye, toluene e DBP (dibutyl phthalate). Esses ingredientes são tóxicos e cancerígenos. E pode nos causar desde uma simples alergia até problemas mais sérios.

    Vários salões, em SF, têm avisos como "We have vegan nail polish".

    O que seria vegan nail polish?
    Basicamente, esse esmalte é especial devido ao Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP-Free ou o "three-free", isso significa, não contém os aditivos cancerígenos que são normalmente encontrados nos esmaltes.
    Elaborado com ingredientes low-chemical, natural, organic, e até vegan, esses esmaltes são a solução para os consumidores conscientes que procuram uma alternativa mais natural e green.

    Encontrei 2 marcas de esmalte que são as mais conhecidas e utilizadas nos salões:

    A SpaRitual

    e a Non Miss Nail Care Products
    (achei até a cor hit da estação - Jade)

    ainda em SF é possível fazer o pacote completo green em um verdadeiro Green Nail Spa, no Nova Nail Spa ,One of San Francisco's First Green Nail Spas.

    Não só a estrutura do salão é toda eco-green, como os produtos e os serviços oferecidos são naturais e low-chemical.

    olha só um exemplo de nail treatment deles:

    Nova Organic Paradise
    Manicure $30 Pedicure $50 Combo $72

    Indulge yourself in a heavenly bath of organic geranium essential oil and fresh rose petals while we slough away rough skin with an organic ginger scrub and masque to gently exfoliates and refine the skin. Finish off with a relaxing massage organic ginger body lotion.

    (Hmmmm eu quero!)

    Eu nunca ouvi falar de algum salão em SP especializado em low chemical ou green products. Você conhece algum para me indicar?
              Ecohouse workshop        
    Há 2 semanas atrás, fui fazer um workshop em Berkeley na Ecology Center.

    O tema do workshop era Simple improvements that can be made to green an urban home.

    Algumas considerações que mais me chamaram a atenção:

    - Energia Solar
    Comprar equipamentos para obter energia através do sol, ainda é bem caro. Aqui nos Estados Unidos, há um programa do governo que vc pode pedir ajuda financeira se vc tiver interessado em obter energia green em casa. O desconto varia de 3% a 4%. Não é muito, mas já é um incentivo.

    No entanto, um tópico que chamou bem minha atenção é se a produção de energia gerada através da luz solar for além do que você consome, a PG&E (tipo a Eletrobrás do EUA) compra sua energia pelo valor 3x maior do que vc paga. Ou seja, você pode fazer dinheiro produzindo energia green! :) aí eu vi vantagem!

    - Using Greywater
    Um tema que está super abordado por aqui. A reutilização da Greywater para regar o jardim.

    O que é a Greywater?
    It is non-industrial wastewater generated from domestic processes such as dish washing, laundry and bathing. Greywater comprises 50-80% of residential wastewater. Greywater comprises wastewater generated from all of the house's sanitation equipment except for the septic tank (water from toilets is blackwater, or sewage). Greywater is distinct from blackwater in the amount and composition of its chemical and biological contaminants (from feces or toxic chemicals). Greywater gets its name from its cloudy appearance and from its status as being neither fresh (white water from groundwater or potable water), nor heavily polluted (blackwater). According to this definition, wastewater containing significant food residues or high concentrations of toxic chemicals from household cleaners, etc., may be considered "dark grey" or dirty water.

    Basicamente, a greywater é aquela água que foi usada no banho, na pia do banheiro ou na máquina de lavar roupa. Isso exclui água proveniente da pia da cozinha, laboratório de fotografia, máquina de lavar louça ou máquina de lavar roupa que contenha fraldas sujas.

    50% a 80% da água utilizada em casa é greywater. Água que pode ser utilizada para regar o jardim, se utilizarmos detergente e sabão biodeagradável.

    No entanto, é preciso ter controle sobre a greywater, pois claro pode haver contaminação. Para a implementação da greywater sistema de irrigação, é preciso ter permissão da California Department of Water Resources.

    - Green Rooftops

    Em qualquer green blog é comum encontrar pelo menos um post sobre as grandes vantagens de ter tetos verdes.

    E o blog da raponesa também está dentro nessa. Idéia simples e solução efetiva e produtiva. Assim eu gosto!

    Ao ter um jardim no seu teto, você transforma energia destruidora em energia produtiva. Ou seja, o contato diário do sol com o teto faz com que o material se desgaste. No entanto, com a green rooftop ou a Living Roof, as plantas absorvem a energia, gerando vida, verde e produção de alimento.

    Além de previnir as famosas "heat island" na cidade, os tetos verdes amenizam a temperatura dentro de casa durante o verão e aquecem durante o inverno. Perfeito!!!!

    - Banheiro

    Uma solução que eu achei fantástica é reutilizar a água que tomamos banho como água do sanitário. E ainda, ter 2 botões na hora de dar descarga.

    Uma opção com menos água para o #1 e outra com mais água para o #2.

    - Idéias ainda no plano do papel.
    Compostar o lixo do banheiro. Um tema polêmico devido a higiene e contaminação em questão, no entanto, se for compostado bem feito, pode ser uma super solução para todo o lixo sanitário. Viva!

              Eco- September Issue (part 7) - last one!        
    This is the last section of Eco- September Issue and I would like to put some information that I consider important for the fashion world.

    Producing a fur coat takes about 60 times the energy of making fake fur

    Sad for carnival parties, but more than 5 million tons of chicken feathers are an annual by-product of killing chickens for meat.

    the more 'distressed' a denim item is, the more energy and possibly toxic chemicals have gone into it.

    I got the infos on the top, through here.

    Everybody wants to look fashion and good. And now, the must-have guilt pleasure of a fashionista is to have a leather jacket!

    And the question is: I want so bad a leather jacket, but I want to be green! Is that possible? And the answer is YES!
    Its not because you are green that you have to dress like a dirty hippie! No!

    A good alternative is look for a jacket in the 2nd hand store, because the vintage jacket is always unique and a green choice!
    And also, as Stella McCartney already did it, is to use fake leather.
    look this stella boots.

    source here.

    Hope you like the eco-september issue!
    comments and suggestions are always welcome!
              By: teehee        
    I think I get what she's saying, honestly. The first time you fall in love feels like no other, regardless of what a pile of crap it may have all been. The bulk of it is in your own head- your own rush of chemicals and dreams and amazement. This reflects nothign on reality. So she is still missing the feeling of being so in love, I'm sure, but she isnt missing being with a horrible, petty, and disgusting bastard like Chris himself. At least thats what I hope.
              Vacances Propres : 40 ans au service de l'environnement des sites de villégiatures        
    Hier soir, l'assistance était nombreuse pour fêter les 40 ans de l'association créée en 1970 par Antoine Riboud. Les entreprises partenaires de l'association ont renouvelé de manière forte leur soutien aux actions menées par l'association sur le terrain.

    • Franck Riboud, Président de Danone a déclaré son attachement à cette association qui année après année a réussi à faire « du Geste Propre - Geste de Tri », les bons gestes pour préserver les sites de villégiatures. Eco-Emballages, société fondée par Danone en 1992, salue elle aussi les actions de tri et de recyclage entrepris depuis 15 ans avec Vacances Propres. Son Président Philippe-Loïc Jacob renouvelle non seulement son engagement vis-à-vis de l'association mais promet de l'accroitre dans les années à venir.

    • Jacques de Pastors, vice-président de l'association insiste sur le maillage et les partenariats qu'ils soient avec les entreprises, les collectivités territoriales, les médias (affichage, radio , presse, télévision, web). Le succès de Vacances Propres est bien celui de tous, de la volonté d'agir tous ensemble pour l'environnement et les sites de vacances.

    • La mer et les ports de plaisance : « A bord comme à la maison »
    Catherine Chabaud, navigatrice, intervenant à cette conférence, note toute l'importance de l'étude sur les éco emballages, emballages bio dégradables, afin de lutter contre les déchets trop souvent rencontrés en pleine mer. « Pour la plaisance propre il faut mobiliser les capitaineries bien sûr, mais aussi les constructeurs de bateaux de plaisance afin d'intégrer la gestion des déchets et leur optimisation.»
    Jean-François Molle, Président de Vacances Propres annonce alors le nom des 2 ports qui cet été testeront une distribution de sacs Vacances Propres adaptés à l'habitacle restreint des bateaux, Saint Vaast la Hougue dans le Cotentin et Bonifacio en Corse.

    • Le développement international
    Le savoir-faire de Vacances Propres peut être développé là où les entreprises partenaires sont présentes. Danone et Procter&Gamble, sous le pilotage de Marc Alias, Directeur des relations extérieures France et du développement Durable Europe de l'Ouest de Procter&Gamble, vont tester cette démarche au Portugal.

    • Les parcs naturels régionaux :
    Didier Houi, Directeur de l'agence pour l'Environnement de Midi Pyrénées, présent à cette soirée, témoigne de son soutien à l'association avec laquelle il travaille depuis de longues années (les étapes du Tour de France en Midi Pyrénées, des dizaine d'animations de tri chaque été) et testera pour la première dans les mois à venir la mise place de collecteurs et de sacs Vacances Propres aux entrées du parc régional de l'Ariège.

    En conclusion Jacques Pélissard, Président de l'association des Maires de France note la progression du nombre de communes équipées, d'une poignée en 1970, elles sont à présent plus de 2000.
    « La pérennité de l'association, les liens solides et confiants établis, font de Vacances Propres un partenaire à l'écoute des besoins des communes, réactif à leurs demandes, œuvrant pour l'environnement et la préservation des sites de vacances. »

    « Nous n'héritons pas la terre de nos ancêtres, nous l'empruntons à nos enfants » Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, tel est le crédo de Vacances Propres.

    Vacances Propres
    Josiane Viguier
    01 44 51 05 40

    Stratégies Durables
    Relations presse
    Corinne Joiris
    01 39 07 43 75 /06 09 23 23 82

    • Les entreprises partenaires

    Contact Presse:
    Vacances Propres
    Corinne Joiris

    Profil du diffuseur :


    Communiqué envoyé le 27.05.2010 15:37:49 via le site dans la rubrique Environnement

    Diffuser votre communiqué de presse :

              Yeast Infection - Natural Cures Your Doctor Doesn't Know About        
    Have you ever wondered about the fact your doctor only ever hands over products made by pharmaceutical companies when you visit him with a health problem? How did we ever survive before these multinational corporations existed to supply us with their chemical remedies? With so many of us suffering from yeast infections these days you have to wonder how the condition was dealt in days gone by. You would have to imagine that every woman on earth must have been constantly enduring a yeast infection.
              Trynkiewicz chce chemicznej kastracji        
    Mariusz Trynkiewicz, morderca 4 chłopców, który we wtorek (11 lutego) wyjdzie na wolność, godzi się na tzw. chemiczną kastrację i deklaruje, że podda się zaleconym przez sąd i specjalistów terapiom - ustaliła Gazeta Wyborcza.
              My 10 Favorite Things About Living and Teaching in Korea        
    I'm two days away from leaving Korea. In two years of living here, I have developed deeply ambivalent feelings about both my experience here and the society itself. A couple days ago, I was re-reading The Prophet, and I was surprised to find a section that echoed my feelings about leaving Korea:

    The hero has been in a strange land for twelve years and upon seeing the ship that will return him to his homeland...

    "the gates of his heart were flung open, and his joy flew far over the sea. And he closed his eyes and prayed in the silences of his soul.

    But as he descended the hill, a sadness came upon him, and he thought in his heart: How shall I go in peace and without sorrow? Nay, not without a wound in the spirit shall I leave this city.

    Long were the days of pain I have spent within its walls, and long were the nights of aloneness; and who can depart from his pain and his aloneness without regret?

    Too many fragments of the spirit have I scatterd in these streets, and too many are the children of my longing that walk naked among these hills, and I cannot withdraw from them without a bruden and an ache.

    It is not a garment I cast off this day, but a skin that I tear with my own hands.

    Nor is it a thought I leave behind me, but a heart made sweet with hunger and with thirst.

    Yet I cannot tarry longer.

    The sea that calls all things unto her calls me, and I must embark.

    For to stay, though the hours burn in the night, is to freeze and crystallize and be bound in a mould."

    A bit dramatic perhaps, but it really nails how I'm feeling. But, moving along... last week I posted my 10 least favorite things about living and teaching here, and here are my 10 favorite things about living and teaching here, plus a few runners-up.


    Ice cream bars -- This didn't make the top ten because it has been absolutely disastrous for my fitness. At every convenience store, and they're everywhere, there is a freezer full of delicious ice cream on a stick in every flavor you could imagine and more (one of my favorites is a chocolate bar on a stick, surrounded with "nano-silver vanilla", coated with chocolate and peanuts, another is melon, another still is watermelon flavored and shaped ice cream with hazelnut seeds). A full price bar is 700 won ($.55), and most places sell them at half price. I don't know how that can be profitable (and I probably don't want to), but it sure does make for a delicious, fattening summer.

    Elders' robustness -- Before the monsoon came with its endless days of rain, I was playing tennis every morning with a 64 year old man that was in nearly as good of shape as I am. I never saw him eat an ice cream bar. On my way to school, I routinely see 80-something year old men and women hunched over working in the fields, digging up potatoes or planting chili pepper plants. I've never seen them eating ice cream bars either.

    Lack of zoning -- Where I come from, an area is either commercial or residential, so people end up driving a lot. Here, everything is mixed together, so people walk. On one level, it's nice to have a convenience store (with ice cream bars) in the same building as my apartment. On another level, it gets people out in the streets and creates a mixing of people and a sense of community involvement that I think we could use more of at home.

    Free time -- I am ambivalent about this. Every single day here, I've had hours of free time. I play guitar, watch TV, read, watch movies, cook, paint, play online games, meditate, etc. I have learned a lot from the reading I've done, I'm a better guitarist and singer and cook, and I'm a champion of Settlers of Catan (my online game of choice), but I'm also bored a lot and frequently feel like I'm wasting my life away. It is that feeling that compelled me to take the plunge into grad school at the end of my contract here.

    Now, to the top ten....

    10. Gardens everywhere --
    This province, Gangwon-do, is notorious in Korea for being difficult to grow food. The people respond by growing food absolutely everywhere. Any land that is less than a 15% incline and is not paved over is growing food, without exception. That's true whether it's someone's front yard, a triangle of dirt between a bridge and road, or way up in the valleys that surround the towns. They're not farms, much more like what we think of as gardens. They grow chili peppers, corn, soy beans, onions, garlic, potatoes, greens, grapes and on the occasional flat section of land, rice. This is this old couple's yard. It's worth noting that it's September and they're planting, probably the third crop of the year. I'm certain they would think we are insane for the money, effort, fertilizer and pesticides we put into grass.

    9. Jjimjilbang -- These are combination health club, sauna and recreation center. Admission is about $5 and for that you soak in hot tubs infused with jade or eucalyptus or whatever, sweat in the saunas and steam rooms, and get a sports massage or a scrub down from an old Korean man wearing nothing more than briefs. There are restaurants, but for reasons that escape me Koreans seem to prefer to pig out on hard boiled eggs at these places. There are barbers and televisions and computers and massage chairs and cold and hot rooms and salt rooms and charcoal rooms and oxygen rooms. A great place to hang out and warm up in the winter or sweat out in the summer.

    8. Outdoorsiness -- Koreans love the outdoors, whether eating squid jerky and drinking rice wine behind an apartment building, or hiking through valleys (which they have done an excellent job of protecting by concentrating in the cities the population of 50 million people in a country the size of Indiana). I love the tendency toward the outdoors, especially in summer, when restaurants pull out their plastic tables and the dining room floors spill out into the streets. The images of dozens of Koreans eating, drinking and laughing in a courtyard on a warm summer night will stay with me for a long time.

    7. The sweet kids --
    Not all of them were, but the ones that were sweet were the cutest, kindest, funnest kids I've ever known.

    6. The restaurants & the food -- A lot of foreigners here complain about the cuisine, and while I admit the flavors can get a bit monotonous (sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and chilies), I love the food, even though much of it is off limits to me as a vegetarian. Restaurants typically specialize in just a few dishes, are usually owned and run by an old lady who might work with one other old lady to prepare the food, serve the food, clean the place and everything. My favorite restaurant in town is a place where a 4' 6" 60 year old lady serves grilled fish lettuce wraps (I'm a quasi-vegetarian here) and seems to rotate through being amused, confused, appreciative and fed-up with the foreigners that frequent her place. The prices, and there's no tax or tipping, so what you see on the menu on the wall is what you actually pay, for a typically quick meal might be $3, and unless it's a very special dish (or foreign food or drink), meals rarely exceed $10 per person.

    Every meal comes with bancheon, side dishes, that always include kimchi and usually other fermented vegetables. In a cheap place, you might just get three little kimchis, in a nicer place, it's not uncommon to get over ten bancheon, and they might include fried fish or raw octopus or other treats that can be even better than the central meal itself. In most cases, everything is shared with everyone at the table. In fact, when eating with Koreans, even glasses are shared -- it's a neat little social device... if you see that someone is bored or if you want to chat with someone that you're not sitting near, you take them your empty glass and a bottle of soju (chemically fermented rice wine) and pour them a shot, and in that manner, over a meal that might last a few hours, people move around (everyone sits on the floor) and everyone talks with everyone, everyone shares germs and everyone gets drunk.

    5. Community focus -- This is the highest ranking item that is really about Korean society, as the next four each have to do with my position here. On the whole, I'm not a big fan of Confucianism, at least as it operates in modern Korea. However, the focus on social harmony is really nice, and something that I think we North Americans could learn a lot from. Where I is the dominant pronoun in the US, we is here. Studies have shown that the different mindsets actually affect visual perception, such that Asians are more inclined to view ambiguous situations from a removed, more holistic perspective, whereas Westerners are more inclined to view the same situation from inside it, from a first person perspective. Unfortunately, because of the xenophobia here, foreigners are not always considered part of the community in the same way Koreans are, which I think makes being a foreigner here harder than it would be in a more individualistic society like the US. But, while I'm sure my Korean friends still think I'm terribly obstuse and inconsiderate, this mindset has implanted itself in my head, and I'm glad for it. I hope it stays with me through the years.

    4. Income:expenses ratio -- The salary foreigners earn teaching in Korea isn't anything special, except that foreign teachers' apartments are paid for by employers, as are airfare here and home and immigration costs. Food is cheap, entertainment (at least out here in the boonies) is scarce, and buying stuff doesn't usually make sense when you know you have to fit everything you own into two suitcases at the end of the year. Health care is nationalized and very inexpensive and the tax structure is very progressive so even those who aren't exempt pay less than 4% income tax. I have been saving almost 80% of my salary, and on top of that I'll receive about two months' bonus pay at the end of my contract. No one has gotten rich doing it, but especially for folks right out of college or when the job market at home is what it is right now, it can be a very solid financial move.

    3. Vacation time & neighboring destinations -- While I've been here, I've spent time in China, Vietnam, Laos, Japan, Thailand, and Thailand again. Spending almost the entire month of February in Thailand is about as good as it gets. And it was a relatively quick flight on a lovely Asian airline to get there.

    2. Novelty in everything -- Living here is a bit like being a child. You never really know what's going on, you don't have responsibilities the same way you would at home, you're easily surprised, and routine events are novel and exciting. It's incredibly frustrating, but also really enjoyable.

    1. Anonymity & outsiderness -- There is something comforting about knowing that no one knows you, and that no one can. If people are going to stare at me as I walk down the street, I might as well wear shorts and flip-flops and sing as I walk. If my students are going to think I'm a weird foreigner anyway, it's much easier to engage them with silly foolishness that I might hold back at home. At home, as soon as you see someone, you thin-slice their age, sex, body language, clothing, and a thousand other things and make a judgement about who they are and how they relate to you in society. In a culture as foreign as this, that's impossible. Advertising doesn't affect you, because it is designed to take advantage of the human mind's inability to stop thin slicing. And not understanding what that 16 year old girl on the bus won't stop talking about can be really nice.

    I couldn't have named this at the time, but this is what brought me back to Korea for a second year. When you remove a person from their native culture, you force them to examine themselves in way that is otherwise impossible. We define ourselves by our relations: to our jobs, our achievements, our friends and family, our hobbies, and the culture we consume (and, less often it seems, create). Take away all those things and one has to look internally for a sense of identity. That transformation started for me in my first year here, but it didn't have time to run to completion. When I got home, I didn't identify in society as I had previously, but I was still looking to things like my friends and my job to define my position in society, my social identity, especially since it had been upended since I had left. I ended up feeling lost and floundering around for quite a while before returning to Korea. I don't know if that transition ever really reaches completion, but I know that I am going home with a much stronger internal compass than I had before I came to Korea, in addition to a much broader perspective on culture, politics and the world.

              Systems Analyst - ABBOTT LABORATORIES - Irving, TX        
    Our analysts come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from Medical Technologists, Biologists to Engineers in Bio-medical, Chemical and Mechanical....
    From Abbott Laboratories - Thu, 10 Aug 2017 10:35:31 GMT - View all Irving, TX jobs
              Fun with Horticulture!        
    You’re looking at sampling of nature’s bounty, freshly harvested from Rickey’s garden. A veritable cornucopia of organic goodness. The size of the eggplant and cucumber are fairly staggering. Unnerving even. Has Rickey mentioned that his house is within ten miles of a nuclear power plant? Sure, there’s a risk of “The China Syndrome” going down in Rickey’s backyard, but would you look at that magnificent bastard of an eggplant! Totally worth it.
    You’re probably wondering what’s the deal with that black junk on Rickey’s roma tomatoes. We researched it and apparently they’ve contracted a vicious plant eating disease known as BLIGHT (which we’re pretty certain is the same affliction currently plaguing Rickey’s level 52 dark-elf in World of Warcraft). No cure is known for THE BLIGHT, so it looks like the tomatoes this season are a lost cause. Such is the dilemna of the organic gardner--you forsake the wonders of Dow Chemical knowing full well that something like this can happen.

    While the woodchuck continues to devour Rickey’s crops unabated, we’ve come to somewhat accept the situation. Rickey’s approach to the matter mellowed out a bit once he learned that introducing a honey badger into the backyard was not a viable possibility. Life goes on, we suppose. The woodchuck takes what he needs to feed his family and leaves the rest for Rickey. It’s the very definition of a community garden.
              Î— Benetech στοχεύει σε περαιτέρω επέκταση στόλου        
    Ακολουθώντας μια πολιτική αντικυκλικών επενδύσεων η Benetech έχει καταφέρει να διαχειρίζεται ένα ποιοτικό και πολύ νέο σε ηλικία στόλο tankers και αναμένει για την κατάλληλη στιγμή για να εκμεταλλευτεί τις ελκυστικές ευκαιρίες της αγοράς. Η Benetech Shipping ιδρύθηκε το 2006 ως εταιρία διαχείρισης product / chemical tankers χωρητικότητας 13.000dwt και 50.000- 55.000dwt. Ο μέσος όρος [...]
              Senior Analytical Scientist, Nanoparticle Characterization        
    NY-Pearl River, The qualified candidate will lead the design and implementation of analytical assays in support of new polymeric nanoparticles and liposomal formulations. The colleague will work with a cross-functional development team and apply a variety of analytical methodologies to support physical and chemical characterization of API, polymeric nanoparticles and liposomal formulations. The candidate should b
              Sustainability Challenge– Collaboration Isn’t an Option, it’s a Requirement        
    Through the generosity of James Farrar SAP VP for CSR and support of Stephanie Raabe who helped launch SAP Feedingknowledge, I had the opportunity to attend the Economist Conference in NYC today titled: Sustainability Challenge- Addressing Environmental and Societal Demands on Business.

    What better way to educate oneself around the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility, than to listen to panel discussions with some of the most informed thinkers in this sphere representing global (UN Global Compact), public sector US (EPA), corporate (Dupont, Orange Telecom, SAP, Jones LangLaSalle and Bank of America), and academic (Harvard University Kennedy School of Government) perspectives.

    I know that James Governor, Thomas Otter and Dennis Howlett had received an opportunity from James Farrar to hear from and about Transparency International back in November in Berlin and I was sorely grieved to have missed that event because of my TechEd travels. This invitation was ample compensation and a real learning opportunity.

    The event provided the audience of about 130 business leaders with fodder for thought around the following topics:

    • What does sustainability mean to companies around the world?
    • What are they doing well and where is more action required?
    • Does sustainability pay and how much does it matter?
    • Can this build shareholder value?
    • Sustainability obstacles
    • Business and government, markets vs regulation
    • What it the role of business
    • Where does that role stop

    Vijay Vaitheeswaran, correspondent, for the Economist chaired the conference and I found him exceedingly adept at moving the panel discussions along by asking provoking questions, engaging the audience with the speakers and allowing each of the featured panelists to present their unique perspectives.

    Each session easily warrants a separate entry, but I will try to summarize just one speaker of one discussion here.

    A big takeaway came from a surprising source:

    The title of the blog entry is a quote from Mark Vergnano, Group Vice-president of DuPont Safety and Protection. “Collaboration isn’t an option, it’s a requirement”. Pretty compelling (actually disruptive and disturbing) to think of Dupont as a force for sustainability. Vergnano described Dupont as a company viewed in the past as one of the largest polluters in the world. For me such companies are still tainted with the specter of Union Carbide and the tragedy of Bhopal (synonymous with chemical and industrial disasters) hovering. The images of Bhopal are lingering ghosts that haunt and inform our sensibilities about that particular industry. Perhaps the Dupont story is so compelling for the very reason that it was difficult to think of Dupont a chemical company partnering with BP resulting in attaining sustainability goals and reducing carbon footprint and yet, Dupont claims to not only have accomplished its goals but to have saved billions of dollars. As a number of the speakers pointed out, if the company had been “Ben and Jerry’s” or Timberlake, the impact of the sustainable growth mission of Dupont, a top-down driven, gunpowder company, would have been less dramatic.

    Vergnano spoke of science as an enabler and collaboration as an imperative. If Dupont has indeed harnessed science and partnered with BP in order to get government on boarded with bio-fuel usage and has managed, as it declares, to have turned waste to energy and taken the unique science of two companies and through collaboration, succeeded in its goals, it is an interesting story indeed.

              Qué es la medicina Ayurvédica?        

    ¿Qué es la Medicina Ayurvédica o Ayurveda?

    Ayurveda, la "ciencia de la vida", es la medicina tradicional de la India.

    La palabra Ayurveda tiene su raíz en dos vocablos sánscritos, "Ayus" que significa longevidad y "Ved o Veda" que significa ciencia, definiendo el AyurVed como la "ciencia de la longevidad".

    De acuerdo a la Medicina Ayurveda, el organismo humano esta compuesto de tres principios fundamentales mente-cuerpo conocidos como principios metabólicos o Doshas.

    Estos tres elementos- Vata, Pitta y Kapha- gobiernan todas las funciones psicologicas,fisiologicas y fisiopatologicas de la mente, el cuerpo y la conciencia de cada uno.

    La proporción especifica de estos principios metabólicos en un individuo determinado al momento de la concepción, hace que esta persona tenga un estilo particular de funcionamiento mental y físico.

    Los principios metabólicos son responsables de la manutención y desarrollo de los tejidos biológicos, y todas las actividades metabólicas incluyendo el anabolismo (kapha), catabolismo (vata) y metabolismo (pitta). También gobiernan funciones psicológicas y son responsables de emociones tanto negativas como positivas.

    Tipos constitucionales mente-cuerpo

    Cada individuo hereda una particular proporción de los tres principios metabólicos, lo cual determina la característica constitucional de cada persona. Un único principio metabólico puede predominar, pero comúnmente son dos los mas representados. Toxinas físicas y mentales Luego de años de rutinas diarias y estacionales incorrectas, de hábitos desarmónicos, y de la acumulación de residuos tóxicos que no podemos digerir apropiadamente y presencia de "radicales libres" , surge la base para los desequilibrios agudos y crónicos. Estos residuos tóxicos obstruyen el flujo de nutrición e información, creando la posibilidad de enfermedad física o mental.

    Cuando los "radicales libres" a nivel mental obstruyen el flujo de sentimientos positivos y de claridad, surge el distress emocional y psicológico, ya que la buena salud depende de la habilidad de la unidad mente-cuerpo para metabolizar plenamente la información nutricional, emocional y sensorial que "ingerimos" diariamente.

    Los síntomas tempranos de acumulación de "radicales libres" incluyen: dolor articular, anorexia, depresión, debilidad, mal aliento, fatiga profunda, arrugas, irritabilidad e indigestión; además son la raíz de todas las enfermedades incluyendo resfrio, fiebre, alergias, asma, problemas coronarios, artritis, formación de tejidos anormales, envejecimiento prematuro, perdida de capacidades intelectuales, etc.

    La Medicina Ayurveda dispone de las terapéuticas para eliminar "radicales libres" de los órganos internos, por medio del Sistema de Adyuvancia Natural AyurVed (S.A.N.A.) ó Panchakarma.

    El Panchakarma es altamente aconsejado 3 veces al año, después de tratamientos farmacológicos extensos, post-quimioterapia, luego de intenso stress ó como método natural de rejuvenecimiento para una recuperación más rápida de las funciones corporales, disminuyendo los efectos del embate del stress o efectos secundarios de los agentes químicos.

    El programa Panchakarma incluye diversos procedimientos, entre los que podemos enumerar: Abhyanga - Rejuvenecimiento de la piel. Garshana - Activación de la piel. Vishesh - Masaje profundo para eliminar impurezas. Udvartana - Procedimiento especial con pasta de hierbas para celulitis. Nasya - Programa de Descongestión Nasal. Pizzichilli - Sofisticado baño de aceites tibios herbalizados. Shirodhara - Programa para tranquilizar la mente. Marma-terapia - Técnicas manuales sobre puntos de enlaces mente-cuerpo. Netra - Baño especializado de ojos. Basti - Fórmulas especiales de limpieza colonica, diseñadas para eliminar toxinas y nutrir la fisiología. Parishek - Baños de leche y hierbas para la belleza.

    Es probablemente la medicina natural más antigua del mundo originándose hace más de 5000 años. Por este motivo fue llamada la Madre de Todas las Curaciones.

    La Medicina Ayurveda es reconocida mundialmente por la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS), por la Organización Europea de Medicinas Complementarias (EHPA), por el Centro de Medicinas Alternativas y Complementarias de EEUU (NCCAM) y por todos los gobiernos como la primera medicina alternativa del mundo por su importante valor terapéutico.

    En Occidente, Ayurveda es un sistema de medicina naturista y abarca todos los campos que se enseñan en escuelas médicas de Naturismo.

    La Medicina Ayurveda trata solidariamente el cuerpo, la mente y el espíritu, considerando a cada persona única de acuerdo a su constitución física, mental y espiritual. Sus objetivos son proveer una guía acerca de la alimentación y estilo de vida (actividad física, técnicas respiratorias) para que las personas sanas se mantengan sanas y las personas con problemas de salud puedan mejorarla.

    Incluye técnicas de purificación y rejuvenecimiento y tratamiento con hierbas. La medicina ayurveda se complementa e integra al tratamiento de la medicina convencional occidental. Pero, a diferencia de esta última, el tratamiento ayurvédico no trata el síntoma sino que busca eliminar la causa que lo produce.


    J Transl Med. 2008 Sep 9;6(1):48

    Prasher B, Negi S et al

    Whole genome expression and biochemical correlates of extreme constitutional types defined in Ayurveda

    J Transl Med. 2008; 6: 14.

    Custer C Deocaris,1 Nashi Widodo et al

    Merger of Ayurveda and Tissue Culture-Based Functional Genomics: Inspirations from Systems Biology

              Termografía para la detección de Cáncer de Seno.        

    Termografía para la detección de Cáncer de Seno.

    Esta también llamada ‘termografía de pecho', ó termomastografía tiene la habilidad de descubrir las primeras señales que indiquen que un cáncer puede estarse formando, incluso 10 años antes de que cualquier otro procedimiento pueda detectarlo.

    Desde 2006 el Centro de Estudios y Prevención del Cáncer A.C. (CEPREC), está evaluando esta novedosa e innovadora prueba. Este hecho, lo convierte en el único centro con ésta tecnología en el país: una cámara de rayos infrarrojos que al captar el calor de la mama permite detectar alteraciones tempranas.

    Su ventaja es que no produce radiaciones, no es dolorosa y su sensibilidad para detectar el cáncer de mama es hasta el 94%.

    "Este estudio, en combinación con la mastografía convencional de rayos X y la mastografía digital nos ayudará a diagnosticar el cáncer de mama en etapas más tempranas, aumentar la supervivencia y reducir la mortalidad por este tumor", aseguró a rotativo de Querétaro el Dr. Francisco Gutiérrez Delgado, director del CEPREC en Juchitán, Oaxaca.

    El Dr. José G. Vázquez Luna, profesor investigador de la BUAP empleó la tecnología militar e hizo transferencia a la medicina, diseñando un sistema capaz de registrar ondas que registran calor.

    El antecedente de ésta tecnología está en la investigación militar, durante la vigilancia nocturna de tropas. El calor de los cuerpos de los soldados enemigos, delata su posición a kilómetros de distancia. Con éste sistema se detecta, registra y produce imágenes de la superficie de la piel de los senos y es posible correlacionar los puntos de calor detectados con el tamaño del tumor. "El cáncer exige al cuerpo que lo alimente, existe un proceso de angiogénesis cuando se inicia el cáncer, es decir, se crean nuevos vasos sanguíneos que llevan alimento al tumor.

    Este fenómeno de formación de nuevos vasos sanguíneos resulta revelador porque incrementa localmente la temperatura. Con la termografía se pueden detectar estos pequeños incrementos locales de temperatura.

    La imagen térmica se convierte en un inmejorable coadyuvante, que el médico con otro grupo de pruebas determinará si es o no cáncer". "Es una prueba fisiológica que puede detectar cambios mínimos de temperatura, la termografía puede usarse como pesquisa o prueba discriminatoria, es decir, si una mujer pasa primero por esta prueba y no se localiza ningún riesgo no tendría caso exponerla a la masto grafía, y si se encuentra alguna anormalidad entonces con apoyo de la masto grafía y/o ultrasonido se lograra un certero diagnóstico" reveló el doctor en física.

    El Investigador de la Escuela Físico Matemáticas de la BUAP, expuso que el principio físico es sencillo: La energía térmica ó infrarroja, por su longitud de onda, no es visible por el ojo humano, pero la termografía, por medio de una cámara, "ve" y "mide" la energía infrarroja que está siendo emitida por un objeto.

    La capacidad de emisión de la piel humana es muy alta, por lo tanto, la radiación infrarroja emitida puede ser convertida a valores de temperatura. José G. Vázquez Luna, en entrevista para este medio, también explicó que existen más de 1200 estudios, incluidos en el Index Medicus que han evaluado su rol en la detección temprana del cáncer de mama. "En 1982, la FDA aprobó la termografía de pecho como un procedimiento válido para la detección de cáncer de mama, sin embargo, la termografía de pecho ha sido profusamente investigada desde 1950.

    En más de 30 años de investigación se han reunido mas de 800 estudios en el área y se encuentran en la literatura médica. En esta base de datos, más de 300,000 mujeres se han incluido como participantes del estudio, algunos estudios han seguido a los pacientes a lo largo más de 12 años y se sabe que se han establecido estrictos protocolos de interpretación estandarizados durante mas de 15 años.

    La termografía de pecho tiene una media sensibilidad y especificidad de 90%" argumenta Vázquez Luna. La literatura médica reporta que un termograma anormal es 10 veces más significativo, como un indicador de riesgo futuro de cáncer de mama, que un antecedente familiar de primer orden.

    Un termograma anormal persistente incrementa 22 veces el riesgo de desarrollar en el futuro un cáncer de mama. Una imagen infrarroja anormal es por sí sola, el marcador mas importante de riesgo de desarrollar cáncer del pecho.

    Cáncer de mama, un asunto nuestro: físico y oncólogo

    El físico José G. Vázquez Luna y el oncólogo Francisco Gutiérrez Delgado comparten la certeza: Diariamente se diagnostican 26 casos nuevos de cáncer de mama. Y es que el cáncer de mama ocupa el segundo lugar como causa de muerte por tumores en el sexo femenino.

    Esta situación es agravada por el insuficiente personal de salud entrenado para educar a la población femenina y el escaso equipo radiológico especializado (mastógrafos), el cual se concentra solamente en las grandes ciudades del país, el resultado es que 8 de 10 mujeres con cáncer de mama se diagnostican en etapa avanzada, prácticamente cuando cualquier tipo de tratamiento es ineficaz y 11 mujeres mueren diariamente por esta enfermedad.

    "Evaluamos el rol de la termomastografía de nueva generación en la detección temprana del cáncer de mama en población abierta del Istmo de Tehuantepec. Este estudio tiene una sensibilidad y especificidad alta para el diagnóstico de patología de la mama (85%) aseguró su director, el Dr. Francisco Gutiérrez Delgado, especialista Oncología y Doctor en Ciencias Médicas.

    "Cuando se utiliza con otros métodos Autoexploración, Ultrasonido y mastografía, se puede detectar hasta el 95% del cáncer.

    Diversas investigaciones ha mostrado que la termografía de pecho aumenta significativamente la tasa de supervivencia de las mujeres hasta en un 61%".

    Explicó también que las ventajas del termógrafo, es su elevada productividad ya que se pueden realizar mas de 10 termomastografías por hora con cada termógrafo, y como es un equipo ligero, puede ser desplazado a comunidades alejadas y municipios de todo el país, donde los servicios médicos no existen o son precarios.

    El Dr. Gutiérrez Delgado es Fellow del American Collage of Physicians (FACP), miembro de la American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), y American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (ASBMT) y sostiene que el objetivo del Centro, es educar a la población mexicana en una nueva cultura que incrementa el interés por la salud y que prioriza la prevención sobre la curación.


    Is Breast Thermography Safe?

    Breast thermography is very safe. There is no exposure to radiation or any compression of the breast tissue.

    Es la Termografía segura?

    La termografía de seno es muy segura. No hay exposición a radiaciones ó ningún tipo de compresión del tejido mamario.

    How is Breast Thermography different from a Mammogram?

    Both tests are looking for completely different signs of breast cancer. Thermography looks for changes that occur as a growing cancer alters the blood supply of the breast and changes the physiology and chemical environment of the tissue of the breast. Mammograms look for changes to the density of the breast that indicates the presence of a tumor. Mammography identifies the physical. The medical literature views both procedures as complimentary to each other.

    Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2007;2007:3312-4.

    González FJ.Infrared imager requirements for breast cancer detection.

    PMID: 18002704

    Ann Acad Med Stetin. 2006;52(1):35-9; discussion 39-40.

    Mikulska D.Contemporary applications of infrared imaging in medical diagnostics

    PMID 17131845

    Surg Technol Int. 2005;14:51-6.Agnese DM.Advances in breast imaging.

    PMID: 16525954

              La Soya: Realmente Saludable o No?        

    La Soya bajo la Lupa

    A la luz de artículos científicos y otros artículos sobre los efectos de las isoflavonas y estudios realizados en lactantes y niños, hay opiniones encontradas sobre el uso de la soya y la leche de soya como alimento dentro de la dieta y sus beneficios.

    Es importante conocerlos, analizarlos y estar muy bien informado para tomar las decisiones correctas sobre la inclusión o no de estos alimentos a nuestra dieta.

    Artículo: Fórmulas Infantiles a Base de Soja: hay motivos para preocuparse

    Documento Informativo de la Comisión de Alimentos del Reino Unido.

    Autores: Sue Dibb y Dr Mike Fitzpatrick. Abril de 1999.

    ¿Puede la soja causar trastornos de la glándula tiroides en los seres humanos?

    Se ha demostrado que la soya afecta las funciones de la glándula tiroides en los seres humanos.

    Un estudio realizado por investigadores japoneses concluyó que la ingestión de una cantidad moderada de soja por parte de pacientes adultos podía causar el agrandamiento de la glándula tiroides y suprimir la función de ésta.

    Estos investigadores estudiaron los efectos al suministrar 30 gr diarios de soja en encurtido sobre la función de la glándula tiroides.

    Durante la investigación, se informó que la ingestión de iodo (en algas marinas) fue normal en todos los pacientes. Los investigadores observaron un aumento significativo en los niveles de TSH en un grupo de 20 adultos alimentados con soja durante 1 mes (grupo I) y en un grupo de 17 adultos alimentados con soja durante 3 meses (grupo 2).

    Nota: un aumento de la TSH, puede deberse a un desbalance en las hormonas tiroideas (mientras más alta la TSH, más posibilidad de sufrir de Hipotiroidismo).

    En dos de los pacientes, los niveles de TSH aumentaron dramáticamente, de aproximadamente 1 micro-U/mL hasta 6.5 o 7.5 micro-U/mL. No se presentaron cambios significativos en los niveles de iodo inorgánico, T3 o T4 en ninguno de los grupos, pero hubo un aumento significativo en el F T3 y en el F T4 de los pacientes del grupo 2 después de dejar de consumir soja.

    Se apreció un bocio no bien definido e hipotiroidismo en tres de los pacientes del grupo 1 y en ocho de los pacientes del grupo 2.Los pacientes del grupo 2 también presentaron sintomas asociados con el hipotiroidismo: estreñimiento (53% de los pacientes), fatiga (53% de los pacientes) y letargo (41% de los pacientes). El bocio en los 11 pacientes era un bocio no bien definido que se encontraba entre los rangos 1 y 11 de agrandamiento. Uno de los pacientes del grupo 1 desarrolló tiroiditis subaguda. El tamaño del bocio se redujo en nueve de los pacientes después de 1 mes sin consumir soja pero persistió en dos de los pacientes. Se necesitaron 6 meses de tratamiento con T4 para que se redujera el tamaño del bocio en estos paclentes.

    El hipotiroidismo subclinico se define como la combinación de un TSH moderadamente elevado con un T4 libre normal, una condición que se esta volviendo común y que eventualmente puede evolucionar hacia un evidente hipotiroidismo, especialmente en aquellas personas con anticuerpos antitiroides.

    El hipotiroidismo subclinico se define como un estado asintomatico en el cual la reducción de la secreción de las hormonas de la tiroides se compensa mediante un aumento en la producción de TSH para mantener un status clinicamente eutiroideo.

    Esta condición es de la mayor importancia y su prevalencia parece estar aumentando.

    Factores de la dietas pueden jugar un papel importante en el desarrollo de esta condición. Una alta ingestión de un compuesto bociógeno puede aumentar la secreción de TSH y el aumento en esta secreción, está también relacionado con el creciente riesgo de cáncer en la tiroides.

    Vale la pena notar que en los Estados Unidos de América la frecuencia del mal funcionamiento de la tiroides en las personas menores de 45 años se ha duplicado desde 1985.

    La soja y el cáncer de mama

    Las personas que estén consumiendo soja o suplementos de isoflavona con la esperanza de reducir el riesgo de contraer cáncer deben pensarlo dos veces. Mientras los consumidores y los profesionales de la salud están siendo bombardeados con publicidad de la industria, que exalta las propiedades anticancerígenas de las isoflavonas de la soja, muchos investigadores del cáncer están diciendo justo lo opuesto; que el consumo de las isoflavonas de la soja puede aumentar el riesgo de contraer cáncer.

    Por ejemplo, las mujeres posmenopáusicas que consuman isoflavonas de la soja como Terapia de Reemplazo Hormonal (TRH) natural, tienen mayor riesgo de desarrollar cáncer de mama.

    En 1996 el Doctor Nicholas Petrakis de la Universidad de California en San Francisco, informó que “el consumo prolongado de proteína aislada de soja tiene un efecto estimulante en los senos de las mujeres premenopáusicas, caracterizado por un aumento en la secreción de los fluidos del pecho, la aparición de células epiteliales hiperfísticas y niveles elevados de estradiol.

    Estos hallazgos sugieren un estimulo estrógenico desde las isoflavonas genistein y la daidzein contenidas en el aislado de la proteína de soja”.

    El doctor Craig Dees del Laboratorio Nacional de Oak Ridge ha encontrado que las isoflavonas de la soja hacen que se reproduzcan las células cancerosas del pecho. Informó que: “bajas concentraciones de genistein pueden estimular a que las células MC-7 entren en el ciclo celular”. El Dr. Dees concluyó “que las mujeres no deben consumir ciertos alimentos (por ejemplo productos derivados de la soja) para prevenir el cáncer de mama”.

    El Doctor William Helferich de la Universidad de Illinois apoya la tesis de tomar precauciones acerca del consumo de soja para prevenir el cáncer de mama.Recientemente declaró que; “existe la probabilidad de que el genistein en la dieta estimule el crecimiento de tumores dependientes del estrógeno en los humanos con bajos niveles de estrógeno endógeno circulando, tales como los encontrados en las mujeres que posmenopáusicas” .

    ¿Cuánta soja se puede consumir sin riesgo?

    Las observaciones realizadas por el estudio de la Clínica de Tiroides Ishizuki indican efectos bociógenicos importantes en pacientes alimentados con 30 gr de soja al día. Basándonos en las concentraciones de isoflavonas encontradas en la soja japonesa (38), 30 gr de soja pueden contribuir hasta con un total de 23 mg del genistein y 10 mg del daidzein.

    Para un adulto que pese 70 kg. esto sería igual a la ingestión de 0.33 mg/kg de peso corporal de genistein y 0.14 mg/kg de peso corporal de daidzein por día.

    Esta cantidad de consumo de isoflavona es aproximadamente TRES VECES más alta que la cantidad consumida en el Japón, la cual es de 0.08 a 0.13 mg/kg de peso corporal del genistein total por día para un adulto que pese 70 kgs. Para los lactantes alimentados con fórmulas a base de soja, la exposición a las isoflavonas es mucho mayor que la de cualquier otro grupo de la población.

    Los lactantes menores de 6 meses que sean alimentados iniciamente con fórmulas de soja tienen una ingestión de hasta 5.4 mg/kg de peso corporal de genistein y 2.3 mg/kg de peso corporal de daidzein por día. Por esta razón, los lactantes alimentados con fórmulas de soja estan expuestos a niveles aproximadamente 16 veces mas altos de isoflavonas que los pacientes del estudio Ishizuki.

    Las concentraciones de isoflavonas encontradas en productos disponibles en Nueva Zelandia indican que una dieta de 500 g de leche de soja más 200 g de queso de soja por día, podría dar como resultado la ingestión de hasta un total de 135 mg de genistein y de 80 g de daidzein. Para un adulto que pese 70 kg., esto equivale a la ingestión de 1.9 mg/kg de peso corporal de genistein y de 1.1 mg/kg de peso corporal de daidzein por día.

    Este grado de exposición a las isoflavonas es más de cinco veces la exposición de los pacientes en la investigación de Ishizuki y otros.

    Los usuarios de los suplementos de isoflavona pueden consumir hasta 40 mg de genistein por día. Para un adulto que pese 70 kg. esto es equivalente a 0.57 mg/kg de peso corporal de genistein por día lo cual es 1.7 veces más que la cantidad que se ha comprobado que causa efectos bociógenicos. Por lo tanto los lactantes alimentados con fórmulas de soja, los consumidores de grandes cantidades de soja y los usuarios de suplementos de isoflavona pueden presentar los sintomas de hipotiroidismo sin sospechar una conexión con la dieta.

    Desafortunadamente existen pocos datos acerca de qué constituye un nivel apropiado de ingestión de soja, aunque parece ser que los consumidores en los paises occidentales ahora pueden estar consumiendo mayores cantidades de soja que la consumida como parte de una dieta tradicional asiatica.

    Los consumidores de soja deben ser cautelosos y no exceder el consumo de más de 40 g de isoflavonas de soja por día. Se han observado desordenes de la tiroides y otros efectos biológicos en dosis iguales o por encima de este nivel.

    Aproximadamente, se pueden encontrar 40 mg de isoflavonas en: Poroto de soja y harina de soja 12-25 g (0.4-0.9 oz) Soja molida 20 g (0.7 oz) Queso de soja (tofu) 70-130 g (2.5-4.6 oz) Leche de soja 200-300 g (7.1-10.6 oz) Brotes de soja 100 g (3.5 oz) ¿Por qué no se difunde esta información? La gente tiene el derecho a saber exactamente qué está comiendo y como está alimentando a sus hijos. ¿,Por qué las agencias gubernamentales se resisten informar al público?

    En junio de 1998, el Doctor Mike Fitzpatrick se reunió con el personal del DHS de California para expresar su preocupación acerca de la soja y en particular las fórmulas a base de soja. Recibió una respuesta por escrito de la toxicóloga del DHS, Doctora Susan Loscutoff, quien aflrmó:

    “Estoy de acuerdo en que los altos niveles de isoflavinas en las fórmulas para alimentar a los lactantes son motivo de preocupación.” “No estoy de acuerdo en que los padres tengan el derecho a saber que las fórmulas a base de soja contienen isoflavonas y la clase de toxicidad que las isoflavonas puedan causar en los lactantes, ya que los padres no sabrian como interpretar esa información.”

    Esta es la tipica respuesta de las agencias que temen represalias de las industrias de la soja si llegaran a alertar al público acerca de los peligros potenciales para la salud con relación a las isoflavonas de la soja.Qué puedo hacer? Envíe esta información a los profesionales de la salud y a sus amigos. Escríbale al Departamento de Salud Estatal solicitando información acerca de los riesgos asociados con el consumo de isoflavonas


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Dr Mike Fitzpatrick & Sue Dibb. ADDENDUM: APRIL 1999. What about the traditional use of use soy in infant feeding? Soy was not used in infant feeding in ...

    J Nutr. 2008 Jun;138(6):1244S-9S.

    Health effects of soy protein and isoflavones in humans.Xiao CW

    ....."Some studies have documented potential safety concerns on increased consumption of soy products. Impacts of soy products on thyroid and reproductive functions as well as on certain types of carcinogenesis require further study in this context. Overall, existing data are inconsistent or inadequate in supporting most of the suggested health benefits of consuming soy protein or ISF."

    PMID: 18492864

    Brain Res Rev. 2008 Mar;57(2):376-85. Epub 2007 Sep 19.

    Neuroendocrine and behavioral effects of embryonic exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals in birds.

    Ottinger MA, Lavoie E, Thompson N, Barton A, Whitehouse K, Barton M, Abdelnabi M, Quinn M Jr, Panzica G, Viglietti-Panzica C.

    Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) exert hormone-like activity in vertebrates and exposure to these compounds may induce both short- and long-term deleterious effects including functional alterations that contribute to decreased reproduction and fitness....The EDCs examined included estradiol, androgen active compounds," soy phytoestrogens ", and atrazine. PMID: 18006066

    J Neurol Sci. 2007 Nov 15;262(1-2):15-26. Epub 2007 Jul 24.

    Autism: transient in utero hypothyroxinemia related to maternal flavonoid ingestion during pregnancy and to other environmental antithyroid agents.

    Román GC.

    The incidence and prevalence of autism have increased during the past two decades. Despite comprehensive genetic studies the cause of autism remains unknown. This review emphasizes the potential importance of environmental factors in its causation. PMID: 17651757

    J Nutr Sci Vitaminol (Tokyo). 2006 Jun;52(3):174-82.

    Effects of genistein, an isoflavone, on pregnancy outcome and organ weights of pregnant and lactating rats and development of their suckling pups.

    Tousen Y, Umeki M, Nakashima Y, Ishimi Y, Ikegami S

    ....."while we observed that the serum concentration of triiodothyronine (T3) in dams decreased, the result was a tendency, not a significant decrease. Our study suggested that maternal ingestion of genistein might have not induced serious adverse effects on dams, fetuses, infants or offspring during growth. However, the results indicated in many papers suggest the necessity of further study on the safety of genistein."PMID: 16967761

    Drug Saf. 2001;24(9):665-82.

    Risks and benefits of soy phytoestrogens in cardiovascular diseases, cancer, climacteric symptoms and osteoporosis.

    Sirtori CR..

    ........Disturbing data have been reported on potential negative effects of soy isoflavones on cognitive function in the aged, particularly relating to tofu intake. Recent studies have finally indicated a potential role for soy isoflavones in inducing chromosomal changes in cells exposed in vitro and potentiating chemical carcinogens. These findings may not, however, be extrapolated to clinical conditions. Available data do not appear to unequivocally support beneficial effects of soy isoflavones, and warn against their wide use, in the absence of satisfactory clinical findings.

    Circulation. 2006 Feb 21;113(7):1034-44. Epub 2006 Jan 17.

    Soy protein, isoflavones, and cardiovascular health: an American Heart Association Science Advisory for professionals from the Nutrition Committee.

    Sacks FM, Lichtenstein A, Van Horn L, Harris W, Kris-Etherton P, Winston M; American Heart Association Nutrition Committee.

    ......The efficacy and safety of soy isoflavones for preventing or treating cancer of the breast, endometrium, and prostate are not established; evidence from clinical trials is meager and cautionary with regard to a possible adverse effect. For this reason, use of isoflavone supplements in food or pills is not recommended...

    Aún no hay consenso acerca de los beneficios del consumo de la soya y sus productos. Hay muchas variables en juego. Puede que la soya sea beneficiosa para ciertas subpoblaciones y nocivas para otras. Esto queda aún por determinarse.El consejo es moderación en la ingesta para aquellas personas que actualmente la consumen. Yo particularmente, no la consumo, en ninguna de sus formas, sea aceite, leche, tofu, lo que sea. Pero esa es mi decisión personal. Lo importante es tener el conocimiento de lo que científicamente se dice actualmente, para posteriormente poder hacer una elección informada.

              22mm Dirtmag IQ Compliance Pack A (Inhibitor & Cleaner Included)        
    22mm Dirtmag IQ Compliance Pack A (Inhibitor & Cleaner Included)

    22mm Dirtmag IQ Compliance Pack A (Inhibitor & Cleaner Included)

              South Plain        

    Character Level: 20
    Profession Level: 19
    Achievement: Grand Peco and Title Freak

    Map Location:
    South Plain

    Quest List:
    To the South Plains
    Distress of the Guards (1)
    Distress of the Guards (2) - [Reward: 5 Blue Potion (II)]
    Too Sleepy
    Eye Bandage Ingredients (1)
    Eye Bandage Ingredients (2)
    Eye Bandage Ingredients (3) - [Reward: 3 Purple Potion (II)]
    Guard Name Tag
    The Almost Full Monty
    Poporing Domination (1)
    Poporing Domination (2)
    Eyes Wide Open - [Reward: Bear Embroidery II]
    Bouquet Material (1)
    Bouquet Material (2)
    Bouquet Material (3) - [Reward: 5 Red Potion (II)]
    Rackuf Ambuh
    Something Fishy - [Reward: 5 Red Potion (II)]
    MIners Out of Contact
    Rackuf Crisis
    Friendly Rackuf - [Reward: Refining Whestone II or Magic Oil II]
    Missing Miner - [Reward: Knightage Sword]
    Protect the Mines
    Medicine for the Miner
    Send My Regards
    News of the Miners
    Talking Afanc
    Help Us!
    The Old and Troubled
    Eva Holgren's Doctor - [Reward: 5 Blue Potion (II)]
    Dentures Delivery
    Get Lost!
    Carrot Reaper
    Request: Outlaw of the Carrot Field
    Request: Main Culprit of Ecosystem Destruction
    Request: To Train the Pecos
    Secret of the Holgrens (1)
    Secret of the Holgrens (2)
    Secret of the Holgrens (3) - [Reward: Knightage Mail]
    Eva's Apology
    Power of Attorney
    Tein's Wrath Exploded
    Biologist of the South Plains
    Jamie's Father
    Overflow of Rabongs
    Rabong Evolution - [Reward: Tiger Embroidery II or Dragon Embroidery II]
    Feint Operations - [Reward: Knightage Gauntlets]
    What Joy Likes - [Reward: Joy's Milk]
    I Need Milk - [Reward: 5 Red Potion (II)]
    Fried Frog Hindleg
    Poisonous Rodafrogs
    Gone with the Wind
    The Amazing Breeder - [Reward: Tiger embroidery II or Dragon Embroidery II]
    Follow the Lead (1)
    Follow the Lead (2) - [Reward: Refining Whetstone II or Magic Oil II]
    Dr. Jacob's Research (1)
    Dr. Jacob's Research (2)
    Dr. Jacob's Research (3)
    [Dungeon] Leader of the Rackufs - [Reward: Defender's Mail]
    [Dungeon] Spider in a Cave - [Reward: Defender's Gauntlets]
    Rock Embedded Leather
    Shining Mane
    Test for One
    Afanc Mask
    Afanc Elites
    Leader of the Afanc - [Reward: Refining Whestone II or Magic Oil II]
    Strange Mushroom
    God News for my Daughter
    Raising PecoPeco
    Fascinating Worm
    Difficulties of Being a Homewatcher
    Nimble Peco - [Reward: Knightage Boots]
    Finding Jacob (1)
    Finding Jacob (2)
    legendary pecoracer - [Reward: Wind Elixir and Gas Mask]
    Worm Delivery
    To Izrude Town~

    Quest Starter Items Found:
    The General Poporing - [Reward: Wind Elixir]

    Items Found:
    Split Piece 1 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Rapper Poporing, Bully Poporing, Red Plain Flip, Breez Flip, Plunder Rackuf, Blue Rackuf Baby, Blue Rackuf, Horn Blue Rackuf, Rabong Bebe, Rabong, Rodafrogu, Afanc Laborer
    Split Piece 2 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Poporing, Red Plain Flip, Plunder Rackuf, Glutton Fabre, Green Peco Peco Baby, Pecoracer
    Split Piece 3 [Bring to Irmumoa Aro2] - Red Plain Flip

    Materials Items:
    Earthly Trace (I) - Plunder Rackuf, Horn Blue Rackuf, Rabong Bebe
    Firmament Essence (I) - Poporing, Rabong, Rodafrog
    Root of Life (I) - Plain Flip, Glutton Fabre, Wormtail, Pecoracer, Crimson Lightning
    Spirit of Ruin (I) - Red Plain Flip, Rabong Bebe, Rabong, Pecoracer
    Monster Fragment (I) - Red Plain Flip, Afanc Stormer, Pecoracer, Plunder Rackuf

    Other Items:
    Bat Fang - Furious Familiar
    Broken Front Tooth - Afanc Stormer, Afanc Worker, Afanc Chemical Soldier, Afanc Laborer
    Creamy Petal - Red Plain Flip, Plain Flip, Breez Flip
    Pecopeco Feather - Peco Peco, Green Peco Peco Baby, Green Peco Peco, Pecoracer, Legendary Pecoracer
    Rabong Leg - Rabong Bebe, Rabong
    Scaled Stem - Wormtail, Whirlwormtail, Sunflow Wormtail
    Sticky Jellopy - Poporing, Rapper Poporing, Bully Poporing
    Sticky Webbed Feet - Rodafrog, Rodafrogu, Lady Rodafrog, Long Tounge Rodfrog
    Stinky Hood - Suspicious Herb Digger
    Stony Mane Fur - Plunder Rackuf, Blue Rackuf Baby, Blue Rackuf, Horn Blue Rackuf, Brown Rackuf Baby

    Bags Found:
    Small Bag - Blue Rackuf
    Medium Bag - Blue Rackuf, Brown Rackuf Baby, Pecoracer

    Food and Drinks Found:
    Instant Boiled Rackuf - Huge Eyes
    Instant Fried Peco - Horn Blue Rackuf, Rabong Bebe, Rabong, Brown Rackuf Baby, Wormtail
    Instant Green Herb Salad - Poporing, Red Plain Flip, Plunder Rackuf, Afanc Laborer
    Instant Rackuf Bulgogi - Brown Rackuf
    Instant Rackuf Topped Rice - Plunder Rackuf
    Instant Refreshing Green Tea - Plunder Rackuf, Blue Rackuf Baby, Afanc Laborer, Peco Peco

    Potions Found:
    Red Potion (II) - Poporing, Whirlwormtail, Red Plain Flip, Brown Rackuf Baby
    Blue Potion (II) - Rapper Poporing, Plain Flip, Breez Flip, Horn Blue Rackuf, Rabong, Wormtail, Afanc Stormer, Afanc Laborer, Furious Familiar
    Purple Potion (II) - Red Plain Flip, Horn Blue Rackuf, Afanc Laborer
    Dexterity Boost Potion (II) - Pecoracer
    Strenght Potion (II) - Rabong

    Cards Found:
    Brown Rackuf x2
    Green Peco Peco x2
    Peco Peco x2

    Weapons and Armors Found:
    Ambush Boots - Rodafrog
    Beast Gauntlets - Rabong bebe
    Forest Brograns - Plunder Rackuf
    Mountain Armor - Plunder Rackuf
    Swarm Dagger - Sunflow Wormtail

    Khara Quest:
    Outlaw of the Southern Plain - [Reward: Title - Southern Hunter]
    Guy in the Southern Plain
    Wind in the Plain
    Kiss Expert
    Surprise Attack of Afanc
    A Lonely Brown Horn
    Communication with the Guardian
    Vitamin on Pekopeko
    Chasing After the Racope - [Reward: Title - Rackuf Hunter]
    Combat Level A Acheived (2) - [Reward: Title - Apprentice]
    Showoff! - [Reward: Title - Title Freak]
    (Rare:D) Grand Peco (Party Recommended) - [Reward: Title - Peco Hunter]
    Chicken Soup with Rice
    Reaching Profession Level 20 - [Reward: Title - Expert Crafter]
    [Dungeon] Dominator of Wolve Cave - [Reward: Title - Wolf Killer]
    [Dungeon] True Adventurer of the Wolf Cave is Moi!
    [Dungeon] Red Scar Story - [Reward: Title - Crimson Hunter]

    Small Copper Ore
    Medium Copper Ore
    Large Copper Ore

    Rugged Mountain Gaiters

              Adey Magnaclean Micro        
    Adey Magnaclean Micro

    Adey Magnaclean Micro

    The benefits for installers are immediate: Compact design for tight installationsSimple installation and effortless servicing,saving time and moneyReduces household energy heating bills by up to 6% annuallyEffective magnetic and non-magnetic captureQuick and easy chemical dosingSatisfied customers Click For Product Information PDF Click For Installation & Servicing PDF



              Adey Magnaclean Professional        
    Adey Magnaclean Professional

    Adey Magnaclean Professional

    These are £78.90 plus vat for packs of 3. Click the link for more information & installation guides.    

              Adey MagnaClean Professional 2 filter 22mm & MC1 Rapide        
    Adey MagnaClean Professional 2 filter 22mm & MC1 Rapide

    Adey MagnaClean Professional 2 filter 22mm & MC1 Rapide

    MagnaClean® Professional 2 has been developed by the company that pioneered magnetic filtration. ADEY's filters protect more than three million heating systems in homes throughout Europe removing virtually 100% of the damaging suspended black oxide sludge that builds up in all heating systems. The dual-action filter can be installed anywhere on the main circuit. However, to achieve the best level of protection for the boiler, it is recommended that MagnaClean Professional 2 is fitted after the last radiator and before the boiler. Click HERE for Adey Specification Click HERE for Adey Installation and Servicing • In-line installation - In just two minutes  • Versatile installation options  • Compact installation for tight spaces  • Low profile drain valve - Easier servicing and dosing  • Improved valves - Greater reliability  • Twin reverse flow - Maximising debris capture  • Improved sheath design - Dual non-magnetic capture  • Rapid fit connectors for faster servicing  • High performance seals  • Air vent assembly  - See more at:

              Adey Magnaclean Twin Tech 22mm        
    Adey Magnaclean Twin Tech 22mm

    Adey Magnaclean Twin Tech 22mm

    ADEY has extended its impressive product range with the addition ofMagnaClean TwinTech®, the company’s first dual-action magnetic and non-magnetic filter. Advances in recent years have now created a totally effective dual-action filter all in one, eliminating virtually 100% of suspended black iron oxide and all other non-magnetic particles and debris from the system. Offering exceptional magnetic and non-magnetic filtration,MagnaClean TwinTechsets the highest industry standards in domestic central heating system maintenance and protection, eliminating virtually 100% of suspended black iron oxide and all other non-magnetic debris. Dual action system protectionSimple installation and effortless servicing, saving time and moneyReduces household energy heating bills by up to 6% annuallyExceptional magnetic and non-magnetic captureReduced carbon emissionsNo ongoing running costs Click Here for Product Information PDF Click Here of Installation & Servicing PDF

              ADEY MAGNACLEANSE UPGRADE        


    SPare fittings for Adey complete Magnacleanse Solution

              AF10 Biocide 500ml        
    AF10 Biocide 500ml

    AF10 Biocide 500ml

    Fernox AF10 Universial Biocide 500ml Fernox AF10 Universial Biocide from JTM is for use in the prevention of bacterial contamination within your central heating/cold water systems. Fernox Biocide AF10 is to be used in conjunction with the Fernox F1 Protector, or antifreeze in order to prevent contamination. Fernox AF10 Biocide is also used to prevent the reoccurrence fungal growths in feed and expansion cisterns.

              Air & Dirt Separators        
    Air & Dirt Separators

    Air & Dirt Separators

              Alphi 11 Antifreeze Protector        
    Alphi 11 Antifreeze Protector

    Alphi 11 Antifreeze Protector

    Combined antifreeze and protector Protects against corrosion and limescale Protects heating and chilled water Maintains efficiency so extending system life Compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in heating systems Non-toxic, environmentally friendly

              ArmaFlex Tape 15mtr Roll        
    ArmaFlex Tape 15mtr Roll

    ArmaFlex Tape 15mtr Roll

    Armacell Class O pipe insulation lagging tape. Adhesive backed and quick and easy to apply and install. Built in anti-microbial protection reduces mould and bacteria growth. It has a built in vapour barrier which prevents condensation. The tape is lightweight and flexible and reduces energy loss by up to 87%. Low maintenance requirements , resulting in cost savings. It also has great resistance to the effects of oil and chemicals. - Class O 50mm x 3mm (15mtr roll) - High Temp 50mm x 3mm (15mtr roll)

              Boiler Noise Reducer X200 1Litre        
    Boiler Noise Reducer X200 1Litre

    Boiler Noise Reducer X200 1Litre

    A number of boilers can cause boiler noise, but it is most often caused by a thin layer of deposit on the heat exchanger. Sentinel X200 noise reducer is extremely effective in solving this problem, whilst simultaneosly helping to restore boiler efficiency.

              Boiler Noise Silencer F2 500ml        
    Boiler Noise Silencer F2 500ml

    Boiler Noise Silencer F2 500ml

    Reduces boiler noise Improves heat transfer efficiency Compatible with all Fernox corrosion Protectors Non-toxic, environmentally friendly Can be left in the system permanently Compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in central heating systems

              Boiler Noise Silencer F2 Express 265ml        
    Boiler Noise Silencer F2 Express 265ml

    Boiler Noise Silencer F2 Express 265ml

    Fernox Central Heating Boiler Noise Silencer F2 Express is an aerosol product designed to make dosing a system quick and simple with no mess or inconvenience to the user. Boiler Noise Silencer F2 Express helps to reduce boiler noise and improve heat transfer efficiency. It is suitable for all types of boiler, including combination boilers and those containing aluminium components as well as radiators and pipe work systems

              Carpet Shampoo 1L - TCCH1        
    Carpet Shampoo 1L - TCCH1

    Carpet Shampoo 1L - TCCH1

    Concentrated Carpet Shampoo with New Carpet Fragrance. 100 : 1 Concentration level. Designed to be used with carpet cleaning machines or simply diluted in water for manual cleaning of carpets & fabrics

              Cherry Blast Fresh Anti-Bacterial Multi Purpose Spray 1L - TCCF1        
    Cherry Blast Fresh Anti-Bacterial Multi Purpose Spray 1L - TCCF1

    Cherry Blast Fresh Anti-Bacterial Multi Purpose Spray 1L - TCCF1

    Cherry fragranced Multi Purpose Disinfectant / Cleaning Liquid - contains Biocide to kill 99.99% of germs. Designed for use on all hard surfaces around the home - can be used neat as a spray or diluted for use with a Mop or similar

              Cleaner F3 500ml        
    Cleaner F3 500ml

    Cleaner F3 500ml

    Removes sludge and scale and restores heating efficiency of existing systems Removes flux residues and other debris Compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in heating systems Easy to use, system can be left running normally during cleansing Suitable for use with all known powerflushing machines

              Cleaner F3/F5 Test Kit        
    Cleaner F3/F5 Test Kit

    Cleaner F3/F5 Test Kit

    Simple and accurate on site testing. Supplied in a heacy duty outer plastic case. Suitable for testing all fernox cleaners. Gives added security to diagnosis and treatment.

              Cleaner F5 Express 280ml        
    Cleaner F5 Express 280ml

    Cleaner F5 Express 280ml

    Fernox Cleaner F5 Express is an aerosol product designed to make dosing a system quick and simple with no mess or inconvenience to the user. As with all Fernox Cleaners, Cleaner F5 Express is an effective neutral cleaner. Cleaner F5 Express has been designed for pre-commission cleaning of new installations in accordance with BS7593:1992, removing flux residues and other installation debris, to help extend the life of a system. Cleaner F5 Express can be used in conjunction with Fernox Powerflow MKII machine and all known makes of powerflushing machines to remove all debris, sludge and scale from existing systems. In this way, it willrestore heating efficiency and eliminate or reduce boiler noise in heavily contaminated systems.

              Combi Guard Replacement Cartridge 22mm        
    Combi Guard Replacement Cartridge 22mm

    Combi Guard Replacement Cartridge 22mm

    In hard water areas, limescale can build up inside household appliances such as the kettle, washing machine or boiler, causing them to run less effectively and increasing the likelihood of premature breakdown. The Sentinel CombiGuard is designed to reduce this scale build up by proportionally blending a tiny amount of food-grade polyphosphate into the water. KEY FEATURES Easy to install Prevents scale formation on all critical heat surfaces Cartridges last 12 months Unit indicates when cartridge needs replacing AVAILABLE SIZES 15mm COMBI-15MM-6-GB Universal (15/22mm) COMBI-UNI-15-22MM Refill cartridge COMBI-CART-6-GB

              Commercial Chemical R700 1Litre        
    Commercial Chemical R700 1Litre

    Commercial Chemical R700 1Litre

              Commercial Chemicals 1000Litres        
    Commercial Chemicals 1000Litres

    Commercial Chemicals 1000Litres

    R500C IBC-Sentinel R500 Heat Transfer Fluid provides exceptional thermal transfer for ground source heat pump systems. It offers superior stability and protection against corrosion and deposits, and resistance to degradation. It also contains an effective biocide that will help to control the growth of bacteria.

              Commercial Heating Protection & Cleaning        
    Commercial Heating Protection & Cleaning

    Commercial Heating Protection & Cleaning


              Concentrate Corrosion Inhibitor 500ml Bottle (500ml Equivalent of 1 Litre)        
    Concentrate Corrosion Inhibitor 500ml Bottle (500ml Equivalent of 1 Litre)

    Concentrate Corrosion Inhibitor 500ml Bottle (500ml Equivalent of 1 Litre)

    Concentrated Central Heating Inhibitor which Inhibits scale & corrosion. Treats an average 100L system. Suitable for all heating systems including aluminium based. Helps maintain & improve system efficiency. Protects system and reduces risk of freezing

              Concentrate Filling Kit        
    Concentrate Filling Kit

    Concentrate Filling Kit

    A range of adaptors to allow concentrates to be quickly added to a domestic central heating system. Contents (contained in a plastic storage container)

              Corrosion Inhibitor 5 Litre, 25 Litre & 210 Litre        
    Corrosion Inhibitor 5 Litre, 25 Litre & 210 Litre

    Corrosion Inhibitor 5 Litre, 25 Litre & 210 Litre

    Central Heating Central Heating Inhibitor which Inhibits scale & corrosion. Treats an average 500L system. Suitable for all heating systems including aluminium based. Helps maintain & improve system efficiency

              Systems For Cosmetic Surgery - Some Questions To Raise        
    Are you tired of looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling sad? Are you fed up of shying away from the camera? Can't even laugh properly at a tale because of teeth that put you to shame? If your answer to all these questions is yes; then am sure you are looking to free of these restrictions and welcome a new and wonderful smile you will ever have.

    Surround yourself with family and friends. It is every we love that makes life profitable. Attend reunions or organize family reunions. Stay involved in the lives of young children and your grand children and offer help and support regularly.

    Some individuals may decide that they aren't ready for just yet or their skin doesn't necessitate the site. Instead they could decide to reach their goals with an operation that is non-invasive anyway such as microdermabrasion or a chemical rind. Still other patients may discover that the work they need done surpasses the limits of a rhytidectomy. In this particular case they are wish to blend the renovation they have with other procedures with regard to example a brow lift (also known as cosmedic centre the forehead lift) or a neck carry. Having a solid understanding with the each in the procedures can and cant do for should go an extended way to assist you for happy light and portable end leads.

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    Many girls marry in order to give mom a dream son-in-law. Too frequently moms believe that the daughter must first have surgery to create the nose or chin beautiful, or do other things to look for example the beauty queens in the fashion magazines so that they can to entice that future dream son-in-law. Normally is not the body that needs changing as many as a requirement to change personal attitudes and the expectations of males and also the society.

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              Petrochemical Update: Sasol to Share Time-Lapse Footage of $9.1 Billion Chemical Plant Construction at Petrochemical Workforce Development Conference in Houston        

    Sasol shares on-site footage at petrochemical workforce strategy meeting alongside BASF, Ineos, Shell, Turner Industries, Fluor, Jacobs Engineering S&B Engineers & Constructors, State Workforce Commissions, schools, colleges and the U.S. Department of Energy.

    (PRWeb April 09, 2015)

    Read the full story at

              Calgary To Hold Major Canadian Petrochemicals Conference        

    On May 11th-12th the Canadian Petrochemicals Conference & Exhibition will be taking place at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center. This conference, organized by Petrochemical Update and supported by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, Polyolefins Consulting, PetroChemCentral and ENR, offers a forum for over 150 executives from the entire oil and gas value-chain to meet and discuss the future of the petrochemical industry in Canada.

    (PRWeb March 09, 2015)

    Read the full story at

              New Whitepaper on Petrochemicals Workforce        

    Louisiana Workforce Commission, Fluor, S&B Engineers & Constructors, Construction Users Roundtable and Texas State Technical College discuss solutions to skills shortages.

    (PRWeb January 28, 2015)

    Read the full story at

              Saints, Sinners and Safari        
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              Re: News piece on chemicals and CC from Japan.        

    Glad to be of help Eli. And thanks for the reminder and link to the printed news pieces as well.

              Re: News piece on chemicals and CC from Japan.        

    Gavin, thanks for sharing.

    You previously posted a couple of printed stories about this development in Japan. Here's the link if anyone is interested to read more. … hp?id=8558

              News piece on chemicals and CC from Japan.     …



    I was at Arcada University of Applied Science, Helsinki, Finland from 23rdFebruary to 27th February to contribute and gain knowledge within my research field. The staffs at chemical engineering department, Arcada University are interested to learn the on-going research at polymer department, Högskolan i Borås. In turn, we at polymer department would like to learn different testing methods from Arcada University. Transfer of knowledge is the main purpose of my visit.

    The trip was planned when Rene Herrmann from Arcada University visited Högskolan i Borås last year to learn bio-based thermoset resin synthesis and teach non-destructive testing methods to researchers at polymer department. The plan was proposed for funding under Erasmus European Union staff exchange program. The plan was further discussed in detail with Mikael Skrifvars at Högskolan i Borås and Rene Herrmann at Arcada University on successful funding application. It was agreed that I will teach the students to synthesize bio-based thermoset polyester resin and list of required chemicals was sent to chemical engineer Björn Wiberg at Arcada. Further, the lab procedure and method was sent to staff and students before my arrival.

    Upon my arrival to Helsinki, the university here provided accommodation close to University and Rene Herrmann introduced his colleagues and students. Resin synthesis is not performed often in Arcada, so the apparatus required was not available. It was challenging to set-up ‘own’ apparatus with whatever glass-wares available. To do resin synthesis, one needs rotary evaporator and synthesis setup; both were built successfully with available resources. I have never done this before and it was exciting to build up these apparatus for the first time.

    Evaporator built using vacuum pump and available glass wares
    Once the apparatus was setup, the synthesis reaction was practically explained to the students for the first two days. The students were curious and asked several questions regarding chemical reaction, apparatus and testing. Motivated students came forward to do calculations and testing. Next two days the students were able to do testing on supervision. I gained teaching experience and learned new things while teaching and answering students’ questions.
    With some students who learned bio-based thermoset resin synthesis
    Final product
    Helsinki is beautiful city and it is less crowded compared to other capitals in the world. I met my friend Emma who took me around the city. It was very good staff exchange experience which will always remain in my CV.

              5 sprytnych sposobów na dbanie o łazienkę. Wiedziałeś o nich?        
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              Kraków pod napięciem        
    W najbliższy poniedziałek 3 lutego Pan Korek zaprasza na elektryzujące piąte naukowe warsztaty dla dzieci w wieku 5-12 lat pt. „Naładujmy się”. Na warsztatach Pana Korka mali studenci dowiedzą się, co to jest ładunek elektryczny. Razem sprawdzimy, jak ładunki elektryczne oddziałują na siebie i w jaki sposób można naelektryzować rożne przedmioty. Wspólnie zbudujemy ogniwa elektrochemiczne wykorzystując łatwo [...]
              Malala Yousafzai and the Missing Brown Savior Complex        
    On October 9, 2012, a Taliban gunman accosted a bus carrying 15 year-old Malala Yousafzai and her schoolmates, and coldly shot them at close range. The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan not only claimed responsibility for the blatant assassination attempt of the teenage education activist, but as it emerged that Malala would survive the attack, the movement also reiterated its desire to kill her. Miraculously through the efforts of friends and family, the local community in Swat Valley where she is from and where she was shot, and the Pakistani army that airlifted her to Peshawar, Malala Yousafzai survived (as did the other victims). Given the seriousness of her condition, it was imperative she was treated by the best doctors, and a generous gesture by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi allowed her to be flown by air ambulance to England for major surgery. Fast forward just one year later, Malala has recovered and is even more emphatic in her message against the Taliban, promoting the empowerment of young women like her across Pakistan, and all around the world. And expectedly, the global media, including The Daily Show's Jon Stewart, have been celebrating her courage (perhaps caught in the moment of it all).

    Great story, right? And what could be wrong about the alleged 'overexposure' of a young girl expressing words of peace and fighting for girls' education against a religious patriarchy? Apparently a lot. In fact, in Pakistan and in her hometown, her global coronation is treated with derision: "Malala is spoiling Pakistan's name around the world." Others have more sinister accusations of a CIA conspiracy involving both Malala and the gunman, claiming the entire affair is a Western plot. Yet, in recent days, an article written by a blogger in July on Huffington Post has been making the rounds on social media, entitled, "Malala Yousafzai and the White Saviour Complex." It argues, "Please, spare us the self-righteous and self-congratulatory message that is nothing more than propaganda that tells us that the West drops bombs to save girls like Malala."

    The truth is there is no white savior coming for Pakistan or for any Muslim country, the vast majority of which are characterised by pernicious politics, inequitable economics, and irrational intolerance. Lecturing the chattering classes about geopolitical realties and distributing treatises on Western imperialism won't change anything. Fundamentally it will only be the indigenous leadership - helped or not helped by outsiders - that will drive change. Yet, when leaders do emerge, it seems that the local media (and now social media) are pre-occupied with tearing them down rather than building them up. People instead squander their energy on misguided diatribes, as the case of Malala has unfortunately shown. The real reason that the 'white savior complex' even is relevant is that we fail to champion the very 'brown saviors' in our midst.

    Malala Yousafzai was thrust into the spotlight after her initial attack, which was so jarring that all Pakistani leaders came out in strong condemnation. Then Pakistani President, Asif Ali Zardari - himself a questionable character to say the least - labelling the attack as one against "all civilized people." Prior to the attack, Malala had rose to prominence as an activist, encouraged by her father, for girls education and against the policies and values of the Taliban, which was why she was targeted in the first place. Without picking up a gun, her message was considered a threat to their movement, which is amazing in it of itself. Yet, it was on July 12 earlier this year, speaking on her birthday to the United Nations that Malala brought tears to the eyes of millions of people around the world. Having remarkably recovered from her wounds (and having undergone partial facial reconstruction), and still facing death threats, Malala stood steadfast in front of a global audience, and spoke with fortitude and confidence: "The terrorists thought that they would change my aims and stop my ambitions but nothing changed in my life, except this: weakness, fear and hopelessness died. Strength, power and courage was born."

    It was such a powerful moment, that almost every international news outlet carried the speech of this young woman live across the world. And for the first time in a long time, the Pakistani and Muslim in the spotlight was not an extremist but someone standing up to extremism. The plaudits continued to come, especially in the last few weeks, as Malala released a book about her experience and was awarded the prestigious Sakharov Prize from the European Union. In fact, she was the rumored favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize, which in the end was awarded to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, in a surprise but perhaps deserving win. Of course, the Western media in particular have a penchant for over-hyping (if not over-milking) and over-sensationalizing such stories of heroism. And it will be very difficult for Malala to not only live up to such hype but also to prevent the perception that she is over-shadowing other deserving heroes. Yet, is that not the story of all figures of change who inspire us? Was Nelson Mandela really the only Black leader in South Africa's prisons? Was Martin Luther King Jr. the only individual marching in the South? Was Aung San Suu Kyi the only fighter for freedom in Burma?

    It does seem increasingly, however, that Malala is a leader denied a strong constituency back home. It is easy to dismiss the allegations that she is a CIA agent - although the photo-op with the Obama's won't help - as well as the gloating of Taliban supporters after she was not awarded the Nobel Prize. Yet it is harder to dismiss the cacophony of criticism in Pakistan, in Swat Valley, and on the social media pages of Pakistanis, and for that matter, Muslims from around the world. As one government official said: "Everyone knows about Malala, but they do not want to affiliate with her." The primary complaints include the following:
    • This is another example of the West trying to portray themselves as a savior of the East. 
    • Malala is a secular heroine not a Muslim heroine. 
    • While her case is tragic there are other victims who deserve prominence. 
    • The crimes of the West through drones and in Iraq and Afghanistan, far outweigh the crimes of the Taliban. 
    • This is an effort of the West to try to avoid its own complicity in the situation in Pakistan that led to Malala's shooting. 
    As with most disinformation campaigns, this one is based on kernels of truth. For starters, the world does neglect the stories of deserving others. One such example would be of the tour-de-force Pakistani social worker  Parveen Rehman who was shot dead in Karachi earlier this year. Additionally, it has been the Western media that has largely driven the popular support for Malala globally; that, however, has to be attributed to the dismal failure of the Pakistani media to not do so instead (in my humble opinion). Finally, and the most valid critique is that the story of Malala should not negate the very pivotal role the United States and the West has played and continues to play in creating the current perilous conditions in Pakistan and in contributing to the deaths of innocents there, and in other countries. 

    Firstly, U.S. policy has been heavily involved in the rise of the Taliban in Pakistan, which it tacitly supported alongside Saudi Arabia and Pakistan's intelligence service in the mid-1990s. Moreover, the United States and Saudi Arabia (and some other Western and Muslim powers) cooperated to support radical jihadism (even printing textbooks to that effect for Afghanistan) and Islamism as a bulwark against the Soviet Union and communism. In fact, Israel also supported the radical group Hamas as a counterweight to the secular Fatah movement of then Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Yes, the world was and is screwed up, and the powers of the world have much complicity in that. 

    Secondly, and more importantly, the military operations carried out by the U.S. in particular in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq have led to thousands of deaths of innocent people in recent years. These actions have largely gone unpunished and the victims have been forgotten. Certainly it is not just the Taliban that are killing and the world cannot dispense justice selectively. 

    Does saying all of that make Malala Yousafzai any less of a hero (or heroine)? Is her courage dimmed by the crimes of others? Is her movement for the empowerment of young girls in Pakistan any less important? Of course not. Criticisms of the West will bring no one closer to emancipation. And it cannot mask the very pure fact that today's purveyors of disaster and death in the world also include Muslims.

    Who bombed the church in Peshawar slaughtering 85 worshippers? Who attacked Westgate Mall in Nairobi killing dozens of innocents? Who murders dozens of men, women and children in Iraq every week? When a Muslim rises up - a so-called brown savior - to fight such crimes and the movements behind them, we should put him or her on our shoulders and not try to chase that person into the darkness. There is no shame in admitting Brown and Muslim guilt in the world's crimes, and it does not negate the wider reality and context around the violence that does occur. In fact, our fear of partial guilt in particular should not misguidedly cause us to throw out the very sparse examples of (counter-) leadership in Muslim countries that emerge and strike fear in the heart of radical extremists. 

    It has become far too easy on all sides to blame the other rather than introspect inward. Above all, instead of blaming the West for its 'white savior complex' maybe it's time to develop our own brown savior complex to save ourselves from ourselves. 

              Waiting for Obama: The Arab World and Intervention         

    This article originally appeared in Syria Deeply, and can be found here

    On Aug. 2, 1990, a Saddam Hussein-led Iraq launched a bombing campaign and invasion of Kuwait. Part of the decision was the thought that the U.S., facing its own economic issues at home and a perceived passivity towards disputes in the Arab world, would not react with force. 

    Almost five months later, Operation Desert Storm, led by a broad international coalition under the direction of then President George Bush (who had secured a resolution from the U.N. Security Council), began with aerial attacks and ended with the capitulation of Saddam’s forces after just five weeks.
    Two things became clear: that the U.S. would take decisive action to enforce peace and security in the region when a “red line” was crossed; and secondly, that it would be methodical in building a strong coalition.
    The countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been waiting for a similar moment from President Barack Obama on the Syrian conflict.  After months of endless prodding, with only a series of half-steps coming from the U.S., the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack near Damascus (allegedly carried out by the Assad regime) finally seemed to have pushed Obama to take robust action on Syria.
    But initial urgency by the U.S. to act has since subsided, or so it appears. With the passing of each day, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are left increasingly in the lurch, waiting for Obama, wondering if the U.S. has reversed its approach to the region that was heralded by the Gulf War over two decades ago.
    In 1991, when military action was mobilized against Iraq, it was done so under the auspices of a U.N. resolution. And while the Arab world was divided on the intervention, the six GCC countries, along with Egypt and Syria, were part of the armed coalition that was formed. Twenty years later, the situation is markedly different as the Arab world contemplates involvement in military strikes against Syria.
    Outside of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, enthusiasm to participate in a military coalition is weak at best. While Jordan will have to be involved due to its reliance on both Saudi Arabia and the U.S. for economic support, Syria’s other Arab neighbors, Lebanon and Iraq, have voiced staunch opposition to external intervention.
    In an unambiguous statement, Egypt, under its new military leadership, also voiced its objections to “aggression in Syria.” Even the United Arab Emirates may not get involved without broad international legitimacy; unlike in Libya in 2011, this would constitute a military strike by Arab countries allied with the U.S. without any other legal or symbolic cover.
    Obama’s initial enthusiasm for military action, juxtaposed with his subsequent hesitation, has furthered the Arab world’s reluctance to participate. Staunch Western allies like the United Kingdom have indicated a lack of desire to be involved, and it is still in doubt whether action would be approved by NATO or the U.N. In the current atmosphere, a broad coalition involving multiple regional actors is unlikely, especially from a military standpoint. Most of the “diplomacy” to build a coalition has so far been limited to public speeches by high-level U.S. officials, rather than effective diplomatic engagement in the region. It indicates to the Arab world that the U.S. is not serious about a response, and is itself perhaps buying time.
    In Sunday’s Arab League meeting in Cairo, rhetoric was high. But it was clear that beyond Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the appetite for intervention had dissipated. Following two years of bluster, including countless meetings of the Friends of Syria, the moment for a decision finally came, and the U.S. blinked. The hawkish stance of the Arab League and even the GCC must, to Assad, have looked hollow. In the end, the statement by the Arab League called for “deterrent measures” by the U.N., without calling for military or unilateral action.
    While we may yet see strikes on Syria or the symbolic contribution of military hardware (like fighter jets) by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the process has already overshadowed whatever the result may be. In many ways, whatever happens now in response will be far too little and far too late. All the while, the conflict in Syria will continue without any end in sight.

              The only road to peace in Syria        
    This article originally appeared on and can be found at the link below.

    As has frequently been the case in the last two-and-a-half years, I found myself this past weekend caught in an intense conversation about the ongoing civil war in Syria. This time it was with a supporter of the al-Assad government. He was relentless, insisting that there was no choice but victory, at any cost, especially since the government has been facing foreign fighters from "83 countries." 

    It's a common refrain I've heard in different variations from all sides of the conflict -- there is no choice but victory. As the world debates the efficacy of a military strike against the al-Assad government in response to its use of chemical weapons on civilians, the fighting on the ground shows no signs of abating. It is clear that the Syrian people are caught between a zero-sum political game being played by the regime and rebels, and their respective backers.

    Despite lofty rhetoric from a number of countries, diplomatic efforts towards a political solution should have been more vigorous.

    Calling for an immediate cease-fire on all sides is the only path towards peace. But will the United States and other key players go down that road?

    Please visit CNN for the full article. 

              10 Questions on the Conflict in Syria        
    A potential military strike by Western powers on Syria now appears to be a fait accompli and is being touted as long overdue. Given the spiralling humanitarian disaster that has overtaken the country during the last two years of conflict, continued inaction appears to be an untenable reality. The death toll is now well over 100,000 (although the proportion of civilians to combatants is unclear). There are 2 million refugees, half of whom are children, and over 4 million more internally displaced persons (IDPs), amounting to a quarter of the country's overall population. Yet, it was the apparent chemical weapons attack in the suburbs around Damascus known as Ghouta last week that has served as the impetus for international military intervention into the conflict. Amidst the rhetoric and war rehearsals, clarity on what is really happening seems to be cast aside in the media, in favor of faux-spontaneous leaks, retired generals, and trumpeters of past wars. Here are ten questions to try to set the record straight.

    1. Were chemical weapons used in Syria?

    When the initial attack unfolded last Wednesday, August 21 in the suburbs in Damascus known as Ghouta (near the town/suburb of Jobar), news quickly spread to local, regional and international media. Claims were made of hundreds of deaths, with some activists claiming the death toll was 1,300. Moreover, the Government of Syria immediately denied responsibility and has continued to do so. However, the attack did unfold amidst a series of army strikes on Jobar, which is a rebel-held area, and has been for quite some time. The Government conversely claimed to find chemical weapons supplies in tunnels in the same area, and it is alleged that some Hezbollah fighters were also exposed to chemical toxins.

    A week on, it appears incontrovertible that chemical weapons were used, not just from YouTube videos but also from visits by independent journalists, and of course by a report by Médecins Sans Frontières that has documented at least 355 deaths from local hospitals. It is likely that the chemical agent used was a neurotoxin or nerve gas, most likely sarin gas. What is still not clear, is how they were delivered (i.e. in what form and carried on what type of weapon) and from where.

    It should also be kept in mind that this was not the first attack that has been alleged. There have been numerous claims by rebels, and counter-claims by the government on the use of chemical weapons in the conflict. Here's a map of those events. In fact, this is precisely why the team of UN inspectors had arrived in the country, the day before this latest incident (and massacre) took place. In fact, what is interesting is that their investigation of other sites has now been put on the back-burner due to the latest developments.

    2. Do we know who actually used the chemical weapons? 

    The United States, United Kingdom, and France have all stated they are certain that the Government of Syria has undertaken the attack last week. On the U.S. side, at the forefront of the rhetoric has been Vice President Biden - who has said there is 'no doubt' - and Secretary of State John Kerry, who made an evocative plea for action several days ago. Of course, the next speech is the most important, and it would be one made by President Barack Obama. In light of this certainty, it would be difficult to question the attribution of blame. A leak from the US government also claims to have intercepted a murky call between commanders in the Syrian army that supposedly is evidence of culpability on the Syrian side.

    There is tremendous reason to doubt U.S. claims. Firstly, it should not be forgotten that then Secretary of State Colin Powell presented ironclad evidence to the United Nations Security Council of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) that Saddam Hussein possessed, a finding that was later proven to be utterly false, but which was the basis of a war that continues until today. Secondly, the U.S. claimed that there was incontrovertible proof that the Government of Syria was responsible for earlier chemical attacks this year, but that finding has been contested, and some experts apportioned blame to the rebels fighting the government. And finally, in this case, no evidence has been presented, as of yet to make such a determination, at least not conclusively.

    Does that mean the Assad and his regime are not responsible? No. It is very likely given the ongoing military operations in the same area that the Syrian government launched such an attack. Yet, more evidence needs to be presented to make a definitive conclusion. The other scenarios that could be possible are:

    - Extremists groups like Jubhat al-Nusra, who have previously seized advanced weaponry and possibly chemical weapons from Syrian army bases and positions, were attempting to use them on Syrian soldiers (or conversely to cast blame on the Syrian army);

    - The Government of Syria inadvertently hit a stockpile of sarin gas releasing the toxins (although unclear if this would lead to the effects that we've seen); or

    - Rogue elements within the chain of command used chemical weapons intentionally or inadvertently.

    Russia, Iran and China have of course cast doubt on western claims but that is to be expected.

    3. What would be the basis or justification for US intervention?

    The U.S. intervention would likely be on the basis of Obama's previously stated red line on Syria, which would be the mass use/movement of chemical weapons. It is not in fact about humanitarian intervention and the Responsibility to Protect framework, developed in the 1990s to prevent genocide and mass civilian deaths. If it was, then the humanitarian case for intervention has been present for some time, and other massacres by the Syrian regime, such as in Houla in 2012, would have provided sufficient pretext. Obviously, the U.S. and other Western powers, and regional countries, have their own interests at play that are much more geopolitical in nature, but the justification or casus belli being offered is around the issue of chemical weapons, and chemical weapons alone.

    4. Will anybody else be involved in the military strikes besides the US and will this affect whether they are 'legal'?

    Given Russian and Chinese opposition, and a likely veto of any resolution by the United Nations Security Council supporting such a military strike on Syria - especially in light of the intervention in Libya, which Russia regretted supporting - a 'coalition of the willing' will need to be developed. This coalition would be broader than the Iraq War in 2003, and would be similar to the coalition carrying out the strikes against Serb positions vis-a-vis Kosovo in 1999. While the U.S., U.K. and France will likely lead an effort, Turkey would also be critical as a staging ground (as it borders Syria from the North), and thus there will be an attempt to launch such an attack under the auspices of NATO. Despite its reluctance, Jordan, given its reliance on the U.S. and Saudi Arabia politically and economically, will have no choice but to support . The two other neighbours of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon are squarely against any military strike. And of course, the other neighbor - Israel - would sit this one out but would provide intelligence to the U.S. and other parties on Syrian positions, given that it has already undertaken a number of air strikes on Syria in the past two years.

    Further afield, it is likely the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) will support military intervention, with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates possibly sending fighter jets to participate in a strike to give it regional cover and credibility. Finally, while many groups within the Arab and Muslim world, and the 'left' of the West, will oppose military intervention, many others will support it, because of the spiralling humanitarian situation in Syria.

    Technically speaking if the military intervention is not sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council, and there is no imminent threat that the U.S. and other parties can point to towards its own territory or its assets, it would be illegal under international law. However, that has not stopped NATO or other countries (i.e. Russia in Georgia) form undertaking military action in the past. And before the Iraq War, some scholars claimed that while such an attack would be illegal it would be legitimate, and demonstrated retroactively to be legal. Given the state of world affairs, 'legality' is likely not a determining factor for a strike on Syria.

    5. Are we seeing a repeat of Iraq in 2003? 

    No. The situation today with Syria is different than it was in 2003 in Iraq, for many reasons, despite some passing similarities. In Iraq, the U.S. claimed that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction while in Syria, we already know Bashar al-Assad possesses chemical weapons, and the question is whether he used them (small aside, it was released this week that thirty years ago, the U.S. obstructed a UN investigation when it knew Saddam Hussein had used chemical weapons). In Iraq, the U.S. alleged that Saddam Hussein had links with Al Qaeda (and related groups), while in Syria, Bashar al Assad is widely acknowledged to be fighting Al Qaeda (and related groups) in addition to the 'Free Syrian Army' (and in addition to crushing peaceful demonstrators). In Iraq, there was no active state of conflict that was leading to a spiralling humanitarian catastrophe (and the potential use of WMDs), while in Syria there is not just a violent conflict, but also WMDs have been used by somebody (even if the culprit is not yet clear).

    What should be noted, however, is that both Iraq in 2003 and Syria in 2013, are in complex environments, and any removal of government or sustained military intervention would have dramatic unforeseen consequences. It seems like the media debate in the U.S. is also similarly anaemic (but slightly better) this time around.

    6. What is the real motivation for the United States and other powers?

    As with all things in this world when it comes to international relations, the primary interest is not humanitarian but geopolitical. This is not absolute, however, and it could be argued that Turkey has been insisting on humanitarian intervention from an early stage. However, the regimes (not peoples) in the Gulf, most notably Saudi Arabia, are exclusively concerned with dislodging Syria from the Iranian orbit, and severing connections between Syria and Hezbollah. Humanitarian concerns are a by-product. And for the United States, something similar is at play. As noted above, if this was about humanitarian concerns, action would have been taken long before 100,000 deaths had occurred.

    For the U.S. it has been looking for regime change in Syria for a while. However, these strikes if they occur, will be about sending a message and asserting America's position in the Middle East, given the red line that Obama drew. Ultimately, it may tip the scales in the rebels favour or improve the U.S.'s negotiating position vis-a-vis Iran. The chemical weapons attack in a morbid way, opened a door of opportunity for Western powers (with GCC support) to do something limited without a full-scale intervention.

    7. Will military intervention solve the Syrian conflict?

    No. Military intervention no matter how small or how big will not solve the Syrian conflict. In fact, it could very much exacerbate the situation on the ground even further (if that can be imagined). What is being reported currently is that the U.S. and allies will undertake a series of 'surgical strikes', a euphemism for a large-scale assault on key military and strategic installations, such as army positions, air bases, radar installations, communications infrastructure, supply routes, and, where appropriate, power stations (among other targets). More than anything this will be intended to send a message to the regime and weaken its capabilities. Yet, it would not be a fatal blow. And it would not necessarily tip the scales in favor of the rebels. It may in fact mobilize certain parties to support the regime, if there are civilian casualties from the intervention.

    The solution to the Syrian situation has to be political, if it is going to lead to stability or peace. Yet, if the military intervention escalated and led to the removal of the Syrian regime, that would still not be the end of the conflict. After the Soviets were booted out of Afghanistan, the country devolved into a civil war for five years until the rise of the Taliban in 1996. Somalia has only recently stabilised (somewhat), more than 20 years after the assassination of its leader, President Siad Barre. And neighboring Lebanon, took 15 years of conflict (1975-1990) to reach an end, which was brought about by ironically Syrian military intervention (which committed its own crimes), that produced a - audible gasp - political settlement.

    8. What could potentially go wrong?

    Everything. The potential for disaster following military intervention in any country is great (see Black Hawk Down, Iraq, Afghanistan and the list goes on). Yet, in Syria it could be apocalyptic. Here is a list of what that could entail:

    - Chemical weapons are used by Syria against its neighbors such as Jordan and Turkey, or U.S. military positions in those countries;
    - U.S. planes/helicopters are shot down leading to an escalation of U.S. involvement requiring boots on the ground;
    - Syria sends a volley of missiles into Tel Aviv and other places in Israel, leading to a regional war;
    - Proxy forces of Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, launch a sustained campaign against Israel/U.S. interests, including attacks embassies within Lebanon/Palestine/Israel but also in other countries, in the short and medium-term;
    - Al Qaeda forces in the region, while opposing the Assad regime, oppose U.S. intervention especially if there are masses of civilian casualties, and use it as a pretext for attacks in places such as Yemen;
    - Russia objects to the U.S. strike, and mobilizes warships to the Mediterranean, leading to a standoff with Europe and the U.S.;
    - Negotiations with Iran, still in embryonic stages are suspended irrevocably;
    - Six party talks with North Korea are suspended by Russia, China, and North Korea irrevocably;
    - The Syrian regime goes all out in its conflict and begins to bomb with even more abandon civilian areas controlled by rebels, leading to thousands of casualties, and counter-massacres by enraged rebel fighters;
    - The Syrian regime is removed by force from power by the intervention, leading to a power vacuum sinking the country further into civil war for over a decade of even more violent strife and a possible Al Qaeda style government;
    - Tensions rise in the Middle East, especially in places of sectarian division (i.e. Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia, and Iraq) leading to civil strife and attacks on governments, and counter-attacks on populations; and
    - World War 3.

    9. What could potentially go right?

    It may seem that what is written above is slightly alarmist and that's true. Many things can go wrong (most of which, to be honest, are hard to predict as they will be unforeseen consequences or as Donald Rumsfeld, ironically calls them, unknown unknowns). However, the U.S.-led strikes could be quite effective. Firstly, if they are limited in scope, they can be completed in one day, reducing the risk for a military entanglement and civilian casualties. Secondly, if they are from the air, there is limited risk for casualties on the side of the intervening forces. Thirdly, an attack that is forceful and hits Syrian military positions, will send a message to Assad that there is a limit to what he can do, which thus far has not been the case, and may entice him to reach a political settlement. Fourthly, it is unlikely that the Syrian regime would retaliate, for a short strike on positions, against Israel, knowing that they cannot afford to fight a war on so many fronts (and thus far they have yet to retaliate to any Israel air strike). Finally, the systematic destruction of Assad's air capabilities could be instrumental in limiting civilian casualties by the regime in the future.

    All of this is one possibility of what could occur.

    10. Let's cut to the chase - should I support or not support military intervention?

    There is no clearcut answer. Ultimately, military intervention should not be supported as a solution to the Syrian conflict. It is not, and whether we like it or not, a political solution/settlement is the only way the current situation moves towards peace and stability. The U.S. is negotiating with the Taliban. The Vietnamese negotiated with the U.S. The Lebanese negotiated with each other. The Dayton Accords to end the Bosnian War were signed with Slobodan Milosevic. It may not be easy, it may be unlikely, and it will not work perfectly, but political discussions involving all parties is the only way to find a real solution.

    That being said, if a case is made with overwhelming evidence by independent parties (not U.S. conjecture) that chemical weapons were used by the Syrian regime, then military intervention on a limited scale, and for a period of 1-2 days only, should be undertaken, ideally with UN support - and if not with broad support of half of the members, i.e. 90, of the UN General Assembly to demonstrate legitimacy - against military targets only, which will both send a message about the use of these weapons and damage the capabilities of Assad.

    What is clear is that whatever happens, there are no clear answers with regards to the conflict in Syria.

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              Mosquito Repellent - Natural Ways To Repel Mosquitoes        
    Many are in search for natural remedies to cut back on chemicals we use in our day to day activities. Any chemical placed on the skin is absorbed and goes to the blood stream. Mosquito repellent is no different. We have found a few natural ways to prevent mosquito bites that do not require spraying chemicals on your skin.
              4 Reasons To Let A Professional Handle Pest Control        
    Proper elimination of the pest infestation including bed bugs requires the right tools & products, mainly the professional pest controller. Read the main reasons why to let the professional handle the pest control. Some of them include - avoids hazardous chemicals, handles dangerous situation easily, etc.
              Choosing The Best Termite Treatment Solutions        
    Having termites and other pests living with you at home is not a very pleasant situation. In unfortunate circumstances like these, there is a wide selection of termite treatment solutions available for homeowners. There are some termite control options that are treated as natural methods, while some involve the use of chemical compounds that are fatal to insects and pests.
              Are Pesticides Dangerous?        
    Are pesticides dangerous? Absolutely! Synthetic, chemical pesticides cause many health issues and are everywhere within our world. But there are safe solutions given to us from Nature. Learn why most pesticides are very dangerous and what safe solutions you can use instead.
              Why I Avoid Synthetic Pesticides        
    Synthetic pesticides are ever-present and we are told they are safe. Find out the dangers and why synthetic, chemical pesticides are poisons to avoid.
              6 Facts To Know About Bed Bugs        
    It is crucial to eliminate the threat of infestation as long as bugs are suspected. Learn some unusual facts about bed bugs which you may not have known before like- they are carriers of disease, not fully stealthy, chemical resistant, reproduces rapidly etc. & decrease the chances of infestation.
              Why Mosquito Nets Are Better Than Chemical Sprays        
    Indians have a very deep connection with mosquitoes. Either be it at home and workplace or car and metros. It's so intense that they can hardly get rid of the insect for a day.
              White House Releases Unexpected Statement About Syria        
    Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit DAVID GREENE, HOST: Late last night, the White House released an unexpected statement about Syria. The administration said it believes that the Assad regime might be preparing to wage another chemical weapons attack. The statement went on to say if such an attack is carried out, Assad and his military would pay a heavy price. Let's begin our coverage in Washington with NPR White House correspondent Scott Horsley. And, Scott, this late-night, public warning about what a country might do - this is weird, right? SCOTT HORSLEY, BYLINE: It was certainly unusual, David. The statement came from Press Secretary Sean Spicer a little bit before 10 p.m. And you're right. He said the United States had observed possible preparations similar to what they saw back in early April, when the Assad regime carried out what appeared to be a deadly sarin gas attack against its own people. Of course, at that time, the Trump administration responded by firing dozens of
              Veggie bank notes ? Bank of England sticks with animal-fat cash        

    LONDON - Britain's new plastic bank notes will continue to be made with traces of animal fat despite thousands of complaints from vegetarians and religious groups.

    The Bank of England said on Thursday there were environmental risks to using the alternative, derived from palm oil, and that the government had ruled it too expensive.

    The BoE last year launched its first polymer banknotes which it said were more durable and harder to fake.

    But more than 130,000 people signed an online petition calling on the BoE to stop using animal products in the notes after it emerged that they contained small amounts of tallow -- which comes from cows and sheep -- prompting the central bank to launch a consultation.

    Some Hindu temples and vegetarian cafes refused to accept the new five pound note which features World War Two leader Winston Churchill.

    "The Bank fully recognises the concerns raised by members of the public ... and has not taken this decision lightly," it said on Thursday.

    The only alternative for its polymer banknotes was to use more expensive chemicals derived from palm oil, and that its suppliers were unable to commit to that in an environmentally friendly way, the BoE said.

    Britain's planned new polymer 20-pound and its 10-pound notes, which will be launched in September, are also affected by Thursday's announcement.

    The BoE said that as well as the environmental concerns about palm oil, cost was a consideration: the switch would add about 16.5 million pounds ($21.45 million) to the cost of making bank notes over the next 10 years.

    "Her Majesty's Treasury advised the Bank that it does not believe switching to palm oil derivatives would achieve value for money for taxpayer," it said.

    Britain's polymer bank notes typically contain less than 0.05 percent of animal products, the BoE said.

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    Avantor Performance Materials is a manufacturer of high-purity chemicals for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, semiconductor and laboratory markets.

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              Triangle Invests in Avantor Performance Materials        

    Second Lien Debt Avantor Performance Materials is a manufacturer of high-purity chemicals for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, semiconductor and laboratory markets.

    The post Triangle Invests in Avantor Performance Materials appeared first on Triangle Capital Corporation.

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              What is biochemical homology?        
    Biochemical homology is often hailed as decisive evidence for the common ancestry of all life. What is biochemical homology? Does biochemical homology support evolution?
              DNA Structure        
    The molecular constituents of DNA appear to have optimized chemical properties to produce a stable helical structure. What properties are finely-tuned?
              Why weight loss doesn't work        
    The fat trap.

    This article appeared on the New York Times website a while ago. It describes the plight of the overweight and obese in losing weight. Those who successfully lose significant amounts of weight will eventually regain it. This is compounded by "fat genes" that supposedly predispose individuals to obesity and even to selecting high fat, high calorie foods. Those who lose weight are described as forever having to meticulously monitor calorie intake and expenditure.

    Pretty depressing stuff if you're overweight.

    Losing weight is fantastic, but who wants to always be measuring food and maniacally exercising? Always thinking about food and worrying about the pounds coming back on? It's enough to make a person abandon the running shoes for a pair of extra wide sweat pants.

    This article is everything that's wrong with weight loss and "dieting". It's based on starvation level diets, which are unrealistic and impossible to maintain in the long term. Unfortunately, what the author doesn't realise is that by eating in accordance with our physiology, it IS possible to lose weight and keep it off, without being doomed to a life of food scales and calorie charts.

    The problem with "diets" is that they're a quick fix solution to a systemic problem. Mainstream medicine will tell you that it's all about "calories in vs calories out", without taking into account the complexity of the human machine. Starve, over exercise, and get hyped up on stimulants, and the body will eventually rebel. Rapid weight loss will see a significant loss of muscle tissue, the body's effort to reduce calorie requirements by removing  energetically demanding tissue. With a loss of muscle tissue comes a drop in basal metabolic rate. In addition, stress hormones kick in, which promote fat storage and feelings of hunger. Then, when the dieter succumbs to any sort of refeeding, their body a) becomes more likely to gain fat, and b) requires fewer calories to maintain the same initial body weight.

    This is why fast weight loss never works in the long run. People want to lose 5 or 10 pounds in a matter of weeks, but this is often mostly water, salt, or glycogen... with some muscle loss and eventually some fat loss. It makes about as much sense as chopping off a leg to lose some quick pounds. The number on the scale may be lower, but at what cost? What's the point of being "thin" if your adrenal glands are burned out from chronic stress? Or if you've increased the risk of cancer from all the chemicals ingested in food? Or if you're unable to enjoy life because of obsessive calorie counting?

    Most people want to lose weight to reduce their risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease. But too many weight loss programs leave the individual in worse shape than when they started! Malnourishment is the precursor of disease - and it is difficult to obtain all necessary nutrients on most calorie-restricting diets.

    In the raw food world, there is increasing focus on building health as a means of achieving a healthy weight. When an individual is truly healthy, mentally and physically, a healthy weight can be effortlessly maintained.

    How is this achieved?

    True health includes athletic fitness, hydration, stress management, strong social relationships, a sense of community and belonging, exposure to sunshine and nature, and adequate rest, in addition to ingestion of healthy foods and minimising exposure to toxins. Addressing all these issues permanently means a lifestyle and habit change - developing a consistent routine that addresses all of these needs, and which is realistic and can be easily maintained.

    So, what should the overweight person do to lose some pounds? Before doing anything, get a full physical work up. Cholesterol, liver function, blood pressure, heart rate, everything. It's called a baseline measure - and it will be the comparison point for all subsequent measurements on the journey to health.

    Once that's done, it's time for diet change. Don't be afraid - a healthy diet will not mean rabbit food and leave you constantly hungry. In fact, you get to eat more than you ever would have thought. Cut out animal products: dairy, meat, eggs, honey, as well as soda, fast food, and processed snack food. Replace these things with whole plant foods, like fruit and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and beans, and small amounts of nuts and seeds. Stick to a low fat, whole food vegan diet and watch your health skyrocket. Incorporate as much raw food as you can. Entire meals can be made 100% raw, like a breakfast smoothie with bananas, mangoes, and water. And for those who think it's too radical a dietary change: don't worry, there's vegan alternatives to almost every meal in existence. Tempeh and seitan instead of meat. Veggie burgers instead of beef burgers. Scrambled tofu instead of scrambled eggs. Almond milk instead of cow milk. Yes, you can have vegan pizza, burgers, and pies. All of these are great transitional tools for getting off the dead animals and onto the plants.

    Make sure you eat enough - the calorie density of plant foods is generally  lower than animal products. One fast food hamburger meal is easily the equivalent of 10-15 bananas. Make sure enough calories are consumed to meet nutritional targets, maintain energy levels, and sustain a positive mental attitude. is a great resource, or check out the Banana Girl Diet, Banana Boy Diet, and Raw Til 4 pages on facebook.

    Next is movement. You can't be healthy if you're not fit. Do whatever floats your boat, whether it's running, walking, swimming, rock climbing, salsa dancing, or yoga. As long as you're moving. If you do what you enjoy, it won't even seem like a work out - it will just be fun. Incorporate activity into daily life. Play with your dog or your kids. Ride your bike or walk instead of using the car. Take the stairs.

    Ensure adequate rest. Get off the stimulants. Most of us are running around on too-little sleep, but artificially boosted with coffee, energy drinks, and chocolate. The body can't rest when we're hyped up on drugs, and rest is crucial for recovery. It's common to require 8-10 hours of sleep per night - or even more if athletic. Drink plenty of water. Spend time with uplifting people who encourage you to make positive changes. Get outdoors.

    Over time, you will see radical shifts in your physique as well as mental outlook and attitude. You will become less interested in weight and more focused on how you FEEL. Happiness, vitality, and vibrancy will attract more of those things into your life. And THAT's the goal - not simply a number on the scale.
              Enjoy the Benefits of Living Near Nature with Plantation Homes        

    When searching for a new home in a community, several key characteristics always seem to rise to the top. Buyers are often searching for a home close to employment centers, a community that feeds into a good school district, and a location that provides easy access to the types of dining, shopping, and entertainment options that may interest them.

    In addition, people now find themselves eager for a community that includes all of these options with the additional added benefit of being close to nature and/or designed to put a focus on outdoor spaces and natural elements – and for good reason.

    Data is increasingly indicative of the benefits of living in and spending time in nature. With today’s busy schedules, the need for these elements to be closer and easier to access is understood. 

    Spending Time in Nature has Positive Health Benefits
    Designing a community around nature is a trend prevalent in some of the newest communities being built. Such amenities make attractive and desirable locations and backdrops for new home buyers, plus they are shown to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of residents.

    Research shows convenient access to natural elements and an increase in time spent outdoors have positive benefits on the health of humans, contributing to reduced stress levels and positive mental well-being.

    Research into the topic has shown:

    Advantages of a Waterside Property
    In Texas, new home communities are increasingly being built near lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. In the hot Texas summer, this can be an especially attractive option for new buyers. In addition to the aforementioned health benefits of purchasing a home located in natural elements, there are several tangible reasons why doing so can be a good investment for a homeowner.

    An oft-cited reason by many new buyers is the ability to take advantage of the additional recreational opportunities provided by a body of water. With popular hobbies such as boating, fishing, waterskiing and more only able to be conducted on water, it is easy to see why sports enthusiasts flock to these locations. Some people even cite the ability to partake in new hobbies that would been prohibitive in urban locations as an added benefit.

    But in addition to the recreational opportunities, lakeside and lakefront homes also offer additional advantages over traditional homesites. Lakeside and lakefront homes are often more desirable and retain their value longer than other properties due to their limited supply and secluded locations that can offer additional privacy as compared to other structures.

    Enjoy the Benefits of Lakeside Living with Plantation Homes
    If you are sold on the benefits of lakeside living and are ready to pursue your dream and enjoy the health benefits of a home surrounded by nature, partner with Plantation Homes. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Planation Homes builds in established communities with easy access to the benefits that come with lakeside living.

    One such community is Wildridge, located directly on the shores of Lewisville Lake in north Dallas. Even though the community is part of the bustling Metroplex, new home buyers in the community will find the outdoors right out their front door. Community features include miles of winding trails, a stocked fishing pond, and waterfront access. Plus, a recreation and amenity center complete with pool allows residents to have the choice of enjoying leisure within the community or exploring the surrounding wooded landscape.

    Located west of the bustling Frisco area in Oak Point, residents enjoy easy access to I-35 and the Dallas North Tollway allowing quick drives to downtown Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Denton, McKinney, even Arlington. Schools in the community are zoned for the Little Elm ISD.

    Contact Plantation Homes today to find out more about the floor plans and homesites available at Wildridge.

              Five fun fruit ideas        
    It's Friday! I thought I'd cap off the work week with five fun fruity ideas. Sure, I love unadulterated fruit but sometimes it's nice to make fruit meals extra exciting!

    1. Freeze your fruit.
    And then thaw it until it's just becoming soft, and give it a whirl through the blender or food processor. Result? Fruit ice cream! Dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, egg-free, raw, and vegan. What's not to love? Bananas and mangoes are a personal favourite, but any creamy fruit will work. For more watery fruits, like berries, use frozen bananas as a base and blend the berries together with the bananas. Strawberries or blueberries are delicious (and you get pink and purple ice cream!). Stir through some berries or chopped fruit for a sundae!

    2. Fruit pops
    Remember icy poles (or Popsicles)? So good in summer but commercial icy poles are just sugar and chemicals. Make your own fruit pops with juice or blended fruits, and Popsicle moulds. You can line the moulds with fruit slices and fill the remainder with juice. Or, try making layered icy poles by filling the moulds halfway with one type of juice, freezing, and filling the remainder with a different juice.

    3. Fruit sauce
    This is simply blending dates with a little water into a "caramel" sauce. You can add fruit to make a sweet sauce. Particularly good with fruits that are slightly tart, like raspberries. The sauce can be used on fruit ice cream or to dress up a fruit salad.

    4. Fruit cake
    I've seen this online several times, but have yet to make it myself. The base of the cake is a large disc of watermelon with the rind removed. The disc can be as large as you like, although it does depend on the size of the watermelon! Place the disc on a serving plate on a flat edge. Then, decorate. This is a great one for the kids to get into. You can cover the watermelon with sliced fruit, or make some fun shapes like stars and hearts. You can also skewer fruit and fruit shapes on toothpicks, and insert them into the top and sides of the cake.

    5. Fruit sushi
    For the wrapping, you'll need a neutral fruit like cucumber or zucchini (yes, both are botanically fruits!) Use a slicer or veggie peeler to make long strips. Arrange slices of fruit at the end of each strip, such as mango, papaya, and pineapple. This is the "filling". You can cut the fruit slices to fit the width of the strip, or just let them overhang - it still looks great! Don't over-fill the roll otherwise it will fall apart. Once you have all the fillings in place, start rolling! You can put some fruit sauce in the roll, or drizzle the sauce over the top.

    It's a bit of a hot topic: Vegans who have decided to incorporate small amounts of "healthy" animal products into their diet.

    First of all, the idea of "healthy" animal products is pretty ridiculous considering the numerous studies linking animal products with most first-world diseases. Doesn't matter whether its grass-fed, organic, free-range, unpasteurised, hormone-free, gold-plated, or sun-dried. The bottom line is that animal products are acidic, inflammatory, and not easily digested by humans. So the idea of adding toxic foodstuff to the diet in the name of "health" is absurd.

    So. Why would a vegan introduce animal foods into their diet? Why can one person thrive on a vegan diet, and another person suffer? I believe that there must have been something fundamentally wrong with the individual or with the diet. I'll start with the latter.

    I question the nature of the ex-vegan's diet, because no two vegan diets are the same. There are a few reasons why people "fall off" a vegan diet:
    1. Not eating enough calories. Plant foods are less calorie dense than animal foods, and contain more fibre - so vegans need to eat a greater volume in order to get calories. (This is a great thing - we get to eat more!!)
    2. Eating highly processed vegan foods. There is nothing wrong with a faux beef burger, but not every day. Faux meat is generally made from soy and/or seitan - neither of which are particularly healthy or nutritious.
    3. Not eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables. There's a reason the raw food crew are taking over the vegan world - because fresh, whole, raw fruits and vegetables are full of nutrition. Not just vitamins and minerals, but also photochemicals and a host of undiscovered compounds that are crucial to health. These chemicals are in abundance, and in the quantities that most benefit human health, in raw fruits and vegetables.
    4. Ignoring other aspects of good health, including exercise, sunshine, sleep, hydration, stress management, etc. as much as we vegans enjoy talking about food, being a healthy vegan is SO much more than diet.

    I also question the motives of the ex-vegan in adopting a plant-based diet in the first place. For many of us, being vegan goes beyond diet. Some people "go vegan" to lose weight. Others adopt a vegan diet as part of a cruelty- free lifestyle. What draws a person to a vegan diet may be very different to what keeps them there.

    Ethically, we have no need to consume animal products. Factory farming is appalling, yes, but even so-called "humane" meat is no different. Ultimately, an animal's life has to be taken, and I'm just not ok with that. Watch the documentary "Earthlings" - it changed my view about the entire animal cruelty industry, from meat to fur to vivisection.

    There is also the environmental aspect of Veganism. Raising animals for food is a highly inefficient method of food production. The amount of grain and water required for one cow could feed many more people than the cow itself. Also consider the environmental impact of methane emissions, destruction of rainforest to produce more land for crops or animals, and the huge monocultures of crops such as corn and soy.

    Onto my second point. What if there is something physiologically different about the individual, such that he or she cannot survive on a vegan diet? I've personally never heard of it, but it is possible. There are rare metabolic disorders where individuals cannot break down certain types or sugars (or fats, or proteins) and therefore are required to remain on a strict regime where specific foods must be avoided. The average person is not likely to have this problem because most of these disorders are detected early in life and are often associated with other medical and developmental problems - and unlikely to be discovered simply after adopting a vegan diet.

    The people who think that they are biologically different and therefore NEED to eat animal products? They are sadly mistaken, and are unaware of (or unwilling to accept) their mistake.

    For most of us, we may have compromised digestion due to past abuses - for example, limiting our ability to produce it absorb vitamin B12. This is where supplementation is important (and, there are many types of vegan supplements available). There is no danger of deficiency for most vitamins and minerals in a vegan diet, provided that plenty of raw fruits and vegetables are consumed. It is prudent for us to carefully monitor vitamins D an B12, as we don't spend enough time in the sun (D) and adequate B12 relies on intact digestive processes, which, as mentioned earlier, may be compromised due to past abuses.

    This brings up my final question: If a person has damaged their body (via past abuses) and is unable to thrive on a vegan diet, should animals have to suffer?
              De Laatste Spreker - Liakat Mahawatkhan        

    Paramaribo - Al als puber raakte Liakat Mahawatkhan in de ban van de kermis rondom de VHP. Als stonfutu van de VHP bleek hij niet meer bruikbaar als parlementariër. Niet vanwege gehak en gebeuk stapte hij uit de partij maar vanwege ‘belediging'. Hij wilde slechts aanblijven als ‘integere VHP'er'. "Wijlen voorzitter Lachmon heeft me nooit kunnen betrappen op liegen. Maar hij zei altijd: ‘Sardjoe, jij gaat nérgens heen'."

    Tekst Iwan Brave/dWT foto Hijn Bijnen - de Ware Tijd 12 april 2005

    Mohamed Liakat Alikhan Mahawatkhan is zijn volledige en juist gespelde naam. Hij ontvangt ons in het ‘appartotel' Mercurius, tegenover het jongensinternaat van Elizabethshof. Hij toont zijn bescheiden appartementje met een zitruimte, slaapruimte, een keukenblok en een toilet/badruimte. "Hier kook ik zelf, doe de afwas en maak zelf schoon, terwijl ik thuis drie diensten heb en tuinlieden", zegt hij. Al elf jaar huurt Mahawatkhan het tegen 350 euro per maand, en maakt geen gebruik van de mogelijkheid om als afgevaardigde uit Nickerie in Hotel Torarica te zitten, wat al gauw komt op 600 euro per week. "Dus als mensen zeggen dat ik gehaaid ben, dan toont dit het tegendeel aan. Zo zijn er veel van dit soort dingen." EBS laat het weer afweten, dus zitten we niet airco gekoeld binnen, maar op het buitenterras. Gelukkig is het weer grijs en koel. We kijken tegen witte muren, decoratief afgezet met authentieke rode dakpannen. Als een burcht op een Caribisch vakantie- eiland. Als Mahawatkhan uit Nickerie komt, doet hij ook meteen het nodige ‘sociaal werk'. "Soms vraag ik na bij een overheidsdienst waarom het zo lang duurt bepaalde stukken zo lang op zich laten wachten." Mensen vragen van alles aan hem als parlementariër: een bijdrage voor de voetbalvereniging, een bijdrage voor de tempel tot aan: "Yu ab' wan lekkers, fu wan batra biri."
    Zowel Mahawatkhan als Ramlal Mahabier werd als stonfutu van de VHP te kennen gegeven niet langer bruikbaar te zijn als DNA-lid. "Hem hebben ze gouden bergen beloofd", zegt hij over het aanblijven van Mahabier. "Maar hij heeft ook tegen me gezegd: ik kan er niet uit, want ik ben vanaf kleine jongen VHP'er." Mahawatkhan stapt eruit ‘wegens belediging'. "Ram Sardjoe weet als voorzitter wat mijn bijdrage is aan de partij en ik hem gewaarschuwd mij niet te beledigen. Dat heeft hij toch gedaan door mij een post van onderminister aan te bieden; een post waarbij je niks mag zeggen. En daarna hebben ze kenbaar gemaakt dat Imro Manglie hun dierbaarder is." Volgens Mahawatkhan is de omstreden rijstmagnaat Manglie nu de grote financierder achter de schermen. Mohamed Liakat Alikhan Mahawatkhan is zijn volledige en juist gespelde naam. Hij ontvangt ons in het ‘appartotel' Mercurius, tegenover het jongensinternaat van Elizabethshof. Hij toont zijn bescheiden appartementje met een zitruimte, slaapruimte, een keukenblok en een toilet/badruimte. "Hier kook ik zelf, doe de afwas en maak zelf schoon, terwijl ik thuis drie diensten heb en tuinlieden", zegt hij. Al elf jaar huurt Mahawatkhan het tegen 350 euro per maand, en maakt geen gebruik van de mogelijkheid om als afgevaardigde uit Nickerie in Hotel Torarica te zitten, wat al gauw komt op 600 euro per week. "Dus als mensen zeggen dat ik gehaaid ben, dan toont dit het tegendeel aan. Zo zijn er veel van dit soort dingen."
    EBS laat het weer afweten, dus zitten we niet airco gekoeld binnen, maar op het buitenterras. Gelukkig is het weer grijs en koel. We kijken tegen witte muren, decoratief afgezet met authentieke rode dakpannen. Als een burcht op een Caribisch vakantie- eiland. Als Mahawatkhan uit Nickerie komt, doet hij ook meteen het nodige ‘sociaal werk'. "Soms vraag ik na bij een overheidsdienst waarom het zo lang duurt bepaalde stukken zo lang op zich laten wachten." Mensen vragen van alles aan hem als parlementariër: een bijdrage voor de voetbalvereniging, een bijdrage voor de tempel tot aan: "Yu ab' wan lekkers, fu wan batra biri."
    Zowel Mahawatkhan als Ramlal Mahabier werd als stonfutu van de VHP te kennen gegeven niet langer bruikbaar te zijn als DNA-lid. "Hem hebben ze gouden bergen beloofd", zegt hij over het aanblijven van Mahabier. "Maar hij heeft ook tegen me gezegd: ik kan er niet uit, want ik ben vanaf kleine jongen VHP'er." Mahawatkhan stapt eruit ‘wegens belediging'. "Ram Sardjoe weet als voorzitter wat mijn bijdrage is aan de partij en ik hem gewaarschuwd mij niet te beledigen. Dat heeft hij toch gedaan door mij een post van onderminister aan te bieden; een post waarbij je niks mag zeggen. En daarna hebben ze kenbaar gemaakt dat Imro Manglie hun dierbaarder is." Volgens Mahawatkhan is de omstreden rijstmagnaat Manglie nu de grote financierder achter de schermen.

    Altijd onder vuur
    Mahawatkhan lag ‘altijd onder vuur', maar het was de toenmalige voorzitter, wijlen Jagernath Lachmon, die hem altijd in bescherming nam. "Nu voel ik me niet meer geroepen om te dansen naar de pijpen van deze leiders." Hij had graag willen blijven, maar dan wel als ‘integere VHP'er'. "Lachmon kon mij nooit pakken op liegen. Maar Sardjoe mocht nooit een speech houden. Lachmon zei altijd: ‘Sardjoe, jij gaat nérgens'." Hij vertelt over een vergadering voor de verkiezing van 2000 aan de Dageraadweg, waar Sardjoe het woord voerde. "Van 51 verlieten 35 de vergadering, hun moeder overhalend. Maar Sardjoe vertelde de voorzitter over hoe druk de vergadering was bezocht. Maar ik vertelde voorzitter hoe het precies aan toe ging, want je kan toch niet op basis van leugens een goede analyse van de politieke situatie maken."
    Ook Mahawatkhan was pas 13 jaar toen hij in de ban raakte van de VHP. "Die vlaggen, die olifant, de tamtam en de kermis rondom de partij vond ik leuk als jongetje. Ik reed op de bromfiets en Mahabier, die een stukje ouder is, had de leidende rol over de bromfietsers. Ik reed op een Magneet en hij op een Zundapp. We gingen voorop met de vlaggen, dan direct de volgwagen met Lachmon en daarna die lange stoet van de VHP. ‘De voorzitter is naar Nickerie gekomen; VHP is een grote partij en ik ben geen kleine man', moest dat vooral afstralen. Daarna gingen ze naar het toenmalige Logeergebouw in Nickerie. Ik kroop toen achter een bankstel. Ik vond het boeiend om te horen hoe dat politieke spel werd besproken; over wie naar voren geschoven gaat worden. Langzaam, langzaam ben ik opgeklommen."
    Op 28-jarige leeftijd gaf hij zijn eerste speech op het VHP-podium. Hij was wijlen professor Baal Oemrawsing vooruitgegaan op een vergadering. Toen Oemrawsing maar niet arriveerde, werd tegen Mahawatkhan gevraagd wat te zeggen, omdat hij liep ‘al zo lang' meeliep. "Hij hoorde een vreemde stem", vertelt Mahawatkhan trots over de verlate binnenkomst van Oemrawsing. "Hij kwam binnen en was trots toen hij zag dat ik het was. Later heeft hij voorzitter Lachmon geadviseerd: ‘Deze man kunnen we gebruiken'. Oemrawsing heeft me toen vanaf 1979 gevraagd op alle podia in Nickerie op te treden als één voor laatste spreker. Toen kwam de coup en was het afgelopen met de politiek." Na de mysterieuze dood van Oemrawsing – wiens broer een van de 15 slachtoffers was van de decembermoorden in 1982 – werd Mahawatkhan laatste spreker.
    Toen Lachmon hem op 1 april 1987 opbelde met mededeling ‘Kom naar Paramaribo, we gaan beginnen met de verkiezingscampagne', dacht Mahawatkhan serieus dat het om een 1 april-grap ging. Dictator Desi Bouterse had op 31 maart verkondigd dat op 31 september een nieuwe grondwet door middel van een referendum zou worden aangenomen en dat 25 november verkiezingen zouden worden gehouden. Maar dat nieuws was hem helemaal ontgaan, omdat tv in Nickerie nog niets voorstelde. Ondanks de politiekloze periode had hij ‘dagelijks contact' met Lachmon, want die was president-commissaris van zijn bedrijf, tevens juridisch adviseur. Bij het nauwe contact was ook wijlen Abdul Islam Alibux (ook al ‘géén familie van') betrokken; ‘penningmeester achter de schermen' van de VHP. Diens bedrijf Cultuur Onderneming Nickerie lag naast dat van Mahawatkhan.

    Lelijke dingen
    Velen hadden hem afgeraden weer aan de politiek te beginnen. "Anders zou Bouterse mij doodschieten, werd er gezegd, maar dat was onzin. Ik zei: ‘wie niet durft blijft thuis'. De enige die ook durfde was Kris Mahadewsingh, minister van Onderwijs onder Bosje." Luisterend naar Mahawatkhan, is zijn politieke loopbaan bij de VHP gekenmerkt door tegenwerking. Hij spreekt sceptisch over de ‘Verenigde Hindoepartij'. "Er is geen enkele moslim meer over, die zijn allemaal weggewerkt", zegt hij. In 1987 kreeg Mahawatkhan naar zijn zeggen slechts de vijfde plaats in Nickerie toebedeeld omdat Alwin Mungra ‘lelijke dingen' zei over hem, zoals: "Hij is moslim." Maar Lachmon zou hebben geantwoord: "Alwin, je gaat zien: die jongen komt binnen." En inderdaad. De VHP haalde op eclatante wijze alle vijf Nickeriaanse zetels. De strijd ging tussen ‘uitsluitend Front en NDP', want de kansen van Palu waren te verwaarlozen. Mahawatkhan kreeg 961 voorkeurstemmen.
    "In 1991 kreeg ik weer de vijfde plaats, weer met hetzelfde verhaal dat ik niet gekozen zou worden. Nu kreeg ik 1.071 voorkeurstemmen ondanks het gebod: ‘uitsluitend stemmen op de lijsttrekker'." Toen Mahawatkhan in 1996 wederom de vijfde plaats toebedeeld kreeg en ‘laatste spreker' was, bedankte hij voor de eer. Daarvan kreeg hij naderhand spijt, want toen volgde wat hij noemt ‘de verkoop van de assembleeleden': een deel van de VHP-parlementariërs liep over als BVD naar het kamp van Bouterse- Wijdenbosch. "Ik voelde schuldig. In tête à tête-gesprek met voorzitter Lachmon op 1 december 1996 zei ik alles te zullen doen om het weer goed te maken. In 2000 circuleerden weer allerlei verhalen over mij, maar toen heeft Lachmon gezegd: ‘Nee, hij wordt lijsttrekker'. Toen Sardjoe hem dit ontraadde en een vijfde plaats aanbeval, heeft Lachmon hem geantwoord: ‘Hij wil niet eens de eerste plaats en dan praat je over de vijfde'. Ook dat jaar was ik laatste spreker en we hebben vier stoelen in de wacht gesleept."

    Nu zijn het weer dezelfde mensen die hem ‘dwarsliggen', op hem ‘beuken' en ‘inhakken'. Hij doelt op Sardjoe, vice-president Jules Ajodhia en huidig penningmeester Radjen Pahladsingh. "Pahladsingh was in 1987 en 1991 nergens te bespeuren en Ajodhia was in volle NDP-tenue, uit vrees want hij was regionaal commissaris," spuwt hij zijn gal. "Pahladsingh was bij steeds bij de Index (Centrum voor Industriële ontwikkelingen en Exportbevordering …red) om bij Bouterse stukken grond los te krijgen. Toen Sardjoe hem in 1996 binnenhaalde, kwam voorzitter Lachmon naar mij toe en zei: ‘Deze man is penningmeester maar hij weet geen moer van de politiek'. Bovendien was zijn hele familie eeuwig tegen de VHP. In 1963 was er een actiefront tegen partij onder leiding van een Pahladsingh, die zijn oudere broer was."
    Tegenover Dagblad Suriname maakte hij zijn dwarsliggers uit voor ‘knopendraaiers'. "Ze vernietigen alles wat Lachmon heeft opgebouwd", licht hij toe. "Die kwam met de verbroederingpolitiek, zij komen met de verloederingspolitiek. Sardjoe zegt dat ik een opportunist ben, maar zijn vrouw en kinderen zijn Nederlander, terwijl een zoon onderdirecteur bij de Belastingen is, een andere commissaris bij de SLM en zijn dochter directeur bij de RGD. Voor Ajodhia geldt hetzelfde verhaal; zijn kinderen zitten bij Staatsolie en op andere posten. Dat geldt ook voor Pahladsingh en een aantal anderen binnen de partij. Ik vind het niet correct als je je paspoort pas inlevert als je een hoge functie krijgt, zoals minister Stanley Raghoebarsing heeft gedaan en Kris Brindaban Panday die directeur is van het MCP."
    Mahawatkhan ziet zichzelf wel als een ware nationalist. Zijn ongeschoolde vader, die als zes dagen oude baby wees werd, trouwde een Guyanese met wie hij vijf zonen en drie dochter kreeg. "Ik ben de oudste en de enige die nog in Suriname is. Een broer is ingenieur, een andere doctorandus bestuurskunde en een zus is socioloog. Ze zijn allemaal in het buitenland. Mijn moeder woont in Toronto, Canada."

    Niet luisteren
    Het is hem ten voeten uit: ongezouten en onversneden kritiek op partijgenoten. Vooral landbouwminister Geetapersad Gangaram Panday moest het ontgelden. "Als zaken verkeerd gaan en je meent het met de partij dan moet je erop wijzen", verdedigt Mahawatkhan zich. "Gangaram Panday was geen VHP in 1996, toen zat hij zat hij te rommelen in DA'91", klinkt het weer rauw. "Hij had de attitude van een advocaat in een rechtszaak, maar vandaag is hij ervan de oorzaak dat de rijstsector in elkaar is gedonderd. Hij wil gewoon niet luisteren naar oplossingen."
    Hij rakelt de perikelen rondom de oprichting van de Surinaamse Padie Boeren Associatie (SPBA) weer op. "Wij hadden Ashok Kalloe, ex-VHP maar overgestapt naar de BVD in 2000, gevraagd het voortouw te nemen. Hij had veel werk verzet. Toen de minister na een maand terugkwam, werd Kalloe voorgesteld als voorzitter en mijn persoon als ondervoorzitter. Dit schoot direct in het verkeerde keelgat van VHP'ers die niets met de rijstsector te maken hebben. Toen heeft de vice-president geluisterd zijn handlangers en alles on hold gezet. In plaats van de SPBA kwam het ‘Comité redt de rijstsector' met drie mannen die niet eens in de rijstsector zitten. Ik heb toen gezegd: ‘Je straft niet Kalloe maar de rijstsector'.
    Toen zaken daarna verkeerd liepen, kwam de minister met hangende pootjes terug. Kalloe heeft een rapport geschreven en mij drie dagen lang opgezocht in het ziekenhuis voor technische zaken. We gingen net zo laat door totdat de artsen zeiden: ‘Heren ophouden'. Op basis van dit rapport is de regering gekomen tot een zachte lening van vijf miljard SRG voor de rijstboeren."
    De rijstsector staat er ‘slechter voor' dan voordat deze regering aantrad. Mahawatkhan pleit voor structurele aanpak. De leenrente moet omlaag en worden gelijkgetrokken worden met Guyana, waar het op 12 procent ligt tegenover 21 in Suriname. Ook pleit hij voor invoerrechtenvrije en omzetbelastingvrije kunstmest, chemicaliën en onderdelen van landbouwmachines. "Als je door de IDB en het IMF onder druk wordt gezet de rijstsector niet te subsidiëren, doe het dan verdekt", aldus Mahawatkhan.

    Hij denkt dat het Alternatief 1 (A1) – waar hij vijfde op de kandidatenlijst staat in Nickerie – met zijn komst er ‘overal beter van wordt': Nickerie, Saramacca, Wanica en Commewijne, somt hij op. "Mensen die niet eens zijn het Nieuw Front sluiten aan." Over A1-lijsttrekker Soedeshchand Jairam in Nickerie zegt hij: "Hij heeft veel verstand van de rijstsector en vecht voor de Nickerianen: op basis daarvan join ik hem. Om zo een bijdrage leveren de rijstsector in het bijzonder en andere sectoren in het algemeen, want 's land belang is ons belang." Over de kansen van politieke opponenten zegt hij: "Bouterse heeft een idee, maar kan beter een stapje achteruit doen en Jenny Simons naar voren schuiven. Hij mag wel goede bedoelingen hebben maar de buitenlandse druk komt om de hoek kijken. Tegelijkertijd is een NDP zonder Bouterse nauwelijks denkbaar. Venetiaan moet op pensioen. Ook hij moet iemand anders naar voren schuiven, zoals Ruth Wijdenbosch als je het genderbeleid serieus laat meewegen."
    Over zijn vertrek bij de VHP zegt Mahawatkhan: "Ik had al gehoord: ‘ze gaan je droppen'. Maar ik nam het niet serieus. Mensen zeggen dat ik in het parlement moet blijven. Goed, dan maar weg, want je kan niet eeuwig ruzie blijven maken. Laat die buitenlanders maar blijven. Als zaken verkeerd gaan, zullen ze wel te zijner tijd het hazenpad nemen. In elk geval moeten de jongeren van Suriname een voorbeeld nemen aan mij; ze moeten niet ingaan op de zoete verhalen van politieke leiders die reeds verroest zijn in hun denken. Ze moeten zich niet laten misleiden, maar altijd kritisch begeleiden, vooruitstrevend denken en enge partijpolitiek achterwege laten."

              Houston : Homemade Cleaners for Green Cleaning        

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              Durability of natural fibers reinforced calcium aluminate cement matrices        
    Durability of natural fibers reinforced calcium aluminate cement matrices Fernández Carrasco, Lucía; Claramunt Blanes, Josep; Ardanuy Raso, Mònica In this paper we describe a study of the durability of calcium aluminate cement (CAC) reinforced with nano- and micro- cellulose fibers. The nanocelluloses were in the form of nanofibrillated cellulose -obtained from sisal pulp by the application of a high intensity refining process- or as nanocrystals –obtained from acid hydrolysis of pure microcellulose. The setting time (Vicat), strength development (flexural strength), and durability to aging (wet/dry cycles and scanning electron microscopy analysis) were studied. The results have show that the presence of fibers in the matrices modifies the setting times towards reducing them; the mechanical behavior was found better in the fiber CAC matrices compared with CAC mortars. Regarding the durability tests, CAC cementitious systems keep intact the mechanical properties of the fibers. SEM photographs of fracture section show the surface of the fibers with very little state of degradation. These results would indicate that the absence of calcium hydroxide prevents the chemical degradation of cellulose.
              Quality and bioaccessibility of total phenols and antioxidant activity of calçots (Allium cepa L.) stored under controlled atmosphere conditions        
    Quality and bioaccessibility of total phenols and antioxidant activity of calçots (Allium cepa L.) stored under controlled atmosphere conditions Zudaire, Lorena; Viñas, Inmaculada; Abadias, Maribel; Simó Cruanyes, Joan; Echeverria, Gemma; Plaza, Lucia; Aguiló-Aguayo, Ingrid Calçots are the floral stems of the second-year onion (Allium cepa L.) resprouts with economic importance in Spain, where they are usually consumed roasted. The effect of two controlled atmospheres (CA) of 2.0% O2 + 3.5% CO2 (CA1), 1.0% O2 + 2.0% CO2 (CA2) and air at 1 °C for 60 d on the physicochemical, nutritional and sensory quality of calçots were studied. In addition, the total phenolic content (TPC) and the antioxidant activity (AA) of roasted calçots were evaluated after an in vitro gastrointestinal (GI) digestion. Both CA regimes reduced the respiration rate of the stored product without causing physiological disorders. The TPC and AA of calçots increased during storage. Storage for 60 d in CA2 resulted in the highest AA by DPPHradical dot assay, whereas calçots stored in air for 60 d showed the highest TPC and AA by FRAP assay. Calçots stored in air for 30 d and fresh harvested sample presented the highest total flavonoids values. After 30 d of storage, calçots stored in CA had a higher liking degree than calçots stored in air. The AA of digested calçots decreased drastically after in vitro GI digestion in comparison to the non-digested samples. However, TPC increased after digestion. Roasted calçots stored in CA1 for 30 d showed the highest TPC and AA retention in the intestinal phase. CA could be a postharvest strategy for the storage of calçots.
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              Will Kennedy Survive This Deadly Obsession? (Indie Author Interview + Giveaway!)        

    Purchase on Paperback | Kindle ebook

    Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a blogging friend (Just Your Average Reviews) and fellow indie author, Caitlyn Santi! She recently released a brand-new novella. :) Learn all about it in this fun interview, and enter for a chance to win an ebook copy at the end of the post!

    * * *

    Amber: Welcome to Seasons of Humility, Caitlyn! Your new release is a young-adult Christian suspense novella titled Deadly Obsession. Could you share a little about the star character, Kennedy? What makes her shine—and what are some of the challenges she faces?

    Caitlyn: Thank you so much for having me, Amber! :)

    Well, Kennedy is a 17-year-old girl and an FBI agent, and I think she may be the most fascinating and complex character I've written so far. She was a lot of fun to write because she is definitely a teenager personality-wise, but there are also many times when she displays a maturity beyond her years.

    Kennedy is very passionate and determined in her mission to do whatever she can to get predators who target teens off the streets. When the book opens Kennedy has just set up a sting operation to catch an online predator, and she appears a bit cocky and overly sure of herself, but we soon discover that because of a tragedy in her past, Kennedy has a large amount of anger simmering beneath the surface. That anger has led her to become an FBI agent and turn her back on God. Kennedy also struggles to balance life as a teenager with that of an FBI agent, and things only get more complicated when someone begins stalking her.

    Amber: One of the big themes of this story has to do with the love between siblings. What made you decide to focus on this sort of relationship? What makes such a relationship truly special?

    Caitlyn: My brother and I have a bond that I truly treasure, and I've always wanted to write a story about siblings. But honestly, the fact that it became a part of this book was a total God thing because when I started writing this story I had no idea that it would be about siblings until all of a sudden Kennedy's older brother, Wyatt, appeared on the page, and just like that the story changed for the better.

    Kennedy and Wyatt are best friends, they are always there for each other, and truly love and respect each other, but of course no sibling relationship would be complete without a lot of back-and-forth banter and good-natured teasing, which was an absolute joy to write. Wyatt is also intensely overprotective of his baby sis and Kennedy tends to be quite independent, so that makes for a super fun dynamic.

    I also want to let readers know that this is not a romance, and neither Kennedy nor Wyatt has a love interest. I personally find Wyatt to be a very dashing and swoon-worthy character and I hope to write two romance stories in the future featuring Kennedy's and Wyatt's love stories.

    Amber: That's really neat to know you also share a close relationship with your brother, as your heroine does! And I think that's a neat take on a young adult story, to focus on a familial relationship over a romantic relationship.

    Now, this isn’t the first story you’ve published. :) Was there something different or unique about the writing and publishing process for Deadly Obsession, as compared to your earlier releases?

    Purchase Surrender Falls: Paperback | Kindle ebook
    Purchase True Equitation: Kindle ebook

    Caitlyn: I published my previous books just a few months after writing them, so probably the biggest difference is the fact that it took me nearly three years to publish Deadly Obsession after I finished the initial writing process. I was able to glean a lot of insights from the constructive criticism that was mentioned by several readers of my previous stories, so I spent a lot of extra time editing, revising, and rewriting Deadly Obsession, trying to make use of those suggestions. Self-doubt is something I struggle with every day as a writer, and while working on Deadly Obsession the fear of never being "Good Enough" rose to the point that it nearly stopped me from proceeding.

    It definitely wasn't easy but I guess eventually it just got to the point where I had to accept that even though I'm always trying to improve, my writing will never be perfect and I had to trust that it was good enough to put out there for people to read. I have to say that even though there were many times where I really started to wonder if this story would ever be ready for publication (and I don't doubt that there are probably still things I have missed that could have been done better or differently), Deadly Obsession is a story that not only strengthened me as a writer but also drew me closer to God. I wouldn't change a thing, except if I had it to do over I would turn my fear over to God way earlier, before it could paralyze me!

    Amber: It sounds like you've been learning some really meaningful lessons! What do you enjoy most about being an indie author, and what are some dreams/goals you have as a writer?

    Caitlyn: I truly love everything about being an indie author. I love that I have total control of my stories, and that being an indie author has led me to learn skills such as editing, formatting, et cetera, that I probably wouldn't have ever learned otherwise. But, by far my favorite part is getting to share my stories with the world and having the opportunity to support all my fellow indie authors!

    I know it sounds cliche but I really just want to keep writing stories that honor God. If just one person is brought closer to God through my stories, that makes it all worth it!

    As far as dreams go, I would love to someday have the opportunity to write a book with one of my favorite authors, such as Dani Pettrey or Lynette Eason.

    Amber: That's great, Caitlyn! Before we end the interview, do you have a fun behind-the-scenes story you can share with us?

    Caitlyn: I mentioned earlier that Wyatt's entry into the story was totally God's idea, not mine. Well, God did the same thing when it came to Kennedy's faith story.

    In the original draft Kennedy was very strong in her faith and not much could shake her, but I kind of got the feeling that she was just going through the motions, that her faith had never been tested—in other words, she was a bit too perfect and the story was boring! So I began trying to come up with some way to really send her on a faith journey, but all my efforts amounted to nothing...until one night I was on my way home not even thinking about the story and the name Brooklyn popped into my mind followed by the knowledge that she was Kennedy's sister who had passed away tragically prior to the start of the story. From that point on everything fell into place, and I feel like the story is now a hundred times stronger than my original version. I truly believe that God gave me this story to write and I am so glad I listened to his nudges of my soul!

    And a fun tidbit that I learned while researching this story was that there have supposedly been scientific experiments that have led to the discovery that when certain chemicals (I think boron was one of them) are applied to a fabric such as cotton they can combine to create a bulletproof fabric. This knowledge really came in handy when I put Kennedy in a situation where there was a good chance she could get shot but yet it would be too conspicuous for her to wear a typical Kevlar vest.

    Amber: Thanks so much for sharing with us about your writing journey and new novella! It's been a pleasure to have you as a guest. :)

    * * *

    Friends, Caitlyn has generously offered to give away an ebook copy of Deadly Obsession to one of you! You can enter for a chance to win using the form below. The giveaway is open internationally and ends at midnight on September 13, 2016. The winner can choose their preferred ebook format (PDF, .mobi for Kindle, or .epub).

    [Giveaway Has Ended]
              Kaolin Mining Market Outlook, Growth by Top Company, Region, Application, Driver, Trends & Forecasts by 2021        

    Global Kaolin Mining Market 2016-2020, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years.

    Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2017 -- The Global Kaolin Mining Market to GROW at a CAGR of 3.9% during the period 2016-2020.

    The Kaolin Mining Market Research Report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Kaolin Mining Market Industry for 2017-2021. Kaolin Mining Market, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years and discussion of the key vendors effective in this market. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the sales of Kaolin Mining Market globally.

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    Kaolin, also known as china clay or kaolinite, is a soft, white, and plastic clay. It contains fine-grained plate-like particles. It is non-abrasive, chemically inert, and has low heat and electric conductivity. The paper industry is the largest end-user of kaolin. It is used for filling and coating of paper. Kaolin is also used in many other industries such as ceramics, paints, fiberglass, and rubber.

    The Kaolin Mining Market Report is a meticulous investigation of current scenario of the global market, which covers several market dynamics. The Kaolin Mining Market research report is a resource, which provides current as well as upcoming technical and financial details of the industry to 2021.

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    Key Vendors of Kaolin Mining Market:

    - BASF
    - Imerys
    - KaMin
    - Quarzwerke
    - Sibelco
    - Thiele Kaolin

    Other Prominent Vendors

    - Arcilla Mining and Land
    - Ashapura Group
    - English Indian Clays
    And more..

    Global Kaolin Mining Market report provides key statistics on the market status of the Kaolin Mining Market manufacturers and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the Kaolin Mining Market industry.

    Kaolin Mining Market Driver:
    - Increase in demand from China
    - For a full, detailed list, view our report

    Kaolin Mining Market Challenge:
    - Digitalization
    - For a full, detailed list, view our report

    Kaolin Mining Market Trends:
    - High growth in ceramic market
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    And continued….

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    Global Bio-Based Propylene Glyocol Market 2016-2020, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years.

    Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2017 -- The Global Bio-based Propylene Glycol Market to GROW at a CAGR of 8.19% during the period 2016-2020.

    The Bio-based Propylene Glycol Research Report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Bio-based Propylene Glycol Market Industry for 2017-2021. Bio-based Propylene Glycol, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years and discussion of the key vendors effective in this market. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the sales of Bio-based Propylene Glycol Market globally.

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    Bio-based Propylene Glycol Market is considered as an alternative for petroleum-based propylene glycol. It is produced from plant and animal sources and is more reliable and comparatively pure than petroleum-based propylene glycol.

    The Bio-based Propylene Glycol Market Report is a meticulous investigation of current scenario of the global market, which covers several market dynamics. The Bio-based Propylene Glycol Market research report is a resource, which provides current as well as upcoming technical and financial details of the industry to 2021.

    Key Vendors of Bio-based Propylene Glycol:

    - Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM)
    - Ashland
    - BASF
    - Cargill
    - Oleon

    Other Prominent Vendors

    - Houghton Chemical
    - Orison

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    Bio-based Propylene Glycol Market Driver:

    - Demand from automobile industry
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    Bio-based Propylene Glycol Market Challenge:

    - Competition from petroleum-based propylene glycol
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    Bio-based Propylene Glycol Market Trends:

    - Shift toward bio-based organic products
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    - Bio-based Propylene Glycol Market in APAC
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              Thermoplastic Elastomers Expected to Grow by 2022: Key Driver, Top Vendors, Industry Application Analysis and Outlook        

    The global TPE market is highly fragmented with the four key vendors accounting for around 25% of the global market share in terms of capacity. The market experienced high levels of capacity additions and is currently facing the issue of overcapacity and supply.

    Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/09/2017 -- The Global Thermoplastic Elastomers Market report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Thermoplastic Elastomers for 2016-2020. To calculate the market size, the report considers both the direct revenue and the indirect revenue of the vendors.

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    Thermoplastic Elastomers market to witness a steady growth at a CAGR of around 8%, in terms of revenue, during the forecast period. The increased use of Thermoplastic Elastomers products as a replacement for traditional materials in the automotive industry is driving the market growth. TPE, in comparison to natural rubber and EPDM, provides the manufacturer with increased design flexibility and reduced cost and enhanced long-term weather-resistance advantages.

    The report provides a basic overview of the Thermoplastic Elastomers including definitions, classifications, applications and market Sales chain structure. The Thermoplastic Elastomers report enlists several important factors, starting from the basics to advanced market intelligence which play a crucial part in strategizing.

    Top Key vendors in Thermoplastic Elastomers Industry

    -Dynasol Elastomers
    -LCY Chemicals
    -Dow Chemical

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    Thermoplastic Elastomers Market Opportunities:

    With a purpose of enlightening new entrants about the possibilities in this market, this report investigates new project feasibility. Various details about the manufacturing process such as market drivers, impact of drivers, market challenges and impact of drivers and challenges, market trends, vendor landscape analysis and so on, is discussed in the report.

    The Thermoplastic Elastomers is divided into the following segments based on geography:


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    -Construction and infrastructure
    -Consumer electronics and appliances

    The report offers an analysis of each of the following segments and discusses its impact on the overall market growth -

    -Polyolefin blends and alloys

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    Detailed TOC of Global Thermoplastic Elastomers Market 2017-2021

    -PART 01: Executive summary
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    -PART 06: Thermoplastic Elastomers Market landscape
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    -PART 08: Geographical segmentation
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    -PART 11: Thermoplastic Elastomers Market challenges
    -PART 12: Impact of drivers and challenges
    -PART 13: Thermoplastic Elastomers Market trends
    -PART 14: Five forces analysis
    -PART 15: Vendor landscape
    -PART 16: Key vendor analysis
    -PART 17: Other prominent vendors
    -PART 18: Assumptions
    -PART 19: Appendix
    -PART 20: Explore

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    Here's a list of a couple of different tasks. See if you can tell what they all have in common:

    - scaling Mount Everest

    - passing the bar exam

    - not watching American Idol

    - losing 10 pounds of fat

    Give up? These are all things that are extremely hard to do. Well, maybe not the American Idol one but every single season I say I'm not going to watch and sure enough, I get sucked in once again. Anyways, this article is going to focus on the losing 10 pounds of fat one I'll bet you already guessed that.

    One of the reasons that losing weight is so hard for people is because they fail to stick to one consistent plan of action. They fall prey to the many diets and exercise products that are found on the market and seemingly pop up each and every day. They can be hard to lose weight when you never give your body a chance to adapt to one method you choose before you switch up and start trying another one. It's very common for people to lose faith in anything they do when they don't see immediate results. While nothing that I know of short of plastic surgery offers immediate results, there are a few things you can do right now to start losing weight quickly and safely even as much as 7 to 10 pounds per week or more.

    The first of these techniques is one you may have heard before. It's called exercise. Regular vigorous exercise is the hands-down winner when it comes to burning fat off your body. You want to include a plan that combines both cardiovascular exercise such as running or jumping rope with a regular weight training program as well. If you've been hearing these admonitions for years but had yet to put on a pair of running shoes, now is the time to do it. Nothing will get you healthier and begin shutting off pounds light intense physical exercise.

    The next technique will mention is no mystery or secret either but instead making a commitment to the healthy and well-balanced diet each and every day. This means making the bulk of your food high quality protein and fruits and vegetables versus junk food that contained ridiculous amounts of sugar and chemicals that do nothing but move you further away from your goal. Simply include a list of healthy foods on your refrigerator and make sure to make them the bulk of what you buy at the supermarket. If you only foods you have your disposal are healthy it will be much easier to stick to this plan and begin losing as much as a pound of fat every single day.

    While it isn't a secret necessarily, the last technique will mention to help you lose weight quickly and safely as a detox diet. Such a diet asked to rid your body from unwanted toxins that have built up over years of eating improperly. Many of these take the form of liquid diets and Wally aren't unhealthy necessarily, they can be quite a stress and uncomfortable thing to go through for your body. They have shown to be effective however in helping those who try them lose as much as 10 pounds or more in a 10 day period. Make sure to do your due diligence and use caution if you're going to choose a detox diet.

    Losing 10 pounds or more quickly and safely is no mystery but it does take dedication and following a plan of action consistently. Good luck with your weight loss goals and remember, by following the techniques above you may be just 10 days away from a brand-new you.

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    Article Source:

               Correlations between physical and chemical defences in plants: tradeoffs, syndromes, or just many different ways to skin a herbivorous cat?         
    Moles, Angela T., Peco, Begoña, Wallis, Ian R,, Foley, William, Poore, Alistair G.B., Seabloom, Eric W., Vesk, Peter A., Bisigato, Alejandro, Cella-Pizarro, Lucrecia, Clark, Connie J., Cohen, Philippe S., Cornwell, William K., Edwards, Will, Ejrnæs, Rasmus, Gonzalez-Ojeda, Therany, Graae, Bente J., Hay, Gregory, Lumbwe, Fainess, Magaña-Rodríguez, Benjamin, Moore, Ben, Peri, Pablo, Poulsen, John R., Stegen, James C., Veldtman, Ruan, von Zeipel, Hugo, Andrew, Nigel R., Boulter, Sarah L., Borer, Elizabeth T., Cornelissen, Joannes H.C., Farji-Brener, Alejandro, DeGabriel, Jane L., Jurado, Enrique, Kyhn, Line A., Low, Bill, Mulder, Christa P.H., Reardon-Smith, Kathryn, Rodríguez-Velázquez, Jorge, De Fortier, An, Zheng, Zheng, Blendinger, Pedro G., Enquist, Brian J., Facelli, Jose M., Knight, Tiffany, Majer, Jonathan D., Martinez-Ramos, Miguel, McQuillan, Peter, and Hui, Francis K.C. (2013) Correlations between physical and chemical defences in plants: tradeoffs, syndromes, or just many different ways to skin a herbivorous cat? New Phytologist, 198 (1). pp. 252-263.

    Artist: Radar Cult

    1 Chemical Fire 4:14
    2 Strange Enough 3:40
    3 Found a Way 5:01
    4 Dead Weight 3:16
    5 Speaking in Code 5:30

    Digital on Itunes : $3.99

              Dana Spence        
    Biomedical Engineering
    Biomedical Engineering
    B.S., 1992, Grand Valley State Univ.
    Ph.D., 1997, Michigan State Univ.

    Solving biological problems at the molecular level with the help of novel biotechnology method development is the primary goal in the Spence group. To accomplish this goal, our group blends a variety of methods found not only in the chemical sciences, but also bioengineering, pharmacology, and physiology. Our publication record is exemplary of this broad approach to solving problems; specifically, in the past 3 years, our group has published papers in journals whose primary focus is analytical chemistry, diabetes, pharmacology, and microfluidic devices, to name a few. We employ any measurement scheme necessary to find answers and make new discoveries. Therefore, it is not uncommon for students in the Spence group to be experts in cell culture and cell preparation, but also understand the basics behind laser-induced flow cytometry, chemiluminescence techniques, or how to prepare microfluidic devices from 3D-printing technology. During the past year or so, we have also used NMR, circular dichroism spectroscopy, absorbance spectroscopy, atomic absorption spectroscopy, gel electrophoresis, HPLC, amperometry, cyclic voltammetry, and scintillation counting in our efforts.

    All of the work performed in the Spence group is problem-based and hypothesisdriven. Moreover, most of our work is centered around the bloodstream and complications that arise in, or from, the bloodstream during disease onset. For example, since 2006, our group has been interested in studying C-peptide, a 31 amino acid peptide secreted from the pancreatic beta cells with insulin. Recently, our group has discovered that C-peptide demonstrates activity on red blood cells (something insulin does not do), but only when bound to zinc. We are also in the process of determining how this zinc binds to C-peptide, and if it induces structure in the peptide that subsequently leads to its binding to the red cell. Our ultimate objective with this project is to prepare a correct formulation of Zn-bound C-peptide that can be re-administered to people with Type 1 diabetes, who no longer produce C-peptide in their bodies due to beta cell destruction.

    In addition to our work in diabetes, we also have recently reported findings concerning hydroxyurea, the only proven therapy for people with Sickle Cell Disease. We also dedicate resources and time to studies involving platelets for Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke. Finally, a new branch of our laboratory efforts focus on improving stored red blood cells for Transfusion Medicine. Here we are formulating new, yet simple, storage solutions for the blood cells. Preliminary evidence suggests that some of the properties of our stored red cells are as fresh on day 35 of storage as they are on day 1! We hope to continue these efforts in the next few years to improve human health.

    A new technique in our group involves 3D-printing. Nearing 30 years since its introduction, 3D printing technology is set to revolutionize research and teaching laboratories. With regard to research settings, 3D printing has been limited to biomedical applications and engineering, although it shows tremendous potential in the chemical sciences. The Spence group aims to utilize 3D printing technology to help us solve the problems listed above, especially those related to cell-cell communication, blood flow, and tissue-on-chip applications.

    Research currently underway in the Spence group is focused on (a) platelets, (b) sickle cell disease, and (c) stored blood, in addition to our long-standing investigations involving diabetes.

    Microfluidic evaluation of red cells collected and stored in modified processing solutions used in blood banking?, Wang, Y.; Giebink, A.W.; Spence, D.M., Integrative Biology 2014, 6, 65-75. (C&E News full page story, Feb 3, 2014 issue, page 30) Evaluation of 3D Printing and Its Potential Impact on Biotechnology and the Chemical Sciences, Gross, B.C.; Erkal, J.L.; Lockwood, S.Y.; Chen, C.; Spence, D.M. Analytical Chemistry 2014, 86, 3240-3253. (Cover Article) Endothelium Nitric Oxide Production is Increased by ATP Release from Red Blood Cells Incubated with Hydroxyurea, Lockwood, S.Y.; Erkal, J.L.; Spence, D.M., Nitric Oxide 2014, 38, 1-7. 3D-Printed Microfluidic Devices with Integrated Versatile and Reusable Electrodes, Erkal, J.L.; Selimovic, A.; Gross, B.C.; Lockwood, S.Y.; Walton, E.L.; McNamara, S.; Martin, R.S.; Spence, D.M., Lab on a Chip 2014, 2023-2032. 3D-printed Fluidic Devices Enable Quantitative Evaluation of Blood Components in Modified Storage Solutions for use in Transfusion Medicine, Chen, C.; Wang, Y.; Lockwood, S.Y.; Spence, D.M., Analyst 2014, 139, 3219-3226. (Cover Article)

              Sophia Lunt        
    Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
    Ph.D., Chemistry, Princeton University, 2010
    B.S., Chemistry, Lebanon Valley College, 2005
    2016 AACR-Incyte NextGen Grant for Transformative Cancer Research
    2015 DoD CDMRP Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP) Breakthrough Award
    2015 Mayo Clinic Metabolomics Research Core Pilot and Feasibility Award
    2014 Best Oral Presentation Award, Michigan Physiological Society
    2012 DoD CDMRP PRCRP Visionary Postdoctoral Fellowship Award
    González-Reymúndez A, de los Campos G, Gutiérrez L, Lunt SY, Vazquez AI. Prediction of Years of Life after Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Using Omics and Omic-by-Treatment Interactions. European Journal of Human Genetics; 25 (5): 538–544; 2017.
    Nault R, Fader KA, Ammendolia DA, Dornbos P, Potter D, Sharratt B, Kumagai K, Harkema JR, Lunt SY, Matthews J, Zacharewski T. Dose-dependent metabolic reprogramming and differential gene expression in TCDD-elicited hepatic fibrosis. Toxicological Sciences; 2016.
    Young M, Suddard-Bangsund JD, Patrick TJ, Pajares N, Lunt SY, Lunt RR: Organic Heptamethine Salts for Photovoltaics and Detectors with Near-Infrared Photoresponse up to 1600 nm. Advanced Optical Materials; 4 (7):1028-1033; 2016.
    Nault R, Fader KA, Kirby MP, Ahmed S, Matthews J, Jones AD, Lunt SY, Zacharewski TR: Pyruvate kinase isoform switching and hepatic metabolic reprogramming by the environmental contaminant 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD). Toxicological Sciences; 149 (2): 358-371; 2016.
    Degree Programs: 
    Chemical Engineering
    Materials Science and Engineering

              Sudin Bhattacharya        
    Biomedical Engineering
    B.M.E., Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University, India,1997
    M.S.M.E., Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky, 1999
    Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2006

    MSU Departments & Centers:

    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Pharmacology & Toxicology
    • Center for Research on Ingredient Safety (CRIS)

    I am broadly interested in several areas of computational toxicology. A major focus of my work is the application of computational methods to study the signaling and transcriptional regulatory networks that underlie the determination of cell fate, and the perturbation of these networks by environmental pollutants like dioxin. Specifically, I am interested in integrating diverse genomic data sets to map and model transcriptional regulatory networks and their environmental perturbation in the immune system and the liver. I am also interested in the extraction of predictive features from genomic data sets to model the toxic potential of chemical agents and pharmaceuticals, and spatial multi-scale modeling of tissue-level phenomena like toxicant-induced liver injury. I rely primarily on mathematical and statistical modeling as a research tool, and work in close collaboration with experimental scientists.

              V. Bobby Bringi        
    Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
    Ph.D, Chemical Engineering, Cornell University

    Dr. V. Bobby Bringi serves as Research Professor at msu’s Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science. Dr. Bringi leads the team of developers working to commercialize afex—a disruptive technology that upgrades underutilized agricultural residues into high-quality cattle feed as well as a feedstock for biobased fuels and chemicals. The afex project is a collaborative partnership between msu, mbi, and other international institutions and agencies. Dr. Bringi was the co-founder of Phyton, a venture that developed and commercialized a groundbreaking route to the sustainable production of the anti-cancer drug, Taxol, in collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb. He later served as ceo of mbi, presiding over its growth into a well-respected biotechnology hub that has been sought after by leading industry and academic innovators for derisking and scale-up services. He earned his doctorate from Cornell University in chemical engineering. In 2015, Bringi was elected as a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering.

    Degree Programs: 
    Chemical Engineering

              Air Purifier / Air Humidifier        
    Outside air are already contaminated and this air circulates through your house, picking up pollutants as it goes from common household chemicals, appliances, your pets and even you. With the right purification unit, nearly all of these contaminants can be eliminated.

              Bees, Soil Fertility, Permaculture and Bees        
    Caring for bees needs to start with a healthy soil. Modern agriculture uses a lot of chemicals just to grow our food, let alone the processing. That harms the soil, plants, and the pollinators. There is a different way, and we need more people educated to create that healthy environment. Daniel, who is the interviewer in this podcast is currently gathering funds to learn soil microbiology from the perspective of growing any kind of plant without chemicals, and guaranteeing maximum nutrition and yield. If you have a garden, some land, a crop, and wish to see the quality of the biology under your feet, consider taking his offer of soil testing once he finishes his course. As a thank you for believing in him, the cost is much reduced from what is currently available. See the link in the description, pledge your support, and pass it on.


    Daniel's Permaculture Podcast 
    Daniel's Crowdfunder

              From Made in America to the World        
    Ludwig Willisch (far right), President, CEO and Chairman of the Board for BMW (U.S.) Holding Corp., discusses BMW’s manufacturing operations in the United States at the SelectUSA Investment Summit, June 20, 2017.

    In connection with Made in America Week (July 17-21 2017), SelectUSA is proud to highlight the unique advantages of “Made in America” and the important role that foreign direct investment (FDI) plays in U.S. manufacturing.

    Manufacturing in the United States is a significant driver of U.S. economic growth, featuring a higher gross output than any other private sector industry. The United States attracts innovative and industrious manufacturers from a wide variety of industries around the world. And U.S. affiliates of foreign-owned firms are playing a significant role in this production renaissance.

    According to the latest available data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the total value (stock) of foreign direct investment (FDI) in manufacturing reached $1.2 trillion in 2015 – higher than any other sector – comprising nearly 40% of total FDI stock in the nation. Moreover, FDI in U.S. manufacturing is growing at an average annual rate of nearly nine percent, one of the fastest growth rates in the country.

    There are many reasons why global manufacturers choose the United States. Made in America represents high-quality, reliability and service to increasingly demanding global consumers. Proximity to customers in the world’s largest market, access to raw materials, and independent, low-cost energy sources help U.S. manufacturers minimize supply chain risks and reduce costs. A thriving innovation ecosystem encourages game-changing product and process innovation. U.S. workers are among the most productive in the world – a key reason why more than 2.4 million U.S. jobs in manufacturing are supported by FDI. And for many, manufacturing in America is not only key to making it in America – but also to their global success.

    Take German automaker BMW. The company’s Spartanburg, SC, plant encapsulates its commitment to manufacturing, selling and exporting U.S.-made cars. What began as a facility with a few hundred workers has blossomed into BMW’s largest manufacturing plant in its global network, employing nearly 10,000 U.S. workers.

    Chinese chemical company Wanhua Chemical is building a $1.1 billion chemical manufacturing plant in St. James Parish, LA. The massive complex will lead to the creation of more than 1,100 jobs. When the plant is fully operational, it will produce a chemical found in numerous products from a variety of industries, including insulation foam, footwear and furniture.

    LINAK U.S. Inc., a Danish linear actuator manufacturing company, recently announced it was doubling the size of its Louisville, KY, plant, which was established almost 20 years ago. The $33 million expansion will result in higher production efficiency, lower costs, and most importantly, more than 400 new jobs. When fully staffed, the facility will support over 700 U.S. jobs.

    Stories like these show that when global companies choose the United States, it’s a win-win. When they select the USA, they’re tapping into a vast consumer market. Additionally, they are able to utilize one of the most competitive export platforms in the world. Put simply, “Made in America” is good for business, good for consumers and good for American workers.

    To read more about the advantages of investing in the United States, please visit

              10 Secrets of becoming a successfl entrepreneur.        

    In my one of the post "Top 10 must watch videos for entrepreneurs" i showed videos that make you feel that same spark as those person feel. Now i' telling you 10 secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur. After a lot of research, expert talks and speech, i came up summing these ideas as follows---

    1.You must be passionate about what you are trying to achieve

    That means you’re willing to sacrifice a large part of your waking hours to the idea you’ve come up with. Passion will ignite the same intensity in others who join you as you build a team to succeed in this endeavor. And with passion, both your team and your customers are more likely to truly believe in what you are trying to do.

    2.Great entrepreneurs focus intensely on an opportunity where others see nothing.

    This focus and intensity help eliminate wasted effort and distractions. Most companies die from indigestion rather than starvation, i.e., companies suffer from doing too many things at the same time rather than doing too few things very well. Stay focused on the mission.

    3.Success comes only from hard work.

    We all know that there is no such thing as overnight success. Behind every overnight success lie years of hard work and sweat. People with luck will tell you there’s no easy way to achieve success--and that luck comes to those who work hard. Successful entrepreneurs always give 100% of their efforts to everything they do. If you know you are giving your best effort, you’ll never have any reason for regrets. Focus on things you can control; stay focused on your efforts, and let the results be what they will be.

    4.The road to success is going to be long, so remember to enjoy the journey.

    Everyone will teach you to focus on goals, but successful people focus on the journey and celebrate the milestones along the way. Is it worth spending a large part of your life trying to reach the destination if you didn’t enjoy the journey? Won’t the team you attract to join you on your mission also enjoy the journey more? Wouldn’t it be better for all of you to have the time of your life during the journey, even if the destination is never reached? your gut instinct more than any spreadsheet.

    There are too many variables in the real world that you simply can’t put into a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets spit out results from your inexact assumptions and give you a false sense of security. In most cases, your heart and gut are still your best guide. The human brain works as a binary computer and can analyze only the exact information-based zeros and ones (or black and white). Our heart is more like a chemical computer that uses fuzzy logic to analyze information that can’t be easily defined in zeros and ones. We’ve all had experiences in business where our heart told us something was wrong while our brain was still trying to use logic to figure it all out. Sometimes a faint voice based on instinct resonates far more strongly than overpowering logic.

    6.Be flexible but persistent - every entrepreneur has to be agile to perform.

    You have to continuously learn and adapt as new information becomes available. At the same time, you have to remain persistent to the cause and mission of your enterprise. That’s where that faint voice becomes so important, especially when it is giving you early warning signals that things are going off track. Successful entrepreneurs find the balance between listening to that voice and staying persistent in driving for success--because sometimes success is waiting right across from the transitional bump that’s disguised as failure.

    7.Rely on your team.It's a simple fact: No individual can be good at everything.

    Everyone needs people who have complementary sets of skills. Entrepreneurs are an optimistic bunch, and it’s very hard for them to believe that they are not good at certain things. It takes a lot of soul searching to find your own core skills and strengths. After that, find the smartest people you can who complement your strengths. It’s easy to get attracted to people who are like you; the trick is to find people who are not like you but who are good at what they do--and what you can’t do.

    8. Execution, execution, execution

    Unless you are the smartest person on earth (and who is), it’s likely that many others have thought about doing the same thing you’re trying to do. Success doesn’t necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution. A great strategy alone won’t win a game or a battle; the win comes from basic blocking and tackling. All of us have seen entrepreneurs who waste too much time writing business plans and preparing PowerPoints. I believe that a business plan is too long if it’s more than one page. Besides, things never turn out exactly the way you envisioned them. No matter how much time you spend perfecting the plan, you still have to adapt according to the ground realities. You’re going to learn a lot more useful information from taking action rather than hypothesizing. Remember: Stay flexible, and adapt as new information becomes available.

    9.I can't imagine anyone achieving a long term success without having honesty and integrity.

    These two qualities need to be at the core of everything we do. Everybody has a conscience, but too many people stop listening to it. There is always that faint voice that warns you when you are not being completely honest or even slightly off track from the path of integrity. Be sure to listen to that voice.

    10.Success is a long journey and much more rewarding if you give back.

    By the time you get to success, lots of people will have helped you along the way. You’ll learn, as I have, that you rarely get a chance to help the people who helped you, because in most cases, you don’t even know who they were. The only way to pay back the debts we owe is to help people we can help--and hope they will go on to help more people. When we are successful, we draw so much from the community and society that we live in that we should think in terms of how we can help others in return. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being kind to people. Other times, offering a sympathetic ear or a kind word is all that’s needed. It’s our responsibility to do “good” with the resources we have available. 

              New research shows bee deaths are due to pesticides        

    News just in provides compelling evidence that Bayer's neonicotinoid pesticides are a significant cause of bee deaths in Britain and elsewhere, supporting the case that we have been making for years.

    The British Bee Keepers Association must now climb down from the fence and clearly state their opposition to the use of these deadly chemicals on agricultural land, or face even more derision and condemnation from beekeepers and other associations both in the UK and abroad.

    A key study, published in a respected scientific journal, demonstrates that neonicotinoids are routinely found in lethal doses in samples of dead bees, in seed planter exhaust, in fields where seeds had been planted and in dandelion flowers growing nearby. This shows clear pathways by which bees are being poisoned and removes any last shred of an excuse for the BBKA to continue to toe the pesticide industry line that these substances are 'safe if used correctly'.

    If you keep bees within flying distance of agricultural land where maize, oilseed-rape (Canola) or other crops are grown using clothianidin-coated seed, YOUR BEES ARE IN DANGER. Likewise, all other pollinating insects - including endangered bumblebees - that live on or near that land will be poisoned, as will the birds and reptiles that feed on them. There is also growing evidence of possible long-term effects on human health.


    Read the paper here -

    PLEASE write to the BBKA and ask them to put their weight behind efforts to ban these deadly toxins from our countryside, while we still have some bees left.

    Send an email to asking the BBKA to STOP supporting the pesticide industry and to work to have neonicotinoids banned in the UK. (More BBKA email addresses below)

    If you are a BBKA member, pass this email around your local association - the more people who understand what is going on, the better. Make sure this issue is discussed and a resolution is passed to BBKA HQ.

    If you are a gardener, look out for neonicotinoids in household sprays and compost: the common ones are Imidacloprid, Clothianidin, Thiamethoxam and Fipronil (also found in pet flea treatments). Return all such sprays to the shop and tell the manager why you will not buy them. Make sure your local gardening club / allotment association are aware of the dangers.

    Gardeners may also be interested to know that Glyphosate (Roundup) has recently been shown to be much more toxic that Monsanto would like you to believe. In this report, Don Huber, Emeritus Professor at Purdue University and senior scientist on USDA’s National Plant Disease Recovery System, links glyphosate to reduced nutrient availability in plants, increasing plant diseases, the emergence of a new pathogen, animal illness and possible effects on human health.


    "Our results demonstrate that bees are exposed to these compounds and several other agricultural pesticides in several ways throughout the foraging period. During spring, extremely high levels of clothianidin and thiamethoxam were found in planter exhaust material produced during the planting of treated maize seed. We also found neonicotinoids in the soil of each field we sampled, including unplanted fields. Plants visited by foraging bees (dandelions) growing near these fields were found to contain neonicotinoids as well. This indicates deposition of neonicotinoids on the flowers, uptake by the root system, or both. Dead bees collected near hive entrances during the spring sampling period were found to contain clothianidin as well, although whether exposure was oral (consuming pollen) or by contact (soil/planter dust) is unclear. We also detected the insecticide clothianidin in pollen collected by bees and stored in the hive."

    "These findings clarify some of the mechanisms by which honey bees may be exposed to agricultural pesticides throughout the growing season. These results have implications for a wide range of large-scale annual cropping systems that utilize neonicotinoid seed treatments."


    PRESIDENT - Martin Smith -
    CHAIRMAN - Brian Ripley -
    VICE CHAIRMAN - Dr David Aston -
    TREASURER - Michael Sheasby -
    BBKA News and Year Book Editor – Sharon Blake
    Examinations Board Secretary – Val Francis
    Public Affairs Director – Tim Lovett

    Dr David Bancalari -
    Doug Brown -
    Chris Deaves -
    Brian Dennis -
    Dawn Girling -
    John Hendrie -
    Roger Patterson -
    Julian Routh -
    Michael Young -

    Let's make 2012 the year that British bee keepers take positive action to clean up our countryside - for the sake of the bees.

    Best wishes
    Phil Chandler

              How I Remove my Festive Makeup at Night        

    Makeup & Women

    Holla you Gorgeous!

    We girls, women love wearing makeup. The makeup world is a fascinating one with colors, highlighters that not just accentuate your features, masks a minor flaw but adds up to your confidence. Wearing makeup is fun. However, removing them is a Herculean task. Let us make this task simple and skin-friendly by following a good yet effective process.

    After all, it is the skin that you are living in!

    Removing makeup is a Herculean task

    It was Eid last weekend. I thought of doing a makeup tutorial but then I realized there are so many makeup tutorials floating on the web and I need to do something beyond that. Meanwhile, I attended a contact lens event with Bausch and Lomb who insisted me to try their new Blue Lacelle lens with a mermaid eyes makeup. Being someone who loves her simple smokey eyes look, I was a careworn throughout the process wondering the garish effect and the efforts it may require me to remove it. Removing makeup is not as easy it may appear, especially removing the eye makeup.

    I decided to do a quick, easy tutorial on how to remove heavy festive makeup before you go to sleep.

    Why Remove Makeup Before Going To Bed?

    No matter how big a brand is, there are always some skin disruption risks that are associated with makeup. There are different sorts of chemicals including parabens that are part of the makeup composition. Not just that, makeup aims to add an artificial layer on your natural skin, limiting the natural breathing process of your skin. Hence removing the makeup is not just an art but a science too. So do not forget to remove makeup before you hit the bed.

    How to Remove Festive Makeup

    Here is my quick tutorial on- how to remove your festive makeup using simple and #musthave products.

    Notwithstanding the brand, essentially here's a run down of the products you may need to remove your festive makeup-

    1) A Good Eye Makeup Remover
    2) Cleansing Milk
    3) Cleansing Oil or any Light Oil like Coconut or Olive
    4) Gentle Face Cleanser
    5) Wet Wipes
    6) Cotton balls and Buds
    7) A Nourishing Night Cream
    8) Face Mist
    9) Toner

    You can use all of them or can use a combination of "with" and "and" to do the needful. 

    If the question is how then you must watch my recent YouTube video to learn more.

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    Products Used in This video-
    1) Kara Makeup cleansing wet wipes
    2) Kara Nail Paint Remover
    3) Clarins Makeup Remover
    4)Johnson Buds/ Q tip
    5) Face wash
    6) Face Calming Mist by Auravedic 
    7) After Cleaning Boosting Toner by Hanjo Collection
    8) Eye Cream by Oriflame
    9) White Lilly Night Cream by The Nature's Co
    10) Sheet Mask [use any]
    11) Omorfee Lip Salve
    12) Swiss Tempelle Summer Lotion
    13) Paddle Brush by Vega
    14) Virgin Coconut Oil from Kama Ayurveda
    15) Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Lens/ Lens Solution

    The brand suggested in the video is to list few that am currently using. It is not an exhaustive but an inclusive link. 

    Shared some of my tips here. Let me know what to do you think. More on my blog

    Hope you liked this video. Do let me know if you need any further info or details on the process/products used here. 

    PS: This is not a sponsored video.While some products may be a PR sample against a social media feature request.

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              Let There Be Light! Lasers May Make Your Flu Vaccine More Effective        
    Researchers from Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center in the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Division of Infectious Diseases report that pre-treating the site of a flu vaccine jab with an infrared laser may boost the body’s immune response against influenza. The study involved mice, but the results hold promise for people, say the scientific team, who have also tested the idea in a small number of people. In their study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, the researchers treated mice with a one-minute dose of near-infrared laser light before inoculating them with the H1N1 flu vaccine and found that the animals showed stronger immune system activity and survived longer after being infected with potentially lethal doses of flu than the animals who didn’t receive the light treatment. The lasers boosted the vaccine’s effectiveness by up to 100-fold by activating dendritic cells, which are responsible for recognizing pathogens like viruses and alerting the immune system to defend against them. (MORE: How To Find The Right Flu Vaccine) Many vaccines against different infectious diseases currently use chemicals or biological agents to get the same immune-boosting effect — it’s a way to prime the immune system to respond to the incoming influenza antigens and generate antibodies against them. However, some people develop  reactions such as soreness or inflammation to these additives, so many flu shots don’t contain them, which lowers their effectiveness. It’s possible, say the study authors, that laser light could work as a replacement to such adjuvants — without the side effects. “We discovered that low-power near-infrared laser light effectively and reproducibly increases vaccine efficacy as well as currently approved adjuvants and is effective for influenza vaccination,” said senior author Dr. Mark Poznansky, the director of the MGH Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center in a statement. So far the researchers have only looked at the effect of lasers in tandem with the flu vaccine, but they believe the approach could also be used to enhance the effectiveness of other vaccines such as those against malaria and polio.
              AP: Monsanto's Chemicals are Sickening Argentina        

    A recent AP investigation might change your mind if you think the Haitian farmers acted brashly when they destroyed the seeds Monsanto donated to them as relief from an earthquake. Argentina is, today, the world's third-largest soy producer, and the ... Read More

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              Night time Skin Care Routine        
    I have recently found a skin care routine that has been working really well for my skin! I was having a terrible time with breakouts. Seriously my face thought it was 15 again. Terrible terrible time! But I have been using these products for a while now and all that acne is finally starting to clear up! Yay!! I also do a face mask once a week that I will do a whole other post on. I should include that I have sensitive/dry/acne prone skin. These products work for me, but I am not a dermatologist so they might not work perfectly for your skin type. It has been alot of trial and error for me. 

    Night time skin care

    I swear by this stuff! Literally it is my holy grail of eye makeup removers. I have tried quite a few and none seemed to do the job like this stuff. It melts my mascara and eyeliner without making my eyes burn. It also has a cooling sensation that feels great on my tired eyes. I just put a little on a cotton ball and gentle lift my eye makeup away. 

    After I remove my eye makeup, I remove the rest of my makeup. I have found that this step is imperative in making sure my face is thoroughly cleaned. It does a great job of removing the makeup without being harsh and irritating my skin and removes the remainder of my eye makeup with out the burn. 

    I love love loveee this face wash! I have super sensitive skin and have had a really hard time finding acne products that are gentle enough to use on a regular basis. This one is amazing. I love how clean my face feels after using it and how it has really helped clear up my pimples. I will def be repurchasing this!

    I have been using this brush for a few weeks now so I feel like I can give it a proper review. I really like it! I was lusting after the Clarisonic Mia forever but as a single mom I cannot justify spending $150 on a cleaning brush. I use this 3-4 times a week with my neutrogena cleanser. It makes my skin really soft and super clean without being too harsh. I plan on doing a full review soon.

    I use this toner second to last just to make sure every bit of dirt and makeup is off my skin. It is designed for sensitive skin and is really refreshing. It is not drying at all since it is alcohol free. I want to try more products by this brand. 

    I love this night cream. I was using a thicker cream but since it is summer, my skin needs something a little lighter. I have tried a few products from this brand and they have all been really kind to my sensitive skin. It is not too heavy but hydrates my thristy skin, especially after all that cleaning! It has vitamin e and pro-vitamin b5 without any harsh chemicals or dye. Love it!

              In this ordinal sector         
    Most smokers know that they are causing themselves damage by smoking because it is engrossed on both plurality of smokes they have. In this ordinal sector of my rotation into quit smoky benefits, I poverty to spear out a few much of the diseases that can be avoided by not smoky.A star give up smoking aim that most smokers know about is the minimized risk of malignant neoplastic disease. What umpteen smokers don't realise nevertheless is that nearby are galore more cancers that they are promising to transaction from smoking than meet lung malignant tumor.Smokers run a massive speculate compared to non-smokers of acquiring lung malignant tumor. Between 90% and 95% of all lung metastatic tumor is found in smokers. This is because coffin nail aerosol contains so many cancer (cancer exploit) chemicals, as well as radioactive metals such as polonium-210 and bismuth-210, along cross chemicals specified as benzene and nitrosamines.Post ads:classroom spy professional licence key / call recorder n73 / cell phone surveillance software iphone / elvis duran phone taps listen online / cell phone spy on / wireless surveillance technology / miniature spy microphoneThese carcinogens pool in the tar and atomic number 6 in the lungs (as good as on the walls of the mouth, throat, larynx, olfactory organ and gullet) where on earth they come with into contact with lung tissue and back up metastatic tumor. The lungs likewise hold your attention these chemicals into the bodily fluid waterway wherever they are after unrestricted to assail all environment of the article.
              These are honest to         
    Feeling tired, organic structure aching, head wandering? Now is the case to ward your natural object. Detoxing is simply the action of removing noxious substances from the organic structure by ablutionary the liquid body substance in the liver, via the kidneys, lungs, intestines and peelings.So how it is done? Here are one undemanding staircase for a organic unit detox:The front step is to trim the uptake of unmistaken foods that secretion toxins into your article - coffee, alcohol, sopping fats and sophisticated sugar, as fine as cigarettes. The subsequent tactical manoeuvre is to cut hindmost victimization person-to-person products such as toothpaste, natural object cleansers and shampoo, as cured as social unit store and chemicals.Post ads:Michael Kors Hamilton Women's Jewel Snakeskin Handbag / Juicy Couture Daydreamer Studded Velour / Gucci Black Canvas Reins Hobo Bag Purse / Lacoste Sports Collection Bowling Bag Marine Blue, 34991 / Matt and Nat Sasha Women's Handbag / Coach Kristin Opt Art Large Wristlet (Khaki) 43734 / Juicy Couture Louisa Studded Velour / Women's Tommy Hilfiger Handbags Messenger / Lacoste Classic Large Boston Blue Night Handbag, 35073 / Lacoste Women's Small Baguette Marine Blue, 35001 / Melie Bianco Gabby Handbag Purse with Rhinestones and / Lucky Brand Suede Navy Wristlet (Blue) HORUD339 / Coach Madison Opt Art Large Wristlet (Khaki) 46638 / Women's Tommy Hilfiger Handbags Bucket / Tommy Hilfiger Small Flap Crossbody Xbody Handbag, Black / Lacoste Classic Everyday Shopping Bag Chocolate Brown, / Juicy Couture Ava-Swing It Suede Clutch/ Large Wristlet / botkier Valentina 1314214-H Satchel / Michael Kors Bedford Women's Leather Handbag PurseWhile nearby are several methods of detoxification, it is wise to make up one's mind a way that suits you best possible. Here are some examples:
              Goodbye Strawberry Legs


    If you suffer from strawberry legs, you know how annoying, embarrassing and distressing it can be! Fret not folks, help is at hand! During summer months, don’t we all want to wear our best outfits, get a little sun on our legs, however the darkened pores on the legs can make it difficult for us to bear the sight. Strawberry Legs are also known as blackheads, dark skin pores or open comedones, which are a result of ingrown hairs, sebum, dirt and dead skin cells lodged in hair follicles. Hence when they are exposed to the environmental air, the oil tends to get oxidised and darkens as well. The name strawberry legs comes from the fact that it resembles dark, dot-like spots found on a strawberry fruit. Although this can happen in any area, the common areas are legs, upper arms and bikini area. Here are some easy peasy ways to get rid of strawberry legs this season. 

 Treat as Acne
 The products that one would use on pimples and acne work well on strawberry skin too. Ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide kill bacteria, unclog pores and remove dead skin cells besides Retin-A and vitamin C also work to prevent darkening caused by clogged pores. You could get a body wash that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide or even crush a few Aspirin, add a few drops of water and apply the paste on the affected area, wash it off once it has dried off. 

 Shave/Wax Properly 
If you like shaving your legs, make sure your blade is sharp and preferably use a new blade every time. Blunt blades are a big cause of ingrowth due to unsmooth shave. You could also exfoliate before shaving to get a clean, close shave. However if you prefer waxing, you should ideally scrub for three days before getting waxed and steer clear of scrubbing or moisturising on the day of your waxing. This is because bare skin allows a better grip and removes hair properly. Post the waxing session, apply a soothing toner like rose water.

 Exfoliate Regularly
 Exfoliating is a fabulous habit for the skin, helps unclog pores and aids strawberry legs condition. You should ideally use a scrub on alternate days starting two days after your hair removal treatment. This is when the hair follicles close and trap hair underneath, also a good scrub helps remove the dead skin cells, permitting curled up hair to show up. 
You can make your own natural scrub: * 
Mix brown sugar with aloe vera gel and lemon juice. * 
Mix with 2 tablespoons of sugar with a squeeze of lemon juice and a small amount of gel.
 * Mix until the mixture is well combined. Moisturise
 Dry skin is more prone to strawberry legs, so when your skin is dry, the hair is unable to push its way out, hence curls back underneath your skin, resulting in ingrowths. You should ideally moisturise twice daily to soften your skin, making the hair push through easier. 

Natural Remedies
 1. Cucumber is not only a healthy snack, but it is perfect for the normal or sensitive skin. Mash up the inside of a cucumber, removing the skin first. Use twice per day by applying to your skin and rubbing it in gently, allowing it to soak in naturally. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. 2. Tea tree oil is an ideal herbal remedy for most skin conditions, including acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties, but it is also a good way to get rid of strawberry legs too. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil into some olive oil. Rub gently into the legs in circular motions and do it once a day. 3. Brown sugar is a better exfoliator than white sugar. It gently exfoliates and eliminates dirt, oil and ingrown hair from the pores and makes the dark spots less visible. Mix 2 tablespoon brown sugar and 2 tablespoon aloe Vera gel, add 1tsp. lemon juice make it into a smooth paste. Apply the scrub on your wet legs. This is a healing, anti-inflammatory scrub. You may gently scrub your skin in circular motions using a soft loofah focusing on the affected parts, rinse your legs with lukewarm water. Massage your legs with olive or jojoba oil to get smooth soft skin and do it once or twice a week. 4. Salt is a fantastic exfoliating agent besides it increases blood circulation which aids to promote quick healing, while the astringent and acidic qualities of buttermilk helps to exfoliate and lighten the dark pores. Mix buttermilk and salt to get a smooth paste, apply on the affected skin with the help of wet towel and then softly rub the skin in circular motion. 5. Coconut and sandalwood oil helps remove bacteria besides being anti-inflammatory and olive oil, Vitamin E oil, almond oil and avocado oil help as emollients. You can add pure glycerin to these oils. Beauty Expert, Neha Gulati suggests, ‘ There are a few items free of harmful chemicals in your kitchen shelves which can help you dispose of strawberry legs easily. I would suggest using cucumber juice twice a day, which has amazing skin lightening qualities and helps to reduce the appearance of dark pores. It is so soothing, refreshing and gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. Apply cucumber juice on the dark pores; leave for about fifteen minutes and wash off with cold water. Secondly I would recommend egg white which shrinks pores and tightens them due to its astringent properties. Mix egg white from one egg with 1tsp. of lemon juice, apply directly on the dark pores and leave for about ten minutes and wash off with cool water. Thirdly, I like using baking soda as it has excellent exfoliating properties and its anti-inflammatory so it soothes the skin and reduce the dark patches. This effective scrub can be applied once a day, and made with 1tbsp. baking soda, 1 tsp ground oatmeal, one tsp. lukewarm warm water and mix well to make a thick paste. Apply the paste on your legs, leave until dry and wash off with cold water.’

    The post Goodbye Strawberry Legs

 appeared first on Glossy Post.

              Balancing The Hormones        

    Do you sense your hormones going haywire? Are you a victim of mood swings, irregular menstruation, unexplained unhappiness and weight fluctuations? Well, you need to get your hormones in control. Hormones are vital chemical messengers that affect our overall health. Hormones like estrogen, testosterone, adrenaline and insulin are secreted by many important glands and organs like thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, ovaries, testicles and pancreas which work together to control the level of hormones flowing through the body, and if any of them is imbalanced it can lead to major health issues. This results in people resorting to synthetic hormone replacement therapies, birth control pills, insulin injections, thyroid medications which eventually makes them dependent on the drugs for the rest of their lives. Sadly, the medications only mask the lifestyle disease instead of solving it hence it leads to irregularities in other areas of the body. This is not all, it may often also lead to serious side effects such as stroke, osteoporosis, anxiety, reproductive problems, cancer etc. Folks, if you are suffering from hormonal imbalance there are natural ways to balance your hormones via herbs, proper lifestyle and food. 
If you have hormone imbalances your body could be harmed by the following: Infertility and irregular periods Unexplained weight gain or weight loss Depression and anxiety Fatigue Insomnia Low libido or drive Changes in appetite Digestive or gut health problems Unexplained Hair loss and hair thinning Endometriosis and reproductive issues Nerve damage Eyesight Issues 
 Herbs To Boost Hormone Health 
1. Maca 
It has been used for centuries by people for fertility, hormonal balance, libido, immune system and endurance. This herb works and adapts to each body’s circumstances and balances hormones depending on the needs. If a person is producing too much or too little of a hormone, it will either increase the deficient hormone or decreasing the body’s production of the profuse hormone besides acting as a regulator it checks to not get out of control. This herb is not just for women, men benefit greatly from it.

 2. Red Raspberry Leaf Just like a tea, this is a nutrient dense power packed herb, strengthens the uterine, rich source of vitamins like C and minerals, helps increase fertility in both men and women, prevents miscarriage or hemorrhage, and helps decrease heavy blood flow and painful menstrual cramps. This one is ideal for hormonal health. 

 3. Chaste Tree Berry or Vitex This herb is a famous hit for hormone regulation. Helps in treating endometriosis, infertility, PMS, preventing miscarriage, menopausal symptoms, regulates menstrual cycle. It works to help naturally balance the body’s hormones and regulating the pituitary gland because if this is not balanced it may throw off the balance of the other glands. 4. Milk Thistle Milk Thistle is one of the best liver cleansing herbs, a healthy liver is important for hormone balance and toxic removal. If you liver’s not in the pink of health, with surplus estrogen and lack of progesterone due to it, excess estrogens get filtered out of the body through the liver. So if the liver is choked, stagnant the body cannot eliminate these excess estrogens and they re-enter the body and lead to further hormonal imbalance and disruption.

 5. Oatstraw This beautiful herb typically strengthens the nerves, calms the body, strengthens the blood, stabilizes moods, strengthens digestion, soothes stomach, balances the endocrine system and hormone producing glands, benefits the hair, skin, and nails, cholesterol lowering, and improves heart health. Food Fix
 Eat Healthy Fats – You can keep your hormones in check by including varied fats to create hormones, these essential fats are essential building blocks for hormone production, they keep inflammation levels low, boost metabolism and promote weight loss. Anti-inflammatory, healthy fats are coconut oil, avocados, grass-fed butter and wild-caught salmon.  Avoid caffeine, alcohol and turn to matcha green tea. Nutritionist Shipra Samanta says, ‘Eat organic as much as possible and befriend fresh seafood. Reduce stress and sleep well to balance hormones. Avoid chemicals at home like pesticides, plastic, household cleaners, or mattresses and beauty products with disrupting chemicals all these things keep the body from producing real hormones. Get enough Vitamin D and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Indulge in balancing exercises like walking, swimming, cycling. As far as herbs are concerned, we would recommend Indian herb Ashwagandha aka Withania somnifera, helps the endocrine system, a balancing effect on the adrenal glands and the thyroid. People with thyroid have got help as it reduces stress, improves blood circulation, prevents premature, aphrodisiac. Also American ginseng is another, although it has a milder work compared to the Chinese ginseng, it helps the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal maintaining hormonal balance.’

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              Homemade Beauty Essentials        

    Don’t we all love our beauty products, however let’s get real with the soaring prices and added chemicals in them. All this causes a damage to our wallet and health altogether! Ladies, how about making your own beauty products within the comfort of your home as easily as is possible. Also we end up practically collecting plenty of beauty products which never even get half used. There are some natural alternatives that you can buy the cheapest, easiest ingredients that you may have all in your kitchen already! So what are you waiting for, say hello to all natural, organic, vegan beauty products in your dressing. Here’s how you can make your natural substitute for your conventional beauty products. 

Homemade Options Lipstick
* One entire crayon (like Crayola as they are safe even if ingested or inhaled). 

* Half Teaspoon coconut oil * Half Teaspoon olive or vegetable oil * Small glass jar * Butter knife * Pot for boiling water * Stirring ladle * Mold or contact lens jars work fine for storing the lipstick * Oven mitt Method: Choose the hue you want for your lipstick shade from the Crayola box, peel the wrap from the crayon. Bring water to a boil, reduce the heat to medium. Put the coconut, olive, vegetable oil in the glass jar. Break the crayons into small pieces so they are easier to melt. Put crayon pieces on the small glass jar containing the coconut or vegetable oil. Set the glass jar carefully into the pot with boiling water. Take the mold you choose to use to store. Stir the crayons and oils, so they mix well together and the crayon gradually melts. Transfer the liquid mixture from the glass jar and pop it into the mold. Store it in the refrigerator for about twenty minutes to half hour to set, and thereafter its ready to use. 
 Makeup Setting Spray From Rose Water
 Ingredients: * One Tablespoon Aloe Vera gel or glycerine
 * One cup Rose Water (Rose water is great for maintaining the balance of your skin and controls oil. Besides it has anti-inflammatory properties so it helps in acne, eczema, redness, irritation, dermatitis etc). 
 * Spray Bottle 
Method: Mix all the ingredients and pop the mixture to the spray bottle. 
After your daily makeup regime, spray this to your face and let it dry naturally. Natural Mascara Ingredients 
 * Two Teaspoon Aloe Vera Gel * 
10 capsules activated charcoal 
* 2 Teaspoon Vitamin E Oil 
* Pinch Of Bentonite Day 
* Empty Mascara Tube 
* Oral Syringe
 * Bowl Method: 
Combine and mix all the ingredients in a bowl. 
Keep mixing until the mixture is lump-free and of smooth consistency. 
Use the oral syringe to transfer mascara into empty tube. 
Let it set, mix well for about 15 minutes. 

 Powder Foundation
 * Two Tablespoon Arrowroot powder 
 * Pink Tone: Half teaspoon Raw Cocoa powder 
* Warm Tone: Half Teaspoon Cinnamon
 * Yellow Tone: Half Teaspoon ground ginger
Non Metal Bowl
Non Metal whisk or ladle 
* Small Container

* Place the arrowroot powder in your bowl, which is going to be your base. 
 * Use your shade ingredient to make different shades, mix the two ingredients and set in your container. Once they are set, you can use them. * You can make this light foundation into darker shade by applying layers. Natural Blush
 Ingredients: * 
Two Tablespoon Organic Starch 
* For Pink or Red Shade: One Teaspoon Beetroot powder or hibiscus powder 
* Brown Shade: One Teaspoon Cinnamon or Cocoa powder 
 * Golden Glow: One Teaspoon Turmeric
 * Small container with lid 
Keep the corn starch in your container. 
To the corn starch add the shade ingredient you would like to create and mix well. Stir until the desired hue is attained. Eye Cream 
: * 2 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
 * 4 Vitamin E Capsules
 * Small Container
. Method: 
Melt the coconut oil. 
Prick open the Vitamin E capsule. 
Combine the two ingredients and mix well. 
Pour this mixture into the container and refrigerate until set or hardens. Lip Scrub Ingredients * 
One Tablespoon Brown Sugar
 * One Teaspoon Honey
 * One Teaspoon coconut or vegetable oil * 
Half Teaspoon Cinnamon * 
Half Teaspoon Vanilla Extract * 
Small Jar 
Method: Mix all the mentioned ingredients together, transfer into the small jar and scrub all the way! 

 Hair Colour
 Pure, strong Chamomile Tea (brewed with 1/2 cup herbs per 2 cups water) and sprayed or poured on hair and left on for several hours. Sitting in the sun during this time will enhance the lightening effect. Fresh squeezed lemon juice, sprayed and brushed through hair and left on for several hours (in the sun) will also produce natural highlights. A chamomile tea rinse at the end of each shower (leave in hair!) will produce smooth, silky hair and naturally lighter hair over time. 

Natural Eye Liner and Shadow To make a smoother eyeliner, mix equal parts of coconut oil and shea butter (about 1/2 ounce of each) and add about 1/2 tsp of activated charcoal to make a black eyeliner that is thicker. You can also do this with cocoa powder for a brown hue.
For eye-liner, either use a tiny bit of cocoa powder mixed with coconut oil, or a tiny dab or activated charcoal and whipped shea butter. Be careful not to get either one in the eye and store the eye shadow in an old powdered eye shadow container and apply with finger or a slightly damp brush.
Mix up several colors of eye shadow using cocoa powder (brown shades) Spirulina (green shades) and arrowroot (light shades). Beauty Expert Noorie Sen says, “DIY beauty is affordable, easy and you can get as creative as you want. Always be careful when using any products, even natural ones, near the eyes or mouth. You can keep your skin looking great all summer long with this sun lotion for warm months, simply mix ingredients like calendula and chamomile. You can create your own custom nail polish by using clear polish mixed with eye shadow for just the right color you desire. Similarly for making a lotion bar, from shea butter and beeswax with some essential oils thrown in.”

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              Odour-free Summer Days!        

    The disadvantages of summer is icky sticky skin and the problem of body odour. No matter how cautious we are, often we do not smell like the first breath of spring-summer. Although it can be embarrassing and smelly or pungent, sweating is natural and rather good for us. It’s our body’s way of cooling us down and getting rid of toxins. One can surely fight off body odour, underarm smell and excessive sweating naturally with some effective home remedies. Here’s how to keep body odour at bay and keep yourself fresh at all times. High on hygiene: Body odour occurs when bacteria in moist areas of the body multiply. This can be gotten rid of by taking shower twice daily, especially during the summer season. One can use antibacterial soaps as they help to unclog pores and stop the bacteria from causing further odour. You can add fragrance and a handful of alum to your bath water, which can act as a powerful antiseptic and anti-bacterial element.
 Diet control: You need to watch what you eat. Remember caffeine, spicy or pungent foods, alcohol, saturated fats, sugar and cigarettes are culprits for body odour. Basically we sweat what we consume, hence alter your diet to include fresh fruits, salads and vegetables(a lot of spinach, kale, chard), fiber or whole grains besides consume plenty of water, lime water, buttermilk, coconut water or rhododendron water to cleanse your body from within. Avoid strong smelling garlic or onion based foods. Green vegetables are a natural deodorizer and green salads will not only keep your skin fresh but clear it of impurities. Also drink camphor tea, for chronic problem of body odour this age old drink is worth trying. Low skin pH value: Body odour causing bacteria cannot survive on the skin if the pH value of the skin is low. Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil naturally help in lowering the pH value of the skin. You can soak a cotton pad in apple cider vinegar and clean your underarms or sweaty areas with it instead of chemical laden perfumes or deodorants. Scented oils: You may add a few drops of essential oils like lavender, peppermint and pine to your bath water to reduce body odour. These oils not only make you smell fine they also aid in getting rid of the pungent odour from deep within. Besides lemon is an excellent remedy for killing bacteria that is lodged in your skin. All you have to do it rub half of a lemon on your underarms and allow the juice to remain on your skin, let it dry for some time and then rinse. Better still you can squeeze a lemon into a bucket-full of water and shower with it. Do this for a few days and bid good-bye to dour! Natural Deodorants: You can make your own herb-based deodorants at home, most of the herbs are helpful in combating body odour. Beauty herbs like sage, rosemary, leaves of chrysanthemum, lovage, celery and parsley can be made into a tea which can then be used as a wash besides should be included in the diet frequently. Odour Culprits: Smoking and alcohol result in bad mouth odour, also body odour as it builds up toxins in the body.  Choose the right fabrics: Avoid synthetic fabrics in summer, instead opt for loose fit, airy silhouettes in that cotton breathe. Also wear cotton socks to prevent your feet from smelling. Common Issues: Body Odour could also be due to stress, hormonal imbalance, tooth decay, Vitamin Deficiency, heavy physical activity, tobacco use, medical conditions like liver, kidney, fungal infections, diabetes, low BP etc. Beauty Expert Shonelle recommends a few natural tips to remain odourless this season. 
 1. A mixture of baking soda and lemon is great for body odour, you can apply it on your underarms and feet to kill bacteria and odour. 
 2. Take a few teaspoons of tomato juice to bathing water and soak yourself in it for some time. 
 3. Apply peanut butter on your underarms before retiring to bed, every summer night. 
4. Add white vinegar during bathing to a mug of water, rinse your armpits with it. 
 5. Rose water, a natural deodorant can be stored in a spray bottle and used often or put a few drops in the bathtub. 
 6. Turnip juice can be used on underarms for getting relieved of body odour.
 7. You can rub potato slices on your underarms.
 8. Mint leaves and neem leaves are great for odour, boil some leaves and add water to your bath. 
9. Sandalwood powder is good for stink, add some powder to rose water and apply the paste on your underarms, let it dry and rinse. 
10. Dust your odour-producing areas with baking soda or corn starch, it absorbs moisture and kills bacteria.

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              Bulimba woman suffering chemical burns allegedly tortured by boyfriend for weeks        
    A man tortured and burnt his 21-year-old girlfriend for weeks before finally calling paramedics in a distressed state to get her help, police allege. He was arrested in Clayfield after a dramatic police chase.
              Smiths Detection secures $17.2 million Army contract for personal chemical detectors        

    Smiths Detection Inc. will provide the U.S. Army with chemical detection devices as part of a $17.2 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

    The devices will go toward the DOD's Joint Chemical Agent Detector Program and are meant to be held in the palm of the hand or worn on a belt.

    “SDI has a long relationship supporting the JCAD program, one of the most effective chemical warfare protection solutions for U.S. troops in history," SDI General Manager for Defense Solutions Stephen Esposito said. "SDI is committed to contributing to the success of this program and technology, which is used by service members worldwide.”

    Smiths Detection Inc is a company of 23,000 employees based in Edgewood, Maryland, that makes technologies designed to detect a variety of threats -- including explosives, chemicals, drugs, radiation and nuclear weapons.

              01: What to do in the heat of temptation        

    In this podcast I talk about what Dr. Kevin Skinner calls theactivation sequence. Here are the steps I discuss:


    1. Stimulus (or triggers)

    2. Emotion

    3. Thought

    4. Chemical Response

    5. Body Language

    6. Second Thought/The Battle

    7. Behavior



    Visit our two websites:



    Intro and outro music from




              California Fire and Rescue to improve emergency protocol through Sandia Labs partnership        

    The Sandia National Laboratories recently teamed up with the California Fire and Rescue Training Authority (CFRTA) to develop a better emergency response protocol. 

    Their strong former relationship will make new technology and emergency management easier to develop and test for field work.

    The agreement, part of a $50,000 grant from the state, will allow emergency response training at the California Exercise Simulation Center (CESC) to move forward, enabling first responders and those on the scene of fire emergencies to simulate difficult scenarios that may arise out in the field. 

    The simulations will use real data from specific regions to make up the scenarios -- how a potential wildfire, toxic chemical spill or radiation emergency might unfold -- before leaving those in the scenario to predict different outcomes depending on various conditions, including weather. 

    The higher preparedness will allow first responders to become highly trained and prepared for probable California emergencies, whether they be from humans or natural causes.

              Turning Sunlight Into Liquid Fuel        
    For millions of years, green plants have employed photosynthesis to capture energy from sunlight and convert itinto electrochemical energy. A goal of scientists has been to develop an artificial version of photosynthesis that can be used to produce liquid fuels from carbon dioxide and water. … Continue reading
              ECBC offers support to Yuma Proving Ground study        

    A team of researchers based with the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) was recently deployed to the Sonoran Desert in order to conduct studies on the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground (YPG).

    This Chemical Biological Application and Risk Reduction (CBARR) team will offer laboratory services and monitoring for areas that are suspected to have serious contamination.

    The YPG area is considered contaminated. Decades ago, military officials left old munitions, military equipment and similar debris in the YPG area as part of chemical weapons testing. The desert was useful for testing the chemical agents in unusually high temperatures. All of the debris will be inspected for contamination as the CBARR team begins to plan cleanup efforts for the future.

    The cleanup efforts have also received support from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering and Support Center, as well as the Huntsville Center.

    The CBARR team will offer chemical warfare materiel (CWM) laboratory testing and chemical agent air monitoring. This remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) will include two test fields: Former Waste Disposal Area (YPG-32) and the West Environmental Test Area (YPG-31).

    YPG is located north of Yuma in southwestern Arizona. It was first established as an Army facility in 1943. It is one of the world’s biggest military installations. The Army and other friendly foreign nations use the YPGA area for testing munitions, air weapon systems and ground weapon systems.

              Improving Workforce Skills for Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries        

    Organizations create new CGMP design certification program

    A key issue facing pharmaceutical manufacturers operating in the United States is the need for highly skilled chemical engineers who are well versed in regulatory requirements mandated by federal agencies including the Food and Drug Administration. Unfortunately, many chemical engineering degree programs do not feature a comprehensive regulatory curricula that matches to current industry need. To address this, Cleveland State University has partnered with Xellia Pharmaceuticals to create a Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) design certification program that provides future workers with the skills necessary to meet workforce demand.

    “Xellia recently opened a manufacturing facility in Bedford, Ohio and has been actively recruiting engineers to assist with production ramp-up,” notes Niels Lynge Agerbaek, General Manager for Xellia Cleveland. “We realized that there was a lack of workforce understanding of the regulatory requirements that are essential to drug manufacturing. We did not have the ability to create a full service training program on our own so looked to partner with an institution to enhance the educational programming that already existed.”

    “CSU continually investigates opportunities to improve our degree programs to better meet the needs of industry, and this opportunity was a chance to provide additional skills that will make our graduates more valuable to Xellia and numerous other pharmaceutical manufacturers,” says Joanne Belovich, chair of the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at CSU.

    Xellia Pharmaceuticals’ developed a seven-week course that offered instruction in a host of regulatory topics including architectural design, high purity water systems, and sterile manufacturing, while also providing tours of current manufacturing operations and an opportunity to interact with engineers working in the field. Xellia’s engineers and managers taught the course and Belovich worked with the student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and department staff to recruit participants and organize the events. Over 60 students completed the spring edition of the course and received certification. CSU and Xellia Pharmaceuticals plan to offer it again next year and hope to open it up to additional majors on campus.

    “This partnership allowed our company to address a specific workforce need and identify talented students for future employment opportunities,” says Joseph Yurko, a CSU chemical engineering alum who serves as an associate project lead at Xellia. “It also assisted CSU in providing additional professional training and development for their students that will make them more employable in multiple facets of the pharmaceutical industry. It truly is a win-win.”


              Air Force details available mechanical engineering position        

    A position as a mechanical engineer is currently available for the Department of the Air Force in the Air Force Personnel Center at the Robins Air Force Base (AFB) in Georgia.

    For this position, the recipient will work as a professional mechanical engineer for the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) protection system, including tasks like designing, developing and documenting hardware systems, and organizing and testing engineering products. Applicants must also have one year of previous experience in such tasks. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in engineering technology or related degree and have spent one year underneath a professional engineer, pass a written test and have completed specific courses in the physical, engineering and mathematical sciences. There is occasional travel required: a maximum possibility of five nights per month.

    Applicants may be susceptible to a preemployment physical examination, although the position is generally low-movement. Applicants must also be able to acquire the appropriate security clearance. Upon application, applicants will be evaluated as either qualified, highly qualified or best qualified. The applicant will then be notified if he or she is to receive an interview. If applicant is selected and given a job offer, the candidate must pass a security check. The position should be filled within 40 days after the deadline.

    Salary runs between $71,102 and $92,316 per year. It is a full-time, permanent position. To apply, an applicant must be a U.S. citizen, pass a background test, provide college transcript or course listing and -- if a male born after Dec. 31, 1959 -- be registered for, or have exemption from, the Selective Service. The position is open from Wednesday, March 9, to Tuesday, March 15. 

    An application package must be completed by Tuesday, March 15. The application can be found at the USAJOBS home page, or can be accessed through a previous USAJOBS login. Include a resume, the online occupational questionnaire, college transcripts and a copy of licenses, certificates and veterans' preference documentation, if applicable.

    To contact the agency, please contact Robins Deo by phone at 478-926-6846, fax at 478-757-3144 or email at 78MSG.DPC.DEU@ROBINS.AF.MIL.

              Center for Domestic Preparedness welcomes LSCC students to incident response course        

    The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) in Anniston, Alabama, hosted students from Lawson State Community College (LSCC) for the first time on March 23. 

    Located in Birmingham, Alabama, LSCC has been predominantly made up of black students since its founding.

    CDP hosted an Incident Complexities Responder Actions (ICR) for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives Incidents course, allowing 42 seniors from LSCC's nursing program to partake in discussions, case studies and training concerning hazardous materials. The students were taught how to handle dangerous chemical and biological agents, radiological substances and explosives that they may come into contact within the nursing field. 

    The training begins with CDP team members traveling to the students' campus to teach them the Standardized Awareness Training (SAT), which will also be available in the latter half of 2016 as the Emergency Medical Response Awareness (EMRA) course -- after some alterations are made.

    CDP has been training potential nurses for over eight years, hosting students from Jacksonville State University, Jefferson State Community College, Gadsden State Community College, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Augusta University and Samford University. LSCC is the newest program that has had access to CDP's nurse training program, after hearing about the opportunity through Gadsden State Community College's president, Martha Lavendar. 

    LSCC President Perry Ward was immediately interested, according to LSCC's associate dean of health professions, Shelia Marable. After touring CDP's facility and discussing the courses, LSCC quickly scheduled their nursing program to train in CDP's ICR course. LSCC now plans to train their nurses at CDP every year.

    With over 33 years experience at LSCC, Marable was impressed by the training. 

    “The mobile training went extremely well,” she said. “The training helped the students be prepared for any disasters that may occur.” 

    Alyssa Mullinex and Julia Norfleet, both students who participated in the ICR course at CDP, reported that the training was a valuable experience, as it made them consider their surroundings and trained them for a scenario concerning mass causalities.

    Marable said she would definitely recommend the program to other nursing schools.

              EU contributes 2.3 million euros to fight against chemical weapons in Syria        

    Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Director-General Ahmet Üzümcühe recently announced that the European Union (EU) has donated 2.3 million euros to the organization's work in Syria.

    The EU has been working against the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction due to the United Nations Security Council resolution. As a result of the resolution, the Joint Investigative Mechanism was developed to find individuals and groups who organize or carry toxic chemical weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic. 

    Overall funding is for a 4.6-million-euro special missions program for the republic, split between the the OPCW Fact Finding Mission and the Joint Investigative Mechanism. The funds, donated to the Mechanism's Voluntary Trust Fund, will be used to pay for materials and technical problems, appreciated by the head of the Joint Investigative Mechanism, Virginia Gamba.

    This decision is part of the EU's commitment to fighting chemical weaponry in Syria, alongside member states.

              CSU Team Seeks to Unravel the Mysteries of Aging        

    Group led by Roman Kondratov receives NIH renewal to further research

    Aging Research

    A research team in Cleveland State University’s Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease is helping to unravel the mysteries of aging and develop better therapies to address age related illnesses. The team, led by Roman Kondratov, a professor of biological sciences at CSU, has been awarded an R01 renewal grant from the National Institute of Aging, within the National Institutes of Health, to study the impact of diet on the body’s natural circadian rhythms and the master circadian clock that controls them. Data obtained as a result of this study will help to understand the molecular basis of aging and to develop physiological and pharmacological strategies for the treatment and prevention of age-associated diseases.

    “Over the last decade, research has found that dietary restriction (i.e., reducing calorie intake without malnutrition) is a powerful intervention for increasing longevity in a variety of organisms,” says Kondratov.  “Specifically, calorie restriction may reduce the occurrence of age-associated illnesses, including osteoporosis, and Parkinson’s disease. In contrast, disruption of the body’s natural circadian rhythms through bad diet has been associated with the negative effects of aging on physiology, metabolism, and behavior.”

    Kondratov and his associates have uncovered biochemical clues to how these opposing mechanisms may function. The team is studying the master circadian clock, located in the hypothalamus region of the brain and modeling how the clock controls and coordinates the function of diverse organs and synchronizes bodily activities with the environment. They are also assessing how varying diet, including both calorie amount and timing of caloric intake, impacts circadian function.

    “Our previous research indicates that calorie restriction and bad diet disrupt the circadian system and can lead to accelerated aging and a reduced lifespan,” adds Kondratov. “This next study will seek to better understand how dietary changes impact biochemical function and the potential therapies that can be used to correct the negative effects we have documented.”


              The Domino Effect        
    What follows is a philosophical muse only. No numbers were crunched, no chemistry read etc. It's just a thought I thought might make a loose illustration of how DNA became what is arguably the most important sequence in the history of the universe(s) and, to do that, I'm going to use dominoes, or rather you are, if you want to. I recommend it, it'll probably be a lot easier if you print out the instructions and actually do it.
    It might even be a bit of edutainment for older kids to see or do.
    1. Take a set of dominoes and empty them into an opaque material bag (a hat would do); it's just so domino selection is random.

    2. Take out 1 domino and place it down; the start of the first sequence.

    3. Continue to take out one domino at a time.

    4. If next domino is not a match with the one already placed down, start a new sequence with it. If the domino does match, at either end of the sequence, the matching domino numbers are attracted together. The higher the number the great the pull; if the numbers match, the piece must join at that point.

    5. Keep taking dominoes out and placing them down, continuing the current sequence or starting a new one, until no dominoes remain.

    6. When all the dominoes are placed, look at the sequences. Any sequence containing only one domino will be attracted to the nearest matching sequence end.

    7. Any sequence with two or more dominoes we'll call a "success", based on the fact that something, a successful coupling, has happened and, by extension, the sequence with the highest number of dominoes is "most successful".

    8. If any two sequences match, those sequences are attracted to each other and their union spawns a new sequence, which is not a perfect replica of its parents; one end of the sequence will always gain or lose one domino. If last domino in the new sequence is connected to the next by a number which is less than half the domino set's maximum number the last domino is lost from the sequence, breaks of and becomes part of the pool, if more than half it gains. If 'gained' it gains it, where a parent has a matching end domino, from one of the parents. The new sequence then becomes part of the pool of sequences and is attracted to any other matching sequences(or loose dominoes if it was spawned of parents with unmatched 'gain' potential). Repeat this process until all attraction couplings are complete.

    10. When all couplings are exhausted, Domino sequences with matching ends above half the value of the maximum domino will join together to form 'double-length' domino sequence. There is insufficient attraction and bonding strength to support longer sequences or to support the joining of sequences with and end value of less than half of maximum domino value.

    11. When all 'coupling", 'spawning' and 'joining' has been accomplished get another set of dominoes or, if like me you've only got one set, keep a record of the sequences (graph paper works well for this) and repeat the whole process.

    If you have the time or inclination, and can continue for 4.5 million years. At some point you'll very likely get a super-complicated sentient domino sequence that thinks it's magically acquired a supernaturally eternal personality.

    So, for those who have not already surmised, to transpose the illustration into real world terms...
    Replace the domino bag with a planet sized ocean rich with chemicals from exploded suns. Replace dominoes with amino acids; that is, Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine and the coupling chains become DNA strands.
    Repeat for 4.5 million years and you get an ape trying to explain meaning of life stuff in dominoes.

    This is one of the Too Many Questions
    Please leave a comment - Anything will do
    The best communications are often,

              So Much Less Than The Great I Am        
    If there is one single mental component which engenders the belief that one has, or is in possession of, humanity's longest held zeitgeist the 'immortal soul' it is a person's ego. Only via egotistical thinking can one conclude human consciousness(the 'person'/'self') is not engendered by the biology in which it manifests but instead is somehow independent thereof and can therefore continue to exist, intact, indefinitely and independent of the only location ever known for that 'person', its functioning biology.
    While it's likely, after centuries of "slaughter the unbeliever" and elevated breeding levels among the doctrinally oppressed, some are born with an 'Id' that's genetically predisposed to believe the 'immortal soul' notion, I think one may suggest that the presence of such among the population is born of the existence of the egotistical notion triggering epigenetic changes over time.
    Could one suggest then that it's the presence of Ego alone that engenders the ready acceptance of eternal life fantasies?

    I think so; here's why.
    I, one of the soulless, an unbeliever, consider the "I" that is me to be the current culmination of this biochemical genetic colony's life experiences and its current chemical state. The "I" that is me "exists"(has power in the cosmos) for only 1/40th of a second1, then is gone, lost forever, an imprint on the chronology of the cosmos. And is instantly replaced by a new version of "I" with 1/40th of a second more experience2, a new chemical state and responsibility for all this colony's prior acts. When, after a lifetime of about 100 trillion conscious moments, this genetic colony finally fails beyond the capacity for internal or external maintenance or repair, there will be one final "I" before the consecutive stream of "I's" that made up the "me" can no longer be generated. The memory of that recorded "me", who imprinted on the shape of the cosmos for the merest blink of the cosmological timescale, lingers in the consciousness of all or a portion of society then diminishes over a period of time relating roughly to the recorded accomplishments. For the "I" that is "me" the "I" does not extend beyond the single conscious moment and the recorded "me" cannot exist beyond the means which engendered it.

    You, one of the soulful, a believer, consider the "I" that is you to be an eternal entity, able to live beyond the biochemistry, extending from before conception, way beyond the single moment and long past the death of the genetic colony stretching on into an distant, possibly unending, future. An "I" of such importance the cosmos will not allow it to expire.

    So the question here is...
    Which "I" has the bigger Ego?

    This is one of the Too Many Questions

    1 "1/40th of a second" : Supporting evidence/explanation here
    2 "1/40th of a second more experience" : The nature and depth of the experience available in this time period is determined by the complexity of the "I" experiencing the moment. For more on this see Conscious Of Consciousness.

    ego: Oxford Dictionaries
    1. A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
    1.1 Psychoanalysis - The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity. Compare with id and superego.
    1.2 Philosophy (In metaphysics) a conscious thinking subject.

    id: Oxford Dictionaries
    Psychoanalysis - The part of the mind in which innate instinctive impulses and primary processes are manifest

    This is one of the Too Many Questions
    Please leave a comment - Anything will do
    The best communications are often,

    I have to say -- that angers me. To start with, there's nothing 'freeing' about strangling yourself with a belt. In fact, as far as I know, there's only one true freedom: Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. John 8:36 Mother Theresa said this herself: There is such terrible darkness within me, as if everything was dead… I do not know how deeper will this trial go—how much pain and suffering it will bring to me. This does not worry me any more. I leave this to Him as I leave everything else. Let Him do with me whatever He wants as He wants for as long as He wants if my darkness is light to some soul… I'm not making light of depression. I'm not disqualifying emotions, chemical imbalances, or anything of that sort. What I'm saying is that Robin Williams was a man who lived his life with a gift that he used to bring joy to others suffered so much that he felt he could no longer live another second in this world, and in that horrible way of social media his death is being glorified and touted as "freedom".
              Why Should One Use Green Chemicals?        
    Green chemicals are eco-friendly cleaning formulas. The green label on these products implies that they will not harm the environment. The popularity of these solutions has been increasing over the last few years and will likely continue to increase as...
              How to Find Genuine Green Chemicals        
    There is a common misconception that green chemicals are not good enough for industrial cleaning applications, but instead strong chemical detergents should be used for industrial degreasing and other heavy-duty cleaning applications. If you have such...
              Portland Police Peppered my Papoose        
    My baby was pepper-sprayed yesterday. I'm so proud. Well and truly. As part of what seems to be an organized movement against a movement, the police have shut down Occupy Portland (in addition to much unrest in many parks across the country), where my son has been contributing his time and energy to the same cause to which I dedicate myself here in Bellingham. Though I've never been tear-gassed or pepper-sprayed, I know that my very presence here makes that a possibility (though a slim one, as the Bellingham police have been quite gracious). Knowing that my son stood his ground against injustice the same way I would have done makes me a very proud mum, indeed.

    I've lost track of the number of nights I've slept in a cold tent...I think last night makes night 20 (night 21 for the camp, but I missed a night when I went home to tend to my cat who now lives with me here). Today marks the beginning of Week Four here at Noisy Waters (our camp name, the native meaning for Whatcom, the county in which I live). I would never have believed I'd be living in a tent at my age, especially when I have a warm, dry, comfortable, cozy apartment of my own. I suppose it's taken me this long to finally know who I am, what I stand for and against, and what is so important that I will make sacrifices I'd never have considered making.

    Why the hell am I doing this? For my granddaughter. So my wee Kalliepillar Flutterby won't grow up ingesting growth hormones in the milk that she drinks and genetically modified foods that haven't been tested. My granddaughter deserves the very best planet I can give her. Unfortunately, that planet has been overrun by corporations like Monsanto that buy their way into our government and into our food supply. When a former bigwig for Monsanto becomes a chief advisor for the Food and Drug Administration, there's a huge problem. Can you say conflict of interest?

    Monsanto is just one very scary corporation whose government money threatens us. And not merely financially, like some of the others who take away our homes, underpay/underemploy us, or give our jobs to someone who will do it much more cheaply overseas. By continuing to be ignorant and or apathetic of their practices, we are allowing them to poison our food chain. We are inviting them to take away our small family farms as they sue farmer after farmer when they conveniently discover that a single kernel of their corn has "volunteered" on the next farm over. "You can't grow our seeds...those are our property. Now we will sue your farm away from you with our great corporate gain and legal team you can't afford to beat." They are sneaky cheaters, throwing money at the government who looks away, choosing not to see the potential dangers that the chemicals they are producing will eventually eradicate entire plant species which are beneficial to man. Do some research into what Monsanto's weed killer, Roundup, is really doing to our world. Seems to me that a corporation that manufactures plant killers probably shouldn't be in the business of growing the genetically altered food the government tells us is "just fine" to eat.

    And Monsanto's GMOs may do us all in, as testing isn't always done; "these foods are essentially the same as what you're used to eating, so extended testing isn't necessary". Really? You're fooling around with isolating the particular section of a gene from an animal that will, say, allow a plant to require less water and be heartier in adverse conditions, and you expect us to believe that it's basically the same thing that our ancestors grew? Pardon me if I cry bullshit, but "Bullshit". What's scarier about all of this is that, when combined with the text of the Codex Ailmentarius, written in 1962, you realize that the whole food supply becomes a potential weapon. And our very own government, there to protect us, right(?), has been so caught up in the want of more, more, more, that they look the other way while the ones pouring money into their coffers are simultaneously pouring poison down our throats.

    This is just one example of what one corporation's money in our government is doing. And just look how deep it goes! If this one corporation alone is creating such problems for mankind while getting richer and richer as they do it, don't you wonder what the others are doing? Isn't it time to take a stand against that? Isn't it potentially the time to be pepper-sprayed if there's a chance that it will keep your granddaughter from growing breasts when she's nine years old and menstruating at the age of ten? Now is the time for action...we have been submissive and quiet for too long. I am living in a cold, wet, tent in the winter (it snowed some last night) to remind others that things are rotten in the state of America, and to rally with those who know that we have to change this system. Now. And hope it's not too late.

              Encapsulated Islet Transplantation: Where Do We Stand?        
    Related Articles

    Encapsulated Islet Transplantation: Where Do We Stand?

    Rev Diabet Stud. 2017;14(1):51-78

    Authors: Vaithilingam V, Bal S, Tuch BE

    Transplantation of pancreatic islets encapsulated within immuno-protective microcapsules is a strategy that has the potential to overcome graft rejection without the need for toxic immunosuppressive medication. However, despite promising preclinical studies, clinical trials using encapsulated islets have lacked long-term efficacy, and although generally considered clinically safe, have not been encouraging overall. One of the major factors limiting the long-term function of encapsulated islets is the host's immunological reaction to the transplanted graft which is often manifested as pericapsular fibrotic overgrowth (PFO). PFO forms a barrier on the capsule surface that prevents the ingress of oxygen and nutrients leading to islet cell starvation, hypoxia and death. The mechanism of PFO formation is still not elucidated fully and studies using a pig model have tried to understand the host immune response to empty alginate microcapsules. In this review, the varied strategies to overcome or reduce PFO are discussed, including alginate purification, altering microcapsule geometry, modifying alginate chemical composition, co-encapsulation with immunomodulatory cells, administration of pharmacological agents, and alternative transplantation sites. Nanoencapsulation technologies, such as conformal and layer-by-layer coating technologies, as well as nanofiber, thin-film nanoporous devices, and silicone based NanoGland devices are also addressed. Finally, this review outlines recent progress in imaging technologies to track encapsulated cells, as well as promising perspectives concerning the production of insulin-producing cells from stem cells for encapsulation.

    PMID: 28632821 [PubMed - in process]

              On 3D Printed Guns        
    Dear Rachel Maddow and Staff:

    Tonight's story about gun control, and the 3D printer component in particular, were interesting, but I have a lot of questions that perhaps you can explore in future discussions on the subject.

    First, a correction: only the 3D printer you showed, a Makerbot Replicator 2, costs thousands of dollars. Saying they cost thousands of dollars or more is misleading. You can buy fully assembled and ready-to-use 3D printers for as little as $500. Most models on the market today, kit-wise at least, cost somewhere between $800 and $1,200. I can build a RepRap, which is a printer that makes most of the parts you need to make another printer, for around $400. And it's not like it was hard to do--I just followed the recipe there on the Internet, free to all.

    I'm a teacher at an art school who teaches 3D printing and design, and so a lot of people--including my mother-in-law--have been talking to me lately about 3D printed guns, as you might imagine, so I've been giving it a lot of thought. So far I've tended to react in these discussions with my own questions, which I do sincerely wish will soon get some public consideration. They nibble around the edges of the BIG question, which is, how should society respond to the progress of technology itself?

    1) Do you know that a 14 year old built a nuclear reactor in his garage? And if it's possible for a 14 year old genius to teach himself to do that, and do it without institutional resources, how much dumber can a 20 year old be and still get the same result? How about at 30?

    2) Did you know there are hundreds of amateur bio-labs in the U.S.? Those are just the registered ones.

    3) Do you have any idea what people are doing with home-built autonomous flying drones? How long until someone hooks a pipe bomb up to one (or a dozen) of those and flies them into a crowd five kilometers away?

    4) So, if we're worried about crazy people using powerful weapons to commit heinous crimes, what do we do about the crazy people who will be building their own robotic, chemical, biological or even nuclear (dirty or thermonuclear, you pick) weapons in their basements?

    Isn't the real problem not the availability of any particular technology or machine, but rather the availability and free exchange of information? To quote a favorite movie, "You can't stop the signal, Mel." The kid could build a nuclear reactor in his garage because of the Internet. Aspiring bio-engineers can learn just about everything they need to cook up lethal bacteria on YouTube. People with a common interest can find each other and collaborate from opposite sides of the globe, whether that interest is baseball cards or DIY rocket guidance systems. And you can't stop the signal.

    The central thesis of your show's introductory essay tonight was, if I understood correctly, that people who think that a problem like gun control is impossible to address--even given a sticky wicket like 3D printed guns--are wrong because circumstances change and where there's a will there's a way. Perhaps that's true in the limited sense that for any single given societal problem there will eventually be a policy solution. That philosophy, however, neglects entirely one hell of a big paradox. 

    It can take just one person to make a thing. It takes at least two people to have a culture of making a thing. It takes at least three people to make a law about the thing. The more people you have in the system, the slower the response. Information technology increases productivity in inverse proportion to the size of the system, so individuals can make bigger and better things, and spread the culture of making those things faster than a society can devise rules to govern the things individuals are making, and are being propagated by culture. By the time you have a rule for one thing, a dozen new things have popped up and need rules, and the knowledge of the things are already out there, being shared, multiplied, mutated.

    As Ray Kurzweil (who was just hired by Google to build the world's first artificial intelligence, by the way) says, the pace of technology's progress is accelerating exponentially. If I'm right in my previous formulation, that means that the gap between innovation and effective societal response is growing exponentially too.

    In short, we're fucked.

    Because it's just a matter of time before it becomes trivial for an amateur to cook up some nerve gas in their basement and set off the canisters in some subways. Meanwhile we may have finally come up with some way to keep crazy people from printing up their own guns and going on a killing spree. Yay us!


    If that seems kind of out there then let's address the problem of 3D printed guns directly:

    How do you even approach regulation to prevent it? Are there any conceivable ways to get in at the issue at all? Isn't 3D printing a gun a different kind of problem altogether from any other problem we've had, not just in scope, but as an entirely different paradigm? Consider the following issues:

    1) Short of a true AI, can you create a computer algorithm that will recognize the shape of all objects--however novel--that could be used as components to make a weapon? Ask a computer scientist. 

    2) Even if there were such a program, how would you require all computers to analyze all potential 3D models to filter and recognize such objects? How do you prevent programmers from creating and surreptitiously sharing programs that circumvent the filter, or hobbyists who engineer computers from components or first principals so they don't obey the regulation at all? You'd have to hard-wire the filter into every computer chip allowed into the country, wouldn't you? Can we do that? Even so, won't we eventually have the capacity to personally design and manufacture our own chips?

    3) Is it possible to prevent amateurs from creating their own designs (of whatever,) allowing only professionally produced and regulated models printed on 3D printers? How? Perhaps more importantly, do we want to, since it will come at the cost of so much innovation and progress?

    4) Do we limit the sale and possession of 3D printers only to select, authorized, industrial, and regulated/monitored users? 

    5) What is a practical, effective method or mechanism for preventing hobbyists from engineering and building their own 3D printers, which are after all, built using readily available consumer goods as materials.

    I understand that 3D printed guns are a salacious, irresistible topic. It's a very sexy story. Beyond the gratuitousness, though, what is there really? Why worry about "weapons" instead of the "crazy" part of "crazy people using weapons" problem? Not to put too fine a point on it, but where does it take us--whom does it benefit. 

    Considering the response of the music industry to the invention of the MP3, it is not too conspiratorial to suggest that patent holders are clear beneficiaries of stories that stoke fears about 3D printed guns. 3D printers break 600 years of patent law--they overturn the whole idea of the patent as a mechanism for the preservation and cultivation of wealth. 3D printers, and the whole micro-manufacturing movement in fact, threaten the last relatively safe domain of intellectual property, the making of physical goods. If you look deeply enough you see that the technology coming on line now challenges nothing less than…well...all of commerce. They disrupt scarcity itself. How can any economy function without scarcity. It can't. That freaks some people out.

    Personally, I can't wait.

              Safe Puppy Food        
    A safe puppy food will make a happy, healthy dog. A puppies food must contain a lot of protien in order for your dog to thrive. Do you know what's in your puppies food?

    The meat in dog food comes from a lot of different places. One of the places it comes from is from dogs and cats that are put down at the pound. When animals are put down a chemical called Sodium Pentobarbital is used. Obviously this chemical is highly toxic but what you might not know is that it does not break down in the cooking process they use to make the meat and meat by products in dog food.

    So not only is one of the meat sources for dog food dead dogs but it may also contain poison.
              Rwanda’s Cultural tourism is the Key investment Sector        

    It is a well-known fact that tourism can be a deadly antagonist as much as a firm friend in the matter of development. Considering the economic might of the tourist industry now gorilla safari regarded as the biggest in the world ahead of automobiles and chemicals, careful attention should be paid to culture in order to progressive strategies which are vitally needed in order to prepare the ground for genuinely progressive international, regional and local tourism development gorilla trekking uganda .

    Besides, cultural travel directed towards experiencing the arts, heritage and special character of unique places includes arts (galleries, rwanda travel guide studios, performing and visual arts), Cultural activities (festivals, celebrations, and rituals), events and physical heritage, building and environment. While reconsidering the relationship between tourism and cultural diversity, tourism and intercultural dialogue, and tourism and development, the Organization (UNESCO) proposes to contribute to the fight against poverty, gorilla safari rwanda protection of the environment and mutual appreciation of cultures.

    Considering cultural development, Rwanda will, next week, host the Commonwealth investment conference, ahead of the 7th Edition of the Pan African Dance Festival (FESPAD 2010) that will be staged in July. This is a result of Rwanda being an attractive investment destination and both forums present an opportunity. uganda gorilla safaris , Apart from breaking into new markets, the events will enhance business openings for Rwandans since they facilitate gainful partnerships

    However, the Rwandan business community will be accorded , rwanda gorilla safari , opportunity to forge new partnerships with business leaders from around the world since approximately 31 African countries are expected to attend, as well as China, Japan, Vietnam, France and Spain.

    By promoting the rich Rwandan uganda gorilla safari , cultural heritage, the country shall attract both investors and tourists. The traditional dances and dress are world class, and our museums have a powerful story to tell. There is no doubt that Rwanda's tourism sector has been very kenya safari successful, but there are areas that have not been exhaustively exploited.

    The country can cut itself a niche in the region by aggressively promoting its arts and culture which will rank Rwanda as the best cultural destination in Africa. houses for sale in kampala uganda

              Conduct More Powerful TRI Pollution Prevention Searches        
    The EPA TRI Program released an enhanced version of the TRI Pollution Prevention (P2) Search in Envirofacts, featuring new and more powerful ways to search the TRI database for P2 activities reported by TRI facilities. You’ll now be able to: Use multi-select capabilities to focus your P2 search on one or more industries, chemicals, states, or […]
              Learn to use TRI’s pollution prevention data to target technical assistance        
    For the past quarter-century, the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) has provided information about toxic chemicals released from industrial facilities in communities across the nation.  In addition to informing citizens of releases in their areas, however, TRI also contains a plethora of information about pollution prevention activities and how, in many cases, facilities have switched to […]
              Webinar: P2 GHG and Cost Savings Tools        
    Wed, Jan 16, 2013 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST Register at EPA, Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention will be presenting an overview of P2 tools designed to help measure the environmental and economic performance results of pollution prevention activities.  Come hear how newly designed tools can demonstrate the unique multi-media perspective that […]
              The Killing Fields        
    In Sri Lanka’s North Central province, a land of crumbling Buddhist temples and gently swaying palms, farmers have cultivated rice for millennia. Until the 1960s, they relied on oxen, not tractors, to plow their fields. But the introduction of mechanized and chemical methods has rendered …
              TruKid Review and Giveaway!!        
    As many of you know I'm on a journey...a journey for a healthier family, a cleaner country, and a less toxic lifestyle. There are SO many things out there to scare a person from even starting this journey. It is OVERWHELMING to say the least. But for me it's all about baby steps and education. My first few steps in this healthier lifestyle journey were to stop buying food with high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors. Since that time we've come a long way and are currently eating a wheat free diet (when possible, we don't worry about it too much when eating at someone's house) and buying whole foods and not really anything processed. It's been an incredible journey and I still have so much to learn but my family and I feel great and confident in our decisions.

    Along with making smarter food choices we've also been making smarter home cleaning and personal hygiene choices. I even make my own deodorant! I'm on my way to being "crunchy". I confess that I used to mock people who were "crunchy" and now I want to be "crunchy". But I've got a LONG way to go. Again, it's all about baby steps. While starting my journey towards less chemically filled bath and body products for my family I came across this great company called TruKid. I bought a book bundle and with the bundle received some free sample products to try. The first item that I received from TruKid was the TruBaby sunscreen and we loved it. Shortly after I received my first item I became part of their Mom Tester Community and I received a few other products to test and give feedback on. I have LOVED everything they have sent me. Everything that TruKid makes is made with natural ingredients and essential oils. You won't find any harsh chemicals in TruKid's products. They have a couple of great pages on their website that explain all the ingredients that they use and also explain all the toxic bad chemicals that are commonly found in most products that kids (and adults) use. There's also a great page on sun protection facts which is really worth reading before summer comes!!
    TruKid Super Cream - 4oz **NEW**
    Super Cream
    Let me tell you a little bit about some of my favorite products that I have been able to try. The first thing that I love is their Super Cream. This super moisturizing cream is amazing. I have really dry skin in the winter, sometimes my fingers crack and peel. I have tried many different lotions and creams throughout the years but have never found anything quite like this. I LOVE it. It's not greasy, there's no harsh chemicals, the light citrus scent is just right and it keeps my hands moisturized for a long time. I've sorta hijacked this from the kids and just carry it around in my purse during the winter so that my hands don't ever get past the really dry stage. I have to order more of this because my first jar is just about gone. And when the kids do want to use some of this special lotion and I am in a giving mood and allow them to have some I don't feel bad or leery about them having chemicals all over their hands.

    TruKid Sport Stick
    Sport Stick
    Another item that I was able to try is the Sport Stick. This sport stick is SUCH a huge blessing to our family. I know that sounds weird but hear me out. Micah has growing pains...a LOT. Growing pains wake him up in the middle of the night and he wants medicine. We used to give him ibuprofen pretty regularly (well, like once a week at the most) for his growing pains. I would try to just rub his legs to get the pain to go away but it didn't usually work. We kept track of when we gave him ibuprofen so that he wouldn't get it too often but I really didn't like medicating him so much. When I heard about this sport stick I thought it was too good to be true. But seriously people this stuff works. Now, when Micah (or Naomi as she has started getting leg pain too) gets growing pains in his legs and sometimes his arms we tell him to go get the "pain stick". He loves to put it on himself when he's not in too much pain. And it works. He's able to go back to sleep and the pain goes away. I LOVE not having to medicate him anymore for the growing pains that he experiences. And even when I don't always believe that Naomi really has growing pains (she cries wolf a lot) I don't feel concerned or bad about letting her use the pain stick either!! I've even used it on some of my sore muscles as well. Great product. When we run out we will buy more for sure!! So, it's a blessing because it works and we don't have to give Micah medicine for his leg pain as often as we used to anymore!!

    NEW: TruKid BathBlasts
    Bath Blasts
    Another item we've been able to review is the bath blasts. These are little capsules that you run under the bath water that make amazing bubbles and they smell good too. No more worrying about your kids taking baths with lots of harsh chemicals in these little pods! And the kids LOVE these bubbles, they are big, last long and smell good. Totally worth it!! Here's what TruKid has to say about their bath blasts:
    TruKid Bath Blasts
    BathBlasts bring bubbly bursts to the tub, leaving skin clean and soft. 
    Product Features: 
    • Extra gentle for kids and the planet: no chemicals or fragrances and made only with fruits and vegetables 
    • Natural long lasting bubbles: perfect for kids with skin sensitivities • Leaves no icky or itchy feeling behind 
    • Naturally soothing: after a day of play, milk & honey calm irritated skin 
    • No mess, no waste: TruKid BathBlast pockets are pre-measured and ready to use 


    • All natural and non toxic 
    • Eczema safe 
    • Pediatrician and dermatologist tested 
    • Gluten-, phthalate- and paraben free 
    • PETA Certified Animal Cruelty-Free 
    • Biodegradable with 100% recyclable, BPA-free Packaging 

    All natural and made with fruits and vegetables, TruKid BathBlasts offer the absolute safest…and most fun way to take a bath! Swathing kids in squeaky clean, bubbly bliss, the all-natural formula leaves skin soft and refreshed with no icky feeling left behind. Formulated for kids with extra sensitive skin, BathBlasts provide incredibly safe bath care for little tykes. Ideal for busy families, BlastBlasts provide a super easy, ready-to-use system with pre-measured, single use, water-soluble pockets that offers a fun, natural color pop that dissolves almost instantly. Patent pending.
    TruBaby Water& Play SPF 30+ WR/Unscented Mineral Sunscreen 2 oz TubeTruKid Sunny Days SPF30+ Water Resistant Face & Body Stick
    The sunscreen that we got in our first order was great. Easy to apply. Not greasy and it worked great. To think that I wasn't putting chemicals all over my kids gave me such a peace of mind. And we went to the pool a lot last summer (can't wait to do it again this summer) so it was great to know they were covered naturally and they didn't burn all summer long! The idea is to reapply every 80 minutes to make sure you're really covered!! We also got to review the sunny days stick and the kids LOVED to use this and put their own sunscreen on their faces! It's so good to teach your kids healthy habits for their skin and body care.

    I cannot wait to try more of the TruKid products. I plan on buying some of their shampoos and conditioners. It's another area we're working on. Yes, it needs to be put in the budget because while these items are not as cheap as going to the store and picking up a bottle these items are so much safer for our kids. And since my kids and their health is a top priority for me I want to do my best to help them stay healthy and that includes not dousing their sensitive skin with myriads of chemicals.

    Here's something TruKid is really proud of and I can't say I blame them! So excited for them...and for us who get to use these great products!!
    Award winning all natural TruKid Sunny Days SPF 30+ was chosen by thousands of parents as their favorite family-friendly sunscreen. Providing safe UVA/UVB clinically proven protection, Sunny Days is non-toxic, non-nano, and gluten-free. TruKid Sunscreens are pediatrician and dermatologist tested. With no harsh chemicals, a reef-friendly formula, and BPA-free tubes, Sunny Days is as good for the earth as it is for your kids.

    You can find TruKid online in a few places. Check out their website...They're on Facebook, pinterest and twitter.
    Here's some good news! TruKid has agreed to a giveaway!! You can be the lucky winner of some of these great products as well...a Rafflecopter giveaway They are giving one of my lucky readers a HERO stick which is basically mom's healing kisses in stick form!! Enter today!

    All products mentioned were given to me free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion on the Mom Test Panel. All opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links. If you click on any "TruKid" link you will be taken to the website, if you purchase anything the prices will be the same but my family will receive a small percentage and we thank you for supporting us and this blog.
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    Buy Mello Man Party Pills

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              Kidkusion Hearth Kushion Brown        
    KidKusion - 6020: MADE IN THE USA Hearth Cushion contains NO added flame retardant chemicals. Made from all naturally flame resistant materials. Proudly produced in North Carolina. Use our dense, yet soft Hearth Cushion to cover the rough hard edges of your fireplace hearth. The Hearth Cushion contains 2 large corner caps which measure 4.5 x 9.5, and one 6 Ft long center Edge Cushion, adhesive velcro. Attaches securely to your hearth with double sided adhesive velcro which provides a stronger attachment than a regular double sided tape. Foam is non toxic, BPA free, phthalate free, and latex free. For uneven stone fireplace hearths or for greater coverage of your hearth see our Fireplace Bumper Pad and Soft Seat Hearth Cushion products.
              How Healthy Is Soy Really?        
    How Healthy Is Soy Really?

    Packed with high-quality protein, fiber and other good-for-you phytochemicals, soy seems to be a naturally healthful choice. But despite its healthy halo, some experts say soy isn’t a good choice for every condition. Here, we outline the pros and cons.

    Amy Paturel
    The pros and cons of soy for your body.
    January/February 2011
    Related Content Title 1: 
    More Information About Soy
    Related Content Title 2: 
    Healthy Recipes for Soy

              KidKusion Jumbo Corner Cushion Taupe        
    KidKusion - 6021: Protect children and older adults from sharp corners of furniture, shelving, cabinets and counter tops in your home. Our quality closed cell foam safety cushions are the only foam corner cushion product that is still Made in the USA. Our high density foam is durable yet soft and impact absorbent. We use only non toxic materials that are naturally flame resistant. There are no added flame retardant chemicals. Products meet ASTM safety standards. Attaches to surfaces with 3M double sided adhesive.
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              Wearable Ankle For Patients After Stroke Attack        
    Eighty percent of patients who have experienced stroke lose the ability to function any one limb. The phenomenon is called hemiparesis. And even patients

              PURE PILLZ        


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              I had        

    In reply to R-chop

    I had cvp + rituxan....just missed out on the adriamycin. I gained 30 pounds because of the prednisone...ate everything not locked down. I loved being bald when I did my treatments even being a girl. It was 104 outside and chemo gave me hotflashes from hell.

    Drinking lots of water is very important. It does help wash out the chemicals. Take naps when you need them.....I still miss the napping and do it every weekend still. I did my treatments in 2006 lol.

    Take care. Good luck with the treatment tomorrow.



    In reply to R-CHOP

    Hi Mike:

    I finished R-CHOP in December 09. I had 6 treatments. The first treatment was just CHOP. I had 2 tumors, one in my chest and the other in the mesentery lining of my abdomen. They administered the first treatment in the hospital because of the tumors. My second treatment included the Rituxan and Chop. I was very fortunate. Everything went well, I didn't have any problems, thank God. I found it difficult to sleep because of the steroids and I had some numbness in my fingertips and toes. I never got sick, but I did lose my appetite. After my 4th treatment I had a PET Scan and Cat Scan which came out clean. I will have to continue the Rituxan for 2 years, every six months for follow up. I have indolent NHL. I will start my Rituxan this June (once a week for 4 weeks, and then repeat in December). Stay positive, they have come such a long way with treating this disease.

    Drink a lot of water. I made sure I had at least 64oz during my treatments. It really helps to flush out all of the chemicals. I did lose my hair 2 weeks after the first treatment. Being a woman it was very hard for me to accept. Make sure you get rest so your body can heal.

    You're not alone.

              Organic Body Lotion        
    For many people organic body lotion is just another body lotion however this is not the case. This product is grown totally chemical free and is prefect for those families who eat and use organic products on a regular basis. Many people may choose this product and may not be exactly sure what they are […]
               A comparison of double sided friction stir welding in air and underwater for 6mm S275 steel plate         
    Baillie, Philip and Campbell, Stuart and Galloway, Alexander and Cater, Stephen R. and McPherson, Norman (2014) A comparison of double sided friction stir welding in air and underwater for 6mm S275 steel plate. International Journal of Chemical, Nuclear, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering , 8 (8). pp. 651-655. ISSN 2010-3778
              Phenterex - Raising The Standard In Diet Drugs        
    Up to now, this info about diet capsule has been used with fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine in a drugs known as Fenfen to achieve optimal effects. Nonetheless, this best weight loss pills have been stopped in the year 1997 because improvement of heart-valve problems has been related with the use of fenfluramine.
    These days, Anoxine-am is used to induce info. If you find yourself taking this weight loss plan capsule, make sure that you observe your physician's prescribed dose to the letter as a result of it may trigger withdrawal signs and symptoms. Typically, this weight-reduction plan capsule is bought fast phentermine or capsules and perhaps taken three times each day half-hour before a meal or in a separate dosage throughout breakfast. If you see this, you can learn that whether it is taken through the later methodology, it is better to take this medicine an hour before dinner or roughly 2 hours after breakfast with a full goblet of water to improve urge for food suppression. It ought to by no means be taken a few hours before bedtime as it might cause sleeping difficulties.
    Anoxine-am, also sold as fat loss remedy for losing weight in a month, was first established within the mainstream market after it was accepted by the Meals and Drug Direction in the year 1959. It turned a preferred treatment for obesity and has been the topic of many research and articles at this Phentermine site in UK beginning in 1990.
    Sometimes, Obephen is used on a short-term basis and it ought to never be extended without the doctor's advice how to lose excessive weight fast as it might cause dependence. So as to achieve optimum outcomes, see site and it should also be linked with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.
    While you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. You can also try alli free delivery. However, never take an extra dose to compensate for a dose you missed as this will likely cause an overdose. In addition, individuals using antidepressants, insulin or oral medications for diabetes and drugs used to lower high blood pressure ought to by [1] take up weight-reduction plan capsule due to tablet interactions. Consuming alcohol can be averted when on this tablet to avoid rising the unintended effects of this weight loss tablet.
    The growing request for Phentermine free delivery UK will be attributed to the stereotype set by the storage devices by way of beauty. Magazines, television and the internet have set skinny folks in the maximum pedestal of beauty. Happily, Adiphene exists. It is a widely used anti-weight problems treatment within the United States that's much like amphetamines and activates the combat or flight response, in the manner "je veux maigrir vite" releasing epinephrine and norepinephrine. It is a decent supplementary treatment for weight problems alongside food modification and regular train.

    Slimming down with Slimming pills -- Are they really Efficient?

    Here are a few ideas to get you begun to some sort of slimmer anyone!

    Eat healthy- Your personal platter must constitute of greens, along with wholesome solutions. Sea food, egypr, lean in addition to check phentermine online merchandise must also possibly be included for you to balance diet. If you are interested, you can read info about how to lose weight here.
    A new cautious approach needs to be employed throughout International Programme on Chemical Safety - Phentermine. Medicine slimming pills tend to be recommended right as well as must contain exercise and dieting as part of this software. Only a health practitioner knows the particular usage soon after checking the state of health. Take into account slimming down is a quest that must be visited with fortitude and sincerity.
    Adipex-P - nice Phentermine can be a simple name and serves a similar objective that way of phentermine in addition to fit in with the identical group diet pills. Additionally they result in metabolic exercise thereby making an effort to reduce calorie consumption.
    Tablets like cheap Duromine act as lipase inhibitor. Duromine pads the motion in the fat-digesting lipase digestive support enzymes in the interact with. That stops all-around 30 percent on the extra fat you've taken from becoming consumed. Just travels over the normal bowel motions on the body as well as resultantly, you lose bodyweight.

    Precisely what you happen to be doing

    There are many different metods for losing weigt. But you can find the best way to lose weight at this site. Receive plenty of exercise, relax and also sleep- All the about three assist in cultivating a healthy life-style. This will likely help the body to slice lower fats rapidly and growing the actual metabolic pastime. Get rid of fat and have these muscles functioning.
    Most of these slimming pills job in a indistinguishable method. As an example, site (Phentermine Hydrochloride) become healthy appetite suppressant and give the actual patients a sense of getting complete. Still some drugs such as Xenical performs in a slightly different manner. Xenical prevents the excess fats eaten simply by through being absorbed with the as well as it is purged out effortlessly by intestinal actions.
    Be happy- Your own psychological makeup help in fighting major depression which regularly could be the circumstance with morbid obesity. If working on loose weight programs acquiring captivated with losing all fat at one particular move. The targets ought to be genuine and to attain. Control and an overall optimistic approach is sure to support one in reducing your weight continually.

    Excellent Fat loss

    If the abdominal enters my family room prior to deciding to, in that case aside from getting the bottom of comments, it is just a really serious health issue and should be dealt with from the right heated.
    Unhealthy weight is considered as being the number one wellbeing danger afflicting Americans with the Centres for Illness Control in addition to Protection (CDC). With North america, morbid obesity can be a international affliction and not much effort is being manufactured to get people to aware about the risks inside weight they are really transporting.

    Illustrates of the notable prescription slimming capsules

    Phentermine- Phentermine can be obtained both equally as pills and supplements and employed as well as diet restriction and also exercise. P is so popular and utilized for short term obesity management. It belongs to the sympathomimetic course of diet pills.

    Heard of BODY MASS INDEX

    Obesity is a reason behind critical diseases just like diabetic, bring about, in addition to cardiovascular disorders and so forth Being overweight is really a BODY MASS INDEX (Body Bulk Index calculated by fat in kilos divided by means of height in metres squared) studying of around 30th. An overweight measurement falls in between a BODY MASS INDEX of 30 and 28. being unfaithful. If the BMI > 30, p remedy could possibly be proposed for these kinds of sufferers.
    Consume a good amount of water- H2o always assists with flushing out the toxic compounds from entire body. 8 portions of waters is simple must.
    A sensible way of life may be the want on the hours for each and every man alive. A nutritious and also disciplined way of living is necessary not only for the over weight but in addition for every single person. Being overweight need to be resolved by implementing a thorough plan of action. This sort of plan typically involves U.S. National Library of Medicine: Drug Information Portal - Phentermine, typically the dietician, actual trainer along with a competent general doctor.
    The diet supplements have virtually similar unwanted side effects including dryness connected with mouth, fatigue, enhanced blood pressure, queasiness etc . Two things must always be considered whilst taking weight loss supplements. These weight loss supplements tend to be prescription medications along with needs to be obtained only after proper check-up by a skilled GP and the medicines are meant as dietary supplement (and not necessarily substitute) towards the natural ways of shedding pounds.
    Take a look at try to buy best Phen375 to look for typically the sensibility as well as wisdom inside us prior to randomly selecting strategies to command fat gain. Typically the flabs usually do not seem to go on holiday once we insufficiency the best technique. The awesome problem is usually, are usually slimming capsules the supreme best buy phentirmine means to fix fat reduction. Read on to obtain the advice you would like if you are kickassing armloads of bodyweight!

    Great could be rigorous diet

    A new strict diet regime needs to be supplemented through physical activity. Jogging, fairly fast taking walks, inhaling as well as other workout routines are often called seeing that 'physical workout'. In addition , your own physical instructor may recommend you particular aerobic exercises that may slow up the weight swiftly.
    Diet pills including Phen375 here be employed satiety enhancers. Reductil obstructs the sensation problems cells in which release along with reabsorb this. This increases serotonin levels, which will act from the brain and enrich feelings connected with fullness so that you will eat less and consequently lose weight.

    Tend to be slimming pills harmless?

    If you want to get beautiful and maigrir du ventre, you should remember tah slimming capsules are administered within extreme situations of unhealthy weight. Which means this information is out excessive and clear to any or all those trying to find some sort of way to pounds loss- Weight loss pills aren't going to be intended for beauty uses. They are really like the facilitators on the fat loss regime and therefore are designed for over weight (BMI involving 30 and above).
    The best weight-loss plan involves a strict along with regulated diet plan. This can contain the carb supply operations, kcal administration, body fat management along with water therapy. This is actually the all-natural way of losing the additional gear through the human body.
    The actual suitability involving slimming pills must be remaining on the medical professionals since these are definitely medicine pills in addition to OTC purchase of these kind of drugs really should be definitely avoided without exceptions.

    Optimistic Weight-loss Approach

    Any additional fat figure might mean critical consequences in the instances in the future. Excess weight of flesh extra rounds regarding visits for the doctor. Weight problems is the source of significant health problems such as diabetes, bring about, heart diseases and so forth
    Keep away from oily food- Deep-fried food, junk and foamy solutions, alcohol consumption and saturated fat needs to be definitely avoided at any cost. This can also help out with enhancing skin area look. Yiu can read additional info about How to lose weight here.
    The extreme fat conditions are normally treated simply by diet tablets (also known as diet plan pills). The diet supplements similar to Phenetermine, Adipex, Xenical, Didrex the top al are generally the more common doctor prescribed pills utilised in addition towards the organic fat reduction approaches.

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    The previously unheard song “Fake Your Death” will be available at iTunes in the evening on Monday the 17th.  Get it here on that day.  If you’ve pre-ordered the album through, you’ll get the song delivered to you that day. - from Warner Bros Records.

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    The previously unheard song “Fake Your Death” will be available at iTunes in the evening on Monday the 17th.  Get it here on that day.  If you’ve pre-ordered the album through, you’ll get the song delivered to you that day. - from Warner Bros Records.

              â€œFake Your Death” Available 2/17        

    The previously unheard song “Fake Your Death” will be available at iTunes in the evening on Monday the 17th.  Get it here on that day.  If you’ve pre-ordered the album through, you’ll get the song delivered to you that day. - from Warner Bros Records.

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    Note - if you're in the US, you must switch your language setting at the bottom of NFL's Facebook page from English (US) to English (UK) to get to the content.

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    Check out a retrospective photo gallery of MCR on, along with a shot of their December cover of Spin!

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    UPDATE: The MCRmy pre-sale is now over.

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    Check out new live pics from MCR’s current World Contamination Tour. Head over to the photo section to check them out. Photo credit - Penny Howle.

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    Check out footage from the Na Na Na video, featuring the MCR guys in the California desert as they enter the world of 2019!

              MCR To Open For The San Francisco 49ers Vs. The Denver Broncos At Wembley        
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    Clean all tables and chairs in the dining room daily;Read and understand all MSDS fact sheets before working with any chemicals used for cleaning or sanitizing...
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              Male chemistry primes females for reproduction -- but at a cost        

    A research team led by a Northwestern University scientist has discovered that male animals, through their invisible chemical "essence," prime female animals for reproduction but with the unfortunate side effect of also hastening females' aging process.

    read more

              The Total Truth about My Garden        

    (this never made it to the online Danbury News-Times last week, so I'll post it here)

    22 Reasons My Garden Isn't Perfect

    It's a New Year, and time to 'fess up. Cleanse the soul, and all that. So here goes...Despite what you may think and I may hope, mine is not a perfect garden. Some of the reasons are:

    1. I can't grow clematis to save my soul. I've tried repeatedly but no dice; they apparently don't like me or my soil. What the heck, pruning them properly always was confusing.

    2. I've never figured out exactly how to operate the fancy Black & Decker edger I bought six years ago. It now makes a very attractive wall ornament in my garden shed.

    3. I feel sorry for the tree seedlings that sprout in the flower beds, so I let them grow.

    4. From midsummer until first frost my backyard garden is overrun with pilea. Sure, it's easy to yank out, but do I? Nope, there's always something more pressing, such as sitting in the gazebo discussing the meaning of existence with the cat.

    5. The black-handled clippers are lost. I'm pretty sure I know in which garden they were last seen, but upon my life I can't find them. They'll probably turn up next spring, rusted shut.

    6. I own way too much coneflower, corydalis, black-eyed Susan, liriope and garlic chives. Would you like some?

    7. The blankety-blank lily beetle has me thinking forbidden thoughts about chemical controls.

    8. Though at my age I don't even buy green bananas, still I'm thinking about planting a black walnut tree.

    9. I'm all fumblethumbs with the fountain, and hopeless with the hand saw.

    10. I spend too much money on garden books, too much time on TV gardening shows, and too much effort extracting every last dandelion from my front yard.

    11. The clethra is outgunning the daylily with which it's supposed to nicely cohabitate.

    12. There's moss on the pavers, mulch on the driveway, and birdseed on the sidewalk. None of which makes my husband happy.

    13. My self-constructed rock walls tend to tumble, and my arbors need painting. The wooden fence is minus a rail, and the rain barrel leaks.

    14. My onions refuse to bulb, and my cauliflower won't head.

    15. I possess more gardening doodads than a kitchen junk drawer.

    16. There's crabgrass spotting the lawn, and ragged edges on my borders. (see #2, above)

    17. The hammock is rotting, and someone has severed the soaker hose in the Mailbox Garden. (guess who?)

    18. Piles of tattered garden catalogues threaten to topple onto the family room floor. (why DO I keep them?)

    19. My favorite shovel is long in the tooth; my Felco pruners are notched where they shouldn't be, and my hoe has lost its handle.

    20. Markers from long-deceased plants litter the living room.

    21. My garden hat will never again be pristine, my garden shoes are shabby, my gloves are shot full of holes (always the left hand. Why is that, when I'm right-handed?)

    22. The last time I cleaned the garden shed I found Amelia Earhart.

    C'est la vie. I'm a gardener.

               Some comments on mapping the combined effects of slurry concentration, impact velocity and electrochemical potential on the erosion–corrosion of WC/Co–Cr coatings         
    Stack, M.M. and Abd El-Badia, T.M. (2008) Some comments on mapping the combined effects of slurry concentration, impact velocity and electrochemical potential on the erosion–corrosion of WC/Co–Cr coatings. Wear , 264 (9-10). pp. 826-837. ISSN 0043-1648
               Micro-abrasion resistance of thermochemically treated steels in aqueous solutions: Mechanisms, maps, materials selection         
    Mathew, M.T. and Matijevic, B. and Stack, Margaret and Rocha, L.A. and Ariza, E. (2008) Micro-abrasion resistance of thermochemically treated steels in aqueous solutions: Mechanisms, maps, materials selection. Tribology International , 41 (2). pp. 141-149. ISSN 0301-679X
               Dispersion strengthening in vanadium microalloyed steels processed by simulated thin slab casting and direct charging. Part 2 - chemical characterisation of dispersion strengthening precipitates         
    Wilson, J.A. and Craven, A.J. and Li, Y. and Baker, T.N. (2007) Dispersion strengthening in vanadium microalloyed steels processed by simulated thin slab casting and direct charging. Part 2 - chemical characterisation of dispersion strengthening precipitates. Materials Science and Technology , 23 (5). pp. 519-527. ISSN 0267-0836
               An electrochemical technique to measure wear of metals in polymers in corrosive environments         
    Roy, Mannish and Stack, Margaret (2003) An electrochemical technique to measure wear of metals in polymers in corrosive environments. In: Tribology - Science and Application Conference , 2003-04-23 - 2003-04-27.
               Characterization of synergistic effects between erosion and corrosion in an aqueous environment using electrochemical techniques         
    Zhou, S. and Stack, M.M. and Newman, R.C. (1996) Characterization of synergistic effects between erosion and corrosion in an aqueous environment using electrochemical techniques. Corrosion - Houston Tx , 52 (12). pp. 934-946. ISSN 0010-9312
               Electrochemical studies of anodic dissolution of mild steel in a carbonate-bicarbonate buffer under erosion-corrosion conditions         
    Zhou, S and Stack, M M and Newman, R C (1996) Electrochemical studies of anodic dissolution of mild steel in a carbonate-bicarbonate buffer under erosion-corrosion conditions. Corrosion Science , 38 (7). pp. 1071-1084. ISSN 0010-938X
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    Portal porównał ceny produktów chemiczno-kosmetycznych w e-sklepie Rossmanna, który ruszył w formule ogólnopolskiej 11 lutego br. z cenami tych samych produktów w 7 popularnych e-supermarketach ogólnospożywczych badanych w Koszyku cen (auchandirect,pl,,,,,,
              The King and I: Elvis and the Post-Mortem or A Discontinuous Narrative in Several Media (On the Way to Hypertext)        
    Niall Lucy

    (For David McComb)

    The other day I picked up the phone and a voice said hello is that Pete and I said no you’ve got the wrong number and the voice said how do you know I’ve got the wrong number and I thought, wow … a media theorist!

    Music: The Black-Eyed Susans, ‘Viva Las Vegas’ (Song Sample available here)

    I can’t sleep nights for feeling paranoid. I used to think it was just the sideburns, but now I’m not so sure. Not after putting it to the test.

    I tried to leave nothing to chance, even deciding to order macchiatos instead of my usual long blacks. To disguise myself I went barefoot in a pair of loose-fitting Yakka trousers (green) and sloppy T-shirt (black), and bought a packet of Drum. I took with me a Kathy Acker novel and a notepad, for my own writing, and sat around at Gino’s waiting to see whether it would happen again.Gino’s Café in Fremantle, Western Australia - favored haunt of the local hippies and the alternative set.

    It did.

    I hadn’t finished my second mac when someone, a stranger like all the rest, walked over to my table and asked for a light. I nodded at the Zippo in front of me. Suddenly I was angry with myself for not having bought a Bic, but I couldn’t imagine a cigarette lighter as the object of my undoing. It had to be something more essentially connected to who I am … something about me that no disguise, however careful, could conceal.

    Then it happened.

    The stranger lit his cigarette, a Winfield, handed back my Zippo and said: ‘Great lighter, Elvis. Thanks.’

    Elvis? I couldn’t have looked more Fremantle, I thought, but there must have been something about me that was saying “Las Vegas.” To the stranger, at any rate, who was dressed indistinguishably from me. Even when I looked like a writer, somehow I still looked like the King.

    I can’t sleep nights for feeling paranoid.

    For some time now I’ve been the subject of Elvis sightings, in and around Fremantle. Either I don’t know who I am any more, or the people who think I’m Elvis don’t know who Elvis is. Or I’m imagining that I’m the subject of Elvis sightings - in which case I might be in need of an analyst. Or there’s a conspiracy, among (some) people in Fremantle, to make me imagine I’m the subject of Elvis sightings. Or I’m imagining there’s a conspiracy among some people in Fremantle to make me imagine I’m the subject of Elvis sightings. Those are my choices, tormentingly like the ones put to Oedipa Maas in The Crying of Lot 49.

    Oedipa calls them ‘those symmetrical four. She didn’t like any of them, but hoped she was mentally ill; that that’s all it was.’ (Pynchon, 1979) Of course that’s what she hoped it was, a psychological disorder. Far better the Oedipus than the Oedipa complex, after all. Better that your mind be bent by patriarchy, or some other disturbing force, than to discover the patriarchal as a discourse with no outside. If all plots are boys’ games, and plots are everywhere, how could they be unravelled? Indeed, how could they even be recognised as boys’ games in the first place? How to get outside the patriarchial, if patriarchy is the source and means of your oppression, in order to be critical of what’s determined the range and facility, and set the agenda, of your thinking - if you’ve been taught to think yourself (always unknowingly) only as the oppressed?

    How, in other words, to think otherwise?

    Which isn’t quite Oedipa’s dilemma, of course. But close. Her problem is that she can’t decide whether an occult postal system called the Trystero, whose operations may have determined the course of Western history, is real or not. If it’s real, then our history isn’t - for what we think of as historical reality would need to be rewritten in the light of Oedipa’s “discovery.” If, on the other hand, the Trystero isn’t real, then Oedipa must have imagined it into some kind of determinate existence, at least inside her head. Either it’s outside her head and real, then, or not and therefore a fantasy. On the other hand, again, it might be outside her head, but as someone’s idea of a practical joke. After all, it’s in her role as the executrix of her ex-lover Pierce Inverarity’s estate that Oedipa first comes across the Trystero as plot. So if the plot’s a practical joke it must be of Pierce’s doing, requiring the collusion of his friends and lawyers to make it work. A conspiracy, then, to get Oedipa to believe the Trystero is real. On the other hand, yet again, she could be imagining such a conspiracy. Hence ‘those symmetrical four’.

    By the same token there would be nothing to stop this sequence (‘there is a plot … there is a plot that there is a plot’ … and so on) from repeating and multiplying itself, although Oedipa’s made to feel paranoid enough without having to put that to the test (Thwaites, 2000: 269). She finds just four alternatives quite sufficient to be unable to decide.

    Me, too, for that matter. You try getting to sleep at night not knowing whether you’ve been mistaken for Elvis, or whether there’s a plot, or you’ve imagined there’s a plot, to make you imagine you’ve been mistaken for Elvis. Seems simple enough: the Elvis sightings are real, or there’s a plot. It’s happening, or I’m crazy. Cross-paired (real/imagined; Elvis sightings/plot), these four terms constitute a closed system, a choice between opposites: either the real or the imagined; either the sightings or the plot. But what if the sightings themselves are part of a plot, even if they’re ‘real’ (however hopelessly inadequate that term has become in the present context)? Surely if I am being mistaken for a dead man, what else can I be but the subject of a grave plot? A case of the postmodern as the post-mortem, perhaps.

    Music: Elvis, Edge of Reality

    Chances are that those in Fremantle who keep on mistaking me for the King never met Elvis personally. Nor could it be very likely that many people in Fremantle ever saw Elvis in concert. Whatever stands in for a knowledge of Elvis by such people couldn’t have derived from outside representations - let’s call them media representations - in the form of records, movies, posters, calendars, greeting cards, interviews, TV shows, concert footage and the like.

    That’s how most of us “know” any pop star, of course. But we’d hardly call Elvis Presley just another pop star, if only because the fluidity (or perhaps the vectrality) through which his name circulates across divisions of class, gender, age, ethnicity (there’s a Chinese and a Hindi Elvis impersonator doing very nicely in London at the moment, apparently), education, taste and so on puts him (or should that be “it”?), like “William Shakespeare,” in a category apart from his peers.See Wark, McKenzie. Virtual Geographies: Living With Global Media Events (Indiana University Press: Bloomington, 1994) - and everything since. (On which score I’m reminded of a “test” once performed in an undergraduate lecture I attended in a course on Jacobean drama. The test was designed to ‘prove’ that Shakespeare is the greatest dramatist of all time. It went like this: ask a Russian to name the world’s two best playwrights and he’ll tell you Chekov and Shakespeare. A Frenchman will say Moliére and Shakespeare. A German, Göethe and Shakespeare. Someone from Scandinavia will say Ibsen and Shakespeare … and so on. Ergo, Shakespeare is the greatest dramatist of all time. End of lecture.)

    The conflation of the best known with the best is a commonplace of cultural criticism. Let’s face it, 50 million Elvis fans can’t be wrong, and all those high-school courses everywhere devoted to an appreciation of the Bard just go to show the timeless quality of his plays and the essential genius of the man himself. So the argument runs. Paradoxically, however, it can also be made to run the other way - against an artist or an object considered to be too popular to be of genuine aesthetic worth. Those 50 million Elvis fans, for instance, precisely because they do transgress so many demographics, serve to demonstrate the ephemerality of Elvis’s appeal, based as it must be on an all too common aesthetic denominator to warrant serious intellectual and moral attention - except by way of disapprobation. Which has nothing to do with Elvis, either. Before Elvis, straight society was freaking out at Frank Sinatra - just as, before Sinatra, it had got hysterical about jazz. Nowadays the fear and loathing brigade is made to feel righteous by hip hop and heavy metal bands - not by Elvis, who really hasn’t scared anyone (except during the hour-long broadcast of his 1968 NBC-TV special, often called his ‘comeback’ special) since he came out of the army in 1960. By that decade’s end, his audience lost to Dylan, the Mersey beat, and the psychedelic sounds of San Francisco, EP was well and truly out of touch with the Woodstock generation. He’d become too rich to be radical, too much of a public figure to be hip. Worst sign of all, perhaps: everyone knew the name of Elvis’s manager, Col. Tom Parker.

    Dream sequence…

    I’m alone inside Gino’s at night. Only it isn’t Gino’s: it’s what Gino’s would look like if Salvador Dali had been hired to do the decor. Everything’s liquid and warped. Suddenly, a man wearing a gold lamé suit walks in and sits at my table. I start feeling paranoid. I can sense that he wants me to look into his eyes, but I look down at my hands instead. Then he starts to sing. He’s got a powerful voice but I have to strain to hear the words. ‘I must have been mad’, he’s singing like he means it. ‘I didn’t know what I had/Until I threw it all away.’ I recognise the song from Dylan’s Nashville Skyline, but the voice is pure Elvis. I stop feeling paranoid. My body shivers in pain and delight. The voice has me enraptured. My God, I’m listening to the greatest Elvis impersonator on earth! I look up to see his face, and find myself staring into the vacuum of a woman’s eyes.

    I wake all nervous and exhausted in a pool of sweaty fluids.

    There’s a great story about Col. Tom, surrounding one of the most bizarre moments in American politics of 1970: Elvis being made an honorary Federal narcotics agent by Richard Nixon in the Oval Room of the White House. That part’s true. The story’s told by rock critic Stu Werbin, but I know it only from a footnote in the ‘Presliad’ chapter of Greil Marcus’s Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ‘n’ Roll Music - still one of the best things ever to be written on Elvis:

    It seems that the good German who arranges the White House concerts for the President and his guests managed to travel the many channels that lead only in rare instances to Col. Tom Parker’s phone line. Once connected, he delivered what he considered the most privileged invitation: The President requests Mr. Presley to perform. The Colonel did a little quick figuring and then told the man that Elvis would consider it an honor. For the President, Elvis’s fee, beyond traveling expenses and accommodation for his back-up group, would be $25,000. The good German gasped.

    ‘Col. Parker, nobody gets paid for playing for the President!’

    ‘Well, I don’t know about that, son,’ the Colonel responded abruptly, ‘but there’s one thing I do know. Nobody asks Elvis Presley to play for nothing.’ (Marcus, 1976: 137-8)

    Apocryphal or not, such stories had a very real effect on what Elvis had come to mean by the mid-1960s. They served to reproduce for his “life” what the hip public had come to understand of his work: that it was emotionally crass and driven by a lust for power and money. Listen to this description of Graceland, for example, as sent to me by my friend Rob Snarski, from the Black Eyed Susans, on a postcard of Elvis’s grave:

    Dear Niall,

    Well I’ve seen it. The King’s final resting place and his home of twenty odd years. In fact Jason, Mark & I spent a good 6 hours at Graceland & the various museums and giftshops. The “jungle room” filled with Hawaiian furnishings which the big E chose and purchased in 30 minutes and the very same room he recorded ‘Moody Blue’ was particularly tasteful. The T.V. room with 3 wall-mounted television sets, so as ‘Tiger’ (as his closest friends called him) could watch three football games simultaneously had a rather striking color combination of yellow and blue and a delightful mirrored ceiling. And who could forget the gorgeous white ceramic monkey on the coffee table?! The music room, the pool room, his living room, The Lisa Marie (the very same plane he took some buddies to Denver in to eat peanut butter sandwiches) and his automobile collection … yep we saw it all. Then the following day we visited Sun studios and drove to Tupelo to see E.P.s birthplace. O.K. I think Graceland is a zoo but Sun was really enjoyable, especially hearing snippets of conversation between the ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ [that’s Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and (although there’s some debate about it) Johnny Cash]! Then to hear The King imitate a black man he heard singing ‘Don’t be cruel’…

    And so it goes. The one called Mark, Rob’s brother, also sent me a postcard from Graceland - a picture of Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding costumes displayed museum-style: sans heads and bodies. Ghostly simulacra of the real. I think even my friends are trying to tell me something.

    To return though to the postcard of the grave. What exactly does Elvis’s grave plot commemorate? Why must visiting it take the form of a pilgrimage? Why is a man whose corpse is said to have contained 14 known drugs, who so clearly seems not to have treated his body like a temple, buried in sacred ground? (Think about that: you start losing count after awhile. I mean, how many dangerous substances are there? Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, uppers, downers, dope: that’s only six. At Elvis’s post-mortem, they found another eight.)

    Easy. Because the fucking hippies killed him. Elvis died, not for being a poet but for not being a poet. He died because he could sing.

    Video: Elvis, If I Could Dream

    Never mind that what we’ve just seen and heard isn’t rock and roll in any pure stylistic sense, that it’s more indebted to black gospel than white hillbilly: its mass entertainment status is enough to condemn it, in certain quarters, for being trivial and sentimental instead of exuding a richness of feeling, complexity of thought and performance, and a serious moral tone. Nor is this account of rock as trivial and trivializing alone in its articulation of a lost origin, its nostalgia for the real, for a lost organic community based on authentic and authenticating experience arising from a stable moral order. Old style lefties, too, condemn rock as ‘false’ culture.

    So much, in other words, for Elvis’s utopian dream of ‘a better world’ in the clip from his NBC TV special. Proof positive of the falsity of his politics, performance and art, indeed, came with the single release of ‘If I Could Dream’ in late 1968 which sold enough copies for Elvis to reach number twelve on the US charts, his highest position in years and a sure sign that he was back in commercial action. His very purpose in recording the song, and the TV special it closed, was therefore to boost an ailing career, a career made to suffer from a serious lack of recognition-effect between performer and audience as a result of all those lousy movies Elvis had been churning out for nearly a decade with all those would-be starlet bimbos whose names no one could remember and whose cleavages all looked the same. How could the expression of that dream, to refacilitate the profit-turning wheels of his selling power, to make money at the cost of consumer exploitation, not to mention at the cost of labour - how could that dream be democratic, utopian, shared?

    Here, if it were needed, is the proof that it could not:

    In this photograph of Elvis looking a lot like Count Dracula on cheap speed and Nixon, as always, looking shifty, is commemorated one of the most bizarre events surrounding American politics prior to Watergate. On 21 December 1970 Elvis was shown into the Oval Room at the White House, bearing gifts for the President of a Colt .45 handgun and a supply of silver bullets. In return, Nixon gave the King a pair of White House cufflinks. Elvis, who is reputed to have been drugged to the eyeballs at the time, totally off his face on some chemical cocktail of otherwise lethal proportion to commoners, then entered into conversation with Nixon on the dangers to American youth of drugs, communism … and The Beatles; and finally revealed the purpose of his visit. He had recently got himself appointed as an honorary agent of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, and what he wanted from the President - all he wanted - was a Bureau badge. So Nixon gave him one. Their meeting lasted only half-an-hour, enough time for 28 photographs to be taken of one of the most surreal moments in American history. Adding to the surrealism of that event , or perpetuating it, is the fact that copies of those photographs are now the most requested, by tourists and visitors to Capitol Hill, of the ten million pictures in the US National Archives.

    Dream sequence….

    I’m standing outside the Fremantle Markets, my attention caught between two buskers. Only it isn’t me. I’ve got a Scouse accent and the twisted brain of McKenzie Wark, but thankfully it’s my own hair. One of the buskers is singing Elvis songs, the other is reading Derrida out loud. They’re both women. ‘Genres are not to be mixed’, the Derrida busker reads. ‘I repeat: genres are not to be mixed.’ A small crowd is gathered in front of the Elvis singer, thrusting copies of Catharine Lumby’s Bad Girls at her and screaming: ‘Traitor! Traitor! Woman hater!’ But she just keeps right on singing. Her voice is filled with love and passion, although it has no strictly musical qualities to recommend it - and she’s one hell of a lousy guitar player. Meanwhile, the woman reading Derrida has gone on to ‘Of an Apocalyptic Tone Recently Adopted in Philosophy’. ‘Kant speaks of modernity’, she reads, ‘and of the mystagogues of his time, but you will have quickly perceived in passing, without my even having to designate explicitly, name, or pull out all the threads, how many transpositions we could surrender to on the side of our so-called modernity. Not that today anybody can be recognized on this or that side, purely and simply, but I am sure it could be shown that today every slightly organized discourse is found or claims to be found on both sides, alternately or simultaneously, even if this emplacement exhausts nothing, does not go round the turn or the contour of the place and the sustained discourse. And this inadequation, always limited itself, no doubt indicates the thickest of difficulties.’ Jacques Derrida, ‘Of an Apocalyptic Tone Recently Adopted in Philosophy’, Semeia, Vol. 23, 1982, p. 78. She, too, has attracted a grim crowd of protesters, equally determined to shout her down. Still she reads on, against her would-be interlocutors, dispatching her apocalyptic words in a tone of voice that’s pathological. But the crowd noise prevents me from receiving the full text of her delivery, and what I hear is filled with gaps: ‘… as soon as we no longer know … who speaks … the structure of every scene of writing … of all experience itself … it is first the revelation of the apocalypse … of the divisible dispatch for which there is no … assured destination….’ Straining to hear, even so I feel I’m on the brink of an epiphany, of some great revelation scene about to be; at last, the coming of the end, the moment of demystification. Beyond philosophy, outside writing, past play: Truth laid bare! But not yet. The Elvis singer, who’s been marked by her absence for awhile, suddenly starts into a new song. Just as suddenly, the crowd goes quiet. ‘If you don’t believe I’m leaving’, the Elvis singer sings, ‘You can count the days I’m gone’ - and disappears in a mushroom cloud of smoke. Suddenly, at last … the end approaches. The very end. Not a moment of epiphany after all, but of eschatology. I wake up feeling paranoid and, cursing my luck in a voice that isn’t mine, fall out of bed.

    Fall out. The aftermath of that event (that plot?) that will send us all to our graves. The post-mortem, perfectly. The final end awaited as if it were the realest real. The realist real? A fiction, then; as morphological as any myth? For nuclear war, as Derrida remarks, ‘has not taken place: one can only talk and write about it […] some might call it a fable, then, a pure invention: in the sense in which it is said that a myth, an image, a fiction, a utopia, a rhetorical figure, a fantasy, a phantasm, are inventions’ (Derrida, 1984: 23). But, at the same time, very serious shit. After all, no one’s going to want to push too hard for a strict equivalence between nuclear war and narrative fiction. (Between missiles and missives, there’s just gotta be a gap.) A choice, then, as it were, between deterring and deferring. Deténte versus denouément. But not quite, or not quite yet. Up against the limits of reason, caught in a moment of perpetual paralysis engendered by the nuclear threat (the end of the Cold War notwithstanding), the logic of nuclear deterrence is unthinkable within a system given to producing sense through context. Simply (monstrously), the fiction stakes increase each time that one side or the other invents a new weapon, some new (however trifling) device, that continues to defer the end from happening but also brings it endlessly closer. Deterrence and deferral at the same time. According to this game, what’s real is what is most fantastic: a game played out between storytellers, storytellings. It’s not a question of scientific know-how, military might, political clout, or diplomatic bargaining but (and this is the gravest plot, the most heavily weighted) of all of these competencies at once, and more. And so Derrida writes:

    The dividing line between doxa and episteme [between opinion and knowledge, that is to say] starts to blur as soon as there is no longer any such thing as an absolutely legitimizable competence for a phenomenon which is no longer strictly techno-scientific but techno-militaro-politico-diplomatic through and through, and which brings into play the doxa or incompetence even in its calculations. (Derrida, 1984: 24)

    The final end is thus the ultimate simulation, the perfect media event … the absolute referent of everything that is, suspended before our eyes in writing, through texts. This, though, as Derrida writes, is the condition of all writing:

    as soon as we no longer know very well who speaks or who writes [he writes], the text becomes apocalyptic. And if the dispatches always refer to other dispatches without decidable destination, the destination remaining to come, then isn’t this […] the structure of every scene of writing in general […]: wouldn’t the apocalyptic be a transcendental condition of all discourse, of all experience itself, of every mark or every trace? And the genre of writings called ‘apocalyptic’ in the strict sense, then, would be only an example, an exemplary revelation of this transcendental structure. In that case, if the apocalyptic reveals, it is first the revelation of the apocalypse, the self-presentation of the apocalyptic structure of language, of writing, of the experience of presence, either of the text or of the mark in general: that is, of the divisible dispatch for which there is no self-presentation nor assured destination. (Derrida, 1982: 87)

    Writing is always threatening to arrive at an end; it is always, in this sense, apocalyptic. It is always in the act of answering the nuclear question. What counts in the weighing up of what kinds of writing matter, then, is not so much the putative differences within writing itself (it can’t be that) but who does the counting. Tough shit, in other words, if you happen to write like a postpolitical white boy - if what you write is up itself rather than outside itself.

    Me? I’m a greenie, I’m a feminist, I’m a woman, and I’m black. Christ, I’m a fucking goddamn germ liberationist! All God’s creatures should be free. I’m also a nigger-baiting, bible-thumping, mother-fucking bastard. That’s just the kinda guy I am. I wear secondhand clothes and drink VB, like the rest of the hip crowd, and listen to a lot of Elvis records: sure signs that I’m a style Nazi, not an activist. You guessed it: I’m a Niallist. On the brink of the apocalypse, I preach the fetishization of a self-made king.

    Inside narrative

    I remember when I lived in the inner-Sydney suburb of Newtown in the late 1980s there was some graffiti that always caught my eye as I walked along the top of Erskineville Road to King Street and the shops, which I did virtually every day. It was just three words, but as much a part of Newtown for me as the cafés, the weirdness and the train station. The words were do not frolic, painted in black foot-high letters, all in lower case, on the back wall of a women’s clothing store, I think. But just that: do not frolic. I used to take friends there to show them the words, or tell them to go there themselves. And in all this time it’s never occurred to me to wonder about who wrote them or what they mean. Because what they mean is not only what they are, but where they are, and where I was then. As for who put them there, I can well imagine what they were wearing at the time and what they’d been doing: op shop clothes from King Street, drinking. That’s what everybody wore in Newtown and we all did a lot of the other. But apart from this very general description, which is more or less a pure fiction, I know nothing about their author or what he or she might have meant by the words. That’s probably why I’ve always like them, and also because I like the sound of the word ‘frolic’. In run-down come-alive Newtown, ‘frolic’ was a word that seemed bizarrely out of place and old-fashioned, a sardonic reminder that the grand old buildings of King Street stood now in decaying honour to a lively past, when whole families came to Newtown at weekends to visit the cineramas and amusement parlors and the vast indoor aquarium (you can still see the original façade of moulded fish and seashells above a secondhand furniture store, at the Chippendale end of King Street), and men came every day and at all hours of the night to visit the brothels. There used to be quite a lot of frolicking in Newtown back then, and so I always thought the admonition not to frolic, if that’s what it was, was wistfully ironic. And I always loved the fact that it appeared to have no context, even while it was steeped in a context of the everyday and the not so very long ago.

    I’ve heard a rumour that David Malouf, who spends half his year writing in an out of the way village in Florence, Italy, returns to Newtown for the final draft which he finishes (according to the rumor) in a renovated four-storey mansion that used to belong to an ex-officer of the Parramatta Regiment, granted, as was then the custom, for a pittance on retirement from the military.

    There is no “pure” Elvis. It’s just a myth to suppose that Elvis sold out to Colonel Tom and Hollywood, leaving his roots behind. What’s so bad about Hollywood, anyway? Why is what Elvis recorded for Sun more “authentic” than his recordings for RCA, or his movie soundtracks? Blame it on the hippies. As Greil Marcus writes: ‘At RCA, where the commercial horizons were much broader than they were down at Sun, Elvis worked with far more “artistic freedom” than he ever did with Sam Phillips.’ (Marcus, Tell it to the 1960s, because that’s when selling records became a dirty business. Everyone got so goddamn serious in the 60s (and the 90s were just the 60s upside down, if you lived in Fremantle), that commercial success came to represent creative loss of control. There were exceptions, of course, or blatant contradictions: like, it was OK for Dylan to go to number one with Like a Rolling Stone and still be hip, but all those dates that Elvis was playing in Vegas, man - that was very uncool. Of course, Dylan wrote Like a Rolling Stone from the heart and for himself; whereas Elvis was performing for the masses. Besides, the money Dylan made didn’t show: he still dressed like he didn’t care - in faded jeans and worn-out boots, his hair done up like a fright wig. Elvis, on the other hand, was going camp, thus committing the most unpardonable of 60s’ sins: he didn’t look like his audience any more. He wore stage clothes, not street clothes; and all those fake jewels and sequins could mean only one thing: he was faking his emotions, too. Like, all you had to do was listen:

    Music: Elvis, An American Trilogy

    This morning, while I was still writing this, I had a crisis in the shower. Just as I was about to step out, I couldn’t decide whether I’d remembered to wash my feet or not. Right away, I got paranoid. Should I postpone returning to the computer in order to make sure my feet are clean, thus running the risk of not finishing my paper in time for this volume’s deadline; or do I step out of the shower now and risk overpowering all I encounter with foot odor later on? In the end I decided to stay under the shower and wash myself all over again, being especially careful to wash my feet. That way only my prose would stink. Afterwards, my body purified, I went next door to my neighbor’s house to borrow a couple of Bob Marley records and purify my mind. But then I remembered that Bob Marley belonged to a religion (of sorts) that believes that menstruating women are unclean. So much for tribal purity. I told my neighbor that if he ever played a Bob Marley record again, I’d set fire to his wife’s hair with my Zippo and burn something blasphemous in the bellies of his children. Then I went home and played Elvis records for an hour, feeling really good about myself, and wrote a postcard to Rob:

    Dear Rob,

    Tell Mark he’s a bastard. What do you mean, ‘Graceland is a zoo’? You were expecting an opulent palace after the fashion of Versailles, perhaps? When was the last time you took a visit to the Western Suburbs? Maybe they don’t have mirrored ceilings, but they’ve got mirrors in more rooms than just the bathroom and more TVs in the house than you or me. Graceland city, mate. Poor white trash made good. Earth rapists. Environmental vandals, all. Elvis is their god - they just don’t know it. Why wouldn’t he be? The hippies killed him, which is what they want to do to them….

    The rest is personal.

    No, not the end. Not quite, not yet. There must be something more I can say about a man who’s sold more records than anyone else, made 33 Hollywood films, and during his lifetime was the highest paid performer in the history of Las Vegas. Everyone knows that the songs Elvis cut for Sam Phillips at Sun studios in 1954, with Scotty Moore playing guitar and Bill Black on upright bass, are rock’s most precious artifacts: because they’re its origin. The real thing, an absolute beginning. All you have to do is see Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train to find this out. But you might remember an early scene from that film, set inside Memphis Central station, where an old black man holding a cigar comes over to the Japanese couple who’ve just got off the train and asks for a light. The boy, pure rockabilly stylist, obliges with a flick of his Zippo. He and his girlfriend have come to Memphis on a pilgrimage, to visit the sacred sites of rock’s origin - especially Sun studios (or the Memphis Recording Service as it was known before 1952) where Elvis and Carl Perkins first sang in front of a microphone. It isn’t until the credits roll (or perhaps until long after), however, that we find out the old negro in the train station was Rufus Thomas, who’d been cutting discs with Sam Phillips at the Memphis Recording Service, and later at Sun studios, for quite awhile before Elvis or Carl Perkins showed up. Should we ask, then: how can rock have a beginning if that “beginning” isn’t over yet? For there to be a rockabilly “revival,” for instance, doesn’t rockabilly first of all have to have passed away?

    So … no beginning: no post-mortem. No after words. I mean it. If you want to ask questions, you’re welcome to call me at home.

    Just ask for Pete.

    1968 revisited

    Those of you who’ve seen Steve Martin’s Roxanne might recall a great scene at the beginning of the film in which Darryl Hannah, who’s completely naked at the time, locks herself out of her house one night. Briefly: Steve Martin, the local fire chief, agrees to break into her home and asks if meanwhile she could use a towel. Looking utterly surprised, Darryl Hannah says no. A few minutes later she asks him: where’s the towel? ‘You told me you didn’t want a towel,’ Steve Martin says. ‘I was being ironic,’ Darryl Hannah replies. ‘Oh … irony,’ Steve Martin says. ‘Oh yeah. We don’t do that anymore. There hasn’t been any irony around here since 1968.’


    Derrida, Jacques. ‘The Law of Genre’, trans. Avital Ronell, Critical Inquiry, vol. 7, (Autumn, 1980).

    —. ‘Of an Apocalyptic Tone Recently Adopted in Philosophy’, Semeia, Vol. 23, (1982).

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    Pynchon, Thomas. The Crying of Lot 49 (Picador: London, 1979).

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    7252 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 86mm

    7252 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 86mm

    Ultimate solution to protect from waterdropsHydrophilic Coating When water hits the filter, it spreads into a film over the glass instead of forming droplets. This helps to maintain a clear view under a variety of weather conditions and for taking photos or video around water. Through a special treatment of the hydrophilic surface, this filter is also extraordinarily durable. This self-cleaning filter helps to keep dust and debris away with exposure to the sun or UV light, prolonging the life and performance of the filter. Hardened Glass Ultra Clear High Transparency Optical Glass. Chemically Enhanced Optical Glass is 4x Stronger than the Normal Optical Glass. Ultra Thin Frame Wide-Angle Lens Compatible Ultra Thin Frame. Specifications PRODUCT NAME: HYDROPHILIC COATING FILTER PROTECTOR FILTER SIZE : 77, 82, 86, 95, 105, 112, 127 (Circle) FILTER SIZE : 4 x 5.65 inch / 4 x4 inch (Square) GLASS: HARDENED OPTICAL GLASS

              7253 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 95mm        
    7253 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 95mm

    7253 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 95mm

    Ultimate solution to protect from waterdropsHydrophilic Coating When water hits the filter, it spreads into a film over the glass instead of forming droplets. This helps to maintain a clear view under a variety of weather conditions and for taking photos or video around water. Through a special treatment of the hydrophilic surface, this filter is also extraordinarily durable. This self-cleaning filter helps to keep dust and debris away with exposure to the sun or UV light, prolonging the life and performance of the filter. Hardened Glass Ultra Clear High Transparency Optical Glass. Chemically Enhanced Optical Glass is 4x Stronger than the Normal Optical Glass. Ultra Thin Frame Wide-Angle Lens Compatible Ultra Thin Frame. Specifications PRODUCT NAME: HYDROPHILIC COATING FILTER PROTECTOR FILTER SIZE : 77, 82, 86, 95, 105, 112, 127 (Circle) FILTER SIZE : 4 x 5.65 inch / 4 x4 inch (Square) GLASS: HARDENED OPTICAL GLASS

              7254 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 105mm        
    7254 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 105mm

    7254 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 105mm

    Ultimate solution to protect from waterdropsHydrophilic Coating When water hits the filter, it spreads into a film over the glass instead of forming droplets. This helps to maintain a clear view under a variety of weather conditions and for taking photos or video around water. Through a special treatment of the hydrophilic surface, this filter is also extraordinarily durable. This self-cleaning filter helps to keep dust and debris away with exposure to the sun or UV light, prolonging the life and performance of the filter. Hardened Glass Ultra Clear High Transparency Optical Glass. Chemically Enhanced Optical Glass is 4x Stronger than the Normal Optical Glass. Ultra Thin Frame Wide-Angle Lens Compatible Ultra Thin Frame. Specifications PRODUCT NAME: HYDROPHILIC COATING FILTER PROTECTOR FILTER SIZE : 77, 82, 86, 95, 105, 112, 127 (Circle) FILTER SIZE : 4 x 5.65 inch / 4 x4 inch (Square) GLASS: HARDENED OPTICAL GLASS

              7255 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 112mm        
    7255 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 112mm

    7255 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 112mm

    Ultimate solution to protect from waterdropsHydrophilic Coating When water hits the filter, it spreads into a film over the glass instead of forming droplets. This helps to maintain a clear view under a variety of weather conditions and for taking photos or video around water. Through a special treatment of the hydrophilic surface, this filter is also extraordinarily durable. This self-cleaning filter helps to keep dust and debris away with exposure to the sun or UV light, prolonging the life and performance of the filter. Hardened Glass Ultra Clear High Transparency Optical Glass. Chemically Enhanced Optical Glass is 4x Stronger than the Normal Optical Glass. Ultra Thin Frame Wide-Angle Lens Compatible Ultra Thin Frame. Specifications PRODUCT NAME: HYDROPHILIC COATING FILTER PROTECTOR FILTER SIZE : 77, 82, 86, 95, 105, 112, 127 (Circle) FILTER SIZE : 4 x 5.65 inch / 4 x4 inch (Square) GLASS: HARDENED OPTICAL GLASS

              7256 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 127mm        
    7256 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 127mm

    7256 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 127mm

    Ultimate solution to protect from waterdropsHydrophilic Coating When water hits the filter, it spreads into a film over the glass instead of forming droplets. This helps to maintain a clear view under a variety of weather conditions and for taking photos or video around water. Through a special treatment of the hydrophilic surface, this filter is also extraordinarily durable. This self-cleaning filter helps to keep dust and debris away with exposure to the sun or UV light, prolonging the life and performance of the filter. Hardened Glass Ultra Clear High Transparency Optical Glass. Chemically Enhanced Optical Glass is 4x Stronger than the Normal Optical Glass. Ultra Thin Frame Wide-Angle Lens Compatible Ultra Thin Frame. Specifications PRODUCT NAME: HYDROPHILIC COATING FILTER PROTECTOR FILTER SIZE : 77, 82, 86, 95, 105, 112, 127 (Circle) FILTER SIZE : 4 x 5.65 inch / 4 x4 inch (Square) GLASS: HARDENED OPTICAL GLASS

              7257 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 4x4        
    7257 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 4x4

    7257 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 4x4

    Ultimate solution to protect from waterdropsHydrophilic Coating When water hits the filter, it spreads into a film over the glass instead of forming droplets. This helps to maintain a clear view under a variety of weather conditions and for taking photos or video around water. Through a special treatment of the hydrophilic surface, this filter is also extraordinarily durable. This self-cleaning filter helps to keep dust and debris away with exposure to the sun or UV light, prolonging the life and performance of the filter. Hardened Glass Ultra Clear High Transparency Optical Glass. Chemically Enhanced Optical Glass is 4x Stronger than the Normal Optical Glass. Ultra Thin Frame Wide-Angle Lens Compatible Ultra Thin Frame. Specifications PRODUCT NAME: HYDROPHILIC COATING FILTER PROTECTOR FILTER SIZE : 77, 82, 86, 95, 105, 112, 127 (Circle) FILTER SIZE : 4 x 5.65 inch / 4 x4 inch (Square) GLASS: HARDENED OPTICAL GLASS *image may not be correct

              7258 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 4x5.65        
    7258 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 4x5.65

    7258 Hydrophilic Coating Filter 4x5.65

    Ultimate solution to protect from waterdropsHydrophilic Coating When water hits the filter, it spreads into a film over the glass instead of forming droplets. This helps to maintain a clear view under a variety of weather conditions and for taking photos or video around water. Through a special treatment of the hydrophilic surface, this filter is also extraordinarily durable. This self-cleaning filter helps to keep dust and debris away with exposure to the sun or UV light, prolonging the life and performance of the filter. Hardened Glass Ultra Clear High Transparency Optical Glass. Chemically Enhanced Optical Glass is 4x Stronger than the Normal Optical Glass. Ultra Thin Frame Wide-Angle Lens Compatible Ultra Thin Frame. Specifications PRODUCT NAME: HYDROPHILIC COATING FILTER PROTECTOR FILTER SIZE : 77, 82, 86, 95, 105, 112, 127 (Circle) FILTER SIZE : 4 x 5.65 inch / 4 x4 inch (Square) GLASS: HARDENED OPTICAL GLASS *image may not be correct

              Plant Protection – of the non-chemical variety        
    Regular readers of my blog will know that I spend as much time constructing or installing barriers to protect my plants from crushing, uprooting or eating by the creatures that share the garden, as I do doing the actual planting. I’m always on the lookout for attractive solutions and I can recommend (and use) the […]
              The Afternoon Sound Alternative 11-02-2016 with Michael Buck        

    Cereus Bright- Silver Lining - Excuses
    - voicebreak -
    Conor Oberst- Tachycardia - Ruminations
    The Breath- This Dance Is Over - Carry Your Kin
    Wax Tailor- For The Worst feat IDIL - By Any Beats Necessary
    The Bad Plus- The Robots - Its Hard
    Pixies- All I Think About Now - Head Carrier
    Jake Shimabukuro- Hemiola Blues - Nashville Sessions
    - voicebreak -
    Adam Strangler- Wasteland - Ideas Of Order
    Fort Knox Five- Mission To The Sitars - Pressurize The Cabin Remixed
    Boxed In- Forget - Melt
    Lox Chatterbox- Chemicals feat Cream - How To Sell Your Soul
    Pill- Which Is True - Convenience
    Deerhoof- Little Hollywood - The Magic
    Magic Trick- Scorpio - Other Mans Blues
    - voicebreak -
    Bon Iver- 33 GOD - 22 A Million
    Goat- Its Not Me - Requiem
    Flamingods- Jungle Birds - Majesty
    Balkan Beat Box- Kum Kum feat Awa - Shout It Out
    MIA- Borders - AIM Deluxe
    Klangstof- Island - Close Eyes To Exit
    Fil Bo Riva- Killer Queen - If Youre Right Its Alright EP
    Lanikai- Im Glad - Lanikai EP
    - voicebreak -
    Wovenhand- Come Brave - Star Treatment
    Regina Spektor- Small Bill - Remember Us To Life
    Brett Newski- Things You Dont Wanna Do - Land Air Sea Garage
    Banks Steelz- Anything But Words - Anything But Words
    Y La Bamba- Kali - Ojos Del Sol
    Alsarah The Nubatones- Fulani - Manara
    - voicebreak -
    Julien Baker- Ballad Of Big Nothing - Say Yes A Tribute To Elliott Smith
    Dom La Nena- Scenic World - Cantando EP
    Sonny Knight And The Lakers- It Had To Change - Sooner Or Later
    Oy- Shrugging Shoulders - Space Diaspora
    Eluvium- Individuation - False Readings On
    Babeheaven- Moving On - Moving On
    Nick Cave The Bad Seeds- Anthrocene - Skeleton Tree
    C Duncan- Other Side - The Midnight Sun
    Damien Jurado- Walrus - Visions Of Us On The Land
    - voicebreak -
    TOR- Loop Theory - Blue Book
    The Album Leaf- Glimmering Lights - Between Waves
    STS9- New Dawn New Day - The Universe Inside
    Kamasi Washington- Kipling Theme - The Get Down Original Soundtrack From The Netflix Original Series Deluxe Version

    playlist URL:
              A Female’s Guide: How to Optimize Your Sex Life        

    The topic of female sexuality has progressively become more accepted in modern society, but there are many regions throughout the world where it remains heavily stigmatized. The sexual revolution of the Western world has primarily focused on female reproductive health and rights, but the topics of female sexual desire and pleasure have also steadily gained acknowledgement. Within the past decade, the feminist movement has gained strength in numbers and media exposure, leading to a surge in female sexual empowerment and increased opportunities for women to explore their sexual identity. Needless to say, there is still a great deal of work to be done in the female sexual empowerment movement. This is to be expected, as humans have primarily focused on the sexual urges and desires of men since the dawn of mankind. Mankind. The status of female sexuality and sexual health can be largely attributed to the uneven power dynamics between men and women.1 The female sexual revolution is a laborious process with challenging, long-term goals. However, there are numerous measures that you can take to increase your personal and sexual satisfaction. By living a happy and sexually fulfilling lifestyle, you can in turn educate your peers about the importance of awareness, knowledge and resources available in your community. This guide serves as a tool to help navigate females through the intricate and overlooked topics regarding their sexuality. Individuals like yourself can take part in the female sexual revolution by becoming educated and comfortable with your body, portraying your confidence and insight to the people that surround you and living a happy and healthy physical, mental and sexual lifestyle.


    Step 1: Education

    Education is the first step