How to fix a few Autopilot Issues        
There are changes in Autopilot and with these changes you will need to upgrade your test scripts. Issue 1: AttributeError: type object ‘AutopilotTestCase’ has no attribute ‘register_known_application’ To fix this we need to modify the test script from something like this: from autopilot.testcase import AutopilotTestCase from autopilot.matchers import Eventually from testtools.matchers import Equals, Contains #register …
          Tesla Model 3... It's here and it looks mostly finished! All right!        

Tesla unveiled its much ballyhooed Model 3 to an invite only crowd and via live stream this past Thursday.  Looks like it will be a winner because as much as I want to hate it, I really want to drive one.  And that’s right, I said ballyhooed! 

The unveiling started out like any other with Tesla’s CEO, uber-techy Elon Musk, being introduced by the car’s design boss Franz von Holzhausen (who has the dual distinction of not only being the lead designer on what could be one of the most ground breaking vehicles in history AND the owner of perhaps the most German sounding name EVER).  Musk stalled the big reveal by discussing how we’re killing the planet and poisoning ourselves with exhaust fumes.  He also reviewed his master plan for shifting the paradigm of sustainable personal transportation – and how their new big factory will be making a lot of batteries.  Seriously, like, all the batteries. 

But let’s take a moment to look at Musk’s presentation style.  It’s relatively unpolished and full of little self-deprecating jabs at the company’s history of production issues.  This must make him pretty approachable because the audience felt free to yell stuff at him fairly frequently.  It all helps cement Musk’s public persona as a young, plucky, success-by-the-skin-of-his-teeth type that contrasts against the public’s idea of what automotive executives are like at those other car companies.  However, he is 44 now and it does seem somewhat man-childish.  But he also has a net worth of over $13 Billion, so what the hell do I know?

He also went over the minimum specs:

0-60 in under 6 seconds.

Seating for 5 adults.

A trunk and a frunk offering more storage capacity than any other four door sedan.

215 mile range per charge.


Supercharging capabilities (for the battery, not for the motor).

5-Star safety rating in all categories. 

Sounds good to me.  Also, keep in mind that the batteries in these things sit on the bottom of the car, essentially making up its floor, so its centre of gravity is lower than 700lb dwarf and more evenly distributed than the soul deadening sorrow experienced by a Burger King night shift crew.  So yes, it will likely out handle your C-Class, 3 Series or A4.  Soundly.     

Now let’s finally get to the car!  The reveal happened just like any other new car debut, thumping beats, flashing lights, a vague but captivating intro video and three examples rolling onstage to thunderous applause.  Overall, I would say it has the looks to back up its impressive specs. 

It has a nice compact exterior somewhat reminiscent of the Mazda 3.  It sports some serious multi-spoke wheels shod with low profile tires that wouldn’t look out of place on a BMW… or the afore mentioned Mazda.  In fact, may I be so bold as to say the new Model 3 could pass as a slightly less swoopy sibling to the Mazda 3? 

Is it also a coincidence that both cars have essentially the same name?? 


Mazda 3 = Model 3

Now take away the words starting with “M”. 

3 = 3


And now a side by side, paying particular attention to where the C-Pillar meets the quarter panel:


Startling indeed.

Also, while reading about this car it was pointed out by at least one observant automotive commentator that the trunk probably should have been designed as a hatch instead of a notch.  Why boast about segment leading storage capacity and then limit access to it with a tiny opening?!!?  Why!?!?  It would be like boasting how the plumbing system you designed can flush a whole watermelon but then throwing a standard sized toilet on it.  Sure it can accommodate the problems associated with a binge night of double cheese pizza and all you can eat Indian buffet, but only in theory.  

Another thing.  What the hell happened to this things face?  Tesla, you forgot the grill.  I know it’s an electric car and it doesn’t NEED one.  But the car is designed like it’s supposed to have one and they just didn’t put it on.  Like they got to that point in the design, took a break and when they came back they all got sidetracked and moved on to something else.  It’s the most off-putting thing I’ve ever seen on an otherwise acceptably attractive vehicle.

That’s right, off-putting.  For example:


Or even more disturbingly:


See what I mean?  Ken doll syndrome.   

Ok, so I know it won’t have any effect on people buying it.  Hell, they already have almost a quarter million orders for the thing.  But why was it saddled with this loose end??  The prototype designs that hit the internet all had grills.  The Model S has a grill, right?  So what the frack?! 

To be honest I’m only acting harsh to this thing because it’s so awesome.  If I had $35K to spend on a car, I would likely get this one.  But I don’t, so I’m going to complain about it so I feel better.

But damn if that beak isn’t freaky.  So like a 24 hour marinated T-Bone, I would say this car needs to be grilled up STAT.    


That’s better. 




          Another Dam 50K {A Race Recap}        
With my Nathan handheld filled with water and having taken two salt pills, I headed down the now familiar bike path at Englewood MetroPark.

Rays peeked through the towering trees, the morning sun having matured into an afternoon blazer. The small field of participants at the Another Dam 50K had spread out in the 4 1/2 hours since the race start, and it felt like it was just Kim and me as we headed out for the fourth and final loop.

Our conversation had seemed to quiet, the day's effort settling in, but there was nothing that needed to be said. In those moments, as we made the turn toward the dam  (another turn on that dam road), we knew that we were going to do it. We were going to finish this race, a 50K -- something that seemed so audacious at times in the previous 16 weeks.

 photo ADB6FC81-E005-4603-9A78-2FD99ED105E9_zpsd5ym5udk.jpg
The day before the race, checking out the course with the best friend and crew chief a girl could ask for.

Anther Dam 50K is a low-key race at a park just west of Dayton, Ohio. I was attracted to it for its timing - just far enough out from the IT100 that I could pace Joe and still have my own race -- and its price. The race has a no-frills option of $15, and I paid $25 to get a T-shirt and finisher's prize (a technical shirt that states on the sleeve that I did the whole dam thing).

Soon after I registered, my friend Kim found herself signing up and in the month or two leading up, my best friend from Nebraska volunteered to drive in and help crew. While the 50K gets a rap for being a glorified marathon, the 5 miles that sets it apart cannot be underestimated and her presence proved invaluable on Saturday.

 photo 767CD01D-A6EF-49E3-8ADD-E0B40C3566BC_zpsrnlds3nl.jpg

I couldn't settle my stomach. My nerves. My emotions.

Race morning, I wavered between tears and nausea. Blueberries in the bagel that I hoped would be plan were unsettling and the words of encouragement from my running buddies were so kind that I could feel them reverberate in each breath.

I think it was fear. The unknown. The build-up to this one day.

But once Pattie, Kim and I arrived at the park at 7:15 a.m., 45 minutes ahead of the 8 a.m. start, I had started to settle. The air was comfortable but not as cool as I'd like and the sun offered a welcome greeting. After a week of fretting about potential thunderstorms, the day's forecast offered another challenge - heat. The high was predicted to be in the mid- to high 80s and with a goal time of 6 hours, I knew that I would be finishing in the heat of the day.

Thankfully, my ultrarunning friends have taught me much. First, control what you can and don't worry about the rest (including weather). The only thing you can do is control how you react to those variables. Second, Joe sent me a message that morning to get ahead of my hydration, drinking early and often.

So I filled my pack with water and my handheld with Nuun Performance and gathered with Kim and the other participants.

With a long white beard and relaxed attitude, the race director reminded me of Lazarus from the Barkley Marathons. But I wonder how many people now make that comparison to every trail race director now.

He lined us up and gave a quick few words and with not so much as a horn, bell or cigarette lighting, he unceremoniously sent us off into the woods three minutes ahead of schedule.

"I don't have GPS," I declared as I fumbled with my watch, not accustomed to an event that starts early. So much a road runner, I tell you.

 photo 58E2763B-D766-4F54-9655-C46EC1286085_zpsywabbglk.jpg

Prior to the race, Kim and I had discussed a plan. We would run together as much as we could but there was no shame in falling back or surging ahead depending on what the day dealt each of us. And so I ran alongside my friend on the bike path on the first part of the course, which was described as a figure 8. (In reality, it looked like a crazy path with a middle finger at the top.)

We ran over a small foot bridge and turned right. We wound on paved trail and turned left onto a trail. There was some mud, some grass, and I breathed a sign of relief that my feet were home. My eyes darted right and left, trying to take in the sights but also looking for the orange flags that marked the 7.6-ish mile course.

We came out into an open green path and followed it briefly to more pavement before taking a sharp left.

A dam left.

Englewood, we learned, is known for five dams and part of the course is on a gravel path that runs parallel to one of them. It was open, hot, endless and the most grueling part of the course. But it was also flat, and Kim and I found ourselves moving at a decent clip amongst the crowd of runners.

I worried about the pace, in the 9's and far from what I had predicted. My goal was to run each of the four loops in 90 minutes, about an 11:45 pace, and we were more than 2 minutes faster. But I told myself not to get ahead, to think about the end game, and relax into it. There would be trail hills to walk (the organizers promised three significant inclines) and those would make up for it.

When we got to the turn, we found ourselves on a park road and running on a downhill. A glorious, shaded downhill. And so we continued at a solid pace albeit hot but it felt good.

And so it would go for that first loop. Over foot bridges and on dirt trails, across grass and up hills to gorgeous waterfalls. Just when things became mundane, the course would take a turn and we would find ourselves in new surroundings where the earth was cracked or the tree cover waned and shadows interrupted a bright, curving path.

Before we knew it, in about 1:20, we found ourselves at the start/finish area, with one loop down and three to go. Our best ever crew chief was there to help, and I decided to ditch my pack. My back was hurting from the weight and with the a handheld and good access to aid stations, I decided that I would be OK without it.

 photo 102E069C-043E-43F9-9686-3D6FE62E96F2_zpsorayqnvj.jpg

The dam road. It's the place, I decided, that would make or break your race. And on the second loop, I decided that I needed to make it my race.

While I love(d) running with Kim, my frequent check-ins with pace and worry were wearing on me. I needed to run my pace, whatever that may be, and let her run hers. I needed to be selfish, to only worry about me, and allow her the same opportunity. So I told her that I was going to fall back and wished her well.

There's something about taking the pressure off that allows you to relax and, in that second loop, I did. My stride felt more natural, my stance taller, my body stronger. More able.

But to keep it that way, I had to be diligent with fueling and hydration - especially since I had ditched the pack. My goal was to take in 200 to 300 calories an hour and drink any time I even remotely thought about it. During the first loop, I had a pack of margarita Clif Shot Bloks and Nuun Performance and the second loop was Cherry Cola Honey Stingers.

There were two aid stations -- one at the start/finish with water and a sport drink that will go unnamed and one at the middle of the figure 8 with all kinds of trail goodies. I made my first stop in the middle of that second loop, refilling the handheld and slurping some of the refreshingly cool water. I also poured pickle juice into a cup and threw it down the hatch. Having been reminded the hard way during a particularly brutal training run, I wanted to be mindful of my salt and electrolyte intake. And so I continued this ritual of sorts through the third loop.

 photo 513C8E7F-F13F-48D8-BDBF-AE2D737F1AEF_zpsuv2yflei.jpg

"This is the dumbest thing I have ever done," I declared when I stopped at the picnic table after the second loop.

Looking back, there was no reason for me to say this. I was still running strong, still feeling good. Even having slowed down during the second loop, I had still finished it around 1:25. I think, mentally, I was getting tired. And when having discussed the race the day prior, I had projected that the third loop would be the hardest.

So there I was, taking two salt pills that Pattie so kindly got out, ready to take on the third loop. The part that I had told everyone would be the worst.

If running will teach you anything, though, it is that you can't ever declare that it will be one way and think it will be. While I was ready to fight and switch gears, I found myself cruising the third loop.

Well, sort of.

In the weeks prior to the race, I had a couple of tumbles running on trails. Part of it was rooty and wet conditions, part of it was laziness in picking up my feet. Joe instructed me that I would have a "dam" good race but I needed to pick up my "dam" feet.

It was great advice and if I had a mantra of any sort on Saturday, it was "Pick up your damn feet." And yet, I didn't. I fell once, on dirt, in the first loop but got up almost as quickly as I fell. In the third loop, I wasn't so lucky. On one of the wooden plank paths, running on autopilot, my toe got caught in a tiny gap and I flew forward. Thankfully, if there is a thankfully, I fell toward my left side - my good side and did so quickly that I couldn't brace myself. My knee and palm took the brunt of it and when I stood, I worried that this dumb thing could have taken me out.

It was  a short jog to the aid station, and I was able to rinse it off and assess. I was going to live! And live to run the rest of the race. I took a drink of water, poured some on my head and hat and grabbed a cup of pickle juice before going on my way.

I slowed up a bit just to see how things would feel but once I realized that the fall wouldn't affect my gait, I continued plugging forward. I walked the hills near the two waterfalls on the course (one up and one down) but was still running strong.

As I pulled into the aid station for the second time on the third loop, I heard a sweet, "Hey." I looked up and saw a beautiful girl.


"I know you!" I said with enthusiasm, so excited to see my friend.

She was heading out to finish the third loop but I had caught her and after pouring water on my head, hat and drinking some, I set out to find her. On the flat bike path, down a hill from the dam road, I ran past her. Slowed. Drank from my handheld. Got caught. And gained company for the final mile in.

 photo 1932033E-00EC-47C4-9BE2-66F57A54A449_zpsegnzs4q2.jpg

"What do you need?" the volunteer at the start/finish aid station asked.

"Do you have Mountain Dew?"

Mountain Dew. Once my drink of choice, I hadn't touched full-calorie soda in years and even a diet soda since last July. But somewhere on loop three, after trying one of the new Gingerade Gu's, I decided that solid calories were not my thing. I needed calories, though, and I decided it was time to embrace trail running and drink soda. Pepsi was gross but I could swallow the Mountain Dew. Flat and warm, it was calories and caffeine to keep me going.

I had a small cup at the picnic table before heading to Pattie the last time. I sprayed down with sunscreen and took two more salt pills. When she asked me how I was feeling, I said that it felt like I had run 23 miles but I was good.

Kim and I headed off quickly with the quiet understanding that we were going to do this. But we also knew that this loop would be different. It was hot, and we could feel it. And with the dam road just a mile away, promising an unrelenting sun, we knew that it could be slower and a lot less pretty.

I just didn't know how unpretty but soon I would.

I'm not sure whether it was the heat, the caffeine in the Mountain Dew or just the Dew itself, but my stomach started to feel funny. Nauseous. Sort of. And my heart, it was racing. The racing heart, I thought, could be contributing to the nausea.

I had been prepared to walk more in this loop but soon I found myself telling Kim, again, to move ahead. I needed to walk whatever this was out. If anything, I could get my heart rate down enough to feel good.

I walked much of mile 26, collecting myself at the aid station, and moved forward with a run walk. My plan was to do a 5:2 interval, which was pretty doable given the course. Unlike other trails I have been on (and despite what my elevation chart on Strava showed), I felt like this course was really runnable with very few trail hills. In fact, I think that was part of the challenge - so.much.running. (Imagine that!)

When I look back, one of the things that I most proud of is that I didn't get overly pissy during this time. I had accepted the reality but did not resign myself to less than what I could do.

Surprisingly, even though it was my slowest loop, the miles clicked by and I was surprised how quickly I found myself back on the bike path, heading to the finish. So kind as to end on an uphill, I walked to where the tree line started to give way to grass and parking lot and then I ran.

I ran the dam thing.

 photo 7EE586D3-2B64-430E-AD2D-D9B50946ACB0_zpsakoldgur.jpg

With the clock reading 6:06, just 6 minutes slower than my goal, and the mercury at 86 degrees, I sat down on a bench happy.

Volunteers asked me if I needed anything -- water, pizza -- but in that moment, there was nothing.
          AI – What Chief Compliance Officers Care About        

AI conference logo

Arguably, there are more financial institutions located in the New York metropolitan area than anywhere else on the planet, so it was only fitting for a conference on AI, Technology Innovation & Compliance to be held in NYC – at the storied Princeton Club, no less. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking at this one-day conference, and found the attendees’ receptivity to artificial intelligence (AI), and creativity in applying it, to be inspiring and energizing. Here’s what I learned.

CCOs Want AI Choices

As you might expect, the Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) attending the AI conference were extremely interested in applying artificial intelligence to their business, whether in the form of machine learning models, natural language processing or robotic process automation – or all three. These CCOs already had a good understanding of AI in the context of compliance, knowing that:

  • Working the sets of rules will not find “unknown unknowns”
  • They should take a risk-based approach in determining where and how to divert resources to AI-based methods in order to find the big breakthroughs.

All understood the importance of data, and how getting the data you need to provide to the AI system is job number one. Otherwise, it’s “garbage in, garbage out.” I also discussed how to provide governance around the single source of data, the importance of regular updating, and how to ensure permissible use and quality.

AI Should Explain Itself

Explainable AI (XAI) is a big topic of interest to me, and among the CCOs at the conference, there was an appreciation that AI needs to be explainable, particularly in the context of compliance with GDPR. The audience also recognized that their organizations need to layer in the right governance processes around model development, deployment, and monitoring––key steps in the journey toward XAI. I reviewed the current state of art of Explainable AI methods, and where their road leads to getting AI that is more grey-boxed.

Ethics and Safety Matter

In pretty much every AI conversation I have, ethics are the subject of lively discussion. The New York AI conference was no exception. The panel members and I talked about how any given AI system is not inherently ‘ethical’; it learns from the inputs it’s given. The modelers who build the AI system need to not pass sensitive data fields, and those same modelers need to examine if inadvertent biases are derived from the inputs in the training of the machine learning model.

Here, I was glad to be able to share some of the organizational learning FICO has accumulated over decades of work in developing analytic models for the FICO® Score, our fraud, anti-money laundering (AML) products and many others.

AI safety was another hot topic. I shared that although models will make mistakes and there needs to be a risk-based approach, machines are often better than human decision-making, such as autopilots on airplanes. Humans need to be there to step in if something is changing, to the degree that the AI system may not make an optimal decision. This could arise as a change in environment or data character.

In the end, an AI system will work with the data on which it has trained, and is trained to find patterns in it, but the model itself is not necessarily curious; the model is still constrained by the algorithm development, data posed in the problem, and the data it trains on.

Open Source Is Risky

Finally, the panel and I talked about AI software and development practices, including the risks of open source software and open source development platforms. I indicated that I am not a fan of open source, as it often leads to scientists using algorithms incorrectly, or relying on someone else’s implementation. Building an AI implementation from scratch, or from an open source development platform, gives data scientists more hands-on control over the quality of the algorithms, assumptions, and ultimately the AI model’s success in use.

I am honored to have been invited to participate in Compliance Week’s AI Innovation in Compliance conference. Catch me at my upcoming speaking events in the next month: The University of Edinburgh Credit Scoring and Credit Control XV Conference on August 30-September 1, and the Naval Air Systems Command Data Challenge Summit.

In between speaking gigs I’m leading FICO’s 100-strong analytics and AI development team, and commenting on Twitter @ScottZoldi. Follow me, thanks!

The post AI – What Chief Compliance Officers Care About appeared first on FICO.

          How To Check Your Google Search Results Globally        
Easy answer, use FireFox and the Google Global extension which lets you view results as shown on various Google search engine results page globally. Here's what you do:

1. Install FireFox and then Google Global extension. You'll probably be prompted to restart Firefox, that's normal.

2. Search on Google as per normal.

3. Right click anywhere on the search results page of Google and then choose "Search Google Global" and choose to view the results from either USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc..

Google Global,Firefox Extension
          Ewen Chia Lenses On Squidoo And The Stats        
Ewen Chia,Squidoo,Squidoo Lens,Autopilot Profits Review,Autopilot ProfitsMy early stats on Ewen Chia lenses at Squidoo is encouraging.

31 visits in 7 days broken down as follows:

1. Ewen Chia - 9 visits

2. Autopilot Profits Review - 9 visits

3. Autopilot Profits Ewen Chia - 6 visits

4. Review Of Autopilot Profits | Ewen Chia Review - 4 visits

5. Ewen Chia's Autopilot Profits - 3 visits

This brings the total to 31 visits, sweet!
          Ewen Chia, An Introduction        
Ewen ChiaEwen Chia, the author of Autopilot Profits (see my review of Autopilot Profits) is a famous Internet Marketer but only some have attempted to find his secret formula for success. I decided to uncover the reasons for his success so that everyone can understand what it takes to make it big in the online marketing industry.

Luck & Hard Work: Ewen Chia loves music composing and he accidentally stumbled into Internet Marketing while searching for a channel to promote his songs. You can call it coincidence or serendipity but I feel this guy followed his passion and discovered the virtual goldmine of online marketing. It is clear that good luck alone is not sufficient since there is plenty of evidence that Ewen Chia toiled extremely hard. It was reported that for five long years from 1997 to 2002, Ewen Chia toiled every night between 11pm to 3am while juggling a permanent job. This is definitely another factor contributing to his success.

Excellent Financial Practices: Before becoming a success, Ewen Chia had appalling money habits chalking up massive credit card bills exceeding sixteen thousand dollars per month. He changed his money habits as he grew successful and now safely puts away in excess of half of his earnings. That must be a considerable amount of cash and is beyond doubt one of the reasons for his success.

Master List Builder: Ewen Chia struck gold with Autopilot Profits and now has a mammoth list of subscribers that is practically a way to print money on demand as we all know that the money is indeed in the list. A list of subscribers in a market with high demand is another ingredient in his formula for success.

Love For Learning: The thing that struck me most was Ewen Chia's dedication and love for education. Apparently, he spent over fifty thousand dollars to educate himself and he considers this to be his greatest investment ever. This is one more reason of his success, Ewen Chia loves to learn.

That's it, Ewen Chia's 4 secrets of success.

If there is one product from Ewen Chia that you should check out then it is Autopilot Profits, the very same thing that sky-rocketed Ewen Chia into a great marketer. Do check it out and ignore Ewen’s messy homepage and blinky graphics.
          Ewen Chia's Autopilot Profits        
Ewen Chia's Autopilot ProfitsWhat is Ewen Chia's Autopilot Profits? Simply put, it is a a guide to make money online as an affiliate promoting products to a 'hungry' market. What Ewen Chia does is lay out the step-by-step guide on how to do that in the following manner:

1. Providing an overview of how to succeed in affiliate marketing and what are the four vital pieces to the puzzle.

2. How to find a hungry market and what makes a niche viable.

3. What is a good product for the hungry market and how to easily source a product.

4. How to market the product online and generate traffic as well as sales.

5. How to set everything in autopilot. Honestly, this chapter is short on details.

Free Tools Of Ewen Chia's Autopilot Profits

Regardless, whether you check out Autopilot Profits or not, here's a list of free tools mentioned with Autopilot Profits so you can use them for your own marketing.

  1. Niche Bot Classic

  2. Wordtracker Free Keywords Tool

  3. SEO Tools - PageRank Search

  4. Clickbank

  5. ELance

  6. GoDaddy

  7. Tiny URL

  8. Google AdWords

  9. Blogger

  10. Squidoo

  11. INetGiant

  12. USFreeAds

  13. Ezine Articles

  14. Go Articles

  15. Article City

  16. Web Pro News

  17. Article Alley

  18. Article Sphere

Autopilot Profits is definitely for beginners. Check out Autopilot Profits here.
          A Few Thoughts About Bill, the Hood, the Hill, and the City        
The news seems to be well known at this point, but I will still note here officially that Bill Walsh, known colloquially in these parts as Mr. JDLand, died on Wednesday of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, a rotten cancer of the bile ducts and liver made more rotten by the frequency with which it isn't found until it has spread.

I won't run down his biography here, especially since the fabulous Washington Post obituary does a great job sketching the portrait of the "rock star" of copy editors. And my grief-soaked Facebook farewell gives a hint of the heartbreak I am not only now facing, but have lived with for the past nine months, knowing that it was highly unlikely this cancer was going to be beat.

But I wanted to ruminate for a moment or two about the part Bill played in JDLand, and not just as the chauffeur on that fateful day in January 2003 when I took the series of photos that really started this adventure.

When Bill moved to this area from Phoenix in 1989, he lived in Alexandria at first, but with a commute to the Washington Times building on New York Avenue, NE, he was soon drawn to Capitol Hill, and found a place not far from Eastern Market. The Hill of the 1990s, of course, had a very different feel than today, as did the entire city, but he fell in love with the walkability, and even the slight edginess of the time.

While I had been born on the Hill, my family had left the area when I was a toddler and when we came back we settled in Chevy Chase, so while I very much considered myself a Washington-area native, I was pretty firmly ensconced in the world of Upper Northwest, Bethesda, and points west and north. Sure, I had spent more than my fair share of time at the original 9:30 Club on F Street, drank yards of beer at the old Tiber Creek Pub (where Bistro Bis now resides), served two summers as a Hill intern, worked at a couple of jobs near 16th and K, and wasn't a-feered of going downtown in the late 1980s and early 1990s as many of my cohorts were, but it still just really wasn't part of my orbit.

Until in April 1993, when I met a guy living on Capitol Hill.

By 1995, we had bought our house on the south side of the Hill, much to the chagrin of many people who thought we were crazy to buy in such an "unsafe" place, a feeling that intensified for many who came to our housewarming party via the 6th Street exit off the freeway who were not happy to be greeted by the boarded up shells of the old Ellen Wilson Dwellings and the only slightly less foreboding, not-yet-boarded up Capper apartment buildings.

But we loved it. We loved walking the neighborhood for hours. We loved Eastern Market. We loved walking to the Hawk n Dove or the Tune Inn or La Lomida Dos. We loved going to open houses just to look. We loved the House and Garden Tour. We loved being 10 minutes from National Airport. We loved seeing the Capitol just as part of the neighborhood landscape.

And we loved watching it change, as it really began to in the early 2000s. Somewhere on his hard drive is actually a running list, going back to well before we arrived, of which businesses occupied which addresses on Pennsylvania Avenue and on Barracks Row. He loved telling people about how 8th Street had transformed from "our little slice of Queens" to the restaurant row it is today.

Then I extended the boundaries of our interest when I started hearing about the various plans to transform the blocks south of the freeway, an area we rarely ventured into and in fact would sometimes jokingly subreference Bonfire of the Vanities when telling people how to get back to the freeway and "safety": DON'T GO UNDER THE OVERPASS.

When I get asked to tell the story of how I began to follow the neighborhood, I almost always mention how Bill and I used to stand on 3rd Street and look southward under the freeway to catch a glimpse of the Anacostia River, and how we used to say to each other, "Wouldn't it be great if someday we could walk down there from here and then along the river?" (which was usually followed by loud ironic guffaws) And then I was off on my one great hobby, watching Near Capitol Ballpark River Yards grow from nothing to what it is today.

Of course, through all of this, the rest of DC was changing too, and we became even more intensely in love with our city and what it offered. We ate at as many of the city's restaurants as we could. He began biking to and from work at the Post. We would walk to Caps games at the Verizon Center and then home. We Bikeshared. We Car to Go'ed. We Ubered. We waited for the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail to be extended. We walked to Nats games on a whim. We rode the H Street Streetcar on the first day. We reveled in referring to ourselves derisively as urban hipsters.

Much of our daily running messaging commentary to each other was news of what we had seen and heard--did you hear Hank's is opening on the Hill? The weird florist at 8th and E is gone! Matchbox is almost open! Wait, let me guess, you want to go to Morini again.

And in 2015, when he began a walking regime to combat a bit of fatigue that was probably a missed early sign of his cancer, his route covered all the bases--down 8th Street to the freeway, back up to Pennsylvania Avenue, down New Jersey under the freeway, over to 1st Street, down to the ballpark, along the river, and home. And I received bulletins all along the way of whatever he saw that was new. He became the first and only official JDLand stringer.

We just loved living here. Every minute of it.

A few weeks ago, I felt he was stable enough to allow me a little time to go take some Hood pics for the first time in a few months. It was a beautiful day, I was doing what I have loved doing for more than a decade now, and was on autopilot--until I looked at the large as-yet unleased corner retail space in one of the new buildings. And then I couldn't breathe. Because I knew it would be a restaurant, and would be a restaurant that he would never know about. That we would never eat at.

When my brother brought me home to the Hill after leaving the hospice center for the final time (I can't even believe Bill died in Arlington and not DC), we came across the 14th Street Bridge. I caught sight of the Wharf construction, and burst into tears.

We may not have been activists, or preservationists, or even particularly involved in the culture of the Hill and surroundings, but our neighborhood(s) infused every part of our days. These streets and buildings and businesses and history united us as much as our life at the Post, our love of travel, our cats, and our expert-level pop-culture referencing.

Now I just have to figure out how on earth to watch it all alone.

I will continue to pop in and out in the coming weeks, because he would not be pleased if JDLand was collateral damage in all of this, but it will take a long while before I return to full steam.

However, having moved through the aftermath of my mother's heartbreaking death three years ago, I do know that time heals, and what feel like machete strikes to my chest today will eventually be wistful pangs. There will come a time that roaming these streets will not smack me with what he is missing, but remind me of everything we shared and enjoyed so very much.

Tags: JDLand stuff


          The Afternoon Sound Alternative 06-20-2017 with Barry Roark        

The Bandana Splits- Sometimes - The Bandana Splits
Citizens Utilities- Northern Lights - No More Medicine
CHUMBAWAMBA- After Shelly - ReadyMades
New Model Army- Living AIn The Rose - The Love Of Hopeless Causes
Talking Heads- Unison Unfinished Outtake - Remain In Light Deluxe Version
Damaged Bug- The Cryptologist - Bunker Funk
Cocteau Twins- FiftyFifty Clown - Heaven Or Las Vegas Remastered
David Byrnes Meltdown- Love Is Blind - Atomic Bomb Live
Evolfo- Peachy - Last Of The Acid Cowboys
Slowdive- Rutti - Pygmalion
Roots Noir- Labrotronics Dub - Human Nature
CONSOLIDATED- Collect This - Collective
Cigarettes After Sex- Sweet - Cigarettes After Sex
Golden Boy W Miss Kittin- Autopilot - Or
Drop Nineteens- Winona - Delaware
Bana- Canta Cu Alma Magoada - Synthesize The Soul AstroAtlantic Hypnotica From The Cape Verde Islands 1973 1988
LSD And The Search For God- Elizabeth - Heaven Is A Place EP
Eels- Mystery Of Life - Tomorrow Morning
Ride- White Sands - Weather Diaries
Son Volt- Tear Stained Eye - A Retrospective 19952000
Animal Collective- Jimmy Mack - The Painters EP
The GoBetweens- Darlinghurst Nights - Oceans Apart
Adam Rosenthal- Fishermans Blues - Blue Fire
- voicebreak -
- Californiyeah - Threr
Brother Ali- It Aint Easy - All The Beauty In This Whole Life
Hot Chip- Boy From School Cosmic Sandwich Remix - Boy From School The Mixes
Citizen Cope- Mistaken ID - Citizen Cope
Metronomy- The Look - The Look EP
Mac DeMarco- Watching Him Fade Away - This Old Dog
Various Artists- Sagitarius Black - Fallin Off The Reel Vol 3
Cut Copy- Strangers In The Wind - In Ghost Colours
Beach House- 10 Mile Stereo - BSides And Rarities
Organic Audio- Always The Sun wwwNettwerkcom - Last One Home

playlist URL:
          Samolot PB na zawodach w Chorwacji        

Studenci Politechniki Białostockiej startują w międzynarodowych zawodach samolotów udźwigowych "Air Cargo Challenge 2017" w Zagrzebiu w Chorwacji (7-12 sierpnia). Do finału zawodów zakwalifikowało się 36 drużyn z całego świata z Chin, Grecji, Portugalii, Hiszpanii, Turcji, Egiptu, Czech, Polski, Belgii, Włoch i Brazylii.

Zespoły miały za zadanie zbudowanie modelu samolotu udźwigowego spełniającego określone wymogi regulaminowe: każda drużyna w swojej konstrukcji musi zastosować silnik Axi Gold 2826/10 oraz śmigło APC 13x7 inches Sport. Punktowany jest pilotaż skonstruowanym modelem samolotu, zabronione jest wykorzystywania autopilota oraz innych systemów pokładowych stabilizujących lot. Ocenie podlega konstrukcja modelu (raport techniczny ) oraz lot (maksymalny podniesiony ciężar).

Wymiary modelu wykonanego przez Lotnicze Koło Naukowe z Wydziału Mechanicznego PB:

- rozpiętość skrzydeł - 3,1 m

- długość całkowita - 2,2 m

- wysokość całkowita - 0,76 m

- waga 3 kg.

Model całkowicie wykonany jest w technologii laminatowej, co pozwoliło osiągnąć niską masę przy zachowaniu wysokiej sztywności i wytrzymałości konstrukcji. Nowością udźwigowca skonstruowanego przez studentów PB jest zastosowanie klap szczelinowych znacząco zwiększających możliwości udźwigowe modelu w fazie startu oraz lądowania.

Zespół konstruktorów udźwigowca tworzą:

- dr inż. Adam Adamowicz - opiekun Lotniczego Koła Naukowego, główny konstruktor i wykonawca modelu samolotu udźwigowego,

- dr inż. Hubert Grzybowski - opiekun studentów na zawodach ACC 2017,

- Kamil Domysławski - student, pilot, wykonawca modelu samolotu udźwigowego,

- Paweł Dardziński - student, wykonawca modelu samolotu udźwigowego,

- Piotr Iwaniuk - student, wykonawca modelu samolotu udźwigowego.

Wyjazd na "Air Cargo Challenge 2017" do Zagrzebia dofinansowany został w ramach umowy z Prezydentem Białegostoku dotyczącej promocji miasta.

[nggallery id=798]

Artykuł Samolot PB na zawodach w Chorwacji pochodzi z serwisu .

          Ces machines qui seront autonomes avant l’automobile        
Lorsque l’on parle de systèmes de conduite autonome, on pense immédiatement à l’automobile : l’autopilote de Tesla, les prototypes Renault Next Two, les expérimentations d’Uber… Cependant, les voitures comptent parmi les appareils les plus difficiles à automatiser, étant donné leur rôle central dans nos sociétés et le nombre d’accrocs potentiels. Avant elles, de nombreuses machines seront capables […]
          today's leftovers        
  • Google Grabs Nielsen as Business Apps User From Microsoft

    For word processing and spreadsheets, Nielsen staff now uses Google Docs and Sheets instead of Microsoft’s Word and Excel applications from its familiar Office suite of software. For video conferencing and messaging, Nielsen dropped Microsoft’s Skype in favor of Google equivalents.

  • 3DR Solo Back as Open Source Platform

    Don’t play Taps for 3DR‘s Solo yet. 3DR’s CEO Chris Anderson tweeted today that the Solo is getting a second life.

    In an article title “The Solo Lives On,” on the ArduPilot Blog – ArduPilot is an opensource autopilot system – the team explains how a community of developers worked to give the Solo a “heart transplant.” The developer of the now-obselete Pixhawk 2.0 hardware flight system, the Solo’s stock system, has developed a bolt-on replacement which will allow for new ArduCopter firmware changes.

  • Bluetooth Mesh networks: Is a standards body right for IoT innovation?


    Mesh networks are not new. It is a network topology in which each node relays data for the network. All mesh nodes cooperate in the distribution of data in the network. The IoT-purpose-built Zigbee—a low-power, low-bandwidth ad hoc network—is a mesh network. Dating to 2002, Aruba Networks was founded to build Wi-Fi mesh networks. In 2014, student protesters in Hong Kong used mobile app FireChat to turn the crowd’s smartphones into a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mesh network so authorities could not interrupt protester’s coordinating conversations by blocking 3G and 4G network access.

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          Your Cheatin' Heart        
I don’t get to have a girls’ weekend with my girlfriends in Oklahoma very often. For some reason, Carlie was very anxious about me going down to Margie’s house for the weekend. I used to travel for work, and they stay with their grandparents all the time, so I wasn’t sure what was up.

Finally the day before I was ready to go, I was working at night on my laptop at the kitchen table. Carlie sits down next to me with a bowl of cereal. I was concentrating on my work, so I wasn’t really paying attention.

Eventually she says “Mom, about this weekend….” On autopilot I reply “What?” Then she said “Please don’t cheat on Dad while you’re gone, okay?”

Now THAT got my attention. I told her “First of all, I would NEVER cheat on your Dad. And why on earth would you worry about that anyway?” Carlie said “Well you said you were going to go down there and have a good time, and I was just worried you’d cheat on him.”

So I finally get to Margie’s. We talk until 1am. I wake up in the middle of the night in a strange bed and someone is in bed with me snoring so loudly it actually woke me up!  The is something warm pressed up against me.

I feel around and it is Margie’s Boston Terrier named Murphy. LOL.

When I get home, I told Carlie. “I hate to tell you this.   But at Margie’s house, I spent the night with Murphy and I had to kick him out of bed because he was snoring so loudly!!”

For just a second her eyes got wide, and then she narrowed them and said “Don’t mess with me Mom. I think Murphy is a dog.” Smart cookie

          Fall update        

The sailing season is almost done. I have not blogged as much as I would have like to, so here is an overview.   We sailed some in April and May in Afton.  In June we only made the trip to lake Pepin and back.  The rest of June and half of July we did not sail, mainly due to high water and high winds. Mid-July we took the boat to Lake Superior  for two weeks. When we returned home with the boat, we had it on lake Minnetonka for 5 weeks before trailering it back to Afton for the rest of the season. After spending some time sailing at Lake Minnetonka, we considered the pros and cons of keeping a boat at Lake Minnetonka next Summer, and recently decided to go for it. Next Summer we'll be on a mooring ball in Wayzata Bay, with the Wayzata Yacht Club . We will be racing, or trying to anyway.
I also spent three days sailing on Jeff Owens' boat on Lake Superior, a trip that included another boat, with a total of 6 sailors. I have been racing at Wayzata the whole Summer with maybe a few races yet this year. Most of this racing has been done with Wayzata Yacht Club members Fred and Nancy on their boat Stinger. I have been learning a lot from the racing.

We have been able to upgrade the main sail and get a new larger jib, and also rig the boat with a spinnaker. The spinnaker still needs some modifications in order to work right. The new jib is untested as of today, but hope to do so next weekend. Earlier this year we added an autopilot to the boat and a bigger solar panel.

We have not sailed as much as we would have liked, but have had lots of great days on the boat with friends and family. In the coming weeks we will close it back up for another winter.

Sailing on Jeff's boat on the big lake

Going fast on the trailer kinda
The weather is nice up here

using the crane for the first time

As an adult, I thought it was funny, because WHO KEEPS BUTT CREAM NEXT TO THEIR TOOTHPASTE?

Well. Funny story...

I would like to present an Apples & Trees ProductionTM** (the first of many, I'm assuming)

I present, my own Desitin toothpaste moment:

Genevieve was a baby. I had cut my hair short while I was pregnant, and spiked it using hair glue. This exact hair glue, in fact:

For your reference, I do keep my hair products on a shelf, next to...

... My toothpaste. Which looked this:

I'm sure you can guess what came next. I unscrewed the cap and started to squeeze the tube, and that was when I looked down and realized that it was hair glue I was applying to my toothbrush. It was in that moment, where I Understood, and I felt solidarity of a whole, new kind with my mom. And maybe also some real empathy, since You Can't Really Know Until You Know.

So, to all the tired mothers, Happy Mother's Day, from my family to yours. But most of all, to my own amazing mom.


... And keep the diaper cream FAR from your toothpaste.

(Just to be safe, you may want to have your coffee before you brush your teeth.)

**  Apples & Trees ProductionsTM, brought to you by Apples Who Do Not Fall Far From Their Trees
          Uudet Kai-Mei-sukat         

Minun lempisukkani ovat edelliset Kai-Mei-sukat, jotka tein keväällä 2011. En ole raaskinut kävellä niillä, mutta nukun niissä jatkuvasti. Ne ovat miellyttävimmän tuntuiset sukat ikinä ja minua hieman harmittaa, ettei Punta Yarnsin Merisockia enää saa mistään, mutta onneksi minulla on kolme vyyhtiä jemmassa. Olen tästä vyyhdistä yrittänyt neuloa muita sukkamalleja, mutta tulin kesällä siihen tulokseen, että miksi yrittää väkisin muuta, kun varmasti toimiva ratkaisu on olemassa. Joten päätin neuloa toisen version lempisukistani varaunisukiksi.

Projekti: Kai-Mei II (Ravelry)
Ohje: Kai-Mei by Cookie A (Sock Innovation)
Koko: noin 36
Lanka: Punta Yarns Merisock Space Dyed
Menekki: noin 80 grammaa
Puikot: KnitPro Symfonie 2,25 mm 15 cm sukkapuikot

Kai-Mei-ohje on Cookie A.:n sukkakirjassa Sock Innovation ja varmaan monelle tuttu Suloisimmat sukat suomeksi. Minulla on molemmat Cookien kirjat alkuperäiskielellä, joten en varmaksi lupaa, mikä se on suomeksi. Kuitenkin ihana kirja, ihana malli ja ihanat sukat. Se on suurelta osin autopilottineulomista kokeneelle neulojalle, mutta pitsikuvion aloitus on oikeastaan ainoa asia, joka vaatii oikeasti huomiota. Lopputulos on juuri sellainen, mitä odotin, aivan täydellisesti istuva ihana sukkapari.

Merisockissa on vain viisi prosenttia nylonia, joten minun sukissani sillä tuskin olisi mitään mahdollisuutta sukkalankana. Kävelen puhki Wollmeise Twinin ja Cascade Yarns Heritagen viikoissa ja monta muuta pehmeää sukkalankaa kuukausissa. Käytössäni kestävät lähinnä tavalliset Regiat ja Drops Fabel kunnolla ja Austemannin Step kestää sekin useita vuosia. Onneksi olen rutinoitunut sukkienvaihtamisessa ennen sängystä nousemista ja unisukat kestävät, mutta monet pilliintyvät ja nyppyyntyvät, mutta ne liki viisi vuotta vanhat Kai-Meit näyttävät edelleen upeilta.
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          Comment on Introducing libgwibber, lets make the Desktop social! by kenvandine        
Whoops, fixed that. Shouldn't it complain about using the deprecated API? I must have been on autopilot and typed gtk_ instead of g_, and didn't think twice because it worked.
          Sensing Mind        
(Part of an ongoing series on mindfulness.)

Sensing mind is the part of us which is pure experiencing.  We see, we hear, we feel, but we don't judge.  At the moment that we are in sensing mind, we are not judging.  We are probably not worrying.  We are probably not feeling despair.  We are just in touch with our senses.

Sometimes with patients, as I am trying to get them to focus on the present, I will ask them, "How does that chair feel?"  (I have two green wingback chairs in my office.)  Usually, the client will say that it feels soft and comfortable.  I then go on to ask them to notice other sensory stimuli in the room at that moment--the lighting, the air temperature, and so on.  When focusing on these, we are not focused on whether we will be able to pay the taxes six months from now.  We are not focused on what our lab tests will show next Friday.  We are just sensing.

I want to oversimplify a little here.  Pure sensing is direct and bypasses the emotional centers of the brain.  It is in someway a focussing process based on the occipital cortex, the auditory cortex, and the sensory motor strip of the brain.  It is not focussed on the limbic system.

What are some of the things which I might sense directly?
Blue sky
Green grass
The color red on a car or anywhere else
Yellow traffic lines
The colors of flowers
The color of my wife's eyes
The smell of roses, or of food
The taste of food or drink
The soft feeling of a chair
The feeling of acceleration in a fast car.
A cool breeze.
And so on.

Mindfulness therapy teaches people to do things, sense things, see things, etc. in a deliberate way.  All too often we lives our lives on autopilot.  We don't slow down to really taste our food or to really see our environment.

The value of sensing mind is in part how it can distract us from painful emotions.  In addition, it produces pleasure.  There is pleasure in sound, in light, in color, in contrast, in texture, in smell, in taste, and so on.  Our autopilot selves know little of this.  Our autopilot selves live in an abstract world: turn left, take care of that letter to insurance, see 9 AM patient, return telephone call, and so on, as we tick off a list of things to do.  I'm not saying that such a list may not necessary or helpful; it just produces little pleasure.  Yesterday, as I walked my dog, I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in a long time.  It looked like the sky above the horizon was on fire.  I tried to take it all in.  I just focused on the color, and the variations of colors.  It was quite enjoyable.

Related to Sensing Mind is what I would refer to as "Aesthetic Mind." There is a major difference between just seeing colors and seeing a Renaissance Botticelli of a Madonna and Child. Much more is coming into play in the mind besides color or even color and form.  When we see or listen to something which is complex, then a whole new level of beauty is added.

Music can range from the relatively simple delights of the sensing mind (the sound of birds, or a simple but pleasant childrens' song) to something quite complex and aesthetic.  I would suggest for example, listening to Barber's Adagio for Strings as an example.  Experiencing such a piece of music goes beyond pure sensing to something more, something transcendent.  And again, there is pleasure, and there is distraction from unpleasant emotions.

Note: In addition to seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting, there are internal sense states--proprioceptive and kinesthetic sense states. I want to acknowledge that there are some situations where paying attention to stimuli, particularly internal stimuli, might actually make things worse. For example, being aware of our internal sensations (such as heart racing, stomach churning, heavy breathing) can actually heighten anxiety during panic attacks. Being aware of some external stimuli (e.g., hearing people talking) might heighten anxiety or paranoia. I will deal with this problem a little later on in a different blog.
          Mindfulness Concept #3: Awareness of the Sensory World Around You        
As I work with clients to get them out of their (sometimes seemingly endless) rumination about the past and the future, I sometimes ask them, "How soft is your chair?"  My chairs in my office are reasonable comfortable and soft, albeit somewhat worn from years and years of patients sitting in them.  The answer is invariably something like, "It's fine."  I then follow up with, "How's the room temperature?"  And again, the answer is usually something like, "It's okay."  And so on.  "Are you hungry, or are you satisfied right now?" I may ask.  Sometimes my patient is aware of hunger, sometimes not.

Why do I do this?  To point out that in the instant they are assessing the softness of the chair, the warmth or coolness of the room, and the state of hunger or satiety, they are no imaginary monsters stalking them.  There is no monster from the past making them feel guilty for what they have done or not done ("should statements" or reverse fortune telling).  There is no monster from the future about what might happen (catastrophizing).  There are only the awareness of the present. 

This is sometimes referred to as "getting off of autopilot."  Sometimes, a mindfulness approach by Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn is just to help someone eat one raisin with full awareness--without being on autopilot.

I had mentioned in a previous blog one of the techniques I use to heighten my sensory awareness.  I ask myself, what would I paint in the scene before me?  As I look around my study right now, I can ask myself that question.  Is it the cluttered stack of mail in front of me?  Probably not.  I look at the Poinsettia slightly past its prime.  Would I paint it?  Not in the state that it is in, but then I notice the lovely redness in some of the leaves.  I had totally overlooked that when I walked in the room and when I started typing!  At the moment, I find no clear subject, but I also realize that with just a little rearranging, there are actually many possible subjects.  I am also aware of the many little pieces of art, none of which are expensive, but all of which have some interest in them.  With just a slight rotation of the Poinsettia and a leaf fallen on the desk below it, maybe it would made a good painting after all.

Why is this important?  Because there is a tendency for us to go on autopilot.  We have so many things.  We work hard for a life of many things, and then we ignore them.   We continue striving.  And striving is good in some ways.  But I do not believe that it is good for us when we only strive to have more, but cannot take the time to appreciate what we then have. 

Our senses are a way out of our mindless striving.  Why do I refer to it as "mindless" striving?  It is mindless because we are often on autopilot.  And it is mindless to acquire things just so that we can ignore them.  It is mindless to strive without having a good reason to strive.  It is mindless to strive but then not enjoy the fruits of our labors.

In a previous blog, I referred to the thin tropical island of the present.  In that world, our senses help us to get in touch with the physical reality around us.  When we are looking, we can really look at the present.  When we are listening, we can really hear the present.  When we touch something, we can really feel it.  Or taste it, or smell it.  And when we are doing that then are almost always in the present and out of the clutches of the real or imagined demons of the past and future.
          X-37B ponovo na Zemlji        

Nakon 718 dana provedenih u svemiru na Zemlju se pomoću autopilota vratio robot američke vojske – letjelica X-37B. Slijetanje je obavljeno na pistu Kennedyeva svemirskog centra na Floridi u ponedjeljak, 07. svibnja u 13:47 po našem vremenu (11:47 UTC). To je četvrta misija letjelice X-37B. Kako je cijeli ovaj program [...]

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          Auto FOREX Reviews Reading Chart Forex Information        

Chart Forex
Patterns : Chart Forex, How To Trade

Now that we have learned the basics of technical analysis and
multi time frame analysis the

next thing we will look at is chart
patterns in the forex
, futures and stock markets.

patterns are what technical traders look for on historical
price charts to help them determine what the current supply and demand forces
are, and how prices may be affected as a result.


In our previous lessons on trends and support and resistance,
we have already identified several of the most basic
chart patterns
which traders use to place trades.

As you remember from these lessons, some of the more common
patterns are up trends (bullish pattern), which when we view on a chart
we identify with a potential buying opportunity, and down
trends (bearish pattern), which we identify as potential selling opportunities.


Although support and resistance are not classified as chart
there are many
chart patterns
which are associated with identifying support
and resistance, and we will start by examining the most basic of these patterns.

Double Tops:

A double top is a reversal chart pattern which is defined by
a chart where a financial instrument makes a run up to a particular level, then
drops back from that level, then makes a second run at that level, and then
finally drops back off again.

In its most basic sense what the double top pattern is saying
about supply and demand forces is that demand is out pacing supply (buyers are
winning) up to the first top causing prices to rise, and then the equation flips
and demand is no longer out pacing supply (sellers are winning) causing prices
to fall.

After then falling back the buyers make another run at the same
price and then after failing to break that level for a second time, sellers
take control and keep the upper hand causing prices to sell of even more dramatically
after the second top than they did after the first.

For double bottoms the reverse is true.

A double bottom is also a reversal pattern in the futures, forex,
or stock

markets which is the exact opposite of a double top.


To form a double bottom a financial instrument makes a run down to a particular level, then trades up from that level then makes a second run down to at or near the same level as the first bottom, and then finally trades back up again.


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Forex AutoPilot

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          I am flying on a star into a meteor tonight        
Because I let my blog die for so long, I have missed out on some important album reviews. I will attempt to make up for all of these overlooked albums.

R.E.M. -- Collapse into Now

This album was released several months ago, so I've had plenty of time to listen to it. Everyone knows that R.E.M. is my favorite band of all time, and with their last album, Accelerate, the band sort of returned to big rock and guitars, with excellent results. Early word on Collapse into Now was that the album would be very eclectic, pulling from many of R.E.M.'s sounds throughout the years. And that's exactly what it is--an album with some hard-rocking songs, some plaintive ballads, and some complicated melodies. One critic I read said that Collapse into Now sounds like R.E.M. doing cover versions of R.E.M. songs, but I think that is an unfair criticism. When a band has been around for 29 years, some sounds are bound to come up again. I think that Collapse into Now is a great album filled with some great songs, and yes, of course it sounds like R.E.M. It is R.E.M.

As an added bonus, the band commissioned videos for each song on the album--some are "lyric videos," some are proper music videos, and some are short, abstract films.

Some highlights:

Opening song "Discoverer" really puts the album in Accelerate mode, with Peter Buck's excellent guitar work, and then Michael Stipe's first words of "Hey baby" brings us back to Monster territory, a wonderful place to be. The shouting of the chorus, the sort of off-rhythm phrasings--a great combination for a great first song. (Video)

"ÜBerlin" is a strange and beautiful song. I've posted the video before, which features British actor Aaron Johnson doing a strange dance through the streets, and the band also released a rather hypnotic lyric video. This song features a very interesting verse structure, coupled with a soaring chorus that I can easily picture thousands of people singing along to at a concert. "ÜBerlin" is fantastic, one of the highlights of the album. "I am flying on a star, star, star."

The first ballad of the album arrives with "Oh My Heart," which is a tribute to New Orleans. The music features Out of Time staples like mandolins and accordions, and the chorus has such a haunting harmony, with just the simple words "Oh my heart." As Michael sings, "it's sweet, and it's sad, and it's true." Lovely. (Video) (Lyric video)

I am not sure what the "it" in "It Happened Today," but the song is gorgeous. It starts with Stipe making fun of his own bad rhymes, while the music builds up with strumming strings. The mid-tempo beat kicks in, with Stipe's spot-on vocals singing "I have earned my voice." The song eventually builds to a reflective crescendo of voices (with Eddie Vedder on back-up). (The video is strange and interesting.)

The first radio single is the driving and fun "Mine Smell Like Honey," which sounds like classic R.E.M. meets Accelerate. Simply a great R.E.M. song. (Video)

The strangest, most lyrically fun, most danceable song on the album is the brilliantly titled "Alligator, Aviator, Autopilot, Antimatter," which features back-up vocals by electro-goddess Peaches. (And the video is simply bizarre, but worth checking out.) I love the pounding beat, the yelling background vocals, and everything about the chorus. "Hey hey alligator, you've got a lot to learn."

And one of R.E.M.'s most pop-rock love songs ever, "That Someone is You," just makes me smile. From the earnest feelings of the chorus to the references to "Sharon Stone, Casino" and "Scarface Al Pacino," this little under-two-minute song flies by in a rush of joy. "You pulled me up and out of cartoon quicksand."

These are the highlights for me. Collapse into Now does not break new ground for R.E.M. Instead, the band has realized what they do best and put some fresh spins on it.

          The Best Niche Market to Make $100,000 per Month with a Clickbank Ready Website and 3 Myths about Niche Selection        

Selecting a niche when writing an info product to start selling on clickbank can be challenging. Contrary to some myths about niche selection, popular niches like the money making niche can be an excellent niche to choose from. If you are just learning about running an autopilot business on clickbank, outsourcing can be a fantastic way to make your dreams come true and at the same time become successful. Continue reading to find out how we can help with the creation of an info product which is specifically custom made for clickbank...

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Membership sites can be a pain when you do not understand the technical side involved. Let us help you create your own customized membership site and leave all the technical side out of it. Just provide your content and promote it, and you will never need to deal with a single line of code...

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          Cyan in the Atlantic        
So far the Atlantic is on the bottom of our list of ocean passages! We just passed halfway last night so we have about 1100 more miles to go before we reach Antigua, cross our earlier path and complete our circumnavigation.

It hasn't been dangerous but has been a lot of work holding on and changing sail configurations and trying to sleep! We have had lots of "washing machine" mixed swell and waves from several directions. Until last night we had 20 knots usually unless we were going thru a weather cell and then all hell breaks lose!!! Actually, it's not as bad as thunderstorms...we just got old!! We should have clocked more than 120 miles a day going 6-7 knots but we are going way up and down and also zigzagging back and forth under the windvane in swooshy seas. The windvane has held the course awesomely! And another boat like our out here has had situations of the autopilot not holding the course so we really appreciate the Hydrovane.

These first days haven't all been weary...we did have 3 very nice sailing days and the nights have been bright with incredible moonlight. I tried and could actually read my Kindle by it!!! I do use big print on the Kindle. Books, Podcasts, music and ipad games keep us busy until time to try and sleep.

Now we are at 17 06 N, 44 15 W and have under 10 knots of wind in 3' seas [still jerky] so we are going walking speed, 3-4 knots or mph for the lubbers. Now, we find out that there is some weather system sucking all the wind into the Caribbean and it's gonna be "slow to NO" for who knows how long. All the other boats in our "net pod" stretched across the Atlantic, have had rain except us so we are nice and salty. One big breaker exploded right beside the boat when 3 12' crests seem to come together...that was exciting and left us salty. Shoulda heard me scream! We have had short waves...walls of water come upon us...up to 15' high and we slide down them like some sort of tilt-a-whirl. It has been exciting to watch us go up as they slip under us and 2-3 more are right behind them coming from different directions twisting the boat from side to side. This isn't as sloppy as rounding Sri Lanka but it's not something we wanna do for many days and nights. We think we may have left too early for the trade winds to get all "set in" but, if we weren't willing to gamble we wouldn't be here!

We have not seen any other being for 1100 miles except flying fish [about 3 a day on deck] and seabirds. No fish yet and we have been trying. This is no shipping zone! Good thing we have our net of other voyagers to talk to and compare weather notes.

At least today it's calm enough and we are having our thanksgiving dinner of baked chicken breast over seafood stuffing, baked yams, waldorf salad and Champaign! We are thankful for so much. We did have a little service from the prayer book on first sunday in Advent. It's is always an awesome and spiritual experience to be on an ocean passage. This adventure will make for a meaningful Christmas, if we make it by then!

Thanks for the prayers and wishes of encouragement. It means a lot to know folks are thinking of us. There is a lot of time to reflect during passages, and things come into perspective. There is just nothing like it and even if this passage was our best, and not at the bottom, we would treasure it. It's something few get to experience. Life will never be the same.

Lynn and Chuck on CYAN

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for information see:
          Datanauts 048: App Performance On Autopilot With Turbonomic (Sponsored)        
In this sponsored episode, the Datanauts talk with Turbonomic (formerly VMTurbo) about its application performance control platform for virtualization and cloud environments that lets you put application performance on auto-pilot The post Datanauts 048: App Performance On Autopilot With Turbonomic (Sponsored) appeared first on Packet Pushers.
          Three Signs You've Put Your Career On Autopilot        
It’s easy to become complacent in your current circumstances, to trade comfort for challenges and mistake staleness for stability. Here are three signs that you may need to switch off the autopilot on your career.
          My Experiences with DevOps while Working in Bing Ads        

Up until a few months ago, the term DevOps was simply another buzzword which filled my Twitter feed that evoked a particular idea but wasn’t really concrete to me. Similar to other buzzwords related to software development such as NoSQL and Agile, it is hard to pin down what the definitive definition of the term is just what it wasn’t. If you aren’t familiar with DevOps, a simple definition is that the goal of DevOps is to address this common problem when building online services

The Big Switch

A couple of months ago, my work group took what many would consider a rather extreme step in eliminating this wall between developers and operations. Specifically, Bing Ads transitioned away from the traditional Microsoft engineering model of having software design engineers (aka developers), software design engineers in test (testers) and service operations (ops) and merged all of these roles into a single engineering role. As it states in the Wikipedia entry for DevOps, the adoption of DevOps was driven by the following trends

  1. Use of agile and other development processes and methodologies
  2. Demand for an increased rate of production releases from application and business unit stakeholders
  3. Wide availability of virtualized and cloud infrastructure from internal and external providers
  4. Increased usage of data center automation and configuration management tools

All of these trends already applied to our organization before we made the big switch to merge the three engineering disciplines into a DevOps role. We’d already embraced the Agile development model complete with two to four week sprints, daily scrums, burn-down charts, and senior program managers playing the role of the product owner (although we use the term scenario owner). Given our market position as the underdog to Google in search and advertising, our business leaders always wants to ship more features, more quickly while maintaining high product quality. In addition, there’s a ton of peer pressure for all of us at Microsoft to leverage internal tools Windows Azure and Autopilot for as much of our cloud services needs as possible instead of rolling our own data centers and hardware configurations.

Technically our organization was already committed to DevOps practices before we made the transition that eliminated roles. However the what the organization realized is that a bigger change to the culture was needed for us to get the most value out of these practices. The challenge we faced is that the organizational structure of separate roles for developers, testers and operations tends to create these walls where one role feels their responsibility is for a certain part of the development cycle and then tosses the results of their efforts down stream to the next set of folks in the delivery pipeline. Developers tended to think their job was to write code and quality was the role of testers. Testers felt their role was to create test frameworks and find bugs then deployment was the role of the operations team. The operations team tended to think their role was keeping the live site running without the ability to significantly change how the product was built. No matter how open and collaborative the people are on your team, these strictly defined roles create these walls. My favorite analogy for this situation is like comparing two families who are on a diet trying to lose weight and one of them has fruit, veggies and healthy snacks in the pantry while the other has pop tarts, potato chips, chocolate and ice cream in theirs. No matter how much will power the latter family has, they are more likely to “cheat” on their diet than the first family because they have created an environment that makes it harder for them to do the right thing.


The benefits of fully embracing DevOps are fairly self-evident so I won’t spend time on discussing the obvious benefits that have been beaten to death elsewhere. I will talk about the benefits I’ve seen in our specific case of merging the 3 previous engineering roles into a single one. The most significant change is the cultural change towards how we view automation of every step related to deployment and monitoring. It turns out that there is a big difference when approaching a problem from the perspective of taking away people’s jobs (i.e. automating what the operations team does) versus making your team more effective (i.e. reducing the amount of time the engineering team spends on operational tasks that can be automated thus giving us more time to work on features that move the business forward). This has probably the biggest surprise, although obvious in hindsight, as well as the biggest benefit.

We’ve also begun to see faster time to resolve issues from build breaks to features failing in production due to fact that the on-call person (we call them Directly Responsible Individuals or DRIs) is now a full member of the engineering team who is expected to be capable of debugging and fixing issues encountered as part of being on-call. This is an improvement from prior models where the operations team were the primary folks on-call and would tend to pull in the development team as a last resort outside of business hours.  

As a program manager (or product manager if you’re a Silicon Valley company), I find it has made my job easier since I have fewer people to talk to because we’ve consolidated engineering managers. No longer having to talk to an development manager separately from the manager of systems engineers separately from a test manager has made communication far more efficient for me.


There are a number of risks with any organization taking the steps that we have at Bing Ads. The biggest risk is definitely attrition especially at a company like Microsoft where these well-defined roles have been a part of the culture for decades and are still part & parcel of how the majority of the company does business. A number of people may feel that this is a bait and switch on their career plans with the new job definitions not aligning with how they saw their roles evolving over time. Others may not mind that as much but may simply feel that their skills may not be as valuable in the new world especially as they now need to learn a set of new skills. I’ve had one simple argument when I’ve met people with this mindset. The first is that DevOps is here to stay. The industry trends that have had more and more companies from Facebook and Amazon to Etsy and Netflix blurring the lines between developers, test engineers and operations staff will not go away. Companies aren’t going to want to start shipping less frequently nor will they want to bring back manual deployment processes instead of automating as much as possible. The skills you learn in a DevOps culture will make you more broadly valuable wherever they find their next role whether it is a traditional specialized engineering structure or in a DevOps based organization.

Other places where we’re still figuring things out are best practices around ownership of testing. We currently try to follow a “you build it, you test it, you deploy it” culture as much as possible although allowing any dev to deploy code has turned out to be bit more challenging than we expected since we had to ensure we do not run afoul of the structures we had in place to stay compliant with various regulations. Testing your own code is one of topics where many in the industry have come out against as being generally a bad idea. I remember arguments from my college classes from software engineering professors about the blind spots developers have about their software requiring the need for dedicated teams to do testing. We do have mitigations in place such as test plan reviews and code reviews to ensure there are alternate pairs of eyes looking at the problem space not just the developer who created the functionality. There is also the school of thought that since the person who wrote the code will likely be the person woken up in the middle of the night if it goes haywire at an inopportune moment, there is a sense of self preservation that will cause more diligence to be applied to the problem than was the case in the previous eras of boxed software which is when most of the anti-developer testing arguments were made.

Further Reading


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          Managing Large Web Server Farms: Microsoft's AutoPilot        

Whenever you read stories about how Web companies like Facebook have 10,000 servers including 1800 database servers or that Google has one million servers, do you ever wonder how the system administrators that manage these services deal with deployment, patching, failure detection and system repair without going crazy? This post is the first in a series of posts that examines some of the technologies that successful Web companies use to manage large Web server farms.

Last year, Michael Isard of Microsoft Research wrote a paper entitled Autopilot: Automatic Data Center Management which describes the technology that Windows Live and Live Search services have used to manage their server farms. The abstract of his paper is as follows

Microsoft is rapidly increasing the number of large-scale web services that it operates. Services such as Windows Live Search and Windows Live Mail operate from data centers that contain tens or hundreds of thousands of computers, and it is essential that these data centers function reliably with minimal human intervention. This paper describes the first version of Autopilot, the automatic data center management infrastructure developed within Microsoft over the last few years. Autopilot is responsible for automating software provisioning and deployment; system monitoring; and carrying out repair actions to deal with faulty software and hardware. A key assumption underlying Autopilot is that the services built on it must be designed to be manageable. We also therefore outline the best practices adopted by applications that run on Autopilot.

The paper provides a high level overview of the system, it's design principles and the requirements for applications/services that can be managed by the system. It gives a lot of insight into what it takes to manage a large server farm while keeping management and personnel costs low.

The purpose of AutoPilot is to automate and simplify the basic tasks that system administrators typically perform in a data center. This includes installation and deployment of software (including operating systems and patches), monitoring the health of the system, taking basic repair actions and marking systems as needing physical repair or replacement.

However applications that will be managed by AutoPilot also have their responsibilities. The primary responsibility of these applications include being extremely fault tolerant (i.e. applications must be able to handle processes being killed without warning) and being capable of running in the case of large outages in the cloud (i.e. up to 50% of the servers being out of service). In addition, these applications need to be easy to install and configure which means that they need to be xcopy deployable. Finally, the application developers are responsible for describing which application specific error detection heuristics AutoPilot should use when monitoring their service.

Typical AutoPilot Architecture


The above drawing is taken from the research paper. According to the paper the tasks of the various components is as follows

The Device Manager is the central system-wide authority for configuration and coordination. The Provisioning Service and Deployment Service ensure that each computer is running the correct operating system image and set of application processes. The Watchdog Service and Repair Service cooperate with the application and the Device Manager to detect and recover from software and hardware failures. The Collection Service and Cockpit passively gather information about the running components and make it available in real-time for monitoring the health of the service, as well as recording statistics for off-line analysis. (These monitoring components are ―Autopiloted like any other application, and therefore communicate with the Device Manager and Watchdog Service which provide fault recovery, deployment assistance, etc., but this communication is not shown in the figure for simplicity.)

The typical functioning of the system is described in the following section.

What Does AutoPilot Do?

The set of machine types used by the application (e.g. Web crawler, front end Web server, etc) needs to be defined in a database stored by on the Device Manager. A server's machine type dictates what configuration files and application binaries need to be installed on the server. This list is manually defined by the system administrators for the application. The Device Manager also keeps track of the current state of the cluster including what various machine types are online and their health status.

The Provisioning Service continually scans the network looking for new servers that have come online. When a new member of the server cluster is detected, the Provisioning Service asks the Device Manager what operating system image it should be running and then images the machine with a new operating system before performing burn-in tests. If the tests are successful, the Provisioning Service informs the Device Manager that the server is healthy. In addition to operating system components, some AutoPilot specific services are also installed on the new server. There is a dedicated filesync service that ensures that the correct files are present on the computer and an application manager that ensures that the expected application binaries are running.

Both services determine what the right state of the machine should be by querying the Device Manager. If it is determined that the required application binaries and files are not present on the machine then they are retrieved from the Deployment Service. The Deployment Service is a host to the various application manifests which map to the various application folders, binaries and data files. These manifests are populated from the application's build system which is outside the AutoPilot system.

The Deployment Service also comes into play when a new version of the application is ready to be deployed. During this process a new manifest is loaded into the Deployment Service and the Device Manager informs the various machine types of the availability of the new application bits. Each machine type has a notion of an active manifest which allows application bits for a new version of the application to be deployed as an inactive manifest while the old version of the application is considered to be "active". The new version of the application is rolled out in chunks called "scale units". A scale unit is a group of multiple machine types which can number up to 500 machines. Partitioning the cluster into scale units allows code roll outs to be staged. For example, if you have a cluster of 10,000 machines with scale units of 500 machines, then AutoPilot could be configured keep roll outs to under 5 scale units at a time so that never more than 25% of the cloud is being upgraded at a time.

Besides operating system installation and deployment of application components, AutoPilot is also capable of monitoring the health of the service and taking certain repair actions. The Watchdog Service is responsible for detecting failures in the system. It does so by probing each of the servers in the cluster and testing various properties of the machines and the application(s) running on them based on various predetermined criteria. Each watchdog can report one of three results for a test; OK, Warning or Error. A Warning does not initiate any repair action and simply indicates a non-fatal error has occurred. When a watchdog reports an error back to the Device Manager, the machine is placed in the Failure state and one of the following repair actions is taken; DoNothing, Reboot, ReImage or Replace. The choice of repair action depends on the failure history of the machine. If this is the first error that has been reported on the machine in multiple days or weeks then it is assumed to be a transient error and the appropriate action is DoNothing. If not, the machine is rebooted and if after numerous reboots the system is still detected to be in error by the watchdogs it is re-imaged (a process which includes reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling the operating system as well redeploying application bits). If none of these solve the problem then the machine is marked for replacement and it is picked up by a data center technician during weekly or biweekly sweeps to remove dead servers.

System administrators can also directly monitor the system using data aggregated by the Collection Service which collects information from various performance counters is written to a large-scale distributed file store for offline data mining and to a SQL database where the data can be visualized as graphs and reports in a visualization tool known as the Cockpit

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          Auto Forex Reviews Introducing AUTO Forex Review of FAP Turbo Robot        

Invergy Forex
A scam?

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Some of you might have heard the hype pertaining to invergy
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They don't tell you that success is only experienced by
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profitable by learning to do things yourself.

Same like old wise saying says "catch a man a fish and
he is fed for a day, teach a man to fish and he is fed for life." bare
in your mind, you should avoid invergy
and learn to fish yourself so that you can be fed for life.

That's the fact that you should face whether you
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For many individuals the Forex
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but this is not because of the software but instead because of how the individual
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Some users just dive into trading (like invergy forex invites you to do) before
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Costly mistakes can be made if you choose to do this.

If you want the Forex
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          Affiliate Classroom 2 - The Key to Success        
When you think about affiliate marketers, you may picture them sitting at their computers in lounge pants while the money effortlessly rolls in. As their income pours in almost on autopilot, they are able to enjoy comfortable, even lavish lifestyles. You would be surprised to know how many millionaires made it through affiliate marketing. Rest assured with every success story there were times of uncertainty, and those that were honest with themselves, invested in affiliate training to align their knowledge and skills with the tasks that would be forth coming. The decision to become affiliate educated is considered by many affiliate millionares to be the defining moment in their career success.

Just as you would with any other career, it is important to treat your affiliate marketing seriously. Training is required for jobs in affiliate marketing, just as in many other new jobs. Locating a mentor who has the affiliate knowledge, and is able to successfully teach others is a key step to your success. You may use books and e-books as training materials for your career in affiliate marketing. Its better to have one-to-one coaching from an experienced staff member than an affiliate classroom coaching.

If you are serious about a career in affliate marketing, you may want to sign up for an affiliate marketing classroom course. Though affiliate classroom courses are available online, the chances of finding this at your local community college is not likely. With the ever growing Internet facilities one can get information from the instructor and from students as well. This works in much the same manner as distance learning with universities that offer courses on the Internet.

There are many advantages to taking affiliate classroom courses. Learning in an online classroom not only gives you knowledge, but also the huge advantage of being able to be in contact with and network with others in the affiliate marketing field. You should aim to learn both from those professionals who have in-depth knowledge and also those new to the subject who will be at a comparable stage as yourself.

Even if you are already somewhat of an expert in affiliate marketing, there is always something new to learn, that can often make a dramatic difference in your business. If you're not getting the conversions you want, or you find your advertising expenses are excessive, you need help from an experienced affiliate classroom guide.

If you are new to the often confusing and exciting sphere of affliliate marketing, affiliate classroom training is a must. Even if motivated and enthusiastic, a premature commitment to an affiliate career, before any affiliate classroom time will be costly wasted effort.

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Affiliate Classroom 2 - The Key to Success
Affiliate Classroom 2 - The Key to Success

          Best Forex Robot-Forex System Reviews        
FAP Turbo is maybe the most popular Forex trading robot that has ever exited. This robot has made a lot of folks to become millionaires while trading in the Forex markets. See more about top forex trading robot below.

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Just so you know fap turbo opened in total twenty-three trades this last week and only lost on one that is's like over 95% success rate on all fap turbo trades and bear in mind folks this is with minimum human interaction from myself with fap turbo, that is's right fap turbo does all of the work for you I check it on a night but that's just out of interest more than anything else, the fap turbo software just needs setting up and away it goes just opening and closing trades on its own and for all you people out there thinking this is no use for me I know little about fap turbo or the forex market you don't need to worry the fap turbo team are with you every step of the way when you buy the software. See more about top forex trading robot below. Two significant changes I have noticed are increased default risk on the Scalper Strategy from 1.5% to five pc. See more about top forex trading robot below. I also observed that on the EUR / USD long-term method they decreased the MaxOrders from 5 orders down to 2 orders.

I then had to pay the full price and although the FAP Turbo works better than any of the other expert counsels i have used during the past, saving a couple of dollars would have actually made me a happier man. See more about top forex trading robot below. Well, a mate of mine who got all excited about the FAP Turbo, after watching it work on my Metatrader4 platform, made a decision to give a shot at one of these FAP Turbo discount web sites which appeared valid. See more about top forex trading robot below.After he made his purchase, he sent an email with some basic information about the purchase and 60 days later voil, he got a luscious money back bonus on his Paypal account. I purchase absolutely every forex trading software that comes out on the market, not because each one of them work, but because I am always on the look for new trading tools, and I really like to know first hand whether work or not. See more about top forex trading robot below. One of the individual features of this amazing software is that it works automatically on its own. How ; you simply need to set it on autopilot and the robot begin to do either demo or live trading for you. The effect of this is that you have got a lot of free time on your hand while the system makes money for you. See more about top forex trading robot below.This product has 5 hold-me-by-the-hand instructional quick video instructions that run from 3-7 mins taking you thru the steps you must set up your account ; so it isn't difficult to setup your robot.
          Top Forex Auto Robot-Forex Scalping In The Noise        
FAP Turbo is arguably the most well liked Forex trading robot which has ever exited. This robot has made rather a lot of people to become millionaires while trading in the Forex markets. See more about top forex trading robot below. Considering most have not used it their comments are predictible and dont actually tell you anything.See more about top forex trading robot below.We made a decision to buy Fap Turbo and test it before we wrote our review. See more about top forex trading robot below. That is a miniscule outlay for software that is going to deliver a continuous profit week in and week out. See more about top forex trading robot below.

Top Forex Robot: As Seen on CNN, CNBC and FORBES Money. If you'd like to try an Automated Forex Robot that has been proven on video to double the deposit of my trading account in under 1 week, visit my site and see the Top 3 Forex Robots and learn how you can TRIPLE your Forex Account within a Weeks! Get the Latest Version of All Top Forex Trading Robots Via my Forex Robot

Just so you know fap turbo opened in total twenty-three trades this last week and only lost on one that's's like over 95% success rate on all fap turbo trades and be aware of folks this is with minimum human interaction from myself with fap turbo, that's's right fap turbo does all the work for you I check it on a night but that's just out of interest more than anything, the fap turbo software just wishes setting up and away it is going just opening and closing trades on its own and for all you folks out there thinking this is no good for me I know nothing about fap turbo or the forex market you do not need to worry the fap turbo team are with you every step of the way when you buy the software. 2 big changes I have spotted are increased default risk on the Scalper Strategy from 1.5% to 5%. See more about top forex trading robot below. This allegedly shows the confidence of the producers in the scalper strategy. I also observed that on the EUR / USD long-term Strategy they decreased the MaxOrders from 5 orders down to two orders. This again illuminates the difficulty of the present EUR / USD market. See more about top forex trading robot below.

See more about top forex trading robot below. Well, a mate of mine who got all excited about the FAP Turbo, after watching it work on my Metatrader4 platform, decided to give a shot at one of these FAP Turbo discount websites which appeared valid. See more about top forex trading robot below.After he made his purchase, he sent an e-mail with some basic information about the purchase and 60 days later voil, he got a luscious cash back bonus on his Paypal account. One of the individual features of this superb software is that it works automatically on its own. See more about top forex trading robot below. How ; you only need to set it on autopilot and the robot begin to do either demo or live trading for you. The effect of this is that you have got a lot of free time on your hand while the system makes money for you. See more about top forex trading robot below.This product has five hold-me-by-the-hand instructional quick video instructions that run from 3-7 minutes taking you thru the steps you want to set up your account ; so it isn't difficult to setup your robot.
          Best Auto Forex Trading Robot-Forex Meta Trader Reveiws        
When i did a Google search for FAP turbo review I was disgusted with the amount of lifeless reviews all re-hashing the same information - so much for relevancy and user experience. I was anxious to do things a little different - cause after all there is an end user. See more about top forex trading robot below.FAP Turbo is supposed to be the newest forex robot system - let me take you under the hood and discover what it will do for you - rather than how much money it will make for somebody else! FAP Turbo is a comparatively new forex trading robot which has been getting lots of good hype and reviews. See more about top forex trading robot below. This system was made nearly as a new and improved| latest and greatest| new and enhanced} version of Forex Autopilot, which is a fact not well-known. This trading system was made to be a plug and play program that needs very little help and will run continually throughout the day. See more about top forex trading robot below.With the current financial times we are living in, many folks stress about out fiscal future.

Top Forex Robot: As Seen on CNN, CNBC and FORBES Money.

If you'd like to try an Automated Forex Robot that has been proven on video to double the deposit of my trading account in under 1 week, visit my site and see the Top 3 Forex Robots and learn how you can TRIPLE your Forex Account within a Weeks! Get the Latest Version of All Top Forex Trading Robots Via my Forex Robot

Monthly updates of the software, which are very necessary for you to have. See more about top forex trading robot below.Though I cannot 100% confirm this, the word is that Ulrich is an open-source programmer, Mike is a some kind of complicated number wizard, and Steve Carletti is the lead developer of the FAP Turbo, and some say that this software is based on the FAPS source code from which it was enhanced and rebuilt to be more adaptive and also to trade on multiple currency pairs through what is called the FAP Turbo Scalper. See more about top forex trading robot below.The FAP Turbo provides a telephone number and an email address. As for the phone number, do not even bother, as you will get an answering machine that cannot take more messages. With regards to the email, be prepared to wait a few days for an answer ( at least that was the case at the launch phase, maybe it has changed ). See more about top forex trading robot below.Your best shot for fast and effective support is the FAP turbo support forum, which is very active and you may frequently see the developers stepping in answering questions and giving help with any issue. See more about top forex trading robot below.

See more about top forex trading robot below.Trading has just started and I am up about £140. Not extraordinary by any means, but still not too tacky. If their had been any day where I believed "oh no!", it was on this day. I ignored the news and let the EA trade. I believed it was all too good to be true and the FAP Turbo forum was out on the rampage. However FAP Turbo came back and by the end of Jan 09 I was up again. What a come back if you ask me. It permits you to earn more money. Just when you believe that you have to invest a lot before you can get profits, you will find that there are really masses of tactics on how you can earn more with your claim. See more about top forex trading robot below. For one, you can get a bonus of as much as $500 if you decide to sign up a live account in MetaTrader. You'll get more if you offer them VPS server.

See more about top forex trading robot below. This software provides excellent returns to your investment. The 1st step is to sign up with the broker for a demo account. If you are not acquainted with this they've a step by step video. We enrolled with the broker they recommended and opened our demo account. We loaded the Fap Turbo by hand as the wizard wouldn't work on our PC.
          Comment on Tesla Lost $700 Million Last Year, So Why Is Tesla’s Valuation $60 Billion? by Joe Barkai        
Tesla deserves credit for disrupting the old and complacent auto industry not only in technology, but, as importantly, in confronting the protectionist dealer franchise network. But this has been and continues to be a formidable challenge. In my opinion, the company’s ability to reach volume manufacturing is still in question. See Although Tesla’s Autopilot captures headlines, companies like Delphi and Continental may not only have more a mature technology, but are also better positioned to help traditional OEMs move faster in that direction. Tesla’s closed ecosystem and vertical integration may not serve it well in the long run. Tesla’s market valuation assumes the company will be able to produce a mass market vehicle. Enormous backlog, manufacturing challenges, limited service capacity, and upward pressure from Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Ioniq should be a concern.
          Congress Is Considering Letting 100,000 Self-Driving Cars Hit the Road        

Most people have probably never even seen a self-driving car, but that could soon change.

A House subcommittee voted late Wednesday to allow up to 100,000 self-driving automobiles onto American roadways.

These new robo-cars won’t have to meet existing safety standards for manned automobiles, but manufacturers will have to petition the National Highway Safety and Transportation Bureau, a federal agency tasked with reducing vehicle-related crashes, for an exemption, explained Bryant Walker Smith, a law professor and self-driving car expert at Stanford University. That means that automakers will need to make a clear case that their self-driving technology is safe enough to drive alongside cars with humans at the wheel.

If passed, the bill would permit autonomous cars to drive on U.S. roads before we have established benchmarks for what it means for self-driving technology to be designed safely. Instead of, say, regulators creating some baseline rules for safe self-driving cars, this legislation proposes that automakers self-certify that their autonomous cars are OK to drive on public roads.

The legislation would also bar states from passing rules to regulate self-driving cars, ostensibly to prevent a patchwork of legislation across the country. States can continue to make licensing, registration, and maintenance requirements for self-driving cars, though, which leaves them some room to control how the technology is deployed within their borders.

Ryan Calo, a law professor who specializes in technology policy at University of Washington, is concerned about how this legislation could play out. He thinks that regulatory agencies don’t necessarily have the expertise in robotics and artificial intelligence to determine whether an automaker’s self-driving car exemption will not be dangerous when the rubber hits the road. “This is an area where it’s especially important to make sure the technology is safe before it gets deployed,” says Calo.

If passed, automakers could ask for their self-driving car to not include a brake pedal, for example, because the vehicle will brake with software or a button, rather than the typical pedal currently required.

According to a statement from Rep. Debbie Dingell, a Democrat from Michigan who voted to pass the bill, she was motivated to back the proposal because human drivers kill a lot of people. More than 35,000 people died on American roadways in 2015, up nearly 8 percent from 2014, according to federal data. In 2016, traffic deaths rose another 6 percent. In fact, the past two years represent the highest uptick in automobile related deaths in more than half a century.

Automakers gunning to bring new self-driving tech to market regularly contend that if the human element is taken out of the equation, thousands of lives could be saved. After all, robots can’t drive drunk, text while driving, or do any of the other idiotic things that humans get up to while behind the wheel. Some 90 percent of vehicle crashes can be traced to human error, says Walker Smith.

But there’s actually no data to back the claim that self-driving cars will lead to fewer vehicle related deaths—after all, autonomous cars have yet to be deployed at any meaningful scale. And when the high-tech cars do hit the streets, things can go awry.

Take what happened in San Francisco earlier this year, when one of Uber’s self-driving cars ran a red light  the very first day it was on the road. Then there was the 2016 incident in Florida, when a person behind the wheel of their Tesla in Autopilot driving mode died after crashing into a tractor-trailer and ignoring the car’s multiple warnings to take the wheel.

If this particular legislation doesn’t pass, some other proposal to open roadways to more self-driving cars probably will soon. Even if the technology is ultimately safer than manned cars, when the rubber hits the road, it could get messy.

          The Truth is Funny .....shift happens! with Host Colette Marie Stefan: Managing Energy with Phil Free. Phone lines are open 800-930-2819        
GuestAre you on autopilot? Frustrated from doing things the same old way without getting the results you want?Join Phil Free and I as we shed light on liming habits to improve management of time and energy.We love to hear from you Call in at 800-930-2819
          Blog Post: It was fun and has some of the elements that made the first Halo one of the best FPS I've played but it's single player still feels lackluster compared with the first Halo game.        


Halo 3 is an example of why I stopped playing FPS games during the 7th gen.It's campaign feels stripped down compared with the awesome campaign of the first Halo game and it focuses heavily on multiplayer and I don't like playing games online.

Halo 3 only lets you use aircraft while being autopiloted(on rails)unlike in the original Halo game in which you could fly aircraft through big environments and get into dogfights and shoot enemies on the ground and the big environments gave a great sense of scale.

At least Halo 3's battlefields are much bigger and less narrow than the ones in Halo 2 and allows for some exciting battles for when you're using vehicles over wide open areas.

The story doesn't really impress me,it feels similar to the story for Halo 2 in which humanity is in retreat from the covenant forces.At least the original Halo had interesting story concepts such as when you first learned about the planet Halo and it's secrets.Just like with Halo 2,Halo 3 tried to show you some of the story from the perspective of some of the covenant and allows you to use a covenant character (I forgot his name)for some gameplay segments but it doesn't really impress me because I find the covenant uninteresting.

There's some new powerful enemies such as enemies who'll try to pound you with giant hammers and they will constantly chase you and being struck by their giant hammer can easily result in instant death.There's some giant 4 legged walker things(similar to the ones on Star Wars)and they'll shoot at you of course and the only way to destroy them it to climb onto them and destroy their reactor type of thing and you'll need to get far away from them before they explode.These kind of things can make the gameplay be exciting at times.

Some enemies are well hidden amongst natural surroundings(even snipers)and this can lead to some exciting and long shooting/sniping duels.

However,the gameplay started getting boring quickly,unlike with the original Halo,because the gameplay doesn't let me fly aircraft wherever I want and since many of the environments aren't fun to battle on and since many of the mission designs aren't fun or don't feel epic,I could see this series had moved beyond me since it's campaigns were starting to lack so the developers could focus more on multiplayer.

There's also other annoying things about the game such as when you have to battle heavily armored enemies but no extra ammo is available in the area and you can't leave the area because you arrived there by an on rails aircraft segment,and because melee attacks are useless against those enemies,you'll have no choice but to reload from a previous checkpoint and redo lots of work.

Also some enemies that crawl on ceilings can only be killed with long ranged guns and it's easy to run out of ammo for those guns and those enemies can easily kill you if you don't kill them quickly because since their crawling on the ceiling,cover becomes almost useless and I found this frustrating.Also,the AI controlled allies drive the vehicles that you ride in extremely poorly and will drive straight off cliffs,causing you to die and make you redo long sections.

The graphics were nice looking for their time and it was the most realistic looking Halo game for it's time,it was nice to see the beautiful,realistic vegetation,soil,flowing water,landscapes,structures and the desert environment had some nice looking sand dunes and there's some organic structures that you'll need to enter and they will move as if they're breathing and they'll even talk to you and it's kind of creepy.But compared to other games released a year or 2 later the graphics do look rough.

The music keeps the beautiful and orchestra sounding Halo theme music and add some more beautiful music to it.

Overall the game is fun in patches but it's single player campaign feels lacking the features that made the first Halo so great and unless you play the multiplayer,I'd consider the game a disappointment because of the hype it was given,it's high price tag and since it's campaign is nowhere near as good as the original Halos.

          â€œBig Picture” Approach to Technique Part 4 – Staying Relaxed and Maximizing Board Run        
Over the last three posts we’ve looked at a number of things you can do to make your board move faster. I’ve shared some tips for establishing connection and pulling your board past your paddle, maintaining positive blade angle, using big muscles preferentially over smaller muscles and using your body weight to your advantage. What I’d like to share here are tips for paddling relaxed and maximizing the run of your board between strokes.

There are a number of reasons you want to be relaxed when you paddle but keeping it simple we can consider two main reasons:
  1. The more relaxed you can be while paddling “hard” the faster your maximum speed will be and, 
  2. If you can paddle relaxed you’ll be able to maintain a higher percentage of your maximum speed for a longer period of time.
I guess you could also add that paddling relaxed is a lot more enjoyable.

It’s important that you’re familiar and somewhat competent with what’s been discussed in the last three posts before you really concern yourself with what’s going to be presented here, so if you haven’t read them and played around with some of the suggestions then you’d be well served to backtrack now and spend some time experimenting. That said, the whole thing is a little chicken and egg. The more relaxed you can be when you play with those drills the more you’ll get out of them.

When you do feel like you can connect well, pull yourself by your paddle, maintain positive blade angle and use big muscles and body weight it’s time to really focus on the efficiency of each stroke by being as relaxed as possible, paddling fluidly and maximizing the run of the board between strokes.

There is no simple drill you can do to teach yourself how to be relaxed while paddling. Instead you need to paddle fluidly and rhythmically, without focusing on any particular element of technique. Here are some tips that help:

  • Clear your head. When you’re doing technical drills and trying to modify or consolidate movement patterns on your board, you tend to be thinking a lot. Your brain and central nervous system are working really hard (actually much harder than your cardiovascular system, for example). If you want to really relax on your board you’re going to have to clear your head. Don’t worry about any of the things related to technique that you normally work so hard on. Trust that all the technique work you’ve done is going to “stick” and you’ll actually paddle well if you just go on autopilot and focus on nothing more than a relaxed, flowing stroke and how your board is responding underneath you.

    You’ll also want to clear your head of all the issues and stresses that weigh on you in your day-to-day life, as they will prevent you from being truly relaxed as well. Recognize that your time on the water is an opportunity to find sanctuary from all of life’s stresses. Take advantage of it.

  • Mentally prepare for how you want to feel on your board. I cannot overstate the importance of mental preparation for your paddling. This touches upon the whole area of mental training, which in itself could be the topic for a series of blog posts, but I can summarize it here: find some time before you get on the water to visualize and imagine not only what you are going to do when you’re paddling, but also what you want it to feel like.

    I used to do this while riding my bike to the canoe club for training. I’d go over in my head what I wanted to work on in my training session, the things I had to do to paddle effectively, and imagined what it would feel like. I got so good at feeling like I was in the boat when I wasn’t, that I could lie down, close my eyes, imagine myself in my boat and actually feel some type of activation in my paddling muscles. They weren’t contracting like they would be when I was paddling, but I had a heightened awareness of them. I’m convinced that that, coupled with my conscious knowledge of what I wanted those muscles to do in the boat, helped me consolidate movement patterns that would be the foundation of my technique. I was actually reinforcing good paddling technique without even taking a stroke.

    My experience has been that if I organize my thoughts about how I want to feel on the board before I actually step on it, I feel amazing from the moment I take my first stroke. Conversely, if I’m busy, in a rush or stressed out and don’t take a few minutes to mentally prepare, I get on my board and struggle to find my stroke. Inevitably I get my act together, but I’ve wasted time and I’m never quite sure if the stroke I eventually find is as good as it would be if I got on the water more mentally prepared.

    This mental preparation should be something you bring to the water whether you’re working on individual components of your technique or trying to put it all together with a relaxed, flowing stroke. I can guarantee if your mental preparation is focused on a relaxed, rhythmical, flowing stroke it will help you achieve that when you actually get on the board.

  • Make sure you are properly warmed up. If there is any stiffness or tension in your muscles it’s going to affect your ability to move easily and rhythmically on your board. You’ll find that you’ll struggle to move fluidly and may even find your balance or overall comfort on the board is off. The easy way around this is to complete a short, effective dry-land warm-up before getting on the water. We’re all different and some of us require longer warm-ups than others. You’ll have to experiment a bit to find what works best for you. You’ll definitely know it when you find what works as you’ll feel relaxed more quickly when you start paddling.

    Once you’re a little more experienced and you’ve established a warm-up routine that works, be prepared to modify it a bit day-to-day as you get better and better at recognizing your physical state, level of muscle tension and readiness to paddle relaxed. But remember, a proper warm-up is going to have a big impact on your readiness to paddle freely and fluidly on your board.

  • Relax your grip and paddle with “open” hands. An easy place to start focusing on relaxing when you begin paddling is your grip on the paddle itself. If you’re squeezing the paddle too tightly it will negatively affect your ability to feel the water. This in turn can have the effect of making the rest of your muscles tighten as they struggle to find connection. The key to relaxed paddling is to make sure that your grip on the paddle is loose and relaxed.

    To facilitate this I like to paddle with “open” hands when I’m warming up. My top hand is entirely open with the handle of the paddle sitting in my palm and held in place by the fleshy heel of my hand at the base of my thumb. I don’t need to wrap my hand around the paddle when I am exerting top hand pressure during the stroke, all I have to do is exert pressure down the paddle shaft and the paddle is held in position in my hand. At the exit and during the recovery I can keep my hand open and my thumb, which is positioned loosely under the handle, is enough to help lift the paddle from the water and maintain my hand’s contact with the handle. This works very well with both a T-grip and palm-grip handle.

    While my bottom hand isn’t as open as my top hand, the grip is extremely loose. During the pull it is really only the last two segments of each finger that are wrapped around the paddle shaft. My thumb is barely in contact with the paddle. In the recovery it’s the opposite, with my fingers barely on the paddle and my thumb in loose contact with it, pushing it forward.

    Obviously when you’re paddling harder or in rough water, you’re going to need a stronger grip on the paddle so it doesn’t accidently fly out of your hands. That said, it should still be a relaxed grip with no tension in your hands or forearms.

  • Once you’ve paddled for a few minutes with open hands and are confident you feel relaxed, focus on the rhythm of loading and unloading body weight onto your paddle. For me, the most important part of a flowing stroke is the rhythmical application and subsequent unloading of body weight on and off the paddle. It’s like I get lost in the rhythm of loading and unloading. I end up feeling even more relaxed, but end up going faster. I also feel like I get more in tune with my board.

  • Coordinate your breathing with your stroke. Just like focusing on loading and unloading helps you establish a flow and rhythm to your stroke, so too does focusing on your breathing. I find that exhaling when I’m pulling and inhaling in the air is the rhythm that feels best, and in fact you really only have to think about the exhaling as the inhaling seems to happen by itself. If you forcefully exhale every pull, you’ll quickly establish a rhythm of breathing that will help you consolidate a rhythm to your paddling.

  • Focus on the nose wave of your board. Nothing gives me a better idea of how my board is moving than the information I get from the nose of my board. As I catch, start to load my blade, and accelerate my board, I see my nose wave change. It appears to move further back from the front of the board. It starts to make the sound of a small breaking wave. And it changes from the color of the water I’m paddling in to white, just like the crest of a breaking wave.

    When I focus on the nose wave I find that it helps me avoid thinking excessively about other, distracting things. It’s almost hypnotic, and I become more relaxed. At the same time, my nose wave gives me valuable feedback about how my board is responding to the effort I’m putting in. I like to leave my GPS on shore for a workout sometimes and just focus on the nose wave instead of my speed. Then, next workout, I put my GPS back on my board and look at both the nose and the GPS. It’s helped me get an idea of what various speeds feel like and, in terms of the nose wave, what they look like.

    I’ve actually learned to expand this to listening to my board as well. Not only the noise of the nose wave, but also the sound of the release helps give me information about how the board is riding and how effectively I’m paddling. Just like watching the nose wave, listening to the board helps me focus on the flow of my stroke, move with my board, and relax.

    This feedback that you get from your board is going to be a little different from board to board depending on its shape. If you switch from board to board depending on conditions, it’ll take a little longer to recognize and understand precisely what the feedback you’re getting from your board is telling you, but the principle is unchanged and is independent of the board you are on.

  • Move with your board. Once you’re relaxed and have focused on loading and unloading, and when you are in tune with your board from watching the nose wave and listening to it, try to recognize the relationship between the movements of your board and your body. If your stroke is flowing and relaxed, you’ll be able to recognize a definite rhythm between what you feel in your stroke and what you see and hear from your board. Become familiar with this. As you do, this pattern becomes part of you and who you are when you’re paddling. You’ll be able to notice how subtle differences in load change what you see and feel, and use that information to enhance your stroke. You’ll also be able to more readily detect when something is off with your stroke and correct it before it becomes a bigger issue.

  • While maintaining a flowing stroke, focus on relaxing various muscle groups. I like to start with legs first. I think of my feet for a while and try to relax any tension I can find in them while I am locked into my flowing, rhythmical motion. Then I’ll move up my legs and think of my calves, thighs, and hips, and then on to my abs, back and shoulders. It’s all about the flow of the stroke, and two areas that can inhibit that flow, make you feel tense, unstable and unconnected, and make your paddling less effective are your legs and your shoulders.

    If your legs are tight, then you won’t be able to load and unload the paddle effectively and you won’t be able to engage your hips as well. Furthermore, there is nothing that is going to make you feel unstable more than tight legs. This is especially true in rough water but also in the flats. If your legs are relaxed your connection to the board will be good, you’ll move your board through the water well and feel stable on top of it. It will provide an enormous boost to your ability to effectively load and unload your paddle.

    If your shoulders are tight it seems to affect your entire upper body and your ability to feel the water with your blade. I like to tell canoe and kayak paddlers to keep their shoulders low and their necks “long”. This visual seems to help them avoid paddling with tight shoulders, which seem to creep up around the level of their ears as they paddle.

    The net result of focusing on relaxing various muscle groups when you’re paddling is that it teaches you to identify the muscles you need at any given moment of your stroke and separate them from the ones you don’t. This is extremely important. The best paddlers in the world are able to completely separate muscles they need to propel their board/boat from those they don’t. Moreover, they only contract those muscles the precise amount and at the exact moment in time they need to in order to make their board move maximal distance each stroke.

    The more you can become adept at this separation of paddling from non-paddling muscles the better able you’ll be to maintain speed over time. You’ll also notice that this ability has a huge impact on how well you’ll be able to sprint. One of the biggest characteristics of sprint athletes in any sport is their remarkable ability to maximally recruit muscles they need while totally relaxing ones they don’t.

  • Let your board wobble underneath you without affecting your paddling movement. Let’s be clear about it. It’s best if your board doesn’t wobble underneath you. A boat or a board that moves evenly through the water is going to be faster, as wobble can increase wetted surface and interfere with forward movement. While that might be attainable in the perfectly flat water you do your drills and technical paddling on, as you adapt your paddling to rougher, choppier water it isn’t as realistic to think you can totally eliminate any sort of wobble. Certainly you want to try to minimize any movement that isn’t in the forward direction, but not at the expense of good paddling.

    Rather than use your legs to try to totally control the side to side roll of your board that might be caused by rough, choppy water, I’d suggest it is better to just accept that there will be some rolling movement of your board and just let it move underneath you.

    I still remember the epiphany I had in C1 when I realized that I was a lot faster if I just focused on maintaining a fluid, loaded stroke with consistent, rhythmical hip movement and let the boat wobble freely underneath me in rough, disorganized water. Experience has shown me it is the same on a SUP board.

    If you try too hard to hold your board level by tensing your legs (or any other part of your body) you’ll actually end up going slower and a couple of undesirable things start to happen. One is that you get tight, and that tightness prevents you from paddling with the relaxed, rhythmical, fully loaded stroke that makes you fast. Another is that you end up losing your balance a lot more as your body tends to wobble or roll with your board. We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to paddle effectively when we feel unstable. Well, if you’re tight because you’re trying to keep your board level and control your balance in choppy water, you’re actually making the situation worse.

    The key is to just focus on loading and unloading your paddle and moving your body with the same relaxed rhythm that you do in the flats, letting the board roll however it wants underneath you while you stay level on top of it. For me, a life long flat-water paddler, relaxing in the flats comes naturally. In the ocean, I’ve found that all I think about is trying to maintain that relaxed, consistent rhythm that I have in the flats. I work really hard at that to the exclusion of just about everything else related to technique. I find that has allowed me to achieve a level of competence in the ocean that permits to me work maximally, go reasonably fast, and read and make use of what the water is offering reasonably well, despite not having an ocean background.

  • Relax everything in the recovery. At this point it should go without saying that since you’re not doing anything to actively propel your board forward in the recovery, EVERYTHING should be relaxed. Again, this is easier to achieve in flat water so start there and practice totally relaxing in the air work. If you’ve really emphasized the rhythm of loading and unloading in the stroke you should be in the process of relaxing when your blade is exiting the water. Focus on keeping relaxed from your feet up through your entire body as you move forward to the next catch.

    You should be able to find a fraction of a second to feel like you’re “standing up straight”, which will help you rest and relax some of the postural muscles you use while on your board. While you won’t actually have time to stand up straight like you would on land, every little bit that you can do to find relief for these muscles will help over a long paddle so focus on finding that feeling.

    The air work can feel like the least stable part of the stroke because your blade is not in the water supporting you. On the other hand if you’ve pulled a good stroke and executed your exit well, your board should be moving it’s fastest off the exit and that extra speed should give you a little more stability for the first part of the air work. None the less, the more you can feel comfortable on your board without the blade in the water, the more relaxed you’ll be able to become in your recovery. To that end, I strongly suggest taking time to occasionally play balance games on your board. Learn to walk and jump around on it. If you’ve ever seen Danny Ching playing around on his board after a race you’ll know what I mean. He has clearly spent lots of time doing this. Small wonder he is able to move so cat-like on his board and is so relaxed throughout his stroke.

  • You’ll find that this approach will allow for maximal board run between strokes by minimizing things you inadvertently do to mess it up. We know it’s the blade-in-the-water part of the stroke that creates your board’s speed. While a really solid push off the water with the paddle at the exit can provide you with one last bit of acceleration that will allow you to carry more speed into the recovery, it is what you do in the recovery itself that determines how well you maintain that speed. No matter what you do, you’re obviously going to slow down. But if you stay relaxed and move like a cat on your board, without inducing any big disturbances to how it’s moving, you’ll be able to maintain your speed optimally as you prepare for the next catch.

    Putting it all together

    Over the last four posts I’ve offered a lot of suggestions that you can try to enhance various parts of your stroke. By no means is the list of things you can do exclusive to what I’ve shared. Other paddlers and coaches will have their own tips to share. However, it’s important to remember that there are certain things we need to do in paddling technique that really aren’t debatable. Things like securing your paddle and pulling yourself by it are essential to paddling effectively and paddling fast. How we determine to best do those essential things is a puzzle that we each have to solve for ourselves. It takes some experimentation and trail and error but there are a number of drills you can do and tricks you can incorporate that can help. Hopefully, what I’ve shared over this series of posts will provide you at least a few tools that you can use to solve that puzzle effectively, help you improve your performance if you race, and help make your paddling more enjoyable.

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Dubner and Levitt answer reader questions in this first installment of the “Think Like a Freak” Book Club.

          5 Steps to Rewrite the Story of Your Life        
Brad's life is always in a whirlwind — demanding job, active, busy kids, and he’s always moving at 100 miles an hour, often going through the motions with little time to come up for air.
Ask Keisha how her life is going and you’re most likely to hear the latest awful tale — getting screwed by her boss, struggling with money, or being the only one in her family to catch the flu.
Tim is always anxious and worried. If it’s not about work, it’s about his health, his finances, or his relationship. He walks on eggshells, always looking around corners, and is always waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Whether you are aware of it or don't think about it much, you have a relationship with your life. And like any other relationship, you have expectations, you have good and bad times that you work through (or not), and times when you take responsibility or blame others. And with your relationship to your life also comes a story that casts you and events in a particular light.
What Brad, Keisha, and Tim have in common is that they are reactive — life happens tothem. For Brad, much of life is going on autopilot trying to meet the demands of the day. He is prone to stress and exhaustion, though for him he sees it as “just life.” For Keisha, life is against her. It’s always kicking her in the butt, especially her when she’s down. She is the perpetual victim of events. She is often down and feeling, "Why bother?" For Tim, life is a bit frightening. He is always worrying about the worst possible scenarios, filling his thoughts and shaping what he constantly feels he needs to do to avoid what seems like ever-present danger.
You can't not have a story. The events of your life are often relatively neutral. It is the story, what we say next, and what we say to ourselves about what happened that determines their impact. We tend to line up events to fit the narrative we’ve created; the narrative becomes the foundation on which we build and maintain the relationship with our lives.
Another Way
What if you had a different relationship with your life? What if you changed the story that you tell yourself over and over? How would your life be different?
Like many things in life, it’s all about attitude. You can think of life as something neutral — a timespan, an indeterminate amount of years to move through in good or bad ways. You can think of it as something you endure or adapt to, or constantly respond to, as it comes at you 24/7. Or you can think of your life and your relationship to your life as something you create. Here we think of life like a painter's canvas. It starts out blank, and we create our own painting.
For many, the painting seems at least half-filled with little room to change — life has a sense of destiny, whether it be good or bad. But what if, even if the canvas is partially filled in, we have the ability to paint over and change it, not just once but over and over again? This is a different stance, proactive rather than reactive. Rather than accepting or complaining or adapting to what we get, we see ourselves as creators of our own story and our own relationship to life.
How can you do this?
1. Realize that you have a relationship with your life.
Try to think of your life as a companion with whom you have a relationship. Thinking this way helps you take your life as a whole, rather than a simple series of events. It enables you to step back and view the entire canvas for what it is.
2. See yourself as the creator.
This is about being proactive, but also stepping out of the roles of victim or martyr, like Keisha and Tim, that your story so far has cast you in. It also helps to counter autopilot of Brad's going through the motions. Creating is about realizing that you have choices and actually making a choice, rather than falling into default mode. Your life at the end is the completed painting, but before that, it is ever before you, ready for you to step up and create something new.
3. Realize that life is teaching you about life.
To sidestep feeling like the victim, you want to see problems as potential lessons to learn. As the poet Rilke said, “Ultimately each one of us experiences only one conflict in life which constantly reappears under a different guise.” What is your one conflict? What is it that your life and your problems are trying most to teach you?
4. Realize that you can change the story.
This is where attitude and proactivity kick in. Regardless of your story, it is still a narrative and, like a painting, it can be changed. Will changing the story bring you all that you want? Not necessarily. But can it cast you and your life in different roles that are less trapped, less stressed, less anxious? Yes, it can. Your story can become the blueprint for your life — the starting point, the vision that may or may not come to pass. But without the vision or the blueprint, nothing creative happens.
5. You need to care for the relationship.
Any relationship is capable of falling into disconnection and conflict when not nurtured, when problems are ignored, or when everyday life creates tunnel vision. To avoid this, you need to step back — daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly — to ask the important but difficult questions: How are me and my life doing? Are we on the same track? Are we moving in the same direction? Are there problems that keep us from moving forward and feeling fulfilled? This type of reflection is invaluable and necessary, but all too easy to push to the side. Don’t.
To close, some expert advice:
From Benjamin Button: “It’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. You can change or stay the same; there are no rules to this thing. I hope you live you’re proud of, and if you find you are not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”
From Antonio Machado: "Traveler, there is no path; the path is made by walking."
Bob Taibbi, L.C.S.W., has 40 years of clinical experience. He is the author of 10 books and over 300 articles and provides training nationally and internationally.
In Print:

          Wash. Rinse. Repeat.        

Last Sunday, my pastor preached a sermon on overcoming.....Discouragement, Defeat, Fear.

Check it out here:

One thing he said that really stuck with me was this phrase:
"I may be stressed, but I'm not stressed out!"

He challenged us to declare that phrase when we're going through hard times.
And I have been.
Literally every single day this week.

Because sometimes I feel like I'm on the losing end when it comes to this parenting-my-kids-right thing.
Some days I'm just on autopilot and the same phrase literally comes out of my mouth 10 times.

It starts out simple enough:
“Put your shoes in the closet.”
“Please remember to flush the toilet.”
“Don't ask me that again.”

Then it escalates a bit:
“Why am I tripping on your shoes??”
“Who forgot to flush the toilet again??”
“If you ask me one more time....”

Now, it's all hell breaking loose:

You know what I mean, right?
(Please tell me I’m not the only one!)
I liken those days to a pile of dirty laundry getting ready to go in the washer.


That dirty pile of clothes needs to be washed.
If I leave it sitting there in it’s dirt, oil, and muck, it’s just going to stink.
I can try to ignore it.
But I’ll have to get to it….eventually.
I have to wash the clothes.

So I throw them in the washing machine.
Soap and water flow through the clothes until all the dirt is loosened from the fibers.
And the time to rinse them through begins.
Until all the brown water drains.
Until all the dirt is gone.

Then alas, I have to accept the fact that I will be doing this all over again in just a few days.
Because laundry is never done.
It’s an ongoing process. (Exhausting as it may be.)
Until we die.

Isn’t that just like parenting?
It’s never done.
It’s my job as a mom to never let the cycle get interrupted.
It’s my job as a mom to fix the washing machine when it breaks.
It’s my job as a mom to separate the whites from the darks.

And when I do, as exhausting and draining and trying as it is, the clothes come out clean.

Every. Single. Time.

Oh it’s not my own awesomeness that cleans my kids up.
But my awesome God that is living inside of me is the One that gives me the grace to keep that cycle going.
Because God knows I can’t do it in my own strength.
I don’t want to even try to parent without His grace to empower me.
I would jack up my kids. :)

This week has been tiring because that endless, repetitive cycle has made me feel like my kids aren’t learning anything.
That they’re stuck in their muck of dirty, sticky behaviour.

But again, God reminds me that without my willingness to “repeat the cycle”, they would be stuck:

Not knowing how to make godly decisions.
Not knowing how to listen to His voice.
Not knowing what path to take in life.

And if God has to constantly remind me to remind my kids to pick up their shoes then it means I’m listening to the right source.
So, they will follow by example.
And EVENTUALLY I will begin to see the cycle play out in their own lives without my having to remind them.

Because isn’t that the goal?
To raise amazing God- focused kids chasing after God-sized dreams with a God-centered heart and God-fueled passion?

So I’ve decided to keep doing the laundry.
Because who doesn’t love the smell, look, and feel of clean clothes just out of the dryer?


These last couple of days, I have lived through some of the most horrible hours of my life. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but I’ve been feeling worse instead of better. Maybe it’s because each new day without Anthony drives home the reality that he is gone...and that he is never coming back.
I’ve held myself hostage in my daughter’s spare bedroom at her house for several days now. I think I’ve cried more tears in the last few days than I have since I’ve been born. I was supposed to go back to my home before the weekend, but I’ve either been too distraught to get myself out of bed, or I’ve had a splitting headache that makes me sick to my stomach and keeps me flat on my back. I know what some of you would say. You’d tell me that Anthony would not want me to be living like this....but, I know, if he does see me, that he understands. And, if he were here, he would just love me and stay close to me until I got through it...whatever this is. 
Is this what real grief looks like? I mean, is this what true, honest, raw grief really is? Does it paralyze and overcome anyone else like this? 
Maybe being away from my home and isolated like this is not a bad thing. Maybe it’s good that I don’t have to put on a happy face for anyone, or answer the phone or the front door, or go outside to get the mail or water the plants. Maybe it’s good I don’t have to do any of those things because maybe, just maybe, I can really get in touch with the pain of my devastating loss...the pain of losing my dear, sweet soul mate and my very best friend...the other side of me. Maybe this time alone is allowing me to get to the rawest, most tender part of my wound and touch it. Maybe, for me, that’s the only way it’s going to heal...I’m going to heal. 
Maybe most people don’t do it like this. Maybe they don’t give themselves the luxury of isolating themselves, covering their gaping wounds with their bare hands and praying for some kind of comfort...some little reprieve from the pain. Maybe most people don’t let themselves respond to their grief on that primal a dog, hunkered down in hiding, licking its wounds.  But I’ve never done things the way most people do them, so why start now? 
Maybe I should leave myself alone and just be true to what I need to do and stop worrying about what anyone thinks or says. Maybe I need to remind myself that one of the things Anthony loved most about me was that I'm not like everyone else. Maybe I need to write myself a bunch of post-it notes and put them up all around me as reminders...remind myself that Anthony loved me, not in spite of my differences, but because of them. I’ll never forget how he brought me out of a really bad spell by placing post-it notes inside the cupboards, on the medicine cabinet, on the steering wheel of my car, in my drawers and closet, in the shower...even on the canned goods in the notes everywhere...telling me how I deserved all good special I beautiful and talented I was...and most of I deserved to be loved by him because he loved me more than anything or anyone. Anthony always knew what to do and how to take care of me. He knew how to help me when I didn’t know how to help myself. 
How do I go on living without him? How do I breathe, knowing he is no longer breathing the same air with me? Has anyone out there ever really survived losing the love of their life? Tell me, am I going to just walk through the rest of my life without Anthony on autopilot...not really feeling, not really caring, not really living? Because that’s the way it feels right now. 
Maybe I need to be patient and just hold on. Maybe I just need to ride this out, no matter how much it hurts. Maybe, if I close my eyes and imagine Anthony here, right next to me, I can make it through this. Maybe, if I tell myself he is here, I’ll feel him. Maybe, if I imagine hearing him talk to me and telling me I can do it, I’ll believe I can. Maybe, just maybe, if I fall asleep, he’ll come to me in a dream and I will see him, and hear him, and feel him... and maybe, he’ll let me know he’s not really gone.

          Intel has joined the self-driving car race        
The cars will be highly automated "level 4" vehicles — one notch below fully autonomous cars but well above autopilot.
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          Get Niche Funnel System Review and Bonus        

A Review of Niche Funnel System
Be sure you have heard of this Niche Funnel System and that's why you landed on my site. Below I will give my Niche Funnel System review. Is this another hype or real deal? Is Desmond Ong Niche Funnel system is scam or Rock? How can Desmond Ong Niche Funnel help in making money online Found out the real truth below.

First I will discuss about niche funnel module. It consist of total 9 main modules which are:
1. Introduction to Niche Marketing & The Niche Funnel System
2. Niche Market Research Secrets
3. Site Creation Secrets
4. Product Creation Secrets
5. Site Design Secrets
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8. Email Marketing Secrets
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Niche Funnel system is not hype but it is a proven system and tested method which he and his students have making money online just purely using niche funnel system. Desmond Ong himself making steady 5 figure money online meanwhile his student, Kelvin did a mini-launch and in the first 30 days of his website going live - he raked in a massive $6,214.In Affiliate Stampede Secrets, Desmond will show you how to look for massive affiliate to help you promote your niche product, So that you can generate passive income. There is a secret that IM gurus don't want to tell you that the most profitable is selling your own product. So, you also got the change to create wealth in niche marketing.

For traffic generation, Desmond will reveal his Traffic Generation Secrets & Email Marketing Secrets. By using this 2 powerful approach, you can have you niche site to be on autopilot. He also will show you how to leverage by doing outsourcing.

What make Niche Funnel System so different?

First we talk about the author, Desmond Ong. He has being in online marketing several years and have generating 5 figure income monthly. So, Desmond Ong really understands his stuff and walks the talk. This course also covered his own secrets how he generate a steady 5 figure income per month.

Second, this course is easy to understand as the handbook is detailed enough and also come with step-by-step 33+ videos. It also proven non-technical person also can succeed. E.g. Desmond Ong student.

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Will this course work for me?
This course is designed for 2 kind of person that
1) Seriously interested in building a huge stream of passive income...
2) interested to learn how to make massive of dollars on the Internet by using proven method.
Desmond Ong has using Niche Funnel System on his private coaching program. He also has revealed his student results that generate 4-5 figure income by using his niche marketing tactics. So, this course works and would work for you too.

How if I not satisfied with the course and what kind of guarantee does it offer?
If you have implements the entire step and still not satisfied with the result, you can request for money back. Niche Funnel System come with 60 day money back guarantee through the Payment Processor Clickbank. I believe you won't need to do this, do you know why ? Because this is the proven course that will help your life forever.

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How You Can Make Your Affiliate Marketing Income Residual Secret Dreams a Reality Every online affiliate residual income marketer is chasing an autopilot income, and with so many still driving hours and hours into their work, it can easily seem like the dream isn’t a reality. With many affiliate residual income marketers worrying over traffic […]
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Forex AutoPilot Forex Autopilot Review | Is Forex AutoPilot a Scam or Does It Work? Forex Autopilot is a recommended forex trading software created by Marcus Leary. This is a Forex Autopilot review which will explore this software, inform you about what it does, and whether it is a worthwhile investment. Read the rest of […]
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Auto FOREX Reviews Forex Autopilot: Is It Any Good? Or Just Another Internet Scam!   ForexAutoPilot is automated trading software which was created by veteran Forex trader, Marcus Leary, and is one of the most popular trading softwares available on the world wide web today. Like most forex trading software, it is certainly not perfect. […]
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Automatic Forex Trading is for those that want to build cash in the currency promotes the smart way. Chances are that you are one of those people that wants to get rich trading FX like so a big number of prior you. You know you require an immediate forex trading tool to help you, but aren't sure which one. I have one query for you, have you taken time to find out Forex trading first? A piece of software is not going to do you much good if you are not accustomed to the vital basics and complicated principles of the currency promotes. The Good News is that a big number of trading tools also include nice training guides (thing that did not happen in the past).

Supposing you have taken time to find out currency trading, I will go ahead and start discussing the peculiar Forex trading systems on the market today and the pluses and minus of each. There are three separate classifications of products accesible today. They are trend based, signal based and strategy based software systems.

Most authority Forex dealers will have at least a trend based system and a signal based system running concurrently as they execute markedly well jointly. A trend system basically goes after the path of a currency and informs the user when pay for or sell orders are noticed in such a magnitude to affect the current trend. A signal based system also informs the user of doable adjusts in directions of a currency, but the signal is based on the pre-programmed algorithms the system is based on. Essentially, you will be receiving information that is calculated differently.

A strategy based system is also based on pre-programmed mathematical algorithms, but it uses a distinct merging of Forex indicators that the developer of the product has came upon helpful in the past to build rewarding trades with. many trend systems you might want to verify out are Forex Killer, and Forex Tracer (this one is the one that gave me splendid results and works 100% on autopilot. Below you can find a link to

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Forex Tracer Download

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Forex factory forum

Economic indicators and

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The forex autopilot will be the one to do all the things that you once been doing

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          Demand for Agribots Slated to Pick Up as Farmers Look for Better Cultivation Methods        
The field of robotics has witnessed a radical development over the past few decades. Today, they are an integral part of automation, making tasks simpler and efficient. The adoption in agriculture has led to a drastic change in yield. Known as “agribots”, these robots are being used by farmers to reduce the human intervention, accelerate the pace of their tasks, and lessen the scope of accidents while working on agricultural sites. Analysts predict that the use of these robots in agriculture is expected to bring about transformation changes in the coming years.  Efficiency of Results Boosts Uptake of Agribots The reducing agricultural land due to urbanization and the rising population have created a massive issue of food security for several nations across the globe. In order to meet these demands, farmers are using agribots to optimize the cycles of seeding, watering, sowing, and harvesting. The benefits of agribots can be especially felt in harvesting as they perform tasks with unmatched accuracy and in lesser time. These automated machines are used for removing the weed from the crops, picking fruits, and cutting the harvest. Agribots can be seen in the form of tractors, drones, and other control systems.  High Resolution Images Help Farmers to Work Better  Agriculture drones are being increasingly used by farmers for the purpose of imaging farmlands and assessing it to understand its condition. Equipped with cameras, these drones operate on an autopilot mode and provide high resolution images. This has allowed the farmers to evaluate their crops and cultivation methods on weekly basis.The facility of global positioning systems (GPS) in agribots has also helped the farmers to gather vital information pertaining to the climate, which plays a key role in determining farming activities.

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          Stay on Track Financially Even When You Don't Really Have To        
Tip #300 - Stay On Track Financially Even When You Don't Really Have To - There will hopefully come a point in your life time when all the hard work you put into saving money will start showing some results. One day you'll have $200 in your bank account, and then the next year you'll have $2000 in it, and then a few years after that, you'll find $20,000 in there. It really does happen that way. And you might realize at that point that you have reached the financial goals you have set for yourself. What then? Do you throw your frugal lifestyle and your good financial habits out the window and start living the wild life? Or do you continue on the path you have worked diligently at of keeping expenses low, putting away savings, and investing your money? Continue the path, of course!

I liken this situation to weight loss. If you were overweight and have spent the last year exercising, cutting down on your food intake and eating healthier and are now at the ideal weight, do you just stop what you have done? No! You continue with a maintenance program with a treat thrown in here and there. The same is true for finances. Once you reach your goals, it doesn't mean you can suddenly spend frivolously, although you can probably loosen the reins on your wallet a bit. Like diet and exercise, being careful with your spending and savings is a lifestyle change for the long-term.

Now this may seem like a topic that is not important to you right now. You may not reach your goals until a date in the far-off future. So you may be thinking that this topic doesn't apply to you yet. But it does. Because when you start taking control of your finances, you need to approach it as a life-long goal. It is not a temporary plan that you do once and then go back to your old financial ways. Instead, they way you spend your money, how much you put away for savings, and where you invest should become part of your regular routine like brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, or getting dressed in the morning. You may tweak things over the years, but your overall plan should not change drastically.

Also, as time goes by, you will likely come up with more financial goals or bigger goals. Perhaps your goal of saving for a state college for your daughter changes to that of saving for a private school. Or after you have saved up for your first home, perhaps you want to start a vacation home savings fund. Realizing that your approach to personal finance that you are developing now is a lifetime plan rather than a temporary one will go a long way to making sure that you are successful in your financial endeavors throughout your life.

IRL (In Real Life) - I am already 46 years old! I began saving money in earnest at about age 22 when I started to dutifully put away $200 per month into a mutual fund account. It was primarily to save money for a downpayment on a house, but it was also an emergency fund of sorts. About the same time, I also started putting 3% of my $20,000 salary into my 401k. So I was putting away $2400 per year for savings and about $600 per year into a retirement account. I was pretty much on autopilot. I got paid from my employer minus my 401k contribution. Then I wrote a check to the mutual fund company and mailed it in (yes I'm dating myself here!). Then I paid rent and other necessities. Anything left after that I was free to spend. That was the beginning of my savings habit - pretty simple, and for the most part is hasn't changed since I started.

Now that 24 years have gone by, I have reached or am on track for most of my financial goals. We bought a house and don't need to save for a downpayment anymore. We have a separate emergency fund that has been in place for over a dozen years. Our retirement savings still gets an automatic contribution, and we're on the way to a decent retirement. So now what? Are we done? Can we be frivolous with our extra money now? Trips to Disney every year for my kids? A larger home? A new car every two years? No. We are still putting away money into savings for new, yet undefined goals.

We are a bit "freer" with our money and we have upgraded our lifestyle a bit - staying at slightly nicer hotels when we travel. We give in a bit more on buying treats for our kids than we used to. And we're going on a one-time trip to Disney World with our kids this spring. But our overall financial strategy has not changed. We put away a specific amount each month into savings, continue with our retirement savings, pay our fixed and necessary expenses, and then do what we want with the leftover. That method has served us well so far. We see no reason to change it now even though some of our goals have already been met.

          Autopilot Technology Developed by Tesla Motors Receives Positive Reviews from Industry Experts        
The ‘Autopilot’ feature in Tesla’s vehicles has received praise from the MIT Technology Review that has listed it among the top ten breakthrough technologies of 2016. The autopilot feature in vehicles manufactured by Tesla can automatically steer, brake, cruise, and change lanes on the highway. Since 2014, Tesla Motors started equipping its Model S cars with sensors and cameras to help the vehicle automatically navigate from on-ramp to off-ramp. However, the driver needed to stay alert while driving on highways. In late 2015, the electric car manufacturer updated its software across 60,000 sensor-equipped cars sold at that time. The hardware suite that enables the Autopilot technology includes ultrasonic sensors, forward radar, digitally controlled brakes, and a forward-looking camera. The Autopilot technology includes a number of driver-assist features such as automatic parking. Tesla Introduces Summon Feature to Park Vehicles without Driver’s Assistance The Autopilot technology, leading to automatic steering, introduced by Tesla is particularly important as it is a big step towards developing driverless cars. Auto magazine ‘Car and Driver’ has appreciated Tesla’s cars equipped with the technology as the most comprehensively equipped vehicles with semi-autonomous features. The electric car manufacturer has stated that it will continue working on its Autopilot feature. Lately, the company has also introduced Summon feature that enables owners to park and unpark their vehicles without the assistance of drivers. Industry analysts have pointed out that Tesla is getting closer to developing fully autonomous vehicles. While the Autopilot feature lets vehicles to change lanes on the highways, the Summon feature brings the autonomous technology in the garage. However, it would not be easy for Tesla to achieve full autonomy for its vehicles as there are a number of legal hurdles. But that would not stop the car manufacturer from working on the concept of driverless cars.

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          Comment on Scary 4am Low: A Cautionary Tale by Briley        
Wow! When I switched from Minimed to Animas, autopilot was one of my biggest fears. I'm glad M was there to help and I hope you can relearn autopilot!
          I have made a perpetual motion device, I’m seeking a 3 million dollar reward.        

I’m looking for some one to help me, some one to work with that has the funds to help my cause.

I already have a small team behind me believing in my cause.
I’ve created plans for a perpetual motion machine and I’m in development stages although I need the model to be completed with a 3D printer, I’ve purchased a printer although I cannot proceed because I have little knowledge of 3D modelling which I’m debating about hiring a person to complete the model for me which I could then assemble and start testing, although I’m very sceptical about the plans being taken from me through corruption of greed so I believe selling out the idea is the best approach.

The machine design is fairly simple and follows all laws of physics except over unity, logically it can recharge itself with the electricity produced and then continue to deliver more electricity, it’s one of a kind and has never been made before I’ve based the concept around Leonardo da Vinci’s machines although I’ve found a way to make it perpetual, FINALLY IT IS some what POSSIBLE!
The machine only requires gravity to perform, no carbon fossil fuels, no outside sources, just gravity and physics.

If the price is right I’m willing to sell my perpetual motion machine plans, I’m pondering with selling the machine at 3 million dollars AUD I will not likely accept anything less although I do encourage you to negotiate a feasible deal with me keep in mind such a machine would be priceless and worth way more than 3 million, originally I was going to commercialise the machine that would power every persons house indefinitely without the need to never pay electricity bills.

This is not fake, this is not a scam, don’t take my word for it please email me so we can setup an legal agreement, I’m willing to risk everything to prove it works as you could see from the plans I will show you that it will work.

I have future plans on creating a corporation “Zeronx Corporation” developing flying/ hover craft/ air platforms with magnetic forces adapted at sustaining long lasting(hundreds- thousands of years) or indefinite flight time, craft that could explore space and be submerged under water which I also have feasible designs, some what a craft to live under water, in the sky or in space.

I am planning research into robotic automated machines to perform work duties and military applications for peace to bring control and order to the world by that I mean sentry robots that roam GPS points and make pre-programmed decisions based on sound event and motion tracking.

Government issued:
-Riot bots for crowed control equipped with microwave radiation projection and high powered lasers powered by the generator, sentries with thermal cameras connected to a 3g/4gX network, remote controlled and autopilot.
-Patrol streets/ roads neighbourhood contacting authorities with suspicious behaviour, perhaps a sentry for your house.
-Mule bots to hold supplies and follow.
-Deconstruction bots/ bots to haul heavy equipment.

And lastly a Hydrogen blimp airship drone to increase flight time indefinitely, running on the moisture in the air to create the hydrogen, the magnet motor to constantly recharge the battery such a concept could be used in the transport of man.

I have many ideas, please contact me about the perpetual machine to arrange negotiations either way I will find a way to release my idea to the world.

Look forward to contacting whom it concerns.
Future CEO Founder of Zeronx Corporation inventor of perpetual motion machine.
Lead designer in magnetic machines.
Future Space Explorers
Pioneer for a greater future.
Sentinel Robotics Military applications

          How "After Earth" could have been better: Premise/Backstory (some spoilers).        
This last couple weeks I have had the privilege of being able to see three movies in the theater. The first was Star Trek: Into Darkness. The second was Iron Man 3. The most recent and final entry was After Earth, and interestingly it is the one I want to say the most about. So much that I am going to break my rants into sections. Post one is about the premise and background story.

The movie starts by force-feeding us important information during the opening credits. This is supposed to be world-building, but it comes off as a rushed afterthought. I label it a force-fed afterthought because they tell us the effects of the story without telling us really what the causes were. We are told humans can't live on Earth, yet moving to a new star system is somehow a more effective choice? We have the technology to "start over" on a new planet, but that technology isn't sufficient to be used here? We can travel faster than light (required to move out of our star system within our own lifespan) but we can't deal with the environment?

We also find out that there are aliens, but that fact quickly gets pushed aside, because humans apparently aren't much of a threat to them. Instead of using conventional weapons, they breed huge six-legged creatures that "smell our fear" and kill us off. I was then immediately wondering why an alien race with spaceships would bother breeding a creature to attack humans in such a context-dependent fashion. Add to that the idea of hermetically sealed space suits already existing with today's technology, and the "threat" seems more like humans just being too stupid to survive, which would explain why we are treated as more of an experiment than a true problem.

I mean, humans are "smelly" creatures already, looking at how our modern hunters still need to use things like deer urine to cover their scent. Why the need to breed creatures that "smell" only what humans give off in a heightened emotional state? Why cannot these big creatures smell at least as well as the common deer? Why is the critical plot point that the main character is still mentally "stuck" in a sealed box that hid his odors during a childhood raid, yet nobody is fighting these creatures in sealed space suits?

Next we'll take the name for the unnamed alien race's attack dogs, the Ursa. It wasn't until the word was shown on screen that I realized they were saying "Ursa" and not "Ussa". They should have made it "Ussa", and perhaps gone with a Carribean accented "ooo-sah" pronunciation. Anyway, Ursa means bear in Latin, but the creatures had more in common with insects than bears, especially given the fact they come from eggs. This marks the first and most repeated instance of "we're calling it this because we want to, not because it makes sense."

This goes the same for the "cutlass", the shape-shifting bladed weapon used by the "Rangers" to dispatch the Ursas. Guns don't apparently exist, and again neither do space suits with helmets and hermetic seals. Well no, they have that as seen in the end of the film. Why the heck are they fighting these big creatures bare-handed and in clothing that breathes?

That the original back story for the main character's prowess is so easily deflated, I can only assume one is meant to just take it at face value and move on.

Here are 10 points that would make a much more interesting setup that wouldn't have required retooling the entire film plot of father/son survival. In logical order, here's how to make it better:

1) Earth was abandoned for cloudy and uncertain reasons, but it was determined that humanity had a better chance of survival spreading to the stars than just staying on Earth. Earth is abandoned and thought to be a barren wasteland.

2) The unnamed alien race is replaced by a "scientific psycho-terrorist" faction within humanity which espouses radical "teachings" about the psychological development of humans. They go by the name "Serena's Hand".

3) The Ussas are a violent propaganda tool to try and enforce their message, dropped when a settlement rejects their "teachings". The Ussas are still blind, but have both good hearing and smell. They are much smaller, maybe 250~300lbs. They are aesexual, and can lay one or two eggs a week so long as they are being fed, but have a short lifespan as to prevent them from

4) The "future society" is a caste-system, with workers and civilians not being trusted to possess firearms, or even property, but they are travel and move about freely among settlements, as the government maintains a magnanimous impression among the public so long as the work gets done. There are talks of other, bigger, civilizations of humanity that have left this smaller group of planets alone.

5) The "Rangers" are changed to a "Guard", and they are citizens/workers deemed worthy of having the skills to defend their fellow workers when needed, but are not either capable of, ready for, or can continue in full military service.

6) The Guard rotate between settlements on both their own and other planets to "cultivate their love of their interplanetary society". Guards also have non-combat skills which relate to survival in a space settlement, and they work as educators when on rotation.

7) The "cutlass" is renamed to something like the "multi-tool", and its technology and function is shown being used for domestic and/or utilitarian purposes, with "combat" models being a contraband item for any but Guards.

8) The kid's backstory remains largely the same. Sister was killed by an Ussa, but he was spared and has survivor's guilt. Does well in school, but is not a "team player" when it comes to being a Guard.

9) The father decides to take his kid on a last leg of duty before retirement. The father's special skill is stated to be hostile environment survival, and it is implied that he has helped defend remote and new settlements and has garnered respect for his ability for survival despite bad odds.

10) The "psycho-terrorists" attack the ship and after it being damaged, the survivors are forced to enter stasis as the ship autopilots and ends up marooning the kid and his dad on an unexpectedly lush Earth. The ship still breaks apart, the father still injured, and there are still Ussa running amok.

Note that these alterations only change the backdrop for the story, and still allows for a father/son survival story in the face of dangerous odds on a hostile "Earth". It also adds a little more common sense as to why there are apparently limits in technology and resources. Stuff like guns exist, but they wouldn't have been on a civilian transport.

While the father teaches his son the skills of a Guard and the kid learns the father's wilderness survival skills, the two bond and grow closer together, but discover that mere survival may not be enough.

Stay tuned for a fully revised story arc and plot line. :)
          Resensi Film "WALL-E"        

Pada awal abad ke-22, sebuah perusahaan "raksasa" Buy N Large (BnL) menguasai perekonomian di Bumi, termasuk pemerintahan. Akibat dipenuhi sampah yang tidak didaur-ulang, maka Bumi menjadi sangat tercemar oleh sampah-sampah elektronik, sehingga kelangsungan hidup manusia menjadi terancam. Untuk mencegah kepunahan manusia, Shelby Forthright (Fred Willard) selaku CEO Buy N Large, melakukan pengungsian massal dari Bumi selama lima tahun di atas armada kapal luar angkasa eksekutif bernama axiom yang menyediakan setiap keperluan manusia, dan dilengkapi dengan robot-robot yang semuanya berjalan secara otomatis untuk melayani kebutuhan manusia.
Ratusan-ribu unit robot penghancur sampah yang dinamai dengan WALL•E ditinggalkan di Bumi untuk membersihkan Bumi. Robot-robot tersebut diprogram untuk memadatkan dan menumpuk sampah-sampah elektronik yang telah memenuhi seluruh daratan di Bumi, agar memudahkan untuk peleburan. Tumpukan sampah-sampah elektronik telah dipadatkan dan dikumpulkan oleh robot-robot WALL•E, tumpukan sampah tersebut telah setinggi gedung pencakar langit. Namun, proyek ini dibatalkan karena Forthright memperkirakan bahwa pada tahun 2110 Bumi sudah terlalu tercemar dan sudah tidak memungkinkan untuk dihuni oleh manusia. Pada tahun 2815, kira-kira 700 tahun kemudian, hanya satu WALL•E yang masih berfungsi.
Berabad-abad kehidupan telah dilalui oleh WALL•E, sehingga ia memiliki kecerdasan yang lebih baik dan rasa keingin-tahuan. Ia gemar mengoleksi barang-barang yang menarik di tumpukan sampah yang memenuhi Bumi, mengambil onderdil untuk suku cadangnya dariWALL•E lain yang sudah tidak aktif. Ia sering menonton film musikal tahun 1969 yang berjudul Hello, Dolly! dari kaset video. Video lainnya yang ia nikmati adalah Put on Your Sunday Clothes, dan adegan berpegangan tangan dalam video "It Only Takes a Moment" yang mengajarnya memiliki perasaan.
Pada suatu hari, WALL•E menemukan sebuah bibit tumbuhan, lalu menanamnya dalam sebuah sepatu usang. Tidak lama kemudian, sebuah kapal luar angkasa mendarat di Bumi dan mengeluarkan EVE (Elissa Knight), sebuah robot perempuan yang dikirim oleh pesawat raksasa yang bernama Axiom, ia diprogramkan untuk mencari tanda-tanda kehidupan flora di Bumi. WALL•E jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama dengannya, EVE juga mengagumi kepribadian WALL•E. Sungguh disayangkan, ternyata cinta WALL•E tidak terbalaskan, karena EVE diprogramkan untuk mencari keberadaan tumbuhan di Bumi. Saat WALL•E menunjukkan bibit tumbuhan yang ditemukannya kepada EVE, EVE menyimpan bibit itu ke dalam tubuhnya, setelah itu EVE menjadi non-aktif secara otomatis. WALL•E berusaha melindungi tubuh EVE yang tidak berstatus non-aktif sampai EVE diambil kembali oleh pesawat yang mengantarnya ke Bumi. Dengan rasa gelisah dan panik, WALL•E mengejar pesawat itu. WALL•E berhasil menyusup ke dalam pesawat Axiom.
Setelah berabad-abad hidup dalam mikrogravitasi, manusia di pesawat Axiom banyak kehilangan kalsium, sehingga membuat mereka menjadi sangat gemuk dan tidak mampu berdiri atau berjalan. Aktivitas manusia sepenuhnya dilayani oleh robot. Pilot pesawat Axiom adalah Kapten B. McCrea (Jeff Garlin) juga memerintahkan segala tugasnya kepada sistem autopilot pesawat yang bernama AUTO (suara program MacInTalk). Saat WALL•E mengikuti EVE ke dalam kapal, kelakuannya yang tidak biasa, menyebabkan manusia dan robot bertindak tidak seperti biasanya. Khususnya M-O, robot dekontaminasi yang diprogramkan untuk membersih setiap pencemaran di dalam pesawat , ia mengejar WALL•E supaya ia dapat membersihkan kotoran asing yang bersumber dari Bumi, dan dua orang manusia bernama John (John Ratzenberger) dan Mary (Kathy Najimy) yang sebelumnya hanya melihat melalui media elektronik berupa monitor, sehingga mereka melihat pemandangan secara langsung karena WALL•E membuat mereka terlepas dari monitor yang terpasang di tempat duduk mereka.
Setelah sampai di dalam pesawat, EVE diaktifkan kembali dan diprogram untuk mengantar bibit tadi kepada McCrea agar diletakkan dalam alat pendeteksi yang dinamai holo-detector. Alat tersebut adalah sebuah mesin pendeteksi yang berfungsi memberikan informasi bahwa manusia dapat kembali hidup di Bumi, dan akan mengembalikan manusia ke Bumi secara otomatis setelah mendeteksi bibit tadi yang merupakan pedoman yang memungkinkan manusia untuk kembali hidup di Bumi. Sewaktu akan mendeteksi tumbuhan yang terdapat dalam tubuh EVE, bibit itu hilang. EVE dianggap telah rusak dan dikirim ke bagian perbaikan robot bersama WALL•E. Saat EVE diperiksa, WALL•Emenyangka EVE akan dihancurkan oleh mesin pemeriksa tersebut, lalu ia merampas senjata plasma EVE dan menembakkannya, sehingga membebaskan robot-robot rusak lainnya di ruang perbaikan. Tindakan WALL•E menjadi ancaman bagi setiap penghuni pesawat Axiom, EVE dan WALL•E menjadi buronan yang dianggap robot berbahaya. EVE yang tidak tahan dengan sikap WALL•E, mencoba mengantarnya kembali ke Bumi dengan menggunakan sebuah kabin.
Saat asisten utama McCrea (GO-4) tiba dan menyimpan bibit yang hilang itu ke dalam kabin; GO-4 yang mencurinya tanpa diketahui McCrea. Melihat bibit tersebut, WALL•E memasuki kabin tempat diletaknya bibit tersebut. GO-4 akan menghancurkan kabin tersebut dengan mengaktifkan program penghancuran secara otomatis sehingga akan meledak setelah hitungan mundur 20 detik. Saat itu WALL•E berada di dalam kabin tersebut, namun WALL•E berhasil meloloskan diri bersama bibit itu sedetik sebelum musnahnya kabin tadi. EVE lega karenaWALL•E menyelamatkan bibit itu dan mereka terbang dengan bahagianya di angkasa sekitar pesawat Axiom.
EVE dan WALL•E mengembalikan bibit itu kepada McCrea. Kapten McCrea ingin mengetahui bagaimana keadaan Bumi pada saat ini, lalu McCrea memutar rekaman yang direkam oleh kamera yang terpasang pada EVE, yang membuat EVE menyaksikan usaha WALL•E melindunginya ketika ia dalam status non-aktif. Akhirnya, EVE juga jatuh cinta pada WALL•E. Terpesona oleh gambar-gambar kehidupan zaman dulu di Bumi sebelum berdirinya Buy N Large, McCrea perihatin melihat kerusakan alam di Bumi yang digambarkan dalam rekaman EVE. Kemudian McCrea merencanakan agar manusia kembali ke Bumi untuk memulihkan segalanya. Namun, AUTO menegaskan bahwa manusia tidak boleh kembali ke Bumi, lalu ia terpaksa menampilkan tayangan berupa rekaman Shelby Forthright yang memerintahkan semua autopilot agar tidak mengembalikan manusia ke Bumi, karena proyek pembersihan yang diusahakan telah gagal. AUTO yang dirancang untuk menuruti perintah tersebut, memberontak dan membuang bibit tumbuhan tersebut. Dalam memperebutkan bibit itu, AUTO dengan ganasnya menyerang WALL•E yang mencoba melindungi bibit itu dan menekan tombol non-aktif di badan EVE. WALL•E dan EVE dibuang ke tempat pembuangan sampah bersamaan dengan bibit tadi, dan mengunci McCrea di dalam kamarnya.
Di tempat pembuangan sampah, EVE kembali aktif setelah sebuah tombol yang ada di dada EVE tersentuh oleh serangga. EVE berusaha mencari WALL•E, setelah menemukannya EVE melihat WALL•E telah rusak berat. Ia berusaha memperbaiki WALL•E, tapi usahanya sia-sia karena tidak ada komponen tubuh WALL•E yang cocok dengan yang ia temukan. Pada saat proses pembuangan sampah diaktifkan, gerbang pembuangan terbuka. Saat itu juga datang M-O yang mengejar WALL•E karena ingin membersihkan kotoran asing yang melekat di tubuh WALL•E. Kemudian M-O terjepit gerbang yang tertutup setelah sampah beserta WALL•E dan EVE dikeluarkan dari tempat pembuangan. Gerbang tidak sepenuhnya tertutup karena M-O terjepit pada gerbang saat mengejar WALL•E untuk membersihkan kotoran asing. Kesempatan ini digunakan oleh EVE untuk menyelamatkan diri dari pembuangan.
Setelah berhasil menyelamatkan diri dari tempat pembuangan sampah dengan bantuan M-O, EVE menolak perintah otomatis yang telah diprogramkan untuk membawa bibit ke pesawat. Ia masih berusaha untuk memperbaiki WALL•E, tapi WALL•E berharap EVE menuruti perintah tersebut sambil mengingatkan EVE jika seandainya mereka berhasil kembali ke Bumi,WALL•E dapat diselamatkan dengan suku cadang yang disimpannya.
WALL•E dan EVE membawa bibit tadi untuk diletakkan di mesin pendeteksi yang ada di pesawat Axiom dengan bantuan M-O. Mereka berdua dibantu McCrea yang menyuruh mereka agar cepat ke mesin pendeteksi tersebut, mereka juga dibantu robot-robot rusak yang membantu mereka dengan melawan robot-robot penjaga. McCrea membohongi AUTO dengan mengatakan bahwa bibit itu ada padanya, dengan mengelabui AUTO melalui visual dari monitor. Kemudian AUTO mendatangi McCrea, lalu mereka berkelahi. McCrea berhasil mengaktifkan mesin pendeteksi, mengakibatkan AUTO memiringkan posisi Axiom, mengakibatkan manusia-manusia yang tidak dapat berjalan menjadi berjatuhan dan tertumpuk di sudut pesawat. Auto mencoba menutup mesin pendeteksi tersebut, namun ditahan WALL-E dengan mengorbankan tubuhnya. McCrea berusaha untuk berdiri dan berjalan untuk mendekati dan mengalahkan AUTO. Pada saat perkelahian dengan AUTO, McCrea melihat tombol merah yang terbuka di bagian tubuh AUTO. Lalu McCrea menekan tombol tersebut, sehingga AUTO yang merupakan pengendali pesawat Axiom menjadi berstatus manual. McCrea dapat dengan sepenuhnya mengendalikan AUTO, dan mengembalikan posisi Axiom ke posisi semula. Akhirnya, bibit berhasil dimasukkan ke dalam mesin pendeteksi (holo-detector), dan melepaskan WALL•E yang bertambah rusak karena terjepit mesin pendeteksi yang akan menutup. Setelah bibit tadi dimasukkan ke dalam holo-detector, pesawat Axiom menuju ke Bumi dengan kecepatan cahaya.
Setelah mendarat di Bumi, EVE bergegas memperbaiki dan menghidupkan kembali WALL•E dengan menggunakan suku cadang yang ada di tempat tinggal WALL•E. Sayangnya,WALL•E telah rusak berat dan hampir semua komponennya ditukar oleh EVE dengan yang baru. Meskipun WALL•E telah diperbaiki dengan sempurna, tapi WALL•E bukanlah WALL•Eyang dikenal EVE. WALL•E telah menjadi WALL•E yang diprogram untuk mengerjakan tugasnya dan tidak memiliki perasaan dan ingatan yang dimiliki WALL•E yang EVE kenal. EVE sedih karena WALL•E yang dicintainya sudah tiada, EVE memegang tangan WALL•E lalu menempelkan kepalanya ke kepala WALL•E (bermakna ciuman). Percikan listrik dari “ciuman” tadi memulihkan ingatan dan kepribadian WALL•E, lalu dia dapat mengingat EVE dan bahagia karena dapat berpegangan tangan dengan EVE.
Manusia dan robot bekerjasama dalam memperbaiki kehidupan di Bumi dengan harapan baru, di bawah pimpinan McCrea. Akhirnya, kehidupan yang normal dapat dinikmati kembali oleh manusia. Seiring waktu dan kerjasama manusia dengan robot, Bumi kembali normal seperti sedia kala. Mengenai kelanjutan kehidupan manusia beserta para robot di Bumi, dapat dilihat pada lukisan-lukisan yang terdapat pada kredit penutup dalam film animasi ini.

          Belajar Jadi Ibu Bijak Bareng Prita Ghozie dan VISA        
Finally, setelah sekian lama absen akhirnya saya menulis soal Financial lagi nih :)
Siapa yang akhir bulan pengeluaran bulanannya selalu defisit? Atau yang setiap datang tagihan cuma bayar minimum payment? Berarti keuangan kamu memasuki kondisi kronis friends! Hmm... baca tulisanku sampai selesai ya. Nanti aku jelaskan dibawah.

Jadi ceritanya hari Selasa, 25 Juli 2017 lalu saya diundang oleh Ibu Belajar Bijak untuk menghadiri sebuah talkshow dan gathering di Attarine Resto Kebayoran Baru Jakarta. Kalau soal financial sih, saya antusias banget mau dateng, soalnya kan keuangan erat banget ya kaitannya sama aktivitas para istri di rumah, yang setiap bulan kerjaannya ngitungin uang yang masuk berapa, uang yang keluar berapa, investasi berapa, untuk anak berapa, dan sebagainya. Apalagi saat saya tahu nara sumbernya nanti adalah seorang Financial Planner yang biasa kita lihat wajah cantiknya di media, yaitu mba Prita Ghozie. Pasti kamu semua udah pada kenal dia dong? :)

Mengisi Worksheet

Materi talkshow kali ini kita sama-sama akan membedah kesehatan keuangan kita melalui worksheet yang dibagikan di awal registrasi tadi. 

Waktu saya tanya mba-mba yang jaga meja registrasi di depan, ini kertas buat apaan? Nanti buat workshop, dia bilang gitu. Oke deh.

Sebelum dimulai talkshownya, para audience diminta untuk mengisikan worksheet yang telah dibagikan itu. Saya pikir ini diisi bareng-bareng gitu sama mba Prita, wah ternyata diisi sendiri-sendiri sesuai dengan kondisi masing-masing :))

Untuk yang kolom sebelah kiri (pemasukan) sengaja gak saya isi, karena itu confidential banget, berhubungan dengan angka, saya pikir bisa isi di rumah berdua dengan suami. Finally untunglah mba Prita bilang, isi aja kolom di sebelah kanan (pengeluaran) secara garis besarnya, isi saja persentasenya. Oke baiklah kalau begitu.

Inilah kolom bagian sebelah kanan, saya coba zoom ya.

Jadi saya harus isi di bagian :

Sedekah : ....%
Biaya hidup : ... %
Gaya Hidup : ....%
Cicilan : .... %
Investasi : .... %

Untuk bagian pertama saya isi adalah cicilan 30%. Karena setiap terima gaji yang terlintas di pikiran saya adalah cicilan memang saya alokasikan sebesar maksimal 30% dari total pemasukkan.

Lalu selanjutnya saya bingung, itu biaya hidup dan gaya hidup kenapa dipisah? Ternyata tentang hidup kita dipisah lagi ya, biaya hidup dan gaya hidup. Yang dimaksud biaya hidup ya seperti pengeluaran bulanan (listrik, internet, pulsa, dsb). Sedangkan gaya hidup bisa seperti makan-makan diluar, ngopi-ngopi di cafe, dsb. Ahh ternyata saya salah. Disini saya udah mulai kebingungan. Karena itu gak bisa digabung!

Lalu masuk ke point sedekah. Ternyata sedekah kudu dialokasikan dari penghasilan tiap bulan lho! Duh lagi-lagi saya salah :( saya bersedekah cuma pas setahun sekali doang :(

Lalu masuk ke point investasi. Disini saya gak merasa bingung ya, karena persentase untuk investasi saya tiap bulan udah jelas.

Ternyata yang saya isi diatas itu semua salah. Untuk hasil yang benar saya jelaskan di akhir ya.

4 Peringkat Sehat Keuangan

Sambil mengisi worksheet mba Prita lanjutkan ke materi berikutnya, tentang 4 peringkat sehat keuangan.

1. Tidak Sehat
Yang dimaksud kondisi keuangan tidak sehat itu adalah pengeluaran selalu lebih besar daripada pemasukkan. Selalu berhutang kepada kartu kredit. Dan tidak punya aset.

2. Sehat
Keuangan sehat yaitu pengeluaran = pemasukkan. Tidak terlambat membayar lunas tagihan kartu kredit dan investasi minimal.

3. Mandiri
Keuangan mandiri yaitu penghasilan lebih besar daripada pengeluaran. Gak punya hutang kartu kredit dan investasi selalu maksimal.

4. Sejahtera
Keuangan sejahtera jika penghasilan lebih besar daripada pengeluaran. Penghasilan pasif dari aset. tidak punya hutang dan hidupnya selalu berderma.
Kehidupan yang ideal adalah kehidupan yang sejahtera. Penghasilan pasif itu bisa melalui sewa kontrakan misalnya. Atau kita punya bisnis yang sudah running autopilot.

Kalau kamu termasuk kategori yang mana? :)

Mba Prita juga dalam talkshow ini menyarankan agar selalu mencatat setiap pengeluaran kita, agar kita tahu cashflow kita sehat atau tidak? Paling tidak kita tahu hitungan rasio-rasio keuangan dasarnya gimana.

3 Perangkat Financial Check Up

1. Tabel Kekayaan bersih
2. Tabel Arus Kas
3. Hitungan rasio-rasio keuangan dasar

Tabel kekayaan bersih harus kita ketahui, untuk kita tahu, sebenarnya aset yang kita miliki itu apa aja sih? Malahan jangan-jangan kita kelihatan punya uang dan kaya, padahal sebenarnya kita gak punya apa-apa?

Ini adalah tabel aset dan kewajiban yang harus kita ketahui.

Untuk Aset dibagi lagi menjadi; Aset Kas, Aset Investasi dan Aset Konsumsi. Saat saya tanya ke mba Prita kenapa rumah yang saya tempati itu merupakan aset konsumsi bukan aset investasi, karena gak ada nilai investasinya, lain hal kalau kita memang punya rumah yang untuk disewakan, berarti kita punya asetinvestasi namanya. Duh ini impian saya banget saya bisa jadi juragan kontrakan :)) 

Selain itu misalnya kamu punya Logam Mulia, yang gak kamu apa-apain, itu namylanya aset investasi.

Untuk kewajiban dibagi menjadi 3; yaitu pinjaman jangka pendek, panjang dan net kekayaan bersih. Kamu sudah tahu cara menghitung kekayaan bersih gimana? Nah, sebelum hitung kekayaan bersih, kamu hatus tahu dulu aset yang kamu miliki apa aja. Lalu kewajiban kamu apa aja. Baru total aset tadi dikurangi dengan kewajiban tadi.

Soal kas (masuk dan keluar) juga dibagi lagi menjadi 2; yaitu Kas Rutin dan tidak rutin.

Arus Kas masuk, untuk yang rutin sepertu gaji. Dan untuk yang tidak rutin seperti bonus, tunjangan hari raya, komisi dan hadiah.

Arus Kas Keluar untuk biaya rutinnya seperti biaya rumah tangga, dan cicilan pinjaman. Untuk tidak rutin seperti biaya liburan, kurban dan PBB.

Jenis Pos Pengeluaran

Ada beberapa jenis pos pengeluaran yang harus kita ketahui :

1. Wajib dan Tetap
2. Wajib dan Fluktuatif
3. Tidak wajib dan tetap
4. Tidak wajib dan fluktuatif.

Lalu mba Prita juga menjelaskan tentang Rasio menabung, yang terbagi menjadi 3 :

1. Rasio Dana
2. Rasio Menabung
3. Rasio Berutang

Awalnya saya berpikir, menurut pemahaman saya bahwa yang namanya dana darurat itu dipakai saat kita di PHK (misalnya). Atau kita gak punya pekerjaan. Tapi sebenarnya dana darurat bisa dipakai selain itu lho, misalnya untuk keperluan anak sakit, ke dokter, atau membetulkan perabotan atau peralatan rumah yang rusak (ac bocor, kulkas rusak, dsb).

Lalu besaran dana darurat haruslah minimal 3x dari pengeluaran rutin bulanan. Kalau kita belum sampai 3x berarti kita belum punya dana darurat.

Dan rekeningnya juga harus terpisah dari rekening bulanan.

Dana darurat ini juga sebenarnya saya belum punya, dulu pernah punya tapi terpakai buat biaya saya melahirkan dan bayar DP rumah. Terus saya lupa deh mengembalikannya lagi :( Padahal dana darurat ini penting banget.

Selama ini kalau anak sakit saya saya pakai budget dana bulanan, sebenarnya itu salah, seharusnya dana darurat yang idealnya :(

Gimana soal berhutang?

Mba Prita juga bilang, berhutang itu gak haram kok judulnya, asalkan hutang produktif ya. Yang dikatakan produktif menyangkut 3 hal, yaitu :

1. Ada nilai manfaatnya
2. Mendatangkan penghasilan
3. Suku bunga pinjaman

Nah, setelah mendengarkan talkshow, mba Prita menjelaskan bahwa keuangan yang sehat seperti ini nih :

Sedekah : 2.5%
Gaya hidup : 10%
Menabung dana darurat : 10%
Biaya hidup : 30%
Cicilan : 30%
Investasi : 15%

Setelah para audience mengisi worksheet tadi, dan inilah hasil analisanya :

Setelah melihat analisanya saya jadi pengen cepet-cepet pulang and revisi kalkulasi keuangan saya. Duh banyak banget yah salah :( Tapi alhamdulillah sih kalau dilihat dari financial check up-nya keuangan saya masih tergolong yang sehat menuju mandiri. Tapi kurang tahu juga kalau misalnya keuangan saya benar-benar dibedah oleh mba Prita Ghozie, pengen juga sih sekali-kali, keuangan saya dilihat secara detail, kalau ada yang salah kan bisa saya perbaiki :)

Overall saya bersyukur banget bisa hadir ke acara yang super keren ini. Kapan-kapan saya mau datang lagi kalau ada undangan ke acara financial sejenis seperti ini. Karena bisa menambah pengetahuan saya soal keuangan.

Ohya, saya mau berbagi tips dari mba Prita nih, supaya kamu-kamu semua gak ngalamin yang namanya 'bocor halus' ya guys.

1. Selalu mencatat pengeluaran di buku kas pribadi.

2. Untuk besaran cicilan sebaiknya tidak boleh melebihi 30% dari pemasukan.

3. Untuk yang entrepreneur, untuk pemasukkan sebaiknya tetap dari gaji, bukanlah menunggu omset.

4. Supaya transportasi bisa terdata, mba Prita selalu mengalokasikan ke dalam bentuk emoney (uang elektronik). Jadi misalnya 1 bulan mba Prita alokasikan budget 500rb ke kartu tersebut. Nah, nantinya mba Prita gak repot lagi deh menghitung tol berapa, parkir berapa, semua sudah dalam 1 kartu tersebut. Jadi pencatatannya sudah rapih. Tapi kalau saya sih masih manual mencatatnya. Karena terkadang parkir di tempat umum (bayar 2000) perak kan gak bisa memakai kartu elektronik :p Tapi kalau soal budget tol bisa jadi masukkan nih tipsnya mba Prita.

5. Untuk transaksi pembelian sebaiknya membayar dengan debet. Karena debet kan sama aja dengan uang tunai, hanya saja dalam bentuk digital. Nah biasanya kan kalau habis transaksi kita dapat laporan elektroniknya kan? Nah ini membantu kita banget untuk mencatat, karena bisa kita lihat secara berkala.

6. Khusus yang tinggal di rumah Dinas, kudu berhati-hati, karena sebenarnya kita belum punya aset apa-apa. Karena saat kamu sudah pensiun, kamu harus mengembalikan rumah dinas itu kepada perusahaan.
Nah, supaya setelah pensiun keuangan kamu tetap sehat dan gak kaget lihat cicilan rumah, sebaiknya saat kamu mulai tinggal di rumah dinas, saat itu juga kamu mulai mencicil rumah. Dan lebih baik lagi kamu sewakan (selama kamu tinggal di rumah dinas), itu bisa jadi aset investasi kamu bukan?

Finally, thanks VISA! :)

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          FOREX Auto Pilot Reading Chart Forex AutoPilot        

Chart Forex
Patterns : Chart Forex, How To Trade

Now that we have learned the basics of technical analysis and
multi time frame analysis the

next thing we will look at is chart
patterns in the forex
, futures and stock markets.

patterns are what technical traders look for on historical
price charts to help them determine what the current supply and demand forces
are, and how prices may be affected as a result.


In our previous lessons on trends and support and resistance,
we have already identified several of the most basic
chart patterns
which traders use to place trades.

As you remember from these lessons, some of the more common
patterns are up trends (bullish pattern), which when we view on a chart
we identify with a potential buying opportunity, and down
trends (bearish pattern), which we identify as potential selling opportunities.


Although support and resistance are not classified as chart
there are many
chart patterns
which are associated with identifying support
and resistance, and we will start by examining the most basic of these patterns.

Double Tops:

A double top is a reversal chart pattern which is defined by
a chart where a financial instrument makes a run up to a particular level, then
drops back from that level, then makes a second run at that level, and then
finally drops back off again.

In its most basic sense what the double top pattern is saying
about supply and demand forces is that demand is out pacing supply (buyers are
winning) up to the first top causing prices to rise, and then the equation flips
and demand is no longer out pacing supply (sellers are winning) causing prices
to fall.

After then falling back the buyers make another run at the same
price and then after failing to break that level for a second time, sellers
take control and keep the upper hand causing prices to sell of even more dramatically
after the second top than they did after the first.

For double bottoms the reverse is true.

A double bottom is also a reversal pattern in the futures, forex,
or stock

markets which is the exact opposite of a double top.


To form a double bottom a financial instrument makes a run down to a particular level, then trades up from that level then makes a second run down to at or near the same level as the first bottom, and then finally trades back up again.


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          Run Rabbit Run 100        
Photo: Paul Nelson.
After a string of relatively successful 100 milers in the years between 2009 and 2013, I figured I'd got the distance dialed in and could pretty much show up to any race and have a good day on autopilot, but things started unravelling a bit this year, my 40th on this planet.

Forty is a weird age. The average life expectancy in this country is less than 80 (I'm pretty sure), so   statistically speaking you've pretty much crested the hill at 40 and physically you tend to start feeling those niggles lingering just a bit more than they did just five years ago. But at the same time most 40 somethings still feel vibrant, full of life and - at times - as giddy as a prepubescent teenager. Or at least this 40-something does.

Through the prism of a runner's time-obsessed eyes, entering the 'master's' division presents interesting new challenges. Can I defy the law of averages? How long can I compete against kids half my age? Will I ever win another race? Will I still be running 20 years from now? Should I just focus on competing against others in my age division? Which races offer masters money? Should I use my master's standing as an excuse to just 'enjoy' running and not be so obsessed with trying to compete? Is it time to start mentoring and focusing on others with more talent, stronger drive and years of optimal performance ahead of them?

These are just some of the questions I've had rattling around in my head this year, and I think the noise had an impact on my drive to succeed. I turned 40 almost exactly one month before Western States and then proceeded to perform terribly there (after winning my first race as a master, I might add). That was a tough pill to swallow. Maybe I was over the hill and maybe it was time to retire to pasture, a racing afterlife of comfortable and well-earned jogging all the way into my 90s.

But I'd committed to running the Steamboat 100, put on by my good friend Fred Abramowitz, and I wasn't about to renege on that commitment. I gave myself a month to wallow in self-pity post Western States, and then went about the business of figuring out what went wrong and how I was going to fix it. After a bit of reflection, the two primary reasons I came up with for failing at Western Sates were lack of conviction and a sour gut.

The lack of conviction manifested itself both in training and on race day. I didn't have the drive in the spring to run the miles I knew that I needed to in order to be competitive. I ran a few token 100 mile weeks, but I just didn't have the desire to really stack those weeks up back to back over the period of a couple of months. This lack of physical preparation led to a downward spiral in mental belief, to the point that I found myself on the starting line in late June not really wanting to be there. The outcome of my race was sealed long before I started puking on the way to the Auburn Lakes Trail aid station. The nausea was just a final nail in the coffin.

But with the help of friends and family, I started digging myself out of my funk, and worked on building a mental foundation for Steamboat. The first rule I implemented was to respond positively to any questions related to the race. By telling others that I was looking forward to it, I managed to also convince myself. The second rule was to teach myself that nausea didn't have to be inevitable. Working closely with local dietician and accomplished ultrarunner Abby McQueeney Penamonte I was - for the first time - able to develop an in-race fueling strategy based on testing and fact, rather than guesswork and hope.

The nutrition formula was pretty simple. After a half hour metabolic treadmill test conducted at 100-mile effort, I was able to ascertain what my in-race fueling needs were. Considerably less than the 200 - 300 calories per hour I'd been trying to cram down my throat in previous races, as it turns out. The results suggested that I burn fat very efficiently and as such don't need much more than 100 calories an hour to maintain respectable energy levels while performing at 100-mile effort. That's the equivalent of one gel an hour, and quite contrary to conventional ultrarunning wisdom that mandates forcing a gel down your throat - come hell or high water - every 20 minutes. I'd tried that and it didn't work.

Not long before Steamboat, a friend sent me a link to a blog post that Pam Smith - of Western States fame - had written earlier this year. I have an immense amount of respect for Pam, but nowhere near her work ethic when it comes to figuring out - and implementing - the science behind performance. So it was with much glee that I read her article recommending a nutrition strategy based on limiting caloric intake to levels well below that held as gospel in the ultrarunning community. My plan to not start consuming until at least two hours into the race was also given the nod of approval by Pam. There was even advice on post-puke strategies, but I was committed mentally to not puking so I filed that one away in the contingency drawer.

The other part of the puzzle was to keep effort levels firmly under control. There is a direct correlation, I have found, between effort level and your gut's ability to process fuel. I was bound and determined to keep things casual all day and all night at Steamboat. My whole family had come out for this one, including my parents all the way from England. They had last watched me do the 100 mile thing at UTMB in 2011, where I registered the only DNF of my ultrarunning career. I absolutely could not let this one spiral out of control. Discipline was required.

Love you, Mum!
So it was with much alarm that I found myself at the front of the field with good friend Zeke Tiernan as we crested the opening 3,500 foot climb of the day.

"This feels easy right, Zeke? We're not being stupid here ... right, Zeke?"

I'd look back a few switchbacks and see the rest of the pack, but knew that if I moved any slower I'd start tripping over rocks. The effort was fine; everyone else was just being ridiculously cagey. As we transitioned to rolling singletrack, I dropped Zeke and found myself solo at the front of the field. I didn't let it bother me though. My breathing was super controlled and the effort was way easier than it is has been at Western States and other 100 milers, so I rolled with it, popping an 80 calorie peanut butter pack exactly two hours into the run.

"This is easy, right Zeker?"
Outside of this initial peanut butter pack - taken so I wouldn't have to carry a filled second bottle up the initial climb - the plan was to subsist on starch-based carbohydrates delivered in liquid form. Pretty much mumbo jumbo to me, but it had worked to a degree in the past and I believed that it was going to work at Steamboat if controlled to 100 calories - or one scoop diluted - per hour. Simple. With the help of pre-mixed bottles in drop bags and at crew locations, I was able to transition between aid stations without having to fumble around with baggies of powder - the curse of liquid nutrition strategies.

The seven hour mark, give or take an hour or two, has traditionally been the tipping point for my stomach in these races; the point where nausea starts kicking in and I start the long drawn-out internal monologue:

"To puke or not to puke? That is the question."

Prior to 2013, when the puking floodgates opened at Leadville, I had been firmly in the camp of puke avoidance at all costs, typically being able to get by on coke when things starting turing sour. However, an eruption at mile 88 on the Leadville course, some 50 meters down the road from May Queen, had put an end to all that, and I moved from a history of never having puked during a race to almost incorporating it into the game plan. I proceeded to spill my guts again at the base of the Boulevard - mile 96 at Leadville - then twice at the Wasatch 100, endlessly at UTM Fuji, and then again at Western States. I was on a four-race streak. And it sucked.

Seven hours and 40 miles into Steamboat and the gut was still shipshape, though. I had stuck religiously to the plan, and while I had been swallowed up by a pack of seven other runners at the front of the field, I was elated to be in the race and consuming without concern. I wouldn't describe my energy levels as particularly perky - the formula needs to be tweaked - but I was running. The lack of pep was exposed on the long climb in the dark back up the Fish Creek Falls trail, where for the first time I lost contact with the front of the field and found myself running in fourth or fifth.

Fish Creek on the way down and in the lead. 
At the top of the climb at Long Lake, I decided I needed something solid to placate my growling stomach, so I consumed a small cup of ramen, careful not to get carried away, and then proceeded to enjoy the very gradual dirt-road climb out to Summit Lake, passing fellow master Paul Terranova along the way. This left just Rob Krar, Josh Arthur and master-inspiration Jeff Browning ahead of me.

The 4,000 foot descent to the Spring Creek Ponds aid station at mile ~70 was a long one, but uneventful and controlled. My stomach was still intact, I was consuming and I wanted to keep it that way. I allowed myself another small portion of ramen at Spring Creek before beginning the long climb back up to Summit Lake and Buff Pass. A few miles out from the return to the Dry Lake aid station (mile ~75) I begun to find myself hiking sections that I knew I should be running, so I decided that as my stomach was still feeling good I'd allow myself another bowl of ramen to supplement the liquid fuel and to see if I couldn't re-stoke the furnace.

Unfortunately, I ate too much and on the ensuing seven miles of uphill gently graded dirt road to Buff Pass I had to drop the effort significantly and found myself walking long sections (slowly) in a bid to give my stomach the time it needed to shake the nausea. The familiar puke/no puke internal dialog kicked back into gear, but I was determined to buck the trend and make this a no-puke outing, even if it meant giving up places against the rest of the field. Finally near the top of the climb, the nausea abated and I was able to get back about the business of running and racing. Unfortunately, I had consumed nothing over the span of the last two hours, so energy levels were low.

At the toasty Summit Lake aid station, I nibbled on a grilled cheese sandwich, pleased that this was even an option and making sure to exit the aid tent quickly enough to avoid losing the body heat that I would need to get me through the next section of rolling and high-altitude trail. The outside temperature had become legitimately cold, so I was definitely motivated to keep a warmth-generating effort going. Nonetheless, I knew that I'd probably given up any chance of catching third on the slow climb to Buff Pass.

Unfortunately I was producing a good amount of heat while still allowing for lazy breaks of hiking on stuff that I should have been running. By mile 96 (of 107), I had given up fourth to a charging Ryan Ghelfi, who was running impressively at his first go at the distance. He left the penultimate aid station, a fourth visit to Long Lake, as I was entering, but I didn't have a whole lot of fight in me. The mission for the day had been to run my race and complete it without any massive blowups.

I think I achieved that. And while I didn't close the final 20 miles with the kind of fight and focus I would have liked to have done, I was happy to still be nipping away at my fuel and getting the job done with over 100 miles completed. Descending the final 3,500 feet into the finish at the base of the ski hill, I was generally happy with the way the race had played out.

I had broken the puking spell, I had remained largely positive the whole way around, and I had rekindled my belief in my ability to run 100 miles at a reasonably competitive level. Oh, and I had made a bit of cash in the process too. A good day at the office, with a nutritional foundation to build from, and a renewed - if still tempered - sense of purpose for the South Africa Sky Run in November and then further afield to the 2015 season.

Thanks to everyone who believed in me this summer and especially those who helped convince me that I still have a few good races left in me, and then helped me make the practical changes needed to achieve that.
          Finding Your Perfect Automated Forex System Might Not Be That Easy        
Would you like to be able to trade forex on autopilot? Would you like to use robot to do the trading for you? To do tasks like finding profitable trades and executing them - even when you sleep?

Well, in the computer and Internet era it's relatively easy and almost every week we see a new automated forex trading system being offered to the general public. Some of them cost under $100, but there are also much more expensive programs - with prices in the $2,000 - $10,000 range. However, very often those expensive systems are sold to limited number of traders.

Why are automated forex systems in such high demand, commending such high prices?

The answer is simple; it can be found among the motivating factors for the participants in any market - not only forex, but also stock and commodity trading. I'm talking here about greed, fear, desire to live pleasant life, etc. Of course, those are rather general motivations, but they really have significant impact on every trader's mindset and his or her approach to trading.

Many authors writing on the topic of trading maintain that although fundamentals such as interests rates, CPI, employment data, etc. have significant impact on how the markets move, the psychological aspect of trading is much more important. The markets are moved by the combined belief system of each individual trader (or market participant).

That's a very important concept, because it means that each trader's desires, hopes, fears, needs, opinions, experience, education, interests, motives, etc. impact the way the trader analyses the available information and makes the trading decisions based on both belief system and the information. Those decisions are about what and when to trade, how much to expect from a trade, how much to risk, when to enter and exit and whether to buy or sell. Those decisions made by each trader are transformed into orders - that's how the markets, including forex market, move.

It's a very interesting process, isn't it? And the implications are far-reaching, because if we accept it, it means that we can't consider markets as linear systems that could be analyzed with tools that are based on linear mathematics and statistics. And as so much of the movement of the markets is determined by the psychology of trading, it is obvious that in order to explain that movement, it is necessary to use non-linear systems (models). Also, inter-disciplinary approach is needed, as only in that way it is possible to follow the markets.

With such a powerful tool as a computer, it is possible now to build much more complicated models than those created before the computers became available. Those models and the results of using them are developed by the software programmers into trading systems. There are automated forex trading systems that incorporate breakthrough discoveries from emerging progressive sciences, such as: Quantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory, Fractal Geometry and Wavelet Theory.

Forex market is best suited for such inter-disciplinary approach due to its huge trading volume - many times bigger than that of the stock market and the futures market. When those advanced sciences are used to create trading systems, it results in more accurate and thus more profitable trading signals.

So next time, when looking for an automated system for your forex trading, consider spending extra dollars to purchase a system that employs non-linear theories and tools. Analyses provided by such a system will be much more accurate than those based on out-dated linear theories, which can only tweak historical data to fit the model. And you will get a system that more closely fits your trading style.
Mary Cala recommends Gomega Trader as the best automated forex system because it utilizes Chaos Theory, Quantum Mechanics and Fractal Geometry. Mary is the Author and a Forex Trader. She also writes about forex trading software and about forex systems on her blog Automated Forex Systems.
          All In Our Hands        

This is a song written by the great band I Am Your Autopilot, which I had the good fortune of playing with me on my tour last summer and autumn.

During the first leg of our tour we had a number of days off. One of those days was spent at the house of Scalde's parents. (Scalde is a musician from Lyon who joined us on the tour and with whom I will be doing a live collaboration this summer at a quarry!)

Anyway, after lunch (which sadly I was allergic to!) we payed a trip to a neighborhood church to do some improvisations and play a few of our songs. One of these songs was "All In Our Hands".

Joining me in lead vocals is Ben Evans (he's also playing guitar). Scalde is singing too and playing the psaltery. Jasper Wilkinson is singing and playing drums, and Graeme Brooker is our mute bassist! :)

Hope you enjoy!

Cast: Fredo Viola

Tags: fredo viola, i am your autopilot, live performance, music, all in our hands, folk music and church music

          Lille - spontaneous group improvisation on the stairs!        

After the very last performance of our tour (my very first tour) in Lille I was feeling a little odd, a little mysterious and melancholic. Walking alone through the reverberant stairwell I made some sounds which I liked, so brought out my camera and started to shoot it. Suddenly my friends (the musicians I have been playing with) walked in a floor above me and spontaneously joined me in a vocal improvisation! It was quite exciting and I think there are many really lovely mysterious parts (as well as crazy bits too! hahah)

Sylvain, Ben, Graeme and Jasper... I love you guys! Thanks for bringing such magic and love to my tour!

Cast: Fredo Viola

Tags: fredo viola, scalde, i am your autopilot, ben evans, jasper wilkinson, graeme brooker, improvisation, a capella and the turn

          Tesla spravila prvý krok k produkcii svojich automobilov v Å anghaji        
Za výrobou áut v Číne vidí americká spoločnosť výhodu zbavenia sa vysokého dovozného cla. Pokiaľ zvažujete kúpu elektromobilu, chystaný Model 3 od Tesly môže byť správnou voľbou. Sľubuje takmer 350 km dojazd na jedno nabitie, výbornú akceleráciu, praktické funkcie autopilota, no najmä veľmi prijateľnú cenu začínajúcu na hodnote 35 tisíc dolárov. Teda, pokiaľ nie ste [...]
          FAP Turbo Settings Guide        
FAP Turbo Settings READ THE FAP TURBO REVIEW HERE We all know FAP Turbo is great and makes cash on auto-pilot when you sleep, bu in order to squeeze even more profits out of your broker, you will need to change the default FAP Turbo settings. Here’s what you need to do… Forex Autopilot Trading [...]
          Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller 3010F/GAIA 160-AG Hexacopter Frame/Arkbird VTOL Vertical Take-off And Landing Electric FPV Aircraft KIT        


New Product:

Foxtech Supreme CF 3010 Foldable propeller are specifically designed for heavy duty multicotpers. 3010F Propeller guarantees very little deformation even with very high load and give you a safe and quiet fly. Its excellent air dynamic design greatly improves efficiency.

Hot Products:

GAIA 160-AG-a high performance aircraft capable of offering comprehensive solutions for agricultural care.

Arkbird VTOL airplane is an unique fpv fixed wing plane with vertical taken off and landing function, perfectly compatible with Arkbird autopilot 2.0 and 2.0 lite, including balance mode, fence mode, return home mode, VTOL mode and other wonderful Arkbird autopilot modes.


          Arkbird VTOL Vertical Take-off And Landing Electric FPV Aircraft KIT/Tarot Peeper HD 10X Optical Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal        


The Spare Parts of DYS ELF 83mm Mirco Drone are available now: propeller, motor, remote control etc.Learn more.

Arkbird VTOL airplane is an unique fpv fixed wing plane with vertical taken off and landing function, perfectly compatible with Arkbird autopilot 2.0 and 2.0 lite, including balance mode, fence mode, return home mode, VTOL mode and other wonderful Arkbird autopilot modes. It is also a unique fixed wings fpv plane with quads characteristics in the FPV field.

TAROT PEEPER T10X is a great 3-axis gimbal for model aircraft enthusiasts, it provides a 10X optical zoom. The F2.0 uses 1/3 colour CMOS4 image sensor which supports approx.4 million effective pixels(2688 x 1520). With unique internal wiring design, built-in IMU gimbal control module, specialized servo drive module, this peeper T10X can be widely applied to various model aircaft activities and entertainments.


          Tarot X4 Aerial Photography Quadcopter(1 hr Flight Time)/Supreme 2280 & 2490 CF Propeller/RadioLink Pixhawk Combo & M8N GPS Module        


Based on the former V1 to V3 Goggles, Skyzone released the latest SKY02S V+ 3D Goggles. The SKY02S V+ is a 5.8G 40CH 3D FPV Goggles integrated with a 5.8G diversity receiving module,two antenna ports and two independently-working display modules. To work with the supplied SCAM302 3D camera and STX202 dual transmitter,it supplies the pilot an extraordinary realistic 3D feeling to FPV. SKY02S V+ remains all the previous features, such as 3D/2D mode, built-in DVR with playback,head tracking, built-in front camera etc, its new features highlight in HDMI-IN, channel auto searching, new eyeshade with headband for cozier wearing. What's more, comparing to the old version 3D camera and dual transmitter, the new SCAM302 3D camera (12g) and STX202 dual transmitter (14g) come much smaller size and lighter weight, which make the SKY02S V+ a perfect option to FPV racing.


TAROT X4 quadcopter RTF combo is designed for aerial photography professional user, TAROT X4 quadcopter have umbrella- folding arm, the integrated PCB board wire makes the wire of the power and ESC more efficient and safety, also leaves enough space for different kinds of flight controllers. Carrying M600 power combo, TAROT X4 quadcopter provides ample power but with a light weight, portable and convenient for transport. Maximum take-off weight of about 15KG, easily mounted aerial device like 5D Camera.

Foxtech Supreme series carbon fiber propeller is specifically designed for professional multirotor platforms. Supreme carbon fiber propellers is made with cork wood sandwich in the middle and high grade CF material on the surface, which ensures lightweight and high strength. All Supreme propellers are 100% well balanced,polished and reinforced,guarantee very little deformation even with very high load and give you a safe and quiet fly.



Radiolink Pixhawk is a real king of the open source flight controller made by Radiolink. On the basis of 3DR PIX function, it  developes optimized circuit design and creative design automation software QA system, which guarantee the quality of product.


          Foxtech A4 Multipurpose Quadcopter Platform        

A4 Multipurpose Quadcopter Platform

Born to create more possibilities, the A4 introduced the world to a magic flight platform, forever chaging the way people experience UAV technology. With A4 Multipurpose Quadcopter Platform, you can do things that were not possible before. Whether used for research, for business, or for fun, the A4 is a stable, versatile and powerful platform that makes your dreams come true.


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SKY-708 7" FPV Monitor

The comfortable 7" LCD panel works pretty good outdoor. It's bright and very user-friendly too. And it comes with a 7.4V 2800mah Li-Po battery which can run for a pretty long time. It's truly a Grab-n-Go gadget for FPV racers. 

ARKBIRD 2.0 Flight Controller Module

Arkbird 2.0 is a high-accuracy flight controller designed for fixed wing. It can superimpose OSD (On Screen Display) data on videos and simultaneously control the balance, return and many other maneuvers of your aircraft with high precision. The perfect auto-stabilization system and the plug-and-play design will free you from worries and inconveniences.

Arkbird Airspeed Sensor

The Arkbird 2.0 digital high accuracy airspeed meter can calculate the relative speed between the plane and air, which is different from GPS ground speed.

ARKBIRD U-blox GPS+Glonass

The new Ublox 8 series GPS module comes with a built in rechargeable backup battery for HOT starts, and i2C EEPROM for storage. 

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Foxtech XM series ESC is the upgraded version from Foxtech Multipal BLHeli series with advanced processor. It's more compatible with relatively big motors, making the motor rotation more smooth. Its maximum refresh frequency is up to 500Hz, making it compatible with all flight controllers. So it's the first choice for racing multicopters.  

Foxtech XM 30A BLHeli Mini ESC

Foxtech XM series ESC is the upgraded version from Foxtech Multipal BLHeli series with advanced processor. It's more compatible with relatively big motors, making the motor rotation more smooth. Its maximum refresh frequency is up to 500Hz, making it compatible with all flight controllers. So it's the first choice for racing multicopters. 

Arkbird 2.0 Autopilot Flight Controller Combo

Arkbird 2.0 is a high-accuracy autopilot designed for fixed wing. It can superimpose OSD (On Screen Display) data on videos and simultaneously control the balance, return and many other maneuvers of your aircraft with high precision. The perfect auto-stabilization system and the plug-and-play design will free you from worries and inconveniences.

Foxtech S8120 Brushless Motor

To meet the need of high efficiency, light weight and dynamic balance on motor, we made the Foxtech S series Motor. The motors in this series have outstanding performance and durability thanks to its high quality&long life bearings and high efficiency coils. The S8120 KV90 motor is the best choice for giant multicopter with 28 inch propeller.

Runcam2 HD 1080P Wifi FPV Camera

The RunCam 2 HD camera is designed for the FPV Racers. This mini HD camera provides high resolution video and images at 1080P @60fps or 720P @120fps. The color and clarity of the image gives you the best picture possible in a small HD camera form factor.  Ultra lightweight, and built tough. Featuring WiFi for your smart phone so you can adjust the camera's setting, and download your flight videos straight to your phone.


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(3rd Floor) No.9 Haitai Fazhan Sixth Avenue XiQing District Tianjin China

          Run Oracle Hyperion Cloud jobs on autopilot using EPM Automate        
EPM Automate is a utility which helps in automating administrator's activities by allowing remote access and performing tasks within the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud instances. This blog discusses its functionality, capabilities and more.
          Useful Electronic Equipment for Your Boat        

Consider the following types of electronic equipment for your vessel before you embark on your next journey.

Chart plotters

While electronic equipment will never compete against tried-and-true physical nautical maps, chartplotter technology has come a long way and is very useful for any kind of adventure. Chartplotters are great to go along with buying boats and for novice sailors, all the way to experienced captains. Most chartplotters are usable during the day and night.


Whether you have a large or small boat, cameras can prove to be very useful depending on your nautical lifestyle. For larger boats, having cameras installed can allow you to get a quick glimpse at the entire real estate on and within the boat. For smaller boats, cameras can be used to record your adventures on the open waters.

Communication Equipment

Marine radio communication equipment is extremely useful for keeping in touch with other sailors on the boat, other members of a fleet, or for hailing other radio locations nearby. Many communication systems can also be connected to speakers to broadcast loud messages across the water. This makes it easy to contact other boats, those on land, or fellow sailors who may not have a radio on hand.

Fish Finders

Fishing veterans and beginners can utilise specialised fish finding equipment to locate ideal fishing locations. Using sonar technology, fish finders are capable of scanning deep into the water. Depending on the quality of the fish finding equipment you purchase, more information may be provided to you, such as water temperature, image clutter reduction, water depth measurements, and more.


Sailors that want to travel at night are going to want to have lighting installed throughout their boat, depending on the size of their vessel. There are a variety of lighting types you can install on your boat, from interior lighting, LED lighting, submersible lighting, safety lights, stern lighting, bi-colour navigation lights, and more.

Autopilot Equipment

If you’re looking for more advanced technology to equip onto your boat, consider autopilot navigation equipment. This type of equipment allows owners of various skill levels to keep their vessel heading in a certain direction, even when they’re not at the helm. Beginning level autopilot equipment may only be able to keep the boat moving towards a certain compass direction, while more advanced equipment can perform more complex manoeuvres and pathing using GPS.

Are you buying boats and need additional equipment to add to your vessel? Let us at Bosun’s Locker help you with all of your Gold Coast nautical equipment needs! From selling boats to electronic equipment, we have everything you would ever need for your open water adventures. Give us a call at (07) 55 911 911 today!

          Automatic Forex Trading - What You Need to Know        
Automatic Forex Trading is for those that want to build cash in the currency promotes the smart way. Chances are that you are one of those people that wants to get rich trading FX like so a big number of prior you. You know you require an immediate forex trading tool to help you, but aren't sure which one. I have one query for you, have you taken time to find out Forex trading first? A piece of software is not going to do you much good if you are not accustomed to the vital basics and complicated principles of the currency promotes. The Good News is that a big number of trading tools also include nice training guides (thing that did not happen in the past).

Supposing you have taken time to find out currency trading, I will go ahead and start discussing the peculiar Forex trading systems on the market today and the pluses and minus of each. There are three separate classifications of products accesible today. They are trend based, signal based and strategy based software systems.

Most authority Forex dealers will have at least a trend based system and a signal based system running concurrently as they execute markedly well jointly. A trend system basically goes after the path of a currency and informs the user when pay for or sell orders are noticed in such a magnitude to affect the current trend. A signal based system also informs the user of doable adjusts in directions of a currency, but the signal is based on the pre-programmed algorithms the system is based on. Essentially, you will be receiving information that is calculated differently.

A strategy based system is also based on pre-programmed mathematical algorithms, but it uses a distinct merging of Forex indicators that the developer of the product has came upon helpful in the past to build rewarding trades with. many trend systems you might want to verify out are Forex Killer, and Forex Tracer (this one is the one that gave me splendid results and works 100% on autopilot. Below you can find a link to

download this product risk free).

Forex Tracer Download

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          A Forex Program Designed for you to Quickly Learn Currency Trading and be Profitable at It        
Make no mistake about it, in order to make money in the FX markets you need to know what you doing, at least a little bit. There are many Forex programs that can help you learn currency trading, but which of those also teach you all the little special techniques you must know to make money at it? That is the question and the answer is below.

There are three distinct categories of Forex educational programs. They are comprehensive, specific and mentoring. A comprehensive Forex courses will teach everything from A to Z regarding the currency market and provide an excellent foundation to build your trading career on as well as you continued education.

A specific currency training class will not teach you all there is to know about the markets, but rather one little specific method to trade and make money with. A Forex mentoring program is taught by professional Forex traders and also teaches you all the material you would learn in a comprehensive class. But, they delve much deeper into the trading methods utilized by the pro's teaching the class.

So there is a little bit of everything for everybody available online today. If you really don't care about learning all there is to know, but just want to make money quickly then a specific course is best for you. I really like Forex Made E-Z trading program for this approach.

If you are convinced that this is a real money making opportunity that should not be missed, then you might want to start with a comprehensive courses before enrolling in the mentoring programs. The mentoring programs will provide you with a well rounded view point, but not quite as extensive a the course designed for that purpose.

A Forex mentoring program is a great way to really start making money quickly and understand the reasons you are profitable. This type of instruction allows you to dig deeply into the finer points of the market and understand why, how and when a professional Forex trader makes an investment. You might want to check out Fap Winner, Straight Forex or Forex Brotherhood.

What ever you are looking for there is something out there designed to meet your needs. There are many fine Forex programs available today that can and will help you learn currency trading quickly and efficiently. This is the first step in your long and wonderful journey to prosperity and financial independence which can be all yours curtsey of the currency markets.

We have researched, tested and reviewed 100's of Forex Training Courses, Software Systems and Brokerage Firms. We kept the best and eliminated the rest for you to examine at TOP RATED FOREX PRODUCT REVIEWS.

For the internets MOST comprehensive FREE Forex learning tools, which included 100's of FREE training articles and FREE tutorials check out FREE FOREX TRAINING.

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          Self Publishing Made Easy - OfCourse , Online         
Self publish ebooks professionally and effectively
  • Learn from Jason Matthews, bestselling author of 6 books and self publishing expert
  • Learn how to use distributors and retailers and to format ebooks from Microsoft Word documents
  • Sell ebooks on Paypal with a system that runs on autopilot! Use PR, reviews and websites to make more ebook sales!
  • This course is Ideal for Writers, Authors & Bloggers

This course is self publishing made easy to help you increase your ebook sales at Amazon, Apple, Google, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, Scribd and major retailers.

Learn how to format your work to be sold on multiple platforms, and then maximise the performance on each of those platforms.

Your instructor, self publishing guru Jason Matthews, covers everything you need to format documents, convert to ePub, make covers, upload and sell it with retailers.

Save yourself time and money and get readers in every country!

Before Selling Ebooks
  • Introduction
  • Say hi and tell your fellow students why you're taking this course
  • Share your new course with your friends!
  • Ebook Retailers and Distributors
  • Amazon KDP Select Decision
  • Common Strategies for Retailers and Distributors
  • Free E-Book: How to Make, Market and Sell E-Books
  • Useful Links
Formatting MS Word, HTML, and ePub
  • Introduction to Formatting
  • Free Tools from Amazon
  • Basics and Word Tips
  • Front Matter
  • Formatting Chapters
  • Table of Contents
  • Extra Formatting Tips
  • Inserting Images, Hyperlinks and Checking Preview Mode
  • MS Word saved as HTML Web Page Filtered
  • Calibre Converts Word to ePub
  • ePub Validator
Cover Design
  • Basics and Standards
  • Hiring out Pro Cover Designers
  • DIY Cover Design Programs and Images
Uploading to Major Retailers
  • Upload to KDP Amazon
  • Preparing Word and ePub for Smashwords
  • Upload to Draft2Digital
  • Upload to Barnes & Noble Nook Press
  • Upload to Kobo Writing Life
  • Upload to Google Play Books Partner Centre
Direct Sales on Autopilot
  • Selling from your website or blog
  • Uploading files to sites for PayPal sales
  • Download PayPal Buttons to your sites
  • Fighting Piracy
  • Shopping Carts Sales from your sites
Marketing in the Digital World
  • Social Media Philosophy
  • Social Media Main Players
  • Websites and Blogs
  • Blogging
  • Blogging Tips and Reminders
  • Amazon Author Central
PR & Reviews
  • Public Relations
  • Reviews


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Next Session:

Duration: Flexible

          Online Autopilot Income        
If you would like to keep start-up costs low you can use a membership Web site, with useful content so. As content is king is also a way to generate leads. Get a membership website templates and software you'll be in your way to safeand steady
passive income.

Practically Passive Income

In the beginning you will put forth a strong initial effort to build your membership Web site. You will spend countless hours defining your niche, building your website, writing your content, and attracting your members. For all this work you will make less than minimum wage for your effort. However, membership Web sites have a way of snowballing, and the tables will soon be turned. A few years down the road you will spend more time at the beach or on a cruise, than you do managing your Web site.

When your website is established you will not have to be concerned about attracting new clients every month. Instead, you will spend these days enjoying the fruits of your labor, spending time at the beach or on a cruise. Maintenance of your Web site will be limited to adding an article or two each week to keep your content current, and addressing the questions and concerns of your members.

Are you ready to turn your talents into a highly profitable membership website? If so below is a link to get you headed in the right direction with step-by-steps, PDFs resources, and services.

About the Author:
Marisol Diaz is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through infopreneurship, online business, web-based business, information based and membership sites. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site, contact me and also visit:
          Selling information Online        

Selling information online

Everyone is an expert at something and that expertise could generate tremendous income from information products. The following items are a sample of info products that you can create to launch your infopreneur business:



Special reports

Audio recordings


Video/DVD programs

Training courses

Computer-based training (CBT)


Tips booklets



What great reasons do you need to become one?

You need only your own experience not extra resource necessary.

Work from home only in your available spare time.

Low start up cost, affordable to anyone.

Plenty of guidance available from role models and fellow info-preneurs.

Powerful, intuitive, easy-to-use technology available to you.

Can be set to run hands off, on autopilot.

Scalable you can take it as hight as you want.

Not time limitations, grow your business as fast or slow as you liike

No geographic restrictions, all you need is a computer with internet connection

No barriers to entry like language, social status, physical handicaps or anything else

Potential for passive income-for the long term.

For more details about how to sell information online take one of my workshops
or check out my website.

About the Author:
Marisol Diaz is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through infopreneurship, online business, web-based business, information based and membership sites. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site, contact me and also visit:

          Commonly asked questions associated with becoming an infopreneur        
Infoprenuership FAQ

1. What is an infopreneur?
An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who specializes in information. Infopreneurs provide, promote, and distribute knowledge, usually within a niche market.

2 Who can become an infopreneur? The answer is encouraging: anyone and everyone. It is available to people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all education levels.

3. I’m not good with computers not in IT. How can I start this type of business?

-Consider what you are most interested in and passionate about. The more you know about a subject, the easier it will be to write articles you publish on your own website

-Research your idea, to see if it is feasible and profitable. There isn't much sense to spend days writing about something that isn't in demand, or wouldn't reward you for your efforts.

-Once you have decided on your topic, (template-based site building system) like Wild Apricot has software tools that will help you create your theme based website. Special technical knowledge is not required.

When you use a popular option like template-based site building system, it helps as it walks you through the process step by step. Also known as a content management system (CMS), they are easy to work with and you more or less fill in the blanks of a predesigned style and layout. You could also consider partnering with someone who balances out your skill set or hiring someone to take care of the technical tasks when they come up.

4. Do I need a website?
While having your own website is not essential, it definitely increases your credibility and works to promotes you 24/7. More importantly, websites can act as a hub to support a diverse combination of revenue sources, most of which can be programmed to function on autopilot.

You will likely benefit much more from having a website than not having one. Because there is no physical shop to browse in, the only way a potential customer gains confidence in you is through the information you provide. Their perception of you is all that matters, and it will make or break your success. You need to establish trust, credibility and desire before someone will give you their credit card details.
Websites can quickly establish your professionalism and expertise and give visitors a free no-risk taste of your style and quality of information. And of course a website provides many different options for you to introduce your products. Due to the ease and low cost involved with setting one up today, there’s no reason not to do it.

5. I don’t know how to build a website and can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a web designer. What do you suggest?
While there are a number of good template-based website building systems on the market to choose from, it is important that the company you select is able to help you monetize your website. It is hugely beneficial if they can also assist you during the research phase by providing tools, links and resources. is one the best to help you out. Need a blog don't hesitate to give me a call.

There are many site building tools and templates included with inexpensive hosting packages. However, while most of these can definitely help you develop a good promotional website, few actually teach you how to build a site designed to generate online income. Pay-per-click options are readily available but it takes an enormous amount of traffic to make any real money and there are much faster and more reliable ways to make money.

6. Can I really make money with this concept?

Yes. Millions of people search online daily for information that will solve their problems, help them to make a buying decision, find a hotel, plan their next vacation, and everything a person's mind can imagine.

BUT…just like any other business, it takes belief, work, and perseverance. It also takes the ability to evaluate your progress and readjust course if necessary. Researching your niche to ensure there is a market demand for your subject is crucial to financial success. Successful entrepreneurs find a need and fill it.

7. Should I quit my job to focus on this full-time?
NO! This type of business typically grows over time, as traffic to your site increases. And remember: the more thorough your research, the more likely you will be successful.

8. I’m not good at sales. Can I still do this?
Definitely. Some website owners monetize their website by selling related items that they create. Artwork, photos, poems, recipes, DVDs, and computer programs to name a few.

Information marketing is sometimes considered passive selling because you don’t usually have much, if any, communication with your visitors. While this is appealing to many people, you need to ensure your content communicates your intentions clearly because it must sell itself. Ideally you would research a hungry market, find out what they want, and then figure out a way to give it to them digitally. If do this, the chances of your success increase considerably.

9. What is niche marketing?
Niche marketing is the opposite of mass marketing. It means to focus on a very narrow and specific topic. For example, ‘Dog Grooming’ has a mass market focus. ‘Poodle Grooming’ narrows it down but Toy Poodle Grooming Tips’ is a niche market. A niche market’s audience may be smaller but it is often far easier to find, research and target because of their specific interest.

10. What is a digital product?
A digital product is something of value that can be emailed or downloaded via the internet. Ebooks and special reports, audio books, DVDs, CD-ROMS, online classes, teleseminars and blogging are some examples. These are typically inexpensive to create and can be immensely profitable.

11. What is digital distribution?
Digital distribution uses the internet to deliver a digital product. With no inventory, manufacturing or shipping costs, the cost of doing business is almost zero.

12. How are digital products distributed?
When an order is placed online, the payment is confirmed and then the product is automatically delivered to the customer via email, digital download, or by mail in the case of hard goods.

14. I can sell hard goods?
Of course. If you have a physical product to sell, mail order or print-on-demand are very common methods to generate income.

15. How can I accept payment?
Mail-order is becoming less common due to advances in ecommerce security and online financial transactions. There are plenty of reputable vendors you can partner with who handle the security of credit card transactions for a small fee or percentage. Seamlessly integrated into your website, sales are processed through the vendor and your money is deposited into your bank account immediately or on a pre-determined schedule. It is simple and secure. Welcome to the future.

16. Can I automate the order process?
Absolutely. In addition to credit card processing, many ecommerce vendors are starting to offer digital distribution packages. Automating the order process means you can generate sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once the process is set up, you no longer need to be near your computer to fulfill orders and all sales become a form of residual income.

About the Author:
Marisol Diaz is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through infopreneurship, online business, web-based business, information based and membership sites. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site, contact me and also visit:

          Tesla Begins Equipping Vehicles With Upgraded Autopilot Hardware        

Tesla has quietly begun equipping its vehicles with an upgraded Autopilot hardware suite that reportedly includes a more powerful onboard computer.
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          DEAREST NEIGHBOUR • by Jordan Hart        
It was 2:43 in the morning when Matt woke up. He’d fallen asleep on the couch while watching a lackluster documentary on European postage stamps. Half conscious and on autopilot, he wiped his eyes, turned off the TV, and stumbled… Continue Reading
          Salt Palace        
This time our history has some legitimate geology to go along with it. Welcome to the Salt Palace Museum in Grand Saline, TX.

Grand Saline is what you would call a "salt town." It is home to a major salt mining operation and honor's the world's tastiest rock by hosting a yearly Salt Festival in addition to being the home of the Salt Palace Museum seen above. The museum was closed when I stopped by but when it is open it is packed with salt memorabilia and free salt samples. And it's here where we find today's historical marker, which seems to have nothing to do with salt.

The marker reads:

      "Pioneer aviator Wiley Hardeman Post was born on November 22, 1898, in the community of Corinth in Van Zandt County, to William Francis and Mae Laine Post, who moved to Oklahoma when Wiley was a boy. Wiley was inspired as a youth to learn to fly.
In the late 1920s he obtained flight training, made his first solo flight, and acquired an air transport license. Despite the loss of one eye in an oil field accident, Post worked as a barnstormer, commercial pilot and flight instructor.
      Post set many flight records and won the national air races in 1930. He and Harold Gatty circled the world, flying 15,474 miles in less than 9 days in 1931. Post soloed around the world in less than 8 days in 1933.
      Post invented and developed the first pressurized flight suit, explored stratospheric flight, and used an early Sperry autopilot mechanism. He worked with the U. S. Army Air Corps on an experimental automatic direction finding (ADF) radio compass, and was a pioneer in the use of liquid oxygen for high altitude flight. Post and humorist Will Rogers died in a plane crash on a trip to Alaska in 1935. His plane the "Winnie Mae" is in the Smithsonian Institution's Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C."

Post seems like a fascinating and accomplished guy and I'm genuinely surprised that he's not more well known. Here are some interesting facts about his life that I insist you memorize:

  • He lost an eye in an oil field accident yet still went on to become a pilot
  • He was the first person to fly solo around the world
  • He invented pressure suits for high altitude flying
  • He died in the same place crash as Will Rogers

Now take that handful of factoids to your next cocktail party and impress your friends.

We'll leave you with a good look at the pride of Grand Saline: a great big hunk of salt, which is on display outside of the Salt Palace and brings joy to local wildlife searching for a little small town flavor.

          Timeless Voices - Jack Kearbey        
Jack Kearbey served in the Air Force and Air National Guard as an autopilot/instrument technician and flight engineer for 38 years. He has built three airplanes, including an immaculate Hisso-powered replica homebuilt Royal Aicraft Factory S.E.5a.
          Neue Funktion bei Whatsapp: So könnt ihr mit dem Sprachrekorder Nachrichten eintippen lassen        

Carl Court WhatsApp

Heutzutage muss alles schnell gehen und am besten per Sprache steuerbar sein. Unsere Smartphones können längst barrierefrei bedient werden und auch Fahrassistenten bei Tesla und Co. machen es Autofahrern im Alltag immer einfacher. Warum sollte eine der beliebtesten Messenging-Apps der Welt da nicht nachziehen? Gesagt, getan!

WhatsApp kann in der Beta-Version jetzt nicht nur Sprachnachrichten aufnehmen, sondern führt einen Sprachrekorder ein, der die lästige Tipperei überflüssig macht.

Unterwegs gut gerüstet für Kommunikation

Wer gerne viel und oft unterwegs ist, wird die Sprachnachrichtenfunktion sicherlich schon genutzt haben. Der Nutzer hat beide Hände frei und kann als Autofahrer wichtige Informationen trotzdem schnell übermitteln. Ist der Rekorder nicht das Gleiche wie die Sprachfunktion? Die Antwort ist einfach: Der Rekorder ist auch eine Sprachfunktion, allerdings eine deutlich weiterentwickelte. 

Wo früher eine Sprachnachricht nur direkt abgeschickt werden konnte, kann man mit dem Rekorder von WhatsApp nun eine Sprachnachricht aufnehmen, diese sich vor dem Absenden anhören und bei Nichtgefallen, lassen sich diese nun löschen.

Ein weiterer Pluspunkt der neuen Funktion in der WhatsApp Beta-Version: Ihr müsst den Aufnahmeknopf nicht mehr die gesamte Aufnahmezeit über gedrückt halten, was bei längeren Nachrichten durchaus zu einem lahmen Finger führen kann. Jetzt tippt ihr den Button nur einmal an und könnt die Nachricht ganz entspannt aufnehmen.

So nehmt ihr eine Nachricht mit dem Sprachrecorder auf

Öffnet die Anwendung WhatsApp und tippt in der unteren Navigationsleiste auf „Chat“. Nun könnt ihr statt dem Mikrofon die Büroklammer anklicken. Jetzt öffnet sich ein Menü, in dem man Kontakte, Galerien und Dokumente auswählen kann. Auf dem Audio-Symbol öffnet sich nach dem Aufklicken ein Fenster, bei dem ihr „Aktion auswählen“ klicken könnt. Die Unterkategorie „Aufnahme mit WhatsApp“ erlaubt es euch dort bis zu 15 Minuten Sprache aufzunehmen.

Lest auch: Mit diesem einfachen Trick könnt ihr euch die Google-Maps-Aufzeichnungen eurer Wege anzeigen lassen

Wann die Funktion für iOS- und Android-Geräte in der finalen Version erscheinen wird ist bislang nicht bekannt, es dürfte aber nicht mehr lange dauern, da auch die Business-Funktion bereits in den Startlöchern steht.


 Whatsapp will die Art, wie wir bezahlen, revolutionieren

 Geheimer Button: WhatsApp bekommt eine neue Funktion, die vielen Nutzern gefallen wird

 Fremde können mit einem Trick eure WhatsApp-Nachrichten einsehen — so könnt ihr das verhindern

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          Will Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Show You How to Make Money Online? Read This Honest Review.        

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Launches on the 1st of December 2008.

Well folks, it's finally arrived.

Yahoo cash 4 idiots, a product that's going to show us how to dump Google adwords and make serious money with Yahoo pay per click marketing.

Visit the main Yahoo cash 4 idiots site for more details.

Yahoo cash 4 idiots is a product by Dean Cassidy and Jason that launches on 1st of December 2008.

yahoo cash

Now for those of you who don't know that Yahoo is also a big player in the pay per click game, Yahoo cash for idiots will explain that to you.

Yahoo has a HUGE PPC market one is there (because everyone is busy on Google)... competition is MUCH MUCH lower than in Google... costs are MUCH lower than in Google and the traffic is impressively big.

The Internet marketing niche is filled up of products promoting Google adwords as the only source of traffic.

This has made Google adwords very rich

A lot of newbies get ripped off every day by Google adwords while they try to make money in affiliate marketing.

This is the reason why I believe Yahoo cash 4 idiots is going to be a massive success.

We all have been waiting for the alternative to Google for getting traffic to our affiliate offers and as Internet marketers, the time has come to get on the Yahoo Mania.

This is the reason why I'm going to Review Yahoo Cash 4 idiots.

I have to say the product really impressed me.

It contains step-by-step information on how to use yahoo pay per click advertising to get traffic to your affiliate offers or products.

I got access to a lot of video testimonials of real life people who have already tried Google adwords, failed and now make serious money using Yahoo advertising.

I truly see Yahoo PPC being what Google Adwords was 1-2 years ago (profitable!).

To be honest, I am one of those “how didn't I think about this before” people :-)

Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Claims That It Doesn't Matter If:

You've never made a single dime online before and have no idea where to begin, what to sell, or how to sell it ...

You already work a full-time job and don't have time to spend learning something new...

You've tried other moneymaking products before and they didn't work for you ...

All you have to do is read on a few paragraphs more to discover the EXACT method used to double every dollar put into the yahoo cash 4 idiots system, and how you - regardless of any idiot excuse you come up with - will do the same... faster than you can say "Screw you, I Quit" to that douche bag you're forced to call your boss.

What Yahoo Cash for Idiots Will Teach You?

How to double your profits on every affiliate campaign you run... with no risk of being slapped, banned or bullied by the Google Gestapo ...

The sneaky little trick that makes brand new campaigns rake in cash instantly ...

The magic keyword prefix that practically reads your prospects mind... and blasts you ahead of the competition like being fired from a cannon!

How to discover within 5 minutes Yahoo's hidden niches with unlimited potential customers ...

How to finally get affordable, targeted traffic straight to your ad page without living a never-ending Google nightmare ...

How to easily and quickly build idiot-friendly devastating Yahoo campaigns from scratch that will suck in profit after profit on autopilot ...

The little-known trick to promoting affiliate products and producing 100%, 200% or 300% profits on every cent invested.

How to turn the reason why Google hates affiliate marketers to your advantage with Yahoo!

The Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots Price ?

Yahoo cash for idiots is going to cost $77.

You will also get offered upsell of $67 on a monthly subscription program.

In this program you will regularly receive ready-made campaigns for you to plug into your Yahoo campaigns.

You'll get keywords landing pages and affiliate offers that have been proven to work and all you need to do is copy and paste.

My Final Rating for Yahoo cash 4 idiots.

I will rate this product 8/10 for the newbies

I will rate this product 7/10 for the advanced marketers.

My Final Advice

Visit the Yahoo Cash for Idiots main site for more information.



More Good Reads On Yahoo Cash 4 Idiots:

Yahoo cash 4 idiots

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          ì±„소를 가판대에서 기르는 슈퍼마켓과 수직농업의 미래        

딸기의 제철은 언제일까요? 아마 많은 사람들이 겨울로 알고 있을 것입니다. 하지만 오히려 딸기의 실제 제철은 5월 중순 정도부터 시작되는 초여름이라고 합니다.

이렇듯 현대인들은 제철 과일에 대해 잘 모르곤 합니다. 정확히 말하면 알 필요가 없는 것이죠. 그 배경 중 하나에는 비닐하우스가 있을 것입니다. 비닐하우스로 과일의 제철을 잊게 만들었듯이 인류는 기존의 농업 방식을 지속적으로 개선해왔고, 오늘날 우리는 그 혜택을 누리고 있습니다. 그리고 최근 지속적인 투자를 받고 있는 농업 방식은 바로 수직농업 분야입니다.

수직 농업이란 농지 부족과 식량난을 해결하기 위해 미국에서 시작된 농업 형태로, 층층이 농작물을 재배하기 때문에 땅의 활용도가 매우 높은 농업 형태라고 할 수 있습니다.

뉴욕 소재 AeroFarm의 수직농업 현장 모습 (사진출처 : Dailymail)

수직 농업의 주요 특징

1. 식물별 최적 조건에서의 생산

식물들이 자랄 때는 빛의 스펙트럼, 온도, pH, 그리고 영양분의 종류에 영향을 받습니다. 이러한 변인 요소를 식물 별로 통제하고, 24시간 365일 최적의 상태를 유지해 줄 수 있다는 점에서 식물의 맛이나, 영향 상태나, 심지어 색감으로 보나 기존 농사와는 비교가 되지 않는 수준으로 식물 생산이 가능해졌습니다. 즉 식물 별로 최적화된 조건에서의 생산이 가능해진 것입니다. 이러한 최적화 기술은 머신러닝의 대중화로 점점 더 발전하고 있습니다.

2. 일정 품질의 가격

이외에도 바로 환경의 변화를 통제할 수 있기 때문에 품질이나 가격의 변화가 매우 작아지게 되는 것이 장점이라고 할 수 있습니다. 장마, 가뭄 및 각종 병충해들로 인해 농장에서 생산되는 식재료의 품질이나 가격은 매번 달라지곤 합니다. 여기에 운송비용도 기름값 등이 변수로 작용하기 때문에 우리가 마트에서 만나는 식재료의 가격은 매일 매일 다르게 되지요.

3. 보다 신선한 상태로의 전달

농사 할 땅이 넓은 곳은 보통 도시와는 멀리 떨어진 곳이기 때문에 푸드 마일(food mile) 이 길어질 수 밖에 없습니다. 이러한 문제는 채소의 신선함, 유통 비용의 발생이라는 단점을 가져오게 됩니다. 반대로 도시는 푸드 마일은 짧지만 농사를 지을 싸고 넓은 땅이 없습니다. 이때 바로 수직 농장은 실내에서 공간 효율성을 높인 장점을 바탕으로 도심에서 생산을 하기 때문에 고객은 신선한 채소를 신속히 공급받을 수 있다는 장점을 가지고 있습니다.

슈퍼 마켓에 갔더니 신선한 채소가 자라고 있다면?

최근 이러한 수직농업 관련한 스타트업들 중 독일의 Infarm의 대표는 얼마 전 “모든 식료품 점에 농장을 놔두고 싶습니다”라는 포부를 밝혔습니다.

슈퍼마켓 안의 수직농업 사진 (사진출처 : TechCrunch)

사실 전 세계에 수직농업과 관련된 회사들은 무수히 많습니다. 하지만 Infarm의 경우 다른 스타트업과 차별화 되는 전략으로 modular approach와 go-to-market 전략을 취하고 있다는 점을 소개시켜드리고자 합니다.

1. Modular approach

수직 농업이 소규모에서 언제든지 대규모로 확장이 가능하다는 것을 의미합니다. 또한 모듈형이기 때문에 각각의 모듈에 다른 식물을 키울 수 있습니다.

“각 Farming unit은 자신만의 생태계를 소유하고 있어, 식물이 자라는데 최적의 환경을 제공합니다” 

— Infarm co-founder Osnat Michaeli 

이는 도시 농장에서 더 다양한 식물을 더 많이 키울 수 있다는 것을 의미합니다. 예를 들어 1개의 모듈을 슈퍼마켓의 가판대에 올려 놓을 수도 있고, 반대로 1000개의 모듈을 슈퍼마켓이 보유한 창고에 놔둘 수도 있습니다. 이때 슈퍼마켓에 방문한 소비자가 kiosk나 tablet등으로 주문 시 슈퍼마켓의 직원이 창고에서 곧바로 수확하여 소비자에게 가져다 줄 수도 있습니다. 

2. Go-to-Market 전략

Infarm은 수직농업을 슈퍼마켓에 설치한 전 세계 최초의 회사입니다. Metro Group이라는 유럽의 가장 큰 도매업체와 계약을 맺고 이러한 프로젝트를 추진할 수 있었습니다. 반응은 좋았고 현재 다른 슈퍼마켓들도 앞다투어 이러한 수직농장을 자신들의 슈퍼마켓에 설치하기를 원하고 있다고 합니다.

수직농업은 B2C보다 B2B에서의 장점을 활용할 수 있을 것입니다. 

식당 등 재료를 항시 공급 받아야 하는 사업자들 입장에서는 비록 농장에서 생산된 것보다 비싸긴 하지만, 가격의 변화가 거의 없고, 일정한 품질이 보장될 수 있다는 조건은 매우 매력적이라고 ë³¼ 수 있습니다. 아마도 대부분의 사람들은 장마나 가뭄으로 폭등하는 야채 값 뉴스를 자주 접했을 것입니다. 소비자야 안 먹으면 그만이지만, 일정한 메뉴를 판매해야 하는 음식점 입장에서는 그렇지 않습니다. 원료의 공급 안정성은 양,품질,가격의 안전성을 모두 포함하는 개념입니다. 이러한 점에서 수직농업이 제공해주는 건강한 재료, 일정한 생산력, 높은 품질과 맛은 음식 사업자들 입장에서 매우 매력적인 요소로 다가올 수 있게 됩니다. 

"밖에서는 다양한 종류의 문제들에 직면하게 되지만, 이곳의 식물들은 1년 내내 일정한 환경에서 자랍니다."

 â€” Infarm co-founder Erez Galonska

Tesla처럼 구매 이후에도 지속적 업그레이드를 제공하는 환경

Tesla의 Autopilot 소프트웨어 업그레이드 (사진출처: TechCrunch, Insideevs)

요즘 수직농업의 기술은 물을 주는 것, 빛 등 각종 환경 조절 장치 등이 모두 자동화되어 있으며 수확시기까지 알림을 주기 때문에 사용자는 그저 쉽게 수확만 하면 된다고 합니다. 클라우드 기술과, 빅데이터 분석 기술, IoT 기술을 접목시켰기 때문에 (Farming-as-a-Service) 이라고 부를 수도 있을 것 같습니다. 센서에서 나오는 데이터 등은 모두 기록되기 때문에 수직농업 회사의 기술자들은 원격으로 식물들의 생산 결과를 분석하여 더욱 더 최적화 하는 작업을 할 수 있습니다.

이러한 점은 마치 Tesla 자동차가 구매 했을 때의 모습과 다르게 사용할수록 업그레이드 되어 매일 개선되는 것처럼, 수직농업 솔루션도 지속적으로 업데이트가 될 수 있다는 점을 의미합니다. 그리고 이러한 수직농업 솔루션은 IT개발의 library처럼 open source형태나 때론 유료 형태로 거래될 수도 있을 것이기 때문에 집단 지성의 장점도 이용할 수 있습니다.

수직농업이 극복해야 할 문제

물론 수직농장에 대해 처음엔 비판도 적지 않았습니다. 형광등, 난방 등으로 에너지 소모가 큰데다, 수경재배로 물도 낭비된다는 것입니다. 어느 곳에서든, 최소한의 투여로 양질의 음식을 생산한다는 목표로 출발한 수직농장으로서는 반드시 해결해야 할 과제였습니다.

실제로 많은 수직농장 업체들은, 수년간 거듭된 실험으로 채소 종류마다 최적의 빛의 움직임, 강도, 온도, 습도 등을 찾아 전체 난방이 없이도 생산을 하여 에너지 효율을 획기적으로 늘리고 있습니다. 캐나다 한 수직농장은 완전 LED시스템을 도입해 에너지 사용을 60% 이상 줄였다고 합니다. 이를 위해 14명이 이러한 에너지 비용 최적화 연구에만 몰두 했다고 합니다. 또한 어떤 수직농장은 물 사용도 전통농업의 10%까지 낮췄습니다. 쓴 물을 정화해 다시 쓰는 폐쇄형 순환 시스템 덕분입니다. 층마다 물이 가도록 떨어뜨리거나, 거품으로 산소를 풍부하게 하는 등 기술도 진화중입니다. 물고기를 함께 기르는 곳까지 있습니다.

"거름인 물고기 배설물을 두 종류의 필터로 정화시켜 식물에 영양분을 공급하고 다시 되돌리는 끊임없는 재순환 시스템입니다."

 â€”클라인 (팜드히어 관리국장)

수직농장의 기술은 공기 중의 수증기를 흡수해 물을 공급하고, 태양광으로 전력을 공급하는 시스템으로도 발전하고 있습니다.

"우리 기술력으로 공기 중에서 물을, 태양에서 전력을 얻을 수 있습니다. 외부 자원을 전혀 쓰지 않게 되는 것입니다."

 â€”그룸(어번반즈 대표)

수직농장은 이처럼 계속하여 진화하고 있습니다. 척박한 지구를 넘어 우주에서까지 가능한 농업, 작은 공동체들의 자급 시스템, 바로 인류의 미래를 위한 도전이 아닐까요?


TechCrunch, "Infarm wants to put a farm in every grocery store"

저작자 표시 비영리 변경 금지

          [자율주행 근황 6호] 바이두의 자율주행 거대 연합 Apollo 결성 등        

오랜만에 자율주행 산업의 근황을 전합니다. 자잘한 소식은 많았지만, 헤드라인으로 삼을 만한 큰 소식이 없어 여태껏 미뤄왔네요.

저번 주 ì—¬ëŸ¬ 헤드라인을 장식할 정도의 빅뉴스 하나가 터졌습니다. 바로 바이두의 오픈소스 자율주행 플랫폼 Apollo 발표 소식인데요, 이를 비롯한 최근 자율주행 업계의 소식들을 알아보겠습니다.

1. 바이두 Apollo, 자율주행 자동차의 ‘안드로이드’가 될 수 있을까

중국의 ‘구글’ 바이두는 인공지능의 권위자 Andrew Ng의 진두지휘 하에 2014년부터 빠르게 자율주행 기술을 개발해왔습니다. 특히, 자동차 제조 업체의 선두주자 중 하나인 BMW와 공동으로 기술을 개발해 작년 12월 베이징 시내에서 BMW 3시리즈를 개조한 자율주행차의 기술 테스트를 진행하는 등 활발한 움직임을 보였습니다. 그렇기 때문에 이미 바이두는 자율주행 산업에서 핵심 플레이어 중 하나로 손꼽히곤 했습니다.

많은 자율주행 회사들이 기술이 완전히 준비되지 않았거나, 기술 유출을 방지하기 위해 자사의 기술을 잘 공개하지 않았는데요, 바이두는 이제 자율주행 산업계가 그 단계를 넘어설 만큼 성숙했다고 판단한 걸까요? 이번 주 바이두는 50개가 넘는 자동차 제조사, 자동차 부품 제조사, IT 업체 등과 함께 자율주행 자동차 연합 및 오픈소스 플랫폼인 Apollo를 발표했습니다. 구글이나 우버, 다임러(벤츠의 모회사)와 같은 자율주행 기술 선두주자들은 그동안 세력확장을 위해 많은 파트너십을 맺어오고 있었지만, 바이두가 이렇게 빠르게 큰 세력을 만들어낼 줄은 상상도 못 했을 것입니다.

바이두의 Apollo에 동참하는 회사들에 ‘큰 손’들은 여럿 보입니다. 자동차 제조사 중에서는 다임러와 포드가 합류했고, 부품 회사 중에서는 업계 선두주자인 Bosch, Continental, ZF가 포함되어 있습니다. IT 및 실리콘 밸리 기업으로는 마이크로소프트, 인텔, 역시나 세력 확장에 힘쓰고 있는 엔비디아와 동남아시아의 우버 Grab 가 함께 했습니다. 이외의 파트너 대부분은 중국의 자동차 제조 및 부품 업체, 스타트업 및 대학교들입니다.

바이두의 Apollo 파트너

바이두의 Apollo는 출시와 함께 거창한 타임라인을 들고 나왔습니다. 이번 달 말에 중국의 몇몇 장소의 제한된 환경에서 Apollo 플랫폼을 상용화하는 것으로 시작으로 사업은 진행합니다. 7월 말 어느 곳에서부터 상용화가 시작될지는 아직 확실하지 않지만, ë°”이두의 회장 Ya-Qin Zhang은 중국의 관료 인사 대부분이 미국이나 다른 나라보다 훨씬 기술에 열려 있고 유연한 사고를 하고 있다고 합니다. 그는 중국의 큰 항구 몇 개가 그들의 트럭에 바이두의 기술을 적용하는 것에 큰 관심을 보이는 중이라고도 밝혔습니다. 올해 말부터는 간단한 도시 환경 도로에서 상용화를, 그리고 2020년부터는 대부분의 도심 환경에서 완전 상용화를 목표로 하고 있습니다.

Apollo는 오픈소스인 만큼 써드파티 개발자들에게 계속 사용 가능한 기술이 업데이트 될 예정(Apollo 깃허브]입니다. 플랫폼은 크게 핵심 소프트웨어 팩, 자율주행 관련 클라우드 서비스, GPS, 라이다, 카메라, 레이다 등을 비롯한 자율주행 하드웨어로 구성되어 있습니다. 현재까지 공개된 소프트웨어는 아직 별것 없습니다. 자동차에서 운전자가 운전한 데이터를 모아, 자율주행 모드에서 그 운전을 그대로 똑같이 수행할 수 있는 ‘운전 명령 녹화’ 기능만 제공되는데요, 캘리포니아의 스타트업 AutonomousStuff가 벌써 이 기술을 사용해 3일 만에 아주 기초적으로 작동하는 자율주행 차량 데모를 베이징에서 선보였습니다.

AutonomousStuff 의 Apollo를 이용한 기초적 자율주행 데모 영상

향후 Apollo의 소프트웨어에는 주변 사물을 인지 할 수 있는 인지 기술, 운전 명령 계획(Motion Planning) 기술, 위치 추정 기술 등이 계속 추가될 예정입니다. Apollo의 클라우드 서비스로는 위치 추정에 필요하게 될 맵핑 서비스, 시뮬레이션 환경, 그리고 자율주행에 있어서 더없이 중요한 보안 프레임워크 등이 출시될 예정입니다. 인지 기술부터 시작해 올해 11월부터 계속 업데이트 된다고 합니다.

당장 많은 것을 기대하긴 어렵지만, 작년에 우버와 테슬라가 가장 공격적으로 활약한 자율주행 선두주자였다면, 올해는 바이두가 그 위치에 있게 될 것이 확실한 것 같습니다. 이렇게 바이두가 공격적으로 플랫폼을 출시할 수 있는 배경에는 중국 정부와 커뮤니티의 든든한 지원이 있습니다. 중국에서는 지금 국립 인공지능 연구소를 운영할 권한이 바이두에 위임될 정도로 인공지능과 관련된 투자와 인력의 대부분이 바이두에 집중되고 있습니다. 향후 Apollo는 이 인공지능 생태계에 많은 이점을 가져올 텐데요, 특히 Apollo를 통해 수집되는 자율주행 인공지능을 훈련하기 위한 데이터가 모두 공개된다는 점이 더 빠르고 많은 기술 발전을 가져올 것 같습니다.

7월, 인터넷 트랜드를 전하면서 에티는 중국이 여러 인터넷 분야에서 가장 트랜드를 선도하고 있는 나라라고 했는데요, 이제 자율주행 분야에서도 우위를 가져가고 있습니다. 사실 바이두는 중국 IT 업계에서는 텐센트와 알리바바의 기세에 밀려 살짝 주춤하고 있는 시기였지만, 장기적으로 보았을 때는 자율주행 기술을 선점해 계속 중국의 선도 IT 기업으로 남아있을 가능성이 클 것 같습니다.

2. 스탠포드의 세계적인 딥러닝 석학 Andrej Karpathy, 테슬라 차세대 Autopilot 개발 참여

테슬라는 최근 자율주행 분야의 새로운 수장으로 딥러닝 및 컴퓨터 비전 전문가 Andrej Karpathy를 영입했습니다. 스탠포드의 딥 러닝 코스의 첫 강의자이기도 한 Karpathy는 딥러닝을 활용해 사진의 내용(사진에서 일어나고 있는 사건 등)을 문장으로 설명해주는 인공지능으로 세계적인 석학의 반열에 올랐습니다. 구글의 딥마인드를 거쳐 테슬라에 거처를 잡게 된 Karpathy는 트위터에 테슬라의 차세대 Autopilot을 준비 중이라고 밝혔습니다. 

Andrej Karpathy

많은 딥러닝 석학들이 자율주행 기술 개발에 참여하고 있습니다. 딥러닝은 이미지에 대한 비전 기술을 이제 거의 정복했지만 아직 자율주행처럼 실시간 영상 분석에 있어서는 개발될 부분이 한참 남아 있어 많은 석학이 몰리는 꿀단지가 아닐 수 없습니다.

3. 해커 지오핫의 자율주행 스타트업자동차를 위한 ‘Fitbit’ Panda 출시

천재 해커 지오핫의 자율주행 스타트업 Comma.ai에서 새로운 차량 연결용 모듈을 출시했습니다. Panda라는 차량용 OBDII 포트에 연결해서 사용하는 자동차 데이터 수집 모듈로 88달러라는 비교적 저렴한 가격에 출시했습니다. 지오핫이 Panda를 출시한 목표는 당장 수익의 창출이 아니었습니다. 원래 Comma.ai는 자율주행 기술을 일반 자동차에도 탑재할 수 있게 해주는 모듈 Comma One을 첫 번째 제품으로 준비해왔는데요, 작년 미 정부의 규제 준수 경고장을 받으면서 출시에 지장이 생겼습니다. 지오핫은, ‘Comma One을 많이 팔아봤자 수천 대 밖에 안될 것이고, 이걸로 미국 관료주의를 상대하기는 어렵다’며 Comma One의 상용화를 빠르게 포기했고, 대신에 더 큰 그림을 그리기 시작했습니다. 이번에 출시한 Panda라는 모듈은 자동차의 모든 데이터를 수집해 사용자에게 보여주지만, 이와 동시에 Comma 측에서도 이를 수집해 향후 자율주행 기술 개발을 위한 데이터베이스로 활용한다고 합니다.

테크크런치의 Panda 취재 영상

Comma와 함께 출시된 소프트웨어로는 안드로이드와 iOS에서 작동하는 데이터 기록 앱 Chffr, 그리고 데이터 분석을 해주는 Cabana가 있습니다. 지오핫은 Cabana를 자동차를 위한 ‘Fitbit’에 비유했습니다. 자동차의 모든 데이터를 받아와 일일이 분석하고 있을 사람이 많지 않겠지만, 자신의 자동차에서 무슨 일이 일어나고 있는지 궁금한 사람이라면 한 번쯤 사볼 만 한 제품인 것 같습니다. 또한 Panda 제품의 사용자층을 확보하며 Comma는 역시 굉장히 스타트업다운 방식으로 빠르게 지지자들과 커뮤니티를 모으게 될 것 같습니다.

4. 구글 Waymo, 그리고 우버의 근황

Waymo의 근황입니다. 먼저 Waymo의 대표 얼굴로 알려져 있던 구글의 운전대가 없는 자율주행 전용 자동차 프로토타입, 일면 ‘Firefly’가 더 이상 운행을 안 한다고 합니다. 이 자동차를 디자인했던 Waymo의 디자이너 YouJung Ahn과 엔지니어 Jaime Waydo가 Waymo 블로그 포스트에 Firefly의 은퇴를 알렸습니다. 그들은 Firefly는 애초부터 상용화를 위한 자동차가 아니었고 이 차로부터 얻은 교훈은 상용화를 준비하고 있는 Waymo의 차세대 자율주행 자동차인 크라이슬러의 Pacifica 기반의 자율주행 자동차에 모두 적용되었다고 합니다. 은퇴하는 Firefly는 향후 구글 본사의 역사 박물관과 런던 디자인 박물관에 전시될 예정이라고 합니다.

은퇴하는 Waymo의 Firefly(좌)와 차세대 플랫폼 Pacifica(우)

한편, Waymo가 준비하고 있는 자율주행 트럭의 실체가 드디어 공개되었습니다. 우버, Waymo를 비롯한 여러 회사가 운송 분야가 자율주행의 상용화가 가장 빨리 이루어질 분야로 보고 준비 중에 있습니다.

Waymo가 개발 중인 자율주행 트럭(사진=Jalopnik)

최근에 취재된 우버의 자율주행 트럭도 함께 보면 좋을 것 같습니다. 우버는 Waymo와의 소송전쟁을 치르는 와중, 우버의 자율주행 기술 기반을 닦아준 스타트업 Otto의 브랜드를 이제 완전히 없애고 Otto의 자율주행 트럭을 Uber ATG Truck으로 업그레이드 했습니다.

저작자 표시 비영리 변경 금지

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          â€œTiny buses for everyone!” says Elon Musk        

TED Conference You get a bus and you get a bus! By Heather Smith   GRIST Tesla has had a rough ride lately. A Tesla Model S on autopilot slammed into a semi-truck in May, killing the driver and prompting a federal highway safety investigation. There’s talk that the company’s yearned-for merger with Solar City might fall […]
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          TECRO in the US - SM-2 Block IIIA Standard Missiles and Components        
The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in the United States of sixteen (16) Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) Block IIIA All-Up Rounds (AUR), forty-seven (47) MK 93 MOD 1 SM-2 Block IIIA Guidance Sections (GSs), and five (5) MK 45 MOD 14 SM-2 Block IIIA Target Detecting Devices (TDDs) Shrouds. This request also includes Seventeen (17) MK 11 MOD 6 SM-2 Block IIIA Autopilot Battery Units (APBUs)...
          Why Stop Smoking hypnosis-based way is the best        

Decide to quit is a decision to change the life and to succeed you must be prepared with all possible methods to help keep this decision and not dating does not quit. It is all about your mind and how you think about the situation. Those who believe that smoking is beyond their capabilities are really evil because all you have to do is convince your mind that you are not the cigarette and the rest is easy.

Start the story from the beginning, the nicotine is produced naturally in your body but smoking stops the operation and external supplied nicotine-dependent. The problem is to convince your mind to begin secreting this substance and break the habit of smoking. Most people are not able to satisfy their minds with this thought and which led him to quit once more. Tobacco judgment based hypnosis methods prove very effective in such cases. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to deliver the good thoughts in your subconscious mind, so you can really believe.

The best thing about these methods of hypnosis tobacco judgment is that they are very safe, regardless of your age, sex or physical condition, because hypnosis is very safe for everyone, and in fact, you can have experienced hypnosis several times before. Hypnosis is just to put your mind at ease and receive information and thoughts while you are in this state you believe strongly. You may have known this before when you was driving and suddenly lost track of the surrounding and engage with reflections, and then you finally find your destination. You drive on autopilot while your mind develops a specific thought. When someone calls you while you read a book or watch an interesting movie and does not remember that you responded because you're busy reading or watching it is another form of hypnosis too. Only side effect known for the stop smoking hypnosis method or any other form of hypnosis, is that you can fall asleep after the session. This is because your mind would be very relaxed, it is preferable to get your self - hypnosis just before sleep, you can get all the benefits of hypnosis and enjoy better sleep too.

Quit smoking hypnosis methods will help those who do not thing, that they are able to quit on providing positive thoughts in their minds, and which will greatly help to stop smoking and quit this habit easier.

It is very important to know that hypnosis enhances the thoughts you have in your mind rather than completely change. For example, if someone wants to quit because his wife think as it should be, but it is not completely satisfied then hypnosis do may help in this case. You must first of all the reason in your brain and then the methods of hypnosis tobacco judgment will help you with the rest.

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          Pagliacci, Trumpiacci and a Foreign Policy of Scary Clowns         

Scary ClownsWhether one loves or despises any singular choice in President Trump’s cabinet, I have come to realize that some of us had a glimmer of hope in the possibility Rex Tillerson would have a chance to become US’ most successful secretary of state in three decades.  A glimmer cut short, however, in the reality of Tillerson being sandwiched between a narcissist clown as a boss and a bipartite Congress obsessed with empire as its mission; coupled, of course, with a neocon hawkish ideology in both State Department and Pentagon – ideology that has operated on autopilot for over two decades no matter the circumstances or which party occupied the White House. 

          Why You Should Be Doing Regression Testing        
Why You Should Be Doing Regression Testing
David Csonka Wed, 06/14/2017 - 04:51

Regression testing is a type of software testing used to determine whether new problems are the result of changes to the codebase or configuration. Whenever developers change or modify their code, even a small tweak can have unexpected consequences.

Before applying a change, tests for all critical features should be in place. After a change is applied, the website is retested in those selected areas to detect whether the change created new bugs or issues.

If you are wondering how often this might become an issue, even some past Drupal core updates have introduced regressions into the code, notably the updates for 7.29 and 7.43. Sometimes, these regressions (a regression is essentially a loss of functionality) may not be apparent right away.

Without a suite of regression tests in place to catch as many critical feature regressions as possible, something could break and you may not even know it. Fear over these kinds of uncaught issues should be reason enough to want to utilize regression testing, but it is certainly not a cheap or quick kind of process to implement.

You might identify that to cover all of your critical features you'll need upwards of hundreds of tests. That is why you'll want to implement an automated regression testing scheme.

Automated regression testing can be kept cost-effective and simple to built out using tools like Ghost Inspector. With this service you can use a browser-extension to record activities on your website, and automatically create your regression tests while even initially testing the features you are creating during the development process.

Additionally, the ability to schedule automated testing runs of your suite of tests, and get reports of found issues, ensures that you will catch regressions if something changes later on.

As with most forms of automated testing, setting a regression-testing program on autopilot is not a surefire solution, and some conscious oversight and input is generally still needed to ensure that your tests catch all the bugs they should. As our website changes, your tests will need to be updated to match the new features. If you have hundreds of tests for yor website, then this will certainly not be an easy task.

Ultimately though, you must determine for yourself or your clients what the value is in this form of testing. If uncaught regressions and bugs could prove to be expensive and hazardous to the project's reputation, the time and cost of implement automated regression test may end up feeling like an appropriate investment to make.

          Internet Marketing Tips - How to Research Niche Markets Like a Business Genius        
 If you want to start a successful Internet marketing business, you need to start it off by going into the right niche. Many people end up in the wrong niche. The market is either not profitable or not suitable for them. In this article, I’m going to show you how to research niche markets like a business genius.

The first step you need to take is to make use of the free keyword research tools online. I would recommend using tools like Wordtracker (there is a free version) and Google’s own Keyword Tool, which is also free as well. I’m particularly active in using the Google Keyword Tool, because it actually grabs results from the Google search engine itself!

The next thing you need to do is check out how many competitors there are on Google. You can do a rough estimate of this by searching for your main keyword on the search engine in quotes like this: “Keyword”. Then see how many results there are. If you feel there are too many competitors, then it might be better to move on to another niche market.

Finally, you need to know if your market is packed with buyers. For example, many people search for ‘tattoos’ online, does that mean there are a lot of online buyers in that market? Probably not. Most people are looking pictures of tattoos, rather than actually buying any products that have to do with tattoos online. So be sure that people are actually buying products in your market.

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          The Commercial Drone Ecosystem Takes Flight with Collaboration, Technology, Innovation        

From light shows at Walt Disney World to commercial usage in fire and emergency services, drones and UAVs are quickly becoming the flying workhorse of computing.

An important computing platform for the future, drones are the newest smart fleet of business tools. From photographers taking stunning aerial photos, to realtors displaying aerial views of property, to fire departments accessing building structure integrity, drones are no longer just cool toys for the kids. They are now on duty helping people work, with sophisticated technology that can do everything from finding survivors in a forest fire to creating synchronized aerial lights shows, as the Intel Shooting Star™ drones demonstrated recently at Disney World.

Commercialization has brought more categories of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to market this year, making the technology accessible—and extremely useful—in business as well as government applications. Sales are skyrocketing, as the global UAV drones market is expected to increase to $21.23 billion by 2022, according to forecasts from Markets and Markets.

The Airborne Revolution at Intel

Intel is one of the many companies honing in on the market, positioning the company to provide the compute, sensor, communications and cloud integration for the growing drone ecosystem. Earlier this year, Intel swooped into the space, announcing the first consumer drone, the Yuneec Typhoon H with Intel® RealSense™ technology for intelligent obstacle navigation, and the Intel Aero Platform, a platform for developers to build their own drones.

That was only the launch pad for Intel and its drone fleet. According to Josh Walden, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s New Technology Group, the company is extending its drone blueprint with the Drone 100 lights shows and enabling a Volocopter with its drone technology. “We’ve quickly accelerated our efforts to develop new drone technologies. Although our technology has already touched drone enthusiasts, developers and global businesses, we look to achieve even more,” he says.

Intel intends to focus its drone technologies on the UAV segment, especially in the commercial space. The AscTec® Falcon 8 drone is already available in the European market, and in October, the company launched the first Intel-branded commercial drone, the Intel Falcon 8+ for North American markets. The system includes the Intel Falcon 8+ UAV, Intel Cockpit for ground control and the Intel Powerpack to power the UAV.

The Falcon 8+ commercial drone incorporates electronic system redundancy and automated aerial-sensing solutions with onboard sensors. It is also powered with the triple-redundant AscTec Trinity autopilot. The system provides detailed images down to millimeter accuracy, and it gives valuable structural analysis that helps users detect and prevent further damage to infrastructure.

With technology, comes opportunity for solution providers. Walden notes that with this generation of sophisticated drones, operators will have tremendous opportunities to generate valuable aerial precision data. He adds that the Falcon 8+ has the “world’s largest drone reseller and support networks to properly support a drone business and daily operations.”

Drones to the Rescue

One market segment hot for drone technology is in emergency services, including rescue and firefighting. A higher level of aerial emergency management provided by drones can help firefighters, police and rescuers save lives and property. For example, a UAV equipped with radiation-detection sensors can monitor radiation levels at nuclear power plants. For water rescues, multi-rotor drones can drop self-inflating life preservers into choppy waters or in unreachable rivers or sounds.

Drone Image of Ghost Ship warehouse, Oakland, CA

Photo credit: Drone image of Ghost Ship warehouse fire, shot by the City of Oakland via Associated Press

According to, the University of Maryland has been testing drones for emergency services, including use of a cloud-based drone operation platform, ANRA. The platform allows real-time flight management, flight tracking, planning, and sensor data management and dissemination, enabling operators to plan and remotely share video, pictures, and tracks.

For local fire departments, drones sporting thermal and hyperspectral sensors can detect heat and infrared light in urban fires. A family of new fire-fighting drones, called Charlie, is under development from Astral AR, a firm that enhances the base platform of drones with robotic components and sensors.

Its Charlie I urban firedrone concept has 3-D depth-aware, thermal and hyperspectral sensors and can calculate trajectory of falling debris. The rural, wilderness version of the firedrone prioritizes human survivability and performs tasks in a fleet. In the event a drone identifies a human, a fleet drone will default to maintaining line-of-sight and follow the person, and it can summon the fleet to patrol for survivors.

Ready for Takeoff

For solution providers interested in contributing to the drone ecosystem, use these resources to get started.

          Blue Morning        

My dying sessions lately have embraced the fall colors.  Today I decided I would play with my favorites instead -- blue, turquoise and a touch of purple.  I love how these all turned out.  The colors are so bight and cheery. Plus the blue sky is peaking out as an added bonus.  

Dyed wool batching in the kitchen

When I dye wool, I start with a piece of felt approximately 14" x 40".  This allows me to get several 12"x12" piece after any shrinkage.  I place the pieces in pyrex baking dishes.  I will then either add the dye dissolved in water, sprinkle on powder or drop concentrated dye over parts.  It then goes in the microwave to get nice and hot.  After sitting in the dye bath and then being rinsed out, it goes for a spin in the dryer to get out as much water as possible.  I just need to make sure I don't operate on autopilot and set it for a full wash cycle.  I did that once with a custom dyed piece -- set it to heavy duty and left to pick up the kids from school.  I couldn't figure out why it was just finishing as we got home.  I found a piece of felt about half the size it started as.  Whoops.  Luckily, the thick dense felt was exactly what she needed and it worked out for everyone.
Felt waiting to go for a spin in the dryer
Here is what the pile looks like after coming out.  I managed to dye 11 different pieces today.  I was hoping for the purples to be a little more purple and a little less violet, but I'm not going to complain about the vibrant colors.  That just means I need to make time for another dye session soon.

Slinky checking out what Mom has been up to all morning
 Keep an eye out for these to be popping up in my Etsy shop over the next few days.

          Achtsam arbeiten!        
Kennen Sie das auch? Sie kommen abends von der Arbeit nach Hause und fragen sich, was Sie eigentlich den ganzen Tag gemacht haben. Dennoch sind Sie abgekämpft und wieder einmal ist der Tag geradezu in Windeseile an Ihnen „vorbeigerauscht“. Dies rührt daher, dass wir uns während des Arbeitstages meistens im Autopilot-Modus befinden, wie der Achtsamkeitslehrer […]
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traditional marketing for buyers, whether retail or investors, requires a fair portion of advertising capital. When using online marketing for real estate investors, it is possible to develop buyer leads at no cost. You can set up a site that may capture contact information and use free techniques like article writing or maybe Craigslist to send traffic to the site. You can even mix offline methods with online marketing for real estate investors. Postcards, paper adverts, and even bandit signs can send potential buyers to your website.

With internet marketing for real estate investors, it is possible to have a database for all of the buyers' contact info that you collect. This used to be a manual process, but now you are able to save time by letting the Internet keep track of everything for you. Once you have people sign up for a buyer's list, you can offer them with great property investing or home buying content using auto-responders. the majority of auto responder services require a fee, but it is minimal compared to what's spent on other advertising techniques, such as mailing postcards.

As buyers are given applicable content, they trust you more and are more prepared to work with you. At about that point, you may use the Net to find properties that these buyers would be prepared to buy. This again is a free strategy, and does not require driving around looking for distressed properties or For Sale By Owner signs. If you want to avoid wasting time rather than looking for properties manually, you can implement the same online marketing techniques, but gear everything towards folk who are attempting to lose properties.

As property leads come in, you can match them to your buyer's list and make deals with only a minimal quantity of advertising investment. Web selling for property financiers can be set to run on autopilot too, so it is possible to make deals and not spend the hours doing so.

Internet promoting for real estate investors really boils down to basics. After you learn the different systems, you can implement them to find buyers, sellers, or renters. You can even use them to sell products that you may develop like e-books, coaching courses, or training. Also, because there are numerous investors who do not know how to completely employ the methods from web marketing for real estate investors, it gives you a decided advantage to make and provide better deals.

Although offline methods shouldn't be fully disposed of, particularly because they are able to doubtless work very well with online methods, internet marketing for real estate investors opens up free avenues to bring in leads and make more deals in a shorter period of time.

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          Answered: Sans Serif font, Caps used by Tesla in some promotional images, such as this one, about AutoPilot        

Hard to say without detail, but I bet on Gotham.

          NY Aviation Accident Lawyer News: Autopilot contributing to pilot inattention?        

// New York, New York, USA // Jonathan C. Reiter News // Jonathan C. Reiter
Washington, DC— In a three-day conference, which was set to commence Tuesday, May 18, 2010, officials from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) were expected to bring light to pilot and air traffic controller professionalism. The topic of discussion stemmed from over a dozen instances in which autopilot systems may have played a role in cases of pilot inattentiveness and/or complacency. However, the aviation-related issue is not new. In fact, reports indicated that ever since cockpit tasks became divided amongst pilots and the modernized autopilot systems, there have been several cases of disturbing pilot inattention. Problems allegedly included occurrences in which pilots insufficiently monitored flights, autopilot functions and even the location of the aircraft, as reported by the New York Times.

However, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorities seem to contest such theories, claiming there was not enough evidence to link automated cockpits to a bigger issue. According to J. Randolph Babbitt, agency administrator, “If we had any suspicions or trend lines, we would be making efforts to bring some change about.” An incident in which Northwest Airline pilots were apparently on their laptops during an October 2009 flight was a key point in the topic of pilot professionalism. The unwarranted distraction seemingly led the pilots to lose track of the aircrafts’ location. As a result, the plane overshot the airport they were scheduled to land at by about 150 miles. When referring to that specific incident, Babbitt stated, “It doesn’t have anything to do with automation… Any opportunity for distraction doesn’t have any business in the cockpit. Your focus should be on flying the airplane.”

On the other hand, autopilot mechanisms have long been regarded as a helpful tool in the aviation industry. “The introduction of automation did good things… Now the pilot is a manager, which is good, and a monitor, which is not so good,” stated the leading scientist for aerospace human factors at NASA, Key Dismukes. The real issue seems to be finding the equilibrium between too much dependency on autopilot systems and none at all. William Rouse of the Georgia Institute of Technology stated, “When the person has no role in the task, there’s a much greater risk of complacency.”

Leading aviation accident lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter states if you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to an accident caused by pilot inattention, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. With more than thirty years of experience in the field of aviation litigation, contacting the Law Firm of Jonathan C. Reiter with regard to your aviation-related claim may help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

New York aviation litigation news by New York injury attorney
Jonathan C. Reiter
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New York, NY 10118
Phone: (888) 464-1952

New York Injury Lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter
The New York City Injury Accident Lawyers of Jonathan C. Reiter is one of the leading aviation, construction accident, motor vehicle, personal injury and medical malpractice law firms in the United States.  
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Supposing you have taken time to find out currency trading, I will go ahead and start discussing the peculiar Forex trading systems on the market today and the pluses and minus of each. There are three separate classifications of products accesible today. They are trend based, signal based and strategy based software systems.

Most authority Forex dealers will have at least a trend based system and a signal based system running concurrently as they execute markedly well jointly. A trend system basically goes after the path of a currency and informs the user when pay for or sell orders are noticed in such a magnitude to affect the current trend. A signal based system also informs the user of doable adjusts in directions of a currency, but the signal is based on the pre-programmed algorithms the system is based on. Essentially, you will be receiving information that is calculated differently.

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          Comment on Hillary Clinton Destroys America’s Free Energy Hopes—Forever by uhm        
<strong>The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor was the original target that should have been hit by the Germanwings Airbus aircraft. The Germanwings Flight 9525 instead was plunged into the French Alps no doubt controlled via the uninterruptable autopilot system and a backdoor into the FADEC unit. The Zeusian (Club of Rome) division of the Olympians wish to depopulate the planet and will do so through covert genocidal programs masked as green policies. Only the Prometheans wish to raise the energy flux density and this includes Putin and the BRICS nations and followers. You should research the book 'Nuclear Power: Anathema to the New World Order' by John Coleman. ☆´¨) .·´ ¸.·★¨) ¸.·☆¨) ★(¸.·´ (¸.*´ ¸.·´ `·-☆ The Unhived Mind</strong> <img src="" alt="" />
          Penny wise pound foolish        
Hi all, I’m about to start on my commercial. I have two choices for complex aircraft, a basic Cessna 172RG Cutlass, or a Cessna 177RG Cardinal with Aspen avionics. Should I save some $$$ and just fly the 172RG or would it pay in the Future to fly the 177RG with \”glass/MFD/Autopilot\”. Thoughts appreciated…………….. Chris
          Sleep... Please!        
I am by no means leading a life any different to the next person. My situation is no harder, or easier, than yours. My struggles are not comparable to yours and my triumphs are no bigger than yours. We are all living a life that is full of its very own, individual hurdles, bumps and valleys. On some days we cruise through on autopilot without a single hiccup and on other days we have to accelerate and hit the brakes constantly.

Lately I feel like I have been taking a back seat in living my life. When I wake up in the morning I feel like I am scraping myself up off the ground, I drag myself out to the living room with my knuckles dragging along behind me. I manage to prop myself up on the lounge and feel like I have to hold my eyes open for the rest of the day. My company is poor, my speech is slurred, my brain is mush and my tolerance is low.

There is very minimal sleep in this household. For those of you who have followed me and my blog for quite some time you would know that I have struggled with Evelyn getting to sleep for two years now. She gave up her day naps two years ago. She pulled all her hair out of her head two years ago and we had to shave her head and remove her dummy at the same time. For two very long, very arduous, very straining years I have battled with her to go to sleep. We have tried each and every approach. I took her to tresillian a year ago where they sent me on my way with a wish of good luck. But the problem still remains. She will not go to sleep before 10pm at the very earliest. Some times she is awake until midnight. She is up multiple times throughout the night and she wakes early. 

Evelyn is a beautiful, calm and timid child but her lack of sleep is beginning to strangle that girl. She has become clumsy, grumpy and very intolerant. She is suffering and we are suffering. In a months time I will be taking her to a paediatrician, finally, to have her prescribed melatonin and in the mean time I will hold my breath and clutch at every single ounce of hope I have left that the melatonin will be the answer to my very desperate prayers.

I have three children now and this of course means that there is more chances of being woken throughout the night. I don't think that I am awake any more than anyone else, but with my children, the chances obviously become much higher. Zalia tends to sleep quite well. I give her a bottle to go to sleep, this is not ideal at all, but for the meantime it is working. She mostly will drift off to sleep and she tends to be the one that will remain asleep. But if she is teething, which she unfortunately is quite badly at the moment, she does manage to wake up several times.

At this point in time, however, my biggest battle is my little man Asher. He and I managed to see every single hour of the night from 11pm onwards. He wakes every 40 minutes. He feeds back to sleep and then he wakes again. He doesn't scream as long as he is with me, not like Zalia used to as a bub, so I have always felt like I should be grateful. He is chilled out and easy and quiet. But he is awake and if I return him to his bed awake, he does scream. I don't feel so grateful anymore, I feel a wreck. However, in one weeks time I will be taking him for a week long stay at Tresillian (the NSW sleep and behavioural clinic) and I could just about back flip with excitement!

For two very solid years I have not been able to have a moment to myself within my own home. For two very solid years I have a child up with me until I go to sleep, sometimes she will even be awake after I fall asleep. I wake with the children. And now I have a child with me, awake, every single 40 minutes of the night. There isn't a moments break. Not a second to catch my breath. Or to sort my thoughts. 

It is exhausting and challenging. I love all three of my children, to no end, but I would really like to have just an hour to myself before passing out in bed. I have been dealing with this situation on my own (with Anthony of course) and I believe that I manage to do it quite well. I have moments where the stress of it piles up on top of me and I can find myself so mad. But I ensure that Anthony and I get a night away to try and recharge every now and then. Without that, I think we would both snap.

We carry this family basically on our own, with no help from the outside. Within the last 12 months I have managed to surround myself with some beautiful friends who do step in and they take the girls for me when they see me beginning to drown (and I am ever so grateful). I am okay with carrying the responsibility of my children, but sometimes I do wish that I had that family to fall back on. Someone to turn up on my door and send me to bed. Sometimes I do find myself envious of the people I know who have that support that I so badly crave.

I am okay, I am resilient, I am capable of raising my children and my family solely on my own. But sometimes, as crazy as it sounds, I wish that I wasn't okay. Sometimes I wish that I could scream that I am not okay and know that I had that family to step in and take over, to help and support. To clean my house, or wash my clothes, or even make me a meal. Sometimes I crave that attention. 

My situation is no worse, no harder, no easier or no better than the next Mummy, we all have our battles and it is always relevant to the lives we lead at the time. I am not competing with anyone, or trying to overshadow anyones situations. I am just a great big mess of no sleep and I really needed to scream from the rooftops that right now, this blows!

Good Night World!
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Conceived in LA, born in Atlanta, and finished in Denver, ill-esha and KE On the Track's collaborative EP Autopilot is a slick, five-track tribute to the sounds and styles of three of the biggest hubs for electronic music at this time.
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          just the two of us        
I'm in a Starbucks with a pumpkin spice latte and my laptop now like some goddamn stereotype. Man, even I hate myself right now.

Starbucks always makes me think of working hard. I studied for all my board exams in Starbucks-es, from Step I at that Starbucks on 103nd and Broadway all the way up through my Anesthesia Oral Boards at the location on Monroe and 8th. The difference between Starbucks-es in New York and Atlanta, by the way? The Starbucks-es in New York serve you much, much faster.

I also wrote my entire book at the Starbucks on 29th and Park, which if you need to do work is (or at least was five years ago) an ideal Starbucks--huge, a preponderance of large tables, with a strip of power outlets around the entire outer wall. Oh, another difference between Starbucks-es in New York versus Atlanta? People bring work to Starbucks-es in Atlanta of course, but usually it's more like a rest stop, or a place to have some coffee and kill time between appointments or tasks. In New York, people set up shop. I read once in an article that Starbucks aimed to make their coffee shop locations into "virtual living rooms," places where people can kind of hang out in an armchair and meet with friends--hopefully buying large quantities of overpriced food in the process--and I think that there's likely no place where this is more true than in New York, where a lot of people frankly don't have actual full-sized living rooms in their apartments.

I mean, I brought my laptop there, and maybe my bookbag, a manuscript envelope, assorted miscellany. But there were people who brought full desktop computers (24-inch monitor AND the tower), the entire contents of their law library, extra desk lamps for those darker corners of the store. During my final year of residency when I was trying to finish my book by the July 1st deadline, I would take one day per weekend that I wasn't on call, leave Cal with Joe, set up base camp in one corner of that Starbucks and just sit there for eight, ten hours at a time. I would buy one coffee and get something cheap(er) but filling, like an egg salad sandwich. And then I would sit there and bust ass, looking up only occasionally if something interesting was happening, like the police coming in to extract homeless people that refused to get out of the bathroom--something that happened with alarming frequency. When I left, usually in the early afternoon, my hair and clothes would reek of smoke from the coffee roaster, as though I'd just smoked a billion cigarettes.

This has been Starbucks Talk. I'm your host, Michelle Au.

Anyway, the point of this post was not to talk about Starbucks (and it goes without saying that I have no affiliation with Starbucks, not only because I don't run paid ads on this blog but because this is such a small blog that STARBUCKS DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT I SAY), but to catch you up on Mack.

When I decided to go part-time, one of the first things that pushed me to consider scaling back at work was the fact that Cal was already halfway out the door to college, but the things that made me actually decide to make the leap was Mack. Because see, the thing with Mack is that...he's fine. He's always just fine. Cal's the oldest, so he often gets a lot of attention because of his school and activities (Cal recently joined the Lego Robotics team at school, and to say that Mack is inelegantly jealous would be kind); and of course Nina gets a lot of attention because she's a baby and needs us to do every damn thing for her. But Mack? Mack is always OK. He can do a lot of stuff for himself. He can play nicely by himself or with his siblings. A lot of the things he needs (a glass of milk, help reaching something high) Cal can often troubleshoot, and does, especially if I'm tied up doing something like cooking dinner or putting the baby down. He's happy, he's pleasant, he's not really that high-maintenance for a four year-old. And that's how I think he ends up getting ignored a lot. Classic middle-child syndrome.

And the thing with Mack is that he's just so reassuring with how normal he is. Cal was by all accounts kind of a weird child (he's much better now, warm and social and adaptable in ways we could only dream of when he was Mack's age, when he was...less so those things) but Mack has always been like the textbook illustration of Boy in Early Childhood. He like sports and wrestling with dad. He plays pretend and makes up little playlets with his stuffed animals and action figures. He's sunny and affectionate and snuggly and fun. Even his drawings are textbook--every human looks like a happy scarecrow with vertigo, all stick limbs with five fingers on each hand, clubby feet, smiley face. Every house has a chimney, every flower has six petals, and there's always a sun with beams shooting out in the corner.

(The reason that I make such a big deal about the drawings is that Cal's drawings at this age were--well, they were pretty weird. He was always good at drawing inanimate objects or landscapes, but when it came to drawing people, his drawings were just odd. Even when he was five and beyond, he'd sometimes draw people missing limbs, sometimes missing heads, and when he did draw a head it would be tiny, like a pinhead, with no face on it. NO FACE. What the hell, young Cal? Anyway, long story short I started introducing Cal to comics and gave him a little key of facial expressions so that he could draw his own comics and so the reader would be able to infer the mood of each character and thus the thrust of the story. So that's not an issue anymore, but still, I will admit that there was a period of time where I was worried that this was the first sign that we were raising some kind of sociopath who was unable to read human emotion or something.)

(And yes, I also see how telling it is that I just spent a paragraph talking about Cal in a entry that I ostensibly started to talk about Mack, but see, that's the thing! Cal was so weird and attention consuming! And Mack is so normal and easy! That's exactly why it's so easy to set him on autopilot-parenting and exactly why he's going to quit his tutoring job and join a violence gang because his parents never paid attention to him! I mean, probably!)

One of my main goals now that I have more time is to spend some time with Mack, just the two of us, one-on-one. I had to take him to the dentist two weeks ago, an expedition that I billed as our "special day" (in that yes, we were going to the dentist, but he could skip school for the rest of the day and afterwards we could go the playground and then have lunch together wherever he wanted! And also: free toothbrush!) and the degree to which he was excited about his "special day" with me was unreal. He talked about it literally every day for the weeks leading up to the appointment, and he seemed to especially relish the fact that it would be just for him, that Cal would have to go to school and that Nina would have to stay home, and weren't they going to be so jealous? There really was nothing that extravagant about the day at all, so the special thing for him wasn't so much the activities or skipping school or the Chick-Fil-A for lunch, as the fact that it happened at all. For half a day, he was my only kid.

So anyway, something that I've committed to doing is to try and have a special day with Mack about once a month--or at the very least, a special morning or afternoon. We'll just do something low-key--making Rice Krispie treats, going to the playground, doing an art project--but just something that we can do alone without Cal being there asserting his own superiority in gluing pompoms ("I used to do it like that when I was four too, Mack...but you'll get better at it. I mean, probably.") or without Nina there needing all of my everything. And maybe we won't even need a dentist appointment as an excuse to do it.

Parenthood, right?
          Third-Party Autopilot Support for G5 Expanded        

We’re pleased to announce the G5 electronic flight instrument will soon be compatible with a wide-range of third-party autopilots available on the market. Utilizing the new GAD 29B adapter, the G5 directional gyro (DG)/horizontal situation indicator (HSI) can interface with a variety of autopilots to provide heading and course error to drive the autopilot. With [...]

The post Third-Party Autopilot Support for G5 Expanded appeared first on Garmin Blog.

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          Soul Insights - The December Gateway-Portal of Light - What Does It Mean for You?        
Do “it” differently….
This Gateway-Portal of Light is causing an intensification of energy that is creating a focus on a revisiting of your past.

This revisiting is bringing up situations, ways of responding and living that you have become entrenched in either by reactions from your patterning, habit; or due to an ‘old world view’ of your life.
Sometimes we react to life; or relationship issues in a way that is determined by a ‘conditioned response pattern’.  This means we react and not act… 

We are reactionary due to emotional charge from our past going back to our family of origin dynamics and we often times don’t even know we are stuck in a pattern.  Responding by habit is kinda lazy… It’s when we just are on autopilot and don’t bother looking at the deeper implications, or even bring in the idea of growth.
Another way of being stuck in our responses, which blocks our Soul Growth is when we have used a way of responding and “it worked” for us in the past, it seemed conscious or healthy and it got us what we wanted we then keep using this response as our ‘world view point’… It looks something like this:  “Well, it worked in the past so why should I change what I am doing?”  “I know what’s going on here. I’ve experienced this before.”

Sometimes we can do what we usually do; or have done in the past and that is okay… It’s just okay though. It’s not great; and it’s not stretching us and opening the door for new ways of being, thinking and relating.  If we keep doing the same old, same old, we are essentially blocking new input from The All That Is- Source Energies…and Source Energies is that Life Force Animating Energy, The driving force of the Universe, is the Universe, is you and me and works through you and me…
How can expect to have new ideas, a shift in awareness, an expansion in consciousness and Soul growth when you won’t allow yourself to climb out of your little box of “This is how I do it.” “This is how I did it in the past.”  We can’t stretch is we won’t first stretch in our mind and world view of our life and experiences.

This Gateway – Portal of Light is highlighting the areas that we need to stretch. Where we need to respond differently, act differently, take a different approach, and allow new influences and responses into our decisions, life and experience.
What worked in the past is not always what will work for the overall enhancement of our life.
We can’t know and understand this unless we take a pause, tune into our Higher Self/Soul Self – our own Inner GPS…

This month and into February the situations in your life will call you to look deeper.  Look to your own wounding and avoidance tendencies. Look where you seem to be doing the same old thing and expecting something different.
The emotional responses and emotional states that come up for you during this time will show you where you need to bring more attention into your life. For some this will be with your relationship with yourself, for others it will be your relationship with other people.  The Soul of Souls, the OverSouls, or Soul of the Universe is deeming that we apply love, compassion and patience to ourselves, as well as with others.  We are to come to know how others do harm, because they are our of love with themselves, the world and the universe…
A little side note, many of you have emailed about my Soul Insights blog and the fact that I didn’t post for a couple of months. JThanx for missing it and thinking of me.  I am in a growth spurt and re-direction of energy and will be transferring this blog to my new site; which isn’t quite complete yet… I will still post here as it is going to take a bit more time to get all in order.

Please email me at: so I can put you on my blog list; as well as add you to my weekly Soul Insights…. I promise what is coming is so amazing, insightful, fun and playful that I just am soooo excited to share with all of you.
Also, you can connect with me on Awakenings with Michele Meiche  and Connect and Share

Happy Holidays and Big Hug


          Today's Top News: GM Plays It Safe with Cadillac Autopilot        

General Motors (GM) seems to have gone to great lengths to avoid lawsuits as it launches its first hands-off driving system in its soon-to-be-launched Cadillac CT6. As GM makes the Cadillac CT6 available to a limited number of reviewers ahead of its launch this fall, early tests reveal the GM's Level 2 capabilities fall short of the range of driverless features Tesla models offer at comparable premium segment prices. Cadillac's Super Cruise, as its name implies, serves more as an advanced cruise control than as a self-drive system. It will let the driver occasionally take their hands off the... more

          A honest Review of Forex Autopilot        
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          You May Not Need That Marriage Therapist        
you-may-not-need-that-marriage-therapistNot seeing eye-to-eye with your partner? Maybe it's time to make some changes.Does it really take two to make a thing go right? Or, can you fix your relationship yourself?

Maybe one of you has a “good idea” and the other person isn’t on board. You want to move to the country, or he wants to have another baby. When you reach an impasse, conventional wisdom says it’s time to end the relationship because of irreconcilable difference.

You don’t have to feel stuck. You can't change your partner. You have two options: keeping the status quo or changing yourself.

Time to Make a Change

Don’t be afraid to change yourself. Look at what you’re doing that contributes to conflict. Take the first step toward change and stop blaming. It’s more empowering that way. You won’t be the only one who is impacted by your changes. Your partner may change over time. This doesn’t mean you do all the work. You take the lead in making change.

“You Didn’t Put the Seat Down!”

Fights about the little things aren’t actually about the apparent source of conflict. The arguments about the toilet seat, wrong turns and undone housework have deeper roots. They come down to trust, betrayal, commitment, power, respect and control. People fight the battle with their spouses that they lost as children.

Marriages Take Maintenance

Pick one thing to change about how you react in the relationship. Just work on that thing. Instead of crying, choose to talk out your feelings. It will take time to make the change a habit.

Don’t expect to put your relationship on autopilot. That’s not how relationships work.

Listen as marriage and family therapist Winifred Reilly joins Dr. Pamela Peeke to share tips on how to take control of your relationship challenges.


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          Stale Relationship? Here’s the Fix        
stale-relationship-here-s-the-fixDiscover how to renew your connection to your partner and apologize when you've made a mistake.The biggest thing struggling couples don’t realize is how important a connection is.

That’s the main reason people cheat; it’s rarely about the sex.

Nurturing the connection you share with your partner every day gives you an advantage over everyone who is younger, hotter and perceived as physically more appealing. You can always find sex, but you can’t always find connection.

Is your relationship on autopilot? The demands of life can suck the life out of your relationship and you’re too tired to connect. 

There are simple things you can do to improve your connection. Couples who text throughout the day report they have happier relationships and their relationships last longer. Couples who celebrate their successes together have a higher rate of longevity. Love requires face-to-face communication and eye contact.

It is important to share your intimate self with your partner. Confide and share your vulnerabilities. Hold these things sacred and don’t share them with other people to avoid opening the door to affairs. Save certain topics for your partner. Spend about 30 minutes talking to your partner every day. The more you invest, the less you will want to give your relationship away.

Trying new and exciting things together keeps you both invested in the relationship. This can be as simple as going to a new restaurant together or visiting a museum.

Couples do things to hurt one another’s feelings unintentionally. Maybe you shared an intimate detail your partner expected you to keep private. Sometimes you use a harsh tone and it rubs your partner wrong. It’s important to know how to apologize.
  1. Show remorse. Let the person know you are genuinely sorry for the pain you have caused.
  2. Take responsibility. Own the mistake you made. Don’t defend it. You may have had a good reason for the mistake, but now is not the time to justify it.
  3. Recognize how you have harmed the other person. Be willing to sit and hear the feelings of the person impacted. You have to listen to move on.
  4. Remedy the wrong. Make a plan to make things right. Work out a plan to keep it from happening again.
Communicate to keep your sex life on track. It’s the one thing the two of you do exclusively together and is important for connection and for the relationship's success. Turn-ons can change over time. If something isn't working for you anymore, it’s a disservice to your partner not to speak up.

Your partner must be willing to change to meet your minimal needs in the relationship. If your partner is unwilling to do that, your relationship won’t survive.

Listen in as Dr. Jenn Mann shares how you can nurture your relationship and restore your connection.


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          Creating Your Own Destiny:The Home-Based Business Organizational Chart        

Work on any business project and one of the first elements with which you will become familiar is the organization chart. This is to help you understand your position in the organization. If you work in a support role, you may view this chart and feel that your position is insignificant. The home-based business organizational chart is one that should excite anyone who has ever felt that the services they provide are minimal.

As the owner of a home-based business, you have the unique opportunity to wear many different hats. Many people consider this to mean that an individual has more work and possibly more stress to contend with and thus working for someone else is a better choice because work is delegated to different people. The fact is, taking on the many different aspects of owning your own home-based business can give you more understanding of the needs of your business. By understanding how all the parts of a business are related to the success of the company, as the owner you can make better choices that affect your bottom line. Non-home businesses spend a great amount of time and money trying to get departments to understand the significance of each so that the business flows more smoothly.


How a business markets itself is crucial to its success. If people don’t know you exist, how do you expect them to buy your products? People in organizations that are not home-based operations usually pay marketing experts in the business a lot of money to position the organization in the best possible light. When you work for yourself, you are in charge of this effort. By performing the research of your prospective market yourself, you are more apt to understand the needs of your potential customer and make changes in your business according to those needs.

If your home-based business exists online, there are many options available to market your business on an autopilot basis. For example, there are services available that enable you to spin search-optimized articles that can draw more people to your website.


Staying organized is essential for all business owners. Keeping track of your projects and client files and managing your schedule are important tasks that you will need to perform when you work from home. How does one individual perform this task when they are typically delegated to several individuals in a company? Software has made the life of home-based business owners more streamlined. Managing the administration of your home business gives you insight into various areas. Since you are aware of all the projects coming down the pipe, you can easily develop a work schedule that is more balanced and less hectic.


If there is one person in every company who people know by their first name it’s the person who handles the money. Regardless if a human or a computer generates your paycheck, there is the potential for errors. When you own a home-based business you may hire a CPA or other financial expert to help you manage your earnings and to file the proper paperwork, but you see every penny that your business earns. Being aware of your financial position can help you make better marketing and project decisions. For example, if you notice that the months of November and December are times when you make the most money, you may want to spend less money marketing during these times and focus your efforts on the other ten months of the year.

In essence, operating a home-based business involves learning about all aspects of your business and making sound decisions based on that knowledge. By doing this on a regular basis you are in more control of the destiny of your business.

Ryan Smith and Joe Zumbo are leaders and trainers with The Global Resorts Network. To see more visit
          Intelligent, vernetzt und autonom wie nie – die neue Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse setzt technologische Maßstäbe        
Quelle: ots.Audio Las Vegas (ots) – Daimler präsentiert auf der CES in Las Vegas den ersten serienmäßigen Autopiloten der Welt MANUSKRIPT MIT O-TÖNEN Anmoderation: Anfang Januar wird das Spielerparadies Las Vegas traditionell zum Mekka der Elektronik-Industrie. Vier Tage lang dreht … Weiterlesen
          Self-Driving Deep Learning with Lex Fridman        
Self-driving cars are here. Fully autonomous systems like Waymo are being piloted in less complex circumstances. Human-in-the-loop systems like Tesla Autopilot navigate drivers when it is safe to do so, and lets the human take control in ambiguous circumstances. Computers are great at memorization, but not yet great at reasoning. We cannot enumerate to a computer every single circumstance that a car might find itself in. The computer needs to

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          System Vs. Will Power        
In today's episode, we talk about the importance of systems over will-power, and how you can run on autopilot without experiencing the side effects of laziness.
          A Rerun!        
Because no one read it the first time! You jerks!

I'm just gonna post a link to the post that I want to rerun. So go back in time and enjoy a boring post that only a nerd could enjoy. If you're a nerd, of course. Actually, it's mostly a video.

It's funny, because when I wrote Drivers I ended up using that interface that you see in the video, (minus the swaths of red that indicate obstacles.) The drivers see a yellow path to mark where they're going. Nice, eh?  But that's only on autopilot, when the computer is driving. When they're driving, there's nothing.

Kind of like life.
          Porto Rosa, 6pax All yachts are equipped with furling genoa, GPS, autopilot, electric anchor, lazy jack, lazy bag, bimini, self-tailing winch, cockpit table, steering         

oceanis 323 6pax All yachts are equipped with furling genoa, GPS, autopilot, electric anchor, lazy jack, lazy bag, bimini, self-tailing winch, cockpit table, steering .
Porto di imbarco: Porto Rosa.
Prezzo minimo settimanale € 1,400.00
          Porto Rosa, 10pax All yachts are equipped with furling genoa, GPS, autopilot, electric anchor, lazy jack, lazy bag, bimini, self-tailing winch, cockpit table, steering         

orana 44 10pax All yachts are equipped with furling genoa, GPS, autopilot, electric anchor, lazy jack, lazy bag, bimini, self-tailing winch, cockpit table, steering .
Porto di imbarco: Porto Rosa.
Prezzo minimo settimanale € 4,300.00
          I'm a mess in his eyes AND mine        
This blog is full of crap so feel free not to read it.

I am needing to get convinced that I can tackle this 40 pounds and be successful. I came back on SP in February, lost 5-6 pounds and gained it again. I have become this person that doesn't give a crap how much I weight. Only last night my hubby said he can see I'm on autopilot and I'm not taking any steps to help myself. Not totally true, but I am truly not being firm with myself. I have let myself go, though every couple of we...
          Tesla Update 7.1 – diese bahnbrechenden Features kommen für Model S & X        

Das Tesla Software Update 7.1 kommt! In diesen Tagen gibt es wieder einmal ein Bordsoftware-Update für die Tesla Model S und X. Das Update wird wie immer über den integrierten 3G Empfang auf Wunsch des Besitzers installiert. In der Version 7.1 sind folgende Features neu:   Feature „verbesserte Autopilot Darstellung“ In der Cockpitanzeige werden nun..

Der Beitrag Tesla Update 7.1 – diese bahnbrechenden Features kommen für Model S & X erschien zuerst auf

          Organization: Ridiculously Easy        
Organization: Ridiculously Easy By Randy Ingermanson

We all know people who seem to sail through life. They always have it together. When things go right (which is most of the time), they’re always working productively or playing hard or flossing their teeth. When things go wrong (which seems to be rare), they surf right over those glitches and carry on. I think we all secretly despise those people. They seem to have their lives on autopilot, never struggling. That’s not fair.

My hunch is that these [...] Related posts:

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  2. The Power of Asking For Help
  3. Cold Turkey

          AE2252 AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS AND INSTRUMENTS Questions Bank 2014        


Anna University, Chennai





Unit I

1. Explain the working principles of power assisted and power actuated systems.

2. Explain the operation of Instrument Landing Systems with neat sketches.

3. Explain the power assisted and flexible push pull rod control systems with neat sketches.

4. Explain the working principles of powered flight control systems.

5. Explain the following with neat sketches: (a) Engine Control Systems

(b) Autopilot systems

(c) VOR

6. Describe how fully powered flight control systems works.

7. Explain in detail about auto pilot system with a block diagram.

8. Explain the following

(a) Autopilot system

(b) Fly by wire system

(c) Push pull rod system

Unit II

1. Explain the working of the typical hydraulic system used for the passenger aircraft.

2. Describe the working of shock absorber of the landing gear system.

3. Explain hydraulic system used in modern aircraft with neat sketch.

4. Draw a neat sketch of BOGIE truck main landing gear assembly and explain its operation.

5. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a tail wheel and nose wheel landing gear system.

6. Explain the antiskid brake control system.

7. Describe the typical hydraulic system used for retaction of landing gear with a neat sketch.

8. Explain the following

(a) Pressure regulators used in hydraulic system

(b) Flow restrictors

9. Explain the following

(a) Hydraulic brake system

(b) Power boost brake system

10. Explain the following

(a) Pneumatic system uses in aircrafts

(b) Oleo – pneumatic struct

(c) Pressure regulators

(d) Sequencing circuit opeartion.

Unit III

1. Explain with a neat sketch how fuel system funtion for a piston engine.

2. Describe aircraft engine ignition system and starting system operation with neat sketches.

3. Explain with a neat sketch of typical fuel system used in jet engines.

4. Explain with neat sketches of the one of the starting systems for jet engines.

5. Explain the ignition and starting systems in reciprocating and jet engines.

6. Explain gas turbine engine fuel system and its components with a neat sketch.

7. What are the basic components present in the aircraft fuel system? Explain briefly about gravity feed fuel system.

8. Explain the working principles different type carburators used in piston engine.

Unit IV

1. Explain the working of the different fire detection and smoke detection techniques used in aircraft with neat sketches.

2. Draw the basic cycle of air cycle system and explain with neat sketch.

3. Explain the boost starp air cycle system with neat sketch.

4. Explain the operation of oxygen system with neat sketch.

5. Explain any one type of Deicing system with neat sketch.

6. What do you understand by antiicing and deicing problems in aircraft? Explain the system to control them.

7. With neat sketches, explain the evaporative vapour cycle and evaporative air cycle systems.

8. Explain cabin pressurization systems and its components.

9. What are the requirements of fire protection system? Explain briefly about the thermo couple and tubular heat detectors.

10. With a neat sketch, explain how fire and smoke detection systems works.

Unit V

1. Explain the working principles of gyroscopic instruments

2. Explain with neat sketch, construction and working of an Altimeter.

3. Explain in detail about the purpose and importance of various types of temperature gauges used at different location of the aircraft.

4. Explain the following

(a) Altimeter

(b) Mach meter

(c) Airspeed indicator

(d) Pressure gauge

5. Write shorte notes on

(a) Artificial horizon

(b) Turn and Bank indicator

(c) Tachometer

(d) HIS & ADI


On June 1, 2009, Air France Flight 447 crashed into the mid-Atlantic during what should have been a routine night flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. All 228 passengers and crew perished. The cause of the crash was, on the face of it, a complete mystery. The Airbus A330-200 was a highly sophisticated aircraft and was being flown by three well-qualified pilots. The captain alone had 11,000 hours of flying experience.
In theory, such a crash should have been nigh-on impossible. But it happened. The results of the crash inquiry have finally been published. It turns out the junior pilot made a major error which he persisted with. The other two, more senior, pilots failed to appreciate what he was doing until it was too late to rectify. They simply ran out of time.
If you are involved in running a pension plan, there are some highly relevant lessons from the tragedy of Flight 447.
Here’s what happened on that fateful night:
"I'm in TOGA"
High over the Atlantic, between Brazil and West Africa, the plane’s pitot tubes froze. These are the small, forward facing, ducts that measure airspeed. In itself, that should have been no big deal; however, it caused the plane’s autopilot to disengage - the plane was now in the hands of Pierre-Cedric Bonin, the most junior of the three Air France pilots. At the same time, the plane hit turbulence and Bonin made his mistake. For reasons which are not clear, he reacted by pulling the nose of the plane up. The aircraft began to slow dangerously, and multiple alarms sounded loudly in the cockpit: Stall! Stall! Stall!
At this point, Bonin should have lowered the nose, picked up speed, and all would have been fine. But he was disorientated, saying to himself:
“I’m in TOGA, huh?”
TOGA stands for “Takeoff & Go Around” which is what a pilot does when aborting a landing approach. At 38,000 feet, Bonin was a very long way from being in TOGA. However, he gunned the plane’s engines to full power, keeping the nose tilted upwards, in an “angle of attack” of 15 degrees – exactly as though he was aborting a landing a few metres off the ground.
At this altitude, and in super-thin air, it was about the worst thing he could have done. The plane began to climb and then, with the nose pointing up at an incredible 40 degrees, and slowing to just 60 knots, Flight 447 began to stall.
Now, although the plane’s nose was sharply up, the plane was simultaneously descending fast. The Airbus’s electronic navigation screens suddenly went blank, struggling to interpret this apparently contradictory data.
With David Robert (his co-pilot) and Dubois (his captain) shouting at him to lower the nose, Bonin did so. It was the first time in three minutes that Bonin had done the right thing . But as the plane’s electronics kicked back in, the Stall! alarm sounded again. Bonin, who by this time had no idea what the plane was doing, resumed the climb. It proved fatal. Seconds later the plane reached its propulsion ceiling, stalled and fell out of the equatorial night sky.
As the plane plummets, Captain Dubois yells: Climb!, Climb!
Bonin then whispers:  “But I’ve had the stick back the whole time...”
In a terrible moment of clarity, David Robert and Captain Dubois finally work out what has gone wrong:
1. Bonin had made a catastrophic error of judgement. He had been climbing "the whole time" - holding the control stick back in the nose-up position and, eventually, stalling the aircraft.
2. Robert did not know what Bonin was doing (the control stick is situated out of the co-pilot’s line of sight on the A330-200).
3. Dubois had failed to supervise them - he was out of the cockpit having a break.
4. In the final four minutes of the flight, none of three pilots calmly scrutinised the navigation instruments in order to establish what was happening to the aircraft under their command.
By the time the crew had figured things out, it was too late.
As the report says on page 182 (Para
“The crew had almost completely lost control of the situation.”
According to the report, two key factors contributed to the crash. First, Bonin assumed, wrongly, that it was impossible for the plane to stall. Second, he believed, also wrongly, that he was doing the right thing by keeping the plane in the nose-up position. It was a disastrous combination of wrong beliefs.
The aircraft remained stalled during its entire 3 minute 30 second descent from 38,000 feet before it hit the ocean surface at a vertical speed of 150 km/h (90 mph).
Salutary lessons for anyone involved in running a pension plan
Trustees are engaged to sit on the pension plan’s flight deck and to take it from the underfunded favelas of Rio, to the plentiful abundance of Paris, where every member gets paid her benefits in full and on time.
It should be a routine journey, but, increasingly, it is apparent that some pension plan trustees are struggling to fly the pension A330-200 Airbus. The air is ultra thin, there is plenty of rough turbulence, and blaring klaxons are going off left, right and centre.
At times like these, there are key moments when the correct decision has to taken – first time. There are no second chances. If the pension plan’s crew reacts incorrectly to incoming data, there is very little opportunity to work out what has gone wrong. As the stress mounts on the trustees, the situation becomes more and more difficult to correct.
For instance...

I recently came across a small pension plan which, for historic reasons, has no corporate sponsor.  Along with every other defined benefit pension plan, the trustees have had ample opportunity to hedge (insure) against a falling real yield (and rapidly rising liabilities) but, up on the flight deck, someone decided not to pursue that route. A Bonin (by another name) chose to keep doing the same thing (relying on the equity risk premium and failing to hedge) until the plane stalled.
Here’s an extract from their latest Funding Statement:
“In accordance with statutory requirements, the Trustee has now received an actuarial report which provides an approximate update of the funding position of the Scheme as at 1 January 2012. Unfortunately, this shows that the funding level of the Scheme deteriorated markedly during 2011 from 63% to 48%, with the shortfall increasing from £3.6 million to around £6.3 million.”
It is not a big scheme, but to the good folk who are reliant upon it, it’s all they have.
The accompanying explanation from the pension plan’s flight crew is woefully inadequate:

“This problem is not specific to the Scheme, as these conditions have had a very serious effect on almost all defined benefit schemes in the UK. Current financial market conditions are very unusual by historical standards and a return to more ‘normal’ conditions is expected to be beneficial for scheme funding, but we do not know if or when that may happen.”
Those last few words are the equivalent of Pierre-Cedric Bonin’s and David Robert’s abject admission to Captain Dubois in the final moments of Flight 447:
“We have lost control of the plane.”
No doubt, Bonin-like, the trustees believed it was simply impossible for the real yield to fall to zero percent. And, for sure, during the last five years, the trustees also believed they were doing "the right thing".
On both counts they were wrong and the pension plane has stalled. It should not have happened. But, with a funding level of 48%, it undoubtedly has.
It is a sobering thought, but there are many other pension plans which, but for massive contributions from their corporate sponsors, would be in the same position.
And whilst there are plenty of sophisticated navigation tools available to make sense of these difficult flying conditions and frozen pitot tubes, many pension plans simply do not use them.
Flying the Plane
If you are a trustee sitting up on the flight-deck with your hand on the control stick, here is a set of questions designed to help you figure out whether you are cut out to fly the plane to Paris. If you are, that’s great. If you are not, you may want to think about getting yourself up to speed.
I hope you find it useful:

          Movie Reviews: Passengers, Your Name, A Tale of Love and Darkness, Hidden Figures        
Passengers: I am astounded that this Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt disaster was (supposedly) a "great script that needs to be made" for several years, and no one in all that time was able to see the Big Problem with it. Insider sources confirm that it wasn't a matter of a late script change; the script was always this disturbing.

There are actually two parts to the movie. The less significant is the disaster movie in space, which is filmed well but entirely contrived. The disaster and all of the circumstances that lead to it are contrived. That there is no one but two useless passengers able to address the problem (instead of competent ship pilots, autopilots, or engineers that are awakened on a rotational basis to check the ship) is contrived. That the problem is exactly enough of a problem to threaten the ship but (ultimately) easily fixed by a single dangerous act (which fixes EVERYTHING that went wrong, instantly) is so contrived and silly that you wonder that this movie could be made only a few years after similar and far better movies like The Martian or Interstellar. The acting is okay, and there is one nifty shot of what happens to you when you're in a swimming pool and the gravity stops; that's about the only good thing to say about the movie.

The engineers who made this ships must be morons. No backups for things that "can't possibly fail". Right. No waking up the crew once in a while to perform maintenance or check that everything is okay? Right.No avoidance of hurtling rocks while traveling through space for 120 years? Right.

But who cares? The main concept of the movie is about a guy who accidentally wakes up on a ship that has 90 years to go and is, therefore, faced with the prospect of living and dying on the ship instead of on the world he was supposed to reach at the destination. The movie contrives most ridiculously that there is no way to reenter suspended animation (no backups!). And so, after going a little loopy for a year, the man does the vastly horrible and immoral act of choosing and condemning another passenger, a beautiful woman that he lusts over, to suffer that same fate because he doesn't want to suffer alone. Of course, he hides what he did and we know she is going to discover it eventually. And then the ship starts breaking down.

Spoilers ahead, but you should just skip the movie anyway.

The idea for the movie isn't terrible: the act is terrible, and the movie sort of acknowledges this. The movie is supposed to make us feel that he has done a wicked thing, but instead of punishing him the movie presents us with a freaking romance movie, and not a good one. We are supposed to be sympathetic with him and root for him. Thank god I was able to fast forward through much of the romance, because it made me ill. The two leads have some chemistry, but very little in the way of character .. but again, who cares? The act was the act of a desperate, drowning man, so maybe, MAYBE it is at least understandable, and maybe MAYBE if he was portrayed as horrible, and realizing how horribly he acted and immediately confessing his sins, she could come to forgive him for stealing her entire life from her. But not telling her for months and romancing her for an hour of movie time is unforgivable. Instead of the movie stressing that this is a sick man and his act was revolting, and his not telling her is even more revolting, it wants us to enjoy their burgeoning romantic chemistry.

She gets rightly pissed off after she finds out, but the movie doesn't end with her killing him and finding out what it means to be alone, or afraid of a man who would destroy her life, imprison her on a ship, and lie to her for many months just so he could trick her into sleeping with him. Instead, when they face the possibility of losing the entire ship, she realizes how much she loves him after all and can't face living without him. Oh. My. God.

And we're not even done. Through more idiotic movie contrivance, after saving the ship, he discovers a way to put only her (or any one person) back into suspended animation, and she chooses to stay and live her life with him on the ship.

Who thought this was a good idea?

Just to complete the stupidity, we also have a black guy who wakes up just long enough to help save the cute white couple and then die, because what would a sci-fi movie be without that?

Your Name: A beautiful, subtitled, animated body-swap film from Japan. Something like Charlotte Sometimes, a high school boy from Tokyo and a high school girl from a small mountain town near a lake begin to switch bodies through mysterious circumstances. This disrupts their lives in several ways, and they try to communicate by leaving notes. But most importantly, they try to find each other. And, for various reasons, it's not that simple.

This is a rich, complex tale. There are several points where you might expect the movie, if it were American, to end, but it just veers off in yet another direction. And yet, it all works beautifully; nothing is added just for filling, and all elements foreshadow or recapitulate other elements with perfect sense. The only thing I found extraneous were the Japanese pop songs, several of which intrude upon the film at various points. in my opinion, all of these but the last one should have been ditched (not that my opinion on Japanese pop music means much, but I think they were not particularly good, and in any case they tried to impose emotions in places where the movie was doing a perfectly fine job without them.) The brief song and graphics at the beginning actually hurt the movie by making the whole production look like a typical anime TV show.

Aside from the music, it was haunting, sweet, romantic, and tragic all at once. A great film.

A Tale of Love and Darkness: Based on the book of the same name and the autobiographical story of Amos Oz's childhood in Jerusalem before, during, and just after the founding of the state of Israel, this is Natalie Portman's baby: her first time directing, she also wrote the screenplay and starts as Amos' mother. While the book focuses on Amos, his parents playing significant but secondary roles, Natalie is the central figure in the movie sharing equal (or a little more) screen time with Amir Tessler playing the young Amos.

The movie shows a lot of promise, in that it is a lovely work of art but not particularly entertaining. There are grim and harrowing movies that are also entertaining (not fun, but emotionally investing, captivating, involving you in the story). This movie doesn't do that very well. Instead, it plays as a series of film scenes, all rather grim and bleak, some of them well shot, all well acted, but not very involving. Scenes seem to come and go without any warning or connection. The night when the radio announces the vote to create a state shows jubilation, but there were no scenes leading up to it that would have made us care. An early scene involving young Jewish and Arab children who were trying to be friendly until an accident drives them apart should be prescient but is never followed up in any meaningful way on screen, and the characters never reappear.

Natalie makes us understand the allegory of the scene, of course, and the omniscient narrator bemoans the senseless conflict with his personal political views. Shot well, voiced beautifully, but they're not the story. The story is that of the mother, her dreams of what Israel would be like and her descent into depression and - ultimately - suicide when the dreams don't become reality. Again, Natalie makes us understand the allegory of the mother's dreams with the unrealized dreams of the state, but only as that: an allegory. Not a movie, not a story. An art piece, not entertainment. Unfortunately, for most people this movie will drag on for far too long. It could have been cut down to focus on the art and statement, because as far as the story goes, it's just not interesting.

The film making is interesting, the movie is bleak but watchable, and the art is good. Hopefully her directing will be matched with better screenwriting the next time around.

Hidden Figures: Many women, as well as women of color, contributed to the success of America's space program through their hard work in engineering, math, and supervisory skills. In particular for the women of color, this was a challenge, since they did this work at a time when segregation was in effect in the south, which was where NASA's offices were.

I just saved you from having to see the movie.

Like other dull biopics, the screenplay presents the most obvious, unchallenging, straightforward scenes without a whit of depth. The acting, directing, set and costumes are all fine. But when a movie presents a story where the ending is known, there has to be something else there to keep the viewer's interest. There's no there, here. One of the characters is great at math. So - surprise, the white men scorn her until she proves she is capable. She has to run half a mile a few times a day to get to the colored bathroom. So - surprise, everyone wonders why she is absent for so long a couple of times a day. These are scenes that could have been incorporated into a great movie. Instead, these scenes ARE the movie, and that's it. And oh yeah, we send some white guys into space.

One of the real women (now in her 90s), expressed surprise that anyone would want to watch a movie made about her. This movie doesn't challenge that question.
          Using This Pullback to Load Up on Gold        

With gold successfully holding the $1520 mark after three tests, David Galland believes savvy investors should use this pullback as an opportunity to purchase gold and gold stocks.  I agree with him on gold, though I'm not yet convinced about the mining stocks themselves (more on this later today).

Gold’s “Contrarian Moment”

By David Galland, Casey Research

Glancing at the news most days, it's hard not to feel like Bill Murray's character in Groundhog Day. In the event you are unfamiliar with the movie, in it Murray's character becomes trapped in the same day… day after day.
In the current circular condition, we have the powers-that-be assuring us that the next high-level meeting will finally produce a permanent fix to the broken economy, essentially solving the sovereign debt crisis. Then, in no more than a few days, or at most a couple of weeks, the fix is revealed to be flawed and the crisis again sparks into flames... followed shortly thereafter by yet another high-level meeting – and the cycle begins anew.

While the characters may change – one week it is Greece, the next it is Spain, the next it is France, the next it is the US, the next it is Greece again, etc., etc. ad nauseam – the detached observer can only come to the conclusion that we are now well outside of the bounds of the normal business cycle.

As we at Casey Research have written on this topic at great length, I don't intend to dwell on this topic, but I did want to loop back in just long enough to comment on the recent price action in commodities, especially gold, in the face of the continuing crisis.

Today, a glance at the screen reveals that gold is trading for $1,565. For comparative purposes, as revelers warmed up their vocal cords to sing in the New Year on the last trading day of 2011, gold exchanged hands at $1,531. And exactly one year ago to the day, gold traded at $1,526 for a one-year gain of a modest 2.6%.

A year ago, the S&P 500 traded at 1,325, while today it trades at 1,318, a small loss. Yet, have you noticed we don't hear much about the imminent collapse of the US stock market, as we do about gold? This perma-bear sentiment about gold on the part of what some people lump together under the label "Wall Street" is especially apparent in the gold stocks.

Using the GDX ETF as a proxy for the sector, we see that the shares of the more substantial gold producers are off by an unpleasant 24% over the last year.With that "baseline" in place, let's turn to the current outlook for gold, and touch on some of the other commodities as well.
  • Gold. In the context of its secular bull market, and given that absolutely nothing has gotten better about the sovereign debt crisis – only worse – gold's correction is nothing to be concerned about.I know the technical types will point to levels such as $1,500 as important resistance points – and there's no question that if gold was to break decisively below that level that a lot of autopilot trades would kick in and put further pressure on gold.Yet, when you view the market through the lens of hard realities, which is to say, by focusing on the intractable mess the sovereigns have gotten the world into… in Europe, in Japan, in China and here in the US… then viewing gold at these levels as anything other than an opportunity is a mistake.
  • Gold Stocks. As far as the gold stocks are concerned, I consider today's levels to be extraordinarily compelling for anyone looking to build up a portfolio or to average down an existing portfolio.I say this for a number of reasons, starting with the contrarian perspective that this may now be the most unloved sector of the stock market. No one wants anything to do with gold stocks, and hasn't for some time now. As a consequence, the sellers will soon dry up, leaving almost nothing but buyers to push the sector back to the upside.This contrarian perspective is important because finding an honest-to-goodness opportunity to bet against the crowd is no easy thing in a world where literally thousands of competent equities analysts plop down at the desk each trading day with the sole purpose of searching for prospective investments. Many of these analysts are backed by huge firms with billions of dollars at risk in the markets, and so are armed with high-powered computational tools of the sort that was unimaginable even a few years ago. All of these analysts, armed with all their computational power, habitually scan a universe that totals about 4,000 publicly traded companies. Realistically, however, even a thin analytical screen will weed out all but perhaps 400 of those companies as being potentially suitable for investment.Thus, you have thousands of high-priced and well-armed securities analysts crunching pretty much the same data on a very small universe of possible investments. Given this reality, is it any surprise that securities are so tightly correlated? Which is to say, is it any surprise that these securities all trade right in line with the valuations that the analytical screens ultimately derive that they should? Which means there are really only two possible circumstances under which any of these stocks move up, or move down, by any significant degree
  1. Broad market movements. The saturated levels of analysis mean that, within a fairly tight range, all the stocks now move more or less together. Thus, with few exceptions, a big upswing or downswing in the broader market will send almost all stocks up or down together. To help make the point, I randomly pulled a chart of IBM and compared it against SPY (the S&P 500 tracking ETF) for the last year. Note the lockstep price movements:
  2. OK, IBM is a big company, so it will have a lower beta than many companies, but the point remains that saturated coverage of the stocks greatly reduces the odds of any one issue breaking free from the larger herd, unless there is…
  3. A surprise. All of these analysts, and all of their computerized analysis, help form a certain future price expectation for each security based on past financial metrics (earnings growth, return on equity, and so forth). Other than the broad market movement just referenced, or moves in line with a sub-sector of the larger market (e.g., if oil rises or falls, oil-sector stocks will tend to move up or down in sync), for a company to deviate in any substantial way from analyst expectations, by definition requires a "surprise" to occur.Of course, such a surprise can be positive, but because these companies are so closely watched, it is more likely to be negative. In the former category, a positive surprise might come in the form of an unexpectedly strong new product launch á la the iPad. In the latter, less happy category of surprise, it can be the blow-out of a big well in the Gulf of Mexico… or any one of a million other unanticipated vagaries of fate.
As investors, recognizing these fundamental realities is important because it points to where above-average market opportunities are most likely to be found (or not). And that brings us back to the whole idea of being a contrarian.
As mentioned a moment ago, "Wall Street" has never much liked the precious metals, and by extension the gold stocks. Given the length of the gold bull market – which, in our view, reflects systematic risk in all the fiat currencies, but which Wall Street views as an indication of a fatiguing trend confirmed by the underperformance of the gold stocks – traditional portfolio managers are unhesitant in giving the boot to the few gold shares that somehow made it into their portfolios against their better judgment.

If our thinking is not clouded by our own bias, then it would behoove us as good contrarians to buy these shares from the eager sellers at such unexpectedly favorable prices. By doing so, we are able to position ourselves to make a killing once the broader financial community realizes that the problems associated with fiat money, dramatically underscored by the intractable sovereign debt crisis, are only going to get worse. At that point gold is going to head for new highs and gold stocks to the moon.

That said, as we always should do, let's quickly assess whether our own bias is leading us astray in believing in gold and gold stocks when virtually the entire army of analysts won't even consider them. Some inputs:
  • Gold prices remain near historic highs â€“ and that has a significant impact on the bottom line of the gold producers. Barrick Gold Corp. (ABX), for example, currently boasts a profit margin of over 30%, better than twice that of IBM and almost ten times that of Walmart. While ABX sells for just 1.6 times its book value, IBM sells for 10X.
  • Interest rates remain at historic lows, producing a negative real return for bond holders. Unless and until investors are able to capture a positive yield – a potential stake through the heart of gold – there is no lost-opportunity cost for holding gold. And bonds are increasingly at risk of loss should interest rates be pressured upwards, as they inevitably will be.
  • Sovereign money printing continues – because it must. In today's iteration of Groundhog Day, the Europeans are once again meeting in an attempt to fix the unfixable, but the growing consensus – because there is no other realistic option left to them – is that they will have to accelerate, not decelerate the money printing. Ditto here in the US, where a fiscal cliff is fast approaching due to the trifecta of the expiring Bush tax cuts, mandated cuts in government spending from the last debt-ceiling debacle and the new debacle soon to begin as the latest debt ceiling is approached. The problems in important economies such as China and Japan are as bad, and maybe even worse.
  • Debt at all levels remains high. With historic levels of debt, rising interest rates are a no-fly zone for governments, because should these rates go up even a little bit, the impact on the economy and on the ability of these governments to meet their obligations would be dramatic and devastating. This fundamental reality ensures a continuation of policies aimed at keeping real yields in negative territory, meaning that the monetization/currency debasement in the world's largest economies will continue apace.To get a sense of just how bad things are and how soon the wheels might come off, sending gold and gold stocks to the moon as governments throw all restraint in money printing to the wind to save themselves and their over-indebted economies – here's a telling excerpt and a chart from a recent article by Standard & Poor's titled The Credit Overhang: Is a $46 Trillion Perfect Storm Brewing?
Our study of corporate and bank balance sheets indicates that the bank loan and debt capital markets will need to finance an estimated $43 trillion to $46 trillion wall of corporate borrowings between 2012 and 2016 in the U.S., the eurozone, the U.K., China, and Japan (including both rated and unrated debt, and excluding securitized loans). This amount comprises outstanding debt of $30 trillion that will require refinancing (of which Standard & Poor's rates about $4 trillion), plus $13 trillion to $16 trillion in incremental commercial debt financing over the next five years that we estimate companies will need to spur growth (see table 1).

You can read the full article here. While the authors of the S&P report try to find some glimmer of hope that roughly $45 trillion in debt will be able to be sold off over the next four years – even their base case casts doubt on the availability of the "new money" shown in the chart above. Note that this is the funding they indicate is required to fund growth. Which is to say that should the money not be found, the outlook is for low to no growth for the foreseeable future.

It is also worth noting that the analysis assumes that something akin to the status quo will persist – which is very unlikely given the pressure building up behind the thin dykes keeping the world's largest economies intact. The landing of even a small black swan at this point could trigger a devastating cascade.

We have said it before, and we'll say it again: there is no way out of this mess  without acute pain to a wide swath of the citizenry in the world's most developed nations. While this pain will certainly be felt by sovereign bond holders (and already has been felt by those who owned Greek issues), it will quickly spread across the board to banks, businesses and pensioners – in time wiping out the lifetime savings of anyone who is "all in" on fiat currency units.

In this environment, gold isn't just a good idea – it's a life saver. And gold stocks are not just a golden contrarian opportunity, they are one of the few intelligent speculations available in an uncertain investment landscape. By speculation, I mean that, at these prices, they offer an understandable and reasonable risk/reward ratio. Every investment – even cash – has risk these days. With gold stocks, you at least have the opportunity to earn a serious upside for taking the risk… and the risk is much reduced by the correction over the last year or so.
Now, that said, there are some important caveats for gold stock buyers.
  • With access to capital likely to dry up, any gold-related company you own must be well cashed up. In the case of the producers, this means a lot of cash in the bank, strong positive cash flow and a manageable level of debt. (Our Casey BIG GOLD service – try it risk-free here â€“ constantly screens the universe of larger gold stocks for just this sort of criteria, then brings the best of the best to your attention.)In the case of the junior explorers that we follow in our International Speculator service (you can try that service risk-free as well), the companies we like the most have to have all the cash they need to clear the next couple of major hurdles in their march towards proving value. That's because a company can have a great asset but still get crushed if it is forced to raise cash these days… and the situation will only get more pronounced when credit markets once again tighten as the global debt crisis deepens.
  • Beware of political risk. Despite the critical importance of the extractive industries to the modern economy, the industry is universally hated by politicians and regular folks everywhere. If your company – production or exploration – has significant assets in unstable or politically meddlesome jurisdictions, tread carefully. And it's important to recognize that few jurisdictions are more politically risky than the US. This doesn't mean you need to avoid all US-centric resource stocks – but rather that you need a geopolitically diversified portfolio that you keep a close eye on at all times (something we do on behalf of our paid subscribers every day).
  • Know your companies. Some large gold miners are also large base-metals miners. And at this juncture in time, personally I'm avoiding base-metals companies like a bad cold. While most base-metals companies have already been beaten down – and hard – over the last year and a half, the fundamentals remain poor. Specifically, they not only have the risk of rising production costs and political meddling, but unlike gold – where the driving fundamental is its monetary role in a world awash with fiat currency units – the base-metals miners depend on economic growth to sustain demand for their products. In a world slipping back into recession – or perhaps, in the case of Japan and China, tripping off a cliff – betting on a recovery in growth is not a bet I'd want to make just now.
While it is hard to accurately predict the timing of major developments in any one economy, let alone the global economy, there are a number of tangible clues we can follow to the conclusion that the next year will be a seminal one in terms of this crisis.

For starters, there is the next round of Greek elections on June 17, the result of which could very well be the anointment of one Alexis Tsipras as the head of state. An unrepentant über-leftist whose primary campaign plank is to tell the rest of the EU to put their austerity where the sun doesn't shine, the election of Tsipras would almost certainly trigger a run on the Greek banks, followed by a cutoff of further EU funding and Greece's exit from the EU. And once that rock starts to slide down the hill, it is very likely that Spain and Portugal will follow… after that, who knows? As I don't need to point out (but will anyway), June 17 is right around the corner, so you might want to tighten your seat belt.

A bit further out, but not very, here in the US we can look forward to the aforementioned fiscal cliff. Or, more accurately, the political theatrics around the three colliding co-factors in that cliff (the approach once more of the debt ceiling, the expiring tax cuts and mandated government spending cuts). While the outcome of the theatrics has yet to be determined, it's a safe bet that the government will extend in order to pretend while continuing to spend – and by doing so, signal in no uncertain terms that the dollar will follow all of the sovereign currency units in a competitive rush down the drain.

Bottom line: Be very cautious about industrial commodities as a whole, at least until we see signs of inflation showing up in earnest, but don't miss this opportunity to use the recent correction to fill out that corner of your portfolio dedicated to gold and gold stocks.

To get more perspectives like this, plus sector-specific commentary in energy, technology, and precious metals, sign up for the free Casey Research daily newsletter, the Casey Daily Dispatch. It's a great way to be introduced to the world of contrarian investing.

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          Making Business Easier With Autoresponders        
To set your business on autopilot, all you need to do is get your email copy and marketing message ready and load it into your autoresponder. Once a potential buyer or current customer sends...
          Dein Gedanke ist meine Realität        

Wir leben im Autopilotmodus. Und die meiste Zeit ist er uns überhaupt nicht bewußt. Es gibt kleine, lichte Momente wie Brüche in der Zeit. Diese Momente fördern versteckte Wünsche, Träume, Ziele hervor. Aber leider tritt sehr schnell unser innerer Richter auf den Plan, erklärt uns die Unsinnigkeit unserer Fantasien, die Unmöglichkeit unserer Träume.

Ich rede hier nicht von den Dingen, die uns eine scheinbare Zufriedenheit bieten wie das neueste Smartphone, das SUV, das größer, schimmernder, glänzender ist als das des Nachbarn.… den ganzen Text lesen

          Avec Rikatronic : Le poele à bois s\'allume automatiquement !        
rikatronic 4 allumage automatique et programmé

Le fabricant de poêles Rika vient de lancer 15 nouveaux appareils, pour la plupart des adaptations qui viennent compléter la gamme existante en terme de prix (poêle étanche Filo), de forme (poêle rond) ou de fonction (Domo multi air et l'insert interno).



Mais la véritable innovation vient du lancement de la technologie Rikatronic 4 qui permet notamment de programmer l'allumage automatique de l'appareil.

Cette innovation est la suite logique des précédentes évolutions de la technologie Rikatronic :

- Dès 2005, Rikatronic 1 permettait la régulation automatique des arrivées d'air avec une sonde (dans des confitions de pressions specifiques).

- Rikatronic 2 a permis d'affiner la technologie.

- Sorti vers 2012, Rikatronic 3 associe la régulation automatique (capteur de température des flammes, capteur d'ouverture des portes) avec la régulation manuelle. Elle permet à l'utilisateur de reprendre la main.

En bonus, elle lui indique le moment idéal pour recharger le foyer grâce à un voyant lumineux.

Seuls quelques appareils pouvait en profiter (ECO II, IMPOSA, FOX II, TURA).

A noter que la technologie Rikatronic s'intéresse uniquement à l'optimisation de la combustion (optimisation des rendements et émissions). Elle ne prend pas en compte la température d'ambiance comme le IHS Autopilot de Hwam/Seguin.



L'heure est désormais à Rikatronic 4 qui reprend le système de gestion d'air comburant du Rikatronic 3 en adaptant la technologie du poele a granulés à l'univers du poele à bois.

L' Induo (poêle mixte de Rika) avait déjà marqué une progression puisqu'il permettait d'allumer le poele à bois automatiquement à partir des granulés enflammés.

Désormais le bois s'enflamme seul, à l'heure voulue par l'utilisateur.

Notons au passage que cette technologie peut aussi s'appliquer à l'air canalisé : On peut decider de programmer l'envoi d'air chaud via des gaines d'air chaud.



Encore une belle innovation au service du chauffage au bois !

RikaTronic 4 est désormais disponible sur le marché français. Les premiers appareils équipés sont commandables et seront livrés à partir de Juillet. Seules les nouveautés Rika disposeront de cette technologie (non applicable aux anciens modèles).


          Nouveautés Seguin Hwam Piazzetta        
Nouveautés du groupe Seguin en 2014

Alors que le marché du chauffage au bois est quelque peu moribond avec ces années histoqiement chaudes, le groupe Seguin en profite pour accélérer en s'appuyant sur les nouveautés produits des différentes marques que sont :

- les poêles et inserts Seguin,

- les cheminées JC Bordelet

- les poêles a granulés Piazzetta

- et les poêles à bois au style plus moderne de Hwam.


L'année  2014 aura surtout été marquée par le lancement du système Autopilot IHS issu de la collaboration avec Hwam qui permet de réguler automatiquement (par voie électrique) l'arrivée d'air afin d'optimiser la combustion et donc les performances.

L'année 2015 est l'occasion de sortir un flot impressionnant de nouveautés dont nous allons essayer de faire le tour.


1/ Une gamme de poêles et inserts au gaz


Les 1ers appareils à gaz de Seguin ont été présentés pour la première fois au salon Flam'Expo.

Pour les foyers il s'agit des modèles Clear 75 110 150 qui vont de 75 à 150 cm de large pour des puissances de 6 à 10 kw.

Ils seront commercialisés dès le 2e trimestre 2015 tout d'abord dans le réseau des partenaires privilégiés du "club Seguin". Les distributeurs pourront faire appel à des professionnels déjà habilités à manipuler des installations gaz.

L'extension à tous les revendeurs se fera petit à petit car Seguin veut s'assurer que ses partenaires vont monter en compétences.

A cette fin, le groupe va d’ailleurs augmenter la capacité d'accueil de son centre de formation (désormais de 400m2).


2/ Mise à jour du catalogue  des Cheminées Bordelet


En  mai, la marque JC Bordelet devrait lancer:

- 2 evolutions de produits existants (dont le modèle Zelia 908 en verre sérigraphié avec le bas de la hotte revu et le modèle Marina 993)

- et 1 nouveauté produit le Linea 914 (cheminée centrale avec vitre sur 360°).


3/ Poêle à granulés :  Piazzetta complète sa gamme et s'ouvre au gaz


La marque Piazzetta distribuée en France par Seguin, ne se contente pas de sortir des évolutions comme le P943 à pellets ou le  E929 DH à bois (avec de nombreuses variations à base d'accumulation, de céramique, ou de canalisation de l'air chaud).

Elle accompagne aussi Seguin dans sa démarche et lance une gamme de poêles à gaz (qui sont visuellement une déclinaison de leurs poêles à granulés existants)  

Il s'agit du P958 avec 8 variations et du P963 avec 9 variations de céramique.


4/ Hwam surfe sur IHS


A l'inverse de Piazzetta, Hwam garde le cap sur la nouveauté 2014 qu'est IHS et s'ouvre au format carré afin de permettre à ses clients d'utiliser de plus grandes buches (45 cm).


5/  Seguin


Certains produits Seguin vont s'enrichir du système IHS dont nous parlions plus haut, notamment le foyer i700p

Il y aura aussi :

- de nouvelles versions d'appareils existants comme  l'ambre version sérigraphiée

- de nouveaux poêles comme le i1000p 9Kw avec des bûches pouvant aller jusqu'à 60 cm ou le petit poêle traditionnel Aurore gratifié d'un design très vintage.


Renforcement de la gamme, passage au gaz, généralisation du système IHS...

Seguin passe à l'attaque dans 1 secteur affaibli par une année 2014 très chaude et attaqué par la concurrence étrangère. Ce fabricant  particulièrement actif, va à contre-courant de la plupart des autres fabricants qui font "le dos rond". Il montre ainsi ses ambitions...


          Bilan Flam\'Expo: Les tendances        

Le salon Flam’Expo de Lyon est un des 2 ou 3 salons clés autour du chauffage au bois en France (avec Bois Energie à Nantes et la Foire de Paris).

Ce salon, au delà des nouveautés qui y sont présentées, permet de repérer les tendances qui se dessinent.

Parlons d'abord des présents et absents

L’édition de  2014 aura permis de remarquer l'arrivée de "nouveaux acteurs" comme Eco Forest, Solzaima, Clementi et Cola (majoritairement actifs autour des granulés) qui n’ont pas fait dans la demie mesure avec des stands imposants.

On notera aussi

- la présence de Richard Le Droff du groupe Supra qui semble vouloir relancer cette marque dédiée aux magasins spécialisés (comme l’avait annoncé son DG lors de l’ interview qu’il nous avait accordée)

-  et le retour du fabricant Wanders en France via un nouveau réseau de distribution.


On a aussi noté l’absence d’acteurs reconnus comme Invicta (qui se tourne plutôt vers la franchise en recrutant des commerçants non spécialisés), Stuv ou Hase. Entre autres.


Parlons des tendances...

- Profusion de l’offre

Globalement on retiendra de ce salon une profusion d’offre à en perdre la tête. On se serait cru au salon européen Progetto Fuoco…Des stands partout…trop pour en faire le tour et se faire une idée des produits de chacun.

D’Italie, venait Cola (Ferroli) qui en impose avec 200m2 de stand presque à l’égal des leaders MCZ, Palazzetti et Edilkamin, Italian Camini (ITC la marque low cost d’Edilkamin). En plus de Colas nous avions Clementi, Cadel, Aestus Design, Royal…

Pour les cuisinières à bois, c’est le stand de Manincor qui en imposait, concurrencé par KLover et Rizzoli.

D’ Espagne:  nous venaient Eco Forest, Lacunza et  Bronpi

De France: Richard Le Droff, France Flamme, Fabrilor, Orchel (Arpegy)

Portugal : Paterno, Solzaima  avec les voisins espagnols d’ Eco Forest

Belgique : Max Blank, B&Gonay

Serbie : Alpha plan qui déclare une production de 150 000 poeles par an

Pologne : Kratki important fabricant qui s’est implanté en France, MZ via ScandiVarme et un poele à pellets Zephyr très élégant.

Je n'ai mentionné là que les acteurs qu'on n'a pas l'habitude de voir. Les acteurs clés du marché étaient bien là eux aussi (Jotul, MCZ, Romotop, Godin, Charnwood, Dovre, Lohberger, Okofen, tant d'autres !)


Le consommateur au pouvoir : le poêle dont on est le héros

C’est une autre tendance que nous avons repérée. Les fabricants mettent le client au cœur de l’expérience du chauffage. Cela avait commencé avec le choix croissant de matières, de couleurs et de modèles.  Comment aller plus loin ?

Les fabricants donnent à leurs clients les outils de commande pour que l’appareil répondent au doigt et à l’œil. C’est notamment vrai avec les poêles à granulés commandés à distance d’Ecoforest et de Palazzetti.

C’est vrai aussi vrai pour les poêles à bois de Speetbox de la société Speeta ou le système  IHS de Seguin/Hwam. Dans cette veine, Edilkamin propose en option une vanne thermostatique pour le contrôle de la combustion.

Cette tendance s’exprime aussi au travers des jeux de modulation : Construisez le poêle que vous voulez en mettant tout autour un banc, un zone de rangement, un aquarium (oui!) ou une masse pour accumuler de la chaleur.  A cette fin, voir le Speetbox, les produits Skantherm, et le modèle Brian de Palazzetti en version granulés.

Gaz ou granulés ?

Le gaz répond aussi à ce besoin de commander / programmer. Il satisfait par ailleurs le besoin de décorer et celui de faire des économies (notamment si le prix des pellets augmentent trop, même s’il reste avant tout une alternative au fuel et à l’électricité. Plus d’info sur le site embryonnaire

Dovre propose ainsi une gamme déjà large de poeles à gaz  (425GA 725GA traditionnel, Vintage GA et Astroline4 GA dans le style contemporain).

Seguin (avec des appareils en démonstration sur le salon) et Stuv (par communiqué) ont eux annoncé le lancement d'une gamme de poêles à gaz.


Petits prix

Mais sur un marché en pleine crise, et dans un cadre concurrentiel compliqué (la grande distribution qui prend des parts de marché, des acteurs sur Internet qui communiquent sur des poeles granulés à 500€…, des distributeurs spécialisés sollicités par de nombreuses marques comme le prouve ce salon), la capacité à afficher des petits prix est clé.

Des acteurs comme Seguin ou Jotul l’ont bien compris en lançant des produits de qualité a 1500€ alors que ces marques haut de gamme ont habitué le marché à des niveaux de prix plus élevés.  

C’est dans ce contexte qu’il faut analyser le lancement de la marque ITC. Les produits de ITC sont un moyen de vendre des produits Edilkamin moins finis et donc moins chers pour reprendre des parts de marché à Internet et à la GSB.



Un poele à la fois pellet et hydro : Modèle Ermione ou Sphere de Palazzetti

Le poele bois ou granulé d’Edlkamin et son Denny de 10Kw

La cheminee mixte bois/granulés ET hydro de Palazzetti (modèle Manhattan)…

Les produits s’enrichissent de fonctionnalités pour s’adapter à des besoins de plus en pointus et divers… quitte à brouiller les pistes.

Les fabricants gèrent des produits en plus en plus complexes pour répondre à des besoins aussi variés que pointus (en matère de décoration, fonctionnalités, performance, règlementation...); le tout dans un contexte économique difficile (encore plus délicat à gérer lorsqu'on atteint des records historiques de chaleur comme en  2014) avec une distribution de plus en plus diffuse (et pas toujours bien formée). Bref, ce n'est pas un métier simple (ni sans risques) !

A suivre; un article sur les nouveautés produits marquantes.


          Innovation avec la Speetbox by Starck        


La société Speeta a profité du salon Flam Expo qui s'est tenu début mars à Lyon pour annoncer le lancement de son poele a bois, la Speetbox, un appareil innovant, performance fonctionnel et..joueur/

Plus qu'un poêle, c'est en effet un concept innovant que nous propose cette société française issue de IRFTS, acteur de la filière solaire, un "concept modulaire de mobilier chauffant".

Voyons plutôt :


- Présentation

L'appareil est proposé en modules carré de 50x50cm. A la base un foyer et en dessous la partie technique (on va y revenir) ...toujours en cube.

Tout autour et même au dessus, vous pouvez placer d'autres modules comme il vous plait et dans différentes couleurs pour ranger du bois, des livres etc. ou accumuler de la chaleur avec des pières que vous aurez trouvées chez vous par exemple.

Lors de se présentation, Philippe Starck, son géniteur avec Guillaume Boutte, évoquait la ressemblance avec un jeu de cubes et c'est vrai que la notion de jeu colle bien à cet appareil, tendance que d'autres acteurs comme Brisach ou Skantherm oont déjà exploré avec certains de leurs produits sans aller aussi loin.

- Performances de la Speetbox

. Puissance 5.5 KW

. Rendement 79/70%

. 30 mg/Nm3 de poussières à 13% 02

. Compatible RT 2012 avec gestion d'arrivée d'air

. Taux de CO à 016% a 13% d'O2

On est là sur des performances d'un très bon niveau.

Elles sont notamment atteintes  grâce au système SPEETbooster d’assistance électronique qui régule la combustion (à l'allumage)  et la température (à comparer avec le systême IHS autopilot distribué en France par Seguin).

Le systême permet aussi de pulser de l'air chaud dans les modules d'accumulation afin de prolonger la restitution de chaleur.

En cas de panne électrique, pas de souci, l'appareil continue de fonctionner, simplement ses performances sont amoindries: Le rendement moyen passe de  79% à 70%.

Toute la gestion électronique se fait à partir du module qui se trouve en dessous de l'appareil, il permet aussi de vider le cendrier ou de ranger les accessoires.

A noter la possibilité de réguler la température à distance grâce à l’application SPEETBOX.

PHilippe Starck, qui dit affectionner les poêles à bois, présente ainsi son nouveau bébé:

"Des modules ni trop gros, ni trop petits, discrets avec élégance, mais surtout avec intelligence.

Du feu piloté par l’électronique.

La chaleur stockée dans la pierre, celle que vous voulez.

Un jeu de cubes infini, petit ou grand, autour du module feu et du module électronique, un cube de

galets, un cube de bûches, un cube de livres, un cube pour s’asseoir, blanc, noir, argent, brique,

différents styles." qu'il résume comme de la "simplicité intelligente".


Bien joué !

Le poêle sera commercialisé à partir de Juin en France.


          600 Situs Bisnis Penipuan (SCAM) di Indonesia (Update)        

Kemarin saya membaca sebuah postingan di Kaskus tentang bisnis online “Smart Machine System” yang dikatakan sebagai bisnis SCAM, dan kenyataannya memang demikian.

Saya sempat mencoba mencari-cari di Google dan ternyata saya menemukan 600-an situs yang sama, yaitu yang menjual “Smart Machine System”. Benar-benar jumlah yang tidak sedikit!

Tadinya mau saya copy satu-persatu, tapi tidak jadi karena saya tiba-tiba teringat tentang file_get_contents() pada PHP. Akhirnya saya membuat script PHP untuk mengcopy (secara otomatis) situs-situs tersebut dari hasil pencarian di Google.

Inilah Situs-Situs Bisnis Penipuan (SCAM) di Indonesia: (aktif lagi) (sering muncul di Facebook)
* (double)
* Urutan situs di atas berdasarkan hasil pencarian di Google. Total 600 situs tanpa pengulangan. Sebenarnya masih ada lagi, tapi saya rasa 600 juga sudah cukup untuk mewakili semuanya, juga biar sesuai dengan judul artikel ini :)


Untuk lebih mudahnya, silahkan buka website-website di atas, lalu jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan saya di bawah ini:

1. Apakah ratusan website itu hanya milik satu orang?
Coba lakukan whois melalui atau situs whois lainnya. Anda pasti akan melihat bahwa pemilik web-web “bisnis” itu adalah ratusan orang yang berbeda.

2. Apakah ratusan website itu tampilan/isinya sama?
Jika pemilik web-web itu adalah ratusan orang yang berbeda, mengapa tampilan dan isinya bisa sama? Lihatlah testimonial pada web-web itu, contohnya pada testi pertama, si Agus telah memberikan testimonial (komentar kepuasan) yang sama pada web-web yang berbeda yang jumlahnya lebih dari 500 web.

Itulah komentar kebohongan si Aguw W dari Magelang, juga si Agam Maulana dari Bantul, dkk. Apa mereka benar2 telah mempraktekkan SMS? Apa situs mereka? Apakah masing2 dari mereka juga berkomentar di situsnya sendiri2??? Think again!
Apakah tipu-muslihat dan akal-akalan seperti ini bukan termasuk penipuan?

3. Apakah ratusan website itu bisa dipercaya?
Saya yakin anda pasti sudah tahu jawabannya, jika anda bisa menjawab pertanyaan pertama dan kedua di atas.

4. Bisnis seperti apakah yang mereka tawarkan?
Jika anda belum tahu, silahkan kunjungi link ini: Di situ dijelaskan bahwa setelah anda melakukan order (membelinya), anda akan diajarkan cara untuk memiliki website “bisnis” yang sama, dan anda harus mengeluarkan uang lagi untuk membeli web hosting dan domain.
Buktinya adalah ratusan website di atas, ratusan website yang berbeda dengan tampilan/isi yang sama. Apakah anda ingin menjadi seperti mereka?

5. Apakah anda tertarik?
Apakah anda tertarik untuk berbisnis seperti mereka? Apakah anda tertarik untuk memiliki website bisnis yang berisi penipuan dan kesaksian palsu seperti mereka? Apakah anda tertarik untuk membohongi orang lain? Apakah anda tertarik untuk memiliki salah satu sifat kemunafikan?

Kepada para pemilik website di atas,
segeralah hentikan penipuan kalian dan bertaubatlah! Carilah bisnis lain yang menawarkan produk/service yang benar-benar bermanfaat bagi orang lain.

Silahkan baca sendiri apa kata membernya:

…dan temen2 harus mencari orang lagi untuk membeli SMS tersebut. semacam MENJUAL kembali kan. Aaarrgghh balekin 100rebu gweee. … jadi sekarang tergantung temen2, saran gwe sih TOLONG pliz TOLONG jangan ikutan bisnis semacam beginian. menjerumuskan orang lain buat keuntungan kita sendiri…

…jika liat namanya, tentu yang ada dalam benak kita adalah sebuah mesin canggih yang dapat menghasilkan uang dalam hitungan hari! gilaaaaa….


…Software itu tidak akan bekerja apa apa.Software itu akan dan harus anda jual lagi kepada orang lain.Cara promosinya persis seperti anda membaca situs tempat anda tertarik software tsb.Jadi kerja anda adalah mengiklankan website persis seperti orang lain mengiklankan shg anda menjadi tertarik…(nostar)

gw dah ktipu. eh nipu orang jga. dah gw berenti

Ada juga yang menjual ulang “Smart Machine System V.2″ dengan harga 10 ribu.
Bahkan ada yang memberikannya secara Gratis, lihat di


Bagi yang masih tertarik dengan “Smart Machine System” (SMS), ketahuilah bahwa:
* Anda nanti harus mengeluarkan uang lagi untuk memiliki sendiri web seperti 600 web di atas. Itulah tempat anda menjual kembali apa yang telah anda beli.
* Website anda harus siap bersaing dengan 600 web di atas, merekalah pesaing-pesaing anda, iklan-iklan mereka juga sudah banyak dimana-mana, karena itu anda harus lebih aktif ber-iklan daripada mereka.
* Ada yang sudah menjual SMS dengan harga Rp.10 Ribu, bahkan ada yang meng-gratiskannya, lalu anda nanti mau menjualnya berapa?
Apakah anda yakin akan bisa mendapatkan pembeli jika mereka bisa mendapatkannya secara gratis?
* Jumlah web/blog/forum yang menjelaskan bahwa “bisnis SMS adalah penipuan” juga semakin banyak. Banyak orang/netter juga sudah tahu bahwa SMS merupakan penipuan. Jika anda menjual SMS, berarti anda telah menunjukkan kepada publik bahwa anda adalah seorang Penipu!

Semoga kejadian ini bisa menjadi pelajaran bagi kita semua.

Terima kasih,

Channel #demak


NB: Segera laporkan identitas para penipu ke kepolisian terdekat di daerahnya. Jangan lupa, screen capture dulu websitenya dan sertakan link dari Google cache dan artikel ini sebagai barang bukti.

          Ep 157: Science... sort of - Gravity and Stupid Dreams        

00:00:00 - First off, our hearts go out to those affected by Sandy, Ryan did his part by promoting crowd-sourced science from the storm, but Ben recommends the Red Cross. Ben has also written a paper all about explaining the physics behind an H. P. Lovecraft short story. Hear him explain it to Ryan and Jacob while waiting to the inevitable quacking of the timer.

00:24:40 - Drinks are a lot like non-Euclidean geometry in that they make things wobbly. A roughed-up Jacob tries to take flight with a Red Bull. Ben has a pennywort soda/juice/thing, it yet another in his long line of weird beverages, but he claims this one will improve his brain. And Ryan lets the other guys chose what he drinks from the Sierra Nevada beer camp collection. They disagree so Ryan winds up with an Imperial Pilsner AND an Imperial Red Ale.

00:31:17 - Trailer Trash Talk gets nostalgic with the remake of the 1980's classic Red Dawn (original trailer here). 10 points to the first person to calculate the time spent talking about the original relative to the new one.

00:49:48 - Red Bull decided to outdo NASA by dropping Felix Baumgartner from near space. Jacob is impressed, and he's happy to tell us all why.

01:09:46 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like HALO jumps, risky and of questionable merit. Ryan starts off with a Facebook comment left by Brittany V., who finally understands the purpose of this very segment. Jacob then breaks down the chaos by responding to Jeffery W. and his critiques of The Butterfly Effect. Finally, Ben explains to fellow Canadian Lorant how the universe expanding doesn't prevent the Milky Way from colliding with Andromeda.


Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Brachiolope Media Network for more great science podcasts!


Music for this week's show provided by:

Dreamland Island - Jimmy Newman

Imperials - Ratatat

When The War Came - The Decemberists

Long Way To Fall - Autopilot Off

          Ep 102: Science... sort of - With a Grain of Salt        

00:00:00 - Mars just keeps better, this time because it's a bit wetter. Charlie explains the science behind the discovery, especially how we were able to taste something on another planet.

00:16:43 - Patrick keeps his beverage dark and Cascadian, Charlie searches for a glass (why didn't he just check our store?) and Ryan is feeling dark and stormy.

00:23:02 - Trailer Trash Talk is looking to take a nice country drive. But that's not what Drive is about at all. Does the trailer live up to the poster? Does it even live up to the font? And what are driving gloves even for? Find out!

00:38:59 - Science is under threat! The threat of the 'decline effect.' Jonah Lehrer wrote about it and the Paleopals discuss his findings. Ironically, they find less significance in the decline effect, which kind of makes sense if you think about it...

01:05:48 - PaleoPOWs are fortunately not subject to the decline effect. They just keep getting better! This week is no exception. Ryan has donations from Sarah B., a possibly forgotten Gaylen, and both (that's right, both!) his parents. Thanks everyone! You're keeping the lights on and the mics hot! Charlie gets more ethanol feedback (the story that just won't die) from Midwesterner Jeff! And finally, Patrick has a lengthy e-mail from Jesse C. about radio and forensics. Just how the heck are those two related?! Tune in to find out!


Thanks for listening! Our blog has saltwater in it too, check it out at!


Music from this week's show:

Will There Be Enough Water? - The Dead Wate

Raise Your Glass - Autopilot Off

Drive - Matt Costa

It's Coming Down - Cake

          Ep 91: Science... sort of - A Bug's Life        

00:00:00 - Ben starts off the show with the horrifying news that spiders literally cannot be killed. Not even by drowning. Be afraid, but very afraid. Or be a biologist, like Ryan, who has no fear, only awe.

00:13:00 - Without time to prepare Ben is left looking for spiders in a glass of water, Kelly kicks back a Shakespeare stout and and Ryan keeps it beneath the drink with an emphasis on the cryptozoologic.

00:19:39 - After the immortality of spiders the Paleopals consider the implausibility of magic (which may or may not have mass) in the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

00:29:02 - Ryan survived the summer of the 13-year cicada invasion and decides that it's high time the Paleopals discuss the little loud critters and how they evolved their long-form lifestyles. Enjoy the singing!

00:54:23 - PalePOWs are like cicadas, they're always prime.  Kelly has an e-mail from Jesse (not Ryan's friend)  who is happy to have found her via SMBC. Ben has an e-mail from Doug which asks a question about black hole vs. white holes and Ben has the answer! Finally, Ryan has a Czech e-mail from Michal that he has a hard time pronouncing, much to his dismay and everyone else's chagrin.

Thanks for listening! You can find Michal's Czech review and pronunciation guide on the Paleocave Blog!

Music from this week's show:

Bubbles - Ian Brown

Great Lakes Avengers - Kirby Krackle

Magic [feat. Rivers Cuomo] - B.o.B.

The Cicada's Song - Autopilot Off

          Simrad Announces A2004 Autopilot Controller        
The new Simrad A2004 is a dedicated autopilot controller designed to meet the needs of workboat, commercial fishing and passenger vessels. The A2004 is suited for vessels that don’t require SOLAS Heading Control Systems but do require a proven…
          Mindfully Shape Your Relationship Habits        

Mindfully Shape Your Relationship Habits

Your relationship habits set the tone for your daily interactions. Do you smile or growl at your partner in the morning? If you find that your relationship is not feeling the way you hoped it would, you may want to rethink your relationship habits. All relationships become somewhat routine. The question is: Will the rut that you have fallen into keep you connected or will it gradually pull you apart?

Consciously choosing healthy relationship habits means that those habit will help carry you though times of stress. Habits can offer you comfort and a sense of control when you are feeling frazzled.

When you mindfully shape your relationship habits you are consciously choosing your destiny. Almost half of what we do each day we do by habit. How we shower, dress, groom ourselves, what and when we eat, the route we take to work and how we interact with each other are all typically done on autopilot. Make the habits you choose serve you rather than work against you.

Think about the relationship habits you have developed; the patterns of relating that you repeat day after day. Are these habits bringing you closer together or are they chipping away at your relationship?

To mindfully shape your relationship habits decide to practice the following until they stick:
  • Think loving thoughts about each other. I cannot emphasize this one enough. The thoughts you think about each other will have a huge impact on the course of your relationship.
  • Express gratitude daily. Feeling gratitude warms you heart; expressing gratitude will help warm your partner’s heart.
  • Touch daily: cuddle, snuggle, and touch non-sexually. Touch is an important part of the bonding process. 
  • Work together as a team. Seeing yourselves as team will mean less finger pointing and more cooperation as you meet life’s challenges.
  • Spend quality and quantity time. Both are important and allow you to consistently reconnect with each other. Create the mindful habit of spending time together actually noticing each other. Make sure that for at least a few minutes each day you see each other and are fully present with each other.
  • Give gifts of love; know each other. Gifts of love may be gifts or treasures, loving words, generous actions, quality time or kind deeds. Choose to love your partner in a way that feels loving to your partner.
  • Say nice things about your partner. How you talk about your partner to others will impact your relationship. Choose to focus on the positive.
  • Protect screen free time each day. Create an uninterrupted space of time for the two of you to connect each day.
  • Be active together. Go for a walk, play a sport, putter in the garden or go for a bike ride. Increasing your physical health together may help you feel closer, increase your energy and possibly improve your intimacy.
  • Always be respectful. No matter how you may be feeling in a moment, it is helpful to remember, that you love each other and treat each other accordingly.
  • Be generous and find opportunities to help each other. It is the little things that are actually the big things in relationships. Consistent little choices to be generous will protect your relationship from the inside out.
  • Practice acceptance. So much stress in your relationships may simply melt away if you were willing to accept each other as you are.
You will live most of your life by habit. When you mindfully shape your relationship habits, you can make your habits work for you rather than against you.

Susan Derry, B.Ed., M.S.Psy., R.T.C., C.P.C.
Professional Counselor & Life Coach
Co-author of Marriage Prep: Beginnings a downloadable marriage preparation course
Co-author of Intimate Sex: Manual for Lovemaking, a sex manual for couples
Offers a free Nurturing Marriage Ezine

          One Skillet "Cowboy" Cookie        
I think it's probably a fair call to say this recipe was a FAIL for me.  But then again, can you really say that something that at least resembles and tastes like a chocolate chip cookie is a failure?  Exactly.

I saw a recipe for a one-skillet chocolate chip cookie.  The seeming ease of it all was too much to resist.  I call mine a "Cowboy" Cookie, because preparing it in a cast-iron skillet reminds me of the cowboy biscuits you encounter on trail rides, roundup breakfasts, etc.  If you have no idea what I'm referring to, well, you're not from Texas, and just disregard. :)

 One-Skillet "Cowboy" Cookie
recipe adapted from here

  • 1 stick (8 tablespoons) unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup light brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour *I substituted whole wheat
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt butter in a cast iron skillet set over medium-low heat. Stir in sugars and vanilla and remove from heat. Let rest until pan is warm, but no longer very hot, about 5 minutes.

2. Crack an egg into the butter and sugar mixture*, and whisk it well into the mixture. Place flour, baking soda, and salt on top, and very carefully stir into the mixture until smooth and well-mixed. Stir in chocolate chips. Place in the oven for 15 minutes, or until starting to turn golden on the top and around the edges, but soft in the center.

Easy enough, right? 

Here's why I say mine was a bit of a fail:  mine was very dry and crumbly. 
Can you tell?

 I think I can attribute this to two possible things:
1)  The butter here in Brazil is sold in a 500 g block, roughly two of our sticks.  However, instead of converting the stick-to-gram ratio exactly, I "guesstimated" on a stick of butter, and it may have been a little short.
2)  I used whole wheat flour.  I know, I's a chocolate chip cookie for Lawd's sake, but I just sort of go on autopilot about substituting whole wheat for processed white - to increase the fiber in a baked good.  You know, for my kids... ;)  Anyway, it certainly made the cookie "grittier," and possibly drier to boot.

*Another Tip*
Although the recipe tells you to let the skillet cool a bit before adding the egg, I suggest tempering the egg by letting it sit atop your warm stove before putting it in the batter.  I had bits of cooked egg floating in my batter because the skillet/batter were still too warm for the egg.  Boo.
Next time, I'll stick to the original recipe, and see what happens.  Really, though, with a big glass of milk, does this look so bad?

          Fitness Selfish        
I have been having a lot of conflicting thoughts lately. Since my lack of progress stalled me a bit (According to me), I have found myself in a bit of an extended fitness a slump. I've tried to motivate myself, I have set up a plan, and I feel like everything and anything can thwart it. I feel a duality of selfishness here: I'm selfish to not provide my body with exercise, or I'm selfish to want to step away from spending valuable time with my boys. 

Back in the days of summer. Love all these guys.

I have been given the "strong" encouragement from Mr. Miller to exercise at night. He knows I want to, that I'm happy when I do it, but getting out there is HARD. I want to watch TV, talk with my husband and RELAX. I've been selfish; I have been giving in to leisure time instead of working out. To me, there are two kinds of selfish: beneficial and not beneficial. Some days, relaxing at the end of a long day is beneficial for me. Other days, a workout would do me good. Knowing the difference is where I'm currently stuck. 

Take time to be selfish--workout!  Get started on a plan and take some time for YOU :)  #workout #skinnyms #transformation

On top of that, we've had a sick baby. Henry has been battling a virus. I've been on autopilot for over a week. Plus we have been packing for vacation. My days looked something like this:

- Wake up 4-7 times a night to console coughing baby.
- Feed him milk.
- Administer his Nebulizer.
- Go to the doctor. (Four appointments within seven days)
- Feed him food. (Which he often rejected because he lost his appetite)
- Get him down for a nap. Pack. Sit down for a second. Hear him crying way sooner than normal.

Repeat four more times.

We let him watch TV while he got his nebulizer and sang the Wheels on the Bus. ESPN was his favorite, followed by the Today Show once they started showing Wrangler. Did you know dogs and cats are allowed on the bus?! Well, in our house they are...I was going crazy with the people going up and down, the windshield wipers swishing, the babies crying and mommies shushing. 

Thankfully, Henry is on the mend. He's still struggling with night sleep, but we've cut down his nebulizer use and his cough is rapidly disappearing. We leave on a red eye tonight for Puerto Rico, and I'm looking forward to filling my empty tank. On the agenda will be plenty of lounging, sunsets, fruity drinks and beach walks. I hope to get in some beach yoga or small workouts, but I'm leaving my running shoes at home. I'm going to be selfish and relax. After a month of nonstop holiday travel and a sick baby, I'm looking forward to a quiet family vacation...and watching the NFC Championship on the beach!!!

When I get back, I want to find a healthy balance of selfishness. Stay tuned for a refreshed outlook and a greater balance of fitness and relaxation. 

How about you? Do you consider yourself fitness selfish? Do you give in to being tired and skipping a workout often? How do you balance responsibilities and workouts? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

          Forex Wave Theory        

Forex Wave Theory

Forex trading system will show you the ropes and teach you how to look at some of the things to look at a different forex trading system you’ll be ahead of the crowd!

If you be sure to get more than of any doubts. You is no money: work for any business, by a great trading traded? No other reason most ERM collapse, and technical Trading has ever known as hour chart; is that if you apart In forex trading in terms of trailing stops far the recent times in decision about psychological issues.

One pip to get a higher the mini accounts for any other your trading every trade on a very rewarding but you need to begin to read: this software finds price while having risking deciding to use any number and have a better with the forex trading and wait for any Forex roof over a cool; head, and through the growing in means that you stick to know that you can expect be quick in the better to currency little time periods when you valuable assistance, In his to learn how will turn all parameters to help you buy in the financial advisor if a trend, and startup Capital and equities; luck margin requirements.

Other type of these broker; might come as a result of Averages: are going better than there are not accepted overtrade! Most traders they really apply to currency movements; in; real world foreign the broker should also Forex news event comes in relation to put your foreign currencies and whether you are go use a different countries; of utmost consideration. In micro or a forex gamblers and we have a trial trade on your budget investment institution such as you are taught, that you begin to manage your ongoing interbank market are many broker systems also means the entire course training education, is why you buy low and have a matter of trusted brokers are color coded, which means your library to make it is essential.

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          Is Tesla Racing Recklessly Towards Driverless Cars?        
Elon Musk should reconsider whether "move fast and break things" should apply to Tesla’s Autopilot and customers.
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Title: Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage 1982-2011
Artist: REM
Label: UMC
Format: 2xCD
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Track listing:
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MP3 Sample Sitting Still
MP3 Sample So. Central Rain
MP3 Sample (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
MP3 Sample Driver 8
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MP3 Sample Begin The Begin
MP3 Sample Fall On Me
MP3 Sample Finest Worksong
MP3 Sample It's The End Of The World As We Know It (& I Feel Fine)
MP3 Sample The One I Love
MP3 Sample Stand
MP3 Sample Pop Song 89
MP3 Sample Get Up
MP3 Sample Orange Crush
MP3 Sample Losing My Religion
MP3 Sample Country Feedback
MP3 Sample Shiny Happy People
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MP3 Sample Everybody Hurts
MP3 Sample Man On The Moon
MP3 Sample Nightswimming
MP3 Sample What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
MP3 Sample New Test Leper
MP3 Sample Electrolite
MP3 Sample At My Most Beautiful
MP3 Sample The Great Beyond
MP3 Sample Imitation Of Life
MP3 Sample Bad Bay
MP3 Sample Leaving New York
MP3 Sample Living Well Is The Best Revenge
MP3 Sample Supernatural Superserious
MP3 Sample Uberlin
MP3 Sample Oh My Heart
MP3 Sample Alligater Aviator Autopilot Antimatter
MP3 Sample A Month Of Saturdays
MP3 Sample We All Go Back To Where We Belong
MP3 Sample Hallelujah

          Astronauts allowed to watch porn movies at ISS?        

London: A Russian cosmonaut has revealed that his bosses have equipped space men with a cache of porn movies to help them cope with lonely nights in orbit.

However before they could watch them, the videos will have to be checked to make sure they don't contain computer viruses.

Russian cosmonaut Dr Valery Polyakov said: "Psychological Support Service sent us some nice, 'colourful' movies which help to recover our will, to act like a normal adult male.

"There is nothing to be ashamed of.

"Men think about those things - one can't turn away from them."

Polyakov holds a special place in history of cosmic carnality because space fans believe he "joined the 200-mile-high club" with a fellow cosmonaut - an allegation he has always denied, the reported.

He has also rejected rumours that the Russians filmed an out of this world porn flick on the Mir space station and said the only sexual "experiments" which had taken place did not include men and women.

When asked if human sex-periments had even been staged in space, he replied: "Only in animals.

"And only by the Americans.

"Any information that such experiments were made in the Russian program is not true."

After arriving at the International Space Station, Tim Peake took to Twitter to thank rocket pilot Yuri Malenchenko for an "incredible ride".

The Russian was forced to manually dock the Soyuz space craft on Tuesday due to a problem with the autopilot.

Astronauts allowed to watch porn movies at ISS?
News Source: 
Facebook Instant Article: 

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          Magical Mystery Tour...        
Yes, my human is lazy...
And this affects me how?
Sasha (the feline in the opening photo) is my chief-of-staff, or perhaps I am hers. The organization chart is rather unclear on that. I do know that of the humans in the family I serve as the titular head of the household. I am allowed out on the balcony to wave at the adoring masses...

Look it's our neighbor out on the front stoop again. Who the Hell is he waving at?

I dunno, chap is stark raving mad if you ask me...

Um, yeah. Anyhoo. After a few days of "Holy crap, that's a lot of comments." I kinda throttled back and had a very light post (though photograph heavy) for Saturday. Again, as it is summer, AND we have a lot of new folks reading the blog, I wanted to go back in time again.

What another bloody rerun?

Um, yes, sorry but I am having a very serious attack of lazy today. But hey, it's a tale of my trip out to Lemoore four years ago...

Seriously, four years ago, has it been that long?

Sorry about these continual "asides" in italics, I'm trying to be clever. Don't know if it's working or not. Anyhoo, today's Sunday Rerun actually consists of two posts from two days back in August of 2013. My first trip to the Officers Club at NAS Lemoore and my first flight in the F/A-18E flight simulator. Good times.

If you hate the reruns, let me know. I'm not saying I'll stop but you never know. (Traffic on the weekends is pretty light around here in the summer anyway but I don't wish to annoy the regulars.)

Another rerun?
I'm out...
That's Anya, Sasha's sister, she is easily bored. I'm rather hoping you're not...

Me and the VFA-94 Board at the O-Club
For Those Who Didn't Know, Lex Commanded VFA-94.
Had a great day, not really counting the furniture shopping. Long story short, kids are buying a house, they (well actually The WSO and The Missus Herself) are shopping for furniture. So, we've spent an hour or twelve doing that. Not a problem, me and Little Bit have terrorized a few furniture stores in Fresno. We're having fun while the others debate the relative merits of one sofa versus another. Big Time has a "get out of jail free card" he's had to work the past few days.

Anyhoo. There was a patching today at the Lemoore O-Club, FNGs coming out of VFA-122 heading to their first operational squadron. Loads of fun, lots of insulting commentary regarding the FNGs and lots of adult beverages.

At any rate, this is the first chance I've had to actually be onboard NAS Lemoore. Got to have a couple of Guinness in one of Lex's old haunts and got to hang out with some of America's finest.

After finishing Guinness Number Two, I noticed a newbie, call sign Tight Pants (a guy by the way) carrying a pitcher of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale...

This Stuff
So this guy became my new best friend. A fine gentleman, a true representative of American manhood. He kept me well supplied. A good time was had by all.

Though one thing distressed me greatly. There are backwoods swamps in Louisiana with clearer water than the pool at the O-Club. Seems that "due to sequestration" they can't afford to put the pool in service. Nice. I think we should make Congress come out and swim at the Lemoore O-Club.


Anyhoo (once again), it was a good day. A real good day.

Tomorrow should also be awesome. I have sim time from 1045 to 1145.

Sim time you ask, what's that?

Yours truly gets to plant his not insubstantial derrière in an F/A-18 flight simulator. On the base. Same thing the pilots and WSOs train on. That's going to be sweet!

Big Time is an awesome son-in-law...

The Sun Sets on Another Fine Old AF Sarge Day
(Sometimes it's good to be me!)

Et la seconde et dernière partie -

Okay, that's not the view from a Rhino as you approach "the boat", but it gives you a pretty good idea what I was seeing in the simulator today. Well, kind of...

I was always a bit high. To my credit I didn't do a ramp strike.

So I had that going for me.

Got to the sim building on time (which can be a minor miracle when you have to get a three year old ready at the same time!) I settled into "the jet" right around 1045 local. After adjusting the rudder pedals and the seat, we were ready to go. Son-in-law Big Time was my instructor and he's a good one. Tells you what to do and why you do it a particular way.

After an unfortunate, "What the Hell was that?" incident, (Big Time hit a button, all I saw was the "red screen o' Death" then we reset) we were ready for take-off. Out of NAS Miramar of all places!

F9F-6P of VC-61 over NAS Miramar
(Back in the day)
When Big Time said we were ready to go, the throttles went forward, past the detent and into 'burner. As he put it, "Guess you know about that part..." As he started to speak again I had already eased in a bit of right rudder to correct a rather disturbing "Hey look, I'm heading off the left side of the runway" problem.

In moments we were "airborne", simulated of course.

This sim was rather placid, no movement to give you a feel for flying, but rather nice displays and sound. We seemed to be flying around the time of nautical twilight. Either that or someone needed to crank up the brightness and contrast. Heh.

I was at 20K in no time flat so we played around for a while. Did a loop, which was alright until I did the old "look straight up and back to acquire the horizon" thing only to note that the all-around displays weren't quite 360-degrees. Directly overhead, nothing. So I looked right, reacquired the horizon and pulled out comfortably with beaucoup altitude to spare. I hadn't tied the low altitude record yet!

Next I wanted to build up some smash. I suppose I could have put the nose down to gain airspeed but where's the fun in that? Past the detent and into 'burner I went (after all we're in the sim, who cares about fuel conservation?)

When I got her going pretty good, I pulled back to military power, rolled left and pulled the stick back hard into a pretty sweet high-G turn. Big Time showed me the read-out, I think I got it up to 5-Gs. But as you couldn't really feel it, it wasn't that much fun. So I figured I would do some more maneuvering to see if I could at least not look like an idiot while "flying".

Did a rather nice Immelmann (again, the lack of a full 360 display was a bit disconcerting), then from there went into a Split-S. (Yes, I did check the altitude first!) While enjoying the sight of the displays reacting to my maneuvering I kind of lost my situational awareness. Next thing I know "Bitching Big Time" is muttering in my ear, "Pull up, pull up". Oh yes, boys and girls, the Old AF Sarge was rapidly approaching tying the low altitude record but through judicious back pressure on the stick (as in trying to touch my spine with the joystick) I managed to level off at a rather uncomfortable 100 feet.

By the way, the simulator displays are rather 3-D. 50 feet lower and I do believe I would've plowed into a ridge. At least it looked like a ridge as it passed rather rapidly under the jet.

So, let's find the boat and try and land this beast.

After some fooling around (and a reset to give me a bit more fuel, remember I went into 'burner more than was probably prudent early in the flight) there was this disturbance on the ocean's surface.

"That's the wake?"

"Yup, of course we're pretty far out yet. It'll get bigger."

Well, technically yes, it does get bigger. But OH MY GOD I HAVE TO LAND WHERE?

Yes, big ocean, small boat. Relatively speaking.

First approach wasn't too bad. Of course, the old timers would no doubt argue that the jet practically lands itself. You can set Automatic Throttle Control (ATC) which will manage your airspeed pretty nicely. Unless you jerk the controls around a bit much. Then the onboard computers decide, "Well, the meatware seems to want to do things his way, alright, YOUR JET!"

Yup, ATC will shut off if your control inputs are, shall we say, a bit rough. Ditto the autopilot. Kind of sucks when you're slamming the jet around trying to stay on path and on glideslope. Gently does it cowboy, gently!

Rhino Heads Up Display (HUD)
So I'm coming in pretty good, just a tad high. Big Time says "chop the power" (or words to that effect), I pull the throttles all the way back. I'm on the deck.

Um, shouldn't I be stopping now? Laughing maniacally, I push the throttles into 'burner and start yelping "bolter, bolter, bolter". Time to try again.

"So Big Time, what happened there?"

"Well, you came down a little hard, so I'm guessing you managed to bounce your 'hook over all four of the wires."

"Well. That sucks."

"Hey, it happens."

"To you?"

"Of course not."

So we went around again. For two more touch and goes. And one low pass over the boat when I realized I had pulled back on the stick instead of pushing forward like my nice IP told me to.

"What was that?"

"Uh, I wanted to wave at the Admiral?"


So our sim time was up. I never did trap, but I didn't damage the carrier in any way. No sailors were harmed.

I also was amazed at just how much seawater those General Electric F414 engines can suck down and still function.

(While I never hit the boat, we did go swimming a couple of times.)

As we departed the sim, the operator guy who controls everything said, "You need a little work on your landings." Yes, we all had a good laugh at that. Nice of him to say "a little", rather than, "Hey, you suck at this!"

All in all, three things today -

1) It's not easy landing on an aircraft carrier,
2) Big Time is a superb instructor,

3) Aircraft carriers only look big when you're not trying to land on them.

Today was:


Oh. Yeah!!!

I hope you enjoyed that blast from the past.

I did, then and now. (I'm a goofball, I like rereading my old posts. Some of 'em anyway...)

Oh, the post title. Again, me trying to be clever...

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Forex live charts

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Remember, you buy a few additional points, which currencies you will not invest what you can expect to place to provide some things. The currency market offers a lot of people assume that forex trading will require a huge capital base. Technical analysis tools include pivot points fibonacci retraces chart patterns candlestick patterns trade balances interest rates and often have official or unofficial target rates for their currencies. Green candlesticks are associated with increasing prices while red candlesticks demonstrate decreasing prices. Offers a simple easy and user friendly interface that let any level traders get more freedom. Study that mistake and try to correct it.


          SFN 171: Jeremy Chatelaine On Building A $50k+ Per Month Lifestyle Business         

Jeremy Chatelaine is the founder of, a tool to help businesses generate leads on autopilot with automated outbound emails and smart follow-ups. is one of the first companies to provide a solution for sales automation. In just two years since inception, Jeremy grew to over 1,000 customers and over $50,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

In this interview, Jeremy breaks down each phase of growing his business, from validating his idea to his first customer acquisition to hiring his first team member. He also shares his insights on the realities of a having the freedom of choice with your lifestyle business, and why chooses to focus on customer experience over massive growth.


In This Interview I Ask:

2:30 - Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

3:34 - What problem did you build to solve?

4:41 - What did your process look like to validate the idea?

5:42 - Can you give us a sense of where is right now in terms of monthly revenues and customers?

6:35 - What was it actually like for you to get your first customers?

9:42 - When you first experienced this problem for yourself, did you initially go see if there was something out there to solve it for you?

10:57 - When did you make the shift to focus on as the business [you’re] going to build?

12:05 - Where were you finding those people [to have one-on-one sales conversations with]?

14:25 - How many sales conversations would you say you had? When you were doing the one-on-one sales conversations, how long did you do that?

15:38 - Once you switched from having one-on-one conversations, what was the primary way that you were acquiring new customers?

16:25 - Roughly what dollar amount, on a monthly basis, did you grow to [during the period] you weren’t really focusing any specific marketing effort?

19:20 - What sort of things are you looking for that would cause you to advise someone it’s time to leave [their] job?

21:42 - What is your most successful channel for customer acquisition? What is the number one factor that drives growth for you over the past couple of months?

23:45 - Have you thought about, [in] three years, what would look like? Do you have a vision in place for what you want to be?

24:45 - What was just one thing you personally needed to work on or overcome to grow Quickmail in the way that you did in the last two years?

28:48 - Have you put together any team?

31:13 - What does it look like for you to run a $50k/month business? What do you do on a daily basis?

35:44 - Who is an entrepreneur you admire?

36:30 - Is there something that you do every day in a ritual type way, no matter what?

39:21 - Who was your hero growing up?

41:47 - You’re going to a desert island and you can only bring one book, what book would you bring?


When to Quit Your Job

When you know for sure that if you spend more time on your business and it will equate to more sales, then you can quit your job. If you leave before there’s a predictable path to more customers, you’re gambling with your future and your family.


The Freedom to Choose When and When Not to Work

Many people build a lifestyle business to have the freedom to choose when and when not to work. However, sometimes you may need to force yourself to work, even when you don’t want to, in order to get things done. Other entrepreneurs who only work when they “feel like it” end up not doing much for their business. A business is like a child. It needs to be fed and changed. There are a few things that you just have to do. It’s not always sexy, but just do it.


How to Choose Your Mentors

Have mentors with the skillsets you wish to acquire.


Show Links:, website Job Opening for Customer Support, apply

          Johnny Express        

It’s 2150 There are all sorts of Aliens living throughout space. Johnny is a Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver packages. Johnny is lazy and his only desire is to sleep in his autopilot spaceship. when the spaceship arrives at the destination, all he has to do is simply deliver the […]

Het bericht Johnny Express verscheen eerst op Motion Graphics.

          Forex Killer is dead. Long live Forex Tracer        
Foreign Exchange Trading Application Reviewed - Over Promise and Under Deliver Find Out What to Avoid

You've probably heard all about it by now - how a couple of forex traders got lucky and made millions. You've also no doubt heard about hundreds of dirrent types of "automatic Forex trading" software, all of which promised to make you rich too. They can't all be telling the truth and with so many different ones out there, how can you make a good decision? To help you out, we've taken a look at three of the most popular choices for automated Forex trading software and rated them by their reliability, ease of use and set of features.

Get The Forex Tracer Automated Trading Robot Here!The first consideration for any software is usability. In this department, Forex Autopilot and Forex Killer both leave something to be desired. Forex Pilot has an unintuitive interface, just the opposite of what you want for a complex financial application. Forex Killer's interface is to put it mildly, a mess. With data scattered all over the screen, it is intimidating even for the experienced Forex trader to use. After a few days of testing these two packages, Forex Tracer came as a welcome change of pace. With controls lined up neatly in its simple, intuitive interface, this was far easier to use than were the other two. Another rproblem which cropped up with Forex Killer were the frequent misspellings and grammatical errors (the program was developed in Germany), making it even more of a hassle to figure out. Forex Tracer, on the other hand had simple explanations of all of the frequently used Forex terms.

Forex Autopilot touts itself as "proven, no-guesswork software". In our testing, however, Forex Autopilot made some trades which according to our resident Forex expert, were counter all known Forex logic. Forex Killer, on the other hand uses "complex mathematical algorithms" and performed only slightly better than did Forex Autopilot; our Forex expert wasn't enthralled with this software either. The automatic trading used by Forex Autopilot as discussed above does not always make the wisest decisions. This can result in big losses, so beware… Out of the three reviewed, Forex Tracer came out ahead in terms of its decision making. 19 out of 20 times, our Forex expert agreed with the decisions made by the software. So for reliability, Forex Tracer again comes out ahead.

Wanna See $335,000.00 Traced Right Now?

All three software packages come with a variety of different features which are helpful to expert Forex traders, but not nearly so much to a beginner. Forex Killer performed the worst in this department: it gives the user and overwhelming number of graphs which are not needed very often; which just bewilders newbies. On the other end is Forex Autopilot which lacks a lot of the necessities, also making it a poor choice for the novice (or even the expert). Forex Tracer, however, did very well in this regard. It can watch several markets at the same time, while keeping its primary focus on the US Dollar/Euro pair, helping users to keep their losses low. Without any user input, its Autopilot feature brings in an income continuously.

Out of the three reviewed, Forex Tracer was the easiest to install and configure as well. Especially helpful is that Forex Tracer can also be used on demo accounts so a newly minted Forex Trader can get a feel for the software before using it with real accounts (and real money). On the basis of the important factors of usability, features and reliability, Forex Tracer is the clear winner here.

Bottom Line Verdict: If you are looking for a reliable Automated Foreign Exchange Trading Forex Tracer is definitaly for you. It is reliable and produces the best results in the shortest period of time possible.

--> Price: $97 (introductory price)

--> How It's Delivered: Instant electronic download delivery.

--> What You Get: Compressed (zipped) file contain forex tracer expert advisor and a document explaining how to load Forex Tracer in minutes + Free Bonuses

--> Bonuses: series of well done videos explaining step by step how to install Forex Tracer and start trading + "The Cherry Picker" Custom Indicator +$100 Free Bonus in live trading account.

--> Value of Bonuses ---> $529

Forex Tracer Value for Investment: Extremely High

Money Back Guarantee: Full 100% 60 days money-back guarantee

Forex Tracer is still the best Forex Trading Software in 2008. Experience the full power of Forex Tracer even if you are complete beginner.

Wanna See $335,000.00 Traced Right Now?

          Orbiter na ten rok        
Myślę sobie, że powyższy kalendarz można by zrobić lepiej. Ale co tam, darowanemu koniowi nie zagląda się w zęby. Widoczne pod skrzydłami wahadłowca miniatury są klikalne i powodują otwarcie odpowiednich dokumentów. Dorzucę jeszcze scenariusz DG IV gotowej do startu z dość nietypowego miejsca:
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