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I have tried to explain some of the same theories you have explained, along with Zap and his gang, my parents are on the Tier 1 group exchanges, and while they have done way more than us, including bank documents, and have SKRs, they still have no money. In fact, they call me when there Intel sources do not have information.

I explained yesterday about the greenbooks tax documents, and how Obamacare and the Obama administration have set up tax documents that ended last night. There would have been huge tax implications, if the exchanges were to happen prior to June 30 2017, and that is the true reason for delay. Obama wanted all the credit, and set up these exchanges to be severely taxed. Why we were made to wait, or the real reason, I believe everything was synced up for the second quarter, I will attach this tax document, as a search will not reveal this information.

I believe that was also the reason for the different tiers and the roll out segmented system that has now been changed, the true reason, is everyone is to go at once, all at the same time a shot gun start for everyone. We are past all these ramifications, and now the true blessing should be forthcoming. It is very noble that you are concerned about the people suffering, and I too, am thankful, that many that are struggling can now be helped. It would have not have been good, that the tax would revive the Democratic Party, and continue with our bankrupt and out of control government. The greenbooks, was just that, a remnant of the last failed decade for the ending USA inc.

The most upsetting part of all of this, that the government that has let us down, is the one that is in charge, of these blessing, when these blessings were not to be given to the leaders, that have not only failed us, continue to delay and set up unnecessary taxing, and documents, to line their own pockets once again. I wish since this is a military operation, that they would have completely taken over the government, and made announcements as such, and brought this blessing in, as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The only way to keep greedy politicians from benefiting, from the Gold that has been held for this point in time.

Hope this explained a little why people have been made to wait, and may we all finally receive this blessing.

I included the tax documents, as well as the comments on Dinar Recaps copied off of KTFA, all about these tax documentations.





June 21, 2017 (Reposted Per Request)

Doc.K : 2017 Obama Tax year started July 1 2016 expires June 30 2017


I believe during the Trump / Abadi visit this year they made the contracts and escrow for said date, June 30, (midnight) for the Trump Administration to get the credit for RV $$ and to PROVE that OBAMA CARE would be insolvent.

We know how much Trump and Abadi love O .

This is scripted folks ....... Why was there a start and stop of the forces moving in Mosul ? Timing. This is why MOSUL dragged out sooooo long .

The USA agencies can tell what book your reading during a baseball game from a satellite.

They could of gotten Bagdadi long time ago. The CBI is just now updating their site ,,,,,, timing.... We should be hearing more about Lower Denoms soon.


Notice the tax brackets, trust, estate, gift, transfer etc....... rules ....... before he left office.

          WHO IS OBAMA - PART TWO   

Who is Barack Obama? – Part II – A Terrifying Analysis After the Election

Read More About: From the only man smart enough,honest enough and brave enough to predict the disaster we just experienced and warn us what's coming next
From the Brilliant Dinesh D’Souza – Obama’s Next Four Years
Can Obama change?
By Dinesh D’Souza
Published November 13, 2012
Listening to President Obama speak on election night, I thought of the moment in “The Lion King” when Scar took over Pride Rock. (You have to see the movie to just appreciate D’Souza’s right-on analogy) My sentiment for America was perfectly captured by the accompanyin g song, “Be Prepared.”

Be prepared, America, for another $5 trillion dollars in debt. That means America would be over $20 trillion in debt, one half of it added by one man, Barack Obama.
Be prepared for higher taxes on those who are pulling the wagon, and more benefits for those who are sitting in the wagon.

Be prepared for further restrictions on hydraulic fracturing and oil drilling in America, even as President Obama promotes and subsidizes oil drilling in developing nations.

Be prepared for transfers of wealth away from America and to the rest of the world.
This is what we as a country have voted for.

Be prepared, also, for the further diminution of American power and influence in the world. This involves our allies falling, one by one, in the Middle East, while the radical Muslims consolidate their power in Iran, Egypt and elsewhere.

Ultimately just as Reagan was largely responsible for the fall of the Soviet Union, President Obama may be credited by history for helping to rest ore Islam as a global power, which it has not been for three centuries. By 2016 America could cease to be the world’s sole superpower, and have become rather a weak giant, a kind of second Canada. This, too, we have risked by giving President Obama a second term.

These predictions are not conjecture but rather projections out from what President Obama has been doing in his first term. As he suggested to Russia’s then-president Medvedev, Mr. Obama now has more flexibility to make the concessions and pursue the objectives that he really wants. He is, at least in foreign policy, untethered to public opinion, and answerable only to his own conscience. (a concept completely alien to narcissists) disk

For me, this is a scary prospect. I can see America in 2016 as a poorer, weaker nation, and this would make Americans frustrated and angry.
But why should President Obama care?

He would, as he cleared out his desk, feel the profound satisfaction of a man who had single-handedly rearranged the political and economic map of the world. He would have helped redistribute wealth and power globally, and th us restored the world as it was before colonialism. His reward would be that still, small voice inside his head telling him, “Well done thou true and faithful servant.”

Consequently you can imagine the amusement with which I watched pundits, including Democratic pundits like Lanny Davis, counsel President Obama to be like President Clinton in his second term. Sure, Mr. Clinton pivoted to the center, recognizing that he was governing a closely divided country. 

Clinton, however, was committed to American prosperity and American greatness; Obama isn’t. Clinton also wanted to be liked by his people, the American people. For Obama, to borrow a quotation from his mother, “These are not my people.” Obama’s commitments are global.

So I don’t expect Obama to change. I have argued in my book “Obama’s America,” and implied in my film “2016,” that he cannot change. He is like the toy soldier who walks into the wall and keeps going. That is the only Obama we can realistically expect for the next four years.
And yet …

I watched Obama closely on election night, recognizing the familiar hubris and bravado, I thought to myself: how brilliant he is, how he strides across America like a colossus, how he may have assembled a new and enduring majority, how this is his America now, how this man whose story is possible only in America has now twice been entrusted by America with the highest office in the land.

Isn’t that enough to make a man want to defend and advance the interest of his country? Isn’t it sufficient to make Obama seek to protect the economic welfare of his fellow citizens over that of the citizens of other countries? Ideology may not compel Obama to move in these directions, but his own self-image might. Obama has been raised on high by the American people, who are looking to him to lead them not down the hill but onward and upward, to greater and higher things.

How incredible it would be if Obama responded to this great trust by proving himself worthy of it. That would truly make him one of America’s great presidents. He would even, in this way, be helping the world, because a strong, thriving America is good for the security and prosperity of the world. Maybe this very smart man can rise above his past and figure that out.

(But, don’t hold your breath and may G-d have pity upon us and the useful idiots that kept this diabolical man in power) jsk

Dinesh D’Souza has had a 25-year career as a writer, scholar, and public intellectual. A former policy analyst in the Reagan White House, D’Souza also served as John M. Olin Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and the Robert and Karen Rishwain Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He served as the president of The King’s College in New York City from 2010 to 2012. Dinesh D’Souza, narrator and co-director of the film “2016: Obama’s America,” is the author of the bestselling new book “Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream.”

          Reality- Patriot Act Is Tyranny, Obama Care Is NOT Affordable, Abortion is Murder, LGBTC people are Perverts, NSA Spies for NWO Thugs   
Reality: -Only Jesus Christ can save you from your sin and give you eternal life in heaven -The Word of God is in the King James Bible -Tolerance of Sin...

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          McConnell Says No to Obama care Repeal. Repeal and Replace or Nothing At All   
Time for Mitch to go. How do I start a White House petition to remove him. Lots of senators are on board with repeal. McConnell is the one stopping it....

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          The Establishment Don’t Care   

Sen. Schumer will do anything wreck the Republican Health Care and force the U.S. Senate to repair Obama Care, so he can rub the Republicans nose in it.

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          Comment on "Health Care Failure May Mean Trump Immigration Pivot Against Ryanism Finally At Hand" by James Kirkpatrick   
That is why I supported the GOP - because it promised to reverse a program that costs me thousands a year. Obama's no dummy - Obamacare's principal beneficiaries are Democratic voters. A good number of GOP Obama care supporters in Congress probably favor it because of noblesse oblige. Problem is they're doing it with other...
          HOW I LOOK AT IT    

It seems to me that with all the outrage at the GOP health care and Obama Care they are trying to stick down my throat while ripping out the heart of all the years of hard work to make my daughter’s life better, we are looking at National Health Care inside out. We need to change the approach and we need Congress and POTUS to step up and do the People’s work.

The big issues facing the ACA or Obama Care stems from the money, there is not enough for people to pay these bills without assistance., and the Medicare/Medicaid dollars will disappear for all Americans at some time or another. The GOP wishes to take it all away from the poor to enhance the rich and the big corporations. This is cruel, heartless and morally criminal. Taking away a safety net for the elderly, the disabled, and the poor such as Medicaid is mean.

But why is it that we are not taking the insurance companies along with the large pharmaceutical companies to task? Is it that they are so powerful that they can persuade those they support in Congress to do their bidding for them? Do they have the power of big political donations to half-ass senators and congressmen who are too fickle and afraid to step forward and collectively say: “DAMNED THIS SEAT IN CONGRESS, THIS IS NOT HELPING MY CONSTITUENTS!”?

Maybe we are all naive in our thinking, but unless we harness these two large influences of health care, we will continue to have issues with National Health Care. The large insurance companies decide what they will pay or cover you for, depending on profitability, and the large Pharmaceuticals will determine arbitrarily how much they will charge us for drugs with obscene profits. They are no uniformity in costs and large gaps between providers of health insurance in what we are paying for. This does not exist anywhere in the world but here in the USA.

Maybe it is time to tie those dogs to a tree and weed them off the fat they have subsisted on for so long? Do we have anyone out there willing to lead the true fight? Is there anyone out there we can find to be independent of large corporations and the lobbyist that promote the propagation of thief from the American people? And the American people, are they willing to fund their future to guarantee their lives and those of their loved ones by supporting a movement.

What we need is a groundswell to notify Congress that if they don’t do their jobs and defend the existence of their constituency, they will not see Washington on taxpayer’s money ever again.


          Comment on About by ken   
Hi,, I am hoping for a conservative, however these south carolina people are the ones who gave us gooober, lindsey graham, john edwards they gave us john mccain, they gave us elana kegan, they gave us sonya sotomayar, and looks like now donald trump,, no hope This is a real wake up call for america today, Now with the loss of Justice Scalia, now obama has the chance to really demoralize america. Since the lazy, apathetic , diaper wearing republicans have sat idle for years and have not stood up and demanded impeachment (and there are impeachment information posted at the bottom of this page, recent impeachment hearing, Did you know of this????, have you heeeeered this) this muslim america hating dictator who has committed treason against america still sits in office, with no republicans with the guts to oppose him There is a time for truth, Time to tell the truth as to why we have obama in the first place , and why do we have homosexual marriage, and those who claim to be the messengers of truth , do not want truth when it is aimed at them Well you have the bib wearing simpleton fools who told us christians were not supposed to be involved in politics, rather they should just sit there and ?/ what pray?, pray while they neglected their civic duty, believing a lie Then they tell you that wayell uuh, uuh hee haw you dat uh, the Lord sets kings and he gona put in dair who heya want to, showing their ignorance of the bible. So then on that belief is God a dictator?, or is he God of freedom?, Did not God establish America?, and give us a system to choose? our president? You cannot have it both ways, either he dictates who our ruler is , or lets us choose our leader http://www.redstate.com/diary/griffinelection/2012/11/14/what-went-wrong-in-2012-the-case-of-the-4-million-missing-voters/ http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/584105644.html However when you have so called conservative, christian bib wearing simpletons, who in 08 rejected the man of God, a intelligent man a pastor,,,,,,,(MIKE HUCKABEE),, and instead THEY wanted a war hero I remember watching the results come in and hoping for SOUTH CAROLINA to do the right thing, however, these fools went for john mccain You have to question the judgement of these people, well just look at who they keep choosing to be their senator, GOOBER, OH LIBERAL GOOBER, the war hero's friend. As I listen to Brian Fischer on AFR, AFA, they like hannity and limbaugh always want to rail against these bad judges , these left wing socialist activist judges whom the SOUTHCAROLINIANS help put in pace. Yes that is true, these judges did not seat themselves The people of south carolina knew ahead of time that lindsey graham was a traitor, a liberal, a rino, and lied to the people to get elected and what did you do?YOU ELECTED HIM AGAIN, you said you approve, then the south carolinian's elected sotomayor and kegan, you south carolinian's are responsible in part for homosexual marriage, and obama care When you people knew he was gong to endorse another liberal judge did you stand up?, did you protest?, did you demand he step down? No I was watching and listening and you people did nothing, not a word, lifted not a finger And now since the republican primary is in south carolina this weekend, we conservatives yearning for a REAL REGAN CONSERVATIVE as we now have one, we wonder will these simpletons really do the right thing for our country ??, will you have enough common sense? will you vote for a born again christian constitutional conservative TED CRUZE??, or will you screw the country again as you have before? STAND UP AND DO THE RIGHT THING FOR GOD SAKE and while we can --CAL FOR IMPEACHMENT Linsey graham ,a yes for sotomayor http://www.freedomworks.org/content/another-proof-lindsey-graham-obama-republican-he-crossed-party-lines-vote-obamas-supreme http://www.politico.com/story/2009/07/graham-a-yes-on-sotomayor-025306 Lindsey graham,a yes for sonya sotomayor "quote she is well qualified http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/article24547321.html Lindsey graham votes YES FOR kagan http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2010/07/lindsey-graham-dramatically-casts-his-vote-for-elena-kagan/60082/ Linsey Graham freedom index score http://www.thenewamerican.com/freedomindex/profile.php?id=G000359 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IMPEACHMENT http://northamericanlawcenter.org/ http://northamericanlawcenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/articles_of_impeachment_of_barack_hussein_obama_3.2_march_2_2015.pdf http://cdjnews.com/2016/01/rnc-scuttles-impeachment-committee-vote/ http://www.renewamerica.com/article/160108 http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2016/01/dave_agema_calls_for_impeachme.html Govt coming door to door, to check on children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByQjw99BzPw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EsKBsq95A0 The nine members of the RNC Resolutions Committee who blocked the measure from the full body are as follows… Carolyn McLarty (Oklahoma) Chair Melody Potter (West Virginia) Paul Reynolds (Alabama) Tamara Scott (Iowa) Steve Scheffler (Iowa) Pat Longo (Connecticut) John Frey (Connecticut) Rosie Tripp (New Mexico) Linda Acherman (California) Republicans were given the purse strings in 2010 and have n