Viaje a Marte: el río Tinto, puerta a las estrellas.   

El río Tinto es un lugar particular, especial, y en cuanto te acercas a el te surgen miles de preguntas: ¿Son sus aguas realmente rojas? ¿Qué lo hace especial? ¿Contaminación o privilegio de la naturaleza? ¿Realmente trabaja la NASA en este entorno? Durante siglos ha sido la vía de comunicación por la que llevar nuestra […]

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          US Government Prepares For 'Space Weather Event' As NASA Warns "Solar Minimum Is Coming"   


A new report and video out from NASA about the upcoming ‘solar minimum’ has been published. The report titled ‘Solar Minimum is Coming’ outlines every 11-years, the sun oscillates from a solar minimum to a maximum. Today, the sun is called “solar minimum,” says Dean Pesnell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. “And it’s a regular part of the sunspot cycle”. The sun is heading towards a solar minimum where the sunspot count will be relatively low.

The report goes on to say, “while intense activity such as sunspots and solar flares subside during solar minimum, that doesn’t mean the sun becomes dull. Solar activity simply changes form”. During a solar minimum, we can expect more space weather events called coronal holes.

According to the report, coronal holes are vast regions of the sun’s atmosphere where the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows streams of solar particles to escape the sun as fast solar wind.

Pesnell says “We see these holes throughout the solar cycle, but during solar minimums, they can last for a long time – six months or more”. Solar particles from coronal holes are then ejected towards earth’s magnetic field causing space weather events.

Space weather refers to the environmental conditions in Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere due to the Sun and the solar wind that can influence the functioning and reliability of spaceborne and ground-based systems and services or endanger property or human health.

Meanwhile, The White House in October 2016 quietly passed through an Executive Order— “Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events”. 

Here is snippet of section 1 of the executive order:   

Space weather events, in the form of solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances, occur regularly, some with measurable effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite operations and communication, aviation, and the electrical power grid. Extreme space weather events — those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure — could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation. Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.

Back in April 2017, we wrote an article titled ‘Yesterday’s Broad Power Outage Likely Caused By Geomagnetic Storm‘. While everyone thought terrorism was to blame, we correctly pointed out that large power failures in major US cities was due to an intense geomagnetic storm registering 8-10 on K-Planetary Index.

Conclusion: Our fragile nation is not adequately prepared for space weather events as highlighted in the recent Exec Order.

Frankly, this should of been done years ago, but it appears that our nation will soon deal with the consequences such as April 2017 power failures in major US-cities. Couple the solar minimum period with The Fourth Turning in the west, and we’re staring at the perfect cocktail for self-destruction of an empire. Perhaps, the downfall of America is not some external threat that the mainstream media makes you believe, but in actuality, it’s an implosion from with-in. It’s happened to the greatest empires that have attempted to rule our planet, why not now? 

Don’t believe me? Here are various minimums verse the rise and fall of Chinese Dynasties

*  *  *
Addendum: one reader noted the deja vu divergence once again between declining sunspot activity and surging stock prices... did not end well last time...

          Orlando Florida: LEGOLAND (14 days!), Kennedy Space Center (1 day) and GatorLand (1 day) combo-ticket cheaper at £61.60 @ Orlando Attractions   
Found by pgregg

Awesome price for: - 14 day ticket to Orlando LEGOLAND - 1 day ticket to Kennedy Space Center (NASA) - 1 day ticket to GatorLand. Planning a holiday in Orlando this Christmas and came across the following combo deal. 'Gate' prices (that nobody should be paying) are expensive, but you can find cheaper deals - especially on UK ticket seller sites. This combo beats them all if you want to do both Legoland and Kennedy Space Center* - Gatorland I probably wouldn't go out of my way for but, hey, free ticket. Individual - Buying Separately prices (best I can find hunting around). Hopefully the spacing on this table looks ok when I post. Ticket: Gate price Single Offer prices Legoland: $106 (1 day) £53.04 (Orlando Attractions) KSC: $50 £29 (American Attractions)** Gatorland: $26.99 £15.60 (Orlando Attractions) ---------- ----------- Total: $182 £97.64 Combo-ticket for all three: £62.40 * Kennedy Space Centre for hUKd spellers :) ** KSC Posted 5 months ago at - Deal is still current at £29 if you only want KSC and don't care for Legoland. *** I posted this deal at a higher price 5 weeks ago - so this is not a repost/dupe.
          Alien Life Story Proves Facebook 'Trending' Section Needs Better Curation - Fortune   


Alien Life Story Proves Facebook 'Trending' Section Needs Better Curation
On Monday morning, Facebook's "trending news" section circulated a story that was, for lack of a better term, rubbish. Published by CNNNews18, an Indian news network that partners with CNN International, the story was titled "NASA Ready to Declare ...
Anonymous believes NASA is poised to announce discovery of aliensYouTube
Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator | Science Mission DirectorateScience@NASA
Full Committee Hearing- Advances in the Search for Life | Committee on Science, Space, and TechnologyCommittee on Science, Space, and Technology

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          Mirip Tapi Beda – Seri 2   
Mirip Tapi Beda - Part 2
Hallo semuanya. Di artikel ini MBDC akan membantu kamu dalam membedakan hal-hal yang memang sangat amat mirip, tapi bisa jadi kacau kalau kamu nggak tau bedanya! Iya, artikel ini emang seri 2, seri 1 udah pernah dipublish, cari deh. Semoga artikel ini dapat menambah wawasan kamu. Hyuk!

Tab dan Talenan

Kedua benda ini memang memiliki morfologi yang sama, persegi panjang gitu deh. Jangan tertipu dengan wujudnya yang hampir sama, tab dan talenan memiliki fungsi yang sama sekali berbeda. Kamu pasti nggak tau kan? Untung aja MBDC kasih tau!
Perbedaannya adalah:
Tab adalah singkatan dari tablet. Bukan tablet obat pegel linu ya. Tablet macam iPad, galaxy tab, itu loh. Tab itu, kalau kamu belum tau, fungsinya sih mirip-mirip komputer. Kamu bisa buka, facebook, twitter atau website bokep kesukaan kamu. Kamu juga bisa main game, foto-foto, liat jam, buka kalender, macem macem deh.
Talenan itu fungsinya buat alas kalau kamu mau motong-motong. Misalnya motong bawang, motong wortel, motong sawi. Pokoknya motong-motong yang berhubungan dengan kegiatan masak-memasak deh. Talenan ini habitatnya ada di dapur, karena emang ga bisa dipake untuk apa apa lagi selain untuk alas motong sayur atau daging. Jadi kalau kamu udah baca atribut wajib orang kaya dan ingin membawa tab ke mall, pastiin dulu yang kamu bawa bukan talenan.

Calo dan Pencopet

Buat yang suka nonton konser, nonton bola, atau nonton acara apa aja deh yang rame dan membutuhkan tiket untuk bisa masuk ke venue, kamu pasti familiar dengan dua istilah di atas. Iya, calo dan pencopet emang kerap ditemui di tempat tempat ramai yang memerlukan tiket. Sebelum kamu menuduh seseorang adalah calo atau pencopet, baca dulu perbedaannya!
Perbedaannya adalah:
Calo itu biasanya petentengan di sekitaran pintu masuk atau tempat beli tiket. Kalimat andalan mereka adalah: “Beli di saya aja, nggak usah pake ngantri” atau “di depan tuh udah abis tiketnya, orang nggak percaya masih pada ngantri aja tuh, beli di saya aja..” atau “jual lebih jual lebih…”
Pada intinya, fungsi calo ini adalah menjual tiket kepada pengunjung dengan cepat dah mudah. Biasanya kalo loket resminya udah keabisan tiket, calo masih ada yang petentengan di sekitaran loket sambil kipas kipas pake tiket. Nah, kalau kamu mau beli tiket dari calo, siap siap ngeluarin duit lebih dari harga asli tiketnya. Yah tapi setidaknya kamu sadar kalau duit kamu ‘diambil’ oleh sang calo.
Berbeda dengan calo, copet yang kompeten tidak akan membiarkan kamu sadar ketika mereka mengambil duit kamu. Perbedaan yang lain adalah, mereka nggak nongkrong di luar venue, melainkan di dalem. Pas kamu lagi asik loncat-loncat, copet akan beroprasi dan mengambil alih kepemilikan dompet kamu! Yang MBDC penasaran, ada nggak ya calo yang abis kelar jual tiket, masuk ke dalem venue terus nyopet. Ada yang udah pernah nyalo terus nyopet?
Nah demikianlah. Jangan sampe salah ya. Ada yang pernah keliru dan mendapat masalah karena hal-hal yang mirip ini? Boleh lho dishare di comments.


          Sebagian Warga Rusia Percaya Alien Itu Nyata   

Diduga tengkorak alien

Ada yang menarik dalam peringatan Hari Kosmonot saat Yuri Gagarin untuk pertama kalinya berhasil mendarat di bulan pada 1961. 

Di peringatan itu, kantor berita Rusia, RIA-Novosti melakukan jajak pendapat untuk mengetahui apakah warga di negara beruang merah itu percaya dengan alien atau makhluk luar angkasa?

Banyak warga Rusia ternyata percaya alien itu nyata bukan mitos. Setidaknya hasil jajak pendapat yang dipublikasikan, menunjukkan satu dari empat warga Rusia atau hampir 25 persen dari 1.500 reponden yang diwawancarai, percaya alien atau makhluk luar angkasa akan datang ke bumi dalam 50 tahun ini. 

Sebelumnya, warga Rusia tepatnya di Chelyabinsk, wilayah Ural digegerkan ledakan besar dari pecahan meteor. 

Peristiwa itu menyebabkan sekitar 1.200 orang terluka. Sebanyak 52 di antaranya harus dirawat di rumah sakit. Bangunan di sekitar lokasi juga mengalami kerusakan.

Para ilmuan akhirnya menemukan pecahan-pecahan meteorit di Danau Chebarkul, wilayah Chelyabinsk. Ilmuan NASA memprediksi meteorit yang mendarat di Rusia ini berdiameter sekitar 15 meter saat menghujam bumi. Meteorit ini meluncur dengan kecepatan melebihi kecepatan suara.
          Otázka - Škůdci na rebarboře? (Rostliny a pěstování)   
sejny: Zdravím, máme od podzimu nasázenou rebarboru. Je zasazena prakticky v trávníku a ze dvou stran se nachází dva rybízy. Od jara však rebarbora začala skomírat - listy mění barvu, jsou celé prožrané, ale nevím čím to je. Můžete mi prosím poradit, co s tím? Moc díky za rady, fotky přikládám. (diskuze na internetové stránce)
          Reading the Office of Legal Counsel on Emoluments: Do Super-Rich Presidents Get a Pass?    


I wrote last November that the Foreign Emoluments Clause “is on its face a national security provision designed to the protect the country from officers too enmeshed with foreign interests.” If the Justice Department’s recent court filing is to be believed, that protection is exceedingly limited. This new position marks a decisive break from the more conscientious approach long espoused by both the Comptroller General and the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC).

At the heart of the emoluments controversy is President Trump’s refusal to liquidate his business holdings. He has instead maintained ownership of the Trump Organization, a multibillion-dollar umbrella company with thousands of domestic and international investments, and placed the assets in a revocable trust managed by his sons Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump. Trump now faces three lawsuits alleging that he is profiting from his business empire in violation of the Constitution. Three days after his inauguration, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a government accountability watchdog group, filed the first suit in the Southern District of New York. This month, two more complaints were filed by the attorneys general of Washington D.C. and Maryland and 196 congressional Democrats, in federal district courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia, respectively.

All three suits center on the meaning and scope of the Foreign Emoluments Clause, which provides that “no person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept any present, Emolument, Office or Title of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign state” (U.S. Const. art. I, § 9, cl. 8). Citing Trump's business dealings with state governments and federal agencies, such as its lease on the Old Post Office Building that now houses the Trump International Hotel, two of the suits also allege violations of the Domestic Emoluments Clause. This provision applies specifically to the president and provides that he shall receive “for his Services” a fixed compensation during his tenure and not “any other Emolument from the United States, or any of [the states]” (U.S. Const. art. II, § 1, cl. 7).

Serious procedural challenges like standing notwithstanding, given the House and Senate’s failure to address head-on the risks posed by Trump’s financial conflicts pose, the lawsuits could prove important in forcing a much-needed conversation: Is Trump taking in profits in violation of the Constitution? And just as critically, are future presidents entitled to pull a Trump—or does the Constitution dictate that they, like Jimmy Carter, must sell their family peanut farms as a condition of taking office?

No Article III court has ever rendered an opinion on how either Emoluments Clause should be interpreted, though the Supreme Court has offered interpretations of the term “emoluments” as it appears in Foreign Emoluments Clause-related statutes periodically enacted by Congress since 1881. Because of the limited judicial precedent, the internal memoranda from the Comptroller General and the Office of Legal Counsel that have been made public over the years are among the most important sources of guidance we have on emoluments issues. And though these memoranda do not directly address the question posed by the Trump business empire, making some amount of inference and legwork necessary, in critical respects they quite clearly contradict the sweeping defense that the Justice Department put forward this month in its 70-page motion to dismiss the CREW case against Trump.

The key issue in these suits—once you get behind a set of justiciability questions that may prove dispositive—is what constitutes an emolument (though with respect to the Foreign Emoluments Clause there’s also some disagreement about what kind of entity constitutes a “foreign state”). In plain English, we are looking at an exotic presidential twist on the biggest and oldest challenge to enforcing any anticorruption law: What counts? Do the forbidden “emoluments” cover only goodie boxes, blatant quid pro quo arrangements, and employment-related compensation? Or are the profits that Trump enjoys by way of his business transactions also prohibited when they come from foreign states and domestic government entities? And if the latter, more expansive definition is the appropriate one, are the profits prohibited only when the take is in excess of  “fair-market-value”—and if so, does that definition serve as a meaningful limitation when at issue are luxury goods whose value or sales may be inflated by the fact that Trump is president and the products are prominently branded with his name?

Predictably, the dispute has taken the form of a battle for the original meaning of “emoluments.” An array of historical materials support both a limited and broad definition. The two possible interpretations are well summed up by the Oxford English Dictionary, which provides two definitions dating back to the Founding: “1. Profit or gain arising from station, office, or employment . . . . 2. Advantage, benefit, comfort.”

The Justice Department, like Trump’s lawyers at Morgan Lewis, latches onto the first definition  to argue that “the Emoluments Clauses apply only to the receipt of compensation for personal services and to the receipt of honors and gifts based on official position.” That is, President Trump is precluded only from receiving benefits in exchange for services provided to a foreign state in his official capacity as president, or—and this is crucial, given the subject matter of the OLC opinions—services provided “in a capacity akin to an employee of a foreign state.”

The plaintiffs in the three suits, on the other hand, argue for the much more expansive definition. Marshaling its own set of historical evidence, CREW asserts that emoluments are "anything of value, including money, permits, approvals, tax benefits, any other benefits, and anything else monetary or nonmonetary, regardless of whether it is given in exchange for goods or services, and regardless of whether it is part of a transaction at, above, or below market rates."

A close examination of the relevant Comptroller and OLC opinions reveals that the current Justice Department is reading the Emoluments Clauses too narrowly, while CREW and the other plaintiffs are reading them too broadly. None of the opinions approves the receipt of benefits that can even arguably be attributed to the prestige or influence conferred by an office, and together they do not support the Justice Department’s claim that presidents may, as a categorical matter, collect profits from business transactions with foreign entities and domestic government entities as long as fair value is extracted on both sides. But notwithstanding the plaintiffs’ hard pull in the other direction, the opinions also suggest that presidents may in limited cases accept certain fixed benefits—as I will explain, these might be pensions from the U.S. state that used to employ them or money damages from a foreign country against which, in a past life, they successfully won a judgment. The key is that those benefits cannot be subject to foreign or domestic government manipulation or adjustment in connection with the presidential office.

This happens to be a sensible position that accords with what the opinions repeatedly underscore as the purpose of the Emoluments Clauses and the ultimate touchstone for interpreting their meaning: “to prevent corruption and foreign influence” and to bar “payments which have a potential of influencing or corrupting the integrity of the recipient.”


Why Language About Emoluments Is Easily Misused

A threshold issue before turning to the OLC literature is the confusion created by cherry-picking historical materials without consideration of their factual context. For example, in its motion to dismiss, the Justice Department followed the lead of some scholars in pulling some Supreme Court language that suggests the term “emoluments” applies only to salary and other duty-related benefits. Most notably, in Hoyt v. United States, 51 U.S. 109 (1850), the Court defines emoluments as “every species of compensation or pecuniary profit derived for a discharge of the duties of office” (emphasis added).

But in Hoyt, the Supreme Court was specifically asked to decide what constitutes an “emolument of office” per a statute governing Treasury Department collectors in their official capacity; the case did not require the Court to consider or rule on the existence of emoluments of other kinds. This is a key point for purposes of properly construing any Comptroller or OLC opinion that cites Hoyt and regurgitates its definition of “emoluments.” These opinions, like Hoyt, have to be read with an eye to their facts: they do not assert that “emoluments” must derive directly from discharge of duty; rather, the kind of emoluments at issue in those opinions was the kind derived for discharge of duty. As a consequence, the reliance on Hoyt in these opinions does not serve as evidence of a limiting principle for emoluments in general.

In short, as pointed out by the plaintiffs and by assorted scholars, the proper question for purposes of discerning the historical scope of “emoluments” is not whether the term could be interpreted in a restricted way, to refer only to benefits derived from discharging the duties of an office, but whether it was necessarily so interpreted at the time the Emoluments Clauses were drafted. As John Mikhail has painstakingly documented, the answer is no—and we don’t have to look at secondary sources, however authoritative (e.g., Black’s Dictionary) to draw that conclusion. Consider, for example, some of the constitutions ratified during the first of two major waves of state constitution-making in the Founding decade. Several included “common benefits clauses” that used the word “emoluments” in a way that simply defies narrow interpretation. The Pennsylvania Constitution (1776) provides: “That government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection and security of the people, nation or community; and not for the particular emolument of advantage of any single man, family or sett [sic] of men, who are a part only of that community[.]” Very similar language appears in the Virginia (1776), Vermont (1777), and New Hampshire (1784) constitutions. Far more elaborate historical arguments demonstrating the broad uses of the term have been presented elsewhere: see here, here and here. The bottom line is that there is an abundance of primary Founding-era material making use of the broad definition of emoluments, so it is wrong to use language from fact-bound case law to assert that the term is an inherently limited one.


The Plaintiffs Define “Emoluments” Too Broadly

Does that mean, as plaintiffs assert, that all types of benefits conferred on the president by foreign countries and U.S. states are prohibited emoluments? According to the Comptroller and OLC opinions, clearly not.

A number of opinions explain that officers do not need to forego fixed benefits to which they are entitled for reasons manifestly unrelated to and uninfluenced by their office. This is a common-sense interpretation of the Clauses that avoids rigidity for rigidity’s sake, where denial of benefits would do nothing to serve the Clauses’ anti-corruption, anti-influence purpose.

For instance, the Comptroller and the OLC each independently concluded that President Ronald Reagan could collect ordinary retirement benefits from California, where he had served as the state governor, without violating the Domestic Emoluments Clause’s prohibition against the receipt of “emoluments” from a State. In its 1983 opinion, the Comptroller determined that President Reagan’s pension from California “cannot be construed as being in any manner received in consequence of his possession of the Presidency.” Coming to the same conclusion in its earlier 1981 opinion, the OLC also noted that “those [retirement] benefits are not emoluments in the constitutional sense” and their receipt does not “violate the spirit of the Constitution.” To support its reasoning, the OLC in turn relied on a 1964 opinion (not published) where it similarly decided the estate of President Kennedy was entitled to the naval retirement pay that had accrued during his presidency. Interpreting the Foreign Emoluments Clause “in the light of its basic purposes and principles,” it concluded he could receive payments to which he was entitled as a matter of law “prior to his taking office.”

The same principles support allowing officers to collect on certain kinds of money judgments, even from foreign powers. In a 1955 opinion, the Comptroller decided that an attorney in the Justice Department could receive a lump sum payment and lifetime annuity from the German government for his wrongful removal from the judgeship he held before he emigrated to the United States, as provided by German indemnification legislation. The Comptroller reasoned that those payments did not constitute emoluments from his former office, but rather “represent damages payable as a direct result of a moral and legal wrong.” Turning to its “spirit of the Constitution” analysis, the Comptroller had no trouble determining the payments were not problematic: they were “obviously . . . not intended to influence him as an officer of the United States,” were made under laws not specific to him, and were not payments voluntarily made by the German government but rather mandatory indemnification required by the Allied powers. In a 1954 opinion on the same matter, the OLC came to a slightly different place—the payments were not permitted to the extent they amounted to German retiree benefits—but like the Comptroller, it found that damages intended to redress injury were not prohibited emoluments.

Note what these opinions have in common: they generally allow the officer in question to collect payments or benefits that, patently, have nothing to do with and cannot possibly have been affected by his U.S. office. That 1983 Comptroller opinion put it best, and contains a line worth repeating: President Reagan was entitled to his pension because it “c[ouldn’t] be construed as being in any manner received in consequence of his possession of the Presidency.”

Applying this general rule, it makes sense that presidents are permitted to invest in U.S. Treasury bonds; and the rule also explains why wealth management solutions like blind trusts have long been accepted as workable resolutions to problems of conflict of interest. But it certainly doesn’t provide clearance for all profits derived from discretionary, “fair-market-value” transactions where the president is obviously and individually on one end of the sale.


The Justice Department Defines “Emoluments” Too Narrowly

A key move in the Justice Department’s brief is to rely heavily on a point of dubious significance: it asserts that “in every published OLC or Comptroller General opinion in which proposed conduct was determined to involve prohibited emoluments, the determination involved an employment relationship (or a relationship akin to an employment relationship) with the foreign government.”

If you think about it, there’s at least one common-sense explanation for the limited precedent: In general, the government employees on whose behalf these opinions were sought probably didn’t own hotel chains, lucrative licensing agreements, or hundreds of trademarks from which they derived significant foreign-based or domestic government-based income. Their thing of value, as civil servants, was their skill set, and thus the relevant question was whether they were constitutionally permitted to lend out that skill set to foreign governments or organizations with foreign state ties for payment.

A 1986 OLC opinion written by then-Deputy Assistant Attorney General Samuel Alito cuts against the assertion that whether the profit in question is derived from employment or personal services should be, by itself, dispositive. There, Alito determined that a NASA employee could indeed accept a fee for reviewing a PhD candidate's thesis for an Australian university. To get to this conclusion, Alito made two significant moves. First, uncertain as to whether a public university should be regarded a "foreign state," Alito instead decided to turn to the features of the proposed consultancy and consider whether they "raise[d] the kind of concern . . . that motivated" the prohibition’s enactment. This marks a functional, purpose-driven approach to the question of permissible benefits. Second, he suggested the following facts weigh against finding the fee a prohibited emolument: (1) the NASA scientist was not selected because of his position with the U.S. government, (2) the fee was an ordinary amount given the service to be rendered, (3) there was no reason for the officer to have "direct contact" with the university officials, and (4) the consultancy was "limited both in time and in substantive scope," and no "continuing relationship" was anticipated.

Note that the fact the scientist would be acting in an employment or personal services capacity did not automatically render the payment an emolument. This is the key takeaway from this opinion, and it is at odds with the Justice Department’s claim that employment is the make-or-break issue when it comes to determining whether a benefit or payment is an emolument. Second, consider the implications of the first and fourth points Alito highlighted. The scientist’s selection for the job and associated payment had nothing to do with his U.S. office, which is not a conclusion that can be readily drawn about the services purchased by foreign and state government employees newly flocking to Trump International Hotel. It may suggest the permissibility of accepting profits from truly routine transactions by truly routine hotel customers, including some government diplomats—but this possibility is undercut by Alito’s reference to the extremely limited nature of the permitted relationship and transaction in question.

The Justice Department is understandably leaning hard on the idea that an emolument must be received specifically as a function of office or employment. After all, without this very specific qualification, its argument for the permissibility of accepting profits from ordinary transactions falls apart. Two OLC opinions make this clear.

A 1982 OLC opinion determined that the Foreign Emoluments Clause barred an employee of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from working on his leave time for an American firm contracted by a Mexican government agency to review the design of a government-owned nuclear power plant. And a 1993 OLC opinion concluded that law firm partners serving as non-government advisors on the Administrative Conference of the United States could not accept partnership earnings “where some portion of that share is derived from the partnership’s representation of a foreign government” without triggering the constitutional prohibition. In the 1993 opinion, the OLC actually dismissed the argument that the conference member was not subject to the foreign government's “control” as “not decisive.” Instead, the OLC concluded that the portion of partnership profits the conference member would receive "would be a function of the amount paid to the firm by the foreign government," such that "the partnership would in effect be a conduit for that government." Acceptance of that portion of income was therefore a prohibited emolument (OLC reconsidered this opinion in 2010, but only with respect to whether the members held an “Office of . . . Trust” for purposes of the Foreign Emoluments Clause).

In these opinions, the OLC simply did not care that there was nothing out of the ordinary about the payments in these cases from a transactional or fair-market perspective. This runs contrary to the crux of the Justice Department’s argument for the innocuousness of Trump’s business-related foreign and domestic government income.

The textual kicker in all this is that even accepting the Justice Department’s insistence that “emolument” is best read to mean “profit arising from an office or employ” (Barclay’s A Complete and Universal English Dictionary on a New Plan (1774)), it doesn’t follow that all ordinary business transactions are okay: What if those transactions are, in number or value, enhanced by the prestige of the president’s office? Couldn’t the profit thereby derived then constitute “profit arising from an office or employ”? [Update, 5:17 pm: This is a line of argument that Marty Lederman compellingly and more thoroughly details here.]

It is to prevent this reading that the Justice Department argues that prohibited benefits must arise not just from the office but from the provision of services pursuant to that office. But this argument relies on a stunted conception of the power that an "Office of Profit or Trust" confers. To lift an example wholesale from Ben Wittes: If Trump owned a nondescript hotdog truck outside the White House that charged the same price for hotdogs as any other foodtruck and sold them to some incidental foreign customers, that would not be problematic under this definition of emoluments. If the truck were Trump-branded and either charged inflated prices or enjoyed inflated sales because Trump is president, and Saudi potentates lined up to put cash in his register, that would seem to constitute impermissible “profit arising from an office,” as a textual matter and in view of the historic Comptroller and OLC perspective.

At base, this is what plaintiffs are claiming—that the profits Trump is enjoying “aris[es] from” his office—so “aris[e] from” may be a definitional phrase the Justice Department is interpreting too narrowly. Trump’s status as the most powerful man in the world affects his business transactions, which are self-branded to boot. Not only is he enjoying booming business at his exclusive properties, in part thanks to foreign guests reportedly seeking to get in the president’s good graces, but he has also won Chinese trademark protection that, according to plaintiffs, he would not have received had he not become president.

Finally, on a practical note, notice the perverse upshot of the Justice Department’s fixation on employment and personal services as the place where the river divides. This assertion that payment for goods and business-related services is permissible but payment for employment and “personal services” is not means that a president can’t profit off his brain or body when it comes to cash from foreign sources or U.S. government entities, but can, without limitation, profit off the brains and bodies of those he can afford to employ in his private capacity. It’s what you might call a constitutional free pass for super-rich presidents.

The Comptroller and OLC opinions do not support such a result. They repudiate it.


Ultimately, the Justice Department’s view of emoluments marks a departure from the public Comptroller and OLC opinions in at least two critical respects. First, the new position is a clear abrogation of the practical “spirit of the Constitution” analysis on which the Comptroller and OLC have consistently relied to ensure a stringent rather than forgiving interpretation of what constitutes an impermissible benefit or undue influence (see, e.g., 1955 Comptroller Opinion, 1981 OLC Opinion, 1983 Comptroller Opinion; see also OLC 1962, noting “the sweeping nature of the constitutional prohibition”; OLC 1980, citing 1902 Attorney General Opinion stating the Foreign Emoluments Clause is “directed against every kind of influence by foreign governments upon officers of the United States” and the “prohibition should be given the broadest possible scope and application”). Second, the Justice Department’s quite specific argument that the president can profit from employing people to do business with foreign countries and government entities in the United States amounts to a strange carve-out, one that allows extremely wealthy officers with people in their employ to cash out as they wish on the advantages that the prestige of their office confers, without any consideration whatsoever of the sources of that cash. This interpretation is flatly at odds with executive branch tradition: I have yet to see a single opinion that has permitted an officer to collect profits even arguably enhanced by the power of his office, much less categorically benefit from discretionary, price-indeterminant transactions that foreign governments and U.S. government entities may enter into at will.

Note the issues I did not address here. What is not (yet) a point of debate in these particular lawsuits is whether these constitutional provisions apply to the president at all. The Domestic Emoluments Clause applies to the president by its express terms, and in its recent motion, the Justice Department doesn’t dispute CREW's claim, or the OLC’s preexisting determination, that the more obliquely phrased Foreign Emoluments Clause applies to the president as well (and notwithstanding the occasional argument to the contrary).

In addition, as the suits proceed in federal court, we can expect much of the legal discussion to focus on jurisdictional hurdles. There’s a strong argument that the courts don’t have a role to play, and that presidential corruption rising to the level of an emoluments violation is a political question whose resolution properly lies with Congress. Though the congressional suit spearheaded by Senator Richard Blumenthal and Representative John Conyers, Jr. alleges that Trump has failed to come to Congress for requisite permission in accepting foreign emoluments, Congress’s best recourse be impeachment proceedings. (Or if it so chose, Congress could avail itself of a lot of options short of impeachment, but in the words of Charles Black, Jr., circa 1974, “what an enormous if.” Recall that the House of Representatives has the power to demand Trump’s tax returns but has not exercised it.)

But as for the substantive question of whether the Comptroller and OLC of yore would have signed off on the Justice Department’s blessing of all monies flowing in by way of business transactions, the answer is “no.”

          Comment on Sungha Jung Live in Jakarta by shena   
butuh 2 tiket VIP nihh....kl ada yg batal nonton hubungi aku yaaa... twitter: @saenasabrina makasihh..
          439 excombatientes de la guerrilla se graduarán en cárceles   
El Ministerio de Justicia colombiano graduará a 439 excombatientes de la guerrilla y las autodefensas colombianas en dos cárceles del país, tras haber cumplido con el Programa Especial de Resocialización para Postulados a la Ley de Justicia y Paz del Gobierno, informó la institución. Para obtener su graduación, los excombatientes tuvieron que cumplir con más de 130 horas […]
          US Government Prepares For ‘Space Weather Event’ As NASA Warns “Solar Minimum Is Coming”   
– US Government Prepares For ‘Space Weather Event’ As NASA Warns “Solar Minimum Is Coming” * * * PayPal: Donate in USD PayPal: Donate in EUR PayPal: Donate in GBP
          Taking the Good   
I got some rather lovely news at work this week. This is great because otherwise I’ve been: nursing a nasty cold that involves constant post-nasal drip dealing with new snow and old snow (courtesy of Canada Post deciding to shovel it from in front of the mailbox to in front of our driveway — breaking by-laws merrily [...]
          PSA: NASA is not running a child slave colony on Mars   
This week a NASA representative was asked whether they were running a child slave colony on Mars. That anyone would believe such a thing is just about as insane as a conspiracy theory gets. Kind of like believing there’s a child slave ring being operated out of the basement of a pizza shop which literally has no basement. Much like … Continue reading
          6月29日(木)のつぶやき その2   


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違う。これは「きのこの山」にインスパイアされた韓国の「Choco boy」にインスパイアされたロシア製「チョコきのこ」か、さらにそれを地元メーカーが真似て作った謎のインディーズ製品だ。…

— 露探【円谷猪四郎】 (@karategin) 2017年6月28日 - 23:51

@mad_yn 2.5次元ミュージカルやらでトランス方程式も出来てるんでしょうかねー。

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          NASA Responds to InfoWars Claim: We Don't Have Child Sex...   

"There are no humans on Mars. There are active rovers on Mars. There was a rumor going around last week that there weren't.

          Asteroid Day: Monitoring the skies for the next strike   

A large asteroid is hurtling toward Earth -- but there's no need to duck and cover. The space rock, known by the very dull name of 2014 JO25 will safely fly by Earth on April 19, according to NASA.

          (VIDEOS) Signs in the sun: The sun is set to 'change form,' says NASA   
Signs in the sun: The sun is set to 'change form,' says NASA
 During a solar minimum, certain types of activity, such as sunspots and solar flares will drop - but NASA also expects the development of long-lived phenomena including coronal holes.

The sun's magnetic field weakens during solar minimums, thus providing less shielding to the earth. With our protective shield thus weakened, the number of galactic cosmic rays that reach the earth's upper atmosphere increases. 

Space Weather, Cosmic Giants, NSWEF 

Coronal Holes, Storm Watch, Light Walker

As Planet X gets closer...

TradCatKnight Exclusive: "Fire Will Fall From The Sky"

At NASA, we're pushing the boundaries of human spaceflight farther from Earth than ever before. And what better time to get the hell away from Earth than right now? Humankind is poised to take its Next Giant Leap. And NASA is developing the capabilities to send humans to places once thought impossible -- such an asteroid and Mars. And frankly, we can't do it fast enough. Seriously, we'll two tickets to f%&king Mars right now. Even an asteroid sounds pretty damn good. NASA: Let's Get the Hell Out of Here!

Regular Price: $28.00

Special Price: $24.00

          NASA’s Juno Spacecraft to Fly Over Jupiter’s Great Red Spot July 10   
Click for a full size image Cassini Jupiter Portrait This true color mosaic of Jupiter was constructed from images taken by the narrow angle camera onboard NASA’s Cassini spacecraft on December 29, 2000, during its closest approach to the giant planet at a distance of approximately 10 million kilometers (6.2 million miles). It is the ...
          How a Speck of Light Becomes an Asteroid   
Gif In this sequence of four images taken during one night of observation by the Catalina Sky Survey near Tucson, Arizona, the speck of light that moves relative to the background stars is a small asteroid that was, at the time, about as far away as the moon. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/CSS-Univ. of Arizona   How ...
          Motion Industries Austin   

Motion Industries Austin
The event will be an entire week long convention mainly dedicated technical workshops and education discussion and activities. Events that take place, beyond the education you'll get in workshops and be able to use there and as soon as you get home... There will be screenings of the NASA movie, “Money”, Nine Inch Nails movie “Ghost eight”, and Addictive TV's “Slumdog Millionaire Remix” and many more will take place for the festival-goer audience's pleasure and critique.

Please come and pay us more attention, and pay yourself a favor and come out and play as I'm sure you'll enjoy this video motion design convention. In 2009 the festival has already been held in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois and is now being held in Austin, Texas.

If you think this is a new event, it all began in 2006 at the Chicago Motion Graphics Festival, moving on becoming an annual event in 2007. And in 2008, the motion graphics Festival was held three times once in Chicago once in Orlando, Florida then once more in Boston, Massachusetts.

This years third venue, Austin has been considered a technology and Internet hot-spot over the last decade were the culture match is the level of technological progression. If you're not from Texas, I hope you're surprised and definitely appreciate and enjoy Austin and the surrounding areas. As the capital of Texas this town adds a flair with some Southern history and hospitality as well as an interesting community. The city and surrounding area has many sites to be seen that will be a great setting for your time away from the festival.

For those not there for the site seeing, but desiring something to do to have a grand ol' time, the city does sleep but there are plenty of places to have a wild time awake, if you're into having a blast after the educational events. Drag some of your fellow festival-goers off to an Austin Sixth Street club or bar to dance and drink the night away.

...And if you're in Austin denizen, check out the events and enjoy the quality movies with those temporarily in your hometown. What would you lose? It's just a seven dollars admission fee. You might lose a good time otherwise and there's no major deterrent from other more local technophiles to make their way down to the shows and there will likely will be a bigger turnout than you and everyone else might expect.

          NASA’s Hubble captures gorgeous photo of galaxy with totally unpronounceable name   
There's plenty of reasons to envy anyone whose job it is to find cool stuff in space. I mean, they get to stare into the cosmos with fancy, priceless tools, and discover things that humanity has never seen before. That being said, there's one thing that definitely wouldn't be so great about finding countless new planets, galaxies, and star formations: coming up with names for them all. A stunning new photo released by NASA shows off a gorgeous galaxy some 400 million light-years away from Earth, but its name is absolutely ridiculous. That fancy blob of orange and blue you see above is officially 2XMM J143450.5+033843. That long, rambling moniker doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but its name is actually some pretty important information in itself. The letters and numbers indicate what observatory discovered it, as well as the galaxy's celestial coordinates. "Following the 'J': a right ascension value of 14h (hours) 34m (minutes) 50.5s (seconds)," NASA explains. "This can be likened to terrestrial longitude. It also has a declination of +03d (degrees) 38m (minutes) 43s (seconds). Declination can be likened to terrestrial latitude." NASA believes that the galaxy is driven by a supermassive black hole at its center, and that it is what is known as an "Active Galactic Nucleus," spilling X-rays into the universe from all sides. It's so incredibly far away that there's really no chance humanity will visit it in the foreseeable future, but from our perspective it's still a pretty stunning sight to behold.
          17 helpful Google products and services you never knew existed (GOOG, GOOGL)   

google logo

Most of us have heard of Google's well-publicized moonshots: Self-driving cars, smart contact lensesinternet-beaming balloons, and more.

While those products and services sound amazing, most of us can't use them just yet. But the company actually has a bunch of other ones that are incredibly useful that you might not even know existed. 

For example: Did you know Google has a massive free library of fonts?

Here are some of the under-the-radar services Google offers.

Jillian D'Onfro contributed to an earlier version of this story.

SEE ALSO: Almost half of Google's management team is made up of women — here they are

Google Keep is a killer notes and reminder app that works across both desktops and smartphones.

Watch the YouTube video here

You can set a timer on Google (and get an alarm to sound when time is up) by Googling any amount of time followed by "timer." lets you explore the far reaches of the universe using images from NASA satellite, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and the Hubble Telescope.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider
          음질좋은 블루투스 이어폰 플랜트로닉스 블루투스 이어폰 BackBeat Go3   
음질좋은 블루투스 이어폰 플랜트로닉스 블루투스 이어폰 BackBeat Go3 블루투스 이어폰 브랜드는 다양하게 있는데 이번에 소개드릴 제품은 50년 전통의 브랜드로 전 세계 소비자로부터 많은 사랑을 받고 있는 플랜트로닉스 입니다. 블루투스 이어폰 브랜드중에서 NASA나 미연방 항공청, 911 센터 등 미국의 주요 공공기관에서 공식 기기로 지정해서 사용할 만큼 기술력을 인정받고 있는 기업인 플랜트로닉스는 블루투스 헤드셋과 프리미엄 무선 핸즈프리 제품으로 유명한 곳이기도 합니다. 이번 시간에는 플랜트로닉스 에서 출시한 블루투스 이어폰 BackBeat Go3 를 살펴 보도록 하겠습니다. 남성미를 느낄 수 있는 고급스러운 스타일의 패키지.......
          Hendak Mencari Kesalahan Quran, DOKTOR Misionaris Kristen Internasional Ini Malah Masuk Islam   
  Yes  Muslim  - Kisah Dr. Gary Miller (Misionaris Kristen), Sang Penantang Al Quran: “Melakukan Riset Panjang Untuk Mencari Kesalahan Al Qur’an !”

DR. Gary Miller, adalah seorang ilmuwan matematika asal Kanada. 

Selain menjadi anggota dewan ahli di universitas, Miller juga aktif sebagai misionaris Kristen. Miller adalah ilmuwan yang sangat meminati bidang logika dan hal-hal logis.

Pada awalnya, dia berpikir bahwa Al-Qur’an yang turun 14 abad yang lalu itu hanya membahas berbagai masalah di masa lalu.

Namun seiring dengan menguatnya arus Islam di Barat, Miller pun terdorong untuk mempelajari Al-Quran lebih mendalam dengan tujuan mencari celah-celah kesalahannya, sekaligus membuktikan ketidakotentikan kitab suci umat Muslim itu.

Miller mengatakan, “Mulai hari itu, saya membaca Al-Quran untuk mencari celah-celah kesalahan kitab ini. Melalui usaha ini, saya berharap dapat mengangkat derajat pemeluk agama Kristen di hadapan ummat Islam.”

Dikatakannya pula, “Karena Al-Quran diturunkan 14 Abad yang lalu di padang pasir, saya berpikir bahwa kitab ini sangat terbelakang serta dipenuhi dengan kekurangan. Namun semakin saya membaca Al-Quran, saya malah semakin menemukan kebenaran yang membuat saya terkesima. Saya menyadari bahwa Al-Quran ternyata membahas berbagai masalah yang sama sekali tak ditemukan di kitab samawi lainnya.

Kitab ini membuat saya semakin penasaran untuk mempelajari lebih mendalam lagi. Ketika membaca surat An-Nisa’ ayat 82, saya sangat terkejut. Ayat tersebut menyebutkan; “Maka apakah mereka tidak memperhatikan Al-Quran? Kalau kiranya Al-Quran itu bukan dari sisi Allah, tentulah mereka mendapat pertentangan yang banyak di dalamnya.”

Sebagai seorang ilmuwan, Dr. Gary Miller memahami bahwa mengenali dan membandingkan berbagai pendapat adalah salah satu metode ilmiah dalam rangka membuktikan kebenaran.

Ia pun kembali melanjutkan mencari kesalahan-kesalahan Al-Quran. Kali ini, ia dikejutkan oleh ayat lainnya, yaitu Surat Al Anbiya ayat 30, yang berbunyi:

أَوَلَمۡ يَرَ ٱلَّذِينَ كَفَرُوٓاْ أَنَّ ٱلسَّمَـٰوَٲتِ وَٱلۡأَرۡضَ ڪَانَتَا رَتۡقً۬ا فَفَتَقۡنَـٰهُمَا‌ۖ وَجَعَلۡنَا مِنَ ٱلۡمَآءِ كُلَّ شَىۡءٍ حَىٍّ‌ۖ أَفَلَا يُؤۡمِنُونَ

“Dan apakah orang-orang yang kafir tidak mengetahui bahwasannya langit dan bumi itu keduanya dahulu adalah suatu yang padu, kemudian Kami pisahkan antara keduanya. Dan dari air Kami jadikan segala sesuatu yang hidup…”

Miller berkata, “Ayat ini menyinggung masalah ilmiah yang penemunya mendapatkan penghargaan Nobel pada tahun 1973. Ayat ini menjelaskan teori “Big Bang” yang menghasilkan penciptaan dunia, langit, dan bintang-bintang.” 

Miller melanjutkan, “Bagian akhir ayat tersebut menyebutkan bahwa air adalah sumber kehidupan. Ini merupakan salah satu keajaiban penciptaan alam yang baru dipahami oleh sains modern. Ilmuwan modern membuktikan bahwa sel hidup terbentuk dari sitoplasma atau zat separuh cairan lekat, sedangkan bagian inti sitoplasma bersumber dari air. Dengan mempelajari ayat ini, saya sama sekali tidak lagi mempercayai klaim-klaim bohong yang menyebut Al-Quran sebagai buatan Muhammmad Shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam semata. Bagaimana mungkin Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam yang tak bisa menulis dan membaca sebelum diturunkannya Al-Quran, 1400 tahun yang lalu, tiba-tiba dapat berbicara soal materi dan gas yang membentuk dunia?”

Akhirnya, riset panjang ini menyebabkan Dr. Gary Miller tunduk menerima Islam sebagai agama yang benar.

Pesan Dr. Gary Miller kepada umat Muslim:

“Wahai ummat Islam, kalian tak mengetahui betapa Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala telah melimpahkan kemuliaan kepada kalian, yang tak dimiliki oleh agama-agama lain. Untuk itu, bersyukurlah karena kalian telah menjadi muslim. Berpikirlah mendalam untuk mengungkap kebenaran-kebenaran yang indah dalam

Al-Quran. Saya mempelajari Al-Quran secara mendalam, dan kitab inilah yang menyebabkanku mendapatkan HIDAYAH ILAHI.”

Subhanallah  Allahu Akbar🙏

Terima Kasih sudah membaca, Jika artikel ini bermanfaat, Yuk bagikan ke orang terdekatmu. Sekaligus LIKE fanspage kami juga untuk mengetahui informasi menarik lainnya  @Tahukah.Anda.News

republished by Yes Muslim - Portal Muslim Terupdate !

          Neutron stars could be our GPS for deep space travel   
NASA's Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer, or NICER will study the exotic astrophysical objects known as neutron stars and examine whether they could be used as deep-space navigation beacons for future generations of spacecraft.
          101 ways to annoy people   

    1. Sing the Batman theme incessantly.
    2. In the memo field of all your checks, write "for sensual massage."
    3. Specify that your drive-through order is "to go."
    4. Learn Morse code, and have conversations with friends in public consisting entirely of "Beeeep Bip Bip Beeep Bip..."
    5. If you have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talking to others.
    6. Amuse yourself for endless hours by hooking a camcorder to your TV and then pointing it at the screen.
    7. Speak only in a "robot" voice.
    8. Push all the flat Lego pieces together tightly.
    9. Start each meal by conspicuously licking all your food, and announce that this is so no one will "swipe your grub".
    10. Leave the copy machine set to reduce 200%, extra dark, 17 inch paper, 98 copies.
    11. Stomp on little plastic ketchup packets.
    12. Sniffle incessantly.
    13. Leave your turn signal on for fifty miles.
    14. Name your dog "Dog."
    15. Insist on keeping your car windshield wipers running in all weather conditions "to keep them tuned up."
    16. Reply to everything someone says with "that's what YOU think."
    17. Claim that you must always wear a bicycle helmet as part of your "astronaut training."
    18. Declare your apartment an independent nation, and sue your neighbors upstairs for "violating your airspace".
    19. Forget the punchline to a long joke, but assure the listener it was a "real hoot."
    20. Follow a few paces behind someone, spraying everything they touch with Lysol.
    21. Practice making fax and modem noises.
    22. Highlight irrelevant information in scientific papers and "cc:" them to your boss.
    23. Make beeping noises when a large person backs up.
    24. Invent nonsense computer jargon in conversations, and see if people play along to avoid the appearance of ignorance.
    25. Erect an elaborate network of ropes in your backyard, and tell the neighbors you are a "spider person."
    26. Finish all your sentences with the words "in accordance with the prophesy."
    27. Wear a special hip holster for your remote control.
    28. Do not add any inflection to the end of your sentences, producing awkward silences with the impression that you'll be saying more any moment.
    29. Signal that a conversation is over by clamping your hands over your ears.
    30. Disassemble your pen and "accidentally" flip the ink cartridge across the room.
    31. Give a play-by-play account of a persons every action in a nasal Howard Cosell voice.
    32. Holler random numbers while someone is counting.
    33. Adjust the tint on your TV so that all the people are green, and insist to others that you "like it that way."
    34. Drum on every available surface.
    35. Staple papers in the middle of the page.
    36. Ask 1-800 operators for dates.
    37. Produce a rental video consisting entirely of dire FBI copyright warnings.
    38. Sew anti-theft detector strips into peoples backpacks.
    39. Hide dairy products in inaccessible places.
    40. Write the surprise ending to a novel on its first page.
    41. Set alarms for random times.
    42. Order a side of pork rinds with your filet mignon.
    43. Instead of Gallo, serve Night Train next Thanksgiving.
    44. Publicly investigate just how slowly you can make a "croaking" noise.
    45. Honk and wave to strangers.
    46. Dress only in clothes colored Hunters Orange.
    47. Change channels five minutes before the end of every show.
    48. Tape pieces of "Sweating to the Oldies" over climactic parts of rental movies.
    49. Wear your pants backwards.
    50. Decline to be seated at a restaurant, and simply eat their complimentary mints by the cash register.
    51. Begin all your sentences with "ooh la la!"
    53. only type in lowercase.
    54. dont use any punctuation either
    55. Buy a large quantity of orange traffic cones and reroute whole streets.
    56. Pay for your dinner with pennies.
    57. Tie jingle bells to all your clothes.
    58. Repeat everything someone says, as a question.
    59. Write "X - BURIED TREASURE" in random spots on all of someone's roadmaps.
    60. Inform everyone you meet of your personal Kennedy assassination/UFO/ O.J Simpson conspiracy theories.
    61. Repeat the following conversation a dozen times: "Do you hear that?" "What?" "Never mind, its gone now."
    62. Light road flares on a birthday cake.
    63. Wander around a restaurant, asking other diners for their parsley.
    64. Leave tips in Bolivian currency.
    65. Demand that everyone address you as "Conquistador."
    66. At the laundromat, use one dryer for each of your socks.
    67. When Christmas caroling, sing "Jingle Bells, Batman smells" until physically restrained.
    68. Wear a cape that says "Magnificent One."
    69. As much as possible, skip rather than walk.
    70. Stand over someone's shoulder, mumbling, as they read.
    71. Pretend your computer's mouse is a CB radio, and talk to it.
    72. Try playing the William Tell Overture by tapping on the bottom of your chin. When nearly done, announce "no, wait, I messed it up," and repeat.
    73. Drive half a block.
    74. Inform others that they exist only in your imagination.
    75. Ask people what gender they are.
    76. Lick the filling out of all the Oreos, and place the cookie parts back.
    77. Cultivate a Norwegian accent. If Norwegian, affect a Southern drawl.
    78. Routinely handcuff yourself to furniture, informing the curious that you don't want to fall off "in case the big one comes".
    79. Deliberately hum songs that will remain lodged in co-workers brains, such as "Feliz Navidad", the Archies "Sugar" or the Mr. Rogers theme song.
    80. While making presentations, occasionally bob your head. like a parakeet.
    81. Lie obviously about trivial things such as the time of day.
    82. Leave your Christmas lights up and lit until September.
    83. Change your name to "AaJohn Aaaaasmith" for the great glory of being first in the phone book. Claim it's a Hawaiian name, and demand that people pronounce each "a."
    84. Sit in your front yard pointing a hair dryer at passing cars to see if they slow down.
    85. Chew on pens that you've borrowed.
    86. Wear a LOT of cologne.
    87. Listen to 33rpm records at 45rpm speed, and claim the faster speed is necessary because of your "superior mental processing."
    88. Sing along at the opera.
    89. Mow your lawn with scissors.
    90. At a golf tournament, chant "swing-batabatabata-suhWING-batter!"
    91. Ask the waitress for an extra seat for your "imaginary friend."
    92. Go to a poetry recital and ask why each poem doesn't rhyme.
    93. Ask your co-workers mysterious questions, and then scribble their answers in a notebook. Mutter something about "psychological profiles."
    94. Stare at static on the TV and claim you can see a "magic picture."
    95. Select the same song on the jukebox fifty times.
    96. Never make eye contact.
    97. Never break eye contact..
    98. Construct elaborate "crop circles" in your front lawn.
    99. Construct your own pretend "tricorder," and "scan" people with it, announcing the results.
    100. Make appointments for the 31st of September.
    101. Invite lots of people to other people's parties.

          Mladý Čech s partiou kamarátov zbiera po celej krajine nepotrebné hračky, aby ich odovzdal deťom z detských domovov   
Nasadli do šiestich áut a za tri dni prešli 1200 kilometrov. Deti z detských domovov však na to dlho nezabudnú!
          Erwin Ridwansyah Patah Tangan di MotoPrix Bangkinang, Riau. Nasib naas menimpa pembalap Jawa Barat dikancah pergulatan Kejurnas MotoPrix region 1 Sumatera 2017, dimana sang pemimpin klasemen sementara dikelas para raja harus mengubur impiannya memperlebar jarak point karena harus menjadi korban keganasan sirkuit sport Centre Bangkinang, Kabupaten Kampar Riau. Pembalap Bintang Centula Sumatera Selatan ini mengalami  patah tulang telapak tangan kanan saat […]

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          A Total Eclipse Will Sweep The U.S. In August, And People Are Going Nuts For It   
On Monday, Aug. 21, a solar eclipse will be visible across America. The last time the contiguous United States saw a total eclipse was 1979 , and it will be the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in 99 years, reports The Associated Press. A partial eclipse will be visible throughout the United States, according to NASA. But within a band that the agency is calling the "path of totality" stretching from Oregon to South Carolina, viewers will witness a total eclipse. And in many of those places, an eclipse industry is already booming. The mayor of Hopkinsville, Ky., says his town has spent more than half a million dollars preparing for the event since learning 10 years ago that the area would be in the path of totality. The town even has an eclipse coordinator. "It'll look like twilight outside. You'll be able to see stars. Four planets will be visible — Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. You'll notice the temperature drop about 5 to 10 degrees," the coordinator, Brooke Jung, told the AP.
          Phytoplankton and sediments in Gulf of Mexico   


Mungkin masih ada yg penasaran arti kode udara dalam perbincangan radio polisi atau radio amatir.

misalnya anda mendengar: ” 8-1-5 cerah berawan, lanjutkan perjalanan ke pangkalan, 8-6. ”

apa itu?

berikut data sandi angka untuk perbincangan radio di indonesia.

data ini mungkin belum lengkap, jadi apabila ada yang tau lebih banyak, silahkan di tambahkan


10-1 Sulit didengar // Penerimaan buruk
10-2 Didengar jelas // Penerimaan baik
10-3 Berhenti mengudara / memancar
10-4 Benar // Dimengerti
10-5 Ada pesan untuk disampaikan
10-6 Sedang sibuk kecuali ada berita penting
10-7 Mengalami kerusakan // Tidak dapat mengudara
10-8 Tidak ada kerusakan // Dapat mengudara
10-9 Mohon diulangi
10-10 Penyampaian berita selesai
10-11 Berbicara terlalu cepat
10-12 Mengundurkan diri karena ada tamu
10-13 Laporan keadaan cuaca / jalanan
10-14 Informasi
10-15 Informasi sudah disampaikan
10-16 Mohon dijemput / diambil di …
10-17 Ada urusan penting
10-18 Sesuatu untuk kita
10-19 Bukan untuk Anda, harap kembali
10-20 Lokasi // Posisi
10-21 Kontak / hubungan melalui telepon
10-22 Melapor langsung ke …
10-23 Menunggu // Stand by
10-24 Selesai melaksanakan tugas
10-25 Dapatkah menghubungi / kontak dengan …
10-26 Pesanan terakhir kurang diperhatikan
10-27 Pindah ke jalur / channel …
10-28 Nama panggilan // Callsign
10-29 Waktu hubungan / kontak habis
10-30 Tidak menaati peraturan
10-31 Antena yang digunakan
10-32 Laporan sinyal dan modulasi // Radio check
10-34 Butuh bantuan, ada kesulitan di stasiun ini
10-36 Jam berapa waktu yang tepat ?
10-39 Pesan sudah disampaikan
10-41 Mohon pindah ke jalur / channel …
10-43 Kemacetan lalu lintas di …
10-44 Ada pesan untuk Anda
10-45 Dalam jangkauan mohon melapor
10-46 Memerlukan montir
10-50 Mohon kosongkan jalur / channel
10-60 Apakah ada pesan selanjutnya ?
10-62 Tidak dimengerti, melalui telepon saja
10-63 Tugas / pekerjaan dilanjutkan di …
10-64 Pekerjaan telah selesai / bersih
10-65 Menunggu berita lanjutan
10-67 Semua unit setuju
10-69 Pesanan telah diterima
10-71 Pesawat KRAP (RIG) yang dipakai
10-73 Kurangi kecepatan di …
10-74 Tidak // Negatif
10-75 Penyebab gangguan
10-76 Dalam perjalanan ke …
10-77 Belum / tidak menghubungi
10-81 Pesankan kamar di hotel …
10-82 Pesankan kamar untuk …
10-84 Nomor telepon
10-85 Alamat
10-89 Butuh montir radio
10-90 Gangguan pesawat televisi (TVI)
10-91 Bicara dekat mikropon
10-92 Pemancar perlu penyesuaian
10-93 Apakah frekuensi sudah tepat ?
10-94 Berbicara agak panjang
10-95 Mengudara dengan sinyal setiap 5 detik
10-97 Tes pada pemancar
10-99 Tugas selesai, semua orang selamat
10-100 Akan ke kamar mandi


1-1 hubungi lewat telepon
1-2 menghadap pusat/posko
1-4 hubungi lewat HT
8-4 testing radio
8-1 komunikasi kurang jelas
8-2 komunikasi jelas/baik
3-3 kualitas suara jelek
4-4 kualitas suara baik
5-5 kualitas suara baik sekali
6-1 terjadi perampokan
6-2 terjadi pencurian
6-3 trjadi penganiayaan
6-5 terjadi kebakaran
6-7 terjadi demonstrasi
8-6 mengerti
8-7 berita disampaikan kepada…
8-1-0 Tidak mengudara/mati
8-1-1 mengudara/ standby
8-1-2 diulangi/kurang jelas
8-1-3 selamat bertugas
8-1-5 keadaan cuaca
8-1-6 waktu/jam
10-2 posisi dimana
10-8 tujuan/meluncur/menuju


Taruna : Berita

Gelombang : Jam/waktu

Semut : Pelajar

Lalat : Mahasiswa

Pangkalan : Rumah/kediaman

Cangkulan : Kantor/tempat kerja

Gajah : Derek

Komando : Kantor polisi

Tikar : Surat

Buntut tikus : Antena pendek (HT)

Belalai gajah : Antena atas

Laka : Kecelakaan

Jaya 65 : Kebakaran

Timor Kupang Pati : Tempat Kejadian Perkara

Timor Lombok Pati : Telepon

Timor Kupang Ambon : TerKendali Aman

Halong Timur : Handy Talky (HT)

Halong Pati : Hand Phone (HP)

Kupang Rembang : KendaRaan

Kupang Ambon : Kereta Api

Wilis Kendal : Walikota

Kendal Cepu : KeCamatan

Kendal Lombok : KeLurahan

Rembang Wilis : RW

Rembang Timur : RT

Rembang Rembang : Serse

Rembang Solo : Rumah Sakit

Rembang Pati : Rupiah

Anak Kijang : Pencuri/Tersangka

Ambon Demak : Angkatan Darat

Ambon Lombok : Angkatan Laut

Ambon Ungaran : Angkatan Udara

Pati Medan : Polisi Militer

Timor Medan : Tamu/Teman

Kresna : Presiden

Bima : Wakil Presiden

Timor Bandung I : Kapolri

Metro I : Kapolda

Timor I : Kapolres

Lombok-Lombok : Lalu Lintas

Timor Lombok : Lampu Lalu Lintas/Traffic Light

Senpi : Senjata Api

Sajam : Senjata Tajam

Curat : Pencurian Dengan Pemberatan

Curas : Pencurian Dengan Kekerasan

Curanmor : Pencurian Kendaraan Bermotor

Bandung Umar Solo : BUS

Medan-Medan : Metro Mini

Pati Demak Irian : Jam/Waktu

Solo Medan Pati : Pelajar

Solo Medan Ungaran : Mahasiswa

Solo Timur Medan : Rumah/Kediaman

Opak Kendal Jepara : Kantor/Tempat Kerja

Opak Pati Solo : Derek

Lombok Pati : Kantor Polisi

Lombok Irian : Surat

Lombok Demak : Antena Pendek (HT)

Bandung-Bandung : Barang Bukti

Bandung2 Padat : Makan

Bandung2 Medan : Bahan Bakar Minyak

Lampiran/Ambon : Istri

Monik : Anak

Solo Bandung : Stand By

Solo Garut : SiaGa

Medan Demak : Meninggal Dunia

Pati Ambon Medan : Pengamanan

Ambon Pati-Pati : Apel

Palang Hitam : Mobil Jenazah

Demak Pati Kendal : Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran


Jajaran 1 : Kapolsek

Jajaran 2 : Wakapolsek

Jajaran 3 : Serse

Jajaran 4 : Sabhara

Jajaran 5 : Bimas/Babinkamtibmas

Jajaran 6 : Lantas/Lalu Lintas
          Piso en Venta en Dénia   
Un apartamento dúplex moderno de lujo en primera línea de la playa en Las  Marinas  Km 9.  Con acabados de alta calidad y acceso directo a la costa arenosa, esta vivienda tiene unas vistas espectaculares al mar para disfrutar desde las terrazas,...
3 habitaciones 2 baños 1125 m² 346 €/m² amueblado Descuento dúplex terraza
Sat, 01 Jul 2017 14:37:29 -0400
          Cine: "Mono con gallinas" Testimonio de costeros y serranos   
“Monos con Gallinas” Guion y Dirección; Alfredo León. Música: Sebastián Escofet. Fotografía: Daniel Avilés Escobar. Reparto: René Pastor,  Santiago Villacis,  Martha Ormaza,  Diego Naranjo,  Pamela Cortés, Bruno Odar,  Pietro Sibille,  Melania Urbina,  Alfredo Espinosa,  Enrique Veintimilla, Carlos Quito,  Paul Lalaleo,  Fabio Nieves,  Líder Medranda. Ecuador/ Argentina. 2013. 85 minutos.
El 5 de julio 1941 Perú acusó a Ecuador de invadir la provincia de Zarumilla.  Para Ecuador fue la excusa para obligar a firmar un Tratado de Límites.  El 31 de julio, Perú toma Puerto Bolívar con tropas aerotransportadas mientras Europa estaba inmersa en la Segunda Guerra.  Faltaban  meses para que Japón atacase Pearl Harbor y el conflicto se hiciera mundial. Mientras tanto, Perú tomó posesión de El Oro y parte de la provincia de Loja. Así el gobierno ecuatoriano suscribió un Tratado de Límites definitivo, teniendo como garantes a Estados Unidos, Brasil, Argentina y Chile. Ese es el trasfondo histórico de una película que, ambientada en 1941, no es de guerra aunque hable sobre sus estragos y consecuencias.
El film se refiere a la fuga de Jorge de su hogar y su participación en el conflicto. Es su vía de escape. Jorge es  un adolescente con pesimos vínculos familiares y mal estudiante. Tiene un amigo,  Bubo, un mecánico de tren,  que lo llama “patrón” porque Jorge sabe leer. Para él la guerra es el camino al reconocimiento.  Se  trata de dos clases sociales, pintadas  de modo condescendiente;  las clases bajas (los ferroviarios) permitirán el progreso de la sociedad y las clases medias o altas (hogar, escuela y poder militar), aseguraran la permanencia y continuidad social.
La guerra no admite hermanos; ni de sangre, ni de clase, ni costeños o serranos, ni de “monos” (aludiendo, de manera ofensiva, al mote que los peruanos daban a los ecuatorianos) ni de “gallinas” (manera en que los ecuatorianos se referían a los peruanos),  ni de países ni de nada.
La  tirantez entre “monos” y  “gallinas” no solo se refiere a dos regiones geográficas sino a sus estereotipos; la costeña (de confrontación) y la serrana (pasiva, observadora y despreocupada). Son dos sujetos históricos que no reconocen hermandad alguna aunque estén atados a un mismo destino.
El film “Monos con gallinas” decanta la idiosincrasia de un grupo humano.  Jorge sale de su hogar para ser un hombre nuevo y, eso, no puede hacerlo solo sino que necesita de un trabajador para entrar en el caos participando de  una guerra solitaria para tener un lugar en un país y en una patria.
El film comienza por el  final: el regreso de Jorge a casa donde su madre, al considerarlo muerto, no lo deja entrar. Cree que ve un fantasma. El Estado lo declaró muerto aunque represente el testimonio que Ecuador, a pesar de la perdida territorial y la rendición, no murió sino que  tiene una tarjeta de identidad nueva:  Jorge es la semilla de una nueva oportunidad. Es el adolescente que huyó y vuelve hecho hombre, maduro en medio de un conflicto que desconocía para asegurar la supervivencia del otro, de aquel que no consideraba su hermano.
Alfredo León presenta, de este modo, su opera prima filmada en 2010 en Quito y Puyo (Ecuador). Está basado en hechos reales. La historia  fue vivida por el tío abuelo de Alfredo, Jorge León Chávez, de 18 años que, sin planificación alguna, fue  soldado en el conflicto limítrofe contra Perú.  Fue detenido en Iquitos (Perú), por ocho o nueve meses. De esa detención nadie se enteró en las filas ecuatorianas y todos lo pensaron muerto.
El director  tiene un postgrado en guion de largometrajes de ficción de la Escuela de Cine de Cataluña (ESCAC) y una Licenciatura en Cine y Video de la Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Realizo varios cortometrajes de ficción y documentales. Actualmente trabaja en el guion de su segundo largo “Sumergible”.

En definitiva, tal como dijo Paul Valery “La guerra es una masacre entre gentes que no se conocen, para provecho de gentes que si se conocen pero que no se masacran”. Eso es, en el meollo, “Monos con gallinas”.

          Teatro: PORNOSONETOS   

Los domingos a la tarde suenan los PORNOSONETOS, nueva obra protagonizada por JULIETA VALLINA, sobre textos de PEDRO MAIRAL (autor de la premiada novela “La Uruguaya”) con dirección del joven y talentoso RAMIRO BAILIARINI. Una puesta absolutamente inusual, una travesía erótico-poética en viaje hacia paisajes emocionales insospechados. Ambigua, dual, estridente, trash, rota en mil pedazos. Vertiginoso y sensual, el montaje de Bailiarini cuenta con dos grandes músicos en escena, Julián e Ignacio Infantino, responsables de los climas y sonidos del universo Mairal, lo cual funciona como sound-track potente del hecho teatral. La obra buscará -y conseguirá- de manera sensible y genuina, hacer sonar esos poemas desde la mirada cruel del amor.

En un horario invernal atractivo, PORNOSONETOS propone una maratón teatral-poético y musical, de extrema belleza que descansa sobre la enorme Julieta Vallina y la minuciosa construcción de Bailiarini sobre los Pornosonetos de Pedro Mairal.

Adán y eva aprisionados en un traje de cuero
Las sexualidades del amor deconstructivas
Detrás de las máscaras nosotros
Un presente veleidoso, una fiesta
Una pieza, un sadomasoquista
Un diamante

Actúa: Julieta Vallina
Músicos: Julian Infantino, Ignacio Infantino Almeida
Diseño de vestuario: Ezequiel Galeano
Diseño de escenografía: Ramiro Bailiarini, Sebastián Francia, Ezequiel Galeano
Diseño de luces: Sebastián Francia
Realización de escenografia: Jose Bailiarini
Música original: Ulises Lopez Langono
Fotografía: Luis Sens
Diseño gráfico: Nacho Jankowski
Asistencia de dirección: Brenda Kreizerman
Colaboración artística: Josefina Gorostiza, Nadia Romina Sandrone
Dramaturgia y Dirección: Ramiro Bailiarini

Funciones Domingos de Junio y Julio a las 16.30
ABASTO SOCIAL CLUB (Yatay 666). Localidades $180. Reservas 4861-7714 o por por

Es egresada de las Carreras de Formación Actoral y Magisterio Teatral de la Escuela de Teatro de La Plata, asimismo cursó la carrera de Licenciatura en Artes Plásticas de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Ha realizado trabajos como actriz en Teatro, Cine, Televisión y Publicidad. Trabajó con varios de  los directores más prestigiosos del medio: Daniel Veronese, Javier Daulte, Mariano Pensotti , Luciano Suardi, José Maria Muscari ,y el grupo El periférico de Objetos , entre muchos otros.
Se destacó en las obras “Como el culo”, “Cuando vuelva a casa, voy a ser otro”, “El comité de Dios”, “4 D óptico”, “Vacaciones en la oscuridad”, ”Demasiado cortas las piernas” , “ El pasado es un animal grotesco”, “El reñidero”, “Mujeres soñaron caballos” entre otras. En Televisión participó en: “El Jardín de bronce”, “La Verdad”, “Según Roxi”, “Tiempos compulsivos”, “El donante”, “Vidas robadas”, entre otros ciclos. Actualmente protagoniza “Los Vecinos de Arriba” junto a Diego Peretti, Florencia Peña y Rafael Ferro en el teatro Metropolitan Sura.
En Cine en  “Sos mi pasión”, “Todo lo que veo es mío”, “Aterrados”, “El muerto cuenta su historia”, “El año del león”, “Vaquero”, “ El pasado” , “ El custodio” entre otras. Ha sido nominada en varias oportunidades a los siguientes Premios: Ace , Clarín , Florencio Sánchez y Teatro del Mundo.

Nació en Bolívar, provincia de Buenos Aires, en 1986.  Se formó como actor en el IUNA y realizó el Proyecto Documental en la Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. En 2011 realizó la asistencia de dirección de “Brick”de Camila Fabbri, En el mismo año,  trabajó con Marcos López en la última campaña de difusión Mar del Plata Film Fest 2011.
En el 2012 comenzó a trabajar en la “Compañía el Silencio” dirigida por Romina Paula como asistente de dirección en la obra teatral “Fauna”. En 2013 realizó la dirección de arte y asistencia de Mi primer Hiroshima de Camila Fabbri, interpretada por María Canale y Julián Infantino.
También codirigió junto a Ignacio Ceroi el cortometraje “El Cisne” y dirigió “La conversación” cortometraje documental,  material con el cual quedo seleccionado al  Talent Campus Buenos Aires 2015 (organizado por la FUC, el BAFICI y BERLINALE FESTIVAL).  En la edición 2017 del BAFICI se proyectó la opera prima de Ignacio Ceroi “Una historia simple” (competencia Internacional) la cual protagoniza y como director gano mejor cortometraje con “No aflojes Miriam” (Competencia Nacional). Actualmente en teatro ensaya la opera prima de Nicolás Goldschmidt. Y en cartel  esta su segunda obra teatral “PornoSonetos”, sobre la obra literaria de Pedro Mairal (“Porno Sonetos”) con la actuación de Julieta Vallina.

Nació en Buenos Aires en 1970. Su novela "Una noche con Sabrina Love" recibió el Premio Clarín de Novela en 1998 y fue llevada al cine en 2000. Publicó además las novelas "El año del desierto" y "Salvatierra"; un volumen de cuentos, "Hoy temprano"; y dos libros de poesía, "Tigre como los pájaros" y "Consumidor final". Ha sido traducido y editado en Francia, Italia, España, Portugal, Polonia y Alemania. En 2007 fue incluido, por el jurado de Bogotá39, entre los mejores escritores jóvenes latinoamericanos. En 2011 condujo el programa de televisión sobre libros Impreso en Argentina. En 2013 publicó El gran surubí, una novela en sonetos, y El equilibrio, una recopilación de sus columnas. En 2016 su novela LA URUGUAYA editada por EMECE, lo consagró como uno de los escritores fundamentales de la actualidad.

          Música: El CUARTETO CEDRON   

El CUARTETO CEDRON para el público infantil


 El 21 de julio a las 18, en Teatro El Popular, el Cuarteto CEDRON presentará su disco PARA NUESTROS HIJOS, en un concierto con entorno de kermés a cargo del grupo La Musaranga. Se trata de un CD de recopilación que trae once canciones grabadas en distintas épocas y que de algún modo aluden al mundo de la infancia.

Desde La casa del asiento de tortuga, hermosísimo poema maya dedicado al nacimiento, a los que  Miguel Angel Bustos escribió para su hijo o el que Javier Villafañe imaginó para un niño negro, pasando por la evocación que hace Tuñón de la algarabía infantil alrededor de La fogata de San Juan. Mares, de Juan Gelman, y Mojarrita Porá, de Alejandro Cantarella son pequeños relatos como fábulas, y se incluye también una versión recitada de Los Ladones, de Tuñón, grabada por Román Cedrón, a sus tres años, entre otras.

La casa del asiento de tortuga integra una colección de canciones escritas por Juan Tata Cedrón a principio de los años 70 sobre textos anónimos mayas traducidos por Miguel Angel Asturias. De aquellas únicamente se grabaron dos y esta sólo fue publicada en aquel momento y nunca más  reeditada en Argentina. El texto es una invocación a quien está por nacer.

La Compañía Nacional de Autómatas la Musaranga sumará sus máquinas, marionetas y robots fabricados con desechos industriales, con personajes que bailan, cantan, hacen malabarismo, ladran y bastante mas.

Juan Tata CEDRÓN (guitarra, composición, voz)
Miguel PRAINO (viola)
Miguel LÓPEZ (bandoneón)
Daniel FRASCOLI (guitarrón, acordeón)
Josefina GARCÍA (violoncello)


Lo que nos importa

No recuerdo la fecha exacta pero fue a principios de los años 2000. A Tata lo habían invitado a tocar a la Plaza de los Periodistas. Todavía no estaba radicado en Argentina pero tenía el proyecto de volver. Había amigos en esa plaza (además de los periodistas homenajeados): Obdulio Onofrio, Juan Molina y Vedia, Silvia… Tata empezó a cantar y yo busqué un lugar para escuchar. Me instalé detrás de una mujer que estaba con su hijito. El nene tendría unos cuatro años. Los recuerdo porque a la segunda o tercera canción, el nene empezó a gritar: “¡Tata! ¡Tata! ¡Cantá Los Ladrones!” Me impresionó. Pensé: qué país más bonito éste… un país donde los niños le hablan a Tata como si fuera un amigo y además… ¡le piden Los Ladrones!

El Cuarteto Cedrón tiene más de una historia con niños. La más famosa es la de Román. El hijo mayor de Tata que a los tres años recitó completito el poema “Los Ladrones”. Recitado que Tata logró grabar (y que se reproduce también en este disco).

Más allá de lo estrictamente familiar: algunos de los jóvenes que hoy trabajan con el Cuarteto lo escucharon de chicos porque ésa era también la música que escuchaban sus padres. Otros se acercaron de más grandes. Esto sucedió en Argentina, pero además en otros lugares. En plena dictadura (en Chile), en los años 80, mi padre cruzó la cordillera con algunos compañeros y encontró refugio en Argentina antes de reunirse con la familia en Francia. Durante su estadía en Buenos Aires quiso hacernos un regalo. El regalo fue el “Tradicional” del Cuarteto Cedrón. Un casete, quizás copiado. Eso no lo recuerdo, pero sé que gracias a mi padre escucho al Cuarteto desde los diez años.

Otra historia. En este caso francesa. Sería el año 2002, 2003. Sucedió que antes de iniciarse un concierto del Cuarteto, en una ciudad de las afueras de París, una pareja le hizo llegar una nota a los músicos. Una nota escrita en francés que, traducida, dice así:

Señores: unas palabritas para pedirles si no podrían tocar y cantar “Ven acá” esta noche. Estamos en la sala con nuestra hija Karen que ahora tiene veinte años y que fue acunada durante toda su infancia –así como sus hermanas– por esa canción que yo le cantaba… Muchas gracias. “Ven acá” es “La casa del asiento de tortuga” (anónimo azteca recopilado por Miguel Ángel Asturias). Canción grabada a principios de los 70 con la que se abre este disco.

Más cerca de nosotros: en Villa del Parque vive una nena llamada Micaela. A los 9 años escuchaba en bucle la versión de “Mano Blanca” que grabó el Cuarteto Cedrón y la “Polka de la tarjeta de cartón”. De manera casual, la nena escuchó al Tata y luego buscó por las suyas…

Para que este tipo de cosas no fuera tan “casual”, años atrás, Tata junto a Jaime Torres imaginaron un proyecto para ir a las escuelas a presentar su música. Con la idea de que los chicos pudieran también formarse al contacto de lo que tienen para ofrecer. Un sonido. Una poesía. Una forma de tocar (y de amar a los demás, yo diría). Lamentablemente, el proyecto no pudo concretarse. La idea de hacer esta antología se nutre de éstas y otras experiencias. En este disco se han reunido grabaciones que por su ternura, por su belleza (y sin necesidad de pedirle al Tata que cante –horror– “para chicos”) pueden acompañar las infancias de nuestros hijos y también, a estas alturas, las de los nietos.

Ojo: lo que nos importa (a los que tenemos la voluntad de sacar este disco) es que ese sonido tan particular que componen la manera de cantar del Tata y el aporte de cada intérprete pueda ser escuchado por chicos. De ninguna manera nos interesa que se hagan versiones que adopten el tono meloso, modulado y “ñañañá” que a veces se usa con los niños (cf. Mafalda y los dichos de Guille sobre la manera en que ciertos adultos le hablan a los chicos; ver también Les Luthiers, Conjunto musical Los Honguitos, “Canción para moverse”).

Una última historia. Hace cosa de un año, me reuní por primera vez con Ana Longoni (investigadora, escritora) en el marco de unos trabajos que estaba haciendo. Llegamos puntual a la cita. Intercambiamos libros. Yo necesitaba leer el que ella acababa de publicar y le llevaba de regalo el libro sobre el Cuarteto Cedrón (Tango y Quimera). Vio la tapa, tomó el libro en sus manos, y me empezó a contar una serie de cosas. Una, sobre todo, me llamó la atención. Años atrás, me dijo, había estado en una plaza escuchando al Tata Cedrón con su hijito. Tendría unos cuatro años entonces. “Y a los gritos, mi hijo le pidió al Tata que cantara Los Ladrones…”

¿Cómo no pensar que estamos hechos también de lo que escuchamos? ¿Cómo no pensar que la música y la poesía pueden ser lo que nos une? Una manera de juntarnos. De reconocernos. De reencontrarnos. Y una forma de transmitir, a quienes más queremos, algo de lo que nos importa.

 Antonia García Castro

          Komentář k příspěvku Kam na dovolenou? NASA kreslenými postery zve na cizí planety od Franta   
Super nápad, krásné retro plakáty. Skoro jako když už žijeme ve sci-fi 50-60 tých let. :-)
          #7: The Girlfriend: The most gripping debut psychological thriller of the year   
The Girlfriend
The Girlfriend: The most gripping debut psychological thriller of the year
Michelle Frances

Buy new: £0.98

(Visit the Bestsellers in Books list for authoritative information on this product's current rank.)
          Utah's National Parks and English Paper Piecing   
I've just returned from a two week trip to see some National Parks in Utah and Arizona.
There were long car rides, so I took along my EPP stars.

I started with this star in Seattle.

We flew to Las Vegas and rented a car. 
We also went to the Neon Museum, a fun place to visit in LV.

The first park we visited was Zion National Park in Utah.  
Wow!  A very beautiful place.  

After that, we went to Bryce Canyon.
Another natural wonder!

Next stop was Moab, Utah, which is close to many of the parks 
AND they have great a quilt shop!

From there, we hiked Arches National Park.

Then we headed to Navajo Nation.  
On our way, we stopped at "Newspaper Rock"
and saw these petroglyphs, all made before 1300, A.D.

In Monument Valley I spotted these Navajo rugs.

Then we saw ancient ruins of the Anasazi at Canyon De Shelly.

The finale of the trip was the Grand Canyon.

Here's the chunk of nine stars I'd made before, (on the left,)
along with the 18 stars I finished on the trip.
Now they'll be packed up and ready for the next travels.

Besides having a great time, I developed a true appreciation for our National Parks, 
the Navajo Nation
AND for English paper piecing!

          Así es cómo los científicos buscan vida extraterrestre   
Esta semana se ha extendido la noticia viral de que la NASA está a punto de descubrir vida extraterrestre. El origen fue un vídeo de un canal de YouTube vinculado al grupo de hackers Anonymous, que la agencia espacial norteamericana no tardó en...
          NASA: Researchers Simulate Asteroid Impacts to Help Identify Possible Life-Threatening Events   
When an asteroid struck the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in 2013, the blast from the asteroid’s shock wave broke windows and damaged buildings as far away as 58 miles (93 kilometers), injuring more than 1,200 people.
          US Rep. Bill Posey, Buzz Aldrin Attend President Trump’s Signing Of The Space Council Executive Order   
The following is a statement from acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot about Friday’s Executive Order creating the National Space Council:
          Ex empleada de la Nasa muestra fotografías y videos que confirmarían presencia de humanos en Marte   

Contenido original

Mucho mas en


Existe un clip de audio, subido a Youtube, y perteneciente a un programa de Coast to Coast AM, en donde una mujer, de nombre “Jackie” dice ser ex-empleado de la NASA, y que en 1979, junto a unos colegas pudieron ver dos figuras humanoides caminando, en un canal de vídeo desde el módulo de descenso del Viking.

John Lear “Jackie” en una llamada telefónica al programa, contó su testimonio a John Lear, ex miembro de la CIA, investigador OVNI, y conocido teórico de la conspiración.
Ella reveló que trabajaba en la telemetría del enlace descendente desde el explorador Viking en el momento que vio las imágenes impactantes. (Viking fue el primero en tomar fotografías de Marte y transmitirlas a la Tierra).
Entonces vi a dos hombres en trajes espaciales – no los trajes voluminosos que usamos normalmente, pero se veían protectores.Llegaron del horizonte caminando hacia el explorador Viking.” Jackie presuntamente se encontraba junto a 6 compañeros de trabajo, cuando vio a los humanoides.
En ese momento la secuencia de vídeo fue cortada, por lo que ella dice que subieron al siguiente nivel para seguir viendo (supuestamente una oficina del piso superior), pero la puerta estaba cerrada y se había colocado un papel en la ventana para que no pudieran ver. Su consulta a Lear fue si los hombres que ella vio eran de la NASA.
Lear, afirma que la NASA aterrizó en Marte en 1966, posiblemente para hacerle reparaciones al Viking. Él dijo que los trajes espaciales no eran incluso necesarios porque los seres humanos pueden adaptarse a respirar la atmósfera marciana. Después de algunas bromas con el presentador del programa, el clip de audio termina.
Aún no está claro cuando fue realizada esta llamada, pero se sabe que ha sido en el año (2014).
Escuchen el audio a continuación:

Como era de esperarse, han surgido miles de dudas y preguntas acerca de la afirmación de Jackie, por no hablar de la respuesta de Lear.
Ella lo llama un “misterio de 27 años de edad”, pero hasta 1979 en realidad hay 35 años. El clip de audio fue publicado en septiembre, pero no hay fecha de la emisión.
Ninguno de sus compañeros de trabajo estaban con ella para corroborar la historia.
John Lear tiene muchas teorías interesantes y controvertidas, sobre los ovnis, extraterrestres, la vida en la Luna, encubrimientos de la NASA en su trabajo con los extraterrestres y conspiraciones del 11/9.
Supuestos humanoides fotografiados en Marte


Verdadera o falsa, no se puede negar que es una historia interesante. Ahora que ya es de conocimiento público, esperemos que los ex compañeros de trabajo de Jackie presenten más información.
Ver video:

La entrada Ex empleada de la Nasa muestra fotografías y videos que confirmarían presencia de humanos en Marte aparece primero en Mundo oculto.

          Πείραμα της NASA "ζωγράφισε" τον ουρανό με χρωματιστά σύννεφα (video) - []   

Έπειτα από καθυστερήσεις που έκαναν τον πληθυσμό της Ανατολικής Ακτής των ΗΠΑ να ανυπομονεί όλο και περισσότερο, η NASA εκτόξευσε την Πέμπτη έναν πύραυλο που απελευθέρωσε χρώματα στο όριο του Διαστήματος και δημιούργησε γαλαζοπράσινα και κόκκινα σύννεφα, ορατά από τη Νέα Υόρκη μέχρι τη Βόρειο...

          North Dakota UAS Test Site Research Collaboration with NASA   
By ND Commerce
Who: Executive Director of the Northern Plains UAS Test Site Nicholas Flom along with North Dakota based companies including SkySkopes (Grand Forks), ISight RPV Services (Grand Forks), Unmanned Applications Institute (Grand Forks) and Botlink (Fargo).
The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced today that Northern Plains Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Test Site has recently completed research initiative with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the implementation, operation, and maintenance of UAS Traffic Management (UTM) systems in the National Airspace System (NAS).
When: Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 10 a.m.
University of North Dakota’s Robin Hall - 4275 University Ave, Grand Forks, ND 58202
Why: The Northern Plains UAS Test Site conducted research flights flown 10 miles south Grand Forks simulating UAS flights supporting the precision agriculture and electrical utility industries. The NASA UTM system supports a variety of uses, including package deliveries, farmland surveys, powerline/power pole inspections, search and rescue operations, video surveillance operations and runway, railway and bridge inspections.
Contact:  Contact Jesse Bradley at the North Dakota Department of Commerce for additional information at 701/328-5300 or 

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          North Dakota Ranks 8th on Forbes Best States for Business List   
By ND Commerce
North Dakota ranks 8th in the Forbes annual best states for business list which measures which states have the best business climates and are poised to succeed going forward.

“We have worked hard and strategically to diversify the economy of North Dakota,” North Dakota Commerce Commissioner Alan Anderson said. “Our technology, manufacturing and aviation industries are booming allowing us to continue to be one of the top rated places in the nation to do business.” 

The Forbes annual ranking measures six categories for businesses: costs, labor supply, regulatory environment, current economic climate, growth prospects and quality of life. They factor in 40 metrics from 17 sources to determine the ranks across the six main areas. The overall ranks are based on a combination of ranks in the six main categories. 

“Companies like Microsoft, Northrop Grumman and Bobcat have all recently announced expansions plans and groups like NASA are committed to long-term projects in North Dakota,” Anderson said. “Our economy is strong and there has never been a better time to be in business in North Dakota.” 

Utah ranked 1st in the Forbes report for the third year. The full report is available at

The North Dakota Department of Commerce works to improve the quality of life for North Dakota citizens by leading efforts to attract, retain and expand wealth. Commerce serves businesses and communities statewide through committed people and partners who offer valuable programs and dynamic services.
For more North Dakota news and information go to


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          Hoeven: General Atomics Flies First Flight at Northern Plains UAS Test Site   
At a ceremony with Air Force, state, local and industry officials today, Senator John Hoeven said General Atomics’ inaugural unmanned aerial systems (UAS) flight at the Northern Plains UAS Test Site is an important milestone because it is the first step to the company training hundreds of UAS pilots from around the world in North Dakota.
General Atomics, manufacturer of the Predator and Reaper unmanned aircraft, both of which are based in North Dakota, plans to train up to 60 flight crews a year from other countries that are purchasing Predators, including Great Britain, Italy and the Netherlands.
The company’s first flight today required ground observers and a manned chase plane, but to train pilots on the Predator, they will need to have beyond-line-of-sight operability and the ability to fly at higher altitudes without ground observers or manned aircraft to monitor the Predator. Currently, commercial operations of UAS weighing less than 55 pounds are permitted to fly only below 400 feet during day time hours and within visual line of sight.
The FAA, however, says it will waive operational limitations on UAS flights if they demonstrate they can conduct safe operations beyond the established rule, such as flying beyond line of sight or at higher altitudes. Hoeven says the test sites were set up to do just that, to demonstrate that you can safely do more than just the basic rule and advance UAS research and development.
“We are working to get authorizations to fly unmanned aircraft beyond the line of sight of the operator, which is essential to companies like General Atomics and others that are trying to train new pilots and develop new technologies” Hoeven said. “To get that approval, I’ve spoken with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Michael Huerta to allow for beyond-line-of-sight operations above 10,000 feet.
“The test site’s ability to use the advanced DASR-11 digital radar system at Grand Forks Air Force Base puts our test site in a strong position to get the authorization, which will make ours the only site in the country with a beyond-line-of-sight capability. We worked hard to secure funding for the DASE-11 radar. It will be valuable not only to General Atomics but also other companies developing UAS technologies. It will also give North Dakota’s test site a competitive edge in contending for a new UAS air wing the Air Force is planning to establish somewhere in the country.”
Today’s ceremony reflects Hoeven’s ongoing efforts to establish North Dakota as the northern hub for UAS technology, research and development. The senator recently returned from California, where he met with top leaders at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Ames Research Center in Moffet Field, Calif. to make the case for developing NASA’s Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system and other programs at the Northern Plains UAS Test Site in North Dakota.
The partnership with NASA and securing approval for beyond-line-of-sight operations would help advance the integration of UAS into the national airspace, which Hoeven has actively supported. Earlier this month, Hoeven successfully included a provision in FAA Reauthorization Extension to extend the authorization for the nation’s UAS test sites, including the Northern Plains UAS Test Site, through September 2019.
As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Hoeven has also worked to secure funding and language supporting UAS research, development and operations at NASA, the FAA, the Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies in Fiscal Year (FY) 2017.

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          UAS Entrepreneurs Set Their Sights on North Dakota   
By PR Newswire
A lone aircraft flies over a large swath of land checking for abnormalities in crops before landing safely at the feet of its pilot. A classroom of college-level students gain experience on how to operate an unmanned aerial system through simulation. An entrepreneur monitors his phone app to ensure that his unmanned aerial systems (UAS) tech is operating correctly out in the field. 

As the largest site available for flying UAS anywhere in the United States, these are every day occurrences in the state of North Dakota.

Since becoming the nation's first operational test site in 2014, the Northern Plains UAS Test Site has attracted investment from leading aerospace companies including General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., Northrop Grumman, the U.S. Air Force and NASA.

This week North Dakota aerospace and aviation leaders are at AUVSI's XPONENTIAL 2016, the largest trade show for the unmanned systems and robotics industry in the world, to showcase the state's continual leadership and ability to attract big names in America's ever-expanding UAS industry. In addition, they are going to be on hand to discuss how entrepreneurs are finding success in the state.

"As thousands of entrepreneurs look for exciting opportunities in the rapidly expanding UAS industry, North Dakota wants them to know that we have the resources and capability to robustly support them in their endeavors," said Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley, who also serves as chairman of the Northern Plains Unmanned Systems Authority.

Because of North Dakota's reputation for UAS innovation and location as an FAA test site, the state is already seeing organic growth in startups focused on UAS.

Take Botlink, a cloud-based operations platform that links drones to industry in real time. The platform allows users to capture, process and automatically deliver aerial imagery anywhere, including into existing business software. Botlink also provides automated drone control and safety features such as airspace alerts, manned aircraft avoidance and weather advisories, allowing operators to remain safe and compliant with complex flight regulations.

"We're proud to be developing the next generation of drone technology in North Dakota," said Terri Zimmerman, Botlink CEO.

Many startup companies working in the UAS industry are supported by the University of North Dakota's (UND) Center for Innovation, which was the first university to offer a degree program in unmanned aviation in 2009 and has the largest university training program available for unmanned aircraft systems.

This includes SkyScopes, Smart C2 and Field of View. All of these companies have emerged out of the Center for Innovation within in the last five years and have been able to take advantage of the forward-thinking resources that come from an FAA-designated test site.

The state's 'Research ND' program offers $5 million biannually in grants for research and development to organizations and companies involved in UAS research through cooperation with UND and North Dakota State University (NDSU). North Dakotahas invested more than $34 million to establish a national UAS test site, to establish the Grand Sky UAS Business Park (the nation's first UAS business and aviation park) and to advance North Dakota's position as a hub for the nation's growing UAS industry.

"North Dakota continues to attract innovators in UAS technology, and we welcome the opportunity to foster entrepreneurship here and set the leading example for best practices in this sector," said Robert Becklund, executive director of the Northern Plains UAS Test Site.

For more information on North Dakota's UAS leadership visit, and for details on the Northern Plains UAS Test Site visit  

UAS Entrepreneurs Set Their Sights on North Dakota - PR Newswire 

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          Northern Plains UAS Test Site Aids NASA in UAS Airspace Test Event   
Earlier today, the Northern Plains Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Test Site successfully conducted close-proximity UAS flight tests to help evaluate NASA’s UAS Traffic Management (UTM) research platform.

Tests were conducted in partnership with the University of North Dakota (UND) and UAS company partners Botlink (, Altavian ( and Sensurion (  

The goal of the test was to have at least four aircraft from each of the nation’s six FAA designated test sites flying simultaneously to test traffic management and safety of UAS flights in multiple locations in low-altitude airspace. Other FAA selected UAS test sites are located in Alaska, Nevada, Texas, Virginia and New York.

“This is the first test using the capabilities of all six test sites,” said Northern Plains UAS Test Site Executive Director Robert Becklund. “Data gathered from this type of testing is the critical information needed to ensure safe management of UAS in the national airspace to help move commercialization of the industry forward.”

The four aircraft chosen for testing in North Dakota were UND’s ScanEagle, Botlink’s ER-1, Altavian’s Nova F6500, and Sensurion’s Magpie. NASA orchestrated all of the tests from the UTM Flight Laboratory at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA. North Dakota test flights took place in western Grand Forks County.

“We are very pleased with our success in this milestone exercise,” said Doug Olsen, Principle Investigator for both Northern Plains UAS Test Site and UND.  “The tests today were very productive and the results will provide all parties valuable insights into how well NASA’s UTM research platform can help safely manage flights of unmanned aircraft, which is important for the future of UAS commercial flying operations.”

The Northern Plains UAS Test Site, led by the North Dakota Department of Commerce and supported by UND, is one of six national UAS test sites designated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to help integrate unmanned aircraft into the national airspace. Multiple test sites participated in today’s NASA research flights.

The UND John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences will have test event video available by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. Instructions to access that footage can be found at:        
For more information about NASA’s UTM project, see For more information about the flights in Grand Forks, contact Doug Olsen, Northern Plains UAS Test Site/University of North Dakota, 701-777-3543,

North Dakota has invested more than $34 million to establish a national UAS test site, to establish the Grand Sky UAS Business Park and to advance North Dakota’s position as a hub for the nation’s growing UAS industry.

For additional information contact Brian Opp at the North Dakota Department of Commerce at (701) 328-5300 or by email at

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          Testing the Skies: Breakthroughs, Collaboration set Flight Plan for Future of UAS   
By Grand Forks Herald
Bob Becklund doesn't have to go far to see the future of unmanned aircraft.

As executive director of the Northern Plains Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site, he only has to walk down the hall and talk to one of his staff members.

"They're all experts at what they do," he said. "When they have an idea, you're going to listen to them."

The test site, which is operated by the state but exists because of a congressional mandate on the Federal Aviation Administration, is charged with researching how to safely integrate unmanned aircraft into the national airspace.

This year, its crews have assisted businesses that want to explore potential uses of unmanned aircraft. These clients include companies in the insurance, railroad, energy and real estate industries and even NASA.

The progress at the test site is just part of advancement seen on several fronts for the unmanned aircraft industry in North Dakota. Major players such as UND and North Dakota State University made strides this year in terms of research, but now have set their focus for 2016.

On the horizon for NDSU is a large-scale agricultural research project aimed at comparing imagery taken by unmanned aircraft from various altitudes while UND intends to create an unmanned aircraft flight training program.

Building up

The unmanned flight training program isn't off the ground quite yet. It has a few more hurdles to clear at the federal level before it becomes official, according to UAS Program Director Al Palmer.

In order to conduct flight training for these aircraft, the school must apply for and receive an exemption.

The exemption is granted by the FAA and is most often sought by businesses looking to operate unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes, which is otherwise illegal.

UND's unmanned flight training program would mirror the school's manned flight training, with students starting on simulators before moving on to flying actual aircraft.

Those simulators and other portions of the UAS program are spread miles apart — a problem Palmers said should be fixed next year.

"We're scattered out at Grand Forks Air Force Base, at the international airport and down here on campus," he said. "It's a challenge for us, but once we get Robin Hall, we'll be centrally located, and everything will be in one building."

Construction on Robin Hall continued throughout 2015 and is expected to be completed in July 2016.

Also hoping to secure space in the new building, which the university has been authorized by the state to spend up to $25 million on, is the test site.

Like its current location on the UND campus in Clifford Hall, space in Robin Hall would be state property and therefore rent free for the test site, which is trying to become self sufficient, Becklund said.

The state has invested nearly $7 million in the establishment and operation of the test site. So far, the site has about $1 million in revenues from contracts that have been completed or are set to be, Becklund said. Some of the contracts are part of larger agreements UND and North Dakota State University have with other firms that total about $3 million.

"Right now we're using state funding for this, but of course companies are paying us to do stuff too, so we're already starting to see a return on that investment," Becklund added. "Our end goal is to be self sufficient. ... But it's impossible to predict when that's going to be."

In the meantime, demand for the test site's flight operations services has its director looking to hire additional staff.

The test site has seven active contracts and about 10 more serious inquires from companies. Becklund expects the test site's work to continue past 2017, the year under current law that the test sites in North Dakota and five other states are required to operate until.

"We're building all this infrastructure here and these people and this expertise for the long run," he said. "Regardless of whether they continue the test site program, we will definitely be a long term asset here for the industry and the FAA to use."

Flying forward

Several distinctions bestowed on the test site this year are helping build up its operations and reputation.

The FAA granted its flight crew authorization to fly anywhere in the United States at the altitude of 400 feet and below and the ability to fly up to 1,200 feet anywhere in North Dakota.

Those and future permissions are expected to pave the way for more projects and contracts lined up for 2016.

One big fish Becklund hopes to land is the ability to fly civilian unmanned aircraft without a chase airplane from Grand Forks Air Force Base, which is home to Grand Sky — touted as the nation's first business park for unmanned aircraft systems.

Chase planes are used to monitor unmanned aircraft operating at altitudes where manned aircraft could be encountered.

Grand Sky, which broke ground this year, would be home to tenants looking to access the base's airspace without employing a costly chase plane.

"If we're successful with that, and so far it's looking pretty good, we'll be the only place in the country where you can do that," Becklund said.

While some of the test site's contracts have taken its staff out of state, Becklund said they focus on conducting a majority of the research in North Dakota.

One of its largest research efforts involves collaborating with NDSU. Together, the organizations are pursuing a 2016 research project centered in the area of Hillsboro, N.D.

NDSU researchers partnering with Elbit, an Israeli manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems, will test image capture capabilities for comparison between large and small aircraft near, Ag Machine Systems Specialist John Nowatzki said.

During an eight-week period, pictures of farmland will be captured by a small device at 400 feet and a large unmanned aircraft at altitudes of 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 feet. Those images will be compared with each other and pictures taken by a satellite.

In addition to comparing imagery, researchers also hope the pictures can be used to estimate crop emergence and yields, detect nutrient deficiencies and count livestock.

Over the past year, similar research has taken place at other NDSU research centers and extension centers.

An economic report from the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International predicts agriculture will be the largest use for unmanned aircraft by 2025.

"We're coming close, but we're not there yet," Nowatzki said.

Testing the Skies: Breakthroughs, Collaboration set Flight Plan for Future of UAS - Grand Forks Herald

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          North Dakota UAS Test Site Announces Contract with NASA   
By ND Commerce
The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced today that it has been awarded a five-year contract to support National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) unmanned aircraft systems research.  

 Under this contract the North Dakota Department of Commerce, operating through the Northern Plains UAS Test Site, has received an initial award of $197,950 to support a NASA developed unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) traffic management project utilizing a diverse group of local partners including the University of North Dakota, Sensurion Aerospace, Altavian and Botlink. The contract between the North Dakota Department of Commerce and NASA could lead to additional awards over the five-year period of performance.   

 “This NASA contract is more confirmation that our ongoing work to establish North Dakota as a national hub for UAS research, development and commercialization is gaining more traction every day,” said Gov. Jack Dalrymple who has led the state’s efforts to make North Dakota a premier destination for America’s growing UAS industry, “With one of only six UAS test sites in the nation, the development of the Grand Sky UAS park and many other assets, North Dakota is well positioned to lead this growing industry into a role of great importance to the nation.”

 Doug Olsen, Project Manager with the Northern Plains Unmanned Aircraft Test Site and Principle Investigator for this contract said, “NASA has been a strong partner with the FAA over the years working to integrate UAS into the national airspace system, and we are very excited to be a part of the NASA team.”

 North Dakota has invested more than $34 million to establish a national UAS test site, to establish the Grand Sky UAS Business Park and to advance North Dakota’s position as a hub for the nation’s growing UAS industry.

For additional information contact Brian Opp at the North Dakota Department of Commerce at (701) 328-5300 or by email at

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          FAA Approves Use of Visual Observers for UAS Testing Flights in North Dakota   
By ND Commerce
The Northern Plains (UAS) Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site has been given an additional operational approval to expand the testing capabilities for the UAS industry. Northern Plains UAS Test Site is now approved for the use of visual observers from multiple ground locations, often referred to as “daisy-chaining” to ensure a safe, low-altitude environment, that simulates flights that are  beyond the visual line of sight. 
“As beyond line of site operations are not currently authorized at low altitudes, ‘daisy-chaining’ gives us the ability to use multiple visual observers to create an environment that tests various concepts beyond visual site,” says Nicholas Flom, Director of Safety at the Northern Plains UAS Test Site. “We applaud the FAA for providing us with this opportunity to assist users in simulating missions in a beyond visual line of site environment in an effort to move this industry forward.”
This approval replaces the need for a chase manned aircraft, providing a safer and more economical solution. The Northern Plains UAS Test Site is working with NASA and their Unmanned Traffic Management initiative, as well as the FAA’s UAS Center of Excellence to explore low altitude detect-and-avoid solutions. Both of these initiatives require testing in a beyond visual line of sight environment. 
Companies working in fields such as precision agriculture and national infrastructure inspection will see a benefit in testing in this environment. The Northern Plains UAS Test Site also hopes to attract manufacturers who would like to demonstrate the capabilities of their platforms to the FAA in a simulated beyond visual line of sight environment.
The FAA recognizes the industry’s needs to safely and efficiently integrate UAS into the National Airspace System (NAS) and the associated requirement to conduct the aeronautical research needed to do so ultimately enabling commercialization of their services. This Northern Plains UAS Test Site expansion of testing options demonstrates the FAA’s commitment to the UAS industry as well as the capabilities of the Northern Plains UAS Test Site. 
The approval continues a growing number of advancements at the Northern Plains UAS Test Site, which became the nation’s first test site to be FAA approved for operations on April 21, 2014.  
Gov. Jack Dalrymple established the Northern Plains Unmanned Aerial Systems Authority in May 2013. The six-member authority, chaired by Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley, has worked ever since to develop the test site and advance the state’s UAS industry.  North Dakota has invested more than $30 million in state funding for the test site’s development, to establish the Grand Sky UAS Business Park and to further advance North Dakota’s position as a hub for the nation’s growing UAS industry.
For more information about the Northern Plains UAS Test Site or to inquire about gaining access to airspace, go to NPUASTS.COM or call us at 701-777-6100.  

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          There’s a New Silicon Valley of Drones, and it Isn’t in California   
By MW Market Watch
The “Silicon Valley of drones” is taking shape in a place you probably wouldn’t expect.

With the most open airspace in the country, vast tracts of farmland, infrastructure to test on and the nation’s first unmanned aircraft degree program, it makes sense that North Dakota would be the place for drone technology to spread its wings, and it’s now expanding at an unprecedented rate.

The U.S. has previously been circumspect about allowing companies to commercialize drones; murky rulings from the Federal Aviation Administration and the haphazard enforcement of laws have made it challenging for drone companies to operate in the U.S. — so challenging, in fact, that many operators, including Amazon Prime Air, have expressed an intention to leave the U.S. to work in other countries.

But it’s a different story in North Dakota.

This summer, the nation’s first unmanned airport, the Grand Sky Development Park, opens at the state’s Grand Forks Air Force Base. The project, which has 1.2 million square feet of hangar, office and data space, is being developed by Grand Sky Development Co. A runway will allow for traditional and vertical takeoffs by drones.

The airport is expected to generate about 3,000 jobs by its 2016 completion, including 1,000 permanent jobs on site, 1,000 jobs around the community and 1,000 jobs outside the state, said Tom Swoyer, the project’s developer. Pilots would be able to control drones launching at the site from anywhere in the world.

“It’s going to touch a lot of places,” Swoyer said. “A pilot could be in Southern California and pilot the plane launched from North Dakota.”

It’s an appealing proposition for companies like Northrop Grumman NOC, -0.62%  , which has signed on as the site’s anchor tenant but has its aerospace-systems headquarters in Redondo Beach, Calif.

North Dakota committed $5 million to help bring infrastructure to the site as part of its 2015-17 executive budget and another $7.5 million in grants for runway improvements. With the project expected to cost about $25 million in total, the balance will be covered by private investment, said Swoyer.

“This project evolved here in North Dakota with the right combination of political will and an economy that was growing,” Swoyer said. “It’s a state that is investing in the industry. It’s a community willing to raise their hands and say, ‘Let’s try something completely different.’ ”

A community ‘all focused on unmanned aviation’
In 2005, the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) considered closing the Air Force base.

“Our performance and safety record in fighter aircraft was unprecedented, but despite that our aircraft were getting old and weren’t going to get replaced,” said Robert Becklund, then commander of the North Dakota Air National Guard.

To avoid a drastic action by BRAC, the base made a bold move — replacing its KC-135 Stratotankers with drones.

“This was a dramatic change going from a single-seat manned fighter aircraft to unmanned aircraft,” Becklund said. “But it was the right thing to do for the nation.”

The base is now the site of the Global Hawk and MQ-1 Predator drone aircraft.

At about the same time, the University of North Dakota established a “center of excellence” for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), offering the nation’s first undergraduate degree program in unmanned aviation. Five students received degrees in 2011, the program’s first graduating class. Today, more than 100 students are enrolled, and the program is one of more than 30 similar degree programs at universities throughout the country.

“We have academia, our military, the Department of Homeland Security and industries in the region all focused on unmanned aviation,” Becklund said.

In 2014, North Dakota was one of six states allowed to develop a test site for commercial drone applications: the Northern Plains UAS Test Site in Grand Forks. The site is part of an FAA program looking toward the safe integration of unmanned aircraft into airspace.

North Dakota’s test site was the first to earn operational designation from the FAA and the first to fly under the agreement. The site covers more than half the state, boasting 45,000 square miles of authorized airspace — the largest such volume of any single state.

“If North Dakota hadn’t been selected as a test site, I would have questioned our country’s decision making,” said Becklund, who now serves as the executive director of the test site.

The state budget allocated $4.2 million in its 2015-17 budget for operating the test site. Of that, $1.2 million goes directly to drone companies in the form of a dollar-for-dollar matching program for those opting to partner with one of North Dakota’s research universities on a project. A related but separate program, Research North Dakota, provides up to $300,000 in matching funds for qualified firms.

But there’s a catch. For major companies to fly at the test site, they have to lease their unmanned aircraft to the site so that they can fly under public domain. That caveat is what may have driven companies like Amazon to explore drone-delivery testing outside of the U.S.

“There is no way these companies will lease their airplanes to us,” Becklund said. “It’s a proprietary machine. Any company developing their own aircraft will not lease that to anyone outside their company.”

That restriction has posed a major problem for test sites trying to attract corporate research.

“The FAA says they are here to support industry, but to [participate at a test site] companies have to lease their aircraft to us,” Becklund said.

Companies could get around the requirement by applying for an experimental certification, but that still restricts them to research — not commercial — applications.

A vibrant startup scene
Despite the challenges, other (often smaller) drone companies benefit from the test site.

Most of those companies are based in Fargo, a city that entrepreneurs say bursts with an energy that’s akin to that of the startup scene in San Francisco. But this scene is dominated by drone-based industries.

“We’re becoming a robust startup community,” said North Dakota’s lieutenant governor, Drew Wrigley. “They are the geek squad over in Fargo. You’ve got technical companies and young, energetic entrepreneurs.”

Appareo Systems builds flight-data recorders and ADS-B, a type of aircraft tracking system. Since 2001, that startup has worked on a project in partnership with NASA and the University of North Dakota to build, design and manufacture the ADS-B equipping the airplanes.

Another company, Packet Digital, combines high-speed power electronics with advancements in solar to double drone flight times. The ultimate goal is to provide drones with unlimited flight.

“Once you extend flight time, you open up the possibility of many more types of applications and uses for drones,” said Terri Zimmerman, Packet Digital’s CEO. Those applications could include agriculture, allowing farmers to fly drones over farmland to monitor their crops.

And as more drones fill the airspace, there’s a company working on technology that gives pilots situational awareness of other drones in the area. Botlink allows operators to control a drone from a tablet and detect other drones flying nearby.

The company was founded by Shawn Muehler. He’s the guy behind DroneFocus, a meet-up group in Fargo that grew to 50 members, including Becklund, local startups and public officials. “We’re bringing the government, the private sector, the commercial side together to cut through the red tape,” Muehler said. “It’s the only meet-up where we get every industry player in one room.” Lt. Gov. Wrigley has been known to attend.

Indicative of the group’s attitude, the whole thing is organized through That means anyone is welcome; you just click a button to join. When the group huddles, the gathering feels more like a block party than a rigid policy meeting with a strict agenda, according to attendees.

“We just have a different personality out here,” Muehler said. “It’s not about how we can beat our competitors. It’s how we can help each other out to propel this industry forward.”

North Dakota’s drone sector has already blown away industry predictions. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) released an economic report in 2013 (before North Dakota was chosen as a test site) predicting the economic impact of drone integration in the U.S. The data were based on airspace activity at the time the report was created.

They forecast that between 2015 and 2017, California’s drone industry would have the largest economic impact in terms of dollars, and North Dakota’s would have the third lowest.

North Dakota’s Department of Commerce revised those predictions in 2013 based on the assumption that the state would become a test site. Its data showed that North Dakota would have the greatest percentage of drone-related jobs (relative to population) of any state.

“Obviously, California has a number of aerospace companies as well as companies that develop sensors, payloads, software and a variety of different products that fit within this industry,” said Paul Lucy, a director at the North Dakota Department of Commerce. “They underestimated the potential for companies to come here and do R&D work with our test site.”

Still, Becklund doesn’t believe North Dakota is a complete replacement for Silicon Valley, he said. There just aren’t enough people working in engineering and technology to fill jobs in a state that already has one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates, he said. North Dakota’s unemployment rate in May was 3.1% versus the national average of 5.5%.

“But if those engineers who developed the technologies in Silicon Valley are looking for a place with a low cost of living, a highly educated workforce and a cooperative community — whether that’s the government or financially — probably this is the best place to do that,” he said.

But even if the jobs get filled, there’s still the issue of funding.

“We can’t get funding because the people in the state tend to be fiscally conservative,” Botlink’s Muehler said. His company received $500,000 in seed funding from local investors. But that’s a paltry figure if the state is going to compete with such venture-backed Silicon Valley drone startups as Airware, which has raised over $40 million in five funding rounds, or 3D Robotics, which has more than $100 million in venture capital.

“We’ve been searching for Series A on a local level because we want to keep the money in the state, so we’re looking for funding sources within North Dakota,” said Muehler.

But where these startups lack private capital, the state is trying to foot the bill. Since 2006, North Dakota has allocated $32.5 million in grant funding to companies interested in commercial drone development through 2017. In addition, the state’s Research North Dakota program offers $5 million biannually in grants from research and development to organizations and companies involved in UAS research through state universities.

Those business incentives have drawn companies from around the U.S. to the state. Florida-based drone manufacturer Altvavian announced in February a $3.2 million agreement to manufacture drones at a plant in North Dakota, the first official UAS manufacturing project in the state.

Wrigley said he sees his state as the Silicon Valley of drones. “People look to North Dakota and say they want to emulate this,” the lieutenant governor said. “We’re blessed with the natural conditions that make it easy to expand drone technology, industries that are keen to tie in UAS technology — and on top of that you have people passionate for aviation and emerging technologies. It’s a part of our pioneering culture.”

There’s a New Silicon Valley of Drones, and it Isn’t in California - MW Market Watch

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          Geologic Abstract Mixed Media Painting "Anasazi" by Colorado Artist Carol Nelson   
          MICROSOFT MVP AWARD 2017-2018!   


“Hi Guys! It’s Amazing! “

At a time when the MVP program is radically changing, I’m happy that Microsoft has renewed my MVP award #2 (2017-2018); In this case is the second consecutive award, for others I knew that unfortunately it has not been renewed.

At the time of "Social 2.0", I focused everything on my blog that I update often, I’ve registered my new domain and I have grown considerably both to followers and visitors (more than 1300% compared to last year).

I’ve also put some advertisements in my blog (I know that doesn’t like to my readers..), the proceeds from the ads, in addition to the payment of the domain (the domain has a cost …), will be given to charity (as always) to the institution I support and who deals with remote adoptions (I have 3 children adopted since many years…)

…… Thanks to ALL my followers and readers!

Thanks to Microsoft!


 Most Valuable Professional
Independent Experts. Real World Answers.
Gentile Roberto,

Siamo ancora una volta lieti di assegnarti il titolo 2017-2018 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Come sai, si tratta di un premio assegnato ai leader delle community tecniche con doti eccezionali che condividono con altri una straordinaria passione, la competenza sul campo e l’esperienza tecnica dimostrando un impegno esemplare. Apprezziamo davvero il tuo incredibile contributo, relativamente a Business Solutions, all’interno delle community tecniche durante lo scorso anno.
Il premio Microsoft MVP ci offre un’opportunità unica di celebrare e onorare i tuoi notevoli contributi e di ringraziarti del tuo impegno all’interno della community tecnica. A dimostrazione della nostra gratitudine, ti abbiamo spedito un pacco dono con il premio MVP.

Di nuovo congratulazioni per il premio MVP.

Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
98052 WA



You can find a list of activities in my MVP page

OLD post about MVP Award (posted last year, 01/07/2016)


I love statistics … and today it’s a raining day… good time to calculate and show to my followers some stats about my blog.


My Blog

Blog FollowersReaders

– More than 1.600 registered followers

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– More than #2 Millions of Pageviews @01/07/2017


– More than 1.100 followers

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– More than 10.000 slides shareddownloaded


– More than 2.000 followers

– A lot of sharing activities


– About Youtube .. a few of followers for now…. I need to work ti increment Youtube visits..

Interviews & Reviews

– A lot of interviews and reviews of books for many vendors

Posting Answers on Dynamics Communities

– A lot of postsanswers in more than 3 different communities

– A lot of Product Suggestions (Dynamics NAV & Dynamics 365 For Financials)


– More than 2050 points on MSDN

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– Some codes on GitHub

Activities for Microsoft Partner Network

– Some Technicals and Functionals requests for fixingimprovements on italian localization

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Roberto Stefanetti, My Dynamics NAV MVP Blog #1 (2015-2017)



Best Countries %


ALEXA RANK STATS @01/07/2017



“SOME STATS” from “Worthofweb” #1 website-value calculator (…estimated values by ranking)


Best Italian IT Blogger #72

Best Italian Fashion Blogger #44.050


And my Blog! #15.396 …nice score !


Have a nice weekend!

Roberto Stefanetti [MVP 2017-2018]

          NASA опубликовало фотографию Марсианской Ниагары   
NASA опубликовало фотографию c исследовательского зонда, на которой изображена часть Красной планеты, где в древности поток лавы тек с высоты, как водопад. Космическое агентство назвало это место «Марсианской Ниагарой». Благодаря многофункциональной автоматической межпланетной станции Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) у NASA есть 3D-изображение северного края 30-километрового кратера в западной части вулканической провинции Фарсида. На изображении видно, что лава посреди кратера растекалась в несколько потоков и стекала вниз. «Изображение крупным планом показывает грубую текстуру лавы, которая обрушивалась с вершины кратера вниз», — …
          NASA протестирует ядерный реактор для колонии на Марсе   
NASA активно готовится к отправке человека на Марс, и одной из ключевых технических проблем, над которой работает агентство, остается обеспечение колонистов достаточным количеством электроэнергии. Одним из возможных вариантов остаются небольшие ядерные реакторы деления, которые работают путем расщепления атомов урана для выработки тепла, которое затем преобразуется в электроэнергию. Филиал технологического развития NASA уже финансирует проект под названием Kilopower в течение трех лет и в скором времени продемонстрирует работу системы на полигоне в Неваде. Тестирования начнутся в сентябре и закончатся в январе …
          NASA провело студенческие соревнования по добыче льда на Марсе   
NASA провело соревнования студенческих команд по добыче имитации марсианского подповерхностного льда. Ледовое состязание проходило а исследовательском центре NASA в Лэнгли, штат Вирджиния. Целью соревнований был поиск наиболее подходящей технологии использования ресурсов Марса. Результаты конкурса могут помочь сократить расходы на транспортировку воды и других материалов на другие планеты, потому что будущие колонисты смогут использовать те ресурсы, что будут на месте их посадки. «Американское космическое агентство действительно сосредоточено на том, чтобы попасть на Марс», — заявил Ричард Дэвис, помощник директора NASA по …
          NASA Apollo Saturn V LEGO Set   

The first men to land on the moon used a Saturn V rocket. Now that rocket is a LEGO set, with 1969 pieces (because the Apollo 11 mission was in 1969). It comes with a lunar orbiter, a lunar lander, and three astronaut minifigs. The rocket can separate into three stages, just like the original. The finished model is over three feet tall! To get a sense of how big that is, check out the size of the minifigs.

Since you probably don't have that much room to stand it up, it comes with three stands so you can display it horizontally. -via Kottke

          Microsoft patches NSA’s leaked Windows hacks   
Microsoft patches NSA’s leaked Windows hacks

Microsoft Corp. has claimed that it has already patched the security holes in Windows that were allegedly exploited by a group called “The Shadow Brokers” earlier this year.

The hacking tools that were probably originated from the NSA were recently released online, and the software giant was capable of testing and confirming patches that are available for all supported versions of operating system.

Microsoft’s responsed quickly after a number of security researchers raised concerns. One of the security experts even advised users of Windows to turn off their computers for the weekend.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden argued that the NSA didn’t warn Microsoft about the leaked security holes. However, a security researcher, known as the grugq, claimed that the NSA might have reported a few bugs themselves.

While the Redmond firm always acknowledges the source of security flaw reports, the grugq noticed that there are no acknowledgements for patches (MS17-010) that were issued in March to fix some of the leaked NSA exploits.

While Microsoft has already patched the exploits; users of older versions of Windows, including XP and Windows Vista, might still be at risk as the software giant will likely not supply any patches for these unsupported operating systems.


          Astronaut Peggy Whitson breaks spacewalking record for women   
Astronaut Peggy Whitson breaks spacewalking record for women

NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson recently set a new spacewalking record for women in space as she along with a fellow astronaut ventured outside the International Space Station (ISS) for the second time within a week.

Whitson and Expedition 50 Commander Shane Kimbrough set out at 7:29 a.m. EDT and spent more than 7 hours working outside the space station.

They outfitted a recently relocated docking module to ready it for arrival of commercial crew spacecraft in 2018. The pair upgraded a computer relay box, connected power & data cables to Pressurized Mating Adapter 3, and covered the lately vacated CBM port PMA-3.

Despite the success of the mission, the spacewalk was not all triumphs as the pair accidentally lost some apparatus in the vacuum of space.

Four hours and 23 minutes into the spacewalk, Whitson broke the record for cumulative time spent by any woman in spacewalking. She broke the previously set record of NASA astronaut Suni Williams, who spent a total of 50 hours and 40 minutes in spacewalking.

After completing her most recent spacewalk, Whitson shattered that record, racking up 53 hours and 22 minutes in total.


          NASA’s Juno probe sends back stunning images of Jupiter   
NASA’s Juno probe sends back stunning images of Jupiter

Renowned U.S. space agency NASA has released some really stunning new images of Jupiter that were captured and sent back to Earth by its space probe Juno.

Designed to map our solar system’s biggest planet’s poles and atmosphere, Juno entered Jupiter’s orbit in July 2016 after a 5-year journey, and it has been probing the planet since then.

Scott Bolton, Juno’s principal investigator from the Southwest Research Institute, said that the new images look like paintings of Van Gogh.

Speaking on the topic, Bolton said, “I kind of expected some of this, because a long time ago, Voyager took pictures, and other spacecraft that have gone near Jupiter have taken some images, but they’re usually global ones and boy, when you get close and you see these swirls, they look like art.”

The new images show stunning clouds above the surface of Jupiter that are produced by the planet’s incredibly complex atmospheric dynamics, including winds and turbulence.

Juno has already orbited the largest planet of our solar system five times since it arrival on in early July last year, and its most recent closest flyby of the planet occurred on 27th of March.


          NASA flet për konspiracionin e “fëmijëve-skllevër” në plantin Mars   
Gjendja në mars për qeniet njerëzore është e tmerrshme dhe jo vetëm për shkak se atmosfera e planetit të kuq është kryesisht me dioksik karbori, por temperatura mesatare është minus 81 gradë. Me këtë, NASA u jep përgjigje konspiracioneve për …
          Astronomy Picture of the Day jako tapeta   
2017-02-10 Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) to strona udostępniona przez NASA, na której codziennie pojawia się nowe zdjęcie astronomiczne. Oprócz aktualnego zdjęcia, mamy również dostęp do fotografii archiwalnych z każdego dnia od 1995 roku. Adres strony to Bardzo często zdjęcia z tej strony ustawiałem jako tło pulpitu w systemie, wymagało to jednak wejścia […]
          [Vodič za emigraciju] Re: Bugarsko drzavljanstvo   
Citat: "*cvele977:* Molim vas, nisam nasao drugu temu, pa da postavim ovde pitanje...da li se jos uvek dobija licna karta prilikom otvaranja firme u bugarkoj i da li ste upoznati sa procedurom oko toga. Najlepse hvala na odgovoru." Da bi dobio drzavljanstvo preko firme,potrebno je da ta firma radi najmanje 5 godina u Bugarskoj sa pozitivnim finansijskim izvestajima svake godine. Takodje,potrebno je da ste ulozili u tu firmu odredjenu sumu novca,kao i da zaposlite najmanje 9 radnika...
          [Elektronika] Re: Vremenac sa NE555   
Pa tim aplikacijama sa odlozenim iskljucivanjem invertujes kontrolni signal, sa jednim tranzistorom. Mada, ja bih preporucio arduino nano za takve aplikacije, narocito zbog ponasanja sklopa nakon nestanka napajanja. Sa cenom od par dolara, nije dramaticno daleko od cene 555, a pruza nezamislivo vise opcija..
          [Vodič za emigraciju] Re: Bugarsko drzavljanstvo   
Molim vas, nisam nasao drugu temu, pa da postavim ovde pitanje...da li se jos uvek dobija licna karta prilikom otvaranja firme u bugarkoj i da li ste upoznati sa procedurom oko toga. Najlepse hvala na odgovoru.
          [Grejanje i klimatizacija] Re: Koja klima ?   
Na euroventu ima samo sa oznakom MSMBBU-12HRFN1-QRD0GW(B),a u nasim prodavnicama nijedna nema to (B) na kraju,samo MSMBBU-12HRFN1-QRD0GW Ima na euroventu MSMBBU-12HRFN1-QRD0GW bez (B) podaci ali na stranici cooling only. Nema za grejanje Sta da radim,na Hrvatskom sajtu i Madjarskom sam nasao sa (B) ali kod nas nema...??? [sub][[b]Ovu poruku je menjao Nenad-ynwa dana 01.07.2017. u 13:15 GMT+1[/b]][/sub]
          Kenya: NASA demands voter register's audit report   
Opposition chief Raila Odinga's top political adviser Salim Lone and think-tank Adams Oloo want the electoral commission to release the report of the audit of the voters' register by KPMG.
          : Raila Odinga's comments on 2022 elections tops our best quotes of the week   

NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga:

"With just 40 days to August 8 polls, the proverbial 40 days are here

          : New survey presents Jubilee party as the most popular in the country   
President Uhuru Kenyatta would garner 48% of the votes against NASA's presidential candidate Raila Odinga's 43% if elections were held today
          : JUBILEE AND NASA MANIFESTOS: The promises do not translate into tangible change   

The season of political campaigns has its stock of drama and blue prints

          Politics: NASA leaders raise fears of secret polling stations   
Opposition accuses the electoral commission of not being clear on the exact number of polling stations despite making inquiries
          Politics: Advantage Jubilee? Masika and Kibwana in ‘friendly' fire   
Gideon Ndambuki, the Jubilee candidate, hopes to benefit from NASA vote split between incumbent and real estate tycoon.
          Politics: Jubilee, NASA divided over ballot printing   
Sharp differences emerged between Jubilee Party and National Super Alliance (NASA) in court on who should be contracted to print presidential election ballot papers.
          Universities Space Research Association — USRA: NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP)    
Generous Stipend, Travel Budget and Relocation Allowance: Universities Space Research Association — USRA: The NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) supports NASA's goal to expand scientific understanding of Earth and the universe in which we live 14+ Space, Flight, Astrobiology, Lunar Science and Research Centers as well as NASA HQ
          What's New in Science Reference: Exploring the Extreme Universe, New Science Webcast   

NASA Goddard astrophysicst Dr. Julie McEnery spoke on exploring the extreme universe with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope.

Click here to view the webcast.

          What's New in Science Reference: The Total Eclipse of 2017, New Science Webcast   

Solar physicist and associate director for science, Heliophysics Science Division, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Dr. C. Alex Young spoke about the science and wonder of total solar eclipses.  He explained the celestial mechanics of the eclipse, viewing opportunities and how NASA will study the sun and Earth during this rare event on August 21, 2017.

Click here to view the video.

          Spesies Komodo Binatang Prasejarah Dari Indonesia   
Komodo, atau yang selengkapnya disebut biawak komodo (Varanus komodoensis, adalah spesies kadal terbesar di dunia yang hidup di pulau Komodo,Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, dan Gili Dasami di Nusa Tenggara. Biawak ini oleh penduduk asli pulau Komodo juga disebut dengan nama setempat ora.
Termasuk anggota famili biawak Varanidae, dan klad Toxicofera, komodo merupakan kadal terbesar di dunia, dengan rata-rata panjang 2-3 m. Ukurannya yang besar ini berhubungan dengan gejala gigantisme pulau, yakni kecenderungan meraksasanya tubuh hewan-hewan tertentu yang hidup di pulau kecil terkait dengan tidak adanya mamalia karnivora di pulau tempat hidup komodo, dan laju metabolisme komodo yang kecil. Karena besar tubuhnya, kadal ini menduduki posisi predator puncak yang mendominasi ekosistem tempatnya hidup.
Komodo ditemukan oleh peneliti barat tahun 1910. Tubuhnya yang besar dan reputasinya yang mengerikan membuat mereka populer di kebun binatang. Habitat komodo di alam bebas telah menyusut akibat aktivitas manusia dan karenanya IUCN memasukkan komodo sebagai spesies yang rentan terhadap kepunahan. Biawak besar ini kini dilindungi di bawah peraturan pemerintah Indonesia dan sebuah taman nasional, yaitu Taman Nasional Komodo, didirikan untuk melindungi mereka.


Komodo tak memiliki indera pendengaran, meski memiliki lubang telinga. Biawak ini mampu melihat hingga sejauh 300 m, namun karena retinanya hanya memiliki sel kerucut, hewan ini agaknya tak begitu baik melihat di kegelapan malam. Komodo mampu membedakan warna namun tidak seberapa mampu membedakan obyek yang tak bergerak.
Komodo menggunakan lidahnya untuk mendeteksi rasa dan mencium stimuli, seperti reptil lainnya, dengan indera vomeronasal memanfaatkan organ Jacobson, suatu kemampuan yang dapat membantu navigasi pada saat gelap. Dengan bantuan angin dan kebiasaannya menelengkan kepalanya ke kanan dan ke kiri ketika berjalan, komodo dapat mendeteksi keberadaan daging bangkai sejauh 4—9.5 kilometer. Lubang hidung komodo bukan merupakan alat penciuman yang baik karena mereka tidak memiliki sekat rongga badan. Hewan ini tidak memiliki indra perasa di lidahnya, hanya ada sedikit ujung-ujung saraf perasa di bagian belakang tenggorokan.
Sisik-sisik komodo, beberapa di antaranya diperkuat dengan tulang, memiliki sensor yang terhubung dengan saraf yang memfasilitasi rangsang sentuhan. Sisik-sisik di sekitar telinga, bibir, dagu dan tapak kaki memiliki tiga sensor rangsangan atau lebih.
Komodo pernah dianggap tuli ketika penelitian mendapatkan bahwa bisikan, suara yang meningkat dan teriakan ternyata tidak mengakibatkan agitasi (gangguan) pada komodo liar. Hal ini terbantah kemudian ketika karyawan Kebun Binatang London ZSL, Joan Proctor melatih biawak untuk keluar makan dengan suaranya, bahkan juga ketika ia tidak terlihat oleh si biawak.

Anatomi dan morfologi

Di alam bebas, komodo dewasa biasanya memiliki berat sekitar 70 kilogram, namun komodo yang dipelihara di penangkaran sering memiliki bobot tubuh yang lebih besar. Spesimen liar terbesar yang pernah ada memiliki panjang sebesar 3.13 meter dan berat sekitar 166 kilogram, termasuk berat makanan yang belum dicerna di dalam perutnya. Meski komodo tercatat sebagai kadal terbesar yang masih hidup, namun bukan yang terpanjang. Reputasi ini dipegang oleh biawak Papua (Varanus salvadorii).
Komodo memiliki ekor yang sama panjang dengan tubuhnya, dan sekitar 60 buah gigi yang bergerigi tajam sepanjang sekitar 2.5 cm, yang kerap diganti. Air liur komodo sering kali bercampur sedikit darah karena giginya hampir seluruhnya dilapisi jaringan gingiva dan jaringan ini tercabik selama makan. Kondisi ini menciptakan lingkungan pertumbuhan yang ideal untuk bakteri mematikan yang hidup di mulut mereka.
Komodo memiliki lidah yang panjang, berwarna kuning dan bercabang. Komodo jantan lebih besar daripada komodo betina, dengan warna kulit dari abu-abu gelap sampai merah batu bata, sementara komodo betina lebih berwarna hijau buah zaitun, dan memiliki potongan kecil kuning pada tenggorokannya. Komodo muda lebih berwarna, dengan warna kuning, hijau dan putih pada latar belakang hitam.

Ekologi, perilaku dan cara hidup

Komodo secara alami hanya ditemui di Indonesia, di pulau Komodo, Flores dan Rinca dan beberapa pulau lainnya di Nusa Tenggara. Hidup di padang rumput kering terbuka,sabana dan hutan tropis pada ketinggian rendah, biawak ini menyukai tempat panas dan kering ini. Mereka aktif pada siang hari, walaupun kadang-kadang aktif juga pada malam hari. Komodo adalah binatang yang penyendiri, berkumpul bersama hanya pada saat makan dan berkembang biak.
Reptil besar ini dapat berlari cepat hingga 20 kilometer per jam pada jarak yang pendek; berenang dengan sangat baik dan mampu menyelam sedalam 4.5 meter; serta pandai memanjat pohon menggunakan cakar mereka yang kuat. Untuk menangkap mangsa yang berada di luar jangkauannya, komodo dapat berdiri dengan kaki belakangnya dan menggunakan ekornya sebagai penunjang. Dengan bertambahnya umur, komodo lebih menggunakan cakarnya sebagai senjata, karena ukuran tubuhnya yang besar menyulitkannya memanjat pohon.
Untuk tempat berlindung, komodo menggali lubang selebar 1–3 meter dengan tungkai depan dan cakarnya yang kuat. Karena besar tubuhnya dan kebiasaan tidur di dalam lubang, komodo dapat menjaga panas tubuhnya selama malam hari dan mengurangi waktu berjemur pada pagi selanjutnya. Komodo umumnya berburu pada siang hingga sore hari, tetapi tetap berteduh selama bagian hari yang terpanas. Tempat-tempat sembunyi komodo ini biasanya berada di daerah gumuk atau perbukitan dengan semilir angin laut, terbuka dari vegetasi, dan di sana-sini berserak kotoran hewan penghuninya. Tempat ini umumnya juga merupakan lokasi yang strategis untuk menyergap rusa.

Bisa dan Bakteri

Pada akhir 2005, peneliti dari Universitas Melbourne, Australia, menyimpulkan bahwa biawak Perentie (Varanus giganteus) dan biawak-biawak lainnya, serta kadal-kadal dari suku Agamidae, kemungkinan memiliki semacam bisa. Selama ini diketahui bahwa luka-luka akibat gigitan hewan-hewan ini sangat rawan infeksi karena adanya bakteria yang hidup di mulut kadal-kadal ini, akan tetapi para peneliti ini menunjukkan bahwa efek langsung yang muncul pada luka-luka gigitan itu disebabkan oleh masuknya bisa berkekuatan menengah.
Para peneliti ini telah mengamati luka-luka di tangan manusia akibat gigitan biawak Varanus variusV. scalaris dan komodo, dan semuanya memperlihatkan reaksi yang serupa: bengkak secara cepat dalam beberapa menit, gangguan lokal dalam pembekuan darah, rasa sakit yang mencekam hingga ke siku, dengan beberapa gejala yang bertahan hingga beberapa jam kemudian.
Sebuah kelenjar yang berisi bisa yang amat beracun telah berhasil diambil dari mulut seekor komodo di Kebun Binatang Singapura, dan meyakinkan para peneliti akan kandungan bisa yang dipunyai komodo
Di samping mengandung bisa, air liur komodo juga memiliki aneka bakteri mematikan di dalamnya; lebih dari 28 bakteri Gram-negatif dan 29 Gram-positif telah diisolasi dari air liur ini. Bakteri-bakteri tersebut menyebabkan septikemia pada korbannya. Jika gigitan komodo tidak langsung membunuh mangsa dan mangsa itu dapat melarikan diri, umumnya mangsa yang sial ini akan mati dalam waktu satu minggu akibat infeksi.
Bakteri yang paling mematikan di air liur komodo agaknya adalah bakteri Pasteurella multocida yang sangat mematikan; diketahui melalui percobaan dengan tikus laboratorium. Karena komodo nampaknya kebal terhadap mikrobanya sendiri, banyak penelitian dilakukan untuk mencari molekul antibakteri dengan harapan dapat digunakan untuk pengobatan manusia


Musim kawin terjadi antara bulan Mei dan Agustus, dan telur komodo diletakkan pada bulan September. Selama periode ini, komodo jantan bertempur untuk mempertahankan betina dan teritorinya dengan cara "bergulat" dengan jantan lainnya sambil berdiri di atas kaki belakangnya. Komodo yang kalah akan terjatuh dan "terkunci" ke tanah. Kedua komodo jantan itu dapat muntah atau buang air besar ketika bersiap untuk bertempur.
Pemenang pertarungan akan menjentikkan lidah panjangnya pada tubuh si betina untuk melihat penerimaan sang betina. Komodo betina bersifat antagonis dan melawan dengan gigi dan cakar mereka selama awal fase berpasangan. Selanjutnya, jantan harus sepenuhnya mengendalikan betina selama bersetubuh agar tidak terluka. Perilaku lain yang diperlihatkan selama proses ini adalah jantan menggosokkan dagu mereka pada si betina, garukan keras di atas punggung dan menjilat. Kopulasi terjadi ketika jantan memasukan salah satu hemipenisnya ke kloaka betina. Komodo dapat bersifat monogamus dan membentuk "pasangan," suatu sifat yang langka untuk kadal.
Betina akan meletakkan telurnya di lubang tanah, mengorek tebing bukit atau gundukan sarang burung gosong berkaki-jingga yang telah ditinggalkan. Komodo lebih suka menyimpan telur-telurnya di sarang yang telah ditinggalkan. Sebuah sarang komodo rata-rata berisi 20 telur yang akan menetas setelah 7–8 bulan. Betina berbaring di atas telur-telur itu untuk mengerami dan melindunginya sampai menetas di sekitar bulan April, pada akhir musim hujan ketika terdapat sangat banyak serangga.
Proses penetasan adalah usaha melelahkan untuk anak komodo, yang keluar dari cangkang telur setelah menyobeknya dengan gigi telur yang akan tanggal setelah pekerjaan berat ini selesai. Setelah berhasil menyobek kulit telur, bayi komodo dapat berbaring di cangkang telur mereka untuk beberapa jam sebelum memulai menggali keluar sarang mereka. Ketika menetas, bayi-bayi ini tak seberapa berdaya dan dapat dimangsa oleh predator.
Komodo muda menghabiskan tahun-tahun pertamanya di atas pohon, tempat mereka relatif aman dari predator, termasuk dari komodo dewasa yang kanibal, yang sekitar 10% dari makanannya adalah biawak-biawak muda yang berhasil diburu. Komodo membutuhkan tiga sampai lima tahun untuk menjadi dewasa, dan dapat hidup lebih dari 50 tahun.
Di samping proses reproduksi yang normal, terdapat beberapa contoh kasus komodo betina menghasilkan anak tanpa kehadiran pejantan (partenogenesis), fenomena yang juga diketahui muncul pada beberapa spesies reptil lainnya seperti pada Cnemidophorus.


Seekor komodo di Kebun Binatang London, telah bertelur pada awal tahun 2006 setelah dipisah dari jantan selama lebih dari dua tahun. Ilmuwan pada awalnya mengira bahwa komodo ini dapat menyimpan sperma beberapa lama hasil dari perkawinan dengan komodo jantan pada waktu sebelumnya, suatu adaptasi yang dikenal dengan istilah superfekundasi.
Pada tanggal 20 Desember 2006, dilaporkan bahwa Flora, komodo yang hidup di Kebun Binatang Chester, Inggris adalah komodo kedua yang diketahui menghasilkan telur tanpa fertilisasi (pembuahan dari perkawinan). Ia mengeluarkan 11 telur, dan 7 di antaranya berhasil menetas.
Peneliti dari Universitas Liverpool di Inggris utara melakukan tes genetika pada tiga telur yang gagal menetas setelah dipindah ke inkubator, dan terbukti bahwa Flora tidak memiliki kontak fisik dengan komodo jantan. Setelah temuan yang mengejutkan ini, pengujian lalu dilakukan terhadap telur-telur Sungai dan mendapatkan bahwa telur-telur itupun dihasilkan tanpa pembuahan dari luar
Komodo memiliki sistem penentuan seks kromosomal ZW, bukan sistem penentuan seks XY. Keturunan Flora yang berkelamin jantan, menunjukkan terjadinya beberapa hal. Yalah bahwa telur Flora yang tidak dibuahi bersifat haploid pada mulanya dan kemudian menggandakan kromosomnya sendiri menjadi diploid; dan bahwa ia tidak menghasilkan telur diploid, sebagaimana bisa terjadi jika salah satu proses pembelahan-reduksi meiosis pada ovariumnya gagal.
Ketika komodo betina (memiliki kromosom seks ZW) menghasilkan anak dengan cara ini, ia mewariskan hanya salah satu dari pasangan-pasangan kromosom yang dipunyainya, termasuk satu dari dua kromosom seksnya. Satu set kromosom tunggal ini kemudian diduplikasi dalam telur, yang berkembang secara partenogenetika. Telur yang menerima kromosom Z akan menjadi ZZ (jantan); dan yang menerima kromosom W akan menjadi WW dan gagal untuk berkembang.
Diduga bahwa adaptasi reproduktif semacam ini memungkinkan seekor hewan betina memasuki sebuah relung ekologi yang terisolasi (seperti halnya pulau) dan dengan cara partenogenesis kemudian menghasilkan keturunan jantan. Melalui perkawinan dengan anaknya itu pada saat yang berikutnya hewan-hewan ini dapat membentuk populasi yang bereproduksi secara seksual, karena dapat menghasilkan keturunan jantan dan betina. Meskipun adaptasi ini bersifat menguntungkan, kebun binatang perlu waspada kerena partenogenesis mungkin dapat mengurangi keragaman genetika.
Pada 31 Januari 2008, Kebun Binatang Sedgwick County di Wichita, Kansas menjadi kebun binatang yang pertama kali mendokumentasi partenogenesis pada komodo di Amerika. Kebun binatang ini memiliki dua komodo betina dewasa, yang salah satu di antaranya menghasilkan 17 butir telur pada 19-20 Mei 2007. Hanya dua telur yang diinkubasi dan ditetaskan karena persoalan ketersediaan ruang; yang pertama menetas pada 31 Januari 2008, diikuti oleh yang kedua pada 1 Februari. Kedua anak komodo itu berkelamin jantan.


Perkembangan evolusi komodo dimulai dengan marga Varanus, yang muncul di Asia sekitar 40 juta tahun yang silam dan lalu bermigrasi ke Australia. Sekitar 15 juta tahun yang lalu, pertemuan lempeng benua Australia dan Asia Tenggara memungkinkan para biawak bergerak menuju wilayah yang dikenal sebagai Indonesia sekarang. Komodo diyakini berevolusi dari nenek-moyang Australianya pada sekitar 4 juta tahun yang lampau, dan meluaskan wilayah persebarannya ke timur hingga sejauh Timor. Perubahan-perubahan tinggi muka laut semenjak zaman Es telah menjadikan agihan komodo terbatas pada wilayah sebarannya yang sekarang

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El alcalde de Santa Cruz de La Palma, Sergio Matos, y el concejal de Deportes, Raico Arrocha, conocieron el jueves las actividades que se están realizando en estos días por parte de “un equipo del municipio que destaca por su trabajo de base con niños desde las edades más tempranas” y “aplauden una iniciativa que viene a complementar la oferta formativa veraniega de la capital en esta modalidad deportiva”. 

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Tijarafe, se añade en la nota, “al igual que otros territorios de la Comunidad Autónoma de Canarias, sufre un deterioro en las condiciones de habitabilidad de un amplio número de viviendas, ubicadas en el medio rural y  ocupadas por familias con escasos recursos económicos, produciéndose el consiguiente desarraigo, así como un incremento en las demandas de viviendas de protección oficial en áreas urbanas”. Por ello, “desde el Ayuntamiento de Tijarafe”, señala, “se ha procedido al otorgamiento de subvenciones, con fondos propios, destinadas a la realización de obras de rehabilitación de viviendas en el municipio, principalmente orientadas a sectores de población con una exigua capacidad económica”. 

De este modo,  apunta, “tendrán acceso a este tipo de ayudas quienes cuenten con una vivienda en el municipio de Tijarafe, siempre y cuando constituya la residencia habitual y permanente de la unidad familiar del solicitante, que deberá, además, estar empadronado en el municipio, al menos desde 6 meses antes de la fecha de la convocatoria de estas subvenciones”. El solicitante “debe ser titular de la vivienda en la que se van a realizar las obras, hallándose también al corriente en el cumplimiento de las obligaciones de pago de impuestos y tasas municipales”. Asimismo, “no se podrá contar con ingresos familiares anuales superiores a 40.000 euros y la vivienda y las obras tendrán que ajustarse a lo dispuesto en las normas urbanísticas que sean de aplicación”. 

Respecto a la documentación a presentar, el solicitante “deberá aporta documentos acreditativos de su personalidad y del resto de miembros de la unidad familiar; documento acreditativo de la titularidad de la vivienda; copia de la declaración del Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas de los miembros de la unidad familiar obligados a presentarla o certificación acreditativa  de que alguno o todos  los miembros no esté obligado a presentarla; presupuesto  de la obra a realizar con su correspondiente descripción y certificación  o informe  acreditativo de la discapacidad o grado de dependencia de alguno o algunos de los miembros de la unidad familiar”. 

Marco Lorenzo, alcalde del municipio, manifiesta que "estas ayudas, creadas exclusivamente con recursos municipales, vienen a suplir las ayudas a la rehabilitación de vivienda en el medio rural que otorgaba, hasta 2011, el Instituto Canario de la Vivienda del Gobierno de Canarias. Dichas ayudas contribuyeron en su momento a mejorar las condiciones de habitabilidad y la calidad de vida de muchos vecinos y vecinas de Tijarafe que no disponían de los medios económicos necesarios para afrontar mejoras en su vivienda. Por todo ello, este grupo de Gobierno municipal decidió crearlas nuevamente, aprobando en pleno un reglamento que las desarrolla, pero esta vez con recursos propios”. 

Por su parte, María Jenny García, primera teniente de alcalde y concejala de Servicios Sociales, señala que “desde el grupo de gobierno de este ayuntamiento se vela por el bienestar de nuestros vecinos y vecinas, trabajando en todo momento para mejorar la calidad de sus vidas”, por esto, añade, “el área de servicios sociales apoya iniciativas como el otorgamiento de ayudas económicas para la rehabilitación de viviendas, trabajando en la aportación del informe social que acompaña a toda la documentación”.

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Meet training standards established by the Texas Commission of Private Security. Builds a diverse workforce....
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          Acampar com chuva. Você está preparado?   
    Acampar na chuva é um desafio que poucos aceitam conscientemente. Se possível adiam a acampada para outra data em que a previsão seja de sol, mas neste caso eu estava preparado e queria testar os novos equipamentos em baixo de um bom "aguaceiro".
    Seriam testados os seguintes equipamentos:
Barraca Quechua 2 Seconds Family 4.2

Gazebo Quechua Fresh

Tarp Quechua

    Chegamos no final da tarde e corremos montar a Barraca e o Gazebo, pois o tempo estava prometendo chuva, só não sabíamos que seria tanta chuva.
    As fotos a seguir estão em alta resolução e podem ficar um pouco lentas para carregar, porém permitem visão dos detalhes com clareza.
    Na foto abaixo podemos ver o trio em uso. A barraca foi interligada ao gazebo com a lona da Tarp para abrigar a passagem da chuva. Na posição que foi colocada, não escorria chuva entre o Gazebo e a Tarp mantendo a passagem seca até a barraca.

    Deixe-me comentar um pouco sobre cada um dos equipamentos:
    Barraca Quechua 2 Seconds Family 4.2. Uma surpresa boa foi o fato dela ser até que bem ventilada. A grande janela com tela mosquiteira no fundo da barraca provê uma boa ventilação. O avanço do teto permite que fique aberta com a tela, mesmo na chuva. Esta janela pode ser fechada ou até mesmo regulada pelos dois zíperes nas laterais.
    A montagem dela é realmente bem rápida, acredito que leve o mesmo tempo da 2 Seconds XXL IIII (4.1). Logo na primeira vez, levamos cerca de 4 minutos para que ela estivesse em pé, faltando apenas fixar todos os cordeletes, que não são poucos. Para desmontar me surpreendi novamente, foi bem rápido, mas é difícil de ser dobrada por uma única pessoa.