Students Try Out Legal Boot Camp At UConn Law School   

In a UConn Law School courtroom Friday, 15-year-old Zam Khai addressed the mock jury who would decide the fate of his client: a fictional, racist cop who killed a concertgoer while working an off-duty security detail in "Heartford, Connecticat."

Shots rang out at a rap concert last winter, and...

          By: andynnj   
He was probably one of the cops suing for discrimination. Nah, I doubt he was a cop at all. I've almost been run over many times - pretty much a daily occurence in Hoboken. Something similar happened to me except it was a couple of cops in a cop car and one of them had the balls to cuss at me after he almost hit me. I don't know what the problem is. Crappy drivers, yes, but I also see pedestrians doing some stupid stuff when I am driving. My favorite is walking against the light while yapping on a cell phone.
          By: Easy-E   
Maybe you should report it to the police station or perhaps you council person to follow up. He claimed to be a cop but didn't identify himself, sorry, flashing a badge too fast for you to see it doesn't count any more than if he mumbled his name incoherently. Also, he has a handicapped plate? What's up with that?
          Cop blowjob Blonde honey does it on the   
          Bodycam Shows Cop Get Unexpected Magic Show   
Frisco, TX - A Frisco police officer's body camera caught a mind blowing traffic stop on video he won't soon forget. Officer Aaron Steensma pulled over to check on what he thought was a stranded motorist. The driver explained to the officer he had just stopped to make a phone call. The man, who turned out to be magician Rick Morrill, thanked Officer Steensma for his service and even offered to give him a little magic show.
          Free Download: Robocop ( Theme ) – Soundtrack   
Free Download: Robocop ( Theme ) – Soundtrack Instrumental Free Download
           A fair cop: How Vera won the nation's heart    
In the vicious battle of television crime dramas, a little old lady in a rain mac and battered hat has emerged as the most popular cop on Britain’s small screen.
          Dunedin fugitive who rammed cop car jailed   
A Dunedin man who rammed a police car and was bitten by a police dog after months on the run has been jailed for nearly three years. Robert Paul Laxon (36) appeared in the Dunedin District Court this morning having admitted two charges...
          Texas cop killer had criminal record in St. Tammany: report   

The gunman who shot two San Antonio cops Thursday (June 29), killing one and critically wounding the opposite, had an in depth felony historical past in St. Tammany Parish, the San Antonio Categorical Information reported. Andrew Bice, 34, was booked into the St. Tammany Parish Jail 9 occasions on greater than 30 costs, together with a number of counts of kidnapping and housebreaking, over a 9-yr interval. Police stated Bice opened hearth on two cops after the officers stopped him and one other man on the road, the newspaper reported. Bice shot Officer Miguel Moreno within the head and Officer Julio

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          One Arrested For Duping US Citizens Through Fake Call Centre: Kolkata   

One individual from Kolkata captured for duping a few US residents from his fraudulent call centre.

The captured man identified as  Sharafat Ali, used to run the call centre alongside others and they used to act like Microsoft Corporation representatives to dupe the US subjects, a senior Kolkata Police officer said today.

Ali (33) was captured from the call centers  at Beckbagan Row, under the purview of Karaya police headquarters in south Kolkata yesterday, he said.

Bus Overturns In Bengal’s West Midnapore, 2 killed, 31 injured

Expounding their usual methodology, the cop stated, “They used to call US nationals through VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) acting like workers of Microsoft Corporation subsequent to downloading their phone data over web.

Ali and his aides would disclose to them that their system had been hacked and their data compromised, the report of which they got from the Microsoft system installed in the machine.

They used to then compel the US residents to hack up extensive measure of cash running from $199 to $300 which was to be paid online through Moneygram or Western Union for reestablishing the framework.”

A particular software ‘Team Viewer’ was utilized for this reason, he said.

CPUs, IP Phones, iPhones, laptops and documents were seized amid the raid at the call centre, he said.

A city court remanded Ali, an inhabitant of Ballygunge range in south Kolkata, to police custody till July 10.

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          Bus Overturns In Bengal’s West Midnapore, 2 killed, 31 injured   

Two people today were killed and 31 harmed when a speeding bus fell into a agricultural field in West Midnapore area, police said.

The occurrence occurred at the Radhanagar crossing around 10.30 am, a cop said.

The speeding transport, venturing out from Pirakata to Ghatal, took a sharp turn, slid, toppled and fell into an agricultural field, the officer said.

The police with the help of nearby individuals began protecting individuals caught in the transport.

They saved 31 harmed travelers and recouped two bodies from the ruined transport, the officer said.

Amit Shah arrives on two-day visit to Goa

The harmed travelers were taken to Ghatal sub divisional hospital.

While 26 travelers were dealt with at the Ghatal sub divisional hospital, five travelers were moved to a hospital in Midnapore town since they got serious wounds, the cop said.

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          Terrorists holed up inside building in Kashmir’s Anantnag, Woman dies in crossfire   

A major gun battle is in progress between security forces and terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag since early this morning. A lady was murdered in crossfiring between security forces and terrorists holed up inside a house in the area, police said.

“Security forces were fired at when they launched an operation in Batpora town after a tip-off about the terrorists hiding in a house. In the cross firing, the lady was injured and later succumbed to her wounds,” the police said.

Tahira Begum, 44, sustained wounds amid the encounter and was rushed to the district hospital, however she couldn’t be saved, authorities said.

Security forces launched a cordon and search operation in Brenti-Batpora early today after they got information about the presence of at least three terrorists including Basheer Lashkari, a top Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist, who is believed to be the behind the killing of Kashmiri cop Feroz Ahmed Dar and five other cops.

The official said the search operation transformed into an encounter after the terrorists, who he said were using residents as human shields, opened fire on security forces. Clashes have erupted and there are reports of stone throwing in the area.

“Some terrorists are still stayed in the house. Efforts are ongoing to take out the civilians,” police said.

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          Comment on Proportional Force: Determining Lethal or Less-Lethal Response by Jim Lagnese   
and a smart cop knows how to de-escalate a situation. There have been situations where people have been shot and killed by cops that were threatening suicide (sometimes no with a gun) and the cops made it much worse.
          Emerging Markets: What has Changed   
(from my colleague Dr. Win Thin)

  • Chinese President Xi visited Hong Kong for the first time.
  • The US has proposed $1.3 bln of arms sales to Taiwan.
  • The Egyptian government raised fuel and cooking gas prices. significantly as part of the IMF program.
  • South Africa’s parliament has scheduled the no confidence vote on President Zuma.
  • Brazil’s central bank lowered its inflation target.
  • Brazil after President Temer was charged with corruption.

In the EM equity space as measured by MSCI, Brazil (+2.9%), Russia (+1.5%), and Turkey (+0.9%) have outperformed this week, while Czech Republic (-3.0%), Hungary (-1.2%), and Chile (-0.9%) have underperformed.  To put this in better context, MSCI EM fell -0.1% this week while MSCI DM fell -0.3%.

In the EM local currency bond space, Brazil (10-year yield -13 bp), Colombia (-6 bp), and China (-5 bp) have outperformed this week, while South Africa (10-year yield +27 bp), Philippines (+17 bp), and Hungary (+17 bp) have underperformed.  To put this in better context, the 10-year UST yield rose 14 bp to 2.28%. 

In the EM FX space, ILS (+1.3% vs. USD), BRL (+1.0% vs. USD), and SGD (up 0.8% vs. USD) have outperformed this week, while ARS (-2.5% vs. USD), ZAR (-1.4% vs. USD), and COP (-1.0% vs. USD) have underperformed. 

Chinese President Xi visited Hong Kong for the first time.  The visit commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong handover. Xi stressed that the “one country, two systems” framework remains successful.  USD/HKD traded at its highest level since January 2016.

The US has proposed $1.3 bln of arms sales to Taiwan.  The package would reportedly contain early warning radar, anti-radar missiles, and naval torpedoes.  It was approved by the Defense Department and will move forward unless Congress blocks it within 30 days.  Of course, Chinese officials objected.

The Egyptian government raised fuel and cooking gas prices significantly as part of the IMF program.  Prime Minister Ismail said inflation (29.7% y/y in May) was likely to accelerate 4-5 percentage points as a result of the price hikes.  After a 300 bp hike in conjunction with the EGP float, the central bank remained on hold until it hiked 200 bp more to 16.75% in May.  

South Africa’s parliament has scheduled the no confidence vote on President Zuma.  After several delays, the vote will be held on August 3.  Parliament added that it has not yet decided on whether the vote will be done via secret ballot.

Brazil’s central bank lowered its inflation target.  The central bank will now target inflation at 4.25% in 2019 and 4.0% percent in 2020, down from the 4.5% target that has been in place since 2005.  The tolerance band was kept at +/- 1.5 percentage points, which came into effect this year.  
Politics is taking center stage again in Brazil after President Temer was charged with corruption.  This is connected to the recent secret recordings of an alleged conversation between Temer and Joesley Batista.  The charges now need to be approved by two thirds of the lower house in order to proceed.  Even if he survives the vote, the reform agenda will be delayed, if not derailed.   


          Cop car crush   
Cop car crush Cop car crush

          Patufet, on ets? Viatge per la història de Catalunya   

Per Àngela Sánchez Vicente

Una nova aventura del nostre amic Patufet cau a les nostres mans!

Aquest cop amb Patufet, on ets? Fem un Viatge per la història de Catalunya a través d’unes meravelloses il·lustracions que a més d’un alt poder pedagògic i didàctic desperta l’agilitat visual dels menuts de casa.

El Troba el Patufet en un recorregut pel temps és la versió catalana i nostra dels mítics llibres dels anys vuitanta de cercant en Wally. Però per nosaltres és una icona en Patufet i a més ens agrada que obre debat i ens explica coses de la nostra història i la nostra terra.

L’Hugo Prades i en Roger Roig ja tenen una legió de menuts seguidors lectors que gaudeixen de l’experiència d’aprenentatge amb els seus contes com a costumari i també amb els seus llibres on les activitats els tenen ben distrets alhora que ens donen la oportunitat als adults a explicar-los una mica més allò que ja es veu a les il·lustracions i al text explicatiu.

Els àlbums del Patufet són una eina molt potent d’entreteniment doncs cerquen al seu amic, a la Patufeta, al Patufot, al Patuf, al Bru, al monstre ratolinets, i elements típics de cada època.

Des de la prehistòria, a la Barcelona olímpica passant per els grecs, els romans, els àrabs, l’edat mitjana, el 1714, la invasió francesa, l’esclat industrial i el modernisme i un somni cap al futur.

Una pinzellada fàcil i comprensible de cada època acompanyat de l’essencial als dibuixos com les robes, els pentinats, els edificis i la visió global de la societat ajuda als menuts a fer un viatge per l’eix cronològic de Catalunya.

De la mà de Cossetàniapodem desgranar, un cop més, una obra mestra pels nanos i els no tant nanos. Reconec que m’he picat i he buscat al Patufet i als seus amics!

Us el perdreu?

Vinga va, tota la colla d’en Patufet us espera!

          La vídua   

Anem a la llibreria que anem veiem a primer cop d’ull la novel·la La vídua i nosaltres que som una estona curiosos no hem pogut evitar caure als seus encants.

En aquesta novel·la debut de la autora anglesa Fiona Barton trobem l'essència de l’ésser humà i el que és capaç de fer per amor.

Com si fos un tamboret de tres potes aquesta novel·la s’estructura des de tres punts de vista que sustenten un mateix cas a investigar.

Un home i un gran secret que s’ha endut a la tomba. Què hi podem fer ara?

La primera pota d’aquesta investigació és en Bob Sparkes, un policia obsessionat en un rocambolesc cas d’homicidi que fa que tot apunti a un home tan vulgar i corrent con en Glen Taylor.

La segona pota d’aquest gran interrogant és la part més mediàtica protagonitzada per la Kate Waters, periodista del Daily Post que es debat entre els seus principis i aconseguir posar llum i desvetllar el que seria una exclusiva que faria que la seva carrera es catapultes fins al més alt.

La tercera pota és la vídua d’aquest bon home al que tots acusen d’un crim horrible.

Aquí és on mirarem cara a cara a la veritat, a l’amor, la confiança i el sentit del matrimoni.

El seu marit era l’assassí? Què sabia? I ella... què sap? Té dubtes? L’encobrirà o no hi ha res a amagar?

Òbviament no us desvetllarem res d’aquesta novel·la que ens ha tingut més d’una nit en blanc, el millor és que la desgraneu poc a poc vosaltres mateixos fent de detectius i alhora veient com sentiments i la veritat i la mentida es donen la mà de manera constant.

Ningú es refia de ningú i qui hauria de parlar ja no te veu. Què podem fer en aquests casos?

De la mà de labutxaca i la seva aposta per aquest èxit internacional ens qüestionarem moltes coses sobre la condició humana alhora que ens enganxarà en una trama policial en que cada protagonista vol una cosa diferent a un preu diferent.

Òbviament, la vídua té la última paraula! 

Voleu saber quina és?

Doncs no teniu més remei que acompanyar-nos en aquesta gran aventura.

          La Babi i jo   

Per Àngela Sànchez Vicente

Avui en Federico Moccia ens fa un regal a tots els seguidors de les seves novel·les i en especial a tots aquells que hem seguit novel·la rere novel·la el fenomen A tres metres sobre el cel amb “A tres metres sobre el cel”, “Tinc ganes de tu” i “Tres vegades tu”.

A La Babi i jo, Un relat inèdit, serem testimonis de l’amor d’aquests dos joves que ens han encisat però d’una manera diferent. 

Aquest relat curt és com un capítol que podem inserta tranquil·lament dins la primera entrega d’aquest fenomen i descobrir com és la relació de la Babi i l’Step d’una manera més directa i més tendra allunyada dels personatges secundaris i corals que sempre els acompanyen.

L’espera ha estat llarga i les “fanfics” han proliferat per les xarxes doncs les noies Moccia hem estat somiant per una dècada amb el desenllaç d’una grandíssima historia d’amor. Ara que ha acabat tenim ganes de descobrir aquests relats curts que de ben segur esperem que no sigui l’únic.

És reviure part de la historia d’amor entre la noia rica i el noi humil que cada cop que s’apropen s’obliden de qui són i creen un amor incomparable.

Molt emotiva, escrita des del record i amb l’ombra de l’amor de joventut s’apropa més als sentiments de cadascun d’ells per conèixer-los encara més.

¿Què fa que la cuirassa del noi dolent caigui desarmat? ¿Què fa que la pija senti una força que abans no tenia?

La resposta és el seu amor.

Voleu anar a una de les primeres cites?

De la mà de Columnapodeu veure que passava entre la Babi i l’Step ens els dies assolellats.

Vinga va! El fenomen Moccia no s’atura i cada dia són més els seus lectors incondicionals! No us el perdeu!

          Catalunya: 50 excursions als seus rius   

Per Maria Valle Viña

Estem d’enhorabona tots els que gaudim fent excursions a la natura, ja que Cossetània Edicions ens presenta una llibre molt interessant per fer excursions pels diferents rius de Catalunya. 

Catalunya: 50 excursions als seus riuses un llibre que proposa 50 excursions als bells i encisadors indrets que voregen els rius catalans, repartides per tot el territori de Catalunya. Al llibre anirem topant amb un rierol que serpenteja pel bosc, un saltant d’aigua argentada, una resclosa d’un vell molí amb les seves aigües quietes, un torrent embravit que esculpeix una petita gorja o un antic pont de pedra que s’emmiralla en les aigües encalmades d’un riu. 

A Catalunya és molt fàcil gaudir d’aquestes boniques troballes tot caminant, ja sigui pels boscos humits a peu de les muntanyes, per pinedes i alzinars mediterranis, per planes de conreus de secà o per alguns indrets propers al litoral. 

El llibre s’estructura de forma molt senzilla, a l’inici podem veure l’índex de les 50 excursions i les veiem situades en el mapa de Catalunya. 

Un cop anem a veure les excursions hi podem conèixer la fitxa tècnica: la durada, la dificultat, l’inici i el final de cada ruta, com arribar i aspectes a tenir en comte abans de fer l’excursió. 

A més trobem de cada ruta un mapa i fotografies del paisatge. Tot plegat fa que sigui molt agradable consultar les excursions i molt fàcil preparar tot el que ens serà necessari. 

Hi ha excursions de tot tipus, per gent que s’atreveix amb rutes llargues i per gent que vulgui fer passejades tranquil·les o curtes si es va en família.

Aquest és sense cap mena de dubte un recull indispensable per a tots aquells excursionistes i amants dels rius que s’estimen o volen conèixer millor el nostre territori.

Cèsar Pasadas ens escriu el llibre és Geògraf, fotògraf i muntanyenc. Vallesà de naixença, ha viscut en diferents indrets del Pirineu, on ha desenvolupat un coneixement intens i una estima profunda del territori, sempre envers l’evolució dels cursos d’aigua i la població a les seves valls. 

Màster en Ordenació del Territori per la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, s’ha especialitzat en temes de recursos hídrics i desenvolupament local a través del turisme rural i de muntanya, activitat que compagina amb l’organització i guiatge de grups als espais naturals, la publicació d’articles i guies excursionistes en diferents mitjans, i la producció audiovisual documental.

En voleu fer un tastet?

          Guies Insight: Explora Roma i Nova York   

Per Àngela Sánchez Vicente

Les Guies Insight que ens apropen els nostres amics de Cossetània Edicions ens donen les bases per organitzar un viatge als destins que ens proposen però allunyant-nos dels clixés turístics on tothom visita el mateix i es perden l’encant de la veritable essència del nou indret a descobrir.

En aquest text us parlarem una mica de les que hem tingut entre mans, com és el cas de Explora Roma i Explora Nova York en que lògicament ens proposen les 18 millors rutes a seguir per visitar els museus més destacats, els monuments més emblemàtics, els parcs més espectaculars i simbòlics i els barris històrics o cosmopolites i moderns. 

Descobrir la gastronomia local, els mercats, on podem comprar, on escoltar música, una mini guia de shopping, les parades obligatòries i curiositats que ens duran a descobrir la ciutat amb una òptica molt diferent.

És una guia de viatges en que no et sentiràs massa guiri, més ben al contrari, sentiràs que et fons amb el paisatge de fons i amb els habitants de la ciutat amb una naturalitat pasmosa alhora que aprens i gaudeixes de la seva grandesa i esplendor.

Viatjar no és només conèixer allò de la ciutat més representatiu sinó establir contacte amb el teixit social, prendre un bon cafè, fer-te passar per un habitant més, oblidar per una estona la càmera de fotos i portar cap a casa compres que fugin dels típics subvenir.

Després de les Guies Insight de París i Londres que ja us vàrem comentar i ara aquestes dues meravelles del món més clàssic i el més modern només desitgem que en segueixin editant per poder veure món a través de les seves propostes.

No us ve de gust fer la maleta i descobrir una nova ciutat? 

A la pròpia guia ens ajuden amb els mapes i els transports per economitzar en els trajectes un cop aterrem.

Què, ens escapem uns dies?

Us deixem amb una cançó ideal per gaudir a cada destí!

          Taser Demonstration   
Taser Demonstration This is my friend getting Tased. A littel advise, if a cop has a taser and tells you to do somthing, DO IT!

          Oregon Parole Board To Re-Examine Decision To Release Cop Killer   
An Oregon man convicted of killing a police officer more than 20 years ago will stay behind bars for at least a few more months. The Oregon Board of Parole said Tuesday that it will re-examine its decision to release Sidney Dean Porter. In 1992, Porter beat and killed John Day police officer Frank Ward with his fists and a piece of firewood. The murder shocked the eastern Oregon community. Porter got a life sentence but is now eligible for parole. In fact, he was set to be let out of prison this Friday. State lawmakers held a hearing last week decrying the pending release, but the decision lies in the hands of the Board of Parole. Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, who appoints the three-member panel, wrote a letter asking for the Board to take another look at the case. The governor questioned whether the board fully considered the circumstances surrounding the killing and whether Porter has expressed responsibility for the crime. Now, the board says it will put Porter's release on hold.
          Suspect Leads Dozens Of Cops On Hour-Long Chase Through Countryside, Is Rewarded With Beatdown   

Sure, you'd like to watch a dozen police cars spend an hour chasing a truck through two states, but who has an hour? How about a sped-up version with "Yakety Sax" in the background? Thats' the way to watch it! The Louisville Metro Police Department chased the suspect out of town, and then through two counties in Indiana. From a news report at WLKY,

"It could have been a lot worse, there could have been wrecks. What I seen there was five cop cars tore up and down that had bumpers ripped off and everything else," said Mark Renn, who owns the property where the chase ended.

The chase ends with some violence on the part of the police. The improved video of the chase is at Deadspin. -via Fark

          [Grejanje i klimatizacija] Re: Koja klima ?   
Onda je LM totalni promasaj , ne vidim svrhu kupovine i preporuke LM modela . Kad smo kod Midea i poredjenja MOB1 i MOB3 spoljnih , koje se razlikuju , sto u Euroventu to od onoga sto se ima naci kod nas u ponudi : MOB3 na hladjenju u kW 3.52 (1.35 - 4.51) MOB1 na hladjenju u KW 3.5 (0.74 - 4.41) MOB3 na grejanju u kW 3.81 (1.08 - 4.92) MOB1 na grejanju u KW 3.8 (0.74 - 4.69) MOB3 - SEER 7.20 SCOP 4.20 MOB1 - SEER 6.50 SCOP 4.00 MOB3 - m3/h 458 / 519 / 266 MOB1 - m³/h ...
          Sports: No way, I don't watch porn! Girls, here are 10 lies he will always tell you   
When an excuse like “I was so busy” or “I lost track of time” comes up, it seems like a cop out. Being busy has never kept someone from talking to the person they love
          Halloween Thoughts   
Okay, I know it's not the "Holiday Season" yet, but it is Halloween or Samhain or All Saint's Day Eve or any number of other holidays that are celebrated by people far and wide. I actually really like these holidays. The thinning of the walls between worlds and what not is a concept that has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I have a problem though. It seems I'm just not that creative. Every year I hear one or two stories about people who really go all out. They have some idea that they just "Have to do!" as a costume in order to celebrate. They usually have a clear creative idea, and some way to make it real. I wish I had that creativity and drive.

Given my hobby, there's always the cop out of wearing medieval garb or armour. After all, I think the image of a 6'2" gentleman wearing full plate and carrying a big honking sword might get some peoples' attention. However, I really do consider that a cop out. I do that 30 to 40 weekends a year. Doing it for Halloween just seems to diminish the holiday and on the flip side it diminishes what I do for the rest of the year by making it simply "a costume".

The only two ideas I have ever had are a gargoyle from the cartoon (I always wanted to be Goliath. Build some kinda really cool wing set and somehow build lifts for my feet to make me even taller) or alternately a fully armoured Cyclone Motorcycle Soldier in mechanized mode from the third generation Robotech Cartoon series (if you know what I'm talking about, then you are truly a geek and I salute you). I've never had the nerve to attempt either of them, but I think they would both be really cool (even if I was the only one who knew what I was going for).

In a way, I feel sorry for my daughter. My wife and I have always been very practical about holidays. We've never really dressed up or gone all out for any holiday. We particularly don't tend to do much for Halloween. As I stated earlier, the idea of the holiday is really interesting to me, but with my lack of creativity and with my hatred of the over-commercialization of all holidays, I worry that somehow my daughter will miss out on some of the more "fun" aspects of this and all the holidays (although my wife did buy my daughter a giraffe costume this year, and it should be really cute).

Personally, I'll be in class for this year's festivities so there aren't any conflicted feelings about the holiday this year. I'll spend it how I see fit. Later in the evening I'll probably turn off the TV, turn off the computers, turn down the lights and just listen to the world around me. I'll try to center my mind, relax my soul and try to remember the spirits of those who have passed before me. Will I be able to talk with the dead? I'm guessing probably not. However, if I take the time to remember them and remember my times with them, maybe the holiday won't be so bad afterall...

          Orăștie: Concert de colinde în scop caritabil, 21 decembrie 2016   
Biserica Penticostala Betleem si Biserica Penticostala Betel in parteneriat cu Asociatia Betleemului au organizat in 21.12.2016  un concert de colinde cu scop caritabil. Din categoria:de Citit
          7/1/2017: News: Cop chase dad left kid   

A DAD abandoned his child in the back of a crashed car after a 110mph police chase. Christopher Coldbeck, 24, of Hull, who admitted dangerous driving and driving without a licence at the city’s Crown Court, was jailed for 14 months.
          Training Analyst- Pipeline - Husky Energy - Lloydminster, AB   
Safety & Regulatory - First aid, AED, CPR/A, Confine space, Detect & Control flammable substance, ERP Orientation (WBT), ESCOP awareness, Fire extinguisher,...
From Husky Energy - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 23:52:01 GMT - View all Lloydminster, AB jobs
          WATCH: Off-Duty Illinois Cop Threatens ‘To Kill’ Black Teen For Walking On Property   
An unidentified off-duty Lansing, Illinois police officer threatened the life of a 15-year-old Black for being on his property.
          Diarrhea - Great Tips To Prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome   
zelnorm recall drug: Irritable bowel Syndrome can be very irritating especially when the person suffers from its symptoms such as pain, diarrhea and constipation. Since, this trouble is not considered as fatal, professionals feel that one can easily cop up with the... Diarrhea
          When prosecutors have too much time on their hands, and other stories   
Here are a few odds and ends of which Grits readers should be aware, even if your correspondent hasn't had time to focus as much as one might like on the blog in recent weeks:

Too many prosecutors with time on their hands
Travis County keeps old misdemeanor arrest warrants on the books that are 30 years old or more. For what possible purpose, one wonders? The story arises because, with the number of hot-check cases rapidly declining, prosecutors in the hot-check division don't have anything better to do and have begun to try to collect on these old cases. Maybe the County Attorney should just reduce staffing in that division commensurate with the decline in caseload instead of sending them on fishing expeditions for old unpaid tickets. Just a thought.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes
A police officer in Dallas has been indicted for an on-duty shooting for the first time in 43 years. But an indictment is one thing, conviction another. In Fort Worth, charges were dismissed against a cop who shot a man holding a barbecue fork after the original charges resulted in a mistrial. The state trooper indicted for perjury after Sandra Bland's arrest and death in the Waller County Jail, but charges were dropped this week. Not only is it difficult to prosecute bad cops, it can be damn hard to fire them: In San Antonio, a once-before-fired officer who'd been returned to the force by an arbitrator, was once again given his job back through arbitration after he'd fled the scene of a shooting where he was a witness, failed to report it to his supervisors, and misled investigators at the scene about the role he'd played. About the only way Texas cops are ever successfully prosecuted is if the feds do it, like with this guy.

Bill death doesn't halt bail reform
Texas legislation to require courts to use risk assessments when setting  bail amounts died this year as an industry which has in essence captured its regulators demonstrably exercised control over the legislative process. But arguments against the practice aren't going away and neither is the bail litigation in Harris County, which looks like it could end up at the US Supreme Court before all is done. As evidenced in the next item, Texas' hasn't fared well there, recently, fwiw.

Texas cases defined SCOTUS capital punishment debate this year
Commentators from the left and right all agree that Texas cases - especially ones where the Court of Criminal Appeals has embarrassed the state over reactionary, reflexively pro-government rulings that fly in the face of reason and common sense - are more or less defining the terms of debate over the death penalty these days at the US Supreme Court.

Forensic (not-quite) Science Update
How much science is in forensic science? Less than you think. But the tuff-on-crime crowd cling to unscientific (or more accurately, pre-scientific) reliance on longstanding forensic practices with higher-than-zero false positive rates, many of which have been portrayed as all but foolproof in the past. This podcast gives a good overview of recent federal developments and their implications.

Holiday Reading
Here are a couple of academic articles  Grits has downloaded and intends to read over the July 4th holiday:

          The People’s Throb   


[caption id="attachment_54684" align="alignright" width="150"]Rev. Dr. Clyde Oden Rev. Dr. Clyde Oden[/caption] By Gary L. Harbour “Fearful” cop Jeronimo Yanez is free after the world sees him shoot and kill a compliant Philando Castile. Tiny Charleena Lyles, under 80 lbs. and visibly pregnant, was shot and killed by “fearful” cops in Seattle. How can our police departments eliminate “fearful” killer cops? Rev. Dr. Clyde Oden, 71 Oxnard, CA “Two things have to happen. The judicial system has to change and a new standard of accountability has to be established such that fear is not an acceptable excuse for killing. Training has to be enhanced such that only “professional” police will be allowed to serve. Would-be dangerous cops would no longer wear uniforms or have guns.”         [caption id="attachment_54686" align="alignright" width="150"]Ruby Durias Ruby Durias[/caption] Ruby Durias, 65 Oxnard, CA “Police departments need to do more extreme sensitivity training for the officers so that they will not be afraid of color. There should be more people of color on the jury also.”               [caption id="attachment_54681" align="alignright" width="150"]Cassandria Slay Cassandria Slay[/caption] Cassandria Slay Camarillo, CA “Hire educated people and train them how to handle difficult situations with grace and care. Never give a fearful person a gun.”               [caption id="attachment_54682" align="alignright" width="150"]Nesta Campbell Nesta Campbell[/caption] Nesta Campbell Oxnard, CA “We must first get rid of the supervisors who have trained them and were unable to access their character.”                   [caption id="attachment_54685" align="alignright" width="150"]Ruth Tuti Budiarti Ruth Tuti Budiarti[/caption] Ruth Tuti Budiarti, 63 Camarillo, CA “By paying more attention to their words in the locker rooms, since words influence our actions.”                 [caption id="attachment_54683" align="alignright" width="150"]Regina Crawford Regina Crawford[/caption] Regina Crawford Oxnard, CA “If an officer feels or displays fearful intent, or acts fearful, the person should not be an officer! Officers should be screened in a manner that reveals their internal feelings and biases about institutional racism, as well as propensity to shoot and kill people of color.”
          Legislature Refuses Deeper Investigation into UCOP Budget Abuse   

University of California President Janet Napolitano

[caption id="attachment_54528" align="alignright" width="300"]University of California President Janet Napolitano University of California President Janet Napolitano[/caption] State findings that launched the audit found UC president’s office paid excessive salaries to top staff and mishandled budget money
SACRAMENTO – Today, the Joint Legislative Audit Committee refused to dig deeper into allegations of financial misconduct by the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) in response to the secret $175 million fund unearthed in a recent California State Auditor report. The forensic audit was requested by Assemblyman Dante Acosta (R-Santa Clarita) and failed on a party-line vote.
“I am fighting to return trust to the institution of the UC Office of the President for students, parents, faculty, and staff,” said Acosta. “Only complete transparency can accomplish that goal.”
Assembly Republicans first requested a legislative subpoena after an investigation by the State Auditor revealed that the UC Office of the President amassed secret slush funds of $175 million dollars while raising tuition and fees on students. During the course of the investigation, UCOP censored campus administrators’ responses to auditor’s surveys and interfered with attempts to obtain accurate financial data.
Assembly Republicans have called for accountability in the office of the UCOP. Following the glaring misconduct regarding University of California funds and California State Auditor surveys, they requested legislative subpoenas to uncover all information related to the misconduct.
Acosta’s request would have triggered a forensic investigation of undisclosed budget expenditures to determine whether actual transactions match what was recorded in the budget development system of the UCOP.

          Cop Rescues Child Abuse Victim—Then Goes Further   
"That's a measure of a man—and a very good police officer," Poteau Police Chief Stephen Fruen says of Officer Jody Thompson. KFSM reports the Oklahoma police officer went above and beyond the call of duty by adopting the victim of a child abuse case. Back in 2015, Thompson and...
          Comentari de Marina a Idees per a una ofensiva contra la mutilació intel·lectual organitzada   
Sense dubtes una conferència esplèndida. Felicitats a l'Associació Col·lectiu Pere Quart i a l'Ateneu Barcelonès per posar-la a disposició de tots aquells que no vivim a Barcelona i de tots aquells que ni tan sols sabíem que va tenir lloc i l'hem trobat (accidentalment, o no) a la xarxa. Una reflexió preciosa la de la Marina Garcés en relació als tres punts necessaris: temps, espai i atenció. Llàstima que des de les aules de secundària on intentem potenciar a diari l'estima per la reflexió i l'argumentació no tinguem prou temps per dedicar a aquests aspectes. Crec que és la clau. Cada cop es demana que els professors de secundària treballem més i més coses a l'aula (i ben encertadament, val a dir. És una època en què els nens són realment esponges amb una necessitat imperiosa de connectar i raonar), però ens oblidem del concepte TEMPS, i de vegades amb prou feines podem encabir tot allò que el Departament ens demana, com per encara potenciar les altres mil coses que nosaltres mateixos considerem necessàries. Tenim una gran pressió social que ens demana que formem petits savis, però que oblida que l'experiència i trobar aquell text en el moment vital concret és la millor escola de la vida. Gràcies per confiar en nosaltres, intentarem no decebre, però no ens jutgeu si no ens en sortim. I ara una reflexió més profunda. Realment ho tenim "fumut", ho estic veient. I això no ho dic per les aportacions dels conferenciants, que han provocat en mi aquelles ganes impetuoses d'aplaudir des de la solitud del menjador de casa meva, sinó pels comentaris que apareixen (sempre, invariablement) en aquest tipus de publicacions. Som molt poc respectuosos amb les aportacions i opinions d'altri, i és més: amb les ignoràncies d'altri (de nou, gràcies Garcés per l'apreciació entre les ignoràncies estúpides i les ignoràncies sàvies). Personalment desconeixia les activitats de la Fundació Bofill (arran dels vostres comentaris ja me n'he informat, gràcies), però l'agresivitat i el llenguatge eminentment polític i de classe obrera amb els quals vehiculeu el vostre missatge acaben crispant tot tipus de debat profund i necessari que requereix el tema. Per convéncer l'oponent primer cal entendre les seves raons i exposar perquè les nostres són més valuoses. Sense respecte no hi pot haver diàleg. De nou, moltes gràcies als ponents i a l'organització per fer-nos arribar aquest material tant reflexiu.
          25 MAYO 2017   


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          SANGRE DE MUERDAGO / NOVEMTHREE - Braided Paths split LP - €16.00   
AV!027 SANGRE DE MUERDAGO / NOVEMTHREE Braided Paths split LP (2014) A1 Sangre de Muerdago - A Xustiza Pola Man A2 Sangre de Muerdago - Saudades A3 Sangre de Muerdago - Unha Ofrenta de Ósos A4 Sangre de Muerdago - 53º 40,6 N 008º 06,3 E B1 Novemthree - Embracing the Storm B2 Novemthree - Need B3 Novemthree -This is My Home B4 Novemthree - Othala B5 Novemthree - The Serpents Skin Sangre De Muerdago is the brainchild of Pablo, creative musician known for his past in many crust bands for almost two decades, such as Ekkaia, Cop on Fire, Leadershit or Ursus among others. Sangre De Muerdago puts together the four winds to create a world of fairy-like reality. They come once again from the depths of the woods calling up our oldest memories and melodies, and giving the quieter and more melancholic Galician Folk from the late 70s and early 80s a new dimension, where nature, folk tales, old wisdom, mysteries and love get together to bring us to a world of ancient musical enchantment. Hailing from the woods of Tacoma, WA, Novemthree has been releasing small-run CDRs, 7”s and tapes since early 2000’s, crafting gently dark and dreamlike tunes of psychedelic-fringed folk music with verses inspired by a longing for a connection with Nature, the sense of solitude and peace in the vastness of the cosmos, meandering reflections on life and loss. After all these years, the time has come for a long-due vinyl release. For this best match split LP each band has created and recorded brand new songs to dance together on a beauty invocation, on a feast of passion that will awake our sleeping "self", our true soul. Avant! joins forces with german Sick Man Getting Sick, french Boue and Pablo’s own imprint Música Máxica to release a one-time pressing of 500, coming in thick gatefold sleeve & printed innersleeve, with dedicated artwork courtesy of domestic artist and friend BlutTanzt. Stream one track by each band!
PLEASE NOTE: the shipping rate calculated by the BigCartel system refers to orders up til 3 x 12”/LP. For more items, a specific surcharge on shipping will be applied by us.
          Make a promise: keep that promise!   
Sone two years (less ten days) ago, I wrote on two tragic deaths. One death was that of Michael Brown, a two-hundred-odd pound, six-foot-four black man, who was shot at close range by a Ferguson, Missouri cop as Brown ran…
          7/1/2017: YOUR MOVIE PLANNER: Beverly Hills Cop   

(1984) 15 11.50PM, SKY COMEDY Eddie Murphy’s career went stratospheric after this slick comedy. He’s Axel Foley, a tough Detroit cop (with his own theme tune) who heads to LA to solve the murder of a friend.
          What Was Your Favorite Childhood Vacation?   

Tracey D.
Elements West Plano

"Camping with my family along the Suwannee River. Canoeing with my dad, who was a tough cop but knew nothing about the outdoors, Which always made life interesting!  And camping with my mom in Colorado in Glacier Basin. We nearly froze to death but I decided that night I would never freeze again because I would master fire starting and fire building.  And I did.  And now I teach it!"

Laurie S.
Elements Novi

"I did not go on vacations as a child.  But my children have grown up at Camp Michigania, a family camp. It is arguably on the most beautiful lake in the United States, Walloon Lake. It is how we mark time in our family. We go every year at the same week. I have watched my children grow up here."

Colleen O.
Elements Louisville East

"I was raised in Ohio and Cedar Point Amusement Park was always on our list of places my brother and sisters just had to go to in the summer.  One year, my dad piled us in the car and drove us the three hours to the park so we could ride the roller coasters and crazy spinning rides.  It is important to note that he was horribly afraid of these rides and had zero interest in riding them with us.  The year I remember most vividly is the year I was too short to ride the Blue Streak roller coaster; but the ride operator said that I could go if my dad would ride with me. And he did. I didn't realize until I was older how difficult that must have been for him and what a sacrifice he made for me when he pulled that bar down across his lap. It is by far my favorite 'vacation' memory from my childhood."

          Comment on Dindu Gives His Pregnant Ratchet a Taste of ‘Black Power’ by Angrylittleman   
Knarly, there are rumours in my community about Somali LEOs, Already met a F.O.B. Arabic , Islamic trolley cop in SD. Dear Born.... has a Somali cop.
          Cop Shoot   
Almost like a police training game You are a copy and you job is to shoot all the enemies
          Watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop Full Movie Online Free   

Download Paul Blart: Mall Cop Full Movie - To get an access to download Paul Blart: Mall Cop videos, you just need to have a membership. Membership doesn't require big money.



4268 126b 400


The 38-year-old Black officer was at his house when he heard sound of gunfire. This prompted 11-year police veteran to go and check whether someone needed help. When the off-duty cop approached he was told to get on the ground. After complying with the cops’ orders he stood up and was immediately shot.
The white cop later confessed that he shot because he “feared for his safety.“ 

Fucking ridiculous.  I am not surprised that blue lives matter keep silent.

[Reposted from lifeinlilac via finkregh]

          Horoscop, duminică, 2 iulie 2017. Berbecii intră în conflicte care pot căpăta accente periculoase, fie cu membrii familiei, fie cu superiorii   

Horoscop 2 iulie 2017. Berbecii intră în conflicte care pot căpăta accente periculoase, fie cu membrii familiei, fie cu superiorii Horoscop 2 iulie 2017 – Berbec Există riscul unor confruntări care pot căpăta accente periculoase, fie cu membrii familiei, fie cu superiorii, în funcție de ce te preocupă mai mult în această perioadă, planul intim […]

Post-ul Horoscop, duminică, 2 iulie 2017. Berbecii intră în conflicte care pot căpăta accente periculoase, fie cu membrii familiei, fie cu superiorii apare prima dată în

          Cop Shooting Death Cases Raise Question: When Is Fear Reasonable?   
It's rare for a law enforcement officer to be convicted of homicide for shooting someone while on duty. According to a new NPR data analysis, 2,400 people have been killed this way in the last two and a half years; the vast majority of those cases were found to be justified, but NPR found 20 officers who faced charges. Of those, six have been convicted or pleaded guilty. Many Americans have come to believe that the convictions are too rare. The acquittal earlier this month of Jeronimo Yanez in the shooting death of Philando Castile in Minnesota sparked protests, and an angry outburst on Facebook Live by Castile's mother, Valerie Castile. "I don't know where they got the m************ jurors from, but that was some straight-up b*******!" she said, and mocked the defense's assertion that Yanez had been in fear of his life. "You shouldn't be no police officer if you're going to handle yourself in that manner," Castile said. When is fear reasonable? During the trial, Yanez testified that
          No black person is safe in America - Salon   


No black person is safe in America
I do have immense respect for protestors, marchers and organizers, but in the end, after all that chanting, marching and lying down in traffic, Darren Wilson, the cop who murdered Brown, still went free, and cops in America still feel comfortable ...

          Dam Busting, Ancient Archaeologists and Iron Age Fort Raids   
Researchers re-create the experiments carried out by Barnes Wallis on the bouncing bomb; we discuss the Texan pre-Clovis finds; the Nichoria bone earns its place at multiple points in history and we explore the massacre at Fin Cop hill fort. Plus, in Backyard Archaeology: how to go about doing a bit of zooarchaeology!
          Horoscop special – ce surprize rezervă iulie zodiilor?   
Horoscop special – ce surprize rezervă iulie zodiilor? Am intrat în a doua lună de vară. Cu un pahar de suc și multă gheață în față, ne aruncăm o privire pe ceea ce rezervă Cuptor zodiilor. Nu va fi deloc o lună liniștită, surprizele de tot felul pândesc fiecare semn zodiacal, la tot pasul. BERBEC […]
          Horoscop de weekend 1-2 iulie: weekend canicular pentru zodii   
Horoscop de weekend 1-2 iulie: weekend canicular pentru zodii. Weekendul cu care începem luna lui Cuptor este prilej de analiză și de creionat proiecte pentru multe zodii. Iar pentu una în mod special va fi, cel puțin ziua de mâine, un weekend cu tristețe, dor și amintiri din copilărie. Berbec Sâmbătă:  Te afli într-un mediu în […]
          Horoscop special – momentele dificile ale zodiilor în iulie   
Horoscop special – momentele dificile ale zodiilor în iulie. Luna iulie nu va fi o lună doar cu bucurii pentru zodii. Fiecare din semnele horoscopului va avea momentele sale de cumpănă, ce îi vor pune la încercare încrederea în sine, în ceilalți. Iată care sunt aceste cumpene din iulie: Berbec Nu vei întâmpina probleme grave […]
          Horoscop 30 iunie – Vărsătorilor li se schimbă norocul   
Horoscop 30 iunie – Vărsătorilor li se schimbă norocul. Astăzi, Racii nu primesc feedback bun legat de planurile lor, cariera Leilor depinde de o decizie pe care o vor lua azi iar Peștii intră în competiție cu rivali puternici. Berbec  Eşti cam superficial şi ai impresia că, dacă ai mai multe variante la dispoziţie, te poţi juca cu ele. Nu e adevărat! Dacă ai mai multe opţiuni, nu înseamnă că poţiface ce vrei, ci trebuie să le cântăreşti foarte atent ca să o alegi pe cea mai bună. Dacă porneşti într-o direcţie cu gândul că, dacă nu iese, vei porni imediat spre cealaltă, te înşeli,pentru că, odată aleasă,ceea va fi soluţia finală, ca atare analizează argumentele pro şi contra şi fă o alegere în deplină cunoştinţă de cauză. […]
          Airdate: Comrade Detective   
Channing Tatum & Joseph Gordon-Levitt provide voice-over for a Romanian cop comedy on Amazon.
          Internet Cop   

Robert McDowell becomes effusive when talking about the World Wide Web. “The beauty of the Internet is that it has been somewhat lawless,” says the Republican, one of five appointees who run the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The lack of government mandates, McDowell says, has made the Net “the greatest deregulatory success story of all time,” a “sort of libertarian heaven.”

Is that heaven about to crash down to earth? Julius Genachowski, the man hand-picked by President Barack Obama to chair the FCC, insists not. “I’ve been clear repeatedly that we’re not going to regulate the Internet,” he told The Wall Street Journal in February 2010. But his actions suggest otherwise. Since taking office in June 2009, Genachowski, a tech entrepreneur and former FCC counsel, has led the commission on an unprecedented quest for power over the Web’s network infrastructure, sparking a thunderous, confusing lobbying battle over who gets to control the Net. 

“If the government starts to get involved with regulation of Internet network management,” McDowell warns, “you’ll start to see the politicization of decisions in that realm.” At this point, there’s no if about it: From his first major speech to a hurried and secretive rulemaking procedure in the final weeks of 2010, Genachowski has made it his mission to plant the seeds of government control within the core of the Internet—all under the guise of “preserving Internet freedom.”

They Call It Net Neutrality

Like so many political slogans, Internet freedom sounds great. But what does it mean in practice? For Genachowski and the rest of the Obama administration, “Internet freedom” is a feel-good euphemism for the techie idea known as “net neutrality.”

At its most basic, net neutrality is the belief that all bits and bytes that travel over the Internet should be treated equally: no discrimination, no paid prioritization, just first-come-first-served access for everyone all the time. As an egalitarian approach to the Web, it is more a pre-technical philosophy than a clear guide to managing network infrastructure. The applied theory of net neutrality is that routers—the traffic management devices that send packets of information from one computer or server to the next—should treat each piece of information like every other piece, be it an email message, a video, a game, or 3D porn. This is not a bad idea; indeed, it is largely how the Internet works already. But net neutrality advocates warn that without federal intervention, corporate giants won’t leave it this way for long; they will begin setting up pricey, priority-traffic toll roads across the Web.

The neutrality concept is a direct descendant of “common carrier” regulation of phone companies. When wire-based phone networks ruled the earth, they were treated as public utilities. The feds forced them to share their infrastructure with their competitors at regulated rates, a restriction on their property rights that was enforced under the pleasant-sounding banner of “equal access.”

It didn’t take long for politicians to start fretting about equal access on the Web. In a 1994 speech, Vice President Al Gore pondered this loaded question: “How can government ensure that the [emerging Internet] will permit everyone to be able to compete with everyone else for the opportunity to provide any service to all willing customers? Next, how can we ensure that this new marketplace reaches the entire nation?” Access, opportunity, competition—how would these goals ever be achieved without the government’s involvement?

Answer: easily. Internet access exploded throughout the late 1990s and the following decade—no federal broadband regulation required. By 1999 more than 30 million people could dial in from their homes. The Net’s success in the absence of regulation was so apparent that even Democratic bureaucrats preached the gospel of nonintervention: In 1999 FCC Chairman William Kennard declared in a speech that “if we’ve learned anything about the Internet in government over the last 15 years, it’s that it thrived quite nicely without the intervention of government.” In the same speech, Kennard made the case for what he called a “high-tech Hippocratic Oath” for regulators: First, do no harm.

It worked. During the following decade, online activity exploded. Between 2001 and 2008, online commercial activity—which for all practical purposes did not exist the decade before—became big business, rising from about $8 billion a year to about $42 billion, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Simultaneously, broadband Internet access rapidly blazed a path from high-tech luxury service to mass-market must-have. In 2000 just 3 percent of homes had broadband access. By 2010 the figure had climbed to 66 percent, according to a report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

But the net’s success only made activists more vehement that it must be “preserved” through regulation. That’s where net neutrality came in. In 2005, under the leadership of Republican Chairman Kevin Martin, the FCC adopted four “policy statements” outlining the principles that should govern Internet use and operation. Users, the commission asserted, are entitled to access their choice of lawful content, to use applications and services as they wish, to connect legal devices to the network provided they do no harm, and to enjoy the effects of competition among providers and networks. But these statements of principle were not regulations, and thus of dubious enforceability.  

At first, the push for net neutrality was targeted at wire-line carriers—cable companies, DSL providers, and others who delivered Internet connections to fixed locations using expensive-to-install conduits. But by 2007, calls for net neutrality expanded to the growing wireless Internet, bringing mobile data networks like those operated by AT&T and Verizon into the crosshairs. Net neutrality gave online Democratic activists—the “netroots”—an issue in which “equality” was on one side and discriminatory corporations on the other. The sin of these corporate villains? Denying network access to those unwilling to pay for it.

“Network giants believe they should be able to charge Web site operators, application providers and device manufacturers for the right to use the network,” the progressive media activists at Free Press warned in their online guide to the issue. “Those who don’t make a deal and pay up will experience discrimination: Their sites won’t load as quickly, and their applications and devices won’t work as well.”

The issue never really caught on with the broader public, but it did become a partisan rallying cry. In 2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama made net neutrality a campaign promise, vowing to achieve it through the FCC. The promise was politically smart. Although regulating Internet traffic was barely raising eyebrows among average voters—most of whom were busy enjoying easy access to the Internet—the idea was much loved by two groups important to Obama: the digitally savvy army of online activists whose fund raising and organizing helped put the president in office, and a collection of high-flying, Democrat-supporting Silicon Valley companies. Netroots powerhouses such as got an issue to motivate and deliver their progressive base, while content-delivery behemoths such as Google (whose CEO, Eric Schmidt, took a week off to campaign for Obama) got a policy wedge against the Net’s infrastructure gatekeepers. Both camps expected a payoff in exchange for their support.

Obama’s Basketball Buddy

After Obama was elected, it fell to Julius Genachowski to make good on the campaign promise. The president didn’t just assure supporters that his administration would pursue net neutrality through the FCC; he named a close personal friend and a net neutrality true believer as the commission’s chairman to get the job done right. (Genachowski’s office declined a request for an interview.)

Genachowski has been friends with Obama for decades. The two were classmates at Harvard Law School, where they worked together on the Harvard Law Review and, according to The New York Times, were “basketball buddies.” Genachowski, who has spent much of his professional career zig-zagging through Silicon Valley, served Obama’s campaign as chairman of the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Policy Working Group.

The two men have remained tight since Obama took office: Between January 31 and August 31, 2009, official records show that Genachowski visited the White House 47 times, more than any other agency head. (Sixteen of those visits came before Genachowski had even assumed office.) The next most frequent visitor among agency chiefs was Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who dropped by just five times during the same period.

The FCC chairman’s private-sector background includes stints at the sort of content companies that tend to favor neutrality rules. Genachowski helped launch Rock Creek Ventures, which funds and consults for “digital media and commerce companies,” and he has served as a director for a number of large Web portals, including and Beliefnet. According to his fellow FCC commissioner, Meredith Baker, “The chairman’s starting point is at the edge, application side of the [Internet] ecosystem. I don’t think that’s to the exclusion of the networks and their important role, but he starts in Silicon Valley.”

The outline of Genachowski’s ideas for neutrality regulation was unveiled at his first major address as the nation’s top communication regulator, a September 2009 speech at the center-left Brookings Institution. Genachowski reiterated at nine separate points the Obama administration’s promise to ensure that the Web would remain “free and open.” The phrase even appeared in the title of his talk: “Preserving a Free and Open Internet: A Platform for Innovation, Opportunity, Prosperity.”

The chairman’s speech didn’t answer the obvious question that has long nagged net neutrality skeptics: preserving it from what? But his remarks did address the question of how: The FCC, Genachowski said, must be “a smart cop on the [Internet] beat.” To fulfill that role, the commission would both beef up its authority and grant itself wide discretion in how to use it. “I will propose that the FCC evaluate alleged violations of the non-discrimination principle as they arise, on a case-by-case basis,” the chairman promised. Clear and straightforward rules were out. Regulators’ whims were in.

Genachowski proposed taking his predecessor Kevin Martin’s four principles—access to legal content, unrestricted use of services, device interoperability, and provider competition—and codifying them into law. He also wanted to add two more.

The first, and more controversial, of his additions would prohibit broadband providers from discriminating against “particular Internet content or applications.” In theory, the nondiscrimination provision would mean that the FCC could prohibit service providers from, say, blocking access to certain websites, or prioritizing the traffic to a particular company’s service (for instance, giving priority to videos from corporate partners over those from competing services). But the case-by-case standard would provide the agency with considerable leeway to decide when to step in.

The second new principle would require ISPs to be “transparent about their network management practices.” Basically, if service providers selectively slowed traffic for a particular application—say, the peer-to-peer service BitTorrent, which is frequently used to share movies, TV shows, and other large files—or capped a user’s total bandwidth for a given pay period, they’d have to notify consumers in plain English. Genachowski also hoped to extend the rules to wireless data networks such as those used by iPhones and Blackberries.

Genachowski’s speech was couched in the rhetoric of choice, innovation, and openness. But in framing his proposal as an attempt to preserve the Internet’s existing virtues, he masked the fact that it would represent an unprecedented expansion of federal control over the nation’s information infrastructure. And although no one knew it at the time, his plan presaged a sweeping attempt to subject broadband providers to an entirely different, and far more restrictive, regulatory classification.

A Solution in Search of a Problem

Genachowski’s speech targeted discriminatory practices by ISPs. But it did not cite any specific examples of such behavior, perhaps because neither Genachowski nor any other net neutrality supporter has ever identified more than a handful of instances in which the Internet’s openness has actually been violated. Indeed, it is hard to get a handle on what, exactly, strict neutrality rules are intended to prevent.

In October 2010, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released a list of 10 alleged net neutrality violations. But as horror shows go, it wasn’t very scary. For starters, the list included two actions taken by ISPs in Canada, which suggests how far advocates have had to stretch to find real-world examples. It also included AT&T’s 2007 decision to excise Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder’s attacks on President George W. Bush during a live stream of a concert. But that decision wasn’t made by AT&T in its role as a network provider; it was made at the broadcast level by the team in charge of running the show, in the same way that an MTV video crew might bleep a curse word from a live awards ceremony. Also on the list: an allegation that BellSouth censored MySpace by denying access to some users—despite the fact BellSouth says the event was merely a glitch, an explanation no evidence has yet contradicted.

The ACLU also listed Verizon’s 2007 refusal to send a mass text message from the abortion rights group NARAL Pro-Choice America. Verizon maintained that it had the right to block “controversial” content of any kind—essentially, that it needed to be sensitive to bulk messages that it agreed to send over its network. Julian Sanchez, a research fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute (and former reason staffer), describes it as “a case where the company is partnering with the provider in a way that goes beyond carriage, because they’re also effectively acting as a payment processor. That means they’ll have an interest in vetting partners in a way you wouldn’t expect a mere carrier to vet every content provider on the network.” Regardless, after a loud public outcry, Verizon reversed the decision within one day.

Consumer agitation also played a role in resolving the most notorious net neutrality violation. In 2007, the press began to report that Comcast was secretly slowing some users’ access to BitTorrent. The company said it was merely attempting to prevent network congestion—and thus keep overall access and user speeds up—by slowing applications that were suspected of hogging bandwidth. By spring 2008, Comcast, under intense customer pressure, adjusted its network management practices so that specific applications such as BitTorrent would not be targeted. Consumer agitation had solved the problem, but the Bush FCC later censured the company anyway.

The punishment was largely symbolic, but was intended to send the message that the FCC would take official action to ensure net neutrality. “We are saying that network operators can’t block people from getting access to any content and any applications,” then-chairman Kevin Martin told The New York Times in August 2008. Comcast challenged the decision in court.

This lack of clearly defined violations has never stopped net neutrality advocates from using Comcast and other big broadband providers as convenient corporate villains. On the campaign trail, Barack Obama warned that without net neutrality, “mom and pop sites” could suffer at the hands of greedy network behemoths.

But the net neutrality debate doesn’t really pit the Goliaths against the Davids. It’s a battle between the edge of the Internet and the center, with application and content providers (the edge) fighting for control against infrastructure owners (the center). Large business interests dominate both sides of the debate. Google, for example, has long favored some form of net neutrality, as have Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and a smattering of other big content providers, who prefer a Web in which the network acts essentially as a “dumb pipe” to carry their content. Mom-and-pop sites aren’t the issue.

Google makes its support sound as simple and earnest as its corporate motto of “don’t be evil.” Much like Genachowski, it defines net neutrality as “the concept that the Internet should remain free and open to all comers.” But the freedom and openness that Google claims to prize bear a distinct resemblance to regulatory protection. An Internet in which ISPs can freely discriminate between services, prioritizing some data in order to offer enhanced services to more customers, is an Internet in which content providers may have to pay more to reach their customers. Under Google and Genachowski’s net neutrality regime, ISPs may own the network, but the FCC will have a say in how those networks are run, with a bias toward restrictions that favor content providers.

Battle Lines

Yet for many of net neutrality’s most vocal supporters, Genachowski’s proposal didn’t go far enough. In November 2009, Columbia law professor Timothy Wu, who popularized the term net neutrality in a 2002 paper, co-signed a letter with other left-leaning academics warning that an early draft of the FCC plan was too vague and might not sufficiently restrict ISP behavior. Building on that letter, the “media reform” group Free Press warned that the ambiguity “would undermine the future of Internet freedom.”

Free Press serves as the nexus for the netroots’ net neutrality efforts. Founded by Josh Silver, who’d previously helped run a state-based campaign for publicly funded elections, and the leftist media theorist Robert McChesney, the group touts a radical, anti-corporate vision of government control over the media. In 2002, the year Free Press was founded, McChesney co-wrote a book, Our Media, Not Theirs: The Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media, which declared “the need to promote an understanding of the urgency to assert public control over the media.” 

Despite its relative newness and its radical ideas, Free Press has had an outsized influence on the net neutrality debate. It has a former staffer in the FCC chairman’s office: In June 2009, Jen Howard left her job as press director for Free Press to become Genachowski’s press secretary. The group also benefited from its longstanding alliance with, a netroots giant with massive influence on progressive politics.

Free Press has used its influence to push the FCC toward the strictest regulations possible. By opposing Genachowski’s initial rule proposal as too lax, the coalition made it clear that only the heaviest regulatory burden would do. And Free Press hasn’t been afraid to turn its fire on the chairman. In July the group created a mocked-up “Wanted” poster using a photo of Genachowski’s face and encouraged activists to post it “all over Chicago” during an FCC meeting there. FCC insiders say the group’s influence is strongly felt. According to Commissioner Baker, the chairman “is under tremendous pressure from the netroots base not to compromise on net neutrality.”

While Free Press was busy trying to save the Internet from vaguely defined ISP threats, opposition to Internet interference began to coalesce. In September 2009, the free market telecommunication scholars Adam Thierer and Berin Szoka, then employed by the Progress & Freedom Foundation, wrote in Forbes that “the presumption of online liberty is giving way to a presumption of regulation.” They warned that despite efforts to make the net neutrality proposal seem harmless, it would inevitably lead to a massive increase in federal regulation of the nation’s information infrastructure. “Real Internet Freedom,” they wrote, “is about to start dying a death by a thousand regulatory cuts.”

Broadband providers, naturally, worried too. “In the ’90s,” says Hank Hultquist, a vice president in AT&T’s federal regulatory division, “the FCC decided that it was not going to regulate the Internet in the way that we regulate phone service.” But despite an initial bipartisan consensus against regulating the Net, there was always dissent. As the Web matured, that dissent grew, and when the Obama administration took power, it gave dissenters the keys to the regulatory command post.

Following Genachowski’s Brookings Institution speech, Commissioners Baker and McDowell went public with their skepticism about the regulatory push. Nevertheless, in the months immediately afterward, Genachowski began the lengthy process of writing and reviewing his rule proposal. The plan that emerged closely resembled the structure that Genachowski had proposed in his speech. At the end of October, when the commission voted on the proposal and published it, both Baker and McDowell dissented from the “factual and legal predicates” underlying the report. But they were in the minority.

‘An Unbridled, Roving Commission’

Yet the FCC still did not have clearly enforceable rules governing net neutrality. Martin’s principles were the only clear statements on the books. And even as the bureaucratic process rolled forward, the agency’s authority to oversee broadband traffic—and thus to regulate net neutrality—was being challenged in federal court as a result of the 2008 BitTorrent decision.

Comcast owned up to slowing some users’ connections when they were using BitTorrent. But it maintained that the agency’s philosophical statements about Internet openness, which the FCC had relied on for its censure, were merely guidelines and therefore legally unenforceable. The FCC responded that it could enforce them under the doctrine of “ancillary jurisdiction,” a legal concept under which an agency claims the authority to issue regulations necessary to meet its statutory responsibilities. To uphold its net neutrality policy statements, the FCC argued, it needed to oversee broadband traffic management practices such as Comcast’s treatment of BitTorrent.

Because the policy statements weren’t codified, the FCC had a tough time convincing D.C. Circuit Judge A. Raymond Randolph that it had a statutory responsibility to uphold them. In January 2010, Randolph signaled during oral arguments that he might take Comcast’s side. “You have yet to identify a specific statute” that gives the FCC clear authority to regulate, he told the agency’s lawyers. He seemed exasperated, saying vague statements of principle are no replacement for concrete rules. “You can’t get an unbridled, roving commission to go about doing good,” he said.

In April, Randolph laid down the law: “Policy statements are just that—statements of policy,” he wrote. “They are not delegations of regulatory authority.” The decision wreaked havoc with the net neutrality rulemaking process. Codifying the policy statements into new rules would do little to ensure the FCC’s authority to regulate because those rules would still lack a statutory basis. Congress had never given the agency a clear directive to enforce neutrality. Without statutory authority to regulate broadband data management, what could the FCC do?

A few options quickly became apparent. First, the agency could drop its pursuit of net neutrality. But given the fact that the policy was an explicit campaign promise, and given the political pressure from groups like Free Press, that seemed unlikely. Second, the FCC could wait for Congress to give it explicit statutory authority. But with the health care battle recently ended, and with Democrats headed for what promised to be a sizable loss in the November elections, there was little appetite for a controversial new regulatory initiative—especially one that would make congressional supporters vulnerable to accusations that they wanted to control the Internet. 

The Trouble With Title II

And then there was the most extreme option. Instead of pursuing net neutrality through ancillary jurisdiction, as it had already attempted, the commission could move broadband service into the same regulatory category as telephone lines. Rather than regulating broadband providers under Title I of the Communications Act, as information services, it could regulate them under Title II, as telecommunication services. After Randolph’s decision, Democratic Commissioner Michael Copps immediately signaled that he favored this route.

It sounds like a small change, but in fact it would be enormous. Title II was designed for legacy phone networks and was written before broadband existed. If the FCC could pull off this shift, it would have far greater power than before. The Net’s core would effectively be transformed into a public utility subject to the whims of regulators.

But this approach was sure to provoke a drawn-out legal battle. As an executive branch agency, the FCC does not have the power to define its own governing statutes. That’s Congress’ job. And nowhere in the commission’s governing statutes did Congress bestow upon it the power to reclassify broadband providers as telecommunication services. If the FCC pursued the Title II strategy, several ISPs warned in a joint statement in February 2010, the industry would be wracked by “years of litigation and regulatory chaos.” That wasn’t just a prediction; it was a threat. 

The legal complexities of reclassifying broadband service were only part of the problem. Broadband providers warned repeatedly that strict net neutrality rules would derail capital investment, an argument seconded by telecommunication labor unions. In July the Communications Workers of America released a statement declaring that “the ‘reclassification path’ will lead to years of litigation and regulatory uncertainty that will reduce broadband investment and jobs.” That promised to put the policy in conflict with one of the agency’s other top priorities. 

At the same time the FCC has been pursuing net neutrality, it has been putting together a National Broadband Plan meant to spark broadband investment and deployment in underserved regions, a plan the Obama administration has persisted with despite surveys showing that most Americans don’t want the government involved in promoting broadband. The FCC’s own estimates put the cost of this plan at $350 billion, the bulk of which is presumed to come from investment within the industry. Rules that make such investment less lucrative make the broadband plan tougher to implement.

It was enough to make even the most determined regulator anxious. Which may be why, in May 2010, Genachowski announced that the FCC would take a step toward reclassifying broadband—but only a tentative one. Rather than release rules, the agency would issue a notice of inquiry asking for input about the possibility of switching broadband to Title II—the bureaucratic equivalent of winking at your friend and asking, “Hypothetically, what if we were to do this?” In a further sign of Genachowski’s anxiety, the FCC’s notice did not propose applying the full regulatory power of Title II to broadband providers. Instead, it suggested what Genachowski called the “Third Way,” under which the agency would give up some of its potential Title II authority in the hope of erecting “meaningful boundaries to guard against regulatory overreach.”

But the few boundaries to regulation the FCC proposed were not very meaningful. Larry Downes, a fellow at the Stanford Law School Center for Internet & Society, argues that regulating broadband providers like old-style telephone services could have a host of unintended effects, such as adding new consumer fees, giving local governments greater authority to impose a patchwork of confusing and contradictory regulations, and even giving the federal government greater leeway to wiretap electronic communications. 

The difference, Downes says, is plain to see when you compare the evolution of Title I broadband service to the evolution of Title II phone carriers. “Under Title I, we’ve had the Internet revolution,” he wrote on his eponymous website in March. By contrast, under Title II, “we’ve had the decline and fall of basic wireline phone service…and the continued corruption of local licensing authorities.”

Even advocates of the switch seemed to admit that the move would open up the regulatory floodgates: According to a January 2010 FCC filing by Public Knowledge, one of the most active pro-neutrality groups, “Reclassification would…expand the range of opportunities for more aggressive regulatory steps.”

The idea also faced opposition from Congress, particularly in the House, where a majority of members—including 72 Democrats—expressed disapproval of the plan in letters sent last May. And behind the scenes, sources say, the White House economic team expressed concern that the FCC’s pursuit of strict, investment-killing net neutrality rules was a distraction that would be bad for growth in the telecommunications sector.

Fear of Compromise

Free Press was having none of it. The group mounted a months-long campaign pushing Genachowski to formally declare his intention to proceed with a Title II reclassification. In November Free Press urged its members to sign and email the chairman a prewritten letter urging him to reclassify broadband so that the FCC “can keep the Internet open and free of corporate gatekeepers.” By the end of November, Genachowski looked stuck.

Free Press has declared that only the strictest approach to Internet regulation is acceptable. Yet the voting public appears unmoved by the neutrality agenda. Every single one of the 95 congressional candidates who signed a petition pledging to support neutrality lost in the 2010 elections. Meanwhile, Congress wasn’t being supportive, and industry players on both sides of the issue were increasingly seeking compromise. In August, for example, Google and Verizon proposed a joint policy framework—essentially a loosely defined model regulatory structure—that would impose some restrictions on wire-line providers but would leave wireless data networks, widely believed to be the future of the Net, largely untouched.

A similar proposal made its way into legislative form at the end of September, when Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, released a short proposal subjecting wire-line providers to basic nondiscrimination rules but strictly forbidding the FCC from pursuing any form of Title II reclassification. The legislation appeared right before Congress was scheduled to end its session, and Republicans, citing the short time frame, declined to support it. But AT&T, which has long opposed any sort of neutrality regulations, was enthusiastic, and conservative activist groups quietly urged their members and contacts to push Republicans to vote for the proposal. Republicans clearly wanted to wait until after the November elections to act, but the interest from both industry and conservative activists suggests that something like the Waxman bill could eventually garner bipartisan support.

As 2010 progressed, Genachowski faced the unpleasant choice of either risking the wrath of or giving in to Free Press’ demands, despite their mounting unpopularity and the years-long legal battle that would result from trying to satisfy them. Initially, he opted to wait. 

In September, Genachowski decided the FCC would delay any Title II decision until after the elections, implicitly acknowledging the messy politics of the situation. The day after the elections, he announced that neutrality would not be on the agenda for the commission’s November 30 meeting, buying him time to take the temperature of the new Congress and see what might be done during the upcoming lame-duck session.

At the beginning of December, Genachowski finally made his move, announcing that the FCC would vote on a net neutrality proposal within a few weeks. The proposal would be based roughly on the Waxman bill and anchored firmly under Title I, broadband’s current regulatory category. Never mind that a court had already declared the FCC’s previous justifications for Internet regulation insufficient, making a legal challenge inevitable. When the lawsuit arrived, the FCC would come up with a new justification, ancillary to some currently untapped statutory provision. Conveniently, says Larry Downes, “the D.C. Circuit opinion left some wiggle room, suggesting that even though the commission had failed to find a provision in the law that its adjudication was ‘ancillary’ to, there might be some that weren’t advanced.”

Meanwhile, the time for comments on the neutrality proposal was limited to less than three weeks—far shorter than the comment period granted for the initial rule and the Notice of Inquiry. Normally the short comment period would have been the biggest cause of commotion surrounding the proceedings. But in this case, there was very little of substance for anyone to get excited about. In a highly unusual move, Genachowski decided to keep the text of the proposal secret until after it passed. The gist, though, was made plain enough by Genachowski’s remarks at vote: The FCC would finally have a rule prohibiting “unreasonable discrimination” on the major wired networks.  And who would be in charge of determining what sort of network management practices were “unreasonable?” Why, none other than the FCC. 

 The remnants of a once firmly held bipartisan consensus that the Internet operates best when the government leaves it alone were strong enough to block the most radical elements of the Left’s net neutrality wish list, at least temporarily. And the rules will be challenged in court as well as Congress, where congressional Republicans were already threatening to use their new found oversight powers to make Genachowski’s life difficult.

But Genachowski has finally managed to plant regulatory roots within the Net. On December 21, 2010, the agency voted 3-2 to pass a major regulatory order that no one outside the FCC had been allowed to see. Genachowski’s power grab had been accomplished in haste and secrecy as a lame-duck Congress prepared for Christmas, but he had successfully fulfilled the president’s promise and asserted federal control over the sprawling core of the Net. Commissioner McDowell’s “greatest deregulatory success story of all time” has given way to empowered regulators. The Internet, after luxuriating in lawless freedom, finally has its own cop. 

Peter Suderman is an associate editor at reason. This column first appeared at

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War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III
Jets roar over Pacific skies as US military gathers allies in drills, to keep ahead of China
Shooting erupts amid reports of mutiny in Malian capital
Suicide bomber blows himself up near Mali soldiers, first attack of its kind
French intervention 'will cost Mali its independence'
Rebel push into Damascus raises fears of long fight coupled by mass exodus
Syria says 'no truth' Israel targeted convoy
UN Says 5000 Syrians a Day Are Now Fleeing War
Syria military factory blast kills 54
Jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra is taking over Syria's revolution

Insight Into Today’s News
US Media Yet Again Conceals Newsworthy Government Secrets
Now We Know: War Is Murder
It Can't Happen Here?
The Andromeda Strain, Yes. Jesus, No. Your Tax Dollars at Work.
Remember 1994
Morningland Dairy destroyed by feds, $250,000 inventory stolen by government thugs during armed raid
Department of Homeland Security Targets Gun Collector
CIA Adviser Warns of 'Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction'
Debtors Prisons In The US Are Rapidly Filling With People Who Can’t Pay Bills

Netanyahu's coalition-building efforts are guided by suspicion and skepticism
Livni will be appointed as minister in charge of peace process
Defense Ministry suspends ties with six firms over alleged fraud
Tel Aviv Hepatitis A outbreak may stem from open-air markets
Abbas to Ahmadinejad: Talk more about Palestine, less about destroying Israel
Palestinian jailed for Abbas Facebook 'insult'
Abbas Meets With Leader of Gaza Terror Group in Cairo
Hamas Weighs Options For Recognizing Israel
Palestinian prisoners in Israel 'smuggling out sperm'

Despite US opposition, oil trade with Iraq is legal, PM Erdoğan says
South Cyprus condemns Erdoğan's remarks calling him a 'bully'
Turkey says has spent $600 million on Syria refugees
No strong EU without Turkey, says Italian envoy
Turkey-US Tension Develops Over Al-Qaeda Member  
Ailing ex-general fights for survival after sentence delay
Cargo ship crashes into a passenger seabus in the Bosphorus
Protests grow in Sunni areas in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdistan presses on with oil pipe to Turkey

Morsi: Egypt, Turkey to establish joint chamber of commerce
Clashes in Egypt as anti-Morsi camp demands change
Egypt Slams US Senator's 'Morsi Is Our Enemy' Comments
          La saviesa del gat   
Normalment només faig un post dels meus arbrets a l'any, però no sé si recordareu que l'alvocat que tenia creixent, l'únic que havia aconseguit germinar en tota la vida, va patir un petit accident provocat per un gat. Bé, presumptament. Aquest és l'aspecte que tenia abans i després que me'l trobés a terra, amb el test trencat i tota la terra escampada, un cop replantat sense perdre l'esperança.

La veritat és que no tenia massa bona pinta abans, però després semblava irrecuperable. Però després de tenir-ne molta cura i no deixar que el gat s'hi acosti, una mica més d'un mes després té aquest aspecte:

Del tronc principal, que ha quedat pelat, han sortit dues branques de les que brollen unes fulles grosses i allargades, com se suposa que han de ser les de l'alvocat, i com no eren a principi d'aquesta primavera. Així que a veure si al final hauré d'agrair al gat que m'avisés que alguna cosa no anava bé, que calia replantar, i per això va tirar el test a terra, l'única manera que tenia per assegurar que el replantaria. Molt espavilat aquest gat...

Nota: El Ginkgo #2 va fer un intent de fer fulletes, però no es van acabar de desenvolupar. Tot just per avisar que segueix viu!

          COP 21 Surchauffée actée et reconnue : Quand viendra le point de rupture ? le collapsus systémique ?   

 COP21.. comment juguler la surchauffe
suite aux  ALERTES …CANICULAIRES et  leurs Transgressions marines en cours et à venir  ?

195 nations se sont senties interpellées

wait and see ...les suites...

Au rendez-vous réitéré, comme il en va depuis 30 ans,
Des costumes gris et des cols blancs, laquais suiveurs
Mais impotents, des Majors d’"Ordre Planétaire".

Actons que rien n’évoluera au grand banquet du Dieu « Croissance » :
« Croissance fétiche, climat fétide et changements irréversibles »
Les croyances restant en l’état, sur le grand Mythe libéraliste
De la croissance sans limite, déifiée pour l’éternité.

Les faits sont là, nul ne veut voir …
Que le climat dérégulé
N’est que l’indice révélateur,
Du paradigme économique d’une CULTURE
Délétère, de La NATURE mise en tutelle,
Sous les lourdes manettes guerrières
Des exigences et manigances financières.

Marx l’avait pourtant prédit, le prix des inégalités
Se négociera au prix fort, terrorisme et révolutions,
Involution, disparition par seule dérive sécuritaire.

Le paradigme économique ignore CONSCIENCE systémique.
Ignore le poids psychologique des déficits cognitifs,
Des ignorances passionnelles : cupidités, vénalités.

Quand viendra le point de rupture des incohérences structurelles
Les aléas conjoncturels acteront sa disparition, par simple autorégulation.

GVW  1 janvier 2016

          Cannibal Cop Faces Sentencing   
NEW YORK (AP) — A former New York City police officer acquitted in a conspiracy to kidnap, kill and eat women faces sentencing for his conviction on a minor charge. Continue reading…
          Becoming Sergeant Rhona: A transgender cop who has found acceptance in the force   
Sergeant Rhona Stace wears a floral scarf and glittering gold nail polish with her police uniform, yet her two kids call her dad.
I'm still here. It's been a busy spring and summer. Morgan had a very rough spring. She spent a grand total of 26 days in the hospital and had 2 major abdominal surgeries. She's had GI problems for years, and it turned out that she had a previously undiagnosed congenital malrotation that had to be repaired, so the first surgery (in March) was a laparotomy with a Ladd's procedure and an appendectomy. She had a second, 12 day long hospital stay resulting from complications a few days after she got home from the first surgery, and a second reparative surgery was scheduled for April. That one was a duodenojejunostomy. She's pretty well mended by now, but she had to go on homebound teaching for school because she missed everything from the last part of February on. So she's out of school, but we're still playing catch up with her work. 

She turned 16 in April, and earlier this month her Uncle Will bought her her first car (I know). So now she's on the hunt for a job and I'm basically going a little insane that she's only going to be a kid for a few more years. Jack starts kindergarten this fall too, so there's that. 

I've really been struggling the last little bit, fighting off depression. I emailed Nick tonight and told him this, and basically called a permanent end to DD. It hurt to do so, but it's really not been a thing for us for a long time. My need for it is as strong as it ever was, so for there to be this constant faint but not real hope that he might pick it up again has been so incredibly hard for me. I think that just knowing for sure that it's dead will maybe be easier on me. Frankly every time I've tried to bring it up (which has been a number of times lately), he's just kind of given me a blank stare, and it's like he has no intention of ever doing it again, but he doesn't want to take the responsibility of admitting it because then he's the bad guy who let me down. But there's no point in stringing me along. There's been no mention of it at all from him since that one time in January, and that really was because he was angry, not because he was trying to benefit me. And whatever, I get that it's not his thing and never was and he was only doing it for me. I just wish he would own it that he's abandoned this. The
whole "You wanted me to be in charge so let me decide when we do this" argument is kind of bs. It's a cop out. I just want some freaking closure so I can move on. I told him about the email, and I know he's read it, but he hasn't responded or even acknowledged it. He came to bed and barely said goodnight before he fell asleep, which leaves me feeling like even a conversation about it is too much of a hassle. And whatever, I don't want think about it anymore. I don't want to be like this anymore. I wish I could just turn it off forever, because this is never going to be anything but an unmet need for me, and I don't know what to do with it or how to make it go away. But I need at the very least for him to say, "Okay, you're right, we're done with it, I quit." Maybe if I hear it in words instead of just actions I can start to find peace with it. 

          Après le fiasco de Varsovie, une mobilisation publique massive est indispensable pour voler au secours de l’accord sur le climat   
Alors que les négociations à Varsovie se sont achevées au terme d'une quinzaine de jours de farce et de fiasco, Oxfam prévient que seule une mobilisation citoyenne massive pourra venir au sRead more

Pour plus d’informations, merci de contacter :

Site spaces: 

          Financement de la lutte contre le changement climatique : les pays riches doivent cesser d’utiliser le secteur privé pour se dérober à leurs promesses   
Alors que les ministres du monde entier sont réunis à Varsovie pour discuter de la manière dont ils vont honorer leurs engagements en matière de financement de la lutte contre le changementRead more

Winnie Byanyima, directrice générale d’Oxfam International, assiste à la réunion ministérielle en tant que représentante de la coalition d’ONG Climate Action Network. Elle se tiendra à disposition pour toute interview.

Pour organiser une interview ou obtenir de...

          Les négociations sur le climat doivent avancer en 2010, année record des conditions météorologiques extrêmes   

Pour l'agence internationale Oxfam, les négociateurs devraient entamer les négociations des Nations unies sur le climat en gardant à l'esprit l'urgence de la situation et la volonté d'agir concrètement après une année marquée par les catastrophes liées au climat, les records de température, les inondations et l'élévation du niveau de la mer.

En 2010, les catastrophes liées au climat ont dévasté la vie et les moyens de subsistance des populations pauvres. Les négociations sur le climat de l'ONU auront lieu du 29 novembre au 10 décembre à Cancun, au Mexique.

Un nouveau rapport d'Oxfam intitulé "Plus que jamais : des négociations sur le climat qui fonctionnent pour ceux qui en ont le plus besoin" souligne que 21 000 personnes sont mortes en raison de catastrophes météorologiques au cours des neuf premiers mois de 2010 – un chiffre qui a plus que doublé par rapport à l'année 2009 dans son ensemble. Tout semble indiquer que 2010 connaitra plus d'événements météorologiques extrêmes que la moyenne décennale enregistrée de 770. Cette année est l'une des plus chaudes jamais enregistrées, avec un record de 53,7 °C relevé au Pakistan - la plus haute température jamais constatée en Asie.

L'auteur du rapport d'Oxfam, Tim Gore, a déclaré: "Nous avons assisté cette année à de grandes souffrances et des pertes dues aux catastrophes météorologiques extrêmes. Il est probable que la situation ne fasse que s'aggraver à mesure que le changement climatique resserre son étau. L'impact humain du changement climatique en 2010 nous rappelle de manière forte pourquoi des progrès à Cancun sont plus urgents que jamais."

Un Fonds sur le climat pour aider les plus vulnérables

Bien que le changement climatique ne puisse être tenu pour responsable d'une catastrophe spécifique liée aux conditions météorologiques, les modèles climatiques indiquent que les conditions météorologiques extrêmes relevées cette année sont susceptibles de s'aggraver en raison du changement climatique. C'est pourquoi les populations déjà vulnérables risquent d'être encore plus exposées.

Les inondations au Pakistan ont touché plus de 20 millions de personnes, submergeant environ un cinquième du pays, causant la mort de 2 000 personnes et provoquant 9,7 milliards de dollars de dégâts. Les températures estivales en Russie ont dépassé la moyenne à long terme de 7,8 °C, en doublant le taux de mortalité quotidienne à Moscou, et provoquant des incendies qui ont détruit 26% de la récolte nationale de blé. La Russie a en conséquence interdit les exportations de céréales, entrainant la hausse des prix mondiaux des céréales, touchant en particulier les personnes défavorisées.

A Cancun, Oxfam lance un appel pour un Fonds équitable pour le climat afin que l'argent puisse parvenir à ceux qui en ont le plus besoin et qui pourront l'utiliser au mieux. Ce fonds devrait accorder la priorité aux femmes car elles sont essentielles pour aider les communautés à s'adapter avec succès aux impacts du changement climatique.

1 dollar pour l'adaptation au changement climatique permettrait d'épargner 60 dollars pour réparer les dégâts

Les pays devraient identifier de nouvelles manières de récolter les milliards de dollars nécessaires, telles que la mise en place de taxes sur l'aviation internationale non réglementée et les émissions maritimes ainsi que convenir d'une taxe sur les transactions financières. Plus vite l'argent sera débloqué, moins coûteuse sera la lutte contre le changement climatique. On estime que chaque dollar dépensé pour l'adaptation pourrait économiser 60 dollars qui seraient nécessaires pour compenser les dommages du changement climatique.

Il est crucial que les pays formalisent leur engagement unilatéral de réduction des émissions dans le cadre onusien. Ils doivent accepter d'augmenter ces engagements pour maintenir le réchauffement climatique en-dessous de 1,5 °C. Ils doivent profiter des négociations de Cancun pour ouvrir la voie vers un accord global, juste et juridiquement contraignant.

Tim Gore ajoute : "Ce n'est pas le moment de s'éloigner de l'ONU. Il s'agit de l'unique forum où le monde peut décider d'une réponse globale efficace à une crise mondiale en cours. Le processus de l'ONU a contribué à générer une pression internationale ces dernières années. Cela a poussé des pays à mettre en œuvre leur propre politique nationale, fixer des objectifs qu'ils auraient autrement ignorés, et commencer à répondre aux besoins d'adaptation des communautés pauvres et vulnérables.

Cancun ne pourra pas fournir tout ce qu'une réponse globale au changement climatique devrait apporter. Mais il peut produire des résultats qui bénéficient aux plus pauvres. L'une des réalisations les plus importantes serait un Fonds équitable pour le climat qui aiderait à restaurer la confiance et remettre les négociations sur les rails."

En savoir plus

Télécharger le rapport : Maintenant ou jamais: des négociations sur le climat qui profitent à ceux qui en ont vraiment besoin

Lire notre blog sur le Changement climatique

Pour agir : Soutenez le Fonds sur le climat

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L'impact humain du changement climatique en 2010 nous rappelle de manière forte pourquoi des progrès à Cancun sont plus urgents que jamais.
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Conseiller sur le changement climatique auprès d'Oxfam
Notes aux rédactions: 

Pour plus d'information, pour obtenir une copie du rapport qui comporte une mise à jour de la position des pays ou pour une demande d'interview, merci de contacter l'équipe médias d'Oxfam, qui est présente à Cancun du samedi 26 novembre au dimanche 12 décembre :

  • Lucy Brinicombe : +44 7786 110054 ou +521 99 81 59 48 96 ou
  • Ben Grossman-Cohen : +1202-629-6018 ou +521 99 81 59 35 21 ou
  • Violeta Leon : +521 99 81 03 66 89 ou
  • Magali Rubino: +33 630 4666 ou +521 99 81 59 47 42 ou
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Tim Gore

          No black person is safe in America - Salon   


No black person is safe in America
I do have immense respect for protestors, marchers and organizers, but in the end, after all that chanting, marching and lying down in traffic, Darren Wilson, the cop who murdered Brown, still went free, and cops in America still feel comfortable ...

          [01/07] «Le Communiste-Libertaire» - «Die Brandfackel» - «La Conquista del Pan» - Atemptat de Lucchesi - «A Voz do Trabalhador» - «L'Action Anarquiste» - II Congrés Nacional de l'UCAI - «La Lanterna» - «Prolétariat» - Via Durruti - «Volontà» - Commemoració Bakunin - Conte - Ada Martí - Bernardi - Bakunin - Jordán - Abarca - Ulldemolins - Wieck - Sánchez Ferlosio - Casares - Martín Luengo   
[01/07] «Le Communiste-Libertaire» - «Die Brandfackel» - «La Conquista del Pan» - Atemptat de Lucchesi - «A Voz do Trabalhador» - «L'Action Anarquiste» - II Congrés Nacional de l'UCAI - «La Lanterna» - «Prolétariat» - Via Durruti - «Volontà» - Commemoració Bakunin - Conte - Ada Martí - Bernardi - Bakunin - Jordán - Abarca - Ulldemolins - Wieck - Sánchez Ferlosio - Casares - Martín Luengo

Anarcoefemèrides de l'1 de juliol


Capçalera del primer número de "Le Communiste-Libertaire"

Capçalera del primer número de Le Communiste-Libertaire

- Surt Le Communiste-Libertaire: Pel juliol de 1881 surt a Corning (Iowa, EUA) el primer número del periòdic mensual en llengua francesa Le Communiste-Libertaire. Organe de la Communauté icarienne. Liberté - Justice - Solidarité. Era continuació de La Jeune Icarie. Organe du communisme progressif, editada des de l'1 de maig de 1878. Publicació dels dissidents, estava redactada per Émile Péron i impresa a la tipogràfica de l'anarquista creient Jules Leroux. El seu representant a París era Claude Vallère. Va desaparèixer després d'uns pocs números, però pot ser considerada com una ramificació llibertària de la comunitat fundada per Étienne Cabet. En l'epígraf de la capçalera figurava la famosa cita anarcocomunista: «A cadascú segons les seves forces, a cadascú segon les seves necessitats».


Portada del primer número de "Die Brandfackel"

Portada del primer número de Die Brandfackel

- Surt Die Brandfackel: Pel juliol de 1893 surt a Nova York (Nova York, EUA) el primer número del mensual anarcocomunista en llengua alemanya Die Brandfackel. Anarchistische Monatsschrift (La Torxa. Revista anarquista mensual). El primer número en dedicarà moltes pàgines a l'atemptat comès l'any anterior per Alexander Berkman contra l'empresari Henry Clay Frick. El periòdic, editat per Claus Timmermann, publicarà els primers assaigs d'Emma Goldman. Quan Timmermann va ser empresonat a l'illa Blackwell en 1893 el periòdic fou editat per Claus Niedermann. Deixarà de publicar-se el gener de 1895.


Capçalera del primer número de "La Conquista del Pan"

Capçalera del primer número de La Conquista del Pan

- Surt La Conquista del Pan: L'1 de juliol de 1893 surt a Barcelona (Catalunya) el primer número del periòdic bimensual anarcocomunista La Conquista del Pan. Aquesta capçalera fa referència al títol d'una de les obres més importants i divulgades de l'intel·lectual anarquista Piotr Kropotkin. Tractà temes locals i internacionals sobre el moviment obrer, a més de textos de clàssics de l'anarquisme i de la filosofia (Mikhail Bakunin, Piotr Kropotkin, Carlo Cafiero, Élisée Reclus, Albert Parsons, Carlo Pisacane, Errico Malatesta, Nicolas Chamfort, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, etc.), sense oblidar els purament teòrics i de pensament. En sortiren cinc números, l'últim el 15 de setembre de 1893.


L'atemptat de Lucchesi contra Bandi segons un dibuix de l'època

L'atemptat de Lucchesi contra Bandi segons un dibuix de l'època

- Lucchesi assassina Bandi: L'1 de juliol de 1894, a Liorna (Toscana, Itàlia), l'anarquista Oreste Lucchesi apunyala de mort el director del diari Il Telegrafo Giuseppe Bandi, autor d'articles antianarquistes, quan en una carrossa descoberta es dirigeix al periòdic. Lucchesi i els seus còmplices (Amerigo Franchi i Rosolino Romiti) seran jutjats entre el 2 i el 22 de maig de 1895 a Florència (Toscana, Itàlia) i condemnats a 30 anys de reclusió.


Portada d'un número d'"A Voz do Trabalhador"

Portada d'un número d'A Voz do Trabalhador

- Surt A Voz do Trabalhador: L'1 de juliol de 1908 surt a Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) el primer número del periòdic anarcosindicalista A Voz do Trabalhador. Orgam da Condederação Operária Brazileira. Aquesta publicació de la Confederació Obrera Brasilera (COB) d'antuvi fou bimensual, després passà a setmanal, tornà a bimensual i acabà mensual. Informa sobre vagues, notícies sindicals i orgàniques, lluites socials, repressió policíaca, debats teòrics, cultura anarquista, literatura llibertària, pedagogia, notícies sobre la Revolució mexicana, etc. Arribà a tenir una tirada de 4.000 exemplars. Dirigit per Manuel Moscoso, hi van col·laborar Salvador Alacid, Mota Assunção, A. Barão, Lima Barreto, José Lima de Carvalho, João Crispim, Eurípedes Floreal, Juganço, José Martins, Amaro de Matos, Albino Moreira, Manuel Moscoso, João Penteado, Artur Torres, Marcelo Varema i Neno Vasco, entre d'altres. Patí dificultats financeres i persecucions policíaques. En sortiren 71 números, l'últim el 8 de juny de 1915. En 1985 el Centre de Memòria Sindical de la Secretaria de l'Estat de la Cultura de l'Estat de São Paulo en publicà una edició facsímil de tota la col·lecció amb un prefaci de Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro.


Portada del primer número de "L'Action Anarchiste"

Portada del primer número de L'Action Anarchiste

- Surt L'Action Anarchiste: L'1 de juliol de 1914 surt a Uccle (Brussel·les, Bèlgica) el primer número del periòdic L'Action Anarchiste. Portava l'epígraf: «Mai no sereu dignes de la felicitat mentre que tingueu alguna cosa vostra i mentre que el vostre odi vers els burgesos vingui únicament del vostre desig rabiós de ser burgesos en el seu lloc.» El responsable d'aquesta publicació (gerent, administrador i redactor) va ser Armand Lebrun, amb el suport de Maurice Fister, Rhillon i Paul Ruscart. Només sortí un altre número, també figurava que era el primer, el 19 de juliol d'aquell any i portava el subtítol «Òrgan anarquista». En 1913 ja havia s'havia publicat a la valona Micheroux una publicació «revolucionària comunista» amb la mateixa capçalera.


Portada de l'edició castellana, publicada a Buenos Aires (Argentina) de les resolucions del Congrés de Bolonya

Portada de l'edició castellana, publicada a Buenos Aires (Argentina) de les resolucions del Congrés de Bolonya

- II Congrés Nacional de l'UCAI: Entre l'1 i el 4 d'abril de 1920 se celebra a Bolonya (Emília-Romanya, Itàlia) el II Congrés Nacional de la Unió Comunista Anarquista d'Itàlia (UCAI). L'UCAI havia estat fundada en el Congrés de Florència (Toscana, Itàlia) celebrat entre el 12 i el 13 d'abril de 1919 i es definia com a una federació de grups autònoms i que entre congressos estava representada per una Comissió de Correspondència; les resolucions congressuals només eren vinculants per als grups que les acceptaven i per entrar-hi en la federació calia acceptar el «Programa anarquista» de 1919 redactar per Errico Malatesta. Els nombrosos delegats (Anselmo Acutis, Claudio Angelini, Ettore Bonometti, Armando Borghi, Arnaldo Cavallazzi, Luigi Fabbri, Enzo Fantozzi, Nello Garavini, Maurizio Garino, Nella Giacomelli, Diego Guadagnini, Errico Malatesta, Umberto Marzocchi, Armando Picciuti, Attilio Scaltri, Aldo Venturini, etc.), en representació de set-cents grups anarquistes, debateren en aquest II Congrés Nacional sobre els Consells de Fàbrica, el Front Únic i l'adhesió als sindicats, entre d'altres temes. Sota la influència d'Errico Malatesta, que redactà la declaració de principis, basada en el seu «Programa anarquista» de 1919, s'assumiren quatre punts d'acció: necessitat d'armar-se, creació d'un «Front Únic de Subversius», nou funcionament als camps i a les fàbriques i pas de les vagues a les ocupacions. Aquestes resolucions tingueren molta importància en el moviment d'ocupacions de fàbriques que es donà a Itàlia en aquell any. També es decidí abandonar en el nom de l'UCAI («organització de tendència») la referència al «comunisme», concepte desnaturalitzat pel bolxevisme, i d'aquesta manera va ser rebatejada com Unió Anarquista Italiana (UAI) («organització de síntesi»). En acabar el Congrés es decidí encarregar la tasca de la Comissió de Correspondència de l'UAI al Grup Anarquista de Bolonya, que va caure a les mans d'Aldo Venturini, pel que feia a la seva gestió tècnica (correspondència i administració), i a les d'Armando Picciuti i Luigi Fabbri, pel que feia els comunicats. Aquest congrés fou un dels més importants que ha tingut la història del moviment anarquista mundial.


Capçalera de "La Lanterna" [CIRA-Lausana] Foto: Éric B. Coulaud

Capçalera de La Lanterna [CIRA-Lausana] Foto: Éric B. Coulaud

- Surt La Lanterna: L'1 de juliol de 1932 surt a Toló (Provença, Occitània) el primer número del periòdic en llengua italiana La Lanterna. Periodico Anarchico, editat pels llibertaris italians refugiats a l'Estat francès per ajudar les víctimes de la repressió política a la Itàlia feixista. El responsable en va ser Giuseppe Lucchetti i el gerent Antonin Simon. Hi van col·laborar Ugo Boccardi, Gigi Damiani, Virgilio Fabrucci, Ludovico Rossi i Edel Squadrini, entre d'altres. Exigí la llibertat de l'anarquista Pietro Cociancich, aleshores tancat a la presó marsellesa de Chave per atemptar contra la «Casa dels Italians» d'Aubagne, i de Marinus van der Lubbe, empresonat a Alemanya acusat pels nazis d'haver calat foc el Reichstag. Fou molt crític amb el Congrés d'Orleans de la Unió Anarquista Comunista Revolucionària (UACR) d'agost de 1933 i atacà durament els comunistes. A més de Toló, s'editarà més tard a Marsella i a Nimes. La periodicitat fou irregular i l'últim número sortí l'1 d'octubre de 1934.


Capçalera del primer número de "Prolétariat"

Capçalera del primer número de Prolétariat

- Surt Prolétariat: L'1 de juliol de 1933 surt a París (França) el primer número de la revista mensual Prolétariat. Creada per Henry Poulaille al voltant del grup «Prolétarien» (Lucien Gachon, Léon Gerbe, Ludovic Massé, Édouard Peisson, Tristan Rémy) va consagrar-se a la divulgació de la literatura proletària i volia ser una «revista d'experimentació» al marge de qualsevol política de partit. Es van publicar 12 números fins a juliol de 1934. Hi van col·laborar Sylvain Massé, Charles Bontoux-Maurel, Henriette Valet, Lucien Brunel, Francis André, Nathan Katz, Émile Guillaumin, Joseph Voisin, Lucien Gachon, Henri Hisquin, Rose Combe, Stinj Streuvels, Loffler, Lucien Bourgeois, René Bonnet, entre d'altres.


Via Durruti

Via Durruti

- Via Durruti: L'1 de juliol de 1937, a Barcelona (Catalunya), en plena guerra civil i després dels «Fets de Maig» d'aquell any, es ret un homenatge públic a Buenaventura Durruti, mort al front el 20 de novembre de 1936, i a la seva acció revolucionària. La Via Laietana, una de les artèries més importants de la ciutat i que passa davant la seu del Comitè Regional de la Confederació Nacional del Treball (CNT), és aleshores rebatejada oficialment com «Via Durruti». L'acte, que havia de realitzar-se l'anterior 27 de juny i que se suspengué pel mal temps, estava organitzat per la Conselleria Regidoria d'Urbanització i Obres de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona, amb el suport de la Federació Local de Sindicats Únics de la CNT barcelonina. Després de descobrir una làpida al·legòrica en marbre dedicada a Durruti, obra de l'escultor Enric Boleda, col·locada a la façana de la «Casa CNT-FAI», parlaren Muñoz, regidor de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona; Severino Campos Campos, en nom de la Federació Anarquista Ibèrica (FAI); Josep Xena Torrent, representant la Federació Local de Sindicats Únics de la CNT de Barcelona; Joan García Oliver, del Comitè Regional de Catalunya de la CNT; Frederica Montseny Mañé, pel Comitè Nacional confederal; i, a requeriment del públic, Ricard Sanz García , que no havia volgut parlar a causa del seu càrrec públic com a cap de la 26 Divisió. L'homenatge discorregué amb total normalitat.

Via Durruti


Capçalera de "Volontà"

Capçalera de Volontà

- Surt Volontà: L'1 de juliol de 1946 surt a Nàpols (Campània, Itàlia) el primer número de Volontà. Rivista mensile del Movimento Anarchico di Lingua Italiana. Pia Turroni en va ser el redactor responsable i Giovanna Caleffi Berneri i Cesare Zaccaria hi participaran estretament.


Convocatòria de la commemoració publicada en el periòdic tolosà "CNT" del 24 de juny de 1956

Convocatòria de la commemoració publicada en el periòdic tolosà CNT del 24 de juny de 1956

- Commemoració Bakunin: L'1 de juliol de 1956 se celebra a Berna (Berna, Suïssa) el 80 aniversari de la mort de Mikhail Bakunin. El grup anarquista «Le Réveil Anarchiste» de Ginebra (Ginebra, Suïssa) va fer la crida a totes les organitzacions, individus i simpatitzants anarquistes amb la finalitat d'aprofitar l'efemèride per prendre contacte amb els companys i companyes dispersos arreu de Suïssa i per intentar establir-hi un nexe d'unió. La jornada consistí en un dinar a la Casa del Poble de Berna, en una visita a la tomba de Bakunin i en una assemblea anarquista internacional a la Casa del Poble amb la finalitat d'impulsar el moviment llibertari i d'establir vincles. A l'acte van ser invitats companys i companyes dels moviments llibertaris italià, francès, belga i espanyol. L'esdeveniment va ser coordinat per André Bösiger des de Ginebra.



Giulio Conte (1953)

Giulio Conte (1953)

- Giulio Conte: L'1 de juliol de 1899 neix a San Nazario (Vèneto, Itàlia) l'anarquista i resistent antifeixista Giulio Conte, també conegut com Napoleone, Il Conte o Mario. Sos pares es deien Antonio Conte i Antonia Benacchio. Després de fer els estudis elementals començà a treballar de pintor i s'adherí d'antuvi al moviment socialista, però després de l'escissió de Liorna (Toscana, Itàlia), s'afilià al Cercle Juvenil Comunista. En 1922, pressionat per sa família, s'adherí al Partit Nacional Feixista (PNF) i prengué part en la «Marxa sobre Roma». En 1923 començà a treballar a la fàbrica d'acer Ansaldo de Cornigliano (Gènova, Ligúria, Itàlia), però caigué malalt i en 1925 s'instal·là a Milà (Llombardia, Itàlia) i acabà venent llibres per a una editorial. En aquesta època s'acostà a l'anarquisme i al sindicalisme de la mà de Gino Petracchini, Virgilio Salvatore i els anarcosindicalistes de la Unió Sindical Italiana (USI) Alibrando Giovannetti i Nicola Modugno. A Torí (Piemont, Itàlia) treballà durant un temps a la fàbrica Michelin, però va ser acomiadat de la feina i inscrit en la «Llista Negra» després de ser exclòs del PNF i d'haver rebutjar afiliar-se al sindicat feixista. En 1926 retornà a Gènvoa, l'agost es casà amb Eleonora Benazzi i el setembre s'exilià a Arpitània, instal·lant-se a Évian-les-Bainsk, on desenvolupà una intensa activitat antifeixista i esdevingué el responsable d'una secció de la Liga Italiana dei Diritti dell'Uomo (LIDU, Lliga Italiana dels Drets de l'Home). En 1928 la policia de fronteres el va inscriure com a «anarquista a vigilar». En aquests anys, a causa de la seva antiga afiliació al PNF, hagué de provar la seva bona fe i la seva adhesió al moviment antifeixista de l'emigració italiana. Un cop es reuní amb sa companya, en 1930 s'instal·là a Anemâsse (Roine-Alps, Arpitània) i continuà amb les seves activitats de propaganda anarquistes i antifeixistes. El 6 de novembre de 1934 va ser inscrit en la Llista núm. 2 dels anarquistes italians i en aquesta època mantingué estretes relacions amb els companys llibertaris de Gènova. No obstant això, en 1935 la policia anotà que aleshores no desenvolupava una gran activitat propagandística. El gener de 1936 participà a Gènova en una reunió sobre les dificultats que patia el moviment anarquista a França presidida per Luigi Bertoni. El setembre de 1936 marxà a Catalunya per fer costat la Revolució i s'enrolà com a milicià en la Secció Italiana de la «Columna Ascaso». Caigué malalt i passat uns mesos retornà a França, on participà en el Comitè de Suport a la Revolució Espanyola de Cambèri (Roine-Alps, Arpitània), amb Tomasso Serra, Enrico Zambonini i Dante Armanetti. Quan esclatà la II Guerra Mundial, va ser internat al camp de concentració de Vernet i, a finals d'abril de 1941, va ser lliurat a les autoritats feixistes italianes. Jutjat, el 23 de juliol de 1941 va ser condemnat a cinc anys de presó i confinat a l'illa de Ventotene. Amb la caiguda del feixisme, el 26 de juliol de 1943 va se alliberat i retornà a Gènova on el 30 d'octubre de 1943 s'integrà, sota el nom de Mario, en la Resistència partisana en un comando de la VI Zona Operativa del Corpo Voluntari della Libertà (Cos de Voluntaris de la Llibertat). Greument malalt de tuberculosi, Giulio Conte va morir el 25 de novembre de 1954 a l'Hospital de San Martino de Gènova (Ligúria, Itàlia). En 2007 la seva néta Rossana Conte publicà la biografia Non era un uomo qualunque. Giulio Conte (1899-1954).

Giulio Conte (1899-1954)


Ada Martí

Ada Martí

- Ada Martí: L'1 de juliol de 1915 neix a Barcelona (Catalunya) l'escriptora, periodista i intel·lectual anarquista Maria de la Concepció Martí Fuster, més coneguda com Ada Martí. Nascuda en una família de classe mitjana catalana, estudià psicologia i fou alumna del metge anarquista Félix Martí Ibáñez. En aquests anys d'estudiant, formà part del grup d'afinitat llibertari i de l'escola racionalista «Los Idealistas Prácticos», fundat per Martí Ibáñez, i va ser una destacada militant de la Federació Estudiantil de Consciències Lliures (FECL), a més de freqüentar els cercles independentistes catalans. Intel·lectual cultíssima, vivia al Poblesec de Barcelona, en una habitació plena de llibres. Escrivia en català i en castellà, coneixia profundament importants filòsofs i escriptors (Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Unamuno, Freud, Reich, Romand Rolland, Gide, Rabelais, etc.) i es cartejà amb Pío Baroja, a qui considerava el seu mestre. Durant els fets revolucionaris d'octubre de 1934, va ser ferida quan defensava, juntament amb l'independentista Jaume Compte Canelles, la seu del Centre Autonomista de Dependents del Comerç i de la Indústria (CADCI). Entre abril i octubre de 1936 publicà dos relats de la sèrie «La Novel·la ideal», publicada per les edicions de La Revista Blanca. Fou una assídua de les tertúlies que totes les tardes se celebraven al quart pis de la «Casa CNT-FAI», organitzades per Rodolfo González Pacheco i en les quals intervenien destacats llibertaris (Simón Radowitzki, Vicente Tomé, Antonio Casanova Prado, Dolores Cascante, José María Lunazzi, etc.). En aquestes tertúlies s'enamorà de Lunazzi, aleshores milicià de la «Columna Durruti», amb qui trencà la relació tallantment el dia que el va veure vestit de militar. Participà activament en els «Fets de Maig» de 1937. El juliol d'aquell any participà en el Ple Local Anarquista de Barcelona i a finals d'any fou delegada per Barcelona en el Congrés de la FECL celebrat a València on es fundà, amb el suport del Sindicat de Professions Liberals de la Confederació Nacional del Treball (CNT), la Federació Ibèrica Estudiantil Revolucionària (FIER), que publicà la revista Fuego, la qual dirigí. S'enfrontà a Serafín Aliaga, del Comitè Peninsular de la Federació Ibèrica de Joventuts Llibertàries (FIJL), perquè ella considerava que la FIER no havia de circumscriure's només a la teoria i que havia de jugar un paper important en la pràctica de la FIJL. Durant tota la guerra col·laborà assíduament amb «Mujeres Libres», ocupà la corresponsalia de Fragua Social a Barcelona i fou reportera al front de la revista Nosotros, a més de dirigir Evolución. Participà en els Instituts Obrers, que tenien com a objectiu facilitar els estudis superiors als joves obrers, encara que la seva tasca no fou fàcil a causa de l'allistament d'aquests. Durant els anys bèl·lics col·laborà en diferents publicacions llibertàries, com ara Acracia, El Amigo del Pueblo, Criticón, Días de Fuego, Esfuerzo, Estudios, Evolución, Fragua Social, Fuego, Libre-Studio, Mi Revista, Mujeres Libres, Nosotros, Ruta, Tierra y Libertad, etc. Mantingué posicions anticol·laboracionistes, fet pel qual va ser nomenada Pell Roja, i criticà la deïficació de determinats militants (Durruti, Ascaso, etc.). En 1939, amb el triomf franquista, passà a França i fou reclosa al camp de concentració d'Argelers. Durant la II Guerra Mundial portà una vida nòmada i semiclandestina, ajudant com pogué els refugiats espanyols concentrats als camps des de diverses agrupacions i sense participar en la Resistència francesa que considerava massa nacionalista. Per la seva independència, en 1946 el seu reingrés en la CNT se li va negar, malgrat els incondicionals avals d'Antonio García Birlán i de Gastón Leval. S'uní sentimentalment amb un professor i escriptor danès, del qual, el febrer de 1948, tingué un fill, Federico, i el setembre d'aquell mateix any es divorcià, obtenint la tutela del fill malgrat l'oposició del pare. En els anys cinquanta s'instal·là a París i visqué amb el llibreter rus Boris, amb qui en 1953 tingué una filla, Claudia, però qui finalment l'abandonà. Després de diversos amants i de deixar sos fills en un pensionat, visqué com pogué venent llibres d'ocasió (bouquiniste) al costat del Pont Neuf del Sena. Problemes de salut (deficient alimentació, insomni, etc.) i problemes vitals (penúries econòmiques, allunyament dels fills, impossibilitat de dedicar-se a la literatura, etc.) la sumiren en una creixent depressió. El 29 d'agost de 1959 morí son fill Federico, que no es va recuperar de l'anestèsia d'una intervenció quirúrgica de poc risc. Després de deixar sa filla en un pensionat de monges, intentà en diverses ocasions suïcidar-se. Ada Martí va morir l'1 de desembre de 1960 a París (França) a causa d'una sobredosi de somnífers, després d'una nit d'insomni, deliris i ansietat, i fou enterrada el 6 de desembre al Cementiri Parisenc de Thiais (Illa de França, França). Sa filla acabà en un convent de monges, sense que els companys llibertaris poguessin impedir-ho.

Ada Martí (1915-1960)


Dario Bernardi durant la Trobada Anarquista Internacional de Venècia (setembre de 1984)

Dario Bernardi durant la Trobada Anarquista Internacional de Venècia (setembre de 1984)

- Dario Bernardi: L'1 de juliol de 1950 neix a Milà (Llombardia, Itàlia) el propagandista anarquista Dario Bernardi. Cap el 1974 començà a participar en les activitats del Cercle Anarquista «Ponte della Ghisolfa» i ben aviat esdevingué un actiu militant del grup «Bandiera Nera», adherit als Gruppi Anarchici Federati (GAF, Grups Anarquistes Federats). Participà en la primera època de la Llibreria Utopia, oberta en 1976, i des de la seva fundació en 1977 fou membre de la cooperativa editorial «Editrice A» (A, Libertaria, etc.). Formà part del Comitato Spagna Libertaria (CSL, Comitè Espanya Llibertària) i col·laborà en les edicions Antistato i en les publicacions Eleuthera, A i Bollettino Archivio G. Pinelli. També fou membre de la redacció de les revistes Volontà, de la qual va fer la catalogació dels números publicats entre 1946 i 1996, a més d'edició del número especial I cinquant'anni di Volontà, i Libertaria. Fou un dels fundadors, en 1976, del Centre d'Estudis Llibertaris «Archivio Giuseppe Pinelli», on s'ocupà especialment de l'organització de nombroses exposicions, com ara «Errico Malatesta» (1982), «Arte e Anarchia» (1984), «Turpitudini Sociali» (sobre les Turpitudes Sociales de Camille Pissarro), etc. Durant els anys vuitanta, amb un grup de companys dissenyadors, animà el col·lectiu milanès «Studio A», el qual treballà força en l'organització de la Trobada Anarquista Internacional de setembre de 1984 a Venècia (Vèneto, Itàlia). Entre 1985 i 1986 contribuí a la realització del «laboratori artístic» d'Enrico Baj, del qual derivà l'espectacle Re Ubu a Chernobyl, da Pinelli all'Apocalisse. Dario Bernardi va morir el 15 de març de 2010 a Milà (Llombardia, Itàlia) a causa d'un càncer i fou incinerat dos dies després al cementiri milanès de Lambrate.

Dario Bernardi (1950-2010)



Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail Bakunin

- Mikhail Bakunin: L'1 de juliol de 1876 mor a Berna (Berna, Suïssa) el revolucionari i pensador polític Mikhail Aleksandrovitx Bakunin, considerat el fundador del moviment anarquista internacional modern. Havia nascut el 30 de maig --el 18 de maig, segons el calendari julià-- de 1814 a Priamukhino, entre Torzhok i Kuvshinovo, al departament de Tver (Rússia) en una família aristocràtica terratinent d'idees liberals. Quan tenia 14 anys el van envair a l'Escola d'Artilleria de Sant Petersburg on va rebre entrenament militar i va sortir oficial d'artilleria amb 17 anys. En 1832 va completar estudis i en 1834 fou nomenat oficial subaltern de la Guàrdia Imperial Russa i enviat a Minsk i a Goradnia. L'estiu d'aquell any es va veure implicat en una disputa familiar, prenent partit per sa germana que es rebel·lava contra una matrimoni no desitjat. Desobeint els desigs de son pare, que volia que continués el servei militar o en l'administració de l'Estat, va abandonar ambdós en 1835 i marxà a Moscou amb la intenció d'estudiar filosofia. A la capital de l'Imperi va fer amistat amb un grup d'antics estudiants universitaris compromesos en l'estudi sistemàtic de la filosofia idealista (Vissarion Belinski, Aleksandr Gertsen, Nicolaj Ogarev) i agrupats al voltant del poeta Nikolaj Stankevitx. La filosofia de Kant va ser inicialment el centre del seus estudis, però van avançar estudiant Schelling, Fichte i Hegel. Durant la tardor de 1835 va planejar formar un cercle filosòfic al seu poble natal, Priamukhino. A començaments de 1836 va tornar a Moscou, on va publicar diverses traduccions d'obres de Fichte. En 1842 viatjà a Alemanya i va fer contacte amb els capdavanters del jove moviment socialista alemany a Berlín i va estudiar els neohegelians d'esquerra (Fouerbach, Ruge). En 1844 marxà a París, on va conèixer Proudhon i George Sand, a més de relacionar-se amb els exiliats polonesos i els cercles socialistes (Fourier, Louis Blanc, Cabet, Proudhon). De París va viatjar a Suïssa, on es va instal·lar una temporada fent costat els moviments socialistes de la zona. Durant la seva estada a Suïssa, el govern rus li va ordenar la tornada a Rússia i davant la seva desobediència li van ser confiscades les seves propietats. En 1848, de bell nou a París, publicà una encesa diatriba contra Rússia, fet pel qual serà expulsat de França. Va prendre part activa en el moviment revolucionari de 1848 i va participar en el Congrés Eslau de Praga, i per la seva participació en la insurrecció de Dresde de 1849 va ser detingut i tancat a la fortalesa de Königstein, i condemnat a mort el 14 de gener de 1850 per un tribunal saxó, pena que va ser commutada per la de cadena perpètua. Finalment, va ser extraditat a Àustria i el 17 de maig de 1851 fou lliurat a la policia tsarista que l'empresonà. Tancat a la fortalesa de Pere i Pau de Sant Petersburg, va decidir fer una confessió dirigida al tsar Nicolau I que va tenir com a resultat la seva deportació a perpetuïtat. En 1857 li van fixar la residència a Tomsk, Sibèria occidental. A l'exili siberià es va casar amb Antonia Kviatkowska, filla d'un comerciant polonès, i treballà un temps en una companyia comercial. Traslladat a Irkoutsk i aprofitant un permís, va fugir, gràcies al seu cosí i amic de la infància, el governador Mouraviev-Amourski, al Japó per Vladivostok i després passà a San Francisco (Califòrnia, EUA); a través del canal de Panamà arribarà a la ciutat de Nova York, on va ser rebut per diversos personatges nord-americans, com ara l'escriptor Henry Longfellow. Després d'una temporada als Estats Units fent contactes amb el seu moviment obrer, va marxar a Londres (Anglaterra) el 27 de desembre de 1861. La resta de sa vida va transcórrer a l'exili europeu, actuant des de Suècia a Itàlia, però especialment a Suïssa. En aquells anys confiava poder aprofitar les ànsies irredentistes dels pobles eslaus, oprimits per l'Imperi rus, com a ferments de la revolució universal. Fracassada la revolució polonesa, en 1864 es va traslladar a Itàlia; a partir d'aleshores considerà el moviment obrer, i no les minories nacionals oprimides, el principal ferment revolucionari. En 1867 es va instal·lar a Ginebra i prengué part en el primer congrés de la «Lliga de la Pau i de la Llibertat», organització patrocinada per Victor Hugo, John Stuart Mill, Louis Blanc, Pierre Leroux, Karl Grün i Giuseppe Garibaldi. En 1868 es va adherir a la secció ginebrina de l'Associació Internacional dels Treballadors (AIT). Decebut de la «Lliga de la Pau i de la Llibertat», considerada «demòcrata», el 25 de setembre de 1868 va fundar l'Aliança Internacional de la Democràcia Socialista, el programa de la qual reivindicava una sèrie de punts que constituïen la base del seu pensament polític: la supressió dels Estats nacionals i la formació en el seu lloc de federacions constituïdes per lliures associacions agrícoles i industrials; l'abolició de les classes socials i de l'herència; la igualtat de sexes; i l'organització dels obrers al marge dels partits polítics. L'entrada de l'Aliança en l'AIT va ser rebutjada, ja que es tractava d'una organització internacional i només eren admeses organitzacions nacionals. Per aquest motiu l'Aliança es va desfer i els seus membres s'integraren individualment en la Internacional. En 1869 va conèixer el revolucionari rus Netxaiev, autor del Catecisme revolucionari, moltes vegades atribuït erròniament a Bakunin. El 15 de setembre de 1870 va fundar el Comitè per a la Salvació de França, associació que va dirigir la insurrecció de la Comuna de Lió i que va proclamar l'abolició de l'Estat i la instauració de comunes revolucionàries, però que va fracassar el 28 de setembre i va haver de fugir. El 12 de setembre de 1871, a Sonvillier, les seccions de l'AIT del Jura, seduïts per les idees bakuninistes, va formar la Federació del Jura. Les diferències entres les seves idees i les de Karl Marx en el si de la Internacional van portar a l'expulsió dels anarquistes de l'organització arran del Congrés de l'Haia, celebrat en 1872, i d'aleshores els bakuninistes realitzarien els seus propis congressos al marge dels marxistes. El juliol de 1874 va marxar a Bolonya (Itàlia) per participar en el moviment insurreccional, però un cop fracassat pogué arribar a Locarno (Suïssa), on Carlo Cafiero el va refugiar. Va passar els dos últims anys a Suïssa malalt i fatigat, vivint pobrament i sense més suport que la correspondència que mantenia amb els diversos grups anarquistes. Mikhail Aleksandrovitx Bakunin va morir d'urèmia l'1 de juliol de 1876 a Berna (Suïssa) i fou enterrat al Bremgartenfriedhof de Berna. La seva militància en la francmaçoneria responia al desig d'usar-la com a un instrument més en les lluites socials i en la propagació de les seves idees anarquistes. Bakunin, juntament amb Proudhon i després Kropotkin, és un dels teòrics més importants de l'anarquisme, i és el primer gran impulsor de l'anarquisme organitzat com a moviment polític i popular. El seu anarquisme (anarcocol·lectivisme o anarquisme col·lectivista) suposa una societat lliure sense necessitat de govern ni d'autoritat oficial, el centre de gravetat del qual se situa en el treball (mitjans, producció i distribució). La societat bakuninista s'organitzaria mitjançant la federació de productors i de consumidors que es coordinarien entre elles gràcies a confederacions. No caldrien governs, sistemes legislatius, poders executius, etc., monopolitzadors de la violència. Segons el bakuninisme a cadascú se li ha de retribuir segons la feina realitzada, a fi i efecte d'impedir el sorgiment d'una classe ociosa que parasités el treball de les associacions lliures. El pensament bakuninista va ser exposat en una monumental obra i fou James Guillaume, deixeble de Bakunin, qui, entre els anys 1907 i 1913 a París, va recopilar i editar les obres completes. Entre les seves obres destaquen Anruf an die Slaven von einem russischen Patrioten (1848), Catéchisme révolutionnaire (1866), Fédéralisme, Socialisme, antithéologisme (1868), L'empire knouto-germanique et la révolution sociale (1871), Gosudarstvennost' i anarkhija (1873), Dieu et l'état (1882, pòstum).


Francisco Jordán (1911)

Francisco Jordán (1911)

- Francisco Jordán: L'1 de juliol de 1921 mor assassinat a Barcelona (Catalunya) el destacat militant anarcosindicalista i mestre racionalista Francisco Jordán Gallego --també citat com Gallegos. Havia nascut el 13 de setembre de 1886 a Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real, Castella, Espanya) --altres fonts citen Jaén (Andalusia, Espanya). Sos pares es deien Esteban Jordán i Ana Gallego. Instal·lat a la localitat granadina de Pinos Puente, es dedicà a l'ofici de fuster i milità en el moviment anarquista. Amb Juan Linares López, Gabriel Torribas Carrasco i altres, animaren el Cercle d'Obrers de Pinos Puente, que tenia una escola racionalista que ensenyava amb els llibres de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia --alguns diuen que el conegué personalment i que hi va fer bona amistat--; finalment el Cercle d'Obrers va ser clausurat pel governador conservador de Granada Luis Soler y Casajuana. El febrer de 1910 marxà a Barcelona (Catalunya). Afiliat al Sindicat de Fusters de Solidaritat Obrera, el 29 de maig d'aquell any va ser detingut després de trobar 25 cartutxos de dinamita, a més de llibres i periòdics anarquistes, durant l'escorcoll dirigit pel cap superior de Policia Millán Astray de la casa d'hostes, al carrer Ponent de la capital catalana, on habitava. Durant la investigació d'aquesta operació es van detenir a Pinos Puente com a còmplices Esteban Jordán, Juan Linares i Gabriel Torribas. Processat, a la presó redactà pamflets induint els companys a violar la disciplina penal i a negar-se a anar a missa i per la qual cosa va ser tancat en una cel·la de càstig. El 28 de setembre de 1911 va ser jutjat per l'Audiència de Barcelona per un delicte de tinença d'explosius i condemnat a quatre anys de presó. El març de 1916, cridat pel seu amic Antonio García Birlán, s'establí fins al maig a Castro del Río (Còrdova), on va fer de mestre a l'Escola Racionalista del Centre Instructiu d'Obrers del Sindicat d'Oficis Diversos d'aquesta localitat i alhora va fer una bona amistat amb l'escriptor llibertari Salvador Cordón Avellán. Aquest mateix any va fer una gira propagandística i pro presos amb Sánchez Rosa per les comarques cordoveses, entre les que destaca el gran míting de Castro del Río del 29 de juny. Després retornà a Barcelona on fou assidu, amb altres companys (Agustí Castellà Trulls, Josep Godayol, Antoni Borobio Abasola, Salvador Quemades Barcia, etc.), del Centre Obrer del carrer Serrallonga. Assistí a l'Assemblea de València d'aquell any i, amb Manuel Andreu i Francisco Miranda, va ser un dels principals reorganitzadors de la Confederació Nacional del Treball (CNT) catalana després d'uns anys en la clandestinitat. El 24 d'agost de 1916 va ser elegit pel Ple Nacional de la CNT secretari del seu Comitè Nacional. El 15 d'octubre i el 18 de novembre de 1916 participà en els mítings conjunts amb la Unió General del Treball (UGT) celebrats a la Casa del Poble de Madrid per demanar l'abaratiment de les subsistències, treball i amnistia per als presos i processats per qüestions polítiques i socials. Participà activament en l'organització de la vaga general de 24 hores del 18 de desembre de 1916. El 28 de gener de 1917 va ser detingut a Barcelona per resistir-se als agent de l'autoritat i empresonat governativament, presentant la dimissió com a secretari del Comitè Nacional de la CNT el febrer d'aquell any; fou amollat en llibertat provisional el 16 de març de 1917. Determinada premsa l'acusà de rebre diners de les autoritats alemanyes durant la Gran Guerra. En 1917 publicà el Catecismo sindicalista. El sindicalismo y su objeto i en 1920 La dictadura del proletariado --fullet reeditat en 1922 a Mèxic--, on palesa el seu antibolxevisme. Entre 1919 i 1920 col·laborà en El Productor de Sevilla. Francisco Jordán Gallego va ser ferit de mort a trets per sicaris del Sindicat Lliure el 30 de juny de 1921 a la plaça de les Beates de Barcelona (Catalunya) i morí a primeres hores de l'endemà 1 de juliol a l'Hospital Clínic de la capital catalana.


Antoni Abarca Càmara

Antoni Abarca Càmara

- Antoni Abarca Càmara: L'1 de juliol de 1988 mor a l'Hospital de Badalona (Barcelonès, Catalunya) l'anarcosindicalista Antoni Abarca Càmara. Havia nascut en 1921 a Barcelona (Catalunya). Va militar des de la seva joventut en el Sindicat de Químiques de la Confederació Nacional del Treball (CNT). Participà activament durant les jornades de juliol de 1936 contra l'aixecament feixista. Era un assidu d'assemblees i de plens locals i regionals, i gairebé sempre era el portaveu del seu sindicat.


Necrològia de Trinitat Ulldemolins apareguda en el periòdic tolosà "Cenit" de l'1 d'octubre de 1991

Necrològia de Trinitat Ulldemolins apareguda en el periòdic tolosà Cenit de l'1 d'octubre de 1991

- Trinitat Ulldemolins: L'1 de juliol de 1991 mor a Pàmies (Llenguadoc, Occitània) l'anarcosindicalista Trinitat Ulldemolins. Havia nascut en 1912 a Pena-roja (El Matarranya, Franja de Ponent). Abans de la guerra civil visqué a Arnes (Terra Alta, Catalunya) amb son company, l'anarcosindicalista José Cuello. En 1939, amb el triomf franquista, passà a França on fou reclosa en un refugi a Sarlat (Aquitània, Occitània) mentre que son company va ser enviat a una Companyia de Treballadors Estrangers (CTE). Més tard visqué amb una família de refugiats en una granja situada entre Montinhac i Tenon (Aquitània, França), on a començaments de 1944 aconseguí arribar Cuello. Durant els combats de l'Alliberament José Cuello va ser assassinat i el seu cos cremat per les tropes alemanys en retirada. En 1945 s'instal·là a Las Cabanas (Llenguadoc, Occitània) on esdevingué companya de Lope Massaguer Bruch, participant en les activitats de la Federació Local de la Confederació Nacional del Treball (CNT) de la localitat. Trinitat Ulldemolins va morir l'1 de juliol de 1991 a l'Hospital de Pàmies (Llenguadoc, Occitània), després de patir dues operacions, i fou enterrada al cementiri de Las Cabanas.





          Los Andes y Multicoop Perú regalaron a manos llenas   

Multicoop Perú ha abierto ayer viernes al público una nueva agencia financiera en la ciudad de Puno, ampliando su compromiso de asesorar y facilitar la gestión y entregar préstamos ofreciendo a los habitantes puneños un servicio financiero cercano y de máxima calidad.

La nueva agencia se ha aperturado en el jirón Moquegua 165, donde los pobladores que asistieron a esta inauguración expresaron su respaldo a las entidad financiera que a partir de ahora será una nueva alternativa para mejorar el flujo económico.

Por otro lado, tras la inauguración se procedió a desarrollar el sorteo de los S/ 3200 que auspicia Multicoop y lo sortea mediante el diario Los Andes, es así que centenar de lectores se reunieron frente a las instalaciones de la nueva agencia de Multicop Perú.

En la concurrida actividad, seis fueron las personas afortunadas que pudieron llevarse dinero en efectivo. Ellos sin duda, inician con buena suerte el mes patrio. El público que participó en la actividad pudo recibir también premios muy agradables.

"Quiero felicitar al diario Los Andes por estas iniciativas. Me gané un dinero que me va servir de mucho. Me siento muy contenta", expresó una de las emocionadas ganadoras.



          You Have 20 Seconds To Comply: A LEGO Version of Robocop’s ED-209 Robot [Pics]   

This LEGO replica of the ED-209 robot from Robocop by LEGO enthusiast chumuhou looks amazing! Just be sure that you don’t put an actual functional mini machine gun on that thing if you want to keep on living. That would be a very bad idea. [Source: chumuhou on Flickr | Via NA]

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          Beantown Bigot: Boston Cop Suspended 6 Months Without Pay For Racist Video “Black People Have Met Their Match”   
Image via Timothy Tai for The Boston Globe/Getty Images Boston Police Officer Suspended Over Racist Video The BostonHerald is reporting that 4 1/2 year veteran piece of s#!t Officer Joseph DeAngelo Jr has been suspended without pay for 6 month
          Re: Virginia State Police to Heighten Presence Over Holiday Weekend   

Last ticket I got was like 10 years ago, maybe more. A statie got me on 95 right before the bridge. Wrote me for illeagal lane change. There's no talking a Va. state cop out of a ticket.

Been pulled over twice since then by ACPD for speeding and pushing a stale yellow. Just got a warning both times. ACPD treats our citizens well, they give us breaks if you live in AC. ACPD are the coolest cops ever.

          I opet roboti na naslovnicama   
Pazi ovo. Prošlo je prilično vremena otkako sam se ovdje raspisao o robotima. Vidim robote kao zaljevače cvijeća, dostavljače pizze, prenositelje poruka ili stražare... možda sam tek u tragovima pisao malo o negativnim konotacijama robotike. I danas čitam novosti po online novinama. Koliko znam još ni jedan od robota pomagača nije uveden u neku službenu funkciju. No zato je tu vojska. Zašto bi se roboti vucarali okolo po terenima kad mogu bez problema nekog ukokati. Za probu, moglo bi to biti u Iraku a roboti bi mogli biti u službi američke vojske. Demonstracija sile u uspostavljanju demokracije. Kodno ime naprave je SWORDS (Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detecting System). U nazivu ni riječi o robotu. To je kao "system". Nakeljen je na Talon IIIB robota koji je namijenjen uništavanju bombi. Iako je ova platforma isprve bila predviđena za ispitivanje nepristupačnih terena, prolaske kroz cijevi i ruševine, uništavanje mina i ostalih neeksplodiranih paklenih naprava, bilo je pitanje vremena kad će se netko od pametnjakovića dosjetiti da gusjeničara odjenu po posljednjoj vojnoj modi: automatska puška velikog kalibra, bacač raketa, lanser i slično. Pretpostavljam da nije nikakav problem namontirati i kakav sprej za raspršivanje otrova ili kakvu sličnu praktičnu šalu koja s one strane cijevi neće biti nimalo smiješna. Ameri šalju tri komada online za početak. Nije neki uzorak ali njihovi će matematičari bez problema izračunati učinak prije nego ih neki iračan pretvori u prah i pepeo. Ključne komponente na koju računaju tvorci borbenog robota su teror i strah te izrazita preciznost u "gađanju iz ruke". Na demonstracijama, vojnik snajperist se sakrio, a tri kompleta gusjenica su ga krenula tražiti, pronašli su ga brzo uperili u njega cijev od kojih 20-ak milimetara promjera i on se naravno predao. Upitan za osjećaj koji je pri tome imao rekao je da ga je pogodila lagana mentalna kriza zbog izostanka ogranske nakupine koja bi trebala stajati iza cijevi, na koju možeš pucati i vikati, koja se može spotaknuti ili poskliznuti, koju možeš nagovoriti da odete na pivo. Nema toga. Samo tačke na gusjenicama s debelom cijevi koje bezdušno idu prema tebi. E sad, u borbenom smislu ovaj stroj, iako je brz, malo zaostaje u vještini promjene položaja pravovremenog uzmicanja. Taj nedostatak je nadoknađen s nekoliko kamera, termovizijom, zoomom jačim od Canona. Jedino što SWORDS nema je vlastita pamet. Negdje daleko u pozadini (oko 1.5 km) njime upravlja neki tip i to direktno iz upravljačkog kofera kojeg nosi okolo sa sobom. Postoji priča da povremeno, kao kod svih drugih radio upravljanih uređaja ova naprava zapleše Labuđe jezero i nekontrolirano se vrti. Problem sigurnosti. Zanimljivi efekti nastaju ako pri tome pili iz svog M249 machine guna s 350 metaka. E, onda su ih nakrcali elektronikom iz sigurnosnih razloga. Sad ne može pucati prije nego stane. S druge strane, stajanje ga čini ranjivim. A usput su mu ugradili i šalter kojim će ga njegova vlastita reprezentacija raznijeti u dijelove ne bude li htio pucati isključivo na neprijateljsku stranu ili bude radio kakve druge samovoljne nepodopštine. Ako mu ne pukne veza... jer onda ni šalter ne radi. Naručili su tipovi 80 komada odmah, ali projekt nije isfinanciran. Sad su prva tri prototipa spremna za borbene operacije u Iraku. Pretpostavljam da im je zadaća tamo koknuti par novostvorenih demokrata ili koga već pogode kako bi se opravdao projekt i iznudila sredstva. U svemu tome najviše brine da mnogi tamo stručnjaci imaju vizije. Sljedeći upgrade bi trebao donijeti sposobnost pucanja iz kretanja, mogućnost nošenja veće količine municije i različitog naoružanja, pojačavanje oklopa za zaštitu vitalnih dijelova, brze reakcije na napad i uzvraćanje vatre... očito da je ovo samo vrh ledenog brijega. S prvom pojavom autonomije, sve će doći u opasnost. Roboti koji će povremeno patiti od depresije mogli bi tumarati bojištima i eto nas opet u novom poglavlju znanstvene fantastike. Ima tamo nekih tipova koji se toliko vesele što će uskoro razviti napravu koja će na bojište donijeti Serious Sama, Unreal, ili Quake III. Sjediš pred monitorom, imaš joystick i kokaš druge tipove okolo po mapi Iraka. Sjećate se War Gamesa Mali je igrao igru nuklearnog rata protiv Autonomnog obrambenog računala pomućene svijesti koje je zbog svoje zaluđenosti video igricama u boj slalo prave rakete. I kud baš na Rusiju Jeste li čitali Enderovu igru Klinac je trenirao za nekakvog vojskovođu i vježbao na simulatoru napucavati neprijateljske kukce. Napucavao ih je i napucavao, dobro mu je išlo. I onda je došao na zadnji nivo a taj je bio opako težak. No kao u priči, pomlatio je sve kukce i završio misiju uništivši njihovu planetu. Onda su mu rekli za je zadnji nivo bio za stvarno, da su u njegovim eskadrilama sjedili njegovi prijatelji koje je on preko joysticka slao direktno u smrt. I tako mi danas imamo robote preko kojih će neke stvari postati realnost. Kako ćete znati da vaš klinac koji igra neke ratne igre preko interneta i vodi na ljestvici rezultata, možda kroz svoju igru vozika prave robote po nečijoj tuđoj zemlji i tako svoje vještine stavlja u službu izgradnje demokracije. Svakom pobjedom dobiva bolja oružja i specijalne sposobnosti i bori se protiv drugih robota. WAN party. Starcraft i ostale ratne strategije postaju stvarnost. Robocop još ne. No evo vam i demonstracije uz razdragane napomene SWORDSovih očeva.
          KZN policeman speared to death   
Durban – A KwaZulu-Natal cop was speared to death while rushing to the aid of a woman who was stabbed. Click here for the full story.
          Explorem e investiguem   

Feia dies que teniem les carasses a l'escola. Eren petites i ens anaven bé per anar a comprar a la botiga, per observar-les i remenar-les... fins que vam decidir obrir-les. 

Amb alguns estris que tenim a la sala vam veure que a dins hi havia "pinyons" i que com les "olives estaven a dins". "una mica bruts" ja que quan ho obrim és llefiscós.

 vam decidir treure totes les pipes i assecar-les al sol. En mica en mica van anar rascant tota la carbassa. Estiraven els fils que trobaven llefiscosos. 

 i amb els "miralls"  observaven

 afinaven la vista

 buscaven i comentaven. 

Ara les tenim al sol i ben aviat les plantarem!!

Els més petits de la casa també tenen espai per explorar i investigar materials diversos. La farina és un dels principals i els que més els hi agrada. 

 Aquesta vegada però ens va cridar l'atenció que tots hi volien posar el peu. Així que els vam descalçar i vam esperar a veure com reaccionaven.
 Alguns infants ja coneixien l'espai i de seguida s'hi fiquen a dins per explorar millor el material.
 Altres infants es queden al costat i comencen a desenvolupar un joc més aviat simbòlic.

Per altres és la primera vegada del material i s'hi acosten de manera cautelosa. 

 Però un cop exploren la seva textura, la seva olor, la seva esponjositat, .... ja poden ficar la mà i somriure del plaer que li suposa l'exploració. 

Altres necessiten provar per determinar les seves qualitats. 

Però aquell dia tots i totes van voler explorar la sensació amb els peus. I intentaven de totes les maneres posar el peu dins la safata.

Continuarem observant i explorant . 

          Concentració i precisió   
Us volem ensenyar un seguit de fotografies que ens fan pensar amb les capacitats dels infants. En aquelles capacitats que podem observar si els hi deixem el temps suficient perquè les desenvolupin. 

Un temps que lligat amb un espai i uns materials que dia rere dia van explorant ens aporten un conjunt de interaccions, experiències, estones de joc, .... que van madurant i es van convertint en la riquesa de l'aprenentatge del propi infant. 

Durant uns dies tenim uns materials a l'abast i és el propi infant que desitja i troba el seu moment per jugar-hi. És en aquell moment que descobreix alguna cosa. Potser nosaltres l'hem observat i l'hem registrat però segurament no. 

Segurament l'hem vist un moment interaccionant amb el material. 

Segurament l'hem observat quan mirava algun company i tota pensativa valorava lo que havia fet. 
o potser el veiem comprovant reaccions d'algun material. 

Totes i cadascuna de les accions que fan els infants són importants. Impliquen un conjunt d'exploracions per esbrinar algun detall, alguna característica, alguna reacció. I nosaltres i volem ser presents per ressaltar-les i enfocar cap a aquest aprenentatge propi i significatiu.

Però de tant en tant podem anar afinant la nostra mirada i deixant que el temps de joc faci el seu curs per tal de poder observar grans projectes del propi infant. 


Altres vegades potser només percebem l'inici del que pot ser un gran joc. però algun infant o nosaltres mateixes interrompem el moment. 

 altres ens pot passar desapercebut el que el infant està fent, i no adonar-nos de la intensitat de la concentració i atenció que requereix aquell moment.

Fins i tot la destresa que requereix 

comença a col.locar-les totes en línia. Cau una, la intenta aixecar. Cau una altra, la torna a col.locar. 

  en cauen dues, les torna a col.locar. I així una bona estona tot intentant assolir el seu objectiu. un objectiu que nosaltres interpretem. que creiem que volia tenir-les totes dretes. Però i què faria un cop les tingués dretes??? com aniria evolucionant el seu joc? li deixarem el temps i l'espai per si ho desitja continuar.

          El pAtge REial   

Un camell de l'Orient  (si cliqueu podeu sentir la cançó) ens ha acompanyat aquests dies de Nadal. Un conte que hem anat escoltant i explicant a la sala de la llum i la foscor.

 I avui volíem compartir amb vosaltres aquest conte i una estona d'il·lusió per aquestes dates i personatges que van arribant a casa nostre i moltes vegades, als més petits, costa d'explicar i entendre. 

Un cop explicat el conte del camell i tot escoltant la cançó dels Manel hem repartit papers i colors, ja que el patge reial ens havia deixar la seva bossa i el seu barret. Li hem pogut escriure un desig amb totes les famílies.

I en mica en mica les hem anat desant al farcell reial. 

Moltes gràcies famílies i Bona nit de Reis

          Moviments d'autonomia d'un nadó   

Anna Tardos i Agnés Szonto-Feder diuen que "el nen no juga, viu. Viu molt seriosament, implicant-se tot ell, implicant totes les seves funcions i totes les seves emocions en cada un dels actes, des del naixement". 

Pica amb els peus a la paret . S'agafa els peus i torna a picar amb els peus a la paret. Durant una bona estona va anar descobrint  aquest moviment i les sensacions que en derivaven. Un altre dia el reprendrà.

Volem donar importància a les activitats que fa el propi infant i als descobriments que se'n deriven Tant per ell o ella com per l'adult que l'observa i l'acompanya; amb una mirada atenta en adequar l'espai per tal que l'infant tingui les condicions i les possibilitats per dur a terme les seves virtualitats.  
Per nosaltres poder observar aquests moments de joc autònom on l'infant se sent segur i tranquil en el seu espai de joc,  ens proveeix de coneixement per continuar endavant en què i com li oferim.

Moments d'atenció envers un objecte que ha vist i que en mica en mica vol agafar. Amb petits assajos va explorant les possibilitats del seu cos. Aquest assaig-error li permet descobrir què pot fer,  explorar amb les mans i els braços com arribar als materials desitjats. Li disposem un ventall ampli de materials al voltant i ella amb el seu moviment va explorant i en mica en mica ha anat agafant les primeres anelles, mocadors,titelles...

"cada cop es fa més hàbil, cada cop aprèn més coses sobre els objectes que el volten, sobre les seves dimensions, formes, qualitats. Però, sobretot, perfecciona les seves competències aprenent a estar atent als resultats dels seus actes, aprèn a aprendre". 
Anna Tardos Infància 105.

          Comment on Violent Crime Sweeping The Falls Can Be Laid Directly At Dyster’s Door by John Hazel   
If Stefano Magaddino were still running the city, this wanton crime would not exist. Back in the day, the Don and his crews may have been criminals, but they could put the lid on these crimes that victimize ordinary citizens. An Irish cop walking a beat and twirling a nightstick was an effective deterrent in those days too.
          Comment on 5 bits of essential kit to round out your EDC loadout by Walter Hargain   
I live in New Jersey, so my EDC is an off duty cop sitting in my rucksack. After all, you can never be too safe.
          (USA) Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor   
**SCOPE OF WORK** **Iraq Governance Performance and Accountability Project (IGPA)** ** Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor** **Project Background:** The purpose of the Iraq Governance Performance and Accountability (IGPA) project is to advance effective, accountable, and transparent governance in Iraq. This USAID effort, implemented by DAI, will work with the Government of Iraq (GOI) at all levels to better respond to citizen needs by supporting reform initiatives and Iraqi change agents on inclusive governance and public sector transparency, accountability, and economy. “Reform initiatives” includes support to improve service delivery functions, public financial management, and open government initiatives. IGPA will support the GOI and the citizens of Iraq in forming partnerships and collaborative efforts to solve problems jointly. IGPA has four (4) objectives: 1. Enhance GOI service delivery capacity 2. Improve public financial management 3. Strengthen monitoring and oversight of service delivery and public expenditure 4. Support Iraqi change agents (cross-cutting objective) **Purpose:**The Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor will oversee the Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning system, with the objective of measuring the progress and accomplishments of the Iraq Governance and Performance Accountability Project (IGPA) and meet client requirements for reporting on indicators and other performance data. The ME&L; system will be based on IGAP’s Performance Monitoring Plan (AMEP), and designed through a consultative process with IGPA management and staff, the COP and the USAID COR. **Responsibilities and Key Tasks:** The Senior M&E; Advisor will be responsible for the below tasks: * Monitoring and Evaluation * Manage all aspects of the project's monitoring and evaluation system * The data collection and reporting procedures, including staff responsibilities; * A plan for review, analysis and communication of results; * A plan for periodic review of the AMEP itself to improve the ME&L; system. The Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor will provide ongoing management to coordinate successful implementation of the ME&L; system, including. * Review data collection processes and refine the ME&L; system and AMEP as needed. * Organize and provide additional ME&L; training to staff as necessary. * Meet with USAID counterparts to brief on ME&L; implementation * On a quarterly and semi-annual basis, consolidate monitoring reports and, in coordination with IGPA management, analyze results to produce reports for submission to USAID. * Contribute to other written presentations in MS Word, Excel and/or Power Point formats at the request of the Chief of Party. * Reporting and Communications: * Oversee project communications strategy, including qualitative and quantitative content and analysis, and communication quality assurance * Contribute data, analysis, and written material to communications products * Supervise the Monitoring Evaluation & Learning Specialists and coordinate with the Project Communications Manager * Other duties as assigned by supervisor **Qualifications:** * A master’s degree in a related field with a minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience, or a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 15 years of relevant work experience * Experience on USAID projects in monitoring and evaluation of policy reform or capacity development, with demonstrated capabilities in methodologies appropriate to complex change processes * Demonstrated experience designing and conducting data quality assessments and data audits * Experience conducting knowledge management and dissemination activities on similar programs * Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with institutional and private-sector partners and stakeholders * Experience training local partners and staff in ME&L; * Proficiency with MS Office software * Excellent English writing, speaking, and reading skills **Location and Reporting:** TheSenior Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor will be based in Baghdad, Iraq and will report to the Senior Advisor – Political Economy Analysis. *Location:* Middle East / North Africa *Location:* Iraq *Job Code:* 3165
          100 words on my personal life and over 1700 words on Wallander.   
Now that I'm settled in at work and have time to pursue home internet, I can't find the landlord. So yeah, will probably still be scarce for a bit. In the meantime I have plenty to preoccupy me without net access. I'm doing a low stress Nanowrimo (trying to write the requirement each day but not focusing my entire November and every interaction on making the damned wordcount), I've got loads and loads of beautiful (non-comic) books to read. I have books I've read I mean to review so I can sit and write reviews. I have a cluttered apartment to clean and the German trash system to navigate. Arts. Crafts. Comics. Sorting. Oh, and a new fandom.

Those of you who watch me on Twitter'll know this one. I ordered a DVD based solely on a preview and boy am I glad I did. It is AMAZING and so far the books I've gotten through are AMAZING too.

For those of you who skipped the post title, it was Wallander, starring Kenneth Branagh, based on novels by Henning Mankell, and rated EW, MC and AM for Extremely White Cast, High Body Count, and Abject Misery.

(Slight spoilers below)

So let's go over the amazing in increasing order from unsettling to excellent.

I admit first of all that the opening episode--Sidetracked--left me confused. Not because of any clumsiness with the filming or the writing, the story was good and the characters made sense. Just, as an American, it left me baffled. It's set in Sweden. Produced by the BBC. So, it's a British show about a Swedish cast based on a Swedish book. And in the British show about the Swedish cast based on the Swedish book there is a serial killer (Who is not the good guy.) that is appropriating Native American culture.

With no Native American characters around to comment on how fucked up that is.

It kinda overloaded my brain there. I wasn't sure exactly how to process that setup. My initial impulse--even in enjoyment--is to analyze that sort of thing when I notice it, and it's hard to analyze a culture that's not yours first off. Then it's a culture that's not yours interpreted through the lens that's not yours. Then it's about cultural appropriation, which is not my strong point.

However, if you are offended by what the villain is doing and how they're perpetuating stereotypes... You'll probably at least get some satisfaction over what happens to them.

Outside of that one, there's another episode that deals with actual racial violence. (Faceless Killers.) It's not perfect. The core cast of the show is all white, and pretty much all the POC characters in this episode are there as a plot point. (And I know someone out there is about to tell me I'm being unfair to even discuss the racial makeup of the cast because the UK and Sweden are in Europe, the homecontinent of all white people. So before you do that A--open a god-damned almanac and B--if there were nothing but white people in Sweden this episode would not work.) It's complex, though, and covers the interlacing problems of individual everyday prejudice, nativism, and public hysteria against the backdrop of a murder investigation. That's quite a bite for a 90-minute story and like with Sidetracked I still want the book to see how differently it's handled in the longform.

While the other episodes don't overtly address inter-racial interactions, there's definitely a heavy examination of Swedish xenophobia going on in all six episodes and in the one book (The Fifth Woman) I've managed to obtain. I'm not qualified to comment on Swedish culture, but I think I can safely recognize a theme. Watch whenever anyone mentions having been to Africa or being interested in America. Most of the time they will either be evil or get killed. Or both, in some cases. Thing is, while the surface problem might SEEM to be that the outside world is encroaching in on Sweden... in the end, the source of violence is usually something that's been below the surface in the Swedish countryside all along. And even when the initial crime is actually from outside Sweden, it's overwhelmed by the potential for violence that's present in the country already. The big challenges in the stories are problems that originated inside the culture that are covered up with anxieties about the rest of the world. The scalping killer in Sidetracked is not from the Western Hemisphere, it's a Swede who'd be fucked up either way. The real cause of the events in Fifth Woman is not the act of violence on another continent, it's violence that had been occurring in Sweden for decades.

While this is going on, though, there's another amazing thing. There's backstories of sexual violence in the first, second, and sixth episodes. And the way the cops handle this is fucking incredible.

They take the reports as the truth, and don't question the victim's histories, motives, or behavior.

And the way the writers handle this is incredible. They don't come up with a stupid twist later on that so and so is lying to get revenge or manipulate the characters (*middle finger to Season 2 Dexter*) or some shit. There's no "this is a story about sexual violence, with a twist that perpetuates the myth that this sort of crime gets falsely reported more than it actually does", it's more that a sexual assault happened in someone's past and THAT is why this event, this event, and this event happened. It's never the big crime of the story but it's never trivialized. And it's not every female character you see, just some characters.

And the way the director handles these revelations is incredible. It's not shot graphicly or sexualized or brought out as the big titillating revelation. It's part of some character's history, part of the horrible shit that happens in the world that leads to other horrible shit and in particular the horrible shit that lands on Kurt Wallander's desk.

I wish these were the guys in charge Law & Order: SVU, honestly. I hate that it's so rare to see a police show handle sexual violence in a way that doesn't make me ragequit it.

Thirdly, and this I can demonstrate with math, Wallander is uniquely suited to my own appetite for brutality. This series is a bloodbath. It is a tastefully subtle bloodbath (they don't go overboard with the onscreen deaths), but a bloodbath nonetheless.

They rarely show the body directly or linger for long on the grotesque stuff when they do, but in the cold open to the first episode a teenager sets herself on fire and things just get worse from there.

While recounting how much I love this series, I did a body count for one of my coworkers. There are no less than six deaths in each episode of the first season. In the second season, it dips down to four for one episode but there is a violent and traumatic shootout. The other episodes are up to par, at least six people meet gruesome ends over the course of events.

6 deaths over 90 minutes. That's a higher average than Dexter, folks.

Oh, and the first novel I got my hands on? I tried to count to compare. Mankell offs five people in the prologue. And sometime around the fifth chapter he sinks a boat and several hundred people die. (Also, the villain does much more damage to the cops in the climax of the novel than the climax of TV adaption.) Really, after 11 books I'm not sure how there's anyone left alive in Ystad.

Also, even though Wallander is consistantly portrayed as overweight, out of shape, forgetful, racked with insecurities, and reluctant to kill even the most horrible murderers he runs up against... He still manages to be a fearless badass in the big confrontations. I suspect he's just one "I'm getting too old for this shit" away from superpowers.

And finally, there's the most amazing thing and this one is done better in the book not because of any failing of the television series but simply because a novel is better set up to handle it: Kurt Wallander's sad, sad life.

Which really is something that needs to be examined episode by episode and book by book. It is so bleak it's actually absurdly amusing at some points. Each episode ends with a moment of quiet where the sun shines and the murders have stopped and everything is well with Southern Sweden but that's cinematography set against things like funerals. The ending to each episode reinforces that Kurt can only connect emotionally with another human by sharing mutual feelings of despair and convincing themselves to forget them for just a moment of sunlight on their faces.

It's kinda awesome, and I think I love him.

My amusement at misery aside, this goes beyond being chronically unlucky and mostly pessimistic. Wallander is a genuine man of constant sorrow type, and while the depressed cop stereotype in fiction can be excessively melodramatic, he's pretty relatable in his despondency. Sure, he cries more than any other TV cop I've seen, but it's usually at a point in the episode where you'd expect someone to be stressed to tears. Though really, when you take into account the disaster area that is his personal life and the job that is slowly killing his soul and his complete lack of hobbies (and for this character, not having outside interests from his work is a major character trait and not an oversight of the writer), he should be crying a lot more than just after an intense scene. If he were to start his day by weeping it would be perfectly understandable and natural, just because he's Kurt Wallander and he has to start his day. He is soaked in anguish, and every way I look at him he doesn't deserve to be. (Yet he's convinced he does.)

Basically, the world is built to a point where if you watch from outside the world and take into account what's going on, you watch this poor hapless bastard in disbelief and may even find yourself laughing at points like when Kurt's late for a date, the lady tells him off/storms out, and then--while he's standing dejectedly in the middle of the pub--the lights turn out. (This indicates a dead body at the power station, by the way, that Kurt gets called in to investigate) but at the same time you really sympathize with this guy's suffering because it's not a result of selfishness, or brooding over his bad luck. He definitely causes some of his own problems, but where I can be hard on characters I tend to naturally side with "You need to lay off yourself" a bit for this guy.

Maybe that's because of Kurt's motivations. He's not trying to prove himself, or aching to put away bad guys, or working off a history of personal trauma in his job. He's more personally invested in the people around--not just the victims, but he feels for the witnesses and the villains. He sees himself really clearly in everyone else, even the most monstrous people. Like he's missing a protective filter a lot of others have, something that lets them look at a killer and go "That's an inhuman monster I have nothing in common with" and instead has him being reminded by their crimes of his own actions. And while he's doing that, while he's getting tunnel vision and focusing on the killer and the victims he ends up completely missing the emotional cues from people he sees every day (Svedberg, Linda, his father) and he avoids them while chasing the monster. He's more guilt than self-pity and he's very introverted and empathetic at the same time. And I get a real impression that it's clinical, that his brain is set up to see things this way. If the viewpoint character were Linda rather than Kurt, I imagine things wouldn't seem quite so horrible all that time.

And there's just little moments in the novel and in the series that seem to me like something I could see a real person doing when they are operating under this level of crushing desolation every day of their lives. There's something deeply compelling about a character who gets that across and still manages to accomplish the stuff he accomplishes in these stories.

Also, Rupert Graves plays a bearded character in the 5th episode, which convinces me we're one "Oh, that's the name of Lestrade's identical Swedish cousin" away from a crossover.

Come on, BBC. You know you want to.
          Ketokohan Cik Siti Wan Kembang   
Cik Siti Wan Kembang – Lambang Ketamadunan Melayu Kelantan
By Helmi Effendy  May 28, 2017

Kalau orang Kedah akan berbangga dengan tokoh seperti Merong Mahawangsa ataupun Sultan Muhammad Jiwa II, kalau Johor akan berbangga dengan tokoh seperti Laksamana Tun Abdul Jamil dan juga Hang Nadim, kalau Acheh boleh berbangga dengan tokoh seperti Sultan Iskandar Muda, maka kata saya rakyat Kelantan juga bertuah kerana sepanjang orang Melayu Kelantan membina sebuah ketamadunan, mereka dikurniakan dengan seorang ratu perempuan yang bernama Cik Siti Wan Kembang, yang sesungguhnya sehingga hari ini, sinonimnya Kelantan dengan gelaran negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang.

Tapi seberapa banyak anak Melayu di sini mengenali dengan mendalam riwayat hidup empunya nama Cik Siti Wan Kembang ini. Tiada siapa pula yang tahu apa jasanya sehingga diangkat sedemikian rupa. Maka, kami pejuang anak bangsa ini akan sekali membuka pena, mencoret kisah-kisah agung tentang tokoh bangsa yang semakin dilupakan. Sejarah ditulis oleh orang Menang, maka dengan jiwa yang penuh rasa kemenangan, kami hamparkan kepada kalian, salah satu tokoh dalam sejarah Melayu yang harus kita kenang bersama.

Baginda lahir pada tahun 1570, dari perkahwinan antara Sultan Ahmad dan juga Permaisuri Che Banun. Siapa tahu, bahawa dari pasangan pemerintah Kerajaan Serendah Sekebun Bunga di Kelantan ini, maka lahirnya seorang pemimpin agung yang sehingga hari ini masih lagi dikenang oleh seluruh rakyat Kelantan.

Tidak hairanlah bagaimana Cik Siti Wan Kembang membesar menjadi tokoh yang hebat kalau peribadi ayahnya juga hebat. Siapa yang tidak kenal pada pemerintahan Sultan Ahmad ketika itu. Negeri Serendah Sekebun Bunga begitu makmur di bawah pemerintahan ayahnya yang mengamalkan ciri-ciri pemerintahan Islam. Bahkan dicatatkan bahawa begitu makmurnya Kerajaan Negeri Serendah Sekebun Bunga sehinggalah ada pedagang yang sanggup memusnahkan kapal dagang mereka kerana mahu terus bermaustatatin di negeri ini. Para ulamak juga datang dari keseluruhan Kepulauan Melayu ke kerajaan ini menyebarkan Islam dan berdakwah membentuk masyarakat yang hebat di kerajaan ini.

Dan dari kebanjiran ulamak ini juga, Sultan Ahmad mengamanahkan proses pendidikan Cik Siti Wan Kembang kepada beberapa orang ulamak terkemuka pada zaman itu. Maka membesarlah Cik Siti Wan Kembang bukan sahaja sebagai puteri raja yang jelitawan dan rupawan, bahkan mempunyai peribadi yang indah. Bahkan dari proses pembelajarannya dengan ulamak-ulamak ini, dapat dilihat betapa berminat dan sayangnya Cik Siti Wan Kembang pada ilmu tassawuf yang seperti mana kita tahu nanti akan mempengaruhi pada saat usia baginda.

Cik Siti Wan Kembang mewarisi takhta daripada Raja Hussien yang diamanahkan oleh ayahnya Sultan Ahmad ketika usia Cik Siti Wan Kembang masih lagi kecil agar menjaga takhta itu untuk anak perempuannya. Ketika baginda menaiki takhta, maka pemerintahan yang hebat seperti mana yang dibawakan oleh ayahandanya diteruskan pula oleh Cik Siti Wan Kembang.

Maka pada tahun 1610 Masihi adalah pertabalan Cik Siti Wan Kembang sebagai pemerintah ke-6 kerajaan Serendah Sekebun Bunga. Mendengarkan khabar raja pertama dari kalangan wanita itu, bahkan dengan khabar angin kejelitaannya yang tiada tandingan, maka seluruh raja-raja Melayu di seluruh Nusantara pun berpakat menghantarkan rombongan peminangan ke atas Cik Siti Wan Kembang. Namun semuanya ditolak dengan sopan oleh Cik Siti Wan kembang dengana alasan sekiranya dia menerima salah satu daripada peminangan raja-raja tersebut, maka pastinya raja lain akan terasa dan ianya akan mencetuskan pada peperangan.

Baginda ialah seorang pemerintah yang bijaksana. Dia mendapati bahawa kerana kemasyuran namanya sebagai pemerintah wanita pertama, dan baginda takutkan kalau nanti konflik perang akan terjadi, maka baginda memindahkan pusat pemerintahan baginda dari Gunung Cinta Wangsa ke Cerang Tegayung. Maka di Cerang Tegayung, baginda bersama para hulubalang dan rakyat baginda pun mendirikan istana di Cerang Tegayung.

Dan dari kedudukan di Cerang Tegayung yang sangat strategik itu, maka pelabuhan yang ditubuhkan pun menjadi pesat, lalu menarik perhatian para pedagang dari seluruh dunia untuk menjejakkan kaki ke Cerang Tegayung. Ada yang datang daripada Jepun, China, Eropah, India, Indo-China dan Arab. Pedagang Arab yang datang berniaga di Serendah Sekebun Bungalah yang memberikan gelaran “paduka cik siti” kepada Wan Kembang yang kononnya mengikut catatan sejarah bermaksud Perempuan Mulia.

Dan secara jujur bagi saya, sangatlah cocok dengan Cik Siti Wan Kembang kerana betapa kerajaan yang diperintahnya ketika itu sangatlah makmur dari segi ekonomi, pendidikan sehinggalah ke sahsiah rakyatnya. Dicatatkan bahawa Cik Siti Wan Kembang bukan sahaja menyediakan peluang pendidikan kepada kaum lelaki, bahkan kaum perempuan turut mendapat hak yang sama rata.

Ketika kaum perempuan di eropah masih menjadi mangsa penindasan kuasa kaum lelaki, tetapi tidak di Tamadun dan Peradaban Melayu di mana kaum lelaki dan perempuan mendapat pendidikan yang setimpal. Bahkan Cik Siti Wan Kembang dicatatkan membawa masuk para ulamak dari seluruh dunia semata-mata demi memastikan bahawa rakyatnya mendapat pendidikan agama yang terbaik. Ini menyebabkan kadar jenayah ketika itu sangatlah rendah dan amatlah jarang ditemui sebarang perilaku yang melanggar undang-undang negara.

Dan tentu ramai tertanya-tanya entah bagaimanalah Kelantan sinonim dengan lambang seekor Kijang? Ini tak lain tak bukan adalah kerana sebuah peristiwa yang mempamerkan sisi indah pemerintah hebat ini.

Kononnya dicatatkan bahawa terdapat hadiah daripada pembesar di dalam negerinya yang mempersembahkan seekor anak kijang yang sangat jinak dan comel kepadanya. Cik Siti Wan Kembang sangatlah sayang akan anak kijang kerana mengisi kesunyian dalam hidupnya sehinggakan mata wang Kelantan diletakkan cop kijang sebagai lambang negeri.

Baginda dikatakan memerintah selama 67 tahun, menandakan bahawa baginda antara raja paling lama memerintah di Alam Melayu. Maka tanggungjawab memerintah negerinya diserahkan pada Puteri Saadong yang merupakan anak angkatnya yang dijaga dari kecil. Maka ketika itulah, dicatatkan bahawa Cik Siti Wan Kembang membawa diri ke Gunung Ayam dan menjadi ahli sufi serta menghabiskan sisa hayatnya beribadah dan mengabadikan diri kepada ALLAH. Tiada siapa yang tahu tarikh sebenar pemergian pemerintah agung ini.


Nisriwani Yahaya & Syed Zulflida (2003) 101 Puteri Dunia Melayu: Sejarah Dan Legenda. Jabatan Muzium Malaysia

          Ex-cop says scuffle over gun led to teen being shot in mouth   

Franz Paul, the former police cadet officer charged with shooting the then 15-year-old Alex Griffith in the mouth during a game of Russian roulette, yesterday said his gun went off during a scuffle with the teen over the weapon.

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          Off-Duty Stamford Cop Spots Stolen Jeep With Teenagers Onboard   

Four teenagers were found in a stolen Jeep in Stamford.

STAMFORD, Conn. — Three teenage boys and a teenage girl were found in a stolen Jeep early Saturday and arrested, partially thanks to the quick-thinking of an off-duty Stamford police officer. 

During the overnight hours of Friday, June 30, a Jeep Cherokee was stolen from the driveway of a home in ...

          Post re: Watch out for Con Artist JEFF CALDWELL   
Melissa Trent wrote:

He has been caught!!! Jeff Caldwell was caught early this morning in my car in Spearfish, South Dakota!!!!  He has been living in the car for the last 7.5 weeks and is doesn't appear to have any damage. He confessed to everything right away. Because he crossed state lines he is facing federal charges and separate charges in Colorado. I kept saying he would be caught after June 26th because that is when the temporary tags expired on the car. He was downtown at a bar and a cop saw him staggering out of a bar and thought he was going to drive the car. But instead he got in the car and passed out. After a couple of hours the cop ran the plates, found out it was stolen, and arrested him. Thank you to everyone that has followed this story. I am so happy to say that he has been caught and will be behind bars for a very long time. 

Ah, some good sport climbing in Spearfish. I had the best pork chop of my life there too, at small restaurant close to the beginning of the canyon.

Submitted By: Tradiban
Location: Colorado

          Post re: Watch out for Con Artist JEFF CALDWELL   

He has been caught!!! Jeff Caldwell was caught early this morning in my car in Spearfish, South Dakota!!!!  He has been living in the car for the last 7.5 weeks and is doesn't appear to have any damage. He confessed to everything right away. Because he crossed state lines he is facing federal charges and separate charges in Colorado. I kept saying he would be caught after June 26th because that is when the temporary tags expired on the car. He was downtown at a bar and a cop saw him staggering out of a bar and thought he was going to drive the car. But instead he got in the car and passed out. After a couple of hours the cop ran the plates, found out it was stolen, and arrested him. Thank you to everyone that has followed this story. I am so happy to say that he has been caught and will be behind bars for a very long time. 

Submitted By: Melissa Trent
Location: Colorado

          Therapy – Panadol   

Cop this new jam by Therapy titled Panadol. Also Visuals for Panadol set to drop soon Download and enjoy DOWNLOAD MP3: Therapy – Panadol

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          Primul cinematograf VR din Romania   
Primul cinematograf VR, care va rula în exclusivitate doar filme de realitate virtuală, a fost inaugurat recent în Veranda Mall. Cu o investiție de peste 150.000 euro, THE VR CINEMA este unul dintre primele cinematografe de realitate virtuală la nivel mondial.

Deborah Chen, fondatoarea THE VR CINEMA: „ În următorii ani, VR-ul va aduce schimbări majore în societatea noastră. De exemplu, realitatea virtuală poate fi utilizată în scop educațional, oferindu-le elevilor posibilitatea de a învăța mai rapid și mult mai interactiv decât până...

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          Kaufland oferă studenților români care ĂŽnvață ĂŽn spațiul germanofon burse ĂŽn valoare de 26.000 euro   
Kaufland România se implică în formarea tinerei generații prin susținerea educației și a performanței și, pentru al doilea an consecutiv, compania lansează programul burselor de studii, adresat studenților români care învață la universități de prestigiu din spațiul germanofon (Germania, Austria și Elveția).

Programul “Bursa de studiu privată Kaufland” are ca scop identificarea și susținerea tinerilor pasionaţi de domeniul pe care şi l-au ales pentru studii, cu rezultate şcolare foarte bune şi obiective de carieră bine stabilite, care s-au făcut remarcaţi prin proiecte extracurriculare...

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          No black person is safe in America - Salon   


No black person is safe in America
I do have immense respect for protestors, marchers and organizers, but in the end, after all that chanting, marching and lying down in traffic, Darren Wilson, the cop who murdered Brown, still went free, and cops in America still feel comfortable ...

          Baton Rouge Cop Killer Left Note Saying What he Did Was ‘Necessary Evil’   
The Louisiana law officers who killed Gavin Long after he shot dead three of their..
          Sliema council, residents warn: hands off privatisation of seafront   

Improved infrastructure to swim zones was more than welcome but handing over the Sliema seafront to private lidos was not, mayor Anthony Chircop warned yesterday. He was contacted for his reaction to newly appointed Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi’s announcement that the government was considering turning areas such as the former Chalet in Sliema into “beach leisure facilities”. Once a landmark, but demolished several years ago after decades of disuse, the Chalet structure along Għar id-Dud was a popular destination. Speaking in parliament on Wednesday, Dr Mizzi said other spots between Pembroke and St Julian’s were also being considered for public private partnerships as they were popular with tourists but needed upgrading. The comments sparked a debate among Sliema residents, with many questioning what the minister meant by “beach leisure facilities” and whether this would mean they would now have to pay to swim in beaches they had been visiting for free all of their lives. “Did the minister mean the coast would get an artificial beach like St George’s Bay? Or will we see a proliferation of private beach clubs that take up all the coast?” resident Marie Gauci wrote on a Sliema...
          Trzy uczelnie stworzą konsorcjum COP - Tradycja, Obronność   
Rektorzy Politechniki Rzeszowskiej, Politechniki Świętokrzyskiej oraz Uniwersytetu Technologiczno-Humanistycznego w Radomiu podpisali w sobotę w Rzeszowie list intencyjny dot. powołania konsorcjum COP - Tradycja, Obronność. Jego celem jest wsparcie przemysłu zbrojeniowego.
           Surveillance footage shows Taylor Clark being chased by Chicago police    
Surveillance footage shows off-duty cop Taylor Clark being chased by Chicago police that eventually led to a fatal crash.
           Red light video of fatal car crash involving speeding off-duty Chicago cop    
Surveillance video of fatal car crash involving off-duty Chicago cop that went through a red light which stuck Chequita Adams car and killed her.
          Airdate: Comrade Detective   
Channing Tatum & Joseph Gordon-Levitt provide voice-over for a Romanian cop comedy on Amazon.
          Comment on WATCH: Cop Paints Himself in Fake Blood to Scare Citizens into Worshiping Police by 我赚啦   
          Red light video of fatal car crash involving speeding off-duty Chicago cop   

Surveillance video of fatal car crash involving off-duty Chicago cop that went through a red light which stuck Chequita Adams car and killed her.

          Good for Tulsi   

Tulsi Gabbard: Our media and politicians keep pushing regime change wars even though these wars have empowered Al-Qaeda and created ISIS.

Tulsi Gabbard is one of the few members of Congress that I respect.

She is right, we keep destroying the world and then moving on to destroy another space.

We have damaged the world in ways no one wants to cop to.

This is long term damage which includes death and killing.

So many civilians are gone because of our actions.

Good for Tulsi.

"Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):
Monday, June 26, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, The Mosul Slog continues, Brett McGurk says a lot but none of it about diplomacy, and much more.

ALJAZEERA reports:

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters launched a string of counterattacks in a western Mosul neighbourhood, setting off clashes that continued overnight, Iraqi officials said on Monday.
An unknown number of suicide bombers and gunmen targeted the Hay al-Tanak and Yarmuk neighbourhoods, and set fire to houses and cars in Tanak, military officials told news agencies.
The area had been declared free of ISIL in May.
Several people are reported to have died in the attacks, which sowed panic among residents who had returned to the area, and prompted hundreds of families to flee overnight.

Yes, The Mosul Slog continues.

Day 246 of The Mosul Slog.

And, yet again, press reports circulate that it will be over shortly.

ASHARQ AL-AWSAT reports this morning, "The battle to take full control of Mosul from ISIS will be over in a few days, a general said Monday as Iraqi forces searched neighborhoods of west Mosul they retook weeks ago after a surprise jihadist attack on their rear that left several dead."

Searched neighborhoods of west Mosul they retook weeks ago . . .

How it repeats.

Over and over.

Here's the White House's special envoy Brett McGurk, speaking last week, trying to explain ISIS:

So what is ISIS? It is the largest, most sophisticated, and most global terrorist organization the world has ever seen.
Only two years ago, it controlled what was effectively a quasi-state, its so-called caliphate, with territory the size of Lebanon spanning across Iraq and Syria.
It controlled millions of people, entire cities, dual capitals in Raqqa and Mosul, generating revenue through oil and gas, taxes, antiquities trade, hostage taking, of more than a billion dollars per year.
It enslaved thousands of young girls, committed acts of genocide against minority groups, Yazidis and Christians, and sought to destroy our common human heritage, from Palmyra in Syria, to the Ninewa plains in northern Iraq.
It also established franchises, seven in all, from Sinai just to our west, to Afghanistan, Libya, and Nigeria, all with central direction and planning from ISIS’s capital in Raqqa.
And it sought to spread terrorism to all of our homelands, directing attacks from Raqqa … in Paris, Istanbul, and Brussels, and inspiring them from London, to Berlin, to Garland, Texas.
Its manpower at its height in 2015, while hard to pinpoint specifically, was in the upper tens of thousands – hard core fighters, at least.
The figures we can pinpoint are staggering: more than 40,000 foreign fighters, Jihadists, flooded into Syria between 2013 and 2016 from over 100 countries all around the world. The world had never really seen anything like it – the supercharged global Jihad.
General Gilead, many of us in this room, were extremely alarmed by this phenomenon as early as 2013. Many of us in Washington, some of my former colleagues here, were also discussing it with extreme concern.
Foremost attention among many, however, in those years, I think we have to be honest, there was a belief, by some, that this flood of Jihadist fighters could somehow be tamed and contained – after Bashar al-Assad was removed from power. I think that was a false assumption and it carried some tragic consequences.
The flood of extremist fighters and weapons into Syria combined with the crimes of the Asad regime created an explosive environment for al Qaeda, from which ISIS sprung.
ISIS rapidly spread, in 2013, across eastern Syria, killing anyone who sought to confront it. It spread openly into Iraq in early 2014, capturing Fallujah, and laying siege to Ramadi in Anbar province.
Suicide attacks in Iraq nearly all of whom at the time were committed by foreign fighters, people coming from around the world into Syria and Iraq to blow themselves up – rose from five to ten per month in 2012 to sometimes 60 per month in 2014, targeting markets, mosques, soccer games, local officials – mayors, town councils – and security personnel.
In June, 2014, Mosul, a city of nearly 2 million people, fell to ISIS; and its leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi, declared a caliphate from the grand Mosque of Al Nuri in Mosul’s old city. And late yesterday, as Iraqi Security forces closed in on that mosque, about 100 meters away, ISIS blew it up. A mosque which sat there since the 12th century, ISIS blew it up. The last month in Mosul is really telling. Summer of 2014, Baghdadi announces from that mosque that he’s the caliph creating a caliphate—the caliph proclaims his legitimacy by this ability to protect people in his so called caliphate. All of this was a false lie. But that’s what he said in the summer of 2014.
In the last month, as Iraqi Security forces closed in on that last district in Mosul, ISIS has killed any civilian trying to leave. They used a hospital on some high ground, just north of the old city, as a killing tower—with snipers killing any civilians trying to leave. We’ve actually been accused, our forces, of using white phosphorus for example, in Mosul. And I defer to our military professionals, but they use white phosphorus not to target anybody, not to kill anybody, but as a shield to allow civilians to escape. We were somehow declared of using this ammunition which was harming civilians. In fact, we were helping civilians escape as ISIS sat in a tower—a hospital which we did not want to target—and killed anyone that tried to leave. And last night they blew up the mosque in which Baghdadi declared his caliphate, I think it was a very significant moment here in the last 24 hours.
But back in 2014, if you rewind the tape, this announcement of a caliphate accelerated recruitment from around the world, with thousands of men, women, and even children, traveling through Turkey and into Syria through established smuggling networks.
About a month later in July 2014, ISIS broke through the western Iraqi border at al Qaim and approached Baghdad down the Euphrates valley, and also in the north along the Tigris valley.
Near Tikrit that summer in 2014, ISIS terrorists rounded up One Thousand Seven Hundred young Iraqi military cadets, and murdered them one-by-one, and they filmed the scene on YouTube.
I was in Iraq at the time. Newspaper headlines declared Baghdad was about to fall. There were reports of an ISIS “zero hour” in the capital and it was causing a panic among the population. We in fact reduced our embassy personnel and dusted off contingency evacuation plans given the uncertainty.
President Obama early in this crisis asked for my recommendation among others, some that are in this room, Elissa Slotkin among others, about what we should do. And our only response was we had to fight back – and fight back soon because there we had no other choice.
But we had to fight smartly, not with U.S. forces in Iraqi and Syrian towns and villages; but by strengthening local forces – Syrians and Iraqis – to take on the fight themselves, combined with devastating air power, and importantly with a political strategy that empowered people at the local level to secure their own communities, with a government in Baghdad that was responsive to its people.
We had to rally the world – particularly the Muslim world – to take on the fight themselves, combating ISIS’s poison in the mosques and online and in the media 24/7.
We had to ensure that what came after ISIS was more stable, creating the conditions for people to return to their homes and rebuild their devastated communities.
And we had to prepare a campaign that targeted ISIS financing, foreign fighter networks, global affiliates, and propaganda.
In the summer of 2014, that seemed a nearly impossible task –the Iraqi Security Forces had just completely and totally collapsed and we had almost nobody to work with on the ground in Syria--but we got to work.
We built a global coalition against ISIS, that is now the largest of its kind in history with 71 members, including 67 nations, plus NATO, INTERPOL, the EU, and the Arab League.
Early on, we organized this grand coalition around five specific lines of effort, each focusing on a particular aspect of the ISIS problem and pooling global resources to confront it:
First, we provide military support to our partners on the ground;
Second, we work to stop the flow of foreign fighters, by securing the border between Syria and Turkey and severing the international networks.
Third, halting ISIS access to financial support;
Fourth, we address the humanitarian and stabilization in areas cleared of ISIS to allow the population to return;
Fifth, we combat ISIS’s poisonous ideology.
The first airstrikes by our coalition were launched in September, 2014. There have been nearly 30,000 since, it’s been the most precise air campaign in history, and combined with aggressive and innovative global initiatives along each of the lines I just mentioned.

And while this war is far from over, the results to date are promising. 

Are the results promising?

Many observers note the destruction of Mosul.

That's promising?

Brett outlines a now three year program above.

But where's the diplomacy?

Where's the work beyond military?

Nothing has been done.

At some point, you have to argue that this was intentional.

The Islamic State rose in Iraq because then-prime minister Nouri al-Maliki was persecuting the Sunnis.

Has that persecution ended?


Even now there are reports -- and photographs -- of Sunni civilians being tortured and killed.

When does that get addressed?

Smart people argued the time to address it was years ago.

But, under Barack Obama, the White House rewarded Nouri.

Even when the voters gave him the heave-ho in 2010, Barack still supported Nouri for a second term and had US officials ont he ground in Iraq negotiate The Erbil Agreement to give Nouri a second term.

ISIS didn't rise in a vacuum.

The conditions that allowed it to take root still exist.

So now what?

Sarhang Hamasaeed and Michael Yaffe (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) offer:

That will require sustained attention to the "Three Rs:" Relief, Reconstruction and Reconciliation, all of which are needed concurrently. Relief means not only continued humanitarian aid but also security assistance to protect reconstruction and reconciliation and to facilitate the return of 3 million displaced people.
Political and social reconciliation, in turn, will be needed to prevent violence and reprisals and make way for sustainable reconstruction. The U.S. should develop a plan to help resolve fundamental national and regional political issues that will allow Iraq's constellation of groups to co-exist in peace.

Already, unity is fraying among forces that stood against ISIS. Sinjar, Tel Afar and Tuz Khurmatu have emerged as flashpoints of incipient conflict. Wrangling between the Kurds and Baghdad over oil, territory and Kurdish independence continues as regional powers such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey— as well as Iraqi groups — jockey for influence. Since the ISIS onslaught in 2014, for example, Popular Mobilization Forces militias, most supported by Iran, have established offices all over Iraq — 16 just in one town south of Mosul, Iraqis tell us — in a bid to gain control in areas recaptured from ISIS. As next year's parliamentary elections approach, they'll be well positioned to buy cooperation, exert authority and support to candidates, further solidifying their grip.

Maybe the time to start this sort of work was in 2014 and not in a mad rush to beat the next election?

New content:

          Bobby Bland - You're The One (That I Need) (Duke 344)   

You're The One (That I Need)

Somehow, even though we all knew it was coming, it doesn't seem possible that Bobby Bland is no longer with us. He was there in Memphis at Sunbeam Mitchell's Club Handy when it all began, and he lived there in Memphis until the day he died, same as he ever was. An absolute giant of R&B, his was one of the last great voices at the heart of Black American Music. His name was a mainstay on the R&B charts for four decades, and he never stopped performing, working wherever and whenever he got the chance.

The music he created was deep, in every sense of the word. This awesome record we have here, the flip of 1961 monster hit Turn On Your Love Light, just knocks me out. Bobby's smoke-filled velvet vocals fill the room while Wayne Bennett's impeccable guitar work and Joe Scott's mournful arrangement bring it on home. A contemporary of Sam Cooke and Ray Charles, he contributed as much (if not more) to the evolution of Soul music as either one of them. So much more than a 'Blues' singer, I don't think mainstream America ever truly appreciated how great he really was.

Maybe now they will.

...reprinted below are a couple of other posts I did on Bobby over the years:


I've Just Got To Forget About You

This past January 22nd would have been Sam Cooke's 75th birthday. January 27th was Bobby Bland's 76th.

Bobby was born in the small town of Rosemark, Tennessee, where he grew up surrounded by the sounds of spiritual music as well as The Grand Ol' Opry broadcasts on WLAC. He actually picked cotton in the fields, and didn't bother going to school much.

When the family moved to Memphis in 1947, he joined a local Gospel group called The Miniatures that sang in area churches. It wasn't long, however, before the young Bland was drawn in by the whole blues scene that was happening down on Beale Street. In addition to working in a local garage, he began parking cars down behind the Palace Theatre, and soon became a regular fixture. He would compete in the amateur shows staged by Rufus Thomas most every Wednesday, and came to be known as one of the Beale Streeters, a loose collection of local guys that would include B.B. King, Johnny Ace, Junior Parker, Roscoe Gordon, and Earl Forest at one time or another.

They took work where they could get it, often performing at local brothels or upstairs at Sunbeam Mitchell's legendary Club Handy for little more than a bowl of chili. It was Mitchell that got Bobby a spot on Rufus Thomas' radio show on WDIA. This got him noticed by Sam Phillips, who had just started recording local acts at his Memphis Recording Service. He did a session on Bobby for Chess Records in 1951, and early the next year, Ike Turner produced four sides for Modern Records at the studio, none of which made much of a splash.

Later in 1952, Bobby signed with Duke Records, a new label that had been started up by WDIA DJ Dave Mattis. They would release one single, Lovin' Blues, before Bobby was drafted into the Army. The record became somewhat of a regional hit while he was away, and Duke recorded his Army Blues in 1953 while he was home on leave.

Don Robey, meanwhile, was busy building his own little empire. He had opened a club called The Bronze Peacock in Houston, Texas in 1945 that became the premier showcase for Jazz and R&B in the region. He began managing local artists like Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, and would open a record store in 1947. It wasn't long before he realized there was real money to be made in the record business, and in 1949 he formed Peacock Records, building his own recording studio and record pressing plant adjacent to the club. He began building an impressive roster of Gospel and Blues talent, and his records became huge sellers in the Southern market. Robey had the reputation of running his business "like a plantation", often making his point with a pistol he kept strapped to his leg. In addition to recording and pressing his own records, he would pay writers a few dollars up front, then claim songwriting credit and publishing rights for himself. He also made sure his artists were represented by his own Buffalo Booking Agency, run by partner Evelyn Johnson (pictured here with Robey). He had all the angles covered. Ever on the lookout for a new source of income, Don had his eye on Memphis.

He made a deal with Dave Mattis, giving Duke a much needed infusion of cash, and by late 1953 Robey had forced him out, becoming sole proprietor of Duke-Peacock Records. When Bobby was discharged from the service in 1955, the Memphis he knew was no more. Sam Phillip's own Sun Records had found its fair haired boy, and his contract with Duke was now owned by someone he'd never met somewhere in Texas.

He and Robey actually got along well together (he often said it was better than pushing a plow...), and he rejoined old friend Junior Parker as part of a package called Blues Consolidated that Buffalo Booking had put together. Playing more than 300 gigs a year, they criss-crossed the country, just smokin' it up! Duke would record them whenever they came through Houston, and so kept a steady stream of "product" out there for sale. Most of these early sides featured the great Clarence Hollimon on guitar, but it was his old Memphis homeboy Pat Hare (who would later go on to become a member of Muddy Waters' band before being sentenced to 99 years in prison for killing his girlfriend and the cop she called on him...!) that drove his first national hit Farther Up The Road all the way to number one on the R&B charts in 1957.

The success of this record (as well as his subsequent top ten hit, Little Boy Blue) enabled Bobby to set out on his own, forming the incredible band that would stay with him for the next ten years. It would include Wayne Bennett on the guitar, Teddy Reynolds on the piano, Hamp Simmons on bass, Jabo Starks (future funky drummer for The JBs) on the drums, along with a fat horn section led by trumpeter Joe Scott. It was Scott's arrangements that brought Bobby's music to the next level, essentially creating his unique sound.

He continued to top the R&B charts, while staying out on the road 50 weeks of every year. The band was playing all the popular package shows of the day alongside people like Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson. Bobby understood, as they did, the power of the female audience, and each night was like a contest to just "take 'em out"!

The release of the absolutely amazing Two Steps From The Blues in 1961 collected much of his work from this period into a cohesive whole that still stands as one of the greatest albums ever. Songs like I Pity The Fool and I'll Take Care Of You reveal the two sides of Bland's genius... rough and gravelly Gospel shouting (reportedly inspired by C.L. Franklin, Aretha's dad), coupled with a smooth and intimate vulnerability that just drove the ladies wild. Today's B side, a track from this album, was actually released as the flip of the Don Davis produced Keep On Loving Me (You'll See The Change) in 1970, nine years later! The mood it creates, that late night lonesome highway feeling... wow. (You might notice that one D. Malone is listed as the songwriter... a pseudonym Robey had created for himself when his scam became too obvious... )

Bobby continued to top the R&B charts with records like Turn On Your Lovelight and Yield Not To Temptation, and in 1962 would score his only top 40 pop hit (#28) with T-Bone Walker's Stormy Monday Blues, powered by Wayne Bennett's phenomenal guitar work.

1964's Ain't Nothing You Can Do was an absolute monster hit that literally defined the southern "soul-blues" style of which he was the king. It is this very designation (thought up by us genre-driven white people) that, in my opinion, has tended to marginalize people like Bobby, Little Milton, and Z.Z. Hill. I mean, he's like "too soul" to be taken seriously by the blues "purists", while being often overlooked by the soul crowd as having too much "blues"... or something. Whatever. His own people know the deal. He has entered the R&B charts an incredible 63 times, placing no less than 25 records in the top ten.

By the end of the 1960s, Bobby's drinking (over two quarts a day) caught up with him, and his band split up. The loss of Joe Scott as his arranger took its toll, and his early seventies output was inconsistent. In 1973, Robey sold Duke to ABC Records, which was later taken over by MCA. He would re-unite with former Beale Streeter B.B. King for a few mid-70s outings but, for the most part, a combination of record company indifference and changing times led to some truly middle-of-the-road material.

Bobby signed with good ol' Malaco Records in 1984 and got back to his southern soul roots. The release of Members Only the following year put him right back in the R&B top 20 where he belonged. He would go on to release over 15 albums for them over the next twenty years, highlighted by great songs like Take Off Your Shoes and I Just Tripped On A Piece Of Your Broken Heart.

Throughout all of this, Bobby continued to tour constantly, playing the same "chitlin' circuit" clubs he always had. I was lucky enough to experience this first hand during Carnival in New Orleans in 1989. My brother and I, two dumb white guys festooned in Mardi-Gras beads, stumbled into the Benz Lounge on Louisiana Avenue and were just blown away! Bobby and his band (with Wayne Bennett back on the guitar), just brought the house down around us... The sheer energy of this performance, with Bobby working the crowd in a small club setting, was an experience I'll never forget...

I saw him again about two weeks ago, opening for Dr. John at a theatre in New Jersey. About half the crowd was made up of well-dressed African-Americans in their sixties and seventies... Bobby's audience that has grown old along with him. People that remember Sam Cooke... that were a part of the struggle for civil rights. A generation that is passing before our very eyes.

Bobby's amazing voice, still a powerful instrument, spoke to the soul of everyone in the room. He had us in the palm of his hand.

Talk about a living legend, man.



Loan A Helping Hand

In 1984 Dan Greer and Fred Ford got together and formed an organization named 'Friends United To Preserve Musical Heritage International'. The idea, Dan told me, was to relate the rich history of Memphis music in the words of the people who made it in the first place. They created an event called the Music Pioneer Awards and Ford, the go-to baritone man in Memphis for generations, became their first honoree (once Dan convinced him it was alright). Fred has since left us, but the organization (now called simply United Music Heritage, Inc.) continues on with a board that includes folks like Percy Wiggins and Earl Randle.

I met Dan Greer at the Willie Mitchell Memorial Celebration in January, which is where he started thinking about putting together the incredible Twenty Fifth Anniversary Music Pioneer Awards that will be held at The New Daisy Theater on Beale Street this Thursday, August 12th. "Too many of us are passing," he said, "it's time to do something." The event will honor Carla Thomas, Don Bryant, Ann Peebles, The Mad Lads, The Temprees, Ruby Wilson and The Lee Twins among many others all backed by the incomparable Hi Rhythm, along with a horn section led by Ben Cauley.

In a word, Wow!

As if that weren't enough, the centerpiece of this year's awards will be a tribute to one of the cornerstones of Memphis music, Bobby "Blue" Bland. Bobby, who turned eighty this past January, was one of the original Beale-Streeters, and his absolute giant of a voice has influenced all those who came after him. The show will feature killer vocalists like J. Blackfoot and Percy Wiggins performing his music... can you imagine?

As Greer told the Commercial Appeal; "You won't find another show like this, you couldn't pay these people enough to come in and do this. But they come in and do it out of love for the city and the music."

This is one of those many, many times I wish I lived in Memphis.
          7/2/2017: News: From cop shop to Topshop – how ex-convict stole Green girl’s heart   

HE IS known as the ‘hot convict’ and the ‘blue-eyed bandit’. And now he is also the lover of billionaire retailer Sir Philip Green’s daughter Chloe. Former gang member turned model Jeremy Meeks, a married father of three from California, was spotted...
          Constipation - Great Tips To Prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome   
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          Comment on Chicago Cop Still Active After Many Complaints and False Arrests [Video] by peter   
she is totally unstable. something is very serious with her mental state. she is one of the boys in blue that makes part of the Chicago gang in blue. she is being protected.
          Samvad 1 November 2014   

Samvad Kartik Shukla 9, Vik. Samvat 2071. Yugabda 5116: November 1, 2014

1. FESTIVALS: Dhanu Sankranti 



















20.  SHRI VISHWA NIKETAN: Pravas; Visitors



1. FESTIVALS: Dhanu Sankranti is the sankranti (transmigration of sun from one rashi – constellation to another) related to Dhanu rashi and occurs on 16th December.

It is celebrated as Dhanu Yatra - a colourful festival related to Bhagwan Krishna's visit to Mathura,  at Bargarh, Odisha. Different acts of puranic descriptions are performed at specific locations and the spectators move from place to place with the action to follow the performance. During this festival the Bhagwan Krishna is offered sweetened rice flakes which are specially prepared in a Conical shape.

Dhanu is also name of the month in the Malayalam Calendar. Women celebrate Thiruvathira in this month. Thiruvathira is supposed to be the birthday of Bhagwan Shiva. Married women and girls do 'upavasa' (fasting) on that day, and sing and dance. Girls pray to Lord Shiva to get a good husband while married women pray for the longevity of their husbands. -- Go Top


2.  1.6 LAKH SEVA PROJECTS RUN BY RSS: "Seva – Service is an integral part of sangh work and it was natural that sangh workers came forward to help fllod affected people in Jammu and Kasmir" said RSS sarkaryavaha Bhayya ji Joshi at the press meet on 20th October at Lucknow where a 3-day meeting of its Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari mandal was held. He added that over 1.6 lakh service projects are being run by swayamsevaks all over the country in rural, tribal and urban slum areas. Replying to a question on the issue of Ram mandir, he said, "Ram Temple exists in Ayodhya and people worship there daily. The only issue is to make it a grand temple. As the matter is in the Supreme Court, hence, the Centre should try to remove the hurdle and fulfil the promise made to the people during the elections," He claimed that more than 1.25 lakh youth have joined the organisation last year.  -- Go Top


3. BHARAT LAUNCHES THIRD NAVIGATION SATELLITE: Bharat's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C26) lifted off with aplomb from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) in Sriharikota at 1.32 a.m. on 16th October and precisely put the Bharatiya navigation satellite, IRNSS-1C into its perfect, pre-designated orbit. This was the 28th successful launch of the Indian Space Research Organisation.

The IRNSS-1C, the third of the seven navigation satellites in the Indian Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), has wide-ranging applications in terrestrial, aerial and marine navigation. From vehicle tracking to fleet management and from disaster management to mapping, the satellite extends services to its clients.

The IRNSS-C1 carried two types of payloads, one for transmitting navigation service signals to the users and another consisting of a C-band transponder to facilitate Cube Retro Reflectors for laser ranging.

The first two satellites in the series, IRNSS 1A and IRNSS 1B were launched from Sriharikota on July 1 2013 and April 4 this year respectively.  -- Go Top


4. NANAJI BROUGHT INTEGRAL HUMANISM IN ACTION:  "Nanaji's thinking was out of box, he always tried to do something extra, beyond his given responsibility. Whatever he did he did with some value addition. He always insisted on 'self-sufficiency' approach. Optimum utilisation of local resources was the basis of his vision. He perfectly blended universal science with local technologies," said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while releasing a book on Nanaji Deshmukh in New Delhi on October 11, the 98th birth anniversary of Nanaji.

RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri Dattatreya Hosabale, veteran Sangh Pracharak Shri Madan Das, DRI president Shri Virendrajeet Singh and general secretary of DRI Shri Bharat Pathak also shared the dais. Many distinguished personalities including RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi, former deputy Prime Minister Shri LK Advani, Governor of Guajrat Prof. Omprakash Kohli, etc were present at the jam-packed Vigyan Bhavan.

Speaking on the occasion Dattatreya Hosabale said, Nanaji brought 'Integral Humanism' propounded by Deendayalji in action. "When people are looking for models of development on Bharatiya values the one created by Nanaji are the living examples.   -- Go Top


5. BHARATIYAS CELEBRATE DESI FESTIVALS IN DENMARK: Vijayadashmi was celebrated by Bharatiyas in Copenhagen on September 28 in a traditional way, thanks to the efforts put in by members of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS)-Denmark. The most interesting part of these celebrations was the play: Ramleela. Done with very few props, the characters were able to convey Lord Rama's story to the audience.

"The programme was designed for all age groups and involved a drawing contest based on Ramayana characters and a discussion on the main characters of Ramayana. There were 15 people in the play and we spent more than four weekends preparing for it," said Hemant Dubey, one of the active members of HSS-Denmark.

Dattatreya Hosabale, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh's joint general secretary, had travelled to Copenhagen from Bharat to attend the Vijayadashmi celebrations. "He spoke on the significance of Vijayadashmi as well as key learnings from Ramayana for an hour, before ending it with a moral for the children. 

Apart from this event, many other events were also organized by different Bharatiya communities. Bharatiya Mandir in Copenhagen organised Ravana Dahan, where a small effigy of Ravana was burnt to ashes. The Gujarati community played Garba at another event on September 27. The Bengalis organised Durga Puja on a grand scale. On October 4, the newly formed Telangana Association of Denmark also celebrated Dasara and Telangana state's biggest festival, Bathukamma.   -- Go Top 



The 1000th year of coronation of renowned King Rajendra I of the famous Chola Dynasty of Bharat is a matter of great pride and inspiration to all of us. Crowned in 10I4 CE, King Rajendra I had his rule extending not only from the banks of river Ganga to the whole of Southern Bharat but also up-to Sri Lanka, Lakshadweep, Maldives, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. By virtue of his well managed administration and a well organized military, trade, commerce, art, culture, architecture and sculpture flourished under his reign in this entire region.

Literature and pursuit of knowledge also flourished in his times and several books and volumes were written, both in Sanskrit and Tamil. During his rule, several grand temples and Stupas were constructed in Bharat, Sri Lanka and South East Asia which stand testimony to our living cultural heritage. It is testified from his Charter comprising 21 Copper Inscriptions with his royal insignia written in both Sanskrit and Tamil and paying obeisance at the very beginning to Lord Vishnu which are kept by Leiden University of Netherlands.

At the time of Mahmud Ghazni's attack on our north-western frontier and the turmoil of Euro-Arab conflict, King Rajendra I provided stable rule to ensure peace, prosperity and unhindered trade in the entire South East Asian Region to Bharatiyas, especially Tamil traders and their trade associations. He also established diplomatic Mission in China to promote trade.

He also set up a University for study of Vedas and other disciplines at Ennayirum. Besides ensuring political stability, in order to promote cultural unity and emotional integrity he sent his General Aryan Rajrajan to bring holy water of Ganga, ceremonially received it, mixed it with Kaveri waters and built a grand lake due to which he came to be known as  Gangai Konda Cholan  [i.e. Chola who brought Ganga].

Remembering such glorious period of our history will be inspirational to the people in the work for national resurgence. All the people of Bharat including Swyamasevaks are called upon to remind Bharat and the world about the achievement of the Chola king Rajendra for providing benign rule with all round progress in such a vast area and to ensure their support as well as participation in all the events related to this incidence.

(Statement by RSS sarkaryavaha Bhayya ji Joshi on the eve of meeting of  ABKM at Lucknow )  -- Go Top


7. DUBAI-BASED BHARATIYA-ORIGIN EYE SURGEON HONOURED IN LONDON: Dr. Vinod Gauba, Dubai-based Bharatiya-origin doctor has been conferred the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman for his contributions to healthcare. Dr. Gauba, 36, who has worked with the less fortunate and visually impaired, was presented with the award earlier this month by Baroness Verma at the House of Lords in London. He was awarded for his pioneering role in the field of ophthalmology.

 'Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman' is presented to 20 recipients selected from over 30 million Non-Resident Indians or people of Indian origin for exceptional achievements in various fields.

"With Dubai fast becoming the Middle Eastern healthcare hub, we are proud to possess a premier level of expertise and technology in the UAE, attracting patients not only from the region but from all across the globe," Gauba said. He is based at Dubai Healthcare City, a multi-specialty surgery centre for providing specialized eye care.  -- Go Top


8. STATE DEPARTMENT CELEBRATES DIWALI AS GLOBAL AFFAIR: Bharatiya tapestries, silver lamps, and traditional delicacies adorned the Benjamin Franklin State Dining Room as Secretary John Kerry inaugurated the U.S. Department of State's annual Diwali celebration. He lit a diya while a Hindu priest from the Sri Shiva Vishnu Temple (SSVT) of Maryland sang Vedic hymns amidst hundreds of well-wishers, including senior administration officials, Ambassadors, and community leaders. "As we celebrate Diwali this evening, we also hail the accomplishments of the many hundreds of thousands of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, and Jain Americans who live now all across our country in every community," said Secretary Kerry. "And we honor their faith and their traditions, and the indispensable contributions that they make every single day to our prosperity, to our freedom, and to our culture - to this new chapter of American history that they are helping to write." Kerry was joined on stage by Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, Ambassador of Bharat, who highlighted the joyous festivities taking place around the world.

On 20th October 2014, Prime Minister David Cameron warmly welcomed British Hindu community leaders and sevaks to his residence at 10 Downing Street, with the blessing "Shubh Diwali".  At the annual Downing Street Diwali celebration, he spoke of the valuable contribution of the British Hindu community to British life, in terms of the four purusharthas (human purposes) and he spoke of the vital contribution that the Hindu philosophy of reverence for Light, encapsulated in the Diwali celebrations, had for all people of all faiths and he wished the British Hindu community prosperity and happiness.  -- Go Top


9.  BHARAT TO BUILD 1800-KM HIGHWAY ALONG CHINA BORDER IN ARUNACHAL: To counter China, Bharat is all set to embark on an ambitious road project along the McMahon Line in Arunachal Pradesh. The proposed Indo-China frontier highway  will run parallel along the China border and will be 1,800 km long.

The proposed highway will pass through Tawang, East Kameng, Upper Subansiri, West Siang, Upper Siang, Dibang Valley, Hawai and Vijaynagar in the bordering areas. The Government has already relaxed environmental clearances for border area projects. " The construction of the road will be a huge challenge considering the rough and hostile terrain, mostly snow-fed, through which it would pass, and will be the biggest single infrastructure project in the history of Bharat with an estimated cost of over Rs 40,000 crore," Rijiju said in Itanagar.  -- Go Top


10.  BHARAT IGNORES CHINA'S FROWN, OFFERS DEFENCE BOOST TO VIETNAM: Bharat took a decisive step towards countering China's assertive poweron 28th October by committing to help Vietnam's defence modernization, a move that will resonate unpleasantly in Beijing.

After his meeting with visiting Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, Bharatiya PM Narendra Modi said , "Our defence cooperation with Vietnam is among our most important ones. India  remains committed to the modernization of Vietnam's defence and security forces. This will include expansion of our training programme, which is already very substantial, joint-exercises and cooperation in defence equipment. We will quickly operationalise the $100 million line of credit that will enable Vietnam acquire new naval vessels from India."

For the first time, Bharat sent clear signals that it may be willing to sell the Brahmos short range cruise missiles to Vietnam, a long-standing demand by Hanoi. The previous Bharatiya government was a little hesitant, citing reservations by Russia (which is a co-developer).  -- Go Top


11. MASSIVE RELIEF AND RESCUE OPERATION BY SWAYAMSEVAKS IN CYCLONE HIT AP: The cyclone Hudhud severely hit three districts of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam. Although, the north-east monsoon affects every year the coastal areas of Bay of Bengal during October-November, this year the devastation is huge. Visakhapatnam is the worst hit city.

RSS swayamsevaks started relief and rescue operation on October 12 itself by cutting the trees fallen across the streets and clearing the garbage to facilitate the movement of people and the vehicles. RSS with its several associated organisations like Jana Samkshema Samithi, Sewa Bharati, ABVP, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bharatiya Vidya Kendram Educational institutions, etc, plunged into service activities from the moment they could came out of their houses.

BVK College became the centre of activity for receiving the material and disbursing to several destinations. Nearly 1,000 volunteers were engaged in the 24 hours run activity. More than one lakh water packets, 25,000 milk packets, several packets of food, bread and biscuits had been distributed in nearly 50 localities far and near in the city. Similar supplies were sent to villages of the district including the coastal fishermen villages. Several dignitaries like Minister Shri Ravella Kishore Babu, Shri Manikyala Rao, Sri Vishnu Kumar Raju MLA, Dr K Hari Babu MP, RDO and others visited the affected areas.   -- Go Top     


12.  RSS VOLUNTEERS CLEAN MOSQUE IN CYCLONE AFFECTED VISAKHAPATNAM: Volunteers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) cleaned mosques in Visakhapatnam, after cyclone Hudhud left behind a trail of destruction when it hit the region last week.

Coordinator of Visakhapatnam region of RSS, Ram Bahadur, said that the political leaders in the country had created a wrong perception that RSS is against Muslims and Christians.

The volunteers were seen using electric saws to cut trees that were fallen inside the mosque complex. They were also cleaning the floors and removing broken glasses that were scattered everywhere. A volunteer of RSS, Kurmit Kaur, said they were merely being human.  -- Go Top


13.  WIDOWS PERFORM LAKSHMI PUJA AT KUDROLI TEMPLE: A large number of widows were allowed on 22nd October to perform Lakshmi Pooja (workship) on the occasion of Deepavali in the Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple – established in the city by social reformer Narayana Guru and renovated by Senior Congress Leader B. Janardhana Poojary. Allowing widows to do the pooja is among a string of measures taken by the temple aimed at social reformation. The temple has, earlier appointed widows, a couple of them from Dalit communities, as priests.

Around 2,000 widows from Mangalore and other parts of the state participated in the programme. They were brought into the temple in a procession accompanied by beating of drums and other musical instruments.

Indira, Lakshmi and Chandravati, the three priests at the temple, performed Lakshmi Pooja that was witnessed by the large number of widows gathered in the temple. After the pooja, widows were allowed to perform 'Aarati'. The women priests sat along with idols of presiding deity on the silver chariot that was taken around sanctum sactorum by these women three times.

This is not the first time widows have been involved in the rituals. The temple believes in "One caste one religion one god" philosophy advocated by Narayana Guru. Three years ago a large number of widows performed Chandika Homa and poojas of Nava Durga idols during the Navaratri.  -- Go Top


14. BHAGINI NIVEDITA SEWA NYAS DONATES RICKSHAWS TO PAK HINDUS: Bhagini Nivedita Sewa Nyas Delhi, on 11th October provided cycle rickshaws and other basic necessary things to the Hindus who came from Pakistan. Apart from it, 25 families who came recently from Pakistan were provided with various household things like clothes, mattress, etc. Speaking on the occasion, general secretary of the Nyas Shri Mahavir Prasad Gupta assured the Hindus coming from Pakistan every possible help till they are granted citizenship in Bharat. He also applauded the support of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bharat Vikas Parishad and many other organisations which have been helping the Nyas in this endeavour.  -- Go Top


15.   MALAYSIAN HINDUS CALL TO SAVE CENTURY-OLD VIVEKANANDA ASHRAM: An organization of Hindus in Malaysia Hindraf recently urged the National Heritage Department of Malaysian Government to take immediate steps to protect the Swami Vivekananda Ashram at Jalan Tun Sambanthan, in Brickfields.

The century-old ashram has been earmarked for major redevelopment that will see a 23-storey residential tower with 264 units and an eight-storey car park built at the site. "Hindraf strongly urge the National Heritage Department steps in to object on the proposed development to protect and preserve this cultural heritage as part of the rich Malaysian heritage," said its chief P. Waytha Moorthy.

The statue and the ashram were built by the Jaffna Tamil immigrants in 1904 in honour of Swami Vivekananda, who visited Malaya in 1893.  -- Go Top


16. BHARATIYA ARMY'S EASTERN COMMAND TURNS 94: Army's biggest operational command - the Eastern Command - responsible for military operations along the international borders with Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Nepal, turned 94 on 31st Oct.

The Eastern Command will continue to strive for "unparalleled professional competence to ensure the highest standards of operational readiness", Lt. Gen. M.M.S. Rai, general officer commanding-in-chief, said on the occasion at its headquarters at Fort William Kolkata.

The Eastern Command was formed Nov 1, 1920, with its summer headquarters in Nainital and winter headquarters in Lucknow. The command was designated as Eastern Army in April 1942, and its headquarters moved to Barrackpore. The Eastern Command theatre consists of three distinct geographical regions - the mountainous sectors of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh in the north, the jungle-clad hill tracts of Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya in the east and the south, and the plains of Assam and Bengal.

Field Marshal S.H.F.J. Manekshaw, who led the Bharatiya Army to victory in 1971 was one of Eastern Command's illustrious commanders. Besides the current army chief, Gen. Dalbir Singh and his predecessors Gen. Bikram Singh and Gen. V.K. Singh, others who have headed the Eastern Command are Gen. P.P. Kumaramanglam, Gen. A.S. Vaidya Gen. V.N. Sharma, all of whom rose to army chief.  -- Go Top


17. NATIONWIDE BLOOD DONATION CAMP OF VHP: 1 LAKH UNITS COLLECTED: In an overwhelming response to nationwide blood donation camp of VHP on 2nd November , thousands of youth donated blood across Bharat, crossing a collection of a total of 100,000 units of blood across the nation. The blood donation drive was organised by VHP and its youth wing Bajarangadal to commemorate the Golden Jubilee year of Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

VHP Chief Dr Pravin Togadia inaugurated VHP blood donation drive at Karolbagh of New Delhi. 'In Karnataka 62 blood donation camps were held in which nearly 6000 units of blood collected', said VHP leader Gopal Nagarakatte.  -- Go Top


18. BHARATIYA COP WINS UN'S   FEMALE PEACEKEEPER AWARD: A Bharatiya police inspector has been named recipient of a prestigious international female peacekeeper award by the UN's police division for her "exceptional achievements" in her duty with the UN mission in Afghanistan.  

Inspector Shakti Devi of the Jammu & Kashmir Police, currently deployed in the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), has been awarded the International Female Police Peacekeeper Award 2014. 

Devi has been honoured for her "exceptional achievements" in leading the establishment of Women Police Councils in several parts of Afghanistan. She has also contributed to the improvement of the status of female police and has effectively helped the police of Afghanistan move towards achieving their goals of fully adopting democratic principles of policing. 

The award was delivered during the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) conference held earlier this month in Winnipeg, Canada.  -- Go Top


19.  BHARAT - BORN SCIENTIST AWARDED WORLD FOOD PRIZE:  Bharat -born Mexican scientist Sanjaya Rajaram has been presented with the prestigious World Food Prize 2014 for his agricultural research that led to a remarkable increase in world wheat production building on the successes of the Green Revolution. "It is a collective achievement, rather than that of a single person," Rajaram told while accepting the award at the Iowa State University in USA. The award "honours the innovative spirit of farmers", he said adding that "without their contributions, my research wouldn't have been possible".

By crossing winter and spring wheat varieties -- which were distinct gene pools that had been isolated from one another for hundreds of years -- he created wheat varieties that are disease- and stress-resistant and adaptable to diverse geographical regions and climates. In 2007, Norman Borlaug called Rajaram "the greatest present-day wheat scientist in the world". Borlaug is known as the father of the Green Revolution.  -- Go Top


20.  SHRI VISHWA NIKETAN: Pravas: Shri Ravikumar, sah samyojak Vishwa Vibhag, is on a tour to Australia. Shyam Parande, secretary Sewa International is on a short tour to Mauritius. Shri Saumitra Gokhale, samyojak Vishwa Vibhag, Dr. Ram Vaidya, sah samyojak & Ravikumar would reach Bharat on the occasion of World Hindu Congress in November. Visitors: Vikram Sharma – USANicola Brown – UK  -- Go Top


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Sandalwood perfumes even the axe that hurls it down! The more we rub sandalwood against a stone, the more its fragrance spreads. Burn it, and it wafts its glory through the entire neighbourhood. Such is the enchanting beauty of forgiveness in life. – Swami Chinmayananda  -- Go Top




Asim Kumar Mitra

I just cannot remember the day. But I can definitely recall that on that day Eknathji (Shri Eknath Ranade) was coming to Kolkata from Chennai by a morning flight. I went to the airport to receive him. We were heading towards Vivekananda Kendra Karyalaya. All of a sudden Eknathji asked me, "What do you think? What should I do now?"

So sudden was the question, I was taken aback. If a giant personality like Eknathji asks such a question to a most junior worker like me what should I say? I had no answer for a moment. Then I thought when Eknathji was assigned the work of Vivekananda Memorial, he was Sarkaryavah of RSS and as a Sangh swayamsevak we have been missing him. So much so, the time before the country (1971 or 1972) was also bad so I said we hardly can afford to miss you any more from the Sangh work.

It was my honest and spontaneous reply. As a seasoned 'karyakarta', Eknathji immediately read my mind and started explaining the situation. By that time the first phase of the work of Vivekananda Memorial work was over and the then President of India VV Giri had inaugurated the grand memorial of Swami Vivekananda. In a way, the job assigned by Shri Guruji to Eknathi was successfully done. Now, puting forward a question to one and all of his acquaintances was obvious. What is the purpose of setting up of a temple? Should it not become a centre of activities to fulfill the ideal of 'Serve people, serve God'?

Answer was there in the question itself. But a junior person like me failed to understand that. Because my mind was swayed by the idea that RSS is doing this job. The idea of comprehensive upliftment of the society is

          (Game) The DollCollector - ENG - UNCEN   

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          SECURE YOUR LOAD   

You especially don’t want anything “falling” onto a cop car. Video: Secure your load.

The post SECURE YOUR LOAD appeared first on The New WARM 106.9.

          SF - Phil & James   

Release Year: 2013
Studio: StraightFellas
Cast: Phil & James
Genres: Gay,Anal,Oral,Hardcore,Cumshot,Kisisng,Rimming

New guy 23 year old Phil is back with 26 year old James. This is the first time Phil has ever sucked a cock and I have to say he does a pretty nice job, James seems to have what I'd call a unique style, but we don't expect them to be good at it, we just expect that they do what there told I particularly love seeing James cop a face full of jizz and then run to the bathroom as fast as he can to wash it off (Note: listen to what James says at the end of the video) Phil cops a great load on his face and happy sucks what's left out of James's cock and then whilst covered in Jizz Phil proceeds to shoot his hot man goo all over James.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:26
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1958kbps
Audio: 123kbps

File size: 634.9 MB

          #2815: rtmp stream plays badly   

(Using the stream from ticket #2814, this one may be a duplicate of that ticket that I fail to completely understand and several h264 timestamp-related tickets.) A user provided a stream that I cannot transcode with ffmpeg (the output file is always unplayable). The following commands work at least sometimes and to some degree (the audio file always looks fine):

$ ffmpeg -i rtmp:// out.ac3
$ ffplay rtmp://
$ ffmpeg -i rtmp:// -vcodec copy -vbsf h264_mp4toannexb -acodec aac -strict -2 out.ts

Remuxing causes many "Non-monotonous DTS in output stream ... This may result in incorrect timestamps in the output file" messages, ffmpeg cannot transcode out.ts, mplayer mostly fails to play it but ffplay and vlc play it in-sync. Trying to transcode the original rtmp stream never produces a playable output file:

$ time ffmpeg -i rtmp:// -qscale 2 out.avi
ffmpeg version N-54992-g63c0113 Copyright (c) 2000-2013 the FFmpeg developers
  built on Jul 28 2013 11:33:00 with gcc 4.7 (SUSE Linux)
  configuration: --enable-gpl --disable-indev=jack
  libavutil      52. 40.100 / 52. 40.100
  libavcodec     55. 19.100 / 55. 19.100
  libavformat    55. 12.102 / 55. 12.102
  libavdevice    55.  3.100 / 55.  3.100
  libavfilter     3. 81.103 /  3. 81.103
  libswscale      2.  4.100 /  2.  4.100
  libswresample   0. 17.103 /  0. 17.103
  libpostproc    52.  3.100 / 52.  3.100
Input #0, flv, from 'rtmp://':
    author          :
    copyright       :
    description     :
    keywords        :
    rating          :
    title           :
    presetname      : Custom
    creationdate    : Mon May 06 07:59:58 2013
    videodevice     : Matrox Video Capture Device
    avclevel        : 21
    avcprofile      : 77
    videokeyframe_frequency: 5
    audiodevice     : Realtek HD Audio Input
    audiochannels   : 1
    audioinputvolume: 75
  Duration: N/A, start: 0.002000, bitrate: 305 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Video: h264 (Main), yuv420p, 352x282 [SAR 1:1 DAR 176:141], 256 kb/s, 12.50 tbr, 1k tbn, 50 tbc
    Stream #0:1: Audio: mp3, 22050 Hz, mono, s16p, 49 kb/s
Please use -q:a or -q:v, -qscale is ambiguous
Output #0, avi, to 'out.avi':
    author          :
    ICOP            :
    description     :
    keywords        :
    rating          :
    INAM            :
    presetname      : Custom
    creationdate    : Mon May 06 07:59:58 2013
    videodevice     : Matrox Video Capture Device
    avclevel        : 21
    avcprofile      : 77
    videokeyframe_frequency: 5
    audiodevice     : Realtek HD Audio Input
    audiochannels   : 1
    audioinputvolume: 75
    ISFT            : Lavf55.12.102
    Stream #0:0: Video: mpeg4 (FMP4 / 0x34504D46), yuv420p, 352x282 [SAR 1:1 DAR 176:141], q=2-31, 200 kb/s, 12.50 tbn, 12.50 tbc
    Stream #0:1: Audio: ac3 ([0] [0][0] / 0x2000), 22050 Hz, mono, fltp, 96 kb/s
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (h264 -> mpeg4)
  Stream #0:1 -> #0:1 (mp3 -> ac3)
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
[avi @ 0x371a5c0] Too large number of skipped frames 62120 > 60000=   1.2kbits/s dup=0 drop=1617
frame=   19 fps=0.3 q=2.0 Lsize=     769kB time=01:24:50.72 bitrate=   1.2kbits/s dup=0 drop=1619
video:419kB audio:739kB subtitle:0 global headers:0kB muxing overhead -33.579669%
real    1m6.563s
user    0m2.029s
sys     0m0.081s

          #5387: Artefacts decoding svq3   

The sample in shows artefacts after 13 seconds with FFmpeg, no artefacts with the binary decoder.

$ ffmpeg -nostats -i -qscale 2 out.avi
ffmpeg version N-79158-gd5a3578 Copyright (c) 2000-2016 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 4.7 (SUSE Linux)
  configuration: --enable-gpl
  libavutil      55. 19.100 / 55. 19.100
  libavcodec     57. 32.100 / 57. 32.100
  libavformat    57. 29.101 / 57. 29.101
  libavdevice    57.  0.101 / 57.  0.101
  libavfilter     6. 40.102 /  6. 40.102
  libswscale      4.  0.100 /  4.  0.100
  libswresample   2.  0.101 /  2.  0.101
  libpostproc    54.  0.100 / 54.  0.100
[mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 0x372f3e0] multiple edit list entries, a/v desync might occur, patch welcome
Guessed Channel Layout for  Input Stream #0.1 : stereo
Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from '':
    creation_time   : 2003-09-26 07:47:55
    artist          :
    artist-eng      :
    copyright       : GameSpy Industries
    copyright-eng   : GameSpy Industries
  Duration: 00:01:03.13, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 4042 kb/s
    Stream #0:0(eng): Video: svq3 (SVQ3 / 0x33515653), yuvj420p(pc), 640x480, 3667 kb/s, 29.97 fps, 29.97 tbr, 2997 tbn, 2997 tbc (default)
      creation_time   : 2003-09-26 07:47:55
      handler_name    : Apple Alias Data Handler
      encoder         : Sorenson Video 3
    Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: adpcm_ima_qt (ima4 / 0x34616D69), 44100 Hz, 2 channels, s16p, 352 kb/s (default)
      creation_time   : 2003-09-26 07:47:55
      handler_name    : Apple Alias Data Handler
    Stream #0:2(eng): Data: none, 1 kb/s (default)
      creation_time   : 2003-09-26 07:47:55
      handler_name    : Apple Alias Data Handler
Please use -q:a or -q:v, -qscale is ambiguous
[swscaler @ 0x3768100] deprecated pixel format used, make sure you did set range correctly
Output #0, avi, to 'out.avi':
    copyright-eng   : GameSpy Industries
    IART            :
    artist-eng      :
    ICOP            : GameSpy Industries
    ISFT            : Lavf57.29.101
    Stream #0:0(eng): Video: mpeg4 (FMP4 / 0x34504D46), yuv420p, 640x480, q=2-31, 200 kb/s, 29.97 fps, 29.97 tbn, 29.97 tbc (default)
      creation_time   : 2003-09-26 07:47:55
      handler_name    : Apple Alias Data Handler
      encoder         : Lavc57.32.100 mpeg4
    Side data:
      cpb: bitrate max/min/avg: 0/0/200000 buffer size: 0 vbv_delay: -1
    Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: ac3 ([0] [0][0] / 0x2000), 44100 Hz, stereo, fltp, 192 kb/s (default)
      creation_time   : 2003-09-26 07:47:55
      handler_name    : Apple Alias Data Handler
      encoder         : Lavc57.32.100 ac3
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (svq3 (native) -> mpeg4 (native))
  Stream #0:1 -> #0:1 (adpcm_ima_qt (native) -> ac3 (native))
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
Multiple frames in a packet from stream 1
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] top block unavailable for requested intra mode at 1 0
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] ff_h264_check_intra_pred_mode < 0
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] error while decoding MB 1 0
Error while decoding stream #0:0: Operation not permitted
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] error while decoding chroma dc block
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] error while decoding MB 0 0
Error while decoding stream #0:0: Operation not permitted
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] error while decoding chroma dc block
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] error while decoding MB 0 0
Error while decoding stream #0:0: Operation not permitted
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] top block unavailable for requested intra mode at 1 0
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] ff_h264_check_intra_pred_mode < 0
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] error while decoding MB 1 0
Error while decoding stream #0:0: Operation not permitted
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] luma prediction:184
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] error while decoding MB 1 0
Error while decoding stream #0:0: Operation not permitted
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] top block unavailable for requested intra mode at 1 0
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] ff_h264_check_intra_pred_mode < 0
[svq3 @ 0x374b540] error while decoding MB 1 0
Error while decoding stream #0:0: Operation not permitted
frame= 1884 fps=329 q=2.0 Lsize=   50455kB time=00:01:03.16 bitrate=6543.9kbits/s speed=  11x
video:48880kB audio:1478kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead: 0.193616%

          #6230: rv20: error messages with "Enable Loss Protection"-encoded file   

"g2svt_loss_protection.rm" file was encoded with enabled "Enable Loss Protection" option in encoder

"Protects against packet loss by adding error correction codes and more keyframes to the video stream when possible"

I attached also rv30 file (with loss protection enabled) which decodes without any errors messages

this ticket is either about fixing decoding of attached rv20 file (didn't check the output with binary decoder) or just about removing console spam

C:\>ffmpeg -i C:\g2svt_loss_protection.rm out.avi
ffmpeg version 3.2.git Copyright (c) 2000-2017 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 4.6.2 (GCC)
  configuration: --disable-ffprobe --disable-pthreads --enable-gpl
  libavutil      55. 48.100 / 55. 48.100
  libavcodec     57. 83.100 / 57. 83.100
  libavformat    57. 66.104 / 57. 66.104
  libavdevice    57.  3.100 / 57.  3.100
  libavfilter     6. 74.100 /  6. 74.100
  libswscale      4.  3.101 /  4.  3.101
  libswresample   2.  4.100 /  2.  4.100
  libpostproc    54.  2.100 / 54.  2.100
[rm @ 02383d40] Invalid stream index 2 for index at pos 185120
[cook @ 0238d260] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulat
[rv20 @ 02718120] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulat
Input #0, rm, from 'C:\g2svt_loss_protection.rm':
    Target Audiences: 512K DSL/Cable Modem (450 Kbps);
    Audio Format    : Voice Only
    Video Quality   : Smoothest Motion Video
    Creation Date   : 3/12/2017 1:14:58
    Modification Date: 3/12/2017 1:14:58
    Generated By    : RealMedia Build Engine Windows
    File ID         : a3a2326f-7485-44de-66ea-b1dbd07e92bf
    title           :
    author          :
    copyright       :
    comment         :
  Duration: 00:00:03.71, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 398 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Audio: cook (cook / 0x6B6F6F63), 44100 Hz, mono, fltp, 64 kb/s
    Stream #0:1: Video: rv20 (RV20 / 0x30325652), yuv420p, 720x480, 385 kb/s, 30
 fps, 30 tbr, 1k tbn, 1k tbc
[cook @ 02729bc0] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulat
[rv20 @ 027293a0] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulat
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:1 -> #0:0 (rv20 (native) -> mpeg4 (native))
  Stream #0:0 -> #0:1 (cook (native) -> ac3 (native))
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
[ac3 @ 027c3880] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulati
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
[mpeg4 @ 02746880] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emula
Output #0, avi, to 'out.avi':
    Target Audiences: 512K DSL/Cable Modem (450 Kbps);
    Audio Format    : Voice Only
    Video Quality   : Smoothest Motion Video
    Creation Date   : 3/12/2017 1:14:58
    Modification Date: 3/12/2017 1:14:58
    Generated By    : RealMedia Build Engine Windows
    File ID         : a3a2326f-7485-44de-66ea-b1dbd07e92bf
    INAM            :
    author          :
    ICOP            :
    ICMT            :
    ISFT            : Lavf57.66.104
    Stream #0:0: Video: mpeg4 (FMP4 / 0x34504D46), yuv420p, 360x480 [SAR 2:1 DAR
 3:2], q=2-31, 200 kb/s, 30 fps, 30 tbn, 30 tbc
      encoder         : Lavc57.83.100 mpeg4
    Side data:
      cpb: bitrate max/min/avg: 0/0/200000 buffer size: 0 vbv_delay: -1
    Stream #0:1: Audio: ac3 ([0] [0][0] / 0x2000), 44100 Hz, mono, fltp, 96 kb/s
      encoder         : Lavc57.83.100 ac3
Past duration 0.929985 too large
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
Past duration 0.929985 too large
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
Past duration 0.939995 too large
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
Past duration 0.949989 too large
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
Past duration 0.929985 too large
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
Past duration 0.939995 too large
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
Past duration 0.949989 too large
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
Past duration 0.929985 too large
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
Past duration 0.939995 too large
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
Past duration 0.949989 too large
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
Past duration 0.929985 too large
Past duration 0.969994 too large
[rv20 @ 027293a0] reserved bit set
[rv20 @ 027293a0] HEADER ERROR
Error while decoding stream #0:1: Invalid data found when processing input
Past duration 0.959999 too large
frame=   29 fps=0.0 q=14.3 Lsize=     142kB time=00:00:03.72 bitrate= 311.3kbits
/s dup=0 drop=13 speed=23.9x
video:85kB audio:43kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing o
verhead: 10.656056%

          #4755: Output file longer than source   

Summary of the bug: mp3 created from rm file is longer than the original. How to reproduce:

% ffmpeg -i 001.rm -b:a 16k 001.mp3
ffmpeg version N-73648-g90dd6ad Copyright (c) 2000-2015 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 4.9.2 (GCC)
  configuration: --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --disable-w32threads --enable-av
isynth --enable-bzlib --enable-fontconfig --enable-frei0r --enable-gnutls --enab
le-iconv --enable-libass --enable-libbluray --enable-libbs2b --enable-libcaca --
enable-libdcadec --enable-libfreetype --enable-libgme --enable-libgsm --enable-l
ibilbc --enable-libmodplug --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libopencore-amrnb --enab
le-libopencore-amrwb --enable-libopenjpeg --enable-libopus --enable-librtmp --en
able-libschroedinger --enable-libsoxr --enable-libspeex --enable-libtheora --ena
ble-libtwolame --enable-libvidstab --enable-libvo-aacenc --enable-libvo-amrwbenc
 --enable-libvorbis --enable-libvpx --enable-libwavpack --enable-libwebp --enabl
e-libx264 --enable-libx265 --enable-libxavs --enable-libxvid --enable-lzma --ena
ble-decklink --enable-zlib
  libavutil      54. 28.100 / 54. 28.100
  libavcodec     56. 48.100 / 56. 48.100
  libavformat    56. 40.100 / 56. 40.100
  libavdevice    56.  4.100 / 56.  4.100
  libavfilter     5. 21.100 /  5. 21.100
  libswscale      3.  1.101 /  3.  1.101
  libswresample   1.  2.100 /  1.  2.100
  libpostproc    53.  3.100 / 53.  3.100
Input #0, rm, from '001.rm':
    title           : ╟ط╘╤و╪ ╟ط├µط
    author          : ╟ط╘و╬ ع═ع╧ غ╟╒╤ ╟ط╧وغ ╟ط├ط╚╟غو
    copyright       :
    comment         : ╟ط╟═╧╟╦ ▌و ╟ط╧وغ µ╟ط╚╧┌╔ - µ╟ط╙غ╔ µ╟╩╚╟┌ ╙غ╔ ╟ط╤╙µط µف╧ه ╟
ط╙ط▌ ة ═▀ع ط╚╙ ╟ط╬ع╟╤ ▌و ╟طµ▐╩ ╟ط═╟طو ة µ═▀ع ╩█╪و╔ ╟طµ╠ف µ╟ط▀▌وغ ة ═▀ع ط╚╙ ╟ط┼و╘
╤╚ ة ط╚╙ ╟ط▀┌╚ ╟ط┌╟طو ة فط و╠µ╥ ╙╚ ╟ط▀╟▌╤ ة ╘╤═ ط╟ وع╙ف ┼ط╟ ╟طع╪ف╤µغ ة µ═▀ع ╟╬╨
╟طع╒═▌ ط╚ط╟╧ ╟ط▀▌╤ ة ═▀ع غ╩▌ ╟ط═╟╠╚و
  Duration: 01:02:27.01, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 16 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Audio: sipr (sipr / 0x72706973), 16000 Hz, mono, flt, 16 kb/s
Output #0, mp3, to '001.mp3':
    TIT2            : ╟ط╘╤و╪ ╟ط├µط
    author          : ╟ط╘و╬ ع═ع╧ غ╟╒╤ ╟ط╧وغ ╟ط├ط╚╟غو
    TCOP            :
    comment         : ╟ط╟═╧╟╦ ▌و ╟ط╧وغ µ╟ط╚╧┌╔ - µ╟ط╙غ╔ µ╟╩╚╟┌ ╙غ╔ ╟ط╤╙µط µف╧ه ╟
ط╙ط▌ ة ═▀ع ط╚╙ ╟ط╬ع╟╤ ▌و ╟طµ▐╩ ╟ط═╟طو ة µ═▀ع ╩█╪و╔ ╟طµ╠ف µ╟ط▀▌وغ ة ═▀ع ط╚╙ ╟ط┼و╘
╤╚ ة ط╚╙ ╟ط▀┌╚ ╟ط┌╟طو ة فط و╠µ╥ ╙╚ ╟ط▀╟▌╤ ة ╘╤═ ط╟ وع╙ف ┼ط╟ ╟طع╪ف╤µغ ة µ═▀ع ╟╬╨
╟طع╒═▌ ط╚ط╟╧ ╟ط▀▌╤ ة ═▀ع غ╩▌ ╟ط═╟╠╚و
    TSSE            : Lavf56.40.100
    Stream #0:0: Audio: mp3 (libmp3lame), 16000 Hz, mono, fltp, 16 kb/s
      encoder         : Lavc56.48.100 libmp3lame
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (sipr (native) -> mp3 (libmp3lame))
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
001.rm: Input/output error:53.46 bitrate=  16.0kbits/s
size=    7336kB time=01:02:27.00 bitrate=  16.0kbits/s
video:0kB audio:7335kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing
overhead: 0.007988%

the output file shows duration of

% ffmpeg.exe-i 001.mp3
ffmpeg version N-73648-g90dd6ad Copyright (c) 2000-2015 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 4.9.2 (GCC)
  configuration: --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --disable-w32threads --enable-av
isynth --enable-bzlib --enable-fontconfig --enable-frei0r --enable-gnutls --enab
le-iconv --enable-libass --enable-libbluray --enable-libbs2b --enable-libcaca --
enable-libdcadec --enable-libfreetype --enable-libgme --enable-libgsm --enable-l
ibilbc --enable-libmodplug --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libopencore-amrnb --enab
le-libopencore-amrwb --enable-libopenjpeg --enable-libopus --enable-librtmp --en
able-libschroedinger --enable-libsoxr --enable-libspeex --enable-libtheora --ena
ble-libtwolame --enable-libvidstab --enable-libvo-aacenc --enable-libvo-amrwbenc
 --enable-libvorbis --enable-libvpx --enable-libwavpack --enable-libwebp --enabl
e-libx264 --enable-libx265 --enable-libxavs --enable-libxvid --enable-lzma --ena
ble-decklink --enable-zlib
  libavutil      54. 28.100 / 54. 28.100
  libavcodec     56. 48.100 / 56. 48.100
  libavformat    56. 40.100 / 56. 40.100
  libavdevice    56.  4.100 / 56.  4.100
  libavfilter     5. 21.100 /  5. 21.100
  libswscale      3.  1.101 /  3.  1.101
  libswresample   1.  2.100 /  1.  2.100
  libpostproc    53.  3.100 / 53.  3.100
[mp3 @ 0437c920] Skipping 0 bytes of junk at 600.
Input #0, mp3, from '001.mp3':
    title           : ╟ط╘╤و╪ ╟ط├µط
    author          : ╟ط╘و╬ ع═ع╧ غ╟╒╤ ╟ط╧وغ ╟ط├ط╚╟غو
    copyright       :
    comment         : ╟ط╟═╧╟╦ ▌و ╟ط╧وغ µ╟ط╚╧┌╔ - µ╟ط╙غ╔ µ╟╩╚╟┌ ╙غ╔ ╟ط╤╙µط µف╧ه ╟
ط╙ط▌ ة ═▀ع ط╚╙ ╟ط╬ع╟╤ ▌و ╟طµ▐╩ ╟ط═╟طو ة µ═▀ع ╩█╪و╔ ╟طµ╠ف µ╟ط▀▌وغ ة ═▀ع ط╚╙ ╟ط┼و╘
╤╚ ة ط╚╙ ╟ط▀┌╚ ╟ط┌╟طو ة فط و╠µ╥ ╙╚ ╟ط▀╟▌╤ ة ╘╤═ ط╟ وع╙ف ┼ط╟ ╟طع╪ف╤µغ ة µ═▀ع ╟╬╨
╟طع╒═▌ ط╚ط╟╧ ╟ط▀▌╤ ة ═▀ع غ╩▌ ╟ط═╟╠╚و
    encoder         : Lavf56.40.100
  Duration: 01:02:35.59, start: 0.069063, bitrate: 16 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Audio: mp3, 16000 Hz, mono, s16p, 16 kb/s
At least one output file must be specified

original: 01:02:27.01 output: 01:02:35.59

files are at:

this is affecting seek since i got two different points in the file.

          #244: rm muxer fails with frames larger than 64k byte   

pbm file:

When I convert "bikerace.pbm" file to rv10

ffmpeg -i C:\bikerace.pbm -vcodec rv10 out.rm

everything works ok, but when I try to decode it I get error:

C:\>ffmpeg -i out.rm out.avi
ffmpeg version git-N-30155-g01a73d6, Copyright (c) 2000-2011 the FFmpeg develope
  built on May 23 2011 03:43:18 with gcc 4.5.3
  configuration: --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-memalign-hack --enable-
runtime-cpudetect --enable-avisynth --enable-bzlib --enable-frei0r --enable-libo
pencore-amrnb --enable-libopencore-amrwb --enable-libfreetype --enable-libgsm --
enable-libmp3lame --enable-libopenjpeg --enable-librtmp --enable-libschroedinger
 --enable-libspeex --enable-libtheora --enable-libvorbis --enable-libvpx --enabl
e-libx264 --enable-libxavs --enable-libxvid --enable-zlib --pkg-config=pkg-confi
  libavutil    51.  2. 1 / 51.  2. 1
  libavcodec   53.  6. 0 / 53.  6. 0
  libavformat  53.  2. 0 / 53.  2. 0
  libavdevice  53.  0. 0 / 53.  0. 0
  libavfilter   2. 10. 0 /  2. 10. 0
  libswscale    0. 14. 0 /  0. 14. 0
  libpostproc  51.  2. 0 / 51.  2. 0
Input #0, rm, from 'out.rm':
    title           :
    author          :
    copyright       :
    comment         :
  Duration: 00:00:00.04, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 33538 kb/s
    Stream #0.0: Video: rv10, yuv420p, 550x423, 200 kb/s, 25 tbr, 1k tbn, 25 tbc
[buffer @ 01DE1620] w:550 h:423 pixfmt:yuv420p tb:1/1000000 sar:0/1 sws_param:
Output #0, avi, to 'out.avi':
    INAM            :
    author          :
    ICOP            :
    ICMT            :
    ISFT            : Lavf53.2.0
    Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 550x423, q=2-31, 200 kb/s, 25 tbn, 25 tb
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0.0 -> #0.0
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
[rv10 @ 02360780] illegal ac vlc code at 15x7
[rv10 @ 02360780] ERROR at MB 15 7
frame=    0 fps=  0 q=0.0 Lsize=       6kB time=10000000000.00 bitrate=   0.0kbi
video:0kB audio:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead 1.#INF00%

I think this is a bug in RV10 / RV20 encoder that it doesn't check which picture sizes are valid for this codec, so probably a check like for H263 codec should be added to these codecs as well (I don't know which picture sizes are valid for RV10 and RV10, but for example 320x240 resolution seems to work correctly, but for example is not allowed for h263).


    case CODEC_ID_H263:
        if (!CONFIG_H263_ENCODER)  return -1;
        if (ff_match_2uint16(h263_format, FF_ARRAY_ELEMS(h263_format), s->width, s->height) == 8) {
            av_log(avctx, AV_LOG_ERROR, "The specified picture size of %dx%d is not valid for the H.263 codec.\nValid sizes are 128x96, 176x144, 352x288, 704x576, and 1408x1152. Try H.263+.\n", s->width, s->height);
            return -1;
        s->out_format = FMT_H263;
        s->obmc= (avctx->flags & CODEC_FLAG_OBMC) ? 1:0;
    case CODEC_ID_RV10:
        s->out_format = FMT_H263;
    case CODEC_ID_RV20:
        s->out_format = FMT_H263;
        s->unrestricted_mv= 0;

          #1388: rv30 decoder does not completely support resolution changes   

(bug 299) I will attach a rv30 sample that continuously changes resolution between 354x288 and 256x208, plays fine with mplayer -vc rv3040. FFmpeg (and mplayer -vc ffrv30) mostly manages the first change from large to small (except that the first keyframe after the change is dropped), but ignores the changes from small to large, leading to massive corruption (and messages).

$ ffmpeg -i teenagelament_cut.ram -qscale 2 -t 16 out.avi
ffmpeg version N-41200-gaac41ec Copyright (c) 2000-2012 the FFmpeg developers
  built on Jun  1 2012 10:02:11 with gcc 4.3.2
  configuration: --cc=/usr/local/gcc-4.3.2/bin/gcc --enable-gpl --enable-libopenjpeg --enable-libvorbis --enable-libspeex --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libtheora --extra-ldflags=-lm --enable-libvpx --enable-libxavs
  libavutil      51. 55.100 / 51. 55.100
  libavcodec     54. 23.100 / 54. 23.100
  libavformat    54.  6.101 / 54.  6.101
  libavdevice    54.  0.100 / 54.  0.100
  libavfilter     2. 77.100 /  2. 77.100
  libswscale      2.  1.100 /  2.  1.100
  libswresample   0. 15.100 /  0. 15.100
  libpostproc    52.  0.100 / 52.  0.100
[rm @ 0x90113c0] Unsupported stream type 0000023e
Input #0, rm, from 'teenagelament_cut.ram':
    title           : Teenage Lament '74
    author          :
    copyright       : �2004
    comment         :
  Duration: 00:03:08.86, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 86 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Audio: cook (cook / 0x6B6F6F63), 44100 Hz, mono, flt, 32 kb/s
    Stream #0:1: Video: rv30 (RV30 / 0x30335652), yuv420p, 352x288, 117 kb/s, 25 fps, 25 tbr, 1k tbn, 1k tbc
    Stream #0:2: Data: none
Please use -q:a or -q:v, -qscale is ambiguous
[buffer @ 0x909b1c0] w:352 h:288 pixfmt:yuv420p tb:1/1000 sar:0/1 sws_param:flags=2
[buffersink @ 0x909b200] No opaque field provided
Output #0, avi, to 'out.avi':
    INAM            : Teenage Lament '74
    author          :
    ICOP            : �2004
    ICMT            :
    ISFT            : Lavf54.6.101
    Stream #0:0: Video: mpeg4 (FMP4 / 0x34504D46), yuv420p, 352x288, q=2-31, 200 kb/s, 25 tbn, 25 tbc
    Stream #0:1: Audio: mp3 (U[0][0][0] / 0x0055), 44100 Hz, mono, flt
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:1 -> #0:0 (rv30 -> mpeg4)
  Stream #0:0 -> #0:1 (cook -> libmp3lame)
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
Changing dimensions to 256x208=    1281kB time=00:00:07.76 bitrate=1352.7kbits/s
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] warning: first frame is no keyframe
Input stream #0:1 frame changed from size:352x288 fmt:yuv420p to size:256x208 fmt:yuv420p
[buffer @ 0x9097b00] w:256 h:208 pixfmt:yuv420p tb:1/1000 sar:0/1 sws_param:flags=2
[buffersink @ 0x90dd140] No opaque field provided
[scale @ 0x909ac60] w:256 h:208 fmt:yuv420p sar:0/1 -> w:352 h:288 fmt:yuv420p sar:0/1 flags:0x4
Incorrect intra prediction mode    2186kB time=00:00:12.40 bitrate=1444.1kbits/s
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] concealing 208 DC, 208 AC, 208 MV errors
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] Incorrect intra prediction mode
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] concealing 208 DC, 208 AC, 208 MV errors
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] Incorrect intra prediction mode
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] concealing 208 DC, 208 AC, 208 MV errors
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] Incorrect intra prediction mode
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] concealing 208 DC, 208 AC, 208 MV errors
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] Incorrect intra prediction mode
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] concealing 114 DC, 114 AC, 114 MV errors
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] Incorrect intra prediction mode
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] concealing 114 DC, 114 AC, 114 MV errors
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] Incorrect intra prediction mode
[rv30 @ 0x9017ce0] concealing 163 DC, 163 AC, 163 MV errors
frame=  267 fps=138 q=2.0 Lsize=    3057kB time=00:00:16.00 bitrate=1565.2kbits/s
video:2898kB audio:125kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead 1.131454%

          #1841: raac: fail to seek   

ffmpeg fails to seek above 26s

C:\>ffmpeg -ss 26 -i raac.rm out.wav
ffmpeg version N-45867-g3318d6b Copyright (c) 2000-2012 the FFmpeg developers
  built on Oct 23 2012 02:39:33 with gcc 4.5.0 (GCC) 20100414 (Fedora MinGW 4.5.
  configuration: --prefix=/var/www/users/research/ffmpeg/snapshots/build --arch=
x86 --target-os=mingw32 --cross-prefix=i686-pc-mingw32- --cc='ccache i686-pc-min
gw32-gcc' --enable-w32threads --enable-memalign-hack --enable-runtime-cpudetect
--enable-cross-compile --enable-static --disable-shared --extra-libs='-lws2_32 -
lwinmm -lpthread' --extra-cflags='--static -I/var/www/users/research/ffmpeg/snap
shots/build/include' --extra-ldflags='-static -L/var/www/users/research/ffmpeg/s
napshots/build/lib' --enable-bzlib --enable-zlib --enable-gpl --enable-version3
--enable-nonfree --enable-libx264 --enable-libspeex --enable-libtheora --enable-
libvorbis --enable-libfaac --enable-libxvid --enable-libopencore-amrnb --enable-
libopencore-amrwb --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libvpx --disable-decoder=libvpx
  libavutil      51. 77.100 / 51. 77.100
  libavcodec     54. 68.100 / 54. 68.100
  libavformat    54. 33.100 / 54. 33.100
  libavdevice    54.  3.100 / 54.  3.100
  libavfilter     3. 20.104 /  3. 20.104
  libswscale      2.  1.101 /  2.  1.101
  libswresample   0. 16.100 /  0. 16.100
  libpostproc    52.  1.100 / 52.  1.100
[rm @ 0x1edbe20] Invalid stream index 1 for index at pos 1233529
Input #0, rm, from 'raac.rm':
    title           :
    author          :
    copyright       :
    comment         :
    Creation Date   : 4/21/2012 13:08:18
    Generated By    : Helix Producer SDK 13.1 for Windows, Build
    Modification Date: 4/21/2012 13:08:18
  Duration: 00:00:30.07, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 328 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Audio: aac (raac / 0x63616172), 44100 Hz, stereo, s16, 320 kb/s
Output #0, wav, to 'out.wav':
    INAM            :
    author          :
    ICOP            :
    ICMT            :
    Creation Date   : 4/21/2012 13:08:18
    Generated By    : Helix Producer SDK 13.1 for Windows, Build
    Modification Date: 4/21/2012 13:08:18
    ISFT            : Lavf54.33.100
    Stream #0:0: Audio: pcm_s16le ([1][0][0][0] / 0x0001), 44100 Hz, stereo, s16
, 1411 kb/s
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (aac -> pcm_s16le)
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
[aac @ 0x1edc920] Reserved bit set.
Error while decoding stream #0:0: Invalid data found when processing input
Truncating packet of size 11122 to 7128
[aac @ 0x1edc920] Prediction is not allowed in AAC-LC.
Error while decoding stream #0:0: Invalid data found when processing input
raac.rm: Input/output error
size=       0kB time=00:00:00.00 bitrate=   0.0kbits/s
video:0kB audio:0kB subtitle:0 global headers:0kB muxing overhead inf%
Output file is empty, nothing was encoded (check -ss / -t / -frames parameters i
f used)

          Cop stops man with knife, hugs him   
When a man enters a police station holding a knife to his neck, one police officer perfectly diffuses the situation.

          Bike Cop   

Big In this police motorcycle game you are in the pursuit of many law offenders. They all went on tough routes and you have to chase them over all the obstacles. Try to control the throttle and do not flip your bike if possible. Like every cop should, you must collect the doughnuts on the way to fill yourself with energy.

          #4590: concat filter does not work to loop audio   

As reported by irc user chama The following works as expected:

$ ffmpeg -i fate-suite/svq3/ -i fate-suite/svq3/ -i fate-suite/svq3/ -filter_complex [0:a][1:a][2:a]concat=n=3:v=0:a=1 out.wav

The output file has a correct length of 2:10

The following claims to encode 2:10 but the output file is much shorter:

$ ffmpeg -i fate-suite/svq3/ -filter_complex [0:a][0:a][0:a]concat=n=3:v=0:a=1 out.wav
ffmpeg version N-72624-g196b885 Copyright (c) 2000-2015 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 4.7 (SUSE Linux)
  configuration: --enable-gpl
  libavutil      54. 26.101 / 54. 26.101
  libavcodec     56. 41.101 / 56. 41.101
  libavformat    56. 34.100 / 56. 34.100
  libavdevice    56.  4.100 / 56.  4.100
  libavfilter     5. 16.101 /  5. 16.101
  libswscale      3.  1.101 /  3.  1.101
  libswresample   1.  1.100 /  1.  1.100
  libpostproc    53.  3.100 / 53.  3.100
Guessed Channel Layout for  Input Stream #0.1 : mono
Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from 'fate-suite/svq3/':
    creation_time   : 2001-03-20 16:17:18
    title           : Vertical Online SV3 Demo
    title-eng       : Vertical Online SV3 Demo
    artist          : Logan Kelsey
    artist-eng      : Logan Kelsey
    copyright       : (c) Vertical Online 2001
    copyright-eng   : (c) Vertical Online 2001
    encoder         : Sorenson Video 3
    encoder-eng     : Sorenson Video 3
  Duration: 00:00:43.58, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 580 kb/s
    Stream #0:0(eng): Video: svq3 (SVQ3 / 0x33515653), yuvj420p(pc), 320x240, 391 kb/s, 30.02 fps, 30 tbr, 600 tbn, 600 tbc (default)
      creation_time   : 2001-03-20 16:17:18
      handler_name    : Apple Alias Data Handler
      encoder         : Sorenson Video 3
    Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: adpcm_ima_qt (ima4 / 0x34616D69), 44100 Hz, 1 channels, s16p, 176 kb/s (default)
      creation_time   : 2001-03-20 16:17:18
      handler_name    : Apple Alias Data Handler
Output #0, wav, to 'out.wav':
    ISFT            : Lavf56.34.100
    INAM            : Vertical Online SV3 Demo
    title-eng       : Vertical Online SV3 Demo
    IART            : Logan Kelsey
    artist-eng      : Logan Kelsey
    ICOP            : (c) Vertical Online 2001
    copyright-eng   : (c) Vertical Online 2001
    Stream #0:0: Audio: pcm_s16le ([1][0][0][0] / 0x0001), 44100 Hz, mono, s16, 705 kb/s (default)
      encoder         : Lavc56.41.101 pcm_s16le
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:1 (adpcm_ima_qt) -> concat:in0:a0
  Stream #0:1 (adpcm_ima_qt) -> concat:in1:a0
  Stream #0:1 (adpcm_ima_qt) -> concat:in2:a0
  concat -> Stream #0:0 (pcm_s16le)
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
Multiple frames in a packet from stream 1
[Parsed_concat_0 @ 0x26bed40] Buffer queue overflow, dropping.
    Last message repeated 59539 times
[output stream 0:0 @ 0x26bf600] 100 buffers queued in output stream 0:0, something may be wrong.
size=    3817kB time=00:02:10.72 bitrate= 239.2kbits/s
video:0kB audio:3817kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead: 0.004247%
$ ffmpeg -i out.wav
ffmpeg version N-72624-g196b885 Copyright (c) 2000-2015 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 4.7 (SUSE Linux)
  configuration: --enable-gpl
  libavutil      54. 26.101 / 54. 26.101
  libavcodec     56. 41.101 / 56. 41.101
  libavformat    56. 34.100 / 56. 34.100
  libavdevice    56.  4.100 / 56.  4.100
  libavfilter     5. 16.101 /  5. 16.101
  libswscale      3.  1.101 /  3.  1.101
  libswresample   1.  1.100 /  1.  1.100
  libpostproc    53.  3.100 / 53.  3.100
Guessed Channel Layout for  Input Stream #0.0 : mono
Input #0, wav, from 'out.wav':
    artist          : Logan Kelsey
    copyright       : (c) Vertical Online 2001
    title           : Vertical Online SV3 Demo
    encoder         : Lavf56.34.100
  Duration: 00:00:44.32, bitrate: 705 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Audio: pcm_s16le ([1][0][0][0] / 0x0001), 44100 Hz, 1 channels, s16, 705 kb/s
At least one output file must be specified

          #6036: sipr: improve decoding of 16khz 16kbps mode   

this bug deserves it's own ticket

there are metalic artifacts between 21s-32s

C:\>ffmpeg -i sipr_16k_could_be_better.rm out.wav
ffmpeg version 3.2.git Copyright (c) 2000-2016 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 4.6.2 (GCC)
  configuration: --disable-pthreads --enable-gpl
  libavutil      55. 43.100 / 55. 43.100
  libavcodec     57. 68.100 / 57. 68.100
  libavformat    57. 61.100 / 57. 61.100
  libavdevice    57.  2.100 / 57.  2.100
  libavfilter     6. 68.100 /  6. 68.100
  libswscale      4.  3.101 /  4.  3.101
  libswresample   2.  4.100 /  2.  4.100
  libpostproc    54.  2.100 / 54.  2.100
[rm @ 02243d60] Invalid stream index 1 for index at pos 81173
[sipr @ 0224d380] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulat
Input #0, rm, from 'sipr_16k_could_be_better.
    Generated By    : RealProducer Windows
    Content Rating  : (PICS-1.1 "" labels commen
t "RealProducer Windows" ratings (SS~~000 1))
    Target Audiences: 28K Modem (20 Kbps);
    Audio Format    : Voice with Background Music
    Video Quality   : No Video
    Creation Date   : 12/19/2016 3:26:44
    Modification Date: 12/19/2016 3:26:44
    File ID         : 5001d8cc-b0c8-5861-36e0-07a19838af8b
    Keywords        :
    Abstract        :
    title           : Inp
    author          :
    copyright       : ę2016
    comment         :
  Duration: 00:00:38.31, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 16 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Audio: sipr (sipr / 0x72706973), 16000 Hz, mono, flt, 16 kb/s
[sipr @ 025d9c00] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulat
[pcm_s16le @ 02247140] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread e
Output #0, wav, to 'out.wav':
    Generated By    : RealProducer Windows
    Content Rating  : (PICS-1.1 "" labels commen
t "RealProducer Windows" ratings (SS~~000 1))
    Target Audiences: 28K Modem (20 Kbps);
    Audio Format    : Voice with Background Music
    Video Quality   : No Video
    Creation Date   : 12/19/2016 3:26:44
    Modification Date: 12/19/2016 3:26:44
    File ID         : 5001d8cc-b0c8-5861-36e0-07a19838af8b
    Keywords        :
    Abstract        :
    INAM            : Inp
    author          :
    ICOP            : ę2016
    ICMT            :
    ISFT            : Lavf57.61.100
    Stream #0:0: Audio: pcm_s16le ([1][0][0][0] / 0x0001), 16000 Hz, mono, s16,
256 kb/s
      encoder         : Lavc57.68.100 pcm_s16le
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (sipr (native) -> pcm_s16le (native))
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
size=    1200kB time=00:00:38.31 bitrate= 256.6kbits/s speed= 189x
video:0kB audio:1200kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing
overhead: 0.008464%

          #6229: rv30: decoding errors and artefacts   

all samples plays fine with realplayer

RV30_20percent.rm (percents of target quality) decodes correctly with ffmpeg

C:\>ffmpeg -i RV30_10percent.rm out.avi
ffmpeg version 3.2.git Copyright (c) 2000-2017 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 4.6.2 (GCC)
  configuration: --disable-ffprobe --disable-pthreads --enable-gpl
  libavutil      55. 48.100 / 55. 48.100
  libavcodec     57. 83.100 / 57. 83.100
  libavformat    57. 66.104 / 57. 66.104
  libavdevice    57.  3.100 / 57.  3.100
  libavfilter     6. 74.100 /  6. 74.100
  libswscale      4.  3.101 /  4.  3.101
  libswresample   2.  4.100 /  2.  4.100
  libpostproc    54.  2.100 / 54.  2.100
[rm @ 02383d60] Invalid stream index 1 for index at pos 83688
[rv30 @ 0238d660] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulat
Input #0, rm, from 'RV30_10percent.rm':
    title           :
    author          :
    copyright       :
    comment         :
    Creation Date   : 3/11/2017 20:39:26
    Generated By    : Helix Producer SDK 13.1 for Windows, Build
    Modification Date: 3/11/2017 20:39:26
  Duration: 00:00:03.96, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 169 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Video: rv30 (RV30 / 0x30335652), yuv420p, 640x480, 500 kb/s, 25
 fps, 25 tbr, 1k tbn, 1k tbc
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulat
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (rv30 (native) -> mpeg4 (native))
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
[mpeg4 @ 02762020] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emula
Output #0, avi, to 'out.avi':
    INAM            :
    author          :
    ICOP            :
    ICMT            :
    Creation Date   : 3/11/2017 20:39:26
    Generated By    : Helix Producer SDK 13.1 for Windows, Build
    Modification Date: 3/11/2017 20:39:26
    ISFT            : Lavf57.66.104
    Stream #0:0: Video: mpeg4 (FMP4 / 0x34504D46), yuv420p, 640x480, q=2-31, 200
 kb/s, 25 fps, 25 tbn, 25 tbc
      encoder         : Lavc57.83.100 mpeg4
    Side data:
      cpb: bitrate max/min/avg: 0/0/200000 buffer size: 0 vbv_delay: -1
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 424
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 758 DC, 758 AC, 758 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 424
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 776 DC, 776 AC, 776 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 424
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 776 DC, 776 AC, 776 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 162
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1038 DC, 1038 AC, 1038 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 138
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1062 DC, 1062 AC, 1062 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 159
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1041 DC, 1041 AC, 1041 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 558
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 642 DC, 642 AC, 642 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 25
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1175 DC, 1175 AC, 1175 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 5
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1195 DC, 1195 AC, 1195 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 85
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
    Last message repeated 2 times
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1115 DC, 1115 AC, 1115 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 163
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
    Last message repeated 7 times
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1037 DC, 1037 AC, 1037 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 78
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect intra prediction code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1122 DC, 1122 AC, 1122 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 61
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1139 DC, 1139 AC, 1139 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 74
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
    Last message repeated 2 times
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1126 DC, 1126 AC, 1126 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 120
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
    Last message repeated 14 times
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1080 DC, 1080 AC, 1080 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 32
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1168 DC, 1168 AC, 1168 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 192
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
    Last message repeated 1 times
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1008 DC, 1008 AC, 1008 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 81
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
    Last message repeated 5 times
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1119 DC, 1119 AC, 1119 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 600 DC, 600 AC, 600 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 192
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1008 DC, 1008 AC, 1008 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 81
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
    Last message repeated 1 times
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1119 DC, 1119 AC, 1119 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 482
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 718 DC, 718 AC, 718 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 81
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
    Last message repeated 1 times
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1119 DC, 1119 AC, 1119 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 4
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1196 DC, 1196 AC, 1196 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 428
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 772 DC, 772 AC, 772 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 236
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
    Last message repeated 2 times
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 964 DC, 964 AC, 964 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 32
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1168 DC, 1168 AC, 1168 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 129
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1071 DC, 1071 AC, 1071 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 323
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
    Last message repeated 2 times
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 877 DC, 877 AC, 877 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 172
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1028 DC, 1028 AC, 1028 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 481
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 719 DC, 719 AC, 719 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 82
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1118 DC, 1118 AC, 1118 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 82
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1118 DC, 1118 AC, 1118 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 193
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1007 DC, 1007 AC, 1007 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 553
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 647 DC, 647 AC, 647 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 274
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 926 DC, 926 AC, 926 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 452
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
    Last message repeated 2 times
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 748 DC, 748 AC, 748 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 380
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 820 DC, 820 AC, 820 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 440
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 760 DC, 760 AC, 760 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 349
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 851 DC, 851 AC, 851 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 459
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect intra prediction mode
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 741 DC, 741 AC, 741 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 522
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect intra prediction mode
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 678 DC, 678 AC, 678 MV errors in B frame
frame=   74 fps=0.0 q=31.0 size=     244kB time=00:00:02.96 bitrate= 674.2kbits/
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
    Last message repeated 1 times
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 581
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 619 DC, 619 AC, 619 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 435
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 765 DC, 765 AC, 765 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 529
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] New frame but still 450 MB left.
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 521 DC, 521 AC, 521 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 600 DC, 600 AC, 600 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 105
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1095 DC, 1095 AC, 1095 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 500
[rv30 @ 023848a0] dquant needed
[rv30 @ 023848a0] New frame but still 586 MB left.
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 686 DC, 686 AC, 686 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Incorrect MB type code
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1200 DC, 1200 AC, 1200 MV errors in B frame
[rv30 @ 023848a0] Slice indicates MB offset 600, got 105
[rv30 @ 023848a0] New frame but still 508 MB left.
[rv30 @ 023848a0] concealing 1003 DC, 1003 AC, 1003 MV errors in B frame
frame=   97 fps=0.0 q=18.9 Lsize=     279kB time=00:00:04.00 bitrate= 572.4kbits
/s speed=6.92x
video:272kB audio:0kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing o
verhead: 2.926875%

          #6242: rv20: 1-framed rv20 svt does not decode   

rv20 (not svt) decodes correctly

C:\>ffmpeg -i C:\g2svt_1frame.rm out.avi
ffmpeg version 3.2.git Copyright (c) 2000-2017 the FFmpeg developers
  built with gcc 4.6.2 (GCC)
  configuration: --disable-pthreads --disable-ffprobe --enable-gpl
  libavutil      55. 48.100 / 55. 48.100
  libavcodec     57. 83.100 / 57. 83.100
  libavformat    57. 66.104 / 57. 66.104
  libavdevice    57.  3.100 / 57.  3.100
  libavfilter     6. 76.100 /  6. 76.100
  libswscale      4.  3.101 /  4.  3.101
  libswresample   2.  4.100 /  2.  4.100
  libpostproc    54.  2.100 / 54.  2.100
[rm @ 02383d20] Invalid stream index 2 for index at pos 4250
[sipr @ 0238d300] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulat
[rv20 @ 027188c0] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulat
Input #0, rm, from 'C:\g2svt_1frame.rm':
    Target Audiences: 28K Modem (20 Kbps);
    Audio Format    : Voice Only
    Video Quality   : Smoothest Motion Video
    Creation Date   : 3/16/2017 14:41:21
    Modification Date: 3/16/2017 14:41:21
    Generated By    : RealMedia Build Engine Windows
    File ID         : bc5f1b6d-05a0-f0df-1fd5-1f68b3c48742
    title           :
    author          :
    copyright       :
    comment         :
  Duration: 00:00:02.88, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 11 kb/s
    Stream #0:0: Audio: sipr (sipr / 0x72706973), 8000 Hz, mono, flt, 4 kb/s
    Stream #0:1: Video: rv20 (RV20 / 0x30325652), yuv420p, 176x144, 15 kb/s, 15
fps, 15 tbr, 1k tbn, 1k tbc
[sipr @ 02719fc0] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulat
[rv20 @ 02386580] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulat
Stream mapping:
  Stream #0:1 -> #0:0 (rv20 (native) -> mpeg4 (native))
  Stream #0:0 -> #0:1 (sipr (native) -> ac3 (native))
Press [q] to stop, [?] for help
[ac3 @ 0238e440] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emulati
Finishing stream 0:0 without any data written to it.
[mpeg4 @ 027269e0] Warning: not compiled with thread support, using thread emula
Output #0, avi, to 'out.avi':
    Target Audiences: 28K Modem (20 Kbps);
    Audio Format    : Voice Only
    Video Quality   : Smoothest Motion Video
    Creation Date   : 3/16/2017 14:41:21
    Modification Date: 3/16/2017 14:41:21
    Generated By    : RealMedia Build Engine Windows
    File ID         : bc5f1b6d-05a0-f0df-1fd5-1f68b3c48742
    INAM            :
    author          :
    ICOP            :
    ICMT            :
    ISFT            : Lavf57.66.104
    Stream #0:0: Video: mpeg4 (FMP4 / 0x34504D46), yuv420p, 176x144, q=2-31, 200
 kb/s, 15 fps, 15 tbn, 15 tbc
      encoder         : Lavc57.83.100 mpeg4
    Side data:
      cpb: bitrate max/min/avg: 0/0/200000 buffer size: 0 vbv_delay: -1
    Stream #0:1: Audio: ac3 ([0] [0][0] / 0x2000), 8000 Hz, mono, fltp, 96 kb/s
      encoder         : Lavc57.83.100 ac3
frame=    0 fps=0.0 q=0.0 Lsize=      44kB time=00:00:02.88 bitrate= 124.5kbits/
s speed=8.38x
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erhead: 29.733797%

          #3020: FFmpeg should do framerate convert before scaling if (and only if) that is expected to be faster   

Summary of the bug: How to reproduce:

%time ffmpeg -i test.mp4 -vcodec mjpeg -s 960x640 -r 0.2 -y
we may compare the real time with result of running scripts that transcoding to other video format, such as msmpeg4, x264,...
ffmpeg version 2.0.1
built on linux/MINGW32

Details see below:

$ time ./ffmpeg -i test.mp4 -vcodec mjpeg -s 960x640 -r 0.2 -an -y ffmpeg version 2.0 Copyright (c) 2000-2013 the FFmpeg developers

built on Oct 1 2013 00:27:45 with gcc 4.3.2 (4.3.2-tdm-1 for MinGW) configuration: --disable-static --enable-shared --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-nonfree --disable-ffserver --enable-memalign-hack --enable-pthreads --disable-txtpages libavutil 52. 46.100 / 52. 46.100 libavcodec 55. 33.101 / 55. 33.101 libavformat 55. 18.104 / 55. 18.104 libavdevice 55. 3.100 / 55. 3.100 libavfilter 3. 88.100 / 3. 88.100 libswscale 2. 5.100 / 2. 5.100 libswresample 0. 17.103 / 0. 17.103 libpostproc 52. 3.100 / 52. 3.100

Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from 'test.mp4':


major_brand : mp42 minor_version : 0 compatible_brands: isommp42 creation_time : 2013-04-09 11:10:32 copyright : copyright-eng :

Duration: 00:03:53.87, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 897 kb/s

Stream #0:0(und): Video: h264 (Main) (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv420p(tv, bt709), 1280x960, 846 kb/s, 24 fps, 24 tbr, 24k tbn, 48 tbc (default) Metadata:

creation_time : 2013-04-09 11:10:30 handler_name : GPAC ISO Video Handler

Stream #0:1(und): Audio: aac (mp4a / 0x6134706D), 44100 Hz, stereo, fltp, 47 kb/s (default) Metadata:

creation_time : 2013-04-09 11:10:32 handler_name : GPAC ISO Audio Handler

[swscaler @ 03783020] deprecated pixel format used, make sure you did set range correctly Output #0, mov, to '':


major_brand : mp42 minor_version : 0 compatible_brands: isommp42 copyright-eng : copyright : encoder : Lavf55.18.104 Stream #0:0(und): Video: mjpeg (jpeg / 0x6765706A), yuvj420p, 960x640, q=2-31, 200 kb/s, 16384 tbn, 0.20 tbc (default) Metadata:

creation_time : 2013-04-09 11:10:30 handler_name : GPAC ISO Video Handler

Stream mapping:

Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (h264 -> mjpeg)

Press [q] to stop, ? for help frame= 50 fps=0.7 q=0.0 Lsize= 4130kB time=00:04:10.00 bitrate= 135.3kbits/s dup=0 drop=5561 video:4129kB audio:0kB subtitle:0 global headers:0kB muxing overhead 0.023129%

real 1m9.687s user 0m0.031s sys 0m0.015s

$ time ./ffmpeg -i test.mp4 -vcodec msmpeg4 -s 960x640 -r 0.2 -an -y out.avi ffmpeg version 2.0 Copyright (c) 2000-2013 the FFmpeg developers

built on Oct 1 2013 00:27:45 with gcc 4.3.2 (4.3.2-tdm-1 for MinGW) configuration: --disable-static --enable-shared --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-nonfree --disable-ffserver --enable-memalign-hack --enable-pthreads --disable-txtpages libavutil 52. 46.100 / 52. 46.100 libavcodec 55. 33.101 / 55. 33.101 libavformat 55. 18.104 / 55. 18.104 libavdevice 55. 3.100 / 55. 3.100 libavfilter 3. 88.100 / 3. 88.100 libswscale 2. 5.100 / 2. 5.100 libswresample 0. 17.103 / 0. 17.103 libpostproc 52. 3.100 / 52. 3.100

Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from 'test.mp4':


major_brand : mp42 minor_version : 0 compatible_brands: isommp42 creation_time : 2013-04-09 11:10:32 copyright : copyright-eng :

Duration: 00:03:53.87, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 897 kb/s

Stream #0:0(und): Video: h264 (Main) (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv420p(tv, bt709), 1280x960, 846 kb/s, 24 fps, 24 tbr, 24k tbn, 48 tbc (default) Metadata:

creation_time : 2013-04-09 11:10:30 handler_name : GPAC ISO Video Handler

Stream #0:1(und): Audio: aac (mp4a / 0x6134706D), 44100 Hz, stereo, fltp, 47 kb/s (default) Metadata:

creation_time : 2013-04-09 11:10:32 handler_name : GPAC ISO Audio Handler

Output #0, avi, to 'out.avi':


major_brand : mp42 minor_version : 0 compatible_brands: isommp42 copyright-eng : ICOP : ISFT : Lavf55.18.104 Stream #0:0(und): Video: msmpeg4v3 (msmpeg4) (MP43 / 0x3334504D), yuv420p, 960x640, q=2-31, 200 kb/s, 0.20 tbn, 0.20 tbc (default) Metadata:

creation_time : 2013-04-09 11:10:30 handler_name : GPAC ISO Video Handler

Stream mapping:

Stream #0:0 -> #0:0 (h264 -> msmpeg4)

Press [q] to stop, ? for help frame= 49 fps=1.7 q=1.6 Lsize= 3972kB time=00:04:05.00 bitrate= 132.8kbits/s dup=0 drop=5562 video:3965kB audio:0kB subtitle:0 global headers:0kB muxing overhead 0.169484%

real 0m29.644s user 0m0.015s sys 0m0.031s

I tested the benchmark of ffmpeg, and I can not find any issue in codec's performance, but I profiled the transcoder and find the performance issue is in the below call-chain, it is avfilter issue. main()->transcode()->transcode_step()->process_input()->output_packet()->decode_video()->av_buffersrc_add_frame_flags()->av_buffersrc_add_frame_internal()->ctx->output_pads[0].request_frame(ctx->outputs[0])

          Preedy Police Station SHO aijaz ali khawaja gunned down in Karachi   

SHO preedy police station Ejaz Khawaja was driving his vehicle on Korangi road in Defence when the two gunmen came on motorcycle and started firing on his vehicle.

Police officials said, SHO Khawaja died on the spot and his vehicle crashed into the sidewalk.

Autor: avatarakbergeo
Tags: Karachi Pakistan SHO preedy police station gunned down target killers cop killed aijaz ali khawaja SHO preedy target killing
gepostet: 16 April 2015

          Instant Cafe Cop   
Instant Cafe Cop Free Download
          Steven Seagal Action Flick END OF A GUN To Release on DVD and Digital on 10th July 2017   

Legendary action superstar Steven Seagal stars as a mall cop you wouldn’t want to mess with, in END OF A GUN – a lean and [...]

The post Steven Seagal Action Flick END OF A GUN To Release on DVD and Digital on 10th July 2017 appeared first on Horror Cult Films.

          35 must-watch films in 2017   
Ryan Lambie Simon Brew Kirsten Howard
Jun 30, 2017

Have a look and see which big new movies made our annual list of must-see flicks. We'll be adding our reviews throughout the year.

We'll be the first to admit that drawing up a list of potentially great forthcoming movies is far from an exact science. But with 2017 so chock full of promising films both large and small, we've at least made an attempt to sort through the crowded schedule, pick out the ones we're looking forward to, and sort them into some kind of order.

When the films are released we'll also add our reviews, so that you can find out if we hit the jackpot, or were left a little disappointed.

With that in mind, then, here's our pick of the must-see movies of this year, which, as ever, run the gamut from expensive superhero flicks to smaller dramas to mid-budget, high-concept sci-fi pictures. Some of the following will almost certainly wind up falling short of our expectations, but there's also the fighting chance that one or two will turn out to be modern classics.

So, to get things rolling, let's start with a disaster movie directed by the guy who produced Independence Day, and starring Gerard Butler...

35. Geostorm

We can imagine that some might already be describing Dean Devlin’s upcoming sci-fi movie, Geostorm, as a guilty pleasure. We don’t do guilty pleasures. This one simply looks a hoot.

It’s a two plots for the price of one by the looks of it. There are climate controlling satellites on the one hand, that try and prevent storms that could destroy the planet. And in the midst of that, there’s a plot to assassinate the president. Gerard Butler, no stranger to films with such plots, leads a cast that also features Abbie Cornish, Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris and Andy Garcia.

The film marks Devlin’s big screen feature directing debut, and hopefully it lives up to its B-movie presence, and gives us one of 2017’s most fun nights out at the pictures. We’ve got until October to wait for it, though.

34. Beauty And The Beast

Having proven that it can make a success – both critically and commercially – of a live action take on The Jungle Book, Disney’s reworking of its animated hits in live action arrives at another cherished movie: Beauty And The Beast.

The first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, the 1991 original is regarded as one of the very finest Disney animated features. For the live action take, Bill Condon (the last two Twilight movies, Dreamgirls, Gods And Monsters) directed, and quite an ensemble was recruited. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens were in the title roles, whilst – deep breath – Ewan McGregor, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Stanley Tucci, Emma Thompson, Sir Ian McKellen, Kevin Kline and Josh Gad headed up the support. Alan Menken – who penned the music (with the late Howard Ashman) to the original film – was on board as well.


33. A Cure For Wellness

Gore Verbinski's last film was Disney's unfeasibly expensive western The Lone Ranger, but with A Cure For Wellness, he returned to the creepier, smaller-scale territory he explored in his Ring remake. The movie starred Dane DeHaan, who headed to a remote clinic in the Swiss Alps to find the whereabouts of his company's missing boss. That sounded not unlike Bram Stoker's Dracula to us, albeit with a modern, medical twist: everyone at the clinic has some kind of illness, and it's discovered that DeHaan's Mr Lockhart also has the same mysterious affliction. Jason Isaacs (hello) and the brilliantly-named Mia Goth also starred.


32. Murder On The Orient Express

Kenneth Branagh’s last three films have been blockbusters of varying sizes – Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Cinderella, Thor – but now he’s trying something a little smaller, and potentially a lot more playful. He’s directing and taking the lead role of Poirot in an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express.

Michael Green has penned the screenplay, and the cast includes Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Josh Gad, Penelope Cruz, Michael Pena, Dame Judi Dench and seemingly half of RADA. 

31. The Greatest Showman

Founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, politician and all-round showman PT Barnum's getting his own movie, which stars Hugh Jackman as the 19th century impresario. Bill Condon co-wrote this one, and he's the bloke who brought us the magnificent Gods And Monsters - one reason why we're looking forward to this musical biopic. That, and the sight of Hugh Jackman singing and waving his arms in front of an elephant, of course.

30. It

They all float down here. We have to admit, we were more in a lather when Cary Fukunaga was involved in this new, big-screen telling of Stephen King's It, but the story's such a magnetic one that we're looking forward to the new treatment anyway. We'll have to wait and see whether Bill Skarsgard can come close to matching Tim Curry's legendary turn as Pennywise the terrifying clown, but with the director of the scary Mama behind the camera (that's Andres Muschietti) the new It could still be good for a few shudders this summer.

29. Molly’s Game

Aaron Sorkin makes his directorial debut, having adapted Molly Bloom’s memoir himself. Bloom was a young skier who found herself the target of the FBI as she established a very rich international game of poker. Jessica Chastain will be playing her in the movie, leading a cast that also includes Idris Elba, Kevin Costner, Michael Cera and Chris O’Dowd.

The movie isn’t due to appear until the back end of 2017. It’ll be interesting to see whether Sorkin – who landed an Oscar for writing The Social Network – translates effortlessly to the director’s chair.

28. The Book Of Henry

Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow is moving from dinosaur theme parks to more personal territory with The Book Of Henry, a drama about a young boy (Henry, played by Jaeden Lieberher) who plots to rescue his neighbour (Maddie Ziegler) from her abusive cop father (Dean Norris). Even if you weren't entirely convinced by Jurassic World, Trevorrow's debut, Safety Not Guaranteed, was a great demonstration of his dramatic skill. If you haven't seen that film yet, do seek it out - it'll give you a good idea of why we're so looking forward to The Book Of Henry.

27. Ghost In The Shell

Overshadowed though it was by the controversy surrounding its casting, Ghost In The Shell had some rich storytelling to draw from. Based on Masamune Shirow's manga series and leaning heavily on the 1995 anime classic by director Mamoru Oshii, it's a cyberpunk fable about the migration of souls to machines, and what that might mean for the future of humanity. Director Rupert Sanders said there'd be more action in his movie than the more philosophical anime movies and series. Scarlett Johansson, Takeshi Kitano and Juliette Binoche made up a sterling international cast.


26. Tulip Fever

Anyone who collected comics in the early 90s will know what an asset bubble is: everyone goes nuts and buys into the next sure-fire deal, only to see the value of what they're buying collapse as the market becomes over-saturated. Well, centuries before investors were frantically buying copies of X-Force, a similar air of fervour surrounded tulip bulbs, of all things.

Tulip Fever, written by Tom Stoppard and directed by Justin Chadwick, tells the story of a 17th century couple who buy into the exploding market for tulips - which the Dutch were punting out all over Europe for inflated prices in the 1630s - only to see the sales plummet like a piano down a mineshaft. Word is that Harvey 'scissor-hands' Weinstein's been fiddling with the cut of Tulip Fever, but Chadwick and Stoppard's previous work leaves us hopeful that the movie will survive the tinkering. Once again, the cast is also tip-top: look out for Alicia Vikander, Dane DeHaan, Christoph Waltz and the ubiquitous Cara Delevingne among the blooms.

25. The Circle

Dave Eggers' novel of the same name is a high-tech, Orwellian dystopia for our times: a drama-thriller about a Google-like internet company and its gradual encroachment on its users' privacy. The movie, written and directed by James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now) stars Emma Watson as the new employee who watches as the tech firm quietly takes over the planet. Done right, The Circle could be genuinely disturbing.

Unfortunately, and presumably off the back of a disappointing run in US that saw it only gross $20m, the movie of The Circle is heading straight to Netflix in the UK at the end of June. As no UK cinema release is planned, it looks like we'll have to tick this one off at home.

24. The Dark Tower

This one's been a long time coming. Based on Stephen King's formidable collection of eight novels, it promises to be the sci-fi horror fantasy western we've all been waiting for. Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey will star as the gun-toting Roland Deschain and the evil wizard Walter Padick respectively, and they're both on a quest to reach the magical Dark Tower of the title - a place that could decide the fate of their reality. Think The Neverending Story but with more guns and fewer luck dragons, and you're somewhere close to The Dark Tower. If the movie's a success, expect further movies and a TV series to continue King's epic saga.

23. The LEGO Batman Movie

Was everything still awesome? It had been three years since The LEGO Movie by the time The LEGO Batman Movie landed in cinemas. Warner Bros still has plans for several LEGO features, with Ninjago also due later in 2017. But it was the return of Will Arnett’s wonderfully wry Dark Knight that got us the most excited.

Chris McKay, who co-directed The LEGO Movie, helmed this one. In his voice cast were Michael Cera as Robin, Zach Galifianakis as The Joker, Jenny Slate as Harley Quinn, Ralph Fiennes as Alfred, Rosario Dawson as Batgirl and Mariah Carey as Mayor McCaskill.

The plot sees Bruce Wayne fighting villains whilst trying to raise his newly-adpoted orphan Robin...


22. The Founder

Who made the Golden Arches? Who invented Hamburglar? We expected to get answers to those questions and lots more in this biopic about the founding of world-conquering burger chain McDonalds. Michael Keaton plays Ray Kroc, a salesman who helped turn a small chain of burger restaurants into a fast-food empire. This one's directed by John Lee Hancock, who previously brought us Saving Mr Banks, the soft-focus story of Walt Disney's fraught relationship with the writer of Mary Poppins, so we expected The Founder to be like The Social Network with a side-order of milkshake and fries...


21. Justice League

The pressure’s on now, Zack. Following the middling responses to DC’s two big movies of 2016 – Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad – this is a movie where director Zack Snyder really needs to deliver. It’s the one that brings together Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and more, and Snyder has already been making noises that lessons have been learned from the relentless darkness of his Batman V Superman movie.

Originally set up as the first of two movies, Justice League Part 2 has disappeared off the schedules, leaving this one to pick up the threads left behind from the DC movies to date, and provide a springboard for what’s being called the DC Extended Universe. Warner Bros needs this one to work, and it’d be fair to say there’s plenty riding on it.

20. Alien: Covenant

For any Alien fans who were a little disappointed with Prometheus' somewhat kitsch space operatics, the trailers for the follow-up film Covenant made a tantalising suggestion: that the series would be returning to its sci-fi horror roots.

A new crew of explorers - including Katherine Waterston and Danny McBride - head to a distant planet, where the erstwhile android David (Michael Fassbender) has been up to no good. The place looks like a lush paradise, but there are nasty, Giger-esque creatures waiting in the wings. Yeah, we could all guess what happens next, but we also heard that Covenant would answer some of the questions left over from Prometheus, so we were intrigued to see how this new Alien would mesh with everything that came before.

Here's our review.

19. Logan

It’s the final hurrah for Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine, as he retires his character in Logan. An adaptation of the Old Man Logan comic book story, the film sees him reunited with Patrick Stewart as Professor X. The Wolverine director James Mangold returned for this one, too.


18. Spider-Man: Homecoming

In some respects, Marvel's already done the hard bit: Tom Holland's introduction as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War was widely regarded as one of the film's highlights, so the studio can at least rest assured that it has that piece of the puzzle safely in place. The broader question is whether this new Web-Slinger movie, the first collaboration between Marvel and Sony, and the big-budget debut of Cop Car director Jon Watts, can succeed where the most recent Spider-Man movies faltered.

Our hope? That Homecoming avoids the mistakes of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which heaped its basket with so many villains and plot-lines that it often felt more like a series of trailers than a coherent movie. The word that Homecoming will be as much a high-school comedy-drama as a superhero flick is a great sign, though, and with Michael Keaton starring as the feathered nemesis Vulture, this could well prove to be the return to form Spider-Man deserves.

17. American Made

The stories that emerge from the sets of Doug Liman's productions are often as entertaining as the films themselves. During filming of The Bourne Identity, Liman reportedly paid the crew to stay late so they could all play paintball in the French countryside. While making Edge Of Tomorrow, Liman spent so long working out how to shoot a beach scene that the scheduled two-week shoot stretched on for two months.

Liman's a unique filmmaker, alright, and few would deny that, when he's on the top of his game, his movies are great: Edge Of Tomorrow being a case in point. That movie's star, Tom Cruise, is reuniting with Liman for the forthcoming American Made, the true(ish) story of a former airline pilot who became a drug smuggler and then a undercover operative for the US government in the 1980s.

Cruise will play that pilot, smuggler and operative - a role which, we hope, allows him to ride motorcycles and run with his fingertips outstretched like in all his other films. Domhnall Gleeson and Jesse Plemons also star. We're really looking forward to this one.

16. Wonder

R J Palacio’s Wonder is a book we’ve written about before on this site, a tremendous piece of work aimed primarily at younger readers. The focus is on a boy called Auggie, whose life is heavily affected by a facial deformity. The book managed to explore this from his perspective, as well as those around him, and how that structure translates to film remains to be seen.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower director Stephen Chbosky is wielding the megaphone on this one, and he’s working from a script by Steve Conrad and the brilliant Jack Thorne. Jacob Tremblay (Room) takes on the role of Auggie, with Julia Roberts his mum. Owen Wilson and Mandy Patinkin are also in the cast.

15. Kong: Skull Island

A team of explorers start sniffing around King Kong's back garden in this spin-off from (and reboot of) the classic monster series. Anyone who's seen the other King Kong films will know that Skull Island isn't the friendliest of places: there are angry locals, giant spiders and dinosaurs as well as a big, libidinous ape. Kong: Skull Island is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who sports an extraordinary foot-long beard and previously directed the superb coming-of-age drama Kings Of Summer. Like so many young filmmakers, he was moving up to a huge $190m blockbuster with the weight of an entire franchise on his shoulders, so no pressure there.

He had a cracking cast to order around, though, including Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson, John Goodman, Brie Larson, Terry Notary and John C Reilly. 

Here's our review.

14. John Wick: Chapter 2

In CG-dominated times, pure action movies on the big screen are harder to find than they should be. What a massive breath of fresh air 2014’s John Wick was, then. Keanu Reeves headlined the film, as the ex-hitman (with a dog) who comes out of retirement. But under the stewardship of co-directors Chad Stahelski (who was one of the stunt doubles who helped complete 1994’s The Crow after the death of Brandon Lee) and David Leitch, John Wick proved a physical, quality slice of action.

For the sequel, only Stahelski directed, with a cast led by Reeves - the man who never ages - once again. Also on the call sheet were Ruby Rose, Bridget Moynahan, Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne and John Leguizamo, amongst others.


13. Trainspotting 2

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose to make a belated sequel to Trainspotting, which catches up with the original cast - Ewan McGregor, Johnny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle, Ewen Bremner - 20 years on. Much has changed since director Danny Boyle and his cast took on the Irvine Welsh's novel, but while Renton and his friends are slightly less drug-addled than they were in the 90s, their lives are still as messy as ever - thanks in no small part to Begbie (Carlyle), who's fresh out of prison and still a complete sociopath. Anyone who's read Welsh's Porno, the basis for Trainspotting 2, would know they were in for a wild ride here.

Here's our review.

12. Wonder Woman

It may have had a slightly lower profile than the Justice League movie, but of the pair of DC movies scheduled for 2017 (well, outside of The LEGO Batman Movie), Wonder Woman was the one that held the most intrigue.

Gal Gadot reprised the role she debuted in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and Patty Jenkins – who was at one stage set to direct Thor: The Dark World for Marvel – called the shots. She was working from a screenplay by Allan Heinberg and Geoff Johns.

Joining Gadot in the cast were Chris Pine, Robin Wright, David Thewlis, Ewen Bremner, Lucy Davis and Danny Huston. The plot is set to fill in the origin story of Diana Prince, and explore how she became Wonder Woman in the first place. 

Here's our review.

11. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

It seems a long time ago now that Marvel and director James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy was regarded as a big risk (see also: Doctor Strange). But gleeful reviews and equally gleeful box office returns on the first film, and its sequel, have secured the franchise's place in the MCU.

As well as key returnees – Gunn, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Karen Gillan – there was a sizeable new signing in the form of Kurt Russell. He played Star Lord’s father, and that’s part of the story that underpins the new movie.

With talk already ongoing about a Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, the cosmic adventures of these Marvel characters are set to continue long after this one. But Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 was rightfully one of the most eagerly-awaited Marvel movies on its roster.


10. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Disappointingly delayed for a few months to September, director Matthew Vaughn tackles a sequel for the first time – having come close at one stage to making Stardust 2 – and he’s re-recruited Taron Egerton for Kingsman 2.

In fact, Vaughn has been doing a lot of recruiting. This is as eclectic an ensemble for a big movie as you’ll see in 2017, with Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry and Mark Strong alongside the likes of Vinnie Jones and Elton John. Vaughn reunites with regular collaborator Jane Goldman for the screenplay, and the story is set to see the Kingsman team working side by side with their American equivalent, the Statesman. Expect some serious mayhem.

9. Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures brought to the screen a little-heard story from the history of NASA and the space race. The film starred Taraji P Henson, Octavia Spender, Janelle Monae and Kirsten Dunst, and it told the tale of the team of women who provided the mathematical data behind the mission to launch John Glenn into space.

Their story has – as the title of the film suggests – been tucked down the back of American history's sofa until now. It was brought to the screen by St Vincent director Theodore Melfi, who also recruited support from Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons.


8. Paddington 2

The gang returns for the eagerly-awaited follow-up to the delightful Paddington. The original movie was the highest grossing family movie to not be made in America, and for the follow-up, Paul King is directing again, having co-written the screenplay with Simon Farnaby (from the mighty Yonderland).

The cast is being led by returnees Ben Whishaw (as the voice of Paddington), Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Peter Capaldi and Julie Walters. New additions this time include Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson, the latter playing the beautifully named ‘Knuckles’ McGinty.

The film is set for release on November 10th, and it looks like being the family movie to beat thus far.

7. Baby Driver

For the first time since 2013, we’ve got a new film from Edgar Wright. The story has long been told about how he was supposed to direct Marvel’s 2015 hit Ant-Man, with Peyton Reed eventually taking over after Wright departed late in the day. But then he started developing Baby Driver, a terrific-looking movie that features Ansel Elgort as a getaway driver who relies on his tunes.

There’s a doomed heist in the midst of the film too, and a cast that features Lily James, Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, Jon Bernthal, and Jamie Foxx, amongst others.

You’d take it as a given that an Edgar Wright film would have a killer soundtrack. In the case of Baby Driver, music is even more integral than usual, so we didn't just get one of the best films of the year, but one of the best soundtrack albums too.

Here's our review

6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

A less bold studio might have gone with a safe pair of hands when it comes to writing and directing Star Wars: Episode VIII, so it's refreshing to see a filmmaker like Rian Johnson handed the keys to the (former) Lucas-verse. At present, we know little of where the follow-up to The Force Awakens will go, other than it stars much of the previous film's cast, including Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Mark Hamill, while various interviews with those returning actors have hinted at a darker direction for the story.

In many respects, Johnson has a tough task ahead of him with Episode VIII; The Force Awakens relied heavily on resurrecting the icons from the original trilogy - Han Solo, the Millennium Falcon and so on - but its sequel arguably needs to move things forward if this new series of movies is going to develop its own distinctive voice. Here's hoping that Johnson's indie sensibility - see Brick, The Brothers Bloom, Looper - will add a touch of the unexpected to this firmly re-established space opera.

5. Dunkirk

In the spring of 1940, thousands of allied troops found themselves surrounded by German forces as France fell to the Nazis. As some 400,000 allied soldiers were forced to withdraw from mainland Europe, the resulting Evacuation of Dunkirk was one of the major turning points in World War II. The evacuation, code-named Operation Dynamo, has been told on screen before - the 1940 version starred Richard Attenborough and John Mills, fact fans - but this new telling of the story's coming from director Christopher Nolan, which is exciting enough all by itself.

Shot on 65mm film and using largely practical effects - including real destroyers and warships, we've learned - Dunkirk promises to be the kind of Hollywood war epic we seldom see anymore. Warner's boldly releasing the movie in the balmy summer month of July, placing it alongside the likes of Spider-Man: Homecoming, War For The Planet Of The Apes and Valerian. Will the allure of Nolan, Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Harry Styles out of One Direction tempt audiences away from the month's lighter, more escapist entertainment? Time will tell.

4. Valerian

A full 20 years after he made the eye-popping sci-fi film The Fifth Element, French director Luc Besson's returning to similar territory with Valerian, based on the comic series of the same name. It stars Dane De Haan and Cara Delevingne as special agents who carry out missions through space and time, and their travels take in gigantic cities, exotic aliens and Rihanna in a bowler hat.

With a starry supporting cast (look out for John Goodman, Ethan Hawke and Rutger Hauer among all the visual effects) and a budget that's huge by European standards, Valerian could be a triumph or - lord forbid - a calamity of Jupiter Ascending proportions. It's that very sense of the unknown that leaves us so intrigued by Valerian. We can't wait.

3. The Death Of Stalin

Armando Ianucci’s single film as director to date, In The Loop, remains one of the best British comedies of the last decade. For his second, he’s adapted – with David Schneider - Fabien Nury’s graphic novel The Death Of Stalin. It follows the days after Stalin’s death, and the jostling for power and battles that ensue. As the poster teases, “everybody wants a piece”.

Ianucci’s sharp eye for political satire needs little introduction – The Thick Of It and Veep speak for themselves – and his film will feature Olga Kurylenko, Rupert Friend, Andrea Riseborough, Hello To Jason Isaacs, Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Tambor, Michael Palin and Paddy Considine. That’s just a flavour of the cast list, and it can take pride of place already amongst 2017’s most impressive ensembles.

Ianucci is a rare talent, and we’ve got everything crossed that The Death Of Stalin meets his very high standards.

2. War For The Planet Of The Apes

For us, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes was the Godfather Part II of summer sequels: a visually spectacular, operatic expansion of 2011's Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes - a movie that was itself surprisingly excellent.

Director Matt Reeves set himself a high bar with War For The Planet Of The Apes, which follows ape leader Caesar and his comrades in an intensifying conflict with an army of humans. With much of the same cast and crew from the previous film returning - writer Mark Bomback, ape actors Andy Serkis and Terry Notary - we were cautiously confident that War would be one of the smartest, most emotionally satisfying summer movies of 2017. Were we right?

Here's our review

1. Blade Runner 2049

What a difference approximately 35 years make. If, back in 1982, you'd asked anyone involved with Blade Runner whether they thought there'd be a sequel, they'd probably have asked you to get off their lawn. But here we are, worryingly close to the year in which Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller was set (that's 2019), and along comes its belated follow-up.

We have to admit, one of the things we loved about Blade Runner is that it stood all by itself, unsullied by sequels, prequels or remakes, its bleak future world undimmed by the numerous movies, TV shows and games that have freely borrowed from it. But if the laws of Hollywood economics dictate that a sequel has to happen, then at least we can rest assured that it's in the hands of a great director. Denis Villeneuve's spent the past few years building up an incredible body of work, including Incendies, Enemy, Sicario and the sci-fi drama Arrival.

When you place Villeneuve next to returning writer Hampton Fancher, a cast which includes Harrison Ford (returning as a much older Rick Deckard), Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright, plus photography by Roger Deakins and music by Johan Johansson, and you have an exciting-sounding genre recipe.

We know little more about the project other than its pedigree right now, but that pedigree is what leaves us clinging to the hope that Blade Runner 2049 will be that rarest of things: a belated sequel that complements what came before it.

          Spider-Man: Homecoming review   

Spider-Man: Homecoming brings the webslinger back to the big screen in style. Here's our review...

Well, Marvel and Sony kept their promise. Within ten minutes of Spider-Man: Homecoming getting started, any hint of origin story business for both Peter Parker and the film’s key antagonist - Adrian Toomes/Vulture - is done and dusted. The pair are set up for the two hours that follow, and there’s no radioactive spider bite in sight. Surprisingly, there’s not much Iron Man in sight either. Given that the promotions for the film have often been dominated by Robert Downey Jr and/or his metallic alter ego, be assured that this is very much a Peter Parker story. If anything, more a Peter Parker story than a Spider-Man one.

That's the core of the movie we get, and it’s a choice that really pays dividends. In a film with some well-delivered rug pulls, perhaps the biggest achievement is that Spider-Man: Homecoming turns out to be a very good high school movie most of all, only occasionally tugged back by the Avengers film that keeps creeping in around the edges.

The premise is pretty straightforward. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) feels he’s on the verge of becoming a fully-fledged Avenger. Following his work in Captain America: Civil War – briefly, wittily recapped from a different point of view for those who missed it – he’s waiting for the call from the returning Happy (Jon Favreau in fine comedy form) and Tony Stark/Iron Man (that Robert Downey bloke) to join the heroes he's seen on the telly. We’re therefore presented with effectively a Marvel fanboy going through high school, trying to fit in, and aching for the moment when he gets to fight alongside Marvel’s heroes again. On the one hand, he's got an 'internship' with Tony Stark. On the other, there's the academic team at school that wants his help.

It’s spoiling nothing to say that the aforementioned call from Mr Stark and co doesn’t immediately come, and thus Spider-Man: Homecoming grounds itself in more domestic matters. One of the conversations we often have behind the scenes of Den Of Geek is how comic book movies only seem to be compared to comic book movies. It’s inevitable to cross-reference this with earlier Spider-Man films – I think it’s the best since Spider-Man 2, although Sam Raimi’s sequel is still the champion there – but I do think that the television series Freaks & Geeks is a more pertinent counterpoint. And not just because of a terrific supporting performance from Martin Starr.

No, it’s the fact that the film spends so much time in such down to earth settings, examining the tensions and conflicts in a teenager's life in a way that’s not too far removed from the work of John Hughes either. It doesn’t shy away from this being a world of heroes the film is set in (although the perspective - Peter Parker has effectively been us, watching these characters in their many battles - on that feels fresh), but also, there’s a conscious and prolonged effort to bring Spider-Man back to being your friendly neighbourhood crimefighter. When the film decides to raise its stakes later on, it can’t match the relatability and sheer fun of Spider-Man’s earlier, more trivial crime fighting in the Queens area of New York, for instance.

It helps enormously that the film is so well cast. Tom Holland’s take on Peter Parker is quick, physical and raw. For all his intelligence, this is a Parker whose insecurities feel realistic, and whose youthful enthusiasm crackles through the screen. It’s all but impossible not to root for him, and director Jon Watts brings across from Cop Car the idea of letting his actors emote non-verbally to get some of their feelings - fear, bemusement, discomfort -across. Tom Holland is expert at this. That said, the film is nearly stolen from him by Jacob Batalon as Ned, and if Marvel is indeed resurrecting its one-shots, as has been rumoured, he’s our choice for whatever short film it does next. The younger members of the ensemble uniformly sell the school-based moments too, and it’s here where the film is absolutely at its strongest.

Because of the fact that we're viewing the Avengers world through a character who's grown up with it too, Spider-Man: Homecoming is an ideal jumping on point for the Marvel cinematic universe, shed of the assorted interactions between lots of heroes (there are winks and leg pulls, but the film could happily exist with or without them), and the hunt for strange objects. Its focus is more precise, and the storytelling more streamlined as a result. Sure, there are objects here, leftovers from previous battles, but even those are grounded for the most part, used to make a point about class divide, and how the rich people who make a mess get even richer by being paid to clean it up.

Where things stumble a little are when it becomes more of a superhero film. Notwithstanding one or two good set pieces where Spider-Man’s powers and suit are put to the test, as something akin to the world being under threat takes prominence, the movie suffers when it veers closer to convention. It’s only in these moments that it feels longer than its 133 minutes, including credits. Furthermore, Michael Keaton is far more interesting - and far more sinister - as Toomes than he is as the key villain Vulture (helped by the fact that in Toomes mode, we get him in full-on Carter Hayes stare mode from Pacific Heights). When the whizz-bang effects-driven stuff comes in - robbing the film of its feel of physicality when it does - it feels like Spider-Man: Homecomong is paying lip service to what it’s supposed to do when things escalate. I never felt its heart was as much in the action stuff.

What then lifts the film again though is the sheer comedy of it. This is by distance the lightest, breeziest superhero movie we’ve had in a good while. It’s not the best, but it’s very, very funny. The screenplay is credited to six writers, and it feels as though they’ve come up with six good jokes each. From start to the very end, there are regular, often hefty chuckles, some from physical comedy, some from the lines themselves. There’s even a twinge of Richard Curtis to some of the gags.

It's a cocktail of a few things, Spider-Man: Homecoming, but a very well managed one. Crucially, it's also really good fun, and a blast to watch at its best, not hampered by a need for broader world building. Occasionally the momentum drops, but so much is sizzling, and so much is going right, that it’s impossible not to cut the film, and its sheer good nature, the slack to get over that. A sequel that raises the stakes further is going to be a challenge, given the local feel of this one. But for right here, right now, the webslinger is back on form.

Oh, and whoever cast Tom Holland deserves a bonus. What a find he is.

Review Simon Brew
Jun 30, 2017

          Hikayat Siak   
** Berdasarkan teks KOMSAS Antologi Dirgahayu Bahasaku menceritakan Siak sebagai tempat Raja Kecil membina kekuatan ketenteraan untuk menyerang Johor**

RINGKASAN LATAR CERITA YANG ADA KAITAN DENGAN RAJA KECIL (Rujukan paling hampir dengan kisah ini ialah Asal usul Raja Kecil dalam teks Komsas Antologi Kerusi yang digunakan sehingga 2010 )

Cerita dalam Hikayat Siak menceritakan kisah Raja Kecil yang semasa kecil dipanggil Tuan Bujang. Raja Kecil merupakan anak Sultan Mahmud yang memerintah Johor Lama . Sultan Mahmud lebih dikenali sebagai Raja Mangkat Dijulang ( Marhum Mangkat Dijulang ). Makam baginda masih ada di kampung Makam Kota Tinggi dan diwartakan sebagai lokasi sejarah negeri Johor. Sultan Mahmud dipercayai merupakan raja dari keturunan Sultan Mahmud dari Kesultanan Melayu Melaka yang tewas diserang Portugis. Sultan Mahmud dari Kesultanan Melayu Melaka telah melarikan diri ke Kampar , Sumatera dan berkahwin dengan seorang anak raja di sana. Baginda dikurniakan dua orang anak lelaki . Seorang anaknya berhijrah ke Perak membuka kerajaan di sana dan seorang lagi berhijrah ke Johor Lama (Kota Tinggi) Johor dan membina sebuah negara di panggil Kerajaan Johor. Pemerintahan Johor dari keturunan Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, sampai kepada Marhum Mangkat Dijulang. Baginda berkahwin dengan orang kebanyakan iaitu Encik Pung. Ketika baginda mangkat kerana dibunuh oleh Laksamananya sendiri, Pada ketika itu, Encik Pung sedang mengandungkan Tuan Bujang (Raja Keci). Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang tidak mempunyai anak dengan permaisurinya ,( tiada anak gahara)Setelah Marhum Mangkat Dijulang mangkat, Encik Pung berjanji tidak akan menuntut tahta kerajaan Johor daripada Bendahara yang diberi kuasa memerintah kerana Marhum Mangkat Dijulang tiada zuriat daripada anak gahara. Setelah melahirkan Raja Kecil , Bendahara amat khuatir Encik Pung akan menuntut tahta. Menyedari keselamatan Raja Kecil dalam bahaya, Encik Pung menyerahkan Raja Kecil kepada Temenggung Muar. Akan tetapi ketika Raja Kecil berusia 6 tahun, beliau dibawa berjumpa ibunya tetapi kedatangannya dapat dikesan oleh Bendahara. Menyedari keselamatannya terancam, Raja Kecil dibawa lari oleh Raja Negara Selat melalui pertolongan Nakhoda ke Palembang dan akhirnya dibawa ke Pagaruyung bertemu kaum keluarganya dan dipelihara oleh Puteri Jilan iaitu keluarga Raja Kecil yangberpangkat nenek kepada Raja Kecil. Baginda dibesarkan dengan nama Tuan Bujang.
i. pernobatan dan permahsyuran Tuan Bujang sebagai Yang Dipertuan Raja Kecil waris Kesultanan Johor dari keturunan Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang
ii. Perintah taat setia kepada semua orang Minangkabau oleh Tuan Puteri Jilan.
iii. Taat setia rakyat Minangkabau kepada Raja Kecil
iv. Perjuangan untuk menuntut hak ke atas kerajaan Johor yang ditadbir oleh keturunan Bendahara.
v. Raja Kecil menjadi Sultan Johor dengan gelaran Sultan Abdul Jalil Syah, Yang Dipertuan Besar.

Tuan Bujang (Raja Kecil) Dinobatkan
1. Tuan Bujang ,memohon kebenaran daripada Sultan Palembang untuk mudik ( ke kawasan hulu/pedalaman) iaitu ke Rawas. Sultan Palembang membenarkan Tuan Bujang mudik ke Rawas dan di sana Tuan Bujang berkahwin dengan anak Dipati Batu Kucing dan memiliki seorang anak lelaki bernama Raja Alam.
2. Tuan Bujang kemudian pergi ke Jambi untuk bertemu dengan Sultan Maharaja di Batu. Di Jambi Raja Kecil berperang dengan Sultan Maharaja merebut kebesaran dengan sultan di Kedah tetapi kalah.
3. Tuan Bujang pulang ke Minangkabau lalu terus ke Pagaruyung. Tuan Bujang menghadap Puteri Jilan. Raja Kecil memberitahu Tuan Puteri Jilan bahawa baginda meninggalkan Pagaruyung kerana melawat negeri orang. Seterusnya ,Puteri Jilan mencadangkan Tuan Bujang pergi belayar dan ke Siak. Seterusnya meminta Tuan Bujang mengambil semula kerajaan Johor dan menuntut semula kematian ayahandanya.
4. Tuan Bujang dinobatkan oleh Yamtuan Sakti bapa saudaranya.... Semasa penobatan tersebut Yamtuan Sakti telah menguji kesahihan Tuan Bujang sebagai pewaris Minangkabau lantas Tuan Bujang dinobatkan bersama-sama anak lelakinya.
5. Semasa dinobat, mahkota diletakkan di atas kepala Tuan Bujang dan Puteri Jilan membaca salasilah keturunan Tuan Bujang dan wajah Tuan Bujang sangat berseri-seri umpama bunga raya kembang pada waktu pagi. Melihat akan kehebatan tersebut segala pegawai, Menteri Yang Empat, Bendahara di Sungai Tarab, Makhdum di Sumanik, Enduma di Suroso
• sujud menyembah Tuan Bujang dan mengaku bahawa Tuan Bujang ialah seorang raja besar di Tanah Melayu.
• Mereka bermohon agar Tuan Bujang kekal dan tenteram menjadi raja di Tanah Melayu. Tuan Bujang digelar Yang Dipertuan Raja Kecil.
6. Seterusnya mahkota diletakkan oleh Yamtuan Sakti di atas kepala anakandanya tetapi senget lantas Yamtuan Sakti mengatakan anaknya tewas dengan kelebihan yang ada pada Raja Kecil lalu diberi nama Raja Beralah.
7. Suatu hari, Puteri Jilan dan Yang Diipertuan Sakti menunjukkan pedang kerajaan yang berasal dari Minangkabau yang dipersembahkan oleh Raja Kuantan kepada Raja Kecil . Pedang tersebut bernama Sepurejab. Puteri Jilan menyerahkan
• Pedang Sepurejab
• Sepah ( sejenis batu permata yang terdapat gambar akar atau kayu di
dalam batu permata tersebut )
• Lima depa rambut Puteri Jilan
• Dua butir kupang-kupang dan
• Sebuah cop mohor.
8. Puteri Jilan memaklumkan bahawa Raja Kecil akan turun ke laut maka Puteri Jilan memerintah;
 Semua anak Minangkabau di laut
 Semua anak Minangkabau di sekeliling Pulau Perca
 mesti bersama-sama Raja Kecil menebus aib yang ditanggung oleh anaknya dan orang Minangkabau .
9. JIKA ada orang Minangkabau tidak mahu menyertai pasukan Raja Kecil mereka akan terkena sumpah kerana mengingkari perintah.
10. Akan tetapi, jika orang Minangkabau tidak dapat menyertai pasukan Raja Kecil maka mereka mesti memberi
• Dua puluh rial
• Selaras setinggar ( sejenis senapang kuno)
• Obat sekati ( sekati peluru setinggar )
11. Setelah selesai Yang Dipertuan Sakti mengenakan perjanjian di atas, baginda menyerahkan empat orang hulubalang kepada Raja Kecil
• Datuk Lebai Tasi
• Datuk Gergaji
• Raja Mendeling
• Sultan Pendalihan
Latihan Kendiri
i. Berikan maksud
• “Patik menengok cupak dan gantang orang”.
(muka surat 49)
• Sambil beryang-yang
( muka surat 49 )
• Kararlah ( muka surat 50)
• Kita pulangkan aib malunya anak kita ( muka surat 50)
• Kena bisa kawi ( muka surat 50)
ii. Kemukakan nilai yang terdapat dalam kisah Tuan Bujang (Raja Kecil ) Dinobatkan
iii. Kemukakan pengajaran yang terdapat dalam kisah Tuan Bujang (Raja Kecil) Dinobatkan
iv. Jelaskan perwatakan Raja Kecil dalam kisah Tuan Bujang (Raja Kecil) Dinobatkan.
v. Nyatakan sebab-sebab Puteri Jilan mahu Raja Kecil merampas Negeri Johor.
a. Raja Kecil bermohon untuk berangkat danl didoakan oleh Puteri Jilan agar memperoleh kejayaan.
b. Raja Kecil sampai ke Siak Raja Kecil tidak mendedahkan identiti dirinya, sebaliknya baginda berulang alik dari Siak ke Bukit Batu ;membeli ikan terubuk dan telur ikan terubuk di di Bukit Batu lalu dibawa ke Siak untuk dijual. Pada satu hari Raja Kecil melakukan kesalahan kepada Bandar Bukit Batu lalu didenda sebanyak dua puluh rial. Raja Kecil amat marah lalu berdendam. Akibatnya baginda mengambil upah menjadi Nakhoda Penangguk ke Melaka tetapi bersumpah agar anak cucunya tidak menjadi Nakhoda Penangguk.
c. Seterusnya Raja Kecil pergi ke Mengkalis untuk bertemu dengan orang-orang Minangkabau kerana ramai antara mereka yang kaya raya dan mempunyai perahu yang besar-besar.
d. Sampai di Mengkalis, Raja Kecil terus bertemu penghulu lalu menyerahkan cop mohor kepada penghulu. Melihat sahaja cop mohor tersebut maka penghulu tahu bahawa Raja Kecil membawa perintah Yang Dipertuan Sakti lalu berasa takut (gementar). Penghulu dengan segera memerintah orang-orang Minangkabau yang ada di Mengkalis berkampung lalu menyembah daulat kepada Raja Kecil dan menyatakan taat setia kepada Raja Kecil.
e. Di Mengkalis Raja Kecil digelar Yang Dipertuan, raja turun dari Pagaruyung. Setelah berlaku lafaz taat setia di Mengkalis, Raja Kecil berangkat ke Batu Bahara pula kerana di situ terdapat ramai juga orang-orang Minangkabau. Di Batu Bahara Raja Kecil mendapat pengakuan taat setia daripada Penghulu Yang Berempat. Raja Kecil juga mendapatkan pengakuan taat setia daripada orang-orang Minangkabau di Tanah Putih dan di Kubu.
f. Raja Kecil Pulang semula ke Mengkalis dan membuat strategi untuk menyerang Johor.
Latihan Kendiri
i. Apakah reaksi penghulu apabila melihat cap dari Pagaruyung?
ii. Pada pendapat anda , mengapakah Raja Kecil ‘tiada memeliharakan dirinya,” semasa berada di Siak?
1. Ketika Raja Kecil berada di Mengkalis, baginda dikunjungi oleh Raja Bugis iaitu Daeng Parani, Daeng Celak dan Raja Tuha. Mereka sudah saling mengenalketika tinggal dim Bangkah Kota semasa Raja Kecil tinggal dengan Sultan Palembang.
2. Semasa pertemuan tersebut, Raja Kecil menyampaikan hasrat untuk menyerang Johor. Daeng Parani membuat perjanjian jika Raja Kecil menang
3. Raja Kecil menjadi Yang Dipertuan Besar di Johor
4. Daeng Parani menjadi Yang Dipertuan Muda
5. Setelah semua syarat dipersetujui Daeng Parani bergerak ke Langat dan mengumpul semua orang Bugis di sana untuk menyertai pasukan perang Raja Kecil.
6. Sepucuk surat dihantar kepada Yang Dipertuan Johor di Johor memaklumkan Raja Kecil anakanda kepada Marhum Mangkat Dijulang akan kembali ke Johor untuk menuntut bela kematian ayahandanya. Johor diminta bersiap sedia.
7. Sebaik sahaja surat diterima, Yang Dipertuan Johor mengumpul semua orang besar-besar dan berpakat membaiki kota dan parit.
8. Berita Raja Kecil yang akan datang ke Johor tersebar luas sampai ke pengetahuan Raja Negara Selat . Oleh itu Raja Negara Selat bersama-sama rakyat Johor datang ke Mengkalis untuk bertemu dengan Raja Kecil.
9. Di Mengkalis, Raja Negara Selat dan orang Johor mengatakan Raja Kecil ialah orang Johor sementara orang Minangkabau mengatakan Raja Kecilm ialah orang Minangkabau.
10. Perbezaan pendapat mereka dileraikan oleh Raja Kecil sebaliknya memninta mereka semua bekerjasama . Raja Kecil mempersiap perahu besar dan kecil lalu berangkat ke Johor bersama-sama orang Johor (rakyat Selat) dan semua rakyat yang tinggal di kawasan laut.
11. Sebaik sahaja tiba di Kuala Sungai Johor, orang Johor dengan riuh rendahnya melaungkan kedatangan tuan mereka. Semua kaum keluarga Laksamana datang menghadap Raja Kecil.
12. Orang Johor di Kuala Johor hendak menguji kesahihan Raja Kecil sebagai anak Marhum Mangkat Dijulang. Raja Kecil diminta menawarkan air yang masin.
13. Raja Kecil menjampi air masin tersebut sambil memasukkan lingkaran rotan ke dalam air masin tersebut.
14. Air berjaya ditawarkan oleh Raja Kecil. Orang Johor di Kuala Johor mengaku Raja Kecil sebagai tuan mereka.
15. Dari Kuala Johor, Raja Kecil bergerak masuk ke kota Negeri Johor. Pasukan Raja Kecil dibedil dari kubu tetapi hanya air yang keluar dari mulut meriam.
16. Raja Kecil terus mudik dan sampai ke Pangkalan Rama. Di Pangkalan Rama Raja Kecil melompat naik ke atas jambatan sambil menghunus pedang Sepurejab.
17. Tindakan Raja Kecil dituruti oleh hulubalang yang empat
• Datuk Lebai Tasi
• Datuk Gergaji
• Raja Mendeling
• Sultan Pendalihan
18. Raja Kecil diiringi oleh Orang Besar-besar dengan pedang terhunus . Suasana sanagat bising.
19. Kedatangan RajaKecil diketahui oleh Yang Dipertuan Johor, maka dengan segera baginda meninggalkan kota dan pulang ke Kampung Bendahara Lama.
20. Raja Kecil masuk ke dalam istana yang terletak di dalam kota diiringi hulubalang yang empat dan Orang Besar-besar lalu menunggu perintah Raja Kecil.
21. Raja Kecil bertanya tentang Bendahara. Penghulu Istana memberitahu bahawa Bendahara telah melarikan diri.
22. Pada masa yang sama Yamtuan Muda mengamuk dan membunuh anak dan isterinya. Dia berhasrat untuk mengamuk di dalam kota apabila habis semua anak isterinya dibunuh.
23. Tetapi sebaik sahaja semua anak isterinya dibunuh, dia berasa takut lalu nlari ked lam hutan.
24. Akhirnya, Yamtuan Muda mengambil keputusan menyerah diri kepada Raja Kecil kerana telah berdosa membunuh ayahanda Raja Kecil
25. Raja Kecil memaafkan Yamtuan Muda
26. Akan tetapi, berita pembunuhan anak isteri Yamtuan Muda sampai ke pengetahuan Raja Kecil. Raja Kecil meminta Bendahara memutuskan hukuman ke atas Yamtuan Muda.
27. Bendahara mengeluarkan perintah Yamtuan Muda dibunuh kerana bertindak tanpa kebenaran Raja Kecil.
28. Pada masa yang sama, Raja Kecil tidak sempat bertemu ibunya Ecik Pung kerana Encik Pung telah meninggal dunia.
29. Raja Kecil menziarahi jenazah ibunya dan mengurus jenazah ibunya mengikut adat kebesaran raja.
30. Raja Kecil mengadakan
 Bacaan Al-Qurandi makam Encik Pung selama 40 hari
 Tahlil
 Bersedekah kepada fakir miskin
31. Raja Kecil meminang Tengku Tengah anak Bendahara
32. Malangnya, semasa hari raya semua anak Bendahara datang menghadap Raja Kecil kecuali Tengku Tengah.
33. Pada masa itu, Raja Kecil terpandang Tengku Kamariah, anak Bendahara yang bongsu lalu jatuh hati. Tetapi ditolak oleh Tengku Kamariah.
34. Bendahara tidak mampu menolak kehendak Raja Kecil kerana baginda ialah raja.
35. Akhirnya Raja Kecil menjadi raja Johor bergelar Sultan Abdul Jalil Syah, Yang Dipertuan Besar dan berkahwin dengan Tengku Kamariah.
i. Kesan lokasi Kuala Sungai Johor
ii. Kesan Lokasi kota Negeri Johor (Johor Lama)
iii. LAKARKAN LALUAN RAJA KECIL DARI Mengkalis ke kota Negeri Johor
Cara: layari Googles Maps: negeri Johor, Malaysia bagi mendapatkan lokasi dalam peta
Taip Googles Maps
Klik Gets Destinations

i. Jelaskan perwatakan Raja Kecil dalam kisah Raja Kecil Menyerang Johor.
ii. Nyatakan kelebihan-kelebihan yang dimiliki oleh Raja Kecil dalam kisah Raja Kecil Menyerang Johor.
iii. Nyatakan tindakan Raja Kecil selepas dimaklumkan bondanya hilang.
iv. Berikan maksud rangkai kata
mendengar bondanya hilang
dengan tiada berbulang dan berkeris
menyerahkan nyawa
          Cop Shooting Death Cases Raise Question: When Is Fear Reasonable?   
It's rare for a law enforcement officer to be convicted of homicide for shooting someone while on duty. According to a new NPR data analysis, 2,400 people have been killed this way in the last two and a half years; the vast majority of those cases were found to be justified, but NPR found 20 officers who faced charges. Of those, six have been convicted or pleaded guilty. Many Americans have come to believe that the convictions are too rare. The acquittal earlier this month of Jeronimo Yanez in the shooting death of Philando Castile in Minnesota sparked protests, and an angry outburst on Facebook Live by Castile's mother, Valerie Castile. "I don't know where they got the m************ jurors from, but that was some straight-up b*******!" she said, and mocked the defense's assertion that Yanez had been in fear of his life. "You shouldn't be no police officer if you're going to handle yourself in that manner," Castile said. When is fear reasonable? During the trial, Yanez testified that
          ‘It will combat crime’: Robocop cars join Dubai’s futuristic police force (VIDEO)   
Preview United Arab Emirates policing is entering an even more advanced futuristic phase, after the city of Dubai signed a deal that will see mini, self-driving cop cars deployed to fight street crime.
Read Full Article at
          Comment on Teach Kids How To Interact With Cops? WTF? by trueblue11   
how about teaching kids (and adults), about their RIGHTS when stopped by police. of course, that doesn't apply when the policeman asks you for your I.D. , and you go to reach for it in your wallet, and the cop puts 9 bullets in your chest...oh did i mention, you happen to be black.
          Ple ordinari de juny   

Aquests dimarts 27 hi ha Junta General d'EMSER i després el ple ordinari de juny  a les 20:00. Hi podeu assistir de públic o seguir-ho en directe per Ràdio Pollença, al 107.9FM a www.radiopollenç Al nostre perfil de facebook us informarem del desenvolupament dels mateixos. A l'enllaç teniu la documentació corresponent

Hem presentat una moció demanant un protocol d’actuació per regular com procedir en la cessió de dispositius com mòbils, tablets o similars i exigint a tots els regidors que no formen part de l’equip de govern i encara disposen de dispositius electrònics rebuts la legislatura passada, a que els retornin en un termini de 30 dies.




1.- Examen i aprovació, si procedeix, del Balanç, Memòria, Compta de Pèrdues i Guanys, proposta sobre el destí dels resultats socials i gestió de l'òrgan d'Administració corresponents a l'anterior exercici social tancat el dia 31 de desembre de 2016.


2.- Lectura i aprovació de l'acta de la Junta, si procedeix, o nomenament d'Interventors per a la seva posterior aprovació.





1.- Aprovació, si procedeix, de les actes de les sessions anteriors.


2.- Aprovació inicial, si procedeix, de l'expedient de modificació de crèdit 12-2017 sota la modalitat de crèdit extraordinari finançat amb romanent de Tresoreria per a despeses Generals.


Es tracta de fer una modificació de crèdit de 1.330.000 € per executar la primera fase del projecte de dotació de serveis de la Cala. Es milloraran les voravies, enllumenat i cablejat del carrer Temporal, i de les escalonades perpendiculars. També faran una millora a l'esplanada de davant el bar Mallorca, amb llambordes, per crear una pseudo-plaça. No llevaran el trànsit, però si que el separaran.


3.- Aprovació, si procedeix, de l'expedient núm. 4 /2017 de reconeixement

 extrajudicial de crèdits.


Dos llistats, un de l'Ajuntament i ualtre de la residència (amb una sola factura). Són 20.137 euros, de factures  que segons va dir l'interventor totes havien entrat tard.


4.- Aprovació definitiva si procedeix, de l'expedient per a la dedicació d'un carrer del municipi al Fill Il·lustre Sr. Pere Josep Cànaves Salas.


   Fa anys que s'hauria d'haver fet aquest reconeixement. Volem recordar que a la moció, que es va aprovar al novembre del 2010, també es va aprovar dedicar un carrer als dos vocals de la comissió gestora també assassinats: Martí Vicens Vilanova "Bonjesús" i Bartomeu Cabanellas Botia "del Lloquet". Serà el tram de davant el Museu i els jardins . Hi ha hagut una exposició pública i no s'han presentat al·legacions. Pere Josep Cànaves va ser president de la Junta Gestora nomenada pel govern del Front Popular des del 13 de març de 1936 fins el 20 de juliol de 1936. El 19 de juliol de 1936 va defensar la legalitat republicana i democràtica davant el cop d’Estat i per aquest motiu, les noves autoritats franquistes el condemnaren a mort. Va ser afusellat el 27 de gener de 1938


5.- Resolució d'al·legacions i aprovació definitiva, si procedeix, de l'alteració de la qualificació jurídica/desafecció parcial del domini públic de la superfície de 2030 m2 del bé immoble municipal que pertany a la finca denominada Can Conill en la part qualificada com urbana.


Hi ha hagut al·legacions de Tots per Pollença i d'un particular que coincideixen en el punt que l'ús sanitari  no està permès per el Pla General. L'assessor jurídic i l'arquitecte han contestat que amb les modificacions que s'han fet del Planejament s'han eliminat aquests usos, o més ben dit s'han integrat dins altres. Se pot dir que no hi ha cap lloc destinat a usos sanitaris estrictament, i per tant aquesta al·legació la podrien fer a qualsevol solar.  

El ciutadà també ha al·legat que s'ha de poder observar el Puig des del Parc com estableix el Pla General. Els tècnics han dit que això no seria el moment de reclamar-ho ja que és un canvi de titularitat, però s'ha de tenir en compte a l'hora de fer projecte.


6.- Moció presentada pel grup municipal Tots per Pollença per instar a l'equip de govern a aturar la construcció del nou PAC a Can Conill, estudiar altres alternatives i obrir un procés participatiu per triar el seu lloc d'ubicació (RGE núm. 4823 de 15.06.17)


Tots per Pollença argumenta que la construcció no és imminent, creu que hi ha temps per cercar una nova alternativa amb el procés, fer els estudis necessaris i fer la modificació del planejament si cal (entre 3 i 6 mesos).  El batle argumenta que tornar a començar seria perdre una oportunitat, que totes aquestes altres possibilitats ja estan estudiades, i que és cert que la conselleria va trigar un poc a contestar sobre les exigències a complir, però que ara tornar enrera no és viable, i que es perdria el PAC. 


7.- Moció presentada pel grup municipal Alternativa per Pollença pel retorn dels dispositius mòbils cedits per l'Ajuntament i establir un protocol que en reguli la seva cessió (RGE núm. 4834 de 15.06.17).


Hem presentat una moció demanant un protocol d’actuació per regular com procedir en la cessió de dispositius com mòbils, tablets o similars i exigint a tots els regidors que no formen part de l’equip de govern i encara disposen de dispositius electrònics rebuts la legislatura passada, a que els retornin en un termini de 30 dies.


8.- Moció presentada pels grups municipals Tots per Pollença, Partit Popular i el Regidor no adscrit Martí Roca envers el servei de neteja del litoral amb barques (RGE núm. 4877 de 16.06.17)


El bloc de dretes ha presentat aquesta moció demanant que l’Ajuntament insti a la Conselleria a ampliar el termini de neteja, i que mantengui les 33 embarcacions destinades a fer-ho. Segons ells el servei ha estat aturat sense licitació, i ha patit retalladles. Segons el regidor de medi ambient la licitació ja estava feta.


9.- Moció presentada pels grups municipals Tots per Pollença, Partit Popular i el Regidor no adscrit Martí Roca envers la venda ambulant il·legal (RGE núm. 4879 de 16.06.17)


Una altre moció presentada pel bloc de dretes, demanant que es consemni i lluiti contra la venta ambulant al municipi. Vam demanar si aquest problema era greu, i el batle va contestar  que no, que es tractava de poques persones.



10.- Propostes/Mocions d'urgència.


1.- Informació de Batlia

2.- Dació de compte de resolucions de Batlia

3.- Precs i preguntes.

Com sempre hem registrat les nostres preguntes. 

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          Jane Haseldine's Duplicity Tour & Giveaway   
Duplicity by Jane Haseldine | Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tour Banner


by Jane Haseldine

on Tour July 1-31, 2017


Duplicity by Jane Haseldine
In Jane Haseldine’s new novel of riveting suspense, Detroit newspaper reporter Julia Gooden is up against the city’s most devious criminal—and her own painful past. Julia Gooden knows how to juggle different lives. A successful crime reporter, she covers the grittiest stories in the city while raising her two young boys in the suburbs. But beneath that accomplished façade is another Julia, still consumed by a tragedy that unfolded thirty years ago when her nine-year-old brother disappeared without a trace.
Julia’s marriage, too, is a balancing act, as she tries to rekindle her relationship with her husband, Assistant District Attorney David Tanner, while maintaining professional boundaries. David is about to bring Nick Rossi to trial for crimes that include drug trafficking, illegal gambling, and bribery. But the story becomes much more urgent when a courthouse bomb claims several victims—including the prosecution’s key witness—and leaves David critically injured.
Though Julia is certain that Rossi orchestrated the attack, the case against him is collapsing, and his power and connections run high and wide. With the help of Detective Raymond Navarro of the Detroit PD, she starts following a trail of blackmail, payback, and political ambition, little imagining where it will lead. Julia has risked her career before, but this time innocent lives—including her children’s—hang in the balance, and justice may come too late to save what truly matters…

What Reviewers are Saying about Duplicity:

“Haseldine has a gift for atmosphere, setting, and suspense, and the many twists and turns will keep readers guessing.”—Library Journal
“Julia, introduced in The Last Time She Saw Him (2016), is ferociously bold and persistent as she deals with professional and personal adversity laced with duplicity in this action-packed, plot-driven mystery. This is hard-bitten crime fiction with changes ahead for its unrelenting series protagonist.”—Booklist
“Haseldine (The Last Time She Saw Him, 2016) uses her experience as a crime reporter to bring authenticity to this exciting and gritty tale.”—Kirkus Reviews

Book Details:

Genre: Mystery
Published by: Kensington Publishing
Publication Date: April 2017
Number of Pages: 352
ISBN: 149670407X (ISBN13: 9781496704078)
Series: Julia Gooden Mystery #2 | Duplicity can be read as a stand alone novel
Purchase Links: Amazon  | Barnes & Noble  | Goodreads 

Read an excerpt:

Chapter 1
Glenlivet, light on the rocks. A cocktail waitress with bright fuchsia lipstick delivers the drink and motions her head in the direction of the aged fifty-something women two tables down. The recipient of the cocktail turns his head toward the hoots and low whistles from the likely recent divorcees who are ogling him like a lusty spectator sport.
“Want to join us, hon?” the ringleader asks and adjusts her leopard print halter-top to reveal an extra inch of orange, tanned cleavage. In case her intent wasn’t clear enough, the woman scoops a sugar cube from her champagne cocktail, places it between her teeth and starts sucking.
“No thank you,” the businessman answers coolly and places the unwanted drink back on the cocktail waitress’ tray.
He turns his back on the spurned women and locks in on a tall, willowy blond in a white dress that clings to her slender curves as she moves fluidly across the casino floor in his direction.
She pauses at his table, slides into the empty seat across from him and carefully tucks a leather briefcase between her legs.
The rowdy commotion from the neighboring table of women abruptly stops as they wordlessly concede, they’ve been bested by a thoroughbred.
The businessman slips an Italian charcoal grey suit coat over his tall and tightly muscled frame. He tips back the last few sips of the drink he ordered for himself ten minutes earlier and heads toward the lobby, not bothering to look back. He knows the blond will follow.
In the elevator, the mouth of a camera lens captures its occupants’ activities. The pair stand close, but just far enough apart so it doesn’t look obvious they are together, just two attractive strangers in an elevator heading up to their respected rooms. The blond stunner holds the briefcase in her left hand and takes a risk. She lifts her pinky finger up and brushes the back of the businessman’s hand for less than a second.
The elevator arrives on the VIP floor, the best the MGM Grand has to offer.
The blond bends down, slides a key out of the front pocket of the briefcase and opens the hotel room door. Inside, the man stands in front of the floor to ceiling windows. He takes a quick pan of downtown Detroit and then snaps the curtains shut. When it is safe, when they are alone, the blond, now anxious and wanting, drops the briefcase and goes directly for his zipper.
“Wait.” He takes the briefcase over to the bed, opens it, and fans the stack of bills across the mattress like a seasoned blackjack dealer some thirty stories below.
“Two million. You don’t trust me now?” the woman asks with a contrived pout.
He ignores the question until the cash has been fully accounted for.
“Come here,” he commands.
He starts to remove his coat, but she is already there.
“I’ve missed you,” she whispers and cups her long, delicate fingers around his crotch.
He reciprocates by running his hand across the thin silk of her dress directly over her breast, and then squeezes until the blond lets out a gasp.
The blond easily submits when the man pushes her down hard on the bed, letting him believe he still has the upper hand, that he is the aggressor. She stares up at his beautiful face, his breath coming faster now as his body starts to move in a rapid, steady rhythm above her. She doesn’t mind when he closes his eyes. He wants her again, reestablishing her position of control, at least for now. That’s all that matters.
When they are finished, the businessman turns toward the wall in disgust.
“I knew you weren’t through with me yet,” she says. “You take all your hostility out on me in bed. You’re a rough boy, but I like it.”
He ignores her, gets up from the bed, still naked, and heads to the bathroom. The blond is useless to him now. She knows it but still holds on.
“The birthmark on your ass is so sweet. It looks like a crescent moon with a shooting star underneath,” she remarks. “Come back to bed and let me take a closer look.”
The man spins around, anger flashing in his eyes as if the blonde’s comment violated something personal.
“Shut up,” he says.
“No need to talk dirty to me. You know I’ll give you what you want, as long as you give me my share of the money.”
“When it’s over, you’ll get it. That’s the agreement.”
“How do I know you won’t screw me?”
“Because I’m not that guy. The money will be in a safe place.”
“I want access to it.”
“I don’t think so.”
The door to the bathroom slams shut and she is dismissed. Inside the shower, he scrubs every trace of the woman off his body, hoping she will be gone when he comes out. But the blond is still in bed. At least she is sleeping.
The businessman climbs back into his suit, grabs the briefcase and closes the hotel room door quietly behind him. The second elevator in the hallway opens and he disappears inside just as elevator one chimes its arrival to the VIP floor. Its single occupant emerges, a man, squat and thick but moving swiftly like a gymnast. He wears all black, a bulky windbreaker, sweatpants and a baseball cap as if he’s just come from the hotel gym. He lets himself into a room with a key he extracts from a bulky fanny pack that flanks his waist. Inside, he quickly assesses the scene, pulls a tiny camera out from its hiding place inside a fake antique clock on the dresser and tucks it into his coat pocket.
He then retrieves a razor blade and scarf from the pack and heads toward the bed where the blond is still sleeping.
The man moves silently as he eases his body onto the bed. He inches forward across the mattress and then straddles the blond with his hips, locking her in place until she is prone and pinned to the bed. Without opening her eyes, she smiles, thinking her lover has returned. She flicks her tongue across her lips and then opens her mouth expectantly.
“Shhh,” he whispers. “You pay now. We know what you did.”
The woman’s eyes fly open, and she tries to scream out her assailant’s name, but he cuffs one stubby hand across her mouth before she can utter a word. He lifts the razor from his pocket and begins to gently slide the unsharpened side of the blade down her stomach until it reaches the top of her public bone.
“Please!” she begs. “I’ll give you what you want.”
The razor stops short before it makes its final descent.
His breath is warm and steady against her ear. “How do you know what I want?”
“Money. I’ll give it to you.”
He pauses as though considering the request and flicks the dull side of the blade back and forth across her skin.
“God, please. You don’t want money then. Okay. Just tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”
He shakes his head and teases the sharp edge of the razor blade against her leg.
“Who is it?” he whispers as the razor makes a tiny, precise knick on the inside of her thigh, drawing a single drop of blood that trickles down her ivory skin like a crimson teardrop.
“The name. I’ll give you the name!” she pleads. “Sammy Biggs, the Butcher. He’s the one. I just found out, I swear. I didn’t betray you. He did. Now please! Let me go.”
The hired hand sighs deeply, as if savoring an indulgent pleasure, now finally satisfied. But not quite. Lessons must be learned and never forgotten. The man stuffs the scarf down the woman’s mouth to muffle the pain of her penance. It is engrained in his soul those who sin must atone. He clasps the razor blade between his thumb and middle finger and cuts the blonde’s left earlobe off in one clean slice.
“Hail Mary, full of grace,” he prays as he pulls out a locket from underneath his black T-shirt. He kisses a likeness of the face of the blessed Virgin Mary etched into the front of the gold necklace charm and stuffs his newly won keepsake from the blond into his pocket.
Chapter 2
Concrete, grey, cold, and quickly passing is the only thing Julia sees. The running started the previous summer when she was at the lake house, the place she mistakenly thought would be a sanctuary for her boys after the separation from her husband David.
The runs started as just one lap around the rocky coastal loop along Lake Huron. But when Julia migrated back to the Detroit suburbs for a second shot at her marriage, her runs progressed and three times a week turned into seven and the start times became earlier and earlier.
Five a.m. Julia conquers the stretch of her Rochester Hills comfortable suburban neighborhood within five minutes. She expands her perimeter to downtown and then all the way to the Auburn Hills border. Ten miles today. No negotiation.
Julia races through the darkness just starting to break and ignores everything she passes, the funky downtown stores, the tidy homes with daily papers waiting on the icy driveway blacktops and the Assembly of God church with its bulletin board warning “Sin: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.”
None of the scenery matters. The steady rhythm of her sneakers pounding against the concrete pushes Julia forward, getting her closer to some invisible finish line as she race her one constant opponent: herself.
Spring officially arrived in Michigan a week prior, but the depressing mounds of frozen grey snow from another cruel Midwestern winter obviously didn’t get the memo. Julia pushes herself harder and starts to sprint as she passes her oldest son Logan’s middle school, her half-mile mark to home, and breathes in deeply. The cold air stings as it goes down, but it’s worth it. Julia is certain she can smell the beginnings of the ground starting its impatient thaw and the bulbs, in a deep slumber since October, beginning to stir. Change is coming and she is ready for it.
A car drives by slowly, reaches the corner and then turns back around in her direction. Julia instinctively moves away from the curb and reaches down toward her waist pack. Instead of a water bottle, Julia packs protection, pepper spray and a folding knife with a three-inch blade. Paranoia always ran hard and deep after what happened to her brother when Julia was a little girl, compounded by twelve years covering the crime beat, not to mention a deranged religious fanatic who kidnapped her youngest son. For Julia, it all adds up to one thing: Trust no one.
The car slows to a crawl as it approaches a second time. A dark sedan, nondescript, probably a Ford model about five-years-old with tinted windows, Julia calculates as her hand sweeps inside her pack. She runs her fingers across the flat side of the knife’s blade as the car’s driver side window opens.
“Hey, Gooden, I thought that was you. If you’re going to jog in the dark, you better wear brighter colors or you’re going to get mowed down out here,” Detroit Police Detective Leroy Russell says. Julia recalls Russell lives somewhere in the Rochester Hills community, where his ex-wife is an assistant professor of journalism at Oakland University.
Julia finally exhales, her breath turning into a puff of white that disappears into the frigid late March morning. Now knowing she won’t have to engage in hand-to-hand combat, Julia fixes her gaze back on Russell whose trademark Mr. Clean buzz cut looks freshly-shaven. She feels the sting of adrenaline coursing through her body as the fear leaves her.
She begins to respond to Russell when the smell hits from the open car window. Julia makes out the distinct aroma of almost metabolized late-night, heavy drinking and Old Spice, the latter applied so liberally, it makes her eyes sting.
“How are you doing, Russell?” Julia asks. “Are you on the early shift?”
Russell reaches toward his glove compartment and extracts a green bottle of Excedrin which he pops open and then crushes four white tablets under his tongue.
“Retirement party last night for Sergeant Walter Shaw,” Russell explains. “I’m meeting Navarro for breakfast, so hopefully an order of scrambled eggs and home fries will soak it all up before a hangover hits.”
“You and Navarro are meeting up to discuss the Rossi trial,” Julia states, no question necessary. “I caught both your names on the prosecution’s witness list.”
“That’s right.”
Julia jogs in place without realizing it and strategizes how she can pump Russell for information for her story. The court part of the crime beat is her least favorite, despite the fact Julia is married to a lawyer. To her, courtrooms feel like tight little boxes where various versions of the truth run fast and loose amidst the big show, and the winner is often selected not by the culmination of the presented facts, but by which side puts on a better performance.
“I heard there’s going to be a surprise witness the prosecution is going to pull out at the last minute. Do you know anything about that? We can go off the record. You know I won’t burn you. I just need a name,” Julia pushes.
Russell reaches up and massages his right temple with his index finger.
“I don’t know,” he says. “Even if there is some last-minute witness, Judge Palmer probably won’t allow it if they aren’t on the list. Why are you asking anyway? You’ve got a much better source at home. You and David are back together, right?”
“We’re working on it. I can’t ask David though. It would be a conflict of interest. The D.A.’s office doesn’t want to get sued for leaking information to the press. Plus, David and I are pros. Neither of us would cross that line.”
“Come on. You can’t tell me you don’t pull some favors in the bedroom to get your husband to talk. Sex is a woman’s secret weapon. It always has been since the dawn of time. A sweet, firm ass has toppled many a mighty man. I’m more of a leg man, myself though,” Russell says as he gives Julia’s well-toned runner’s legs a nod of silent approval.
At thirty-seven, Julia has long mastered the fine art of the dodge and weave around unwanted advances. Unless the guy is completely out of line, Julia ignores the come-on like it never happened. The talent serves her well covering the cop beat, where egos and virility are often intertwined, enormous, and surprisingly fragile.
“Where are you and Navarro having breakfast?” she asks.
“Chanel’s in Greektown. You want to join us?”
Julia gives just a hint of a smile. Dodge and weave successful.
“Thanks for the invite. I’ll try.”
“All right, Gooden. Tell the assistant D.A. we’ll see him later. And be careful out here in the dark,” Russell answers and raps a red-chafed hand outside his driver side window before he disappears behind the tinted-glass.
Julia watches Russell’s car pull away and a small shiver runs down her back.
(Don’t ever take a ride from a stranger, Julia, or I swear, I’ll kick your butt).
The sudden childhood memory jolts her, and Julia starts to sprint as if she could race fast enough to outrun the passage of time and warn her younger self to lock the door the night her older brother Ben was taken.
Julia finally reaches home, nowhere left to run. She drops onto the front step, looks up at the first soft lights of dawn finally penetrating through night’s heavy cloak of darkness and chokes back a sob. She knows how to get through the pain. She always has. Julia pushes her emotions down deep and focuses on what she can control.
Her mind clicks off the pieces of the Rossi story she will have to assemble and file into some kind of compelling piece to run in the paper’s online edition before opening arguments. The facts will be the bones of her story: Nick Rossi’s illegal Detroit empire is believed to encompass hijacking and shipping stolen goods, mainly computers and electronics, illegal gambling and drug trafficking. Both the feds and the Detroit PD had been trying to nail him for years. Rossi finally got busted in a city police sting courtesy of hidden cameras placed in the VIP suites of the MGM Grand Hotel. Images on the tapes showed payoffs to the former Detroit mayor and a city councilman, in addition to drug trafficking and cash exchanges for high-stakes gambling bets.
Julia kicks at the frozen ground with the toe of her sneaker and assembles the color elements she will add as sidebars to the main article, the ones that will make the story real to the readers and ultimately make them care: the seventeen-year-old West Bloomfield high school track star who overdosed and died at a party after he graduated that night from ecstasy to heroin for the first and final time, courtesy of Rossi’s stash. Then there is the story of Rossi himself, only nine years old when he witnessed the rape and murder of his mother during a home invasion while the young Rossi bore silent witness as he hid inside a closet and watched the horror unfold through a crack in the door. Since Rossi’s dad had taken off before his son was born, the young Rossi moved in with his uncle, Salvatore Gallo, who ran a moderately successful dry cleaning business with a small bookie operation on the side. Julia and Salvatore Gallo have history, and Julia makes a mental note to herself to call Gallo before she gets to the courthouse to see if he’ll talk.
Julia’s cell phone buzzes inside her waist pack. She looks suspiciously at the phone. 6:15 a.m. Even as a reporter, no one calls that early unless it’s an emergency, and she knows David is still at the house with their boys, Logan and Will, who are sound asleep. She is about to hit the ignore button but stops at the last second when she recognizes the number. Gavin Boyles, the acting mayor’s chief of staff. The other piece of color she needs for the story.
“Gooden here. You’re lucky I’m up.”
“You told me you ran at dawn, so I figured I’d catch you before you got into the newsroom,” Boyles answers. “I checked online a few minutes ago, and I didn’t see your story posted yet.”
“It’ll be up later today. Do you have something for me?”
Boyles, a former TV news anchor before he became a flack, still has the oozing, ultra-smooth voice of a game show host. Julia met him ten years earlier at the scene of a major fire that obliterated a Detroit high-rise and eighteen of its residents who were trapped inside. Boyles showed up late and asked Julia if he could take a look at her notes and she could debrief him on the situation.
“Always working the story, that’s why you’re so good,” Boyles says.
“You’re too kind,” Julia answers and plays the pleasantry game while she waits for Boyles to cut through the bullshit.
“Are you including Mayor Anderson in the story?
“Acting Mayor Anderson?” Julia asks.
“Semantics. We’d prefer not to have Mayor Anderson’s name mentioned unless it pertains to how he is working tirelessly to turn the city around since former mayor Slidell’s indictment for his involvement in the Rossi case. If you write another story about how Slidell took bribes from Rossi to shut him up, you’re doing a disservice to the people of the city. Detroit has suffered enough, don’t you think? You could turn this into a positive story.”
“And how has Anderson turned the city around exactly?”
“Public perception. I want to share something with you. This is off the record for now, all right?”
“Of course,” Julia answers and wonders whether the call might not be a complete waste of her time after all.
“Mayor Anderson will be holding a press conference today announcing a strategic task force dedicated solely to promoting all things positive in Detroit, including a volunteer-driven beautification project to help improve blight. It was my idea. Detroit is trying to make its way back. The residents don’t need a rehashing of another corrupt city official story.”
“Politics isn’t my beat.”
“Neither is business, but your articles are hurting the casinos. Detroit got gutted after the auto industry crashed, and God knows we can’t afford to take any more hits. There’s a responsibility, a fine line, we journalists need to ethically tow.”
“I’m still a journalist. Last I checked, you weren’t.”
On the other end of the phone, Boyles blasts an obnoxious guffaw.
“Always blunt, aren’t you? The press conference is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. on the steps of city hall. I assume you’ll be available since the trial will break for lunch. Mayor Anderson specifically asked for you to be there.”
“Thank you for the invitation. I’ll run this by my managing editor and let her decide who to send. You know how this works. It’s not my call.”
“Got it. I’ll call Margie myself and put in the request. I’m surprised the paper is letting you cover the story when your husband is prosecuting it. Good for you though. You won’t have to work as hard this time.”
Julia grits her teeth and forces herself to still play nice. She may need Boyles in the future.
“I always work hard.”
“I just meant…”
Julia cuts off Boyles before he can finish. “Thanks for the call and the heads up on the press conference.”
Julia gives her phone the finger, the sentiment she’d really like to give Boyles directly. Instead, she shuts her phone off and heads into the warmth of her house that hits her like a blowtorch. She strips off her North Face jacket and then peels off her running pants and nylon shirt that stick to her clammy skin. She frees her curly, dark brown hair from its ponytail and pads softly down the hall as not to wake the boys. Inside the office, she leans over the desk and begins to search for her competitor’s coverage of the Rossi trial. She pulls up the Detroit News website and feels a tug in her stomach. In addition to a big picture preview story on the case, Julia knows the Detroit News reporter is writing a sidebar profile on David as first chair for the prosecution and his likely run for D.A. next year, a promise David made to himself after he gave up a lucrative private practice partnership six months earlier to become a public servant. Still standing, Julia bends down closer to the desk and begins to search whether the Detroit News found out about the surprise witness, or worse, if they got the name before she did.
Excerpt from Duplicity by Jane Haseldine. Copyright © 2017 by Jane Haseldine. Reproduced with permission from Jane Haseldine. All rights reserved.

Author Bio:

Jane Haseldine is a journalist, former crime reporter, columnist, newspaper editor, magazine writer, and deputy director of communications for a governor. Jane writes the Julia Gooden mystery series for Kensington Publishing.

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          Cartoons of 1959, Part 1   
There was still a bit of life left in theatrical cartoons in 1959, but the attention in the first half of the year was on two features—“Sleeping Beauty” and “1001 Arabian Nights” with Mr. Magoo. As for shorts, well, there were very few developments. UPA and Columbia came to a parting; Columbia had money in Hanna-Barbera, so it didn’t need an outside studio. Walter Lantz announced he was making a series directed at teenagers. “Hickory, Dickory and Doc” ended up being directed at people who liked B-list cartoons.

The main story continued to be expansion of animation on television. Stations signed up to run new made-for-TV Felix the Cat cartoons. Hanna-Barbera was expanding (“Pete and Repete” and “Arf and Arf” became the Augie Doggie series). TV Spots planned a series in addition to “Crusader Rabbit” (it never got made). Terrytoons was developing Hector Heathcote. And ABC signed a deal to put Harveytoons (né Famous Studios cartoons) on the air in a show called “Matty’s Funday Funnies.”

You can read what was in the pages of Variety, cartoon-wise, over the first half of 1959.

January 6, 1959
Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" feature cartoon, originally shot in Technirama, has been converted to 70m, compatible with Todd-AO, with a special printer lens, Micro-Panatar, developed specifically for Disney by Panavision.
Adaptation of the pic makes it particularly suitable for roadshowing and was designed to make the pic more attractive to houses set up with the Todd-AO screen. Pic is now advertised as in "Technirama 70," a combination of the Technlcolor-Technirama process with Panavision's adaptation. Panavision prexy Robert Gottschalk said the printer lens was designed specifically for cartoon work and is not particularly suited to other types of pix.

Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists, Local 841, of New York, yesterday filed suit in L.A. Superior Court making $19,350.66 in action brought against C. Morie Foutz and five unidentified shareholders of Academy Pictures Inc., also a N.Y. corporation.
Coin repped unpaid wages to Local's members and welfare fund payments said to be due, according to suit, which was filed under a N.Y. law providing that stockholders of a corporation can be held personally responsible for wages and welfare fund payments if a corporation defaults on such payments. No reason was given for the filing here.
Complaint stated that Aug. 6, 1958, the corporation's assets were assigned to the N.Y. Credit Men's Adjustment Bureau for distribution to creditors. Since combined assets of corporation weren't enough to pay all of its obligations, union therefore was proceeding against stockholders, according to the suit.

January 7, 1959
Sherman A. Todd has been elected prexy of IATSE Film Editors Local 776 for a two-year term.
Others named to the board were: ... Cartoon editor: Treg Brown (one year).

Screen Gems yesterday gave the go-ahead to Hanna & Barbera Productions for full production on "Pete and Repete," new half-hour cartoon series to be launched next fall. H&B are already in production on two other cartoon series for Screen Gems, "Quick Draw McGraw" and "Snooper and Blabbermouse." H&B are searching for offbeat voice characterizations for "Pete," a father and son format. Besides new entries, H&B are continuing with production of their current "Ruff and Reddy" and "Huckleberry Hound" stanzas.

January 8, 1959
Walt Disney Productions and its domestic subsidiaries skyrocketed to an all-time high in returns for the fiscal year ended Sept. 27, 1968, outdistancing the previous year's record net profit by 5.9% and record gross income by 86%.
Company for the 1957-58 period hit a net profit of $3,866,478, equivalent to $2.51 per share on, 1,587,064 shares of common stock outstanding, proxy Roy O. Disney told stockholders in his annual report.
This compared with $8,649,859, or $2.44 per share on 1,484,041 shares outstanding for year ended Sept. 29, 1957.
An increase of $12,799,020 in total gross income was registered by firm's operations, boosting the previous year's take of $85,778,242 to $48,577,262 for 1957-58. Provision for Federal income taxes for the 1958 fiscal year amounted to $3,925,000, as against $3,850,000 for 1957. ...
In expressing full confidence for the 1958-59 period, board chairman Walt Disney Informed stockholders that company would produce six features during the coming year. These include one animation film, "101 Dalmatians."

January 14, 1959
Four Star Films and UPA Pictures have entered into a reciprocal agreement for a combining of their studio forces. Under the arrangement all future animation coming to either will be made by UPA and all live action sequences done by Four Star.
Dick Powell, prexy of Four Star, and UPA head, Stephen Bosustow, who negotiated the deal, said that it is in no sense a merger but a combination of studio crafts. Each company retains its respective identities and work will be done at their individual studios.
Herb Klynn, veepee of UPA's commercial department, and Walter Bien, also a 4 Star's commercial topper, leave next week for the east to appoint sales reps of the joint companies. UPA has been making commercial cartoons since 1948 and 4 Star was formed in 1950, and recently expanded its operation to include commercials.

WWJ-TV adds "Bozo the Clown" color cartoon series Monday through Saturday at 9:30 a. m.

January 16, 1959
Sleeping Beauty
(Cartoon; Technicolor; Technirama 70; Songs)
PREVIEWED at the Carthay Circle Theatre Jan. 15, 1959. Running Time: 75 mins.
Walt Disney has done it again with his new feature cartoon, "Sleeping Beauty." Despite the huge cost of the simple and fairly short film, in Technicolor and Technirama 70, the boxoffice will undoubtedly recompense. With the picture set for roadshowing, the returns will be over a long haul, but "Sleeping Beauty" will be as much of a sturdy perennial as "Snow White" and some of the other Disney cartoon classics.
The ingredients are familiar, only the mixture is different. There is a handsome prince and a beautiful princess. There is a witch who supplies horror and three good fairies who supply comedy. It is the usual Disney combination of Grand Guignol and Punch-and-Judy, with good triumphant and evil vanquished on the final fade-out.
"Sleeping Beauty," adapted by Erdman Penner from the Charles Perrault version of the fairy tale, is no surprise in its familiar outlines. It's the story of the Princess Aurora, who is put under a spell at birth by the bad fairy, Maleficent. She is to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die before she grows up. But the good fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, are able to amend the curse. The princess shall not die, but shall fall into a deep sleep. She shall be awakened by her true love, Prince Philip (latter a character name that is likely to cause some confusion in the British Commonwealth).
Adults must suspend sophistication to enjoy a story such as this, but the effort is worth it, and the production gives them every assistance. Children, even those reared on the redmeat diet of television, will be enthralled. Just when it seems to get too airy-fairy, Disney gives the picture a shot of full-blown horror through Maleficent and her hideous cohorts and cronies.
Mary Costa's rich and express voice for the title character gives substance and strength to that character. It is a stronger yoke than Disney ordinarily uses, and its choice was wise. The music is an adaptation bv George Brims of Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty Ballet," and it is music — where adapted for song — that requires something more than just a pleasant voice. One number in particular, which Miss Costa introduces, is called "Once Upon A Dream," with music from the enchanting Tchaikovsky waltz, and is the best from the score. Bill Shirley, as the prince, also contributes some good singing. His cartoon character is considerably more masculine than these Disney heroes usually are, and Shirley's voice matches the visual concept.
Some of the most delightful parts of the picture are those dealing with the three good fairies, spoken and sung by Verna Felton, Barbara Jo Allen and Barbara Luddy. Their animation as sprites on the wing are the best conception yet of how these supernatural creatures actually get around. Something like slightly oversize fireflies. Others who contribute speaking or singing voices, or both, are Taylor Holmes, Eleanor Audley and Bill Thompson, all excellent.
The current process used to show “Sleeping Beauty” is the biggest Disney has ever used. The picture was shot in Technicolor and Technirama, and then, when completed, printed for 70m on snecial printer lenses developed for Disney by Panavision. It is suitable for adaptation to 35m CinemaScope and may eventually be shown in that process. The larger areas, and their greater depth and definition, are brilliantly utilized to extend the animation magic and raszledassle. Disney gives generous credit to more than 70 of the contributors on "Sleeping Beauty" In the screen credits. Clyde Geronimi was supervising director, and Eric Larson, Wolfgang Reitherman and Les Clark, the sequence directors. It is an individual credit to all involved, that they have combined to make "Sleeping Beauty" seem all of a piece.
Shown with "Sleeping Beauty," which runs only an hour and a quarter, was one of Disney's nature featurettes, "Grand Canyon." It will be programmed with the feature on its road show. Set to Ferde Grofe"s "Grand Canyon Suite," and shot in Technicolor and CinemaScope, the 28-minute film is a fine color story of the great natural phenomenon. It has the familiar Disney whimsy with animals and the equally trademarked Disney accents of terror in nature. There is no dialog and there are no humans in the film, and no narration behind it. Its few incidents are visually explanatory. The final sequence, literally an eagle’s-eye view of the Canyon at sunset, is magnificent. Ernest A. Heiniger photographed the film and James Algar directed. Powr.

January 19, 1959
"Bozo, the Clown" starts on KTLA today, the half-hour show running 5:30 to 6 p.m. as a five-a-day strip both cartoon and live. Vance Colvig, "Bozo," will intro the Larry Harmon Productions cartoons and do the commercials. Harmon is also exec producers the program.

January 21, 1959
Capitol Records will etch an album, "Rhapsody in Steel," the soundtrack of the U.S. Steel documentary film of the same name, for which an original score is being penned by Dimitri Tiomkin. The 110-piece Pittsburgh Symphony, with William Steinberg as conductor, will play the new "Rhapsody" Feb. 15-20 for the film and the Cap label.
The 26-minute Cinemascope film is being released theatrically in April, given theatres cuffo by U.S. Steel which picks up the tab for production. John Sutherland studios is handling the cartoon, with artist Ivan de Earil assigned to it. Documentary relates the history of steel throughout the ages. Tiomkin's bio, "Don't Hate Me," written with Prosper Buranelli, will be published by Doubleday next year.

Walt Disney's new cartoon feature "Sleeping Beauty" and his touring "Art of Animation" exhibit, part of which is devoted to the film, will be here at the same time. Balaban & Katz hopes to get some bally mileage out of this coincidence when "Beauty" bows at the State-Lake Feb. 12.
The exhibit opens Jan.. 24 at the Museum of Science and Industry, and runs to Feb. 15.

Margaret Hamilton commuting between Broadway in "Goldilocks" and CBS Radio's "Couple Next Door." She's also the voice behind Tip Top lady in bread cartoon tv commercials.

January 27, 1959
New York, Jan. 26.—Suit charging Walt Disney with intentional injury, libel and unfair competition in his depiction of the preparation of the song, "Who's Afraid Of the Big Bad Wolf?" was dismissed today in New York Federal Court.
Plaintiff was Ann Ronell, who claimed to be one of the writers of song, who added she wasn't so identified in an Ed Sullivan television program showing how the tune came to be for the Disney cartoon, “Three Little Pigs.” The scene from the Sullivan show was repeated on the Disneyland tv’er and this similarly neglected her, said Miss Ronell.
Judge John W. Clancy ruled Miss Ronell had no right to the credit line. He decided she simply was engaged by a music publisher to develop the song, as it was presented in a cartoon, into a piece saleable to the public, and her only change in the original chorus was the addition of syllables "tra la la la."

First animated series for television in which individual episodes will be a full half-hour in length has been kicked off by TV Spots. Series, tentatively titled "Sir Loin and the Dragon," will maintain the cartoonery's record production pace in which 2,000 feet of animation is being turned out per week, according to Bob Ganon, outfit's veepee and general manager.
Company is currently winding production of 260 "Crusader Rabbit" episodes for tv. Record pace involved in producing "Rabbit" has skyrocketed the outfit into third largest spot among cartoon filmeries, and footage turned out for that series is equivalent, on a sustained basis, to 10 full-length animated features, Ganon declared.

Short subjects [Oscar] nominees — five cartoons and five live action — will be announced Feb. 12 and screened Feb. 22 at Academy Awards Theatre when all members of the Academy vote the Oscar winners after viewing films.

January 28, 1959
A record production year for cartoons has been set by Hanna and Barbera Productions for the coming year, with 197 cartoons to be made for tv during 1959. This includes segments of "Ruff and Reddy," "Huckleberry Hound," "Arf and Arf," "Quick Draw McGraw," end "Snooper and Blabber," as well as commercial and industrial animation.
Firm headed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, as v.p.'s, and George Sidney as prexy, makes cartoons for distribution by Screen Gems in Europe, Latin America and the Orient, in addition to domestic screenings.

Wall Street's romance with Walt Disney Productions continues to grow in intensity; backing of the independent film company is reaching surprising heights. In a single day, Wednesday (21), the stock climbed $3 per share on a volume of 10,300 shares. For all of last week the price shot up to a new high of $49.25, closed the week at $47.62 ½ for a gain of $4.87 1/2 per share. Total of 25,100 shares changed hands.
This kind of bullishness (the high is more than triple the year's low) is rare for a company paying only 40c in cash as annual dividend, plus some stock. Nonetheless several brokers are touting Disney for a variety of reasons and private investors are heeding the advice.
For one, the professionals, in communications to clients, are citing Disney's continuing profits record. Also being underlined is the expectation that the Disneyland amusement park in Anaheim, Cal., is likely to further bolster the net income now that major expenses have been written off.
On the third count, the money men figure that Disney has a good thing in "Sleeping Beauty." This all-cartoon feature was brought in at a lofty $6,000,000 (meaning considerable risk). The investors who have seen the picture at advance screenings think Disney has his money's worth on the screen.

February 3, 1959
Boff biz being run up by "Sleeping Beauty" and some click holdovers give bright outlook to local first-runs this week. New Disney cartoon feature, which set a matinee house record of $5,800 at Fox Wilshire Saturday and bettered this with $6,700 Sunday matinee, la looking to a smackeroo $30,100 opening frame.

Deal is in negotiations for co-production pact between Hanna and Barbera Productions and Interlingual International, of Tokyo, for filming of cartoons for Japanese market.
Project would call for initial work to be done here and animation and inking to be done in Japan.

February 4, 1959
Don Blauhut, television-radio director of the Parkson Agency..."Our agency feels that action commercials are better than animated blurbs. Animated commercials are shorter lived, once you've seen them the*novelty wears off. With live commercials there is more for the eye to see than in a cartoon and the messages can be repeated more often."

February 11, 1959
Ward Baking Co. has picked up sponsorship of the five-minute "Clutch Cargo" cartoon strip on WPIX, N. Y.

February 13, 1959
Walt Disney Productions, always a consistent winner in the past, rates two nominations in semi-finals for the Academy's 31st annual short subjects awards, one each for cartoon and live action entry. Academy, which will announce all other nominations Feb. 23, always discloses shorts nominations at an earlier date.
Three cartoons have been nominated by a special short subjects nominations committee headed by Hal Elias, and five live-actioners. Cartoons include "Knighty Knight Bugs," Warner Bros., produced by John W. Burton; "Paul Bunyan," Walt Disney Productions, Buena Vista Film Distributing Co., Walt Disney; "Sidney's Family Tree," Terrytoons, 20th-Fox, William M. Weiss.
Live action subjects: "Grand Canyon," Disney Productions, Buena Vista, Disney; "Journey Into Spring," British Transport Films, Lester A. Schoenfeld Films, Ian Ferguson, producer; "The Kiss," Cohay Productions, Continental Distribution Co., John Patrick Hayes; "Snows Of Aorangi," New Zealand Screen Board, George Brest Associates; "T Is For Tumblewood," Continental Distributing Corp., James A. Lebenthal.
All subjects will be screened for Academy members Feb. 22, when balloting will take place. All other balloting will be made after regular screening of features for various other categories. Winners will be announced at Oscar ceremonies April 6 at RKO-Pantages Theatre.

February 17, 1959
New York, Feb. 16.—Sale of six telefilm series plus a library of Terrytoon cartoons to HRTG-TV in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, gives Fremantle International TV program fare In all Central American countries plus Mexico, according to Paul Talbot, prexy of the distribution outfit.

February 18, 1959
Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" begins a regular run at the Criterion tomorrow, with prices scaled to $2.40 top for adults and $1.25 for children. Weekday tariff begins at $1.25 for adults and 90 cents for kids. Upward revisions start at 1 p.m.
Criterion ads in N.Y. dailies proclaim "popular prices" for the 75-minute cartoon feature which is being run on a grind basis. But specific scale is not given. Meanwhile, in other areas the Disney company is pursuing the idea of group sales for the production.

February 20, 1959
Short subjects nominations, including three cartoons and five live-action subjects, will be screened Sunday at the Academy Awards Theatre for voting purposes, Academy members were reminded last night by proxy George Stevens.
Members will ballot on one entry in each category, with results to be tabulated by Price Waterhouse and announced at Oscar ceremonies April 6 at Pantages Theatre.

February 25, 1959
High status of "Huckleberry Hound," the nationally-spotted Kellogg cartoon show sold by Screen Gems, is reflected (in the Pulse top 20 chart this week) and in the ARB tv rundown.
Kellogg sponsors the stanza in slightly over 200 tv markets. In the 85 markets covered by ARB for the months, of October, November and December, the SG show, the last report available in each market shows "HH" has copped first place over the competition 75 out of 85 times.

As part of its long-range programming, Columbia has scheduled "Magoo's Arabian Nights," a full-length cartoon-feature, as its entry in the Christmas sweepstakes of 1959. The film, the work of UPA Pictures Inc., cost $2,000,000 to make, with Col providing the complete financing.
According to Steven Bosustow, UPA topper, in N.Y. to discuss release plans for the 80-minute film with Col officials, the firm represents three years of labor by his organization. Bosustow maintains that animation, "neglected" in recent years, is a distinct media and he hopes that his first full-length entry "will prove my point." He contends that animation is not only a children's medium and points to the success among adult audiences of the Magoo animated shorts. "With Magoo," he stated, "we have a pre-sold star."
The UPA chieftain says that feature cartoons have not been made with a degree of regularity because of their tremendous cost, the length of time they take to make, and the necessity for the maintenance of a well-organized company to guarantee completion. He notes that his organization could not exist solely on a diet of theatrical shorts which barely recoup their costs in today's market. By combining a theatrical shorts with a program of television blurbs and industrial films, Bosustow declared, he was able to keep his company intact so that it was in a position to undertake a feature.
Blissful Union
The "happy marriage" of entertainment and industrial films, the UPA prexy said, will enable him to: continue his shorts program of eight to 12 films annually. As part of the promotion for "Magoo's Arabian Nights," UPA's 85-man staff will provide a full series of television commercials. In addition, Col is arranging for an extensive merchandising campaign, involving the licensing of toys, music and records. Moreover, UPA has received permission for some of its commercial clients to, insert plugs for the picture in upcoming tv blurbs.
If "Magoo's Arabian Nights" proves a success and Col is willing to provide more coin, UPA is prepared to proceed with a program of full-length cartoons. Already in the planning stage are a followup to the maiden film, to be called "Robin Hood Magoo," a full-lengther dealing with the jazz character Jelly Roll Morton, and a serious biblical subject, "The Story of Ruth."
However, Bosustow cautions that animated full-length films cannot be rushed since they take two and a half to three years to make. And, he adds, "they must be important grossers or they can't be made."

February 26, 1959
New York, Feb. 25.—Loew's Inc. today filed an infringement suit in Federal Court against Cinepix Inc., Cinema-Vue Corp., Morris Kleinerman and Joseph P. Smith. It charged that the defendants wrongfully distributed 16 film cartoons exclusively owned by the plaintiff.
The suit claims the defendants conspired to make positive prints of the cartoons and distribute them without a license. Among the cartoons are "Discontented Canary" and "Early Bird and the Worm."
Loew's asks an injunction to restrain further distribution and wants statutory damages sustained for each alleged infringement.

March 4, 1959
UAA, which last year was known as Associated Artists Productions (before merging with United Artists), grossed over $3,000,000 in 1958 from foreign television sale of its Warner Bros. feature film library, according to Norman Katz, UAA foreign sales chief.
UPA product, most of it from the pre-'49 Warner catalog, is being televised in Australia, where all the available UPA product is sold, in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Japan, Switzerland, Finland. England is carrying all of UAA's "Popeye" cartoons.

March 5, 1959
Thirty-nine one-reel cartoons based on William Box's syndicated strip, "That's the Story Of My Life," will be produced by a company set up in connection with Box Cards Inc., in which Box and Bill Kennedy are partnered.
Cartoons will be made for television market in this country and for theatrical sales overseas.

Ted Galanter, p.r. director for Hanna & Barbera Productions, skies to New York Sunday for two weeks of biz confabs with Screen Gems execs Ralph Cohn, Jerry Hyams, Ed Jutin [sic] and Gene Plotnik to work out promotion campaigns in forthcoming cartoon product.
Galanter will also attend the annual Toy Fair in Gotham, as well as subsequent sessions in Chicago kith Leo Burnett Agency toppers.

March 18, 1959
ABC-TV has inked for a fresh cartoon series, "Matty's Funday Funnies" for Sunday afternoon showing beginning Oct. 11. Cartoons, which were produced by Paramount, are tabbed for the 5 o'clock time with Mattel, manufacturers of toys, as sponsor.
New cartoon series will present Harvey Famous Cartoons and will feature "Casper," "Herman and Katnip," "Buzzy the Crow" and others. Deal for the animated cartoons, which will be seen for the first time on tv, was set by the Carson-Roberts agency. [Deal is for 80 ABC stations].

March 19, 1959
"Crusader Rabbit," cartoon telefilm series produced by TV Spots, makes its Los Angeles videbut April 6 on KRCA. In addition to the series of regular five-minute frames, station has also acquired rights to 18 full-length "Rabbit" features, which will telecast in color on 13 Saturday afternoons, beginning April 11.
Meanwhile Lee Orgel, sales veepee of Regis Films, which distributes the series, reports that total sales on the animated skein have racked up over $1,460,000. New markets to purchase the show, in addition to KRCA, are WRCA-TV, New York; WGAL-TV, Lancaster, Pa.; WTVD, Durham, No. Carolina; and the Japanese tv network, for telecasting via its six stations.

March 24, 1959
Alex Lovy, formerly with Walter Lantz cartoonery, where he was director on the Woody Woodpecker series, has joined Hanna and Barbara Productions as a director of cartoons.

March 25, 1959
Richard P. Brandt, Trans-Lux Distributing prez, sailed to Europe today (Wed.) to negotiate tv sales of "Felix the Cat."

Playhouse Pictures doing those Ford animated blurbs kidding the Viceroy "Thinking man's filter" commercials.

April 1, 1959
Seldom a strong month at the boxoffice, March this year suffered from the disadvantage of having Lent and pre-Easter influences to contend with much of the month. Actual arrival of Easter last Sunday (29) was so late in the month that it had little influence at the wickets. However, several pix launched in the last 10 days tipped a better period ahead for first-runs currently running well ahead of last year. The past 31 days, too, suffered from an odd combination of severe cold, blizzards, rain and a touch of unseasonably warm weather.
Champion in the March national b.o. sweepstakes was "Sleeping Beauty" (BV), attesting to the popularity of Walt Disney's cartoon factory. It was at the top or near No. 1 spot all month. "Separate Tables" (UA), second-place winner, was only crowded out of top laurels by the remarkable strength of "Beauty." "Tables" was third in February.

Dimitri Tiomkin returns today from Pittsburgh where the Pittsburgh Symphony recorded his background score for commercial cartoon, "Rhapsody of Steel.

Mike Baker, announcer on Pat Boone program, recently completed English dubbing of Russian cartoon of "Snow White and Seven Dwarves." It's Puskin's fairy tale but now rewritten for American tv as a cartoon. Significantly, dwarves in Russian cartoons have been turned into giants.

A deal for the production of two animated tv series has been closed by ABC-TV (of Britain) with Halas and Batchelor, the British cartoonery. The two skeins will each comprise 39 pix with a running time of approximately nine minutes apiece.
The series are being financed 100% by ABC-TV and the British network will have world-wide distribution. The first series will feature "Silly Symphony" type pictures and among the initial titles are "Lion Tamer" and "Insolent Matador." The second skein, which is already in production, will introduce two new characters, FooFoo and Snap.

Moro Studios [in Spain] also now is engaged in an animated cartoon project looking toward five-minute segments to be included in a U. S. children's program.

April 6, 1959
Vet announcer Ken Peters has been signed to host the new "Crusader Rabbit" cartoon teleseries on KRCA, according to station's program manager. Jack Kenaston Series debuts today on the SoCal NBC outlet.

April 7, 1959
Winners of Academy Awards
Short Subjects (Cartoon)
"KNIGHTY KNIGHT BUGS," Warner Bros. John W. Burton, Producer.

Roy Whaley will be heard as narrator, as well as 26 separate character voices, on KRCA's new "Crusader Rabbit" cartoon tele-series, hosted by vet announcer Ken Peters.

April 8, 1959
CBS Film has sold ... 200 shortie cartoons, both for soon-to-go-on tv stations in Adelaide and Brisbane.

April 13, 1959
Batjac Productions, which some time ago registered "The Good Captain" with MPAA as title for a projected feature, has filed protest against Universal-International's registration of "The Good Soldier," for a Lantz cartoon.

April 15, 1959
Three new additions to the staff of Hanna and Barbera's cartoonery were announced yesterday. They are Warren Foster to the story department, and Paul Fennel as assistant cartoon director, and George Nicholas as animator.

April 20, 1959
Warner Bros. will release 12 Technicolor cartoons and six “World Adventure Tours" short subjects between now and the end of June.
Cartoons are: "Backwoods Bunny," "Apes Of Wrath," "Golden Yeggs," "Trick Or Tweet," "The Mouse That Jack Built," "Scentimental Romeo," "Canned Feud," “Hot Rod and Reel," "A Mutt In Rut," "Early To Bet," "Boobs In The Woods" and "Really Scent."

London has five or six theatres always playing cartoons and two-reel comedies exclusively. Loew's Metro Theatre in Berlin often has a program comprised solely of Tom and Jerry cartoons. People stand in line for hours for such programs, [independent producer Herman] Cohen reported.

April 22, 1959
New York, April 21. — Buena Vista, Walt Disney distribution subsidiary, last week had the biggest week in its history, with billings in the area of $1,028,000. This tops by $400,000 any previous week on the books. Largely responsible for it: "Sleeping Beauty," which is the cartoon feature, and "Shaggy Dog," live-action comedy.
Disney's distribution gross for the entire year, which ends Sept. 30, is now figured to wind up at between $22,000,000 and $28,000,000, by far a new record. Last year's total was $15,600,000.

Five of the Westinghouse Broadcasting stations have inked a deal with Trans-Lux Television on "Felix the Cat," new cartoon series being produced by Trans-Lux. Involved in the first major station group deal are WBZ, Boston; WJZ, Baltimore, KDKA, Pittsburgh; KYW, Cleveland; and KPIX, San Francisco. First series of the new cartoon series will consist of 260 four-minute episodes in both Eastman color and black-and-white. Trans-Lux also made a deal for the series in N. Y. with WNEW-TV.

Programming for the 5:30-6 p.m. strip on ABC-TV has been picked by half-sponsor General Mills. Buy includes replays of "Rin Tin Tin" on Mondays and Fridays, replays of "Flicka" on Wednesdays and the use of two brand new cartoon half-hour shows on Tuesday and Thursday. Cartoon shows are one called "Rocky" for Tuesdays and "Johnny Daydream" for Thursdays.

April 24, 1959
By Larry Glenn
Automation has reached the motion picture animation field. It's in the form of a mass production technique, developed at Walt Disney Studios, for duplicating artists' original drawings at a rate which reportedly cuts production time in half, resulting in considerable financial savings and reducing man-hours, or more precisely, woman-hours.
It's now possible in one hour to turn out 30 cells of exact photographic duplicates of the animation artists' drawings, thus halving production time, according to Ken Anderson, supervising art director on "The 101 Dalmations," first animated feature film to utilize the process.
Core of the system is Haloid Xerox Corp.'s Xerox process, which was probably first used commercially in the animation field by Animation Inc. Grant Ray Lawrence and UPA came in soon afterwards. UPA now farms out its duplicating by this method to Graphic Arts Reproductions and is using it to a certain extent in its animated "Magoo's Arabian Nights" feature.
Disney's system amounts to an expanded, de-bugged, automation version of the Xerox process adapted to mass production. Technically, the Xerox process is based on the properties of selenium, a sulfur-like element, which readily accepts a static electrical charge In dim light and discharges it rapidly in bright light. An aluminum plate coated with selenium is used somewhat like a photographic plate except that the developing process does not change the selenium, hence the plate is immediately re-usable.
The Image is captured in an invisible pattern of static electricity, then made visible by a dusting of the plate with a powder composed primarily of resin and carbon. Held in place by the static charge, the powder image is fused by heat directly onto the cell or other surface.
The elimination of the time taken by women tracing the drawings onto the cells would not alone account for the cut in production time by 50%, but Anderson explains that the process makes it possible to skip other steps.
Formerly, the drawing was duplicated by hand five or six times on its way to final print, along the way losing much of its original character through retouching. The black outlines sketched by the artist were rubbed out and reinked in color and the fine lines which show character when done by an artist but which merely look sloppy when traced by an amateur were, of necessity, eliminated, Anderson explained. These steps, he said, have been skipped.
The result, Anderson believes, will be a livelier, more satisfying final print. As an artist, Anderson was also impressed by the effect the process has on morale and creativity, by assuring the artist that It is his drawing and not a pale facsimile that will reach the screen. The wobble perceptible in hand-traced cartoons has also been eliminated, he claimed. The whole effect, Anderson said, has been to increase output all the way along the line.

April 29, 1959
Under a new format of sales and distribution for its "Mister Magoo" program of cartoons, UPA will lease a year's slate of 12 subjects to circuits and individual theatres for a full year's playing time of each short, at a flat rental price to be set for each deal.
Tabbed "The Unlimited Play Agreement," plan offers the advantage of an exhib playing each cartoon for as long or as short a run as he desires, as well as assuring him a continuous supply of quality product.
Plan differs from the conventional release pattern for cartoons, which stipulates exact length or each engagement. By setting up its own sales-distribution program for its own product, UPA will save considerable coin, which otherwise would have cost between 23 and 30% in distribution fees with a regular distrib tie-in.
Up to now, UPA has released through Columbia Pictures. This deal, however, was terminated amicably recently, although Columbia still will handle release of UPA's first feature-length cartoon, "Magoo's Arabian Night."
Roy Haines, former prexy and sales manager of Warner Bros. Distribution Corp., will head up new operation, headquartering at firm's Burbank plant nearby. There will be no branch offices, with consequent overhead, all biz to emanate from here. Haines left last weekend for a four-to-six-week swing through exchange centers to line up bookings, with plan later to be established in England...
Plans now call for first of the 12 subjects to be delivered at end of 1959, with one short each month thereafter. First year's program has already been planned and each subject plotted. Stephen Bosustow heads outfit, which first came into prominence with "Gerald Mcboing-Boing," said to be the first departure in cartoon style in 25 years.

Thousand and One Arabian Nights" has been set as the final title for UPA Pictures full-length cartoon formerly titled "Magoo's Arabian Nights." Stephen Bosustow is executive producer of the Columbia release.

May 1, 1959
First animated space series half-hour episodes is being produced by Sid Freeman, head of Telemat, under the title "Uni-Patrol." Company has been syndicating cartoons for the past four years.

May 4, 1959
Jacques Rupp will work with art director Bob Dranko in designing animation titles for "Magoo's Arabian Nights," UPA's feature cartoon for Columbia release.

May 11, 1959
UPA's new cartoon feature, "1001 Arabian Nights," scheduled for release later this year, will get a "sneak preview" in Moscow.
At the request of the State Department, UPA is making up a special strip of film from the feature for Vice President Nixon to take with him on his Russian visit this summer.

May 12, 1959
Walt Disney Productions and its domestic subsidiaries earned a consolidated net profit of $906,486 for the six-month period ended April 1, 1959. The figure represents a hop of about 44% in comparison with profit for the corresponding period last year.

May 20, 1959
Terrytoons, a division of CBS Films, will place "The Minute and a Half Man," a seven-minute cartoon, in theatrical release early in June.
The film, which will be distributed by 20th-Fox, introduces a new cartoon character, Hector Heathcote. Two Terrytoon staffers, Eli Bauer and Dave Tendler, wrote and directed, respectively. William M. Weiss, v.p. and general manager of Terrytoons, produced. Weiss disclosed that three additional new cartoons will be released by Terrytoons within the next two months.

May 27, 1959
Larry Harmon, producer of the "Bozo, the Clown" cartoon tele-series being syndicated by Jayark Films Corp., and Charles Shows, his associate producer, wing to Paris today to arrangements for several new series which Harmon will produce partially abroad.
Harmon and Shows will inspect European production facilities and meet personally with authors, publishers and copyright owners of the optioned material which will form the basis of the several series mapped during a week of exec conferences in Hollywood.

Transfilm stands ready to channel off some of its production activity into the making of cartoon programming. N. Y. commercial production house, which has lacked a fullscale animation arm of its own, has made a tieup with Wylde Studios for the latter's excusive animation and art services. Immediate plans call for making the animated tv programming, which still appears to be in relatively short supply. In the background are plans for production of cartoon blurbs.
Precise nature of the Transfilm-Wylde arrangement was not disclosed. Transfilm prexy William Miesegaes called it an "affiliation,"which brings with it a move by Wylde from its present 57th St. Manhattan headquarters into Transfilm's existing 45th St. plant.

Appeal of Krazy Kat, Tom and Jerry and other U.S. made cartoons is world wide. Distributors may have trouble with national tastes of a private eye or situation comedy, but when it comes to cartoon kiddie fare, national differences in tastes virtually subside.
Screen Gems has its cartoon backlog sold in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan, Argentina, Cuba Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Peru, Puerto Rico, Canada and other territories.
Range of SG cartoons includes its latest Huckleberry Hound to Krazy Kat to Pow Wow to Scrappy. It's no understatement to say America's animators speak the language of the small fry the world over.

May 28, 1959
UPA is starting work on a second feature-length cartoon, "Robin Hood Magoo." The company, which is about to wind its first full-length animated feature, "1001 Arabian Nights," has signed Al Bertino and Dick Kinney to prepare a storyboard for "Robin Hood."
The move is about the same as hiring script writers. Actual production is contingent on Columbia picking up its option to release "Robin Hood." Col's committed to release "Nights" around Christmas, but the distributor and UPA recently dissolved their pact for the releasing of UPA shorts.

May 29, 1959
It's likely that Hanna & Barbera's tv cartoonery will take over UPA's former chore of making theatrical cartoons for Columbia release. Bill Hanna said the animation outfit has "no definite commitment with anyone" but admitted that HB is planning a series of animated theatrical shorts to start later this year.
Columbia's the logical outlet for the cartoon series since HB prexy George Sidney has a picture pact with the studio and the cartoonery's "Ruff and Reddy" and "Huckleberry Hound" are made in association with Col's vidsubsid, Screen Gems. The expanding HB organization has some of its offices at Columbia. UFA and Col recently dissolved their production-distribution deal on short subjects and UPA's doing its own distributing — although Columbia will distribute UPA's feature, "1001 Arabian Nights."

Banner Films has acquired distribution rights to "Cartoon Classics," package of 208 animated shorts, and "Jungle," series of 52 15-minute stanzas. Deal was concluded with William Cayton, prexy of Radio and TV Packagers.
Half of the animated shorts have been released previously for television, with other half new to tv distribution.

June 10, 1959
UPA proxy Stephen Bosustow has given go-ahead signal for start of first two Mister Magoo cartoons which will be sold via org's new "unlimited play agreement" plan of booking series.
New format, set up last April, calls for circuits and individual theatres to lease UPA's program of 12 shorts annually for a full year's playing time of each subject, at a 6at rental price, unaffected by number of times each subject is shown.
Decision to launch production at this time was reached following a tour made by Roy Haines, general sales manager, during which he held exploratory talks on plan with theatre heads. Haines on a three-week junket signed such principal circuits as Balaban & Katz Corp, Pacific Drive-In Theatres, Butterfield Theatres, North Ohio Theatres, Interstate Circuit Inc., Stanley Warner Theatres, United Detroit Theatres and Alliance Amusement Co.
Bosustow previously reported that in conversations and communications with prospective purchasers about 60 percent had already expressed a desire to participation project.
First two in series will be "Magoo Meets Boing-Boing" and "I Was A Teen-Age Magoo." Haines resumes his touring this week, to meet with exhibs in Salt Lake City, Denver, Des Moines, Chicago and Cleveland, and huddles with Bosustow late in June to map pitch for eastern and southern trade.

The Hearst Corp. has formed a new division of King Features Syndicate Special Service which will produce and market filmed teleshows based on King Features properties. Al Brodax, for many years in the tele department of the William Morris Agency, has resigned the percentery to go with the new subdivision, to be known as King Features Television Productions.
On the immediate agenda is the production of a new "Popeye" animated cartoon. New features based on the King Features cartoon property will be made as soon as contracts are set. Old cartoons have been shown until now. Brodax will leave for the Coast early next week to confer with animation studios. He will later go to Europe to eye European studios as well. Other properties contemplated for production are one adventure and one comedy pilot with name personalities. KFTP is the newest subdivision of the Hearst organization which owns and operates 25 magazines and 15 newspapers throughout the country.

Screen Gems is deliberately breaking one of the fundamental rules of the telefilm trade. Company is going to dub "Huckleberry Hound," a SG-produced cartoon series, into Spanish, but instead of doing the dubbing in the requisite "neutral" Spanish, it has decided to have the kid cartoon characters speak in various dialects of that tongue.
Countries like Cuba and Mexico, each with its own variation on Spanish, seem to get upset when it can be detected that the telefilm program was dubbed elsewhere in the world; it's a form of local pride and also an indication of local business acumen, since an alien Spanish dialect implies to the local tv operator that the dubbing business was done in some other country when it could have been done by him.
Nonetheless, SG figures it's safe to dub in dialect when it comes to a cartoon show, especially this one. For instance, Mr. Jinks, the cat who studied Method acting in "Hound," will speak a haughty brand of Castillian for Latino viewers. Pixie and Dixie, two small southern mice, will speak Mexican and Cuban dialects, respectively. And "Huck" himself will end up talking like a "typical" Latin-American vaude comic.

A Soviet-made feature length cartoon has been acquired for distribution in the United States and Canada by Universal.
The animated film, in color, is titled "The Snow Queen" and is based on a Hans Christian Anderson fable.
Universal is adapting the film for its American release. A new narration and soundtrack will be utilized. Plans are to release the film around Christmas time.

June 17, 1959
New York, June 16.—Walt Disney, at least, thinks there's still a market for short subjects. At a time when all companies have cut down on the briefies, and for the most part are losing money on those which still are being made, Disney has earmarked a total expenditure of $1,800,000 for the production of shorts this year.
This is just negative investment and doesn't take into account the costs of prints, advertising and distribution. In addition, Disney has placed an order for 2,500 prints of outstanding cartoons of recent years at a cost of $150,000.
Public acceptance of shorts of the better variety hasn't been seriously questioned in the trade. But much exhibitor feeling has been that they just don't sell tickets no matter how good they are. Disney now apparently feels there's a trend in the other direction—specifically, that theatremen believe a good short can help the programming to the extent of contributing to the word-of-mouth about the theatre's entire bill.
Also to be considered is the fact that "A" features are running longer and can't feasibly be accompanied by a second feature. In the customary dual-bill houses a one or two-reeler can mean the adequate substitute for that second feature.
Disney's new shorts fall into three categories, namely, live action, cartoon and "People and Places." Some are sold in forms of a package with a Disney feature and some oldies are block-booked—that is, six or seven at a time combined as a full moppet show.

June 18, 1959
"Hickory, Dickory and Doc," first Walter Lantz cartoon to be slanted to teenage audience, will be directed by Jack Hannah, marking first under his new pact with Lantz. Cartoon goes into production today.
Also, Al Cole, vet animator, has joined the Lantz organization and with La Verne Harding will animate current project.

June 24, 1959
Paramount's cartoon studios now under one roof via an efficiency program, now located in full at 35 West 45th Street. Building next door at 24 West 45th also used to house inkers colorers, cameramen, animators and others has been dropped.

June 30, 1959
In a major product purchase for a newly-programmed hour-long afternoon atrip titled "Cartoonaroony," KCOP has closed a deal with four of the country's largest film distributors for the purchase of over 600 new cartoons just produced for tv. Station will be the first to run the new cartoons.
KCOP veepee-general manager Alvin G. Flanagan also stated the animations are the first new cartoons to be screened on Los Angeles tv in over three years. "Cartoonaroony" will beam Monday through Friday afternoons from 4-5 p.m., starting Aug. 8. Cartoons include "Felix the Cat," purchased through Trans-Lux Television Corp.; "Bucky and Pepito," through Governor Television Attractions, Inc.; "Dorje and the Dragon," through Sterling Television Co., Inc.; and "Animaland," through Telescene Film Productions Co.
Other cartoon strips purchased especially for the new program are "The Ugly Ducklin'," "The Four Friends," "Scruffy," "Rufus and the Rabbit" and "The Happy Scarecrow." [KCOP hired Jimmy Weldon from WRCA to host the show]

          Comentariu la Când Neghiobia ajunge în vârful Statului… de către Gherghina   
Cred ca guvernantii nostrii sufera de o grava lipsa de logica. Sa luam directiva TVA. Daca in cazul acestui impozit avem o legislatie uniformizata la nivelul UE si totusi suntem ultimul stat(sau penultimul) la gradul de colectare (gap) al acestui impozit, ce sa fie de vina, prevederea legala sau instrumentul (ANAF) pe care il folosim ca sa o aplicam? Nu tipurile de impozite reglementate sunt problema ci incapacitatea de a colecta orice tip de impozit. Aceasta incapacitate are doua cauze, una tine de instrumentul de colectare, respectiv anaf. Institutie politizata, deprofesionalizata si fara instrumentele necesare pentru a-si face datoria. Apoi este increderea cetateanului/companiei ca taxele pe care le plateste sunt utilizate in scop legitim si nu furate de niste trantori care numai din asta traiesc. Ce nu pricep guvernantii este ca orice impozit poate fi fraudat si pentru a rezolva aceasta problema trebuiesc rezolvate cauzele ei.
          Comment on Video of intoxicated police officer goes viral on social media by Chile   
Why does Chester Williams acts swiftly here and the incident of the Castro brothers he took long? Broaster for compol. He is more skillful administrative than any other ACP. He would ask the cop for the motive for drinking a lot before disciplinary action.
          WDE 1 July Bali Cat 6x9 watercolor on Canson 140 lb. cold press paper done today in an hour...could not resist painting this sweetie. I had an orange tabby w/ white markings identical to this cat (named Roger after my cop boyfriend) at the...
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Aquells que ens agrada la bona cervesa, estem d’enhorabona gràcies a diversos projectes que els darrers anys han sorgit per elaborar un aliment de qualitat, amb producció artesanal, i que cada cop més podem trobar arreu a molts baretos, casals i supermercats, juntament amb les marques industrials que envaeixen els bars i terrasses. Més sort […]
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Coffee with a Cop on July 5, have an informal chat with what is happening in our community, opportunities for new recruits, The Club, Mackay St, Thames, 10:30am.
 | Rouge cop a suspect in airport heist   
A dossier compiled by crime intelligence alleges that there is evidence placing one of the unit’s agents, who wasn’t arrested for the airport heist, at the scene. Reported by News24 40 minutes ago.
          Vehicle Abduction   
Vehicle Abduction from truTVs Most Daring - Wednesdays at 9PMA brazen criminal escapes his cuffs and flees in a cop car, as its camera captures the pursuit.from

          Vehicle Abduction   
Vehicle Abduction from truTVs Most Daring - Wednesdays at 9PMA brazen criminal escapes his cuffs and flees in a cop car, as its camera captures the pursuit.from

          Review: Make It Stick   

Review: Make It Stick, by Peter C. Brown, et al.

Author: Peter C. Brown
Author: Henry L. Roediger III
Author: Mark A. McDaniel
Publisher: Belknap Press
Copyright: 2014
ISBN: 0-674-72901-3
Format: Kindle
Pages: 255

Another read for the work book club.

"People generally are going about learning in the wrong ways." This is the first sentence of the preface of this book by two scientists (Roediger and McDaniel are both psychology researchers specializing in memory) and a novelist and former management consultant (Brown). The goal of Make It Stick is to apply empirical scientific research to the problem of learning, specifically retention of information for long-term use. The authors aim to convince the reader that subjective impressions of the effectiveness of study habits are highly deceptive, and that scientific evidence points strongly towards mildly counter-intuitive learning methods that don't feel like they're producing as good of results.

I have such profound mixed feelings about this book.

Let's start with the good. Make It Stick is a book containing actual science. The authors quote the studies, results, and scientific argument at length. There are copious footnotes and an index, as well as recommended reading. And the science is concrete and believable, as is the overlaid interpretation based on cognitive and memory research.

The book's primary argument is that short-term and long-term memory are very different things, that what we're trying to achieve when we say "learning" is based heavily on long-term memory and recall of facts for an extended time after study, and that building this type of recall requires not letting our short-term memory do all the work. We tend towards study patterns that show obvious short-term improvement and that produce an increased feeling of effortless recall of the material, but those study patterns are training short-term memory and mean the knowledge slips away quickly. Choosing learning methods that instead make us struggle a little with what we're learning are significantly better. It's that struggle that leads to committing the material to long-term memory and building good recall pathways for it.

On top of this convincingly-presented foundation, the authors walk through learning methods that feel worse in the moment but have better long-term effects: mixing practice of different related things (different types of solids when doing geometry problems, different pitches in batting practice) and switching types before you've mastered the one you're working on, forcing yourself to interpret and analyze material (such as writing a few paragraphs of summary in your own words) instead of re-reading it, and practicing material at spaced intervals far enough apart that you've forgotten some of the material and have to struggle to recall it. Possibly the most useful insight here (at least for me) was the role of testing in learning, not as just a way of measuring progress, but as a learning tool. Frequent, spaced, cumulative testing forces exactly the type of recall that builds long-term memory. The tests themselves help improve our retention of what we're learning. It's bad news for people like me who were delighted to leave school and not have to take a test again, but viewing tests as a more effective learning tool than re-reading and review (which they are) does cast them in a far more positive light.

This is all solid stuff, and I'm very glad the research underlying this book exists and that I now know about it. But there are some significant problems with its presentation.

The first is that there just isn't much here. The two long paragraphs above summarize nearly all of the useful content of this book. The authors certainly provide more elaboration, and I haven't talked about all of the study methods they mention or some of the useful examples of their application. But 80% of it is there, and the book is intentionally repetitive (because it tries to follow the authors' advice on learning theory). Make It Stick therefore becomes tedious and boring, particularly in the first four chapters. I was saying a lot of "yes, yes, you said that already" and falling asleep while trying to read it. The summaries at the end of the book are a bit better, but you will probably not need most of this book to get the core ideas.

And then there's chapter five, which ends in a train wreck.

Chapter five is on cognitive biases, and I see why the authors wanted to include it. The Dunning-Kruger effect is directly relevant to their topic. It undermines our ability to learn, and is yet another thing that testing helps avoid. Their discussion of Daniel Kahneman's two system theory (your fast, automatic, subconscious reactions and your slow, thoughtful, conscious processing) is somewhat less directly relevant, but it's interesting stuff, and it's at least somewhat related to the short-term and long-term memory dichotomy. But some of the stories they choose to use to illustrate this are... deeply unfortunate. Specifically, the authors decided to use US police work in multiple places as their example of choice for two-system thinking, and treat it completely uncritically.

Some of you are probably already wincing because you can see where this is going.

They interview a cop who, during scenario training for traffic stops, was surprised by the car trunk popping open and a man armed with a shotgun popping out of it. To this day, he still presses down on the trunk of the car as he walks up; it's become part of his checklist for every traffic stop. This would be a good example if the authors realized how badly his training has failed and deconstructed it, but they're apparently oblivious. I wanted to reach into the book and shake them. People have a limited number of things they can track and follow as part of a procedure, and some bad trainer has completely wasted part of this cop's attention in every traffic stop and thereby made him less safe! Just calculate the chances that someone would be curled up in an unlocked trunk with a shotgun and a cop would just happen to stop that car for some random reason, compared to any other threat the cop could use that same attention to watch for. This is exactly the type of scenario that's highly memorable but extremely improbable and therefore badly breaks human risk analysis. It's what Bruce Schneier calls a movie plot threat. The correct reaction to movie plot threats is to ignore them; wasting effort on mitigating them means not having that effort to spend on mitigating some other less memorable but more likely threat.

This isn't the worst, though. The worst is the very next paragraph, also from police training, of showing up at a domestic call, seeing an armed person on the porch who stands up and walks away when ordered to drop their weapon, and not being sure how to react, resulting in that person (in the simulated exercise) killing the cop before they did anything. The authors actually use this as an example of how the cop was using system two and needed to train to use system one in that situation to react faster, and that this is part of the point of the training.

Those of us who have been paying attention to the real world know what using system one here means: the person on the porch gets shot if they're black and doesn't get shot if they're white. The authors studiously refuse to even hint at this problem.

I would have been perfectly happy if this book avoided the unconscious bias aspect of system one thinking. It's a bit far afield of the point of the book, and the authors are doubtless trying to stay apolitical. But that's why you pick some other example. You cannot just drop this kind of thing on the page and then refuse to even comment on it! It's like writing a chapter about the effect of mass transit on economic development, choosing Atlanta as one of your case studies, and then never mentioning race.

Also, some editor seriously should have taken an ax to the sentence where the authors (for no justified reason) elaborate a story to describe a cop maiming a person, solely to make a cliched joke about how masculinity is defined by testicles and how people who lose body parts are less human. Thanks, book.

This was bad enough that it dominated my memory of this chapter, but, reviewing the book for this review, I see it was just a few badly chosen examples at the end of the chapter and one pointless story at the start. The rest of the chapter is okay, although it largely summarizes things covered better in other books. The most useful part that's relevant to the topic of the book is probably the discussion of peer instruction. Just skip over all the police bits; you won't be missing anything.

Thankfully, the rest of the book mostly avoids failing quite this hard. Chapter six does open with the authors obliviously falling for a string of textbook examples of survivorship bias (immediately after the chapter on cognitive biases!), but they shortly thereafter settle down to the accurate and satisfying work of critiquing theories of learning methods and types of intelligence. And by critiquing, I mean pointing out that they're mostly unscientific bullshit, which is fighting the good fight as far as I'm concerned.

So, mixed feelings. The science seems solid, and is practical and directly applicable to my life. Make It Stick does an okay job at presenting it, but gets tedious and boring in places, particularly near the beginning. And there are a few train-wreck examples that had me yelling at the book and scribbling notes, which wasn't really the cure for boredom I was looking for. I recommend being aware of this research, and I'm glad the authors wrote this book, but I can't really recommend the book itself as a reading experience.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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The officer was among eight armed officers who fired an "unprecedented" hail of 46 bullets to take down the trio
          7/2/2017: NEWS: Second probe for ‘Survivor’ cop hunting case   

AN investigation into an alleged vexatious prosecution by Survivor NZ contestant Nathan Davis will be handled by a separate police district after a second complaint was laid – this time against his district commander, Sue Schwalger, for her handling of...


The New Beverly's recent pairing of John Mackenzie’s The Long Good Friday with Brian De Palma's The Untouchables is interesting for at least a couple of reasons. Chief among them is that Bob Hoskins, the star of The Long Good Friday, had been cast as Al Capone in De Palma's film before De Palma successfully negotiated with Paramount to pay to get his first choice, Robert De Niro, on board for the role.

The way Hoskins told the story to Absolute Radio in 2009 was that De Palma sent Hoskins the Untouchables screenplay and told him to look at Capone. "I went to meet him at his hotel," Hoskins said on the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show, "and he said ‘really I want Robert De Niro to play him,’ and I thought, ‘well great what am I doing here?’ He then said ‘but if he don’t do it, would you sort of step in?’ and I said ‘yeah of course I will’. Anyway months went by and I read the papers and saw De Niro was doing it. I’d sort of forgotten all about it, and then Linda – my Mrs – was opening the post one morning and said ‘what’s that?’ and it was a cheque for £20,000. It said ‘thanks for your time Bob, love Brian’. [He laughed] I phoned him up and I said ‘Brian, if you’ve ever got any films you don’t want me in son, you just give me a call!’”

This was a good six years after Hoskins had made his mark in The Long Good Friday. Another reason this double feature is interesting is that Mackenzie would go on, in 1986, to direct a TV movie out of a screenplay De Palma had developed with novelist Scott Spencer in the early 1980s, Act Of Vengeance.

Here are links and excerpts from the program notes for both films, as well as a couple of other recent articles about The Untouchables:

Kim Morgan on The Long Good Friday

Watching Bob Hoskins walk through the airport in John Mackenzie’s The Long Good Friday is one of those pleasures in cinema that doesn’t happen enough these days. And, really, watching Bob Hoskins do anything – walk, talk (that voice!), whisper, prepare a creepy dinner based on his dead mother, joke, yell, fall in love or spiral into an anger so intense that his neck looks bigger than it really was (and it already was big) and with his face so engorged that it could appear perilously close to bursting. He really could be gloriously terrifying. And charming – often at the same time. He shined and charmed and intimidated and moved you with his tenderness – he’d catch you off guard with it. He had those eyes too – nothing spectacular at first sight until he started emoting – orbs that, in a state of actorly rage, Helen Mirren said looked like, “two little shiny black olives.” Honoring her fellow actor and friend who passed away in 2014, Mirren, his co-star in The Long Good Friday, continued describing Hoskins as such: “Chock-a-block with testosterone, mucho machismo, a real bloke’s bloke, built like a brick outhouse, but with a gentleness, a sweetness and a love and respect for women that was very rare then, and is quite rare now.” That’s lovely – those seeming contradictions of the barrel-chested bruiser who claimed he was never as tough as he looked. As he put it: “You don’t end up with a face like this if you’re hard, do ya? This comes from having too much mouth and nothing to back it up with. The nose has been broken so many times… Oh yeah, plenty of courage. I’m the soppy sod who got up again.”

Just reading his self-description (from a terrific interview in The Guardian) makes me miss Bob Hoskins and miss his voice (if you can believe this insanity, at one point Hoskins’ voice was going to be dubbed for The Long Good Friday and the movie over-edited and dumped on TV). So watching The Long Good Friday again, and watch his swagger through the airport, that now famous opening entrance, was especially effecting. And he’s not even talking yet! I thought to myself, who is like this guy anymore? Who? And who ever was? An unlikely leading man in the vein of Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney, a bulldog (or, more, a pitbull) and that guy who either hugs or punches you (or both) after a long night of drinking, he was a stocky lug, short in stature but large in charisma, with a slangy eloquence that was rough-hewn melodious, a guy one loves to listen to – his rugged cadence was often full of wit and an energy that was both boot shaking and an absolute pleasure. Like this lovely/scary threat to a corrupt cop from Good Friday: “Don’t you ever tell me what I can or can’t do! Bent law can be tolerated for as long as they’re lubricating, but you have become definitely parched. If I was you, I’d run for cover and close the hatch, ’cause you’re gonna wind up on one of those meat hooks, my son.”

Garret Mathany on The Untouchables
With the perfect cast in place to bring the story to life, De Palma was free to use his signature visual storytelling mastery, using long takes and his trademark-Hitchcock-influenced “creeper” sequence – shot from the killer’s point of view who is stalking the victim but doesn’t want to be seen. While the hand-held creeper sequence devoid of dialogue is always highly effective in the De Palma filmography, none evokes the emotional impact like the one that takes us through Jim Malone’s modest apartment – the climax of which solidified Sean Connery’s name on his Best Supporting Actor Academy Award. It’s a show stopper, and the most important lesson that Costner’s Ness needs to learn. The kind of lesson that Malone was trying to impart to Ness in the famous church scene that director of photography Stephen H. Burum shot from a low angle, making the two men appear larger than life, overwhelming the screen as Malone prods Ness – “What are you prepared to do?” Ness’s answer – “Everything within the law,” will fall woefully short to bring down Capone. The irony of the bloodshed that Malone forewarns will be the result of Ness’s crusade, while the two men speak of violence in a house of God, was a set location suggested to De Palma by Connery himself. This connection to the material was a perfect example of the veteran actor shepherding the characters not only onscreen, but off-screen as well.

Burum originally wanted to shoot the film in black and white, but after De Palma explained that the studio would never go for that, he instead came up with a “compositional plan to shoot repetitive images.” In a kind of Kubrick-esque pattern, he set up shots with the same make of car lined up in identical formations on both sides of the street, creating a sense of period familiarity without overwhelming us with colors and busy sets. Burum also employed framing with a lot of “negative space” to remind the audience that things were still evolving, and there weren’t as many people jammed together in an urban environment like there was 30 years ago when the film was first released. Location Scout Eric Schwab and Visual Consultant Patrizia von Brandenstein return Chicago to its prohibition history, with essential locations that keep us in the film’s time period. The two were key contributors to the authenticity of the film’s period look, and put the green screen and computer mate backgrounds of today’s movies to shame.

When the production couldn’t afford to bring to life Mamet’s train collision at Union Station as it appeared in the script, De Palma shows off a bit, crafting the Odessa Steps homage from Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin (1925), forcing Costner and Garcia to deal with a baby carriage and its tiny passenger as it makes its way down the Union Station stairs, while they are engaged in a gun fight with Capone’s men. De Palma knew that it’s one thing to blow a cute girl with pig-tails to smithereens, but it’s something else all-together to have a baby killed. Who says De Palma films are too violent?

De Palma and Mamet created an opera with De Niro as a cherubic “Pagliacci” character that is both jester and royalty, and no opera is complete without costumes to enhance the story and the music that tells it – with Marilyn Vance nominated for Best Costume Design (Vance always took exception to the Armani credit) and Ennio Morricone nominated for Best Original Score. For all the film’s smart camera moves, genre raising script, slick production design, and standout performances, the key to the film is Morricone’s score. The sweeping music lifts you out of your seat, while the driving intensity pins you to it. His five note piano march builds suspense while the sharp notes of his haunting, hair raising harmonica, informs us that something wicked is lurking, and on a dime Morricone turns the Post Office raid into a pride filled victory for Ness’ crew, with a colorful musical exclamation mark of what would’ve otherwise been a simple scene unto itself. It’s incredible work by the genius composer.

The Untouchables is a handsome, incredibly satisfying film experience, that continually one-ups itself, and even the violence has a brilliant polish to it we can’t turn away from. The film sits on De Palma’s Mount Rushmore, remaining every bit as stylized in the crime genre as Tim Burton’s Batman that followed in 1989, or the comic book color palette of Dick Tracy in 1990, ranking among one of the decade’s finest crime films.

Critic's Notebook: The Untouchables 30 Years Later
by John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

When I first saw The Untouchables as a teenager, I had never heard of Sergei Eisenstein or the Odessa Steps sequence that Brian De Palma masterfully cannibalized for the film's Union Station set-piece shootout. I knew serious actors sometimes transformed their bodies for a part, but never realized — until reading that Robert De Niro wore silk boxers to help identify with Al Capone — the lengths some went with preparations the audience would never see. And I'd never heard of its screenwriter, David Mamet, whose voice I'd soon encounter in both the plays others turned into movies (Glengarry Glen Ross) and the films (The Spanish Prisoner) he crafted from scratch as writer-director.

De Palma brought these and other highbrow elements together in a movie so well paced and entertaining that a budding cinephile could watch it on a sofa with friends whose tastes barely stretched beyond action blockbusters and broad comedy. The director had been smarting-up sleazy genre pictures for years by the time he made it, and had enjoyed success with the controversially violent Scarface; but here, almost 20 years into his career, was a four-quadrant hit like (if smaller than) those made by his contemporaries Lucas, Spielberg and Coppola. In terms of mainstream appeal, the only picture he would ever make to compete with it was the first Mission: Impossible.

Pauline Kael reprint from The New Yorker at The Stacks:
The Untouchables Is Too Neat To Be A Truly Great Gangster Movie

The Untouchables is a dream of gangsters in Chicago. It isn’t De Palma’s dream, though. This isn’t a “personal” movie. He isn’t the voluptuary satirist here that he is in Carrie or Dressed to Kill or the hallucinatory The Fury; he isn’t the artist that he is in Blow Out. And The Untouchables doesn’t have anything comparable to the romantic lushness or the obsessive, sensuous rhythms that Leone brought to Once Upon a Time in America. The picture is more like an attempt to visualize the public’s collective dream of Chicago gangsters; our movie-fed imagination of the past is enlarged and given a new vividness. De Palma is a showman here. Everything is neatly done in broad strokes—the gangsters’ bulging bodies in their immaculately tailored suits, the spats and fedoras, the tommy guns and gleaming cars, the gilt on the furniture, the deep, plushy reds of the blood. And the slight unbelievability of it all makes it more enjoyable.

De Palma has been developing a great camera technique, and in this movie—it’s his 18th—he uses it more impersonally than in the past. He’s making a self-consciously square movie. He works within the structure of Mamet’s moral fable, and Mamet is a master of obviousness. This writer is all deliberation—his points are unavoidable. Yet his characters have a fullness: you get what you need to know about each one. His dialogue is pointed; it has tension. And the scenes have a satisfying economy. He’s a good engineer, and his construction provides De Palma with the basis for reaching a broad audience. De Palma employs this engineering without being false to his own sensibility. He puts almost no weight on Mamet’s moralism. (The film isn’t at all like the Mamet-Lumet The Verdict.) De Palma doesn’t press down on the scriptural language—he uses it as much for its rhetorical color as for its import—and when Ness makes a speech about how the war with Capone has changed him, De Palma glides over the words.

De Palma’s resistance to Mamet’s heart-tugging devices results in a neutral tone in some of the scenes. (The mother of a little girl who has been killed by a gangland bombing comes to see Ness to encourage him in his efforts; there are interludes of Ness at home with his wife and small daughter to show us the domestic tranquility he’s trying to protect; and his wife puts little notes in his lunch bags telling him how proud she is of him.) But if De Palma’s cool neutrality is infinitely preferable to the cloying emotions that other directors might have piled on to scenes such as the one where the little girl is killed by the bomb (she might have been a bonny little lass), it nevertheless creates dead spots. At times, you feel that he’s going through the motions pro forma, in order to preserve Mamet’s structure. Yet De Palma takes such pride in camera angles and the organization of the shots that even the dead spots are likely to have some visual life. (The cinematographer, Stephen H. Burum, uses Panavision to spectacular effect. The imagery, though, isn’t always backed up by the music; every now and then you wonder what Ennio Morricone’s throbbing disco-synthesizer beat is doing in this period.)

De Palma demonstrates his technical command in a stakeout on the marble staircase of Union Station, where Ness and his sharpshooter have gone, hoping to grab Capone’s bookkeeper. They’ve been tipped off that he’s going to try to slip out of town, and they know that he’ll be escorted by gunmen. A young mother is struggling up the steps with two suitcases and a child in a cumbersome old-fashioned baby buggy. Ness, positioned at the top of the stairs, keeps looking down at her progress, knowing that she’s going to be right in the line of fire, and De Palma has the beautiful effrontery to make us experience Ness’s anxiety in suspended time, as in the instant of a car’s skidding into a tree. He holds sound in suspension, too: the shooting is punctuated by the noise of the buggy as it rolls down, clattering slowly, step by step. The sequence deliberately evokes the Odessa Steps montage in Potemkin. It doesn’t involve crowds and armies, though—only a small number of people—and it isn’t meant to be taken as real life. It’s a set piece, and when it’s over, you want to applaud De Palma for having the nerve to bring it off.

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          Configuring CruiseControl .Net to work with multiple Subversion repositories   
What is this article about?

CruiseControl.NET (CCNet) is an Automated Continuous Integration server, implemented using the Microsoft .NET Framework. This article will not explain what continuous integration is and how CruiseControl .Net works and will assume that readers already have a basic knowledge of the system. In this article I’ll write about how CruiseControl .Net should be configured in order to work with Subversion when more subversion providers should be used.


Next list shows the software that should be installed on machine running CruiseControl .Net server:
     1. FxCop version 1.35 should be installed on machine.
     2. NUnit version 2.2.8 or later should be installed on machine.
     3. NCover and NCoverExplorer should be installed on machine.
     4. SVN (svn-win32-1.4.3) should be installed on machine and access to Subversion from that machine must be enabled

Configuring CruiseControl .Net

This example will show you how to configure CCNet for solution consisting of projects hosted on different repositories.

The first thing you should do is to create a msbuild configuration and file structure on local file system that will hold the temporary files and results of build.

After you have all the folders and files ready (msbuild, fxcop, ndpend, etc) you should edit your ccnet.config file and follow next steps:
1. Under <cruisecontrol> section add new <project> section like this:
          <project name="PrjName" workingdirectory="C:\CCNet\PrjName\">

2. Replace PrjName with the name of your project and set the correct path to the folder where your configuration files are located.

3. Under <project> tag add a sourcecontrol tag with attribute type set to multi:
     <sourcecontrol type="multi">

4. Now add a sourceControls tag with autoGetSource attribute set to true:
     <sourcecontrols autogetsource="true">

5. For each of the projects located on different subversions add a new svn section like this:
          <executable>c:\program files\svn-win32-1.4.3\bin\svn.exe</executable>

6. Set “trunkUrl”, “username”, “password” and “workingDirectory” parameters to right values.

7. Add <tasks>, <publishers> and <triggers> sections to your ccnet.config file and save the file.

The whole configuration file should now look like this:

  <project name="PrjName" workingdirectory="C:\CCNet\PrjName\">
    <sourcecontrol type="multi">
      <sourcecontrols autogetsource="true">
          <executable>c:\program files\svn-win32-1.4.3\bin\svn.exe</executable>
          <executable>c:\program files\svn-win32-1.4.3\bin\svn.exe</executable>
          <executable>c:\program files\svn-win32-1.4.3\bin\svn.exe</executable>
          <executable>c:\program files\svn-win32-1.4.3\bin\svn.exe</executable>
        <buildargs>/noconsolelogger /p:Configuration=Debug</buildargs>
        <logger>C:\Program Files\CruiseControl.NET\webdashboard\bin\ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.MsBuild.dll</logger>
      <!-- Check for modifications each 30 minutes -->
      <intervaltrigger seconds="1800" buildcondition="IfModificationExists">

For all the problems you might have check the ccnet.log file in CCNet\server folder.
          Call for Consultant at Catholic Relief Services   
Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is an International non-governmental organization supporting relief and development work in over 99 countries around the world. CRS programs assist person on the basis of need, regardless of creed, ethnicity or nationality works through local church and non-church partners to implement its programs, therefore, strengthening and building the capacity of these partner organizations is fundamental to programs in every country in which CRS operates. CRS re-established presence in Nigeria m 2000 and currently focuses on agriculture, HIV and health extractives and governance, and peace building programming.Scope of Work for the Engagement of Consultants for Implementation of Post LLIN Replacement Campaign BCC Activities Using the Community Sustainable StrategyBackground and ContextIt is estimated that more than three hundred thousand deaths per annum are caused by malaria in Nigeria. It is also a factor in the number of people who visit health facilities, as it is responsible for 60% of outpatient visits. Of the total population of about one hundred and seventy million, ninety seven percent is at risk of Malaria.Nigeria has adopted the use of LLINs as an intervention for malaria vector control in the country as part of the Integrated Vector Management Strategy. So far over 60 million LLINs have been distributed in country through mass campaigns between 2009 and 2013. About 3 million LLINs have also been distributed through the continuous distribution channels.The main challenge is getting individuals and communities to sleep inside these nets, even beyond the LLIN distribution periods. Efforts have been made through advocacy, communication and social mobilization to empowering people for decision making and action. This often requires working on socio-cultural beliefs to facilitate shifts in mindsets, and ultimately increase the utilization of malaria interventions and services including LLINs. However, despite this huge effort, the LLIN use in-country remains unacceptably low. To change this low net use situation, NMEP and CRS planned to conduct a post campaign BCC intervention, intended to promote and sustain a culture of net use in 3 states (Kwara, Osun and Edo). The schedule for the post campaign implementation in each state is shown in the table below.Table1: Implementation Schedule.1Kwara and Osun60 daysKwara - From September 11, 2017.Osun - From September 12, 20172Edo60 daysFrom August 29, 2017The post campaign BCC intervention will employ several targeted BCC activities at the community level.Priority Activities to be implementedAdvocacyAdvocacy and sensitization activities with the Chair and members of traditional rulers' council.Community Based Activities Engagement of State, LGA and WDCs (community coordinators) Build capacity and engage Town Announcers to disseminate key malaria messages especially on the benefits of LLIN use. Build capacity and engagement community volunteers. Interpersonal Communication by community volunteers during house to house visits and assisting households to hang their nets. Community Dialogue on LLIN use Engagement of ward supervisors Adapt and produce post campaign BCC materials Procurement of Hammers and Nails Production of M & E forms Health Facility Health Education for mothers and caregivers on benefit of LLIN, its use and demonstration on appropriate hanging during ANC, Immunization and outpatient unit. This should be done regularly on daily basis by service providers. MediaProduction and airing of radio jingles on LLIN use Engagement of BCC consultantsTo implement the above activities, CRS will engage a BCC consultant (group, firm or entity) with relevant BCC expertise and experience to work in each state. Role of BCC Consultants. The consultant will be assigned to engage and mobilize communities with a view to raising understanding and accelerating behaviour change among individuals and communities with respect to net use. The objectives are as follows: To implement community activities and other priority activities (as indicated in 2.0 above) that will increase number of households who hang LLINs in target communities from a baseline figure to over 60% at the end of the intervention period and recommend strategies for sustaining continuous use. To increase percentage of community members in target communities who sleep inside LLINs from an initial baseline figure to reach at least 80% at the end of the intervention. To document lessons learnt and positive shifts in attitudes towards LLINs hanging and use Scope of Work The scope of work entails the following activities: Potential consultants will use information collected during micro-planning (demand creation activities) for the campaigns to develop community action plans Support community activities to promote positive behaviour for LLIN use. The assignment will cover all LGAs in the state. All the training activities will be LGA specific. Specific Activities/Tasks Conduct community engagement meetings and planning sessions with stakeholders. In collaboration with LGAs, carry out stakeholders meeting for post campaign BCC planning with the community coordinators To provide technical support for the finalization and production of adapted community materials To provide technical support for community sensitization and awareness creation on LLINs hanging, usage and maintenance. To support Inter-Personal Communication (IPC) for promotion of LLIN hanging and use To support community dialogue for promoting LLIN hanging and use To provide periodic update of the implementation of the post campaign activities on monthly basis to state. In collaboration with the NMEP and CRS, participate in the assessment of the impact of the post campaign interventions on LLIN hanging and use To document lessons learnt and share with state and partners To write a final report of activities implemented during the post campaign activities. Qualifications A corporate organization or NGO, experience in implementation of health and community related BCC activities Relevant demonstrable skill in the planning and implementation of grass root mobilization activities with focus on health interventions. Proven experience in managing complex public health programs or projects in Nigeria or similar developing country context Previous experience in the overall planning and execution of large scale health campaigns Possession of crop of personnel with proven technical abilities in team building and training skills Strong analytical and problem solving skills Excellent technical writing and oral presentation skills highly desired Local presence in the state/region of interest Procedure for engagement of BCC consultant BCC consultants will be engaged in a transparent manner in consonance with CRS procurement processes. Each Firm/Organisation is to bid for some or all lots but CRS will award a maximum of two (2) lots (States) to one bidder to ensure a balanced portfolio in terms of risk management. The following stages shall be followed in the engagement of a BCC consultant. Publication of invitation for expression of interest in national dailies or such other agreed medium Following the publication mentioned above, invitation for expression of interests will be accepted for all the states where LLIN replacement campaigns are taking place. Expression of interest will be reviewed by an expert team and potential organisations shortlisted for the various states. Shortlisted organisation(s) will send a work plan guided by the table above to CRS, with attached financial proposal on a format developed and approved by CRS. CRS will review work plans and recommend 3 organisations for each state. CRS procurement team will review technical reports and assess financial bids. BCC consultant (firm/organisation) selected in accordance with CRS guidelines from the 3 whose technical proposals have been recommended. Contract document developed by technical and finance teams. Relevant annexure to the contract developed. These include approved work plan, approved budget, M&E plan including clear statement of targets and milestones, List of personnel for the exercise BCC consultant is mobilized as contracted. Deliverables and Payment for ServicesThe fee shall be paid in three tranches. The first tranche shall be payable upon the finalization and conclusion of engagement process (at contract signing including provision of the relevant annexure). The second tranche shall be payable upon completion of all campaign SBCC activities and submission of report; while the third tranche shall be at retainage (final check by CRS) including signed off by the CRS COP GF Malaria Project. The tranches, amounts in percentages as well as deliverables are shown in the table below.TranchePayment scheduleFinal Deliverable/Output (OVIs)AmountFirst Upon signing of contract Reports, video clips and pictures of meetings Adapted community engagement materials Samples of community Data Collection Tool Detailed retirement documents for trainings and workshop 60%Second Upon submission of detailed retirement documents for trainings and workshops and submission of the preliminary report Documentary on IPC, community dialogues and awareness creation on hanging and use in the states. Periodic reports on update of the implementation of the post campaign activities on monthly basis Final report highlighting lessons learnt during the post campaign activities. 30%Third Retainage Final check by CRS 10%TimeframeThe duration of the project will be for the period stated in Table 1 - Implementation Schedule.
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Enamorar-se i desenamorar-se. És la sensació que et queda un cop has viscut a Roma un temps. Amb les maletes a la porta, a punt de tornar a casa, és quan reflexiones sobre tot allò que t’aporta una ciutat com la capital italiana. Enamorar-se de l’art, les places, les fonts i els carrers estrets. Desenamorar-se […]
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[Streaming Again] When an ex-cop and her ex-con husband learn they can't have children, they kidnap one of a furniture magnate's quintuplet sons.

          Nike Air Presto's New Colorway Will Intrigue Miami Dolphins Fans   

Nike returns with a brand new colorway for their ever-popular Air Presto. Featuring a teal-green color over the mesh, the neoprene upper, toe and heel cage, orange on the heel pull tab, tongue and midsole, as well as a white midsole, this new rendition will surely intrigue Miami Dolphins fans. The Presto will be available at select Nike retailers this summer. For more on the Nike Air Presto, check out Nike's recent re-release of the Flyknit black & white colorway. You can now cop the teal-green Presto at Kixify.

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          WATCH: Off-Duty Illinois Cop Threatens ‘To Kill’ Black Teen For Walking On Property   
An unidentified off-duty Lansing, Illinois police officer threatened the life of a 15-year-old Black for being on his property.
          UP Woman Cop Who Stood Up Against BJP Workers Transferred To Keep The Party's Pride Intact   

In India the real superheroes, the ones who quietly do their duty expecting nothing in return, are often cut to size rudely.

Days after Shreshtha Thakur, a police officer in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, set an example by standing up to errant politicians, even sending 5 of them to jail, she was put in place by the state administration.

Last month a viral video footage captured Circle Officer Thakur confronting an angry mob of BJP workers who had gathered after a district-level party worker was issued a challan — a penalty slip — for not having appropriate documentation for his vehicle.

What should have been a case for the law to tackle soon turned ugly, as party workers descended in droves on the scene and started a brawl with the police. It was at this point that Officer Thakur stepped in.

"You please go and get written orders from the Chief Minister that the police have no right to check vehicles ... that we can't do our job," she told a BJP worker in the heat of the argument.

Finally, five of them were packed off to prison for obstructing government officials from discharging their duty.

Now reality seemed to have caught up with her. According to a report in the Hindustan Times, Thakur was transferred to Bahraich by the state high command, ruled by the BJP, to assuage the hurt ego and wounded pride of its workers.

The city president of BJP, Mukesh Bhardwaj, made no qualms about admitting such was the case, while also accusing the officer and her colleagues of making derogatory remarks about the state chief minister Yogi Adityanath.

Thakur had told the agitating workers, "You are bringing a bad name to your party also ... people will soon start saying that you guys are BJP's goonda."

The incident took place shortly after another police office, Charu Nigam, was reduced to tears by a yelling lawmaker from Gorakhpur for trying to control a group of women protesting against liquor shops in the area.

In Uttar Pradesh, under the new chief minister Adityanath, the administration has started anti-Romeo squads, though the name was changed later to Nari Suraksha Bal, ostensibly to protect women and to preserve their dignity in public.

Clearly, the state government, especially the party in power there, has peculiar notions of women's empowerment, going by its allegedly vindictive action against Officer Thakur.

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          No black person is safe in America - Salon   


No black person is safe in America
I do have immense respect for protestors, marchers and organizers, but in the end, after all that chanting, marching and lying down in traffic, Darren Wilson, the cop who murdered Brown, still went free, and cops in America still feel comfortable ...

          Oklahoma Cop Adopts Boy He Rescued From Abuse   

An Oklahoma police officer is being hailed as a local hero for adopting a young boy that he discovered in deplorable conditions as he investigated a child abuse call back in 2015 – a move he claims he knew would … More »

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          WATCH: Cop Paints Himself in Fake Blood to Scare Citizens into Worshiping Police   
CopAn outspoken Arkansas cop used fake blood to lecture Americans on a "War on Cops" that defies both logic and factual evidence.
          Diarrhea - Great Tips To Prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome   
where to buy digestive advantage ibs: Irritable bowel Syndrome can be very irritating especially when the person suffers from its symptoms such as pain, diarrhea and constipation. Since, this trouble is not considered as fatal, professionals feel that one can easily cop up with the... Diarrhea
          Diarrhea - Great Tips To Prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome   
ethical nutrients ibs support tablets: Irritable bowel Syndrome can be very irritating especially when the person suffers from its symptoms such as pain, diarrhea and constipation. Since, this trouble is not considered as fatal, professionals feel that one can easily cop up with the... Diarrhea
          Comment on Red Sox Release Allen Craig by go_jays_go   
"A team like Cleveland got siderailed by a bad contract to Hafner that they couldn’t unload." No. Cleveland got siderailed because they're terrible at drafting. These are the best players they managed to draft and sign from 2001 to 2008 (courtesy of baseball reference) Jeremy Guthrie - 17.7 WAR Luke Scott - 12.1 WAR Lonnie Chisenhall - 9.0 WAR Kevin Kouzmanoff - 7.7 WAR Tony Sipp - 4.3 WAR Josh Tomlin - 4.4 WAR Vinnie Pestano - 4.4 WAR Chris Archer - 11.7 WAR (traded to Cubs, then Rays) On top of that, they failed to sign their best picks (Tim Lincecum and Desmond Jennings in 2005) and they traded away their best signee (Chris Archer) No matter how you spin it, this is flat out terrible. Blaming it on Hafner is a cop out. Cleveland only has themselves to blame; look no further than their dismal drafts as evidence. (Note: things did get better in 2009 - 2011)
          Robocop (Crime Has a New Enemy )   

Robocop (Crime Has a New Enemy ) portalpilihan
Omnicorp yang merupakan sebuah perusahaan multinasional Kaya merupakan pusat pembuatan teknologi robot. Meraka (Omnicorp ) memiliki sebuah pesawat yang bernama Drone yang telah banyak digunakan oleh pihak Militer di luar negeri selama bertahun - tahun. Akan tetapi Pesawat tersebut tidak di gunakan di negeri asalnya yaitu Amerika Serikat karena karena terkait masalah Hukum.

Namun sekarang Omnicorp berniat ingin membawa teknologi tersebut yang kontroversional ke dalam Negeri. Perusahaan tersebut melihat peluang yang sangat bagus tatkala Alex murphy (Joel Kinnaman ) yang merupakan seorang suami yang penyanyang sekaligus seorang polisi yang menumpas kejahatan mengalami luka yang cukup parah saat melakukan tugas di detroit.

Robocop (Crime Has a New Enemy ) portalpilihan
Melihat kejadian tersebut Omnicorp berniat memanfaatkannya untuk membuat Robocop. Alex murphy akan dirubah tubuhnya menjadi setengah Robot dan setengah Manusia. Mereka (Omnicorp) membayangkan seandainya Robocop berada di seluruh kota Detroit. Tapi mereka tidak memikirkan satu hal penting yaitu MEreka yang di jadikan setengah robot setengah manusia tetap akan ada manusia di dalam robot.

Langsung saja Tonton Film terbaru dari Robocop di Bioskop kesayangan Anda. Selamat menikmati !

Lihat Trailer Robocop (Crime Has a New Enemy )