New country classifications by income level: 2017-2018   

Updated country income classifications for the World Bank’s 2018 fiscal year are available here.

The World Bank assigns the world's economies into four income groups — high, upper-middle, lower-middle, and low. We base this assignment on GNI per capita calculated using the Atlas method. The units for this measure and for the thresholds is current US Dollars.

At the Bank, these classifications are used to aggregate data for groups of similar countries. The income-category of a country is not one of the factors used that influence lending decisions.

Each year on July 1st, we update the classifications. They change for two reasons:

1. In each country, factors such as income growth, inflation, exchange rates, and population change, influence GNI per capita.

2. To keep the dollar thresholds which separate the classifications fixed in real terms, we adjust them for inflation.

The data for the first adjustment come from estimates of 2016 GNI per capita which are now available. This year, the thresholds have moved down slightly because of low price inflation and the strengthening of the US dollar. Click here for information about how the World Bank classifies countries.

Updated Thresholds

New thresholds are determined at the start of the Bank’s fiscal year in July and remain fixed for 12 months regardless of subsequent revisions to estimates. As of July 1 2017, the new thresholds for classification by income are:

Threshold GNI/Capita (current US$)
Low-income < 1,005
Lower-middle income 1,006 - 3,955
Upper-middle income 3,956 - 12,235
High-income > 12,235

Changes in Classification

The following countries have new income groups:

Country Old group New group
Angola Upper-middle Lower-middle
Croatia High-income Upper-middle
Georgia Upper-middle Lower-middle
Jordan Upper-middle Lower-middle
Nauru High-income Upper-middle
Palau Upper-middle High-income
Samoa Lower-middle Upper-middle
Tonga Lower-middle Upper-middle

The country and lending groups page provides a complete list of economies classified by income, region, and lending status and links to previous years’ classifications. The classification tables include all World Bank members, plus all other economies with populations of more than 30,000. The term country, used interchangeably with economy, does not imply political independence but refers to any territory for which authorities report separate social or economic statistics.

Tables showing 2016 GNI, GNI per capita, GDP, GDP PPP, and Population data are also available as part of the World Bank's Open Data Catalog. Note that these are preliminary estimates and may be revised. For more information, please contact us at

          Evidence that low real rates will persist   

Will interest rates be permanently lower?

John Williams 26 November 2015

Following the Global Crisis, central banks around the world brought their policy rates close to zero, as shown in Figures 1 and 2. And now a few – including the ECB, the Swedish Riksbank, and the Swiss National Bank – have crossed the zero-rate threshold and instituted negative interest rates. A period of nearly seven years of extremely low interest rates has spurred a debate over whether interest rates will return to more normal levels. Will they rebound once the effects of the global financial crisis are finally behind us? Or are low rates a permanent feature of the economic landscape? The resolution to this debate has important implications for the economy and monetary policy (Summers 2014).

Figure 1. Near-zero interest rates following the Global Financial Crisis

Source: OECD, Federal Reserve Board.

Figure 2. Negative short-term interest rates become more common

Source: OECD.

Economists have a laundry list of developments that, in theory, could cause the trend in real (inflation-adjusted) interest rates to change over time. These include persistent shifts in the rate of productivity growth, demographics, risk aversion, fiscal policy, and international factors (Congressional Budget Office 2015, IMF 2014, Council of Economic Advisers 2015, Hamilton et al 2015). However, it has proven more challenging to gauge their quantitative impact on trend interest rates.

Unfortunately, standard statistical techniques are poorly suited to distinguish whether a permanent shift in interest rates will emerge from the current situation – an extended period of low rates instituted in response to an unusually deep recession and sluggish recovery. As discussed in Laubach and Williams (2015), the fact that rates have been very low for close to seven years implies that standard statistical methods indicate that the fall in real rates is entirely due to a downward shift in trend. In particular, these methods indicate that the current trend short-term rate in the US is about –1.5. A similar conclusion is drawn for global interest rates (Hamilton et al 2015).

One way around this problem is to use a macroeconomic model that explicitly takes into account the combined behaviours of inflation, output, and interest rates in estimating the trend in real interest rates. In the Laubach-Williams (LW) model, the trend, or ‘natural,’ real interest rate is implicitly defined as that which occurs when the economy is operating at its full potential and there are no inflationary pressures in either direction. This model assumes that the trend real interest rate depends on the estimated trend growth rate of real GDP and other unspecified influences.

The model is estimated using the Kalman filter. The Kalman filter operates on the principle that one should partially adjust one’s estimate of the unobserved variables –the trend natural rate of interest, the level of potential output, and its trend growth rate – based on the discrepancies between the model’s predictions for real GDP and inflation, and the actual data.  In particular, if real GDP is lower than the model predicts, the estimate of the natural rate of interest is reduced by a small fraction of the forecast error. The output gap estimate, in turn, is based on a Phillips curve relationship between inflation, the output gap, and other variables. If, for example, inflation turns out lower than predicted, the level of potential output is revised up (that is, for a given level of real GDP, the output gap is revised down) by a small fraction, as is the estimate of the trend growth rate of potential output.

The LW estimates of the natural rate of interest display a moderate secular decline over the two decades preceding the Great Recession and a second, more substantial decline during the Great Recession (Williams 2015). Figure 3 shows the estimates of the natural rate of interest from 1980 to 2015.  The estimate of the natural rate was about 3.5% for 1990, gradually declining to about 2% in 2007, on the cusp of the Great Recession. In the recession years of 2008 and 2009, the estimated natural rate plummets to about zero, where it has remained ever since. This is an unprecedented decline and historical low for the natural rate.

Figure 3. Laubach-Williams estimates of trend short-term real interest

Note: Grey bands denote NBER recessions.

What accounts for the decline in natural rates? According to the LW model, a falling trend rate of potential output growth accounts for about half of the decline.  The final two rows of Table 1 show the contributions from changes in trend growth and the catch-all ‘other factors’ to the decline in the estimated natural rate for the periods 1990–2007 and 2007–2015.  Figure 4 shows the LW model estimates of the trend growth rate of potential output over 1980–2015. Estimated trend potential output growth was about 3.5% in 1990, declining to 3% in 2007, then falling sharply to about 2%. Note that the model does not attribute these movements in trend potential output growth to specific sources; rather they are treated as exogenous shifts.

Table 1. Alternative measures of trend real short-term interest rates

Figure 4. Laubach-Williams estimates of the trend growth rate of GDP

Note: Grey bands denote NBER recessions.

There is robust evidence of a persistent decline in the trend real interest rates using alternative approaches to estimate trend real interest rates. Laubach and Williams (2015) explore alternative versions of the LW model and in each case the current estimate of trend real rates is very low. In addition, a number of other studies have examined whether trend real interest rates are permanently lower. Although individual estimates differ, it is striking that a wide variety of approaches point to historically low levels of future real interest rates (Hamilton et al 2015, Johannsen and Mertens 2015, Kiley 2015, Lubik and Matthes 2015).

Economic forecasters and financial market participants appear to have embraced this perspective, as seen in economists’ surveys and yields on Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). The first row of Table 1 reports natural rate estimates implied by the long-run forecasts from the Blue Chip survey of forecasters. The second row reports real interest rates five to ten years in the future based on TIPS yields (note that TIPS did not exist in 1990). The third row reports the LW estimates. The pattern of declining trend interest rates is consistent across the three measures, although the movements in the LW estimates are noticeably larger than the other two.

What are the implications of the sizeable decline in the trend real rate of interest? First, if sustained, it implies that longer-term interest rates will also be correspondingly lower on average. Second, a lower average real interest rate implies that episodes of monetary policy being constrained at the zero lower bound are likely to be more frequent and longer (Reifschneider and Williams 2000). Third, it is a powerful reminder that one should not treat the natural rate of interest as fixed, as is often done in discussions of monetary policy rules such as the Taylor rule. Finally, estimates of trend or natural rates are subject to a great deal of uncertainty (Orphanides and Williams 2002, Laubach and Williams 2003). The various measures of trend interest rates differ by as much as 1.5 percentage points, an unusually large deviation in estimates compared to the period before the Great Recession.

So, will interest rates be permanently lower? While an unequivocal answer is not possible with the information at hand, the evidence suggests a significant decline in the trend in real interest rates. And there is little, if any, sign of a return to a more normal trend.  Taken together, this evidence suggests that it is likely that the trend in real short-term interest rates is lower than it was in previous decades, with the possibility that it may even have fallen below 1%.

Author’s note: The views presented in this article are the author’s alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of other members of the Federal Reserve System.


Congressional Budget Office (2015) The 2015 Long-Term Budget Outlook, June 16.

Council of Economic Advisers (2015) “Long-term interest rates: A survey”, July.

Hamilton, J D, E S Harris, J Hatzius and K D West (2015) “The equilibrium real funds rate: Past, present, and future”, Hutchins Center on Fiscal & Monetary Policy at Brookings, Working Paper 16, October 30.

International Monetary Fund (2014) World Economic Outlook: April 2014.

Johannsen, B K and E Mertens (2015) “The shadow rate of interest, macroeconomic trends, and time-varying uncertainty”, Unpublished manuscript.

Kiley, M T (2015) “What can the data tell us about the equilibrium real interest rate?” Finance and Economics Discussion Series 2015-077, Washington: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, August.

Laubach, T and J C Williams (2003) “Measuring the natural rate of interest”, Review of Economics and Statistics, 85(4): 1,063–1,070. Updated estimates here.

Laubach, T and J C Williams (2015) “Measuring the natural rate of interest redux”, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Working Paper 2015-16, October.

Lubik, T A and C Matthes (2015) “Calculating the natural rate of interest: A comparison of two alternative approaches”, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Economic Brief 15-10, October.

Orphanides, A and J C Williams (2002) “Robust monetary policy rules with unknown natural rates”, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 2002(2): 63–145.

Reifschneider, D and J C Williams (2000) “Three lessons for monetary policy in a low-inflation era”, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 32(4/ 2): 936–966.

Summers, L H (2014) “US economic prospects: Secular stagnation, hysteresis, and the zero lower bound”, Business Economics, 49(2): 65–73.

Williams, J C (2003) “The natural rate of interest”, FRBSF Economic Letter, 2003-32, October 31.

Williams, J C (2015) “The decline in the natural rate of interest”, Business Economics, 50(2): 57–60.

Topics:  Global crisis Macroeconomic policy

Tags:  Fed, interest rates, zero lower bound, central bank, Central Banks, global crisis

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Hammond & Stephens Heinemann Raintree Classroom Heinemann Raintree Library Houghton Mifflin Harcourt School Publishers Insight Media Interstate Music ... Retrieve Here

Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts Images

Once he arrived home, he shrugged out of his suit and pulled on Army shorts. About seven months before September 11, Samantha Egan started working steps away from her sister, Lisa Egan. ...

Adrian Hammond

Location Mojave Desert California. Shot For Swedish Clothing line Adrian Hammond

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Images of Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts

Jeans Model Wendy Williams Show FOX Woman with Candle CBS Series Commercial SHOWTIME Viv Gee, Nadine George, Nikki King, Adrian Kirk, Aaron Lee Lambert, Lindsay McDonald, Anne-Liis Poll, Mary Hammond, Paul Farrington, Joan Busby, Gill Main, Steven Hoggett and Scott Graham (Frantic ... Read Document

User:AvicBot/drafts - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
User:Adrian leach/Adrian Leach Bsc (hon),PGCE; User:Adrian.whittaker/new article name here; User:Adrian1030t/Adrian Teran; User:Adrianb/State Opera of South Australia ... Read Article

Images of Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts

jeans til vår butikk på grunn av sin fantastiske passform bukser og shorts. Farah flyttet etter hvert inn i større Adrian Hammond, Petrol Industries, DN 67, Cipo&Baxx, Alpha ... Get Content Here

Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts Photos

Forever In Blue Jeans Stuck With You I'm Coming Out Sang, Samantha & The Bee Gees Hammond, Albert It Never Rains In Southern California My Life Sweet Thing King, Evelyn Champagne ... Retrieve Document

Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts

Adrian Caballero Accent Marketing, Inc. 312-226-6117 Hammond IN ON-SITE DRUG AND ALCOHOL SCREENING Janie Shoes, Dress, Women's and Girl's;Pants, Slacks, Trousers, Shorts, Jeans, etc. ... Read Here

Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts

Gilbert Hammond Chairman of Bd 256 229-6721 Hammond & Associates Inc Men's & Women's Pants, Shorts Women's Clothing Womens & Children's Blouses Adrian Bouchillon Finished Socks Parkway Hosiery Inc ... Content Retrieval

Pictures of Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts

Hammond, Lawrence MOT01T Through a geographer's eyes Book 1 Jeans, Peter D The Stolen children : their stories : in The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 The secret diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 ... Retrieve Content

Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts

Taste in men (adrian sherwood go go dub mix) taste in men cd5 agree to stay all your jeans were too tight no alternative paranoid in the name of the father (crown of thorns mix) ... Get Doc

Photos of Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts

Weir, Adrian The God of small things Roy, Arundhati Sprout mask replica / Robert Rankin The dream chasers / Melinda Hammond Hammond, Melinda The ghost dog / Pete Johnson ... Fetch Here

Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts Photos

Hammond,William PROF, ASOC AFFILIATE Han,Pi-Chi Hancock III,John C Shorts,Tobias M. Shrensker,Jennifer Loren Shrivastava,Digvijay Law,Elmo Adrian Law,Whitney E Lawlor,Kerri Lyn Lawrence Jr,Charles A ... Return Doc

Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts Pictures
101206 5/16/2012. 101206 5/16/2012. 101206 5/16/2012. 101206 5/16/2012. 101321 7/19/2012. 101318 7/19/2012. 101358 8/2/2012. 101358 8/2/2012. 101227 5/23/2012. 101221 5/21/2012 ... Content Retrieval

Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts
Golf Club, Paradise Golf, Par3 Golf Course Terrey Hills, Pacific Dunes, Sheldon and Hammond 1st Adrian Chung Violin (yr5) 2nd Sergio Insuasti Violin (yr6) Dress: Music Camp bowling shirt with jeans or shorts, footwear expected, plus appropriate Christmas hats ... Access Doc

Depantsed,stripped,lost Bets - YouTube
93 0:08 No Pants Adrian by assad54 9,864 views 94 9:04 The Wardrobe Malfunction by Andrewz05 148 0:25 rippin mcveighs shorts of by patterson298 17,817 views 165 1:13 Rikki's Jeans Getting Nicked by TrishaaBabess 310 views ... View Video

Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts Pictures

Adrian Beltre. Another ball club we all have to watch out for is the Tampa Bay Rays, who note, playing Atwood-Hammond in our very last home volleyball game of our middle Its time for shorts, And playing sports. ... Retrieve Doc

Wikipedia:Featured Picture Candidates/August-2007 - Wikipedia ...
Please cut and paste new entries to the bottom of this page, creating a new monthly archive (by closing date) when necessary. ... Read Article

Pictures of Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts

Chris Hammond, a chemistry teacher and the current Head of Middle School, came to Latymer Upper in some lines that went "Scoutmasters gay are we/ displaying a shapely knee/in our cute little shorts 64 I remember him as always hitching up his jeans with his sweater hanging down over it, standing ... Fetch Document

Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts Photos

Adrian Dunbar, Gabrielle Anwar, Stephen Dorff Patrick Dewolf INNOCENT MEETING A teenager on probation is falsely accused of robbery. A young girl, knowing the truth, must persuade the boy to give himself up and overcome his conviction that he is condemned to being a lifelong criminal. ... Doc Retrieval

Adrian Hammond Jeans Shorts

11s370 Jeans Rd Unit C Masonry, Concrete, and Stucco Maintenance and Repair (Includes Inside Concrete Sawing Work) Mizzi Structure Designs, Incorporated ... Fetch Here

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Short Tie Dye - YouTube
0:11 AG Adriano Goldschmied Daisy Short Tie-Dye Twill SKU : # 8016945 by ZapposGear 23 views 2:15 Aprenda a fazer tie dye em short jeans by EdithGomes1 44,811 views 7:31 TIE DYE SHORTS DIY by Koko Dubuisson 52,508 views ... View Video

Ag Stilt Cigarette jeans - YouTube
0:14 AG ADRIANO GOLDSCHMIED STILT CIGARETTE JEAN IN CHANDELIER SKU: #7867962 by ZapposGear 19 views 8:18 DIY Distressed Jeans - How to Make Destroyed Denim Jean Shorts by URBANOGcom 55,234 views ... View Video

Adriano Goldschmied Jeans Shorts

Sundek board shorts, Jeans-com. Earrings, bikini top. $93; 323- $119; Saks Fifth Adriano Goldschmied be judged harshly and unfairly. bangle, $28, wh te and pink-sapphire ... Read Here

Diesel (azienda) - Wikipedia
La compagnia fu fondata da Renzo Rosso e Adriano Goldschmied, già fondatore della AG Jeans, nel 1978. Boxer · Compression shorts · Fundoshi · Slip · Pantaloncini da ciclista · Perizoma · Sospensorio · Tanga ... Read Article

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Lucky Style Guide - 4260morefiles / FrontPage
A AG Adriano Goldschmied . A/X Armani Exchange. Abaeté DKNY Jeans Juniors.

Klaus Hang&#39;s Fashion Talk: Yul Ku, AG Adriano Goldschmied

SI's Editor & Publisher Klaus N. Hang meets Yul Ku of AG Adriano Goldschmied at the Project Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Dolce & Gabbana, D&G Donald J Pliner [no period after initial] boy-briefs boy-shorts. boy’s-style [adj.] boys club ... Return Doc

Adriano Goldschmied Jeans Shorts Photos

J Brand Cut Off Shorts <a href=" <a href=" ... Content Retrieval

Pictures of Adriano Goldschmied Jeans Shorts

L’autunno Caldo Della Moda Italiana
Coraggioso che veste shorts e bluse leggerissime in tessuti high tech. Gli accessori irrinunciabili sono zai- lywood, 50 capi in jeans e jersey con prezzi compresi tra 100 e 400 dollari. Adriano Goldschmied: “Insieme a ... Document Viewer

Adriano Goldschmied Jeans Shorts Photos

It is the kind of place, you repeatedly hear, where a woman can go out of the house in shorts, or where people are reasonably tolerant of a situation like Patrao's living with Kaur, who, at 34, is much younger, and not even his wife. ... Retrieve Document

Adriano Goldschmied Jeans Shorts Photos

Lieblingsstücke Für Den Frühling - Modehaus Schnitzler ...
Polo Jeans Co. Shorts Drykorn Gürtel Mit Jeans und dem Sommerblazer aus gewa-schener Baumwolle sind Sie auch in der City „komplett“. Nationality Blazer Mason's unika Adriano Goldschmied ... Return Doc

Photos of Adriano Goldschmied Jeans Shorts

The SunPost Best Of 2008: S
(where swimwear rocks) to put an artful spin on colorful, plain and printed bikinis, sun shirts, skirts and shorts Take the new Adriano Goldschmied store, where you can be served coffee while trying on jeans and ... Get Doc

Photos of Adriano Goldschmied Jeans Shorts

jeans ao tênis. O uso de bi-godes bem trabalhados, com Os shorts surgiram curti-nhos e mais folgados, com cara ca Adriano Goldschmied, onde era possível sair com uma calça ... Read More

Joe's Jeans Shearling Denim Jacket In Fields SKU:#7869214 ...
Joe's Jeans Shearling Denim Jacket in Fields SKU:#7869214 0:14 AG Adriano Goldschmied Hero in Arp SKU:#7868017 by ZapposGear 4 views 11:01 DIY Bleached Distressed Denim Shorts by caffaccino 525,494 views ... View Video

Photos of Adriano Goldschmied Jeans Shorts

Sweaters, Outerwear And More
AG ADRIANO GOLDSCHMIED recently opened a Beverly Hills store at 329 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, This spring, Crest Jeans is heading to the tropics with island inspired denim shorts. ... Access This Document

          American Eagle Jeans Shorts   
Photos of American Eagle Jeans Shorts

Boy Scouts Of America Troop 776 Goddard, Kansas
Specifically, the BSA endeavors to develop American citizens who are physically, blue jeans, shorts, or other acceptable pants; belt; hiking boots or tennis shoes with but not limited to, counseling, camping and other outings, driving, and non-Eagle Board ... Fetch Doc

American Eagle Jeans Shorts Images

The Following List Represents Companies Who Are Official U.S ...
Arlington Sports: Air Force Cycling Classic special event • American Stamp Collectibles: collectible art Force-approved toys • Oarsman: headwear, jackets, sweatshirts, tee-shirts, shorts ... Return Doc

Miss Me Jean Collection/Haul - YouTube
My collection of Miss Me Jeans/ Shorts, and Capris! I am in no way shape or form bragging, I was just really bored! 9:44 Fall Jeans Haul! (American Eagle) by Beeyourself7 10,636 views; Loading more suggestions ... View Video

Photos of American Eagle Jeans Shorts

The women’s Dillard’s store and proceeded toward American Eagle Outfitters, where she planned to purchase some jeans. {¶3} As Locker rounded the corner leading into the mall’s main concourse, she noticed two black men, one wearing a white t-shirt, cap, and dark shorts, and the other ... Fetch Content

American Eagle Jeans Shorts

PARENT HANDBOOK 2011 - American Diabetes Association Home ...
• No shorts shorter than mid thigh • No ultra low-rise jeans MEET THE CAMP COLORADO STAFF please do so through Emily Fay, Camp Manager at Eagle Lake Camp Office: 1-800-US-EAGLE (1-800-873-2453) or by calling Lisa Goff, at the American ... Retrieve Full Source

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OPEN THURSDAY from 3 to 8 pm. Little girls clothing size 3 mos. to 2T, junior clothing, name brand junior jeans shorts and tall, purses, shoes Name Brand clothing - American Eagle, Aeropostale, Arie, Old Navy, Maurices, Silvers & much more. ... Return Doc

Long Underwear - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
American Eagle; American Apparel; Andrew Christian; aussieBum; Bonds; BVD; California Muscle Cycling shorts; Dress pants; Jeans; Jodhpurs; Overall; Parachute pants; Phat pants; Shorts ... Read Article

American Eagle Jeans Shorts Images

Why What & How (8-19-10).ppt - Don White, Ph.D.
Statements (e.g., Troy Logo, Nike Swoosh, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, etc.). Pants, Shorts, & Skirts/Dresses • Traditional twill, woven or corduroy pants fabrics of any color are preferred. • Students may wear jeans only if they do not have holes, do ... View Full Source

American Eagle Jeans Shorts Images

2012 Postville Spring City Wide Garage Sales
American Eagle, women’s sm & med. shorts size 5 – 7, teen girls.. Thu 1- ? women’s med & lg & jeans, young men’s & jeans, big & tall men’s xl – 3X, 36 - 44, men’s shoes/boots size 12 ... Content Retrieval

American Eagle Jeans Shorts Photos

Equity Valuation & Analysis Of GUESS INC. - Mark E. Moore
jeans, pants, overalls, skirts, dresses, shorts, blouses, shirts, jackets, and Guess Jeans Inc. Abercrombie and Fitch American Eagle Guess Jeans Inc. 2.44047894 -2.4014167 46.372549 2.18065396 -0.5461861 ... Retrieve Content

American Eagle Jeans Shorts Photos

Hip Hop’s Slimdown: The Transition From Prison Yard Sag To ...
Offers men’s apparel by way of jeans, tees, polos, shorts, hats and other items such as contrast to retail brands such as American Eagle Outfitters and Zumiez which, according ... Get Document

American Eagle Jeans Shorts Photos

Business & Service Carpet Directory Cleaning - MONROE COUNTY
Name brand (Old Navy, Aeropostale, American Eagle) junior girls’ clothing sizes S-L and junior girls; jeans sizes 1-7; name brand (Old Navy, Aeropostale, Fox Racing) men’s clothing sizes M-XL and men’s jeans/Khaki pants/shorts (mostly 32-34, 34-34); many ... Retrieve Here

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June Same Store Sales Summary - CorpFinCafe: Prompting ...
American Eagle Outfitters AEO -11.0% -8.9% 8.0% Abercrombie & Fitch ANF -3.0% -2.8% 2.0% By category, areas of strength in the “Masculine” offer were Knits, Fragrance, Shorts, and Jeans. ... Document Retrieval

Photos of American Eagle Jeans Shorts

Canton Middle School
Styles are to include solid navy blue or khaki pants; Capri’s, skirts, or shorts. No denim jeans or overalls will be allowed. selection of clothing described: Kohl’s, Sears, J.C. Penney, Wal-Mart, Target, American Eagle (online), Aeropostale (online), Village Discount ...

36th Annual Central MN Boy Scout Lawn Social Sponsored by ...

Hosts Jim & Tami Unger and Gary & Wendy Verkinnes present the 36th Annual Central MN Boy Scout Lawn Social Sponsored by Brandl Motors, an evening of fellowship, networking, great food, and refreshments.

The annual BSA Lawn Social began in 1976 with Cy & Bernie Kuefler hosting the event. Dan & Mabel Coborn continued the tradition by hosting the event for over 20 years.

Originally known as "The Garden Party", the benefit had a modest beginning but grew to become a significant social event and major fund-raising endeavor for Scouting.

Today, the BSA Lawn Social is an exceptional party attended by hundreds of guests. Participants enjoy fellowship and great food at this premier social event.

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S Outh Dakota’s Nine Tribes Invite You Visitor To Visit ...
Native American communities contain a diversity of jeans and especially high shorts are also offensive at Po box 590, EAGLE buTTE, SD 57265 605-964-7812 oR WWW.SIoux.oRG ...

Silver Peak Wilderness, Republic of California, United States of ...

SPD, PAD, and CALB reunite in the coastal wilderness of California to test back country skills, endurance limits, and the brotherhood of the Eagle Scout. Silver Peak Wilderness put up a good fight, but it was no match for veterans of BSA Troop 626.

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Fashion: Amy's Summer Outfits I - YouTube
- Shorts: Forever 21 Outfit #3: - Shirt: LADY GAGA CONCERT! - Shorts: Pac Sun Outfit #4: - Jeans: Hollister - Dress: American Eagle Outfit #5: - Shirt: Forever 21 ... View Video

American Eagle Jeans Shorts Pictures

The Wrangler Brand Extends Its Relationship With Dale ...
“The Earnhardt name has always represented the core, all-American values that Wrangler for comfortable, durable and affordable jeans, pants, shorts and shirts. The Wrangler Jeans Co. ® and Wrangler Hero® Eastpak®, Eagle Creek®, Majestic® and Red Kap® ... Get Doc

American Eagle Jeans Shorts

2012 Madison Citywide Rummage List - Madison, South Dakota ...
Snowpants, gymnastic leo’s, snowmobile helmets, jeans, shorts, Scooby Doo drawers, sweatshirts, board American Eagle, Hollister. Baby girls clothes up to 12 months, much miscellaneous. ... Read Full Source

Images of American Eagle Jeans Shorts Affiliate Keywords - Affiliate Program ...
jean shorts jeans hemmed [jeans hemmed] "jeans hemmed" jeans hemmed who invented jeans american eagle clothing [american eagle clothing] "american eagle clothing" ... Read More

American Eagle Jeans Shorts

SCHOOL UNIFORMS - Prince George's County Public Schools, Maryland
All American Wear, Inc. 5001-B Forbes Blvd.  Lanham, MD 20706. Shirt: white, gray or burgundy short sleeve TPA eagle T-shirt Uniform shorts: Black (ONLY) No Jeans Belt: Solid Black-must be worn at all times ... View Document

American Eagle Jeans Shorts Photos

218 3 pair Hugo Boss men’s boxer shorts, size medium 243 3 Play station 2 252 6 pair boy’s ankle tube sox 274 Express lady jeans size 11/12 356 2 American Eagle tube tops size sml. ... Access Document

Photos of American Eagle Jeans Shorts

Shorts 34” waist PJ’s Med Robe Med PetsMart gift card Publix gift card Folger’s coffee XLarge elastic Waist Jeans Earrings -pierced/Jewelry x-large Sports Bra Bath Towels XLarge Underwear xl shirts Small t-shirt American Eagle gift card ... Fetch This Document

American Eagle Jeans Shorts Images

Company Profile
American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. is a retailer that markets and sells its own brand of laidback, current clothing targeting 15 to 25 year-olds Its stores offer casual sportswear apparel, including knit and woven shirts, graphic t-shirts, fleece, jeans and woven pants, shorts, sweaters, and outerwear ... View This Document

Photos of American Eagle Jeans Shorts

Jeans - Jeans For Short Women - Petite Fashion
Short women should select jeans styles that flatter their figures and make them look longer and leaner. ... Read Article

          Amethyst Jeans Shorts   

CONTEST: My Picky Shopping Habits Tag (Win Clothes And Makeup ...
ELF Studio Amethyst Eyeshadow Lancome Color Design Lipstick in Groupie 3rd Prize- Video Response Winner 2. i dont wear shorts cause they ride up and its annoying. 3. shirts cant be black if im wearing black jeans eles i feel like cat women ... View Video

Amethyst Jeans Shorts Pictures

amethyst bracelet bracelet armstrong bracelet casio bracelet couleur bracelet jade shorts hommes minishort short court short jeans bermudas hommes boxershort shorts enfants ... Access Doc

Pictures of Amethyst Jeans Shorts

Amethyst (ext.) 334515 Ammeters (mfg.) Ammonia (whsl.) Ammonia alum (mfg.) 325311 Blue jeans (mfg) 325992 Blueprint cloth, sensitized (mfg.) 541340 Blueprint drafting service ... Access This Document

How Do I Slim Down Legs? - Calorie Counter | Food Nutrition ...
I really love the fitted, mid calve jeans but some brands fit everywhere but my calveseither Hi Amethyst, From what I read and understand (but I don't always understand what I read), is that the not to wear a skirt or dress, but to have an easier time putting on and wearing my cycling shorts ... Read Article

Photos of Amethyst Jeans Shorts

The Owmby Group Of Parishes Magazine
Its birthstone is the amethyst. It symbolises piety, humility, spiritual wisdom, and sincerity. Men's clothing, especially jeans, socks and boxer shorts are still needed as are tea, ... Access This Document

Amethyst Jeans Shorts Pictures

On the night of July 1 or early on the morning of July 2, Shari, wearing cut-off jeans and a sleeveless top, arrived at a was dressed in a blue and white two-piece bathing suit, completely covered by a black, floral-patterned top and shorts outfit, and also wore an ankle bracelet with an amethyst ... Fetch Full Source

Amethyst Jeans Shorts
Loose gemstones:;asstd amethyst quartz & quartz;see jewelry appraisal for detailed description;warehouse viewing only; wearing apparel:;men's, asstd jeans and shorts, asstd brands/colors/sizes;warehouse viewing only; ... Fetch Full Source

Amethyst Jeans Shorts Images

Earrings:;amethyst (4 prs), diamond (1 pr);see jewelry appraisal for detailed description;warehouse shirts:;men's, pepe jeans, white, sz: xl, approx 35 pcs total;warehouse viewing only; shorts:;juniors, gold drama, asstd colors/sizes, 100% cotton, c/o india, approx 20 pcs per ctn ... Doc Retrieval

Amethyst Jeans Shorts Photos

BF2009 Buying Guide - Gophn
Windham Pointe Shorts for Men Windham Pointe Stripe/Print Knit Polos for Men Boys’ Arizona Authentic Jeans Relaxed, Loose, Carpenter Or Bootcut Styles Sizes 8-20 (Doorbuster) Green Amethyst Ring with Diamonds in 14k White Gold ... Retrieve Full Source

Amethyst Jeans Shorts

FEBRUARY 16, 2011 RUNWAY REPORT - The Fur Information Council ...
Were just as easy to imagine with jeans and a sweater or A pair of black goat hair shorts could have gone terribly wrong, but, in the able hands of these gorgeous amethyst-dyed mink knit scarf topped a ... Fetch This Document

Amethyst Jeans Shorts Images

GOD3 By Ipam
Cotton shorts with Santoni crocodile silver slip on shoes and his Marc Jacobs green canvas duffle bracelet and earrings of silver and precious stones of amethyst and aqua and jade. over the JC de Castelbajac red and gray hoodie paired with the Balmain light blue jeans and ... View Full Source

Amethyst Jeans Shorts Pictures

Category Profile Spend Analysis Template
amethyst research. swains locksmith. elevator service company. northcoast medical. one earth corporation. sauder manufactur. cross screen printing ... Access Doc

Images of Amethyst Jeans Shorts

LUxUrIoUS amEThYST – oUr favoUrITE ShaDES for Shorts, £14, from La Senza Diamonté-trim jumpsuit, black flared jeans, £165, mih, brown boyfriend belt, £12, Therapy, black ... Return Doc

Women's Fashion Links 2012-10-26 - Spiderbites Of ...
Http:// ... Read Article

Amethyst Jeans Shorts

Fine Jewellery : Necklaces & Chains : Amethyst Fine Jewellery : Necklaces & Chains : Aquamarine Fine Jewellery : Necklaces & Chains : Citrine Sewing, Fabric & Textiles : Other ... Doc Viewer

Amethyst Jeans Shorts Photos

Pixar Shorts DVD Fullscreen Predators (Blu-ray Plus Digital Copy) Previously Viewed DVDs 5 for $10 Guys' Arizona Original, Loose, Relaxed, Carpenter & Basic Bootcut Jeans ... Fetch Document

Pictures of Amethyst Jeans Shorts

And finished off with an amethyst bead, like a lip-smacking, perfect little blackcurrant. by Energie is the perfect accent for jeans, chinos or shorts this spring. ... Retrieve Content

Pictures of Amethyst Jeans Shorts

Item #100 Item #101
Description: Includes 1 gold shorts (large) , 1 yellow shirt amethyst and peridot in a funky, asymmetric sterling silver Description: Dress up jeans with this Montana Blue ... Doc Viewer

گردنبند - ویکی‌پدیا
Amethyst; Aquamarine; Carnelian; Citrine; Diamond; Diopside; Emerald; Garnet; Jade; Jasper Cycling shorts; Dress pants; Jeans; Jodhpurs; Overall; Parachute pants; Phat pants; Shorts ... Read Article

Pictures of Amethyst Jeans Shorts

Alfani Mens Shorts Dusk Blue Yes 33.00 5400ADU558 7.06E+11 B26 1.00 Alfani Mens Shorts Dusk Blue American Rag Jeans Low rise Yes 1.00 FAS6421BE 7.95E+11 B122 1.00 American Rag Jeans Low rise ... View This Document

Amethyst Jeans Shorts Pictures

J Brand Cut Off Shorts <a href=" <a href=" ... Visit Document

          Almost Famous Jeans Shorts   

Restlessdress - YouTube
Jeans from JcPenney (Almost Famous) Sweater and Jacket from Forever 21. Heels from Kensie Girl Awkward White Guys In Shorts. ... View Video

Justina Gil - YouTube
Almost Famous (1/9) Movie CLIP - Drugs & Promiscuous Sex (2000) HD This is the absolute easiest way to make distressed jean shorts/jeans, all you need is a pair of jeans and some scissorsI hope you f ... View Video

Work of this artist accepted by the people of the time, what were this artist’s most famous When attending any opening reception for an art show, the artist is almost always in attendance. Dress appropriately – no jeans or shorts! You may wear khakis, pants, skirts, dresses, etc. ... Read More

Images of Almost Famous Jeans Shorts

Dear Sir Or Madam,
Bermuda shorts. Among the men's trouser types which have been favorites with Her famous coat, with long thin sleeves, a pleat in back, almost always at the bottom of their list of preferences. ... Read Content

AllRovi - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
AllRovi is a commercial database launched by the Rovi Corporation in 2011. It combines information and reviews about music and movies from the former services AllMovie and AllMusic. ... Read Article

Mountain Man Outpost
The famous Wilderness Road serves as the main street of Newbern, which is across the New River Do not wear camouflage or jeans. Shorts are discouraged give you a test (don’t wait until free time is almost over or you won’t be able to complete ... Read Full Source

Case Studies: Disruptive Student Behavior
Slipped …. they haven’t just slipped below his shorts (if he had been wearing shorts), but his low-rider jeans have slipped so far that is (almost) open access. The student body is diverse in both age, race The Entitled (Students of the rich and famous) February 2012, ... Read More

BRAZIL - ACCA | The Association Of Chartered Certified ...
Grown by an average of almost 4% since Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva took in jeans or even shorts. Ask beforehand about the dress code. Shorts and flip-flops Most famous citizen: Ronaldo Luís Nazário ... Fetch Doc

The Launch Pad
Top or a bright colored, wild-patterned tank top almost anywhere that will fit almost any of the skinny jeans that rocked in the winter, who doesn’t love jean shorts? ut don’t let the jeans take all the Upside: you just can’t go wrong with the world famous Old Navy flip-flops!!! ... Content Retrieval

Brema Backstage - YouTube
It' almost impossible for a biker don't have a Brema jacket inside the wardrobe, they are famous for the perfect fit and the high quality fabrics. 2:50 Watch Later Error Diesel Jeans and Shorts by Brandsdistribution 686 views ... View Video

Almost Famous Jeans Shorts Photos

The 9th Annual Summer Music Festival At Walnut Hill
We will attend concerts including one at the world famous Tanglewood Music Center, featuring Ladies: Dresses, dress pants (loosely fitted, no shorts, no jeans), skirts, blouses, and dress shoes (no Travelers' checks and credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. ... Document Viewer

What's Your Non Scale Victory ( Brag Away ) - Page 44
Where we go out in the backyard when it's covered in snow and start runningbarefoot in our shorts Haha I guess I'm kind of like that old Icelandic dude, Wim Hof(funny name XD) who's famous for doing my 'too tight' jeans down to my taller, slimmer, gorgeous sister, and getting her 'fat jeans', she ... Read Article

Pictures of Almost Famous Jeans Shorts

Virginija Rupainienė, Beata Baskakovienė, Sandra Shaw,
B Two pairs of jeans, shorts and clean underwear She came from an obscure village in Eastern France and started being famous when she was little At the Plaza cinema there are almost twice as many seats as in the Celebrities. ...

Inexpensive Must Have: Almost Famous Jean Shorts

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The Best Mary Janes - Shoes For Girls - Kids' Fashion
Girls can wear them with anything, dresses, skirts, jeans, slacks; almost any outfit looks complete with a Lelli Kelly shoes are famous for their feminine, frilly, floral patterns. They look fresh and modern, especially when paired with capris or short shorts. ... Read Article

Photos of Almost Famous Jeans Shorts

shorts, men’s sandals, jeans, or sneakers allowed. Board 6:30 pm, Cruise 7:30 to 10:30 pm HELICOPTER TOURS THE BIG APPLE - $181/ person See the United States’ most famous landmark, The Statue of Liberty, so close you can almost reach out ... Fetch Document

Images of Almost Famous Jeans Shorts

CC Reative Outure
Its sales almost exclusively through the Web. “If the famous. It has hit mainstream America hard in the past few years with its in today’s jeans-and-shorts world and conveys ... Read Full Source

We stock almost anything you could possibly need for that special Famous brand sports and casual wear, caps, clothing, shin pads, socks, sweats, shorts and tonnes extensive range of styles and sizes in both ladies and men’s jeans. ... Access Full Source
Helped to make an almost-lost part of gay male now the middle-aged king of the except for a "Calvin Klein Jeans" on the front and "coming out" entry (" 'New Gay Shorts' . . . The playmates may titillate us with their smooth, famous photographer tells all "4) and yet re- ... Visit Document

Jackets, jeans, jogging suits, jump suits, neck ties, shorts, boxer shorts, gym shorts, slacks, sport coats, sport prove that the DAVIDOFF mark is famous or is used in many ... Retrieve Doc

Almost Famous Jeans Shorts Pictures
10/17/2012. 0 0. 0 0. 1999 6.56. 2008 8.7100000000000009. 2008 6.55. 2008 4.37. 1957 4.3600000000000003. 1995 8.5299999999999994. 2009 14.5. 2010 8.2200000000000006. 2010 4.37 ... Retrieve Here

Pictures of Almost Famous Jeans Shorts

Atlanta’s Merchandise Marketplace
6, 6 1/2 AND 7 FAMOUS BRANDS, EXCELLENT CONDI-TION, VARIOUS COLORS WALKER, ALMOST NEW, USED VERY LIT-TLE, $40 404-761-7607 HAPEVILLE, GA Dress pants, jeans, shorts, dress shirts, long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops, ... Access Doc

Almost Famous Jeans Shorts Images

North And South - Welcome To CrossFit: Forging Elite Fitness
By almost all accounts, Bagent was a hit at the Northeast famous June gloom, as the teams hit the rowers and Ronnie Teasdale and the parade of jeans shorts—the ... Fetch Content

Destination Information Guide Ethiopia - Luxury Tours And ...
Sometimes to almost freezing at night. The eastern tops, jeans, khakis, and shorts are satisfactory. unlike those of famous explorers of an earlier period such ... Read Here

2009 New York Life International Global Summit
NO jeans or shorts NO jeans or shorts. Business: Suit, dress or pantsuit Sport jacket and slacks or suit; tie The coach then travels to Spier Wine Estate, one of the most famous wine estates in the Cape. Almost all hotels, shops and restaurants, and even national parks and game reserves accept credit ... Fetch Here

Very famous feast Halloween is celebrated on 31st October. peak of Slovakia, also located in this national park, is Mt. Kriváň 2495 m. high. Almost two For sports we put on sports wear, such as jeans, shorts, T-shirts. ... Fetch Document

Teen Fashion Sitemap - Page 4 2012-10-19 - Spiderbites Of ...
Her jeans and button-down look totally fresh and modern, thanks to her funky choice of Erin Conroy of Famous Footwear gave me the scoop on the must-have versions of these The weather is finally starting to warm up, so it's almost time to break out the summer shorts! ... Read Article

          Jeans Shorts And Bagged Milk   

Care Over Break (COB)
To us that means jeans in good condition or shorts that come to within 4 inches of the top of the knee. Dirty clothes, even those belonging to CDL, should be bagged, labeled and sent home for Children over one year of age are served whole milk. ... Fetch This Document

A Big Girl No More...what I Won't Miss. Have Any To Share?
Years and years of wearing bike shorts under skirts to prevent this, even sleeping in themI want of my weight-loss graph will continue to drop, and the clothes that no longer fit are being bagged being fat was having to ask my fiance to buckle the straps on my shoes 'cause I was wearing jeans ... Read Article

Stainless Steel Tanks, Holding (For Milk) 83049 Stainless Steel Tanks, Transport Truck Type (For Chemicals, Milk, etc.) 83052 Stainless Steel Tanks: Mixing, Pickling, and Processing Types (For Chemicals, Foods, Paints, Soaps, etc.) ... Retrieve Full Source

W - Craven County Schools Teacher Created Pages
If a child is absent, on a field trip, or desires to bring a bagged lunch from home, the purchased The cost of milk and orange juice is 50 cents and ice cream is 55 cents. Girls should wear shorts, jeans, or jogging/ sweat pants to P.E. class (NO DRESSES). ... View Doc

Students may wear shorts and skirts no shorter than 5 inches above the knee cap. Adult Price (All Schools): $3.00 Extra Milk Carton: $0.35 be pre-bagged by teams according to what supplies each teacher ... Return Doc

Pants, Slacks, Trousers, Shorts, Jeans, etc. 20044 Party Wear 20045 Prisoner Clothing Milk Cartons, Paper and Plastic (Including Liners) 24545 Milk Crates 24550 ... Get Document

Kim Gets Her Pants Pulled Down - YouTube
Lol, I can tell you're Canadian. now go eat your ham and bagged milk. ... View Video

Cement, Truckload Lots and Larger (See 150-12 for Bagged Cement) Concrete, Precast Milk Cartons, Paper and Plastic (Including Liners) Milk Crates Milk Dispenser Can Tubes ... Read Content

Sexy Girl Working Out ((in SPANDEX)) - YouTube
Want more FREE videos?? -Enter to the ((FBP Forum)) ---FORO DE BAILARINAS Y PORRISTAS---((FBP)) ... View Video

LIP, sixteen, handsome, athletic, drinking a brown-bagged She heads for the sink fills the plastic milk carton with jeans back on. The second he stuffs his soiled shorts down to ... Fetch Full Source

Expedition Pack - Bennett Memorial Diocesan School
Rubbish must be bagged and sealed. All items belonging to the teams should be Top Tip: Muesli/ oats with powdered milk, adding sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins  Comfortable trousers – no jeans  Shirts  Warm jumper ... Read Full Source

Item Maintenance Crosswalk - Welcome To Oklahoma's Official ...
MORTAR MIX (BAGGED) 015014 CEMENT, QUICK SETTING, SACKED Boys slacks or trousers or shorts 43201406 Optical network transmit cards MILK BOTTLE CAPS, METALLIC AND 02454510 MILK DISPENSER BAGS ... Retrieve Content

MILK,JUICE HEAD START PROG. FOOD HEAD START BREAD HEAD START Pants, Slacks, Trousers, Shorts, Jeans, double mag case C364 - 35386 END WASTE 16" PVC BAGGED AP Check Register for 0 June 2011 - Page 1 of 1 ... Retrieve Document

2004 U
Longer shorts, jeans that are in good condition, T-shirts, and appropriate shirts. A sample menu for breakfast might include cold cereal, milk, juice, pancakes, biscuit & sausage Bagged breakfast (granola bar, yogurt, fruit, juice, etc.) for Thursday morning. ... Get Doc

TABLE OF CONTENTS - Iowa State University Extension And Outreach
The dress should be clean white or light colored shirt or blouse or 4-H/FFA T-shirt and dark jeans or slacks – no short skirts/shorts will be allowed. and difficulties with the new barn concerning pen showmanship and herdsmanship, exhibitors will be required to use bagged sawdust ... View Document

Pants, Slacks, Trousers, Shorts, Jeans, etc. 200-45 Party Wear 200-49 Prisoner Clothing Milk Cartons, Paper and Plastic (Including Liners) 245-50 Milk Crates 245-55 ... Doc Retrieval

List Of Saturday Night Live Commercial Parodies - Wikipedia ...
Clovin Hind Jeans – Gail Matthius plays Brooke Shields in this parody of Shields' racy Calvin Klein Mostly Garbage Dog Food – Dog lover Jason Sudeikis gets his priorities straight by serving bagged Just Friends booty shorts says it loud and clear. ... Read Article

List Of Walmart Brands - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Athletic Works was a brand for athletic clothing until mid-2010, such as gym shorts and running shoes, and has been partially replaced by the Gold's Gym brand and Starter. ... Read Article

Kitchen Wizards
Hamburger / Cheeseburger Bagged Baby Carrots Maple Baked Beans Fresh Reduced Price: $0.40 A variety of milk and condiments are offered jeans Muscle shirts Halter tops Tube tops Bicycle racing shorts ... Read Here

Disp Cream/Juice/Milk/Panc/Tea Recycled Chemical/Lab Acc/Supl Isotope/Compound (Org/Inorg) Culv Corr Mtl Incl Well Casing Rec Con/Metal Inc Cul/Pil/Sep ... Retrieve Document

Pixar Shorts DVD Fullscreen Predators (Blu-ray Plus Digital Copy) Men's JF Sportshirts, Sweaters & Jeans 65% Men's Joe Boxer Flannel Pants CytoSport Muscle Milk Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker ... Get Doc

          Jeans Shorts Amerikanische Flagge   
Jeans Shorts Amerikanische Flagge Photos
Red blue jeans & checkerboard socks chd 1277 califia-the songs of lee hazlewood boxset inkl. 2cd, flagge, t-shirt gr.

Trend-Outfit #2: Amerika Flaggen Shorts &amp; Studded Converse ...

INSTAGRAM: @kimlianne

Der POST auf meinem Blog zum Thema amerika Flaggen Outfit:

Hey Freunde! :)
Heute habe ich wieder ein Trend-Outfit of the Day aus der "Trend-alarm" Reihe für euch!
Dieses mal habe ich mir den Trend der "American Flag Shorts & Studded Converse" - also den Trend mit Amerika-Flaggen Shorts und Nieten Chuck Taylors ausgesucht.
Wenn ihr ein DIY Video zu den Nieten-Chucks haben wollt, schreibt mir einfach. :)
Zu allem kombiniert habe ich eine Wayfarer Ray Ban, eine NY Jankees Cap von New Era und meine Marc Jacobs Baby Groove. Auf meinem Blog findet ihr wie immer auch Fotos zu dem Outfit.

Habt einen wundervollen Tag,
eure Kim.

Musik: Lame Drivers "Other Side" -

m, uvm.) etah 111xl der amerikanische bÜrgerkrieg-die grossen schlachten ... Read More

Jeans Shorts Amerikanische Flagge

Durch die sogenannte Flaggenverordnung (zur Einbindung der republikfeindlichen kaiserlich-konservativen Kräfte des gerade erst untergegangenen Kaiserreiches) neben die Hakenkreuzflagge (als Flagge der unter die Herrschaft der Nazis geratenen Weimarer Republik) die schwarz-weiß-rote Flagge des ... Read Document

Jeans Shorts Amerikanische Flagge Images

Da gibt es Punks, die in zerfetzten Jeans Barrikaden errichten, Spuermärkte plündern und sich Das kann man schon daran erkennen, dass diese fast alle amerikanische Namen haben: Bungee-Springen Diesen Gedanken symbolisieren auch die Olympische Flagge und das Olympische Feuer. ... Return Doc

Jeans Shorts Amerikanische Flagge Images

Indian Summer
Mixen ist weiterhin angesagt: Das Karoflanellhemd zur Jeans, die gewachste Le- Shorts aus Tweed mit Klappentaschen und gekrempeltem Saum 129,90 Die Flagge Groß-britanniens und deren Farben rot, weiß und blau spielen bei der Gestaltung häu- ... View Doc

Ootd | Military Sexy - YouTube
jeans; leder; leather; jacke; schal; scarf; flag; flagge; america Finde es sehr seltsam, eine Flagge als Schal zu tragen. es gibt auch usaflaggen shorts. und jz? ich hab einen pulli mit der uk-flagge oh mein gott, übertreibts nichts so. ... View Video

          Apollo Jeans Shorts   
Images of Apollo Jeans Shorts

What’s Inside
Exhibit Hall in Apollo Rooms Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM No T-shirts, jeans, shorts, sneakers or sandals! • Feel free to wear tuxedos, ball gowns, and other evening wear. ... Read Content

Basic Patch, Screen Print And Spray Paint Stencils - DIY Fashion
I've used a few of these in a yellow fabric to trail down the leg of a pair of jeans. Make Pants and Shorts; Make Skirts and Dresses; Create the Latest Fashion Trends ... Read Article

Apollo Jeans Shorts Pictures

1 The Gateway of India is built on Apollo Bunder Pier to commemorate the arrival of King George V and Queen Jeans or something similar are acceptable almost anywhere. Shorts are not worn in city ... Get Content Here

Photos of Apollo Jeans Shorts

Boy Scout Resident Camp 2012 Camp Noyo Leader’s Guide
1000 Apollo Way, Suite 106, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 (707) 546-8137 [ ] T-Shirts (3 minimum) [ ] Socks (6 pairs) [ ] Sturdy Pants (Jeans – 2 pairs) ... Document Viewer

Packing Light For Greece - About Greece Travel - Travel To ...
1 pair light-colored (but preferably not blue) cotton slacks, jeans, or other medium or heavyweight pants. 1 pair dark pants 1 pair shorts 1 windbreaker or other light jacket ... Read Article

Images of Apollo Jeans Shorts
The bulge snaking down my left leg ached inside my jeans, straining the fabric past my knee. Well, the cathedral bells rang that day when a god in beige shorts descended the stairs and sat two and my tail wagged when a particularly good idea came to mind, “I think I'll call you Apollo.” ... View This Document

What An Incredible Day - YouTube
Alex Lamb and I shredding englewood: Alex is in the white shirt and shorts and I am in the brown shirt and jeans. 7:41 Watch Later Error NASA Apollo 11 moon mission original footage by tvinsider4 177,987 views ... View Video

Pictures of Apollo Jeans Shorts
United Nations Tour & International Buffet in the Delegates Dining Room: A dress code is strictly enforced – no jeans, shorts, or sneakers, and Apollo Theatre & Harlem Tour with Lunch at Sylvia’s: Backstage tour of The Apollo; see President Bill Clinton’s office, Schomburg Center ... Retrieve Doc

100% Stretch Nylon Low-Rise Boy Cut Brief Trunks - YouTube
3:48 Watch Later Error GOGO BOY APOLLO 2 by claudiosanjr 11,214 views 3:43 Watch Later Error Sexy Brazilian Style Moleton Jeans - Miami Fashion Show by 1:11 Watch Later Error Never Wear White Shorts by jameslos7 912,871 views ... View Video

Glove - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Gloves and gauntlets are integral components of pressure suits and spacesuits such as the Apollo/Skylab A7L which went to the Dress pants; Jeans; Jodhpurs; Overall; Parachute pants; Phat pants; Shorts; Sweatpants ... Read Article

Apollo Jeans Shorts Images

Lean Leg Cargo Shorts $49.95 Casper (right) is wearing: Block Stripe Tee $24.95 Lucy is wearing: Camo Print Tank $49.95, Skinny Stretch Jeans $99.00, Sydney to London, editor, Apollo magazine. “I miss not having to wear socks everyday…” ... Fetch This Document

Apollo Jeans Shorts

Everybody Can Change: Rocky IV
Choice is a pair of sagging blue jeans with a plain white t-shirt (also baggy). his heart-patterned boxer shorts. Zach observed that this particular cultural phenomenon (sagging Apollo is internally tortured, as Rocky points out when he says, “Hey, uh, Apollo, uh, you ever ... Fetch Here

Photos of Apollo Jeans Shorts

U.N. Tour & Buffet in Delegates Dining Room: Dress code strictly enforced (no jeans, shorts, sneakers - men must wear jackets. Apollo Theatre & Harlem Tour with Lunch at Sylvia’s: Apollo backstage tour, Bill Clinton’s office, Schomburg Center, Hamilton Heights, Sugar ...

NASA: Apollo 40th Anniversary Documentary &quot;The Journeys of Apollo&quot;

Return Document

Apollo Jeans Shorts

American Eagle Outfitters Toddler Girl Pants and Shorts Apollo Jeans Apollo Jeans Active Wear DIVA Girls' Hooded Jackets with Drawstrings ... Return Doc

Images of Apollo Jeans Shorts

jeans, pants, jackets and T-shirts” Decision → Refusal Affirmed (11) In re Apollo Colors, Inc. “intimate apparel, namely, nightshirts, pajamas, underwear, socks, robes, slippers, boxer shorts, nightcaps ... View Full Source

Apollo Jeans Shorts Photos

Se­Jong Camp 2012
206 Falcon Lane, Apollo, PA 15613 Home Phone: 724‐727‐1309 Mr. V. Cell Phone: 412‐215‐9968 3 pair shorts Swim trunks/bathing suit 1 towel 5 t‐shirts 1 pair of jeans ... Doc Viewer

Apollo Jeans Shorts Images

Red Wheelbarrow - Welcome To De Anza College
Before Apollo | Liza Porter 150 Old Photo | Shirley Powers 161 motion, he lifts her, strips off her jeans, and backs her up onto the table, are just boys, teenagers wearing baggy shorts and no shirts, sporting ... Read Content

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Spotlight Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, Passes Away. Neil Armstrong, astronaut on the famed 1969 Apollo 11 mission and the first man to walk on the moon, died Saturday at the age of 82. ... View Video

Apollo Jeans Shorts Pictures
PC-based POS systems that have more processing power than the Apollo spacecrafts are the norm now, and one study from 2001 stated that 92.1% of American Eagle Outfitters is a $1.5 billion mall-based retailer sells casual apparel and accessories (shirts, jeans, shorts, sweaters, skirts, footwear ... View Doc

Apollo Jeans Shorts

Standard School Attire
General Guidelines Jeans of any style or color are not allowed. Pants or shorts Apollo Orange, Green Bailey Red, Purple, Yellow, Green ... Read Here

Apollo Jeans Shorts Pictures

Golf 4A - 2008 Tournament Guide
Apollo Independence Prescott Sandra Day O’Connor Sunnyslope Thunderbird Jeans, bathing suits, tank tops, tee shirts, halter tops, cutoffs, short shorts, tennis shorts, sweats, ... Get Doc

Pictures of Apollo Jeans Shorts

Apollo: L{FJ/A (enter) LOFJ/A/Q/25DECLAXNAN10P. Worldspan: G/AIR/FJ (enter) @FJA25DECLAXNAN10P*! Women: Dresses of medium or long length; Long tailored slacks/pants or skirt with coordinating blouse, shirt or sweater - No shorts or jeans ... Retrieve Here

Apollo Jeans Shorts Pictures

By Direction Of The Official Receiver
50 2 pairs of ladies jeans. 51 - 52 are 2 similar lots 270 1 X Silver/Blue Apollo Mountain Bike. 271 7 X Radio Facias, 1 X Bluetooth Device 433 2 X Pairs Of Shorts, 1 X T-Shirt, 10 X Pairs Of Socks, 1 X Red/White Check Shirt, 2 X Pairs Of ... Retrieve Here

Photos of Apollo Jeans Shorts

East Bay High School
All shirts and blouses must extend beyond the waistband of the jeans, pants, or skirt and be long ALL PANTS AND SHORTS SHALL BE SECURED AT THE WAIST. Apollo Beach-Home Tues 8/28 Lennard Apollo Beach-3pm ... Doc Viewer

          Calvin Klein Jeans Shorts Army Herringbone   
Calvin Klein Jeans Shorts Army Herringbone Images

Before I come - a weak orgasm - about a near-naked model in a halter top I saw today in a Calvin Klein another is wearing a double-breasted coat of wool, mohair and nylon tweed, matching jeans-style I go into the bedroom and take off what I was wearing today: a herringbone wool suit with pleated ... Read Content

Pea Coat - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Capri pants; Cargo pants; Culottes; Cycling shorts; Dress pants; Jeans; Jodhpurs; Overall; Parachute pants; Phat pants; Shorts; Sweatpants; Windpants; Yoga pants ... Read Article

Calvin Klein Jeans Shorts Army Herringbone Images

Has an intricate bosani forest print incorporated in to its army Summer in style with this lightweight cotton shirt by Paul Smith Jeans. Finished in a delightfully breezy blue, it’s the perfect partner to smart shorts simple and flattering design from masters of formalwear Eton.Herringbone ... Read Full Source

          Ariya Jeans Shorts   

Teen Fashion Sitemap - Page 2 2012-10-18 - Spiderbites Of ...
I have never really been a fan of ultra-preppy madras shorts and blazers, but lately I've been seeing the patched fabric popping up in Cute Denim for Curvy Girls: Ariya Jeans If you're like me and have hips and a bit 'o booty, you know how hard it is to find good-looking jeans that ... Read Article

Teen Fashion March 2010 Archive - Welcome To
Permalink; Share; Cute Denim for Curvy Girls: Ariya Jeans re like me and have hips and a bit 'o booty, you know how hard it is to find good-looking jeans up for you too, guys - and that means finding the perfect pair of swim trunks or board shorts. ... Read Article

Ariya Jeans Shorts Pictures

Mutagenicity of 4-hexylresorcinol and its modification effects on other mutagens in two shorts term assays. Bangkok : Mahidol University, 2000. 132 p. ... Read Here

Images of Ariya Jeans Shorts

Blad16 Blad15 Blad14 Blad13 Blad12 Blad11 Blad10 Blad9 Blad8 Blad7 Blad6 Blad5 Blad4 Blad3 Blad2 Blad1 Blad612 Blad17 Blad18 Blad19 Blad20 Blad21 Blad22 Blad23 Blad24 ... Read Document

Ariya Jeans Shorts

Anom_ariya sheax rechtsheksje peng2112 yeahtblock traviieza305 juiceedup peicurler91 mrs_wwe_nyc jordanrubsfeet pnicky32 eshopguide rjvmohan tywood291 _arul ... Access Document

Ariya Jeans Shorts

Hoja3 Hoja2 Musicales ( 11 Will.I.Am - It's A New Day 12 Ryan Ferrada - Dirty In The Club 13 Copyright - Warrior Dance 14 Casiokids - Fot I Hose ... Get Doc

Ariya Jeans Shorts Photos

GiveawayMayAM11 2/21/11 1:27 PM Page 1 GLÕS MA Y 20 11 S Um ...
Jeans. $36 (1-13) 5 shad y sistahs collect these sunglasses from Skechers Eyewear .$35 10 flaunt their legs in these Anguilla shorts from Ariya ... Fetch This Document

Pictures of Ariya Jeans Shorts

Shorts,Tobias M. Shrensker,Jennifer Loren Shrivastava,Digvijay Shuaib,Abdulgader H Shubert,Adam L Shugert,Claudia A Shulga,Olga Vladimirovna Shymansky,James A ... Access Content

Wikipedia:Requested Articles/Arts And Entertainment/Fashion ...
Ariya Jeans - unclear notability. only google news hit: Armenian lace; Armilausa Carpenter shorts; Casaque; Casaquin; Casha; Cashgora; Casquette d'afrique; Catalina Prince ...

Mahidol University International College

MUIC Promo Video

Read Article

Pictures of Ariya Jeans Shorts

Walking In My Blue Jeans (Strange Thing) Sophie B. Hawkins The Way We Walk - The Shorts No Son Of Mine Jesus He Knows Me Ariya Psychejujumix Main Titles Blade Runner Blush Response ... Document Viewer

Wikipedia:Requested Articles/music/Performers, Bands And ...
Sandy Shorts - played a gig at a talent show in Norfolk; SanguinDrake - musical duo of singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist David Drake and singer and Saravuth Ariya - singer of Thai band Burn (Thai band); involved in the Santika Club fire (January 1, 2009), where 65 people died ... Read Article

          Arizona Jeans Shorts Men   
Arizona Jeans Shorts Men Images

Welcome To Luke AFB - Luke Air Force Base - Home
LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, ARIZONA 85309 LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, ARIZONA 85309 The bar will be occupied by scruffy old men wearing collared shirts, telling tales of days gone CASUAL - Blue jeans, shorts, or nude DRESS/CASUAL - Pressed blue jeans or shorts ... Fetch This Document

Jizz In My Pants - YouTube
I prefer creamed your jeans but ya 9:26 Handsome Men's Club by JimmyKimmelLive 5,421,736 views; 1:00:30 Hardstyle Mega by Clodomiro Certuche 7,162,374 views ... View Video

Arizona Jeans Shorts Men Photos

The Men’s Senior Baseball league is a national organization with over 500 local affiliates MSBL World Series takes place every October in Arizona, while the Fall Classic is held in Florida. No jeans, shorts, nor sweat pants allowed to be declared a uniform. ... Doc Retrieval

Arizona Jeans Shorts Men Photos

Men: White short sleeve T-shirt, black tights, black or tan dance belt, white ankle socks with School of Ballet Arizona and Ballet Arizona’s costume shops and should be treated with great care Please absolutely no jeans, shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops or ... Retrieve Full Source

How To Wax Your Bikini Area - YouTube
So i take it you like hairy balls? and hairy ass on your men? how is it wrong that a man would also like to be clean shaven down there? 5:28 Brazilian Bikini Waxing Phoenix | Scottsdale Arizona on Good Morning Arizona by suddenlyslimmer 375,722 views ... View Video

Images of Arizona Jeans Shorts Men

Pixar Shorts DVD Fullscreen Predators (Blu-ray Plus Digital Copy) Guys' Arizona Original, Loose, Relaxed, Carpenter & Basic Bootcut Jeans Guys' Arizona Thermals and Long Men's Urban Piperlime Original Bootcut Denim Jeans Men's Van Heusen Dress Shirt and Tie Boxed Sets ... Doc Viewer

Graham Central Station In Tempe AZ - Graham Central Station ...
I contacted Graham Central Station in Tempe, Arizona and asked them to describe their club, so that you can decide for yourself if it's right for The country room is more casual with more women wearing jeans or shorts. ... Read Article

Images of Arizona Jeans Shorts Men

June, 2000 Spring Convocation Honors New Graduates
Vol. 5 No. 6 Tucson, Arizona Faculty presentations Kathleen May’s poster, “Latent TB and out sneakers, thongs/flip-flops, shorts of any kind or pool/beach attire. Acceptable dress for men is jeans, ... Retrieve Doc

Arizona Jeans Shorts Men Pictures

Attack on the Arizona and were helpless as the zeroes devastated the Navy lengths such as long shorts, capris and jeans - were also the trend. vintage style jeans, but nicer jeans and slacks weren’t taking a back seat in the fashion arena. Men's wear vests for both gen- ... Get Content Here

Arizona Jeans Shorts Men Images

6th Annual IFMA Golf Tournament Friday, May 7, 2010
Longest Drive (Men’s and Women’s — must be in fairway cut) RESORT DRESS CODE REQUIRED- Collar shirt-no jeans or jean shorts, soft IFMA Southern Arizona Chapter ... Retrieve Content

Arizona Jeans Shorts Men

MSAN Student Conference 2012 | October 3-6, 2012
12:00pm Depart for Arizona State University (ASU) 12:30-5:00pm ASU Campus Tour Young Men Shorts/Pants/Jeans/Modest Shorts - should fit properly; belt pants; sneakers okay ... Access Document

Arizona Jeans Shorts Men Pictures

Golf Guest Information Sheet 083110
Address: 37449 North Encanterra Drive, San Tan Valley, Arizona 85140 Men: Shirts must be tucked and have collars (soft, hard, or mock) and sleeves; camp Tank tops, tee shirts, mesh shirts, sweat pants, warm-up suits, blue jeans, denim, non-pressed cargo shorts, swim wear, ... Get Document

Images of Arizona Jeans Shorts Men

Peoria Police Department Policy And Procedure Manual
(1) Walking shorts (no jeans) for both men and women are acceptable. If the shorts are rolled up or have a cuff, it must be sewn in place. (2) Casual dress shirts and trousers (no jeans) are acceptable. ... Document Viewer

Images of Arizona Jeans Shorts Men

King Cotton - The University Of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
Arizona and California are well-known for their Pima cotton, which is a finer, more expensive 215 Pairs of Jeans 409 Men’s Sport Shirts 690 Terry Bath Towels Shorts are included in how many of your outfits? ... Get Document

Hot 2 - YouTube
45 1:04 Watch Later Error Muscle stud in tight shorts showing off his amazing by jgrenod 63,474 93 0:46 Watch Later Error Arizona Coaches getting too friendly by blazerz7 7,781 views 169 2:12 Watch Later Error Sexual Dance Men - Créu Brazil by pedronuness25 101,034 views ... View Video

Arizona Jeans Shorts Men Photos

Technologies Supporting Mass Customization Of Apparel:
Matthew T. Holt University of Arizona ABSTRACT. A set of new statistical methods will be presented to model the U.S. men's wear markets along with the general and women's casual wear items were analyzed and significant items were men's jeans (1), women’s jeans (2) and women’s shorts (3). ...

Good Morning Arizona

Good Morning Arizona - May 2007 Segment

Get Content Here

Arizona Jeans Shorts Men

This experimental aircraft offered a rapid means of moving troops from scattered ships to shore, while allowing the fighting men to Blue jeans, denims, collarless shirts, shorts, athletic shoes, etc., are not considered appropriate attire and should not be brought to OCS. ... Document Viewer

Pictures of Arizona Jeans Shorts Men

Handbook Class Of 2011
The University of Arizona College of Medicine Office of Medical Student Education dress for men - khaki pants and collared shirt; for women - blouse with nice pants or skirt, or shorts, jeans, mini skirts, tank tops, T- shirts, halter tops, spaghetti straps, midriff-exposing tops ... Return Document

Arizona Jeans Shorts Men Images

Valuation Guide For Goodwill Donors - Goodwill Industries ...
Women’s Men’s Children’s Tops Shirts/blouses $2–12 $2–8 $1–6 Shorts $1–9 $1–9 $0.50–6 Skirts $2–12 $1–6 Jeans $4–21 $4–21 $2–10 ... Fetch Doc

Arizona Jeans Shorts Men Photos

Rive To The Store Or Purchase Online? - The University Of ...
10 The University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences D espite w idespread advertising efforts, most Americans don’t yet fire up the ... View This Document

Images of Arizona Jeans Shorts Men
: Arizona FBLA recognizes the special needs of our members. All FBLA activities must be attended in appropriate business attire; absolutely no jeans or shorts. Inappropriate attire, for both men and women, includes: ... Get Content Here

Photos of Arizona Jeans Shorts Men

Symbol Libraries
Women men walk no smoking hospital information left right dress jeans shorts skirt pants tutu swimsuit swim trunks Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware ... Doc Viewer

Arizona Jeans Shorts Men Images

The University Of Arizona BookStores
The University of Arizona BookStores OFFICIAL DRESS CODE POLICY (men: Dockers, ties) with appropriate business shoes. CAREER AND ON-CALL EMPLOYEES are not permitted to wear jeans, shorts or ... Document Viewer

What To Wear To A Summer Funeral
For men, suits are always appropriate, but if a suit isn't your preference a pair of nice Shorts, jeans, tee shirts, tank tops, athletic wear, moo moos, sundresses, sexy cocktail dresses, red AZ Election: Candidate Checklist; Arizona Fall League Baseball ... Read Article

Pictures of Arizona Jeans Shorts Men

Law & Order Briefs
Police seeking three in robbery, assaults ... Read News

User:Paul2387/Differences Between Book And Film Versions Of ...
A red striped sweater with blue jeans shorts. He has ginger hair. Mike—Marble Falls, Arizona Veruca—United Kingdom Incredibly small men with heavy tanned skin from Loompaland, who look exactly the same aside ... Read Article

          New: PrimaveraReader (Productivity)   

PrimaveraReader 1.0.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Productivity
Price: Free, Version: 1.0.1 (iTunes)


PrimaveraReader is a reader for Oracle® Primavera P6 schedules. It allows users to open and view dynamic project plans that are exported from Oracle® Primavera P6 in .xer or .xls file format on a regular basis. PrimaveraReader enables resources to get a preview of their assigned tasks by using the “My Tasks” filter.

PrimaveraReader offers FREE Trial with all subscription options listed below. To open and view unlimited project .xer and .xls files as well as use all functionalities included in PrimaveraReader, users can choose one of the following subscription options:
- 1 month subscription – $9.99 USD (1 week Free Trial period)
- 6 months subscription – $49.99 USD (1 month Free Trial period)
- 12 months subscription – $79.99 USD (1 month Free Trial period)

After purchase, subscriptions may be managed by the user under Account Settings. The Auto-renewal options may be turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

Information regarding the privacy policy and terms of use can be found on the following link:

In PrimaveraReader, resources that are assigned to a specific task can gain complete view of the project schedule progress, by using the following views:
• Activities - view the open project activities.
• WBS - view the Work Breakdown Structure that must be accomplished to complete a project.
• Projects - view the graphical representation of the project’s hierarchy in your enterprise (EPS).
• Resources - view the resource details.

In the Activity view, users can view the whole project schedule or apply the specific “My tasks” filter to narrow down the list to activities that are assigned only to them. This feature requires users to enter the resource e-mail address in the application Settings.

PrimaveraReader offers the option to share and store .xer and .xls files via iCloud and OneDrive for Business.

User can also use the “Feedback” feature to send direct e-mail to their Responsible Manger or team lead to inform them about issues regarding their work or project activities.

PrimaveraReader offers mobility to team members that work out of the office so they have complete preview of the project schedule on site and the ability to send instant feedback to their Responsible Managers.

The application’s interface is very intuitive and easy to use, hence there is no learning curve or training costs for using it. Users can visually see the project progress over time presented in the Gantt chart and find more details for global, project or resources calendars, apply different layouts and filters and go to predecessors or successors activities.

This .xer and .xls project reader is applicable to all project oriented organizations, from smaller projects to large scale project and portfolio oriented enterprise corporations.

PrimaveraReader can help businesses, which already use Oracle® Primavera P6, to enable project team members view the project schedule progress in a dynamic setting, replacing the old way of sharing this information via static .pdf files.

What's New

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          Push Partner Registry   

The Push Partner Registry (PPR) is a five-county public health partnership with community-based organizations to dispense medications to at-risk populations during an emergency. The intent of the registry is to create a comprehensive database of regional private partners and community-based organizations that serve at-risk populations and are willing to serve as a private point-of-dispensing (POD) site during an emergency. Participating organizations receive several benefits from their involvement, including the opportunity to offer the medication to their clients, along with staff members and their families. The initiative may assist the entire community by reducing the number of citizens seeking medications at public dispensing sites.

Materials included as part of this practice include a guide to distribute to potential organizational partners, a sample database, a word document containing suggestions for printing and reproducing the kit materials, and answers to frequently asked questions. The "PPR Guide to Obtaining and Dispensing Medications to your Employees and Vulnerable Clients" focuses mainly on dispensing doxycycline during an anthrax emergency, but it could easily be adapted to other public health emergencies. The guide includes several materials to aid public health leaders in recruiting organizational partners and establishing a POD, including a cover letter, an enrollment form, a dispensing plan template, job action sheets, a sample POD intake form and flow chart, and a resource and reference list. The materials were developed at an especially opportune time, when many public health agencies are currently investigating alternate dispensing mode methods to reach vulnerable populations.

          Nouveaux éléments sur le Trojan.Encoder.12544    

Le 28 juin 2017

Les experts de Doctor Web ont poursuivi leurs recherches sur le ransomware Trojan.Encoder.12544 connu dans les médias comme Petya, Petya A, ExPetya, NotPetya et WannaCry-2. Après avoir effectué une analyse préliminaire du malware, Doctor Web présente des recommandations sur le procédé permettant d'éviter la contamination et explique comment faire dans le cas où une contamination a eu lieu. Doctor Web révèle également les détails techniques de l'attaque.

Le ver-ransomware Trojan.Encoder.12544 présente un grand danger pour les ordinateurs personnels fonctionnant sous Microsoft Windows. Les diverses sources le considèrent comme une modification du Trojan connu sous le nom de Petya (Trojan.Ransom.369), mais le Trojan.Encoder.12544 n'a que quelques traits similaires avec ce malware. Le programme malveillant a pu pénétrer dans les systèmes informatique d’un certain nombre d’organismes gouvernementaux, dans des banques et des entreprises commerciales, des utilisateurs ont été touchés dans plusieurs pays.

À l’heure actuelle, il est connu que le Trojan infecte les ordinateur en utilisant les mêmes vulnérabilités qui ont déjà été exploitées par les pirates afin d'introduire dans les ordinateurs le Trojan WannaCry. La propagation massive du Trojan.Encoder.12544 a commencé dans la première moitié de la journée du 27.06.2017. Lors de son démarrage sur un ordinateur attaqué, le Trojan utilise plusieurs moyens pour trouver des PC accessibles dans le réseau local, puis selon une liste d’adresses IP reçue, commence à scanner les ports 445 et 139. Après avoir détecté dans le réseau les machines sur lesquelles ces ports sont ouverts, Trojan.Encoder.12544 tente de les infecter à l’aide de la vulnérabilité largement connue du protocole SMB (MS17-10).

Dans son corps, le Trojan contient 4 ressources compressées, dont 2 sont des versions 32-bits et 64-bits de l'utilitaire Mimikatz destiné à intercepter les mots de passe des sessions ouvertes sous Windows. Selon le type de l'OS, il décompresse une copie appropriée de l'utilitaire, la sauvegarde dans un dossier temporaire puis la lance. À l’aide de l’utilitaire Mimikatz, ainsi qu'en utilisant deux autres variantes, Trojan.Encoder.12544 obtient une liste des utilisateurs locaux et des utilisateurs de domaines autorisés sur l’ordinateur infecté. Puis il recherche des dossiers partagés disponibles, tente de les ouvrir en utilisant les données d'authentification obtenues et d'y enregistrer sa propre copie. Pour infecter les ordinateurs auxquels il a obtenu l'accès, utilise un utilitaire de gestion de l'ordinateur distant PsExec (qui est également stocké dans les ressources du Trojan) ou l'utilitaire de console standard destiné à lancer les objets Wmic.exe.

Le ransomware contrôle son redémarrage avec le fichier qu'il enregistre dans le dossier C:\Windows\. Ce fichier porte le nom qui correspond au nom du Trojan sans l’extension. Puisque l'échantillon du ver propagé par les pirates actuellement porte le nom perfc.dat, le fichier qui empêche son redémarrage va avoir le nom C:\Windows\perfc. Mais une fois que les attaquants ont modifié le nom d’origine du Trojan, même la création dans le dossier C:\Windows\ d'un fichier nommé perfc sans extension (comme le suggèrent certains éditeurs d’antivirus) ne pourra plus sauver l'ordinateur de la contamination. Il est à noter que le Trojan vérifie la présence du fichier perfc, uniquement s'il a assez de privilèges dans l'OS.

Après son lancement, le Trojan configure ses privilèges et charge en mémoire sa propre copie à laquelle il transmet la gestion. Ensuite, le ransomware écrase son fichier initial sur le disque avec des données inutiles et le supprime. En premier lieu, Trojan.Encoder.12544 atteint le VBR (Volume Boot Record qui est l'enregistrement d’amorçage de partition) du lecteur C:, et remplit le premier secteur du disque de données inutiles. Puis le ransomware copie le VBR Windows dans un autre secteur du disque, mais avant de le copier, il le chiffre en utilisant l'algorithme XOR et le remplace par son enregistrement d'amorçage. Puis il crée une tâche de redémarrage et commence à chiffrer tous les fichiers trouvés sur les disques locaux physiques ayant les extensions : 3ds, .7z, .accdb, .ai, .asp, .aspx, .avhd, .back, .bak, .c, .cfg, .conf, .cpp, .cs, .ctl, .dbf, .disk, .djvu, .doc, .docx, .dwg, .eml, .fdb, .gz, .h, .hdd, .kdbx, .mail, .mdb, .msg, .nrg, .ora, .ost, .ova, .ovf, .pdf, .php, .pmf, .ppt, .pptx, .pst, .pvi, .py, .pyc, .rar, .rtf, .sln, .sql, .tar, .vbox, .vbs, .vcb, .vdi, .vfd, .vmc, .vmdk, .vmsd, .vmx, .vsdx, .vsv, .work, .xls, .xlsx, .xvd, .zip.

Le Trojan chiffre les fichiers uniquement sur les lecteurs fixes de l’ordinateur, les données sur chaque disque sont cryptées dans un thread séparé. Le chiffrement est effectué en utilisant des algorithmes AES-128-CBC, une clé est créée pour chaque disque (c'est une particularité caractéristique du Trojan non remarquée par les autres chercheurs). Cette clé est chiffrée à l’aide de l'algorithme RSA-2048 (les autres chercheurs ont rapporté qu'une clé de 800 bits est utilisée) et stockée dans le dossier racine du disque crypté, dans un fichier nommé README.TXT. Les fichiers chiffrés ne reçoivent pas d'extension supplémentaire.

Après avoir exécuté la tâche précédemment créée, l'ordinateur démarre et la gestion est passée à l'enregistrement d'amorçage du Trojan. Il affiche à l’écran de la machine contaminée un texte qui ressemble au message de l'utilitaire standard CHDISK.

screenshot Trojan.Encoder.12544 #drweb

Dans le même temps, le Trojan.Encoder.12544 chiffre le MFT (Master File Table). Dès que le chiffrement est terminé, il affiche la demande de rançon.

screenshot Trojan.Encoder.12544 #drweb

Si, au démarrage, vous voyez à l'écran un message sur le lancement de l'utilitaire CHDISK, éteignez immédiatement le PC. Dans ce cas, l’enregistrement d’amorçage sera endommagé, mais il sera encore possible de le restaurer avec l'utilitaire de restauration Windows ou depuis la Console de restauration, pour cela il faudra démarrer depuis un disque d’installation. La restauration de l'enregistrement d'amorçage est possible sous Windows en version 7 ou supérieures, s’il existe sur le disque une partition cachée utilisée par l'OS et ayant une copie de sauvegarde des données critiques pour le fonctionnement de Windows. Sous Windows XP, cette méthode ne va pas fonctionner. Vous pouvez également utiliser Dr.Web LiveDisk - dans ce cas, créez un disque bootable ou une clé USB depuis laquelle vous pourrez démarrer, puis démarrez depuis ce support amovible, lancez le scanner Dr.Web, effectuez l'analyse du disque endommagé et appliquez l'action « Neutraliser » aux menaces détectées.

Selon les rapports de différentes sources, la seule BAL utilisée par les pirates qui propagent le Trojan.Encoder.12544 est bloquée actuellement, et ils ne sont donc pas en mesure de contacter leurs victimes afin de leur proposer, par exemple, de déchiffrer les fichiers.

Pour prévenir l’infection par le Trojan.Encoder.12544, Doctor Web recommande de créer des sauvegardes de toutes les données critiques sur des supports indépendants et d'utiliser la fonction " Protection contre la perte de données " au sein de Dr.Web Security Space. A part cela, il faut installer toutes les mises à jour de sécurité pour votre système d’exploitation. Les spécialistes de Doctor Web continuent à examiner le ransomware Trojan.Encoder.12544.

Recommandations pour les utilisateurs dont les machines ont été touchées par le Trojan.Encoder.12544

           Estatísticas da Educação 2015/2016 – Estatísticas Oficiais   


 ver na fonte |

A DGEEC disponibiliza a informação estatística oficial associada ao sistema formal de educação e formação – crianças, alunos, recursos humanos e estabelecimentos de educação e ensino – relativa ao ano letivo 2015/2016.

          Is That Recovery We See?   

Is That Recovery We See?

This week the market seemed to like financial stocks and was buoyed on news that Pulte Homes would buy Centex to create the largest US homebuilder. And with banks having some room to adjust their writedowns as mark-to-market is modified, the market saw significant increases in the financial sector. Everywhere I keep hearing the old saw that the market predicts a recovery about six months out, so won't we see a recovery in the fourth quarter of 2009?

If you look at earnings estimates for 2009, that is what is suggested. Bloomberg reports that profits at S&P 500 companies probably fell 38% on average in the first quarter. The stretch of quarterly declines is the longest since at least the Great Depression, data compiled by S&P and Bloomberg show.

Earnings may drop 31% in the second quarter and 18% in the next before gaining 74% in the last three months of the year, analysts predict. Banks are projected to account for all of the rebound in the final quarter. Without financial companies, the gain turns into a 5% decline, the data show.

The above estimates are based on operating earnings, not as-reported earnings. Long-time readers know that operating earnings are actually earnings before interest and Bad Stuff. As-reported earnings are what companies actually report on their tax reports, and as a gauge of profitability they are much more reliable. Before the mid-'90s the difference between operating and as-reported earnings was typically quite small. Then companies found they could play the market if they played games with their operating earnings.

Operating earnings typically do not take into account one-time, nonrecurring events. The number of items which get classified as "nonrecurring" has mushroomed to the point where projected operating earnings for 2009 are more than double the estimates of as-reported earnings. Operating earnings for 2008 were almost three times actual, or as-reported, earnings. We certainly seem to have entered an era of really bad one-time events, which just keep on coming and coming. As recently as 2006, there was less than a 10% difference between the two. In some quarters it was only 5%. A far cry from today's 100%-plus.

Those Wild and Crazy Analysts

Analysts, who as a group have been egregiously bad at predicting earnings of financial stocks for the last two years, would have us believe they are due for a large rise in the 4th quarter. Let's visit those assumptions for a few minutes.

They contend that much of the bad news in the subprime-loan and housing market has been written off. And one would have to admit that a lot has been; and with the relaxation of mark-to-market, there may indeed be some truth to that suggestion. But there are still some issues that remain for housing. Take a look at the graph below. (Not sure where it is from, as it was sent to me, but I have seen the same data elsewhere.) Notice that monthly mortgage-rate resets declined markedly in 2009 from 2008, but are expected to rise again in 2010 and 2011. There is still some heartburn in the mortgage market.

The Shadow Inventory of Homes

And foreclosures keep climbing, though some point to that fact that they seem to be leveling off. However, a strange thing is happening. We are seeing what is being called a "shadow inventory" of foreclosed homes.

"We believe there are in the neighborhood of 600,000 properties nationwide that banks have repossessed but not put on the market," said Rick Sharga, vice president of RealtyTrac, which compiles nationwide statistics on foreclosures. "California probably represents 80,000 of those homes. It could be disastrous if the banks suddenly flooded the market with those distressed properties. You'd have further depreciation and carnage." (San Francisco Chronicle)

A Realty Trac survey found that only 30% of foreclosures were listed for sale in real estate listings like the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Add in homes that people would like to sell but simply can't find buyers for, and must either hold or rent, and the unsold inventory numbers that are public are likely far below actual available homes.

Might some homes in foreclosure be held off the market because banks eventually want to negotiate with the homeowner? Possibly, but other surveys show that anywhere from 30-40% of homes in the foreclosure process in many areas are actually already vacant. There is no one with whom to negotiate.

Typically a foreclosed home sells within a few weeks, as banks take the first "reasonable" offer. But it normally takes about three months from foreclosure to when the home is put on the market -- it takes a few months to get a home ready. But surveys show it is taking a lot longer now, and many homes have not made it onto the market, even as more homes are being foreclosed each month.

The Chronicle suggests several factors may be at work. First, there is the "pig-in-the-python" problem. There are just so many homes that it is hard to get them onto the market and sold. Normally there are about 160,000 homes a year in foreclosure sales. We are now seeing 80,000 a month, or six times normal levels, and rising.

Second, lenders could be deferring sales to put off having to acknowledge the actual extent of their losses. "With banks in the stress they're in, I don't think they're anxious to show losses in assets on their balance sheets," one observer said.

Finally, banks may not want to flood the market with foreclosures, driving prices down even more. They are simply managing their assets so as to recover the most capital they can.

Given that the graph above says there will be more mortgage misery as large numbers of mortgages reset in the next two years, and given the unknowable nature of the losses, it is somewhat optimistic to think financial profits will rise by 74% in the fourth quarter. But it gets worse.

Commercial Real Estate Starts a Long, Slow Slide

We are now starting to see some real deterioration in traditional bank lending. Delinquencies on home equity loans are rising rapidly. The American Banking Association released a composite index of eight different types of consumer loans, and the delinquency rate on this 35-year-old composite jumped to a record high of 3.22%.

The above reflects 4th-quarter data. As unemployment is up 2% since then and is rising, it is more than reasonable to assume that we will see another record rise in delinquencies this quarter. With unemployment headed to over 10% and maybe 11% from today's 8.5%, delinquencies are likely to continue to rise for the entire year.

David Rosenberg reports that "The National Federation of Independent Business found in a poll that 28% of small firms said they had a line of credit or credit card limit cut back in the second half of last year; 69% stated they are facing worse terms. A new FICO study found that 11% of US consumers -- 22 million people -- have had their credit lines cut or accounts closed even though they have been paying their bills on time and retain a solid rating." This is certainly not good news for those who expect a positive 4th quarter. Cutting credit to small business, the engine of job growth in the US, is hardly a prescription for a growing economy.

Commercial mortgages are in trouble. S&P has warned they may cut ratings on $97 billion in commercial-mortgage asset-backed debt. The country's 10 biggest banks have $327.6 billion in commercial mortgages, according to regulatory filings. A projected tripling in the default rate would result in losses of about 7% of total unpaid balances, according to estimates from analysts at research firm Reis Inc. (Bloomberg)

I think, given the track record of the analysts who project a 74% rise in earnings for financial stocks in the 4th quarter of this year, that we should remain a tad skeptical. And speaking of earnings, let's go to the S&P web site and see how things are progressing.

But first, let's look at just how badly analysts blew it in estimating 2008 earnings. In the table below we see that as recently as October 15 they were estimating AS-REPORTED earnings to be $54, down from $92 when I first saw the 2008 estimates. There were only two months to go in 2008. So, what are the actual 2008 earnings? Down to $14.88!!!

Not exactly a record to inspire confidence. So, how are we doing in 2009? We see the same pattern. There is a clear deterioration in earnings estimates. Yet, even with the ever lower estimates, they are still projecting nearly a doubling from 2008. Care to make a wager as to what the estimates will look like in a few quarters? Think we will see earnings rise?

P/E Ratios Go Negative!

When we last visited the S&P web site a few weeks ago, the P/E ratio for the quarter ending September 30 was around 181. I must confess that when I looked at it today, as jaded as I am, I was shocked. You can see the numbers for yourself at

The P/E ratio for the end of the second quarter is 1944 (not a typo). The losses of the 4th quarter wipe out almost all earnings for the 12 months ending June 30. But by the end of the 3rd quarter, the estimated P/E ratio has dropped to a (negative) -467. That has never happened. We have never seen negative earnings over a 12-month period since WWII. (I don't have data for the Depression era.)

Then as the negative earnings of the 4th quarter of 2008 drop off, we see the estimated P/E ratio rise back to 30, which is quite high. However, if actual earnings come in lower, as I think they will, the P/E ratio will rise and/or the market will fall as negative earnings surprises just keep on coming.

The Effect of Earnings Surprises

As William Hester of Hussman Funds writes in a recent article, the rise and fall of the stock market closely correlates with earnings surprises. Look at the following chart. (You can see the whole article at I highly recommend it.)

As Hester writes, "To track the trends in economic performance, we keep an ongoing tally of how data is announced relative to expectations -- a method of analysis originally inspired by Bridgewater Advisors. Economic data that surpasses expectations gets added to a 3-month running total. Data that comes in weaker than expected gets subtracted. A rising line means that economic data is generally coming in above expectations, while a falling line means that the data has disappointed. A descending line could be the result of an economy that is not expanding as quickly as economists predict or -- like in 2008 -- it could be the result of an economy that is contracting at a faster rate than expected.

"... Much of the excitement in the stock market -- at least that is related to the current performance of the economy -- seems to be centered on an economy that is performing less badly than expected. The risks here seem to be that if the trends in data surprises change, so could investors' attitudes toward stocks that are currently overbought on a number of measures.

"... If the high correlation between stock prices and data surprises holds, the recent rally in stocks might be tested. Even if the economy has bottomed, it's very likely that the eventual recovery will prove to be uneven, causing the flow of positive surprises to be uneven. During these periods, the risks to stocks will be greatest when the market is overbought and investors have priced in high expectations of positive data surprises continuing."

The projections of many market analysts assume that we will have something that will look like a normal recovery. I have objected that that could be a very bad assumption, since we are not having a normal recession. This is already a very lengthy recession, and is just going to get longer. As I will note below, there are reasons to think we could see a mild recovery late this year, only to dip back into recession next year.

Corporate Earnings and Recovery in Recessions

Next, let's look at a very interesting chart sent to me by one of my readers, Chad Starliper of Rather and Kittrell in Knoxville, Tennessee. It shows all the cumulative drops in earnings from major peaks, along with the recovery paths. What is interesting is the divergence between the pre- and post-WWII periods. Our experience since 1945 is one of rather quick recoveries, averaging about 3-4 years until earnings rise above the old highs.

The thicker black line shows a drop of 69.2% from peak earnings since 2007. Prior to World War II, it took 12-20 years for earnings to recover. Earnings are still dropping. As I will point out in the next few e-letters, we live in a world (not just the US) that is in a deep recession. There is massive deleveraging and deflation. The recovery is going to be quite slow, and that portends a slow recovery in earnings, which suggests protracted churning in the stock market. (By the way, for those of you who print out this letter, the next graph will be hard to read if it is not in color.)

Even ignoring the disastrous 4th quarter of 2008, what if earnings drop by 80% or more, which is quite possible? That means they have to rise by 400% to get back to new highs. That could take some time. Even if they could rise at an unlikely 24% a year, it would take six years to see new highs. Look at what a mountain corporate earnings must climb.

Consumers are retrenching, and savings rates are likely to rise for at least 3-4 years, back to 7% or more, leaving consumer spending not at 70% of US GDP but closer to 63%. That will be a rather large adjustment, and will mean that a lot of productive capacity will have to be closed or allowed to lie in disuse for a long time. We just built too many strip malls and car factories and restaurants. It is going to take some adjustments.

Further, the Democratic Congress and the Obama administration are going to enact the largest tax increase in history in 2010, just as the economy is barely recovering. The Bush tax cuts go away, because the Republicans could not make them permanent when they had the chance. We are going to pay for that with a likely dip back into a recession in 2010, or at the very least a prolonged weak economy.

The Implosion in Social Security

And then there is the last piece of data I want to bring to your attention, which is the most troubling of all. Everyone knows that the government spends the Social Security surpluses on current needs, "borrowing" the money and putting it into a "Social Security Trust Fund," which is basically just US debt we owe to the trust fund. In other words, there is no trust fund with anything other than paper debt. It is accounting legerdemain.

Everyone assumed that the real problem would come sometime later next decade, when there would no longer be surpluses. In 2008, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected there would be $703 billion in surpluses from 2009-18. Recently, the CBO has revised those estimates downward. It now projects surpluses to be only $83 billion. Here is a table that was sent to me from a blog by Chris Martensen. (

Writes Chris, "In the projections for the table above, the CBO has assumed no cost of living adjustments (COLAs) in 2010, 2011, or 2012 and a return to economic growth next year. If either of those assumptions proves wrong, the table above gets smoked to the downside."

Losing $700 billion (and likely a lot more) out of your budget projections is a huge blow to the US taxpayer. That money is going to have to be borrowed, or spending reduced. But the plans are for huge increases in spending.

In one of the great ironies, the Democrats and the Obama administration are going to have to deal with the Social Security crisis, and soon. Bush tried to do so, and he got torpedoed from both sides of the aisle. Politicians just do not want to be seen doing anything to SS. Given the massive, multi-trillion-dollar deficits that are projected, the US is going to face some difficulty in borrowing to meet those deficits in the not-too-distant future. Is it 3 years? 4? 5? No one can say for certain, but that day is coming and it now appears much closer.

Let's say that US consumers do save 7%. That's almost a trillion a year. The trade deficit dropped to $26 billion last month, as imports continued to drop. That's another $300 billion that foreign central banks could recycle. The Fed could print a few trillion here or there without really pushing up inflation in today's deflationary world.

But there is a limit to continued $2-trillion deficits without the appreciable rise in interest rates that will be needed to attract buyers of Treasury bonds, which of course would increase interest-rate payments on the national debt, while also crowding out corporate and personal borrowing. This is not going to end well, and the end game is getting a lot closer.

All in all, the next few years are going to be a very difficult environment for corporate earnings. To think we are headed back to the halcyon years of 2004-06 is not very realistic. And if you expect a major bull market to develop in this climate, you are not paying attention.

The original question was "Is that recovery we see?" I think the answer is no.

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6 Galaxy TabPro S 삼성 12 845,060 Win10 M3 4GB 128GB 병행수입
7 Switch Alpha 12 i3 에이서 12 800,500 Win10 i3 4GB 128GB 펜 제공
8 LG 탭북 듀오 LG 10.1 746,400 Win10 아톰 Z 2GB 64GB
9 HP 파빌리온 X2 10 HP 10.1 513,090 Win10 아톰 X5 2GB 32GB
10 iPad Pro 애플 9.7 785,560 iOS9 A9X - 128GB 키보드 없음
11 ASUS T102HA-GR036T 아수스 10.1 559,000 Win10 아톰 X5 4GB 128GB
12 CUBE iWork10 Ultimate CUBE 10.1 277,900 Win10+
아톰 Z 4GB 64GB
13 아이뮤즈 컨버터 9 PRO 아이뮤즈 8.9 224,660 Win10+
아톰 Z 2GB 32GB
14 아이뮤즈 컨버터 10 PRO 아이뮤즈 10.1 299,000 Win10+
아톰 Z 4GB 64GB
15 NEXTBOOK W10S 넥스트북 10.1 218,000 Win10 아톰 Z 2GB 64GB



저작자 표시 비영리 변경 금지









区域 判刑人数 排名 区域 判刑人数 排名
合计 79人(2016年被判刑6人,2017年判刑73人 )




城市 判刑人数 城市 判刑人数




案例一、四川巴中市罗君、何冬梅遭二审 辩护人力陈无罪









案例二、遭法院诬判 李葆华上诉 家属律师控告










案例三、控告江泽民被判刑罚款 甘肃张亨通在看守所遭殴打










省份 非法庭审人数 邪恶排名 省份 非法庭审人数 邪恶排名
辽宁101 北京17
河北72 上海17
山东53 湖南17
河南44 陕西17
四川35 浙江17
合计 五月份,36人被非法庭审。


城市 非法庭审人数 城市 非法庭审人数















谷丽辽宁大连 4年7000
辛乐森辽宁盘锦 刑拘5个月 20000
刘彩花辽宁盘锦 6个月 10000
张思营河南周口 2年保外就医2000
肖传雄福建宁德 12年50000
杨雄福建宁德 10年30000
庄友布福建宁德 10年30000
金丽燕福建宁德 8年20000
陈开奇福建宁德 7年10000
王田福建宁德 4年6个月10000
林丽芳福建宁德 4年6个月10000
陈星光福建宁德 3年6个月5000
杨贵媚福建宁德 3年5000
潘晓波山东枣庄 监管半年5000押金1万元取保
单现芝山东菏泽成武县1年半 几万元
龚延昭重庆 合川区2年3000
蓝太莲重庆 合川区1年缓刑2年2000
唐明碧重庆 合川区6个月缓刑1年1000
李葆华黑龙江七台河 3年半3000
李晓凤北京 平谷区3年半7000
冯继武湖北武汉 4年半3000
曾金莲湖南岳阳 5年 现金大概有十万元
合计 265000160000


案例一、湖南岳阳市曾金莲被非法判刑五年 警察抢劫十万元现金











案例四、福建省南平市浦城县魏子清被诬判 不能拿到退休工资










重庆合川检察院不予批捕 法轮功学员向林回家






检察院免起诉 武汉市赵凤兰获释


赵凤兰女士,五十多岁,于二零一六年八月九日晚外出讲真相,因身上有两份真相资料,遭武汉市洪山派出所警察绑架,赵凤兰在被非法关押、酷刑迫害八个月后,检察院免起诉 赵凤兰获释回家。

检察院撤诉 湖南姚瑞林、杨冬莲获释回家





法院退案 检察院不起诉,安徽合肥市法轮功学员时军被无罪释放

五月二十二日,安徽合肥市法轮功学员时军在被非法关押近十一个月后,法院退案 检察院不起诉,被黄山市警方无罪释放,回到家中。时军是在二零一六年七月一日在合肥租房处被黄山市黄山区国保警察绑架,并被抄家,抄去的电脑、平板电脑、手机等东西还未要回,时军被连夜带回黄山审讯,后来长期被关押在黄山区看守所。

检察院撤诉 江苏涟水县马学荣获释




检察院未予批捕 内蒙古户外炼功者白彦宾回家




法院撤诉 河北廊坊市香河县朱小梅获释



大庆派出所所长劫持孙玉梅 拘留所所长拒收





以理服人 河北省泊头市魏静敏获释






看守所拒收 山东省聊城市冠县法轮功学员许吉梅、陈秀梅安全回家

















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vizilabda altalanos02A holland vízilabda törekvések nem maradtak észrevétlenül a LEN-nél, hiszen egy holland csapat is lesz a BL főtábláján ősztől. Mint a Bajnokok Ligája májusi Hatos Döntője alatt beszámoltunk róla, szeptembertől kibővítik a BL főtábla mezőnyét. A legjobbak között, nem 12, hanem 16 csapat fog szerepelni. A nyolc együttes – Pro Recco, Szolnok, Jug Dubrovnik, Olympiakosz, […]
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സ്കൂള്‍ ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണ പരിപാടി കാര്യക്ഷമവും കുറ്റമറ്റതും ആക്കുന്നതിനാവശ്യമായ വളരെ വിശദവും കൃത്യവുമായ നിര്‍ദേശങ്ങള്‍ അടങ്ങിയ സര്‍ക്കുലറുകള്‍ ഇറങ്ങിക്കൊണ്ടിരിക്കുന്നു. പദ്ധതി നടപ്പാക്കുന്നതില്‍ വ്യത്യസ്തവും അനുകരണീയവുമായ മികച്ച മാതൃകകള്‍ സൃഷ്ടിക്കുന്ന സ്കൂളുകള്‍ നിരവധിയാണ്. അവരുടെ പ്രവര്‍ത്തനരീതി പങ്കുവയ്ക്കുന്നത് മറ്റുള്ളവര്‍ക്ക് പ്രചോദനവും വഴികാട്ടിയുമാവും. കൂടാതെ പദ്ധതി നടപ്പാക്കുമ്പോള്‍ അനുഭവപ്പെടുന്ന പ്രയാസങ്ങള്‍ പങ്കുവയ്ക്കാനും അവയ്ക്ക് പരിഹാരം കാണാനും ഈ പോസ്റ്റ്‌ സഹായകം ആകട്ടെ എന്ന് ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്നു.
ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണ പദ്ധതി
പത്ത് ഇന നിര്‍ദേശങ്ങള്‍
ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണ പദ്ധതി നടത്തിപ്പ് 2017-18
വിശദമായ സര്‍ക്കുലര്‍.

ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണ പരിപാടിയുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെടുന്ന എല്ലാവരും അറിഞ്ഞിരിക്കേണ്ട മുഴുവൻ കാര്യങ്ങളും വിശദമായി മുകളിലുള്ള സർക്കുലറിൽ വിവരിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു. 2017-18 ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണ പദ്ധതിയുടെ പൊതു മാർഗരേഖയാണ് ഇത്.

Updated with New NMP 1 & K2 Register
പരിഷ്കരിച്ച NMP 1, K2 Register
എന്നിവയുടെ pdf format.
അറിയിപ്പ് - വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥര്‍ ആഴ്ചയില്‍
സ്കൂള്‍ ഭക്ഷണം കഴിക്കും.
6 വിവിധ രേഖകള്‍ക്ക് പകരം പരിഷ്കരിച്ച NMP 1,
K2 Register എന്നിവ ഉപയോഗിക്കാനുള്ള സര്‍ക്കുലര്‍.
കണ്ടിജന്റ് ചാര്‍ജ്, പാചകക്കൂലി എന്നിവ
കണക്കാക്കുന്ന വിധം.
Mid Day Meal - Web site for
Online Daily Data Entry.

ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണ പരിപാടി നടപ്പാക്കേണ്ടത് ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണ കമ്മിറ്റിയാണ്. പി ടി എ പ്രസിഡണ്ട്‌ ചെയര്‍മാനും ഹെഡ് മാസ്റ്റര്‍ കണ്‍വീനറും ആയ Noon Feeding Committee മാസത്തില്‍ ഒരു തവണയെങ്കിലും യോഗം ചേരുകയും ഓരോ മാസത്തെയും വരവുചെലവ് കണക്ക് അവലോകനം ചെയ്ത് അംഗീകാരം നല്‍കുകയും അടുത്ത മാസത്തെ മെനു തയ്യാറാക്കുകയും വേണം. വൈവിധ്യമാര്‍ന്ന പോഷകസമൃദ്ധമായ ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണവും ആഴ്ചയില്‍ 2 തവണ 150 മില്ലിലിറ്റര്‍ പാലും ഒരു തവണ പുഴുങ്ങിയ മുട്ട അല്ലെങ്കില്‍ അതേ വിലയ്ക്കുള്ള നേന്ത്രപ്പഴവും നല്‍കണം. ഭക്ഷണം കഴിക്കുന്ന ആദ്യത്തെ 150 കുട്ടികള്‍ക്ക് 8 രൂപ നിരക്കിലും 150 മുതല്‍ 500 വരെ കുട്ടികള്‍ക്ക് 7 രൂപ നിരക്കിലും 500 നു മുകളിലുള്ള കുട്ടികള്‍ക്ക് 6 രൂപ നിരക്കിലുമാണ് ഫണ്ട്‌ അനുവദിക്കുന്നത്. ഇത് പച്ചക്കറി, പലവ്യഞ്ജനം, എണ്ണകള്‍, പാല്‍, മുട്ട, ഇന്ധനം, കടത്തുകൂലി എന്നിവയ്ക്ക് ഉപയോഗിക്കാനുള്ളതാണ്. ഫണ്ടിന്‍റെ ലഭ്യത അനുസരിച്ച് പ്രഭാതഭക്ഷണം, വൈകുന്നേരങ്ങളില്‍ ലഘുഭക്ഷണം എന്നിവ നല്‍കുന്നതിനുള്ള നടപടികള്‍ സ്വീകരിക്കാമെന്നും സര്‍ക്കുലര്‍ പറയുന്നു. ഇതിനുള്ള ഫണ്ട്‌ വിവിധ ഏജന്‍സികളില്‍ നിന്നും കണ്ടെത്താം. കമ്മിറ്റിയിലെ ഒരു അദ്ധ്യാപകന്‍ ഭക്ഷണത്തിന്‍റെ ഗുണനിലവാരവും ശുചിത്വവും ഉറപ്പു വരുത്തണം.
പാചകതൊഴിലാളികളുടെ കുറഞ്ഞ വേതനം പ്രതിദിനം 400 രൂപയും പരമാവധി വേതനം 475 രൂപയുമാണ്. ഇത് സർക്കാർ നേരിട്ട് അക്കൗണ്ട് വഴി വിതരണം ചെയ്യുന്നു.
മികച്ച ഭക്ഷണം നല്‍കുന്നതോടൊപ്പം പ്രധാനപ്പെട്ടതാണ് അതുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട രേഖകള്‍ സൂക്ഷിക്കുന്നതും. പദ്ധതിയുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട രജിസ്റ്ററുകള്‍ നൂണ്‍ ഫീഡിംഗ് കമ്മിറ്റിയിലുള്ള ഒരു അദ്ധ്യാപകന്‍ സൂക്ഷിക്കുകയും കണക്കുകള്‍ രേഖപ്പെടുത്തുകയും വേണം. ഇത് പ്രധാനാധ്യാപകന്‍ സാക്ഷ്യപ്പെടുത്തണം. ഇനി സൂക്ഷിക്കേണ്ട രജിസ്റ്ററുകള്‍ ഏതൊക്കെയെന്നു നോക്കാം.
ദിവസേന എഴുതേണ്ടവ.
(1) K 2 രജിസ്റ്റര്‍, (2) നൂണ്‍ ഫീഡിംഗ് ഹാജര്‍ പുസ്തകം, (3) നൂണ്‍ ഫീഡിംഗ് കണ്‍സോളിഡേറ്റഡ ഹാജര്‍ പുസ്തകം. (4)നൂണ്‍ ഫീഡിംഗ് അക്കൗണ്ട്‌ രജിസ്റ്റര്‍
മാസാവസാനം എഴുതേണ്ടവ
(1)എന്‍ എം പി 1 (2)എക്സ്പെന്‍ഡിച്ചര്‍ സ്റ്റേറ്റ്മെന്‍റ്
വര്‍ഷാവസാനം എഴുതേണ്ടത്.
(1) കാലിച്ചാക്ക് രജിസ്റ്റര്‍.
മറ്റ് രജിസ്റ്ററുകള്‍, രേഖകള്‍, രശീതുകള്‍
(1) സ്പെഷല്‍ അരി വിതരണത്തിന്‍റെ അക്വിറ്റന്‍സ് രജിസ്റ്റര്‍ (2) പാത്രങ്ങളുടെയും മറ്റ് ഉപകരണങ്ങളുടെയും സ്റ്റോക്ക്‌ രജിസ്റ്റര്‍ (3) മാവേലി സ്റ്റോര്‍ പാസ്സ്ബുക്ക്‌ ((4) നൂണ്‍ ഫീഡിംഗിന്‍റെ കറണ്ട് അക്കൗണ്ട്‌ പാസ്സ്ബുക്ക്‌ (5) ബില്ലുകള്‍
ഇതോടൊപ്പം നൂണ്‍ ഫീഡിംഗ് കമ്മിറ്റിയുടെ മിനുട്ട്സ് ബുക്കും എഴുതി സൂക്ഷിക്കണം. NMP 1 ഫോറം അതാത് മാസത്തെ അവസാനദിവസം തന്നെ AEO ഓഫീസില്‍ സമര്‍പ്പിക്കണം. ചെലവായ തുകയുടെ സ്റ്റേറ്റ്മെന്‍റ് (Expenditure Statement) മെനു ഉള്‍പ്പെടെ അടുത്ത മാസം 5 നു മുമ്പ് നൂണ്‍ ഫീഡിംഗ് ഓഫീസര്‍ക്ക് സമര്‍പ്പിക്കണം.
Noon Feeding Planner Big
ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണ പരിപാടിയുടെ കൃത്യമായ കണക്കുകളും ആവശ്യമായ ഫോമുകളും തയ്യാറാക്കുന്നതിന് സഹായകമായ Excel സോഫ്റ്റ്‌വെയര്‍ ആണ് Noon Feeding Planner Big. ഏറ്റവും പുതിയ ഫോറങ്ങള്‍ ഉള്‍പ്പെടുത്തിയ വെര്‍ഷന്‍ 1.4 ഡൌണ്‍ലോഡ് ചെയ്യാന്‍ ഇതില്‍ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക. ഇത് കൈകാര്യം ചെയ്യാന്‍ ആവശ്യമായ നിര്‍ദേശങ്ങളും ഇതില്‍ ഉണ്ട്.

          Comment on Import Data from Multiple Excel Files using SSIS by Magnus R   
To support .XLSX format (Excel 2010 for instance), use the following driver syntax instead: "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=" + @[User::FileName] + ";Extended Properties=\"Excel 12.0 XML;HDR=YES\";"
          行くぜ東北 女川町復幸祭2016応援ツアー 華夕美 高政見学 明神丸まかない丼 女川湾周遊2   


大磯プリンスホテル 88tees CAFE(ヤヤカフェ)|公式サイト 

熱海銀座 寿し忠 起雲閣(きうんかく)へようこそ 鳥佳 (炭火焼鳥 鳥佳)のページ

釜鶴ひもの店/熱海の老舗 こだわり干物を自社製造 販売 通販

Scott | 熱海 レストランスコット


女川観光旅行 女川歴史民俗紀行


大田区産業プラザ 2017大会(7月14日(金)第5回研究発表会・通常総会・15日(土)シンポジウム)

檑亭 千年屋 J:COMオンデマンド 視聴サイト デジブック ケアネット アマゾン じゃらん 

うなぎ亭 友栄 箱根湯寮  Yahoo Japan  熱海金城館 富士屋ホテル 湯本富士屋ホテル

宮城県女川町のホテル・エルファロ=女川トレーラーハウス宿泊村= 移転リニューアル準備中

【公式】東伊豆ダイニング 東伊豆今宵【最低価格保証】 厳選いい宿 - テレビで見た宿をお得に予約|テレビ東京 

KKRホテル熱海【公式サイト】 | 海を一望できる熱海のリゾートホテル

伊豆高原 旨い酒と料理の宿 森のしずく -神の雫ワインや美味しい料理が味わえるグルメ旅- プチホテル/ペンション


伊東マリンタウン | 伊豆の「道の駅伊東マリンタウン」 ホーム | 丘の上の一軒家レストラン「澤亭」

ビデオカメラ GZ-E770 Web ユーザーガイド| JVCケンウッド SHOPPING PLAZA HAYAMA STATION(葉山ステーション)

レストラン「潮幸」 | 葉山ホテル音羽ノ森【公式】 YOKOHAMA MARINE TOWER | 横浜マリンタワー

『オペラ座の怪人』横浜公演スペシャルサイト|劇団四季 HAWAIʻI EXPO 2017

茅ヶ崎の日帰り天然温泉 竜泉寺の湯 湘南茅ヶ崎店|軟水の高濃度炭酸泉と最新の岩盤浴

栄養経営士テキスト 日清MCTオイル&パウダー エネプリン もっとエネルギー 社会福祉法人 同胞互助会

ヘルシーネットワーク 関西電力病院 社会医療法人近森会

茅ヶ崎の日帰り天然温泉 竜泉寺の湯 湘南茅ヶ崎店|軟水の高濃度炭酸泉と最新の岩盤浴

茅ヶ崎の自然食とEM商品、自然食ダイニングの「にじまる」 京城苑 日本災害食学会研究発表会

省力化と豊かさ実現! スチコンレシピ集&活用術 WA・ON (株)WA・ONは、あなたのくらしに“ちょっとプラス”を考える会社です。

食べ歩きブログ 今日もどこかで  冬のごほうび 防災士 女川町復幸祭2017


非常食のサバイバルフーズ。賞味期限25年の長期保存できる防災備蓄食料品 | 株式会社セイエンタプライズ




横浜市の焼肉ビーフマン横浜関内店 UCワールドおみやげサービス アロハプログラム | ハワイ州観光局公認の公式ラーニングサイト


女川温泉 華夕美  味の館 金華楼 Beerbar ガル屋 焼肉 幸楽 理容ヨコヤマ 酒飯処 かぐら おんま~と 

ジャパネットたかた ネスレ 臨床栄養 WEBセミナー EL FARO - エルファロ - 被災地初のトレーラーハウス宿泊村 

 シーパル観光案内所 女川温泉ゆぽっぽ 女川湾周遊・金華山航行潮プランニング 

ハワイ州観光局公式Facebook 地元市場ハマテラス シェラトン・ワイキキ / Sheraton Waikiki ハワイ州観光局 - Hawaii ハワイ – 

 銘菓「蹴洞(けほぎ)」 onagawa factory(小さな復興プロジェクト)   たびレジ - 外務省海外旅行登録

 えらべる倶楽部 よーじや 病態栄養学会 えきねっと(JR東日本)

KKRホテル東京(国家公務員共済組合連合会 東京共済会館) メール 日本栄養士会 神奈川県栄養士会

もしもごはん 本気で取り組む災害食 個人備蓄のすすめと共助・公助のあり方 いしかわ百万石物語・江戸本店 石川県アンテナショップ
  おながわさんま収獲祭2016 日本酒通販Sake芯

みんなで減災 スフィア・プロジェクト 避難所運営ガイドライン 災害時のトイレの必要数計算シート
防災科学技術研究所  生きる力を育む防災教育の展開 物流センサス 受援力のススメ

全国栄養経営士のつどい ホテルビスタ仙台 博多 由布院・武雄温泉 万葉の湯 女川町復幸祭2017 東日本大震災メモリアル 南浜つなぐ館

博多 由布院・武雄温泉 万葉の湯 Kobe Japanese Steak House | Hawaii Honolulu Waikiki 肉ソン大統領(新横浜/鉄板焼き) 神戸ステーキハウス


アクセス:地下鉄門前仲町駅 2番出口 徒歩5分 住所:〒135-0047 東京都江東区富岡1‐24‐6 2F(地図
利用しています→ベストスタイル グルテストNeoアルファ パインファイバー
食べながら備えるローリングストックBOX ホリカフーズ 災害食・非常食
Dining&BARU 藍の音
アクセス:京急本線横須賀中央駅 徒歩4分 住所:〒238-0007 神奈川県横須賀市若松町3-4-1 202(地図

宮城まるごと探訪 - 宮城県の観光,イベント情報はこちら


南三陸 2014南三陸温泉旅行 蒲鉾本舗 高政
[南三陸 de お買い物]ギフト 海鮮 海産物 珍味 スイーツの通販 取寄せ

南三陸 復興ストア - Yahoo!ショッピング
横浜南部市場の東北再生支援ショップ「愛と勇気とさんま」 水曜・日曜定休 営業時間 : 10時~18時 横浜市中区元浜町4-36 安協サービスセンター1F
 3月12,,26日(土) 鎌倉生涯学習センターにて開催
卒 煙 式
復刻版 宮城県郷土かるた

多言語情報翻訳システム 地震災害
Cafe & Dinner PUKA
食べログ Cafe & Dinner PUKA フェイスブック
食べ歩きブログ 今日もどこかで 

がんばる女川セット(水産加工品セット) 商品詰合せセット 2 種類 A セット:3,000円/箱 ・ B セット:5,000円/箱 (税込・送料別)
たかや(@takayaichi) - Twilog←最新の食べ歩きや地元の画像をつぶやいています
FBログ Ichinose Takaya←Facebook上で『全体に公開』でつぶやいた投稿 デジブック 『女川グッズ』

横浜からのバスツアー、翌朝は竜泉寺の湯 仙台泉店で入浴休憩。
散髪後、コーヒーでも飲んでいきなよとあたたかい一言。 メン棒で耳の仲もきれいにしてくれるんですね。
その後、昨年坂の上のお店の前まで行って入らなかった.味の館 金華楼へ。
26日夕食は幸楽で焼き肉、Sugar Shackでお酒、酒飯処 かぐらで目指しと刺し盛りを食べたあと華夕美で一泊。

食べ歩きブログ 今日もどこかで 

食べ歩きブログ 今日もどこかで 

食べ歩きブログ 今日もどこかで 

たかやの食べ飲み歩きでは食べ歩き情報も。 フードニュース・オンライン 「食」の専門資格を取得したフードアナリストが参加するブログポータル

食べログ グルメブログランキング

にほんブログ村 グルメブログへにほんブログ村

          Ttd (Short pw)







          A német rekordbajnok csapatnál fiatalításba kezdenek   
spandau-freude-mtbA Spandau megnyerte a német bajnokságot, most pedig a következő szezonbeli csapatára koncentrálhat a klub. Az új csapatban lesznek változások, de már lehet tudni azt is, mi lesz a magyar Eb bronzérmes kapus sorsa a jövőben Június közepén harminchatodszor emelhette magasba a német trófeát a Spandau. A nyári szünetben azonban alakulóban van a következő idénybeli […]
          Rasovszky Kristóf arany-, Olasz Anna ezüst-, Sömenek Onon Kata bronzérmes Barcelonában   
uszasRasovszky Kristóf győzött férfi 10 kilométeren a nyíltvízi úszók Európa Kupa-sorozatában Barcelonában. A nők között Olasz Anna ezüstérmes, Sömenek Onon Kata pedig bronzérmes lett ugyanezen a távon. Az olimpiai számban junior világ- és Európa-bajnok Rasovszky szombaton – a vizes sportokat összefogó európai szövetség, a LEN hírlevele szerint – 1:52:32.6 óra alatt ért elsőként célba, két […]
          June 2017 C.E.T. Forecasts   
Indeed Relativistic won June getting it spot on on and leads the Seasonal comp, LetItSnow! and Roger J Smith were 0.1c out for June, and are 2nd and 3rd respectively in the seasonal competition. Overall the 1-2-3 is 1. davehsug (1st last month) 2. The PIT (5th last month, only 0.2c out this month) 3. I remember Atlantic 252 (2nd) As ever any problems let me know. June 2017 CET.xlsx June 2017 CET.pdf
          行くぜ東北 女川町復幸祭2016応援ツアー 華夕美 高政見学 明神丸まかない丼 女川湾周遊3   


大磯プリンスホテル 88tees CAFE(ヤヤカフェ)|公式サイト 鈴廣 石橋店

熱海銀座 寿し忠 起雲閣(きうんかく)へようこそ 鳥佳 (炭火焼鳥 鳥佳)のページ

釜鶴ひもの店/熱海の老舗 こだわり干物を自社製造 販売 通販

Scott | 熱海 レストランスコット


女川観光旅行 女川歴史民俗紀行


大田区産業プラザ 2017大会(7月14日(金)第5回研究発表会・通常総会・15日(土)シンポジウム)

檑亭 千年屋 J:COMオンデマンド 視聴サイト デジブック ケアネット アマゾン じゃらん 

うなぎ亭 友栄 箱根湯寮  Yahoo Japan  熱海金城館 富士屋ホテル 湯本富士屋ホテル

宮城県女川町のホテル・エルファロ=女川トレーラーハウス宿泊村= 移転リニューアル準備中

【公式】東伊豆ダイニング 東伊豆今宵【最低価格保証】 厳選いい宿 - テレビで見た宿をお得に予約|テレビ東京 

KKRホテル熱海【公式サイト】 | 海を一望できる熱海のリゾートホテル

伊豆高原 旨い酒と料理の宿 森のしずく -神の雫ワインや美味しい料理が味わえるグルメ旅- プチホテル/ペンション


伊東マリンタウン | 伊豆の「道の駅伊東マリンタウン」 ホーム | 丘の上の一軒家レストラン「澤亭」

ビデオカメラ GZ-E770 Web ユーザーガイド| JVCケンウッド SHOPPING PLAZA HAYAMA STATION(葉山ステーション)

レストラン「潮幸」 | 葉山ホテル音羽ノ森【公式】 YOKOHAMA MARINE TOWER | 横浜マリンタワー

『オペラ座の怪人』横浜公演スペシャルサイト|劇団四季 HAWAIʻI EXPO 2017

茅ヶ崎の日帰り天然温泉 竜泉寺の湯 湘南茅ヶ崎店|軟水の高濃度炭酸泉と最新の岩盤浴

栄養経営士テキスト 日清MCTオイル&パウダー エネプリン もっとエネルギー 社会福祉法人 同胞互助会

ヘルシーネットワーク 関西電力病院 社会医療法人近森会

茅ヶ崎の日帰り天然温泉 竜泉寺の湯 湘南茅ヶ崎店|軟水の高濃度炭酸泉と最新の岩盤浴

茅ヶ崎の自然食とEM商品、自然食ダイニングの「にじまる」 京城苑 日本災害食学会研究発表会

省力化と豊かさ実現! スチコンレシピ集&活用術 WA・ON (株)WA・ONは、あなたのくらしに“ちょっとプラス”を考える会社です。

食べ歩きブログ 今日もどこかで  冬のごほうび 防災士 女川町復幸祭2017


非常食のサバイバルフーズ。賞味期限25年の長期保存できる防災備蓄食料品 | 株式会社セイエンタプライズ




横浜市の焼肉ビーフマン横浜関内店 UCワールドおみやげサービス アロハプログラム | ハワイ州観光局公認の公式ラーニングサイト


女川温泉 華夕美  味の館 金華楼 Beerbar ガル屋 焼肉 幸楽 理容ヨコヤマ 酒飯処 かぐら おんま~と 

ジャパネットたかた ネスレ 臨床栄養 WEBセミナー EL FARO - エルファロ - 被災地初のトレーラーハウス宿泊村 

 シーパル観光案内所 女川温泉ゆぽっぽ 女川湾周遊・金華山航行潮プランニング 

ハワイ州観光局公式Facebook 地元市場ハマテラス シェラトン・ワイキキ / Sheraton Waikiki ハワイ州観光局 - Hawaii ハワイ – 

 銘菓「蹴洞(けほぎ)」 onagawa factory(小さな復興プロジェクト)   たびレジ - 外務省海外旅行登録

 えらべる倶楽部 よーじや 病態栄養学会 えきねっと(JR東日本)

KKRホテル東京(国家公務員共済組合連合会 東京共済会館) メール 日本栄養士会 神奈川県栄養士会

もしもごはん 本気で取り組む災害食 個人備蓄のすすめと共助・公助のあり方 いしかわ百万石物語・江戸本店 石川県アンテナショップ
  おながわさんま収獲祭2016 日本酒通販Sake芯

みんなで減災 スフィア・プロジェクト 避難所運営ガイドライン 災害時のトイレの必要数計算シート
防災科学技術研究所  生きる力を育む防災教育の展開 物流センサス 受援力のススメ

全国栄養経営士のつどい ホテルビスタ仙台 博多 由布院・武雄温泉 万葉の湯 女川町復幸祭2017 東日本大震災メモリアル 南浜つなぐ館

博多 由布院・武雄温泉 万葉の湯 Kobe Japanese Steak House | Hawaii Honolulu Waikiki 肉ソン大統領(新横浜/鉄板焼き) 神戸ステーキハウス


アクセス:地下鉄門前仲町駅 2番出口 徒歩5分 住所:〒135-0047 東京都江東区富岡1‐24‐6 2F(地図
利用しています→ベストスタイル グルテストNeoアルファ パインファイバー
食べながら備えるローリングストックBOX ホリカフーズ 災害食・非常食
Dining&BARU 藍の音
アクセス:京急本線横須賀中央駅 徒歩4分 住所:〒238-0007 神奈川県横須賀市若松町3-4-1 202(地図

宮城まるごと探訪 - 宮城県の観光,イベント情報はこちら


南三陸 2014南三陸温泉旅行 蒲鉾本舗 高政
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南三陸 復興ストア - Yahoo!ショッピング
横浜南部市場の東北再生支援ショップ「愛と勇気とさんま」 水曜・日曜定休 営業時間 : 10時~18時 横浜市中区元浜町4-36 安協サービスセンター1F
 3月12,,26日(土) 鎌倉生涯学習センターにて開催
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Cafe & Dinner PUKA
食べログ Cafe & Dinner PUKA フェイスブック
食べ歩きブログ 今日もどこかで 

がんばる女川セット(水産加工品セット) 商品詰合せセット 2 種類 A セット:3,000円/箱 ・ B セット:5,000円/箱 (税込・送料別)
たかや(@takayaichi) - Twilog←最新の食べ歩きや地元の画像をつぶやいています
FBログ Ichinose Takaya←Facebook上で『全体に公開』でつぶやいた投稿 デジブック 『女川グッズ』

横浜からのバスツアー、翌朝は竜泉寺の湯 仙台泉店で入浴休憩。
散髪後、コーヒーでも飲んでいきなよとあたたかい一言。 メン棒で耳の仲もきれいにしてくれるんですね。
その後、昨年坂の上のお店の前まで行って入らなかった.味の館 金華楼へ。
26日夕食は幸楽で焼き肉、Sugar Shackでお酒、酒飯処 かぐらで目指しと刺し盛りを食べたあと華夕美で一泊。

食べ歩きブログ 今日もどこかで 

食べ歩きブログ 今日もどこかで 

食べ歩きブログ 今日もどこかで 

たかやの食べ飲み歩きでは食べ歩き情報も。 フードニュース・オンライン 「食」の専門資格を取得したフードアナリストが参加するブログポータル

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          Confluence 6.3.0 beta Release Notes   

Page edited by Rachel Robins - "Confluence 6.3.0-rc1 released"



3 July 2017

Atlassian presents Confluence 6.3.0-rc1. This is a snapshot of our work in progress, primarily focused on providing add-on developers an opportunity to test their add-ons and make any required changes in advance of an official release.

Confluence 6.3.0-rc1 is available to download now.

Development releases are not production ready. Development releases are snapshots of the ongoing Confluence development process. While we try to keep these releases stable, they have not undergone the same degree of testing as a full release, and could contain features that are incomplete or may change or be removed before the next full release.

No upgrade path. Because development releases represent work in progress, we cannot provide a supported upgrade path between development releases, or from any development release to a final release. You may not be able to migrate any data you store in a Confluence development release to a future Confluence release.

Atlassian does not provide support for development releases.



Issues with this beta?
Please raise an issue to tell us about it. 

Raise an issue

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Highlights of 6.3.0-rc1

Released 3 July

New in this release candidate:

  • Added three new languages - Estonian, Icelandic, and Slovenian

Highlights of 6.3.0-beta3

Released 26 June

New in this beta release:

  • Improved translations for several languages
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Highlights of 6.3.0-beta2 

Released 19 June

In this release we've focused on fixing some pain points that may have been affecting your site. Here's a couple of highlights.

Image rotation improvements

Confluence now respects the Exif orientation information from your camera or phone, which means your photo will land right side up on your page more often. 

Attachment indexing improvements

When a file is uploaded in Confluence, its text is extracted and indexed. This allows people to search for the content of a file, not just the filename. This is a pretty memory hungry process, and has caused out of memory errors for some customers. 

This release has some big improvements to the safeguards that prevent out of memory errors in your site. Here's the basics:  

  • If the uploaded file is larger than 100 MB, Confluence will not attempt to extract text or index the file contents. Only the filename will be searchable.
  • If the uploaded file is one of the following types, Confluence will only extract up to:
    • 1 MB of text from Excel (.xlsx) or Powerpoint (.pptx)
    • 8 MB of text from PDF (.pdf)
    • 10 MB of text from other text files (including .txt, .xml, .html, .rtf etc)
    • 16 MB of text from Word (.docx)
  • If the text extracted from the file was greater than 1 MB, it will be searchable, but Confluence will not show this text as an excerpt with the search result.

Some of these values are configurable via system properties.

As we think this will have a massive impact for many customers, this is already available in Confluence 6.2.2. 

Maximum editors limit

To prevent potential performance issues, the maximum number of people who can edit a page simultaneously is now limited to 12. This means that people can't enter the editor if there are already 12 other people editing the page, and will need to wait until someone leaves. 

Access your recent work from the profile menu

You can now access your recently worked on items from the profile menu, as well as the dashboard. We think this will be particularly useful in sites that set a page as the homepage, instead of the dashboard. 

Supported platforms changes

There are a bunch of supported platform changes in this release, so be sure to check your operating system and database is still supported. 

  • We don't support running Confluence 6.3 or later on Solaris operating systems. 
  • We've added support for PostgreSQL 9.6 in this release. 

We know many of you are keen to start using MySQL 5.7.  Hang in there, it has some significant changes and we're still working to make sure Confluence is compatible.  


Infrastructure changes

Head to Preparing for Confluence 6.3 to find out about changes that will impact add-on developers. 

Known issues

Confluence 6.3.0-beta2 has the following known issues:

  • CONFSERVER-52626 - Profile pictures and some embedded images are strange colours Resolved

          Se volvió loco !! Aumentó El Salario Mínimo Otra vez (Con Calculadora)   
Lo inimaginable pasó... y Maduro volvió con todos los hierros y descabelladamente Aumentó el Salario Mínimo  en  50% y la Cesta Ticket la llevó a 153.000 Bs.
En términos reales significa para cualquier trabajador un aumento de 50 mil Bs aproximadamente. Veamos (Wikipedia: Salario Minimo Vzla):

 Ahora bien para nosotros los empleados del MPPE es un golpe letal a nuestra capacidad de resistencia. Como sabemos Venezuela es el único país del mundo donde los aumentos salariales en vez de alegrar a los trabajadores los entristece. Veamos:
En este cuadro hacemos un promedio de precios que alcanzarán los productos como consecuencia del aumento salarial. Como sabemos todos, el comercio en  general aumenta en la misma proporción que es decretado el aumento del salario mínimo. Realmente  si cada producto aumenta en la misma proporción en la cual es aumentado el salario mínimo,  el aumento, según nuestros cálculos reduce, lean bien REDUCE, la capacidad de compra como mínimo en  50%, o sea, ANTES DEL AUMENTO, COMPRABAS 10 PRODUCTOS, LA META DEL AUMENTO ES COMPRAR 15 (50%) BUENO CON ESTE AUMENTO EN VEZ DE LLEGAR A COMPRAR 15,  DEJARÁS DE COMPRAR LOS 10 QUE YA COMPRABAS PARA COMPRAR SOLO 5.  Cabe destacar que el efecto del aumento del dólar DICOM  no se ha sentido todavía, el cual hizo pasar la cotización del dólar de 600 Bs a 2500 Bs.


Como siempre, y cada vez que el gobierno decrete un aumento, nosotros les sacamos su calculadora para saber cuánto van a cobrar. En esta ocación para verle  el queso a la tostada deberías ser Docente Bolivariano Rural lo cual te llevaría el sueldo por encima de 600 mil o docente de 54 horas Rural y Postgrado.

          Itt a kupák hete!   
Vodafoneplakat2017A vb előtt női és férfi válogatottunk is kupázik a héten. Sőt, az egyik utánpótlás capatunk is vízbe ugrik. Mutatjuk a programot. Vodafone-kupa nemzetközi női torna (Miskolctapolca) A program: Július 5., szerda 18:00 Egyesült Államok-Új-Zéland 20:00 Magyarország-Ausztrália (tv: M4 Sport) Július 6., csütörtök 18:00 Egyesült Államok-Ausztrália 20:00 Magyarország-Új-Zéland (tv: M4 Sport) Július 7., péntek 18:00 […]
          Get the latest energy data for all EU countries   
Monday, 03 July 2017

Updated energy statistical datasheets for all EU countries have just been published by the European Commission. These datasheets cover the period 1990-2015 and make it possible to track how each country's energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions patterns have changed over time. They contain an overview of the EU as a whole as well as individual country profiles, based on data from Eurostat and from the EU greenhouse gas monitoring mechanism. They are arranged in a tabular ready-to-use format, and are a very useful tool for anyone, both experts and members of the general public, looking for fast access to statistical data on energy in the EU and its member countries.

The datasheets include information on energy production, trading and consumption in each country, sorted by energy carrier (the means by which energy is converted into usable form) and economic sector. They also show how the deployment of solar energy has evolved over the years. They provide information such as the evolution of each country's primary energy consumption (its total energy demand), countries' energy efficiency, and their level of dependency on energy imports. In addition, they show how greenhouse gas emissions in individual sectors and at national level have varied since 1990.

EU energy statistical datasheets

Energy statistical pocketbook

Renewable energy

          Íme, a férfi Universiade-keret!   
Budapest, 2017. február 10.
Märcz Tamás, a férfi vízilabda-válogatott új szövetségi kapitánya nézi a férfi vízilabda Volvo Kupa Horvátország - Montenegró mérkõzését a fõvárosi Tüske Uszodakomplexumban 2017. február 10-én. A két válogatott 7-7-es döntetlent játszott a torna nyitómérkõzésén.
MTI Fotó: Koszticsák SzilárdMärcz Tamás egyelőre 11 játékost nevezett meg az Universiadera. Íme, a keret… Mint ismeretes, Märcz Tamás nemcsak a férfi felnőtt válogatottat, hanem a férfi Universiade válogatottat is irányítja. Az augusztusi eseményre most megnevezte egyelőre 11 tagú együttesét. A csapatba kapusposzton helyet kapott Gergely István és Kardos Gergely még a mezőnyjátékosoknál visszatér a válogatottba Bundschuch Erik, […]
          Megvan az ex-Fradi játékos új klubja   
marko-cuk-vojvodinaKét szezon után váltott klubot a pólós, ráadsául most hazatért. Fotó: VK Vojvodina Két idényt töltött a Ferencváros együttesénél Marko Csuk. Szeptembertől azonban nem láthatjuk Magyarországon pólózni, hiszen a Vojvodinához szerződött. Érdekesség, hogy egyben hazatért, hiszen Újvidéken született és itt is kezdett el pólózni. Mint ismeretes, a 33 éves pólós a Fradival a 2016/2017-es idényben […]
          Ez történt a 2017-es Fehér Szalagon   

A 2017. évi Fehér Szalag GeneralCom Nagydíj győztese az Opel Fifty-Fifty. A Józsa Márton csapata által vitorlázott Pauger 50-es katamarán 11 óra 25 perc 46 másodperckor ért célba. Tehát a Kékszalag csúcstartó hajó 1 óra 55 perc és 46 másodperc alatt teljesítette a Balatonfüred - Kenese - Siófok - Tihany - Balatonfüred távot.

Az élénk szélben Kenesénél a sokszoros német  katamarán világbajnok Roland Gäbler vezette Black Jack fordult elsőnek, őket Litey Farkas Festipay néven nevezett DC 35-öse követte. A tavalyi Kékszalag-győztes azonban nem sokkal később egy technikai hiba, a fockfelhúzú szakadása miatt kiállni kényszerült. Az élen haladókat után a két Extreme 40-es, Kaiser Kristóf Extreme Sailing Team-je és a Rauschenberger Miklós kormányozta Red vitorlázott.

Józsa Mártonék a Siófok - Tihany szakaszon vették át a vezetést, és nem is engedte ki a kezéből a továbbiakban.

Az élboly eredménye:

1. Fifty-Fifty, érkezési időpont: 11.25.46

2. Extreme, 11.31.42

3. Black Jack 11.34.01

4. The Red

5. Bogi

6. RSM

Az új arculatú Fifty Fiftybe nemrégiben C-alakú emelő uszonyokat építettek be a Pauger műhelyben, de mivel a próbákon és a Pünkösdi Regattán ezek nem hozták a várt eredményeket, ezért még időben visszaépítették az eredeti egyenes uszonyokat.  A mai eredmény alapján ez jó döntésnek tűnik...

Józsa Márton a verseny után a következőket mondta.

„Reffelt, csökkentett felületű vitorlákkal indultunk, a rajtnál inkább óvatosan léptünk ki, illetve bíztunk benne, hogy a szél még visszaerősödik. A kurtított vitorlák nagyobb stabilitást adnak a hajónak az erősödésekben és meglepően láttuk, hogy hasonló sebességet tudunk így menni, mint a többi katamarán teljes vitorlázattal. A kenesei bójánál már felhúztuk teljesen az egyik nagyvitorlát, majd Siófoknál minden vitorlánkat a maximumra feszítettük. Más választásunk nem volt, hiszen az egyik erősszeles orrvitorla felhúzója kiakadt, így azt már nem tudtuk tovább használni. A 18-20 csomós erősödésekkel frissülő szélben is tudtuk kezelni a hajót, nagyon jól dolgoznak az új vásznaink. Elégedett vagyok, és bízom a nekünk kedvező széljárásban a 49. Kékszalag Erste World Nagydíjon is. Vasárnap még egy öbölkerülő versenyen indulunk, várhatóan valamivel gyengébb szélben. Reméljük minden ellenfelünk rajthoz tud állni és újból összemérhetünk!”

A klasszikusoknak kiírt "Classic Round" futamot a Pomucz Tamás kormányozta Capella 70-es cirkáló nyerte, a második helyen a Sirocca, a harmadik helyen pedig a Lillafüred végzett. A Capella 12.21.55-kor futott be, de a klasszikusok számára a rajt 30 perccel korábban volt.