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Here are some points to consider when choosing a domain name for a South African business: You can have more than one domain name for the same website. Try to avoid using a '-' (hyphen) in your domain name. Try to avoid using numbers, or words that sound like numbers - customers may be uncertain...
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Rob Lowe had a close encounter of the ridiculous kind.
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          Theoretical Scientists Gather For 35th Annual Symposium To Try To Determine How Gas Nozzle Knows When Tank Is Full   

PASADENA, CA—In hopes of better understanding a phenomenon that has vexed researchers for decades, hundreds of theoretical scientists have assembled at the California Institute of Technology for the 35th annual symposium on how gas nozzles know when a car’s tank is full, sources said Thursday.

The weeklong academic conference, which draws top experts in quantum physics, pure mathematics, systems theory, and numerous other scientific fields, will feature a variety of interdisciplinary panel discussions and collaborative workshop sessions, as well as dozens of presentations from theorists sharing their ideas about what kind of mechanism could possibly enable a gasoline pump to turn itself off at just the right moment and avoid spilling fuel all over the place.

“All we know for certain is that you leave the nozzle in there for a while, it makes this little popping sound, and then your tank is full. Maybe this is the ...

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Obituary for Sylvia “Saucy” Mureddu
Sylvia “Cadesky” Stoun Mureddu, 96, died, May 25, 2017, at home surrounded by her family. She was the devoted wife of the late Michael L. Mureddu of Newport and the late Meyer J. Stoun.  Sylvia was born in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada on July 27, 1920.  She was the daughter of the late Samuel and
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There’s a great number toys in the world, many of which make all manner of pleasant or annoying noises for the entertainment of children. If you’re a musician, these toys may be of interest due to their unique or interesting sounds. However, due to their design being aimed at play rather than performance, it may be difficult to actually use the toy as a musical instrument. One way around this is to record the sounds of the toy into a sampler, but it’s not the only way. [little-scale] is here to demonstrate how to MIDI interface your toys. 

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Landing a punch isn't as easy as it sounds, especially when your opponent is trained in dodging them. Here's how a pro does it.

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          Chasing The Dream...   
Bali...The Island of Gods..Is it true?

We shall find out...

As beautiful as it looks, the padi fields are way too high for me to just jump and bath in all the glory. Nope, I took this picture on my morning walk on the last day, needed that high-intensity exercise and kept going back and forth the quiet road. All around our villa is padi fields and some halfly done villas and local houses of the villagers. Canggu is serene, and is the perfect location to get away from the Seminyak buzz....and the view is calming...

As my short trip unravels with a few souvenirs of aching sore throat and dry coughs, I realized that Bali was quite enjoyable as I arrived the previous days a true pessimist crying in my heart please let it be as painless as possible. Why the negative thoughts, well for a start I didn't want to go as my main responsibility still resides at Potato Head Jakarta but dream awaits and I needed to chase it.

My bestie, Revka is there with Minami whose a local girl - half jap half indo, sweet and very down to earth. Never spend holidays with Revka in Bali so we sort of treasure our little time we had downing fruit juices at Cocoon Bar which has a very nice view to the beach but I kinda felt out of place, too posh for me but hey for goodtime's sake!

It has been my full time "dream" to have my own shop, where I can take care of it and do stuff in it like my little polly pocket land. I know it kinda sounds scary but isn't every fashion designer's dream to have a long lasting legacy, a brand or a concept that they can share to the rest of the world? and hard work does pay off at the end of the day right? or are we purely now living in the age of "at the right time and at the right place?"

Potato Head Beach Club on its way to the opening on the 25th of November. Still a lot of work to be done but nothing is impossible and it will be open sooner or later so just keep at it! Big-Colosseum in the making, will be three times bigger than our next next door neighbor and no it's not the W Resort. It'll dam* well kick a** and yes I can swear on my blog.

As much as I am now in Jakarta, I kept thinking about Bali, not of Potato Head Beach Club, but of Eleven, the newly named concept shop. I guess everyone would be shouting to my ears now, of course I should be panicking and thinking about it as it would be open in less than a week! and we hardly have anything in it! hahaha we do work better when we're under pressure don't we?

Blessing Potato Head Beach Club by the local Balinese people, a traditional blessing ceremony. It was very peaceful and I think we need as much blessings as we could grab! Although we better get a priest asap as my mom would say...Hey mom since you're reading this maybe we should? Everyone was in the traditional get up too, nice to see....

But I have two lovely bosses and they are helping us all, how dearly nice of my brother to lend us his antique furniture to fill the shop and how nice of his partner to not go ballistic that the shop is still empty as of NOW! But I am losing sleep over this and my right eye is still twitching since the past two weeks and I'm getting worried....

The way to the fine dining, guess how many window panes we used...or here's a better question, is it almost 500 or 1000? It's amazing that now you can see how it all complements each other, the ceramics on the ceiling, the color of the wood, the washed green flooring, the retro railings and everything seem to be falling in love with each other.
I think my brother and his partner are both true romantics...

Every angle is photogenic.

Finally the grand entrance is on display!

Find Potato Head Beach Club at Jln Petitenget, next to W Resort, Seminyak Bali.
And find ELEVEN at the same address :)

          Between Then and Now   
Image by Natalie Gunawan at her Farm in Melbourne Suburbia

It's been almost six months since I last blog, and this morning I thought to myself if I don't start again then I would forever lose my interest in lady macaron...and there are a lot of macaron bakers these days in Jakarta but you know what gotta stay true to yourself right...

Two of my closest friends, Revka & Putri with Minami whom I just met this week.
Work has been fun, intense, and has its up and downs but most of the time is really FUN/ no joke. I had my first year anniversary at work on the 21st of October, didn't really celebrate it but I had some terrifying thoughts of what I've achieved in the past year and whether this has all been worth it. Now that I'm slowly writing and contemplating my thoughts...let's see...

One of the things I love to do is exercise, and sweat it all out. It keeps me sane and it really does lift my moody mood 'slightly'. As strange as it may look I run around the pool in my ghetto 80s aerobic get-up every morning. Bikram Yoga is also a luxury and when you have the time, DO IT!

As much as my conscience is oppose to what I do at work, I am having a whispers at night, asking me why am I doing this when my passion since I was growing up is making beautiful clothes..designing, finding inspirations, and being alone in a studio...cutting fabrics, jotting down ideas and befriending my own thoughts... So you might ask what is it that I actually do at work?

Halloween Sunday Food Market at Potato Head outdoor patio.

The university of Potato Head as my mom calls it, when you graduate out of it, then you can practically conquer anything the world kicks back at ya! It is a Restaurant & Bar in Jakarta and it's one of the best place in town for cocktail, food, ambiance and everything else in one cool capsule. My second I tell the occasional strangers and friends who frequently ask me "Are you here everyday? everyday??!!! really EVERDAY???!!!!

This is an example of our flyer, we have a graphic team who designed the image, but all the context and ideas all comes from Potato Head.

My morning routine usually starts with me walking in to the bar- straight to the end of the bench, put my laptop on the round table, my bags down and mobile phone next to my mac. I checked the reservations for today, see if all the promotional flyers we currently have are on display on each and every tables. Then off I check my emails again... Although my business card says Public Relation Manager, I also manage our internal events with my tight-knit team and our director is very much involved in all the initial ideas right on through the implementations. As anyone successful in their profession would say communication is essential and I can't agree more. Used to be my biggest challenge as I tend to keep things inside emotionally and not let everyone worry or get stressed out but in the end it didn't help much...

This is Glass Candy performing Live at Potato Head on Saturday Nov. 6th. Ida No and Johnny Jewel of Glass Candy/Chromatics rocks! The most down to earth guy and Ida No danced her spirit away...They're a cool band I think, very psychedelic and different than the mainstream, however I find the music market here is either categorized as the indie young kids or the older types who goes for David Foster and friends...I still haven't figured out what the "yuppies" are into, and it's a challenge to bring artists here that would appeal to Potato Head young adult audience. Or perhaps they just don't care?

Since I love to write, I do most of the writing for the promotional flyers, I'm not an experienced copywriter, I have no background in professional writing, but fortunately I have a very good boss who is very articulate and checks what I write, corrects them and revise things to sound more edgy and appropriate. I make sure they are printed on time to be distributed and we do a big event check list to make sure when the artists come to town we are prepared for the big day. Why I'm still doing what I'm doing is because you get an instant self gratification when the event that your team and yourself spend so much on preparing and promoting does very well. It's jam packed, our guests are enjoying the music, cocktails, food, ambiance and at the end of the day you know it is a successful event and judged by the target sales the restaurant achieved. If I go back to being a fashion designer, there's an indefinite process of being shelled in a studio, spending similar long hours on a collection/project and at the end of the show can you really tell that the audience will love it, buy them and stocks them in their boutique. Do I want to go back living my days running around town looking for fabrics, chasing my tailor, going back and forth perfecting the right cut and at the end of the day will they sell? and it all comes down to how much do I want all that back...

This is the plan of what the shop one fine day will look like. With installations, pop up projects, artist exhibitions, and challenging the classic notion of the shopper experience. A gallery, a shared space or just a cool boutique all in one. Emotion is a big thing for me, to feel all your senses juxtaposing in all directions when you enter the space, intimidated, awed and shocked. Surprised, happy and sad.

I still have so much to learn from Potato Head, as I said I have not graduated yet, it is still a learning process and I love love love everyone at work. Why would I quit now when there are still so many things I can challenge myself, give myself more responsibilities, test my strength and lead a bigger team...Potato Head has open doors for me, I've been introduced to so many people in different genres of music, art and fashion. It's been whirlwind year, and people say I work too much, maybe sometimes I do and I need to spend more time alone and go out with my friends more often. Hopefully by getting back to writing here I can balance my life more productively and emotionally.

This is Potato Head Beach Club Bali, my brother and his partner current BIG PROJECT. A massive space with three restaurants, bars and a basement concept store (MY SECRET PROJECT). Measuring 150sqm the shop will sell everything from fashion to furniture. Think Merci in Paris, Corso Como in Italy and Anthropologie in LA. Yes that is my personal aim that it will be a shopper destination in Bali promoting Indonesian designers and produce.

So you might ask me now, am I happy, I don't know, am I enjoying my job, yes I am...isn't there a quote that goes something like if a man does not love his job than it is the saddest thing in the world...or what makes life worth living if a man does not love his job....and I could only use my brother as the perfect example. His work is his life, they embodies his spirit, joy, excitement, sadness, all the five senses and he lives for his work. And because they are all his passions and hobbies, everyone always tell me that "Oh your brother never works, or he should start doing some real job" and gosh I can tell you I hear that almost every day. But you know what now that I think about it, he doesn't need to show that he 'works' the conventional way to people because he only has himself and God to prove and the results is proven at the end of the day.

So salut to him and his partner who I have the utmost respect...and what I can only advise to you and myself having doubts at work is...

To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth. Pearl S. Buck.

My fountain of youth is having smoother skin and slimmer figure then I can say I am truly happy...ha ha ha

          Mengapa Yahudi?   

Mengapa Yahudi Terlalu Berkuasa?

Oleh : Dr Farrukh Saleem
Semakan Oleh : Mohd Taha Hassan

There are only 14 million Jews in the world; seven million in the Americas , five million in Asia, two million in Europe and 100,000 in Africa . For every single Jew in the world there are 100 Muslims. Yet, Jews are more than a hundred times more powerful than all the Muslims put together. Ever wondered why?

Hanya ada 14 juta Yahudi di muka bumi ini; tujuh juta di Amerika, lima juta di Asia, dua juta di Eropah dan 100,000 di Afrika. Bagi setiap orang Yahudi ada 100 orang Muslim (1:100). Namun, jika dicampuri semua sekali, Yahudi lebih 100 kali berkuasa daripada orang Islam. Mengapa ini berlaku?

Jesus of Nazareth was Jewish. Albert Einstein, the most influential scientist of all time and TIME magazine's 'Person of the Century', was a Jew. Sigmund Freud -- id, ego, superego -- the father of psychoanalysis was a Jew. So were Paul Samuelson and Milton Friedman.

Nabi Isa (Jesus of Nazareth) ialah Yahudi. Albert Einstein, saintis zaman moden paling terkemuka dan disebut oleh majalah Time sebagai 'Manusia Abad ini' ialah seorang Yahudi; Sigmund Freud - melalui teori id, ego dan super-ego ialah bapa psikoanalisis, juga seorang Yahudi; begitu juga Karl Marx, Paul Samuelson dan Milton Friedman.

Here are a few other Jews whose intellectual output has enriched the whole humanity: Benjamin Rubin gave humanity the vaccinating needle. Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine. Alert Sabin developed the improved live polio vaccine. Gertrude Elion gave us a leukaemia fighting drug. Baruch Blumberg developed the vaccination for Hepatitis B. Paul Ehrlich discovered a treatment for syphilis (a sexually transmitted disease). Elie Metchnikoff won a Nobel Prize in infectious diseases.

Selain mereka banyak lagi orang Yahudi yang hasil kebijaksanaan mereka berupaya menghasilkan keperluan untuk kita semua: Benjamin Rubin memperkenalkan jarum suntikan pelalian. Johas Salk mereka vaksin polio yang pertama. Gertrude Elion mencipta ubat melawan leukemia. Baruch Blumberg mencipta vaksin Hepatitis B. Paul Ehrlich menemukan rawatan untuk siflis. Elie Metchnikoff menang Hadiah Nobel untuk penyakit berjangkit.

Bernard Katz won a Nobel Prize in neuromuscular transmission. Andrew Schally won a Nobel in endocrinology (disorders of the endocrine system; diabetes, hyperthyroidism). Aaron Beck founded Cognitive Therapy (psychotherapy to treat mental disorders, depression and phobias). Gregory Pincus developed the first oral contraceptive pill. George Wald won a Nobel for furthering our understanding of the human eye. Stanley Cohen won a Nobel in embryology (study of embryos and their development). Willem Kolff came up with the kidney dialysis machine.

Bernard Katz menang Hadiah Nobel kerana kajian mengenai transmisi neuromuskular. Andrew Schally penerima Nobel dalam kajian endokrinologi (berkaitan sistem endokrin dan kencing manis). Aaron Beck menemui terapi kognitif (rawatan mental, kesugulan dan fobia). Gregory Pincus membangunkan pil perancang keluarga yang pertama. George Wald menang Nobel bagi kajian mata manusia, Standley Cohen dianugerahi Hadiah Nobel dalam kajian embriologi (kajian janin dan perkembangannya). Willem Kolff mencipta mesin dialisis (mencuci) buah pinggang.

Over the past 105 years, 14 million Jews have won 15-dozen Nobel Prizes while only three Nobel Prizes have been won by 1.4 billion Muslims (other than Peace Prizes).

Sejak 105 tahun, 14 juta Yahudi menang 15 dozen Hadiah Nobel, sementara tiga dimenangi oleh 1.4 bilion umat Islam.

Why are Jews so powerful? Stanley Mezor invented the first micro-processing chip. Leo Szilard developed the first nuclear chain reactor. Peter Schultz, optical fibre cable; Charles Adler, traffic lights; Benno Strauss, Stainless steel; Isador Kisee, sound movies; Emile Berliner, telephone microphone and Charles Ginsburg, videotape recorder.

Mengapa Yahudi Terlalu Berkuasa? Stanley Mezor mencipta mikrocip pertama. Leo Szilards membangunkan reaktor rangkaian nuklear pertama; Peter Schultz (kabel gentian optik); Charles Adler (lampu isyarat); Benno Strauss (besi tahan karat - stainless steel); Isador Kisee (sistem suara di pawagam); Emile Berliner (mikrofon untuk telefon) dan Charles Ginsburg (alat pita rakaman).

Famous financiers in the business world who belong to Jewish faith include Ralph Lauren (Polo), Levis Strauss (Levi's Jeans), Howard Schultz (Starbuck's), Sergey Brin (Google), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Donna Karan (DKNY), Irv Robbins (Baskins & Robbins) and Bill Rosenberg (Dunkin Donuts).

Saudagar jenama terkaya dunia juga dikuasai Yahudi iaitu Ralph Lauren (Polo), Levis Strauss (Levi's Jeans), Howard Schultz (Starbuck's), Sergey Brin (Google), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Donna Karan (DKNY), Irv Robbins (Baskin & Robbins) dan Bill Rossenberg (Dunkin Donuts).

Richard Levin, President of Yale University, is a Jew. So are Henry Kissinger (American secretary of state), Alan Greenspan (fed chairman under Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush), Joseph Lieberman, Maxim Litvinov (USSR foreign Minister), David Marshal (Singapore's first chief minister), Issac Isaacs (governor-general of Australia), Benjamin Disraeli (British statesman and author), Yevgeny Primakov (Russian PM), Barry Gold water, Jorge Sampaio (president of Portugal), John Deutsch (CIA director), Herb Gray (Canadian deputy PM), Pierre Mendes (French PM), Michael Howard (British home secretary) and Robert Rubin (American secretary of treasury).

Richard Levin, presiden universiti tersohor Yale Universiti ialah seorang Yahudi. Henry Kissinger, Joseph Lieberman dan Madeleine Albright (bekas-bekas Setiausaha Negara AS); Alan Greenspan (bekas pengerusi Rizab Persekutuan AS di bawah Reagan, Bush, Clinton dan Bush); Maxim Litvinov (bekas Menteri Luar Soviet Union); David Marshal (bekas Ketua Menteri pertama Singapura); Isaac Isaacs (bekas Gabenor Jeneral Australia); Benjamin Disraeli (negarawan dan penulis Britian); Yevgeny Primkov (bekas Perdana Menteri Rusia dan bekas jeneral KGB); Jorge Sampaio (bekas Presiden Portugal); Herb Gray (bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri Kanada); Pierre Mendes (Perdana Menteri ke-143 Perancis); Michael Howard (bekas Setiausaha Negara British); Bruno Kreisky (bekas Canselor Austria) dan Robert Rubin (bekas Setiausaha Perbendaharaan AS).

In the media, famous Jews include Wolf Blitzer ( CNN ), Barbara Walters (ABC News), Eugene Meyer ( Washington Post ), Henry Grunwald (editor-in-chief Time), Katherine Graham (publisher of The Washington Post ), Joseph Lelyyeld (Executive editor, The New York Times), and Max Frankel (New York Times).

Dalam dunia media, orang Yahudi yang terkemuka ialah Wolf Blitzer (CNN); Barbara Walters (ABC News); Eugene Meyer (Washington Post); Henry Grunwald (Ketua Editor Time); Katherine Graham (penerbit The Washington Post); Joseph Lelyyeld (Editor Eksekutif, The New York Times) dan Max Frankel (The New York Times).

At the Olympics, Mark Spitz set a record of sorts by wining seven gold medals. Lenny Krayzelburg is a three-time Olympic gold medalist. Spitz, Krayzelburg and Boris Becker are all Jewish.

Di Olimpik, Mark Spitz membolot tujuh pingat emas. Lenny Krayzelburg ialah pemegang tiga kali pingat emas Olimpik. Spitz Krayzelburg dan Boris Becker adalah Yahudi.

Did you know that Harrison Ford, George Burns, Tony Curtis, Charles Bronson, Sandra Bullock, Billy Crystal, Paul Newman, Peter Sellers, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley, Kirk Douglas, Cary Grant, William Shatner, Jerry Lewis and Peter Falk are all Jewish? As a matter of fact, Hollywood itself was founded by a Jew. Among directors and producers, Steven Spielberg, Mel Brooks, Oliver Stone, Aaron Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210), Neil Simon (The Odd Couple), Andrew Vaina (Rambo 1/2/3), Michael Man (Starsky and Hutch), Milos Forman (One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest), Douglas Fairbanks (The thief of Baghdad) and Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) are all Jewish.

Tahukah anda bahawa pelakon pujaan Harrison Ford, George Burns, Tony Curtis, Charles Bronson, Sandra Bullock, Billy Cystal, Woody Allen, Paul Newman, Peter Sellers, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley, Kirk Douglas, Willian Shatner, Jerry Lewis dan Peter Falk semuanya Yahudi? Tambahan lagi, Hollywood sendiri diwujudkan oleh orang Yahudi. Antara pengarah dan penerbit, Steven Spielberg, Mel Brooks, Oliver Stone, Aaron Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210), Neil Simon (The Odd Couple), Andrew Vaina (Rambo 1- 2-3), Michael Man (Starsky and Hutch), Milos Forman (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest), Douglas Fairbanks (The Thief Of Baghdad) and Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) - semuanya adalah Yahudi.

To be certain, Washington is the capital that matters and in Washington the lobby that matters is The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC. Washington knows that if PM Ehud Olmert were to discover that the earth is flat, AIPAC will make the 109th Congress pass a resolution congratulating Olmert on his discovery.

Washington yang merupakan ibu negara Amerika Syarikat, mempunyai satu pertubuhan lobi yang amat berkuasa. Ia dikenali sebagai Jawatankuasa Hal Ehwal Awam Amerika Israel (AIPAC) yang berupaya mempengaruhi Kongres meluluskan resolusi memuji dan 'membuat apa saja' demi Israel. Washington mengetahui bahawa jika PM Ehud Olmert sedar akan wujudnya bahawa bumi ini adalah rata, maka AIPAC akan mengadakan Kongres yang ke 109 untuk meluluskan resolusi bagi memberi ucapan tahniah pada satu pertemuan yang akan diadakan bersama Olmert.

William James Sidis, with an IQ of 250-300, is the brightest human who ever existed. Guess what faith did he belong to?

Tahukah lagi bahawa William James Sidis dengan IQ 250-300 ialah manusia tercerdik. Dia ialah Yahudi. Teka, apakah kepercayaan yang beliau miliki?

So, why are Jews so powerful? Answer: Education.

Oleh yang demikian, mengapa Yahudi terlalu berkuasa? Jawapannya: Pendidikan, pelajaran, ilmu.


Dermawan dan penyangak mata wang, George Soros ialah Yahudi. Dia menderma AS$4 bilion untuk membantu ahli sains dan universiti serata dunia.

Walter Annenberg menderma untuk membina ratusan perpustakaan berjumlah AS$2 bilion.

Jadi, mengapa mereka ini terlalu berkuasa? Mengapa umat Islam terlalu lemah?

Dianggarkan 1,476,233,470 Muslim di atas muka bumi Allah ini. Satu bilion di Asia, 400 juta di Afrika, 44 juta di Eropah dan enam juta di Amerika. Setiap lima insan manusia ialah Muslim. Setiap seorang Hindu ada dua orang Islam, setiap seorang Buddha ada dua orang Islam dan setiap seorang Yahudi ada beratus orang Islam. Mengapa orang Islam terlalu lemah?

Ini jawapannya: Terdapat 57 negara anggota OIC dan jika dicampur semua cuma ada kira-kira 500 buah universiti; atau sebuah universiti untuk setiap tiga juta orang Islam.

AS mempunyai 5,758 universiti dan India ada 8,407. Pada 2004, Shanghai Jiao Tong Universiti membuat kajian 'Kedudukan Akademik Universiti-universiti Dunia' - dan menakjubkan - tiada satu pun universiti-negara Islam yang berada di puncak 500.

Data yang dikumpul dari UNDP, tahap celik huruf di negara maju ialah hampir 90 peratus dan 15 negara itu mempunyai 100 peratus celik huruf. Negara majoriti penduduk Islam, purata kadar celik huruf ialah sekitar 40 peratus dan tiada negara yang mempunyai 100 peratus semuanya celik huruf.

Sekitar 98 peratus penduduk di negara maju menamatkan sekurang-kurang sekolah rendah, sementara hanya 50 peratus di negara majoriti Islam. Sekitar 40 peratus penduduk di negara maju memasuki universiti, sementara hanya 2 peratus di negara majoriti Islam.

Negara-negara majoriti Islam mempunyai 230 ahli sains bagi setiap (per) sejuta penduduk. Di AS 4,000 per sejuta, Jepun 5,000 per sejuta. Di seluruh negara Arab, penyelidik sepenuh masa ialah 35,000 dan hanya 50 juruteknik per sejuta (berbanding di negara maju 1,000 juruteknik per sejuta).

Negara Islam membelanjakan 0.2 peratus daripada KDNK untuk penyelidikan dan pembangunan (R&D) sebaliknya, di negara maju membelanjakan 5 peratus daripada KDNKnya.

Kesimpulan: Dunia Islam kurang keupayaan untuk menghasilkan ilmu pengetahuan.

Akhbar harian yang dibaca oleh setiap 1,000 orang dan jumlah judul buku yang dibaca oleh setiap sejuta orang adalah dua angka tunjuk bagi menentukan sama ada ilmu pengetahuan disalurkan ke dalam masyarakat.

Di Pakistan, hanya ada 23 akhbar harian per 1,000 rakyat Pakistan sementara nisbah di Singapura ialah 360. Di UK, jumlah judul buku per juta orang ialah 2,000 sementara di Mesir ialah 20.

Kesimpulan: Dunia Islam gagal menyalurkan ilmu pengetahuan.

Yang menariknya, jumlah terkumpul KDNK tahunan 57 buah negara ahli OIC ialah di bawah AS$2 trilion. Amerika sahaja, menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan bernilai AS$12 trilion, China AS$8 trilion, Jepun AS$3.8 trilion dan Jerman AS$2.4 trilion.

Pengeluar minyak yang kaya, Arab Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar secara rangkuman menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan (rata-rata minyak) bernilai AS$500 bilion; Sepanyol sahaja menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan bernilai lebih AS$1 trilion, Poland AS$489 bilion dan Thailand AS$545 bilion.

Jadi, mengapa orang Islam tidak berkuasa dan orang Yahudi paling berkuasa?

Jawapannya ialah: Kurangnya ilmu. Kurangnya pendidikan dan kurangnya pelajaran.


Daripada lingkungan 12 juta orang Yahudi, hanya 0,2 % sahaja populasi dunia. ( 2 setiap dari 1000 orang)


1910 - Paul Heyse
1927 - Henri Bergson
1958 - Boris Pasternak
1966 - Shmuel Yosef Agnon
1966 - Nelly Sachs
1976 - Saul Bellow
1978 - Isaac Bashevis Singer
1981 - Elias Canetti
1987 - Joseph Brodsky
1991 - Nadine Gordimer
2002 - Imre Kertesz
2005 - Harold Pinter

World Peace

1911 - Alfred Fried
1911 - Tobias Asser
1968 - Rene Cassin
1973 - Henry Kissinger
1978 - Menachem Begin
1986 - Elie Wiesel
1994 - Shimon Peres
1994 - Yitzhak Rabin
1995 - Joseph Rotblat


1905 - Adolph Von Baeyer
1906 - Henri Moissan
1910 - Otto Wallach
1915 - Richard Willstaetter
1918 - Fritz Haber
1943 - George Charles de Hevesy
1961 - Melvin Calvin
1962 - Max Ferdinand Perutz
1972 - William Howard Stein
1972 - C.B. Anfinsen
1977 - Ilya Prigogine
1979 - Herbert Charles Brown
1980 - Paul Berg
1980 - Walter Gilbert
1981 - Ronald Hoffmann
1982 - Aaron Klug
1985 - Herbert A. Hauptman
1985 - Jerome Karle
1986 - Dudley R. Herschbach
1988 - Robert Huber
1989 - Sidney Altman
1992 - Rudolph Marcus
1998 - Walter Kohn
2000 - Alan J. Heeger
2004 - Irwin Rose
2004 - Avram Hershko
2004 - Aaron Ciechanover
2006 - Roger D. Kornberg
2008 - Martin Chalfie


1970 - Paul Anthony Samuelson
1971 - Simon Kuznets
1972 - Kenneth Joseph Arrow
1973 - Wassily Leontief
1975 - Leonid Kantorovich
1976 - Milton Friedman
1978 - Herbert A. Simon
1980 - Lawrence Robert Klein
1985 - Franco Modigliani
1987 - Robert M. Solow
1990 - Harry Markowitz
1990 - Merton Miller
1992 - Gary Becker
1993 Rober Fogel
1994 - John Harsanyi
1994 - Reinhard Selten
1997 - Robert Merton
1997 - Myron Scholes
2001 - George Akerlof
2001 - Joseph Stiglitz
2002 -
Daniel Kahneman
2004 - Richard Axel
2005 - Robert J. Aumann
2006 - Andrew Z. Fire
2007 - Leonid (Leo) Hurwicz
2007 - Eric Maskin
2007 - Roger Myerson
2008 - Paul Krugman

Physiology / Medicine

1908 - Elie Metchnikoff
1908 - Paul Erlich
1914 - Robert Barany
1922 - Otto Meyerhof
1930 - Karl Landsteiner
1931 - Otto Warburg
1936 - Otto Loewi
1944 - Joseph Erlanger
1944 - Herbert Spencer Gasser
1945 - Ernst Boris Chain
1946 - Hermann Joseph Muller
1947 - Garty Cori
1950 - Tadeus Reichstein
1952 - Selman Abraham Waksman
1953 - Hans Krebs
1953 - Fritz Albert Lipmann
1958 - Joshua Lederberg
1959 - Arthur Kornberg
1964 - Konrad Bloch
1965 - Francois Jacob
1965 - Andre Lwoff
1967 - George Wald
1968 - Marshall W. Nirenberg
1969 - Salvador Luria
1970 - Julius Axelrod
1970 - Sir Bernard Katz
1972 - Gerald Maurice Edelman
1975 - David Baltimore
1975 - Howard Martin Temin
1976 - Baruch S. Blumberg
1977 - Rosalyn Sussman Yalow
1977 - Andrew V. Schally
1978 - Daniel Nathans
1980 - Baruj Benacerraf
1982 - [Sir] John Vane
1984 - Cesar Milstein
1985 - Michael Stuart Brown
1985 - Joseph L. Goldstein
1986 - Rita Levi-Montalcini
1986 - Stanley Cohen [& Rita Levi-Montalcini]
1988 - Gertrude Elion
1989 - Harold Varmus
1991 - Erwin Neher
1991 - Bert Sakmann
1992 - Edmond Fischer
1993 - Richard J. Roberts
1993 - Phillip Sharp
1994 - Alfred Gilman
1994 - Martin Rodbell
1995 - Edward B. Lewis
1997 - Stanley B. Prusiner
1998 - Robert F. Furchgott
2000 - Eric R. Kandel
2000 - Paul Greengard
2002 - Sydney Brenner
2002 - Robert H. Horvitz
2006 - Roger Kornberg
2006 - Andrew Z. Fire


1907 - Albert Abraham Michelson
1908 - Gabriel Lippmann
1921 - Albert Einstein
1922 - Niels Bohr
1925 - James Franck
1925 - Gustav Hertz
1943 - Gustav Stern
1944 - Isidor Issac Rabi
1945 - Wolfgang Pauli
1952 - Felix Bloch
1954 - Max Born
1958 - Igor Tamm
1958 - Il'ja Mikhailovich
1958 - Igor Yevgenyevich
1959 - Emilio Segre
1960 - Donald A. Glaser
1961 - Robert Hofstadter
1962 - Lev Davidovich Landau
1963 - Eugene P. Wigner
1965 - Richard Phillips Feynman
1965 - Julian Schwinger
1967 - Hans Albrecht Bethe
1969 - Murray Gell-Mann
1971 - Dennis Gabor
1972 - Leon N. Cooper
1973 - Brian David Josephson
1975 - Benjamin Mottleson
1976 - Burton Richter
1978 - Arno Allan Penzias
1978 - Peter L Kapitza
1979 - Stephen Weinberg
1979 - Sheldon Glashow
1988 - Leon Lederman
1988 - Melvin Schwartz
1988 - Jack Steinberger
1990 - Jerome Friedman
1992 - Georges Charpak
1995 - Martin Perl
1995 - Frederick Reines
1996 - David M. Lee
1996 - Douglas D. Osheroff
1997 - Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
2000 - Zhores I. Alferov
2003 - Vitaly Ginsburg
2003 - Alexei Abrikosov
2004 - David Gross
2004 - H. David Politzer
2005 - Roy Glauber


          AirTones for Kontakt 5.6 Early Bird at Homegrown Sounds   
Homegrown Sounds AirtonesHomegrown Sounds has announced an early bird deal for the new AirTones instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Whilst working on AirWaves
          Deal: Save 40% off UVI Sparkverb, UVX-3P & UVX-10P synth emulations 50% off   
UVI Sparkverb salePlugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on Sparkverb, the algorithmic reverb plugin that traverses everything from natural sounding spaces to infinite,
          3 Things You Didn't Know About Suncor Energy Inc.   
Suncor Energy sounds like something it isn't and is performing well in someplace it shouldn't. This odd duck of the oil industry may surprise you.
          12 Massive Idiots Who Just Don't Get the Joke   

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Massive Idiots Who Just Don't Get the Joke

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          Halo and Gears of War skipped E3, but Phil Spencer has seen “amazing work” from both studios   
It might be a while before we see anything from them, but it sounds like the studios behind Halo and Gears of War are hard at work. Neither Gears of War nor Halo were at E3, but Phil Spencer has seen what 343 Industries and The Coalition – teams that are dedicated entirely to their […]
          Price Drop: Wotja Pro '17 Generative Music   
Wotja Pro '17 Generative Music
Kategorie: Musik
Preis: 16,99 € -> 13,99 €
Version: 4.8.1
in iTunes öffnen

Wotja Pro 2017 for iOS is the *non-subscription version* of Wotja for iOS, a powerful music & idea generator. Whether you need beautiful royalty-free "ambient" music, new ideas for tunes, new word combinations, or an aid to relaxation & sleep, then Wotja is for you! Users say: "Best generative music app", "best MIDI composition tool in my toolkit", "hands down the best generative software that I have ever used". Wotja Pro 2017 has the same features and capabilities as the subscription version of Wotja with an active PRO In-App Subscription and has no In-App Store. It will be updated in tandem with the subscription version up until the end of 2017. If you want further updates after this time you would need to purchase the *next* relevant Wotja non-subscription version or simply get the subscription version and purchase the relevant In-App Subscription. GENERATIVE MUSIC: Mixing, composing & designing YOUR OWN custom generative music can be creatively rewarding on so many levels. It's like enjoying freshly brewed coffee; there's nothing quite like it. You don't need to be a musician to enjoy Wotja; as you use it you will gradually find yourself learning to master its power (it's a very deep & unique tool, and you can share what you make, too). USE WOTJA TO: • Create & record high quality, royalty-free totally custom generative music such as ambient, drone, relaxation, mindfulness, sleep, soundscape, experimental, EDM • Help break composer's block with new ideas for melodie...
          Price Drop: Learn Farm Animals - Point Listen Learn   
Learn Farm Animals - Point Listen Learn
Kategorie: Bildung
Preis: 3,49 € -> 1,09 €
Version: 1.0
in iTunes öffnen

I made this app for my daughter. THIS APP IS COMPLETELY FREE FROM ADVERTISEMENTS AND IN-APP PURCHASES. We tried to find a good app that had animal pictures with animal sounds (farm animals). The apps I've been testing for my daughter are all either too complicated, filled with advertisements and in-app purchases or simply just not visually appealing.. so I made this custom app for her that I'm hoping you and your little ones will enjoy as well. This is the classical memory game with animal cards. Tap on a card to see the hidden picture behind it. The animal sound and name will be played every time a animal picture is shown. Match two animal cards and they will visually move to the center overlapping to highlight that they are the same and then get removed from the game board. Match all the animals to get a thumbs up! A new game will begin again with new animals, new cards and a new background. It contains 9 different animals with a total of 54 unique, high resolution, beautiful photos along with the sound each animal make. On top of this, I recorded myself voicing the animal names (since I figured my daughter might as well learn what the animals are called while she's at it). The sounds and background music are all configurable through the iPad's settings section (not inside the app). This way, there's no risk of tapping on the "wrong" thing inside the app. You can choose to disable/enable the voice and animal sound independently, decide the order they should be played...
          Price Drop: One Should Go - Farm Animals - Point Listen Learn   
One Should Go - Farm Animals - Point Listen Learn
Kategorie: Bildung
Preis: 3,49 € -> 1,09 €
Version: 1.1
in iTunes öffnen

I made this app for my daughter. THIS APP IS COMPLETELY FREE FROM ADVERTISEMENTS AND IN-APP PURCHASES. We tried to find a good app that had animal pictures with animal sounds (farm animals). The apps I've been testing for my daughter are all either too complicated, filled with advertisements and in-app purchases or simply just not visually appealing.. so I made this custom app for her that I'm hoping you and your little ones will enjoy as well. This is a very educational game where 4 different animals are displayed, 3 of them have something in common and "one should go". The common things can be anything such as "All are birds" where three birds are displayed and a cow. The cow should naturally be the one to go :) The possible similarities inside the app right now are: - "All have four legs" - "All have two legs" - "All are birds" - "All are herbivores" - "All are carnivores" - "All are omnivores": - "All have feathers" - "All have hooves" I will add more similarities in future updates of the app. If you have an idea for a similarity between the animals please let me know! :) It contains 11 different animals with a total of 64 unique, high resolution, beautiful photos along with the sound each animal make. On top of this, I recorded myself voicing the animal names (since I figured my daughter might as well learn what the animals are called while she's at it). The sounds and background music are all configurable through the iPad's settings section (not inside the app)...
          Now Free: iStethoscope Expert   
iStethoscope Expert
Kategorie: Medizin
Preis: 2,29 € -> kostenlos
Version: 2.5
in iTunes öffnen

With iStethoscope Expert, you can use your iPhone to listen to heart sounds, bowel sounds, lung sounds, and heart valve sounds. You can save and record heart sound wave tracings. iStethoscope Expert uses the built-in microphone on an iPhone/iPad or an external microphone on an iPod. The heart waveform can be recorded and e-mailed. You can use your iPhone, iPod or iPad to hear distant sounds. iStethoscope Expert includes an extensive collection of video recordings of heart, lung, and bowel sounds. Use the Murmur Interpreter to learn to diagnose valve murmurs. This app is useful for medical students, physicians, nurses, EMTs and anyone who wants to learn about heart sounds, lung sounds or abdominal sounds. iStethoscope Expert helps you learn auscultation techniques for USMLE and NCLEX.
          Facebook is good for staying in touch but it's no substitute for prayer and spiritual belief   
Mark Zuckerberg's claim that his social media platform can rival established churches sounds hollow when Facebook's ethics are put under the microscope
          Cassatt Quartet featured in 15th annual Seal Bay Festival, with world premiere of music by Elliott Schwartz, July 12-20   


Jul 18 2017 - 7:00pm

The Seal Bay Festival of American Chamber Music returns to Maine from July 12th - 21st, 2017. This year, the Festival explores the theme “Seeing Sound” and in addition to the public concerts for which it is known, there will be master classes for composers and a visual arts component. The featured guest composers this year are Augusta Read Thomas, Victoria Bond, Daniel Strong Godfrey, Elliott Schwartz, Vineet Shende , Peter McLaughlin and Delvyn Case. Music by Elliott Schwartz in a concert on July 12 (see full program here) will feature photographs/powerpoint video of artwork by Maine artist Deedee Schwartz.

artwork by Deedee (Dorothy) Schwartz
The featured string quartets are Thomas: Helix Spiral, Bond: Dreams of Flying, and Godfrey: Intermedio, which are all receiving their Maine premieres, and the world/US premiere of String Quartet No. 3: "For Deedee" one of the last works composed by Elliott Schwartz, प्काश आिण सावली (prakash ani saoli) by Shende  and  Not Sad Songs by McLaughlin.

Cassatt String Quartet will be performing these glorious works at the New Era Gallery on Vinalhaven, Waterfall Arts in Belfast and Portland's Space Gallery. In addition, there are four composer fellows whose music will be featured in a concert at the Vinalhaven school. 

          Nicholas Rodriguez: A Q&A with the Sound of Music’s Captain von Trapp   

Nicholas Rodriguez on nontraditional casting, becoming an LGBTQ role model, and the joy of Sondheim

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          GMAT Critical Reasoning (CR) | Re: RATT RACE: Music Archivist: Accomplished musicians typically leave beh   
E is wrong because of "sometimes"
A and B are out of scope.
I picked D, but C is the winner because of "revised"
D sounds like a strengthener.

          GMAT Critical Reasoning (CR) | Re: Scientist: In testing whether a baby's babbling   
From my understanding of the argument,

Experimental setup : Researchers videotaped the mouths of babies as they babbled(in order to determine,
if the babbling was just random sounds/a linguistic task)
Interpretation 1 : Discovery that babies babbled with the sides of their mouths opened wider than the left.
Interpretation 2 : Non linguistic vocalizations people generally open the left side of the mouth wider.

Since the babies babbled with the right sides opened wider,
the scientist concludes

          Old brains can’t hear similar sounds but a drug can change that   
As we age, telling tones apart gets harder – which makes learning languages difficult. A drug that restores hearing in old mice may one day improve human hearing
          Boruto : Naruto Next Generations Original Soundtrack 1   

Información Título: Boruto : Naruto Next Generations Original Soundtrack 1 Artista: Ray Compuesto por: Yasuharu Takanashi, yaiba (Kenji Fujisawa, Shuji Katayama) Fecha de salida: 28/06/2017 Tamaño: 181 Megabytes Calidad: 320 kbps Lista de Canciones 01. Become the Wind 02. New Wind 03. Peace 04. Ninja School 05. Unprecedented 06. As the Wind Blows 07. Conflict […]

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          Sam Elliott On Career Longevity, Playing Tough And His Iconic Role In 'Lebowski'   
Copyright 2017 Fresh Air. To see more, visit Fresh Air . DAVE DAVIES, HOST: This is FRESH AIR. Sam Elliott has been acting in movies and television for nearly 50 years. You may have seen him in any number of Westerns such as "Tombstone" or playing a bouncer in "Road House" or in some memorable appearances like in the Coen brothers' film "The Big Lebowski." If you don't know Elliott's name, you might recognize his distinctive voice featured in a lot of commercials. (SOUNDBITE OF FILM, "THE HERO") SAM ELLIOTT: (As Lee Hayden) Lone Star barbecue sauce - the perfect partner for your chicken. Lone Star barbecue sauce - the perfect partner for your chicken - got it? UNIDENTIFIED MAN: (As character) Can you do one more? ELLIOTT: (As Lee Hayden) Do you want something different? DAVIES: Elliott's done plenty of voiceover work, but that's a clip from his new film, "The Hero," in which he plays an aging actor whose career is stalled. Elliott's career, by contrast, is surging. He got critical
          Will Sub-Saharan Africa’s population hit 10 billion? 15 billion?   
Over at, a demographer points out that all my scary graphs lately have been based on the U.N. Population Division’s optimistic-sounding “medium fertility variant” in which total fertility rates magically converge toward 1.85 babies per woman by the end of the century. But what if Africans just go on doing what comes natural? The correspondent […]
          Wet Sounds: New Atlantis is ushering in the new wave of new age   

Starting life as an “ambient social” in South London, Deadboy and India Jordan’s New Atlantis is now a fully-fledged record label, with its first release highlighting a diverse roster of artists experimenting with oft-maligned new age tropes. John Twells talks to the duo about the genesis of New Atlantis, and what we can expect in […]

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          7 must-hear mixes from June 2017: VHS-warped dreams, blasted techno and Japanese delights   

It’s almost impossible to keep on top of everything that SoundCloud, Mixcloud and online radio has to offer. In our new monthly column, FACT guides you through the must-hear mixes of the last 30 days, whether you want want a club session to warm you up for the weekend, ambient soothers or a set of vinyl-only obscurities. Looking back, male DJs had […]

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          Game Audio Instructor Contract - Vancouver Film School - Vancouver, BC   
HDR and VR principles and technology preferred. The Vancouver Film School (VFS) Sound Design for Visual Media program is hiring for the position of part-time...
From Vancouver Film School - Tue, 30 May 2017 03:44:23 GMT - View all Vancouver, BC jobs
          Radio Nine playlist and MP3 for Thursday, June 29, 2017 (no replies)   


Pete Shelley - Homosapien
New Order - Fine Time
Tony Walsh - This is the Place


Kraftwerk - Tour de France
Book of Love - Boy
B Movie - Nowhere Girl
Simple Minds - Promised you a miracle
Snowy Red - Madman


Killing Joke - Madness
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Another Side
Lou Reed - Warrior King


Dole - A Day
The Sound - Longest Days
Pale Saints - Throwing back the apple
Shop Assistants - I don't wanna be friends with you
The Smiths - Ask
Echo and the Bunnymen - Read it in books
Wild Swans - Whirlpool Heart
The Chameleons - Mad Jack
Breathless - Always
This Mortal Coil - Meniscus


Cosmic Replicant - Wake Up
Cosmic Replicant - I Robot
Cosmic Replicant - Lost Signal
Cosmic Replicant - Endless Reflections
          Art Wave   
itunes pic
Atualmente, o Indie pode ser qualquer coisa - Acústico, Emocore, Eletrônica (visa Cansei de Ser Sexy, Bravery...) e até PUNK ROCK Se você acha q a TV da MUSICA (me recuso a falar em ingles) só tem programas bons após 11:00 (tirando o jornal que tem aquela garota sardenta e loira) você ja ouviu essas bandas . Art Brut é uma banda cujo o vocalista Eddie Argos(um ex-gotico) é uma figura, o bichinha não canta,só fala, como se estivesse te contando uma história.Outro fator é que ele faz a incrível mistura do sincero, (como “I can’t the sound of Velvet Underground” na faixa 6 “Bang Bang Rock & Roll, eu concordei, isso pode parecer coisa de fã obeso de banda de rock, mas acho que Art Brut mudou um pouco meu rumo, antes eu era um sebinho viciado em Strokes e em tudo que os Strokes gostam) e do irônico (como em “We gonna be the band who save the world” ou “this is not my voice, this is not ROCK & ROLL” na faixa 1 “Formed a Band). Há também assuntos idiotas (My Little Brother) e assuntos sérios (  ) como saudade da antiga namorada(Emily Kane) e que da revolta do povo (18,000 Lira). O CD é ROCK & ROLL ou PUNK 77 tanto faz(há faixas acústicas como em “Moving To LA”). Ecos Falsos é um caso a parte, não tem a mesma ironia de Eddie Argos mas a sinceridade também é vista nessa banda em certas musicas(como na faixa “A Ultima Palavra em Fashion”) mas o que se realmente chama atenção nessa banda é o jeito engraçado que eles se revoltam (“Speedy Porco”, “Pensar é Um Saco e “Findo Milênio”) não sei se já fizeram isso mas se fico triste  não vou poder falar que Ecos Falsos é original. (OBS: Os caras dos Ecos Falsos me conhecem via Orkut, eu sou o pentelho amigo da comunidade deles) musica: Bang Bang Rock & Roll - Art Brut (fico devendo uma do Ecos!)
          RE: Monitor Help/Suggestions   
Sounds like it had a 9-pin CGA port for the video that would also support a monochrome monitor: Tandy 1000 monitors Tandy offered 2 color monitors specific for its Tandy 1000 computers. The budget model was the Tandy CM-5, which had a large dot pitch of 0.64 millimeters. The premium model was the Tandy CM-11 with a dot pitch of 0.42 mm. Both were 13 inch displays and had a power cable and a 9 pin RGB cable to attach to the Tandy CGA port. Both supported Tandy 320 by 200 16 color graphics. The more expensive CM-11 also supported the higher resolution 640 by 200 and a special proprietary Tandy enhanced 225 scan line for text display for clearer text. Normal CGA has only 200 scan lines. The CM-11 came in both black and white bezel. Non-Tandy monitors that support CGA should work. Tandy also offered monochrome monitors that support MDA and Hercules standard that also work with Tandy 1000. ==================================================================== An old TV is not likely to support this, unless you get a CGA to composite adapter somewhere. Your best bet is ebay or posting on Craig's list and get someone's attention before they recycle their old monitor. Computer surplus stores or a computer recycler may be able to provide one as well.
          Hawkeye: Worst Fight Club Ever   

Project Mayhem: Venice Chapter

Come one, come all to the thing we can’t talk about…ah screw it, fight club! That’s right, on August 2, return to a blood and sweat soaked Venice basement reminiscent of the Hotel California to work out your frustrations, and then maybe never leave. Hosting, as always, is creator Kelly Thompson and her partner in creation, Leonardo Romero.

Location: We plead the fifth.

Time: When the need for violence arises.


  1. Do not talk about fight club.

*We understand that by making this you probably think we broke this rule, however, see rule 3.

  1. No rules! We don’t play fair.

*This is fight club, not whine about someone blinding you with dirt club.

  1. We do what we want.

*We, the people running the club, do what we want. You, do whatever we say. It’s the golden rule: He who runs the fight club makes the rules.

A word from our Sponsor:

Introducing our newest gladiator: Kate Bishop! That’s right, super hero Hawkeye has joined our ranks and will be fighting her way through not only our seasoned champions, but also some heavy daddy issues. Poor thing got caught up tracking down someone else’s father in her latest case, but it’s her own she’s really after.

“We’re finding Kate in a much more emotional state than we’re used to finding her,” says Thompson. “She really grew up with her father mostly believing there were some aberrations there but she thought he was a really good man in general. So peeling back those layers and finding out that’s not really true not only calls into question things about him, but it makes her question things about herself.”

Looks like daddy Hawkeye may just end up on his daughter’s super villain hit list…talk about your family drama. Good thing she has come to us in her time of need. It’s time to punch the pain away, Kate.

“Kate is a very good fighter so even if she doesn’t look like the guys who are down there in these cages, she’s going to do well in a one on one fight. She’s incredibly smart, she’s well trained, and she’s a super hero,” warns Thompson. But let’s not forget that, that means she must stick too a code, she can’t just hurt people willy-nilly. Sounds like prime time for you newbies to make your mark, so come on down!



            Deadpooled: Kate is going to wipe the floor with you.

Clint4life: Whatever, she’s not even the real Hawkeye.

Cagedfighter16: Is anybody reading this?! COME AND RESCUE ME!!! They’re keeping me in a cage and I don’t want to be here!!!

TheRealKateBishop: Okay I was playing along with this at first but now it’s on. I’m not the sad seal at the zoo, for one thing I can’t balance a ball on my nose…I’m busting everyone out, finding Molly’s dad and taking you creeps down!

Deadpooled: Oh snap!

Be sure to grab seats for Kate’s fight club debut and find out if she solves her case or gets lost in a whirlwind of fists and emotions in HAWKEYE #9 out August 2, written by Kelly Thompson with art by Leonardo Romero.

          Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Fall 2017 Toys   

Gear up for other-worldly adventures with a thundering cast of super heroes and super villains as ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ hits theaters in November 2017! Fans can recreate their favorite movie moments with Hasbro’s new line of Thor and Hulk electronic figures and innovative role play.

New ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ products for Fall 2017 include:

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Thor Rumble Strike Hammer — Wield Thor’s hammer and channel the powers of the Asgardian god of thunder! With each swing, kids can feel and hear the hammer rumble and shake to better act out their favorite Thor moments. The hammer has foam edges and lightning deco.

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Hulk-Out Mask — Kids can easily pretend to transform into the mighty Hulk with this chin-activated mask! The mask has movable eyebrows and mouth so kids can change Hulk’s expressions. The wider kids open their mouth, the angrier Hulkappears!

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Hulk Smash FX Fists — Hulk Smash! Battle like the Hulk with a pair of Smash FX Fists armed with gladiator deco. The right fist includes accelerometer technology that can detect different movements and responds with sound effects. Kids can move the right fist up and down for certain action sound effects or repeatedly smash a surface to increase the sound of Hulk’s roar. Requires 2 AA batteries, included.

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Thor Electronic Figure — Kids can imagine Thor summoning lightning with this 12-inch electronic figure that has 5 points of articulation and movie styling! With the push of a button, Thor says signature phrases and there are action sound effects. Includes 1 hammer. Requires 3 AA batteries, included.

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Hulk Gladiator Interactive Figure — Smash into action with this 13-inch electronic Hulk figure! With the push of a button, kids can hear Hulk’s signature phrases and sound effects. This electronic Hulk figure recognizes and interacts with the electronic Thor figure (sold separately). Includes movie-inspired gladiator deco and battle accessory. Requires 3 AA batteries, included.

All are available at most major retailers and on

          Hip-hop duo Johnny Jr. and DJ SCrib to hold listening party at PURE Theatre   

Hip-hop team Johnny Jr and DJ SCrib will unveil their latest project #JahSCrib during an intimate listening party set for Sun. more…

          Local musician Tyler Boone makes his reality TV debut, drops new single   

After spending a few years in Nashville, and turning down a bro-country record deal to pursue his own sound, Tyler Boone has decided to call Charleston home again. And he’s brought back more than his new rock single, "Short Skirt, Bare Knees." more…

          Mega-Ride Tickets for Steele County Fair in Owatonna go on Sale July 15   
It sounds like a challenge. Ride all the rides, as often as you like, as long as can handle, for as many days as you can attend the Steele County Free Fair in Owatonna. Continue reading…
          What To Do About Obamacare   
Republican voters mostly aren't against it for reasons other than the fact that it was championed by the black Muslim guy from Kenya. They don't like the as-yet-unenforced mandate, and they don't like it for all of the reasons that few people actually like our health care system - at best it's needlessly a pain in the ass, at worst, well, you know the worst. A lot of them are pissed off because they think the blahs got the secret welfare ACA (Medicaid) while they got Obamacare (the exchanges), even though a big reason (not the only one!) a lot of them didn't get Medicaid was they yelled and screamed for their states to "reject Obamacare" and, thanks to Roberts, what they could reject was the Medicaid expansion.

Hospitals hate the idea of repeal. Insurance companies mostly don't like it. For people with employer insurance, people who got Medicaid, and people who can kinda sorta afford the individual plans, it's mostly better (and since the mandate isn't even enforced, it's basically better for anyone who chooses to buy it).

Ultimately any "Republican healthcare plan" is basically Obamacare, but shittier. Even my glibertarian college facebook friend who HATES OBAMACARE earnestly described what the health care system should be, and it really was Obamacare without the mandate, to the letter.

The sociopaths in Congress wants to take away Medicaid, make it less affordable and with fewer benefits (at worst, completely fake insurance, at best something slightly better than that). Remove revenue from insurance companies and hospitals, including forcing them to eat more emergency room bills. Oh, and people don't get needed care and go bankrupt and die.

The leading liberal think tank has decided to make another stab at bipartisan fixes to Obamacare because I guess whatever was in the water that made Obama think elected Republicans were interested in such a thing is still in the water in DC. I'm not sure why "here's a really complicated plan that people won't like much more than the status quo and has no chance of passing" is better than "here's a really simply-sounding (nothing is simple, of course, but the bureaucracies should handle the bureaucracy, not us) idea that would be popular and better and universal and has no chance of passing right now" but centrists gotta centrist I guess.

          25K Race Sounds Like a Breeze, Except for all the Running   
A year ago I had never heard of a 25K trail run. After Saturday I may wonder why anyone would do such a thing. Continue reading…
          Re: Dead & Co. Bottle Sounds of Summer for Massive Crowd at Blossom   
what? no mention of the 10000+ people that missed the entire first fucking set due to the incompetence of the blossom staff?
Posted by Andy Hopkins
          RE[3]: ARX and other thoughts   
Modded down, eh? Sounds like the Ballmy army (pun intended) are out in force again.
          Comment on The Lyons Orphanage – Charlie King by Andrea Stephenson   
Sounds like an intriguing story - it's great when a book surprises you that much.
          Comment on Word To Your Mother (tongue) by Bumba   
Yes, you can blame the Sumerians for all this writing nonsense! The study of word origins and linguistics is a fascinating way to approach history. Migrations, trade, and the exchange of crummy jokes are all documented. Sounds like a good book.
          The Lurking Fear : : Launch First Single, "Vortex Spawn", From Upcoming Release, "Out Of The Voiceless Grave", out August 11, 2017    
As Swedish death metallists' THE LURKING FEAR prepare for the release of their debut album, "Out Of The Voiceless Grave", on August 11, 2017 via Century Media Records worldwide, the band is excited to share with fans the first single, "Vortex Spawn". Vocalist Tomas Lindberg gave insight on the song's meaning by stating, "To us, this track sums up all the raging, interstellar evil that we tried to convey with this album. We want the riffs to slither out of your speakers like torrents of tentacles, crowned in festering doom. The vocals pulsating with aeons of filth and death. Spewing out of its cosmic, voiceless grave: the "Vortex Spawn". Timeless Death" Take a listen to "Vortex Spawn":
"Out Of The Voiceless Grave" Track Listing 1. Out Of The Voiceless Grave 2. Vortex Spawn (LISTEN) 3. The Starving Gods Of Old 4. The Infernal Dread 5. With Death Engraved In Their Bones 6. Upon Black Winds 7. Teeth Of The Dark Plains 8. The Cold Jaws Of Death 9. Tongued With Foul Flames 10. Winged Death 11. Tentacles Of Blackened Horror 12. Beneath Menacing Sands "Out Of The Voiceless Grave" was recorded at Welfare Sounds (Bombus, RAM, Bombs Of Hades, etc.) in Gothenburg, Sweden. The album is available for pre-order now:
          Re:Sound v. Canadian Association of Broadcasters, 2017 FCA 138 (CanLII)   
equitable remuneration — one-to-one ratio — sound recordings — webcasting — tariff
শহুরে চৌহদ্দিতে উত্‍সবমুখর দিনগুলিতে আপন হৃদয়ের অফুরান আনন্দ ব্যক্ত করার জন্যই যেন তারস্বরে মাইক বাজানো৷ যেন এহেন আনন্দপ্রকাশ বিনা উত্‍সব বৃথা৷শহুরে চৌহদ্দিতে উত্‍সবমুখর দিনগুলিতে আপন হৃদয়ের অফুরান আনন্দ ব্যক্ত করার জন্যই যেন তারস্বরে মাইক বাজানো৷ যেন এহেন আনন্দপ্রকাশ বিনা উত্‍সব বৃথা৷
          Comentario en Darwin Desbocatti | Columna de actualidad | 21-06-2017 por Oski   
¿Qué pasó con el Soundcloud? Ya sé, después de tanto tiempo sin 'verlos' por acá, y la rapidez con la que suben las 'colunnas' no debería quejarme, pero estoy casi al día con mis impuestos, me siento defraudado...
          Comentario en Darwin Desbocatti | Columna de actualidad | 20-06-2017 por Sebastian   
Buenas amigos, se cancelo la cuenta de SoundCloud? Gracias!
          Soundtrack to the Middle Ages   
Knights, peasants, crusades, chants, and saints—this week on Harmonia, we’ll explore aspects of medieval European history.

          Seismic Blasting Would Deafen Marine Mammals   

Seismic Blasting Would Deafen Marine Mammals

The endangered North Atlantic right whale is just one of the marine animals that seismic testing off the East Coast would harm.

The endangered North Atlantic right whale is just one of the marine animals that seismic testing off the East Coast would harm.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Imagine an underwater blast so loud that it can be heard by marine mammals that are 2,500 miles away. That’s the level of noise generated when companies fire airguns to blast the ocean floor with sound in order to find oil and gas deposits.

Such seismic testing could begin soon off the U.S. East Coast after Trump ordered federal agencies to reconsider the Obama administration’s five-year ban on offshore drilling in the Atlantic. On June 6, the National Marine Fisheries Service proposed five authorizations for companies on the hunt for oil and gas. These companies want to conduct seismic surveys of the Atlantic seabed.

The noise would have serious impacts on marine mammals like whales and dolphins, which rely heavily on sound to communicate, navigate and find prey. Flooding the ocean with noise from seismic surveys could inflict permanent hearing damage on these creatures, leaving them deaf and stranded. At the very least, seismic blasts would disrupt the animals’ behavior hundreds of thousands of times and could drive them away from vital habitats.

By granting these five proposed authorizations, the National Marine Fisheries Service would allow marine mammals to become casualties of oil and gas exploration. But it’s not too late—the service is taking public comments on these proposed authorizations until July 6. Below, you can tell the service to deny these dangerous permits, and protect whales and dolphins from seismic airgun blasting.

Take Action! Send your comment to the National Marine Fisheries Service today, and tell the agency that marine mammals deserve a fighting chance.

The following numbers demonstrate how devastating these seismic surveys would be:

240 decibels

Approximate volume of seismic airgun blasting underwater. For a little perspective, one of the loudest animals, the blue whale, makes calls louder than 180 decibels. When you go up by 10 decibels, it means a sound gets 10 times more intense. So a seismic airgun blast is 1 million times more intense than a blue whale call—powerful enough to deafen one of these massive creatures.

2,500 miles

How far seismic blasts can travel underwater—approximately the distance from New York City to Los Angeles. That means it’s possible for a whale near Florida to hear seismic surveys operating off the coast of South Carolina.

200,000 square miles

Area of the Atlantic Ocean that the proposed seismic airgun surveys would blast. The airguns discharge resounding booms at 12 to 16 second intervals, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for months on end.


Approximate number of times in one year that whales and dolphins will be harassed by seismic blasting, according to permits drafted by the National Marine Fisheries Service. The service estimates that nearly 2,000 of the exposures will be loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss, which would severely impede the marine mammals’ ability to communicate and find food.


Species of marine mammals that the National Marine Fisheries Service would allow companies to harm, if the agency’s proposed authorizations are finalized. Six of these species are endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act, including the North Atlantic Right Whale—a critically endangered species with a population of less than 500.

          The Definitive Guide to Data-Driven Marketing   

The Definitive Guide to Data-Driven Marketing written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Corporate success is often hampered by conflicting goals—marketing wants more leads while sales want better leads. Sound familiar? It’s an age-old battle many companies struggle to remedy. Fortunately, the key to satisfying both teams’ goals is simpler than you think—its data! Consider the following: 78% of organizations say data-driven marketing increases lead conversion and customer […]

          Comment on 10 Best Audio Editing Software by Mikeson   
Can anybody help me out? I can't make sound track from audacity? Give me some hint Guys?
          Buy the Moto Z2 Play from Best Buy and get $50-off and a free JBL SoundBoost 2 Mod   
Best Buy is offering a fantastic deal on the higher-end Moto Z2 Play (64GB storage/4GB RAM). They're giving you $50 off the price and a free JBL SoundBoost 2 Moto Mod, which is a crazy good value.
          Lifting for the Love of It!   

Over the last couple of years I have taken a number of layoffs, for a variety of different reasons. Many times I wonder why I lift at all. The prevailing belief is that lifting must be one's top priority if one is to be the best at it. That may be true and that is one of the biggest problems I have had. Lifting is not my top priority, it is more like fourth after God, family, and work. Actually work is only ahead of lifting because I need it to support my family, otherwise it would be further down the list. So given the fact that lifting is not everything to me, why do I do it?

I guess what makes this a complicating situation is that I love lifting. I love competing against myself and others in everything. That's why I have done so many different kinds of competitions. I have done 3 strongman contests, 2 highland games, and numerous powerlifting contests.

A perfect illustration of this competitive nature of mine was the exhibition that Bill Kazmaier put on in Spokane, Washington in July 2001. I hadn't been lifting for a couple of months and didn't plan on doing it anytime soon. But I heard about Kazmaier doing a show in the park and I thought it would be cool to watch him. When I got there, I met him and he invited me to do some dumbbell presses with him. When my turn came, I pressed the 100's 14 times overhead. I had done more than that in the past, and so instead of being thrilled about lifting with Kazmaier, I was mad at myself for not preparing better (even though I had not planned on being there). I also felt that I could do much better and I was just chomping at the bit to try something else and redeem myself.

A little bit later Bill brought out an 11/16" steel bar and asked if anyone wanted to try to bend it. I jumped at it and did it without a problem. When Kazmaier brought out a ¾" bar and said that nobody had bent that size of bar before, I wanted to try it. Not because nobody had bent it before, or because so many people were watching, but because my adrenalin was pumping and I felt like I could do anything at that moment. I didn't care if I failed. I would have tried it alone in my garage. That is what I am talking about. It wasn't about winning an award or having a place in history. It was about being the best on that day and conquering the challenge before me. By the way, I did bend the bar.

I am 6'3" and my weight varies between 295 and 335, so it's not surprising that I might do well at the activities listed above. Now get this. I like to play basketball and I like to play it well. I don't post up or play underneath the basket like everyone expects me to. I won't accept the idea that someone my size is slow and can't jump. I like to drive to the hoop, taking people off the dribble. I like to shoot 3-pointers and pass the ball. Just like everything else, I want to excel all the time. When I play basketball I get frustrated with myself for allowing myself to get so heavy and out of shape. You see, playing basketball and lifting in the Super heavyweight class do not go hand in hand. Why don't I give up one and work on the other? Because I love them both!

So to clarify myself to anyone who hasn't yet figured out what I am talking about, I want to know why I can't have it all. I don't want to be limited by other people. Maybe I can't be the strongest man in the world without becoming obsessed with that goal. But since when is obsession a good thing? Last year I took 10 weeks and worked out with a well-known lifter. I wanted to see how the best train, and what sets them apart from the rest of us. We lifted 3 days a week for 2+ hours per workout. This lifter was in constant pain and talked of the day when he could retire from competitive lifting. Needless to say, I was surprised. I did get stronger in those 10 weeks than I had ever been, but I quit after that. It wasn't that the workouts were too hard for me. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed them and the opportunity they provided me to compete against a top lifter. What I didn't like was missing time with my family. At first I was excited and thought about lifting all the time and what great heights I would reach. After a while I was tired of focusing on only one thing at the expense of everything else. I am not writing this to point fingers at those whose priorities are different than mine, but rather to encourage those lifters who feel like I do. I know now that I do not want success in powerlifting at the expense of everything else, but I am not going to quit. I am going to lift the way that I want to lift. The way that will make me happy. I want to use the act of lifting weights to benefit me rather than becoming a slave to that act.

How many times have lifters been told that if you don't do something, you won't succeed? If you don't use steroids, or buy this equipment, you won't be the best. If you don't do a certain exercise you will not be a truly strong person. If you don't train like a madman you'll never make it. Well, I know one thing for sure. I am going to do it my way from now on. I will weigh whatever I feel like weighing no matter how it affects my strength. I will not give up family activities or other important things in my life so I can win a contest or make it on the top 100 list.

Don't get me wrong. I want to be strong and I love to win. But true happiness comes from a well-rounded life. Family, friends, success in all areas instead of one. This may not sound appealing to everyone, but to those who feel like I do, don't let others limit the way you do things. You don't have to sacrifice everything to lift. It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

I hope that this benefits somebody, but either way, I know I will be happier lifting this way than I was before.

By Aaron Anderton

          Get Rid of Cellulite, Once and For All!   

Get Fit At Home With Ailsa : Get Rid of Cellulite

Had it up to here with Cellulite? Want to get rid of it forever, and make your body all lovely and sleek? Yeah, me too, so I when one of my old 'Gym Boys' showed me this Exercise years ago, I started doing it al the time, and changed it up a bit to make it work more effectively for me. This is a great Exercise for Women, but I know for a fact that 'manly men' do it, too! ha,ha! (Oh, and in case you are thinking something 'innaccurate' about the 'Gym Boy' thing, that's just what I used to call all the guys at the gym where I used to work out a lot -- it's a term of endearment, but in no way a reference to anyone I went out with -- I either call those guys "that crazy old jerk" or "one of my great old friends"...usually one or the other -- sometimes both! ha,ha!)

Get rid of Cellulite once and for all with this very easy and incredibly inexpensive Exercise. It takes about 20 minutes, or so, depending on how many Reps you do (repetitions -- 'Reps' in Weight Lifting Language...). Pop into to see pictures of me doing these 'Anti-Cellulite' Exercises!

Here's what you need -- something you can lay down on that will allow you to have good Leg Extension when you are laying on your Stomach. I used to use my Giant Exercise Ball, then it dawned on me that I could easily use the fancy wee Bench at the end of my Bed as an Exercise Bench. Softer and nicer, and not nearly as expensive and hard to find. I've seen these wee Benches for under $50.00 at WalMart -- one of my favorite Stores! You can pick up a Set of Free Weights while you're there, too.

I use a 10 Pound Weight to Start, but if this is brand new for you, start with a 5 Pound Weight. As you get used to the Weight, you can increase it up to about 35 Pounds. You probably don't want to go much higher than that...

Oh, and you will notice when you are doing these Exercises that your legs will seem Longer and Leaner, too. That's because these Exercises can straighten out any 'Bow Legs' that you might have, and you will build some nice Lean Muscle in your Legs. Sounds good, huh??

Step One: Pull the Bench into the Middle of the room, so you have lots of space. Put on some great Music -- I love The Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani and 'Drop it Like It's Hot' by Snoop Dogg, but put on whatever makes you want to move...

Step Two: Set the Weight on it's End, so you can grasp it between your feet. If you are lucky enough to have someone help you with this, have them 'Place the Weight' in the Arch bit of your feet. Then tell them to get their hands off yer legs, you're trying to exercise ovah' here...! ha,ha! It's pretty easy to maneuver the Weight if it's 10 Pounds or less, but you really do need someone to help you when the Weight is over 25 pounds.

Step Three: You should be nice and comfortable laying on your stomach, by now, and up on your elbows. I'm only looking up for the picture, but normally you just look down or at your Dog (or other cute Pet), if they have found you while you're exercising! If you click to Enlarge the lower picture on the Right -- you'll see Tia coming over for a wee cuddle while I'm exercising!

Step Four: Slowly Raise and Lower the Weight, using a Full Extension. Let your feet go toward your Behind, then right back down almost to the floor. It's a good stretch, and great for developing nice Lean Muscles. I would Start with 3 Sets of 10 Repetitions. When you are finding that too easy, increase it to 3 Sets of 20 Reps. I like to do 2 Sets of 50 Reps, but that's because I've been doing these Exercises for a long time.

To add extra weight, I wear the 'wrap around' Ankle Weights to make the Weight a little Heavier. As you increase the amount of Weight you use, you might want to wrap your Ankles with an extra Sock -- men's socks work well because they are bigger and will tuck in around your ankle.

I'm wearing Running Shoes in the pictures on my Site, but generally I like to just wear Socks -- I find it easier to feel the weight between my feet. When you are using Weights that are 25 pounds or more, though, you have to wear Running Shoes or you could get hurt.

Oh, and very slowly lower the Weight to the floor when you are done, so you don't drop the Weight on the floor. That won't work out well! You can set it down on it's End, then it will lightly go on the floor from there. You might want to put a Towel under the weight if you are afraid of anything happening to the floor!

In between Sets, pick up a couple of 3 or 5 Pound Weights, and do a 'Butterfly Move' to work on your Arms in the same work-out. Put the Weights in front of your waist, raise them up in a big sweeping motion over your head, then slowly back down. Just do 10 reps in between each Set of the Anti-Cellulite Exercises, and you'll be in great shape in no time at all!

See ya', stooopid cellulite! Be gone, and don't be back!!

By Ailsa Forshaw

          How to Lose the Most Fat and Build the Most Muscle in 30 Days   

A lot can happen in 30 days.

The dream of everyone who trains is to lose maximum fat and build maximum muscle in the shortest period of time possible. While it is definitely possible to both lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, in my experience, the best results come from concentrating on one major goal at a time.

Let me put it this way: to lose fat, you need a caloric deficit. To build muscle, you need a caloric surplus. If you try to do both at the same time, you may just remain exactly where you are!

So the question before us is - how do we maximize both fat loss and muscle gain, two very much opposing goals, in only 30 days?

It's simple, we focus on both goals in the same program but not at the exact same time!

By alternating rapidly back and forth between reduced-calorie fat loss training and higher-calorie mass-oriented training, you can not only accomplish both goals at the same time, you can actually use the two opposing goals to feed on each other and send your results through the roof!

To illustrate my point, remember how quickly you gain weight when coming off a strict diet? Remember how quickly you lose weight when you start to diet and you haven't been careful about what you've been eating? That's your body rapidly adapting to a stress. One of the most powerful features of this switching back and forth is in the change itself - your body changes far quicker when you give it a powerful reason.

What is the result of this switching back and forth? Extremely rapid fat loss and extremely rapid muscle gain.

To maximize the effects of this switching, you must tailor your training, diet and supplementation towards your specific goal during that particular time. Proper manipulation of these factors will greatly enhance the body's hormonal response to this program, which is the real key to maximizing your results.

For five days, we will target everything about your training and nutrition towards fat loss.

You will reduce your caloric intake below maintenance levels to promote fat burning.

You will reduce the rest periods between sets in your weight training to increase the intensity of the workload and boost the metabolism.

You will increase your training volume, performing more sets for each bodypart.

You will not push your body to muscular failure , pushing to failure can be too stressful to the muscles when on a reduced-calorie diet. Stop one rep short of this point.

You will include cardio training, preferably High Intensity Interval Training for best results, to burn calories and further boost your metabolism.

You will NOT take creatine during this time (I'll explain why below).

It is best to follow a low-carb diet during this time for maximum effectiveness. Eating this way will be especially powerful when you switch to the next phase of the program.

After five days, your metabolism will be just starting to get used to the training and nutritional program you're following. Now we'll throw it a curveball and change everything!

For the next five days, you will be focusing your training, nutrition and supplementation completely on muscle building.

You will increase your caloric and protein intake to promote gains in muscle mass.

You will increase your rest periods in between sets to allow for more recovery and increased strength in your sets.

You will decrease your training volume, doing fewer sets but with greater intensity. This is the time to really push your muscles to the edge! You're feeding them now, so don't be shy about training them hard.

You will eliminate all cardio training in order to maximize muscle gain. Cardio training can burn calories that should be used for the muscle building process.

You will load creatine for the first three days of the muscle-gain phase. This will take advantage of and greatly enhance the flood of water and nutrients into the muscles.

You will NOT follow a low-carb diet during this time. We want lots of carbs to provide energy and promote insulin release (the body's primary storage hormone). This insulin release will help shuttle protein and other nutrients into the muscles to help with building.

The body's hormonal response to this huge change in training, nutrition and supplementation is tremendous. Sensing a feast after a famine, it will greedily take in all the nutrients it can and store them in the form of glycogen (for carbs), muscle mass (for protein) and fat (to some extent). Since you will only be doing this phase for 5 days, however, fat gains will be minimal so don't be shy to eat!

It is important to note that you should eat a lot but you should eat clean , loading up on junk food will not give you the best results. You've got to provide your body with quality materials to rebuild with or you may not gain as much muscle and you may add too much fat.

After five days of this training, your metabolism will be cranking along, happily building muscle. Now we'll pull the rug out and go right back into fat-loss training for five days. Since your body is used to getting more food and your metabolism is still moving fast, switching to fat-loss training at this time will immediately result in your body burning far more fat than if you were using a conventional fat loss program.

In 30 days, you will complete three rounds of this rapid-adaptation training. As you will soon experience, this switching back and forth between a short, targeted fat loss program and a short, targeted muscle-building program can have a tremendous and rapid impact on bodyfat and muscle mass levels.

What does this mean for you? It means you can lose fat faster and gain muscle faster, taking FULL advantage of your body's natural reaction and rapid adaptation to massive change.

Think this program sounds good? You ain't seen nothing yet...

This particular program is just a taste of what you'll find in the full All-Star Trainers eBook from AtoZFitness. In addition to a detailed explanation of how to perform my program, including a day-by-day guide and set-by-set workouts to follow, you'll also get the rapid fat-loss and muscle-building secrets of 11 of the most knowledgeable and respected trainers in the world, including Tom Venuto, Pete Sisco, David Grisaffi, Jeremy Markum, Phil Campbell, Christopher V. Guerriero and many others!

The next 30 days are going to pass by whether you get this information or not. You could stick to your conventional programs and get slow (if any) results. How would you like to make these next 30 days the most productive of your entire training career?!

To learn more about what the All-Star Trainers eBook can do for you please visit

All the best,

By Nick Nilsson

          Four Powerful Tricks for Successful Lucid Dreaming   

By definition, Lucid Dreaming means "conscious awareness during the dream state." But how can this be? Every book I've ever read on dreaming has described the dream state as being an entry into the unconscious, so how can you possibly be conscious during dreaming, and be able to enter your dreams. It's an interesting theory, and I've discovered some very positive information that will help you in your Lucid dreaming attempts.

Can you be Conscious while Accessing the Subconscious?

According to Charles McPhee in his book "Stop Sleeping Through your Dreams," the answer to the question on consciousness during sleep is a resounding NO! "Our ability for consciousness-our ability to achieve reflectivity in our minds-is specifically denied us during dream sleep. Single-mindedness is a quality that defines dream experience." If you had the ability to reflect in a dream, you would recognize instantly that you were dreaming, and wake-up, and this is why it becomes difficult to judge and evaluate our dream experience.

An important event occurs with our muscle system with the onset of dream sleep. The main motor neurons of the body are inhibited, which prevents us from "physically" acting out dreams - you wouldn't want to actually leap out of bed and start flying around the house; this would create chaos everywhere at night and you would wake up exhausted. Unfortunately, after the motor neurons are shut down, so is the ability for consciousness during dream sleep.

100 Minutes a Night for Lucid Dreaming

When we first awaken from dream sleep, we will have a good chance of recalling our dreams, whereas if awakened from any other stage, we will not even remember dreaming. We enter various stages of sleep during 90-minute cycles all through the night (you can test this by checking the clock before you go to sleep at night, and again when you awaken during the middle of the night.) This means that if you sleep for six hours a night, you will have four "dream cycles" which you can access for information or fun (most people dream an average of 100 minutes a night). In the book "Directed Dreaming," you discover how to ask the proper questions of your dreams in order to receive problem solving information and direction for your life; now you can go one step further and discover how to step into random dreams to find out what clues they are trying to give you.

Trick # 1 - The First Step

The first step to becoming lucid during dreaming is to start trying to recall the previous nights dreams. This takes practice, but it can be accomplished. You will soon find out that if you work backward from the dream, it is easier to piece it together. This is easiest to do, of course, right after you wake up. If a dream is not written down, or recalled quickly, it will be lost forever. When you achieve the ability for lucid dreaming, you will find out that these dreams are recalled easier and do not vanish as quickly; that's where the fun in lucid dreaming comes from! What good is it if you are able to jump into your dreams and "play," then not remember anything about the experience. Remembering your lucid dreams can give you a calming feeling and something to smile about during the day. Soon, you will become aware of what you want to find out in your dreams, and you can tell yourself that the next time you have the dream where you are flying, you will remember that you are dreaming and want to participate in that adventure.

Trick #2 - The Best Time to Become Lucid

One important thing to remember about our dream cycles is that during the night, the time spent dreaming grows progressively longer with each cycle. This means that the longest stretch of dreamtime occurs just before awakening. This is the time you should concentrate on trying to become lucid. You should have tracked your dream cycles (as explained above), and determined approximately when you will reach the 4th cycle, then, when you awaken after the 3rd cycle, you can consciously tell yourself that next time you see or hear something, you will be dreaming, and you would like to be aware of this dream and enter into it.

Trick #3 - Not Sleeping!

It has been found that if you do not get enough sleep, and haven't had time to dream, your body will compensate by dreaming more! It is almost as if it's essential for us to have dream experiences. Therefore, if you are having a hard time becoming lucid in your dreams, you might want to try staying up later for a few nights, and then you will have more dream cycles as you try to "catch-up." When you have these extra dream cycles in the catch-up phase, it's a great opportunity to practice your lucid dreaming, as your cycles will be long, intense, and deep. It is more difficult to wake yourself out of sleep when the body is very tired, making this an excellent opportunity for lucidity!

Trick #4 - Associations

After you have become accustomed to writing down your dreams, it's time to pick out a few common things in the dream that will remind you that you are dreaming. For example, if you commonly dream that you are driving various kinds of sports cars, the thing to tell yourself when you are awake is that the next time you are driving a fancy car you will be dreaming. That way, you create the association in your mind to trigger the unconscious to recognize that as a dream, and help you participate. If you commonly dream of flying, that's also a good clue that you are dreaming, and if you consciously make a note of it, the next time you find yourself flying, you will wonder what you were supposed to remember about flying. If luck is on your side, this association will trigger your thinking that if you're flying, you must be dreaming, and with that instant thought, you will be able to start your adventure into that dream.

The first few times you attempt to do this, the awareness that you are dreaming may wake you up! This is because your consciousness has been activated, and in order to keep dreaming you need to stay in the subconscious. It takes practice to make the acceptance that you are dreaming into a passing thought, and just go with the flow. If you think about it too much, you will wake up (and, of course, will need to try it all over again). Again, according to McPhee, "Whatever you choose as a clue to identify your dreams, the association will carry over to your dreams. As you keep a dream journal and familiarize yourself with the content of your dreams, you can experiment with clues. Before long, the next time you take off in flight or are pursued by some familiar tormentor, there is an exceptionally good chance that you will have the associated thought, "Oh! I must be dreaming." And with this awareness, you will have successfully identified the dreamscape.

What do You Want to Find Out

After you have successfully entered your dreams, the next step is to find out what you want to accomplish by being there. Do you want to make your lucid dream into a fantasy where you physically fight off attackers, or do you want to be the fastest runner in the world and successfully outrun anything that comes after you, or would you rather have fantasies of a sexual nature? This fantasy type of lucid dreaming is fine, but what purpose does it serve? It does not help us resolve anything in real life; but it can be a good stress-reliever. A better way to work with lucid dreaming is to try to get some insight into why the conflict is occurring. If you were to stop those people who are chasing you in your dreams and talk to them, what would they say? Could they reveal to you why you are running and open up the opportunity to explore unconscious fears in real life? Since the unconscious is probably trying to tell you something, it would be best to find out what it is, so you can act on it when you wake up, and resolve these difficult situations. The more you practice, the closer you will get to resolving your issues -- and then you can go back to fantasy dreaming (my guess is that that's probably what you want to do anyway), but since you are taking your time to practice becoming lucid, you might as well make it work to your advantage every now and then.

Technology Can Help As technology advances, so does the opportunity to get help with your Lucidity. There are now high-tech devices that you can use to induce lucid dreams. Most of them can be found in New Age bookstores, or you can go to the library and find mail order catalogs that carry these devices. You can now find popular devices such as eyeshades that detect rapid eye movement and blink a red diode when you start to sleep. This red light is incorporated into the dream, and reminds the dreamer to clue in that he or she is dreaming. If you want to see more Hi-Tech devices, visit:

Lucid Dreaming - a Gift for Certain People?

It was once thought that lucid dreaming was a gift given only to certain people, much like true Psychics have; but this is not the case. Anyone can learn lucid dreaming; it just takes practice and time. According to Charles McPhee, you must spend the time to identify when your sleep cycles are, and when your dream cycles come. Then, as you become more aware of your sleep cycles, you can prepare mentally for those times. "When you awaken early in the morning, before you roll over and close your eyes for another cycle, be confident that your dreams are on their way. In the early morning hours, you stand on the brink of thirty to forty-minute blocks of nonstop dreamscape action. The trick, of course, is to recognize the dreamscape." (103).

By Evelyn Grazini

          Russia on the Long and Difficult Path to True Civilizational Identity   
By now you must have heard it – Putin is “persecuting the Jehovah's Witnesses” in Russia. Alas, this one is true. Well, this is maybe not nearly as terrible as the Ziomedia makes it sound, but still, a pretty bad and fundamentally misguided policy. Why did the Russian government take such a drastic decision? The...
          MUSIC PREMIERE: Sound Sultan Ft. Josh2 Funny – Jenifer   

New music from Naija Ninja music sensation Sound Sultan titled “Jenifer”. This very comic track features Instagram Comedian Josh2 Funny… Listen, Laugh and share your thoughts below DOWNLOAD NOW

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          Modern DJ equipment can be so complicated   

It might sound like a lot of bleeps and bloops, but being a DJ takes some serious skill.

          GBEDU: Sound Sultan Ft. Josh2Funny – Jenifer   
Living legend Sound Sultan comes through with a new socially conscious tune titled “Jenifer” featuring Instagram comedian Josh2Funny. Download Below & Enjoy!! DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE (mp3)
          Channel 9: subscribe to show feature!   

Channel 9 viewers and content creators have been asking for this feature for so long. You asked--we answered!

Now you can subscribe to your favorite shows on Channel 9. Now I know what you're thinking, "That sounds too good to be true. My favorite shows straight to my inbox?!" Believe it. POOF! You're welcome.

Let us know what you think in the comments below (and if you hate it, send us a letter via postal mail).

          Various – Inner Peace (Rare Spiritual Funk & Jazz Gems)   
Image: 1609761 WEWANTSOUNDS are back with a superb selection of Spiritual Jazz and Funk grooves from legendary Producer BOB SHAD’s Mainstream Records catalogue. Many sought-after tracks here have never been reissued and will delight all the crate diggers worldwide.

Bob Shad was one of the greatest music producers of the 20th century, having worked with all the music giants you can think of, from Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie to Sarah Vaughan, Lightnin' Hopkins, The Platters and Janis Joplin to name just a few. "Bobby Shad was a legend in our family" says his grandson Judd Apatow who, together with his sister Mia, still looks after Shad's back catalogue, Mainstream Records.
Like his peers, jazz producers Creed Taylor and Bob Thiele, Shad went independent in the 60s and by the early 70s, he was producing a string of superb albums mixing Spiritual Jazz with Funk and Soul. These albums are now being rediscovered by new generation of Soul and Jazz lovers hooked on the music of Kamasi Washington and Shabaka Hutchings.
Recorded between 1971 and 73,  the Fender-Rhodes-drenched tracks on INNER PEACE showcase Shad's unique Deep Jazz sound. They feature such revered musicians as Harold Land, Roy Haynes and Frank Foster, together with a younger generation of talented musicians led by Buddy Terry, Dave Hubbard and LaMont Johnson.
Here they are accompanied by the cream of 70s jazz session musicians including Bernard Purdie, Buster Williams, Eddie Henderson, Mtume, Stanley Clarke, and Cecil Bridgewater.
The Mainstream catalogue has been sampled by a long list of revered DJs and Hip Hop producers over the years. Roy Haynes’ ‘Senyah’ was sampled by De La Soul on ‘Pony Ride’ and Shelly Manne’s short outro, ‘Infinity’ forms the unmissable backbone of Jeru The Damaja’s all-time Hip Hop classic, ‘Come Clean’. A fitting tribute to the supreme sound of producer Bob Shad.
Wewantsounds will start a reissue program of original Mainstream albums with bonus material and rare photos from the vaults. Look out for more

"Bob Shad's Master Sound" Okayplayer
"A Legendary Producer" Mojo UK
"Visionary" Liberation FR

1 Harold Land - In The Back, In The Corner, In The Dark 1972
2 Roy Haynes - Senyah 1972
3 Charles Williams - Iron Jaws 1972
1 Buddy Terry - Inner Peace 1973
2 Hadley Caliman - Cigar Eddie 1971
1 Frank Foster - Requiem for a Dusty 1972
2 Pete Yellin - Mebakush 1972
1 Dave Hubbard - B.C. 1971
2 Sonny Red Love Song 1971
3 LaMont Johnson- Libra’s Longing 1972
4 Shelly Manne - Inifinity 1972 Available from 23.06.2017
          Alborosie – Freedom In Dub   
Image: 1610208 Mit einer fulminanten Dub-Version zum gefeierten Album von 2016 meldet sich Alberto D'Ascola aka Alborosie zurück. "Freedom In Dub" ist nach dem Kollabo-Album mit King Jammy "Dub Of Thrones" von 2015, "Dub The System" von 2013 und "Dub Clash" von 2010 bereits der vierter Longplayer bei dem das Multiitalent seiner Leidenschaft frönt und nachhaltig seine ausgewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten demonstriert, dass er eben nicht nur die Fähigkeit besitzt als Sänger & Deejay ein Top-Act zu sein und als Produzent und Toningenieur für erfolgreiche Musik und fetten Sound verantworlich zu sein, sondern als ein weiteres Alleinstellungsmerkmal viele der Instrumente selbst einspielt. Die zehn Dubs von "Freedom In Dub" wurden in Alborosies eigenem Studio, den Shengen Studios in Kingston Jamaika eingespielt. Dabei kamen diverse Schätze an Equipment und Instrumenten zum Einsatz, u.a. King Tubbys Bandmaschine, Gitarrenverstärker aus dem Studio One, das legendäre Vistalite Ludwig Schlagzeug oder das Mischpult das zuletzt im Tuff Gong Studio genutzt wurde, um nur einige Soundingredienzien zu nennen. Aus zehn der Top-Songs des Originalalbum, u.a. "Can't Cool", "Fly 420", "Rocky Road", "Poser", "Carry On", werden "Dub Can't Cool", "Dub 420", "Rocky Dub Road", "Dub Posers" "Carry On Dub" - aus "Strolling", der Komibination mit Gaststar Protoje und aktuelle Single / Video, wird "Strolling Into Dub" usw. Mit diesem Longplayer hat sich der 40-jährige Alborosie in dem Kreis der ganz großen Namen des Dub-Universum etabliert. Der "Freedom In Dub" Longplayer erscheint als CD-Digipak und als LP-Vinyl. Available from 11.08.2017
          2014 in review   
First, a list of posts I particularly want to remember from this year. If any of them sound interesting, feel free to check them out – I’d love to hear what you think. When you feel like you’re spending a lot of time on low-impact activities (Dec) – Embracing your constraints, laying the groundwork for […]
          SOUNDTRACKS – Le Ardenne, di Robin Pront   
Robin Pront opta esclusivamente per brani techno. Una musica veloce, sintetica, assordante dove non c'è spazio per la comunicazione. Con quattro composizioni originali firmate da Hendrik Willemyns
          Vehicle Detailer - Auto Body & Collision - Olean, NY   
Must be an active listener and exercise sound judgment. Cleans and vacuums the trunk. Vacuums floors and seats. Essential Duties and Responsibilities*....
From Indeed - Wed, 08 Mar 2017 20:32:27 GMT - View all Olean, NY jobs
          Revolutionary Weekend at Hubbardton Battlefield   
Hubbardton Battlefield will come alive with the sights and sounds of the American Revolution on July 8 and 9, 2017. This celebration marks the 240th anniversary of the July 7 battle, the most significant Revolutionary War battle fought on what would become Vermont soil.
          No fuss for your muff: Pre-applied Public Hair   

Announcing a new option for dolls customized with pubic hair, exclusively available at Real Love Sex Dolls: our experts in the factory will now apply the hair prior to shipment, so that everything is perfect and pristine. In the past, we’ve provided a patch of pubic hair, in various shapes, and allowed our customers to apply the patch themselves. This gave them the important decision about where the pubic hair goes, and how their doll looks. This sounds great, but as it turns out, was a bit too messy. So, we’ve altered our workflow to make this easier on you.

Pubic hair can add a bit more realism to your doll, making her that much more life-like and exciting. We still carry the patch variety of pubic hair, which you can attach to your doll when you like, and we carry them in many different styles. Please feel free to take a look at our selection of fine public hairs here.

If we’d told you this morning that you’d be reading this much about pubic hair, you’d probably think we were crazy. The more you know!

          Indian-Americans and Spelling Bees: Adding some nuance   
It's that time of the year again. The only night of the year when desi people dominate ESPN primetime in the United States. The Scripps National Spelling Bee. Yet again, the winner...or rather co-winners..came from the families of Indian immigrants.

This has been happening for over a decade now, and every year, the aftermath of the Bee in Indian media and Indian and Indian-origin social media follows a similar pattern. There are a few think pieces about why Indian-Americans are so good at spelling bees. Some folks go all uber-patriotic extolling the superior virtues of our intellectual tradition and what not (cue...Bhaaaaarrrraat maaata kiiii.......). And some folks sneer, indulging in a mild form of communal self-loathing. I don't have kids but my close Indian-American friends who do are very emphatic about how they will not make...or even let their kids participate in something as nerdy and inherently uncool as a spelling bee.

Through Twitter I came across this post that quotes Varun Grover's interview in the excellent excellent documentary I Am Offended (do watch if you haven't) which references spelling bees. That blog, and Varun in that documentary, are making a larger point about how the Indian education system is centered around rote learning, stifling creativity and basically preparing "middle managers". And that the success in spelling bees is a symptom of that.

While I agree with Varun and Auctorly on the larger problem, I don't think it is correct to link spelling bees to that problem. I see where they are coming from, and the reason for that is a couple of myths about spelling bees in general which merit some attention.

Myth #1 Spelling Bees are all about memorizing thousands and thousands and thousands of words, and regurgitating them on stage.

I used to think the same way, but it's not really that way. A few years ago, I had a long chat with a student of mine (I am a college professor) who in her school days had participated in the spelling bee. She didn't win, but talked to me about how much fun it was, and ended up giving me a different perspective on this activity that I too once sneered at. Then I read some more about it, watched the documentary Spellbound, talked to some more students over the years, and I think it is necessary to add some nuance to how we view the "sport".

Spelling bee as a contest is more about pattern recognition than just rote memorization. Don't get me wrong. Of course it is important to know and remember many many words to participate in a spelling bee. But the same is true of scrabble. Or crosswords. Or trivia quizzing. Heck, memorization is key even in chess. A serious chess player will have thousands of moves and games memorized.

Just like all those activities/sports, spelling bee is about, yes, having a memory bank of relevant information, but at the top level, it is often about recognizing patterns, working out clues, and then formulating an answer by accessing the relevant information from your brain.

You know how the kids ask for meaning, language of origin, use it in a sentence etc etc? It is not for theater. It has important information, and many times, can even help you make an educated guess at the spelling of a word you've never heard of by using what is basically pattern recognition.

Let me give you an example about how I, without memorizing any words, was able to correctly guess one of the words in the final this year. The word was chremslach. When it was first uttered, I thought it would start with "Kr" and maybe end with "che" or "kh". Then I heard that the word was Yiddish. And the meaning was a kind of passover pastry. Instantly I thought of a pastry that a Jewish deli near my house excels at - rugelach. The end sounded the same. So it had to end in -lach. And the different pronunciations of the starting syllable suggested chr not Kr. The repeated usage by the moderator further confirmed what I had in my mind. A pattern emerged and voila. There the spelling was.

I felt thrilled at having worked it out before the contestant answered. It was a thrill similar to the one I get as a trivia quizzer when I crack a cleverly framed Final Jeopardy style "workout-able" question. Or the thrill I get when I crack a particularly cryptic clue in crosswords.

The aforementioned student kept stressing about how much fun the whole thing was for her. She said it was a form of solving puzzles. And I saw what she meant. I asked her, isn't it boring to memorize thousands and thousands of words. She said no, she LOVES words (sidenote - she always wrote the most well-crafted and thoughtful term papers in my class). And again, I see her point.

When you enjoy any activity built on pattern recognition so much that you want to seriously compete in it, you don't think of the underlying memorization as a drab chore. I like to play scrabble semi-competitively, and it is fun for me to have those cruel 2 letter words memorized so I can gain advantage on the board despite not having great tiles. And I'm sure poker players don't think of probability calculations as mundane.

Myth #2 These desi spelling be winners will most likely end up as middle managers, code coolies, cogs in the corporate machine....just total drones.

Although it seems like Indian-Americans have been winning the bee for ages, in reality, it's been less than two decades that it has been happening consistently. So the sample of winners is not statistically significant, but from whatever I read in "where are they now" type stories, I saw very few, if any, ending up in those drone type jobs.

A lot of them were in some form of research, which to me, as an academic researcher, makes sense. Research is like the rigorous grown-up impactful form of pattern recognition that is built upon a deep memory bank of knowledge about a subject. A bunch of them were doctors and lawyers. One was a professional poker player (again, pattern recognition and memory). And so on. I even googled a few names of winners and always found that the person was doing something really cool.

Maybe a systematic study will throw up more details.

Myth #3 We Indians are just awesome at English and we are such brainiacs and we have the bestest education-centric culture so we are awesome at Spelling Bees

While the first two myths were in the self-loathing category, this one is in the uber-patriotic category. I have no problem with Indians or Indian-origin feeling proud or elated or whatever at this dominance, although I am personally from the Bill Hicks school of thought when it comes to patriotism.

But let us dispel with this notion that there is something really inherently culturally genetically special about Indians that our kids just go to America, show up at spelling bees, and start winning them left and right. There is actually a pretty strong and well-organized training infrastructure that is making all this possible. Remember that these contestants train with the rigor and discipline of athletes. It is not done in isolation, but requires broader support like with any sport or activity.

What you see on ESPN is the culmination of a year of smaller contests, local spelling bees, practice bees, and other such events on the local circuits. And there's a kind of feedback loop that forms. Successive generations build on the success of previous generations. Legacies and even "dynasties" are created and inspire some to adhere to it. I could keep going, but I came across this article that explains the quasi-institutional reasons behind the dominance in more detail.

If some other community starts taking such a deep interest in the sport and organizes in such a serious grassroots way, other communities could start dominating too.

One thing to note is that the winners have all been kids of Indians who migrated to the United States. Recent Indian immigrants, much like recent immigrants of other communities, tend to socialize more with their compatriots and do so in a very community-based way, with associations and groups and mandals and so on. But second generation Indian-Americans are more assimilated in the American mainstream. So when they grow up and have kids of their own, they are not as plugged into the Indian-American groups and associations as their parents were.

So you don't see many (or even any?) third generation Indian-American children winning the spelling bee or even making it to the national finals, because they don't have automatic access to that community-based infrastructure.

The best way to end this post is to quote a now-grown-up Nupur Lala, the star of the Oscar winning documentary who arguably started this Indian-American phenomenon.

“Having watched Spellbound, I realized that several of my competitors weren’t any worse than me ability-wise, but they didn’t have the same advantages—economic privilege, educational background, family dynamics,” she says. “I know that played a big, big role in my success. As a 14-year-old, I really thought I was one of the best spellers out there. In hindsight, I think, yeah, I was a very good speller, but I also had some of the best preparation and resources out there. I had a mom who had a graduate degree in linguistics. Parents who have literally hundreds of books in the house, and who were very motivated to help me succeed.”

          Soundcraft: mixer e registratore digitale Ui24R   

Ventiquattro canali con controllo wireless e USB, dotato di router wi-fi dual-mode 2.4/5 GHZ integrato, massima compatibilità tra piattaforme

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          Comment on PLP Acknowledges Paula Cox’s Resignation by Cromwell   
Why does a former Premier and Minister of the Bermuda government feel she needs to work with Constituency 14 voters earn their trust and confidence when she held the highest offices in the country!!!Her comment as a former PLP Premier and resignation from the PLP appears as a repudiation of the past and former PLP governments.It sounds to me as she is saying don't vote for the PLP but vote for me.
          Halloween and Uncle Leo   
Seven years ago this day was my first Halloween in America. I was a fresh PhD student still struggling with how much tougher the coursework was than I had expected. I had been in the country for a little over two months. That evening, after I finished my Stats homework at school and got on the bus to go home, I saw people in costumes all around me.

Ah, it's Halloween, I realized. Until then, most of what I knew of this country came from TV shows, movies, and books. So I knew that this was the night when kids accompanied by their parents roam their neighborhoods, knock on doors, and demand candy by yelling "Trick or Treat!!!". Oh great! So I will be expected to buy candy and hand it out? What a scam! But when in Rome, right?

Not wanting to be seen as a rude or clueless foreigner, I decided to take the necessary steps. I got off the bus at the stop in front of the grocery store. Bought lots of candy. Took another bus home. When I say "home", I mean a 3 bedroom row house I shared with two other Indian grad students who were both out of town that night.

At home, I put the candy in a bowl, turned the TV on and waited. The hours ticked by. Not a single knock on my door! I looked out the window. There were groups of kids and their parents dressed up in costumes knocking on doors around my building complex. So I guessed it was just a matter of time before they came to my door. But another hour passed by and there was no knock on my door. Before I knew it, it was 11 PM, the streets were deserted, and not a single person had come to my door trick-or-treating! All the candy was sitting there in the bowl. Except for the dozen or so that I had polished of watching TV.

The next day, I felt a little hurt. The neighborhood trick or treaters had ignored me! And as is the instinctive reaction for many of us, my first thoughts went to racism. It was because I was brown, I decided. These racist white folks didn't want to take their kids to an Indian guy's house. How shallow they are. And how bad I have it! I spent several hours indulging myself in the victim routine when everything that does not fit your expectations is due to racism. I became the Indian version of Jerry's Uncle Leo!

When it's an institution from Maharashtra, be it a police department, a media company, or anything else.... even just a person from Maharashtra....we should demonstrate the strength to ensure that no one ever looks askance at them again with the intention of harming them.

For the last two days, this has been going on... police officials come to me and ask, how will you take the rally from Girgaum chaupatty? I told them we'll walk.

(crowd laughs)

Then they're like, you can't go from here, you can't go from there...all these efforts at putting obstacles in our way have been spearheaded by Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik. I found out the other day..... in fact a few police officials told me this...that they'll try to stop our cars, and try other things to stop us. I called the Chief Minister right away, and asked him, what is this? What happens or doesn't happen (at the rally) is something we can deal with later. But can't we express our protest in a democratic way with a rally?

Why stop us at every point? I assured them at our rally will be a peaceful one, and they still refused us permission for it? And they had no problems giving permission for that Raza Academy rally? But here we are, with a rally to protest what happened the other day right here, and they refuse us permission?

Then there's (Home Minister) R.R. Patil who says - we won't spare anyone who threatens the law and order of the city. Really? So what happened that day? Was his tail between his legs?

(crowd laughs)

The other day he calls up (MNS MLA from Mumbai) Bala Nandgaonkar and says, "What could I do? What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to take a big stick and stand there?"

(crowd laughs)

There is this one boundary line that cannot be crossed. I have never crossed that line, and will never cross that line. Never raise your hands against the police.

(crowd applauds and cheers)

If you demoralize the police to such an extent, then where will the common man go with his problems? Where will he go? If this keeps happening, tomorrow even the police will say "we don't want to get involved here, do whatever you want".

Is this how a state is run? And this Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik. The cops caught the guilty people. And what does he say to the DCP who arrested the guilty people? He says, "You bastard, let them go!" He tells him to let the criminals go!

Our policewomen sisters were tormented here... they were pulled aside and beaten up and molested......all these guys, our Marathi police constables, were getting beaten up... and they weren't getting any orders?

Oh, and these (police head honchos) knew everything from the beginning. They knew that there were trains full of these goons coming for the rally. And they had choppers, and rods and everything else... tell me, are there ever any rocks lying around here (in Azad Maidan)? Where did the rocks come from?

These people had advance warning of all these facts, and they still ignored them. And they refuse permission for my peaceful rally? The other day, when some police officials came to meet me, I told them. I told them that the 11th August rally at least had targets. That mob knew that it was supposed to target the police and the media.

Who do we want to target (in this rally)? I have already declared our targets. Arup Patnaik, resign! R.R. Patil, resign! I declared this in the beginning itself.

We have not come here to destroy cars or set something on fire. We don't even wish to do all that. Even if we were to, whose cars would we destroy and whose property would we set on fire? Our own? Those belonging to our citizens from Mumbai and Maharashtra? This rally isn't for such purposes.

But how else are we supposed to express our anger? They won't let us express our anger at whatever happened. And they say, please respect democracy. This is democracy?

Go and look at the track record of Raza Academy and its rallies. A few years ago, this same Raza Academy had a rally in Bhiwandi. This bhadva (translates to 'pimp' but pimp doesn't have the same punch :)) Abu Asim Azmi went to that rally. He gave a speech there, that too an inflammatory speech. And they're sending me notices - "don't make inflammatory speeches". That Abu Azmi went there, made an inflammatory speech in Bhiwandi. You know what happened next?

The mob killed two police constables by bashing their heads in with big rocks. Then they cut off their private parts and threw their corpses into burning buses..... the government had no problems with that. And they refuse me permission for a rally?

Whoever came here (on 11t August) had no connection with Maharashtra. They all came from outside Maharashtra.

(crowd applauds and cheers)

After everything that went down here that day, this passport was found, a Bangladeshi passport...

(shows a Bangladeshi passport to the crowd)

This was found right here. Single entry passport (I assume he meant visa). Needed only to come into India. No intentions of going back, so it was thrown away here...

(throws it away)

There are countless such people coming into Maharashtra... they are all setting up their bases in Maharashtra. Tell me something....they say 'coincidence'....what coincidence?

In 1992 when the Babri Masjid was demolished, where was its retaliation felt instantly? In Mumbai! There was no violence anywhere else in the country (GS: this isn't true...there were riots in many other cities)...only in Mumbai! And when this incident happened during the rally on 11th August, its reaction happened in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. So something happens in Uttar Pradesh, there's a reaction in Mumbai, and something happens in Mumbai, there's a reaction in Uttar Pradesh. Doesn't India have any other states???

The reason is, all these people are coming here from there. All these Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who have infiltrated and set up bases in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and Jharkhand, they're all coming here by the trainfuls. And the bases that they are setting up here in Mumbai, those are going to create trouble for us in the future.

Otherwise tell me, this Abu Azmi is elected from two different constituencies in Maharashtra. Two different constituencies? Should any politician from Maharashtra get elected from two different constituencies? He gets elected from two constituencies because all the people in those two constituencies have all come from outside, and they vote for him.

That day, it finally came to the police (couldn't understand the word he said here despite re-playing it many times, at 12:20)...then they had to do it. While doing that, the guy who died, Abu Azmi announced 1.5 lakh rupees for him. So why not for our policemen?

(crowd applauds and cheers)

Even the state government hasn't announced anything yet. No announcements from the state government that they are going to provide compensation for those who were hurt or troubled in those events. Nothing. Nope, just get beaten up.

Why didn't R.R. Patil speak up then? He threatens us.... anyway, what's the point in threatening us? It's almost time for us (and him...a pun) to leave now.

(crowd laughs)

They don't think about anything that has already happened or what may happen. They don't do anything useful. Just get the cops beaten up. Anyone will come, drag our cops away, and beat them up?

The other day when they had that rally in Uttar Pradesh, rioted, destroyed property and all. The ones who did that were also all from outside - Pakistani Muslims and Bangladeshi Muslims. They all poured out into the streets. And what did they do? They defaced a statue of Gautam Buddha. Everyone saw it. Everyone saw pictures, saw it on TV.

Where is Mayawati? Where is that Ramdas Athavale? Where is R.S. Gavai? Where is Prakash Ambedkar? Why are they all silent? All they're obsessed with, as if possessed by a ghost, is Indu Mills Indu Mills Indu Mills Indu Mills. Don't they have anything else to do? What do they want to build in Indu Mills - a bungalow?

Why aren't they talking now? But no one will talk about these things now. They're not ready to utter a word. It's been so many days since the (11th August) incident. But there has been no statement about it from Ramdas Athavale. No statements from R.S. Gavai or Prakash Ambedkar or Mayawati, or anyone else. Nothing. Cat's got everyone's tongues.

This Mumbai Police Comissioner.....he has a "favorite" (that's the word he used) officer Dhoble. The other day, he takes a hockey stick and goes to that...what was that..juice center bar... juice center something...where did he go?

(crowd prompts)

Yes, Amar Juice Center. Is that a place to take a hockey stick to? Take your wife, your kids, I can understand, but a hockey stick? He takes a hockey stick there and beats up innocent people with that hockey stick? And what's his defense? He found drugs there....then why didn't he shut it down?

And this idiot...Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik....what's his explanation? He says Dhoble was on his way to play hockey and stopped over at the juice center. Tomorrow, if someone has gone for his honeymoon. So will he just turn up there naked?

(crowd laughs and cheers)

So Patnaik will go out of his way to protect Dhoble! Because Dhoble is his "favorite". And here (in Azad Maidan) when cops were waiting for orders to tackle the mob.....if not firing, at least give us orders for a lathi charge.... at that time Patnaik had nothing to say. And when our police officers were catching the guilty culprits, Patnaik abuses the officers, calling them "bastards"? He is demoralizing cops to such an extent?

This won't be allowed to happen in Maharashtra anymore. I only want to say one thing to R.R. Patil and Arup Patnaik. Even if you have a little bit of shame left...even a minuscule amount of shame left.... then resign. If you have even the slightest bit of shame left.

For the last two days, some newspapers have been saying - "Raj Thackeray's Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is now moving towards Hindutva". Whoever raises his hands against a cop, whatever his religion, he should be bashed up wherever he is.

When my own party's MLA was bashed up....Harshavaradhan he here?  When Harshavardhan was bashed up.... I gave the orders for him to be bashed up... would he have been bashed up otherwise? When I gave a speech at that time, I said the same thing. Harshavaradhan, no matter what happens, you DO NOT raise your hands against a policeman. Never raise your hands against a cop.

This has nothing to do with religion. All the constables who were here, all my policewomen sisters...the female cops... I consider them all my Marathi brothers and Marathi sisters. I have come out on the streets here for them.

The rally that day (11th August) was organized by Muslims and today I have organized a protest rally against it.... so immediately they're jumping to the conclusion that I am "moving towards Hindutva"? I only understand...this Raj Thackeray only understands one religion...and that is Maharashtra religion. I don't understand any religion except that one. No one dare cross this Maharashtra religion. No one dare think of harming it.

And today's rally is only to boost the morale of the police and to provide wholehearted support to the police.  Along with them, we have people from the media here. Media vans were attacked, burnt, photographers were beaten up.... this rally is to express support for all of them too.

I thank you all for the tremendous response to this rally. If ever such events reoccur, we must stand together in strength like this.

When you're going back...all of you, when you're going back...keep in mind and make absolutely sure that you don't indulge in any sort of untoward activities. Go back in an orderly and peaceful manner to wherever you came from.

I hope that in the future whenever I call upon you, you will return with the same enthusiasm. And now I take your leave.

Jai Hind! Jai Maharashtra!


          Hari Tatya by P. L. "PuLa" Deshpande   
It's been a couple of years since I translated anything by PuLa. While considering different options about what to translate next, Hari Tatya stood out as a particular appealing candidate. He is so universally identifiable. Hari Tatya - the eccentric but genial family friend with one foot firmly in the distant past that all kids have encountered growing up. Your Hari Tatya might not have been interested in history. Maybe he was into politics, or science, or even astrology. But that does not take away from the HariTatyaness of all Hari Tatyas.
Usual caveats apply - I cannot even pretend to be a good enough translator to keep most of PuLa's magic intact. But even a fraction of the essence of the character sketch should make it readable. And I have changed or omitted some references to make the essay accessible. And used contemporary phrases and expressions.

A couple of days ago, I heard someone use the phrase "irrefutable proof", and I was suddenly reminded of Hari Tatya. I had heard him say "I have irrefutable proof of this!!" hundreds of times during the course of my childhood in Mumbai. So had everyone else who knew him. So much so, that my grandma's nickname for Hari Tatya was "Mr. Irrefutable Proof". 

There was nothing surprising about his penchant for that phrase, because he is always making claims that can't be justified without irrefutable proof. The guy refuses to inhabit the present. And describes the past as if he can see it unfolding in front of his eyes. He's been like that for as long as I can remember. Obviously, I can't remember the first time I saw him. But I am sure he remembers it vividly.

"Purushottam! Come on, son! How can you not remember? It was a Saturday. Late in the afternoon. How can you not remember?"

That's how he's sure to chide me for forgetting the details of my birth.

The remarkable thing about Hari Tatya was how informally he addressed everyone, be they younger or older than him. He is the only person I ever knew who spoke to my generally feared and respected grandpa like an old chum. Of course, we knew him as grandpa's friend. But he was obviously several years younger. Because he generally treated grandpa with respect and veneration. In his own way. He never used the respectful pronoun as is the norm when speaking to elders in India. But whenever grandpa entered the room,  Hari Tatya would sit up straight. Maybe because grandpa gave him some pocket money to tide him over every month. And often provided him with seed funding for his latest entrepreneurial venture.   

No one in the family can remember exactly when this creature named Hari Tatya became a part of our extended household. My grandfather was a very generous man, and a friend to anyone who tried to be his friend. So it was difficult to predict exactly how many people he'd bring home any given evening to have dinner with the family. Of course, in those days of the big joint family, the occasional dinner guest or two didn't really bother those minding the kitchen. In those days, rice, dal, and flour for a meal were measured not by cupfuls, but by fistfuls. The dinner table was populated by not just immediate family, but also uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and cousins once, twice, several times removed. There was also the occasional son or daughter of a family friend studying in the city, in addition to ABC's brother-in-law and XYZ's neighbor's son-in-law. So at pretty much any meal, there were always a few unexpected guests present. I don't recall many evenings when our joint family of 12 had less than 25 plates laid out for dinner.

My grandma seemed to me like Annapoorna (the goddess of nourishment) reincarnated. Her hands were blessed with some magical touch that imparted rich flavor even on a glass of water she served. So you can imagine how tasty and welcoming any dinner table she laid out was. Hari Tatya joined our family by turning up at one such dinner table. After that, he kept turning up. He was there with us at joyous occasions. He was with us at sad moments. 

But all those years, even as I grew up and looked different every year, Hari Tatya always looked the same. A simple cotton shirt, modest dhoti, and a rarely-washed Gandhi cap. We kids referred to his style of wearing the cap as "Compass Fashion". If his nose pointed east, then the two ends of his cap seemed to align with the North-South axis, like a compass needle.   

I never had any idea what Hari Tatya did for a living. I only knew that grandpa kept helping him start some "promising new business" every few months. Grandpa had always had a dream of owning and running his own business. But his stable and respected position in society, the steady income his job brought him, and the large family depending on that income, made taking any big risks all but impossible. So he lived his entrepreneurial dream vicariously through Hari Tatya by funding Hari Tatya's ambitious albeit modestly scaled business ideas. 

I remember one monsoon season when grandpa gave Hari Tatya money to start a business selling umbrellas. For the next couple of years, everyone in the family got a new umbrella for free in the first week of June. But I doubt Hari Tatya's umbrella business was profitable any longer than an umbrella mushroom's lifespan. It seemed like grandpa was more devoted to making the umbrella business succeed. I remember he would come home from work in the evening every day and hand Hari Tatya a sheet of paper,

"Here are orders for some umbrellas. Be sure to deliver them to these addresses right away."

Then we kids would accompany Hari Tatya, brand new umbrellas stacked on our heads, making deliveries to customers that grandpa has managed to canvas during his day job. We kids usually didn't move a muscle for anyone else. We'd disappear if anyone else tried to give us a chore. But for Hari Tatya, we didn't mind looking ridiculous walking the streets with those umbrellas on our heads. We loved his company so much, we'd have walked on coals with umbrellas on our heads if he had asked us to.

Hari Tatya told us absorbing stories and taught us fascinating poems and shlokas as we accompanied him. That too at the top of his voice while walking on the street without any regard to passers by. I remember an anecdote from one of our umbrella sorties. We were all walking with those umbrellas stacked on our heads. Hari Tatya told us to put the umbrellas down, and join him on a stone bench on a street square, and regaled us with the story of Sant Ramdas.

He had a truly unique narrative style. As a result of that narrative style, for many years, we kids were under the impression that Hari Tatya, Sant Ramdas, Moropant, Sant Tukaram, Vaman Pandit, Shivaji Maharaj etc. all once lived together in the same neighborhood. Because no matter how far back in the past the event he was narrating had occurred, he effortlessly injected himself into the proceedings. The way he recounted those stories convinced us that he had seen it all unfold in front of his eyes.

"Kids, I tell you, this Ramdas, even as a kid, was quite the character! He would run away and hide somewhere. We'd keep searching, keep seeking, but couldn't find him! His mother would ask us - have you seen my little Narayan anywhere? We'd say, sorry ma'am, we have no idea. Poor woman, she'd keep looking for him all over the village."

"Once she asked the village chief - have you seen my Narayan anywhere? The village chief had the habit of pouncing on any opportunity to be arrogant. He said - Narayan? Which Narayan? There are hundreds of Narayans in this village! Mother said - Please help me, sir. My Narayan. Narayan Thosar. Have you seen him?"

"Poor lady. There were tears in her eyes. And with good reason. Tell me Purushottam, if you go missing some day. And your mother is looking for you everywhere. Won't she tear up? Tell me, Purushottam! Won't she??"

Hari Tatya would narrate this story with so much pathos, that all our eyes would moisten up as well. Then we'd start walking again to make sure the umbrellas were delivered on time. But as our hands held the umbrellas on our heads, our shirt sleeves would be busy wiping our tearful eyes as Hari Tatya continued with Sant Ramdas a.k.a Narayan Thosar's story.

"Narayan's mother was terrified! Fair good-looking little boy. I tell you guys, this Narayan looked so beautiful as a child. Positively radiant.  Plus he'd just had his threading ceremony, and wore a pearl earring. She was aghast - did those Muslim invaders kidnap him to convert him to Islam??? Oh my god!!!"

"And kids, I tell you....those damned Muslim invaders in those days....they weren't decent like Muslims we know today. No! They were just so damn #$%%*&^$#......"

And he'd unleash a barrage of expletives that any other adult would've deemed inappropriate for our supposedly innocent young ears. Maybe it's because of these expletives he let loose so readily, but to our pre-pubescent minds, Hari Tatya seemed like the epitome of valor and courage. 

"So then, hours ticked by. And soon it was afternoon. Still no sign of Narayan! Mother ran home and spread her arms in front of Lord Ram's idol. Ah, how beautiful that idol was, kids, believe me! So divine...."

And Hari Tatya folded his hands to pay respects to that imaginary idol of Lord Ram floating in the air in front of him. We all were still carrying umbrellas. But still, we did our best to twist our arms and pay our respects to the imaginary idol too.

"She said - Goddess Sita, please find me my Narayan, and I will give you an offering of my best clothes and a coconut! Mother said that, and opened the closet to take out her best clothes to offer to the goddess. And lo! Narayan was sitting in the closet!"

"Mother wailed in delight - NAAARAAYANAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!"

And Hari Tatya yelled so loudly, that everyone around us on the street stopped whatever they were doing and started staring at us.

"Mother took Narayan in her arms and said - My son, I have been looking for you all over the village. What are you doing here? .... Do you know Purushottam, what Narayan's response was?"

I shook my head.

"Yeah, well, it's difficult for you to know. How would you know? An innocent little child like you can't even imagine what the future Sant Ramdas said. Narayan said...get this, kids.... Narayan said - Mother, I was pondering the fate of the world"

"That's what he said - I was pondering the fate of the world."

Hari Tatya finished the story. He blew his nose. Then he wiped his eyes with his shirt sleeves. All us little umbrella carriers, or chhatrapatis, had no idea what to do next. Hari Tatya regained control of his demeanor and said,

"Just think Purushottam.... he was about your age. And what did he say? I was pondering the fate of the world! Unbelievable! Simply divine! Tell me Purushottam, do you have such a boy in your class? A boy who will hide in the closet? And say - I was pondering the fate of the world?? Is there? Tell me!"

I meekly shook my head.

"Yeah! So that was Ramdas! Saintly right from his childhood. I have irrefutable proof of this. He went on to become Ramdas Swami.... Sant Ramdas. But just because he was a Sant, don't think he was a softie. You should've seen him flex his muscles. The way his biceps sprang up, almost jumping out of his skin, I tell you! All he had to do was bend his arm ever so slightly, and his bicep would spring up. If you struck his bicep with an iron bar, the iron bar would bend! But Sant Ramdas would barely notice the blow. Barely...."

Hari Tatya kept staring into nothingness for a couple of minutes as if he had just seen Sant Ramdas in the flesh. He smiled a little and gradually shook his head in admiration. 

Then suddenly, as if waking up from a dream, he shook his shoulders. And in a voice completely devoid of the narration-specific baritone,  he said,

"Umm....Purushottam....tell me...Nerulkar...Nerulkar is the guy who lives around the corner from the grocery store, right? How many umbrellas has he ordered? Three, right? Let me check..."

Hari Tatya fished out the sheet from his pocket, verified the order, and led our umbrella-bearing procession to the Nerulkar residence. 

No one in that procession had yet truly returned to the present, to the real world. One kid was visualizing the full scale and strength of Sant Ramdas' legendary biceps. Another was wondering how a well-built 10 year could fit inside a 17th century closet in a poor Brahmin family's house. Yet another was promising himself that when he grew up, he'd work out so intensely that an iron bar would bend when struck on his biceps. With all these anachronistic thoughts in our minds, dreamy expressions on our faces, and umbrellas on our heads, we were helping Hari Tatya run his business.

It goes without saying that the umbrella business didn't last long. None of Hari Tatya's businesses did. The reason was obvious to me. Hari Tatya aspired to run those businesses. But his passion and dedication towards running them was nothing compared to the passion and dedication grandpa had for those businesses. But grandpa's passion and dedication was moot, since he couldn't practically quit his job. And Hari Tatya, who was supposed to run the business, usually inhabited a completely different reality.

Later, grandpa gave Hari Tatya money to start a business selling agarbattis (incense sticks). So Hari Tatya started walking around with a big bag of agarbattis hanging from his neck. Grandpa and Hari Tatya would discuss the sales of the day every evening. Often, it'd turn out that Hari Tatya had taken 1 rupee from a customer for an agarbatti pack worth 75 paise, and returned 50 paise instead of 25 paise. And on most days, the bag hanging from his neck was as full in the evening as it had been in the morning. 

But still, after all these discussions, on his way out, Hari Tatya would open the door and happily yell at us kids,

"Jai Jai Raghuveer Samartha!" 

That's a line from the Dasbodh - Sant Ramdas' treatise on spiritual and practical matters. It is particularly known among Marathi people for its guidance on practical matters, a ready reckoner for success, if you will. Hari Tatya was a man who kept quoting that practical treatise at every possible opportunity, but remained utterly and truly impractical. He never reached an appointment on time, never left an appointment on time.

Grandpa and Hari Tatya clearly loved each other, cared for each other. But they also spent several nights arguing with each other. Random corners of various rooms in our house were stacked with unsold inventory from Hari Tatya's failed ventures - from umbrellas to agarbattis to books to backpacks. Once in a while, when we eavesdropped on the arguments, what Hari Tatya said was oddly but somehow appropriately unrelated to the business at hand and more relevant to arcane Maratha history,

"Dude, I have irrefutable proof of this! Come with me to Maval right now! I can literally see where that horse Krishna's hooves landed!" 

And truly, Hari Tatya could probably see where those hooves has landed centuries ago. I often wonder if Hari Tatya's default existence was in the distant past, in the golden age of the Maratha empire. The odd occasion when he acknowledged the 20th century was probably like a dream to him.

"So there we all were. Standing in the royal court with Shivaji Maharaj on the throne. And they brought in the daughter-in-law of Kalyan's vanquished governor. Oh wow! She was absolutely gorgeous! A true beauty if I ever saw one! And as the victorious king, Shivaji Maharaj had the right to have his way with her. She was his for the taking. She was so damn beautiful, I tell you guys! And her flawless milky white complexion! She was at least 6 times as fair as this girl Yami everyone thinks is so fair. And I'm not making this up, boys. I have irrefutable proof of this!"

When I was a kid, our neighbor Yami Gokhale was the benchmark of fair complexion. She had the whitest skin we ever saw. The Gokhales were the only Konknastha Brahmin family in our neighborhood, and Konknastha Brahmins are reputed to have fair/white skins. The rest of us were mainly Deshpande-Kulkarni types with wheatish-to-dark skins. Hari Tatya himself was as dark as the iron pillar in Delhi. So when he said "6 times as fair as this girl Yami", we had genuine trouble imagining how fair the daughter-in-law of Kalyan's vanquished governor must have been. But Hari Tatya had no trouble embellishing his story.

"We were all standing there, staring, admiring her beauty. Maharaj himself was stunned by her beauty..... tell me kids.... Maharaj who???"

We had all memorized the answer to this question thanks to several prior lessons from Hari Tatya,


We kids yelled out the official complete title for Shivaji as if we were orderlies in the Maratha court of the 1600s. When we said this correctly, Hari Tatya regally looked at us with an expression of pride and humility, as if he were Shivaji himself!

"Well done, boys! So anyway....where was I?"

"6 times as fair as Yami" one of us piped up.

"Okay, you idiot. Who was 6 times as fair as Yami?"

"The wife of Kalyan's vanquished governor."

"WIFE????????" Hari Tatya screeched.

We all took a step back.

"You idiot! Where did his wife come from? There in Kalyan, the vanquished governor is splayed out dying, yelling YA ALLAH! YA ALLAH!"

And Hari Tatya laid down on the ground with his limbs flailing in the air, invoking the Koranic almighty.

"He is dying! His wife is next to him, crying! The one they brought to Shivaji Maharaj's court was his beautiful daughter-in-law!" 

"6 times as fair as..."

"YES!" Hari Tatya thundered, "Will you stop obsessing over Yami, for crying out loud?"

The boy looked away and Hari Tatya continued,

"So we were all staring at this exquisite beauty that was the daughter-in-law of Kalyan's vanquished governor. And Maharaj was looking at her too. Oh, and how handsome Maharaj himself looked, I tell you, boys! Eyes like an eagle. Sharp straight nose. Thick flowing beard. Rich well-defined sideburns....."

Whenever Hari Tatya narrated a story about Shivaji Maharaj, this effusive description of his appearance was bound to turn up sooner rather than later. As soon as Hari Tatya mentioned the sideburns, we'd complete the remaining description -

"...the regal crown on his head, the divine Bhavani sword at his waist, a pearl necklace hanging against his chest, a tilak on his forehead....."

When we completed this description, Hari Tatya looked at us all with an expression of genuine bliss and satisfaction.

"Well done, boys!" Hari Tatya nodded and continued, "So Maharaj said to the beauty - betaa, pardaa nikaalo, darney ki koi baat nahin (Child, take off your veil. There is no need to be afraid.)"

All of us had heard the story of the daughter-in-law of Kalyan's vanquished governor dozens of times. But every time, this particular line was delivered in Hindi for some reason.

"So that beauty raised her veil. Maharaj looked at her. And said - Wow! Goddess Bhavani has made you extremely beautiful!"

Because of Hari Tatya's numerous renditions of this story, all us kids grew up assuming that the job of making someone beautiful had been assigned to Goddess Bhavani. In fact, we were so convinced of it, that for many years afterwards, whenever I saw a beautiful woman, I'd think to myself - Goddess Bhavani has done a good job on her!

"Maharaj then said - If my mother had been as good looking as you, then maybe I too would have been good looking! Hearing this, I swear you Purushottam, that lady was so touched, tears started flowing from her eyes. Then Maharaj gave her a sari as a gift, and respectfully sent her back to Kalyan, untouched and unmolested. That's how wise and decent our Maharaj was!"

Just as Hari Tatya finished narrating the story, grandpa showed up. Suddenly, Hari Tatya's demeanor changed, and he earnestly said,

"Listen Purushottam, tomorrow morning, we must leave really early to sell those agarbattis, understand? Later on, the streets get so crowded, that it's difficult to move about!"

Of course, all us kids understood the sudden change in Hari Tatya. In fact, we had an unspoken arrangement with him, in which, if we saw grandpa approaching, we would quietly tell Hari Tatya about it.

This arrangement worked great when we were kids. But kids don't always stay kids. They grow up.

We grew up too. Lost our wide-eyes innocence, and developed a healthy sense of cynicism and sarcasm. We went from revering Hari Tatya to poking fun at Hari Tatya. Once we started making fun of the guy, we realized that grandma had been doing it for ages. If he occasionally turned up late for dinner, grandma would say,

"Oh, you still haven't had dinner, Hari Tatya?? When you didn't show up at the usual time, I thought Shivaji Maharaj insisted you stay over at his palace for dinner!"

Hari Tatya would say nothing.

"Or maybe at Peshwa Bajirao's table tonight.... in a silver plate!"

I don't think the ridicule mattered to Hari Tatya. In fact, I am sure that in his mind, he really had dined with Shivaji Maharaj thousands of times. Once he entered the idyllic world of the past, he completely immersed himself in it. 

Once, our entire family went to Pune for a function. Hari Tatya came with us. For him, Pune, steeped in Maratha history, was Valhalla. Not only did he come with us, but he took all us kids for several walks around the city all week, and all but recounted the history associated with every tiny rock we encountered.

When Hari Tatya took us to the bare spartan innards of the historic Peshwa palace Shanivaarvaada, he told us the story of Peshwa Narayanrao's murder. And of course, he ran around the place yelling,


Be it the reign of Shivaji or the reign of Peshwas, this man was always there. 'How was Hari Tatya present at every historic event related to the Maratha empire in the 17th, 18th, and 19th century?' - was a question we never asked ourselves when we were children. And when we grew up, although we poked a little fun at him, we never asked him that uncomfortable question to force him to confront the fact that his fantasy world was just that - a fantasy.

Hari Tatya led us through the streets of Pune, reliving several processions full of elephants and horses. His eyes had apparently seen the first ever public Ganpati, in Kasba. He didn't just know the details of everything that went on at Lal Mahal; he could even identify the window from which Shaistekhan was hanging when he lost his fingers to Shivaji's sword. 

"And the bugger went to the Mughal emperor Delhi and greeted him with his chopped up fingers!" Hari Tatya told us with ill-concealed glee, "The emperor said to Shaistekhan - Sir Uncle, where are your fingers? Khan said to the emperor - that bastard Shivaji, that rat of the hills, he cut them off! Imagine that! This no-good Shaistekhan called Maharaj a bastard! That damn #$%%@#$$#@@@..."

Hari Tatya, in the presence of us kids, fired at Shaistekhan a colorful expletive of such unbridled hostility, that if the Khan had heard it, he would've presented his hands to Hari Tatya and said, "if you want, cut off my remaining fingers, but please, stop with the profanity!"   

Hari Tatya often turned up when least expected. Similarly, he often disappeared when least expected. On Chaturthi (a holy night for Marathis), if Hari Tatya didn't show up for dinner, even grandma would wonder,

"Where the heck is Hari Tatya? Has he gone to Panipat to wage another ill-advised war?"

Hari Tatya was sorely missed on every holy occasion that he didn't show up, solely for his flair at leading aarti (public prayer). He knew hundreds of of aartis. He seemed to know by heart the aarti for every god and goddess in the Hindu pantheon. When a shirtless Hari Tatya, with tilak on his forehead would start the aarti of the Dashaavtaars in his booming voice, everyone's hands instinctively came together in devotion. And when I say his voice boomed, I mean it! Even the person holding the pooja plate would put it down, probably worried about it vibrating because of the voice.


When that "AAAAA" started, all us kids would have bets on who could keep going the longest without stopping for breath.


By the time he was halfway through the 10 avatars, Hari Tatya's own delirious avatar was worth marveling over. We kids would get caught up in the fervor too. Whenever Hari Tatya became engrossed in the aarti, his right eye developed an odd squint. On such occasions, we kids would turn our back on the holy idols and stare at the divine Hari Tatya instead.


At this line, he'd spin on the spot a couple of times. We kids would spin too.


I can still picture the imaginary dip he would take in the imaginary holy river at this line.

Towards the end of the aarti, his voice got even louder at the DEVAAAA.... and of course, all us kids would join in. That was the only moment in the whole year when we had a license to scream as loudly as we wanted. That's what made Hari Tatya so special to us kids - in his company, we could be what we wished we could be all the time.

Today, after remembering Hari Tatya after all these years, I can't help but get a little choked up. Dozens of people of all ages, appearances, and backgrounds came to visit grandpa when I was growing up. I can remember some of them well, can't even picture the faces of many others. But no one was as memorable as Hari Tatya.

When Hari Tatya walked into the compound of our house, he'd first stop and talk to us kids playing in the yard, and only then go greet the adults. He was popular not only among the kids in my family, but also other kids in the neighborhood, who had no compunctions in calling out his name when they saw him,

"Hariii Taatyaaaaaa!"

Hari Tatya would acknowledge the kid who had called out his name and do his best to entertain. He'd pretend to jump up and down like a monkey, make funny faces, march around like a drummer boy until everyone was laughing. He'd stop whatever he was doing to entertain kids.

Sometimes he'd do this when he was walking with grandpa, engaged in some serious discussion about their latest business venture. Grandpa would discover that he was talking to fresh air, and Hari Tatya had stopped several steps back to make faces at some kid. On such occasions, grandpa scolded him in public, asked him to behave like a grown-up.

But grandpa did love Hari Tatya a lot, like a brother. I never fully understood why the bond between them was so strong, because you couldn't find two men more unlike each other. But the bond was strong. If grandma made some special dessert, grandpa would always remind her to set some aside for Hari Tatya. Not that grandma needed any reminders. She cared about him too. Often she'd tell other women in the kitchen to make sure there's enough food set aside for "that old crow Hari Tatya" in case he dropped by.

Hari Tatya resembled a crow in many ways. When he moved his gaze, he moved not just his eyes, but even his neck, like a crow does. His eyes had a slight squint, like crow's eyes. But his squinted gaze had seen a lot of things that others with a normal gaze missed. He had seen Shivaji's coronation, the third battle of Panipat, the Buradi Ghat skirmish...

"Even if we die, we'll keep fighting on!" Hari Tatya, down on the ground in our front yard with  limbs flailing, hollered Dattaji Shinde's dying words.

Even today when I read Dattaji's tragic death, I see him as Hari Tatya in my front yard. Over the years Hari Tatya got me intimately acquainted with Shivaji, Tanaji, Tukaram, and everyone of any importance in Maratha history.

I never really liked history lessons at school, nor did I fully understand them. School history was infested with dates that had to be memorized. Hari Tatya's history wasn't tangled in the cobwebs of distant dates; it was as alive as he was. And he brought it to life for me.

As a child when I made my first trip to Pune, I was surprised not to see Shivaji or Sambhaji Maharaj there. When the train passed through the Sahyadris, I hoped to catch the glimpse of the Marathi army crossing the hills in full battle gear. Hari Tatya's refusal to think of history in past tense had rubbed of on me. His tendency to inject himself into any event and narrate in first person made it seem like all those events had occurred just before Hari Tatya came to our house.

People often personify History when they say things like "History will remember", "History will note", "History tell us", and so on. Today I realize that the "I" in Hari Tatya's stories was never meant to be Hari Tatya himself, but that personification of History.

"All us soldiers on Sinhagad were terrified by the enemy's swollen ranks, and started running away from battle, when Suryaji stood in our way. WAIT, he shouted at us, I HAVE CUT OFF THE ROPES THAT WE USED TO CLIMB UP. Well, what could we do? There was no way to run. So we turned around and joined the battle again. A sword through an enemy's throat, a spear through another's stomach, we kept going!"

"Tanaji had already been martyred. Shelarmama was wounded, but still fighting. I tell you, Purushottam, I have never seen a man bleed as much as Shelarmama did that night. His clothes were completely red. But oh, when he finally landed a blow on that Udaybhaan.... that was all it tok. Udaybhaan was flat on his back. Soon the tide turned, and we had won. We lit up the signal torches. Shivaji Maharaj saw our signal and reached Sinhagad in an hour."

"When he learned that Tanaji had died, Maharaj started bawling like a baby! Like a baby, I tell you! He said in a broken voice - "I got my gad (fort) back, but I lost my sinha (lion)". Oh, the plaintive voice when he said it, I swear to you Purushottam, I couldn't bear to hear it. I had never and have never since heard Maharaj sound like that. And I have irrefutable proof of this. Not making it up. Even the stones on Sinhagad melted at the intensity of Maharaj's sorrow. That's how Maharaj was. Which Maharaj?"

"GoBrahminPratipalak........" we'd break into our well-rehearsed chant.

As time went by, my childhood too became history. Most of the elders in the family passed away. The house also aged. Maintaining the yard became too much of a hassle, so it was tiled. The little flower garden was gone, as were grandpa, grandma, and dad. I lost touch with most other members of the family as well. There was no way to always keep in touch with Hari Tatya.

Once in a while, the clock turns back, and in the broken glasses of the old house's windows, I see countless reflections from my childhood. Occasionally the scent of an agarbatti, or the first drop of rain on a new umbrella makes me think of Hari Tatya. And his voice starts echoing in my head.

That man, no relation of mine, gave me more than most of my close relatives ever did. He'd take us kids high in the open skies of fantasy on his wings of history. Bring to life everyone from history. He made sure that the roots of the tiny saplings that were our childhoods were buried deep in a glorious past. Hari Tatya never gave us snacks or candy that money could buy, but instilled in us a sense of pride for our heritage that no treasure in the world can.

He strengthened our tiny wrists with the character of the past. I never realized it then, but can see the true value of his efforts now. Those wrists don't always turn the way they are supposed to. But Hari Tatya instilled in us the confidence that if need be, they can turn the course of history.

Now Hari Tatya himself is part of history. Old age made him a shadow of his former self. It was much later, during his last and eventually fatal bout of illness, that I learned Hari Tatya had a grown-up son. He worked in some trading firm in East Africa.

In those final days, when I went to meet him, I couldn't bear to look at what old age had done to him. He was almost fully blind. As he laid there looking weak, his shriveled body didn't even cover half the bed. I sat next to him.

"Hari Tatya, it's me Purushottam."

"Oh Purushotam! Great!" he smiled in the direction of my voice, "As you can see, I am now Surdas! So how have you been? You're in Delhi these days, right?"


"Ah, never got to see Delhi."

"Why don't you come with me?"

"There's no use now. I may be able to visit Delhi, but won't be able to see it, which is the whole point. No, I'll just admire it in my mind."

Hari Tatya felt silent. I felt tempted to gather all my childhood friends, including the 1/6th fair Yami Gokhale, and holler,


Maybe it would have brought life back to his eyes, put some meat on his bones, and maybe he'd have said,

"I tell you, Purushottam! We were all standing there dumbfounded in the court at Delhi. And Sadashivrao Bhau was chipping away at the golden throne! With his bare hands! Pieces of gold flying all around, as the rest of us watched, unable to move!"

Come to think of it, Hari Tatya didn't need to see Delhi for all this. Whatever he had seen of history, he hadn't seen with the eyes he lost to old age. I spent several hours with him and left, aware that this might be the last time I get to meet him.

A few days later, Hari Tatya's obituary appeared in the newspaper with the cliched salutations and praises - affectionate, kind, loved by all, etc etc. As I read the obituary, I realized it didn't even come close to capturing the essence of the man. It was the first and last printed record my old childhood friend, who usually lived in the distant past, having any contact with the present. All it did was offer "irrefutable proof" that a man called Hari Tatya had existed in our times.

          Cartoon supergroup Gorillaz roll through Chicago with their overstuffed Humanz in tow   
Since breaking out in the 90s as front man of Brit-pop powerhouse Blur, Damon Albarn has turned into the rare rock star who’s unable to make a bad record—but that doesn’t mean everything he’s done has been great. As the wizard pulling the levers behind the curtain of Gorillaz, Albarn has managed to gift the animated cartoon rock band with a consistent, sometimes affecting hip-hop-inflected pop sound through a series of albums made with different Frankensteinian supergroups.…
          On Ad Hominem and Relative Morality   
A few hours back, @riffraaf whom I follow on twitter and have great regard for, and I had a disagreement over the aftermath of the Rosen-Romney episode. We exchanged a couple of emails. She wrote this post.

This is my response

Very well put. I agree mostly.

Here's where I am coming from: Rosen made a stupid comment. Faux outrage about how Ann Romney is such a victim ensued. (never mind our FLOTUS is bashed in ugly ways every day but that's probably the partisan in me talking, you might say).

Oh, Michelle is definitely bashed in the ugliest ways. It is bizarre to me that someone can make combating obesity into some evil plot!

Some of the people I follow on the right started labeling it as #waronmoms. This was a completely cynical response to left's #waronwomen. Now they wanted to beat the left at their own game. I get it.

Yup, they're just being cynical. But being helped by the left propagating articles like the rude pundit's.

But there was more to #waronwomen (though I personally loathe to use this slogan): Most women I know who are not into partisanship in general (because they're too busy raising kids and handling jobs unlike me :) ) got really riled up with a series of events that hurt women's rights: starting from planned parenthood defunding by Komen to birth control access issues to Sandra fluke (and Rush Limbaugh harassing Fluke for 3 entire days calling her a slut, prostitute, how she should put her porn videos online so he can watch it and so on) to ultra sound bills to new arizona laws infringing rights further.

Agree. That's how my wife (Indian-born American-raised) wife is. She is not as much into politics. She does follow it more than others. She is, like me, a fiscal conservative. But for her, this #waronwomen trumps anything else. Anything related to planned parenthood (which she loves) and birth control gets her riled up. So even if Obama raises taxes by gazillion percent (she hates tax raises even on rich folks), the social aspect of it against women's rights will always make her vote democrat.

So it irritates me to no end that suddenly Risen is somehow equivalent of Limbaugh and all the incivilities shown against women in the last year are equivalent to one insensitive remark made by a Rosen who was a nobody until now (even w/ her hillary support in 2008 and apparently having contributed to Obama campaign in 2008).

I don't think Rosen is equivalent of the much much viler and nastier and just plain-worse-human-being Limbaugh. I am not drawing the equivalence, so I am not going to defend the equivalence.

However, on its own, what Rosen said is definitely insensitive and stupid. And undoubtedly ad hominem. That's all that matters to me, as someone who doesn't count himself on the left or the right when it comes to identifying with movements. By saying what she did, Rosen attacked who Ann Romney, not what Ann or Mitt Romney were saying, making it a classic ad hominem attack.

It's politically damaging I agree. But it's a huge fake outrage and no where near what's really happening to women all over the country (whether w/ healthcare, minimum wages, equal pay, infringing on woman's body, unemployment and so on that affect women in REAL ways).

So I know Obama was doing what any Dem politician would do, but I'm still turned off by this whole latest, what I call Faux outrage.

Granted that some of those outraging are just fake-outraging. Just taking the chance to score points against their political opponents. Granted that many of those outraging on the right have possibly said much worse and more misogynist stuff against women.

But what Rosen said was still stupid and insensitive. And IMO, the Obama campaign by denouncing what Rosen said, is doing not just the politically expedient thing, but the right thing. And elements of the left by digging in and writing posts/articles undermining the worth of Ann Romney's life, are doing the WRONG thing, be it politically or morally.
          Australia - Walkin' on Sunshine in Barbados   
Every once in a while, test cricket says to other sports "Who's your daddy? I am!" Today is one such time.

Five days ago, if you had said to me, "Australia will win the Barbados test", I'd have responded, yeah, probably...for sure... so?

The beauty of test cricket is its ability to engineer the most bizarre dramas, replete with unexpected reversals, and above all, often making the the audience switch their loyalties.

Five days ago, I was sure that Australia, the side that whitewashed the kinda-mighty Indians, would make mincemeat of West Indies. It didn't even seem like a test series worth following on Cricinfo. But follow it I did. Once you love test cricket, you can't help but follow test cricket, no matter how foregone the conclusion might seem.

Then came the first major twist in the tail. The Windies, marshaled by that old fox Chanderpaul, posted a 400+ score. It's not often that a team loses after scoring 400+ in the first innings. Even better, the Windies bowlers got rid of the Aussie top and middle order fairly soon.

Holy crap! The Windies were set to get a substantial first innings lead. And even win the test! Go West Indies, I thought. Yessss! Schadenfreude is a cool-sounding word, but it truly finds its meaning when the Australian cricket team is losing. Go Windies!

And then test cricket showed why it's everyone's daddy. The Aussies, reverting to a sickening old habit, fought back. Their tail wagged, chipping away at the deficit. Their 10th wicket partnership was going strong, reducing the deficit to a mathematical factoid. Heck, they might even wipe off the deficit.

And then.... huh! Clarke decalred! What!??! He declared, with his 10 wicket pair going strong and the deficit still 43! He declared to, ostensibly and obviously, have enough time to actually win the test.

I have generally disliked the Aussie team. And I don't like Michael Clarke. But this decision won me over. What a declaration! True, his 10th wicket was at the crease, so to posterity, it might not seem like much. But in the context of the match, it was quite a doozy.

Turns out Clarke shocked not just us fans, but the Windies batsmen too. They promptly collapsed in a heap. And suddenly, it seemed like Australia might win this. It wasn't easy. Sure, it seemed easy - 192 in 60-odd overs. But the fading April light meant there was no chance to get more than 50 overs. On a 5th day pitch.

Then came the inevitable sad flashback. India at Dominica last year. The #1 test team in the world. Set 180 in 47 overs. And India decided to play it safe and accepted a draw after a half-hearted attempt. As an Indian, the whitewashes in England and Australia hurt, but didn;t come close to the shame and outrage I felt for the Dominica cop-out.

Surely Clarke with his brave declaration wouldn't pull a Dhoni and play it sickeningly safe? He better not. Aussies better win this.

And that's the weird journey I made in a handful of days. From "Oh, Aussies will definitely win" to "Wow, WI are batting well." to "WI may get the lead! Wow! WI can win this!" to "Oh no! Oh damn! Aussies might save the test" to the final leap "Please please please Australia, win this!"

For that is the beauty of test cricket. It can shake your convictions and loyalties. The action in the middle can make you forget your prejudices and switch sides to support the side playing truly in line with the game's true character. If you've seen Rocky 4, you might remember how the Russian spectators stop cheering for Ivan Drago and start cheering for Rocky, going against all their loyalties and convictions. Well, that was a (rather badly) scripted movie. This is the reality of test cricket.

By the 3rd session on day 5, I found myself, for the first time in well over a decade, cheering for an Australian win. It may seem like an odd, even fickle reversal to cheer the side that I was so dead set against just 5 days ago.

But that's what test cricket does. And did. To me. My heart raced as I groaned at every Australian wicket and cheered every big hit from the Aussies. I kept trying to calculate how long sunshine would last before the umpires closed the proceedings for bad light. And I kept hoping the Aussies would make it.

Aussies - the pre-match favorites, and Windies the underdogs. But test cricket when it is in its element, can make you cheer for the favorites as if they're the underdogs.

Finally, Australia won. They walked on sunshine. And have most likely ushered in another era of self-belief and dominance that will be the bane of other teams in the next decade.
          [THOMAS] Trump Travel Ban Won't Make Us Safer [Poll]   
I spoke with the former President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association regarding President Trump's travel ban executive order. First, I admit believing the Supreme Court handed the President a resounding victory by lifting the injunction...
          Though no longer vanguardists, veteran Mexican rock band Café Tacuba still retain their deep curiosity   
Now in their 27th year, Mexico City quartet Café Tacuba have arguably done more than anyone to give Mexican rock music a broad, serious platform worldwide. As key players in the ascent of rock en español, the group refused to sing in English and deftly forged a vanguard sound that encouraged countless others in Latin America to follow their own creative imperatives rather than imitate bands in the U.S. or Europe.…
          Should I Use Ceiling Speakers in a 5.1.2 Atmos Setup?   
Got a tech question for Sound & Vision? Email us at

A A recent firmware update for my Onkyo receiver added Dolby Atmos processing, but the receiver only accommodates two height speakers. Is it worth cutting into my ceiling for such a minimal setup? If so, where should the speakers be positioned? —Peter Noris / via e-mail

          Blu-Ray Review | "Ugetsu"   
I first encountered Kenji Mizoguchi's Ugetsu when I was a sophomore in college, sometime around 2005. While I had been interested in film for years already, college really helped expand my horizons. I was just beginning to take classes for my film studies minor, and my school library was stocked full of Criterion DVDs. I was in heaven.

I was unfamiliar with Mizoguchi at that point in my life. I had no knowledge of his silent films, or early social dramas like Sisters of the Gion and Osaka Elegy (something I have remedied in subsequent years). But Ugetsu was one of those rare films that immediately became one of my all-time favorites. I was in awe of Mizoguchi's craft, and it made me hungry for more.

Ugetsu came at the peak of Mizoguchi's career - he won the Golden Lion three years in a row for The Life of Oharu (1952), Ugetsu (1953), and Sansho the Bailiff (1954), a trio of masterpieces that showcase a consummate artist at the height of his powers. For this reviewer, however, Mizoguchi never topped Ugetsu, a haunting, supernatural love story that is as beautiful as it is tragic.

The film is a combination of Japanese ghost stories, one about an aspiring samurai who forsakes his family to pursue his dream, leaving his wife to take up prostitution to make ends meet. The other is a potter fleeing war with his family, who is seduced by a mysterious noble woman who turns out to be a ghost. Released eight years after the end of WWII, Ugetsu is as much a cautionary tale as it is a medieval legend.  Weary and plagued by war, these peasants give in to lust and greed, seeking a better life but ultimately waylaid by their own desires. Mizoguchi explores their fate through mesmerizing long takes and a quiet, eerie atmosphere, awash in fog and foreboding. Pay close attention to where he places his camera - unblinking, never judging, but always displaying a deep compassion for its characters humanity. The first time I saw Ugetsu, I wept profusely. Yet even in its tragedy, Mizoguchi finds a strange and otherworldly beauty.  Its use of the supernatural almost feels more metaphorical than literal - representing a man always chasing dreams rather than paying attention to what is right in front of him.

Ugetsu is a masterpiece. Not just one of the finest examples of Japanese cinema, but one of the all time classics. Mizoguchi's craftsmanship remains unparalleled, providing a deep and powerful exploration of human folly that achieves an almost mystical status. Like watching an ancient folktale being born right before our eyes, it remains one of cinema's most uniquely beautiful experiences. The long-awaited Criterion Blu-Ray adds no special features to the original 2005 DVD, but the new 4K restoration is absolutely breathtaking, and worth the upgrade for any fan of the film or the filmmaker. While Criterion has faithfully released Blu-Ray editions of Sansho, Oharu, and The Story of the Last Chrysanthemum, in recent years, the arrival of an HD transfer of his greatest work is cause for celebration.

GRADE - ★★★★ (out of four)

Special features include:

  • New 4K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray 
  • Audio commentary by critic, filmmaker, and festival programmer Tony Rayns 
  • Kenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director, a 1975 documentary by Kaneto Shindo 
  • Two Worlds Intertwined, a 2005 appreciation of Ugetsu by Masahiro Shinoda Process and Production, a 2005 interview with Tokuzo Tanaka, first assistant director on Ugetsu 
  • Interview from 1992 with cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa 
  • Trailers 
  • An essay by film critic Phillip Lopate (Blu-ray and DVD) and three short stories that influenced Mizoguchi in making the film (Blu-ray only)

          TS129: Hobby Lobby, Missouri Admissions Homophobia, Erin's Birthday, Special Guest Tatum O'Neal   
It was Erin's birthday, and Bryan remembered it! But Erin's birthday is not about Bryan. Or Erin for that matter. It's about the interview with legendary Oscar-winner Tatum O'Neal. Even though we had sound issues - guys, we're sorry but we did - she talks John McEnroe, Anna Paquin and how she and Michael Jackson went to a Commodores concert in disguise. Oh, also, Hobby Lobby doesn't want to insure women who want birth control. And a college in Missouri doesn't want to admit a gay student. All that to say... Happy Birthday, Erin!  Watch Us!  Every Wednesday on Funny or Die See Us! TSPOD Live shows Subscribe and Rate Us! iTunes Tweet Us!  @gibblertron & @bryansafi Use the Hashtag #tspod Email Us! Like Us! Throwing Shade Facebook Page Old School Listen! RSS FeedProud member of Max Fun Podcasting Network 
          Alpha2L Pumps Domestic Circulator   
Alpha2L Pumps Domestic Circulator

Alpha2L Pumps Domestic Circulator

he Grundfos ALPHA2 L is an advanced energy efficient domestic circulator that meets EuP legislative requirements. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of domestic circulation heating systems. The ALPHA2 L achieves the highest possible energy savings in comparison to older technology fixed speed pumps. The reduction in power consumption has been achieved by using the latest permanent magnet motor technology and this power consumption can be as low as 5 watts. The variable speed modulating modes allows the pump to match its performance to the system requirements, helping to reduce noise when thermostatic valves are closing down. The ALPHA2 L models are simple to install in new or existing systems, and are 130mm between ports. Features and benefits Meets EuP legislative demands Energy efficient pump - significant energy savings Variable and fixed speed operation – one pump for all jobs Plug and Pump – no need to open terminal box 5 year warranty   Technical data Liquid Temperature: +2°C @ 110°C  Maximum Ambient: 37°C @ 82°C Flow Min Inlet Pressure: 1.3m @ 82°C Flow Maximum System Pressure: 10 Bar Mean Sound Pressure Level: Control of heating systems The heat requirements of a building vary greatly and today thermostatic radiator valves efficiently control the system output. This can lead to excessive pump pressure and valve noise. ALPHA2 L can not only adapt to these variable conditions but reduce electrical energy consumption.   Fixed speed pump mode With a fixed speed pump, as the radiator TRV’s close, the system resistance increases causing an increase in pump pressure which can lead to TRV noise.   Pressure controlled mode As the TRV’s close the pump pressure is controlled according to the selected mode. At the reduced pressure the TRV’s then re-adjust to maintain the required output. The pump pressure reduces radiator valve noise and power consumption. Installation and operating guidance When installing the ALPHA2 L, please refer to the Installation and Operating Instructions, if using pump in either constant pressure or proportional pressure mode. *Please refer to the boiler manufacturers minimum flow rate requirements when setting bypass valves.

          TS114: The Sound of Music Live, Tom Daley, Aristocratic Women without Titles, Special Guest Jerry O'Connell   
The hills are alive with the sound of shade! Erin and Bryan are back to discuss things they are passionate about - specificailly the band Heart not performing at Sea World. Erin throws shade at aristocratic British women not being able to inherit titles, while Bryan discusses the ridiculous "controversy" of Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black possibly dating. And we have an interview with the handsome, hilarious, and heartfelt Jerry O'Connell (Stand by Me, Sliders, Jerry Maguire, the Veronica Mars movie)! Climb every mountain!  Watch Us!  Every Wednesday on Funny or Die Subscribe and Rate Us! iTunes Tweet Us!  @gibblertron & @bryansafi Use the Hashtag #tspod Email Us! Like Us! Throwing Shade Facebook Page Old School Listen! RSS FeedProud member of Max Fun Podcasting Network 
          Comment on I spy with my computer vision eye… Wally? Waldo? by Mind the Leap   
Those articles do a good job of summarising the positive side of what has been achieved (improved classification and prediction) and presenting the point that there is a lot more to intelligence than has been demonstrated so far. Though, as I mention above, a great thing about Hinton's deep learning systems is that they can generate images (and probably sounds) from incomplete or noisy input images, or by exciting high-level neurons that represent that class. Although being able to recognise images or sounds alone makes for pretty shallow "understanding". I think further advances might start to occur when they start trying to mix multiple sensory streams: particularly vision and sound, but eventually tactile senses as well. This could easily be achieved with the minimal changes to the current designs of deep learning architectures. If we can have the machine be shown an image, and it spontaneously generate speech that says what object it recognises, some people would find that a bit eerie. This would approximate playing the naming game with a child. If we could tell the robot a story, and in its "mind" it spontaneously starts generating images that represent the story, we could say that the machine is actually on the way to having a genuine "understanding" of the story. As I describe in this post, advances might also be achieved by expanding the perceptual applications to include things like motion perception: often visible as objects changing position, scale or rotation. One thing that is less obvious, is how to apply deep learning to motion control of robots. That's something I'm still thinking about. Even though I can see great potential in deep learning, I can still see some significant obstacles. Deep learning still uses iterative training techniques, which despite being quicker than they were, are still a far cry from being able to briefly see a person or object once, and then recognising that person or object from obscure angles and distances moments later. Something that people can (sometimes) do very well. Though this might be easily taken care of with some complementary memory processes (much as it seems to be in the brain). And even if current systems for deep learning turns out to have some fatal flaw in being applicable to simulating intelligence, I think the cat is very nearly out of the bag. The neocortex has largely the same structure all over the brain, and we have reasonably good approximations for many of the less regular areas of the brain. So, in my opinion it is only a matter of time before we have intelligent machines. Or machines "intelligent" enough to do most of what we've ever wanted them to, though with certain physical constraints withstanding.
          Regional Roundup: Top New Features This Week Around Our BroadwayWorld 6/29 - THE LITTLE MERMAID, RAGTIME, NEWSIES, and More!   

BroadwayWorld presents a comprehensive weekly roundup of regional stories around our Broadway World, which include videos, editor spotlights, regional reviews and more. This week, we feature THE LITTLE MERMAID, RAGTIME, NEWSIES, and more!

Check out our top features from around the BroadwayWorld below!

Central Pennsylvania: Contributor Marakay Rogers reviews NEWSIES at the Fulton Theater. She writes "Matt Farcher, who plays Jack Kelly, leader of the newsboy throng, is certainly energetic as well as a fine vocalist; local audiences will possibly not recognize him, though they've seen him before - as the Beast at Fulton's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. His performance here may be a bit more informed, however, by his prior performance as Che Guevara in EVITA in Maine, as well as having played revolutionary Enjolras in LES MIS in the past. (That "LES MIS turns positive" vibe is strong with this show.) Kate Fahrner makes for a tough, but charming, potential love interest as Katherine Plumber, intrepid early female reporter who is trying hard to not be her father's daughter - a major plot point of the show. If there's a real criticism to be had of the book, it's Katherine's part; the amazement over a female journalist shouldn't have been so great, given that Nellie Bly was a major expose writer for Pulitzer (the big bad of the show) in 1887 and that her famous Around The World stunt was done for Pulitzer in 1888. The historic newsboy strike was in 1899, when Bly had only recently (and temporarily - she did war correspondent work in World War One) retired. Writer Fierstein presumably based Katherine on Bly, but the show is set just late enough that anyone relatively familiar with history will find the lack of prior existence of Bly irritating."

New Zealand: Contributor Monica Moore reviews BONNIE AND CLYDE. She writes "Bonnie, played by Nicolette Nes is superb. She has the look, the voice and the style. And the top quality performances just keep coming at you. Blanche (Katrina McConnell) is excellent along with Buck (Brian Wolfman) Preacher (Simon Chapman) and well, actually they're all pretty darn good! Special mention to the young Bonnie (Samara Bayliss and Medody Lui-Webster) and Clyde (Tim Cloves) who deliver Great Performances. The set is engaging and designed by the well-known John Fausett who cleverly incorporates and ensures the story is kept interesting."

Minneapolis: Contributor Karen Bovard reviews SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE at the Guthrie Theatre. She writes "Crucial to the success of any production of this show are the two leads. Randy Harrison is suitably difficult and awkward in Act 1 as Seurat, and far slicker as his great grandson George in Act 2, where he seems more in command. Act 1 belongs to Erin Mackey as Dot, who is sexy and sympathetic and sly and sings with great feeling. She's also fully credible as the elderly wheelchair bound Marie in Act 2; it's a startling, funny, and moving transformation. All the members of the strong ensemble take on new roles in Act 2, and part of what makes this second act work so well are the bold choices they've made in sketching in their characters. The music swells with real grandeur, thanks to their ensemble power, an excellent mic system, and a full 13 piece orchestra behind them, helmed by conductor and pianist Mark Hartman."

Oklahoma: Contributor Ronn Burton reviews MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET at the Lyric Theatre. He writes "Director Dave Steakley wisely steps back and lets his boys go to town when necessary, yet his subtle guidance of the tone and flow of the show does not go unnoticed. The costumes by the reliably-proficient resident designer Jeffrey Meek are period-perfect yet fashion-forward. Helena Kuukka's lighting and Adam Koch's sets work hand-in-hand seamlessly - the colors and patterns playing off each other consummately. Important to note: the musical performances wouldn't be as impeccable as they are without Anthony Risi's sound design, which subtly yet perfectly enhances the recording studio vs. live performance effects throughout the evening."

Long Island: Contributor Melissa Giordano reviews RAGTIME at East Islip's BayWay Theatre. She writes "Among the talented cast, Chazmond Peacock makes a superb Coalhouse; intense, great voice... he's a natural for the role. Coalhouse is the beau of Sarah (and father of her child) portrayed exquisitely by Amanda-Camille Isaac. Ms. Isaac's striking portrayal of poor Sarah is a roller coaster of emotions including a gorgeous rendition of the hopeful song "Wheels Of A Dream" with Mr. Peacock. Additionally, kudos to Mike Press who is an outstanding Booker T. Washington, Coalhouse's mentor. On Ms. Waller's clever creative team, Bob Butterley's bi-level set ideally fills the open stage. Rolling pieces, tucked away on the sides, are used throughout. Also, the fun here is that you get to use your imagination a great deal. The music, on tracks, is coordinated by Eizabeth DeGennaro who is also part of the cast. This is enhanced beautifully by Jessy Gill's choreography and Joseph Kassner's stunning costumes."

Kansas City: Contributor Alan Portner reviews JERSEY BOYS at Starlite Theatre. He writes "Jersey Boys offers up super production values with this touring show. Portrayals of Massi and DiVito are a little one dimensional, but the singing, acting, production, and dancing make up for any lack. The supporting cast is excellent. Jersey Boys is a little strange to get used to. It is an excuse for a concert of great music. The music does not advance the story much except in parallel in the documentary. Most of the first act is required for the audience to get used to the style, but the final forty minutes grabs the audience and transports them back to the golden age just prior to the Beatles in the Doo Wop period. The audience ends up loving the performance."

St. Louis: Contributor Chris Gibson reviews SEUSSICAL at Stages St. Louis. He writes "Ryan Cooper is a perfectly disarming and amusing Cat in the Hat, with nimble movements and well-timed comic delivery of lines that bring forth smiles and laughs from young and old alike . You can just see that he's having fun. Cooper and Company draw the audience into the tale immediately with the rousing opening number "Oh! The Things You Can Think," and Cooper takes on several different comedic roles throughout the proceedings. As JoJo, Colton James Kastrup is a very believable little boy, and definitely possesses just the right voice and enthusiastic innocence that fit the part. Anthony Arpino absolutely shines as Horton, with a warm and deeply concerned performance that makes you genuinely care about his plight. April Strelinger is delightfully vainglorious as Mayzi and oozes attitude to spare. Leah Berry is simply terrific as Gertrude McFuzz, a single-feathered bird who's in love with Horton, but having trouble getting him to realize it. Her take on "Notice Me, Horton" is a sad and sweet delight."

Rhode Island: Contributor Andira Tieman reviews THE DIANA TAPES. She writes "The Diana Tapes is a tightly-written one act with just four actors. Playwright James Clements takes on the role of biographer Andrew Morton with Sam Hood Adrain as Michael O'Mara, his publisher. The two of them receive and transcribe recordings made by Princess Diana's friend James Colthurst, played by Jorge Morales Pico. The attention to detail with the sets and costumes is impressive for a production barebones as this. Battered chairs are swapped for fancy ones when the scene changes from the office where Morton and O'Mara frequently meet to Diana's residence where she talks with Colthurst. Diana's iconic wedding ring, now Kate Middleton's, is replicated. While the men's costumes are necessarily basic, Diana gets several glamorous outfit changes that suit the scenes perfectly."

St. Louis: Contributor Chris Gibson reviews THE LITTLE MERMAID at The Muny! He writes "Emma Degerstedt is delightful as Ariel, effectively conjuring up the image of a young mermaid who wants more out of life, and is positively driven to do so. Her voice is splendid as well, as would befit a character who uses it as a bargaining chip so she can gain her true love. Jason Gotay does fine work as the object of her affections, Prince Eric, and you genuinely root for them to connect. Emily Skinner is perfectly menacing as Ursula, creepily costumed and brimming with malevolent intentions, Skinner makes a memorable impression. Jerry Dixon is commanding and surly as King Triton, bringing plenty of bluster to the role. James T. Lane is enthusiastic as Sebastian, the red Jamaican crab who is also a composer. The undeniably catchy "Under the Sea" gets a great workout under his guidance. Jeffrey Schecter is funny and friendly as Scuttle the seagull, and Spencer Jones is awfully cute as Flounder. Kevin Zak and Will Porter are quite good as Ursula's moray eel minions; Flotsam and Jetsam, respectively. Frank Vlastnik is also sharp as Chef Louis/Pilot, specializing in seafood dishes as the Chef, which naturally rubs Sebastian the wrong way. Richard B. Watson rounds out the cast as Eric's manservant/confidante, Grimsby. Of course, the large ensemble also adds to the merriment, and gives the show an even wider scope."

Chicago: Contributor Rachel Weinberg reviews MOBY DICK at Lookingglass Theatre Company. She writes "MOBY DICK also features three extraordinary female actors in its ensemble: Kelly Abell, Cordelia Dewdney, and Mattie Hawkinson. While each essays various roles, they also come together as the three Fates-an inventive and eerily effective device. Decked out in Sully Ratke's magnificent and haunting costumes, they provide the warning of what's to come upon the play's conclusion. At various points in the production, Abell, Dewdney, and Hawkinson also embody various elements of nature: the ocean, a whale carcass, and even Moby Dick himself. Outside of the skeletal structure of the set, there is no literal whale onstage-but that is perhaps one of the most striking representations of Moby Dick in the production."

Regional Editor Spotlight:

Christy Brooks
Los Angeles Contributing Editor

Christy Brooks is a teaching artist, actor and scriptwriter located in South Central Pennsylvania. She works as an independent contractor in producing and directing small and large-scaled performing arts productions. In addition, Christy has created curriculum, focusing on Reader's Theatre, Acting Workshops, and Scriptwriting, for public and private school districts. She donates a portion of proceeds from theatrical work to local non-profit organizations. Christy is a proud graduate of The Pennsylvania State University.

Writing for Broadway World has been a wonderful and fulfilling complement to my involvement in the performing arts. It brings me joy to watch a live performance and absorb the many facets involved in producing and acting in a performance. Whether I am reviewing a show or interviewing actors, my focus is on what I might learn from each theatrical encounter. Theatre is ever-evolving and I want to contribute to it in a passionate way that promotes constructive, not destructive, dialogue.

Join Team BroadwayWorld! Interested in joining our team, but not exactly sure what we do? All of your questions are answered, along with every open position from guest and student bloggers, Regional Editors, and more! Find out where we have open positions available here!

          BWW Review: SOMETHING ROTTEN! Wows Nashville Audiences During Show's TPAC Run   

Nashville audiences have long been noted for their generosity in rewarding performances with a standing ovation - to the point that they have become rather commonplace - but never before have we witnessed a "standing O" at the end of a particularly raucous, thoroughly inspiring and resolutely entertaining musical number. That is, we had never seen it happen until opening night at the conclusion of the rousing and rollicking "A Musical" that comes midway through Act One of Something Rotten!, the uproarious Broadway hit that made its Music City debut at Tennessee Performing Arts Center's Andrew Jackson Hall on Tuesday evening.

The astounding phenomenon was not a knee-jerk reaction to someone standing up first or any sense of the obligatory. Rather, you could feel the energy moving throughout the house as the number was performed so brilliantly onstage and, if you were paying attention, you could feel it building to the point that audience members simply had to leap to their feet to show their appreciation of a peculiarly American art form, in general, and Something Rotten!, in particular. If you were there, the sense of joie de vivre was palpable from the very first notes of the song and as it was delivered by the remarkable ensemble onstage, the sustained "standing O" only seemed apropos to the moment.

Thoroughly delightful and eminently entertaining, "A Musical" features affectionate nods to some 20 or more legendary musicals, gleefully recalling signature musical motifs from particular songs or lyrics interpolated for maximum impact. If it doesn't make you love musicals at least a little bit more than you did when you walked into the theater, nothing will.

How many times have you experienced something like that? The exhilaration that comes from seeing top-flight actors performing at the very top of their game, the quintessential moment that is the essence of that to which every musical theater creative team aspires. Co-composer - and Nashville's own - Wayne Kirkpatrick, eager to see how his hometown audiences would respond to his first foray into the rarefied world of the Broadway musical, must have been floating on air as the general hubbub of opening night reached its zenith (and remained there) throughout the remainder of the two and a half hours of mirthful merriment and musical effervescence that continued to reverberate throughout the building, sending audiences home on a cloud of pure joy. You really should have been there - it was a night for the history books of musical theater in a city known far and wide for its music.

To put it succinctly: Something Rotten! is a great big hit, the kind of theatrical achievement of showbiz legend and a joyous cavalcade of musical theatre tropes that are rendered herein as if they were something new and unique. Somehow, the highly original show - with Tony Award-nominated music and lyrics by Wayne Kirkpatrick and his brother Karey Kirkpatrick, and book by John O'Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick and conceived by the Kirkpatrick brothers - manages to bridge the gap between audience members who thrive on such creativity and artistic achievement and those who tend to disdainfully look down their collective nose at such lighter than air, buoyant entertainment.

A witty and whimsical takeoff on Shakespeare - he's portrayed as a rock star of the Renaissance era and as the bane of the existence of the two Bottom brothers, Nigel and Nick, who are the show's primary protagonists - and the struggle of his contemporaries to compete with his prolific and popular works for the theater, Something Rotten! is rather unique in these days of movies turned into musicals and revivals of classic works by the legendary composers and lyricists of Broadway's golden era. And while it calls upon its forebears to provide musical context and literary references, it's a wholly new story that engages its audiences from the very beginning ("Welcome to the Renaissance") all the way through to the show's finale, set appropriately enough in the New World where the idea of a show in which an actor stops speaking long enough to break into song (which, of course, advances the plot and aids in character development - and there's something called a dance break) is sure to take hold.

Along the way, there's enough spectacle and theatrical wizardry - thanks in large part to the production's exquisite aesthetic design which includes vibrant and colorful scenery by Scott Pask, gorgeous, eye-popping costumes by Gregg Barnes, evocative lighting by Jeff Croiter and all the ancillary accoutrement supplied by more of Broadway's very best - to keep the most ardent of musical theater lovers on the edge of their seats. Plus, the ample irreverence and tongue-in-cheek approach to the material ensures that even the freshest of neophytes will discover much to love about Something Rotten!

Directed with his expected aplomb and obvious love for what he's doing by Tony winner Casey Nicholaw (his resume includes The Book of Mormon, The Drowsy Chaperone, Monty Python's Spamalot), who also supplies the tremendous choreography that makes Something Rotten! more exhilarating than one could possibly hope for, the production that was nominated for 10 Tony Awards in 2015 is a love letter to the escapism and sense of wonder that is so much a part of musical theater. If you go to see it, and you certainly should (make no mistake about that), you'll find yourself caught up in the pageantry and pomp of the show to the point that your love of musicals will deepen, your appreciation for the art form heightened by the antics of Nicholaw's superb cast.

With the memorable score, crafted by the brothers Kirkpatrick, and the sharply written book by O'Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick - which is replete with enough doubles entendre and witty rejoinders to keep your brain whirling throughout - Something Rotten! is sure to one day be considered a musical theater classic on its own astonishing merits, its obvious appreciation of all the remarkable shows that have come before it only underscoring the creative team's love for the very genre it playfully and artfully sends up with its structure.

Led by Rob McClure and Josh Grisetti as Nick and Nigel Bottom, the siblings who find themselves out of the spotlight since the meteoric rise of Shakespeare's (played with sex appeal and bombast by Adam Pascal) star, Nicholaw's talented ensemble bring the show to life with enough energy to power a major metropolitan city! As the two Bottoms struggle to create their own masterpiece (Richard II, plans for which are scrapped when "The Bard" writes his own script about that British monarch after he's already produced Richard III - "Who goes backwards?" Nick implores), we watch their company of actors chew the scenery and act up a veritable storm to bring a new show to life during Elizabethan times. All manner of zany hilarity ensues in the process and McClure and Grisetti keep the action moving along at a fair pace with their commitment to their characters.

Pascal powers his way through the show to leave an indelible mark as The Bard, exuding a sexy sensuality that explains why he's so idolized by his adoring fans. The guy sure knows how to wear a codpiece! His performance of "Will Power," in which he's backed up by four hot boy dancers, serves as the perfect introduction to Shakespeare and his astounding way with words.

While McClure, Grisetti and Pascal definitely have the larger, showier roles in Something Rotten!, they are surrounded by estimable talent in every scene, including the scene-stealing Blake Hammond as Thomas Nostradamus, the soothsaying nephew of the Nostradamus, who foretells of the creation of musical theater; the fey and funny Scott Cote as Brother Jeremiah, as a light-in-the-loafers Puritan zealot; the stereotype-defying (or should that be "-defining"?) Jeff Brooks as Shylock; the outlandish Joel Newsome as Lord Clapham, the brother's initial patron; and the showstopping Nick Rashad Burroughs as the minstrel who welcomes us to the Renaissance in the show's opening number.

Maggie Lakis is wonderful as Nick Bottom's loyal and devoted wife, Bea, a proto-feminist centuries ahead of her time, and Autumn Hurlburt is ideal as the object of Nigel's ardor, Portia, the daughter of the closeted Puritan who's trying to shut down every theater in town.

Giving ample support throughout are the remaining members of Nicholaw's all-dancing, all-singing ensemble who portray the various and sundry Renaissance regulars who populate the imaginative world in which the Bottoms and Shakespeare vie for prominence. They sing! They dance! They act! - all while being tremendously, heart-stoppingly watchable. Thanks, Something Rotten! for giving us a chorus of gorgeous girls and handsome boys to keep our attention focused where it needs to be.

Brian P. Kennedy conducts the 15-member orchestra with confidence and a sense of theatrical bravado required - nay, demanded - by such onstage antics, which includes some of Nashville's most talented players in the pit.

Something Rotten! Book by Karey Kirkpatrick and John O'Farrell. Music and lyrics by Wayne Kirkpatrick and Karey Kirkpatrick. Directed and choreographed by Casey Nicholaw. Musical direction by Brian P. Kennedy. Production stage managed by Jeff Norman. Scenic design by Scott Pask. Costume design by Gregg Barnes. Lighting design by Jeff Croiter. Sound design by Peter Hylenski. Hair Design by Josh Marquette. Makeup design by Milagros Medina-Cerdeira. Presented by HCA TriStar Broadway at TPAC Series at Andrew Jackson Hall at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Nashville. Through Sunday, July 2. Running time: 2 hours, 30 minutes (with one 15-minute intermission). For details, go to

photos by Jeremy Daniel

          THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Tour to Welcome New Leads This July   

Cameron Mackintosh and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Group announced today that Eva Tavares and Kristie Dale Sanders will join the cast of the spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera currently on tour in North America.

With newly reinvented staging and stunning scenic design, this new version of PHANTOM, one of the most successful musicals of all-time, is performed by a cast and orchestra of 52, making this one of the largest productions on tour.

Beginning July 18, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Kristie Dale Sanders will play the role of 'Madame Giry.' On July 26, Eva Tavares will take over the role of 'Christine Daaé' at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, Alberta.

They join current cast members Derrick Davis as 'The Phantom,' Jordan Craig as 'Raoul,' Trista Moldovan as 'Carlotta Giudicelli,' David Benoit as 'Monsieur Firmin,' Edward Staudenmayer as 'Monsieur André,' Phumzile Sojola as 'Ubaldo Piangi' and Emily Ramirez as 'Meg Giry.'

Eva Tavares hails from Vancouver, BC and trained at the UBC Opera Program and the Banff/Citadel Theatre Professional Training Program. Credits include the world premiere of Sousatzka, West Side Story and A Little Night Music. Her choreography has been seen most recently in Die Fledermaus (Vancouver Opera).

Kristie Dale Sanders has been seen on Broadway in Cabaret, Evita, Next Fall, Urinetown and The Phantom of the Opera. Off-Broadway: Dream of the Burning Boy; Johnny Guitar; A Class Act; Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh. She can also be seen on "All My Children" and "The Wire."

The current company continues performances at the INB Performing Arts Center now through July 9, 2017 with Katie Travis as 'Christine Daaé' and Anne Kanengeiser as 'Madame Giry,' then onwards to Vancouver, British Columbia at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre July 12-23, 2017.

The Ensemble includes Adam Bashian, Steve Czarnecki, Daniella Dalli, Kaitlyn Davis, Dan Debenport, Sarah DeBiase, Mark Emerson, Jordan Ensign, Jim Hogan, Robert Anthony Jones, Edward Juvier, Ted Keener, Jay Lusteck, Adryan Moorefield, Sarah Mossman, Constantine Pappas, Adam Rogers, Travis Taylor, Carmen Vass, Jessica Wagner, Victor Wallace and Marguerite Willbanks. The Corps de Ballet includes McKenna Birmingham, Julie Eicher, Daniela Filippone, Abigail Mentzer, Lily Rose Peck, Ally Taylor Sacks, Tara Sweeney and Micki Weiner.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said, "Having received great critical acclaim in the U.K. and North America, I am really pleased that Laurence Connor's new production of PHANTOM will continue to tour the U.S. playing in tandem with the Broadway production which soon celebrates 30 years."

Cameron Mackintosh said, "With PHANTOM still the reigning champion as the longest-running production on Broadway after 29 phenomenal years, with no end in sight, I'm delighted that this spectacular new production of PHANTOM has been as well-received in the U.S. as the brilliant original and has already been seen by over 2.5 million people across North America since it opened in November 2013. With an exciting new design and staging, retaining Maria Björnson's amazing costumes, the new PHANTOM is thrilling audiences and critics alike all over again. With the production continuing to be such a success, we are delighted to welcome our exciting new stars to keep the music of the night soaring for many years to come."

Cameron Mackintosh's spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera is presented by Cameron Mackintosh, The Really Useful Group, and NETworks Presentations. Directed by Laurence Connor (who co-directed the new production of Les Misérables that just finished a hugely successful two and a half year revival on Broadway and will start a North American tour in the fall of 2017, directed the award-winning new production of Miss Saigon coming to Broadway in 2017 and national tour in 2018, and also directed the stage version of the movie School of Rock now playing at Broadway's Winter Garden and in London's West End at the New London Theatre), with choreography by Scott Ambler, set design by Paul Brown, Tony Award®-winning original costume design by Maria Björnson, lighting design by Tony Award®-winner Paule Constable, sound design by Mick Potter, and musical supervision by John Rigby. The production is overseen by Matthew Bourne and Cameron Mackintosh. The Phantom of the Opera: music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; lyrics by Charles Hart (with additional lyrics by Richard Stilgoe); book by Richard Stilgoe and Andrew Lloyd Webber; orchestrations by David Cullen and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Based on the classic novel Le Fantôme de L'Opéra by Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera tells the story of a masked figure who lurks beneath the catacombs of the Paris Opera House, exercising a reign of terror over all who inhabit it. He falls madly in love with an innocent young soprano, Christine, and devotes himself to creating a new star by nurturing her extraordinary talents and by employing all of the devious methods at his command.

Cameron Mackintosh's brilliant original production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera continues performances at Her Majesty's Theatre in London and in its recording-breaking run at the Majestic Theatre on Broadway and many other cities around the world.

          TS107: LA Doctors, Saudi Women Driving Ban, Gay Luggage, 80s Realness   
Bryan got dental work, so enjoy what he'll sound like when he gets Bell's Palsy, and Erin does an all 80s look that you can see yesterday on Funny or Die's Throwing Shade web series. They two speech imparingly discuss the October 26th protest against Saudi driving bans, Australian luggage handlers taping "I AM GAY" on luggage, and our obligatory mention of Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Watch Us!  Every Wednesday on Funny or Die Subscribe and Rate Us! iTunes Tweet Us!  @gibblertron & @bryansafi Use the Hashtag #tspod Email Us! Like Us! Throwing Shade Facebook Page Old School Listen! RSS FeedProud member of Max Fun Podcasting Network 
          T&T ranked 14th for resource governance   

T&T scored 64 out of 100 points in the 2017 Resource Governance Index and ranked 14th out of the 89 assessments undertaken in the 81 countries surveyed.

Sherwin Long, head of the T&T Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (TTEITI), said T&T was one of the better performing countries in terms of score.

“We scored 64 out of 100. Out of the Enabling Environment we scored 71 out of 100, Revenue Management was our weakest performance and we scored 57 out of 100. We fell short in Revenue Management because of national budgeting fiscal rules and open data restrictions ,” he said yesterday at the launch of the 2017 Governance Report at the Ministry of Energy’s offices at the International Waterfront in Port-of-Spain.

The Index assesses the quality of governance in 81 countries which produce 82 per cent of the world’s oil and 17 per cent of its gas. T&T ranked fourth in Latin American and Caribbean behind Chile, Brazil and Colombia.

Long said T&T’s state enterprise reporting rules appear to be sound. Sound rules also govern the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund (HSF) which helped this country’s high position. He added that the Index also looked at state enterprises.

“Petrotrin was assessed against 74 other state energy enterprises globally and Petrotrin ranked ninth out of these state run enterprises with a score of 75. The company was deemed to have good rules related to the reporting on finances and operations as well as transfers from the company to Central Government,” he said.

Long said the index is important as it determines how other agencies evaluate T&T and it improves the country’s governance.

“Credit agencies look at governance indices to rank the country such as the Corruption Perception Index and the Global Competitiveness Index. These are indicators which show what we face as a country in terms of corruption and competitiveness,” he said.

Long said Brazil was ranked higher than T&T on the Index although there are allegations of corruption surrounding acting President Michel Temer and state owned oil company Petrobas because more than one factor determines the ranking.

“What the Index looked at is the laws as well as well as the practice. How well are these laws actually used? In terms of the laws and the practice in T&T there was a ten point difference between the law and how it is actually practiced and governs the energy sector. In T&T, there is a large gap between the law and how it is practised,” he explained.

          TS75:Rush Limbaugh, Jeremy Irons, I Don't Mean To Sound Sexist...But, with guest Chip Pope   
MaxFun drive week was so fun, Erin recorded the whole episode with her mic turned the wrong direction! Sorry, everyone! Rush Limbaugh gives up the fight against gay marriage while Jeremy Irons starts a weird one, and the trend of "I don't mean to be sexist, but." With special guest, Chip Pope! Mel Gibson, No Name, Victoria Jackson and Yarn Tethers would all love it if you could find it in your hearts to donate  whatever you can to help keep Throwing Shade going for another year! Buy tickets to TSPOD Live here Subscribe and Rate on iTunes @gibblertron & @bryansafi #tspod Official Max Fun Page Facebook page RSS Feed
          Warner: Why is US Soccer absolved?   

Former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner has told The Times that the Garcia report into corruption around the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids is “not even worth the paper it has been written on” and questioned why U.S. Soccer was absolved after he and Sepp Blatter met President Barack Obama.

The report, produced by American lawyer Michael J. Garcia in 2014 but only released in full this week, said the England 2018 World Cup bid team was found to have “accommodated or at least attempted to satisfy the improper request”of executive committee members, including Warner, ahead of the voting in 2010.

The United States’ effort to host the 2022 World Cup, meanwhile, was found to have generally followed FIFA’s bidding rules.

Warner, who was arrested and charged as part of the FBI’s probe into money-laundering in 2015 and then banned from taking part in any football-related activity for life, told the English newspaper in an email that he continues to “sleep very soundly” following the report’s release.

He wrote in an email: “For me the report is not even worth the paper it has been written on and of course not the whopping fee paid for it either. As it relates to me personally, I continue to sleep very soundly at nights for nothing in the report implicates me personally in any sleaze.”

The investigation found that Warner had requested England 2018 to find his “adopted son” Richard Sebro, a man with no obvious football credentials, a job with Tottenham, then at Wembley, before moving to Aston Villa.

Other favours granted to Warner were the waiving of a £168,000 debt owed to the Football Association by the Jamaican Football Federation and the sponsorship of a £36,000 Caribbean Football Union gala dinner.

Undisclosed “favours and benefits” were also granted by the FA to a team Warner owned — Joe Public Football Club.

Warner told The Times that all the requests he made to the English FA were “for other persons or entities and never for my family or me.”

He also questioned the decision to absolve the U.S. bidding team, citing a visit that he and then FIFA president Blatter had made to the Oval Office in 2009.

He wrote: “I have also taken note that the American investigator has absolved the US Soccer Federation and I ask myself how come? Was this not the same USSF that facilitated a visit to the White House for Sepp and me to meet Obama? How do you characterise that?

“Was this not the same USSF that arranged for [then Confederation of African Football president Issa] Hayatou and his Ex Co members to do the same? But then again this is the US that I guess determines if you fall, live or die.”

Meanwhile, the Serious Fraud Office in the United Kingdom is analysing the Garcia report.

The decisions to award Russia the 2018 World Cup and Qatar the 2022 edition have been dogged by allegations of bribery and corruption since they were made in December 2010.

An SFO spokesperson said: “The SFO is reviewing the Garcia Report. We can make no further comment at this stage.”

Confirmation of the SFO’s interest comes 20 months after its director, David Green, told MPs of potential money-laundering offences, including a payment of 500,000 Australian dollars (£295,000) made by the Australia 2022 bid committee to former CONCACAF president Warner, which may have gone through London.

At the time, Green, who was giving evidence to the Culture, Media and Sport select committee, said the SFO “cannot touch FIFA with the Bribery Act as things stand” as it became law in July 2011 and most of the World Cup allegations took place before then.

In October 2015, the SFO had a team of five going through more than 1,600 documents provided by the FA relating to England’s failed 2018 bid.

          GypsumWorks Studio (no replies)   
I have known about for many years but recently joined to better participate. I am a retired physicist with a strong background in the fields of solid state, crystallography, piezoelectricity, and materials science. I was elected a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America in 2000 for my contributions to the field of transducers. I know quite a bit about sound generation, propagation, and detection in various media including solids.

One of my daughters is a geologist and when both daughters were living at home, we spent many years rockhounding around our province of Nova Scotia, Canada as a family. I still go on field trips and have set up a small research lab area plus a rock and mineral studio. I live near some of the best gypsum sites in Nova Scotia and have begun working with gypsum as an art material. I refer to my studio as GypsumWorks Studio and hope to post some gallery photos on this site once I become more familiar with uploading photos and creating galleries. I uploaded one photo successfully so it's a start.

Plan to write a few articles and get to know other users. I used to write HTML code so that will come back to me quickly.
Cheers, Dennis
          Throwing Shade Theme   
"Wall of Pop Sound" - For your listening enjoyment...
          Comment on How to Download Songs or other Audio from Tumblr by Georgetta   
Right now it sounds like Wordpress is the preferred blogging platform available right now. (from what I've read) Is that what you're using on your blog? maglie calcio poco prezzo
          「帰ってほしいの」(原題: I Want You Back)   

I Want You Back - The Jackson 5

「帰ってほしいの」(原題: I Want You Back)は、ジャクソン5が1969年に発表したシングル曲。モータウンとの契約後としては初のシングルで、グループのメジャー・デビュー作に当たる。

Sheryl Crow - "I Want You Back" (The Motown Sound: In Performance at the White House)

KT TUNSTALL I want you back taratata


Prince covers Michael Jackson's I Want You Back


Michael Jackson - I Want You Back - Live in Munich 1997


Jackson 5- I Want You Back Lyrics!


And it's not just a game
You can't throw me awayI put all I had on the line
And I give and you take
And I played the high stakes
I've won and I've lost
But, I'm fine

Hear me say I'll rise up 'til the end
Hear me say I'll stand up for my friends
And I crash to the ground
And it's just my own sound
I drop in the blink of an eyeI'm colorblind
And your milky way fight
Won't stop my delight
You keep me and lock me away
And it's dark and it's bright
It's your colorful pride that kept me here 9000 days
Hear me say I'll see the sky again
Hear me say I'll drive for you my friend
There's a noise in the crowd
But it's just my own shout
A stumble I fall and I pray

Hear you say your eyes see green again
In the end we'll lived up holding hands
Yes, we'll spark in the nightWe'll be colorblind
And these are the lives we gave
Hear me say I'll rise up 'til the end
Hear me say that I'll stand beside my friends
I won't stay on the floorI will settle the score
A stumble I fall and I pray

Hear me say it's time we stop talking
Eye to eye we see a different face
Yes we we've conquered the war
With love at the core
A stumble I fall, but I'll stay


Watch Invictus - it's a very inspiring film. :)

          lagos: day two + three   

On my second Lagos day I saw more of the city walls, more of the Forte da Ponta da Bandeira, and also visited the Mercado dos Escravos. The Mercado dos Escravos - or Slave Market Museum - used to be the first slave market in Europe. It was quite cool, fascinating and fairly informative, I did like the style of exhibition and incorporation of new technology, and would recommend going if you're in Lagos. Yet, to me it felt as if it was less condemning of the past and instead a bit exploitative. Then again, I don't know what would be the best way of exhibitioning slavery, I've only barely scratched the surface of the subject of slavery in my studies of history, and platitudes of saying slavery was awful aren't really that helpful.

Just like I merely touched upon the subject now, after my visit to the museum I obviously went to the beaches again. Most of the beach photos here are from Praia do Camilo that I only visited on my second day. It's a bit further away, but it's my favourite. I think it's become clear that I'm a fan of a good beach. (I mean, aren't most people?) On my third day, I woke up early to go for a swim and sadly had to head back to Faro quite soon afterwards, from where I even more sadly headed back up north.

That's the last of my Algarve posts - and I already miss it. Doesn't it sound and look pretty decent, though? And if you've not seen it yet, you can find my firt post on Lagos here.
          The Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy is nostalgia done right - and that includes the irritations   

This one comes at you in waves. On first loading the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy, my initial thought was: Oh, this is definitely how they should reissue old games. N Sane Trilogy, which bundles the first three Crash Bandicoot games into one package, adding quality of life stuff like a decent save and checkpoint system alongside time trials, online leaderboards and the chance to play most levels as Coco, has had a lot of work put into it. The soundtrack's been remastered, the cinematics have been entirely redone, the whole thing cruises by at 30fps. The elbowy channels of this trench platformer are still rather poky, but they're fringed with glorious wildlife and delightful texturing as a complete art overhaul has taken place. Ice is gemlike and wonderfully glossy, tar pits are filled with thick black goop, and the jungles! You never saw such jungles! Big fat rubbery leaves, the fraying trunks of palms, the ruffle of a breeze as you race past, smashing crates and collecting fruit.

That's the first wave. The second is quite different. After initially firing the collection up, I poked around in the original game for an hour or so. It's cludgy and fiddly and rather unforgiving. Years after making this, Naughty Dog would perfect the unmissable ledge: the ledge that you leap towards and absolutely cannot avoid connecting with, as Nathan Drake is drawn towards cinematic just-made-it safety as irresistibly as dust bunnies disappearing down the spout of a Dyson DC32 (The Animal - never bettered IMHO). Here, though, if you misjudge a jump by a millimeter, Crash falls into the abyss. No mantling. No hedging. It's actually kind of reassuring: games used to demand this kind of perfection. Through its overuse, the unmissable ledge is one of the more annoying artefacts of modern gaming, but away from the odd pitfall the supremely missable platform of the first Crash game is also kind of annoying. N Sane Trilogy swaps out the graphics but seems to retain the original geometry and the original character of the controls - even though it now supports analogue sticks. This means you get a lavish looking game that often plays in a very rickety manner. Race a tiger over the Great Wall in Warped, for example, and the whole scene is so bright and crisp and lively-looking that it's just weird the way the camera bucks and stumbles behind you, the way you move in humpty, weighty lurches, the way that dragons, who will swoop across the map as you pass, are visibly waiting in the wings as you approach, like soap actors having one last cigarette before nailing their walk-on. Reworking the surface of these games so laboriously but leaving the sometimes-jumbled guts intact feels a little like cruelty on occasion.

But there is a third wave, thankfully, and the third wave crested slowly as something kind of amazing happened to me. As I played through the Crash games on the big 4K telly in the office, the PS4 Pro whirring nobly underneath, people started to gather behind me. This almost never happens. "Oh man, I love Crash," said someone who shall remain nameless. And then another person said: "Go back a few steps, there's a secret crate you missed." This is the kind of game where people remember where the secret crates are kept.

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          Sounds of Blue: I’m So Glad   
Bob Putignano is celebraying the 8=72nd birthday of Eric Clapton with this program of music featuring recordings by Derek & the Dominos, Vince Gill, Cream, and Eric’s albums as a leader. The John Sinclair Foundation Presents I’M SO GLAD SOUNDS OF BLUE 87 Bob Putignano,...
          Valkyria Revolution review   

Well, at least the soundtrack is just fine.

If you've any love for Valkyria Chronicles, an affair likely started with Sega's 2008 original which saw Skies of Arcadia director Shuntaro Tanaka injecting some of that same breeziness into an exquisite tactical RPG, you'll likely already know how the story goes. How Sega's own 2010 sequel was confined to the PlayStation Portable, and another follow-up in 2011 from developer Media.Vision was confined further still to Japan only, with an official localisation never forthcoming. How Media.Vision was given another crack at the series with an action-based spin-off, and how it released to fairly dismal reviews in Japan earlier this year.

Six months later, following a noble localisation effort from Sega and Deep Silver, I can only confirm what you likely already know. Valkyria Revolution is not a good video game. And how.

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          "your head runs too much upon bath"   

I'd assume the Bath Abbey is one of the must-see things for most people visiting the city, and it was so for me. It is beautiful. And I do love visiting and exploring churches, abbeys and other religious sites anyway. They've usually had so much money put into the building of them that it's hard for them not to be stunning. I've no pictures from inside, but the fan vaulting of the ceiling really is lovely. My favourite is the angels climbing up the ladders outside, though. I don't mean to dwell on not getting one job almost two years ago, because it's only something I've thought about now when looking at all the Bath photos and am actually happy I didn't get it as I wouldn't be where I am now if I had - funny how things usually work out. But my interview back then was for the Abbey and it's so strange to think that this could have been my workplace. But again, as much as the idea of working and living in Bath sounds like fun, I'm pretty happy to be doing what I'm doing with my life now as it is. Even at the time, I was happy to have had a good little weekend away and mostly only bummed about the amount of money I'd blown on train tickets!

If you haven't yet, you can catch my first Bath post here.
          Hyperconverged infrastructure. It's all about the services   

If HCI sounds simple, that’s because it is

Sysadmin blog Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) isn't a product, it's a feature. The future lies in turnkey cloud solutions. This means that there are certain IT services HCI vendors need to bring to the table to remain relevant.…

          Healthcare Activists Rally as Senate GOP Delays Vote   
McConnell’s June 27th announcement to delay the vote came just as healthcare advocates kicked off their three day long People’s Filibuster in an effort to put pressure on the Senators who were considering voting for a bill that would cut $772 billion from Medicaid and $408 billion from insurance subsidies in order to give a tax break to the top 1 percent of American earners and major corporations.
          Black Mamas Matter Alliance Briefs on Black Maternal Health   
Despite the fact that global maternal mortality rates have fallen by over a third since 2000, death rates for pregnant women in the United States are on the rise.
          bhangra sound attack 1 uk エイジアンのダンスビート、バングラ!帯付き   
bhangra sound attack 1 uk エイジアンの…
現在価格:300 円,入札数:-,終了日時:2017/07/03 21:19
          AstraZeneca Canada Inc. v. Apotex Inc., 2017 SCC 36 (CanLII)   
patent — invention — utility — soundly predicted — useful


sound only 台詞合わせなどの練習ゥ…宣伝ありがとうございます

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          BM Works Delta Caddy Smartphone Holder Regular   

Universal Fit: Can be used with almost all smartphone cases mounted
A stem cap and a mountable handlebar bar are included.
The stem mount may not be mountable depending on the compression plug type
A waterproof package is included.
It is more securely fastened with double lock.
Bring the dynamic sound through the bottom sound booster.


          Super Sound Effects Summer Sale – up to 70% off!   
A Sound Effect summer SFX sale

Land huge savings on 100s of sound effects libraries while you can:

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          BM Works Delta Caddy Smartphone Holder XL   

Universal Fit: Can be used with almost all smartphone cases mounted
A stem cap and a mountable handlebar bar are included.
The stem mount may not be mountable depending on the compression plug type
A waterproof package is included.
It is more securely fastened with double lock.
Bring the dynamic sound through the bottom sound booster.


          Bping is Ping with Sound   

BPing -- pronounced beeping -- is a free command line program for Windows that works like the ping command, but with sound added to it. The author created the program for situations where he had to crawl under desks to connect network cables while running ping operations to verify connectivity. Instead of having to check […]

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          Video: Foley Artists – How Movie Sound Effects Are Made   
Foley Sound Effects

Gary Hecker, Dawn Lunsford and Alicia Stevenson demonstrate the art of creating Foley in this new video:

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どうも帝国少女(♂)ことNORISTRYです。✡ Original  RSoundDesign様(sm30788596)✡ Mix    がおー(mylist/30063539,@_Gaooo_)✡ Enc    柘榴(mylist/57379741,@zakuro_96)✡ Vocal    NORISTRY(mylist/31730762,@NORISTRY2525)✡ 前作ソ ロ「僕らはみんな意味不明」sm31205635コラボ「拝啓ドッペルゲンガー」sm31426275

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          Dangerous Blues: Monk Does Vadim   
The late 1950s were great years for black-and-white movies in France:  I’m referring specifically to those with white people on screen, and black musicians invisible on the soundtrack. The most famous of these films is Louis Malle’s 1958 Elevator to the Gallows (Ascenseur pour ‘l’échafaud), with its soundtrack by Miles Davis. After watching a rough More
          An Interview with Alan Sondheim @furtherfield   
The interview is really absorbing, and the exhibition sounds excellent too. I'm off work next week, so I'll try to make Alan's talk on Wednesday evening if I can. Is it a 7 p.m. start? And am I righ …
julian.lesaux at (Edward Picot)
From Name: 
Edward Picot

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          Beach Boys – Pet Sounds   
Un disco che ha cambiato il corso della storia del rock? “Pet Sounds” dei Beach Boys. Certo, sono in pochi a conoscere a memoria le canzoni scritte da Brian Wilson per questo album, sicuramente non è un disco che abitualmente si trova negli scaffali dei ragazzi di questi tempi, non è nemmeno un disco che abbia scalato le classifiche di vendita ai suoi tempi. Eppure pochi album hanno influenzato lo sviluppo del rock come “Pet Sounds”, il capolavoro compositivo di Wilson, un gioiello d’impasti vocali, avveniristici arrangiamenti, soluzioni creative, il tutto mescolato magistralmente con un uso dello studio di registrazione che fino ad allora non era stato nemmeno mai immaginato. Ernesto Assante e Gino Castaldo vi accompagneranno alla riscoperta di questo capolavoro della California degli anni Sessanta.
          Wizkid releases his album Artwork   
Sound from the other side which is expected to drop on the 14th of July artwork have been officially released by the artist. Quoting him ” #SFTOS official artwork! pre-order the ting now @AppleMusic! More 🔥! ” #SFTOS Official Artwork! pre-order the ting NOW on @AppleMusic! More 🔥! A post shared by Wizkid […]
          My Parents still reside in Ojuelegba – Wizkid   
Wn a recent interview with Realfm in America, Nigerian music artiste, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, better known by his stage name Wizkid, has revealed that his parents are still living in the ghetto, because they refuse to move to Lekki. The ‘Ojuelegba’ singer who has been doing media rounds for his extended play (EP) “Sounds From […]
          Pac-Land Atari Lynx Programmer Art Music Credits Screen - 10.26.2008   

Pac-Land Atari Lynx Programmer Art Music Credits Screen - 10.26.2008

Pac-Land Atari Lynx Programmer Art Music Credits Screen - 10.26.2008

Programming and art credits from the game Pac-Land for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System. Credit reads: Programming and Art by Joel Seider. Music and Sound by Jason Stephenitch

          Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will "Star" In a Crazy-Sounding Comedy for Amazon   
Today Amazon Studios and top-notch indie production company A24 announced a new comedy series premiering August 4. It's called Comrade Detective, and at first glance maybe you'll be like "sounds like another Amazon show no one will care about." It's set in Romania in the 1980s, and Amazon describes it like this: "The action-packed and blood-soaked first season finds Detectives Gregor Anghel (Florin Piersic [...]

The Morning Heresy is your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities.

While the very fabric of space-time warped and undulated over the Trump-Morning Joe conflict (we’ll get to that), Republicans in the House finance subcommittee worked up a scheme to neutralize the Johnson Amendment. The proposed rule would deny the IRS the funds it would need to investigate Johnson Amendment violations…for churches only. That’s right, no mention of other nonprofits, no mention of other houses of worship. We joined a big coalition of groups opposing the measure, and I did the equivalent of marching up and down, toddler-Bart-Simpson style, making noise about it.

But you know, the fabric of space time. Undulating and whatnot. About that:

After Trump did his dumbass Trump thing that he does, Sarah Huckabee Sanders attempted to justify the president’s behavior as some kind of proportional response to bullying (????), and when asked who she could point to as a role model, she defaulted to God. That’s fine, but you’d think a couple human role models would be useful in a pinch. Maybe keep a couple of those in your back pocket. Just a thought.

More fun was the op-ed by Mika and Joe themselves, where they threw so much shade it looked like an eclipse. They said Trump wasn’t mentally healthy enough to watch Morning Joe, and made the charge that Trump had blackmailed them with the threat of a negative National Inquirer article.

David Roberts at Vox tries to come to grips with what the hell is wrong with the man, and why it’s so hard to figure it out:

Trump defies our theory of mind because he appears to lack a coherent, persistent self or worldview. He is a raging fire of need, protected and shaped by a lifetime of entitlement, with the emotional maturity and attention span of a 6-year-old, utterly unaware of the long-term implications of his actions. ... Politicos and journalists need a story in which Trump’s stumbling and grasping can be construed as a savvy media strategy, a “distraction” from some other wrongdoing he has going on, or a “pivot” from his current omnishambles. Those are all versions of political maneuvering with which they are familiar. They need for Trump to want things, to be after things, to have a plan. ... But there’s no there there.

CFI Los Angeles chief Jim Underdown recoils at the utter plausibility of The Handmaid’s Tale, and laments that the star of the TV version, Elizabeth Moss, is herself a Scientologist:

What doesn’t fit is that the Church of Scientology could be a central character in The Handmaid’s Tale TV series. For decades we’ve been hearing real-life stories from ex-Scientologists that sound like they could be plots in the series.   

Nikhil Sonnad at Quartz does a great service, cataloguing how Alex Jones’ Infowars store and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop store and the Moon Juice store all sell the same snake oil.

Speaking of Alex Jones (if we must), he had a guest, Robert David Steele, who said this:

This may strike your listeners as way out but we actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20 year ride. So that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony.  

Now, Jones does seem to distance himself from this idea a tad (“Well I don’t know about Mars bases”), but don’t give him too much credit! Or any! Because then he says this:

I know they’ve created massive, thousands of different types of chimeras that are alien lifeforms on this earth now. 

Just in case you’re wondering, NASA denies the allegation. Well, of course they would. Pfft.

In Bizarro America, aka Canada, a new survey shows that the electorate would prefer an atheist, gay, or transgender prime minister over an evangelical Christian. 

CFI’s new intern Andy Ngo thinks back to the Orlando massacre one year ago, and how the discourse about it has been too diffuse, asking, “While it is imperative to prevent and condemn discrimination against Muslims, why does that have to come at the cost of speaking openly about religious fundamentalism, particularly Islamism?”

South Africa will no longer have single-religion public schools. (A group lobbying for this change, the Organisasie vir Godsdienste-Onderrig en Demokrasie, has the greatest acronym ever: OGOD.) 

Australian homeopathics company Brauer is being investigated for promoting an ebook that advocates the use of homeopathy to treat babies and toddlers.  

Theologian and sociologist Peter Berger has died at the age of 88. I don’t know much about most of his work, but his book The Social Construction of Reality blew my mind when I read it in college a million years ago. 

Quote of the Day:

This. This is wonderful. You’re welcome.

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The Morning Heresy: “I actually read it.” - Hemant Mehta


          Irony Maiden   

Until recently, I had put off watching The Handmaid’s Tale on HULU because I knew it would make me angry. I read Margaret Atwood’s book of the same name in the mid-1980s, and remember how the story – centered in a world run by pious bullies – made my blood boil. Now, dystopian stories of religion-based mind control hit close to home for those of us at CFI. We probably hear more true-life religious horror stories than the average citizen.


When I read the book 30 years ago, I thought some of the plot seemed a bit far-fetched. No way could things get so out of control. But as I work my way through the first few episodes of the TV series, I’m unpleasantly surprised at how plausible some of the series storylines sound in the wake of our recent elections. Three shows in, the series has already depicted: open and widespread intolerance, the objectification of women, religious fundamentalism, and massive protests.


Any of that sound familiar?


The other surprise was that the series star – Elizabeth Moss— who I think is a talented actor with solid credits to her name, is a practicing Scientologist.  (Moss, by the way, is also listed as a producer on the show and identifies as a feminist on her Wikipedia page. Ok that fits.)


What doesn’t fit is that the Church of Scientology (CoS) could be a central character in The Handmaid’s Tale TV series. For decades we’ve been hearing real-life stories from ex-Scientologists that sound like they could be plots in the series. The examples below apply to both the Church of Scientology and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Ø  Church makes pregnancy decision for a woman

Ø  Individuals virtually held prisoners

Ø  Leaders use fear and brutality to keep underlings in line

Ø  It’s dangerous to contradict sacred text

Ø  Anyone can be an informer


I’m sure that list could be much longer if I really gave it some thought and saw more episodes.


Moss has been a working actor since she was a kid, so she may have been feted by the CoS big cheeses from an early age and sheltered from the volumes of bad press the church has been getting for most of her life. And Scientology typically paints their apostates as disgruntled or vengeful to dodge the real issues of whether the complaints are true or not. The point is that she may not be exposed to her cult’s nefarious practices as fully as the rest of us, or if she was, the stories were probably poo pooed as the ravings of cranks.


Scientologists are not alone in being blinded to the insanity of their own beliefs, but the sheer volume of criticism and tales of mistreatment should give Moss and other high-profile scientologists pause and spark them to ask some questions of their leadership. Seems like every year it would get harder and harder to dodge the growing mountains of evidence that point to major problems in this “religion.”


It’s time to wake up.


Someone should nudge Elizabeth Moss and tell her that it becomes especially imperative to inquire about your own highly-criticized, authoritarian religion when you star in a TV series that highly criticizes authoritarian religion.


Maybe a chat with Leah Remini would help…


          A look inside the Atari Lynx Owners Manual - 10.24.2008   

A look inside the Atari Lynx Owners Manual - 10.24.2008

A look inside the Atari Lynx Owners Manual - 10.24.2008

page 8 reads: The life of alkaline batteris is approximately four hours. Rechargeable batteries may be used. It is time to change or recharge the battery when the unit stops working, the screen becomes dim or erratic, or the sound becomes distroted or weak. The following drawing shows the back of the Lynx. Look at it carefully to see how to insert batteries. (Diagram of back fo Atari Lynx). Page 9 reads: Follow the steps listed below to insert batteries into your Lynx. 1. Place yout thumbs over the battery compartment door and slide the door down. The battery compartment is exposed. 2. Insert 6 AA batteries, 3 in each channel, correctly aligning the positive (+) terminals. (See the battery diagram on the back of the Lymx.) Replace the door.

          Album Review: Prong - "Ruining Lives"   

Heads up, fans of early 90's metal. Prong is back with a new album. But before we get to just how awesome the new album is (sorry for the spoiler), I have my very own, albeit unexciting to anyone but me, Prong story.

It was back in late January, 1992. Bill Clinton was the new President, glam metal was dying a slow, painful death and "alternative music" was beginning to take hold. I had just hooked up with a local band as their biggest fan/roadie when we had the opportunity to open for Prong at the Lost Horizon club in Syracuse, NY. The trip from Albany to Syracuse is not a particularly taxing event unless, of course, you're driving through a blizzard, which we were. The drive took quite a while and we almost died once or twice but, as they say, the show must go on. Suffice it to say, we made it in one piece and the band did, in fact, open for Prong while they were supporting their "Prove You Wrong" album. Rock and roll!

The drive back to Albany was even worse but I'll save that for another day.

Since we're talking about the "Prove You Wrong" album, we might as well mention "Beg To Differ" and "Cleansing" also. These three albums, for me, put Prong near the top of the class when it came to the new face of metal in the early 90's along with Pantera and Sepultura. Prong's music was sparse and aggressive and, in my less-than-humble opinion, "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" is still one of the greats.

I am super excited at the opportunity to review the newest Prong album, "Ruining Lives". It has been nearly 24 years since "Beg To Differ" came out and the band has changed personnel a number of times since then. This time around, it's founding member Tommy Victor on vocals and guitar, Jason Christopher on bass and Art Cruz on the drums.

As far as the new album goes, it's freakin' Prong! The drums are a bit more produced than previous albums but Victor is still nailing it with his guitar sound. The music has also matured quite a bit. Where the riffs and lyrics were more minimalistic in the past, "Ruining Lives" is much more melodic in both the music and the vocals. Where Tommy Victor used to just shout (see "Prove You Wrong"), he now sings from time to time. You'll still hear some of Prong's signature sound, especially on "Absence of Light", but it has been augmented with more melodious choruses throughout.

When a band, especially a metal band, spreads its wings and ventures outside its box, an argument almost always ensues. If this album were made by a new band you had never heard of before you would think, "This is great. It sounds a little like Prong". But since Prong did, in fact, make it, I'm afraid fans of their older material will say, "Why is he SINGING? Why aren't they more pissed off?".

Make no mistake, they're still pissed off but maybe not quite AS pissed off as they were 24 years ago. Tommy Victor and Prong are a New York City band. Remember what New York was like 24 years ago? It was dirty and gritty and Prong's music reflected that grittiness. Now, we have in many places, a kinder, gentler, slightly less gritty New York and Prong's latest album seems to reflect that as well.

The album starts with a handful of kick ass songs but really shifts into high gear in the middle of the record beginning with "Absence Of Light", "The Book Of Change" and "Self Will Run Riot".

Prong really stretches its legs with the poly-rhythmic "Come To Realize". As far as I know, this is a pretty radical departure for the band and is not unwelcomed. This is the maturity of the music I spoke of earlier. As Tommy Victor himself says, "It really is math-metal meets pure hardcore with a crazy-ass riff" and I couldn't agree more.

I didn't love, love, love everything on "Ruining Lives" but I did like it all a lot. It's the same Prong you know and love with a few added features for those of us who have grown along with the music. My days of roadie-ing have long since passed but Prong will always have a special place in the old memory banks. And now, thanks to this new album, we can start a whole new chapter. Rock on!


          Today’s Most Innovative Car Audio Features   

Technology feels like it’s constantly changing. Computers have evolved from taking up an entire room to fitting in the palm of your hand. Car audio is no different. What started out as a simple AM receiver is now more versatile than most of us ever imagined. These days, there are not only a number of different ways to play music through a car audio receiver, but a nice selection of accessories you can get for your stereo. Bluetooth Streaming and SiriusXM Satellite Radio Depending on your age, you might remember a time when cassette tapes, and later CDs, were the only options for listening to music in your car, aside from AM/FM radio. While AM/FM radios and CD players are still common functions of car stereo systems, stereos today commonly have built-in Bluetooth, which allows you to connect your smartphone wirelessly and stream music from apps such as iTunes, Spotify or Pandora directly to the stereo. All aftermarket stereos will offer an auxiliary input with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, to plug in sound from any device. Most also offer USB inputs to allow charging devices, as well asl playing music from a phone or USB flashdrive. With the right equipment, you can gain access to over 150 radio stations with SiriusXM satellite radio, many commercial free. These channels cover every genre of music, sports, news, traffic, weather, and talk radio. Even better, your stereo can receive signal anywhere as long as it has access to the satellites, and with terrestrial repeaters it will be extremely rare to lose signal, even thru tunnels and overpasses. Apps, Maps and More In addition to these fantastic new ways to listen to music through your stereo, technology has brought us great safety features to help you get where you’re going without incident. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connect your smartphone to the car stereo and allow you to access features from your device like maps, texts and other apps, directly through your stereo’s touchscreen or voice control. This allows you to keep your eyes on the road, and driving safer, not digging for your phone to get the info you need. Another great feature available in many stereos is the ability to add a backup camera that feeds directly to the screen, giving you a better view while backing out of your driveway or any other spot. Many car manufactures are adding stereo controls into the steering wheel, providing quick access to volume, play/paus, and skip controls without taking your hands off the wheel. Even better, if you want to replace the factory stereo, you can keep your steering wheel controls working with the addition of a Steering Wheel Control Interface available with the install. Audio Express Come out to one of our many Audio Express locations and chat with one our Car Audio Professionals to learn more and find the right stereo for you.

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          Five of the Best Ways to Test Your Car Audio System   

A good sound system can put a spring in your step; a great system will have the driver in a car several blocks away joining the chorus. If you are tired of tolerating mediocre melodies in your car, you have to test your system for the weak links that need to be addressed. 1. Check and Compare Wattage One of the most common reasons for poor sound quality is a discrepancy between the amplifier output and the maximum power of the speaker and subwoofers. This can create a distorted sound and can cause the speaker to blow out. For the best audio clarity and sound, make sure the max power of the speaker is matched to the power output of the amplifier. 2. Adjust the Equalizer Start with the treble as it conveys the finer details of the music. Once the treble is tuned in just right, adjust the bass levels to give the thumps and bangs the oomph that gets the blood pumping. As you balance your equalizer, it is also a good idea to take note of the best settings for the various types of music you enjoy. This will make it easy to set everything before you take your next trip down the road. 3. Choose Your Test Tunes Carefully It is always a good idea to pick out a handful of test songs that represent the artists and songs you listen to most frequently. Using them as your test tracks will help you dial in the sound for the types of music you enjoy the most. Also, much of today’s digitally downloaded music varies in sound quality and volume, so tune your stereo with the best audio recording available, or use a Store bought CD if you have one available for best tuning. 4. Listen for the Dynamics You should always test your speakers at the highest and lowest volumes. Different systems will create a different sound at these extreme ranges and it is important to know how your system performs when the beat is blasting on a jam or when the chorus cools off and softens up for a love song. 5. Create a Quiet Space You should never test your audio out on the street or within a noisy garage. Create a quiet place where you can roll up the windows and test your system in peace and quiet. This will help ensure that outside noises don’t distract from the true sound quality coming from your speakers as you calibrate the receiver and the other components in your car audio system. Audio Express Audio Express car audio stores are just a stone’s throw away. Our audio technicians would be delighted to help you test and select the best components for your sound system and music preference. We will be happy to answer your questions and give you our recommendations for creating the best listening experience as you travel down the road.

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          Eight Simple Ways to Enhance Your Car’s Music Experience   

There is never a need to put up with terrible sound quality as you cruise down the road. A handful of minor tweaks can give your tweeters something to sing about. If you are dealing with treble trouble or bad bass, then the following are eight simple ways to pump up the jams that you will want to take note of: 1. Upgrade Your Speakers Stock factory paper speakers and low-quality installations will leave your listening experience flat on the dash. If you want good sound, spring for a decent set of speakers, you’ll be glad you did! 2. Insulate Your Doors Insulating your doors with sound-deadening material by HushMat will reduce vibration and distortion, boost the quality of your car audio installation, and improve your overall sound quality. This is often overlooked, and can make a big difference in the listening experience. 3. Amp It Up More power equals more sound. If you like to crank it up, then you have to give your speakers the juice they need to deliver the clean sound you desire. A well-built amp is just what the audio engineer ordered for top-quality sound. Did you know most speakers blow out due to too little power? This causes the speaker to work harder than designed, heat up faster, and significantly shortens speaker life. Give ‘em the power they need, and they’ll give you years of great sound! 4. Equalize the System Every car is different, and sound will react differently depending on the layout and materials within the interior. An equalizer makes it possible to adjust the sound coming from each speaker for maximum performance. 5. Seal in the Subwoofer Air leaking from around the subwoofer can dilute the sound, resulting in less volume. A well-sealed subwoofer helps contain the sound and direct it best acoustically into the listening environment. 6. Upgrade the Receiver A solid receiver is essential for receiving clear radio signals, smooth CD spins and clear MP3 playback. You will want to select a receiver that has the USB ports and the extras you need to connect your devices to your car audio system. Today’s most popular features like Bluetooth and CarPlay are available in many models in all different price ranges. 7. Splurge on Wire One of the most important elements of audio installation is often ignored. High-quality speaker wire is essential for high-quality sound. You will want to choose wire gauges that are matched to your speakers and their position within the vehicle. 8. Put in a Capacitor Not a flux capacitor unless you plan to go back in time. A simple capacitor will be more than enough to keep the power flowing from the battery to the amp and through your speakers, and keep lights from dimming as well as reducing strain on your vehicles charging system.       Audio Express Are you wondering “Where can I get car audio near me? The answer is Audio Express because we have plenty of stores located throughout the region. We will be happy to listen to your needs and recommend the solutions that will deliver the listening experience you desire. We can help you enjoy concert-quality sound if you love to cruise to Chopin, jam with some jazz or put the pedal to the Metallica. 

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          Sweden Wind Power Capacity, Generation, Levelized Cost of Energy - Industry Analysis, Trends, and Forecast Report 2030   

Market Research Hub

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2017 ) Market Research Hub (MRH) has recently announced the addition of a fresh report, titled “Sweden Wind Power Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2017 - Capacity, Generation, Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), Investment Trends, Regulations and Company Profiles” to its report offerings. The report provides in depth analysis on global renewable power market and global wind power market with forecasts up to 2030.

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"Wind Power in Sweden, Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2016 - Capacity, Generation, Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), Investment Trends, Regulations and Company Profiles is the latest report from GlobalData, the industry analysis specialists that offer comprehensive information and understanding of the wind power market in Sweden.

The report provides in depth analysis on global renewable power market and global wind power market with forecasts up to 2030. The report analyzes the power market scenario in Sweden (includes conventional thermal, nuclear, large hydro and renewable energy sources) and provides future outlook with forecasts up to 2030. The research details renewable power market outlook in the country (includes wind, small hydro, biopower and solar PV) and provides forecasts up to 2030. The report highlights installed capacity and power generation trends from 2006 to 2030 in Sweden wind power market. A detailed coverage of renewable energy policy framework governing the market with specific policies pertaining to wind power is provided in the report. The research also provides company snapshots of some of the major market participants.

The report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, secondary research and in-house analysis by GlobalDatas team of industry experts.

The report analyses global renewable power market, global wind power (Onshore and Offshore) market, Sweden power market, Sweden renewable power market and Sweden wind power market. The scope of the research includes -
- A brief introduction on global carbon emissions and global primary energy consumption.
- An overview on global renewable power market, highlighting installed capacity trends, generation trends and installed capacity split by various renewable power sources. The information is covered for the historical period 2006-2015 (unless specified) and forecast period 2015-2030.
- Renewable power sources include wind (both onshore and offshore), solar photovoltaic (PV), concentrated solar power (CSP), small hydropower (SHP), biomass, biogas and geothermal.
- Detailed overview of the global wind power market with installed capacity and generation trends, installed capacity split by major hydropower countries in 2015 and key owners information of various regions.
- Power market scenario in Sweden and provides detailed market overview, installed capacity and power generation trends by various fuel types (includes thermal conventional, nuclear, large hydro and renewable energy sources) with forecasts up to 2030.
- An overview on Sweden renewable power market, highlighting installed capacity trends (2006-2030), generation trends(2006-2030) and installed capacity split by various renewable power sources in 2015.
- Detailed overview of Sweden wind power market with installed capacity and generation trends and major active and upcoming wind projects.
- Deal analysis of Sweden wind power market. Deals are analyzed on the basis of mergers, acquisitions, partnership, asset finance, debt offering, equity offering, private equity (PE) and venture capitalists (VC).
- Key policies and regulatory framework supporting the development of renewable power sources in general and wind power in particular.
- Company snapshots of some of the major market participants in the country.

Reasons to buy
- The report will enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner.
- Identify key growth and investment opportunities in Sweden wind power market.
- Facilitate decision-making based on strong historic and forecast data for wind power market.
- Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the industrys growth potential.
- Develop strategies based on the latest regulatory events.
- Identify key partners and business development avenues.
- Understand and respond to your competitors business structure, strategy and prospects.

Read Full Report with TOC:

Table of Contents:

1 Table of Contents 2
1.1 List of Tables 6
1.2 List of Figures 7
2 Executive Summary 8
2.1 Government Support in Conjunction with Technology Development Driving Global Renewable Power Installations 8
2.2 Top 10 Countries Account for Over 84% of Wind Power Capacity 8
2.3 Renewable to Account for a Maximum Share of Installed Capacity by 2030 9
2.4 Wind Power to become One of the Primary Sources of Electricity in the Future 10
3 Introduction 11
3.1 Carbon Emissions, Global, 2001-2015 11
3.2 Primary Energy Consumption, Global, 2001-2025 13
3.3 Wind Power, Global, Technology Definition and Classification 15
3.4 Wind Power Market, Technology Overview 15
3.5 Wind Power Market, Turbine Components 16
3.6 Report Guidance 18
4 Renewable Power Market, Global, 2006 - 2030 19
4.1 Renewable Power Market, Global, Overview 19
4.2 Renewable Power Market, Global, Installed Capacity, 2006-2030 21
4.2.1 Renewable Power Market, Global, Cumulative Installed Capacity by Source Type, 2006-2030 21
4.2.2 Renewable Power Market, Global, Cumulative Installed Capacity Split by Source Type, 2015 and. 2030 23

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About Market Research Hub:

Market Research Hub (MRH) is a next-generation reseller of research reports and analysis. MRH’s expansive collection of Wind Power Market Research Reports has been carefully curated to help key personnel and decision makers across industry verticals to clearly visualize their operating environment and take strategic steps.

MRH functions as an integrated platform for the following products and services: Objective and sound market forecasts, qualitative and quantitative analysis, incisive insight into defining industry trends, and market share estimates. Our reputation lies in delivering value and world-class capabilities to our clients.

Contact Details:

90 State Street,

Albany, NY 12207,

United States

Toll Free: 866-997-4948 (US-Canada)

Tel: +1-518-621-2074



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          Global FPSO Industry Outlook Q2 2017 - Brazil Continues to Dominate with Most Planned Project Starts   

Market Research Hub

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2017 ) Market Research Hub (MRH) has recently announced the addition of a fresh report, titled “Q2 2017 Global FPSO Industry Outlook - Brazil Continues to Dominate with Most Planned Project Starts” to its report offerings. The report obtain the most up to date information available on the planned FPSO projects globally.

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A total of 54 FPSOs are expected to start operations globally by 2021. South America will continue to lead globally with planned deployment of more than 20 FPSOs, followed by Africa and Asia by 2021. Among countries Brazil continues to dominate in terms of deployment of planned FPSOs, followed by the UK and Angola. Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. and Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Saipem S.p.A are expected to be key global players among operators with the highest deployment of the planned FPSOs by 2021.


Count of FPSOs that were brought online from 2011 to 2017 by key regions in the world, outlook up to 2025

Forecast of FPSOs that would be brought online by 2021 by key countries and operators

Details of major planned FPSOs globally up to 2021

Recent developments, tenders and contracts of FPSOs by key regions, where available

Reasons to buy

Obtain the most up to date information available on the planned FPSO projects globally

Facilitate decision making on the basis of historic and forecasts of FPSO data

Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights about the planned FPSO projects globally

Assess your competitor’s planned FPSO projects and capacities

Be informed about recent developments, tenders and contracts in the FPSO industry

Read Full Report with TOC:

Table of Contents:

1.1 List of Tables 3
1.2 List of Figures 4
2. Global FPSO Industry Outlook 5
2.1. Key Highlights 5
2.2. New Project Announcements 6
2.3. New Project Cancellations 6
2.4. Postponed Projects 6
2.5. Stalled Projects 7
2.6. FPSO Industry, Africa 11
2.6.1. Recent Developments in the African FPSO Industry 12
2.6.2. Tenders and Contracts 14
2.7. FPSO Industry, Asia 15
2.7.1. Recent Developments in the Asian FPSO Industry 16
2.7.2. Tenders and Contracts 17
2.8. FPSO Industry, Europe 19
2.8.1. Recent Developments in the European FPSO Industry 20
2.8.2. Tenders and Contracts 22
2.9. FPSO Industry, Middle East 24
2.9.1. Recent Developments in the Middle Eastern FPSO Industry 25
2.9.2. Tenders and Contracts 26
2.10. FPSO Industry, North America 27
2.10.1. Recent Developments in the North American FPSO Industry 28
2.10.2. Tenders and Contracts 29
2.11. FPSO Industry, Oceania 31
2.11.1. Recent Developments in the Oceania FPSO Industry 32
2.11.2. Tenders and Contracts 33
2.12. FPSO Industry, South America 35
2.12.1. Recent Developments in the South American FPSO Industry 36
2.12.2. Tenders and Contracts 37
2.13. Global Planned FPSOs 39
3. Appendix 53
3.1. Abbreviations 53
3.2. Methodology 53
3.2.1 Coverage 53
3.2.2 Secondary Research 53
3.3. Contact Us 54
3.4. Disclaimer 54

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About Market Research Hub:

Market Research Hub (MRH) is a next-generation reseller of research reports and analysis. MRH’s expansive collection of Oil and Gas Market Research Reports has been carefully curated to help key personnel and decision makers across industry verticals to clearly visualize their operating environment and take strategic steps.

MRH functions as an integrated platform for the following products and services: Objective and sound market forecasts, qualitative and quantitative analysis, incisive insight into defining industry trends, and market share estimates. Our reputation lies in delivering value and world-class capabilities to our clients.

Contact Details:

90 State Street,

Albany, NY 12207,

United States

Toll Free: 866-997-4948 (US-Canada)

Tel: +1-518-621-2074



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          Sweden Hydropower Capacity, Generation, Regulations - Industry Analysis, Trends, and Forecast Report 2030   

Market Research Hub

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2017 ) Market Research Hub (MRH) has recently announced the addition of a fresh report, titled “Sweden Hydropower Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2017 - Capacity, Generation, Regulations and Company Profiles” to its report offerings. The report provides in depth analysis on global renewable power market and global hydropower market with forecasts up to 2030.

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"Hydropower (Large, Small and Pumped Storage) in Sweden, Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2017 - Capacity, Generation, Regulations and Company Profiles" is the latest report from GlobalData, the industry analysis specialists that offer comprehensive information and understanding of the hydropower market in Sweden.

The report provides in depth analysis on global renewable power market and global hydropower market with forecasts up to 2030. The report analyzes the power market scenario in Sweden (includes conventional thermal, nuclear, large hydro and renewable energy sources) and provides future outlook with forecasts up to 2030. The research details renewable power market outlook in the country (includes hydro, small hydro, biopower and solar PV) and provides forecasts up to 2030. The report highlights installed capacity and power generation trends from 2006 to 2030 in Sweden hydropower market. A detailed coverage of renewable energy policy framework governing the market with specific policies pertaining to hydropower is provided in the report. The research also provides company snapshots of some of the major market participants.

The report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, secondary research and in-house analysis by GlobalDatas team of industry experts.
The report analyses global renewable power market, global hydropower market, Sweden power market, Sweden renewable power market and Sweden hydropower market. The scope of the research includes -
- A brief introduction on global carbon emissions and global primary energy consumption.
- An overview on global renewable power market, highlighting installed capacity trends, generation trends and installed capacity split by various renewable power sources. The information is covered for the historical period 2006-2016 (unless specified) and forecast period 2017-2030.
- Renewable power sources include wind (both onshore and offshore), solar photovoltaic (PV), concentrated solar power (CSP), small hydropower (SHP), biomass, biogas and geothermal.
- Detailed overview of the global hydropower market with installed capacity and generation trends, installed capacity split by major hydropower countries in 2016 and key owners information of various regions.
- Power market scenario in Sweden and provides detailed market overview, installed capacity and power generation trends by various fuel types (includes thermal conventional, nuclear, large hydro and renewable energy sources) with forecasts up to 2030.
- An overview on Sweden renewable power market, highlighting installed capacity trends (2006-2030), generation trends(2006-2030) and installed capacity split by various renewable power sources in 2016.
- Detailed overview of Sweden hydropower market with installed capacity and generation trends and major active and upcoming hydro projects.
- Deal analysis of Sweden hydropower market. Deals are analyzed on the basis of mergers, acquisitions, partnership, asset finance, debt offering, equity offering, private equity (PE) and venture capitalists (VC).
- Key policies and regulatory framework supporting the development of renewable power sources in general and hydropower in particular.
- Company snapshots of some of the major market participants in the country.
Reasons to buy
- The report will enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner.
- Identify key growth and investment opportunities in Sweden hydropower market.
- Facilitate decision-making based on strong historic and forecast data for hydropower market.
- Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the industrys growth potential.
- Develop strategies based on the latest regulatory events.
- Identify key partners and business development avenues.
- Understand and respond to your competitors business structure, strategy and prospects.

Read Full Report with TOC:

Table of Contents:

1 Table of Contents 2
1.1 List of Tables 5
1.2 List of Figures 6
2 Executive Summary 7
2.1 Fall in OECD Countries Carbon Emission despite a Global Rise during 2010-2015 7
2.2 Technological Advancements and Government Support Driving Global Renewable Power Installations 7
2.3 Top 10 Countries Account for Over 70% of Hydropower Capacity 7
2.4 Renewable to Stock Up Maximum Installed Capacity by 2030 8
2.5 Hydropower Capacity Dominates Electricity Generation in Sweden 9
3 Introduction 10
3.1 Carbon Emissions, Global, 2001-2016 10
3.2 Primary Energy Consumption, Global, 2001-2025 12
3.3 Hydropower, Global, Technology Definition and Classification 14
3.4 Report Guidance 16
4 Renewable Power Market, Global, 2006-2030 17
4.1 Renewable Power Market, Global, Overview 17
4.2 Renewable Power Market, Global, Installed Capacity, 2006-2030 18
4.2.1 Renewable Power Market, Global, Cumulative Installed Capacity by Source Type, 2006-2030 18
4.2.2 Renewable Power Market, Global, Cumulative Installed Capacity Split by Source Type, 2016 and 2030 20
4.2.3 Renewable Power Market, Global, Net Capacity Additions by Source Type, 2016-2030 22

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About Market Research Hub:

Market Research Hub (MRH) is a next-generation reseller of research reports and analysis. MRH’s expansive collection of market research reports has been carefully curated to help key personnel and decision makers across industry verticals to clearly visualize their operating environment and take strategic steps.

MRH functions as an integrated platform for the following products and services: Objective and sound market forecasts, qualitative and quantitative analysis, incisive insight into defining industry trends, and market share estimates. Our reputation lies in delivering value and world-class capabilities to our clients.

Contact Details:

90 State Street,

Albany, NY 12207,

United States

Toll Free: 866-997-4948 (US-Canada)

Tel: +1-518-621-2074



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          Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Absolution Coming First to PlayStation 4 on July 7   
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Absolution Coming First to PlayStation 4 on July 7 New DLC Pack Features Four Diverse, New Multiplayer Maps Actress Cassandra Peterson Reprises Her Iconic Role of Elvira in New Zombies Experience “Attack of the Radioactive Thing!” set in a 1950s Creature Feature June 30, 2017 – Activision and Infinity Ward have unveiled the first official details of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Absolution, the third DLC Map Pack for 2016’s No. 1 top-selling console video game in the United States (excluding hardware bundle sales), Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The map pack features four new, diverse multiplayer maps, and a new zombies co-op experience called Attack of the Radioactive Thing!, set in a ‘50s era beach town where a government science experiment has gone horribly wrong. Absolution is scheduled to release July 7, first on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, with other platforms to follow. “Our team couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce another wild, twisted zombies experience in Attack of the Radioactive Thing!, which continues the story and adds some awesome new gameplay,” said Dave Stohl, Studio Head of Infinity Ward. “For our multiplayer fans, we’re delivering four diverse maps that reward the different gameplay styles our community has embraced since the game launched last year. We can’t wait.” Attack of the Radioactive Thing!, the next action-packed chapter of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare zombies experience, once again features the return of Willard Wyler, the enigmatic movie director villain portrayed with voice and likeness by Paul Reubens (Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, Gotham). Wyler has trapped the four protagonists inside an all-new horror film, set in the 1950s and in the style of the Creature Feature films of the era. Players will fight a new array of zombie enemies across a ravaged beach town where a government science experiment has transformed the residents into flesh-devouring zombies and introduced a new biological menace into the city. Additionally, horror movie icon Elvira, played with voice and likeness by Cassandra Peterson (Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Elvira’s Movie Macabre), will help players survive and give them gameplay tips and side quests with her unique Elvira style. New weapons, traps and more will augment the hallmark Call of Duty action, with Seth Green (Robot Chicken, Austin Powers) as “the Scientist;” Ike Barinholtz (Neighbors, Suicide Squad) as “the Rebel;” Jay Pharoah (White Famous, Saturday Night Live) as “the Soldier;” and Sasheer Zamata (Saturday Night Live, Inside Amy Schumer) as “the School Girl,” all making a return from the ongoing story in this all-new experience. In addition to Attack of the Radioactive Thing!, Absolution will also include four new multiplayer maps: Bermuda – A shantytown created around the remnants of a crashed ship, Bermuda allows players to duck, dive, and wall ride from the fish market to the lighthouse in this small to medium sized map that’s been water-wasted and sandblasted. Permafrost – Set within the chill of a frozen city skyline, Permafrost lets players stick to the ground and pick their plan of attack in one of three main lanes. They will traverse the map, moving from street side to train station, and hobo village to wrecked theatre house in this small, tight-quarters map. Fore – In Fore, the only thing miniature about this large map is the golf courses players will be fighting in. Fore features great visual variety as players swing around the sights and sounds of areas that brandish magical forests, giant creamsicles, and elevated castle walls. Ember – Located near an old town castle, Ember is a remake of the Modern Warfare 3 classic map Resistance, featuring old world aesthetics retrofitted with modern technology. The surroundings include lava, gallows and a torture room, where players will want to stick close to their teammates. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Absolution releases on July 7, 2017 first for the PlayStation 4, with other platforms to follow. The game is rated MA15+ for Mature (Blood, Intense Violence, Strong Language). For more information, please visit Fans can also follow @CallofDuty on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
          GLT Sound Ideas 06/29/17   
A gay, married Catholic from the Springfield diocese is reacting to restrictions his bishop has placed on gay parishoners. Springfield church member John Freml ponders his future in the Catholic Church. Get a preview of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival's opening night. We observe the centennial of a street car strike in Bloomington – find out what this labor action is important. And Jon Norton talks with Sarah Shook. Her band The Disarmers are headed to central Illinois.
          Re: Purge Cache takes Forever with Boost and Child themes   

by Chris Witham.  

That sounds really useful. We maintain a frontend framework that we implement across a number of products, Moodle being just one of them. It would be far easier for us to use a grunt file to compile the SCSS for us outside of Moodle during theme development and then just ship our compiled, minified CSS to production within the theme instead of having the SCSS compile on the production server when settings change.

I understand there are some downsides to this like not using Moodle settings variables in the SCSS files but I think that's a trade off I'd willingly accept.

          Sleep Party People - Lingering (2017)   

Artist: Sleep Party People
Title: Lingering
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings
Genre: Indie, Dreampop
Quality: Mp3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 48:51
Total Size: 111 / 312 MB
01. Figures
02. The Missing Steps
03. Fainting Spell
04. Salix and His Soil
05. Lingering Eyes
06. Dissensions
07. Limitations
08. The Sound of His Daughter
09. The Sun Will Open Its Core
10. We Are There Together
11. Odd Forms
12. Vivid Dream

Sleep Party People is the brainchild of Brian Batz, a Danish multi-instrumentalist with a boundless imagination. The one-man home recording project took shape in 2008 when Batz began experimenting with an old battered piano in his apartment. Coupled with a strange electronic alteration of his recorded voice, he created eerie, hypnotic sounds and haunting melodies forming the basis of Sleep Party People's self-titled debut album (2010). With the release of 2012's 'We Were Drifting On A Sad Song' and 2014's 'Floating', Sleep Party People began touring as a five-piece band, gaining the attention of fans worldwide. Without the support of a U.S. label, the band was able to harness a groundswell of attention from far reaches of the globe. Throughout Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, and even parts of the Middle East it's not unusual for SPP shows to draw thousands of spectators. Sleep Party People releases their first album on Joyful Noise, titled 'Lingering'. Written, recorded, produced, and performed by Batz, the new album develops beyond the band's more overtly post-rock efforts. With 'Lingering', Batz has found a voice as a unique songwriter, and has captured a singular warmth within his densely layered, futuristically choreographed instrumentation.


          Acoustic Alchemy - Roseland (2011) [HDtracks]   

Artist: Acoustic Alchemy
Title: Roseland
Year Of Release: 2011
Label: Naim
Genre: Smooth Jazz / Contemporary Jazz
Quality: FLAC (tracks) [24Bit/96kHz]
Total Time: 55:58
Total Size: 1,27 GB
The trademark innovation and optimism of three-time Grammy nominee's, Acoustic Alchemy,can be heard in abundance on their latest studio album Roseland containing a plethora of guitar styles and grooves.

2011 marked the 30th anniversary of Acoustic Alchemy; it was back in 1981 that Simon James and the late Nick Webb, Acoustic Alchemy's original co-leaders, started working together. These days, Acoustic Alchemy have two different co-leaders: Greg Carmichael and Miles Gilderdale. But even though James left in the mid-'80s and Webb died in 1998, the basic idea for the group has remained: two acoustic guitarists up front playing a light, unassuming mixture of jazz and pop. Of course, there is a difference between light and lightweight, and Acoustic Alchemy have recorded their share of lightweight background fluff over the years. But they have also had their more creative moments; thankfully, it turns out that Roseland is more than an exercise in fluff for the sake of fluff. In fact, much of this 2011 release is decent. "Right Place, Wrong Time" is easily the album's most edgy offering; the tune borders on straight-ahead post-bop and is even somewhat Chick Corea-ish. Most of Roseland, however, is in the smooth jazz vein, but on the more memorable smooth jazz tracks, the Carmichael/Gilderdale version of Acoustic Alchemy reminds us that not all pop-jazz is created equal. The album's more substantial smooth jazz offerings include "One for Shorty" (which is both bluesy and poppy at the same time), the Middle Eastern-flavored "State of the Arc," and the funky "Swamp Top." Meanwhile, "Sand on Her Toes" is a pleasant tune with a bossa nova-ish ambience, and the use of a reggae beat serves Acoustic Alchemy well on "The Ebor Sound System." Roseland also has its throwaway tracks, but it would be a mistake to think of Roseland as strictly a mindless fluff album that panders to smooth jazz radio 100-percent of the time. Although Roseland is slightly uneven, there are more substantial moments than throwaway moments on this 55-minute disc.

01 - Marrakesh
02 - One For Shorty
03 - Templemeads
04 - Marcus
05 - The Ebor Soundsystem
06 - State of the Ark
07 - Swamp Top
08 - Sand on Her Toes
09 - Roseland
10 - World Stage
11 - Stealing Hearts
12 - Right Place, Wrong Time
13 - A Kinder Loving
Produced by Greg Carmichael & Miles Gilderdale.
Recorded at 9 Miles High Studios, York, England. Engineering by Miles Gilderdale.
All songs mixed at Hansa Haus Studios, Bonn, Germany by Klaus Genuit (in 24bit 96kHz native).
except tracks 1, 2 & 5 mixed at Higher Ground Studios, London, UK, by Richard Bull (in 24bit 48kHz upscaled).
Mastered by John Astley at Closer To The Edge Mastering.

          Culture - Two Sevens Clash (40th Anniversary Edition) (2017)   

Artist: Culture
Title: Two Sevens Clash (40th Anniversary Edition)
Year Of Release: 1977/2017
Label: VP Music Group, Inc
Genre: Reggae, Roots/Lovers Rock
Quality: MP3 CBR, 320 kbps
Total Time: 1:25:52
Total Size: 196 MB
One of the masterpieces of the roots era, no album better defines its time and place than Two Sevens Clash, which encompasses both the religious fervor of its day and the rich sounds of contemporary Jamaica. Avowed Rastafarians, Culture had formed in 1976, and cut two singles before beginning work on their debut album with producers the Mighty Two (aka Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson). Their second single, "Two Sevens Clash," would title the album and provide its focal point. The song swept across the island like a wildfire, its power fed by the apocalyptic fever that held the island in its clutches throughout late 1976 and into 1977. (Rastafarians believed the apocalypse would begin when the two sevens clashed, with July 7, 1977, when the four sevens clashed, the most fearsome date of concern.) However, the song itself was fearless, celebrating the impending apocalypse, while simultaneously reminding listeners of a series of prophesies by Marcus Garvey and twinning them to the island's current state. For those of true faith, the end of the world did not spell doom, but release from the misery of life into the eternal and heavenly arms of Jah. Thus, Clash is filled with a sense of joy mixed with deep spirituality, and a belief that historical injustice was soon to be righted. The music, provided by the Revolutionaries, perfectly complements the lyrics' ultimate optimism, and is quite distinct from most dread albums of the period.
Although definitely rootsy, Culture had a lighter sound than most of their contemporaries. Not for them the radical anger of Black Uhuru, the fire of Burning Spear (although Hill's singsong delivery was obviously influenced by Winston Rodney), nor even the hymnal devotion of the Abyssinians. In fact, Clash is one of the most eclectic albums of the day, a wondrous blend of styles and sounds. Often the vocal trio works in a totally different style from the band, as on "Calling Rasta Far I," where the close harmonies, dread-based but African-tinged, entwine around a straight reggae backing. Several of the songs are rocksteady-esque with a rootsy rhythm, most notably the infectious "See Them Come"; others are performed in a rockers style, with "I'm Alone in the Wilderness" an exquisite blend of guitar and vocal harmonies. One of the best tracks, "Get Ready to Ride the Lion to Zion," is a superb hybrid of roots, rocksteady, and burbling electro wizardry; its roaring lion (created who knows how) is a brilliant piece of musical theater. "Natty Dread Take Over" twines together roots rhythms, close harmonies, and big-band swing, while even funk and hints of calypso put in appearances elsewhere on the album. Inevitably, the roots genre was defined by its minor-key melodies, filled with a sense of melancholy, and emphasized by most groups' lyrics. But for a brief moment, roots possibilities were endless. Sadly, no other group followed Culture's lead, and even the trio itself did not take advantage of it, especially after parting ways with Gibbs. When Culture re-emerged in the mid-'80s, they swiftly moved into a reggae lite/world music mode a world apart from where they started. Thus, Clash remains forever in a class all its own. [Shanachie issued a 30th anniversary edition of the album in 2007 that adds expanded liner notes and five extra tracks made up of dubs and 12" mixes.]
01. Culture - Calling Rasta for I
02. Culture - I'm Alone in the Wilderness
03. Culture - Pirate Days
04. Culture - Two Sevens Clash
05. Culture - I'm Not Ashamed
06. Culture - Get Ready to Ride the Lion to Zion
07. Culture - Black Starliner Must Come
08. Culture - Jah Pretty Face
09. Culture - See Them a Come
10. Culture - Natty Dread Taking Over
11. Culture - Two Sevens Clash Prophecy Revealed (feat. Mr. Bojangles)
12. The Mighty Two - Fulfillment
13. Culture - I'm Not Ashamed Under Tight Wraps (feat. I Roy)
14. The Mighty Two - I Am Not Ashamed (Version)
15. Culture - See Them a Come Mask Mi Mask (feat. Prince Weedy)
16. Culture - Informer
17. The Mighty Two - Informer (Version)
18. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - State of Emergncy
19. Shorty the President - Natty Pass His GCE
20. Culture - Natty Dread Taking Over Invasion (feat. I-Roy)
21. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Natty Gone Clear

          Ingrid Laubrock & Tom Rainey - Buoyancy (2016)   

Artist: Ingrid Laubrock & Tom Rainey
Title: Buoyancy
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Relative Pitch Records
Genre: Jazz, Free Jazz
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 43:10 min
Total Size: 190 MB
1. Buoyancy
2. Twenty Lanes
3. The Museum Of Human Achievement
4. Thunderbird

In baseball it's called "small ball." That might be the best way to describe the improvising duo of saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock and drummer Tom Rainey. Small ball baseball teams win, not by home run blasts, but by putting runners in scoring position, bunting, and stealing bases. Flamboyant rarely wins the series. Confident, often understated play, is what connoisseurs of both baseball and improvised music seek.
The partners in music here are also partners in life. Maybe that explains their agreeable interplay. Rainey, a longtime fixture in the jazz world, has been the foundation of diverse bands led by Tim Berne and Fred Hersch. Since he began collaborating with Laubrock, he can be found in her bands Sleeptheif, Anti-House, Ubatuba, and the Ingrid Laubrock Octet. The saxophonist joins Rainey in his trio with guitarist Mary Halvorson, and have released three stellar discs.
This live recording follows the partners initial studio session And Other Desert Towns (Relative Pitch, 2014). It continues to build upon a solid infrastructure where simple gestures carry the day. The title track doesn't so much announce itself as back onto the stage. Rainey's whispered cymbal work begets the hushed tones of Laubrock's tenor. The pair build, not so much tension, as an edge. Rainey mixing his complex rhythms against the ultra-supple agility of the saxophonist's tone. As the piece hits it's zenith, you understand they will deliver your ears back, safe and sound. The longest piece, "Twenty Lanes," begins with brushes and, is that crinkled paper? The momentum inches toward sticks, then the drum, and Laubrock juxtaposes some Evan Parker-sounding lines against Rainey's off-centered sounds. Let's call this music, the capture and release of beautiful creatures.


          Jean-Luc Ponty - No Absolute Time (1993)   

Artist: Jean-Luc Ponty
Title: No Absolute Time
Year Of Release: 1993
Label: SPV Records
Genre: Jazz / World
Quality: FLAC (tracks + .cue, log, scans) / MP3
Total Time: 56:36 min
Total Size: 344 MB / 155 MB
01. No Absolute Time [5:42]
02. Savannah [9:19]
03. Lost Illusions [5:03]
04. Dance Of The Spirits [4:59]
05. Forever Together [5:46]
06. Caracas [3:53]
07. The African Spirit [4:58]
08. Speak Out [6:23]
09. Blue Mambo [6:13]
10. The Child In You [4:35]

A switch back to Atlantic finds Jean-Luc Ponty continuing to dabble in West African waters while re-establishing his earlier solid base in repeating sequenced patterns. The electronics are back, for Ponty splits his time between the electric violin and various synthesizers and sequencers while Abdou M'Boup and Sydney Thiam add African percussion, which often takes a back seat to the electronics as the rhythmic basis for the music. This time, though, the material Ponty has composed isn't as compelling as it had been in the past; at times, Ponty sounds like he is very competently treading water (though "Blue Mambo" has a compelling groove). Yet despite all of the changes Ponty has put himself through, his music still has a Continental elegance that cannot be mistaken for that of anyone else. -- Richard S. Ginell


          Why Rock Died   
It’s no longer the sound of the street. The initial burst came with the Beatles and the British Invasion, a new sound everybody went wild for. Then came the late sixties free-form FM era, everything from the Doors’ “The End” to Cream’s “Tales Of Brave Ulysses” to Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze.” Sure, some of these […]
          From Human Rights to Biological Threats, 25th National Security Law Institute Covers U.S. Safety   
Streaming Audio

Prominent national security scholars and other experts, including former and current government officials, convened at the University of Virginia School of Law for the 25th National Security Law Institute earlier this month to discuss the nation

          UVA Law 2017 Commencement   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_05_21_graduation.mp3

Commonfund President and CEO Catherine Keating '87 delivers the commencement address and Dean Risa Goluboff reflects on the accomplishments of the Class of 2017.

          Retiring Professors Reflect on Time at Law School   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_05_13_retiring_professors.mp3

Retiring professors Rich Balnave, Bob Sayler and Tom White reflect on their careers and time at UVA Law. Dean Risa Goluboff introduces the professors.

          Second Acts: What to Consider When Planning for Career Change   
Streaming Audio Audio icon second_acts.mp3

Director of Law Firm Recruiting Patrice Hayden ’02 moderates a panel of alumni who discuss their paths to career changes. Panelists include Katherine Ballenger ’02, Jennifer Nelsen Colao ’92, Charles “Ridge” Schuyler ’87 and Salmon Shomade ’97.

          "Multiple Personality Disorder and the Criminal Law," With Professor Kim Ferzan   
Streaming Audio

Professor Kimberly Kessler Ferzan examines legal theories for how to handle criminal cases of defendants who suffer from dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder. 

          "Appointing Supreme Court Justices," With Professor Lee Epstein   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_04_28_abraham_lecture.mp3

Professor Lee Epstein, Ethan A.H. Shepley Distinguished University Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, discusses her research into the ideologies of U.S. Supreme Court justices.

          "Individuals Filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy," With Professor Rich Hynes   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_04_21_hynes_chair.mp3

UVA Law professor Richard M. Hynes analyzes the circumstances under which individuals file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In Chapter 11, the debtor maintains control of his or her business operations under the supervision of the court.

          Charge to the Class of 2017   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_04_20_coughlin_charge.mp3

Professor Anne Coughlin delivers a parting message to the Class of 2017.

          Faculty Analyze Future of Corporate Governance Regulations   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_04_14_corporate_governance.mp3

A panel of UVA Law professors analyzes past and current trends of federal regulation of corporate governance, including the shifting power structure between the state and federal government, shareholder activism and changes under the Trump administration. The panel includes Professors Julia Mahoney, Michal Barzuza and George Geis, with Professor Quinn Curtis moderating.

          "The Role of Lawyers in a Post-Truth World," With Loretta Lynch   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_04_13_lynch.mp3

Former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch discusses the role of the legal profession in an era of significant polarization. Lynch spoke at UVA Law after receiving the Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law.

          Tim Heaphy '91 on Victims and the Criminal Justice System   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_04_05_heaphy_victims.mp3

Tim Heaphy '91, former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Virginia and partner at Hunton & Williams, discusses the sometimes-complex relationship between victims of crimes and the criminal justice system.

          Judge Jacqueline Talevi Discusses Her Innovative Mental Health Docket   
Streaming Audio

Jacqueline F. Ward Talevi of the District Court for Virginia’s 23rd Judicial District discusses her work developing a mental health docket program that provides alternative sentencing options for defendants with serious mental illnesses who commit misdemeanors. Talevi spoke at a symposium sponsored by the Virginia Journal of Criminal Law, “Criminal Justice and Mental Illness.”

          Judge Alex Kozinski Reflects on His Career   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_03_28_kozinski.mp3

Judge Alex Kozinski of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit sits down for a conversation with UVA Law School Dean Risa Goluboff. Kozinski gives his thoughts on his career, the Ninth Circuit and law clerks.

          88th Lile Moot Court Competition Finals   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_03_25_moot_final.mp3

The 88th William Minor Lile Moot Court Competition features third-year students Tuba Ahmed, Kyle Cole, Danielle Desaulniers and Adam Stempel. Presiding are Judge Patricia Millett of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, Judge Pamela Reeves of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee and Justice David Stras of the Supreme Court of Minnesota.

          Top Of The Table – The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire   

Dozens of tabletop games over the years have alluded to the mobster world of The Godfather, and a few have even offered an actual licensed take on the classic film of New York mafia, with its devastating betrayals and family intrigue. But until Corleone’s Empire, I’ve never played a game that so perfectly captures the mood and themes of that memorable movie. Designer Eric M. Lang has been behind some of the most thematically rich and rewarding tabletop games of recent years, and publisher CMON has an eye for stellar production values. Add in some truly evocative art from Karl Kopinski, and The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire nails the setting and tone of Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece, while simultaneously offering a rousing and fast-paced game of strategy and sudden, devastating treachery. 

Corleone’s Empire is a game of worker placement and area control. Two to five players each take on the role of a New York crime family, working to shake down businesses across the boroughs, complete jobs like extortions and backroom deals, and bribe allies into cooperation with your nefarious activities. Don Corleone looms over your criminal projects as the Godfather of organized crime in the city, and you must be careful to launder and hide away your money, as the excess will go in tribute to him at the end of each act. Along the way, it’s your acquisition of illegal goods like guns, booze, blood money, and eventually, narcotics, which fuel your illicit affairs. Turf changes hands all the time, new businesses open for exploitation, and minions are murdered in violent car bomb explosions and drive-by shootings; figures regularly move from the board spaces into the Hudson River after they meet an untimely end. The theming is richly imagined and appropriately tied up in crime and sudden dramatic turns of fate that reshape the contours of the session.

CMON has established a reputation for its great miniatures and top-notch art, and both are in full evidence throughout Corleone’s Empire. The rulebook and cards are filled with brooding character art of the city’s mid-20th century criminals and civic officials. Individual uncolored miniatures are detailed and varied, offering up different visuals for each family Don, Consigliere, and Heir. A horse-head token indicates first-turn status. Every player even has a literal metal suitcase that holds laundered money away from prying eyes. And the New York board map is thoughtfully designed and attractive, appropriately appointed without ever feeling crowded, even in the game’s later busy turns. Everything reinforces and recalls the film. I’m also a big fan of the board’s use of shapes tied to the bases of individual minis and components; even newcomers to the game can quickly grasp where each piece should be played, from hexagonal control markers to square spots that match your family’s thug minis.

Corleone's Empire supports two to five players, but plays best with four or five

The clever nods to the movie would be for naught without a solid game framework. Behind the mafioso concept, smartly structured and briskly paced gameplay unfolds. Split into four roughly similar acts, the game layers on complexity through the gradual introduction of new figures, businesses, allies, and resources. Reach Act II, and your Consigliere mini joins the team. Bid more than your opponents, and perhaps you can lure the Mayor to aid your family in Act III. Risk entry into the dangerous world of narcotics in the late game, and you’ve got a new flexible resource that can help fuel any job. 

In the most important phase of each act, players take turns deploying their miniatures onto designated spots across New York City, shaking down businesses like the Barbershop, Korean Laundry, and Gun Dealership, and acquiring the designated resource. Have the most figures in an area, and you gain control of that borough in the subsequent turn, meaning you get a piece of the action every time a player hits up that business in the future. Gathered resources let you complete jobs, which usually offer both concrete rewards and a way to screw over your opponents; you gain money (or launder it) while potentially killing off opponent pieces in key locations across the board. Your own carefully laid plans can be shattered by an opposing player’s machinations. If that sort of messing with each other angers you, Corleone’s Empire is likely to frustrate almost constantly. For me, the sudden changes in fortune communicated a delightful nod to the precipitous and dramatic turns of the movie.  In the end, it’s a combination of acquired money, control exerted around the city, and jobs completed that determine the crime family that will rule New York and win the game.

For a game with so many interlocking systems of resources, control points, and different paths to money and victory, I’m impressed by the ease of play. Down time between turns is very low, as each figure’s placement on the board has a clearly marked consequence and acquisition. In my experience, the game is at its best with four or five players, as interlocking webs of alliances accrue, and players in the lead are suddenly ganged up upon by other players who feel threatened. The abrupt and disastrous falls from a hard-won lead are painful, but bearable since the game completes in a moderate playtime; a two-hour session is enough to finish one game, and for most player groups, that might even be enough to try a second run on the same evening of play, allowing new alliances and grudges to form.  

Each player called a small tin "metal suitcase" to store their money and completed job cards

Strangers to The Godfather may be stymied by the constant references to the movie. But it’s clear that’s a sacrifice that the designer is willing to make, foregoing overt explanations about things like the taking or leaving of canolis, for instance, and instead letting players recognize narrative flavors and moments wherever they can find them. The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire does justice to its inspiration, and the dip into gangster fantasies is a welcome change of pace from more fantastical settings. 

If Corleone’s Empire sounds like a good fit for your friends, you won’t have long to wait to track down a copy; pre-orders are available now, and official launch is July 28th of this year. If you’re looking for something of a different flavor than tommy guns and restaurant assassinations, make sure and click on the Top of the Table banner below and check out some other recent recommendations. If you’d like some additional personal recommendations or advice on tabletop games, feel free to drop me a line via email or Twitter – I’m always happy to share some suggestions to find the perfect gaming fit for your group.  

          Minnesota Supreme Court Justice David Stras Analyzes Judge Gorsuch's Legal Philosophy   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_03_24_judge_stras.mp3

Associate Justice David Stras of the Minnesota Supreme Court analyzes U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s past rulings and writing to make some predictions about how he may rule if his nomination is approved.

          "Weathering the Perfect Storm," With Peter Vincent '95   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_03_23_vincent.mp3

Peter S. Vincent '95, assistant director general of international policy at Borderpol, discusses how the United States can accommodate the mass migration of refugees while guarding against nefarious actors and combating terrorism at home and abroad. 

          Blog Herding – The Best Blogs Of The Community (June 29, 2017)   

This week's Blog Herding is a little smaller than usual, but that's because you are all out celebrating the announcement of the latest Monster Hunter, right? Even with the lower amount of blogs, there's still a great selection of topics to read about.

Community Blogs For June 22 – June 28:

So... I finally played Wolfenstein: The New Order
... and it was the best thing ever, is how TroubleWithStairs essentially phrases it. Okay, I might be inserting my own opinion in there, but the blogger does love it after what he thought was a lackluster opening. I'm excited to see so many people playing The New Order for the first time, or the fourth time. I actually beat it twice on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 4. Loved it every time.

It's Time For Sega To Step Their Game Up. (No Pun Intended)
It feels like Sega has been made fun of for such a long time now, that when I see Marco Polo's headline, I can't help but get all nostalgic. Marco says it best: "Every now and then, they get something right...other times they do things that are just baffling." Like not getting to work on a second Skies of Arcadia...

Valley is Kinda Dope
"The L.E.A.F. suit is a mech of sorts," writes Freezedried72. And with that, I am kind of sold. While the graphics and sound aren't up to current triple-A standards, our blogger says this game is one-of-a-kind. Valley really does sound kind of dope.

A Few Ways Activision Can 'Modernize' Call of Duty
Call of Duty. Call of Duty never changes. Well, that's not true, but it is kind of what Trenchmace is getting at here with a list of some much-needed changes. While some things would be nice (free maps), I'm not sure how well all of these would work. But I also loved the last game, sans multiplayer, so what do I know?

One Man's Thoughts: Mass Effect: Andromeda
Attackcobra is here to attack the latest Mass Effect. Okay, not really. But this blog is honest about the failings this space opera offered. However, "in-between all these problems, there still is enjoyment to be had in Andromeda." I'll wait until it is $20. Sorry, BioWare.

My Thoughts on Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy
StarterPack isn't entirely stoked about the Crash trilogy. He makes some good points about the sometimes terrible camera, but I actually enjoyed the series. I am old enough to have been the prime age for those to release and master. I just wish Crash Team Racing had been included.

Writing Challenge:

Nothing this week.

I hope you enjoy the blogs! Please contact me via my Game Informer page or on Twitter at @LouisGarcia12 with any blog news or playdate suggestions.

          An Overview of the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic   
Streaming Audio Audio icon ortiz_supreme_court.mp3

Professor Dan Ortiz, director of the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic, talks to admitted students about the clinic. This session was part of UVA Law’s 2017 admitted students open house.

          Michael Livermore Explains UVA Law's Environmental Law Program   
Streaming Audio Audio icon livermore_environmental.mp3

UVA Law professor Michael Livermore tells admitted students about the Law School’s environmental law offerings. This talk was part of the 2017 Admitted Students Open House.

          Expert Panel Discusses "The Psychological Foundations of Evidence Law"   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 17_02_28_spellman_panel.mp3

A panel of evidence law experts discusses UVA Law Professor Barbara Spellman’s book, “The Psychology of Evidence Law,” which explores the connections between psychology and the rules of evidence law.

          EMPAC Presents First-Ever Spatial Audio Workshop Focused on 3D Immersive Sound Technology   
Newswise imageRensselaer Polytechnic Institute will host a Media Day in advance of the first-ever Spatial Audio Workshop, a weeklong symposium for electronic composers and programmers interested in working on new 3D immersive sound systems.
          The Legacy of Thomas Jefferson   
Streaming Audio

A panel of experts from the University of Virginia and Monticello discuss the changing and complex nature of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy.

          “Shaping Justice,” With Bronx Defenders Founder Robin Steinberg   
Streaming Audio

Robin Steinberg, founder of the Bronx Defenders, talks about her work as a public defender for indigent clients and describes ways that law students can get involved in “shaping” the justice they want to see in the world.

          Seeking Solidarity, With Attiya Latif and Larycia Hawkins   
Streaming Audio

Attiya Latif, president of UVA's Minority Rights Coalition, and Larycia Hawkins, Abd el-Kader Visiting Faculty Fellow at UVA's Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, discuss how to develop solidarity in the wake of a particularly contentious election.

          How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur, With Rob Masri '96   
Streaming Audio

In his January term class Legal Practice and the Startup Company: An Inside Look — co-taught with UVA Law professor Quinn Curtis — Rob Masri '96 discusses the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Besides lecturing at UVA Law, Masri maintains a private law practice in Charlottesville.

          Panel Discusses Urban Governance in a Global Age   
Streaming Audio

Michelle Wilde Anderson of Stanford University, Sheila Foster of Fordham University, David Imbroscio of University of Louisville and Richard Schragger of UVA Law discuss Schragger's latest book, "City Power: Urban Governance in a Global Age." UVA Law professor Maureen Brady introduces the panel.

          "Environmental Justice, Again," With Jed Purdy   
Streaming Audio

Duke Law professor Jedediah Purdy gives the 3rd Lillian Stone Distinguished Lecture in Environmental Policy: “Environmental Justice, Again.” He discusses the history of the American environmental movement, focusing on the broader movement’s relationship to environmental justice concepts.

          Glenn Gerstell Discusses NSA’s Current and Future Challenges   
Streaming Audio

Glenn Gerstell, general counsel for the National Security Agency, discusses current challenges in national security, life in the general counsel’s office and careers in national security law.

          Panel of Scholars Discusses Ted White’s “Law in American History, Vol. II”   
Streaming Audio

A panel of scholars discusses Professor G. Edward White's "Law in American History, Vol. II," published by Oxford University Press. The panelists are Logan Sawyer (University of Georgia), Chuck McCurdy (UVA) and Barbara Welke (University of Minnesota), in addition to White.

          "The Obama Administration's War Powers Legacy," With Professor Ashley Deeks   
Streaming Audio

Professor Ashley S. Deeks discusses President Obama's use of war powers, examines his approach to international law and compares his legacy with that of the Bush Administration. 

          Volkswagen and the Future of Industry Compliance   
Streaming Audio

Tim Heaphy ’91 (Hunton & Williams), Pete Anderson ’91 (Beveridge & Diamond) and Doug Parker (Earth & Water Group) bring their experiences in corporate compliance litigation to bear on the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Professor Jonathan Cannon moderates.

          Berin Szoka ’04 Debates Professor Thomas Nachbar on the Effectiveness of Net Neutrality Regulations   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_10_26_net_neutrality.mp3

Berin Szoka '04, president of the technology policy think tank TechFreedom, debates UVA professor Thomas Nachbar on the FCC's net neutrality rules. These rules, which were recently upheld by the DC Circuit Court in U.S. Telecom v.

          Vicarious Liability for Employee Torts with Professor J.H. Verkerke   
Streaming Audio

UVA Law Professor J.H. "Rip" Verkerke delivers a lecture to mark his appointment as T. Munford Boyd Professor of Law and director of the Program for Employment and Labor Studies.

          Claire Gastañaga ‘74 Discusses Civil Liberties and Gender Legislation   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_10_25_gastanaga_talk.mp3

Claire Gastañaga '74, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia, discusses issues ranging from recent "bathroom bills" to abortion regulations and the role of feminism today in the political arena. 

          Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson ‘72 Assesses the Administrative State   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_10_21_wilkinson_administrative.mp3

Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson ’72 of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit offers a critique of the current administrative state. He assesses why the administrative state is necessary as well as the ways in which it could be made more effective. 

          Katie Redford '95 Discusses Current Trends in Human Rights and Environmental Justice Lawyering   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_10_18_redford_human_rights.mp3

Katie Redford ’95, co-founder of EarthRights International, a non-governmental organization focusing on human rights and environmental justice, discusses current trends, threats and opportunities in human rights lawyering. 

          2016 Jefferson Symposium Panels   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_10_14_free_speech_modern.mp3

The third biennial Jefferson Symposium, sponsored by UVA Law and the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression, examines contemporary attitudes about free speech at American colleges and universities.

          Are You Destined to Deal? With Goldman Sachs Managing Director Jim Donovan   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_10_07_donovan_deals.mp3

James Donovan, Goldman Sachs managing director and adjunct professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, talks to UVA Law students about the skills needed to work on corporate transactions as a lawyer or investment banker.

          Professor Jonathan Cannon Discusses Recent Environmental Supreme Court Cases   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_10_06_cannon_scotus_environment.mp3

Professor Jonathan Cannon discusses recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions related to environmental regulations, including important cases from the recent past and issues likely to come up in the future. 

          Women in National Security Law and U.S. Cybersecurity   
Streaming Audio

Panelists discuss how the roles and responsibilities related to U.S. cybersecurity are shared by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Defense and the private sector, and how each woman has become involved in this aspect of national security law.

          "The Evolving Threat of Terrorism," With Former NSA General Counsel Matt Olsen   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_09_29_olsen_counterterrorism.mp3

Matt Olsen, former director of the National Counterterrorism Center and general counsel to the National Security Agency, discusses the evolving threat of terrorism. 

          2016 Supreme Court Roundup at UVA Law   
Streaming Audio

Professors Douglas Laycock, Kim Forde-Mazrui, Michael Gilbert and Deborah Hellman discuss key cases from the recent U.S. Supreme Court term, and look ahead to the coming year.

          Book Panel on Professor Saikrishna Prakash's "Imperial from the Beginning"    
Streaming Audio

A panel of scholars discuss Professor Saikrishna Prakash's book, "Imperial From the Beginning: The Constitution of the Original Executive,” published by Yale University Press.

          Scholars Discuss Professor Darryl Brown's Book 'Free Market Criminal Justice'   
Streaming Audio

A panel of scholars discusses Professor Darryl Brown's book, “Free Market Criminal Justice: How Democracy and Laissez Faire Undermine the Rule of Law,” published by Oxford University Press.

          Tom Donilon '85 Explains Threats Next U.S. President Faces   
Streaming Audio

Former National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, a 1985 graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, contends that the next president of the United States will inherit some of the worst global instability in modern times, and must be nimble enough to address a plethora of threats.

           Cricket-One Day International West Indies v India scoreboard    
June 30 (Gracenote) - Scoreboard at close of play in the third One Day International between West Indies and India on Friday in North Sound, Antigua and...
          Bestselling Author Corban Addison '04 Discusses 'A Harvest of Thorns'   
Streaming Audio

UVA Law graduate Corban Addison discusses his new book, 'A Harvest of Thorns,' which delves into the human rights issues underlying the global consumer economy.

          Dean Risa Goluboff Welcomes the Class of 2019   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_08_22_goluboff_orientation.mp3

Dean Risa Goluboff gives welcoming remarks during orientation for the Class of 2019.

          Introduction to Law School for First-Year Students   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_08_19_orientation_panel.mp3

Professor Molly Bishop Shadel, Vice Dean George Geis and Professor Toby Heytens give first-year students advice about studying and acclimating to law school life as they head into their first week of classes. 

          Event Remembers First Black Law Student at UVA, UVA Law   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_07_12_swanson.mp3

The Charlottesville community posthumously honored Gregory Swanson, a law student who was the first African-American student at UVA, with a ceremony at the downtown branch of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library.

          Think Tank Director Shares Thoughts on Defeating ISIS   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_06_17_mcfate_isis.mp3

How to win the war against ISIS? Jessica Lewis McFate, a director at the Institute for the Study of War, discusses the intricacies at the 24th National Security Law Institute. 

          Professor Ashley Deeks Discusses Law and Policy Related to Drones in Armed Conflict   
Streaming Audio

UVA Law Professor Ashley Deeks, a senior fellow with the Center for National Security Law, talks about the use of drones in armed conflict, including the need for law and policy to catch up to technological capabilities.

          UVA Law School 2016 Commencement   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_05_22_shortz.mp3

Will Shortz, the New York Times' crossword editor and a 1977 graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, told the Class of 2016 they didn't need his advice — having an education will provide the answers.

          Retiring Professor David Martin Reflects on His Time at UVA Law   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_05_14_martin_alumni.mp3

Professor David Martin, who is retiring after 36 years at UVA Law, looks back.

          UVA Law Dean Paul Mahoney Recaps 2015-16 Academic Year   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_05_14_mahoney_alumni.mp3

Dean Paul G. Mahoney discusses some of the triumphs and tragedies of the 2015-16 year. 

          Professor John Duffy Shares Memories of Justice Antonin Scalia   
Streaming Audio

UVA Law professor John Duffy discusses U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, for whom he served as a clerk, and the late justice's love of language and teaching. 

          Charge to the Class of 2016 with UVA Law Professor Greg Mitchell   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_04_22_charge_mitchell.mp3

Professor Greg Mitchell delivers the Charge to the Class of 2016. 

          UVA Jefferson Medalist John Gleeson '80 Calls for Sentencing Reform   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_04_13_gleeson.mp3

Former federal judge John Gleeson, a 1980 graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law and a recipient of the 2016 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law, said during a talk at the school that the U.S.

          "Exam 2.0" Testing Tips from Professors Kimberly Kessler Ferzan and Toby Heytens   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_04_15_exam_tips.mp3

Professors Kimberly Kessler Ferzan and Toby Heytens give exam preparation tips, strategies for answering different types of questions and ways to avoid common exam taking errors. 

          How Young Associates Can Find Happiness in Firm Practice, with James D. Pagliaro   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_03_29_career.mp3

James D. Pagliaro of Bernero & Press, formerly of Morgan Lewis, discusses finding happiness in law firm practice.

          State Juvenile Justice Director Block Returns to UVA Law to Discuss His Work   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_03_28_block.mp3

Andrew K. Block Jr., former director of the Child Advocacy Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law and an attorney who has reformed state law concerning youths, talks about his work as director of the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice.

          "Towards a Global Compact for Refugees?" with Alexander Aleinikoff of Georgetown Law   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_03_24_refugee.mp3

Professor Alexander Aleinikoff, law professor and former dean at Georgetown University Law Center, discusses potential solutions to the global refugee crisis in his talk, "Towards a Global Compact for Refugees?" Aleinikoff is one of the world's foremost experts on immigration and refugee la

          The Law & Business Program, with Professor Andrew Vollmer   
Streaming Audio

Andrew Vollmer, director of the John W. Glynn, Jr. Law & Business Program, speaks to admitted students about business law studies, practical experiences and extracurricular activities at the Law School.

          "King Making": Brown v. Board of Education and the Rise of a Racial Savior   
Streaming Audio

H. Timothy Lovelace, an Indiana University law professor and 2006 UVA Law graduate, delivers his talk, "King Making": Brown v. Board of Education and the Rise of a Racial Savior" as part of UVA’s Community MLK Celebration.

          "King Making": Brown v. Board of Education and the Rise of a Racial Savior   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_03_15_lovelace.mp3

H. Timothy Lovelace, an Indiana University law professor and 2006 UVA Law graduate, delivers his talk, "King Making": Brown v. Board of Education and the Rise of a Racial Savior" as part of UVA’s Community MLK Celebration.

          2016 Henry Abraham Lecture: "The Middle East: Muddle, Mess or Mission?"   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_03_04_pickering.mp3

Thomas R. Pickering, former undersecretary of state and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, delivers the 2016 Henry Abraham Lecture, presented by Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression.

          2016 Henry Abraham Lecture: "The Middle East: Muddle, Mess or Mission?," With Amb. Thomas Pickering   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_03_04_pickering.mp3

Thomas R. Pickering, former undersecretary of state and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, delivers the 2016 Henry Abraham Lecture, presented by Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression.

          A Supreme Vacancy   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_02_25_scalia.mp3

Slate's Dahlia Lithwick and UVA Law professors John Harrison, Frederick Schauer and moderator Micah Schwartzman discussed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's legacy and looked ahead to the battle over his successor. 



          A Supreme Vacancy   
Streaming Audio

Slate's Dahlia Lithwick and UVA Law professors John Harrison, Frederick Schauer and moderator Micah Schwartzman discussed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's legacy and looked ahead to the battle over his successor.

          "The Morality of Limits on Pharmaceutical Patents," with UVA Law Professor Margo Bagley   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_02_23_bagley.mp3

University of Virginia School of Law professor Margo Bagley delivers her lecture, 'Thou Shalt Not Steal': The Morality of Limits on Pharmaceutical Patents," to mark her appointment as Hardy Cross Dillard Professor of Law. 

          "The Morality of Limits on Pharmaceutical Patents," with UVA Law Professor Margo Bagley   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_02_23_bagley.mp3

University of Virginia School of Law professor Margo Bagley delivers her lecture, 'Thou Shalt Not Steal': The Morality of Limits on Pharmaceutical Patents," to mark her appointment as Hardy Cross Dillard Professor of Law.

          Grammar 101: Pier, Peer, Pear and Pare   
Grammar 101

Many people might tell you that “affect” is a verb and “effect” is a noun, except that’s not always true. English is complicated like that and for all the convenience that it provides, automatic spellcheck isn’t really helping the situation. When you’ve got words that sound similar (or the same) like “pier” and “peer,” it’s […]

~~ Continue reading Grammar 101: Pier, Peer, Pear and Pare on Beyond the Rhetoric.

          Karl Racine '89, First Elected Attorney General for the District of Columbia, Discusses His Career Path   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_02_19_racine.mp3

District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine discusses his path into public office as a first-generation Haitian immigrant whose legal career spans work as a public defender and White House attorney to managing partner of a large D.C. firm.

          Comment on Cucumber Salsa by Lori   
I have been an avid reader and fan of your blog for years, so first I just want to say thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication. I wanted to chime in since some of the other comments are really resonating with me. I understand you are trying to strike a balance but your recent posts have felt colder and more corporate, like its someone on your team doing the work rather than you. I am definitely missing you and your personality in the posts. It feels like we are getting less and less of you and more recipes with very shiny and glamorous pictures and videos but very little of you, your charm and your life behind it. I have been sticking around hoping things would level out some but it sounds like that won't be happening.
          Goluboff's "Vagrant Nation" Uncovers Rapid Revolution in Nation's Laws, Police Power   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_01_26_goluboff_book.mp3

In her new book, "Vagrant Nation: Police Power, Constitutional Change and the Making of the 1960s," University of Virginia School of Law professor Risa Goluboff explores how and why vagrancy laws that had been on the books for hundreds of years collapsed in the span of two decades.

          UVA Law Admissions Offers 6 Strategies to Make Your Application Shine   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_01_21_strategy.mp3

UVA Law admissions officials offer their best tips to applicants.

          What Do UVA Law Admissions Officers Look for in Personal Statements and Interviews?    
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_01_21_admissions_process.mp3

Director of Admissions Grace Applefeld Cleveland, Assistant Director of Admissions Holly Bennett and Director of Financial Aid Jennifer Hulvey comment on what works, and what doesn't work, in personal statements and applicant interviews. 

          How Does the UVA Law Admissions Process Work?    
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_01_21_admissions_process.mp3

Director of Admissions Grace Applefeld Cleveland and Assistant Director of Admissions Holly Bennett detail how the process works, and Assistant Dean and Chief Admissions Officer Cordel Faulk discusses the "two-way street" that's integral to the process. 

          National Security Law, with UVA Law Professor Ashley Deeks   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_01_13_deeks_classroom.mp3

In the her fall National Security Law class, Professor Ashley Deeks discusses military targets and the use of drones, along with other national security law issues. Deeks previously served as the assistant legal adviser for political-military affairs in the U.S.

          Tax Reform Alternatives for the 21st Century   
Streaming Audio

The panel includes U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall, a fair-tax advocate; Becky Norton Dunlop, of the Heritage Foundation and a flat tax advocate; UVA Law professor George Yin, the former chief of staff of the U.S.

          Judicial Duty and the Supreme Court's Cult of Celebrity   
Streaming Audio

Professor Nelson Lund of George Mason School of Law and UVA Law professors Toby Heytens and Gordon Hylton discuss an article co-authored by Professor Lund that lays out four ideas for fixing what he sees as a problem of judicial celebrity — a problem that he says negatively impacts the juri

          UVA Law Professors Discuss Exam Strategies   
Streaming Audio

Professors Leslie Kendrick, Charles Barzun, Toby Heytens, George Cohen, George Geis and Caleb Nelson offer tips about preparing for and taking law school exams.

          "The Future of Violence," with Ben Wittes   
Streaming Audio

With the proliferation of data and technology, new threats to national security are coming, Benjamin Wittes explains in a talk about his book, "The Future of Violence: Robots and Germs, Hackers and Drones – Confronting a New Age of Threat." A senior fellow in governance studies at the Brook

          "What Every Lawyer Should Know About Client Relationships," with Jim Donovan, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs   
Streaming Audio

Goldman Sachs managing director and Law School adjunct professor Jim Donovan shares his insights on managing and cultivating client relationships. Donovan is responsible for advising many of the largest corporate and individual clients of Goldman Sachs. 

          "Imperial from the Beginning: The Constitution of the Original Executive," with Saikrishna Prakash   
Streaming Audio

Professor Saikrishna Prakash, an expert in presidential powers, talks about his new book, "Imperial from the Beginning: The Constitution of the Original Executive," during a talk for Alumni Board and Council members. 

          "Federalism, Law and the Economy," a Panel Honoring UVA Historian Charles McCurdy   
Streaming Audio

Barry Cushman of Notre Dame Law School, Stephanie Hunter McMahon of the University of Cincinnati College of Law, Logan Everett Sawyer of the University of Georgia College of Law and Victoria Saker Woeste of the American Bar Foundation discuss their work and celebrate the legacy of Universit

          "Adjudicating Rights and Interests in a Changing Nation," a Panel Honoring UVA Historian Charles McCurdy   
Streaming Audio

J. Herbie DiFonzo of Hofstra Law School, Richard F. Hamm of State University of New York at Albany Department of History, Reuel E.

          Federal EPA Official Michael Shapiro on Water Quality, Water Rights    
Streaming Audio

Michael Shapiro, deputy assistant administrator for water with the U.S.

          Rule of Law Expert Rachel Kleinfeld Address Problem of Weak States   
Streaming Audio

Rachel Kleinfeld, a senior associate with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace who specializes in rule of law theory, speaks on building the rule of law.

          "After Obergefell: What's Next for the LGBTQ Movement?" with Professors Kim Forde-Mazrui and Douglas Laycock   
Streaming Audio

UVA Law professors Douglas Laycock and Kim Forde-Mazrui discuss the implications of Obergefell v. Hodges, the U.S.

          "Firearms, Mental Illness and the Law," with Jeffrey Swanson   
Streaming Audio

Jeffrey Swanson, professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University School of Medicine, delivers the 16th annual P. Browning Hoffman Memorial Lecture, with an introduction by UVA Law professor Richard Bonnie.

          "International Law and Cyber Security," with Eneken Tikk-Ringas   
Streaming Audio

Eneken Tikk-Ringas, senior fellow for cyber security at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, talks about the development of international law in the context of cyber security.

          "Advancing Justice Through Storytelling," with Author Corban Addison '04   
Streaming Audio

UVA Law graduate Corban Addison is the author of three international best-selling novels, "A Walk Across the Sun," "The Garden of Burning Sand," and "The Tears of Dark Water." An attorney, activist and world traveler, Addison brings attention to human rights crises around the world through

          Civil Rights Litigation, with UVA Law Professor John C. Jeffries Jr.   
Streaming Audio

Professor John C. Jeffries Jr., an expert in civil rights, federal courts, criminal law and constitutional law, leads his Civil Rights Litigation class.

          2015 Supreme Court Roundup   
Streaming Audio

Professors A. E. Dick Howard, Kerry Abrams, Frederick Schauer and Risa Goluboff discuss key cases from the recent U.S. Supreme Court term and look ahead to the coming year. 

          "How to Read a Case," with Professor Anne Coughlin   
Streaming Audio

Professor Anne Coughlin explains how to read a case to first-year students during an event hosted by the Black Law Students Association.

          "The Role of the Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff," with Brig. Gen. Richard Gross '93   
Streaming Audio

Brig. Gen. Richard Gross, a member of the U.S. Army JAG Corps, is legal counsel to the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. His talk was given as part of the National Security Law Institute, sponsored by the Center for National Security Law. 

          Comment on Keeping it Clean with Eddie Mitsou, Part 3 by Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog   
Istanbul sounds amazing. Glad you finally got out of your shell and started exploring! Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
          Comment on The Light Show: 4th of July’s Freshest, Fireworks-Friendly Beauty Strategies by Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog   
The glitter gold polish sounds perfect for the Fourth of July! Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
           C300 MK II Camcorder Package 70 Hours,Used   
 C300 MK II Camcorder Package 70 Hours,Used

C300 MK II Camcorder Package 70 Hours,Used

Canon C300 MK II Camcorder Package 70 Hours,Used 3 months warranty Comes with: Original box Instructions 1x CA-A10 Ac Adaptor 1x BP-A30 Battery 1x CG-A10 Dual Battery Charger Top handle LCD Screen Control panel All leads   The EOS C300 Mark II is a new 4K video camera allowing filmmakers and broadcast producers to realise their creative vision in stunning cinematic detail. Building on the unprecedented success of the acclaimed EOS C300, the more rugged EOS C300 Mark II features an advanced imaging engine with dual DIGIC DV5 processors, new professional codecs and outstanding dynamic range, making it the most capable, flexible and accessible Cinema EOS video camera to date.    Supreme 4K image quality and versatility With the ability to record 10-bit 4:2:2 files internally at up to 410Mbps in 4K, or 10/12-bit 4:4:4 files in 2K/Full HD,withup to 15 stops of dynamic range,the EOS C300 Mark II provides footage suitable for extensive post-production work, producing crisper images across the full colour spectrum with reduced “colour bleed”. The cameraoffers professional filmmakers and broadcasters alike the very best image quality,recording 4K in both broadcast (3840 x 2160) and DCI cinematic (4096 x 2160) resolutions.The EOS C300 Mark II can record high bitrate 4K files internally to dual CFast 2.0™  media, while simultaneously recording 4K RAW files to an external recorder,offering the flexibility and universal appeal for production at the highest quality available today. Additionally,the ability to record 2K/Full HD Proxy files to an internal SD card, at the same time, further streamlines the production workflow process.    The new Canon-designed Super 35mm CMOS sensor and an increased ISO range up to ISO 102,400 deliver exceptional low light performance, allowing operators to capture low-noise footage across a variety of challenging environments without compromising on image quality.   To meet the requirements of a diverse range of shooting applications, the EOS C300 Mark II offers both full manual control, ideal for cinematic environments, as well as automatic modes. These include,enhanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF (now covering approx. 80% of the frame vertically and 80% horizontally), auto white balance and Face Detection AF, all making it easier for independent news gatherers and documentary filmmakers to shoot on the go.     Instant integration into professional workflows Canon’s new range of XF-AVC H.264 codecs, designed to be compatible with industry standard Non-Linear Edit systems, makes integrating both 4K and 2K/Full HD footage into workflows effortless, while maintaining the highest image quality.The range features XF-AVC intra for 4K, andXF-AVC Long GOP and Proxy options for 2K/Full HD recording,both of which utilise H.264 codec, offering post production flexibility and ease of use.Filmmakers can select the resolution and codec type that best suits their production,with the EOS C300 Mark II capable of shooting at up to 30P in 4K or up to 120P in 2K/Full HD. The EOS C300 Mark II offers support for a wide range of colour space options, including BT.2020, the Canon Cinema Gamut and DCI-P3. The camerais also the first Cinema EOS model to feature brand new Canon Log2 technology, which enables the 15-stops of dynamic range, significantly widerthan previous Cinema EOS cameras.The camera offers new versatility for sound recording too, supporting 4-channel audio recording in 16 or 24 bitand 48 kHz.   Designed for versatility The EOS C300 Mark II boasts the iconic Cinema EOS design DNA – a modular body that can be adapted to suit the needs of each shooter and filming situation, through the extensive range of compatible accessories. Internally, the EOS C300 Mark II also includes built-in electronically controlled glass ND (neutral density) filters, which reduces the amount of light reaching the sensor by up to 10 stops in expansion mode.Compatibility with the RC-V100 remote control and optional Wi-Fi controlalso enables ease of use in a wider range of locations.   The camera’s sensor read-out speed is now twice as fast as the original EOS C300, and further reduces rolling shutter distortion, allowing for crisp image capture in a moving environment, making it perfectly suited for capturing action sequences.   Leveraging Canon’s rich heritage in lens design, the EOS C300 Mark II is compatible with more than 90 current EF and EF Cinema lenses allowing operators to use their existing EF mount lenses. In addition, the EOS C300 Mark II comes equipped with Canon Cine servo zoom lens support, delivering one of the most comprehensive selections of lens possibilities for movie and broadcast production available in the market today.For further flexibility, shooters can opt to change the lens mount from the default EF Mount,to EF Mount with Cinema Lock, or tothe industry standard PL mount, as a service option .    

          Comment on Tips for Being a Craft Fair Vendor by Eric   
Yeah, where was this post when I first started - lol! Your list, I can vouch, is fairly complete from my experiences over the past 1-1/2 years doing comic book conventions and craft shows. What we've invested in beyond your list is a hand truck and a 10'x10' festival tent. The hand truck is a must have as it helps transport stuff (especially heavy stuff) with ease and the tent is great for outdoor events. Also when you get change before the show make sure you have the type you expect to be handing out. I know, sounds stupid, but it took us a show or two to realize all we needed were $10 bills...and yeah the square reader's a MUST. Half our sales are cash and the other half is credit cards. Also, pack the night before - not the morning you'll be leaving as you'll be in a rush to get out the door and will forget something (again something I learned after a few shows). A really great site for craft shows, etc is
          040141 Suspension Small MZL   
040141 Suspension Small MZL

040141 Suspension Small MZL

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040143 Suspension Medium MZL

040143 Suspension Medium MZL

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040152 Suspension Medium ORTF MZL

040152 Suspension Medium ORTF MZL

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040153 Suspension Medium ORTF LEMO

040153 Suspension Medium ORTF LEMO

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          040248 Suspension XX-Small XY/MS   
040248 Suspension XX-Small XY/MS

040248 Suspension XX-Small XY/MS

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If someone asked me my favorite word it would have to be "Serendipity". Not only does it sound wonderful rolling off your tongue but the meaning behind it is what the best stuff in life is made of. The definition: A fortunate accident. It's a nice way to think!

One of my all time favorite movies
A great picture book for St. Patrick's day!
Serendipity NYC

Lauren and I trying our first frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity in NYC!
Serendipity is all around!

          Military disrupting life in Deir Abu Mash’al for 2 weeks, since 3 residents killed Border Police officer   

The Palestinian village of Deir Abu Mash'al lies some 25 kilometers northwest of Ramallah. It has a population of about 5,000, many of whom work in Ramallah. About 150 of the residents work in Israel and have to cross the Ni'lin checkpoint on their commute every day. On the evening of Friday, 16 June 2017, three residents of the village carried out an attack near Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem, killing Border Police Officer Hadas Malka, 23, and wounding four other people. The three assailants, Baraa Saleh, 18, ‘Adel ‘Ankush, 18, and Ousama ‘Ata, 19, were shot to death by Israeli security forces over the course of the attack. Ever since then, Israel has been disrupting the lives of all residents of the village, although they were not involved in the attack and have not been accused of any wrongdoing.

Following the attack, Border Police officers and soldiers entered the village and imposed several restrictive measures. On the night of the attack itself, Israeli security forces installed an iron gate at the main entrance to the village and refused to let anyone cross it in either direction, neither on foot nor by car. The military also blocked off the three dirt roads leading to the village with stones and piles of earth. The next day, village residents removed some of the blockage from two roads, enough to enable only a four-wheel drive to get through. This recurred over the following days, with the military blocking the roads and residents removing the obstacles.

Soldiers stand beside the gate installed by the military at the main entrance to the village. Photo by 'Amer 'Aruri, B'Tselem, 19 June '17
Soldiers stand beside the gate installed by the military at the main entrance to the village. Photo by 'Amer 'Aruri, B'Tselem, 19 June '17

On Monday, 19 June 2017, security forces allowed most of the village residents to leave the village on foot via the main entrance, barring men between the ages of 15 and 25. The next day, the forces opened the gate part of the way, allowing cars through but only after lengthy checks, including searches of the cars. The ban on exit by men aged 15 to 25 remained in place.

It wasn’t until the evening of Saturday, 24 June 2017, when the high holiday of ‘Eid al-Fitr began, that security forces made travel by car easier. Nonetheless, the iron gate remains in place and forces are stationed beside it some of the time, performing random checks.

In addition to the restrictions on movement, which have affected the entire population of the village, security forces confiscated some 50 vehicles from residents for ostensibly lacking licenses. In addition, 50 village residents who work in Israel – all from the assailants’ extended families – had their work permits revoked. The permits were revoked when they reached the checkpoint on their way to work, without prior notice and with no opportunity to challenge the decision.

On Sunday, 18 June, soldiers raided five homes in the village, three of them belonging to the families of the assailants. The soldiers informed the parents of the assailants that their houses for the actions of their sons. If this occurs, 15 people, including 5 innocent minors, will be left without a roof over their heads.

In one home, the soldiers damaged property and left a mess behind them. ‘Adel ‘Ankush’s mother, 46, was arrested on 21 June and is still in custody. On 29 June, forces again entered the village, arresting ‘Ancush’s father and searching Ousamah Ata’s home once again.

When the forces first entered the village, violent altercations erupted between them and local residents, during which two young men from the village were hurt. They were taken to hospital in Ramallah in an ambulance that had to use a bypass dirt road. Three days later, on 19 June, security forces returned to the village at 5:00 A.M. and went into a home to carry out arrests. This also resulted in altercations in which two more local residents were hurt. The clashes ended when the forces left the village at around 8:00 A.M.

For almost two weeks now, ever since the attack, the military has been disrupting the lives of all 5,000 or so residents of the village, although they have been accused of no personal wrongdoing. This automatic form of retaliation has become a matter of policy for the military, in a cynical abuse of its power to mistreat civilians. This kind of collective harm is morally and legally indefensible.

One of the dirt roads blocked by the military. Photo by 'Amer 'Aruri, B'Tselem, 19 June '17
One of the dirt roads blocked by the military. Photo by 'Amer 'Aruri, B'Tselem, 19 June '17

On 21 June 2017, B’Tselem field researcher 'Amer 'Aruri spoke with two village residents who feared to disclose their names, and with another who agreed to be identified.

A village resident who preferred to remain anonymous related:

I’m a merchant, and I have a permit to enter Israel. On Saturday I wasn’t able to leave, but on Sunday, 18 June, I had to get to the bank in Ramallah. I have a regular car that can’t drive on the unpaved farm roads, so I borrowed my brother’s four-wheel drive. It took me about half an hour on the farm road just to get to Deir Nidham, and there I took the main road to Ramallah. The trip took almost an hour. Usually, it takes half an hour at most to get to Ramallah.

On Tuesday, 20 June 2017, I heard that the soldiers had opened the gate and lifted the closure. At around eleven o’clock in the morning, I set out in my car towards the main exit. When I got there, I saw that the soldiers were still there. They opened the iron gate part of the way. Cars were going both ways and the soldiers were checking every single car going in or out, as well as the IDs of the passengers. There was a huge traffic jam at the entrance. 

When it was my turn, the soldier went through my car from top to bottom. He even popped the hood and opened the trunk. He checked my ID and asked me sarcastically if I had an M16 . I said no and drove off.

Another resident said:

I am from the ‘Ata family. I work in construction inside Israel. On Sunday, 18 June 2017, at around four o’clock in the morning, I got to Ni’lin checkpoint after going the long way on a farm road to get out of the village. There were five more laborers with me in the car, four of them from our family. At the checkpoint, they only let the laborer who wasn’t from our family through. They turned the rest of us back. I asked the guard why I wasn’t allowed across, and he said our family was “causing trouble”.

I couldn’t do anything that day, so I went back home. Other laborers from the ‘Ata, ‘Ankush and Saleh families told me that the exact same thing happened to them. 

I have five children and no other source of income. The day I went back home, my employer called me and said that if I didn’t come in to work, he’d fire me. I don’t know what I’ll do if they don’t give me my permit back. ‘Eid al-Fitr is coming up and I don’t think I’ll be able to buy the kids clothes, as is the custom on high holidays. I’m worried that if I don’t go back to work, I’ll need the money to put food on the table. 

Muhammad Faiz Muhammad ‘Ata, a married father of five, said in his testimony:

Damaged property and mess left by soldiers in the 'Ata home. Photo courtesy of the family, 21 June '17

I live in the al-Mu’alaka neighborhood in the village, in  a two-story building. The second story is still under construction. We have a livestock pen next to the house. 

Today, 21 June 2017, at six in the morning, I heard loud banging on the door. I opened it and found myself facing soldiers and an officer. The officer ordered me to lie down on the floor, but I refused. One of the soldiers grabbed me and sat me down on the floor. The other soldiers came in and started searching our home. I got up immediately and followed them. I told them my wife and children were asleep, but it was no use.

The soldiers went into the kitchen and threw the dishes on the floor. The sound of the breaking dishes woke my wife and children. When they saw the soldiers in the house, some of them started crying. Several soldiers went into our bedroom and started throwing our clothes on the floor. They also turned over the couches and the tables in the living room. I asked the officer if they had a search warrant. He said: “They kill Jews and want a search warrant”?

This went on for about an hour. They left a terrible mess all over the house. In the kitchen, they broke dishes and spilled rice. They broke a livestock milking pump that we were keeping on the second story. They turned the living room upside down and left clothes all over the floor in our bedroom. I don’t know what they were looking for and why they came into our house. They refused to tell me. 

Photos: Damaged property and mess left by soldiers in the 'Ata home. Photos courtesy of the family, 21 June '17

Damaged property and mess left by soldiers in the 'Ata home. Photo courtesy of the family, 21 June '17

          080210 Stereo Windshield WS AE ORTF Kit   
080210 Stereo Windshield WS AE ORTF Kit

080210 Stereo Windshield WS AE ORTF Kit

Rycote 080210 Stereo Windshield WS AE ORTF Kit Suitable for Schoeps CCM or Sennheiser MKH8000 series (No Connbox) Main Benefits: More robust: elastic bands have been replaced by the virtually unbreakable Lyre suspensions Lighter and easier to set up Better isolation from shocks and vibrations   More versatile: fewer combinations cover a wider range of possible MS configurations ORTF stereo recording was pioneered by the engineers at the French state broadcaster in the 1960s, and is defined as using a stereo pair of microphones with the capsules spaced 17cm apart, and at an angle of 110 degrees to each other. Rycote's new ORTF Windshield kit is designed for matched pairs of Schoeps CCM or Sennheiser MKH 8000 mics, and consists of a Lyre suspension, a cable clamp, and a 145mm Stereo Windshield & Windjammer large enough to comfortably accommodate the microphones. A specially designed Rycote mounting adapter bar keeps the microphones at the correct spacing and angle for ORTF recording, and the Lyre suspension and shared windshield combine to provide a solution that is extremely resistant to wind noise and unwanted vibrations such as cable-borne and handling noise. If required, additional protection against cable-borne noise can be ensured by purchasing variants of the ORTF kit which additionally include a Rycote Connbox. The first includes a Connbox with Lemo connectors for use with Schoeps CCMs, the other with MZL connectors for use with Sennheiser MKH8000 mics.   There are three variants of the kit, 2 with Connbox supplied (Lemo for Schoeps CCM or MZL for Sennheiser MKH 8020,8040 or 8050). The 5-pin XLR output Connbox uses detachable Binder cables, with 130 mm tail - with either MZL or Lemo connectors.

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080211 Stereo Windshield WS AE ORTF Kit MZL

080211 Stereo Windshield WS AE ORTF Kit MZL

Rycote 080211 Stereo Windshield WS AE ORTF Kit (MZL) Suitable for Sennheiser MKH8000 series pair (MZL Connbox) Main Benefits: More robust: elastic bands have been replaced by the virtually unbreakable Lyre suspensions Lighter and easier to set up Better isolation from shocks and vibrations   More versatile: fewer combinations cover a wider range of possible MS configurations ORTF stereo recording was pioneered by the engineers at the French state broadcaster in the 1960s, and is defined as using a stereo pair of microphones with the capsules spaced 17cm apart, and at an angle of 110 degrees to each other. Rycote's new ORTF Windshield kit is designed for matched pairs of Schoeps CCM or Sennheiser MKH 8000 mics, and consists of a Lyre suspension, a cable clamp, and a 145mm Stereo Windshield & Windjammer large enough to comfortably accommodate the microphones. A specially designed Rycote mounting adapter bar keeps the microphones at the correct spacing and angle for ORTF recording, and the Lyre suspension and shared windshield combine to provide a solution that is extremely resistant to wind noise and unwanted vibrations such as cable-borne and handling noise. If required, additional protection against cable-borne noise can be ensured by purchasing variants of the ORTF kit which additionally include a Rycote Connbox. The first includes a Connbox with Lemo connectors for use with Schoeps CCMs, the other with MZL connectors for use with Sennheiser MKH8000 mics. There are three variants of the kit, 2 with Connbox supplied (Lemo for Schoeps CCM or MZL for Sennheiser MKH 8020, 8040 or 8050). The 5-pin XLR output Connbox uses detachable Binder cables, with 130 mm tail - with either MZL or Lemo connectors.  Includes: 1 x 040152 Suspension Medium ORTF (MZL) 1 x 010904 Windshield WS AE 1 x 021901 Windjammer WJ AE 1 x 048493 XLR Holder MK II 1 x 048402 Boom Poles Adaptor 1 x 016926 Connbox CB11 (2MZL Detachable) 4x Single Lyre 62(19/25) + risers Brush Hex head key   Compatibility: Sennheiser MKH 8020 - pair Sennheiser MKH 8040 - pair Sennheiser MKH 8050 - pair  

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086001 Full Windshield 4 Kit - Medium Modular Suspension

086001 Full Windshield 4 Kit - Medium Modular Suspension

086001 Full Windshield 4 Kit - Medium Modular Suspension  

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086038 Modular Windshield WS 9 Kit

086038 Modular Windshield WS 9 Kit

Rycote 086038 Modular Windshield WS 9 Kit (086038) Suitable for Sennheiser MKH8020, 8040 and 8050 when used without their MZX XLR module.   Main Benefits: Flexible, complete windshield and suspension package, which provides varying levels of windshielding for numerous microphone configurations The iconic Windshield Kit is the industry standard, and leads the way in windshielding and suspension technology   The Modular Windshield WS 9 Kit offers a unique and highly effective solution for compact condenser microphones requiring wind protection and maximum shock isolation. It completely surrounds the compact microphone, sliding onto the XX-Small Suspension to provide up to 25dB of wind noise attenuation. The wind attenuation performance is equivalent to a Rycote full sized Windshield yet in a much smaller and lighter package – only 170mm x 105mm including end caps.   High quality synthetic fur-cover Windjammer for WS 9 provides the highest possible protection against extreme wind-noise. When using a Windjammer fitted over a Windshield up to 35 dB of windnoise attenuation can be achieved, producing excellent exterior audio recordings. Finding the correct Windshield Kit will depend on the type, length and diameter of the microphone. Because the whole microphone is encased in a windshield basket the total length of the microphone including the XLR cable must be accounted for, this means adding 50mm to the length of the mic.   For a windshield to work effectively the microphone should be mounted centrally within the windshield, therefore the microphone + XLR length should approximately equal the windshield body length. The body length of our windshields is the total length, excluding end caps.

          086067 Modular Windshield WS 1 Kit MZL   
086067 Modular Windshield WS 1 Kit MZL

086067 Modular Windshield WS 1 Kit MZL

Rycote 086067 Modular Windshield WS 1 Kit (MZL) The Modular Windshield Kit is the professionals' choice when maximum isolation from wind and handling noise is required. This complete modular system can be configured to allow almost any microphone to be shock-mounted and provided with varying degrees of windshielding. Components may be ordered separately, or as one of a series of kits, which simplify the selection process for many common configurations. A Modular Windshield Kit is comprised of the following three main components: Modular Suspension, Modular Windshield and Windjammer.   Modular Suspension Our suspensions provides complete isolation against handling noise and cable-borne noises, by supporting the microphone in a cradle arrangement using Lyre suspension webs. Windshield The Windshield basket completely surrounds the microphone and its connector, sliding onto the Modular Suspension to provide up to 30dB of wind noise attenuation. This is the first layer of windshielding protection for your microphone. Windjammer The Windjammer introduced by Rycote in 1985, is high quality synthetic fur covers, designed to fit perfectly over the Modular Windshield. It gives an additional 20dB of wind noise attenuation. Fitted with a drawstring & toggle to allow snug and easy fitting. Modular Windshield Kits, including zipped Windjammer are also available on request. Includes: 1 x 040141 Suspension Small (MZL) 1 x 010601 Windshield WS 1 1 x 021501 Windjammer WJ 1 1 x 016917 Connbox CB9 (MZL) 1 x 048493 XLR Holder MK II 1 x 048401 Pistol Grip Handle with Lever 1 x 048402 Boom Poles Adaptor 2x Single Lyre 62 (19/25) Brush Hex head key   Compatibility: Sennheiser MKH 8060 + MZL

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086069 Modular Windshield WS 3 Kit XLR-5F

086069 Modular Windshield WS 3 Kit XLR-5F

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086070 Modular Windshield WS 6 Kit XLR-5F

086070 Modular Windshield WS 6 Kit XLR-5F

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086071 Modular Windshield Kit 3 30mm, No CB

086071 Modular Windshield Kit 3 30mm, No CB

Rycote 086071 Modular Windshield Kit 3 (30mm, No CB) Suitable for Neumann RSM191 Main Benefits: Flexible, complete windshield and suspension package, which provides varying levels of windshielding for numerous microphone configurations   The iconic Windshield Kit is the industry standard, and leads the way in windshielding and suspension technology The iconic Modular Windshield Kit is the professionals' choice when maximum isolation from wind and handling noise is required. This complete modular system can be configured to allow almost any microphone to be shock-mounted and provided with varying degrees of windshielding. Components may be ordered separately, or as one of a series of kits, which simplify the selection process for many common configurations.   A Modular Windshield Kit is comprised of the following three main components: Modular Suspension, Modular Windshield and Windjammer. Compatibility: Neumann RSM 191 (Single Shank)

          Peaceful nap...   
Peaceful nap... This couple is taking a peaceful little nap in the grass. We decided that couldnt last. We apologize that our camerawomen sounds drugged out.

          089101 Cyclone Windshield Kit, Large   
089101 Cyclone Windshield Kit, Large

089101 Cyclone Windshield Kit, Large

Rycote 089101 Cyclone Windshield Kit, Large The Cyclone Windshield Kit, Large is suitable for shotgun microphones from 250 mm up to 280mm in length and 19-25mm diameter with a 3-pin XLR connector such as the Sennheiser MKH 416, MKH 60 and Schoeps CMIT 5U. Main Benefits: Complete windshield and suspension system, with unique, modern design delivers groundbreaking wind and shock protection Durable, magnetised, two-piece basket design provides instant windshield assembly/ disassembly Ideal for popular mics such as Sennheiser MKH 416 and Schoeps CMIT 5U. See compatibility tab for full list of mics The Cyclone features a durable, lightweight design, category leading wind and shock isolation performance, with the same overall mass yet lighter in weight than modular windshield designs. Suspension The Cyclone introduces a unique “multi-suspension” design that provides complete isolation against handling noise and cable-borne noises, and windshield basket self-noise. In addition to the outstanding shock protection provided by the patented Rycote Lyre suspension webs, shock performance is further enhanced by the new Rycote Floating-Basket Suspension with Lyre® Technology (patent pending). This basket suspension provides a unique isolation barrier between the windshield basket and suspension that inhibits noise and vibration induced by the windshield itself from being mechanically transmitted to the primary suspension.  Windshield The two-piece Z-Locking design magnetically affixes the basket around the microphone for instant and secure attachment to or detachment from the suspension.  Increased transparency is achieved due to the cone-like shape, which vastly reduces reflective parallel surfaces and “room effect”.  With the same overall mass, the unique, design shifts the overall bulk to the basket front for superior wind-noise reduction exceeding modular-style windshield / windjammer combined performance.  In addition to the shape and structure of the Cyclone, 3D-Tex® covers the windshield exterior. This durable material combines excellent acoustic transparency with superb attenuation of wind noise. Optional Accessories  Cyclone Windjammer (Large), Extension soft-grip Handle Includes:  Cyclone Suspension, fitted with 72-shore Universal Lyres Cyclone cable (fitted) Cyclone Windshield, Large (left & right pods) Pair of Universal Lyres 62-shore, for lightweight microphones Hex key driver, for adjustment of Lyres   Compatibility: AKG C 568 EB Audio-Technica AT 4073a (BP4073) Audio-Technica AT 877 Audio-Technica AT 897 Neumann KMR 81i RODE NTG-2 RODE NTG-3 Sanken CS 2 Sanken CS 3 Schoeps CMIT 5U Schoeps Super CMIT Sennheiser MKH 416 Sennheiser MKH 60 Sennheiser MKE 600 Shure VP89S Sony ECM 670 Sony ECM 678 Sony ECM 680S  

          Comment on Tangy Pickled Cornichon Slaw by Deborah   
this sounds delicious! I am not familiar with cashew cream or cashew butter. Can you substitute for this?
          Comment on Smoky Lentil Chili and A Hot Dog Toppings Bar by Linda from Veganosity   
YESSSS!!! I LOVE chili dogs and now my mouth is watering. The chili sounds perfect and I love the toppings too.
          thenorthwind on "9 speed xtr cassette"   

based on this I'll offer you £15 posted?

Sounds fair.

          An Evening with Bruce Hornsby   

Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 7:30 PM

An Evening with Bruce Hornsby


An Evening with Bruce Hornsby offers fans the best of a three time Grammy award-winner. The singer, pianist, composer, bandleader and keyboardist will offer classical, jazz, bluegrass, folk, Motown, gospel, rock, blues, and jam band musical traditions. Rock out to “The Way It Is” from his 1986 debut album and one of the most popular songs of that decade.

He is known for his intense collaborations with the Grateful Dead, Spike Lee, Ricky Skaggs, Don Henley, Ornette Coleman, Bob Dylan, Bela Fleck, Bonnie Raitt, Pat Metheny, and Robbie Robertson.  Rolling Stone once said he defined “the sound of grace on the radio.” He received the Grammy for Best New Artist with Bruce Hornsby and the Range, the 1990 Grammy award for Best Bluegrass Album, and the 1994 Grammy award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance. 

Enjoy a delicious pre-performance dinner in our beautiful Bayside Bistro! Click here.

          DS Exclusive: FastFade (Skate Punk) Premieres EP “Side Effects”   
This tremendous trio from London, England plays a recognizable brand of skate punk, drawing influence from 90’s legends like NOFX, Face To Face, Millencolin, Lagwagon, and Pulley. Although it’s familiar in it’s sound, the youthful exuberance that these lads inject, elevates them above some their contemporaries. If you’re unfamiliar with FastFade, you’re in luck! They’re […]
          „Microsoft“ paskelbs apie didelio masto verslo reorganizavimą   

Didžiausia pasaulyje programinės įrangos gamintoja „Microsoft“ ketina liepos 5 d. paskelbti apie didelio masto verslo reorganizaciją, skelbia amerikiečių leidinys „Puget Sound Business Journal“. Jo šaltiniai teigia, kad reorganizacija bus didele dalimi susijusi su „Microsoft“ persiorientavimu į debesų technologijas.
Skaitykite daugiau...

          Villa Pallato   

Creative Agency: Brandholic
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Villa Pallato
Location: Gaspar, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Fine mushrooms
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, glass
Printing Process: Hot-stamping, Offset printing

Villa Pallato is a Brazilian brand specializing in the import of fine mushrooms, Italian truffles and derivatives. All carefully selected and rigorously approved. A line of products of high durability, maintaining the purest taste and texture of the mushrooms, in order to make it more accessible and considerably increase consumption in our country.

Villa Pallato, the Village of Paladar in Italian, refers to the time of immigrants and their importance to agriculture in the country. The company's hometown was heavily influenced by Italian immigration with traces of the culture scattered throughout the city. Cozy name that refers to something homemade, made with love, with a flowing sound, is easy to remember.

In addition to the graphic material that it used, the brand could not reach a conceptual connection with the target audience of this type of product, resulting in the lack of prominence deserved in the pdv. Our mission was to build the new brand, conceptualization, naming, create the design and communication materials, which resulted in a new positioning, visibility and sales for Villa Pallato.

Read more

           Mike Krompass: talks you through his Laney GH100R   

Mike Krompass talks you through his Laney GH100R, it's versatility and reliability. From Blues to Metal it covers everything you need and with it's clever output and drive choices you can blend the power valved and pre amp valves in a custom way like no other amplifier on the market.

Laney GHR: GH100R, Find your tone, make your sound!


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【2017.06.24 仔寅個人撮影会】

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6月18日 もえきゅん撮影会
1部 桜のぁさん


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Artispark vol.127
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【2017.06.24 仔寅個人撮影会】

— 雪兎@24日撮影会 (@yukito_yukkey) 2017年6月25日 - 21:04

【2017.06.24 仔寅個人撮影会】

— 雪兎@24日撮影会 (@yukito_yukkey) 2017年6月25日 - 21:17

【2017.06.24 仔寅個人撮影会】

— 雪兎@24日撮影会 (@yukito_yukkey) 2017年6月25日 - 21:28

Artispark Vol.127
太陽神仔寅の眩しいライブ @510ra_kmgr @510ra_sunny #ライブ #コトライブ #仔寅

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          is this even a   

is this even a question???????

UMass mens would destroy them....

first compare the height of all the men to the girls

then the athelism, then the skills

it would be a blowout by like 60+

i know it sounds mean or i dont know what im talkin bout... think about it

most girl players are what... bout 5'8

the average men college player is about 6'5''

its not even close.... how can u compare those two... ur friend clearly doesnt know his bball

          107314 20 x Single Square Black Mic Flag   
107314 20 x Single Square Black Mic Flag

107314 20 x Single Square Black Mic Flag

Rycote 107314 20 x Single Square Black Mic Flag A four-sided black, square mic flag, suitable for microphones with 19 to 38 mm diameters. Main Benefits: Fits A Wide Range Of Microphones Lightweight But Tough Rycote's Mic Flags are made from durable shatterproof moulded plastic and avoid the use of perishable foam inserts to make the flags fit the microphone. Instead, an array of internally fitted hard-wearing red and black rubber 'vanes' secures the flag around the microphone, allowing Rycote’s Mic Flags to be used with any microphones ranging from 19 to 38mm in diameter.   Fits A Wide Range Of Microphones   With all of the black and red ‘vanes’ fitted, the Rycote mic flag will securely hold microphones from 19 to 32mm wide. To fit the flags to mics of up to 38mm in diameter, users simply remove the lid of the mic flag and slide out the black vanes, creating a looser fit which allows the broader mics to slide onto the flag.   Lightweight But Tough   Lightweight and extremely hard-wearing, Rycote's Mic Flags provide a large printable area for sponsors' logos. Three- and four-sided flags are available, in either black or white; the square type offers a printable logo area 57mm wide by 48mm high on each of its four sides, while the printable area of the three sides on the triangular flag measure 89.5mm wide by 48mm.   If you want your branding seen on screen, use Rycote’s Mic Flags!Includes: 1 x 107301 Square Black Mic Flag Compatibility: Audio-Technica AT 8004 BeyerDynamic M 58 BeyerDynamic MCE 58 Electrovoice 635 N/D Electrovoice RE 50 Sennheiser MD 46 Sennheiser MKH 20 Sennheiser MKH 70 Sennheiser SKM with Evolution or Neumann KK capsules Shure SM 58

          Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse to release 'Revisited' CD and DVD package!   

Eden's Curse to release 'Revisited' CD & DVD package!

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut album, Eden's Curse will release 'Revisited' - a two disc set including the Debut Album Re-Recorded in it's entirety and a bonus DVD 'Live In Glasgow - The Official Bootleg' - on 25th August 2017 worldwide via AFM Records.

Bassist Paul Logue explains: "The first album really was the foundation for all that was to follow and ever since Nikola joined the band we have been inundated with fan requests to re-record the older material and whilst it would be great fun, it would also be the same amount of work as recording a brand new album. In actual fact, that is one of the main reasons we recorded the live album, 'Live With The Curse', so the fans could hear Nikola's voice on the older songs. However, it did not stop the flow of requests - in fact it made it worse! So, with this pivotal tenth anniversary coming up, we thought it would be a good idea to do it and AFM agreed. It's turned out really great and given the older songs that little bit of freshness. It's not to out-do what went before but to pay homage to a very important record in our career".

The debut re-recordings were mixed by Pete Newdeck (Eden's Curse, Tainted Nation, Grim Reaper) & Mastered by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem).

Coupled with the re-recorded debut album is the 'Live In Glasgow - Official Bootleg DVD' which is the 'Live With The Curse' live album recording show in it's entirety. Filmed at The Classic Grand in Glasgow on 28th November 2014, the release mark's the band first official live DVD release, albeit in a bootleg form. "The footage is absolutely excellent" states bassist Logue. "We did not intend to film a DVD, but the audio recording company brought two cameras along to capture the show and when we saw the results we were really surprised! We put out four videos on You Tube to promote the live album and the fans kept asking to see the full show on DVD. So, here it is! We've called it a 'bootleg' because it wasn't recorded on 6 cameras, e.g one above the drummer and one on the keyboard player - like we would do for a proper DVD release. However, beyond that is looks and sounds great! We WILL do a DVD in the future but in the meantime this give our fans across the world something to enjoy time and time again and it makes 'Revisited' a very special package indeed" he adds.

'Revisited' is the ultimate package for Eden's Curse fans old and new and a fantastic introduction to the band's music. It's a true celebration of the record that started it all, from the guys who carry the legacy forward. Over 60 mins of music and 100 mins of film make 'Revisited' a must have for all Eden's Curse & Melodic Metal fans.

          107315 20 x Single Triangular Black Mic Flag   
107315 20 x  Single Triangular Black Mic Flag

107315 20 x Single Triangular Black Mic Flag

Rycote 107315 20 x  Single Triangular Black Mic Flag A three-sided, black, triangular mic flag, suitable for microphone with 19 to 38 mm diameters. Main Benefits: Fits A Wide Range Of Microphones   Lightweight But Tough Rycote's Mic Flags are made from durable shatterproof moulded plastic and avoid the use of perishable foam inserts to make the flags fit the microphone. Instead, an array of internally fitted hard-wearing red and black rubber 'vanes' secures the flag around the microphone, allowing Rycote’s Mic Flags to be used with any microphones ranging from 19 to 38mm in diameter. Fits A Wide Range Of Microphones With all of the black and red ‘vanes’ fitted, the Rycote mic flag will securely hold microphones from 19 to 32mm wide. To fit the flags to mics of up to 38mm in diameter, users simply remove the lid of the mic flag and slide out the black vanes, creating a looser fit which allows the broader mics to slide onto the flag. Lightweight But Tough Lightweight and extremely hard-wearing, Rycote's Mic Flags provide a large printable area for sponsors' logos. Three- and four-sided flags are available, in either black or white; the square type offers a printable logo area 57mm wide by 48mm high on each of its four sides, while the printable area of the three sides on the triangular flag measure 89.5mm wide by 48mm. If you want your branding seen on screen, use Rycote’s Mic Flags!

          FOX Sports Will Have Microphones Buried Throughout The Field For MLB All-Star Game   
When you watch the 2017 MLB All-Star Game, you'll be able to hear the action as if standing on the field. FOX Sports is putting mic underneath the surface to bring the sounds of the game directly to you. Here's the details.
          Hackaday Munich: DJ Muallem, Workshop Info, and More   

DJ Muallem

If you don’t have your ticket to the Hackaday Prize Party at Hackaday Munich you better scramble for one. We are excited to announce that [muallem] is the DJ for the event. He is the driving force behind the music at the Bob Beaman Club in Munich and is sure to deliver a set to remember. Don’t take our word for it, we’ve been cranking his Soundcloud channel for a couple of days now and it’s hard to wait the two weeks left before the party starts.

Workshop details whether you have a ticket or not

For those …read more

          Re-Release Blitz: Here's to Tomorrow (Here's To #1) by Teagan Hunter    
Title: Here's to Tomorrow
Series: Here's To #1
Author: Teagan Hunter
Genre: NA Romance
Re-Release Date: June 29, 2017

When I became a single father at seventeen, I knew my path wasn’t going to be easy. Hell, sometimes it sucked. Year after year, I tirelessly busted my ass until my business was booming. Until my daughter was happy. Until life? It was good. Settled.
But sometimes being settled is overrated. Boring. Especially when a little excitement walks through my door in the shape of Rae Kamden. With her sarcastic mouth and smartass comebacks, she’s the type of girl still sowing her wild oats and not looking to settle. Not with a guy like me.
I’ve been stuck in this small town since I was a child and nothing is going to keep me here. Not anymore. Done being tied down, I’m out of here the first chance I get. This town can kiss my ass goodbye. 
I’m twenty-two. Single. Unwilling to settle. But if I did? It wouldn’t be with Hudson Tamell.
So explain to me why the moment he looks up from under the hood of my car, the sarcastic replies on my lips come out sounding sweeter. Why does he make me want to settle down, right here, with him? 
That’s not what I wanted. But maybe it’s what I need.

By day I’m a freelance cover designer. By every other free moment, a writer. I’m a Missouri raised gal, but I currently live in North Carolina with my US Marine husband where I spend my days begging him for a cat. I survive off coffee, pizza, and sarcasm. When I’m not writing, you can find me binge-watching various TV shows, especially Supernatural and One Tree Hill. I like cold weather, buy more paperbacks than I’ll ever read, and I never say no to brownies.

          Debate: Overburdened Italy sounds the alarm   
Over 12,000 migrants have been rescued from the Mediterranean and taken to Italy over the last few days alone. Feeling that it is being left to cope with the problem on its own, Italy is now threatening to deny foreign ships carrying rescued refugees access to its ports. Can the country enforce more solidarity on refugee policy?
           One Day International West Indies v India line-ups    
June 30 (Gracenote) - Line-ups for the third One Day International between West Indies and India on Friday in North Sound, Antigua and Barbuda West Indies...
          Welcome to McCartney Month on Soundcheck!   
The first time Paul McCartney came to Tampa, on April 12, 1990, It’s fair to say the city was pretty excited.
          User Review: Great phone   

zenrandom submitted this review of the Nokia N73:

Overall rating: 5 (out of 5)

Nice Camera
Sweet Browser
Battery lasts a long time.

No US 3g, only 2100mhz
Headphone volume could be louder

I have the N73ME, have had it for several months. I like the symbian operating system. While I miss the touch screen of my pda, this is a great phone. Calls sound good, not land line good, but good. With moderate use, the battery will last for several days. You can add apps like gmail mobile, mobile maps, shozu, and fring. The upload feature allows you to upload pictures directly to flickr. The music player is nice, but you don't have A2DP for stereo bluetooth. The headphone volume is just loud enough, but in noisy situations you may wish to have headphones with their own volume function.

It's a great buy!

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          User Review: Worth The Money-Another Nokia Home Run   

Steven2420 submitted this review of the Nokia N73:

Overall rating: 5 (out of 5)

After months and months with Windows Mobile Devices, I switched back to a Symbian platform,and I am very happy I did. The stability of Symbian is a refreshing change from freeze-ups and reboots, and hard resets. Acknowledging that there is NO perfect OS available, I would rate the Symbian OS one of the best on the market. I purchased mine (N73-ME-Black) from, and I am extremely pleased.


Great RF, Nokia, "You think"
Beautiful and very large screen-QVGA-very bright and crystal clear
The handset is light and easy to grip, and feels very solid
Battery is typical Nokia, it "loves you long time"
The keys are a very firm and have a nice click to them when pressed
Nice joystick, easy to use and very responsive
Internet is super fast, although not 3G, you really do not notice
Bluetooth is good, no issues so far
Camera (3.2MP) is the best feature, almost too good to believe on a phone. I have heard many people say that is not important, and that is fine. Use this camera and then tell me that!!!!! It is just as good as my 5MP Canon Camera.
Music Player is 2nd best feature, with stereo speakers on the top and bottom, the sound is as good as any ipod I have seen.


No 3G, I love 3G
No WiFi, not a problem
Nokia Pop Port-wow-the evilness of proprietary hardware

This is another great Nokia product, and for people that are looking for a business phone first, with good PIM exchange and fast e-mail, this is much better then a full blown Pocket PC!

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          Sennheiser HD 569 review   

Sennheiser’s latest addition to its HD 500 series offers impressive sound, a sleek and comfy design, and great passive noise isolation, all for a price point below the $200 line.

The post Sennheiser HD 569 review appeared first on Digital Trends.

          User Review: Best Nokia ever   

tspierings submitted this review of the Nokia N73:

Overall rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

This is the first smartphone that can really replace my iPaq pocketpc. I own this device 6 weeks and it is great.

The size of the device is just within the maximum limits to be able to carry it in the pocket. (I find the N80 a little too bulky)

Reception and sound quality outstanding. In combination with the Bluetooth Nokia carkit CK7W it works superbe. Hardly noise and no echo.

As an MP3 player this can absolutely compete with my iPod (unfortunately MiniSD Cards do not come in bigger than 2 Gb yet).

Screen is superb with QVGA. Finally it is usefull with TomTom GPS software.

Multitasking works flawlessly. When I am using TomTom with the bluetooth GPS receiver, I can answer any phonecall in between (even with my CK7W bluetooth carkit).

Keyboard is OK. In some reviews it was reported as troublesome but I find it good to work with.

The camera is fairly good. It is the best quality I have ever seen in a smartphone. However, startup is very slow and in poor light conditions the picture quality is poor. Do not expect too much of the flash.

A few not-so-good points.

The Email application is crap. I cannot even delete messages. The same applies to the calendar application. (The default Calendar applications on Palm and PocketPc are crap as well). However, there are excellent alternatives for this. You should immediately purchase Papyrus calendar application and ProfiMail email application. Both are very good.

I am not so happy with voice dialling. You can no longer save your own voice tags. However, this built-in intelligence does not work very well in some languages and frequently does not find a match.

Where Nokia really missed it is with the accessories. There is no (powered) desk stand available. Why? All previous Nokias had this. Also, there is no powered car holder available. Why? Fortunately, Brodit has just launched a powered car holder that fits very well.

Conclusion: Great mobile with all necessary PDA functions

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          User Review: Better than the N80!   

peyman99sf submitted this review of the Nokia N73:

Overall rating: 5 (out of 5)

Hi, I give this phone a perfect 5 out 5 for the following reason:

Picture quality is as good as my digital camera.
The phone has dual stereo speakers so its very nice waking to the alarm in the morning

Sound quality and speaker phone quality is the best, and I've used alot of phones...

I also have the N80 and I would def. rate this higher


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          Comment on Easy Miso Ramen by Bibi   
Hello Victoria! Loved your Recipe and your pictures. This sounds something like mine, one question though in your ingredients list was "one whole egg scrambled". What was that?
          Arcsoft Total Media Theatre 3 Platinum First Impressions   

Up until recently I have used Cyberlink Power DVD  Ultra as my primary playback software for Blu-Ray/HDDVD. Whilst I have not been impressed with it’s integration into Media Centre it was on my setup way ahead of the competition in terms of stutter free playback.

I have often cast envious eyes at the integration of Arcsoft Total media Theatre (TMT) into Media Center but for a long while I could not get it even to start up in Vista. To be fair this was mainly due to being on the beta programme for Vista SP2 and was resolved in the final release of SP2. What was not resolved was a general level of flakiness in playback on my setup. It used to exhibit very jerky movement and struggled to keep up with playback. Now I have a very good setup, with a Phenom x4 processor and a very reasonable ATI graphic chip set, so it really had no excuse.  Much trawling of websites didn’t offer any solutions with many people pointing to the fact I use an external Blu-Ray drive as a likely cause.

Anyway all that has changed with the release of TMT3. Rock solid playback. No jerkiness at all., excellent sound(with one gotcha of which more later) and a fantastic image. On top of which the integration into Media centre is just excellent. I know it is actually shelling out to an external application but it just doesn’t feel like it is.

My only gripe is that I use an sp-dif output to my speaker system and whilst the volume control in Media Center happily controls this, the one in TMT3 doesn’t. Funnily enough mute does still work.

Ignoring that one gripe though it is a very solid contender for the Cyberlink crown especially as it still supports HDDVD which Cyberlink doesn’t in its recent incarnations.

I would go as far as saying it is now my player of choice.

Note: only the platinum edition supports Blu-Ray/HDDVD and as ever with the costs of licensing the included technologies the price is a little steep but google for discount codes.

Publisher's Site
          Donald Spector, Chairman Emeritus of New York College of Health Professionals is in Serious Discussions to Bring Holographic Media Into the Home   
IRVINE, Calif., June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The New York College of Health Professionals announced earlier this week the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 9,693,140  that allows remote speakers to project not only the sound of artists and entertainment, but also project real life images emanat...
          Neat Vista Trick: Listening to Radio 5 commentary whilst watching TV (BBC2 Tennis)   
One thing that happens quite often in the UK is that sporting events and some concerts are covered simultaneously by TV and Radio.

This has led to quit a common scenario where people will mute their tv and watch the pictures whilst listening to the radio commentary however there is an issue with this since digital tv came in.

Basically DVB-T TV signals require a finite amount of time to process so the image is delayed slightly in appearing. Of course this means that Radio and TV are out of sync which is very annoying at sporting events where you can see what has happened before the commentary catches up.

With media center the obvious thing would be to listen to the freeview DVB-T radio 5 source whilst watching the images from another tuner but unfortunately Media Center doesn't let you do that.

This all came to light for me when the friend I recently built the Media Center for,asked me if she could watch the Wimbledon Tennis coverage whilst listening to the BBC Radio 5 commentary.

At first I couldn't see a solution but then it struck me that Radio 5 has an internet stream on the BBC website and I wondered if she could make use of that.

Well she tried that and yes she could play the internet stream at the same time as watching tv but the stream was now slighly delayed over the tv image. She came up with a brilliant work round for this - Pause the tv until the sound was in sync.

Having got that worked out we still had the issue that she was getting both the radio audio from the web stream and the tv audio from media center.

Now Vista's new sound architecture came to the rescue. Opening the sound mixer in Vista shows independant volume controls for each program playing sound. In this case it was simply a matter of muting the Media Center sound source and hey presto Radio Five commentary on the BBC TV Tennis coverage.
          Building A Linux Media Extender for your Media Center with GeeXbox   

I recently took up a challenge to build a media center PC for a friend. Having scoured Ebay I found what I thought looked like a really nice case for not too much money. It was also a Barebones system coming with DVD, Floppy and Motherboard. The motherboard only supported a Pentium III up to 800mhz but I decided that I could always upgrade this.

When I received it the case lived up to expectations and was pretty small. So small that on opening it up I found my upgrade options were limited. The case comes with a BookPC BKI810 3.3 motherboard (really tiny and would make a great basis for a Car PC) This is a custom BabyATX design based on the Intel 810 chipset and supports Pentium III processors up to 800mhz with a 100mhz front side bus. There are no PCI expansion ports but it does have on-board video (with TV-out), Audio (with SP-Dif out), Ethernet, Modem, COm, Game Port, Printer and USB (1.0) ports.

Whilst this would have run MCE 2005 it wasn't going to cut the mustard for my friends Hi-def vista media center so I went to plan B for that (more on that in a later post). I guess I could have gone with upgrading the BookPC a Pico-ITX Motherboard buy they are a bit too pricey.

All was not lost with this case however, I had been meaning to look into the prospect of building a Media Extender to work with the uPNP capabilities of Windows Media Player 11 in vista.

Note I say Media Extender - not Media center Extender - I wasn't intending to stream Live TV or even watch Recorded TV in native DVRMS format but I already transcode my Recorded TV to WMV files and Media Player 11 can share them via its built in uPNP media server.

uPNP stands for Universal Plug and Play a set of standards for Network devices to talk to each other. Windows Media Player 11 implements what used to be called Windows Media Connect and is a uPNP AV server. Basically this can be contacted by any uPNP AV client to access any Music, Pictures or Video in your Media Player Library.

I added a 800Mhz processor, hetsink, fan, 512mb Ram and a 20Gb hards drive to the motherboard. Checked it all out and it booted to BIOS fine. Got as bit of a shock when my 800mhz procssor was shown as 600mhz but then realised that the processor was 133mhz FSB so on a 100Mhz FSB board it scaled down to 600mhz. Not a problem it should be plenty fast enough for what I wanted.

So all I needed was a uPNP client. I also wanted something that could use the inbuilt DVD player to play audio/dvds.

I decided to keep costs down and experiment with using Linux. I heard of Myth so tried that first. To cut things short I'm not a Linux guru and I struggled with Myth. I first tried KnopMyth which I just couldn't get to play CD's or DVD's. I then found MythDora which was a much more straightforward install and did play CD and DVD but I couldn't work out how to configure it for uPNP - if even that was possible.

I was about to give up on the Linux route when I made a great discovery GeeXBox. This is a Live CD(basically Linux which boots from a CD and doen't need a hard disk) designed for playing Media and it has a uPNP client.

I downloaded the CD image (it comes in .iso format) and burnt it to CD. Put it in the HTPC Dvd Drive booted and, after a few seconds of Linux boot messages) up popped the menu including an open option. Selecting this gave me a uPNP option and selecting this gave me my media center as a uPNP server. I was stuck here for a few seconds as it wouldn't display a list of contents form my Media Center, until I realised, stupidly, that I hadn't gome to my media center pc and allowed the new device to access. (In Vista this is really easy as a toolbox popup appears on the PC as soon as a new device is detected)

Hey presto I had access to all the Music, Photos and Videos on my media center. I choose a Video (which happened to be a divx avi) and it played instantly and smoothly. This was great but alas my next choice a WMV file failed to play.

Codecs! I thought as one does (quick aside in the Media Center world I wonder if the word Codecs should now be added to swear word filters)

Scouring the excellent GeeXBox web site I found I was right the WMV codecs were not included by default and I would have to build my own custom ISO distribution. That sounded horrible - I really didn't want to get into Linux toolchains. Fortunately GeeXBox had that covered and supply a very user friendly ISO builder. It even went as far as downloading the codecs for me. Excellent. One more button press and it built me a new Iso and a quick burn later I had a functioning GeexBox streaming video from my Media Center. It even managed a WMV HD file albeit a bit broken up.

Streaming Audio was just as easy and my new custom build also gave me shoutcast radio. To top things off DVD's play well as do CD audio (although I do have a problem with a couple stuttering on the first track)

So in summary for around 100 pounds you can pick up all the components for a decent media streaming extender and if you do not fancy building it yourself the kit I used here, with the configure GeeXbox disk, will be up on eBay shortly. I'll post the link here.

EDIT: Its up on ebay CLICK HERE
          Vizio SB3830-D0 3.0-channel Bluetooth Soundbar + $100 Dell GC $200   
Vizio SB3830-D0 3.0-channel Bluetooth Soundbar + $100 Dell GC $200
          Syd Barrett - Effervescing Elephant   

Effervescing Elephant from the album "Barrett" by Syd Barrett, released in November 1970.
Direction / Animation : Yoann Hervo
Compositing : Hugo Moreno
Additional Animation : Lucie Arnissolle, Remy Clarke, Hanne Galvez, Nathan Harbonn, Mathilde Loubes
Sound design: Fabien Carouge
Co-production: Eddy

Cast: Yoann Hervo

Tags: 1970, syd barrett, music video, 16mm, effervescing elephant, animation and pink floyd

          Client - Ad Dynamics   

Once in a while a product doesn't make it out into the world. Sigh. But what do you with all the animated goodies that are left behind? You remove a few logos and the sassy explanatory vocals and then you set it free.

Directed by: Oddfellows

Creative Direction: Chris Kelly
Art Direction: Yuki Yamada
Design: Yuki Yamada
Additional Design: Chris Anderson, Jorge R Candeo, Chris Kelly
Producer: Erica Kelly
Animation: Chris Anderson, Jorge R Canedo, Tyler Morgan, Khylin Woodrow

Music and Sound: Sonosanctus

Voice Over: Sophie Blackburn

Cast: Oddfellows, Yuki Yamada, Chris Anderson, Jr.canest, Tyler Morgan, khylin woodrow and Sono Sanctus

Tags: Dynamic Ads, Backpack, Sunsets, UI, Hands, Phones, Glamping and Everybodies Happy

          DO WE LOVE IT: Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie" Ft. Jay-Z   


Justin Timberlake is back on his Suit & Tie ish.  He's not letting Robin Thicke be the only blue eyed soul dude in the game right now.  JT has returned to the music game after catering to his movie career for so long.  And we've got his first comeback single, "Suit & Tie" featuring Jay-Z, inside...


“Suit & Tie" featuring JAY Z was written by Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Shawn Carter, Jerome “J-ROC” Harmon and James Flauntleroy and produced by Timbaland, Justin himself and Jerome “J-ROC” Harmon.

The song is the first release off Timberlake’s forthcoming album, The 20/20 Experience, due out later this year on RCA Records.

Sounds like the newlywed's still got that sound we loved when he first hooked up with Timbaland years ago.  Decide if we love it.  Then read his open letter his fans below.

An Open Letter to you (the fans):

I hope this gets to you the right way. It's the only way I know to do it. Some people may criticize me for the last 3 days. But it was fun, right?? Right?!?! Besides, I'd rather speak directly to all of you. And, who can knock me for having a little bit of fun with it?

Well... No more teasing. Although, it was A LOT of fun. (Did I mention that I'm having fun with this?? Ha!)

*Makes a serious face*

So, here goes:

This year is an exciting one for me. As you probably have heard through the "grapevine," I'm gearing up for a big 2013.

Back in June of last year, I quietly started working on what is now, my next journey with that thing I love called MUSIC.

The inspiration for this really came out of the blue and to be honest, I didn't expect anything out of it. I just went into the studio and started playing around with some sounds and songs. It was probably the best time I've had in my career... Just creating with no rules and/or end goal in mind and really enjoying the process.

What I came up with is something I couldn't be more excited about! It is full of inspiration that I grew up listening to and some newfound muses that I've discovered along the way.

I'm calling it "The 20/20 Experience," and it's coming out this year.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

That's all I'm giving you for now... I know, I know! Again, with the teasing!!!

Get ready. This is going to be fun (well, at least it is for me). 

The song is available on iTunes today.


Ehrinn Cummings Elena Lyons Elisabeth Rˆhm Elisha Cuthbert

          Psyche - Re-membering Dwayne 16,99 €   
At the end of 1981, brothers Darrin and Stephen Huss and schoolmate Dwayne Goettel performed for the first time as Psyche in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their live show was a combination of horror and electronics that was completely unprecedented in Western Canada. Although Goettel and the Huss brothers parted ways before Psyche was to release any material, the masters containing Dwayne Goettel's performances were preserved in the band's vaults.

Now, 19 years after Goettel's untimely passing in 1995, Dark Entries records presents "Re-Membering Dwayne", the original Psyche-Dwayne Goettel sessions. All tracks were recorded and mixed on 4-track during a single day in March of 1983. Psyche's early material is visceral and abrasive, a far cry from the sleek, dark synthpop they'd later become known for. Like the body horror films of fellow Canadian David Cronenberg, Psyche disquietingly conflate the organic and the mechanical, calling into question the limits of the human form. Dwayne, who would join Skinny Puppy a few years later, contributes heavily to this more aggressive, disturbing sound.

All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Each LP includes a 12-page booklet with excerpts from Darrin Huss' diary, unpublished photos of Psyche with Dwayne, and an essay by Darrin reflecting on Psyche's past and the Goettel legacy as well as lyrics. This collection is a glimpse at the early Canadian industrial scene and the roots of Skinny Puppy. Go take a walk in the past with an ear for the future; you just might learn something.
Martes 27, asteartean
20:00h Puesta en escena de la obra “Bodas de sangre” a cargo del grupo de teatro La Kolasa.

Miércoles 28, asteazkenean
20:00h Proyección documental Sound Of Roots. Historia del reggae y el Ska en Euskal Herria.
20:30h Pintxada y cena.

Jueves 29, ostegunean
19:00h Gaztepintxo-juevintxo.
20:00h Animación con el teknokarro, la Fuente del Rey de Picas y la Asociación Navarra de Ilusionismo.

Virenes 30, ostiralean
22:00h Tortillada popular en la placeta de las Pulgas.
23:00h Orquesta elektrotxaranga.

Sábado 1, larunbatean
11:00 Ronda por los garitos con el teknokarro.
14:30h Comida popular  en el Parque del Conde.
16:30 XIV Festival La Oreja Cortada con diferentes estilos musicales en variados escenarios

Domingo 2, igandean
12:30h Ronda de gigantes con al comparsa de Asier Marco en la Plaza de Navarra e hinchables infantiles 

          #8: Anker SoundCore Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Speaker with 24-Hour Playtime, 6W Dual-Driver, Low Harmonic Distortion, Patented Bass Port and Built-in Microphone for Calls for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung, LG and others   
Anker SoundCore
Anker SoundCore Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Speaker with 24-Hour Playtime, 6W Dual-Driver, Low Harmonic Distortion, Patented Bass Port and Built-in Microphone for Calls for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung, LG and others
by Anker

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          The NRA recruitment video that is even upsetting gun owners   

"They use their media to assassinate real news," the woman's voice says scornfully. "They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler. They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again."

It may sound...

          FORBIDDEN THOUGHTS in audiobook   
You are not supposed to read this book. You are not supposed to think about reading this book. In fact, just plain thinking at all is unacceptable. You have been warned...

From hilarious to horrifying to dangerously insightful, a selection of stories that must not be told, for they slaughter the sacred cows of our age. Do you dare read them?

Stories by Nick Cole, John C. Wright, Sarah A. Hoyt, Brad R. Torgersen, Vox Day and more, with non-fiction articles by Tom Kratman and Larry Correia, with a foreword by Milo Yiannopoulos.

10 hours and 18 minutes. Narrated by Jon Mollison.

Excerpt from "The Amazon Gambit" by Vox Day from FORBIDDEN THOUGHTS.

Lieutenant Colonel Max Kruger stood at attention and saluted as General Markham, SUBCONCOM, debarked from the flyer with the ease of a man four decades younger and strode across the landing pad towards him.

“At ease, Colonel,” the general ordered. “Good to see you. Now, come with me, we’ve got a lot to discuss before the press conference.”

The general had four centims on him and was walking quickly, so Kruger had to lengthen his stride in order to keep up with the taller man.

“The Grkese signed the contract?”

“They did indeed,” the general confirmed. “And the Duke himself selected you as the contract CO, Max.”

“Honored,” Kruger murmured, as expected. And it was true, he did feel honored, although he wasn’t exactly surprised. Of the various officers in the Rhysalani Armed Forces qualified to command low-tech forces, he not only possessed the best record with regards to successfully completed contracts, but he had beaten Col. Thompson, his closest rival, rather soundly at the Duke’s Command Challenge last year. “I presume it will be 3rd Battalion?”

The 3rd Battalion of the Ducal Marines specialized in low-tech combat, particularly combat below TL10. Kruger had served with them on two previous deployments, both of which had taken place on Dom Sevru. The men of 3rd Battalion were trained to be able to fight with everything from swords and shields to plasma cannon and sub-atomic armor.

“No,” the general replied, to his surprise, as they entered the elevator that would bring them down to the heart of the airbase command center. “The Lord General suggested that this would be the ideal opportunity to show the subsector what the 11th Special Battalion can do. And the Duke concurred.”

Kruger couldn’t hide his astonishment. Or his dismay. He looked at his superior in disbelief, and while he saw everything from amusement to sympathy in the older man’s eyes, he detected no sign at all that his leg was being pulled.

“Dear God, you’re not joking!”

“Afraid not, Max. The Duke has spent a fortune training and equipping those women for the last five years, and he’s decided that it’s about time to see a return on that investment.”

Kruger didn’t trust himself to speak. The first five or six responses that sprang to mind would have earned him at least a reprimand, if not a court-martial. The next three, if uttered openly by an officer of the Armed Forces, technically amounted to lèse-nobilité and would theoretically merit a firing squad. So he said nothing.

The general grinned nonchalantly and raised an eyebrow. He knew damn well what Kruger was thinking. “He’s not wrong, Max. Their negotiators were so impressed that they paid triple our usual rate. Half up front.”

“They did? Why the hell would they do that?”

“Well, as I understand the sales pitch, our highly trained female soldiers have proven to be much better communicators than their male counterparts, and as a result they are considerably less inclined to needlessly break things and kill people. In this particular case, the estimated savings in infrastructure damage when taking and occupying the primary objective alone is expected to more than make up for the increased cost of the contract.”

“Assuming we can complete it. What’s the tech level again?”


This time, Kruger couldn’t restrain an oath. The general raised an eyebrow, then slapped Kruger on his oak-leafed shoulders as they approached a door with a pair of Ducal Marines on either side.

“Try to keep it clean for the cameras, Max. If you don’t know what to say, just smile and declare that you’ve got every confidence in the troops. Do your best to sell it. God knows we’ve all had to tell a few humdingers in our day. Your record speaks for itself, so let it do the talking. Now, you’ve got an hour to review the contract and meet with the battalion’s officers before the press conference, so I suggest you hop to it.”

“Yessir,” Kruger said morosely. “Any chance I can get out of this, General?”

“None at all, Max. None at all.”
          The Polish example   
This speech in Poland by the God-Emperor sounds promising.
President Trump will ask other European nations to “take inspiration” from Poland, which has rejected refugee resettlement, in a speech later this week.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster told reporters Thursday that President Trump will deliver a speech in Warsaw’s Krasinski Square, which symbolizes Polish heroism. He is flying to Poland next Wednesday and stopping there before he attends the G20 summit in Hamburg.

McMaster said that Trump will deliver a “major speech” in which he will “praise Polish courage” and its “emergence as a European power.” The nation is currently ruled by a nationalist Christian party that has rejected refugee resettlement and mass immigration.
Of course, the President's message would be more meaningful if he would follow the Polish example and reject refugee resettlement and mass immigration in the USA too.

The Czech example isn't bad either:
The Czech parliament is working to liberalize the country’s gun laws, allowing people to better defend themselves. The reason for this new policy is safety, as well as practicality; in light of recent attacks in neighboring countries, the Czech government recognizes that disarming people puts them in danger, and that broad European gun control policies are ineffective. The Interior Minister said it best when he asked parliament to “show [him] a single terrorist attack in Europe perpetrated using a legally-owned weapon”.

          Staying Rational in a World of Tweets, Fake News, Alternative Facts and Sound Bites   
by William P. Hall  ( based on a presentation at Vic Skeptics Café, 19 June 2017 at the Clyde Hotel, Carlton, Vic) Today we are living in a world of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs where anyone (even President Trump) can instantly post their ideas to the world for essentially no cost. We are […]
          Listen: Polterghost - Beast   
Evil sounding rock 'n' roll...

A sweeping generalisation, but one that must be made: guitar music has lost its edge.

Everyone seems so polite, so happy just to be here - content to simply exist, rather than say something which might kick back against against the norm, push against the pricks. No one seems to have told Polterghost, though.

A London based trio, early signs are that their deliciously evil rock 'n' roll can match the primordial sludge of Black Sabbath with the teenage tearaway thrills of prime era garage rock.

A potent package. However the three piece are much more than the sum of their parts - Polterghost have a deliciously evil sound, one which comes draped in black and whispering incantations.

Signed to - where else? - Hate Hate Hate Records, debut single 'Beast' will be released on September 9th. Available on a limited seven inch vinyl pressing, it also boasts 'Ordinary' on the flip.

Already hooked, Clash are pleased to be able to bring you the stream of 'Beast' before anyone else.

Listen to it now...

Get the best of Clash on your iPhone - download the app here

          My Dissertation...   

Surprisingly I have been really enjoying writing my dissertation (I know it sounds crazy) lol, most of my friends who are writing theirs are not particularly enjoying it! Luckily for me my uni gave us the option between doing an 8,000 word dissertation or a 4,000 word written piece with a fashion practical, - this could be in the form of photography, performance, film, installation or dress. I chose to do the 4,000 word dissertation as I don’t always feel confident with my writing as it depends on what I’m writing about, but having said that I found quite easy as there is so much I want to talk about and discuss and I’m realising it probably going to be difficult to fit it all in 4,000 words! Anyway, my dissertation question/topic is: How Has Vivienne Westwoods Early Punk Style Influenced Fashion?’. I chose this topic as I’m fascinated with subcultures delving into their attitudes, styles and what they stood for! I also find it interesting how the anti fashion styles have been implemented into contemporary fashion. The punk subculture is defiantly a subculture that gets referenced continuously within fashion and occurs season after season! I have been thinking about my practical piece for some time now and I have decided to recreate 5 outfits from 5 different designers who have all been influenced by punk and of course Westwood created punk, so that will be the connection! I will be creating the outfits myself and styling them for the shoot, a friend of mine who I went to college with and now comes to the same uni as me will be photographing it for me, as I don't always feel confident with photography as strange as it sounds so I'd rather have someone who I know is amazing do it for me.
 The whole DIY attitude the punks had is what made their fashion and style so infamous, they often used recycled materials and implemented them into their clothing, creating their own versions of what Westwood and McLaren made and sold at their shop on Kings Road. Some of the outfits that I'll be recreating were on display at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY (May 2013) where they had the exhibition PUNK: Chaos to Couture celebrating the culture in every aspect!

Outfits I'll be recreating:  
Alexander McQueen S/S 1999: Graffiti Dress

Ashish A/W 11
Karl Lagerfeld Vogue March 2011

Zandra Rhodes: Conceptual Chic Collection 1977

Maison Martin Margiela 1992

          Quantum Sound Light Healing Domes: The Future of Vibrational Medicine   
“Our Sound Light Healing Domes are a Holistic Approach to Quantum Healing” — Pacific Domes Inc. The future of vibrational medicine is here with Quantum Sound Light Healing Domes.  But did you know that sound and light healing have been used by ancient cultures and Vedic traditions for many thousands ...Read More
          5 best nature sound generator software   

When you are stressed out or distracted, an ambient sound could help you relax and stay focused. However, not just any ordinary noise/sound generator, you need to utilize some of the best nature sound generator software. The nature sound – is what we generally miss to experience while in a workplace. But, with the help […]

The post 5 best nature sound generator software appeared first on Windows Report - Windows 10 and Microsoft News, How-to Tips.

          National Picnic Week with Fruit Shoot   
We have had such wonderful weather here in the UK over the past couple of days that it would've been a real shame not to have gone outside at some point, between work and school, to enjoy it as a family. There was also no better time than National Picnic Week for the sun to make an appearance so we packed up a little wicker basket one evening with some tasty nibbles and drinks then headed out to the beautiful fields nearby. Somewhere we often go over the summer with the poochie.

It wasn't long until the lovely heat got the better of us so we sat down amongst the grass for a food and drink stop. The views are very beautiful in this area, we are incredibly lucky that it's on our doorstep, and it's always very peaceful with only the sounds of wildlife nearby. 

The Mini Mes were soon tucking into some cookies, crisp juicy apples and pork pie whereas I stuck to salad and chilled water as I'm on a never-ending  mission to shift a few pounds ready for my vacation to Mauritus! What we love about the Fruit Shoot Hydro range, which is sugar free still spring waster, is that they are naturally flavoured and really encourage the Mini Mes and I to drink more throughout the day. None of us are particularly keen on water straight from the tap and as they aren't allowed squash or fizzy drinks at school these are a great alternative to keep us all refreshed and hydrated - especially with the recent sunshine and a need to consume more.

After finishing off our picnic and packing away we decided to try a few crafts and play some ball games as we watched the sun begin to fade over the hills. Fruit Shoot are currently encouraging children to do whatever they enjoy and makes them happy with their 'It's My Thing' campaign and as Jambo loves sports and Minxy loves to be creative this was the perfect opportunity to do both.

Find out more here:

Both children love to be active
Minxy made her Fruit Shoot bottle into a little vase

Have you been enjoying the sunshine too?

Image Map
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          SING DVD and Blu-Ray Movie Release   
*This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment*

If your little ones love Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets it's highly likely that they will become big fans of the latest release from Universal Pictures - SING.

The Special Edition movie will be available on DVD and Blu-ray from 22nd May (next week) which is perfect timing for the half term holiday. After all, we all know how hard it can be to keep the kids entertained when they are off school but this Golden Globe Nominee, with plenty of fun characters like Gunter the pig, is bound to put smiles on faces.

 We didn't get the chance to see SING at the cinema but the trailer looks fantastic!
Not seen it yet? Take a peek at this...

This heart-warming family film with a wonderful soundtrack and all-star cast will be loved by all. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments and loveable characters to see - the Mini Mes and I are so excited to grab the popcorn and snuggle up for a night in front of the TV in just a few days time. I'm certain some fizzy drinks and pick n mix sweets will fall into my basket too at the supermarket!

Packed with lots of popular songs to get your toes tapping, there is 60 minutes of bonus content included along with three unseen mini movies featuring the SING cast plus an exclusive music video from Tori Kelly. There really is plenty to keep you all occupied.

This amazing animated comedy about finding the music that lives inside all of us features over 65 hits including 'Faith', a brand new collaboration from Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder. 

SING features stars Academy Award® winner Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon, an eternally optimistic koala who puts on the world’s greatest singing competition to save his crumbling theatre; Academy Award® winner Reese Witherspoon as Rosita, an overworked and unappreciated mother of 25 piglets desperate to unleash her inner diva; Scarlett Johansson as Ash, a punk rock porcupine with a beautiful voice; Taron Egerton as Johnny, a young gangster gorilla looking to break free of his family’s felonies; as well as Seth MacFarlane, John C. Reilly, and Grammy Award-nominated Tori Kelly. 

SING is the musical comedy event of the year so pre-order your copy today!

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          Fifty Shades Darker Giveaway   
Have you seen the movies and read the books? To celebrate the release of Fifty Shades Darker in cinemas this month, we have a lovely prize bundle up for grabs.

You don't even need to have a partner to enjoy it...

The winner will receive candles, a party game, the movie soundtrack and also some delicious chocolates to enjoy!

For your chance to WIN you can enter via the Gleam entry form below.

Leaving a comment is mandatory but there are additional entry methods available for bonus points.

The giveaway ends at 11.59pm GMT on 23rd March 2017.

Good luck!

WIN a Fifty Shades Darker Bundle
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Thanks to Paddy Power Bingo for providing the prize

          Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Review   
With Christmas fast approaching now is the ideal time to pop together those wish lists for Santa and discover what your little ones would love to receive this year. Character Options have always had a great variety of interactive products so I wouldn't be surprised if Snuggles My Dream Puppy takes the top spot!

Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Snuggles Review

The 'Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy' is aimed at children aged 4+, although I'm sure younger children would also appreciate and be able to use this toy with ease as there aren't any small pieces to worry about. Initially it is set to demo mode within the box, which nicely resembles a pet carrier, but you can set it to 'on' or 'off' with a click of a switch on the back right paw. 4 AAA batteries are required which were included so it was ready to go from the moment the packaging was removed.

Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Snuggles Review

As soon as this arrived Minxy was very keen to get it unboxed to play. With a love of animals and a dream of becoming a vet it's a great way for her, or any child, to learn about the importance of pets and how to care for them without the ongoing expense!

Snuggles has 6 play modes and makes over 35 sounds when activated via the nose and mouth buttons or the petting sensors situated on both the head and tummy. It was quite fascinating to see its tummy move to simulate breathing when turned on its side or back, it's eyes open and close when patted and to hear the slurping and burping noises when fed via a bottle. 

If you're not keen on getting a real animal, or don't have space for a proper dog, this is a lovely alternative. 

Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Snuggles Review

Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Snuggles Review

Snuggles certainly has the cute factor and it has been well looked after by both Minxy and Jamster over the past few weeks. They really like the fact that there is a space on the tag to write on a name and an adoption certificate to make it even more personal - they decided to call him Spartan after our own poochie!

Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Snuggles Review

You can watch Snuggles in action here:

The instructions provided are very informative and describe the different modes, safety precautions and care details. Minxy particularly liked the attention mode where Snuggles will randomly cry out for something so she had to offer love and care to it before being rewarded by secret phrases!

Snuggles has an RRP of £49.99 and is available from a variety of stores including Amazon. It is a great size for younger children at 31cm x 16cm x 30cm and the mechanisms inside means it has some weight to it which aids sitting. If left unattended it will go into sleep mode which is great for saving power too.

So far we haven't found anything negative to say about it! 

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          Christmas Gift Giveaway #9   
Not forgetting the little ones this Christmas, we have two lovely gift solutions from Rainbow Designs up for grabs.

This beautiful, and washable, character Activity Playmat is perfect to encourage baby’s early developmental skills. They are available in the Peppa Pig for Baby, Peter Rabbit and My First Thomas & Friends collections and are suitable from birth - they've been packed with activities to help stimulate baby’s senses as they grow including a detachable mirror, removable shaped teethers, a cute peek-a-boo flap as well as a multitude of textures and sounds.

The cute Thomas Comfort Blanket from the My First Thomas and Friends Nursery Collection is made from baby soft plush to ensure it is as gentle as can be against baby's skin. Headed with the cuddly face of Thomas, this blue comfort blanket, edged in yellow, is embroidered with an image of the little blue engine. On the reverse is a cute blue Thomas silhouette pattern and attached to the bottom of the blanket is a removable red Thomas-shaped teether. The My First Thomas & Friends Comfort Blanket uses a combination of textures which encourages babies to start enjoying using their senses through play. 

For your chance to WIN a Tummy Time Activity Mat and Comfort Blanket you can enter via the Gleam entry form below.

Leaving a comment is mandatory but there are additional entry methods available for bonus points.

The giveaway ends at 11.59pm GMT on 12th December 2016.

Good luck!

WIN a Tummy Time Activity Mat and Comfort Blanket
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          Comment on How To Build An Online Store With Shopify In 2017 by khelo365   
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In fact, this latest incident is one which displays the differing views of poker world wide. In 2014, I received my first World Series of Poker Bracelet, adopted up with a 2nd bracelet in 2016. When more than one hand has a pair of the same rank, the hand with the highest card outside the pair wins. After a hypothetical name the pot will probably be 1 (SB) + 2 (BB) + 2 (first player's call) + 2 (second player's call). Gowen first rose to poker stardom after profitable the 2003 WPT Ladies Night time Occasion. Nonetheless, they seem to be equally apprehensive about the transaction methods offered to them by the respective online poker rooms. Reputation of on-line play surged when in 2003, an unknown amatuer web participant named Chris Monemaker took the World Sequence of Poker by storm and positioned first out of 839 entrants to say the title of World Champion. 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Clay poker chips usually last 6 to 7 years within the casinos, however can final for much longer with correct care and dealing with. This network accommodates a number of European sports brands who provide a continuing stream of gamblers from the betting area into poker. Ivory chips with numerical and animal designs hand-scrimshawed into the surface are worth greater than those that includes geometric or planet patterns. We note that a few of this info, like ROI, is opt-in to adjust to poker sites' terms of service.
          A VIP Unveiling of 568 N. Tigertail Road   
   (View Unveiling Event Images Below) The Agency’s Principal and Partner, Santiago Arana, recently celebrated the unveiling of 568 N. Tigertail Road, a newly-constructed estate located on one of Brentwood’s most prestigious streets. A collaboration between Santiago and his business partner, David Herskowitz, with whom he owns Cutting Edge Developments, the approximately 15,600-square-foot residence, which boasts views from Downtown to the ocean, is a picture-perfect example of elevated Southern California living. Showcasing a warm, traditional-style exterior and the highest caliber of contemporary European finishes throughout, towering glass doors open to grand-scale living spaces. French oak and marble flooring reclaimed from villas in Spain are complemented by sliding walls of glass for a seamless transition to phenomenal outdoor living areas. Primed for year-round entertaining, the home's expansive backyard features a parklike lawn, heated loggia with dining and seating areas, kitchen with built-in barbecue and beer taps, and an oversized swimming pool and spa. During the invite-only event on Saturday, June 24, guests were treated to signature vodka cocktails, courtesy of sponsor Belvedere, and savory hors d'oeuvres while they explored the home, complete with elegant floral arrangements by Francesca Blume. Guests mingled on the sprawling rooftop terrace overlooking the twinkling city lights. Others took to the expansive daylit lower level, which holds a fully soundproofed theater, 1,500-bottle wine cellar, wine tasting and cigar lounge—with Casino-style, air purifying technology, no less—a restaurant-caliber bar, indoor-outdoor gym, and 10-car auto gallery, where a curated selection of Ferraris was on display for the occasion. Though no one wanted to see the night end, custom boxes of Compartes chocolates made for a decadent parting gift. “It’s been two-and-a-half years since David and I began work on 568 N. Tigertail. It was such a thrill seeing the project come together so beautifully and using my 14 years of industry experience to create a product high-end buyers have been waiting for,” says Santiago. “It was also a pleasure working with interior designer Tiffany Harris, and architect Philip Vertoch, who both helped make every last detail a reality. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to present the home to my VIP clients and friends first on what was a truly exceptional night.” Visit the listing page for 568 N. Tigertail Road to view more images of the home. View images of the unveiling event below.   
          I conti di Siae non sono mai stati così in salute. Perché?   

La rivoluzione del digitale, con 23 milioni di investimenti. Il taglio dei costi. Più iscritti. Ma il monopolio è ancora un problema

The post I conti di Siae non sono mai stati così in salute. Perché? appeared first on Wired.

          Wichita (2016) Directed by Justyn Ah Chong & Matthew D. Ward   

Don't really know what to make of this movie. It's an odd blend of drama, thriller and slasher elements, which all sounds original and fun, but in the long run mostly works out as confusing and messy for the movie.

On the one hand I often admire and appreciate movies that are hard to categorize and really does its own thing, but once that 'thing' isn't anything all that interesting and effective it of course becomes hard to still like the movie.

I just really don't know what to make this movie. The blend of voyeurism, thriller, slasher and more serious dramatic aspects don't go together very well. The one thing too often gets in the way of the other. The drama, tension and horror aspects therefore rarely work out as anything effective. Things don't really flow and progress naturally enough. This definitely goes at the expense of the realism and credibility of the movie, while it's obvious that the movie still was going for a somewhat grounded approach. I definitely can see what this movie was trying to do with its main-story and character, but it's trying to achieve it all in a far too ineffective way.

The movie definitely makes some odd and very sudden choices with its story and main characters. It for instance really isn't all that credible, the way the main character develops and slowly descents into madness. It's not very subtle, despite the fact that it's really trying to be. This actually makes the movie worse to watch.

It's not like everything is terrible about this movie. It's actually still pretty well made, in the sense that it's a good one to look at. The editing, the camera-work, the make-up. It's all pretty good looking and deserves plenty of credit. But really, there isn't much else to the movie.

Too messy and ineffective as a movie to work out.


Watch trailer

          Re: Sarah Miller brings a fresh, contemporary gallery to East Bay   
What a beautiful article. Sounds like the Charleston art community just pressed the "refresh" button.
Posted by Patti Drinko Miller
          Sound Royalties and First Tennessee Bank Co-Sponsor Kickoff Dinner at...   

Razor & Tie Music Publishing recently hosted 80 musicians during their 6th annual Synch Writer Camp in Nashville earlier this month. Sound Royalties and First Tennessee Bank were proud to serve as...

(PRWeb June 30, 2017)

Read the full story at

          Microsoft planning to unveil major reorganization July 5: report   

Microsoft Inc. is planning to unveil a major reorganization on July 5, the Puget Sound Business Journal has reported. The Seattle-based publication said sources told it the changes would better align the company with its cloud-first strategy. Microsoft has been putting more focus on its Azure cloud business, which competes with Inc.'s Amazon Web Services cloud-computing division, the leader in the business. Microsoft shares were slightly higher in premarket trade Friday, and have gained 10% in 2017, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 have gained about 8%.

Market Pulse Stories are Rapid-fire, short news bursts on stocks and markets as they move. Visit for more information on this news.

          watch posted a status   
watch posted a status

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linda posted a status

          Pacquiao vs Horn posted a status   
Pacquiao vs Horn posted a status

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ombehan88 posted a status

          Children's Book Tackles Speech Difficulties   

“The Cow Who Couldn't Say Moo” is the story of a young cow named Florence, who through perseverance and the help of a new friend, manages to overcome her difficulty making the “M” sound. -   - Florence had a good life on the farm, but she had one big problem. She couldn't say “moo” like all the other cows. No matter how hard she tried, she could not say “moo.” When she was just a little calf, the grown-up cows thought she sounded cute and her mother was so proud of this. -   - With the help...

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          #870: SuperMi Mi Keriting Rasa Ayam Bawang   

Here’s another one that from my friend in Jakarta, Indonesia was kind enough to send – thanks again! So curly noodles with onion chicken flavor – sounds tasty! Here’s the back of the package (click to enlarge). Unbroken noodle block. Powder seasoning on the left and chili powder on the right. Here’s the seasoning powder […]

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          10 Things Needed for Creating a Scary Horror Map [Creation] for Minecraft PE   

Making a Scary Horror adventure is a simple task with 10 Things Needed for Creating a Scary Horror Map. The map offers ultimate ideas about how to create an immersive map. The most outstanding methods include jumpscares, custom sounds, and well-designed storyline. Explore an interesting world with this map. How to Play 10 Things Needed for …

The post 10 Things Needed for Creating a Scary Horror Map [Creation] for Minecraft PE appeared first on MCPE Box: World of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

          Comment on Donald Trump’s ‘Morning Joe’ Attack Is Distracting the Media From Real News by Bo   
I hardly think covering the outlandish behavior of Trump is bashing him and that sounds a bit like defending him. Shame on you. This guy is a crude vulgarian that acts out constantly and must be confronted by it instead of people letting it slide or even attempting to normalize this sick man. He, his behavior, his incompetence must be addressed and confronted because he's toxic and throwing the country in chaos. That's news and if you think it's not then you have some re-thinking to do. This very sick man is a danger to our country and to the world.
          CURMUDGUCATION: Why Your ESSA Plan Is Nonsense   
CURMUDGUCATION: Why Your ESSA Plan Is Nonsense:

Why Your ESSA Plan Is Nonsense

At EdWeek, Andrew Ujifusa offers an explanation. In "Here's Why You Can't Understand Your State's New Plan for Education" he points the finger at jargon and offers some rather fun analytics for education argle-bargle. The top four bits of balonial verbage are, in descending order, stakeholder, engagement, professional development, and needs assessment. 

Yes, this can only end well
Ujifusa breaks down the nature of the nonsense in your state's ESSA plan, but he doesn't really address the cause. But at this juncture, it's useful to remember why ESSA plans will be just as much jelly-filled fluffernuttery as oh, so, many government-drafted educational master plans before them.

It's not complicated. Master Plans for Education, both Great and Small, are almost always nonsense because they are written by bureaucrats, not educators.

Imagine military strategy and tactics being written by people who have no military training and who have never set foot on a battlefield. Imagine a plan for manufacture and assembly of widgets concocted by someone who has never used, built or worked on a widget. Imagine someone holding the highest office in the land who had no concept of how any of the policies or functions under his control actually work.

That's where we have been with education for decades. On the state and federal level we consistently find bureaucrats overseeing education who don't really know what they're talking about. Their knowledge and understanding of actual education is second, third or fourth hand. Sometimes it's no hands-- just made up out of whatever they come up with in their own little heads.

So they come up with policies that sound good, or that are birthed by the committee process (it's 
CURMUDGUCATION: Why Your ESSA Plan Is Nonsense:

          AEE 691: Don't Say These Four Phrases Because They Make You Sound Rude in English   

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          New school board member Kelly Gonez isn't as pro-charter as many donors to her campaign - LA Times   
New school board member Kelly Gonez isn't as pro-charter as many donors to her campaign - LA Times:

New school board member Kelly Gonez isn't as pro-charter as many donors to her campaign

 Incoming Los Angeles school board member Kelly Gonez at times sounds little like someone charter-school backers would spend millions to help elect, which they did.

In a recent interview with The Times, she said charters in general would be better places if their employees belonged to unions. (Most don’t.) And she said she’d like to see limits on the growth of charters — publicly funded but privately operated campuses that typically are set up as nonprofits in L.A. Unified. (That position, when expressed by board member Steve Zimmer, prompted a successful pro-charter effort to defeat him.)
With the May election of Gonez and Nick Melvoin, charter backers for the first time can claim a majority on the seven-member Board of Education. Here is a look at where she says she stands.

The top of Gonez’s to-do list

  • Making sure LAUSD graduates are ready for college-level work
  • Creating more welcoming, supportive campuses, with better access to counselors
  • Supporting teachers by involving them in training and leadership opportunities
  • Making sure community members have meaningful input
  • Bringing different factions together for the sake of students

The district and charter growth

“For me, charters shouldn’t be authorized unless they are actually needed,” in neighborhoods where district-run schools have struggled and where there are not sufficient alternatives, including other charters or district programs, Gonez said.
Unrestrained charter growth, she said, would be a threat to the financial health of the district by pulling away enrollment. But rather than making charters a “villain,” the district must attract families by helping traditional schools become “outstanding across the board,” she said — and by offering options parents want, such as magnet schools and dual immersion, where students receive instruction in a foreign language to become bilingual.
“Parent demand is definitely for more and different school models,” said Gonez, who taught this past school year at a charter that shares space with a traditional school.
She said she supports strong district oversight of charter campuses to ensure they are New school board member Kelly Gonez isn't as pro-charter as many donors to her campaign - LA Times:
Image result for big education ape zen

          AEE 653: How to Use "If You Will" to Sound Intelligent and Articulate in English   

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          AEE 648: One new "way" to use the word "way" to sound natural in your English conversations   

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          AEE 644: How to Use "As Well" in English to Sound Buttoned Up   

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          AEE 639: 3 Sounds You Must Be Able to Say in American English with Melinda   

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          Have the 'Food Evolution' Filmmakers Mistreated Moms?   
The documentary negatively portrays the entire organic food movement.

The trailer of the new documentary "Food Evolution," which negatively portrays both me and the organic food movement, fails to acknowledge the reality of American mothers. Our families are sick and struggling. And yet, when we remove GMOs and related toxins from our diet, we get better. The trailer implies that the movie will focus on the so-called noble promises of GMOs, yet fails to present reality in a noble manner.

In the last paragraph of the description of the film on its website, filmmakers Trace Sheehan and Scott Kennedy say, "And as we take in the scientific process at work, let's do our best to put aside bias so we can have more productive conversations and make the most informed decisions we can."  

Yet, in the trailer—before the movie is even out—they take my words out of context, misrepresenting what I say with heavy editing and belittling the experiences of thousands of American families. That doesn't look like putting bias aside; it looks like an advertisement for GMOs.

In fact, Scott Kennedy’s crew misrepresented their intentions in order to interview food movement proponents Jeffrey Smith, Vani Hari and myself. Claiming that the film would be a balanced representation of both sides of the food movement was misleading and ignoble.

Vani Hari told me she did not grant permission for her image to be used in the film, yet it was used anyway. Jeffrey Smith and I granted permission for one interview with first right of refusal. The filmmakers failed to honor that agreement and never showed us the first cut. Marion Nestle and I have asked for our interviews to be removed from the film, with no response.

A few months after the interview with Jeffrey Smith and Vani Hari, I was surrounded by GMO proponents Kavin Senapathy and Karl Haro Von Mogel at the March Against Monsanto in Chicago. They shouted at me in order to try to antagonize me into appearing like a hysterical activist. I told them they did not have my permission to use my image, but they did anyway. The filmmakers are more interested in appeasing the chemical companies that sell GMOs and pesticides than of accurately portraying concerned Americans.

In the film they edited my interview in order to make it look like I said, “I trust social media more than scientists.” What I actually said was that I trust the mothers who are seeing their children get sick after consuming GMOs and related toxins and are courageously sharing their new reality on social media, more than the scientists who are conducting isolated experiments funded by Big Ag.

I said that when I see my child get sick after consuming GMOs and toxins, and then see him get better when he eats organic foods, I don’t need another scientific study to tell me we should avoid GMOs and toxins. Thousands of moms agree with me and they are sharing their experiences as well. I trust the moms who are sharing their truth. Apparently Scott Kennedy does not.

This film is not only blatantly pro-GMO, it is patronizing. The filmmakers are trying to make the issue look like it’s an issue of emotional moms vs. science. The fact is, GMO proponents are nervous because we have the truth and we have sound science to back us up. The filmmakers would not be trying to invalidate us if we did not have something valid to say.

The film attempts to discredit the organic food movement by belittling the power of social media, but the world knows that social media is now the dominant way to reach people with a message. (Just ask President Trump.) Social media is filled with honest stories of sick children, desperate families and skyrocketing medical costs. Unfortunately, pro-GMO proponents are pushing cherry-picked scientific data from short-term studies, while failing to disclose their funding.  

Their perspectives are limited by their lack of real-world experience and their motivations are questionable. It’s no coincidence that the point the film is trying to make aligns with huge profits for chemical companies.

In the New York Times review of the film, the reviewer writes that while it's true there is an increased use of pesticides with GMOs, "those pesticides are far less toxic."  

What degree of food toxicity is acceptable for you to give to your children? Maybe science doesn't know the answer to that question, but mothers do.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Owes Fans a More Honest Conversation About GMOs than 'Food Evolution'

Neil deGrasse Tyson Narrates New Doc 'Food Evolution': A Blatant Case of Monsanto Corporate Propaganda


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          Legacy Projects, Technical Debt and NDepend   

Originally posted on:

Unless every project you've worked on has been green field and / or built with no time pressure, you'll have found yourself working on a legacy project at some point. Unwieldy methods, mystery sections of code, ancient technologies, wholesale duplication... it's not much fun, but it's a large percentage of the code that's out there.

Projects to replace or rewrite these systems are commonplace, but where do you begin? What if you want to make a case to the business that such a system needs to be replaced? Technical debt can be a useful metaphor to make that case, but while it's easy to explain in the abstract, it's difficult to come up with anything concrete to justify the expense of an update to someone with an eye on their bottom line.

Thankfully, the folks at NDepend have now built technical debt computation on top of their code analysis tools, giving you a much easier way to have these sorts of discussions. This is doubly powerful - as well as putting a concrete cost on choosing not to refactor, the data it presents has the authority of having been produced by a tool. Tools don't try to get nice, tidy-up projects for academic reasons - they impartially detect problems in code. Someone (I think Erik Deitrich, but I can't find the blog) recently pointed out the advantages of an automated critique of this sort - there's no politics or personal opinions involved, and that automatically means everyone takes it more seriously.

A Real-World Example

I'm currently working with a legacy project, so when I heard about NDepend's new technical debt capabilities, I was eager to fire it up and see what it said. With all the default settings, it said this!


The main takeaways are:

  • Based on the number of lines of code, the project took an estimated 2,536 days of development
  • The code had 19,486 issues (!) of various severity - 2,736 were Major issues or worse
  • Based on the number and types of issues, the project's technical debt will take 944 development days to fix; i.e. we are currently 944 days in the hole if we are going to sort this out completely. That's approximately 3.5 developers for a year!
  • The debt cost was 37.23% (944 technical debt days / 2,536 development days); i.e. 37.23% of the total cost of developing the software now exists as technical debt. Sad face.
  • As it was a legacy project, it predictably had no automated tests, which would have enabled NDepend to more precisely calculate the total annual interest incurred by the debt. Double sad face. You can still see NDepend's total interest calculation in the Debt and Issues explorer, though (see below) - it was 481 development days; i.e. an additional 481 days of development time needed every year the issues in the code base go unfixed - that's about 2 whole developers!

These numbers make a powerful financial argument for refactoring and cleaning up the code. Which is exactly what we're doing :)

But there's more - Debt and Issues

As usual with NDepend, you can explore the issues it finds in great detail. Selecting from the Explore debt menu:

DebtExplorer can check out Debt and Issues on a rule-by-rule basis:


The main offenders here are the aforementioned unwieldy methods and direct use of data access code in the UI layer. You see the debt and annual interest here on a per-rule basis, with the annual interest sum in the bottom row.

You can click into a particular rule to see more details, as well as the query used to calculate the debt and interest. For the 'Methods too complex' rule, that looks like this:


Debt is calculated directly from the Cyclomatic Complexity measurement - the number of paths through the method. Interest is calculated as 10 minutes per year if the method is 100% covered by tests, and 2 hours per year otherwise. Again as usual with NDepend, if you think these numbers don't sound quite right, or you'd like a method's complexity to be taken into account when calculating its annual interest, you can tweak the query yourself until you're happy with it - it's just C# Linq in Visual Studio!

Queries, Rules and Issues

The dashboard indicated violation of 8 critical rules - clicking that opens the Queries and Rules Explorer:


Our 8 violated rules are listed in the right-hand pane - again, mainly down to unwieldy methods. Clicking into each rule presents the list of offenders with direct access to the code.

Summing Up

Static analysis has always been a very useful tool, but linking it to technical debt is one of those simple, brilliant ideas - bringing issues into the real world, especially for non-technical stakeholders. Compare explaining that the methods in a code base are too big and complex - some with Cyclomatic Complexities in 100s! - verses explaining that the methods in a code base cost 2.5 months of development time every year. The latter is much more visceral. The former sounds academic - the latter sounds expensive. It's indispensable data when talking about legacy systems.

          AEE 574: How to Sprinkle Academic English Into Your Conversations to Sound Smarter   

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          Writing a Voice Activated SharePoint Todo List - IoT App on RPi   

Originally posted on:

Ever wanted to write a voice activated system on an IoT device to keep track of your “todo list”, hear your commands being played back, and have the system send you a text message with your todo list when it’s time to walk out the door?  Well, I did. In this blog post, I will provide a high level overview of the technologies I used, why I used them, a few things I learned along the way, and partial code to assist with your learning curve if you decide to jump on this.  I also had the pleasure of demonstrating this prototype at Microsoft’s Community Connections in Atlanta in front of my colleagues.

How It Works

I wanted to build a system using 2 Raspberry Pis (one running Windows 10 IoT Core, and another running Raspbian) that achieved the following objectives:

  • * Have 2 RPis that communicate through the Azure Service Bus
    This was an objective of mine, not necessarily a requirement; the intent was to have two RPis running different Operating Systems communicate asynchronously without sharing the same network
  • * Learn about the Microsoft Speech Recognition SDK
    I didn’t want to send data to the cloud for speech recognition; so I needed an SDK on the RPi to perform this function; I chose the Microsoft Speech Recognition SDK for this purpose

    * Communicate to multiple cloud services without any SDK so that I could program the same way on Windows and Raspbian (Twilio, Azure Bus, Azure Table, SharePoint Online)
    I also wanted to minimize the learning curve of finding which SDK could run on a Windows 10 IoT Core, and Raspbian (Linux); so I used Enzo Unified to abstract the APIs and instead send simple HTTPS commands allowing me to have an SDK-less development environment (except for the Speech Recognition SDK). Seriously… go find an SDK for SharePoint Online for Raspbian and UWP (Windows 10 IoT Core).

The overall solution looks like this:



In order to achieve the above objectives, I used the following bill of materials:

Technology Comment Link
2x Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Note that one RPi runs on Windows 10 IoT Core, and the other runs Raspbian
Microphone I tried a few, but the best one I found for this project was the Mini AKIRO USB Microphone
Speaker I also tried a few, and while there is a problem with this speaker on RPi and Windows, the Logitech Z50 was the better one
USB Keyboard I needed a simple way to have keyboard and mouse during while traveling, so I picked up the iPazzPort Mini Keyboard; awesome…
Monitor You can use an existing monitor, but I also used the portable ATian 7 inch display. A bit small, but does the job. 
IoT Dashboard Utility that allows you to manage your RPis running Windows; make absolutely sure you run the latest build; it should automatically upgrade, but mine didn’t.
Windows 10 IoT Core The Microsoft O/S used on one of the RPis; Use the latest build; mine was 15063; if you are looking for instructions on how to install Windows from a command prompt, the link provided proved useful
Raspbian Your RPi may be delivered with an SD card preloaded with the necessary utilities to install Raspbian; connecting to a wired network makes the installation a breeze.
Visual Studio 2015 I used VS2015, C#, to build the prototype for the Windows 10 IoT Core RPi
Python 3 On the Raspbian RPi, I used Python 3 to code.
Enzo Unified I installed and configured an Enzo Unified instance (version 1.7) in the Azure cloud; for Enzo to talk to SharePoint Online, Twilio, Azure Service Bus and Azure Storage, I also needed accounts with these providers. You can try Enzo Unified for free for 30 days.


Things to Know

Creating a prototype involving the above technologies will inevitably lead you to collect a few nuggets along the way. Here are a few.

Disable Windows 10 IoT Core Updates

While disabling updates is generally speaking not recommended, IoT projects usually require a predictable environment that does not reboot in the middle of a presentation. In order to disable Windows Updates on this O/S I used information published Mike Branstein on his blog:

Try different hardware, and keep your receipts…

I had to try a few different components to find the right ones; the normally recommended S-150 USB Logitech speakers did not work for me; I lost all my USB ports and network connectivity as soon as I plugged it in. Neither did the JLab USB Laptop speakers. I also tried the 7.1 Channel USB External Sound Card but was unable to make it work (others were successful). For audio input, I also tried the VAlinks Mini Flexible USB microphone; while it worked well, it picked up too much noise compared to the AKIRO, and became almost unusable in a room with 20 people where you have background noise.

Hotel WiFi Connections

This was one of the most frustrating part of this whole experience on Windows 10 IoT Core. You should know that this operating system does not currently come equipped with a browser. This means that you cannot easily connect to a hotel network since this usually requires starting a browser so that you can enter a user id and password provided by the hotel. Further more, since there is also no possible way to “forget” a previously registered network, you can find yourself in a serious bind… I first purchased the Skyroam Mobile Hotspot, hoping it would provide the answer. Unfortunately the only time I tried it, in Tampa Florida, the device could not obtain a connection. So I ended up adding a browser object into my UWP application and force it to refresh a specific image every time I start the app; this will force the hotel login page to show up when needed. I am still looking for a good solution to this problem.

Speech Privacy Policy on Windows

Because parts of the code I am running leverages the underlying APIs of Cortana, it seems that you must accept the Cortana privacy policy; this is required only the first time you run the application, but is obviously a major nightmare for applications you may want to ship. I am not aware of any programmatic workaround at this time. This stackoverflow post provides information about this policy and how to accept it.

How It Looks Like

A picture is worth a thousand words… so here is the complete setup:


C# Code

Since this is an ongoing prototype I will not share the complete code at this time; however I will share a few key components/techniques I used to make this work.

Speech Recognition

I used both continuous dictation speech recognition, and grammar-based recognition from the Microsoft Speech Recognition API. The difference is that the first one gives you the ability to listen to “anything” being said, and the other will only give you a set of results that match the expected grammar. Both methods give you a degree of confidence so you can decide if the command/text input was sufficiently clear. The following class provides a mechanism for detecting input either through continuous dictation or using a grammar file. The timeout ensures that you do not wait forever. This code also returns the confidence level of the capture.


using Enzo.UWP;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Net.Http;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Windows.ApplicationModel;
using Windows.Devices.Gpio;
using Windows.Media.SpeechRecognition;
using Windows.Media.SpeechSynthesis;
using Windows.Storage;

namespace ClientIoT

    public class VoiceResponse
        public string Response = null;
        public double RawConfidence = 0;

    public class VoiceInput
        private const int SPEECH_TIMEOUT = 3;
        private System.Threading.Timer verifyStatus;
        private string lastInput = "";
        private double lastRawConfidence = 0;
        private bool completed = false;
        private bool success = false;

        public async Task<VoiceResponse> WaitForText(string grammarFile)
            return await WaitForText(SPEECH_TIMEOUT, grammarFile);

        public async Task<VoiceResponse> WaitForText(int timeout = SPEECH_TIMEOUT, string grammarFile = null)
            var resp = new VoiceResponse();
                success = false;
                completed = false;
                lastInput = "";
                lastRawConfidence = 0;

                SpeechRecognizer recognizerInput;
                DateTime dateNow = DateTime.UtcNow;

                recognizerInput = new SpeechRecognizer();
                recognizerInput.ContinuousRecognitionSession.ResultGenerated += ContinuousRecognitionSession_InputResultGenerated;
                recognizerInput.StateChanged += InputRecognizerStateChanged;
                recognizerInput.Timeouts.BabbleTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(timeout);
                recognizerInput.ContinuousRecognitionSession.Completed += ContinuousRecognitionSession_Completed;
                recognizerInput.ContinuousRecognitionSession.AutoStopSilenceTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(SPEECH_TIMEOUT);

                if (grammarFile != null)
                    StorageFile grammarContentFile = await Package.Current.InstalledLocation.GetFileAsync(grammarFile);
                    SpeechRecognitionGrammarFileConstraint grammarConstraint = new SpeechRecognitionGrammarFileConstraint(grammarContentFile);

                var compilationResult = await recognizerInput.CompileConstraintsAsync();

                // If successful, display the recognition result.
                if (compilationResult.Status != SpeechRecognitionResultStatus.Success)
                    Debug.WriteLine(" ** VOICEINPUT - VoiceCompilationError - Status: " + compilationResult.Status);

                recognizerInput.ContinuousRecognitionSession.AutoStopSilenceTimeout = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(timeout);
                recognizerInput.RecognitionQualityDegrading += RecognizerInput_RecognitionQualityDegrading;
                await recognizerInput.ContinuousRecognitionSession.StartAsync();

                System.Threading.SpinWait.SpinUntil(() =>
                resp = new VoiceResponse() { Response = lastInput, RawConfidence = lastRawConfidence };
                    recognizerInput = null;
                catch (Exception ex)
                    Debug.WriteLine("** WaitForText (1) - Dispose ** " + ex.Message);
            catch (Exception ex2)
                Debug.WriteLine("** WaitForText ** " + ex2.Message);
            return resp;

        private void RecognizerInput_RecognitionQualityDegrading(SpeechRecognizer sender, SpeechRecognitionQualityDegradingEventArgs args)
                Debug.WriteLine("VOICE INPUT - QUALITY ISSUE: " + args.Problem.ToString());
            catch (Exception ex)
                Debug.WriteLine("** VOICE INPUT - RecognizerInput_RecognitionQualityDegrading ** " + ex.Message);

        private void ContinuousRecognitionSession_Completed(SpeechContinuousRecognitionSession sender, SpeechContinuousRecognitionCompletedEventArgs args)
            if (args.Status == SpeechRecognitionResultStatus.Success
                || args.Status == SpeechRecognitionResultStatus.TimeoutExceeded)
                success = true;
            completed = true;

        private void ContinuousRecognitionSession_InputResultGenerated(SpeechContinuousRecognitionSession sender, SpeechContinuousRecognitionResultGeneratedEventArgs args)
                lastInput = "";
                if ((args.Result.Text ?? "").Length > 0)
                    lastInput = args.Result.Text;
                    lastRawConfidence = args.Result.RawConfidence;
                    Debug.WriteLine(" " + lastInput);
            catch (Exception ex)
                Debug.WriteLine("** ContinuousRecognitionSession_InputResultGenerated ** " + ex.Message);

        private void InputRecognizerStateChanged(SpeechRecognizer sender, SpeechRecognizerStateChangedEventArgs args)
            Debug.WriteLine("  Input Speech recognizer state: " + args.State.ToString());

For example, if you want to wait for a “yes/no” confirmation, with a 3 second timeout, you would call the above code as such:

var yesNoResponse = await (new VoiceInput()).WaitForText(3, YESNO_FILE);

And the yes/no grammar file looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

  <rule id="root">
      <ruleref uri="#enzoCommands"/>

  <rule id="enzoCommands">
      <item> yes </item>
      <item> yep </item>
      <item> yeah </item>
      <item> no </item>
      <item> nope </item>
      <item> nah </item>


Calling Enzo Unified using HTTPS to Add a SharePoint Item

Another important part of the code is its ability to interact with other services through Enzo Unified, so that no SDK is needed on the UWP application. For an overview on how to access SharePoint Online through Enzo Unified, see this previous blog post.

The following code shows how to easily add an item to a SharePoint list through Enzo Unified. Posting this request to Enzo requires two parameters (added as headers) called “name” and “data” (data is an XML string containing the column names and values to be added as a list item).

public static async Task SharePointAddItem(string listName, string item)
            string enzoCommand = "/bsc/sharepoint/addlistitemraw";
            List<KeyValuePair<string, string>> headers = new List<KeyValuePair<string, string>>();

            string data = string.Format("<root><Title>{0}</Title></root>", item);

            headers.Add(new KeyValuePair<string, string>("name", listName));
            headers.Add(new KeyValuePair<string, string>("data", data));

            await SendRequestAsync(HttpMethod.Post, enzoCommand, headers);

And the SendRequestAsync method below shows you how to call Enzo Unified. Note that I added two cache control filters to avoid HTTP caching, and additional flags for calling Enzo Unified on an HTTPS port where a self-signed certificate is installed.

private static async Task<string> SendRequestAsync(HttpMethod method, string enzoCommand, List<KeyValuePair<string, string>> headers)
            string output = "";
            var request = EnzoUnifiedRESTLogin.BuildHttpWebRequest(method, enzoCommand, headers);
            var filter = new Windows.Web.Http.Filters.HttpBaseProtocolFilter();
            filter.CacheControl.ReadBehavior = Windows.Web.Http.Filters.HttpCacheReadBehavior.MostRecent;
            filter.CacheControl.WriteBehavior = Windows.Web.Http.Filters.HttpCacheWriteBehavior.NoCache;

            Windows.Web.Http.HttpClient httpClient = new Windows.Web.Http.HttpClient(filter);

                using (var response = await httpClient.SendRequestAsync(request))
                    output = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();
            catch (Exception ex)
                System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(" ** Send Http request error: " + ex.Message);
            return output;

Last but not least, the BuildHttpWebRequest method looks like this; it ensures that the proper authentication headers are added, along with the authentication identifier for Enzo:

public static Windows.Web.Http.HttpRequestMessage BuildHttpWebRequest(Windows.Web.Http.HttpMethod httpmethod, string uri, List<KeyValuePair<string,string>> headers)
            bool hasClientAuth = false;

            Windows.Web.Http.HttpRequestMessage request = new Windows.Web.Http.HttpRequestMessage();

            request.Method = httpmethod;
            request.RequestUri = new Uri(ENZO_URI + uri);

            if (headers != null && headers.Count() > 0)
                foreach (KeyValuePair<string, string> hdr in headers)
                    request.Headers[hdr.Key] = hdr.Value;

            if (!hasClientAuth)
                request.Headers["authToken"] = ENZO_AUTH_GUID;

            return request;

Text to Speech

There is also the Text to Speech aspect, where the system speaks back what it heard, before confirming and acting on the command. Playing back is actually a bit strange in the sense that it requires a UI thread. In addition, it seems that Windows 10 IoT Core and Raspberry Pi don’t play nice together; it seems that every time a playback occurs, a loud tick can be heard before and after. A solution appears to be using USB speakers, but none worked for me. The code below simply plays back a specific text and waits a little while in an attempt to give enough time for the playback to finish (the code is non-blocking, so the SpinWait attempts to block the code until completion of the playback).

private async Task Say(string text)
            SpeechSynthesisStream ssstream = null;

                SpeechSynthesizer ss = new SpeechSynthesizer();
                ssstream = await ss.SynthesizeTextToStreamAsync(text);
            catch (Exception exSay)
                Debug.WriteLine(" ** SPEECH ERROR (1) ** - " + exSay.Message);

            var task1 = this.Dispatcher.RunAsync(Windows.UI.Core.CoreDispatcherPriority.Normal, async () =>
                    await media.PlayStreamAsync(ssstream);
                catch (Exception exSay)
                    Debug.WriteLine(" ** SPEECH ERROR (2) ** - " + exSay.Message);

            // Wait a little for the speech to complete
            System.Threading.SpinWait.SpinUntil(() => 1 == 0, lastInput.Length * 150);


Calling the above code is trivial:

await Say("I am listening");



The code in python was trivial to build; this RPi was responsible for monitoring events in the Azure Service Bus and turning on/off the LED attached to it. The following pseudo code shows how to call Enzo Unified from Python without using any SDK:

import sys
import urllib
import urllib2
import requests


while 1=1
      if (len(resp[‘data’][‘Table1’]) > 0
         #extract response here…



This prototype demonstrated that while there were a few technical challenges along the way, it was relatively simple to build a speech recognition engine that can understand commands using Windows 10 IoT Core, .NET, and the Microsoft Speech Recognition SDK. 

Further more, the intent of this project was also to demonstrate that Enzo Unified made it possible to code against multiple services without the need for an SDK on the client side regardless of the platform and the development language.  Abstracting SDKs through simple HTTP calls makes it possible to access Twilio, SharePoint Online, Azure services and much more without any additional libraries on the client system.

About Herve Roggero

Herve Roggero, Microsoft Azure MVP, @hroggero, is the founder of Enzo Unified ( Herve's experience includes software development, architecture, database administration and senior management with both global corporations and startup companies. Herve holds multiple certifications, including an MCDBA, MCSE, MCSD. He also holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Indiana University. Herve is the co-author of "PRO SQL Azure" and “PRO SQL Server 2012 Practices” from Apress, a PluralSight author, and runs the Azure Florida Association.

          Raspberry Pi Zero W - Media Streamer   

Originally posted on:

So I’ve been wanting to update my media streamer for a while.

In our kitchen  I have an amp and speakers,  and I have a Raspberry Pi One acting as a media streamer,  primarily for use with Air Play.

IMG 0246


It sounds truly amazing.    I did the build for around £30.     


Here is my build list -


Software -


Pi Zero W - Board only


Hammer on - Header Board - this is genius


DAC Board - Gives the Pi Decent Sound capability


Metal stand-offs - These just look nice



Parts I already had - 

8 Gb Micro SD Card

Power Supply - Used an old phone charger

Micro USB Cable

RCA Cable

Amp + Speakers




          How to use Bower to install packages   

Originally posted on:

In VS 2017, you have choice to install ui components by using bower.  If you work previously in mvc project in visual studio you know all we use is nuget to install anything from jQuery to Newtonsoft.json.


For using bower right click on project and check manage bower package, this option list next to Manage Nuget Package.

Just like that nuget window everything is same. For library stuff you still need Nuget.  


So is there any way like in nuget I can just type and install the package


The good thing with bower is it’s make a bower.json file in your project’s root directory. you can just edit it.  for example I need to install moment.js in my dotnet core project now check how easily it is


open bower.js and start writing moment under dependencies. now when you go after : it will show you all the version. doesn’t it sound cool and much easier ?


You see a version  number started from ~ and one is ^. you want to know what is that thing and how it’s work. please follow this stackoverflow question


Thanks for reading my post, Happy coding Smile

          Comment on Taking advantage of indecision to drive direct bookings by Colin Brownlee   
Great... Pop-up ads and discounts. That sounds like a winning marketing strategy.
          Touch Punch Enables Touch Screen Gestures For WordPress Admin On iPad   
If you’re the owner of an iPad, you’ll likely love the sound of Touch Punch which is a newly released plugin by David Gwyer that enables users to use touch screen gestures to control the WordPress administration area. For example, with Touch Punch, you can now drag and drop widgets (more...)
          Joeblah on Ifive mini 4s   

Sounds like a plan to me. One question, would it be possible with the info you have to compile a twrp recovery with touch enabled on it that would work on this tab?

          Oma7144 on [ RK3288 ROM ] IFive Air LineAgeOS 14.1 custom root firmware (2017/03/04)   

Hm, sounds like there are different hardware revisions in the field.

soeren & yukka: pls let me have a dmesg log from a working firmware. Reboot the tab before doing the log.

- Oma -

          Take your pick: “Baby Driver”-“Despicable Me 3”-“The Beguiled”-and “The Hero” Popcorn Bag movie reviews!   
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Is “Baby Driver” infantile? “Despicable Me 3” criminal? “The Beguiled” beguiling? “The Hero” heroic? Popcorn Bag movie reviews! 1) BABY DRIVER (R) Sony Decadent, violent, profane…and wildly entertaining, “Baby Driver” is a zippy heist film fueled by a kinetic soundtrack that should appeal to both Baby Boomers and Millennials. Ansel Elgort plays a skilled getaway driver who uses music to help him concentrate and overcome tinnitus. Things get sticky when he crosses his fellow thieves, played by […]
          Comment on Claimant Forced To Crawl Up Assessment Centre Stairs by Sarah   
It is a rediculous situation in the 2nd decade of the 21century, 13 years after all physical barriers to access were to be removed under the DDA 1995. Howcome the DWP and their so called independent assessors can break the law once again? What reasonable adjustments were made under the Equality Act none! They should be anticipating the needs of all users by haveing fully accessible premises that at least meet the minimum current Part M building regulations, 5 years ago my then local assessment centre would not allow Wheelchair users in because we were deemed a fire and safety risk But it was apparently alright to send disabled people on long journeys on non accessible public transport. I got an amusing letter back from the then DWP minister who failed to answer all the issues raised, fortunately I did not have to attend a face to face after for WCA The DWP for the WCA for ESA assumes modern businesses are accessible, but not the DWP , ATOS CApITA or Maximus, amazing! They sometimes try to get round it by home visits, whether you want one or not for both WCA and PIP. Why should other service providers or businesses bother with access if a Government department could not care less. it is vital people do let their MPs know when faced with access issues , and or sent on unreasonable journeys, for these benefits so that they can write to the current ministers , they have to answer MP s. I was given no choice for my PIP assessment, only a home visit. This may sound great, as you can not be forced to walk longer distances than normal, but instead they make assumptions about the distance without any evidence on their part, and no checks to see if it is reasonable, reliable or safe, The face to face assessors only appear to have one agenda to write fiction and lies and fail you.
          Recommended Reading   
I compiled a list of books I've recently read and feel would appeal to middle and high school students. Each of the books includes themes conducive to classroom discussions.

Except when marked with an asterisk, all titles are available in audio format from the Las Vegas Clark County Public Library District (see LVCCLD link when applicable). To access these materials, you must have a current public library card and know your PIN. For more information about procuring a library card, click here. To use eAudio books from the public library, you will need to download OverDrive Media Console (a free software package) to your computer. Instructions and more information about accessing eMedia are available here.

Except for Candy Shop War and Leepike Ridge, all remaining books with asterisks are available at Audible. Note that there is a charge to purchase audiobooks from Audible. Different from the public library, however, the purchaser becomes the book's owner.

Recommended Book Options

Young Adult Science Fiction
  • Adoration of Jenna Fox (Pearson, Mary E.): Jenna Fox awakens after a coma having forgotten her life before her accident. She explores her past life through video, but is often met with reluctance to talk about her operation with others. This science fiction mystery explores issues related to bioethics. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Elsewhere (Zevin, Gabrielle): Elsewhere is the story of a girl who died. Upon doing so, she arrived at a place called “Elsewhere” where all the people had lived lives on Earth and were now dead. Most of the people were a lot older than her (she died in her teens). A unique feature of Elsewhere is that you grow older instead of younger while there. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Hunger Games (Collins, Suzanne): The Hunger Games is the first of a trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The premise underlying the plot is that a corrupt “Capitol” controls 12 districts. To keep the districts under control, the Capitol sponsors The Hunger Games each year. Two children from each district are selected to participate, and only one participant from the 24 survives the Games. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • Little Brother (Doctorow, Cory): Cory Doctorow truly practices what he preaches! In a book about high-tech, high-action stunts in the midst of terrorist activity in the U.S., Doctorow discusses the importance of freedom of information. Likewise, he made his book available for free online using a Creative Commons license. [Warning: This book includes mature themes likely to be inappropriate for use in school environments.] [LVCCLD eAudio]
  • Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment (Patterson, James): This is the first book of a series by the acclaimed James Patterson. The main character is Maximum Ride, a headstrong teenage girl who grew up in a science lab. She and her “flock of bird kids” were all genetically manipulated pre-birth, resulting in the presence of wings. As such, all the children are able to fly. The book follows Maximum Ride and her flock as they escape from the lab and learn to live on their own. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • Maze Runner (Dashner, James): This is an action-packed thriller! Every month for several years, one boy has been delivered into the “Glade.” All the boys remember their names, but none remember anything else about their past. In a strange turn of events, the day after Thomas (the main character) arrives, a girl arrives. Thomas tries to learn about the society the boys created before his arrival and learns of the maze, their possible escape route, that encompasses their community. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Neptune's Children (Dobkin, Bonnie): Dobkin’s book, Neptune’s Children, begins with a bioterrorist attack on all adults around the world. All individuals over age 13 die instantly, leaving all children behind to fend for themselves. Those children left behind in a theme park (similar to Disneyland), create a working society while facing potential and real threats. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Twilight (Meyer, Stephenie): This epic series takes place in Washington state. The main character, Bella, meets a young man, Edward, who intrigues her and ultimately becomes the object of her affection. Bella learns that Edward is a vampire and struggles with love and longevity. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • *Uglies (Westerfield, Scott): This series (including Pretties, Specials, and Extras) by Scott Westerfield begins with Uglies, a book about a utopian society that spawned from modern America. All children are called “uglies” until their 16th birthdays on which they receive an operation that makes them pretty. Once pretty, they move to a location where they can play and party all the time. Some uglies, though, question if being pretty is all there is to life. [Audible]
  • *Unwind (Shusterman, Neal): Imagine if parents could choose to have their teenagers “unwound,” have their body parts separated and given to save the lives of others. It’s the perfect solution for harvesting human organs… isn’t it? [Audible]
Young Adult Fantasy
  • *The Candy Shop War (Mull, Brandon):Imagine a world where eating candy could give you special powers. Mull masterfully juxtaposes good and evil amidst a fantasy of vivid characters. The book may sound like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Harry Potter, but it truly is a story of its own.
  • Eragon (Paolini, Christopher):16-year-old Christopher Paolini wrote this epic tale (Eragon is the first book in a series) just after graduating from high school. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • Fablehaven (Mull, Brandon): When a boy and girl go to spend time with their grandfather, they learn there is more to his mysterious life than originally imagined. The area surrounding his home is a haven for fabulous creatures of all kinds—some good, and some bad. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Inkheart (Funke, Cornelia): In this three-book tale, Funke creates a world where books are reality become intertwined. Some of her characters have the unique ability to “read” characters and items “out” of books. In one unfortunate time, the father in the story accidentally read his wife into a book; he’s also read some antagonistic characters out of the book. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
Young Adult Non-Fiction
  • Fallen Angels (Meyers, Walter Dean): Fallen Angels is realistic historical fiction about serving in the Vietnam War. The main character is African-American, adding to the issues of race conflict occurring during the war. [Warning: Telling the story of men and women serving on the front lines, the book does not “candy-coat” the violence, language, and other everyday happenings of the U.S. soldiers.] [LVCCLD CD]
  • A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier (Beah, Ishmael): A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier is the true autobiographical of Ishmael Beah, a boy who served as a soldier in Sierra Leone. After his hometown was attacked by rebels, he spent months searching for his family before being recruited into guerrilla warfare. He is later reformed when living in a UNICEF refugee camp. [Warning: This book contains graphic violence.] [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • *Three Cups of Tea: Young Reader’s Edition (Mortensen, Greg): Mortensen is described as a man who is single-handedly creating peaceful relationships between those in the Middle East and in the United States. This book tells his story—from mountain climbing failure to sacrificial living. After returning from a failed attempt to ascend K2, he commits to build a school for the girls in one of Pakistan’s outermost regions. He kept his promise, and continues to change the world with his relentless efforts. [Audible]
Young Adult Historical Fiction
  • Elijah of Buxton (Curtis, Christopher Paul): This book tells the story of a small town in Canada. Buxton is where escaped slaves from the United States find refuge. They welcome those former slaves who have made the long, painful journey from the South. The story takes a turn when Elijah, just a boy, heads back to the United States to complete a chore. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
Young Adult Realistic Fiction
  • Hatchet (Paulsen, Gary): This Newberry-award winner tells of a boy who becomes an inhabitant of the wilderness when the plane in which he is flying goes down and the pilot dies in the crash. The main character must learn to survive in the Canadian wild. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • *Leepike Ridge (Wilson, N.D.): This action-filled story of realistic fiction is a fun read. When the main character finds himself in a hidden cave under Leepike Ridge, he learns about life outside the mainstream.
  • Smiles to Go (Spinelli, Jerry): This is a coming-of-age story for boys who question who they are, where they fit in the universe, and their relationships with girls. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (Grisham, John): This is John Grisham’s first children’s book. Theodore Boone lives with his parents, both of whom are lawyers. He loves the law and spends all his free time in the courthouse. As such, he is the resident expert on the law at his school, and he regularly advises his classmates on legal matters. He eve becomes entwined in a case of his own! This is a great book to learn about the U.S. legal system. [LVCCLD CD]
Adult Historical Fiction
  • Sarah's Key (de Rosnay, Tatiana): de Rosnay juxtaposes the past and present when her protagonist, a journalist, accepts the opportunity to write a story about French involvement in the Nazi round-up of Jewish families in Paris in 1942. While the journalist’s story unfolds, Sarah’s story unfolds. Sarah’s story is about cruelty and loss at the hand of the French police as they did the bidding of the Nazi’s. It is also about human compassion and remembrance. [LVCCLD eAudio]
Adult Realistic Fiction
  • The Life of Pi (Martel, Yann): Martel tells the tale of a boy from India. His family owns a zoo, but is selling their animals to a U.S. zoo due to financial hardships. During their sea voyage, there is an accident and the boy, Pi, ends up aboard a small rescue boat along with a tiger and several other animals. He tells of their mutual survival tactics and leaves the reader questioning reality. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
Adult Non-Fiction
  • *The Horse Boy (Isaacson, Rupert): Isaacson wrote this biography about his son, a boy afflicted with autism. In an attempt to help their son, Isaacson and his wife trekked through Mongolia with the intent to meet shamans who could assist their child. Their journey took them to the outer-most parts of Mongolia, even to the “Reindeer People.” This is a heartwarming tale the of the efforts parents will make to assist their children and ways that seeing the world differently can help us all see better. [Audible]
  • Strength in What Remains (Kidder, Tracy): A medical student in Africa finds himself constantly trying to escape war and war-torn environments as he traverses through his home country of Burundi and into and out of Rwanda. He eventually makes his way to the United States where he faces trials of a homeless immigrant in a foreign land. [LVCCLD eAudio]
  • Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman (Krakauer, Jon): Pat Tillman, former NFL player, lost his life during the U.S. Gulf War. Krakauer describes the events leading to his NFL and military careers and the circumstances surrounding his death in combat. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • *The Last American Man (Gilbert, Elizabeth): Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, writes the biography of Eustice Conway, a true man of the American Wilderness. Born in the 1960s, Eustice took his homemade teepee and left home as a teenager to live off the land. Gilbert tells of his trek along the Appalachian Trail, his record-setting horse-journey across America, and his lifelong passion to bring Americans to a greater appreciation and respect of nature. [Audible]

          Re: crowbarDMG – Version 1.0   

If you are in OSX then it sounds like bad download.

          Elementary-Level PBL   
There are incredible project-based learning examples online, but few are from elementary level and even fewer are from primary grades. To make a very small impact on this lack of examples, I am sharing a collection of projects my sons, Ryan and Spencer, have completed for their classes during their elementary years. For information on more PBL options appealing to elementary-level students, please visit Tech-Based PBL for the Young Learner? Yes!
  • Scorpion Movie: When in first grade, Spencer made this video by using iTunes to record his narration and iPhoto to make a slideshow with Internet-selected pictures. He combined the two within iPhoto.
  • Spencer Toy's Commercial: Spencer and his friend, Spencer, created this commercial for their fourth grade entrepreneurship project. They wrote the script, practiced, and were recorded using a camera with video capabilities.
  • Mixed-Up Book Report and Safety Notebook: Ryan created a book report on the book From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and a safety brochure for his Cub Scout project while in fourth grade. He used Microsoft Word tri-fold brochure templates for each.
  • Hatchet Report: Using ComicLife, Ryan prepared this fourth grade book report on the book Hatchet.
  • Caravel Mini-Book: In fifth grade, Ryan prepared a mini-book report on caravel ships (those used by Columbus). He used "Make a Booklet" software to enable proper folding, and he created a cover using tea-stained paper sent through a Laserjet printer.
  • Audio Interviews: When in fourth grade, Ryan had to do a book report for a fantasy/science fiction book. He chose The Riddle of the Gnome: A Further Tales Adventure by P.W. Catanese. For the project, he had to write and answer ten interview questions for the main character. Ryan chose to deliver his project in audio format (Listen here). He used Audacity and its voice modification feature to make it sound like there were two individuals in the interview room. Spencer had to replicate this activity when he was in fourth grade. He used the book Flyte by Angie Sage (Listen here).
  • Iroquois Virtual Museum: For his fifth grade project on Native Americans, Ryan chose to study the Iroquois by reading ...If You Lived With The Iroquois. He used PowerPoint templates and techniques from Educational Virtual Museums.
  • Spencers' Toys Marketing Display: Spencer Keeler and Spencer Coombs created this poster during an entrepreneur project in fourth grade. They manufactured and sold cars, trucks, and planes. The display board included a section where they projected a commercial they made using a digital camera.

          Steve Dembo and Lindsay Hopins: "Top 10 Web 2.0 Tools"   
Web 2.0: Entirely web based, interactive, plays well with others

Crappy Graphs
: This allows quick and easy basic graphs. You can download or embed these graphs.
Wall Wisher: Allows you to put sticky notes on things. This works well for quick, collaborative note taking. You can drag notes around to use like a concept map.
Delicious: Social bookmarking.
Let Me Google That For You: Shows people how to Google. It shows a screencast of typing in terms and pulling up the search terms.
ipadio: Allows quick easy mobile podcasts. You must register to use the site, but there is no charge. The resulting audios have embed codes and automatically makes an iTunes podcast.
Blabberize: Allows you to use any photo and "Blabberize" (make the person/animal) speak. This would work well for having famous people tell autobiographies. The result is an embed code.
Animoto: This is free for one year for educators. It allows you to make music videos using your own videos. You can upload yur own images, rearrange them, add text, highlight images (so they'll stay up longer). You can use your own audio or use the audio they've provided for free. It adds in all the transitions and visual effects so allows students to quickly make the videos. This would work well for a photo collage for a year-end festival.
Wordle: Allows you to create word clouds. If you want to take it to the next level, use Word Sift. In Word Sift, you paste in text. It creates a word cloud that is not as visually appealing as Wordle, but it allows you to interact with the words (e.g., highlight language arts words or social studies). You can choose a single word to bring up a visual thesaurus and the application will also bring in related images from Google images.
Glogster: There are two versions: public and educational. Glogster allows you to create visual e-boards with embedded media (inc., sounds, videos, and pictures).

Notes on this session are available here.
          OnePlus 5 Reportedly Has Stereo Inversion While Recording   

The OnePlus 5 reportedly has stereo audio inversion while recording, and judging by the video below that was posted up to YouTube by a OnePlus 5 owner recently it seems like there is definitely an issue with the stereo audio being inverted. According the user who posted about this issue on Reddit, the sound being […]

The post OnePlus 5 Reportedly Has Stereo Inversion While Recording appeared first on |.

          Peer-Reviewed Research: Penises Cause Warming   

By Professor Doom

     Advanced mathematics is not for the uninitiated. Even with years of training, it’s easy enough to go to a research seminar and have at best merely a basic idea of what the latest findings are about. Experts in the field usually understand completely of course, but even if what’s being said seems incomprehensible to the layman there’s no way you can “fake it” well enough to fool an expert. In short: while both an expert mathematician and a lunatic can spew what looks like mathematical gibberish, only the former can do it in a way that’s still comprehensible to mathematicians. You just can’t fake it well enough to fool an expert.

      I’ve looked at research in other fields, with the belief that I’d only understand only the basics. Thus, I was surprised to find “advanced topics” in Education and Administration are incredibly basic and accessible to anyone, even if other fields (hi Physics!) definitely made me feel quite limited in my understanding of advanced topics.

     I know full well if I tried to imitate writing and research in advanced physics, an expert would casually shred my gibberish. And I’ve demonstrate that with no effort I can emulate “advanced” Education and Administration writing.

      Gender studies and gender related studies are big on campus anymore. Casual inspection on my part led me to believe it was meaningless at best, and ideological indoctrination at worst. I’m hardly the only scholar to make such conjectures, but scholars know that “conjecture” is just a fancy way to say “guess.” A couple of scholars decided to prove this stuff is just plain ol’ crap:

-- Sokal1 refers to a previous hoax played on these guys, years ago.

     The two “researchers” made a point of generating a 3,000 word paper packed with jargon and devoid of any meaning. A sample paragraph will give the gist of it:
Destructive, unsustainable hegemonically male approaches to pressing environmental policy and action are the predictable results of a raping of nature by a male-dominated mindset. This mindset is best captured by recognizing the role of [sic] the conceptual penis holds over masculine psychology. When it is applied to our natural environment, especially virgin environments that can be cheaply despoiled for their material resources and left dilapidated and diminished when our patriarchal approaches to economic gain have stolen their inherent worth, the extrapolation of the rape culture inherent in the conceptual penis becomes clear….

     The whole paper of fake research is much like the above, with the key conclusion:
The conceptual penis presents significant problems for gender identity and reproductive identity within social and family dynamics, is exclusionary to disenfranchised communities based upon gender or reproductive identity, is an enduring source of abuse for women and other gender-marginalized groups and individuals, is the universal performative source of rape, and is the conceptual driver behind much of climate change.

      The entire above paragraph is actually just one sentence, but the reader could be forgiven for not reading it through. Allow me to edit it down to at least a minimal level of comprehensibility (keeping in mind the authors were deliberately trying not to be understood):
The conceptual penis…is the conceptual driver behind much of climate change.

      The paper is pure gibberish, little different than simply stringing along a bunch of mathematical symbols and believing it to mean something. The researchers even used a well-known (in the right circles) piece of software to generate the “research.” Yes, this field is so ridiculous (despite the regularly growing departments on campus) that somebody actually wrote a research paper generator for it:
Some references cite the Postmodern Generator, a website coded in the 1990s by Andrew Bulhak featuring an algorithm…that returns a different fake postmodern “paper” every time the page is reloaded. We cited and quoted from the Postmodern Generator liberally;   

      Keep that in mind: not only did they use a gibberish generator for the paper, they used it as a reference, not that anyone noticed—the experts in this field do not even know when they are being mocked! Other references in the paper were likewise questionable (to be generous):

Not only is the text ridiculous, so are the references. Most of our references are quotations from papers and figures in the field that barely make sense in the context of the text. Others were obtained by searching keywords and grabbing papers that sounded plausibly connected to words we cited. We read exactly zero of the sources we cited, by intention, as part of the hoax.

     Of course, the researchers wrote it all under pseudonyms. They then sent it out to peer reviewed journals for publication. I really want to emphasize this: peer review is considered the gold standard of publication, even though time and again it’s been revealed as flawed at best and highly corrupt at worst. Mostly the corruption is by coordinating with the reviewers but in this case the researchers decided to have legitimate experts in the field legitimately review the paper. Why did they even hope that their hoax would possibly work?

That is, we assumed we could publish outright nonsense provided it looked the part and portrayed a moralizing attitude that comported with the editors’ moral convictions. Like any impostor, ours had to dress the part, though we made our disguise as ridiculous and caricatured as possible...

     Identity politics and political correctness is destroying our campuses (and some would say, the country). The researchers are quite justified in wondering if these things are also destroying what we now inaccurately call “science.”

     So, they wrote a gibberish paper with bogus references. That’s the easy part. Next, they sent their paper to journals, and did receive rejections—none of the rejections noted that the paper was pure hokum. But one journal suggested another which might be amenable:

We feel that your manuscript would be well-suited to our Cogent Series, a multidisciplinary, open journal platform for the rapid dissemination of peer-reviewed research across all disciplines.

     Cogent sent it to reviewers:

We took them up on the transfer, and Cogent Social Sciences eventually accepted “The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct.” The reviewers were amazingly encouraging, giving us very high marks in nearly every category. For example, one reviewer graded our thesis statement “sound” and praised it thusly, “It capturs [sic] the issue of hypermasculinity through a multi-dimensional and nonlinear process” (which we take to mean that it wanders aimlessly through many layers of jargon and nonsense). The other reviewer marked the thesis, along with the entire paper, “outstanding” in every applicable category.

      So, a paper that is unarguably complete gibberish can pass the peer review process in this field. Granted the reviewers did have a few issues even with a paper they loved:

They didn’t accept the paper outright, however. Cogent Social Sciences’ Reviewer #2 offered us a few relatively easy fixes to make our paper “better.” We effortlessly completed them in about two hours, putting in a little more nonsense about “manspreading” (which we alleged to be a cause of climate change) and “dick-measuring contests.”

     Now, the gentle reader might well believe that the journal is just a sham. Not true! Journals have their own accreditation system:

First, Cogent Social Sciences operates with the legitimizing imprimatur of Taylor and Francis, with which it is clearly closely partnered. Second, it’s held out as a high-quality open-access journal by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), which is intended to be a reliable list of such journals. In fact, it carries several more affiliations with similar credentialing organizations...

      Much as higher education has serious, grave problems with a bogus accreditation system, so too do journals, apparently. The researchers’ conclusion regarding the field of gender studies is valid:

”…there are significant reasons to believe that much of the problem lies within the very concept of any journal being a “rigorous academic journal in gender studies.”

     I have two conclusions based on this wildly successful hoax:

1)              I often have global warming believers tell me of the hundreds of peer reviewed studies supporting the notion that Earth will boil over any minute now because of humanity’s technology. I have my doubts, and knowing that a complete hoax article supporting such ideas can easily be peer reviewed and published only increases my doubts further. This paper comes as close as possible to literally saying man is responsible for global warming…and is rubbish.

2)              When I was at a community college, I often encountered faculty and administrators who, after even a brief conversation, I simply could not fathom how they made it through a graduate level program. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but after longer conversations, the question kept reverberating in my mind: how? They got their degrees and positions through writing papers much like this hoax paper, and it’s clear we have a whole industry of hoax “science” publishing, doing much to explain the surplus of advanced degrees in these strange fields.

     The two authors set out to create a hoax paper, and succeeded brilliantly. Yes, it was done before nearly 20 years ago by Sokal, but that only serves to demonstrate nothing has changed. At this point, as I’ve told many friends, when it comes to “the latest scientific research,” you may as well flip a coin when it comes to deciding whether it’s true or not.

 1)     In 1996, Alan Sokal, a Professor of Physics at NYU, published the bogus paper, “Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity,” in the preeminent cultural studies journal Social Text which is in turn published by Duke University Press. The publication of this nonsense paper, in a prestigious journal with a strong postmodernist orientation, delivered a devastating blow to postmodernism’s intellectual legitimacy.

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          ROAD NO. 1 / 로드 넘버원 (2010)   

Información General
  • Título: Road No. 1 / Road Number One 로드 넘버원
  • Capítulos: 20
  • Género: Acción
  • Cadena: MBC
  • Período de emisión: 23 de Junio del 2010 al 26 de Agosto
  • Horario: Miércoles y Jueves 21:55
Basado en sucesos ocurridos en la “Ruta 1”, que va de Seúl a Pyongyang. Kwon Sang Woo interpreta al oficial Lee Jang Woo, quien tiene increíbles habilidades de supervivencia, amistad, cooperación e ideologías, bajo brutales condiciones de guerra.

Protagonistas :

                                                                     Choi Min Soo

                                                                    Kim Ha Neul

                                                                   So Ji Sub

                                                                    Son Chang Min

                                                                     Yoon Kye Sang

  • El presupuesto de este drama esta estimado en cerca de 10 billones de won.
  • Filmación empezó Enero del 2010.

>> Download English Subtitles by WithS2 <<

Episode 01 : HAN

Episode 02 : HAN

Episode 03 : HAN

Episode 04 : HAN

Episode 05 : HAN

Episode 06 : HAN

Episode 07 : HAN

Episode 08 : HAN

Episode 09 : HAN

Episode 10 : HAN

Episode 11 : HAN

Episode 12 : HAN

Episode 13 : HAN

Episode 14 : HAN

Episode 15 : HAN
Episode 16 : HAN

Episode 17 : HAN

Episode 18 : HAN

Episode 19 : HAN

Finale - Episode 20 : HAN

Original Soundtrack Albums
OST - Part 1
OST - Part 2
OST - Part 3
OST - Part 4

Traducción: Mina, Paloma3001, angie123456_7, veliL, aberdeen_angus, griflo, clairdelune... para Asia Team
Corrección: mitsukasa

Coordinación: Francisvhl

Capítulo 01 / Capítulo 02 / Capítulo 03 / Capítulo 04
Capítulo 05 / Capítulo 06 / Capítulo 07 / Capítulo 08
Capítulo 09 / Capítulo 10 / Capítulo 11 / Capítulo 12
Capítulo 13 / Capítulo 14 / Capítulo 15 / Capítulo 16
Capítulo 17 / Capítulo 18 / Capítulo 19 / Capítulo 20


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Video Parts Video Source Date Added
Road Number One Episode 20 newly added 1, 2, 3, 4 Viikii Sep 28, 2010
Road Number One Episode 19 1, 2, 3, 4 Viikii Sep 16, 2010
Road Number One Episode 18 1, 2, 3, 4 Viikii Sep 16, 2010
Road Number One Episode 17 1, 2, 3, 4 Viikii Sep 16, 2010
Road Number One Episode 16 1, 2, 3, 4 Viikii Sep 16, 2010
Road Number One Episode 15 1, 2, 3, 4 Viikii Aug 27, 2010
Road Number One Episode 14 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Dailymotion Aug 27, 2010
Road Number One Episode 13 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Youtube Aug 16, 2010
Road Number One Episode 12 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Tudou Aug 16, 2010
Road Number One Episode 11 fixed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Youtube Aug 16, 2010
Road Number One Episode 10 1, 2, 3, 4 Dailymotion Aug 12, 2010
Road Number One Episode 9 1, 2, 3, 4 Dailymotion Aug 12, 2010
Road Number One Episode 8 1, 2, 3, 4 Livevideo Aug 05, 2010
Road Number One Episode 7 1, 2, 3, 4 Dailymotion Aug 02, 2010
Road Number One Episode 6 1, 2, 3, 4 Tudou Aug 02, 2010
Road Number One Episode 5 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Jul 27, 2010
Road Number One Episode 4 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Jul 19, 2010
Road Number One Episode 3 1, 2, 3, 4 Tudou Jul 17, 2010
Road Number One Episode 2 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Jun 26, 2010
Road Number One Episode 1 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Jun 25, 2010

          I Am Legend - 나는 전설이다 (2010)   

Información General
  • Título: 나는 전설이다 / Naneun Junseolida
  • También conocida como: I Am Legend
  • Género: Romance
  • Capítulos: 16
  • Cadena: SBS
  • Período de emisión: 02-Agosto-2010 al 21-Septiembre-2010
  • Horario: Lunes y Martes 20:50
Kim Jung Eun interpreta a la esposa del socio más joven de uno de los mejores bufetes de abogados, siendo nuera de un juez distinguido. En sus días del colegio ella dominaba su barrio, pero con el fin de apoyar a su hermana menor comenzó a trabajar en el bufete como oficinista, donde atrajo a un joven abogado con el que decidió casarse. Sin embargo, después de ser despreciada por la familia de su marido, decide divorciarse, embarcándose en una nueva vida, redescubriendo su talento en la música tratando de formar un grupo.

Protagonistas :

                                                               Jang Shin Young

                                                                   Jang Young Nam

                                                                     Kim Jung Eun

                                                                 Kim Seung Soo

                                                                  Lee Joon Hyuk

Datos Técnicos
Fecha Capítulo Nacional Seúl
2010-08-02 01 11.6 (10th) 12.4 (8th)
2010-08-03 02 13.3 (9th) 13.6 (9th)
2010-08-09 03 11.8 (10th) 12.4 (8th)
2010-08-10 04 15.0 (10th) 15.7 (7th)
2010-08-16 05 15.5 (7th) 16.3 (6th)
2010-08-17 06 15.5 (8th) 16.2 (7th)
2010-08-23 07 15.1 (7th) 15.9 (7th)
2010-08-24 08 16.6 (6th) 18.1 (6th)
2010-08-30 09 15.3 (7th) 15.4 (7th)
2010-08-31 10 15.2 (8th) 15.6 (8th)
2010-09-06 11 15.2 (7th) 15.8 (6th)
2010-09-07 12 14.7 (8th) 14.7 (8th)
2010-09-13 13 14.4 (9th) 14.7 (7th)
2010-09-14 14 13.9 (9th) 14.1 (8th)
2010-09-20 15 13.8 (8th) 14.0 (7th)
2010-09-21 16 9.2 (16th) 9.0 (16th)
Promedio 14.1% 14.6%

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Episode 01 : HAN

Episode 02 : HAN

Episode 03 : HAN

Episode 04 : HAN

Episode 05 : HAN

Episode 06 : HAN

Episode 07 : HAN

Episode 08 : HAN

Episode 09 : HAN

Episode 10 : HAN

Episode 11 : HAN

Episode 12 : HAN

Episode 13 : HAN

Episode 14 : HAN

Episode 15 : HAN

Finale - Episode 16 : HAN

Original Soundtrack Albums

OST Part 1

OST Part 2

Subtitulos en español por Alexia-lld para Asia-TeamCapítulo 01 / Capítulo 02 / Capítulo 03 / Capítulo 04
Capítulo 05 / Capítulo 06 / Capítulo 07 / Capítulo 08
Capítulo 09 / Capítulo 10 / Capítulo 11 / Capítulo 12
Capítulo 13 / Capítulo 14 / Capítulo 15 / Capítulo 16

Subtítulos en inglés por B.O.N.

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Video Parts Video Source Date Added
I Am Legend Episode 16 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Viikii Sep 25, 2010
I Am Legend Episode 15 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Viikii Sep 22, 2010
I Am Legend Episode 14 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Viikii Sep 19, 2010
I Am Legend Episode 13 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Viikii Sep 15, 2010
I Am Legend Episode 12 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Viikii Sep 08, 2010
I Am Legend Episode 11 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Viikii Sep 07, 2010
I Am Legend Episode 10 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Viikii Sep 01, 2010
I Am Legend Episode 9 1, 2,