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Theodoor Rombouts (Antwerp 1597–1637 Antwerp), Card Players in an InteriorOil on canvas (Signed lower right: T. ROMBOVTS), 147 x 186 cm© 2017 London Art Week

ProvenanceBaron Corneille Osy de Zegwart (1757–1831); and by descent to Jean Osy de Zegwart (1792– 1866). And by descent to Baron Edouard Osy de Zegwart (1832–1900), governor of Antwerp. And by descent to Baroness Osy de Zegwart and by descent in her family until 2014.

NoteTheodoor Rombouts was the primary exponent of Flemish Caravaggism, a brief but important artistic phenomenon that peaked in the 1620s. Born in Antwerp in 1597, the history and genre painter is best known for his large-scale secular works depicting merry companies, music scenes and card-playing characters in compact compositions. His half-length figures, firmly modelled and always lively, wear theatrical costumes and are set in chiaroscuro lighting typical of the Flemish Caravaggisti, also known as the Antwerp Tenebrosi. The artist began as a pupil of François van Lanckvelt in 1608 and then studied under Abraham Janssens (c.1575–1632), whose influence is evident throughout his career. Sometime after drafting his last will and testament in 1616 Rombouts left for Rome where he quickly embraced the style of Caravaggio (1571–1610) and Bartolomeo Manfredi (1582–1622). There is little known about his time in Italy but the documentation that does exist places the artist in the Roman parish of Sant'Andrea delle Fratte in 1620, which means that Dirck van Baburen (c.1592/93–1624), David de Haen (1585–1622) and Manfredi were living nearby. Enticed by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Rombouts also probably worked in Florence. Rombouts returned to his native city in 1625; he became a master in the painters' guild and a dean of the guild from 1629 to 1630. In 1627 he married Anna van Thielen, the sister of one of his pupils, flower painter Jan Philip van Thielen (1618–1667). The couple welcomed the birth of their daughter, Anna Maria, the following year. The successful artist painted mostly for private clients and for the open market but he also executed some altarpieces, with most commissions coming from Ghent. Though best known for his work in the Caravaggesque idiom, Rombouts's artistic development after returning to Antwerp followed popular taste. As the fashionable interest in Caravaggism began to wane after 1630, the savvy artist moved in the direction of Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640) and Anthony van Dyck (1599–1641), towards greater refinement in his palette and surfaces. According to Leonard J. Slatkes, Rombouts's works were always only superficially Caravaggesque and were more profoundly shaped by the influences of his many Flemish baroque contemporaries.1 Little is known of his Antwerp workshop but his pupils included Nicolaas van Eyck (1617–1679), Jan Philip van Thielen and Paulus Robyns. Near the end of his life he attempted to replicate a house and studio in imitation of Rubens. The costly endeavour apparently incurred heavy debts, which he never had the opportunity to resolve due to his untimely death in 1637. The present work, Card Players in an Interior, belongs among the finest and most representative works of Rombouts's Caravaggesque genre scenes. Recalling Manfredi's merry company pictures, there is a marked sense of monumentality to the five figures that are arranged around a carpeted table, engaged in a game of cards. The individuals are realistic and expressive; the scene appears convincingly spontaneous and natural. Rombouts introduces repoussoir figures that confront the viewer and direct attention to the central bearded figure who stares down at his hand of cards, presumably a self-portrait. Rombouts also included a portrait of his wife, Anna, in the hatted figure seated beside him. The inclusion of self-portraits and portraits of family members was not unusual in Dutch and Flemish genre painting, despite the potentially negative associations of moralising subjects. Card playing was perceived as a time-waster at best and, at worst, was associated with any number of disreputable behaviours. Though no alcohol is depicted, coins are strewn about the table: a reference to the ‘unwholesome' activity of gambling. Portraits of Rombouts, his wife and even his young daughter can be seen in another of his works, The Backgammon Players, at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh (fig. 1), in which the lavishly dressed soldier bears the artist's likeness. This comparison not only confirms the identities of the Theodoor and Anna in our picture but also helps to date it. The Backgammon Players, painted in 1634, demonstrates Rombouts's move away from Caravaggism towards the prevailing baroque style as it evolved in Antwerp. Unlike our picture, the Raleigh composition is set in a deeper space with vaguely classicising figures. The palette is brighter, the lighting more diffuse and the costumes more sophisticated. The luxurious shimmering fabrics speak of the direct influence of Rubens and Van Dyck. Our Card Players was certainly produced earlier when Rombouts was still painting under the influence of Roman Caravaggism, adeptly applying chiaroscuro and local colour to his rustically expressive scenes.

1200 (1)

Matthias Stomer (c.1600–after 1652), The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomewcirca 1630-5. Oil on canvas, 44 x 62 in. (111.8 x 157.5 cm.) © 2017 London Art Week

Note: Matthias Stomer ranks among the most important and prolific Netherlandish masters of the seventeenth century who were active in Italy. This talented painter was among the last of the famed Dutch Caravaggisti. Although Stomer's birthplace cannot be documented with any certainty, the name Stom is of Southern Netherlandish (Flemish) derivation and it is possible that he emigrated from this region, like so many of his countrymen, to the Dutch Republic. Here he might have received his artistic training in Utrecht or possibly Amersfoort. The influence of Dutch painters from both those towns in terms of style and subject matter is readily detectable in his earliest work, in particular the influence of the prominent Utrecht painter, Gerrit van Honthorst, as well as that of Hendrick ter Brugghen, Joachim Wtewael or the venerable Abraham Bloemaert. In 1630 Stomer travelled to Rome and stayed there until around 1635. Our picture, The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew, was painted during this Roman period and is an important picture within his overall oeuvre. Saint Bartholomew is traditionally identified as one of Christ's original twelve apostles. After the Resurrection, Bartholomew is believed to have preached the gospel in India and Armenia. In the latter region, he was flayed alive and then hung upside down for refusing to worship idols. In Stomer's dramatic canvas, the doomed saint is posed frontally in half-length. He is stripped to his loincloth and one of the executioners has already begun his grisly task. Stomer has added the remarkable motif of a figure in a striking terracotta-coloured robe at the far left, perhaps a pagan priest, who holds a golden statuette of Minerva before the elderly saint, thereby contextualising the immediate cause of his martyrdom. Stomer was probably familiar with a picture of the saint's martyrdom painted in Rome by the French Caravaggist Valentin de Boulogne, datable to c.1616.

Thos. Agnew & Sons was established in 1817 and has since held a preeminent position in the world of Old Master paintings. One of London's leading art dealerships, the new Agnews, celebrating its 200th year under a new and dynamic ownership, are active participants in all areas of the market, from the 15th to the 20th century. Our selection appeals to a cross-section of buyers, with a broad range of genres, subjects, price ranges, and periods. We work with established collectors and curators to refine existing collections, while simultaneously introducing a new audience to the pleasures and satisfaction of collecting.

Contact information: Anthony Crichton-Stuart and Anna Cunningham, - +44 (0)207 491 9219 -

Address of Exhibition: 6 St.James's Place, London, SW1A 1NP

London Art Week, 30 June – 7 July 2017

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          COMPANHEIRO CONFESSOU O CRIME: Parentes de mulher que foi morta e enterrada em cova rasa no quintal de residência em Garanhuns são localizados e processo de identificação deve ser agilizado; CONFIRA IMAGEM DA VÍTIMA   

Ainda repercute em todo o Agreste Meridional a descoberta de uma ossada pertencente a uma mulher que foi encontrada enterrada no quintal de uma residência da Rua Batalha do Tuiti, em Garanhuns. Os restos mortais só foram localizados porque o próprio assassino procurou espontaneamente à polícia na noite desta quinta, 29 de junho, e apontou o local onde enterrou o corpo. 

Com a comprovação da veracidade das informações passadas pelo acusado, identificado como sendo José Fábio de Almeida, 27 anos, policiais da 22ª Delegacia de Homicídios  priorizam agora agilizar a identificação da vítima. O que se já se sabe é que, tal como revelou o homicida, o nome da mulher é Maria Simone Amorim da Silva, que teria  idade atual de 32 anos. Familiares da mulher já foram encontrados em Angelim (pai), Magano (prima) e Distrito de São Pedro e devem ajudar no processo de identificação. Com a localização dos parentes, o corpo deve seguir para o Recife para ser oficialmente identificado e reconhecido por alguém da família.  

A loja virtual da Vitro Joias
Rua Dom José, Centro, Garanhuns

Outra prioridade da Delegacia de Homicídios é localizar e prender o co-autor do feminicídio. Em seu depoimento na Delegacia Regional na noite de ontem, José Fábio apontou um homem de nome Márcio, mais conhecido como Cabeludo ou Negão, como tendo participado da execução e ocultação do cadáver de Maria Simone. Diligências foram feitas durante toda a manhã desta sexta-feira, 30 de junho, mas o suspeito ainda encontra-se foragido;

Um homem se dirigiu espontaneamente até 18ª DESEC (Delegacia Regional) na noite desta quinta-feira, 29 de junho, para confessar um crime brutal. José Fábio de Almeida, 27 anos, afirmou à Polícia Civil que matou uma mulher com golpes de joelho e enterrou o corpo no quintal de sua casa, situada na rua  Batalha do Tuiti, no bairro de Heliópolis, em Garanhuns. Ele ainda revelou que contou com a ajuda de um comparsa a quem chamou de irmão para cometer o homicídio. 
José Fábio

Na confissão, José Fábio disse que matou a vítima há cerca de um ano e meio, que o nome da mulher era Maria Simone Amorim da Silva, que ela tinha cerca de 30 anos na época da morte e que possivelmente residiu em São Pedro. Após ouvir o depoente, a Polícia Civil foi ao local junto com ele e comprovou a veracidade das informações. No quintal da residência de José Fábio foi desenterrado os restos mortais, possivelmente de uma mulher, a julgar pelas vestes e pelos cabelos. Em seu depoimento, José Fábio também afirmou que manteve um relacionamento com a vítima durante seis meses, mas resolveu matá-la após ela o ameaçar com um revólver.  

Os restos mortais devem ser encaminhados para o IML onde passará por processo de identificação. José Fábio permanece detido na Regional e deve ser encaminhado na manhã desta sexta-feira, 30 de junho para a audiência de custódia.  A Polícia Civil encontra-se em diligências para prender o amigo do acusado, cúmplice do assassinato.
Casa onde foi encontrada a ossada
As informações prestadas pelo suposto homicida sobre a mulher que ele afirma ter matado estão sendo checadas no banco de dados da Secretaria de Defesa Social de Pernambuco.  O objetivo é comprovar se ele falou a verdade no que se refere a identidade  da vítima.
Restos mortais encontrados em Garanhuns são de mulher

          Capacitação qualifica empreendedores de São Bento do Una para Corrida da Galinha   
Além de muita diversão e descontração, a 20ª Corrida da Galinha, que será realizada de 1 a 7 de agosto, em São Bento de Una, também oferecerá o melhor da gastronomia regional combinada com excelentes serviços prestados aos turistas e visitantes do evento. Isso porque a unidade do Agreste Meridional do Sebrae em Pernambuco irá oferecer capacitação para os empreendedores da região, visando um aprimoramento do atendimento ao cliente e uma maior valorização da galinha como ingrediente culinário regional.

No dia 12 de julho será realizada a primeira palestra, das 15h às 17h. O chef Rivandro França, do restaurante Cozinhando Escondidinho, irá falar sobre o tema “Valorização da Galinha como papel de destaque”. O curso de “Boas práticas de manipulação de alimentos” será ministrado entre os dias 17 e 21 de julho, das 18h às 22h. Com o tema “Qualidade no atendimento ao turista”, a palestra será realizada no dia 24 de julho, das 19h às 21h. Já com foco no atendimento ao cliente, “Atualização para garçom” será no dia 25 de julho, das 19h às 22h.

“O objetivo é fazer com que o empreendedor se sinta mais preparado para receber o cliente e saiba valorizar o ingrediente regional não só para a Corrida da Galinha, mas para fidelizar seu público e deixá-lo mais satisfeito”, destaca Alessandra Mendes, analista do Sebrae/PE. Para participar do curso e das duas palestras o investimento é de R$ 20,00. “O acesso apenas às palestras é gratuito, mas é interessante que o empreendedor participe de todas as capacitações para que possa ampliar a excelência dos serviços prestados”, ressalta Alessandra Mendes.

Valorização da Galinha como papel de destaque  - 12 de julho, das 15h às 17h
Boas práticas de manipulação de alimentos – 17 e 21 de julho, das 18h às 22h
Atualização para garçom - dia 25 de julho, das 19h às 22h
Local: Sindicato dos Servidores Públicos Municipais de São Bento do Uma – Praça da Matriz, 15 – São Bento do Una

Qualidade no atendimento ao turista - dia 24 de julho, das 19h às 21h
Local: Escola Cônego João Rodrigues – Rua Ciro Mota s/n – Centro – São Bento do Una

Investimento para participar de todas as capacitações: R$ 20,00

          URGENTE: Homem vai à delegacia e confessa ter matado mulher e enterrado corpo no quintal de casa em Garanhuns   
Homem confessou ter matado mulher e enterrado corpo no quintal em Garanhuns

Um homem se dirigiu espontaneamente até 18ª DESEC (Delegacia Regional) na noite desta quinta-feira, 29 de junho, para confessar um crime brutal. José Fábio de Almeida, 27 anos, afirmou à Polícia Civil que matou uma mulher com golpes de joelho e enterrou o corpo no quintal de sua casa, situada na rua  Batalha do Tuiti, no bairro de Heliópolis, em Garanhuns. Ele ainda revelou que contou com a ajuda de um comparsa a quem chamou de irmão para cometer o homicídio. 

Na confissão, José Fábio disse que matou a vítima há cerca de um ano e meio, que o nome da mulher era Maria Simone Amorim da Silva, que ela tinha cerca de 30 anos na época da morte e que possivelmente residiu em São Pedro. Após ouvir o depoente, a Polícia Civil foi ao local junto com ele e comprovou a veracidade das informações. No quintal da residência de José Fábio foi desenterrado os restos mortais, possivelmente de uma mulher, a julgar pelas vestes e pelos cabelos. 

Casa onde foi localizado o corpo
Em seu depoimento, José Fábio também afirmou que manteve um relacionamento com a vítima durante seis meses, mas resolveu matá-la após ela o ameaçar com um revólver.  

Os restos mortais devem ser encaminhados para o IML onde passará por processo de identificação. José Fábio permanece detido na Regional e deve ser encaminhado na manhã desta sexta-feira, 30 de junho para a audiência de custódia.  A Polícia Civil encontra-se em diligências para prender o amigo do acusado, cúmplice do assassinato.

As informações prestadas pelo suposto homicida sobre a mulher que ele afirma ter matado estão sendo checadas no banco de dados da Secretaria de Defesa Social de Pernambuco.  O objetivo é comprovar se ele falou a verdade no que se refere a identidade  da vítima.

José Fábio confessou o crime e polícia achou restos mortais em quintal de residência
Cova rasa revela restos mortais de vítima de José Fábio

COMPANHEIRO CONFESSOU O CRIME: Parentes de mulher que foi morta e enterrada em cova rasa no quintal de residência em Garanhuns são localizados e processo de identificação deve ser agilizado; CONFIRA IMAGEM DA VÍTIMA


          Acidente com motos mata dois jovens na madrugada desta sexta em Caetés   
Ivan, uma das vítimas

Dois jovens morreram após as motos que eles pilotavam colidirem frontalmente. O trágico acidente ocorreu por volta das três horas da manhã desta sexta, 30 de junho, no KM 69 da BR-424, zona urbana de Caetés. 

As vítimas foram identificadas como sendo Ivan Menezes Pereira, 22 anos, natural de Garanhuns e Janailson de Barros Barbosa 18 anos, que era natural de Caetés. 

O SAMU ainda chegou a ser acionado e socorreu os dois jovens para o Hospital Regional Dom Moura, mas ambos morreram devido à gravidade das lesões provocadas pela colisão.

A Policia Rodoviária Federal e a Policia Civil compareceram ao local. Os corpos foram encaminhados ao (IML) de Caruaru.


          Programa Paulo Freire abre seleção para alfabetizadores voluntários com vagas para o Agreste Meridional   

A Secretaria de Educação do Estado de Pernambuco (SEE-PE) realiza processo seletivo para o preenchimento de 1.195 vagas. O certame é aberto para voluntários alfabetizadores, coordenadores de turmas e alfabetizadores tradutores/intérpretes de LIBRAS para atuarem nas ações de alfabetização no âmbito do Programa Brasil Alfabetizado/Programa Paulo Freire – Pernambuco Escolarizado. O auxílio é de até R$ 800,00.

Inscrições podem ser efetivadas nos dias 03 e 04 de julho, nas Gerências Regionais de Educação (GREs) do Sertão do Pajeú (Afogados da Ingazeira), Sertão do Araripe (Araripina), Sertão do Moxotó-Ipanema (Arcoverde), Agreste Centro Norte (Caruaru), Sertão do Submédio São Francisco (Floresta), Agreste Meridional (Garanhuns), Vale do Capibaribe (Limoeiro), Metropolitanas Norte e Sul, Mata Norte (Nazaré da Mata), Mata Sul (Palmares), Sertão do Médio São Francisco (Petrolina), Sertão Central (Salgueiro) e Mata Centro (Vitória de Santo Antão). Além das regionais, as inscrições podem ser feitas também nas Secretarias Municipais de Educação.

O resultado será divulgado até o dia 21 de julho. O candidato que desejar entrar com os recursos quanto ao resultado da Análise da Documentação de Cadastro, deverá entregar de forma presencial o formulário específico para este fim disponível no edital do certame, não podendo anexar qualquer documentação a este formulário. Os resultados dos recursos serão divulgados até o dia 28 de julho e o resultado final dos selecionados, após a formação, está previsto para o dia 9 de setembro. Para a Gerência Regional de Garanhuns são disponibilizadas as vagas contidas no quadro abaixo.

O resultado de cada etapa será divulgado nas 16 Gerências Regionais de Educação e no site da Secretaria de Educação do Estado ( O voluntariado tem duração de oito meses e o processo seletivo será realizado em duas etapas: análise da documentação de cadastro e participação na formação inicial. As bolsas variam de R$ 400 a R$ 800, de acordo com a função do voluntário.

As informações são da Assessoria do Governo do Estado, publicadas no Diário Oficial, caderno do Poder Executivo, de 23 de junho de 2017, página 02.


Loja física, Vitro Joias, na Rua Dom José, centro de Garanhuns

          Angelo Gioia deixa Secretaria de Defesa Social de Pernambuco   

Depois de oito meses à frente da Secretaria de Defesa Social de Pernambuco (SDS), Angelo Fernandes Gioia pediu desligamento do cargo nesta quarta-feira (28). De acordo com o governo do estado, ele deixou o posto alegando questões pessoais. O novo secretário escolhido pelo governador Paulo Câmara é Antônio de Pádua Vieira Cavalcanti, que ocupava a Corregedoria Geral da SDS desde janeiro deste ano. Angelo Gioia alegou ter pedido para ser desligado do cargo para estar com a família e sai do posto com a "absoluta tranquilidade e satisfação do dever cumprido", segundo nota enviada pela Secretaria de Imprensa de Pernambuco.

No fim de 2016 e no começo deste ano, ele enfrentou um movimento por reajuste salarial dos policiais militares que resultou em uma operação padrão. Em fevereiro de 2017, Gioia trocou o comandante da Polícia Militar, coronel Carlos D'Albuquerque, pelo coronel Vanildo Maranhão, além de substituir o chefe da Polícia Civil, o delegado Antônio Barros, pelo delegado Joselito Amaral. Assim como Gioia, o novo titular da SDS-PE também foi delegado da Polícia Federal (PF), atuando de 2003 até o último mês de janeiro. 

Natural do Recife, Antônio de Pádua nasceu em 27 de junho de 1977 e é bacharel em Direito pela Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE). Já integrou o Ministério Público de Pernambuco (MPPE) como oficial de promotoria entre os anos de 2000 e 2003 e, em seguida, assumiu o cargo de delegado da PF.No posto, ele exerceu cargos de chefia em locais como a Delegacia de Entorpecentes, na Coordenadoria de Operações de Erradicação de Maconha no Interior de Pernambuco, na Delegacia de Imigração em Pernambuco, na Delegacia de Polícia Marítima. Entre os anos de 2015 e 2016, Pádua foi chefe da regional da Interpol em Pernambuco e, entre 2016 e 2017, exerceu o mesmo cargo na Delegacia de Armas e Produtos Químicos.

          Casa 30m² de 1 habitación, Valle del Cauca, Cali, por $ 580.000   
580000 precio antes: 600000
1 habitación cocina equipada
Mon, 29 May 2017 21:38:55 +0200
          Sales Manager / Crown Automotive - Asbury Automotive Group - Greensboro, NC   
Automotive GSM, CEO, Director, Area Marketing Director, Used Car Manager, Service Manager, Manheim, AutoExchange, Netlook, ADP, Regional Sales Manager....
From Asbury Automotive Group - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 17:14:23 GMT - View all Greensboro, NC jobs
          Chief Executive Officer, YWCA Hartford Region - Third Sector New England - Hartford, CT   
With past speakers such as Cokie Roberts, Viola Davis, Camryn Manheim, Rosie Perez, and Maya Angelou, the luncheon has become one of Hartford’s centerpiece...
From Third Sector New England - Fri, 02 Jun 2017 17:43:47 GMT - View all Hartford, CT jobs
          Motor Control Centers Market Worth 6.22 Billion USD by 2022, India, June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The report "Motor Control Centers Market by Type (Intelligent and Conventional), Voltage (Low and Medium), End-User (Industrial and Commercial), Standard (IEC and NEMA), Component, and Region - Global Forecast to 2022", published by...

          BASF und Norilsk Nickel planen gemeinsame Kathodenmaterial-Produktion   
Es ist eines der wesentlichen Faktoren, wenn es um die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit Europas beim Thema E-Mobilität geht. Ohne eine sichere Rohstoffversorgung für die Herstellung von Batteriematerialien kann Europa den asiatischen Playern nichts entgegensetzen. Jetzt haben BASF und Norilsk Nickel exklusive Verhandlungen über die Zusammenarbeit begonnen. Und damit die Basis gelegt für die Versorgung europäischer Hersteller von Batteriezellen für elektrische Fahrzeuge mit regional produzierten Kathodenmaterialien.
          Japan keen on NE infra projects   
NEW DELHI, June 30 - In what could deliver a major boost to trade between the northeastern states and Japan, the Asian economic supergiant is keen on connecting the region directly with the Dawei Special Economic Zone in Myanmar.
          Parley on Indo-Bangla bilateral relations   
GUWAHATI, June 30 - India Foundation in collaboration with State Innovation and Transformation Aayog (SITA), Government of Assam, Bangladesh Foundation for Regional Studies (BFRS) and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies (MAKAIAS) will be organizing the eighth round of Indo-Bangladesh Friendship Dialogue in the city from July 2 to 4.
          Acquisizione di una banca…   
Acquisizione di una banca dati geografica dettagliata sulla rete di trasporto paneuropea per analisi spaziali che sia sufficientemente dettagliata a livello regionale e a livello locale e copra il maggior numero di paesi

          OSCE denies Ukrainian claims monitoring mission was shelled by rebels    
Preview The OSCE has dismissed as "incorrect" claims by Kiev that the Special Monitoring Mission’s base in Ukraine’s Lugansk Region was shelled by the rebels.
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          Revalidate in an evening – join us in Oxford or online!   

Do you hold CILIP Professional Registration (ACLIP, MCLIP or FCLIP)?

Do you need to revalidate but don't know where to start?

Then come along to this session and complete your revalidation in an evening alongside other CILIP members in the Thames Valley.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry, you can join us virtually! We will also be running the session via Twitter at the same time, so follow @CILIPTV and keep an eye out for #CILIPReval


The workshop will begin with a very short presentation on Revalidation and a demonstration of the CILIP VLE by South East Candidate Support Officer Nicola Beer.

The rest of the time will be self-paced, so you can log your CPD (20 hours over the last twelve months), ask questions and get writing your statements (it’s only 250 words!).

Free Wi-Fi is available but you’ll need to bring your own laptop or other portable devices.

We’ll be tweeting all the key info and if you’re following along online you can ask us questions and most importantly, let us know how you’re getting on and keep each other motivated using the #CILIPReval hashtag.


To ensure the session runs smoothly please do the following prior to the session:

  • Make sure you’re registered for the CILIP website and can access the VLE. Once you’ve accessed the VLE you can register for the Revalidation module. Remember to bring your login with you. Guidance on accessing the VLE is available on the CILIP website.
  • Bring details of the CPD activities that you have completed in the previous 12 months and you would like to log for your Revalidation (the minimum is 20 hours)



Thu, 13th Jul 2017 -
7:00pm to 8:30pm
Nicola Beer

OCVA Training Suite, The Old Courthouse

Floyds’ Row
OX1 1SS Oxford

United Kingdom


  • The session is free - and there is also no charge to submit your revalidation - you just have to be a CILIP member and up to date with your membership fees.
Free Event: 

          Sky split open: Moscow hit by ‘downpour of the century’ (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)   
Preview Moscow Region has been hit by a powerful storm that brought heavy torrential rains and hail. The capital has not seen such a storm in almost 100 years, according to meteorologists.
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          Американские протестанты постепенно проникаются гей-идеологией   
Американские протестанты постепенно проникаются гей-идеологией
- 62% американских респондентов одобряют однополые браки, в то время как два года назад, когда Верховный Суд разрешил подобные браки во всех штатах, за их легализацию выступало 57% и всего 37% в 2007 году.

Однополые браки вызывают все большее одобрение в американском обществе, особенно в среде демократов и молодых американцев, рожденных после 1980 г. Республиканцы оказались поделены поровну в этом вопросе, 48% против и 47% за однополые браки. Еще десятилетие назад уверенное большинство выступало против (73%). В американской глубинке негативное отношение ощущалось не только к гомосексуалистам, но даже штатам, где подобные браки были разрешены. 

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Dopo una presenza di più di tre anni. Lo riferisce l'ong Ondus
          13º Congrenf aprova compromissos a serem defendidos pela categoria petroleira   
Os delegados e delegadas do 13º Congrenf, o congresso regional da categoria que terminou ontem, em Macaé, aprovaram um conjunto de compromissos que serão defendidos como prioritários na construção da…

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Competitive : Kingsley: A Clinical Negligence Solicitor is wanted for a rewarding and lucrative opportunity with a legal 500 and top-tier firm in the South-East region. Th... Reading, Berkshire
          Hot Job/Regional Tanker/Home Weekly/Hazmat - Truckers One - Township of Woodbridge, NJ   
No criminal or drug charges Good driving record Tanker endorsements required Hazmat Endorsements required with in 30 days of hire Twic card preferred before...
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          Župani: 'Mi najbolje znamo probleme građana'   
"Kako bi u potpunosti ispunjavali ulogu nositelja regionalnog razvoja nužno je da dobijemo dodatne nadležnosti za poslove koji se tiču naših građana. Mi najbolje možemo odgovoriti njihovim potrebama jer znamo koji su njihovi problemi."
          The Xbox Ultimate Games Sale offers discounts on over 100 games   
The traditional mid-year Xbox Ultimate Games Sale is a doozy this year. The list of games on Major Nelson’s Blog is massive, as is to be expected. To make things a bit easier, here are some top picks from the list, and how heavily they are discounted (prices will vary by region; first discount is […]
          Open Air Kabarett in Lengenfeld unterm Stein am Samstag, den 19.08. 2017 um 20.00 Uhr im Schwimmbad   
Open Air Kabarett in Lengenfeld unterm Stein am Samstag, den 19.08. 2017 um 20.00 Uhr im Schwimmbad "Die BarHocker- Sahnestücke aus 17 Jahren Kabarett" „Die BarHocker“- Was zunächst nach einer langweiligen Möbel-Werbung klingt, erweist sich bei näherer Betrachtung als ein wortspielgewaltiges Kabarett aus dem erzgebirgischen Oelsnitz. Das Duo Sascha Wildenhain und Kay Haberkorn („das größte Solo-Kabarett der Welt“) steht seit dem Jahre 2000 gemeinsam auf den hiesigen, regionalen, weltbedeutenden Kleinkunstbühnen dieses Planeten und begeistert seither sein Publikum mit selbsterdachten Texten und/oder eigens fürs Publikum erdichteten, persönlich gezupften Gitarrensongs. Das dabei ein gewisser Selbsterkennungswert im Vordergrund steht, ist für die beiden Protagonisten ebenso selbstverständlich, wie auch hie und da politische Themen auf`s Korn zu nehmen. Vornehmlich beackern die passionierten Hobbyspötter aber das Feld „alltäglicher Unzulänglichkeiten im zwischenmenschlichen Miteinander...“. Dass dabei manchmal dem einen oder anderen das Lachen im Halse steckenbleibt, ist gewollt und Programm! Jedoch sind sie sich auch nicht zu schade, sich selbst dabei gehörig auf die Schippen ihrer dünnen Ärmchen zu nehmen. Als waschechte Erzgebirger frönen Haberkorn und Wildenhain zwar auch ihrer Mundart, sprechen aber ebenso Fremddialekte wie z.B. Hochdeutsch. Ihre Bühnenshow lebt dabei vor allem durch permanent wechselnde Rollen und stets neue, eigens kreierte Figuren, wie „Ilse & Lieselotte“, deren garstige Gatten „Siegfried & Fritz“ oder die ehemaligen Sowjetbürger „Sascha & Sergeij“. Auch ohne das Live-Interview „Der interessante Mensch“ mit wechselnden Protagonisten wird das Duo selten noch von der Bühne gelassen… Im Sinne der Worte von Georg Christoph Lichtenberg - „Sagt, gibt es ein Land außer Deutschland, in dem man die Nase eher rümpfen lernt statt putzen?“ werden natürlich auch Publikanten/-Innen einbezogen. Doch keine Angst! Außer mit...
          1. FC Greiz will Neuanfang in der Kreisoberliga   
Szene aus der Begegnung des 1. FC Greiz mit dem FC Motor Zeulenroda am 15. April auf dem Tempelwald. Das Derby wird es in der kommenden Saison nicht geben: Zeulenroda bleibt in der Landesklasse, während Greiz in der Kreisoberliga spielt. Der 1. FC Greiz spielt in der kommenden Saison in der Kreisoberliga. Ein "Geschenk" des Thüringer Fußball-Verbandes (TFV) zum Verbleib in der Landesklasse lehnen die Greizer ab. Sportlich hätte der Traditionsverein den Klassenerhalt ja geschafft, aber durch einen umstrittenen Punktabzug wegen zu wenig Schiedsrichtern aus Greiz erfolgte der Zwangsabstieg in die Kreisoberliga. Durch den unerwarteten Rückzug von Rositz aus der Landesklasse bot der TVF den Tempelwäldlern an, nun doch noch in dieser verbleiben können. Doch der Verein hat sich am Mittwochabend dagegen entschieden. „Der Punkteklau des TFV in Zusammenhang mit der Abstiegsregelung hat sehr viel Missstimmung bei uns verbreitet. Dieses 'Geschenk', was uns jetzt offeriert wurde, können und wollen wir nicht annehmen. Wir lassen uns nicht kaufen. Da spielen sicher viele emotionale Dinge rein, die mit hochkochen“, so der Vereinspräsident Frank Brettfeld am Donnerstag. „Wir wünschen uns ein Nachdenken beim Verband. Über den Eingriff in den Abstiegskampf mit dem Punkteklau sollte man einmal in Erfurt nachdenken. Was spricht gegen eine feste Anzahl an Absteigern und eine Verteilung der Aufsteiger nach regionalen Gesichtspunkten?“, richtet Brettfeld seinen Appell an den Thüringer Fußball-Verband. Ein weiterer Grund für die Entscheidung gegen die Landesklasse war die Kürze der Frist: „Innerhalb der kurzen Zeit war eine Teambildung für die Landesklasse, die in unseren Gedanken keine Rolle mehr gespielt hat, einfach nicht zu pushen. Wir haben gestern den ganzen Tag versucht in Erfurt jemanden zu erreichen, um eine längere Frist zu haben. Das war leider unmöglich", so der Vereinschef. Geplant sei jetzt ein Neuanfang mit jungen Leuten, die aus dem A-Junioren-Bereich nachrücken: "Sicher braucht dies für die Entwicklung im Männerbereich noch etwas Zeit. Aber wir werden diesen Weg gehen. Es ist viel Frust bei der Sache dabei. Sportlich wollen wir uns natürlich nicht freiwillig in niedrigere Klassen...
          "Ich höre was, was Du nicht hörst!" - Experten beraten zum Thema Tinnitus   
Mit ihren informativen Vorträgen trafen die Referenten der Deutschen Tinnitus-Liga e.V. und die Vertreter der regionalen Selbsthilfegruppe Ostthüringen die Anwesenden lösungsorientiert mitten in ihre persönliche Situation. Symptom? Fehlfunktion?? Oder doch eine Krankheit??? Rätsel Tinnitus „Captain Kirk“ William Shatner kann es sagen, Sänger Bono Vox von U2 und Eric Clapton auch. „Ich höre was, was Du nicht hörst: Tinnitus!“ Mit bundesweit über drei Millionen Betroffenen sind Ohrgeräusche, die sonst niemand hört, schon fast eine Volkskrankheit. Menschen, die Tinnitus haben, leiden häufig sehr unter ihren Ohrgeräuschen, denn oftmals ist das Brummen, Rauschen, Piepsen oder Kreischen mit Begleiterscheinungen wie Schlaf- und Konzentrationsstörungen verbunden. Hilfe gegen den ungebetenen Gast im Ohr und die immense psychische Belastung verspricht ein wachsendes Angebot an Therapiemethoden, Arznei- und Hilfsmitteln, deren Wirksamkeit meist unbewiesen ist. Informationen und Hilfestellung im Umgang mit dem quälenden Ohrgeräusch erwarteten auch über 50 Teilnehmer aus Zwickau, Westsachsen und Ostthüringen, die sich auch den Weg in den Gemeindesaal der Zwickauer Pauluskirche gemacht hatten. Die Deutsche Tinnitus-Liga e.V. hatte drei hochkarätige Referenten aufgeboten, die sich nach ihren Vorträgen den Fragen der Anwesenden stellten. Draußen im Foyer standen Harry Apitz und Peter Vucic von der auch für Westsachsen zuständigen Tinnitus-Selbsthilfegruppe Ostthüringen für persönliche Gespräche zur Verfügung, informierten über Gruppenaktivitäten und versorgten die Hilfesuchenden mit Informationsmaterial . Vom Betroffenen zum mündigen Patienten Die Veranstaltung begann mit den praktischen Erfahrungen eines selbst hochgradig Betroffenenen: Unter dem Titel „Tinnitus, Schwerhörigkeit und Lärmbelastung am Arbeitsplatz“ schlug Volker Albert, Präsident der Deutschen Tinnitus-Liga e. V., gleich die Brücke zur Alltagssituation Hörgeschädigter, und brachte die vielfältigen Folgen von Kommunikationsstörungen für Betroffene und ihr Umfeld mit einem Zitat des Philosophen Immanuel Kant auf den Punkt: „Nicht sehen trennt von Dingen, nicht hören trennt von Menschen.“ Zustimmendes Nicken...
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Servicios/Caribbean Digital En el marco de la apertura de la maestría en “Derecho Constitucional y Procesal Constitucional”, del Centro Regional Universitario de San Pedro de Macorís (CURSAPEM-UASD), el magistrado Rafael Díaz Filpo, juez del Tribunal Constitucional, dictó la conferencia magistral “La Constitucionalización de la Justicia Penal en el Ordenamiento Jurídico”. El evento fue realizado en
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Prepare reports to the appropriate committee(s), researching and assisting in the preparation of reports to Council and other stakeholders on issues and project... $90,015 - $105,900 a year
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          Legislative Coordinator - Niagara Region - Ontario   
Support Council, Committee and Corporate Staff. Provide legislative support to members of Council, staff and the public.... $59,245 - $69,700 a year
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          Supervisor Forestry Road Operations - Niagara Region - Ontario   
Assists in the preparation of business cases for large and significant capital acquisitions and expenditures that are subject to council approval.... $73,015 - $85,900 a year
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          Product manager - obchodník   
Péče o stávající zákazníky ve svěřeném regionu a hledání nových, péče o produkty, propagace a prodej velkoobchodním partnerům.Práci na HPP, mobil, notebook a os
          JOH invita a demás países a una unión aduanera   

Encuentro. El presidente Juan Orlando Hernández junto a la canciller María Dolores Agüero y el mandatario salvadoreño
  Salvador Sánchez Cerén. En otras mesas el presidente Jimmy Morales de Guatemala y Guillermo Solís de Costa Rica . fotos: afp

San José, Costa Rica.

El presidente de Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández y su par salvadoreño, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, acordaron ayer “profundizar” la coordinación para la prevenir la violencia y controlar los delitos.

Los gobernantes sostuvieron una reunión bilateral durante la XLIX Cumbre del Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana (Sica), que se desarrolló ayer en San José, Costa Rica, donde “coincidieron en intercambiar las buenas prácticas que se están realizando en materia de prevención de la violencia”.

Honduras, El Salvador y Guatemala mantienen un plan de seguridad conjunto mediante el cual los cuerpos policiales y las fiscalías intercambian información para el combate de las peligrosas pandillas y el narcotráfico.


Sánchez Cerén y Hernández también discutieron sobre comercio y la necesidad de “facilitar” el intercambio de bienes.

“La unión aduanera es un paso bueno para todos”.

Con esas palabras, Hernández hizo un llamado a los presidentes y jefes de Estado de Centroamérica para que se sumen a la iniciativa que ya inició Honduras y Guatemala desde el pasado lunes.

“Les invitamos a que sean parte de la unión aduanera”, les dijo el presidente Hernández a los mandatarios de la región que asistieron a la cumbre del Sica.

“He tenido que ver con tristeza largas filas de furgones, contenedores, personas para transitar de un país a otro.

Somos centroamericanos”, dijo Hernández, quien a renglón seguido manifestó: “empezamos con esta idea (unión aduanera) antes que los europeos”.

“Que ya no nos siga avanzando el tiempo sin tomar las decisiones que debimos tomar hace mucho tiempo y creo que vamos por buena dirección”, dijo.

Aprovechó su disertación ante los países representados en la Cumbre para invitar, “al presidente (Danilo) Medina, al presidente (Juan Carlos) Varela, a ver cómo nos involucramos en la unión aduanera”.

Omar Halleslevens, el ministro delegado por el presidente nicaragüense, Daniel Ortega, abogó por “acelerar la integración” de la región, más allá de lo económico.

El exvicepresidente dijo que “la integración económica es importante, pero parcial en el desarrollo de Centroamérica, por lo que hay que excitar la voluntad política para acelerar la integración”.

Nueva etapa.

El presidente Hernández indicó que la Cumbre del Sica se destacó de otras por la toma de decisiones, marcando una nueva etapa del organismo regional, más positiva y de resultados necesarios para los pueblos de la región.

“Luego de cerca de 60 años de haber iniciado el proceso de unión regional, para Honduras y Guatemala es una realidad”.

          UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office Recruitment Ongoing June 2017   

UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) Nigeria, supports the Inclusive and sustainable industrialization efforts in Nigeria by identifying, attracting and mobilizing the financial, technological, and other required resources and enhancing investments- with development impact- in Nigeria and the ECOWAS Region.ITPO Nigeria, is seeking qualified experts to join a dynamic team in the ITPO Nigeria […]

UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office Recruitment Ongoing June 2017

          Stellvertretende Leiterin/Stellvertretender Leiter des Standortmanagements   
Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung (AWI) ist eine von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der Freien Hansestadt Bremen und den Ländern Brandenburg und Schleswig-Holstein getragene Forschungseinrichtung mit rund 1.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. In einem breiten multidisziplinären Ansatz betreiben wir Polar- und Meeresforschung und leisten dabei im Verbund mit zahlreichen universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen einen wichtigen Beitrag zur globalen Umwelt-, Erdsystem- und Paläoklimaforschung. Die Forschungsstelle Potsdam befasst sich mit klimarelevanten Prozessen in den festländischen Dauerfrostregionen und in der polaren Atmosphäre der Arktis und Antarktis. Für unsere Verwaltung suchen wir zum 1. Oktober 2017 eine/n Mitarbeiter/in als Stellvertretende Leiterin/Stellvertretender Leiter des Standortmanagements
im Umfang von 100 % der regelmäßigen wöchentlichen Arbeitszeit.

Sie leiten, organisieren und beaufsichtigen die verwaltungstechnischen Aktivitäten an der AWI-Forschungsstelle Potsdam. Sie sind dem Potsdamer Forschungsstellenleiter und Standortmanager unterstellt, arbeiten jedoch in enger Abstimmung mit den administrativen Abteilungen am AWI-Hauptstandort in Bremerhaven. Zu Ihren Aufgaben gehören insbesondere: •  Beratung, Unterstützung und Vertretung des Forschungsstellenleiters bei der Strukturierung; Umsetzung und Qualitätssicherung der administrativen und betriebstechnischen Prozesse
•  Koordinierung und Fähigkeit zur Durchführung sämtlicher Verwaltungsprozesse am AWI-Standort Potsdam
•  Unterstützung bei der Finanz- und Investitionsplanung
•  Erstellung des Budgets, Überwachung und Abrechnung des Budgetplans
•  Administrative Zusammenarbeit im Rahmen der Nutzergemeinschaft mit benachbarten Forschungseinrichtungen am Standort Potsdam
•  Umsetzung des Betriebskonzepts
•  Regelmäßiges internes Berichtswesen: Kennzahlen, Kosten, Maßnahmen Voraussetzungen:
•  Abgeschlossenes Studium Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Allgemeine Verwaltung / Dipl.-Verwaltungsbetriebswirt/in (FH) bzw. vergleichbare Qualifikation
•  Kenntnisse im Finanz-, Vertrags- und administrativen Kontrollwesen
•  Kenntnisse in Personalwesen, Einkauf, Facility Management
•  analytische und konzeptionelle Fähigkeiten
•  Fähigkeit zur schnellen Einarbeitung in wechselnde Problemstellungen und Entwicklung von Lösungsvorschlägen
•  sicherer Umgang mit MS-Office und SAP/R3 Ü  gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift  Gelegentliche Reisebereitschaft zwischen dem Standort Potsdam und dem AWI in Bremerhaven wird vorausgesetzt. Die Stelle ist zunächst bis zum 30.09.2019 befristet. Eine Weiterbeschäftigung wird angestrebt. Das Arbeitsverhältnis richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes (TVöD-Bund). Die Vergütung erfolgt gemäß individueller Qualifikation, Erfahrung und übertragenen Tätigkeiten und ist bis zu Entgeltgruppe 12 möglich. Der Dienstort ist Potsdam. Inhaltliche Auskünfte zur Stelle erhalten Sie bei apl. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Diekmann (,Tel.: 0331/288-2100. Wir bieten ein multidisziplinäres, internationales  Forschungs- und Arbeitsumfeld mit flexiblen Arbeitszeiten, modernstem Forschungsequipment und einer erstklassigen Infrastruktur. Das AWI strebt die Erhöhung der Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiterinnen Hochschulabschluss an und fordert daher Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen werden bei gleicher fachlicher und persönlicher Eignung bevorzugt. Über verschiedene Maßnahmen wird gezielt die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie gefördert. Aufgrund unserer familienbewussten Personalpolitik wurde uns das Zertifikat zum Audit „Beruf und Familie“ verliehen. Bitte richten Sie Ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen mit der Standarddokumentation (Motivationsschreiben, Lebenslauf, Abschlusszeugnisse, Referenzen) bis zum 20.07.2017 unter Angabe der Kennziffer 87/G/Verw-P-tt per E-mail (alle Dokumente in einer PDF-Datei) an:
          Diplom-Ingenieur /in oder Master of Science für die Sektion „Geophysik“   
Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung ist  eine von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der Freien Hansestadt Bremen und den Ländern Brandenburg und Schleswig-Holstein getragene Forschungseinrichtung mit rund 1.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. In einem breiten multidisziplinären Ansatz betreiben wir Polar- und Meeresforschung und leisten dabei im Verbund mit zahlreichen universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen einen wichtigen Beitrag zur globalen Umwelt-, Erdsystem- und Paläoklimaforschung. Das AWI gehört zu den weltweit führenden Institutionen, die kontinuierlich Fächersonardaten in der Arktis und Antarktis erheben. Die bereits vorhandene umfangreiche bathymetrische Datenbank für beide Polarregionen soll auch in der Zukunft kontinuierlich ergänzt bzw. im Rahmen von internationalen Kooperationen zur Verfügung gestellt werden.  Aufgrund einer Neubesetzung im Rahmen der Haushaltsfinanzierung sucht der Fachbereich „Geowissenschaften“ für die Sektion „Geophysik“ ab sofort eine/n
Diplom-Ingenieur /in
oder Master of Science
in Geomatik, Geodäsie oder Geoinformatik (bevorzugt mit dem fachlichen Schwerpunkt Hydrographie) Aufgaben:
Durchführung bathymetrischer Vermessungen mit den Fächersonarsystemen der großen Forschungsschiffe des Institutes. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf Arbeiten in den Polargebieten mit FS Polarstern. Das Anforderungsprofil deckt den gesamten Workflow, von der Messung über die Datenbearbeitung/Datenvisualisierung bis hin zur dauerhaften Archivierung der Daten, ab. Im Detail ergeben sich folgende Aufgaben: • Technische Betreuung des Fächersonarsystems auf Polarstern • Planung und Durchführung der Vermessung, Bearbeitung der Daten und Erstellung von Arbeitskarten zur Unterstützung der weiteren wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten an Bord • Enge Zusammenarbeit mit marin-geologisch, geophysikalisch, biologisch und hydrographisch arbeitenden Gruppen im Rahmen der am AWI angesiedelten wissenschaftlichen Programme • Erstellung von bathymetrischen Karten aus digitalen Geländemodellen für weiterführende Interpretationen • Fortführung des IT-Konzeptes für die Erfassung und Bearbeitung der Sonardaten an Bord und für die Bearbeitung und Archivierung der Daten im Institut • Betreuung und Pflege der Hard- und Software der zugehörigen Rechnersysteme an Bord und im Institut Voraussetzungen:
Diplom oder Master of Science in Geomatik, Geodäsie oder Geoinformatik (bevorzugt mit dem fachlichen Schwerpunkt Hydro-graphie) • Erfahrung in der Durchführung von hydrographischen Vermessungen • Gute Kenntnisse der Softwareprogramme Caris HIPS/SIPS, IVS Fledermaus und ESRI ArcGis • Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift • Bereitschaft und Eignung zur Teilnahme an mehrmonatigen Schiffsexpeditionen • Gute Kenntnisse des Betriebssystems MS Windows sowie Erfahrung in der Arbeit mit Computern unter einem Unix oder Linux Betriebssystem • Kenntnisse mindestens einer Programmiersprache als Grundlage für die Pflege vorhandener Software und zur Erstellung eigener einfacher Programm Weitere fachliche Informationen erhalten Sie bei Herrn Boris Dorschel ( Die Stelle ist auf zwei Jahre befristet mit der Option auf Entfristung. Die Vergütung ist abhängig von Ihrer Qualifikation sowie den Ihnen übertragenen Aufgaben bis zu Entgeltgruppe 13 möglich und richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes (TVöD-Bund). Der Dienstort ist Bremerhaven. Wir bieten ein multidisziplinäres internationales und spannendes Arbeitsumfeld mit flexibler Arbeitszeit, modernstem Forschungsequipment und einer erstklassigen Infrastruktur. Das AWI strebt die Erhöhung der Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiterinnen mit (Fach-) Hochschulabschluss an und fordert daher Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen werden bei gleicher fachlicher und persönlicher Eignung bevorzugt. Über verschiedene Maßnahmen wird gezielt die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie gefördert. Aufgrund unserer familienbewussten Personalpolitik wurde uns das Zertifikat zum Audit „Beruf und Familie“ verliehen. Bitte richten Sie Ihre Bewerbung mit den üblichen Unterlagen (Lebenslauf, Zeugnisse und Tätigkeitsnachweise; Referenzliste) unter Angabe der Kennziffer 99/G/Geo-tt bis zum 15. August 2017 per E-Mail (alle Unterlagen in einer PDF-Datei kombiniert) an:
          La Région accompagne les projets innovants   
Projets innovants

Lors de la Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017, 5,3 M€ ont été attribués pour soutenir 83 dossiers innovants pour le développement du territoire. Pour accélérer la croissance, la Région Grand Est s’est, en effet, engagée à : augmenter les investissements privés dans la R&D et l’innovation, notamment par l’accélération de l’innovation entre les Universités […]

Cet article La Région accompagne les projets innovants est apparu en premier sur Région Grand Est.

          Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017 – La Région Grand Est au service des habitants   
Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017 – La Région Grand Est au service des habitants

Présente aux côtés des habitants pour répondre à leurs besoins et leur offrir une réelle qualité de services, la Région Grand Est accompagne et soutient des projets porteurs de développement économique, d’emplois et d’attractivité. Formation et insertion des demandeurs d’emploi, construction de grands équipements, financement des parcs et conservatoires naturels ou des structures touristiques,  développement […]

Cet article Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017 – La Région Grand Est au service des habitants est apparu en premier sur Région Grand Est.

          Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017 – La Région soutient la création du Musée du flacon et du parfum à Baccarat (54)   
Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017 – La Région soutient la création du Musée du flacon et du parfum à Baccarat (54)

La Commission permanente du Conseil régional du Grand Est de ce vendredi 30 juin 2017, placée sous la présidence de Philippe Richert, a attribué une aide de 2 millions d’euros à la Commune de Baccarat, dans le cadre du projet de création du Musée du flacon et du parfum.   Le Grand Est possède un […]

Cet article Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017 – La Région soutient la création du Musée du flacon et du parfum à Baccarat (54) est apparu en premier sur Région Grand Est.

          Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017 – La Région Grand Est prolonge le Plan 500 000 formations   
Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017 – La Région Grand Est prolonge le Plan 500 000 formations

La Commission permanente du Conseil régional du Grand Est de ce vendredi 30 mai 2017, placée sous la présidence de Philippe Richert, a attribué plus de 12,7 M€ dans le cadre de la prolongation du Plan 500 000 formations initiée avec Pôle Emploi. La Région a fait de l’apprentissage et de la formation professionnelle des jeunes […]

Cet article Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017 – La Région Grand Est prolonge le Plan 500 000 formations est apparu en premier sur Région Grand Est.

          Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017 – La Région investit près de 23 M€ pour soutenir l’emploi et le développement économique   
Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017 – La Région investit près de 23 M€ pour soutenir l’emploi et le développement économique

La Commission permanente du Conseil régional du Grand Est de ce vendredi 30 mai 2017, placée sous la présidence de Philippe Richert, a attribué près de 23 M€ pour soutenir près de 502 dossiers économiques pour le territoire et son développement. Ces aides régionales contribuent à la création ou au maintien de 1 147 emplois.   […]

Cet article Commission permanente du 30 juin 2017 – La Région investit près de 23 M€ pour soutenir l’emploi et le développement économique est apparu en premier sur Région Grand Est.

          System Administrator - Moab Regional Hospital - Moab, UT   
*System Administrator* *at Moab Regional Hospital* Moab Regional Hospital is seeking a System Administrator to join our team. As a System Administrator at MRH... $23.50 - $30.00 an hour
From Indeed - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 17:44:06 GMT - View all Moab, UT jobs
          Medical Records Coder - Moab Regional Hospital - Moab, UT   
Collaborative and Supportive Workplace. Moab Regional Hospital is looking for a Health Information Management (HIM) Coder to join our Medical Records team.... $15.10 - $19.00 an hour
From Indeed - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 19:42:37 GMT - View all Moab, UT jobs
          Director of Health Information Management - Moab Regional Hospital - Moab, UT   
Collaborative and Supportive Workplace. Moab Regional Hospital is looking for a Director of Health Information Management to join our team.... $57,200 - $75,000 a year
From Indeed - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 19:40:11 GMT - View all Moab, UT jobs
          Medical Assistant - Moab Regional Hospital - Moab, UT   
*Medical Assistant* *at Moab Regional Health Center* Moab Regional Hospital is seeking a Medical Assistant to join our team. As a Medical Assistant in our... $13.10 - $19.00 an hour
From Indeed - Tue, 18 Apr 2017 17:20:03 GMT - View all Moab, UT jobs
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          6/30/2017: BUSINESS THIS WEEK: Brexit fallout could cost tourism €100m   

Hospitality businesses face the loss of about €100 million this year as the fallout from Brexit hits British holidaymakers’ spending power, tourism chiefs warned on Thursday. Official figures show that the number of British visitors coming to the...
          6/30/2017: BUSINESS THIS WEEK: Electric cars will be game changer for motor tax revenue   

If we are to halt climate change by 2050, we need to make dramatic alterations in our economy and in wider society. A key part of this transformation will be moving road transport from its current dependence on fossil fuels to alternative sources of...
          6/30/2017: BUSINESS NEWS: Australian business mission calls for free trade   

It is in both Ireland and Australia’s interest to trade more freely, Australian finance minister Mathias Cormann told a delegation at a reception held by PwC as part of a trade mission. “We are here because we’d like to do more business with you....
          6/30/2017: BUSINESS NEWS: Department of Finance deputy head Nolan to retire   

The Department of Finance’s deputy head, Ann Nolan, a key figure in the State’s bailout and restructuring of the banking sector during the financial crisis, is to retire at the end of July. Ms Nolan, who was a central player in recent weeks in the...
          Bahrain invokes WTO's 'national security' clause in Qatar row   

By Tom Miles

GENEVA (Reuters) - Bahrain told a WTO meeting on Friday trade restrictions imposed on Qatar by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates were justified on national security grounds, a trade official who attended the meeting said.

Speaking on behalf of all three countries, Bahrain's representative told the WTO's Goods Council the measures were "in accordance with Article XXI of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade", which allows the usual rules to be broken for national security reasons, the official said.

Reuters could not immediately find any precedent in the WTO's 22-year history of a country explicitly and formally citing the "national security exemption" to pre-empt a potential trade dispute.

Some trade experts say that using national security as a defence risks weakening the WTO by removing the taboo and enabling countries to escape international trade obligations.

On Thursday the head of Qatar's WTO office told Reuters that his country was exploring all legal avenues to challenge the "blockade", including a complaint to the WTO.

He said that a national security defence could be challenged on the grounds of necessity and proportionality.

The feud erupted this month when Qatar's three Gulf neighbours, together with Egypt, severed diplomatic and travel links with Doha, accusing it of supporting terrorism and regional foe Iran. Qatar denies the accusations.

Qatar, which had asked for the issue to be discussed at the Council on Trade in Goods, following a similar debate at the Council on Trade in Services earlier this month, said the restrictions affected commercially important sectors such as aluminium.

The UAE's representative said there were treaties against the funding of activities that threaten other countries' national security, and warned against the WTO intervening in the matter, the official who attended the meeting said.

Egypt's representative also said the measures fell under "exceptional circumstances" and were therefore consistent with WTO rules.

A U.S. trade diplomat said that all parties should remain open to negotiations, the trade official said, and that the United States would not get ahead of current diplomatic discussions and would continue to support the mediation efforts of the Emir of Kuwait.

Turkey's representative at the meeting said Turkey hoped for a quick resolution, emphasising "hundreds years of fraternal and strong ties" among the countries involved.

(Reporting by Tom Miles; Editing by Ralph Boulton)

          Exclusive: India presses Microsoft for Windows discount in wake of cyber attacks   

By Euan Rocha

MUMBAI (Reuters) - India is pressing Microsoft Corp to offer a sharply discounted one-time deal to the more than 50 million Windows users in the country so that they can upgrade to the latest Windows 10 operating system in the wake of ransomware attacks.

Microsoft officials in India have "in principle agreed" to the request, Gulshan Rai, India's cyber security coordinator, told Reuters over the phone on Friday.

A spokeswoman for Microsoft in India declined to comment on the matter. Officials at the company's headquarters in the United States and regional headquarters in Asia also declined to comment.

If Microsoft agreed to such a discount, it could open up the global software giant to similar requests from around the world. Rai said the government was in talks with Microsoft management in India. It is not immediately clear whether any other countries were seeking similar deals.

Rai said India began talks with Microsoft after the WannaCry ransomware attack last month, noting that both WannaCry and this week's attack, dubbed by some cyberexperts "NotPetya", exploited vulnerabilities in older iterations of the Windows OS.

"The quantum of the price cut, we expect some detail on in a couple of days," Rai said, adding the Indian government expected the company to offer the software at "throw-away prices."

"It will be a one-time upgrade offer to Windows 10 and it will be a discounted price for the entire country," said Rai, who was hand-picked by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be the country's first cyber security chief.

Rai declined to be more specific, but said he was confident that it would be "less than a quarter of the current price."

Rai, who has over two decades of experience in different IT areas including cyber security, said his team began coordinating with government agencies and regulators to push for OS upgrades soon after the WannaCry attack began on May 12.

The government's quick action helped minimize the impact of the NotPetya attack, which affected two of India's container port terminals, he said.

The government has also worked with banks to ensure that some 200,000 of the more than 240,000 ATMs in the country, most of which run on older Windows XP systems, have been upgraded with security patches released by Microsoft following the WannaCry attack, Rai said.

This is just an interim solution, however, said Rai, because although the patches fix vulnerabilities in older OS versions, they retain the limitations of those versions.

"New OS versions have different architecture, much improved architecture and much more resiliency," said Rai.


Windows 10 Home currently retails for 7,999 rupees ($124) in India, while the Pro version of the software typically used by large companies and institutions costs 14,999 rupees ($232).

Roughly 96 percent of an estimated 57 million computers in India currently run on Windows, according to Counterpoint Research. Apple- and Linux-based systems account for the rest.

Given that only a small minority of Windows users in India already have Windows 10, Microsoft could be forgoing several billion dollars of potential revenue if they agreed to sell just the more widely used Home version of Windows 10 at a quarter of its current Indian retail price.

In the price-sensitive Indian market, people using computers in households or small businesses often do not upgrade their OS given the steep costs. The wide use of pirated Windows OS versions, which would not automatically receive security patches, exacerbate the vulnerabilities.

In light of the attacks, Rai said, the government "wants to incentivise the common man to upgrade their systems".

The WannaCry attack in May affected a state-run power firm in western India, while the NotPetya attack this week crippled operations at two port terminals in India operated by shipping giant AP Moller Maersk, which was affected globally.

($1 = 64.5175 Indian rupees)

(Additional reporting by Sankalp Phartiyal in Mumbai, Salvador Rodriguez in San Francisco and Jeremy Wagstaff in Singapore; Editing by Sonya Hepinstall)

          Analysis: "Bad" foreign firms drive U.S. manufacturing jobs revival   

By Lesley Wroughton and Howard Schneider

SPARTANBURG/CHARLESTON, South Carolina (Reuters) - Years before Donald Trump began promising to bring back good manufacturing jobs by getting tough with U.S. trade partners, such jobs have already been on the rise, largely thanks to foreign companies now cast as villains in Trump's narrative.

Reuters analysis of federal jobs data shows that out of 656,000 new manufacturing jobs created between 2010 and 2014, two thirds can be attributed to foreign direct investment.

More recent jobs numbers are not yet available, but over $700 billion in foreign capital has poured in over the last two years bringing total foreign investment to $3.7 trillion at the end of 2016, a world record. (Graphic:

Now foreign companies that have spent billions of dollars on U.S. factories and local leaders who host them worry that global supply networks that back those investments will fray if Trump makes good on his pledge to roll back trade liberalization.

The U.S. president has threatened to tear up North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico and slap higher tariffs on nations that run trade surpluses with the United States, such as Germany or China. The administration is also discussing tighter immigration rules and more security screening of investment.

The tough message helped sway swing northeastern and Midwestern Rust Belt states Trump's way in the 2016 election, but puts him at odds with companies and local leaders in the south, which has driven the recent growth in manufacturing jobs.

The southern states have voted for Trump, but have also spent decades wooing foreign companies with flexible labor laws, financial incentives and investment in ports, roads and other infrastructure.


The courtship has spawned new auto plants from Kentucky to Georgia, and a new Airbus plant in Mobile, Alabama.

Few places highlight the gap between Trump's rhetoric and local aspirations better than Spartanburg in South Carolina.

German carmaker BMW has invested here $8 billion in a 1.2 million square foot (11.15 hectares) assembly plant, which has become the largest single exporter of cars by value from the United States.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, a Republican and Trump supporter, credits the German automaker for putting his state on the global investment map.

"The presence of this company changed everything in the trajectory of our state," McMaster said on Monday at an event unveiling BMW's newest X3 sports utility vehicle.

Its Chief Executive Harald Krueger said the carmaker would invest additional $600 million in Spartanburg over the next four years, adding 1,000 jobs to the 9,000-strong workforce, and spend further $200 million on employee training and education.

But the poster child of South Carolina's success also doubles as a whipping boy. In January, BMW's plans to build a plant in Mexico drew Trump's ire and last month the U.S. president was quoted as saying Germany was "very bad" on trade and selling too many cars in the United States.

And even as the company highlights its contribution to the U.S. economy and the benefits of free trade, it is hedging its bets by preparing for a possible protectionist backlash.

Outside of the spotlight, BMW is retooling factories in South Africa and China to build volume models like the X3 SUV, reducing its dependence on Spartanburg.

“We have a big footprint here, and we are flexible enough," Oliver Zipse, BMW's board member responsible for manufacturing, told Reuters. "We will build the X3 not only in Spartanburg, we will split it into South Africa and then to China, so we will have some flexibility to produce cars somewhere else,” he said.

“If something happens at the political level - which we don’t know yet - we are able to have a flexible response.”

The Trump administration has said it welcomes foreign investment and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, who spoke at an opening of a new Samsung Electronics <005930.KS> plant in South Carolina, said such projects showed that "America is becoming an even stronger destination for global businesses looking to grow.”

The southern U.S. states owe much of their success to coastal port authorities and cities that have invested heavily to make their channels and docks fit for shipments to and from China and Mexico.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina who has often clashed with Trump, said protectionism would undermine those accomplishments and hurt American workers.


"Negotiate a trade agreement with Europe, modernize NAFTA, don't tear it up," Graham told Reuters at the BMW factory. "We're going in the wrong direction. We need more trade agreements, not less."

Graham noted how low-cost competition from China and Mexico destroyed South Carolina's once thriving textile industry and how the state reinvented itself as a manufacturing hub, bringing the likes of BMW or French tire maker Michelin .

The now humming port city of Charleston has a similar story to tell. When a major navy base shut down in the 1990s wiping out 20,000 jobs, local officials worked to bring foreign manufacturers, which now employ around 10,000 in the three counties around the city and more is set to come.

Mercedes-Benz, part of Daimler AG , is adding 1,300 jobs so it can make its Sprinter van here rather than merely assemble it with imported parts, which also means more business for local suppliers.

Up the road, Volvo Car Group, part of Chinese conglomerate Geely, is due to open its first North American plant next year with a target workforce of 2,000.

Local development officials expect more jobs and investment to come, but worry that some steps discussed by the Trump administration could have a chilling effect.

Claire Gibbons, director of global marketing at the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, said the proposed new tariffs, tougher immigration rules and stricter reviews of foreign investment projects would amount to a "doomsday scenario" for the region.

"This is an education opportunity for us all, for the people making the decisions that don't understand the ramifications."

(1 euro = $1.1350)

(Additional reporting by Edward Taylor in Munich. Editing by David Chance and Tomasz Janowski)

          6/30/2017: BUSINESS NEWS: CBRE seeking €152.8m for dockland offices   

Irish property group Marlet and M&G Investments have engaged estate agent CBRE to sell a large new office block that they are developing on the site of a former An Post sorting depot in Dublin’s south docklands. CBRE is seeking €152.8 million for The...
          Hefty Politics   
Hefty Politics Beauty is, to some degree, relative. Check out the example of "female intrasexual competition" in this question from the Philip Galanes column in the NYT:
Thin in the Midwest I am a single woman in Manhattan. I was just offered a great job in Chicago. When I went to visit, I was struck by how thin I was there, compared with women in New York. Is this a horrible reason to take the job?


I assume you are joking (sort of). But having come from a spate of New York City meals where women and men seemed to believe that balsamic vinegar and mustard are two of the major food groups, I get it, sister. We all have self-image issues, and you probably won't escape yours by moving to the Windy City. (Off the top of my head, I can think of 50 qualities more important than "thin.") Still, you mentioned that the job in Chicago is "great," and I've always loved visiting. So, you tell us: What have you got to lose?
This isn't a "self-image" issue; it's a possibility of a tradeoff between the place she probably wants to live -- NYC -- and getting a leg up in the mating market by moving to a lesser pond. Would you -- if you were this woman -- make the move? What about if you were a guy writing about going to a place where there's a lot less competition on wealth and achievement? Understanding and being honest about how well you compete in a mating market is the best way to make the most useful decisions -- including, perhaps whether you should move to another area. In short, as I wrote in the column that I sent out earlier this week, "context matters."
          6/30/2017: BUSINESS INTERVIEW: Dublin expansion just the prescription   

Having stepped out of the limelight to have her second child early last year, Ramona Nicholas admits she’s somewhat wary of stepping back into it. It isn’t so much that fame is a drag but more that she worries that time spent away from her business...
          6/30/2017: BUSINESS AGENDA: Inside Project Viking: how the State steered AIB back to the stock market   

Shortly after midnight last Friday, Ann Nolan, deputy head of the Department of Finance, and two officials working on AIB’s flotation hailed a taxi from the Dawson Street base of stockbrokers Davy in Dublin to the home of Paschal Donohoe. The Finance...
          6/30/2017: WORLD OF WORK: Employees get shirty when the dress code is ditched   

Dressing for work used to be easy. It was obvious what you were expected to wear and you couldn’t go wrong in a suit. If in doubt, you turned for guidance to the adage: “dress for the job you aspire to”. Apply that rule today and you could end up in a...
          6/30/2017: WORLD OF WORK: ‘Whatever you are doing, do it well’   

With an engineering degree and eight years’ experience working in product design for ACT, Peter O’Connor set up his own busyness, Global Security Devices, in 2006. His timing could have been better, he admits. Eleven years on the Tallaght-based...
          6/30/2017: WORLD OF WORK: The importance of self-control   

Philosophers and psychologists have been discussing the importance of self-control for ages. Plato argued that the human experience is a constant struggle between desire and rationality, and that self-control is needed to achieve our ideal form. Freud...
          6/30/2017: CAVEAT: Aldi using its Noggin as it launches fresh assault on the grocery market   

Sallynoggin, the blue-collar south Dublin suburb, isn’t overloaded with claims to fame. But it has its charms: an Aslan gig at the Noggin Inn, for example, should be compulsory for all Irish citizens at least once in their lifetime – a sort of National...
          6/30/2017: CAVEAT: Flying high in Trump’s America   

Diarmuid Hogan and his wife, Mairead, moved to the US for two years. That was back in 2003. Fourteen years later they are happily settled in Westport, Connecticut, with their two young sons. Hogan (49) is chief financial and operating officer for the...
          Bringing Big, Small Farms Together to Manage Water   
Agricultural fields in Central Valley, California.  Mountain range visible in far distance.

The San Joaquin Valley’s farms come in all sizes. Regional solutions to the valley's water challenges will need to take this diversity into account.

The post Bringing Big, Small Farms Together to Manage Water appeared first on PPIC.

          John Ballantyne Approved by New Jersey State Senate for Position on Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield's Board of Directors, N.J., June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC) announced today that John Ballantyne, the Council's Executive Secretary-Treasurer (EST) has been approved by the New Jersey State Senate to join Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield's...

          Vino, ¿bebida nacional?: las importaciones desde Chile son récord y ya explican el 15% del consumo interno (iProfesional)   

El país vecino se convirtió en el principal proveedor externo. La causa es que los stocks están al límite y que las últimas dos cosechas figuran entre las peores desde los años `60. Sin embargo, alertan que los precios más bajos y las facilidades aduaneras también alientan el negocio

Por estos días, nadie debe verse sorprendido si, recorriendo las góndolas de supermercados, en botellas y envases tetrabrik de vino aparece una leyenda que informe "origen: Chile".

Los principales jugadores de la industria hoy están motorizando un nivel de importaciones desde el país vecino que está marcando un récord histórico.

Los productores vitícolas, que hacía tiempo venían reclamando una recomposición de los precios del kilo de uva –que durante años estuvo amesetado-, ven una amenaza concreta en el continuo ingreso de cientos de camiones con tanques cargados con vino, a través de la cordillera.

El flujo alcanza tal nivel que organizaciones como la Asociación de Viñateros Independientes de San Juan hasta evaluaron realizar piquetes en las rutas para evitar el avance de la competencia chilena.

La tensión en su momento alcanzó tal nivel que, en el marco de un encuentro con productores, el secretario de Agregado de Valor de la Nación, Néstor Roulet, afirmó que el Gobierno estaba monitoreando este flujo de importaciones ante la posibilidad de que se trate de una competencia desleal.

“Estamos viendo si se trata de un caso de dumping y si es así, el Gobierno Nacional se va a involucrar”, disparó el funcionario.

El gobernador de San Juan, Sergio Uñac, es uno de los que más viene protestando por el ingreso de camiones cargados con producto chileno.

"Importar vino sólo para bajar el precio no nos parece una medida acertada”, afirmó recientemente el mandatario provincial.

En este contexto, Mendoza viene de tomar medidas: a comienzos de año, la administración de Alfredo Cornejo aplicó un aumento de la alícuota de Ingresos Brutos al vino importado que ingrese a ese territorio, elevándola del 4% al 6%.

Con esta medida, buscó darle más protección a los productores cuyanos, en medio de las crecientes quejas por estas operaciones.

Para ponerlo en perspectiva, los últimos datos del Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura son reveladores: entre enero y mayo se importó vino a granel por 52,6 millones de litros.

El último récord desde que hay registros correspondía a 2010, cuando a lo largo de 12 meses se realizaron compras al exterior por 28,7 millones de litros.

Esto significa que, en apenas cinco meses, ya casi se duplicó ese volumen anual.

Hay otro dato revelador: según el INV, las bodegas despacharon al mercado interno 334,8 millone de litros fraccionados, en parte complementados con la ofertaimportada, dado que los grandes establecimientos envasan el granel que llega del país vecino y lo introducen en el circuito comercial.

Así las cosas, los 52,6 millones de litros que llegaron desde Chile hoy representan el 15% del volumen comercializado en el mercado interno.

O, dicho en otras palabras, por cada 10 litros que hasta mayo se comercializaron en la Argentina, más de 1,5 litros fueron en realidad producidos en el país vecino.

¿Oportunidad o falta de stock?
A medida que se potenció la importación, las críticas de los viñateros se hicieron más fuertes, dado que consideran este flujo como una forma directa de ponerle un tope a los precios de la materia prima en el mercado interno.

Fuentes del sector detallaron a iProfesional que el valor del vino a granel chileno, puesto en la puerta de una bodega en Mendoza, puede ser entre 15% y 25% más económico que el nacional, dado que la escasez generada por la caída de la producción durante las últimas dos cosechas disparó los valores de la materia primera.

Sin embargo, para el consultor Javier Merino, director de Área del Vino, no se trata de maniobras especulativassino de una necesidad real y concreta de abastecer la demanda.

"Las dos últimas cosechas, 2016 y 2017, fueron las peores de los últimos cincuenta años. Por eso, no debe extrañarnos que las importaciones también sean récord", acota.

Granizo, lluvias en los momentos menos propicios y hasta heladas, configuraron un cuadro difícil para varias zonas productivas de Mendoza y San Juan.

El experto agrega que "el año pasado, por la pérdida de parte de la producción, se limpiaron los stocks. Y una segunda vendimia también floja generó que no hoy no haya suficiente vino como para abastecer la demanda".

Según datos del INV, durante esta campaña se recolectaron 19,5 millones de quintales de uva. Si bien esta cifra fue superior a los 17,3 millones del año previo, se trató de un nivel que igualmente estuvo lejos delregistro histórico.

"En los últimos 20 años, el promedio de la cosecha es de cerca de 25 millones de quintales. Es decir que venimos de dos vendimias que se ubicaron muy por debajo y esto afectó los niveles de stock", afirma Carlos Fiochetta, gerente de la Corporación Vitivinícola Argentina (COVIAR).

El directivo señala que "hubo zonas de Mendoza que tradicionalmente tenían rendimientos de unos 10.000 kilos por hectárea pero que, por cuestiones climáticas, los dos últimos años mostraron caídas de hasta el 50%".

Más allá de esto, el directivo confía en que los flujos de importación deberían ir bajando, dado que en estos días están comenzando a liberarse al mercado parte de la cosecha 2017.

"Esto va a ayudar a recomponer los inventarios, por eso la proyección es que las compras a Chile no sigan creciendo e, incluso, bajen con fuerza", apunta Fiochetta.

Cerveza versus vino
Cabe destacar que, según Fiochetta, casi la totalidad de la producción que se importa desde Chile se destina a vinos sin denominación de variedad, que representan cerca del 80% de la oferta. La gran mayoría se comercializa en envases tetrabrik.

Este segmento conforma la base de la pirámide del consumo y es responsables de movilizar el amperímetro de ventas.

En este contexto, Merino advierte que esta bebida es uno de los productos más castigados por el bajón de la demanda.

Cabe destacar que en la Argentina el consumo percápita está estancado en torno a los 25 litros per cápita.

En la década del 70, cuando era común almorzar con vino y la cerveza no arrasaba en el market share, se superaban los 80 litros.

"Hemos llegado a un piso mínimo histórico. Pero así y todo, como las últimas cosechas fueron malas y no hay stock, no hay suficiente volumen. Y esto provocó que se disparara el precio, lo cual es preocupante, porque porcada peso que sube el litro, hay miles de consumidoresque dejan de comprar o buscan alternativas, como la cerveza", apunta Merino.

Si bien el consumo de esta última bebida también se vio afectado por la crisis, lo cierto es que supera holgadamente al vino, con más de 41 litros anuales per cápita.

Por eso, el consultor considera que "estas importaciones no sólo defienden a los consumidores, sino que también a la industria, porque cada litro que se pierde en manos de la cerveza, luego es muy difícilde recuperar".

Sufren las exportaciones

Como consecuencia de los menores stocks, además de tener que importar más, el complejo vitivinícola argentino padeció un desplome de las ventas al exterior.

Según datos del INV, entre enero y mayo se exportaron 127 millones de litros de vino a granel, lo que implicó un derrumbe del 48%.

En tanto que los envíos de mosto concentrado –utilizado por la industria alimenticia como endulzante- totalizaron apenas 21.700 hectolitros, una fuerte baja de casi 53%.

Frente a estos números, Fiochetta afirma que hay dos cuestiones que se potenciaron y que forzaron este escenario: la fuerte suba de precios y los problemas de competitividad cambiaria.

"El vino a granel y el mosto depende mucho del factorprecio. Con las bajas cosechas de los últimos años el producto se volvió muy caro para los exportadores y los dejó fuera de competencia, a lo que se suma el contexto macroeconómico del país", apunta.

Cabe destacar que los despachos al exterior de vino embotellado también se están viendo castigados: hasta mayo se exportaron 744.200 hectolitros, casi 10% menos que en el mismo período del año pasado.

Merino es contundente al afirmar que "en las gamas más bajas de precios, los costos no cierran".

A esto, el experto suma un cambio en las tendencias a nivel mundial: "El mercado internacional se ha puesto muy pesado. Ya no se puede aspirar a crecer a tasas chinas, porque los países productores europeos se pusieron muy competitivos y agresivos en los mercados importadores más dinámicos".

Por eso Merino afirma que "hoy no tenemos ninguna ventaja competitiva diferencial. A lo máximo que podemos aspirar hoy es a crecer en sintonía con la expansión del PBI mundial, es decir, a un promedio del 2% a 3% anual".

Para hacer frente a la situación, desde la Coviar vienen pidiendo una serie de beneficios fundamentales para apuntalar a esta economía regional estratégica.

Entre las medidas, Fiochetta menciona un aumento de los reintegros a las exportaciones o compensacionespara fletes, dados los elevados costos logísticos que enfrentan las bodegas.


          El Nación anunció líneas de crédito y promete ser más ágil y flexible para prestar (La Nación)   

Quiere desembolsar $ 35.000 millones hasta fin de año en nuevos préstamos, a tasas atractivas

El Banco Nación se propone colocar nuevos créditos por un total de $ 35.000 millones hasta que termine el año. Así lo anunció ayer su presidente, Javier González Fraga, al explicar a la prensa la fuerte demanda que está recibiendo de préstamos hipotecarios y anunciar el lanzamiento de una línea básicamente destinada a financiar capital de trabajo e inversiones de pequeñas y medianas empresas de todo tipo de actividad, pero que tendrá capítulos especiales para emprendedores, desarrolladores inmobiliarios, empresas de colectivos de corta y media distancia y hasta municipios.

Las líneas estarán disponibles en "pesos, dólares y UVA", explicó, en relación al indexador que se aplica a la moneda nacional para abaratar cuotas y alargar plazos.

Los créditos en pesos llegarán a 15 años de plazo y se ofrecen a una tasa fija del 15% anual por los primeros 3 años, y luego variable según tasa Badlar (la que paga la banca por plazos fijos mayoristas).

Pero serán adaptables al tipo de actividad: "La línea aplicable a economías regionales mantendrá el plazo máximo de 15 años, pero tendrá hasta 5 años de gracia, para adaptarse a las necesidades de cada producción; la que vamos a destinar a productores agropecuarios y lecheros contempla hasta 3 años de gracia", explicó González Fraga, en relación al período en que el tomador sólo estaría obligado a pagar el interés por el financiamiento recibido, pero sin devolver capital durante ese lapso. Los créditos en dólares, por normativa sólo accesible para exportadores, sus proveedores o quienes integren una cadena de exportación, tendrán una tasa del 2% anual a un año, que sube al 4% cuando el plazo se ubique entre los 3 y los 7 años.

A su vez, la opción en UVA, que ya se aplica con muy buena aceptación en créditos hipotecarios, se generalizará a una tasa del 5% sobre el indexador que replica la inflación. Precisamente por la demanda que tienen esos créditos para la vivienda, González Fraga estimó que la mitad de la meta de colocación que se puso saldría en nuevas hipotecas. "Tenemos 94.000 pedidos en evaluación y estamos financiado la construcción de otras 17.000 viviendas, porque queremos operar sobre la oferta y la demanda inmobiliaria tratando de prevenir burbujas en los precios", explicó. Incluso confió que el banco está tercerizando la evaluación de riesgo para ganar dinamismo en la colocación.

El presidente del BNA se preocupó por transmitir que el banco será mucho más activo en la colocación y oferta de créditos. "Cuando asumí el banco tenía un exceso de liquidez", dijo, en elíptica crítica a su antecesor, Carlos Melconian. La expansión crediticia se fondeará "desarmando cartera hoy puesta en pases o Lebac", detalló.

El plan, presentado hace más de un mes a los gerentes de la entidad, y denominado Carlos Pellegrini ("es alguien que admiro", dijo), se basa en ganar agilidad en la colocación de los préstamos que estarán disponibles desde fines de julio. Y dijo que eso ahora es posible por los cambios que aplicó a las normas el BCRA al simplificar trámites y flexibilizar criterios de evaluación".


          Modern Content Strategies Can Substantially Expand Your Brand   

Expertise Is Required In Multiple Developing Tech Regions Technology has an exponentially expansive quality to it, especially pertaining to computers. That’s been the case since…

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At QCon New York 2017 Michael Fisher presented “Presidential Campaigns & Immutable Infrastructure” and discussed the implementation and challenges of provisioning infrastructure for the Hillary for America (HFA) campaign that ran during the 2015-2016 US regional and national elections.

By Daniel Bryant
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: PS overweegt Mayeur uit de partij te zetten   

Na alle schandalen rond voormalig burgemeester van Brussel Yvan Mayeur (PS) lijkt de maat nu eindelijk vol voor PS-partijvoorzitter Di Rupo. Een interne deontologische commissie komt “eerstdaags” met een conclusie over zijn lidmaatschap. Zeker na de...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Zaligmakend   

Het ABVV komt vandaag in Brussel op straat tegen wat het de “pensioenafbraak van de regering-Michel” noemt. Dat mensen langer en meer moeten werken voor minder pensioen, en dat op een ogenblik dat veel mensen hun job nu al niet aankunnen, dat zien de...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: “Ik zag die vrouw liggen, maar heb haar niet aangeraakt”   

“Ik zei Alexandru dat hij het moest opbiechten als hij zoiets vreselijk heeft gedaan. Maar hij antwoordde: ik heb niets op te biechten. Ik heb die vrouw niet vermoord.” In een Roemeense cel heeft Alexandru C. (23) gisteren aan zijn vader ten stelligste...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Bilzenaar krijgt 15 jaar cel voor moordpoging op zwangere ex   

Het Antwerpse hof van beroep heeft Jan B. (33) uit Bilzen veroordeeld tot vijftien jaar cel voor een poging tot opzettelijke brandstichting en voor de moordpoging op zijn zwangere ex-vriendin en haar nieuwe partner. In eerste aanleg had de rechtbank...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: “Ik weet hoe het voelt na dode tweeling en miskraam”   

De eerste Vlaamse fertiliteitscounselors zijn gisteravond afgestudeerd aan hogeschool PXL. Een jaar lang hebben elf vrouwen en één man geblokt hoe je koppels helpt om gezond zwanger te worden, hoe je omgaat met kunstmatige bevruchting, een doodgeboren...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Kleuters kunnen beter smartphone bedienen dan veters strikken   

Kinderen tussen twee en vijf jaar oud zijn beter in technologie dan in basisvaardigheden. Dat blijkt uit de resultaten van een nieuwe studie bij moeders wereldwijd. Zo kunnen meer kleuters een computerspel spelen (58 procent) dan fietsen (43 procent)....
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Maatje groter? Komt eraan   

Wilt u toch liever een maatje groter passen? Dan hoeft u uw partner niet langer door de hele winkel te jagen om dat maatje te gaan opsporen. In het digitaal pashokje van JBC kunt u het ticket van de broek even scannen, en in één touch een maatje groter...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Vanaf maandag makkelijker wisselen van telecomoperator   

Vanaf maandag wordt het makkelijker om te veranderen van leverancier voor vaste telecomproducten zoals digitale televisie, internet en vaste telefonie. Voortaan zal alles via de nieuwe Easy Switch-regels gebeuren. “Dat betekent dat de operator het...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Zerotolerantie voor geweld tegen politie   

Er komt zerotolerantie voor elk feit van geweld tegen politiemensen waar ook maar een minimum aan bewijs over gevonden is. Dat heeft justitieminister Koen Geens (CD&V) in de Kamer gezegd. Over de speciale richtlijn rond geweld tegen politiemensen wordt...
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          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Topkardinaal voor rechter wegens kindermisbruik   

Zuhal Demir: “Artsen moeten genitale verminking melden” Artsen moeten gevallen van genitale verminking aanmelden, want van-daag doen ze dat veel te weinig. Dat zegt staatssecretaris voor Gelijke Kansen Zuhal Demir (N-VA). Demir (foto) werkt aan een...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: “Met afstudeerhoedje naar eerste klas”   

Zelfs in de kleutersklas maken ze in stijl en met de nodige egards de overgang naar het eerste studiejaar. In de basisschool van Neerpelt-centrum droegen de veertig kinderen vol trots hun ‘graduate hat’, dat zwarte vierkantje afstudeerhoedje bekend uit...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: HOERA VAKANTIE!   

Voor ruim 147.000 Limburgse kinderen en jongeren start vandaag de schoolvakantie. En dat wordt gevierd. Soms nog met een traditionele eucharistieviering. Maar in veel scholen bouwen ze na het opruimen van de klas en het poetsen van de speelgoedjes een...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: “Party met waterpistolengevecht”   

Het Sint-Franciscuscollege in Heusden-Zolder knalt op het einde van het schooljaar altijd met een originele ‘Bye Bye Schoolparty’. Oud-leerling Regi is deejay en warmt de leerlingen muzikaal op voor een spetterend gevecht met waterpistolen tussen...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: “Week lang afzwaaifeest”   

Gisteren trokken de zesdejaars van Vrije Basisschool de Bret in Genk naar het scholenfestival Yourin in Bokrijk, waar ze met nog 2.500 andere scholieren de populaire rapper Jebroer toeschreeuwden. “Een week lang vieren onze zestig zesdejaars hun...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: “Slapen op school na minifestival”   

Afgelopen nacht hebben de kinderen van het vijfde en zesde studiejaar van de ZonneWijzer in Opgrimbie in hun klas geslapen, jongens en meisjes apart. De ‘sleep in’ volgde na een minifestival op school, waarbij ook de jonge directeur stevig uit de bol...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Venezuela verzinkt in chaos   

De Venezolaanse procureur-generaal Luisa Ortega mag het land niet meer uit en moet voor het hooggerechtshof verschijnen wegens haar kritiek op de plannen van president Nicolas Maduro om een grondwetgevende vergadering te laten verkiezen. Het is de...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Erdogan mag geen toespraak houden in Duitsland   

De Duitse regering verbiedt een meeting van de Turkse president in de rand van de bijeenkomst van de G20 in Hamburg. Dat gebeurt voor het eerst. “Wij delen Turkije mee dat zo’n optreden in Duitsland niet mogelijk is.” Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Een zomer vol leesplezier   

Uw krant zet vanaf dit weekend de zomer in. Dagelijks krijgt u van ons een extra zomerreportage, geraapt door onze journalisten van Afrika tot in Amerika, in La Douce France en in onze provincie. Hieronder krijgt u alvast een voorproefje van onze zomer...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Limburgers in de ‘rust belt’   

Reporter Koen Snoekx en fotograaf Sven Dillen gaan naar de ‘rust belt’ in Amerika. Dat zijn de staten Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan die voor een stuk de beslissing mee geforceerd hebben tijdens de presidentsverkiezingen. Limburgers die er wonen...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Limburgse wijnboeren in Frankrijk   

De wijndomeinen in Limburg floreren al jaren, maar een hele reeks provinciegenoten zocht het wijngenot in het moederland van de godendrank. Hoofdredacteur Ivo Vandekerckhove en fotograaf Raymond Lemmens gingen op bezoek in de mooiste, grootste, meest...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Van Limburg tot Limbe   

Onze journalist Marc Cornelissen en videojournaliste Guyentie Bogaert trokken naar Afrika om een uniek portret te maken van een deel van het continent. In het spoor van Limburger Ronny Van Geneugden, bondscoach van Malawi, en Aly Samatta, de...
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          6/30/2017: Nieuws: De ouders van...   

Ouders van bekende mensen vertellen hoe hun kroost zich naar de top heeft gewerkt. Maar ook over hun favoriete kost en hun eerste lief. Alles over de jeugd van Jan Jambon, Anouk Matton, Hans Vanaken, Herbert Houben (foto) en Nina Derwael.
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Tweespraak   

Elke zaterdag kan u in onze HBvL PLUS-bijlage Tweespraak lezen. Een boeiend dubbelinterview met interessante persoonlijkheden. Onder meer Raymond van het Groenewoud en Mauro Pawlowski (foto), Peter Vandenbempt en Jeroen Meus, Steven Vandeput en Pascale...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: De grenzen die verdwijnen   

Vier Limburgse gemeenten hebben dit jaar beslist om te fuseren. Onze reporter Jan Bex stapt de grenzen tussen Opglabbeek en Meeuwen-Gruitrode en Neerpelt en Overpelt af nu ze er nog zijn. Wie en wat komt hij tegen en hoeveel invloed heeft die grens op...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: ZONNEN ZONDER SMEREN?   

Dit jaar zullen 500 landgenoten aan huidkanker overlijden. “Door onverstandig zonnen zal dat aantal de komende twintig jaar verdubbelen of zelfs vervijfvoudigen”, zeggen Nederlandse onderzoekers. Smeren is dus de boodschap. Maar (andere) Nederlandse...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: 5.000 werknemers op Corda tegen 2020   

Gisteren is in Hasselt op de Corda Campus de getransformeerde oude fabriekshal van Philips officieel geopend. Corda-A, zoals de totaal vernieuwde hal is gedoopt, biedt meteen onderdak voor 32 verschillende bedrijven, met 54 werkunits, zes...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Astronauten leren vanuit luie zetel ruimtetuig besturen   

BlueTea uit Ittervoort, net over de Nederlandse grens, heeft van het Amerikaanse lucht- en ruimtevaartbedrijf Boeing de opdracht gekregen om een trainingsprogramma te ontwikkelen voor astronauten. De bedoeling is dat zij van thuis uit kunnen leren om...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Laurent anderhalf uur te laat op verjaardag Paola   

Koningin Paola is gisteravond gevierd voor haar komende tachtigste verjaardag in de Muziekkapel Koningin Elisabeth in Waterloo. De hele koninklijke familie ging eerst samen op de foto en woonde daarna een concert bij. Eén grote afwezige: prins...
          6/30/2017: Nieuws: Samen sterk met juf Lore   

Op haar zesentwintigste had Lore Purnot de kegels voor haar leven rechtgezet: ze was haar droom achterna gegaan en leerkracht geworden, ze was verliefd geworden en getrouwd. Zelfs toen kanker roet in het eten kwam gooien, week Lore niet van haar pad....
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: Voor 40.000 euro materiaal gestolen bij brandweer   

Gemaskerde dieven zijn met zo’n 40.000 euro aan materiaal aan de haal gegaan uit de brandweerkazerne van Diest. Om hun slag te kunnen slaan stalen ze eerst een bestelwagen in een bedrijf even verderop. Daarna drongen ze het gebouw van de pompiers...
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: Houten elektriciteitspaal valt om   

Gisternamiddag is in de Vanderheydenweg in Hechtel een houten elektriciteitspaal afgeknapt. “Van een ongeval was geen sprake. Infrax vermoedt dat de paal aan de onderkant rot was”, zegt burgemeester Jan Dalemans (HE). “Een technische ploeg van Infrax...
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: Kerkhofdief op heterdaad betrapt   

De lokale politie heeft begin deze week een 34-jarige Truienaar gearresteerd op verdenking van diefstal. De man, geen onbekende bij de politie voor kleine misdrijven, werd op heterdaad betrapt in de buurt van het kerkhof van Schurhoven. De man kon geen...
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: Drie jonge mannen op dievenpad   

Tijdens inbraken aan de Industrieweg in Heusden-Zolder zijn gisterochtend opnieuw drie jonge mannen gefilmd. Ze raakten binnen in één zaak, maar konden er geen buit maken. Maandagochtend filmden bewakingscamera’s in Zonhoven al eens drie jonge boeven...
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: Olmensesteenweg versperd na frontale botsing   

De Olmensesteenweg in Ham was gisterochtend een tijdlang volledig versperd na een frontale botsing tussen twee auto’s. Volgens een getuige week één van de bestuurders plots af van haar rijvak. Een eerste tegenligger kon nog door de struiken rijden om...
          6/30/2017: Sport: STERRENPARADE IN DUSSELDORF   

Le Grand Départ is pas voor zaterdag, maar gisteren liep het Duitse Düsseldorf al storm voor de traditionele ploegvoorstelling. Ondanks de massale belangstelling leken de meeste renners ontspannen toe te leven naar de Tourstart. Iedereen nam ruim de...
          6/30/2017: Sport: Bemelmans op hoofdtabel Wimbledon   

Ruben Bemelmans (ATP 124, foto) heeft zich geplaatst voor de hoofdtabel van Wimbledon. De Maasmechelaar klopte in de laatste kwalificatieronde de Oostenrijker Gerard Melzer (ATP 144) in drie sets (6-4, 7-5 en 6-3). Voor de 29-jarige Bemelmans wordt het...
          6/30/2017: Sport: Duitsland in finale Confederations Cup   

Wereldkampioen Duitsland heeft zich geplaatst voor de finale van de Confederations Cup in Rusland. Duitsland won met 4-1 van Mexico. Het speelt zondag de finale tegen Chili. Het jonge Duitsland, dat op deze Confederations Cup zonder de grote sterren...
          6/30/2017: Sport: Messi zegt “ja” tegen Antonella   

Lionel Messi (foto) stapt vandaag in het huwelijksbootje met Antonella Roccuzzo in hun thuisstad Rosario. De Argentijn spaart kosten noch moeite voor het trouwfeest: hij heeft het City Center Hotel afgehuurd, een vijfsterrenresort met eigen casino,...
          6/30/2017: Sport: Op recordjacht   

De persconferentie van BoraHansgrohe ging door in dezelfde pop-up shop van fietsconstructeur Specialized waar even voordien Marcel Kittel, Dan Martin en Philippe Gilbert waren langs geweest. Het zaaltje op de tweede verdieping zat afgeladen vol. De...
          6/30/2017: Sport: Tinkov beschimpt Contador (bis)   

Nadat hij hem vorig jaar in oktober niet uitnodigde voor zijn afscheidsfeest en de Spanjaard een kreupele noemde die beter zou stoppen, heeft de Russische miljonair Oleg Tinkov opnieuw uitgehaald naar Albert Contador. Hij tweet over zijn vorige kopman...
          6/30/2017: Sport: Lefevere vraagt even geduld voor toekomstplannen   

Hoe de toekomst van het huidige QuickStep Floors er volgend jaar uitziet, is nog niet duidelijk. Zeker is wel dat Patrick Lefevere (foto) hard aan het doorwerken is om voor meerdere jaren zekerheid te hebben voor zijn ploeg. De West-Vlaming is niet van...
          6/30/2017: Sport: DE MANNEN VOOR HET GEEL   

verdween en hij bij Sky plots als kopman naar voor werd geschoven, zakte hij volledig door het ijs en eindigde hij pas 24ste in Parijs. En ook vorig jaar, in zijn eerste seizoen als kopman bij BMC, liet hij zich te snel uit evenwicht brengen. In de...
          6/30/2017: Sport: “Stoort me niet, ik heb dezelfde   

Dimitri de Condé rekent hem ondanks zijn prille leeftijd, net 18 geworden, nu al tot de inkomende transfers. Het zegt alles over de steile verwachtingen die de Genkse sportief directeur heeft in Edon Zhegrova, die vorig seizoen bij STVV werd...
          6/30/2017: Sport: Rouches defileren in nieuwe shirts   

Op de jaarlijkse business meeting presenteerde Standard zijn shirts voor het nieuwe seizoen. De Rouches zullen hun thuiswedstrijden volledig in het rood gaan spelen. Verder werd er bekendgemaakt dat er een nieuw restaurant op Sclessin komt. Naar goede...
          6/30/2017: Sport: “Acties maken is mijn ding”   

Alle aandacht ging de voorbije dagen naar nieuwe spits Babacar Gueye, maar als we Jordan Botaka mogen geloven heeft STVV er ook een nieuw type Edmilson-Dompé bij. “Acties maken, dat is mijn identiteit”, zegt de Congolese Nederlander. “En STVV gelooft...
          6/30/2017: Sport: RONALDO SHOWT TWEELING   

Voor de tweede keer is Cristiano Ronaldo (32) op miraculeuze wijze vader geworden. Zeven jaar geleden had hij vanuit het niets een zoontje; nu is hij al even plots papa geworden van een tweeling, Eva en Mateo. Net als toen is ook nu de moeder...
          6/30/2017: Sport: Clijsters wil marathon van New York lopen   

De Spartacus Run volstaat niet voor Kim Clijsters (34, foto). Ze droomt van de marathon van New York, verklapt ze in het jongste nummer van magazine. De voormalige grandslamlaureate, acht maanden geleden bevallen van haar derde kindje,...
          6/30/2017: Sport: SOS Usain Bolt   

De wedstrijd van Usain Bolt eerder deze week in Ostrava leek nergens op. Zijn afscheid, het WK in Londen begin augustus, wordt een race tegen de tijd, want de concurrentie zit hem op de hielen. Het is te zeggen: voorlopig laten zij Bolt hun enkels...
          6/30/2017: Sport: Neuville tweede in openingsproef   

Bij de eerste chronorit van de Rally van Polen tikte onze landgenoot Thierry Neuville als tweede aan. Op de doornatte proef had de Hyundairijder acht tienden van een seconde meer nodig dan Welshman Elfyn Evans. Neuville ging wel nipt wereldkampioen...
          6/30/2017: Sport: Bijna 700 renners in Borlo   

Zondag zullen om en bij de 700 wielrenners rondjes draaien in en om Borlo. De inzet: de nationale titels in het ploegentijdrijden voor nieuwelingen, junioren, eliten z/c en UCIteams. Het is al de vijfde keer op rij dat Omer Bovy en zijn manschappen...
          Doing business in Austria – Top-Spezialisten informieren im Ulmer Haus der Donau   
Auf Initiative der KNORR Rechtsanwälte AG kamen Spezialisten der Oberbank, der Austria Business Agency sowie Unternehmer mit deutsch-österreichischem Engagement zusammen, um mit geladenen Firmenvertretern über die aktuellen Möglichkeiten zu sprechen. Schon seit Jahren steigt das Handelsvolumen von Firmen aus der Region

          6/30/2017: Sport: Amelien Deckers naar EK in Litouwen   

Voor het tweede jaar op rij neemt Amelien Deckers deel aan het Europees judokampioenschap voor kadetten ofwel U18. De Kampse treedt vandaag meteen in het Litouwse Kaunas in de wedstrijdarena. Ten opzichte van 2016 ondergaat Deckers één wezenlijk...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: Zwaardridders van Livland sturen hulpgoederen naar Hongarije   

Ingestuurd door Jos Kuppers Op woensdag 31 mei en 21 juni vertrok telkens een vrachtwagen met humanitaire hulpgoederen naar verschillende bestemmingen in Hongarije. De Orde der Zwaardridders van Livland Hasselt stond in voor de verzameling en de...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: Longtransplanten beklimmen Ventoux   

Ingestuurd door Domien Berghmans Na 6 maanden begeleiding en voorbereiding onder het toezicht van het Transplantoux-team van UZ Leuven startte een 40-tal getransplanteerden en sympathisanten aan de beklimming van de Mont Ventoux. Onder hen waren 5...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: Lisa We   

gaan ons niet laten verleiden om over het nieuwe stadslogo te zagen. Daar is nu al bijna zoveel over gepalaverd als bij het vorige doopfeest: Hoofdstad van de Smaak. Het zijn de Hasselaren die belangrijk zijn en niet hun logo’s en slogans. We hebben...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: PXL-studenten organiseren sportdag voor 700 kinderen   

Ingestuurd door PXL-Education lerarenopleiding Op 16 juni organiseerden de tweedejaarsstudenten van de lerarenopleiding kleuteren lager onderwijs PXL-Education o.l.v de lectoren Marie Vandebroek, Inge Joosen en Leen Smets als examenopdracht een...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: TTK Herckenrode blikt tevreden terug op seizoen   

Ingestuurd door Jean Verlaek Na het afsluiten van de huidige tafeltenniscompetitie mag Tafeltennisclub Herckenrode terugblikken op een geslaagd seizoen. Niet minder dan drie ploegen promoveren naar een hogere afdeling. Tafeltennisclub Herckenrode...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: CM schenkt verzorgingsproducten aan St-Vincentius Kiewit en Zonhoven   

Ingestuurd door Stijn Vaesen Onder een stralende zon overhandigde CM Limburg tassen vol met verzorgingsproducten aan Sint-Vincentius Kiewit en Zonhoven. De inzameling gebeurde tijdens de jaarlijkse 'maand van de diversiteit' van de Limburgse...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: Ingestuurd door Luc Smeets   

In de parochie Tuilt wordt al druk geoefend voor de ommeganggroep negen, Palmzondag en Goede vrijdag. Eddy Neven van de ommeganggroep Tuilt: “Het was een goede repetitie en afstand houden en in rijen lopen lukt al aardig. Ook de zang van onze groep...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: Jeneverstokerij Vanderlinden van start   

Ingestuurd door Chretien Paesen Aan de Luikersteenweg werd op zaterdag 24 juni de nieuwe jeneverstookinstallatie gedoopt. Het is, na het jenevermuseum, de tweede stokerij in Hasselt en als alles goed zit, volgen er nog. Hasselt herneemt daarmee de...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: Koor Margoda te gast bij Minderbroeders   

Ingestuurd door Jos Kuppers De eucharistieviering ter afsluiting van het religieuze werkjaar bij de Minderbroeders werd opgeluisterd door het koor Margoda uit Hasselt. Het koor bracht er ter gelegenheid van de naamviering van de H. Johannes de Doper...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: Generation 5 sluit aperitiefontmoetingen af   

Ingestuurd door Chretien Paesen Het Vrijzinnig Ontmoetingscentrum sloot vorige met een bomvolle zaal de reeks zondagse aperitiefontmoetingen af met een voltreffer. Generation 5, een band met drie generaties, bracht iedereen terug naar de ’60 en ’70-er...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: Levende Jukebox speelt voor 12-12   

Ingestuurd door Chretien Paesen Het Vrijzinnig Ontmoetingscentrum vierde de Langste Dag en de Dag van het Humanisme met onder andere een levende jukebox. De internationale dag van het humanisme wordt gevierd op 21 juni. Het is de langste dag van het...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: KVLV Alken centrum organiseert midzomerwandeling   

Ingestuurd door Nicole Daniels KVLV Alken centrum organiseerde op vrijdag 23 juni een midzomerwandeling met een bezoek aan de Matteshoeve. Sonja Gaens en Lut Jooken stippelden een leuke wandelroute uit in de buurt. Achteraf werd er een bezoek gebracht...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: Samana gaat op uitstap naar Vaals   

Ingestuurd door Rachel Biets Op dinsdag 20 juni maakten de leden van Samana Alken-Centrum een uitstapje naar Vaals. Na een rondrit in de omgeving van Vaals met de bus en begeleid door een gids bezocht de groep het indrukwekkende beeldenmuseum. Daarna...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: Ingestuurd door Magda Hanssen   

KVG Alken bracht onlangs een bezoek aan de hoeveboerderij Mattes. ”We werden er heel goed ontvangen door Gaston”, klinkt het. ”Hij maakte veel tijd vrij voor ons. Na wat uitleg, gingen we wandelen op de boerderij met aan weerszijden verschillende...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Diepenbeek: Start 2 Run-joggers ontvangen diploma   

Ingestuurd door Jean-Pierre Valkeneers Als afsluiter van de Start 2 Run-sessie ontvingen zondag de aspirant-joggers die in hun test zijn geslaagd het Jogdiploma van schepen van sport Karen Alders. Een keer per jaar in maart organiseren de Gemsjoggers...
          As the dust settles: Russian authorities move against protesters and campaigners   

New evidence of police violations against protesters emerges, and regional authorities take aim at Alexei Navalny's campaign offices. 

Conditions for people detained at anti-corruption protests have been poor. Image: Polina Kostyleva.

We continue our partnership with OVD-Infoan NGO that monitors politically-motivated arrests in Russia. Every Friday, we bring you the latest information on freedom of assembly. 

We have collected and analysed a large number of reports of violations by Russian police officers at anti-corruption rallies held on 12 June. Now we are able to say with certainty there have been 109 violations. Police officers exceeded the permitted time for administrative detention, wrote official reports with numerous mistakes, and did not allow lawyers to visit those detained. In one of the St Petersburg police stations, a detainee contracted pneumonia after spending the night in a cold cell. This was despite the fact that he had warned the police officers he was in poor health and should not get cold. The list of violations with legal commentaries can be seen here.

This week a number of individuals requested political asylum abroad. Krasnodar artists Lusiney Dzhanyan and Aleksei Knedlyakovsky requested asylum in Sweden. The artists said that their telephones had been tapped, and in 2013 Dzhanyan was dismissed from Krasnodar University of Culture for supporting Pussy Riot and exhibiting in a gallery owned by Marat Gelman. But it’s not only those who create modern art who can fall victim to persecution. Children’s drawings in chalk can also evoke the dissatisfaction of the authorities. Mikhail Petrov, a martial arts trainer from Pskov, has left Russia because he feared persecution by the authorities. It is thought the authorities’ interest in the trainer was related to the fact that he and his students had drawn anti-military drawings on the walls of buildings belonging to a military air assault division. He has requested political asylum in Estonia. 

Supporters of Alexei Navalny continue to be persecuted. In the town of Cherepovets, writer and journalist Elena Kolyadina was dismissed by the newspaper Golos Cherepovtsa for giving a lecture to staff of Navalny’s local election campaign office. In the Siberian city of Barnaul, the coordinator of the campaign office was injured with a knife, while earlier someone set fire to one of the office’s windows. In Vladimir, the local branch of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network asked its chief engineer to resign because he had headed Navalny’s local campaign office. Meanwhile, in Rostov-on-Don a car belonging to the head of Navalny’s office was covered with paint and its tyres were punctured.

The Investigative Committee completed its investigation into one more defendant in the “26 March case”. Dmitry Krepkin is charged with using force against a police officer during the anti-corruption protest in Moscow. Krepkin maintains his innocence. Moreover, he has said that he was himself assaulted at the time of his detention at the 26 March protest. Doctors at the emergency medical centre recorded bruising all over his body. He had been struck at least six times.   

The pre-trial detention of mathematician Dmitry Bogatov was extended until 31 August. Bogatov has been charged with incitement to riot on the grounds that he had posted appeals on the forum to go out on to Red Square on 2 April 2017 under the pseudonym of “Airat Bashirov”. The appeals were sent from Bogatov’s IP address. However, since Bogatov operates a Tor exit node, any user could have posted the materials using his IP.

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For more information on OVD-Info, read this article from the organisation's founder on how OVD is breaking the civil society mould here

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          Charting Russia’s most dangerous cities for LGBT people   

Here are the towns where it’s dangerous to be gay in Russia. A culture of silence and a law “against propaganda” are keeping them that way. Русский

An LGBT pride parade in St Petersburg, 2014. Photo CC BY-NC-ND 2.0: Maria Komarova / Flickr. Some rights reserved.

It’s become a tradition across the globe to celebrate LGBT Pride in the last days of June. Usually, such events are held on the weekend closest to the 28 June, as it was on that day that the modern LGBT movement in the USA began in earnest. It was an initiative that inspired strategies and tactics of human rights advocacy in many other countries. Although it takes different forms across the world, LGBT pride raises issues of freedom of expression, human rights, and healthcare for LGBT people. In some cities Europe and the USA it has turned into something of a commercial event or cultural festival for the wider public. In other locations, LGBT people march under the threat of police brutality.

In Russia, the first LGBT pride march was held in 1991 on the square before Moscow’s Bolshoi theatre as part of the Soviet Union’s first LGBT festival. The more modern history of LGBT parades in Russia began in 2006 when LGBT activist Nikolay Alekseyev attempted to officially organise a pride march in Moscow. Years passed, and the city authorities still haven’t found the guts to permit a march for LGBT human rights through the capital’s streets and provide security for its participants. However, other banned marches have been successfully challenged in the European Court for Human Rights and Alekseyev has generated support in other regions of the country. He and his colleagues have applied for permission to hold pride marches in Blagoveshchensk, Cherkessk, Cherepovets, Kazan, and Nizhny Tagil among many other cities across Russia, though they have always been rejected and sued city governments in response. A notable exception came in 2013, when the governor of St Petersburg did not forbid the city’s LGBT pride parade, although it did encounter violently homophobic protesters who tried to obstruct the march.

The metrics of hatred

In fact, these violent far-right groups keep close tabs on LGBT activists in Russia and the events they hold – or try to. While the government fights some homophobic campaigners and inciters of hatred, it supports others. After all, instigating violence against LGBT people is essentially the Russian state’s official policy towards sexuality. For example, the 2013 law banning “propaganda” of “non-traditional sexual orientations” sparked a wave of hatred against LGBT people across the country. As we discovered from court decisions last year, after the “propaganda” bill was signed into law, the number of hate crimes against lesbians and gay men doubled. 

In 2012, we found 33 examples of such hate crimes, while 2013 saw 50 hate crimes against LGBT citizens. By 2015 there were 65. We registered not only a common rise of LGBT hate crimes, but also the rise of homicides: following the enactment of the “propaganda” bill, there were more and more murders of people simply for being LGBT.

The growth in hate crimes against LGBT people across Russia. Image courtesy of the authors.

Of course, these are only the recorded crimes – many LGBT people may not dare approach the authorities after harassment, humiliation, or worse. These data are based on official court statistics, though we had to dig through the results ourselves. Nobody officially collects information on violence against LGBT people in Russia. On the contrary, the authorities pretend that nothing is happening. This attitude sometimes reaches absurd extremes when government officials claim that LGBT citizens simply do not exist.

After facts came to light about the systematic torture of gay men at secret detention camps in Chechnya, the republic’s press secretary immediately retorted that “you cannot repress those who are not and cannot be here in the Chechen Republic.” Despite the justified focus on Chechnya, these claims are hardly specific to one culture or region within the Russian Federation – officials in other regions speak in much the same manner. For example, the mayor of Svetogorsk in Leningrad Region declared his city “free from gays.” He subsequently argued that LGBT issues and rights are irrelevant there, neither an LGBT community nor LGBT people exist in the small city.

This imagined absence of LGBT people constitutes an active policy of silencing and excluding some citizens from the wider national community on the grounds of their sexuality

This imagined absence of LGBT people constitutes an active policy of silencing and excluding some citizens from the wider national community on the grounds of their sexuality. These comments certainly reinforce existing prejudices and reproduce violence against vulnerable groups. But what is the real picture? Let’s say that the authorities of a Russian city actually permitted an LGBT march to go ahead? Would these violent protectors of a false morality then take to the streets to fight those marching, to stop their fellow citizens expressing their point of view and standing up for their rights?

It depends on where you are. In other words, how dangerous is it to be gay in different Russian cities?

A “sexual stratification” of Russian cities

Media doesn’t simply inform society about current affairs; it also provides frames for understanding social problems, rendering some topics more important than others by virtue of generating discussion around them. Violence against LGBT people may be a key cause for concern in the human rights movement, but that urgency is lost in public discussions.

But media can also remedy societies from oblivion by sharing stories which are otherwise forgotten or ignored, and spark positive change. For example, the murder of gay teen Matthew Sheppard was one of the most publicised hate crimes in the US history. The furore in the press eventually led to changes in hate crime law.

One of the effects of Russia’s “propaganda” law was not simply the rise in violence against LGBT people. It also led to more frequent ewspaper publications on LGBT topics, hence public discussion on a topic which still remains taboo for many people. This was not entirely what legislators intended. We benefitted from this situation by researching the details and contexts of violence against LGBT in Russia as they were reported in media. The Sexuality Lab studied almost 4,500 media publications about violence against LGBT people in Russia between 2011 and 2016. We categorised all newspaper articles in accordance with the sexuality of the victims reported and the locations of crimes committed. All cities were then classified by population, making it possible for us to calculate an index of safety for every urban settlement.

The data reveal that the most dangerous places for LGBT people are villages in the countryside and small towns with a population below 100,000: they are characterised by the highest rates of violence against LGBT people per 1,000 persons. The safest locations are the largest cities (Moscow and St Petersburg): despite the greater number of crimes against LGBT in these cities, their relative indexes are actually the lowest. This can be explained by understanding the circumstances of these hate crimes.

Statistically, a gay person is safer in St Petersburg than in a smaller city like Nizhnevartovsk

Very often, hate crimes are committed as soon as perpetrators learn about the victim’s sexuality, which is usually revealed in a conversation in a private space over a drink or meal. These social gatherings occur more frequently in smaller settlements, because that way of life is simply more common there: there are fewer bars to go to, fewer crowds to blend into, and more free time to kill. People drink alcohol and talk about their personal lives as there’s no other way to spend one’s spare time. Alhough many people in Russia actually do not give a damn about LGBT issues, some still react violently to a person’s coming out – and such reactions are more common in smaller towns and cities.

The graph below shows incidents of violence against LGBT people in different towns and cities of Russia. We compare capital cities, big cities (of 500,000 people and above) and smaller cities (of between 100-500,000 people). This graph shows that the smaller a city, the bigger the probability of violence against LGBT people. Statistically, a gay person is safer in St Petersburg than in a smaller city like Nizhnevartovsk. This could explain why the mayor of Svetlogorsk thinks there are no gay men in his town – anybody with half a mind in that position would leave the place as soon as they felt threatened. 

Violence and hate crimes against LGBT people across Russia, by city size. Image courtesy of the author.

These results aren’t surprising; they just prove once again that homophobia is on the rise in Russia and that hate crimes are supported in its remote regions. We have based our claims on a survey of media publications, which limits the whole picture only to material in the public domain. As a result, there will be many hate crimes which went unreported, and some remote regions not covered in our media survey. However, it is no exaggeration to say that there are parts of the country which are simply not safe for LGBT citizens.

One of the ways to protect oneself is to keep silent about one’s sexuality, concealing it from the public in order not to become a victim of violence. So this secrecy around the existence of homosexuals is reinforced not only by political decisions, but also by individual moves as many LGBT people opt to hide their sexuality. While their response contributes to a culture of silence, they cannot and must not be blamed for it – simply put, they fear for their lives.

The LGBT pride parades pursue a radically different approach: a public and full-throated political demand to recognise that LGBT people exist. Do our data confirm that Russian cities are not ready to host such events on their territories? If our goal is to fight the silence, the data show exactly the contrary: as long as anybody suffers and is killed because of their sexuality, it is important to shout at the top of our voices to try and stop the murders and political climate in which they are tacitly tolerated. Human rights marches across towns and cities of all sizes are one way of articulating this; a means to make violence visible and demand that it stop.

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          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Kortessem: Pastoor Vandermeulen gevierd na laatste mis   

Ter gelegenheid van de laatste weekendmis in de SintAgapituskerk van Vliermaal nam de parochiegemeenschap afscheid van hun 84-jarige priester Paul Vandermeulen. Na de mis klonken er niets dan ontgoochelende stemgeluiden over het verdwijnen van de...
          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Kortessem: Samana Vliermaal op bedevaart   

Ingestuurd door Rita Wolfs Op 12 juni ging Samana Vliermaal-Zammelen op bedevaart naar de H.Rita te Tongeren met de shuttle. ”Na de misviering reden we door naar Millen en deden we ons tegoed aan een lekkere croque en een ijsje. Tegen de avond reden...
          6/30/2017: Sport: “Topmatch in Amerikaans kader”   

Limburg Shotguns veroverde recent de promotie naar de eerste liga in het American Football in België. Toch moet het absolute hoogtepunt van het seizoen nog volgen. De Shotguns organiseren zaterdag in het Mijnstadion de Belgian Bowl, de allesbeslissende...
          6/30/2017: Sport: Dit weekend BK op de piste in Brussel   

Dit weekend hebben in Brussel de Belgische pistekampioenschappen alle categorieën plaats. Een finaleplaats in de 400m is voor Elroy Doraene naar eigen zeggen te hoog gegrepen. Maar de 21-jarige Genkenaar gaat vanavond in Lanaken en morgen in de reeksen...
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: Bewel naait Waalse portefeuilles   

Ze werken al voor JBC en C&A, stikken kussens voor ziekenhuizen en bekleden zetels, maar vanaf nu komen daar ook twee Waalse ontwerpers bij: sociaal tewerkstellingsbedrijf Bewel maakt voortaan de opvallende portefeuilles, geldbeugels en make-uptasjes...
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: Hart voor Limburg lanceert nieuwe wervingscampagne   

Een Hart voor Limburg heeft de voorbije jaren voor maar liefst 2,72 miljoen euro uitgekeerd aan zo’n 500 projecten die ten goede komen aan maatschappelijk kwetsbare kinderen in Limburg. Dat werd woensdagavond bekendgemaakt tijdens een grote...
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: Ook Beringen, Ham en Tessenderlo krijgen cameraschild   

Vanaf volgend jaar wordt ook in de politiezone Beringen/Ham/Tessenderlo een cameraschild uitgerold. Op vijftien locaties scannen straks ANPR-camera’s voortdurend de voorbijrijdende auto’s. De nieuwste camera’s herkennen trouwens niet alleen de...
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: “Nu al wachtlijst voor tweede fase”   

Wie de jongste tijd aan de Hasseltse Kanaalkom passeerde, zag voor het eerst een stukje van de bouwwerf van Quartier Bleu boven het hekwerk uit steken. “Dat klopt”, zeggen Philip Onclin van Chateau Real Estate en Tom Van Becelaers van Matexi. “Het...
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: Scouts bouwen school in Nepal   

Zeven enthousiaste oud-leidsters van de Scouts Sint-Bavo uit Eversel vertrekken vandaag voor de eerste keer richting Nepal. In hoofdstad Kathmandu bouwen ze samen met ‘Himalayan Care Hands’ een schooltje. Ze zamelden ook meer dan 10.000 euro in voor...
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: Van 70 naar 50 km/uur in Lummense woonstraten   

Vanaf 1 september wordt de snelheid in heel wat Lummense straten beperkt tot 50 km/uur. “Het bestaande snelheidsplan dateerde van 2006 en was niet meer aangepast aan de huidige noden. Het plan werd opgesteld samen met de adviesraad voor Verkeer en...
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: Geen pluimvee op Agricultura door vogelgriep   

Zondag strijkt op het kasteeldomein Alden Biesen Agricultura neer, vroeger gekend als de land- en tuinbouwdagen. Ruim 3.000 elitedieren, een bonte verzameling van boerderijdieren, lokken jaarlijks 20.000 bezoekers. Dit jaar zal er echter geen pluimvee...
          The Future Of Law And The Demise Of The Midsize Firm   
Since 1980, there has been a systemic supersizing of business enterprises, the growth of sovereign wealth, and the emergence of international businesses. The pressure this has put on national and regional law firms to go global or go home is enormous...(read more)
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: XJubileumeditie   

Van 3 tot 7 juli gaat de dertigste editie van het lachfestival door in Houthalen-Helchteren. Daarvoor pakt het festival uit met een lachlied, een lachboek, acrobaten en een gigantische robot. Speciaal voor de jubileumeditie schreef de Vlaamse groep...
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: Krot aan Stayen na 45 jaar gesloopt   

Donderdag is de afbraak gestart van een van de meest vervallen krotten op Truiens grondgebied. De eigenaar heeft hiervoor opdracht gegeven. De woning op de Tiensesteenweg was al meer dan 30 jaar onbewoond en een doorn in het oog van vele Truienaars....
          6/30/2017: Uit Uw Gemeente: “We gaan er echt niet op vooruit”   

De bond TreinTramBus (TTB) is niet blij met het nieuwe Hasseltse stadsnet dat deze week werd voorgesteld. Volgens hen zullen de overstaptijden vergroten en zal de frequentie van de lijnbussen verminderen. “Tegenover het vroegere stervormige systeem...
          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: CARNAVAL IN HET LUNAPARK   

Gemoedelijk. Zo startte Rock Werchter 2017 gisteren in perfecte festivalweersomstandigheden, met op het nippertje toch nog een compleet uitverkocht terrein. Mooie maar al te kabbelende optredens lieten de wei zacht wakker worden en het was wachten op...
          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: HOMO FESTIVALITIS   

De festivalganger: te verkrijgen in alle maten, vormen en soorten. Elke dag jagen we enkele Werchtergangers op foto en schreeuwen hen tussen gitaarsolo en pint enkele vragen in het oor. De buitenlanders Wie? Mike (35), Lee (37) en John (36), drie...
          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: LOSLIPPIG   

“16 jaar geleden kwam ik voor het et eerst naar België, toen was mijnn vagina nog een pak strakker. Over nog eens 16 jaar gaat dat ding gigantisch zijn” Beth Ditto geeft tijdens haar optreden op Rock Werchter iets té saillante details prijs.
          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: Dag moeder!   

Als er één rode draad te trekken was door dag één van Rock Werchter 2017, dan was het wel dat de dames op de bühne voor het verschil zorgden. Zij, maar ook enkele venten met stemmen die een blinde niet met die van een madam zou kunnen onderscheiden....
          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: APPEL VOOR DE DORST   

“Normaal zouden we op de markt van Meerhaut gestaan hebben. De weide van Werchter is op zijn zachtst gezegd anders.” Het fruitkraam van marktkramer in hart en nieren Raf Denckens (46) staat te blinken tussen de hamburger-, pizza- en andere...
          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: Lange wachtrijen voor ingang, betalen voor wc op de camping   

Plots: gejank van sirenes op de wei. Het was gelukkig niet Anouk maar Chuck D van Prophets Of Rage die de massa naar voren sommeerde met een megafoon. Het superverbond tussen Cypress Hill (B-Real had een tafellaken op zijn kop), Chuck D van Public...
          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: “Ik beloof dat jullie iets nieuws zullen leren”   

Het wordt aanschuiven dit weekend op het Summerfestival in Antwerpen voor The Mountain, de IJslandse kleerkast die nu al enkele seizoenen de spierballen laat rollen in de hitserie ‘Game of Thrones’. Hij geeft er twee keer een uur fitnessles. “Reken...
          Speedway Reaches Hess Halfway Mark   

UPDATE: According to data provided by GasBuddy, the current Speedway count is 2,156, while the current Hess count is 645 (see map below for the conversion progress).

FINDLAY, Ohio --Marathon Petroleum Corp. (MPC) has now converted more than half of the 1,250 Hess gas stations and convenience stores it acquired in October 2014 to its Speedway brand, Gary Heminger, president and CEO, said in reporting MPC’s second-quarter 2015 financial results.

It has converted more than 650 of the retail sites to the Speedway brand since the acquisition, said Heminger on the company’s earnings call.

According to data provided by GasBuddy, the current Speedway count is 2,156, while the current Hess count is 645 (see map below for the conversion progress).

Speedway, MPC's retail segment, performed well and continues to make tremendous progress integrating the East Coast and Southeast retail locations, he said.

"We are on pace to achieve the expected synergies for 2015 from light-product supply, as well as from operating and administrative expense savings. Further, the accelerated progress for store conversions and subsequent remodels has allowed us to more rapidly implement Speedway's industry-leading Speedy Rewards loyalty program. This program and other marketing enhancements are expected to drive the anticipated synergies to the business over the next several years."

Tony Kenney, president of Speedway, said. “We're moving along at an accelerated pace in converting the [Hess] brand to Speedway. … The important thing there is it's more than just the brand. What's going inside the store is all of our technology that is the platform for our marketing programs, primarily our loyalty program, all of our inventory management, other things that drive savings and synergies for us as we operate convenience stores. … As we begin to bring on all of the marketing enhancements through the conversions inside the store, then we'll start to realize those benefits down the road.”

Speedway segment income from operations was $127 million in second-quarter 2015, compared with $94 million in second-quarter 2014. This increase was primarily the result of higher merchandise and light-product margins and the addition of the newly acquired locations, partially offset by higher operating and administrative expenses. Speedway's consolidated light-product margin increased to 13.51 cents per gallon in second-quarter 2015, from 12.82 cents per gallon in second-quarter 2014.

Speedway's income from operations was $33 million higher in the quarter as compared to second-quarter 2014. Speedway's newly acquired locations contributed income of approximately $14 million to the quarter's results or approximately $45 million of EBITDA.

For the legacy Speedway sites, the merchandise gross margin was $23 million higher in second-quarter 2015 compared to the same quarter last year, and the light-product gross margin was about $16 million higher.

Speedway same-store gasoline sales volume was down two-tenths of a percent versus same quarter last year compared to estimates of U.S. demand growth in the second quarter of approximately 3% higher. Overall, gasoline sales volumes for legacy Speedway locations were up 3% in the quarter, reflecting the impact of investments in new, rebuild and remodel locations.

“Another key performance metric for our retail group is same-store merchandise sales,” said Timothy Griffith, CFO, “and we're continuing to see strong demand for our in-store offering as our same-store merchandise sales in the quarter excluding cigarettes were up 4.6% versus same quarter last year. So far in July, we've seen a 1.6% increase in same-store gasoline volumes compared to last July.”

MPC is the nation's fourth-largest refiner. Approximately 5,460 independently owned gas stations across 19 states sell the Marathon-brand. In addition, Speedway owns and operates the nation's second-largest convenience-store chain, with approximately 2,750 convenience stores in 22 states. MPC also owns, leases or has ownership interests in approximately 8,300 miles of pipeline. Through subsidiaries, MPC owns the general partner of MPLX LP, a midstream master limited partnership (MLP). MPC's fully integrated system provides operational flexibility to move crude oil, feedstocks and petroleum-related products efficiently through the company's distribution network in the Midwest, Southeast and Gulf Coast regions.

Greg Lindenberg

          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: Ronn Moss brengt ex-Playmate en hond mee naar België   

Een R2-D2, bestaande uit onderdelen die gebruikt zijn in de originele ‘Star Wars’-trilogie, heeft via een veiling in Californië een nieuwe thuis gevonden. De koper, over wie geen informatie bekend is, gooide 2,76 miljoen dollar – omgerekend 2,4 miljoen...
          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: “Nog niet onder de indruk van favoriet Froome”   

2Fabiola heeft gistermiddag 600 personeelsleden van de UHasselt op de campus in Diepenbeek de zomervakantie op de meest foute wijze doen inzetten. De anders zo academische sfeer sloeg snel om in een feeststemming door het bezoek van de Foute Week van...
          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: Siska keert in september terug met haar club   

Evi Hanssen, Véronique De Kock, Frances Lefebure en Ini Massez mogen hun jasje en pins van ‘De Club’ van Siska Schoeters nog iets langer houden. Al zeker tot maandag 28 augustus, want dan keert het Eén-programma terug na een korte zomerpauze....
          U.N. to Reduce Peacekeepers in Darfur Region of Sudan   
The Security Council voted to withdraw more than a third of the nearly 19,000 peacekeepers in the volatile region.
          Senior CRA | Home-Based |Regional Monitoring, MAX 6 Visits |Mid- size CRO |UP to €46,000   
Salary: 30,000 - 40,000 (GBP)
Location: Spain,
Company: Meet
Posted: 30 June 2017 15:06:23
Expiry: 30 July 2017 14:58:29
          Others considered for HSGametime Girls Team of the Year   
LOMA LINDA ACADEMY VOLLEYBALL Junior outside hitter Demari Webb led the Roadrunners on a great second-chance postseason run, as they got all the way to the CIF-Southern California regional final before falling 27-25, 25-23, 25-19 to Point Loma. Coach Jane Chafeh, who also led her team to its second consecutive section semifinal, was selected as […]
          IoT forecasts come into focus   
For years now there has been forecast after forecast predicting the size of the IoT market by the end of the decade or ten years hence. There is always a big number of connected things and impressive valuation for the sum of the whole market, and with the large mobile operators such as AT&T and Verizon now including connected things in their quarterly reports there is hard data to back up the rosy forecasts. At an editorial briefing in San Jose last month, Qualcomm executives said it is now shipping one million wireless connections per day - this certainly gives a perspective on how fast IoT can grow. The company has hundreds of OEM design wins for its MDM9206 LTE modem for IoT.

As of June 15th, the GSMA Intelligence services says there are 8,132,111,132 mobile connections, including M2M. The GSMA's online tracker further reports 5,016,263,289 unique mobile subscribers, which are assumed to mean people with at least one mobile phone and SIM card. By subtraction, this means 3.1 billion M2M connections tracked by the GSMA via their mobile operator members.

This piece collects newly published data from several sources. First, IDC recently reported that worldwide spending on the IoT will reach nearly $1.4 trillion in 2021. Second, the Cisco Visual Network Index (VNI) found that M2M connections globally will grow from 780 million in 2016 to 3.3 billion by 2021, a 34% CAGR or fourfold growth. Third, the newly published Ericsson Mobility Study finds that 70% of wide-areas IoT devices will use cellular technology in 2022. While studies from different authors will never precisely line up, this collection of data agrees that real and significant revenue from IoT for carriers has started to materialize and will grow quickly in the near term.

Highlights from IDC’s Worldwide Semi-annual IoT spending guide

The first big finding to notice in IDC's report is that worldwide spending on IoT will reach $800 billion this year, up 16.7% year over year, which means that the market this month must be worth tens of millions of dollars. These numbers are spread out amongst the hardware, software, services and connectivity that enable the IoT. This means splitting the pot between vendors such as Qualcomm, Sierra Wireless, Cisco Jasper, integration specialists, and of course carriers such as AT&T, Orange and Vodafone. There are many others that could be included on this list, especially when considering the global market.  In that sense, the $800 billion is just a starting point. IDC's forecast says that by 2021, global IoT spending will total nearly $1.4 trillion. In a press release announcing the study, IDC's Carrie MacGillivray, vice president, Internet of Things and Mobility, stated that the true value of IoT is realised when the software and services come together to enable the capture, interpretation, and action on data produced by IoT endpoints.

IDC breaks down 2017 investments in IoT as follows: manufacturing operations ($105 billion), freight monitoring ($50 billion), and production asset management ($45 billion), smart grid technologies for electricity, gas and water and smart building technologies ($56 billion and $40 billion, respectively). Looking to 2021, IDC expects these use cases will remain the largest areas of IoT spending. Smart home technologies are forecast to experience strong growth (19.8% CAGR) over the five-year forecast. The use cases that will see the fastest spending growth are airport facilities automation (33.4% CAGR), electric vehicle charging (21.1% CAGR), and in-store contextual marketing (20.2% CAGR).

IDC sees hardware as the largest IoT spending category to 2021, the last year of the forecast, when it is overtaken by the services category. This is to be expected as the various physical sensors and connectivity units must be deployed first before a service can be offered. IDC says hardware spending will be dominated by modules and sensors that connect end points to networks, while software spending will be similarly dominated by applications software. In addition, IDC says services spending will be about evenly split between ongoing and content services and IT and installation services. The fastest growing areas of technology spending are in the software category, where horizontal software and analytics software will have five-year CAGRs of 29.0% and 20.5%, respectively. Security hardware and software will also see increased investment, growing at 15.1% and 16.6% CAGRs, respectively.

Regional highlights:

•   Asia Pacific (excluding Japan, APeJ) will be the IoT investment leader throughout the forecast with spending expected to reach $455 billion in 2021.

•   The U.S. will be the second largest region with IoT spending reaching $421 billion in 2021.

•   Western Europe will reach $274 billion in 2021.

The IDC Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide is quite comprehensive, covering IoT spending for 12 technologies and 54 use cases across 20 vertical industries in eight regions and 52 countries (for more details see here:

Cisco looks wide with its VNI forecast

Generally speaking, Cisco's forecasts have tended to be the most optimistic. This year’s Cisco VNI indicates that its IoT coverage includes both M2M and emerging category of wearable IoT devices. M2M connections, which Cisco defines as home and office security and automation, smart metering and utilities, maintenance, building automation, automotive, healthcare and consumer electronics, are predicted to grow from 780 million in 2016 to 3.3 billion by 2021, a 34% CAGR or fourfold growth.

Wearable devices, which Cisco notes could connect and communicate to the network either directly through embedded cellular connectivity or through another device (primarily a smartphone) using WiFi, Bluetooth, or another technology, include such things as smart watches, smart glasses, heads-up displays (HUDs), health and fitness trackers, health monitors, wearable scanners and navigation devices and smart clothing. The Cisco VNI predicts that by 2021 there will be 929 million wearable devices globally, growing nearly threefold from 325 million in 2016 at a CAGR of 23%. By 2021, Cisco expects that 7% will have embedded cellular connectivity, up from 3% in 2016. As AR/VR headsets enter the market, they could start to have a tangible impact on mobile traffic.

Ericsson looks to short-range and wide-range IoT connectivity

The newly published Ericsson Mobility Report finds that at the end of 2016 there were around 0.4 billion IoT devices with cellular connections. Ericsson's study divides IoT into short-range and wide-area segments, and it provides some guidance as to how IoT is impacting the network. For instance, the report says use cases with VoLTE calls for IoT (Cat-M1) are starting to emerge. This could extend mobile voice service to IoT devices, an interesting possibility.

By 2021, Ericsson expects there will be 2.1 billion devices connected via LTE-M and NB-IoT networks, roughly a 30% CAGR from today. This trend has already started. This year, several prominent mobile operators have rolled out commercial LTE-M networks. For instance, in March, Verizon announced the commercial launch of its nationwide 4G LTE Category M1 (or Cat M1) network. The coverage spans 2.4 million square miles. Verizon will introduce low rate, multi-year plans to match the longer useful life of Cat M1 devices, including data plans that start at $2 per month per device, with customised options available for bulk activations and volume purchases. In May, AT&T followed suit by announcing the deployment of its nationwide LTE-M network ahead of schedule.

          Huawei Marine Selected for Cameroon-Brazil Subsea cable   
Huawei Marine, the joint venture between Huawei Technologies and UK-based Global Marine Systems, announced it has been contracted by China Unicom and Cameroon government-owned infrastructure operator Camtel to construct the South Atlantic Inter Link (SAIL), marking the official commencement of the SAIL cable system implementation phase.

Funded with investment from China Unicom and Camtel, the SAIL system will link Cameroon and Brazil and span around 6,000 km. The cable system will comprise 4 fibre pairs and offer a design capacity of 32 Tbit/s based on Huawei Marine’s advanced 100 Gbit/s technology.

The SAIL system will be the first direct access cable to connect Africa and South America, and on completion is designed to provide a reliable, high-quality intercontinental communications infrastructure between the two developing regions.

  • Huawei Marine originally announced that it had been commissioned to construct the Cameroon-Brazil cable system, initially called Cameroon-Brazil Cable System (CBCS), in October 2015.
  • Also in 2015, Huawei Marine announced it had started marine installation of the Nigeria-Cameroon Submarine Cable System (NCSCS), Cameroon's first wholly-owned submarine cable and part funded by the Cameroon government. Spanning around 1,100 km, the NCSCS directly connects Kribi in Cameroon with Lagos in Nigeria and will deliver 12.8 Tbit/s of capacity.
  • Camtel states that to date it has deployed more than 8,000 km of fibre that connects the ten regional chief towns in Cameroon, as well as around 60 divisional/sub-divisional chief towns and hundreds of rural communities; it also provides connectivity to CEMAC region countries including Chad. The company is aiming to build a network spanning over 20,000 km.

          PacketFabric partners with Internet exchanges   
PacketFabric, provider of a scalable network-as-a-service platform and a NantWorks group company, announced it has partnered with multiple Internet exchanges (IXs) to extend Internet exchange services to users across the PacketFabric network.

Under the agreements, PacketFabric is initially partnering with multi-metro IXs including AMS-IX and DE-CIX, as well as regional organisations IX-Denver and United IX's Chicago Internet Exchange (ChIX) to launch its IX extension service.

The partnerships will allow PacketFabric to offer an expanded range of interconnection services via its network, as well as enabling its ecosystem partners to reach additional markets and new customers.

Recently, Netrality Properties, owner and operator of network-neutral carrier hotels and colocation facilities, announced that PacketFabric had established a presence at four of its data centre properties nationwide.

Netrality specifically announced the deployment at the following locations: 325 Hudson Street, New York City; 401 North Broad Street, Philadelphia; 717 South Wells Street, Chicago; and 1301 Fannin Street, Houston.

* PacketFabric's software-defined networking (SDN) platform is designed to allow instant, reliable, scalable and secure connectivity between two or more locations. Under the agreement, Netrality customers at the four locations can dynamically design and deploy any network configuration leveraging cloud-based network connectivity to meet their unique and growing network demands.

* PacketFabric, which launched in January this year, offers coast-to-coast connectivity between 130 key colocation facilities across 13 U.S. markets and enables cost-effective and scalable network deployment via its advanced API and web-based portal.

          Comment on Ask A Question by Chesteradhew   
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          Asl, utile di Bilancio e soldi per le Case della salute   
Investimenti di oltre un milione nelle strutture da potenziare e attivare sul territorio. “Sanità più vicina ai cittadini” commenta Antonio Saitta, assessore regionale, giovedì ad Alessandria
          Fears disability advocacy could be 'thrown out' in transition to NDIS   

People with a disability can turn to advocates for help with a range of things, such as paying bills or when they face discrimination at work. But with the transition to the NDIS, there are fears the service will disappear from regional NSW.

          Global Aircraft Sensors Market Analysis by Application, Product Types and Regions with Forecast to 2022   
(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 09, 2017 ) Global Aircraft Sensors Market report is replete with detailed analysis from a thorough research, especially on questions that border on market size, development environment, futuristic developments, operation situation, pathways and trend of Aircraft Sensors. All...
          Nursing Pad Market Manufacturing and Industrial Productivity Data Analysis 2017   
(EMAILWIRE.COM, May 23, 2017 ) 2017 Market Research Report on Nursing Pad Market Industry was a professional and depth research report on Nursing Pad Market industry that you would know the world's major regional market conditions of Nursing Pad Market industry, the main region including North...
          Upbeat outlook, investor inflows lift emerging market first-half issuance   
All global regions saw an increase in both the volume and amount of deals, the data showed.
          Caught on camera: Mice menacing farmers, bait sales soar   

A major mouse bait retailer says sales are up almost 400 per cent in parts of Australia's southern cropping regions as farmers struggle to stay on top of an explosion in mice numbers.

          Zecotek China Working with PET OEMs and Gaining Access to Industries Beyond Medical Scanning   

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - June 30, 2017) - Zecotek Photonics Inc. (TSX VENTURE: ZMS) (FRANKFURT: W1I) (OTC PINK: ZMSPF), a developer of leading-edge photonics technologies for healthcare, industrial and scientific markets, is pleased to provide an update to the forming of its new China based subsidiary Zecotek China Ltd. The formation of the new subsidiary has accelerated the potential adoption of the LFS by medical scanner developers as well as non-medical OEMs in China. Zecotek China is working closely with new medical and non-medical OEMs. Testing of the LFS crystals have been completed and we expect to receive purchase orders in the near future.

          Finally, #UberMovesAlbany    
Elected officials, law enforcement and local business leaders gathered today in downtown Albany to celebrate the launch of ride-hailing apps in the Capital Region, now legal across New York, ahead of the July 4th weekend.
          Plastic Headgear Market, Trends, Size and Forecasts   

Reports and Intelligence adds a new report titled, “Global Plastic Headgear Market to 2017 - Market Size, Growth and Forecasts in Nearly 70 Countries”

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2014 -- Reports and Intelligence adds a new report titled, "Global Plastic Headgear Market to 2017 - Market Size, Growth and Forecasts in Nearly 70 Countries" which is a useful piece of information for the global players in the plastic headgear market. The report provides a comprehensive analysis on the market trends, size, forecast and growth of the overall plastic headgear market.

Browse complete report at:

Report provides the market share of plastic headgears in the overall global market and further segments the plastic headgear market on the basis of product. The product segment includes Safety headgear and other headgears of plastic.

Analysis in the report is based on 2006-2012 market data and the report forecasts the global market till the year 2017, which provides insightful market information for the investors, sales, marketing & product managers and analysts in an accessible and well presented format.

The report covers the following topics:

-Global Market size
-Market growth rate
-Market segmentation on the basis of products
-Growth rate of each product segment
-Market forecasts

See similar report: Spirit Markets in the Top 5 European Countries to 2018 - Market Size, Trends, and Forecasts

Report covers the following geographical regions:
Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam.

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          Global Therapeutic Vaccines Market to Grow at a CAGR of 62.81 Percent over the Period 2013-2018   

A therapeutic vaccine is a biological combination developed to improve immunity by inducing an attack against a diseased cell or tissue. This differs from prophylactic vaccines, which are administered to an individual with a disease in order to induce a defense mechanism.

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2014 -- A therapeutic vaccine is a biological combination developed to improve immunity by inducing an attack against a diseased cell or tissue. This differs from prophylactic vaccines, which are administered to an individual with a disease in order to induce a defense mechanism. There are two approved cancer therapeutic vaccines on the market; Provenge and Oncophage. Additionally, a large number of therapeutic vaccines are under clinical development and are expected to be approved for use during the forecast period.

Get Access to full report at:

TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Therapeutic Vaccines market to grow at a CAGR of 62.81 percent over the period 2013-2018.

Covered in this Report
This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Global Therapeutic Vaccine market for the period 2014-2018. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the sales of various therapeutic vaccines available in the market.

TechNavio's report, the Global Therapeutic Vaccines Market 2014-2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the Americas and the EMEA and APAC regions; it also covers the Global Therapeutic Vaccines market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

Key Regions:

- Americas

Key Vendors:

- Agenus Inc.
- Bavarian Nordic A/S.
- Dendreon Corp.
- GlaxoSmithKline plc
- Novartis International AG

Other Prominent Vendors:

- Argos Therapeutics Inc.
- Celldex Therapeutics Inc.
- CEL-SCI Corp.
- Cytos Biotechnology AG
- GlobeImmune Inc.
- NewLink Genetics Corp.
- NovaRx Corp.
- Oncothyreon Inc.
- TVAX Biomedical Inc.
- TapImmune Inc.
- Vical Inc.
- Vaccinogen Inc.

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NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (NVP):

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          Research Report on Global Waterborne Paint Reconcile Market 2014   

Reports and Intelligence adds a report titled “2014 Market Research Report on Global Waterborne paint reconcile Industry.”

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2014 -- Reports and Intelligence adds a report titled "2014 Market Research Report on Global Waterborne paint reconcile Industry." The report would provide vital information in the waterborne paint reconcile market and help the market participants to strategize market policies.

The report offers factual and actionable insights into major regional market such as North American, Europe and Asia etc., which includes important countries for the market such as United States, Germany, Japan and China etc.

Get full report at:

The report helps you to understand basic and vital details such as waterborne paint reconcile definition, application, industry chain overview and classification. This would make the concepts about the market clearer. Further the report also provides detailed intelligence on other industry factors such as industry policy and plan, product specification, cost structure, manufacturing process, etc.

Experts have analyzed market conditions such as profit, capacity, product price, capacity utilization, production, and supply that would impact the market growth in the future. Furthermore, the report analyzed the external factors such as investment feasibility analysis, investment return analysis, and project SWOT analysis.

Request for sample report at:

The report is prepared by industry experts that have deepest knowledge of the market. This is a great reference guide for numerous investors and manufacturers who want to design and implement plans in the waterborne paint reconcile market,

The report would also give you significant details on key market players.

About Reports and Intelligence
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          Global Automotive Market Is Expected to Reach over $245 Billion by 2020   

Automotive Refinish Coatings Market 2012-2020, report published by Allied Market Research at ReportsandIntelligence

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2014 -- The automotive refinish coating market provides for coating of automotives. The global automotive market is expected to reach over $245 billion by 2020; therefore, the market for refinish coating can expect good revenue. The key driver for the market is increase in the number of vehicles in operation. It is expected that the number of car users in developing countries would reach around three to four billion in the next 30 years.

Get full report at:

However, the North American and European market is expected to be flat due to the economic downtimes and enhanced road safety parameters. The automotive market is not expected to grow in these regions until the recession settles down; therefore, the automotive refinish market is dependent on developing economies. The major challenge for companies in the market is to overcome the refinish coating requirements of two-wheelers and heavy commercial vehicles as the market is largely dependent on car markets.

The key companies profiled in the report are DuPont Performance Coating, Axalta Coating Systems, BASF SE, Kansai Paint Co. Ltd, Akzo Nobel N.V, KCC Corp, Noroo Paint Coatings Co. Ltd., PPG Industries Inc., and Matrix System Automotive Finishes.


-This report provides market intelligence with respect to solvent type, vehicle refinish type and geographies

-Deep dive of top factors impacting the market growth

-Value chain analysis, Porter's five forces, top investment pockets are analyzed and presented in detail in the report

-SWOT analysis and strategic developments are included in the report for key players

-Study of the challenges and opportunities available in the automotive refinish coatings market

-Market estimates for automotive refinish coatings market and its sub-segments

-Identification of the key strategies adopted by major market players engaged in the market

Get full access of report with 'Table of Contents' at:

Market Segments are:

-Global Market, By Solvent Type
-Global Market, By Vehicle Refinishing Type
-Global Market, By Geography

See similar reports at:

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Reports and Intelligence is an online library for research reports in numerous sectors and their verticals. This is the one stop destination for well researched reports with exact market analysis.

We have a well-known clientele lists who are master in preparing research reports. We make sure that all our clients adopt a rational and scientific approach in order to sell their reports on our webs tie. Thus, every report that we sell are well studied and based on accurate facts and figures.

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          Global Generic Drugs Market 2014-2018   

Global Generic Drugs market to grow at a CAGR of 11.02 percent over the period 2013-2018

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2014 -- TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Generic Drugs market to grow at a CAGR of 11.02 percent over the period 2013-2018. The patent expiry of top-selling drugs is one of the major drivers contributing to the growth of this market. The market is also witnessing an increase in mergers and acquistions. However, intense competition among vendors could squeeze profit margins, increase pricing pressure, and pose a challenge to the growth of this market.

Get full access to report at:

TechNavio's report, the Global Generic Drugs Market 2014-2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market in the Americas, and the EMEA and APAC regions; it also covers the Global Generic Drugs market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.
Key vendors dominating this space include Actavis plc, Mylan Inc., Novartis International AG (Sandoz), STADA Arzneimittel AG, and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Other vendors mentioned in the report are 3SBio Inc., Amgen Inc., Apotex Inc., AstraZeneca plc, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., Baxter International Inc., Berlin-Chemie AG, Biocon Ltd., Biogen Idec Inc., Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Celltrion Inc., Cipla Ltd., Coherus Biosciences Inc., Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd., Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd., Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Gedeon Richter plc, GlaxoSmithKline plc, Hospira Inc., Impax Laboratories Inc., Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Lupin Ltd., Merck & Co. Inc., Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp., Par Pharmaceutical Inc., Pfizer Inc., Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., Roche Holding AG, Sanofi S.A., Wockhardt Ltd., and Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Similar Report
Global Antiepileptic Drugs Market:

Key questions answered in this report:

What will the market size and growth rate be in 2018?
What are the key market trends?
What is driving this market?
What are the challenges to market growth?
Who are the key vendors in this market space?
What are the market opportunities and threats faced by key vendors?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these key vendors?

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          2014 Market Research Report on Global Amino Acids Calcium Industry - Reports and Intelligence   

The reports studies the market and gives the market growth rates, market trends, revenues, opportunities and factors that drive & impede the market growth.

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2014 -- Reports and Intelligence adds a report titled "2014 Market Research Report on Global Amino acids calcium Industry." The report is prepared by industry experts that provide intuitive knowledge to numerous market participants.

The reports studies the market and gives the market growth rates, market trends, revenues, opportunities and factors that drive & impede the market growth. The report has thoroughly analyzed major regional powers that contribute significantly to the amino acid calcium market. Significant geographies such as North America, Europe and Asia are deeply analyzed in their role towards the development of the market.

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The report gives extensive information on market products, types, segments and important regional players. Further, the report includes crucial amino acid calcium industry's future growth rate and developmental plans that has been formulated during the forecast period. The detailed study would provide a comprehensive picture of the market conditions such as product price, capacity, profit, production, supply & demand and capacity utilization.

The experts have properly prepared the amino acids calcium market's SWOT analysis, investment return analysis and feasibility analysis.

The reports comprehensively cover all the market areas that would help global players in formulating their market strategies and evaluating the overall market chain. The report study is divided into 6 parts; the first part consists of basic market information. The second, third and fourth part studies the amino acid calcium market for Asia, North America and Europe, respectively. The fifth part provides the statistical data on investment and market entries. The last part consists of the conclusion.

The report also provides information on global players that influence the market growth.

Table of Contents
Get TOC of the report@

Part I Amino acids calcium Industry Overview

Chapter One Amino acids calcium Industry Overview

Chapter Two Amino acids calcium Up and Down Stream Industry Analysis

Part II Asia Amino acids calcium Industry(The Report Company Including The Below Listed But Not All)

Chapter Three Asia Amino acids calcium Market Analysis

Chapter Four 2009-2014 Asia Amino acids calcium Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast

Chapter Five Asia Amino acids calcium Key Manufacturers Analysis

Chapter Six Asia Amino acids calcium Industry Development Trend

Part III North American Amino acids calcium Industry (The Report Company Including The Below Listed But Not All)

Chapter Seven North American Amino acids calcium Market Analysis

Chapter Eight 2009-2014 North American Amino acids calcium Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast

Chapter Nine North American Amino acids calcium Key Manufacturers Analysis

Chapter Ten North American Amino acids calcium Industry Development Trend

Part IV Europe Amino acids calcium Industry Analysis(The Report Company Including The Below Listed But Not All)

Chapter Eleven Europe Amino acids calcium Market Analysis

Chapter Twelve 2009-2014 Europe Amino acids calcium Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast

Chapter Thirteen Europe Amino acids calcium Key Manufacturers Analysis

Chapter Fourteen Europe Amino acids calcium Industry Development Trend

Part V Amino acids calcium Marketing Channels and Investment Feasibility

Chapter Fifteen Amino acids calcium Marketing Channels Development Proposals Analysis

Chapter Sixteen Development Environmental Analysis

Chapter Seventeen Amino acids calcium New Project Investment Feasibility Analysis

Part VI Global Amino acids calcium Industry Conclusions

Chapter Eighteen 2009-2014 Global Amino acids calcium Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast

Chapter Nineteen Global Amino acids calcium Industry Development Trend

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          Global PVA Drugs Market 2014-2018   

PVA is defined as the decrease in estrogen after the menopause

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2014 -- Vaginal atrophy is defined as decrease in estrogen production. Less estrogen leads to thinning, drying, and decreased elasticity of the vaginal tissues. PVA is defined as the decrease in estrogen after the menopause. Up to 40 percent of postmenopausal women have symptoms of atrophic vaginitis. In PVA there are symptoms of redness, burning, itching, dryness, irritation, and dyspareunia. HRT, estrogen creams, and other topical preparations are used in the treatment of PVA.

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TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global PVA Drugs market will grow at a CAGR of 7.1 percent over the period 2013-2018.

Covered in this Report
The Global PVA Drugs market can be divided into two segments: Topical Estrogen and Systemic Estrogen. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the sales of various drugs (creams, tablets, and rings) used in the treatment of PVA.

TechNavio's report, the Global PVA Drugs Market 2014-2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the Americas and the EMEA and APAC regions; it also covers the Global PVA Drugs market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

Key Regions:

- Americas

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          Global Advanced Wound Care and Closure Market   

Global Advanced Wound Care and Closure Market (Types, Applications, End User and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2014 -- Traditional wound care & closure and advanced wound care & closure products are used to treat acute and chronic wounds. Chronic wounds are hard to heal wounds, which take substantial time to heal and are expensive to treat. Advanced wound care & closure products are emerging as a standard solution for treating chronic wounds. Traditional wound care & closure products are being increasingly substituted with advanced wound care & closure products due to their efficacy and effectiveness in managing wounds by enabling faster healing.

Attempts to reduce the duration of hospital stays in order to limit surgical healthcare costs, and the rising inclination towards products that enhance therapeutic outcomes are driving the demand for advanced wound care & closure products. The risks associated with ineffective wound healing promote the demand for combination dressings, which is a modern trend in the market that is replacing traditional wound dressing methods.

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Smith and Nephew, Kinetic Concepts, 3M, BSN medical, Covidien, ConvaTech, Derma Sciences, Integra LifeSciences, Baxter International and Coloplast are some of the major players in the global advanced wound care and closure market.

The global advanced wound care and closure market has been segmented based on type, application, end users and geography. Based on type, the global market is segmented into advanced wound closure market and advanced wound care market. According to applications, the market is segmented into Burns, Ulcers and Surgical Wounds. Based on end users, the market is segmented into hospitals & community healthcare services and home healthcare. Geographically, the market is segmented into four regions, namely North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA.

Key Benefits:

- An in-depth analysis of the current advanced wound care, and wound closure market scenario is strategically dealt to provide future market trends that would facilitate decision making

- Quantitative analysis of the current market trends and estimations through 2013-2020 would help strategists to design business strategies to capitalize on the prevailing opportunities in the market

- Analysis of the market factors in various regions would bestow a deeper understanding of demographical dynamics that would influence expansion decisions.

- Identification of key application segments based on their potential and growth prospects would throw light on the most profitable segments to capitalize on

- Analysis of key strategies adopted by market players will assist in understanding the inherent business rivalry and intensity of competition prevailing among the top brands

- Emphasis is laid on key factors affecting the growth of the global advanced wound closure and advanced wound care market. These factors are critically analyzed to gain a futuristic view of the market

- SWOT and competitive analysis of key players is conducted to help stakeholders to understand the inherent trends followed by their competitors and make the necessary amendments to the existing expansion plans

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          Head of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia will carry out a pilgrimage to Russia’s shrines   
The trip is timed to the hundredth anniversary of the Russian revolution and the tenth anniversary of uniting with the Moscow Patriarchate, the ROCOR press service reports. The believers will visit dozens of holy places in different regions of Russia. They will venerate the shrines of Moscow, Murom, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Ryazan, Crimea and visit the Holy […]
Registration Deadline: Sep 30, 2017; Submission Deadline: Sep 30, 2017

Paris and the entire country of France is world-famous for its cuisine, with a non-exhaustive list of delicacies and culinary systems. The culinary reputation of Paris is very rich, cultured and diverse. French food culture,  according to UNESCO, is important for 'bringing people together to enjoy the art of good eating and drinking' and the power to create 'togetherness, the pleasure of taste, and the balance between human beings and the products of nature'.

French food culture includes such wonders as the croissant, éclair, bouillon, crepe, and, of course, the baguette. Wine (there are as many types of wines as there are regions in France), bread (usually eaten in some form with each meal) and cheese (there are over 400 types of cheese in France made from all types of milk, including goat) are the staples of French food culture and French life.

The word and idea of a restaurant, which really came into modern times at the end of the French Revolution when the nouveau riche (newly rich) had more money to spend, come from French. From cafes to bistros, the world owes a lot to the French for the commercialization of specialty foods and making them available to the public. The first Parisian restaurant was founded by Beauvilliers in 1782 in the Rue de Richelieu, called the Grande Taverne de Londres. He introduced the novelty of listing the dishes available on a menu and serving them at small individual tables." Following the revolution, the abolition of the guild system made it easier to open restaurants. Also, since so many aristocrats fled or were executed, their former cooks and servants found new employment and Paris became the center of the new restaurant scene, which, to some degree, it remains today.

The aim of this architecture competition is to design a new 21st century restaurant and wine bar on the promenade along the River Seine in Paris. The restaurant should be unique and innovative in all respects and should invent new ways to provide an overall sensory experience to the customers. The restaurant should experiment with unique materials, volumetric compositions layout systems and other transitional spaces to make it a new prototype and exemplary typology that will become an active gastronomical hub in the heart of the French capital. The participants should:

Create an architectural icon along the River Seine, that will become a popular destination for the residents and everyone who visits the city.  The participants must consider the attributes of light, color, materiality, aesthetic quality that will add a sense of identity to the restaurant, eventually creating a landmark along the picturesque context of River Seine. The participants are free to create their own design language, ranging from contemporary to traditional but should be able to merge the shell with the existing context in a respectful and additive fashion.

Create an experience within a restaurant shell that adds to the programmed interior space. The participants must try to create a wholesome experience for the end user rather than just a self-referential interior space. The participants are free to design a thematic or a generic interior environment but it should have an immersive effect on the customers, stimulating their sensory experience.

Maximize the use of the waterfront context and the promenade into the architectural concept for the restaurant. The participants are required to use the unique nature of the site into their design proposal and architectural built form. The participants can use the water element and picturesque surroundings and develop the restaurant as an open, semi-open seating zone. The quai or the dock-promenade can be used as an extension of the restaurant and cultured into a social and leisure zone.



  • Start of Competition and Early Registration: 1st July 2017
  • Early Registration ends: 31st August 2017
  • Standard Registration starts: 1st September 2017
  • Deadline for Questions: 10th September 2017
  • Standard Registration ends: 30th September 2017
  • Closing day for Submissions 30th September 2017
  • Announcement of Winners: 24th October 2017

*Note: All deadlines are 11:59 pm - 00:00 IST (India).



Winning participants will receive prizes totaling INR 2,00,000 with the distribution as follows:

First prize- INR 1,00,000/- + Certificate

Second prize- INR 60,000/- + Certificate

Third prize- INR 40,000/- + Certificate

10 Honorable mentions

Winners and honorable mentions will be published on archasm’s website and several international architecture magazines and websites partnered by us.



Early Registration:

From 1st July 2017 to 31st August 2017

  • For Indian nationals- INR 1500 (per team)
  • For Foreign nationals- EUR 60 (per team)


Standard Registration:

From 1st September 2017 to 30th September 2017

  • For Indian nationals- INR 1800 (per team)
  • For Foreign nationals- EUR 80 (per team)

Entrants may register by filling the registration form and submitting it with the appropriate payment through our secure gateway on our website



Group discounts apply for a minimum of 5 teams from one particular architecture school/university as our initiative to promote more participation from students.

Send us the following details at to avail the offer.

  • Names of all the participating teams members and their respective team leaders.
  • Name of the university.
  • School ID proofs of the team leaders.



It will not be possible to amend or update any information relating to your registration including the names of team members once validated.



  • Participant teams will be disqualified if any of the competition rules or submission requirements are not considered. Participation assumes acceptance of the regulations.
  • Team code is the only means of identification of a team as it is an anonymous competition.
  • The official language of the competition is English.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Contacting the Jury is prohibited.
  • archasm as the competition organizer, reserves the right to modify the competition schedule if deemed necessary.


Terms and Conditions                                          

Please see the terms and conditions section on


Competition project disclaimer

This is an open international competition hosted by archasm to generate progressive design ideas. There are no plans for the riverside restaurant to be built. The competition is organized for education purpose only.


Other details




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          Global Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) Market (Applications and Geography) - Reports and Intelligence   

Global Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) Market (Applications and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2012 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2014 -- IVIG is a blood product which is administered in the body through veins. These are used in the treatment of three major categories of diseases, namely immune diseases, autoimmune diseases and acute infections. These are administered in patients to maintain an optimum level of antibodies so as to upgrade immunity or avoid infections. The factors driving this market are increasing number of patients with bleeding disorders, autoimmune diseases and asthma, increasing awareness and expenditure on health products and technological developments. The resulting side effects with the use of intravenous immunoglobulin such as venous thrombosis, dermatitis and acute kidney disorders and high cost involved in treatment are restraining the growth of this market. The introduction of improved therapies for the treatment of these diseases would provide opportunity for growth of this market.

Get detailed report at:

On the basis of application, this market can be classified into neurology, haematology, dermatology, nephrology and ophthalmology. Among all areas where intravenous immunoglobulin is used, its application is maximum in heamatology. This is due to the increasing number of people with bleeding disorders.

On the basis of geography, this market can be classified into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and rest of the world (RoW). Presently, North America is the major contributor to the market of IVIG followed by Europe. This is due to increasing number of people suffering from autoimmune diseases.

The major players in this market are Biotest AG, Octapharma AG, CSL, Baxter International, Inc., Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd., Talecris, Grifols S.A., OMRIX Biopharmaceuticals Ltd, and Kedrion Biopharma. The companies in the report are seeking approval as a strategy for the commercialization of their in the pipeline drugs. Therefore, the companies are adopting approval and clearance as key developmental strategies.

The Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) market is an emerging field of therapeutics. The market is facing challenges due to stringent regulations. However, these regulations are strategically dealt in this report and more emphasis is given on the commercial polices available for the Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) Market. The clinical trials conducted for the development of novel therapies are critically analyzed so that key players competing in this market can take strategic decisions. . The market dynamics show that the impact of drivers is more in the market compared to the restraints.

- The estimations in the report are made by considering present market scenario and future market potential for the period of 2014-2020
- Key developmental strategies adopted by top market players engaged in this business are described so that companies involved in development of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) can get competitive intelligence about their competitors
- Market estimation for geographic segments is derived from current market scenarios and forecasted market trends.
- Market attractiveness analysis has been included for geographic regions with detailed analysis of factors responsible for rapid growth of the market segments
- In-depth analysis of market drivers, restraints and opportunities of the market is dealt in the report.

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          Noninvasive Cancer Diagnostics and Technologies Market   

Noninvasive Cancer Diagnostics and Technologies Market - Global Share, Industry Overview, Analysis, Growth, Trends Opportunities and Forecast 2012 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2014 -- Non-invasive diagnostic is a process of identifying the disease conditions with minimal incision in body during diagnosis. The global market for diagnostic/in-vitro diagnostics valued at $49.2 billion in 2012, which shows potential for market growth, especially in chronic diseases. Non-invasive cancer diagnostics is gaining importance over conventional diagnosis due to increase in incidences of chronic cancer such as breast cancer, and lung cancer. According to American Cancer Society, there were more than 1,660,290 new cases diagnosed in 2013.

Get detailed report at:

Commercialization of non-invasive cancer diagnosis is possible due to completion of Human Genome Project (HGP) that gives enormous diagnostic information based on genomic and proteomic. Increase in stringent regulatory guidelines and cost associated with diagnostics is hindering the growth of non-invasive cancer diagnostic market. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance regulations for monitoring non-invasive diagnostics are issued by FDA, Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Social Security Administration (SSA).

The global non-invasive market has a huge potential in developing countries; however, cost of diagnosis is creating hurdles to tap this market. Hence, to overcome this problem, the diagnostic market has to be analyzed by the developing countries such as China, Japan, and India. This report provides key market drivers that are driving the market with impact analysis. The report gives intelligence about key regulatory guidelines issued by respective governments.

Key companies included in report are Precision Therapeutics, A&G Pharmaceutical, Affymetrix Inc., AVIVA Biosciences Corporation, BIOVIEW Inc., Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp), Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Cancer Genetics Inc., Digene Corporation, Gen-Probe Incorporated


-Key developmental strategies adopted by top market players engaged in this business so that companies involved in development non-invasive cancer diagnostic device can get competitive intelligence of their competitors

-Market estimation for therapeutics techniques and geographic segment is derived from current market scenario and expected market trends

-Market attractiveness analysis has been included for various product segments, therapeutics, techniques and geographic regions with detailed analysis of factors responsible for rapid growth of the market segments

-In depth analysis of key market drivers, restraints and opportunities of non-invasive cancer diagnostic market with impact analysis

-Value chain analysis, Porter's five force model, top investment pockets (GE9 Cell Matrix) are analyzed and presented in detail in the report so that the decision makers can receive clear picture of cancer diagnosis market



- Solid tumors
- Blood cancer
- Lung Cancer
- Breast Cancer
- Others


- Clinical Chemistry
- Immunochemistry/Immunoassay
- Molecular Diagnostics
- Other Clinical Instruments


- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- RoW


- Medical devices manufacturing companies
- Pharmaceutical companies
- Government and Private Research Institutes
- Academic Institutes

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          2014 Market Research Report on Global LED Display Industry - Reports and Intelligence   

According to Reports and Intelligence, Research Report on ‘Global LED Display Industry market 2014’ was professional and depth research report on Global LED Display industry.

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/26/2014 -- According to Reports and Intelligence, Research Report on 'Global LED Display Industry market 2014' was professional and depth research report on Global LED Display industry that you would know the world's major regional market conditions of LED Display industry, the main region including North American, Europe and Asia etc, and the main country including United States,Germany,Japan and China etc.

Get full report at:

The report firstly introduced LED Display basic information including LED Display definition classification application and industry chain overview; LED Display industry policy and plan, LED Display product specification, manufacturing process, cost structure etc. Then we deeply analyzed the world's main region market conditions that including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand and industry growth rate etc.

Visit at:

In a word, it was a depth research report on Global LED Display industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from LED Display industry chain related technical experts and marketing experts during Research Team survey and interviews.

The report including six parts, the first part maainly introduced the product basic information; the second parts mainly analyzed the Asia LED Display industry; the third part mainly analyzed the North American LED Display industry; the fourth part mainly analyzed the Europe LED Display industry; the fifth part mainly analyzed the market entry and investment feasibility; the sixth part was the report conclusion chapter.

Request for sample report at:

In the end, the report introduced LED Display new project SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, and investment return analysis and Global LED Display industry.

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          2014 Market Research Report on Global Laser Cutting Machine Industry   

According to Reports and Intelligence, research report on Global Laser Cutting Machine Industry Market-2014 was a professional and depth research report on Global Laser Cutting Machine industry that you would know the world's major regional market conditions of Laser Cutting Machine industry.

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/22/2014 -- According to Reports and Intelligence, research report on Global Laser Cutting Machine Industry Market-2014 was a professional and depth research report on Global Laser Cutting Machine industry that you would know the world's major regional market conditions of Laser Cutting Machine industry.

Get full report with T.O.C. at:

The report firstly introduced Laser Cutting Machine basic information including Laser Cutting Machine definition classification application and industry chain overview. Laser Cutting Machine industry policy and plan, Laser Cutting Machine product specification, manufacturing process, cost structure etc. Then we deeply analyzed the world's main region market conditions that including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand and industry growth rate etc.

Visit at:

In the end, the report introduced Laser Cutting Machine new project SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, and investment return analysis and Global Laser Cutting Machine industry.

Request for Sample Report at:

The report including six parts, the first part mainly introduced the product basic information; the second parts mainly analyzed the Asia Laser Cutting Machine industry; the third part mainly analyzed the North American Laser Cutting Machine industry; the fourth part mainly analyzed the Europe Laser Cutting Machine industry; the fifth part mainly analyzed the market entry and investment feasibility; the sixth part was the report conclusion chapter.

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          IT Business Analyst (for EMEA region) - MatchWorks - Brussels   
My client is a multinational manufacturer with its European Hq in Brussels. Their IT team is globally organised, with virtual teams spread across different parts of the world. They are currently looking for an IT Business Analyst for the EMEA region, who will be working from the offices in Brussels. Position As an EMEA IT Business Analyst you will be the liaison between various, regional business domains (manufacturing, sales, supply chain, finance, HR, ...) and the global...
          McDonald's says there will be no job losses, work on permits underway   
Franchise was forced to close down 43 of its 55 outlets in the Delhi-NCR region




(6/29)11月19日「いい育児の日」 子育て支援へ長野県が制定

少子化 - Google ニュース
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子育て - Google ニュース

(6/29)小学校英語を「総合」で!? どう考えればよい…?

教育 - Yahoo!ニュース
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絵本ナビ 子どもに絵本を選ぶなら

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Fathering Japan 活動日記




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軽井沢版*バイリンガルへの道~カントリージェントルマンの子供たちをバイリンガルにしたい~CG BAR@軽井沢~酒飲みカントリージェントルマンのBAR~
          Regional Roundup: Top New Features This Week Around Our BroadwayWorld 6/29 - THE LITTLE MERMAID, RAGTIME, NEWSIES, and More!   

BroadwayWorld presents a comprehensive weekly roundup of regional stories around our Broadway World, which include videos, editor spotlights, regional reviews and more. This week, we feature THE LITTLE MERMAID, RAGTIME, NEWSIES, and more!

Check out our top features from around the BroadwayWorld below!

Central Pennsylvania: Contributor Marakay Rogers reviews NEWSIES at the Fulton Theater. She writes "Matt Farcher, who plays Jack Kelly, leader of the newsboy throng, is certainly energetic as well as a fine vocalist; local audiences will possibly not recognize him, though they've seen him before - as the Beast at Fulton's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. His performance here may be a bit more informed, however, by his prior performance as Che Guevara in EVITA in Maine, as well as having played revolutionary Enjolras in LES MIS in the past. (That "LES MIS turns positive" vibe is strong with this show.) Kate Fahrner makes for a tough, but charming, potential love interest as Katherine Plumber, intrepid early female reporter who is trying hard to not be her father's daughter - a major plot point of the show. If there's a real criticism to be had of the book, it's Katherine's part; the amazement over a female journalist shouldn't have been so great, given that Nellie Bly was a major expose writer for Pulitzer (the big bad of the show) in 1887 and that her famous Around The World stunt was done for Pulitzer in 1888. The historic newsboy strike was in 1899, when Bly had only recently (and temporarily - she did war correspondent work in World War One) retired. Writer Fierstein presumably based Katherine on Bly, but the show is set just late enough that anyone relatively familiar with history will find the lack of prior existence of Bly irritating."

New Zealand: Contributor Monica Moore reviews BONNIE AND CLYDE. She writes "Bonnie, played by Nicolette Nes is superb. She has the look, the voice and the style. And the top quality performances just keep coming at you. Blanche (Katrina McConnell) is excellent along with Buck (Brian Wolfman) Preacher (Simon Chapman) and well, actually they're all pretty darn good! Special mention to the young Bonnie (Samara Bayliss and Medody Lui-Webster) and Clyde (Tim Cloves) who deliver Great Performances. The set is engaging and designed by the well-known John Fausett who cleverly incorporates and ensures the story is kept interesting."

Minneapolis: Contributor Karen Bovard reviews SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE at the Guthrie Theatre. She writes "Crucial to the success of any production of this show are the two leads. Randy Harrison is suitably difficult and awkward in Act 1 as Seurat, and far slicker as his great grandson George in Act 2, where he seems more in command. Act 1 belongs to Erin Mackey as Dot, who is sexy and sympathetic and sly and sings with great feeling. She's also fully credible as the elderly wheelchair bound Marie in Act 2; it's a startling, funny, and moving transformation. All the members of the strong ensemble take on new roles in Act 2, and part of what makes this second act work so well are the bold choices they've made in sketching in their characters. The music swells with real grandeur, thanks to their ensemble power, an excellent mic system, and a full 13 piece orchestra behind them, helmed by conductor and pianist Mark Hartman."

Oklahoma: Contributor Ronn Burton reviews MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET at the Lyric Theatre. He writes "Director Dave Steakley wisely steps back and lets his boys go to town when necessary, yet his subtle guidance of the tone and flow of the show does not go unnoticed. The costumes by the reliably-proficient resident designer Jeffrey Meek are period-perfect yet fashion-forward. Helena Kuukka's lighting and Adam Koch's sets work hand-in-hand seamlessly - the colors and patterns playing off each other consummately. Important to note: the musical performances wouldn't be as impeccable as they are without Anthony Risi's sound design, which subtly yet perfectly enhances the recording studio vs. live performance effects throughout the evening."

Long Island: Contributor Melissa Giordano reviews RAGTIME at East Islip's BayWay Theatre. She writes "Among the talented cast, Chazmond Peacock makes a superb Coalhouse; intense, great voice... he's a natural for the role. Coalhouse is the beau of Sarah (and father of her child) portrayed exquisitely by Amanda-Camille Isaac. Ms. Isaac's striking portrayal of poor Sarah is a roller coaster of emotions including a gorgeous rendition of the hopeful song "Wheels Of A Dream" with Mr. Peacock. Additionally, kudos to Mike Press who is an outstanding Booker T. Washington, Coalhouse's mentor. On Ms. Waller's clever creative team, Bob Butterley's bi-level set ideally fills the open stage. Rolling pieces, tucked away on the sides, are used throughout. Also, the fun here is that you get to use your imagination a great deal. The music, on tracks, is coordinated by Eizabeth DeGennaro who is also part of the cast. This is enhanced beautifully by Jessy Gill's choreography and Joseph Kassner's stunning costumes."

Kansas City: Contributor Alan Portner reviews JERSEY BOYS at Starlite Theatre. He writes "Jersey Boys offers up super production values with this touring show. Portrayals of Massi and DiVito are a little one dimensional, but the singing, acting, production, and dancing make up for any lack. The supporting cast is excellent. Jersey Boys is a little strange to get used to. It is an excuse for a concert of great music. The music does not advance the story much except in parallel in the documentary. Most of the first act is required for the audience to get used to the style, but the final forty minutes grabs the audience and transports them back to the golden age just prior to the Beatles in the Doo Wop period. The audience ends up loving the performance."

St. Louis: Contributor Chris Gibson reviews SEUSSICAL at Stages St. Louis. He writes "Ryan Cooper is a perfectly disarming and amusing Cat in the Hat, with nimble movements and well-timed comic delivery of lines that bring forth smiles and laughs from young and old alike . You can just see that he's having fun. Cooper and Company draw the audience into the tale immediately with the rousing opening number "Oh! The Things You Can Think," and Cooper takes on several different comedic roles throughout the proceedings. As JoJo, Colton James Kastrup is a very believable little boy, and definitely possesses just the right voice and enthusiastic innocence that fit the part. Anthony Arpino absolutely shines as Horton, with a warm and deeply concerned performance that makes you genuinely care about his plight. April Strelinger is delightfully vainglorious as Mayzi and oozes attitude to spare. Leah Berry is simply terrific as Gertrude McFuzz, a single-feathered bird who's in love with Horton, but having trouble getting him to realize it. Her take on "Notice Me, Horton" is a sad and sweet delight."

Rhode Island: Contributor Andira Tieman reviews THE DIANA TAPES. She writes "The Diana Tapes is a tightly-written one act with just four actors. Playwright James Clements takes on the role of biographer Andrew Morton with Sam Hood Adrain as Michael O'Mara, his publisher. The two of them receive and transcribe recordings made by Princess Diana's friend James Colthurst, played by Jorge Morales Pico. The attention to detail with the sets and costumes is impressive for a production barebones as this. Battered chairs are swapped for fancy ones when the scene changes from the office where Morton and O'Mara frequently meet to Diana's residence where she talks with Colthurst. Diana's iconic wedding ring, now Kate Middleton's, is replicated. While the men's costumes are necessarily basic, Diana gets several glamorous outfit changes that suit the scenes perfectly."

St. Louis: Contributor Chris Gibson reviews THE LITTLE MERMAID at The Muny! He writes "Emma Degerstedt is delightful as Ariel, effectively conjuring up the image of a young mermaid who wants more out of life, and is positively driven to do so. Her voice is splendid as well, as would befit a character who uses it as a bargaining chip so she can gain her true love. Jason Gotay does fine work as the object of her affections, Prince Eric, and you genuinely root for them to connect. Emily Skinner is perfectly menacing as Ursula, creepily costumed and brimming with malevolent intentions, Skinner makes a memorable impression. Jerry Dixon is commanding and surly as King Triton, bringing plenty of bluster to the role. James T. Lane is enthusiastic as Sebastian, the red Jamaican crab who is also a composer. The undeniably catchy "Under the Sea" gets a great workout under his guidance. Jeffrey Schecter is funny and friendly as Scuttle the seagull, and Spencer Jones is awfully cute as Flounder. Kevin Zak and Will Porter are quite good as Ursula's moray eel minions; Flotsam and Jetsam, respectively. Frank Vlastnik is also sharp as Chef Louis/Pilot, specializing in seafood dishes as the Chef, which naturally rubs Sebastian the wrong way. Richard B. Watson rounds out the cast as Eric's manservant/confidante, Grimsby. Of course, the large ensemble also adds to the merriment, and gives the show an even wider scope."

Chicago: Contributor Rachel Weinberg reviews MOBY DICK at Lookingglass Theatre Company. She writes "MOBY DICK also features three extraordinary female actors in its ensemble: Kelly Abell, Cordelia Dewdney, and Mattie Hawkinson. While each essays various roles, they also come together as the three Fates-an inventive and eerily effective device. Decked out in Sully Ratke's magnificent and haunting costumes, they provide the warning of what's to come upon the play's conclusion. At various points in the production, Abell, Dewdney, and Hawkinson also embody various elements of nature: the ocean, a whale carcass, and even Moby Dick himself. Outside of the skeletal structure of the set, there is no literal whale onstage-but that is perhaps one of the most striking representations of Moby Dick in the production."

Regional Editor Spotlight:

Christy Brooks
Los Angeles Contributing Editor

Christy Brooks is a teaching artist, actor and scriptwriter located in South Central Pennsylvania. She works as an independent contractor in producing and directing small and large-scaled performing arts productions. In addition, Christy has created curriculum, focusing on Reader's Theatre, Acting Workshops, and Scriptwriting, for public and private school districts. She donates a portion of proceeds from theatrical work to local non-profit organizations. Christy is a proud graduate of The Pennsylvania State University.

Writing for Broadway World has been a wonderful and fulfilling complement to my involvement in the performing arts. It brings me joy to watch a live performance and absorb the many facets involved in producing and acting in a performance. Whether I am reviewing a show or interviewing actors, my focus is on what I might learn from each theatrical encounter. Theatre is ever-evolving and I want to contribute to it in a passionate way that promotes constructive, not destructive, dialogue.

Join Team BroadwayWorld! Interested in joining our team, but not exactly sure what we do? All of your questions are answered, along with every open position from guest and student bloggers, Regional Editors, and more! Find out where we have open positions available here!

          Personal Support Worker - York Region - Vaughan, ON   
• Completion of a Personal Support Worker certificate program or approved equivalent combination of education and experience.... $24.87 - $27.03 an hour
From York Region - Mon, 15 May 2017 16:14:53 GMT - View all Vaughan, ON jobs
Empresa de Telecomunicaciones esta en búsqueda de los mejores ejecutivos de atención al cliente, a continuación te presentamos las condiciones de la oferta laboral: Servicio: Toma de pedido Cliente: Empresa de Gas Licuado Cargo: Ejecutivo de atención al ......
          Total: Pflichtpraktikum Marketing- Handels- und Verbrauchergeschäft (B2C/B2B)   
Competitive: Total: Job Description Sie würden bei TOTAL Mineralöl GmbH eingestellt, die in Deutschland für den Vertrieb von Heizöl und Kraftstoffen an private und gewerbliche Kunden verantwortlich ist.Über unsere regionalen Kundenzentren werden Privathaushalte, Industr Berlin, Allemagne
          Rhand’s adequate rating reaffirmed   

Regional rating agency Caribbean Information and Credit Rating Services Limited (CariCRIS), has reaffirmed a corporate credit ratings of CariBBB- on its regional rating scale and ttBBB- on the T&T national rating scale for Rhand Credit Union, with a negative outlook.

This indicate that the credit union’s level of creditworthiness, adjudged in relation to others in the Caribbean and within T&T is adequate. The negative outlook is based expectations that T&T’s fiscal position will continue to be constrained over the next 12 months on account of low oil and gas prices, which, coupled with the likelihood of rising unemployment levels, could possibly lead to a further deterioration of the credit union’s asset quality and weaken the profitability of Rhand, CariCRIS said.

“The ratings reflect Rhand’s continued asset growth, supported by an increasing and moderately diversified loan portfolio, despite some deterioration in asset quality. The ratings are also supported by Rhand’s good financial performance characterized by continued growth in income and profitability.

These rating strengths are tempered by Rhand’s small tangible net worth when compared to its local peers and the need for further improvement in risk management. The tepid membership growth that is insufficient to offset the Company’s increasingly ageing membership also temper the ratings,” the agency said.

          Executive Chef - Aramark - Sackville, NB   
Understands performance metrics, data, order and inventory trends; Aggregate and communicate regional culinary and ingredient trends....
From Aramark - Sun, 25 Jun 2017 10:19:40 GMT - View all Sackville, NB jobs
          Executive Chef - Higher Education - Aramark - Sackville, NB   
Understands performance metrics, data, order and inventory trends; Aggregate and communicate regional culinary and ingredient trends....
From Aramark - Fri, 03 Mar 2017 18:17:17 GMT - View all Sackville, NB jobs
          Start the mas...   

As we move into the month of July, just the seventh month of the year, it is safe to say that Carnival 2018 has started. The first mas band to launch its presentation for next year was Jus Wee and Friends and its unveiling was held last Sunday at 16 Newbury Extension, Glencoe. Next year Jus Wee and Friends, a past Band of the Year winner, will be playing Wee Taking Flight.

Wee Taking Flight will consist of 14 sections and among the band’s designers are Michel Huggins, Janelle Greaves, Devon Jerome, Marcus Gooding, Dominique Mitchell and Marion George. The band’s camp is at Newbury Hill Extension. Bandleader Annmarie Placide revealed that the band’s costumes are reasonably priced at $1,000-$2,750, and the band is all-inclusive.

She added that one of the band’s attractions on Carnival Monday is that live road music will be supplied by Pelham Goddard & Roots. Playing with Roots on Monday, DJ Mr Desmond will provide road music on the Tuesday.

Potpourri of arts this weekend

This weekend’s entertainment fun list actually begins at 6 pm this evening when Pan Trinbago holds an After Work Jam at bpTT Renegades Pan Theatre, Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain. Supplying live music will be Massy Trinidad All Stars, Fusion Steel, Pan Jammers, Sapophonics and DJ KC Klass is Klass.


Another Friday evening steelband jam also begins at 6 pm when Phase II Pan Groove with Hadco opens up its yard at Hamilton Street, Woodbrook for Friday Night Live—band arranger Len “Boogsie” Sharpe says it will be “an odyssey of pan.” Aside from Phase II and lots of food and drink, there will also be entertainment by Martin Cain & Road Block Steel Orchestra, featuring Deja and DeJan Cain.

This evening also sees the eagerly awaited opening of Uppa Level Club at Cascadia Hotel, 67 Ariapita Road, St Ann’s, by Elegant Promotions. Wall-to-wall music can be expected all night by H2O Phlo, Kevon Cartar, Oscar B, plus old school Uper Level DJ Darryl, and his partners in crime DJs Richard Simply Smooth, Scoobie and Billy J.

Kaiso Blues Cafe is also on tonight with its Passing Thorugh Jazz Cuatro Concert, featuring Jeanine Ruiz, Kennth Clarke, Michel Germain, Raul Landaeta and more, from 9 pm.


At the theatre

Not to be left out tonight there’s much theatre in a big way with Kingdom Arts & Performances staging Reba, Rachel, Ria...Their Story at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s, at 7.30 pm; RJ Productions, in collaboration with Urban Jungle Entertainment, by overwhelming public demand, staging Eileen & Me at Little Carib Theatre, White Street, Woodbrook, at 8.30 pm; and Raymond Choo Kong Productions premiering Choose Your Partner Wisely, at CLR James Auditorium, Cipriani College, Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Valsayn, at 8 pm.

RS/RR is premiering Man Callaloo, starring Nikki Crosby, Richard Ragoobarsingh, Debra Boucaud Mason, Sunny Bling and Aaron Schneider, tomorrow, at the National Academy for the Performing Arts, Port-of-Spain, at 8.30 pm. The show will be repeated on Sunday evening at 6.30 pm, at the same venue.

Tomorrow’s action continues when St Ann’s RC Church stages its Tea Oneness Style Tea & Concert at Lions Civic Centre, Fitz Blackman Drive, Port-of-Spain, from 3 pm. Wall-to-wall entertainment will be by David Bereaux, Errol Fabien, Jason “Fridge” Seecheran, Wendy Sheppard, Krystal Khayne, Stephen Marcelle, Frenz in Muzik and more.

There’s also the Sangeet Opera, at Central Bank Auditorium, Lower St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain, featuring Neval Chatelal and John Thomas, at 7.30 pm.


Dance events

Dance is also on the weekend’s agenda with Abeo Jackson’s farewell performance – Dance Fuh Yuh Life – being staged at The Big Black Box, Murray Street, Woodbrook, at 8 pm, and Malick Folk Performing Company and OrigiNation Cultural Arts Centre of Boston premiering Just The Two Of Us II, at La Joya Auditorium, EMR, St Joseph at the same time. Both events are billed for tomorrow.


Pan in Diego Martin and Tacarigua

Tomorrow also sees Panatics Steel Orchestra celebrating its 30th anniversary by staging Pan Jamboree at the Waterwheel Compound, Diego Martin, at 7 pm. Steelbands to perform include Phase II Pan Groove in association with HADCO, CAL Invaders, Ice Water Pan Ensemble, Sapophonics Steel Orchestra and host band Panatics Steel Orchestra.

One of this weekend’s big shows takes place on Sunday evening in the east at Rush Sports Bar & Night Club, located on the Eastern Main Road, Tacarigua. On a show themed Live in Love & Music, crackshot pan musician Kern Summerville and musicians he has selected will be performing. Summerville’s band will include Kyle Peters (guitar); Kevin Fraser (keyboards); BJ Saunders (bass); Gerion Williams (drum); Jamie Ghany (alto saxophone); Nicholas Jones (tenor saxophone); and Barry Homer (trumpet).

Guest performers for Live in Love & Music are vocalists Marisa Diaz and Kay Alleyne, violinist Anna Clair Roberts, guitarist Kashiff Wilson, Spoken Word artiste Askala George and Keishon Jack.


Riddim in the north

Action galore is promised on Sunday night, from 8 pm, at Howdy Dan’s Restaurant, located in MovieTowne, Port-of-Spain, as LA Records launches its RIIbirth Riddim. Artistes on the label billed to perform are Crazy, Fireball, Jamelody, King David, Blessed Messenger, Tobago’s Kervern Carter, Marley Palmer, Jah Disciple, Jaron Nurse, Zion Nurse, Zion Starr, Brittany Gonzales, Dre Star, Frankie Dan and Linelle Hamilton.


In memory of Brigo

Across the seas, calypso is also holding centre stage tomorrow as the children of the late Brigo will celebrate his birthday in a special way in New Jersey, USA. The children are being joined by Brigo’s Cultural Theatre Roots & Branches to hold a free show and fair from noon.

Brigo’s daughter Janeel Keisha Abraham said this week: “Our mission is to protect the legacy of passion my father had for calypso as well as to celebrate the numerous young artistes he helped nurture. We are celebrating the life he lived and the lessons and values he taught us.

“Beside lots of music and BBQ on sale, we will also be giving food and clothing to the poor. We are determined to keep my father’s music and legacy alive here in North America, in T&T, and across the Caribbean.”


A deed deserving of mention

Full kudos are well deserved by the past and current student body and staff of Presentation College (San Fernando) for going above and beyond to assist the needy. In four short days they raised approximately $50,000 in cash and supplies for those adversely affected by Tropical Storm Bret.

A spokesman for the group told Pulse this week: “We have acquired mattresses, pillows, mops, brooms, flashlights, disinfectants, canned goods, rice, flour, legumes, snacks, water, tarpaulins, garbage bags, new and clean used clothing (folded and sorted by gender and size), disposable diapers and sanitary napkins.

“These items will be given to people living in the Siparia and Penal/Debe regions and we will be guided by their regional corps as to who receives supplies.”

Also assisting the less fortunate were the delegates ion this year’s Miss TT World Pageant. On Friday, at the Tea Party, Talent and Top Model Competition, auctioned a bottle of champagne for $8,600 and donated the proceeds to the San Fernando City Corporation for distribution to the flood victims.


Party for a cause

Come July 8, a fund-raising party for stroke victim Wendy Hector will be held at All Out Sports Bar, Queen’s Park Oval, Woodbrook. In addition to some foot-stomping DJ music, there will be a live performance by The Malcontents, Chris Mouttet, Richard Law, Gary Hector, Stuart “Fowl” Abraham, Paul Amar and Phil Hill.

This is a dress up/costume party and guests are invited to don the Hippy, funky and groovy styles of the 60’s and 70’s.

Tickets cost $150 advanced and $200 at the door and they are limited tickets and already going like hot bread.

There will be drinks specials all night long door prizes for the Best Dressed Couple and Best Dressed Hippy.

          Geneva Softball’s Haley Sainato Named NFCA DIII Central All-Region   
Haley Sainato Named NFCA DIII Central All-Region

          Guardias De Seguridad. Region Metropolitana   
Empresa de seguridad con servicios en Región Metropolitana, requiere contratar guardias de seguridad para trabajar en distintas instalaciones de la zona a cercanías de estaciones de metro: Instalaciones y Turnos: - Instalación Quilicura (Av. Américo V......
          Sonnentor: Dickes Umsatzplus, Exportpreis und neue Franchise-Stores   
Sonnentor wurde 1988 gegründet und bietet seinen Kunden Bio-Produkte wie Tee, Kaffee und Gewürze sowie regionale Spezialitäten und Kosmetika. Der Vertrieb erfolgt über den Fachhandel, übers...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: New Lynn’s getting a new town   

New Lynn’s new town is starting to take shape. The first of thousands of homes planned for the $3 billion West Edge development in the Auckland suburb are expected to be completed in 2018. More than 80 terrace homes had been pre-sold in the project,...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Molding plates out of historic clay   

New Lynn - and its white clay became the home of Crown Lynn. And now Arahoe School students are crafting their own piece of history from white clay discovered on their school grounds last year. Arahoe School’s year 1 and 2 students made plates...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: It’s time to have your say about the Whau area   

It’s only days to go before public feedback closes on the Whau Local Board draft plan. The community has till June 30 to provide input on seven outcomes the board planned to achieve over the next year. The board is aiming for wellplanned towns,...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: INDOOR FIRES   

I write in response to June 15th letter from Aiden Crabtree about the recent bylaw passed by Auckland Council relating to indoor home fires and air quality. This bylaw was developed as a response to the Unitary Plan which didn’t include any specific...
          Do Evropského týdne udržitelného rozvoje 2017 se opět zapojili členové Národní sítě Zdravých měst   
Stejně jako v minulých letech proběhl od 30. května do 5. června Evropský týden udržitelného rozvoje (ETUR). Jedná se o celoevropský projekt, jehož cílem je šířit myšlenku udržitelného rozvoje a podpořit iniciativy, které k němu přispívají. Aktivními realizátory akcí v této kampani byly již tradičně Zdravá města, obce a regiony ČR. Organizátoři mohli akce registrovat na stránkách www.tydenud ...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Limited money and a ‘huge’ land area   

Protecting the environment is a central part of what the Waitakere Ranges Local Board wants to focus on. The board has floated six priorities to guide it over the next three years, and has asked for public feedback. Chairman Greg Presland said the...
          Centrum pro plazmové úpravy MU vyvíjí nové možnosti úpravy papíru a skla   
Na dvou mezinárodních projektech, jejichž výsledkem má být změna ve výrobních úpravách povrchu papíru a skla v současnosti spolupracuje Regionální centrum pro nízkonákladové plazmové a nanotechnologické povrchové úpravy CEPLANT Masarykovy univerzity (MU). Centrum se dlouhodobě věnuje aplikovanému výzkumu a za sedm let své existence již vyvinulo několik užitných vzorů a patentů. Plazmový ...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Teacher’s love for students   
Where did you grow up and what was it like? I grew up in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. It is a quite a large city in in the east China region with a total population around 8,000,000 - almost twice the size of of New Zealand’s population. Nanjing...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Truck with no driver hits mall   

A truck with no driver has crashed into an Auckland mall. A police spokesperson said the crash happened at around 3.30pm on June 26 when a truck and trailer unit crashed into the side of Northwest Shopping Centre on the corner of Tawhia Drive and Maki...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Every budgie chick a colourful surprise   

Peter Roberts loved owning birds so much that he decided to breed them. The Henderson resident had owned a range of birds over 44 years, but had only bred budgies. ‘‘I was given a sparrow when I was young and it died. I was pretty upset and mum and...
          Bridging the Mind-Body Gap in Health Care   
(Photo: Shutterstock)

After the birth of her youngest son nearly 20 years ago, Elay Nantz of Colorado developed carpal tunnel syndrome in her right hand, sank into post-partum depression, and attempted suicide. After a three-month stay at a Colorado psychiatric hospital, she endured a carousel of specialists who only wanted to know “What do you want?” or “What do you need?” and then wrote countless prescriptions. If she stood her ground and said the pills weren’t working, they would refer her to another doctor. Two of her four psychiatrists even fell asleep during her counseling sessions. Eventually, she stopped seeking treatment.

Nantz has struggled with depression for most of her life and has bounced in and out of doctors’ offices. She felt that the mental health system just saw her as a wallet to rifle through. “None of them gave a crap about me,” she says.

After she had surgery on her hand in 2009 and began physical therapy, her health improved. But after Nantz got divorced in 2010, she lost her private insurance and went on Medicaid—which her physical therapist did not accept. Her hand grew weak and shook so much that she could not hold a fork. It would tumble to the ground and stay there until one of her three children picked it up. A bad day would lead to deeper depression. She felt worthless.

The combination of depression and carpal tunnel meant she could not work and provide for her children. Her thoughts turned to suicide again: “I felt like the only exit I could see was me dying—my head was a mess—like I was in a cave and I couldn’t get out,” she told The American Prospect. “I was getting ready to kill myself.”

Nantz believed that the health-care system simply viewed her as a depressed woman with shaky hands rather than a 45-year-old mother of three who wanted to work and care for her family. But after running out of other options, she decided to try counseling one more time. In 2015, she met Dr. Yaira Oquendo-Figueroa, a staff psychologist at a Salud Family Health Center in Denver.  

Oquendo-Figueroa took an “integrated care” approach to Nantz’s problems that focused on breaking through the institutional barriers that separate mental and physical health care.  In integrated care settings, behavioral health specialists work together with primary-care doctors to treat individual patients. An ongoing relationship between physicians and a patient is the basis of primary care, and it provides a pathway for coordinating mental health treatment.

Oquendo-Figueroa listened carefully to Nantz’s problems and helped her develop the mental “tools” to steer her thoughts in a positive direction. She also connected her with an acupuncturist to treat her carpal tunnel. “She changed my life and the perception of everything,” Nantz says of Oquendo-Figueroa. “I think she’s a magician.”

Mental and physical care have long occupied distinct silos in the American health-care system. However, if Congress has its way, the treatment gulf between these two areas could become even wider, particularly for poor and low-income people who rely Medicaid, the largest health insurer in the United States.

Medical professionals like Oquendo-Figueroa have redoubled their efforts to offer a program of treatment that addresses psychological issues and physical ailments in tandem—which can go a long way to helping patients like Nantz. “You can’t separate the head from the body,” the doctor says.

Primary-care physicians see the majority of patients with mental health problems in the United States, but they are not trained to provide specialized treatment for mental illnesses. According to Benjamin Miller, a University of Colorado’s School of Medicine psychologist who specializes in linking mental and physical care, fewer than 4 percent of primary-care physicians accurately screen for depression. There has been little change in the percentage of adults who use mental health services, or who report an unmet need for mental health services. Two-thirds of doctors say that they can’t get their patients access to outpatient mental treatment because of a shortage of workers, lack of coverage, or inadequate coverage.

Meanwhile, suicide rates in America have risen by nearly 25 percent over the past 15 years and, of the 20 percent of Americans who suffer from mental illness, only about one-fifth get treatment. “The U.S. health-care system [has] two cultures of care that isolate the mind from the body, and mental health has fallen victim to that,” says Miller.

In the 1970s, Salud Family Health Center opened in northeast Colorado to serve patients who were historically underserved or completely uninsured, like the state’s migrant farm workers. In 2013, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recognized Salud as a “patient-centered medical home,” a health-care delivery model that promotes strategies like integrated care. This model upends the traditional health-care system by providing mental health care in primary-care settings, where it is most accessible.

For many people, primary-care clinics and doctors’ offices are a safe haven. “People want an [ongoing] relationship with someone, they want to feel connected [and] to know you’re they’re for them,” Miller says. He believes that nurturing these relationships provides patients with an avenue to discuss and manage mental health issues before they become serious.

The Colorado health center includes a mobile legal team that advocates for patients, especially undocumented immigrants or Medicaid recipients who live paycheck to paycheck. The center also sends behavioral health professionals around the clinic to meet patients in other departments. “Let’s say that a patient is coming for a dental cleaning, and the hygienist concludes that the patient may be anxious or depressed,” says Oquendo-Figueroa. “I go there and do a consult right there in the dental area.”

While that practice may seem invasive to people who have health-care plans that cover behavioral therapy, a dental clinic might be the only time that some Medicaid or Medicare recipients can talk to a mental health professional.

Washington State’s Mental Health Integration Project features telepsychiatry to help treat low-income patients on Medicaid and Medicare. Encouraging patients to stay in touch with care managers and consulting psychiatrists over the phone allows those health centers to reach more people, and not just during regular visits.

Anne Shields, the associate director of the University of Washington’s Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions program sees e-medicine as one possible solution to a shrinking, aging workforce of psychiatrists, especially in rural areas of the country where there were never many specialists to begin with. From 1995 to 2014, while the total number of physicians in the United States grew by 45 percent, the number of psychiatrists only increased by 12 percent. In 2010, 59 percent of psychiatrists in the United States were 54 years old or older. “Primary-care settings are very diverse, small practices,” Shields says. “Rural health centers have no more than three people working and they’re not going to be able to hire a behavioral health-care manager.”

While health-care staffing often determines the number and types of services a hospital provides, integrated care relies on coordination between doctors to identify the specific treatments that will work for an individual patient. Using this approach, a small rural health center can strive to provide the same high-quality integrated care that an urban hospital system does.

Yet despite the health benefits that integrated care provides, the American health-care system continues to rely on traditional strategies. Treating mental and physical conditions separately has not only prevented vulnerable populations from accessing treatment, but it has also driven up those costs. Miller has calculated that, on average, physical conditions cost twice as much per person per month to treat when there is a mental illness present as well.

Moreover, mental health crises often play out in emergency rooms, which are the least efficient and most expensive care locations. Integrated care has reduced the patients’ reliance on emergency room treatment by focusing on preventative services, and targeting mild or moderate symptoms before they become severe.

The Cherokee Health System in Tennessee found that integrated care patients used emergency services 68 percent less than the regional average; specialty care 42 percent less; and hospital care 37 percent less. These savings amounted to a 22 percent discrepancy between CHS’s total cost and the regional average.

Most health-care networks prioritize people with serious mental illnesses over patients with mild or moderate symptoms, which prevents people from getting the help they need earlier. “The bulk of mental health services are in the public system, but people can’t get those services until they have had many crises,” says Debbie Plotnick, a vice president of Mental Health America, one the nation’s leading mental health advocacy groups.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress could tear wide open the existing gap between having insurance that covers mental health treatment and having access to that treatment with their plans to undo the Affordable Care Act. The ACA repeal proposals fail the two-step process Miller of the University of Colorado uses to evaluate potential reforms: “Does this continue to further fragment our experience with health?” he says. “And does this limit my patient’s ability to get access to mental health treatment where they want it?”

Moreover, transforming Medicaid into a block grant program means that mental health programs would take a significant hit as state officials search for savings to offset the federal cuts. Miller believes that integrated care programs would be the first to go, forcing medical professionals to make difficult decisions about whether they can marshal the resources to help people like Nantz. Repealing the ACA would simply take programs designed to bridge the gap between mental and physical illnesses backward—states, Miller says, “can’t take a chance on this right now.” 

          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Truck spills 200L of oil   

The fire service responded to an oil spill in west Auckland on June 26. The spill occurred at about 12.10pm, near the Gull petrol station on Rosebank Rd in Avondale. Te Atatu Fire station officer Geoff Gardner said about 200 litres of ‘‘distribution...
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The school curriculum is in for a shake-up with the Government proposing to shift education into a ‘‘digitally oriented system’’. Education Minister Nikki Kaye announced the proposal on June 28 and said it would break new ground. But she acknowledged...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: $1.25m spent on asbestos control   

Auckland Council have spent about $1.25 million on asbestos-related work in the past two years. Information provided in an Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act request revealed asbestos work, including control or removal, had taken...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Great Barrier’s star status   

An off-the-grid Auckland island has been named an International Dark Sky Sanctuary – the first island in the world to receive that status. Great Barrier Island, about 100km northeast of Auckland’s CBD, received the honour from the International...
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Auckland Council is rejecting claims a restructuring process for libraries will result in ‘‘rolling closures’’. Community group Love Our Libraries, which originally tried to stop the restructure, released a statement on Monday criticising Auckland...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Kiwi duo crack world record   

A New Zealand duo have cracked the record for the longest throw and catch of an egg. Robbie Hollander and Nick Hornstein’s 80.77-metre effort was the highlight of the annual World Egg-Throwing Championships, held in the English village of Swaton on...
          Chancey : un homme de 22 ans tué dans une collision entre deux voitures et un poids lourd   
  1. L'accident est arrivé jeudi 29 juin à 21h15 sur la départementale D12 à Chancey, en Haute-Saône.

    Pour une raison encore inexpliquée, le conducteur d'un véhicule qui roulait dans le sens Chaumercenne-Chancey s'est déporté sur sa voie de gauche, en sommet de côte. Le véhicule qui transportait deux passagers a percuté un poids lourds puis une voiture.

    Le passager avant droit du véhicule, un homme âgé de 22 ans, est mort sur le coup.

    Pris en charge par le SMUR de Gray, les pompiers de Gray, Valay et Marnay, le conducteur et le deuxième passager ont été transportés au CHU de Besançon.

    Blessée grave, la conductrice de la seconde voiture percutée a été héliportée au CHU de Besançon.
    Le conducteur du poids lourd est indemne.

          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Avondale blaze reignites   

A fire that badly damaged a house in Avondale reignited 12 hours later. The Fire Service attended a blaze on the corner of Ruahine St and Miranda St on June 26 at 11.15am, and then again at 11.20pm. The first fire reportedly began in a bedroom at the...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Renter burgled and refused insurance   

An Auckland woman claims her rental home was burgled because the windows didn’t close. Kumeu resident Kathy Pearson had been paying $550 a week for her four-bedroom house. The house had been broken into twice, the first time in October, and she...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Millions thrown into ESOL   

Children learning English as a second language will benefit from an additional $9.4 million boost in Government funding over the next two years. Education Minister Nikki Kaye said the Government had allocated additional funding in English for speakers...
          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Full emergency exercise for Whenuapai air base   

It was all hands on for an air base carrying out essential emergency training. About 200 people at the Royal New Zealand Air Force Base Auckland in Whenuapai recently took part in a fullscale base wide response to a simulated emergency situation. The...
          6/29/2017: SCHOOL’S OUT: Day in the life of Auckland   

Judges received hundreds of entries for this year’s 24-hour day in the life of Auckland competition. Part of the Auckland Festival of Photography, participants were tasked with taking a photograph of Auckland on June 10. The Nikon Auckland Photo Day...
          6/29/2017: LOCALJOBS: NZ’s most expensive write-off?   

A rare McLaren luxury sports car written-off on an Auckland motorway has sold for an undisclosed sum at auction. The mangled 2015 McLaren 650S, with barely a square centimetre of its carbon-fibre exterior undamaged, crashed on the Northwestern...
          6/29/2017: LOCALJOBS: Undefeated Admirals face season’s biggest test   

It’s a battle of first versus second as the west’s top ice hockey side battle for national supremacy this week. The West Auckland Admirals host last year’s champions, the Southern Stampede, twice this weekend. Admirals’ captain Justin Daigle was...
          6/29/2017: LOCALJOBS: Monster McLaren gathering for legend   

A British tribute to Kiwi racing icon Bruce McLaren is set to feature the largest ever gathering of the marque’s road cars. The McLaren Owners Group has been overwhelmed with entries for the event which will take place during the July 28-30...
          Venda de serviços de fisioterapia em sites coletivos está proibida   

A venda de pacotes de serviços de fisioterapia e terapia ocupacional, por meio de sites de compras coletivas foi proibida pelo Conselho Federal de Fisioterapia e Terapia Ocupacional (Coffito). A medida foi publicada no Diário Oficial da União (DOU) nesta quarta-feira (24). Segundo informações do Coffito, até o momento, não foi registrada nenhuma morte ou problema de saúde grave devido à venda indiscriminada dos serviços. No entanto, a ideia é fazer um trabalho preventivo.

A Resolução nº 391, de 18 de agosto de 2011, alerta que nessas ofertas os usuários podem adquirir um procedimento sem a avaliação de um profissional. Segundo o presidente do Coffito, Dr. Roberto Cepeda, a comercialização desses pacotes sem diagnóstico pode por em risco a saúde dos indivíduos. “É uma questão de saúde. O profissional deve fazer primeiro uma avaliação e, só depois, indicar o tratamento mais adequado”, explica. 

Entre os tipos mais comuns de tratamentos oferecidos nos sites de vendas coletivas estão a drenagem linfática, radiofrequência e a aplicação de Manthus. A fiscalização será realizada pelos Conselhos Regionais de Fisioterapia e Terapia Ocupacional (Crefitos) e por meio de denúncias. O CrefitoSP solicita aos profissionais do Estado de São Paulo que se abstenham de oferecer seus serviços em sites de compra coletiva, cumprindo o determinado na Resolução do Coffito. A punição para quem desrespeitar a resolução vai de advertência até a suspensão do exercício profissional.


Imagem: internet.

"Como fisioterapeuta, admiro e parabenizo a decisão do Coffito. Um tratamento só pode ser prescrito após uma avaliação, e até mesmo os mais aparentemente inofensivos possuem contra-indicações. Cuidar de pessoas é algo sério e não deve ser banalizado."

          El Instituto Ferdinand Porsche estuvo presente en el Salón de Buenos Aires   
El establecimiento creado por Volkswagen Argentina junto con la UTN regional General Pacheco, brindó una charla sobre investigación y capacitación en la industria automotriz.
          Manager, Regional Workday Operations - Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies - Manila   
Company policies and practices are followed, and set an example for team. As....
From Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 10:52:52 GMT - View all Manila jobs
          Three Senior Executives Join Citizens in Atlanta   
Jeffrey Neikirk, Caperton Putt and Wes Childers have joined the Citizens Commercial Banking team in Atlanta as part of the bank’s expansion in the Southeast region.
          Customer Service Specialist - Praxair - Morrisville, PA   
Maintains ongoing relationship with regional customers and sales staff by answering incoming calls, correcting order issues, processing customer orders, and...
From Praxair - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 21:27:38 GMT - View all Morrisville, PA jobs
          Healthcare Professional - Police Custody Nurse/Paramedic   
SW-Wiltshire, Healthcare Professional - Police Custody Nurse/Paramedic Hours: 07:00 - 19:00 / 19:00 - 07:00 Shifts: 2 days, 2 nights, 4 off (4 on, 4 off) Reports to: Regional Clinical Custody Lead Salary: £33,000 basic + benefits Sensible Staffing are currently recruiting RGN's/Paramedics to work in Police Custody in the Swindon/Melksham area for a reputable private company who not only offer a healthy salary a
          Veteran Pipeline Infrastructure Engineer Shannon Rasmussen Joins QS Energy To Lead Global Commercialization of AOT Flow Assurance Technology   

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - June 30, 2017) - QS Energy, Inc. (OTCQB: QSEP), a technology solutions provider for the energy industry, today announced it has named Mr. Shannon Rasmussen as its new Vice President of Engineering, adding a key industry veteran who, along with new CEO Jason Lane, will help lead commercialization efforts for QS Energy's Applied Oil Technology (AOT) -- an integrated system that improves critical operational efficiencies for pipeline operators worldwide.

          Morre comerciante afogadense Miguelzinho do Ouro   
Na manhã desta quinta-feira (29), em Afogados da Ingazeira, faleceu de infarto no Hospital regional Emília Câmara o conhecido comerciante Miguel Domingos da Rocha (Miguelzinho do Ouro), aos 77 anos. O velório está acontecendo na Rua Barão de Lucena, nº 68 e o sepultamento será na manhã desta sexta-feira (30) às 9 horas da manhã.

          Aeroporto Regional de Serra Talhada recebe vinte milhões para construção do terminal de passageiros   
A parceria entre os governos Municipal, Estadual e Federal vem colocando Serra Talhada na rota do desenvolvimento. E na manhã desta quinta-feira (29), o ministro dos Transportes, Portos e Aviação Civil, Maurício Quintella, esteve no município onde assinou um termo de compromisso para a liberação de 20 milhões de reais para a construção do terminal de passageiros do Aeroporto Regional do Sertão Santa Magalhães.

Ao lado do prefeito Luciano Duque e do secretário estadual de Transportes, Sebastião Oliveira, o ministro Maurício Quintella falou sobre a liberação do recurso e a importância da parceria com o município. “Nós vemos com satisfação a parceria firmada com a Prefeitura de Serra Talhada, que cumpriu sua parte para que esse dia fosse possível, quando estamos liberando vinte milhões de reais para o aeroporto, que será um equipamento indutor do desenvolvimento não só para Serra Talhada, mas pra toda região, integrando o Sertão ao restante do estado e do país, e atraindo mais investimentos através da vinda de estudantes, empresas e indústrias”, disse o ministro.

O prefeito Luciano Duque reforçou o empenho do município em agilizar a instalação do aeroporto. “Nós entendemos a importância que esse aeroporto tem para Serra Talhada e para toda região, por isso licitamos em tempo hábil a destinação adequada dos resíduos sólidos através dos aterros sanitários, resolvendo o problema do lixão e atendendo a legislação ambiental, possibilitando assim a implantação do equipamento, que faz parte de uma política de interiorização dos aeroportos criada no governo Dilma, através do Pacto da Aviação Civil, e que vai transformar Serra Talhada num centro de desenvolvimento”, disse Luciano Duque.

O secretário estadual de Transportes, Sebastião Oliveira, falou sobre o processo de implantação do aeroporto, obra de responsabilidade do Governo do Estado. “A primeira etapa do projeto foi concluída através de um investimento de sete milhões de reais feita pelo estado para a construção e requalificação da pista, e a partir de agora vamos trabalhar na construção do terminal de passageiros para que fique pronto até 2018, e enquanto isso vamos usar um terminal provisório para que os voos comerciais da Azul, que devem começar até o mês de novembro, não sejam prejudicados”, afirmou. (ASCOM)

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          CamCom, Minardo sollecita il Ministro Calenda   

Sono oramai 2 anni che si parla del progetto della “Super Camera di Commercio del SudEst” della Sicilia quello che prevede l’accorpamento delle tre Camere di Commercio di Catania, Ragusa e Siracusa. Da qualche settimana la Regione Sicilia si è pronunciata a favore dell’autonomia di Catania (perché in possesso dei requisiti di legge anche come […]

L'articolo CamCom, Minardo sollecita il Ministro Calenda sembra essere il primo su Ragusa Telegraph.

          Minardo (F.I.) “Per le imminenti regionali nel centrodestra è indispensabile ricercare l’unità”   

La disastrosa condizione in cui versa la Regione impone a quanti ambiscono a governarla, nell’imminente futuro, di ricercare la costruzione di coalizioni quanto più ampie ed inclusive, privilegiando gli elementi che uniscono, rispetto a quelli che dividono. E’ anche arrivato il momento di mettere da parte risentimenti personali e di guardare al futuro con ottimismo ed […]

L'articolo Minardo (F.I.) “Per le imminenti regionali nel centrodestra è indispensabile ricercare l’unità” sembra essere il primo su Ragusa Telegraph.

          An exclusive event is headed to the Northwest   
The northwestern region of the United States is thriving. Utility resource planning and replacement power (from retiring power plants) is setting the region up for significant wind energy growth, on top of growing renewable portfolio standard demand from Oregon and Washington. To seize these growth opportunities the industry must lead important discussions and make critical … Continue reading An exclusive event is headed to the Northwest
          Game Menu from RoadBlasters for the Atari Lynx - 10.26.2008   

Game Menu from RoadBlasters for the Atari Lynx - 10.26.2008

Game Menu from RoadBlasters for the Atari Lynx - 10.26.2008

Atari Lynx game RoadBlasters. This screenshot shoes the area menu. Bubble City 1 Rookie, Forest Sector 4 Veteran +50,000 Desert REgion 11 Expert +200,00-

          US Midwest factory index hits 3-year high: Chicago PMI   
A key reading on the regional view of the national economy in May came in much stronger than expected on Friday.
          Der Hackl Schorsch erklärt Biogas - Regionale Wertschöpfung --    
          New wave of extinctions predicted for vital food species - Environmental News Network - Spotlight   
Poaching, illegal fishing and deforestation are threatening more than quarter of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, according to a report by the WWF  (World Wide Fund for Nature) — and the consequences are not just environmental.The report states that 18 out of the 50 threatened sites are in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama and Peru. It also says the number could be higher because the illegal extraction of species in the region — a business with annual profits of almost US$ 2 billion — is not as well studied as it is in Africa or Asia.
          New Finds From Early St. Louis    
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI—Archaeologists working in St. Louis have uncovered evidence that contradicts conventional understandings of the city's founding, according to a report by St. Louis Public Radio. A team led by archaeologist Michael Meyer of the Missouri Department of Transportation has conducted excavations ahead of construction on the Poplar Street Bridge, which spans the Mississippi River and connects the city to East St. Louis, in Illinois. They have uncovered evidence, including trade beads, brass goods, and ceramics, of both French and Native settlement in the area prior to 1764, the recorded year of St. Louis' founding by French fur trader Pierre Lacléde. While the region is famed for the Mississipan mound cities that flourished for centuries before the arrival of Europeans, it has been previously accepted that the area of St. Louis was sparsely populated when Lacléde and his followers arrived. To read more about archaeology in Missouri, go to "Digging the Scorched Earth." 
          Ugandan community reaches agreement with British company   

In September 2011, Oxfam profiled a land deal in Uganda in which villagers were being evicted to make way for timber plantations. Now, the Mubende community has signed a Final Agreement with the New Forests Company (NFC), concluding nearly 15 months of negotiations that were facilitated by the Office of ComplianceAdvisor/Ombudsman (CAO). The CAO handles complaints from communities affected by investments made by the International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of the World Bank.

Oxfam welcomes that an agreement has been reached through mediation. As part of this agreement, NFC will contribute funds into a community-run cooperative that has been set-up by the Mubende community. NFC will also implement development projects to benefit the affected community. The community remains far from restoring its livelihoods but the outcome of the mediation process provides a basis for community members to start to rebuild their lives.

"I am optimistic about the future but this will depend on how soon we are able to get land. At the moment we are not farming or raising animals but I am hopefulthat through the co-operative we will be able to buy land and move forward," said Emmanuel Bagibariho, a community representative from Mubende who was part of the team that negotiated the agreement on behalf of the affected community.

Oxfam has been providing support to the Mubende community throughout the CAO mediation process, and we commend the eight community representatives who worked tirelessly to get the best possible deal that they could through this process. We will work with Mubende community members so that they can quickly develop the new cooperative as a means to improving their livelihoods. 

Oxfam is also continuing to support and advise a second community from neighboring Kiboga district. This community is in a separate mediation process, also facilitated by CAO, with NFC. We are hopeful that the Kiboga community’s discussions with NFC could also lead to an agreement between the company and the community.

If you would like more information, you can read the CAO’s report about the Mubende mediation.

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          Oxfam welcomes independent process to address community grievances in Uganda land dispute   

Oxfam has welcomed the announcement of an independent process to resolve complaints from communities who were evicted from their land without compensation to make way for two forestry plantations in Uganda.

The Office of the Compliance Adviser/Ombudsman (CAO) handles complaints from communities affected by investments made by the World Bank’s private sector arm, the International Finance Corporation (IFC). It has confirmed that it will launch an independent process to find a resolution to the dispute involving the UK’s New Forests Company (NFC). The IFC has invested in an agribusiness fund, Agri-Vie, which has an equity stake in and seat on the board of NFC.

Oxfam has been calling for an independent investigation since September when it published its research into the evictions in Mubende and Kiboga districts, based on extensive consultations with hundreds of individuals from the affected communities. The CAO has accepted the eligibility of the complaints that were filed by Ugandan communities and co-signed by Oxfam and the Uganda Land Alliance. This is the first step in a process which Oxfam believes could secure redress for the communities, who have lost their homes and the land they relied on for their livelihoods.

The CAO process aims to find a negotiated resolution between the complainants, the company and any others relevant to the process. NFC has already confirmed that it will participate in this process.

Oxfam Chief Executive Barbara Stocking said: “This is an important step towards giving a voice to the thousands of people left destitute. We hope it will lead to securing the redress they deserve.

“We welcome New Forests Company’s commitment to participate in this process and look forward to finding a resolution as soon as possible.”

Oxfam’s focus on this case is part of the international agency’s GROW campaign, which aims to secure a future for everyone to have enough to eat. Oxfam is concerned about the accelerated rush for land, especially in Africa, and the lack of effective international rules to protect the poorest people who depend on the land for food.

In the next stage of the CAO process, up to six months will be spent on clarifying the issues and concerns raised by the complainants and gathering information on how others involved see the situation. This will help the CAO and all relevant parties to determine whether and how they might be able to resolve the issues. The CAO will then publish a report containing its assessment of the situation, which will describe the proposed course of action that has been agreed by all.

Read more

What are land grabs and why is Oxfam trying to stop them?

Oxfam's campaign to fix the global food system

Pull quotes: 
We welcome New Forests Company’s commitment to participate in this process and look forward to finding a resolution as soon as possible.
Quotee's organisation: 
OxfamGB Chief Executive
Notes to editors: 

Complaint letters were sent to the CAO from the affected communities in Kiboga and Mubende on December 20, outlining the adverse social impacts related to the NFC operations. Both Oxfam and the Uganda Land Alliance were co-signatories. To view the letters, visit:

Contact information: 

For more information, contact Lucy Brinicombe, +44(0)1865 472192 / +44 (0)7786 110054 /

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Barbara Stocking

          Oxfam welcomes FSC complaint to certifiers of Ugandan land grab   

Oxfam welcomes the announcement yesterday by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) that it has filed an official complaint with the certification body, SGS Qualifor, who carried out the certification of the UK-based New Forests Company’s plantations in Uganda.

The announcement follows a report published by Oxfam on 22 September that detailed how at least 22,000 people were evicted – some violently – without consent or compensation to make way for the New Forests Company (NFC) plantations.

According to documents seen by Oxfam, despite ongoing court cases and media coverage saying that there had been violence, the auditors said that the dispute over tenure had been ‘resolved’ and that there were ‘no reported incidents of violence’.

“The New Forests Company has relied on the FSC certification to show that there were no ongoing problems and in order to secure international investment. The evidence suggests otherwise and the FSC complaint to its certifiers shows clearly that they too have concerns that something went wrong in Uganda,” said Katia Maia, head of Oxfam’s GROW campaign.

“The New Forests Company must now end the denials and take action to bring justice to the communities in Uganda, starting by appointing an independent chairperson to lead the investigation they have committed to. Thousands of people claim to have lost their land and have seen their livelihoods deteriorate as a result of these evictions. Many say they are no longer able to adequately feed their families or send their children to school,” said Maia.

In addition to the FSC announcement, the World Bank – an investor in the New Forests Company through its commercial lending arm, the International Finance Corporation – has called on the NFC to open up to a full investigation into claims of bad practice in its Uganda forestry projects.

Oxfam is calling on NFC to ensure the investigation is transparent and led by an independent chairperson, who has the authority to appoint the investigatory body and who can ensure that the input and protection of the communities is guaranteed in the process.

Read more

Watch the video: Oxfam calls on the New Forests Company to investigate Uganda land grabs claims

Read the case study: The New Forests Company and its Uganda plantations

Download the report: Land and power: The growing scandal surrounding the new wave of investments in land

Pull quotes: 
The New Forests Company must now end the denials and take action to bring justice to the communities in Uganda.
Quotee's organisation: 
Head of Oxfam’s GROW campaign
Notes to editors: 

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies investments for adhering to best operating practices regarding labor, social and environmental issues. The certification criteria include human rights and “demonstrated and uncontested, clearly defined, long-term land tenure and use rights (Principle 2).”

Read the FSC's announcement

Contact information: 

Tricia O’Rourke, +44 7876 397915 or

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Katia Maia

          New Forests Company company must address safety concerns of Uganda land grab community   

Oxfam is launching a campaign calling for the New Forests Company to respond to concerns that have been raised for the safety of people who were evicted to make way for the British company’s forestry plantations in Uganda.

Oxfam has felt obliged to go public with its concerns following reports that the affected communities in Mubende and Kibogo districts are feeling harassed and intimidated by NFC staff.

Oxfam published a report on 22nd September on international land grabs that included a Ugandan case study detailing  how at least 22,500 people were evicted – some violently and all without compensation to make way for the NFC plantation.

Since publication, the international aid agency has received reports that individuals who have spoken to media about their evictions have been approached by NFC staff for questioning. Community members have also been asked to take company staff to the sites of violent evictions. One man has reported that NFC staff took his cattle and only returned the livestock when he paid for their return, although he has since been refunded by the company.

New Forests Company has previously announced it will launch an independent investigation into Oxfam’s allegations yet these actions by company workers undermine confidence in NFC's commitment and ability to do so. Oxfam is calling for the investigation to be led by an independent chairperson, who has the power to select the investigatory body and who can ensure that the input and protection of the communities is guaranteed in the process.

Oxfam GB’s Chief Executive Barbara Stocking said: “Many people in these communities are clearly feeling intimidated by the actions of NFC, which are totally at odds with the principles of an independent and transparent investigation. They have already lost their homes and land and many have been subjected to violent behaviour. They need a credible investigation not further pressure.

“NFC must show that they are serious about the allegations that have been made by setting up a truly independent investigation.”

Pull quotes: 
New Forests Company must show that they are serious about the allegations that have been made by setting up a truly independent investigation.
Quotee's organisation: 
Notes to editors: 

Oxfam is asking people to send an email to Robert Devereux, Chairman of the New Forests Company, demanding he take immediate action, against any harassment and intimidation and to set up a truly independent investigation.

Contact information: 

For more information contact Lucy Brinicombe / +44(0)7786110054 / +44 (0)1865 472192 /

* * *

Uganda land case update, 8 July 2013

In September 2011, Oxfam profiled a land deal in Uganda in which villagers were being evicted to make way for timber plantations. Read an update about the case.

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          New Forests Company investigation into Uganda land grab risks credibility gap   
Oxfam welcomes the recent commitment by the New Forests Company to engage in an independent investigation of the events surrounding the evictions of communities in Mubende and Kiboga, and tRead more
Contact information: 

For more information contact:

Matt Grainger on +44 (0)1865 339128 / +44 (0)7730 680837 /, or

Lucy Brinicombe on +44 (0)01865 472192 / +44 (0)7786 110054 /

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          Neolithic Figurine Found in Polish Village    
RZESZOW, POLAND—While while on vacation in the village of Kosina in southeastern Poland, an archaeologist stumbled upon a clay figurine that he believes dates back to around 5000 B.C. Science and Scholarship in Poland reports that Piotr Alagierski was walking in a cultivated field when he came across the nearly 3-inch-long clay figure that appears to have been made by some of the first farming communities in the region. According to Alagierski, the figurine is reminiscent of similar artifacts found in Slovakia and Romania but differs from known Polish examples in its lifelike rather than exaggerated depicition of the human form. Alagierski plans to conduct excavations at the site, where he also found fragments of ceramic vessels and obsidian, and the object will undergo chemical tests that may help to determine the origin of the clay. For more on archaeology in Poland, go to “Letter from Poland: Warsaw Remembers.”
          Investigation into Uganda “land grab” must be genuinely independent and transparent   

Oxfam concern that company continues to dismiss people’s allegations of abuse

Oxfam welcomes the World Bank’s1 call that UK-based New Forests Company (NFC) must open up to a full investigation into claims of bad practice in its Uganda forestry projects.

This follows a report by Oxfam and the Uganda Land Alliance on September 22 that said more than 20,000 people had been evicted without compensation or consent to make way for NFC plantations, in breach of international guidelines. Many of these people are now living in destitution. Some claim the evictions were violent.

NFC has stated it will investigate. However, Oxfam is concerned about the nature of the investigation because NFC continues to discredit people’s allegations. It most recently described the claims as “fictitious” and “irresponsible and one-sided propaganda.”

“The company’s remarks are ill-judged and unprofessional”, said Oxfam GROW campaign coordinator Katia Maia. “NFC continues to refer to ‘peaceful and non-violent voluntary vacations’ as fact. This makes us sceptical about the investigation that it intends to set up,” she said.

Oxfam has since asked NFC to ensure that the investigation is genuinely independent, transparent and takes into account the experiences of affected communities.

“Oxfam rigorously defends its research. We spoke with hundreds of individuals from affected communities and with government authorities. We presented NFC’s position accurately in our report. NFC can’t simply dismiss our research because it disagrees with it,” Maia said.

“Many of those evicted can no longer feed their families or send their children to school. They are living in destitution. The World Bank and NFC must ensure that any investigation will be credible and meaningful.”

Oxfam says that:

  • No-one was compensated for their loss of land, crops and belongings. Oxfam says that NFC operates under international guidelines designed to protect people’s right to adequate compensation. NFC cannot dodge its responsibilities and blame solely the government.
  • Many evictees describe violence during the evictions, of houses burnt and crops destroyed. A recent New York Times article quoted a woman who said her son died in a fire during the evictions.
  • There are still two legal suits active today that describe the evictions as violent and that outline people’s own legal claims to the land. The suits also seek compensation and damages.

NFC also claims that the International Finance Corporation (IFC, the commercial lending arm of the World Bank) and the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC, the gold standard of forestry certification) had both passed its projects as ‘clean’. However Oxfam believes that neither organization has provided sufficient evidence to support NFC’s claims that the evictions were ‘legal, voluntary and peaceful’2.

Oxfam engaged with NFC for a number of months before publishing its report. In March, April and July Oxfam made several attempts to get the company's reaction but it refused to respond. Since August, Oxfam has engaged extensively with the company's management.

Read more

The New Forests Company and its Uganda plantations: Oxfam Case Study

Learn more about land grabs

Pull quotes: 
We presented NFC’s position accurately in our report. NFC can’t simply dismiss our research because it disagrees with it.
Quotee's organisation: 
Notes to editors: 
  1. The World Bank has a financial interest in NFC via an equity investor. The World Bank insists that its investees must operate in a responsible manner and meet certain social standards.
  2. Oxfam says that the IFC report was not an “audit” but was instead a field appraisal that only took place after the evictions. The IFC officer who undertook the appraisal did not talk to affected communities and only reviewed one of the two districts. Similarly, the FSC certification audit only reviewed one plantation, Mubende not Kiboga. And despite the legal suits and media coverage saying that there had been violence, the FSC said that disputes over tenure had been ‘resolved’ and that there were ‘no reported incidents of violence’.
Contact information: 

For more information contact:

Matt Grainger on +44 (0)1865 339128 / +44 (0)7730 680837 /, or

Lucy Brinicombe on +44 (0)01865 472192 / +44 (0)7786 110054 /

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          Oxfam warns that modern day land rush is forcing thousands into greater poverty   

Oxfam calls for British company to investigate the forced eviction of more than 20,000 Ugandans to make way for its plantations

Oxfam today launches a major new report highlighting the growing pace of land deals brokered around the world, often to the peril of poor communities who lose their homes and livelihoods – sometimes violently – with no prior consultation, compensation or means of appeal.

In the report Land and Power, the international agency reveals preliminary research indicating as many as 227 million hectares have been sold, leased or licensed in large-scale land deals since 2001, mostly by international investors. Lack of transparency and the secrecy that surrounds land deals makes it difficult to get exact figures but to date up to 1,100 of these deals amounting to 67 million hectares have been cross checked. Half of these deals are in Africa, and cover an area nearly the size of Germany. (1)

Oxfam warns this modern day land rush follows a drive to produce enough food for people overseas, meet damaging biofuels targets or speculate on land to make an easy profit. However, many of the deals are in fact ‘land grabs’ where the rights and needs of the people living on the land are ignored, leaving them homeless and without land to grow enough food to eat and make a living.

This is likely to get worse as the increasing demand for food, the gathering pace of climate change, water scarcity and non-food crops like biofuels compete for land. Already, nearly three billion people live in areas where demand for water outstrips supply.

Land grabs: devastating vulnerable communities

Oxfam International’s Executive Director Jeremy Hobbs said: “The unprecedented pace of land deals and the increased competition for land is leaving many of the world’s poorest people worse off. In the scramble for more land, investors are ignoring the people who currently live on the land and depend on it to survive.”

Oxfam’s report profiles the devastating effect land grabs in Uganda, South Sudan, Indonesia, Honduras and Guatemala are having on vulnerable communities. The report is part of Oxfam’s GROW campaign which aims to secure a future where everyone has enough to eat. Women, who produce up to 80 per cent of food in some poor countries, are usually most vulnerable as they have weaker land rights.

In Uganda, Oxfam’s research indicates that at least 22,500 people have lost their homes and land to make way for a British timber company, the New Forests Company. Many evictees told Oxfam how they were forcibly removed and have been left destitute, without enough food or money to send their children to school. There were court orders in force which named the company but eye-witnesses say that company workers took part in some of the evictions anyway. NFC denies that it was involved in any evictions. (2)

Evicted without consultation or compensation

Christine, a farmer in her mid 40s, who lived in Kiboga district before the Uganda land grab said: “All our plantations were cut down – we lost the banana and cassava. We lost everything we had. The company’s casual laborers would attack us – they beat and threatened people. Even now they won’t let us back in to look for the things we left behind. I was threatened – they told me they were going to beat me if we didn’t leave.”

Hobbs said: “The Uganda case clearly shows how land grabs are slipping through the net of existing safeguards which are intended to ensure the protection of vulnerable people. Thousands of people are suffering because they have been evicted without meaningful consultation or compensation.

“The New Forests Company describes itself as an ethical company, adhering to international standards. It needs to investigate these claims urgently. It’s not acceptable for companies to blame governments. They must respect the needs and rights of poor communities affected by their investment.”

Prioritize existing land use rights

Oxfam is calling for investors, governments and international organizations to prioritize putting a stop to land grabbing by fixing the current policies and regulations which all too often fail to ensure that, when investors negotiate deals, local people are consulted, treated fairly, and that all relevant international standards are respected. These include the World Bank's International Finance Corporation Performance Standards and the Forest Stewardship Council’s standards.

Governments should avoid pandering to investors’ wishes, and prioritize existing land use rights – not just where legal land title or formal ownership rights are held. Governments should recognize that women have equal rights over land and ensure that all agricultural investments benefit local communities who rely on the land to survive. While governments and companies get their house in order to stop future land grabbing, there is an urgent need to remedy the damage done by existing land grabs, including in the case of the Uganda international investment.

Flawed biofuels policies

Perverse incentives such as the flawed biofuels targets, like the EU’s target of obtaining 10 per cent of transport fuels from renewable sources by 2020, should be scrapped to curb the rush on land to meet biofuel demand.

Meanwhile, the UN’s Committee on Food Security in Rome could take an important first step when it meets in Rome next month, by adopting credible pro-poor, pro-women guidelines on land tenure.

Hobbs said: “Land investment should be good news for people in poverty but the frenetic scramble for land risks putting development in reverse. We need urgent global action so that local people with relatively little do not lose everything for the benefit of a few, and to secure a future where everyone has enough to eat.”

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I was threatened – they told me they were going to beat me if we didn’t leave.
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Farmer from Kiboga district, Uganda
Notes to editors: 
  1. This data is compiled by the Land Matrix Partnership, a coalition of academic, research and non-governmental organisations. The 227 million figure is based on information on land deals over 200 hectares from a whole range of different sources including government reports, academic research, company websites, media reports and the few contracts that are available. The coalition is currently cross checking the records of land deals it has identified.  It is calling for increased transparency among companies and governments so that the true scale of the problem can be accurately understood.
    The Land Matrix Partnership includes the International Land Coalition, the universities of Bern and Hamburg, the French research institute CIRAD, the German agency for technical cooperation, GIZ and Oxfam.
  2. The evictions took place between 2006 and 2010. One High Court order was granted on 24 August 2009 and remained valid until 18 March 2010. The other was granted on 19 June 2009 and remained in force until 2 October 2009. Both were to restrain evictions by the company.
    The New Forests Company stated that the majority of local residents had no legal right to the land, that they had left peacefully and that the process was the sole responsibility of the Ugandan National Forestry Authority.  It told Oxfam that it had brought jobs and amenities to local communities and that its activities had been approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council and International Finance Corporation.

Useful figures:

  • The global economy, which is expected to triple in size by 2050, will demand ever more scarce natural and agricultural resources
  • Palm oil has become the world’s most consumed edible oil and can be found in up to half of all packaged food and hygiene products. Production is expected to double by 2050, increasing the land area under cultivation worldwide by 24 million hectares – six times the size of the Netherlands
  • In Guatemala, eight per cent of farmers account for 78 per cent of the land in production. Of the smallholders who control the remaining land, just eight per cent are women.

Oxfam’s GROW campaign is calling for global action to fix a broken food system where 925 million people already go hungry every day. This could get worse in the face of dwindling natural resources, like land, the gathering pace of climate change and increasing food price volatility. Find out how we can help prevent this from getting worse at

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Tricia O'Rourke,, +44 1865 339157 or +44 7876 397915

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          The New Forests Company and its Uganda plantations: Oxfam Case Study   

London-based New Forests Company (NFC) would seem to be the design blueprint of how a young modern company should conduct a major land investment in Africa in a responsible way. Oxfam’s investigations reveal, however, that serious allegations by people who were evicted from land to make way for NFC’s operations remain unresolved. How will the company respond?

Today, the people evicted from the land are desperate, having been driven into poverty and landlessness. In some instances they say they were subjected to violence and their property, crops, and livestock destroyed. They say they were not properly consulted, have been offered no adequate compensation, and have received no alternative land.

Oxfam believes that the affected communities in Kiboga and Mubende deserve to have their case heard and to see justice done.

In Oxfam’s view, NFC and its financial backers must be held to account for the lost
livelihoods and shattered lives of families evicted from the land they farmed. Oxfam is
calling on NFC and its investors to:

  • Hold a full investigation into the events in Kiboga and Mubende, and make the terms of reference for the investigation and its findings, public;
  • Commit to a transparent and accountable process to provide justice for the affected communities and, in consultation with affected communities and local and national authorities, ensure the provision of alternative land and compensation for lost homes, crops, livestock, and livelihoods;
  • Provide damages for any abuses found to have been suffered by affected communities; 
  • Where failures are found, commit to reform their policies, standards, and procedures, so that such abuses can never happen again.
* * *

Uganda land case update, 8 July 2013

In September 2011, Oxfam profiled a land deal in Uganda in which villagers were being evicted to make way for timber plantations. Read an update about the case.

Matt Grainger, Oxfam; Kate Geary, Oxfam
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          walgreens / rite aid merger terminated!   

Walgreens is scrapping its deal to buy all of Rite Aid Corp. and instead will buy a smaller piece of the drugstore chain, after the original takeover effort seemed doomed by antitrust regulators.

Instead, Walgreens will buy about half of the over 4,500 Rite Aid stores, making Walgreens the largest pharmacy chain in the country but leaving Rite Aid as a regional chain. The 2,186 stores Walgreens agreed to buy are mainly in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, Rite Aid said.

Walgreens had been waiting for months to see whether the FTC would try to block the planned acquisition of Rite Aid. The original agreement would have been for about 3,336 stores "making this agreement about one-third smaller and more likely to pass regulatory scrutiny in our view," Leerink analyst David Larsen said in a note to clients.

Walgreens said in a statement that it will begin acquiring the Rite Aid stores and related assets over a period of approximately six months, and intends to convert the stores to the Walgreens brand over time.

The FTC will end its review of the previous merger agreement and start an investigation of the new deal for stores and and assets to determine whether competition is harmed.

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          Sweden Wind Power Capacity, Generation, Levelized Cost of Energy - Industry Analysis, Trends, and Forecast Report 2030   

Market Research Hub

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2017 ) Market Research Hub (MRH) has recently announced the addition of a fresh report, titled “Sweden Wind Power Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2017 - Capacity, Generation, Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), Investment Trends, Regulations and Company Profiles” to its report offerings. The report provides in depth analysis on global renewable power market and global wind power market with forecasts up to 2030.

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"Wind Power in Sweden, Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2016 - Capacity, Generation, Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), Investment Trends, Regulations and Company Profiles is the latest report from GlobalData, the industry analysis specialists that offer comprehensive information and understanding of the wind power market in Sweden.

The report provides in depth analysis on global renewable power market and global wind power market with forecasts up to 2030. The report analyzes the power market scenario in Sweden (includes conventional thermal, nuclear, large hydro and renewable energy sources) and provides future outlook with forecasts up to 2030. The research details renewable power market outlook in the country (includes wind, small hydro, biopower and solar PV) and provides forecasts up to 2030. The report highlights installed capacity and power generation trends from 2006 to 2030 in Sweden wind power market. A detailed coverage of renewable energy policy framework governing the market with specific policies pertaining to wind power is provided in the report. The research also provides company snapshots of some of the major market participants.

The report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, secondary research and in-house analysis by GlobalDatas team of industry experts.

The report analyses global renewable power market, global wind power (Onshore and Offshore) market, Sweden power market, Sweden renewable power market and Sweden wind power market. The scope of the research includes -
- A brief introduction on global carbon emissions and global primary energy consumption.
- An overview on global renewable power market, highlighting installed capacity trends, generation trends and installed capacity split by various renewable power sources. The information is covered for the historical period 2006-2015 (unless specified) and forecast period 2015-2030.
- Renewable power sources include wind (both onshore and offshore), solar photovoltaic (PV), concentrated solar power (CSP), small hydropower (SHP), biomass, biogas and geothermal.
- Detailed overview of the global wind power market with installed capacity and generation trends, installed capacity split by major hydropower countries in 2015 and key owners information of various regions.
- Power market scenario in Sweden and provides detailed market overview, installed capacity and power generation trends by various fuel types (includes thermal conventional, nuclear, large hydro and renewable energy sources) with forecasts up to 2030.
- An overview on Sweden renewable power market, highlighting installed capacity trends (2006-2030), generation trends(2006-2030) and installed capacity split by various renewable power sources in 2015.
- Detailed overview of Sweden wind power market with installed capacity and generation trends and major active and upcoming wind projects.
- Deal analysis of Sweden wind power market. Deals are analyzed on the basis of mergers, acquisitions, partnership, asset finance, debt offering, equity offering, private equity (PE) and venture capitalists (VC).
- Key policies and regulatory framework supporting the development of renewable power sources in general and wind power in particular.
- Company snapshots of some of the major market participants in the country.

Reasons to buy
- The report will enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner.
- Identify key growth and investment opportunities in Sweden wind power market.
- Facilitate decision-making based on strong historic and forecast data for wind power market.
- Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the industrys growth potential.
- Develop strategies based on the latest regulatory events.
- Identify key partners and business development avenues.
- Understand and respond to your competitors business structure, strategy and prospects.

Read Full Report with TOC:

Table of Contents:

1 Table of Contents 2
1.1 List of Tables 6
1.2 List of Figures 7
2 Executive Summary 8
2.1 Government Support in Conjunction with Technology Development Driving Global Renewable Power Installations 8
2.2 Top 10 Countries Account for Over 84% of Wind Power Capacity 8
2.3 Renewable to Account for a Maximum Share of Installed Capacity by 2030 9
2.4 Wind Power to become One of the Primary Sources of Electricity in the Future 10
3 Introduction 11
3.1 Carbon Emissions, Global, 2001-2015 11
3.2 Primary Energy Consumption, Global, 2001-2025 13
3.3 Wind Power, Global, Technology Definition and Classification 15
3.4 Wind Power Market, Technology Overview 15
3.5 Wind Power Market, Turbine Components 16
3.6 Report Guidance 18
4 Renewable Power Market, Global, 2006 - 2030 19
4.1 Renewable Power Market, Global, Overview 19
4.2 Renewable Power Market, Global, Installed Capacity, 2006-2030 21
4.2.1 Renewable Power Market, Global, Cumulative Installed Capacity by Source Type, 2006-2030 21
4.2.2 Renewable Power Market, Global, Cumulative Installed Capacity Split by Source Type, 2015 and. 2030 23

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About Market Research Hub:

Market Research Hub (MRH) is a next-generation reseller of research reports and analysis. MRH’s expansive collection of Wind Power Market Research Reports has been carefully curated to help key personnel and decision makers across industry verticals to clearly visualize their operating environment and take strategic steps.

MRH functions as an integrated platform for the following products and services: Objective and sound market forecasts, qualitative and quantitative analysis, incisive insight into defining industry trends, and market share estimates. Our reputation lies in delivering value and world-class capabilities to our clients.

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          Global FPSO Industry Outlook Q2 2017 - Brazil Continues to Dominate with Most Planned Project Starts   

Market Research Hub

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2017 ) Market Research Hub (MRH) has recently announced the addition of a fresh report, titled “Q2 2017 Global FPSO Industry Outlook - Brazil Continues to Dominate with Most Planned Project Starts” to its report offerings. The report obtain the most up to date information available on the planned FPSO projects globally.

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A total of 54 FPSOs are expected to start operations globally by 2021. South America will continue to lead globally with planned deployment of more than 20 FPSOs, followed by Africa and Asia by 2021. Among countries Brazil continues to dominate in terms of deployment of planned FPSOs, followed by the UK and Angola. Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. and Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Saipem S.p.A are expected to be key global players among operators with the highest deployment of the planned FPSOs by 2021.


Count of FPSOs that were brought online from 2011 to 2017 by key regions in the world, outlook up to 2025

Forecast of FPSOs that would be brought online by 2021 by key countries and operators

Details of major planned FPSOs globally up to 2021

Recent developments, tenders and contracts of FPSOs by key regions, where available

Reasons to buy

Obtain the most up to date information available on the planned FPSO projects globally

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Be informed about recent developments, tenders and contracts in the FPSO industry

Read Full Report with TOC:

Table of Contents:

1.1 List of Tables 3
1.2 List of Figures 4
2. Global FPSO Industry Outlook 5
2.1. Key Highlights 5
2.2. New Project Announcements 6
2.3. New Project Cancellations 6
2.4. Postponed Projects 6
2.5. Stalled Projects 7
2.6. FPSO Industry, Africa 11
2.6.1. Recent Developments in the African FPSO Industry 12
2.6.2. Tenders and Contracts 14
2.7. FPSO Industry, Asia 15
2.7.1. Recent Developments in the Asian FPSO Industry 16
2.7.2. Tenders and Contracts 17
2.8. FPSO Industry, Europe 19
2.8.1. Recent Developments in the European FPSO Industry 20
2.8.2. Tenders and Contracts 22
2.9. FPSO Industry, Middle East 24
2.9.1. Recent Developments in the Middle Eastern FPSO Industry 25
2.9.2. Tenders and Contracts 26
2.10. FPSO Industry, North America 27
2.10.1. Recent Developments in the North American FPSO Industry 28
2.10.2. Tenders and Contracts 29
2.11. FPSO Industry, Oceania 31
2.11.1. Recent Developments in the Oceania FPSO Industry 32
2.11.2. Tenders and Contracts 33
2.12. FPSO Industry, South America 35
2.12.1. Recent Developments in the South American FPSO Industry 36
2.12.2. Tenders and Contracts 37
2.13. Global Planned FPSOs 39
3. Appendix 53
3.1. Abbreviations 53
3.2. Methodology 53
3.2.1 Coverage 53
3.2.2 Secondary Research 53
3.3. Contact Us 54
3.4. Disclaimer 54

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About Market Research Hub:

Market Research Hub (MRH) is a next-generation reseller of research reports and analysis. MRH’s expansive collection of Oil and Gas Market Research Reports has been carefully curated to help key personnel and decision makers across industry verticals to clearly visualize their operating environment and take strategic steps.

MRH functions as an integrated platform for the following products and services: Objective and sound market forecasts, qualitative and quantitative analysis, incisive insight into defining industry trends, and market share estimates. Our reputation lies in delivering value and world-class capabilities to our clients.

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          Sweden Hydropower Capacity, Generation, Regulations - Industry Analysis, Trends, and Forecast Report 2030   

Market Research Hub

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2017 ) Market Research Hub (MRH) has recently announced the addition of a fresh report, titled “Sweden Hydropower Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2017 - Capacity, Generation, Regulations and Company Profiles” to its report offerings. The report provides in depth analysis on global renewable power market and global hydropower market with forecasts up to 2030.

Request Free Sample Report:

"Hydropower (Large, Small and Pumped Storage) in Sweden, Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2017 - Capacity, Generation, Regulations and Company Profiles" is the latest report from GlobalData, the industry analysis specialists that offer comprehensive information and understanding of the hydropower market in Sweden.

The report provides in depth analysis on global renewable power market and global hydropower market with forecasts up to 2030. The report analyzes the power market scenario in Sweden (includes conventional thermal, nuclear, large hydro and renewable energy sources) and provides future outlook with forecasts up to 2030. The research details renewable power market outlook in the country (includes hydro, small hydro, biopower and solar PV) and provides forecasts up to 2030. The report highlights installed capacity and power generation trends from 2006 to 2030 in Sweden hydropower market. A detailed coverage of renewable energy policy framework governing the market with specific policies pertaining to hydropower is provided in the report. The research also provides company snapshots of some of the major market participants.

The report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, secondary research and in-house analysis by GlobalDatas team of industry experts.
The report analyses global renewable power market, global hydropower market, Sweden power market, Sweden renewable power market and Sweden hydropower market. The scope of the research includes -
- A brief introduction on global carbon emissions and global primary energy consumption.
- An overview on global renewable power market, highlighting installed capacity trends, generation trends and installed capacity split by various renewable power sources. The information is covered for the historical period 2006-2016 (unless specified) and forecast period 2017-2030.
- Renewable power sources include wind (both onshore and offshore), solar photovoltaic (PV), concentrated solar power (CSP), small hydropower (SHP), biomass, biogas and geothermal.
- Detailed overview of the global hydropower market with installed capacity and generation trends, installed capacity split by major hydropower countries in 2016 and key owners information of various regions.
- Power market scenario in Sweden and provides detailed market overview, installed capacity and power generation trends by various fuel types (includes thermal conventional, nuclear, large hydro and renewable energy sources) with forecasts up to 2030.
- An overview on Sweden renewable power market, highlighting installed capacity trends (2006-2030), generation trends(2006-2030) and installed capacity split by various renewable power sources in 2016.
- Detailed overview of Sweden hydropower market with installed capacity and generation trends and major active and upcoming hydro projects.
- Deal analysis of Sweden hydropower market. Deals are analyzed on the basis of mergers, acquisitions, partnership, asset finance, debt offering, equity offering, private equity (PE) and venture capitalists (VC).
- Key policies and regulatory framework supporting the development of renewable power sources in general and hydropower in particular.
- Company snapshots of some of the major market participants in the country.
Reasons to buy
- The report will enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner.
- Identify key growth and investment opportunities in Sweden hydropower market.
- Facilitate decision-making based on strong historic and forecast data for hydropower market.
- Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the industrys growth potential.
- Develop strategies based on the latest regulatory events.
- Identify key partners and business development avenues.
- Understand and respond to your competitors business structure, strategy and prospects.

Read Full Report with TOC:

Table of Contents:

1 Table of Contents 2
1.1 List of Tables 5
1.2 List of Figures 6
2 Executive Summary 7
2.1 Fall in OECD Countries Carbon Emission despite a Global Rise during 2010-2015 7
2.2 Technological Advancements and Government Support Driving Global Renewable Power Installations 7
2.3 Top 10 Countries Account for Over 70% of Hydropower Capacity 7
2.4 Renewable to Stock Up Maximum Installed Capacity by 2030 8
2.5 Hydropower Capacity Dominates Electricity Generation in Sweden 9
3 Introduction 10
3.1 Carbon Emissions, Global, 2001-2016 10
3.2 Primary Energy Consumption, Global, 2001-2025 12
3.3 Hydropower, Global, Technology Definition and Classification 14
3.4 Report Guidance 16
4 Renewable Power Market, Global, 2006-2030 17
4.1 Renewable Power Market, Global, Overview 17
4.2 Renewable Power Market, Global, Installed Capacity, 2006-2030 18
4.2.1 Renewable Power Market, Global, Cumulative Installed Capacity by Source Type, 2006-2030 18
4.2.2 Renewable Power Market, Global, Cumulative Installed Capacity Split by Source Type, 2016 and 2030 20
4.2.3 Renewable Power Market, Global, Net Capacity Additions by Source Type, 2016-2030 22

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MRH functions as an integrated platform for the following products and services: Objective and sound market forecasts, qualitative and quantitative analysis, incisive insight into defining industry trends, and market share estimates. Our reputation lies in delivering value and world-class capabilities to our clients.

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          Worldwide Ceramic Membrane - Market by Region, Market Analysis and Forecast To 2021   

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 29, 2017 ) Publisher's Ceramic Membrane market research report provides the newest industry data and industry future trends, allowing you to identify the products and end users driving revenue growth and profitability.
The industry report lists the leading competitors and provides the insights strategic industry analysis of the key factors influencing the market.
The report includes the forecasts, analysis and discussion of important industry trends, market size, market share estimates and profiles of the leading industry players.
The market is expected to expand at 5.8% CAGR over the period between 2016 and 2021.

Global Ceramic Membrane Market: Product Segment Analysis

Global Ceramic Membrane Market: Application Segment Analysis
Chemical industry
Metal industry / Surface engineering
Textiles / Pulp and paper industry
Food and beverages
Recycling and environment

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Global Ceramic Membrane Market: Regional Segment Analysis
South East Asia

The players mentioned in our report
Veolia Water Technologies
Jiangsu Jiuwu Hi-Tech

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Table of Content
Chapter 1 About the Ceramic Membrane Industry
Chapter 2 World Market Competition Landscape
Chapter 3 World Ceramic Membrane Market share
Chapter 4 Supply Chain Analysis
Chapter 5 Company Profiles
Chapter 6 Globalization & Trade
Chapter 7 Distributors and Customers
Chapter 8 Import, Export, Consumption and Consumption Value by Major Countries
Chapter 9 World Ceramic Membrane Market forecast through 2021
Chapter 10 Key success factors and Market Overview

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          Procon, Decon e Conselho Regional fiscalizam farmácias na Capital   

O Procon-MS, em parceria com o Conselho Regional de Farmácia de Mato Grosso do Sul (CRF/MS) e com a Delegacia Especializada de Repressão aos Crimes Contra as Relações de Consumo (Decon), iniciou a fiscalização de farmácias em Campo Grande. Nesta manhã, três estabelecimentos de diferentes redes foram alvo da vistoria. O foco da operação é […]

O post Procon, Decon e Conselho Regional fiscalizam farmácias na Capital apareceu primeiro em PaginaBrazil.Com.

          FULL-TIME DIRECTOR, Sub-Region (Sarnia Lambton) - Erie St Clair Community Care Access Centre - Sarnia, ON   
Responsible for participating in the negotiation and allocation of volumes for Quality Based Procedures and Wait Times for the sub-region....
From Indeed - Thu, 18 May 2017 18:29:35 GMT - View all Sarnia, ON jobs
          Death of a political giant   

Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher waving to well-wishers as Helmut Kohl (left) looks on. Photo: Reuters

Political life is a paradox. Politicians seek to achieve results in the short run because electoral success depends on this. However, they are often concerned about how ‘history’ will ‘judge’ them. The nature of their work binds them to act in the present, yet, they often see themselves in a historical time continuum. The late former chancellor of Germany, Helmut Kohl, understood the significance of ‘history’ in the life of a politician. He was born in 1930 to a conservative Roman Catholic family in the town of Ludwigshafen on the bank of the River Rhine in the Palatinate. The Palatinate was once at the centre of the Holy Roman Empire while the Rhine is the river which both unites and divides, serving as both a transportation link and a natural border between nations and states. Living in such historical crossroads undoubtedly shaped Kohl’s worldview. His life was bound to both the history and the modern development of the Palatinate. His doctoral dissertation in history focused on political developments in the Palatinate after 1945. His first significant political role was that of regional minister-president between 1969 and 1976. Life for the Kohl family was challenging. His...
          Diplomacy and mediation   
The fourth edition of the Istanbul Conference on Mediation takes place today with the theme of ‘Surge in diplomacy, action in Mediation’. Experts, diplomats, practitioners and scholars from around the world will explore ways and means to promote mediation as a prominent conflict prevention and resolution method. The profile of mediation has been rising globally since Turkey and Finland led the way at the United Nations through the Mediation for Peace initiative. The initiative culminated in the establishment of the Group of Friends of Mediation. The group now has 53 members, including 48 states and five international organisations. There has also been substantial improvement in international capacity for preventive diplomacy and mediation within the UN, regional and sub-regional organisations and civil society. The group has become the leading platform at the UN to promote mediation. It has initiated the adoption of four UN General Assembly resolutions, which lay the ground for the development of the normative and conceptual framework of mediation. The group has also contributed to the 2012 United Nations Guidance for Effective Mediation, a fundamental document for those who...
          Hyundai and Cisco drive towards the connected car   
Hyundai and Cisco are working on a hardware platform for their connected car concept, along with secure, high-speed connectivity via Ethernet and modes of data collection to comply with regional regulatory rules.
          Senior Account Executive- Eastern Region-Consumer & Commercial Solutions - Newell Brands - Nova Scotia   
Analyzes geographic territory and trading markets, customer requirements and competitive activities to develop sales plans aimed toward achieving individual...
From Newell Brands - Thu, 11 May 2017 19:45:34 GMT - View all Nova Scotia jobs
          Line Markers/Labourers Required   
QLD-Brisbane Region, Line Markers/Labourers Required! Programmed are currently seeking Line Markers/Labourers for ongoing positions based in Stafford. These roles involve working with Thermoplastic, paint and performing marking duties around Brisbane. There are night shift and day shifts available and you must be able to work in a small team and have excellent good communication skills. You must hold or have the abili
          Expression of Interest   
QLD-Brisbane Region, We are currently seeking ongoing Casual Employees with demonstrated High Reach Forklift experience for a manufacturing warehouse based in the Brisbane Western Suburbs. Successful candidates must have experience with any of the following: High Reach Forklift experience Factory Cleaning RF Scanning General Hand Duties Mechanically minded Manual Lifting Computer Literate Successful applicants must be
          La Alianza del Pacífico redobla su compromiso para aumentar la inversión extranjera   
Peña Nieto, Santos, Kuczynski y Bachelet debaten cómo fortalecer la integración regional
          Forklift Driver   
WA-Perth Region, Calling all Forkies! Programmed Skilled Workforce are currently seeking experienced Forklift Drivers for various casual and ongoing assignments in the Perth Metro Area. Our clients span across a range of industries, including Transport & Logistics, Warehousing, Production and Manufacturing. All levels of experience will be considered, but you must hold a Worksafe Licence (Class LF). We are seeking
NSW-Newcastle Region, Storeman / Salesperson wanted * Immediate start * Trade and Retail focus * Fast paced, team orientated role Ideally you will possess the following: *LO Forklift Licence *Team player, enjoys working with others *Pride in personal presentation *Computer literacy *WHS Focus Also, importantly that you have: *A passion to provide exceptional customer service *Experience in retail sales (an advantage) D
           Sudan says UN troops cut shows Darfur a 'closed chapter'    
The UN Security Council's decision to cut peacekeepers in Darfur shows the conflict in Sudan's war-torn region is a "closed chapter", the foreign ministry...
          (DF) Bulgarian Foreign Minister Tells Her Balkan Counterparts There Is No Alternative to European Prospects for the Region   
June 30 (BTA) - Addressing a meeting of heads of state and government of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) in Dubrovnik, Croatia on Friday, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva said there is no alternative to the European prospects for the Balkan countries, said the Foreign Ministry.
          UEFA Regions Cup başlıyor   
Bu yıl Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu’nun (TFF) ev sahipliğinde düzenlenecek olan UEFA Bölgeler Kupası finallerinin medya toplantısı gerçekleştirildi.
          Student Wellness Coach - Fort Vermilion School District - Rainbow Lake, AB   
This position is included within the Northern Lights Regional Collaborative Service Delivery. Student Wellness Coach.... $26.25 - $37.95 an hour
From Fort Vermilion School District - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 03:22:21 GMT - View all Rainbow Lake, AB jobs
          A Region in Turmoil: Conflicts in the Middle East — Law and Policy   
Streaming Audio

Legal experts from academia, the diplomatic community and the defense community assess ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.

          Oppenheimer recruits advisers with $785M in combined AUM   
The new hires joined the regional firm from AllianceBernstein.
          RBC entices $318M team away from Morgan Stanley   
The new hires generated almost $2 million in annual revenue, according to the regional firm.
          Eurobites: Virgin Cuts Jobs in Wake of Fiber Rollout Ructions   
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia Technologies appoints new boss; Ukraine hit by fresh cyber attack; Fox/Sky latest; happy birthday 999.
          Bioscience Entrepreneurs, Investors Connect at Cal State LA for First Look L.A. 2017    
Newswise imageCal State LA hosted some of the region's leading bioscience research institutions at the Los Angeles Venture Association's (LAVA) First Look L.A. 2017
          Raymond James nabs $3.5B UBS team   
The regional brokerage firm recruited its second wirehouse group this week.
          NUS Study: Painted Jezebel Butterflies Deter Predators with Flashy Wing Colours    
Newswise imageA research team from the National University of Singapore has unraveled the mystery behind the wing colours of the Painted Jezebel, a common butterfly found in urban and forested landscapes throughout the Asia-Pacific region, known for its bright yellow and red wing colours.
          Whitman County Rural Heritage   

Whitman County Heritage is a project of Washington Rural Heritage, a collection of historically significant materials residing in libraries, heritage institutions, and private collections throughout Washington State. The collection includes photographs, documents, and artifacts which tell the stories of Washington's small and rural communities.

Whitman County Heritage documents the early culture, industry, and community life of Whitman County, Washington and locations throughout Washington’s Palouse Region.  The collection is a project of the Whitman County Library and local partners, funded by a grant from the Washington State Library.

To view the entire Whitman County Rural Heritage Collection, visit and choose Rural Heritage.

          Event Remembers First Black Law Student at UVA, UVA Law   
Streaming Audio Audio icon 16_07_12_swanson.mp3

The Charlottesville community posthumously honored Gregory Swanson, a law student who was the first African-American student at UVA, with a ceremony at the downtown branch of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library.

          All about Care for an Acrylic Aquarium Kit   
The practice of keeping aquariums came about in the late 1800's. They were fairly crude. Usually these ancient aquariums only had one side that was made of glass, with the other three sides being made of metal or wood. Most aquariums consisted of fish that were native to the region of its owner simply because of availability. Also most old school fish tanks contained only fresh water fish. The reason being that salt water would corrode the metal frame that held the aquarium together.

Aquariums drastically changed in the 1960's with the invention of silicone adhesive. Metal frames became obsolete and more people started to keep salt water fish and invertebrates. More recently glass tanks have become less frequently used due to the flexibility of acrylic. Literally flexibility! Acrylic aquariums are far more for forgiving than there glass counterparts. If a heavy object strikes a glass tank, it will almost certainly break. The flexibility of an acrylic tank will prevent this catastrophe from happening. In addition, acrylic offers more flexibility in design than glass. Acrylic aquariums have been made into everything from coffee tables to gum ball machines.

That being said, there is a short downfall to owning an acrylic aquarium. They do scratch more easily than glass. When cleaning your aquarium, be careful not to use paper towels, and harsh or abrasive chemicals, as they can scratch the acrylic surface of the aquarium. Always use a cleaner specifically labeled safe for acrylic. Use plastic or rubber scrubbers, rather than metal to clean the sides of an acrylic tank. Be careful not to accidentally pick up a piece of substrate or gravel while cleaning the inside of the tank. However, if you do happen to scratch an acrylic aquarium, all is not lost. The tank can be repaired, unlike glass. There are acrylic repair kits available at specialty pet stores, your local hardware store and of course online.

When purchasing an acrylic aquarium kit, there will be many different options to choose from, at many different price points. Aquarium kits can be purchased at places such as specialty aquatic pet stores, from huge retail chains, or again online. A fish lover can choose from small cylinder shaped tanks that can double as a coffee table lamp to wall huge wall sized aquariums. While, there are some basic things that will be included in most kits, such as, a filter, some substrate or coral and sometimes lighting, the kits themselves can vary greatly. It really doesn't matter where you buy your starter kit, but keep in mind that it is extremely important to buy your fish from a reputable dealer. Don't buy fish that are hovering near the surface, or that are located in a tank with other dead fish. Fish diseases are extremely communicable. Be weary of a fish dealer that refuses to catch a specific fish out of the tank for you. After all this is going to be your fish and you have a right to choose.

Tristan Andrews is a freelance author who writes articles about pet health and pet supplies.

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          Annual Black Country football tournament scores fundraising record   
BUSINESSES from across the region went football crazy and raised more than £8,000 for charity during a six-a-side tournament.
          MTV Jever übernimmt Spitze   
Die Tennisspieler des MTV Jever haben durch den souveränen 5:1-Erfolg über den TV Zur Soeste Harkebrügge im Nachholspiel der Regionsliga den Sprung ...
          JaWir-Stiftungen mit neuer Geschäftsführerin aktiv   
Vorstand und Kuratorium der Jade-Wirtschaftsraum Regionalstiftungen haben umfangreiche Neuerungen beschlossen: Das Tagesgeschäft wird von der ...
          Experiencing the Beauty and History of Cappadocia, Turkey   
My girlfriend Jen and I are back home, but our hearts are still in Turkey. As I sit at my computer post-processing photos from Cappadocia, I still can't quite get my head around the magic and immense beauty from that region surrounding the town of Goreme. Not only was there natural beauty, but also signs of ancient history everywhere we looked. On our first morning there, we saw Cappadocia from the air - a glorious early-morning balloon ride.
          Subsea 7-kjøp kan gjøre selskapet til markedsleder i Midtøsten   
Analytikerne gir tommelen opp til Subsea 7s siste handel, og mener selskapet nå er godt posisjonert i en spennende region.
          Current River Flood Damaged Cabin and Lot Auction - MO - Friday May 19th, 2017 - United Country Birdsong Auction and Real Estate Group, LLC   
Online Auction - MO - Friday May 19th, 2017 - United Country Birdsong Auction and Real Estate Group, LLC | Upcoming Multi Event Online Only Current River Flood Damaged Cabin Property Auction If you have Flood Damaged Cabins or Property in the Current Jacks Fork or Eleven Point River Regions we have buyers and with 27 Years of Real Estate Auction Experience we can help turn yours into Cash in 45 Days or less Please contact us to include your Properties in this Multi Property Auction Event For More Information on how to participate and have your property catalogued Contact Travis Birdsong
          PERKS, Loleta L.   
PERKS, Loleta L. Age 91 of Springfield, passed away peacefully on Thursday, June 29, 2017 at Springfield Regional Medical Center. She was born on .....
          Lingo Media and Schoold Provide Update on Merger   

TORONTO, ON and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - June 30, 2017) - Lingo Media Corporation (TSX VENTURE: LM) (OTCQB: LMDCF) ("Lingo Media" or the "Company"), an EdTech company that is Changing the way the world learns English, and Vested Finance, Inc., the developer and operator of the leading, mobile college marketplace app in the US, Schoold ("Schoold"), have agreed to further extend the term of their previously announced letter of intent ("LOI") regarding a business combination between Lingo Media and Schoold (the "Transaction") until July 31, 2017. The extension is required to provide sufficient time to complete the definitive agreements between the parties.

          Wise Ape, A Performance Tea Company, Announces Partnership With National Brain Tumor Society   

MARLTON, NJ--(Marketwired - June 29, 2017) - Wise Ape, an innovative performance tea company and lifestyle brand committed to providing health conscious consumers with access to uniquely developed and all-natural tea products, this week proudly announced they have established a partnership with the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS), the largest non-profit organization dedicated to the brain tumor community. NBTS is fiercely committed to finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for brain tumors.

          Marzano Awarded IES Grant to Study Gamified Education   

CENTENNIAL, CO--(Marketwired - June 29, 2017) - Marzano Research on Monday was awarded an Institute of Education Sciences (IES) grant to evaluate the effects of gamified instruction on student engagement and achievement. The study, titled Improving Student Learning and Engagement Through Gamified Instruction: Evaluation of iPersonalize, will look for causal evidence of the impact of Fullerton School District's (FSD) gamified instructional system.

          Allanaron el supuesto hotel porteño de Cristina, que funcionaría para lavar dinero   
La expresidente Cristina Fernández.
La Policía de Seguridad Aeroportuaria allanó el hotel Waldorf para secuestrar los libros de registro de huéspedes del establecimiento luego de que la diputada Margarita Stolbizer atribuyera el inmueble a Cristina Fernández y denunciara que el lugar funciona como una pantalla para lavar dinero.
En su presentación, la legisladora del GEN sostuvo que la familiar Kirchner usó a Osvaldo Sanfelice para comprar el Waldorf sin que su nombre figurara y así utilizar el inmueble "como fachada para diversas operaciones de dinero".
En otro escrito que acercó a Comodoro Py, Stolbizer y su abogada Silvina Martinez aportaron elementos que a su juicio podrían revelar una de las vías mediante las cuales "se canalizaban el pago de las coimas a funcionarios públicos por parte de la firma Constructora Norberto Odebrecht S.A". 
En concreto, Stolbizer detectó que los asientos del libro IVA Ventas del hotel dan cuenta de habitaciones que comenzaron a ser facturadas a la constructora brasileña luego de que Sanfelice adquiriera el inmueble en 2009.
Por pedido del fiscal Federico Delgado, titular de la Fiscalía Federal Nº 6, el juez Sebastián Casanello autorizó el allanamiento del hotel, ubicado en Paraguay 450. Actuó en el operativo la Unidad Operacional Control del Narcotráfico y Delito Complejo de la Unidad Regional I Este de la Policía de Seguridad Aeroportuaria.
Stolbizer señaló que a partir de 2012 los pagos realizados por Odebrecht aumentaron considerablemente. Hay períodos en los que el hotel emitió una factura diaria durante meses enteros a la firma brasileña. Esto ocurrió en julio y agosto de 2012; también en mayo, junio y septiembre de 2014. Si se suma la facturación del hotel de Sanfelice, supera la capacidad del establecimiento.
Además, la legisladora destacó que el patrimonio de Sanfelice creció en forma injustificada a partir de su vínculo con la familia Kirchner. En este sentido, en 2007 declaró bienes por 1.265.837 pesos. En 2008 los duplicó, al llevarlos a 3.245.081 pesos. Y en 2009 compró el Hotel Waldorf por 6.335.000 pesos, casi el doble de su patrimonio declarado.
El Waldorf tuvo un ejercicio negativo en 2009. Pero en 2010 el saldo positivo ascendió a 879 mil pesos. Ya en 2012 ganó un millón de pesos. Según los balances, la facturación creció de manera sostenida. Fueron cuatro millones y medio de pesos en 2009, más de 6 millones de pesos en 2010, casi 8 millones de pesos en 2011 y casi 9 millones de pesos durante 2013.
El del miércoles fue el segundo operativo que se llevó a cabo en el hotel atribuido a la ex presidente. 
Semanas atrás, personal de la Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos (AFIP) encabezó un operativo en busca de "documentación respaldatoria" para la investigación de "la emisión de facturas truchas y elementos que respalden la teoría de la evasión".
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Tras la denuncia de la diputada Margarita Stolbizer y el pedido del fiscal Federico Delgado, el juez Sebastián Casanello autorizó el allanamiento del hotel Waldorf para secuestrar registros de huéspedes del inmueble que habría sido utilizado por los Kirchner "como fachada para diversas operaciones de dinero", entre ellas "el pago de coimas por parte de Odebrecht".
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Allanaron el supuesto hotel porteño de Cristina, que funcionaría para lavar dinero
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          Por la muerte del jubilado, gremio de ANSES lanza paro y denuncia "genocidio": Gobierno "lamenta el uso político"   
El comunicado de APOP denuncia un "genocidio" de jubilados por parte del gobierno de Macri.

Un jubilado de 91 años se pegó un tiro este jueves en una oficina de la ANSES de Mar del Plata y murió horas después en un hospital de la ciudad balnearia.

A raíz de este traumático episodio, el gremio de trabajadores de la ANSES declaró un paro nacional de 24 para este viernes.

Leonardo Fabré, secretario General de la Asociación del Personal de los Organismos de Previsión Social (APOPS / ANSES), declaró que se trata de la 2da muerte violenta "de estas características" y citó como antecedente el asesinato de un jefe de delegación, también en Mar del Plata, ocurrida en 1996.

Fabré no dudó en convertir el trágico hecho en un alegato político contra el gobierno de Mauricio Macri.

"Hoy son las mismas políticas de los '90, son los mismos que gobernaban en los '90 los que gobiernan hoy" disparó el titular de la APOPS en declaraciones al canal C5N y siguió: "para este gobierno el sistema previsional público es una molestia, es un gasto, no lo ven como lo que es, una cuestión justa a partir de lo que los jubilados se han ganado".

"Se pegó un tiro un jubilado de ANSES en Mar del Plata. Macri y sus políticas es el responsable", disparó más temprano Fabré por Twitter.

Por otra parte, un mensaje de APOPS en las redes sociales denuncia "un genocidio" del que serían blanco los jubilados, víctimas de un supuesto "plan de exterminio de nuestros viejos" por parte del Gobierno.

En este contexto, el titular de la ANSES, Emilio Basavilbaso, denunció el "uso político" de la trágica muerte del anciano a la vez que expresó su pesar por el episodio.

"Dolor y consternación por el lamentable episodio de un jubilado en la oficina de ANSES en Mar del Plata. Acompaño a la familia en este doloroso momento con profundo respeto y comprensión. Esta situación nos afecta a todos. Lamentamos el uso político de una situación tan personal y dolorosa", dijo el funcionario.

La policía identificó al hombre como Rodolfo Oscar Estivill, de 91 años, quien por la mañana había ido a hacer un trámite a la ANSES y se disparó en la cabeza, ante las personas que estaban en el lugar. Estivill fue llevado de urgencia en estado crítico al Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos, pero perdió la vida poco después debido a la gravedad de sus heridas.

Un empleado de la ANSES aseguró que el hombre había ido al lugar a hacer un trámite para cambiar la sucursal bancaria en la que cobra su jubilación y afirmó que el hombre ingresó alterado, incluso se lo escuchó insultar, y gritaba "a las únicas que tengo que darles explicaciones es a mis sobrinas, que son las que me ayudan".

La Anses emitió un comunicado oficial tras la muerte del hombre de 91 años. "La gestión que iba a realizar por cambio de domicilio es un trámite de rutina sin complejidad", aclararon.

El texto completo:

"La ANSES informa que, durante la mañana del día de hoy, un jubilado de 91 años concurrió a una oficina del organismo de Mar del Plata, ubicada en Av. Independencia 3151, para realizar un trámite de cambio de domicilio, acompañado de la sobrina y la hija de ella. Allí, extrajo un arma de fuego y se disparó ante el público presente y el personal del organismo.

La ambulancia llegó inmediatamente y el señor fue trasladado aún con signos vitales al Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos. Lamentablemente, a las pocas horas falleció en el hospital producto de los daños causados por el disparo.

La gestión que iba a realizar por cambio de domicilio es un trámite de rutina sin complejidad.

Testigos que presenciaron el episodio explicaron que el hecho ocurrió pasadas las 10.30 horas cuando el hombre, al utilizar la escalera que conduce hacia el primer piso, arrojó su bastón y se disparó. Ya había concluido el trámite por el que había ido y volvió a ingresar al edificio con el argumento de que iba a saludar a un amigo al primer piso.

La ANSES por medio de la jefa de la Regional Bonaerense II y la gerente de la oficina acompañaron a los familiares presentes durante todo momento y lo seguirán haciendo el tiempo que sea necesario.

La oficina no abrirá sus puertas en el día de mañana y durante el lunes 3 de julio se llevará a cabo una jornada de contención para los empleados que presenciaron el hecho."

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A raíz del traumático episodio, el gremio de trabajadores de la ANSES declaró un paro nacional de 24 para este viernes. El sindicato denunció que el Gobierno lleva adelante "plan de exterminio de nuestros viejos". Leonardo Fabré, secretario general de esa organización, dijo que Macri era "el responsable" de la muerte del hombre 91 "por sus políticas". El titular del organismo previsional lamentó "el uso político de una situación tan personal y dolorosa".
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Por la muerte del jubilado, gremio de ANSES para y denuncia "genocidio": Gobierno "lamenta uso político"
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          Customer Service Supervisor - Praxair - Morrisville, PA   
Interfaces professionally and in a timely manner with inter-company departments and regions, responding to the needs of internal customers....
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           Al Shabaab militants executed in Somalia's Puntland for bomb plots, killings    
BOSASSO, Somalia, June 30 (Reuters) - Authorities in Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region on Friday executed seven people it said were Islamist...
          IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-ISP Database July.2017   
IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-ISP translates IP address to country, region, city and IS
          Metropolia staje się faktem. Premier podpisała rozporządzenie   
Premier Beata Szydło podpisała dzisiaj rozporządzenie rady ministrów w sprawie utworzenia związku metropolitalnego w woj. śląskim. Oznacza to, że formalnie metropolia śląsko-zagłębiowska już powstała. Teraz sprawy w swoje ręce muszą wziąć samorządowcy w regionie, a przede wszystkim Katowice i prezydent Marcin Krupa, który został pełnomocnikiem ds. utworzenia metropolii. – Dzisiaj mogę powiedzieć, że dopełniamy tego
          Need A Ride? Uber, Lyft Running In Upstate NY, Long Island   

The Uber and Lyft ride-hailing services began operating Thursday in upstate New York and on Long Island, a move that officials say will provide work for thousands of drivers and reduce alcohol-related road accidents. The ride-hailing apps became available for those regions as of 12:01 a.m. under legislation approved by state lawmakers and signed into law by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier this month. The original measure called for the services to begin upstate and on Long Island on July 9, but Cuomo and the Legislature worked out a deal to push up the start to just before the busy Fourth of July holiday. The two ride-hailing apps had been limited to picking up passengers in New York City until lawmakers voted this year to permit the expansion. The Post-Standard of Syracuse reports that the state Department of Motor Vehicles said more than 20,000 drivers are expected to provide rides for Uber and Lyft. The agency, whose duties include regulating ride-hailing companies, said that’s the number of drivers who filed information with the DMV to become drivers for the two apps. All those drivers are either on Long Island or in upstate New York, DMV officials said. Buffalo, the state’s second-largest city, had been one of the largest cities in the country without access to the ride-hailing apps. On Wednesday, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown joined Erie County District Attorney John Flynn and local law enforcement leaders to praise the arrival of Uber and Lyft. “Anything that we can do to produce more jobs, to produce more employment opportunities and circulate more dollars into our economy, benefits the economic development and the economy of Buffalo and western New York,” Brown said. Police officials said giving people another option to taxis will cut down on the number of drivers who get behind the wheel after drinking. “If ride-sharing can reduce the number of DWI arrests and alcohol-related crashes, then all this effort was worth it,” said Timothy Howard, sheriff for Erie County, which includes the city of Buffalo. (AP)

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           France's Macron due in Mali to back Sahel anti-jihad force    
President Emmanuel Macron is due in Mali on Sunday to consolidate Western backing for a regional anti-jihadist force, as France beefs up its counter-terror...
          PSR Sicilia 2014/2020: Misura 6.4.a - il PSA cartaceo   
Riecco affiorare la burocrazia e la produzione cartacea, al posto della dematerializzazione.
Invece di rendere disponibile il WebPSA (con tutti gli annessi della sua totale inutilità e della sua inadeguatezza), ecco che l'Assessorato Agricoltura della nostra regione ritorna prepotente con la pubblicazione del PSA cartaceo da compilare (anch'esso con tutte le sue assurdità di cui ho già ampiamente scritto), da consegnare, e poi da riconsegnare dopo averlo ristampato, all'avvenuto rilascio.
Ecco il comunicato riportato ieri:
MISURA 6 “Sviluppo delle aziende agricole e delle imprese” - OPERAZIONE 6.4.a – regime de minimis - "Supporto alla diversificazione dell’attività agricola verso la creazione e sviluppo di attività extra-agricole" – AVVISO - Con riferimento all’articolo 6 del Bando pubblicato il 02/05/2017 si rende disponibile il modello cartaceo del Piano di Sviluppo Aziendale, contenente tutte le informazioni che dovranno essere successivamente implementate sull’applicativo PSAWeb Sicilia.
Documenti allegati: 
  • Schema PSA 6.4.a de minimis versione 1.00 editabile
  • Schema PSA 6.4.a de minimis versione 1.00

  •           Organic Electronics Market to Hit 32.6% CAGR, Fuelled by Growing Adoption of Organic Electronics Among Consumers   

    Recent research and the current scenario as well as future market potential of "Organic Electronics Market - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth And Forecast 2012 - 2018" globally.

    Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2017 -- This research report is an effort to identify factors, which will be the driving force behind the organic electronics market and sub-markets in the next six years. The report provides extensive analysis of the organic electronics industry, current market trends, industry drivers and challenges for better understanding of the organic electronics market structure. The report has segregated the organic electronics industry in terms of application and geography.

    This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Organic Electronics in USD million by the following application segments: Display market, Organic lighting market, Logic and Memory, Organic RFID tags, organic sensor, organic photovoltaic and printed batteries market.

    The report also provides value chain analysis and market potential for organic electronics market. The report provides separate comprehensive analysis for the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific organic electronics market. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2012 through 2018. The report profiles 11 companies including many key and niche players such as BASF, Merck, Evonik Company among others.

    Get The Sample Copy Of This report:

    The report helps in providing a comprehensive overview for
    Market forces that are driving and restraining the growth of the industry
    Opportunities for the application segments and geographies covered
    Up-to-date analysis of the latest trends in the industry
    Innovative product development, forecasts and other subjects
    Distinctive graphics and exemplified SWOT analysis of the industry segments
    Acumen into the size and shape of the market growth
    Detailed outlook of the market and its future
    Comprehensive analysis of major competitors and their strategies
    Pricing trend and impact of it on the market
    Technological growth map over time and impact of the same on the industry
    Impact analysis for factors driving and restraining the market during the forecast period
    Reasons for buying this report
    Forward-looking perspective on a category, market or issue affecting the industry growth
    Seven year forecast assess how the market is predicted to grow and segmental behavior
    Understand the competitive environment, the leading players and segments in the market
    Clear understanding about the key product segments and identification of most robust product segment will help in ensuring strong returns
    Pin-point analysis of changing dynamics of competition keeps you ahead of the competitors
    Make more informed business decisions from insightful and in-depth analysis of the technical and commercial strength organic electronics and its performance
    Observe the chronological sales performance of a organic electronics in major regional markets
    Obtain sales forecast for currently marketed organic electronic end use products for 2012-2018 for all major markets

    Send An Enquiry:

    Major Segments Analyzed

    By application
    Display Market
    Organic Lighting Market
    Logic and memory
    Organic Radio Frequency identification tags(ORFID)
    Organic Sensors
    Organic photovoltaic
    Printed batteries market

    By geographies
    Asia Pacific
    ROW (Rest of the world)


    For the research report, we conducted in-depth interviews and discussions with a wide range of key industry participants and opinion leaders. Primary research represents the bulk of our research efforts, supplemented by extensive secondary research. We reviewed the key players' product literature, annual reports, press releases and relevant documents for competitive analysis and market understanding. Secondary research also includes a search of recent trade journals, technical writing, internet sources, and statistical data from government websites, trade associations and agencies. This approach has proven to be the most reliable, effective and successful approach for obtaining precise market data, capturing industry participants' insights, and recognizing business opportunities.

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Mr Nachiket
    Business Head
    Telephone: 518-621-2074
    Email: Click to Email Mr Nachiket

              The Guardian view on Hong Kong: Britain has a duty to defend its freedoms | Editorial   
    As the region marks 20 years since its return to China, there is rightly concern about its future

    It is 20 years since Hong Kong returned to China. Now as then, there is trepidation. In his first visit as Chinese leader, Xi Jinping has overseen a military parade – a reminder of Beijing’s might – and warned of “new challenges” to the “one country, two systems” framework which allows a high degree of autonomy for the region. On Friday, the foreign ministry described the Joint Declaration, the Sino-British treaty on those arrangements, as a historical document which no longer had practical significance.

    Britain’s seizure of Hong Kong is a key part of China’s narrative of a century of humiliation by imperialist foreign powers, ended by the Communist party’s triumph. (Its belief that the west is determined to rain on its parade will be reinforced by the US announcements of sanctions on a Chinese bank linked to North Korea and arms sales to Taiwan just as Mr Xi arrived in the region for the anniversary celebrations.)

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              Building Inspector/Plumbing Inspector - Regional District of Central Okanagan - Okanagan, BC   
    Building Inspector/Plumbing Inspector Organization: Regional District of Central Okanagan The Regional District of Central Okanagan is one of the most $35.65 an hour
    From - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 02:43:58 GMT - View all Okanagan, BC jobs
              Bonito11: Немецкое барокко:Брухзальская резиденция   

    Это цитата сообщения Майя_Пешкова Оригинальное сообщение

    1280px-Bruchsal_(28) (700x403, 130Kb)


    Дворец Брухзаль — комплекс зданий в стиле барокко в немецком городе Брухзаль в федеральной земле Баден-Вюртемберг. Построен в первой половине XVIII в. как новая резиденция князей-епископов Шпайера, взамен разрушенного в войне за пфальцское наследство епископского дворца в Шпайере.

    Дамиан Хуго Филипп фон Шёнборн-Буххайм

    Строительство дворца было инициировано шпайерским князем-епископом Дамианом Хуго Филиппом фон Шёнборн-Буххайм в 1720-х гг. и в своём основном объёме восходит к планам курмайнцского главного директора по строительству Иоганна Максимилиана фон Вельша (Johann Maximilian von Welsch, 1671—1745), под руководством которого и начались работы.

    После многочисленных корректур изначального плана, в 1731 г. общий надзор за строительными работами возглавил Бальтазар Нойман, по проекту которого была возведена центральная часть основного корпуса с роскошной главной лестницей, ведущей к двум парадным залам: Княжескому и Мраморному (или Императорскому).

    churchtower and Kavalierbau of the baroque palace of Bruchsal

    Turm der Hofkirche des Bruchsaler 

    Balthasar Neumann 

    Наряду с Нойманом, с 1731 по 1736 гг. над созданием внутреннего убранства и, прежде всего, фресок работал известный художник из Ломбардии Джованни Франческо Марчини (Giovanni Francesco Marchini, 1672—1736).

    Оформление помещений в стиле рококо было произвед, ярко демонстрируют прошлое, настоящее и будущее княжества-епископства Шпайер и прославляют епископа как хранителя веры. Штукатурные работы были завершёны только в 1755 г. под руководством Иоганна Михаэля Фойхтмайера 

    В результате медиатизации княжество-епископство Шпайер прекратило своё существование, и его правобережные владения на Рейне отошли в 1803 г. маркграфству Баден (левобережные территории были потеряны уже в 1792 г. в результате французских революционных войн, что было юридически закреплено в Кампо-Формийском договоре).

    Bruchsal, Damianstor

    Последнему епископу, Филиппу Францу Непомуку Вильдериху графу фон Вальдердорфу (Philipp Franz Nepomuk Wilderich Graf von Walderdorf, 1739—1810), было, однако, дозволено сохранить за собой княжеский титул и, кроме того, право на пожизненное использование южной части брухзальского дворца.

    При этом в северной части дворца была обустроена вдовья резиденция баденской наследной принцессы Амалии Гессен-Дармштадтской. С её смертью в 1832 г. Брухзаль потерял свой блеск и выпал из большой истории.

    В XIX в. дворец использовался в качестве военного госпиталя, фрески были закрашены.

    Лишь в начале XX в. (с 1900 по 1909 г.) дворец был отреставрирован, и под руководством пионера охраны памятников архитектуры Фрица Хирша (Fritz Hirsch) восстановлено считавшееся утраченным красочное внешнее оформление фасадов.

    В последние дни Второй мировой войны, при авиабомбардировке Брухзаля 1 марта 1945 г., дворец оказался сильно разрушен и полностью выгорел; лестница Бальтазара Ноймана чудом пережила уничтожение и стала ядром проекта восстановления дворцового комплекса.

    Сегодня в брухзальском дворце, находящемся в собственности земли Баден-Вюртемберг (под управлением "Государственных замков и парков Баден-Вюртемберга"), располагаются Музей города Брухзаль и Германский музей музыкальных автоматов. Кроме того, на территории комплекса, в здании бывшей епископской канцелярии, проводит свои заседания Брухзальский окружной суд.

    Hans Huth: Schloss Bruchsal. Die ehemalige Residenz der Fürstbisc
    Kurt Lupp: Schloss Bruchsal. Bau, Zerstörung und Wiederaufbau. (= Veröffentlichungen der Historischen Kommission der Stadt Bruchsal; Bd. 21). Verlag Regionalkultur, Heidelberg u. a. 2003,
    Hajo Rheinstädter: Schloß Bruchsal. Führer. Verwaltung der Staatlichen Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg/Staatsanzeiger für Baden-Württemberg/Brausdruck, Heidelberg 1996

    Серия сообщений "Дворцы Германии":
    Часть 1 - Королевские резиденции Германии: мюнхенский дворец.Часть 1.История,экстерьер и интерьер
    Часть 2 - Галерея красавиц в Нимфенбургском дворце...в фарфоре
    Часть 33 - Дорнбургские дворцы
    Часть 34 - Немецкое барокко:Аугустусбург - резиденция Курфюрста и Архиепископа Кёльнского
    Часть 35 - Немецкое барокко:Брухзальская резиденция

    Серия сообщений "Стили в архитектуре.Барокко":
    Часть 1 - Русское барокко.Кунсткамера.
    Часть 2 - Русское барокко:Большой Екатерининский дворец.Часть 2.Янтарная комната
    Часть 13 - Собор Вознесения Девы Марии в Дубровнике
    Часть 15 - Немецкое барокко:Брухзальская резиденция

              Bonito11: Очарование Бретани:неизвестные замки(1)   

    Это цитата сообщения Майя_Пешкова Оригинальное сообщение

    Я начинаю новою серию постов о замках Бретани,как результат моих странствий по Бретани,думаю,что они заслуживают того.чтобы о них знали и на просторах Рунета,своим милым очарованием,многовековой историей ,красотой архитектурных решений и оригинальными интерьерами.


    Бретань - один из немногих регионов Франции, который пронес через все эпохи свою индивидуальность, который ревностно оберегает свой неповторимый характер, и этому есть исторические причины. Очарование и притягательность земель Бретани - в смешении характеров и темпераментов, сказочных легенд и реальных исторических эпох. Из глубины неолитического периода тянется нитью Ариадны история человека, свидетельство этому - импозантные силуэты древних менгиров, что высятся повсюду в Бретани.



    Позже, с заселением в V веке этих земель реальными выходцами с Великобританских островов, пришли сказочные жители - легендарный Король Артур и рыцари Круглого Стола, фея Вивиана и мудрец Мерлин. После нескольких десятков лет подчинения Королю Шарлеманю, в 826 году Бретань обрела статус независимого герцогства. Вплоть до конца XIV века период постоянной конфронтации с французским королевством был достаточно неспокойным, но полным к самоопределению.

        Бретань - огромный полуостров, далеко выдающийся в Атлантический океан, представляет собой природный феномен: материковые земли богаты сочными лугами, светлыми ручьями, извилистыми реками и пологими холмами, а всего в нескольких десятках километров морские валы разбиваются о морщинистые утесы, крепкие ветра взбивают кружевную пену барашков, мощные подводные течения подстерегают моряков. Где бы Вы ни были, в рыбацком порту, в старинном замке города-крепости, в лесах Броселианда или на холмах массива Монт д'Арре, Вы непременно будете ощущать свежий ветер, доносящийся с моря, этот неуловимый йодистый аромат выброшенных на песок водорослей - запах далеких странствий.

        Века политической независимости, географическая отдаленность региона, цельность характера - все это определяет особенности повседневной жизни бретонцев. Когда попадаешь сюда, на край европейской земли, необходимо вкусить всех богатств жизни: войти в танцевальный круг на народном празднике, попробовать блюда местной кухни, смешаться с толпой, приветствующей возвращение с лова рыбаков.

    Замки Бретани можно назвать настоящими шедеврами, в которых оживают история и легендарное прошлое этой провинции. Ведь именно в их залах, башнях и донжонах вершились бретонская фольклорная традиция и история. Действительно, вряд ли укрепленные особняки других стран, за исключением, пожалуй, расположенных на Рейне, ассоциируются с таким же множеством легенд, появившихся благодаря связанным с ними реальным историческим событиям или из намного более колоритных, а следовательно, и пугающих представлений об их возможной связи с силами зла.

    Сам внешний вид таких сооружений, как бретонский замок, как это ни удивительно, связан с весьма печальной традицией. Массивные стены кажутся довольно толстыми для того, чтобы сохранить все тайны, и призыв к кровавой мести, раздававшийся в них, не мог проникнуть во внешний мир через узкие бойницы. Широкие и высокие башни защищают переднюю часть здания, возвышаясь над кровлей, подобно коническим шляпам волшебников.

    Слуховые окна, створные оконные переплеты чердака со всех сторон охраняются страшными горгульями или грифонами, держащими руки со щитами давно почивших сеньоров.

    Вы можете отправиться в путешествие по волшебной старой Праге, логовам ведьм Эдинбурга, заселенным летучими мышами замкам Драхенфельс или Райнштайн, но не найдете ни одного сооружения, более исполненного духом Средневековья, окутанного тайной, чем эти прочные твердыни, гребни и флюгеры которых по всей Бретонской земле возвышаются над окружающими их лесами и зеркальными реками.

    Замки в постах расположены по французскому алфавиту

    Ла Аргента

     Blason département fr Côtes-d’Armor.svg Департамент Кот-д'Армор .Коммуна Сент-Лормэль.Владелец Фредерик Руст.11 век.



    Департамент Кот-д'Армор ,1628,частное владение,коммуна Евран,

    Спектакль на тему мушкетеров.Замок используют для аренды на свадебные торжества,экскурсии,культурные мероприятия.


    Департамент Кот-д'Армор ,15 век,Строил Иоанн 1 из Кваленака,Нынешние владельцы-семья Керджегу

                                                                   Котфри.Замок -Крепость.

     Департамент  Кот-д'Армор,1462,Коммуна Плубезри,частное владение,реставрируют



    Департамент Кот-д'Армор.,в лесу селения Белль-ан-Терр,1880 год постройки для графини Сисмасонс.Его еще называют-,Замок Леди Монд

    Замок перешел как приданое в браке графини с  Бертраном де Фосиньи,который был по уши в долгах,  он и продал замок и обширную территорию вокруг него в 1923 году.

    Замок когда-то стоял у дороги,Леди Монд перенесла здание подальше в лес,умельцы однако.Погода усугубляет мрачность пейзажа...

    В 1929 году сэр Роберт Монд , король никеля , купил замок для своей жены леди Монд,замок перешел дочери  Мари-Луизе Ле Maнах родившейся  в Бель-Иль-ан-Терре. После ее смерти в 1949 , замок переходил в руки различных владельцев, которые  были не в состоянии полностью восстановить это огромное здание.

    Вот и память о бывшей церквушке на этом месте

    В 2011 замок был куплен новыми владельцами , которые  его и восстанавливают .

    Шикарное монументальное здание в лучших традициях замковой архитектуры,думаю красиво будет после реставрации,обещают восстановить и интерьеры с садом.


    Департамент Морбиан,коммуна Глов,15 век,частное владение

    Замок в лесу,добираться только пешком,но такая прогулка стоит,замок-жемчужина,шесть веков простоял,только потемнел.Строили на века.

    Фонтанчик Средневековья


    Департамент Кот-д'Армор,Коммуна Трегастел.Постройка-1896 год,Строил Бруно Абаканович,теперешний владелец-Дитер Халлерводен.Назначение-летний отдых владельцев.

    Напротив замка.Берег розового гранита.Территория полностью закрыта для посещения.


                                                                           Форт Ла-Латте

    Департамент от-д'Армор ,Коммуна Плеверон.Построен в 1340 году,для   сеньера Этьена !!! Гийона 

    Один из известнейших замков Бретани, построенный на мысе Фрил, в период с 1340 по 1370 годы – замок Форт-ла-Латте. 

    Форт-ла-Латте со скалы высотой 60 метров контролирует залив Сен-Мало на северо-западном побережье Бретани. Форт находится в отличном состоянии по двум причинам: во-первых, во время религиозных войн XVI столетия военные сооружения очень хорошо укрепляли, а во-вторых, гениальному строителю крепостей маршалу Вобану было поручено модернизировать крепость, что он с честью и выполнил.

    На месте сегодняшней достопримечательности мыса Фреэль на бретанском побережье Франции еще в десятом столетии стоял замок, принадлежавший одному из старейших родов Бретани - Гийонам-Матиньонским. Надо полагать, много разных, причем не только мирных событий, довелось увидеть этому замку за три века своего существования.

    Но, как мы уже выяснили, новое время требовало новых укреплений, и в тринадцатом столетии на месте замка была возведена крепость с тем самым донжоном, с которого (а подняться туда вполне реально) открывается соответствующий вид и на море, и на не обремененную излишней экзотикой сушу.



    Согласитесь: безлюдные, круто спускающиеся к морю, поросшие вереском склоны и темно свинцовые воды Ла-Манша выглядят здесь, где свистели стрелы, ядра и пули, раздавались крики атакующих и стоны умирающих, как-то логичнее, чем какие-нибудь легкомысленные пальмы и разноцветные, не менее легкомысленные пташки.

    Эту неброскую гармонию природы и укрепления, в последний раз перестроенного в соответствии с эволюцией военной техники уже при Людовике XIV, разглядел в шестидесятых годах века прошлого режиссер Ричард Флейшер.


    Часовня Святого Михаила

    И мысу вместе с крепостью страшно повезло: их летаргическое существование, не осложнявшееся с последней атаки в 1815 году никакими достойными запоминания событиями, было прервано съемками одного из самых нашумевших фильмов с Кирком Дугласом и Тони Кертисом - “Викинги”

    И как некогда корабли викингов возникали неожиданно и неотвратимо на нахмурившемся тучами горизонте, так и сегодня, словно корабль-призрак, каким-то чудом заброшенный на небольшой кусочек суши в Байе-де-ла Френэ, возникает из непроглядных глубин истории Форт Ла-Латте.

    И в самом имени крепости - голос воинов. А в менее известном его названии – замок Рош-Гийон – имя первых владельцев этой земли.Наверное, в память о вторых и в честь первых полощется в низком небе Бретани тот флаг над донжоном.


    Помните из курса истории, что такое донжон? Вон, смотрите, круглая башня с развевающимся над нею флагом почти на краю обрыва – это донжон и есть. Усовершенствование осадных орудий и самой техники ведения осады в начале двенадцатого века привело к тому, что и для обороны приходилось придумывать что-либо новенькое. И была придумана вот такая круглая башня-донжон, являвшаяся последним убежищем для защитников какой-либо крепости и позволявшая с большим успехом эту самую оборону осуществлять.




     На дороге к замку стоит менгир, или «палец Гаргантюа» - согласно легенде его потерял великан, перешагивая через Ла-Манш.




    Франция, начиная со средних веков, была и остается страной замков, королей, рыцарей и волшебных сказок. Архитектура ее замков разнообразна и многолика. И каждый из них - историческое свидетельство становления европейской цивилизации, науки, искусства и культуры.

    Продолжение следует...


    Серия сообщений "Замки(обзорные посты)":
    Часть 1 - Всемирное наследие ЮНЕСКО: Замки долины Луары от Сюлли-сюр-Луар до Шалон-сюр-Луара
    Часть 2 - Всемирное наследие ЮНЕСКО:замки долины Луары.Часть 2
    Часть 21 - Неизвестные средневековые замки Франции X-XI века
    Часть 22 - Неизвестные замки Франции XII века
    Часть 23 - Очарование Бретани:неизвестные замки(1)

              Iconic Brands/ICNB-Enjoy Bellissima Prosecco by Christie Brinkley for the Holiday Weekend   

    AMITYVILLE, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 30, 2017) - Iconic Brands, Inc. (OTC PINK: ICNB) the company is pleased to announce that Bellissima has entered the final phase of the Canadian approval process with a tasting panel submission this week. This tasting is the last hurdle for a brand to clear before gaining final board approval. The company is excited to be in front of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario a/k/a the LCBO. This region of Canada is the gateway for our platform in Canada and represents the majority of the Canadian sales channels and is a key step toward full nationwide distribution in Canada.

              New Research Highlights Strategies to Drive Industry Cluster Growth   

    JPMorgan Chase & Co. and the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) released a new report providing actionable insights for city leaders looking to leverage their area’s competitive industries to build stronger urban economies. 

    Clusters represent interrelated industries in a specific geography—think of the Automotive cluster in Detroit or the Oil and Gas cluster in Houston. “While more and more cities are thinking about clusters as a key to their economic development plans, city leaders are not always equipped with the strategies to maximize their impact, including targeted growth in inner cities,” said Kim Zeuli, Director of Research and Senior Vice President, ICIC. “Whether your city is beginning to look at cluster strategies, or hoping to spur the growth of targeted clusters, the report offers important takeaways.” 

    The report, Building Strong Clusters for Strong Urban Economies, profiles cluster building efforts in four U.S. cities—San Diego, St. Louis, Chicago, and New Orleans—and offers six recommendations for designing high-impact clusters.

    The San Diego Regional Innovation Cluster and BioSTL (St. Louis) cases offer important strategies for creating successful cluster initiatives. They are spurring growth in the Advanced Defense Technology and Biosciences clusters, respectively. The Chicago Regional Growth Initiative and ProsperityNOLA (New Orleans) cases point to important lessons for creating sustainable cluster-oriented economic development plans, whether within a metropolitan region or city. 

    The report’s insights were informed by cluster theory and practice, and an in-depth analysis of cluster strategies across the U.S. Recommendations include choosing the right cluster(s), identifying appropriate cluster interventions, being flexible about geography, ensuring leadership has relevant industry expertise, establishing strong public-private partnerships, and identifying a sustainable business model.

    The new report was announced by JPMorgan Chase and ICIC on Wednesday in St. Louis at an event hosted by BioSTL. The event, the GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit, represents a key cluster-building activity of BioSTL’s international attraction initiative, bringing together some of St. Louis’ top hospitals, companies, and investors and a delegation of 14 leading digital health companies from Israel and Ireland looking to set up U.S. headquarters in St. Louis. “BioSTL is proud to earn this distinction for helping to orchestrate a successful bioscience cluster built upon St. Louis’ strengths in medical and plant science,” said Donn Rubin, President and CEO of BioSTL. “It didn’t happen overnight. Our deliberate approach over the past 15 years has put in place the people, ideas, capital, and infrastructure to create a vibrant cluster to spur economic growth. To be recognized by JPMorgan Chase and ICIC as the model bioscience cluster for other U.S. cities is a privilege for the St. Louis region.” 

    This research was made possible by JPMorgan Chase & Co. through its Small Business Forward initiative, a $75 million, multi-year global effort to connect underserved small businesses to experts and critical resources that help them grow faster, create jobs and strengthen local economies.

    The full report can be found online at

    About the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

    ICIC is a national, nonprofit research and advisory organization founded in 1994. Its mission is to drive economic prosperity in America’s inner cities through private sector investment that leads to jobs, income and wealth creation for local residents. More information about ICIC is available at

              Moseley Architects Announces New Leaders in K-12 Sector   

    Moseley Architects Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Moseley Architects)RICHMOND, Va., June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Moseley Architects, one of the region's most trusted architectural and engineering firms, announced several leadership changes within the firm's K-12 sector. Bill Laughlin, AIA, has been named the firm's K-12 sector leader effective July...

              North Coast NSW braces for floods just 10 weeks after ex-Cyclone Debbie devastation   
    Flood warnings are issued for parts of the New South Wales north coast just 10 weeks after the region was devastated by ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie.
              Sailing Yacht “A” Surprised Formentera’s Visitors   
    Sailing Yacht A once again impressed the visitors of the Mediterranean region this summer. The 143-metre luxury superyacht made her appearance in Formentera, after she has visied Italy and France.
              7/1/2017: Killer: ‘I didn’t mean for him to die’   

    In the weeks following her arrest, killer Helen Rose posted off a letter she penned from her prison cell. Dated June 19, 2016, its recipient was South Taranaki woman Carla Davis and her partner Craig, both friends of Rex Karaitiana – the man Rose was...
              Maduro participa en el encuentro Interregional Convite de Conucos Escolares en Miranda   
    El presidente de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, realizó este viernes un recorrido por los diferentes stands que forman parte del encuentro Interregional Convite de Conucos Escolares, que se lleva a cabo en el Parque Vinicio Adames, en el estado Miranda. “Esta es una jornada de cierre de año escolar y lo vamos […]
              Policía Federal decomisa tres mil pastillas en el Aeropuerto Ponciano Arriaga   
    Policía Federal asegura más de tres mil pastillas de medicamento controlado y un arma corta en empresa de mensajería en San Luis Potosí Elementos de la Policía Federal pertenecientes a la División de Seguridad Regional al efectuar inspecciones en empresas de paquetería en el Aeropuerto Internacional de San Luis Potosí, aseguraron en dos acciones distintas, ...
              What repealing Obamacare would mean for one rural Colorado hospital   
    San Luis Valley Health Regional Medical Center in Alamosa is a small hospital, with only 49 beds. But it is the only hospital within 121 […]
              6/30/2017: FRONT PAGE: BRIGHT SHINING SON   

    Afifa Charles has endured unspeakable grief since her 14-year-old daughter Shyanne was killed on Danzig St. during Toronto’s worst mass shooting almost five years ago. But on Thursday her tears were of joy and pride as she prepared for her son...
              6/30/2017: FRONT PAGE: ‘My life is in danger. I want it all known’   

    The morning after a dramatic hostage scene unfolded in Toronto — at a massage parlour and on the phone to the Star’s newsroom — the man at the centre of the incident made a brief but turbulent appearance in court. Though the woman he’s been charged...
              6/30/2017: FRONT PAGE: Woodbridge café blast casts ominous cloud   

    Arson, murder, hails of gunfire — a string of attacks in Hamilton and York Region has police wondering whether southern Ontario is becoming the battlefield for a summer of Mob violence. The latest dramatic incident happened Thursday morning in...
              6/30/2017: FRONT PAGE: CANADA DAY IN THE CITY   

    Concerts, festivals, fireworks: A smorgasbord of celebrations for our 150th birthday,
              6/30/2017: NEWS: Child-abuse scandal reaches Vatican   

    VATICAN CITY— Pope Francis suffered a major blow Thursday when his top financial adviser, Cardinal George Pell, was charged in his native Australia with multiple counts of historical sexual assault, bringing a criminal case in the long-running abuse...
              6/30/2017: NEWS: Police: Venus Williams at fault in fatal car crash   

    FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.— Tennis star Venus Williams caused a car crash earlier this month that led to the death of a passenger in another vehicle, according to a police report released Thursday. Palm Beach Gardens police say witnesses told investigators...
              6/30/2017: NEWS: STAR TOUCH   

    ‘Re-occupation’ on Parliament Hill Activists set up a giant teepee on Parliament Hill, and they have no plans to leave for the Canada 150 celebrations. See the photo gallery. Download the app, delivered free daily to your tablet.
              6/30/2017: NEWS: THESTAR.COM   

    Canada 150 There’s so much to do in Toronto for Canada Day. Check out our list of celebrations in the GTA.
              6/30/2017: WORLD: Merkel predicts stormy G20 climate talks as U.S. balks   

    BERLIN— In forceful remarks before Germany’s Parliament on Thursday, Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed to defend the international climate agreement spurned by the Trump administration, anticipating a difficult meeting of the leaders of the world’s major...
              6/30/2017: WORLD: Chinese president’s visit sparks protests   

    HONG KONG— Chinese President Xi Jinping landed in Hong Kong Thursday to mark the 20th anniversary of Beijing taking control of the former British colony, accompanied by a formidable layer of security as authorities showed little patience for...
              6/30/2017: WORLD: Iraq takes back key al-Nuri mosque   

    MOSUL, IRAQ— Iraq’s Prime Minister declared an end to the Daesh caliphate Thursday after Iraqi forces captured the compound of a landmark mosque in Mosul that was blown up last week by Daesh, also known as ISIS or ISIL. “We are seeing the end of the...
              6/30/2017: WORLD: Revised U.S. travel ban takes effect   

    WASHINGTON— A scaled-back version of U.S. President Donald Trump’s travel ban took effect Thursday evening, stripped of provisions that brought protests and chaos at airports worldwide in January yet still likely to generate a new round of court...
              6/30/2017: CANADA: Order of Canada’s 99 game-changers   

    From a social justice activist, to a hockey Hall of Famer, to the voice of a big green ogre. The second annual Order of Canada has been issued today, celebrating 99 Canadians for outstanding achievement in a range of sectors. Included on the list are...
              6/30/2017: CANADA: Confidence vote in B.C. sends Liberals packing   

    VICTORIA— British Columbia’s minority Liberal government lost a nonconfidence vote Thursday in the legislature, setting the stage for the NDP to govern or for another election. No members of the legislature broke ranks as the Greens backed the New...
              6/30/2017: CANADA: Pesticide effect on bees has officials buzzing   

    Amajor new study conducted in Ontario and Quebec corn fields has found that neonicotinoids, a widelyused and controversial class of pesticides, hurt the health of honey bees, and comes as provincial, federal and international regulators wrestle with...
              6/30/2017: NEWS: Trail-blazing teens graduate from unique school   

    For Kyle Hewitt, it is hope. For Georgia McCabe, the idea her life could be so much more than what she thought she was destined for. This is the inspiration the two teens take away from their years at a groundbreaking Ontario high school where the...
              6/30/2017: NEWS: YouTube shooting stunt kills Minnesota man   

    Before Monday, before the 911 call and police investigation, Pedro Ruiz III, an aspiring YouTube star in rural Minnesota, spent considerable time convincing his girlfriend to shoot a gun at his chest. There would be a thick encyclopedia book between...
              6/30/2017: NEWS: Fund hospitals instead of physicians   

    Re Better pay for doctors won’t cure what ails the system: Cohn, June 26 The following is grounded in my decade and a half experience as the head of human resources for three Ontario hospitals: North York General, Kingston General and St. Joseph’s...
              6/30/2017: OPINION: Why I’m planning to celebrate Canada Day   

    I will celebrate Canada Day on Saturday. I will celebrate it although our history of nationbuilding includes the usual mixture of bad-faith dealing, intolerance and greed. I will celebrate it even if some of my compatriots among the country’s...
              6/30/2017: OPINION: If we had one national symbol left, it would be medicare   

    I spent part of the run-up to Canada Day in the atrium of my local hospital, Toronto Western. I used to think all citizens should be required to spend a day each year in criminal court, to remind you of how our society really works. But a few hours in...
              6/30/2017: OPINION: Facing the truth makes for a worthy celebration   

    What does a woman with thousands of years of Yellowknife Dene Nation identity have in common with an aging white guy whose decades-old journey to truly understand Indigenous issues still comes up short? We both find the fervour over the 150th...
              6/30/2017: BUSINESS: Bangladesh safety program extended   

    DHAKA, BANGLADESH— Leading global fashion brands and trade unions agreed Thursday to continue a safety program involving thousands of garment factories in Bangladesh for another three years. Two Switzerland-based global trade unions — IndustriALL...
              6/30/2017: BUSINESS: Cute, fragrant food nook blossoms in the Beaches   

    It smells heavenly at the Simple Craft Company on Main St. near Gerrard Ave. “I just made oatcakes,” owner Fiona Bramzell says. She’s not a huge fan but her customers, many of whom are from the U.K., crave this Old World treat, which you use almost...
              6/30/2017: BUSINESS: Great Canadian biz quiz, Part 4   

    Leading up to Canada’s 150th birthday, Star columnist David Olive tests your knowledge of the country’s industrial history. 1. Prior to investors in Calgary-based Bre-X Minerals Ltd. losing about $6 billion with the 1997 collapse of the company in one...
              6/30/2017: BUSINESS: Growth has SodaStream thirsting for acquisitions   

    TEL AVIV— SodaStream International Ltd., which makes machines to carbonate tap water at home, is looking to acquire companies and beef up marketing in key countries to keep its turnaround going. The world’s biggest soda-water company sold three...
              Director of Human Resources - Regional HR Lead North America - Buhler - Minneapolis, MN   
    Duties Strategic Management. Support key business initiatives and alignment of all HR functions to company strategy for North American Region. Leading and
    From Buhler - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 19:42:12 GMT - View all Minneapolis, MN jobs
              6/30/2017: BUSINESS: H&M’s new cost controls pay off in earnings report   

    JOHANNESBURG— Cost-control is the new watchword at Hennes & Mauritz AB as the European fashion giant seeks to compensate for slowing sales growth, rising inventories and dwindling profitability. The Swedish retailer on Thursday posted second-quarter...
              6/30/2017: BUSINESS: Your vacation can help put newspapers into the hands of students!   

    The next time you call us to place your subscription on hold during vacation, simply request that the credit be applied to the Toronto Star’s Newspaper in Education program. We will use these funds to support the cost of newspapers and educational...
              6/30/2017: PUZZLES: WORD SLEUTH   

              6/30/2017: MOVIES & LIFE: An intensive (care) love story   

    Comedy writers Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon could have come up with a safer title than The Big Sick for their funny/scary movie of how their love very nearly turned tragic. Hollywood convention insists they should have, since negative words...
              6/30/2017: MOVIES & LIFE: Find your namaste with a goat yoga class — we kid you not   

    ST. THOMAS, ONT.— My husband and I fought traffic jams for hours during the evening rush with a cranky six-monthold in tow. By the time we pulled into Full Circle Ranch in St. Thomas, Ont., I was late for my special yoga class. This was a disaster. I...
              6/30/2017: LIFE: The Beguiled loses lustre of the original   

    The Beguiled (out of 4) Starring Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning, Oona Laurence and Angourie Rice. Written and directed by Sofia Coppola. Opens Friday at GTA theatres. 94 minutes. 14A Sofia Coppola’s remake of Don Siegel’s...

    The Documentaries of Demme (+1): The passing of Jonathan Demme in April at the age of 73 was a shock to many in the film world. Perhaps that’s because the director had done so much strong work — in both the narrative and non-fiction fields — so...
              6/30/2017: ENTERTAINMENT: Who you gonna be? Ghostbusters!   

    If Cineplex’s new Rec Room is the video-game version of Canada’s Wonderland, then The Void is its Leviathan. This virtual-reality experience is a Ghostbusters- themed thrill ride that makes its Canadian debut at the new Toronto bar. Costing $24 for...
              6/30/2017: ENTERTAINMENT: Rom-com bursting with both heart and brains   

    The Big Sick (out of 4) Starring Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano, Anupam Kher and Zenobia Shroff. Directed by Michael Showalter. Opens Friday at GTA theatres. 119 minutes. 14A Romantic comedies generally insist that love breaks...
              6/30/2017: ENTERTAINMENT: Third entry in franchise showing signs of burnout   

    Despicable Me 3 (out of 4) Animated comedy featuring the voices of Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig and Trey Parker. Directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda. Opens Friday at GTA theatres. 90 minutes. Here’s some Despicable Me math: third movie plus Gru...
              6/30/2017: ENTERTAINMENT: MINIONS, HAIR AND TV   

    NEW YORK— Kristen Wiig knew Despi cable Me was a phenomenon when she started seeing Minions everywhere. “Even in our sleep,” laughs the Saturday Night Live vet, who reteams with Steve Carell for Despicable Me 3 (in theatres Friday). The animated...
              6/30/2017: ENTERTAINMENT: Bublé thanks Canada in rare public sighting   

    Canadian singer Michael Bublé says he is humbled to represent his home country on musical stages around the world. “I stand here truly humbled that I have been allowed to be one of your musical representatives and that you would choose to bestow this...
              6/30/2017: ENTERTAINMENT: BEST BETS   

    • The limited series Becoming Canadian concludes tonight with two new back-to-back episodes, starting with one that chronicles how Tony came to a small prairie town and reopened the local legion to support veterans. (CBC 20 at 8) • Mac and Jack have...
              6/30/2017: ENTERTAINMENT: A gripping, complex Tudor queen whodunit   

    The Virgin Trial (out of 4) By Kate Hennig. Directed by Alan Dilworth. Through Sept. 30 at the Studio Theatre, 99 Downie St., Stratford. or 1-800-567-1600 The first play in Kate Hennig’s trilogy about Tudor queens, The Last Wife,...
              6/30/2017: ENTERTAINMENT: A welcome shakeup unites cast and audience   

    Androcles and the Lion (out of 4) By George Bernard Shaw. Directed by Tim Carroll. Until Oct. 7 at the Court House Theatre, 26 Queen St., Niagaraon-the-Lake. or 1-800-5117429 What’s scarier than the prospect of being thrown into an arena,...
              6/30/2017: LIFE: I’m not sorry to be Canadian   

    How did I know as a little girl that I was Canadian? No, this is not the start of a good joke, with the answer being: “My first full sentence was ‘I’m sorry.’ ” Or “When I learned the alphabet it was eh, b, c. . .” I am saying that I, born and raised...
              6/30/2017: LIFE: HOW MANY OF THESE SHRUBS CAN YOU IDENTIFY?   

    According to a new poll in the U.K., over 65 per cent of Brits can’t name a single shrub. What a shock — aren’t they supposed to be a nation of gardeners? And here in Canada? The same poll would surely yield even worse results. Yet I could be wrong....
              6/30/2017: LIFE: > PICK   

    Piller’s Original Turkey Bites Per 2 sausages (56 g) Calories: 100 Fat: 5g Saturated fat: 1g Sodium: 420 mg Protein: 12 g
              6/30/2017: LIFE: > SKIP   

    Schneiders Pepperettes Pepperoni Per 2 pepperettes (50 g) Calories: 190 Fat: 14 g Saturated fat: 5g Sodium: 920 mg Protein: 13 g
              6/30/2017: LIFE: > HERE’S WHY   

    From camping to the lunch bag, portable sausage snacks have long been a favourite for many. We know they aren’t the healthiest snack, as both brands are filled with preservatives and sodium nitrite. Schneiders Pepperettes do not need to be...
              6/30/2017: LIFE: > EQUIVALENT TO   

    Schneiders Pepperettes Pepperoni is equivalent in sodium to a serving of Honey Garlic Chicken from Manchu Wok (890 mg).
              6/30/2017: LIFE: Romantic feelings make friendships messy   

    I’m 18, with a best friend, 16, who’s dating a guy (A) my age. He and I have gotten closer since he started dating her. His friend (D) and I flirt and make out frequently, but it’s not a relationship. I tell A the truth about his girlfriend’s...
              6/30/2017: LIFE: A line in the sand on patriotic flip-flops   

    With Canada Day around the corner, and the maple leaf on display everywhere, some are questioning whether it is appropriate for the Canadian flag to be sat on in a bikini bottom or stepped on in flip-flops. Canadian flag bikinis are available on...
              6/30/2017: GREATER TORONTO AREA: Friendship forged in quake connects Kiwi, T.O. families   

    A Toronto couple who found refuge from a devastating earthquake in the home of perfect strangers on the other side of the world is playing host to their benefactors and relishing the chance to keep building a firm foundation for a friendship begun on...
              6/30/2017: GREATER TORONTO AREA: ‘We feel Canada is our own country’   

    It was just half a year ago that Jasim Mado and his wife Marjan were living in Turkey, having fled Iraq after Daesh attacked their hometown of Nineveh. They never would have dreamed the only violence they’d soon be hiding from would involve snowball...
              Sciatica Remedies - Sciatica And You   
    sciatica remedies: Sciatica is a condition in which one tends to experience pain in their lower back region and the surrounding areas such as buttocks, legs, feet etc. This condition is mainly caused due to compression and irritation caused in the sciatic nerve, or... sciatica remedies
              6/30/2017: GREATER TORONTO: NO MORE PENCILS, NO MORE BOOKS . . .   

    Kids celebrate as the school year comes to an end and summer vacation begins
              6/30/2017: GREATER TORONTO: Markham uses 3D printing to make 12-foot cake   

    Every big birthday needs a cake. So to celebrate Canada 150, Markham is going all-out: more than 500 volunteers have used 3D printing pens to create a 12-foot-tall Canadathemed delicacy. The only problem? You can’t eat it. The cake will be “iced” with...
              6/30/2017: GREATER TORONTO: City activates bat signals to protect endangered species   

    Every June, biologists for engineering consultant firms swoop into proposed development sites in the GTA to check if they’re home to . . . bats. There are eight species of bats in Ontario, all of which are protected, and of those, four species are...
              6/30/2017: GREATER TORONTO: HOME AND NATIVE POOL   

    Young fans mob Penny Oleksiak at her Scarborough club
              6/30/2017: GREATER TORONTO: Feeling of acceptance changes lives at camp   

    When Harry Wenban reached middle school, life got tough. He’d always done well in school, but it suddenly felt like he couldn’t do math anymore. He also had trouble reading social cues, and as middle school pressures ramped up, Wenban felt...
              Sciatica Syndrome - Sciatica Treatments That Really Help   
    sciatica syndrome: Sciatica occurs due to the compression at the base of the spine. This compression leads to pain in the lower back and gluetal region of the body. This pain travels to ankle, calf, thighs and knee. Real Sciatica happens when the pain reaches the... Sciatica Syndrome
              Sonnige Zeiten am Arbeitsmarkt   
    Die Zahl der Jobsucher ist sowohl bayern- als auch bundesweit so gering wie seit Jahrzehnten nicht. Doch nicht alle Gruppen profitieren.Nürnberg. Die Zahl der Arbeitslosen in Bayern ist auf den niedrigsten Stand seit Beginn der aktuellen Berechnungen vor 20 Jahren gefallen. Im Juni waren etwa 216 500 Männer und Frauen ohne Job, wie die Regionaldirektion der Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA) am Freitag in Nürnberg mitteilte. Das waren etwa 4500 Erwerbslose weniger als im Vormonat. Im Vergleich zum Vorjahr sank die Zahl der Jobsucher um etwa 17 400. Die Arbeitslosenquote betrug wie im Mai 3,0 Prozent. Auch das ist ein Tiefststand seit Berechnung der Quoten. Im Vorjahr lag sie noch bei 3,2 Prozent. "Auch die anderen Indikatoren am Arbeitsmarkt entwickeln sich weiterhin positiv", sagte der Chef der Regionaldirektion, Ralf Holtzwart. Die Zahl der Beschäftigten mit regulärem Job bleibe mit 5,43 Millionen auf Rekordkurs.Eine Herausforderung sei nach wie vor der Abbau der Langzeitarbeitslosigkeit, sagte Holtzwart. Die Zahl der Menschen, die bereits länger als ein Jahr ohne Arbeit sind, gehe zwar zurück. Derzeit seien aber immer noch knapp 26 Prozent aller Jobsucher langzeitarbeitslos. Ungelernte sind fünfmal häufiger von Arbeitslosigkeit betroffen als Menschen mit Ausbildung oder Studium. Sie stellen knapp 39 Prozent aller Arbeitslosen. "Je besser jemand qualifiziert ist, desto höher sind seine Chancen auf eine nachhaltige Integration in den Arbeitsmarkt", sagte Holtzwart. DGB: An Ältere denken Der DGB kritisierte, dass auch ältere Menschen nur teilweise von der guten Lage auf dem Jobmarkt profitieren. In Bayern sei der Anteil Arbeitsloser ab 55 Jahren an allen Erwerbslosen mit 22,9 Prozent höher als in allen anderen westdeutschen Bundesländern. Der bayerische DGB-Chef Matthias Jena forderte daher mehr Unterstützung für diese Gruppe: "Weiterbildungsangebote spielen dabei eine zentrale Rolle, damit der Wiedereinstieg in Arbeit...
              6/30/2017: GREATER TORONTO: FRESH AIR FUND   

    Goal: $650,000 How to donate: With your gift, the Fresh Air Fund can help send 25,000 disadvantaged and special needs children to camp. The experience gives these children much more than relief from summer heat: it gives them a break in life and...
              6/30/2017: SPORTS: Orioles’ Jimenez grounds Blue Jays   

    Surrendering just five runs in a threegame series against a division rival should have launched the last-place Blue Jays into July feeling better about their position in the American League East. But they scored just four runs over that span, tamed...
              6/30/2017: SPORTS: McMoney moment is coming   

    It is, to the bulk of humanity, a staggering amount of money. Reports have it that Connor McDavid, the NHL’s reigning MVP and scoring leader, will soon enough sign an eight-year contract extension worth about $13.5 million a year. Thirteen and a half...
              6/30/2017: SPORTS: A sports history delivered in their own words   

    To celebrate our country’s birthday, the Star is showcasing 150 of the quintessential Canadian sporting characters and moments of the last 150 years. In the ninth of a 10-part series, we highlight the storytellers. The Hockey Sweater There are times...
              6/30/2017: SPORTS: Free agency lacks thrills of NBA’s   

    On the same day that Connor McDavid was nearing agreement on an eight-year extension with the Edmonton Oilers, another star was moving elsewhere in the National Basketball Association. Unlike the NBA, where top players like new Houston point guard...
              6/30/2017: SPORTS: Bodyguard to Gretzky ‘a great teammate’   

    EDMONTON— Dave Semenko, who defined hockey’s tough guy role as Wayne Gretzky’s bodyguard and once went three rounds with boxing legend Muhammad Ali, has died after a battle with cancer. He was 59. The Oilers confirmed Thursday that Semenko passed away...
              6/30/2017: SPORTS: Lions’ ‘dynamic’ Jennings a test for Argos   

    In Marcus Ball’s mind, Jonathon Jennings is the epitome of a dualthreat quarterback. “He’s a playmaker, he’s dynamic,” Ball said. “The guy can make every throw on the field, he’s young so he’s energetic. “He’s gutsy, which is a good thing. He’s a...
              описание "Церковь Святого Барсег Кесараци"   
    добавить комментарий

    Адрес :Армения, Армавир, Нор Кесариа, Unnamed Road
    В Армавирской области Армении освящена церковь архиепископа Кесарии Кападокийской - Сурб Барсег Кесараци (Василия Кесарийского)....

              6/30/2017: SPORTS: Will this be the year Big 4’s reign ends?   

    Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray have ruled Wimbledon for the past 14 years, combining to win the tournament every time in that span. No real surprise, given the way that Big 4 dominates the sport of tennis. Still, at some...
              6/30/2017: SPORTS: NBA: Five free agents who should have plenty of suitors knocking at the door   

    Gordon Hayward, Utah He’s coveted in lots of places — Boston and Miami are hot after him if reports are to be believed — but the Jazz should do everything to keep the versatile forward around. Valuable pieces of growing teams are hard to find. Blake...
              AgCenter Regional Director (Southwest Region) - Louisiana State University - Louisiana   
    The Southwest Region includes 14 parish extension offices (Acadia, Assumption, Calcasieu, Cameron, Iberia, Iberville, Jeff Davis, Lafayette, Lafourche, St....
    From Louisiana State University - Tue, 04 Apr 2017 20:21:31 GMT - View all Louisiana jobs
              Silesia: Europe's beautiful best-kept secret   
    It's an unsung region in the heart of Europe, but Poland's Lower Silesia is packed with natural wonders, historic cities, splendid palaces and unsolved mysteries.

              Evolución global de los mercados en 2017    
    En el presente informe trataremos de dar una visión generalizada del avance de la economía mundial en la primera mitad del año 2017. Con ello buscamos destacar los eventos que más impacto han tenido a lo largo del año en los distintos mercados financieros, y por supuesto, los índices y regiones que mejor avance están teniendo hasta la fecha.
              (IT) Senior Scala Engineer   

    Rate: Euros 550 - 600 per day   Location: Dublin   

    My client is a Financial Services Powerhouse who are looking to add a number of top Scala Engineers to their team based here in Dublin..Great time to come over and contract in Dublin as the Euro is very strong against the Brithish Pound and with the added government benefits of UK based contractors coming over here, now is a great time to secure a contract role here in Dublin for more bang for your buck.* They are looking for people who have both commercial experience in Scala, but will also be happy to speak with people who come from a strong Java based background who want to enter a commercial environment and gain Scala exposure. Great team with a very tech driven manager who ensures that his team not only use best practice to deliver on the large scale applications that they are building but have fun doing it. Job Description If you are committed to change and like a challenge, then this is the place for you. My client has moved from a traditional application aligned software delivery methods to highly agile cross functional and component teams. This is one of the most interesting and exciting times to join the organisation. Their culture is one of excellence; team work, learning, delivered value and believing in their people. They look for new team members that love to learn and take initiatives and take opportunities to improve processes. If working amongst people who are committed to leading the industry appeals to you, then you need to apply for this role. They want you to be part of a strategic drive to migrate their classic applications to the new strategic architecture; The strategic system is being constructed in Scala and Python using Angular in the web stack. They follow Agile management, Agile, Scrum and Kanban delivery methodologies, with a focus on ATDD/BDD & TDD. Responsibilities You will be a key figure within the Dublin team working across a number of teams in other regions, working within an Agile team, writing requirements and specification (eg automated tests), developing relationships across the technology and user communities. In addition making sure you are always focusing on delivery of value using exceptional quality. As the successful applicant you will be responsible for supporting modern agile software development methods; including educating & mentoring less experienced OOP team members and working with teams across London and other regions. Requirements A background in modern OO language with experience in at least one of Java/Scala/Python/C# with a preference for Scala Experienced in using design patterns and following best software engineering practices An understanding of fundamental algorithms and ability to optimize existing code Proficient written and verbal communication skills to support and shape the platform and clearly articulate technical designs and concepts Relationship building skills A team player with exceptional interpersonal skills, eg collaborative working skills Experience of Specification by
    Rate: Euros 550 - 600 per day
    Type: Contract
    Location: Dublin
    Country: Ireland
    Contact: Brendan Hennessy
    Advertiser: Stelfox Ltd
    Start Date: ASAP
    Reference: JS

              One of the largest Roman Catholic churches in Podillya ruined by communist regime to be restored in Vinnytsia region   
    Ancient Roman Catholic hurch of Archangel Michael in a small town of Tyvriv, which is located in Vinnytsia, is returned to life. With the restoration of the church, where the Soviet government arranged a plant and set up a laundering facility at the most sacred place of the temple, a cultural Christian center of the all-Ukrainian level should appear, UNIAN-Religion reported referring to Urban, a magazine of Vinnytsia.
              Prisoner Escort Officer (Contract) - Halton Regional Police Services - Oakville, ON   
    Valid Standard First Aid and CPR certificate. Valid Driver’s License (minimum Class G) and a good driving record....
    From Halton Regional Police Services - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 21:17:13 GMT - View all Oakville, ON jobs
              SING Family Movie Night   
    *This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment*

    It's always a good idea to have a few indoor options when it comes to keeping the kids entertained and there isn't much better than a new film and some delicious snacks to devour, well, certainly not for my sweet tooth and the movie buffs that are the Mini Mes. We were thrilled when SING popped through our letterbox and as it's now available on both DVD and Blu-ray you can grab your copy for lots of family fun throughout half term and beyond.

    We love to be creative in the kitchen so we decided to make some movie themed bark as a tasty treat before we settled down for an afternoon in front of the TV. It's incredibly easy to do and you can personalise it for any occasion. You simply melt your chosen chocolate bain marie style, or several types for a swirled look or mixed flavours, pour it onto baking paper and pop on your toppings before placing in the fridge to chill until set.

    We thought popcorn, marshmallows and pig sweets would be perfect!

    The film itself was hilarious and was loved by us all whilst we sat on the corner suite under a blanket with only the giggles disturbing the silence. It's actually becoming a family favourite of the year, especially as we all enjoy watching Britain's Got Talent, The X-Factor etc and this is almost an animated version of the same. It also makes a nice alternative to Despicable Me which we all love so much and is on repeat (who doesn't adore a Minion and fluffy unicorn though?!).

    You can enjoy SING live in your lounge whenever you wish!

    In addition to the music filled comedy SING, there are over 60 minutes of bonus content that you wouldn't have seen at cinemas including three all-new mini movies to enjoy as well as an exclusive Tori Kelly music video and much more! We were all up showing our best moves in time with the songs at various points - it brings everyone together, even grumpy tweens!

    Take a peek at the trailer here:

    Pick up your DVD or Blu-ray from Amazon:

    Have you seen SING yet?

      Image Map

                SING DVD and Blu-Ray Movie Release   
      *This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment*

      If your little ones love Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets it's highly likely that they will become big fans of the latest release from Universal Pictures - SING.

      The Special Edition movie will be available on DVD and Blu-ray from 22nd May (next week) which is perfect timing for the half term holiday. After all, we all know how hard it can be to keep the kids entertained when they are off school but this Golden Globe Nominee, with plenty of fun characters like Gunter the pig, is bound to put smiles on faces.

       We didn't get the chance to see SING at the cinema but the trailer looks fantastic!
      Not seen it yet? Take a peek at this...

      This heart-warming family film with a wonderful soundtrack and all-star cast will be loved by all. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments and loveable characters to see - the Mini Mes and I are so excited to grab the popcorn and snuggle up for a night in front of the TV in just a few days time. I'm certain some fizzy drinks and pick n mix sweets will fall into my basket too at the supermarket!

      Packed with lots of popular songs to get your toes tapping, there is 60 minutes of bonus content included along with three unseen mini movies featuring the SING cast plus an exclusive music video from Tori Kelly. There really is plenty to keep you all occupied.

      This amazing animated comedy about finding the music that lives inside all of us features over 65 hits including 'Faith', a brand new collaboration from Ariana Grande and Stevie Wonder. 

      SING features stars Academy Award® winner Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon, an eternally optimistic koala who puts on the world’s greatest singing competition to save his crumbling theatre; Academy Award® winner Reese Witherspoon as Rosita, an overworked and unappreciated mother of 25 piglets desperate to unleash her inner diva; Scarlett Johansson as Ash, a punk rock porcupine with a beautiful voice; Taron Egerton as Johnny, a young gangster gorilla looking to break free of his family’s felonies; as well as Seth MacFarlane, John C. Reilly, and Grammy Award-nominated Tori Kelly. 

      SING is the musical comedy event of the year so pre-order your copy today!

      Image Map

                Shaun the Sheep DVD Giveaway   
      To celebrate the DVD & EST release of SHAUN THE SHEEP: SPOILSPORT on Monday 10th April, we are offering 5 lucky followers a chance to win a copy!

      Shaun persuades Bitzer to take part in his game of cricket, but Bitzer is more worried about the condition of the pitch than the game. The resident moles, unhappy at the game taking place above their head, get involved in a tit-for-tat with Bitzer, which soon escalates to full-scale war.

      ‘Shaun the Sheep’ is a firm family favourite with audiences all over the world and these episodes offer even more outrageous inventiveness, sheepish shenanigans and panic in the pasture. Don’t miss your appointment for more fun on the farm with Shaun the Sheep.

      SHAUN THE SHEEP: SPOILSPORT is available to own on DVD & EST on 10th April. Don't want to wait? Pre-order your copy today:

      For your chance to WIN 1 of 5 DVDs you can enter via the Gleam entry form below.

      Leaving a comment is mandatory but there are additional entry methods available for bonus points.

      The giveaway ends at 11.59pm GMT on 10th April 2017.

      Good luck!

                Egg Curry - A Winter Warmer   
      With plenty of rain and snow expected over the upcoming weeks, you may be seeking some comforting family meal suggestions and this curry is ideal. Similarly to my other Eggcentric recipes it is quick and easy to make, it can be prepared and cooked in less than 30 minutes, and it's a great source of protein provided by the British Lion eggs. It is incredibly aromatic and has a mild heat to it which is wonderful to enjoy on colder days in particular - like the weather we are expecting.

      Pop it on your meal planner for next week and see what your little ones think.


      6 eggs
      Olive oil
      3 cardamom pods
      1/2 tsp cumin seeds
      1 tsp garlic puree (you can use cloves as an alternative)
      600g chopped tomatoes
      1/2 tsp turmeric
      1 tsp chilli powder
      1/2 tsp of Garam Masaala
      2 green chillies

      • Hard boil your eggs and set to one side to cool. Remove the shell and fork them a few times. This will help the flavours to soak into the egg later on.
      • Warm a pan over a medium heat and add a splash of oil. Crush the cardamon and add them to the pan along with the cumin seeds. Stir for a few seconds and then add the tomatoes, garlic, turmeric, chilli powder and chillies (chopped).
      • Reduce the temperature and let the ingredients simmer for around 15 minutes on a low heat.
      • Add the Garam Masaala and the eggs and stir through gently. Cook for a further 5 minutes.
      • Season and serve with boiled rice and a garnish of coriander.
      • Scoff!

      We have been EggCentric ambassadors for British Lion Eggs over the past few months and we have shared several egg based recipes on the blog, over on the Egg Recipes website and also on their Instagram page. You can see my Spicy Egg One Pot just here or take a peek at my Eggs with Chorizo and Asparagus recipe here.

      Eggs are a great source of protein and vitamins as well as being a tasty alternative to the usual chicken or beef you may use in your cooking. Generally I make quite creamy and mild currys with a coconut base so this rich tomato version made a nice change. The Mini Mes certainly enjoyed it.

       Make this recipe:

      What food do you enjoy when the weather is cold?

      Image Map
      *Sponsored Post*

                Shimmer 'n Sparkle Sew Crazy Machine   
      If your little ones fancy taking up a new hobby to kick start the year, sewing is a great way to get their creative juices flowing. It's ideal for anyone that likes fashion or art in particular too, just like Minxy and I.

      We've been putting the Shimmer n Sparkle Sew Crazy Machine to the test recently and we've had plenty of fun with fabric, making a variety of items.

      Aimed at children aged 8+ this is an ideal stater machine for tweens and teens that want to give sewing a go, without parents breaking the bank in the process on equipment, and before buying a costly professional/adult alternative. The set comes with 2 small pieces of material, patterns, thread, needles and a useful storage caddy to pop all of the bits and pieces in to. All of the essentials that you require although it would've been nice to have more or larger pieces of cloth for additional projects.

      The machine is also pre-threaded for convenience and has two speed settings which can be altered via the pedal or machine itself. It doesn't however come with the 4 AA batteries that are needed to operate it or an mains adapter (we would recommend getting one as it can be frustrating when turning the machine upside-down to remove batteries mid project). 

      You need to think safety first when needles and children are combined so the guard is a great feature to have, even if it makes it slightly more difficult to replace a needle or thread if they snap which we discovered does happen. It does protect little fingers however so it is probably worth the short delay when unscrewing it each time.

      Minxy found the machine relatively easy to use after a little practice and assistance to begin, and she was able to make a pocket for her mobile phone. She is looking forward to making gifts for her friends in the upcoming month as her confidence with Sew Crazy increases.

      You can watch the machine in action here:

      The Shimmer 'n Sparkle Sew Crazy Machine has a RRP of £29.99 and is available from a variety of stores including Amazon.

      Image Map

                Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Review   
      With Christmas fast approaching now is the ideal time to pop together those wish lists for Santa and discover what your little ones would love to receive this year. Character Options have always had a great variety of interactive products so I wouldn't be surprised if Snuggles My Dream Puppy takes the top spot!

      Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Snuggles Review

      The 'Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy' is aimed at children aged 4+, although I'm sure younger children would also appreciate and be able to use this toy with ease as there aren't any small pieces to worry about. Initially it is set to demo mode within the box, which nicely resembles a pet carrier, but you can set it to 'on' or 'off' with a click of a switch on the back right paw. 4 AAA batteries are required which were included so it was ready to go from the moment the packaging was removed.

      Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Snuggles Review

      As soon as this arrived Minxy was very keen to get it unboxed to play. With a love of animals and a dream of becoming a vet it's a great way for her, or any child, to learn about the importance of pets and how to care for them without the ongoing expense!

      Snuggles has 6 play modes and makes over 35 sounds when activated via the nose and mouth buttons or the petting sensors situated on both the head and tummy. It was quite fascinating to see its tummy move to simulate breathing when turned on its side or back, it's eyes open and close when patted and to hear the slurping and burping noises when fed via a bottle. 

      If you're not keen on getting a real animal, or don't have space for a proper dog, this is a lovely alternative. 

      Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Snuggles Review

      Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Snuggles Review

      Snuggles certainly has the cute factor and it has been well looked after by both Minxy and Jamster over the past few weeks. They really like the fact that there is a space on the tag to write on a name and an adoption certificate to make it even more personal - they decided to call him Spartan after our own poochie!

      Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy Snuggles Review

      You can watch Snuggles in action here:

      The instructions provided are very informative and describe the different modes, safety precautions and care details. Minxy particularly liked the attention mode where Snuggles will randomly cry out for something so she had to offer love and care to it before being rewarded by secret phrases!

      Snuggles has an RRP of £49.99 and is available from a variety of stores including Amazon. It is a great size for younger children at 31cm x 16cm x 30cm and the mechanisms inside means it has some weight to it which aids sitting. If left unattended it will go into sleep mode which is great for saving power too.

      So far we haven't found anything negative to say about it! 

      Image Map

                Comment on How To Build An Online Store With Shopify In 2017 by khelo365   
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They are saying poker is of enterprise, however not so way back, they said that about entrepreneurship too. Online poker isn't prone to be legalized on a federal level within the fast future, however there are plenty of states looking to legalize online poker on their very own. So I imagine that life, Like your poker recreation is all about steadiness... And I actually enjoy making an attempt to Stability every facet of my life. The place it differs is in the hand ranking, which is all about making the very best attainable flush out of seven cards. It is advisable not only think about the ace-ace in your hand but in addition think about what's on the desk, what the opposite participant might be holding, what his wager tells you about his playing cards and what he's trying to study with his bets. He has received the World Poker Tour twice until now and made to the final table seven instances and in addition to that, he additionally made to the final table of European Poker Tour five occasions. You have to divide your seven playing cards into two poker palms: a High Hand (typically known as Highest) consisting of five playing cards, and a Low Hand (sometimes referred to as 2nd Highest) consisting of two playing cards. This free android poker app offers you the likelihood to play stay texas hold'em poker. If your telephone or pill helps this version then games on this web page will run without any problems. Like after the Karnataka Excessive Court ruled two years ago that poker, then rummy, had been games of ability, not likelihood, authorized card rooms began dealing fingers across the metropolis, albeit extra low-key than Macau's strip-lit dens of iniquity. He stunned the poker business when gained over Mike McDonald during the $10,300 PCA Main Event. Each online gaming and on-line collaborating in market of India is quick booming and maturing Entrepreneurs in these fields have started exploring Indian markets to find out their ventures in India. The SFPT will abide by these penalty violations with a purpose to make poker enjoyable for everybody. These sometimes sell at a premium to standard clay poker chips, but with out the metal insert the texture and sound is the most genuine out there. The identical yr the poker website also rolled out its cell app for gamers and the site migrated its poker game lobby from a Flex-primarily based Person Interface to HTML5-primarily based Person Interface, offering a superior UI to its registered players. Nicely, all the greatest and most impressive sites providing Android Poker apps are waiting for you. The top Indian poker rooms can help you play the poker video games you're keen on head-to-head towards real people or in event format for precise cash. The shortstack however, Dhaval Mudgal of Cardplayer India has began his consistent run of developing last tables ever since making the Main Occasion last desk within the December 2010 event as effectively last evening's IPC 5k. However he can be unable to enhance on his ninth place end from last night by busting out first on the final desk. Nearly every on-line poker site offers poker bonuses to players, either as bonus added cash to your first deposit (often called the first deposit bonus) whenever you join with a brand new poker room, or as extra bonuses which are given to you at intervals (referred to as reload bonuses). Is the world's largest and most trusted on-line poker guide, providing the easiest on-line poker bonus deals assured, over $1m in unique freerolls yearly and probably probably the most free poker content material out there on the Internet. 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Clay poker chips usually last 6 to 7 years within the casinos, however can final for much longer with correct care and dealing with. This network accommodates a number of European sports brands who provide a continuing stream of gamblers from the betting area into poker. Ivory chips with numerical and animal designs hand-scrimshawed into the surface are worth greater than those that includes geometric or planet patterns. We note that a few of this info, like ROI, is opt-in to adjust to poker sites' terms of service.
                Council hosts Manawatū Business in Asia Event   
      Palmerston North City Council is hosting a Business in Asia event for local and regional businesses on Tuesday 4 July in collaboration with Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA), Manawatu Chamber of Commerce, and Asia New Zealand Foundation.
                Wichita (2016) Directed by Justyn Ah Chong & Matthew D. Ward   

      Don't really know what to make of this movie. It's an odd blend of drama, thriller and slasher elements, which all sounds original and fun, but in the long run mostly works out as confusing and messy for the movie.

      On the one hand I often admire and appreciate movies that are hard to categorize and really does its own thing, but once that 'thing' isn't anything all that interesting and effective it of course becomes hard to still like the movie.

      I just really don't know what to make this movie. The blend of voyeurism, thriller, slasher and more serious dramatic aspects don't go together very well. The one thing too often gets in the way of the other. The drama, tension and horror aspects therefore rarely work out as anything effective. Things don't really flow and progress naturally enough. This definitely goes at the expense of the realism and credibility of the movie, while it's obvious that the movie still was going for a somewhat grounded approach. I definitely can see what this movie was trying to do with its main-story and character, but it's trying to achieve it all in a far too ineffective way.

      The movie definitely makes some odd and very sudden choices with its story and main characters. It for instance really isn't all that credible, the way the main character develops and slowly descents into madness. It's not very subtle, despite the fact that it's really trying to be. This actually makes the movie worse to watch.

      It's not like everything is terrible about this movie. It's actually still pretty well made, in the sense that it's a good one to look at. The editing, the camera-work, the make-up. It's all pretty good looking and deserves plenty of credit. But really, there isn't much else to the movie.

      Too messy and ineffective as a movie to work out.


      Watch trailer

                Building Inspector/Plumbing Inspector - Regional District of Central Okanagan - Okanagan, BC   
      Regional District of Central Okanagan. The Regional District of Central Okanagan is one of the most desirable places to live in BC and is located in the heart... $35.65 an hour
      From - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 02:43:58 GMT - View all Okanagan, BC jobs
                Residence Workers, Casual (Okanagan) - WJS Canada - Okanagan, BC   
      Situated between Okanagan and Skaha Lakes, in the South Central region of British Columbia, Penticton boasts over 2100 hours of sunshine per year.... $15.51 - $20.34 an hour
      From - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 00:38:26 GMT - View all Okanagan, BC jobs
                Sales Manager - Edos - Sant'Agata di Militello, Sicilia   
      Siamo alla ricerca di un Sales Account per le Regioni:. CALABRIA - SARDEGNA - MARCHE - LAZIO - LOMBARDIA....
      Da Indeed - Sat, 15 Apr 2017 08:31:22 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Sant'Agata di Militello, Sicilia
                Chicago PMI climbs to 65.7 in June, highest since 2014   

      A regional index of business conditions in the Chicago area rose in June to the highest level in more than three years, suggesting steady growth in the U.S. economy. The Chicago Business Barometer rose to 65.7 in June from 59.4 in May. That's the highest level since May 2014. New orders climbed to the highest level in three years and backlogs for orders reached a 23-year high, potentially reflecting large bookings for Boeing jets. An employment gauge fell slightly but still remained quite healthy. Companies were worried about a scarcity of skilled workers, an increasingly frequent complaint.

      Market Pulse Stories are Rapid-fire, short news bursts on stocks and markets as they move. Visit for more information on this news.

                AGENTE DI COMMERCIO MONO/PLURI MANDATARIO - Tecnoink srl - Mondolfo, Marche   
      Agenti di commercio mono/plurimandatari in tutta la regione Marche- Procacciatori d'affari in tutta la regione Marche....
      Da Indeed - Fri, 14 Apr 2017 20:52:58 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Mondolfo, Marche
                Pa. hospital treated 36 overdoses in 24 hours   
      UPMC Susquehanna is warning the surrounding communities of a possibly lethal batch of the drug in the region.

                DOCENTE - Evosolution S.r.l. - San Donato Milanese, Lombardia   
      Evosolution srl, Ente Accreditato alla Formazione e ai Servizi al Lavoro di Regione Lombardia, ricerca docente per il corso di &quot;Addetto al magazzino con...
      Da Indeed - Wed, 31 May 2017 13:41:56 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a San Donato Milanese, Lombardia
                Docente Magazzino con uso del carrello elevatore - Evosolution S.r.l. - San Donato Milanese, Lombardia   
      Evosolution srl, Ente Accreditato alla Formazione e ai Servizi al Lavoro di Regione Lombardia, ricerca docente per il corso di &quot;Addetto al magazzino con...
      Da Indeed - Wed, 31 May 2017 13:40:19 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a San Donato Milanese, Lombardia
                Rehabilitation Specialist - Barrie/Borden, Ontario - Manulife Financial - Ontario   
      Reporting to the Supervisor, Ontario/ Central Canada Region of the National CAF Rehabilitation Department, you will be responsible for managing a rehabilitation...
      From Manulife Financial - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 18:53:42 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
                Sales Representative Sud - ERREBIAN SPA - Provincia di Potenza, Basilicata   
      Inserimento nella struttura commerciale della regione di riferimento; ERREBIAN è una società italiana che si occupa da 50 anni della distribuzione di prodotti e...
      Da ERREBIAN - Fri, 12 May 2017 09:41:18 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Provincia di Potenza, Basilicata
                Junior Management Consultant – Italia - Cargill - Italia   
      Reggio Emilia, Mantova, Piacenza, Lodi, Milano, Bergamo, Cremona, Regione Puglia, Regione Lazio, Regione Calabria . Cargill Animal Nutrition....
      Da Cargill - Sun, 25 Jun 2017 07:27:47 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Italia
                Rehabilitation Specialist - Trenton, Ontario - Manulife Financial - Ontario   
      Reporting to the Supervisor, Ontario/ Central Canada Region of the National CAF Rehabilitation Department, you will be responsible for managing a rehabilitation...
      From Manulife Financial - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 18:53:39 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
                Consulente commerciale - qualita' e attestazioni aziendali - Ceva, Piemonte   
      Ricerca per la regione piemonte n 12 consulenti da inserire nella propria rete commerciale. Per quanto riguarda sicurezza medicina e formazione sul lavoro legge...
      Da Indeed - Sun, 05 Mar 2017 17:31:25 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Ceva, Piemonte
                Consulente commerciale - qualita' e attestazioni aziendali - Alba, Piemonte   
      Ricerca per la regione piemonte n 12 consulenti da inserire nella propria rete commerciale. Per quanto riguarda sicurezza medicina e formazione sul lavoro legge...
      Da Indeed - Sun, 05 Mar 2017 17:32:23 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Alba, Piemonte
                Tobacco Enforcement Officer & Reduction Coordinator - Vancouver Island Health Authority - Vancouver Island, BC   
      Under the direction of the Regional Manager, the Tobacco Enforcement Officer &amp; Reduction Coordinator is responsible for implementing, enforcing and promoting... $29.08 - $36.24 an hour
      From Vancouver Island Health Authority - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 02:58:48 GMT - View all Vancouver Island, BC jobs
                Internista - Refugee Camps - Emergency - Estero   
      I conflitti in corso nella regione hanno prodotto una grave crisi umanitaria che colpisce moltissimi tra rifugiati (siriani) e sfollati interni....
      Da Emergency - Sun, 30 Apr 2017 07:14:35 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Estero
                Mediatore Culturale - Emergency - Estero   
      Preferenziale domicilio in regione Calabria. Il domicilio in regione Calabria costituisce requisito preferenziale. Ambulatorio di Polistena....
      Da Emergency - Mon, 10 Apr 2017 06:05:18 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Estero
                Agente de correios conquista na justiça transferência a pedido   
      O Tribunal Regional do Trabalho da 8ª Região (AP e PA) determinou que a Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (ECT) transfira, imediatamente, uma de suas servidoras para uma das unidades da...

      <strong>Leia mais no <a href="" target="_blank"> Portal do Servidor Federal</a>.</strong>
                Infermiere - Refugee Camps - Emergency - Estero   
      I conflitti in corso nella regione hanno prodotto una grave crisi umanitaria che colpisce moltissimi tra profughi (siriani) e sfollati interni....
      Da Emergency - Mon, 10 Apr 2017 06:05:09 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Estero
                Medico Programma Italia - Emergency - Estero   
      I migranti provenienti dalla regione indiana del Punjab che vivono e lavorano. Medico Programma Italia....
      Da Emergency - Mon, 10 Apr 2017 06:05:06 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Estero
                Oculista - Emergency - Estero   
      L'ampliamento si è reso necessario dalla mancanza di assistenza qualificata e gratuita nella regione e dalle condizioni climatiche e di vita che inducono un...
      Da Emergency - Mon, 10 Apr 2017 06:04:46 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Estero
                Operatori socio sanitari - IRSS - Potenza Picena, Marche   
      Necessaria residenza o domicilio nella regione Marche. Cerchiamo operatori socio sanitari con titolo OSS per la ns Struttura di Riabilitazione a Porto Potenza...
      Da Indeed - Mon, 05 Jun 2017 13:40:08 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Potenza Picena, Marche
                Tecnico della Manutenzione Rotabili Bolzano - Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane - Provincia di Bolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige   
      752/76 (Norme di attuazione dello Statuto speciale della regione Trentino-Alto Adige). Il Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane ricerca Tecnico della...
      Da Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane - Wed, 22 Mar 2017 12:36:10 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Provincia di Bolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige
                Sales Account rinnovabili - Alkimia Energie - Bari, Puglia   
      Area commerciale in base alla regione di residenza. Impegnata nella sfida energetica della produzione elettrica e termica alternativa a risparmio generalizzato,...
      Da Indeed - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 15:07:44 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Bari, Puglia
                Sales Area Manager - Obiettivamente S.C. - Bari, Puglia   
      La nostra società è leader nella vendita di prodotti settore energia, nonchè impianti di produzione di energia da fonti rinnovabili in Puglia e regioni... €25.000 - €45.000 all'anno
      Da Indeed - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 09:53:26 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Bari, Puglia
                Capo Area Regione Friuli e Veneto - Omnis Servizi Alberghieri - Veneto   
      Ricerchiamo due figure da inserire nel nostro staff in qualità di Capo Area per le regioni Friuli e Veneto. Veneto - Friuli Tempo determinato iniziale....
      Da Omnis Servizi Alberghieri - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 16:52:16 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Veneto
                BP 2Q 2017 exploration highlights   

      BP said that it continues to make progress in shifting its exploration portfolio toward natural gas and advantaged oil. As first described to the financial community in 2016, BP is actively reviewing its exploration activities and refocusing them on growth in natural gas and advantaged oil in regions where BP currently operates. It is also selectively looking for opportunities to grow new material production regions while exiting less competitive exploration prospects. Bernard Looney, BP...

      Read the full story at

                Nu går startskottet…   
      Nu blir Ekenstam i Svedala Våningen & Villan! Snart finns Våningen & Villan på din hemmaplan. Nu går startskottet för en ”fusion” mellan ett av regionens största och mest väletablerade mäklarföretag och anrika Ekenstam. Tillsammans besitter vi över 40 års erfarenhet och ett enormt kundregister. Vi välkomnar Emma Stenkvist och Mikael Öhlin till Våningen & [...]
                Milano - Arcisate Stabio: Maroni e Brianza incontrano il presidente del Ticino - Canton Ticino - Varese News   
      Mercoledì 5 luglio, alle 14, nella sede della Regio Insubrica, si terrà un incontro tra il presidente di Regione Lombardia Maroni e il presidente del Canton Ticino Bertoli
                Kennedys global turnover up 8% while debt increases to £20.3m   
      Kennedys has reported its latest financial results, which show an 8 per cent increase in global turnover. For the 2016/17 year, global turnover rose from £138.8m to £149.9m. The firm credits much of the boost to its European region, which saw 118 per cent growth from £6.5m to £14.2m.

      Meanwhile, the firm’s debt figure reached £20.3m, representing 13.5 per cent of total revenue. The debt increase was primarily a result of increased headcount and new office openings.

                Fotboll i Malmö   
      Fotbolls intresserad eller ej, det var en match att minnas! MFF – Juventus, championsleague! Ännu en anledning att flytta till Regionen!
                Milano - Arcisate Stabio, Cattaneo: «L’opera non è a rischio» - Canton Ticino - Varese News   
      Il presidente del Consiglio regionale interviene per chiarire la situazione della linea e dice: «Sorte e Brianza convochino un tavolo per gli enti locali»
                Varese - Marturano in Comune, la Lega chiede gli atti - Varese Laghi - Varese News   
      Il Consigliere regionale Monti annuncia un'azione amministrativa, il segretario cittadino Piatti critica lo stanziamento economico
                Varese - “RSA Aperta, i fondi regionali ci sono” - Salute - Varese News   
      La risposta del direttore sociosanitario Gutierrez alla lettera della lettrice Emanuela sui fondi per Rsa Aperta
                Gallarate - Bando “Al via”, gli industriali spiegano che cos’è - Economia - Varese News   
      Martedì 4 luglio nella sede degli Industriali si terrà il convegno dal titolo "Bando regionale “Al Via”, finanziamenti per le pmi"
                Choosing the right payroll service   

      Those who run a business have two main choices, either to pay the employees themselves or hire payroll service. Those firms that don’t have an accounting background and are not fluent with tax laws end up hiring payroll services that fulfill their accounting need.  Activities of payroll services are usually carried out by experienced and professional accountants who have in-depth experience and knowledge in payroll management.

      Before picking a payment service, it is important to understand the task of a payroll provider including its service cost and they benefits offered. Many small businesses use local payroll service that operates in their region while many others elect to use online payroll services which are accessible from anywhere. Online payroll services usually work in the cloud …

                6/30/2017: MR. PREMIER-DESIGNATE   

      B.C.’s New Democrats will return to power at the legislature for the first time in 16 years after toppling Premier Christy Clark’s Liberals Thursday and being asked by the lieutenantgovernor to form a government. NDP Leader John Horgan was summoned to...
                FAO recebe inscrições para cursos sobre gestão de projetos, políticas de combate à fome e agricultura urbana   
      Até 30 de julho, a Organização das Nações Unidas para a Alimentação e a Agricultura (FAO) recebe inscrições para três cursos online — monitoramento e gestão, agricultura urbana e periurbana e políticas de segurança alimentar e nutricional na América Latina e no Caribe. Formação é promovida pelo Núcleo de capacitação em Políticas Públicas, organismo do escritório regional da agência da ONU.
                Regionsformand har tiltro til Slagelse Sygehus trods hård kritik   
      Neurologiske patienter kan være trygge på Slagelse Sygehus, siger regionsrådsformand i Region Sjælland.
                Agências da ONU selecionam boas práticas para tornar alimentação mais sustentável e saudável na América Latina   
      A Organização das Nações Unidas para a Alimentação e a Agricultura (FAO) e a Organização Pan-Americana da Saúde (OPAS) abriram nesta semana uma convocatória para selecionar boas práticas que ajudam a América Latina e o Caribe a tornar seus sistemas alimentares mais sustentáveis e saudáveis. Experiências escolhidas serão analisadas em simpósio regional sobre o tema. Encontro acontece em setembro, em El Salvador. Prazo para envio de inscrições é 30 de julho.
                Regionsrådsformand er »dybt rystet« over mistanke om overlæge-sjusk   
      Formand for Region Midtjylland ærgrer sig over, at man ikke tidligere har opdaget sjusk med mammografier.
                Kaufpark Eiche is getting new tenants   

      In addition to H&M, Douglas, Jeans Fritz, Colloseum, and Olymp & Hades, Decathlon and a DM drogerie markt are also entering the shopping centre.

      Three well-known chain stores have just started operation there as well: Hunkemöller, mister*lady, and Shoeart. The mall’s new main entrance has also been opened. The center is currently being extensively rebuilt and modernized. It has been an important point of reference for the people of the region for more than 20 years.

      “The numerous new leases and the loyalty of our existing tenants show that we have hit a nerve with the modernization of Kaufpark Eiche. This established location will be even more attractive for tenants and customers,” said Christine Hager, Managing Director / Head of Shopping Center Asset Management at the redos Group.

      The commercial real estate specialist acquired Kaufpark Eiche as a part of the Christie portfolio in a joint venture with the New York-based investment company Madison International Realty at the end of 2016. The foodservice area is being doubled during the ongoing renovation work and the space for events is being tripled.

      After the reconstruction measures, Kaufpark Eiche will offer around 63,000 sq m of space for a total of around 125 shops. In addition, the outdoor areas are being upgraded with green areas, playgrounds, and additional event space.


                NewRiver gains full control over 4 shopping centres   

      Further to the Company's Proposed Capital Raising announcement released on 15 June 2017, NewRiver is pleased to announce that it has now exchanged conditional contracts to acquire the remaining 50% share in its BRAVO Joint Ventures from subsidiaries of BRAVO II for a cash consideration of £59.4 million. The transaction allows NewRiver to gain control over 4 convenience-led shopping centre assets in Belfast,Glasgow,Hastings and Middlesbrough with a total gross asset value of £240 million, representing a topped up net initial yield of 7.3%.

      The BRAVO Joint Ventures generated net rental income of approximately £16.5 million for the financial year-ended 31 December 2016 and had net assets of approximately £120.8 million (of which the Group's share was approximately £60.4 million) as at 31 December 2016. They have indebtedness of approximately £120 million outstanding which the Company intends to remain in place and bring onto its own balance sheet following completion of the acquisition.

      The acquisition is conditional on obtaining funding which the Company intends to be satisfied by means of £59.4 million of the net proceeds of the capital raising announced on 15 June 2017 and the obtaining of the consent of the BRAVO Joint Ventures' secured lenders to the acquisition to the extent required, in each case, being satisfied by no later than 31 July 2017.

      Key transaction terms

      ·      Prior to the acquisition, the Company owned 50% of the units in the BRAVO Joint Ventures, being the NewRiver Retail Property Unit Trust No.2, the NewRiver Retail Property Unit Trust No.5, the NewRiver Retail Property Unit Trust No.6 and the NewRiver Retail Property Unit Trust No.7.

      ·      The Joint Ventures hold shopping centre assets in Belfast, Glasgow, Hastings and Middlesbrough which were acquired off-market in 2013 and 2014.

      ·      The Company has exchanged contracts in an off-market transaction to acquire the remaining 50% of the units in the BRAVO Joint Ventures for total consideration of £59.4 million.

      ·      The assets acquired in the transaction have a gross asset value of £240 million representing a net initial yield of 7.3%.

      ·      The transaction is structured as the acquisition of the remaining 50% of the units of the joint venture vehicles, and will involve transferring £121.2 million of gross debt onto the Company's consolidated balance sheet.

      Overview of assets

       The Abbey Centre, Newtownabbey, Belfast (NewRiver Retail Property Unit Trust No.6)

      ·      320,000 sq ft shopping centre located 6 miles north of Belfast providing a convenient alternative to city centre shopping.  The centre has 3 anchor stores; a 44,000 sq ft Next flagship store completed in December 2016, a 35,000 sq ft Dunnes flagship store handed over to Dunnes in June 2017 and a 17,000 sq ft Primark store. The occupier line-up also includes a 15,000 sq ft New Look unit opened on 8 June 2017 and a Nandos unit opened on 20 April 2017 as part of the ongoing re-development of the food court area.

      The Avenue Shopping Centre, Newton Mearns, Glasgow (NewRiver Retail Property Unit Trust No.7)

      ·      202,000 sq ft shopping centre located in an affluent suburb of Glasgow anchored by a 102,000 sq ft Asda foodstore with an occupier line-up featuring M&S Simply Food and Boots.

      Priory Meadow Shopping Centre, Hastings (NewRiver Retail Property Unit Trust No.5)

      ·      290,000 sq ft shopping centre located in the heart of Hastings, in close proximity to Hastings train station and featuring a 1,000 space car park anchored by a 43,000 sq ft Marks & Spencer store with an occupier line-up including Poundland, Boots and H&M. 

      Hillstreet Shopping Centre, Middlesbrough (NewRiver Retail Property Unit Trust No.2)

      ·      240,000 sq ft shopping centre located in the heart of Middlesbrough anchored by a 62,000 sq ft Primark store with an occupier line-up including Argos, Sports Direct and Poundworld. The Tees Valley devolution deal and the direct London trains due by 2020 has given the Council and the region new impetus and the Company has been working in partnership with them on a number of schemes, including a new passenger transport interchange, leisure, hotel, restaurants, a college and digital media innovation centre located adjacent to Hillstreet Shopping Centre.



                Attractive Market Opportunities in the Mooring Systems Market   
      Added: Jun 30, 2017
      By: Dsiddhant
      Views: 2
      The increase in the energy demand has resulted in the rise in oil & gas production from the regions such as North America and the Middle East. Due to the maturing onshore oil & gas fields there has been a shift of exploration & production activities towards offshore reserves. The global mooring systems market is expected to grow from USD 1.58 Billion in 2015 to USD 1.89 Billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 3.7%. Asia-Pacific accounted for the largest market share and is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

                Sub-Regional Seminar on Intellectual Property Policies in Universities   
      29 juin 2017 au 30 juin 2017 (Bakou, Azerbaïdjan)
                4 Hidden Dangers of Pork   
      Pork is the most commonly consumed meat in the world, but may also be one of the most dangerous.

      Among foods that inspire a cult-like following, pork often leads the pack, as evidenced by the 65% of Americans eager to name bacon the country’s national food.

      Unfortunately, that popularity comes at a cost. Along with being the most commonly consumed meat in the world, pork may also be one of the most dangerous, carrying some important and under-discussed risks that any consumer should be aware of (1).

      1. Hepatitis E

      Thanks to the revival of nose-to-tail eating, offal has redeemed itself among health enthusiasts, especially liver, which is prized for its vitamin A content and massive mineral lineup.

      But when it comes to pork, liver might be risky business.

      In developed nations, pork liver is the top food-based transmitter of hepatitis E, a virus that infects 20 million people each year and can lead to acute illness (fever, fatigue, jaundice, vomiting, joint pain and stomach pain), enlarged liver and sometimes liver failure and death (23).

      Most hepatitis E cases are stealthily symptom-free, but pregnant women can experience violent reactions to the virus, including fulminant hepatitis (rapid-onset liver failure) and a high risk of both maternal and fetal mortality (4). In fact, mothers who get infected during their third trimester face a death rate of up to 25% (5).

      In rare cases, hepatitis E infection can lead to myocarditis (an inflammatory heart disease), acute pancreatitis (painful inflammation of the pancreas), neurological problems (including Guillain-Barré syndrome and neuralgic amyotrophy), blood disorders and musculoskeletal problems, such as elevated creatine phosphokinase, indicating muscle damage, and multi-joint pain (in the form of polyarthralgia) (678).

      People with compromised immune systems, including organ transplant recipients on immunosuppressive therapy and people with HIV, are more likely to suffer from these severe hepatitis E complications (9).

      So, just how alarming are pork’s contamination stats? In America, about 1 out of every 10 store-bought pig livers tests positive for hepatitis E, which is slightly higher than the 1 in 15 rate in the Netherlands and 1 in 20 rate in the Czech Republic (1011). One study in Germany found that about 1 in 5 pork sausages were contaminated (12).

      France’s traditional figatellu, a pig liver sausage that’s often consumed raw, is a confirmed hepatitis E carrier (13). In fact, in regions of France where raw or rare pork is a common delicacy, over half the local population shows evidence of hepatitis E infection (14).

      Japan, too, is facing rising hepatitis E concerns as pork gains popularity (15). And in the UK? Hepatitis E shows up in pork sausages, in pork liver and at pork slaughterhouses, indicating the potential for widespread exposure among pork consumers (16).

      It might be tempting to blame the hepatitis E epidemic on commercial farming practices, but in the case of the pig, wilder doesn’t mean safer. Hunted boars, too, are frequent hepatitis E carriers, capable of passing on the virus to game-eating humans (1718).

      Apart from total pork abstinence, the best way to slash hepatitis E risk is in the kitchen. This stubborn virus can survive the temperatures of rare-cooked meat, making high heat the best weapon against infection (19). For virus deactivation, cooking pork products for at least 20 minutes to an internal temperature of 71°C (160°F) seems to do the trick (20).

      However, fat can protect hepatitis viruses from heat destruction, so fattier cuts of pork might need extra time or toastier temperatures (21).

      Summary: Pork products, particularly liver, frequently carry hepatitis E, which can cause severe complications and even death in vulnerable populations. Thorough cooking is necessary to deactivate the virus.

      2. Multiple Sclerosis

      One of the most surprising risks associated with pork — one that’s received remarkably little airtime — is multiple sclerosis (MS), a devastating autoimmune condition involving the central nervous system.

      The robust link between pork and MS has been known at least since the 1980s, when researchers analyzed the relationship between per capita pork consumption and MS across dozens of countries (22).

      While pork-averse nations like Israel and India were nearly spared from MS’s degenerative grips, more liberal consumers, such as West Germany and Denmark, faced sky-high rates.

      In fact, when all countries were considered, pork intake and MS showed a whopping correlation of 0.87 (p<0.001), which is much higher and more significant than the relationship between MS and fat intake (0.63, p<0.01), MS and total meat intake (0.61, p<0.01) and MS and beef consumption (no significant relationship).

      For perspective, a similar study of diabetes and per capita sugar intake found a correlation of just under 0.60 (p<0.001) when analyzing 165 countries (23).

      As with all epidemiological findings, the correlation between pork consumption and MS can’t prove that one causes the other (or even that, within MS-stricken countries, the most enthusiastic pork consumers were the most diseased). But as it turns out, the evidence vault goes much deeper.

      Earlier, a study of inhabitants of the Orkney and Shetland Islands of Scotland, a region teeming with unusual delicacies, including seabird eggs, raw milk and undercooked meat, found only one dietary association with MS — consumption of “potted head,” a dish made from boiled pig’s brain (24).

      Among Shetland residents, a significantly higher proportion of MS patients had consumed potted head in their youth, compared to healthy, age and sex-matched controls (25).

      This is particularly relevant because — per other research — MS that strikes in adulthood might stem from environmental exposures during adolescence (26).

      The potential for pig brain to trigger nerve-related autoimmunity isn’t just an observational hunch, either. Between 2007 and 2009, a cluster of 24 pork plant workers mysteriously fell ill with progressive inflammatory neuropathy, which is characterized by MS-like symptoms such as fatigue, numbness, tingling and pain (2728).

      The source of the outbreak? So-called “pig brain mist” — tiny particles of brain tissue blasted into the air during carcass processing (29).

      When workers inhaled these tissue particles, their immune systems, per standard protocol, formed antibodies against the foreign porcine antigens.

      But those antigens happened to bear an uncanny resemblance to certain neural proteins in humans. And the result was a biological calamity: confused about who to fight, the workers’ immune systems launched a guns-blazing attack on their own nerve tissue (3031).

      Although the resulting autoimmunity wasn’t identical to multiple sclerosis, that same process of molecular mimicry, where foreign antigens and self-antigens are similar enough to trigger an autoimmune response, has been implicated in the pathogenesis of MS (3233).

      Of course, unlike pig brain mist, hot dogs and ham aren’t literally inhaled (teenage boys notwithstanding). Could pork still transmit problematic substances through ingestion?

      The answer is a speculative yes. For one, certain bacteria, particularly Acinetobacter, are involved in molecular mimicry with myelin, the nerve-sheathing substance that becomes damaged in MS (3435).

      Although the role of pigs as Acinetobacter carriers hasn’t been exhaustively studied, the bacteria has been found in pig feces, on pig farms and in bacon, pork salami and ham, where it serves as a spoilage organism (36373839). If pork acts as a vehicle for Acinetobacter transmission (or in any way increases the risk of human infection), a link with MS would make sense.

      Two, pigs may be silent and under-studied carriers of prions, misfolded proteins that drive neurodegenerative disorders like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (the human version of mad cow) and Kuru (found among cannibal societies) (40).

      Some researchers suggest MS itself could be a prion disease, one that targets oligodendrocytes, the cells that produce myelin (41). And since prions — and their associated diseases— are transmitted by consuming infected nerve tissue, it’s possible that prion-harboring pork products could be one link in the MS chain (42).

      Summary: A causative role of pork in MS is far from a closed case, but the unusually strong epidemiological patterns, biological plausibility and documented experiences make further research imperative.

      3. Liver Cancer and Cirrhosis

      Liver problems tend to trail closely on the heels of some predictable risk factors, namely hepatitis B and C infection, exposure to aflatoxin (a carcinogen produced by mold) and excessive alcohol intake (434445).

      But buried in the scientific literature is another potential scourge of liver health — pork.

      For decades, pork consumption has faithfully echoed liver cancer and cirrhosis rates around the world. In multi-country analyses, the correlation between pork and cirrhosis mortality clocked in at 0.40 (p<0.05) using 1965 data, 0.89 (p<0.01) using mid-1970s data, 0.68 (p=0.003) using 1996 data and 0.83 (p=0.000) using 2003 data (4647).

      In those same analyses, among the 10 Canadian provinces, pork bore a correlation of 0.60 (p<0.01) with death from liver cirrhosis, while alcohol, perhaps due to an overall low intake, showed no significant link.

      And in statistical models incorporating known perils for the liver (alcohol consumption, hepatitis B infection and hepatitis C infection), pork remained independently associated with liver disease, suggesting the association isn’t just due to pork piggybacking, as the case may be, on a different causative agent (48).

      Beef, by contrast, remained liver-neutral or protective in these studies.

      Liver cancer, too, tends to follow in the hoof steps of the pig. A 1985 analysis showed that pork intake correlated with hepatocellular carcinoma deaths as strongly as alcohol did (0.40, p<0.05 for both) (49). (Considering liver cirrhosis is often a prelude to cancer, this connection shouldn’t be surprising (50).)

      So, what’s behind these eerie associations?

      At first glance, the most likely explanations don’t pan out. Although pork-transmitted hepatitis E can lead to liver cirrhosis, this happens almost exclusively in immunosuppressed people, a subset of the population that’s too small to account for the global correlation (51).

      Relative to other meat, pork tends to be high in omega-6 fatty acids, including linoleic acid and arachidonic acid, which may play a role in liver disease (525354). But vegetable oils, whose polyunsaturated fatty acid content blows pork out of the water, don’t dance the same liver disease tango that pork does, calling into question whether fat is really to blame (5556).

      Heterocyclic amines, a class of carcinogens formed by cooking meat (including pork) at high temperatures, contribute to liver cancer in a variety of animals (57). But these compounds are also readily formed in beef, according to the same studies that indicated pork has no positive relationship with liver disease (5859).

      With all that in mind, it’d be easy to dismiss the pork-liver disease link as an epidemiological fluke. However, some plausible mechanisms do exist.

      The most likely contender involves nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic compounds created when nitrites and nitrates react with certain amines (from protein), particularly in high heat (60). These compounds have been linked to damage and cancer in a variety of organs, including the liver (61).

      One of the biggest dietary sources of nitrosamines is processed pork, which, along with being a frequent visitor to the frying pan, typically contains nitrites and nitrates as curing agents. (Vegetables are also rich in naturally occurring nitrates, but their antioxidant content and dearth of protein help thwart the process of N-nitrosation, preventing them from becoming cancer-causing agents (62).)

      Significant levels of nitrosamines have been found in pork liver pâté, bacon, sausage, ham and other cured meats (636465). The fatty portion of pork products, in particular, tends to accumulate much higher levels of nitrosamines than the lean bits, making bacon a particularly abundant source (66).

      The presence of fat can also turn vitamin C into a nitrosamine promoter instead of a nitrosamine inhibitor, so pairing pork with veggies might not confer much protection (67).

      Although much of the nitrosamine-liver cancer research has focused on rodents, where certain nitrosamines produce liver injury with remarkable ease, the effect appears in humans as well (6869). In fact, some researchers suggest humans may be even more sensitive to nitrosamines than mice and rats (70).

      In Thailand, for instance, nitrosamines have been strongly linked to liver cancer in areas where other risk factors are low (71). A 2010 analysis of the NIH-AARP cohort found red meat (including pork), processed meat (including processed pork), nitrates and nitrites to be positively associated with chronic liver disease. Rubber workers, occupationally exposed to nitrosamines, have faced extremely high rates of non-alcohol-related liver disease and cancer (72).

      Do nitrosamines prove a chain of causation between pork, liver-harming compounds and liver disease? The evidence is currently too patchy to make that claim, but the risk is plausible enough to justify limiting nitrosamine-containing (or nitrosamine-producing) pork products, including bacon, ham, hot dogs and sausages made with sodium nitrite or potassium nitrate.

      Summary: Strong epidemiological links exist between pork consumption and liver disease. If these links reflect cause and effect, one culprit might be N-nitroso compounds, which are found abundantly in processed pork products cooked at high temperatures.

      4. Yersinia

      For years, pork’s precautionary motto was “well-done or bust,” a consequence of fears about trichinosis, a type of roundworm infection that ravaged pork consumers throughout much of the 20th century (73).

      Thanks to changes in feeding practices, farm hygiene and quality control, pig-borne trichinosis has dropped off the radar, inviting pink pork back onto the menu.

      But pork’s relaxed heat rules may have opened the doors for a different type of infection — yersiniosis, which is caused by Yersinia bacteria. In the US alone, Yersiniacauses 35 deaths and almost 117,000 cases of food poisoning each year (74). Its chief entry route for humans? Undercooked pork.

      Yersiniosis’s acute symptoms are rough enough — fever, pain, bloody diarrhea — but its long-term consequences are what should really ring alarm bells. Victims of Yersiniapoisoning face a 47-times higher risk of reactive arthritis, a type of inflammatory joint disease triggered by infection (75).

      Even children become post-Yersinia arthritis targets, sometimes requiring chemical synovectomy (the injection of osmic acid into a troubled joint) to relieve persistent pain (7677).

      And in the less-common instances where Yersinia doesn’t bring the typical feverish, diarrheic unpleasantries? Reactive arthritis can develop even when the original infection was asymptomatic, leaving some victims unaware that their arthritis is a consequence of food-borne illness (78).

      Although reactive arthritis usually subsides on its own over time, Yersinia victims remain at higher risk of chronic joint problems, including ankylosing spondylitis, sacroiliitis, tenosynovitis and rheumatoid arthritis, for years on end (798081).

      Some evidence suggests that Yersinia can lead to neurological complications (82). Infected individuals with iron overload may be at higher risk of multiple liver abscesses, potentially leading to death (838485). And among people who are genetically susceptible, anterior uveitis, inflammation of the eye’s iris, is also more likely following a bout of Yersinia (8687).

      Lastly, via molecular mimicry, Yersinia infection could also raise the risk of Graves’ disease, an autoimmune condition characterized by excessive thyroid hormone production (8889).

      The solution? Bring on the heat. The majority of pork products (69% of tested samples, according to a Consumer Reports analysis) are contaminated with Yersiniabacteria, and the only way to safeguard against infection is through proper cooking. An internal temperature of at least 145°F for whole pork and 160°F for ground pork is necessary to decimate any lingering pathogen.

      Summary: Undercooked pork can transmit Yersinia bacteria, causing short-term illness and raising the risk of reactive arthritis, chronic joint conditions, Graves’ disease and other complications.

      In Conclusion

      So, should health-savvy omnivores scrap pork from the menu?

      The jury’s still out. For two of pork’s problems — hepatitis E and Yersinia — aggressive cooking and safe handling are enough to minimize the risk. And due to a shortage of controlled, pork-centric research capable of establishing causation, pork’s other red flags spring from epidemiology — a field rife with confounders and unjustified confidence.

      Worse, many diet-and-disease studies lump pork together with other types of red meat, diluting whatever associations might exist with pork alone.

      These issues make it hard to isolate the health effects of pig-derived products and determine the safety of their consumption.

      That being said, caution is probably warranted. The sheer magnitude, consistency and mechanistic plausibility of pork’s connection with several serious diseases make the chances of a true risk more likely.

      Until further research is available, you might want to think twice about going hog-wild on pork.

      This article was originally published by Authority Nutrition.



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      Clicking this will display our settings page where the user can configure the text to be displayed in the modal dialog as well as set the plugin to be active or not.

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