Comment #13   
Aren't there only two possibilities: fraud and possible theft and even murder OR

The winner was on the FBI wanted list/previously faked his/her death, etc.
          Operator of Illegal Bitcoin Exchange Sentenced to Prison   

Anthony Murgio, 33, of Tampa, Florida, has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison for running a Bitcoin exchange connected to hackers. The exchange was used to launder more than $10 million worth of funds, authorities reported.

Both Murgio and Yuri Lebedev, 39, of St. John’s, Florida, operated through a fraudulent company called “Collectables Club.” According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, the illegal Bitcoin exchange used the firm’s misleading name to open financial accounts at banks pretending to be a “members-only association of individuals who discussed, bought, and sold collectible items and memorabilia.” Murgio and Lebedev, along with other co-conspirators, violated bank and credit card company rules and regulations by “deliberately misidentifying and miscoding customers’ credit and debit card transactions.”

“Lies conceived and deployed by Murgio permeated every aspect of’s operation, including its use of front companies, like Collectables Club and Currency Enthusiasts, to try to conceal the illicit nature of the operation,” the Department of Justice stated in its sentencing submission.

On January 9, Murgio pled guilty to three counts regarding operating, which processed over $10 million worth of illegal Bitcoin transactions. Murgio ran the Bitcoin exchange between October 2013 and July 2015 for Gery Shalon, 33, an Israeli citizen who was responsible for hacking at least nine companies, including JPMorgan Chase, E-Trade Financial Corporation and Dow Jones. sold bitcoins that came from illegal online transactions, such as victim payments to ransomware attackers who sought to launder the cryptocurrencies clean.

“I screwed up badly and made serious mistakes and misjudgments,” Murgio said, showing remorse, to U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan at his sentencing.

Shalon, along with Ziv Orenstein, 42, compromised data on approximately 76 million household customers and 7 million businesses by hacking the nine companies. U.S. officials described their operation as a “diversified criminal conglomerate” responsible for the largest theft of valuable information from a U.S. bank. The compromised data included the names of customers, along with email addresses and phone numbers. Authorities collected evidence stating that Murgio exchanged cash for the bitcoins of Shalon’s criminal gang. Israeli police arrested Shalon and Orenstein in July 2015, and they were extradited to the United States in June 2016. Both are facing serious charges, including aggravated identity theft, wire fraud and money laundering.

“Mr. Murgio led an effort based on ambition and greed,” and constructed on a “pyramid of lies,” Judge Nathan said during the sentencing hearing at the Manhattan federal court.

On March 17, a Manhattan jury found Lebedev and his co-conspirator Trevon Gross, 52, of New Jersey, guilty of charges connected to a bribery scheme in an attempt to hide the illegal activities of from financial institutes and regulators. Both of the defendants are facing a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. Judge Nathan scheduled the sentencing hearing of Lebedev and Gross for July 20, 2017.

Murgio’s father, Michael Murgio, 66, was also involved in the case. In October, the father plead guilty to “making a false statement to the National Credit Union Administration on behalf of his son.” By making a plea deal, Michael Murgio managed to avoid additional charges in the case, including “conspiracy to make corrupt payments with intent to influence an officer of a financial institution and making corrupt payments.” Judge Nathan sentenced the elder Murgio to one year of probation along with a $12,000 fine.

The FBI arrested both Lebedev and Murgio on July 23, 2015, for “running an unlicensed bitcoin exchange with the goal of helping individuals launder money.”

Despite the prosecution’s request for 10 to 12 years and seven months behind bars, the Manhattan federal court sentenced Murgio to five and a half years in prison. According to Reuters, Judge Nathan considered Murgio’s “generosity to friends and support to his family” and imposed a prison sentence half as long as the prosecutor recommended.

Judge Nathan has scheduled a hearing on September 1 to decide on the amount of fines, forfeiture and restitution Murgio has to pay to the state. The operator of the illegal Bitcoin exchange remains free on bail.

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          How a Bitcoin Whitehat Hacker Helped the FBI Catch a Murderer   
whitehat (1).jpg

An ethical hacker breached the database of a phony darknet website offering hitman services and leaked the data. The information from the data dump helped the FBI in their investigation of a man who murdered his wife.

In November 2016, Stephen Carl Allwine, 47, of Cottage Grove, Minnesota, killed his wife in “one of the most bizarre cases ever seen,” police officers reported. The husband tried to mask the murder as a suicide, including putting a 9 mm pistol next to Amy Allwine’s elbow. However, detectives arriving on the scene identified the case as murder and collected evidence — mostly electronic devices, such as computers — belonging to Mr. Allwine. Later on, in January, investigators arrested and charged Mr. Allwine with second-degree murder based on the forensic evaluation of the confiscated electronic equipment.

In May 2016, a hacker called “bRpsd” breached the database of a controversial hitman service offered on a darknet website. The service, “Besa Mafia,” offered a link between customers and hitmen, who could register on the site anonymously. The price for a murder ranged between $5,000 and $200,000, but clients seeking to avoid fatalities could also hire a contractor to beat up a victim for $500 or set somebody’s car on fire for $1,000.

The hacker uploaded the data dump to a public internet website. The leaked files contained user accounts, email addresses, personal messages between the Besa Mafia admin and its customers, “hit” orders and a folder named “victims,” providing additional information on the targets.

The breach highlighted the fake nature of the website, which operated only to collect money from the customers. Chris Monteiro, an independent researcher who also hacked into the site, stated the owner or owners of Besa Mafia had made at least 50 bitcoins ($127,500 based on the current value of the cryptocurrency) from the scam operation.

According to a message posted by a Besa Mafia administrator and uncovered in the dump, “[T]his website is to scam criminals of their money. We report them for 2 reasons: to stop murder, this is moral and right; to avoid being charged with conspiracy to murder or association to murder, if we get caught.”

The leak of the Besa Mafia database helped the police investigating the murder of Mrs. Allwine. As the officers analyzed her husband’s devices, they discovered the suspect had accessed the dark web as early as 2014. Furthermore, investigators identified the pseudonym Mr. Allwine used on the darknet, “dogdaygod,” which was also linked to his email, “,” in some cases. Detectives found bitcoin addresses in the conversations between Besa Mafia and Mr. Allwine, which linked the husband directly to the “dogdaygod” pseudonym, providing authorities with necessary evidence for the case.

Eventually, law enforcement agents analyzed the data dump bRpsd leaked and discovered Mr. Allwine’s email in the list. In addition, investigators found messages between the suspect and the Besa Mafia admin. According to a criminal complaint, Mr. Allwine paid between $10,000 to $15,000 to the supposed hitman service to kill his wife. The complaint detailed how Mr. Allwine had decided to have the hitman shoot Mrs. Allwine at close range and burn down the house afterward.

However, once the funds were transferred, the Besa Mafia communicator told Mr. Allwine that “local police [have] stopped the hitman [from] driving a stolen vehicle and taken [him] to jail prior to the hit,” thus rendering him unable to complete his “service.” The complaint cited Sergeant McAlister who reported that during that time, “no one was apprehended in Minnesota and western Wisconsin in a stolen vehicle and possession of a gun.”

It is likely that the ethical hacker’s data breach had an impact on Mr. Allwine’s case; on March 24, 2017, the Washington County District Court charged him with first-degree murder. In addition, officers have gathered more evidence in the case — a drug called scopolamine was discovered at 45 times higher than the recommended level in Mrs. Allwine’s body. Investigators subsequently discovered that her husband had also ordered the substance on the dark web.

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          FBI Offers $10K Reward in Kidnapping Case of Visiting Scholar   
The search for Yingying Zhang continues as her family releases a statement about the case to Dateline.
          School rallies around family of missing Chinese student   

Twenty days after University of Illinois graduate student Yingying Zhang disappeared from the Urbana-Champaign campus, her family called on the community Thursday to hold on to hope for her safe return.

"She's always a brave girl and she never easily gives up on anything," Zhang's boyfriend, Xiaolin Hou, told a crowd of well-wishers gathered at the school Thursday night.

"She never gives up as long as there's a glimmer of hope ... so we cannot give up either," he said.

Hou and members of Zhang's family led a procession of hundreds of well-wishers through the streets of the Urbana-Champaign campus Thursday night. They waved flags with her name on them and carried her picture as they chanted "let's find Yingying."

The family flew from China to the United States earlier this month to search for the 26-year-old visiting scholar. And they say they're not going home without her.

Zhang's father issued a plea earlier Thursday to those responsible for his daughter's disappearance: Let her go and I'll forgive you.

"The family hopes the kidnappers would not hurt her and know she is really well loved by family and friends," her father told CNN through a translator Thursday. "Let her go, let her come back as soon as possible."

Last seen June 9

Zhang had a yearlong position at the university's department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. She graduated from Beijing's prestigious Peking University in 2016 with a master's degree in environmental engineering.

Zhang is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds, the FBI said. She was last seen wearing a charcoal-colored baseball cap, a pink and white top, jeans and white tennis shoes. She carried a black backpack.

The last known sighting of Zhang was on the afternoon of June 9. Security camera footage shows her entering the passenger side of a black Saturn Astra hatchback that day.

University police said Zhang had just gotten off a public bus before the four-door hatchback approached her on the north end of the university campus. The FBI announced that investigators found the car on Tuesday, but provided no further details.

The FBI is treating the disappearance as a kidnapping, but campus police, in a recently released update, say they are calling it a missing persons case.

Support from around the world

Zhang is one of more than 300,000 Chinese students and scholars attending US universities. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is one of the most popular universities for Chinese students, with more than 5,600. They make up a sizable community both on campus and in the small town of 207,000.

Her disappearance has triggered widespread concern in China, with groups set up on messaging app WeChat to share information about the case.

A crowdfunding campaign set up to help Zhang's family with expenses as the search continues has raised more than three times its $30,000 goal, with many donors leaving messages of support in Chinese.

'Twenty days is a long time'

Her disappearance has struck a nerve on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

Supporters who joined Thursday's rally echoed her family's hopeful tone.

"I'm praying as I walk," said Champaign resident Donald Baker. "We're hoping we can bring her back home to her family and to this campus."

Another woman said she joined the rally to support Zhang's family. She has a daughter close to Zhang's age who travels internationally, and sometimes she doesn't hear from her for days, she said.

"It was important to me as Americans that we show love and care to this family," she said.

"I want to be optimistic that we will find her," she added. "Twenty days is a long time."

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Health care fraud is becoming a major issue.  The FBI has cracked down on health care fraud including but not limited to drug compounding.  Expect many people to be arrested.   If you have received a letter, you need to act quickly.   Our team of tough, smart health care fraud defense lawyers can help […]
          RoadBlasters Blast into the Future - 10.26.2008   

RoadBlasters Blast into the Future - 10.26.2008

RoadBlasters Blast into the Future - 10.26.2008

Back of the original box for RoadBlasters for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System. Description reads: Blast Into The Future In the distant future the ultimate race will occur. Half race and half battle. Grab the controls and accelarate to reach the rally points, Dodge mines and toxic spills, blast Rat Jeeps and Darting Cycles. Acquire weapons like Cruise Missles and U.Z. Cannons. Explore 50 levels of mind blowing authentic arcade action! Bottom right corner has the seal of the FBI with the message "WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS William S. Sessions, Director, FBI

          Atari Lynx Warbirds back of box - 10.26.2008   

Atari Lynx Warbirds back of box - 10.26.2008

Atari Lynx Warbirds back of box - 10.26.2008

Warbirds for the Atari Lynx Handheld system. English description reads: BATTLE FOR THE SKIES! It's the First World War and the conquest of the sky is your mission. Battle your way to the target with WarBirds, the totally three-dimensional, fly by the seat of your pants, dog fight game. Pick from any of six missions from Milk Run to The Swarm to dog fight one-on-one or fill the sky with war planes. Fight against a computer-controlled squadron or link with up to four Lynx friends to determine who is the greatest World War I Flying Ace. French Description reads: LUTTE A MORT DANS LE CIEL Premiere guerre mondiale. Votre mission: Conquerir l'espace aerien. WarBirds, jeu en trois dimensions, va vous fairee decoller de votre siege dans une lutte a la vie a la mort. De Milk Run (duel aerien sans merci) a Swarm (bataille aerienne grandiose), suivant le genre de sensations que vous desirez revivre, choisissez l'une des six missions qui vous sont offertes. Mesurez vous a l'ordinateur ou bien connectez 2, 3 ou 4 Lynx pour jouer a plusieurs ... et tentez de devenir l'As des As de cetter grande bataille. Bottom right corner has FBI seal and message "WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS, William L. Sessions, Director, FBI"

          Qix for Atari Lynx back of box - 10.24.2008   

Qix for Atari Lynx back of box - 10.24.2008

Qix for Atari Lynx back of box - 10.24.2008

Back of box reads: QIX is back and better than ever! If you are one of the millions who have grown to know QIX, rest assured that this is a faithful adaptation that includes all the exciting features you have enjoyed in the past and more! Neutralize QIX and its mutant offspring SPARX by claiming the territory before they frag you. Beware of the FUSE and the SPIRAL DEATH TRAP. Over one billion moves and shapes as you are challenged by 256 levels of increasing intensity. You never play the same game twice! Even a practice mode. For one or Two Players. Telegames. FBI seal with message \"Winners don\'t do drugs\" William S. Sessions, Director. FBI

          Atari Lynx Pac-Land Back of Box - 10.24.2008   

Atari Lynx Pac-Land Back of Box - 10.24.2008

Atari Lynx Pac-Land Back of Box - 10.24.2008

Has French and English Description and 2 Screen Shots. English description reads: It's hard being a celebrity. It really is. You always have to try and top what you did last. In Pac-Land, out friend Pac-Man (Registered Trademark) is facing more daring adventures than ever before. He is surrounded by colorful graphics, great music, and of coursse, fast-paced excitement. In his latest contest, Pac-Man comes face-to-face with the ghosts on their own turf! So get ready to do some serious fruit munching and ghost gobbling as you run through the forests, cities, and deserts of Pac-Land. French description reads: Le Poids de la celebrite est difficile a porter. Vraiment tres difficile... Il faut constamment se surpasser pur faire encore mieux que la fois precedente. Aussi, les adventures dans lesquelles notre ami Pac-Man se trouve entraine avec Pac-Land sont elles plus audacieuses que jamais ! Et pour ajouter encore a L'interet de ce jeu, Pac-Man est entoure d'objets mysteres colores, de Musique... et bien sur, tout se passe sur un rythme effrene! Lors de son ultime combat, Pac-Man devra affronter les fantomes sur leur propre terrain. Aussi preparez vous a grignoter des fruits a touts allure et a avaler moult fantomes tout le long de la course au travers des forets, des villes et des deserts de Pac-Land. Bottom left corner has Atari Logo, and Bottom right corner has FBI seal with message "Winners don't do drugs" William S. Sessions, Director. FBI

          Ultimate Chess Challenge (Telegames) Back of Box - 10.23.2008   

Ultimate Chess Challenge (Telegames) Back of Box - 10.23.2008

Ultimate Chess Challenge (Telegames) Back of Box - 10.23.2008

Back of box reads: The Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge. On your own against the "Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge" - the world's most powerful hand-held chess game - or against a friend, the stunning 3D graphics and advanced technology of this latest game from Telegames has to be played to be believed. The Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge uses the most powerful chess playing technology from the laboratories of Fidelity - The premier manufacturers of dedicated chess computers and developers of the world's only USCF certified Master rated (2325) chess program. Switch from 3D to overhead view for the final attact-. or use one of the many options available to review the game to date. Full on-screen statistics giving score, times, movies etc. and many ohter features on this world's fastest color hand-held chess game. Message from the FBI on the back of this box (as with many other games) reads "Winners don't use drugs" signed by William S. Sessions, Director. FBI

          Atari Lynx Checkered Flag Box back - 10.23.2008   

Atari Lynx Checkered Flag Box back - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx Checkered Flag Box back - 10.23.2008

This is the back of the box for the game Checkered Flag for the Atai Lynx handheld console. Video games were always popular among teen and the FBI here uses this to convey an anti- drug message "Winners don't use drugs" signed by William S. Sessions, Director. FBI

          Fox & Friends ignores WSJ report suggesting possible Russia collusion   

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters

President Donald Trump’s favorite morning news show, Fox News’ Fox & Friends, completely ignored a Wall Street Journal report about a Republican Party operative who sought former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers and who may have been working with then-Trump senior adviser Michael Flynn.

On June 29, the Journal (which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News) reported that before the 2016 presidential election, GOP operative Peter Smith “mounted an independent campaign to obtain emails he believed were stolen from Hillary Clinton’s private server, likely by Russian hackers.” Smith “implied that he was working” with Flynn during his “conversations with members of his circle and with others he tried to recruit to help him,” according to the report. The FBI has previously said that it could not find definitive proof that Clinton’s server had been hacked.

Media Matters searched SnapStream for “wall,” “street,” and “Flynn” on morning shows of Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN that aired on June 30 and found that Fox & Friends did not mention the story even once. By contrast, CNN’s New Day covered the story in multiple segments, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosted the Journal reporter who broke the story to discuss it.

Fox & Friends has repeatedly dismissed the investigation into Russian interference in the election and whether there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and tried to delegitimize the FBI Russia probe, claiming there's "no evidence" of collusion. Their failure to report the story is yet another effort by the hosts to cover for Trump, who regularly watches and praises the show and has drawn upon it as a source for numerous policy and other ideas.

          Did a GOP politician effectively buy Roger Stone’s endorsement against Sen. Elizabeth Warren?   

Roger Stone posted social media endorsements of Massachusetts state Rep. Geoff Diehl’s bid to challenge Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) just days after Diehl rented his email list.

Stone, who contributes to radio host Alex Jones’ Infowars network and will soon host his own Infowars show, has a history of pushing racist, sexist, and conspiratorial rhetoric. Stone has been a longtime adviser to Trump and worked as a paid consultant for Trump’s campaign; he is now reportedly under FBI investigation as part of the agency’s probe into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Stone announced in May through a marketing company that he’s accepting advertisers for his “online presence,” which includes his email list and "social media posts."

Diehl’s campaign rented Stone’s list on June 16 for a fundraising email. A message accompanying the email stated: “We are excited to share with you a special message from one of our sponsoring advertisers, Diehl For Senate. It is also sponsors like them that help fund Stone Cold Truth. Please note that the following message reflects the opinions and representations of our sponsor alone, and not necessarily the opinion of Roger Stone.”

Endorsements for Diehl subsequently appeared on Stone's Facebook and Twitter accounts. Those posts gave no indication whether they were advertisements.

Stone’s Facebook page posted the following on June 23: “Help Us Fire Elizabeth Warren!!!!! Geoff Diehl: The REAL Deal for Massachusetts Help build our grassroots movement to support the real Diehl for Massachusetts. Stand with Geoff Diehl for U.S. Senate. Your donation will send a loud message that it's time to put Massachusetts first.” Much of that language is taken from Diehl’s website. Diel’s Facebook page subsequently touted the Stone post by writing: “The Stone Cold Truth is that we need a U.S. Senator who will put Massachusetts first. Donate today!” 

On June 24, Stone tweeted a link to a Diehl fundraising page and asked followers to "help us fire Elizabeth Warren."

Diehl retweeted Stone and a supporter who celebrated Stone's tweet:

Stone’s backing of Diehl is at odds with his colleagues at Infowars, which has thrown its support to entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai, who is competing against Diehl for the Republican nomination. He appeared on Alex Jones’ program on June 7 and June 25. During the June 7 interview, Jones said it was “really exciting” to have Ayyadurai challenging Warren, gave viewers his campaign website address, and asked the Republican how people can support his candidacy. Ayyadurai responded by asking Jones’ listeners to make donations and to volunteer with his campaign.

He appeared on Jones’ June 25 show with guest host Owen Shroyer for roughly 20 minutes; the video description stated: “Everyone show your support for Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai running against Democrat Elitist, Elizabeth Warren in 2018.” During the appearance, the candidate said that “what Alex does is probably, sort of the last sort of beacon of truth that’s out there.”

Requests for comment to Diehl were not returned.

           14 charged in Mexican Mafia gang-linked LA jail assaults    
LOS ANGELES (AP) - The FBI says 14 people have been charged in connection with a series of assaults on Los Angeles County jail inmates, allegedly at the...
           N Carolina man charged with lying about Islamic State plans    
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - A North Carolina man faces charges that he lied to the FBI when he denied telling someone he planned to fly to Syria and wanted to...
           Sessions hopes Russia probe ends 'sooner rather than later'    
WASHINGTON (AP) - Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a vote of confidence Friday to former FBI director Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading an...
          Sessions Hopes Russia Probe Ends ‘Sooner Rather Than Later’   

Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a vote of confidence Friday to former FBI director Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading an investigation into potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign, but he also said he hoped the investigation could “move forward and come to an end sooner rather than later.” The attorney general’s comments during a “Fox & Friends” interview were his most expansive to date on the Justice Department’s appointment last month of Mueller to run the investigation. “Mr. Mueller is someone I’ve known a long time, and I’ve had confidence in him over the years,” said Sessions, an Alabama Republican who served for years on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the panel that oversees the FBI. Those remarks stand in contrast to a drumbeat of Republican criticism of the special counsel’s investigation, including from President Donald Trump, who on the same show last week contended that Mueller was “very, very good friends” with fired FBI director James Comey and characterized that relationship as “very bothersome.” Republicans have also raised conflict-of-interest concerns by noting that some lawyers on Mueller’s investigative team have previously contributed to Democratic candidates, though federal law and department policy does not permit the special counsel to take into consideration the political affiliations of a potential hire. Sessions said he was hopeful the investigation would conclude sooner than later, a point White House staff has repeatedly made, and he did suggest that questions about the composition of Mueller’s staff could be fair game. “We expect integrity from every person involved in this investigation. Mr. Mueller is entitled, lawfully, I guess, at this point, to hire who he desires,” Sessions said, “but I think he should look for people who have strength and credibility by all people.” Mueller was appointed FBI director by Republican President George W. Bush and held the position for 12 years. (AP)

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          Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe Under Federal Investigation   
This DIMocrat in disguise should at the least RESIGN or Trump needs to fire him ASAP. Do you think President Trump below is reason enough? STOP your freaking Tweeting all hours of the morning and start doing what you got … Continue reading
          Release Day Blitz: Talking with the Dead by Shiloh Walker    

Title: Talking With The Dead
Author: Shiloh Walker
Re-Release Date: June 29th 2017
Genre:Contemporary Romance


Surrounded by death, a man with a terrible gift reaches for life.

A horrific tragedy blasted open a door in young Michael O’Rourke’s mind—cursing him with the ability to talk with the Dead. Nearly two decades later, Michael has moved from victim to survivor, using his abilities to seek out those who would go unjudged.

With his gift, he talks to those who’ve died violently and seeks out their killers. Only once he’s found the murderer, can the victims be at rest. After his last case, the only thing he wants is peace and he hopes to find it in the small town of Mitchell, Indiana.

But something is horribly wrong—the dead are waiting for him there, as well.

Small town sheriff Daisy Crandall is frustrated. The murder investigation she’s leading is going nowhere, the few leads she’s had haven’t panned out. She needs a break—this case is personal and when a stranger arrives, turning up where he shouldn’t be, she’s suspicious. Finding out that he is more than what he appears to be should shock her but doesn’t. The fact she’s highly attracted to him at the worst possible time is a hindrance.

Unfortunately, teaming up with Michael is the only way.

Now it’s a race against time before the killer destroys the life of his next victim…

This book has been previously published. A prequel to the FBI Psychics series.

**Warning: this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, violence **


Talking with the Dead

**Mnix ~ Amazon Review**

Talking with the Dead is an intriguing quick read with a touch of romance. The main focus of the book revolves around the mystery of the killer with the romance between Michael and Daisy running on the

sidelines. I agonized with Michael in parts of the story, his inner struggles are written flawlessly. Michael and Daisy both have personal struggles to overcome before they can admit to wanting to be with each other. It was refreshing to watch as Michael dealt with his ghosts and finally went after what he wanted, Daisy.

 Talking With The Dead
Text Copyright © 2017 Shiloh Walker
All Rights Reserved

Although Lucas never mentioned it, and neither did Mom, Michael O’Rourke was a disappointment and he knew it.

Lucas, now, Lucas was everything their charlatan mother could ever hope for. She’d taught him well, teaching him how to run scams, how to pick pockets and how to evade cops and social workers. Yeah, she’d taught him well, all right – maybe too well. Lucas was sixteen. Strong. Smart. He wasn’t going to hang around and keep helping his mother run her scams.

She called herself Lavonne, but her birth name was Rachel O’Rourke. Her great gift in life was in the grift. She could run a scam like nothing Michael had ever seen. Evan Lucas couldn’t sucker them in the way Mama could.

But Lucas had gifts, real gifts, the kind Mama liked to pretend she had. He saw things.

The “sight” Mama called it. Ran in her family, she liked to say, although Michael didn’t’ think she had ever seen anything that he couldn’t see with his own two eyes. Lucas once told Mike that their mama couldn’t see a spirit if it bit her on the ass. They’d laughed themselves sick, thinking about it.

Lucas could see, though. He knew things. He had known when it was time to leave New Orleans and he had known when it was time to leave Memphis and he had warned her about going to Nashville. She’d pissed people off there, but Lavonne was stupid. Plain and simple. She was going to do what she wanted to do.

Shiloh Walker has been writing since she was a kid... she fell in love with vampires with the book Bunnicula and has worked her way up to the more...ah... serious vampire stories. She loves reading and writing anything paranormal, anything fantasy, but most all anything romantic. Once upon a time, she worked as a nurse, but now she writes full time and lives with her family in the Midwest. She also writes under the pen name J.C. Daniels.

Acting FBI Director McCabe Referred to DOJ Watchdog Over Potential Conflict of Interest in Russia Probe
          The Librarian Who Guarded the Manhattan Project's Secrets   
Her appointment was a victory for the women on the Hill. Though women were integral to the success of the Manhattan Project—scientists like Leona Woods and Mary Lucy Miller played central roles in the creation of the bomb—none occupied leadership positions. In this respect, Serber stood alone. As the head of the scientific library, she became the Manhattan Project’s de facto keeper of secrets, a position that soon saw her targeted for an FBI probe—and almost ended in her being fired from the project.
From The Librarian Who Guarded the Manhattan Project's Secrets - Atlas Obscura

          Smokin Aces 2 Assassins Ball (2009) 720p Bluray X264-DIMENSION   
Smokin Aces 2 Assassins Ball (2009) 720p Bluray X264-DIMENSION
Smokin Aces 2 Assassins Ball (2009) 720p Bluray X264-DIMENSION
Language(s): English
01:28:02 | 1280x720 @ 5593 kb/s | 23.98 fps(r) | DTS, 44100 Hz, stereo, 755 kb/s | 4.41 GB
Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Crime
IMDB info :

Walter Weed is an unassuming desk jockey at the FBI when the Bureau uncovers a plot to assassinate him.

          Bernie Continues To Evade Questions Over Wife’s FBI Investigation   
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders grew into the liberal spotlight as a financial deity for the socialist-leaning leftists sick of Hillary Clinton's rampant corruption.

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          Algonquin-based District 300's first safety director caps nine years on job   
Retiring District 300 Safety Director Gary Chester remembers former Superintendent Kenneth Arndt asking him whether he would be one of those six-month wonders who stays for a short while until something better comes along.

Chester's background made him more than qualified. He spent 35 years as a police officer – 22 of them as a police chief and 15 of them as a public safety director, plus military experience and a certificate from the FBI national academy.

However, his family lived in Michigan, and while Chester reassured Arndt that his stay would last longer than half a year, in the back of his mind he thought he would take the next job offer he got closer to home.

Instead, despite several job offers, Chester spent the next nine years working for the district on weekdays and commuting to his Union City, Michigan, home on the weekends.

He never imagined he'd stay as long as he has, and now, as he moves on to retirement, he faces the challenge of leaving the friendships he's built and the community he's grown to love behind.

If his family was nearby, Chester said they would have to drag him out in his coffin.

"There are bookmarks in your life as you go on. Usually, it's marriage, it's your first kids, it's all your kids being born. It's graduation of the kids," Chester said. "This [job] is one of the big bookmarks of my life."

Looking back, Chester believes the most important part of his job was what staff affectionately dubbed the "Scary Gary Show" – training that covers what to do during weather emergencies, fires and violent situations.

How staff responds to an emergency situation is what ultimately determines the outcome, Chester said, and working on managing staff's psychological response to emergencies is important.

Knowing where to go and what to do in a crisis situation does not matter if a teacher or supervisor freezes up, he said.

"The general public and parents don't really understand how much responsibility we place on the shoulders of those teachers," Chester said. "It's hard enough to get through [a crisis situation] alone and now, we throw 20 to 30 kids at them and say protect them as well."

One piece to that training that Chester said many other schools and school districts fail to do is include substitute teachers.

There are anywhere from two to 20 substitutes in each school on any given day, which is why Chester made sure every substitute is required to watch a two-hour safety presentation before filling in for teachers.

"It's not just ensuring that our students have a safe environment," Superintendent Fred Heid said, "but that our staff does, too."

Heid said that the staff appreciated Chester's presence, and the training Chester gave was always well-received.

"It's easy to put policies into place," Heid said. "It's hard to get people on board with them."

Heid said he has seen safety directors at other districts have an intimidating presence and create an uneasiness when they enter a room. This is not the case with Chester, Heid said. Chester is just there to help.

Chester said he leaves District 300 feeling the appreciation of the community he served over the last nine years. A joint effort of several grateful staff members led June 14 to officially become Gary Chester Day.

Several staff members, local fire fighters, police officers and Algonquin village officials that Chester worked with over the years came together to celebrate his retirement and announce that his name is in several village calendars.

"Even though we promised not to make a huge fuss, we did anyways," Linda Keyes, Heid's executive assistant, said.

Keyes went to all nine municipalities that the district serves and asked them to put together a resolution for Gary Chester Day which was eventually passed with each one.

Chester started as safety director when it was a brand new position to the 22,000-student district. Todd Rohlwing will fill the position after spending the past two months being trained by Chester.

Rohlwing worked for the Illinois State Police and has a military background. To learn more about how school security works on the ground level, he took on the role of student security officer at Hampshire High School.

Chester believes he is leaving the district in good and capable hands, but still finds it to be a challenge to leave the position behind.

"What happened to all the years that [have] flown behind me? It's a transition," Chester said. "If I didn't love what I was doing, it would be a lot easier, but it's hard to walk away from something you love and the love I also get from the staff."

          Immigration symposium: On immigration matters, the court’s watchwords are caution and deference   

Immigration symposium: On immigration matters, the court’s watchwords are caution and deferenceRichard Samp is Chief Counsel of the Washington Legal Foundation, which filed a brief in Ziglar v. Abbasi on behalf of five former attorneys general and two former FBI directors, and a brief in Jennings v. Rodriguez on behalf of 31 members of Congress. The Supreme Court has long recognized that federal policy affecting aliens, […]

The post Immigration symposium: On immigration matters, the court’s watchwords are caution and deference appeared first on SCOTUSblog.

          White House denounces media obsession over Russia, defends Trump's tweets   
The White House has once again gone on the offensive, condemning the media for constant coverage of the Russia probe, while defending President Donald Trump's recent tweets against MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski. At Thursday's White House press briefing, deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders cited a study conducted by the conservative Media Research Center (MRC), which found that the media has spent more than half of their total coverage on Trump dealing with the Russian probe. For their study, MRC looked at all 364 evening news stories in the five weeks since former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed to oversee the Russia probe. MRC found that out of the 640 minutes that the media covered Trump, 353 minutes was devoted to the Russia investigation and sacked FBI director James Comey. "That's the numbers guys, the numbers don't lie. The media's focus on priorities, they don't line up with the rest of America," Huckabee Sanders said.
          Women Fighting the Good Fight... the Bolshevik-Tards, Here They Come   
Late night big ole yowls,dearest and summer-dancing KitKats ... so, most of the news-info below is from a week or so past ... time flies way too fast, and this Big Cat just can't keep up at all.






June 27, 2017

Stunning 1967 Dissertation Warns Infiltration of Rothschild Luciferians in US Government 2

Between 1967 and 1968 Myron Fagan recorded three LP records: The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations.  The dissertations document the activities of the house of Rothschild were  produced byAnthony J. Hilder – an American activist, author, film maker, talk show host, broadcaster and former actor.
This stunning recording from 1967 speaks to the very problems we face today, including Fake News, government corruption, the Corrupt United Nations and infiltration of a Luciferian Rothschild cult who may have gained irreversible control of the US government.





"Stop liberal violence!" Journalist screams

A conservative journalist interrupted the Trump assassination play in Central Park, N.Y., on Friday, only two days after the politically-motivated shooting of Republican lawmakers.
Laura Loomer of Rebel Media was arrested after rushing the stage, yelling that the production promoted violence against President Trump and his supporters.
The play, which is sponsored by Time Warner and the New York Times, features a Trump-lookalike who is violently assassinated in the same manner as Julius Caesar.



Breaking: Whistleblower Says Deep State in Control of State Department : Ongoing Child-Trafficking Cover-Up at St. Dept.

Did you know that at the State Department they have an exorbitantly paid employee, of Middle East background, who is in charge of the sex-trafficking brochures for the State Department? Did you know that same person refuses to cover this issue as domestic issue? This plays right into the hands of the Deep State cover-up of their child-sex-trafficking practices at the highest levels of government? This is tantamount to overtly supporting and covering up child-sex-trafficking and the State Department is the willing accomplice. Did you also know that the State Department has 3 men, led by Deep State minion and close Obama ally, Larry Palmer, who controls all information coming in and out of the State Department and they control the FOIA’s for the State Department as well.
State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski, has been unduly harassed and has had her life threatened for trying to expose traitors and overt practices of treason and sedition by State Department employees who are aligned with the Deep State motives and objectives. The following is an interview I conducted with Monika followed by objective, hard proof of the claims made by this whistleblower.
Unlike a lot of sources,this interview names the names of the guilty.

Monika “Begs” for Protection and Nobody From the State Department Will Help

Monika has begged for protection from the death threats, violent attacks and constant harassment. As recently as last Tuesday, June 13, 2017, Monika took the issue to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s aides. As of the date of this publication, she has not heard back on this critical issue. I want to put the State Department on notice, you do not wait 5 days to investigate these kinds of allegations when someone’s life is in danger. This is an example of intentional/unintentional depraved indifference to the safety of of State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski (see the email communications at the bottom of the page).
Previously, on The Common Sense Show,  I documented, with pictures, government vehicles that have stalked and harassed Monika. The Fairfax, VA. police have told Monika that it is not safer to go home and they cannot protect her.
More recently, Monika has had animals poisoned to death. She, herself, has had to be treated for poisoning, some of which was uranium related. When I recently tried to interview Monika by Skype, ourcommunications were blocked for hours. Simultaneously, our cell phone communications were blocked as well. Here home has been invaded when she is not home. She was boxed in by two Muslim men, at the carwash, and stayed near until she called the police. This woman is the Deep State posterchild for political and personal harassment. In the following emails, please note the reference to CHILD-SEX-TRAFFICKING. I further want it to be known that Liz Crokin discovered a connection between the Virginia Shooter baseball practice shooter and child-sex-trafficking and that the primary shooting victim, Rep. Scalise had just sponsored a child-sex-trafficking bill eight days prior to being shot. This is no coincidence, the Deep State strikes again.
Monika has backed out of previous interviews because she is in fear of her life. I have convinced her that if you are going to be on the list, you better be on top of the list. Because I know the fate of Breitbart and Hastings, I have shared this information with other journalistic outlets who are going to cover this case and we are going to turn up the heat significantly.
I want to remind everyone, that in several earlier publications, I have tapped into two unnamed sources, one from the FBI and one from the State Department and was told that there is a Deep State purge underway. Monika confirms the assertion as her office is “like a morgue, people have either left or people have cleared out their desks and are awaiting their departure”.

Crickets Chirping

After numerous instances of being harassed and attacked, she reached out to Secretary Tillerson’s office, but to no avail. Here are the unanswered communications:
From: Wesolowski, Monika
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 1:39 PM
To: Peterlin, Margaret JA
Cc: Kenna, Lisa D
Subject: RE: Personal and Confidential
Ms. Peterlin and Ms. Kenna,
The issue goes back deeper into 2013 and child trafficking. I have not seen my eight year old son in a year . I worry for his safety and mine. It is imperative I speak to you in person, I will not speak to anyone outside of Mr. Tillerson’s close administration for fear for my life and that of my son’s. Thank you for speaking to me on the phone. I have been wanting to send this email for several months but afraid to.
Monika A. Wesolowski
Visual Information Specialist
United States Department of State
Global Publishing Solutions (A/GIS/GPS)
Phone: 202-xxx-xxxx voicemail
Phone: 202-xxx-xxxx direct

From: Wesolowski, Monika
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 12:50 PM
To: Peterlin, Margaret JA
Cc: Kenna, Lisa D
Subject: Personal and Confidential
Importance: High
Dear Ms. Peterlin,
I proudly attended Secretary of State Tillerson’s swearing in ceremony and have faith that he will be successful at the State Department. I would like to arrange a meeting with your office with the Secretary of State Mr. Rex Tillerson. It is imperative I speak to Mr. Tillerson. I do not feel safe at my office or at home, I have been under constant attack. I have had things happen to my family, myself, and in the office that I cannot talk about in email. I feel my life and health, as well as that of my family and those close to me, is in danger because of where I work and the people I work with, and their connections. I do not know who to trust and cannot trust Diplomatic Security here at DOS, my coworkers or upper management, especially not Ambassador Palmer, who is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Information Services. I was informed by my HR that Ambassador Palmer pushed for the Hatch Act for my having a photograph and items of President Trump in my cubicle after the election. The situation at work has been hostile and I have been harassed. Please let me know if you could speak with me or arrange a meeting with the Secretary. Please expect a call regarding this email just to verify.
Thank you kindly,
Monika A. Wesolowski
Visual Information Specialist
United States Department of State
Global Publishing Solutions (A/GIS/GPS)
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx voicemail
Phone: 202-xxx-xxxx direct


 I believe Monika’s best protection is the light of day. On that note, I would ask that all forward this article to your contact list. Secondly, if Tillerson’s office will not respond to this grave situation, then I would ask that everyone send this article to President Trump AND Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Finally, we need to keep the heat on this issue.




Neil deGrasse Tyson now pushing Monsanto propaganda alongside wife abuser and convicted felon
Mike Adams
Why am I not surprised? Neil deGrasse Tyson, who has become a mouthpiece for the GMO and chemical agricultural industries that poison the global food supply, is narrating a new documentary called "Food Evolution."
The film pushes the same pro-GMO propaganda as a violent wife abuser who used to write for Forbes. Another fake science front group -- the ACSH -- appears in the film and is run by a convincted medical fraud FELON who spent years in prison (and now runs biotech propaganda campaigns for a living).
Neil deGrasse Tyson has become a shameful betrayor of humanity and nature and an insult to real science.





  • Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, told Hatewatch.

    The recent indictment of an FBI agent for lying will fuel fair-right conspiracy theories over the justified shooting of antigovernment activist LaVoy Finicum, seen here during the occupation of Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. (AP Images/Rick Bowmer)

    Astarita, a 40-year-old FBI veteran, was part of its specially trained hostage rescue squad deployed early last year to Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge during the illegal, armed takeover of the federal preserve by Ammon and Ryan Bundy and assorted militia and antigovernment extremists. 

    The Oregon siege came two years after an earlier standoff at Bunkerville, Nevada, involving the Bundys and their father, Cliven Bundy, and assorted militia players. They subsequently were charged with pointing firearms at federal agents involved in a failed attempt in April 2014 to roundup Bundy’s cattle for nonpayment of federal grazing fees.

    During the 2016 siege in Oregon, occupier Robert LaVoy Finicum of Nevada was fatally shot by Oregon State Police as they and FBI agents attempted to stop three vehicles and arrest their occupants driving away from the refuge.

    His death – caught on FBI surveillance video -- almost immediately seemed to further galvanize factions in radical right, antigovernment circles.

    Astarita is accused of firing two shots that both missed as Finicum got out of his truck and attempted to reach for a gun after plowing the vehicle into a snow bank at the police roadblock.

    After the shooting, the indictment alleges Astarita lied to three FBI supervisors and failed to disclose that he fired his weapon to the FBI’s Shooting Response Team.

    The indictment was returned after an 18-month long investigation by the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice working with detectives from the Deschutes County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office.

    Billy J. Williams, the U.S. Attorney for Oregon, said the alleged cover-up doesn’t call into question earlier investigative findings that Oregon State Police were fully justified in using deadly force against Finicum.

    But already there’s evidence that antigovernment, militia extremists aren’t buying that official U.S. government line and, instead, are pointing to the Finicum shooting and its alleged cover-up as examples of what they call federal government excesses and corruption.

    “What did I tell you?” Washington state militia organizer Gavin Seim posted on Facebook after the indictment was announced. He disputed claims by the FBI and the Oregon State Police that the shooting of Finicum was justified.

    “The diversion indictment is not about justice,” Seim ranted, “rather it is designed to give them the narrative so they can spin it as if they are accountable.”

    Finicum’s widow, Jeanette Finicum, a featured speaker at last weekend’s “Red Pill” gathering of assorted antigovernment extremists and conspiracy theorists in Montana, claims the federal cover-up in her husband’s death is much broader.

    After the FBI agent was indicted, she told media outlets that she was “grateful,” but still believes “other officers were involved in the cover-up.”

    Some in militia and antigovernment ranks continue to maintain, without any forensic evidence, that Finicum was “murdered” by FBI agents and state police.

    Levin, who studies extremists and hate crimes in his position as a professor at the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University in San Bernardino, said the Oregon case serves up the perfect ingredients for antigovernment conspiracy buffs and bashers.

    “Finicum already was on his way to becoming a new, folkloric hero in the extremist, Patriot movement,” Levin said, referring to Patriot-depictions of the Nevada rancher and foster parent as a quirky, horseback-riding, Constitution-and-gun-loving Patriot who was cut-down by murderous federal agents.

    “What was missing was a real overt hook of government over-reach, violence and cover-up, and now, with this indictment, all those elements are there for the Patriots who want to believe this stuff,” he said.

    Antigovernment extremists, as they did after Ruby Ridge in 1992 and Waco the following year, like to bolster their message by citing such “catalytic events” involving folkloric victims with any hint of federal law enforcement overreach or cover-up. 

    In contrast, following the FBI’s 1996 standoff with the Montana Freemen, the longest siege in the bureau’s history, where there were arrests without gunfire and no casualties on either side, there were no legacy claims left for antigovernment proponents and fuel for the Patriot movement.

    “After the Freeman standoff ended peacefully, it knocked the wind out of the movement,” Levin said.

    “In any extremist movement,” Levin said, “you not only need heroes, you need villains, and here you have it wrapped all into one.”

          Split Verdict in Michigan Twitter Hate-Stalking Case   

A Michigan man who used Twitter to threaten to kill school children and Jews was acquitted Wednesday, June 28, of two felonies, including aggravated stalking of the Maryland man who turned him in to the FBI in 2015.

While a jury in Grand Rapids, Michigan, determined there wasn’t proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict David Joseph Lenio of aggravated stalking and use of a computer to commit a crime, the panel did convict him of malicious use of telecommunication services, a misdemeanor.

Lenio, 30, who has been in jail since late February in Grand Rapids, was released on his own recognizance, but the judge banned him from using a phone or the Internet until sentencing in August.

Lenio did not testify in his own defense during the three-day trial.

He was accused of stalking and using a computer to threaten and engage in willful “repeated or continuous harassment” of Jonathan Hutson, a Maryland anti-gun violence advocate whose Twitter-sleuthing led to Lenio’s arrest when Lenio was briefly living in Kalispell, Montana, in 2015.

At that time, Flathead County, Montana prosecutors charged Lenio with two felony charges of intimidation and malicious intimidation for making online threats of violence. A search of his apartment in Kalispell turned up a handgun and two rifles – a bolt action and a semi-automatic.

Lenio, a former high school cross-country athlete, used his Twitter account to say he wanted to execute 30 or more grade school children -- to exceed the number killed at Sandy Hook in December 2012.

He also posted tweets about shooting up a synagogue, boasting that he wanted to put two bullets “in the head” of a rabbi or Jewish leader. He additionally posted comments about going on a killing rampage until “cops take me out.”

David Joseph Lenio was convicted of one misdemeanor and found not guilty of two felonies related to online threats made against children and Jews. (AP Images/Flathead Beacon, Greg Lindstrom)

But the Montana prosecutors suddenly dropped the twin felony charges just days before the 2015 trial under a “deferred prosecution” deal that the charges against Lenio would be dropped in 2018 if he broke no laws, including contact with Hutson.

However, after returning to his hometown in Michigan, Lenio early this year again used Twitter – this time to “terrorize, frighten, intimidate and harass” Hutson in violation of the Montana court order.

During the Michigan trial that ended Wednesday, there was a “point of confusion” between the prosecution and defense whether Lenio violated the Montana delayed prosecution agreement, according to the news site Michigan Live.

Hutson told Hatewatch he hopes, as a crime victim, that he will be able to address the court at Lenio’s sentencing hearing.

“My primary concern remains that David Lenio should receive the mental healthcare he needs and deserves” at his own expense, Hutson said.

He also said he will urge the court to place Lenio on probation for two years, during which time he would be banned from social media, not contact any witnesses, and not own or possess guns.

“I hope he will turn his life around,” Hutson said. “He needs intervention and support to do that.”

          Author Spotlight with Sandra Orchard   
Scroll down for a chance to win a copy of Sandra Orchard’s book, Over Maya Dead Body. Winner will be announced in the next Author Spotlight feature. Congratulations to last week’s winner of Freedom’s Price, Myrtle Thorn! Please e-mail your mailing address to my assistant Christen ( FBI Special Agent Serena Jones arrives on Martha’s Vineyard with her family, ready ...
Read More

          At least 1 dead, 6 hurt after gunman opens fire inside New York City hospital: police   

NEW YORK—A doctor with a rifle hidden under a lab coat opened fire Friday at the Bronx hospital where he used to work, killing one physician and leaving several other doctors fighting for their lives, authorities said. The gunman fatally shot himself after first trying to set himself on fire, they said.

Authorities described a chaotic scene at Bronx Lebanon Hospital as gunfire erupted at around 2:50 p.m., spreading terror throughout the hospital as employees locked themselves inside rooms and patients feared for their lives.

“I thought I was going to die,” said Renaldo Del Villar, a 55-year-old patient who was in the third-floor emergency room getting treatment for a lower back injury.

Law enforcement officials identified the shooter as Dr. Henry Bello, who was described on the hospital website as a family medicine physician. He resigned from the hospital in 2015 after some sort of dispute, according to one law enforcement official, who said Bello used an AR-15 in the attack.

The officials were not authorized to discuss the still-unfolding investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Ultimately, one female doctor was killed and six others wounded, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

“This was a horrible situation unfolding in a place that people associated with care and comfort, a situation that came out of nowhere,” de Blasio said.

The FBI tweeted that they had found “no nexus to terrorism” so far.

Shortly after receiving a 911 call about an active shooter, police officers went floor by floor, their guns drawn, looking for the gunman. They learned just before 4 p.m. he was dead inside the building. De Blasio confirmed that the Bello killed himself, while Police commissioner James O’Neill said he tried to set himself on fire.

Employees and their loved ones described the horrifying moments as they scrambled for information.

Garry Trimble said his wife, hospital employee Denise Brown, called him from inside the hospital shortly after 3 p.m.

“She woke me up and told me there was a situation, somebody’s out there shooting people,” Trimble said as he waited for his wife to come out. “I could hear in her voice she was shaking and about to cry.”

Gonzalo Carazo described the scary scene to WCBS-TV. “I saw one of the doctors and he had a gunshot wound to his hand,” Carazo said.

“All I heard was a doctor saying, “Help, help!” Carazo locked himself in a room for about 15 minutes until police came and led him out of the hospital.

The 120-year-old hospital has nearly 1,000 beds and one of the busiest emergency rooms in New York City. It is about a mile and a half north of Yankee Stadium.

In 2011, two people were shot at Bronx Lebanon in what police said was a gang-related attack.

          Sessions hopes Russia probe ends 'sooner rather than later'   
WASHINGTON (AP) " Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a vote of confidence Friday to former FBI director Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading an investigation into potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign, but he also said he hoped the probe could "move forward and come to an end sooner rather than later."The attorney general's comments during a "Fox & Friends" interview were his most expansive to date on the Justice Department's appointment last month of [...]
          Disability Insurance   
A Plot Point of Another Kind

Multiple airlines have been using mental health as a tactic to remove pilots who report safety, stand up for what's right, or just piss off the wrong person. The airline does this because they cannot fire someone for reporting safety, especially if the pilots have no performance problems. I've been writing a series of posts about this over the previous few weeks, and will be using much of this research in the next novel: Flight For Justice.  
Disability Insurance

This week I was advised by a pilot that an airline's on staff doctor falsified records of a disability, and submitted those forms to the insurance company. While the pilot has been out for three years now, having just realized those false records existed, without any idea what to do, the pilot contacted the FBI who advised that pilot to contact the FAA. Another pilot contacted the Deputy Flight Surgeon, and he told the pilot to report the doctor to the medical board. There might be a little "passing the buck" because either nobody knows what to do, or they all know what is happening and avoidance is the best strategy. Time will tell on that. 

Another pilot, from a different airline, was told that when the company pulls the pilot for any reason, that pilot can access the disability funds without being disabled. So, the pilot lined through the forms where it said disability and wrote "medical hold status", and then the pilot's doctor wrote, "No diagnosis" on the forms, confirming the pilot was fine. The pilot wrote a cover letter that began with: 

"My name is (   ) I am a pilot for (  ) and I am in a medical hold status, awaiting release back to the flight line. To ensure there is no misunderstanding, I do not have a disability, and in no way claim to have one. However, as indicated by the below email from (    )she advised to fill out the paperwork and apply for benefits, as I am in a medical hold status"

The above pilot was placed on disability insurance (which is a better option with half-pay, than no pay) for 3 months. But there is something wrong with this entire process, especially when there are people who need help for serious illnesses that are not being covered. But I digress, as did the following conversation: 

Harvey Watt Agent: "Every quarter your doctor must fill out the form that you still have the disabling condition. " 

Pilot:  "But I don't have a disabling condition. I have a first class medical, and my doctor wrote a letter stating I had no condition." 

Harvey Watt Agent:  "Okay, then your doctor needs to write a letter stating no status change."

Pilot:  "You're telling me that I have to see a doctor, to fill out a form, to verify I'm fine in order to continue my disability payments?"

Harvey Watt Agent: "Yes!"

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Disabling Condition: 

This pilot contemplated the process and decided to make another call. The pilot had filled out the forms and submitted them to the insurance company that stated no condition, supported by the pilot's doctors and the FAA. Thus, the pilot wondered how they were able to send a disability check. The pilot contacted Harvey Watt & Co. and asked the agent what condition was in the pilot's medical records, all the while expecting to hear "Medical Hold Status."  

Pilot: "Can you tell me my condition?"

Harvey Watt Agent: "Bipolar disorder."

Pilot: "But that's not what my forms stated. I filled them out. Who made that claim?"

Harvey Watt Agent: "The airline." 

Pilot: "Who specifically at the airline?" 

Harvey Watt Agent: The Airline's on staff doctor, Dr. (   )" 

Thus it appears that even though the pilot is fine, confirmed by multiple specialists, punctuated by the FAA issuing a first class medical certificate, the Airline can pull the pilot, then the Airline's doctor will send a message to the insurance company with a fraudulent and false diagnosis, and the insurance company pays the pilot. The question is: 

Why would an Insurance Company Pay 
a disability claim for a healthy pilot?

It appears that this is the same at all airlines, as they use the same insurance company: Harvey Watt & Co. Now the expense for the insurance company is limited, as there is an interesting way the airlines are coding a mental health disability, and limiting the liability for the insurance company. They categorize mental health under substance abuse. Yes...

Mental Health, in the eyes of the airlines 
is equivalent to being an alcoholic. 

I hope you get pissed about this and call the American's with Disabilities, the FAA, your local senator... whomever you call to express your grave concerns. But this is wrong on so many levels. Another issue that will find its way into Flight For Justice.

There is just another little twist. One of the pilots is collecting disability insurance from the airline per Harvey Watt without a disability, yet Harvey Watt also manages a mutual aid that the pilot has paid into with the union. However, the pilot cannot not receive benefits from the mutual aid portion, because they pilot does not have a medical issue and holds a first class medical certificate. The question has to be asked, why one, and not the other, especially since the same insurance company is behind both groups?

Back to the insurance... I am now aware of over a hundred of these events, at many different airlines. Thus, a hundred events for 2-3 years of half pay adds up to a large piece of change. Something is amiss with all this, and will be addressed in the novel too.  

What do you think the connection is? 

Why would the insurance company be complicit by paying pilots disability insurance who are perfectly fine, yet are being pulled for fictional mental health issues? 

For whomever comes up with the best, most creative, and sinister reason as to why this insurance issue is occurring will be credited in the novel for their idea, and receive an autographed hardback of Flight For Justice. If you know the truth, all the better. The airlines are funding this insurance plan, and they are pulling pilots. But why is the insurance company paying? 

Enjoy the Journey
OX Karlene 

          The Law Enforcement Shooting the Media Didn't Care About   

The rule of thumb is that the media cares a great deal about police shootings but shrugs at FBI shootings. That's because, from their perspective, the police are more likely to shoot the wrong people, e.g drug dealers blessed with black skin privilege, and the FBI is more likely to shoot the right people, militia members.

Even while the media wept buckets of tears over every thug shot while attacking a police officer, the LaVoy Finicum case received thumbs up from the media. Government protesters, unlike drug dealers, deserved to be shot. And so the media was, very predictably, caught flatfooted by the latest development.

An FBI agent has been indicted on federal accusations that he lied about firing at Robert "LaVoy" Finicum last year as police arrested the leaders of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation.

The agent will face allegations of making a false statement with intent to obstruct justice, according to sources familiar with the case.

Investigators said a member of the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team fired at Finicum as his 2015 Dodge pickup truck crashed into a snow bank at a roadblock on U.S. 395. Finicum had just sped away from a surprise traffic stop on the rural highway as the occupation leaders traveled off the refuge to a community meeting Jan. 26, 2016.

The agent's bullets didn't hit Finicum, 54, an Arizona rancher who was the spokesman for the armed takeover of the federal sanctuary near Burns in Harney County. Moments later, state police troopers shot Finicum three times after he emerged from his white truck and reached for his inner jacket pocket, where police said he had a loaded 9mm handgun. One bullet pierced his heart, an autopsy found.

Note the similarity to some of the left's favorite BLM shootings and the media's utter lack of interest. 

The issue here is that the FBI agent lied about the shooting. This is, in theory, a cover-up rather than a crime, prosecution. But you have to ask the question, if shooting at Finicum was justified, why lie about it? And if the original shot fired was lied about, how much can we trust any part of the story. Was he really reaching for a gun? Or was that a convenient way to get rid of a political nuisance? 

The whole Bundy crackdown was an outrageous abuse of power. But here's the opening lines of the NBC coverage of the shooting death.

A cowboy-hat-wearing Mormon rancher who died during the arrests of his fellow Oregon occupiers on Tuesday night had vowed weeks ago never to be taken alive by authorities.

LaVoy Finicum, one of the protesters' de facto spokesmen, died after shots were fired when police stopped the group on Highway 395 as they headed to a public meeting. Five of his cohorts were arrested at the scene, officials said.

I don't have to tell you that this is dramatically different than the way NBC and the rest of the media cover the latest drug dealer shot by police story. They certainly don't shove a misleading implied justification for it right in the first sentence.

          Holder to Career DOJ, FBI Staff: ‘Be Prepared, Be Strong’   

Barack Obama's former attorney general, Eric Holder, on Friday told the "career men and women" at the FBI and Justice Department to "be prepared, be strong," warning that tough times are ahead for them.

The post Holder to Career DOJ, FBI Staff: ‘Be Prepared, Be Strong’ appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

          FBI: North Korea Responsible for Sony Hack   

According to the FBI the November hack of Sony Pictures, which led to the leak of tons of company data as well as influenced the company's recent decision to yank the film The Interview from theaters, was the work of ... Read More

The post FBI: North Korea Responsible for Sony Hack appeared first on WebProNews.

          U.S. Senators seek military ban on Kaspersky Lab products amid FBI probe   
U.S. senators sought on Wednesday to ban Moscow-based cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab...
          Fox in the Hen House: Allowing Terrorists to Re-enter Prisons   

Recent articles by the IPT and other news organizations have addressed the growing concerns regarding the upcoming release of over a hundred inmates convicted of terrorism related crimes. Experts have spoken on the lack of a bona fide strategy that will address the unique security issues presented when a terrorist is released. The need for post release specialized supervision programs is clear.

The one idea that should not be on the table is to allow them to re-enter prisons to speak with inmates as a religious volunteer. Yet this is exactly what has happened in the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) for the last two years.

Edwin Lorenzo Lemmons, also known as Asad al Salaam, is an employee of the Muslim Chaplain Services of Virginia. He is licensed in the state as an Islamic clergyman authorized to perform marriages and other religious ceremonies. He has been issued a statewide pass to enter any VADOC facility and speak with inmates. He is currently teaching a class in Arabic for inmates. He is also an ex-offender. While that in itself is not unusual, many ex-offenders, in a desire to give back and help others in similar situations, have successfully done so. This particular ex-offender, Edwin Lorenzo Lemmons, (FBI # 939113RA3), is quite unique.

Lemmons' criminal history began in a small rural community in upstate New York. His parents had sent him there from Chicago in hopes of protecting him from the scourge of gang violence and drugs. His first arrest occurred when he was a teenager, and for the next two years he amassed charges ranging from DUI to Burglary, Assault, and finally, Robbery. The last charge resulted in his being sentenced to a term of 2-4 years in a New York State prison. Upon his entrance to a Reception and Classification facility in April of 1996, he declared his religion as Christian. A few months later, after meeting with several inmates of Middle Eastern descent, one, a former Colonel in the Yemeni army and the other, a member of Hamas, Mr. Lemmons informed his counselor that he was changing his religious affiliation to Islam. Following that development, he began to attend Arabic classes taught by another inmate in the Cayuga Correctional Facility. The inmate teacher's name was Abdel Nasser Zaben.

Abdel Zaben, a Palestinian, was born in Jordan in 1969. He illegally entered the United States in 1990, arrested by the NYPD in 1993 for Kidnapping and Robbery, and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Zaben was also the target of an investigation by the Joint Terrorism Task Force who had received confidential information that he had sworn allegiance to Osama bin Laden and was recruiting disenfranchised inmates to his group for training and to fight in the Jihad. At the time he first met with Edwin Lemmons, Zaben worked as a clerk for the prison's Islamic Chaplain . For the next two years he tutored Lemmons in both Arabic and the Koran. When the time for Lemmons' release from prison drew near, inmate Zaben provided him with names and contact information of individuals in the Middle East who would assist Lemmons in his travel and studies.

Following his release, in the fall of 1998, Lemmons had his parole supervision transferred to Florida, and enrolled in the Islamic Center of Gainesville. In March 2000, Lemmons made his first trip overseas to the Middle East. Upon his return from Jordan through New York's JFK Airport and then on to Gainesville, Florida, he approached the president of the Islamic center and asked about fighting in the jihad overseas. The then-president, Mohamed Bahmaid, in an interview with members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, stated that he tried to discourage Lemmons from any future overseas travel. Lemmons did not heed his advice. Four months later Lemmons made another trip overseas, this time to Egypt. He stayed for three months and while there, according to a reliable source who knew both Lemmons and Zaben, he received "underground tactical training."

Later, while under surveillance by the JTTF, Lemmons was observed at a firing range in Melbourne, Florida with two other individuals, firing AK 47's and SKS assault rifles. They were practicing tactical maneuvers known as "cover & concealment." In addition, authorities received credible information from a reliable source that described Lemmons as someone with extremist Islamic views similar to that of the Taliban. Lemmons himself admitted to extremist views in a recorded conversation with inmate Abdel Zaben. The majority of Lemmon's conversations with Zaben were in Arabic and required the use of government translators. The translators often remarked as to the skill and scholarly approach to the language that Lemmons had acquired. That development caused concern with investigators in June 2003 when monitoring a conversation between Lemmons and Zaben. Lemmons kept saying over and over to Zaben that he needed to learn how to say "Big Truck" in Arabic. He was fluent in Arabic and knew precisely how to say those words. Why was he repeating the phrase, "Big Truck"? Investigators believed this was a coded message about a possible future attack that Lemmons was to be involved with.

That is why on September 6, 2003, members of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Lemmons in the Orlando airport as he returned from yet another trip to the Middle East. He was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. But this was no ordinary gun case. This was the result of a joint investigation dubbed "Operation Hades" which included investigators from my Office, the NYPD, the NYSP, and the JTTF. The goal of the investigation was to determine the level of Islamic radicalization in the prison system both here and abroad and also to identify and neutralize any radicalizing influences.

Lemmons was only one of the many radicals we uncovered.

As a result of his plea arrangement, he received a sentence of twenty seven months in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He was released from prison on May 12, 2006. He continued to have contact with Abdel Zaben and other individuals in the Middle East whom he met during his travels. He has never recanted his extremist views.

The question arises as to why the Muslim Chaplains Services of Virginia would hire someone holding such extremist views. Perhaps they were unaware of Lemmons' background, or perhaps they share the same beliefs as Mr. Lemmons. The MCSVA is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2003 whose stated mission is "to serve incarcerated individuals, ex-offenders, and their families." To accomplish that goal, MCSVA has received funding from various organizations including the Islamic Relief (IRUSA), an organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Its former global affiliate and current partner organization Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) was banned from operating in Israel on allegations the charity funneled funds to Hamas. Later the same year, the United Arab Emirates declared IRW to be a terrorist group.

One of the MCSVA board members, Sa'ad El-Amin, pled guilty to Tax Fraud and sentenced to 37 months in a federal prison. Adding to this, MCSVA is now employing an individual who was radicalized in prison and has spoken of fighting and dying for jihad, namely Edwin Lorenzo Lemmons, also known as Asad al Salaam

Allowing an individual with such radical Islamic views to meet, teach, and influence a particularly vulnerable group of society, incarcerated men and women, is in direct opposition to the FBI's Correctional Intelligence Initiative which seeks to detect, deter, and disrupt the level of violent extremism and radicalization in correctional institutions. It specifically speaks of preventing un-vetted religious clergy and volunteers with extremist views from any interaction with inmates. The DOJ Inspector General's Office has also spoken of this security concern. That inmates could be radicalized while incarcerated and then carry out terrorist attacks after release is a very real concern both here and in abroad.

It seems incredulous to me that, in light of the recent terrorist attacks in the UK and other European countries, carried out in part by individuals radicalized in prison, someone with Mr. Lemmons' background would be allowed to reenter a prison, let alone teach inmates.

When notified of Lemmons' well documented criminal activity since his release from a New York State prison, Melissa Welch, the Operations Support Manager for VADOC, whose office oversees religious volunteers, stated that the approval to allow Mr. Lemmons to visit and teach inmates in Virginia was granted by her predecessor in 2015. She went on to say that the agency is in the process of reviewing how Edwin Lemmons slipped through the cracks and what action VADOC will need to take to correct the security error.

Three crucial steps will be necessary to effectively neutralize this egregious security breach. First, Virginia Department of Corrections Director Harold Clarke should immediately suspend Mr. Lemmons' authorization to enter any correctional facility. Second, an audit/investigation into how religious volunteers are vetted should be conducted, and changes made, to prevent individuals with prior convictions for terror related crimes to gain access to any correctional facility. And thirdly, a list of the names of all the inmates, both in custody or released, who attended any classes or services conducted by Mr. Lemmons should be forwarded to the National Joint Terrorism Task Force that has oversight for the Correctional Intelligence Initiative Program.

Failing to implement these steps will only increase the level of radicalizing influences in the U.S. prison system.

Allowing a fox into the hen house does irreparable harm to all. Allowing a terrorist back into prison will only do the same.

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          Trump nominates Cody Hiland to be U.S. attorney for eastern district   
As expected, Donald Trump has nominated Prosecuting Attorney Cody Hiland of Conway to be U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. He must be confirmed by the Senate.

Hiland's name was among nine U.S. attorney nominees put forward by Trump today, a second wave of appointments. He was known to be under consideration after FBI background checks began and meetings with U.S. Sens. Tom Cotton and John Boozman, both Republicans. Most of the 93 U.S. attorneys were fired or resigned after Trump took office. Career prosecutors are serving as interim leaders in both the Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas, where former Democratic Rep. Chris Thyer and Conner Eldridge had served respectively in the Obama administration.

Prosecutors run now as non-partisans, but Hiland, who lost a judicial race last year, is a Republican regular. His prosecutor position covers Faulkner, Van Buren and Searcy counties.

He's been a lawyer in private practice, a staff attorney at the Public Service Commission and former program director for the Arkansas Transitional Employment Board. He was a staff aide to Gov. Mike Huckabee and is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas the UALR Law School.

          FBI Stages Iranian ‘Ghost Terror’   
News Item...
          FBI UNLOCKS ‘THE VAULT’   
News Item...
          Here's Why FBI Is Orchestrating Fake Terror Plots   
News Item...
News Item...



  •           Ohio man accused of plotting terror pleads guilty   

    A Somali-born Ohio man who traveled to Syria for terror training and allegedly plotted an attack in the U.S. pleaded guilty to supporting terrorists and lying to the FBI, according to court records unsealed Thursday. Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud was charged in April 2015 by a federal grand jury of one court of attempting to provide and providing material support to terrorists, one count of attempting to provide and providing material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, and one count of making false statements to the FBI involving international terrorism.

              "REVEALED FBI found an email that Lynch would do everything to protect Hillary from CRIMINAL CHARGES"

    A fascinating video that points out something that passed me by at the time.

              Peak 2017? Lebron James and James Comey Drove Similar TV Ratings   

    Bloomberg TV's Twitter livestream of the former FBI Director's testimony commanded 2.8 million (mostly millennial) viewers.

    The post Peak 2017? Lebron James and James Comey Drove Similar TV Ratings appeared first on Social Media Week.

              FBI Anon Responds to Questions via Victurus Libertas (@TheFreedom2Live)   
    You can support Victurus Libertas on Patreon at ....

    FBI Anon

    A few of our loyal viewers and readers at Victurus Libertas know we are sometimes able to get in touch with FBI Anon.  It had been a while since we heard from our friend, so a  few of our followers have been periodically sending me emails, asking me to forward questions to FBI Anon.  I have been saving and collecting the questions along the way and I did get in touch with the now famous FBI Anon.  The questions, along with responses are as follows:

    Q:  Do you think Trump is part of the swamp now that arrests have not happened and it is know that Trump took Soros money?
    FBI Anon: It’s clear Kushner has done deals with Soros, including a large loan. Trump’s ties to Soros have not been a subject I have investigated.

    Q:  Were you, or other FBI patriots, behind the recent FBI Twitter Vault tweet about corrupt FBI Director Hoover, while Sessions was testifying about corrupt FBI Director Comey?
    FBI Anon:  This was a bit of fun we engaged in. Not myself, but others who are among dozens of agents assigned to post on our social media platforms.
    Our old guide use to instruct “They should refrain from disclosing on any section of their user profiles that they work for the FBI or the Department of Justice,” the guide states. “FBI personnel must also consider each word that they post, as these posts will remain indefinitely in cyberspace.” But with the West getting wilder, certain agents go “rogue light”, as was the case with those tweets.

    Q:  How do you guys get away with these tweets when traitors like Comey and McCabe are in charge, and the Inspector General is investigating these tweets
    FBI Anon:  We have our own tool kits, like Socio-Spyder for instance, We realize the bureau is under increased scrutiny;  most of us feel like we should not be painted with the same brush being used on the top brass. We are well embedded on all the platforms. We can LARP with the best of them. But we are also feeling that the public has a right to demand arrests of people in high position who have committed crimes. No man is above the law. But, most Americans rightly feel talk is cheap.  It’s time to bring down the pond scum on the top of the swamp and work our way down to the monsters underneath.  As I said a year ago, how can you expect a corrupt Government to self investigate?

    Q:  When is the “leave of absence” going to happen for Kushner?
    FBI Anon:  It’s being arranged. Kushner has hired criminal defense attorneys – good ones. As long as they keep to Russia, and do not look too deeply into his ties with AIPAC and Mossad, he will be okay.
    Q:  How likely is an American Revolution this summer?
    FBI Anon:  Not likely. If anything, expect more riots, soft terror, and an Israeli lobby drumbeat to attack Iran, and overthrow Assad. But, the American people are waking up to the plans unfolding. The sudden arming of Saudi Arabia and the so called “rebels” in Syria are upsetting to Americans, who generally do not trust the Saudi government and are increasingly suspicious of Israel’s motives. Anytime you hear “Russian leaks” from main stream media, replace the word Russian with Israel. Israel wants Russia and America to be in a war stance. In this scenario, Israel gets to shoot down Syrian jets, America gets to increase arms to Saudi Arabia, and US operatives, directed by John McCain, gets to re-arm Isis. The goal is to remove Assad, build a pipeline with Saudi funding, and ultimately leave Iran and Russia vastly weakened. A true revolution will occur when the citizens take a little time to study the French revolution.

    Q:  Why won’t the government stop the corruption within the unconstitutional family courts and CPS? 
    FBI Anon:  Because its a money making racket. It’s a sore spot with me, because the abuse is rampant throughout the nation. Children are kidnapped by the State. Parents arrested and courts intercede on behalf of CPS to keep parents and children separate. In California, it’s horrible. The criminal justice system in both New York and California is broken, crooked, and criminal – beyond belief. We took down the Los Angeles Sheriff a couple of years back. We have eyes on a number of small towns where public corruption has existed for decades.
    You can expect some news this year when we submit our findings to DOJ. Expect news also regarding Loretta Lynch, and John Brennan. There are more names, but I am not at liberty to mention them.

              THIS ISSUE HASN’T GONE AWAY: Is Mueller Too Conflicted To Investigate Trump Fairly? But while Mu…   
    THIS ISSUE HASN’T GONE AWAY: Is Mueller Too Conflicted To Investigate Trump Fairly? But while Mueller mulls over that decision, more and more voices are being raised calling for him to step aside due to a serious conflict of interest that probe would represent. That conflict involves Mueller’s long-standing friendship with former FBI head James […]
              Roanoke, Virginia US: Muslim Terrorist Stabs Two While Yelling ‘..Allahu Akbar..’ in Possible ISIS-Inspired Attack   
    FBI Investigating Possible Intent of Beheading Both Victims   by, Patrick Poole | Pj Media | WDBJ 7 | h/t Linda Hall II @ Uniting the West The random stabbing of a couple in Roanoke County, Virginia, on Saturday is now being investigated as a possible ISIS-inspired terror attack, according to reports. Witnesses to the incident say […]
              'A waste of taxpayer money': Trump's voter fraud commission is facing pushback from a dozen states   
    • TrumpAt least a dozen states pushed back against a broad request from the White House commission on voter fraud.
    • The states included Indiana, whose secretary of state sits on the commission.
    • The requested information has raised questions about the ways it can be used.

    At least a dozen states are already pushing back against a request by President Donald Trump's voter-fraud commission to hand over registered voters' personal information to make public. 

    The bipartisan Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, led by Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, sent a letter to all 50 states on Wednesday seeking registered voters' names, addresses, dates of birth, partial Social Security numbers, and party registration.

    It also asked for a decade's worth of voter history, information on felony convictions, and whether they have registered in more than one state. The commission said all voter data submitted by the states would be made public, and the Justice Department sent a separate letter asking states to reveal how they maintain their voter rolls.

    At least 12 secretaries of state — from Indiana, California, Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Minnesota, Utah, Oklahoma, New York, Tennessee and New Mexico — have so far declined to hand over information that is not already publicly available. 

    Indiana's secretary of state, Connie Lawson, sits on the commission. But she said in a statement that "Indiana law doesn’t permit the Secretary of State to provide the personal information requested by Secretary Kobach." Only certain voter information, she said, is available to the public under Indiana law: name, address, and congressional district assignment.

    California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said in a statement that handing over the requested information would "legitimize the false and already debunked claims of massive voter fraud by the President, the Vice President, and Mr. Kobach."

    “I will not provide sensitive voter information to a commission that has already inaccurately passed judgment that millions of Californians voted illegally," Padilla said Thursday.

    Kris Kobach

    Trump vowed to investigate voter fraud just days after taking office, repeating false claims that millions of illegal ballots were cast in the presidential election. There is no evidence to support Trump's repeated assertion that he lost the popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton in November's election because people voted illegally, independent experts and analysts have said.

    Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes said in a statement that "Kentucky will not aid a commission that is at best a waste of taxpayer money and at worst an attempt to legitimize voter suppression efforts across the country."

    "The president created his election commission based on the false notion that 'voter fraud' is a widespread issue — it is not," Grimes said. "Indeed, despite bipartisan objections and a lack of authority, the president has repeatedly spread the lie that 3-5 million illegal votes were cast in the last election."

    States are already wary of accepting federal help when it comes to voting and election systems. States pushed back when the Department of Homeland Security wanted to designate their voter systems as "critical infrastructure" before the election last year, and are still reluctant to allow the government to conduct a complete digital forensics analysis of the voting machines to see if they were tampered with. 

    'Serious privacy concerns' and 'laying the groundwork for voter suppression'

    Election law and voter-fraud experts broadly agree that the commission's request is not only baseless, but an infringement on privacy and states' rights.

    "Having all of this information raises serious privacy concerns," wrote Rick Hasen, an election law expert and professor at the University of California, Irvine School of Law. "Will the information be kept securely, or is it at risk of being hacked for identity theft purposes? Will it be used by the Trump campaign and other political officials for political purposes? How secure will this be?"

    Ari Berman, a contributing writer for The Nation who is writing a book on the history of voting rights, wrote Friday that "never before has a White House asked for such broad data on voters, and it could be easily manipulated by Trump’s commission."

    Berman said the request could be a pretext to make it harder to register to vote, leading to widespread voter suppression efforts.

    "Kobach has a very well-documented record of making wildly misleading claims about voter fraud and enacting policies that sharply limit access to the ballot in his home state of Kansas," he wrote. "He’s been sued four times by the ACLU for voter suppression and was sanctioned by a federal court last week for 'deceptive conduct and lack of candor.'"

    Vanita Gupta, who ran the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department during the Obama administration and now heads the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, agreed that Pence and Kobach appeared to be "laying the groundwork for voter suppression."

    "The integrity of our elections is indeed under assault — just not in the way Trump claims," she tweeted Thursday. 

    A 'gold mine' of voter information

    There is also the question of whether making this personal information, including Social Security numbers and military status, publicly available in one place risks making it more vulnerable to manipulation and misuse by adversaries.

    Russian hackers targeted election systems in at least 21 states last year, top DHS official Jeanette Manfra told the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this month. The hackers probed election infrastructure and successfully infiltrated a "small number of networks," said Sam Liles, the DHS's top cyber official.

    The hackers stole voter-data information, which they could then use "in a variety of ways," said top FBI counterintelligence official Bill Priestap, including to affect future elections, target individual voters, and determine whether the data is something they can manipulate going forward. 

    When a data-analytics firm hired by the Republican National Committee last year to gather political information about US voters accidentally leaked the sensitive personal details of roughly 198 million citizens earlier this month, cybersecurity experts called it "the motherlode of all leaks" and a "goldmine" for anyone looking to target and manipulate voters. 

    That information did not even include highly sensitive information like Social Security numbers that the administration now wants to gather and, apparently, make publicly available. 

    "It’s just shocking," Myrna Pérez, an expert on voting rights and election administration at Brennan Center for Justice, told Mother Jones on Friday, "that in a period where we know that there’s a risk that we have foreign interference and foreign attacks on our registration systems, that somebody thinks it’s a good idea to take the voter registration rolls in all 50 states and put them all together in one place."

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              The Mask is OFF! Mueller’s Credibility Just Took a MASSIVE Hit – Dems and Media FOILED Again   

      Tainted hands washing tainted hands seems to be the liberal way of doing things. They cannot be upfront or come clean about anything they seek to accomplish. Take for example special prosecutor Robert Mueller having lose ties with former FBI Director James Comey. Mueller was appointed to investigate supposed Russian involvement in affecting the […]

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              POLL: Will Hillary Eventually Join the Other Traitors in Prison?   

    LEAK PLUGGED! Trump Admin just caught former State Department Officer betraying the country! In the 1960’s FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover worked with a producer named Quinn Martin to produce a series titled “The FBI.” During its 9 year run, the show ran episode after episode of how espionage was dealt with in reagrds to […]

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              Bernie Sanders Blames Trump and Republicans When Questioned About His Wife Being Under FBI Investigation (VIDEO)   

    Bernie Sanders appeared on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes” Thursday, and blamed Trump and Republicans when questioned about the ...

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              Acting FBI Director McCabe Referred to DOJ Watchdog Over Potential Conflict of Interest in Russia Probe   

    Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is getting hammered this week as he faces a Federal investigation into THREE separate inquiries. ...

    The post Acting FBI Director McCabe Referred to DOJ Watchdog Over Potential Conflict of Interest in Russia Probe appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

              By: Xennady   
    <blockquote>Bush got the blame because the Leftist media are DNC operatives with bylines. They wanted to cover for Clinton and blame the Republican. It almost worked. There is no crime or malfeasance so large the Leftist media will not attempt to cover up or cast blame elsewhere. There is no innocent person they will not smear or even destroy in pursuit of that goal. Do not believe them on any subject. Like Jay Carney and Baghdad Bob, they are (highly) paid liars.</blockquote> This is absolutely spot on, and I agree with every word. But it is also incomplete, and I am not willing absolve Bush of events that took place on his watch. When I voted for him I thought I was voting for an end to the insane political correctness and general idiocy of the Clinton era. But no, didn't happen. Federal law enforcement had possession of Zacharias Moussoui's laptop for weeks before the attack, but never opened it for fear of being accused of profiling. What they would have found on it may have prevented the it. Later, somehow Jamie Gorelick ended up on the 9/11 commission, despite her role in causing the attack by erecting the infamous "Gorelick wall," intended to prevent the FBI and CIA from sharing info that would have revealed Clinton's illegal money trail from China. Of course, it also prevented those agencies from sharing info about terrorism. It seems to me that Bush both could and should have taken direct measures to change these two unhappy occurrences. I believe that if Bush, President and head of the executive branch, had more forcefully expressed his opposition to profiling the FBI agents involved may have been willing look at that laptop a little more closely than not at all. Plus, it was idiotic for Bush to accept the presence of Gorelick on the 9/11 commission, considering her role in causing it. Bush should have said so, plainly, openly, perhaps in a presidential speech, but in any case forcefully enough that the public would know and understand better just how the attacks were able to happen, naming names of who failed, especially Gorelick. But no, didn't happen- and the left was allowed to get away with their incompetence and treason, as well as learning that could easily roll Bush without consequence. Later, they accomplished this with great success during Iraq and Katrina, alas. The buck stopped with Bush, and that political failure is his legacy.
              Match Grade M1A   
    Although I loved the Garand, the M1A seemed to be the rifle of choice for the best shooters in the business (back when I was getting started), and I wanted to be one of those! My armorer buddy had built a rifle for an FBI agent at Quantico, but he was unable to take delivery of the rifle. Well, it became mine. There was a whole new learning curve with the M1A. Less recoil, different to maintain, and a 20 round detachable mag. Needless to say, although it was a more accuarte rifle than my Garand, this Springfiled M1A would take some getting used to.

    The shorter sight radius was the first thing that I noticed, although nothing like the trransition from the M1A to the AR! Now that's something to contemplate.

    The reduced recoil was great. The rapid scores improved right away, but on the long line I really had to get my head into it.

    Loading was nicer, at least a little less expensive. The savings on powder wasn't great, but it added up.

    The short oprod of the M1A made quite a differenc also. No long oprod like the Garand, just a short, stout, stiff rod with very little flex.

    As long as I could keep the cleaning solvent out of the bedding, this double lugged M1A would shoot like a champ. It's still ued by a freind of mine for NRA long range(800, 900 & 1,000 yds) competition.
              Trump nominates Cody Hiland to be U.S. attorney for eastern district   
    As expected, Donald Trump has nominated Prosecuting Attorney Cody Hiland of Conway to be U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. He must be confirmed by the Senate.

    Hiland's name was among nine U.S. attorney nominees put forward by Trump today, a second wave of appointments. He was known to be under consideration after FBI background checks began and meetings with U.S. Sens. Tom Cotton and John Boozman, both Republicans. Most of the 93 U.S. attorneys were fired or resigned after Trump took office. Career prosecutors are serving as interim leaders in both the Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas, where former Democratic Rep. Chris Thyer and Conner Eldridge had served respectively in the Obama administration.

    Prosecutors run now as non-partisans, but Hiland, who lost a judicial race last year, is a Republican regular. His prosecutor position covers Faulkner, Van Buren and Searcy counties.

    He's been a lawyer in private practice, a staff attorney at the Public Service Commission and former program director for the Arkansas Transitional Employment Board. He was a staff aide to Gov. Mike Huckabee and is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas the UALR Law School.

              Cattle mutilation for 40 YEARS stumps FBI and farmers | Daily Mail Online   
    Submitted by Christeen A to Offbeat  |   Note-it!  |   Add a Comment

              Wired : a novel / Julie Garwood.   
    cover image"A beautiful computer hacker and a bad-boy FBI agent must collaborate--in more ways than one--in the sizzling new novel from #1 New York Timesbestselling author Julie Garwood. Allison Trent doesn't look like a hacker. In fact, when she's not in college working on her degree, she models on the side. But behind her gorgeous face is a brilliant mind for computers and her real love is writing--and hacking--code. Her dream is to write a new security program that could revolutionize the tech industry. Hotshot FBI agent Liam Scott has a problem: a leak deep within his own department. He needs the skills of a top-notch hacker to work on a highly sensitive project: to secretly break into the FBI servers and find out who the traitor is. But he can't use one of his own. He finds the perfect candidate in Allison. Only, there's one problem--she wants nothing to do with his job and turns him down flat. What Liam doesn't know is that Allison is hiding secrets that she doesn't want the FBI to uncover. But Liam will do nearly anything to persuade her to join his team, even break a few rules if that's what it takes. A temptation that could put his job--and both of their futures--on the line."-- Provided by publisher.
              20 Shows to Binge-Watch Over the July 4 Weekend (Photos)   

    July 4 falls on a Tuesday this year, which means that for many of us, there’s a super-long weekend brewing. Luckily, it’s a perfect time to binge TV, with plenty of shows having just finished seasons and several more about to start new ones. Here’s what you should be watching with your five-day weekend.

    “Fargo” (Seasons 1-2 on Hulu, Seasons 1-3 on FX)
    The third season of FX’s Emmy winning adaptation of the Coen Brothers’ 1995 movie just wrapped up, and it was another solid piece of television. If you’ve been holding off on “Fargo” up to now, it’s a great time to catch up on Seasons 1 and 2 on Hulu. You can catch the third season on FX with a cable login.

    “Glow” (Season 1 on Netflix)
    The newest of Netflix’s original series dives into the 1980s to follow a group of women who are primed to set the world of wrestling on fire. The goofy comedy packs a great cast, including “Mad Men” alumna Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin of “American Gods,” and plenty of hilarious moments as a group of women with no wrestling experience figure out how to become an ’80s sensation.

    “The Handmaid’s Tale” (Season 1 on Hulu)
    The powerful and tragic tale, starring Elisabeth Moss, of a woman trapped in an authoritarian version of America is hard to watch, but it’s also essential viewing. Hulu has released the entire series, so you’re free to binge all 10 episodes of “The Handmaid’s Tale” — just in time to reflect on the current trajectory of the country.

    “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (Seasons 1-3 on Netflix)
    The third season of Netflix’s hit comedy from co-creator Tina Fey, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” landed on Netflix last month. That means there’s a good chance you have a whole season of “Kimmy” to catch up on, and plenty of weekend days to get through 13 30-minute episodes.

    “Orange is the New Black” (Seasons 1-5 on Netflix)
    The ladies of Litchfield are back in “Orange is the New Black” Season 5, which picks up moments from the end of Season 4 and follows the inmates’ takeover of the prison. The fifth season released earlier this month, providing plenty of “Orange is the New Black” to dig into to catch up.

    “The Keepers” (Netflix)
    The latest documentary series from Netflix delves into a murder mystery almost 40 years old. The killing of Sister Cathy Cesnik is unsolved to this day, but the documentary uncovers a scandal in the Catholic Church and years of abuse that might have played a role in what happened.

    “Big Little Lies” (HBO)
    HBO’s scandal- and rumor-fueled dark comedy “Big Little Lies” also bcomes a whodunit as its drama unfolded. With a star-studded cast that includes Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Alexander Skarsgard and Laura Dern, and clocking in at only seven episodes, “Big Little Lies” is a quick, high-quality watch that’ll leave you with time to binge some other shows this weekend.

    “Designated Survivor” (Season 1 on Hulu)
    Mixing high-stakes politics with “24”-esque action and drama, “Designated Survivor” tells the story of an attack on the capitol that leaves a lone Cabinet member suddenly taking on the role of president. As the FBI races to find the culprits, the inexperienced Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) has to figure out how to keep the country together.

    “Iron Fist” (Season 1 on Netflix)
    The next installment of Netflix’s Marvel TV shows, “The Defenders,” drops in August. If you’re not fully caught up on the latest superhero show (as well as “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage”), now’s the time.

    “Silicon Valley” (Seasons 1-4 on HBO)
    The final episode of “Silicon Valley” Season 4 aired just a few days ago, meaning the full show is available to stream on HBO with no waiting just in time for the weekend. With TJ Miller departing, who knows what Season 5 will be like, but the first four seasons of the tech comedy are worth checking out.

    “Master of None” (Seasons 1-2 on Netflix)
    Aziz Ansari’s Netflix comedy is one of the best shows out there right now, squeezing tons of laughs out of stories about trying to navigate love and career life in New York City. Ansari’s show isn’t just funny; it taps some deep truths about modern life that make it deeply relatable.

    “Timeless” (Season 1 on Hulu)
    Saved from cancellation by its extremely dedicated fan base, NBC’s time travel adventure show “Timeless” is worthy of your attention. With its time travelers fighting to stop a terrorist who’s hoping to alter American history, each episode hits on great, key moments. This is a great chance to find out what so many people love about “Timeless.”

    “Difficult People” (Seasons 1-2 on Hulu)
    Hulu’s mean-people comedy “Difficult People” is kicking off the third season of Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner’s hilarious show in August, giving you just enough time to dig into the first two seasons.

    “House of Cards” (Seasons 1-5 on Netflix)
    The intense political machinations of “House of Cards” ratcheted up again in Season 5 as Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) fights for reelection to the presidency. There’s plenty more lawbreaking, lying, and murder awaiting in the latest season, which released at the end of May.

    “Better Call Saul” (Seasons 1-2 on Netflix)
    “Better Call Saul” Season 3 just wrapped up, and the show’s been renewed for a fourth — and you can watch the first two on Netflix immediately. Grabbing Season 3 is a bit tougher, requiring you to purchase it through services like Amazon or iTunes, but it’s worth it to get fully caught up on the phenomenal “Breaking Bad” prequel.

    “Veep” (HBO)
    HBO’s political comedy about a powerless vice president and her constant attempts to be relevant (and also president) is consistently one of the funniest on TV. There’s also a ton of it — six seasons, with the last having just completed — making it a great way to celebrate the birth of America.

    “Stranger Things” (Season 1 on Netflix)
    You’ve still got a fair amount of time until “Stranger Things” starts its second season on Halloween, but with “Stranger Things 2” fast approaching, you might as well use your time effectively to get refreshed on Season 1.

    “Insecure” (Season 1 on HBO)
    There’s less than a month to wait for second season of Issa Rae’s comedy about trying to get her life together. If you haven’t started the first season, you absolutely should. Luckily, the holiday weekend is upon us.

    Transparent (Seasons 1-3 on Amazon)
    Award-winning comedy “Transparent” is three seasons deep now, with the fourth coming to Amazon in the fall. The experiences of a transgender woman transitioning in her middle age, and her family’s struggles to deal with the situation, in “Transparent” are consistently funny as well as personal, telling a heartfelt story of finding identity and supporting loved ones.

    “Game of Thrones” (Season 1-6 on HBO)
    We’re only weeks away from the kickoff of “Game of Thrones” Season 7 — making this the perfect time to power through a refresher of the last six seasons. Of course, six seasons of “Game of Thrones” is nothing to sneer at, but remembering amazing moments like the Battle of the Blackwater, Hardhome, the Red Wedding and Oberyn fighting the Mountain make this a great way to spend the holiday.

              State Roundup, June 30, 2017   
    House panel OKs stripping $200 million for new FBI headquarters, imperiling plans for Maryland location; among laws to take effect Saturday: a bill to protect funding for Planned Parenthood if federal cuts occur, one that would give tuition breaks to some out of state students and one to more closely monitor opioid prescriptions; Gov. Hogan headed for an appointment showdown with two secretaries re-appointed, paid without Senate approval; delay possible in Maryland gerrymander case; and HUD chief Carson seeks expansion of privatizing public housing.
              What I'm Reading Now   

    I'm working hard on the edits for my new novel (tentatively titled Fault Lines), so I'm getting less reading done than I was in the early months of the Trump Regime.

    But still! Here's what I've read lately:

    Josephine Tey, Daughter of Time

    Organizing our books turned up a number of books I hadn't read in years. This is one of them.

    Tey wrote (mostly) mystery novels. Both this novel and my other favorite book by Tey, Miss Pym Disposes, are sort of mysteries. But neither really fits snugly in the genre. Miss Pym Disposes concerns a popular novelist, Miss Pym, who is doing a favor to an old schoolmate, by coming to the school that friend now runs and giving a lecture on her book series. While she's there, a student is killed, and Miss Pym, sort of by accident, learns who the killer is.

    What's great about the Miss Pym book, however, is the world-building, though it feels odd to say that. The book is set in a school that trains young women to teach physical education in the British public schools, or to do medicine. Most of the interest lies in the characters of the young women, as well as their training. The murder does function holistically, though -- it's not pasted on. This is one of my favorite books.

    Daughter of Time features the main character in Tey's mystery series, Inspector Grant. But it's not a typical murder mystery. Instead, we find Grant lying in the hospital, condemned to bed rest for weeks due to a badly broken leg. He's bored, and among his many visitors comes his actress friend who brings him a mystery to solve. Who killed the Princes in the Tower, and why?

    In this book, the thrill of academic research is the true star. It was written in pre-internet 1951s, and so all the research must be done via libraries and other sources of print technology. We watch as Grant and his research assistant, a young American student, uncover the facts of the case, and make a crucial point about truth v. truthiness. Highly recommended.

    Sinclair Lewis, Kingsblood Royal

    This is one of Lewis's later novels. As all Lewis fans know, his earliest and his last novels are a mixed bag. That is, while they can be excellent, they can also be an appalling mess. Kingsblood Royal borders on the appalling mess. I think Lewis pulls it off, though, and it's a very interesting book to read in our current political climate.

    Published in 1947, the novel deals with the racism and xenophobia of America in the first half of the 20th century. The main character is a soldier, Neil Kingsblood, badly wounded in WWII, and just returning to civilian life. He's got a pretty wife, a pretty toddler, and a pretty life, cashing in on his status as a scion of the upper middle class (married to a daughter of the town's upper class) while working in the town's most important bank. In the opening chapters of the book, Lewis paints him as a typical, though mostly likable, American of his era. Though he witnesses the racism and xenophobia of his time, he's made uneasy by it; and though he reproduces that racism and xenophobia in a mild form, he's unhappy with himself when he does so.

    Then he discovers, while doing genealogical research, that his great-great-great grandfather was a black man. By the laws of the time, this makes Neil (and his daughter) black as well. Of course, he has the ability to continue to "pass" if he wishes to, and for quite awhile he does so. What happens to his life when he "comes out" as black forms the heart of the book.

    The things that upper-class and middle-class white citizens say about black people and other non-Native citizens, and the way they treat black citizens, as well as what we're told by the black characters themselves, make this interesting reading. Over and over as I read through it I thought how I'd heard someone on the news or FB or YouTube say that exact thing, or how Donald Trump or some other member of the GOP had made that exact comment recently.

    Over fifty years, and nothing has changed in America.

    When this book was published, white supremacists of the 1950s tried to get the FBI to declare it a sedulous work, and have all copies of it destroyed. Oh, and the white people of the time thought it was entirely unrealistic.

    Worth reading if you're a Lewis fan (and you should be!) or if you're interested in sociological novels.

    Stephen King, Storm of the Century

    Blah, blah, blah, the devil comes to a Maine town during a bad snowstorm, fap fap fap, terrible crimes ensue, booga-booga-booga people are flawed. And he steals the conclusion from Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery."

    I checked this one out of the library mainly b/c I was hoping King would do something useful with the storm. I like books with lots of snow in them. But yeah, he wasted most of the chances he could have used for doing something with the storm.

    Not recommended.

    Gengoroh Tagame, My Brother's Husband (Vol. 1)

    A manga, this follows a few weeks in the life of a Japanese man, a stay-at-home-dad, who is visited by the Canadian man who married his twin brother (in Canada).

    Yaishi, the Japanese SAHD, has been estranged from his twin brother, knew his brother was gay, but did not know he had married. Yaishi's daughter, Kana, takes to her new uncle at once. Yaishi is more troubled -- apparently being gay in Japan is still very proscribed.

    The day-to-day life and the art here are wonderful. The story doesn't resolve, of course. This is just the first volume. I enjoyed it, though I didn't like it as much as I like Kaoru Mori's Bride's Story.

    My favorite part is how immense, fat, and hairy the artist made the brother's husband, Mike Flanagan. Ganji sure are strange-looking!

    Brian Vaughn & Fiona Staples, Saga (Vol 5-7)

    I read the first four volumes of this graphic novel some time ago.  This past week I caught up on the next 3 volumes.

    As before, we're in the POV of the child born on the first page of Vol. 1. As before, the plot advances only slowly. Still has great characters and beautiful art, though.

              FBI Looking For Montana Man On Federal Drug Charges   
    36 year-old Eric David Fletcher is wanted by the FBI for alleged drug possession and distribution charges out of Montana. Continue reading…
              Submit a Tip — FBI   
    The public can report violations of U.S. federal law or suspected terrorism or criminal activity to the FBI online or via telephone or mail.
              Laboratory Services — FBI   
    Created in 1932, the FBI Laboratory is today one of the largest and most comprehensive crime labs in the world. Operating out of a state-of-the-art ...
              AAI Statement on Sebastian Gorka   

    Contact: / 202-429-9210

    June 23, 2017


    Following the Daily Beast’s reporting that Sebastian Gorka delivered an anti-Muslim lecture to FBI officials in August 2016, long after the agency was ordered to end bigoted presentations, the Arab American Institute’s Executive Director, Maya Berry, issued the following statement about Gorka, who continues to serve as Deputy Assistant to President Trump:

    “Sadly, Gorka’s views are all too well known to us. He has made demonization of Muslims his full-time job regardless of the title he holds or who he is speaking to. Although he’s never hid his horrific views, he was allowed to continue working as a consultant for the FBI for some years. It seems it was only when individuals of conscience were forced to listen to Gorka’s bigotry, extremist rhetoric and lies was he given his marching orders by our nation’s chief law enforcement agency. We should note, that although he eventually lost his contract with the FBI, he was kept on as a consultant for the Trump campaign. Once more, all of this information would have been readily available to the Trump Administration, yet they have chosen to keep Gorka on their team as one of the key officials advising the President.

    Gorka’s presence at the White House continues to be a stain on our nation." 

    The Arab American Institute joined with Muslim Advocates and Bend the Arc Jewish Action in March to call for Gorka’s resignation after it was reported that Gorka had taken a “lifetime oath” to a Nazi-affiliated group in Hungary. The organizations argued, “Gorka should have never been hired and has no place in any administration. He should step down immediately.” 


    Founded in 1985, the Arab American Institute (AAI) is a nonprofit organization committed to the civic and political empowerment of Americans of Arab descent.  AAI provides policy, research and public affairs services to support a broad range of community activities. For more information please visit

              Robert Parry: NYT Finally Retracts Russia-gate Canard   
    The New York Times has finally admitted that one of the favorite Russia-gate canards – that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies concurred on the assessment of Russian hacking of Democratic emails – is false.

    The reality of a more narrowly based Russia-gate assessment was admitted in May by President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan in sworn congressional testimony.

    Clapper testified before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee on May 8 that the Russia-hacking claim came from a “special intelligence community assessment” (or ICA) produced by selected analysts from the CIA, NSA and FBI, “a coordinated product from three agencies – CIA, NSA, and the FBI – not all 17 components of the intelligence community,” the former DNI said.

    Clapper further acknowledged that the analysts who produced the Jan. 6 assessment on alleged Russian hacking were “hand-picked” from the CIA, FBI and NSA.

    Yet, as any intelligence expert will tell you, if you “hand-pick” the analysts, you are really hand-picking the conclusion. For instance, if the analysts were known to be hard-liners on Russia or supporters of Hillary Clinton, they could be expected to deliver the one-sided report that they did.

    But Hilary repeats the bold faced lie:

    For instance, on May 31 at a technology conference in California, Clinton referred to the Jan. 6 report, asserting that “Seventeen agencies, all in agreement, which I know from my experience as a Senator and Secretary of State, is hard to get. They concluded with high confidence that the Russians ran an extensive information war campaign against my campaign, to influence voters in the election.”

    Consortium News

    NYT Finally Retracts Russia-gate Canard

              It's not just health care where Trump is getting in the way of Senate Republicans   

    Donald Trump isn’t just getting in the way of a Senate Trumpcare deal. He’s doing absolutely no favors to Republican efforts to strengthen their hold on the Senate in 2018, when they have a favorable map and should be able to perform well. A Trump-associated Super PAC took aim at Nevada’s Dean Heller, one of the few vulnerable Republican senators up for re-election in 2018, but that’s not all.

    In Alabama, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants the Republican National Committee to support recently appointed Sen. Luther Strange in a contested primary, but the funding hasn’t come and he isn’t getting any answers, even after going straight to the White House to ask for it. But that’s not all:

    In Arizona, where Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, a Trump critic, is facing a difficult reelection, Trump-fueled primary worries are intensifying. Prior to the 2016 election, Trump vented openly about Flake’s criticism of him — at one point, backstage before a campaign rally in Arizona, telling top aides animatedly that he wanted to find a Republican opponent to challenge the senator in 2018, according to two people familiar with the exchange. The administration’s anger at Flake has flared anew amid his criticism of the president’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey.

    Flake has already drawn a Trump-friendly primary opponent in former state Sen. Kelli Ward, and two other allies of the president — Trump 2016 campaign COO Jeff DeWit and former state GOP chair Robert Graham — could also try to unseat him.

    Trump has also made it harder for Republicans to target vulnerable Democratic incumbents. He appointed the top Republican prospect to challenge Montana Sen. Jon Tester to his cabinet, leaving McConnell scrounging for recruits, and ignored McConnell’s pleas to appoint the two most vulnerable Democrats—North Dakota’s Heidi Manchin and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin—to the cabinet, which would have made their seats almost certain Republican pick-ups.

              Acting Fbi Chief Andrew Mccabe Faces Uncertain Future   

    TTF McCabe while the deputy head of FBI arranged for Matthias Chang and Dato Seri Khairuddin Abu Hassan to meet his officials in the US The Third Force WASHINGTON Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is under mounting scrutiny and increasing c...
              FBI agent indicted in relation to LaVoy Finicum shooting   
    06.29.17 12:38 PM FBI special agent W. Joseph Astarita, one of the officers on the scene when Malheur*Wildlife Refuge protester *LaVoy Finicum was shot and killed last January, has been indicted on charges that he lied about whether he discharged his firearm during the shooting. According to reports, the agent faces a charge of making false allegations with the intent to obstruct justice. The indictment notes that Astarita “falsely stated he had not fired his weapon during the attempted arrest of Robert La Voy Finicum, when he knew then and there that he had fired his weapon.” The indictment adds that the agent “acted with the intent to hinder, delay and prevent the communication of information” needed to conduct a thorough investigation into Finicum’s killing. A report from Oregon Live last year indicated that police believed an FBI agent attempted to conceal evidence that he fired on Finicum while the victim was still traveling down the road in his truck.
              Sessions hopes Russia probe ends 'sooner rather than later'   
    WASHINGTON (AP) " Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a vote of confidence Friday to former FBI director Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading an investigation into potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign, but he also said he hoped the probe could "move forward and come to an end sooner rather than later."The attorney general's comments during a "Fox & Friends" interview were his most expansive to date on the Justice Department's appointment last month of [...]
              Elite FBI Agent Indicted For Murder - TEKEL   

              Elite FBI Agent Indicted For Murder   

    (2561) Elite FBI Agent Indicted For Murder - TEKEL - YouTube

    You read that right

    The FBI Agent who openly murdered Lavoy Finicun in Oregon and was later given a medal for the Open Murder has been indicted for 1st Degree Murder.

    These First Degree Murderers that disruptend the Ranch in Oregon are now being investigated and brought to court for harassment, Assault, Battery and 1st degree murder.

    The contracts that the Big H sold to Russia concerning US Uranium Mining Rights and Neodyn Metal Mining Rights are being rescinded ands the Big H organization is being torn down by the roots.

    Those involved in these treasonous acts are now being brought to justice wherever they are - starting with the FBI agent that openly murdered Lavoy.

    It has only just begun - TEKEL.

    Those Elites that do as GOD directs will live, those that do not will die.

    In other News:

    1 Congress will only work 147 days next year - it’s on the Congressional Schedule.

    They are being given this vacation to allow President Trump to not clean house of the Traitors but also to re-industrialize America and make this nation Great again.

    2)  Walmart will no longer use Trucking Lines that ship for Amazon.

    Since Walmart and Amazon were both funded and built  by the CIA this is pretty bizarre.

    3) Google was warned by GOD if the screw with my profits GOD will screw with their’s

    Google has led You Tube to steal ad dollars form all You Tubers - costing me well over $120,000 per month --- but they think GOD is a myth.

    Yesterday the EU fined Google $2.7 Billion Dollars.

    Expect these fines to grow as long as Google ignore the Living GOD.

    Their fate is in their own hands and the hands of their stock holders.

    Please pray that they are mentally able to make the connection.

    4) Resveratrol could be effective in fighting Cancer.
    5) Good Read: In the 1950’s the CIA sprayed an entire town in France with LSD for no reason and here are the results:
    It got in the water, it got in the food, it got in the houses and:
    The entire town went insane.
    Savings Tip Of The Day
    What to bring to the hospital:
    1) Cinnamon
    2) Sea Weed
    Please pray for healing in this town in France and that President Trump is safe and casts off the shackles of the European Bankers.
    Pray also that when the Budget Cuts hit in October your family is safe from those cuts.

    The News You Need

    The Wall Of Truth

    Dr William B. Mount

    BREAKING: FBI Agent Indicted for Lying About the Killing of Lavoy Finicum

    One Of The Main Reasons Congress Is Getting So Little Done Is Because They Will Have 218 Days Off In 2017 – InvestmentWatch

    It Begins: WalMart Warns Truckers It Will No Longer Work With Them If They Move Goods For Amazon | Zero Hedge

    Google Slapped With $2.7 Billion EU Fine Over Search Results - WSJ

    Resveratrol compound in grapes found to kill cancer stem cells –

    In The 1950s The CIA Sprayed A French Town With LSD, Here's What Happened

    It Begins: WalMart Warns Truckers It Will No Longer Work With Them If They Move Goods For Amazon | Zero Hedge

              500 Kids Have Gone Missing In DC In 2017 — Sex Trafficking Fears Have Officials Asking FBI For Help   
    A total of 501 juveniles have been reported missing in D.C. since the beginning of the year. This startling number has forced the hands of several officials who’ve written a letter to call on special help from the Justice Department in investigating the matter.
    The letter, obtained by the Associated Press, asked FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed.” It was signed by Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-La) and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, who represents D.C. in Congress.
    “Ten children of color went missing in our nation’s capital in a period of two weeks and at first garnered very little media attention. That’s deeply disturbing,” Richmond’s letter said.
    As the AP reports, the District of Columbia logged 501 cases of missing juveniles, many of them black or Latino, in the first three months of this year, according to the Metropolitan Police Department, the city’s police force. Twenty-two were unsolved as of March 22, police said.
    The Twitter profile for the DC police department is quite literally riddled with images of missing young Black and Latino girls. In spite of the officials’ concern and the posts on Twitter, police are assuring the public that there is nothing out of the ordinary.

    “We’ve just been posting them on social media more often,” said Metropolitan Police spokeswoman Rachel Reid.
    “We can’t focus on the numbers,” said Derrica Wilson, co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation. “If we have one missing child, that’s too many.”
    Police then went on to dispel talk of these girls being kidnapped and sold into slavery by human traffickers.
    “We have no indication to believe that young girls in the District are being preyed upon by human traffickers in large numbers,” said police commander Chanel Dickerson, leader of the Youth and Family Services division, according to NBC News 4.
    Notice how Dickerson said “in large numbers” as a qualifier, meaning he didn’t rule out the fact that there are human traffickers in the area preying on young girls.
    As the Free Thought Project pointed out on several occasions, some of these traffickers have already been caught in D.C. — and some of them have been cops.
    Linwood Barnhill Jr., a veteran of the D.C. Police Department, was exposed by the Free Thought Projectfor running a child sex ring out of his house. In 2014, in an early morning search warrant issued for his Southeast D.C. apartment found a 15-year-old girl who had previously been reported missing by her parents.
    When police rescued the girl she told officers that she had met six other girls inside the Southeast D.C. apartment who told her they were also being prostituted, including with ads posted on Barnhill also took naked photos of the girls, purportedly for use in advertisements for sex.
    Marijuana, condoms and a large mirror were also seized from the apartment; law enforcement officials say that the seized mirror had the names of other females who were being trafficked written on it.
    Around that same time, another cop in the area was also exposed and arrested for trafficking teens. Lamin Manneh, 32, of Baltimore, pleaded guilty to traveling across state lines and using a telephone and internet to operate a prostitution business using two teens he prostituted out over 300 times.
    According to the AP, Wilson also said she is concerned about whether human trafficking is a factor, citing the case of 8-year-old Relisha Rudd, who has been missing since she vanished from a city homeless shelter in 2014. A janitor who worked at the shelter was found dead of apparent suicide during the search for the girl.
    “They prey on the homeless, they prey on low-income children, they prey on the runaways, they prey online,” Wilson said.
    “Whether these recent disappearances are an anomaly or signals of underlying trends, it is essential that the Department of Justice and the FBI use all of the tools at their disposal to help local officials investigate these events, and return these children to their parents as soon as possible,” Richmond said.
    According to the anti-Human Trafficking group, Polaris, located in D.C., the number of trafficked humans in the US is startling.
    Sadly, the US government appears to spend far more time looking for an illegal plant or for Tom Brady’s jersey, than they do on missing children.
    Matt Agorist is the co-founder of, where this article first appeared. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been

              Release Blast for KING OF CLUBS by Sandra Owens   

    Passions—and tempers—flare as one star-crossed couple gets a second chance at love.

    Aces & Eights #2
    Sandra Owens
    Releasing June 27, 2017
    Montlake Romance

    In the second novel in acclaimed author Sandra Owens’s Aces & Eights series, passions—and tempers—flare as one star-crossed couple gets a second chance at love.

    Covert FBI agent Court Gentry loves his brothers, his job, and his Harley-Davidson. Once he loved a girl, too, but when she broke his heart, he put his emotions on lockdown…until she crosses his path again.

    On vacation six years ago, free-spirited Lauren Montgomery fell hard for Court Gentry. She returned home happier than ever, only to descend into a spiral of abuse by her ex-husband, Stephan. When Stephan threatened to kill any man who touched her, Lauren cut Court from her life—but not from her heart.

    When Lauren and Court reunite after her friend marries his brother, Court guards himself against the person who made him feel such intense passion and pain. Except the undeniable spark between them is impossible to contain and heating up fast. Six years ago, it was love. Now, it’s just lust. Keeping it merely physical is a foolproof plan…right?

    When Stephan is released from prison, Lauren can’t outrun her past anymore, and Court vows to protect her. But with Lauren in imminent danger, Court must question his heart and risk his life to save the woman he never stopped loving.

    A best-selling, award winning author, Sandra Owens lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Her family and friends often question her sanity, but have ceased being surprised by what she might get up to next. She’s jumped out of a plane, flown in an aerobatic plane while the pilot performed death-defying stunts, has flown Air Combat (two fighter planes dogfighting, pretending to shoot at each other with laser guns), and rode a Harley motorcycle for years. She regrets nothing.

    A member of Romance Writers of America's Honor Roll, Sandra is a 2013 Golden Heart® Finalist for her contemporary romance, CRAZY FOR HER. In addition to her contemporary romantic suspense novels, she writes Regency stories. 

              A G-Man's Journal: A Legendary Career Inside the FBI- FROM The Kennedy Assassination to the Oklahoma City Bombing   

    From 1964 to 1994, Buck Revell directed or participated in virtually every major FBI investigation -- including the JFK assassination, Watergate, the Iran hostage crisis, and Gulf War antiterrorist operations. As the former Associate Deputy Director in charge of investigations, the Bureau's number-two career post, he sealed his reputation as a legendary maverick in federal law enforcement. Now, in a landmark autobiography, Revell candidly reveals the brilliance and deep-rooted flaws behind thirty years of FBI investigations.

    Known early on for his street-smart, proactive, and hard-hitting style inside J. Edgar Hoover's Bureau, Revell hunted down Mafia hit men, Ku Klux Klan-type terrorist groups, and Eastern Bloc spies. Quickly rising in a system that was often its own worst enemy, he discloses why, after Hoover's death in 1972, he and other reform-minded agents moved to modernize the FBI both tactically and technologically -- and how he developed investigative strategies, innovated specific surveillance methods, and championed special FBI units, such as Special Events Management and Hostage Rescue.

    As skilled at advising heads of state as collaring criminals, Revell was often summoned to the White House Situation Room. As the senior FBI representative to the National Security Council, he emerged as one of our leading authorities on terrorism and national security issues. He recounts how he persuaded Congress to enact Federal laws regarding fugitive apprehension abroad, and how he directed all international operations -- including tracking the kidnappers and killers of hostages in Beirut, international mafias weapons smuggling, and French and Japanese industrial espionage. He also demonstrates why it is vital for the FBI to become a global nerve center for the world's law enforcement agencies.

    On the home front, Buck Revell continues to advise the National Security Council, the Pentagon, and the Justice Departments on matters of organized crime, drug enforcement, white-collar crime and terrorism. In A G-Man's Journal, he proposes drastic reforms for improving the current system of law enforcement and justice, and bluntly analyzes what went wrong at incidents like the Branch Davidian tragedy in Waco, and the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombings.

    A riveting chronicle of an extraordinary career amid history-shaping events, A G-Man's Journal lays bare the varied criminal threats facing America today, and sets the crimefighting agenda for the next century.

              FBI och Europol hjälper Ukraina i Petya-utredningen   

    Ukraina blev hårt ansatt av Petya-viruset, nu vill landets underrättelsetjänst veta vem som låg bakom angreppen.
              Comment on Has the FBI Received the Coconut Treatment? by In The Mailbox: 06.27.17 : The Other McCain   
    […] Welfare News BattleSwarm: Pinkslipapalooza Bring The HEAT: The AH-56 Cheyenne Da Tech Guy: Baldilocks – Has The FBI Received The Coconut Treatment? Don Surber: Pro Wrestling’s Latest Villain – Progressive Liberal Dustbury: Tebow Kicked […]
              Comment on Has the FBI Received the Coconut Treatment? by smitty   
    What is the coconut treatment?
              FBI Agent Who Shot At Lavoy Finicum Enters Not Guilty Plea - Not Held On Bail   


    The post FBI Agent Who Shot At Lavoy Finicum Enters Not Guilty Plea - Not Held On Bail appeared first on Freedom Outpost.

              Real Journalism: Podesta Gets Ruined by Maria Bartiromo   
    No softball questions, Maria Baritromo shows us how it's done. She uses the best sources she can use when challenging a false narrative by Hillary's campaign manager: the articles from press assets that fought tooth and nail for John Podesta's candidate. It should also be noted that in the case of The New York Times and others, stories literally had to be approved by Podesta before they could  print. Podesta loses it as he is asked directly about his own ties to Russian investments, the sale of US uranium to Russia, and why he didn't turn over the "hacked" DNC servers to the FBI or DHS. The topics, key as as they were, were verboten because they challenged the Russian conspiracy theory peddled by much of the media. Even FOX wouldn't go there, so this was bold.

    And, of course, the American people, the European peoples, and the US and European governments are being conditioned by the “Russia did it” storyline to distrust Russia and to accept whatever dangerous and irresponsible policy toward Russia that Washington comes up with next.

    Is the anti-Russian propaganda driven by ratings as Bonifield is reported to claim, or are ratings the neoconservatives and military/security complex’s cover for media disinformation that increases tensions between the superpowers and prepares the ground for nuclear war?

    RT acknowledges that the entire story could be just another piece of false news, which is all that the Western media is known for.

    Nevertheless, what we do know is that the fake news reporting pertains to Russia’s alleged interference in the US presidential election. Allegedly, Trump was elected by Putin’s interference in the election. This claim is absurd, but if you are Megyn Kelly you lack the IQ to see that. Instead, presstitutes turn a nonsense story into a real story despite the absence of any evidence.

    Who actually interfered in the US presidential election, Putin or the presstitutes themselves? The answer is clear and obvious. It was the presstitutes, who were out to get Trump from day one of the presidential campaign. It is CIA director John Brennan, who did everything in his power to brand Trump some sort of Russian agent. It is FBI director Comey who did likewise by continuing to “investigate” what he knew was a non-event. We now have a former FBI director playing the role of special prosecutor investigating Trump for “obstruction of justice” when there is no evidence of a crime to be obstructed! What we are witnessing is the ongoing interference in the presidential election, an interference that not only makes a mockery of democracy but also of the rule of law.

    The presstitutes not only interfered in the presidential election; they are now interfering with democracy itself. They are seeking to overturn the people’s choice by discrediting the President of the United States and those who elected him.

              EHT doctor in police standoff undergoes license suspension   
    The doctor who allegedly threatened to shoot himself when FBI agents arrived to search his Egg Harbor Township medical office has his license temporarily suspended while he faces weapons and obstruction charges. Continue reading…
              Donald Trump threatened with subpoena over Comey 'tapes'   

    Bipartisan leaders on House intelligence committee demand White House clarify whether there are recordings of Trump’s meeting with fired FBI director

    Bipartisan leaders on the House intelligence committee are threatening a subpoena if the White House does not clarify whether any recordings, memoranda or other documents exist of Donald Trump’s meetings with fired FBI director James Comey.

    The panel had previously set a 23 June deadline for the White House to respond to the panel’s request. The day before, Trump said in a series of tweets that he “did not make, and do not have, any such recordings” but also said he has “no idea” if tapes or recordings of his conversations with Comey exist.

    Continue reading...
              FBI helps NI family recover stolen William Conor art   
    The valuable painting was stolen in 2008 and its whereabouts were unknown for five years.
              FBI Joins Search To Find Missing Starbucks Employee In North Carolina   

    FBI Joins Search To Find Missing Starbucks Employee In North CarolinaAllison Cope disappeared Monday after she took a break from work at Starbucks at Raleigh-Durham Airport’s Terminal 2.

              Florida Arrest Records   
    Arrest checks are speedily being used as a regular function for both recruiting of new employees in addition to affirming current partners. In the interest of safety and security, Arrest record checks have assuredly evolved into the most used data as the test of human nature. The methods and trend through Florida is the same through the of rest of the country. Florida Arrest Records Examination is normally utilized to calaculate a persons adeptness for any apecific labor position.

    Conforming to state laws, Florida Criminal Records Examination are public data. Unless they are destroyed or sealed by courts, it's possibly for anyone to request arrest data from responsible government organizations. Admin fees might be necessary but for duplicating the data themselves. Also, all the criminal conviction convictions are maintained regardless of the outcome. Therefore, even plea bargain, dropped charges or other type of negotiation will still be retained on the database.

    State departments like the police departments, sheriff's offices, highway patrol and other law enforcement groups all around the state of Florida keep the data of all investigations they conduct. They even submit them every month to national repository to be logged and compiled at the state level. Too, all the Florida Criminal Records are submitted to federal agencies including the Justice and FBI Departments.

    Sorting out appropriateness in making use of arrest data specifically in official documents like pre-employment examination is not easy. Lawyers or professionals are normally needed. Another basic alternative is to just get the arrest data from independent data companies and empower them to handle the legality issues. These companies are composed of technicians on the subject of data in their own right.

    Florida Criminal Records Examination are generally employed for examining potential contractors by the companies for clandestinely examining friends, neighbors, relatives or just pertaining to any persons. Free Criminal Records Examination might be attained from the multiple county enforcement organizations or state departments. It should be understood that there are restrictions on arrest record check official treatment and use. People must check their singular arrest data often to safeguard against inaccuracies and errors.

    Florida Arrest Records Examination are the quickest and efficient way of calculating an a persons tendency for mishaps with the law. Florida State Repository only permits inclusion of offense and wrong convictions however, arrest data are certainly public data in Florida state laws unless they have been sealed or removed by the courts. As a result, arrest data are available by any citizen. In Addition, an arrest record is entered for each felony conviction whether or not imprisonment resulted.

    Florida Arrest Records
              Search Continues For Missing 13-Year-Old Girl From Lancaster   
    Police are entering their second day in the search for a 13-year-old girl from Lancaster who went missing. An Amber Alert remains active for Shavon Le'Feye Randle and agents with the FBI have taken over the case.
              Comment on Video: Eyewitness says LaVoy Finicum shot with hands up by ‘Not Guilty’ plea entered by FBI agent in Finicum shooting – Republican RIse   
    […] Video: Eyewitness says LaVoy Finicum shot with hands up […]
              Gunman Kills 1, Wounds 6 In Bronx Hospital, Dies Of Apparent Self-Inflicted Wound   
    Updated at 8 p.m. ET A gunman opened fire at a hospital in New York City on Friday, killing one person and injuring six others before killing himself, according New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill. In a brief news conference, O'Neill said the shooter was a former employee of the hospital but did not identify him. A law enforcement source tells FBI the man was Dr. Henry Bello. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the attack apparently stemmed from a workplace-related matter but he didn't elaborate. The gunfire reportedly broke out at about 2:50 p.m. ET at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. O'Neill said police received a 911 call about a shooter on the 16th floor of the hospital. The victims were found on the 16th and 17th floors. The shooter was found on the 17th floor with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, wearing a white medical lab coat, and a rifle was found nearby. The hospital fire alarm system had been activated, O'Neill said, after the gunman attempted to set himself on fire. A
              Department of Justice Hits Marijuana Paraphernalia Industry   
    Congress listed marijuana on Schedule One of the U.S. Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (USCSA) and has not de-listed or even moved marijuana to a lower level since that time.  To be included on Schedule One, the drug is supposed to have a chance of abuse, a high level of danger, and have no approved medical use.  While this is absurd, and based on this list marijuana is considered more dangerous and more likely to cause addiction than heroin, this is where it is listed and that doesn’t look like it will be changing any time soon. That being said, Congress has added language in budget acts that prohibit the federal government and its agencies from spending money to go after medical marijuana in states where it is legal under state law.  There is no such prohibition on sending the DEA and FBI after state legal marijuana for recreational use, and that is scaring off many prospective investors, according to a recent news article from Forbes.However, there is…
              James Comey Tells America, The Russians are Coming   

    James Comey Tells America, The Russians are Coming The FBI director branded Russia the “greatest threat of any nation,” while answering questions at a Senate hearing on Moscow’s alleged meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. James Comey it seems is a bit of a nutter, Russia has been the leader of the free world […]

    The post James Comey Tells America, The Russians are Coming appeared first on Live Trading News.

              Time for a good whinge   
    I haven't had a good one in ages!

    Morgans second was delivered this week - Thursday morning to be precise. I actually didn't know the second little bastard had entered the world until Friday morning; my wife didn't think I'd be all that fussed to know. And let me tell you, she was correct.

    What I did know was that on Wednesday my wife and Morgan had rushed off to the hospital on what turned out to be a false alarm; and that Morgan had been denying possible reality by saying 'it can't be born today'. When the kid's my age I'd posit that a day here or there will make no difference and indeed, to the kid today it probably also makes no difference. But it seems that the extra day *did* make a big difference to Morgan.

    Everything had been scheduled to happen on Friday. I have to confess, not being a father, that I was a trifle puzzled at this 'scheduling' thing. Surely, I reasoned, a pregnancy came to a conclusion in its own time? Even if one were able to pinpoint to the second the moment of conception there is *still* some uncertainty, no?

    All of which shows how out of touch I am with 'reality' today, for, as almost all of you are thinking, they had scheduled an induced birth. Such a pity for Morgan then, that nature had taken things into her own hands.

    For, on the Thursday, the news came that Morgan had failed a drug test. Now you'd reckon that after some run-ins with the police, a few nights spent in gaol and the might of the State of Arizona in the shape of Child Protection Services focussed on her, that she might realise that partaking of her favourite, illegal, recreational drug a few days before giving birth to child number two might not be a good idea.

    Hence her panic when nature took its course. Of course, I'm sure she calibrated her indulgence, calculated to a nicety breakdown and excretion rates, allowed for margins of error in the testing process and knew with absolute certainty that on Friday all the evidence would be gone. I'm equally sure that pigs can fly!

    Well, the might of the State of Arizona swung into action and on Friday the family interview took place. I wasn't present of course; the first I knew about it was Friday afternoon when I found the family copy of the paperwork sitting on the kitchen table.

    All kinds of restrictions; Morgan is not allowed, on pain of imprisonment, to take her children off the premises without an 'approved monitor' accompanying her. Want to guess who the approved monitor is?

    As I said to my wife over dinner that evening, it's effectively house arrest for us! Oh sure, I can go out anytime I like. I can even hop on a plane to Australia (and I will, 117 days from now, not that I'm counting). So can my wife, if Morgan is still at the hospital. But she comes back here tomorrow and that's when the house arrest starts, for Morgan cannot be trusted and therefore my wife must be constantly here to monitor the situation.

    In the light of that it almost felt churlish to object when I discovered that they are running a background check on me! I understand their logic but it doesn't sit well with the presumption of innocence. Fortunately they'll find me one of the easier investigations; I've been through it before for other purposes and haven't changed address since then. Always assuming an FBI background check is 'good enough'.

    There's another family interview taking place this Wednesday and I'm still debating whether to attend. I'm not sure there's anything I could constructively add. I'd be much more likely to make things worse by objecting to the aforementioned presumption of guilt without evidence. Probably best left alone.

    I'm sure that attitude is how anti-semitism managed to grow in post Weimar Germany.
              I have no pointy objects   
    I had occasion today to visit the local Social Security Administration. Call it an exercise in making sure that, when I retire, a decade or so hence, my entire 2008 income is factored into their calculations. Should make for an extra 3 bucks a month!

    This was my third visit to the SSA. The first was the day after I arrived in the US, to show them the immigrant stamp in my passport and get my social security number and card, with the all important *lack* of an endorsement, the one that says 'not valid for work authorisation'.

    The second visit was to show them my newly minted citizenship certificate and get moved off the non-citizens list.

    I have to say that, as government departments go, they're not bad. Reasonably efficient for a walk in and the waiting times aren't astronomical. They compare very well with any of the motor vehicle departments I've had to deal with, here or in Australia.

    I don't think I've spent more than half an hour on any occasion with them.

    As one walks in through the door one runs the gauntlet of the ubiquitous uniformed fat guy who fulfills the role of security. Pretty friendly so far as it goes, one explains the purpose of ones visit and he touches a few areas on a computer screen and out pops a ticket. Then you go sit and read whilst waiting for them to call your number.

    Except that first he asks a few other questions. You understand that there's no metal detector; no rectangular frame to walk through. Nope, just the questions. 'Do you have a cellphone?'. The answer is affirmative. 'Does it have a camera?'. The answer is negative. The guy in front answered yes to both and was told to turn it off. Since mine doesn't have a camera I was permitted to leave it switched on. I imagine they don't want you photographing the staff.

    And then they ask 'do you have any sharp objects?'. Now I want any NSA or FBI or CIA wonks finding this via google to understand that this is said in the spirit of sarcasm, as an illustration of a point! I have every intention of sticking this blade in my pocket into the neck of the person behind the counter, but, being asked that question, I realise the futility of my plan and run away! 'No'. 'Ok', he says, 'take a seat and wait till they call your number'.

    So just what is the point of even asking the question, if you're not going to verify the answer *before* allowing the suspect into the waiting room? A legal out? 'Yes, your honour, we did ask the fiend if he had a sharp object'.

              Don’t Let the Russia-Trump Investigation Distract From U.S. Intelligence Reform   
    Lost amidst the news about former FBI Director Jim Comey’s high-profile testimony last week was t

              Manhunt For I-81 Road Rage Killer Continues   
    Pennslyvania State Police and the FBI are searching for a man in a dark pick-up truck accused of killing Timothy Davison during a road rage ... tags: black_pickup_truckcrime_newsinterstate_81murderpennsylvaniapress_conferenceroad_rageManhunt For I-81 Road Rage Killer Continues
              FBI Suspected Bribery Attempts by Card Room Operators   

    The FBI suspected two San Diego card club room operators of trying to bribe San Diego politicians to help save their business, according to affidavits revealed in a federal court case.
              Featured Author: Linda Leigh Hargrove, author of Saving Tate Michaels   

    Today I've got an interview with an intriguing author, Linda Leigh Hargrove.  Linda has just released the third and final book in her Isaac Hunt series, Saving Tate Michaels.

    Linda, do you write full-time or part-time?

    I write part-time. Mostly fiction but I do write the occasional article and blog post.

    What books have most influenced your writing most?

    The first most influential book in my life is the Holy Bible. The Bible guides my life, understandably, but it also inspires my writing. Other books that have influenced my writing include The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood and Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell. I have several books on the craft of writing in my personal library but these two books that have informed my way of writing the most.

    How did you come up with the title of your latest work?

    Saving Tate Michaels is the third and last installment in the Isaac Hunt series. I wanted this last book to be about how so many individuals come together, despite their differences, to save Isaac’s best friend, Tate from a troublesome situation. I toyed with a few other titles but this one seemed the strongest.

    How much of the book is realistic?

    The book is not based on a real story. It’s totally made up, as are the first two. But I did get help from two FBI agents, one active and one retired, to make the action more believable.

    Is there anything you find especially challenging in your writing?

    My biggest challenge with writing fiction is plotting. To be honest I think I stink at plotting. My plotting skills have improved over the years but it still continues to be a challenge. I have tried several techniques but nothing seems to work seamlessly. If you have a silver bullet, I’d love to hear about it.

    What was the hardest part of writing this particular book?

    Well, apart from the plotting struggles, the hardest part of writing Saving Tate Michaels was overcoming fear of failure and a crushing sense of doubt. I basically finished the manuscript in 2011, but could not find a publisher due to poor sales of the first two books in the series. In my mind, I saw self-publishing as an insurmountable hurdle and I fought it with a vengeance. Self publishing, in my mind, was for the extremely self-assured and forward people. I am neither of those things. Then a strange, God-did-it kind of thing happened. I started receiving emails from people who had read and enjoyed the first two books, encouraging me to finish the book. So the Saving Tate Michaels you see today is my response to their resounding requests for the last installment in the series.

    As I tread through the landscape of self publishing, I am so grateful that many writers have gone before and left a trail of Do’s and Don’ts. And I remind myself that I’m following a God-ordained path. I don’t believe in luck or chance. I believe in a God that places experiences in my life so that, in the end, I look more like His Son.


    Linda Leigh Hargrove blends suspense, humor, and faith into compelling stories about race and class in America. Her writings include two novels: The Making of Isaac Hunt (June 2007) and Loving Cee Cee Johnson (September 2008). She is an environmental engineer and currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and three sons. She blogs at and is a contributing writer for Read more about Linda and her books at

    ABOUT SAVING TATE MICHAELS (Book Three in the Isaac Hunt Series)

    Former FBI agent Tate Michaels’s past and present threaten to pull him further from his relationship with God and family when he needs them most. To save his family from a kidnapper bent on revenge, Tate Michaels must first lose himself. Tate is forced to examine his motives and open himself to a whole new definition of family.

    Download the first chapter here:

    Self-published, Available on Kindle: September 1, 2014, $9.99 (USD)

    Topics include: forgiveness, reconciliation, adoption, sex trafficking

    Happy Readin' N Writin!
              The Freedom Center Beats the Southern Poverty Law Center   

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism.

    The left has a problem. 

    Americans are doing all the wrong things. They’re voting for Republicans, reading conservative sites and donating to conservative organizations. Something needs to be done about it. Something is being done.

    Post a conservative story on Facebook or search for it on Google and out pops Snopes, a partisan site, to warn you of wrongthinking. And, until recently, when you searched for a conservative organization on Guidestar, out popped the Southern Poverty Law Center to accuse you and it of being deplorable bigots.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center and Snopes are left-wing partisan groups with no qualifications to do anything except hate conservatives. The SPLC’s list of hate groups includes numerous individuals, including me, also listed until recently as a hate group was a sign outside a Pennsylvania bar. 

    Morris Dees, a mail order guru and cut rate lawyer for a KKK thug, built the Southern Poverty Law Center into one of the greatest mail order scams on earth. Harper’s Magazine dubbed the SPLC a “fraud” that casually throws around the “hate group” label, “shuts down debate” and “stifles free speech”. 

    The FBI dumped SPLC’s scam artists, but Guidestar decided to help the left-wing group stifle speech.

    Guidestar’s mission is providing information about non-profits. Instead its boss, leftist activist Jacob Harold, pursued a partisan agenda. 46 organizations were accused on Guidestar’s listings of being hate groups. According to Harold, the SPLC "has the most comprehensive information on hate groups".

    There’s no question that the SPLC’s listings are comprehensive. They included, at one point, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz’s father, a Republican nominee for Governor of Colorado, a former Republican member of the House from Colorado, a Republican member of the House from Iowa and the African-American former Secretary of State of Ohio. Current SPLC targets include the President of the United States and nearly every member of his cabinet. The SPLC’s definition of extremist is Republican. 

    The David Horowitz Freedom Center was among the conservative groups targeted by the SPLC/Guidestar collaboration. Having lost the White House and its access to the IRS, the left was looking for a new way to attack the finances of conservative organizations. Jacob Harold first dragged Guidestar into partisan waters with an election post that praised the Clinton Foundation and disparaged Trump.

    Now he was looking to go after conservatives. But the Freedom Center didn’t let him get away with it. 

    The Freedom Center’s legal team warned Guidestar that it would be held accountable for these slanders. Other conservative groups joined the outcry. And before too long, Guidestar backed down.

    The Guidestar attack was the latest manifestation of the left poisoning the open informational spaces of the internet with partisan agendas. Harold, a “social change strategist” was a veteran of left-wing organizing. He had participated in at least one anti-Trump rally. Even afterward, Harold had insisted in an editorial that Guidestar’s mission would still include attacks on “hate groups”. 

    "Hateful words can cultivate a climate of hostility. That hostility can yield tragic consequences: The FBI documents thousands of hate crimes each year, with most directed against vulnerable people in marginalized communities,” Harold wrote.

    There is zero evidence linking the conservative groups smeared by Harold and his SPLC allies to violence. The same cannot be said for the SPLC which has been linked to violence against its political targets.

    Floyd Lee Corkins’ shooting spree at the Family Research Council began with the SPLC. Corkins confessed to the FBI that he had used the SPLC website to research targets. James Hodgkinson, who opened fire at a Republican charity baseball practice, was a fan of the SPLC. The Middlebury College assault which injured a female professor was driven by the SPLC’s wrongful listing of Charles Murray.

    While the SPLC claims to fight bigots, it defended a Hamas supporter who had called for the mass murder of Jews in its attack on David Horowitz, while calling Horowitz “the Godfather of the anti-Muslim movement in America,” which actual hate groups continue to use against him.

    If Guidestar wants to list hate groups that harm vulnerable people, it can start with the SPLC. Unless Howard thinks that defending Hamas calls for the murder of Jews is acceptable behavior.

    And then there’s one of the SPLC’s “Active Hate Groups”: Bosch Fawstin

    Bosch is only one man. But the SPLC decided to list him as a hate group. It added him to the list after the first ISIS terrorist attack in America. Their target was the Draw Mohammed contest. Had the attack succeeded, Bosch would have been killed. But instead of adding Islamic terrorists to its list, the SPLC’s Heidi Beirich announced that it was adding him instead because it had figured out a location for him.

    Tragic consequences indeed.

    The Freedom Center’s victory is important. The left had overreached this time. Pressure from a range of conservative activists forced a temporary retreat. But Harold has made it clear that he will try again.

    Newly emboldened conservative activists are turning the tide against the left. They are refusing to accept being harassed, abused, threatened, assaulted, marginalized and silenced as business as usual.

    Conservatives rallied, stood up and fought back. The targets included the Family Research Council, which had come under fire because of the SPLC hate map, and AFDI, which was targeted in the ISIS attack. Among other groups listed by Guidestar/SPLC was Tea Party Nation and the Center for Security Policy.

    The SPLC list is heavily biased, tainted and flawed. It is not based on any meaningful research. And yet it continues to be widely used. Meanwhile the SPLC’s Heidi Beirich is campaigning to further censor internet search results. The message is that the left’s agenda of embedding its worldview into the informational spaces of the internet will be the major battle of the next five years. 

    And the Freedom Center is eager to fight that battle.

    The Freedom Center has fought hard for academic freedom. It believes that the marketplace of ideas should stay open. It is convinced that the internet must also remain free of left-wing censorship.

    The first freedom is the right to dissent. The SPLC’s mission is the suppression of dissent. It deliberately jumbles together totalitarian and open organizations, racists and conservatives, Nazis and anti-Islamists as a smear campaign to delegitimize everyone it disagrees with. And that’s everyone to the right.

    Guidestar can’t be a trustworthy information source and participate in a partisan campaign; particularly an unprincipled extremist campaign such as the SPLC is conducting. Like Google and Facebook, it must choose. And the Freedom Center will remain vigilant in this fight for freedom.

    This time the Freedom Center beat the Southern Poverty Law Center. But the battle goes on.

              Socialist Power Couple Under Investigation   

    Feeling the prospective sting of accountability that socialist grifters rarely experience in their natural lives, Sen. Bernie Sanders is lashing out at those accusing his wife of an alleged financial fraud that caused Burlington College to collapse last year.

    Media reports also indicate prosecutors could be investigating the Independent U.S. senator from Vermont for allegedly attempting to muscle the bank into approving the loan.

    The leftist power couple lawyered up, reportedly hiring big-name defense attorneys. Rich Cassidy of Burlington, Vt., is representing Bernie, while Beltway insider Larry Robbins, who advised Lewis "Scooter" Libby, former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, is acting for Jane.

    Sanders, who used to be mayor of Burlington, said it was “fairly pathetic” that his family was being attacked and seemed to hint that the allegations of fraud and undue influence materialized out of thin air. He described his wife as “about the most honest person I know."

    As the small college’s president from 2004 to 2011, Jane O’Meara Sanders apparently bankrupted the nontraditional institution of higher learning founded in 1972 through reckless spending – just as her husband promised to do to America if elected president of the United States. When it went under, the college sent out a press release blaming the “crushing weight of debt” Mrs. Sanders incurred for its demise.

    The FBI is reportedly investigating Jane Sanders for allegedly misrepresenting donations to the college in a $10 million loan application to People's United Bank in 2010. The money was to acquire 33 acres of land from a cash-strapped church to expand the college. The property was on the shores of Lake Champlain.

    As a media outlet reported last year,

    The purchase was huge—especially for a school whose annual budget didn’t crack $4 million. Jane Sanders plan was to bet big. To finance the deal, Burlington issued tax-free bonds, took a $3.5 million loan from the diocese, and received a $500,000 bridge loan from Tony Pomerleau, a wealthy local real-estate developer and close friend of the Sanderses.

    Enrollment at the college and donations to it did go up but not enough to service the added levels of debt. After sowing the seeds of the school’s destruction, Mrs. Sanders grabbed her golden parachute and moved on.

    Sanders left her post in 2011, for reasons undisclosed. Her successor Christine Plunkett tried to bring more financial stability but failed, and in 2014, its accreditor placed it on probation. Plunkett resigned. In November 2014, interim President Mike Smith sold 25 of the original 33 acres to a local developer for $7.5 million. Of that, $4 million went to the diocese to pay for the land—Burlington College hadn’t paid for all of it yet—and the rest went to the school’s bank.

    Naturally, the senator reacted to the allegations made against the Sanderses by becoming haughty and indignant.

    "My wife is about the most honest person I know," the celebrated millionaire Marxist said Tuesday on CNN. "All that I will tell you now is it's a sad state of affairs in America when not only we have politicians being destroyed ... but when you go after people's wives. That's pretty pathetic."

    Instead of letting the process play out, Sanders suggested somebody somewhere somehow was out to get him and the missus.

    "That's all I'm going to say. I think it's fairly pathetic that when people are involved in public life not only do they get attacked, but their wives and their families get attacked," he said.

    Why Sanders would believe the probe into his wife’s activities, which got underway during the Obama administration, was politically motivated is unclear.

    If the septuagenarian Sanders is pointing an accusing finger at Donald Trump, he may want to conserve his energy for his next futile presidential bid.

    At this point, President Trump barely has control over the law enforcement and investigative functions of the federal government. Trump is surrounded by enemies virtually everywhere in what, after all, is supposed to be his administration. The Department of Justice and the IRS, for example, are jam-packed with the kind of employees who admire Sanders, including left-wingers, Democrats, and Obama holdovers.

    Besides, there is some evidence of possible wrongdoing.

    Mrs. Sanders reportedly told the bank in 2010 that the college had $2.6 million in pledged donations but the college indicated it took in just $676,000 in donations from 2010 through 2014.

    And philanthropist Corinne Bove Maietta is accusing Mrs. Sanders of misrepresenting her financial support for Burlington College. Maietta has said a Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) investigator interviewed her about her giving to the college.

    Maietta claims she agreed to donate an unspecified sum upon her death but documents reportedly indicate Mrs. Sanders recorded the unenforceable promise as a series of cash payments, treating the pledge as collateral for the real estate loan, according to

    The Vermont-based website reports:

    The 2010 loan agreement says “CBM” pledged $1 million to the school over five years in increments of $150,000, with a final payment of $100,000 in year six.

    In an interview, Maietta was incredulous that Burlington College would try to use her bequest to secure a bank loan. “You can’t borrow money on the future,” she said. “That doesn’t exist.”

    When she heard how her pledge was listed in the loan document, she was surprised. “They had me in increments? No, never,” Maietta said.

    Maietta said in the end she donated less than $100,000 to the college. She “was adamant that she never signed anything with the college, despite Sanders personally asking her to do so,” according to

    So it’s smoke and mirrors. Accounting tricks. Nothing new for left-wingers. They’ve been getting away with conning people for well over a century in the U.S.

    The Sanderses probably won’t be losing much sleep over the investigation.

    The former presidential candidate is “going to get a big benefit of the doubt, particularly with his supporters," Democratic strategist Joe Trippi said.

    Ditto with the legions of federal employees, including investigators and prosecutors, who to this day are still feeling the Bern.

              Trump allies work to discredit FBI, probe   
    Matthew Miller, former chief spokesman for the Justice Department, talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump allies going on offense to discredit the FBI officials and the Trump Russia investigation.
              Comentário em FBI recomenda tapar webcams e o mercado já oferece soluções por Fábio Pica   
    Uma fita adesiva daquelas que se compra numa loja bricolage ajuda com a situaçao do microfone de portatil, abafa o som ao ponto de nada soar nitido até mesmo depois de masterlizaçao, para microfones externos eu recomendo um com botao fisico de ligar e desligar o microfone.
              St. Louis Cardinals Executives Under Investigation For Hacking Astros   
    The St. Louis Cardinals baseball team is under investigation by the FBI and Unites States Attorney’s Office in Houston, Texas for allegedly hacking an Astros player database. The New York Times reports that FBI and Department of Justice officials have evidence that Cardinals officials tapped into a database created by a current Astros exec and […]
              Elite FBI Agent Indicted For Lying About Oregon Shooting   

    A member of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Tea…

    The post Elite FBI Agent Indicted For Lying About Oregon Shooting appeared first on Truth And Action.

              Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe Under Investigation   

    Does being “under investigation”…

    The post Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe Under Investigation appeared first on Truth And Action.

              Comey’s Lies of Omission   
    Donald Trump is not the target of an FBI investigation. Donald Trump has never been the target of an FBI investigation. The FBI is not investigating Trump for collusion, improper relations with a foreign government, treason or any of the other ridiculous things he’s been falsely accused of in the fake media. In fact, the...
              Trump, Brennan and the Intel Community’s Iron Wall of Secrecy   
    Is Russiagate an investigation of foreign meddling into US elections or retaliation for Washington’s stunning defeat in Syria? The opening of the Russiagate investigation closely coincides with the Battle of Aleppo, which was the turning point in the 6 year-long Syrian War. In July 2016 –the same month the FBI reportedly began its Russia hacking...
              Senate effort to ban Russian software on military systems would have far-reaching impact, sources say   
    iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) — This week’s efforts on Capitol Hill to ban the U.S. military from using software made by a Moscow-based company under FBI investigation received bipartisan support from top senators. But those efforts would have an impact far beyond the Department of Defense, according to congressional sources and others told of the proposal’s details. “That’s the intent,” one congressional source said. U.S. lawmakers have grown increasingly concerned about what one senator called “alarming” ties between the Russian government and the software company, Kaspersky Lab, whose products are embedded in countless American homes, businesses and government systems. There is now “a consensus in Congress and among administration officials that Kaspersky Lab cannot be trusted to protect critical infrastructure,” Jeanne Shaheen, a New Hampshire Democrat and key member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in a statement Thursday after introducing an amendment to a Pentagon spending bill. Kaspersky Lab has dismissed such concerns as “unfounded conspiracy theories,” insisting it poses no threat to customers and has no “bad” ties with the...
              Senate effort to ban Russian software on US military systems would have far-reaching impact, sources say   
    iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) — This week’s efforts on Capitol Hill to ban the U.S. military from using software made by a Moscow-based company under FBI investigation received bipartisan support from top senators. But those efforts would have an impact far beyond the Department of Defense, according to congressional sources and others told of the proposal’s details. “That’s the intent,” one congressional source said. U.S. lawmakers have grown increasingly concerned about what one senator called “alarming” ties between the Russian government and the software company, Kaspersky Lab, whose products are embedded in countless American homes, businesses and government systems. There is now “a consensus in Congress and among administration officials that Kaspersky Lab cannot be trusted to protect critical infrastructure,” Jeanne Shaheen, a New Hampshire Democrat and key member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in a statement Thursday after introducing an amendment to a Pentagon spending bill. Kaspersky Lab has dismissed such concerns as “unfounded conspiracy theories,” insisting it poses no threat to customers and has no “bad” ties with the...
              FBI Joins Search For Missing Starbucks Employee   
    "We know she is in need of help," her friend said.
              Welcome to Newburgh, Murder Capital of New York   
    This tiny city has a crime epidemic reminiscent of the Bronx of the seventies. It is also the scene of some of the most ambitious gang raids ever conducted, led by an FBI agent who knows the young men he’s arresting only too well.
              'Caught Again In Their Trap'   

    The US-Russian Hearings: Caught Again In Their Trap

    3421321312“…one shouldn’t put one’s trust in speeches like that from the gentlemen, for on such occasions the gentlemen liked to say agreeable things, but they had little or no significance and, once uttered, they were forgotten for all time, but admittedly, on the very next occasion one got caught again in their trap.” 

    With these words Kafka described the modern condition, each one of us trapped in the sticky web of technology and deceit designed to manipulate us to act and think against our selves, to accept the role of monkeys offered bananas in a cage, surrendering the struggling to escape it.
    The most dangerous element of that technology is the constant and increasing flood of images of war, of “terror,” of cities destroyed, cultures erased, entire progressive socio-economic systems torn apart, or threatened with destruction, not by the “terrorists” but by the states that declared their “war on terror,” by the states that in reality created the terror in all its forms; the worst being the constant threat of instant and universal annihilation in a nuclear war.
    That threat, the threat of nuclear war is more dangerous with every passing day as we see the NATO build-up along Russia’s western borders echoing the Nazi build-up before their invasion in 1941, the rolling invasion of Syria by American and allied forces, the hysterical rhetoric and military movements against North Korea, and the increasing contempt for Chinese sovereignty. Any of these threats from the United States could lead to nuclear war but the threat that concerns all of us is the one against Russia because a nuclear war with Russia is, as President Putin pointed out recently, not survivable. Yet, it is the threat against Russia that is building, building, building; increased military pressure on all fronts, increased economic warfare, called “sanctions,” increased hybrid warfare ranging from hacking of Russian computer systems, to direct attacks on Russian forces in Syria, from expulsion of diplomats to verbal abuse against and assassination of ambassadors. But the extent of the danger is to be seen not outside the United States but in the internal political turmoil that is taking place inside the United States.
    There propaganda against Russia as the “enemy” trying to destroy America through various forms of subversion is daily fare in all the mass media. The alleged subversion is stated as fact. The fact that the allegations are patently absurd means nothing when those who mould opinion refuse to say so and openly lie to the people with every word they utter. But the level of the threat against Russia is signalled by the willingness among the war faction to sacrifice anyone, no matter who they are or what position, in order to advance this propaganda. We now watch as the US Congress holds hearings in which senior government officials are called to defend themselves against charges of having had Russian connections. The President of the country is himself subject to a barrage of accusations of treason.
    This scandal is not just about the bickering between the losing party in the US elections and the winning party with the losers willing to risk the security of the people of the country in a bid to take power denied them at the ballot box. There is an element of that. The war faction does want to have its finger directly on the button. Elections and democracy mean nothing to them so long as they take the power. But they could have used any scandal to try to do that. They have concocted the “Russian threat to democracy” because they want war with Russia and to convince the people of the United States and the world that this war is necessary and just, are willing to destroy even their own leaders, and their country’s democratic system, as weak and non-representative of the needs of the people as it is, in order to achieve their purpose.
    The longer this spectacle in the United States goes on the worse it is going to get. But those under attack do not seem to understand what is happening to them, that they are being used to advance this propaganda, that they are being set up as scapegoats and in fact they even play along with the game, with Jeff Sessions, the US Attorney-General, today, the 13 of June, telling the US Senate Intelligence investigative committee that the accusation he “colluded” with Russia was “an appalling and detestable lie” but playing his role in this propaganda show by adding, “that he was concerned the President did not realise the severity of the threat from Russia interference that can never be tolerated.”
    The former FBI Director James Comey, a man with deep state connections, testified to the same committee that he was fired because of his investigation into the Russian allegations even though he provided no proof there was anything to investigate. Again, the facts don’t matter. The only thing that matters is the impression left, that Russia has and is attempting to subvert the United States and has succeeded in infiltrating its agents into the presidency and senior government and military levels.
    To further advance this propaganda theme purges are necessary to add to the drama and we have seen Comey leave, General Flynn resign and others forced out of office or threatened with it. But the main objective of these hearings and the mass media coverage of them is to generate peoples hostility towards Russia, and this seems to be succeeding, as polls indicate. The next level of the propaganda war will be to create such an intense situation in the United States that the calls for war by the people will be the natural reaction of their outrage and, in any case, this is what the war faction and media will tell us, that the people demand action.
    President Putin can meet with celebrities like Oliver Stone to correct the facts and state the truth. He can successfully dance circles around bubble headed American journalists in interviews, but he cannot control the mass media in the west that rarely allows Russian points of view to be heard. Still the attempt must be made.
    The United States is in a crisis. The games being played there are dangerous for its people. The logic of the demands made by those making the allegations means that President Trump must resign or be charged with treason. If he refuses to go there will be attempts to force him. If he is forced out, the people that voted for him and support him will feel rightly cheated and they will react. And who is to replace him? It can only be one of the war faction or a puppet and if that cannot issue be resolved peacefully then the military could step in to “manage” things in a time of “threat” and “urgency.” There have been coup d’états before in the United States. We are witnessing another now.
    The United States is in a crisis generated by people who have no idea how to control all the possible consequences of the events they have begun and because of this they are very dangerous to themselves and to the world. While the Russians prepare for the worst and hope for the best we in the west must do what we can to challenge the war propaganda, the propaganda of hostility and hatred that is inflicted on us by the criminals in control of the western governments and western media. Each of us is just one voice, but our voices united become a shout and with our shout we can level the walls of hostility that keep us from the peaceful coexistence that the peoples of world need to continue the struggle for economic and social justice, for real democracy, for progress, against the forces of reaction and fascism that always threaten us. Let’s not get “caught again in their trap.”

    Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto. He is known for a number of high-profile war crimes cases and recently published his novel “Beneath the Clouds. He writes essays on international law, politics and world events, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

              Trump Administration, Government Hires All the Attorneys, Imports More From Russia   
    President Donald J. Trump arrives at Edwards AFB with his lawyered up lawyer, Michael Cohen.

    Washington --- The Trump administration and United States government has hired so many attorneys in recent months that the nation is "perilously close" to running out of lawyers, making it all but a certainty that the government will have to start importing attorneys from Russia.
         President Trump himself began the lawyer-hiring frenzy after firing former FBI Director James B. Comey on May 9th, forcing Deputy DOJ Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to hire Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor into the FBI's Russia investigation. Since then, Mr. Mueller has hired an astounding 13 attorneys to assist him in his ever-expanding investigation, with more expected to be hired.
         Just weeks after setting up a Super PAC of his own, Vice President Mike Pence has also hired an attorney. In order to avoid the appearance of impropriety, the Vice President has set up a GoFundMe account to pay his legal fees. "So far, after just a day, we've collected $410 from 41 donors," the Vice President said before the Naval Observatory, "so I'd say the campaign is going swimmingly well. Plus, I've added an incentive to anyone kicking in $10,000 that I'll go to their gay neighbor's house and personally heckle them on their front lawn for one hour."
         The lawyer hiring frenzy has reached such proportions, even Mr. Trump's own lawyer, Michael Cohen, has hired his own attorney. "Admittedly, this is going to be awkward," said Mr. Cohen. "I mean, suppose the President testifies before Mr. Mueller as he's promised and he asks me for advice? Will I have to ask my own attorney for advice before giving the President my advice?"
         Obviously, this has resulted in a backlog of legal cases from coast to coast, with litigants not having their scheduled cases tried because their attorneys are now working for either Mr. Trump, Mr. Mueller or other members of the administration. "Seriously, this is like something out of the Twilight Zone," said Travis County Judge Martin Wexler. "We've all fantasized about how happy the world would be without attorneys. Well, it's time to reap the whirlwind, folks."
         Consequently, law schools have accelerated their curricula in order to fast track law students toward graduation so they can take their state bar exams. Critics of the "lawyer drain", as it's called, have likened it to accelerated military basic training in order to get raw, untrained recruits into the battlefield that much faster. Says New Mexico attorney James "Slippin' Jimmy" McGill, "Pretty soon the legal landscape will be filled with idealistic 20-21 year-old attorneys with outdated notions about truth, justice and the American way. It makes me want to go out and kill Superman with a kryptonite dagger."
         However, even the accelerated law school curricula isn't enough to keep pace with the Trump administration's and Justice Department's hiring frenzy. This has forced the President to sign an executive order allowing Russian attorneys into the United States while waiving the usual State Department regulation of work visas. The first C5A transport plane that is expected to import 1000 Russian attorneys is slated to touch down at Edwards AFB by July 1st.
         "The fake news will scream bloody murder about these fine Russian attorneys not knowing American law. But who cares if they're not qualified? That's never stopped me before," said the President on Twitter.
         Thus far, the administration has failed to release the list of names of these Russian attorneys but Wikileaks is about to release documents that suggest at least 677 of the 1000 Russians either have ties to President Vladimir V. Putin, US Amassador Sergey Kislyak, several billionaire oligarchs and Politburo officials.
         "There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the President is hiring Russian attorneys... yet," said Press Secretary Sean Spicer in a statement released through his attorney's attorney through their own spokesman's attorney.

          OK, so let me get this straight:
          The former Director of the FBI called the President a liar on national television, said he took detailed notes on his meetings with Trump because he thought he would lie about those meetings. Then today Trump claims Comey gave him "total and complete vindication."
          John McCain then asks Comey during the hearing about the Trump-Russia investigation about... Hillary Clinton's emails. Then repeats the question to Comey in written form.
          Theresa May attempted a power grab by ordering a snap election, thinking her Tories would win 100 seats in Parliament and wound up losing a dozen, giving Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party 18 more, ended up in a hung Parliament and, in the process, seriously eroded her power, forcing her to reach across the isle to the DUP in Northern Ireland for cooperation for her disastrous Brexit move.
          And now Alan Dershowitz is splitting hairs and trying to get us to believe there's a division between actual crimes and "political sins."
          What alternate universe did some cruel and capricious gods find these people and why did they inflict them on us in ours?

              The Infantilism of Donald Trump   
          Over 20 years ago, a neighbor of mine once told me a story about a middle school-aged boy who'd brought a knife to school. When caught with the clearly prohibited weapon and questioned by school officials, the boy explained that he knew the knife was outlawed on school property but that breaking the law was OK because he hadn't intended on using it. My friend's intent in relating this anecdote was this was the perfect delineation between the juvenile and the adult mind.
         Not concerned with consequences, the more insular juvenile mind will happily break laws and rules because they honestly believe good intent makes them immune to punishment. And this is really one of the hearts of the matter: the civic infantilism of Donald Trump, an infantilism he inspires in his voters and supporters.
         Former FBI Director James Comey's highly anticipated and heavily-watched testimony before the US Senate today underscores that peculiar brand of political infantilism in Donald Trump that we've never seen in any other president. And Director Comey even attempted to cover for Trump up to a point by saying his peculiar brand of obstruction was rooted more in ignorance than criminal intent.
         A future jury, hopefully, will literally be out on that one. However, the statutes (such as 18 U.S. Code § 1505 and 1512, for instance) regarding obstruction clearly do not make distinctions of intent. Obstruction is obstruction. Even Major League Baseball understands that- If the batter (Ed Armbrister aside), however unintentionally or accidentally obstructs the catcher as he's trying to throw to a base, it is still obstruction and the runner is automatically out.
         In a civic sense, Donald Trump is palsied or infantile. What he thought was clever, sophisticated methods of persuasion were, in fact, criminal. Director Comey said in no uncertain terms today that Donald Trump was not the focus of the Russian investigation. But in light of the Director expanding upon his now famous notes of a January meeting with Trump (after which the 6'8" former Director asked Jeff Sessions not to leave him alone with Trump again) in which the latter hoped the investigation would end, it should be all but obvious to anyone, regardless of party affiliation, that Trump, if he isn't already, ought to be included into the main thrust of such an investigation.
         Ana Navarro, the Republican CNN commentator and Trump gadfly, made an excellent distinction when she'd said on TV that when a private citizen hopes for something and the President of the United States hopes for the same thing, it is two vastly different things. She nailed it.
         And in Trump's Mr. Bill/Sluggo mentality, intent is everything. He should have known, as had his 44 predecessors, that Presidents shouldn't even broach federal investigations, especially when that same President is even tangentially involved in such a probe. And Trump telling Director Comey in that winter meeting that he hoped the latter would make the investigation go away already skirted, if not outright fractured, the laws prohibiting obstruction of justice.
         And then, there was this:
    “He told me repeatedly he had talked to lots of people about me, including our current attorney general and had learned that I was doing a great job and that I was extremely well-liked by the FBI workforce, So it confused me when I saw on television the president saying that he actually fired me because of the Russian investigation and learned again from the media that he was telling, privately, other parties that my firing had relieved great pressure on the Russian investigation.”
         Those "other parties" were, of course, Russian diplomats he entertained in the Oval Office after kicking out the US media. Trump was also quoted as calling Director Comey "a nut job" and that firing him "eased the pressure" the Russian investigation was exerting on his administration.
         Calling an FBI Director who's well-respected and well-liked on both sides of the aisle a "nut job" reveals more about Trump's tenuous grasp on how government actually works than on how it does Mr. Comey. And a month ago, in a now-infamous interview with NBC's Lester Holt, Trump actually admitted he fired Comey because of the Russian investigation, despite the furious denials by his flacks and that he crossed the line by asking the FBI Director if he was under investigation.
         Of course, anyone in such a position, and one personally spearheading an investigation of such enormous import, would never answer that question (Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe reminded us and the US Senate that it is not the FBI's or DOJ's policy to discuss ongoing investigations with those involved or not in such inquiries).
         Former Director Comey's statements to the US Senate today contradict almost radically with Trump's personal statements, his tweets and the public pronouncements by his surrogates. In fact, Comey even admitted that he was so concerned that Trump would lie about the dinner meeting and the phone calls (which he did), that he was inspired to take more detailed notes than to which he was accustomed.
         And one of the biggest takeaways from the three hour-long testimony was when Comey was asked by Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) if Trump had ever asked him if the federal government was doing anything to prevent Russia from meddling in our electoral process and Comey simply answered, "Never."
         What Trump did instead ask him, improperly if not illegally, was if he was the focus of the investigation regarding Russia's role in the last elections. Which is quite believable and even expected from someone trying to quash an investigation into a hostile nation's meddling in our sacred electoral process, someone who enormously benefited from such interference.
         And these were just some of the revelations, some surprising, some not, that were brought to light during the open hearing. I'm sure that everyone who has a stake in this, meaning every American citizen, would give anything to be a fly on the wall for today's closed session.
              Charles Grassley goes after Andrew McCabe for possible conflicts of interest   
      In this post I wrote yesterday we learned that acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is under Federal investigation for a possible violation of the Hatch Act by publicly campaigning for his wife.   It is not getting any better for Andrew McCabe today because it is being reported here that Charles Grassley has concerns about possible […]
              Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is under Federal investigation for a possible violation of the Hatch Act   
    As if the FBI was not in enough turmoil with its queasy former Director James Comey admitting under oath that he leaked his own documents for partisan political reasons, that Loretta Lynch convinced him to frame the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal in a way less damning to the losing Presidential candidate and failing […]
              FBI Criminal Background Check - Avoid Long Waits And Get Results Fast   
    FBI Criminal Background Check Avoid Long Waits And Get Results Fast

    An FBI criminal background check is basically a requirement for US citizens to provide a requirement of good conduct or lack of a criminal record history for several good reasons for use in many other countries for very different reasons like:

    adoption of a foreign child
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    opening of bank accounts, among other things.

    The process to obtain these FBI records is somewhat cumbersome. First you need to write a letter to the Criminal Justice Information Services, Division of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation which is the office that centralizes justice information at the local, state and federal levels.

    You need to provide proof of identity and a money order for $18. Then you have to wait to get it.

    If you are pressed for time, you can use your personal computer to access the same records and get them almost instantly. All you need is access to the internet and a credit or debit card.

    You can access a long list of records like:

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    These records have been compiled by companies and organized into very functional databases that are up to date the current information.

    The service is not free. You will have to pay a minimal fee, but it will save you weeks of waiting for your FBI criminal background check.

    FBI Criminal Background Check - Run A Background Check Instantly

              Van Jones Performs Trump-Russia 'Nothing Burger' Spin Control on Anderson Cooper   

    Everyone who watched the recent Project Veritas video of Van Jones clearly heard him say that "the Russia thing is just a big nothing burger." However, Van Jones appeared on the June 29 Anderson Cooper 360 show to declare that we misinterpreted what he was saying. Jones spun it that what he meant was that the hope for impeachment of President Donald Trump based on the proofless charge of collusion with Russia in the 2016 election was the real "nothing burger."

    Here is Van Jones as he spin, spin, spins:

    ANDERSON COOPER: A conservative activist named James O'Keefe has released another selectively edited tape today this time targeting CNN Political Commentator Van Jones. Van is going to weight in on it for the first time in a moment. But first, here's what O'Keefe chose to publish from the secretly recorded conversation.


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, man. We met in Palm Springs a few years back.

    VAN JONES: Hey good to see you man, you good?

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. How you been?

    JONES: I'm good.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you doing? What do you think is going to happen this week with the whole Russia thing?

    JONES: The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Really? You don't think that's --


    COOPER: And Van Jones joins us now. So just explain what happened here. Who were you talking to? Where were you? What was the context?

    <<< Please support MRC's NewsBusters team with a tax-deductible contribution today. >>>

    You've had a few days to craft a good spin so go at it, Van.

    JONES: Okay. I was standing outside the bureau in Los Angeles, you know, and I'll talk to anybody. I don't care you're a janitor, homeless person, police officer, pop star, I talk anybody. A guy comes up and he starts engage me in conversation. I'll talk to anybody and he starts asking these questions around what's going on in American politics.

    As you know, I have been beating the drum about progressives going so far over board on Russia. The news agency should be going in on Russia. Because any time you have the president of the United States under investigation by the FBI that is a news story. But Progressives have to be very careful that we don't put all our eggs in that basket because the chances of this cowardly Republican Party actually impeaching and then removing a president, something that has never happened, I think it's very, very slight.

    And so, I was about to go into that and says there's nothing you can do, and then a bunch of my guys from CNN came out we started talking. So he took that little bit thing and made it seem like I was out here saying that there's nothing wrong that Donald Trump has been doing. This guy is a hoaxster, he's a fraudster, he's been convicted, he's a scumbag, and he does this stuff all the time.

    I guess Van Jones missed the part of former FBI Director James Comey's testimony in which he admitted that President Trump was NOT under investigation.

    COOPER: So when on the tape you say that the Russia investigation was a big nothing burger what did you mean?

    JONES: I meant for Progressives to keep jumping up and down about this doesn't make a lot of sense because you've got a bunch of us acting as if this guy is going to be impeached tomorrow. That Trump is going to be impeached and he's going to be gone.

    Listen, from a political point of view, if you're looking honestly, you do not have the ability to both impeach and remove this guy. And from political point of view, it's a nothing burger. You've got to be focused on real stuff, like jobs, health care, addiction, and stay focus on the substantive issues.

    In the June 26 Project Veritas video, a CNN producer admits that CNN President Jeffrey Zucker is one of those focused mainly on Trump-Russia collusion. So in a way, Van Jones is slamming his own boss for being overly obsessed about Trump-Russia collusion.

    COOPER: Which you say we're not talking enough about.

    JONES: No. You're not -- you're talking about stuff that is not going to register for ordinary people, it's not for ordinary people. Real people are going to be worried about jobs, health care, addiction, that kind of stuff. We've got to stay focused on that. And that's whereas about to go, but I don't know this guy and then my guys come up from CNN whom I love at the bureau and we start talking. So he took that little clip and he puts it out there. But here's the reality. You would have -- the worst thing isn't that the guy did the little hoaxster thing. This guy is a hoaxster, he's a fraudster. The worst thing is that the Trump White House then elevated it. So you've got the Trump White House elevating a guy who is a known fraudster.

    COOPER: But Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, you know, she didn't know if it was true or not but urged everyone to look at it.

    JONES: That's not good. Let me -- today. You always have fraud out there putting out selectively edit, look, if you're still falling for selectively edited videotape in 2017, you haven't been paying attention. But for the White House to fall for it and promote it, that's what really is terrible.

    COOPER: You said that too many Democrats see the Russian controversies is a kind of a magical get out of jail free card, meaning that they think the president is somehow going to be impeached.

    JONES: Listen, we have a bunch of problems in our party. And rather than dealing with those problems in a serious way, rather than getting back to talking about jobs, backs to talking about the real pain at the bottom here in our country, you've got a lot of people just going in loops and cycles. I'm not talking about news people. We got to cover this news. I'm talking about Progressive activists who talk about Russia all day and don't talk about jobs any day. That has got to stop. And if you think that just talking about Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia is going to be a way to get this guy impeached or remove or win an election. I think you are wrong and I think we need to get back to substantive stuff for ordinary people, not only the stuff that the news media are excited about.

    COOPER: Van, thank you very much. You can read Van's full editorial in the tape and the nothing burger comment at

    JONES: Much ado about nothing burger.

    Actually you are talking about news people, Mr. Jones, especially your boss, Jeff Zucker, acting as a real life Captain Ahab obsessed with chasing down his White Whale in the form of non-existent Trump-Russia collusion even if it means sinking his CNN ship.

    Apparently James O'Keefe of Project Veritas watched Van Jones' spin on Anderson Cooper and tweeted this intriguing reply:


              Crystal Wright ― 'Russian thing' quite the mess for Trump    
    This “Russia thing” has turned into such a mess.

    Crystal Wright is a writer for The Toronto Star, and author of the newly released book Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering, and Racial Division. As a black conservative woman living in Washington, D.C, some would say she is a triple minority: woman, black and a Republican living in a Democrat dominated city.

    The Toronto Star :At last! An independent counsel has come along to deal with the “Russia thing,” as President Donald Trump characterized his imbroglio with Moscow.

    U.S. justice officials did what they should have done months ago — appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller to investigate whether the Trump campaign somehow colluded with Russia to win the election.

    Serving under two presidents — George W. Bush and Barack Obama — Mueller also holds the distinction of having served as director for 12 years, the longest tenure of any FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover.

    You can’t get more bipartisan or trustworthy than this man.

    “In my capacity as acting attorney general, I determined that it is in the public interest for me to exercise my authority and appoint a special counsel to assume responsibility for this matter. My decision is not a finding that crimes have been committed or that any prosecution is warranted,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in a statement.

    This “Russia thing” has turned into such a mess.

    In less than two weeks, President Donald Trump has turned the most powerful position in the world into a buffet of scandals — of his own making.

    Read more:
              My Old Boss would Call That A Confession   
    The Washington Examiner reports Obama’s first Attorney General, Eric Holder of Fast and Furious noteriety has told Justice Department adn FBI employees to “Be prepared, be strong.” My old boss would call that a threat, tantamount to a confession of … Continue reading
              House panel threatens White House with subpoena over Comey 'tapes'   

    The congressmen overseeing the House Intelligence Committee's investigation into Russia's involvement in President Trump's election threatened to subpoena the White House for information on any recordings between the president and ousted FBI Director James Comey on Thursday after the administration responded to the lawmakers' previous request by referring to Mr. ...

              Boys of Tech 375: The start of the slippery slope   
    The FBI obtains data on the San Bernadino cellphone, the US government needs data from another iPhone, new technology to help determine cellphone use in vehicle accidents, claims that ANZ bank is secretly testing Apple Pay, exploiting the iPhone 1970 bug over a wireless network.
              Boys of Tech 371: Handing over the keys to the ranch   
    FBI asks Apple to create software to help brute force a suspect's iPhone, Qantas to introduce free wireless Internet access on all domestic flights, ambulance called after request via Reddit.


    (Third column, 8th story, link)

              "Game2:Winter", le jeu de téléréalité russe qui pousse les candidats au pire, débute   

    TÉLÉRÉALITÉ - Le concept est inconcevable. Trente candidats lâchés dans la forêt de Sibérie au milieu des loups et des ours sauvages avec pour seule arme un couteau et pour seule mission, survivre.

    Voilà le pitch du programme de téléréalité "Game2:Winter" diffusé en live 24/24h sur son site internet à partir de vendredi 30 juin à minuit pile. Une idée largement inspirée du film de fiction "Hunger Games" et qui a germé dans la tête du milliardaire russe Evguéni Pyatkovskï.

    Mais ce n'est pas tout. Le programme a une autre spécificité, celle de permettre au candidats d'avoir recours à tous les moyens de survie et de défense. En clair, il leur est possible de se battre, de violer et de tuer selon la production... Paradoxalement, comme les candidats sont filmés 7/7j et 24h/24h par 2000 caméras, la police sera immédiatement informée du délit et se devra d'arrêter son auteur qui pourra ensuite être condamné. Une fin de jeu douloureuse qui pourrait même devenir tragique, les secours n'intervenant qu'au bout de trente minutes après qu'ils aient été sollicités, car être secouru rime avec élimination.

    Pour participer il faut avoir 18 ans, être en "bonne santé mentale" et surtout verser la somme de 158 000 euros. Une somme conséquente mais minime à côté de ce que remporte le vainqueur, 1,6 million d'euros.

    Cette candidate se dit drôle et très motivée. Née en Sibérie elle est ravie de revoir les aurores boréales.

    Quant à ce candidat il aime l'esprit d'équipe , la chasse la pêche et vivre dans la nature dans des conditions extrêmes.

    Reste à savoir si l'un d'eux sera le grand gagnant de "Game2:Winter" que de nombreux pays pourront regarder puisque le live sera traduit en français, anglais, espagnol, chinois, arabe, allemand et chinois.

    Lire aussi :

    Manuella et Vincent de "Koh-Lanta" ont mis six mois avant d'ouvrir leur sac

    FBI / Russie : les silences du ministre de la Justice ont sérieusement agacé les sénateurs

    Face aux critiques, Kim Kardashian supprime un message sur l'attentat de Manchester

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              6-30-17 Mike Max 3pm: Minneapolis Minimum Vot & Cyber Crime   

    In this hour Mike talked to Minneapolis City Councilman Jacob Frey about the increase in their minimum wage. Then he talked to FBI Special Agent Craig Lisher about cyber crime

              Acting FBI boss McCabe referred to justice watchdog for new investigation over potential conflicts in Russia case   
    Via Billy

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley is demanding the Justice Department's Inspector General investigate whether acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe engaged in potential conflicts of interest during the Russia election investigation.

    Grassley's request, sent Thursday night, follows new revelations that the nation's top cop is the subject of three federal inquires ranging from sexual discrimination to political conflicts of interest, all of which were ongoing during the FBI's probe into Russian election tampering that roiled the Trump administration.

    The inspector general needs to investigate McCabe and the "FBI's handling of recent politically charged investigations," Grassley wrote. The inspector general has the authority to conduct criminal or administrative investigations into FBI andf Justice officials' conduct.

    Photos disclosed earlier this week by Circa showed McCabe was engaged in political campaigning for his wife, Jill McCabe, who had an unsuccessful bid for Virginia State Senate in 2015. The Office of U.S. Special Counsel is now investigating McCabe's activities in his wife's campaign.

    More @ CIRCA

              Eric Holder Sends Ominous Late Night Tweet To "Career DOJ/FBI" Employees   
    Via Billy
    To the career men & women at DOJ/FBI: your actions and integrity will be unfairly questioned. Be prepared, be strong. Duty. Honor. Country. (What the hell, he has no idea what they mean!)

    Eric Holder, Obama's former Attorney General and a man who recently hinted at an interest in pursuing a 2020 bid for the White House, issued a rather ominous warning to the "career men & women" of the DOJ/FBI last night saying that their "actions and integrity will be unfairly questioned" before calling upon them to "be prepared, be strong."
    "To the career men & women at DOJ/FBI: your actions and integrity will be unfairly questioned. Be prepared, be strong. Duty. Honor. Country."

    Of course, with the many scandals that plagued Obama's Justice Department, it's impossible to know exactly which one sparked Holder's warning. 

    Could it be the outrageous unmasking of Trump officials in the waning days of Obama's administration, an obvious attempt to exploit the collection of foreign intelligence and use it as a political weapon of mass destruction, and subsequent illegal leaking of that information to the media?  Certainly, this would seem to be a concern for Susan Rice who has been asked to testify before the House Intelligence Committee.

    Or, is it a simple message directed at FBI Director McCabe who we recently pointed out is coming under increasing scrutiny for not recusing himself from the investigation of Michael Flynn, a man against whom he very clearly harbored a personal vendetta.

    Or, perhaps its that whole James Comey revelation that Eric Holder's replacement, Loretta Lynch, colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the FBI to quash the investigation of Hillary's email scandal.

    Or, perhaps it's just a general warning after the FISA court recently revealed the the Obama administration conducted illegal queries targeting American citizens "with much greater frequency than had previously been disclosed to the Court" issue which it described as a "very serious Fourth Amendment issue."

    More @ Zero Hedge

              Feds confirm ISIS investigations underway in NC   
    Via Billy

     Image result for Feds confirm ISIS investigations underway in NC

    Shortly after Justin Sullivan was sentenced to life in prison for planning to commit mass murder in support of the Islamic State, U.S. Attorney Jill Rose of Charlotte confirmed that investigations of other suspected ISIS sympathizers continue in North Carolina.

    A domestic-terrorism expert told the Observer this week that the North Carolina probes are among some 1,000 active FBI investigations into ISIS-related threats encompassing all 50 states.

    One case involves a 29-year-old Waxhaw man accused of lying to the FBI when he denied he told someone he planned to fly to Syria to fight with ISIS while helping others get there to do the same, according to a bill of indictment unsealed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Charlotte.

    More @ The Charlotte Observer

    Read more here: @ The Charlotte ObserverMM

              Kommentar zu Propagandameldungen vom 01. Juli 2017 von Propapanda (@Propapanda666)   
    Wobei auf die 17 gepfiffen werden kann, wenn schon die NSA, die CIA und das FBI offensichtlich "geflunkert" haben. hrhr Witzige Wendung im Neu-Rom.
              Sen. Sanders’ Wife Tried Evicting Disabled Group Home Residents after Closing Shady College Deal Under FBI Probe   
    Amid a deepening federal investigation of Jane Sanders, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ wife, Judicial Watch has obtained records that paint a rather disturbing personal portrait of a heartless spouse—and longtime political advisor—of the Democratic Socialist candidate for president of the United States. During the Obama administration, the FBI began investigating Jane for falsifying documents to obtain a $10 million loan to expand a now-defunct liberal arts college in a town where her husband once served as mayor while she was the school’s president. The school, Burlington College, was in a small city with the same name in northwestern Vermont. It’s a quaint town of about 42,000 that sits on the eastern shoreline of Lake Champlain and prides itself on having “diverse, forward-thinking citizens” that are “steeped in arts and culture.” Jane was president of the troubled college from 2004 to 2011 and in 2010, she had an…
              Immigration symposium: On immigration matters, the court’s watchwords are caution and deference   
    Richard Samp is Chief Counsel of the Washington Legal Foundation, which filed a brief in Ziglar v. Abbasi on behalf of five former attorneys general and two former FBI directors, and a brief in Jennings v. Rodriguez on behalf of 31 members of Congress. The Supreme Court has long recognized that federal policy affecting aliens, in light of its national security implications, is entrusted to the political branches of government; those matters are largely immune from judicial inquiry or interference. In three important cases it heard during October Term 2016, the court demonstrated its recognition of the appropriateness of judicial deference on such issues. In Ziglar v. Abbasi, the court refused to permit aliens to assert damages claims against senior administration officials (for subjecting the aliens to allegedly unconstitutional conditions of confinement) – in the absence of congressional authorization for such claims. In two other cases, the court balked at upholding…
              Comment on Donald Trump is NOT under investigation by the FBI by flashingscotsman   
    From what I just watched, I love ALL of her. Mock me if you must. I've gotten used to it over the decades. P.S. I could say the same for Dana Loesch. In fact, I think I did.
              Kejahatan Guna Taktik Kotor Oleh Mahathir - Kisah Khairuddin dan Matthias   

    Matthias & Khairuddin Dalang DoJ?

    Bagaimana orang yang bankrup boleh ke luar negara? Siapa yang tolong selesaikan hutang?

    Matthias and Khairuddin pernah terbang ke Amerika Syarikat untuk berjumpa pegawai FBI. Mereka berdua dibantu secara sulit oleh Timbalan Pengarah FBI iaitu Andrew McCabe.

    Pada bulan September 2015, keluarlah cerita palsu di New York Times bahawa FBI hendak tangkap Najib. Padahal bila Najib ke New York pada 23 September 2015 untuk hadiri Perhimpunan Agung Bangsa Bangsa Bersatu, tidak pula FBI menahan Najib. Obama melayan Najib sebagai tetamu kehormat di sana.

    Bermakna cerita New York Times itu karut. Siapa yang bayar untuk buat cerita itu? Apakah dana RM50 juta itu dibayar menerusi seseorang yang dihantar Mahathir dan Daim? Atas urusan apa Khairuddin jumpa McCabe, Timbalan Pengarah FBI?

    McCabe juga adalah orang yang sama menghadiri sidang akhbar Peguam Negara Amerika Syarikat, Loretta Lynch’s pasa 20 Julai 2016.

    Sidang akhbar di mana Lynch mengumumkan saman sivil  lebih USD$1 billion aset yang kononnya dicuri dari 1MDB.

    Khairuddin dan Matthias sebelum itu ke Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and Perancis untuk membuat laporan polis mengenai 1MDB pada bulan Julai dan Ogos 2015. Semasa serangan awal Mahathir terhadap Najib dimulakan.

    Khairuddin turut berjumpa Peguam Negara Switzerland di Bern, Switzerland untuk menceritakan tentang 1MDB.

    Gambar Khairuddin dan Matthias di luar negara. Mereka berdua mahu terbang lagi pada jam 10.30 pagi, 18 September 2015 ke New York dan London tetapi telah ditahan oleh polis Malaysia di bawah SOSMA.

    Apakah pemergian Khairuddin dan Matthias ke luar negara ini juga adalah sebahagian RM50 juta yang didedahkan Syed Saddiq kepada tiga orang Exco PPBM itu?

    Jika USD $5 juta dibayar pada Clinton Foundation, bermakna ada lagi baki RM30 juta dari RM50 juta yang didedahkan oleh Syed Saddiq. RM30 juta ini bayar Matthias dan Khairuddin untuk buat kerja kerja mensabotaj ekonomi negara?

    Ya, mungkin. Kerana itulah Daim dan Mahathir yakin sangat bercakap bahawa Malaysia akan bankrup. Rupaya orang yang pernah bankrup ini buat kerja hendak bagi negara bankrup.

              HHCF Juvenile Hall Diary Day 2 and 3!!!    
    HHCF Juvenile Hall Diary Day 2 & 3

    OK, so my second day I go in and things get real intense, real fast. The kid with the tats who I played and tried to connect with came in tripping. One of the things about the hall is that things happen there that you don’t know about and cannot control. So even if you come in super positive the internal power struggles between the kids, staff and the kids within themselves can make things volotile.

    He came in with another kid and though they were in my room there doing what I call “The ostrich thing.” That is when they pull their sweater over their head and put their head on their desk. I don’t tolerate that kinda activity.

    I asked them to chill and show respect to the lesson and the time I’m sharing with them. Both sat back up. Later, he starts talking to his boy about street drama and his case. I remind him he needs to quiet up. He starts poppin’ off dropping n-bombs and stuff. I just calmly walked over to the door and had the JIO ‘s (like a CO for juve) come take him out. He was pretty negative on the way out, but the rest of the class was chill.

    The rest of the DAY was chill to be honest. I must say though that the peanut butter colored walls and fluorescent lighting really messes with your sense of internal peace. We worked on how to use your rooks together and I showed them the famous Opera House Massacre game by Morphy and talked about the importance of consistence. “What is the queen sacrifice of your life? How seriously are you taking yourself, and your actions irrespective of who you think is ‘hating’ on you?”

    They got it. The gaming that day was super positive and fun.

    I had some great games with the kids who I played soft the day before. It was a nail biter from front to back.

    Day 3

    When came in the hall I had my first thoughts ready to go. The kids came in super positive. I told the JIO’s that I would not be taking the kid who was disrespectful from the day before. I opened by giving them some hard, straight talk to realign their collective purpose.

    I wrote in huge letters on the whiteboard: INTELLIGENCE WITHOUT DISCIPLINE IS A CURSE!!!

    I reminded them that I chose to be there. “ I struggled with drinking and I did a lot of stupid things in high school, but I never got caught” I told them. “ I dropped out, I had to teach myself the bulk of everything I’m doing today. But I need you to respect my time. If you are not interested in living better than you are, go back to your room.” I let the last sentence hang in the air to emphasize my seriousness.

    “You know, between the games I hear you all talking about how the streets love you. How the block has your back. But when I come in the morning, I don’t see any of them in line to see you. Nobody is checking to kick it with you. Where all that hood love at?! I don’t see it” I spat defiantly. You should have seen their eyes. They were staring me down with a lot of raw emotion.

    “We can’t have friends here. Only family!” one of the boys snapped back.

    Before I could respond a JIO in the room with a voice like Barry White yelled out “So what?! Where y’all letters at? Ain’t nobody writing y’all. Keep it real! Nobody checkin’ for you.” Then he looked at me and nodded.

    “The hood ain’t missing you. The block don’t miss you. The block don’t miss me. None of us are special and when we are gone, it keeps going on. My point of saying this is not to hurt your feelings. My point is to ask if that is a fact, why do some of you come into my class and waste my time and my knowledge and wisdom that I am trying to bring to you.?!” I was not yelling, but there was what Bruce Lee would call “emotional content”.

    “For the rest of your life, it is unlikely that you gonna meet someone that knew Pac, knew The Jacka, knew Eazy and saw some of the greatest to ever do it- do their thing.” I was wearing a college sweatshirt. I pulled on the shirt at the shoulders and said “These colleges I speak at, I taught myself everything I speak on. I guest lecture there because of all the reading I did. All the hours I put in to get that knowledge. I bring it to you from a place of love because I know you don’t understand everything waiting for you outside.”

    I paused to let that sink in.

    “Most of you don’t even understand how you got here. I can tell you a little bit of how it happened. In 1967 the FBI rolled out to programs. One was called BLACKPRO and the other was called COINTELPRO. Both were aimed at undermiing Black leadership coast to coast. They had an army of 3,000 informants.”

    Now before this keep in mind that J. Edgar Hoover, one of the early heads of the FBI was trying to get Black people to take heroin. But Blacks at the time did not like needles. This was back when most of your grandparents were young. In the 80’s White middle class and rich kids did cocaine powder- but Blacks did crack. Whites got short sentences for powder. Many Blacks and Latinos did life for crack.”

    “Today, you kids are all taking syrup. Codeine, promethazine, percocet, etc. All of them are opiates- liquid heroin. You are living the dream that Hoover wanted for your grandparents.”

    One of the kids interrupted me. “Stop talking about syrup so much. I want some right now.” a boy confessed without reservation. Despite being under 16 his favorite drink is percocets dissolved in Patron. So scary.

    “Look” I continued “The closer you are to those drugs, the closer you are to making a mistake that will get you locked up. It is not an accident. Y’all are kids. Alcohol is illegal right? So how is it that billion dollar pharmaceutical companies are able to lose all this top grade syrup and it just happens to be available for cheap in your hood? How is it for sale by your homies at school. Because it is not an accident.”

    I pointed to the a digital display of a chessboard. Right now, in the game of life, you are all in check. It is almost over for you. I hope you realize the seriousness of the times you are living in.” By now the room was pretty silent.

    “What is the good thing about being in check though?” I asked the strongest Latino chess player.

    “He nodded as he spoke to the class “There is still a way out.”

    “EXACTLY!.I cried out. “ Exactly. There is still a way out. That is the blessing. I’m telling you now. Stay sober, study, play this game and find your way out. Let me do that for you. The game ain’t over. You can win this, but let me help you.”

    From there we went into studying knights. The games were amazing. The one who admitted his addiction played the hardest and came a long way. Monday he did not know the how the pieces moved. Today he was losing, but he was checking people and growing with the game.

    I lost a game to a kid after a foolish exchange. Tomorrow, I'm gonna go super hard. These kids are brilliant.

    I took some photos of some of the games that got played. I cannot take pics of their faces. But you see the high cognitive function of the kids. A lot of these teens are considered ADD or ADHD. But look at the high level cognitive function happening. Kids this smart should be recruited by Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and Oracle. They don’t need to hire folks from Asia, India, Africa and China. They can go to NY, LA, Chicago and St. Louis and raise American minds to do this work. Fantastic American genius is being abandoned everyday simply because they were born Black, Brown or poor. Our technology companies need to take big steps to fix this.

    I love these moments. I love these opportunities and I thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

    PARENTS: Below is a huge song called “Mask Off” by Future that openly promotes the use of “molly” percocets and other opiates to our kids. This style is called Trap Music. The trap is, that if the kids soak in songs like these it leads them to the trap of addiction. I love Hip-Hop. But old school music always had a balanced dialogue. All the popular music on the radio and TV these days is sadly in this vein. Peep the beauty of the melody. IT is an amazingly well produced track. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Future was hired by Hoover.

              N Carolina man charged with lying about Islamic State plans   
    A North Carolina man is charged with lying to the FBI when he denied telling someone he planned to fly to Syria and wanted to help others fly there to support the Islamic State.
              South, by Lance Charnes   

    Luis Ojeda owes his life to the Pacifico Norte cartel. Literally. Now it’s time to pay.

    Luis led escaping Muslims out of the U.S. during the ten years following a 2019 terrorist attack on Chicago. He retired after nearly being killed by a border guard. But now in 2032, the Nortes give Luis a choice: pay back the fortune they spent saving his life, or take on a special job.

    The job: Nora Khaled – FBI agent, wife, mother of two, and Muslim. She claims her husband will be exiled to one of the nation’s remote prison camps to rot with over 400,000 other Muslim Americans. Faced with her family’s destruction, she’s forced to turn to Luis – the kind of man she’s spent her career bringing to justice.

    But when the FBI publicly accuses Nora of terrorism, Luis learns Nora’s real motive for heading south: she has proof that the nation’s recent history is based on a lie – a lie that reaches to the government’s highest levels.

    Torn between self-preservation and the last shreds of his idealism, Luis guides Nora and her family toward refuge in civil war-wracked Mexico. The FBI, a dogged ICE agent, killer drones, bandits, and the fearsome Zeta cartel all plan to stop him. Success might just free Luis from the Nortes… but failure means disappearing into a black-site prison, or a gruesome death for them all.

    In a day-after-tomorrow America where government has been downsized and outsourced into irrelevance, and none but the very wealthy few can afford hopes or dreams, Luis and Nora must learn to trust each other to ensure the survival of the truth – and of the people they love. 

    Purchase South in print

    Purchase South for Kindle 

    Also available from Barnes & NobleBooks-a-MillionIndiebound and on NookKobo and iTunes
              Ex FBI Agent Tells of Mississippi Murders   
    EL DORADO, Ark. (AP) — The search was on for three missing young men in Mississippi during the August of 1964. FBI Special Agent Floyd Thomas was "right in the middle of it" on the search for the three individuals whose car had been torched some time before.

    Continued --
              Who Killed Emmett Till? Author Answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)   
    Whenever I speak about Emmett Till and other Mississippi murders, I get interesting questions from audience members. Here are several ...

    Q. Is the Emmett Till story still important? Do people still care?

    A. Emmett Till's murder took place over 54 years ago, back in 1955, and yet we are just beginning to learn the details of the crime. Till was a young man known only by his family and friends, but the truth of his lynching remains an important key to understanding American history. Further, the truth about young Till's murder and the truth about the murders of so many others — including President John F. Kennedy, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert F. Kennedy — is crucial to maintaining our democracy, because in a free government ... truth matters.

    In each of these murders, there have been numerous threats to the uncovering and exposure of the truth. These threats have often come from within our own government, through such programs as COINTELPRO, a secretive series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), officially from1956 to 1971.

    While the FBI's COINTELPRO was aimed at "investigating and disrupting dissident political organizations" around the entire country, Mississippi had its own such secret spy agency, the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission. This Commission spied and disrupted, with the help of the Ku Klux Klan, those people who aided in black voter registration and racial integration.

    The Sovereignty Commission was formed only one year after Emmett Till's death, the same year as COINTELPRO, because of the pressure the state was receiving from the federal government. Former FBI and military intelligence agents were hired by Mississippi and used as Commission investigators. Ironically, the very federal government that was applying pressure on Mississippi to change, was also using the FBI and COINTELPRO to disrupt many people and organizations trying to bring positive change to the state, often tagging these people as Communists or simply dangerous.

    Thanks to people who care about historical truth, their research on Emmett Till, COINTELPRO and the assassinations of our country's peace-seeking leaders continues to bring out new evidence. And as this truth becomes apparent, it serves to keep us free.

    Yes, Emmett Till's story still matters. And as the 83,000 "Emmett Till" entries listed on Google as of 11:34 p.m. September 26, 2009, attest, the Emmett Till story continues to hold an important place in history. The story of 14-year-old Emmett Till remains important and people still care. Thank God.

    Q.What kind of a boy was Emmett Till?

    “I would say that to me, Emmett was very ordinary. But as I look at today’s youth, I realize that Emmett was very extraordinary,” his mother once told historian Devery Anderson who interviewed Mrs. Till Mobley in 1996. She described her son as responsible and industrious, a youngster who helped her clean, cook and do laundry, recognizing the importance of his help as a single mother. Anderson’s site is at

    In her book, Emmett’s mother gives a further glimpse of her son, however. “Emmet was always so confident about his ability to talk his way through things that you could forget that he still had a problem talking. After he had recovered from polio as quickly as he had done, at such an early age, the doctors figured he could lick this problem [stuttering], too And we did everything we were supposed to do. The speech therapy classes had helped some, but the stutter was still apparent at eleven and then at twelve, in normal conversation, but especially when he got excited.” Later, she also terms her son as “meticulous” and “independent.”

    Young Emmett had just finished the seventh grade at the all-black McCosh Elementary School on Chicago's South Side when he went to Mississippi. He was between five-foot- four and five-foot-five and weighed 160 pounds, was physically stocky and muscular. Various authors write he was self-assured despite a speech defect--a stutter that resulted from a bout with nonparalytic polio at the age of three. Emmett was a smart dresser with a reputation as a prankster and a risk taker.

    Q. What happened to Emmett Till’s father?

    Louis Till, drafted in World War II, was convicted of raping two women and killing a third. He was executed by the U.S. Army, which originally told Till's wife, Mamie, only that he had been killed due to "willful misconduct.

    One Chicago woman, J. Marie Green, a military retiree who studied black history and is an independent civil rights researcher, remembers Till’s murder and has spent years investigating what happened to his father. She wrote this comment on my blog,

    “Emmett Till’s murder is something one never forgets. I was born and raised in Chicago, and was about five years old when he was killed and remember when it happened and saw the Jet magazine photos, and I was scared to death, shocked really and questioned my mother who was from Greenwood, Mississippi, asking her why would two grown men would kill a child and what is a "wolf whistle", and are these men coming after us? “She assured me that these men where not coming to get us, explained what a "wolf whistle" was and meant in relations to that, and as a side bar note, told me that I ask too many questions. (smile). But every child in our area was afraid for a long time. Over the years I have never forgotten him, and have read just about everything I have come across about him every time his name is mentioned somewhere. Just recently his name came up again, with the incident at Burr Oak Cemetery. Somehow I feel his death is not resolved.

    “…Mrs. Till’s husband's story is another whole story all by itself. Pvt. Louis Till was part of the 177th Port Company, 397th Battalion — an all-"negro" battalion — which left from a NY port and arrived in France during 1944. He was hanged by execution by the U.S. Army on July 2, 1945. by orders of General Eisenhower. Allegedly for the murder of Anna Zanchi, and the rape of Benni Lucretzia and Frieda Muri who lived in Civitavecchia, Italy, these crime supposedly occurred on June 27, 1944, shortly after he arrived, mind you!

    “According to records found at The American Battle Monuments Commission, Pvt. Louis Till is buried in an unmarked, prohibited, isolated area of Oise-Aisne Cemetery in Fere-en-Tardenois, France. The military marked his personnel file and the courts-martial records "secret," hushed it up, sent Mrs. Till a telegram, stating that her husband had died because of "misconduct," and she never knew what happened to him until her son's trial, when the Senators pulled some strings and contacted the military and some Staff Judge Advocate General, crossed out the word "secret" and released the information to them.

    “Even after the trial of Emmett, she could never get any answers to what happened to her husband and why he was killed, this is clearly a military "railroad job," and has been hushed up all these years for a reason, but if you would check military history during this period you will see that a lot of black men were mysteriously hung for rape of French women. "They" took racism right on with them and convinced the French that "Negroes" had a problem, too.”

    Q. Why do people sometimes refer to the University of Mississippi as Ole Miss?

    The University got its nickname "Ole Miss" via a contest in 1897. That same year, the student yearbook was being published for the first time. As a way to find a name for the book, a contest was held to solicit suggestions from the student body. Elma Meek, a student at the time, submitted the winning entry of Ole Miss. This name was chosen not only for the yearbook, but also became the name by which the University is now known.

    Ole Miss, as used by the University, is not a substitute for "Old Mississippi." Rather, this endearing term stands for the wife of the "Ole Massah" on a plantation (the man who enslaved and mistreated Africans).

    U of Miss. publicity agents claim the name is thought of in an affectionate manner, today. To check this out, I walked around the campus one day and asked some of the black students what they thought about this nickname and its history. Most were well aware of the story and several said they were disgusted. “It’s just embarrassing,” one student said. “I wish the school would change it.”

    Q. Who is your favorite Mississippi hero?

    Reading The Fire Ever Burning by Constance Curry and Aaron Henry helped get me started on this journey. Henry was a true hero and someone I would have wanted to know.

    Henry was a fierce champion of civil rights, a leader of the Mississippi chapter of the NAACP and a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives. He is still one of the most revered civil rights leaders in Mississippi, at least by many older civil rights advocates who know their state’s history.

    Henry grew up near Clarksdale, Mississippi, and later earned a degree in political science at Xavier University in New Orleans. During World War II, he served as a staff sergeant with the U.S. Army in the Pacific. After the war, Henry attended pharmacy school, and eventually returned to Clarksdale to open a corner drug store where any important civil rights and government leaders met to unite Mississippi blacks in fighting white supremacy. Sadly, the pharmacy no longer stands in Clarksdale. His home was also demolished in a fire.

    There were many personal tragedies in Henry’s life as well as successes. In 1961, Henry led a highly successful boycott of stores in the Clarksdale, Mississippi, area that refused to hire black workers and discriminated against black customers. He and six others were arrested for “conspiring to withhold trade.”

    These charges were eventually reversed on appeal but another charge, of sexual harassment, against Henry, soon followed came soon after. While he was fighting this case, which he eventually won, his pharmacy was firebombed and his wife, Nicole, was fired from her job as a public school teacher. Several years later, Medgar Evers was assassinated in 1963 after taking Henry to the airport.

    For Henry, there was no such thing as a small victory and because each victory usually led to an even greater success. "I think," Henry once said, "that every time a man stands for an ideal or speaks out against injustice, he sends out a tiny ripple of hope."

    After the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965, the number of black voters grew rapidly and as African Americans began to be elected winning elections to various local, county and statewide offices. Henry was elected to serve in the State House of Representatives in 1982, a post he held until 1996 where he continued to fight against racial injustice.

    Henry introduced legislation to remove the Confederate battle flag from the state flag and continued to call for the reopening of the murder case for his old friend, Medgar Evers. Aaron Henry suffered a stroke in 1996, and died on May 19, 1997 in Clarksdale, Mississippi, just two months and five days after the murder of his friend, Cleve McDowell.

    Q. Can I see a movie about Emmett Till

    Yes, thanks to Keith Beauchamp, a young man who saw the photograph of Emmett Till's brutally beaten face that ran on the cover Jet magazine and became a civil rights activist in 2004. Beauchamp directed The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till that is available on DVD. Till's murder has yet to be solved and Beauchamp said he is committing his energy to solving this and other civil rights cold cases. We owe him our extreme thanks and appreciation for his tenacity, perseverance and dedication to the cause of civil rights.

    Q. What’s happening these days in Mississippi?

    Many activities are going on — some good and some disgusting. Friends of Justice is a nonprofit organization working to uphold due process for all Americans with the goal of building a public consensus behind equal access to justice and respect for human dignity in our criminal justice system, according to Executive Director, Dr. Alan Bean.

    Friends of Justice formed in response to the infamous Tulia drug sting of 1999 in which 47 people, 39 of them African Americans, were rounded up based on the false testimony of an undercover agent, he explains.

    The unique group emerged as a coalition of defendant’s defendants' families and other concerned citizens who believed the defendants were being prosecuted on faulty evidence. "Because of the work of Friends of Justice, the Texas Legislature passed the Tulia Corroboration Bill, which has led to the exoneration of dozens of innocent people by raising the evidentiary standards for undercover testimony."

    Learning from their experience in Tulia, Friends of Justice started organizing across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.

    "We launch narrative-based campaigns around unfolding cases where due process has broken down, and empower affected communities to hold public officials accountable for equal justice. For more on our work, check their blog at

    A wrongful conviction in a murder trial recently actually brought FOJ to Mississippi. In July 1996, four people were killed execution style at a Montgomery County furniture store: owner Bertha Tardy, bookkeeper Carmen Rigby, and two hired men, Bobo Stewart and Robert Golden. Golden was black, the other three victims were white. Six months later, Curtis Flowers, a young black Winona resident - who had worked three days for Bertha Tardy - was arrested and charged with the brutal murder of four innocent people.

    Thirteen years, $300,000 and five trials later, Mr. Flowers remains behind bars and during which the state has been unable to obtain a final conviction.
    Dr. Bean’s group believes that the state’s theory of the murder crime accused of a Winona company's former worker, by Flowers, "... doesn’t fit the actual evidence, and the state manufactured phony evidence by manipulating, badgering and bribing witnesses." Details of the Curtis Flowers case are shared at the FOJ website in a story titled, "A brief primer in wrongful conviction. You can find more at

    A similar but unrelated ongoing case occurred three years earlier on December 24, 1993 when Scott County Sheriff's Department arrested sisters Gladys and Jamie Scott for an armed robbery they in which they vehemently deny participation in. In 1994 they were convicted after being implicated in the crime by three young black men who confessed to the robbery in exchange of a plea bargain that gave them 10 ten months. The sisters were not offered a plea and went to trial, each receiving two life sentences for a crime that netted 11 eleven dollars where no one was injured.

    Don’t think these cases happen only in Mississippi. Another comparable case involves an Illinois social justice group seeking 11,000 signatures to present a petition to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to order DNA testing to exonerate Johnnie Lee Savory.

    Convicted of double murder by an all-white jury in 1977 at the age of fourteen, Johnnie Savory served thirty years in prison for a crime he did not commit, the group asserts. Released on parole in 2006, Savory still had not been officially exonerated by fall of 2009. After his release from prison, Johnnie attended a play about Emmett Till and found himself overwhelmed with emotion as he related to the horrible fate of another innocent fourteen-year old child. Johnnie’s deep connection to Emmett was cemented when he discovered that they share the same birthday, July 25th.

    Johnnie and Emmett’s cases both represent a state-sponsored denial of justice and the loss of innocence for children, for communities of color, and for our entire nation, committee members said.

    "However, these stories also are a part of a collective story for change, they contribute to the struggle for justice. Emmett’s death sparked change in this nation and his mother ensured that his legacy lives on for eternity. While Emmett’s voice was silenced, the strength and courage of so many in the civil rights movement allowed for their collective voice to be heard and heeded."

    Also happening in Mississippi...

    Even though the cold case is very famous, most Mississippi students have never heard of Emmett Till. And they haven’t been taught about the 1964 Freedom Summer when 1,000 volunteers swept into the state to register black voters.

    Students haven’t heard of Fannie Lou Hamer or the story of Mae Bertha Carter, who defied gunfire and the loss of employment to send her children to previously all-white public schools in Drew, eventually winning a legal battle that confirmed their right to be there. “They don't know about ordinary citizens who faced extraordinary odds to bring change,” wrote Carmen K. Sisson, Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor in the October 4, 2009 edition.

    “But they're going to know all about it soon. In a groundbreaking reform — believed to be the first in the nation — Mississippi will require civil rights as part of its U.S. history curriculum. McComb schools made that move in 2006; but starting next fall, the stories of the civil rights era will be taught — and tested — in all public schools.”

    This is going to be tough. But if Mississippi allows outside historians to participate and leaders refused refuse to be compromised, and if truth is the bottom line, the education program could set an example for the rest of this country.

    Most states have their own civil rights histories that have not been covered. The stories are hidden and some might quite possibly just as horrid as what happened in Mississippi, especially in the western states where genocide was practiced on Native Americans and on the eastern seaboard where many wealthy families made their fortunes from the slave trade.

    Even in my own (current) state of Iowa, the incarceration rate of blacks compared to the incarceration rate of whites is the highest in the nation. There is plenty of history to be researched and acted upon. Good jobs abound for citizen journalists.

    Q. Why is it so important to think so much about the past?

    I like to remember a quote by Winston Churchill, what he had to say about the importance of knowing our history: “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

    Q. Is there anything else important to know about all of this?

    Unfortunately, there is something else that must be addressed. Old-fashioned Citizens Councils still meet around Mississippi and some politicians openly say it is perfectly acceptable to become members and attend meetings and special events.

    When questioned about these organizations and their memberships, they slip slide away, typically answering they don’t agree with everything the councils stand for but they “do lots of good things, too.”

    Q. Where can I find more books and more information about civil rights history in Mississippi?

    Go to my blog, where I’ve posted my Selected Biography, a link to lists of Mississippi victims of lynching and murders and a link to a growing civil rights library. This book has been recorded as an audio book and has also been published as a print book. Links to these versions are at the Emmett Till website mentioned above.
    * * *

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              Video Trailer on FBI Cold Cases   
    Excellent video trailer on the cold cases project.

    Today in the American South, scores of civil rights murders remain unsolved, uninvestigated, unprosecuted, and untold. Those two legacies of violence and silence still haunt the region and continue to damage race relations in the United States.

    Many histories have been written about the struggle for civil rights; many documentaries have been made about the movement and the resistance that rose up against it. But the history of the South and of the United States still has huge, important, undocumented holes where myths and mysteries reside, threatening to undermine the nation’s goal of putting racial conflict behind.

    The Civil Rights Cold Case Project is an unprecedented collaboration bringing together the power of investigative reporting, narrative writing, documentary filmmaking and interactive multimedia production to reveal the long-neglected truth behind unsolved civil rights murders, and to facilitate reconciliation and healing.
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              Boston Investigator Says FBI Cold Case List Lacks Names   
    Ben Greenberg of Boston, a journalist and blogger investigating the Feb. 28, 1964, killing of Clifton Walker, north of Woodville, said he’s run across seven names in his research that don’t appear on the FBI list and weren’t cited by Burnham’s research. “And there might be more,” he said.

    Three of those – Lula Mae Anderson, Eli Jackson and Dennis Jones – were found dead in a car in December 1963, not far from Poor House Road, where Walker is believed to have been killed by Klansmen….

    Continued --

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              Cold Case Deserves FBI Attention; Is the Dept. of Justice Too Lazy to Investigate Deaths of Birdia Keglar and Adlena Hamlett?   
    Suzanne Goldenberg of the Guardian writes:

    This is a Mississippi story. On January 11 1966, a gold-toned Plymouth Fury carrying a group of voting-rights activists crashed on a stretch of road near the small town of Sidon in the west of the state. Two African-American women, Birdia Keglar and Adlena Hamlett, were killed on that day. That much is certain. But in their deaths is buried a painful question that has gnawed at three generations of their families. Was this an ordinary car wreck, or were the two women, who had previously been threatened, shot at and burned in effigy because of their efforts to register black voters, targetted on that road? Engineered car crashes were a known tactic by the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi in the 1950s and 60s. Violent crimes against African-Americans were rarely investigated or punished. And even if the women were murdered by white supremacists, was it better, as some members of Keglar's own family believed, to leave such suspicions left unspoken?

    Continued --
              Why this blog?   

    At left, relatives of early Tallahatchie County civil rights activist, Birdia Keglar, take part in a road-naming ceremony for the woman who was killed in January of 1966.

    I've been asked why I started and maintain this blog. An answer is deserved, and here it is.

    After living in the Mississippi Delta for several years, and using the time to write a book about the Delta's civil rights history, I wanted to keep up with related issues and so I started this Blog. Historically, Mississippi's civil rights history has been plagued with unsolved and questionably resolved murders.

    Today, the FBI is finally investigating some of the civil rights cold cases from the 1960s and 1970s, including several in Mississippi. This really is not not good enough, because there are many more unanswered questions about people who were killed or who simply disappeared because of their race and/or their politics.

    Who killed Adlena Hamlett and Birdia Keglar? The women were coming home from a Jackson, Miss. civil rights meeting on January 11, 1966 when their car reportedly swerved and went off the road and they were killed. But no police reports were filed. There are no official records of what happened that night. One short newspaper account accompanies a host of stories that are told by friends and others. None of the stories seem to match. Keglar was the first black person to register and vote in Tallahatchie County since the days of Reconstruction ended. Hamlett was a long-time teacher and civil rights volunteer.

    Some Mississippians still question who assassinated civil rights leader Medgar Evers on June 12, 1963. Byron De La Beckwith, a fellow Mississippian, was arrested and eventually found guilty of this crime. But what about the men who used to talk brag about their own involvement in coffee shops in Greenwood, Miss., their laughter and whispered conversations overheard by waitresses? What is to be made of the stories still floating around the Delta by black people who knew and loved Medgar Evers? These questions are legitimate and deserve answers for the sake of history.

    The murders of James Earl Chaney, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman, three young civil rights volunteers killed in Philadelphia, Miss. in the summer of 1964, have never been adequately resolved. At least a dozen men living in and around Philadelphia are said to have been involved yet many are still living and only one person has ever been convicted and sent to prison, 79-year-old self-acclaimed white supremacist, Edgar Ray Killen. But why won't the state of Mississippi's attorney general bring anyone else to trial?

    Who really killed Drew, Miss. attorney Cleve McDowell in March of 1997? The attorney who was mentored by Medgar Evers and James Meredith (first black student admitted to the University of Mississippi) was shot and killed in his home but the police reports have never been released. Do they exist? What about the court records involving the trial of the man convicted of McDowell's murder? Why won't the Sunflower County Courts release these records? What is there to hide? Were others involved? McDowell's autopsy records suggest others were part of the murdering team. Try finding a copy of this record (I have one!). The young man convicted of the murder later recanted. What ever happened to him?

    What prompted McDowell to tell his best friends that he would be "next in line" after hearing of Alabama attorney- friend Henry S. Mims' strange death three years earlier? What happened to McDowell's personal computer soon after he was killed? His firearms? His civil rights records kept on various cases including the killing of young Emmett Till? How did the fire get started in his office six months later-- the fire that "destroyed" all of McDowell's investigative records? Why don't McDowell's colleagues want to talk about their old friend?

    And what about Sam Block? This early civil rights leader from Cleveland, Miss. died suddenly in his California home in 2000. His body was immediately removed from his home, says his sister Margaret Block, and was embalmed before it could be examined by the county's medical examiner. Block's computer disappeared shortly after his death.

    Even the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has strange Mississippi ties. Was the state's infamous long-time senator James O. Eastland involved? Seven years before JFK was assassinated, the magnolia state's Eastland met for the first time with Guy Banister, a controversial CIA operative and retired FBI agent in charge of the Chicago bureau.

    Banister -- remember him as the man who "pistol-whipped" David Ferrie in Oliver Stone's film "JFK" -- was later linked to Lee Harvey Oswald and Eastland through the senator's Senate Internal Security Subcommittee or SISS (sometimes called "SISSY"). All SISS records, of course, are classified.

    Questions surround the murder of a white, racist Mississippi detective who worked for Banister and was killed within the year after Kennedy's assassination. Private investigator John D. Sullivan of Vicksburg bled to death after he was "accidentally" shot in the groin. He was with a "friend" after they came home from hunting.

    A former FBI agent, Sullivan had worked for Banister both inside the FBI and privately; he was a private self-employed investigator who often did work for hire for the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission (Mississippi's mini CIA); the private white Citizens Councils (the state's uptown Klan made up of bankers, physicians, ministers, etc.) of which he was an active member; and he often worked for Eastland's SISS, as had Banister and Lee Harvey Oswald.

    So much to figure out and so little time! I am trying to capture as much history as possible about Mississippi civil rights murders before available information disappears. Also, the blog's purpose is to keep up with any current activity on the part of law enforcement to resolve these cases.
              Roy Moore: FBI agent who pursued Ku Klux Klan killers   
    Nothing in Roy Moore’s career could have prepared him for the challenge of protecting civil rights workers in the South. Born in Oregon in 1914, his early life was spent about as far from the Deep South as was possible for an American child. As a young man he served in the Marine Corps, before joining the FBI in 1938 as a clerk. In 1940he became an agent, progressing quickly through the ranks.

    By 1960, Moore had been promoted to the “number one man” in charge of training and inspection at FBI headquarters. From there he was dispatched to the hottest spots in the Southern civil rights movement, ending up in Birmingham and then Mississippi. Here, Moore became determined to break the Ku Klux Klan. He offered one informant 25000, which led to the discovery of the corpses. His team found that 25 people had been involved in the plot, including two Neshoba County officers.
    Continued --
              Socialism: Code Word For Black   
    Part II: Shame on McCain, Palin for using an old code word for black

    By Lewis Diuguid, Kansas City Star Editorial Page columnist

    The PBS documentary, “Soldiers Without Swords” shows heroic scenes of black World War I and World War II soldiers and touching moments of black people celebrating in the streets of America at the end of the Second World War. Until that film debuted in the 1990s, I and a lot of African Americans had never seen such moving, memorable footage. It had been excluded from the history we studied in school and from the mainstream media.

    So it is no surprise to me that tens of thousands of white people spoke with one thunderous roar against my Oct. 21 Midwest Voices blog post, criticizing Sen. John McCain and his GOP presidential running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, for dredging up the old “socialist” label to apply to their Democratic rival for the White House, Sen. Barack Obama.

    I wrote that the word “socialist” had long ugly historical roots. J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI from 1924 to 1972, used the term liberally to label white and black leaders as “un-American” because they dared to fight for equality. The news media and eventually textbooks reported on white people who became enveloped in Hoover’s crusade against socialists and communists during the Red scare. But the stories of how the FBI damaged black leaders didn’t make the press just as the everyday and success stories of African Americans were excluded from mainstream coverage.

    Continued --

    Here's a Mississippi Sovereignty Commission Link with a "report" on Socialists ...
              FBI Anon Update -- June 24th 2017: Responds to Viewers and Readers   

    Source: Victurus Libertas | by Angie

    Q: Do you think Trump is part of the swamp now that arrests have not happened and it is know that Trump took Soros money?

    FBI Anon: It's clear Kushner has done deals with Soros, including a large loan. Trump's ties to Soros have not been a subject I have investigated.

    Q: Were you, or other FBI patriots, behind the recent FBI Twitter Vault tweet about corrupt FBI Director Hoover, while Sessions was testifying about corrupt FBI Director Comey?

    FBI Anon: This was a bit of fun we engaged in. Not myself, but others who are among dozens of agents assigned to post on our social media platforms.

    Our old guide use to instruct "They should refrain from disclosing on any section of their user profiles that they work for the FBI or the Department of Justice," the guide states. "FBI personnel must also consider each word that they post, as these posts will remain indefinitely in cyberspace." But with the West getting wilder, certain agents go "rogue light", as was the case with those tweets.

    Q: How do you guys get away with these tweets when traitors like Comey and McCabe are in charge, and the Inspector General is investigating these tweets

    FBI Anon: We have our own tool kits, like Socio-Spyder for instance, We realize the bureau is under increased scrutiny; most of us feel like we should not be painted with the same brush being used on the top brass. We are well embedded on all the platforms. We can LARP with the best of them. But we are also feeling that the public has a right to demand arrests of people in high position who have committed crimes. No man is above the law. But, most Americans rightly feel talk is cheap. It's time to bring down the pond scum on the top of the swamp and work our way down to the monsters underneath. As I said a year ago, how can you expect a corrupt Government to self investigate?

    Q: When is the "leave of absence" going to happen for Kushner?

    FBI Anon: It's being arranged. Kushner has hired criminal defense attorneys – good ones. As long as they keep to Russia, and do not look too deeply into his ties with AIPAC and Mossad, he will be okay.

    Q: How likely is an American Revolution this summer?

    FBI Anon: Not likely. If anything, expect more riots, soft terror, and an Israeli lobby drumbeat to attack Iran, and overthrow Assad. But, the American people are waking up to the plans unfolding. The sudden arming of Saudi Arabia and the so called "rebels" in Syria are upsetting to Americans, who generally do not trust the Saudi government and are increasingly suspicious of Israel's motives. Anytime you hear "Russian leaks" from main stream media, replace the word Russian with Israel. Israel wants Russia and America to be in a war stance. In this scenario, Israel gets to shoot down Syrian jets, America gets to increase arms to Saudi Arabia, and US operatives, directed by John McCain, gets to re-arm Isis. The goal is to remove Assad, build a pipeline with Saudi funding, and ultimately leave Iran and Russia vastly weakened. A true revolution will occur when the citizens take a little time to study the French revolution.

    Q: Why won't the government stop the corruption within the unconstitutional family courts and CPS?

    FBI Anon: Because its a money making racket. It's a sore spot with me, because the abuse is rampant throughout the nation. Children are kidnapped by the State. Parents arrested and courts intercede on behalf of CPS to keep parents and children separate. In California, it's horrible. The criminal justice system in both New York and California is broken, crooked, and criminal – beyond belief. We took down the Los Angeles Sheriff a couple of years back. We have eyes on a number of small towns where public corruption has existed for decades.

    You can expect some news this year when we submit our findings to DOJ. Expect news also regarding Loretta Lynch, and John Brennan. There are more names, but I am not at liberty to mention them.

    found on Ascension With Earth
              Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 30, 2017   
    Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 30 2017

    Compiled 12:12 am EDT 30 June 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

    Source: Dinar Chronicles

    A. June 29 2017 GCR Intel Situation Report: "Colors" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - June 29, 2017

    1. The RV was always master planned to rollout during a holiday weekend for safety purposes we are told.

    2. We were told earlier in the week that Wed. June 28 would be the day, and technically it was. The RV trigger event started in Indonesia not Beijing @ 10:55am WIB Thurs, June 29, 2017 (11:55pm EDT Wed, June 28, 2017).

    3. Thurs. June 29 is thus the first day of legal redemptions with the new USN for citizens of the restored Republic of the United States of America.

    4. Mon. June 26 the Supreme Court restarted the Travel Ban and set the start time for 8pm EDT Thurs.--which was really a 90 day Dunford request (not Trump) designed for National Security purposes during the RV rollout.

    5. With July 4th on a Tues, markets will have lowest volume of the year on Fri June 30 and Mon. July 3 - making Thurs. June 29 the last day of the quarter for floor traders to complete their 2nd quarter positions.

    6. In Iraq, Mosul has been liberated officially on Thurs. June 29 per President Abahdi's own historic victory over Daesh/ISIS speech.

    7. Expect a four day redemption period across North America beginning as early as Fri. June 30 after the travel ban has gone into effect and through the July 4th holiday on Tues.

    8. We are told by HSBC they will release 800#s as early as Thurs. night June 29, but as late as Friday evening June 30 after markets close.

    9. Republic President Paul Ryan now has the "go call" for the US portion of the RV. When he chooses to go will be in the best interests of the Republic as a once again sovereign, good standing nation in the larger world community.

    10. It only took 146 years to reclaim our freedom and liberty from the 1871 created USA, Inc. (aka cabal).

    B. June 29 2017 Bruce's The Big Call: Playback: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

    1. Iraq completed a series of announcements yesterday June 28.

    2. They reinstated the Dinar rate.

    3. The Dinar is now international and trading up in value Celebrations

    4. There will be a total global currency reset. Some currencies will go up in value, some go down.

    5. As of 4:30 pm EDT today June 29 the banks reflected the new rates

    6. The SKRs are starting to be liquidated. People will have access to their funds in a couple of days.

    7. Tomorrow night June 30 at 11:58 pm EDT certain parts of the Dodd Frank Act will be gone.

    8. The 800#s will come out within the next couple of days.

    9. It will be a shotgun start where everyone will go at the same time.

    10. The Internet group will have 4-5 days before it goes public.

    11. Redemption Centers remain on active status and will be available 2 hours after the 800#s are released.

    C. June 28 GCR Intel Situation Report: "Fireworks" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - June 28, 2017

    1. Sources are in consensus: We are at the end of the beginning.

    2. As the fireworks go off each night after sundown in the US, and everyone is looking up, we'll be driving into our redemption appointments experiencing a very different fireworks explosion--in digits zeros.

    3. American military is on perpetual high alert. Dunford is getting diplomatic updates every few hours. He's ready to perform on the drop of dime. If all goes as planned, you won't ever notice the incredible level of security until you're actually on site.

    4. American media is ready to present the Impeachable material on Trump (except Fox that's acting as the antithesis of what's really going on), thus providing the cover for the financial reforms.

    5. American politicians--House & Senate (but not Executive branch)--are fully aware of what is about to go down and will be removed if they in any way attempt to stop this or cause doubt. We're told there's an interview blackout for politicians during the RV as well, and maybe that's what their July 4th recess is really all about, and why they will get the healthcare vote done on the other side as well.

    6. American banks (and military bases) are prepared for exchanges. There are 25,000 exchange points in North America alone. All banking tiers 1 thru 5 are participating as everyone wants in on these healthy cash deposits.

    7. Cyber attacks are the only serious "stoppage" concern, and why Tues. June 27 global ransomware attack was cause for rethinking some of the IT security features. How long that takes we don't know, but we think that may be the last hold up.

    8. Last night June 28 at 10pm EDT we were told to be ready to receive and disburse the 800#s. That didn't happen.

    9. Many will be getting the 800 numbers to release them to an estimated nearly 5 million private exchangers (of the Internet Group).

    10. Mon July 3 is when all accounts will be made liquid everywhere in the world at any amount, any tier.

    11. Thus earlier exchanges will be post dated and credit cards / 10k cash will be used in the meantime. Still would make for an amazing weekend.

    12. The New Powers That Be want all transactions to read as though they were deposited in July and principal originated after the Summer Solstice. It's a Chinese thing.

    13. Our markets anticipate very low trading volume on both Friday June 30 and Mon. July 3. It would be easy to track any traders trying to front run Tues. opening bell.

    14. Rates are ridiculously high and climbing. Ask for anything you can spiritually handle and then some.

    D. June 28 Group Conference Call: Phillip Tilton's Outlaws group conference call replay - Duration: 16 seconds. gary larrabee

    1. Last Mon. June 26 the US Supreme Court activated a flight ban - to go into effect Thurs. June 29. It is believed that one of the reasons our skies are being patrolled is for security during the exchanges. Trump's Travel Ban to Take Effect on Thursday Evening

    2. Yesterday June 27 Mosul was declared liberated. Iraq was done.

    3. 70 countries are now ready for NESARA, Disclosure and announcements of the new technology that will benefit humanity.

    4. The groups in Reno were surprised June 28 am when Obama released an amnesty agreement previously assured by his administration and made a payment.

    5. On June 28 there were 38 banks which underwent stress tests. All passed except Capitol One which has a lot of credit card debt. They will have to reset.

    6. News from Reno was to prepare yourself to exchange. Bankers were trained to check to see if you could handle the funds. Anyone who showed problems would be pushed to the end of the line.

    7. All intel was in a blackout mode.

    8. Exchanges have taken place.

    9. 800#s would come out anywhere from Fri. June 30 to Fri. July 7.

    10. On July 2,3,4 Zim Bond exchangers were expected to be exchanging at off site redemption centers. (Zim exchangers could exchange other currencies at the same time).

    11. July 27,28, 29 could be when public currency exchanges began.

    12. The latest known rates:

    Zim $65

    Dong $128

    Dinar $245

    Afghan $10.50

    Rial - don't know as Iran may be under sanctions

    13. When you receive your personal 800 number do not put it online on the internet as it would be made non functional if you did.

    14. It would be smart to be at the Exchange Center in the first four days and no later than the first 8 days.

    15. Exchange Centers would be open within 2 hours of the 800#s coming out.

    16. You could leave the exchange with $10,000 cash and a Credit/Debit Card. For security reasons you may not want a Black Credit/Debit Card. They were too noticeable and could put you in danger. Instead, up to 10 million $ could be made available on a Gold Credit/Debit Card or a Platimum Credit/Debit Card.

    17. In negotiating your exchange and interest rates your banker would be evaluating you for your honesty, sincerity in wanting to help humanity and ability to handle big money.

    18. The banker might offer you interest rates that ranged from 4-8% to 12-15% on the money left at the bank, depending on how you appeared ready to handle the money.

    19. Refer to the Zim as a gold-backed bond, not a currency. Say that you were there to exchange. Ask to see the back screen rates. Negotiate your exchange rates and interest rates. The right terms would show how educated you were on the exchange.

    20. In your exchange ask to see the Back Screen Rates, which were higher than the regular screen rates.

    21. In addition to your Wealth Manager, you would be given the opportunity to hire the services of a Family Office to work for you.

    22. Your money would be put in a Skeleton Trust until you decided what you wanted to do with it (with the help of your Wealth Manager). It was recommended that you bridged that money from the original trust to several trusts, (with up to 5 LLCs under each trust account).

    23. It was recommended that you put all funds in a Trust or Foundation and none in your own name. You didn't want to own anything, but wanted to have control of everything. Doing so would keep you from being a target for the bad guys.

    E. June 29 2017 One Who Knows:

    1. After the 800#s were released you would have three days to call for your appointment.

    2. You don't necessarily have to say Zim Bond or Exchange in order to get the higher rates.

    3. You do have to ask for the higher rates in order to get them.

    F. June 28 Intel Situation Report: "Carcass" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - June 28, 2017 The RV officially process for the US began at midnight on Wed. PST.

    G. June 29 2017 Landa Global Call: Landa Global CC Replay: Humanus Update 6-28-18 On Sunday June 25 the US sovereignty was signed off on.

    H. June 28 2017 AdminBill: ADMINBILL TIDBIT, 28 JUNE

    After a long drought of no news there was much going on. No dates or rates, but the activity was very encouraging.

    I. June 29 2017 TNT RayRen98 Update: Thursday Update from TNT RayRen98 6-29-17 Iraqi citizens abroad reported that the Abadi speech referenced the following:

    1. The ending dash reign in Mosul.

    2. The country was free and moving forward to a stable and secure life for all citizens.

    3. Declared the end of ISIS rule in Mosul.

    J. June 29 2017 Historic Changes Europe, Asia Fulford Report: "Historic Changes in Central Europe and Asia" - Fulford Report - 6.26.17

    1. The Pentagon sources say US President Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner was sent on orders of the US military/intelligence establishment to Israel to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to demand regime change there.

    2. It is no coincidence the Iranian and Hizbollah forces, protected by a new Russian air base, have arrived at the Israeli border to give notice to the criminal Netanyahu regime that it is militarily isolated from the world. The US military is not going to fight to protect the criminal Netanyahu regime, the Pentagon sources say.

    3. A similar move is being made in the Ukraine where President Petro Poroshenko has been summoned to Washington “to discuss regime change,” the sources say.

    4. These moves are part of a worldwide effort to end all conflicts and prepare the way for a new financial system, they say.

    5. There is also likely to be regime change in the US, the sources continue. Here the latest developments show the entire “blame Russia” campaign by the old establishment is failing. Instead the “Cabal is on its back foot as Bernie Sanders and wife Jane are under FBI investigation for bank fraud and former attorney general Loretta Lynch is under a Department of Justice probe for obstruction of justice,” the Pentagon sources say.

    Past Week of Updates:

    Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 29, 2017

    Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 28, 2017

    Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 27, 2017

    Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 26, 2017

    Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 25, 2017

    Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 24, 2017

    Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 23, 2017

    Global Humanitarian Projects:

    Global Humanitarian Projects:
              Parents Speak Out, Say FBI Arrest Saved Son On Verge Of Joining ISIS    
    Life changed as Sadiik Yusuf knew it about two years ago, when the FBI appeared at his front door in Minneapolis to tell him his son Abdullahi had been stopped at the airport, suspected of trying to board a flight that would take him to Syria to fight with ISIS."My job has always been to drop Abdullahi off at school and to pick him up," Sidiik told a group of community leaders last week during a meeting at the U.S. Attorney's Office. "But that day, around noon there was a knock on the door. It was the FBI and I was asked if I was Abdullahi's father and the FBI agents held out a picture."That's how it all began for Sadiik Yusuf and his family: with a knock, a photograph, and the sudden realization that their son, now 20, was being lured to Syria by a shadowy group few at the time realized was targeting young Muslims in Minneapolis."As a family it was a very difficult day, it was a shocking and horrifying day," he said through an interpreter, speaking publicly for the first time about
              San Bernardino Shooters Were Radicalized Before Meeting, FBI Chief Says   
    Copyright 2015 NPR. To see more, visit DAVID GREENE, HOST: The husband and wife shooters who killed 14 people and wounded 21 others last week in San Bernardino, Calif., were radical extremists even before they began courting one another. That is according to FBI director James Comey, who spoke yesterday before a Senate panel.(SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING)JAMES COMEY: They were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged and then married and lived together in the United States.GREENE: Now, officials are also investigating whether one of the shooters had previously plotted a different attack on U.S. soil. Let's talk about all this with NPR counterterrorism correspondent Dina Temple-Raston, who's on the line. Dina, good morning.DINA TEMPLE-RASTON, BYLINE: Good morning.GREENE: Let's start with that last part, if we can - a possible earlier plot involving one of the San Bernardino killers. What exactly happened?TEMPLE-RASTON: Well, the FBI's been talking
              LaHood Introduces Legislation to Rename Chillicothe Post Office in Honor of Fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens   

    Washington, D.C.—Today, Congressman Darin LaHood introduced H.R. 3109 in the U.S. House of Representatives to rename the Chillicothe, Illinois U.S. post office in honor of U.S. Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator William “Ryan” Owens. 

    “We are forever indebted to Chief Owens and we will never fully repay him, or his family, for his dedication to our nation,” stated LaHood. “The naming of the Chillicothe post office is a small way to honor and pay tribute to the service of Ryan Owens, and will be a humble reminder of his sacrifice to protect the freedoms we enjoy each and every day. It is an honor and a privilege to introduce this legislation with the support of Ryan’s family, as they hold a special place in our hearts here in Central Illinois. He will forever be in our thoughts.”

    Owens died on January 29, 2017, at the age of 36, from wounds received during a raid conducted in Yemen. He is survived by his wife and three young children. His grandmother remains a resident of Chillicothe to this day. In February, his wife was invited by President Trump to attend his speech before a joint session of Congress. During the speech, the President recognized Ryan’s sacrifice to sustained applause of support for his widow, Carryn, and family.

    If signed into law, the bill would formally rename the post office the “Sr. Chief Ryan Owens Post Office Building” in recognition of his heroism and service to our nation. This bipartisan legislation, cosponsored by the entire Illinois delegation, has been referred to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and will continue through the legislative process. Congressman LaHood was pleased to consult with the U.S. Postal Service, the U.S. Navy Congressional Liaisons Office, Central Illinois Gold Star Families, and Owens’s widow on this effort.

    “Even as a high school boy here in Chillicothe, Ryan knew he want to serve in the military,” said Chillicothe Mayor Don White. “Ryan was a very respectful kid.  He respected his teachers and coaches, he respected his elders and all veterans, he respected the armed forces and the flag.  Ryan was destined to be a hero.”

    “Ryan Owens reflected the embodiment of patriotism that is alive and well in the city of Chillicothe. His life and deeds are a testament to his upbringing and family. It is fitting that his name will be permanently etched in the city,” stated David Hirtz, Retired FBI Special Agent.

    “We are so proud of our hometown hero Senior Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens and grateful to all those who have supported renaming the Chillicothe post office in his honor. It is a fitting tribute to Ryan's legacy of service to our country and will serve as a reminder to us all that freedom isn't free. May his memory be kept alive and inspire generations to come by this new designation Sr. Chief Ryan Owens Post Office Building,” said Patti Smith, President of America’s Gold Star Families.

    “The United States Postal Service employs many veterans. We at the National Association of Letter Carriers believe it is just and proper to honor a fallen hero who sacrificed all of his tomorrows, for our today,” said Vic Murrie, National Association of Letter Carriers.

    More on Chief Special Warfare Operator William “Ryan” Owens:
    Owens grew up in Edelstein, Illinois, aspiring to be a Navy SEAL from an early age. Upon graduating from Illinois Valley Central High School in Chillicothe in 1998, Owens enlisted in the Navy. After initially training as a cryptologic technician, he served his first tour of duty at the Office of Naval Intelligence in Suitland, Maryland. He then attended basic and advanced SEAL training in Coronado, California, completing training in December 2002. He was selected for chief petty officer in 2009. His first tour as a SEAL was at a West Coast unit, followed by three consecutive East Coast unit tours. He was on his fifth team tour for just over two years when he was killed on an intelligence-gathering operation on al-Qaeda in Yemen.

    Along with his SEAL Trident and Basic Parachutist wings, he is qualified to wear the following awards:
    Navy/Marine Corps Medal
    Bronze Star with Combat “V” (2 awards)
    Bronze Star
    Joint Service Commendation Medal with Combat “V” (2 awards)
    Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal (2 awards)
    Joint Service Achievement Medal
    Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal (3 awards)
    Combat Action Ribbon
    Joint Meritorious Unit Award (2 awards)
    Good Conduct Medal (6 awards)
    Presidential Unit Citation (3 awards)
    National Defense Service Medal
    Afghanistan Campaign Medal
    Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
    Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
    Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (8 awards)

              FBI agent charged with making false statements about terrorist shooting   

    An FBI agent has been charged with making false statements to investigators in relation to a probe of the standoff last year at a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon during a confrontation that ended with the shooting of Robert “LaVoy”…

    The post FBI agent charged with making false statements about terrorist shooting appeared first on

              Joe Mantegna on directing theater and the importance of Lenny Bruce   

    Joe Mantegna may be best known as an actor, most recently starring as FBI special agent David Rossi on the CBS crime drama "Criminal Minds." But he's no stranger to the stage, having won a Tony Award in 1984 for David Mamet's "Glengarry Glen Ross."

              What to Make of the Unabomber Auction? And What Should I Do With My Own Unabomber Artifacts?   

    It seems so coincidental that I wonder if indeed it's a coincidence: the FBI requests a DNA sample from Ted Kaczynski, a.k.a. Unabomber, just as the government's court-ordered auction of Kaczynski's possessions gets underway (it closes on June 2). The FBI is still trying to solve the 1982 Tylenol poisonings, and Kaczynski is presumably a person of interest.

    If nothing else, the news has brought a lot more attention to the auction. It can use it. As of this writing, most of the 58 items could be had for a few hundred dollars. Exceptions are Kaczynski's Smith-Corona typewriter ($8,025) and his hand-written Manifesto ($16,025).

    The post What to Make of the Unabomber Auction? And What Should I Do With My Own Unabomber Artifacts? appeared first on Freakonomics.

              More FBI Agents Remain Under Investigation For Finicum Shooting; Synced video   
    FBI Special Agent W. Joseph Astarita was arraigned in federal court in Portland this week for his role in the shooting death of a leader in last year’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation. But quickly passed over in a post-arraignment press conference Wednesday was potentially more significant news: Other members of the FBI’s hostage rescue team are still under investigation. Officials confirmed to OPB on Thursday that those investigations remain ongoing. Astarita faces five charges, ranging from making false statements to obstruction of justice. A spokesperson for the FBI said Thursday that he is still with the agency and serving in an “administrative capacity.” That spokesperson declined to elaborate further. The FBI and investigating law enforcement agencies have declined to identify the other four agents who were on the scene. The FBI spokesman also declined to discuss whether they were still members of HRT or, like Astarita, had been moved to an “administrative capacity.” During Wednesday’s news conference, Nelson said investigators not only uncovered the alleged actions of Astarita, but also “the subsequent concerning actions of some members of the FBI hostage rescue team.” Nelson said again Thursday that his office is continuing its investigation into the actions of the FBI agents present during the arrest attempt. But Nelson wouldn’t say whether he expected additional charges to be filed. “We’ll just go where the evidence leads us,” he said. More than a year ago, Nelson traveled to Washington, D.C., to meet with now acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and other U.S. Department of Justice officials to alert them of “possible criminal conduct by some involved FBI HRT agents.”...more

    For those who haven't seen it, here is the complete synced video:
              Indicted FBI agent pleads not guilty to cover-up of fatal shooting of Oregon militia's LaVoy Finicum   
    An indicted FBI agent pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from two gunshots fired at LaVoy Finicum, a spokesman of the militia that took over a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon. Finicum was fatally shot by other agents after a vehicle chase. FBI agent W. Joseph Astarita pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Wednesday to five counts of lying and obstruction regarding shots that Astarita made in an attempt to hit Finicum during an arrest attempt in January 2016. US Magistrate Judge Janice M. Stewart presided over the arraignment. The shots in question have nothing to do with the subsequent shots that killed Finicum during the same altercation, the Los Angeles Times reported. Judge Stewart gave the order that Astarita, a member of the FBI’s elite hostage team, remain free until his trial, the Los Angeles Times reported. An Oregon state trooper reported seeing two rifle casings on the ground near where an FBI standoff with Finicum happened on January 26, 2016. During a probe at a later date, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon came to the conclusion that one agent had shot twice at Finicum’s pickup truck after it had crashed into a snowbank during the altercation. They claim that the FBI agents removed the rifle casings in order to cover it up, the Daily News reported...more
              Gunman Kills 1, Wounds 6 In Bronx Hospital, Dies Of Apparent Self-Inflicted Wound   
    Updated at 8 p.m. ET A gunman opened fire at a hospital in New York City on Friday, killing one person and injuring six others before killing himself, according New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill. In a brief news conference, O'Neill said the shooter was a former employee of the hospital but did not identify him. A law enforcement source tells FBI the man was Dr. Henry Bello. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the attack apparently stemmed from a workplace-related matter but he didn't elaborate. The gunfire reportedly broke out at about 2:50 p.m. ET at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. O'Neill said police received a 911 call about a shooter on the 16th floor of the hospital. The victims were found on the 16th and 17th floors. The shooter was found on the 17th floor with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, wearing a white medical lab coat, and a rifle was found nearby. The hospital fire alarm system had been activated, O'Neill said, after the gunman attempted to set himself on fire. A
              Who Checks the FBI?   

    Summary: On Tuesday, May 9, 2017, President Donald J. Trump dismissed FBI director James Comey, bringing the issue of checks and balances once again into the spotlight. The FBI operates under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice as the primary federal law enforcement agency. The work of the Bureau has often brought it into […]

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              A bad week to be a Russian conspiracy theorist   
    -- Or maybe just a member of the mainstream media.

    (Ed note: A thoughtful reader pointed out that the 'toon previously appearing in this space was produced by a recently-defunct Houston neo-Nazi/alt-right/white supremacist/whatever they are calling themselves this week; not an endorsement I intended to make.  Hope everyone got their screenshot.  I've replaced it with this one.)

    CNN was forced to apologize after retracting a story on its website that a Russian bank linked to a close ally of President Trump was under Senate investigation. Three high-ranking journalists at the network resigned.

    Also the NYT themselves.

    On (June 29), the Times appended a correction to a June 25 article that had repeated the false claim, which has been used by Democrats and the mainstream media for months to brush aside any doubts about the foundation of the Russia-gate scandal and portray President Trump as delusional for doubting what all 17 intelligence agencies supposedly knew to be true.

    In the Times’ White House Memo of June 25, correspondent Maggie Haberman mocked Trump for “still refus[ing] to acknowledge a basic fact agreed upon by 17 American intelligence agencies that he now oversees: Russia orchestrated the attacks, and did it to help get him elected.”

    However, (yesterday), the Times – while leaving most of Haberman’s ridicule of Trump in place – noted in a correction that the relevant intelligence “assessment was made by four intelligence agencies — the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency. The assessment was not approved by all 17 organizations in the American intelligence community.”

    Four outta 17 ain't bad, some people say.

    The Times’ grudging correction was vindication for some Russia-gate skeptics who had questioned the claim of a full-scale intelligence assessment, which would usually take the form of a National Intelligence Estimate (or NIE), a product that seeks out the views of the entire Intelligence Community and includes dissents.

    Remarkably, some of us knew this already.  Like several weeks ago.  Of course, you have to be willing to belive the words of James Clapper under oath, which is a tenuous premise on its best day, but then again ... what good does it do him to lie about a procedure that refutes his own premise?

    The reality of a more narrowly based Russia-gate assessment was admitted in May by President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan in sworn congressional testimony.

    Clapper testified before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee on May 8 that the Russia-hacking claim came from a “special intelligence community assessment” (or ICA) produced by selected analysts from the CIA, NSA and FBI, “a coordinated product from three agencies – CIA, NSA, and the FBI – not all 17 components of the intelligence community,” the former DNI said.

    Clapper further acknowledged that the analysts who produced the Jan. 6 assessment on alleged Russian hacking were “hand-picked” from the CIA, FBI and NSA.

    Yet, as any intelligence expert will tell you, if you “hand-pick” the analysts, you are really hand-picking the conclusion. For instance, if the analysts were known to be hard-liners on Russia or supporters of Hillary Clinton, they could be expected to deliver the one-sided report that they did.

    Maybe it's time to put down the Stolichnaya, Hillbots.

    -- It's also been a bad week to be Nancy Pelosi.  Her detractors and her supporters raise reasonable doubts -- and defenses -- of her tenure as a party leader.  This commentary by Michael Tracey of The Young Turks, this piece by Matt Yglecias at Vox, and this one by Kathryn Pearson at MarketWatch all make both sides of the case.

    I don't think Pelosi should go; maybe the voters in her district will make the decision for her in next year's primary.  She should come correct on single payer, as that is trending toward the defining issue for the 2018 cycle.  But no change in leadership of Congress seems imminent, and that's a good thing as she contrasts well with Trump's extreme chauvinism, coming into full, stinking bloom like a corpse flower (a development noted beyond his wildly inappropriate remarks about Mika Brzezinski).

    But the early calls against the minority leader came mostly from Democrats in the wake of their most recent special Congressional election failure, so it's important to note that the GOP's generational demonization of Democrats -- Pelosi is only the latest foil -- is so effective at this point that even Democrats now buy into it pretty quickly.

    -- It also wasn't such a grand week to be Sylvester Turner, in a post forthcoming shortly for more Independence Day reading.

              Bernie Sanders and wife show what socialism looks like. She lied on bank application, he forced bank to give loan. She tried to evict disabled group home residents. College bankrupt and fails. MSM ignores.   

    Sen. Sanders’ Wife Tried Evicting Disabled Group Home Residents after Closing Shady College Deal Under FBI Probe

    JUNE 29, 2017

    Amid a deepening federal investigation of Jane Sanders, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ wife, Judicial Watch has obtained records that paint a rather disturbing personal portrait of a heartless spouse—and longtime political advisor—of the Democratic Socialist candidate for president of the United States. During the Obama administration, the FBI began investigating Jane for falsifying documents to obtain a $10 million loan to expand a now-defunct liberal arts college in a town where her husband once served as mayor while she was the school’s president.

    The school, Burlington College, was in a small city with the same name in northwestern Vermont. It’s a quaint town of about 42,000 that sits on the eastern shoreline of Lake Champlain and prides itself on having “diverse, forward-thinking citizens” that are “steeped in arts and culture.” Jane was president of the troubled college from 2004 to 2011 and in 2010, she had an ambitious plan to expand the campus by 33 acres, despite low enrollment and financial difficulties. The then-president of Burlington College drastically overstated donation amounts in loan applications, according to the Vermont news website that broke the story, to obtain a $10 million loan. Jane indicated there was $2.6 million in pledged donations but the school only got $676,000 in four years.

    The loan went through, some allege after her husband’s senatorial office pressured the bank to approve it, and Jane masterminded a deal to purchase an undeveloped, 32-acre parcel of land and a 77,000-square-foot facility from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. The purchase included a facility that served as a group home for disabled people and, under the terms of the deal, Jane was supposed to negotiate the transfer of the disabled residents before the school took over the property. Instead Jane tried to kick the disabled people out of their group home, records obtained by Judicial Watch show. The records, part of an ongoing Judicial Watch investigation into the Jane Sanders fraud case, include electronic mail exchanges between Jane when she was president of Burlington College and two former mayors of the city of Burlington.

    In a lengthy letter to the attorney (Todd Centybear) representing the group home for the disabled Jane indicates that she’s having trouble evicting the 16 residents from their building on the newly purchased property after the college had acquired the land. She writes: “It is simply not fair to expect the College to continue to carry the burden of the expenses associated with housing both your population and ours until February 2012.” The home for the disabled was being leased from the diocese and Jane was supposed to help relocate the residents, not evict them. The exchange shows, not only Jane’s heartlessness, but also her incompetence as the college president for not ensuring the negotiated transfer of those disabled people before the school took over the property.

    In a separate email to then Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss, Jane forwards a laughable press release issued by the college announcing her resignation. “I wanted you to hear it from me,” she writes to the mayor. “It’s a good decision.” The press release announced that “In honor of her significant accomplishments, the College has given Sanders the title of President Emerita…” It adds that “The Board credits Sanders with negotiating the acquisition of its beautiful new 32-acre lakefront campus, a transformative achievement for the College.” In reality, the acquisition of that property bankrupted the College, and Sanders is now being investigated for bank fraud by the FBI for misrepresentations she made on loan documents to purchase the land for the campus.

    Senator Sanders, who is up for reelection this year, hit the media circuit this week to defend his wife, assuring that she’s the most honest person he knows and that the investigation is politically motivated. “When you go after people’s wives that is really pathetic,” he said in a recent interview, adding that “it’s fairly pathetic that when people are involved in public life, it’s not only that they get attacked, but it’s their wives and their families that get attacked. That’s what this is about.” The couple lawyered up this week, hiring two prominent attorneys, one in Burlington and the other in Washington D.C. Also, this month, Jane launched a nonprofit organization, the Sanders Institute, to “revitalize democracy” with progressive policies aimed at racial and social justice as well as environmental and economic issues.

              House Bill 1523 Printer's Number 2084   
    An Act amending Title 44 (Law and Justice) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in DNA data and testing, further providing for policy, for definitions, for powers and duties of State Police, for State DNA Data Base, for State DNA Data Bank, for State Police recommendation of additional offenses, for procedural compatibility with FBI and for DNA sample required upon conviction, delinquency adjudication and certain ARD cases, providing for collection from persons accepted from other jurisdictions and further providing for procedures for withdrawal, collection and transmission of DNA samples, for procedures for conduct, disposition and use of DNA analysis, for DNA data base exchange and for expungement....
              Osama Bin Laden est mort depuis plusieurs années — Merci Benazir Bhutto!   
    Saviez-vous qu’il n’est même pas recherché pour les attentats du 9/11 selon le site du FBI ? La raison est que selon le FBI on a pas assez de preuve pour le lier définitivement aux attaques !!!! Saviez-vous aussi que depuis le 9/11 le gouvernement américain n’a pas fourni aucune preuve l’inculpant ?
              Mindfucking 2    

    Il libro vi insegnerà il Mindfucking difensivo e offensivo, con tanto di esercizi per evitare di farsi fottere e – se proprio necessario – contrattaccare in ogni situazione, dal lavoro alle relazioni sociali, dalla comunicazione alle relazioni intime.

    Dopo il successo di Mindfucking, preparatevi alla seconda lezione: la nostra società è strutturata apposta per mandarvi il cervello in pappa, prendersi il vostro spirito critico e farci lo zucchero filato, ottenere la vostra resa incondizionata.

    Se siete d'accordo godetevi lo spettacolo della vostra narcosi.

    Ma forse non siete d'accordo.

    Questo libro fa tesoro dei manuali segreti della Cia, dell'Fbi e del Kgb, oltre che di studi di criminologia e psicologia, per spiegare come difendersi da questa pratica.

              Police asking for public’s help after credit union robbed in Churubusco   
    CHURUBUSCO, Ind. – Indiana State Police and the FBI are asking the public’s help with locating a suspect after a credit union was reportedly robbed in Churubusco. Authorities responded to a call of a robbery at 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday at the Fort Financial Credit Union. The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5’8″ with a thin build. He was wearing dark-colored pants, a white t-shirt, a long shirt/jacket and a fishing hat. He left the bank in […]
              Grassley Meets with FBI Director Nominee Christopher Wray   
    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley today met with Christopher Wray, President Donald Trump’s nominee to be director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, at his Senate office in Washington. The Senate Judiciary Committee, which has legislative authority and oversight jurisdiction over the Department of Justice and the FBI, will hold a hearing to consider […]
              It's not just health care where Trump is getting in the way of Senate Republicans   

    Donald Trump isn’t just getting in the way of a Senate Trumpcare deal. He’s doing absolutely no favors to Republican efforts to strengthen their hold on the Senate in 2018, when they have a favorable map and should be able to perform well. A Trump-associated Super PAC took aim at Nevada’s Dean Heller, one of the few vulnerable Republican senators up for re-election in 2018, but that’s not all.

    In Alabama, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants the Republican National Committee to support recently appointed Sen. Luther Strange in a contested primary, but the funding hasn’t come and he isn’t getting any answers, even after going straight to the White House to ask for it. But that’s not all:

    In Arizona, where Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, a Trump critic, is facing a difficult reelection, Trump-fueled primary worries are intensifying. Prior to the 2016 election, Trump vented openly about Flake’s criticism of him — at one point, backstage before a campaign rally in Arizona, telling top aides animatedly that he wanted to find a Republican opponent to challenge the senator in 2018, according to two people familiar with the exchange. The administration’s anger at Flake has flared anew amid his criticism of the president’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey.

    Flake has already drawn a Trump-friendly primary opponent in former state Sen. Kelli Ward, and two other allies of the president — Trump 2016 campaign COO Jeff DeWit and former state GOP chair Robert Graham — could also try to unseat him.

    Trump has also made it harder for Republicans to target vulnerable Democratic incumbents. He appointed the top Republican prospect to challenge Montana Sen. Jon Tester to his cabinet, leaving McConnell scrounging for recruits, and ignored McConnell’s pleas to appoint the two most vulnerable Democrats—North Dakota’s Heidi Manchin and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin—to the cabinet, which would have made their seats almost certain Republican pick-ups.

              Ep 243 – Comey Testifies Again   

    Former FBI Director James Comey gave his testimony (again), and it’s the only thing in the news. While he claimed that Donald Trump is a liar, he also admitted to leaking memos of privileged conversations with the President. Now the Trump administration is calling for an investigation into Comey himself – how much other information […]

    The post Ep 243 – Comey Testifies Again appeared first on The Tim Preuss Podcast.

              Ep 154 – Hillary’s Weiner   

    Recorded Sunday, October 30th Tim, Brian, and Meghan start off this episode with discussion of voter fraud and whether the election is actually rigged as Donald Trump says. The trio also chats about FBI Director James Comey reopening the case on Hillary Clinton, and the strange timing of that announcement. Finally, the show wraps up with […]

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              Russia-gate Is No Watergate or Iran-Contra   
    Many comparisons have been made between Russia-gate and the earlier scandals of Watergate and Iran-Contra, but the similarities are at best superficial, explains Robert Parry.
    Russia-gate, the sprawling investigation into whether Russia meddled in last year’s U.S. election, is often compared to the two big political scandals of the latter half of the Twentieth Century, Watergate and Iran-Contra. Sometimes you even hear that Russia-gate is “bigger than Watergate.”
    Yet what is perhaps most remarkable about those two Twentieth Century scandals is how little Official Washington really understands them – and how these earlier scandals significantly contrast, rather than compare, with what is unfolding now.
    Although the historical record is still incomplete on Watergate and Iran-Contra, the available evidence indicates that both scandals originated in schemes by Republicans to draw foreign leaders into plots to undermine sitting Democratic presidents and thus pave the way for the elections of Richard Nixon in 1968 and Ronald Reagan in 1980.
    As for Russia-gate, even if you accept that the Russian government hacked into Democratic emails and publicized them via WikiLeaks, there is still no evidence that Donald Trump or his campaign colluded with the Kremlin to do so. By contrast, in the origins of Watergate and Iran-Contra, it appears the Nixon and Reagan campaigns, respectively, were the instigators of schemes to enlist foreign governments in blocking a Vietnam peace deal in 1968 and negotiations to free 52 American hostages in Iran in 1980.
    Though Watergate is associated directly with the 1972 campaign – when Nixon’s team of burglars was caught inside the Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate building – Nixon’s formation of that team, known as the Plumbers, was driven by his fear that he could be exposed for sabotaging President Lyndon Johnson’s Vietnam peace talks in 1968 in order to secure the White House that year.
    After Nixon’s narrow victory over Vice President Hubert Humphrey in the 1968 election, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover informed Nixon that Johnson had a secret file, complete with wiretapped phone calls, detailing the Nixon campaign’s backchannel messages to South Vietnamese officials convincing them to boycott Johnson’s Paris peace talks. Later, Nixon learned that this incriminating file had disappeared from the White House.
    So, in 1971, after the leaking of the Pentagon Papers, which recounted the lies that had been used to justify the Vietnam War through 1967, Nixon fretted that the missing file about his peace-talk gambit in 1968 might surface, too, and would destroy him politically. Thus, he organized the Plumbers to find the file, even contemplating fire-bombing the Brookings Institution to enable a search of its safe where some aides thought the missing file might be found.
    In other words, Watergate wasn’t simply a break-in at the Democratic National Committee on June 17, 1972, in pursuit of useful political intelligence and Nixon’s ensuing cover-up; the scandal had its origins in a far worse scandal, the derailing of peace talks that could have ended the Vietnam War years earlier and saved the lives of tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers and possibly more than 1 million Vietnamese.
    Iran-Contra Parallels
    Similarly, the Iran-Contra scandal exploded in 1986 with revelations that President Reagan had authorized secret arms sales to Iran with some of the profits going to fund the Nicaraguan Contra rebels, but the evidence now indicates that the connections between Reagan’s team and Iran’s revolutionary regime traced back to 1980 when emissaries from Reagan’s campaign worked to stymie President Jimmy Carter’s negotiations to free 52 American hostages then held in Iran.
    According to multiple witnesses, including former Assistant Secretary of State for Middle Eastern Affairs Nicholas Veliotes, the pre-election contacts led to the opening of a weapons pipeline to Iran (via Israel), after Reagan was sworn in on Jan. 20, 1981, which was the precise moment when Iran finally released the American hostages after 444 days.
    Some key players in the 1980 Reagan-Iran contacts reappeared four years later at the start of direct (again secret) U.S. arms shipments to Iran in 1985, which also involved Israeli middlemen. These key players included Iranian CIA operative Cyrus Hashemi, former CIA clandestine services chief Theodore Shackley, Reagan’s campaign chief and then-CIA Director William Casey, and former CIA Director and then-Vice President George H.W. Bush.
    In other words, the Iran-Contra weapons shipments of 1985-86 appear to have been an outgrowth of the earlier shipments dating back to 1980 and continuing under Israeli auspices until the supply line was taken over more directly by the Reagan administration in 1985-86.
    Thus, both the Watergate scandal in 1972 and the Iran-Contra Affair in 1986 could be viewed as “sequels” to the earlier machinations driven by Republican hunger to seize the enormous powers of the U.S. presidency. However, for decades, Official Washington has been hostile to these underlying explanations of how Watergate and Iran-Contra began.
    For instance, The New York Times, the so-called “newspaper of record,” treated the accumulation of evidence regarding Nixon’s 1968 peace-talk gambit as nothing more than a “rumor” until earlier this year when a scholar, John A. Farrell, uncovered cryptic notes taken by Nixon’s aide H.R. Haldeman, which added another piece to the mosaic and left the Times little choice but to pronounce the historical reality finally real.
    Grasping the Watergate Narrative
    Still, the Times and other major news outlets have failed to factor this belated admission into the larger Watergate narrative. If you understand that Nixon did sabotage President Johnson’s Vietnam War peace talks and that Nixon was aware that Johnson’s file on what LBJ called Nixon’s “treason” had disappeared from the White House, the early “Watergate tapes” from 1971 suddenly make sense.
    Nixon ordered White House chief of staff H.R. “Bob” Haldeman and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger to locate the missing file but their search came up empty. Yet, some Nixon aides thought the file might be hidden at the Brookings Institution, a liberal think tank in Washington. So, in his desperate pursuit of the file, Nixon called for a break-in at Brookings, possibly even fire-bombing the building as a cover for his team of burglars to slip in amid the confusion and rifle the safe.
    The old explanation that Nixon simply wanted to find some file related to Johnson’s 1968 pre-election Vietnam bombing halt never made sense given the extreme steps that Nixon was prepared to take.
    The relevant portions of Nixon’s White House tapes include an entry on June 17, 1971, coincidentally one year to the day before the Watergate burglars were caught. Nixon summoned Haldeman and Kissinger to the Oval Office and pleaded with them again to locate the file.
    “Do we have it?” Nixon asked Haldeman. “I’ve asked for it. You said you didn’t have it.”
    Haldeman: “We can’t find it.”
    Kissinger: “We have nothing here, Mr. President.”
    Nixon: “Well, damn-it, I asked for that because I need it.”
    Kissinger: “But Bob and I have been trying to put the damn thing together.”
    Haldeman: “We have a basic history in constructing our own, but there is a file on it.”
    Nixon: “Where?”
    Haldeman: “[Presidential aide Tom Charles] Huston swears to God that there’s a file on it and it’s at Brookings.”
    Nixon: “Bob? Bob? Now do you remember Huston’s plan [for White House-sponsored break-ins as part of domestic counter-intelligence operations]? Implement it.”
    Kissinger: “Now Brookings has no right to have classified documents.”
    Nixon: “I want it implemented. Goddamn-it, get in and get those files. Blow the safe and get it.”
    Haldeman: “They may very well have cleaned them by now, but this thing, you need to “
    Kissinger: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Brookings had the files.”
    Haldeman: “My point is Johnson knows that those files are around. He doesn’t know for sure that we don’t have them around.”
    But Johnson did know that the file was no longer at the White House because he had ordered his national security adviser, Walt Rostow, to remove it in the final days of Johnson’s presidency.
    Forming the Burglars
    On June 30, 1971, Nixon again berated Haldeman about the need to break into Brookings and “take it [the file] out.” Nixon suggested using former CIA officer E. Howard Hunt to conduct the Brookings break-in.
    “You talk to Hunt,” Nixon told Haldeman. “I want the break-in. Hell, they do that. You’re to break into the place, rifle the files, and bring them in. Just go in and take it. Go in around 8:00 or 9:00 o’clock.”
    Haldeman: “Make an inspection of the safe.”
    Nixon: “That’s right. You go in to inspect the safe. I mean, clean it up.”
    For reasons that remain unclear, it appears that the Brookings break-in never took place (nor did the fire-bombing), but Nixon’s desperation to locate Johnson’s peace-talk file was an important link in the chain of events that led to the creation of Nixon’s burglary unit under Hunt’s supervision. Hunt later oversaw the two Watergate break-ins in May and June of 1972.
    While it’s possible that Nixon was still searching for the file about his Vietnam-peace sabotage when the ill-fated Watergate break-ins occurred a year later, it’s generally believed that the burglary was more broadly focused, seeking any information that might have an impact on Nixon’s re-election, either defensively or offensively.
    However, if you think back on 1971 when the Vietnam War was tearing the country apart and massive antiwar demonstrations were descending on Washington, Nixon’s desperation to locate the missing file suddenly doesn’t seem quite so crazy. There would have been hell to pay if the public learned that Nixon had kept the war going to gain a political advantage in 1968.
    Through 1972 – and the early days of the Watergate scandal – former President Johnson had stayed silent about Nixon’s sabotage of the Paris peace talks. But the ex-President became livid when – after Nixon’s reelection in 1972 – Nixon’s men sought to pressure Johnson into helping them shut down the Watergate investigation, in part, by noting that Johnson, too, had deployed wiretaps against Nixon’s 1968 campaign to obtain evidence about the peace-talk sabotage.
    While it’s not clear whether Johnson would have finally spoken out, that threat to Nixon ended two days after Nixon’s second inaugural when on Jan. 22, 1973, Johnson died of a heart attack. However, unbeknownst to Nixon, Johnson had left the missing file, called “The X-Envelope,” in the care of Rostow, who – after Johnson’s death – gave the file to the LBJ presidential library in Austin, Texas, with instructions that it be kept under wraps for at least 50 years. (Rostow’s instructions were overturned in the 1990s, and I found the now largely declassified file at the library in 2012.)
    So, with the “The X-Envelope” squirreled away for more than two decades at the LBJ library and with the big newspapers treating the early sketchy reports of Nixon’s peace-talk sabotage as only “rumors,” Watergate remained a scandal limited to the 1972 campaign.
    Still, Nixon’s cover-up of his campaign’s role in the Watergate break-in produced enough clear-cut evidence of obstruction of justice and other offenses that Nixon was forced to resign on Aug. 9, 1974.
    A Failed Investigation
    The 1979-81 hostage confrontation with Iran was not nearly as devastating a crisis as the Vietnam War but America’s humiliation during the 444-day-long ordeal became a focus of the 1980 election, too, with the first anniversary of Iran’s seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran coincidentally falling on Election Day 1980.
    President Carter’s failure to gain freedom for the 52 embassy personnel turned what had been a close race into a landslide for Ronald Reagan, with Republicans also gaining control of the U.S. Senate and ousting some of the most influential Democratic senators.
    In 1984, Reagan won reelection in another landslide, but two years later ran afoul of the Iran-Contra scandal. Reagan’s secret arms sales to Iran and diversion of profits to the Contras “broke” in November 1986 but focused only on Reagan’s 1985-1986 arms sales and the diversion. Still, the scandal’s crimes included violations of the Arms Export Control Act and the so-called Boland Act’s prohibitions on arming the Contras as well as perjury and obstruction of justice. So there was the prospect of Reagan’s impeachment.
    But – from the start of Iran-Contra – there was a strong pushback from Republicans who didn’t want to see another GOP president driven from office. There was also resistance to the scandal from many mainstream media executives who personally liked Reagan and feared a public backlash if the press played an aggressive role similar to Watergate.
    And, moderate Democrats, such as Rep. Lee Hamilton of Indiana who co-chaired the congressional investigation, sought to tamp down the Iran-Contra fires and set up firebreaks to prevent the investigation from spreading to related crimes such as the Reagan administration’s protection of Contra cocaine traffickers.
    “Ask about the cocaine,” pleaded one protester who was dragged from the Iran-Contra hearing room, as the congressional investigators averted their eyes from such unseemly matters, focusing instead on stilted lectures about the Congress’s constitutional prerogatives.
    It was not until 1990-91 that it became clear that secret U.S.-approved arms shipments to Iran did not start in 1985 as the Iran-Contra narrative claimed but traced back to 1981 with Reagan’s approval of arms sales to Iran through Israel.
    Reagan’s politically risky move of secretly arming Iran immediately after his inauguration and the hostage release was nearly exposed when one of the Israeli flights strayed into Soviet airspace on July 18, 1981, and crashed or was shot down.
    In a PBS interview nearly a decade later, Nicholas Veliotes, Reagan’s assistant secretary of state for the Middle East, said he looked into the incident by talking to top administration officials.
    “It was clear to me after my conversations with people on high that indeed we had agreed that the Israelis could transship to Iran some American-origin military equipment,” Veliotes said.
    In checking out the Israeli flight, Veliotes came to believe that the Reagan camp’s dealings with Iran dated back to before the 1980 election. “It seems to have started in earnest in the period probably prior to the election of 1980, as the Israelis had identified who would become the new players in the national security area in the Reagan administration,” Veliotes said. “And I understand some contacts were made at that time.”
    However, in 1981, Veliotes said, the State Department issued misleading press guidance to cover the administration’s tracks and the Washington media failed to follow up. Thus, the U.S.-Israeli arms pipeline to Iran stayed secret from the American people until November 1986 when — despite Reagan’s long-running insistence that he would never trade arms with a terrorist state like Iran — the operation was exposed.
    When I re-interviewed Veliotes in 2012, he said he couldn’t recall who the “people on high” were who had described the informal clearance of the Israeli shipments of U.S.-manufactured weapons, but he indicated that “the new players” were the young neoconservatives who were working on the Reagan campaign, many of whom later joined the administration as senior political appointees.
    Documents that I discovered at the Reagan presidential library revealed that Reagan’s neocons at the State Department, particularly Robert McFarlane and Paul Wolfowitz, initiated a policy review in 1981 to allow Israel to undertake secret military shipments to Iran.
    McFarlane and Wolfowitz also maneuvered to put McFarlane in charge of U.S. relations toward Iran and to establish a clandestine U.S. back-channel to the Israeli government outside the knowledge of even senior U.S. government officials.
    Another Failed Investigation
    In 1991, faced with the accumulating evidence of a prequel to the Iran-Contra scandal, Congress grudgingly agreed to take a look at these so-called “October Surprise” allegations. But Republicans, then led by President George H.W. Bush and his White House team, mounted an aggressive cover-up to “spike” the story.
    And, with the congressional inquiry largely in the hands again of Rep. Hamilton, the Democrats timidly folded their tent despite a growing body of evidence that the Reagan team was indeed guilty.
    Much of that evidence flowed into the House Task Force in December 1992 when President George H.W. Bush had already been defeated for reelection and the Democrats were looking forward to their renewed control of Washington. So, instead of giving a careful review to the new evidence, the House Task Force ignored, disparaged or buried it.
    The late-arriving material included sworn testimony on Dec. 18, 1992, from David Andelman, the biographer of French intelligence chief Alexandre deMarenches, describing how deMarenches had confided that he had helped arrange the Republican-Iranian contacts. Andelman, an ex-New York Times and CBS News correspondent, said that while he was working on deMarenches’s autobiography, the arch-conservative spymaster admitted arranging meetings between Republicans and Iranians about the hostage issue in the summer and fall of 1980, with one meeting held in Paris in October.
    Andelman said deMarenches ordered that the secret meetings be kept out of his memoirs because the story could otherwise damage the reputations of his friends, William Casey and George H.W. Bush. Andelman’s testimony corroborated longstanding claims from a variety of international intelligence operatives about a Paris meeting involving Casey and Bush. But the Task Force report brushed this testimony aside, paradoxically terming it “credible” but then claiming it was “insufficiently probative.”
    The Task Force’s report argued that Andelman could not “rule out the possibility that deMarenches had told him he was aware of and involved in the Casey meetings because he, deMarenches, could not risk telling his biographer he had no knowledge of these allegations.”
    In the last weeks of the investigation, the House investigators also received a letter from former Iranian President Bani-Sadr detailing his behind-the-scenes struggle with Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and his son Ahmad over their secret dealings with the Reagan campaign. But the House investigators dismissed Bani-Sadr’s first-hand account as hearsay and thus also lacking “probative value.”
    I later unearthed some of the evidence in unpublished Task Force files. However, in the meantime, Official Washington had dismissed the “October Surprise” and other Iran-Contra-connected scandals, like Contra drug trafficking, as conspiracy theories.
    The Russian Report
    Ironically, another piece of late-arriving evidence was a January 1993 report from a national security committee of the Russian parliament about the Kremlin’s intelligence data confirming that key Republicans, including George H.W. Bush and William Casey, had met with Iranian officials in Europe regarding the hostages during the 1980 campaign.
    Hamilton had requested the Russian assistance before the U.S. election in 1992, but the report was not sent until there were only two weeks left in George H.W. Bush’s presidency.
    Lawrence Barcella, who served as the Task Force chief counsel, later told me that so much incriminating evidence arrived late that he asked Hamilton to extend the inquiry for three months but that Hamilton said no (although Hamilton told me that he had no recollection of denying Barcella’s request).
    The other fatal flaw of the House investigation was that it left much of the actual investigating up to President George H.W. Bush’s White House counsel’s office and the State Department, although Bush was one of the chief suspects and, in 1991-92, was running for re-election, a campaign that would have been derailed if the 1980 October Surprise allegations were confirmed.
    The naivete of this decision was underscored years later when I located a memo at Bush’s presidential library stating that the State Department had informed the White House counsel’s office that Casey had traveled to Madrid in 1980, corroborating a key October Surprise allegation.
    The confirmation of Casey’s trip was passed along by State Department legal adviser Edwin D. Williamson to Associate White House Counsel Chester Paul Beach Jr. in early November 1991, just as the October Surprise inquiry was taking shape, according to Beach’s “memorandum for record” dated Nov. 4, 1991.
    Williamson said that among the State Department “material potentially relevant to the October Surprise allegations [was] a cable from the Madrid embassy indicating that Bill Casey was in town, for purposes unknown,” Beach noted.
    Two days later, on Nov. 6, 1991, Beach’s boss, White House counsel C. Boyden Gray, arranged an inter-agency strategy session and explained the need to contain the congressional investigation into the October Surprise case. The explicit goal was to ensure the scandal would not hurt President Bush’s reelection hopes in 1992.
    In 2013, when I interviewed Hamilton about the Beach memo, he lamented that the Madrid information had not been shared with his investigation, saying “you have to rely on people” in authority to comply with information requests.
    “We found no evidence to confirm Casey’s trip to Madrid,” Hamilton told me. “We couldn’t show that. The [George H.W. Bush] White House did not notify us that he did make the trip. Should they have passed that on to us? They should have because they knew we were interested in that.”
    Asked if knowledge that Casey had traveled to Madrid might have changed the Task Force’s dismissive October Surprise conclusion, Hamilton said yes, because the question of the Madrid trip was key to the task force’s investigation.
    Not Moving the Needle
    However, the Madrid trip revelation and other post-investigation disclosures failed to move the needle on Official Washington’s disdain for the October Surprise story.
    The later disclosures included a 1993 interview in Tel Aviv in which former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir said he had read the 1991 book, October Surprise, by Carter’s former National Security Council aide Gary Sick, which made the case for believing that the Republicans had intervened in the 1980 hostage negotiations to disrupt Carter’s reelection.
    With the topic raised, one interviewer asked, “What do you think? Was there an October Surprise?”
    “Of course, it was,” Shamir responded without hesitation. “It was.”
    And, there were other corroborating statements as well. In 1996, for instance, while former President Carter was meeting with Palestine Liberation Organization leader Arafat in Gaza City, Arafat tried to confess his role in the Republican maneuvering to block Carter’s Iran-hostage negotiations.
    “There is something I want to tell you,” Arafat said, addressing Carter in the presence of historian Douglas Brinkley. “You should know that in 1980 the Republicans approached me with an arms deal [for the PLO] if I could arrange to keep the hostages in Iran until after the [U.S. presidential] election,” Arafat said, according to Brinkley’s article in the fall 1996 issue of Diplomatic Quarterly.
    In 2013, after the movie “Argo” appeared regarding an early facet of the Iran-hostage crisis, former Iranian President Bani-Sadr elaborated on his account of Republican overtures to Iran in 1980 and how that secret initiative prevented release of the hostages.
    In a Christian Science Monitor commentary, Bani-Sadr wrote, “Ayatollah Khomeini and Ronald Reagan had organized a clandestine negotiation which prevented the attempts by myself and then-U.S. President Jimmy Carter to free the hostages before the 1980 U.S. presidential election took place. The fact that they were not released tipped the results of the election in favor of Reagan.”
    Then, Bani-Sadr added a new detail, that “two of my advisors, Hussein Navab Safavi and Sadr-al-Hefazi, were executed by Khomeini’s regime because they had become aware of this secret relationship between Khomeini, his son Ahmad, … and the Reagan administration.” [For more details on the October Surprise case, see Robert Parry’s Trick or Treason and America’s Stolen Narrative.]
    Compare and Contrast
    So how do Watergate and Iran-Contra compare and contrast with Russia-gate? One key difference is that in Watergate in 1972-73 and Iran-Contra in 1985-86, you had clear-cut crimes (even if you don’t want to believe the two “prequels” from 1968 and 1980, respectively).
    In Watergate, five burglars were caught inside the DNC offices on June 17, 1972, as they sought to plant more bugs on Democratic phones. (An earlier break-in in May had installed two bugs, but one didn’t work.) Nixon then proceeded to mount a cover-up of his 1972 campaign’s role in funding the break-in and other abuses of power.
    In Iran-Contra, Reagan secretly authorized weapons sales to Iran, which was then designated a terrorist state, without informing Congress, a violation of the Arms Export Control Act. He also kept Congress in the dark about his belated signing of a related intelligence “finding.” And the creation of slush funds to finance the Nicaraguan Contras represented an evasion of the U.S. Constitution.
    There was also the attendant Iran-Contra cover-up mounted both by the Reagan White House and later the George H.W. Bush White House, which culminated in Bush’s Christmas Eve 1992 pardons of six Iran-Contra defendants as special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh was zeroing in on possible indictment of Bush for withholding evidence.
    By contrast, Russia-gate has been a “scandal” in search of a specific crime. President Barack Obama’s intelligence chieftains have alleged – without presenting any clear evidence – that the Russian government hacked into the emails of the Democratic National Committee and of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and released those emails via WikiLeaks and other Internet sites. (The Russians and WikiLeaks have both denied the accusations.)
    The DNC emails revealed that senior Democrats did not maintain their required independence regarding the primaries by seeking to hurt Sen. Bernie Sanders and help Clinton. The Podesta emails pulled back the curtain on Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street banks and on pay-to-play features of the Clinton Foundation.
    Hacking into personal computers is a crime, but the U.S. government has yet to bring any formal charges against specific individuals supposedly responsible for the hacking of the Democratic emails. There also has been no evidence that Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russians in the hacking.
    Lacking any precise evidence of this cyber-crime or of a conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign, Obama’s Justice Department holdovers and now special prosecutor Robert Mueller have sought to build “process crimes,” around false statements to investigators and possible obstruction of justice.
    Railroading Flynn
    In the case of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser, acting Attorney General Sally Yates used the archaic Logan Act of 1799 to create a predicate for the FBI to interrogate Flynn about a Dec. 29, 2016 conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, i.e., after Trump’s election but before the Inauguration.
    The Logan Act, which has never resulted in a prosecution in 218 years, was enacted during the period of the Alien and Sedition Acts to bar private citizens from negotiating on their own with foreign governments. It was never intended to apply to a national security adviser of an elected President, albeit before he was sworn in.
    But it became the predicate for the FBI interrogation — and the FBI agents were armed with a transcript of the intercepted Kislyak-Flynn phone call so they could catch Flynn on any gaps in his recollection, which might have been made even hazier because he was on vacation in the Dominican Republic when Kislyak called.
    Yates also concocted a bizarre argument that the discrepancies between Flynn’s account of the call and the transcript left him open to Russian blackmail although how that would work – since the Russians surely assumed that Kislyak’s calls would be monitored by U.S. intelligence and thus offered them no leverage with Flynn – was never explained.
    Still, Flynn’s failure to recount the phone call precisely and the controversy stirred up around it became the basis for an obstruction of justice investigation of Flynn and led to President Trump’s firing Flynn on Feb. 13.
    Trump may have thought that tossing Flynn overboard to the circling sharks would calm down the sharks but the blood in the water only excited them more. According to then-FBI Director James Comey, Trump talked to him one-on-one the next day, Feb. 14, and said, “‘I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”
    Trump’s “hope” and the fact that he later fired Comey have reportedly led special prosecutor Mueller to look at a possible obstruction of justice case against Trump. In other words, Trump could be accused of obstructing what appears to have been a trumped-up case against Flynn.
    Of course, there remains the possibility that evidence might surface of Trump or his campaign colluding with the Russians, but such evidence has so far not been presented. Or Mueller’s investigation might turn over some rock and reveal some unrelated crime, possibly financial wrongdoing by Trump or an associate.
    (Something similar happened in the Republican investigation of the Sept. 11, 2012 Benghazi attack, a largely fruitless inquiry except that it revealed that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent and received official emails over a private server, which Comey decried during last year’s campaign as “extremely careless” but not criminal.)
    Curb the Enthusiasm
    Another contrast between the earlier scandals (Watergate and Iran-Contra) and Russia-gate is the degree of enthusiasm and excitement that the U.S. mainstream media and congressional Democrats have shown today as opposed to 1972 and 1986.
    Though The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein aggressively pursued the Watergate scandal, there was much less interest elsewhere in major news outlets until Nixon’s criminality became obvious in 1973. Many national Democrats, including DNC Chairman Bob Strauss, were extremely hesitant to pursue the scandal if not outright against it.
    Similarly, although Brian Barger and I at The Associated Press were pursuing aspects of Iran-Contra since early 1985, the big newspapers and networks consistently gave the Reagan administration the benefit of the doubt – at least before the scandal finally burst into view in fall 1986 (when a Contra-supply plane crashed inside Nicaragua and a Lebanese newspaper revealed U.S. arms shipments to Iran).
    For several months, there was a flurry of attention to the complex Iran-Contra scandal, but the big media still ignored evidence of a White House cover-up and soon lost interest in the difficult work of unraveling the convoluted networks for arms smuggling, money laundering and cocaine trafficking.
    Congressional Democrats also shied away from a constitutional confrontation with the popular Reagan and his well-connected Vice President George H.W. Bush.
    After moving from AP to Newsweek in early 1987, I learned that the senior executives at Newsweek, then part of The Washington Post Company, didn’t want “another Watergate”; they felt another such scandal was not “good for the country” and wanted Iran-Contra to go away as soon as possible. I was even told not to read the congressional Iran-Contra report when it was published in October 1987 (although I ignored that order and kept trying to keep my own investigation going in defiance of the wishes of the Newsweek brass until those repeated clashes led to my departure in June 1990).
    So, perhaps the biggest similarity between Russia-gate and Watergate is that Richard Nixon and Donald Trump were both highly unpopular with the Washington establishment and thus had few influential defenders, while an important contrast with Iran-Contra was that Reagan and Bush were very well liked, especially among news executives such as Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham who, by all accounts, did not care for the uncouth Nixon. Today, the senior executives of The New York Times, The Washington Post and other major news outlets have made no secret of their disdain for the buffoonish Trump and their hostility toward Russian President Vladimir Putin.
    In other words, what is driving Russia-gate – for both the mainstream news media and the Democrats – appears to be a political agenda, i.e., the desire to remove Trump from office while also ratcheting up a New Cold War with Russia, a priority for Washington’s neoconservatives and their liberal-interventionist sidekicks.
    If this political drama were playing out in some other country, we would be talking about a “soft coup” in which the “oligarchy” or some other “deep state” force was using semi-constitutional means to engineer a disfavored leader’s removal.
    Of course, since the ongoing campaign to remove Trump is happening in the United States, it must be presented as a principled pursuit of truth and a righteous application of the rule of law. But the comparisons to Watergate and Iran-Contra are a stretch.
    Investigative reporter Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra stories for The Associated Press and Newsweek in the 1980s. You can buy his latest book, America’s Stolen Narrative, either in print here or as an e-book (from Amazon and
    This article was first published by Consortium News –
    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Information Clearing House.
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              “It Is The Presstitutes, Not Russia, Who Interfered In The US Presidential Election”   
    Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared at
    Unlike Oliver Stone, who knew how to interview Vladimir Putin, Megyn Kelly did not. Thus, she made a fool of herself, which is par for her course.
    "It Is The Presstitutes, Not Russia, Who Interfered In The US Presidential Election"
    Now the entire Western media has joined Megyn in foolishness, or so it appears from a RT report. James O’Keefe has senior CNN producer John Bonifield on video telling O’Keefe that CNN’s anti-Russia reporting is purely for ratings:
    “It’s mostly bullshit right now. Like, we don’t have any big giant proof.”
    CNN’s Bonifield is reported to go on to say that “our CIA is doing shit all the time, we’re out there trying to manipulate governments.”
    And, of course, the American people, the European peoples, and the US and European governments are being conditioned by the “Russia did it” storyline to distrust Russia and to accept whatever dangerous and irresponsible policy toward Russia that Washington comes up with next.
    Is the anti-Russian propaganda driven by ratings as Bonifield is reported to claim, or are ratings the neoconservatives and military/security complex’s cover for media disinformation that increases tensions between the superpowers and prepares the ground for nuclear war?
    RT acknowledges that the entire story could be just another piece of false news, which is all that the Western media is known for.
    Nevertheless, what we do know is that the fake news reporting pertains to Russia’s alleged interference in the US presidential election. Allegedly, Trump was elected by Putin’s interference in the election. This claim is absurd, but if you are Megyn Kelly you lack the IQ to see that. Instead, presstitutes turn a nonsense story into a real story despite the absence of any evidence.
    Who actually interfered in the US presidential election, Putin or the presstitutes themselves? The answer is clear and obvious. It was the presstitutes, who were out to get Trump from day one of the presidential campaign. It is CIA director John Brennan, who did everything in his power to brand Trump some sort of Russian agent. It is FBI director Comey who did likewise by continuing to “investigate” what he knew was a non-event. We now have a former FBI director playing the role of special prosecutor investigating Trump for “obstruction of justice” when there is no evidence of a crime to be obstructed! What we are witnessing is the ongoing interference in the presidential election, an interference that not only makes a mockery of democracy but also of the rule of law.
    The presstitutes not only interfered in the presidential election; they are now interfering with democracy itself. They are seeking to overturn the people’s choice by discrediting the President of the United States and those who elected him. The Democratic Party is a part of this attack on American democracy. It is the DNC that insists that a Putin/Trump conspiracy stole the presidency from Hillary. The Democrats’ position is that it is too risky to permit the American people—the “deplorables”— to vote. The Democratic Party’s line is that if you let Americans vote, they will elect a Putin stooge and America will be ruled by Russia.
    Many wonder why Trump doesn’t use the power of the office of the presidency to indict the hit squad that is out to get him. There is no doubt that a jury of deplorables would indict Brennan, Comey, Megyn Kelly and the rest. On the other hand, perhaps Trump’s view is that the Republican Party cannot afford to go down with him, and, therefore, as he is politically protected by the Republican majority, the best strategy is to let the Democrats and the presstitutes destroy themselves in the eyes of flyover America.
    What our survival as Americans depends on is the Russians’ view of this conflict between a US President who intended to reduce the tensions between the nuclear powers and those determined to increase the tensions. The Russian high command has already announced its conclusion that Washington is preparing a surprise nuclear attack on Russia. It is not possible to imagine a more dangerous conclusion. So far, no one in Washington or any Western government has made an effort to reassure Russia that no such attack is being prepared. Instead, the calls are for more punishment of Russia and more tension.
    This most extraordinary of failures demonstrates the complete separation of the West from reality.
    It is difficult to imagine a more extreme danger than for the insouciant West to convince Russia that the West is incapable of rational behavior.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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              Fake Story Scandal: How Russia Obsession Led CNN into a Trap   

    Fake Story Scandal: How Russia Obsession Led CNN into a Trap
    ALEX GORKA | 29.06.2017 | WORLD

    Fake Story Scandal: How Russia Obsession Led CNN into a Trap

    CNN is in trouble, with its reputation tanking as a result of publishing an article connecting Trump ally and Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci, who served on the executive committee of Trump’s transition team, to the $10-billion Russian Direct Investment Fund. The story based on a single antonymous source happened to be a fake. Despite swift retraction of the article, apology published and the following resignation of three veteran journalists, the image of the cable news network has been greatly tarnished.
    True, CNN imposed new rules on the stories regarding Russia but it will hardly repair the damage done. The network was on track for record profit of more than $1 billion in 2017. It has been expanding investigative teams while vigorously attacking the US president to be ultimately caught in an anti-Trump trap. «I would encourage everyone in this room and, frankly, everyone across the country, to take a look at it», Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. «I think if it is accurate, I think it’s a disgrace to all of media, to all of journalism.”
    In early January President Donald Trump called CNN «fake news’. The White House refused to send its spokespeople or surrogates onto CNN shows, accusing the network’s reporters of publishing highly-damaging and unverified accusations about the president’s behavior in Russia. Some people believed it was not a smart move because leading news networks, like CNN, have become powerful enough to make politicians, including presidents, do their best to avoid quarrels. It is widely believed that politicians come and go, but media outlets remain. Looks like CNN is on the way to become an exclusion from this rule.
    The recent fake story is just another example of the network’s inaccurate reporting and wrongdoings. CNN has been involved in a series of scandals.
    It touted the boy called Omran Daqneesh as the face of civilian suffering in Aleppo at a time the city was divided between pro-government and rebel forces and suffered under intensive fighting. CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour used the picture of Daqneesh in her October interview with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to question Russia’s support of Damascus in the Syrian conflict. «That is a war crime, sir», she said showing the photo. The boy resurfaced in world media this month after his family agreed to talk to journalists. His father Mohammad Kheir Daqneesh accused the White Helmets of using his family to produce propaganda.
    In March, CNN reported that the FBI had information suggesting President Donald Trump associates «may have coordinated» with Russians on the release of information damaging Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the election. «There’s probably more evidence that CNN colluded with the Clinton campaign to give her questions than the Trump campaign gave any kind of collusion», White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer snarked at today’s press briefing, when asked about that report.
    In May, comedian Kathy Griffin was fired by CNN for the shocking picture in which she was seen holding a mask of Trump’s bloody, severed head. The same month, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper apologised for ‘crude’ remark to Trump supporter during an interview. This month, CNN had to fire Reza Aslan, the host of a documentary series on the network, for his profane anti-Trump tweets.
    The list can go on, there are numerous examples of CNN’s inappropriate behaviour as it is waging attacks against the president and all’s fair in war. CNN belongs to the networks President Trump called «the enemy of the people», addressing the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in February. Obsessed with Trump and «Russia’s threat», CNN has downgraded in front of our eyes into a vulgar, lowbrow network. Step by step it is moving to collapse.
    It’s not CNN only. President Trump has said that NBC and ABC reports regarding the administration’s links to Russia have also been biased or untrue. At a time the Senate approved the sweeping anti-Russia sanctions bill to be considered by the House now, somebody «leaked» to Buzzfeed the classified information about the State Secretary Rex Tillerson’s «secret» road map – a plan to improve the relations with Russia. Evidently, the goal was to spur the process of the bill becoming a law and hinder the implementation of the State Secretary’s plans.
    The US media are waging an information war in an effort to oust Donald Trump from the White House. That’s where Russia – the country blamed for each and everything going awry in the United States – comes in handy. None of the stories regarding Russia and President Trump has been backed up by anything like solid evidence or facts. Even if only a small part of them were true, impeachment procedures would be launched but nothing like that has happened, except that US media has limited the President’s room for maneuver with endless false stories about Russia.
    What if the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller does not produce any facts to make the media information offensive look like a failed conspiracy to stage a quite coup d’état in the United States? Will those who work in the leading media networks waging the smear campaign and spreading around unconfirmed information be held responsible?
    Media attacks negatively affect the prospects for a Putin-Trump meeting during the Russia-US summit to take place on July 7-8 in Hamburg, Germany. The US is no less interested in the positive outcome than Russia. With the troublesome news coming from Syria, tensions running high between Russia and NATO, arms control and non-proliferation regime eroding, and terrorists moving to Africa and the Asia Pacific, as well as a host of other issues on the agenda, the US media do a disservice to their own country by obstructing all attempts to revive the Russia-US dialogue on burning issues of mutual interest. Intensification of media attacks against the president in the days left till the event in Germany is something to be expected. But too much zeal is not always a good thing. Scoop stories attract public attention just for a few days, but a good reputation is hard to win and easy to lose. The CNN fake news scandal is a good illustration of the fact.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
    The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

              Movie review: ‘Okja’ and the power of free markets to save lives   
    Movie review: ‘Okja’ and the power of free markets to save lives

    Okja, the new film from the director of Snowpiercer, was simultaneously released online and in the theater to coincide with the extended Fourth of July holiday. But Okja, which seeks to portray capitalism in a negative light, deserves to be remembered for its portrayal of how free markets save lives.

    Okja is the story of a simple South Korean orphan named Mija (An Seo Hyun) whose only friend is the film’s titular character, a genetically modified “super pig” about to be slaughtered. Okja (pronounced “OAK-juh”) is a gentle-hearted CGI that looks like a cross between a rhino and a manatee. The Mirando Corporation launched a 10-year-long contest for farmers to raise these massive animals, specially bred to feed starving people while leaving “a minimal footprint on the environment.”

    As the film opens the corporation’s spokesman, a whiny TV scientist reminiscent of Bill Nye (Jake Gyllenhaal), has proclaimed Okja the winner. Soon, it dawns on 14-year-old Mija what awaits her beloved pet – and she springs into motion to save the gargantuan gilt’s life.

    Produced for Netflix, Okja began a limited theatrical release on Wednesday and competed for the Palm d’Or at Cannes, stirring Oscar speculation. Bong Joon Ho, the director of Snowpiercer, puts his genre-blending style on display here, as well. But its moments of lighthearted comedy and adventure outshine the dull thud of leaden propaganda that otherwise pervades his script.

    Still, Okja reaches an important, market-affirming truth in spite of itself.

    Warning: This section contains spoilers.

    The film literally begins with a ritual denunciation of capitalism, as Mirando CEO Lucy (Tilda Swinton) brands the company’s founder – her grandfather – “a terrible man” who committed “atrocities.” Motioning toward Mirando headquarters, she says, “These walls are stained with the blood of fine working men.” We later learn that her family produced napalm, and, when Lucy’s crazed twin Nancy was CEO, she “dumped so much toxic waste into” a lake “that it exploded.”

    The dialogue features all the subtlety of a Daily Worker op-ed.

    Meanwhile, Mija playfully romps with Okja, who saves her life. When Mija learns that her grandfather was unable to purchase Okja – instead buying her a golden calf, err, pig – she sets out to return the favor.

    Along the way, she meets the friendly hijackers of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), a real-life “direct action” organization that Bong portrays as unfailingly sympathetic. “We inflict economic damage on those who profit from [animals’] misery,” says the onscreen leader, Jay (Paul Dano). Although he paraphrases ALF’s actual “40-year credo” never to hurt any creature, human or animal, Jay administers a ruthless beating to a fellow ALF member and commits terrorism without a hint of irony.

    Okja is cruelly tortured – and blinded – by her capitalist oppressors. When ALF liberates Okja, with the help of Mija’s love, her eyes are opened.

    The group saves Okja but asks Mija’s permission to send her back to the company’s mass slaughter facility, in order to secretly record its conditions. The translator betrays Mija (who does not speak English), and her pursuit continues.

    A heartlight vs. “the heart of capitalism”

    The simple child’s quest to save a lovable creature from a faceless system is reminiscent of E.T., albeit replacing government bureaucrats with corporate executives … who happen to be the animal’s rightful owners.

    But Okja lacks the (glowing) heart of E.T., which emphasized the loving relationship between the two protagonists. Bong has another purpose: to demonize corporations.

    The film’s climax shifts to Manhattan because it is, in Bong’s words, “the heart of capitalism.” There it offers a graphic tour of Mirando’s mass slaughterhouse, where Bong (who co-wrote the film) lingers over scenes of torture, killing, and a river of blood flowing through the facility. Bong said these graphic images were “absolutely necessary” to “make the audience feel uncomfortable. It is witnessing your family being dragged into a slaughterhouse.”

    “This is the state of capitalism today, and this is what I wanted to convey,” Bong told the BBC.

    Such cold-hearted capitalist mentality is on display as Nancy, who has ruthlessly returned to Mirando, tells Mija her pet’s death “is business.”

    But the film’s conclusion upends this simplistic portrayal. Mija uses the golden pig to purchase Okja’s freedom. At that moment, Nancy’s demeanor changes completely, instructing security to make sure “our customer and her purchase get home safely.”

    Despite Bong’s anti-capitalist screed, the free market saves the day.

    As of this writing, Okja holds an 84 percent rating from Rotten Tomatoes. It has rare moments of comedic success, such as its surreal use of “Annie’s Song,” and inspiring cinematography. (The scene of Mija walking against the colorless crowds is a must-see.) But it fails to connect with its viewers, because bare propaganda lacks human depth and emotion. Okja should be remembered, if at all, for three things:

    1. Its positive portrayal of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).

    Analysts say that ALF and its allied Earth Liberation Force (ELF) have engaged in an increasingly violent pattern of crime. The FBI testified before the Senate in 2004 “that the ALF/ELF and related groups have committed more than 1,100 criminal acts in the United States since 1976, resulting in damages conservatively estimated at approximately $110 million.” The FBI added that ALF extremism poses “a serious domestic terrorist threat.” While ALF has generally avoided violence, it has embarked on an escalating campaign of arson and the use of IEDs, according to STRATFOR. One eco-arsonist carried in his backpack a copy of the book The Declaration of War: Killing People to Save the Animals and the Environment, published by ALF.

    2. Its misleading portrayal of genetically modified food (GMOs) as dangerous.

    Okja consistently presents GMOs as an offense against nature; one ALF member insists any sane person would be “disgusted at eating mutant, GM foods.” Bong told the BBC he intended this as a propaganda point: “There are people who say the danger of GM foods is being overly exaggerated,” he said, “but nobody is able to prove their safety, either.” However, the European Union looked at a decade of relevant data before concluding that “GMOs are not per se more risky than, e.g., conventional plant breeding technologies.” In April, Cuba announced it would turn to GMOs to save its floundering socialist economy. Needlessly denying hungry people access to safe food is an unusual moral message. The film also raises the question why it is moral to create GMOs for companionship but not nourishment or the survival of the human race.

    3. Its conclusion that the free market liberates man and beast alike.

    Ultimately, what saves Okja (the animal, not the film) is free market capitalism. Mija makes a consumer choice that she values her pet more than a solid gold statue. Mirando seeks to make a profit by catering to human needs. The conclusion of this film is the flip-side of Adam Smith’s famous dictum that prosperity is not caused by the entrepreneur’s benevolence; much less is a corporation primarily motivated by sadism. It bears remembering that the free market has long been involved in conservation – including the preservation of species facing extinction – from the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association in Pennsylvania, to the Sea Lion Caves of Oregon, to the work of Ducks Unlimited in preserving wetlands through private ownership.

    Okja accurately teaches that each individual affects the world by choosing which products to purchase. Every dollar is a vote for or against a good or service. Only when denied this choice can a system impose barbarism on an unwilling society.

    Fans of the free market would do well to vote with their dollars and watch something else besides Okja this summer.

    (Photo credit: Okja trailer screenshot.)

    Ben.johnson June 30, 2017 - 8:56pm Rev. Ben Johnson

              Bloomberg Law Brief: Trump Delays Action Against Comey (Audio)   
    Richard Painter, a professor at University of Minnesota Law School and former White House ethics lawyer, discusses why President Trump is delaying legal action against former FBI director James Comey. He speaks with Michael Best and June Grasso on Bloomberg Radio's "Bloomberg Law."
              Trump Delays Filing Charges Against James Comey (Audio)   
    (Bloomberg) -- Richard Painter, a professor at University of Minnesota Law School and former White House ethics lawyer, discusses why President Trump is delaying legal action against former FBI director James Comey. He speaks with Michael Best and June Grasso on Bloomberg Radio's "Bloomberg Law."
              In 2016, Violence Pervaded Policing On Both Ends Of The Gun Deadly encounters between police and civilians often made 2016 a year full of palpable tension. Across the country, demonstrators took to the streets to protest police shootings, while at the same time officers in a number of states were targeted and killed by gunmen. Both situations have prompted law enforcement to examine use-of-force policies. Early next year, the FBI will take the first steps in developing a national database to track police shootings. Currently, the country's 18,000 police departments report crime information voluntarily, so media outlets and academics such as Philip Stinson, a criminologist at Bowling Green State University, work to create their own comprehensive list of police shootings. "My best estimate is that about 1,000 times a year an on-duty police officer shoots and kills someone," he says. Stinson says prosecutors consider most of those cases legally justified and few officers face charges. Even so, several
              Trump Allies Work to Discredit FBI, Probe   

    Trump Allies Work to Discredit FBI, ProbeMatthew Miller, former chief spokesman for the Justice Department, talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump allies going on offense to discredit the FBI officials and the Trump Russia investigation.

              Election fraud (plus a personal note to my readers)   
    You may have noticed an uptick of stories, posts and comments which seriously consider the possibility that computerized election fraud occurred in 2016. (Example.) Too many of these stories focus on the idea of Russian interference, as though Putin were the only possible culprit. Even though an "inside job" is just as likely -- and just as evil -- the idea of foreign interference gnaws at the American conscience.

    A few days ago, Time magazine published a major story which reiterated the now-familiar scenario of Russians hacking the "voter rolls" -- as though hackers would want to romp and scamper in there without actually doing anything to affect the outcome. For weeks, the Voices of Authority have told us "But there's no evidence that they changed the actual votes...!" Nobody buys that line. I doubt that even the Republicans buy it, not deep down, although they'll keep their skepticism private.

    Suppose a cop said the following to you: "Intruders came into your house while you were on vacation, but there's no evidence that they stole anything. No need to check your jewelry box. No need to invest in new locks." How would you react?

    The Time article on election integrity was more forceful than others of its kind, even though the writers make some rather dubious statements...
    During the run up to the vote, Obama Administration cyber-security officials took steps to prepare for widespread voter registration manipulation, fearing Russia might seek to cause chaos at polling places to undermine the credibility of the election.
    "Chaos" didn't happen. Trump happened. Logic tells us that the goal was not to create "chaos" but to create a Trump presidency. 
    Current and former law enforcement and intelligence officials say Russia could also have tried to use stolen voter data to gain leverage over witting or unwitting accomplices in the Trump camp, by involving them in a broader conspiracy.
    This statement indicates that the hackers did, in fact, have accomplices within the Trump camp. The great concern is therefore not leverage but the fact that Trump won when he should have lost. Why is Time so reticent to admit the obvious? This article prompted former governor Howard Dean to say out loud (via Twitter) what everyone else is thinking:
    This is much more serious than previous information. This opens the door to the idea that Trump may have won with falsified votes.
    Some of the follow-up tweets are worth quoting here:
    Reminder: it would have only taken five falsified absentee ballots per district in PA to produce the margin Trump won by...
    The rolls would have been altered to keep people from voting. If only 5 people per district couldn't vote wouldn't have triggered panic
    Ex-freakin-actly! Move the needle just enough to win, but not enough to be noticeable. What the morons don't count on is...statistics, trends and probability will show even the slightest data manipulation. Why? Because numbers never lie.
    Donald Trump won all of the "surprise" swing states by less than one percent. How likely is that?

    As Trump's friend Roger Stone once wrote (in one of his more honest moments):
    In an America as large and diverse as we are, the politics of unification is a non-starter. It is unrealistic to think that one could voice one or the other of the political philosophies of the two major parties to unify the country around any course of action. The politics of unification is, at heart, about only so much as you need to unify your 51%.
    You may have heard the old college axiom: Your degree is the same whether you're a C student or an A student. Similarly: In electoral politics, pushing yourself one-tenth of an inch past the 50 percent mark gains you the same amount of power that a landslide victory would have attained. A presidential candidate need not even get past the 50 percent mark in the popular vote -- he or she need only eke out a win in the electoral college.

    Computerized election fraud is not a bludgeon. It is a delicate instrument designed to help Mr. 48% become Mr. 50.1% Anything beyond a subtle shift would be too obvious. (Although if you ask me, Bernie's win in the Michigan primary was pretty freakin' obvious.)

    A side-trip into StoneVille. The above quote comes from an unpublished Stone autobiography. The following summary describes Stone's main methods of election-rigging (paragraph breaks added to increase readability):
    The first is through association, by having a candidate receive an endorsement from a person or group who potential supporters of the candidate are predisposed to view as an opponent, or through association with something unquestionably malevolent made via protesters, pamphlets, or other means funded by Stone’s campaign but without any fingerprints.

    The second is by having a group, funded by allied interests, oppose a candidate or policy due to some larger moral principle that everyone can agree on – the issue is not candidate A versus B, but opposition to crime, gambling, or child abuse.

    The third is the smear, saying your opponent is corrupt, weak, racist, a rapist, a murderer, a pedophile, always helpfully done not through you, the opponent on which this tar might stick, but through a phantom proxy.

    This last is used very, very often by Stone. The fourth, and one of the most effective, is through fragmentation of the vote. There is, say, overwhelming support for candidate A, who will raise the minimum wage, versus candidate B, who won’t. You split this overwhelming vote by funding another candidate, who wants to raise the minimum wage even higher, and who chastises candidate A for compromising their principles and being beholden to business interests for not asking for a higher wage. Through a vote split, candidate B, the one who says he believes the condition of workers must be improved, but not through easy sounding solutions like a higher minimum wage, scores a victory. At the same time, you make great efforts to keep the votes for your own candidate or issue from being fragmented.

    The fifth is vote suppression, of black and latino voters, who tend to poll democrat. The first four have been employed in elections that Stone has been involved in, with Stone often taking credit. The fifth has been employed alongside Stone’s efforts, though perhaps without the collusion of Stone.
    Keep in mind that these words were published well before Trump announced his candidacy.

    We saw all of these tactics in play throughout 2016. I don't think that there is any doubt now that Bernie Sanders functioned, wittingly or otherwise, as Trump's agent. The above passage reads like a prophecy of the Sanders movement, especially the bit about the political usage of the minimum wage.

    By the way: This glimpse into Bernie's skeletonized closet gives us a pretty good idea of how the Trumpers might have been able to recruit him.

    The writer of the above-quoted passage feared to tackle the issue of election hacking. Until recently, one could not discuss this possibility without inviting those ever-so-clever remarks about tin foil chapeaus. That's why the writer restricted himself to the cognate topic of minority voter suppression, which is disputed only by the most shameless propagandists.

    But minority voter suppression doesn't explain Trump's greater-than-predicted strength in the rural counties of those three swing states where he won by less than one percent. That's what nudged him over the mark in the electoral college.

    Ruthless employment of the first four of Stone's tactics can push even a terrible candidate close to the half-way mark. To creep one-tenth of an inch beyond the 50% line, election hacking may be necessary.

    Responding to nay-sayers. Unfortunately, too many people still refuse to acknowledge this possibility -- and Barack Obama didn't help the situation when he declared our election system to be more immaculate than the Virgin Mary.

    One canard that we keep hearing -- even in pro-democratic forums -- is that the "recount" in WI actually increased Trump's totals. We have excellent reasons to question the veracity of this alleged recount.

    1. The Republican-controlled state needlessly kept raising the cost of the recount -- a strong indicator of bias.

    2. Trump's lawyers adamantly blocked any attempt to examine the computer software for signs of malware. As I've said many times in the past, this blockage constitutes a de facto admission of guilt.

    3. Trump's official vote share in Wisconsin was 3.6 percent higher than the exit polls indicated. Those who defend the immaculate-ness of our elections tend to scoff at the reliability of exit polls. Here are three reasons why I scoff at the scoffers: A) The United States considers exit poll discrepancies to be indicative of election manipulation everywhere else in the world -- everywhere but here. B) Until the advent of computerized voting, the talking heads on teevee routinely assured us of the accuracy of exit polls. C) Exit poll discrepancies should skew blue as often as they skew red, but in actual practice, they almost always demonstrate a "red shift." This shift defies conventional explanation.

    4. There were towns in Wisconsin where the election-day turnout exceeded 100 percent -- more votes than voters. In a number of other places, the turnout hit very unlikely numbers -- 90 percent or more.  Also see here.

    5. Most important of all: The Wisconsin recount was not done by hand. (See also here.) Since the recount was (for the most part) done by machines, and since those machines were not checked for malware, and since we know that the Russians hacked election systems in 39 states including Wisconsin, the recount results are meaningless.

    What do we do? First: Never concede the legitimacy of Donald Trump's election. For that matter: If we are to be perfectly fair, then we must also not concede the legitimacy of Barack Obama's election, although the 2012 and 2008 results are far more difficult to call into question. A flawed system is a flawed system, even when you like the candidate who won.

    Second: Tell everyone you know to read this piece by Glenn Harlan Reynolds.
    So what should we do? Well, we could try to boost our cybersecurity, but given that the NSA, the FBI and the CIA are leaking important secrets on a daily basis, maybe we’re not up to that job. So, once again, let me suggest that we return to something that, by its very nature, can’t be hacked by a guy in St. Petersburg: Paper ballots.

    In some ways, paper and ink is a super technology. When you cast a vote on a voting machine, all that’s recorded is who you voted for. But a paper ballot captures lots of other information: Ink color, handwriting, etc. If you have access to a voting machine that’s connected to the Internet, you can change all the votes at once. To change a bunch of paper ballots takes physical access, and unless you’re very careful the changed ballots will show evidence of tampering. Paper ballots aren’t fraud-proof, of course, as a century of Chicago politics demonstrates, but they’re beyond the reach of some guy sitting at a computer in a basement halfway around the world. And there are well-known steps to make Chicago-style fraud harder.
    Perhaps it’s time to mandate paper ballots, and to also legally require other steps to ensure election integrity. Vote-counting systems should be transparent, and regularly audited. Voter ID should be strictly enforced, as it is in all advanced democracies to ensure that only eligible voters vote. And voter registrations should be audited frequently to ensure the removal of voters who have died or moved away. Maybe we should even dye voters’ fingers to prevent revoting, as is done in many other countries. There’s no way to hack that.
    Bravo. Reynolds has hit upon the right way to proceed: Tell the Republicans that we will address their election-integrity concerns if they concede our election-integrity concerns.

    A Voter ID card may, over time, actually increase the participation of minorities, the elderly and the homeless. I visualize a system in which each voter receives a plastic card like a driver's license or library card, perhaps with a fingerprint or some higher-tech means of identification.

    In my view, such a card should allow the voter access to any precinct in the nation (though only for the purpose of registering a presidential vote), thereby eliminating any of the "dual registration" concerns that often arise when a voter moves. The voter will swipe the card just before entering the booth, insuring that he votes only once in any given election.

    (I'm not sure what to do about absentee voting. Any suggestions?)

    A voter ID card system will stifle Republican conspiracy theories about multiple-voting schemes. Moreover, this system will actually make voting easier. Even someone who lives in a car or a cave or an impromptu mountain shack will carry a wallet, and that wallet will carry the card. Under the present system, a homeless person often cannot register to vote, at least not easily. Under my proposed system, registration -- if deemed necessary at all -- can take place with the swipe of a card.

    In return, Democrats must insist -- and I mean INSIST -- on paper ballots and the hand-counting of those ballots. Insuring the integrity of the tabulation is of paramount importance. Computers must play no further role in either the casting or the counting of votes.

    A final note to readers who donated to our "AC" fund: Have you ever been stuck trying to guess an old password? I still can't get into my old Yahoo email account! And I need to do so in order to thank you individually.

    For now, let me thank you again collectively. Hell, I don't know what we would have done without you. There were days when I yearned to dive into the Chesapeake: Even if that stunt killed me, I would have died cold.
              White House "tapes": Here's the news you won't hear anywhere else   

    This post will take you on a journey through the kind of history not taught in school. But before we get to the weird and wild stuff, we must note yesterday's big news: Donald Trump now denies that he recorded former FBI Director James Comey:
    With all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, I have no idea......whether there are "tapes" or recordings of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not have, any such recordings.
    Rachel Maddow devoted a large part of her show to Trump's admission, in court, that he has lied about recording conversations with one of his biographers. (That is, Trump at first bragged about making recordings and then later claimed that those those boasts were false.) She obviously doubts the reality of those alleged recordings. Call me a natural-born contrarian, but I think she's wrong. I also disagree with Lawrence O'Donnell, who offers his own views in the video embedded above.

    Why do I tend to believe in the existence of the Comey "tapes"? First: We know that Trump has made such recordings in the past. Second: We have a clear photograph of a digital voice recorder on Trump's desk in the Oval Office. Let's have no jokes about Trump's maladroit way with technology: I happen to own an Olympus digital voice recorder myself, and I assure you that a small child can operate it. If the internal mic is on the correct setting, the device can capture a conversation on the other side of the room.

    So why has Trump backtracked from his impulsively-made "tape" claims, both in that long-ago court case and in the recent Comey situation? Simple: He realized belatedly that making the recordings public would do him much more harm than good. If he admitted that he taped Comey, Mueller would demand to hear that recording and other recordings as well. That situation could get really sticky really fast.

    What was the purpose of Trump's theatrical delay before denying the existence of "tapes"? I don't know. His strange behavior seems indicative of -- well, of something, though I'm not sure what that "something" might be.

    The wording of his tweeted statement becomes more ominous on second read: "With all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information..." Obviously, he's hewing to an agreed-upon propaganda line designed to paint Obama and Susan Rice as sinister agents of the Deep State, but his text also conveys the hint of a threat. Perhaps he intended to convey this message: "Recordings may indeed exist. But if and when they come out, I won't let you saddle me with the legal consequences."

    The Nixon factor. In recent weeks, we've seen innumerable rehashes of the Watergate tapes. Nobody on teevee ever gets the story right, because only people with a superficial view of history are ever allowed on camera.

    Here's an all-important detail you probably don't know: There were multiple parties recording Nixon's White House.

    Why didn't Nixon burn the tapes in his possession? Because he knew that he didn't have the only copies. Strong evidence suggests that another set of recordings were held by CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton.

    Before we get much further with our story, it is important to understand that Angleton had become a Nixon opponent from the right. Nixon pursued a policy of detente, which Angleton detested. Moreover, the legendarily paranoid CIA molehunter considered Kissinger a Soviet agent -- an absurd idea which Angleton couldn't give up.

    (Long-time readers may accuse me of having an Angleton obsession. True enough. But hear me out: In this case, much of the evidence is compelling.)

    In 1975, New York Times foreign affairs correspondent Tad Szulc -- one of the most-respected journalists in American history -- published a lengthy article in Penthouse on electronic eavesdropping in Washington. (Back then, both Penthouse and Playboy paid big bucks for "quality" articles by big-name writers.) His work was summarized by the Washington Post and republished in the report of a congressional committee (here). After that, the whole thing went down the memory hole. If you bring up now what Szulc said then, you'll be dismissed as one of those awful, awful conspiracy theorists -- even though nobody felt that way back in 1975.

    Here is the relevant section of Szulc's piece:
    One extraordinary example is the tiny laser-beam transmitter embedded in the wall of the Oval Office at the White House. This transmitter picked up and relayed to a remote recording center every conversation between Richard M. Nixon and his aides, friends, and visitors during at least several months in 1970, the year the former president launched his secret domestic intelligence program. Presidential telephone conversations, including those conducted over "secure" scrambler lines, were also picked up by the laser transmitter.

    The existence in the presidential office of this highly sophisticated device, known by the code name "Easy Chair," remains one of the most sensitive, closely guarded, and intriguing secrets of the Nixon period. This knowledge is restricted to about a dozen key past and present officials of the Intelligence Community. But the precise purpose of the operation, the exact identity of those who ordered the installation of the laser device under a coat of fresh paint on the Oval Office wall, and the ultimate disposition of the instrument remain unclear. Nor do we know if tapes were made of these transmissions — which is perhaps, the most crucial question.

    It is also not known if Nixon himself was aware of and consented to the installation. If he did, the laser system complemented his hidden recording devices that produced the famous White House tapes. (In any event, the laser device picked up with infinitely more clarity every word uttered in the Oval Office, eliminating the "unintelligible" gaps that affected the tapes. In addition, the laser system permits, unlike a tape recorder, the identification of every individual voice in a room and the separation of several simultaneous conversations.) It is not known where the laser beam signal was received, but technical experts believe that such a device has a transmission range of under a half mile along a clear line of sight. The laser beam must be aimed out a window — it would be deflected by a wall. In the case of the Oval Office it had to go through the panes of the French doors leading to the Rose Garden.

    Highly reliable sources told Penthouse that one or more senior officials of the Secret Service and the Central Intelligence Agency are familiar with the "Easy Chair'- situation in the White House, although they could not say whether they learned of it only when the laser device was discovered and removed early in August 1970, or whether they knew at some earlier date. The sources would not rule out that the late J. Edgar Hoover, then director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was also privy to "Easy Chair.'

    In any event, this super-bugging of the presidential office looms as one of the most bizarre episodes in the still unfolding story of domestic spying carried out by six successive administrations, but climaxing most spectacularly during Nixon's tenure.

    Penthouse learned of this bugging of the Oval Office as a result of a lengthy investigation. According to highly authoritative sources, the person who installed the laser transmitter, possibly on a second attempt when an original device did not function properly, is a foreign-born individual employed as a painter by the government and apparently controlled by one of the intelligence agencies. His name as well as a number of other relevant details are withheld from publication to avoid causing suffering and embarrassment to persons innocently involved in this operation.
    When Michael Beschloss appears on MSNBC to deliver the "lite" version of Watergate, he doesn't tell you about that material.

    The idea of a "laser microphone" may seem like something out of Marvel comics, but as this Wikipedia article notes, the basic concept goes back to the 1940s, well before the invention of lasers. You can find various references to Easy Chair on the web, if you know where to look -- for example, here. (That link goes to It's a rah-rah pro-spook site, so don't go there expecting to see any references to bugs in the White House.)

    The FBI factor. Szulc's 1975 article hints at an even larger story. Take another look at this passage: "The sources would not rule out that the late J. Edgar Hoover, then director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was also privy to "Easy Chair.'"

    Question: Why did Szulc bring up Hoover? That bit of name-dropping comes out of the blue. Another question: Given the strained relations between CIA and the FBI, just how did Hoover learn about Easy Chair?

    The Hoover claim must be considered in conjunction with another passage: "...technical experts believe that such a device has a transmission range of under a half mile along a clear line of sight." These words bring up an obvious quandary: Where would the eavesdroppers place the receiver? 

    I think that Szulc offered a big clue when he brought up J. Edgar Hoover. No, I'm not talking about the FBI Building, which did not open until 1975. (Besides, it stands outside the half-mile radius.) Curt Gentry's invaluable biography J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and the Secrets (page 633) suggests a much better location:
    The FBI had a number of secret listening posts in Washington and its environs, including a large facility at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia -- it was from here that the wires of the Central Intelligence Agency, at nearby Langley, were supposedly tapped -- but the heart of its electronic surveillance operations was the Old Post Office Building, which was located in the Federal Triangle, close to the FBI headquarters in the Justice Department Building but far enough away that an attorney general wouldn't accidentally walk in.

    Since the Post Office had moved into its new building in 1934, the Bureau had gradually taken over most of the old building. Here, behind locked doors, with the tightest possible security, scores of monitors sat in front of small consoles, earphones on their heads, listening to, and recording, thousands of conversations.
    The Old Post Office Building was the obvious choice for the "Easy Chair" surveillance operation. The building code in D.C. enforces a strict height restriction, but the tower of the the Old Post Office Building predates that law. Except for the Washington Monument, no other place in the city offers a higher vantage point. The tower offers superb line-of-sight access to all sort of interesting places.

    Although a tree now blocks the way, in Nixon's time, the Old Post Office Building tower offered a direct view of the windows of the Oval Office. Moreover, the Old Post Office Building is just within our 1/2 mile radius.

    The photo published above and to the right was taken from the tower; the White House is in the upper center, behind the Treasury Building (the grey building with columns in front). The "Marine One" photo below, taken in 1970, proves that the foliage was once much less dense.

    The Trump factor. Of course, the Old Post Office Building is now owned by none other than Donald Trump. I've never read anything to suggest that the Hoover-era surveillance equipment was completely removed from that building.

    You may recall that Trump has said that he expects to be under surveillance in foreign hotels. Perhaps he knows about such things because he has allowed surveillance to take place within his hotels.

    As we've seen in several previous posts, some very shady characters have had offices and living quarters in Trump Tower. These characters were so very shady that the FBI had them under surveillance. Could the Bureau have bugged those locations without help from the owner of the building? Possibly -- but you must admit that the operation would have been a lot easier with Trump's acquiesence.

    We've also heard the suggestion that Trump himself may have functioned as an FBI asset:
    As all readers of Wayne Barret and David Cay Johnston know, Donald Trump has gotten away with all sorts of legally dubious crap over the years. It makes sense that Donnie would protect his interests by making various deals with the feds.

    You may have noticed that Trump Tower has a history of renting to high-level crooks, and that the feds always found it easy to "tapp" those particular suites. (Apparently, there has been a lot of bugging in that building.) One example would be Felix Sater, a former Trump Tower tenant who himself functioned as an FBI informant.
    At one time, there were plans to transform the Old Post Office Building into a Women's Museum. Is it outlandish to suggest that the intelligence community, for reasons of its own, has always wanted to see that building function as a Trump hotel?

    The Angleton Factor. J. Edgar Hoover's motive for spying on the White House should be obvious. As most people know, he maintained power by obtaining blackmail material -- what we now call "kompromat" -- on everyone in town, including the various residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    So why would I bring James Angleton of the CIA into this story?

    He, too, was renown for conducting surveillance on everyone in town. Moreover, he would discuss each night's eavesdropping haul with DCI Allen Dulles. From Michael Holzman's Angleton bio, quoting Tom Braden:
    "Angleton would come into Allen's office first thing in the morning and report what his bugs had picked up the night before. He used to delight Allen with stories of what happened at people's dinner parties...Jim used to come unto Allen's office and Allen would say, 'How's the fishing?' And Jim would say, 'Well, I got a few nibbles last night.' It was all done in the guise of fishing talk."
    Some have wondered how Angleton acquired the ability to eavesdrop on so many people. The answer is simple: His staff did not do the actual surveillance work. J. Edgar Hoover allowed Angleton to have access to the electronic intelligence that kept streaming into the Old Post Office Building.

    Why was the notoriously territorial John Edgar Hoover willing to share this remarkable haul with Jim Angleton, a man he had little reason to like? Because Angleton possessed "kompromat" on the FBI Director, in the form of photographs of homosexual activity involving Hoover and Clyde Tolson.

    The photos themselves have never been published. Their existence was first revealed to the public in 1993, by British author Anthony Summers, whose main source was an infamous electronics expert named Gordon Novel. Circa 1990, I played a small role in publicizing Novel's claim about the Hoover/Tolson photo, which he originally made in a private phone conversation with a pilot linked to the intelligence community. The pilot taped the call; I somehow got hold of a transcript and passed it along to -- well, to all sorts of people. (Kinkos was my second home back in those pre-internet days, and my Rolodex had some interesting names and addresses.) Eventually, the document reached a Summers associate, with whom I later spoke. Fortunately, the British journalist was able to find a secondary source for the story; he even got Novel to repeat the claim on camera for a Frontline documentary, which is probably online.

    (Somewhere along the way, I was threatened by Novel, which quite disturbed me at the time. I later learned that such threats were simply his way of saying "Hi.")

    All of which brings us back to the tapes of the Nixon White House. 

    At CIA, Novel dealt pretty much exclusively with Angleton. That fact explains why Charles Colson sounded out Novel concerning a rather bizarre scheme to erase the Watergate tapes using a "degaussing gun." This tentative plan was first described by columnist Jack Anderson in August of 1974. (Many years later, during an impromptu radio interview, Novel later said that the only reason he didn't do it was "They didn't pay me.")

    Unfortunately, Anderson's rather garbled piece focuses on an alleged plan to degauss tapes stored in the White House basement. The story makes only the briefest of references to copies of the same White House conversations at CIA headquarters.

    Almost no-one who read that article in 1974 understood the implications. Before the Watergate prosecutor knew of the existence of those tapes, before the public learned about the tapes, the White House understood that the CIA had copies of everything.

    That single fact -- which (as we will see) Colson confirmed -- changes our entire view of Watergate.

    The CIA had their own recordings of Nixon's conversations within the White House. You won't hear those words from Rachel Maddow or from any other MSNBC or CNN newsfolk offering Watergate retrospectives. Was the Colson/Novel "degaussing" plan practical or serious? I don't know and I don't care. Any such discussion diverts us from the history-changing words that have been hiding in plain sight since 1974: The CIA had their own recordings of Nixon's conversations within the White House.

    Now you know the real reason why Nixon could not simply "burn the tapes." He knew that his tapes were not the sole tapes.

    If Tad Szulc's 1975 story is accurate -- and I believe it is -- then the CIA recorded the Nixon White House using "Easy Chair" technology. Moreover, we have three excellent reasons to believe that these recordings fell into James Angelton's possession.

    1. As noted above, there is good reason to believe that Angleton had access to the "take" from the Hoover's surveillance operation in the Old Post Office Building.

    2. If you study Szulc's career, you'll see that he often used Angleton as a source. Szulc admitted as much in secret testimony delivered to the Church Committee. (See page 166 of Holzman's book.) I strongly believe that Angleton was Szulc's source for the 1975 article which revealed the existence of the CIA's "Easy Chair" project.

    3. Gordon Novel made clear on more than one occasion that -- when it came to the CIA -- he dealt almost exclusively with Angleton. To erase tapes in Angleton's possession, Colson needed someone who could gain access to Angleton's office on the second floor of CIA headquarters. That "someone" would have been Novel.

    The CIA factor. Suppose I'm wrong in my view that "Easy Chair" technology targeted Nixon. The conventional view holds that the White House taping system was installed by a tech guy named Alexander Butterfield, who later blabbed about the whole thing to the Watergate investigators.

    Guess what? We still have a strong CIA connection.

    Jim Hougan's invaluable Secret Agenda devotes part of its fourth chapter to the claims that the CIA had infiltrated the White House. Most people don't know that James McCord -- formerly a CIA man, later a Watergate burglar -- was brought on board by Alfred Wong, the technical director for the Secret Service.
    As H. R. Haldeman has written: "Were there CIA 'plants' in the White House? On July 10, 1975, Chairman Lucien Nedzi of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee released an Inspector-General's Report in which the CIA admitted there was a 'practice of detailing CIA employees to the White House and various government agencies.' The IG Report revealed there were CIA agents in 'intimate components of the Office of the President.' Domestic CIA plants are bad enough, but in 'intimate components' of the Office of the President'?" Haldeman then goes on to speculate about the identities of the CIA men in the White House. His main suspect is Alexander Butterfield, the former Air Force officer whose White House responsibilities included overall supervision of the presidential taping system. That system consisted of some two dozen room microphones and telephone taps that Wong's Secret Service detachment had installed in the White House and at Camp David; voice-activated by the Presidential Locator System or manually by Butterfield, the microphones and taps fed into a set of concealed Sony tape recorders. Haldeman's suspicions about Butterfield -- who denies that he was a CIA asset -- were shared by Rose Mary Woods, President Nixon's personal secretary. Together they criticize Butterfield for voluntarily revealing the existence of the taping system; they point with suspicion to Butterfield's early service as a military aide to GOP nemesis Joseph Califano, and make much of the fact that the circumstances of Butterfield's White House appointment are disputed.

    Haldeman and Woods are not alone in their suspicions of Butterfield, or in their concern over the Inspector General's report. If Bill McMahon is correct, McCord's seconding of CIA personnel in undercover assignments at the White House amounted to the calculated infiltration of a uniquely sensitive Secret Service unit: the staff responsible for maintaining and servicing the presidential taping system, and for storing its product. Moreover, unless both Haldeman and McMahon are mistaken-about Butterfield's secret allegiance and McCord's loan of personnel to Wong-then the CIA would seem to have had unrivaled access to the President's private conversations and thoughts. Charles Colson, among others, believes that this is precisely what occurred. "The CIA had tapes of every­ thing relating to the White House," Colson told me. "And they destroyed them two days after [Senator Mike] Mansfield asked them to save all of their tapes."
    This passage from Hougan does not necessarily conflict with the Szulc piece. Szulc describes a system to eavesdrop on the Oval Office -- but unlike all other presidents, Nixon didn't like to spend time there. If Agency personnel wanted to know that was going on in that administration, they would have to bug more than one room.

    If the intelligence community knew Nixon's secrets in 1972, they must surely know Trump's secrets now.

    Keep all of this history in mind whenever a Spookworld fanboy -- or fangirl (I'm looking at you, Louise) -- paints a naive, comforting picture of "heroic intelligence officers versus the Trump/Putin conspiracy." The situation was hardly simple in Nixon's day. The situation cannot possibly be so simple now.

    Is the "deep state" is out to get Donald Trump? Not in my book. I think that a faction of the intelligence community is protecting him.

              NEW INFO: A strange "Poker Venture" run out of Trump Tower   
    First: A plea for help. I rarely run fundraisers on this site, but an emergency just hit. After spending my meager savings on frivolities like medicine and a new video card, MY BLOODY AIR CONDITIONER DIED. I live in a very hot attic in a very humid part of the country. When the outside temperature turns hellish, it becomes even hellisher up here -- for me, for my ladyfriend, and for my poor diabetic doggiefriend George.

    Yes, I'm brash enough to mention the effects of global (or at least local) warming on my canine companion. He pants and pants but won't leave my side for the cooler climes of downstairs. The loyalty of a dog is touching, astounding, and a bit unnerving. (Would it tug at your heartstrings if I showed you his picture? Mine is the shamelessness born of desperation.)

    If you "ding" the PayPal button to your left (you may have to scroll down), your generous contribution will go straight to the air conditioner fund. We don't need a big 'un. Our gratitude will be beyond words.

    Before we get to our main investigative piece, we need to look at a couple of other stories...

    Terror in the UK: Our sympathies and thoughts go out to the victims of the attack on the Finsbury Park Mosque, which has finally been officially labeled an act of terrorism.
    Witnesses said he 'deliberately' drove onto the pavement outside north London's Muslim Welfare House - yards from the Finsbury Park Mosque - and jumped out of the cab shouting 'I'm going to kill all Muslims - I did my bit'.
    A similar horror took place in Virginia:
    A 17-year-old Muslim girl identified as Nabra was kidnapped and beaten to death early Sunday morning in Sterling, Virginia. She was reported as missing at roughly 4 a.m. and now police believe they have found her body in a pond.
    So far, Donald Trump's twitter feed has mentioned neither of these outrages.

    Roger Stone. The Roger Stone/Alex Jones team-up has been absolutely boggling. After building a formidable rep as a conspiratorial-mastermind-for-hire, Stone now pretends to be the victim of dark and evil forces. It's a surreal situation: Roger Stone is one of the original Watergaters and the king of the dirty tricksters, yet our modern paranoia addicts consider him an apostle of fair play and decency. What's next? Will the Infowarriors proclaim Pablo Escobar to be the saint of non-violence?

    Stone's name came up an NBC News story published yesterday: "NBC News Exclusive: Memo Shows Watergate Prosecutors Had Evidence Nixon White House Plotted Violence." In 1972, Nixonians planned to use bullyboys from YAF (Young Americans for Freedom, a notorious right-wing group of the time) to mount a violent physical attack against Daniel Ellsberg as he spoke -- along with William Kunstler and other notables -- at an anti-war rally on the Capitol steps. The Watergate Committee investigated the incident and outlined their findings in a memo that has remained unreleased until now.

    Roger Stone was also interviewed. Here's a tidbit that everyone seems to have missed...

    "Carl Rove"? Is that Turdblossom back when he was a young turd? Must be! Stone now seems to despise Rove, calling him a "political profiteer" -- unlike Stone himself, who always does what he does for the purest of motives, just like Jesus or Barry Allen. Also see here.

    Ivanka, Donald and their "Poker Venture." Just after I had announced to the world that I was so over Louise Mensch, she publishes a truly fascinating bit of research which relies on open-source material instead of nameless informants. Okay, okay: The Nameless Ones do pop up in a couple of paragraphs. Readers of her piece should mentally excise those bits and double-check the rest.
    Ivanka has been linked to eleven companies in the Trump financial disclosures. Her status has been put to “Inactive” on several odd holding companies...
    The most immediately interesting company of Ivanka Trump’s is “Poker Venture Managing Member Corp“.  This is owned by Donald and Ivanka Trump. Ivanka’s company with her father itself is an officer of this very dodgy-looking shell, “Poker Venture LLC.” Judging by the corporation wiki, there is panic in Team Ivanka and Team Trump over “Poker Venture“.  It shows zero “Key People”, and has two other almost identical companies as its officers – the live, active PVMMC that Ivanka co-owns with her pops, and this “Inactive” attempt to clean Ivanka out of the picture: by: Poker Venture Managing Member Corp by: Donald J. Trump.

    Those touring “Corporation Wiki” will be surprised to see that “Poker Venture Managing Member Corp by: Donald J Trump” lists itself as an officer of inactive “Poker Venture”, yet when one clicks on the gray icon, one is taken to the same active company.

    All very strange.
    I'll say! Beyond the fact that Trump allegedly divested himself of his business interests, isn't it a little unseemly for the President of the United States to be listed as the owner of a company called Poker Venture Managing Member Corp, which filed in Nevada?

    This company is related to another enterprise called simply Poker Ventures, whose listed address is 725 5th Avenue, New York, NY -- Trump Tower. Mensch seems to have missed that part, although she thinks that this "Poker" business somehow links up to the botnet which she believes is run out of Trump Tower. (I see no evidence for this beyond the inscrutable pronouncements of The Nameless Ones.)

    I'll tell you something else that Louise Mensch seems to have missed: This Poker Venture business appears to link up to some scandalous doings outlined in one of my previous posts (of which I happen to be quite proud). It's hard to summarize that complicated piece, but I'll try.

    A Russian "Godfather" named Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov ran a shady operation out of Trump Tower -- specifically, unit 63A, not far below Trump's own living quarters. It was so shady that the FBI had bugged the joint. (We're talking money laundering.)

    Tokhtakhounov -- known as "Little Taiwan" or "Taiwanchik" because he looks Asian -- is the guy who linked Donald Trump up with the world of beauty contests in Russia. Taiwanchik has his fingers in all sorts of interesting deals -- for example, he was once arrested for rigging an Olympic figure skating competition.

    Tokhtakhounov had partners in his New York enterprise -- Vadim Trincher and Anatoly Golubchik. (Trincher was the 2009 world poker champion.) They were tried and convicted. Guess who put 'em away? Preet Bharara.

    That's right: The U.S. attorney famously fired by Donald Trump secured convictions against two guys running a criminal enterprise right below Trump's feet in Trump Tower.
    Dirty money must needs be laundered, right? One great way to launder money is via the world of art. Banks won't ask too many questions if you tell 'em that someone just paid twenty million for a Picasso.

    Enter Helly Nahmad, who used to run a tony art gallery in Manhattan. His family is worth some $3 billion...
    From a 2013 story in the NYT:
    Mr. Nahmad, a night-life fixture known for his showy extravagance and celebrity crowd — a $21 million Trump Tower apartment and friendships with people like Gisele Bündchen and Leonardo DiCaprio — was charged in April in a racketeering indictment brought by federal prosecutors in Manhattan. He was accused of being part financier, part money launderer and part bookmaker in a network that organized poker games and sports betting operations and drew hundred-thousand-dollar wagers from celebrities and billionaires.
    The feds knew his secrets because they were listening in on Nahmad's cellphone chats.
    But Helly’s interest in gambling led to trouble. The high-stakes poker and sports-betting ring that he is accused of helping to lead — with activity stretching from New York and Los Angeles — ultimately came to the attention of federal authorities who were investigating Russian organized crime figures.

    Mr. Nahmad helped not only to bankroll the operation, according to prosecutors, but was also personally involved in taking sports bets. In all, 34 people were indicted in the case. The lead defendant is Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, whom authorities identify as a high-ranking Russian gangster known by his nickname, Taiwanchik.
    All of this has to do with the world of high-stakes poker. These people linked up with a coast-to-coast gambling operation which attracted a number of Hollywood celebrities, including Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire.

    My original post has many more details -- and by "many" I mean MANY. (Check out the Cyprus connection, which takes in Nahmad, Taiwanchik and Trump himself.) But right now, I want you to focus on "the holy game of poker."

    1. Donald and Ivanka run something called "Poker Venture," headquartered in Trump Tower but incorporated in Nevada.

    2. Directly below Trump's living quarters was a crooked enterprise run by Russian crime lord Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, whose links to Trump himself are beyond dispute. Tokhtakhounov got away; he is now in Russia.

    3. Helly Nahmad, who also had a Trump Tower address, was involved with a nationwide (actually international) high-stakes poker ring.

    4. Nahmad and Tokhtakhounov deny knowing each other, even though Preet Bahrara named them both as co-defendants when he made a case against this money laundering/gambling operation. They also both link up with Trincher and the other defendants.

    It may be as well to quote from the above-cited 2013 US Attorney's Office press release:
    The Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization is a nationwide criminal enterprise with strong ties to Russia and Ukraine. The leadership of the organization ran an international sportsbook that catered primarily to Russian oligarchs living in Russia and Ukraine and throughout the world. The Taiwanchik-Trincher Organization laundered tens of millions of dollars in proceeds from the gambling operation from Russia and the Ukraine through shell companies and bank accounts in Cyprus, and from Cyprus into the U.S. Once the money arrived in the U.S, it was either laundered through additional shell companies or invested in seemingly legitimate investments, such as hedge funds or real estate.
    Speaking of which: Many people have wondered who helped Jared Kushner purchase that ridiculously overpriced skyscraper at 666 Fifth Avenue. (I'm not claiming to have proof of a connection. I'm just sayin'.) For that matter, quite a few people have asked wondered why anyone would invest in Donald Trump's various properties, given the rather odd way he does business.

    Let's get back to that press release:
    The Nahmad-Trincher Organization is a nationwide criminal enterprise with leadership in Los Angeles, California, and New York City. The organization ran a high-stakes illegal gambling business that catered primarily to multi-millionaire and billionaire clients. The organization utilized several online gambling websites that operated illegally in the U.S. Debts owed to the Nahmad-Trincher Organization sometimes reached hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions.
    NYPD Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said: “The subjects in this case ran high-stakes illegal poker games and online gambling, proceeds from which are alleged to have been funneled to organized crime overseas. The one thing they didn't bet on was the New York City police and federal investigators’ attention. I commend the NYPD Organized Crime Investigations Division and their partners in the FBI and U.S. Attorney Bharara's office for identifying and bringing the members of this organization to justice.”
    Well, we know what Trump did to Bharara. No good deed goes unpunished.

    The question before us is this: Is the "Poker Ventures" that lists Donald and Ivanka as owners -- and which lists Trump Tower as its address -- part of the very real "poker venture" run by criminals living right below Donald's feet in that very same building?

    I can't prove it. But the nomenclature sure as hell makes the idea seem inescapable.

    Nomenclature isn't all we have to go on. Let's return to Louise Mensch's article (stressing, once again, that this piece -- unlike much of her recent work -- derives from open sources, all properly cited)...
    Equally odd is that the state of New Jersey – (Ivanka Trump has a New Jersey address listed as one of her business records, associated with Poker Ventures) – has added to its newly published list of “Internet Gaming Ancillary Companies” both Poker Ventures LLC, which was already listed, but also “Novacorp Net Ltd”, “VidMob Inc” and “Reblaze Technologies”.
    So: Poker Ventures has to do with online gambling. (The legality of online gaming is a matter of some dispute.) Remember: The crooked Nahmad/Trincher operation also involved online gambling.

    And Poker Ventures LLC does indeed appear on that list compiled by the state of New Jersey. See for yourself.

    Mensch goes on to connect Poker Ventures up with some other notable names on that list, shady concerns which have definite connections to both Russians and Israelis. One of these enterprises,  Reblaze Technologies, seems to have little to do with gambling and much to do with hacking: publishes anti-NSA blogs such as these, lauding the ‘hacking tools’ leaked by Shadow Brokers. Reblaze also offers lists of “protect your website” services you can buy from Russian hackers [sic], listing, ostensibly to protect against them, the full range of tools employed on Russia’s hack of America; its founder repeated the anti-NSA blog in an article that reads as a threat to hack America on Medium in December 2016.
    Fascinating stuff. That "protect your website" scam reminds me of the hoary "watch your car" racket illustrated in those old Dead End Kid movies. You should hit those links; they take you into very odd places.

    Unfortunately, we don't yet have any proof (beyond the word of Mensch's Nameless Ones) that this Reblaze business is tied up with Trump's Poker Ventures. Pity that: The possibilities are very intriguing.

    For that matter, I must reiterate that I cannot prove that Donald and Ivanka's weird foray into the worlds of poker and online gaming is part-and-parcel of the poker and online gaming operation run by Helly Mahmad and his Russian gangster associates. But come on: It's hard not to conclude that we're dealing with two ingredients from the same stew-pot. These poker-related ventures form a Venn diagram in which the two circles seem nearly congruent. You can't fairly accuse me of leaping to wild conclusions: This ain't the kind of hazy guff you get from Alex Jones.

    Louise Mensch, if you're reading these words: Thanks for returning to the world of real investigative writing. In the future, I hope you stop relying on the private sources who have provided you with so many dubious scoops. You'll have much more impact if you continue to provide stories that can be verified.

    I strongly urge you to look into the possible links between "Poker Ventures" and the real-world poker venture in Trump Tower.

    And please: Next time you feel tempted to accuse a perceived adversary of being a Russian spy, bite your tongue until it bleeds. A little more caution in your rhetoric will help you in the long run.

    Finally: If these words have proven intriguing or enlightening to you, please consider dinging that PayPal account. It's already infernally muggy in here -- several degrees hotter than the temps outside. I feel like I'm melting.
              Is there a secret tape of Newt saying shocking things about Trump and Russia?   
    This is a long-ish post about anonymous sources.

    Many respected mainstream writers have used them. Lately, though, non-mainstream writers have made some very startling claims based (they say) on information from unnamed insiders. And that's a problem.

    Consider, for example, the case of Watergate's Deep Throat, the most famous anonymous source of all time. Everyone knows that Throat turned out to be FBI man Mark Felt, who "came out" a few years before his death in 2008. There are solid reasons to suspect that Woodward cultivated other sources whom he has never identified -- sources who worked for a Certain Interesting Agency. (See here, here and here.) Woodward's description of Throat -- a lanky, chain-smoking, hard-drinking "former military man with intellectual proclivities" -- describes Jim Angleton one hell of a lot better than it describes Mark Felt.

    The tale of Throat exemplifies one of the main problems with anonymous sourcing: Even after the story has reached a resolution, mysteries may linger. After the Big Reveal, nobody subjected Felt to some much-needed intensive questioning because he was quite elderly.

    Still, Woodward and Bernstein were not indulging in "fake news" when they wrote their Throat-based stories (even though Nixon might have used that term if it was in circulation at the time). The famous duo's reportage turned out to be accurate, even if they did keep the Agency in the shadows. They revealed the name of their source to their editor, Ben Bradlee, and reportedly to a few other people (including the remarkable J. Stanley Pottinger).

    Most importantly: Woodward and Bernstein worked for a reputable journalistic institution which has never been inclined to publish anything likely to result in a libel case. The WP must be careful because it has sufficiently deep pockets to justify a lawsuit.

    The same cannot be said of some of today's storytellers.

    Take, for example, this remarkable headline in The Palmer Report, a repository for all of the wilder Trumpgate claims made on any given day:
    Report: FBI has recordings of Newt Gingrich setting up Trump-Russia meetings during campaign
    A headline like that would raise the eyebrows of anyone not named Mona Lisa. But what is the basis for this claim? It traces back to a writer who goes by the handle Puesto Loco, which, according to Google Translate, means "put out crazy." Not a pseudonym likely to inspire confidence.

    Here's his tweet:
    JUST IN:
    FBI has Sept, 2016 tapes of Newt Gingrich setting up multiple Team Trump/Russia meetings with Kislyak et al. (reliable source)
    And here's the photo montage he put together:

    Not many hours later, Mr. Loco tweeted another big claim:
    Sources tell me there's enough House GOPers who've pledged that if Trump fires Mueller & Ryan interferes rehiring him, Ryan will be ousted.
    This assertion also comes with a photo montage:

    I wouldn't dismiss the possibility that the Germans "have something" on Trump. But I do have a simple question: What is Merkel's motive for keeping the secrets of Ryan, McConnell and Trump at this stage of the game?

    Here's an even better question: Why would we be learning this tidbit from a little-known tweeter who calls himself Puesto Loco? Why would an insider divulge such important material to that guy, and not to the Washington Post or the NYT or even Buzzfeed? It just don't add up!

    Here's how Mr. Loco describes himself:
    Military Anchor Baby - My Mom never saw the irony in calling me a Son-of-a-Bitch. GOP fascism is destroying my country.
    He gives his location as "Florida Central West Coast." (Incidentally, CIA personnel often retire to Central Florida, though usually on the east coast.) Mr. Loco offers another photo montage which bears on the very problem under discussion in this post:

    While I'm hardly in a position to dismiss all conspiracy theories, the problems on display here should be obvious:

    1. Someone displaying this level of concern about credibility should not have chosen "Puesto Loco" as his nomme-de-net.

    2. Although I remain fascinated by her, Louise Mensch has so thoroughly damaged her reputation by this point that even the Palmer Report won't link to her anymore. You can't blame spooks for that situation; she did it to herself. Besides, Mensch loves spooks. She's a spook fangirl.

    3. I've read a lot about Allen Dulles. Maybe I'm forgetting something, but I'm pretty sure that he never said anything about demonizing the term "conspiracy theory." However: As any student of the JFK assassination knows, Dulles' CIA pioneered the technique of using sensationalized claims to hide the truth. It is legitimate to suspect that this technique is still in use.

    About a week ago, Puesto Loco and Louise Mensch separately offered the same scoop -- a claimed linkage between Paul Ryan and Wikileaks. (I've seen no evidence to back this scenario.) As we've seen, Mr. Loco has risen to the defense of Louise Mensch. And yet, just yesterday, Mensch accused Mr. Loco of being...

    Oh hell. Do I even need to say it? This is Louise Mensch we're talking about...
    For example puesto loco tweets many true things but is also Russian intelligence.
    As are so, so many others. Louise, since you are very free with paranoid accusations, how about one for little ol' me?

    Look, I'll help you out. Here's the incontrovertible proof of my perfidy: I've read War and Peace. I like Tarkovsky's films. As a teen, I once traveled 40 miles by bus in the rain to see a double bill of Potemkin and October. I've met Marina Oswald Porter. I picked up a few Russian words from A Clockwork Orange. I occasionally drink vodka. When it comes to heavy metal, I'll take Khatchaturian's Third Symphony over Metallica any day.

    (Betcha didn't know that Aram Khatchaturian invented heavy metal in 1947. Someone should re-score that piece for electric guitar instead of organ.)

    And yet I don't think that Mensch is a disinformation agent, at least not a witting one.

    True, there's a lot of evidence against her: Her friendship with the vile Milo Yiannopoulos, her work for the even viler Rupert Murdoch, her pre-election paranoid fantasias directed at Hillary Clinton, her vaguely pro-Trump pre-election tweets (issued under the name Louise Bagshawe), her membership in the same Tory party that supplies Cambridge Analytica with so many top employees, her generally divisive behavior, and -- of course -- her many unlikely scoops based on intel from nameless insiders who, for some unfathomable reason, would rather talk to her than to (say) Michael Isikoff or Kurt Eichenwald.

    One could also cite her propensity to spook-bait fellow anti-Trumpers. Yet this is precisely the factor which inclines me to think that she is sincere: A professional disinformationist would make a greater effort to maintain credibility -- and would strive to be liked.

    Hm. I suppose that a similar argument could be made in favor of Puesto Loco. Wouldn't a witting agent be more likely to call himself "Muy cuerdo" or something like that?

    And then there's John Schindler, perhaps the best-known of the "spooks against Trump." Surprisingly few people recall this remarkable piece from May 26, in which Schindler discusses a secret meeting between NSA Director Mike Rogers and key employees:
    This week’s town hall event, which was broadcast to agency facilities worldwide, was therefore met with surprise and anticipation by the NSA workforce, and Rogers did not disappoint. I have spoken with several NSA officials who witnessed the director’s talk and I’m reporting their firsthand accounts, which corroborate each other, on condition of anonymity.

    In his town hall talk, Rogers reportedly admitted that President Trump asked him to discredit the FBI and James Comey, which the admiral flatly refused to do. As Rogers explained, he informed the commander in chief, “I know you won’t like it, but I have to tell what I have seen”—a probable reference to specific intelligence establishing collusion between the Kremlin and Team Trump.

    Rogers then added that such SIGINT exists, and it is damning. He stated, “There is no question that we [meaning NSA] have evidence of election involvement and questionable contacts with the Russians.” Although Rogers did not cite the specific intelligence he was referring to, agency officials with direct knowledge have informed me that DIRNSA was obviously referring to a series of SIGINT reports from 2016 based on intercepts of communications between known Russian intelligence officials and key members of Trump’s campaign, in which they discussed methods of damaging Hillary Clinton.

    NSA employees walked out of the town hall impressed by the director’s forthright discussion of his interactions with the Trump administration, particularly with how Rogers insisted that he had no desire to “politicize” the situation beyond what the president has already done. America’s spies are unaccustomed to playing partisan politics as Trump has apparently asked them to do, and it appears that the White House’s ham-fisted effort to get NSA to attack the FBI and its credibility was a serious mistake.

    It’s therefore high time for the House and Senate intelligence committees to invite Admiral Rogers to talk to them about what transpired with the White House. It’s evident that DIRNSA has something important to say.
    Here's the thing: Since Schindler wrote those words, Rogers has testified to Congress. And he played Johnny Tightlips, at least in the open session. If, in the closed session, he had said anything this startling and damning, we probably would have received some indication by now.

    I mean, what would be the purpose of continued secrecy? And why the hell would Comey (who supposedly has all of the NSA's juiciest material) keep these SIGINT reports under wraps?

    Schindler wants us to believe that a whole bunch of NSA guys and a whole bunch of congressfolk (of both parties) and the former FBI Director have absolutely damning evidence that Trump conspired with Russians. Yet instead of using this evidence, they all prefer to let Trump continue to hang on to the nuclear launch codes.

    Does that make sense to you?

    Reality Winner revealed that the NSA possesses evidence of Russian interference with our voting systems. We didn't get that from Admiral Rogers. Why not? Keeping a thing like that secret from the American public is, in and of itself, an act of collusion with Russia.

    Yes, the NSA is traditionally the most secretive of agencies, and Rogers is no doubt an extremely circumspect individual. I know all that. But I don't care. If Russia has hacked our vote, then we need to know. Period. No excuses. On rare occasions, secrecy is tantamount to complicity.

    Here's a more sensible theory: NSA chieftain Mike Rogers, like former DIA chieftain Michael Flynn, is on Team Trump -- which explains why the NSA keeps Trump's dirty secrets. 

    No, I can't prove that theory -- but I can point to this overlooked nugget from Rachel Maddow:
    Maddow began her conspiratorial suggestion by first noting how highly publicized Trump’s transition was, specifically when it came to who was coming in and out of the golden elevators. But she noted that nine days after the election, a serving Obama administration official made a surprise visit to Trump Tower. It was Admiral Mike Rogers.

    She pointed to an NBC News report that showed Rogers “took a personal day” to visit the president-elect and to an NPR report that Rogers never told the sitting president (aka President Obama) that he was going to meet with Trump. Maddow then seemed to agree with The Wall Street Journal‘s report that Rogers was seeking a promotion to become the Director of National Intelligence (a job that ultimately went to Dan Coats).

    Maddow was relishing a WaPo report that came out days later that then-DNI James Clapper and then-Secretary of Defense Ash Carter urged then-President Obama to fire Rogers from the NSA.

    Before moving on to Rogers’s testimony, Maddow concluded by saying that this was a “very strange story.”
    Indeed! Please note: Maddow's story cannot be reconciled with Schindler's tale, at least not easily.

    So: Did Schindler's sources tell him the truth about what Rogers said? What about Mr. Loco's sources? Ms. Mensch's?

    The best way to hide a Hershey's Kiss is in a pile of horseshit.
              Have a big bowl-full of Cray-Cray!   
    I was tempted to begin this post with the words "The shit has hit the fan." But we say that every day, don't we? Our national life has become a ceaseless hurricane of shit hitting a Great Wall of fans. Today, however, some particularly weird shit hit the fans. 

    The UK: Before we get to that weirdness, let me offer these words from regular reader b on the situation in Britain, where a concatenation of events makes a Corbyn government possible.
    Listen - the British government is now exceptionally weak and unpopular. I don't just mean it's incompetent and many have a low opinion of it. A mood is rising in London in connection with the terrible fire in North Kensington, which everyone knows resulted from many years of housing policy and the deliberate degradation of people's living conditions. This mood may bring down the Tory government within days.

    A petition is urging Jeremy Corbyn to table a motion of no confidence in the government "and its housing policy that caused the Grenfell Tower fire". Please can people help circulate it.

    It could happen that when Parliament officially reopens next Wednesday there are 100,000 people on the street outside, expressing "no confidence" in the government.

    That has not happened before in living memory. Everyone who isn't a total shit wants Jeremy Corbyn to take over as prime minister. And it's possible, seriously possible, that we will get what we want very soon.

    In your fucking ugly face, Donald Trump!
    Speaking of whom...

    Donnie vs. Roddie. When I went to sleep this morning (yes, I'm on a bizarre schedule), the big news was the Mystery Message which Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issued -- a message which had Trump's tiny fingerprints all over it. Rosenstein seemed to be carrying water on Trump's behalf. This worrisome spectacle had many wondering about the fate of the Mueller investigation, since Rosenstein has the power to fire Mueller.

    Ten hours later, everything had changed. We had entered a new sector of Crazyland.

    In one of the strangest tweets which this strange man he has ever spewed, Trump has declared war on Rosenstein.
    I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt
    This reads as though Trump is blaming Rosenstein for the Comey firing, even though Trump admitted to Lester Holt that he had decided to do so beforehand and that he used Rosenstein's anti-Comey argument as a kind of cover.

    (That interview was the equivalent of Jack Nicholson's "You can't handle the truth" outburst in A Few Good Men -- except Holt had not placed Trump under any discernible pressure.)

    Yesterday, Trump attacked Mueller. Now, he is attacking the guy who chose Mueller. It's all very unnerving. Once again, I'm predicting that Trump will fire Robert Mueller. When faced with a choice between doing the Crazy Thing and doing the Non-Crazy Thing, Trump will always choose the former.

    Incidentally, the president's tweet has confirmed that he is, in fact, under investigation.
    “He’s furious at Rosenstein, but the list of his people who enrage him is ever-growing,” a longtime Trump confidant, who recently spoke to the president, told The Daily Beast. “He has no qualms about throwing [Rosenstein] under a bus.”

    That single tweet threatens to upend the administration’s legal and public-relations strategies surrounding an FBI probe into alleged Russian election-meddling that has expanded in recent months to include an obstruction investigation and a probe of the finances of Trump aides and associates.

    A frustrated senior Trump administration official quipped in response to the tweet, “Has anyone read him his Miranda rights?” The implication being that Trump would do well to remain silent on the issue of his own criminal investigation.
    I suspect that the "longtime Trump confidant" is Roger Stone, who has recently broadcast his own desires to see Mueller and Rosenstein fired. Amusingly, on the day Rosenstein issued his argument against Comey, Stone agree with Rosenstein's basic premise -- that is, he agreed that Comey had treated Hillary very unfairly.
    What Comey did to Hillary was disgraceful. I'm glad Trump fired him over it.
    Later, Stone wrote that Comey was a Clinton co-conspirator. Well, which is it? Was Comey horrid to Hillary or was he in cahoots with her? I'm tempted to say "Get your story straight, Roger." But this is Stone we're talking about: His "story" changes daily, depending on the situation and on the necessities of propaganda. The dimwitted Alex Jonesians who follow his guff never notice the contradictions.

    It gets crazier. Congressman Ted Lieu (a lawyer) argues that Trump's barrage of Freaky Tweets is erasing his ability to claim Executive Privilege.
    I agree with you @realDonaldTrump. Please don't stop tweeting about the witch hunt. Thank you for waiving executive privilege w/ your tweets
    Most commentators have failed to notice that Trump's tweet confuses the roles played by Mueller and Rosenstein. The Orange Oaf said that he is being investigated by Rod Rosenstein, even though Rosenstein is not the Special Counsel. In other words, we're playing Crazy Chess here: Each piece gains new powers and a new position with every move.

    Rod Rosenstein is now talking about recusing himself. Why? I'm not sure. This course of action seems to be based on the fact that he was insulted in a tweet issued by the object of Mueller's investigation. The lesson: If ever you are under investigation, all you need to do is issue a tweet in which you complain about the guy who hired the investigator, and that will make all of your tormentors go away. Because that's how the justice system works these days -- if your name is Trump.

    Getting rid of Rosenstein would put matters into the hands of Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand, whose political inclinations are perhaps best illustrated by the donations she made to Ted Cruz. Her initials will resonate with those who appreciate the many Watergate parallels: Rachel Brand would be the distaff version of Robert Bork.

    Bannon battery?
    Claude Taylor says that Steve Bannon physically assaulted White House staffers and is now being investigated for obstruction of justice. Yes, yes, I know: Taylor is not the most credible of sources. I won't believe this particular claim until I hear it from people I consider more trustworthy. But...c'mon. Be honest. Can't you just see Bannon losing his temper in this fashion?

    I'm reminded of the story of the Massacre of the Innocents: There's no historical evidence that Herod actually did such a thing, but the report does fit what we know of the man's character.

    Satergate. David Cay Johnston issued a fascinating tweet...
    Journalists: Open hearing on unsealing files that may show Trump Russian ties, Mon, 13:00, Federal Courthouse Brooklyn, Judge Pamela K. Chen
    These files concern Felix Sater, the Russian crook with strong Trump ties. This angle may explain why so many Trumpers have lawyered up -- hell, even Michael Cohen, Trump's lawyer, has hired a lawyer.

    Some of you may appreciate a refresher course.

    In this story (which drew from this bombshell investigation) we looked at Trump's links to the Bayrock Group, an organization run by shadowy Russian-Americans and eastern Europeans. Another Bayrocker is Tarik Arif, who has been credibly linked to underaged prostitutes, which have been used to obtain kompromat on various politicians and businessmen.

    I've decided to republish some words which originally appeared in a February 20, 2017 Cannonfire post:

    * * *

    Sater, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and the Putin government have been hammering out a Ukraine peace plan, which Sater gave to General Flynn just before his resignation. Why is this shocking? Because -- as indicated above -- Sater is a shady, sleazy character, and Trump has been trying to pretend that he has no real links to the guy.

    Having spent some time studying the matter, the biggest red flags about Donald Trump's ties to Russia and businessmen around Vladimir Putin have always been tied to the Trump SoHo building project in Lower Manhattan, from the first decade of this century. I base my knowledge of this on this rather cursory but still quite good April 2016 article from the Times and my own limited snooping around the Outer Boroughs Russian and Ukrainian emigre press. (I summarized the most salient details of the earlier Times article in Item #3 of this post.) This was a key project, perhaps the key project in the post-bankruptcy era in which Trump appeared heavily reliant on Russian funds to finance his projects. Sater was at the center of that project. The details only came to light after the project got bogged down in a complicated series of lawsuits.

    After the lawyers got involved, Trump said he barely knew who Sater was. But there is voluminous evidence that Sater, a Russian emigrant, was key to channeling Russian capital to Trump for years. Sater is also a multiple felon and at least a one-time FBI informant. Bayrock Capital, where he worked was located in Trump Tower and he himself worked as a special advisor to Trump. Again, read the Times article to get a flavor of his ties to Trump, the Trump SoHo project and Russia. For my money there's no better place to start to understand the Trump/Russia issue.

    On its own, Trump's relationship with Sater might be written off (albeit not terribly plausibly) as simply a sleazy relationship Trump entered into to get access to capital he needed to finance his projects. Whatever shadowy ties Sater might have and whatever his criminal background, Trump has long since washed his hands of him. (Again, we're talking about most generous reads here.)

    But now we learn that Sater is still very much in the Trump orbit and acting as a go-between linking Trump and a pro-Putin Ukrainian parliamentarian pitching 'peace plans' for settling the dispute between Russia and Ukraine.
    Just how shady is Sater? This Miami Herald piece form 2012 is a must-read:
    Now with the collapse of the posh Trump resort, lawyers are fighting to expose the background of the 46-year-old man who they allege stole millions from investors while he was given sweeping protections by prosecutors.

    Sater is accused in a civil racketeering case of helping to hide millions from the failed Fort Lauderdale project — while paying $1.5 million to a former Mafia associate for his role in the deal.
    Sater has dodged the legal repercussions of his acts by functioning as an informant for both the FBI and CIA.
    * * *

    Let's return to this piece.

    Whatever Felix Sater has been up to recently, the key point is that by 2002, at the latest,19 Tevfik Arif decided to hire him as Bayrock’s COO and managing director. This was despite the fact that by then Felix had already compiled an astonishing track record as a professional criminal, with multiple felony pleas and convictions, extensive connections to organized crime, and—the ultimate prize—a virtual “get out of jail free card,” based on an informant relationship with the FBI and the CIA that is vaguely reminiscent of Whitey Bulger.
    By then [2000] young Felix Sater was already well on his way to a career as a prototypical Russian-American mobster. In 1991 he stabbed a commodity trader in the face with a margarita glass stem in a Manhattan bar, severing a nerve. He was convicted of a felony and sent to prison. As Trump tells it, Sater simply “got into a barroom fight, which a lot of people do.” The sentence for this felony conviction could not have been very long, because, by 1993, 27-year-old Felix was already a trader in a brand new Brooklyn-based commodity firm called “White Rock Partners,” an innovative joint venture among four New York crime families and the Russian mob aimed at bringing state-of-the art financial fraud to Wall Street.

    Five years later, in 1998, Felix Sater pled guilty to stock racketeering, as one of 19 U.S.-and Russian mob-connected traders who participated in a $40 million “pump and dump” securities fraud scheme. Facing twenty years in Federal prison, Sater and Gennady Klotsman, a fellow Russian-American who’d been with him on the night of the Manhattan bar fight, turned “snitch” and helped the Department of Justice prosecute their co-conspirators.22 Reportedly, so did Salvatore Lauria, another “trader” involved in the scheme. According to the Jody Kriss lawsuit, Lauria later joined Bayrock as an off-the-books paid “consultant.” Initially their cooperation, which lasted from 1998 until at least late 2001, was kept secret, until it was inadvertently revealed in a March 2000 press release by U.S. Attorney Lynch.

    Unfortunately for Sater, about the same time the NYPD also reportedly discovered that he had been running a money-laundering scheme and illicit gun sales out of a Manhattan storage locker. He and Klotsman fled to Russia. However, according to the New York Times, which cited Klotsman and Lauria, soon after the events of September 11, 2001, the ever-creative Sater succeeded in brokering information about the black market for Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to the CIA and the FBI. According to Klotsman, this strategy “bought Felix his freedom,” allowing him to return to Brooklyn. It is still not clear precisely what information Sater actually provided, but in 2015 U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch publicly commended him for sharing information that she described as “crucial to national security.”
    Remember, the Orbis dossier said that election shennanigans were being covertly funded by Russia via a network of Russian emigres in New York. Sater and Arif are Russian emigres.
    I will be back with (I hope) a fairly major piece later today, but right now, I'd like to offer a quick note about the testimony offered by Jeff Sessions. It all comes down to one basic question: How the hell does he get away with it?

    The dimwits who frequent rightwing sites like Gateway Pundit seem to be under the impression that every conversation with Donald Trump is automatically classified -- at least, that was their argument against Comey. Although one has come to expect such idiocy from the rightists, our Congressfolk should know better. And yet they allowed our law-breaking Attorney General to refuse to divulge any of his private conversations with Donald Trump.

    The A.G. made no claim that the material under discussion was classified. There was no claim of executive privilege. Sessions, when asked to reveal what he said to the "Predisent," simply fell into an imitation of Bartleby the Scrivener: "I prefer not to."

    Apparently, Trump is Sacred. Those who come face-to-face with the Sacred One in private are like the ancient High Priests of Israel who made offerings in the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur. No one must ever know what transpires in the secret places of God.

    As everyone has heard by now, Sessions lied during his confirmation hearings about meeting with Russians. Sessions lamely tried to excuse that lie by claiming that Al Franken's "rambling" question had confused him. Oh really? Franken had spoken with his characteristic lucidity, and Sessions did not ask for a clarification. Besides, Trump himself is such a classic rambler that his horn goes beep beep beep.

    Here's the really damning part: Sessions had offered the exact same denial in writing.

    So during his confirmation, Sessions lied to Franken and he lied to Senator Leahy. Later, he lied when he said that he was confused by Franken's question.

    But it gets worse. I am quite sure that he lied when he said that he was following longstanding Justice Department policy in not disclosing what he said to Donald Trump. I'd love to see proof that such a "historic policy" exists.

    (Can you imagine the howls of outrage from Republicans if Hillary Clinton, during the Benghazi hearings, had refused to divulge any discussions she had had with Barack Obama? We never would have heard the end of it!)

    Janet Reno never referred to such a "historic" policy of silence when -- giving testimony before Congress -- she detailed her conversations with Bill Clinton. Eric Holder never referred to such a "historic" policy when he was questioned during the Obama years.

    Holder was cited for Contempt for allegedly lying about Fox News reporter James Rosen -- an alleged infraction which was far less weighty than the almost daily outrages we've seen from Trump's team. A look back at that case offers a compelling view of the double standards on display here. Holder had testified that he had never been involved in the prosecution of a reporter. Desperate for any excuse to scream "Liar!", the Republicans proved that Holder, as part of a leak investigation, had signed off on a search warrant of Rosen (who was never indicted). Holder's counterargument was simplicity itself: There's a difference between a prosecution and an investigation.

    And that was it. That was the so-called "lie" which had the Republicans screaming bloody murder. These same Republicans are now giving Jeff Sessions a free pass, even though he has clearly fibbed under oath on multiple occasions.

    Sessions even tried to revive the debunked claim -- debunked by Trump himself! -- that FBI Director James Comey had been fired because the so-called "Comey letter" (the one about emails on the Wiener laptop) was "inappropriate." During the campaign, Sessions had lavishly praised Comey for that very deed.

    The hypocrisy on display here is beyond outrageous.

    So why does Congress allow Sessions to get away it? He clearly merits a charge of contempt.

    A member of the House of Representatives should begin the official process of impeaching Jeff Sessions. Even iIf the attempt is unsuccessful, it will demonstrate that this nation has not completely forsaken morality and the rule of law.

    By the way: I was surprised by the large number of "I don't recall" answers offered by Jeff Sessions. Why is his memory so bad? Has he been smoking pot?
              We're screwed. Here's why.   
    If this were one of the popular blogs, I'd feel obligated to wear a fake smile as I assure liberals that Trump will face impeachment any day now.

    (Remember when liberal bloggers assured everyone that Hillary had the election in the bag? Remember when anyone who made the contrary prediction was damned as a Republican infiltrator?)

    Any blogger who wants to be loved must join the growing brotherhood (Alle Menschen werden Brüder) of anti-Trumpists who keep telling each other that impeachment is mere days, mere hours, mere minutes away. I wouldn't be surprised to hear dear Louise say that impeachment has already taken place in secret, the Supreme Court having decided to replace Trump and Pence with their Earth 2 counterparts.

    One of the virtues of unlovability is that I can play the role I was born to play -- that of the grumpy old pessimist who tells you things you don't want to hear. Some see the glass as half-empty and some see it as half-full; the grumpy old pessimist sees but a few drops of water quivering on the brink of evaporation, the last drops of water on a parched and dying planet, and he tells you that soon, all too soon, we shall all be crawling across the desert floor, croaking in agony at the pitiless heavens as we face the void of infinite despair.

    And that's my act. Thanks for coming, ladies and gentlemen. I'll be playing another show at 11:00.

    Here's why impeachment is unlikely, even if Trump's popularity sinks below the 30 percent mark (which many pundits now proclaim to be Doom Point, even though Yeltsin bounced back after his approval rating hit 9 percent).

    1. Trump will soon install his toady as FBI Chieftain. His pick will, of course, be compromised, even if his background seems superficially appealing. I don't need to know more about Christopher Wray; it is enough to know Trump.

    Never forget: Only the FBI has the resources to do actual knocking-on-doors investigation. That's what the I in FBI stands for.

    2. The DNI, the Director of the CIA and the head of the CIA are all Trump's puppets. Any prominent enemy of Trump must be whistle-clean, because the boys and girls who work for Mike Rogers have been listening in to every telephone call and computer message. Moreover, the malchiks and devotchkas working for Spetssvyaz, the Russian version of the NSA, have also been listening in to every telephone call and computer message. (Fun fact: We don't know the name of the head of that agency. Here's a picture of their headquarters.)

    Never forget: Modern tech makes it possible to create kompromat where none exists. (See previous post.)

    3. Tory power has been diminished in the UK, but Cambridge Analytica (staffed largely by Tories) remains in full force. Right now, the manipulators are busily turning Jim Comey into Hillary II. They'll keep throwing shit against the wall until the shit sticks. Comey, Hillary, Podesta and Obama are all more likely to see the inside of a jail cell than is Donald Trump.

    Never forget: Hillary was the most popular woman in America before the smear campaign kicked in.

    4. Trump can -- and probably will -- replace Robert Mueller.
    One of President Donald Trump’s attorneys on Sunday wouldn't rule out the possibility the president would fire the special counsel appointed to look into his campaign’s potential ties to Russia.

    Robert Mueller was appointed by the Justice Department last month to investigate Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. And on Sunday, ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked Trump attorney Jay Sekulow whether the president would pledge not to interfere or order the attorney general to fire Mueller.

    “Look, the president of the United States, as we all know, is a unitary executive,” Sekulow said on ABC’s “This Week.” “But the president is going to seek the advice of his counsel and inside the government as well as outside. And I'm not going to speculate on what he will, or will not, do.”
    Translation: Trump will fire Mueller. Cambridge Analytica will no doubt initiate its anti-Mueller smear campaign any day now. Perhaps they'll plant kiddie porn on his computer or his Twitter feed. You should also expect the BernieBots to spew Mueller-hate from stage left. (Has the spew started already? I haven't checked out H.A. Goodman's YouTube channel lately.) (Here's an early attempt.)

    5. You know that scenario we keep hearing about -- the one in which FBI agents squeeze the underlings to make them rat out Mr. Big? The one in which the good guys take down Trump the same way they take down the Mafia?

    That tactic won't work in this case.

    Why not? Because Don Corleone doesn't have the power of the pardon and Trump does. Article II, section 2 of the Constitution says that the president "shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment."

    Let's say (hypothetically) that Roger Stone has been caught doing something illegal. (Of course, he never would do anything illegal. Perish forbid! We are simply pursuing a hypothetical scenario.) Let us further say (hypothetically) that the feds tell Stone: "We'll reduce the charges if you testify against Trump."

    Why on earth would Stone take that deal? He knows that Trump can hand out pardons the way you hand out candy on Halloween. As Trump cements his position as America's Czar, he will be in a position to promise his loyalists substantial cash rewards. The money will go directly into foreign bank accounts, free of taxation. That's how Putin does it.

    But but but (I hear you saying) the Constitution says "except in cases of impeachment." Nobody is going to impeach Roger Stone or Paul Manafort or Michael Flynn. And without squealing underlings, nobody is going to impeach Donald Trump.

    The problem is in our Constitution, a document written in the days before organized crime. The Founders simply did not anticipate a Trumpian level of corruption and shamelessness.

    When that key fact finally sinks in, when the sheer hopelessness of our situation becomes apparent to all, left-wing dunderheads of the BernieBot ilk will no doubt offer the same remedy that they've been offering since 1980 and perhaps earlier: "We need a new Constitutional convention!"

    Oh, right.

    C'mon, think about it: Just who do you think will go marching into that convention hall to rewrite all this country's most basic rules? Do you think it'll be Bernie Sanders leading an army of college-aged hipsters and vegetarians and Rastafarians and wiccan feminists and Groovy Flower People? Seriously, is that how you think it's gonna go down?

    Ain't gonna happen, silly-billies. The people marching into that secret chamber will be Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and Steve Bannon and various Cato-ites bought and paid-for by Robert Mercer, Sheldon Adelson and the Kochs. (And Alex Jones and H.A. Goodman will stand outside the hall and say "It is Good.") These are the people who will rewrite the Constitution for the sole purpose of bringing it in line with the Gospel According to Ayn Rand.

    Is that what you want, my progressive-purist friends? Because that is what will happen if we have a new Constitutional convention. Guaranteed.

    At this point, a BernieBot is likely to retort: "Okay, then. Time for...revolution!"

    My friend: If that's the way you think, allow me to offer a gentle invitation to go fuck yourself with a cactus dildo drenched in Dave's Insanity Sauce. The only people in this country likely to stage an armed revolt are the same people who voted for Trump because Hillary is a witch who eats children in the basement below Comet Pizza.

    The people who think that way possess guns. They like guns. They really, really want to fire those guns. With every cell in their bodies, they long for the Day of the Gun. And as they spray machine-gun fire all across the American landscape, they'll be singing a country tune with these lyrics:

    Jesus wants you to kill!
    Kill the lib-er-ill!
    He's not like you or I
    And that's why he's gotta die
    Kill kill kill kill KILL!

    Ever see the last shot of Cabaret? (I caught it on teevee about an hour ago.) That shot perfectly illustrates the only "revolution" likely to take place in America the Beautiful.

    Stop kidding yourselves. We're screwed.

    Added note: Louise. After writing the above, I decided to check out what Louise Mensch has been saying lately. (For the past week or so, I've been trying to ignore her. It's, like, so over.) Although her undeniable propensity to spew bullshit has caused my crush to fade, her most recent tweet is not without points of interest:
    Oh fuck
    oh fuck
    this is like the end of the Sixth Sense

    Oh my God I get it
    You may be surprised to learn how rarely I complain when an attractive blonde with a British accent says "Oh fuck oh fuck Oh my God." If I were writing dialogue for Billie Piper, that's pretty much how the whole script would go.

    Mensch was reacting to the work of one Dark Wisdom, a twitter-based researcher and musician previously unknown to me. He has been doing some excellent work looking into some of the more shadowy activities of Sberbank.

    If you're interested, go here and keep clicking the links. One focus of DW's research is a Russian initiative called the Active Citizen Project, which is allegedly designed to allow the average Russian citizen to think that he is having a more direct voice in the day-to-day decisions of government. It's a way of making the people think they are living in a true, Athens-style democracy, even though the online voting systems are completely in Putin's control. The implication seems to be that something similar may be in store for the US. Not democracy, but an incredible simulation!

    The Chairman of the Board of Sperbank is Herman Gref, whose ties with Trump are undeniable. Google "Herman Gref Trump." In particular, see here and here.
              A new Comey "tape" theory   
    I confess it: This post offers a conspiracy theory. Or rather, two related theories.

    Unlike Alex Jones, I don't mind admitting that my ideas are in a germinal phase, and that they may soon prove misguided or foolish. I present these theories to you because I'd appreciate your criticisms: You're all wrong, Cannon, and here's why...

    All day long, the talking heads on teevee have focused on the alleged Trump "tape" of Jim Comey. Trump has promised to show his cards (as it were) "in the very near future," and he told reporters that they would be "disappointed." Nobody knows what he meant by that word. Would we be disappointed in Comey? Or disappointed to learn that no recordings exist?

    As readers know, I lean toward the view that recordings do exist. We know that Donnie has surreptitiously recorded individuals in the past, and we've seen the photo of Trump in the oval office with a digital voice recorder on his desk.

    There is also the not-inconsiderable fact that Trump just volunteered to testify under oath. All of a sudden, a man who often seems to be imitating the stars of those "guilty dog" videos is acting like a gambler with an ace up his sleeve, and one or two more aces secreted in his pockets.

    Why on earth is Donnie behaving in this fashion? Axios can offer only a couple of hoary political axioms: "The best way to defend is to attack. If you're explaining, you're losing."
    The widely held view in Republican circles, according to Axios' Jonathan Swan, is that Trump's aggressiveness undercuts the notion that there are tapes.
    That's a counterintuitive conclusion. As far as I'm concerned, a display of confidence indicates that the president does have recordings.

    Let's take another look at the wording of the tweet that started it all:
    "James Comey better hope that there are no 'tapes' of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press."
    Conversations -- plural. At no point does Trump say that he made the recordings.

    Mike Rogers runs the NSA, and Rogers proved in his testimony that he is Trump's man. In this context, it may be worth mentioning Rachel Maddow's observation that Rogers made a strange visit to Trump Tower while Obama was still president. I've been saying for more than a year that there is a pro-Trump faction within our own intelligence services.

    Yes, it is certainly true that Trump frequently promises evidence which he never produces, as this list demonstrates. Nevertheless, the wording of the "tape" tweet leads me to believe that Trump may actually have something on the former FBI head. As weird as Trump is, he would not threaten a man unless he had something to threaten him with. You can't use a hallucination to intimidate an adversary.

    The "tape" is but one of two Comey mysteries that have bedeviled us in recent days. We must also account for...the THING.
    As Comey describes it in the statement he prepared for Thursday’s Senate hearing, Trump called him on the morning of April 11 and brought up a matter he’d raised before: What was Comey doing to sell the public on the idea that Trump wasn’t under investigation by the FBI? When Comey replied that Trump should take it up with the leadership at the Justice Department, the president said he would do so, then continued: “Because I have been very loyal to you, very loyal; we had that thing you know.”
    Comey claims that he has no idea what all this talk of loyalty signifies. He says that he cannot identify the "thing."

    Conventional thinkers would argue that the "thing" was simply the dinner they shared, and that Trump believes that he showed loyalty when he let Comey keep his job. That comforting scenario just doesn't sit right, at least not with me. This is Trump we're talking about. Trump always has something up his sleeve other than his elbow.

    All day yesterday, I asked myself: Is there a single narrative which would explain both the "tape" mystery and the "thing" mystery? By midnight, I had cobbled together two different theories.

    Theory 1: Comey really does have a secret. The secret could involve adultery (yawn), financial problems, or an uncharacteristic lapse into unethical behavior. The "tape" could be a recording of a telephone conversation during which this secret was discussed. The conversation may have been recorded by the NSA or by GCHQ -- perhaps even the Russians.

    Trump showed "loyalty" when he agreed to keep Comey's "thing" secret.

    Comey may feel protected, for now. He knows that if the NSA intercepted the conversation, revelation would be illegal. If the GCHQ intercepted the conversation, revelation could cause an international uproar.

    Ah, but what about the idea of a Russian intercept? Comey may want to bait Trump into admitting that the Russians spied on his behalf. To prove that Trump colludes with the Russians, Comey may be willing to undergo a certain amount of public humiliation. Sometimes a warrior must fall on his sword.

    If Theory 1 is correct, did Comey lie in his testimony before Congress? Not necessarily. He can claim that he left out part of his narrative in open hearings in order to avoid a conflict with Mueller's probe.

    Theory 2: Comey is about to be framed. (This theory is both more fun and more frightening.) Let us posit that Trump is using Putin as his model. The question then becomes: WWVD? What Would Vladimir Do? Let's ask it another way: In the past, how has Putin operated against his foes?

    We know that his enemies have been arrested for possession of child pornography, which was almost certainly planted.
    Old-style kompromat featured doctored photographs, planted drugs, grainy videos of liaisons with prostitutes hired by the K.G.B., and a wide range of other primitive entrapment techniques.

    Today, however, kompromat has become allied with the more sophisticated tricks of cybermischief-making, where Russia has proved its prowess in the Baltic States, Georgia and Ukraine. American intelligence agencies also believe that Russia used hacked data to hurt Hillary Clinton and promote Donald J. Trump in the U.S. presidential election, according to senior officials in the Obama administration.
    Also see here:
    Another tactic of choice involves sex tapes. In 2010, videos of Russian opposition journalists and politicians who had been filmed separately having sex with the same young Russian woman were leaked online. Last year, an opposition political party was damaged when a tape emerged of a married party leader having sex with an aide. Putin has been involved in such operations for years: In 1999, when he was the head of the FSB (the post-Soviet successor to the KGB), Putin reportedly helped then-President Boris Yeltsin to discredit and dismiss powerful prosecutor Yuri Skuratov, who had threatened to reveal which Russian officials were siphoning money to foreign bank accounts. When Yeltsin could not persuade the parliament to fire Skuratov, a video of the prosecutor — or at least a man who resembled him — having sex with prostitutes was aired on television. This all may sound like something out of “The Americans,” but it’s politics as usual in Russia.

    Still, some clumsy attempts have backfired: In 2012, a media outlet published a picture of Kremlin opponent Alexei Navalny allegedly posing with exiled oligarch Boris Berezovsky, a Putin nemesis; the caption darkly suggested that forces outside Russia were funding opposition efforts. Navalny then produced the original photo, in which he was actually standing with a different man, and Russians were soon gleefully creating their own doctored images online of Navalny with individuals such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Adolf Hitler and an extraterrestrial.

    Kompromat is beautifully flexible. If a story isn’t playing well or if there is too much credible pushback, the perpetrators simply move on without apology or correction. The story disappears abruptly, leaving only confusion or unease in the minds of the audience.
    Trump could have been planting the seed for a deception operation when he made those seemingly-bizarre references to "tapes," and "that thing" and the "loyalty" which he has allegedly shown toward Comey.

    Jim Comey may have no idea as to what is about to hit him.

    Modern technology makes it possible to create a fake "tape" of Comey saying certain incriminating things to Trump, things that the former FBI Director did not actually say. In fact, the technology has existed for more than a decade -- maybe even two decades, as this 2003 Science Daily article proves.

    In 2017, we have a consumer-level app called Lyrebird:
    Today, a Canadian AI startup named Lyrebird unveiled its first product: a set of algorithms the company claims can clone anyone’s voice by listening to just a single minute of sample audio.

    A few years ago this would have been impossible, but the analytic prowess of machine learning has proven to be a perfect fit for the idiosyncrasies of human speech. Using artificial intelligence, companies like Google have been able to create incredibly life-like synthesized voices, while Adobe has unveiled its own prototype software called Project VoCo that can edit human speech like Photoshop tweaks digital images.

    But while Project VoCo requires at least 20 minutes of sample audio before it can mimic a voice, Lyrebird cuts this requirements down to just 60 seconds. The results certainly aren’t indistinguishable from human speech, but they’re impressive all the same, and will no doubt improve over time.
    Although Lyrebird recordings are not completely convincing, it is fair to presume that the intelligence services of the United States, Britain and Russia possess software that is far more advanced. The above-cited 2003 article indicates that our spooks had already reached an impressive level of sophistication fifteen years ago.

    My critics will say that Theory 2 ascribes more cleverness to Trump than some would consider possible. My response: Never underestimate your foe.
              James and the Giant Peach   
    Yesterday, I said that I'd spend Comey Day watching an old western. The surprisingly appropriate choice was Cattle Drive (1951), in which a 14 year-old Dean Stockwell plays (sweartagod) a 19th century version of Donald Trump, young and snotty and just begging to be slapped. Stranded out west, Dean/Donnie is rescued by no-nonsense ramrod Joel McCrea, who knocks all of the arrogance out of the kid and then teaches him the Cowboy Way.

    Basically, it's Kipling's Captains Courageous on the trail. Damned good movie. If only life had imitated art.

    At one point, curiosity got the better of me and I tuned into That Comey Show. The former FBI Director was being questioned by John McCain, who could not comprehend that the investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails had reached a conclusion while the investigation of Trump's Russian adventures had not. What a cringe-inducing sight! I could not bear to watch for very long. I've always respected McCain, even though I often disagree with him -- but on this occasion, he just seemed...lost. Can you blame me for switching back to my cowboy movie?

    (Seriously, it was very satisfying to see Joel McCrae teach Young Trump how to be a non-asshole. Although McCrae's real-life politics veered right, I don't think he would have had much use for Dorito Mussolini.)

    By now I've heard several dozen pundits offer their Comey Day reactions, and I've heard much of the testimony itself. The most jaw-dropping right-wing response originated with Marc Kasowitz, Trump's "default lawyer." (I use that term because nobody else wants to represent that deadbeat). He focused on Comey's admission that he had leaked a memo to the NYT via a friend of his, a law professor at Columbia.
    Calling Comey's action "retaliatory," Kasowitz said that "we will leave it the appropriate authorities to determine whether this leaks should be investigated along with all those others being investigated."

    However, there is no evidence that the Times quoted from Comey memos before Trump tweeted about possible "tapes" of their conversations in a post dated May 12. The first Times story on the memos appeared May 16.
    Naturally, the right-wing media took these words as their cue to go crazy. Jonathan Turley made the closest thing to a rational argument...
    Besides being subject to Nondisclosure Agreements, Comey falls under federal laws governing the disclosure of classified and nonclassified information. Assuming that the memos were not classified (though it seems odd that it would not be classified even on the confidential level), there is 18 U.S.C. § 641 which makes it a crime to steal, sell, or convey “any record, voucher, money, or thing of value of the United States or of any department or agency thereof.”

    There are also ethical and departmental rules against the use of material to damage a former represented person or individual or firm related to prior representation.
    Oh, come off it.

    Comey was a private citizen when that memo went public. The memo contained no classified information. His words were his own, just as Trump's tweets are his own or this blog post is my own. Comey was not Trump's lawyer, priest or shrink. His dialogue with Trump -- a meeting which the FBI chief neither sought nor desired -- was not covered by executive privilege.

    Are we really supposed to believe that everyone who talks to a president about anything is automatically sworn to secrecy forevermore, even after leaving government service?

    Trump felt free to offer the public false and defamatory versions of his interactions with Comey. Are we supposed to believe that Comey has no right to respond? The right seems to think that Trump may shit on whomever he pleases, and that those shat upon must never be allowed to shit back.

    Dick Morris has spent untold hours on teevee recounting private conversations he supposedly had with Bill Clinton. (Some of Morris' tales seem downright fanciful, but that's a matter for another time.) Why didn't Turley or Kasowitz complain about that?

    When I glance to my left, I see a bookcase double-stacked with political works. From A Thousand Days (1965) to Confront and Conceal (2012), all of these volumes include scenes in which the president speaks behind closed doors. Some of these books were written by people who worked in the White House. Other books quote interviews with former White House staffers, or memos and other documents written by former staffers. Is Jonathan Turley really going to argue that these books should not exist?

    The other really insane right-wing defense comes to us via Alan Dershowitz, who seems to think that the president stands above all charges of obstruction of justice. Did Dershowitz sing that song when Ken Starr was running his inquisition? I don't think so.

    The Tweetstorm that wasn't. We heard not one word from Trump during the Comey testimony. Uncanny! My mind flashed on the Book of Revelation: And there was silence in heaven for the space of half an hour.  I suspect that the Default Lawyer gave his client an ultimatum: One tweet out of you and you can find yourself another attorney.

    Kasowitz claims that Trump never asked Comey for loyalty. If left to his own devices, Blurtmaster Trump might have sent out a tweet undercutting that defense. As I said a couple of posts ago, the man is the God of Blurters.

    (BTW: That bit from Revelation always bothered me. It implies the presence of clocks in heaven -- clocks which divide time into 24 hour cycles, just like Earth clocks. But...why?)

    What's being hidden? Comey clearly indicated that something massive and shadowy lurks within this scandal. The obstruction of justice issue is important, but Trump would not have tried to manipulate the FBI Director if Russiagate were a mere delusion.

    When asked about the Orbis dossier, Comey asked for a closed session. When asked if Trump had colluded, Comey asked for a closed session. Comey indicated that he knew from the start (well before word had reached the publication) that Jeff Sessions had discomforting Russian ties, ties that went well beyond the known meetings with Kislyak; when pressed for more information about that angle, Comey asked for a closed session. When asked for more information about VneshEconomBank, the spooked-up Russian bank linked to Jared Kushner, Comey asked for a closed session. When asked about ties between "Trump people" and the Russian government, Comey asked for a closed session.

    And yet the right is pretending that Comey cleared the president.
    "The Russia story is now dead and any Democrat who continues to push it will look foolish and insane to the American people."
    From Legal Insurrection:
    This testimony should spell the death of the Russia collusion claims, as even Chris Matthews acknowledged today. But it’s more than a death of conspiracy theories, it’s an indictment of the attempts to undo the 2016 election results and to undermine the Trump administration’s ability to govern. The “resistance” has been and is based on lies, and represents the true threat to our electoral and representative system.
    (Did Chris Matthews say that? He was singing a different tune during Hardball last night.)

    I don't know what these screwball Trumpsters are smoking, but it sure as hell ain't tobacco or barbecue. Again: The former FBI Director, when asked if Trump has colluded with the Kremlin, demanded a closed session. That is not a good sign. That one exchange, by itself, has no precedent in American history. In normal times, that exchange would have made headlines around the world.

    Bravo, UK! You didn't resoundingly kick out Theresa May, who may be able to hold onto her gig. (Things are still up in the air as of this writing.) But you did upset her plans.

    And guess what? The election relied on HAND-COUNTED PAPER BALLOTS.

    My fellow Americans: Go thou and do likewise.

    Back to Cattle Drive. About 40 minutes in, McCrae wins a horserace, only to discover that young Dean Stockwell, using underhanded means, had placed the other horse at a disadvantage. McCrae returns all of the money he won, making sure that the kid feels every bit of the shame he has earned.

    "No satisfaction in winning unless you win fair and square," explains McCrae. "Nobody wants a game rigged in favor of him any more than he wants a game rigged against him."

    Don't you think that the world would be a better place if Donald Trump had learned that lesson at the age of 14?
              Thing One and Thing Two   
    In Watergate, the smoking gun tape revealed that Nixon wanted to use the CIA to interfere with an FBI investigation. Nixon used the following words to force CIA Director Richard Helms into compliance: "It's likely to blow the whole Bay of Pigs thing which we think would be very unfortunate for CIA."

    In the Trump/Russia scandal, Der Donald wanted Comey to make a public statement exonerating the president. Trump finished this entreaty with these words: "“Because I have been very loyal to you, very loyal; we had that thing you know.”

    I have a pretty good idea about what Thing One was. It certainly was not about the Bay of Pigs per se, since that scandal was hardly a secret, and had no connection to Watergate. It is widely thought that Nixon used that phrase as a kind of code for the JFK assassination.

    What the hell is Thing Two? And just how had Trump demonstrated "loyalty"?

    The speculation here seems insufficient. My gut tells me that Trump must be referring to some as-yet undisclosed secret -- the same secret lurking behind that mysterious tweet in which the president quasi-threatened Comey with "tapes." Comey, for his part, may be betting that revelation of this secret will hurt Trump more than it will hurt the former FBI Director.

    Any ideas as to what that secret might be? I suspect that it is something big.

    (I may update this post if the Comey's testimony tells us more about The Thing.)
              Steele yourself   
    On CNN a short while ago, Wolf Blitzer quoted a White House spokesperson who offered a reaction to the released transcript of Comey's prepared statement (which the former FBI Director will deliver in person tomorrow). I apologize for not being able to name the spokesperson or to quote his words precisely. To be honest, I was mowing the lawn while listening to the news, and must therefore speak from memory.

    Basically, the spokesperson fixated on the Christopher Steele dossier, which I prefer to call the Orbis dossier. The spokesperson said that the dossier had been "debunked" -- and that Steele himself had debunked it!

    Really? Where and when and how?

    As I see it, we're dealing with three big, basic lies here.

    Lie 1: Trump and his supporters to make everyone believe that this investigation is entirely about that dossier. This is ridiculous. Even if Christopher Steele had never been born, Trump and his cronies would be in a lot of trouble.

    Lie 2: The Trumpers want people to believe that the dossier contains nothing of interest except for the claim involving prostitutes and urination. Republicans understand the way average working Americans think. Life is tough, and most people don't want to follow complicated stories about money laundering, the oil market and the funding of skyscrapers. Average Americans can focus on stories about sex. The weirder the sex, the more fascinating the story. Thus, the Trumpers want everyone to think that Russiagate is entirely about a pee-pee video which may or may not exist, even though that particular claim constitutes just one page of a 36-page document. Even if the video does exist, Putin will never release it. The world will never see the evidence.

    Lie 3: The Trumpers keep saying that the dossier has been debunked. In this instance, they have claimed -- falsely -- that former MI6 man Steele has disavowed his own work. The Republican party line is, as usual, based on a hallucination. While it is true that many statements in the dossier remain unverified, it also true that unverified and debunked are two different concepts. Many statements within that dossier have been verified.

    I'm pretty dispirited right now. The leaders of the intelligence community who testified today stonewalled their interrogators, even though (as one admitted) they had no legal basis to do so. We know that Trump demanded loyalty of James Comey, in a scene that calls to mind the famous "baseball" disquisition in The Untouchables. Although Comey refused to say the words that our Thug-in-Chief wanted him to say (and received a response from Trump not entirely unlike DeNiro's demonstration of his skill with a baseball bat), I strongly suspect that Coates, Pompeo and Rogers decided to recite the desired words. Moreover, we may presume that Christopher Wray is willing to say that which Comey would not; were the situation otherwise, Trump would never have picked Wray.

    What I'm trying to say is this: We're screwed.

    There has been far too much cocksure presumption that impeachment is in the bag. Get real. The Republicans still retain nearly all of the power; when Wray takes over, the only uncontrollable factor will be the special counsel. Mueller probably won't finish until well after the 2018 elections, and even then, he probably will offer no more than a report. If the Democrats controlled Congress, the stonewallers who faced the committee today might well have suffered legal consequences. As things stand, the Trump loyalists can do as they please without fear.

    We've been through this before. At the beginning of Iran-Contra, giddy Democrats allowed themselves to think that Reagan could, and probably would, be impeached. We were all so damned naive! After North's testimony, Reagan's popularity increased and public support for the contras topped 50% for the first time. By the time Walsh released his report, even Democrats had stopped paying attention.

    A Republican-controlled "investigation" will always degenerate into a propaganda exercise. Right now, Trump's approval rating is low -- but Bill Clinton's number was even worse at a comparable point in his presidency. Clinton went on to win re-election.
              Comey and more   
    Even though CNN has been displaying a countdown clock to James Comey's testimony, I'm not expecting any bombshells. Advance word has it that Comey will not accuse Trump of trying to obstruct justice.

    I may be the only person still worried about Dorito Mussolini's strange tweeted threat -- the one that cryptically referred to a taped conversation between Comey and Trump. The tweet implied that this "tape" would make Comey look bad. Trump has a history of secretly recording conversations, and a photo exists of an old-school digital voice recorder on the Presidential desk. Thus, I'm quite willing to stipulate that some sort of recording exists, though of course we are probably talking about an audio file, not a "tape."

    Trump is not bright enough to play any games of 11-dimensional chess. He's a thug. I don't think that he would have issued a threatening tweet unless Comey really did tell him something in private that could be considered embarrassing or incriminating. Was that conversation recorded? I don't know. Nevertheless, I am sure (well, kind of sure) that a conversation took place. Dim as he is, Trump must understand by now that he cannot confirm the existence of any secret  recordings without landing himself in Nixon country.

    That said: If Comey is compromised, as I think he is, then he is likely to pull his punches when he testifies. That's why I don't expect any game-changing revelations. In fact, I expect the right-wing media to publish stories claiming that Comey "exonerated" Trump.

    Let's hope I'm wrong.

    We learned yesterday that Comey told Jeff Sessions that he (Comey) did not want to be alone with Trump again. Clearly, the FBI Director feared that Trump would make an unequivocal demand to drop the Russia investigation. (Or perhaps the usurper in the Oval Office has taken to treating everyone the way he treats beauty contest participants.)

    I probably will not watch Comey's much-ballyhooed testimony live, for the same reason I could not watch last year's debates live. I'm a man with a weak heart, and these spectacles can be rather nerve-wracking. I find it easier to take in the after-the-fact summaries before dealing with the Thing-In-Itself. When Comey sits in the hot seat, I'll probably pass the time watching old westerns.

    If you want live, on-the-fly reactions to Comey's testimony, check out the twitter feed of one Donald J. Trump, a noted bon vivant who will be offering witticisms and droll observations. That twitter feed is where the real bombshells are likely to explode. Trump may even blurt out the Big Damn Secret that he supposedly has on tape.  Donald Trump is a world-class blurter. He is the God of Blurting. If he were an actor, he'd be Blurt Lancaster.
    Washington Post reporter Robert Costa told MSNBC on Tuesday that the president would directly respond to Comey on Twitter as the testimony is underway.

    “I was just talking to some White House officials this morning and their view is that the president himself wants to be the messenger, his own warrior, his own lawyer, his own spokesman,” Costa explained. “Some outside people, some surrogates will be available.”

    “But the president is expected to be tweeting on Thursday in response to Comey, not to stay quiet during the testimony,” he added. “Because he himself wants to be the one driving the process.”
    Oh, this should be good. In fact, this should be superb.

    Most of you know that four major law firms (including Sullivan & Cromwell) refused to represent Trump because he seems likely to stiff his lawyers and to ignore their advice. Mr. Trump should represent himself. That, too, would be superb.

    The real fun may come later today, when NSA Director Mike Rogers drops the promised "bomb" on Trump. We also have reports that Trump may have asked DNI Dan Coates and CIA Director Mike Pompeo to tell Comey not to investigate Flynn and Russia.

    Younger people may not realize that a remarkably similar attempt to obstruct justice was captured for posterity on the infamous "smoking gun" tape that ended Nixon's presidency. Even though he knew that the mics were hot, Nixon discussed plans to have CIA Director Richard Helms interfere with the FBI's investigation of the burglary. To be specific: Nixon wanted Helms to tell the Bureau that the break-in was a CIA operation.

    (It wasn't. It was committed by Nixon's men, most of whom were "former" Agency guys. So why, you may be asking, did Nixon want Helms to say something that wasn't true? Because in those days, the FBI usually backed off from anything having to do with the Agency. That's probably still the case.)

    It's important to note that Helms did not actually do as Nixon requested. In other words, the "smoking gun" tape revealed an unsuccessful plot to obstruct justice. For impeachment purposes, that was enough.

    It may also be enough in the case of Donald Trump.

    The concept of "pressure" enters into the controversy. Coates, through a spokesperson, has said that he did not feel pressured to interfere with the FBI's investigation.

    Nixon, by contrast, did place pressure on Helms -- and a very strange form of pressure it was: Nixon had an aide tell Helms that an investigation of Watergate might uncover the "Bay of Pigs thing." This reference sent Helms into something between a rage and a panic. Most open-minded people who have studied the matter agree with Haldeman's view that "the Bay of Pigs thing" was actually a coded reference to the JFK assassination.

    If Rogers, Coates or Pompeo offer testimony indicating that Trump attempted to obstruct justice, the Trump scandal will recapitulate the Watergate scandal, at least in formal terms. However, I also agree with James Clapper's observation that the current crisis is far worse than Watergate.
    The 50-year veteran of the military and the intelligence community painted a picture of disconcerting dysfunction in Washington with "assaults on American institutions coming from both external and internal sources" and most strikingly said the Trump-Russia links were much worse than the notorious scandal that toppled former US president Richard Nixon in the 1970s.

    "I lived through Watergate. I was on active duty then in the Air Force as a young officer," Mr Clapper said following a speech to the National Press Club in Canberra. "It was a scary time . . . I have to say, though, that I think you compare the two that Watergate pales really in my view compared to what we're confronting now."
    Mr Clapper, who is a visiting professor at the Australian National University, also said he hoped US allies and partners would not withhold intelligence from Washington but said he would understand if they did.
    There is a theory of Watergate that a far-right faction within the intelligence community deliberately deep-sixed Nixon because Nixon pursued detente with the USSR. In other words, Nixon's scandal, like the current one, was all about Russia.

    Here's the difference: In 1972, the far right was horrified by the prospect of better relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. Today, the Alt-Rightists seem to have fallen in love with post-communist Russia, while the left views Putin as a modern fascist.

    Finally: Articles of impeachment. Congressman Al Green has already called for Trump's impeachment, as has Maxine Waters. So far, these calls have been mere words. The process of impeachment cannot start until a congressperson proposes a resolution, which will then get sent to the Judiciary committee.

    Of course, there's no guarantee that the committee will allow the impeachment to proceed -- in fact, it's very likely that the committee will take no action whatsoever. Nevertheless, articles of impeachment are a necessary first step. We need a congressperson brave enough to start the process.

    And that's just what Al Green is doing right now. Bravo!
              Gunman Kills 1, Wounds 6 In Bronx Hospital, Dies Of Apparent Self-Inflicted Wound   
    Updated at 8 p.m. ET A gunman opened fire at a hospital in New York City on Friday, killing one person and injuring six others before killing himself, according New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill. In a brief news conference, O'Neill said the shooter was a former employee of the hospital but did not identify him. A law enforcement source tells FBI the man was Dr. Henry Bello. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the attack apparently stemmed from a workplace-related matter but he didn't elaborate. The gunfire reportedly broke out at about 2:50 p.m. ET at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. O'Neill said police received a 911 call about a shooter on the 16th floor of the hospital. The victims were found on the 16th and 17th floors. The shooter was found on the 17th floor with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, wearing a white medical lab coat, and a rifle was found nearby. The hospital fire alarm system had been activated, O'Neill said, after the gunman attempted to set himself on fire. A
              Sessions praises special counsel, but hopes Russia investigation ends ‘sooner rather than later’   
    U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies before a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., June 13, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst - RTS16Y7C

    U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he hoped the Russia probe could “move forward and come to an end sooner rather than later.” Photo by REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst.

    WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a vote of confidence Friday to former FBI director Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading an investigation into potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign, but he also said he hoped the probe could “move forward and come to an end sooner rather than later.”

    The attorney general’s comments during a “Fox & Friends” interview were his most expansive to date on the Justice Department’s appointment last month of Mueller to run the investigation.

    “Mr. Mueller is someone I’ve known for a long time, and I’ve had confidence in him over the years,” said Sessions, an Alabama Republican who served for years on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the congressional panel that oversees the FBI.

    “I feel confident in what he’ll do, that’s all I can say to you about that,” Sessions said. “The man has a good reputation. He knows his business.”

    Those remarks stand in contrast to a drumbeat of Republican criticism of the special counsel’s investigation, including from President Donald Trump, who on the same show last week contended that Mueller was “very, very good friends” with fired FBI director James Comey and characterized that relationship as “very bothersome.”

    Republicans have also raised conflict-of-interest concerns by noting that some lawyers on Mueller’s investigative team have previously contributed to Democratic candidates, though federal law and department policy does not permit the special counsel to take into consideration the political affiliations of a potential hire.

    Still, Sessions said he was hopeful the investigation would conclude sooner than later, a point White House staff has repeatedly made, and he did suggest that questions about the composition of Mueller’s staff could be fair game.

    “We expect full integrity and good work from every person involved in this investigation,” Sessions said, later adding, “Mr. Mueller is entitled, lawfully, I guess, at this point, to hire who he desires, but I think he should look for people who have strength and credibility by all people.”

    Mueller was appointed FBI director by Republican President George W. Bush and held the position for 12 years.

    The post Sessions praises special counsel, but hopes Russia investigation ends ‘sooner rather than later’ appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

              Sheriff backs claims of FBI-lawbreaking in Oregon standoff   
    In a stunning development a year after the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, where two-dozen armed supporters gathered to protest the courts’ extension of sentences for two ranchers, a sheriff has backed claims of FBI misbehavior. The declaration came from Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson just as FBI agent W. Joseph [...]
              DHS and FBI issue alert about North Korean 'Hidden Cobra' hackers   

    Watch out for attacks by Hidden Cobra, aka North Korean government hackers, the DHS and the FBI warned in a joint technical alert. The US government didn’t tiptoe around the issue, instead pointing the finger of blame at North Korea for a series of cyberattacks dating back to 2009.

    Who the heck is Hidden Cobra? You probably already know about these cyber actors who are usually referred to as the Lazarus Group. Back in 2014 when the hackers targeted Sony Pictures Entertainment, the group was publicly referring to itself as Guardians of the Peace.

    To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

              N Carolina man charged with lying about Islamic State plans   
    CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina man is charged with lying to the FBI when he denied telling someone he planned to fly to Syria and wanted to help others fly there to support the Islamic State.
              PICTURED: Man CAPTURED Charged With Kidnapping Yingying Zhang   
    Department of Justice Press Release: Late today, FBI agents arrested a Champaign, Ill., man, Brendt Christensen, 27, on a criminal complaint that charges Christensen with kidnapping visiting Chinese scholar Yingying Zhang on June 9, 2017. Christensen will remain in law … Continue reading
              Savant's New words in 2017.   
    I was exposed to the Panthers as a kid while growing up in then 1960s & 70s.. It turns out they were quite correct in inferring that the then nascent technological revolution, electronic revolution within global capitalism, would eventually make work obsolete, and that as black (and other) labor became obsolete, the danger of greater repression, possibly genocide, might increase. The Panthers were looking at the big picture, but were way ahead of their time. The police were always inclined toward destruction or containment of the Black community; but when a revolutionary movement like that of the Panthers emerged, then naturally authorities would see them as a special threat, or in the words of former FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover, the Panthers were "the greatest threat to national security." The more highly conscious you are, the more dangerous you are---at least if this consciousness is REAL, and expresses itself in a commitment to fundamental social transformation. As for an effort to destroy biracial women I know of no such effort by police, the government, or the corporate sector. There may be biracial black women who, contrary to yourself, possess of social (and even REVOLUTIONARY) consciousness, and who may be targeted. But they're not targeted because they're biracial or light skinned. They're targeted because of their defiance, their dissidence, their subversive activism. At your present level of consciousness, you needn't worry.

    One difference now is, as you observed, the social media. Prior to this century, or at least prior to the 1990s. Negroes with these self-hating anti-Black attitudes couldn't avail themselves of computers and the internet to spew their venom at each other. Probably such attitudes were not as common nor as extreme where they did exist. Black communities were once more cohesive than they are now, less polluted by possessive individualism, acquisitiveness, narcissism and sheer simplemindedness. Our values were more COMMUNAL than they are now. People looked out for children, and not just their own biological children. Under the more overtly repressive old Jim Crow regime with its naked terrorism, Black folks knew they needed each other, and most acted accordingly. Even those Negro males and females who did have negative attitudes of that kind usually kept it to themselves. They didn't spew their venom into newspapers, magazines or radio. Unlike Uncle Tom Soto or SBT, they'd be ashamed to do so, and were half ashamed for even having such attitudes anyway. Fortunately, such venomous Negro gender warriors and haters are not a majority even now. But they feel a lot freer to show their dumb a___ _, and the internet aids in their buffoonery.

    The failure to make such distinction is evidence of an underdeveloped. For such discernments are essential to critical thinking. Actually, the records of the time seem to indicate that in communities which had Panther patrols police abuses against the community decreased, but was intensified against the Panthers themselves. In some communities where Panther presence was strong one often saw communities come alive creating clinics, breakfast for the children, neighborhood associations, etc. One often saw substantial drop in violent crime and in the flow of drugs. Claims that it didn't work are bogus. In the eyes of fascistic police Blacks are not "ladies" and "gentlemen "--nor even human. That is why Blacks from all walks of life have found themselves targets of police brutality. Some of the tactics of the Civil Rights Movement need to be reconsidered and revised in light of the needs of a new time and movement.

    If you do, then you should be publicly chastised---which I once saw members of the Fruit of Islam do to a wayward brother for wife beating. Rarely, do I agree with anything said or done by NOI. That was an exception. I despise punks who beat women. But that seems to have become acceptable to some younger Negroes. At least in the past it was deemed unacceptable even by most men--because they were MEN.

     I don't think Angela Y. Davis is a fool but I suspect that you are--at least if you actually believe the misinformation you post, and especially if you're as academically trained as you say and believe it. Black only look like animals to racists. That is not the doing of Angela Y. Davis. Also, what evidence have you that "most black intellectuals have fled to the South"? There are Black intellectuals throughout the country, but the South is still home to over half the Black population of the USA. Many Black intellectuals were already in the South, especially those who taught in black colleges and universities--most of which were and are in the South. But black intellectuals can be found all over the country, though there is some concentration on the East Coast. As for your being brighter than Angela Davis, or even close to equally bright as Angela Y. Davis, you've thus far shown no evidence of this. And if you have notable accomplishments as a "National Achievement Scholar," no one--not even the most perceptive--would have guessed it from posts that we've seen thus far.

     First of all, Angela Davis didn't have Blacks marching with guns. This was the practice of the Black Panther Party and also the Deacons for Defense. And as long as racist Klan and cops patrol and terrorize Blacks with guns then Blacks have a right to self defense, including even the forming of militias if necessary. That's a natural human right--and rightly regarded as INTELLIGENT, not "declasse. " (By the way, your use of the word declasse is incorrect, a malaproprism.) No evidence exists, or you have not offered any, of white supremacist support for the Black Panther Party or even the Nation of Islam. I was around (though very young) when the BPP operated in Baltimore. They organized in Black churches (mostly Protestant) as well as Catholic churches (white and black). They also had their own offices. They held meetings on college campuses and properties of civic organizations. Frankly, your claim about their being funded by white supremacists is a fabrication. As for the Nation of Islam, as best as anyone can tell they were founded by a religious leader whose leadership was eventually followed by that of Elijah Muhammad. No evidence I know of indicates that they were started by the government, but we know they were infiltrated by the FBI---which is a different matter altogether. They did at times have questionable contacts with the American Nazi party.

    Anyone who has actually read Dr. King thoroughly knows that he didn't think northerners were particularly trustworthy, or that racism was some peculiarly southern malady. After all, he did say that MOST white Americans lived racism as a way of life. And also that his experiences of racism in Chicago easily equaled or exceeded what he had seen in Alabama and Mississippi. And these observations run throughout his works from 1950s --1968.

    Obviously, you are unintelligent as well as new here. Most people know that I am a revolutionary and scholarly African American man--with little tolerance for BS even from other Blacks, Secondly, you committed an Argumentum ad Hominem, a fallacy of relevance. Your statement was FALSE, and I called you on it. Learn some history, fool. And a bit of advice in case you happen to be a male--for you're clearly not yet a black MAN-- of color, from Malcolm X: "The Black man will get respect from NO ONE until he learns to respect his black woman."

    Ghettoes were created mainly by segregation imposed on us by WHITES, not by interracial Black feminists. Stop making up history, fool!  (

    The Confederate flag does have the same meaning it always had: white supremacy, nativist fascism, slavery, racist terrorism, and right wing government tyranny.

     Dr. King made disparaging comments about capitalism, some going back to his college years. Dr. King also expressed sympathy for socialism, a democratic socialism.
    If you look at his famous speech against the Vietnam War you can see that he denounces American IMPERIALISM which he sees as emanating from capitalism. Moreover, he was attempting to organize an anti-capitalist Poor Peoples Campaign when he was assassinated, a campaign which may have included shutting down the US government.
    It was not China which was threatened by Dr. King's increasingly revolutionary movement. It was the United States government and American capitalism that was threatened.

     Dr. King acknowledged no innate intellectual differences between races because none exist--nor can they exist. As early as the 1960s he noted that modern anthropologists hold that "there is no basic differences in the racial groups of our world" and that most "deny the existence of what we have known as race." (TESTAMENT OF HOPE, pp. 121--122). Modern genetics offers even stronger evidence that race is a social category, not a creation of Nature. Hence King was right in arguing--as do most contemporary scientists in biology and genetics--that "there are no superior and inferior races" if for no other reason than that there are no races. Race exists only as an historical-social phenomenon, and only is a racialized--indeed RACIST--society can there be superior or inferior races.

     King's comments on capitalism were scathing, and saw in its a similar moral relativism and materialism. He also stated more than once that he favored socialism.
    As he was speaking his true convictions, he was neither lying nor being misleading. You may try to prove him wrong, but that entails another philosophical argument.
    Personalism, which was King's basic philosophical position, is a form of philosophical idealism. Hence his opposition to materialism whether it be the philosophical materialism of Marx, or the crude practical materialism of capitalism or Soviet style Communism.
    The Civil Rights Movement was primarily a movement for freedom and justice at least as such are possible within a bankrupt capitalist society. Peace, as Dr. King repeatedly emphasized, can only be achieved on the basis of justice. Without justice peace is at best a tragic mirage.
    The difference between Dr. King and both Communists and capitalists is that he believed in the inherent dignity of every human personality. Communists sometimes claimed to believe in it, and human dignity is often trumpeted in western capitalist countries. But it is mostly a pretext which their practice proves to be a sham.
    By the way, communism in the original sense of a classless society King did not see as objectionable. But the practice of Communist parties was a different matter.

     Actually, Venezuela is the latest victim of imperialism whose motivating force is capitalism, the market. It is interesting that the corporate media--both liberal and conservative--have the same line on Venezuela, denouncing the democratically elected government in favor of the local plutocracy and proto-fascist opposition which operates by means of violence that would be denounced as terrorism if directed at one of America's right wing allies.
    It is also interesting the liberal and conservative corporate media has not directed its animosity to the reactionary government in Honduras, established by a military coup against another democratically elected government. That coup received the implicit blessing of Obama, and apparently also of Il Duce Don Trump.
    It goes to show the Democrats and Republicans, "liberals" ad "conservatives" are both subservient to imperialism, to corporate money and interests.
    Both parties must be neutralized and a revolutionary democratic alternative formed.


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              (Arşiv Görüntü) Emniyetten Reina saldırganı Masharipov'un yakalanmasına ilişkin açıklama   
    ANKARA () - EMNİYET Genel Müdürlüğü tarafından Reina, saldırganı Abdulkadir Masharipov'un yakalanmasına ilişkin yapılan açıklamada, "Amerikan Senatosu'nda ifade veren bir FBI yetkilisinin sözlerine dayandırılarak öne sürülen, 'Reina'...
              DHA ANKARA- Emniyetten Reina saldırganı Masharipov'un yakalanmasına ilişkin açıklama    
    Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü tarafından Reina, saldırganı Abdulkadir Masharipov'un yakalanmasına ilişkin yapılan açıklamada, "Amerikan Senatosu'nda ifade veren bir FBI yetkilisinin sözlerine dayandırılarak öne sürülen, 'Reina' isimli...
              DHA ANKARA- Emniyetten Reina saldırganı Masharipov'un yakalanmasına ilişkin açıklama    
    Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü tarafından Reina, saldırganı Abdulkadir Masharipov'un yakalanmasına ilişkin yapılan açıklamada, "Amerikan Senatosu'nda ifade veren bir FBI yetkilisinin sözlerine dayandırılarak öne sürülen, 'Reina' isimli...
              GOP touts FBI probe into Sanders’s wife   
    An FBI investigation into bank fraud allegations against Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) wife could offer Republicans early ammunition for 2020.Sanders is one of the Democratic Party’s most prominent politicians, even though he officially remains...
              How Law Schools “Study” the Peltier Case    
    Of mainstay domestic liberal causes over the past decades, few loom as high, long, or loud as the grassroots campaign for a Presidential Pardon for Leonard Peltier. Convicted of killing two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Peltier has always declared his innocence and has claimed that FBI misconduct played a significant role before and during his trial.

    The bizarre shootout in question unfolded on June 26, 1975, when no one really knew who was shooting whom, or why. Leaders of the American Indian Movement (AIM) claim the FBI had been spying on a camp of their members in the area and had had big plans for taking them down, one way or the other. An AIM teenager named Joe Stunz was also shot and killed that day.

    The FBI originally claimed the agents were simply trying to serve a warrant on a petty criminal (who wasn’t even in that area); someone fired a first shot; and the situation escalated. Transcripts of the agents’ radio chatter now indicate they were chasing a red vehicle into the area; three men were in the vehicle; and when the vehicle came to a stop in a grassy area near the AIM camp, the shooting commenced.

    Peltier admits he participated in the shootout, along with others including two AIM members who in a separate trial were acquitted based on self-defense—Dino Butler and Rob Robideau. This acquittal aggravated already high emotions inside the FBI. Not only was the shootout tragic and pointless, but after the Indians got the best of the situation, Agents Ronald Williams and Jack Coler were executed point blank—not self-defense at all (although adequate provocation or "heat of passion" could have made this voluntary manslaughter).

    On the other hand, during the first trial of Butler and Robideau, the jury heard evidence of a Tribal President named Dickie Wilson who had all but declared martial law on the Reservation with brutalities and hundreds of unsolved murders, presumably at the hands of Wilson’s aggressive police force—all with the latent blessings of the FBI, which did not intervene. As part of a slight-of-hand political maneuver during the aftermath of the shootout, Wilson also nonchalantly turned over a large piece of Reservation land known as the “Stronghold” or “South Unit” to the Federal Government (it was returned in 2012).

    The burning unanswered question relative to Peltier’s case is who delivered those close range shots that finished off the agents. Journalist Peter Matthiessen very guardedly relates a story (included in a 60 Minutes report) that a red pickup truck full of explosives with three AIM supporters in it was the vehicle the agents pursued into the area, and that its driver delivered the mortal wounds in self-defense and panic when a delirious Agent Williams raised his gun at him. Robideau also relates this story in the documentary film, Incident at Oglala (1992), directed by Michael Apted, claiming he saw the red truck and occupants.

    The problem is that Butler now claims Robideau’s story of a red pickup truck is a fake perpetuated by Robideau. He also insists that Peltier was not the one who delivered the fatal shots to the agents. Butler also claims he was asked by Robideau to go along with the red-pickup story, but refused.

    That leaves much suspicion on Robideau as the one who might have ultimately killed the agents, but, in a case where a rigid justice system prevails, he was acquitted of those crimes on a self-defense theory. Robideau admits in Incident at Oglala that he was the one who fired a round that ricocheted oddly into Coler’s arm in such a way, that the arm was shredded, so that Coler was in the process of completely bleeding out, minutes from death, when he was executed. If Robideau was close enough to see his round hit Coler’s arm and claimed all along he was close enough to see who killed the agents, he would be a prime suspect, if the red pickup story is truly debunked. He also could not have been tried twice for the same crime, had he lived (he died in 2009).

    Butler and Peltier both claim they had been at the AIM camp all morning. When they heard gunshots and noticed bullets landing close to them, they grabbed their rifles and headed off to the origin of the shots, returning fire.

    Peltier’s lawyers claim that the FBI was so desperate to pin the murder of its agents on any convenient AIM suspect that false evidence was created, most notably in the form of a spent bullet casing from Peltier’s rifle that they claim was found in the trunk of one of the agents’ cars. Since the verdict against Peltier was handed down, new eyewitnesses have been produced by investigators claiming that Peltier even bragged about killing the agents.

    As for all my law school experiences, the Peltier case came up only once. In my Evidence class, there were a couple of problems in the casebook (Fisher 3d, 167ff.) based on the “facts” of the shootout and an encounter Peltier and his entourage of AIM members had in Oregon with the local law while fleeing. In one of the problems, the editors inserted in square brackets that Peltier had been one of the three men in the red vehicle the agents pulled over (which Peltier denies).

    Most importantly, the questions were worded in such a way that left out all reference to the controversies, depicting Peltier as a born killer on the lam. The two questions, which my class’s Witkins Award winner (i.e., the student with the highest grade in the class) answered “correctly,” involved the prejudicial effect of an outstanding warrant Peltier had at the time and the fact that the Winnebago he was riding in was filled with weapons, including bombs. These might be probative of the “fact” that after killing the agents, Peltier was ready to make one last suicidal stand against police—so said the Witkins Award winner.

    I went around to members of my Evidence class afterwards and asked them if they knew further details of the Peltier case. None did.

    An especially interesting fact not mentioned in the problems is that actor Marlon Brando owned the Winnebago the AIM members were riding in and loaned it to them to show his support. A fact like that would spoil the fantasy that the casebook was trying to create—our favorite movie stars do not mingle with homicidal maniacs, after all.

    Not only was my law school attempting to depict Peltier as one of the most homicidal outlaws since John Dillinger, but the casebook had cherry-picked details so that the overall impression was distorted. At any time, the professor could have mentioned what the real controversies were, but never did.

    Why would my law school take such a stand against a famous liberal cause and use a deceptive if not outright dishonest way of portraying it? My only answer is that law schools are not about depicting important legal controversies in the neutral light they claim to be painstakingly instilling into students. Instead, law schools brainwash students into believing among other things that liberal causes are silly, and that even when the legal system gets it wrong, some deserving reprobate gets locked up anyway.

    Whether you agree with the AIM movement or not, Peltier is a victim of a legal system gone awry. A thorough study of Peltier’s case should be the first thing that all American law schools should be teaching young would-be lawyers today—thoroughly. Let them make up their own minds after all the facts are in, because it is a complicated case, but at least use all the material facts.

    Meanwhile, there is no excuse for what this Evidence casebook did, and if there was a valid legal lesson to be learned that day in Evidence class about relevance and prejudicing juries, those practice questions could have been rewritten to leave Peltier’s name out of it. I’m left with the burning feeling that our American legal system is built upon a pack of lies, and that the first order of business for American law schools is to whitewash this so it can recruit people with the best of calculating brains, but the most indifferent of moral consciences.

              RFK’s Ghost Still Haunting California   
    While I was in law school with nose glued inside dry case books, a sadly ironic drama unfolded. It was a California drama rife with injustice—the type of injustice law professors typically instruct students to ignore as delusions of the hoi polloi.

    Early in 2012, the Attorney General of the State of California, Kamala Harris, found herself squished between a rabid pack of conspiracy theorists and those invisible forces (i.e., “them”) that run things in the world based on secret policies and undemocratic decision-making. Harris had submitted a court document on behalf of the respondents named in a Federal writ of habeas corpus filed by Sirhan Bishara Sirhan (b. 1944) back in the year 2000.

    I took a seminar in habeas corpus, which the professor running it insisted is currently the most difficult area of law. So difficult, in fact, that such writs are routinely punted to roving magistrate judges, who presumably have more time than other Federal judges to bone up on and master all the intricacies.

    The crux of the habeas corpus complexity lies in a 1996 law called the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA). Even the most conservative students in my seminar had to admit that AEDPA has had the effect of suspending the writ, something the Constitution expressly prohibits, unless public safety requires it in times of insurrection or invasion.

    Still, AEDPA does not apply to Sirhan’s writ, because his conviction became final in the 1970s, long before its enactment. On the other hand, this law provides that writs for older judgments like Sirhan’s should be filed by April 1997 (in essence, like the one-year statute of limitations that is normally invoked). Of course, filing Sirhan’s writ in 2000 clearly has made it barred by AEDPA’s explicit statute of limitations.

    To overcome this bar, Sirhan’s lawyers have found a loophole around AEDPA, quoting a 1995 Supreme Court case, Schlup v. Delo. If Sirhan can prove he is actually innocent, the bar of the statute of limitations can be lifted.

    As much as this may continue to be a glimmer of hope for Sirhan, he must still overcome the extremely high standard set in the Schlup test, which is to present new evidence showing that it is more likely than not that no reasonable juror could have found him guilty.

    Sirhan’s ardent defense lawyers have always valiantly attempted to connect the dots of a half-century of conspiracy theorists. But to satisfy Schlup, they can only rely on “new” evidence, that is, evidence not presented at his trial during the early 1970s.

    Most notably as “new” evidence, an audio recording by a Canadian journalist (Stanislaw Pruszynski) has been analyzed by now state-of-the-art technology showing that at least 13 shots were fired in the pantry at the Ambassador Hotel where RFK was assassinated. Sirhan’s gun only carried eight bullets.

    Also “new,” another journalist and eyewitness (Nina Rhodes-Hughes) claims that a transcript of her “original statement” to the FBI of hearing only eight shots was falsified. She now claims that she initially heard a few of Sirhan’s shots to the left of her followed by a rapid fire of different shots to the right of her—12 to 14 shots in all.

    Sirhan’s lawyers have also included a declaration by a psychology professor (Daniel Brown) and law professor (Alan Scheflin) stating the history of mind control experiments by the CIA and others, which included techniques involving hallucinogenic drugs and hypnosis, to “program” potential agents to follow orders once they were “activated” by a code word or gesture—the rich stuff that conspiracy theorists have been generously coloring their hypotheses with all along. The fact that Sirhan has always claimed to not remember the actual shooting, basing his guilty plea on his own admission that he nevertheless must have been the shooter, feeds this notion that he actually was “programed” to stand in front of the victim and start shooting while someone from behind actually fired the deadly shot. The coroner who performed RFK’s autopsy (Thomas Noguchi) in 1968 confirmed the fatal bullet entered the right mastoid only inches from the victim’s ear, uniquely tattooing it with powder burns.

    In response, Harris’s document specifically debunks the actual innocence claim with these and several other points: 1) the Pruszynski tape has been analyzed by other sound experts differently; 2) Rhodes-Hughes new testimony is inconclusive; 3) Noguchi’s autopsy conclusions were available at trial, but simply not used; 4) even if further allegations that ballistic evidence was tampered with are true, they only offer “speculative inferences” about Sirhan’s actual innocence; and 5) the theories of Brown and Scheflin are “unreliable and speculative,” if not altogether “fantastic.” I even recall watching television news coverage of the filing of Harris’s document, including a young woman presumably from Harris’s office even suggesting that the crime is so old now, nobody really cares about it anymore.

    In August 2013, a habeas corpus expert (Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Wistrich) wrote a 60-page opinion recommending that a motion by the respondent to dismiss Sirhan’s writ be granted. Earlier this year, in January, District Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell did just that.

    At the end of the day, Harris nonchalantly steered her canoe through roaring white water, poising herself as a viable candidate in 2016 for U.S. Senator. Had she not buried the Sirhan matter as tidily as she did, she risked a barrage of bad press and political shenanigans, much as Jim Garrison did in the late 1960s as depicted in Oliver Stone’s movie JFK.

    Moreover, Harris had to tow an official line dismissing conspiracy theorists as kooks that the law cannot bother with and affirming a bright and shiny reality that the well-groomed people running America’s government are privileged as they are because they see the truth of reality clearer. Going through law school should help you unravel the sophisticated ideas behind AEDPA and today’s habeas corpus law, but if you can't hack it, we cannot wait for you. Meanwhile, the bloody, awful event that was the public assassination of a man who probably would have been elected President in 1968 remains nothing more than an act of random and senseless violence by a disturbed individual.

    Harris admittedly played good soldier, hardly working up a sweat, and creating the cosmetic appearance that all’s well in California, as long as nutcases like Sirhan remain behind bars and the so-called mysteries surrounding cases like his remain ignored. Why then do I feel that law as practiced today is no different than it has been for thousands of years: a hocus pocus and tap dance to get the hoi polloi looking the other way so that the king (or "them") can do the dirty work required to stay in power?

    And isn’t this precisely what law school is teaching us? Hocus pocus and tap dancing?

    And endurance. Almost 50 years later, the magic act continues as does the dancing.

    I remember career day at my law school, when a representative from Harris’s office was sitting at a desk, available to students for light conversation about possible careers. In the most calm and unassuming tone I could muster, I told her I was very interested in the Sirhan case. She acted with alarm and said she didn’t understand what I was talking about and that there were no positions available at Harris’s office.

    In fact, she was the only person at career day who was not cordial and pleasant to me. Is it then really so “fantastic” to believe that one code word can set someone off into a predetermined and choreographed behavior?

    Alakazam and clickety clack.

              Default On Your Student Loan? A Big Decision, But Make It!   
    First, do the math. Can you possibly afford to make the payment? I hate this process, I hate the Department of Education, I hate the banks, I hate Sallie Mae, and I especially hate all those collection agencies, but still, if you can make the payments without too much hardship, make them. I do not advocate complete anarchy here.

    If you have one of these law school debts of over $100K, you’ll probably be making monthly payments up to $1K per month. So, again, do the math. Can you afford this, plus your rent ($1,500-$2,000), plus any car payment ($300 per month) plus living expenses (which includes credit card debt: another $1000 per month)? Let’s round up to $5,000 per month, which is $60K per annum. If you make $60K per annum, read no further and pay off your student loans.

    If not, listen to these words: you cannot afford this. Change your mindset and prepare yourself for a life you probably didn’t expect, but it isn’t the end of the world.

    It’s funny how some people go through college and don’t understand that if you default on your student loan (that is, if you miss enough payments—usually around six) the FBI does not show up at your door and arrest you. You don’t have to move out of the country if you stiff the Department of Education!

    Here’s some things you should learn about the employment world as it stands today in America. The current minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, and it appears that it will stay that way for a while. That means an 8-hour day will earn you $58; a 40-hour week (8 hours x 5 days) will earn you $290; a full time job at minimum wage will earn you ($290 x 4 weeks) $1,160 per month, which is $13,920 per year. The official poverty level for a family of two is $14,000 per year, so this minimum wage job puts you just under it.

    Now look at what you have to make to afford your student loans, or $60K per annum. That’s $5,000 per month, $1,250 per week, $250 per day, or $31.25 an hour. There might be some adjusting to do with vacations, February, which has only 28 days, and other facts of our Western calendar. Round up to $32 per hour. If you are not making $32 per hour, you should not be attempting to pay back your student loans.

    So what happens if you simply don’t pay? Again, I’m not a complete anarchist, so if you can pay something, anything, say $100 per month, do it. You’ll default and be making those payments to a collection agency, but so what. In fact, the collection agency will tell you not to send them a payment if it isn’t for the full amount. Send it anyway. They’ll take it. If you stiff them cold, they will remember that. Don't stiff them cold if you can avoid it.

    Oh yes, and their hardship plans are usually bogus. They'll try to sell you those. Listen to them. But usually don't sign up for them. If the collection company treats you like a rogue because you won't sign up for their hardship plan, tell them tough titties. If they start to come down on you hard, hang up the phone.

    Even if you are unemployed and have no money whatsoever coming in, a $100 payment to them now and then (say once or twice a year) will keep you out of the worst of their categories. It all goes under the general category of how to handle bill collectors.

    This advice goes for stiffing credit cards as well. Do it only if you don’t have the money coming in, but don’t be afraid to do it. When the collection companies start calling, it is important NOT TO TELL THEM ANYTHING. They will say they have the force of the law on their side, but that is a bluff. Collection companies will use every trick in the book to make sure you don’t have enough money for food that month. They are despicable. Treat them like criminals, because that’s what they are.

    If collection agencies start harassing you (and they most certainly will), you must demand that they stop all collection calls. You have to do this in writing. Write your demand to stop all collection calls to them in crayon. They must. Oddly, this is one of the laws they honor.

    Make your priorities: stiff student loans and credit cards first; don’t stiff auto insurance if you don’t want to be fined (depending on the state you live in); don’t stiff the auto payment if you don’t want your car repossessed; and don’t ever, ever, ever stiff the IRS. With all the conservative propaganda horror stories out there about the IRS, as long as you don’t owe them mega-bucks, they are the puppy dogs of collection outfits. If you owe back taxes, set up a monthly payment with them. If you can’t afford what you owe at the end of the year, make sure you at least file on time. Send them what you can. Their collection letters are intimidating, but they are nothing like the lawless collection agencies that the Department of Education or credit card companies will sic on you.

    There are a few other laws to know about. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which goes back to the New Deal during the Great Depression, is what you need to invoke if your employer works you overtime without paying you “time and a half.” If you receive an hourly wage and your employer works you more than eight hours, you can sue and usually collect twice the amount of your damages. The problem is, of course, you are going to piss off your employer if you sue them, so you have to decide if this is really worth it. Still, it is more than interesting when you work for a company and lo and behold they simply show what they are made of by completely dishonoring this law. This is one of the laws that I’m sure young JDs will be encountering when they get these temporary positions with law firms. Other employers will try to grant you “exempt” status, by making you a vice-president or something. McDonalds once thought it could successfully skirt around FLSA by making all of its burger-flippers vice-presidents, so they could work overtime. Once you thoroughly know this law, you’ll see just what your employers are made of and why you should be very suspicious of them at all times.

    ERISA, which dates from 1974, is another important law, which deals with pension plans. Employers are aggressively trying to make a buck by getting you to sign up for their pension plans, and sometimes you don’t even know you have signed up for one. If you stop working for a company, make sure that they haven’t signed you up for a pension plan and if they have, make sure that they return the money they took out of your paychecks, if you are not yet vested. I don’t care how fancy the office building is where you work, these companies are ruthless. Make Xerox copies of all of your paychecks, because they will often skimp on the information provided to you on your pay stubs.

    Also watch for the part-time/full-time shuffle. I worked for a company once that had me employed 7.75 hours a day, and considered that part-time employment. No, it was also not some fly-by-night organization either.

    If you are a young lawyer, you have no doubt entered into the legal field at a time when downsizing is going to cream you if you let it. Don’t let Judge Judy intimidate you when she says you are a bum if you don’t have a job. Many of these places are simply not worth working for. Sometimes it is better to simply stop paying your bills than to put up with the nonsense that an employer is going to try and pull on you. It will waste your time and it is not worth the money.

    Above all, make sure you get enough to eat and have a roof over your head. You are not a bum if you don’t pay back your student loans, no matter what that television tells you.

    And if you get in a jam, go see a lawyer! Their first consulation is usually free.
              FBI Files: More Than $23 Million In Assets Recovered From The Estates Of Bernard Madoff’s Sons And From His Daughter-In-Law   
    The Bernie story just will not go away. Recovered Assets Will Be Used to Compensate Victims of the Madoff Fraud Joon H. Kim, the Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York,  Irving Picard, the Securities Investor Protection Act (“SIPA”) Trustee, and William F. Sweeney Jr., the Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New […]
              FBI Files: Operator Of Unlawful Bitcoin Exchange Sentenced To More Than 5 Years In Prison For Leading Multimillion-Dollar Money Laundering And Fraud Scheme   
    I came across this interesting story. Joon H. Kim, the Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that ANTHONY R. MURGIO was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan to 66 months in prison for charges associated with operating, an internet-based Bitcoin exchange, through which MURGIO processed […]
              The Philando Castile Verdict is a Reminder That in America Black People are the True Walking Dead   
    In my best NPR fundraising voice, I would like to thank all of you who have donated to the June fundraiser to support The Chauncey DeVega Show and my other projects. This is the last week of the fundraiser any support is greatly appreciated.

    There have been some very nice acts of generosity and kindness to get the fundraiser to this goal. Thank you emails are forthcoming. If you can and are willing--and have the means to do so--any donation into the virtual collection plate that can be found via the Paypal link on the right-hand side of the screen would mean a great deal.


    In America, driving while black can be a death sentence.

    Last summer Philando Castile was driving his car in the suburb of Falcon Heights, outside St. Paul, Minnesota, when he was stopped by a police officer over a broken taillight — and also because Castile’s big, black, wide nose made him “look like a suspect” in a felony case. Castile calmly and politely answered Officer Jeronimo Yanez’s questions and then volunteered, per the requirements of the law, that he was a registered gun owner and had the weapon in his possession.

    Following Yanez’s directives, Castile then tried to show the officer his identification. At that moment, Yanez was apparently overcome by Negrophobia and shot Castile five times. Castile’s girlfriend and child were in the car when this happened. Diamond Reynolds recorded the killing of her boyfriend and father of their child in real time, transmitting the images of his violent death via Facebook Live so millions of people could bear witness to the de facto lynching of another innocent black man by American police. Reynolds was then handcuffed and put in the back of a police patrol car, along with her child.

    Where was the National Rifle Association? It does not care if a black gun owner is killed by the police.

    Where is the FBI and the Department of Justice? Under Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the police are encouraged and protected in their violence against black and brown people.

    Where is the outrage from White America? There is none or at any rate not enough. The police are enforcers of the color line and in that role protect “good” white folks from “bad” black and brown people. If innocent black and brown people are killed in the process, such an outcome is merely an inconvenience. Given America’s bloody history along the color line, it would not be the first time that the suffering and death of black people has been used to pay the psychological and material wages of whiteness.

    Where are the bloviators who shouted, “All Lives Matter!” Of course they are silent — if not actually celebrating the killing of Castile and the exoneration of Yanez. “All Lives Matter” was always just an updated and more polite version of saying “White power!” or perhaps “Sieg Heil!”

    Where are the “white allies” who oppose racism? There are a few but not enough. As has been true from before the founding of the republic to the present, white people of conscience are rare in America.

    Last week a jury found Yanez not guilty for his killing of Castile. Like so many other police officers, Yanez had mastered a simple phrase that almost always exonerates them for killing a person of color. All an officer ever has to say is some version of “I was afraid for my life,” and murder by cop becomes legal.
    This grotesque system of American justice was shown to be even more twisted and wrong when a second video recording of Yanez’s encounter with Castile was released to the public on Tuesday. Here, the camera does not lie. Recorded from his police car, Yanez is shown to be a reckless coward who shoots Castile dead about 40 seconds after first speaking with him. In essence, Officer Yanez decided to play the role of the Grim Reaper. After revealing that he was a lawfully armed black man out in public, there was little if anything that Castile could do to avoid being shot dead.

    This second video is a reminder of what black Americans (and some others) already know.

    In America, being a black person is an existential condition that provokes and legitimizes violence against you.

    In America, a gun is as a magical totem and fetish object that is inseparable from white masculinity, white manhood, white citizenship and a near monopoly by whites on lawful violence, especially against nonwhites. Black Americans are excluded from that compact, virtually by definition.

    In America, black people are the walking dead when they encounter a police officer. In his book “Slavery and Social Death,” the sociologist Orlando Patterson observed:
    The condition of slavery did not absolve or erase the prospect of death. Slavery was not a pardon; it was, peculiarly, a conditional commutation. The execution was suspended only as long as the slave acquiesced in his powerlessness. The master was essentially a ransomer. What he bought or acquired was the slave’s life, and restraints on the master’s capacity wantonly to destroy his life did not undermine his claim on that life. Because the slave had no socially recognized existence outside of his master, he became a social nonperson.
    These insights about “persons” and “nonpersons,” power, life and death apply to black people and their interactions with the police in post-civil rights era America as well.

    The legal murders of Philando Castile, Sylville Smith, Charleena Lyles, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown and so many others by America’s police and their allies is why the slogan “Black Lives Matter!” is both a demand for justice as well as an affirmation of the value of black folks’ lives.

    The stress of living in a country where police violence and other types of institutional white supremacy are daily threats to their collective well-being largely explains why black Americans die at such disproportionate rates from diseases like heart disease and strokes. Racial battle fatigue is lethal.

    State-sponsored violence against Philando Castile and other black people is why NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was correct to observe that America’s police can trace their origins to the slave patrols of the antebellum United States and too often act in the spirit of that lineage today.

    Black Americans are not crazy, deranged, deluded, overly sensitive, lying or confused when they tell white people that the country’s police are racist and that the legal system is unjust and biased. For white Americans to believe otherwise, as recent public opinion surveys suggest they do, requires is willful denial, delusional thinking and cultivated ignorance. Even when confronted by the video and photographic evidence of police thuggery and violence against black and brown people, many millions of white Americans will convince themselves that cops are to be given the “benefit of the doubt.”

    Ultimately, why is police thuggery and violence against black and brown Americans so common? On a basic level, this is the system working precisely as designed. White Americans, as a group, more or less go along with it. The verdict in the Philando Castile case should in no way come as a surprise. But this fact makes the outcome no less outrageous.
              Secret Mosque Surveillance Suit at Same Court As Trump Travel Ban   
    The 9th Court of Appeals is not only hearing Trump’s Revised Travel Ban but also a similar case where an undercover FBI agent conducted surveillance on Muslim mosques. Jose Sepulveda(@josesepulvedatv) has more.
              Report: FBI Investigating Jane Sanders For Alleged Bank Fraud   
    The FBI is investigating Jane Sanders. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.
              Gunman Kills 1, Wounds 6 In Bronx Hospital, Dies Of Apparent Self-Inflicted Wound   
    Updated at 8 p.m. ET A gunman opened fire at a hospital in New York City on Friday, killing one person and injuring six others before killing himself, according New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill. In a brief news conference, O'Neill said the shooter was a former employee of the hospital but did not identify him. A law enforcement source tells FBI the man was Dr. Henry Bello. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the attack apparently stemmed from a workplace-related matter but he didn't elaborate. The gunfire reportedly broke out at about 2:50 p.m. ET at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. O'Neill said police received a 911 call about a shooter on the 16th floor of the hospital. The victims were found on the 16th and 17th floors. The shooter was found on the 17th floor with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, wearing a white medical lab coat, and a rifle was found nearby. The hospital fire alarm system had been activated, O'Neill said, after the gunman attempted to set himself on fire. A
              VICE News: U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono says ‘one can conclude’ Trump obstructed justice, abused power   

    Like many Americans, U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono, D–Hawaii, watched former FBI Director Jim Comey’s June 8 testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on his conversations with President Donald Trump, the FBI’s investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Trump’s saying that he “hoped” Comey would terminate said investigation and Trump’s firing of Comey after he refused […]

    The post VICE News: U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono says ‘one can conclude’ Trump obstructed justice, abused power appeared first on Maui Time.

              Senate effort to ban Russian software on military systems would have far-reaching impact, sources say   
    iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) — This week’s efforts on Capitol Hill to ban the U.S. military from using software made by a Moscow-based company under FBI investigation received bipartisan support from top senators. But those efforts would have [...]
              Trevor Loudon must be stopped   
    I have not been posting to my blog for a while because rightwing idiots have been making my life a living hell.

    A rightwing nut job from New Zealand, Trevor Loudon, who works for the CIA and FBI is instigating hate campaigns against anyone who publicly identifies themselves as a socialist.

    As a result my telephone is ringing off the hook at all hours of the night with these people harassing me. I haven't had a good night's sleep for months.

    Loudon seems to be attacking and smearing anyone associated with Alan Maki.

    I have repeatedly reported this harassment to the police who refuse to do anything.

    Trevor Loudon is orchestrating this hate campaign from someplace in New Zealand.

    Loudon is a convicted felon who has molested small boys. Loudon is one of the founders of NAMBLA.

    Loudon created his own Wikipedia page which reads like something out of one of Hitler's degenerate hate-mongering accomplices:
              Support FARC-EP   
    I received this from Alan Maki. People need to understand more about the liberation movements solidarity activists are supporting. The FBI has no right telling the American people that we are not allowed to support people struggling for their freedom while Obama, Democrats and Republicans use our taxes to oppress people in other countries.

    Some background info on FARC-EP:

    The United States and the Colombian ruling oligarchy have, since the 1960s, repeatedly implemented socioeconomic and military campaigns to defeat the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia–Ejército del P...ueblo, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia–People’s Army (FARC–EP). However, this offensive, whose main purpose is to maintain capitalist accumulation and expansion, has resulted in an embarrassing setback for U.S. imperialism and the Colombian ruling class. In a time of growing and deepening U.S. imperialism, it is important to examine this failure. Over the past four decades, despite U.S. efforts, support has risen for what has been the most important continuous military and political force in South America opposing imperialism. I examine how the FARC–EP has not only maintained a substantial presence within the majority of the country but has responded aggressively to the continuing counterinsurgency campaign. I also show as false the propaganda campaign of the U.S. and Colombian governments claiming that the FARC–EP is being defeated. This analysis provides an example of how a contemporary organic, class-based sociopolitical movement can effectively contend with imperial power in a time of global counterrevolution....

    read on:

              FBI — Dr. Robert Wayne Locklear Sentenced to Serve 24 Months in Federal Prison on Crack Cocaine Conspiracy and Health Care Fraud Conspiracy Charges   
    Dr. Robert Wayne Locklear Sentenced to Serve 24 Months in Federal Prison on Crack Cocaine Conspiracy and Health Care Fraud Conspiracy Charges U.S. Attorney’s Office September 24, 2014 Eastern District of Tennessee (865) 545-4167
              FBI — Legal Attaché Manila: Then and Now   
    Check out the agent's picture below at the bottom right of the page. How could anyone want to hurt one of these guys, an agent with braces is hitting below the belt with "just too adorable". 08/20/13 In August 1961—52 years ago—Speci
              FBI — President Nominates New FBI Director   
    06/21/13 President Barack Obama today nominated James B. Comey, Jr. to serve as the next Director of the FBI. Comey must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate before taking office. “Jim is exceptionally qualified to handle the full range of
              FBI Looking For Montana Man On Federal Drug Charges   
    36 year-old Eric David Fletcher is wanted by the FBI for alleged drug possession and distribution charges out of Montana. Continue reading…
              White Collar Season 1   
    A white collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter, and conman. Nonton
              How a Bitcoin Whitehat Hacker Helped the FBI Catch a Murderer   

    An ethical hacker breached the database of a phony darknet website offering hitman services and leaked the data. The information from the data dump helped the FBI in their investigation of a man who murdered his wife. In November 2016, Stephen Carl Allwine, 47, of Cottage Grove, Minnesota, killed his wife in “one of the […]

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              Netflix: AS SÉRIES QUE TENHO VISTO.   
    A Netflix já se tornou um vício para mim! Passo horas a ver séries por lá. Quando não estou a fazer qualquer outra coisa estou pela Netflix a ver séries e ultimamente tenho visto algumas que chamaram a minha atenção, e por isso mesmo decidi partilhá-las com vocês, que também devem gostar de séries hehe.

    Espero que gostem tanto como eu delas ou mesmo se já tiverem visto algumas das que vos vou descrever abaixo contém-me nos comentários se gostaram e qual a vossa opinião.

    🔴 THE OA 

    A série centra-se em Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), uma jovem adoptada e inicialmente cega, que ressurge depois de ter desaparecido por sete anos. Após o seu retorno, Johnson auto denomina-se como "OA", contém cicatrizes nas costas e com a capacidade de ver de novo. OA recusa-se a dizer ao FBI e aos seus pais adoptivos onde esteve e como a sua visão foi voltou, e em vez disso rapidamente monta uma equipa de cinco moradores da cidade (principalmente rapazes do secundário) a quem ela revela toda a informação omitida e explica a sua história de vida. Finalmente, ela pede ajuda para salvar as outras pessoas desaparecidas que ela afirma estarem actualmente em outra dimensão.

    Esta série tem apenas uma temporada que vos irá agarrar ao ecrã, no entanto em Fevereiro passado foi confirmada uma segunda temporada, que eu estou ansiosa por ver hehe.


    Black Mirror retrata a inquietação colectiva em relação ao mundo moderno. Com muito suspense e genialidade, cada história explora temas relacionados à paranóia tecnológica contemporânea. A tecnologia transformou todos os aspectos de nossa vida: em todas as casas, em todos os escritórios e nas mãos de todas as pessoas há um ecrã plasma, um monitor, um smartphone – um espelho negro reflectindo a nossa existência no século 21.

    Esta série contém 3 temporada com apenas 3/4 episódios mas garanto-vos que em cada um deles vão ficar a pedir por mais. Esta série é fantástica e elucida-nos do que poderá ser o futuro.


    Os moradores da pequena cidade de Caldwell têm as suas vidas interrompidas quando algumas pessoas mortas há pouco tempo ou até décadas começam a retornar à vida inconscientes da própria morte. Alguns dos retornados voltam para os seus conhecidos e tentam continuar as suas vidas de onde pararam enquanto fenómenos estranhos acontecem, o que acaba por ocasionar consequências negativas e positivas.

    Esta série contem apenas um temporada pois em 2015 decidiram cancelar por causa da audiência ser pouca. O que foi uma falha porque a série é mesmo muito boa e merecia uma continuação.

    🔴 GLITCH

    Ao passar em frente de um cemitério da pequena cidade de Yoorana, o jovem Beau testemunha seis cadáveres levantarem-se dos seus respectivos túmulos. Ao atender ao chamado, o sargento James Hayes e a Dra. Elishia McKeller levam os ‘mortos’ ao hospital, onde exames preliminares revelam que eles estão perfeita saúde. No entanto, não conseguem lembrar-se do que aconteceu ou o que estão a fazer ali. Entre os mortos está Kate, esposa de James que faleceu há dois anos. Até que consigam descobrir o que está a acontecer, James toma a decisão de proteger o grupo, escondendo-os dos seus colegas e dos demais moradores. No entanto, os seis não são os únicos a retornarem. Pelo menos mais duas pessoas também voltaram: Paddy Fitzgerald um velho irlandês racista que teria morrido há quase cem anos e é encontrado a andar pelas ruas; e um desconhecido, chamado John Doe.

    Esta é uma boa série, mas ainda só tem a primeira temporada a Netflix está a trabalhar na segunda temporada com data prevista para 2017, vamos aguardar.

    🔴 BETWEEN 

     Between é uma série de ficção científica e passa-se numa pequena cidade que luta contra uma doença misteriosa que já matou todos com idade superior a 21 anos de idade. Além disso, uma luta pelo poder tem início quando o governo decide colocar uma área de 16km de diâmetro em quarentena.

    Nesta série eles passam por muita coisa para conseguirem fugir da pequena cidade que está de quarentena, esta série até agora conta com duas temporadas, que promete colar-vos ao ecrã e pedir por mais hehe.

    E então o que me dizem destas séries?
    Prontos para pegarem nas pipocas e ficarem no sofá a assistirem?
    Contem-me tudo aqui em baixo.
    Beijinhos 💕💋

              Alabama school district pays ex-FBI agent to monitor students’ social media   
    Huntsville schools paid an ex-FBI agent $157,000 to oversee security reforms, including monitoring the social media accounts of the district's students.
              Hearing Set for Flint Airport Attacker   
    The suspect in Wednesday’s attack on an airport police officer in Flint faces a federal felony charge. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan says Amor Ftouhi illegally entered the U.S. from Canada on June 16 at Lake Champlain, New York. Officials say initial evidence shows Ftouhi was in Michigan as early as the 18 th . The FBI has interviewed more than 20 witnesses and conducted several search warrants to learn what motivated Ftouhi to attack Flint airport police Lieutenant Jeff Neville with a 12-inch knife. Neville is reportedly in stable condition and is improving. The FBI says there’s no evidence to suggest the attack was part of a wider plot, nor that Ftouhi was assisted. Ftouhi is being held without bond, and is scheduled for a hearing in federal district court in Flint on June 28. If convicted, he could face up to 20 years in prison.
              FBI issues cyber alert on denial of service attack   
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation is reporting that an individual or group claiming to be "Anonymous" or "Lizard Squad" has sent extortion emails to private sector companies threatening to conduct distributed denial of service attacks on their networks unless they receive Bitcoin.
              Grassley Demands Answers On Acting FBI Director’s ‘Apparent’ Conflicts Of Interest   
    WASHINGTON — Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley fired off a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Wednesday questioning numerous probes into acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and asking whether investigators have found any political conflicts from these inquiries. In his letter to Rosenstein, Grassley reminded him that he already asked about McCabe’s apparent conflict of interests […]
              Terrorismo, l'Fbi mostra nuove foto dell'11 settembre al Pentagono   
    Quasi sedici anni dopo l'Fbi ha diffuso una serie di immagini inedite relative all'attacco contro il quartier generale della Difesa americana
              New York bomb suspect apparently acted alone: FBI   
    The suspect in the bombing this month in New York's Chelsea neighborhood appears to have acted on his own, with no connection to an extremist movement, the FBI said Tuesday.
              Gunman Kills 1, Wounds 6 In Bronx Hospital, Dies Of Apparent Self-Inflicted Wound   
    Updated at 8 p.m. ET A gunman opened fire at a hospital in New York City on Friday, killing one person and injuring six others before killing himself, according New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill. In a brief news conference, O'Neill said the shooter was a former employee of the hospital but did not identify him. A law enforcement source tells FBI the man was Dr. Henry Bello. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the attack apparently stemmed from a workplace-related matter but he didn't elaborate. The gunfire reportedly broke out at about 2:50 p.m. ET at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. O'Neill said police received a 911 call about a shooter on the 16th floor of the hospital. The victims were found on the 16th and 17th floors. The shooter was found on the 17th floor with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, wearing a white medical lab coat, and a rifle was found nearby. The hospital fire alarm system had been activated, O'Neill said, after the gunman attempted to set himself on fire. A
              Tech Companies Have Mixed Feelings Toward Trump Administration   
    Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: As we've mentioned, technology is a big part of South by Southwest. And it's also front and center in a tech conference that happened last week in Austin called South by Southwest Interactive. NPR's Laura Sydell was there, and she says there's a lot of interest in how the Trump administration will deal with tech companies. Some tech leaders say they're nervous, but others say they're optimistic. LAURA SYDELL, BYLINE: There's a long list of reasons why Donald Trump wasn't the candidate of choice for most techies. He recommended a boycott of Apple when it wouldn't help the FBI break into the iPhone of a terrorist. Tech businesses rely heavily on immigrants. Then there's tech's commitment to green energy, which doesn't seem to interest the pro-oil and coal Trump administration. Hugh Forrest, the chief programming officer for South by Southwest, says he's hearing a lot of nervousness from, say, companies that make electric cars.
              We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here's What We Learned   
    A lot of fake and misleading news stories were shared across social media during the election. One that got a lot of traffic had this headline: "FBI Agent Suspected In Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide." The story is completely false , but it was shared on Facebook over half a million times. We wondered who was behind that story and why it was written. It appeared on a site that had the look and feel of a local newspaper. even had the local weather. But it had only one news story — the fake one. We tried to look up who owned it and hit a wall. The site was registered anonymously. So we brought in some professional help. By day, John Jansen is head of engineering at Master-McNeil Inc., a tech company in Berkeley, Calif. In the interest of real news he helped us track down the owner of Jansen started by looking at the site's history. "Commonly that's called scraping or crawling websites," he says. Jansen is kind of like an
              Tech Leaders Vow To Resist Trump, But They Also Hope To Find Common Ground   
    Donald Trump took direct shots at some of the biggest tech companies during the presidential campaign. When Apple wouldn't help the FBI unlock a phone used by a terrorist, he suggested boycotting the company . In a Fox News interview , he lashed out against Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. "The politicians in Washington don't tax Amazon like they should be taxed," Trump said. "He's got a huge antitrust problem because he's controlling so much." For his part, Bezos once tweeted he'd like to reserve Trump a seat on his commercial space rocket. Besides the direct attacks on tech companies — Trump's protectionist trade policies , threats to impose tariffs and deport millions of immigrants, and his affiliations with groups widely seen as racist all put him at odds with most tech company leaders. "We try as much as possible to embrace and take advantage of the fact that the diverse perspectives bring better innovation, better ideas, and this campaign very much has at times been against that set of
              Always Look Twice (Whirlwind Sisters, #1)   
    Always Look Twice (Whirlwind Sisters, #1)
    author: Sheri Whitefeather
    name: Deirdre
    average rating: 3.40
    book published: 2005
    rating: 4
    read at:
    date added: 2012/12/03
    shelves: fromlibrary, romance, paranormal
    Olivia Whirlwind is a psychic who often works with the cops to help solve crimes. Now she's dealing with a killer who is using some Native American magic to distract from her intentions. Her other distraction is the handsome FBI agent who is also part Native American and is sceptical about all that sort of thing.

    The two of them spark well, there are some great fun scenes in this story. The use of American Indian magic is also interesting and unusual.

              Death Calls (The Calling #4)   
    Death Calls (The Calling #4)
    author: Caridad Piñeiro
    name: Deirdre
    average rating: 3.65
    book published: 2006
    rating: 4
    read at: 2009/09/26
    date added: 2009/09/26
    shelves: fromlibrary, romance, paranormal
    FBI agent Diana Reyes is trying to deal with her feelings for Ryder, her love of being human, her love of her job, her want to do what is right is fighting with her love of him and the lure of the supernatural.

    So she asks for some space while she investigates death and destruction. He has to deal with some of the vampire politics going on but is determined that she should have what she wants from life. Even if that does mean letting her go.

    It's sweet and the characters do have to deal with issues in their lives rather than ignoring them. The dicotomy between life as a human and unlife as a vampire is quite clear here. Also the characters came across as very in love as well as quite well drawn.

              Schiff is wobbly on Lynch. CNN is wobbly on Russiagate. @ThadMcCotter   
    06-28-2017 (Photo:File:CNN Center studios.jpg ) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Schiff goes wobbly on Lynch. CNN goes wobbly on Russiagate. @ThadMcCotter Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, aired his concerns in an interview Sunday and said he wants to hear from Lynch personally. “I'd like to hear what Loretta Lynch's explanation for that is, either by having her come to the Hill or by having her speak publicly,” he said. The call significantly ups the pressure on Lynch, as the push to scrutinize her conduct in last year’s Clinton email investigation becomes more bipartisan. LYNCH SHOULD TESTIFY, GRAHAM SAYS The renewed attention stems from fired FBI Director James Comey’s testimony earlier this month that Lynch had instructed him to describe the probe as a “matter” – not an “investigation.” Comey said this “confused” him and cited that directive, along with Lynch’s unusual tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton while the investigation was ongoing, in his decision to announce the FBI’s findings on his own. Comey’s handling of the case later would be cited by the Trump administration in the decision to fire him, though speculation remains widespread over to what extent the probe of Russia meddling and possible collusion with the Trump campaign may have played. Yet even as Democrats focus heavily on the Russia allegations, a handful of high-powered lawmakers like Schiff now want to hear from Lynch. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, told CNN earlier this month that Comey’s charges gave her a “queasy feeling.” Schiff said Sunday he agrees. “It does give me a queasy feeling as well,” he told CNN’s “State of the Union.” “There may be a perfectly accurate explanation by Loretta Lynch about why she thought 'matter' was the appropriate term rather than 'investigation.' So I wouldn't assume James Comey's characterization is the last word on it even although though I'm sure it's accurate.”
              Tales of the New Cold War: Russiagate is a secret in an envelope. Stephen F. Cohen @NYU @Princeton University   
    06-27-2017 (Photo:President Barack Obama, joined by from left, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State John Kerry, and CIA Director John Brennan, speaks at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Va., Wednesday, April 13, 2016, after a meeting with his National Security Council ) Twitter: @BatchelorShow Tales of the New Cold War: Russiagate is a secret in an envelope. Stephen F. Cohen @NYU @Princeton University Early last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White House. Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried “eyes only” instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides. The White House debated various options to punish Russia, but facing obstacles and potential risks, it ultimately failed to exact a heavy toll on the Kremlin for its election interference. • Graphic: The main findings, highlighted Inside was an intelligence bombshell, a report drawn from sourcing deep inside the Russian government that detailed Russian President Vladi­mir Putin’s direct involvement in a cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit the U.S. presidential race. But it went further. The intelligence captured Putin’s specific instructions on the operation’s audacious objectives — defeat or at least damage the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help elect her opponent, Donald Trump. At that point, the outlines of the Russian assault on the U.S. election were increasingly apparent. Hackers with ties to Russian intelligence services had been rummaging through Democratic Party computer networks, as well as some Republican systems, for more than a year. In July, the FBI had opened an investigation of contacts between Russian officials and Trump associates. And on July 22, nearly 20,000 emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee were dumped online by WikiLeaks.
              What Comey knew and wouldn't say. @AndrewCMcCarthy @ThadMcCotter   
    06-27-2017 (Photo:Inside the FBI's Colossal Fingerprint Factory ) Twitter: @BatchelorShow What Comey knew and wouldn't say. @AndrewCMcCarthy @ThadMcCotter It is a valid complaint that he does not care enough, if at all, about Russia’s interference in the election — i.e., that he thinks only about the media’s use of it to tarnish his victory, not what it augurs about Kremlin intrusions in American political processes. But neither did Trump care enough about the Russia investigation to obstruct it. What he cared about, obsessively, was the false suggestion that he was complicit in whatever the Kremlin had done. With that mindset, believing the collusion narrative was crushing him, he came to see the FBI director as a man who (a) knew the narrative was false, (b) resisted saying so publicly for flimsy reasons, and (c) had an incentive to perpetuate the narrative that might better explain his reluctance to discredit it publicly. Comey was not fired until May 9, but his days were clearly numbered after his March 20 House testimony. Fully aware of Trump’s agitation, and against law-enforcement protocols, the director nevertheless asserted that the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of Russia’s election interference was focusing on possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. He even added for good measure that the FBI would be assessing whether criminal violations had occurred. Concurrently, Comey confided in lawmakers that Trump was not a suspect in the investigation, but he declined to make that salient detail part of his public testimony. Read more at:
              Sen. Sanders' Wife Tried Evicting Disabled Group Home Residents after Closing Shady College Deal ...   
    Complete Headline: Sen. Sanders’ Wife Tried Evicting Disabled Group Home Residents after Closing Shady College Deal Under FBI Probe Amid a deepening federal investigation of Jane Sanders, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' wife, Judicial Watch has obtained records that paint a rather disturbing personal portrait of a heartless spouse—and longtime political advisor—of the Democratic Socialist candidate for president of the United States. ... The school, Burlington College, was in a small city with the same name in northwestern Vermont. It's a quaint town of about 42,000 that sits on the eastern shoreline of Lake Champlain and prides itself on having "diverse,...
              6/30/2017: Sport: ATLETIEK   
    finishte in Nancy als tweede van de 100m horden (13”03). Anne Zagré aan het Amerikaanse Eugene wordt onderzocht door de FBI en de Amerikaanse belastingen. Eugene kreeg in april 2015 de organisatie toegewezen zonder dat er sprake was van een officiële...
              FBI agent indicted for false statements about LeVoy Finicum shooting   
    Rick Moran, Am. Thinker
              What Do You Mean Back To Basics?   
    For a period of several months when the market started imploding, I got mass messages from basically every lender I do business with, saying it's time to "get back to basics". My favorite A paper lender became the last to do so. This is a company that to the best of my knowledge, never offered a negative amortization loan, never had a stated income loan for 100% of value, and was steadfast about avoiding all the problem loans that the rest of the industry dived headfirst into. As a result, not only could they offer beautifully clean underwriting and rates that varied from pretty darned good to absolutely unbeatable, but still rock solid today, The differences to their bottom line since market peak are all attributable to declining values that are a background to the industry rather than loose loan practices on their part. My response to each and every one of these messages, however, has been, "What do you mean, back to basics?" The dynamics of how to create a happy customer never changed. Oh, you can make them happy right now by getting them into the beautiful McMansion they have no prayer of really affording. But debt to income ratio isn't just for the lender's protection. If you use one of the many tricks available to circumvent it, you can video-record them jumping up and down with excitement and crying for joy on move-in day, but they'll also remember you all through the long process of losing the property, and by the time it comes to move-out because of short sale or foreclosure day, they'll know that you failed to do your real job. What do you think the prospects of referrals and repeat business are? Well, maybe referrals to attorneys and repeat business from the FBI fraud unit, but those aren't things most of us want. Many people, sometimes surprisingly sophisticated people who should have known better, were ignoring critical factors about finance and economics because after six to ten years of the housing markets going crazy, it must have seemed as if the laws of economics had been somehow repealed. Nope. Not ever going to happen. They're a bit more complex than physics such as gravity, and they are subject to distortion through mass psychology in the short run, but the bottom of that canyon is still waiting, no matter when Wile E. Coyote looks down. You'd think people would learn something through experience after a few repetitions. Yes, most people want the huge mansion on 64,000 acres. People want hot and cold running servants and manna from heaven, too, but very few people get it. But there are reasons things like that are beyond the means of the average person, particularly in high demand urban areas where all the jobs are. Most of us have budgets that won't stretch to any of the above, and we're better off understanding this fact from the start. As real estate agents and loan officers, it's part of that fiduciary duty we learn about getting licensed to make them aware of these facts as they pertain to real estate and mortgage loans, not encourage them to stretch beyond their means for a property and a loan they can't really afford. During the era of make-believe loans, it became possible to pretend that somebody was able to afford a bigger, more expensive home than they really could. Many alleged professionals, both agent and loan officer, became aware that they could make the easy sale and a much higher commission check by fudging a number here and a key fact there. They made quite a good living by doing so, rationalizing that if they didn't, somebody else would. Those agents and loan officers who stayed on the right side of things lost a lot of business to people who didn't. It's always possible to talk a "bigger better deal", but what actually gets delivered is a whole different issue. The last few years have taught those of us who don't talk like that how to deal with those miscreants. But whether you believe in karma or not, stuff like that will come back around to bite you. It's one of those laws of economics that can't be repealed by the legislature. One way or another, their time of reckoning is coming. We all know what happens to those hogs at the trough. So it's not "back to basics." Basics have always been there. Basics has always been the way to make the clients happy, not only on move-in day, but for the rest of their lives - long after the neighbor who didn't pay attention to basics has lost their home and their financial future to the foreclosure process. Basics, and explaining how they benefit the client, is how you build a real book of business, instead of one-time scores that are going to have you fighting lawsuits from jail. This has never changed, and it never will. Basics are the world we all live in, and when you understand them, you understand why. Caveat Emptor Original article here
              Nancy Pearl recommends a thrilling read for a dark night   
    Most of the time, Nancy Pearl loves a good literary thriller. But sometimes, she just likes to chill out with a page turner. Today she tells KUOW's Marcie Sillman about a new writer she's just discovered named Becky Masterman, author of a series featuring a retired FBI agent. The book is called "Rage Against the Dying."
              John McAfee reveals how he can hack an iPhone within 30 minutes   

    The article is written by Jayaditya Chakrabarty & published first on iGadgetsworld - Gadgets & Tech Blog

    John McAfee, a cybersecurity pioneer and maker of McAfee Antivirus revealed how he can hack an iPhone or a computer within half an hour and he also smashed FBI saying that they are deceiving the people saying that they need a universal key to access devices. He literally smashed FBI saying that FBI’s role in […]

    © iGadgetsworld - Gadgets & Tech Blog

              FBI agent hired as chief expected to take Boardman PD to ‘next level’   
    Todd Werth, who has lived in the township for 19 years, will take over when the current chief retires next year.
              Fate of consolidated FBI headquarters in limbo following House subcommittee vote   
    The vote surprised project boosters who hoped that funds would be included in the federal government's 2018 budget.

              Feds Confirm ISIS Investigations Underway in NC   
    FBI investigations into ISIS-related threats encompassing all 50 states.
              FBI Rotting From The Head Down: McCabe Faces 3 Separate Investigations   
    The deep state is falling apart and Trump is helping tear it down.
              LaVoy Finicum’s Widow Speaks Out On FBI Indictment   
    FBI agent indicted for lying about firing shots.
              Gunman Kills 1, Wounds 6 In Bronx Hospital, Dies Of Apparent Self-Inflicted Wound   
    Updated at 8 p.m. ET A gunman opened fire at a hospital in New York City on Friday, killing one person and injuring six others before killing himself, according New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill. In a brief news conference, O'Neill said the shooter was a former employee of the hospital but did not identify him. A law enforcement source tells FBI the man was Dr. Henry Bello. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the attack apparently stemmed from a workplace-related matter but he didn't elaborate. The gunfire reportedly broke out at about 2:50 p.m. ET at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. O'Neill said police received a 911 call about a shooter on the 16th floor of the hospital. The victims were found on the 16th and 17th floors. The shooter was found on the 17th floor with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, wearing a white medical lab coat, and a rifle was found nearby. The hospital fire alarm system had been activated, O'Neill said, after the gunman attempted to set himself on fire. A
              Trump’s Lawyers Planned to Retaliate Against Comey for Leaking. Their Rationale for Deciding Against It Is Revealing.   

    Earlier this month, multiple news outlets reported that the president’s personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz was planning to file a misconduct complaint against former FBI Director James Comey. This news came after Comey testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee that he’d leaked information to the press about a private conversation he’d had with Donald Trump while serving as FBI director. According to the reports, Kasowitz would be asking the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General to investigate Comey’s conduct, and he’d be doing so in a matter of days.

    The possibility that Comey would face retaliation from the Trump team prompted some chin-scratching among DOJ watchers: Was there any way he could actually get in trouble, given that there was nothing illegal about what he’d done and that he’d already been fired from his job? The notion seemed absurd on its face: Though Comey had been FBI director when he had his conversation with Trump, he was a private citizen by the time he leaked the memo in which he documented that conversation. To justify filing his complaint with the DOJ’s inspector general, Kasowitz would have to argue that DOJ had jurisdiction over its former employees even after they no longer worked there. On the other hand, the IG’s office does have a history of calling out misconduct by former employees—as recently as May 16, it had completed a report about a former U.S. attorney who had engaged in an extramarital affair with a subordinate while in office. If Comey had broken some internal Justice Department rule against sharing information with reporters, could he be the subject of an embarrassing (though probably toothless) report months or years down the line?

    Predictably enough, this question has turned out to be purely academic. On Wednesday, Yahoo and Bloomberg News confirmed that Kasowitz would not be filing a complaint against Comey after all, at least for the time being. Bloomberg cited an anonymous source who explained that Kasowitz had decided to hold his fire as a “professional courtesy” to Robert Mueller, the special counsel in charge of the Russia investigation. According to a source who spoke to Yahoo, the filing of the complaint had been delayed “out of deference to Mueller to let him do his job,” and out of concern that it “might antagonize Mueller and potentially backfire on the president.”

    There’s an argument to be made that we shouldn’t spend any time pondering the administration’s lack of follow-through. The threat of an IG complaint was nothing more than headline-grabbing saber-rattling, and the retreat was just the latest example of Trump and his people failing to back up their tough talk—the equivalent of a bully giving up in the middle of a fight and blaming it on his heart problems. But the Trump team’s stated rationale for not following through with the IG complaint is revealing. In framing it as a show of respect for Mueller, they have both insulted him and exposed their own blinkered, petty sense of right and wrong.

    Mueller is known inside and outside the FBI as an apolitical operator—a man who doesn’t let personal or partisan considerations influence his thinking. The implication that he’d respond to an IG complaint against Comey by going after Trump more zealously is that Mueller would set aside his integrity to protect his friend—Mueller and Comey worked together in the George W. Bush administration—and punish the president.

    Trump is a transactional person, someone who believes it’s proper to favor those who do him good turns and punish those who get in his way. (Just Thursday morning, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders reminded Fox News, “This is a president who fights fire with fire … [he] isn’t going to sit back and not push back.”) It’s a worldview that doesn’t allow for the possibility that people can make choices that aren’t informed by the same corrupt calculus—that someone like Mueller could be uninterested in hitting back just because he feels personally affronted. It also doesn’t allow for the possibility that Mueller would have more serious things to think about than some frivolous IG complaint.

    We don’t know who it was that talked to Yahoo and Bloomberg about Kasowitz’s decision not to file the complaint. But if what they said is an accurate reflection of how Trump’s lawyers are thinking about their client’s predicament, it suggests they still have no sense of who and what they’re up against.

              Donald "Fake News" Trump Displays Actual Fake TIME Magazine Covers At Golf Resorts   

    The man who yells "fake news" has been decorating his golf clubs with literal fake news.

    At least five Trump golf clubs have fake TIME magazine covers displayed touting the success of Donald Trump's former reality show, The Apprentice.

    Hilarious. And embarrassing.

    Maybe this is why he cries "fake news" so often. He's been creating it for years.

    The Washington Post reports:

    The framed copy of Time magazine was hung up in at least five of President Trump’s clubs, from South Florida to Scotland. Filling the entire cover was a photo of Donald Trump.

    “Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!” the big headline said. Above the Time nameplate, there was another headline in all caps: “TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS . . . EVEN TV!”

    This cover — dated March 1, 2009 — looks like an impressive memento from Trump’s pre-presidential career. To club members eating lunch, or golfers waiting for a pro-shop purchase, it seemed to be a signal that Trump had always been a man who mattered. Even when he was just a reality TV star, Trump was the kind of star who got a cover story in Time.

    But that wasn’t true.

    The Time cover is a fake.

    There was no March 1, 2009, issue of Time magazine. And there was no issue at all in 2009 that had Trump on the cover.

    In fact, the cover on display at Trump’s clubs, observed recently by a reporter visiting one of the properties, contains several small but telling mistakes. Its red border is skinnier than that of a genuine Time cover, and, unlike the real thing, there is no thin white border next to the red. The Trump cover’s secondary headlines are stacked on the right side — on a real Time cover, they would go across the top.

    And it has two exclamation points. Time headlines don’t yell.

    “I can confirm that this is not a real TIME cover,” Kerri Chyka, a spokeswoman for Time Inc., wrote in an email to The Washington Post.

    You may recall that during a speech in January addressing CIA staff, Trump declared he had been on more Time covers than anyone else: “I think we have the all-time record in the history of Time magazine."

    Actually, that's incorrect, and kind of ironic given Trump's current FBI investigation status.The record holder is President Richard Nixon.

    Of course, the Trumpster had to deny and deflect via Twitter this morning:

              FBI also looking at forensic audit of Petersburg treasurer’s office   
    The Federal Bureau of Investigations is now looking at findings from a forensic audit of the Petersburg Treasurer's Office.
              Drawing The Line In Your Notes Might Draw The Line In Your Life   
    Former FBI director James Comey categorized his notes as both government documents and his personal property. He's not alone. The issue of who owns a worker's notes has implications for the implicit contract between employee and employer.
              FBI Agent Indicted for Lying About the Lavoy Finicum Murder (Video)   
    There is zero question that law enforcement in this country is out of control. Day by day, America becomes ever more of a police and surveillance state, and the worst part is that many Americans are perfectly okay with this. And in the latest controversy, the FBI agent who was involved in the killing of […]
              How Many Hollow Points Does It Take......To Target Practice With?   


    The Federal Government Is Buying More Hollow Points For Target Practice?


    In recent years, Homeland Security, The Social Security Administration, and other arms of the Federal Government with security and law enforcement arms have been buying up ammo-so much so that there were shortages nationwide.  Some areas are still feeling the shortages and literally everyone is wondering why the G needs billions of rounds of Hollow Point Ammunition?  Lets face it, even with the way our government wastes money, hollow points are just too darn expensive to use for TP/Qualifying.  Oddly, the United States Postal Service has gotten in on the major ammo buying, and Newsmax had this to say about it:


    "It's not just the USPS that is stocking up on ammo.

    A little more than a year ago, the Social Security Administration put in a request for 174,000 rounds of ".357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow-point" bullets.

    Before that, it was the Department of Agriculture requesting 320,000 rounds. More recently, the Department of Homeland Security raised eyebrows with its request for 450 million rounds — at about the same time the FBI separately sought 100 million hollow-point rounds.

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also requested 46,000 rounds."


    So, at the risk of sounding like conspiracy theorists, we just want to know what the government needs with nearly 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition?  Are they trying to keep it off the streets?  Are they trying to keep you and me from having the ammo of choice for home defense?  I would think they would buy up all the cheap stuff-the FMJ rounds we use for TP would be the best way to keep us from arming up, because we buy that stuff in bulk.  HPs are expensive items, and most of us keep only a certain amount of them around for defense purposes. 

    Now, some of the agencies when pressed for answers came back with the claim they were in fact using the HPs for target practice which is maniacal, given their 3-1 cost over FMJs.  And some of the agencies just said they provide ammo for all of their law enforcement and security personnel, which is fine, but I have a problem with buying ammo for guns who use guns for their jobs(other than military of course).  Its not our job to do so as taxpayers, in my humble opinion.


    But lets examine that claim-target practice with HP rounds.  If you look at the cheapest HPs you can buy in bulk, you are looking at roughly $40 bucks for a box of the cheapest rounds (X's 50).  That times 2 billion is $1.6 billion.  However, the same ammo in FMJ will run you about $25/box of 50 rounds which gives you a cost of roughly 60% of the HPs or $875M.  Evevn the worst spend-thrift in the government couldn't pull that off.  In other words, we aren't buying that! 


    Then we have to consider if the Federal Government plans on using those rounds to repel an invasion of some sort.  Given the current party in power's aversion to waterboarding, we don't think they would willingly violate the Geneva Convention and use HPs in a war.  That would be considered a war crime, no?  So that leaves us with three possibilities: 

    1) They are actually wasting our tax dollars on the wrong ammo for target practice, which should anger every American, given the number of veterans living in poverty, not getting thier benefits, being foreclosed on, etc...

    2) they are actually just trying to keep them from you and me, and it is again a ridiculous waste of money that would be better used on Americans' needs, rather than ideological chicanery.....

    3) They plan on using them to repel foreign armies or an insurgency they think is going to happen.  This would mean they are willing to violate the Geneva Convention and use HPs against foreign armies, and they are willing to use HPs on American Citizens. 


    We are at a loss as to what the various potential uses for 2 billion or so rounds of hollow point rounds could possibly be.  There are only so many federal agents, security officers, etc, who could possibly be armed.  In fact, if one takes all the federal employees combined ( 2.7 million) and distributed all the ammo among them, they would each get 7,400 rounds of ammo.  Ponder that, that is a cost of $6,000 per federal employee just for ammunition!  Now, if the government is planning on arming each one of them with a side arm, at a bulk price of $300 each, so they can shoot all those rounds, that's another $810,000.   None of it adds up. 


    We'll have to sit back and wait a while to see what the actual proposed use for all that lead is.  In the mean time, if you too would like to stock up on some ammo, check out our ammo page.  We also carry the new Sig Sauer Ammunition!  In the end, it is our belief that being over prepared is never a bad idea.  And, whether you are a prepper, or a weekend plinker, we have your ammo in stock and ready to ship today!


              Illinois CCW Class Today   


    Red Dot Arms Illinois/NRA CCW Class was in session today, and I was there to take it all in.  The class was the first of two eight (8) hour classroom and range days that included the NRA's basic handgun training.  If you haven't ever taken the two NRA handgun classes(basic and intermediate), you are missing out on information that could save your life.  It was interesting for me to go back to the beginning, to be reminded of some things I had forgotten, or just ignored over the last 35 or so years since I first learned about guns from my father, who was an FBI agent in my youth.


    The class was engaging, and was attended by about a dozen firearms owners who were there to qualify for their Illinois and a few other state's CCW certifications.  With this class, we get reciprocal hangun permits as out of state residents in about 31 or so states.  Once completed, and after applying for the two states (other than Illinois) out of state permits, one could almost drive coast to coast with one's gun.  There are additional classes offered by Red Dot that will enhance further your carrying rights, but for now, its just those mentioned.  You can get the full lowdown on our trainin page, as to all the states that apply, once you have Florida and Utah out of state resident licensure.  Its a great deal, as you get a great refresher in handgun safety, while earning the ability to exercise your 2A rights in multiple states. 


    In retrospect, it is amazing to me, how much I just forgot over the last 35 years or so.  In fact, I thought I was an expert-and I am-I've been around firearms my whole life-and have used them in a quite a few "advanced" situations, where my life was at stake.  But sitting down in a class like this, and being trained by a guy who lives training, you realize just how much you aren't doing to be safe.  You realize how much you are doing that could endanger those around you.  And you realize that all that stuff you filed in the "I'm too smart for my own good" file is in the wrong file in your brain!  It should be front/center whenever you have a firearm in your hands, and it doesn't hurt to do a brush-up course like this once a year.  You won't regret it! 

    Additionally to having my eyes pryed wide open by mistakes I have been making, I was also taught more about our offerings at Red Dot Arms.  First of all, the completion of the course at Red Dot for the Illinois CCW license, you are able to apply for the Florida CCW as an out of state resident.  This is key if you travel by car around the US, as there are no less than 20 states who recognize the FL license and give full reciprocity to those with the Florida CCW.  This means, with this one class, you can almost drive coast-to-coast without locking your gun in the trunk.  And, if you take this class, you get a major discount on the Utah license class, and that gives you reciprocity in nearly 20 more states.  If you live in Illinois you must do this class!  If you live in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, or Michigan, its worth the drive over to do the class.  Its inexpensive, and when you leave you have the full packet to send off to Florida-so for $119 bucks, you get your FL license, and reciprocity all over the nation.  While you are here, take our Utah class, and get most of the rest of the states covered too. 

    I am so excited for the defense class tomorrow, I won't be able to sleep.  And tomorrow is range quals too-so we'll be putting our new found knowledge to the ultimate test.  For many in the class, including myself today, it was rudimentary review-but there was so much more.  The additional confidence I will have going forward is invaluable.  This class is a must for everyone who has a firearm in the home.   And of course it is a must if you want to legally carrry a handgun in Illinois and 37 other states! 

    Check out our training page to book your IL CCW class today-I promise you won't regret it! 

              Gun-Grabbing California Politician Arrested For.....Gun Trafficking!   

    The hypocrisy won't be lost on anyone, after reading this story To put it bluntly, the very people who want to disarm you and I  are not much on disarming themselves (see Barbara Boxer's stance on giving up her Glock).  But some of them, involved in criminal RICO's are sure to be out there, operating freely, without the FBI or ATF catching wind of their criminal activity.


    It would sure be nice though, if we could go to sleep at night, knowing that career politicians were all in the business of politics for the sake of doing good by their constituents.  Lets just say, this particular sleazeball didn't feel he was making enough in his cushy job as a California Assemblyman, and sought supplimental income, through trafficking firearms and shoulder fired rockets to potential terrorists of the Al Qaeda sort. 


    Lets just thank the lord that these guys were all caught, before they could hurt someone, or heaven forbid, bring down a jet liner filled with innocent people.  It is indeed a sad day, when in the last week, no less than five elected officials, one from right here in Illinois, are arrested for bribery/corruption, child pornography, and weapons trafficking.  If ever there was a time when you absolutely should take your rights under the Second Amendment seriously, this would be that time.


    Contact Red Dot Arms today and get enrolled in our April classes to clear your requirement to get your CCW.  You'll learn firearms safety, the basics of shooting both revolvers and semi-autos, and you'll be 4 steps closer to being safe both at home, and while out and about!


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    President Trump Top Tier Lawyers Vs The Swamp’s Bureaucrats Members of President Donald Trump’s Blue Ribbon legal team and his allies are briefing a case that former FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey have a long professional and  personal, relationship that creates a conflict of interest, notwithstanding Mr. Mueller prior reputation of integrity. “Mueller […]

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    Updated at 8 p.m. ET A gunman opened fire at a hospital in New York City on Friday, killing one person and injuring six others before killing himself, according New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill. In a brief news conference, O'Neill said the shooter was a former employee of the hospital but did not identify him. A law enforcement source tells FBI the man was Dr. Henry Bello. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the attack apparently stemmed from a workplace-related matter but he didn't elaborate. The gunfire reportedly broke out at about 2:50 p.m. ET at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. O'Neill said police received a 911 call about a shooter on the 16th floor of the hospital. The victims were found on the 16th and 17th floors. The shooter was found on the 17th floor with an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound, wearing a white medical lab coat, and a rifle was found nearby. The hospital fire alarm system had been activated, O'Neill said, after the gunman attempted to set himself on fire. A
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    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Appealing a trial court's grant of summary judgment to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), The Associated Press and a reporters group argue in a June 29 brief to the District of Columbia Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals that the FBI's responses to their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests were inadequate and ignored information that was clearly responsive (The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, et al. v. Federal Bureau of Investigation, et al., No. 17-5042, D.C. Cir.).
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    USA : Les sénateurs envisagent de bannir les produits Kaspersky d'une utilisation au sein de l'armée,
    et évoque la possibilité d'une influence du Kremlin sur l'éditeur

    Les sénateurs américains ont demandé mercredi d'interdire les produits de l'éditeur Kaspersky Lab, à Moscou, utilisés par les militaires en raison de la crainte que l'entreprise soit vulnérable à l'influence du gouvernement russe, le lendemain du jour où le FBI ait interrogé plusieurs de ses employés américains dans le cadre d'un...
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    #543, Crime, I Was A Communist For The FBI "Against The Middle" 1/18/53 Syndicated, Man Called X 8/15/48 CBS. Tuned To Yesterday features programs from radio's golden era. Drama, Comedy, Western, Sci-Fi and more. Produced by Mark Lavonier.
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    Billy McFarland, the young entrepreneur behind the disastrous Fyre Festival, has been arrested by the FBI, and is expected to appear before a Manhattan judge later today, facing charges of wire fraud.
    Chattanooga Man Sentenced for Solicitation to Burn Down a Mosque in Islamberg, New York Robert Doggart, 65, of Signal Mountain, Tennessee, was sentenced to 235 months in prison for soliciting another person to violate federal civil rights laws by burning down a mosque in Islamberg, a hamlet outside Hancock, New York, announced Attorney General Jeff Sessions and United States Attorney Nancy Stallard Harr of the Eastern District of Tennessee. Doggart also was found guilty of soliciting another person to commit arson. Evidence presented at trial established that, in February 2015, the FBI learned through a confidentia