Disney changing 'Pirates' ride   
          The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! JUNE 2017 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store   

By Derek Burgan

Welcome to the latest edition of The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! the longest running monthly look at the Disney Outlet Stores in Orlando. Outlet Intern Julia Mascardo – when she wasn’t sailing on the newly refurbished Disney Fantasy –  and I found a whole bunch of neat things this month including a bunch of new Tsum Tsums, crazy […]

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          In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of June 30, 2017   

By Rikki Niblett

Who is seeing Despicable Me 3 this weekend? I can’t wait to see what Gru, the girls, and the Minions are up to this time! This week, we have a bunch of patents that have been filed, we say our fond farewell to a dated attraction, and much more! Let’s get to it! In Case […]

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          Pirates of the Caribbean to See Updated Auction Scene   

By Rikki Niblett

Today, the Disney Parks Blog was discussing the new changes at Disneyland Paris’ Pirates of the Caribbean, but they also shared a tiny tidbit of information about the status of one particular scene at both U.S. versions of the attraction. The famous auction scene will be seeing an update. Currently, the scene showcases the auctioneer […]

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          Tell Us Which Project You ♥ the Most   
hero Popsicle Pool Party

Release the fireworks! A long weekend of American celebration is upon us! But before we grab our stars, stripes and fun summer foods, we are sharing this week's top projects from our project gallery. Check out a modern take on Disney (for twins!), a big boy room all about garbage trucks (with none of the garbage!) and two summer parties that scream "It's summertime!" [...]

          ‘The Chew’ to return to EPCOT Food & Wine Festival in 2017   

For the last two years, the filming of episodes of the lifestyle talk show format series “The Chew” has been a popular addition to the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. Now the show is returning for a third year to record October 4-6 against the park’s iconic Spaceship Earth...

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          Disneyland Resort prepares to Celebrate America this 4th of July Weekend   

If you’re planning to be in Southern California this Fourth of July holiday weekend, it’s not too late to add a visit to the Disneyland Resort to celebrate America’s independence. Most of us think of fireworks and those are pretty spectacular, as this video from Disneyland highlights But there are...

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          Marvel Inhumans drops first trailer   

Although I’m not all that familiar with Marvel’s Inhuman comicbook series, I’ll admit I was looking forward to idea of an Inhumans movie. Then when Disney decided ti make it a TV show instead, I was still on board. More episodes means more cool Inhuman action. I liked the idea...

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          Foto Anak Ganteng   


Foto Anak Ganteng

Gambar untuk Foto Anak Ganteng - Laporkan gambar Foto Bayi Ganteng Krisdayanti Dilahirkan di Tanggal 12-12-12 www tribunnews com › Seleb › News12 Des 2012 – Inilah foto-foto bayi ganteng yang dilahirkan Krisdayanti pada tanggal cantik 12-12-12 hari ini di RS Mitra Kemayoran Jakarta Foto Anak Ganteng Umur 12 | Blog Internet Marketing internetmarketing websiteini com/blog/ /foto-anak-ganteng-umur-1 3 R's Blog: Sebuah perjalanan keluarga ke NYC bahwa rincian banyak hal yang menyenangkan yang harus dilakukan dengan anak-anak kecil Ada foto besar Foto Senyum Lucu Bayi Ganteng | Kumpulan Foto Anak kumpulanfotoanak com › Foto Bayi › Emosi / Senang13 Sep 2012 – Foto Senyum Lucu Bayi Ganteng Foto Senyum Manis Anak Laki-laki Foto Bayi Lucu Sedang Telungkup Foto Bayi Lucu Bertopi Warna-Warni Foto Cowok Ganteng yang banyak di Koleksi di Hp Cewek Foto www unikaneh com › Foto Unik dan Aneh"Pengunjung Yang Baik Selalu Meninggalkan Komentar" Unikaneh com - Ane buat Gini soalnya Pacar ane Sama teman2nya Semua Koleksi Foto Artis Ganteng Foto FB Cowok - Cowok Ganteng | Indonesia Terbaru 2013 baruterbaru blogspot com › FB oleh Faris Antoni - dalam 25 lingkaran Google+ Foto FB Cowok - Cowok Ganteng pastinya banyak sekali cewek-cewek naksir karena pada keren-keren si dan ini menjadi jujukan para wanita untuk bisa Foto Pria Seksi dan Ganteng Dunia kemonbaca blogspot com/2012/05/pria-seksi-dan-ganteng-dunia htmlFoto Pria Ganteng dan Seksi Dunia- Takjum dan kagum melihat pria ganteng Dia memulai karirnya sebagai bintang anak di Disney Channel Mickey Mouse Cowok Ganteng Seksi Gallery indoganteng blogspot com/24 Jun 2009 – Foto Mesum Kevin Aprilio Vierra, Cowok Seksi Kevin Aprilio, si cowok seksi ganteng has rambut harajuku style ala Japanese boy, it is Kevin Koleksi Foto Cowok-Cowok Ganteng - BlogZeng www blogzeng com/2012/ /koleksi-foto-cowok-cowok-ganteng ht 24 Jul 2012 – Artikel Koleksi Foto Cowok-Cowok Ganteng Semoga bermanfaat bagi sobat blog Terima kasih atas kunjungan Anda serta kesediaan Anda Gambar Anak Muslim fau2i blogspot com › Koleksi Gambar Dan Wallpaper oleh Muhammad Fauzi - dalam 532 lingkaran Google+ 26 Jul 2012 – Koleksi gambar anak muslim yang lucu dan menggemaskan Gambar anak islam bayi-bayi cerdas dan cantik serta ganteng Foto bayi imut dan ganteng jakartagrosir com/foto-bayi-imut-dan-ganteng-51 htmlNama nama lengkap bayi perempuan bagus, nama nama tarian dan provinsi di indonesia, foto foto ank kcil yg lucu lucu, software foto kartun karikatur, contoh

          OMG, Disney will remove the women being sold off in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride   

Disney has announced (via the Disney Parks Blog) that a joke from the 1960’s about pirates selling off women is “no longer funny” and is...
          Brand Intimacy Agency MBLM’s Report Finds Disney, Nintendo and Xbox Rank Most Intimate Entertainment Brands   

The Industry Ranks at Average Level for Brand Intimacy

(PRWeb May 11, 2016)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/05/prweb13384405.htm

          MBLM Reveals Women Connect with Broad and More Mature Staple of Brands than Men   

Brand Intimacy Agency’s 2015 Report Finds Apple Tops Rankings for Women Followed by Disney and Amazon

(PRWeb March 08, 2016)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/03/prweb13252271.htm

          Revuelo por lencería inspirada en princesas de Disney   
Seduce con un "toque" de magia.
          Jumanji: Bienvenidos a la Jungla, muestra su primer tráiler oficial   

Dwayne Jhonson protagoniza este remake-continuación de la gratamente recordada Jumanji… aquella pequeña joya de aventuras que protagonizaba Robin Williams en la que un juego de mesa transportaba a aquellos que jugaban a una jungla llena de misterios y amenazas. Los tiempos cambian… ahora se trata de un videojuego llamado Jumanji y de cuatro amigos que ...

El artículo Jumanji: Bienvenidos a la Jungla, muestra su primer tráiler oficial ha sido publicado en Hello Friki. Si te ha gustado, también puedes leer otros artículos de Giacco. ¡Anímate!

          Schooling Spider-Man: Marvel Adventures   

Celebrate the Wall Crawler’s return to the big screen in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” by heading back to school with these adventures available on Marvel Unlimited!

One of the best parts about being a comic reader? Bringing new fans into the fold! Comics might not be exclusively for kids anymore, but there remain plenty of all-ages books to share with children and other new readers including MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN!

Renowned creators like Jeff Parker, Sean McKeever, Mike Norton, Zeb Wells, Peter David, Fred Van Lente, Pop Mhan, Ryan Stegman Todd Dezago, Roger Langridge, Paul Tobin, and Chris Samnee all jumped in at various times to tell tales starring not only Spider-Man, but also a variety of other characters from the Marvel Universe! Instead of fully re-telling the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko stories, these take cues from those while branching out in new directions along the way. The first issue covered the origin while the next two pitted the Web-Slinger against the Sinister Six and the fourth teamed up Spidey and Human Torch first to fight a guy called Street and then the giant monster Goom!

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) #1

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

No matter the threat he faced or the fellow heroes he met up with, Peter Parker balanced all of that with the usual life of a high school science genius whose classmates just don’t understand him. In other words, MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN worked with all of the building blocks of Spider-Man without getting too dark.

Whether you get your hands on the original issues, trades, or the digital versions, these stories make for a fun and exciting entry-point for new readers. In addition to getting to know the basics of Spider-Man and the Marvel Universe, they also offer a great entry course in the ways of actually reading comics.

A Tangled Web

If you’re looking for even more all-ages Spider-Man goodness, go on and check out this book’s precursors: MARVEL AGE SPIDER-MAN and MARVEL AGE SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP. You can also look for the more recent MARVEL UNIVERSE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN comic that takes its cues from the Disney XD animated series.

          Revisit Spidey’s Origins with New ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Shorts   

True Believers! If you can’t get enough of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, have no fear. We’ve got your back! Between “Spider-Man: Homecoming” hitting theaters July 7, PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN ongoing series from Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert, and “Marvel’s Spider-Man” coming to PlayStation 4, don’t forget the “Marvel’s Spider-Man” animated TV series premiering later this summer on Disney XD!

Disney XD will be releasing a series of six animated shorts retelling Spider-Man’s origins ending in the loss of Peter’s Uncle Ben ahead of the summer series’ release. These animated shorts will launch one per day on Disney XD and Disney XD’s YouTube channel from July 24 to July 29. All shorts will be available on the Disney XD app on Sunday, July 24. Take a look at the first animated short above!

In the first short, Peter Parker is on a field trip to Oscorp Industries when he accidentally gets bitten by a spider. The creative team includes: executive producers Alan Fine, Dan Buckley, Joe Quesada, Jeph Loeb, Cort Lane, and Eric Radomski; co-executive producers Stan Lee, and Stephen Wacker; supervising producers Kevin Shinick and Marsha Griffin; consulting producers Dan Slott, Kevin Burke and Chris “Doc” Wyatt; and Supervising Director Philip Pignotti.

Tune in to Disney XD to catch episodes of your favorite Marvel animated series! Stay tuned to Marvel.com for all the latest news and updates on all things Marvel.

          Elárverezik Walt Disney Hófehérkéjének eredeti, kézzel festett kockáit   
Az árverést bonyolító Hanson Aukciósház szakértői szerint összesen akár 23 ezer fontot (8,1 millió forint) is fizethetnek az 1937-ben készült filmtörténeti ritkaságokért.
          And 500 Other Things   
Self-driving cars fans live in environments which have basically been built for cars and not in somewhat older areas where car-centric environments were retrofitted slowly over time. Roundabouts are hard, but so are hundreds of other non-standardized things.

"Roundabouts are considered to be very challenging for automated vehicle technology," says Helen Kourous, a Ford engineer. "They are very unstructured. No two are alike. You can find many different configurations. Human drivers can sometimes get confused in them," she says.

In geofenced areas, such as the parking lot at Walt Disney World, a gated community, or a college campus, Level 5 self-driving vehicles make perfect sense, and they will work. I can see Level 3 vehicles in a few years where vehicles can drive themselves on highways but must hand off to the human driver if they can't figure out a situation. And that's about really all we can expect in the next 25 years.

This is correct, though I think it also misses the point. While there will be uses for this technology, they'll be so limited as to be almost pointless. Great, self-driving shuttle buses in Disney World to get people from the parking lot to the park gate. I mean, cool, I guess, but...

          Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cookie Jar Turnabout Walt Disney 1940's Iconic Collectible Jar Retro Vintage Charm Kitchen Decor by vintagesouthwest   

110.00 USD



          Organizing a Scrapbook Album   
Layouts. Layouts. And more layouts. I started wondering if the layouts I made for our 2015 vacation to Disney World was going to fit in the album I bought and had embossed. I was nearing the completion of the album, but there was still about twelve more layouts to complete. Some of the pages were in the three-ring binder album, and the other layouts were in a 12x12 Iris project case. It was time to start putting the album together and see if the vacation was a one or two album project.

The first step was sorting the pages into days. Fortunately, the title page was a list of the highlights of our trip listing. It made it easy to sort the pages as I could refer back to it if I wasn't certain which day we visited a park or ate at a character meal. It was such a helpful page, I'm planning on starting each vacation album with a title page that lists the dates and activities of the day.

 After putting in the completed layouts, and adding in empty page protectors for the pages I still needed to add, I realized one album wasn't going to work. The pages were hard to turn, snagging on the ridge of the clip. I had about twelve more double-page spreads to make, and I like adding three-dimensional embellishments to the pages. The album was thick so I knew the trip would turn into a two album project.
(Which I shouldn't have been surprised about as our week long Disney Cruise album is actually three albums.) In my stash of scrapbook supplies, I found a postbound 12x12 Disney album. I'm going to place our character pictures into that album and leave the rest of the layouts in the three-ring binder.

          A Big Change Is Coming to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean   

Pirates of the Caribbean has been a part of Disneyland since 1967. The ride has changed over the years, especially after the 2003 film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Jack Sparrow became a permanent addition to the ride as well as appearances from Davy Jones and other characters from subsequent films. But, one […]

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          ‘Star Wars: Forces of Destiny’ Brings Characters Together That Haven’t Yet Met   

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny is the latest project from Lucasfilm. A series of short animations focusing on the women characters of the Star Wars universe, it kicks off with a series of 8 stories, all released on YouTube. A further 8 episodes will follow in the autumn, and will debut on the Disney Channel. […]

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          Comment on Dos & Don’ts of Disney’s Castaway Cay by Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama   
Hi Carolyn - I don't have a definitive answer for you but I assume that any time I am in the ocean, there is a chance of coming across wildlife including sharks. That being said, I'd steer clear of any gatherings of seals or sea lions while kayaking since that's what sharks love to eat.
          TS288: The Keepers, Last Man Standing, Celine Dion, Evolution of Lesbianism   
Ding Dong the Witch is dead, goodbye Roger Ailes! This week Bryan found a new love in Disneyland fail videos,  while Erin lost her entire Sunday to “the Keepers” on Netflix. Also, Last Man Standing has been canceled by ABC and conservatives have gone crazy blaming “liberal Hollywood” for it. Plus, curious researchers in Cyprus believe after much research Lesbianism to be an evolutional phenomenon that has occurred only to create arousal in men. 
          TS150:Lyft, Disneyland, Church Going Gays, Lady Business $$   
This week, Bryan took a Lyft for the first time! It was as delightful as an emu leg in Disneyland. Meanwhile, Erin reveals that women get waaay less financial loans for businesses than men do. And Bryan discusses a new poll revealing how LGBTs feel about religion. Plus, the Secret app! Share with friends, anonymously...   Watch Us!  Every Wednesday on Funny or Die Subscribe and Rate Us! iTunes Tweet Us!  @gibblertron & @bryansafi Use the Hashtag #tspod Email Us! shadethrowing@gmail.com Like Us! Throwing Shade Facebook Page Old School Listen! RSS Feed
          TS106: Cherries, H&M, Disney's "Frozen", GLADD Responsibility Index", and Aurora Borealis   
Do you think Vikings every got gay? Bryan does! Hear all about it during his report on the report GLADD released about gay characters on TV, and listen to Erin talk about what Disney did to "The Snow Queen", and it doesn't involve reading her to filth. If you haven't seen the 1995 made-for-tv movie "The Langoliers", SPOILER ALERT! Subscribe and Rate on iTunes @gibblertron & @bryansafi #tspod shadethrowing@gmail.com Official Max Fun Page Facebook page RSS Feed
          TS82: Brave's Merida Redesign, Bret Easton Ellis and Gay Baby Pandas, Abercrombie, KStew and special guest Kulap Vilaysack   
Here ye, hear ye, beer me! Throwing Shade is on a race against time to bring you all the 'ssues of the week with an essay by Bret Easton Ellis attacking the "culturally gay elite", Erin takes on "Brave"'s Merida Disney Princess redesign, Abercrombie's problem with ladies who have junk in that trunk, and the offical third member of Throwing Shade, Kulap Vilaysack of "Who Charted?".   #beautiful Come shade with us in Portland ,San Fran Seattle, Minneapolis & Chicago - buy tickets here East Coast tickets go on sale 05/22 Subscribe and Rate on iTunes @gibblertron & @bryansafi #tspod shadethrowing@gmail.com Official Max Fun Page Facebook page RSS Feed
          Zoo Miami announces birth of 4 warthogs   

Zoo Miami announced Friday the birth of four warthogs.

The baby warthogs, three males and one female, were born June 20. 

Zoo Miami spokesman Ron Magill said in a news release that Friday was the first time zoo staff were able to temporarily separate the mother from her newborns for a few minutes to successfully perform a neonatal exam on each of the warthogs. 

The exam confirmed the warthogs' sex and indicated that they each appear to be healthy and developing well.

Magill said the 3-year-old mother is from the Indianapolis Zoo and the 3-year-old father is from San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The warthogs are the first offspring for both parents, and it is the second successful birth of warthogs at Zoo Miami.

The first occurred in 1995.

Magill said the mother warthog will "remain off exhibit with her piglets for several days to ensure that they have bonded properly and are well acclimated to their surroundings prior to going on public display."

Warthogs, made famous by Pumba in Disney's "The Lion King," are found in much of sub-Saharan Africa.

The animals are not naturally aggressive, but are able to protect themselves with large, powerful tusks, which they typically use to tear up the ground in search of roots and grubs and to establish dominance between them.


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          Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm to compete for real in LMP3   
The main characters from the Disney-Pixar animation Cars 3 are moving into the real life, courtesy of Craft-Bamboo Racing who is using the cars with their liveries this coming weekend. The duo of LMP3 race cars will be adorned with the spectacular livery of the Cars 3 characters during the […]
          Disney Removing Bride Auction Scene From ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Ride   
Next time you take your family on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride, you might notice a change: No more “wenches” up for sale as brides to the highest bidder. Yup, Disney has announced this classic ride — found at Disneyland, Disney World, and Disney Paris — will no longer feature the animatronic tableau of four women in chains being …
           Sr Financial Analyst - Licensing - The Walt Disney Studios   
pls RT ECNIDRSS @entcareersnet Responsibilities

Short-Term Responsibilities

Transition Licensing ... more

          Disney Axes Auction Scene from Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction   

“We wants the redhead!” is a phrase that not only fans have associated with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction for the past 6 decades but it’s also been a marketing slogan for Disney that graces t-shirts and a variety of other products throughout the parks. Today Disney has announced that beginning in 2018, as …

Continue reading »

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          News! 2017 Disney World Candlelight Processional Narrators and Dining Packages Announced   
The 2017 Epcot Candlelight Processional Dining Packages are now available for booking!

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          First Look and Review! The New Roaring Fork at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge   
Roaring Fork at Disney's Wilderness Lodge is reopen from its refurbishment. Find out what's new at the Lodge's main Counter Service restaurant!

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          New DFB Video: EAT THIS in Epcot Part 2!   
We are back with Must Eat Epcot Food Part 2 from Walt Disney World in our latest DFB Video!

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          News! “The CHEW” Taping Schedule and New Booth for Epcot Food and Wine Festival!   
Big News!! Today we’ve got another update about the 2017 Epcot Food and Wine Festival! The festival, which stretches to a full 75 days this year, will run from August 31-November 13 this Fall. We are looking forward to the start of the fun. We wait all year for this (and we know you do toooo!), but [...]

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          Jon Favreau Nabs PETA Award for CGI Animal Cast of ‘The Jungle Book’   

When Jon Favreau set out to direct Disney’s live-action The Jungle Book, which debuts on April 15, he was tasked with bringing to life some of the most iconic ...

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          See How Jon Favreau and Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’ Saved Animals   

See How Jon Favreau and Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’ Saved Animals

To save animals, sometimes all you need is a little Disney magic.

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          KISS, Disney, Wizard of Oz, Antique Dealer Auction! - St. Charles MO - Wednesday June 21st, 2017 - Mound City Auctions   
Online Auction - St. Charles MO - Wednesday June 21st, 2017 - Mound City Auctions | Listen up KISS fans We have a fantasic sale that will make you want to rock n roll all night party every day This fantastic collection comes from a single owner who collected KISS memorabilia for many years This auction also includes Disney Wizard of Oz antiques collectibles much more We will be adding many more lots so please check back
          Funko Announce New Exclusives for @D23Expo 2017!   
D23 Expo 2017 is July 14-16 in Anaheim, and we are so excited to attend for the first time! Come visit us at our Disney Treasures booth in Hall B! We’ll be selling past boxes and offering new subscriptions – more details to come! D23 Expo Disney Store Exclusives In addition, look for five special...
          Daily Dividend Report: WOR, DIS, STZ, XRAY, LEN, CMD   
Worthington declared a quarterly dividend of $0.21 per share payable on September 29, 2017 to shareholders of record on September 15, 2017. The Walt Disney Company (DIS) declared a semi-annual cash dividend of $0.78 per share, payable July 27, 2017 to shareholders of record at the close of business on July 10, 2017.
          KISS, Disney, Wizard of Oz, Antique Dealer Auction - St. Charles MO - Wednesday July 12th, 2017 - Mound City Auctions   
- St. Charles MO - Wednesday July 12th, 2017 - Mound City Auctions | Listen up KISS fans We have a fantasic sale that will make you want to rock n roll all night party every day This fantastic collection comes from a single owner who collected KISS memorabilia for many years This auction also includes Disney Wiz Listen up KISS fans We have a fantasic sale that will make you want to rock n roll all night party every day This fantastic collection comes from a single owner who collected KISS memorabilia for many years This auction also includes Disney
           Disneyland takes wives off auction block on 'Pirates' ride    
ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) - Yo ho, yo ho, no pirate's wife for me.Disneyland's "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride is losing a scene where a bound and tearful woman...
          i WOODY not, if i were u   
Don't mind me. Just finished S1 of the fabulous Grace & Frankie on Netflix. 

RV life is kind of a Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own kind of writerly dream for me. 

We rented our first RV for our first trip to b o n n a r o o. We wanted AC, a potty, a shower, and a fridge. We got a fridge. 

The crew from Woody RV Rentals LLC. in Georgetown / Hutto delivered the Voyage Winnebago to my mother's house not in the same condition of their website's YouTube video. "She" (as the delivery men referred to the vehicle) {can I insert gag noises} arrived weathered. 

So, not that! ^^^

Like it had cigarette burns in the carpet!

Anyhoo. On y va.
PSA: Please, friends, DO NOT rent from Woody RV Rentals LLC's without checking out their property first. 


After carefully covering every inch of interior cloth with Lysol, Clorox wipes, and my mother's sheets, the five of us set off on this fantastic voyage from Ktown to the infamous Roo. 

About three minutes into the trip we realized that the rear AC unit was blowing out hot air. 

Yep. That happened. 

Then the cup holder / engine cover blew off inciting Farmer Guy to fear filled cursing. 

Then we stopped for an overnight sweltering stay in Hope, Arkansas at the Wal-Mart. We had to purchase a box fan and bug spray for a noticeably growing ant infestation. 

IKR? Interesting an ant infestation in an RV that had not been rented according to Woody's in over six months. Things that make you go hmmmm.

There was this faint odor settling. It became more and more less faint as the heat from the generator continued climbing toward Hell temperatures, but more about that in bit. 

And it WILL be addressed. In the words of Big Freedia....I didn't come to play with you hoes, I came to slay..." 

But later!!!

Because well... BONNAROO!!! Happy Roo! High five to you! Happy Roo! And high five to you!!!

Hands down Manchester, Tennessee during Bonnaroo, not Disney, is the happiest place on Earth. Well, maybe not Disney during the holiday season... it's a toss-up or maybe meme chose???

We arrived after midnight, the kids immediately scurried away to behold Kevin Abstract. Farmer Guy and I adjusted to this interesting landscape--- a sea of tents   enveloped by mountains of RVs sprinkled in starlight. 


After a hard night sleep with that ever growing smell, I showered. It was fabulous and it was my last. The whole shower ---door, knob, spigot, and all crumbled shortly after that. I think all passengers got at least one shower.

But, nonetheless, Friday was epic. Big Freedia EPIC! TWERK IT OUT! Interesting side note, I thought I was like almost a demi twerk goddess after one lesson. I thought the media was kinda swarming me with my expert twerking skills, but, alas, I was bouncing next to LoLo Jones, Olympiad. That kind of epic. The day a full moon collided with Kaleo, Russ, Preservation Hall Jazz Band and, and, and U2. Yes, I did shed a tear. 

Big Freedia AND Bono in one day. On What stage in This tent. {Bonnaroovian inside joke} because at this point I claim citizenship - at least honorary. 

That was only Friday, and the smells inside of our traveling atopia became increasingly worse as we added to this problem sans proper shower avec mosh pit life. I even contemplated free showers bestowed by that one guy, but the fungal you know, is better than the... Nvm. 

Maybe one day, I can really blog about Bonnaroo EVERYTHING EVERYTHING (great YA, BTW), but this is a trash blog about Woody's in attempt to lovingly warn any person with children, or elderly travelers, hell any traveler with lungs to consider deeply before dealing with this company. 

This is my very first time writing a bad public review of an establishment. I might be doing it allll wrong. 
PSA: Please, friends, DO NOT rent from Woody RV Rentals LLC's without checking out their property first. 


On Woody RV Rentals LLC: They are trash. Which I think is a rather harsh term that the kids are using, but quite applicable in this scenario. 

Yep! The smell was the septic system, not properly filtering in the proper way spilling black water and waste right onto the great farms of Tennessee in the midst of 60K happy campers!

While we squeamishly waited, Farmer Guy now aka Hero Guy had to fix reconnect or whatever, with his own gloved hands apparently just in time for us all not to die of toxic shock (maybe not TSS, but toxic inhalation) in Manchester Heaven. 

Also thanks to the Bonnaroo logisticians for having an uhmazing line up like Chance the Rapper, Flume, Travis Scott, Lorde, The Weeknd, E.T.C. We didn't spend a whole lot of time in that possibly hazardous Voyage Winnebago, that maybe will now be retired. I repeat out of love, for them and for you ---their VOYAGE WINNEBAGO is trash. 

"Are you ready for your miracle????" Thank you, Chance. 

That Monday, with the Voyage engine light on, we left our magical memories in Manchester with inside RV sweltering temps streaming about 92 degrees for our 14 hour drive home. 

Yasss! Our skin looked flawless when we landed in Texas to receive our whopping one day rental discount for our over TWO THOUSAND dollar rental from Woody's. Oh, and a free first day of our very next rental!!! And Woody's doesn't do one day rentals. Okay???

About 2h's off of 2g's???

Okay, again. Ant Infestation!!??!!

"I didn't come to play with these hoes, I came to slay..."

PSA: Please, friends, DO NOT rent from Woody RV Rentals LLC's without checking out their property first. 

Don't mind me if I'm over here over sharing this announcement with the desire of saving someone's vacation. 

Because A: Not everyone's septic saver will be hooping to Red Hot Chili Peppers under a sparkly firework filled sky. 

And B: I'm from the 254--- I can show you better than I can tell you. Y'all wanna see photos???

PSA: Please, friends, DO NOT rent from Woody RV Rentals LLC's without checking out their property first. 


l o v e


          „Disney“: kaip animacinis personažas virto pasauline kino ir pramogų imperija   

Walto Disneyaus vardą šiandien žino visas pasaulis. Tai buvo neeilinių gabumų žmogus: verslininkas, išradėjas, animatorius, studijos vadovas, pramogų parko savininkas ir filmų prodiuserius. Nieko nuostabaus, kad kartu jo kartu su broliu įkurta kompanija „Disney“ augo lygiagrečiai su jo ambicijomis ir savo įvairove atspindi daugialypį šio žmogaus talentą. Tačiau apie viską nuo pradžių.
Skaitykite daugiau...

          O Brasil está de brincandeira   

Hoje pela manhã o jornalista carioca, Bernardo Mello Franco fez a seguinte publicação:

O comentário estava diretamente ligado a uma notícia da Folha, com o testemunho de um pai revoltado porque a filha poderia perder a viagem programada para o exterior, pela falta de papel para imprimir passaportes, culpa do governo federal.

Essa notícia sofreu imediato ataque de uma parte dos leitores que acredita que existem coisas mais importantes para se preocupar nesse momento no Brasil.

Em meio a tantos xingamentos vi um desabafo que vou compartilhar com vocês, ajuda a pensar no que estamos fazendo  nas redes sociais e em nossas vidas, segue:

Muito bem, um pouco de compaixão não faz mal pra ninguém!

          Original Disneyland map sold for $708K at auction   
The illustrated rendering of Walt Disney’s vision was what sold the wild theme park dream to investors in 1953, Curbed reports.
          Disney Removing Wife Auction Scene From ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Ride   
Yo ho, yo ho, no pirate's wife for me.
          Finding Nemo Shirt Disney shirt kids Shark Bait shirt by ConchBlossom   

20.00 USD

Shark Bait OHH HAHA!

Available in more sizes & colors- see my other listings

Unisex/Boys style shirts:
Next Level Brand; style 3312
Fit: slightly small - more fitted vs boxy

See additional photos for size specs and color choices for custom requests.

If choosing a custom color, please select "custom" from the color dropdown and leave me a note on your order with color choice for both shirt and design.

          A Wonderful Weekend in Wymondham - Pillar Box House   
Curling up with a book next to an open fire after an evening watching the stars from the hot tub is a wonderful way to spend a winters evening. We travelled to Wymondham towards the end of last year for a family break and it was one of the most relaxing getaways I've experienced. To the extent that I've already been looking to book a return trip with Cottages.com for the Easter break.

The rural location was perfect for us as we could enjoy the wildlife and peaceful walks with Spartan each day, pets are welcome to stay at Pillar Box House for no additional fee, yet it was also reasonably close to the beach and attractions there.

The property itself is detached and was like a home from home with all of the essential tools and equipment required, including an incredible stove, for cooking a family feast. There was also a washing machine in case you fancy sorting your laundry before travelling home and if you do wish to share a photo or two online with loved ones (who doesn't like to brag that they are having a wonderful time?) there is wifi available.

Upon pulling up in the driveway and entering the pastel pink building into the reception hall, we were rather shocked by the size of it. At first glance outside it doesn't appear huge but looks are certainly deceiving as there are 4 large bedrooms spread across the first and second floor, a good sized bathroom, plenty of storage space, plus an additional en-suite, shower room and dressing area.

On the ground floor there is a large kitchen diner which opens out onto a pretty patio and garden with furniture and a luxurious lounge area where we spent a lot of time relaxing. It would be ideal for several couples to enjoy together or even a very large family/two families to share - there really is just so much room to explore and it sleeps 8 without getting under anyone's feet.

The Mini Mes shared the twin bedroom which had a beautiful beamed ceiling, like much of the rest of the property, whereas I slept in a cosy double room at the top of the stairs. Being an old building the floors are a little uneven and creaky at times but this added to the feel of Pillar Box House along with the pretty antiques, artwork and traditional decor throughout.

We all felt very relaxed and almost in a world of our own as it was so peaceful.

On the first evening we arrived quite late, coming straight from the school run on a Friday afternoon, so once the fire was lit I began dinner with the groceries we took with us (saucy mascarpone and bacon gnocchi). It was lovely having everything to hand and we also loved the unexpected welcome pack consisting of quality food and drink to devour. Thumbs up for the wine - it's the little touches like this that make such a difference to a holiday. 

We all sat around the beautiful table for a chat before loading the dishwasher, putting our swimwear on and heading outside to the private hot tub. This is one of the main reasons I selected this particular accommodation and it didn't fail to please! It's not overlooked at all and it was easy to control the bubbles and temperature. It was also useful having plastic cups in the kitchen as it meant I didn't have to worry about balancing any glasses outside in the dark.

 There are original features in place, like the narrow staircases, which add so much character to the building. Logs are included to burn in the fire and you can pick up extras at the supermarket just a few minutes away if necessary, although we didn't need to. 

There is a magical reading area in the reception area which reminded me of the library in Beauty and the Beast on a slightly smaller scale, my favourite Disney movie, and also a collection of DVDs, CDs and games in the antique dresser in the lounge which are ideal for rainy days. 

There really is everything you could possibly need available for you.

 We spent the majority of our time at Pillar Box House simply unwinding and escaping the hustle and bustle of work which was wonderful for us. I can't remember the last time when I've really stepped away from the laptop and put my feet up and this was the perfect opportunity to do just that. We did of course explore a little but with such a cosy base to return to we didn't venture that far, just to Great Yarmouth for a couple of hours and around the local fields with the dog.

Prices start from around £500 for 7 nights although you can book 3 nights for a long weekend or a midweek break if you prefer. I would highly recommend a stay here whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or to enjoy the nearby golf and fishing facilities - I would most definitely return for a second stay.

Have you had a break with Cottages.com yet?

Image Map

          Disneyland makes big change to 'Pirates of the Caribbean' ride   
Disneyland will be making a big change to an iconic scene in its "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride.
          Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Ride to Replace Women Auction Scene After 50 Years   
Pirates of the Caribbean, Artist ConceptYar! Hear ye, hear ye! We be stopping the auctions of wenches! Since 1967, the popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney Parks has featured a scene in which animatronic women,...

          Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean to no longer include auction scene selling women   

A scene that depicts women on the auction block apparently has no place in a Disneyland ride, even if the attraction is meant to depict the violence, debauchery and misogyny of a pirate’s life.

When the Pirates of the Caribbean ride closes for routine maintenance next year, the scene will be replaced,...

          Recommended Reading   
I compiled a list of books I've recently read and feel would appeal to middle and high school students. Each of the books includes themes conducive to classroom discussions.

Except when marked with an asterisk, all titles are available in audio format from the Las Vegas Clark County Public Library District (see LVCCLD link when applicable). To access these materials, you must have a current public library card and know your PIN. For more information about procuring a library card, click here. To use eAudio books from the public library, you will need to download OverDrive Media Console (a free software package) to your computer. Instructions and more information about accessing eMedia are available here.

Except for Candy Shop War and Leepike Ridge, all remaining books with asterisks are available at Audible. Note that there is a charge to purchase audiobooks from Audible. Different from the public library, however, the purchaser becomes the book's owner.

Recommended Book Options

Young Adult Science Fiction
  • Adoration of Jenna Fox (Pearson, Mary E.): Jenna Fox awakens after a coma having forgotten her life before her accident. She explores her past life through video, but is often met with reluctance to talk about her operation with others. This science fiction mystery explores issues related to bioethics. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Elsewhere (Zevin, Gabrielle): Elsewhere is the story of a girl who died. Upon doing so, she arrived at a place called “Elsewhere” where all the people had lived lives on Earth and were now dead. Most of the people were a lot older than her (she died in her teens). A unique feature of Elsewhere is that you grow older instead of younger while there. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Hunger Games (Collins, Suzanne): The Hunger Games is the first of a trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The premise underlying the plot is that a corrupt “Capitol” controls 12 districts. To keep the districts under control, the Capitol sponsors The Hunger Games each year. Two children from each district are selected to participate, and only one participant from the 24 survives the Games. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • Little Brother (Doctorow, Cory): Cory Doctorow truly practices what he preaches! In a book about high-tech, high-action stunts in the midst of terrorist activity in the U.S., Doctorow discusses the importance of freedom of information. Likewise, he made his book available for free online using a Creative Commons license. [Warning: This book includes mature themes likely to be inappropriate for use in school environments.] [LVCCLD eAudio]
  • Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment (Patterson, James): This is the first book of a series by the acclaimed James Patterson. The main character is Maximum Ride, a headstrong teenage girl who grew up in a science lab. She and her “flock of bird kids” were all genetically manipulated pre-birth, resulting in the presence of wings. As such, all the children are able to fly. The book follows Maximum Ride and her flock as they escape from the lab and learn to live on their own. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • Maze Runner (Dashner, James): This is an action-packed thriller! Every month for several years, one boy has been delivered into the “Glade.” All the boys remember their names, but none remember anything else about their past. In a strange turn of events, the day after Thomas (the main character) arrives, a girl arrives. Thomas tries to learn about the society the boys created before his arrival and learns of the maze, their possible escape route, that encompasses their community. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Neptune's Children (Dobkin, Bonnie): Dobkin’s book, Neptune’s Children, begins with a bioterrorist attack on all adults around the world. All individuals over age 13 die instantly, leaving all children behind to fend for themselves. Those children left behind in a theme park (similar to Disneyland), create a working society while facing potential and real threats. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Twilight (Meyer, Stephenie): This epic series takes place in Washington state. The main character, Bella, meets a young man, Edward, who intrigues her and ultimately becomes the object of her affection. Bella learns that Edward is a vampire and struggles with love and longevity. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • *Uglies (Westerfield, Scott): This series (including Pretties, Specials, and Extras) by Scott Westerfield begins with Uglies, a book about a utopian society that spawned from modern America. All children are called “uglies” until their 16th birthdays on which they receive an operation that makes them pretty. Once pretty, they move to a location where they can play and party all the time. Some uglies, though, question if being pretty is all there is to life. [Audible]
  • *Unwind (Shusterman, Neal): Imagine if parents could choose to have their teenagers “unwound,” have their body parts separated and given to save the lives of others. It’s the perfect solution for harvesting human organs… isn’t it? [Audible]
Young Adult Fantasy
  • *The Candy Shop War (Mull, Brandon):Imagine a world where eating candy could give you special powers. Mull masterfully juxtaposes good and evil amidst a fantasy of vivid characters. The book may sound like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Harry Potter, but it truly is a story of its own.
  • Eragon (Paolini, Christopher):16-year-old Christopher Paolini wrote this epic tale (Eragon is the first book in a series) just after graduating from high school. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • Fablehaven (Mull, Brandon): When a boy and girl go to spend time with their grandfather, they learn there is more to his mysterious life than originally imagined. The area surrounding his home is a haven for fabulous creatures of all kinds—some good, and some bad. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Inkheart (Funke, Cornelia): In this three-book tale, Funke creates a world where books are reality become intertwined. Some of her characters have the unique ability to “read” characters and items “out” of books. In one unfortunate time, the father in the story accidentally read his wife into a book; he’s also read some antagonistic characters out of the book. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
Young Adult Non-Fiction
  • Fallen Angels (Meyers, Walter Dean): Fallen Angels is realistic historical fiction about serving in the Vietnam War. The main character is African-American, adding to the issues of race conflict occurring during the war. [Warning: Telling the story of men and women serving on the front lines, the book does not “candy-coat” the violence, language, and other everyday happenings of the U.S. soldiers.] [LVCCLD CD]
  • A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier (Beah, Ishmael): A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier is the true autobiographical of Ishmael Beah, a boy who served as a soldier in Sierra Leone. After his hometown was attacked by rebels, he spent months searching for his family before being recruited into guerrilla warfare. He is later reformed when living in a UNICEF refugee camp. [Warning: This book contains graphic violence.] [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • *Three Cups of Tea: Young Reader’s Edition (Mortensen, Greg): Mortensen is described as a man who is single-handedly creating peaceful relationships between those in the Middle East and in the United States. This book tells his story—from mountain climbing failure to sacrificial living. After returning from a failed attempt to ascend K2, he commits to build a school for the girls in one of Pakistan’s outermost regions. He kept his promise, and continues to change the world with his relentless efforts. [Audible]
Young Adult Historical Fiction
  • Elijah of Buxton (Curtis, Christopher Paul): This book tells the story of a small town in Canada. Buxton is where escaped slaves from the United States find refuge. They welcome those former slaves who have made the long, painful journey from the South. The story takes a turn when Elijah, just a boy, heads back to the United States to complete a chore. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
Young Adult Realistic Fiction
  • Hatchet (Paulsen, Gary): This Newberry-award winner tells of a boy who becomes an inhabitant of the wilderness when the plane in which he is flying goes down and the pilot dies in the crash. The main character must learn to survive in the Canadian wild. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • *Leepike Ridge (Wilson, N.D.): This action-filled story of realistic fiction is a fun read. When the main character finds himself in a hidden cave under Leepike Ridge, he learns about life outside the mainstream.
  • Smiles to Go (Spinelli, Jerry): This is a coming-of-age story for boys who question who they are, where they fit in the universe, and their relationships with girls. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (Grisham, John): This is John Grisham’s first children’s book. Theodore Boone lives with his parents, both of whom are lawyers. He loves the law and spends all his free time in the courthouse. As such, he is the resident expert on the law at his school, and he regularly advises his classmates on legal matters. He eve becomes entwined in a case of his own! This is a great book to learn about the U.S. legal system. [LVCCLD CD]
Adult Historical Fiction
  • Sarah's Key (de Rosnay, Tatiana): de Rosnay juxtaposes the past and present when her protagonist, a journalist, accepts the opportunity to write a story about French involvement in the Nazi round-up of Jewish families in Paris in 1942. While the journalist’s story unfolds, Sarah’s story unfolds. Sarah’s story is about cruelty and loss at the hand of the French police as they did the bidding of the Nazi’s. It is also about human compassion and remembrance. [LVCCLD eAudio]
Adult Realistic Fiction
  • The Life of Pi (Martel, Yann): Martel tells the tale of a boy from India. His family owns a zoo, but is selling their animals to a U.S. zoo due to financial hardships. During their sea voyage, there is an accident and the boy, Pi, ends up aboard a small rescue boat along with a tiger and several other animals. He tells of their mutual survival tactics and leaves the reader questioning reality. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
Adult Non-Fiction
  • *The Horse Boy (Isaacson, Rupert): Isaacson wrote this biography about his son, a boy afflicted with autism. In an attempt to help their son, Isaacson and his wife trekked through Mongolia with the intent to meet shamans who could assist their child. Their journey took them to the outer-most parts of Mongolia, even to the “Reindeer People.” This is a heartwarming tale the of the efforts parents will make to assist their children and ways that seeing the world differently can help us all see better. [Audible]
  • Strength in What Remains (Kidder, Tracy): A medical student in Africa finds himself constantly trying to escape war and war-torn environments as he traverses through his home country of Burundi and into and out of Rwanda. He eventually makes his way to the United States where he faces trials of a homeless immigrant in a foreign land. [LVCCLD eAudio]
  • Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman (Krakauer, Jon): Pat Tillman, former NFL player, lost his life during the U.S. Gulf War. Krakauer describes the events leading to his NFL and military careers and the circumstances surrounding his death in combat. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • *The Last American Man (Gilbert, Elizabeth): Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, writes the biography of Eustice Conway, a true man of the American Wilderness. Born in the 1960s, Eustice took his homemade teepee and left home as a teenager to live off the land. Gilbert tells of his trek along the Appalachian Trail, his record-setting horse-journey across America, and his lifelong passion to bring Americans to a greater appreciation and respect of nature. [Audible]

          Disney Infinity 3.0...Star Wars Rebels - Kanan Jarrus...   
É um dos último Jedi e o grande mestre de Ezra.
Kana Jarrus é um dos rebeldes que, juntamente com uma pequena equipa, interfere demasiado bem nos assuntos do Império.

É uma figura de PVC da colecção de figuras de jogos Disney Infinity da série 3.0
Kanan vem com a sua espada de luz azul, numa posição de desafio característica de um Jedi.

Estas figuras continuam a ser das melhores mini estátuas que se encontram no mercado e, embora a colecção já tenha acabado, ainda se podem encontrar por aí em mercados da Internet e alternativos.

          Wives No Longer Up For ‘Auction’ On Disneyland’s ‘Pirates’ Ride   
A banner that now says "Auction, take a wench for a bride" will be changed to "Auction, Surrender yer loot."
          Beauties and the Beast #ThrowbackThursday   
A few years ago we did a family vacation to Disney and had a blast. The only thing we didn’t like was coming back to the aftermath of a snow and ice storm and having to chip and dig our way into the driveway! One of the hightlights of the trip was our dinner at … Continue reading Beauties and the Beast #ThrowbackThursday
          Audi’s slow reveal of its new A8 continues   
If you're wondering what the connection could possibly be between the new Audi uber-sedan and Spider-Man, it's because Audi has some significant product placement in the upcoming latest instalment of the Marvel superhero franchise with Disney.
          We’re giving away this Disney carnival-themed Funko box   
This box can be yours if you follow The A.V. Club on Instagram. Be on the lookout for a photo of a Funko box, and comment on the Instagram post saying you want it for a chance to win.
          Around town   
'Little Mermaid' this weekendNewton Community Theatre will present Disney's "The Little Mermaid" at 7:30 p.m. June 30 and July 1. On July 1, a sing-along matinee show will begin at 2:30 p.m. Saturday. All performances will be in the auditorium at Newton High School, 900 W. 12th St.Admission is $10 for adults and $8 for children age 12 and younger and senior citizens. Tickets are available in advance at the Newton Rec Center, Designs by John and Walton State [...]
          "You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality." - Walt Disney   
"You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality." - Walt Disney
          Disney Crossy Road v2.902.17639 Hack Mod Apk Android Download   
Disney Crossy Road v2.902.17639 Hack (Money) Mod Android Apk Download Hi guys. Disney Crossy Road if you want to kill your spare time pass across a mobile option for you will be a fun game. A game that you can play on your smartphone and tablet using the Android operating system, Disney Crossy Road, departing […]
Модель: «Черная жемчужина» корабль Капитана Джека Воробья из к/ф "ПИРАТЫ КАРИБСКОГО МОРЯ" Код :9037 Масштаб: 1/72 Производитель: Звезда, Москва ZVEZDA Характеристика: пластиковая литая, 585 деталей, 9 прозрачных. Рейтинг – 5. Мало кому известно, что во времена царствования Петра I корабли на Руси строились весьма и весьма неспешно. К примеру, в славном городе Архангельске импортный мастер Геренс Выбе ваял 32-х пушечные фрегаты за два-три года, а между тем в Европе (Англия, Голландия) на постройку аналогичных судов тратили два-три месяца. Но времена меняются, меняемся и мы. В наш стремительный век судостроителям приходится зело поспешать, и времени на раскачку заказчики в отличие от самодержца русского нам не оставляют. К чему я это, а вот к чему. . . Моделисты не дадут соврать, если я скажу, что для постройки большой и качественной модели и времени требуется много. Все это так, но мне пришлось заняться «сотворением мира» (в смысле собрать корабль Джека Воробья «Черная жемчужина») за семь дней или 47 часов 40 минут. А ведь днем приходилось торчать на работе. И вот как это произошло. Вечер первый (понедельник) Холодным зимним утром мне позвонили и предложили «быстренько собрать небольшую модель кораблика». Перед внутренним взором сразу возникли картины ужасных «Эллеровских» моделей. Естественно, пришлось отказаться. Днем заказчик применил «тяжелую артиллерию» и сделал предложение, от которого я не смог отказаться. Выехав на место встречи, я понял, что погорячился. Моему вниманию были предложены: большие литники со множеством деталей (к этому времени еще не все детали были отлиты), конструкторские трехмерные прорисовки модели, фотографии компании Disney и пожелание обязательно сделать красиво и не никак не позже воскресенья, потому что в понедельник модель должна оказаться на выставке. Сказанного не воротишь, да к тому же каждый из нас когда-нибудь да бросал вызов судьбе. И, по возвращении домой, я с головой окунулся в работу. Первым делом, внимательно изучив рисунки, изобрел (ввиду отсутствия) свой способ сборки модели и начал склеивать корпусные детали. Пока большие детали сохли, все силы были брошены на мелочевку: декоративные кормовые фигуры кариатид, носовую фигуру и мачты. Мои домашние все эти семь дней передвигались по квартире исключительно на цыпочках и говорили только шепотом. Вечер второй (вторник) Настала очередь пушек. Вот где пришлось умерить гордыню и просто механически повторять одни и те же действия. Помните, у Чарли Чаплина был фильм, в котором его герой работал на конвейерной линии и в итоге свихнулся. Нынче народ покрепче и мне удалось не только собрать орудия, но и покрасить, и оттонировать их. В перерывах продолжалась сборка корпуса. Как все-таки здорово, что модель создавалась на основе трехмерного проектирования – ничего по сто раз примерять не приходилось, детали после срезания с литников и минимальной обработки сразу «шли в бой» на сборку. Ванты у «Жемчужины» отлиты очень чисто и со всеми присущими этому веревочному переплетению особенностями (например, имитирован провис выбленок – «ступенек»). Минимальная обработка, покраска, легкая тонировка серой краской и комплект из 12 вант готов. Далее без остановок – вклейка «намертво» пушек нижней палубы и маскировка их портов. Собран салон на корме и. . . Последовал стремительный выезд за отсутствующими литниками (детали гальюнной решетки, крышки орудийных портов и некоторые других). Еще теплые пластмассовые рамки (только из-под станка) по возвращении были тщательно обезжирены и тут же пошли в сборку. Носовой узел, несмотря на кажущуюся сложность и многодетальность, был собран буквально в течение пяти минут. Вечер третий (среда) Занялся вплотную парусами. Легкая обработка по краям (литьевой шов незначительный) и старинный корабельный движитель сразу отправился на грунтовку и окраску. Раньше, бывалоча, выходили тетки с грубыми руками на бережок, расстилали льняные холсты и не спеша сшивали полотнища в один огромный парус. Теперь все проще. Аэрограф-батюшка, да благодатный акрил свели всю работу (даже с имитацией заплаток) к обычной рутине – три часа и 11 парусов подготовлены к тонировке. В связи с глубокой ночью и физической усталостью этот процесс был перенесен на следующий день. Вечер четвертый (четверг) Тонировка парусины. Берем в руки широкую кисть типа флейц и полусухой серо-коричневой краской проходимся по всем поверхностям. Ликтрос предварительно можно подкрасить черным. Кстати, имейте в виду, что в моделизме нельзя использовать чисто черный цвет (особенно при таком размере модели), обязательно осветлите его – краска все равно будет выглядеть черной, а иначе получите вместо «Черной жемчужины» настоящую «Черную дыру». Далее шла сборка мачт с марсовыми площадками и салингами. Все это хозяйство сразу по изготовлению грунтовалось и красилось. Заодно удалось загрунтовать корпус. Между делом изготавливались и устанавливались руслени, дельные вещи, шлюпка. Отмечу безукоризненную стыкуемость всех деталей, невзирая на их величину и форму. Все-таки моделисты должны поставить полистироловый памятник «трехмерке». Под занавес были окрашены и состарены все три части верхней палубы. Вечер пятый (пятница) Работа над мелочевкой продолжается в прежнем темпе. А как же, ведь уже звонят и интересуются – не приступил ли я часом к установке рангоута и такелажа. Увы, это еще впереди. А сейчас я занимаюсь художественным оформлением подставки, которая до этого момента использовалась как обычный построечный стапель. Уже когда подставка была в «красивом виде», я снабдил ее проволочными штырями, чтобы крепче связать с корпусом. Заплатки на парусах не понравились (у некоторых цвет смотрелся слишком вызывающим). Ничего, это дело поправимое, аэрограф в руки и вперед, к новым успехам. Сначала слегка пройдемся слабым черно-серым, а потом уровняем по тону с помощью сухой кисти. Вот теперь ничего не раздражает мой изысканный вкус. В процессе работы (как по заказу) по телевизору показали очередную серию «Пиратов Карибского моря». Посмотрел, как выглядит оригинал. Кстати «фирменные» фотографии очень помогли при окраске и тонировке. День шестой (суббота) Весь день окончательная сборка, подкраска, тонировка. Мачты установлены на свои места и выровнены по вертикали. Теперь бы отдохнуть, но где там. Арбайт унд дисциплин – слово-то надо сдержать. Иначе позору на всю Рассею-матушку. День седьмой (воскресенье) Установка вант и протяжка такелажа. Вот тут-то мне и поплохело. Надо все делать очень тщательно и методично. Продумать очередность. Я обычно сначала креплю элементы стоячего такелажа. Здесь главное не перетянуть, а то мачты будут кривые. Затем снизу вверх устанавливаю реи с соответствующими парусами и провожу бегучий такелаж. После установки парусного вооружения фок-мачты ставлю стаксель и продолжаю, грот, бизань и два кливера на носу корабля. К моменту начала проводки такелажа все дельные вещи должны уже стоять на своих местах. Утро следующего дня Модель, помещенную во временную упаковку, у меня забирают. Дверь захлопнулась, и на душе стало очень грустно. Слоняешься по квартире как потерянный, постоянно натыкаясь на следы бурной деятельности. Братцы, с моделями не расставайтесь! А теперь по делу. Модель превосходна!!! Пластиковых парусников такого качества в мире еще не было и, наверное, уже не будет. Когда я ее собирал, не мог отделаться от мысли, что собираю набор для деревянного корабля, но почему-то отлитого в полистироле – настолько они «внутренне» похожи. А по поводу беспокойства радетелей копийности скажу кратко – это модель фантазийного корабля. Не требуйте от нее сходства с реальными прототипами. Это просто превосходная модель «Черной жемчужины» и ничего более. Лучше купите ее и попробуйте собрать – вам понравится. Подписи под фото: 01 После минимальной обработки деталей начал склейку корпуса без предварительной примерки по месту, полностью положившись на качество трехмерного проектирования. И надо сказать, не прогадал – все части сложились идеально. 02 Первые (нижние) палубы встали на свое место легко. Они краеугольный камень корпуса, поэтому проклеивайте швы на совесть большим количеством бутилацетата. 03 Пока шел монтаж корпуса, на бортах (состоящих из двух деталей в силу своей длины) подсыхало место склейки, зажатое для надежности прищепками. Эти детали тоже постарайтесь склеить как можно крепче. 04 Настал черед приклеить верхнюю часть левого борта. Место склейки и в этом случае аккуратно, но густо смажьте клеем. Для чего я обращаю ваше внимание на это обстоятельство. Да просто потому, что в процессе работы над моделью на корпус будут приходиться большие динамические нагрузки, и чтобы не пришлось потом исправлять огрехи. А кораблик у нас по размерам получится вовсе не маленький – отсюда повышенные требования к прочности корпуса. 05 Теперь клеим середину правого борта. Необходимый прижим к палубе обеспечивают кусочки туго натянутой маскировочной ленты. Можно воспользоваться малярной лентой, но изолента не подойдет – она имеет тенденцию к растягиванию под нагрузкой. 06 И это еще не все детали пушки. В наборе для орудий верхней палубы предусмотрены пушечные и откатные тали для того чтобы можно было установить орудия одного борта в положении «откат», а на другом борту воспроизвести орудия в положении «накат». 07 Наконец и верхняя часть правого борта встала на место. А в голове все это время вертелся вопрос: а как я буду устанавливать центральную часть верхней палубы? Надо сказать, что система креплений на этот трюк не рассчитана (по инструкции эта часть сборки выглядит иначе). Мне пришлось изобрести свою простенькую систему, и вопрос с палубой решился легко. 08 Якоря и прочие, выражаясь морским языком, дельные вещи отлиты почти идеально и нуждаются лишь в простейшей обработке литьевых швов. 09 А теперь вашему вниманию представляю полную коллекцию пушечного вооружения «Черной жемчужины». Стволы для скорости и антуражного вида тонированы серебрянкой, а станки смесью черно-бело-коричневой краски. На снимке изображено ровнехонько 32 орудия. Заметим про себя, что каждое состоит из семи деталей. Смекаете, к чему я? Да, да, именно 224 детали ждут ваших умелых рук. И еще добавьте сюда 42 детали системы блоков. Вы оценили «красоту игры»? 10 Практически готовый корпус в ожидании грунтовки, покраски и установки пушек на второй палубе. Верхняя палуба красилась и тонировалась отдельно. Вставлял я ее уже в готовом виде. 11 Базовый цвет нанесен. Он состоит из трех цветов: черного, белого и коричневого. Обратите внимание, что пушки в «закрытых» отсеках нижней палубы уже установлены. Помните, что в дальнейшем вы часто будете задевать их при работе, поэтому клейте орудия на совесть – соедините их с палубой при помощи проволочных штифтов. Стволы пушек и прорези портов закрыты масками. Стекла в адмиральском салоне на корме еще не вставлены. Я их вставил уже после окраски переплета. 12 Паруса в наборе отлиты из полистирола вместе с реями очень качественно. Скрупулезно воспроизведены: фактура парусины, ликтрос, шкотовые углы, бензели и фигурные оконечности реев. При окраске я с помощью масок имитировал заплатки – они придают этакий особый киношный шарм модели. 13 Корпус оттонирован смесью серого, коричневого и бежевого цветов. В тонировочной смеси для палубы бежевый был заменен на песочный. Все окрасочные работы производились акриловыми красками и грунтом фирмы «Тамия». Это позволило значительно упростить и ускорить работы. Да и проблема запаха (модель-то не маленькая) при таких масштабных работах исчезла сама собой (правда, грунтовал я на лестничной площадке). Установку верхней палубы в моем варианте сборки затрудняет выступающая часть кормовой надстройки (показана стрелкой), но, как я уже говорил, я воспользовался самодельной системой, приклеив к деталям шпангоута опорные косынки и просто положив на них палубу. Факты о модели : *Модель высочайшего качества *Изготовлена по лицензии компании "Disney", более того - "Лучший продукт Disney 2010” *Идеальный подарок О модели: Потрясающая модель парусного корабля. Изготовлена по лицензии и в тесном сотрудничестве с компанией “Дисней”. Высочайшая детализация, доселе недостижимая на пластиковых моделях кораблей. Собранная и покрашенная “Черная Жемчужина”, нисколько не уступает лучшим деревянным моделям кораблей! Вместе с этим, по легкости сборки “Жемчужина” значительно превосходит все аналогичные продукты на рынке. Конструкторам, благодаря точнейшему 3D- моделированию и инновационной технологии изготовления парусов, удалось практически невозможное, при высочайшем качестве модели, ее под силу собрать практически каждому, независимо от опыта! По мнению многих авторитетных отечественных и зарубежных экспертов, “Черная Жемчужина”, является лучшей моделью парусного корабля, которая когда-либо производилась. Модель продается в великолепной, красочной и качественной коробке, с удобной ручкой для транспортировки. Все это делает “Черную жемчужину” лучшим подарком для поклонников культового кинофильма, любителей пиратской тематики и просто ценителей парусного флота. 1/72 ZVEZDA #9037 - КОРАБЛЬ ДЖЕКА ВОРОБЬЯ "ЧЕРНАЯ ЖЕМЧУЖИНА" ИЗ К/Ф "ПИРАТЫ КАРИБСКОГО МОРЯ" Добавлено: 11 Май 2011 г. Производитель: ZVEZDA Цена: 675 грн. СТАТЬЯ СКОПИРОВАНА С ОФИЦИАЛЬНОГО САЙТА ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЯ WWW.ZVEZDA.ORG.RU
          Watch Mickey and Minnie use sign language to make this little boy's day   
The Disneyland characters surprised 3-year-old Phoenix Fox, who is mostly deaf, by using sign language.
          The Disneyland Band, 1956 & 1957   
Today I have two very nice photos featuring the wonderful Disneyland Band! This first one is a real dazzler, circa 1957, with the Band working its way from the Hub down Main Street. They are wearing their short-lived (for some reason) blue uniforms, which look pretty great in my opinion. We get some bonus goodness with the new Monsanto house in the background, and beyond that, the Skyway tower atop Holiday Hill. For some reason the absence of the Matterhorn seems extra weird in this image.

Oh, and let's not forget the horse drawn Chemical Wagon, full of guests! I also love details such as the 1957 gate handout being held by the woman to our left.

This next one is from a different batch, and is likely from 1956, though it is undated. The red and white striped wall to our right is presumably surrounding construction of the Carnation Plaza Gardens, which opened on August 18th of 1956, so that helps. The Disneyland Band is following Vesey Walker like a bunch of baby ducklings; looks like they just marched from Frontierland (perhaps they'd performed on the deck of the Mark Twain), and are about to head toward Main Street Station.

The area just beyond Vesey looks so empty; of course this was pre-Tiki Room and pre-Swiss Family Treehouse. Not to mention that the Jungle Cruise's rain forest hadn't had much time to grow. But still! I think that's part of what I like about this angle - I don't think I've seen another picture quite like this one.

          Disney XD вернет Херби на экраны   
Руководство детского канала Disney XD раздумывает над возможностью возвращения на экраны умного автомобиля Херби, который был популярен в 1960-х годах, а затем появился ...
          Castello gonfiabile principesse Disney gioco spiaggia giardino 91050   

Prezzo: 57,30 € Prezzo speciale: 51,57 €

          15 personajes de Disney basados en famosos   
Disney ya hace tiempo que es algo más que Mickey, Minie o Donald. Desde entonces docenas de películas han salido de la factoría de Walt Disney y algunas de ellas han creado a sus personajes inspirándose en famosos.
          After 62 years, Disneyland ride designers finally realize it might not be a good idea to portray women as property to be sold [Obvious]   
Obvious [link] [84 comments]

          Carrie Ann Inaba Co-Hosts Live With Kelly & Ryan – HQ Photos, Video   
Dancing With The Stars Carrie Ann Inaba helped co-host Live With Kelly And Ryan today. Below are some stunning photos of Carrie Ann with Ryan Seacrest, Hilary Duff, and Scott Wolf courtesy of David M. Russell Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution. You can also view some video from the show when Carrie Ann talks on her fellow judges and what they really wear on Dancing With The Stars under the table. Hilarious!! More interviews from the show today at Live With Kelly and Ryan You Tube.

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          Walt Disney Family Museum Announces ‘All Aboard: A Celebration of Walt’s Trains’ Exhibition   
The Walt Disney Family Museum has announced it will present 'All Aboard: A Celebration of Walt’s Trains,' on view from November 13, 2014 through February 9, 2015. The comprehensive exhibition explores the influence that railroading had on Walt Disney's life and work. It also tells the story of how his railroading legacy lives on to [...]
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          Mary Blair Special Exhibition at Walt Disney Family Museum, Companion Book in March   
The Walt Disney Family Museum, located in San Francisco's Presidio, will be featuring the life's work of artist and Disney Legend Mary Blair in a special exhibition titled 'Magic. Color. Flair. The World of Mary Blair.' The exhibit, which is being curated by author and animation historian John Canemaker, is scheduled to run between March [...]
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          Glen Keane, Other Disney Artists Show at GRworks ‘First 10+’ Exhibition This Weekend   
Glen Keane and other Disney artists will be joining their contemporaries in participating in the GRworks 'First 10+' art show taking place this weekend at the Robert Reynolds Gallery in Los Angeles, California. Featuring original art (some of which can be sampled on the official website), the exhibition kicks off this evening with its opening [...]
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          ForeverLawn Synthetic Grass a Guest Favorite at the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival   

Walt Disney World chose ForeverLawn as the official synthetic turf provider of the 2014 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival for the eighth consecutive year. Visitors to the popular festival have the opportunity to see and experience the technologically superior synthetic grass at playgrounds and other festival attractions.

(PRWeb April 09, 2014)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/04/prweb11747782.htm

          ForeverLawn Contributes to Beauty and Safe Play at the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival   

For the seventh consecutive year, ForeverLawn has teamed up with Walt Disney World to create playgrounds and landscaping for the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival with its world-class synthetic turf. The festival is held annually at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., and runs from March 6 through May 19, 2013.

(PRWeb April 03, 2013)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/4/prweb10562923.htm

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          Disneyland Takes Wives Off Auction Block For ‘Pirates’ Ride   
Yo ho, yo ho, no pirate's wife for me.
          Curbed: Original Disneyland map sells for $708K at auction   
          Подружка невесты: выбираем образ, вдохновляясь стилем Принцесс Disney   
Платье в пол Платье свободного кроя из легкой ткани, как у Белоснежки, отлично подойдет для такого торжественного события, как свадьба.
           Editor, Creative Services - Disney ABC Television Group   
pls RT ECNIDRSS @entcareersnet The primary function of the Finishing Editor is to prepare finished short form content for broadcast ... more

           Sr Manager, Creative Advertising - The Walt Disney Studios   
pls RT ECNIDRSS @entcareersnet Sr Manager, Creative Advertising (A/V)

It's the magic of immersing yourself ... more

          Ariel’s Grotto in Disney’s California Adventure   
By: Sarah McClure June 29, 2017 Let’s go under the sea and dine with our favorite princesses! Located in California Adventure Park’s Paradise Pier, Ariel’s Grotto is the perfect option for a delightful character meal. Ariel and her Princess friends are available to meet your family, sign autographs, share stories and take photos during the […]
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          8 Reasons To Visit Disneyland and California Adventure This Summer   
If you live in Los Angeles, you've probably been to Disneyland a time or two and are thinking, why would I brave the crowds to visit during the summer? We can think of so many reasons! California Adventure has opened new rides and attractions, Disneyland is reopening part of the park that had a little freshening up and one of our favorite parades is going away at the end of the summer.
          On regarde Moana en famille!   

Ce dimanche 5 février, Les Filmanthropes vous proposent la dernière création des studios d’animation Disney: Moana. Des aventures tour à tour loufoques et périlleuses inspirées de légendes océaniennes, des chansons entraînantes et amusantes, une animation somptueuse… De quoi plaire à toute la famille! Où et quand? À la salle Multi de l’Hôtel Germain Charlevoix, dès 15h. […]

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          Alice Ripley and More Featured on BUBBLE BOY Original Cast Recording; Preview 'Bring Back My Boy'!   

Ghostlight Records has announced the release of the Original Cast Recording of Bubble Boy, the new musical based on the 2001 cult classic film of the same name, in both digital and physical formats on Friday, July 28.

The show is created by Cinco Paul (music, lyrics and book) and Ken Daurio (book), writers of the international hit animated films The Secret Life of Pets, Horton Hears a Who!, The Lorax, and Despicable Me 1, 2 & 3. Bubble Boy is the second major project for Daurio and Paul this summer, with their new film Despicable Me 3 debuting in cinemas nationwide today, June 30.

Starting today, customers that pre-order the album via Apple Music will immediately receive the single "Bring Back My Boy."

Check out a special music video of "Bring Back My Boy" featuring Alice Ripley below!

The album features a 32-page full color booklet with a synopsis and liner notes from Cinco Paul, as well as a note from Stephen Schwartz - composer and lyricist of Pippin, Wicked, and Godspell - who calls it "one of the cleverest, funniest, and most endearing musicals I've seen in a long time." The recording is produced by Cinco Paul, Kurt Deutsch and Justin Goldner. For more information about Bubble Boy, visit sh-k-boom.com/bubble-boy.

The recording features Tony Award winner Alice Ripley, A.J. Holmes, Drama Desk Award winner Richard Kind, Caroline Bowman and Matt Doyle. The cast also includes Gerard Canonico, Kirsten Scott, Martin Sola, Nehal Joshi, Alex Chester and Anita Welch. Musical Director Matt Hinkley leads a seven member band. A special concert production of Bubble Boy was presented at Feinstein's/54 Below.

Bubble Boy - called "heartwarming fun for all ages" by BroadwayWorld.com - tells the story of Jimmy Livingston, a boy born without immunities who has spent his entire life confined inside a plastic bubble room. Enter Chloe, the girl next door, who becomes his friend and steals his heart. When she leaves town to get married, Jimmy travels cross-country in a homemade bubble suit in order to stop the wedding and finally tell her how he feels. Along the laugh-filled journey he deals with a crazy cult, a biker gang, a dead cow, and a controlling mother who will stop at nothing to get him back in the bubble. Whether you adored the film or are experiencing the story of Bubble Boy for the first time, this touching and hilarious coming-of-age story is sure to delight.

The original film, also written by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio, starred a young Jake Gyllenhaal.

Bubble Boy was originally developed at Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza's Scherr Forum and at the Disney ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop, a developmental workshop headed by Stephen Schwartz, created for the purpose of nurturing new American musicals. Performance rights for Bubble Boy are available through Dramatists Play Service. Learn more at www.Dramatists.com or www.BubbleBoytheMusical.com.


1. Bubble Boy

2. It Will Be Chloe

3. Say Clean

4. Falling for the Boy

5. Decontaminate Me

6. Prom Night

7. It Will Be Mark

8. Prom Night (Reprise)

9. Falling for the Boy (Reprise)

10. Please Stay

11. Out of Here

12. Bright and Shiny

13. Bring Back My Boy

14. Regret

15. Something Called Forever

16. Gotta Get That Boy

17. It's an Elk

18. There's a Bubble Around My Heart

19. I Stole a Bus

20. You Can See the Moon Today

21. One More Mile

22. I'd Rather Spend One Minute Holding You

23. Finale

Ghostlight Records has become the leading independent force in Original Broadway Cast Recordings - building a library of over 150 records in the last 17 years, featuring some of the most successful Broadway musicals and solo albums by Broadway's brightest stars. Founded by Grammy Award winner Kurt Deutsch, Sh-K-Boom/Ghostlight has won three Grammy Awards (for The Book of Mormon, In the Heights and Beautiful - The Carole King Musical) and is a frequent nominee, most recently for the OBCR of the 2016 "Best Musical" Tony Award nominee Bright Star by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell. Other notable recent releases include the 2017 "Best Musical Revival" Tony Award nominee Falsettos, the 2016 "Best Musical Revival" Tony Award nominee She Loves Me, the 2015 "Best Musical" Tony Award nominee Something Rotten! andDisney's Newsies. The label has also released solo albums from Patti LuPone, Billy Porter, Sutton Foster, Adam Pascal, Lea DeLaria, Kelli O'Hara, Ben Vereen, Christine Ebersole and more. The label continues to support the new generation of musical theatre composers with their extensive relationships with Michael John LaChiusa and Michael Friedman, as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tom Kitt, Pasek & Paul, Joe Iconis, Ryan Scott Oliver, Shaina Taub, Dave Malloy, Kerrigan & Lowdermilk and Adam Gwon. The label recently created a new joint publishing venture with Razor & Tie to represent songwriters that fuse theatrical and pop music. Sh-K-Boom Entertainment is a producer of the acclaimed film version of The Last Five Years, written and directed by Richard LaGravenese and starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. Visit www.sh-k-boom.com for more information.

          Jessica Molaskey's PORTRAITS OF JONI Album to Launch New Imprint Ghostlight Deluxe   

Ghostlight Records will launch a special new label imprint, Ghostlight Deluxe with the latest release from celebrated actress and singer Jessica Molaskey, Portraits of Joni, on Friday, July 28. The album will be available for pre-order starting on Friday, July 7.

Ghostlight Deluxe will be curated by John Pizzarelli and Jessica Molaskey.

Featuring Molaskey's distinctly innovative interpretations, this album mixes elements of jazz, pop, folk and Americana into a uniquely powerful and poignant celebration of the iconic songwriter, Joni Mitchell. Portraits of Joni is produced by Jessica Molaskey, with John Pizzarelli serving as co-producer and Rob and Marcie Orley as executive producers. Album guest stars include Jazz luminaries Larry Goldings, Randy Brecker, Harry Allen and John Pizzarelli.

Jessica will be performing selections from the album in concert in Seattle (July 27-30), New York (August 8-12), Los Angeles (August 17-20), Santa Cruz (August 26) and Escondido, CA (August 27).

Starting on Friday, July 7, customers that pre-order the album via Apple Music will immediately receive the single "Help Me." For more information on the recording, visit www.sh-k-boom.com/jessica-molaskey-portraits-of-joni.

"Our mission at Ghostlight Deluxe," explains Jessica, "is to give theater artists an opportunity and a home to make solo recordings that are singular to their unique talents. Whether it be jazz, pop or the Great American Songbook, we are committed to making albums with the highest quality arrangements and musicianship that integrate all these styles. It is the challenge of Broadway actors to be chameleons, to step into a character and become someone other than themselves. What happens when a Broadway singer decides to step out of costume? What happens when they decide to expose their authentic self through song? Ghostlight Deluxe will produce recordings that don't necessarily feel the need to reach to the back of the balcony, but can effortlessly reach our hearts."

Kurt Deutsch, Ghostlight's founder and president, adds "John and Jessica have been my friends for 20 years. Their technical artistry, stylish interpretations and pure love of music are unparalleled. To collaborate with them on Ghostlight Deluxe is an honor for me and will be a joy for all to hear."

Reflecting on Portraits of Joni, Jessica says, "Joni Mitchell writes songs like a painter. One brush stroke here, another stroke there and you have a portrait of a fully realized soul. I continue to be amazed by how she can create a whole person with her words and music." Album highlights include contemplative takes on many of Mitchell's most popular composition such as "A Case of You," "Chelsea Morning" and the iconic "Both Sides Now," in addition to sly jazz-laced versions of "Dry Cleaner from Des Moines" and "Raised on Robbery."

When Portraits of Joni debuted as part of Lincoln Center's "American Songbook" series at The Allen Room, Molaskey was praised by Stephen Holden in the New York Times for her "uncompromising psychological realism along with an element of surprise that few singers bring to their material. In her voice, joy and pain are so intertwined that they're almost the same thing."Will Friedwald of The Wall Street Journal raved "Joni Mitchell would have to look hard to find a better interpreter and champion than Jessica Molaskey, a highly astute singer and interpreter who's proven her worth repeatedly in the fields of Broadway, cabaret, and jazz." In the Village Voice, David Finkle said "If Joni Mitchell isn't singing her own songs, it's hard to imagine anyone singing them better than Molaskey, a singer whose smoky voice carries the intellect and emotion necessary to capture Mitchell's often chilly immediacy."

Her husband John Pizzarelli, who will release his own album Sinatra & Jobim @ 50 the same day, is featured in a special combination of Mitchell's eternal "The Circle Game" and Antonio Carlos Jobim's 'Waters of March." According to the New York Times, the songs are "transformed a merry-go-round contemplation of the life cycle into an exalted hymn to the natural world." The classic "Little Green" is a vocal duet with their daughter Madeleine Pizzarelli. "All I Want " is presented as a tour-de-force piano solo by Larry Goldings, merged with Jessica's haunting vocal on "Blue."

"Joni's self portraits are beautiful and fragile and often filled with conflict and joy," continues Jessica. "Like the young Joni in 'In France They Kiss on Main Street,' she experienced her coming of age 'under neon signs' in a pinball arcade, while her mother was 'fading in a suburban room' or the overwhelmed Joni in 'A Case of You,' wallowing at the bar and drawing his face "on the back of a cartoon coaster in the blue TV screen light. These portraits are now timeless treasures of a new generations' Great American Songbook. They have been indelibly etched in my heart and soul forever."

Jessica Molaskey is a veteran of a dozen Broadway shows including the revival of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's Sunday in the Park with George, which was nominated for nine Tony Awards. She appeared in A Man of No Importance at Lincoln Center, Parade (directed by Hal Prince), Dream, Tommy, Crazy for You, Les Misérables, City of Angels, Chess, Cats and Oklahoma! She most recently played the role of Marie in the City Center Encores! production of The Most Happy Fella. Off Broadway credits include Songs For A New World, Dream True, Wise Guys (Stephen Sondheim, Sam Mendes), and Weird Romance (All Original Cast Recordings).

Ms. Molaskey has five critically-acclaimed solo albums and has performed in concert from Lincoln Center to Carnegie and Disney Hall to the Montreal and Monterey Jazz festivals. For the past decade she and John Pizzarelli have enjoyed a two-month, sold-out engagement at the Café Carlyle in New York, to which Stephen Holden wrote in the New York Times: "They are as good as it gets in any entertainment medium. They are caviar in a world of canned tuna. Once you've acquired the taste, there is no substitute."

She has written songs for a dozen recordings, including the "Greed," part of a commission for Audra McDonald's Seven Deadly Sins at Carnegie Hall and "Cradle and All" with Ricky Ian Gordon for PBS American Songbook. Jessica recently played opposite Ms. McDonald, as Sister Bertha in the NBC-TV version of The Sound Of Music Live! She and her husband host the weekly radio show "Radio Deluxe," which airs in sixty cities around the United States and in Canada.


1. Help Me

2. Dreamland / Carey

3. A Case of You

4. The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines

5. Marcie

6. In France They Kiss On Main Street

7. The Last Time I Saw Richard

8. Raised on Robbery

9. Little Green

10. The Circle Game / Waters of March

11. All I Want / Blue

12. Chelsea Morning

13. Both Sides Now

14. Big Yellow Taxi

Ghostlight Records has become the leading independent force in Original Broadway Cast Recordings - building a library of over 150 records in the last 17 years, featuring some of the most successful Broadway musicals and solo albums by Broadway's brightest stars. Founded by Grammy Award winner Kurt Deutsch, Sh-K-Boom/Ghostlight has won three Grammy Awards (for The Book of Mormon, In the Heights and Beautiful - The Carole King Musical) and is a frequent nominee, most recently for the OBCR of the 2016 "Best Musical" Tony Award nominee Bright Star by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell. Other notable recent releases include the 2017 "Best Musical Revival" Tony Award nominee Falsettos, the 2016 "Best Musical Revival" Tony Award nominee She Loves Me, the 2015 "Best Musical" Tony Award nominee Something Rotten! andDisney's Newsies. The label has also released solo albums from Patti LuPone, Billy Porter, Sutton Foster, Adam Pascal, Lea DeLaria, Kelli O'Hara, Ben Vereen, Christine Ebersole and more. The label continues to support the new generation of musical theatre composers with their extensive relationships with Michael John LaChiusa and Michael Friedman, as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tom Kitt, Pasek & Paul, Joe Iconis, Ryan Scott Oliver, Shaina Taub, Dave Malloy, Kerrigan & Lowdermilk and Adam Gwon. The label recently created a new joint publishing venture with Razor & Tie to represent songwriters that fuse theatrical and pop music. Sh-K-Boom Entertainment is a producer of the acclaimed film version of The Last Five Years, written and directed by Richard LaGravenese and starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. www.sh-k-boom.com

          After all the rumors, here’s who Zendaya is actually playing in Spider-Man: Homecoming   

From the moment former Disney star Zendaya was cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming, there were reports she would be playing the new-look Mary Jane Watson. So who is she actually playing?

Minor spoilers ahead for Spider-Man: Homecoming!

          IDW will honor Jack Kirby's 100th birthday with 1,300-page Comic-Con art show   

Jack Kirby would have turned 100 this August, which means comics fans and publishers will be celebrating the King's centennial throughout the year. We've already seen new comics like The Kamandi Challenge, a host of variant covers, a posthumous Disney Legend award and a campaign to get comics' greatest creator his own Google Doodle. Now, with San Diego Comic-Con just weeks away, we're learning about even more Kirby fun.

          Disney XD working on a Herbie The Love Bug live action TV reboot   

Disney’s iconic anthropomorphic Volkswagen Beetle is getting a TV reboot!

A new report over at TVLine reveals Disney XD is looking to reboot The Love Bug as a new Herbie series. Seems that Travis Braun (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders) has been tapped to pen the potential series, with him serving as executive producer alongside Tom Burkhard and Matt Dearborn (Zeke and Luther, Even Stevens).

          Lights, Camera, Lexi! (Disney Lights, Camera, Lexi!)   

Lexi Lopez je entuzijastična djevojčica koja voli filmove i u svakoj epizodi predstavlja mladim gledateljima različite filmske žanrove i tehnike animacije, od nijemih filmova do znanstvene-fantastike.
          Unsprezece episodul 11 online dublat in romana   
UNSPREZECE EPISODUL 11 HD ONLINE DUBLAT IN ROMANA Vezi un nou episod din serialul disney channel 11: Unsprezece episodul 11 online gratis, dublat in romana. [...]
          Unsprezece episodul 10 online dublat in romana   
UNSPREZECE EPISODUL 11 HD ONLINE DUBLAT IN ROMANA Vezi un nou episod din serialul disney channel 11: Unsprezece episodul 11 online gratis, dublat in romana. [...]
          Mereu la mijloc episodul 29 online dublat in romana   
MEREU LA MIJLOC EPISODUL 29 ONLINE HD Vezi un nou episod din serialul disney channel (Stuck in the Middle) Mereu la mijloc sezonul 1 episodul [...]
          Unsprezece Episodul 10 dublat in romana   
Serial Unsprezece / Disney11 / 11 Episodul 10 online dublat in romana Un adolescent talentat pleacă de acasă pentru a urma o prestigioasă şcoală de [...]
          Unsprezece Episodul 09 dublat in romana   
Serial Unsprezece / Disney11 / 11 Episodul 09 online dublat in romana Un adolescent talentat pleacă de acasă pentru a urma o prestigioasă şcoală de [...]
          Why should I?   
Whenever I have a conversation with someone, who wears a pump, about my sugar levels, which are pretty darn good, I always get the same response: "Why don't you get the pump?" And then I hear, "I can eat when and what I want and I don't have to get up early to be sure to eat." Hmmmmmmmm........wait a minute, sounds too good to be true. But, then I think...... I CAN DO THAT TOO! Diabetes is so individual, that the pump, no matter how life saving and freeing it can be for one person, is just not for someone else. I just couldn't imagine, right now, having the pump attached into me. Maybe later in life, but just not right now. If I had trouble controlling my suger levels, then I would also consider the pump.

We have planned a trip to Disney in Florida with my family this July. We are going to be there for the July 4th stuff that will be going on. We have never been there and we are so excited to be going! I was thinking this morning that I haven't been to a place like that since I was diagnosed almost five years ago. All the walking and excitement. I will just have to do less Lantus before bed and less Humalog before meals. And of course, carry my little handy dandy backpack full of snacks and sugar filled drinks!

Come to think of all that has been and will be happening, this year is a very exciting year for us. We have purchased a new car, the Disney trip, we are having our house built and it will be done in August.....it is a wonder my sugar levels aren't going haywire with all this! I have noticed with all the excitement, however, that I have been eating less. Which isn't all bad because it couldn't hurt for me to lose about five pounds!

American Idol Update: My man Taylor is doing good! Elliott's diabetes was mentioned and I wasn't aware that he wears an insulin pump. Go Elliott! I just seem to like Taylor because he's different and he brings some excitement to the show.
          6月30日(金)のつぶやき その1   


— 青木泰蔵 〜食べても太らない体作り〜 (@taizo_bm) 2017年6月29日 - 20:13

「任意同行」と欺いて署に連行し逮捕した事案の考察 - 弁護士三浦義隆のブログ

— ystk (@lawkus) 2017年6月29日 - 22:21


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LCCの一部は、事実上車椅子で乗れないような制限を設けていたりしました。それを障害者団体が一つずつ、改善を求めて交渉してきたんです。車椅子は高齢期に誰もがお世話になる可能性ある器具。みなさんぜひ、余裕ない年金生活の自分がLCCに乗… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

— みわよしこ『おしゃべりなコンピュータ』 (@miwachan_info) 2017年6月29日 - 05:16

近畿大学、SNSの投稿内容から性格を分析し、その人の潜在的興味に最も合致する本を紹介するサービスを開始 | カレントアウェアネス・ポータル current.ndl.go.jp/node/34270

— 人文書院 (@jimbunshoin) 2017年6月29日 - 21:24

なんか踊ってる犬いた🐕 pic.twitter.com/rTNJj5Zlfu

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「ここが続かないヤツはどこに行っても通用しない」という人がいるけど、これ言う人を信用してはいけない。 pic.twitter.com/A2er99Ochd

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『行動分析学研究』が無料で読めるようになりました。 - tinyurl.com/y8pxp3ek

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今ワイドスクランブルで「中島みゆきさんと倉本聰さんに似た人がいたのですが…」と、番組スタッフがやすらぎの郷に問い合わせたところ、「あのご夫婦は5年ほど前にやすらぎの郷に入居された方々。今後も登場するかもしれません」だって!… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

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パンケーキ食べて♡ pic.twitter.com/Y3MvXj6tPx

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画像整理をしてて発見したのでツイートします pic.twitter.com/RFshQwe19y

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俺の脳が縦読みと横読みの概念を超越した pic.twitter.com/NFUFKK0zyP

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新長田駅で戦前からやってる平壌冷麺店を訪問。韓国にある老舗冷麺店はすべて戦後に開店したものなので、日韓合わせて最も古いお店。僕が今まで食べたどの冷麺にも似ていないが、あっさりしたトンチミベースのスープは確かに平壌風。わざわざ食べに… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

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ただ、街から露天が消えても、大手スーパーなどのフードコートは露… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

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午前9時半、ヨドバシ梅田の開店と同時に橋の門が開かれた。今秋には、同駅のグランフロント方面からも橋が架かる予定となっている。 pic.twitter.com/8EUYdxrMAo

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友だちの一人がすばらしい本を出して、友だちの一人がそれにすばらしい書評を書いて、友だち一人が違う書評を入稿して、友だちの一人がその本をスーツケースに入れて旅に出た日、ぼくはぼくのことをしっかりやらねばと思い、なんかちゃんと食べたく… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

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海外の経営者に「また会議か? 仕事はいつするんだ?」「部下に管理させてその報告を受けるだけなのに、君は管理職なのか?」とか日本企業がボロクソ言われる番組を作ってくれ。

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          SCHATTIG: zesjarige Senne mag grote droom waarmaken op MNM   

Hartverwarmend. De zesjarige Senne wordt bijna zeven jaar. Voor zijn verjaardag wilde hij geen nieuw trendy speelgoed en ook geen dure trip naar Disneyland Parijs. De kleine man had een andere wens. Hij wilde heel graag het nieuws brengen op de radio. Vanuit de gedachte “wie niet waagt, niet wint”, stuurde zijn mama een sms’je

SCHATTIG: zesjarige Senne mag grote droom waarmaken op MNM

          Delta College flea market under investigation   
Ex-student activity chief also focus of criminal allegations
By Alex Breitler
Record Staff Writer
November 22, 2008 6:00 AM

STOCKTON - San Joaquin Delta College police are investigating allegations of fraud, embezzlement and sexual harassment in connection with the college's weekend flea market, a fundraising staple for student government and clubs.

Delta's former supervisor of student activities is one, but not the only, subject of the ongoing investigation, according to a police memo obtained by The Record.

The memo says the supervisor - who is not named in the document - knowingly hired flea market employees with criminal records, ranging from property crime to murder. Some were students, a college spokesman said.

The supervisor allegedly spent $600,000 in personal funds over five years for the student government and was reimbursed by the college, allowing large sums of money to be spent without prior approval. The report also says that cash receipts and documents were shredded, as noted by an outside auditor hired by the college to investigate.

The supervisor "failed to provide positive leadership to the students in regard to spending," the report says. Travel expenses for student government exceeded college policy, and an "inordinate" amount of money was spent on clothing, luggage, scholarships, expensive meals and hotel suites, the report says.

Delta College officials released the document to the Associated Student Body Government earlier this week after students criticized new and stricter policies governing spending.

Students and club advisers have for weeks paraded before the college's Board of Trustees protesting the new policies, which require pre-approval of minor purchases among other safeguards. This is not always practical, students and some advisers argue.

Delta spokesman Greg Greenwood said the report about the ongoing investigation was released to explain these new policies.

"We want to make sure the (student government) understands why we're placing all of these controls on them," Greenwood said.

The college plans to implement 14 new procedures to ensure accountability, he said.

The state Education Code says community college boards already "must provide for the supervision of all funds raised by any student body ... using the name of the college."

Greenwood said the flea market, which brings in about $500,000 a year, has been scrutinized at times for more than a decade. The new investigation suggests a "much more severe" situation, he said.

The money in question does not belong to the college. In a 2003 interview with The Collegian, Delta College's student newspaper, President Raul Rodriguez questioned student-body government expenditures for admission to Disneyland as well as a $546 meal at Le Bistro.

These may not be illegal purchases, Rodriguez said at the time, "but it's a matter of appearances and ethics."

Student Body President Valerie Novak acknowledged Friday that the flea market needs management. "We recognize there is a problem and that it needs to be addressed," she said.

But, she added, the current student government inherited the problem.

"It's not us," Novak said. "The problem was not the students. It was the adviser."

She defended current student government spending. Yearly trips to a Washington, D.C., community college convention are valuable networking opportunities, she said. Some students need help with dress or luggage to be able to make such a trip.

Novak said delays in clearance from the administration have forced students to book pricier hotel rooms.

She said the student government would get professional help to audit its own books, but she continued to argue that pre-approval of all expenses for many clubs is not practical.

As for the criminal investigation, Greenwood said the case would be forwarded to county prosecutors if the evidence confirms the allegations.

The five-page report contained no specific details on the allegation of sexual harassment.

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter Z   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah- What seemed to be such a nightmare last fall has turned into much more of a pleasure in 2016. We have time to plan, to make our reservations for the things we really want to see and do like the Grand Floridian Tea and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and actually go to them on the day and time of our choosing. There are a few more venues open this year that we may want to do and all around more freedom for us to organize ourselves.

Table setting for afternoon tea in Garden View Tea Room at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Grand Floridian Tea Room.
Both of us are eating healthier and exercising more. I am determined to strengthen my legs so I don't have to consider a walker.
 Mickey dressed in seasonal holiday clothing dancing in formation between two life-size nutcrackers
The best part of the whole "adventure" was I was there for her when she needed me the most. I was able to hold her hand and tell her we would get through this when she was the most scared.

When we get to Disney this year, the trip will mean a lot more to us because of what we went through last year and it will be a trip of a lifetime for us.

Thank you to all who visited my blog during the 2016 challenge, especially Jo-Jo who hung out for the whole story. Hope to see you in next year's challenge.

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter Y   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Yes: I am happy to say that Alison is recovered. I stayed for about a week after she came home from the hospital. I watched her sleep on the couch a lot and gave her her meds. Then her grown kids started coming home for the Holidays so I took my two big red suitcases (the Disney one I never even opened) and went on home. She struggled through the holidays with a houseful of family but she left most things to her grown children to do and slept.

In January, when she saw her regular doctor for a followup, he told her that she was very lucky that it turned out to be a viral infection, which is less serious than the bacterial type. The virus takes several months to clear out and although the medicines she took in the beginning were helpful, he said the best thing for her to do was let her body heal itself by resting and sleeping any time she felt tired. He said our bodies have these viruses all the time and when our immune systems get weakened they attack. He said she probably got this from having the bad cold she caught from her grandson.

It took several months for the headache to disappear, for her ears to clear and for the overwhelming tiredness to pass. I was there in March for a visit and she was probably 85% back up to speed.

But what about Mickey Mouse you, my faithful reader, ask? And our beautifully planned trip? Stay tuned for tomorrow's final episode and find out. 

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter X   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Xtraneous Circumstances and Xtra Vacation- Thank heaven for trip insurance. We managed to reschedule the Disney trip for December 2016 with the help of the travel agent. As sick as she was, Alison managed to cancel all the reservations for the activities we had planned. A nice young man on the phone who wasn't even in the right department at Disney looked up her number and worked with her as soon as she said she was in the hospital with meningitis. That was such a blessing.

As far as the airline trip was concerned, we had to postpone the reservation but they only let us postpone to the day we ordered the flight. So, we get to travel somewhere by plane until the middle of October on those tickets and we have to get new tickets for Disney for the end of the year. That will ultimately give us an extra vacation together (not switchable). We haven't decided where we will go. 

And how is she feeling... 

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter W   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

What, Where, When, Why and sometimes Who- Questions, questions and never any answers. 

Alison was admitted very late that Tuesday night, with the help of her husband (the admitting people said they had no info from her doctor). I stayed back at her house to unpack my stay at her house suitcase because I realized I was going to be there for a while. I would be driving back and forth to keep her company and translate the hospitalese for her (I am a former RN and have personally been in hospitals more times for operations and procedures than you can shake a thermometer at). 

Alison ended up staying there until Saturday. They kept her in Quarantine, with everyone entering her room gowned, masked and gloved, until late Thursday when the Infectious Control doctor came in to announce that "It is Viral", and took out her iv with the meds in case she was bacterial and got rid of the masks. He acted as if he had saved her single-handedly. He came back several times during the next days to confirm as other test results came back that "it's Viral." That has become a catch phrase for us.

Although everyone was wonderful during her stay, no one explained about what the illness really was. I had my daughter and husband google information about it for us because I was vague on the details. It is an infection in the covering of the brain- the meninges. The infection causes swelling and puts pressure on the brain and the nerves serving the brain. That is where the intense headache and confusion was originating. It also affected her ears and eyes, thus the loss of hearing and sensitivity to bright lights.  

She was given meds to reduce the swelling and some pain meds to dull the headache and some to help her sleep and some other stuff- well you get the picture. She found no matter how hard you try to sleep in the hospital there is always someone there in a mask to scare the heck out of you by waking you to see if you need anything or give you a pill.

I found despite being a less than eager driver, I could make the trip to and from (in the dark- oh my) the hospital with ease. I spent hours keeping up with family and friends who were stunned to hear Alison had Meningitis, "where would she have gotten that?" I remembered to ask all the questions that Alison and I had thought of and translate the garbled answers back to her. We did find out near the end of her stay that this hospital almost never saw cases of Meningitis so Alison was a rarity.

 Best of all, I had found a Tim Horton's Coffee Shop (like Starbucks but way better) at the entrance of the hospital so I had coffee and food at hand for both of us. Now if there had been a Cold Stone Creamery, I would have considered moving in.


          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letters U and V   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

 Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, U is combined with V today; the unforeseen technicalities being a gremlin who took my completed and published U article off into the ether yesterday never to be seen again.

Unbelievable- Continuing our story... bright and early Tuesday morning , I drive Alison back to the medical complex that is close to her home. We have managed to get an appointment with a neurologist who will see us right away. She listens to Alison's longer and longer story- when she thinks she got the cold, the meds she's taken, the headache which is now the worst she has ever had, the ER doctor (no help there) the confusion (I am really stressing the confusion). The doctor walks across the room, feels Alison's neck, asks her to move her neck and says "I am sending you to the hospital, I want you to have a lumbar puncture; it will give us a definitive answer. I think you have Meningitis."

We mention that we are supposed to leave for Disney with the vague hope we can still go and the doctor immediately squashes that hope.

"You are a very sick woman, with a very compromised immune system right now- you can't be thinking you are going to get on a plane and possibly be infected by other passengers or have them infect you. And Disney- that has be be the most germ filled place in the world. You'll get there and be so sick you'll be in bed, and what- your sister will have to show herself around? You are in no shape to go anywhere.

Viral or Bacterial- To make the story move along for you, my faithful reader, I will skip the fact that Alison has been lucky in her life and has had little contact with the ugly side of medical care and hospitals. I will overlook that she is very scared to have anyone mess with her spine. I won't talk about her resources that are very low and she needs to rest and she is so easily brought to tears now.

We drive 30 minutes out of our way (there are other hospitals closer to home but this is the one the doctor is associated with), have the test done (which is very painful for her) and meet in the lobby with Tony, her husband. Realizing how sick she is, he has called the travel agent to find out what we can do about the trip. We can postpone into 2016.

Alison is sobbing, she is so afraid and Disney gave her something to hold on to. Ultimately, we decide to postpone the trip of a lifetime and concentrate on getting her better (one of us could see this coming when she stepped off the train Sunday night, to another of us it is a big surprise. She just doesn't realize how sick she is).

Around 4 o'clock, I drive her home on a major highway and two things happen simultaneously 5 minutes from home, we run out of gas ( a story for another day) and we get a call from the neurologist. 

She says she is surprised the hospital released Alison. She says since we are so close to home we should go there, get Alison some dinner and then Alison should pack a bag and go back up to the hospital because she is being admitted.

"You have Meningitis... now we have to determine whether it is Viral- serious but treatable or Bacterial- contagious and possible deadly and harder to treat."  


          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter T   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

To the ER and Beyond: The next two days are mostly a blurry nightmare to us both. I am driving her car (because she can't) and Alison is navigating with some confusion while she talks a million miles an hour. "Why is this happening, what should I do, why hasn't the medicine helped, why won't the pain stop, Turn right at this corner, now I can't hear- my ears are clogged, the sun hurts my eyes- OH, NO, I meant turn left at the corner."

Dr. Office Monday mid A.M.- Alison's doctor hears her symptoms and that Alison has gotten worse with the medicine prescribed and that she now has "the worst headache of her life" (with me trying to get her to realize that Alison is a sharp cookie and right now she is having trouble remembering her name). Alison mentions that she looked on line and her symptoms are similar to meningitis.The doctor looks worried, stays far away from Alison, leaves to consult with some else, then says she is sending us to the ER for tests and has called ahead so they know Alison's information. (You know we are leaving for Disney on Wednesday morning.)

ER around noon- Everyone here asks the same questions that the original doctor did (this place is just down the hall). They have none of Alison's information. Alison explains how this all started 2 weeks or so with a cold that she might have caught from her grandson.
They do a cat scan of her head, they draw blood, they give her some meds, they give her some fluids and we wait and wait. Every once in a while, the ER doctor, english is a second language, comes in to assure us that her tests are being evaluated. He also repeatedly says she does not have meningitis, he himself has seen meningitis and Alison wouldn't be able to move her head, her neck would be very stiff. When we remind him again that we are leaving for Disney he thinks that Alison should see a neurologist before we go. He prescribes some new meds and sends us home around dinnertime.

Home Monday night: Everything takes longer because Alison can hardly move. We have to call and cancel our babysitting duties for tomorrow. She takes a dose of her new medicine and gets sick to her tummy. She takes a different new med and now I can hardly get her off the couch. My concern from Sunday night has turned into real worry now.  This is my baby sister whom I love like my own children.

We go to bed with Disney on a far horizon.

To be continued....

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter S   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

So Sick: Alison, who sounded awful on the phone despite several days of antibiotics, is scheduled to pick me up that Sunday night at the station. The train is late, she is late. I stand outside in the almost dark parking lot, knowing I am safe because I have my handy, dandy umbrella in my hand. We often joked that I could valiantly fight off any assailant with my umbrella- stemming back to a time when as a young mother I had protected my kids from an attacking dog by knocking him around with a loaf of bread until he ran off (I was fierce).

The little Sebring convertible I've been watching for drives up and parks. I hardly recognize her when Alison somewhat stumbles out of the car. She is pale and weak looking and mumbling about a trolly car that she almost really hit.She drives home but I realize later she was in no condition to be behind the wheel.

Long story short, her head and neck ache, she is running a fever and she is still planning to go to Disney but she has no idea what the next step is. Over dinner, (with some help from Tony, her husband) I convince her that before we do anything else, we go to the Doctor tomorrow, Monday. Obviously, the medicine is not working. We'll get some new medicine and she'll feel much better. I'll help pack and we will be all set. 

She is confused in speech and it doesn't appear she has been able to do much the last few days. I am really worried about her.


          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter R   
Disney World Vacation:

  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Riding the Rails, Taking the Train: Long, long time ago, my husband would drive the almost 400 miles to get to Alison's house. He loved to drive and it was no big deal for him. However, because of work schedules, we seldom visited.

Then, the last few years of my career, I had more time off and I made the drive myself. I would push myself to get there arriving stiff and sore. On the way home, I'd be exhausted from the non-stop schedule Alison and I had kept up for a week. Once, I had a bad cold and missed my exit and ended up lost in Syracuse for several hours. I was always afraid of detours, flat tires, and falling asleep.

Enter the Amtrak train. Gary drives me East for an hour to Poughkeepsie, I board the train and I leave the driving to the engineer. The price is comparable to driving and there is no wear and tear on the car. The conductors are friendly and extremely helpful with luggage. 

I sit on the left side of the car so I can see the rivers, first the Hudson until Albany and then the Mohawk and even the Erie Canal for awhile. The train weaves through towns called Rhinecliff, Schenectady, Amsterdam, Rome, Rochester and finally Buffalo on its way to Niagara Falls. Most of the time the scenery is wonderful. Lots of times I am looking at the backside of the towns and neighborhoods I pass, with all the garbage, trashed cars and discarded furniture that brings.

I am allowed two suitcases weighing 50 lbs. or less and a carry-on that will fit in the overhead. I am always right at the limit. I am always looking for more efficient ways to pack and while researching what to bring to Disney on Pinterest, I have found some great ideas to try out. Hopefully I've learned to leave the kitchen sink at home.
Amtrak trip around the country! the perfect way to elope!:
I love the ever changing views of the rivers.

Some trips, the train is full to capacity with little kids roaming the aisles, babies crying, people talking loudly on their cell phones. Other trips, the 1/2 filled coach allows the college students and myself to stretch out in two seats, napping and reading. I bring my lunch, water and a few snacks. There is a snack car located on the train with essentials where I occasionally get hot tea at $2.00 a cup.
Amtrak Northeast Corridor:
The train allows me to travel to Buffalo and back all year long.
There are two restrooms to a car but I wouldn't call them restful. Balancing as the train changes tracks can sometimes be an exciting and dampening experience.
I color, read, play scrabble, talk to sisters and children on the phone. The train provides wi-fi and you can also charge your devices. I nap a lot. There is no stress on the train and I find that rhythmic moving very conducive to sleep. Before I know it, I've arrived at my destination and someone is meeting me...

7 more days of Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016. Please stay with me to find out what is the cause of our postponement and what we do about it.

(Photo credit Pinterest:  Amtrak trains) 

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter Q   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

All's QUIET on the Western New York Front: It's Saturday and I am not hearing the usual chatter from Alison. When I am going for just a few days, we are always talking and texting together right up til the last minute. We should be burning up the wi-fi between here and Buffalo.

I call. She sounds all stuffed up. She's had this earache and the headache for over a week. She went to the doctor and got stuff to help her feel better. Doctor thinks it's a sinus infection. Alison is sure she will be better before Wednesday. She is so happy I am coming up early so I can help her pack and do last minute things at her house. She is just so tired.
I leave tomorrow on the train. 

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter P   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Packing to go North and South: I've never been a light packer; why take one blouse when I might need two. In December, maybe it will snow, maybe it will rain. If I take the gray sweater, and I drip ice cream on it, then should I take a black sweater in case I needed the gray to wear with the black capris. Or maybe throw in a blue in case....
Instead of buying packing cubes I used those zippered plastic bags that comforters, sheet sets and curtains come in. I was able to pack a weeks worth of clothes for my son, my daughter and myself. The bags that curtains came in were perfect for all of the toiletries for everyone. Instead of spending $30 on a set of 3 packing cubes I'm buying myself a pair of summer sandals.:

I cannot tell you tonight what I will wear tomorrow. I can plan ahead, but until I wake up and see what my mood is, I don't make a final decision. I may have picked a yellow shirt but now this morning it is blue or nothing at all. Some people pack each day's outfit in a plastic bag to save room and time. I look at those neat bags for 6 or 7 days in a suitcase and I am envious.

I have tried picking 2 or 3 colors with hopes that it will limit my choices. Let's say black, white and red. By the second day I am upset and uncomfortable because there are no other choices in the suitcase. Does not bode well for the day. Yes, I have a problem.

25 Tips for Perfect Packing:
So two suitcases, two different temperature zones. In one, I put long pants, turtle necks, medium sweaters, boots, hat, scarf, gloves and coat in early winter and Christmas colors. In the other, I put capris, short sleeve, mid sleeve, no sleeve tops, light weight sweaters, light weight jacket, sneakers, sandals and scarves, a big sun hat. These are all in warm weather colors. I pack jewelry with a Christmas theme for both places.  

I do this a few days ahead of when I'm leaving, and then second guess myself by taking things out to lessen the load and then putting things back because I'm afraid. Maybe another pair of pants or a pair of shorts. Maybe I should take the bathing suit and cover up.

 I text Alison, I call Alison. She says she's gotten some of the small essentials we can share. She says she hasn't started to think about what she will pack. Granted, she has 3 days longer than I do because I have to travel to her house and we don't leave until Wednesday at 6:25 am.

She's a little more vague than the last time we talked. She says she thinks she caught a cold from her grandson. She has a bit of a headache. She's going to take a nap. I think I'll go have a drink!!



          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter O   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Orlando: I was wondering how big Disney World actually is. I did a little exploring and found out the amusement park is about 30,000 acres, give or take a few.  That's about twice the size of Manhattan, or the actual size of San Francisco. Luckily for me, the parks only take up about a 1/4 of the property.

The land was originally swamps, pasture, forest and orange groves. Some of the property was set aside as a Nature Preserve. Much of the land is still undeveloped. There is lots of space between everything. Just getting from your room to the entrance of the resort to catch the bus can be many footsteps.

So, that brings me to actually ME getting around. I am overweight, I haven't done any long distance  walking since my husband started to have very bad pain in his back, hips and feet, and I don't have good muscle tone. I huff and puff going up a flight of stairs. How was I going to do the miles required? And although my sister is in better shape, she hasn't been walking at regular intervals, either.Pride Portable Electric GoGo Scooter Rental Orlando:

Maybe I should rent a walker or a electric scooter. We could share the use so neither one of us would be worn out. I looked up scooters and the price is about $50.00 a day for a scooter and it must stay in the park that you originally rented it from. Then I began to think about how I would maneuver it in the crowds and have to worry about leaving it outside when we went in to attractions. EEEEEK.

 If there was just some more time to get myself in shape.


          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter N   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Top 10 Must-Dos at Animal Kingdom:
Nature VS Fantasy: the two parks I am really excited about visiting are Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

I love to tour zoos, botanical gardens and aquariums. Sounds like Animal Kingdom will be a fantastic combination of all three. What a thrill to be up close to all the wonderful animals (over 1,000) that reside there. According to the guide books, the enclosures are built to bring the animals up close to the tourists but still maintain a peaceful setting for the inhabitants. If I get to see giraffes in Africa and tigers in Asia, I'll be set. Maybe some lions, too.
If you have 1 day in Epcot at Walt Disney World, here's our plan for doing rides, eating, and enjoying the park. This strategy guide contains tips, and daily itinerary!:

Epcot would be special, too. It is compared to the 1964 New York World's Fair. I visited the Fair several times as a teenager and it was a memorable experience. Probably the best memory was the idea that some day you would be able to see the other person when you would talk on the phone. What a fantasy. I remember thinking that you would always have to look your best when you answered your phone otherwise someone would see you in your pajamas and curlers. Now a days, my sister and I FaceTalk all the time and who cares how we look, we are just happy to see each other.

Epcot, has two sections, one called Future World, where science, technology and industry meet to educate and amaze. Sounds like an all day tour.The other section is World Showcase, with a collection of pavilions highlighting 14 countries. I remember this was great at the World's Fair.

What I am most interested in is how the Disney creators have mixed all the Fantasy in with the Real, how they mesh and enhance each other. I wish we had more than a day each to do these Parks.


          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter M   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

 Midway through the Challenge: I thought I'd meander a moment, release some mid-morning stress and mention that this monologue does have a monumental 3rd quarter and a momentous end. To be continued tomorrow when my muse will be over the mump or rather the hump.

Thanks for moseying on over and thanks for all the mindful comments.

Mikey Mouse rules. (Pinterest)Disney Party Ideas & Free Printables:

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter L   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast: I'm so ready.

We had chosen the middle meal plan called The Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining. What a mouthful! This gives you a lunch, a dinner and a snack. We figured we'd eat light for breakfast, yogurt or fruit, when we grabbed a cup of coffee and that would be less expensive than the next plan up.
#Disney Ice Cream Gallery  - Pictures!!!!! #DisneyFood
My idea of a substantial breakfast.

Lunch can be a variety of things but this turkey leg is definitely something I want to try. My husband and I used to cook these all the time and do so much with them. There are plenty of spots for hamburgers, and quick lunch favorites within the plan.
Disney snack credit use: Turkey leg! You can find these in all the parks at Disney World, and in Disneyland. They are huge, filling, and my husband loves them. I've noticed a lot of people grab them right before they go sit in front of the castle to watch the evening fireworks.
Might need two of these to replace my legs from all the walking.

The dinner part of this deal features a wide variety of dining options.
Signature Dining Restaurants- excellent food served with style and elegance.
Casual Table Service Restaurants- sure to please food plus special creations.
Disney Character Dining- up close and personal dining with Disney friends.
Dinner Shows- Song and Dance Reviews with family style dinners.

Gonna have breakfast with the Mouse on our last morning in the parks.
 High Tea at The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa ~ Walt Disney World Resort l Lake Buena Vista, Florida: You even can have high tea at the Grand Floridian although because we were so last minute in making our plans, this was one of the treats that was not available to us.

All of the above photos are posted in Pinterest under Disney World Food Pictures.

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter K   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Keeping the story going: It was now the week before Thanksgiving and I was looking at my clothes, trying to make outfits in my mind. I had to pack two suitcases, one for the time before and after the trip when I would stay at Alison's house for about a week and one suitcase for the trip.

Everything I read about what to wear at the Parks talked about layering in December. We had already been shopping for some lightweight 3/4 length sleeve tops that we could layer under a light sweater or jacket and some nice scarves to liven up the outfits. We planned to wear capris and take several pairs of sneakers.

I am obsessive about coordinating my clothes. I started making lists. If we were going to be there for 6 days, should that be 4 or 5 capris? What colors would I go with. Navy, black and gray with colored tops or white tops and different color sweaters. What about jewelry- you'd think I had never packed for a trip before. And what to do if it was colder than we planned or hotter. I had too many clothes in too little suitcases. I was a wreak and driving my husband crazy.

Meanwhile, when I would talk to Alison, she seemed distracted and vague and told me she couldn't think about what she was gonna wear until after Thanksgiving.


          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter J   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Jump for Joy:No one would say I am in good shape. I am overweight, have bad knees, bad feet, and sleep a lot. I was very worried about how I was going to be able to keep up with my sister. I mean if I was traveling with my husband,there wouldn't be a problem. He uses a cane and walks slower than I do and we take a lot of breaks.

But, it was November, I had no time to start an exercise program or change my food consumption in time to make a difference for the 9th of December. Although I was very excited to go on the trip, ecstatic in fact, I was very depressed about walking for hours and spending long hours in the Parks. How was I ever gonna do it????

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter I   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Internet, Websites and Pinterest:When you want the latest and most up to date information available, who you gonna call- Disney? Naw, go on line.
I never realized what a huge experience going to a Disney Park is for people. I must be in my craft room too much. Bunches of people go every year. Many go several times a year (where do they get the money?) And lots of people who go regularly write blogs or administer websites or post pictures on Pinterest to aid novices like me, its amazing!
Fun Disney Facts and Tips | Top 10 Restrooms at Disney World  | There's no limit to the Imagineers' creativity!:
Top Ten Toilets At Disney (Pinterest)

What to put in your Disney World park touring bag - different categories of items to pack + what to do with your bag while you're on rides:
There are statistical charts about the temperature history for any given month. People tract the attendance flow from year to year. There are reviews of the best, most costly, the most family friendly restaurants and times of day you can get seated the quickest. Some sites help you pack your suitcases, some give lists of what to carry in the bag you will take into the Parks each day. How about times when a certain Park opens early or closes late. There are even places to find what attractions are closed for refurbishing.
10 Best Uses of the Disney Dining Plan:
Price Finder- Animal Kingdom Lodge.
You don't have to be a whizz at computer research to find any of this information. Type in "Disney Vacation", "Christmas at Disney", "what should I bring to the Resort" and more than you can ever read will pop up for your perusal. This is marketing at its finest.

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter H   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Holiday Hype: Alison and I booked the 9th through the 14th of December for our trip. Disney World would be decorated for the Christmas Holiday, the weather would be cool but not cold by Orlando standards and that week has a history of low crowds. Seemed like a win-win situation all around.
We both go all out in our home decorating so we were looking forward to seeing how Disney handles the bigs and littles of outfitting for the winter holidays. We had managed to get tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party which is an all evening affair. Fantabulous.
All photos below were found on Pinterest under Disney World Christmas Decorations.
 Information for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Walt Disney World Resort. This event is held in November and December each year at Magic Kingdom.: Christmas and the holidays at Disney World are special. This Ultimate Guide to Disney Christmas 2012 has tips for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, Candlelight Processional, Osborne Lights, and everything else Walt Disney World has to offer at Christmas!:

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter G   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Goofy Characters: I have a great dislike of clowns. Don't know when this happened (don't like parades either with the same sort of feeling), but I figure somewhere back in the dark mists of childhood something must have happened. So I am choosy about the cartoon characters I admire. 

When I was a Children's Librarian, I used to hire a performer who would don costumes and entertain the kids. Winnie the Pooh was my favorite, I was comfortable with that persona although it was the same person under any of the big heads and paws.

I noticed I was planning on spending 6 days in a place populated with big heads worn by cast members (employees) who would be acting with clown like motions. So I made a mental list of those to avoid if at all possible. Goofy came up at the top of the list. In fact, after reviewing the books and websites to look at as many Face Characters (those who don't wear head covering costumes) and head covered characters who populate the streets of Disney World, the only one who seemed to cause that uneasy sensation to rise along my spine was poor Goofy. Poor half man/half dog/half witted clown like guy.
After some thought, I have decided to track down Goofy while I am at the Park and give him a hug and have my picture taken with him. He won't know, but I will feel better.
www. magicalears.com

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter F   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Fast Pass +: I think you begin to get the idea that Disney and all its Magic was beyond my imagination. Alison explained about the great airport to airport service that staying on Disney property affords you. A shuttle bus meets you at the airport, takes you straight to the resort you will stay at (we had booked the Port Orleans Resort- Riverside) and then at the end of our stay we meet the shuttle and it takes us back to the plane.
Looking through the brochures and books, I found that Disney Parks personnel don't want the thousands of visitors a day to wait on long lines; if visitors are willing to book themselves for certain times to tour an attraction, climb on a ride, watch a show, then those times are reserved for you through Fast Pass +and there is a much shorter wait. 
Walt Disney World has been testing out their MyMagic+ system for a while now, but many families still haven't had the opportunity to experience the new FastPass+ system. It's so different from the ...:
Located on Pinterest from Family Travel Magazine.
So, while sitting in the relative comfort of Alison's kitchen, with cups of Tim Horton's delicious coffee at our elbows, we planned the fun part of the trip. I deferred to her expertise and we set up each day of our visit with what Alison recommended and what was still available now that it was the middle of November. 
A typical day looked like this-
We would be in the Animal Kingdom theme park.
9:30am-Lion King
10:30- Finding Nemo
12:40-Kilamanjaro Safari
2:45- Flights of Wonder
3:30- It's Tough to be a Bug
4:15- Dinner at Yak and Yeti
Evening spent at Disney Springs- the other side of the world from this park.
In between we would be seeing the other attractions in Animal Kingdom and eating breakfast and lunch. Oh, and watching the wild animals (definitely my choice).

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter E   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Excursion:We went to Journeys Unlimited on Oct. 21, 2015 to make our reservations. The travel agent was very helpful and listened to our ideas. Alison wanted 6 days, flying out from Buffalo on a Wednesday morning and coming home on the following Monday night. We needed to babysit for Nicholas on Tuesdays so our time was fixed. Alison was worried about how much we could jam in on our first and last day!??!

We had decided on moderate priced accommodations, after all, how long would we actually be in the room each day. Alison and the agent, Debbie, began to talk about how we would be up at the crack of Dawn and getting to the parks early to beat the crowds and then staying in the parks each evening to see the shows and all the fireworks (we would??).  They talked about Fast Passes+ for scheduling all the attractions and Magic bands and Food Plans, and creating a chart to keep track  of all the times.

It began to dawn on me that I wasn't going on a leisurely vacation to see a few beloved characters and read a book by the pool. No, my sister was taking (dragging) me on a life-changing excursion to jungles and fairy castles and future worlds, Oh my...

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter D   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Decorations: She has been to Disney in late winter and in the heat of summer; what Alison has been dreaming of is Disney dressed up for the Christmas Holidays. And since it was already October before we started seriously planning our trip, we knew we'd be blocked out of some of the attractions Alison wanted to share with me.

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter C   
Celebrate the Magic: Let me tell you a little about us sisters. We are both in our sixties (I'm heading out of them this year) and although we have always been close, in the past several years I've  been visiting her every few months. She lives up by Buffalo, I live just above Manhattan. It's an hour or so by plane but 6 1/2 to 7 hours by car or train (my recent form of travel, but that's another story). When I retired, I would go help out in her first grade class several times a year. Now that Alison is retired, we spend a week or so each season doing craft projects, going to classes, shopping, talking incessantly, solving world problems and babysitting for her one year old grandson, Nicholas.

Coloring Book, Copyright 1964, Walt Disney Productions
Going to Disney had always been on the back burner for me. I am much more of a beach person when I vacation- Mystic, CT; Newport, RI; the coast of Maine. I've also taken three cruises- Bermuda twice and up the coast and into the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City. Traveling to the heat of Florida with my husband to walk around acres of an amusement park wasn't high on the list.

However, exchange my husband for my sister and add in Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan and Cinderella with colors, music and fireworks and that's when you create the Magic. Alison and I are very much the product of our childhood. We both were young when television first came into households. We watched The Mickey Mouse Club originals after school and the Sunday night Disney program faithfully. We saw the original runs of the fairy tale films in the movies. We colored in Winnie the Pooh coloring books and had fashion paper dolls of Snow White.

So, a six day trip to Disney with Alison was certainly something to celebrate...

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter B   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Barnes and Noble: So, as soon as we heard we were planning a trip, Alison and I stopped at her local book store to stock up on travel books. We spent several hours studying various series of books about traveling to Disney- The Official Guides, The Unofficial Guides, The First Time to Disney, The Disney with Kids, The Disney with Seniors. We didn't find a volume titled 2 Crazy Senior Overweight Sisters out for a Lark, so we had to buy several books each to cover all our bases. We did very well with the ideas and tips in the Unofficial Guide series.
 I'll be dropping some hints along the way...
Hint: Always get trip insurance. So worth the money because you never know what's coming up in your future.

Alison, my sister, retired from teaching last June.She had devoted herself to her students, giving them her all for many years. When she left teaching, she was really worn out and her husband, Tony, wanted to do something special for her. Since I had retired two years before, her husband thought it would be a great idea to send us both to Disney World. Alison has been there several times and it is her happy place. This would be my maiden voyage. We began to plan...
          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter A   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Alison, my sister, retired from teaching last June.She had devoted herself to her students, giving them her all for many years. When she left teaching, she was really worn out and her husband, Tony, wanted to do something special for her. Since I had retired two years before, her husband thought it would be a great idea to send us both to Disney World. Alison has been there several times and it is her happy place. This would be my maiden voyage. We began to plan...

JPGby KAHD © 10-31-2015:
Eve (from Wall-E c Disney) and Angelmons, Rainbowmon, and Devilmon (c Summoners War). For Nicky.

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Hauntcast 16 - "Invasion of the Booty Snatchers" Cover your backsides for this installment featuring an interview with the Baron & Baroness Reuswaat of Darkwing Manor & Morguetorium Museum, News From Beyond, the Top Ten Words from the Haunters Dictionary, Fright Flicks and Horror Reviews, Disney's Haunted Mansion in the Charmed Pot, Mad Props for [...]

          Magical Magic* Kingdom   

On our first full day at the parks, we
visited the always magical, Magic Kingdom!

We had an early breakfast reservation at "Be our Guest"
so were able to get into the park a little bit before other
Always nice to see the park before it's full of people!

We were also able to get on some fun, fun rides before the lines got long!
Yes, even  a wimp like me will ride a roller coaster sometimes!
Plus, we never miss a chance to jump on and 
ride Dumbo and the Teacups!

And, of course, besides the rides, we had to visit our favorite snack shops -
like Casey's!

It was a fabulous first day - you could say, "best day ever!"
We continued it at the pool
and Hollywood Studios later!

We 💖 Disney!

          Why So Serious?   
disney, jack sparrow, and pirates of the caribbean image
          At the Box Office: 'Transformers 5' tops with series low   
LOS ANGELES — Michael Bay's "Transformers: The Last Knight" topped the box office charts, but it was a dubious success. The fifth installment in the series took in a franchise low of $68.5 million in its first five days in theaters, $44.7 million of which came from weekend sales.In second place, "Wonder Woman" took in an additional $24.9 million in its fourth weekend in theaters, pushing the superhero pic over the $300 million mark. It beat out Disney and Pixar's "Cars 3," [...]
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In today’s best console game deals, Microsoft is offering Battlefield 1 on Xbox One for just $30 and Xbox Live Gold members can get it for $24. It sells for $40+ on Amazon and this is the lowest we have tracked.

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          Xbox Summer Sale: Witcher 3 Complete $25, Disney Afternoon $14, more   

Now that the Steam and PlayStation digital mid-year promos are in full swing, it’s time for the Xbox summer sale to kick off. While it was scheduled to start tomorrow, we are already seeing the price drops go live on the Xbox marketplace. Just like the aforementioned sales, we are seeing some very notable prices here.  more…

          For sale - walt disney'S masterpiece cinderella - $9   
Tampa 33606, FL, United States
Detailed item infodisney's classic 'Cinderella' on vhs is the story of a young girl whose loving father dies suddenly and is being raised by her stepmother, who has ...of finding a bride for Prince Charming, he sends out invites to all the eligible young women in the kingdom. However, Cinderella is not allowed to go until all of ...

          Was Zendaya a High School Musical Fan? Star Dishes on Her and Zac Efron's Shared Disney Past   
          Ashley Tisdale Recruits Fellow Disney Star Debby Ryan For a Destiny's Child Cover -- Watch!   
          Disney plans to change a scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride   
"You’ll even discover that a familiar character is playing a new role joining the pirates ranks."

          Fri, Jun 30, 2017 -- Afternoon Movies at the Library    


A video-game villain attempts to change his image by participating in a first-person-shooter game, but in the process, he wreaks havoc in his virtual universe by freeing an evildoer who can only be defeated with the help of an unlikely ally.


Rich Moore

Production year





Walt Disney Pictures


108 minutes


John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk

Location: Union City Library
          News: Jalapeño-Cheese Pretzel Returns to Magic Kingdom for a Limited Time   
The beloved Jalapeño Cheese Pretzel is back for a limited time! Find it in Magic Kingdom at The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland!

Disney Food Blog Fans, be sure to check out our DFB Disney World Dining Guide e-Books! Find great deals at DFBStore.com! Also, come on over and:

          Disney is Removing an Iconic Scene From Its ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Rides   

Whenever Disney tampers with their most beloved and iconic theme park rides in any way, fans have the habit of decrying whatever adjustments are being made and shouting “Walt would never have approved this!” Sometimes, the outrage is justified. Sometimes, it’s not. But it’s no wonder that news of a major alteration to a famous […]

The post Disney is Removing an Iconic Scene From Its ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Rides appeared first on /Film.

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          Disneyland to Remove Bride Auction From Pirates of the Caribbean Ride   

"We believe the time is right to turn the page to a new story in this scene, consistent with the humorous, adventurous spirit of the attraction."

read more

          6 Fun Princess Cinderella Craft Ideas!   

Disney just released Cinderella on Blu-Ray and DVD and to celebrate we are doing Princess Cinderella crafts! I’ve got 6 fun Cinderella craft ideas for you, along with some other fun princess activities! Your little one will LOVE these! Whether you are planning a Cinderella themed party or just having a fun Cinderella movie night, ... Read More about 6 Fun Princess Cinderella Craft Ideas!

The post 6 Fun Princess Cinderella Craft Ideas! appeared first on Must Have Mom.

          Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean to no longer include auction scene selling women   

A scene that depicts women on the auction block apparently has no place in a Disneyland ride, even if the attraction is meant to depict the violence, debauchery and misogyny of a pirate’s life.

When the Pirates of the Caribbean ride closes for routine maintenance next year, the scene will be replaced,...

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Detectives de la Brigada Investigadora de Delitos en Recintos Portuarios Valparaíso (BRIDERPO) incautaron 357 productos fraudulentos, los que infringían la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual, por tener logotipos correspondientes a la marca Disney y Marvel. Según información entregada por la PDI, la imputada Y.X. de 22 años de nacionalidad china, comercializaba en su local de Avenida …
          Latest Sale Items at the Disney Store for 6/30/2017   
Here are the latest sale items at the Disney Store: Minnie Mouse Flat Shoes for Girls Sale: $7.99 You Save: $8.96 (53%) Reg: $16.95 Wishes Silver Wrap Bracelet by Alex and Ani Sale: $34.97 You Save: $14.98 (30%) Reg: $49.95 Mickey Mouse Lurex Pullover Hoodie for Women by Disney Boutique Sale: $37.99 You Save: $12.00 […]
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          Lego Disney Minifigures   

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          Herbie Series in the Works at Disney XD   

Someone at Disney really loves the Love Bug: Herbie is currently in development as a potential series on Disney XD, a rep for the network confirms to TVLine exclusively. The iconic, anthropomorphic Volkswagen Beetle first appeared in Disney's 1968 film The Love Bug and has been the subject of several movies - including the Lindsay Lohan-fronted 2005 movie Herbie: Fully Loaded .

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          Road Head On The Way To Disney World   
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          Your Mental Sorbet: 4th of July Disney Style   
Here is another "Mental Sorbet
that we could use to momentarily forget about those
things that leave a bad taste in our mouths

Stay Tuned  
Have a Happy and Safe 4th.

Tony Figueroa

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          ‘Parchís: el Documental’ campaña de crowdfunding para financiar la primera producción propia de In-Edit   
Muchos de los que rondamos la cuarentena hemos pasamos nuestra niñez escuchando las canciones de Parchís. También a Enrique y Ana y, los más alternativos, a Regaliz. Sus éxitos eran canciones como ‘Arriba Abajo‘, ‘Don Diablo‘ ‘Hola Amigos‘, ‘Comando G‘ o ‘Querido Walt Disney‘ y, todavía suena algún ‘Cumpleaños feliz te desean los amigos de Parchís‘ en las celebraciones más nostálgicas. Por eso recibimos con gran alegría la noticia de ¡Parchís: el Documental‘, una propuesta que llega de la mano […]
          Tom Cruise ‘Top Gun’ Sequel Gets Release Date From Paramount   

A sequel to Tom Cruise’s fighter pilot classic “Top Gun” will hit theaters two summers from now.

Paramount will release the film on July 12, 2019. The film will go head-to-head with Disney’s live-action take on “The Lion King,” directed by Jon Favreau.

While the project has been in active development at the studio for some time, Cruise himself let the cat out of the bag in May on the press tour for Universal’s “The Mummy.”

Cruise told an Australian morning show that the film was “definitely happening,” and that he would “start filming it probably in the next year.” The original 1986 action movie followed the exploits of a Naval flight academy and its students.

There have been several attempts to bring a “Top Gun” sequel to life, but interest from key players appeared to increase in recent years.

Speculation that the project was on — finally — picked up late last year after Val Kilmer, who played Cruise’s rival Iceman in the original film, said on Facebook that he’d been offered a role in a sequel.

In January, producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted a picture of himself with Cruise, saying “just got back from a weekend in New Orleans to see my old friend Tom Cruise and discuss a little Top Gun 2.”

Cruise will next be seen in Doug Liman’s “American Made,” opening this September.

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          ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Premiere Was a Peter Parker Theme Park That Shut Down Hollywood   

For “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Sony Pictures threw a film premiere that would put 100 high school dances to shame.

The Thursday event drew Hollywood and business titans, celebrities and fans to a custom venue that took up the entire block of Hollywood Boulevard where iconic venues the Dolby Theater, the El Capitan, Jimmy Kimmel’s late night set and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel sit.

Long red carpets and expensive receptions are hallmarks for tentpole premieres but the Sony Motion Picture Group, led by Tom Rothman, essentially showed the industry what a Spider-Man-themed set in an amusement park might look like — powered, of course, by Sony products.

Aerial view of “Homecoming” premiere

Sony’s smartphone Xperia hosted an escape room (locked rooms that need puzzles solved to release the people inside). Webbed hammocks, dizzying city landscapes and the steel wings used by Michael Keaton’s villain The Vulture were erected for photo ops and selfies. Sony’s VR equipment showcased  “Homecoming” short-form content.

Dell hosted a truck just for gaming. A rock climbing wall was set up over the famous hand-and-footprints of Mann’s Chinese so partygoers could take a stab at being Peter Parker himself.  The studio also gave tickets to fans that made the best Spidey costumes from scratch. Audi erected a stage to show off their R8 Spyder.

We spotted Rothman playing in the escape room. Robert Downey Jr., wife Susan and Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos were ogling a Spider-Man performer doing gymnastics on a series of beams above the party. On top of being a fanboy dream, it was an experimental way to disrupt the grip-and-grin nature of these routine Hollywood parties.

Stunts like these are not unheard of. Disney trotted out Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter jet for the 2016 premiere of “Rogue One,” and parked it right in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. Almost a decade ago, “Ocean’s Thirteen” set off fireworks from the lot behind Kimmel.

What’s interesting about the “Homecoming” event is how it looks to evolve premieres — and not waste a second in engaging the industry and fans in their product.

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          My Week's Randomness   
Hello my peoples of America (or other countries) I am, as you know Natalie! So again I'm gonna talk about my randomness! (or how awesome I am). since the last time you have heard from me I have been EPIC. I went to Disney Land and saw Mickey Mouse! After Disney Land I went to Denver to see my Aunt Ann and her family (and some other peoples). So now I'm back and talking to you peoples! Goodbye! By the way I misted a full week of school!
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© one punch man. ◊◊◊ ◊ TOI ET RIEN QUE TOI : Prénom : krow ? Âge : 26 ans Région : PACA ◊ TES PRÉFÉRENCES : Film(s) fétiche(s) : hm des dessins animés pour la plus part, des harry potter en passant par les disney :p tout ce qui est fantastique ♥ Série(s) fétiche(s) : sherlock, daredevil, the flash et beaucoup d'anime : one piece, boku no hero, d gray man (les bouquins primes) etc Livre(s) fétiche(s) : ...
          Študentski zgled, ki navdihuje   
Ko se združijo moči mladosti in izkušnje mentorjev, se dogajajo vznemirljive stvari. Pa kaj bi o tem preveč govorili in iskali oporo v filozofskih razlagah pomena medgeneracijskega sodelovanja, medstrukturnega povezovanja. Današnji Aktualno 2.0 slednje pokaže skozi zgodbo, skozi konkreten primer. Fakultete in Univerze, odprite svoje duri, da zaveje duh inovacijskih ekosistemov in poveže različna znanja v nove, sistemske celote. To je zgodba tistih, ki so to že storili in uspeli. Čeprav v senci zastarelih pristopov in odmaknjeni na rob dnevnega fokusa. Pa vendar, za spodbudo vsem nam.

Vojna zvezd oz.»Star Wars«, legendarna saga, ki je v preteklosti požela veliko slave za svojo inovativnost, se zopet vrača, a pred njenim prihodom v kino smo v Sloveniji že imeli priložnost in še bomo imeli priložnost videti oz. prebrati lastno različico sedmega nadaljevanja. Namreč študentje iz različnih fakultet Univerze v Ljubljani so se združili pod vodstvom doc. dr. Ora Ettlingerja iz Fakultete za arhitekturo in skupaj ustvarili nove svetove in zgodbo, s katero bi se lahko Vojna zvezd nadaljevala.

Slika: Delovna skupina pri delu
Vir: Sašo Jakljevič
To je že četrti projekt, ki je nastal v okviru studia za ustvarjalnost in eksperimentiranje Fakultete za arhitekturo, katerega bistvo je bilo spoznati študente arhitekture s kreativnim procesom in metodologijo razvoja idej. Bistvo projektov je bilo ustvariti podporno okolje, v katerem lahko študenti in študentke okrepijo svoja kreativna znanja in so ob koncu projekta bolj sproščeni in samozavestni, ko se lotijo običajnih arhitekturnih problemov. Del tega je tudi izvajanje zelo navdihujočih projektov, kakršnih sicer ti študentje ne bi mogli ustvarjati; že naloge same po sebi spodbujajo delovanje domišljije.

Kako ste prišli do ideje za ta projekt?
doc. dr. Or Ettlinger:  Ko je leta 2012 Disney kupil Lucas film in najavil nov film Star Wars, mi ni bilo treba niti pomisliti »To je to«. Odločili smo se, da bo tema novega projekta Vojna zvezd. Zaradi širine projekta smo k sodelovanju povabili študente raznih fakultet z različnimi znanji, potrebnimi za izvedbo projekta, in to je bil začetek.

Kakšen je bil načrt za projekt?
doc. dr. Or Ettlinger:
  Glede na nekajletno izvajanje takšnih projektov imamo zdaj že precejšnje zaupanje v sam proces. Ravno zato smo veliko stvari pustili odprtih, tako tudi nismo vedeli, kaj bo končni izdelek. Sam sem vedel, da mora biti izdelek nekaj, kar jasno predstavi rezultat kreativnega procesa in dovoli gledalcu, da si predstavlja, kako bi bil videti film, če bi ga dejansko ustvarili mi. Format, kako naj bo predstavljen, je bil popolnoma odprt, kot tudi sama vsebina. Prva ideja je bila ustvariti filmski napovednik. Ker pa smo se znašli brez sodelavcev iz akademije za film, smo se hitro prilagodili. Veliko idej je prišlo od samih študentov. Sam imam običajno svoje ideje, ampak mislim, da je veliko bolje, da študenti sami pridejo do njih – to je namreč tisto, kar jih poskušam naučiti. Zaupanje v lastno kreativnost namesto točnega sledenja napotkom naloge. In tako smo prišli do ideje za storyboard/strip, ki je prišla iz eksperimentiranja z zgodbo. Čeprav na začetku sploh nismo imeli namena ustvariti celotne zgodbe.

Slika: Ustvarjanje
Vir: Sašo Jakljevič

Lahko malce opišete celoletno dogajanje na projektu?
Sašo Jakljevič:
V prvi polovici šolskega leta smo se v bistvu pripravljali na sam kreativni proces in spoznali, od kod v resnici črpamo ideje. V skupinah smo analizirali zgodovinska obdobja, zgodovinski razvoj filma z znanstveno fantastiko, analizirali vse filme »Star Wars«, svetove in glavne junake v njih. S tem smo se nekako poskušali umestiti v galaksijo sage in uvideti, katere ideje sploh spadajo vanjo. Ob vsem tem delu pa smo se spoznali tudi med seboj. Uvideli smo, kdo so tisti, s katerimi smo zelo produktivni, in kdo tisti, s katerimi delamo nekoliko težje. Tako smo po tem lahko sestavili optimalne dizajnerske skupine.
Med drugim semestrom je potekalo ustvarjanje naše zgodbe, iz katere smo potem lahko razbrali, na katerih planetih oz. delih galaksije se naš film dogaja. Vzporedno z razvojem zgodbe je potekala tudi sama faza dizajniranja naših svetov, njihovih prebivalcev, arhitekture in tehnologije. Skozi semester sta ti dve niti dopolnjevali ena drugo. Vse skupaj smo zaključili s fazo produkcije, pri kateri so nastale končne skice, 3D modeli, plakati, kipi, kostumi, risbe ... ki so se znašli na razstavi in pa kasneje v naši knjigi.
Pri projektu je sodelovalo 16 študentov iz petih fakultet, ki so sestavljali osrednji del ekipe skozi celotno študijsko leto. Poleg njih je bilo še 17 takšnih, ki so na različne načine, v različnih merah in na različnih stopnjah projekta pomagali, da je vse skupaj nastalo. Seveda ne bi zmogli brez treh asistentov, ki so nam občasno priskočili na pomoč, in pa doc. dr. Ora Etllingerja. On nas je podučil in pripravil na kreativni proces, med samim procesom pa nam skušal pustiti čim bolj proste roke.

Slika: Projektna skupina
Vir: Sašo Jakljevič

Kaj sledi?
doc. dr. Or Ettlinger:
  Ne vemo točno, kaj sledi. So pa tu ideje, kako bi lahko vse skupaj še naprej razvijali. Z leti izkušenj, ki smo jih nabrali ob teh eksperimentalnih projektih, in se učili, kako jih voditi, se nam zdi, da smo iznašli nekakšen sistem, ki deluje. Tako je ena smer nadaljnje izvajanje takšnih projektov v okviru izobraževalnega programa na Fakulteti za arhitekturo. Program, ki bi vključeval tudi druga področja, od biologije do inženirskih področij, ne le arhitekture. Druga smer, ki jo raziskujemo, je izvajanje takšnih multidisciplinarnih projektov izven izobraževalnega okvirja, v obliki nekakšne skupine za spopadanje s takšnimi projekti, ki bi morda delovala z industrijo. Zanimiv pogled na to je tudi kombinacija obeh, a nobena od teh smeri še ni odločena, zato nas lahko spremljate in sami vidite, kaj bo nastalo.

Slika: Ustvarjanje
Vir: Sašo Jakljevič

Kje bi si lahko ogledali vaše stvaritve?
Sašo Jakljevič:
V sredini septembra 2014 v novi stavbi Fakultete za računalništvo in informatiko načrtujemo še eno razstavo. Videli pa nas boste morda tudi na konvenciji fantazije in znanstvene fantastike »Na meji nevidnega« v Ljubljani
Nekaj slik iz pretekle razstave in nekatere naše dizajne lahko vidite na Facebook strani  (www.facebook.com/theStarWarsProject ). V bližnji prihodnosti pa si boste lahko še kaj več ogledali na spletni strani projekta, ki pa je še v izdelavi  (www.creativitystudio.net/starwars).

Slika: "Naslovnica" Star Wars
Vir: Sašo Jakljevič

Še nekaj citatov:
»Zame je bilo to leto res super, eno najbolj produktivnih in pa poučnih let, kar sem jih imel na faksu, in bi sodelovanje v takem projektu res priporočal vsakemu.« - Gašper Habjanič

»Zadnji teden je bil res ubijalski, premalo spanja in veliko dela, ampak nekako smo se organizirali in naredili.« - Neja Kaligaro

»Zanimivo je bilo videti, kako ostale stroke drugače razmišljajo in kako enako razmišljajo. Saj v osnovi je bil ta proces enak za vse, vendar s seboj vsak prinese še nekaj iz svojega ozadja.« - Gašper Habjanič

Hvala za vpogled drugačnega, celostnega, vznemirljivega in drznega projekta. Naj bo v navdih novim zgodbam in za spodbudo vsem, ki omogočajo tovrstnim projektom več podpore.

Oj, Violeta

Kako lahko sodelujemo
Kje se lahko srečamo
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Nathan had his 16th birthday ten days ago.  He has come so far.  Happy is written all over his face (as well as some of his dinner;)   He's been bugging us for a dinosaur shirt for the past three months.  Was he surprised .. even the ball has the mouth of a dinosaur with teeth showing.   Pants and shoes to match were also requested (LOL).  He is the biggest walking commercial addict I know.  Anything Disney or Universal Studios makes him happy.
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          Refresco para memória   
Pra não deixar passar em branco os 70 anos de preconceito sem nenhum protagonista negro da Disney... Botamos a cachola para funcionar - a gente faz o que pode - e tentar lembrar quais os personagens com o mínimo de melanina na pele nos filmes. E qual não foi a nossa surpresa. Alguns que a gente pensava que eram mais moreninhos, como Aladdin e Mogli, para o padrão brasileiro ainda precisavam de um pouquinho mais de sol.

*Aladdin e Jasmin (a princesa mais morena até agora)

*Mogli (branquelo) e...

... e a amiga que não conseguimos descobrir o nome

*a cigana Esmeralda de "Corcunda de Notre Dame" (e seus olhos verdes...)

* e a pele vermelha, Pocahontas

E é isso... A gente não conseguiu lembrar de mais nenhum personagem... Maaaash, se alguém lembrar de algum que a gente esqueceu, já sabe... miagui.senhor@gmail.com ou orkute-nos. A gente jamáaaais ia querer cometer a injustiça de fazer parecer que eram tão poucos assim. Aí aí... Nada como dar um bom exemplo para as crianças...

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O filme conta a história de uma jovem africana chamada Tiana, que vive em um bairro francês na cidade de Nova Orleans (EUA), e todo aquele babado do sapo que vira príncipe... enfim. A tocar jazz até não aguentar mais. Mas de verdade... o que mais chama nossa atenção é pensar que desde o lançamento de seu primeiro longa, em 1937 - ironicamente, com o filme "A Branca de Neve" - a Disney só levou 70 fuck anos para fazer um filme com uma protagonista de fato negra! E mesmo personagens secundários, a presença da melanina é bem rara. Definitivamente, algo nada politicamente correto.

Um assunto tãaao delicado assim... ca-la-ro que tinha dar e ainda vai dar muito mais pano para manga. Já teve gente que reclamou dizendo que o filme fazia muitas referências à escravidão e já fizeram o nome da personagem mudar de “Maddy” para princesa Tiana - porque soava muito como “Mammy”,modo com as escravas eram tratadas no sul americano(by wikipédia). O começo do filme também arrancou comentários malvadosos porque a princesa começa trabalhando como a empregada de uma riquinha branca e mimada. Nem o título original do filme escapou. Inicialmente a produção se chamava "The Frog Princess" (A Princesa Sapo) e teve que ser alterado - mas néam... tava feio meshmo.

Mesmo assim, a mulherada em Hollywood só faltou cair no tapa para conseguir ser a voz de princesa Tiana. Jennifer Hudson (ganhadora do Oscar em 2007, por "Dreamgirls") e Alicia Keys (que dizem que ligou até para o presidente dos Estúdios Disney, Dick Cook, para... herm... implorar dizer que estava muito interessada ) tavam na corrida para conseguir ser a dubladora da personagem. Mas no fim, a escolhida foi Anika Noni Rose, também de "Dreamgirls".

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          Alþjóðlegt Orgelsumar - Tónleikar   
Kammerkórinn Schola cantorum heldur vikulega miðvikudagstónleika á Alþjóðlegu orgelsumri í Hallgrímskirkju og flytur fagrar, íslenskar kórperlur. Íslenskum og erlendum gestum er boðið upp á kaffi, mola og spjall eftir tónleikana í safnaðarheimili Hallgrímskirkju.

Kammerkórinn Schola cantorum hefur frá upphafi hlotið mikla athygli fyrir fágaðan og tæran söng sinn. Kórinn var valinn “Tónlistarflytjandi ársins 2016” á Íslensku tónlistarverðlaununum í mars sl. og hefur unnið til verðlauna í erlendum keppnum og komið fram á tónleikum í Noregi, Svíþjóð, Finnlandi, Ítalíu, Spáni, Þýskalandi, Frakklandi, Japan, Sviss og Bandaríkjunum. Schola cantorum var útnefndur Tónlistarhópur Reykjavíkurborgar 2006, tilnefndur til tónlistarverðlauna Norðurlandaráðs 2007 og Íslensku tónlistarverðlaunanna 2013. Kórinn hefur frá upphafi leikið mikilvægt hlutverk í íslensku tónlistarlífi og frumflutt verk eftir fjölda íslenskra tónskálda auk þess að flytja tónlist allra stíltímabila með og án hljóðfæraundirleiks, m.a. í samstarfi við Sinfóníuhljómsveit Íslands, Alþjóðlegu barokksveitina í Hallgrímskirkju (áður Den Haag), Björk, Sigurrós o.fl. Kórinn hélt veglega upp á 20 ára afmæli sitt á sl. ári með fjölbreyttum tónleikum, þ.s. kórinn frumflutti m.a. Requiem eftir Sigurð Sævarsson og flutti Jólaóratóríu J.S. Bach með Alþjóðlegu barokksveitinni í des. sl., og kom einnig fram á 5 tónleikum á tónlistarhátíðinni Reykjavík Festival í Walt Disney Hall í Los Angeles í apríl sl., þ.s. söngur kórsins hlaut einróma lof í allri umfjöllun stórblaða svo sem New York Times, LA Times o.fl.  Stjórnandi kórsins frá upphafi er Hörður Áskelsson. Á tónleikum sumarsins flytur Schola cantorum m.a. þekktar íslenskar kórperlur í bland við verk af nýjasta geisladiskinum, MEDITATIO, sem kom út hjá hinu virta sænska útgáfufyrirtæki BIS á síðasta ári og hefur hlotið afburða dóma í fagtímaritum um allan heim.  

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How do we get around the Space Coast/Melbourne/Titusville? The Girlfriend and I are heading down for the Nov 1st shuttle launch. Neither of us drive, and google results thus far haven't turned up a lot. We'll probably be staying in the Melbourne area and will need to get to get to the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex, around 9am.

Is there public transit? We've found mention of a bus up to titusville. Does it run in the mornings? Will we have to catch a cab from Titusville, or are there other options?

For bonus points: any other cool/nerdy things to do in those areas? We're not really that interested in hyper-touristy stuff like Disney or MGM.

For urber-mega bonus points: any places in Melboure/Titusville you can get good vegitarian/vegan food?

Thanks in advance.
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Whenever news breaks in Hollywood that a young star has  to leave the spotlight to deal with an addiction, emotional or physical problem, everyone starts wondering if they'll ever make it back to the limelight. For 19-year-old Demi Lovato, there was never a question if, but when she'd get back to work in a better frame of mind. As she continually works on her recovery, the "Skyscraper" singer is standing strong and thanking her fans for where she is today.
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Has anyone used Raise.com to buy discount Disney gift cards?
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Ultra dögös, szexi miniruha.
Szín: lásd a képen!
Méret: S, M, L, XL
A termék külföldről érkezik, szállítási idő 2-5 hét, általában  ez 2-3hét közé esik tapasztalatok alpján.  A vételár kiegyenlítésére 10 nap áll rendelkezésre, melyet kérek előreutalással rendezni. A terméklapon megtalálható a szállítás díja is. A termékekre megérkezési garanciát vállalok! Köszönöm az érdeklődést!
ÚJ Dögös Minnie,Disney ruha s-xl méretekben
Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2017-07-21 18:15
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  Disney's upcoming "Star Wars" prequel about the young Han Solo is — by light years — the most potentially lucrative movie ever to switch…

          Sky Germany + italia + Russian m3u8 vlc iptv   

#EXTINF:-1,Nat Geo
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#EXTINF:-1, Fashion_One_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Авто24_HDАвто24_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Эхо_ТВЭхо_ТВ
#EXTINF:-1, Music_Box_Ru
#EXTINF:-1, Mute_TV_3D
#EXTINF:-1, Eurosport_2_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Slow
#EXTINF:-1, МужскойМужской
#EXTINF:-1, Fox_Life_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Совершенно_СекретноСовершенно_Секретно
#EXTINF:-1, В_гостях_у_сказкиВ_гостях_у_сказки
#EXTINF:-1, Радость_мояРадость_моя
#EXTINF:-1, Домашние_животныеДомашние_животные
#EXTINF:-1, TV_5_Monde
#EXTINF:-1, Ocean_TV
#EXTINF:-1, 24_Doc
#EXTINF:-1, Открытый_мирОткрытый_мир
#EXTINF:-1, Nick_Jr
#EXTINF:-1, ЖараЖара
#EXTINF:-1, РубльРубль
#EXTINF:-1, Матч_ТВ_Футбол_3Матч_ТВ_Футбол_3
#EXTINF:-1, TiJi
#EXTINF:-1, TV1000_Русское_киноРусское_кино
#EXTINF:-1, Bridge_TV_classic
#EXTINF:-1, Viasat_Sport_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Феникс_КиноФеникс_Кино
#EXTINF:-1, ТелекафеТелекафе
#EXTINF:-1, 47_каналканал
#EXTINF:-1, Travel+Adventure_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Матч_ТВМатч_ТВ
#EXTINF:-1, Архыз_24Архыз_24
#EXTINF:-1, Ретро_ТВРетро_ТВ
#EXTINF:-1, Animal_Family_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Русский_ИллюзионРусский_Иллюзион
#EXTINF:-1, Zee_TV
#EXTINF:-1, Amedia_2
#EXTINF:-1, СтранаСтрана
#EXTINF:-1, МамаМама
#EXTINF:-1, Вместе_РФВместе_РФ
#EXTINF:-1, Cinema
#EXTINF:-1, Юмор_BoxЮмор_Box
#EXTINF:-1, КинокомедияКинокомедия
#EXTINF:-1, Здоровое_ТелевидениеЗдоровое_Телевидение
#EXTINF:-1, Матч_БоецМатч_Боец
#EXTINF:-1, ДождьДождь
#EXTINF:-1, Eureka_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Rusong_TV
#EXTINF:-1, Матч_Наш_СпортМатч_Наш_Спорт
#EXTINF:-1, КалейдоскопКалейдоскоп
#EXTINF:-1, ФутболФутбол
#EXTINF:-1, Крик_ТВКрик_ТВ
#EXTINF:-1, Русская_ночьРусская_ночь
#EXTINF:-1, Music_Box
#EXTINF:-1, Amazing_Life
#EXTINF:-1, Матч_ТВ_Футбол_1Матч_ТВ_Футбол_1
#EXTINF:-1, Paramount_Comedy_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Jim_Jam
#EXTINF:-1, КиносвиданиеКиносвидание
#EXTINF:-1, Армения_ТВАрмения_ТВ
#EXTINF:-1, Центральное_телевидениеЦентральное_телевидение
#EXTINF:-1, Anyday_TV_3D
#EXTINF:-1, Deutsche_Welle_eng
#EXTINF:-1, Психология21Психология21
#EXTINF:-1, MTV_Rocks
#EXTINF:-1, Моя_ПланетаМоя_Планета
#EXTINF:-1, Наше_новое_киноНаше_новое_кино
#EXTINF:-1, Eurosport_1_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Life_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Eurosport_News
#EXTINF:-1, Дом_киноДом_кино
#EXTINF:-1, Первый_канал_HDПервый_канал_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Nano
#EXTINF:-1, Пингвин_ЛОЛОПингвин_ЛОЛО
#EXTINF:-1, 9_ВолнаВолна
#EXTINF:-1, БоецБоец
#EXTINF:-1, SONY_Turbo
#EXTINF:-1, CBS_Drama
#EXTINF:-1, Gulli
#EXTINF:-1, Viasat_History
#EXTINF:-1, Матч_Игра_HDМатч_Игра_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Amedia_1_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Travel_Channel_HD
#EXTINF:-1, КиносемьяКиносемья
#EXTINF:-1, КиноклубКиноклуб
#EXTINF:-1, Euronews
#EXTINF:-1, Русский_романРусский_роман
#EXTINF:-1, Теледом_HDТеледом_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Мир_HDМир_HD
#EXTINF:-1, ИсторияИстория
#EXTINF:-1, Мужское_киноМужское_кино
#EXTINF:-1, H1
#EXTINF:-1, Крым_24Крым_24
#EXTINF:-1, Fashion_TV
#EXTINF:-1, Родное_киноРодное_кино
#EXTINF:-1, Mezzo_Live_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Спорт_HDСпорт_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Россия_HDРоссия_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Noise
#EXTINF:-1, TV1000_Action
#EXTINF:-1, CBS_Reality
#EXTINF:-1, Настоящее_Страшное_ТВНастоящее_Страшное_ТВ
#EXTINF:-1, Da_Vinci
#EXTINF:-1, Bridge_TV_dance
#EXTINF:-1, Матч_АренаМатч_Арена
#EXTINF:-1, Твой_домТвой_дом
#EXTINF:-1, Загородняя_жизньЗагородняя_жизнь
#EXTINF:-1, ПоехалиПоехали
#EXTINF:-1, GameShow_TV
#EXTINF:-1, TV1000_Premium_HD
#EXTINF:-1, TVM_Channel
#EXTINF:-1, Ля_минорЛя_минор
#EXTINF:-1, Русский_ДетективРусский_Детектив
#EXTINF:-1, Точка_ТВТочка_ТВ
#EXTINF:-1, Матч_ТВ_Футбол_2Матч_ТВ_Футбол_2
#EXTINF:-1, МультиманияМультимания
#EXTINF:-1, Cartoon_Network
#EXTINF:-1, ЕврокиноЕврокино
#EXTINF:-1, Наш_футбол_HDНаш_футбол_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Матч_ТВ_HDМатч_ТВ_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Top_Shop
#EXTINF:-1, O-la-la
#EXTINF:-1, Кинопремьера_HDКинопремьера_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Shopping_Live
#EXTINF:-1, ПросвещениеПросвещение
#EXTINF:-1, МультМульт
#EXTINF:-1, France_24
#EXTINF:-1, Amedia_Premium_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Детский_каналДетский_канал
#EXTINF:-1, ЧеЧе
#EXTINF:-1, Кухня_ТВКухня_ТВ
#EXTINF:-1, Детский_мирДетский_мир
#EXTINF:-1, 2x2
#EXTINF:-1, БоберБобер
#EXTINF:-1, Первый_образовательныйПервый_образовательный
#EXTINF:-1, ЗоопаркЗоопарк
#EXTINF:-1, ПродвижениеПродвижение
#EXTINF:-1, TV1000_Comedy_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Outdoor_channel_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Ночной_клубНочной_клуб
#EXTINF:-1, Penthouse_HD_2
#EXTINF:-1, МалышМалыш
#EXTINF:-1, УсадьбаУсадьба
#EXTINF:-1, TV1000
#EXTINF:-1, History_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Viasat_Nature-History_HD
#EXTINF:-1, ID_Xtra
#EXTINF:-1, MTV_Hits
#EXTINF:-1, Охота_и_рыбалкаОхота_и_рыбалка
#EXTINF:-1, Красная_линияКрасная_линия
#EXTINF:-1, NHK_World_TV
#EXTINF:-1, Penthouse_HD_1
#EXTINF:-1, Музыка_ПервогоМузыка_Первого
#EXTINF:-1, Passion_XXX
#EXTINF:-1, HD_Media
#EXTINF:-1, 365_ДнейДней
#EXTINF:-1, 24_ТехноТехно
#EXTINF:-1, Viasat_Nature
#EXTINF:-1, Bridge_TV
#EXTINF:-1, Авто_ПлюсАвто_Плюс
#EXTINF:-1, Наука_2.0Наука_2,0
#EXTINF:-1, Бокс_ТВБокс_ТВ
#EXTINF:-1, Disney_Channel
#EXTINF:-1, Redlight_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Brazzers
#EXTINF:-1, УспехУспех
#EXTINF:-1, MTV_Dance
#EXTINF:-1, Nickelodeon_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Nat_Geo_Wild_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Glazella_TV_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Deutsche_Welle_nem
#EXTINF:-1, ИллюзионИллюзион
#EXTINF:-1, Сарафан_ТВСарафан_ТВ
#EXTINF:-1, Живая_ПланетаЖивая_Планета
#EXTINF:-1, National_Geographic_HD
#EXTINF:-1, ИндияИндия
#EXTINF:-1, MTV_Россия_HDРоссия_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Fox_HD
#EXTINF:-1, 360_Подмосковье_HDПодмосковье_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Trace_Urban_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Любимое_киноЛюбимое_кино
#EXTINF:-1, Три_АнгелаТри_Ангела
#EXTINF:-1, Europa_Plus_TV
#EXTINF:-1, Война_и_МирВойна_и_Мир
#EXTINF:-1, Gamanoid_TV
#EXTINF:-1, ПремьераПремьера
#EXTINF:-1, Extreme_Sports
#EXTINF:-1, Russia_Today_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Беларусь_24Беларусь_24
#EXTINF:-1, Dorcel
#EXTINF:-1, Anyday_TV_HD
#EXTINF:-1, TV1000_Megahit_HD
#EXTINF:-1, ЖивиЖиви
#EXTINF:-1, Discovery_Science_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Pink_O_TV
#EXTINF:-1, MyZen_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Mute_TV_HD
#EXTINF:-1, shop&show
#EXTINF:-1, Nickelodeon
#EXTINF:-1, Teletravel_HD
#EXTINF:-1, КинохитКинохит
#EXTINF:-1, 26_РегионРегион
#EXTINF:-1, Discovery_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Кто_есть_ктоКто_есть_кто
#EXTINF:-1, Кино_ТВКино_ТВ
#EXTINF:-1, LifeNews_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Вопросы_и_ответыВопросы_и_ответы
#EXTINF:-1, Hustler_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Zoo
#EXTINF:-1, Glazella_TV_3D
#EXTINF:-1, СемьяСемья
#EXTINF:-1, КиномиксКиномикс
#EXTINF:-1, Мир_24Мир_24
#EXTINF:-1, Candyman_TV
#EXTINF:-1, Bridge_HD
#EXTINF:-1, Москва_ДовериеМосква_Доверие
#EXTINF:-1, TV_Sale
#EXTINF:-1, Spike
#EXTINF:-1, Наш_Футбол_HD_2Наш_Футбол_HD_2
#EXTINF:-1, Драйв_ТВДрайв_ТВ
#EXTINF:-1, ТНТ_musicТНТ_music
#EXTINF:-1, Русский_бестселлерРусский_бестселлер
#EXTINF:-1, СТС_LoveСТС_Love
#EXTINF:-1, Русский_ЭкстримРусский_Экстрим
#EXTINF:-1, Private
#EXTINF:-1, Охотник_и_Рыболов_HDОхотник_и_Рыболов_HD

          Sky UK USA + Turkey sky sport ABC news Vlc   

#EXTINF:-1,Food Netwrk+1
#EXTINF:-1,Food Network
#EXTINF:-1,Dunya News
#EXTINF:-1,New Vision +1
#EXTINF:-1,Gems TV
#EXTINF:-1,True Crime
#EXTINF:-1,PBS America
#EXTINF:-1,Craft Extra
#EXTINF:-1,Channel 4 Northern Ireland
#EXTINF:-1,Channel 4 South & East
#EXTINF:-1,More4 +1
#EXTINF:-1,Channel 4 London
#EXTINF:-1,Film4 +1
#EXTINF:-1,Channel 4 Scotland
#EXTINF:-1,Channel 4 North
#EXTINF:-1,Channel 4 Midlands
#EXTINF:-1,Forces TV
#EXTINF:-1,Sky News
#EXTINF:-1,Box Hits
#EXTINF:-1,Box Upfront
#EXTINF:-1,The Box
#EXTINF:-1,CBS Drama
#EXTINF:-1,horror channel
#EXTINF:-1,CBS Action
#EXTINF:-1,High Street TV 2
#EXTINF:-1,Psychic Today
#EXTINF:-1,Babestation Blue
#EXTINF:-1,CBS Reality
#EXTINF:-1,CBS Reality+1
#EXTINF:-1,horror ch+1
#EXTINF:-1,Lucky Star
#EXTINF:-1,The Vault
#EXTINF:-1,Starz TV
#EXTINF:-1,True Ent
#EXTINF:-1,True Ent +1
#EXTINF:-1,Chart Show TV
#EXTINF:-1,True Movies
#EXTINF:-1,tru TV
#EXTINF:-1,Chartshow Hits
#EXTINF:-1,Tiny Pop
#EXTINF:-1,Peace TV Urdu
#EXTINF:-1,Channel 4 +1
#EXTINF:-1,Spike + 1
#EXTINF:-1,Channel 5HD
#EXTINF:-1,5 USA +1
#EXTINF:-1,Channel 5
#EXTINF:-1,CBeebies HD
#EXTINF:-1,ITV Central West
#EXTINF:-1,ITV Granada
#EXTINF:-1,ITV London
#EXTINF:-1,ITVi Stream 44
#EXTINF:-1,ITV Anglia East
#EXTINF:-1,ITV London HD
#EXTINF:-1,ITV Meridian East HD
#EXTINF:-1,ITV Yorkshire West HD
#EXTINF:-1,ITV Central West HD
#EXTINF:-1,Channel 4 HD
#EXTINF:-1,CBeebies HD
#EXTINF:0,7HD Adelaide
#EXTINF:0,Channel 9 Adelaide
#EXTINF:0,TEN Digital
#EXTINF:0,Food Network
#EXTINF:0,SBS Radio 1
#EXTINF:0,SBS Radio 2
#EXTINF:0,SBS Radio 3
#EXTINF:0,44 Adelaide
#EXTINF:0,7 Adelaide
#EXTINF:0,7 Adelaide
#EXTINF:0,7TWO Adelaide
#EXTINF:0,7mate Adelaide
#EXTINF:0,9HD Adelaide
#EXTINF:0,Double J
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky News HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky RTE News
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky BBC News
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sports News HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sport 1 SD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sport 2 SD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sport 3 SD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sport 4 SD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sport 5 SD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sports 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sports 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sports 3 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sports 4 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sports 5 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sports F1
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Sport AU 1
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky BT Sport 1
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky BT Sport 2
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky BT Sport 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky BT Sport 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky BT Sport Europe
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky BT Sport Extra
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky 4 Music
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Eurosport 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Eurosport 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Premier Sports HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Setanta Sports
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Liverpool FC TV HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Chelsea TV HD
#EXTINF:-1,Uk: Sky At the Races
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Cinema Box Office 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Cinema Box Office 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Cinema Box Office 3 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Cinema Box Office 4 HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Movies Premiere HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Movies Disney
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Movies Select HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Movies Action HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Movies Greats
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Movies Family HD
#EXTINF:-1,UK: Sky Movies Drama HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Sport TSN 1
#EXTINF:-1,US: Sport TSN 2
#EXTINF:-1,US: Sport TSN 3
#EXTINF:-1,US: Sport TSN 4
#EXTINF:-1,US: Sport TSN 5
#EXTINF:-1,US: Skynet Sports HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Skynet Sports 1
#EXTINF:-1,US: Skynet Sports 2
#EXTINF:-1,US: Skynet Sports 3
#EXTINF:-1,US: Skynet Sports 4
#EXTINF:-1,US: Skynet Sports 5
#EXTINF:-1,US: Skynet Sports 6
#EXTINF:-1,US: Sports NET 360 HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Sports Tonight
#EXTINF:-1,US: Sport Network
#EXTINF:-1,US: USA Network
#EXTINF:-1,US: Espn Sport
#EXTINF:-1,US: BeIN Sports US
#EXTINF:-1,US: Spike HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Sports NFL Now HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: NHL Network HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Sport Snet Central
#EXTINF:-1,US: ShowTime HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Showtime US
#EXTINF:-1,US: AFN Movies HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: TMN Action
#EXTINF:-1,US: TMN Movies 1
#EXTINF:-1,US: TMN Movies 2
#EXTINF:-1,US: TMN Movies 3
#EXTINF:-1,US: TMN Movies 4
#EXTINF:-1,US: Fox 24 HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Fox Action
#EXTINF:-1,US: Fox Action HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Fox Premium HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Cinemax ActionMax
#EXTINF:-1,US: HBO Signature
#EXTINF:-1,US: Bravo
#EXTINF:-1,US: Starz Edge
#EXTINF:-1,US: Starz East
#EXTINF:-1,US: Fight Network
#EXTINF:-1,US: Bravo HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: HBO Action
#EXTINF:-1,US: Movie Time HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: London Live
#EXTINF:-1,US: Golbal HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Starz Encore US
#EXTINF:-1,US: Twit HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Kiro 7
#EXTINF:-1,US: Иллюзион +
#EXTINF:-1,US: Famly HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Olympic Channel
#EXTINF:-1,US: BBC Two Eng
#EXTINF:-1,US: Msnbc
#EXTINF:-1,US: Cinemax
#EXTINF:-1,US: Life Time HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: C-Span 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: C-Span 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: C-Span 3 HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Showtime Extreme
#EXTINF:-1,US: CBC Toronto
#EXTINF:-1,US: Comedy Central HD US
#EXTINF:-1,US: Animal Planet
#EXTINF:-1,US: Eurosport N 2
#EXTINF:-1,US: HBO Family
#EXTINF:-1,US: Starz Comedy
#EXTINF:-1,US: Starz Cinema
#EXTINF:-1,US: W Network HD
#EXTINF:-1,US: Bloomberg
#EXTINF:-1,US: Amazing Discoveries
#EXTINF:-1,US: A&E Network
#EXTINF:-1,TR: bein Box Office 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: bein Box Office 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: bein Box Office 3 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: bein Movies Famly HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sony Movie Channel HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Showtime Channel 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Hallmark Channel Film HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Showtime Channel 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: bein Movies Turk HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: bein Movies Festival HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: bin Movies HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Movie Smart Oscar HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Movie Max premier HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Movies Smart Fest HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Movies Smart Gold HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Movies Smart Platin HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Movies Smart Famly HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Movies Smart Action HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: MagicBox Turk
#EXTINF:-1,TR: MagicBox Aksiyon HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: MagicBox Komedi HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: MagicBox Korku HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: MagicBox Western HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: MagicBox Animasyon HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Hallmark Channel 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Yesilçam 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Moviemax Türk HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Digi Max TV
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Digi max Animasyon HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Turk Max Gurme HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Cinevision 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinema Yesilcam HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinema tv HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinema Junior HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinema Komedi HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinetivikarnaval 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinetivikarnaval 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinetivi 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinetivi 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinetiviadrenalin 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinetiviadrenalin 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: MGM Channel HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Animasyon HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinema 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinema 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinema 3 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinema 4 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinema 5 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinema 6 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Sinema 7 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Loca 1
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Salon 1
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Salon 2
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Salon 3
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Salon 4
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Lig TV 1
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Lig TV 2
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Lig TV 3
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Tivibu Spor 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Tivibu Spor 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Tivibu Spor 3 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Tivibu Spor 4 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Smart Sport HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Smart Sport 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Eurosport 2 Avrupa
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Bursa Spor tv
#EXTINF:-1,TR: TRT Sports
#EXTINF:-1,TR: TRT Diyanet
#EXTINF:-1,TR: TRT Muzik
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Kanal D
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Kanal A
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Kanal Urfa
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Kanal Turk
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Kanal 7
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Kanal 7 Avrupa
#EXTINF:-1,TR: ATV Avrupa
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Show TV
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Show Turk
#EXTINF:-1,TR: Tarsusguneyt
#EXTINF:-1,TR: SkyTurk 360

          Spanish + French Arabic beIN max sport vlc   

#EXTINF:-1,SP: Viajar
#EXTINF:-1,SP: TV International Europa
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Teledeporte
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Telecino
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Tcm
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Syfy
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Real Madrid TV
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Nova
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Neox
#EXTINF:-1,SP: National Geographic Wild HD
#EXTINF:-1,SP: National Geographic
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Mtv Espana
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Moto GP
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Mezzo
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Ltc
#EXTINF:-1,SP: La Sexta
#EXTINF:-1,SP: La 2
#EXTINF:-1,SP: La 1
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Hollywood
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Historia
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Fox News
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Euro Sport 2
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Euro Sport 1
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Energy
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Divinity
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Disney XD
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Disney Channel
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Discovery
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Cuatro
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Comedy Central
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Classica
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Caza Y Pesca
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Canal Sur
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Canal Panda
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Canal Odisea
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Canal Decasa
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Canal Cocina
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Canal 24 Horas
#EXTINF:-1,SP: Calle 13
#EXTINF:-1,SP: C  Xtra
#EXTINF:-1,SP: C  Toros
#EXTINF:-1,SP: C  Series Xtra
#EXTINF:-1,SP: C  Series
#EXTINF:-1,SP: C  Liga
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          Spring Break: Busch Gardens   
We lost our minds again this year and took the kids to Busch Gardens over Spring Break with our friends.  They have a lot of fun, but it gets crazy there over Spring Break. Fortunately they like their friends enough that they don't mind standing in line, ha!  

I let Wyatt choose which day he wanted to go  - he could go on Tuesday or on his birthday on Wednesday.  He chose his birthday so that he could hang out with Jack, and we made a plan to get to the park before it opened. That gave us a little bit of time before it got too crowded!  

Unfortunately, we ended up in two "shifts" for the Loch Ness Monster. Wyatt and Jack, and then everyone else.  The boys got on the coaster first, and then the other six loaded up.  Then something went wrong and we couldn't go.  We had to unload and get back in line, and that's when we realized that the boys were stuck somewhere on the roller coaster by themselves.  AGAIN.  It happened to them last year when they road it for the first time!  I'm just thankful that they didn't end up in the dark or upside down!

The "big kid group" left with Brian to go ride Apollo's Chariot (I can't believe they're in this stage now!), and we went off to Sesame Place.  She road The Barstormer on our Disney Trip in November, but this was her first time riding the roller coaster at Busch Gardens.

While the big kids waiting in ridiculously long lines, these two cruised right on their rides. 

I don't know what makes the kids want to ride this ride.  Just watching them ride it makes me feel queasy!

We spent the rest of our day at the park riding rides and eating lunch.  Later in the afternoon (after we waited almost an HOUR for the log flume!), we started to head out.  I was following our friends and the girls were with me.  After I walked for a bit, I just had a feeling that I needed to stop and wait for the boys.  Everyone went ahead, and the girls and I stopped for a minute or two to wait for the boys.  And then Brian rounded the corner with Wyatt.  And no Hudson.  He thought I had him, I thought he had him.  Fortunately we hadn't gotten too far away, so Brian and Reese sprinted back and found him right where we "left" him...playing with the mining contraption that we had just left.  And he had no idea that he was "lost" or "left."  He thought we'd just gone in the store!  I was in panic mode, but then just showered him with hugs and compliments for staying where he'd seen us last (even though he had no idea we were gone and he was just playing)!  

After all of that excitement, we left the park and came home.  It was Wyatt's birthday after all, and he wanted to open his presents!  And have cake!

          Disney to stop auctioning off women   

After decades of running a mock slave market inside Pirates of the Carribean, Disney has finally decided that Pirates selling women is not a good example for the kids.

The scene also contains many elements which the fans no doubt love, but which are at odds with modern sensibilities. This is beyond a “Politically Correct” issue, it’s an issue about what Disney feels it may be inadvertently teaching its youngest guests when they see images of women being sexualized and sold at auction.

Years ago, Disney took their first step at taming their pirates’ lusty desires when they changed the “chase” scene so instead of aggressively pursuing wenches (it was essentially a rape story), they were chasing after plates of food. One desire replaced with another – lust for gluttony.

It’s the derogatory sexual nature of those two scenes which are problematic for modern Disney and to today’s guests. Theme park rides don’t have an MPAA rating in the way movies do. Pirates is the most tame of attractions and suitable for riders of all ages. Therefore, there is a need to make sure the subject matter is appropriate for those ages as well.

It’s a catch 22 for Disney as the fans are likely to be outraged, at least at first. But not acting also continues to perpetuate themes which are unacceptable for many of today’s guests. Disney has clearly decided they need to act on the moral issue over sentimentality.

Here’s some additional information we were able to obtain about this breaking news. Disney Imagineering bigwigs Marty Sklar and Kathy Mangum weigh in on the alterations:

“To me, the Imagineers are simply reflecting what Walt started the day Disneyland opened – making changes that create exciting new experiences for our guests. I can’t think of a single attraction that has not been enhanced and improved, some over and over again. Change is a ‘tradition’ at Disneyland that today’s Imagineers practice – they learned it from their mentors, many of them Walt’s original team of storytellers and designers – the Disney Legends.” – Marty Sklar, Imagineer Legend. Marty continues, “Pirates of the Caribbean has always represented great Disney Park storytelling; it has set the standard for the theme park industry for half a century! But it’s a story you can continue to add fun to, with great characters in new ‘performances.’ That’s what the Imagineers have done with this new auction scene – it’s like a theatre show with a new act.”

Kathy Mangum, Sr. VP Imagineering stated, “Our team thought long and hard about how to best update this scene. Given the redhead has long been a fan favorite, we wanted to keep her as a pivotal part of the story, so we made her a plundering pirate! We think this keeps to the original vision of the attraction as envisioned by Marc Davis, X Atencio and the other Disney legends who first brought this classic to life.”

Via MiceChat

          The SWU Podcast LIVE | 30/06/17   

On this episode, Chris, Ben, and Dominic continue the discussion about what's going on with the young Han Solo movie.  They discuss what led to the change, how Ron Howard feels about taking over, and Disney CEO Bob Iger's comments.  This leads to a discussion about how Lucasfilm should handle the crossover between the different stories in the future.  They also discuss the news about Forces of Destiny being released starting July 3rd.  Plus, the Rebels season three blu-ray actually has bonus features, a brief The Last Jedi update, and more tidbits about the upcoming Visceral Star Wars game.  All this and much more!

Website:  www.starwarsunderworld.com
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Listen live Thursdays at 9pm EST on Channel 1138

          Newswire: Top Gun: Maverick to return to the danger zone July 2019   

Notify Kenny Loggins and get the volleyball nets ready: The Tom Cruise-starring Top Gun sequel, Maverick, has received a release date from Paramount. According to Variety, Cruise will return to the danger zone on July 12, 2019, a scant 33 years after he hopped in the cockpit for the original.

Looking at the prospective 2019 film release calendar, Maverick doesn’t have any other movies to directly dogfight with on that date (yet). That being said, it will be running in the afterburner of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel (scheduled for July 5), with Disney’s Lion King (July 19) hot on its tail. Meanwhile, Maverick is still looking for a director to keep its head focused and flying straight; reportedly, Cruise’s old Oblivion director, Joseph Kosinski, is at the top of that list.

Hamstrailin muutamia kivoja trikookankaita paria syyspipoa varten, mutta innostuinkin pitkästä aikaa ihan kunnolla ompelemaan. Meillä asusteleva erittäin liikkuvainen (huomaa tärähtäneet kuvat) pikkujätkä viihtyy parhaiten joustavissa pehmeissä kuteissa, ja farkkujen päälle pukemisesta aiheutuu nykyään pelkkää narinaa, joten trikoopöksyt on se juttu. Housujen kaavat otan useimmiten vanhoista hyviksi havaituista housuista, joita saatan hieman muokkailla ja pidentää kundin kasvaessa. Kaapissa odottelee vielä parit coolit kuosit ompelua, jahka saisin raivattua ompelulle aikaa.

Noi Disney-Vanssit on muuten niin överisöpöt, että pakko ehkä tilata itelle samanlaiset!


          Frozen Letné šaty - 7   
V prevedení malinové a tyrkysové Dievčenské šaty s motívm Disney Frozen. 100 % bavlna. 2 farby, cena je za 1 kus veľkosti 4,5,6,8 rokov/ 104 / 110 / 116 / 128 ZNAČKA: DISNEY POŠTOVNÉ A BALNÉ: 2 NOVÁ CENA 7 eur ...
          "What is feasible?" can be finally answered only by future historians   
"The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet." Before we get into terraforming, what about the space between worlds? NASA has a website dedicated to discussions of space settlements (previously), many going back to the 1970s, as seen in the CoEvolution Book on space settlement and the NASA Ames/Stanford 1975 Summer Study. There is also concept art from the 1970s by Don Davis (prev: 1, 2, 3) and Rick Guidice. Escaping from that orbit, there's also a toroidal space colony as imagined in the 1982 book Walt Disney's EPCOT, and more recently, a ton of neat imagery on Bryan Versteeg's Spacehabs website. For more discussion of various stations, here's Wernher von Braun's toroidal station, a spherical "low-tech, walking city" space station, and a bit of history on NASA's space colony research of the 1970s.
          Reply #169   
Congrats Joey and all other winners! Reserve those Disney tickets!

Hey Joey, mind posting the chart on this thread, including the hot pairs, good, etc. Those charts are on the money
          VIDEO: Sneak Peek Into Evan Rachel Wood’s Strange Magic   
True Blood‘s Evan Rachel Wood Stars in the Animated Movie, Strange Magic: We have the first movie trailer for Evan Rachel Wood’s latest foray into animated movies, Strange Magic. As well as this extended trailer, there are some new movie stills to see in the gallery below. Strange Magic is Disney’s latest offering and tells the […]
          A trip to the Arabian Desert   
Before Christmas I had the absolute holiday of a lifetime. I spent it in Dubai, down by the Marina Promenade just next to Jumeirah beach.

In Dubai, everything comes with a side of decadence.

If you get the chance to just sit in one of the many coffee shops of arabic restaurants along the beach front, do. A great place for people watching and to take in the beauty of the people who live here. Arabic women stroll along effortlessly in beautiful silk robes adorned in the finest embellishments, no outfit is complete without a Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbag and a fabulous pair of shoes. 

Places you MUST visit when in Dubai; The Madinat (like an Arabian disney land), Al Qasr hotel for pure opulence, The Emirates Mall, The Dubai Mall, any mall you pass!! The Palace, part of the old town, and of course the desert for camel rides, luxurious resorts, falcon shows and the most spectacular sights.

          Disney male villains cross stitch pattern - Large cross stitch chart - Needlepoint pattern - Cartoon cross stitch - Printable PDF - Download by Addict2CrossStitch   

6.20 USD

Please note this is a PDF pattern only. No fabric, floss, or other materials are included in the listing.
2nd photo is computer generated preview of the design. Zoom to see better.

Design details:

Size: 240w x 320h stitches
Stitches required: Full cross stitches or half stitches (as you prefer). No backstitches.
Colors: 73 DMC
Skill level: Intermediate
Expected finished size:
18 count: 33.9w x 45.2h cm (13w x 17.7h inches)
25 count: 24.4w x 32.5h cm (9.4w x 12.6h inches)

This is instant download listing. You will be emailed a link to the download at your Etsy email address. Also, PDFs are available in your Etsy account under "My Account" and then "Purchase" after payment has been confirmed.

You will receive 2 PDF files with:
Symbol Key
Floss usage for 18 count fabric
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Color blocks with symbol chart

The chart is on 25 pages. If you prefer smaller chart, please let me know I will see what I can do.

Please check Disney female villains pattern too: https://www.etsy.com/listing/489452086

Due to the nature of this product, no refunds can be made.

          Disney female villains cross stitch pattern - Large cross stitch chart - Embroidery pattern - Cross stitch design - Craft DIY decor by Addict2CrossStitch   

6.20 USD

Please note this is a PDF pattern only. No fabric, floss, or other materials are included in the listing.
2nd photo is computer generated preview of the design. Zoom to see better.

Design details:

Size: 240w x 320h stitches
Stitches required: Full cross stitches or half stitches (as you prefer). No backstitches.
Colors: 73 DMC
Skill level: Intermediate
Expected finished size:
18 count: 33.9w x 45.2h cm (13w x 17.7h inches)
25 count: 24.4w x 32.5h cm (9.4w x 12.6h inches)

This is instant download listing. You will be emailed a link to the download at your Etsy email address. Also, PDFs are available in your Etsy account under "My Account" and then "Purchase" after payment has been confirmed.

You will receive 2 PDF files with:
Symbol Key
Floss usage for 18 count fabric
Black and white symbol chart
Color blocks with symbol chart

The chart is on 25 pages. If you prefer smaller chart, please let me know I will see what I can do.

Please check Disney male villains too: https://www.etsy.com/listing/502693275

Due to the nature of this product, no refunds can be made.

           Graphic Artists, KABC-TV - Disney ABC Television Group   
pls RT ECNIDRSS @entcareersnet ABC7 Los Angeles is looking for freelance Graphic Artists/Broadcast Designers. If your creative juices ... more

           Visual Graphic Designer - Part Time - Disney ABC Television Group   
pls RT ECNIDRSS @entcareersnet This in-house graphic design position provides design support and coordination for Disney ABC Television ... more

          Lyric Sparkles this Summer   
Back-to-back shows at Lyric Theatre in July mean you have ample excuse to head out and enjoy a show this summer. Disney’s When You Wish and West Side Story hit the stage this month, but not without maximum effort by the team at Lyric. “We have been preparing for these shows for over a year,” […]

          Richard Chew, ACE Featured in One-on-One Conversation at EditFest LA   
American Cinema Editors’ Popular Event Celebrates its 10th year EditFest LA, the day-long celebration of the art and craft of editing presented by American Cinema Editors, will take place on August 12, 2017 at Walt Disney’s Frank Wells Theater.  EditFest launched in LA in 2008, offering a rapt audience the opportunity to hear the world’s ...
          Disney’s Minnie Mouse Memory Match Game    
Minnie mouse memory match game 2 thumb155 cropPrice: $4.99
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You are buying a brand new in Box A Minnie Mouse Memory Match Game From a smoke free home Features: Can You Remember, Flip The Cards And Find A Pair. Where Are Minnie Mouse Her Friends Hiding? Find Minnie Mouse And Others By Flipping Over ...

          Disney Princess 7 Pack Roll On Lip Gloss NIP   
20140226 154649 thumb155 cropPrice: $4.99
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You are buying a brand new in package Disney Princess 7 Pack Roll On Lip Gloss From a smoke free home Princesses Include: Ariel • Tianna • Aurora • Rapunzel • Snow White • Belle • Cinderella All 0.20 oz For ages 8 and up. Flavors include...

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You are buying a brand new in package DISNEY FAIRIES Tinker bell 7 PACK ROLL ON LIP GLOSS-NIP From a smoke free home For ages 8 and up. TINKERBELL FAIRIES: Rosetta,Tinker bell,Iredessa,Silvermist,Vidia,Fawn 7 LIP GLOSSES NET WT: 0.20 EACH...

          Make us a serious offer - By Disney 110 Seats “Turn key" in Disney Area Florida   

Yes, we have for you By Disney/Lake Buena Vista Location. Mid-size restaurant, fully licensed, with impact fee of 110 seats, fully operational, yes "Turn Key" situation, kitchen and dining room. After 20 successful years the owner is giving you a spot in the middle of the action - Lake Buena Vista. Last year net profit over $200,000. And the reason: size, Location, Location, Location. Come, see, give us an offer, we promise to take it seriously. Please refer to listing #230181734 and ask for Paul Ihrig when inquiring. Thank You!
          Se vende - vestido de fiesta - $ 250   

Monterrey 64510, México
Hace 2 horas 4 Vistas Talla 6, impecable, solo se uso una vez. Anuncio ... hace un año Monterrey y Zona Metro Minnie Pantuflas Disney Mimi $250 hace un año ...Varias Tallas $285 hace un año Monterrey y Zona Metro Cojin o almohadita personalizada bebés $180 hace 6 meses Monterrey y Zona Metro jumpsuit para bebés Contactar hace 10 días ...

          Comment on THE DRG STYLE INDEX: OFF-WHITE, SYKES LONDON, LEBON, AMAZON AND MORE! by Disneyrollergirl   
I'm guessing maybe something like gelatin?
          Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Doctor Super Summer Arcade Game Disney Junior A...   

Doc McStuffins - Pet Vet Doctor Super Summer Arcade Game - Disney Junior App For Kids - Fun Kids iPad Games Mickey and the Roadster Racers, Elena of ...


4 december zijn we weer van de partij. Deze keer gaan we met onze jongste en zijn gezinnetje bij Sinterklaas.

Ieder jaar organiseert het bedrijf waar hij werkt een groot feest voor de kinderen van hun medewerkers.


Het was weer even de kat uit de boom kijken of we hier wel binnen mochten als genodigden.

Security first hé wink

2016-12 St Nicolas eurocl.jpg

En neen deze keer wipten ze er ons niet uit zoals in mijn vorige postje.

We konden onze ogen niet geloven bij zoveel lekkers, amusement en geschenken voor ieder kind!

2016 St Nicolas Eurocl1.jpg

Een echte indoors kermis met springkastelen voor ieder leeftijd, draaimolentjes, games voor de grotere kinderen, grimage, echte paardjes...enz

Duizenden ballonnen, clowns die met ballonnen maakten wat je maar kon wensen. Disney figuren.

2016 St Nicolas Eurocl.jpg

Broodjes, sinterklaaskoeken, speculoos, chocolade, mandarijntjes, nic nac'jes, marsepein... Alles die bij Sinterklaas hoort.

Fruitaarten, chocoladetaarten, rijsttaarten, flan... Eigenlijk te veel om op te noemen.

Kraampjes met barbe a papa, vers gebakken flensjes en wafels, suikerwafels, fruit en een chocoladefontein.

2016 St Nicolas Eurocl2.jpg

Koffie, warme en koude chocolade, alle soorten limonades en drankjes. Er mankeerde echt niets!

En Sinterklaas en zijn Piet die aan ieder kind persoonlijk zijn geschenk geeft. En niet te vergeten nog een foto met het hele gezin.

2016 St Nicolas Eurocl3.jpg

Gewoon fantastisch voor groot en klein! Ik zag nog nooit in mijn leven zo veel fonkelende kinderoogjes samen.

2016 St Nicolas Eurocl4.jpg

Een echte ode van een groot bedrijf aan zijn medewerkers om hen te bedanken voor een jaar trouwe dienst.

          Weekend Guide   
The National Mall Is a Circus This Weekend Start the Fourth of July festivities a little early with a waterfront beer and wine festival, a JFK centennial celebration at the National Museum of American History and celebrate the circus on the National Mall. Metro’s SafeTrack might be over, but we aren’t getting a break on service interruptions this weekend. Red Line trains will single track between Grosvenor and Twinbrook with trains running every 18 minutes between Shady Grove and Glenmont with additional trains running every 9 minutes between Grosvenor and Silver Spring from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Orange and Blue Line trains single track between Foggy Bottom and Clarendon or Arlington Cemetery with trains operating every 26 minutes. Silver Line trains will operate every 26 minutes as well between Wiehle-Reston East and Ballston ONLY and Yellow Line trains running every 26 minutes between Huntington and Mount Vernon Square ONLY. And Green Line trains will single track between Georgia Avenue-Petworth and Fort Totten with trains running every 18 mintues. Smithsonian Folklife Festival The Smithsonian Folklife Festival — the annual celebration of folk arts, crafts, music and cultures — opens it tents for the 50th time this weekend with more than 850 participants and more than 750,000 visitors expected. Over the years, the festival has celebrated the cultures of countries around the world, but for this special anniversary program, curators have focused their attention on America’s traditions and diversity. This year’s themes are Circus Arts featuring The Hebei Golden Eagle Acrobatic Troupe from China, the Wallenda Family Troup and the UniverSoul Circus on the big top stage along with aerialists, tightrope walkers, jugglers and clowns, as well as circus chefs and the food served to performers. The other focus is On the Move, a program about migration and immigrations. The festival will host two citizenship ceremonies, one for young children and one for teens, as well as evening concerts including one by the Chuck Brown Band at 7 p.m. Friday. The full schedule is online. June 29-July 4 and July 6-9 from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. with evening dance parties at 5:30 p.m. and circus performances most nights at 7 p.m. on the National Mall between Seventh and 12th Streets. Admission is FREE! Ai Weiwei: Trace Chinese artist Ai Weiwei brings a new, groundbreaking piece to the Hirshhorn Museum. Ai Weiwei: Trace is a stunning installation that showcases activists from around the world through 176 portraits, each comprised of thousands of plastic LEGO bricks. The installation is influenced by Weiwei’s own experiences with interrogation and incarceration (he was prohibited from traveling abroad by the Chinese government from 2011-15), as the individuals represented have also been detained, exiled or sought political refuge. The exhibit also features a 360-degree wallpaper installation, adding up to nearly 700 feet of Weiwei’s art residing in the Hirshhorn’s third floor Outer Ring galleries. Daily through Jan. 1, 2018, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Seventh Street and Independence Avenue SW. Admission is FREE! The Late Shift: Freestyle The Late Shift: Frestyle is the first of three late-night summer festivals. At the skate park meets secret pop-up art show, you can skate the indoor park with music by DJ Sharkey and Capps Music, check out the artwork, make your own art, listen to a poetry slam, take your photo in a photo booth and enjoy beer, wine, sandwiches and bronut ice cream sandwiches from Eats Place. June 30 from 7 p.m.-midnight at the Torpedo Factory, 105 N. Union St., Alexandria. Admission is FREE!             Disney’s The Little Mermaid Broadway took its shot at a live-action version of The Little Mermaid long before Disney started reworking all of its animated tales with actors, and the musical snagged Grammy and Tony nominations in 2008. With five shows over four days of this family-friendly production by the Pittsburgh CLO and Kansas City Starlight, Wolf Trap will transform its Filene Center into an “Under the Sea” world for Ariel and friends – and Ursala, of course. June 30 at 8 p.m., July 1 at 2 and 8 p.m. and July 2 at 2 p.m. at Wolf Trap, Filene Center, 1636 Trap Road, Vienna. Tickets are $25-$85. Declassified: Ben Folds Presents Rock artist Ben Folds was recently named artistic advisor at the Kennedy Center, and Declassified: Ben Folds Presents features Folds curating, hosting and performing with the National Symphony Orchestra. The show will feature new music from Folds, composer/performer Blake Mills and Cuban R&B artist Danay Suárez. This is the first event in the Ben Folds Presents series, which will blend 21st-century pop with orchestral music. Before the show, enjoy a free tasting from Port City Brewing and a free concert at Millennium Stage by “queer pop” pioneer Be Steadwell, whose music is a soulful blend of her jazz, a capella and folk music roots, and the Hot Pink Photo Booth. There will also be an after party with live band karaoke. June 30 at 9 p.m. with beer tasting at 8 p.m. at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 2700 F St. NW. Tickets are $39. Independents Day This Independence Day weekend, Georgetown is celebrating small businesses with its http://www.georgetowndc.com/independents-day/ Independents Day event. Join in on the fun and shop, eat and play around M Street, Wisconsin Avenue, Cady’s Alley and side streets. The event includes exclusive deals from 35 independent merchants including restaurants, boutique shops and home design stores. Deals include discounted beer at Pizzeria Paradiso, 15-percent-off at Olivia Macaron and a rosé party at Chez Billy Sud. Add in live music at various corners and alleys throughout the neighborhood by Emma G, Brass Connection Band, Vasili Frankos, Raycurt Johnson & Puro Gusto, and Laissez Foure and your Saturday agenda is set. Shoppers can register to win a free $500 shopping spree in Georgetown. July 1 from 10 a.m-5 p.m. in Georgetown. Admission is FREE! Parallax Gap The Renwick Gallery turns its Bettie Rubenstein Grand Salon into a stunning visual puzzle […]
Самая стремительная и неотразимая - Тачко-женщина! 😂 #Disney #Тачки3
Всегда было интересно, как устроена жизнь в муравейнике? Тогда смотрите анимационный фильм "Приключения Флика" сегодня в 19.30 на Канале Disney 😉 #Disney #КаналDisney
Вальс принцесс в парке Disneyland Париж! #Disney #Disneyland
Молния Маккуин стремительно приближается к последнему городу своего уникального турне по России! 1 и 2 июля самый известный анимационный гонщик станет гостем МЕГА Ростов-на-Дону. Приходите поприветствовать его, а также принять участие в гонках и конкурсах! Все подробности ищите на сайте disney.ru/cars3tour #Disney #Тачки3Тур
          Comment on Disney Comics by cartier pasha c stainless steel for sale   
<strong>cartier pasha c stainless steel for sale</strong> Why do you tarnish fascism so?
          A Solution in Search of a Problem   

Editor, Our city’s commercial-friendly groupthink has made it official: Welcome to Laguna Beach, the Disneyland of OC beach communities, whether residents like it or not. Take that Huntington and Newport, yes, we can: We can out-gaudy you, we can deface and clutter our sidewalks better, we can monet...

The post A Solution in Search of a Problem appeared first on Laguna Beach Local News.

          Lip Smacker Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Balm Duo, Dory Blue Tang Berry/Olaf Icy Truffle Treat, 2 Count   
Product Image
List Price: $9.49
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Lip Smacker Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Balm Duo, Dory Blue Tang Berry/Olaf Icy Truffle Treat, 2 Count
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          'Inhumans': la serie de Marvel y ABC | Tráilers, capítulos, personajes, noticias   

Tras Los Defensores llegan Los Inhumanos, y después, Runaways. Marvel está que lo tira por la ventana

Primer tráiler de la serie de Marvel que se estrenará en ABC y cuyos dos primeros episodios se proyectarán en IMAX. 

Hace dos meses conocíamos un teaser de la serie y la imagen de sus protagonistas, y hoy Marvel publica el primer tráiler de 'Inhumans', la próxima serie basada en personajes su universo. Tendremos que esperar hasta septiembre para el estreno de la serie, pero de momento ya tenemos unos minutos más de lo que acontecerá en la vida de estos 'Inhumanos'.

Se trata de las vivencias de un grupo de seres humanos pertenecientes a una subespecie ficticia del Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens inhumanus, de ahí el nombre), creada por Stan Lee y que aparecía por primera vez en la serie de 'Los cuatro fantásticos' en 1965. Lo que vemos en el tráiler son las interacciones de algunos de los protagonistas, como Black Bolt o Trueno Negro (el rey de los inhumanos con su distintiva voz, interpretado por Anson Mount) o Medusa (Serinda Swan), quien acusa al hermano de Trueno Negro, Maximus (Iwan Rheon), de traición.

Marvel no para, desde que Disney se hizo con ella, la casa de las ideas está más activa que nunca en su historia y como la no tienen suficiente con las series Netflix de sus héroes más atípicos, nos van a llegar a casa de una forma mucho más familiar y para ello han recurrido a Los Inhumanos y a ABC, el canal de televisión de Disney.

Aunque Los Inhumanos nació como película, ha terminado siendo un producto para nuestros hogares. Para quien  no lo sepa, estos superhéroes fueron creados en 1965 y son unos seres diseñados genéticamente por una especie alienígena para ser superiores a los humanos. Su líder es Rayo Negro (Anson Moult), quien tiene la capacidad de destruir incluso hasta con su voz. Junto a él y en la foto están su mujer Medusa (Serinda Swan), sus primos Karnak (Ken Leung) y Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor), su hermano Maximus (Iwan Rheon) y Crystal (Isabelle Cornish), la hermana de Medusa.
A estos principales se añaden algunos secundarios como Mike Moh como Triton, un primo de Rayo Negro con la capacidad de vivir bajo el agua, Sonya Balmores como Auran, jefa de la Guardia Real de Attilan, el reino de los inhumanos, y Ellen Woglom dando vida a un personaje creado específicamente para esta serie de televisión. El creador de todo este tinglado es Scott Buck, veterano showrunner de series como 'A dos metros bajo Tierra', 'Roma', 'Dexter' o la reciente y para muchos fallida 'Iron Fist'.

Ya sabemos que los dos primeros episodios estarán dirigidos por Roel Reine y tendrán una peculiaridad notable para los amantes de lo cinematográfico y es que serán rodados mediante cámaras IMAX y así poder ser estrenada en salas preparadas. Su fecha de salida será el próximo 1 de septiembre y un poco más tarde llegarán al canal televisivo ABC con contenido inédito, donde se estrenarán en exclusiva los seis episodios restantes de su primera temporada.

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          BWW Review: Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID Goes Under The Sea at Wolf Trap   

"What if home isn't the place where you were born? What if it's a place you have to discover for yourself?"

Ariel, the youngest of the 7 daughters of Triton, asks this right before she sings her most famous song, "Part of Your World". Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman made their mark with the early Disney musicals, and always included a sense of "home" and "belonging". As much as Disney's The Little Mermaid is a princess-story aimed at the pre-teen audience, it also has a deeper message of being a fish out of water, only in Ariel's case she is a fish in water who doesn't belong.

Book writer Doug Wright and lyricist Glenn Slater joined Mr. Ashman is adapting the beloved 1989 film for the stage. The show opened on Broadway in 2008 and never quite hit the mark and closed just after a year. Flash forward to 2012 and director Glenn Casale came in and reworked it into the magical production that is currently on tour today. Mr. Casale, with the writers, reworked the show - dropping some of the new songs, adding others, and giving Ursula and Triton a stronger backstory. This new, reimagined version, is full of energy, heart, and soul.

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Prince Eric (Eric Kunze) and when I asked him about Diana Huey, who plays the titular character, he said, "She is on point. Crystal clear voice. She is probably a 4'10 bundle of dynamite. Her voice just sails and her voice is just perfect for Ariel and she is too." That is the most truthful statement about an actor I ever heard. Ms. Huey, famous in this area for her Helen Hayes winning role in Signature's Miss Saigon embodies Ariel with vim and vigor. Her rendition of "Part of Your World", Ariel's most famous tune, is pure perfection. Playing a beloved character is a difficult, if not an impossible job, and Ms. Huey discovers her own "home" with the role. One of my favorite lines in that song, Ariel sings (about her father, Triton) "Betcha on land they understand, bet they don't reprimand their daughters." In that one line Ms. Huey gives Ariel a purpose, to help her to find her home, all with a "crystal clear voice."

The dashing prince, played by Mr. Kunze, is equally on par with his costar. He has a luscious baritone voice that just sails, particularly on his Act One song, "Her Voice", which lets the prince have a goal and not just be a one dimensional animated cel. As the villainous Ursula, Jennifer Allen gave a complete performance. Of course, her big song "Poor Unfortunate Souls" was fabulous, but a song written for the stage, "Daddy's Little Angel" was more impressive, because Ms. Allen was able to raise the stakes for Ursula and really succeeded in letting us have a little bit of sympathy for her.

The remaining supporting cast is just as impressive. Melvin Abston as everybody's favorite crustacean, Sebastian, is wonderful, particularly on the final chorus of "Under The Sea" when he just starts wailing. Also, Mr. Abston's physical portrayal of a crab is hysterical. Jamie Torcellini, as the seagull Scuttle, seemed to be channeling Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow, and was some nice comic relief. At the performance I attended, I saw King Triton's understudy, Dane Stokinger, who sang beautifully. I would also give a special mention to Venny Carranza, filling in for Mr. Stokinger as Chef Louis, who beautifully cooked up a stew during "Les Poissons".

The reimagined production, helmed by Mr. Casale, is flawless. Aerial choreographer, Paul Rubin, helps create the under the sea world remarkably, with the help of Kenneth Foy's perfectly minimalist set, and Charlie Morrison's vivid lighting. In addition, music director and conductor, Colin R. Freeman, not only leads an expert orchestra, but creates some nice vocal moments with the actors, helping them find their own voice.

Disney's The Little Mermaid is a perfect evening for a family. There were many young girls in the audience there, and despite the show ending late, they were captivated throughout. The stage musical does not replace the magic of the film, but it stands alone as a beautiful tribute to the movie. When Howard Ashman died in 1991, just before the release of Beauty and the Beast, the film ended with an epitaph: "To our friend, Howard, who gave a mermaid her voice and a beast his soul." This production helps carry his legacy on, and just as Ariel ponders, it truly does discover its own home.

Disney's The Little Mermaid is playing at the Filene Center at Wolf Trap, 1551 Trap Road, Vienna, VA 22182, from June 29 - July 2, 2017.

Photos by Mark & Tracy Photography

Diana Huey
Jennifer Allen, with Brandon Roach & Frederick Hagreen
Jamie Torcellini, with Diana Huey, Melvin Abston, Connor Russell, & Cast

          Detsky bazen Disney DORY - 8   
Ponukam na predaj uplne novy detsky bazen Dory V pripade info ma kontaktujte. Najlepsie osobny odber( alebo za poplatok postou) ...
          Disneyland takes wives off auction block on 'Pirates' ride   
ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) - Yo ho, yo ho, no pirate's wife for me.
          Independence Days Sale Coach Prairie Bag In Mahogany Leather With Brass Hardware and Cross Body Strap No. 9954- Made In United States- EUC by ProVintageGear   

89.10 USD

This is a Coach Mahogany Leather 'Prairie Bag' with an adjustable shoulder strap. The Style Number stamped on the creed is 9954 which also states that this bag was made in the United States. This bag is in excellent used condition.

This bag has an interior leather zippered pocket and two exterior leather slip pockets. One slip pocket on the rear of the bag and the other on the front under the flap. It has a solid brass turn lock closure, its original hang tag and a 48 inch adjustable shoulder strap with brass buckles.

This is another one of those early Coach styles reminiscent of the early American pioneer days where one can't help but imagine seeing a leather clad Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett climbing over a mountain or hiking across a prairie carrying a bag very much like this bag. Or, in the words of the ten year old boy inside me whose memories of Disney's Davy Crockett persist in spite of the passage of more than half a century: 'Wow neat bag'. The people at Coach reacted in a much more subdued manner, referring to the Prairie as 'Classic yet timely'.

This is what Coach had to say about the Prairie Bag when they introduced it in their 1994 Holiday Preview Catalog:

A. New Prairie bag

No. 9954 $198. Classic yet timely. Full-length open back pocket. Full-length gusseted front pocket under flap. Inside zipper pocket. 48 inch adjustable shoulder strap. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 3". British tan shown. Black, Bottle Green, Mahogany, Navy, Red.

Dimension Summary:

Length: 9.5 inches
Width: 3 inches
Height: 7.5 inches

Strap: 48 inches long 23.5 inch drop


This bag is in excellent used condition. There are no rips, tears, or holes. It is as structurally sound as the day it was made. The hardware functions perfectly. While this bag, like most vintage bags this bag has some scuffing and scratching, it has very little for a bag this age. In addition, the inside is very clean. Please see photos and ask for more if you need them.

On the date of this listing our shop had a black Prairie Bag in very good condition at this link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/489588879/independence-days-sale-coach-prairie-bag?ga_search_query=prairie&ref=shop_items_search_1

If you prefer a different style vintage bag, I have many in stock and you can see it at my shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ProVintageGear

          星战迷们超热卖!Oral-B Stages Power 星战系列儿童电动牙刷替换刷头四支装 原价20.99欧 折后仅9.95欧!相当于每支才2欧多!   
星战迷们的福利来了!Oral-B Stages Power 星战系列儿童电动牙刷替换刷头四支装 原价20.99欧 折后仅9.95欧!相当于每支才2欧多!刷毛柔软保护儿童正处于生长的牙齿 大小和宽度专门为儿童设计 星战图案让刷牙变得更有乐趣
          Remi from Ratatouille sings Demi & Selena   
Remi  from Ratatouille sings Demi & Selena http://urock.disney.go.com/?cmp=dcom_BAC_UR2_youtube_ExtlWatch funny music videos to songs from your favorite Disney artists like Jonas Brothers, Mitchel Musso,?Steve Rushton, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez! Plus, download song clips and make your own video.?

          Jumanji 2 is jungle TRON   

A trailer for Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle dropped yesterday and mashed-up Freaky Friday, The Breakfast Club, Pitfall! and Disney's Tron franchise with aplomb.

The first sequel to the original Jumanji stars Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Jack Black (Kung Fu Panda) and Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy).

The former Doctor Who star looks like she's channelling Lara Croft in the mid 1990s. However, this trope will be explained in the upcoming movie that sees a group of teens sucked into a video game much like Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) in Disney's cult classic Tron from 1982.

I didn't see Jumanji, starring the late Robin Williams, until it was released on DVD and soon became a family favourite.

          Star Wars Forces of Destiny premieres this July   

Star Wars Forces of Destiny, an animated micro-series by Star Wars Rebels creator Dave Filoni, features Lupita Nyong’o (Maz Kanata), Daisy Ridley (Rey), Felicity Jones (Jyn Erso) and Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) reprising their iconic roles in all-new adventures in a galaxy far, far away...

“Star Wars Forces of Destiny is for anyone who has been inspired by Leia’s heroism, Rey’s courage, or Ahsoka’s tenacity,” said Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm. “We’re thrilled that so many of the original actors are reprising their roles in these shorts which capture the small moments and everyday decisions that shape who these characters are. It is a fun new way for people to experience Star Wars.”

The new series will be backed by a range of merchandise from Star Wars licensee Hasbro.

“From Princess Leia to Sabine Wren, Star Wars heroines are unique, and we wanted to represent that in the product line for Star Wars Forces of Destiny,” said Jimmy Pitaro, chairman, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. “The result is the creation of our new ‘Adventure Figures’ that celebrate the power and stories of these incredible characters and allow kids to recreate their most heroic moments at home.”

The animated shorts will premiere on Disney's YouTube channel prior to airing on the Disney Channel.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny starts 3rd July.

          Membership Sales Representative - Greenville,NC/Myrtle Beach,SC - Nielsen - Greenville, NC   
We help over 20,000 clients, from Coca-Cola to Walmart to Apple to Disney, in over 100 countries understand consumers and grow their businesses, every day....
From Nielsen - Wed, 31 May 2017 06:08:49 GMT - View all Greenville, NC jobs
          I Remember My Dad   
I remember my Dad teaching me to mow the grass at four years old. Well, maybe I was five or six. Not much older than seven. But he taught me how to check the gas and oil, how to start it, how to mow around the edges of the yard and house and garden, and then how to mow straight lines.

I remember the neighbor boy Jason saying his dad would only let him mow if he was wearing a suit of armor. I was glad my dad wasn't that paranoid.

I remember my Dad attending our high school soccer games, pacing back and forth behind the goal net, advising the goalie, encouraging the defense, and rallying our team to never give up.

Considering we didn't win a single game my senior year, my Dad's presence and belief in us became ever more valuable.

I remember my Dad coming in at night when I was in grade school, I slept in the top bunk, and he would lean over to give me a good night kiss. Except that it was more of a good night whisker rub. Which, as a boy, I kind of appreciated.

I remember Saturday nights with my Dad as a kid, watching Hockey Night in Canada on the TV, and us relaxing together a bit before bedtime. I remember Sunday nights with Mum and Dad and the family snuggled up on the coach watching the Wonderful World of Disney: Davey Crockett, Shaggy Dog D.A., and Herbie the Love Bug.

I remember going through a real dark period as a man, a husband, a pastor; my Dad and I started meeting for breakfast every Friday at Kahganns Korner, a little gas station restaurant on the corner of 69 and Highway 6. We'd walk out of that dingy place smelling like a smoke stack! But I cherished those times with my Dad, talking about gardening, the news, politics, ministry, marriage, life.

I remember dinner time, Dad at the head of the table, Mum at the other end, and us boys on both sides. Mum would have us help set the table, and then we'd sit down, Dad would pray, and then we would feast. It wasn't long before things got loud and obnoxious. Ben would sing a silly song he heard on a commercial - usually the most annoying one. Matt would be making odd sounds and comments. Jerm would be telling funny jokes, the punchline timed to when I would slurp up some soup or take a swig of milk.

I'm still impressed that Dad managed to grin even as I spewed the contents of my mouth all over the supper table. Every once in awhile, Dad would say, "Enough!" We'd quite down real quick, but then, as Ben would say, we were starting to get on our own nerves anyway.

I remember, soon after we moved to Montgomery Michigan, Dad was given an opportunity to start a second garden at the Ferrier's farm down the road. Dad dragged us boys along to help weed a large plot of neglected dirt. Dad set about his work with determination and diligence. It's almost as if he enjoyed transforming this unused piece of land into something productive and nourishing.

Though at the time we didn't quite appreciate the scope of Dad's vision, nor the hardiness of his work ethic, we did have fun trying to yank out weeds that were taller than us! It'd take three of us to pull them out of the ground! We wondered about what kind of country we had moved to that had weeds like this! Dad was undaunted, and by the end of the summer we were savoring sweet strawberries, feasting on fresh corn on the cob, harvesting cucumbers, potatoes, green beans, peas and watermelon. It was always impressive to me what Dad was able to grow.

I remember when we were real little, we went to go visit Grandpa and Grandma Hallman on the farm. It was a cold, snowy, blustery Canadian day. Thus, the four grown ups bundled up us four kids and shoved us outside into the blizzard to play while they sat around the fireplace sipping hot tea. We trudged over to the barn for shelter.

While huddled there we tried to think of something fun to do. We noticed that the snow drifts were so high and solid that we could walk right up onto the barn roof. Which is what we did. We then noticed that there was enough packed snow on the roof that if we climbed high enough, we could slide down the barn roof and land in the snow drift. Which is what we did. Now we were having some fun in the blizzard!

After awhile we noticed that the bottoms of our snow pants were shredded to pieces. We couldn't figure out why. Then we noticed little nail heads sticking up out of the roof. It was then that we realized that we were busted. We doubted that our parents would have approved us in climbing up a barn roof in the middle of a snow storm to use as a slide, and now we would have to tell them about it. It was a somber moment. So we decided to keep sliding, if we were going to get in trouble anyway.

After awhile, when we got really cold and there was nothing left on the bottom of our snow pants, we single-file headed back to the farmhouse, prepared for doom. You can imagine my mom's shock when we entered the kitchen with shredded snow pants. We timidly awaited my father's follow up comment of "You what?" But instead it was if the heavens openend, the angels started singing, and my father responded with a laugh, a huge grin, and: "Yeah, that's what I used to do when I was a kid!"

Oh, we were so happy, I had never been more thankful for my dad then in that moment.

So now, when I mow the yard, I remember my dad. When I cheer my kids on at soccer, I remember my dad. When I kiss my daughter and sons goodnight, and every once in awhile give them a whisker rub, I remember my dad. Sometimes I'll turn a hockey game on just as a way to remember being with my dad as a little kid. I doubt I'll every eat another meal at Kaghanns Korner, but every time we drive by on our way up to the Lake, I remember my dad.

Every time my kids get loud and obnoxious at the dinner table, I remember my dad. Every time I plant a bearded iris or marigolds, I think of my dad. When I plant huckleberries and asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries and pole beans, I think of my dad. And when my kids do something crazy dangerous, like climb to the tops of thirty foot trees, I remember my dad.

I remember my dad studying the Bible. I remember my dad preaching Scripture. But mostly what I remember is my dad living out his faith - as a dad, as a husband, as a friend. The first sermon of my dad's that I remember being interested in was about 1 Corinthians 13. Like my father, I've preached through that text many times. Like my father, I've meditated on those words of God for many hours.

Like the Apostle Paul, when reflecting on all the words of the Gospel, on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, here was the conclusion that we have come to: without love, anything we attain is worth nothing. In imitating the life of Christ, we would, like Paul, describe love by first saying that love is patient, and that love is kind. And when I read those words, I remember my Dad.

And when I remember my Dad, I will remember his faith in Jesus, I will remember his hope in God, and most of all, I will always remember his love.
          DIS Unplugged Podcast – 11/27/16 – Disneyland Show   
In the news this week, a man jumps from the Mickey & Friends parking structure, a surprise election upset could mean changes in the Anaheim City council, and Cars Land goes solar, plus Michael Bowling begins his look at Disneyland of the 1990s, including the opening of Mickey’s Toontown and the premier of Fantasmic. To [...]
          DIS POP Podcast – 10/12/16   
In this episode of DIS POP, Ryno is giving his thoughts and opinions on some of the most recently announced live action remakes of Disney animated classics. Being discussed in this episode is Jon Favreau’s involvement in the live action Lion King, Guy Ritchie being sought after for the Aladdin remake, and Mulan potentially receiving [...]
          DIS Unplugged Podcast – 10/11/16 – Disney World Show   
In this episode, we look back on the effect Hurricane Matthew had on Walt Disney World, find out which phone is now banned from Disney Cruise Line and a new wine bar is making its way to Disney Springs. Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page. Podcasts 10/11/16 – News: [Download Mp3] Show Notes: [...]
          DIS Unplugged Podcast – 05/29/16 – Disneyland Show   
In the news this week, a former Disneyland executive is now in charge at Knott’s Berry Farm, Bernie Sanders targets Disneyland during an Anaheim campaign rally, and Frozen-Live at the Hyperion premieres at California Adventure, plus Nancy shares some ways to help ensure your tweens & teens enjoy their Disneyland vacation. To get in touch [...]
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In the news this week, a small fire breaks out at the PCH Grill, rain forces closure of Knott’s Berry Farm and Magic Mountain, and the Disneyland goats find their forever home, plus Mary Jo continues her look at the beach communities of Southern California. To get in touch with the team, check out our [...]
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In this week’s show, Tom reviews the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel and Mary Jo talks about the Holiday Tour at Disneyland Park. To get in touch with the team, check out our contact page. Listen/Download News, Housekeeping, Rapid Fire [download mp3] Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel [download mp3] Holiday Tour [download mp3] Show Notes Subscribe via [...]
          Destination D: 75 Years of Disney Animated Features – Day 2   
This year’s, Destination D event celebrated the 75th anniversary of the release of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” by focusing on Disney animated features.   Read on for some pictures from the second day of this two day event (Day 1 Blog) held at the Grand Ballroom of the Disneyland Hotel. The first presentation of [...]
          Disneyland’s New Soundsational Parade: A Vibrant Musical Addition!   
Soundsational?  Is that actually a word, and, if it is, what does that word mean to you?  Well Disneyland feels that the “Sound” of its famous music creates the basis for a “Sensational” parade, so if it wasn’t a real word before, Disneyland has made it one now!  We were on hand for the first two [...]
          For sale - Sorry! The Disney Edition - Favorite Characters - $16   

Kokomo IN, United States
Sorry! The Disney Edition 16 Favorite Characters Cute and Cuddly and even Villains! 2001 Edition Good conditioncomplete Any questions - please ask

          What Happened When I Didn't Hold My Son to the Same Standards as My Daughters   

A few weeks ago I was sitting at my desk when I heard a commotion coming from the kitchen where my three kids were finishing lunch. Now that they're 16, 15, and 11, I no longer have the kneejerk reaction I once did to come running, fearful that someone was either hurt or needed immediate assistance. From my desk in the next room, I made the call to hit the mute button in my head, and I ignored them. When I did finally make my way into the kitchen to refill my coffee cup, my daughters, who were by this time alone, pounced on me.

"Did you hear what he called you?!" the girls yelled in unison, each of them talking over the other, trying to get a word in edgewise.

The "he" that they were referring to was their younger brother. The elder of my two daughters went on to explain that, after my son had eaten lunch, he got up from the table and left his plate behind. Both girls threw a fit, ordering him at once to clean off his plate and put it in the sink.

Feeling the heat from his sisters, my son, wisely, did what they told him but not before justifying his "malfeasance" by explaining that he "thought the cleaning fairy would do it."

My daughters stared at me, waiting for me to "get" it. But I didn't.

"Who's the cleaning fairy?" I naively asked.

"You!" they both began yelling again. "You're the cleaning fairy! He called you the cleaning fairy!!"

I turned to my son, who stood in the dining room within earshot, laughing at the commotion he was causing.

"Did you call me the cleaning fairy?" I asked in disbelief.

"I was just kidding, Mom!" he giggled hysterically.

I believed him. But the irony wasn't lost on me.

"Who's the cleaning fairy?" I naively asked.

There has been a long-standing joke in our family where my kids say to one another that he or she is my favorite. "Mom loves me more!" or "I'm her favorite!" are statements frequently heard around our house, most often when they see me hugging or cuddling with one of their siblings and suddenly feel left out.

Of course, I'll tell you like any other mother would, that I love each of my children equally. And I do. Even so, my daughters often complain, and not so tongue-in-cheek, that I give my son preferential treatment. That when it comes to cleaning up after himself and assuming the same chores I assigned to them when they were just about their brother's age or even younger, I give him a pass.

Hearing that my son called me the cleaning fairy, however, forced me to face the possibility that my girls have a point. What troubled me more was the reason for why I was behaving this way.

Nearly five years ago I separated from my husband after more than 16 years of marriage. To complicate matters further, not only was I divorcing, I was about to assume full physical custody of my children as my husband made the unilateral decision to reside permanently in Hong Kong 8,000 miles away. I did not, and do not, have childcare. I became a single mom.

For a long time, I tried to do it all. All of the cleaning, all of the tidying up, all of the errands, all of the cooking, all of the laundry, and all of the paperwork. What I quickly realized was that I couldn't do it all, especially if I was going back to work, which I would need to do shortly. With the mounting pressure beginning to wear me down, I knew something had to give. It was time to get creative.

That's when I began to delegate. The first task I assigned the girls was to make their beds in the morning. This required me giving my daughters each a detailed tutorial on how I like their beds to look and, more than that, my commitment, as the Disney song tells us, to "Let it go" if the result is not perfect. I won't lie; passing off this daily chore was difficult at first, but ultimately changed my life. My mornings suddenly became less rushed and less stressful as a result.

Next, I gave up plating their dinner for them. Instead, I began serving meals "family style" from my kitchen island where the girls could help themselves. I also required that they set the table, clear their plates, and turn down their beds. Yes, in a former life, I even offered turndown service, without the mint, though I did consider putting one on their pillow once just for laughs.

For the grand finale and biggest time saver ever, I required that the girls manage their laundry from start to finish, including washing it, folding it, and putting it away.

But somehow as my son came of age, I failed to give him his assignments as I did my girls.

But somehow as my son came of age, I failed to give him his assignments as I did my girls. Instead, I consistently warned him that the next time he would be held accountable, which ultimately resulted in the cleaning fairy comment a few weeks ago, and my wake-up call. Ever since, I have been correcting the situation, gradually, so he doesn't interpret his increasing responsibility as a punishment. It's not.

Once upon a time, when I was a child, I watched my mother cater to my father, never once making demands that he help out around the house, wash the dishes after she had cooked, or take out the garbage. When I married my husband, I carried on the family tradition and assumed full responsibility for all of those chores that were deemed "less than" because I didn't work outside the home and he did. With my son busy participating in a different team sport each season and having more homework as a result of his recent entrance into middle school, I recognize that I was, without my even knowing, teaching him and my two daughters the same lesson that was taught to me years earlier.

On the day my son called me the cleaning fairy, I acknowledged that I had screwed up. Big time. By not setting for my son the same expectations I had set for my two daughters, I not only was telling him that he is superior to his sisters, his female "colleagues" in our family if you will, I was also telling my daughters that they are inferior to him. Thankfully, they had the right idea to complain to "management," and I had the sense to listen, giving them the empowerment they asked for and, more importantly, deserved. But I know all too well that had I not, over time their forcefulness would wane, and the cycle would perpetuate as it once did for me.

Now if my son leaves his plate on the table, I tell him he must clean up after himself. I supervise while he prepares his lunch for school. And I have begun broaching with him the subject of making his bed and doing his laundry, first by requiring that he bring his dirty clothes downstairs and then teaching him how to sort them. All in all, my son is doing well, feeling more capable each day. I am, too. As for that cleaning fairy? She didn't fare as well and was never heard from again.

          Invicta | Disney Wonder Full July 4th Weekend at Evine   
          I migliori parchi divertimenti del mondo per TripAdvisor   
Sfogliando i 25 migliori parchi divertimenti del mondo segnalati da TripAdvisor viene immediata una osservazione: ma sono tutti ad Orlando? 1 Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Orlando, Florida 2 Discovery Cove, Orlando, Florida 4 Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida 8 Universal Studios Florida, Orlando, Florida 9 Epcot, Orlando, Florida 10 Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida 11 SeaWorld Orlando, …
          Programa de mano - 02/02/13   

Reportaje sobre la última ópera del compositor estadounidense Philip Glass, 'The Perfect American', que acaba de estrenarse el Teatro Real. Es el estreno mundial de una obra que recrea, en forma de ficción, los últimos meses de la vida de Walt Disney. El espacio habla con Philip Glass, para muchos una leyenda viva de la composición contemporánea, y con el director musical Dennis R. Davies, el director de escena Phelim MacDermott y el barítono que encarna el personaje de Walt Disney, Christopher Purves.

Clara Sanchís entrevista al Garnati Ensemble, trío formado por Alberto Martos (chelo), Pablo Martos (violín) y Yuval Gotlibovich (viola y compositor). Acaban de grabar un disco llamado 'Playing Goldberg', una versión de las famosas 'Variaciones Goldberg' de J. S. Bach.

Para finalizar, el director titular de la Orquesta y Coro de RTVE, Carlos Kalmar, explica el sentido de las obras del concierto en el que interpretaron la 'Misa de la Creación' de Haydn, la 'Música celestis' de Aaron J. Kernis y 'L'Ascension' de Oliver Messiaen.

Ver vídeo

          Programa de mano - La ópera 'The perfect american', de Philip Glass, estrenada en el Teatro Real   

La última ópera del compositor estadounidense Philip Glass, 'The Perfect American', estrenada en el Teatro Real.

Es una obra que recrea en forma de ficción los últimos meses de la vida de Walt Disney.

Ver vídeo

          Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Minnie Mouse 8” Plush   

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Minnie Mouse 8” Plush

Add this adorable bow wearing mouse to you Disney plush collection today! In an new, convenient 8": size, this Minnie Mouse is the perfect portable best friend for even the smallest of Disney fans! 

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          Stocks to watch (4-30-09)   
DreamWorks Animation (Nasdaq: DWA) 25.17% Massey Energy (NYSE: MEE) 23.62% Suntech Power 16.43% Yingli Green Energy 12.52% Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) 7.69%
          Une journée bien remplie au Magic Kingdom   
Les parcs d’attractions de Disney ne sont plus à présenter, tant ils sont renommés dans le monde. Le Magic Kingdom en est un, c’est d’ailleurs l’un des plus grands parcs, et aussi l’un des plus visités. En tout cas, il est impossible de faire le tour de ses quatre parcs en une seule journée. Moi
          158-164-es fekete csillogó lány póló - Disney, Csi - Jelenlegi ára: 800 Ft   
Felhívjuk figyelmüket, hogy 2017. január1. után sajnos nem áll módunkban ajánlott levélként postázni, csak csomagban. Webox, Foxpost szintén nem lehetséges, kérjük, ne is kérjék, ne is kérdezzék. (A leírás adott termékeknél még tartalmazhat ettől eltérő postai információt, de kérjük, azt ne vegyék figyelembe. Sajnos se kivenni, se módosítani nem tudjuk tömegesen, és ahhoz túl sok termékünk fut, hogy egyesével kijavítsuk. ) Megértésésüket köszönjük.
Termékmegnevezés: 158-164-es fekete csillogó lány póló - Disney, Csingling
Termékleírás: th 57 cm, szél 44 cm
Kedves Vásárlóink !
Kérjük, figyelmesen olvassa el az aukció oldalán leírtakat. Folyamatosan megújuló árukészlettel várjuk Önöket. Kínálatunkban főként alig használt márkás gyermekruhákat, kiegészítőket, cipőket, játékokat, sportfelszerelést talál.
A megrendelés leadásakor kiválaszthatja az Önnek megfelelő szállítási módot. Ezek a következők: 1. Személyes átvétel: Bp. XI. ker., Albertfalva u. -i és Fonyód u-i villamosmegállók között. Nyitva tartás: H-CS: 9-17, P: 9-14 2. Ajánlott levélként/csomagként a Magyar Posta által
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158-164-es fekete csillogó lány póló - Disney, Csi
Jelenlegi ára: 800 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2017-07-01 02:52
          Venus Williams es demandada por la muerte de hombre de 78 años   

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida. La tenista Venus Williams fue demandada por los familiares de un hombre de Florida que murió en un accidente automovilístico a inicios de este mes que de acuerdo con la policía ella ocasionó.

Un abogado que representa a la familia de Jerome Barson, de 78 años, presentó la demanda el viernes en la Corte de Circuito del Condado Palm Beach, exigiendo un pago no específico por daños. La demanda fue hecha un día después que la policía de Palm Beach Gardens diera a conocer un reporte que responsabiliza a Williams del choque del 9 de junio que causó a Barson una fractura de espina dorsal y varias lesiones externas. El hombre murió el 22 de junio.

El abogado Michael Steinger acusó a Williams, de 37 años, de pasarse un semáforo en rojo, no ceder el paso, conducir distraída y operar negligentemente un vehículo. Agregó que Barson, un profesor jubilado que se había mudado de Filadelfia al Sur de Florida en 1975, se hallaba en buen estado de salud y se preparaba para viajar en un crucero de Disney con quien fuera su esposa por 33 años, Linda, tres hijos y 13 nietos.

Steinger dijo que Linda Barson, que sufrió varias fracturas de brazo y mano derechos por el choque, se encuentra “devastada física y emocionalmente”.

“Este era el amor de su vida con el que vivió diariamente. Hacían todo juntos”, explicó Steinger.

El abogado de Williams, Malcolm Cunningham, no ha respondido de momento un mensaje de correo electrónico enviado por The Associated Press. El diario The Palm Beach Post lo citó diciendo solamente que estaba enterado de la demanda. Williams no ha sido citada ni acusada por las autoridades.

La policía señala que Williams no se hallaba bajo el influjo de drogas o alcohol ni escribía un mensaje de texto durante el percance, pero que la tenista se atravesó en el camino de Barsons.

Los investigadores detallaron que los testigos y Linda Barson, quien conducía, les dijeron que la camioneta deportiva Toyota Sequoia 2010 de Williams se atravesó enfrente del Hyundai Accent 2016 de Barsons luego que el semáforo de la pareja se puso en verde. El Accent impactó la camioneta por un lado.

Por su parte, la tenista _que tiene una casa cerca del lugar del accidente, reiteró a los investigadores que ella había ingresado por la intersección de seis carriles con la luz verde del semáforo pero se vio obligada a detenerse a medio camino por el tráfico y agregó que no vio el auto de los Barson al momento de cruzar a su carril.

Williams se encuentra ahora en Inglaterra mientras se prepara para competir en Wimbledon como 10ma preclasificada.

          MICKEY MOUSE- $40   
Brand new condition. Bought in Disneyland. 
Used  >  Children's  >  Toys  >  Child Toys

ミッキーとミニーが夏のバカンスを楽しむ姿がプリントされたレスポートサックのミニーマウスコレクション「Disney Minnie Mouse for LeSportsac」2016Summerシリーズが、4月27日より発売されます☆夏にピッタリの可愛らしいデザインでお出かけも楽しくなりますよ☆]]>
          Comment on Midnight Misadventures. by Matt   
I weep a little when Disney changes anything but I'm okay with this one. The ride now represents one of Disney's biggest properties so I can understand their caution, even if I've always loved how rough-and-rocky that ride was. I just wish they had some kind of museum to toss old ride stuff when they tear it down. Even if it was just a giant warehouse with a walkthrough element. Hell, pepper that stuff around applicable Disney hotels and you'll have all of the hardcore WDW fans hitting hotels they'd otherwise never go to.
          disney cast member!   

disney cast member!

disney cast member! by sasam on Polyvore.com

officially got a job at my local disney store! my favorite character is alice in wonderland, if you haven't already guessed. #thedisneystore #disney #disneycastmember #castmember #aliceinwonderland

          Move Over, Scar: Ticket Con Makes Florida Man Disney Villain   
Photo Credit: Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty ImagesA 19-year-old Florida man is accused of selling 13 fraudulent Walt Disney World tickets to a family of tourists.
          Easy Mickey Mouse Cupcakes   
Have a Disney fan celebrating a birthday or special occasion? These Easy Mickey Mouse Cupcakes are the perfect cupcake idea for any age! How to make Easy Mickey Mouse Cupcakes This easy cupcakes uses my doctored up cake mix recipe. Since it is doctored, you can get a lot more cupcakes out of one box...
           Disneyland overhauls its Pirates of the Caribbean ride    
The overhaul will apply to rides at its parks in California, Orlando and Paris and will see the famed redhead 'wench' become a plundering rifle-toting pirate instead of being sold as a bride.
          Disney XD Launches ‘DuckTales: All Ducked Out!’ Avatar Creator   

“Duckface” is getting a whole new meaning, thanks to a new avatar creator launched in anticipation of the brand-new DuckTales animated series. Available on the Disney XD app (for iOS and Android) and Disney LOL, DuckTales: All Ducked Out! allows fans to mix and match hairstyles, accessories, colors, backgrounds and more to create your web-footed […]

The post Disney XD Launches ‘DuckTales: All Ducked Out!’ Avatar Creator appeared first on Animation Magazine.

          Disneyland takes wives off auction block on 'Pirates' ride   
ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — Yo ho, yo ho, no pirate's wife for me.
          Dragonfly, Tyler Jacks’s Disney-Backed Startup, Gets $33M in Celgene Deal   
Dragonfly Therapeutics, a stealthy startup formed by well-known cancer researchers on both coasts and backed by a high-powered group of family offices, has inked its first partnership. Celgene, of Summit, NJ, is paying Dragonfly $33 million up front for the chance to co-develop up to four blood cancer drugs. The deal is a modest bet […]
          Пристраиваю милые качественные пижамки для мальчиков и девочек, коллекция Disney, Италия   
Вашим малышам буду сниться только сладкие сны в итальянских пижамках из коллекции "Disney" Раздельные пижамки размер: на 86 см. состав: 100 % хлопок
          Вашему малышу будут сниться только сладкие сны   
Есть очень милые качественные пижамки для мальчиков и девочек, коллекция Disney из Италии. Пижамка комбинезон размер: на 68 см состав: 80% хлопок 20 % полиэстер Раздельная пижамка размер: на 86 см. состав: 100 % хлопок Все комбинезончики и пижамки для девочек в красивой подарочной коробочке. Цена от 1000 до 1300 рублей.
          Semana de estrenos   
La noticia televisiva de la pasada jornada era el regreso de María Teresa Campos a Tele 5, cargada de morbo tras ciertos comentarios poco afortunados. Con poco más del 18% de share, puede que la entrevista al Presidente del Gobierno la ayudara un poco, no se puede considerar como un mal comienzo. Personalmente no tengo nada en contra de su trabajo como periodista, aunque la sigo viendo más indicada para un tipo de magazine más distendido que para un formato como "La mirada crítica".

La sorpresa matinal de ayer no ha sido la comunicadora mencionada. La cuestionable nueva imagen de TVE se vuelve incuestionable al centrarnos en el grafismo y concretamente en las "moscas" de TVE1 y TVE2: son realmente espantosas. Un breve vistazo al vídeo resumen en Youtube basta para comprobar que, pese a tener la posibilidad de estar animadas (llamando más aún la atención que la gigantesca marca de agua del Disney Channel), no lucen nada bien.

Espero que la temporada comience a dar estrenos más interesantes, como ha sido el veraniego pase de "Impares" por Antena 3 o el estreno esta noche de la nueva temporada de "Herederos" que cuenta con la participación de Asier Etxeandía (actor que al igual que Michael C. Hall-Dexter, se dio a conocer interpretando al Maestro de Ceremonias en el musical Cabaret).

También esta noche tendrá lugar el estreno del nuevo espectáculo, al más puro estilo broadway, de Innocence en Madrid. Al evento, que estará en cartel hasta el próximo domingo 7 de septiembre, acudirán caras conocidas de la televisión nacional: Danny Muriel y David Muro de "Escenas de matrimonio"; las cantantes Beatriz Luengo, Ángela Carrasco o Innata (conocida por el tema central de "Sin tetas no hay paraíso"); Marina Gatell e Ignasi Vidal de "LaLola" o la joven pareja Natalia Sánchez y Victor Elías de "Los Serrano".

          [louisaricci] Yahoo recently talked of selling its interest but shareholders elected to instea...   
Yahoo recently talked of selling its interest but shareholders elected to instead sell off everything else. The company’s search engine service is said to be able to bring around $7 billion to the company on the open market. This, of course, depends on whether the company will be able to find a confident buyer. They are looking at Disney, AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. as potential buyers.

Source: http://www.funds-money.com/yahoo-review/

          You should likewise infusion    
Many averment that they have been able to rid themselves of their ugly Gynecomastia readily by exploitation herbs and untaught supplements. One of the most used and significantly boasted roughly untaught supplements that contend to rid more than a few from their Gynecomastia is Gynexin. It is an flavoring add to that can be purchased precise over and done with the antagonistic. The explanation that they pursue is because it targets the oily cells in the exocrine gland glands and decisively reduces the body part extent. You will be considered to rob cardinal pills per day followed by a epic chalice of hose. You should likewise infusion a lot of river for the duration of the day for the Gynexin to sweat decent as your organic structure necessarily to be incessantly hydrous. Makers of Gynexin claim, and this accusation is based by many, that you will start to make out an increase in in the order of three weeks and a imperative advancement by six weeks at which instance you will be competent to less your medicine.Other instinctive methods to treat Gynecomastia are of track through with fare and workout. Chest property exercises impact strongbox musculus opening out and fat loss nigh on the breast country. A pious diet mean integrated next to a inflexible effort representation that you complete on a daily basis is one raw way to sustenance your Gynecomastia. In all but all cases if this is applied, you will see a principal narrowing in the fatty territory close the breast realm and by doing cardio and weight research exercises and maintaining a low fat and illustrious fibre fare you will see trunk results that will persist to alter next to example. So, losing weight and doing exercising is another come together of earthy remedy for Gynecomastia.Natural treatments can solitary be thoughtful once inexplicit medical causes have been eliminated. But if it is decisive that you have disorder Gynecomastia, consequently you will be able to endeavor exploitation fluent treatments to get rid of your enlarged concealment. Natural treatments are e'er suggested before resorting to surgical procedures. Keep in worry that though innate treatments do not hard work as like a shot as surgery, it is ever well again for your article in the perennial run to at smallest possible brand a pure make an effort. There are visual communication and auditory communication programs for selling and in stock at the regional stores or from the Internet that metallic element the way for a structured exercise programme following in a so much firmer and tighter chest part.Post ads:Visconti Distressed Genuine Leather Messenger Crossbody / 15.6" Laptop Sleeve with Extra Side Pocket , Soft Carrying / Pug Umbrella by LaSelva Designs / Disney Princess - Princess Wishes - Large 16" Backpack - / Disney Princess Toddler Girl's Pink Umbrella / Quilted OWL Print Duffle Bag / GMYLE Purple Clear Frosted Rubberized See Through Hard / Harley-Davidson Travel Duffel Bag. 35-Inches. In-Link / Royce Leather Passport Travel Wallet / Neoprene Flip Top Skin Case (Maroon Purple) for Samsung / Butterfly Spring Mix - Fashion Print 44 Inch Arc Compact / London Fog Umbrellas 3 Section Auto Open/Close LED / Bond Street, Ltd. 546110BLK Rolling Computer/Catalog Case, / Calvin Klein Luggage Nolita 20 Inch Upright Bag, Navy, One / SwissGear by Wenger Backpack Black SA1722 / Roxy Kids Girls 7-16 Zoo Keeper Bag, Rose Violet, One Size / Travel Size Collapisble Cups - 3 Pack / TopCase 13-Inch Macbook White A1342/Latest 4-in-1 Bundle / rooCASE Neoprene Netbook Sleeve Case Cover for HP MiniNatural treatments for Gynecomastia are reasonably minor to the flavoring appendage Gynexin and in attendance are not various else flavouring products price mentioning for healing. Naturally, the privileged policy is active to be the diet and use highway but will only be decisive if the mete out of the Gynecomastia is idiopathic, target that the aim that the breasts are big is because they are retributory a erect up of extravagant fat tissues. For that utility alone, inbred treatments can be previously owned and fortunately, the largest percentage of Gynecomastia is caused from unfit fare and deficiency of athletics. The slighter proportionality of males that have Gynecomastia beside inexplicit medical provisos will not be able to bank on natural methods to relieve their condition.
          Ended but the bulk    
Finding a nasty Disney cruise to return the familial on isn't impossible-it vindicatory takes a small-scale occurrence and strength of mind. A Disney voyage will most conspicuously resource your kids pleased. As a parent, sighted your kids have life chock-full next to so untold fun that they jump down weak into bed all night is a very good undertake. And it's made even more lovely on a Disney sail because you don't have to pick up after your irrelevant ones!First, call to mind the large-scale rules for positive exchange on cruises, because this applies to Disney cruises as resourcefully. Ships are highly full during spring break, the summertime time off period, and about holidays. If you can motion at modern times separate than these, you can about service contract yourself a number of savings.Try to discovery a feat larboard that's little than a day's actuation from where you live. No running away needed, no nightlong remain. If you do have to fly to your giving up work port, compare the glutted debt of the ocean trip near transportation incorporated against the fee short transportation. Many modern times you can copy transportation cheaper on your own, peculiarly if you have associate tickets or air miles to help pay the expenditure.Post ads:Travel Accessories Samsonite Passport Wallet / Disney Mickey Mouse 15.4 Messenger Laptop Bag by Targus / Sanrio Hello Kitty Large Backpack 16" Pink Color / Clear Bubble / Dome Umbrella 20020-133 / Heys USA Sidewinder 30" Spinner / Tinkerbell Disney Fairies Girl's Purple Collapsible / Vera Bradley Weekender in Viva La Vera / Incase Neoprene Slim Sleeve for 11" MacBook Air - Black / Classroom Cart and Organizer Set / Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Huntington Lite 3.0 16 / Filson Travel Kit / Piel Leather - Deluxe Top Frame Traveling KitMake a account of what you'll large indefinite amount up of circumstance. Pack layers-an undershirt, a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt, and a windbreaker, for pattern. Lay out the toiletry you'll need, and assure everything up to that time it goes in the piece of luggage. Buying toothpaste, ointment or sunglasses aboard liner can truly cut into your fun backing. Take either your own photographic camera or individual fluid ones to spurn having to pay for the steep shipboard photos.
          City Discovery coupons for tours & travel packages   

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          Than a thr i    
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          A long time ago, in a Magic Kingdom far far away   

To mark Star Wars Day here’s some very cool and creative mash ups of Star Wars re-imagined as classic Disney characters by the talented Nate Boyd. All very post-modern, or are we now now post-post-modern? It’s too confusing. Anyway here’s a small selection of them. More can be found on his blog.

Disney Star Wars

Still looking for amusement? Then check out this excellent remix of Yelle’s Que Veux-Tu by Eumig & Chinon. It begins like a 1970s anime cartoon soundtrack, before gearing up into a dance floor stomper. Perfect soundtrack to a hazy Spring evening.

Yelle – Que Veux-Tu (Eumig & Chinon Remix) by Eumig & Chinon

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          Fake News: Disney forces Vice to retract fabricated Trump feud   

VICE media has come a long way from its founding. Take it from its ostracized co-founder “Proud Boy” Gavin McInnes, who says, he hasn’t looked at the website since 2008 and slams it for its “Stalinist revisionism.” In its latest round of fake news, VICE published, then retracted (through its tech site, Motherboard) that President Trump […]

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           WHAT? Ranbir Kapoor had contemplated on shelving Jagga Jasoos    

WHAT Ranbir Kapoor had contemplated on shelving Jagga Jasoos

It has been over four years since Jagga Jasoos was announced with Ranbir Kapoor in the lead. Later, the film became even more special for the Kapoor boy because it marked his foray into production. However, soon enough, the film started facing several setbacks resulting in delay thereby leading negative reports in the media. Considering the amount of troubles the film was facing, Ranbir Kapoor recently revealed that there were times when they really decided to give up.

Now that Jagga Jasoos is all set to release next month finally, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are currently busy with the promotions of the same. However during these hectic campaigns, we saw Ranbir Kapoor in his elements making many announcements including that this will be last film as a producer. Now recently, Ranbir Kapoor agreed that there were times when they, that is he, Katrina and the director of the film Anurag Basu, contemplated on shelving the film completely.

However, what stopped the film from being shelved completely were the emotions Ranbir had towards the script. Every time he thought of shelving the project, he would reminisce about the first time he had heard the script and how it had left him amazed. Furthermore, the actor asserted that right now he is glad that he never decided to go ahead with that decision since he is content with the way the film has turned out to be. He added that the film indeed represents the director’s vision.

Also speaking about tackling negative publicity that the film had fallen into considering his break-up with live-in girlfriend Katrina, the actor agreed that he had to indeed battle it out but they decided to concentrate on the positive aspects. He also revealed that he wrapped up the shoot of the film in 150 days and has earlier shot films which required just as much time.

Jagga Jasoos, produced by UTV-Disney, is slated to release on July 14.

          Rey joins the Star Wars: Galaxy Far, Far Away show at Hollywood Studios   

The latest wielder of the lightsaber that once belonged to Anakin Skywalker then Luke, and the star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi is joining the live show at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios. Rey will join Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away at Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida, effective immediately. The show was put on hold while it was revamped to add her and BB-8 into the line-up.

          Was Zendaya a High School Musical Fan? Star Dishes on Her and Zac Efron's Shared Disney Past   
Zac Efron, ZendayaZac Efron has found a new Gabriella Montez to his Troy Bolton in Zendaya. In case you haven't heard, Zac and Zendaya will play love interests in the upcoming musical biopic, The...

          Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Ride to Replace Women Auction Scene After 50 Years   
Pirates of the Caribbean, Artist ConceptYar! Hear ye, hear ye! We be stopping the auctions of wenches! Since 1967, the popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney Parks has featured a scene in which animatronic women,...


I söndags var det dags för Universal Studios och det var lika underbart att vandra omkring där nu som första gången när vi var på detta i Japan! Det nya vi fick uppleva nu var att åka Hogwarts Expressen i 10 minuter, sen även åka en 4D karusell i Gringottsbanken. 10/10 fick den dagen verkligen.

Sen dagen efter vankades Disney World!!!! Denna dag var minst lika rolig, iallafall när det gäller attraktionerna för som ni ser på bilderna var dom SÅ bra gjorda! Kände mig som ett barn på julafton, på riktigt alltså.

Och igår hade vi en heldag i Daytona Beach. Solade hela förmiddagen, och jag som har väldigt svårt att bli brun har faktiskt lockat till mig en del. På kvällen satte vi oss på stranden och (Tobias) avnjöt en öl medan jag satt bredvid och försökte lära mig. Går inte att få i sig den där äckliga drycken.

Nu har vi landat i Atlanta och det har inte börjat så bra som det kändes först. När vi lämnat tågstationen som låg ungefär 1 kilometer från vårt hotell så gick vi genom en förort som gjorde mig så rädd att jag nästintill gick runt och skakade hela tiden, jag var inte ensam om det heller då Tobias gick runt samma. Vi gick förbi en som satt och rökte gräs i en busskur, kanske 5 personer som glodde på oss såpass mycket att man trodde de skulle råna oss vilken sekund som helst, och en hemlös som gick efter oss ett bra tag. Väl framme på hotellet sa vi "nu åker vi in till Downtown för det är ju så långt ifrån förorten man kan komma" och det lät ju bra tyckte vi.. det första som sker när vi kliver av bussen är att 2 killar kommer fram till Tobias och vill ha vårt paraply (spöregnade ute) och när Tobias säger något i stilen med "nej" så började de bara skratta och gick därifrån. Sen går vi vidare och under 10 minuter har väl minst 5 killar ropat på mig. Det slutade med att vi sprang till donken, köpte Nuggets och (försökte först med Uber, men wifit krångla) tog bussen till hotellet. Dessa 3 dagar kommer bli intressanta :-).

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Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, All War All the Time, or War American-Style
At 36% to 37% in the latest polls, Donald Trump’s approval rating is in a ditch in what should still be the “honeymoon” period of his presidency. And yet, compared to Congress (25%), he’s a maestro of popularity. In fact, there’s just one institution in American society that gets uniformly staggeringly positive votes of “confidence” from Americans in polls and that’s the U.S. military (83%).  And this should be the greatest mystery of them all.
That military, keep in mind, hasn’t won a significant conflict since World War II. (In retrospect, the First Gulf War, which once seemed like a triumph beyond compare for the globe’s highest-tech force, turned out to be just the first step into the never-ending quagmire of Iraq.) In this century, the U.S. military has, in fact, stumbled from one “successful” invasion to another, one terror-spreading conflict to the next, without ever coming up for air. Meanwhile, the American taxpayer has poured money into the Pentagon and the rest of the national security state in amounts that should boggle the mind. And yet, the U.S. hasn’t been able to truly extricate itself from a single country it's gotten involved in across the Greater Middle East for decades.  In the wake of its ministrations, nations have crumbled, allies have been crippled, and tens of millions of people across a vast region of the planet have been uprooted from their homes and swept into the maelstrom. In other words, Washington’s version of imperial war fighting should be seen as the record from hell for a force regularly hailed here as the “finest” in history.  The question is: finest at what?
All of this is on the record. All of this should be reasonably apparent to anyone half-paying attention and yet the American public’s confidence in the force fighting what Rebecca Gordon has termed “forever wars” is almost off the charts. For that, you can undoubtedly blame, in part, the urge of the military high command never again to experience a citizen’s army roiled by antiwar protests and in near revolt as in the Vietnam era. As a result, in 1973, the draft was ended and in the decades that followed the public was successfully demobilizedwhen it came to American war. George W. Bush’s classic post-9/11 suggestion that Americans respond to the horror of those falling towers by visiting Disney World and enjoying “life the way we want it to be enjoyed” caught that mood exactly. But the explanation undoubtedly goes deeper yet, as TomDispatch regular Gordon, author of American Nuremberg, suggests today. Tom
America at War Since 9/11 
Reality or Reality TV? 
By Rebecca Gordon
The headlines arrive in my inbox day after day: “U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria killed hundreds of civilians, U.N. panel says.” “Pentagon wants to declare more parts of world as temporary battlefields.” “The U.S. was supposed to leave Afghanistan by 2017. Now it might take decades.” There are so many wars and rumors of war involving our country these days that it starts to feel a little unreal, even for the most devoted of news watchers. And for many Americans, it’s long been that way. For them, the meaning of war is closer to reality TV than it is to reality.

On a June day, you could, for instance, open the New York Times and read that “airstrikes by the American-led coalition against Islamic State targets have killed hundreds of civilians around Raqqa, the militant group’s last Syrian stronghold, and left 160,000 people displaced.” Or you could come across statistics two orders of magnitude larger in learning from a variety of sources that famine is stalking 17 million people in Yemen. That is the predictable result of a Saudi Arabian proxy war against Iran, a campaign supported by the U.S. with weaponry and logistical assistance, in which, according to Human Rights Watch, the U.S. may well be complicit in torture. You could contemplate the fact that in Iraq, a country the United States destabilized with its 2003 invasion and occupation, there are still at least three million internally displaced people, according to the U.N. High Commission for Refugees; or that more than 411,000 Iraqis remain displaced from their homes in Mosul alone since the Iraqi army launched a U.S.-backed offensive to drive ISIS out of that city last October.
Yes, it’s possible to click on those links or to catch so many other Internet or TV news reports about how such American or American-backed wars are damaging infrastructure, destroying entire health care systems, uprootingmillions, and putting at risk the education of whole generations thousands of miles away. But none of it is real for most of us in this country.
How could it be real? Most of us no longer have any idea what war is like for the people who live through it. No major war has been fought on U.S. territory since the Civil War ended in 1865, and the last people who remembered that terrible time died decades before the turn of this century. There is no one around to give us a taste of that reality -- except of course for the refugees that the Trump administration is now doing its best to keep out.
In addition, Americans who once were mobilized to support their country’s wars in distant lands (remember Victory Gardens or war bond drives?) are simply told to carry on with their lives as if it were peacetime. And the possibility of going to war in an army of citizen draftees has long been put to rest by America’s “all-volunteer” military.
As the U.S. battlefield expands, the need becomes ever greater for people in this country to understand the reality of war, especially now that we have a president from the world of “reality” TV. During the second half of the twentieth century, Congress repeatedly ceded its constitutional power to declare war to successive executive administrations. At the moment, however, we have in Donald Trump a president who appears to be bored with those purloined powers (and with the very idea of civilian control over the military). In fact, our feckless commander-in-chief seems to be handing overdirectly to that military all power to decide when and where this country sends its troops or launches its missiles from drones.
Now that our democratic connection to the wars fought in our name has receded yet one more step from our real lives and any civilian role in war (except praising and thanking “the warriors”) is fading into the history books, isn’t it about time to ask some questions about the very nature of reality and of those wars?
War From the Civilian Point of View
We think of wars, reasonably enough, as primarily affecting the soldiers engaged in them. The young men and women who fight -- some as volunteers and some who choose military service over unemployment and poverty -- do sometimes die in “our” wars. And even if they survive, as we now know, their bodies and psyches often bear the lifelong scars of the experience.
Indeed, I’ve met some of these former soldiers in the college philosophy classes I teach. There was the erstwhile Army sniper who sat in the very back of the classroom, his left leg constantly bouncing up and down. The explosion of a roadside bomb had broken his back and left him in constant pain, but the greatest source of his suffering, as he told me, was the constant anxiety that forced him on many days to walk out halfway through the class. Then there was the young man who’d served in Baghdad and assured me, “If anyone fought in Afghanistan or Iraq, and they say they came back whole, they’re either lying or they just haven’t realized yet what happened to them.”
And there were the young women who told the class that, in fear, they’d had to move out of their homes because their boyfriends came back from the wars as dangerous young men they no longer recognized. If we in this country know anything real about war, it’s from people like these -- from members of the military or those close to them.
But we only get the most partial understanding of war from veterans and their families. In fact, most people affected by modern wars are not soldiers at all. Somewhere between 60 and 80 million people died during World War II, and more than 60% of them were civilians. They died as victims of the usual horrific acts of war, or outright war crimes, or crimes against humanity. A similar number succumbed to war-related disease and famine, including millions in places most Americans don’t even think of as major sites of that war’s horrors: China, India, French Indochina, and the Dutch East Indies. And, of course, close to six million Poles, most of them Jews, along with at least 16 million Soviet civilians died in the brutal Nazi invasion and attempted occupation of major parts of the Soviet Union.
And that hardly ends the tally of civilians devastated by that war. Another 60 million people became displaced or refugees in its wake, many forever torn from their homes.
So what is war like for the people who live where it happens? We can find out a reasonable amount about that if we want to. It’s not hard to dig up personal accounts of such experiences in past wars. But what can we know about the civilians living through our country’s current wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, or Yemen?  There, too, personal accounts are available, but you have to go searching. 
Certainly, it’s possible, for instance, to learn something about the deaths of 200 people in a school hit by a single U.S. airstrike in the Syrian city of Raqqa. But that can’t make us feel the unendurable, inescapable pain of a human body being crushed in the collapse of that one school. It can’t make us hear the screams at that moment or later smell the stench of the decomposing dead. You have to be there to know that reality.
Still, daily life in a country at war isn’t all screams and stench. A lot of the time it’s just ordinary existence, but experienced with a kind of double awareness.  On the one hand, you send your children to school, walk to the market to do your shopping, go out to your fields to plow or plant. On the other, you know that at any moment your ordinary life can be interrupted -- ended, in fact -- by forces over which you have no control.
That’s what it was like for me during the months I spent, as my partner likes to say, trying to get myself killed in somebody else’s country. In 1984, I worked for six months in the war zones of Nicaragua as a volunteer for Witness for Peace (WFP). In 1979, the Sandinista movement had led a national insurrection, overthrowing the U.S.-backed dictator Anastasio Somoza. In response, the U.S. had funded counterrevolutionaries, or “contras,” who, by the time I arrived, had launched a major military campaign against the Sandinistas. Under CIA direction, they had adopted a military strategy of sabotaging government services, including rural health clinics, schools, and phone lines, and terrorizing the civilian population with murders, kidnappings, torture, and mutilation.
My job was simple: to visit the towns and villages that they had attacked and record the testimony of the survivors. In the process, for instance, I talked to a man whose son had been hacked into so many pieces he had to bury him in the field where he had been left. I met the children of a 70-year-old man a week after the contras flayed him alive, slicing the skin off his face. I talked to the mayor of a town in northern Nicaragua, whose parents were kidnapped and tortured to death by the contras.  
The original dream of WFP was somewhat more grandiose than collecting horror stories. American volunteers were to provide a “shield of love” for Nicaraguans threatened by the U.S.-supported contras. The theory was that they might be less inclined to attack a town if they knew that U.S. citizens were in the area, lest they bite the hand that was (however clandestinely) feeding them. In reality, the Sandinistas were unwilling to put guests like me at risk that way, and -- far from being a shield -- in times of danger we were sometimes an extra liability. In fact, the night the contras surrounded Jalapa, where I was staying for a few weeks, the town’s mayor sent a couple of soldiers with guns to guard the house of “the American pacifists.”  So much for who was shielding whom. (On that particular night, the Nicaraguan army confronted the contras before they made it to Jalapa. We could hear a battle in the distance, but it never threatened the town itself.)
All that day, we’d been digging to help build Jalapa’s refugio, an underground shelter to protect children and old people in case of an aerial attack. Other town residents had been planting trees on the denuded hillsides where Somoza had allowed U.S. and Canadian lumber companies to clear-cut old-growth forest. This was dangerous work; tree planters were favorite contra targets. But most people in town were simply going about their ordinary lives -- working in the market, washing clothes, fixing cars -- while the loudspeakers on the edge of town blared news about the latest contra kidnappings.  
This is what living in a war zone can be like: you plant trees that might take 20 years to mature, knowing at the same time that you might not survive the night.
Keep in mind that my experience was limited. I wasn’t a Nicaraguan. I could leave whenever I chose. And after those six months, I did go home. The Nicaraguans were home. In addition, the scale of that war was modest compared to the present U.S. wars across the Greater Middle East. And Nicaraguans were fortunate to escape some of the worst effects of a conflict fought in an agricultural society. So often, war makes planting and harvesting too dangerous to undertake and when the agricultural cycle is interrupted people begin to starve. In addition, it was short enough that, although the contras intentionally targeted schools and teachers, an entire generation did not lose their educations, as is happening now in parts of the Greater Middle East.
Many rural Nicaraguans lacked electricity and running water, so there was no great harm done when “se fue la luz” -- the electricity was cut off, as often happened when the contras attacked a power generator. Worse was when “se fue el agua -- the water in people’s homes or at communal pumps stopped running, often as a result of a contra attack on a pumping station or their destruction of water pipes. Still, for the most part, these were unpleasant inconveniences in a rural society where electricity and running water were not yet all that common, and where people knew how to make do without.
Imagine instead that you live (or lived) in a major Middle Eastern city -- say, Ramadi, Fallujah, Mosul, or Aleppo (all now partially or nearly totally reduced to rubble), or even a city like Baghdad that, despite constant suicide bombings, is still functioning.  Your life, of course, is organized around the modern infrastructure that brings light, power, and water into your home. In the United States, unless you live in Flint, Michigan, it’s hard to grasp what it might be like not to have potable water dependably spilling out of the faucet.
Suppose you got up one morning and your phone hadn’t charged overnight, the light switches had all stopped working, you couldn’t toast your Pop-Tarts, and there was no hope of a cup of coffee, because there was no water. No water all that day, or the next day, or the one after. What would you do after the bottled water was gone from the stores? What would you do as you watched your kids grow weak from thirst? Where would you go, when you knew you would die if you remained in the familiar place that had so long been your home?  What, in fact, would you do if opposing armed forces (as in most of the cities mentioned above) fought it out in your very neighborhood?
Reality or Reality TV?
I’ve been teaching college students for over a decade. I now face students who have lived their entire conscious lives in a country we are told is “at war.” They’ve never known anything else, since the moment in 2001 when George W. Bush declared a Global War on Terror. But their experience of this war, like my own, is less reality, and more reality TV. Their iPhones work; the water and light in their homes are fine; their screens are on day and night. No one bombs their neighborhoods. They have no citizenly duty to go into the military. Their lives are no different due to the “war” (or rather wars) their country is fighting in their name in distant lands.
Theirs, then, is the strangest of “wars,” one without sacrifice. It lacks the ration books, the blackouts, the shortages my parents’ generation experienced during World War II. It lacks the fear that an enemy army will land on our coasts or descend from our skies. None of us fears that war will take away our food, electricity, water, or most precious of all, our Wi-Fi. For us, if we think about them at all, that set of distant conflicts is only an endless make-believe war, one that might as well be taking place on another planet in another universe.
Of course, in a sense, it’s inaccurate to say we’ve sacrificed nothing. The poorest among us have, in fact, sacrificed the most, living in a country willing to put almost any sum into the Pentagon and its wars, but “unable” to afford to provide the basic entitlements enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: life, food, clothing, housing, education, not to speak, these days, of infrastructure. What could a U.S. government do for the health, education, and general wellbeing of its people, if it weren’t devoting more than half the country’s discretionary spending to the military?
There’s something else we haven’t had to sacrifice, though: peace of mind. We don’t have to carry in our consciousness the effects of those wars on our soldiers, on our military adversaries, or on the millions of civilians whose bodies or lives have been mangled in them. Those effects have been largely airbrushed out of our mental portrait of a Pax Americana world. Our understanding of our country’s endless wars has been sanitized, manipulated, and packaged for our consumption the way producers manipulate and package the relationships of participants on reality TV shows like The Bachelor.
If Vietnam was the first televised war, then the 1991 Gulf War against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was the first video-game-style war. Who could forget the haunting green images of explosions over Baghdad on that first night (even if they've forgotten the 50 “decapitation” strikes against the Iraqi leadership that killed not one of them but dozens of civilians)? Who could forget the live broadcasts streamed from video cameras attached to “smart” bombs -- or the time two of them demolished what turned out to be a civilian air raid shelter, killing more than 200 people hiding inside? Who could forget those live reports from CNN that gave us the illusion that we were almost there ourselves and understood just what was seemingly unfolding before our eyes?
In fact, a University of Massachusetts study later found that “the more people watched TV during the Gulf crisis, the less they knew about the underlying issues, and the more likely they were to support the war.” And even if we did understand the “underlying issues,” did we understand what it’s like to find yourself trapped under the rubble of your own house?
During almost 16 years of war since the attacks of 9/11, the mystification on the “home front” has only grown, as attention has wandered and some of our ongoing wars (as in Afghanistan) have been largely forgotten. Our enemies change regularly. Who even remembers al-Qaeda in Iraq or that it became the Islamic State? Who remembers when we were fighting the al-Qaeda-inspired al-Nusra Front (or even that we were ever fighting them) instead of welcoming its militants into an alliance against Bashir al-Assad in Syria? The enemies may rotate, but the wars only continue and spread like so many metastasizing cancer cells.
Even as the number of our wars expands, however, they seem to grow less real to us here in the United States. So it becomes ever more important that we, in whose name those wars are being pursued, make the effort to grasp their grim reality. It’s important to remind ourselves that war is the worst possible way of settling human disagreements, focused as it is upon injuring human flesh (and ravaging the basics of human life) until one side can no longer withstand the pain. Worse yet, as those almost 16 years since 9/11 show, our wars have caused endless pain and settled no disagreements at all.
In this country, we don’t have to know that in American wars real people’s bodies are torn apart, real people die, and real cities are turned to rubble. We can watch interviews with survivors of the latest airstrikes on the nightly news and then catch the latest episode of ersatz suffering on Survivor. After a while, it becomes hard for many of us to tell (or even to care) which is real, and which is only reality TV.
Rebecca Gordon, a TomDispatch regular, teaches in the philosophy department at the University of San Francisco. She is the author of American Nuremberg: The U.S. Officials Who Should Stand Trial for Post-9/11 War Crimes. Her previous books include Mainstreaming Torture: Ethical Approaches in the Post-9/11 United States and Letters from Nicaragua.
Follow TomDispatch on Twitter and join us on Facebook. Check out the newest Dispatch Book, John Dower's The Violent American Century: War and Terror Since World War II, as well as John Feffer's dystopian novel Splinterlands, Nick Turse’s Next Time They’ll Come to Count the Dead, and Tom Engelhardt's Shadow Government: Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single-Superpower World.
Copyright 2017 Rebecca Gordon

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          Assclowns of the Week #105: Blame it on Paris or Putin edition   
"Therefore, in order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord -- (applause)" -Donald Trump
     Greetings, global cooling deniers, and welcome to a long, long overdue Assclowns of the Week. And it has been a busy week with Z list comedian Kathy Griffin (3) having Daniel Pearl fantasies about Donald Trump, Trump (1) jerking us off the Paris Climate Accord, Jared Kushner (6) being Vladimir Putin's back door man and Debbie Wasserman Schultz's (10) experiment in voice acting. So let's put on our water wings and as we paddle in the rising water review this week's top 10 assclowns and much, much more.

10) Debbie Wasserman Schultz
     Democrats used to be the smart ones. They were so smart, in fact, that for decades Republicans had accused them of being elitists. But gradually, establishment Democrats began moving in Republican and corporate circles in a highly successful attempt to hedge against charges of intellectual elitism. To wit:
     Last Thursday, an odd phone call came into Elizabeth Lee Beck's law office. Ms. Beck's law firm is the one litigating the DNC fraud lawsuit. The caller used a voice synthesizer so that it sounded "robotic and genderless." The voice made an inquiry: How's it going with the lawsuit? The receptionist gave the caller all the publicly available information then hung up. But apparently the caller forgot about a decades-old innovation known to the rest of elitist, tech-savvy people as caller ID.

     Oops. Looks as if the call came from Debbie Wasserman Schultz' Aventura, FL congressional office. Think they could be a little shaken up by the lawsuit and what the investigation will dig up? This is actually one step stupider than Donald Trump calling People Magazine and pretending to be a publicist named "John Miller." Or maybe this is evidence of Putin striking again.

9) EPA Director Scott Pruitt
     Just hours after Donnie Dumbo decided to pull us out of the Paris Climate Accord, the usual army of flacks took to the airways and did the talking head circuit, particularly climate change denier and EPA head Scott Pruitt. Trump making Pruitt the head of the EPA was on a par with making Ted Nugent the head of PETA. On CNN, Pruitt was grilled by Jake Tapper and this exchange took place:
Tapper: "Does the President believe climate change is a hoax?
Pruitt: "This is not about whether climate change is occurring or not."
     For once, Pruitt is right, albeit accidentally. The Paris Climate Accord was never about whether or not global warming is a hoax but acknowledging it is not and taking all the appropriate steps to curb the emission of greenhouse gases on a global scale. Late last month, Pruitt said satellite data proves global warming is slowing down, even though virtually every climate scientist on earth had confirmed the opposite. Hell, what did you expect from a guy who once tried to sue 13 times the same regulatory agency that he now heads up?

8) Rep. Darrel Issa
     Either Darrel Issa is preparing for his next career as a roofer for when he gets thrown out of Congress next year or he's too scared to face his own constituents. On Tuesday May 30, Issa showed up at his Congressional office in Vista, CA and was met with a knot of constituents who were angry about being excluded from a fake Town Hall Issa had recently held that admitted only Republican-friendly voters. Issa immediately ignored the small crowd, where he then did a creditable job of Michael Scott from The Office and hid on the roof. In a baleful move, Issa then took pictures of the protesters below. This knocks us down to just half a notch above a pitchfork and torch-wielding banana republic and after this I don't see how Issa can overcome a challenge from Democrat Mike Levin, who was savvy enough to quickly jump on this.
     At least Sean Spicer had the sense to hide in the White House bushes on ground level. And, oh, speak of the Devil's jester and he will come...

7)  Donald Trump and Sean Spicer
     Donald Trump recently took to Twitter just after midnight and seemed to drunk-text the world about the "constant negative press" and "covfefe". Then the day after, Trump made the mistake of trotting out Sean Spicer to explain what he meant. When asked by the press what Trump meant in his latest semi-coherent tweet, Spicey answered with, "The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant." Obviously, not included among that small elite group are the editors of Merriam Webster, Oxford and the New American Heritage dictionaries.
     Meanwhile, White House groupie Sarah Palin is immensely grateful to Mr. Trump for making most of us forget about her coining the word, "refudiate."

6) Jared Kushner
     A week ago (at the very end of the news cycle as it was not broken until after five PM last Friday). it was reported that Donald Trump's son in law Jared Kushner had conspired with Russian officials to set up a secret back channel to Moscow as far back as last December. This was backed up by five officials knowledgeable of the meeting. This marked a radical departure for US policy because this was a case of a private citizen working with diplomats from a hostile state to reach the highest levels of Russian political power behind the backs of the 17 intelligence agencies.
     On a very abstract level, this is not unprecedented. However, Professor Richard Moss, author of the book, Nixon’s Back Channel to Moscow: Confidential Diplomacy and Detente, recently said that such informal back channels are meant to supplement, not supplant official policy. Kushner's harebrained scheme was to use Russian equipment in Russian embassies to contact the highest echelon of Russia's political hierarchy (presumably Putin). And it's impossible to think Kushner would've even broached the subject behind Trump's back rather than Trump using his son in law as an envoy.
     But, hey, Michael Flynn was at that same meeting that Kushner failed to report on his SF86 form when he applied for his top secret security clearance and later he met with a powerful Russian banker (a meeting neither wants to talk about). Sounds legit to me. And I'm sure at the GOP National convention last summer, Trump, Flynn, Sessions and the rest of his mafia spoke with Kislyak (then failed to mention it) about Russia's cute little dancing bears and what a shame it was that Ted Nugent hasn't been entered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

5) Donald Trump
     I'm sure when Fox host Kimberly Guilfoyle revealed today that Donald Trump actually called her to ask her how to do his job, she was bragging and wasn't at all horrified that he was soliciting advice from a talking head on how to run the most powerful nation on earth.
     Yes, if you're looking for suspects for who made Donnie Dumbo walk away from the Paris Climate Accord as well as what will surely be a huge raft of disastrous policy decisions, you can add to right wing nut jobs Steve Bannon and Scott Pruitt a walking brain stem attached to two legs named Kimberly Guilfoyle.
     Imagine the outrage that would've ensued if it had come out that Obama had conspired with MSNBC for advice on policy matters...

4) The White House
     June is National Pride Month. It is set in June in commemoration of the Stonewall riot that took place in June of 1969. Since his first year as President and straight through until last year, President Barack Obama had designated June Pride Month. But things have changed considerably since January 20th. After proclaiming things such as National Homeownership Month and other pseudo month-long holidays, Trump failed to name June Pride Month. No doubt, his baleful hangeron Mike Pence (who by now must be measuring the Oval Office for racks and Iron Maidens), had some influence with this "oversight."
     Pence, you might remember, as Indiana's governor, signed into law the "It's OK to Discriminate Against Teh Gays Because I'm Giving You a Get Out of Free Jail Card Named Religion" bill. Pence was also the piece of shit who'd made it legal to siphon funds from HIV research to fund, instead, gay conversion therapy outfits. And still, reconstituted Log Cabin Republicans and big gay donors cling to this guy like he's the Second Coming of Harvey Milk. Their reason? See lead image above.

3) Kathy Griffin
     It's one thing to lampoon the President of the United States, whoever it is, and even call for their impeachment when circumstances warrant it. But part-time celebrity Kathy Griffin took herself a bit too seriously and was videotaped holding up a fake, blood-drenched Donald Trump head as if she was some ISIS terrorist with a new trophy. Despite how absurdly easy it is to ridicule Donald Trump, the Office of the Presidency, if nothing else, needs to be respected and this plainly sends out the wrong message to anyone with too much time and ammo on their hands. As a result of this stupid stunt, Griffin lost her one night a year gig on CNN plus at least one commercial endorsement.
     However, Griffin's tastelessness aside, it was amusing to see the right wing nut jobs (such as California Patriot, my latest stalker and troll), lose their shit over it while remaining silent about all the burning lynchings in effigy we saw over the last eight years (Sasha Obama was also 11, as is Barron Trump, when an effigy of her father was hung and burned in 2008.). What was funniest was Trump himself whining about how his kids were having a hard time dealing with the gory imagery .

     Like these kids, for instance?

2) Hillary fucking Clinton
     Yes. Her again. For those about to stick their faces in barf bags, we salute you.
     Showing that she'd learned absolutely nada through the countless mistakes made by her Tammany Hall 2.0 campaign, Hillary fucking Clinton took to Codecon and essentially blamed her campaign's failure despite massive backing from women, the establishment Democrats, the MSM, Wall Street and the DNC on everyone who wasn't married to the 42nd president.
     The newly-rebranded radical centrist also sorta half-joked that Trump's word of the day "covfefe" was a code to the Russians. Yes, it was Vlad Putin who orchestrated her ignoring an important union just before election night, alienated Hispanics with her "taco bowl outreach" and "abuela" comments and shoved her into bed with every banking and corporate scumbag within 100 miles of Wall Street.
     Oh, and she's writing a new memoir that'll crystallize these conspiracy theories for public consumption because the consolation of a high seven figure advance is exactly what Hillary fucking Clinton deserves after perhaps the most embarrassing defeat in US political history.

1) "President" Donald Trump
     Also late this past week, the Koch brothers' latest temp worker (aka US President Donald Trump) did as many of us predicted and pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord like his father Fred should've done from his wife's snatch back in 1945. That's right, this was in defiance of the skepticism of withdrawing from the Accord by business leaders, champion polluter Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn and even the First Lady Ivanka. This was bad enough, as the Paris Accord has 194 other participating nations (including North Korea). This puts us in a tiny, elite community with Syria and Nicaragua (which won't be joining in for very good reasons).
     But Trump, inevitably, made it much worse by taking to the Rose Garden and explaining his reasons, all of which were horseshit that could benefit only the flowers behind him. In the World According to Trump, if we ever violated the Accord, they could sue us (No, they can't.) Meaning the Accord would legally bind us (No, it wouldn't). We could renegotiate it later as if it's another bankruptcy settlement (No, we can't).
     Essentially, as if he hadn't during his Hindenburg of a foreign trip last month, Trump is isolating us from the rest of the planet save for Russia in every conceivable way and this is the icing on the cake. German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the extraordinary step of saying the rest of the world could no longer rely on the US. French President Macron has been in Trump's grill ever since his decision (which Trump blamed on the latter's "aggressive handshake"). And at least three governors of big states (CA, NY and WA) have decided to sign on to the climate accord. Meaning, far from Trump distancing himself from the rest of the planet, the planet's moving on without him.
     Fellow billionaire Elon Musk and Disney CEO Bob Iger are among them.

Dishonorable Mention

     In a silly yet tragic reprise of Get Shorty, last March Oklahoma state senator and Trump backer Ralph Shortey was caught in a motel room with an underaged boy whom Shortey had solicited for sex via text message. To show how unbelievably stupid Republicans are, the day after he was busted for "engaging in child prostitution, prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church, and transporting a minor for the purposes of prostitution", he posted the above picture of himself on Facebook with Donald Trump, Jr, which I'm sure must've absolutely thrilled the First Family. To show what a craven piece of shit Shortey is, police found him hidden behind the door just opened by the underaged boy (Maybe he should have called Darrell Issa for tips on evasion). Oh, I'm sorry, did I refer to Shortey as an OK state senator? He's a former state senator now. He resigned his post so he can spend more time with NAMBLA.
          The Musclehead From Brussels   
 (By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari Goldstein)
It should've been written into the script: The Big Bully arrives in town, starts throwing his weight around, then Jean-Claude Van Damme leaps to save the day and kicks the bad guy senseless. Alas, that did not happen any more than a Batman will come to save Gotham City (formerly known as the United States).
     Any dead-end Trumper hoping against hope, reason and basic sanity that our Chief Executive would go on his first Big Boy Trip and not embarrass us should be bitterly disappointed. And if they're not, then they deserve to have their mental health care taken from them if Sauron gets his way and passes the AHCA, It all started, not so innocently enough, in Saudi Arabia.
     The tone for dysfunction was set when Trump reached for Melania's hand as they were leaving Air Force One and she rejected it by putting her left hand to her hair. Needing a consolation, Trump then patted the First Lady's ass. (Melania would do it again a couple days later in Israel.) Then, after agreeing, through a Jared Kushner-brokered deal to sell $110 billion in arms to the Saudis (in exchange for a $100,000,000 bribe to Ivanka's proposed foundation), Trump, the King of Saudi Arabia and Egypt's dictator held a glowing orb ceremony that looked as if it came out of a bad Roger Corman movie.

     Whether they were attempting to reach the blubbery spirit of Roger Ailes, the Dark Prince or Sauron himself, they reached someone- The very next day a 4x4 sinkhole opened up right in front of Mar-a-Lago (aka the Panhandle Kremlin). Then co-First Ladies Ivanka and Melania decided to opt out of wearing head scarves, something for which Trump himself raked Michelle Obama over the coals when she'd done the same (something for which even Ted Cruz had cheered her).
     Then after three of the world's biggest dictators and perpetrators of state-sponsored terrorism had their creepy seance pledging to end non state-sponsored terrorism, it was off to Israel, then the Vatican. And in the theological trifecta, Trump managed to thoroughly humiliate us in all three religions.

The Stupidest Person on the Face of the Earth

No, the Israelis didn't shoot Trump, even though he'd given away their secrets to the Russians, but they must've surely thought about it. As usual, it all started right out of the gate, literally, when Melania again swatted away Trump's hand on the red carpet in Tel Aviv. Then, as if the world's media wasn't already giving his itinerary and every detail within it enough press, he then announced to Israeli officials, in Israel, "I've just left the Middle East."
     It kinda went downhill from that point on.
     The Israeli visit at least held the faintest hope for Trump to acquit himself as something more than the mentally-challenged misfit he's proved to be on the world stage. After all, since Trump was on the campaign trail in 2015-6, he's been calling consistently for a two state solution between Israel and Palestine. Alas, it was not to be.
     When he left 28 hours later, he had not given one shred of evidence he'd thought this peace thingie through despite all the time he'd had to develop a peace plan during his campaign, his transition, and during the 120+ days he's been in the White House (aka Kremlin-on-the-Potomac). But there was one bright takeaway from Trump's visit- He'd told Netanyahu that when he was talking to the Russians in the Oval Office, he "never mentioned Israel."
     Which I'm sure came as a great relief to the Israelis even though their code-word protected intelligence about ISIS was given to a nation with whom they'd pointedly not shared said intelligence. And speaking of which, after Trump's visit, Israel has also decided not to share some of their classified intelligence with us. Yeah, maybe that's for the best.
     For any American President making an official state visit to Israel, a stop at the Holocaust Memorial at Yad Vashem is a must. There's a guestbook for heads of state to sign. And Donald Trump's bizarre note in the Yad Vashem guestbook reads like something someone would write of their Disneyland vacation on Yelp.com. To say the least, it stands in stark contrast to the much lengthier, more comprehensive note left by President Obama. It essentially was all about him and what a great tourist stop was the memorial erected to remember the 6,000,000 victims of the Holocaust who were never mentioned in Trump's jaunty tourist memorandum. One can only wonder if Trump left an invoice to Mexico inside the Wailing Wall.
     Then it was on to the Vatican and beyond...

No Weddings But a Funeral For Democracxy
Pope Francis is certainly the most popular pontiff since at least Pope John XXIII. He seems to genuinely love his role as the Vicar of Christ as much as he relishes ministering to the poor. He seems like a nice, folksy head of state who has a ready smile for anyone he may meet... uh, with certain exceptions.
     It can't be said the two First Ladies didn't play their part. In stark contrast to their refusal to wear head scarves in Saudi Arabia, Ivanka and Melania, in keeping with papal tradition, wore black dresses and veils (and giving the photo op something of a creepy Diane Arbus ambiance to the whole thing.).
     I'll just gloss over the creepiness, the countless embarrassments Trump caused us in Vatican City and the two leader's prior barbs at each other over Trump's wall and just let the awkward pictures do the talking.

     Trump left the Vatican, saying he was more determined than ever to pursue peace in the world. Meanwhile, before he even got to the Vatican, this little tidbit about a certain Navy SEAL raid in Yemen somehow got pushed off the MSM's radar. I'm sure Trump felt real bad about it afterwards once he met with the Pope. Sure.

National Lampoon's Belgian Vacation
If anyone had any illusions that President Griswold wouldn't embarrass the United States at the dedication of the new NATO headquarters in Brussels, they were sadly misinformed. If there's anything else that Trump shares with the establishment GOP besides killing the poor and middle class, tax cuts for his billionaire buddies and deregulating every industry under the sun, it's his ignorant hatred of the United Nations and NATO's mission.
     At this point, it's difficult if not outright impossible to determine if Trump even knows what Article 5 in Chapter II of the UN charter is, much less remember that it was invoked only once by the UN- For our benefit right after the 9/11 attacks. But Trump today mentioned Article 5 in vague terms, preferring, instead, to focus on his moth-eaten lie of 23 of 28 NATO member nations not kicking in their fair share to fight terrorism (in reality, they'd paid more than mere money to that end- To date, over 1000 non-American NATO troops have lost their lives in Afghanistan alone). Ironically, standing next to Trump was a sculpture made of twisted metal found at Ground Zero.
     What Trump either doesn't remember or care to learn is that each nation pledges their support and pays for it out of their respective defense budgets. It's difficult to believe that one of Trump's more pragmatic and knowledgeable aides hasn't taken him aside and informed him of this simple fact.
     Perhaps it's that rampant ignorance that accounted for the faces and body language of the world leaders who had to listen to this drivel. Afterwards, Trump pushed Montenegro's Prime Minister aside so he could be front and center for the photo op, then refused to shake the hand of the lady who'd offered hers.
     It's that arrogant, right wing ignorance and hostility toward NATO (As well as the United Nations) that makes observers who actually have a functional cerebrum to wonder if he'll just as impetuously pull out of the 195 nation Paris Climate Accord. In light of his rolling back all the Obama regulations on polluting industries, a reasonable person would have cause to suspect it.
     So, let's sum up our Big Boy's First Big Boy Trip:
     He'd cozied up to dictators from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, had a creepy glowing orb ceremony, thought he was out of the Middle East once he landed in Israel and made an Israeli diplomat publicly face palm himself, left no evidence he has a peace plan for Israel and Palestine to follow, screwed the pooch as far as Israeli intelligence-sharing goes, left a chipper Yelp review of Yad Vashem, successfully wrestled the perpetual smile off Pope Francis's face, praised dictators while insulting our NATO allies, and managed to kill some Yemeni elders while preaching vapidly about peace.
     And if that doesn't sufficiently scare you, he found time to submit to Congress while abroad a budget with a two trillion dollar error.

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The Disney Circles design has taken two of Disney’s best loved characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and combined them with a fresh and on- trend look throughout. The motif used combines colourful circles with either Mickey or Minnie’s smiling character designs, creating a modern and lively pop of colour, perfect for any tot’s first years.

The inventive extendable hoods are ideal for protection on sunny summer days, while two way fleeced footmuffs and a large raincover mean Mickey and Minnie can protect little ones against the blustery and breezy elements, so you’re all ready for anything. Super thick and extra padded seat units, head huggers, crotch and shoulder pads and adjustable safety harnesses all ensure your children are snug and secure, while the addition a cup holder, large storage pockets in the detachable hoods, ergonomic foam handles and a large basket all mean parents aren’t forgotten either. Large sporty wheels with fantastic suspension are a key feature and ensure that the Disney twin is a breeze to push, with a swivel and lock mechanism incorporated into the front wheels to further ensure a smooth ride for the whole family.

The Disney Circles lightweight black chassis features contrasting white bars towards the back of the stroller, further enhancing the stylish circles matched across the fabrics and footmuff. The frame also conveniently folds down for storage, with a thoughtful carry handle attached to the side for travel.

Available in Mickey, Minnie or Mickey/Minnie versions, this Disney Twin is suitable for all families. A no-brainer for those with Disney in mind, the stroller is also a highly competitive option for parents looking to balance style, value, quality, convenience and ease of use in their twin.

Obaby offer a free 5 year guarantee to UK and Ireland when you register your product within 28 days.


  • Suitable from birth up to 15kg
  • Extra wide multi position seat units with lie back
  • Lightweight aluminium chassis
  • Lockable front swivel wheels
  • Anti trap hinge
  • Includes two-way footmuff with fleece interior
  • Extendable hoods
  • Large sporty wheels with all-round suspension
  • Adjustable leg supports
  • Detachable hoods, each with a parent viewing window and large storage pocket
  • Thick and extra-padded seat units
  • Cup holder
  • Convenient one-hand recline
  • Independent seat reclines
  • Ergonomic foam handles
  • Adjustable 5 point safety harnesses
  • Crotch pads and shoulder pads included
  • Head huggers
  • Large shopping basket
  • Umbrella fold
  • Matching PVC raincover included
  • Wipe-clean fabrics
  • Thoughtful carry handle added to the frame for easy travel
  • Bright and bold Disney Circles design matching across the fabrics and footmuff 
  • Two white rear legs towards the back of the frame 
  • Three versions are available – Mickey/Minnie, Minnie/Minnie and Mickey/Mickey
  • Free Obaby 5 year guarantee to UK and Ireland

Regular Price: £324.99


          Obaby Twin Stroller Disney Twin - Mickey/Minnie Circles With Footmuffs   

Our fantastic Disney Circles Twin stroller is ideal for those with double trouble. This bright and lovable twin is packed with style. Containing a variety of practical features designed to keep children safe and cosy, while also providing parents on the go with a range of creative and convenient solutions, the stroller is perfect for outdoor adventures!

The Disney Circles design has taken two of Disney’s best loved characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and combined them with a fresh and on- trend look throughout. The motif used combines colourful circles with either Mickey or Minnie’s smiling character designs, creating a modern and lively pop of colour, perfect for any tot’s first years.

The inventive extendable hoods are ideal for protection on sunny summer days, while two way fleeced footmuffs and a large raincover mean Mickey and Minnie can protect little ones against the blustery and breezy elements, so you’re all ready for anything. Super thick and extra padded seat units, head huggers, crotch and shoulder pads and adjustable safety harnesses all ensure your children are snug and secure, while the addition a cup holder, large storage pockets in the detachable hoods, ergonomic foam handles and a large basket all mean parents aren’t forgotten either. Large sporty wheels with fantastic suspension are a key feature and ensure that the Disney twin is a breeze to push, with a swivel and lock mechanism incorporated into the front wheels to further ensure a smooth ride for the whole family.

The Disney Circles lightweight black chassis features contrasting white bars towards the back of the stroller, further enhancing the stylish circles matched across the fabrics and footmuff. The frame also conveniently folds down for storage, with a thoughtful carry handle attached to the side for travel.

Available in Mickey, Minnie or Mickey/Minnie versions, this Disney Twin is suitable for all families. A no-brainer for those with Disney in mind, the stroller is also a highly competitive option for parents looking to balance style, value, quality, convenience and ease of use in their twin.

Obaby offer a free 5 year guarantee to UK and Ireland when you register your product within 28 days.


  • Suitable from birth up to 15kg
  • Extra wide multi position seat units with lie back
  • Lightweight aluminium chassis
  • Lockable front swivel wheels
  • Anti trap hinge
  • Includes two-way footmuff with fleece interior
  • Extendable hoods
  • Large sporty wheels with all-round suspension
  • Adjustable leg supports
  • Detachable hoods, each with a parent viewing window and large storage pocket
  • Thick and extra-padded seat units
  • Cup holder
  • Convenient one-hand recline
  • Independent seat reclines
  • Ergonomic foam handles
  • Adjustable 5 point safety harnesses
  • Crotch pads and shoulder pads included
  • Head huggers
  • Large shopping basket
  • Umbrella fold
  • Matching PVC raincover included
  • Wipe-clean fabrics
  • Thoughtful carry handle added to the frame for easy travel
  • Bright and bold Disney Circles design matching across the fabrics and footmuff 
  • Two white rear legs towards the back of the frame 
  • Three versions are available – Mickey/Minnie, Minnie/Minnie and Mickey/Mickey
  • Free Obaby 5 year guarantee to UK and Ireland

Regular Price: £324.99


          Disney gravide Selfie   
Printesele tale preferate a mers cumpărături pentru haine de noi asa cum sunt toate cale de a deveni mamici. Începe prin combinarea costumele drăguţ cu coafuri si accesorii pentru Elsa si apoi du-te lângă Rapunzel şi Anna. Găsi costumaţia perfectă pentru fiecare dintre ele şi de a lua gata pentru că timpul său de selfie
          Printese Disney mascaradă de cumpărături   
Ia Cenusareasa si Belle afară din oraş în această mascaradă de printese Disney joc de cumpărături, doresc să cumpere unele rochii noi, precum şi unele accesorii drăguţ, cu indemnizaţia lor.
          Printese la Disneyland   
Scoateţi cele două fete pentru o sesiune de cumpărături în acest printese Disney dress up joc şi se va bucura de timpul petrecut cu tine. Ne place tuturor cumpărături mai ales cu aceasta generos de buget.
          Disney printese Safari excursie   
Explora pustie în acest Safari de printese Disney joc de cumpărături şi le vor aprecia cu siguranta de ajutorul tău. Gestiona bugetul lor cu înţelepciune şi cumpere cele mai bune caută haine si accesorii numai.
          Majorete de printese Disney   
Dress up fetele din acest joc de majorete de printese Disney ca sunt pe cale să intra în câmpul cu mare de energie şi de a face mulţimea merge sălbatice. Cu siguranta vor fixa starea de spirit pentru tot jocul Deci alege niste haine plin de viaţă.
          Disney printese de moda Hippie   
Rochie Rapunzel si Alba ca zapada in acest joc de moda hippie printese Disney. Ia fiecare dintre ele la cumpărături şi cheltui bugetul pe cumpără nişte drăguţ hippie, haine si accesorii.
          Disney printese Popstar Concert   
Cap la mall-ul cu acest printese Disney mall shopping joc în care va trebui sa o imbraci atat Belle si Rapunzel. Parcurge magazine si apuca ceva care arată foarte bine şi se încadrează în bugetul dvs.
          Disney printese basm Mall   
Cap la mall-ul cu acest basm printese Disney, joc in care va trebui sa o imbraci atat Elsa si Rapunzel de cumpărături. Parcurge magazine si apuca ceva care arată foarte bine şi se încadrează în bugetul dvs.
          Printese Disney Euro 2016   
Intre stadion cu acest Disney printese Euro 2016 cumpărături joc in care va trebui să magazin pentru unele haine minunat pentru a arăta sprijinul dumneavoastră pentru echipe naţionale preferat, care va juca.
          Printesa Elsa Teacher   
Disney Printesa Elsa din Frozen, este profesor de matematica Arendelles şi are nevoie de ajutorul tău să înveţe toţi copiii din Regatul cu ajutorul Snowgies. Face 10 înmulţiri şi dovedi esti cel mai bun.
          Printese Disney Hawaii cumpărături   
Ia fata la cumpărături în acest Hawaii de printesa Disney joc în care veţi obţine să-şi petreacă un buget mare pe unele haine minunat de cumpărături. Alege tot ce vă place şi adăugaţi-l în coşul de cumpărături.
          Winnie The Pooh Deluxe Cot Bed - White With Pine Trim   

This beautifully designed cot bed provides three mattress base heights, the top position allowing your young baby to be taken in and out easily without any unnecessary bending. Then, as your child grows, learning to sit and stand, the mattress base can be lowered by two further positions to provide extra security and reassurance.

Further to this, this deluxe cot bed can then convert seamlessly into a cosy and stylish junior bed. This is done by simply splitting down either end and removing the fixed sides, meaning minimal disruption during little one’s often daunting transition. Once the change is complete, the bed can be suitable for a child up to 4 years, meaning durability and great value.

This delightful Disney piece is lovingly adorned with an engraving of Winnie the Pooh and his treasured honey pot at each end and is available in two classic colour ways – country pine or white with a pine trim – meaning Pooh Bear has a place in any nursery!

Obaby offer a free 5 year guarantee to UK & Ireland when you register your product within 28 days.

Regular Price: £229.99


          Disney - Stroller Mickey Circles Design With Footmuff & Changing Bag   

The Disney Circles design has taken two of Disney’s best loved characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and combined them with a fresh and on- trend look throughout. The motif used combines colourful circles with either Mickey or Minnie’s smiling character designs, creating a modern and lively pop of colour, perfect for any tot’s first years.

Both strollers include an inventive extendable hood ideal for protection on sunny summer days, while a two way fleeced footmuff and raincover means Mickey and Minnie can protect little one against the blustery and breezy elements, so you’re both ready for anything. A thick and extra padded seat unit, head hugger, crotch and shoulder pads and safety harness all ensure your child is snug and secure, while the addition a cup holder, a large storage pocket in the hood, ergonomic foam handles and large basket all mean parents aren’t forgotten either.

Large sporty wheels with fantastic suspension are a key feature and ensure that the Disney stroller is a breeze to push, with a swivel and lock mechanism incorporated into the front wheels to further ensure a smooth ride for the whole family.

The Disney Circles lightweight chassis features contrasting colours, further enhancing the stylish circles matched across the fabrics, footmuff and changing bag and conveniently folds down for storage, with a thoughtful carry handle attached to the side of the frame for travel.

Obaby offer a free 5 year guarantee to UK and Ireland when you register your product within 28 days.

Regular Price: £189.99


          Winnie The Pooh Gliding Crib - Country Pine   

This stylish piece features beautiful woodcut illustrations of Disney’s favourite bear and his honey pot at each end, meaning it co-ordinates perfectly with all other pieces in the Winnie the Pooh Nursery Range.

Featuring a gentle gliding motion, the crib carefully swings your child into slumber, soothing and calming them as they fall. Further to this, it can then be placed easily into a locked static position so your little one’s bedtime is not disturbed.

The crib strikes a great balance between classic and contemporary, and has open slatted ends and sides so parents can watch over their little one while they sleep. The Winnie the Pooh Gliding Crib is available in a choice of two colours - country pine and white with a pine trim - meaning the stylish crib suits a range of aesthetics and can take pride of place in any child’s nursery.

Obaby offer a free 5 year guarantee to UK & Ireland when you register your product within 28 days.

Regular Price: £139.99


          Printesa de absolvire   
Yay în ziua de absolvire este în sfârşit aici şi patru dintre preferate Disney printese caută o stylista personale pentru a le ajuta uite jawdropping pe ziua cea mare, Elsa, Anna, Merida si iasomie de gând să fi clientii celebre astăzi atât de grabeste-te sus şi să li se alăture în a ajuta să se pregătească costumele lor de absolvire începe distractiv stil proces cu Elsas costum selectati un minunat printesa rochia să rochia ei cu , apoi uita-te pentru dreptul de pantofi de potrivire a cu accesorii. Nu uitaţi să selectaţi, de asemenea, unele bijuterii spumante, o pălărie de absolvire şi un halat de potrivire, precum şi. Apoi vedem ce absolvire minunat arata vă puteţi pune împreună pentru Elsas sora, Prințesa Anna. Sunt minunate rochii imprimate disponibile in garderoba ei deci trebuie doar să selectaţi una care iti place cel mai mult să o rochie cu. O dată youre făcut, puteţi, de asemenea, căuta cel mai bun palarie de absolvire şi halat, prea. Rochii de Meridas sunt în mare parte disponibile in culori neon, prin urmare, va trebui să alegeţi un halat într-o culoare pastel minunat pentru a calma jos hainele ei de absolvire nu uitaţi un pic, de asemenea, alege ceva la fel de elegante pentru printesa Jasmine, prea următoare puteţi decora lor de absolvire eşarfă scrie un text unic, alege fontul si culorile ei. Petrece un timp minunat joc absolvire printesa dress up joc pentru fete
          Ariel şi zăpadă alb Bffs   
Petrece o zi cu bff dumneavoastră este cel mai bun mod de a avea o zi minunata, cea mai frumoasa printesa Disney Ariel si Alba ca zapada sunt de planificare pentru a petrece acest lucru împreună, şi acestea sunt invitându-vă să li se alăture. Du-te pentru o plimbare frumoasă cu printese în parc şi vizita minunata mingea la seara. Tot ce trebuie sa faci este ajuta Ariel şi albă ca zăpada să aleagă cele mai bune tinutele de moda pentru plimbare şi uimitoare rochii de seara pentru minge. Au un timp minunat împreună cu Ariel si Alba ca zapada
          Dans cu printese Disney   
Hei doamnelor pur şi simplu cel mai bun concurs de dans la Walt Disney World cel mai talentat şi cele mai multe dansatori virtuosic va concura cu lor de clasă la discoteca. Vă permite să arate tuturor ce au fost capabile de a parte a concursului este cât de frumoasă este al tău costum de dans. Permite du-te şi a lovit ringul vă rugăm, să apăsaţi săgeată dreapta pentru a obţine o buna si in acelasi timp un dans dinamic. Nu uitaţi despre bonusuri va face o stea tău dans magnific distreaza
          Culoare Ladybug   
Gărgăriţă este fata super-erou principal din seria Disney, povestiri miraculoasa de gărgăriţă şi pisica Noir. Alege culorile preferate şi să se distreze cu gărgăriţă în acest joc minunat de colorat.
          Masinile de printese Disney   
Ia două fete cumpărături în acest joc de tuna printese Disney, ei vor trebui să primul dress up pentru ocazie. Ia-le unele costume umede şi pahare de apă astfel încât ele vor arata elegant în mare.
          Disney Highchair Insert - Mickey Circles   

Bring home the magic of Disney with this stylish and cleverly designed highchair insert, which features a fresh and eye catching Mickey Mouse design to co-ordinate with any Mickey piece from the exclusive Disney Circles range. The motif used combines pink circles with mickey’s smiling character design, while a bold trim creates a modern and lively pop of colour, perfect for any tot’s first meals.

This lightweight highchair insert is suitable for use with the Obaby Cube highchair, has comfortable soft padding, simple to insert and remove and can easily be wiped clean after a messy meal time.

Obaby offer a free 5 year guarantee to UK & Ireland when you register your product within 28 days.

Regular Price: £18.30


          Disney Highchair Insert - Minnie Circles   

Bring home the magic of Disney with this stylish and cleverly designed highchair insert, which features a fresh and eye catching Minnie Mouse design to co-ordinate with any Minnie piece from the exclusive Disney Circles range. The motif used combines pink circles with Minnie’s smiling character design, while a bold trim creates a modern and lively pop of colour, perfect for any tot’s first meals.

This lightweight highchair insert is suitable for use with the Obaby Cube highchair, has comfortable soft padding, simple to insert and remove and can easily be wiped clean after a messy meal time.

Obaby offer a free 5 year guarantee to UK & Ireland when you register your product within 28 days.


          Disney Highchair - Mickey Circles   

This lightweight highchair features a removable padded seat comprised of PVC , with an integrated 5 point safety harness to ensure babies are in safe hands, and a foot rest installed below for optimum comfort. The spacious tray provides a useful cup holder and is a breeze to wipe clean, and when little one is all finished, the entire chair can be quickly folded flat for storage.

This highchair is suitable from six months up to 15kg, meaning that baby can be surrounded by Disney’s most treasured character when feeding throughout their earliest years.

Obaby offer a free 5 year guarantee to UK & Ireland when you register your product within 28 days.

Regular Price: £59.99


          Disney Highchair - Minnie Circles   

This lightweight highchair features a removable padded seat comprised of PVC , with an integrated 5 point safety harness to ensure babies are in safe hands, and a foot rest installed below for optimum comfort. The spacious tray provides a useful cup holder and is a breeze to wipe clean, and when little one is all finished, the entire chair can be quickly folded flat for storage.

This highchair is suitable from six months up to 15kg, meaning that baby can be surrounded by Disney’s most treasured character when feeding throughout their earliest years.

Obaby offer a free 5 year guarantee to UK & Ireland when you register your product within 28 days.

Regular Price: £59.99


          Disney Bassinette Travel Cot - Mickey Circles   

This innovative travel cot has two mesh sides, a cosy removable mattress and provides the valuable addition of a high quality bassinette to hold small babies, making it suitable to use from the birth of your child. The cot is quick and easy to assemble with a central locking frame and has a compact fold perfect for storage, after which the product fits neatly into a matching bag with carry handle for travel. When assembled, the travel cot is spacious, with plenty of room for your little one to sleep and play, meaning baby can be surrounded by Disney’s most treasured character whether tired and sleepy or in the mood for fun!

Obaby offer a free 5 year guarantee to UK & Ireland when you register your product within 28 days.

Regular Price: £99.99


          Management de Restaurant mic dejun elsa   
Ajuta fata ta Disney preferata într-un joc de restaurant Elsa unde vei avea pentru a pregăti micul dejun pentru o mulţime de oameni care doresc să îşi începe ziua off doar dreapta. Colectează sfaturi şi să facă unele frumos de dolari până la sfârşitul anului acesta.
          Printese Disney sala pictura   
Începe propriul proiect în acest joc de camera de printesa Disney si transforma o cameră de urât într-una dintre cele mai frumoase camere acolo. Vopsiţi pereţii, Adauga niste wallpaper, schimba podea şi perdele ca ultimele retuşuri.
          Colegiul Disney petrecere   
Printese auzit despre câteva partide super misto viitoare. Care dintre ei va alege Check afară de colectare de haine, incaltaminte si alte accesorii. Jachete din piele, fuste elegante, topuri drăguţ străluceşte sunt absolut esenţiale alege stil unic pentru fiecare printesa Disney şi să se alăture ei la Colegiul mai tare petrecere vreodată
          Raising Real Winners CyberHood Watch Interview   
What a week we have just completed the busiest week in CHWR history... Starting with:
Monday, Dave and Bill being interviewed by Disney Radio listen here: CHW Interview Tuesday, The CHW Partners interviewed Buzzy Martin Don't Shoot I'm the Guitar Man Wednesday, The CHW Partners interviewed Mark Dryer is the president of MDL Technology: Mark's Interview Thursday, The CHW Partners interviewed Noah Kindler Co-Founded SocialShield: Noah's Interview Friday, The CHW Partners interviewed Winn Schwartau one of our most favorite guests and very special CHWR friend stopped by on a Friday Special Edition: Winn's Interview Then what a way to wrap up a great week, we were interviewed by Mike Dolpies for his Raising Real Winners Audio Magazine! Make sure you listen to the interview below:

          Disney cel mai bun şi cel mai rău rochiile de covorul roşu   
Printese Disney se pregătesc pentru un alt film premii ceremonie şi sunt foarte nervos. Covorul rosu moda este atât de greu să prezică astazi coroana tabloide tine, ca un covor roşu Damă şi mâine ei bate joc de tine vicios pentru cer stie ce. Ajuta Printesele Elsa, iasomie si Ariel alege rochiile superbe pentru eveniment tonights şi a vedea cum arata lor vor fi acceptate.
          Primăvară Disney Princess   
Hei fetelor, zile de primăvară a devenit mult mai cald, soarele straluceste luminoase şi înseamnă tale preferate Disney Printesele Ariel, Rapunzel, Elsa si Anna sunt merge pentru o plimbare cu printese au fost de aşteptare pentru o iarnă întreagă când acestea pot schimba inconfortabil haine groase la tinutele de primavara frumoasa vă permite să aruncăm o privire la garderoba fiecare printesa si alege cele mai bune haine, accesorii si coafura pentru o primăvară longawaited plimbare Alăturaţi-vă Ariel , Rapunzel, Elsa si Anna şi petrece un timp minunat împreună
          Colegiul Disney Selfie   
Elsa, Anna și Rapunzel au nevoie de un pic ajutor alegerea costumele lor pentru a fi perfect selfie în colegiu poate fi atât de distractiv, aşa că există o mulţime de elemente cool, puteţi alege de la. Încercaţi pe diferite fuste, topuri si accesorii pentru Regina Elsa si apoi trece la ei mai buni prieteni, Anna și Rapunzel. Face Colegiul trei printese stea afară şi nu uitaţi să zîmbească pentru selfie
          Printese Vs monştri Instagram provocare   
Al doilea tur de o mare provocare Selfie este pe cale să înceapă ca câştigătorii din primul tur, printese Disney sunt luaţi parte în această etapă prea. Şi ei au de a face lor cel mai bun de data aceasta deoarece monştri Monster mare sunt cele să accepte provocarea
          Printese Vs monştri Instagram provocare   
Al doilea tur de o mare provocare Selfie este pe cale să înceapă ca câştigătorii din primul tur, printese Disney sunt luaţi parte în această etapă prea. Şi ei au de a face lor cel mai bun de data aceasta deoarece monştri Monster mare sunt cele să accepte provocarea
          [Interview] ‘Wish Upon’ Star Ryan Phillippe Talks the Cost of Invoking Self-Serving Desires   
Disney movies have conditioned us to associate making wishes with something whimsical and dreamy. Something innocent. A playful mermaid who yearns for the legs to let her amongst the landlocked humans, a trapped princess in an immaculate courtyard who daydreams about living a common life of freedom, a wooden boy who just wants to feel […]
          Spa de picioare Belle   
Deveni mai aproape prieteni cu printesa Disney în acest joc de spa a picioarelor de Belle în care vi se va face picioarele ei uite lucioasă şi netedă în timp ce, de asemenea, oferindu-i un aspect nou cu un pic de a face şi stilul de păr.
          The Week Ahead On Wall Street   

The Week Ahead On Wall Street $DIS Tuesday is Election Day in the US, with early voting underway in many states. Earning season continues this week as 31 members of the S&P 500 are scheduled to report. Included is DJIA component The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) Thursday.   Economic reports The week’s 1st economic reports will be […]

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          Patru dans cu printese   
Ei vor trebui să danseze patru frumoase dansuri waltz, salsa, flamenco şi dans burtă. Vârstnicul printese Disney va judeca concurs. Cine va câştiga
          Ariel si Jasmine Mall de cumpărături   
Cap downtown în acest mall Disney joc pentru a face unele minunat de cumpărături. Ia o gramada de haine si accesorii pentru Jasmine şi Ariel ca doresc să arate excelent în această vară.
          Dans cu printese   
Hei doamnelor pur şi simplu cel mai bun concurs de dans la Walt Disney World cel mai talentat şi cele mai multe dansatori virtuosic va concura cu lor de clasă la discoteca. Vă permite să arate tuturor ce au fost capabile de a parte a concursului este cât de frumoasă este al tău costum de dans. Permite du-te şi a lovit ringul vă rugăm, să apăsaţi săgeată dreapta pentru a obţine o buna si in acelasi timp un dans dinamic. Nu uitaţi despre bonusuri o stea va face dumneavoastră dans magnific sa te distrezi cu un joc nou din Fynsy
          Gărgăriţă miraculoase de memorie   
Sale timpul să testaţi-vă abilităţile de memorie cu acest joc de miraculoase gărgăriţă distractiv nou super eroina la Disney Channel. Găsi două imagini identice de gărgăriţă şi tot ei prieteni şi de a lua cât mai multe puncte ca tine poate. Fă-o înainte de expirarea timpului. noroc
          Nick Wilde colorat   
Distreaza-te colorat personajul principal din ultimul film disney pixar, Zootopia. Alegeţi-vă preferat coor să stea pictura aceasta pagina de colorat cu imaginilor în mișcare. Este incredibil
          Scoala de printese timp   
Trezesc devreme şi de a ajuta Rapunzel şi Belle cu acest joc de scoala Disney in care va trebui să-i ambele gata pentru o altă zi petrecut studiind. Face piureuri şi rucsaci lor înainte de a le imbraca.
          Elsa si Rapunzel vestiar   
Eşti gata să te distrezi cu cele mai frumoase printese Disney vreodată, Elsa si Rapunzel doi dintre ei sunt în aşteptare pentru tine şi ei nu pot să aştept pentru a vă arăta lor vestiar. Său plin de rochii de lux, incaltaminte sclipitoare si saci de drăguţ. Alăturaţi-le şi vă permite să le pregateste pentru o zi. Începeţi cu Rapunzel. Aruncati o privire la toate elementele şi să facă ei arata perfect. După ce vă decideţi ce Rapunzel se va purta astăzi, veti putea imbraca Elsa. Încercaţi pe toate şi a devenit un consilier de moda pentru doua printese. În cele din urmă va arata uimitor Multumesc pentru tine
          Disney Printesa moda Catwalk   
Pregăti fetele pentru podium în acest printesa Disney catwalk fashion joc în care vă va fi proiectarea haine şi costumele lor astfel încât acestea pot le arăta off walking graţios în faţa publicului.
          Scoala de printese Baby timp   
Trezesc devreme şi de a ajuta Rapunzel şi Belle cu acest joc de scoala Disney in care va trebui să-i ambele gata pentru o altă zi petrecut studiind. Face piureuri şi rucsaci lor înainte de a le imbraca.
          Gărgăriţă miraculoase ascunse stele   
Trebuie sa gasesti stelele ascunse în imagini diferite de gărgăriţă miraculoase cel mai bun şi nou super eroina la Disney. Obţine rangul dumneavoastră cel mai bun si termina toate cinci uşoară.
          Tomy Disney Funky Rainbow Rings   
Funky Rainbow Rings are colourful finger rings in the shape of Disney cartoon characters. Seven different characters are available in seven different colours for a total of 49 varieties. Suitable for ages 3+

Regular Price: £5.65


          Live Out Your Beauty and the Beast Fantasies at The Bazaar and Tres by Jose Andres   

Tres by José Andrés and the Bazaar by José Andrés are taking inspiration from Disney's new Beauty and the Beast movie for two new dining experiences.

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          Disney descendentii Villain bebelusi   
Pregateste-te pentru o altă activitate îngrijirea copilului, doamnelor de această dată, în brandnew exclusiv copil joc pentru fete veţi obţine pentru a avea grijă de două cutie mica, ambele dintre ele parte din seria de ticălosul de descendenţii Disneys. Evie copilul şi copilul Mal sunt deja de aşteptare pentru voi fetelor, deci grăbeşte-te şi să obţină descendentii Disney Villain copii pentru a vedea ce sarcini dificile pe care le-au pregătit pentru tine selectaţi fetita copilul care doriţi să aibă grijă de astăzi şi atunci încep să se joace cu jucariile ei preferate în scopul de a distra ei bine. Ajut-o practica ei de mers pe jos şi de a alege o tinuta foarte drăguţ pentru ziua de azi, precum şi. Petrece un timp minunat joc de acest copil nou joc pentru fete
          Frumusete si Bestia saruta   
Asiguraţi-frumoasa si Bestia se încadrează dragoste cu această prinţesă Disney joc saruta şi ea va fi capabil să rupă blestemul care face omul ei arata ca asta. Nu fi prins de spectatori care pândesc din apropiere.
          Selfie de domnisoare de onoare Disney   
Aceasta este prima dată când congelate surorile Elsa si Anna sunt mergi la a fi domnişoarele de onoare, si sunt foarte incantata, dar fiind o domnişoarele de onoare nu este atât de uşor, după cum se pare Thats de ce theyre vă cere un sfat de modă. Alege haine potrivite, dar nu uitaţi că fiecare sora are propriul stil unic acolo atat de multe optiuni sa te distrezi
          Selfie de domnisoare de onoare Disney   
Aceasta este prima dată când congelate surorile Elsa si Anna sunt mergi la a fi domnişoarele de onoare, si sunt foarte incantata, dar fiind o domnişoarele de onoare nu este atât de uşor, după cum se pare Thats de ce theyre vă cere un sfat de modă. Alege haine potrivite, dar nu uitaţi că fiecare sora are propriul stil unic acolo atat de multe optiuni sa te distrezi
          Salon de unghii Ariel   
Ariel woke sus emoţionat în acest joc de manichiura Disney, pentru că ea va fi obtinerea ei unghiile făcut de tine şi ea ştie va face un minunat design pentru ea. Vă va fi capabil de a alege orice culori care vă place şi le-a pus pe unghiile ei, dar vei afla că amestecarea ei cu unele modele de complicat va creşte, de asemenea, stilul ei. Apoi se va adăuga unele misto ornamente pentru a face manichiura Ariels într-adevăr drăguţ şi în acest fel, ea va recomand la toti prietenii ei. Ei va vizita dumneavoastră joc de salon de unghii mai repede ca ei vor fi dornici de a obţine unele unghiilor fetişcană şi pline de culoare.
          Stand de inghetata Rileys   
Ajuta Riley face nişte bani în plus în acest inghetata care deservesc joc în cazul în care va fi cel decorarea standului, servind îngheţată şi, de asemenea, primesc banii. Face toate Disney printese fericit cu produsul dvs.
          Disney Cover Girl   
Ştii că au fotografia pe coperta de revista de moda cele mai renumite este o afacere mare pentru fiecare model. Trei modele frumoase, Ariel, Rapunzel si Alba ca zapada sunt gata pentru a arăta cele mai bune lor şi să devină modele de top. În primul rând, alege printesa. Apoi alege tinuta perfecta. Cei mai buni designeri de moda din lume vă oferi lor rochii, topuri, pantaloni scurţi şi accesorii. Demonstreze abilităţile de stilist si face coperta revistei din visele tale
          Moda Boutique Disney Printesa Makeover 2   
Tristeţea este oferindu-ne o lecţie de gătit gratuit. Ea nu este încântat despre aceasta, dar poate că putem aduce un zambet pe fata ei atunci când ea va vedea-ne cu rezultatul final. Ea a vizitat Mexico şi a venit cu o reteta de placinta de brand nou. Se alăture tristeţe în această lecţie de gătit gratuit, prezintă interes în ea şi face placinta. Esti gata pentru a găti cu Bucuraţi-vă de tristeţe
          Riley Icecream Stand   
Ajuta Riley face nişte bani în plus în acest inghetata care deservesc joc în cazul în care va fi cel decorarea standului, servind îngheţată şi, de asemenea, primesc banii. Face toate Disney printese fericit cu produsul dvs.
          NUK Disney First Choice Learner Bottle - Black    

Here we have a NUK Disney First Choice Learner Bottle in Black. This bottle is great for teaching your child how to drink independantly. It also comes as standard with a non spill teat which is ideal incase your baby drops it or falls asleep with the bottle in their hands. 

Regular Price: £9.91


          NUK Disney Soother - Silicone - Size 2    

NUK Disney Soother - Silicone teat - size 2

The NUK orthodontic shape adapts to the baby’s mouth area and helps exercise the lips, tongue and facial muscles for healthy development of teeth and jaws. The NUK Air System helps to ensure the mouthpiece remains soft and flexible. The orthodontic shape and NUK Air System have been approved by the British Dental Health Foundation. This Soother has integrated circulation grooves so air can circulate avoiding skin irritations on baby’s sensitive mouth area. Size 1 is suitable for 6-18 months. This soother does not contain Bisphenol A. Sterilise using Steam or cold water sterilisation.

Do not place NUK products in the dishwasher as this can cause material damage.

Colours may vary.


          Conheça os 15 segredos de trabalhar nos bastidores da Disney   

Walt Disney World é realmente um dos lugares mais mágicos da Terra. Desde os passeios emocionantes até os incríveis encontros de personagens e a deliciosa comida, sem dúvida uma viagem à Disney certamente será lembrada para sempre. Mas, todas as memórias especiais que acontecem lá só são possíveis por causa de muitas regras e trabalhos por trás das cortinas.

O post Conheça os 15 segredos de trabalhar nos bastidores da Disney apareceu primeiro em Mistérios do Mundo.

          Elsa şi Anna Lego   
Elsa şi Anna congelate şi acum la un grătar de joc Lego în care va trebui să pune mintea pe locul de muncă, pentru că după cum puteţi vedea că avem de a curăţa cat de repede poate cea mai frumoasa printesa noastra la Disney. În primul rând va trebui să alegeţi o printesa, caracterul care vă va curăţa în primul rând, apoi utilizarea unor instrumente speciale va trebui să termine treaba ta cât de repede ca tine poate. După ce jocul va continua cu caracter al doilea, deci vă rugăm să muta rapid şi atent pentru a face o treabă perfectă. Sper ca poate ajuta printesa noastra, Elsa şi Anna în lumea Lego.
          Elsa şi de vacanţă de iarnă Anna   
Pregăti pentru o vacanţă plăcută în acest Elsa şi Anna rochie de iarnă până joc în care veţi alege la o multime de haine si accesorii. Face două fete arata uimitor ca orice printese Disney ar trebui.
          Disney Printesa Speed Dating   
Toate noastre preferate Disney printese sunt încercarea de a găsi lor făt-frumos. În acest joc joci rolul de prinţ, dar sunteţi lor adevărat place prima, va trebui să alege printesa doriţi să farmec. Puteţi alege între Ariel, Rapunzel, Elsa, Cenusareasa sau Belle. În cele din urmă, veţi afla dacă destinele te-a adus împreună cu dumneavoastră o iubire adevarata, sau dacă aţi ales greşit fata si ar fi trebuit la data de altcineva. Acest lucru este, de asemenea, când va fi dezvăluit identitatea ta de prinţ.
          Minge de iarna Disney fulgi de zăpadă   
Acesta a fost anunţat mai Fancy mingea regale care a existat vreodată şi codul de rochie este iarna. Fiecare printesa si Printul, acolo se întâmplă pentru a participa la mingea de iarnă şi fetele Anna, Elsa şi Rapunzel nu dor de ea, desigur. Alege o rochie frumoasă pentru fiecare dintre fete şi asiguraţi-vă că ei arata uimitor înainte de a merge la minge. Bijuteriile sunt o necesitate şi le va da acea Notă elegantă. Rapunzel şi prietenii ei cel mai bun Anna şi Elsa sunt atat de emotionat pentru a participa la mingea mai sofisticate la palace.
          Memorie de Crăciun congelate   
Sale timpul să testaţi-vă abilităţile de memorie si distreaza-te joci cu Anna, Elsa şi prietenii la Crăciun. Găsi două sfere cu aceeaşi imagine de toate personajele de la Disney congelate şi obţine cât mai multe puncte posibil. Fă-o înainte de expirarea timpului. noroc
          Disney printese Craciun   
Belle, Elsa şi Anna-ar plăcea pentru a obţine un al doilea aviz de la tine în acest Disney printesa dress up joc, şi ei se pregătesc pentru această vacanţă minunată. Alege tinutele corect pentru fiecare dintre cele trei şi să facă ei arata uimitor.
          Papusile Barbie printesa agentie   
Barbie, lumi cel mai faimos supermodel, începe propria agentie. Şi cred că ştiţi foarte bine toate modelele care lucreaza la Agentia de moda Barbie, deoarece acestea nu sunt doar unele fete ordinare numai Disney printese munca acolo astăzi Barbie trebuie să alegeţi un model de a reprezenta Agenția ei la un spectacol mare de moda de Crăciun, care va avea loc următoarea sâmbătă. Care credeţi că este cel mai bun pentru acest job printesa Jasmine, Regina Elsa sau printesa Ariel Choose o printesa care vă place cel mai mult şi de a ajuta ei merge prin toate provocările Barbie a pregătit pentru a găsi cel mai bun model printesa. Ia parte la un photoshoot de moda adevarata, să demonstreze abilităţile dumneavoastră stilist pe un podium de moda si la o provocare freestyle. Te face printesa supermodel cel mai bun
          Petrecere de Crăciun Disney   
Tis noapte înainte de Crăciun şi Elsa, Anna şi Rapunzel nevoie pentru a obţine gata pentru sosirea lui Mos Craciun. Alăturaţi-vă fetele într-o distracţie makeover sesiune, se aplica tratamente speciale de frumuseţe, apoi le îmbracă în costumele de sezon pentru a le pregăti pentru o experienţă magică. Odată ce se duc la culcare, Santa va apărea, mananca cookie-urile şi lăsaţi minunat prezintă pentru a deschide a doua zi.
          Disneyland dumps 'wench bride' auction from Pirates of the Caribbean    

Disneyland is once again changing some classic-yet-controversial elements of its Pirates of the Carribean ride.

The park has announced plans to give the iconic 1967 dark ride a makeover that will include replacing its animatronic bride auction scene. Instead of a redhaired woman being shown on an auction block as part of a “Wench Sale” (along with a pirate calling out, “We wants the redhead!”), the character will be changed into a female pirate. While the scene has for decades been a part of the beloved ride depicting traditional pirate tropes, it’s also increasingly been criticized as sexist.

“Our team thought long and hard about how best to update this scene,” said a Walt Disney Imagineering executive in a statement to the Orange County Register. “Given the redhead has long been a fan-favorite, we wanted to keep her as a pivotal part of the story, so we made her a plundering pirate! We think this keeps to the original vision of the attraction as envisioned by Marc Davis, X Atencio, and the other Disney Legends who first brought this classic to life.” A park spokesperson added: “We believe the time is right to turn the page to a new story in this scene, consistent with the humorous, adventurous spirit of the attraction.”

VIDEO: Disneyland Hikes Up Ticket Prices

Several years back, Disneyland changed another sexually suggestive scene in which marauders were endlessly chasing female villagers in a loop. The designers gave the women trays of food to suggest the pirates were merely hungry.

The changes will be completed on the ride in 2018 and will affect versions in Anaheim, California; Orlando, Florida; and Paris, France.

Back in 2006, the park added in characters from Pirates of the Carribean film franchise, including Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow and Geoffrey Rush’s Captain Barbossa.

          Crăciun printesa Disney   
Crăciun este cel mai fericit moment din anul oameni aduna împreună, au mese şi girt prezintă. Deci minunat dumneavoastră preferat printese Disney Ariel, Cenusareasa, Elsa si Belle, de asemenea, au decis să-şi petreacă Ajunul Crăciunului împreună, deoarece acestea sunt cei mai buni prieteni alege un loc pentru lor Ajunul Crăciunului şi de a ajuta printesa pentru a obţine gata pentru eveniment. Rochie-le în rochii frumoase, alege cele mai bune bijuterii şi evaluatorilor. Şi să fie sigur, ei nu uita despre cadouri Craciun fericit
          Jake pirat baril provocare   
Nemilos Capitanul Hook a furat Jakes navei şi l-a abandonat pe o insula, dar din fericire unele butoaie au fost scăzut în mare şi Jake nu va ezita să le folosească pentru a reveni la barca lor. Ajuta Jake de a obţine nava sa sar de la butoi la butoi pentru a ajunge la arcul. Folosi mouse-ul pentru a da puterea si directia Jake. Distreaza-te de completare 15 nivele de acest joc fantastic de Jake si Piratii niciodată teren la Disney Junior distracţie. noroc
          Bruce Willis Spends Quality Family Time With Daughters at Disneyland   
Bruce Willis recently took time off from his very busy Hollywood schedule to spend some quality time with his daughters at The Happiest Place on Earth. His wife Emma Heming shared a very sweet photo of Bruce surrounded by four of his princesses: his daughters, Scout, 25, Tallulah, 23, Mabel, 5, and 3-year-old Evelyn. The […]
          Introducing Mrs. Ashli Brooks   

Mrs. Brooks will be new to Spanish Fork Junior High next year and will be teaching health. We asked Mrs. Brooks to introduce herself and this is what she had to say:

"I am from Springville, Utah and I attended Springville High School where I played basketball and softball. I got married in November 2015 and my husband is from Puerto Rico!  I have attended Utah Valley University and studied Health Education. I will be teaching health at SFJH this year! Things I do for fun include playing basketball, coed softball, going to movies, hiking, swimming, and being active!  I LOVE to travel. I spend my summers traveling as much as I can. A few of my favorite places so far are Zambia, Africa, Disneyland, and Boston. (I'm a huge Boston Red Sox fan.)" 

          Rapunzel strălucitoare Makeover   
Disney Printesa Rapunzel este un fan de elemente strălucitoare. Ea are atât de multe rochii strălucitoare şi sclipici accesorii. Ar putea ajuta-o alege cele mai frumoase tinute pentru petrecerea de noapte sa te distrezi
          Tomy Disney Cars 2 Buildable Figures    

Key Features

  • Each Gacha contains a buildable figure from the Disney Cars 2 movie.
  • Includes stickers to decorate the cars
  • 6 to collect

The Tomy Disney Cars 2 Buildable Figures is a great buildable figure which is from the Disney Cars 2 movie. Each ball contains one cars and their is 6 to collect and stickers to decroate the car.

Regular Price: £6.99


          Moda Boutique Disney Printesa Makeover   
Tocmai ai deschis un butic de modă în Disney world. Totul în magazin este superba. Printese Disney, Rapunzel, Cenusareasa si Ariel auzit esti o fashionista, aşa că au venit la magazinul boutique pentru sfaturi de moda. Rochie printese cerintelor lor. Timpul sa va arate talentul tau de moda sa te distrezi
          Jefferson Airplane!   

Jefferson Airplane! - FLORIDAafewothers130.jpg

          Printesa Disney merge la bal   
În acest distractiv iasomie dress up joc, ea a adus doi prieteni cu ea asa ca poate toate au o mare de timp împreună. Belle, Ariel și cu siguranta cu nerăbdare la schimbarea unor haine şi giggles câteva.
          Disney Where's My Water Collectable Squirters    

The Disney Where's My Water Collectable Squirters are Great collectable and there is 6 to collect. Each Pack includes a mini water squirting duck and these great mini ducks to squirt water. 

so what figure will you get?

Regular Price: £5.99


          Disney Minnie Mouse Bracelets & Stickers Combo   

The Disney Minnie Mouse Bracelets & Stickers Combo are great. Each pack includes a Minnie or Mickey Mouse bracelet with surprise sticker and their is 4 great Minnie Mouse or Mickey bracelet great Minnie Mouse or Mickey bracelet. These are great fashion accessories and great stickers which can be used to personalise anything

so which character will you get?

Regular Price: £2.99


          Disney Cars Differences   
Disney Cars Differences is a spot the difference game. Locate the differences between the two pictures in the limited amount of time given to play each picture To play, use your mouse as control. Make sure that you dont make a mistake more than five times because that will make you fail. 2 Minutes is the overall time in which youll play through the five pictures in this game You can turn off the time limitation if you want to play the easier way. Good luck
          Disney Truck Differences   
Disney Truck Differences is a spot the difference game. Locate the differences between the two pictures in the limited amount of time given to play each picture To play, use your mouse as control. Make sure that you dont make a mistake more than five times because that will make you fail. 2 Minutes is the overall time in which youll play through the five pictures in this game You can turn off the time limitation if you want to play the easier way. Good luck
Ajuta unul dintre cei mai viteji printese Disney, Moana pentru a începe o călătorie periculoasă. Dacă nu ştiţi cine Moana este încă, trebuie să înveţe că ea este un adolescent spiritual care decide să navigheze Oceanul Pacific pentru a finaliza căutarea ei strămoşii. În acest joc aveţi nevoie pentru a ajuta la Moana minunat să se pregătească pentru o misiune de a descoperi insulă pierdută.
          VOTE: Disneyland Replacing Controversial Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride Feature! Do YOU Think It Implies ‘Impending Sexual Assault’??   
The controversial Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, depicting a redheaded woman (among other women) up for sale under a banner reading, "Auction, Take a wench for a bride," is getting a makeover. When the park reopens after routine maintenance next year, the iconic character will become a pirate herself with a gun and liquor bottle [...]
          Hauck Classic Disney Nappy Changing Bags - Classic Minnie   

Hauck Classic Disney Nappy Changing bag- Haucks new Range of Classic Disney Nappy Changing bags will bring that classic spark of nostalgia back to life. The Disney Changing bags come in three different styles, Classic Mickey, Winnie the Pooh and Minnie mouse one style to fit your every mood. The Changing Bag offers enough space to fit everything you need for a successful nappy change on the go.

The Unique Changing bag incorporates a built-in changing table as well as enough interior pockets to fit utensils and other essentials nappy changing tools. There is also a mobile phone or wallet pocket for any of your precious little items. Haucks also included a unique washable nappy changing pad so you can change on the move and not need any extras.







Regular Price: £45.99


          Disney Water Filled Soothing Teether Mickey Mouse   

The Disney Water Filled Teethers are great for your little one while they are teething. The soothing teether can be chilled in the fridge or the freezer to help cool down your baby's gums as their teether are breaking through. The teether is made from BPA free plastic and is safe for babies of all ages.

Regular Price: £3.99


          Disney Water Filled Soothing Teether-Minnie Mouse   

The Disney Water Filled Teethers are great for your little one while they are teething. The soothing teether can be chilled in the fridge or the freezer to help cool down your baby's gums as their teether are breaking through. The teether is made from BPA free plastic and is safe for babies of all ages.

Regular Price: £3.99


          Disney gravide moda   
Rapunzel, Ariel și Elsa sunt pansament pentru căderea într-un nou Ajutor joc plin de farmec, trei printese minunat alege tinutele perfecte gravidă. Puteţi face combinaţii uimitoare cu rochii, haine şi eşarfe. Fiecare dintre ele are un stil unic, astfel încât să se distreze pregateste pentru toamna
          Colorat Doc Mcstuffins şi Lambie   
Distreaza-te joci cu Doc Mcstuffins la Disney Junior la acest joc de colorat. Alege culorile din paleta de culori şi a pus unele pe Doc Mcstuffins şi ei prieten minunat Lambie.
Long coffin Disney
          Zi de Picnic Disney printese   
Cenusareasa, Rapunzel şi Aurora nu am vazut reciproc în timp ce şi ei au unele de capturare să se alăture tale preferate Disney printese într-un joc drăguţ noi. Du-te cu ei la un picnic şi asiguraţi-vă că fetele uite elegant ca întotdeauna. Ei vor să bea un ceai delicios şi să mănânce fructe proaspete. Stilul lor părul blond şi alege pentru ei rochii mai sofisticate. Puteţi schimba chiar peisajul... cât de cool este că în cazul în care va avea picnic loc este până la tine
          Elena a testul Avalor Disney   
Printesa Elenas călătorie a început mult timp în urmă atunci când părinții ei și Regatul au fost luate de la ei de vrăjitoare rele, Shuriki. Elena se confruntă cu curaj vrăjitoare pentru a proteja sora ei mai mică, Prințesa Isabel şi bunici, dar în acest proces, o amuletă magică a scos-o în interiorul acestuia bijuterie fermecat, salvarea vieţii ei, dar încarcerarea ei în acelaşi timp. Decenii mai târziu, Principesa Sofia a Enchancia descoperă adevărul despre Amuleta ea a purtat de la aderarea ei familiei regale şi stabileşte pentru a restabili Elena ei formă umană. Singura modalitate pentru Elena pentru a putea întoarce acasă, în Avalor este pentru a termina acest test Disney cu întrebări de la evenimentele reale sa întâmplat în viaţa de Sofia. Cedric urăşte Elena, deoarece ea a lua atât de mult atenţia, şi vrea să facă ei nu Sofias test. Avea o mare de timp în acest joc Elena de Avalor Disney Quiz Elena trece testul
          Elena de Avalor picior Doctor   
Este timpul să vă oferim un joc nou si distractiv online, un nou joc in care va juca un rol important. Acest joc este un joc nou de îngrijirea în care va trebui să aibă grijă de una dintre cele mai noi printese Disney, Elena de Avalor. Prietenul tău rănit piciorul în timp ce ea a fost de mers pe jos în pădure şi acum ea nevoie de ajutorul unui medic, astfel încât ea vă invită să se alăture ei şi să joace acest rol pentru a avea grijă de el. Va trebui să joace acest joc, folosind toate instrucţiunile oferite de joc. Elena va veni la dumneavoastră consultory şi aşteptaţi pentru tine de a vindeca toate rănile ei. Prietenul tau este nerăbdătoare să se alăture ei şi să se joace acest joc online noi şi distractiv, care ea a oferit special pentru tine, au atât de distractiv
          Trip Part I - Prague ♥   

Ui! Três meses sem publicar é obra!
Muita coisa aconteceu e muitos são os posts atrasados. Prometo, prometo que os vou colocar um por um :) O trabalho tem sido muito (e ainda bem...!) e o tempo revela-se pouco para escolher e editar as fotografias, assim como para escrever.

Bem, mostro-vos então a minha viagem no final de novembro! 
Como fui à República Checa e à Áustria, visitei imensas cidades pelo que divido as publicações em 4: Praga, Pilsen, Viena e Karlstein.

Relativamente a Praga, era uma das cidades que mais queria conhecer. Durante toda a minha infância e juventude vi imensas fotografias da Ponte Carlos (presente nestas primeiras fotografias) e bem, foi muita emoção para uma pessoa só! É tão ou mais imponente ao vivo do que nas fotografias. Cada uma das 30 estátuas tem um significado próprio e é simplesmente maravilhoso passear na ponte e vê-las com muita atenção :)
O Castelo de Praga, que se vê em muitas das imagens, acaba por não ser verdadeiramente um castelo mas sim um complexo de vários palácios, jardins e a magnífica Catedral de S.Vito, que também mostro neste post. Os seus muitos vitrais deixam-nos completamente de boca aberta e a beleza da arquitetura gótica está à vista de todos. De facto, Praga é uma cidade bem medieval, mais até que Edimburgo, achei eu. Até os ratos a andar tranquilamente na rua e a própria construção da cidade, nas margens do rio Moldava, me transportavam para uma cidade saída de um filme.
Quanto à comida checa, é simplesmente divinal. É quente e pesada mas aconchegante. Nas fotografias coloquei um belo strudel de maça com natas e creme de baunilha caseiro, doce que é a cara do Café Louvre. Este café é lindo e o próprio Franz Kafka e Albert Einstein o frequentavam.
Os chocolates quentes são deliciosos e, claro está, não pude deixar de beber o meu no Hard Rock Café Praga =D Também fui ao Choco Café, onde fazem todas as especialidades de chocolate quente que se possam imaginar! Em relação aos pratos, o Goulash e os Dumplins fazem as delícias de qualquer um. E as cervejas? Praticamente são todas artesanais e cada restaurante tem a sua! Por meio litro, às vezes chegava a pagar pouco mais de 1€! Porém, parece ser um problema neste país pois a cerveja acaba por ser bem mais barata do que uma água, o que causa alguns problemas. Prova disso, são os táxis que existem especialmente para bêbados e, à sexta e ao sábado, parece que é regra todos ficarem com uns copos a mais =P Resumindo, provei TUDO o que era tradicional e coloco o meu selo de garantia :)
Mais coisas... O nosso hotel (Residence Bologna) era espetacular, tudo muito bonito, um quarto mega grande e com todas as facilidades! O staff era muito simpático também. Quanto ao tempo, apanhei imenso frio e nevou um pouco. Também apanhei uns dias de sol sem uma única núvem no céu, o que me parece ser raro por lá.
Os jardins e o monte da Torre Petrin são lindíssimos e de lá consegue ver-se toda a cidade.
Relativamente a talentos, os checos trabalham muito a madeira pelo que trouxe para casa muitos souvenirs para oferecer, incluindo um brinquedo super giro para a minha sobrinha Tita <3
Em Praga, existe também uma rua muito estreita onde existem semáforos para que todos passem à vez (creio que a única assim no mundo inteiro).
A Praça da Cidade Velha, com o Relógio Astronómico e a Igreja da Nossa Senhora de Týr, foi o que mais me encantou. Passei lá imenso tempo e nunca cansei de parar  de olhar para as torres da igreja! Era altura dos Mercados de Natal e este é um dos mais falados do mundo,  Para quem gosta da Disney, tem uma família que gosta de tudo o que é medieval e viveu rodeada de histórias de castelos, acreditem que é muito difícil abandonar esta praça. Simplesmente, não dá para descrever o quão bonita é. Não dá.
E pronto, Praga foi isto e muito mais. Uma viagem da qual sonhava há muito e que veio numa altura em que precisava de parar um pouco e ver novas coisas. Ainda consegui visitar um amigo de universidade e conhecer a sua casa, as saudades eram muitas! Deu também para estar com dois amigos do meu mais-que-tudo, e foi super, super giro. Aluguei um carro e muito conduzi sempre com a minha companhia de eleição. Segura e encantadora, esta cidade ficou-me marcada e, por tantos dias que lá passei, sinto que a conheço bem. Aconselho a todos <3 

E, para quem quer mesmo visitar Praga e já está a organizar a viagem, aconselho também a visualização dos vídeos do Janek Rubes, o Honest Guide de Praga. Devo-lhe completamente esta viagem!
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Até ao próximo lugar: Pilsen! 

Ponte Carlos

Castelo de Praga