Vụ tấn công mạng toàn cầu: Mã độc mới vẫn đang hoành hành   

4 ngày sau các vụ tấn công mã độc đòi tiền chuộc mới và thủ phạm gây ra vụ tấn công mạng toàn cầu ngày 27/6 vừa qua không phải là biến thể của ransomware Petya mà là một ransomware mới chưa từng xuất hiện, hoạt động của cảng biển Rotterdam (Hà Lan) vẫn bị đình trệ nghiêm trọng.

Truyền thông Hà Lan ngày 30/6 đưa tin hệ thống cầu cảng container tại cảng Rotterdam hiện vẫn chưa thể hoạt động trở lại, từ đó ảnh hưởng tới các khu vực khác của cảng biển tại Hà Lan này.

Hàng nghìn máy tính bị tê liệt trong khi nhiều cảng biển, nhà máy và văn phòng trên thế giới đã phải đóng cửa do vụ tấn công mạng này.

Sau loạt vụ tấn công mới này, nhiều chuyên gia đánh giá việc tìm ra giải pháp cho cuộc tấn công mạng lần này có thể sẽ kéo dài lâu hơn so với vụ "Wannacry."

Công ty cung cấp dịch vụ chống virus và an ninh mạng đa quốc gia Kaspersky Lab của Nga cho biết các vụ tấn công mã độc đòi tiền chuộc mới "đang có xu hướng gia tăng" và thủ phạm gây ra vụ tấn công mạng toàn cầu mới nhất này không phải là biến thể của ransomware Petya như các thông tin trước đó.

Kết quả nghiên cứu của các chuyên gia thuộc Kaspersky Lab cho thấy mã độc đòi tiền chuộc trong vụ tấn công mạng mới đây khác biệt đáng kể so với tất cả các phiên bản mã độc Petya - thủ phạm tấn công hệ thống máy tính toàn cầu năm 2016 - được biết đến trước đó.

Các chuyên gia khẳng định đây không phải là biến thể của ransomware Petya, mà là một ransomware mới chưa từng xuất hiện. Kaspersky Lab đặt tên cho ransomware mới này là "NotPetya" hay "ExPetr."

Theo số liệu từ các hệ thống giám sát của Kasperksy Lab, đã có khoảng 2.000 cuộc tấn công liên quan đến ramsomware mới này tính đến thời điểm hiện tại. Các tổ chức bị ảnh hưởng nhiều nhất là ở Nga và Ukraine.

Ngoài ra, Kaspersky Lab cũng ghi nhận các cuộc tấn công khác ở Ba Lan, Italy, Anh, Đức, Pháp, Mỹ và nhiều quốc gia khác.

Cùng ngày 30/6, Cơ quan An ninh quốc gia Ukraine (SBU) thông báo đã thu giữ một số thiết bị mà họ cho là thuộc về các đặc vụ Nga khi điều tra thủ phạm tiến hành các vụ tấn công mạng trên phạm vi toàn cầu vừa qua. Nga đã bác bỏ mọi cáo buộc liên quan./.

          Snowden: El ataque con el virus extorsionador Petya se realizó utilizando un 'exploit' de la NSA   
Snowden: El ataque con el virus extorsionador Petya se realizó utilizando un 'exploit' de la NSA
El virus logró atacar multitud de países utilizando una herramienta de la Agencia de Seguridad Nacional estadounidense, aseguran Edward Snowden y otros expertos en seguridad…

          GMAT Critical Reasoning (CR) | Re: The primary cause for osteosarcoma, the most common form of primary bo   
The primary cause for osteosarcoma, the most common form of primary bone cancer, is not known. Researchers believe that infection by the SV40 virus is a possible contributing cause, since recent investigations have identified SV40 DNA sequences in tissue samples from osteosarcomas, but no SV40 DNA sequences were found in healthy tissue. SV40 is a monkey virus; however, in 1960 some polio vaccine was contaminated with the virus. Researchers hypothesize that this vaccine was the source of the virus

          X-Men: Gold – Young Mutants in Love (or Love Is Golden)   

The on-again-off-again roller-coaster romance of Kitty Pryde and Peter Rasputin’s become the stuff of legend among X-Men fans, and it’s about to receive a new wrinkle in X-MEN: GOLD #9, out August 8.

The two star-crossed lovers first met in UNCANNY X-MEN #129 when Kitty first walked into the original X-Mansion and met the man-mountain mutant called Colossus. An inauspicious beginning to such a star-crossed love story, to be sure, but by UNCANNY X-MEN #174 they’d recognized their attraction to each other and shared a kiss or three.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #129

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #129

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Peter threw the first monkeywrench into the mix right around the time he’d returned from the first Secret Wars in UNCANNY X-MEN #183 and declared his love for the alien Zsaji to Kitty, though said Zsaji’d perished by that time. Ms. Pryde ratcheted up the anti-feels by joining Excalibur and heading into a hot-and-heavy thing with a guy named Pete Wisdom—a relationship Peter gave his “blessing” to, but also kept one metallic eye on. 

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #183

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #183

What is Marvel Unlimited?

When the Legacy Virus later tore apart the mutant population, Colossus seemingly sacrificed his life during the chaos in X-MEN #110, prompting Kitty to sort out her feelings for the big lunk and insure his ashes traveled back to Russia. Imagine her surprise when Peter turned up hale and hearty in ASTONISHING X-MEN #14, strange situation which led to a passionate reunion and a new outbreak of dating. 

X-Men (1991) #110

X-Men (1991) #110

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Alas, right around the time of the X-Men’s latest disagreement with the Juggernaut and his power source Cyttorak in UNCANNY X-MEN #543, Kitty broke it off again with Peter when she disagreed with his well-intentioned noble thoughts to die for her in battle. Sadly, that meant that she and Colossus’ couple-ness still existed in a state of suspension when Kitty got stuck in a giant bullet traveling around the solar system in GIANT-SIZE ASTONISHING X-MEN #1. Peter tried to move on with his life, but to his credit, he tattooed “Katya” in her memory on his chest in UNCANNY X-MEN #507

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #507

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #507

  • Published: March 18, 2009
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: February 11, 2011
  • Rating: T+
  • Writer: Matt Fraction
  • Penciller: Terry Dodson
What is Marvel Unlimited?

No good mutant hero ever stays lost, though, and so Kitty Pryde returned to Earth, thanks to Magneto, in UNCANNY X-MEN #522 and reclaimed her claim to the big metal guy in UNCANNY X-MEN #522…which of course hit the skids by UNCANNY X-MEN #543. The former Shadowcat struck up a few new relationships in the aftermath, in particular with Iceman in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #14, and with Star-Lord in X-MEN: THE TRIAL OF JEAN GREY #1-6

Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #14

Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #14

  • Published: July 25, 2012
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: April 08, 2013
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Writer: Jason Aaron
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Today, Kitty’s done with star-hopping scoundrels and Peter’s, well, Peter, and the two of them, as seen in X-MEN: GOLD #1, believe they can fight alongside each other as “just friends.” But, anybody who’s ever been in their position knows that trick never really works, right?

Stay tuned…we should be finding out whether or not our beloved Kitlossus will ever be a thing again very, very soon.

          Advertiser WPP says that some operations still affected by cyber attack   

LONDON (Reuters) - WPP, the world's biggest advertising agency, said on Thursday that some of its operations continued to be affected by a ransomware attack that went around the world earlier in the week, but that services were gradually being restored.

On Tuesday a major global cyber attack disrupted computers at a range of multinational firms, including WPP, Russia's biggest oil company and Ukrainian banks, with a virus similar to the ransomware that infected more than 300,000 computers last month.

"While the attack did not affect the entire Group, and many of our companies are fully functional, some continue to be disrupted," WPP said in a statement, adding that it took steps on Tuesday to ensure client data was protected.

"Steady progress is being made towards restoring services. However, in doing so, our emphasis is not only on speed but on safety, and on minimising the impact for our people, partners and clients."

(Reporting by Alistair Smout and Esha Vaish. Editing by Andrew MacAskill)

          Global shipping feels fallout from Maersk cyber attack   

By Jonathan Saul

LONDON (Reuters) - Global shipping is still feeling the effects of a cyber attack that hit A.P. Moller-Maersk two days ago, showing the scale of the damage a computer virus can unleash on the technology dependent and inter-connected industry.

About 90 percent of world trade is transported by sea, with ships and ports acting as the arteries of the global economy. Ports increasingly rely on communications systems to keep operations running smoothly, and any IT glitches can create major disruptions for complex logistic supply chains.

The cyber attack was among the biggest-ever disruptions to hit global shipping. Several port terminals run by a Maersk division, including in the United States, India, Spain, the Netherlands, were still struggling to revert to normal operations on Thursday after experiencing massive disruptions.

South Florida Container Terminal, for example, said dry cargo could not be delivered and no container would be received. Anil Diggikar, chairman of JNPT port, near the Indian commercial hub of Mumbai, told Reuters that he did not know "when exactly the terminal will be running smoothly".

His uncertainty was echoed by Maersk itself, which told Reuters that a number of IT systems were still shut down and that it could not say when normal business operations would be resumed.

It said it was not able to comment on specific questions regarding the breach of its IT systems or the state of its cyber security as it had "all available hands focused on practical stuff and getting things back to normal".

The impact of the attack on the company has reverberated across the industry given its position as the world's biggest container shipping line and also operator of 76 ports via its APM Terminals division.

Container ships transport much of the world's consumer goods and food, while dry bulk ships haul commodities including coal and grain and tankers carry vital oil and gas supplies.

"As Maersk is about 18 percent of all container trade, can you imagine the panic this must be causing in the logistic chain of all those cargo owners all over the world?" said Khalid Hashim, managing director of Precious Shipping, one of Thailand's largest dry cargo ship owners.

"Right now none of them know where any of their cargoes (or)containers are. And this 'black hole' of lack of knowledge will continue till Maersk are able to bring back their systems on line."


The computer virus, which researchers are calling GoldenEye or Petya, began its spread on Tuesday in Ukraine and affected companies in dozens of countries.

Maersk said the attack had caused outages at its computer systems across the world.

In an example of the turmoil that ensued, the unloading of vessels at the group's Tacoma terminal was severely slowed on Tuesday and Wednesday, said Dean McGrath, president of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 23 there.

The terminal is a key supply line for the delivery of domestic goods such as milk and groceries and construction materials to Anchorage, Alaska.

"They went back to basics and did everything on paper," McGrath said.

Ong Choo Kiat, President of U-Ming Marine Transport, Taiwan's largest dry bulk ship owner, said the fact Maersk had been affected rang alarm bells for the whole shipping industry as the Danish company was regarded as a leader in IT technology.

"But they ended up one of the first few casualties. I therefore conclude that shipping is lacking behind the other industry in term of cyber security," he said.

"How long would it takes to catch up? I don't know. But recently all owners and operators are definitely more aware of the risk of cyber security and beginning to pay more attention to it."

In a leading transport survey by international law firm Norton Rose Fulbright published this week, 87 percent of respondents from the shipping industry believed cyber attacks would increase over the next five years - a level that was higher than counterparts in the aviation, rail and logistics industries.


Apart from the reliance on computer systems, ships themselves are increasingly exposed to interference through electronic navigation devices such as the Global Positioning System (GPS) and lack the backup systems airliners have to prevent crashes, according to cyber security experts.

There were no indications that GPS and other electronic navigation aids were affected by this week's attack, but security specialists say such systems are vulnerable to signal loss from deliberate jamming by hackers.

Last year, South Korea said hundreds of fishing vessels had returned early to port after its GPS signals were jammed by North Korea, which denied responsibility.

"The Maersk attack raises our awareness of the vulnerability of shipping and ports to technological failure," said Professor David Last, a previous president of Britain's Royal Institute of Navigation.

"When GPS fails, ships' captains lose their principal means of navigation and much of their communications and computer links. They have to slow down and miss port schedules," said Last, who is also a strategic advisor to the General Lighthouse Authorities of the UK and Ireland.

A number of countries including the UK and the United States are looking into deploying a radar based back up navigation system for ships called eLoran, but this will take time to develop.

David Nordell, head of strategy and policy for London-based think tank, the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace and Security Science, said the global shipping and port industries were vulnerable to cyber attack, because their operating technologies tend to be old.

"It's certainly possible to imagine that two container ships, or, even worse, oil or gas tankers, could be hacked into colliding, resulting in loss of life and cargo, and perhaps total loss of the vessels," Nordell said.

"Carried out in a strategically sensitive location such as the Malacca Straits or the Bosphorus, a collision like this could block shipping for enough time to cause serious dislocations to trade."


Cyber risks also pose challenges for insurance cover.

In a particularly secretive industry, information about the nature of cyber attacks is still scarce, which insurance and shipping officials say is an obstacle to mitigating the risk, which means there are gaps in insurance cover available.

"There has been a lot of non-reporting (of breaches) on ships, and we’re trying efforts where even if there could be anonymous reporting on a platform so we can start to get the information and the data," said Andrew Kinsey, senior marine consultant at insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty.

There is also a gap in provision, because most existing cyber or hull insurance policies - which insure the ship itself - will not cover the risk of a navigation system being jammed or physical damage to the ship caused by a hacking attack.

"The industry is just waking up to its vulnerability," said Colin Gillespie, deputy director of loss prevention with ship insurer North.

"Perhaps it is time for insurers, reinsurers, ship operators and port operators to sit down together and consider these risks in detail. A collective response is needed - we are all under attack."

(Additional reporting by Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen in Copenhagen, Keith Wallis and Carolyn Cohn in London, Euan Rocha in Mumbai, Miyoung Kim in Singapore, Alexander Cornwell in Dubai, Michael Hirtzer in Chicago, Noor Zainab Hussain in Bangalore, Adam Jourdan and Shanghai newsroom; Editing by Pravin Char)

          Microsoft gibt Ausblick auf zusätzliche Sicherheitsfunktionen für Windows 10   
Sie stehen mit Build 16232, einer weiteren Vorabversion des Fall Creators Update, zur Ansicht zur Verfügung. Gedacht sind die neuen Sicherheitsfunktionen für den Einsatz in Unternehmen. Windows Defender Antivirus kann nun ausgewählte Dateien und Ordner vor Manipulationen schützen.
          Crossout alcanza los tres millones de jugadores en un mes   
Es un MMO de vehículos y lucha en un mundo post-apocalíptico.

Crossout es un MMO free-to-play que combina las mecánicas de la conducción y la construcción. Desarrollado por Targem Games, llegó a PC, PS4 y Xbox One a través de sus tiendas digitales - Steam, PlayStation Store y Microsoft Store - el pasado 30 de mayo y, desde entonces, ha reunido tres millons de jugadores en su primer mes entre las tres plataformas.

"Estamos muy satisfechos con el lanzamiento de Crossout, dado el increíble feedback que hemos recibido de aquellos que pudieron probar el juego en eventos como E3 y Gamescom", señalaba Stanislav Skorb, CEO de Targem Games. "Hemos invertido mucho esfuerzo, entusiasmo y dedicación en hacer que Crossout sea único e interesante".

A su vez, Skorb señalaba que la semana que viene llegarán nuevas aventuras PvE, así como nuevas facciones, accesorios para los vehículos y modos de juego.

Lucha en el post-apocalipsis


En Crossout los jugadores tendrán que sobrevivir en un mundo post-apocalíptico. Un virus ha arrasado la mayor parte de la población y, para sobrevivir, los usuarios deberán componer su propio vehículo de combate. Le podrán modificar desde cuestiones técnicas hasta estéticas.

Crossout alcanza los tres millones de jugadores en un mes

Crossout alcanza los tres millones de jugadores en un mes

Crossout alcanza los tres millones de jugadores en un mes

Crossout alcanza los tres millones de jugadores en un mes

Crossout alcanza los tres millones de jugadores en un mes

Crossout alcanza los tres millones de jugadores en un mes

Crossout alcanza los tres millones de jugadores en un mes

Crossout alcanza los tres millones de jugadores en un mes

Crossout alcanza los tres millones de jugadores en un mes

Crossout alcanza los tres millones de jugadores en un mes

Crossout alcanza los tres millones de jugadores en un mes
          (IT) Security Analyst - SIEM tools   

Rate: Market Day Rate   Location: London   

Security Analyst required for 10 week contract in Inner London to develop plans to safeguard computer files against accidental or unauthorised modification, destruction, or disclosure and to meet emergency data processing needs. Confer with users to discuss issues such as computer data access needs, security violations, and programming changes. Monitor current reports of computer viruses to determine when to update virus protection system. Modify computer security files to incorporate new software, correct errors, or change individual access status. Coordinate implementation of computer system plan with establishment personnel and outside vendors. Experience required: Experience working with Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) tools Significant experience of system operational security, network and/or application security Technical knowledge in security engineering, system and network security, (authentication and security protocols, cryptography), operation of a PKI, and application security Knowledge of system security vulnerabilities and remediation techniques Analytic skills to understand security implications of technical events Extensive troubleshooting and research skills with a positive and proactive approach to customer service and getting things done Strong experience working in an operational role in a secure environment Knowledge of network and web related protocols (eg TCP/IP, UDP, IPSEC, HTTP, HTTPS, routing protocols) Strong Scripting skills in at least one of the following is highly desirable: Ruby, Python, Shell (bash, ksh, csh). Working knowledge of Linux Clearance Level Required: BPSS (DS) - Baseline Personnel Security Standard (with a Disclosure Scotland) IR35 Scope: Outside If deemed inside IR35 - Please note that the client has determined that the off-payroll working rules will apply to this assignment and where a worker elects to provide their services through an intermediary (such as a personal services company) then income tax and primary national insurance contributions will be deducted at source from any payments made to the intermediary. If deemed outside IR35 - Please note that the client has determined that the off-payroll working rules will not apply to this assignment. CV closing date is Friday 30th June at 3.00 pm. GSA Techsource Ltd operates as an Employment Agency when recruiting for permanent vacancies, and an Employment Business when recruiting for contract vacancies. All contract rates quoted are to Ltd companies.
Rate: Market Day Rate
Type: Contract
Location: London
Country: UK
Contact: Jackie Dean
Advertiser: GSA Techsource Ltd
Start Date: July 2017
Reference: JSJD/C/16866

          Problema con formateo Toshiba Satellite A300-1H3   

Problema con formateo Toshiba Satellite A300-1H3

Buenas a todos:

Mi Toshiba debía de tener virus y en Equipo, la unidad C:/ estaba en rojo, sin capacidad, cosa que no cambiaba aun desinstalándole programas. No era tampoco capaz de leer los CDs de copia de seguridad ni nada que tuviera. Es por eso que decidí formatearlo.

Decidí descargarme el SO que ya tenía de serie, porque no tenía ningún CD con él (Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bits). Me descargé el ...

Publicado el 29 de Junio del 2014 por BrainCrash

          Remove CenturyLink.net (CenturyLink.net Adware)   

CenturyLink.net – What is it? As you know, adware always comes with a yummy name so as to blind you eyes. So does CenturyLink.net which is a typical redirect virus powered by adware. Also, it is kind of potentially unwanted program (pup). It will appear to guarantee you with several … Continue reading

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          Fooriza adware. How to delete Fooriza virus?   

Fooriza – What is it? Fooriza is a new adware program. You may install it accidentally if you aren’t careful online. This may take place as a result of you installing some other programs (mainly those which are free). The problem with all these cost-free programs is that they are … Continue reading

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          Corporate staff IT and SP support   
VA-Herndon, Occam Solutions Corporate Staff IT SME/SP Support: In corporate office, Monday to Friday From 9 am – 5 pm position (no telework available) IT Roles and Responsibilities: - Installing and configuring Laptop hardware, software, systems, networks and printers. Managing Norton Antivirus installations, renewals and updates. Managing office 365 Exchange (create /delete email id’s, manage spam, manage di
          Carp herpes project could lead to potentially deadly 'blackwater' problem   

There are fears the mass-culling of carp, using a specially designed herpes virus, could cause further problems for native fish due to the large number of decomposing bodies.

          Science Says: Pregnant or trying? Don't let Zika guard down   
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Zika virus may not seem as big a threat as last summer but don't let your guard down - especially if you're pregnant or trying to be....
           Replication enhancer elements within the open reading frame of tick-borne encephalitis virus and their evolution within the Flavivirus genus    
Tuplin, Andrew, Evans, D. J. (David J.), Buckley, A., Jones, I. M. (Ian M.), Gould, E. and Gritsun, T. S.. (2011) Replication enhancer elements within the open reading frame of tick-borne encephalitis virus and their evolution within the Flavivirus genus. Nucleic Acids Research, Vol.39 (No.16). pp. 7034-7048. ISSN 0305-1048
           Epstein-Barr virus-encoded EBNA1 inhibits the canonical NF-κB pathway in carcinoma cells by inhibiting IKK phosphorylation    
Valentine, Robert, Dawson, Christopher W., Hu, Chunfang, Shah, Khilan M., Owen, Thomas J., Date, Kathryn L., Maia, Sonia P., Shao, Jianyong, Arrand, J. R. (John R.), Young, Lawrence S. and O'Neil, John D.. (2010) Epstein-Barr virus-encoded EBNA1 inhibits the canonical NF-κB pathway in carcinoma cells by inhibiting IKK phosphorylation. Molecular Cancer, Vol.9 (No.1). p. 1. ISSN 1476-4598
          TS222:Wine & Granola,Speed Metal Bars,Antonin Scalia,Zika Virus   
You know the problem with red wine? There isn't enough crunch. This week Antonin Scalia is deader than a doornail and Bryan and Erin ain't too sad about it. Also women athletes are unfairly having to choose between competing in the Rio Olympics or potentially contracting the Zika virus. It's a real fucking bummer. For a pick-me-up check out your local speed metal bar!
          Global shipping feels fallout from Maersk cyber attack   

Global shipping is still feeling the effects of a cyber attack that hit A.P. Moller-Maersk two days ago, showing the scale of the damage a computer virus can unleash on the technology dependent and inter-connected industry. About 90 percent of world trade is transported by sea, with ships and ports acting as the arteries of the global economy.

          Un virus destructeur à source de la cyberattaque qui a balayé l'Europe   
Plusieurs dizaines d'entreprises ont été ciblées ce 27 juin. Un virus déguisé en rançongiciel est pointé du doigt. L'attaque s'est étendue à toute l'Europe.
          Cara Mengisi Nilai Rapor, Nilai US dan Nilai USBN Pada Aplikasi Dapodik 2017    
Mengisi nilai Rapor dan nilai US/USBN ke dalam aplikasi dapodik 2017b merupakan tugas bersama antara operator sekolah dengan guru mata pelajaran. Operator sekolah mertugas akun guru matapelajaran, memilih mata pelajaran evaluasi dan nomor urutnya, sementara guru mata pelajaran memiliki tugas untuk mengisi nilai kedalam aplikasi dapodik, baik itu nilai rapot, US maupun USBN, guru juga bertanggungjawab secara penuh terhadap kelengkapan dan kebenaran nilai lalu kemudian melakukan penguncian data nilai yang telah di entri.
Cara Input Nilai Raport dan US/USBN Dapodik 2017b
Cara Input Nilai Raport
Secara tupoksi memang guru memiliki tugas yang lebih banyak dalam penginputan nilai ini, namun tanpa di bantu oleh operator sekolah tetntu saja banyak guru yang akan mengalami kesulita dalam melaksanakan tupoksinya ini. Bahkan tidak menutup kemungkinan jika tidak di dampingi oleh operator sekolah bisa jadi nanti justru salah entri, jika itu yang terjadi akhirnya operator sekolah harus memperbaikinya karena jika salah entri bukan tidak mungkin justru nanti akan sulit di singkronkan.

Biarpun dalam penginputan nilai ini melibatkan guru dan operator sekolah, namun peran kepala sekolah juga tidak kalah penting. Hal ini tidak lain untuk memastikan semua melaksanakan tupoksinya secara maksimal, jika operator sekolah yang mengentri tentu KS dapat membuat kebijakan yang menguntungkan kedua belah pihak. Jangan sampai pada kenyataan semua dilaksanakan oleh operator sekolah tanpa diperhatikan jam kerjanya.

Untuk dapat menginput nilai pada aplikasi dapodik versi 2017b ini, maka siapkan panduannya yang dapat diunduh langsung ke web dapodikdasmen, jika mengalami kesulitan ikuti tutorial berikut ini;

A. Cara Install Aplikasi Dapodik Versi 2017b
Tepat sehari dirilis namun banyak sekali operator sekolah yang mengeluh dengan gagalnya proses instalasi dapodik 2017b, akibatnya menu entri nilai tidak muncul. Untuk menginstalnya sebenarnya cukup mudah yaitu manual menggunakan patch versi 2017b, tempatkan prefill rapot pada folder prefill_dapodik  letaknya di C:\prefill_dapodik kemudian konfirmasi data prefill nilai melalui fitur konfirmasi prefill nilai di menu pengaturan dengan memasukkan kode registrasi sekolah beserta user name dan password dapodik. Selesai?? Ternyata banyak yang gagal.

Kemungkinan yang sering terjadi adalah aplikasi dapodik pada laptor atau PC sesungguhnya sudah tidak berjalan dengan baik 100%, baik itu karena malware, virus ataupun permasalahan teknis lainnya. Karenanya sebelum menginstal nilai rapor kedalam dapodik pastikan dapodik tidak eror terlebih dahulu.

Untuk memastikan dapodik dalam keadaan prima maka sebaiknya lakukan intal ulang dapodik sengan fresh instaler dapodik 2017 lalu perbaharui ke versi 2017a dan update lagi ke versi 2017b. Setelah dapodik sudah pada versi terbaru, tempatkan prefill dapodik terbaru dan prefill nilai raport di folder prefiil dapodik di drive C. Lakukan registrasi dapodik seperti biasa lalu login ke aplikasi dapodik maka menu entri nilai telah muncul pada tempatnya. selanjutnya lakukan konfig prefill nilai rapot pada menu pengaturan, isikan user, pasword dan kode registrasi sekolah.

B. Cara Membuat Akun Guru
Akun Guru menjadi sangat penting jika operator sekolah ingin melibatkan semua guru mata pelajaran untuk menginput secara mandiri. Karenanya setiap guru dapat kita buatkan akun untuk login ke dapodik sebagai guru. Caranya cukup mudah, ikuti langkahnya berikut ini.
  1. Pilih nama salah satu guru pada menu gtk
  2. Pilih menu penugasan, maka akan tampil sub menu penugasan ptk
  3. Pilih menu buat / ubah akun ptk pada daftar menu di bagian bawah dan akan tampil sub menu baru dengan judul akun ptk dengan kuncian pada user name ptk, email yang menjadi username ptk adalah email yang di entri pada data rinci ptk dan pastikan email ini masih aktif.
  4. Isikan pasword, pasword ini sebaiknya di buat sendiri oleh ptk agar mudah diingat oleh mereka
  5. Terakgir tekan tombol simpan, akun ptk telah dibuat dan siap digunakan. Lakukan perilaku yang sama terhadap guru-guru yang lainnya.
C. Cara Membuat Mata Pelajaran pada Raport Siswa
Sebelum meminta guru menginput nilai, tentu operator sekolah harus menyiapkan terlebih dahulu mape evaluasi nya. Untuk itu, lakukan hal berikut ini.
  1. Pilih fitur raport pada menu nilai, maka akan muncul tabel mata evaluasi raport.
  2. Pilih tahun pelajaran dan semester yang akan di inputkan (Prioritas input nilai adalah semester ganjil tahun ajaran 2016/2017)
  3. Pilih kelas dan rombel yang akan di buat lalu tekan tombol Tambah maka akan muncul menu tambah mata evaluasi.
  4. Pilih mata pelajaran evaluasi, selanjutnya isikan nomor urutnya pada bagian bawah. Untuk nomor urut sesuaikan saja dengan nomor urut sesuai struktur kurikulum atau sesuai rapot siswa.
  5. Tekan tombol simpan dan tutup, selanjutnya nama mata pelajaran akan tersimpan dan tampil pada fitur raport.
  6. Langkan selanjutnya pilih fitur US/USBN
  7. Pilih kelas dan rombel yang akan dibuat mata pelajarannya seperti cara membuat mata pelajaran pada fitur raport di atas, hanya saja pada menu ini tidak ada pilihan semester.
Lakukan hal yang sama untuk mata pelajaran-mata pelajaran yang lainnya. Untuk mengaktifkan menu input nilai cukup tekan 2 kali pada salah satu mata pelajaran yang telah dibuat tadi. Ingat, operator sekolah tidak berwenang merubah daftar nilai, cukup melihat dan mengunduk rekapitulasi nilai.

Sampai tahap ini tugas operator sekolah telah selesai, kemudian akan bekerja lagi ketika data telah dientri yaitu melakukan singkronisasi dapodik. Disarankan untuk melakukan singkronisasi secara bertahap tanpa menunggu nilai selesai diinput seluruhnya, hal ini dilakukan guna mengatisipasi kesulitan singkronisasi.

D. Memasukkan Nilai Raport dan US / USBN Secara Bersama-Sama
Seperti penjelasan di atas, bahwasannya input nilai ini tupoksinya guru mata pelajaran. Maka persilakan guru mata pelajaran untuk login ke dapodik menggunakan akun ptk masing-masing yang telah dibuat oleh operator sekolah. Setelah berhasil masuk ke dasboard ptk, maka input nilai siap dilakukan.
  1. Pilih menu nilai pada sebelah kiri menu beranda ptk, selanjutnya klik fitur raport
  2. Pilih semester yang akan di isi beserta kelas dan rombelnya maka akan tampil daftar mata pelajarannya
  3. Pilih salah satu mata pelajaran dengan mengklik 2 kali sehingga data siswa akan aktif pada kolom sebelah kanan, pada kolom inilah guru melakukan input nilai. Input nilai pada kolam yang telah disediakan lalutekan tombol simpan.
Lakukan hal yang pada fitur input nilai US/USBN. Perbedaan mendasar pada menu US/USBN adalah tanpa memilih semester, jadi langsung memilih kelas dan rombelnya lalu akan mucul daftar mata pelajaran yang akan diisi nilainya.

E. Cara Menginput Nilai Rapot Secara Bersamaan

Untuk menginput nilai secara bersamaan dan diwaktu yang sama (biar cepat selesai) maka setelah semua akun ptk sudah dibuat silakan hubungkan laptop ops yang telah terinstal dapodik 2017b pada jaringan wifi atau local area network (LAN) yang tersedia di sekolah. Hubungkan juga laptop ptk ke jaringan yang sama sebagai client.

Buatlah koneksi adhoc dari laptop/PC yang terinstall aplikasi Dapodik dan E-Raport, US/USBN. Pengisian data pada aplikasi E-Raport dapat menggunakan laptop/PC server “milik ops yang terinstal dapodik” yang terkoneksi dengan jaringan/internet. Penggunaan internet yang sama antara laptop/PC server dengan client “laptop PTK yang tidak terinstal dapodik”, sehingga dapat mengakses aplikasi dapodik tanpa harus menginstallnya. Caranya sebagai berikut;

  1. Pastikan jaringan/internet yang digunakan adalah jaringan/internet yang sama antara laptop/PC server dan client. Koneksi ini dapat menggunakan Wifi Router, maupun AP (Access Point) Router dari smartphone pengguna.
  2. Cek IP yang pada laptop/PC server melaui CMD : Klik Start - search -  lalu ketikkan CMD. Lalu akan muncul jendela terminal windows lalu ketikan “ipconfig” dan tekan Enter lalu akan muncul Windows IP Configuration cari dan catat IPv4 Address yang tertera pada jendela CMD misalnya
  3. Cara lain mengecek IP server yaitu pada network connections, sambungkan laptop ke wifi, setelah tersambung klink kanan wifi tersebut lalu open network and sharing center selanjutnya klik wifi id nya dan pilih details.
    Network Properties
  4. Ketik alamat IP (IPv4 address) yang sudah didapat pada laptop/PC server pada web browser laptop/PC client dengan menambahkan port 5774 misal
  5. Silahkan login dengan akun PTK yang telah dibuat di login ops
  6. Jangan lupa untuk mematikan Firewall
Jika sudah terhubung pada masing-masing laptop ptk silakan masuk sebagai ptk dengan mengisi user dan password ptk masing-masing yang telah dibuat. Dengan demikian penginputan nilai ini dapat dikerjakan sesuai dengan tupoksinya dan dapat terselesaikan dengan lebih cepat.

Data yang sudah benar dan lengkap dapat dilakukan penguncian, harap diperhatikan bahwa data yang telak dikunci tidak dapat diubah kembali. Maka hati-hati melakukan penguncian data tersebut.

F. Kumpulan Tips

Pertama, Untuk meninput nilai raport pastikan login menggunakan akun PTK, karena akun ops bukan untuk mengisi nilai tapi untuk memantai pengisian oleh ptk. pada akun ptk lah nilai dimasukkan dan dikunci.

Kedua, bagi rekan rekan ops yang juga berperan sebagau guru mata pelajaran dan mengalami kesulitan login sebagai ptk dikarenakan emai dapodik sama dengan email ptk maka untuk dapat login sebagai ptk harus merubah email pada data rinci ptk, email inilah yang nantinya akan digunakan sebagai user akun ptk. caranya cukup edit email ptk pada menu edit data ptk, pastikan email ini bukan email yang sama dengan email dapodik. lalu simpan dan buat akun ptk pada penugasan seperti penjelasan pembuatan akun prk di atas.
          Remède n 1 : un antivirus et des mises à jour | Aamulehti - Finlande   
          Ottawa Public Health warns of hepatitis A exposure at Toronto restaurant   
Ottawa Public Health is advising anyone who ate or drank at Toronto restaurant to be aware that they may have been exposed to the hepatitis A virus. Patrons of “O’Grady’s on Church” at 518 Church St. in Toronto between June 7-23, may have been exposed. The viral liver disease is transmitted through ingestion of contaminated […]
          Keep Your Guard Up Against West Nile Virus, Say South Dakota Scientists    
Newswise image
          Keep Your Guard Up Against West Nile Virus    
Newswise imageUse insect repellent and wear protective clothing when we're outside in the evening-- even when it doesn't feel like mosquitoes are biting. It's West Nile Virus season!
          New Clues Found to Common Respiratory Virus    
Newswise imageScientists have solved the structure of a protein that helps a common respiratory virus evade the immune system. The team, led by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, have identified critical parts of the protein that could be targeted with drugs or vaccines, opening up the possibility of preventing or treating an infection that sickens thousands of babies and elderly people every year.
          Influenza Virus Can Overcome Potentially Crippling Mutations   
New research could improve the effectiveness of flu vaccines and therapies.
          Global Cyberattack Seems Intent On Havoc, Not Extortion   

A cyberattack that caused indiscriminate economic damage around the world was apparently designed to create maximum havoc in Russia’s neighbor and adversary Ukraine, security researchers said. While the rogue software used in the attack was configured as extortionate “ransomware,” that may have just been a ruse. “It is clear that this was targeted indiscriminately at Ukrainian businesses, and the Ukrainian government,” Jake Williams, president of the security firm Rendition Infosec and a former member of the U.S. National Security Agency’s elite cyberwarfare group, told The Associated Press in an online chat. “The ‘ransomware’ component is just a smokescreen (and a bad one).” UKRAINE IN PAIN Although the attack was global in its reach, Ukraine bore the brunt. Computers were disabled at banks, government agencies, energy companies, supermarkets, railways and telecommunications providers. Many of these organizations said they had recovered by Thursday, although some experts suspected that work was incomplete. “There is still a lot of damage, especially in banks,” said Victor Zhora, CEO of the Kiev cybersecurity firm InfoSafe. “ATMs are working (again) but some bank operations are still limited.” He estimated damage in “the millions of dollars, perhaps tens of millions.” And that’s just in Ukraine. Microsoft said the malware hit at least 64 nations, including Russia, Germany and the United States. “I expect that we will see additional fallout from this is the coming days,” said Williams. In Ukraine, suspicion immediately fell on hackers affiliated with Vladimir Putin’s regime, although there is no direct, public evidence tying Russia to the attack. Relations between the two nations have been tense since Moscow annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in 2014. Pro-Russian fighters are still battling the government in eastern Ukraine. Experts have also blamed pro-Russian hackers for major cyberattacks on the Ukrainian power grid in 2015 and 2016, assaults that have turned the eastern European nation into the world’s leading cyberwarfare testing ground. A disruptive attack on the nation’s voting system ahead of 2014 national elections is also attributed to Russia. THE MOSCOW CONNECTION The malicious program, which researchers are calling NotPetya, initially appeared to be ransomware. Such malware locks up victims’ files by encrypting them, then holds them hostage while demanding payment — usually in bitcoin, the hard-to-trace digital currency. But researchers said the culprits would have been hard-pressed to make money off the scheme. They appear to have relied on a single email address that was blocked almost immediately and a single bitcoin account that collected the relatively puny sum of $10,000. Firms including Russia’s anti-virus Kaspersky Lab, said clues in the code indicate that the program’s authors would have been incapable of decrypting the data, further evidence that the ransom demands were a smoke screen. The timing was intriguing, too. The attack came the same day as the assassination of a senior Ukrainian military intelligence officer and a day before a national holiday celebrating the new Ukrainian constitution signed after the breakup of the Soviet Union. “Everything being said so far does point to Russia being a leading candidate for a suspect in this attack,” said Robert M. Lee, CEO of Dragos Inc. an expert who has studied the attacks on Ukraine’s power grid. What’s most worrisome and reprehensible, said Lee, is that whoever was behind the attack was unconcerned about the indiscriminate, collateral damage it […]

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          Quick Heal Virus Database 17.00(30 June 2   
Offers you the latest virus definitions you can use to manually update
          Cambios en acceso a la aplicación de Google Market afectaría a cubanos   
Cambios en acceso a la aplicación de Google Market afectaría a cubanos
junio 29, 2017

Cuando el cambio se produzca, los usuarios de estos dispositivos no
podrán acceder o instalar aplicaciones desde la tienda online de
aplicaciones Android Market.
La compañía multinacional de tecnología Google anunció que a partir del
30 de junio las versiones Android 2.1 Éclair y otras inferiores no
tendrán acceso a la aplicación Google Market, reportó la compañía en su
espacio digital Developers Blog.

Cuando el cambio se produzca, los usuarios de estos dispositivos no
podrán acceder o instalar aplicaciones desde la tienda online de
aplicaciones Android Market, explica el ingeniero en software de Google
Play, Maximilian Ruppaner.

La compañía decidió descontinuar el apoyo técnico a esta app, porque la
mayoría de los desarrolladores de aplicaciones ya no diseñan sus
productos para estas versiones de Android, debido a que estos
dispositivos solo les reportan un pequeño números de descargas, explica
Ruppaner en el blog.

Un problema para muchos cubanos

Aunque la noticia pase sin penas ni glorias para la mayoría de los
usuarios del sistema operativo de Google en el mundo, y no es más que el
proceso natural del avance tecnológico, para numerosos cubanos dentro de
la isla representa un problema, como manifestó uno de ellos a la
publicación CubaNet.

"Con esta novedad me van a obligar a instalar aplicaciones piratas que
vienen en el paquete semanal, quién sabe con cuántos virus. Paso mucho
trabajo buscando programas que le sirvan a mi Android", dijo Elio
Morales, quien usa una versión de Android obsoleta.

Morales explicó que los elevados precios de los dispositivos le impiden
cambiar su teléfono por una más moderno. "No todos contamos con los
medios para renovar los dispositivos", indicó.

Otra joven cubana, interrogada por el portal de noticias, confesó que la
disposición de Google no la afecta en lo más mínimo, pero no por lo
avanzado de su dispositivo, sino porque la escasa internet de que
dispone la obliga a buscar otras alternativas para descargar aplicaciones.

"No uso Google Play porque nunca me conecto online para descargar
aplicaciones, ni para realizar actualizaciones, no gastaría mi tiempo de
Internet en eso. Tengo suficiente con el Zapya", dijo Maday González.

Otras notificaciones de Google

No se enviará ninguna notificación al dispositivo cuando ocurra el
cambio, debido a restricciones técnicas en la aplicación original de
Android Market, advierte el ingeniero.

A través de la breve publicación, la compañía explica que Google Play,
el reemplazo de Android Market, se encuentra disponible para los
sistemas operativos Android 2.2 y actualizaciones superiores.

Advierte, además, que continuarán actualizando versiones posteriores de
Android Market mientras les sea posible.

(Redactado por Lizandra Díaz Blanco, con información de Developers Blog
y CubaNet)

Source: Cambios en acceso a la aplicación de Google Market afectaría a
cubanos -
          Anti-virus programmes and updates protect users | Aamulehti - Finland   
          VIDEO: Memphis May Fire – Virus   
Texas based post-hardcore outfit Memphis May Fire seem to be infected with some form of virus in the new video for their aptly and poignantly titled new single, ‘Virus’. The song is the latest choice of single to come from the band’s most recent full-length offering, ‘This Light I Hold’. You can stream and watch […]
          OFW diagnosed with chikungunya upon arrival in Taiwan   
An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) contracted chikungunya upon arrival in Taiwan last week, the country's officials said on Wednesday. According to Taiwan News, which cited CNA,the Filipina returned to the Philippines last June 8 and flew back to Taiwan on the 23rd while suffering from the viral disease. Health workers screened her at the Taoyuan International Airport, whereshe was tested positive for the mosquito-borne virus. This marks the first case in Tainan municipality and the sixth in Taiwan this year, the report said. Chikungunya, a benign version of dengue, includes symptoms such asfever, rashes and joint pains. Last year, around 400 cases of chikungunya were detected in...

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          A quick plea - VMCD.exe   
Hi All

I've been getting asked alot recently about the fact some (though certainly not all) virus checkers are reporting that the VMCD.exe download has a Trojan.

I have compiled a clean version of my code (which definitely does not do anything untoward) and it is still being reported as such.

I can only conclude this is a false positive caused by the fact vmcd updates the registry

Can I ask that anyone who gets a trojan report in turn report this back to their antivirus company as a false positive. There is usually a form on the antivirus company's website to do this.

          Phayao kindergarten closed amid influenza concerns   
A kindergarten in Phayao’s Mueang district was closed on Friday after a pupil tested positive for the Influenza A (H1N1) virus.
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Microsoft has stirred quite a few discussions in the aftermath of people learning of their plans of putting all their eggs in the security basket, so to speak. While it’s most common for the Windows operating system to be paired with a third party antivirus service, Microsoft seems to want to move away from that […]

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What Is Lacazette.trade? Lacazette.trade is a harmful adware app. As you agree to install this virus it will set a new home page in your browser and irritate you with...

          4 pregnant women test positive for Zika in York County   
At least four pregnant women in York County have tested positive for Zika virus, which can cause birth defects in newborns.

          Incident Response Analyst - Verizon - Basking Ridge, NJ   
Windows Phone, iOS, Android Foundational Knowledge of Enterprise Anti-Virus, IDS, Full Packet Capture and Host/Network Forensics Understanding of Networking...
From Verizon - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 10:58:12 GMT - View all Basking Ridge, NJ jobs
          AVG Help Number UK 0800-098-8573 AVG Support Number UK   
Added: Jun 30, 2017
By: antiviruscontacthelp
Views: 3
There are many users who are still facing technical issues during the use of AVG Antivirus and most of them have got the correct solution for the problems by getting in touch with the technical experts and here, we are available to serve you this service anytime at 0800-098-8573 toll-free UK number More Details Please Click Here :- http://www.anti-virussupport.co.uk/support-for-avg.html

          Antivirus Tech Support Number 1 888 324 3465   
Added: Jun 30, 2017
By: rock17881
Views: 2
The AVG tech support service is available on a 24-hour basis, every day. Whether the antivirus is causing the machine to slow down, you suspect an attack or have installation issues, just get in touch with AVG Tech Support Number team. Do you have AVG antivirus issues affecting your system? call now to avail instant support. AVG Antivirus support phone number at 844-829-3670 we are ever ready to help you.

          4 Hidden Dangers of Pork   
Pork is the most commonly consumed meat in the world, but may also be one of the most dangerous.

Among foods that inspire a cult-like following, pork often leads the pack, as evidenced by the 65% of Americans eager to name bacon the country’s national food.

Unfortunately, that popularity comes at a cost. Along with being the most commonly consumed meat in the world, pork may also be one of the most dangerous, carrying some important and under-discussed risks that any consumer should be aware of (1).

1. Hepatitis E

Thanks to the revival of nose-to-tail eating, offal has redeemed itself among health enthusiasts, especially liver, which is prized for its vitamin A content and massive mineral lineup.

But when it comes to pork, liver might be risky business.

In developed nations, pork liver is the top food-based transmitter of hepatitis E, a virus that infects 20 million people each year and can lead to acute illness (fever, fatigue, jaundice, vomiting, joint pain and stomach pain), enlarged liver and sometimes liver failure and death (23).

Most hepatitis E cases are stealthily symptom-free, but pregnant women can experience violent reactions to the virus, including fulminant hepatitis (rapid-onset liver failure) and a high risk of both maternal and fetal mortality (4). In fact, mothers who get infected during their third trimester face a death rate of up to 25% (5).

In rare cases, hepatitis E infection can lead to myocarditis (an inflammatory heart disease), acute pancreatitis (painful inflammation of the pancreas), neurological problems (including Guillain-Barré syndrome and neuralgic amyotrophy), blood disorders and musculoskeletal problems, such as elevated creatine phosphokinase, indicating muscle damage, and multi-joint pain (in the form of polyarthralgia) (678).

People with compromised immune systems, including organ transplant recipients on immunosuppressive therapy and people with HIV, are more likely to suffer from these severe hepatitis E complications (9).

So, just how alarming are pork’s contamination stats? In America, about 1 out of every 10 store-bought pig livers tests positive for hepatitis E, which is slightly higher than the 1 in 15 rate in the Netherlands and 1 in 20 rate in the Czech Republic (1011). One study in Germany found that about 1 in 5 pork sausages were contaminated (12).

France’s traditional figatellu, a pig liver sausage that’s often consumed raw, is a confirmed hepatitis E carrier (13). In fact, in regions of France where raw or rare pork is a common delicacy, over half the local population shows evidence of hepatitis E infection (14).

Japan, too, is facing rising hepatitis E concerns as pork gains popularity (15). And in the UK? Hepatitis E shows up in pork sausages, in pork liver and at pork slaughterhouses, indicating the potential for widespread exposure among pork consumers (16).

It might be tempting to blame the hepatitis E epidemic on commercial farming practices, but in the case of the pig, wilder doesn’t mean safer. Hunted boars, too, are frequent hepatitis E carriers, capable of passing on the virus to game-eating humans (1718).

Apart from total pork abstinence, the best way to slash hepatitis E risk is in the kitchen. This stubborn virus can survive the temperatures of rare-cooked meat, making high heat the best weapon against infection (19). For virus deactivation, cooking pork products for at least 20 minutes to an internal temperature of 71°C (160°F) seems to do the trick (20).

However, fat can protect hepatitis viruses from heat destruction, so fattier cuts of pork might need extra time or toastier temperatures (21).

Summary: Pork products, particularly liver, frequently carry hepatitis E, which can cause severe complications and even death in vulnerable populations. Thorough cooking is necessary to deactivate the virus.

2. Multiple Sclerosis

One of the most surprising risks associated with pork — one that’s received remarkably little airtime — is multiple sclerosis (MS), a devastating autoimmune condition involving the central nervous system.

The robust link between pork and MS has been known at least since the 1980s, when researchers analyzed the relationship between per capita pork consumption and MS across dozens of countries (22).

While pork-averse nations like Israel and India were nearly spared from MS’s degenerative grips, more liberal consumers, such as West Germany and Denmark, faced sky-high rates.

In fact, when all countries were considered, pork intake and MS showed a whopping correlation of 0.87 (p<0.001), which is much higher and more significant than the relationship between MS and fat intake (0.63, p<0.01), MS and total meat intake (0.61, p<0.01) and MS and beef consumption (no significant relationship).

For perspective, a similar study of diabetes and per capita sugar intake found a correlation of just under 0.60 (p<0.001) when analyzing 165 countries (23).

As with all epidemiological findings, the correlation between pork consumption and MS can’t prove that one causes the other (or even that, within MS-stricken countries, the most enthusiastic pork consumers were the most diseased). But as it turns out, the evidence vault goes much deeper.

Earlier, a study of inhabitants of the Orkney and Shetland Islands of Scotland, a region teeming with unusual delicacies, including seabird eggs, raw milk and undercooked meat, found only one dietary association with MS — consumption of “potted head,” a dish made from boiled pig’s brain (24).

Among Shetland residents, a significantly higher proportion of MS patients had consumed potted head in their youth, compared to healthy, age and sex-matched controls (25).

This is particularly relevant because — per other research — MS that strikes in adulthood might stem from environmental exposures during adolescence (26).

The potential for pig brain to trigger nerve-related autoimmunity isn’t just an observational hunch, either. Between 2007 and 2009, a cluster of 24 pork plant workers mysteriously fell ill with progressive inflammatory neuropathy, which is characterized by MS-like symptoms such as fatigue, numbness, tingling and pain (2728).

The source of the outbreak? So-called “pig brain mist” — tiny particles of brain tissue blasted into the air during carcass processing (29).

When workers inhaled these tissue particles, their immune systems, per standard protocol, formed antibodies against the foreign porcine antigens.

But those antigens happened to bear an uncanny resemblance to certain neural proteins in humans. And the result was a biological calamity: confused about who to fight, the workers’ immune systems launched a guns-blazing attack on their own nerve tissue (3031).

Although the resulting autoimmunity wasn’t identical to multiple sclerosis, that same process of molecular mimicry, where foreign antigens and self-antigens are similar enough to trigger an autoimmune response, has been implicated in the pathogenesis of MS (3233).

Of course, unlike pig brain mist, hot dogs and ham aren’t literally inhaled (teenage boys notwithstanding). Could pork still transmit problematic substances through ingestion?

The answer is a speculative yes. For one, certain bacteria, particularly Acinetobacter, are involved in molecular mimicry with myelin, the nerve-sheathing substance that becomes damaged in MS (3435).

Although the role of pigs as Acinetobacter carriers hasn’t been exhaustively studied, the bacteria has been found in pig feces, on pig farms and in bacon, pork salami and ham, where it serves as a spoilage organism (36373839). If pork acts as a vehicle for Acinetobacter transmission (or in any way increases the risk of human infection), a link with MS would make sense.

Two, pigs may be silent and under-studied carriers of prions, misfolded proteins that drive neurodegenerative disorders like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (the human version of mad cow) and Kuru (found among cannibal societies) (40).

Some researchers suggest MS itself could be a prion disease, one that targets oligodendrocytes, the cells that produce myelin (41). And since prions — and their associated diseases— are transmitted by consuming infected nerve tissue, it’s possible that prion-harboring pork products could be one link in the MS chain (42).

Summary: A causative role of pork in MS is far from a closed case, but the unusually strong epidemiological patterns, biological plausibility and documented experiences make further research imperative.

3. Liver Cancer and Cirrhosis

Liver problems tend to trail closely on the heels of some predictable risk factors, namely hepatitis B and C infection, exposure to aflatoxin (a carcinogen produced by mold) and excessive alcohol intake (434445).

But buried in the scientific literature is another potential scourge of liver health — pork.

For decades, pork consumption has faithfully echoed liver cancer and cirrhosis rates around the world. In multi-country analyses, the correlation between pork and cirrhosis mortality clocked in at 0.40 (p<0.05) using 1965 data, 0.89 (p<0.01) using mid-1970s data, 0.68 (p=0.003) using 1996 data and 0.83 (p=0.000) using 2003 data (4647).

In those same analyses, among the 10 Canadian provinces, pork bore a correlation of 0.60 (p<0.01) with death from liver cirrhosis, while alcohol, perhaps due to an overall low intake, showed no significant link.

And in statistical models incorporating known perils for the liver (alcohol consumption, hepatitis B infection and hepatitis C infection), pork remained independently associated with liver disease, suggesting the association isn’t just due to pork piggybacking, as the case may be, on a different causative agent (48).

Beef, by contrast, remained liver-neutral or protective in these studies.

Liver cancer, too, tends to follow in the hoof steps of the pig. A 1985 analysis showed that pork intake correlated with hepatocellular carcinoma deaths as strongly as alcohol did (0.40, p<0.05 for both) (49). (Considering liver cirrhosis is often a prelude to cancer, this connection shouldn’t be surprising (50).)

So, what’s behind these eerie associations?

At first glance, the most likely explanations don’t pan out. Although pork-transmitted hepatitis E can lead to liver cirrhosis, this happens almost exclusively in immunosuppressed people, a subset of the population that’s too small to account for the global correlation (51).

Relative to other meat, pork tends to be high in omega-6 fatty acids, including linoleic acid and arachidonic acid, which may play a role in liver disease (525354). But vegetable oils, whose polyunsaturated fatty acid content blows pork out of the water, don’t dance the same liver disease tango that pork does, calling into question whether fat is really to blame (5556).

Heterocyclic amines, a class of carcinogens formed by cooking meat (including pork) at high temperatures, contribute to liver cancer in a variety of animals (57). But these compounds are also readily formed in beef, according to the same studies that indicated pork has no positive relationship with liver disease (5859).

With all that in mind, it’d be easy to dismiss the pork-liver disease link as an epidemiological fluke. However, some plausible mechanisms do exist.

The most likely contender involves nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic compounds created when nitrites and nitrates react with certain amines (from protein), particularly in high heat (60). These compounds have been linked to damage and cancer in a variety of organs, including the liver (61).

One of the biggest dietary sources of nitrosamines is processed pork, which, along with being a frequent visitor to the frying pan, typically contains nitrites and nitrates as curing agents. (Vegetables are also rich in naturally occurring nitrates, but their antioxidant content and dearth of protein help thwart the process of N-nitrosation, preventing them from becoming cancer-causing agents (62).)

Significant levels of nitrosamines have been found in pork liver pâté, bacon, sausage, ham and other cured meats (636465). The fatty portion of pork products, in particular, tends to accumulate much higher levels of nitrosamines than the lean bits, making bacon a particularly abundant source (66).

The presence of fat can also turn vitamin C into a nitrosamine promoter instead of a nitrosamine inhibitor, so pairing pork with veggies might not confer much protection (67).

Although much of the nitrosamine-liver cancer research has focused on rodents, where certain nitrosamines produce liver injury with remarkable ease, the effect appears in humans as well (6869). In fact, some researchers suggest humans may be even more sensitive to nitrosamines than mice and rats (70).

In Thailand, for instance, nitrosamines have been strongly linked to liver cancer in areas where other risk factors are low (71). A 2010 analysis of the NIH-AARP cohort found red meat (including pork), processed meat (including processed pork), nitrates and nitrites to be positively associated with chronic liver disease. Rubber workers, occupationally exposed to nitrosamines, have faced extremely high rates of non-alcohol-related liver disease and cancer (72).

Do nitrosamines prove a chain of causation between pork, liver-harming compounds and liver disease? The evidence is currently too patchy to make that claim, but the risk is plausible enough to justify limiting nitrosamine-containing (or nitrosamine-producing) pork products, including bacon, ham, hot dogs and sausages made with sodium nitrite or potassium nitrate.

Summary: Strong epidemiological links exist between pork consumption and liver disease. If these links reflect cause and effect, one culprit might be N-nitroso compounds, which are found abundantly in processed pork products cooked at high temperatures.

4. Yersinia

For years, pork’s precautionary motto was “well-done or bust,” a consequence of fears about trichinosis, a type of roundworm infection that ravaged pork consumers throughout much of the 20th century (73).

Thanks to changes in feeding practices, farm hygiene and quality control, pig-borne trichinosis has dropped off the radar, inviting pink pork back onto the menu.

But pork’s relaxed heat rules may have opened the doors for a different type of infection — yersiniosis, which is caused by Yersinia bacteria. In the US alone, Yersiniacauses 35 deaths and almost 117,000 cases of food poisoning each year (74). Its chief entry route for humans? Undercooked pork.

Yersiniosis’s acute symptoms are rough enough — fever, pain, bloody diarrhea — but its long-term consequences are what should really ring alarm bells. Victims of Yersiniapoisoning face a 47-times higher risk of reactive arthritis, a type of inflammatory joint disease triggered by infection (75).

Even children become post-Yersinia arthritis targets, sometimes requiring chemical synovectomy (the injection of osmic acid into a troubled joint) to relieve persistent pain (7677).

And in the less-common instances where Yersinia doesn’t bring the typical feverish, diarrheic unpleasantries? Reactive arthritis can develop even when the original infection was asymptomatic, leaving some victims unaware that their arthritis is a consequence of food-borne illness (78).

Although reactive arthritis usually subsides on its own over time, Yersinia victims remain at higher risk of chronic joint problems, including ankylosing spondylitis, sacroiliitis, tenosynovitis and rheumatoid arthritis, for years on end (798081).

Some evidence suggests that Yersinia can lead to neurological complications (82). Infected individuals with iron overload may be at higher risk of multiple liver abscesses, potentially leading to death (838485). And among people who are genetically susceptible, anterior uveitis, inflammation of the eye’s iris, is also more likely following a bout of Yersinia (8687).

Lastly, via molecular mimicry, Yersinia infection could also raise the risk of Graves’ disease, an autoimmune condition characterized by excessive thyroid hormone production (8889).

The solution? Bring on the heat. The majority of pork products (69% of tested samples, according to a Consumer Reports analysis) are contaminated with Yersiniabacteria, and the only way to safeguard against infection is through proper cooking. An internal temperature of at least 145°F for whole pork and 160°F for ground pork is necessary to decimate any lingering pathogen.

Summary: Undercooked pork can transmit Yersinia bacteria, causing short-term illness and raising the risk of reactive arthritis, chronic joint conditions, Graves’ disease and other complications.

In Conclusion

So, should health-savvy omnivores scrap pork from the menu?

The jury’s still out. For two of pork’s problems — hepatitis E and Yersinia — aggressive cooking and safe handling are enough to minimize the risk. And due to a shortage of controlled, pork-centric research capable of establishing causation, pork’s other red flags spring from epidemiology — a field rife with confounders and unjustified confidence.

Worse, many diet-and-disease studies lump pork together with other types of red meat, diluting whatever associations might exist with pork alone.

These issues make it hard to isolate the health effects of pig-derived products and determine the safety of their consumption.

That being said, caution is probably warranted. The sheer magnitude, consistency and mechanistic plausibility of pork’s connection with several serious diseases make the chances of a true risk more likely.

Until further research is available, you might want to think twice about going hog-wild on pork.

This article was originally published by Authority Nutrition.



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PMID: 28659250 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

          New Proposed California Bill to Allow Optometrists to Administer Vaccines – State Vaccine Tracking System to Increase   
Your action is needed to OPPOSE California AB 443 Optometry: scope of practice. If passed as currently written, AB 443 would allow optometrists to administer vaccines for influenza, herpes zoster virus (Shingles), and pneumococcus to adults 18 years of age and older. AB 443 has already passed the Assembly and is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development on Monday, July 3, 2017 at 12:00 noon in Room 3191. Please plan to attend. If AB 443 passes into law as written, it would require optometrists to enter newly administered vaccines and personally identifying information into the state vaccine tracking system, CAIR.

          Hartmann Mikrobac® forte 250 x Dosierbeutel mit je 20 ml zur Flächendesinfektion   
131,16 EUR
Produktdaten:- Breites Wirkspektrum- Aldehydfrei- Gute Reinigungsleistung- Geruchsarme Formulierung- Auch im Gro?k?chen und Lebenmittelbereich anwendbarAnwendung:?Mikrobac forte eignet sich zur t?glichen, desinfizierenden Unterhaltsreinigung aller wasserbest?ndigen Oberfl?chen in Bereichen, in denen eine geruchsarme Desinfektion bevorzugt wird.Anwendung:Mikrobac forte eignet sich zur t?glichen, desinfizierenden Unterhaltsreinigung aller wasserbest?ndigen Oberfl?chen in Bereichen, in denen eine geruchsarme Desinfektion bevorzugt wird.Wirkstoffe:- Benzyl-C-12-18-alkyldimethylammoniumchloride 199 mg/g- N-(3-Aminopropyl)-N-dodecylpropan-1,3-diamin 50 mg/gWirkungsspektrum:Bakterizid, levurozid, tuberkulozid, begrenzt viruzid (inkl. HBV, HIV, HCV), Adeno-, SARS-, Polyoma- und Rotavirus.Lieferumfang:250 x?Mikrobac? forte Dosierbeutel mit je 20 ml

          Hackerangrep laget for å ødelegge   
Økonomisk vinning har aldri vært motivasjonen for hackere bak Petya-virus, viser nye beviser. Sikkerhetseksperter tror et politisk mål er langt mer sannsynlig.
          Comment on Customer Testimonials by Christine   
Very impressed. had real virus problems which Ron sorted out in one day. Called promptly to pick it up and returned the following day. It was reassuring that I knew in advance how much it was going to cost, no nasty surprises! He also gave me useful advice on how to try to avoid being infected again. Thank you Ron, I would definitely recommend you.
          Protégé : 10 conseils pour se protéger des virus !   

Il n’y a pas d’extrait, car cet article est protégé.

Cet article Protégé : 10 conseils pour se protéger des virus ! est apparu en premier sur TRUSTINFO - Magasin informatique à Mulhouse.

          Ransomware Petya : une cyberattaque déguisée contre l’Ukraine ? (FuturaSciences)   
Après l'émoi suscité par une nouvelle attaque mondiale menée avec le rançongiciel surnommé Petya, les chercheurs en sécurité en viennent à conclure que la finalité de ce virus ne serait pas d'extorquer de l'argent aux victimes mais bien de détruire leurs données. Puisque l’épicentre de l’attaque...
          Global cyberattack seems intent on havoc, not extortion   
PARIS – A cyberattack that caused indiscriminate economic damage around the world was apparently designed to create maximum havoc in Russia's neighbor and adversary Ukraine, security researchers said.

While the rogue software used in the attack was configured as extortionate "ransomware," that may have just been a ruse.

"It is clear that this was targeted indiscriminately at Ukrainian businesses, and the Ukrainian government," Jake Williams, president of the security firm Rendition Infosec and a former member of the U.S. National Security Agency's elite cyberwarfare group, said in an online chat. "The 'ransomware' component is just a smokescreen (and a bad one)."


Although the attack was global in its reach, Ukraine bore the brunt. Computers were disabled at banks, government agencies, energy companies, supermarkets, railways and telecommunications providers. Many of these organizations said they had recovered by Thursday, although some experts suspected that work was incomplete.

"There is still a lot of damage, especially in banks," said Victor Zhora, CEO of the Kiev cybersecurity firm InfoSafe. "ATMS are working (again) but some bank operations are still limited." He estimated damage in "the millions of dollars, perhaps tens of millions."

And that's just in Ukraine. Microsoft said the malware hit at least 64 nations, including Russia, Germany and the United States. "I expect that we will see additional fallout from this is the coming days," said Williams.

In Ukraine, suspicion immediately fell on hackers affiliated with Vladimir Putin's regime, although there is no direct, public evidence tying Russia to the attack. Relations between the two nations have been tense since Moscow annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in 2014. Pro-Russian fighters are still battling the government in eastern Ukraine.

Experts have also blamed pro-Russian hackers for major cyberattacks on the Ukrainian power grid in 2015 and 2016, assaults that have turned the eastern European nation into the world's leading cyberwarfare testing ground. A disruptive attack on the nation's voting system ahead of 2014 national elections is also attributed to Russia.


The malicious program, which is known by a variety of names, including NotPetya, initially appeared to be ransomware. Such malware locks up victims' files by encrypting them, then holds them hostage while demanding payment – usually in bitcoin, the hard-to-trace digital currency.

But researchers said the culprits would have been hard-pressed to make money off the scheme. They appear to have relied on a single email address that was blocked almost immediately and a single bitcoin account that collected the relatively puny sum of $10,000.

Firms including Russia's anti-virus Kaspersky Lab, said clues in the code indicate that the program's authors would have been incapable of decrypting the data, further evidence that the ransom demands were a smoke screen.

The timing was intriguing, too. The attack came the same day as the assassination of a senior Ukrainian military intelligence officer and a day before a national holiday celebrating the new Ukrainian constitution signed after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

"Everything being said so far does point to Russia being a leading candidate for a suspect in this attack," said Robert M. Lee, CEO of Dragos Inc. an expert who has studied the attacks on Ukraine's power grid.

What's most worrisome and reprehensible, said Lee, is that whoever was behind the attack was unconcerned about the indiscriminate, collateral damage it caused – much of it within Russia itself. That's highly atypical behavior for nation-states.


Williams and other researchers said all evidence indicates that NotPetya was introduced via Ukrainian financial software provider MeDoc. It is one of just two companies in the eastern European nation that supplies required tax software, Zhora said.

Security experts believe MeDoc was the unwitting victim of something akin to a "watering-hole attack," where a malicious program surreptitiously planted at a popular destination infects parties that visit. MeDoc's user base is heavily financial – and includes multinational corporations with offices in Ukraine.

NotPetya was cleverly engineered to spread laterally within Windows networks and across the globe via private network connections. Globally, dozens of major corporations and government agencies have been disrupted, including FedEx subsidiary TNT.

Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk, one of the global companies hit hardest, said Thursday that most of its terminals were running again, though some are operating in a limited way or more slowly than usual.

Problems have been reported across the shippers' global business, from Mobile, Alabama, to Mumbai in India. At Mumbai's Jawaharlal Nehru Port, several hundred containers could be seen piled up at just two of more than a dozen yards.

"The vessels are coming, the ships are coming, but they are not able to take the container because all the systems are down," trading and clearing agent Rajeshree Verma said. "We are actually in a fix because of all this."

          Norton Antivirus Customer Support Services for Mac from Vsupport24   
Discover Norton Antivirus Customer Tech Total Security Support via Phone Contact Number help line /Chat for Install Windows Norton, Virus and Spyware

          3er Set Sterillium® classic pure 100ml   
8,39 EUR
3er Set Sterillium? classic pure 100mlDas klassische Sterillium? als farbstoff- und parf?mfreie Variante?CharakteristikUmfassend wirksam gegen Bakterien, Pilze und beh?llte VirenBestens geeignet f?r die besondere empfindliche HautFarbstoff und parf?mfrei?Ausgezeichnete Vertr?glichkeit auch bei Langzeitanwendung?AnwendungsgebieteZur hygienischen und chirurgischen H?ndedesinfektion zum Einreiben. Sterillium? classic pure ist farbstoff- und parf?mfrei und eignet sich deswegen besonders gut f?r Anwender mit empfindlicher Haut. F?r alle hygienerelevanten Bereiche in Gesundheitswesen, Industrie und h?uslicher Pflege geeignet ( Kranken-, Alten- und S?uglingspflege).?Wirkstoff pro 100gPropan-2-ol 45,0 gPropan-1-ol 30,0 gMecetroniumetisulfat 02 gSonstige Bestandteile: Glycerol 85%, Tetradecan-1-ol, Gereinigtes Wasser?WirkungsspektrumBalterizid, levurozid, tuberkulozid, mykobaterizid, begrenzt viruzid?ListungRKI-Liste Bereich A, VAH, ?GHMP, IHO-Viruzidie-Liste?Anwendung und DosierungSterillium? classic pure wird unverd?nnt in die trockenen H?nde eingerieben, dabei sind alle Hauptpartien zu erfassen. Besonders Augenmerk soll auf Fingerkuppen und Daumen gerichtet werden. Die H?nde m?ssen w?hrend der gesamte Einreibezeit mit Sterillium? classic pure feucht gehalten werden.?15 Sek.: Salmonellen, Listerien15 Sek.: begrenzt viruzid (inkl. HBV, HIV, HCV)15 Sek.: Herpes simplex-Virus15 Sek.: Influenza A-Virus15 Sek.: Rotavirus30 Sek.: SARS-Coronavirus30 Sek.: MRSA30 Sek.: Hygienische H?ndedesinfektionBei Tb zweimal anwenden.1 Min.: Adenovirus1,5 Min.: Chirurgische H?ndedesinfektion5 Min.: Polyomavirus?Datenbl?tter auf Anfrage

          Kill Shot Virus v1.2.1   
در بازی اکشن Kill Shot Virus از بازماندگان محافظت کنید، زامبی‌ها را نابود کنید و از گسترش آلودگی جلوگیری نمایید! یک زمین بازی پر از زامبی منتظر شماست.   ویژگی‌ها : بیش از ۱۰۰ مأموریت به سبک تیراندازی اول شخص را انجام دهید با زرادخانه‌ای وسیع از انواع سلاح‌ها زامبی‌ها را پراکنده کنید نمایش هرج […]
          BitDefender Mobile Security para Android Disponible para Descarga   
BitDefender Mobile Security es una excelente app para Android que funciona de verdad. Hay muchas apps para android de Antivirus, Malware, etc que prometen cosas y no cumplen. Este no es el caso de BitDefender...
          EMCO Malware Destroyer   
EMCO Malware Destroyer is a free personal antivirus tool that helps you to organize personal protection of your PC and perform regular fast malware scans....
          McAfee Stinger   
McAfee Stinger is a standalone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. Video tutorial available....
          Tencent PC Manager 12.3.26448.901   
Tencent PC Manager offers a user-friendly all-in-one antivirus suite that boasts a large security cloud base for detecting and neutralizing viruses, spyware, malware, rootkits, and other threats to yo...
          Systems Engineer (Cloud, ITIL, AWS, Linux) / HM Revenue and Customs / Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom   
HM Revenue and Customs/Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom

Cloud Systems Engineer (Design, Developer, ITIL, AWS, Linux) - Cloud Delivery Group

Salary: Competitive

Location: Telford

With 60000+ staff and 50m customers HMRC is one of the biggest organisations in the UK, running the largest digital operation in Government and one of the biggest IT estates in Europe. We have six modern, state-of-the-art digital delivery centres where multiple cross functional agile teams thrive in one of the most dynamic and innovative environments in the UK. We are expanding our Cloud Delivery Group and are recruiting into a number of posts within the Revenue & Customs Digital Technology Service in Telford.


This is an exciting opportunity to join HMRC's Cloud Delivery Group (CDG) where you will be working across one of the biggest IT estates in Europe and supporting a large scale and radical transformation that will have a profound impact for both the customers and the staff of HMRC. As part of the Development, Test and Operate (DTO) Directorate, the Cloud Development team is responsible for translating overarching IT strategy into the technical architecture for CDG. This is a unique opportunity for an experienced Technical Architect to work within HMRC's Cloud domain during a time of significant change and transformation as HMRC drives the focus of IT delivery away from product centric solutions and fully exploits the opportunities that Digital Services and Data Analytics can provide. This position will play a key role in supporting Delivery Groups with the creation and execution of technology roadmaps that will drive HMRC's hugely complex IT estate towards a smaller set of strategic systems whilst decommissioning a large proportion of the legacy.

Role Requirements for the Cloud Systems Engineer (Design, Developer, ITIL, AWS, Linux)

The Cloud Systems Engineering team are responsible for the development of Cloud tooling and environments for the Cloud Delivery Group that make up service offerings consumed both internally (within the boundaries of CDG) and externally (service offerings made available to the rest of the IT Department). We are therefore looking for a seasoned Systems Engineer with a solid background in Hosting and Cloud technology. Candidates should have experience working on large enterprise estates designing and implementing physical and virtual infrastructure, associated management and deployment tooling.

This is a dynamic and changing environment and so we're looking for someone who's up for working in an ever changing technology landscape that is centred on Cloud.

Accountabilities of the Cloud Systems Engineer (Design, Developer, ITIL, AWS, Linux):

• Design and develop tooling, products and solutions for the Cloud Delivery Group at the direction of the Product Owners.

• Liaise with CTO and Product Owners to deliver engineering roadmaps showing key items such as upgrades, technical refreshes and new versions;

• Review and ensure conformance of tooling test plans to meet expected quality standards;

• Work as part of a technical team in a collaborative and innovative way, developing CDG products and services;

• Be accountable for personal development and training.


• Work with Senior Systems Engineer to develop tooling design.

• Develop knowledge of cloud provider roadmaps and maintain proficiency in industry technologies and trends.

• Implement new capabilities into the CDG offerings and service catalogues.

• Advise on engineering standards, procedures, methods, tools and techniques.

• Contribute to reviews and audits of projects from an engineering perspective.

• Contribute to the assessment and validation of engineering risk.

• Engage in knowledge transfer across CDG

• Engage in continuous improvement to improve CDG performance.

• Conduct personal professional development to keep up to date on new technologies.

Essential Criteria of the Cloud Systems Engineer (Design, Developer, ITIL, AWS, Linux) role

You will need to demonstrate within your application the following essential experience -

• A good understanding and working knowledge of Public Cloud offerings (AWS, Azure etc.).

• The ability to script and automate all activities in Hyperscale Cloud.

• Solid experience of working with Linux and Microsoft Server Operating Systems.

• Domain and Administration technologies (Active Directory) and designs.

• Backup, Anti-Virus, Monitoring (ELK, Splunk, Grafana etc.).

• Demonstrate an ability to communicate across IT disciplines to get the best solution and ensure nothing gets overlooked that could jeopardise performance or the integrity of the existing IT estate.

• Able to work effectively in pressurised situations and can be relied upon to deliver, irrespective of circumstances.

• Able to work in highly ambiguous situations and without supervision

• The successful applicant for this role will need to be eligible for and willing to undergo SC clearance following appointment in to the post.

Desirable Experience for the Cloud Systems Engineer (Design, Developer, ITIL, AWS, Linux)

• A good understanding or working knowledge of Container technologies such as Docker.

• A good understanding or working knowledge of the following tools: Puppet, Ansible, Jenkins, and Terraform.

• Experience of working in an agile environment and experience with agile methodologies such as TDD, Scrum, Kanban.

• Solid experience of developing DNS across Cloud providers.

• Backup, Anti-Virus, Monitoring (ELK, Splunk, Grafana etc.) specific to Hyperscale Cloud.

• Experience or awareness of ITIL ways of working.

Key leadership behaviours of the Cloud Systems Engineer (Design, Developer, ITIL, AWS, Linux)

• Changing and Improving

• Leading and Communicating

• Delivering at Pace

To apply for the role of Cloud Systems Engineer (Design, Developer, ITIL, AWS, Linux), please click apply now button.

Employment Type: Permanent

Pay: 49,875 to 55,125 GBP (British Pound)
Pay Period: Annual
Other Pay Info: £49,875 - £55,125

Apply To Job
          el mejor antivirus   

Kaspersky Anti-Virus es un popular antivirus para computadoras de escritorio y móviles. Kaspersky Anti-Virus es desarrollado por Kaspersky Lab desde 1997, y es considerado uno de los mejores antivirus en la actualidad.Kaspersky Anti-Virus sirve para proteger a la computadora de virus, troyanos, gusanos, espías, adwares y otros programas malignos.

          Kommentar zu HowTo: FritzBox DNS Server wechseln von Nono   
Das File unter der angegebenen Adresse enthält einen Backdoor-Virus
          តើអាច​ការពារ​កុំព្យូទ័រ មិន​ឲ្យ​ឆ្លង​មេរោគ បាន​ដោយ​របៀបណា?   

(បច្ចេកវិទ្យា)៖ ចូររក្សាម៉ាស៊ីនកុំព្យូទ័ររបស់អ្នក ឲ្យបានស្អាត (មិនឲ្យមានមេរោគ ឬក៏ចំនុចខ្សោយ)៖ ធ្វើបច្ចុប្បន្នភាពកម្មវិធីសន្តិសុខរបស់អ្នក (Keep security software current)៖ ការធ្វើបច្ចុប្បន្នភាពថ្មីបំផុតនៃកម្មវិធីកំចាត់និងទប់ស្កាត់មេរោគ កម្មវិធីបើកមើលវិបសាយ (web browsers) និងប្រព័ន្ធប្រតិបត្តិការ (operating system) គឺជារបងការពារយ៉ាងប្រសើរ ប្រឆាំងទៅនឹងមេរោគ (virus, malware) និងការគំរាមគំហែងតាមប្រព័ន្ធអិនធឺណែតដទៃៗទៀត។ ធ្វើបច្ចុប្បន្នកម្មដោយស័្វយប្រវត្តិ (Automatic Software Updates)៖ កម្មវិធីជាច្រើននឹងធ្វើការភ្ជាប់ដោយស្វ័យប្រវត្តិ ទៅកាន់អិនធឺណែត និងធ្វើបច្ចុប្បន្នកម្ម-កម្មវិធី ដើម្បីការពារប្រឆាំងទៅនឹងហានិភ័យ។ ចូរកំណត់ (turn on) ការធ្វើបច្ចុប្បន្នកម្មដោយស្វ័យប្រវត្តិ បើសិនជាអាចធ្វើទៅបាន។ ការពាររាល់ឧបករណ៍ទាំងអស់ ដែលភ្ជាប់ទៅកាន់អិនធឺណែត (Protect all devices that connect to the Internet)៖ ក្រៅពីកុំព្យូទ័រនៅមានឧបករណ៍ដទៃទៀត ដូចជា ទូរស័ព្ទដៃទំនើប (smart phones), ប្រព័ន្ធហេ្គម (gaming), iPad, Tab, និងឧបរកណ៍ចល័តដទៃទៀត […]

The post តើអាច​ការពារ​កុំព្យូទ័រ មិន​ឲ្យ​ឆ្លង​មេរោគ បាន​ដោយ​របៀបណា? appeared first on Khmer Talking.

          “El miedo no es una estrategia contra VIH”   
Salubrista destaca que este virus es tratable, que el paciente puede tener una vida plena.
          Судный день / Doomsday (2008) HDRip-AVC от ImperiaFilm | D   

Категория: Фильмы/HDTV/HD/Blu-Ray/MKV
Размер: 741.07 MB
Траффик: Раздают (отдают): 8,810, Скачивают (качают): 7,801
Добавлен: 2017-06-30 00:11:59
Описание: Информация о фильме
Название: Судный день
Оригинальное название: Doomsday
Год выхода: 2008
Жанр: Фантастика, боевик
Режиссер: Нил Маршалл
В ролях: Рона Митра, Боб Хоскинс, Дэвид О’Хара, Адриан Лестер, Рик Уорден, Шон Пертуи, Даррен Морфитт, МайАнна Бёринг, Малкольм МакДауэлл, Кэрин Петерсон

О фильме :
Великобритания, недалёкое будущее. Смертельный и совершенно неизученный вирус, названный «Жнецом» («Reaper Virus») обрушился на страну, убивая десятки и сотни тысяч жителей. Не имея возможности решить проблему, правительство решает изолировать очаг заразы от не инфицированной местности, построив вокруг территории буйства «Жнеца» стену. Проходит 30 лет, но вирус снова заявил о себе. Тогда было решено послать в заражённую область первоклассную команду спецназа для поисков возможных методов борьбы с вирусом. Ради выполнения цели и сохранения жизней ребятам придется пробиваться через настоящий оживший кошмар…

http://s.rutor.info/imdb/pic/0483607.gif http://www.kinopoisk.ru/rating/220594.gif

Страна: Великобритания, США, ЮАР, Германия
Студия: Crystal Sky Pictures, Scion Films Limited, Intrepid Pictures, Rogue Pictures
Продолжительность: 01:44:51
Перевод: профессиональный (полное дублирование)

Формат: MKV
Качество: HDRip-AVC
Видео: 720х406 (16:9), 25 fps, x264, 907 kbps, 0.124 bit/pixel
Аудио: 48.0 kHz, AAC-LC, 2 ch, ~84 kbps avg

http://i95.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0630/e4/837b72368a906453d638debed6170ee4.png http://i96.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0630/93/8ac281fa49ae71e3946d492c5e18d193.png http://i96.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0630/fb/255ebae7037c4551b4acbdb60c3a7efb.png

http://i95.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0630/e3/c9a9b9098d90bb3b38e715d1e21e2ce3.png http://i93.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0630/0d/db669767a9d86df3dea78cdf63e5ff0d.png http://i93.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0630/69/fa707493a5d5815e4c52949da47a7869.png

Релиз от: http://i91.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0430/ee/411863a07f401662e4197d6d41f556ee.gif http://i91.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0430/f8/cb297ab242a60d92522abbf9810f00f8.gif http://i95.fastpic.ru/big/2017/0616/88/e6ba6edde0ab70587490e5c726956188.gif
          Mark Cavendish relaxed ahead of Tour de France after overcoming three month battle with Epstein-Barr virus   
Mark Cavendish insists he is under no pressure to deliver in this year's Tour de France, having only just made the cut after a long battle against illness.
          Por: Jack Suikerbuik   
I think paramixo virus, and there is nothing to do
          PLANET SOAP - VELVET HE1   
The Italian duo Planet Soap, consisting of Federico "dsm" Monguzzi and Luca "Spectrum" De Giuli, has released today a new EP - "VELVET HE1" on vinyl and in digital format on the French label Cascade Records. This is quite an eclectic selection of contemporary bass music exploring various music genres such as jungle, garage, techno, wonky, nu-beatz or dubstep, dipped in a cosmic sauce. Starting from fantastic and breathtaking, neon synth laden 'Rhynostatic', an ultimate crowdpleaser which would even make your mom dance :) Through my favorite tune of this EP - 'I'm approaching you tonight' reminding me of the spacefaring productions by the Russian duo Demokracy (actually, Planet Soap has released a super duper evil EP with Damscracy from Democracy under the nickname of Planet Terror) and more stomping cosmic beats in 'SYFY' and 'Virus' to jungle experiments in 'Thrialine'. The title track 'Velvet He1' takes the listener on a deep-space sonic trip, where you can meet an 8-bit 'Alien from KooleYay' playing on his nintendo to the friends. Classic techno 'Vectorama' sounds old-schoolish, but thanks to the all-time classic sample and good button work delivers quite a powerful experience. All in all Planet Soap has managed to create their unique sound, though comprising elements you all probably heard many times in the past. Definitely worth checking.

Bonus Free Track:

CR003 - Planet Soap "Rhynostatic" interview + free download + video by cascade records
          LIMBAH PADAT   
: Herlina Tri Nugraheni]
No : 13
Kelas : XI IPS 4 - 2012


Pengelolaan lingkungan hidup merupakan kewajiban bersama berbagai pihak
baik pemerintah, pelaku industri, dan masyarakat luas. Hal ini menjadi lebih penting
lagi mengingat Indonesia sebagai negara yang perkembangan industrinya cukup
tinggi dan saat ini dapat dikategorikan sebagai negara semi industri (semi
industrialized country). Sebagaimana lazimnya negara yang masih berstatus semi
industri, target yang lebih diutamakan adalah peningkatan pertumbuhan output,
sementara perhatian terhadap eksternalitas negatif dari pertumbuhan industri tersebut
sangat kurang. Beberapa kasus pencemaran terhadap lingkungan telah menjadi topik
hangat di berbagai media masa, misalnya pencemaran Teluk Buyat di Sulawesi Utara
yang berdampak terhadap timbulnya bermacam penyakit yang menyerang penduduk
yang tinggal di sekitar teluk tersebut.
Para pelaku industri kadang mengesampingkan pengelolaan lingkungan yang
menghasilkan berbagai jenis-jenis limbah dan sampah. Limbah bagi lingkungan
hidup sangatlah tidak baik untuk kesehatan maupun kelangsungan kehidupan bagi
masyarakat umum, limbah padat yang di hasilkan oleh industri-industri sangat
merugikan bagi lingkungan umum jika limbah padat hasil dari industri tersebut tidak
diolah dengan baik untuk menjadikannya bermanfaat.

Limbah atau sampah yaitu limbah atau kotoran yang dihasilkan karena
pembuangan sampah atau zat kimia dari pabrik-pabrik. Limbah atau sampah juga merupakan suatu bahan yang tidak berarti dan tidak berharga, tapi kita tidak
mengetahui bahwa limbah juga bisa menjadi sesuatu yang berguna dan bermanfaat
jika diproses secara baik dan benar. Limbah atau sampah juga bisa berarti sesuatu
yang tidak berguna dan dibuang oleh kebanyakan orang, mereka menganggapnya
sebagai sesuatu yang tidak berguna dan jika dibiarkan terlalu lama maka akan
menyebabkan penyakit padahal dengan pengolahan sampah secara benar maka bisa
menjadikan sampah ini menjadi benda ekonomis.


Limbah padat adalah hasil buangan industri yang berupa padatan, lumpur atau
bubur yang berasal dari suatu proses pengolahan. Limbah padat berasal dari kegiatan
industri dan domestik. Limbah domestik
pada umumnya berbentuk limbah padat rumah tangga, limbah padat kegiatan
perdagangan, perkantoran, peternakan, pertanian serta dari tempat-tempat umum.
Jenis-jenis limbah padat: kertas, kayu, kain, karet/kulit tiruan, plastik, metal,
gelas/kaca, organik, bakteri, kulit telur, dll
Sumber-sumber dari limbah padat sendiri meliputi seperti pabrik gula, pulp,
kertas, rayon, plywood, limbah nuklir, pengawetan buah, ikan, atau daging. Secara
garis besar limbah padat terdiri dari :
1) Limbah padat yang mudah terbakar.
2) Limbah padat yang sukar terbakar.
3) Limbah padat yang mudah membusuk.
4) Limbah yang dapat di daur ulang.
5) Limbah radioaktif.
6) Bongkaran bangunan.
7) Lumpur.


Limbah pasti akan berdampak negatif pada lingkungan hidup jika tidak ada
pengolahan yang baik dan benar, dengan adanya limbah padat didalam linkungan
hidup maka dapat menimbulkan pencemaran seperti :
1) Timbulnya gas beracun, seperti asam sulfida (H2S), amoniak (NH3), methan (CH4), C02 dan sebagainya. Gas ini akan timbul jika limbah padat ditimbun
dan membusuk dikarena adanya mikroorganisme. Adanya musim hujan dan
kemarau, terjadi proses pemecahan bahan organik oleh bakteri penghancur
dalam suasana aerob/anaerob.
2) Dapat menimbulkan penurunan kualitas udara, dalam sampah yang ditumpuk,
akan terjadi reaksi kimia seperti gas H2S, NH3 dan methane yang jika
melebihi NAB (Nilai Ambang Batas) akan merugikan manusia. Gas H2S 50
ppm dapat mengakibatkan mabuk dan pusing.
3) Penurunan kualitas air, karena limbah padat biasanya langsung dibuang
dalam perairan atau bersama-sama air limbah. Maka akan dapat
menyebabkan air menjadi keruh dan rasa dari air pun berubah.
4) Kerusakan permukaan tanah.
Dari sebagian dampak-dampak limbah padat diatas, ada beberapa dampak
limbah yang lainnya yang ditinjau dari aspek yang berbeda secara umum. Dampak
limbah secara umum di tinjau dari dampak terhadap kesehatan dan terhadap
lingkungan adalah sebgai berikut :
1. Dampak Terhadap Kesehatan
Dampaknya yaitu dapat menyebabkan atau menimbulkan panyakit. Potensi
bahaya kesehatan yang dapat ditimbulkan adalah sebagai berikut:
a) Penyakit diare dan tikus, penyakit ini terjadi karena virus yang berasal
dari sampah dengan pengelolaan yang tidak tepat.
b) Penyakit kulit misalnya kudis dan kurap.
2. Dampak Terhadap Lingkungan
Cairan dari limbah – limbah yang masuk ke sungai akan mencemarkan airnya
sehingga mengandung virus-virus penyakit. Berbagai ikan dapat mati
sehingga mungkin lama kelamaan akan punah. Tidak jarang manusia juga
mengkonsumsi atau menggunakan air untuk kegiatan sehari-hari, sehingga
menusia akan terkena dampak limbah baik secara langsung maupun tidak
langsung. Selain mencemari, air lingkungan juga menimbulkan banjir karena
banyak orang-orang yang membuang limbah rumah tanggake sungai,
sehingga pintu air mampet dan pada waktu musim hujan air tidak dapat mengalir dan air naik menggenangi rumah-rumah penduduk, sehingga dapat
meresahkan para penduduk.

Pengolahan limbah padat dapat dilakukan dengan berbagai cara yang
tentunya dapat menjadikan limbah tersebut tidak berdampak buruk bagi lingkungan
ataupun kesehatan. Menurut sifatnya pengolahan limbah padat dapat dibagi menjadi
dua cara yaitu pengolahan limbah padat tanpa pengolahan dan pengolahan limbah
padat dengan pengolahan.
Limbah padat tanpa pengolahan : Limbah padat yang tidak mengandung
unsur kimia yang beracun dan berbahaya dapat langsung dibuang ke tempat tertentu
sebagai TPA (Tempat Pembuangan Akhir). Limbah padat dengan pengolahan :
Limbah padat yang mengandung unsur kimia beracun dan berbahaya harus diolah
terlebih dahulu sebelum dibuang ke tempat-tempat tertentu.
Pengolahan limbah juga dapat dilakukan dengan cara-cara yang sedehana
lainnya misalnya, dengan cara mendaur ulang, Dijual kepasar loakatau tukang
rongsokan yang biasa lewat di depan rumah – rumah. Cara ini bisa menjadikan
limbah atau sampah yang semula bukan apa-apa sehingga bisa menjadi barang yang
ekonomis dan bisa menghasilkan uang. Dapat juga dijual kepada tetangga kita yang
menjadi tukang loak ataupun pemulung. Barang-barang yang dapat dijual antara lain
kertas-kertas bekas, koran bekas, majalah bekas, botol bekas, ban bekas, radio tua,
TV tua dan sepeda yang usang.
Dapat juga dengan cara pembakaran. Cara ini adalah cara yang paling mudah
untuk dilakukan karena tidak membutuhkan usaha keras. Cara ini bisa dilakukan
dengan cara membakar limbah-limbah padat misalnya kertas-kertas dengan
menggunakan minyak tanah lalu dinyalakan apinya. Kelebihan cara membakar ini
adalah mudah dan tidak membutuhkan usaha keras, membutuhkan tempat atau lokasi
yang cukup kecil dan dapat digunakan sebagai sumber energi baik untuk pembangkit
uap air panas, listrik dan pencairan logam
Faktor – faktor yang perlu kita perhatikan sebelum kita mengolah limbah padat
tersebut adalah sebagai berikut :
1. Jumlah Limbah
Sedikit dapat dengan mudah kita tangani sendiri. Banyak dapat membutuhkan
penanganan khusus tempat dan sarana pembuangan.
2. Sifat fisik dan kimia limbah
Sifat fisik mempengaruhi pilihan tempat pembuangan, sarana penggankutan
dan pilihan pengolahannya. Sifat kimia dari limbah padat akan merusak dan
mencemari lingkungan dengan cara membentuk senyawa-senyawa baru.
3. Kemungkinan pencemaran dan kerusakan lingkungan.
Karena lingkungan ada yang peka atau tidak peka terhadap pencemaran,
maka perlu kita perhatikan tempat pembuangan akhir (TPA), unsur yang akan
terkena, dan tingkat pencemaran yang akan timbul.
4. Tujuan akhir dari pengolahan
Terdapat tujuan akhir dari pengolahan yaitu bersifat ekonomis dan bersifat
non-ekonomis. Tujuan pengolahan yang bersifat ekonomis adalah dengan
meningkatkan efisiensi pabrik secara menyeluruh dan mengambil kembali
bahan yang masih berguna untuk di daur ulang atau di manfaat lain.
Sedangkan tujuan pengolahan yang bersifat non-ekonomis adalah untuk
mencegah pencemaran dan kerusakan lingkungan.
Mekanisme Pengolahan Limbah


Dalam memproses pengolahan limbah padat terdapat empat proses yaitu
pemisahan, penyusunan ukuran, pengomposan, dan pembuangan limbah.
1. Pemisahan
Karena limbah padat terdiri dari ukuran yang berbedan dan kandungan bahan
yang berbeda juga maka harus dipisahkan terlebih dahulu, supaya peralatan
pengolahan menjadi awet.
Sistem pemisahan ada tiga yaitu diantaranya :
Sistem Balistik. Adalah sistem pemisahan untuk mendapatkan keseragaman
ukuran / berat / volume.
Sistem Gravitasi. Adalah sistem pemisahan berdasarkan gaya berat misalnya
barang yang ringan / terapung dan barang yang berat / tenggelam.
Sistem Magnetis. Adalah sistem pemisahan berdasarkan sifat magnet yang
bersifat agnet, akan langsung menempel. Misalnya untuk memisahkan
campuran logam dan non logam.
2. Penyusunan Ukuran
Penyusunan ukuran dilakukan untuk memperoleh ukuran yang lebih kecil
agar pengolahannya menjadi mudah.
3. Pengomposan
Pengomposan dilakukan terhadap buangan / limbah yang mudah membusuk,
sampah kota, buangan atau kotoran hewan ataupun juga pada lumpur pabrik.
Supaya hasil pengomposan baik, limbah padat harus dipisahkan dan
disamakan ukurannya atau volumenya.
4. Pembuangan Limbah
Proses akhir dari pengolahan limbah padat adalah pembuangan limbah yang
dibagi menjadi dua yaitu :
a) Pembuangan Di Laut
Pembuangan limbah padat di laut, tidak boleh dilakukan pada sembarang
tempat dan perlu diketahui bahwa tidak semua limbah padat dapat
dibuang ke laut. Hal ini disebabkan :
1. Laut sebagai tempat mencari ikan bagi nelayan.
2. Laut sebagai tempat rekreasi dan lalu lintas kapal.
3. Laut menjadi dangkal.
4. Limbah padat yang mengandung senyawa kimia beracun dan
berbahaya dapat membunuh biota laut.
b) Pembuangan Di Darat Atau Tanah
Untuk pembuangan di darat perlu dilakukan pemilihan lokasi yang harus
dipertimbangkan sebagai berikut :
1. Pengaruh iklim, temperatur dan angin.
2. Struktur tanah.
3. Jaraknya jauh dengan permukiman.
4. Pengaruh terhadat sumber lain, perkebunan, perikanan,
peternakan, flora atau fauna. Pilih lokasi yang benar-benar tidak ekonomis lagi untuk kepentingan apapun.


Pada dasarnya limbah adalah sejenis kotoran yang berasal dari hasil
pembuangan dan itu mengakibatkan dampak bagi lingkungan di sekitar tetapi
sekarang banyak ditemukan cara atau solusi untuk menangani dampak-dampak yang
dihasilkan oleh limbah, meskipun demikian pada kenyataannya cara atau solusi
tersebut tidak ada hasilnya karena masih banyak pula kita jumpai limbah atau
sampah disungai dan didarat yang dapat pula menimbulkan banjir serta kerusakan
lingkungan lainnya.
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          Google Peringatkan Komputer Bervirus   
Tech Info - Sepanjang pekan ini, raksasa internet nomor satu di dunia, Google, memberi peringatan terhadap beberapa pengguna mesin pencarinya yang  komputernya terinfeksi virus.

Salah satu data centre Google yang melakukan pemeliharaan rutin mengungkapkan adanya traffic yang tidak biasa dari komputer yang terinfeksi software jahat.

Komputer Bervirus
image taken from http://abiey22.blogspot.com/
"The traffic sent to Google through the server computer intermediary called 'proxy'," (Traffic tersebut dikirim ke Google melalui server komputer intermediary yang disebut 'proxy') kata Damian Menscher selaku Security Engineer dari Google.

Seperti yang dikutip dari AFP, pada hari Kamis, 21 Juli 2011, kini Google mulai mengirimkan pesan berupa peringatan di dalam hasil pencarian pada komputer yang terinfeksi virus.

"We hope by inform to the users could help them to updating their antivirus and removing the virus infections (Kami berharap dengan menginformasikan kepada pengguna dapat membantu mereka memperbarui antivirus mereka dan menghapus infeksi virus)," tanbah Menscher.

Menscher menjelaskan, Google mempergunakan informasi yang dikumpulkan untuk membantu sebanyak mungkin pengguna komputer agar mereka bisa terhindar dari serangan virus.

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Un nuevo candidato a fármaco antiviral inhibe una amplia gama de coronavirus, incluyendo el síndrome respiratorio agudo y grave (SARS, por sus siglas en inglés) y el coronavirus síndrome respiratorio por coronavirus de Oriente Medio (MERS, por sus siglas en inglés), según informa un equipo multiinstitucional de investigadores esta semana en 'Science Translational Medicine'. Los hallazgos apoyan el desarrollo del fármaco candidato para el tratamiento y la prevención de las infecciones actuales por coronavirus y potenciales brotes epidémicos futuros.

          Un candidato a fármaco antiviral inhibe SARS, MERS y coronavirus animales   

Un nuevo candidato a fármaco antiviral inhibe una amplia gama de coronavirus, incluyendo el síndrome respiratorio agudo y grave (SARS, por sus siglas en inglés) y el coronavirus síndrome respiratorio por coronavirus de Oriente Medio (MERS, por sus siglas en inglés), según informa un equipo multiinstitucional de investigadores esta semana en 'Science Translational Medicine'. Los hallazgos apoyan el desarrollo del fármaco candidato para el tratamiento y la prevención de las infecciones actuales por coronavirus y potenciales brotes epidémicos futuros.

          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter Y   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

Yes: I am happy to say that Alison is recovered. I stayed for about a week after she came home from the hospital. I watched her sleep on the couch a lot and gave her her meds. Then her grown kids started coming home for the Holidays so I took my two big red suitcases (the Disney one I never even opened) and went on home. She struggled through the holidays with a houseful of family but she left most things to her grown children to do and slept.

In January, when she saw her regular doctor for a followup, he told her that she was very lucky that it turned out to be a viral infection, which is less serious than the bacterial type. The virus takes several months to clear out and although the medicines she took in the beginning were helpful, he said the best thing for her to do was let her body heal itself by resting and sleeping any time she felt tired. He said our bodies have these viruses all the time and when our immune systems get weakened they attack. He said she probably got this from having the bad cold she caught from her grandson.

It took several months for the headache to disappear, for her ears to clear and for the overwhelming tiredness to pass. I was there in March for a visit and she was probably 85% back up to speed.

But what about Mickey Mouse you, my faithful reader, ask? And our beautifully planned trip? Stay tuned for tomorrow's final episode and find out. 

          Cyber Security Engineer - (Newton)   
Job DescriptionWant to work for a dynamic company that feels nice and compact but boasts the perks of companies several times its size? With its rapid growth and global nature, Octo may be the place for you! Octo Telematics, NA is seeking a Cyber Security Engineer to design, test, implement and monitor security measures for OctoA cents € (TM) s Systems.Responsibilities:A' . Analyze and establish security requirements for OctoA cents € (TM) s systems/networksA' . Defend systems against unauthorized access, modification and/or destructionA' . Configure and support security tools such as firewalls, anti-virus software, patch management systems, etc.A' . Define access privileges, control structures and resourcesA' . Perform vulnerability testing, risk analyses and security assessmentsA' . Identify abnormalities and report violationsA' . Oversee and monitor routine security administrationA' . Develop and update business continuity and disaster recovery protocolsA' . Train fellow employees in security awareness, protocols and proceduresA' . Design and conduct security audits to ensure operational securityA' . Respond immediately to security incidents and provide post-incident analysisA' . Research and recommend security upgradesA' . Provide technical advice to colleaguesQualifications:A' . Bachelor in Computer Science, Cyber Security or a related technical fieldA' . 5 years plus experience in Cyber SecurityA' . 5 years plus experience in Cyber SecuritySecurity Expertise:A' . Expertise in security technology with one r more product certification in (BlueCoat, Cisco, SonicWall, Damballa, IBM, Kapersky, MSAB, Microsoft AD, TippingPoint, F5, VMware)TCP/IP, computer networking, routing and switchingDLP, anti-virus and anti-malwareFirewall and intrusion detection/prevention protocolsSecure coding practices, ethical hacking and threat modelingWindows, UNIX and Linux operating systemsISO 27001/27002, ITIL and COBIT frameworksPCI, HIPAA, NIST, GLBA and SOX compliance assessmentsC, C++, C#, Java or PHP programming languagesSecurity and Event Management (SIEM)Desirable Security Certifications:A' . Security+: CompTIAA cents € (TM) s popular base-level security certificationA' . CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate - Routing and SwitchingA' . CEH: Certified Ethical HackerA' . GSEC / GCIH / GCIA: GIAC Security CertificationsA' . CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional Company DescriptionOCTO NA is a global leader in software and data analytics for the insurance and auto markets, with over four million connected users worldwide and a vast database of 380 billion km of driving data.
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Tuesday’s global ransomware attack, the second one in as many months, infected the Sewickley, Pennsylvania-based Heritage Valley Health System with a malware virus known as Petya.
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Sie sind auf den Einsatz in Unternehmen ausgerichtet. Windows Defender Application Guard speichert nun Daten von Edge-Browsersitzungen. Windows Defender Antivirus soll indes ausgewählte Dateien und Ordner vor Zugriffen von Malware wie Ransomware schützen.
          The Role Of The University In Our World   

I had come across Your College Degree is Worthless as part of my regular monitoring of the API space, which is a story I see regularly from the startup community, partly due to my relative position to my partner in crime Audrey Watters (@audreywatters) and her Hack Education work. It is a story startup like to tell when they are selling technology fueled solutions they see as a replacement to the college degree, in this case, the author is developing a startup based on selling apprenticeships with other startups. I'm linking to the story and startup not because I support them, but because it provides a great example of the corrosive effects that startup culture has become.

Shortly after reading this story I went to Oxford in the UK to speak with the Oxford Dictionaries API, and while in Oxford I walked around several of the schools there. While experiencing Christ Church and Magdalen colleges this story came to mind, and I spent time thinking deeply of the hubris and delusion of tech culture. Imagine believing that an internship at a startup is more valuable than a college degree and that higher educational institutions should be dismantled and replaced with startup culture--we have created quite a magical echo chamber.

I get it, you think the startup experience is amazing, and everyone should do it. You see academia as an exclusive group. A party maybe you were never fully invited to. Also, you smell opportunity, selling folks what you see as an alternative. But, you are missing so much. How can an apprenticeship at a startup every replace studying literature at a university, and immersing yourself in, well, learning? What a hollow, empty world to live in where running a business would ever replace literature, philosophy, art, and other meaningful aspects of being human.

While in the UK I had the pleasure of taking my 16-year-old daughter with me, and I took her with me to Oxford that day. It isn't a school she'd be applying to, but we also visited Edinburgh University on the trip, which might actually make it on her list of schools she'll be applying to in a year or so. I think about the experience my daughter would have at startups vs the experience she would have in a university environment. I want my daughter to be successful, but this doesn't just mean making money, it also involves be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted in her life. Something that a university environment would contribute to, but I shudder to think about in the volatile, male-dominated, "meritocracy" of startup culture.

I do not have a university degree. Hell, I do not even have a high school diploma. I have no allegiance to any academic institution, but I completely respect what they do, and refuse to take for granted what they have done for our world. Sure, higher educational institutions have their problems, but so does startup culture. It troubles me that so many would be willing to support the concept of a university degree being worthless, willfully dismissing what a university degree has done for so many on the planet. It leaves me seeing startup culture as some sort of virus being unleashed on almost every sector of our society today.

I know. I know. Not all startups. Yes. Just like not all men. Just like not all white men. But have you ever taken the time to actually step back from your startup aspirations, let the effects of the kool-aid fade, and thought about life beyond technology and making money? There are so many other aspects of life that make it worth living, something that universities have played a significant role in. Maybe we could spend more time thinking about the positive role startups should play, and not the dismantling of good things, simply so you can profit frsellinging their replacement.

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Saat ini dalam skala global sedang terjadi serangan virus ransomware bernama Petya. Cara bekerja virus Petya mirip dengan ransomware Wanancry yang menyerang skala global pada 13 Mei yang lalu
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Yakın zamanda WannaCry adıyla ortalıkta gezinen ve etkilerinin hala devam ettiği virüsün yerini Petya virüsü aldı. Gelişen teknoloji güvenliği arttırdığı gibi diğer yandan virüslerin daha büyük etkiye sahip olmasını sağlıyor. Fidye virüsleri genel olarak sistem açıklarından yararlanıyor, eğer sistemleriniz ve bilgisayarınıza kurulu olan yazılımlar güncel sürümlerinde değil ise bu virüslere yakalanma ihtimaliniz çok daha yüksek.

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Sì all'adozione gay ma frequentate gli etero». Le due mamme: l'omosessualità non è un virus
- E poi perché tradisce una forma di inconsapevole omofobia: la paura del contagio omosessuale. Nessuno ha mai scritto in una sentenza simile che ...

          Miedo por la epidemia del ataque ransomware a nivel global   
Ordenadores, móviles, tablets… cualquier tipo de dispositivo está en riesgo de sufrir el azote de ataques informáticos como el ransomware que tanto está dando de que hablar en los últimos meses. Si no teníamos suficiente con los virus, el malware, el phishing y demás elementos, ahora también nos tenemos que hacer a la idea de […]
          250656-2017: Belgique-Bruxelles: Logiciels de protection antivirus   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 13-07-2017 | Document: Avis de marché
          Petya virus affected only about 20,000 machines, most on Windows 7, says Microsoft   
          Il marchio Overland-Tandberg™ è una garanzia contro le minacce alla sicurezza dei dati   
Il nuovo brand racchiude fiducia, servizio e una lunga storia nella protezione dei dati contro software malevoli come Ransomware e Cripto-virus SAN JOSE (Calif.) e Dortmund (Ger.) – 29 giugno 2017. Tandberg Data e Overland Storage, società controllate da Sphere 3D Corp. (NASDAQ: ANY), entrambe da tempo leader nel settore dello storage, hanno annunciato il […]

          [Tips] Cách ngăn chặn Ransomware NotPetya lây nhiễm vào máy tính   

Vâng, loại mã độc – virus tống tiền Ransomware WannaCry chưa lắng xuống thì một loại biến thể khác nữa lại xuất hiện. Và lần này, mức độ nguy hiểm của nó còn được các chuyên gia bảo mật cảnh báo còn hơn cả biến thể WannaCry trước đó. NotPetya nguy hiểm như thế nào ? …

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          Ancient viral 'fossils' reveal evolutionary mechanisms   
[NEWS] Studying DNA fragments left by ancient viruses in their host's genome has shown even non-autonomous viruses could prosper by helping each other. By analysing ancient viral footprints in the rice genome, Hokkaido University researchers have discovered different virus species infecting the same plant helped each other by exchanging DNA. Many viruses including “pararetroviruses (PRVs)” have the ability to insert their DNA into their host's genome. I…
          Comment on Fragile X Syndrome: a guide for parents by parents by Richarddah   
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          Comment on Fragile X Syndrome: a guide for parents by parents by Francisencup   
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          New clues found to common respiratory virus   
Scientists have solved the structure of a protein that helps a common respiratory virus evade the immune system. The team has identified critical parts of the protein that could be targeted with drugs or vaccines, opening up the possibility of preventing or treating an infection that sickens thousands of babies and elderly people every year.
          Birds become immune to influenza   
An influenza infection in birds gives a good protection against other subtypes of the virus, like a natural vaccination, according to a new study.
          Genetic 'fossils' reveal long-term viral partnerships in grass   
Defective viruses incorporated into grass genomes may adapt to form partnerships with other genome-incorporated viruses in order to complete their life cycle, according to a new study. The findings suggest that partner viruses evolve in concert, enabling them to maintain their relationship over time.
          Newly identified small RNA fragments defend the genome when it's 'naked'   
A scientific research team has discovered might be considered emergency replacements for the epigenetic 'sentries' that normally protect the genome from transposons and viruses. These shock troops are pressed into service across the genome only during curiously undefended moments when early, preimplantation embryos are stripped of epigenetic marks and later reprogrammed. It could be one of the earliest forms of genome defense, created by snipping 18- and 22-nucleotide fragments from tRNAs.
          New antiviral drug inhibits epidemic SARS, MERS and animal coronaviruses   
A new antiviral drug candidate inhibits a broad range of coronaviruses, including the SARS and MERS coronaviruses, a multi-institutional team of investigators reports. The findings support further development of the drug candidate for treating and preventing current coronavirus infections and potential future epidemic outbreaks.
          Most abundant viruses in Earth's oceans identified   
Forty-four of the most abundant new viruses in all the Earth's oceans have been identified by scientists. The finding has been achieved thanks to the application of cutting-edge techniques that mix flow cytometry and genomics and molecular biology techniques.
          A Third of All Cancers Could Be Prevented With These Plant Based Nutrients   
Each year, over 10 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer, one million of them are Americans. While there is a common misconception that whether or not you will get cancer is pretty much luck of the draw, in reality, only about 10 percent of cancers are attributable to genetic factors.

As many as 90 percent of all cancers can be blamed squarely on lifestyle and environmental factors, and are entirely avoidable. And there is even more good news: An article in the journal Nature states that a third of all cancer deaths are totally preventable “through increased consumption of natural compounds” which prevent cell duplication and induce apoptosis (cancer cell suicide).

A Third of All Cancers Could Be Prevented With These Plant Based Nutrients

These powerful phytochemicals include curcumin, ursolic acid, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, resveratrol, sulforaphane and 6-shogaol. But, how exactly do they prevent cancer?

UT News explains that one way in which these special compounds fight cancer is by preventing inflammation. Chronic inflammation caused by conditions like obesity, autoimmune diseases and chronic infections causes cell damage, which in turn leads to cancer.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), as many as 15 percent of all cancers are attributable to infections like Helicobacter pylori, human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis B and C, and Epstein-Barr virus. These powerhouse compounds strengthen the immune system to fight off such diseases, another way in which they indirectly help prevent cancer.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these potent cancer-fighting compounds.


Curcumin, the anti-inflammatory ingredient in turmeric, has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. A 2011 study by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, discovered that curcumin has the amazing ability to differentiate between normal, healthy cells and cancer cells, causing apoptosis in the diseased cells, while improving the cellular health of the non-cancerous cells.

When DNA damage occurs, a chain reaction of gene activation or inactivation is triggered, which results in cells becoming cancerous. The researchers determined that curcumin halts cancer in its tracks by modulating this process.

Another study by researchers from the Zheijian Provincial People’s Hospital in China discovered that curcumin can even trigger apoptosis in triple-negative breast cancer cells, which are totally resistant to all conventional treatment.


Resveratrol is a naturally-occurring polyphenol compound found in grapes, red wine and chocolate, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reports that in animal trials, resveratrol was found to have antitumor properties and reduce cancer-causing inflammation.

A 2012 study by the University of Missouri School of Medicine reported that resveratrol naturally boosts production of two proteins known as perforin and granzyme B, which together target harmful cancer cells throughout the body. Prostate tumor cells already contain both these proteins, but resveratrol helps to produce even more of them, greatly boosting the chances of apoptosis and recovery.


Sulforaphane is a compound found in all cruciferous veggies, and particularly in broccoli. While mature broccoli still contains sulforaphane, levels are highest in young broccoli sprouts.

A groundbreaking 1991 cancer prevention study by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine focused on sulforaphane as a potent cancer preventer. The researchers found that this compound boosts Phase 2 enzymes in the body, which “neutralize the processes of disease.”

The Truth About Cancer reports, “[The] team fed broccoli sprout extracts to female rats for five days. They then exposed them and a control group to a carcinogen. The rats that had received the extract developed fewer tumors. Those that did have tumors developed smaller ones that took longer to grow than the control group’s did.”

It is heartening to know that some simple lifestyle changes like losing weight, incorporating daily exercise, opting for organic fruits and veggies and increasing consumption of these miracle compounds can significantly reduce our chances of getting cancer. So, drink more red wine, have some dark chocolate every day, find ways to incorporate turmeric, eat more broccoli sprouts, and give cancer the kiss of death!

By Tracey Watson, Natural News

          Ukraine Cyberattack Wasn't Really About Ransom, Security Experts Say   
Although the virus that spread through government and commercial computers Tuesday looked like ransomware, cyber experts say it was a "wiper" intended to erase data and disrupt business.
          Reply by Anonymous Coward (UID 2329397)   
But you have to face the facts. The two best armed allies of the USA will be fighting each other. [/quote] Germany??? What, not that crap again! Geographically 110% the size of the State of Kentucky---ROTF---LMFAO. Turkey??? Ever heard of computer viruses and replacement parts???...
          Reply by Anonymous Coward (UID 1557264)   
But you have to face the facts. The two best armed allies of the USA will be fighting each other. [/quote] Germany??? What, not that crap again! Geographically 110% the size of the State of Kentucky---ROTF---LMFAO. Turkey??? Ever heard of computer viruses and replacement parts???...
          28 Weeks Later   

*este review contiene spoilers*

"28 Weeks Later" es la secuela a la gran película "28 Days Later", donde una epidemia infesta Londres y gran parte del Reino Unido dejándolo totalmente desvastado. Esta primera parte, película que gozaba de gran atmósfera, buenas actuaciones y una increíble banda sonora, parecía revivir el genéro "virus estilo zombie" dentro del cine, dándole credibilidad, a diferencia de películas como la saga "Resident Evil" o los "etc. of the Dead", que lo único que logran es sacarnos risas de lo estúpido e incoherente de la trama, y cuyas actuaciones patéticas son sólo comparables con las de Schwarzenegger.

Siempre que se anuncia una secuela de una película que ha sido buena uno llega con espectativas bajas, de que no igualará en ninguna forma a la primera, que esta será un bodrio, etc. Así mismo me encontraba yo, pero me sorprendí al leer tantos reviews favorables de la cinta. Mucha gente osaba decir que era incluso mejor que la primera, que "28 Days Later" había sido fome, que había guateado hacia "la parte de los milicos", que esta 2da parte mantenía la consistencia durante su hora y media. Yo pensaba no ver esta película, pero tales proclamas me hicieron caer en la tentación. Gran error.

Esta segunda parte comienza con una escena potentísima, donde Don (Robert Carlyle), junto a un grupo de refugiados, son atacados por un grupo de "zombies", donde la tensión llega a su máximo punto con la disyuntiva de Don, entre salvar a su mujer de los infectados o correr por su vida. Unos segundos de vacilación le dan el toque exacto de adrenalina a la escena, para luego ver a Don corriendo por los verdes prados de Inglaterra, hacia un bote, consiguiendo escapar.

Al ver esta escena pensé realmente que lo que decían aquellos infames bastardos podia ser verdad, nació la esperanza de ver otro peliculón de zombies. Lástima que aquella esperanza no demoró en disiparse.

Luego de aquella escena la película se transformaría en una producción estilo Hollywood con poco presupuesto, totalmente predecible, y con una trama muy poco creíble. Ejemplos de esto último son un Robert Carlyle infectado "casi con radar" que seguía a sus hijos por toda la ciudad más rápido que un auto, un piloto de helicóptero asesinando 100 zombies por segundo, personas sobreviviendo a un gas venenoso, francotiradores expertos fallando contra blancos inmóviles, etc. Tales detalles hacen que la película caresca de credibilidad, y la suma y suma de estos, para el final de la película, ya la convertían en un chiste.

Un guión pésimamente desarrollado, con mucho potencial, como se demuestra en la escena inicial, con actores que se basan más en una cara bonita que en ponerle empeño a su trabajo y efectos especiales mediocres. Lo único rescatable vuelve a ser la banda sonora, que es lo único que logra mantenernos inmersos dentro de una sútil atmósfera de suspenso.

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aka Dead Alive
New Zealand, 1992

Director: Peter Jackson
Starring: Timothy Balme, Diana Peñalver
IMDB: 7.6

Nowadays oscar-winning director Peter Jackson is best known for films such as Lord of the Rings, Heavenly Creatures, and King Kong. But back when he started his film career in New Zealand, he was the splatter king. This particular film concluded his early b-movie trilogy which includes his first two films Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles. Unfortunately this was to be his last foray in b-movie cinema as he moved on to larger, more commercial projects.

What these early features had in common was a low budget aesthetic combined with over the top gore and incredibly inventive effects. Brain Dead was filmed for only $3 million, and yet contains enough special effects for a movie with ten times the budget.

Despite the large amount of blood, brains, viscera and assorted many-hued body fluids on display, its definitely gore played for laughs - with a similar feel to Evil Dead II, Dellamorte Dellamore, or even Tokyo Gore Police. Jackson takes the zombie genre, and goes completely over the top with it. This is an incredibly funny movie - that is, if you're the kind of person that finds humour in zombies being taken down by garden implements with extreme prejudice.

The first half hour however is b-grade at best ... set in 1950's New Zealand, there is a distinct lack of glamour. No hardbody co-eds frolicking in the pool here! The backstory involves a zoo official collecting a rare Sumatran rat-monkey to bring back to New Zealand, despite strong disagreement from the local tribesmen.

Turns out they had good reason to object. This hybrid was conceived through the unlikely scenario of a giant rat raping a monkey, resulting in one evil motherfucking beast. Nevertheless, it takes up residence at the local zoo, and its not long before its zombie virus is unleashed.

Meanwhile we've been introduced to a range of strange characters, a love story is in progress, and the unlikely hero is rapidly maturing from bumbling nerd to ass-kicking zombie despatcher. The acting is quite woeful at times, but then its obvious that's not where the budget has been spent. Once the movie hits the last hour, it quickly gathers momentum with the body count accelerating exponentially. Before long we've descended into a balls-out orgy of zombie mayhem that may well be the single greatest achievement in zombie cinema.

Rating: 8/10

Japanese Movie Poster:

The Japanese movie poster is an awesome hand-drawn illustration of the film, and one of my favorite b-movie posters. Although it should be noted considerable license has been taken, as there are no characters in the film remotely resembling the attractive nurse depicted. Click here to see a larger version.

          Advertiser WPP says that some operations still affected by cyber attack   

WPP, the world's biggest advertising agency, said on Thursday that some of its operations continued to be affected by a ransomware attack that went around the world earlier in the week, but that services were gradually being restored. On Tuesday a major global cyber attack disrupted computers at a range of multinational firms, including WPP, Russia's biggest oil company and Ukrainian banks, with a virus similar to the ransomware that infected more than 300,000 computers last month.

          Are Pets the New Probiotic?   

June 2017 Scientists are paying increasing attention to the “indoor microbiome,” the billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that we share our homes and offices with. But not all those …


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          Mandatory Vaccines?   

What is behind this whole mandatory vaccine thing? Before I moved my blog to blogger, I posted a bit about immunizations on October 12, 2006. I basically pointed out that the former CEO of Merck, Raymond Gilmartin, gave money to Texas Congressman Henry Bonilla, an advocate of "Shots Across Texas," a campaign to immunize all Texas' infants, a campaign which was triggered by a measles outbreak, and it just so happens that Merck makes two of the most popular measles vaccines on the market.

Now, an article that ran in yesterday's New York Times reports on a new Texas campaign for the mandatory inoculation of all 11 & 12 year old girls with Gardasil, a Merck vaccine that prevents against 4 (6, 11, 16, 18) of the over one hundred total types of human papillomavirus (HPV). The article hints at the political and financial conflicts of interest, but other articles from various sources have detailed the issue and similar pieces of legislature in other states.

About Gardasil and HPV: Gardasil only works in women, so man cannot directly benefit from the vaccine. HPV is a virus that causes warts. HPV can cause genital warts and lead to cervical and vulvar cancers in women, penile cancer in men, and anal, head and neck cancers in men and women. HPV is considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD) because about 30 types are transmitted through sexually contact. So, even though the majority of HPV types are transmitted through casual contact (70+ casually transmitted:about 30 sexually transmitted), HPV is still considered a STD.

Of the 4 types of HPV that Gardasil protects against, 2 (6 & 11) are known to cause 90% of the cases of genital warts while the other 2 (16 & 18) belong to a group of 8 (16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45 & 51) "high risk" types, where "high risk" indicates association with cervical cancer. So, even if a woman (or girl) is vaccinated, she can still become infected with any of the other approximately 24 types of sexually transmitted HPV or 70+ types of casually transmmitted HPV; she can still get warts or cancer. Merck states this point through their advertising of Gardasil, but is the point really getting across? Will Gardasil really be taken as an extra precaution against sexually transmitted HPV, or will it be taken as a substitute for other precautions such as safe-sex and regular medical screenings? Gardasil's marketing campaign slogan is "One Less," used to mean that through Gardasil you or your daughter could be one less case of cervical cancer. I think this marketing campaign makes people think that Gardasil immunizes you against cervical cancer itself, rather than only 1/4 of the types of HPV associated with cervical cancer. And, for that reason, I think people will use Gardasil as a substitute for other precautionary measures.

Aside from the problematic political and financial ties and the perception of total immunity, there are major issues regarding gender, power, control, etc. going on with this legislation. With all these issues running through my mind, I wonder, has someone written an anthropology of the vaccine? I can't find a definitive body of work on the subject, only case studies. Any suggestions on some good articles or books?

          Too long for a comment   

This post started as a comment on a Savage Minds post, "What is good anthropological writing?", wherein Thomas Eriksen asked, "Which were the texts that made an indelible impression on you, and why?" The following is my answer:

The texts, both fiction and non-fiction, which have "made an indelible impression" on me as an Anthropologist, scholar, and all the other titles (daughter, sister, artist, friend) I hold as a person in general, came to me in three ways at three different times:

First, when I was 12 years old, my family took a trip to Seattle. I didn't have any unread books of my own to bring along for the plane ride, so I went into our family book closet and pulled from the shelf that held my Dad's books from college, John Howard Griffin's Black Like Me. When we returned home, I went straight back to that shelf and grabbed a box set of Doonesbury comics. As this was before the Internet, I got through Doonesbury by using my children's encyclopedia, our family encyclopedias, my Mom's textbook from the History class she was taking at the community college (she went back to school when I was in Kindergarten, working full-time and taking classes when she could until I was in 8th grade), and my parents as references for all the historical and political commentary I did not understand.

When I finished that collection, I returned to the shelf and chose (no kidding) Margaret Mead's Coming of Age in Samoa. I should mention that my dad was an Anthropology and Spanish undergrad and my inclination towards Anthropology was greatly influenced by all the stories I grew up hearing my Dad tell. As a child, my Dad lived on the outskirts of various Native American reservations across New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. After he graduated from college, he joined the Peace Corps and lived in a Shuar village in Ecuador. Aside from the tales he recounted of these experiences, he seemed to have an Anthropological anecdote for and spin on everything, from problems with bullies at school to my inquiry, "Why would the US government send people to internment camps?" when my family visited Manzanar National Historic Site when I was in 4th grade. So, by the time I got around to reading Coming of Age, I was already prepared to enjoy it.

Next, during my Senior year of high school, I was taking both AP English and AP Biology (AP stands for "Advanced Placement," the "recommended courses" for students aspiring to attend universities considered elite, in my case the University of California. In these classes, the pace of learning was sped up and the expectation of quality of work was raised, this meant that you had more than twice as much homework and it had to be at least twice as good as that in the "regular" classes, which meant that you had to form "study groups" and divide the work amongst each other in order to deliver, something that was expressly forbidden and considered "cheating" by teachers but accepted and practiced as the norm by students. And, because classes, like all others at my high school, were scheduled for only 50 minutes each day, you were often expected, pretty much required, to spend lunches, free periods, and time after school in lab or other lecture/discussion type sessions. Finally, at the end of the course, you had the option of taking the corresponding AP test. Scores of 3 or higher, out of 5, would pass you out of entry level courses at many universities and so you worked very hard to obtain them. These were my experiences at one particular high school in an affluent area where over 90% of the graduating class went on to attend college, and so may not be the most "normal" representation of college prep courses). I was one of several students who were taking both classes at the same time and so our teachers decided to do a joint project, "What is life?" How do you define "life?" What does it mean to "be alive?" This project itself was influential for me because we studied the concept of "being alive" from and within two different disciplines. I remember one particular discussion in Bio when we debated whether or not a virus should be classified as a living organism. This debate forced us to realize that scientific classification and the concept of "being alive" are arbitrary, cultural constructions. Each class also had its own theme, in English it was existentialism and in Bio it was, well, Bio. In English, our study of existentialism included the reading of William Butler Yeats' poem, "The Second Coming", Joseph Heller's Catch-22, Samuel Beckett's play, Waiting for Godot, and Franz Kafka's short story, In the Penal Colony. These English class texts were all fiction, but in Bio, I read David Quammen's The Flight of the Iguana: A Sidelong View of Science and Nature which gets its title from Quammen's imaginative account of Darwin's study of Galapagos Island iguanas; the iguanas are strong swimmers, but as Darwin wrote in The Voyage of the Beagle, "they will sooner allow a person to catch hold of their tails than jump into the water..." Quammen's book is sort of non-fiction in that he transforms scientific information into interesting, anecdotal stories. In the case of the iguanas, Quammen imagines Darwin launching them by their tails into the sea and watching them swim back to the shore where he stands. This text was influential for me because it demonstrates how good writing intrigues the reader by prompting her to draw parallels between the mundane and the academic.

Lastly, during my Freshman year of university, a friend lent me his copy of Tom Robbins' Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. I can't explain why this book was so influential, I think I just really admire Robbins' writing style. Another great, influential book by Robbins is Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates.

So, there you have it, the texts that changed my life!

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          After winning 13 year court battle, Malaysian human rights activist plans to run for parliament   
When it comes to persecuting activists, the Singapore government is no different from their Malaysian counterparts. Just to mention some very recent examples, see my posts here, here and here.

Rights Champion Seeks Political Career
By Baradan Kuppusamy

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 3 (IPS) - After winning a gruelling 13-year court battle to avoid being jailed on charges of maliciously publishing false news, Malaysia's best-known human rights champion seeks a political career to continue defending migrant workers and other vulnerable sections of society.

"I refused to yield, I was focused and relentless and in the end won," said Irene Fernandez, executive director of Tenaganita, a leading human rights non-government organisation (NGO) that has a reputation for defending migrant workers against ill treatment and exploitation.

"It is also a major victory for human rights activism," she told IPS in an interview. "The authorities now know that we will fight and fight good and hard and will not be cowed."

Fernandez now plans to run for parliament. "It’s important that I have the opportunity to be a member of parliament, to be a voice for the communities that I have been working with," she said.

It was widely believed by diplomats, the political opposition and human rights organisations that Fernandez was targeted by the authorities for her persistent efforts to protect and champion legions of Asian migrant workers from mistreatment and exploitation by employers, a vigilante force called ‘RELA’ and other enforcement agencies.

Her ordeal began in 1996 when she was charged under Section 8A (1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, with publishing "false news" -- a serious crime in Malaysia punishable with a mandatory one year in prison.

That year she had circulated a memorandum to the media, foreign missions and international human rights organisations in which she drew attention to deplorable conditions in overcrowded detention centres and the shoddy treatment meted out to migrant workers.

She alleged, in the memorandum, that migrant workers were mistreated, poorly fed, abused and regularly beaten.

The memorandum, based on research conducted by her staff and other experts, sparked an international outcry that severely embarrassed the government, but brought immediate relief to depressed migrant workers.

The government took steps to improve camp conditions, provide more nutritious food and medicine and assure the international community but charged Fernandez in court.

After a long and harrowing trial and despite international objections, she was found guilty in 2003 and sentenced to the mandatory one year in jail.

She appealed the sentence immediately but for five years she was dragged from one court to another as her appeal suffered numerous delays and postponements.

On Nov. 24, eight years after she filed her appeal, the Attorney General finally made the decision to withdraw the charge on the grounds that the appeal record was incomprehensible.

At one point in the appeal the court was informed that notes of evidence of important prosecution witnesses were missing. Later the notes were miraculously found but not legible. Further delays occurred after a computer virus wiped out notes required for the trial.

"The trial and sentence were hanging over me like a sword for 13 years," Fernandez said. "I suffered hugely but remained unbowed."

"The 13-year long trial was a heavy burden. I could not travel, stand for elections, raise funds or even speak at some forums," Fernandez,62, recalled. "This is a case of political persecution designed to force me to give up on my campaigns and retire."

By persecuting her the authorities had wanted NGOs to do charity work and leave advocacy and political activism alone, Fernandez said.

"They wanted to cow human rights activists by making an example out of me," she said. "They wanted to show the people that rights activism is dangerous and dirty work and anti-national."

She has vowed to step up her work helping migrant workers, women and HIV/AIDS campaigns.

"The struggle is far from over...there is a significant rise in the number of cases of sexual and physical abuse, torture of migrant workers," she said. "Conditions at detention centres and prisons remain deplorable."

"In fact the struggle has just started with the world economy in turmoil and millions of migrant workers on the front line of unemployment," she said adding that nearly four million -- legal and undocumented-- Asian migrant workers in Malaysia might end up being jobless if the turmoil persist.

In 2005 Fernandez won the Right Livelihood Award -- the alternative Nobel Prize -- in recognition of her wide-ranging human rights activism. "Migrants are human beings. They have the same rights as all of us.’’

"It is bad that Fernandez had to suffer for 13 years before justice was finally granted,’’ said Bar Council chairman Ambiga Sreenevasan. "The ordeal is over for her but for the Malaysian judiciary the journey ahead is long to regain its lustre as an equal and capable branch of a democratic government."

"If Malaysia had respected rights, freedom, democracy and an independent judiciary the system would have never charged her in the first place," said Brad Adams, Asia director of the New York-based Human Rights Watch.

"It is a trial where freedom of expression was challenged, where human rights defender is criminalised and where there is absolute disregard for the rights of detainees and minorities like migrant workers and refugees," he said.
          [病毒防治]Norton Antivirus 病毒库0412    
Norton AntiVirus 是一套强而有力的防毒软件,它可帮你侦测上万种已知和未知的病毒,并且每当开机时,自动防护便会常驻在System Tray,当你从磁盘、网路上、E-mail 夹档中开启档案时便会自动侦测档案的安全性,若档案内含病毒,便会立即警告,并作适当的处理。另外它还附有「LiveUpdate」的功能,可帮你自动连上 Symantec 的 FTP Server 下载最新的病毒码,於下载完后自动完成安装更新的动作。

          [病毒防治]McAfee Virusscan DAT 4733    
McAfee防毒软件, 除了操作介面更新外,也将该公司的WebScanX功能合在一起,增加了许多新功能! 除了帮你侦测和清除病毒,它还有VShield自动监视系统,会常驻在System Tray,当你从磁盘、网络上、E-mail夹文件中开启文件时便会自动侦测文件的安全性,若文件内含病毒,便会立即警告,并作适当的处理,而且支持鼠标右键的快速选单功能,并可使用密码将个人的设定锁住让别人无法乱改你的设定。附注:4.0.1版采用Dr Solomon's virus引擎,并且新增了侦测恶意的Java Applet和ActiveX程序的功能,介面也焕然一新。请记得病毒码是要经常更新的! 
          [病毒防治]Kaspersky Anti-Virus 周病毒库 04.05    
俄罗斯软件公司的产品,是一个在国外评价极高杀毒软件。它也有常驻于System Tray的自动监视功能,可帮你自动监视从磁盘、网路上、E-mail 夹档中开启文件的安全性,亦有鼠标右键的快速选单,还附有 LiveUpdate 线上更新病毒码的功能。
          [病毒防治]Norton Antivirus 病毒库 2006.04.03    
Norton AntiVirus 是一套强而有力的防毒软件,它可帮你侦测上万种已知和未知的病毒,并且每当开机时,自动防护便会常驻在System Tray,当你从磁盘、网路上、E-mail 夹档中开启档案时便会自动侦测档案的安全性,若档案内含病毒,便会立即警告,并作适当的处理。另外它还附有「LiveUpdate」的功能,可帮你自动连上 Symantec 的 FTP Server 下载最新的病毒码,於下载完后自动完成安装更新的动作。
          [病毒防治]Norton Antivirus 病毒库0327    
Norton AntiVirus 是一套强而有力的防毒软件,它可帮你侦测上万种已知和未知的病毒,并且每当开机时,自动防护便会常驻在System Tray,当你从磁盘、网路上、E-mail 夹档中开启档案时便会自动侦测档案的安全性,若档案内含病毒,便会立即警告,并作适当的处理。另外它还附有「LiveUpdate」的功能,可帮你自动连上 Symantec 的 FTP Server 下载最新的病毒码,於下载完后自动完成安装更新的动作。

          [病毒防治]Norton Antivirus 病毒库 2006.03.24    
Norton AntiVirus 是一套强而有力的防毒软件,它可帮你侦测上万种已知和未知的病毒,并且每当开机时,自动防护便会常驻在System Tray,当你从磁盘、网路上、E-mail 夹档中开启档案时便会自动侦测档案的安全性,若档案内含病毒,便会立即警告,并作适当的处理。另外它还附有「LiveUpdate」的功能,可帮你自动连上 Symantec 的 FTP Server 下载最新的病毒码,於下载完后自动完成安装更新的动作。

Norton AntiVirus 病毒库x86.exe 适用与:
NAV 2000 for Win9x/NT/2000
NAV 2001 for Win95b/98/NT/2000/Me
NAV 2002 Professional Edition
NAV 2002 for Win98/Me/NT/2000/XP Home/XP Pro
NAV 3.0 & 4.0 for DOS/Win3x
NAV 4.0 for NetWare
NAV 4.0, 5.0 and 2000 for Win9x
NAV 4.0, 5.0 and 2000 for WinNT
NAV 6.0 & 7.x Corporate Edition
NAV for Gateways 2.x (WinNT/2000)
NAV for Internet Email Gateways 1.x (WinNT only)
NAV for Lotus Notes (Intel)
NAV for MS Exchange (Intel)
Norton NT Tools
Norton Utilities 2.0 for WinNT
pcAnywhere32 7.5 and higher for WinNT

Norton AntiVirus 病毒库i32.exe 适用与:
NAV 2000 for Win9x/NT/2000
NAV 2001 for Win95b/98/NT/2000/Me
NAV 2002 Professional Edition
NAV 2002 for Win98/Me/NT/2000/XP Home/XP Pro
NAV 4.0, 5.0 and 2000 for Win9x
NAV 4.0, 5.0 and 2000 for WinNT
NAV for Firewalls 1.5 or higher
NAV for Lotus Notes (Intel)
NAV for MS Exchange (Intel)
Norton SystemWorks (all versions)
Norton Utilities for Windows 95/98 (all versions)
pcAnywhere32 7.5 and higher for WinNT
          [病毒防治]Norton Antivirus 病毒库 2006.03.22    
Norton AntiVirus 是一套强而有力的防毒软件,它可帮你侦测上万种已知和未知的病毒,并且每当开机时,自动防护便会常驻在System Tray,当你从磁盘、网路上、E-mail 夹档中开启档案时便会自动侦测档案的安全性,若档案内含病毒,便会立即警告,并作适当的处理。另外它还附有「LiveUpdate」的功能,可帮你自动连上 Symantec 的 FTP Server 下载最新的病毒码,於下载完后自动完成安装更新的动作。
          [病毒防治]Kaspersky Anti-Virus(AVP)每日病毒码 2006.03.08    

AVP 是俄罗斯软件公司的产品,是一个在国外评价极高杀毒软件。它也有常驻于 System Tray 的自动监视功能,可帮你自动监视从磁盘、网路上、E-mail 夹档中开启文件的安全性,亦有鼠标右键的快速选单,还附有 LiveUpdate 线上更新病毒码的功能。

          El H1N1 desata las hostilidades   
El virus H1N1 tiene una nueva víctima: las relaciones internacionales. El miedo a la propagación de una epidemia ha roto el frente que, hasta ahora, se mantenía frágilmente unido, y algunos países han preferido tomar medidas unilaterales ante el riesgo de una situación sanitaria descontrolada. El ejemplo de esta actitud ha sido China, que ha pasado de ofrecer ayuda a México (foco de la nueva gripe) a suspender la llegada de vuelos de ese país. Además, ha puesto a 70 viajeros en cuarentena. México ha protestado y ha enviado un avión para repatriar a sus compatriotas.
VER: http://www.elpais.com

          India wants a discount on Windows to reduce its cyberattack risk   
In light of the recent WannaCry and "NotPetya" global ransomware attacks, India is looking to strike a deal with Microsoft that would reduce the cost of its Windows 10 operating system by more than 75 percent. The country's cyber security coordinator...
          What's your opinion on ClamWin + Immunet3.0 Antivirus?   

What I don't get is why they don't participate in any of the independent testing to show that the product has improved.  The cloud nature does bother me, but I prefer that my computers be protected quickly from new threats, especially if it is a nasty virus.  Could you imagine how much havoc a virus could do to your network if it had days with nothing able to stop it?  I wish Avira Free could be used for businesses, but alas only the Mac version can be :(

          What's your opinion on ClamWin + Immunet3.0 Antivirus?   

Now personally I have more issues with the cloud nature of Immunet than I do about the response time.  I've seen some research in the past which rated clamav rather low, but I've also seen some which rate it on par with some of the mainstream av venders as far as detection rates and heuristics.

Really that's one of the reasons I decided to open this discussion.  Though there's plenty of historical opinionated information on the internet about clamav, clamwin, etc. there doesn't seem to be much which is recent and both of these have undergone some major changes recently (if their press kits are to be believed)

          What's your opinion on ClamWin + Immunet3.0 Antivirus?   

Microsoft Security Essentials can only in installed on ten business computers.

If you need more than ten in a business environment I recommend Comodo AV.  It is free for business. 

          What's your opinion on ClamWin + Immunet3.0 Antivirus?   

Me personally, and I have used the clamwin product to test it out, would not trust my business environment to these products.  I would like to have something with some behavioral detection as well as a quicker response time on adding files to their definitions.

Personally, if you really don't have any way for them to pay for AV, I would probably recommend going with Microsoft Security Essentials, as you can use it in a business environment for free.

          What's your opinion on ClamWin + Immunet3.0 Antivirus?   

Ok, so

- Immunet3.0 is a cloud based AV system which uses Clamav's engine but doesn't provide offline scanning unless you pay for the 'plus' version.

- ClamWin is the windows installable clamav which provides everything other than an active scanning agent (e.g. can schedule scans all you want but it's not going to examine that exe you just downloaded and ran until the next scan)

For the time being suspend the reasonable objections and sanity checks about the administrative nightmares of distribution, settings lockdown, and status checks , what is your opinion of pairing these two together to make a poor-company's (e.g. zero budget available) complete AV solution?

This topic first appeared in the Spiceworks Community
          Q&A: Fake Virus or Malware Technical Support Call   

There's a person who wants me to pay money to fix my computer because he's telling me there's malware on my computer...it's a large computer...it's not my cell phone...it's a brand new computer. He called me numerous times wanting me to pay money to fix the errors. I have refused his offers many times. I'm aware of scammers like him. I've told him to stop calling me. I'm now worried about opening up my computer because I am afraid it will be ruined by this man. He said his name is Larry Anderson. He's out of California. He's striking older women and I am an older woman. This man needs to be reported which I'm doing today. I would like a response back from your computer service. Thank you, Janet. Continue reading...

          Ukraine Cyberattack Wasn't Really About Ransom, Security Experts Say   
A deeper look at the virus that struck computers in Ukraine and elsewhere this week has shown that what initially looked like ransomware was in fact a type of malware called a "wiper." Rather than extorting money, it's goal was to erase victims' hard ...
          Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.12.28414.537 (Windows)   
          McAfee Virus SuperDAT Definitions Update 8577   
          Cara Mudah Dan Berkesan Menghilangkan Jerawat Menggunakan Bawang Putih. Terbukti Kesan Dalam Sehari Je   

Bawang putih merupakan jenis rempah-rempah yang memiliki kandungan anti-bakteria dan anti virus, kedua kandungan tersebut sangat bermanfaat untuk mencegah dan mengatasi jerawat pada kulit anda.

Selain itu, bawang putih juga memiliki kandungan allicin yang juga merupakan suatu zat organisulfur yang mampu menghaluskan dan melembutkan kulit bejerawat.

Sedangkan kandungan minyak atsiri yang tersimpan di dalamnya mampu mengeluarkan kadar minyak berlebihan pada kulit wajah, kandungan minyak berlebih inilah punca utama penyebab timbulnya jerawat.

Berikut ini merupakan beberapa cara yang dapat anda lakukan untuk menghilangkan jerawat dengan menggunakan bawang putih :

Menggosokkan Pada Wajah

Cara pertama, anda siapkan terlebih dahulu 1 ulas bawang putih, lalu kupas iris tipis. Setelah itu, bersihkan terlebih dahulu kulit wajah yang berjerawat dengan air hangat dan gosok-gosokan hirisan bawang putih pada jerawat. Kemudian biarkan selama semalam, lalu bersihkan pada keesokan harinya dengan air dingin dan sabun pembersih muka. Lakukan cara ini secara rutin setiap malam sebelum tidur, jika jerawatnya tidak terlalu parah biasanya pada keesokan harinya jerawat akan surut dengan sendirinya.


Cara selanjutnya iaitu dengan menumbuk halus bawang putih, lalu tempelkan pada jerawat dan biarkan selama 20-30 minit agar kandungan di dalamnya dapat meresap kedalam kulit. Lakukan perawatan ini secara rutin setiap malam sampai jerawat mengempis dan hilang.

Menjadikan bahan untuk masker wajah

Caranya iaitu : siapkan 3 ulas bawang putih, lalu haluskan dengan cara ditumbuk atau diblender sampai benar-benar halus. Setelah itu, tambahkan sedikit minyak zaitun dan aduk hingga kedua bahan tersebut sekata. Selanjutnya, bersihkan terlebih dahulu kulit wajah sebelum disapu masker bawang dengan menggunakan air hangat. Kemudian maskerkan campuran bahan tersebut keseluruh permukaan kulit yang terdapat jerawat, lalu biarkan selama 30 minit dan bersihkan kembali dengan air hangat tanpa menggunakan sabun. Lakukan perawatan ini secara rutin setiap hari setiap malam sebelum tidur.

          Virus Petya, era già tutto previsto   

Un attacco informatico in giro per il mondo era stato già preannunciato da Eurosystem in un webinar dedicato che metteva all’erta le aziende. L’unica soluzione? La prevenzione

L'articolo Virus Petya, era già tutto previsto proviene da LineaEDP.

          Ancient viral 'fossils' reveal evolutionary mechanisms   
(Hokkaido University) Studying DNA fragments left by ancient viruses in their host's genome has shown even non-autonomous viruses could prosper by helping each other.
          Avira Antivirus Pro 15 0 22 54 Final Incl License Key   
          Vụ tấn công Tòa án Venezuela : Chính quyền hoảng sợ   

Viên sĩ quan cảnh sát Venezuela, Oscar Perez, người lái trực thăng tấn công Tòa Án Tối Cao. Ảnh chụp tại Caracas, ngày 01/03/2015.Reuters
Thời sự nước Pháp với những quyết định đầu tiên của chính phủ về cải cách luật lao động, quyết định triệu tập Quốc Hội lưỡng viện tại Versailles của tổng thống, ngay trước phiên họp khai mạc Quốc Hội mới, gây tranh luận, là các chủ đề trang nhất của nhiều nhật báo hôm nay. Về thời sự quốc tế, Le Figaro có bài « Chính quyền Venezuela trong cơn hoảng sợ » lý giải nguyên nhân vụ trực thăng cảnh sát thả lựu đạn xuống trụ sở Tòa Án Tối Cao, khiến căng thẳng tại Venezuela tăng thêm một nấc.
Chiếc trực thăng cất cánh từ một căn cứ quân sự ở miền trung. Tiếp theo Tòa Án Tối Cao, đích ngắm là bộ Ngoại Giao. Chiếc trực thăng sau đó đã bình yên hạ cánh tại một căn cứ khác gần thủ đô. Le Figaro dẫn lời một chuyên gia về quân đội Venezuela, ông San Miguel, theo đó, chắc chắn vụ này không hề liên hệ gì với một âm mưu đảo chính. Trong khi đó, người lái trực thăng, thành viên của một đơn vị cảnh sát điều tra, đã công bố lên mạng 5 đoạn video để giải thích về ý nghĩa hành động. Theo viên phi công, hành động này là nhằm chống lại « chính phủ tham nhũng », và đứng đằng sau ông là một « liên minh gồm các công chức quân sự, chính trị và dân sự », có quan điểm « dân tộc chủ nghĩa, yêu nước và tôn trọng Nhà nước ». Mục tiêu của nhóm là tìm kiếm một thế cân bằng mới cho Venezuela, chống lại « chính phủ chuyển tiếp mang tính tội phạm » hiện nay. Trong bối cảnh căng thẳng kéo dài từ đầu tháng Ba đến nay, với các cuộc biểu tình phản đối chính phủ diễn ra hầu như hàng ngày, đối lập có phản ứng rất thận trọng về vụ trực thăng tấn công Tòa Án. Đồng chí của tổng thống Maduro muốn làm ‘‘Perestroika’’ Tổng thống Maduro tỏ ra rất lo ngại về vụ tấn công, ra lệnh cho các lực lượng đặc nhiệm vây bắt thủ phạm, đồng thời lên án một cựu bộ trưởng (ông Miguel Rodriguez Torres) đứng sau vụ này. Thế nhưng, vẫn theo chuyên gia San Miguel, nhân vật bị lên án nói trên vẫn bình yên vô sự, và điều này là « đáng ngạc nhiên ! ». Theo Le Figaro, nguyên nhân sâu xa của vụ tấn công nhằm vào Tòa Án Tối Cao và bộ Ngoại Giao Venezuela xuất phát từ sự bất bình của một bộ phận lớn trong quân đội, bất bình bùng lên với chủ trương tổ chức Quốc Hội Lập Hiến của tổng thống Maduro. Chủ trương bị chính tổng chưởng lý, người được coi là cùng phe với tổng thống Maduro kiện lên Tòa Tối Cao. Những người phản đối ông Maduro – vốn thuộc đảng cầm quyền - cho rằng đương kim tổng thống đã phản lại nguyên tắc dân chủ, được thiết lập dưới thời cố tổng thống Chavez. Phe này tố cáo, kể từ khi lên nắm quyền năm 2013, ông Maduro đã « đi hết từ sai lầm này đến sai lầm khác ». Đây là lúc cần phải tiến hành một cuộc « Perestroika », để quyền hành được giao phó cho một đảng khác, trung thành với cố tổng thống Chavez. Quan hệ Paris – Washington ấm lại nhân ngày Quốc Khánh Pháp 14/7 Bài « Donald Trump trên đại lộ Champs-Elyséees ngày 14/7 » trên La Croix dẫn lại thông báo của Elysée cho biết ngày hôm qua, tổng thống Mỹ đã nhận lời mời của nguyên thủ Pháp, được gửi đến hôm trước. La Croix nhận xét : « Sau những trao đổi khá cứng rắn giữa lãnh đạo hai nước (đặc biệt liên quan đến việc tổng thống Mỹ rút ra khỏi thỏa thuận Khí hậu Paris - người viết), sự hiện diện của tổng thống Mỹ tại quảng trường Concorde trong ngày Quốc Khánh với cuộc duyệt binh truyền thống có vẻ như là một thành công ngoại giao gây ấn tượng của tân tổng thống Macron », tiếp theo cuộc thượng đỉnh với tổng thống Nga Putin, được tổ chức tại lâu đài Versailles hồi tháng trước. Vẫn theo phủ tổng thống Pháp, các binh sĩ Hoa Kỳ sẽ tham gia lễ duyệt binh, đây cũng là dịp đánh dấu 100 năm ngày quân đội Mỹ tham gia Thế chiến thứ nhất. Le Monde chú ý đến cuộc điện đàm hôm thứ Ba, 27/06, giữa hai tổng thống, với chủ đề chính là biện pháp đối phó chung, nếu chính quyền Syria sử dụng vũ khí hóa học. Rút kinh nghiệm can thiệp của Mỹ hồi tháng 4, Washington chỉ thông báo cho Paris vài giờ trước đó, quá muộn để Pháp tham gia. Tuy nhiên, thách thức chủ yếu trong hồ sơ này là cần phải có được các tin tức tình báo chính xác. Theo Le Monde, chính quyền Damas rất có thể đã cất giấu kỹ lượng vũ khí hóa học chưa bị phá hủy. Bên cạnh đó, vấn đề cũng phức tạp hơn liên quan đến khí chlore. Theo Tổ Chức Cấm Vũ Khí Hóa Học (OIAC), loại hóa chất này tuy bị cấm dùng trong chiến tranh, nhưng lại không bị cấm sở hữu, và ít nhất trong hai năm gần đây, Damas đã nhiều lần dùng khí này. Thượng đỉnh Mỹ - Hàn : Moon Jae In tránh chọc giận Donald Trump Về thời sự quốc tế, báo chí Pháp chú ý đến cuộc thượng đỉnh Hoa Kỳ - Hàn Quốc, diễn ra hôm nay và ngày mai, thứ Năm 29 và thứ Sáu 30/06. Les Echos có bài « Thượng đỉnh Mỹ - Hàn căng thẳng ». Nguyên do là sự khác biệt lớn trong cách ứng xử với Bắc Triều Tiên. Cho đến gần đây, đối thoại với Bắc Triều Tiên là quan điểm chủ đạo của cả tân tổng thống Hàn Quốc Moon Jae In, cũng như tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump. Năm 2016, ứng cử viên tổng thống Mỹ từng tuyên bố sẵn sàng mời Kim Jong Un ăn hamburger. Ông Moon Jae In cũng tuyên bố có thể đích thân đến Bình Nhưỡng để đối thoại. Việc Bắc Triều Tiên tăng cường chương trình vũ khí hạt nhân, nhất là cái chết của sinh viên Mỹ Otto Warmbier, bị giam cầm trong những điều kiện khủng khiếp, khiến mọi ý tưởng tổ chức thượng đỉnh Liên Triều trở nên không thể chấp nhận được với Mỹ, theo một chuyên gia Viện tư vấn Asan Institute for Policy Studies, Seoul. Washington cũng rất bực bội trước việc tổng thống Hàn Quốc ngăn cản một phần việc triển khai hệ thống lá chắn tên lửa THAAD. Phe bảo thủ Mỹ cáo buộc Seoul đang làm suy yếu liên minh Mỹ-Hàn. Theo Les Echos, các nhà ngoại giao Hàn Quốc đã phải nghiên cứu kỹ lưỡng cuộc thượng đỉnh Mỹ-Nhật mới đây - được đánh giá là một « thành công lớn ». Các cố vấn của tổng thống Hàn Quốc phải tư vấn cho ông Moon Jae In cần phải chú ý trước hết làm sao để tổng thống Mỹ không tự ái, thì mới tránh bất đồng bùng phát thành xung đột. Bắc Triều Tiên : Bắc Kinh có cấm vận dầu mỏ ? Trong khi đó, vòng vây siết lại với Bắc Triều Tiên. Vẫn theo Les Echos, Trung Quốc có thể đã bắt đầu đình chỉ việc cung cấp xăng dầu cho Bình Nhưỡng. Trong hai tháng vừa qua, giá xăng tại quốc gia thuộc loại nghèo nhất hành tinh này đã trở nên đắt hàng đầu thế giới. Theo các chuyên gia, việc giá cả tăng vọt có thể bắt nguồn từ thông tin về khả năng Bắc Kinh cấm vận dầu mỏ với Bình Nhưỡng. Theo một chuyên gia viện Asan Institute for Policy Studies, cũng cần thận trọng trước viễn cảnh Bắc Kinh cấm vận dầu mỏ, bởi hai lý do. Thứ nhất là buôn lậu qua biên giới với Trung Quốc và Nga chiếm một tỉ trọng lớn trong thương mại biên giới. Thứ hai là Trung Quốc vẫn chưa đưa ra quyết định chính thức. Bắc Kinh vẫn tìm mọi cách để tránh cho chế độ Bình Nhưỡng trở nên quá suy yếu do các trừng phạt. Tấn công tin tặc : 240.000 máy tính nạn nhân Hôm thứ Ba và hôm qua, thế giới một lần nữa lại rúng động bởi một cuộc tấn công tin tặc quy mô lớn. Mục tiêu là hàng loạt doanh nghiệp lớn tại Ukraina, Ấn Độ, Mỹ, Úc, Tây Ban Nha và cả Pháp... Theo La Croix, thủ phạm là virus Petya, một loại mã độc tống tiền. Một khi đã xâm nhập, loại virus này có thể lan truyền đi trong toàn hệ thống, không cần bất cứ can thiệp nào khác. Tại Kiev, hành khách đi metro không trả được tiền bằng thẻ ngân hàng, tại Bombay, các container trên hải cảng bị tắc nghẽn, tại Nga, tập đoàn dầu mỏ Rosneft phải huy động một máy chủ dự bị để có thể tiếp tục hoạt động… Cũng tương tự như virus Wanna Cry, hồi tháng 5, Petya cũng tấn công vào một điểm yếu trong hệ thống điều hành Windows, điểm yếu mà cơ quan an ninh Mỹ NSA nắm được, nhưng thông tin đã bị hacker đánh cắp và phổ biến lên mạng. Việc vụ tấn công được khởi sự trước hết tại Ukraina, nhiều cáo buộc nhắm vào Nga, cho dù chưa có bằng chứng nào. Tổng thư ký NATO báo động là một cuộc tấn công tin học quy mô lớn có thể buộc NATO kích động điều 5 Hiệp ước NATO, điều khoản quy định toàn khối sẽ được huy động để bảo vệ một quốc gia nạn nhân. Theo Les Echos, đợt tấn công dường như đã giảm bớt nhiều về cường độ trong ngày hôm qua, sau khi tác động đến khoảng 240.000 máy tính. Tờ báo kinh tế lo ngại « các phần mềm hủy diệt hàng loạt » như vậy trong tương lai sẽ được phổ biến một cách rộng rãi. Google – Liên Âu : Quyết định phạt « lịch sử » Trong lĩnh vực kinh tế, quyết định của Ủy Ban Châu Âu hôm 27/06, phạt tập đoàn Google 2,4 tỉ đô la vì lạm dụng vị thế độc quyền, được Le Monde đánh giá là « lịch sử ». Quyết định, do ủy viên phụ trách cạnh tranh của châu Âu đề xuất, nhắm vào dịch vụ so sánh giá cả của Google Shopping, được đánh giá là « lịch sử » do mức tiền phạt, mức độ cứng rắn và các hệ quả của quyết định này. Tập đoàn Mỹ có trụ sở tại California có thời hạn 90 ngày để tuân thủ quyết định của châu Âu. Để ra được quyết định nói trên, cơ quan phụ trách cạnh tranh của châu Âu đã phải phân tích một khối lượng dữ liệu khổng lồ 5,2 tỉ terabyte. Theo Le Monde, quyết định của Bruxelles có thể là điểm khởi đầu cho một loạt các vụ kiện khác tại các nước có doanh nghiệp là nạn nhân của việc Google lạm dụng vị thế độc quyền. Cải cách luật lao động Pháp : Chính phủ công bố đề xuất đầu tiên Trở lại tình hình nước Pháp, tiêu điểm thời sự hôm nay là việc bộ trưởng Lao Động công bố các đề xuất cụ thể về cải cách luật Lao Động. Theo báo kinh tế Les Echos, đây là « lần đầu tiên » chính phủ thông báo về các dự định cải cách cụ thể. Sau một loạt thương thuyết, do ảnh hưởng của các nghiệp đoàn, vai trò của đàm phán tại từng doanh nghiệp giảm bớt tầm quan trọng, so với cương lĩnh tranh cử của ứng cử viên tổng thống Macron, ngược lại vai trò của các nhánh ngành nghề lại được giữ nguyên, thậm chí được tăng cường trong một số lĩnh vực. Theo Les Echos, các nghiệp đoàn nhìn chung hưởng ứng các thông tin mới nhất này, nhiều hơn so với dự kiến. Một tiêu điểm của các đề xuất mới của chính phủ trong dự án cải cách luật lao động là việc phát triển một hình thức hợp đồng lao động mới, gọi là « hợp đồng theo dự án ». Báo thiên tả Libération lo ngại, chính phủ có thể biến hợp đồng này thành một dạng hợp đồng không thời hạn « trá hình », để phổ biến rộng rãi, với mục tiêu chấm dứt dễ dàng hợp đồng với người làm công. Về phần mình, tờ báo thiên hữu Le Figaro lo ngại là cuộc cải cách « mẹ của các cải cách » này có nguy cơ bị đình trệ, do áp lực của công đoàn CGT, và nhất là lãnh đạo phong trào Nước Pháp Bất Khuất Melenchon. Pháp : Quyết định triệu tập Quốc Hội lưỡng viện của tổng thống gây xôn xao Vẫn về thời sự nước Pháp, các đề xuất cải cách luật lao động mới của chính phủ dường như bị che khuất bởi các phê phán rộ lên với việc tổng thống Emmanuel Macron quyết định sẽ phát biểu trước Quốc Hội lưỡng viện tại Versailles vào thứ Hai tới, chỉ một ngày trước diễn văn của thủ tướng về chính sách của chính phủ tại Hạ Viện. Tờ báo phổ thông Le Parisien đánh giá quyết định của tổng thống là « chưa từng có », « thật táo tợn ». Le Figaro cũng đưa ra nhận định là tổng thống Macron đã vượt mặt thủ tướng. Tuy nhiên, tờ báo này cũng dẫn lời từ phủ tổng thống, với nhận định là điều này hoàn toàn không có gì mới, tướng de Gaule trước đây cũng từng làm vậy, cũng như hai tổng thống Pompidou và Mitterand sau này. Theo giới thân cận của tổng thống, Emmanuel Macron sẽ phối hợp với thủ tướng Edouard Philippe điều chỉnh các diễn văn để hai bên không bị vênh nhau. RFI

          Are USB flash drive firmware viruses a thing?   
I recently ordered a cool USB flash drive through Etsy. I just started trying to research how to make sure it's not carrying some kind of malware, but it looks like that kind of thing would be in the firmware, and I'm not sure how to handle it.

It's basically a generic 8 GB drive put into a cool casing. Is there some way to check or overwrite the firmware of the drive?

(FWIW, the seller is in Latvia, which seems like an awesome country -- with a serious cohort of Etsy sellers).

Alternatively, is there some agency out there randomly sampling USB drives coming out of eastern Europe, and finding nothing malicious, so that I can be secure in the knowledge that there's essentially zero chance there's some kind of hidden malware on this drive?

          OncoBreak: Finding the Right Words; Drug 'Hit List'; Viruses and Cancer   
(MedPage Today) -- News, features, and commentary about cancer-related issues
          Rare Case of Tick-Borne Bourbon Virus Identified In Missouri   
State health officials say a Missouri resident has tested positive for a rare virus spread by ticks, and they are encouraging people to protect themselves. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notified the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) that the resident tested positive for the Bourbon virus, according to a DHSS news release. The Bourbon virus was first identified in Kansas in 2014. The 50-year-old male Kansas farmer who contracted the virus died, although its unclear if the virus was the cause of his death . Only a few cases have been identified in the Midwest and South since then. The Missouri resident is believed to have been exposed to the virus while in the state. Health officials are now conducting a tick study in Meramec State Park, about 60 miles southwest of St. Louis, which they describe as an "area of interest," although they don’t believe exposure risk there is greater than in other parts of the state. Symptoms of Bourbon virus include
          Michael Tellinger on Ubuntu philosophy   
Zaradi Aktualnosti vsebine in bližnjega dogodka tokrat objavljamo gostujoči intervju v angleškem jeziku. Bil je narejen za Aktualno 2.0 s strani naše kolegice Andreje Cepuš. Predstavljamo vam izjemen koncept nove dobe, ki se kot virtualni virus širi iz Afrike na vse kontinente in je v mnogih državah že dobil tudi oprijemljive strukture. V razmislek in vpogled v nove možnosti!

Pozdrav, Violeta

Michael Tellinger is a scientist, explorer and internationally acclaimed author of numerous books, who has become an authority on the vanished civilisations of southern Africa and the origins of humankind. His research and discoveries of an advanced vanished civilisation in South Africa includes a diverse field of research and touches on human origins, spirituality, science & consciousness.

Michael’s work touches critical issues around the subject of Unity Consciousness. “The more we push the boundaries of science, the more we come to understand the universal mind – the creative source of all things in the multiverse and beyond. It seems that the knowledge we gain from quantum physics and space-time studies, brings us closer to understanding the true nature of reality, the meaning of the universe and our place in it as conscious beings.” He believes that quantum physics is a gift from the divine creator to allow humanity to find its way back to source – back to unity – from a deeply divided and manipulated species – not only on Earth but in the entire universe.

Photo: Michael Tellinger
Source: personal archive

Tellinger presents a model for a new social structure called CONTRIBUTIONISM – A World Without Money – based on the African philosophy of UBUNTU and proposes how we should move from a money-driven society to a society driven by people, their talents and their passion for life. Where everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills to the greatest benefit of all in their community – and money has no meaning.

He is also the founder of the UBUNTU LIBERATION MOVEMENT and the political party called UBUNTU Party, in South Africa – which contested the national elections in SA on the 7th May 2014.
You can find more about Michael Tellinger and his work here: http://michaeltellinger.com/
Since Michael is coming to Slovenia, Ljubljana on September (having the lecture in Cankarjev dom on September, 9th titled Megalithic Sites and Free Energy) is seemed like a nice opportunity to ask him a few questions before his arrival.
Povezava do celotnega intervjuja.

Kako lahko sodelujemo
Kje se lahko srečamo
  • Predstavitev knjige Sintropija, 12. september 2014, ob 18h, Atrij ZRC, Ljubljana
  • Naslednji BIN dogodek: BIN@SHEFFIELD, Velika Britanija, 3. - 5. november 2014

          It has come to this   
Welp, I just installed adblock. I'm so ******* tired of being redirected to sketchy ass sites. One of these sites could honestly just be a download redirect to a ******* virus if they wanted. But until it is certified that this **** is fixed, this is staying on.
          Hey Addy.   
My Antivirus Just deleted a Trojan from a popup website from here.

Im not mad per-say, but I just want to know why those ads happen on this site, especially on a desktop.
          New clues found to common respiratory virus   
(Washington University School of Medicine) Scientists have solved the structure of a protein that helps a common respiratory virus evade the immune system. The team, led by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, have identified critical parts of the protein that could be targeted with drugs or vaccines, opening up the possibility of preventing or treating an infection that sickens thousands of babies and elderly people every year.
          Virus takes a toll on horses at Gretna nonprofit that provides equine therapy - Omaha World-Herald   

Omaha World-Herald

Virus takes a toll on horses at Gretna nonprofit that provides equine therapy
Omaha World-Herald
An outbreak of equine coronavirus has caused the death of a horse at the Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy's facility in Gretna. Six horses have exhibited signs of having the virus, with four testing positive and two others treated based upon ...
Children And Horses - An Alternative To The InternetHuffPost

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           Glutamine supplementation suppresses herpes simplex virus reactivation    
Chronic viral infections are difficult to treat, and new approaches are needed, particularly those aimed at reducing reactivation by enhancing immune responses. Herpes simplex virus (HSV) establishes latency and reactivates frequently, and breakthrough reactivation can occur despite suppressive antiviral therapy. Virus-specific T cells are important to control HSV, and proliferation of activated T cells requires increased metabolism of glutamine. Here, we found that supplementation with oral glutamine reduced virus reactivation in latently HSV-1–infected mice and HSV-2–infected guinea pigs. Transcriptome analysis of trigeminal ganglia from latently HSV-1–infected, glutamine-treated WT mice showed upregulation of several IFN-γ–inducible genes. In contrast to WT mice, supplemental glutamine was ineffective in reducing the rate of HSV-1 reactivation in latently HSV-1–infected IFN-γ–KO mice. Mice treated with glutamine also had higher numbers of HSV-specific IFN-γ–producing CD8 T cells in latently infected ganglia. Thus, glutamine may enhance the IFN-γ–associated immune response and reduce the rate of reactivation of latent virus infection.
           Pyruvate controls the checkpoint inhibitor PD-L1 and suppresses T cell immunity    
Patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) are at high risk for reactivation of the varicella zoster virus (VZV) and development of herpes zoster (HZ). Here, we found that macrophages from patients with CAD actively suppress T cell activation and expansion, leading to defective VZV-specific T cell immunity. Monocyte-derived and plaque-infiltrating macrophages from patients with CAD spontaneously expressed high surface density of the immunoinhibitory ligand programmed death ligand-1 (PD-L1), thereby providing negative signals to programmed death-1+ (PD-1+) T cells. We determined that aberrant PD-L1 expression in patient-derived macrophages was metabolically controlled. Oversupply of the glycolytic intermediate pyruvate in mitochondria from CAD macrophages promoted expression of PD-L1 via induction of the bone morphogenetic protein 4/phosphorylated SMAD1/5/IFN regulatory factor 1 (BMP4/p-SMAD1/5/IRF1) signaling pathway. Thus, CAD macrophages respond to nutrient excess by activating the immunoinhibitory PD-1/PD-L1 checkpoint, leading to impaired T cell immunity. This finding indicates that metabolite-based immunotherapy may be a potential strategy for restoring adaptive immunity in CAD.
           Immunotherapy for transplantation-associated viral infections    
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infections following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) are a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Early clinical trials demonstrate that adoptive transfer of donor-derived virus-specific T cells to restore virus-specific immunity is an effective strategy to control CMV and EBV infection after HSCT, conferring protection in 70%–90% of patients. The field has evolved rapidly to develop solutions to some of the manufacturing challenges identified in early clinical studies, such as prolonged in vitro culture, optimization of the purity of the virus-specific T cell product, the potential limitations of targeting a single viral antigen, and how to manage the patient with a virus-naive donor. This Review both discusses the seminal early studies and explores cutting-edge novel technologies that broaden the feasibility of and the scope for delivering virus-specific T cells to patients after HSCT.
           Clonal expansion of genome-intact HIV-1 in functionally polarized Th1 CD4+ T cells    
HIV-1 causes a chronic, incurable disease due to its persistence in CD4+ T cells that contain replication-competent provirus, but exhibit little or no active viral gene expression and effectively resist combination antiretroviral therapy (cART). These latently infected T cells represent an extremely small proportion of all circulating CD4+ T cells but possess a remarkable long-term stability and typically persist throughout life, for reasons that are not fully understood. Here we performed massive single-genome, near-full-length next-generation sequencing of HIV-1 DNA derived from unfractionated peripheral blood mononuclear cells, ex vivo-isolated CD4+ T cells, and subsets of functionally polarized memory CD4+ T cells. This approach identified multiple sets of independent, near-full-length proviral sequences from cART-treated individuals that were completely identical, consistent with clonal expansion of CD4+ T cells harboring intact HIV-1. Intact, near-full-genome HIV-1 DNA sequences that were derived from such clonally expanded CD4+ T cells constituted 62% of all analyzed genome-intact sequences in memory CD4 T cells, were preferentially observed in Th1-polarized cells, were longitudinally detected over a duration of up to 5 years, and were fully replication- and infection-competent. Together, these data suggest that clonal proliferation of Th1-polarized CD4+ T cells encoding for intact HIV-1 represents a driving force for stabilizing the pool of latently infected CD4+ T cells.
           HIV persistence: clonal expansion of cells in the latent reservoir    
While antiretroviral therapy (ART) can reduce HIV-1 to undetectable levels, the virus generally reappears if treatment is stopped. Resurgence of the virus is due to the reactivation of T cells harboring latent integrated provirus, and recent studies indicate that proliferation of these latently infected cells helps maintain the HIV-1 reservoir. In this issue of the JCI, Lee et al. evaluated CD4+ T cell subsets to determine whether certain populations are more likely to harbor full-length, replication-competent provirus. The authors identified an enrichment of clonally expanded Th1 cells containing intact HIV-1 proviruses, suggesting that this polarized subset contributes to the persistence of the reservoir. Strategies to target these provirus-harboring cells need to be considered for future therapies aimed toward HIV-1 cure.
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          The future of 200 million Children: Right to Education   
Dear All,

India has around 230 million children currently in age group 6-16. In the next decade, all these would cross 16 years of age, and reach a stage where more formal education is practically impossible.

Of these, around 30 million would get a chance to study in reasonable to good to excellent quality schools, some in a few good Govt. schools, but mostly private fee charging schools, including those for upper income and elite groups.

Remaining 200 odd million, if ASER and other such official and non-official reports are correct, would receive very poor quality education in the bulk of average government schools or low cost private schools. With RTE provisions and criterion coming in force, it would not be legally feasible for low cost private schools to exist as recognized schools, so the bulk of responsibility of educating these 200 million children will be of Government Schools.

Most of us know, and agree, that average quality of education in most Government Schools is very bad, which means that 200 million of today's children will become adult without receiving a minimum quality school education, which will not only keep them poor and under-developed, but also lead to poor development of the country.

The only solution is to significantly improve the quality of Government schools, with 3-5 years.

I request and invite forum readers to give no more than 5 suggestions that would improve the quality of education in a time bound 3-5 years, so the improvements in learning levels of children can be measured in concrete manner, by ASER or NCERT studies.

I hope this exercise of sifting through various actionable ideas would not only show a way to move forward, it will also make "Improvements in Govt. Schools within 3-5 years', a declared and formal policy agenda of the Government.

Pankaj Jain
Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

Response to this mail (Right To Education):
1. All kids in a particular locality must attend the public school in that locality [Like you collect your ration from a PDS outlet in your area].

2. This will ensure children of MLA, MP, Collector and every other influential person enroll in the neighbourhood school only.

3. Standard of this school will improve overnight.

4. Last but not least.

What type of education we are imparting in the so called best schools?

Glorified Macaulay's clerks and herd to work as coolies and slaves to monied masters in alien lands and in Indian cities.

The whole system of education is irrelevent to the people at large.

Can a civil engg graduate from the IIT lay a single brick?

Can the agri graduate from any best agri college produce one grain of paddy?

Proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Sankara Narayanan

Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/message/8167


none of your suggestions/ ideas is implementable in 3-5 years time.

it may be an ideal worth pursuing, but does not outline an agenda for action that will produce results in 3-5 years time, so the life of 200 million children of today will not be affected by this.

kindly address the specific problem of CURRENT CHILDREN.
Pankaj Jain
Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

i view that we should think more seriously about the education our children

Compulsory Character Building- Right To Education (RTE)

Right To Education (RTE) ensures compulsory and free education? Does it also ensure quality education? If yes does quality would mean to give first importance to bookish knowledge or first priority to character development?

In Hind Swaraj, Mahatma Gandhi categorically prescribed that character building is of utmost importance for a meaningful process of education. He quotes Professor Huxley who asserts that a man is an educated man whose body is the ready servant of his will and does with ease and pleasure all the work that as a mechanism it is capable of; whose intellect is a clear, cold, logic engine with all its parts of equal strength and in smooth working order...whose mind is stored with a knowledge of the fundamental truths of nature . . . whose passions are trained to come to heel by a vigorous will, the servant of a tender conscience, who has learnt to hate all vileness and to respect others as himself. Such a one and no other, I conceive, has had a liberal education, for he is in harmony with nature.

From the above we do infer that body, mind and character building are the primary goals of education. Bookish knowledge could be a mere tool. In a further deterioration some of us are satisfied by mere literacy. Some others say that the development of 3Rs is enough. Some parents get satisfaction from the achievement of admission of their children into desired courses. Some teachers are just contented with the achieving of required criterion of pass percentages of their students. Some managements are proud of the academic results of their students in their schools in the Board examinations. Many employers look for those candidates who are skilled in their work areas. It is all painful. In this neo-liberal environment, some of these stakeholders give token importance to character building of their students. To put it strongly our nation is being cheated by these so-called well wishers.

There is no need to tell you the current stories of malpractices, cheating, deceptions, and frauds played by these so-called educated employees. We must create a new kind of man by seeking directions from our cultural roots where character building was given the most important component of life and hence, that of education too. Accordingly, we need not give importance to mere knowledge scores aiming for a knowledge society but rather we must give importance to the development of character aiming to develop a humane society. We must be careful to recognise that mere literacy skills and pure knowledge marks are harmful for the development of a humane society.

For the process of building a humane society, give importance to all the four pillars of education as enunciated by the Education Reform Commission chaired by Jacques Delors. The four pillars are: learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be. We wish to reiterate that all four pillars are important otherwise the structure will surely fall. It is like taking a jump with full set of needed requirements to cross a stream; half-step jump over the stream is surely going to be disastrous. Let us understand the message from a letter[1] sent by an American Principal to his teaching staff on the first day of every academic year which illustrates this point.
Dear Teachers, “I am a survivor of a concentration camp. My eyes saw what no man should witness: Gas chambers built by learned engineers. Children poisoned by educated physicians. Infants killed by trained nurses. Women and babies shot and burned by high school and college graduates. So, I am suspicious of education. My request is that teachers help students become human. Your efforts must never produce learned monsters, skilled psychopaths, educated Eichmanns. Reading, writing, arithmetic are important only if they serve to make our children more humane”.

The RTE 2010 has ensured Right to Education, but we must ensure that it is real quality education with full emphasis on character development. The often lop-sided available left brain education must become whole brain education.
Let us look what is happening around us in a majority of cases. Inside schools parents need not push their children. They must stop solo-development of learning of academic subjects. Teachers must go beyond book oriented environments.
School employers should support their teachers on the basis of the requirements of National Curriculum Framework 2005. Higher education institutions like universities, IITs, IIMs, etc., must look into their admission criterion. Employers must give importance to character development.
Let us take care of our education system in a systemic manner.

Prof. B.K.Passi
Former UNESCO Chair
139 Indrapuri Colony, Indore, INDIA 452 001
Patron AIAER: http://www.geocities.com/aiaer15/

Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

The most cost effective solution is at Rs 10 per child per day we can help them all become members of what we may call the moedrn times and explore their own potential.

The leadership in India has no track record of thinking beyond a 5 year plan. This requires thinking for the nation in at least 15 to 20 year cycle.

Try the One Laptop per Child approach and you would transformed a nation and all its children for the most affordable amount.
Satish Jha
Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

So, what should Govt. do with Rs. 3650/- (365* 10) earmarked for each child.

Give the money to each parent to be spent on (?) food, health, education??? How do you ensure that it will be spent on child, and not on the drinking habit of father?

Give it as payment to any agency that guarantees assured quality education up to high school? (Practical examples exist, but you will be shouted down since this would be seen as privatization of education.)

You might have noted that Mumbai Municipal Corporation spends more than Rs. 40000/- on each child that is enrolled in its school, Ahmedabad Corporation spends around Rs. 20000/.

Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

Mr Jain,

My suggestions are as follows:

For the past 63 years we have tried several remedies to make India literate- universally. And have the success that we see. Nearly 96% are not "educated". They are merely literate. They do not contribute to the level of thinking this group engages in. They do not have the skills to be able to "office work" at any given level of benchmark. They live life differently. They have little skills that are valued by others beyond simply using their physical skills.

To change that requires a transformational change.
To be able to "learn how to learn" or "learning learning".
To be able to acquire skills as needed.
To be able to think about the world they live in.

The literacy campaign is about giving them one skill: an ability to read the alphabets, add a few simple numbers and may be put a signature that we cannot read.

The education campaign may be about going through a curriculum, as dated as CBSE or what have you.

But learning is a little different. Its an ability to undersatnd and know how to find out what is to be learnt and know how to reach there.

Today, technologies have made it possible to do so cheaply, a bit like cell phone. Just like 15 years ago it was incomprehensible to think that India could take the phones to villages and cell phones changed all that, today its not possible to think of "educating" everyone but OLPC has changed all that.

Now, if we use the OLPC approach, Rs 10 helps a child have a laptop, 230 applications, 100 digital books, a laptop they can maintain, that is connected even if there is no internet, can become the foundation on which education and learning can be built and the teachers begin to learn with the children at a pace they never did before.

Of course there will be individual variations that is natural no matter where one goes.

But this approach allows a child in a village with no electricity and usually no quality teachers to start learning a bit like they would in a privileged environment, of course without the benefit of sociology that privileges and affluence with bring them.

However, in acquiring skills, understating the world around them, in being curious and learning in a way that excites rather than as a regimented activity, OLPC has raised the bar and is making a couple million children explore the world like was unthinkable before its advent.

You may want to take a look at www.olpcindia.net and let us discuss on this forum how we can improve things.

Thanks so much
Satish Jha
Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

dear satish ji

i fully agree with you u and want to add that along with literacy skills, thinking skills, work skills .. we must give not only equal but a much more importance to character building [it is difficult to define but important to do this work]


Somehow our NRI's have arrogated to themselves the power to rundown everyone in India as "leadership in India has no track record of thinking". With sone humility I submit that simplistic solutions are not the answer. We are dealing with 120 million children (more than the population of many countries).

Those seriously interested in the subject may write and request for some analysis. Also pl. visit the site of Right to Food campaign.

Ashok Rao
Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

Dear friends

i find it difficult to find right answers ---- some random thoughts in favor of plurality and decentralization

1= i hope and believe that Sarvodya Model for identifying management issues and for creating local solutions [not finding solutions] to the locally identified problems will work-- solutions should evolve through acceptable group dynamics
2= withdraw all the current uniform rules of bureaucracy
3= must introduce diversity / flexibility in management by and from parents
4= flexible procedures may be tried out but these must be based on local unanimity of decision making
5= on-going inclusive involvement of all parents alone is a must in all matters of schools [private or govt]
6= bring back autonomy like that of gurukul system, and have in teachers let our must country mature toward that goal
7= give reasonable financial advances to parents body [gram sabhahs, mohalla sabhahs]

Dr. B.K.Passi
Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

Dear Pankaj
let all goernment schools be developed to the comparable level of central schools.

ramesh patnaik
Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

Dear Naaz,

The effective and decentralized decision making at the level of even Taluka Panchayat, leave alone any lower level, is incompatibe with our current Government School system, which is designed as an integrated State level monopoly. Teachers are currently recruited by State system, and only posted at local body level. State level bodies take all critical decisions about the curriculum and resource-budget use.

Transferring effective control over education to Panchayat body would require major restructuring that would be fierecely opposed by teachers' unions, and frankly, it would end up promoting PPP school model, which is easy to control by a local body. I am not sure, many forum members really want that.

The brass-track of performance linked budget can vary, but in essence the budget would be approved for agencies with track record of qualiy performance, and renewal of budget over years, would be conditional to children attaining specified learning norms.


Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/
My suggestions are:

1. All teachers' vacancies should be filled as soon as possible. All contract teachers should be replaced by permanent teachers.

2. In schools where the student-teacher ratio is good, naturally the quality is better. Instead of having a school in every km, the rule should be a classroom for every 30 underprivileged children in the locality.

3. The government should set up a department in each panchayat/municipality that would do quarter-yearly door-to-door surveys to determine the status of children in the society. This department will identify out-of-school children and dropouts.

4. Class 1 should be dedicated to teaching children their mother tongue.

5. The syllabus in all schools - CBSE, ICSE or state - should be unified. If members of all these boards participate in the making of the syllabus, the resultant syllabus will be good. Teachers may be used to rot learning techniques. They should be trained to do their jobs without rot learning.

There are more things that need to be done. Hygiene, for example, is invariably terrible in all schools. Then the training of teachers - the SET exam syllabus. I have no idea how to change anything here. But they should consult experts in education and train teachers for their job.

I do not have the mail id to forward this to anyone. Can you do it for me? Also, should i ask others to participate?

Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

this is the most importatn and fundamental suggestion [ i agree with it totally]
Class 1 should be dedicated to teaching children their mother tongue.[through mother tongue]
Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

Yes I would add that this must be done apto atleast 7th class. Other langauages can be taught but Hindi should not be imposed on children at the expense of their mother tongue.

The problem of India is language and caste


Kalluri Subba Rao., Ph.D., D.Sc.(IISc),FAS-AP, FAMS., FNASc.,FNA.Hon.Professor & INSA-Senior Scientist,Center for Biotechnology, Institute of Science and Technology (IST) , Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500085. Email:ksrsl@yahoo.com
Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

Dear All,

I have just returned from a long travel and eversince I have been mulling over this. I have read all the suggestions made so far. They are good.

Yes, high time we worked with a sense of purpose and met a deadline of minimum good quality education for 200 million children by 2020. As Pankaj says this is all the time we have before these children today in the age-group of 6-16 years reach a stage where more formal education is practically impossible.

If we fail to meet this deadline, we violate the fundamental right to education of as many as 200 million children and counting. Add to it the far reaching consequences the Country will have to face on the development front!

And, I hope, once a set of solutions is in sight, the media will play its part and prove itself for the children of India by actively tracking government pace and efforts to meet the dealine, just as it did for Delhi in case of the Common Wealth Games.

Now getting to the point, I humbly submit the following as the way to go in the next 3-5 years:

1. Put a cap on teacher transfers- a minimum of so many per state and no more. Transfers to be approved by the Chief Minister. The CMO to monitor teacher absenteeism and teacher punctuality, empowering SMC and Panchayat sub-committee on education for the purpose.

2. Give the same management autonomy as Kendriya Vidyalaya to the regular government schools.

3. Prestigious awards for best teacher in a cluster (CRC), best school, best SMC, best Panchayat, best block, best district and best state!

4. Plumbers (like electricity linesmen) to ensure proper working of drinking water facility in schools at all times. A sweeper per school to keep school premises and toilets clean. SMC to ensure consumables needed for maintenance and use are provided in case of both drinking water and toilets.

5. A children's group (a group for children that is their own i.e. one which is not formed and led by teachers but facilitated by them) in each school to discuss and share a range of issues affecting them within and outside the school. Regular formal opportunities for children through this group to present proposals to SMC and the government for implementation.

6. Education and related departments to ensure school facilities as mandated by the RTE is in place immediately - school library, computer room, playground etc.

Thank you and regards,

Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

Sir/ Madam,

Most suggestions made for improving quality are good and in the right direction, but I am afraid that most of these may/ will not produce results in a time bound manner, so we shall keep loosing the future of those who keep crossing schooling threshold.

May be, a policy that links, say 5-10%, of budget to 'learning outcome', will have higher chance of success. When faced with the choice of not having money in the absence of success, mind and body will really concentrate to get the results. It simply means that a section will have to be set up in each State Government's education department to handle 5-10% of education budget that can be spent only when assured gains in children's learning takes place, assessed by an independent agency appointed by the Government.

Pankaj Jain
Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

Quote: "Assessed by an independent agency appointed by the Government".

Unquote: Sure way to kill the issue. Why the govt and its independent [?] agency?
We know how the govt selects the agencies.

PRI and civil society are not competent to verify the performance of schools in their locality!

British were telling us that we were incompetent to rule ourselves. Now educated pundits tell us
that the centralised govt, its corrupt bureaucracy and the 'independent' agencies [all the three are sucking aliens]
only know what is good for the people.

Lesser the govt and bureaucracy and least of the alien parasitical experts will ensure better life for the people.

Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

Dear Pankaj,

Let me also try delving into your suggestion and in the process also seek a few clarifications. Do you mean linking 5-10% of the teacher and education officials 'Salary' budget to 'learning outcome'? Are you pointing towards a policy of performance based salaries? If this is the case, may be raise the percentage higher? Going by your understanding that money is short and results are poor, the need is to apply more pressure to get everyone on their feet.

And, I should think, the 'Assessment' can be done by an independent agency appointed by an all party parliamentary committee advised by non-governmental education experts/practitioners of the Country. NGO partners of the government would also like to stay out of this to make the whole enquiry impartial.

I agree with all the issues raised by members following your response to my mail.

Thank you and regards,


Dear Naaz,

My suggestion has some nuances, though broadly, you get the drift of thinking.

I mean performance linked budget. It is difficult to link salary to performance, because the performance is produced by too many interacting people, some of whom perform well and some do not. Further, it is possible to show that apparently each has performed minimally well, still the minimum desired results are not produced. Knowing a bit about the way system function, I feel that accountability has to be pitched at the level of head of a system-group of people, who will take responsibility to deliver agreed results for a given budget.

My feeling is that linking more than 5-10% budget to outcome will not be politically feasible, so let us keep it realistic.

Regarding assessment, your way of thinking is absolutely right.


Education is a state subject. What is the role of a Parliamentary Committee here?

It is a great injustice that education has been included in the concurrent list.
It must be set right at once.

Even state ministers and secys do not understand the dist-wise educational needs.
How can a Kapil Sibal and a few ivory tower secys in Delhi understand what type of education is
needed by my village, taluk and dist?

India is a sub-continent. You can't have a uniform syllabus from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Education is for creative living. Definitely not to create rank slaves and cyber coolies to serve
alien banias within and without.

Our educational system only can produce a Vice Chancellor [Anna University] who has the audacity
to defend the donation collected from Dow Chemicals.

You need such education?


Dear All,

I would rather that Education is a Panchayat/Local bodies subject, which it actually is, under the 73rd/74th Amendment of the Constitution of India, but is not (in implementation), because States and the Centre oppose the idea tooth and nail. States reverse any effort aimed at panchayat meaningfully assuming charge of primary education. In the process the educational needs of economically and socially marginalised communities remain un-addressed. Just now we have Centre, State and Local Bodies run schools and they are all at different levels, in my experience the Centre run schools in high priority compared to the State and Local Bodies run schools.

But on the issue of performance linked budget, Pankaj, please explain the brass-tacks of the whole thing. How do you visualise it could happen? What would it involve?



Dear Naaz,

The effective and decentralized decision making at the level of even Taluka Panchayat, leave alone any lower level, is incompatibe with our current Government School system, which is designed as an integrated State level monopoly. Teachers are currently recruited by State system, and only posted at local body level. State level bodies take all critical decisions about the curriculum and resource-budget use.

Transferring effective control over education to Panchayat body would require major restructuring that would be fierecely opposed by teachers' unions, and frankly, it would end up promoting PPP school model, which is easy to control by a local body. I am not sure, many forum members really want that.

The brass-track of performance linked budget can vary, but in essence the budget would be approved for agencies with track record of qualiy performance, and renewal of budget over years, would be conditional to children attaining specified learning norms.


Dear Prof Rao,

I beg to disagree with your statement. Our languages are not problems. They are our proud heritage.

Caste is our worst curse. Imposing English and Hindi is equally a curse.

A Polish scholar who extensively toured our countryside decalared, "English is a Cross on Indian children". Definitely not our languages.

Sankara Narayanan

Dear Sir,

I agree in toto with Mr. Sankara Narayanan that caste is our worst curse - a virus for which there is no medicine and prescription. In the morning when you switch on the TV you find great Pandits teaching: feed a dog, give milk to a cat and to a snake, throw oil somewhere, wear this or that color outside and a different inside .... are the ones responsible for such a mess in this country.

You may soon see some articles written by me on this subject in some news papers. We are sick minded people and are breeding sickness of the highest order in the minds of our generations and we call them as future of this country. Today,Bharat Mata is in tears when she is seeing the phenomenon of 'Honor Killings' which is solely driven by casteism and communalisation of the socieities. Who is responsible for all this? A question to be answered by over 1 Billion people of this country.

My regards


Dear Pankaj,

I am unable to understand the rationale of asking others for suggestions, when you proceed to ignore everything others suggest. However, since you seem to have an idea of investing a tenth of the budget on “learning outcomes” measured by “standardized testing”, it would be useful to understand what sort of activities would you intend those to be- that is apart from the hiring of trained teachers, strengthening teacher training, strengthening decentralization and accountability mechanisms and ensuring availability of learning materials (and overall school infrastructure) in the classroom. All of these have been suggested by multiple posters on this forum and have been rejected by you as inadequate and/or impractical.

However, while you go on to describe your agenda, a quick comment on the use of standardized testing to measure quality. It is arguably the most highly opposed policy in the west (googling for costs of high stakes testing gives 120,000 hits in 0.17 seconds). These include, discrimination against schools with minority (read dalit) populations (which would start with lower test scores), discrimination against minority (read dalit and adivasi) pupils who potentially may pull the school result down, promotion of cheating and corruption (to ensure that the result is maintained), pulling precious resources from teaching (which improves performance) to testing (which only measures it), and has negative impact on the child’s morale (having low performance drilled into you every time), impacting the ability of teachers to innovate (since they have to teach for the “test”) and has converted the process of education into merely achieving marketable basic competencies (in contrast to holistic child development). Thing is, apart from all this- it is also questionable if the learning levels are actually improving across the board. Consequently, it would be essential to take the current enthusiasm about “testing”, “outcomes” and other related issues with a pinch of salt learning from the countries where this practice was started first.
Anjela R V Taneja
Program Officer, Education Theme,
ActionAid India Country Office
Mobile: 09958087043

Dear Anjela and All,

I do not have a solution to this big problem, I only have a concern which, I think, is shared by large many.

I tried to initiate the discussion to stimulate each other's thinking, and some of us might also act on these thoughts.

Regarding the specific idea of outcome assessment, it is only one systemic way to hold people accountable for their claims, whatever these are. If you have a better way to ensure accountability, which goes beyound unverifiable claims, please do share that with us all. Otherwise, the exercise would just remain empty slogans and claims. It alsoi brings into operation the concern to achieve the goal in a time-bound fashion.

Source: Shaheen Ansari, Right to Education, Arkitect India: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/
          Commentaires sur Porter plainte pour une escroquerie ou une arnaque sur Internet par Séry Veronique   
hier j'ai cliqué sur une vidéo de l'emission du midi sur TF1 via facebook et tout de suite ecran bleu avec des indications non lisibles et un ecran blanc et sonnerie très forte avec un numéro de telephone urgent a appeler PC infecté par un virus ne sachant pas j'ai téléphoné cela à duré longtemps très poli et serviable m'a convaincu de faire les manipulations nécessaire au déblocage par leurs techniciens effectivement on pris en main mon PC ne pouvant rien faire, et tout du long explications toujours gentilles et convaicantes pour me dire qu'il faudra payer au final 299.99€ donné tous mes codes ! et n° cartes bleue ! je suis completement desarçonnée que faire maintenant j'ai réalisé trop tard de l'arnaque ! il peuvent surement se servir de ma carte bleue? je n'ai pas d'argent dejà 300€ envolé je n'ai plus rien!
          West Nile virus detected in Larimer County   
A mosquito carrying West Nile virus has been found in a trap in Berthoud, according to Vector Disease Control International, formerly known as Colorado Mosquito Control.
          The 5 Biggest Hacks of 2016 (Including Yahoo, LinkedIn, iPhone & Tumblr)   
Within the last year, it has become the norm for hackers to break into websites, steal precious data and then bargain that data for ransom. Of course, there is a certain community of genuine hackers who will often help law enforcement agencies decode some of the clandestine communications by terrorists or other criminal groups. This “WikiLeaks” style of hacking is often received with varying perspectives, depending on which side you identify with. The rest of the hacking activities worldwide could ... Continue Reading...
          Attacco hacker, 50% obiettivi sono infrastrutture critiche   
Kasperky, questo tipo di virus consente di fermare attività
          NotPetya: Yet Another Ransomware Outbreak   
The WannaCry ransomware virus has become a distant memory for many. For some WannaCry and its variants came and went without doing damage. Others weren’t so lucky. What we are learning (once again) is how critical it is to be prepared against a ransomware outbreak. The fact that the ransomware threat is ongoing and not [...]
          After Ukraine, new computer virus Petya attacks businesses around the world, NATO sees this as danger to member countries   
Risk-modeling firm Cyence said economic losses from this week's attack and one last month from the virus would likely total $8 billion
          как удалить eset nod32 antivirus с компьютера   
          Tin tặc: Quốc tế kêu gọi tăng cường hệ thống bảo mật   
Sau loạt tấn công tin học mới xẩy ra từ Ukraina và Nga, những lời kêu gọi tăng cường hệ thống bảo mật liên tục được đưa ra từ ngày 28/06/2017. Vài nghìn máy tính trên khắp thế giới bị nhiễm virus, làm rối loạn hoạt động của các cơ sở hạ tầng quan trọng và các tập đoàn đa quốc gia.
          Zika in 30 seconds: What you need to know today   
Have 30 seconds? Here’s what you need to know today about the Zika virus.
          Pengeafpresning fra computervirus var kun skalkeskjul   
Goldeneye-virussens egentlige formål ser ud til at være at skabe kaos i Ukraine, og flere og flere peger på, at Rusland står bag.
          Windows 10:s nya vapen mot utpressningsvirus låser in dina data   

I ett försök att skydda användarna testar Microsoft ett nytt verktyg från ransomware. En lösning som mer eller mindre låser in filerna i en låda.
          FBI och Europol hjälper Ukraina i Petya-utredningen   

Ukraina blev hårt ansatt av Petya-viruset, nu vill landets underrättelsetjänst veta vem som låg bakom angreppen.
          Reply #1799   
just dont pass another virus in here Mrsd446.....cuz the last one you passed had me wiped out for a week and I am still trying to recoup ......GET WELL MAMA, we'll hold it down while you're away (wink
          Demam – Kapan Harus Mencari Bantuan Medis?   
Demam memiliki banyak kemungkinan penyebab. Paling umum, demam adalah bagian dari infeksi virus yang akan hilang dengan sendirinya. Namun, ada beberapa alasan untuk khawatir. Jangan ragu untuk menghubungi atau menemui ...
          Vendet më të rrezikuara nga sulmet kibernetike   

Në listë pas tyre vijnë Rusia, Rumania dhe Polonia, ndërsa më e ulet, rrezikshmëria e goditjeve të tilla llogaritet të jetë në Island e Luksemburg. Sipas  Check Point, deri ne 25% e rrjeteve të koorporatave në mbarë globin janë infektuar nga dy grupe virusesh – Fireball dhe WannaCry, të konsideruar si dy prej aplikacioneve të […]

The post Vendet më të rrezikuara nga sulmet kibernetike appeared first on The Albanian.

          Memphis May Fire balance son nouveau clip sur la toile   
"Virus" est le tout nouveau clip de Memphis May Fire, et se mate ...
          Reply #1533   
I'm so sorry Suri and LuckBaLady. You guys must've gotten my cold. I was sick first for a while.... I guess ya got my virus!!!! LMAO!!!! get it??? virus?? LOL!!!! oh god I think i need some sleep!!!

          Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool   
Mit dem „Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool“ entfernen Sie Viren und andere schädliche Programme wie Trojaner, Würmer, Spyware und Rootkits von Ihrem PC. Nach der Installation wählen Sie aus, welche Bereiche des Systems untersucht werden sollen und starten den Malware-Scan per Mausklick. Für die Virensuche nutzt das „Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool“ die gleichen leistungsfähigen Algorithmen, die auch im kommerziellen Produkt „Kaspersky Anti-Virus“ zum Einsatz kommen. Da das Programm jedoch keinen Echtzeitschutz bietet, empfiehlt es sich, nebenher eine vollwertige Antiviren-Software zu installieren.
          The Need to Promote Sexual Health in America: A New Vision for Public Health Action.   
Sexual health is considered to be a state of wellness with physical, emotional, mental, and social dimensions. Sexual health can contribute to our overall well-being in each of these dimensions. However, despite the intrinsic importance and positive aspects of sexuality in our lives, the United States presently faces significant challenges related to the sexual health of its citizens, including human immunodeficiency virus, other sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis, unintended pregnancies, sexual violence, sexual dysfunction, and cancers in reproductive tracts with serious disparities among the populations affected. In particular, high rates of poverty, income inequality, low educational attainment, stigma, racism, sexism, and homophobia can make it more difficult for some individuals and communities to protect their sexual health. Given that many pressing public health issues in the United States are related to sexual health and that sexual health has been increasingly recognized as an important national health priority, now is the time to energize and focus our efforts toward optimal sexual health of the population. In this paper, we outline the rationale for addressing sexual health as a means to better promote overall health and address sexuality related morbidities. In addition, we present a logic model outlining an approach for advancing sexual health in the United States, as well as a range of action steps for consideration by public health practitioners, researchers, and policymakers. (C) Copyright 2017 American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association
          Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Men Who Have Sex With Men: Room for Improvement.   
Background: In the United States, sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing is recommended at least annually for sexually active men who have sex with men (MSM). We evaluated human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) providers' STI testing practices and frequency of positive test results. Methods: We analyzed data from HIV Outpatient Study (HOPS) participants who, from 2007 to 2014, completed a confidential survey about risk behaviors. Using medical records data, we assessed the frequency of gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis testing and positive results during the year after the survey for MSM who reported sex without a condom in the prior 6 months. We compared testing frequency and positivity for men having 1, 2 to 3, and 4 or more sexual partners. Correlates of STI testing were assessed using general linear model to derive relative risks (RR) with associated 95% confidence intervals (CI). Results: Among 719 MSM, testing frequency was 74.5%, 74.3%, and 82.9% for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis, respectively, and was higher in those men who reported more sexual partners (P < 0.001 for all). In multivariable analysis, testing for gonorrhea was significantly more likely among non-Hispanic black versus white men (RR, 1.17; 95% CI, 1.03-1.33), among men seen in private versus public clinics (RR, 1.16; 95% CI, 1.05-1.28), and among men with 2 to 3 and 4 or more sexual partners versus 1 partner (RR, 1.12; 95% CI, 1.02-1.23, and RR, 1.18; 95% CI, 1.08-1.30, respectively). Correlates of chlamydia and syphilis testing were similar. Test positivity was higher among men with more sexual partners: for gonorrhea 0.0%, 3.0%, and 6.7% for men with 1, 2 to 3, and 4 or more partners, respectively (P < 0.001, syphilis 3.7%, 3.8% and 12.5%, P < 0.001). Conclusions: Among HIV-infected MSM patients in HIV care who reported sex without a condom, subsequent testing was not documented in clinic records during the following year for up to a quarter of patients. Exploring why STI testing did not occur may improve patient care. (C) Copyright 2017 American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association
          Prevalence of Anal Dysplasia in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Transgender Women.   
Although human immunodeficiency virus-infected men who have sex with men are at high risk for anal cancer, little is known about the prevalence of anal dysplasia in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected transgender women. Our study found that prevalence rates of abnormal anal cytology and histology in HIV-infected transgender women were similar to those in HIV-infected men who have sex with men. (C) Copyright 2017 American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association
          Windows 10 codice sorgente finito online   
Parte del codice sorgente di Windows 10 sarebbe stato pubblicato sul sito BetaArchive.com, ma rimosso poco dopo. (CCM) — Windows 10 ancora sotto attacco. Questa volta non si tratta di un virus, come visto recentemente con il ransomware WannaCry, ma di una vera e propria fuga di dati, relativi al codice sorgente del sistema operativo Microsoft. La pubblicazione illegale di parte del codice
          Human Immunodeficiency Virus Status Differentially Associated With Genital and Anal Human Papillomavirus Infection Among Chinese Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Cross-Sectional Survey.   
Background: Little is known about human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and genotypes when considering both anatomic site and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) status among men who have sex with men (MSM) in low- and middle-income countries. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among MSM in Beijing, China. HIV serostatus was determined, and genital and anal HPV genotyping were performed from respective swabs. Results: Of 1155 MSM, 817 (70.7%) had testing for genital (611; 52.9%) and/or anal (671; 58.1%) HPV. Preference for insertive anal sex (adjusted odds ratio [aOR], 2.60; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.42-4.75) and syphilis (aOR, 1.50; 95% CI, 1.01-2.23) were associated with genital HPV. Inconsistent condom use during receptive anal sex (aOR, 1.82; 95% CI, 1.17-2.84), and HIV seropositivity (aOR, 2.90; 95% CI, 1.91-4.42) were associated with anal HPV. Among 465 (40.3%) MSM with specimens from both anatomic sites, anal HPV (68%) was more common than genital HPV (37.8%). Prevalence of anal HPV was higher among HIV-infected than uninfected MSM (P < 0.01). Some oncogenic HPV types were more commonly found at the anal site of HIV-infected MSM (P < 0.01). Conclusions: Human papillomavirus is highly prevalent among Chinese MSM. Anal HPV was more common than genital HPV, and HIV seropositivity was associated with oncogenic HPV types at the anal site. (C) Copyright 2017 American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association
          Play Store virus Xavier su app Android   
Il virus Xavier è un malware che ha colpito il Google Play Store ed è stato già trovato su circa 800 app Android. (CCM) — Xavier è il nome del malware che negli ultimi tempi ha infettato milioni di device Android, grazie alla sua presenza su circa 800 app del Google Play Store. A scoprirlo è stata la società giapponese Trend Micro, che si occupa di sicurezza sia in campo mobile, sia su PC.
          WhatsApp nuova truffa buono Coop   
WhatsApp ancora vittima di messaggi truffa, dopo Carrefour ed Eurospin, l’ultimo riguarda un finto buono Coop. (CCM) — WhatsApp è l’app di messaggistica istantanea più amata non solo dagli utenti, ma anche da chi fa cerca di far soldi grazie a messaggi con link contenenti virus, come la nuova truffa del buono Coop. A scoprirlo, come al solito, è stata la polizia postale, la quale ha pubblicato
          WhatsApp fake Play Store rischio virus   
Versione fake di WhatsApp sul Google Play Store è stata scaricata più di 50mila volte, utenti a rischio virus. (CCM) — WhatsApp non trova mai pace. Dopo i vari messaggi truffa o catene di sant’Antonio (come la recente sulla Blue Whale Challenge) circolanti ormai quasi a cadenza regolare sulla famosa app di messaggistica istantanea, questa volta il rischio virus per gli utenti arriva
          Un troisième cas de peste porcine africaine constaté en Tchéquie   
Les autorités sanitaires tchèques ont confirmé un troisième cas de peste porcine africaine recensé en République tchèque. Le virus a été identifié chez un jeune sanglier, retrouvé mort à Zlín. Cette semaine, deux autres sangliers morts de cette maladie avaient également été retrouvés dans cette ville…
          Mark Cavendish admits he may not win a single Tour de France stage   
• Sprinter has missed most of the season with glandular fever
• Eddy Merckx’s record of 34 stage wins is safe for this year

Mark Cavendish has always put pressure on himself when riding the Tour de France but this year he goes into the world’s greatest bike race knowing that even a single stage win will be a bonus after the loss of the bulk of the season because of glandular fever brought on by the Epstein-Barr virus.

As a result all talk of getting close to or passing Eddy Merckx’s career tally of 34 stage wins has been shelved for this year.

Continue reading...
          Most abundant viruses in Earth's oceans identified   
Forty-four of the most abundant new viruses in all the Earth's oceans have been identified by scientists. The finding has been achieved thanks to the application of cutting-edge techniques that mix fl ... - Source: www.sciencedaily.com
          Solutii pentru filtrarea apei - Purificare apa potabila   
Apa imbuteliata este exclusa ca si solutie alternativa din cauza transportarii si depozitarii necorespunzatoare a recipientelor, in urma studiilor constatandu-se compozitii chimice daunatoare. Afla alternativa simpla si eficienta, testata de catre mii de romani, pentru a obtine purificarea apei chiar de la robinetul bucatariei tale! Impactul poluantilor chimici asupra organismului Poluantii organici din apa sunt de o diversitate foarte mare, existand in prezent peste 10 000 000 de substante chimice, dintre care 600 au fost declarate ca prezentand un risc pentru sanatatea omului. S-a constatat existenta unei serii de compusi toxici care pot fi hepatotoxice, neurotoxice sau iritante cutanate gasite chiar si in conducte de alimentare cu apa potabila. Actiunea acestor substante se manifesta prin modificari organoleptice, cel mai des intalnite fiind substantele provenite din pesticide, din cauza degradarii lor incete dar si persistentei indelungate in apa, actionand negativ asupra ficatului, sistemului nervos sau asupra glandelor endocrine, presupunandu-se chiar ca ar avea actiuni cancerigene asupra oganismului uman. Datorita proprietatilor sale biologice, apa influenteaza calitatea sanatatii populatiei, iar cantitatea insuficienta de apa poate duce la mentinerea unei stari insalubre si implicit la raspandirea unor afectiuni digestive. Conform studiului efectuat de catre Ministerul Ecologiei, prin programul de aprovizionare cu apa a populatiei din localitatile rurale privind cauza maladiilor inregistrate in cadrul comunelor din Romania, s-au constatat afectiuni in cadrul aparatului respirator al consumatorilor de apa potabila in proportie de 6,3%, afectiuni cardiovasculare intr-un procent de 55,7% sau digestive intr-un procent de 11,4%. Conductele instalatiei de apa contin un procent ridicat de aluminiu sau plumb, acest aspect maximizand impactul negativ asupra consumatorilor de apa potabila, mai ales atunci cand apa nu circula si stagneaza pentru un timp indelungat, in special in timpul noptii, in combinatie cu clorul utilizat pentru dezinfectarea apei, cauzator pentru aparitia diverselor tipuri de cancer. Puturile reprezinta de asemenea o posibilitate ridicata de ingerare a unor substante chimice cu efect negativ asupra organismului, din cauza florei care se poate dezvolta pe peretii fantanii, cei mai afectati putand fii copiii. Supozitie: Consumul apei imbuteliate este un proces sigur / FALS Solutia rapida pentru renuntarea la consumul apei potabile curente a reprezentat achizitia apei imbuteliate, insa in urma studiilor efectuate in laboratoarele de specialitate s-au constatat compusi chimici datorati in urma transportarii si depozitarii necorespunzatoare a recipientelor in care este livrata apa imbuteliata. Depozitarea apei imbuteliate in contactul cu razele solare, precum si trecerea acesteia de la o temperatura la alta, reprezinta principala actiune cauzatoare de substante chimice nocive, la reactia dintre razele UV si materialul din care este confectionat recipientul, avand proprietati cancerigene. Misiunea Aquatech International Aquatech International si-a propus imbunatatirea stilului de viata al consumatorilor prin distributia si instalarea de echipamente profesionale pentru filtrarea, tratarea si purificarea apei, utilizand sisteme de filtre cu osmoza inversa, dedurizatoare clack, denitrificatoare sau sterilizatoare atat la nivel industrial cat si casnic. Activitatea Aquatech International cuprinde: - Filtrare grosiera si de sedimente - Filtrare cu carbune activ - Eliminare virusi si bacterii - Ultrafiltrare Solutia oferita de catre Aquatech International Seria produselor Aquatech International poate fi utilizata in diferite domenii de aplicare casnice sau industriale, avand diversi utilizatori, dupa cum urmeaza: - Scoli, gradinite, spitale, centre de infrumusetare si cosmetica - Centre comerciale, hoteluri si alte unitati de cazare turisti - Spalatorii si curatatorii auto sau de imbracaminte - Locuinte si spatii individuale Din seria sistemelor de filtrare si purificare a apei, aflate in gama Aquatech International, enumeram: - Sisteme de osmoza inversa - Purificator apa Aqua-EXCITO - Filtre cu cartus - Dedurizatoare - Denitrificatoare - Sterilizatoare UV - Valve Clack Valvele Clack sunt cele mai cunoscute si utilizate echipamente la nivel international, datorita fiabilitatii si setarilor avansate, moderne, putand fi adaptate cu usurinta in statii de dedurizare sau pentru filtrare sedimente. Descopera cele mai bune solutii pentru filtrarea apei, oferite de catre Aquatech International. Suna la 021.411.2000 / 0737.066.660 in cadrul programului de lucru L-V 9-18, scrie-ne la sales@aquatech.ro sau office@aquatech.ro pentru detalii sau oferta de pret. citeste in continuare
          An outbreak of dengue virus (DENV) type 2 Cosmopolitan genotype in Israeli travellers returning from the Seychelles, April 2017   

Dengue virus infection was diagnosed in six Israeli travellers returning from the Seychelles in April 2017. Phylogenetic analysis identified identical sequences belonging to the Cosmopolitan genotype of dengue virus type 2 in all samples sequenced, thus providing evidence for a probable dengue type 2 outbreak in the Seychelles. This report further demonstrates the role of travellers as sentinels for arboviral infections, especially in countries with limited diagnostic capabilities.

          Co-circulation of multiple subtypes of enterovirus A71 (EV- A71) genotype C, including novel recombinants characterised by use of whole genome sequencing (WGS), Denmark 2016   

In Europe, enterovirus A71 (EV-A71) has primarily been associated with sporadic cases of neurological disease. The recent emergence of new genotypes and larger outbreaks with severely ill patients demonstrates a potential for the spread of new, highly pathogenic EV-A71 strains. Detection and characterisation of these new emerging EV variants is challenging as standard EV assays may not be adequate, necessitating the use of whole genome analysis.

          Hepatitis E virus infection in Europe: surveillance and descriptive epidemiology of confirmed cases, 2005 to 2015   

Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is an under-recognised cause of acute hepatitis in high-income countries. The purpose of this study was to provide an overview of testing, diagnosis, surveillance activities, and data on confirmed cases in the European Union/European Economic Area (EU/EEA). A semi-structured survey was developed and sent to 31 EU/EEA countries in February 2016, 30 responded. Twenty of these countries reported that they have specific surveillance systems for HEV infection. Applied specific case definition for HEV infection varied widely across countries. The number of reported cases has increased from 514 cases per year in 2005 to 5,617 in 2015, with most infections being locally acquired. This increase could not be explained by additional countries implementing surveillance for HEV infections over time. Hospitalisations increased from less than 100 in 2005 to more than 1,100 in 2015 and 28 fatal cases were reported over the study period. EU/EEA countries are at different stages in their surveillance, testing schemes and policy response to the emergence of HEV infection in humans. The available data demonstrated a Europe-wide increase in cases. Standardised case definitions and testing policies would allow a better understanding of the epidemiology of HEV as an emerging cause of liver-related morbidity.

          Perturbed skin microbiome can be 'contagious'   

[USA], Jun 30 (ANI): A recent study has revealed that a perturbed skin microbiome can be contagious and promote inflammation.

Even in healthy individuals, the skin plays host to a menagerie of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Growing scientific evidence suggests that this lively community, collectively known as the skin microbiome, serves an important role in healing, allergies, inflammatory responses and protection from infection.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania showed for the first time that, not only can infection with the Leishmania parasite alter the skin microbiome of affected mice, but this altered microbial community can be passed to uninfected mice that share a cage with the infected animals.

Mice with the perturbed microbiome, or dysbiosis, had heightened inflammatory responses and more severe disease when they were subsequently infected with Leishmania.

"To my knowledge, this is the first case where anyone has shown that a pre-existing skin microbiome can influence the outcome of an infection or a disease," said co-senior author Elizabeth Grice. "This opens the door to many other avenues of research."

In addition, when the researchers examined samples from human Leishmania patients, they found similar patterns of dysbiosis as in the infected mice, a hint that the findings may extend to people.

"The transmission of dysbiosis in the skin from one animal to another is a key finding," said co-senior author Phillip Scott. "And the fact that we saw similar patterns of dysbiosis in humans suggests there could be some very practical implications of our work when it comes to treating people with leishmaniasis."

Cutaneous leishmaniasis is a tropical disease caused by a parasite and transmitted by the bite of a sand fly. The disease results in sores on the skin, which can sometimes become severe and disfiguring. There is no vaccine for the disease and the limited drugs available often fail to provide a complete cure.

Curious about the influence of the skin microbiome on the disease, the Penn-led team swabbed the skin of 44 Leishmania patients, analyzing the microbiota not only of their lesions but also the area around them and a portion of skin on the opposite side of the bodies as the lesion. They noticed that the lesion samples contained less bacterial diversity than the samples of other skin sites. But not all of them were the same; they found three distinct community types: one dominated by Staphylococcus, one by Streptococcus and one that was mixed.

"I think an important next step will be to see if this sharing of microbiota occurs in people, and whether that could be a factor in affecting the severity of infections in humans," Grice said.

A final question was to determine whether this naturally transmitted dysbiosis would predispose the uninfected animals' response to an enhanced inflammatory response. And indeed, when infected with Leishmania, these mice had more severe inflammation and skin ulcers than mice with unperturbed skin microbiota. In a more general assay, the researchers used a contact hypersensitivity assay, which uses a skin irritant to elicit an immune response, on the mice that had been housed with Leishmania-infected mice. These dysbiotic mice, too, had a heightened inflammatory response.

To follow up on their findings, the researchers hope to examine whether sharing of a dysbiosis occurs in other infections and whether the resulting alteration in skin microbiota affect processes such as wound healing.

In addition, the researchers hope to determine whether there is a connection between the type of skin microbiome present in Leishmania lesions and the severity of disease, or the responsiveness to treatment.

If true, "this may make us rethink the role of antibiotics in treating leishmaniasis," Scott said.

The findings are published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe. (ANI)

          Can I Ever Get Pregnant? Your Questions About Zika   
Here's what the CDC recommends about pregnancy, sex and the risk of Zika virus.
          Zika Virus a 'Serious Threat' to Pregnancy   
New CDC report shows 5 percent of pregnant women infected with Zika virus in U.S. territories had babies with birth defects.
          Владимир_Шильников: Как официально получить антивирус Касперского бесплатно на один год.   

В погоне за пиратским софтом, кряками и ключами, часто забывают о том, что очень многие программы имеют свои официальные бесплатные варианты, которые немного отличаются по функционалу. Для большинства пользователей они отлично подходят! Не стал в этом плане исключением и известный во всем мире антивирус Касперского. Его бесплатную версию под названием Kaspersky Free мы сегодня и рассмотрим!

Чем отличается бесплатный антивирус Касперского

Kaspersky Free, ранее известный как Kaspersky 365, использует то же антивирусное ядро, что и платные версии: KAV, Internet Security, Total Security. Он отлично подойдет обычным пользователям для использования на домашнем компьютере, так как имеет в своем составе все необходимые базовые функции для защиты:

  1. Проверка файлов (файловый антивирус)

  2. Проверка почтовых отправлений (почтовый экран)

  3. Анализ интернет-трафика (веб-экран)

  4. Проверка съемных носителей информации (флешки)

Обновление баз происходит в режиме онлайн, автоматически.

А вот какие компоненты отсутствуют по сравнению с версий Internet Security:

отличие версий по функционалу

Вот что говорит о своей бесплатной утилите её непосредственный разработчик:

отличие фри версии

Установка и настройки

Скачать касперский фри антивирус на 365 дней можно бесплатно с официального сайта разработчика.

Внимание! Загрузка доступна только для жителей России, Украины и Беларуси. Если вы, к примеру, из Казахстана – ищите обходные пути в виде vpn :)

Главное окно программы выглядит таким образом:

внешний вид программы

Кликнув по значку шестеренки в левом нижнем углу окна утилиты, вы перейдете в Настройки, где можно включить либо выключить работу различных антивирусных экранов, а также настроить работу каждого из них:

настройки антивирусной защиты

Например, для файлового антивируса можно выставить уровень защиты, а также выбрать одно из четырех действий при обнаружении угрозы:

  1. Блокировать

  2. Лечить

  3. Удалить при невозможности лечения

  4. Удалять

настройки файлового антивируса

Многие пользователи премиум версий Касперского жалуются на то, что программа сильно грузит систему и съедает свободные ресурсы. Бесплатная версия антивирусника Касперского в этом плане менее прожорлива. Во-первых, она более легкая за счет освобождения от целого ряда процессов, которые многие пользователи используют очень редко (родительский контроль, спам-фильтр и пр.), и во-вторых, позволяет настроить производительность за счет ряда опций:

оптимизация утилиты

Kaspersky Free использует в своей работе и такой немаловажный процесс как Облачная защита Security Network.

Она использует самые оперативные данные о репутации сайтов и позволяет после выявления угрозы практически мгновенно реагировать на неё.

Kaspersky Security Network

При попытке перехода на фишинговый или зараженный сайт вы получите подобное сообщение в браузере:

сообщение об угрозе

В разделе Отчеты вы найдете информацию о всех проведенных действиях каждым из компонентов защиты:

экран отчетов

Все подозрительные и зараженные файлы попадают в Карантин, откуда их можно восстановить (если вы считаете, что угроза ложная) либо удалить.

зона карантина

Как я уже упоминал бесплатная лицензия дается на год (365 дней). Кто-то может сказать: «но ведь это просто пробная версия, которая через год потребует денег!» Не верно. Спустя 365 дней Вы вновь можете продлить лицензию через интерфейс программы, и делать так ежегодно :)

Посмотрите видео о том, как настроить программу на максимальную защиту ПК:

Отзывы о Kaspersky free

Как всегда, есть те, которые хвалят программу, и те, которые её ругают. Причем голоса разделились примерно на половину. Те, кто хвалят, утверждают, что бесплатная версия Касперского неплохо ловит вирусы.

Жалобы на программу касаются чаще всего того, что она потребляет много системных ресурсов и тормозит работу компьютера. Также многим надоедают периодически всплывающие предложение апгрейда до полной версии, но это недостаток большинства бесплатных продуктов :)

В целом распределение отзывов и оценок пользователей на сайте Отзовик выглядит таким образом:

отзывы пользователей о kaspersky free

Если вы, к примеру, размышляете над тем что лучше: касперский или аваст, то рекомендую посмотреть данное наглядное тестирование обоих программ в реальных «боевых» условиях:

Надеюсь, что данная статья была вам полезна.

          Signs That you may have HIV without knowing   
HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system, which is our body’s natural defence against illness. The virus destroys a type of white blood cell in the immune system called a T-helper cell, and makes copies of itself inside these cells. T-helper cells are also referred to as CD4 cells. As HIV destroys more […]
          Petya virus affected only about 20,000 machines, most on Windows 7, says Microsoft   
A white Windows logo on a blue backgroundAccording to Microsoft, the recent Petya outbreak is not as bad as we thought as it only affected less than 20,000 machines, most of them in Ukraine.
          avast! Free Antivirus 17.5.2302 [Antivirus]   
avast Antivirus
Completo antivirus para nuestros equipos Mac.
avast! Free Antivirus es la versión gratuita del antivirus avast!, la cual ahora podremos tener para nuestro Mac.

avast! Free Antivirus nos permitirá tener una completa seguridad en nuestros ordenadores, ya que nos permitirá controlar todos los archivos que tengamos en el equipo, los correos electrónicos y las páginas web que circulen por tu Mac y todos los aspectos que pueden ser lugar perfecto para las amenazas de Internet.

avast! Free Antivirus nos ofrece una protección a tiempo real y la posibilidad de hacer análisis del sistema cuando queramos. De esta manera, siempre tendremos nuestro Mac completamente protegido.

avast! Free Antivirus se actualiza constantemente y de manera automática, por lo que no tendremos necesidad de ir buscando las actualizaciones que vayan saliendo.

Por último, avast! Free Antivirus ha sido diseñado en una interfaz simple en la que tenemos todas las opciones a la vista y desde la que accederemos fácilmente a todas las funciones de este antivirus.

avast! Free Antivirus es, sin duda alguna, una gran alternativa a los antivirus tradicionales.

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          5 Tipps wie Sie Ihre Daten im Internet schützen können   

Internet-Sicherheitsexperten können Ihre Kernbotschaft nicht oft genug wiederholen: In der heutigen Zeit wird es immer wichtiger, seine Daten im Internet bestmöglich vor Hackern und Phishing Attacken zu schützen. Denn immer öfter kommt es zu Datenklau, Kreditkartenbetrug oder dem Abgreifen von sensiblen Bankdaten. Außerdem werden manchmal auch private Fotos oder persönliche Nachrichten von unbefugten Personen angesehen und geklaut. Immer wieder ergaunern sogar kriminelle Netzwerke geheime Firmendaten oder andere wichtige Informationen, mit denen sich am Schwarzmarkt Geld verdienen lässt.

Doch obwohl viele Vorsichtsmaßnahmen effektiv und leicht umzusetzen sind, gibt es noch immer eine große Anzahl von Menschen, welche ihre online Profile und online Konten nur unzureichend schützt. Wir haben Ihnen deshalb fünf einfache Sicherheits-Tipps zusammengestellt. Wenn Sie die folgenden Maßnahmen umsetzen, können Sie innerhalb von wenigen Minuten Ihr Risiko ein Opfer einer Phishing-Attacke zu werden, erheblich minimieren. Wir raten Ihnen deshalb sich noch heute ans Werk zu machen und die folgende Liste durchzugehen und abzuarbeiten. Denn Vorsicht ist bekanntlich besser als Nachsicht.

Lesen Sie hier, wie Sie sich am besten vor fiesem Datenklau und Phishing Attacken schützen können:

1) Passwörter

Die Zeiten bei denen man Passwörter wie „1234" oder „Passwort", bedenkenlos verwenden konnte, sind lange vorbei. Genau genommen waren solche besonders leicht zu knackenden Passwörter nie eine gute Idee gewesen. Aber auch ganze Worte sollte man besser nicht verwenden. Denn es gibt Schadprogramme, welche bei der Passworteingabe in Sekundenschnelle das ganze Duden Wörterbuch durchgehen. Außerdem sollte man nicht ein und dasselbe Masterpasswort für alle Accounts verwenden. Insbesondere sensible Daten und Finanztransaktionen müssen mit besonders sicheren Passwörtern gesichert werden. Wir empfehlen deshalb für Online-Banking, Facebook, online Casinos oder Online-Shops immer unterschiedliche Passwörter zu verwenden.

Am sichersten sind Passwörter, welche eine Kombination aus kleinen und großen Buchstaben, Zahlen und Sonderzeichen beinhalten. Ein gutes und sicheres Passwort wäre zum Beispiel: „EiwhZaPzä!1!". Merken kann man sich ein solches Passwort am besten, in dem man es anhand der Anfangsbuchstaben eines Eselsbrücken-Satzes zusammenbaut. In unserem Fall wäre dieser Satz: „Es ist höchste Zeit alle Passwörter zu ändern!1!".

2) Email Sicherheit

Bei Emails von unbekannten oder suspekten Absendern sollte man immer ganz besonders vorsichtig sein. Kettenbriefe, Spaß-Mails und eindeutige Spam Emails sollte man am besten sofort ganz ungelesen löschen. Auf gar keinen Fall darf man auf unbekannte Email Attachments klicken oder diese gar herunterladen. Oft verbirgt sich hinter solchen Email-Anhängen eine unsichtbare Schadsoftware. Kettenbriefe mit „lustigen Power Point Präsentationen" können zur echten Gefahr für Ihre Datensicherheit werden. Vergessen Sie nicht, nach dem löschen auch den Papierkorb zu entleeren.

3) Betriebssystem

Es ist unerlässlich beim Betriebssystem Ihres Rechners immer auf den neuesten Stand zu bleiben. Denn viele Hacker versuchen Sicherheitslücken im System auszunutzen. Sobald die Softwarehersteller solche Betrügereien aber mitbekommen, sperren sie die Webseiten der Betrüger und geben wichtige Sicherheitsupdates heraus. Auch wenn es vielleicht manchmal mühsam ist, ist es auf jeden Fall wichtig seinen Computer in regelmäßigen Abständen auf Betriebssystem-Updates zu überprüfen und gegebenenfalls diese offiziellen Updates auch schnell zu installieren.

4) Ein guter Virenscanner

Ein funktionierendes Anti-Virus-Progamm ist für alle mit Windows Computern ein absolutes Pflichtprogramm. Aber auch für Leute mit einem Mac oder Linux Rechner kann sich ein Virenscanner lohnen. Viele Internetnutzer vergessen außerdem, dass auch die Smartphones und Tablets eine entsprechende Software benötigt. Glücklicherweise gibt es aber inzwischen auch schon einige kostenlose Virenscanner Programme und Apps, welche laut Testberichten fast genauso gut sind, wie die kostenpflichtigen Programme.

5) Unbekannte W-Lan Netze

Immer wieder kann es vorkommen, dass man unterwegs ist und plötzlich ein zuvor unbekanntes W-Lan Netz vom Handy ohne Passwort angeboten bekommt. Bevor Sie auf „Verbinden" klicken, sollten Sie sich aber vergewissern, dass der Anbieter dieses Netzes auch tatsächlich seriös ist. Denn eine offene Funkverbindung kann auch ein Einfallstor für fiese Viren und Datenklau-Schadsoftware sein. Verbinden Sie sich deshalb nur mit vertrauenswürdigen Netzen, und lassen Sie Vorsicht walten!



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Cryptolocker Il Cryptolocker, è un malware che tiene in ostaggio i tuoi dati, crittografa i file presenti in un computer rendendoli illeggibili. Lo scopo dei delinquenti che hanno creato questa famiglia di virus è quello di chiedere, alla vittima, un riscatto

L'articolo Cryptolocker sembra essere il primo su BAIT Service.

          externes antivirus wohl unsinn   
„Wer Windows nutzt, der sollte zukünftig komplett auf externe Antiviren-Programme verzichten.“ Mit dieser These trat Ende Januar ein Ex-Mozilla-Entwickler an die Öffentlichkeit. Inzwischen schließt sich auch Google an: diese Art Programme zerschießen wohl zusätzlich den HTTPS-Schutz von sämtlichen Browsern. „Don’t buy antivirus software, and uninstall it if you already have it (except, on Windows, for […]
          Quick Heal Virus Database 17.00(30 June 2   
Offers you the latest virus definitions you can use to manually update
          Virus Coxsackie va en disminución en Tlaxcala   

Alberto Jonguitud aseguró que la enfermedad “no es grave, no causa complicaciones, no requiere vacuna o tratamiento específico ni representa un problema de salud publica"


¡En agosto ponte en la Fila 666! Devorados por pirañas, violencia extrema, una casa habitada por fantasmas, chicas perturbadas y virus letales. Cada miércoles a las 22:30, en Fila 666, podrás disfrutar de un estreno del mejor cine de terror. El miércoles 2 ponte en primera fila con el estreno exclusivo de  Piranha Sharks (2014): Utilizando técnicas […]

La entrada FILA 666: CINCO ESTRENOS EXCLUSIVOS EN AGOSTO aparece primero en DARK.

          Pengobatan Flu Babi (Swine Flu) H1N1   
Pengobatan Flu Babi (Swine Flu) H1N1 Pengobatan Flu Babi (Swine Flu) H1N1 Flu H1N1 atau yang lebih dikenal dengan nama flu babi, adalah infeksi pernapasan yang disebabkan oleh virus influenza yang ditemukan pada musim semi 2009. Dalam virus ini terdapat materi genetik dari virus flu manusia, babi dan burung.   Secara teknik, istilah flu babi berarti influenza pada babi. Adakalanya hewan babi menularkan virus pada manusia, umumnya pekerja pada rumah potong hewan babi atau peternak babi. Yang paling sering adalah seseorang yang terinfeksi akan menularkannya kepada yang lain. Anda tidak dapat terkena flu babi ini karena makan daging babi. Flu H1N1 dapat menyebar secara cepat dan mudah. Pada Juni 2009, ketika infeksi menyebar hampir di seluruh belahan dunia, organisasi World Health Organization mendeklarasikan flu H1N1 sebagai pandemi global. Gejala Gejala flu babi pada manusia sama dengan gejala infeksi flu lainnya: • Demam • Batuk • Radang tenggorokan • Tidak enak badan • Menggigil • Lelah • Diare • Muntah Gejala flu babi terjadi dalam tiga sampai ...
          Ukraine Cyberattack Wasn't Really About Ransom, Security Experts Say   
A deeper look at the virus that struck computers in Ukraine and elsewhere this week has shown that what initially looked like ransomware was in fact a type of malware called a "wiper." Rather than extorting money, it's goal was to erase victims' hard drives, disrupt their business and misdirect suspicions about the attacker's identity, according to The Washington Post and other media reports. Victims of the cyberattack saw a screen asking them to pay $300 in bitcoin for a key to unlock their computer – the same ploy used by the WannaCry ransomware that hit computers in more than 150 countries in May . But security experts say this attack was different. "It definitely wasn't ransomware and wasn't financially motivated," Jake Williams, founder of cybersecurity firm Rendition Infosec, tells the Post . "The goal was to cause disruption in computer networks." Likewise, Matt Suiche, founder of cybersecurity firm Comae Technologies, writes on his website , "The goal of a wiper is to destroy
          Agricultura aplicará desde mañana veda a cultivos hospederos de mosca blanca   
Santo Domingo,.- El Ministerio de Agricultura aplicará desde mañana, primero de julio, la veda para los cultivos hospederos de la mosca blanca (Bemisia tabaci Genn) y el Thrips, que pueden afectar a la producción de vegetales y frutas, informó hoy la institución en un comunicado. La veda se aplicará en las regionales Suroeste, Central, Sur, Norte y Noroeste del Ministerio donde se prohíbe la siembra de tomate, berenjenas, melón, sandía, pepino, molondrón, ajíes de todo tipo, auyama, tabaco y otros hospederos de mosca blanca. El ministro Ángel Estévez, que estuvo hoy con productores de tomate en Azua, señaló que la medida permitirá mejorar la calidad de los productos e incrementar la productividad en el cultivos de frutos y vegetales. El funcionario pidió a los productores que mejoren y tecnifiquen sus cosechas para evitar la propagación de plagas e insectos que afectan a los cultivos, utilizando las buenas prácticas agrícolas y el buen manejo tras la cosecha, de modo que los productos, sobre todo los destinados a la exportación, no sean rechazados. La medida busca romper el ciclo de la plaga y garantizar que el virus esté totalmente ausente cuando comience el período de siembra, para ello la entidad ha dispuesto la eliminación de unas 12,000 tareas de rastrojos de hospederos. Con una inversión de ocho millones de pesos para su ejecución, esta iniciativa que protegería el gasto de más de 500 millones de pesos realizada solo en el cultivo de tomate. El ministro sugirió a los productores mayor diversificación en sus producciones, pues la rotación de cultivos rompe con los ciclos de reproducción de las plagas, logrando mayor rentabilidad, sobre todo de los pequeños productores. Esta medida del Ministerio cuenta con el apoyo conjunto de la Asociación de Fabricantes de Conservas del Agro (Afconagro), las Asociaciones de Productores, y de todas las autoridades de la provincia para garantizar que se cumpla en su totalidad. En la actualidad el país cuenta con un área de unas 72,000 tareas de tomates, siendo la provincia de Azua la de mayor cultivo, con un 70 por ciento de la producción.
          New Zealand zika virus 'linked to rates overseas and seasonal Kiwi travel patterns'   
Zika virus infected five New Zealanders - probably people on winter breaks - who travelled to Fiji during the incubation period, a surveillance report says.
          Science Says: Pregnant or trying? Don't let Zika guard down   
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Zika virus may not seem as big a threat as last summer but don&apos;t let your guard down - especially if you&apos;re pregnant or trying to be....
          Reactie op upgrades in windows 10 uitstellen door Johan   
Had zelf ook problemen met die updates ( ben trouwens benieuwd hoe dat zou gaan met de nieuwe Windows 11 die eraan komt ) Maar goed, na wat puzzelen is het gelukt. Hier is een korte uitleg hoe ik het gedaan heb. Druk op de sneltoetsen [WIN] + [R]; Tik het commando services.msc in; Druk op de knop [OK]; Selecteer de service [Windows Update]; Kies voor [Eigenschappen] via de rechter muis knop; Selecteer [Uitgeschakeld] bij Opstarttype; Druk op knop [OK]; Sluit het venster. Zorg er wel voor dat je af en toe wel een complete systeem antivirus scan doe. Mvg Johan
          Should I be concerned about ransomware attacking my Mac?   

Ransomware continues to grow in popularity as a sort of ‘gold rush’ has been underway in the cyber underworld.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been generated over the past couple of years with one security firm reporting that 64% of the victims they surveyed paid to get their files back.

Enterprising criminals are even posting ‘ready-to-go’ ransomware kits on the underground marketplace known as the ‘dark web’ with offers to split the revenue with users of their code.

The complexity of these attacks continues to grow as the security world and cyber-criminals face off in a high stakes game of ‘cat and mouse’.

The Bad News For Mac Users

All of the high profile ransomware attacks you’ve likely ever heard of have targeted Windows users, but some of the more recent code being made available via the dark web specifically targets all of the versions of the MacOS as well.

Since ransomware takes advantage of the user more than the operating system, there are few technical barriers to creating a Mac specific attack because the point of entry is getting the user to do something they shouldn’t do.

The most common attack vector for Macs so far has been through infected programs that are designed to bypass Apple’s built-in security (Xprotect and Gatekeeper).  These pre-made ransomware packages also claim to be able to bypass detection by at least 50 different anti-virus programs for both Mac and Windows.

The Good News

Unlike many of the Windows ransomware exploits that can compromise users through unpatched back-doors, clever phishing scams as well as rigged downloads, Mac users currently can only be exploited via a rigged download.

Despite the growing popularity of Mac computers, they still only account for roughly 7% of computers worldwide, so they still benefit from ‘security through obscurity’.

To further illustrate the difference in malware focus in general, one security firm puts the number that target Macs at roughly 450,000 while Windows has 23 million known threats.

From a practical standpoint, cyber thieves are always going to focus on the largest opportunity as they’re in it for the money.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Having said all that, everything is subject to change and having the ‘I have a Mac, so I don’t have to worry’ attitude is a bit misguided – there’s a reason why Apple stopped running the ‘we don’t get PC viruses’ commercials back in 2012.

Making sure you only get programs and apps from reputable sources, install the updates when Apple alerts you and keeping all your other Internet tools, such as your browser, Java and Adobe programs updated are important ongoing tasks.

Every computer user should also have a solid backup process - using an automated online backup service such as Carbonite (https://goo.gl/XKum9f) provides an extra layer of security that will save the day whether it’s ransomware, viruses, fire, flood or theft.

Cyber criminals know that Mac computers are more expensive and that Mac owners statistically tend to be on the higher end of the socioeconomic scale, so keep your guard up!

          Antivirus : Avast rachète AVG   
Et on ne l'attendait pas du tout...
          Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 + Crack (100% Working)   

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 + Crack (100% Working) using Direct Download links from HabeEvil.com, Kaspersky Internet Security is an advanced internet security suite that offers protection from viruses, malware, trojans, spam, hackers, and more. KIS is one of the best antivirus and internet security package, thanks to very good virus detection technology, low system […]

The post Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 + Crack (100% Working) appeared first on HabeEvil.

          Ce să NU faci niciodată după ce tastezi PIN-ul, la bancomat. Pericolul e uriaş! - Realitatea   

Realitatea Ce să NU faci niciodată după ce tastezi PIN-ul, la bancomat. Pericolul e uriaş! Realitatea Lumea în care trăim este plină de microbi, bacterii şi virusuri. Microbii pot fi transmişi şi prin intermediul banilor. De la bancomate sau tonomatele, fiecare leu transmis de la o persoană la alta conţine mostre din mediul în care provine pe care le … Bancomatele, pericol pentru sănătate! Iată la ce riscuri ne expunem atunci când le…

Articol original

          Ce să NU faci niciodată după ce tastezi PIN-ul, la bancomat. Pericolul e uriaş! - Realitatea   

Realitatea Ce să NU faci niciodată după ce tastezi PIN-ul, la bancomat. Pericolul e uriaş! Realitatea Lumea în care trăim este plină de microbi, bacterii şi virusuri. Microbii pot fi transmişi şi prin intermediul banilor. De la bancomate sau tonomatele, fiecare leu transmis de la o persoană la alta conţine mostre din mediul în care provine pe care le … și altele »

Articol original

          Science Says: Pregnant or trying? Don't let Zika guard down   
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Zika virus may not seem as big a threat as last summer but don&apos;t let your guard down - especially if you&apos;re pregnant or trying to be....
          Forskere: – Det er ikke et løsepengevirus, det er et «utslettelsesvirus»    

«Petya» er enda farligere enn først antatt.

          Jack London   
La Peste écarlate de Jack London, Livre audio, Numered Lu par Hugo Becker, Création musicale de Jean-Paul le Goff En 2013, un virus inconnu a dévasté  la planète et a détruit toute civilisation. Seuls quelques hommes, revenus à l’état sauvage, ont survécu et vivent désormais un âge de superstition et de violence. Soixante ans après ce […]
          Comment on The UFC Will Now Overcharge Fans in Movie Theaters As Well by pengobatankencing nanah pengobatan   
virus kencing nanah... Hallo This is my first time visit at here and i am in fact happy to read all at single place. i particularly like about the picture / article / presentation that you describe. Very useful. denature adalah sebuah perusahaan yang fokus dalam bidang obat ...
          Global Shipping Still Reeling from Cyber Attack; Insurers Warn of Coverage Gaps   
Global shipping is still feeling the effects of a cyber attack that hit A.P. Moller-Maersk two days ago, showing the scale of the damage a computer virus can unleash on the technology dependent and inter-connected industry. About 90 percent of …
          Orientering 2017-06-29   
Mens danske politikere ånder lettet op over, at antallet af mennesker, der søger asyl herhjemme, er faldet drastisk, ser det helt anderledes ud i Italien. Orientering zoomer i dag ind på Italien, som politisk og økonomisk er ved at segne under presset. I konflikten mellem Qatar og dets nabolande har Tyrkiet i dag tilbudt at forhandle om de krav Saudi-Arabien, De Forenede Arabiske Emirater med flere har stillet om, at Qatar blandt andet lukker tv-stationen Al-Jazeera og afbryder sine forbindelser til Iran. Journalist Martin Selsøe rapporterer fra Qatar. I denne uge blev virksomheder og myndigheder i flere end 60 lande endnu en gang ramt af et ødelæggende cyberangreb. Der er tale om en cybervirus, der fortsat lammer A.P. Møller Mærsk's containerdrift. Og som har medført computernedbrud verden over. Det rejser spørgsmålet, om der er tale om en regulær cyberkrig? Og vil en digital Genève-konvention i så fald kunne bremse cyberangrebene ved at opstille juridiske rammer for, hvad man må? Det spørgsmål sætter vi til debat. Birgitte Gadegaard redigerer. www.dr.dk/orientering
          AVG AntiVirus Security 6.4.3 آنتی ویروس ای وی جی اندروید   

ای وی جی برترین آنتی ویروس موبایل : AntiVirus PRO Android Security AntiVirus PRO Android Security نام آنتی ویروس قدرتمند ای وی جی AVG می باشد که تا پیش از این با نام Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO شناخته می شد. نرم افزار امنیتی AntiVirus PRO Android Security یکی از برترین و بروزترین و قدرتمند ترین […]

نوشته AVG AntiVirus Security 6.4.3 آنتی ویروس ای وی جی اندروید اولین بار در ملی موبایل | دانلود نرم افزار و بازی اندروید پدیدار شد.

          ESET Mobile Security Antivirus آنتی ویروس نود۳۲ اندروید   

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نوشته ESET Mobile Security Antivirus آنتی ویروس نود۳۲ اندروید اولین بار در ملی موبایل | دانلود نرم افزار و بازی اندروید پدیدار شد.

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          5 Essential items for your gym bag   
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If you have just started attending the gym, you have probably realized the importance of being properly prepared before, during, and after your workout. Having the right equipment on hand can mean the difference between a great workout and injury. Starving on the way home from the gym while you are caught in traffic? Being prepared with a snack on hand could save you from sabotaging your diet.

For the newbie, it is a matter of trial and error to find out what you need to take with you to the gym. Never be caught out in any situation again and stay prepared for any event that pops up. Here are five essential items that belong in the gym bag of any new trainee.

#1 Dry/wet bag & plastic sandals

There's nothing worse than the smell of a musty, damp gym bag filled with sweaty and wet clothing. Spare yourself the small and the possible bacterial infection with a wet-dry bag. Stuff your wet stuff in it after your shower and don’t worry about it till you get home and throw it in the laundry.

Gym change rooms and showers may appear to be clean, but they can still be a haven for bacteria and viruses such as athlete's foot. Keep your feet protected and away from the shower floor with a pair of foam sandals.


#2 Shaker cup with recovery powder

After your workout, you need to eat to replace the energy you burning and begin the recovery process. Keep a plastic shaker cup filled with a dry serving of recovery nutrition powder or a protein shake, in your bag. As soon as you are done with your workout, add in the water and drink it down. If you need a bit of a kick before you start your workout, add in another shaker cup filled with a serving of pre-workout powder.

#3 Compression gear

Aerobic exercise stresses your muscular system and creates micro-tears in your muscles. To recover your muscles, you need adequate nutrition and plenty of rest. Compression gear is another viable form of assisting recovery from workouts. The gear is tight against the skin and provides support in critical areas. Compression gear can be used during and after workouts to increase performance and enhance recovery.

#4 Protein snacks

To train well, you need to eat well. There are many times when we are caught for time and just can’t get a meal in. Using protein snacks at these moments gives you a nutritional boost when you need it most. Protein bars are not just candy bars, most are low in carbs and high in protein, making them a delicious, nutritious snack for anytime of the day. Avoid pulling into the drive-thru and ruining your diet with a few protein bars stashed in your gym bag.

#5 RFID wallet

Most people think of the gym as a safe space where they can focus on their training without distraction. Alas, the criminal element is everywhere in modern society and its at the gym as well. Your bank cards contain your personal data on a RFID chip. Criminals can use scanners to read the chip’s information, even if your wallet is locked up safely in a locker.

A RFID wallet from www.ibricraft.com contains an aluminum sheath that blocks the frequency of the scanner. Criminals are unable to scan the RFID chip and steal your information.

Keep pushing & stay dedicated!

With the five steps, you will be prepared to make the most out of your training sessions. Getting started with a training program and staying dedicated to a training schedule requires discipline. Your commitment to your health is admirable and deserves an eventual reward of achieving your health and fitness goals. Remember to log your results and ask for advice from people and instructors that look like they know what they are doing.



          New Cyberattack Goes Global, Hits WPP, Rosneft, Maersk    

The Wannacry cyberattack occurred in May and hit a number of hospitals and transportation networks. The first conclusion we can draw from the new but similar Petya virus is that it has taken hackers less than a month to iron out the bugs with their first attempt. The next iteration of the attack will likely be even more sophisticated.

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          Re: Is it possible to beat HIV?   
Hello, my name is Linda paul, Happiness is all i see now I never thought that I will be cured from HIV/AIDS virus again. I have been suffering from a deadly disease
HIV/AIDS for the past 5years now, I had spent a lot of money going from one places to another, from churches to churches, hospitals have been my home every dayresidence.
Posted by Linda paul
          Re: Is it possible to beat HIV?   
Posted by Wilson Rowland
          Re: Is it possible to beat HIV?   
I am very happy today to share this amazing testimony on how Dr. idahosa the herbal doctor was able to cure me from my HIV Virus with his herbal medicine. I have been a HIV patient for almost 8 months now and have tried different methods of treatment to ensure that I am cured of this terrible disease, but none worked for me, so I had to leave everything to God to handle as I was a Christian who had faith that one day God would intervene in my life, yet I felt so sad and desperate as I was losing almost everything due to my illness, A few months ago while I was surfing the internet I saw different recommendation about Dr idahosa on how he have been using his herbal Medicine to treat and cure people, these people advice we contact Dr. idahosa for any problem that would help immediately, I contacted Dr idahosa and I told him how I got his contact and also about my disease, after some time Dr. idahosa told me to have faith that he would prepare for me a medication of herbal herbs, he told me I would take this medicine for a few weeks and also asked my home for home address so as possible for him to submit the drug for me, so my good friends after all the process and everything Dr idahosa actually sent me the medicine, I took it as I was directed by Dr. idahosa, after a few weeks passed, while on Dr.idahosa medication I began to experience changes in my body, I had to call my doctor at the hospital for some blood test after test my hospital doctor told me that I was no longer with the Hiv virus and my blood is pretty good, I can not even believe this, Friends well today i am Hiv Free and i want everyone to know that there is a cure for Hiv for those who will contact Dr idahosa after reading my testimony, you can kindly contact Dr. idahosa in (dridahosasolutioncenter@gmail.com) or call him +2348134261542, God bless you all ...
Posted by Amelida Sophia
          Malaria Immunization   
A VACCINE ALTERNATIVE PROTECTS MICE AGAINST MALARIA –Vectored immunoprophylaxis (VIP) injection triggers creation of antibodies that prevent malaria in 70 percent of mice A study led by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers found that injecting a vaccine-like compound into mice was effective in protecting them from malaria. The findings suggest a potential new path toward the elusive goal of malaria immunization. Mice injected with a virus genetically altered to help the rodents create an antibody designed to fight the malaria parasite produced high levels of the anti-malaria antibody. The approach, known as Vector immunoprophylaxis, or VIP, has … Continue reading
          Puressentiel purifying Air Spray 200ml   
Puressentiel purifying Air Spray This product destroys germs, (bacteria, viruses, microscopic fungi), unpleasant odours, etc. It purifies air, limits sources of contamination (child and adult bedrooms, damp rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) polluted or smoke-filled air, odours from bedding, animals, offices, workshops, public areas, cars, etc. essential oils Dill, Anise, Sweet Basil, Bay St Thomas, Rosewood, Cajuput, Cassia Cinnamon, Atlas Cedarwood, Lemon, Lemon Verbena, Cumin Seed, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Juniper, Geranium, Ginger, Clove, English Lavender, Lavandin Grosso, Mace, Mandarin, Wild Marjoram, Melissa, Curled Leaf Mint, Peppermint, Myrrh, Niaouli, Orange, Oregano, Parsley, Petitgrain, Scotch Pine, Rosemary, Savory, Sage, Wild Thyme, Tea Tree, Thyme, Vervain and Wintergreen. EOBBD essential oils (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined). Essential oils and bioalcohol: 100% natural origin

Price: £13.50 Special Price: £12.99

          Emerging fungal diseases threaten wildlife   
It isn’t often we focus on fungal diseases; usually viruses and bacteria occupy our attention when it comes to infectious diseases. But fungal infections are […]
          Hệ miễn dịch khỏe cho làn da đẹp   

Hệ miễn dịch khỏe cho làn da đẹp

Sản phẩm Bios Life Mannos của Tập đoàn Unicity (Mỹ) với thành phần chủ yếu là hỗn hợp aloe vera (nha đam) và cám gạo, hỗ trợ củng cố hệ miễn dịch, tăng cường tiêu hóa, làm đẹp và hạn chế lão hóa da.
Sản phẩm dạng hộp 60 viên, uống 1-2 viên một ngày, thích hợp cho mọi người sử dụng.

Ngay từ những kỷ nguyên sơ khai nhất của công nghệ hóa mỹ phẩm, cám gạo đã được coi là nguồn nguyên liệu vàng, cứu tinh của làn da và sắc đẹp. Trước đây, phụ nữ phương Đông sử dụng nước vo gạo và gạo giã nhỏ như một loại mặt nạ dưỡng da phổ thông, còn các hãng mỹ phẩm phương Tây xem đây như một nguồn nguyên liệu tự nhiên, có thể sử dụng kết hợp với nhiều hợp chất khác để sản xuất ra các loại mỹ phẩm.

Cám gạo là lớp bột chứa nhiều protein và lipid nhất của hạt gạo, chứa glucid, vitamin E, B1, B2, B6, niacin, biotin, các yếu tố vi lượng và khoáng chất… bị bong tróc và rơi ra trong quá trình xay xát. Tinh dầu cám gạo (gamma oryzanol) là hoạt chất chống acid hóa, có tác dụng ngăn chặn sự xâm nhập bề mặt da của tia cực tím từ mặt trời, cản trở hoạt động bài tiết sắc tố melanin trong biểu bì, có tác dụng phòng chống nám da.

Sử dụng cám gạo thường xuyên, đúng cách sẽ mang lại làn da tươi trẻ, khỏe khoắn. Cám gạo cung cấp dưỡng chất làm mờ vết thâm và tàn nhang, thu nhỏ lỗ chân lông. Thế nhưng không phải bất cứ cách sử dụng giản đơn nào cũng mang lại tác dụng tốt. Bởi lẽ trong quá trình xay xát, bột cám gạo rất dễ lẫn với trấu và các tạp chất khác, khiến cho bề mặt da của người sử dụng có thể bị sưng tấy, dị ứng và ngứa ngáy. Hơn thế nữa, việc chăm sóc da “bề mặt” mà thiếu củng cố từ cái gốc bên trong thường không có hiệu quả bền lâu.

Bios Life Mannos chứa tinh chất cám gạo, mang lại cho người sử dụng những hiệu quả cơ bản của cám gạo. Hiệu quả làm đẹp và dưỡng thể của cám gạo được phát huy tối đa khi kết hợp với aloe vera - thực vật nổi tiếng với những tác dụng giúp củng cố hệ miễn dịch và mang lại làn da tươi trẻ. Sản phẩm phục hồi các tì vết cũng như những thương tổn do yếu tố ngoại cảnh mang lại.

Đây là sản phẩm giúp kích hoạt và thúc đẩy hệ thống miễn dịch gia tăng sản xuất ra các cytokine (tiết ra chủ yếu từ bạch cầu, cytokine là một nhóm độc đáo của yếu tố tăng trưởng. Cytokine đáp ứng cả hai miễn dịch dịch thể và tế bào, cũng như kích hoạt các tế bào thực bào). Qua đó, nó giúp các tế bào miễn dịch khác chống lại bệnh tật gây ra bởi các virus, vi khuẩn, và ký sinh trùng. Vì thế, sử dụng sản phẩm thường xuyên có tác dụng cung cấp cho cơ thể một áo giáp bảo vệ chống lại tác hại của các gốc tự do, chống oxy hóa mạnh giúp làm chậm thời gian lão hóa. Sản phẩm giúp tăng cường và kích thích hệ thống miễn dịch tự nhiên của cơ thể, giảm viêm và nhiễm trùng, chữa lành vết thương nhanh hơn và thúc đẩy sự chuyển động của cơ bắp.

Sản phẩm dạng hộp 60 viên, uống 1-2 viên một ngày, thích hợp cho mọi người sử dụng.

(Nguồn: Unicity)
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While cases of the birth defect-causing virus have dropped sharply from last year's peak, Zika hasn't disappeared from the region, experts warn

          Goal of latest mass cyberattack possibly not financial, say experts   

Ransomware attack possibly designed simply to 'disrupt a large number of Ukrainian organizations,' says expert from antivirus firm, Symantec

The post Goal of latest mass cyberattack possibly not financial, say experts appeared first on Macleans.ca.

          Kentucky Confirms First Equine WNV Case for 2017   
By Erica Larson The Kentucky State Veterinarian’s office has announced that a horse from Bourbon County has tested positive for West Nile virus (WNV). This is the first equine WNV case confirmed in the commonwealth this year. In a statement Kentucky Equine Programs manager E.S. “Rusty” Ford said the case was confirmed June 13. The […]
          Equine GI and Respiratory Disease   
By Nettie Liburt, MS, PhD, PAS Diarrhea is a leading cause of disease in foals, affecting about 6% per year. In foals 7 days old and younger, it causes about 25% of disease. But diarrhea itself has many causes. One of the more worrisome causes to veterinarians is equine rotavirus (ERV) infection, which causes illness […]
          TAHC Releases Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) Quarantine in Denton County   
Austin, TX - Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) officials released the premises quarantined for Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy (EHM), the neurologic disease linked to Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1), in Denton County on March 15, 2017. There are no other reported EHM cases in Texas. The barrel racing horse had shown signs of ataxia, loss of coordination […]

by the National Vaccine Information Center Your action is needed to OPPOSE California AB 443 Optometry: scope of practice. If passed as currently written, AB 443 would allow optometrists to administer vaccines for influenza, herpes zoster virus (Shingles), and pneumococcus to adults 18 years of age and older. AB 443 has already passed the Assembly and is […]
          West Nile virus found in mosquitoes in Yakima County   
          Ingredient Profile: Tea Tree Oil   

10 uses for Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, otherwise known as melaleuca oil, is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree through distillation. The tea tree itself is native to Southeast Queensland and the coast of New South Wales Australia, and is rumored to have gotten its name from sailors who enjoyed making tea from its leaves. Tea tree contains almost 100 compounds that make this essential oil special, and though it is toxic when consumes, tea tree has multiple uses outside of the body and round the home. Here are just ten of the numerous usages.

Skin Benefits

Tea tree oils strong germicidal properties kill germs, inhibit growth of infectious agents such as bacterial growth, viruses and fungi multiplication. The compounds in tea tree work by killing the bacteria and fungus which has many benefits to the skin.

  1. When applied to the skin, tea tree can calm allergies.

  2. When applied directly to insect bites, tea tree helps to quicken healing the bite and sooths the itch.

  3. Tea tree oils also sooths dry skin and can reduce symptoms as well as help to heal conditions like dandruff on the scalp.

  4. Tea tree oil has powerful sterilization properties and can be used on minor cuts and burns to cleans and prevent infection.

  5. Diluted with other oils, tea tree makes an excellent facial wash.

  6. 10% tea tree oil in cream helps with symptoms of scaling, inflammation, itching, and burning on skin, hands, feet and especially athletes foot. For fungus infections of the nails and infections on the hands or feet, a stronger concentration of tea tree oil in cream can be used as a remedy.

Other Benefits

Also because of its powerful sanitation properties, tea tree oil has many uses around the house as a cleanser. It can also be used for killing odors, preventing unwanted growth and even can help to protect ourselves against unwanted viruses.

  1. Mixed with water, tea tree oil can be used just like vinegar and other cleaning products around the house, to clean countertops, tables, floors and other surfaces.

  2. Tea tree oil can be added to washing machines to eliminate odors from clothes.

  3. In the home, tea tree has the added benefit of keeping mold and mildew growth at bay.

  4. Aromatherapy is a growing trend and though tea tree oil’s scent isn’t as common as lavender or peppermint, when used in the bath, by adding it to the bath water, tea tree oil has the medicinal benefit of being an immune system booster and can fight viruses that are present. In this way, it can also help relieve excess mucus, cough, bronchial congestion and inflammation.

Tea tree oil is a special extraction. It’s strong scent is hit or miss with many, but it’s benefits cannot be denied. Anywhere from cleaning up children’s messes, to curing bug bites, and to helping someone get through the flu, tea tree is a prevailing essential oil and well worth some space in the home medicine cabinet.



Adina Ferrin

Nutrition Writer



          5 Serving Ideas for Spirulina and The Benefits For Your Skin   

Ingredient Profile: Spirulina

Sea Vegetables have been eaten since 8000 B.C. when they originally found their way into the regular diets of parts of Japan. On the other half of the world, the Aztecs were enjoying the benefits of spirulina and would regularly grind it into a paste as a regular part of their diet. Seaweeds are an important part of health for all types of life, from plants to humans. Spirulina in particular is a particularly unique food source, carrying with it exceptional benefits as one of the most complete foods found in nature.

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue-green micro-algae. It harvests all of its nutrients through sunlight, transforming it into the blue and green pigments that can be seen with the eye. The blue pigments come from an amino acid group called phyococyanin. These amino acids are what give Spirulina high amounts of ready to digest protein. The green color comes from chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the best natural detoxifier. This is the component in spirulina that breaks down and removes heavy metals and toxins from the body and also binds to and removes toxins. This process keeps the liver, kidneys, skin and other organs clean and healthy.

The Benefits of Spirulina

  • It is full of antioxidants that bind with free radicals, preventing cancer
  • It is an immune system booster
  • It acts as a co-factor to minerals like calcium and helps the body in assimilation
  • It helps fight infections
  • It helps to inhibit viruses. As such, it can get rid of warts and viruses like herpes.
  • Diminishes allergies, both internally and allergies that cause reactions on the skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory (Read more about the benefits of anti-inflammatory foods for the skin here)
  • Helps to foster beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • Improves aging, sun spots, eczema, acne and rashes
  • Rich in an essential fatty-acid that relieves high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and relieves arthritis.
  • It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B-12 (the only vegetarian source), Vitamin E, calcium, iron and phosphorus, making it a toner, cleanser and strengthening supplement for the skin and nails.
  • Contains all essential amino acids and is thus, a complete protein
  • Supports energy, cell turnover and blood cell production


How to Use Spirulina

The following are a few easy serving suggestions to disguise the strong taste of seaweed that Spirulina has.

  • Add a teaspoon to fruit smoothies or apple juice
  • Sprinkle it on salads or add a teaspoon to salad dressing
  • Make homemade power bars with a mixture of Spirulina, shredded coconut, cocoa powder, blended raisins and coconut butter.

Make your own seasoning mix and keep it at the table with salt and pepper to flavor dishes throughout the day. A simple mix is all it takes and the best part is that you can add your favorite herbs, spices or peppers and make your own signature blend.

Italian Spirulina Seasoning mix.

Add amounts to taste.


  • Sea salt
  • Spirulina
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Basil,
  • Parsley
  • Garlic
  • Tarragon
  • Onion
  • Lemon zest
  • Dill seed
  • Celery seed
  • Sage
  • Coriander

Whichever way you add Spirulina into your diet, make sure to consume it raw. Cooking this delicate seaweed can destroy the vital nutrients and benefits that it has. This nutritional content puts Spirulina high on the list of the world’s healthiest foods. You can be sure that adding Spirulina into your diet is sure to pay off.



Adina Ferrin

Nutrition Writer


          HPV vaccination programme being offered to men who have sex with men   
A new HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccination programme for men who have sex with men is to begin on Saturday.
          Russia c.bank: Tuesday cyber attack similar to WannaCry, Petya   

Russia's central bank said on Wednesday it had detected a cyber attack on Tuesday that used malware similar to the WannaCry and Petya encryptor viruses. The bank said its centre for monitoring and reacting to computer attacks had sent out instructions to companies on how to detect and counter the malware.

          'MELISSA' VIRUS   
A Monmouth County man convicted of unleashing the ''Melissa'' virus, which disrupted computers worldwide in 1999, was sentenced last week to 20 months in federal prison. David L. Smith, 34, who was also fined $5,000, had pleaded guilty to e-mailin...
          No Extra Jail Time For Man Sentenced In Melissa Virus   
The New Jersey computer programmer who unleashed the Melissa computer virus was spared any additional jail time in his sentencing on state charges yesterday, two days after he received a 20-month sentence in federal court. David Lee Smith, 34, ...
          Creator of Melissa Virus Gets 20 Months in Jail   
The New Jersey computer programmer who unleashed the Melissa virus in March 1999, disrupting more than a million e-mail accounts worldwide and costing businesses an estimated $80 million, was sentenced today to a year and eight months in federal p...
          Man Pleads Guilty to Creating Melissa Virus   
A New Jersey man pleaded guilty today to state and federal charges that he created the most widely spread, disruptive and costly computer virus in history, but he insisted that he had had ''no idea'' that his Melissa virus would replicate itself e...
          Guilty Plea Is Expected In Virus Case   
A New Jersey computer programmer will plead guilty today to having unleashed a computer virus in March that disabled thousands of corporate e-mail systems, several people close to federal and state prosecutors said yesterday. The programmer, Da...
          Man Is Said to Admit He Created Melissa Virus   
The man charged with creating the Melissa virus that slowed E-mail systems around the world in March has admitted creating the bug, then destroying the computers he used to launch it, prosecutors said. David L. Smith, 30, waived his legal right...
          Lawyer Likens the Melissa Virus to Graffiti   
The 30-year-old computer programmer accused of creating the fastest-spreading computer virus in history made his first appearance in court today, and afterward his lawyer suggested that whoever wrote the virus should be considered a sort of graffi...
          Melissa Virus Defendant to Plead Not Guilty   
David L. Smith, the Aberdeen, N.J., man accused of disrupting computers around the world with the Melissa virus, will plead not guilty at his first court appearance, scheduled for Thursday, his lawyer said today. The lawyer, Edward F. Borden Jr...
By Mira Habibah

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          Science Says: Pregnant or Trying? Don’t Let Zika Guard Down   
The Zika virus may not seem as big a threat as last summer but don't let your guard down — especially if you're pregnant or trying to be.
We have previously published articles by the Australian AIDS-and-biology researcher Cal Crilly, and here is yet another installment. Cal is someone who digs into scientific studies. He does biological detective work and finds gems that hide in plain view, things we don't normally understand and that even the experts do not see as they are not trained to put discordant facts together and question basic assumptions. What this new article tells us is that retroviruses - the same kind that are thought to cause immune deficiency or AIDS - are useful and necessary for our immune system to function correctly. That of course tends to leave the hypothesis of a viral causation of AIDS in grave trouble. I say 'hypothesis' because no one has proven, or even come close to a coherent explanation for, the mechanism of AIDS causation by HIV. How does a retrovirus that is by nature a benign particle, cause devastation of the immune system? Here we have several scientific studies published in the world's finest journals, which attest to the fact that retroviruses are part and parcel of the human organism, that they are needed to provide certain defensive capabilities against invaders, and that they are not pathogenic. So we might ask ourselves why HIV tests (thought to indicate the presence of a retrovirus) are still performed, and why doctors are still recommending the use of toxic anti-retroviral drugs to kill what, rather than a foreign invader, appears to be part of normal human metabolic processes. Cal Crilly lays it out for you, citing and linking the sources......
This is another installment of research into the biochemistry of HIV and Aids by Cal Crilly, an Australian who finds himself fascinated with the intricacies of biology. Crilly analyzes the seemingly unconnected studies that show the biochemical changes that accompany the presence of numerous retroviruses - one of them called HIV - in humans. The mechanism that makes retroviruses appear is hypomethylation, and it is the same mechanism that accompanies pregnancy and inflammation. Those retroviruses are produced in the course of normal biological activity and they are not infectious. There are many different types (ever heard of HIV 'mutating'?). As an aside, we declare pregnant mothers to be "HIV positive" as pregnancy causes the presence of retroviruses in the course of normal biological activity, and those harmless endogenous retroviruses react with what's generally called an "HIV" test. Certain basic nutrients - Selenium, Folate, B12, B6, Choline are the most important - counteract hypomethylation of the cells and thereby calm the production of human endogenous retroviruses. The toxic Aids drug AZT causes hypermethylation but it is so destructive of normal cell processes that most patients die. The 'life prolonging' effect of HAART, the drug cocktail that is prescribed to Aids patients today is due to a sharp decrease in the dosage of deadly AZT in the cocktail. Cal demonstrates those facts and more with reference to studies you can find as well, if you're interested in the details. Meanwhile we continue to treat immune compromised people with drugs that further compromise the immune system and - in many cases - kill the patient. When is medicine going to start treating those people by insisting on better eating and supplementation supplying the correct nutrients? How long will it take until the toxic drugs are phased out in favor of real prevention?...
In this article, Beldeu Singh highlights some of the gross inconsistencies in our current approach to what is called the "AIDS epidemic". There has never, to this date, been a proper isolation and purification of the human immunodeficiency virus, and one might be justified in saying that there is no AIDS epidemic, but rather an iatrogenic (doctor caused) epidemic of drug-induced deaths and a lot of unnecessary fear and suffering, all based on very wonky science... but it all seems to make excellent business sense, if you are a drug company shareholder or one of the thousands of researchers who work "to find a cure" for AIDS. by Beldeu Singh INTRODUCTION In the early days neutropenia was one of the key parameters of AIDS. The clinical course of severe neutropenia, as described in the basic pathology textbook, “Pathologic Basis of Disease” by Robbins (5th Ed.), which is used in most medical schools to study pathology, describes what happens to people with severe neutropenia. The symptoms and signs of neutropenias are those of bacterial infections... Robbins also states, in italics, that "the most severe forms of neutropenias are produced by drugs." In severe agranulocytosis with virtual absence of neutrophils, "these infections may become so overwhelming as to cause death within a few days," (Robbins, p 631). This sounds disturbingly similar to a description of AIDS. Dr. Michael Lange, associate chief of infectious diseases at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in New York and one of the doctors the FDA consulted when evaluating AZT in 1987, says even he sometimes had trouble differentiating between AZT's toxic effects and AIDS itself. An article in the New England Journal of Medicine describes the muscle wasting caused by AZT and compared it to muscle wasting, called "myopathy", presumed to be caused by HIV. Their comments in the abstract are shocking: "We conclude that long-term therapy with Zidovudine can cause a toxic mitochondrial myopathy, which... is indistinguishable from the myopathy associated with primary HIV infection..." So, there is drug-induced immune suppression and drug-induced AIDS, and AZT can cause AIDS. Yet 5000 scientists signed a declaration that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS. The AIDS industry is built on paradoxes and misguided beliefs....
It is hard to make sense of the numerous contradictions in the official explanation of what causes Aids and how to best fight the scourge. But then - the confusion may be fully intentional. Aids as a strategy and cover for de-population would make perfect sense. It is race specific, its victims are the poor and socially deviant, and if we believe the press, the whole population of the African continent is at grave risk. A high percentage of those treated eventually do die. What they die of is the hard question that must be asked. Aids testing, prevention and treatment are promoted by the medical/pharmaceutical world and by the mainstream press as essential counter-measures. Yet both Aids testing and treatment target certain racial and social groups and the populations of developing countries, especially if they are located on the African continent. The interpretation of test results is largely arbitrary. Prevention consists of giving both mother and child a highly toxic shot of medicine, and treatment - more often than not - seals the fate of the victim. Treatment leads to a more or less certain death. All that is promised is that the death will be slowed by "life extending" drugs. What makes me think of a deliberate strategy with regards to Aids and the confusion that surrounds it, is the point-blank refusal of the reigning pharmaceutical/medical establishment to even address those contradictions, to discuss in an open way with those who point out that something's not right. Perhaps I am too suspicious, but it seems to me that so much bungling cannot be the result of mere inadequacy. Contradictions, Contradictions Some of the most egregious contradictions I have found over the years are: Tests identify people who "have Aids" but they do not find a virus, merely some specific proteins that could be (and apparently are) associated with a host of non-Aids conditions. The interpretation of tests is different for people with different life stories. Likelihood of a positive test result is increased by being gay or promiscuous, by being of African descent or just by living in a poor part of town, yet "universal testing" is being advocated. In Africa, the definition of Aids does not rely on a test. It is sufficient if you have the symptoms of several of the diseases that are rampant there, diseases brought on by poor hygiene and by bad nutrition. Instead of helping Africans overcome the endemic diseases of their continent with better sanitation and freshly grown produce, we send them toxic Aids drugs and industrially produced, often genetically modified grains. Prevention and treatment of Aids are always highly toxic. More Aids victims die of iatrogenic liver disease brought on by the doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs than of the "opportunistic" diseases that a failing immune system is said to bring on. People who refuse treatment often do not get ill - especially if they adopt a healthy lifestyle - some have been documented to stay healthy for decades. Most people who take Aids drugs suffer horrible "side effects", among them immune deficiency brought on by the drugs. They also die early. Yet no studies have been done to compare a natural, healthy regimen of nutrition and good life with the recommended antiretroviral drug treatment. The isolation of the viral entity that is said to cause Aids has never been published in a peer-review journal. The virus cannot be isolated from sick individuals. No one has shown how the viral entity actually CAUSES immune deficiency. Yet a Nobel prize has recently been awarded to Luc Montagnier and a collaborator for the discovery of HIV. That rabbit hole is very deep. The more you dig, the more absolutely incomprehensible facts and contradictions emerge. One of the most articulate critics of the Aids orthodoxy is Dr Andrew Maniotis, a Professor of Pathology and Program Director in the University of Chicago's Department of Pathology, Anatomy, Cell Biology and Bioengineering. In the following piece, Dr Maniotis highlights the failures of the paradigm that says Aids is caused by an infective agent called HIV and it must be treated with anti-retroviral drugs. In the second part of this post, Dr Maniotis comments on an article in the New Statesman that comments on the controversy around Aids. Perhaps I should be clear that Dr Maniotis, while pointing at the various inconsistencies, does not advocate any conspiratorial view of Aids. If I imply such a conspiratorial (de-population) connection, that view is mine alone. The failures of the HIV/Aids hypothesis According to former NIH director, and Nobel Laureate, Harold Varmus who formed the committee that named “HIV” “HIV,” retrovirus-derived DNA sequences (genes that come from viruses whose genes are made out of RNA instead of DNA), may be ancient molecular “parasites” in their associations with other organisms. As such, they may not be recognizable as foreign molecules to the human immune system (which explains the STEP trial and 60 other "HIV" vaccine disasters, perfectly). Thus, “retroviruses” or their components are not immunogenic (capable of being seen as foreign by the human immune system), because “HIV’'s” molecules, and those of other “retroviruses” are not seen as foreign or non-self,” because they are, and always have been, part of the incredible repertory of the combinatorial complexity of the normal human genome. Supposedly, if we are around on this planet millions of years from now, the human immunoglobulin cassette (that part of the T-cell genome that immunologists claim can be instantaneously rearranged to respond to foreign antigens) new immuonglobulins will continuously be produced to counter any “foreign” molecular challenge, which are not yet present on this earth yet. Therefore, we have NOT sequenced the total human genome, because some of it’s sequences don’t yet exist. And they may not exist in persons said to have “AIDS,” hepatitis B or C or D, as a response to a foreign virus, but these signatures may instead represent the breakdown products of autoimmune diseases that cause cells to spit out “virus-like particles.” As molecular parasites, and as response of our own cellular reactions to common diseases, foreign proteins or metabolic and even psychological stressors such as an AIDS or cancer death sentence, “retroviruses,” their genes, and their molecules, may be simply a byproduct of our stressed cells, because they always have been, are, and always will be, made by our own cells. The amazing thing is that: some antiretroviral drug regimens in some people (almost half of them it appears) can stop the cells from producing these stress responses and their consequent virus-like particles as shown in the German drug addiction clinics by Heinrich Kremer and Juliana Sacher. But these doctors warn, when taken long-term, HAART will cause damage to the bone marrow and others systems, as literally dozens of mainstream clinical trials have demonstrated. It isn’'t only the 60 vaccine failures that raise issue with the “HIV=AIDS” hypothesis. And it isn’'t that cures for cancer or “HIV-disease” have been foiled in every case by “mutation.” Other failures of the “HIV=AIDS” hypothesis include: The failure to really isolate “HIV,” from all other objects in the Universe, or to explain what its confusing presence in healthy drug-naïve persons means; The failure to appreciate, that the association of a molecular marker with any disease state, does not prove, disprove, or even suggest causality; The failure of the Nobel committee to appreciate, in the case of Montagnier’'s and Barre-Sinoussi’'s recent award of the Nobel Prize, that their Patient One’'s “viral” isolate,” was derived from a fellow with swollen lymph nodes, a history of syphilis and syphilis treatment the year before, a history of gonorrhea, a history of cytomegalovirus infection, a history of herpes I and II infection, a history of Epstein-Barr virus infection, and God knows what else; The failure to appreciate, in the case of Robert Gallo'’s so-called amplification of “HIV” markers in stimulated tumor-cell cultures not killed by “HIV,” that “HIV markers” are detectable in less than half to a third of of 72 healthy persons, and not persons now considered to be AIDS patients. And as shocking as it is, a failure to appreciate that there still is no rational or acceptable cell culture model or method to grow HIV” in Petri dishes; The failure of the Nobel committee to appreciate that, a) “HPV” (human papilloma viruses) molecular sequences that are sometimes associated with cervical cancers are just that: they are molecular sequences, not Human papilloma viruses. HPV virus particles, to date have not been shown to induce cervical cells or any other kind of cells to become cancerous, and b) the failure of the Nobel Committee to acknowledge and heed the widely publicized warnings in the Journal “College of American Pathologists (CAP),” and also by senior investigators at the National Cancer Institute, and the company Digene who make “HPV” molecular tests, that HPV-sequences” have not been validated against the clinical occurrence of clinical cervical cancer. In this context, the Nobel committee also failed to appreciate the shameful carnage currently being perpetrated by the so-called first cancer vaccine GARDASIL (made by the same company Merck, who 20 years ago claimed that their hepatitis B vaccine was the first “anti-cancer” vaccine, before France filed a class action suit to stop the hepatitis B vaccine mandate for its young citizens, because it harmed so many); The failure to sequence the “HIV” genome as a consistent pattern or sequence, or to identify specific proteins that are not also found in normal, “non-infected” contexts; The failure to inform the public (and most scientists) that reverse transcriptase is not specific to viruses, nor are the gag, pol, env, p24, and other so-called “HIV-specific” genes and their products, which all can be detected in normal, “non-infected” contexts, and which are published on Medline; The failure a) to block transmission of “HIV” or AIDS in mother to child transmission studies (MTCT) as shown by the Cochran Meta-analysis and other peer-reviewed reports, which showed increased “HIV mutation rates” after black box label drugs such as nevirapine were discontinued in the U.S., and ashamedly administered to more than eight hundred seventy five thousand African mother-infant pairs by Max Essex of Harvard, and others and b) the failure to acknowledge or appreciate that safety officers of the NIH, such as Dr. Fishbein, who monitored such trials as a safety officer, were fired, while those individuals such as Edmond Tremont who directed the nevaripine trial(s) were not even reprimanded after he had changed the data in safety reports that Dr. Fishbein and others had uncovered, in order to push forward George Bush’s PEPFAR pogrom and the eugenics pogram on Africans; The failure to understand why ARV’s (anti-retrovirals) in some individuals, can prevent "AIDS syndromes," because their toxicity to normal immune cells can not only can block these cells from expressing HIV-specific” molecules as a normal response to a physiological stress, or as evidence of a rare genetic polymorphism, but because these drugs are so toxic, that like antibiotics, they suppress both fungal and bacterial growth, but cannot prevent theoretical virus proliferation, because if the HIV” paradigm is correct, these genomes of “HIV” are rapidly integrated into the DNA of the “infected,” and will never be sensitive to drugs designed against their “molecules.” The failure of microbicides, condom campaigns, and circumcision, that more often than not, have increased the rate of detecting “HIV’s” molecular markers, instead of decreasing them among African human “lab rats;” The failure to a) appreciate the disaster and infant mortality caused by breast feeding dissuasion campaigns, designed to decrease infant mortality from “HIV-infection,” but which increased infant mortality 20 times in formula fed infants, compared to mother-infant pairs that didn'’t listen to their doctors, and who weren'’t dissuaded from breast feeding, and b) the failure to appreciate the corresponding terrorism that has been waged against new mothers to promote formula dumping on 3rd World nations, and perhaps because of a hatred of the human female’s breast and the disgusting nature of breast feeding; The failure to acknowledge how projected and WHO-manufactured “HIV” and AIDS”...
On the 24th anniversary of the day a human retrovirus was named in a press conference, called by the Centers for Disease Control as "the probable cause of Aids" an international group of scientists says it is time to re-assess that belief. Being diagnosed HIV-positive is a traumatic experience - emotionally, mentally and physically - HelpForHIV In the 70s we had Richard Nixon's and Jimmy Carter's War on Cancer, an all-out well financed research program that sought to establish a viral cause and to find a cure for the Big C. Despite much work and huge amounts of money poured into the program, no such virus was found and - famously - no cure either. Much of this research centered on the so-called lentivirus or retrovirus family - a class of virus that turned out to be a harmless byproduct of the human metabolism, rather than a cause of any disease. As the cancer research program folded for lack of results, a new focus was needed and a new direction of research. The announcement by Robert Gallo that a new virus, later named HIV or human immunodeficiency virus, was implicated in AIDS, gave that new focus and direction. But now, 24 years later, the hypothesis of HIV as "the probable cause of Aids" as Gallo had called it, shows signs of failure. Not all patients have the virus. As a matter of fact, no clear and clean isolation of the virus was ever published in a scientific journal. The distribution of Aids does not match what one would expect from an infectious disease, no cure has been found and no vaccine is in sight either. Scientists are defecting from the HIV=AIDS hypothesis, but there is great momentum in the money that funds research. As was the case with cancer, the only cause being looked into is a viral cause, because the only acceptable remedy is pharmaceutical. Other research has been terminated. The cracks in the viral Aids paradigm are many and re-examination is needed. Here is the announcement of Rethinking Aids......
The HIV-Aids Titanic hits its own iceberg Rethinking AIDS Day is the 23rd of April. Just one day after Earth Day, celebrated on 22 April to promote the need for reexamining our relationship with the environment, Rethinking AIDS Day prompts us to critically examine the widely held idea that the immune weakness we see in AIDS is caused by an infective virus. According to HEAL, "Rethinking AIDS Day (RAD) is April 23rd to remember (not celebrate) the anniversary of the infamous Gallo/Heckler news conference announcing the 'probable' cause of AIDS had been discovered. By the time the science was published and found wanting, it was too late." RethinkingAIDS has a call to action which goes into more detail about that botched announcement of "the cause" of AIDS: At an international press conference on April 23, 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo, a federally funded cancer researcher, announced that he had discovered "the probable cause of AIDS," a new virus which would later be given the name HIV. The world media accepted the discovery of HIV as the cause of AIDS as a matter of fact although no proof was presented that day or anytime thereafter. Now, twenty four years and $500 billion later, there is still no scientific evidence that Gallo ever isolated HIV from any of the AIDS patients he had studied, and there is still no published paper from any other scientist anywhere in the world demonstrating the direct purification of HIV from any human being. They also have an evolving page of initiatives: List of Events. Wearing a black ribbon (instead of the red one) is one of the ideas of how you can make that day your own. Anyone with a computer, an internet connection and some basic skills of finding information can confirm for themselves that the theory that tells us that HIV=AIDS=ILLNESS AND DEATH is full of holes. A number of articles on this site point out such holes, among them: HIV-Aids: A Tragic Error Why I Quit HIV - Is AIDS Myth Falling Apart? Alternatives to AZT in Aids Patients World AIDS Day 2004 - What happened to Koch's Postulates? HIV Test Bogus - Based on Circular Reasoning Seeing a great number of holes in the official theory, the question arises: What really does cause AIDS? Dr Harold Foster answers that question from the viewpoint of epidemiological geology, saying that those with certain mineral deficiencies - especially of selenium - are at risk. The book What Really Causes AIDS? is a free download from his site. There is more information on nutrient deficiencies and aberrated biochemical pathways as a possible cause of AIDS in Glutathione Peroxidase - Selenium, Aminoacids Overcome AIDS. Beldeu Singh, a Malaysian researcher and writer, argues that AIDS is really a consequence of our lifestyle. Nothing to do with a virus, as much as the medical establishment wishes to promote that cause. The dogma that HIV causes Aids which in turn causes death is like the Titanic and it going to sink just like the ship after it hit the iceberg. The real culprit, says Singh, is our infatuation with drugs, medical and non, but especially those based on the benzene molecule. Our use of chemicals to treat both emotional and physical problems is to blame. Unfortunately, this use of chemicals is sustained and promoted by a multi-billion dollar industry that has the ear of health authorities world wide. In his article, Singh illustrates the mechanism that is behind this common immune weakness....
Audrey Serrano, a woman living in the US and misdiagnosed with HIV was awarded $2.5 million in damages in December last year for the shock and for suffering the adverse effects of the drugs she had to take for years before the mistake was corrected. While that is a welcome break from the Aids propaganda we're subjected to from all sides, it really only reveals the tip of the iceberg of a human disaster of untold dimensions that is going on right before our eyes. Aids is an epidemic of medical failures if there ever was such a thing. - The virus that supposedly causes the immune weakness has never been scientifically isolated and no one has explained how it causes such weakness, throwing the whole theory behind HIV and Aids into doubt. - The test for the virus is notoriously unreliable - some 60 or 70 unrelated conditions are known to cause a false "positive" reading when no trace of the virus can be found. - A "positive" result for HIV antibodies should really be a cause for celebration. Everyone knows that when we have antibodies there is no longer any need to worry about getting sick. The body has successfully overcome the illness and is now ready to fight any future viral intruders. But no - not so with Aids. Here a positive test result means we are told to undergo treatment. - Treatment typically consists of a highly toxic cocktail of medicines to be consumed for years to come. Few can actually survive the ravages of the drug side effects, which have become the major cause of death in "Aids". But there is another dimension to this tragedy which perhaps even overshadows the fate of those coerced or cajoled into submitting to a fraudulent test and a deadly drug regimen. It is the tragedy of those who simply live in poor conditions, who more often than not are declared victims of Aids without as much as a test. Kaushalya is one of those. Her husband died of tuberculosis, not an uncommon occurrence in Delhi, India. She was labeled - falsely like Audrey Serrano in the US - as HIV infected. Widowed Kaushalya with her daughter in 1997. Today, the tall, healthy lady is happily married and has given birth to her third daughter To be sure, Kaushalya didn't win a millionaire's settlement in a legal action, but her story, described by Arun Shrivastava, social activist and environmental campaigner, gives us an insight into that other dimension, where Aids does its damage not by viral action and not even through the agency of a toxic 'medicine'. It tells of the stigma that the great unknown plague brings and of its genocidal consequences in the less developed countries. David Rasnik recently said, "AIDS has little to do with science and medicine because it is fundamentally a political and sociological phenomenon". Perhaps, after reading Kaushala's story you might concur with David and with Thabo Mbeki, the courageous African politician who dared challenge the scientists to uncover the real damage Aids is doing to the whole African continent. They do need your help....
I have said for some years that AIDS has little to do with science and medicine because it is fundamentally a political and sociological phenomenon. Dr. David Rasnick, biochemist and Aids critic. What is the lesson we should be learning from President Mbeki of South Africa? Perhaps Mbeki is the only head of state and indeed the only prominent politician to think that Aids should be discussed, not dogmatically imposed. In 2000, Mbeki called a conference where critics and mainstream scientists could have done the discussing. Unfortunately, contrary views about Aids are just about the last thing a highly paid medical researcher wants to hear. Eight years later, we are still no closer to really understanding Aids than we were back then. So what did we miss? South African President Thabo Mbeki - Image credit: AFP Could it be that AIDS is something completely different from what medical science tells us? Officially, Aids is a world wide epidemic caused by a sexually transmitted virus that happens to preferentially infect certain groups of people and not others. The 'infection' leads, if untreated, to almost certain death. In consequence, it is important that people abstain from sex or use condoms as a 'protection'. It is also important that everyone get a test to ascertain whether or not they have been infected - a positive test is more likely if you happen to be a member of a so-called 'risk group'. Medical science says it's doing what it can but after more than two decades has found neither a vaccine nor a cure. For the moment all that is available are drugs that can 'extend life span' by wrestling down the deadly virus. Critics say that none of this is true. They charge that - the HIV virus was never clearly isolated. Neither Gallo nor anyone else has published a paper in the scientific literature to show the virus and how it was found. - since there is no standard (no virus), any test for 'HIV antibodies' cannot be not a valid test to establish infection. - AIDS is defined as each one of a number of previously known illnesses, in the presence of HIV. Circular reasoning really, if we do not know the virus. - No viable mechanism has been proposed for how exactly the virus hurts the immune system. HIV is said to be 'different' from all other known viral agents associated with illness. - Virology says once you have developed antibodies, you are immune. The antibodies indicate you have overcome the infection and are now protected. Only in the case of AIDS apparently, when you have antibodies, that is taken as a sign of infection to be treated with ineffective but nevertheless toxic drugs. - The drugs used to 'treat' Aids are so highly toxic they often are the cause of death of the patient. Liver failure has become a major cause of death of people under anti-viral therapy. - Those who refuse drug treatments after testing 'positive' survive much longer without developing any of those 'aids defining' diseases, especially if they switch to better nutrition and generally a healthy lifestyle. Certainly things do not add up, yet there is a complete block to discussing alternative strategies for understanding and overcoming Aids. It's drugs and more drugs, especially for the Africans said to suffer from the syndrome, but there is no real viral agent, and no proper treatment. So coming back to David Rasnick's view that "AIDS has little to do with science and medicine because it is fundamentally a political and sociological phenomenon", perhaps we should really look into the political and sociological side of Aids. In a recent email discussion, There was a reply from Dan to David Rasnick's characterization of Aids. Dan says: Absolutely agree. This g*#*!*d "science" debate can go on for years to come. The scientists for whom it threatens their life's work aren't going let go of it. It's an incredible paradigm shift that I wonder if medical science as we know it will survive intact. I doubt it. People don't want to let go of "AIDS". It's part of our lives. It fulfills many, many societal needs. As a gay man, I can tell you that gay men will be the last to let go of this, and they'll be kicking and screaming all the way. It's not because they're such fans of "science". It's because of the many needs it fulfills. "AIDS" is a sociological phenomenon. Then Michael Ellner said I having been saying AIDS is a sociopolitical and economic phenomenon for decades -- I have also been saying that the late Casper Schmidt, MD was on to something and we would be far more effective if we factor in the Group Fantasy and the mass self-hypnosis... Michael also attached his article about THE MBEKI CHALLENGE saying "perhaps the following will be helpful". President Mbeki's experience has shown that scientific discussion of the causes of Aids is difficult if not impossible. Michael Ellner has summed up the situation of dogma versus debate that prevented any discussion back in 2000. He also describes Aids and the approach our symptom oriented medicine takes, the false perception of a virulent germ and the myth that has been spun around these ingredients. His article is not new but remains an important document for anyone trying to unravel the mysteries of Aids. Michael was so good to allow re-posting of the article, which was originally published in CONTINUUM magazine, vol 6 no 11. Here it is......
Are we killing our feathered friends with radiation? The question might seem far fetched, but it really is not a big stretch of the imagination. Microwaves do cause heating and other, more subtle changes of biological tissues. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho of ISIS says: "Birds near mobile phone base stations do not breed well" in a recent article titled Mobile Phones & Vanishing Birds - Where did all the sparrows go? In addition to birds, bees have been getting sick and disoriented, and whole hives are being deserted - we even have a new name for the phenomenon: Colony Collapse Disorder or Vanishing Bee Syndrome. The mysterious illness has decimated the honeybee population in several nations. There are some links to pesticides, genetically modified crops producing poisons are a hypothesis, but also microwave radiation as used in communications equipment has been implicated. In a case of disappearance of bee hives documented in Germany a few years ago, the bees disappeared from hives where they were exposed to the microwaves from nearby cell phone relay towers, while other hives, situated behind sheet aluminium shielding, stayed put. Apart from birds getting disoriented and dying in the vicinity of cell phone towers, could the radiation be responsible for the persistence of what we call the bird flu? The illness has been killing chickens and other fowl and is officially attributed to a common virus with the designation H5N1. Former Royal Canadian Navy officer Larry Blackhall thinks there may be a connection. Apart from the appalling and very stressful conditions of the birds caged in huge factory farms, there may be another factor that has not been considered enough. In a paper he submitted to the Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food, Blackhall says that the avian virus catastrophe may well be the undesired result of the interaction of two related technologies: A. Modern technological poultry production factory systems introducing the application of chemicals, medicines, biological agents and Electromagnetic radiation techniques, and; B. Cumulative background electromagnetic radiation....
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          Ukraine Cyberattack Wasn't Really About Ransom, Security Experts Say   
Although the virus that spread through government and commercial computers Tuesday looked like ransomware, cyber experts say it was a "wiper" intended to erase data and disrupt business.
          Comment on Blind Item – June – Bollywood 8 by Bollywood   
About Susu and Ankita. Well, you can see his true character now. It's like a wild dog or a dog on heat, so to speak. In his case, he's enjoying the respect and adulation that his Bollywood peers are showing on him, but he perhaps doesn't know how to behave properly. Like Aditya Chopra once said to Vivek Oberoi, the same applies to Susu: "You can have the potential to become the next Shah Rukh Khan, but your problem is that you already think you are Shah Rukh Khan!". Funny thing was when these two were still on TV, every time their show's commercial would be on, we couldn't help but think how these two are the most normal looking TV actors especially him. He looked like he came from some village in India to work in films. Then, we found out that they were a couple and were even living in together. Clearly, they didn't know the true meaning of 'Pavitra Rishta'!. Back then, she was more famous than him and also made more money. She allowed him to go and explore the movie territory. By allowed, we meant that she had to stay on that crappy show to continue making money while he go try out his luck. This is the problem when you live-in together. After a while, his career took and her stint on PV ended, which made her spend more time at home and it's also what started the clingy & over-possessive rumours. Their situation is the same when it comes to an actor making it big and leaving his loved ones behind. It was bound to happen. Susu has been saying they will be getting married for 4 years and yet it took him that many years to propose to her and when he did, they broke up a couple of months after. The fact that he always had cold feet is what made her clingy and insecure. Maybe she started realizing that he will not marry her and that's when things got too real for her. Poor girl thought he would come back as they have had arguments and gotten back together many times. She gave interviews talking all lovey-dovey about him when he never had any intention to come back. She was clueless until he announced it to the media. They are better off without each other. The way, he/his PR made her look after the breakup is pathetic. Even now, he treats her in the media like she's this virus.
           Companies still hobbled from fearsome cyberattack    
The Heritage Valley Health System couldn't offer lab and diagnostic imaging services at 14 community and neighborhood offices in western Pennsylvania. DLA Piper, a London-based law firm with offices in 40 countries, said on its website that email systems were down; a receptionist said email hadn't been restored by the close of business day. An employee at an international transit company at Lima's port of Callao told The Associated Press that Maersk employees' telephone system and email had been knocked out by the virus — so they were "stuck using their personal cellphones." Security researchers now concur that while NotPetya was wrapped in the guise of extortionate "ransomware" — which encrypts files and demands payment — it was really designed to exact maximum destruction and disruption, with Ukraine the clear target. Computers were disabled there at banks, government agencies, energy companies, supermarkets, railways and telecommunications providers. Robert M. Lee, CEO of Dragos Inc. and an expert on cyberattacks on infrastructure including Ukraine's power grid, said the rules of cyberespionage appear to be changing, with sophisticated actors — state-sponsored or not — violating what had been established norms of avoiding collateral damage. Besides NotPetya, he pointed to the May ransomware dubbed "WannaCry," a major cyberassault that some experts have blamed on North Korea.
          Science Says: Pregnant or trying? Don't let Zika guard down   
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Zika virus may not seem as big a threat as last summer but don&apos;t let your guard down - especially if you&apos;re pregnant or trying to be....
          Duke Researchers Find Racial Disparity In HPV Infections   
A study out of Duke University suggests the HPV vaccine might not be as effective for African-American women. The vaccine protects against two subtypes of the Human papillomavirus that cause 70 percent of cases that develop into cervical cancer, but researchers found black women are half as likely as white women to be infected with those strains. The findings could help explain racial discrepancies in the rates of cancer. "What we did was conduct a study based on the understanding that we seem to have a much higher incidence of cervical cancer in black women than white women, but if you actually look at who is screened, black women have a much higher screening rate," says the study's lead author, Catherine Hoyo. She says the numbers were consistent regardless of the stage of the disease. "Have we been so successful that these are the ones that are beginning to come up; the other 30 percent? That's the question that we don't know the answer to, but... maybe the next time we develop
          Near the piece of cloth    
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          In Which Have The Ability To The Favorable Games Gone?   
Merely choose wisely when discussing a current event with complete strangers. Guests might get to savor their stay by hanging out with the other visitors from the lounge as well as the swimming pool tables. Once the earth heats up, winter months months become faster.

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Think of in which you happened to be when you heard the horrifying news. The XFX show have numerous enthusiasts making use of their good casting qualities and toughness to a cost that everyone can accept, regardless of v=onepage&q=Beatriz%20do%20Prado%20Rodrigues&f=false [https://books.google.com.br/] the depth of wallet. Well, the Olympic committee skates under this simply because the sports athletes are typical thought about separate technicians. I have never ever also been in that shop." Perhaps you never ever did charge those products or services, but some other person performed, someone who made use of your name and personal details to dedicate fraud.

Torquay has many exciting and impressive places which are really worth as visited while staying in the holiday cottages. If you can find likelihood of substance risks or flame risks, it is advisable suggested to possess medical posters at strategic spots for which you discover that the chances of fire or chemical risk are high. It's got probably been a dream you looked at for a long time.
          'Petya' Ransomware Hits At Least 65 Countries; Microsoft Traces It To Tax Software   
The "Petya" cyberattack that has now struck computers in at least 65 countries can be traced to a Ukrainian company's tax accounting software, Microsoft says. "We saw the first infections in Ukraine — more than 12,500 machines encountered the threat," Microsoft says. "We then observed infections in another 64 countries, including Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Russia, and the United States." The complexity of the attack has fueled debate over whether the malware is a new threat or a more sophisticated version of the Petya malware that was used in an attack last spring. But Microsoft says the ransomware is "a new variant" of Petya, adding that it has issued new security updates to protect computers running its Windows software. Other anti-virus companies have also updated their software, in an attempt to limit the damage. The initial infection can be traced to tax accounting software from a Ukrainian company called M.E.Doc, Microsoft says. That connection was the subject of speculation
          Virus entfernen   
Virus entfernen Sobald Sie bemerken, dass Sie von einer Schadsoftware wie einem Virus, Trojaner, Cryptowall oder ähnlichem befallen sind wird es unangenehm: * Welche Daten hat der Angreifer entwendet? * Hat er Daten auch manipuliert? * Wozu verwendet der Angreifer Ihre Onlineaccounts wie E-Mail, Social Media, etc?
           Le dictionnaire moyen-oriental de Laurent Murawiec   
Ce texte de Laurent Murawiec (z'l) est initialement paru sous le titre : 

« Dictionnaire moyen-oriental des idées reçues ». 

AFP – Agence de presse chargée de la propagande extérieure de l’Autorité palestinienne (voir aussi Reuters).

Ahmadinejad – Nabot, profession : tortionnaire. Essaie de faire avaler des amphétamines au Mahdi. Confond vecteurs balistiques et virilité. A besoin d’un rasoir, mais en ferait probablement usage sur quelqu’un d’autre.

Aide (arabe) – En additionnant les annonces officielles arabes faites à l’occasion des sommets arabes et islamiques, l’aide versée aux Palestiniens depuis 1948 se monte à 800 milliards de dollars.

Aide internationale – Voir dans la Bible la manne envoyée du Ciel. Ici, le Ciel est remplacé par les ONG et organisations internationales. Permet de ne jamais se soucier des contraintes imposées par la réalité (budgets, déficits, etc.).

Al-Andalus – Paradis terrestre. Démonstration irréfutable que l’impérialisme islamique est une bénédiction pour tous, et que tout le monde l’adore. Ne jamais mentionner les pogromes commis par les Almohades et les autres, contre des juifs et des chrétiens, ni l’infériorité constitutive qui les frappait.

Ambulance – Camionnette revêtue des insignes du Croissant rouge. Elle a pour fonctions principales (1) le transport de terroristes vers les lieux d’un attentat, (2) le transport d’armes, (3) l’exhibition télévisée (voir : CNN, BBC, France 2, etc.) au cas où elle a été atteinte par un projectile, et (4), le cas échéant, le transport des blessés (s’en procurer de faux si on n’en a pas de vrais sous la main et arriver à l’hôpital dans un vrai show son et lumière, après avoir prévenu les media susnommés). À ne jamais oublier, plus généralement, dans les mises en scène de douleur palestinienne.

Amnesty International – Un Palestinien tue un Juif : quelles bonnes raisons le Juif a-t-il données au Palestinien pour justifier son acte ? Cf. rapport d’Amnesty International n°943/b/5 « 43 bonnes raisons » !

Amour de la vie – Faiblesse méprisable des juifs et des chrétiens.

Arabe – Victime incarnée de l’impérialisme, du colonialisme et de l’exploitation (voir aussi : comptes en Suisse).

Arabie Saoudite – Pays bienfaiteur de la démocratie occidentale, puisqu’il finance une grande partie des campagnes électorales de nombreux partis au pouvoir.

Arafat (Yasser) – Personnage de cirque au remarquable talent de ventriloque, d’illusionniste et de prestidigitateur. Tueur sans scrupules. Grand talent de papier tue-mouche sur lequel s’engluaient les idiots utiles. Égyptien crevé à paris, le jour de la Victoire (11 novembre 2004), suite à un empoisonnement au virus HIV attrapé par l’anus. Ami de l’ex occupant de l’Élysée. Ce dernier le fit naturaliser Hiérosolymite à titre posthume et fantaisiste.

Armée arabe – Corps militaire aux fonctions variées : (1) se faire écraser par les armées adverses, (2) massacrer la population civile de son pays, (3) absorber un tel niveau du PNB qu’il ne reste plus rien pour le reste des besoins, sauf pour les kleptocrates au pouvoir.

Assassinat – (1) Acte israélien ignoble. (2) Nom inadapté donné par la presse sous domination des Juifs à l’élimination d’un bourreau sioniste.

Auschwitz – « Les Allemands ne pardonneront jamais Auschwitz aux Juifs » a dit le psychiatre Zvi Rex. Idem, les élites françaises ne pardonneront jamais Vichy aux Juifs.

Barre (Raymond) – Français innocent enfin crevé. Fonctionnaire pour qui la défense du parti du fonctionnariat passe toujours avant toute autre considération.

Barrière de sécurité (« mur ») – Good walls make good neighbors, (« les bons murs font les bons voisins » – Ndlr) sauf au Moyen-Orient. Empêche regrettablement le libre accès palestinien aux Juifs à exterminer (« Shocking! »une journaliste de la BBC).

Barrière israélienne – Crime suprême (coupe en deux des vergers) qui justifie à lui seul la re-convocation du Tribunal de Nuremberg.

BBC – « Mais évidemment, vous ne pouvez pas soutenir sérieusement qu’Israël ne se conduit pas comme un État nazi... ? » Question objective posée par une présentatrice équilibrée de la BBC au cours d’un débat télévisé courtois.

Be’Tselem – Organisation israélienne qui se consacre à tendre l’autre joue des autres Israéliens.

Bébé – Futur sioniste. Cible légitime.

Blonde – Chez la femme, couleur de cheveux favorite des djihâdis candidats au meurtre, pour l’heure de la gratitude d’Allah.

Bôle-Richard (Michel) – Victime incurable de troubles oculaires : témoin d’un crime qui identifie catégoriquement l’assassin comme la victime. A le nerf optique si endommagé qu’il a été embauché comme photographe par Le Monde mais pourrait tout autant faire l’affaire à l’Agence Reuters (voir plus haut).

Bombe – Expression anxieuse de griefs et de frustrations diverses.

Bourreau – Caractère héréditaire, état natif de l’Israélien ; voir les Protocoles des Sages de Sion et lire Edgar Morin.

Bousquet (René) – Tueur de Juifs méthodique, mais il ne leur en voulait pas pour autant.

Budget – De quoi ? Vous rigolez ? On est à Ramallah (Gaza) ici !

Camp – Partout ailleurs, un « camp de réfugiés » est une ville de toile faite de tentes et plantée sur la boue ou la poussière. Un camp palestinien n’est pas un camp, n’a pas de tentes et n’abrite pas de réfugiés : c’est une ville en dur, avec des rues, des immeubles élevés, etc. Il abrite des Palestiniens parqués de force par leurs « frères arabes » et arnaqués par les « leaders palestiniens ». N’invoquer que le misérabilisme victimaire. Cameraman, SVP, pas trop de plans sur ces immeubles : il faut faire dans le style bidonville.

Capitulations – À partir du XVIe siècle, immunités et privilèges concédés à la France, puis à d’autres nations « franques » par le Sultan d’Istanbul dans ses domaines (au pluriel). Plus récemment, état normal des relations euro-arabes (au singulier).

Caricatures – Voir émeutes.

Chabot (Arlette) – Personnalité télévisuelle (France 2) ; comme l’état-major de l’Affaire Dreyfus, est en possession de toutes les preuves qu’il faut mais n’en montrera aucune, ce qui contribue, évidemment, à asseoir sa crédibilité (référence : Mohammed Al-Dura).

Chirac (Jacques) – Patient victime d’une maladie honteuse (arabophilie galopante avec morpions islamophiles) ; vient de perdre son immunité. Transformateur de l’adage « L’argent n’a pas d’odeur. » Fut conseiller, ami intime et protecteur personnel d’Arafat. Sa retraite laisse des plaies béantes.

CIA – Agence de renseignement américaine spécialisée dans la boulette, le loupé, l’erreur d’analyse, l’aveuglement, les prétentions illimitées, le désir de protéger son fromage de toutes ses forces ; a, de plus, installé au pouvoir les militaires syriens (1949), le colonel Nasser (1952). S’est trompée sur tous les événements depuis 1949. On comprend qu’elle soit l’épouvantail de la Gauche et de l’extrême-gauche.

Civil – Milicien armé décrit par des « témoins palestiniens » et les « sources médicales » de Gaza à un reporter occidental, surtout une fois qu’il a été cabossé par l’armée israélienne.

Communauté internationale – Entité amorphe dont la fonction principale est de condamner Israël, et accessoirement les États-Unis. Mot-mélasse dans lequel la pensée s’englue.

Complot – Sécrétion naturelle du monde non-arabe et non-musulman qui n’a qu’une seule passion, détruire les Arabes et les musulmans par les moyens les plus tordus.

Crime de guerre – Activité de routine des Israéliens (voir : doigt palestinien coincé dans la porte et vociférations ultérieures). Notion a priori totalement et radicalement inapplicable à quiconque est palestinien ou même arabe.

Cypel (Sylvain) – Lauréat du concours Lépine, section journalisme d’investigation, sous-section : inventions pures et simples.

Dhimmi – Statut passionnément convoité par les chrétiens, les Juifs, les zoroastriens et autres Sabéens, en terre conquise par l’Islam. Comprend l’humiliation systématique, de nombreuses interdictions, empêchements et infériorités. Il faut être non-musulman pour adorer ce statut. 

Diplomate – Confectionneur de plats moyen-orientaux dont toutes les recettes commencent par : « jeter Israël dans l’eau bouillante » (variante : « dans le four »). 

Djihad – Combat spirituel et intérieur qui consiste principalement à massacrer Juifs, chrétiens, hindouistes et musulmans dont la tête ne revient pas au djihadiste. 

Droit au retour – N’est pas un droit, et, pour ses bénéficiaires supposés, ne serait pas un retour. Imitation absurde de la Loi du retour, destinée à établir une fictive similarité entre Juifs et Palestiniens. 

Émeutes – Forme de critique littéraire ou artistique (voir : caricatures de Mahomet).

Enderlin (Charles) – Scénariste et producteur de fictions, capable de transformer le vivant en mort, de faire apparaître et disparaître les cicatrices, d’empêcher les blessures par balles de guerre de saigner. Journaliste à l’objectivité sans faille. Modèle professionnel de Jacques Chirac et des journalistes français. Détenteur de rushes invisibles, mais néanmoins accablants. Les montrera le jour suivant la Saint-Glinglin 2019, à cause d’une clause signée avec les acteurs, MM. Al-Dura père et fils.

Enfants – Futurs suicidés, s’ils sont palestiniens.

Envoyé spécial – Toujours disponible au bar du grand hôtel pour partager ses tuyaux avec ses collègues, qui les ont reçus des mêmes sources. Aurait pu écrire son papier avant d’arriver, sauf le prénom du chauffeur de taxi (Ahmed), qui permet de donner un visage humain à la souffrance palestinienne.

États-Unis – L’impérialisme incarné ; toujours exiger plus de subventions de leur part, et qu’ils traitent sur un pied d’égalité leurs amis et leurs ennemis.

Fatah – Organisation modérée dont le credo (Brigades des Martyrs d’Al-Aqsa) est de tuer des Juifs. On notera la différence radicale avec le Hamas (de pourritures), dont l’objectif est de tuer beaucoup plus de Juifs.

Finkielkraut (Alain) – Coupable. Le faire taire.

Fisk (Robert) – Il n’y a pas un mensonge que ce propagandiste anglais n’ait promulgué afin de mieux propager la vénération de ses idoles palestiniennes. Titulaire de la chaire Joseph Goebbels du reportage à l’université de Bir-Zeit.

Frères musulmans – Matrice du Hamas. L’extermination des Juifs est à son programme. Ne pas faire attention, c’est un artifice purement rhétorique pour mobiliser les masses.

Frustration (souvent usité en ajoutant « et colère ») – Condition infantilisante attribuée au Palestinien par les victimologues. Ailleurs, les êtres humains agissent sur une base politique, ils font des choix plus ou moins rationnels. Dans les « territoires », ce sont les émotions primitives qui sont censées devoir tout déterminer.

Garaudy (Roger) – Spécialiste du grand écart : rien de ce qui est antisémite ne lui aura été étranger.

Gauche – A enfin pu, pour l’essentiel, se débarrasser de cette aberration temporaire que fut sa brève sympathie pour Israël. On respire.

Gauchiste – S’est pris pour un Juif allemand pendant cinq minutes, il y a fort longtemps. Cela n’a heureusement pas duré. S’est rattrapé depuis.

Hôtel al-Mashtal, Gaza
Gaza – A la « densité démographique la plus élevée du monde ». Cliché journalistique inepte mais fréquent. 

Les chiffres officiels : 

Gaza : 3 823 hab./km2, 
Paris 11e : 41 053 hab./km2, 
Kowloon : 1,9 M. hab./km2. 

Genet (Jean) – La trajectoire la plus courte du SS au Palestinien : le sur-place.

Guerre des Six-Jours – Grande victoire syro-égyptienne, durant laquelle les chars israéliens furent lamentablement incapables de couvrir les derniers 50 km qui les séparaient de Damas et du Caire.

Ha’aretz – Hallucination collective dominante dans les régions septentrionales de Tel-Aviv, et qui met des lunettes roses devant les yeux des spectateurs.

Hamas (de pourritures) – Organisation charitable. Pourvoyeur de services sociaux pour les Palestiniens. Vecteur de La Rage et de La Frustration. Partisan irréductible de l’extermination des Juifs et d’Israël. Ne traiter le fait que comme exagération rhétorique bien compréhensible de la part des Victimes.

Hitler – N’en a pas fait assez. Mais ce qu’il a fait, mazette ! Objet d’admiration éperdue dans le monde arabo-musulman, lequel n’est pas antisémite « puisque les Arabes sont des Sémites ». Allez, encore une rafale ! Grand admirateur du mufti de Jérusalem, Hadj Amin Al-Husseini.

Holocauste – N’a jamais eu lieu. A eu lieu mais de façon bien moindre que ne le prétendent les Juifs. Grand mensonge inventé par les Juifs pour dominer le monde. Cf. le grand historien Ahmadinejad et le très grand historien David Irving. Voir Sigmund Freud : vous ne m’avez jamais prêté ce chaudron, d’ailleurs je vous l’ai rendu, et il était percé.

Honneur – (voir aussi dignité) Valeur absolue qui détermine le comportement au détriment de tout le reste : « l’honneur des Arabes », « l’honneur de l’Islam ». Exige, en particulier, le meurtre des filles, sans parler du meurtre des autres. Comportement toujours respectable parce que culturellement « authentique ».

Houri – 1/72ème de la récompense spirituelle des combattants. Virginité garantie, grâces rendues à Allah !

Human Rights Watch – A beau mentir qui vient de loin.

Impérialisme – Action magique menée à distance et secrètement, qui permet d’expliquer le tohu-bohu et l’arriération qui règnent au Moyen-Orient et la totalité des turpitudes commises par les classes dirigeantes. « C’est à cause de l’impérialisme que... »

Innocent – Catégorie inexistante hors le monde musulman. 

Intellectuel – « Il faut être un intellectuel pour croire des choses de ce genre : nul homme normal ne pourrait être aussi stupide. » George Orwell.

Intellectuel égyptien – L’examen qui certifie cette qualité comprend les épreuves suivantes : 

* classiques : Alfred Rosenberg, Le Mythe du XXe siècle 
* vocabulaire : insultes antisémites 
* littérature mondiale : Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf 
* histoire : Protocoles des Sages de Sion ; œuvres de David Irving

Irving (David)Grand historien anglais, persécuté par les Juifs.

Islam – Religion d’Amour, de Tolérance et de Paix, sauf tout le temps et partout pour des raisons hautement justifiées.

Islamophobie – Le fait de ne pas se prosterner devant la moindre manifestation de l’Islam. Suggérer, même à mots couverts, la moindre relation entre Islam et terreur est « islamophobe ». Insinuer, même prudemment, un lien entre émeutes de banlieues et religion d’origine ou de souche des perpétrateurs est ultra-islamophobe.

Jeningrad – Grenouille que les media objectifs (BBC, AFP, Reuters, Le Monde) avaient essayé de faire aussi grosse qu’un bœuf. La grenouille a explosé, non sans avoir, auparavant, fidèlement servi la Cause pendant quelques semaines. Les bovins n’en sont pas encore revenus : la farce dure d’habitude plus longtemps.

Jérusalem – Troisième lieu saint de l’Islam, premier lieu saint du Cliché journalistique. Comme le disaient feu Yasser Arafat et feu le roi Fayçal d’Arabie, il n’y a jamais eu de présence juive dans la ville. Curieuse manie des Juifs d’y voir leur unique lieu saint.

Juifs – Toupet infernal de dhimmis, qui, au lieu de se prosterner humblement, prétendent résister à la Nation d’Allah. Du jamais vu ! Le châtiment devrait être exemplaire.

Le MondeJournal clérical pratiquant de confession laïco-islamique. Bêtisier permanent de la génuflexion islamophile.

Lelong (Père) – Prêtre d’une bonté si angélique qu’il sourit béatiquement sous la torture infligée aux autres.

Liban – Pays que la France aime tellement qu’elle l’a laissé aux tendres soins de la Syrie et de l’Iran (« responsabilités historiques... liens affectifs... communauté culturelle... francophonie »).

Massacre – Au cas où un attentat aurait (temporairement, inexplicablement) retenu l’attention de la « communauté internationale » à cause du trop grand nombre de bébés israéliens tués, expliquer que le massacre « ne sert pas l’image [ou : les intérêts] de la cause palestinienne ». Suggérer, de plus, que le Mossad ou le Shabak (les services israéliens de sécurité – Ndlr) étaient impliqués.

Massignon (Louis) – Islamologue, inspirateur intellectuel de la « politique arabe de la France ». L’avait lui-même lancée dans les bordels homosexuels du Caire.

Mazen (Abou, dit Mahmoud Abbas) – Auteur d’une thèse de doctorat remarquée à l’université Patrice Lumumba de Moscou ; il y analysait le document qui prouvait l’existence d’un maléfique complot juif à travers les âges (cf. Protocoles des Sages de Sion). Depuis, s’est mué en modéré.

Mein Kampf – Excellente pédagogie quant à la nocivité des Juifs. En vente dans toutes les bonnes librairies arabes. Les nouvelles éditions moyen-orientales intitulent la traduction : Djihad. 

Modéré – Partisan de tuer un certain nombre de Juifs tout de suite, et les autres plus tard.

Monde diplomatique – Marquis de Norpois, Che Guevara, Jacques Mesrine, José Bové, Jean-Luc Godard, Félix Dzerjinski, Tartuffe.

Mossad – A monté la destruction des Tours Jumelles en manipulant des musulmans qui n’en étaient pas et étaient d’ailleurs incapables de monter un coup de ce genre, la Gloire d’Allah soit sur eux, puisque aucun vrai musulman… De plus, la CIA et Cheney étaient dans le coup.

MRAP – Mouvement pour le Respect d’Allah et de la Palestine : organisation communiste consacrée à la délégitimation d’Israël et à la paix entre les autres peuples.

Mur – À Berlin, servait à empêcher les Allemands de l’Est de fuir la RDA ; en Israël, sert à empêcher les assassins extérieurs de tuer ceux qui sont à l’intérieur. La totale ressemblance saute aux yeux.

Nasrallah (Cheikh) – A instamment émis le vœu qu’un grand nombre de Juifs s’installent en Israël afin qu’un plus grand nombre soit exterminé d’un coup à l’heure du grand règlement de compte. Omettre cette rhétorique de détail, somme toute bien compréhensible de la part des Opprimés. Homme politique qu’il convient d’intégrer au jeu parlementaire et de ne pas isoler (d’après un ancien premier ministre français à la chevelure abondante).

Nazis – Alliés et amis des Arabes, devenus malheureusement moins efficaces après 1945. 

Occupation – La raison pour laquelle un Palestinien vient de se coincer le doigt dans la porte. Qui ne voit pas la causalité est islamophobe.

ONG – Organisations auto-chargées d’avaliser la moindre baliverne émise par les organisations antisémites. N’ont jamais rencontré de dictateur arabe dont elles ne croient à la bonne foi, ni de tueur qui n’ait de circonstances atténuantes.

ONU – « Machin ». Embryon de droit international qui justifie à lui seul toutes les campagnes pour l’avortement. Jack l’éventreur y mène l’enquête, Pierrot le Fou y rend la justice, le prêtre y est un assassin récidiviste. Le pot-de-vin n’y est pas accepté à moins d’un hectolitre.

Pacifiste – Agneau qui adore dîner avec le loup, pourvu qu’Israël soit dans l’assiette (voir « idiot utile »).

Palestine – Petit bout de papier collé sur les cartes et atlas arabes pour cacher Israël.

Palestinien – (1) Bébé phoque de la gauche européenne et de la droite bien-pensante. (2) Espèce de victime largement préférée au Tibétain, au Darfourien, à l’Indien et autres. A l’avantage sur les autres d’être corrélatif de la haine du Juif. (3) D’apparition récente, inventé par le Colonel Nasser et fort prisé des régimes arabes et musulmans les jours de sommets diplomatiques. (4) N’est jamais responsable des conséquences de ses actions : c’est toujours la faute des autres.

Papon (Maurice) – Expéditeur spécialisé en futurs morts, et qui leur en veut. Figure moderne de Jean Valjean. N’a jamais rien fait dont son chef de service ait eu à rougir.

Peres (Shimon) – Avait signé des traités de coopération économique avec Sargon III, Nabuchodonosor, Hadj Amine al-Husseini. Toujours prêt à en signer d’autres.

Pierre (Abbé) – Si l’on ne peut même plus chercher la vérité historique auprès des révisionnistes, où va la charité ?

Plan de paix – Projet de « règlement » du conflit où la subtilité des détails proposés n’a pour but que de masquer les réalités. Il faut faire semblant d’y croire et s’agiter pour y faire croire. Il est impossible d’être Secrétaire d’État américain sans pondre un tel Plan qui portera son nom. Au fil des années l’activité s’est démocratisée : tout un chacun peut désormais y aller de son plan à lui.

Politique arabe (de la France) – Reconstitution velléitaire d’empire dissous ; reniement postdaté de la bataille de Poitiers ; lancée pour le compte du général de Gaulle par le nazi Jacques Benoist-Méchin ; l’art de faire financer par le contribuable français le don de crédits bonifiés, jamais remboursés, à certains pays, dans le but de leur faire soutenir le rôle soi-disant prééminent de la France dans le monde, tout en leur donnant des armes dont ils sont incapables de se servir. Voir aussi : financement des partis politiques français. Voir enfin : Jacques Chirac (financement des campagnes électorales de).

Porte (doigt dans la) – Instrument du complot juif – c’est l’endroit où le comploteur voulait introduire le doigt palestinien pour lui faire du mal. 

Presse arabe – Est à la politique arabe ce que les égouts sont aux cloaques.

Prisonnier – (a) palestinien : a droit à un avocat ; (b) sioniste : a droit à la torture.

Processus de paix – Beaucoup de processus, aucune paix. Permet à de nombreux diplomates de voyager en première classe pour y participer, à beaucoup de journalistes de secouer leurs micros, aux experts de pontifier. Il ne s’y passe jamais rien, mais quelle poudre aux yeux !

Production (terme économique) – Pratique peu usitée et nuisible à la cause palestinienne, qui a, avant tout, besoin d’armes.

Proportionnalité – Absence de réaction israélienne à une sanglante attaque arabe.

Protocoles des Sages de Sion – Best-seller, source toujours re-publiée de la Vérité historique. Voir Al-Ahram, et la quasi-totalité de la presse arabe et iranienne. Ne pas faire attention, de toute façon, c’est juste de la propagande.

Qaradawi (Cheikh) – Islamiste modéré courtisé par le Département d’État des États-Unis, le MI6 britannique, le Quai d’Orsay : en effet, ses fatwas ne sont des « licences de tuer » qu’envers les Israéliens, les militaires américains et quelques autres catégories négligeables. Ouf, on respire.

Quai d’Orsay – Bâtiment de belle allure sis sur les rives de la Seine. Peuplé de personnages à particules qui ne voient que ce qu’ils veulent croire. Rempli de praticiens horizontaux de la politique arabe de la France.

Rage – Voir : frustration. Terme censé tout expliquer. Résultat naturel de la condition victimaire. Accepté comme raison suffisante de l’action terroriste. « Qui a la rage a tous les droits, en particulier celui d’assassiner ».

Réfugié – Si c’est un Palestinien, caste héréditaire : on est réfugié de père en fils et de mère en fille, comme certains sont cordonniers ou serfs. Exception géopolitique unique : nul ne parle des « réfugiés » allemands (12 millions d’expulsés en 1945) ni de leurs enfants, petits-enfants et arrières petits enfants. Entretenu depuis 1948 par le contribuable occidental (UNWRA), ce qui permet de maudire ce dernier du matin au soir.

Résistance – Terme mésusé depuis longtemps pour valoriser l’assassinat des civils en Israël, en excipant d’une parenté avec le mouvement français du même nom qui, de 1940 à 1944, n’assassinait jamais de civils allemands, encore moins de femmes et d’enfants. On voit tout à fait Jean Moulin torturer les enfants de Klaus Barbie (au cas où il n’y arriverait pas, Jacques Vergès accourrait à la rescousse).

Reuters – Agence de fabrication et d’usage de faux photographiques et autres. Sa bonne foi a été moult fois surprise depuis trente ans.

Rice (Condoleezza) – N’en a jamais fini d’apprendre que les roues sont rondes ; c’est qu’elle n’en avait auparavant aucune idée. Grande universitaire spécialiste de la Russie, qui n’a jamais publié le moindre papier sur la question.

Rue arabe – En anglais, rent-a-crowd (« louer une foule » – Ndlr). Population urbaine oisive, toujours disponible pour accourir là où les services de police appropriés lui remettent les slogans du jour (Israël, États-Unis). Par miracle, la BBC et CNN sont toujours sur place là où les manifestations spontanées vont avoir lieu (ne pas oublier les banderoles en anglais, SVP).

Rushdie (Salman) – Fatwa à exécuter.

Saïd (Edward) – Abandonna son existence fictive d’Égyptien de souche chrétienne aux États-Unis pour accéder à une identité inventée de Palestinien : un pseudo-faux. Application bien léchée des théories de son mentor Michel Foucault : il n’y a pas de vérité, il n’y a que des perspectives. Lanceur de cailloux fournis par le Hezbollah : ce jour-là, il se cassa un ongle.

Saramago (José) – Prix Nobel de littérature, mais très faible en calcul : confond en effet le chiffre 52 avec le chiffre 1,5 million (voir Jenine-Auschwitz). Prouve que la réalité dépasse la fiction.

Sderot – Ville israélienne qui illustre ce qu’est une « trêve » vue par le Hamas : nous arrosons une ville israélienne de roquettes et de missiles quand nous le voulons ; il est crucial que les diplomates et les ONG appellent Israël à faire preuve de retenue.

Sermon (khutbah) – Appel au meurtre pour des raisons que Le Monde et l’AFP trouvent toujours compréhensibles (voir : occupation). Ne jamais en citer, cela pourrait ternir l’image des Palestiniens.

Sharon (Ariel, dit Arik) – A personnellement égorgé avec sadisme plus de quatre-vingts Palestiniens dans les « camps » de « réfugiés » de Sabra et Chatila. A également personnellement torturé 879 321 Palestiniens, gazé sept millions d’entre eux, érigé un mur pour empêcher les victimes de ses nombreux crimes de venir légitimement tuer des civils israéliens. A, de plus, écrasé un bon nombre d’armées arabes au combat.

Sioniste (entité) – Physiologiquement, le larynx arabe n’est pas apte à prononcer les syllabes is-ra-ël, ce qui est un drame anatomique. Ce mot-substitut, inventé par les phonologistes arabes, permet donc de nommer la chose sans émettre le son approprié. Bel exemple de compensation culturelle d’un défaut physique. Qui a médit de la science des Arabes ?

Sommet arabe – Groupe d’individus bedonnants et barbus qui crient très fort sans se soucier du contenu, pourvu qu’à la fin, Israël soit condamné, ainsi que les États-Unis. S’embrassent de temps en temps sans se soucier des conséquences épidémiologiques.

Streicher (Julius) – « C’est notre père à tous ! » Influent professeur émérite à l’Institut arabe de journalisme (Le Caire et Beyrouth).

Suez – Grande victoire panarabe (1956), sous la direction des grands chefs de guerre arabes Eisenhower et Boulganine.

Suicide – Action interdite par l’islam, mais rendu licite et désirable par l’assassinat simultané d’un ou de nombreux Juifs (en Irak, faute de Juifs, le Chiite fera l’affaire).

Syrie – Pays dont les dirigeants sont des parangons d’honnêteté, d’intégrité et de bonne foi. Les prisons y sont vides, les salles de torture propres, les usines flambant neuves, les policiers sans reproche, et la croissance économique énorme. Favorite du Quai d’Orsay.

Terrorisme – Arme du faible contre le fort (300 millions d’Arabes, 1,2 milliard de musulmans, contre 6,5 millions d’Israéliens).

Tolérance – Notion inusitée. 

Torture – Continuation de la politique arabe par d’autres moyens.

Turc – Occupant, exploiteur et tyran pendant neuf siècles environ. N’a pas suscité de résistance à l’impérialisme, au colonialisme et à l’exploitation.

Union soviétique (aussi : Russie poutinienne) – Meilleure amie des arabes (jusqu’en 1991). L’extermination des musulmans chez elle lui est rarement reprochée.

Unité arabe – Fétiche brandi à tout bout de champ pendant qu’on s’entre-égorge ; ne jamais oublier la crécelle !

Unité palestinienne – (voir : unité arabe). Scandez le slogan, si vous êtes un tueur du Hamas, pendant que vous poussez un tueur du Fatah du haut du toit d’un immeuble élevé : ça donne une dignité politique très chic à votre action.

Utérus – Arme secrète des Palestiniens – voir le slogan « Avec nos utérus, nous libérerons la Palestine » qui se réfère à l’ « arme démographique ». Lieu saint du féminisme arabo-musulman. Curieusement ignoré par les féministes occidentales, qui ne veulent la contraception que pour elles-mêmes, et, à la rigueur, [pour la partie du] tiers-monde qui n’a pas pour devoir l’extermination d’Israël.

Verger (voir aussi : oliveraie) – Lieu sacré du culte journalistique de l’innocence paysanne bafouée par la soldatesque : « Les troupes israéliennes ont coupé les arbres des vergers ».

Victime – État natif, permanent et éternel du Palestinien.

Villepin – Postiche qui a eu naguère le désir de devenir perruque. Le fameux auteur de science-fiction Bossuet avait consacré un sermon à l’anticiper : « vanitas vanitatvm et omnia vanitas ».

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          Kommentar zu Der WDR unterschlägt, dass der neue „Petya“-Hackerangriff vor allem auch Russland getroffen hat von Anonymous   
"Russland" wurde nicht getroffen sondern russische (staatliche) Konzerne wie z.B. Rosneft. Der Stand der Dinge ist das der als NotPetya bezeichnete Fake-Erpresservirus (Die Erpresserfunktion ist nur Fake - der Schadsoftware kommt es darauf an möglichst viel an Daten zu zerstören) in einem Update eines ukrainischen Buchungsprogramm namens Me.Doc versteckt war. Dafür muß sich jemand Zugriff auf den Update-Server dieser Software verschafft haben. Alle Firmen die in der Ukraine Steuern zahlen - auch internationale Konzerne wie Maersk oder eben Rosneft die Tankstellen in der Ukraine betreiben sind letztendlich betroffen. https://heise.de/-3757607
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Nur kurz korinthenkacken. Das Virus heißt NotPetya und tarnt sich lt. Schlangenöl-Kaspersky nur als Petya :) Wahlloser Link aus dem Suchergebnis: http://winfuture.de/news,98308.html "winfuture" - lol Grüße
          Le moustique tigre est de retour   
Classée au niveau 1 du plan national anti-dissémination des virus du chikungunya, de la dengue et du Zika, la Gironde est surveillée de près par l'Agence Régionale de Santé. Le moustique tigre est actuellement implanté et actif dans le département. Avec le concours de la Préfecture de Gironde, du Département, et de l’Établissement public Interdépartemental pour la Démoustication du littoral Atlantique (EID Atlantique), l'ARS cherche à mettre en place un plan d'action pour détecter et suivre l'évolution des moustiques mais aussi permettre de protéger les citoyens. La surveillance est maintenue jusqu'au 30 novembre.
          Resident Evil: Vendetta streaming   
Ce Film de titre: realise en 2017 et de raconter un histoire: BSAA Chris Redfield inscrit l’aide de l’agent du gouvernement Leon s. Kennedy et le professeur Rebecca Chambers de l’Institut Alexander de la biotechnologie pour arrêter un marchand de la mort avec une vengeance de répandre un virus mortel à New York.
          Toxin streaming   
Une Entreprise Pharmaceutique recrute un célèbre Scientifique pour aider le Développement d’un Vaccin contre un virus mortel.
          Where to begin.   
Indeed it's been many weeks since I've posted, but don't think I ever forget for even a minute. I begin to long for it when too much time passes—the clicking at the keys, the discovery of the perfect word—and I turn itchy and I'm grumpy until I finally sit my ass down to write. Then I think to myself, now what was more important than this again?

It's been quite a month. Since the last blog, there was a lovely family visit which overlapped with Opal catching an ear-eyes-throat virus while at the same time cutting her molars. I then managed to pick up a subsequent illness that I haven't yet beaten after more than two weeks. (I still get queasy after a few hours of exertion and feel like the right side of my skull is perpetually submerged in bathwater, a thing that is as disorienting as talking into a cell phone with an echo). This is the second LONG illness I've had this summer and to say it's been an emotional and physical drag would be a grotesque understatement. But I'll spare you the details and simply defer you to the post "Sickness." from only a few months ago if you'd like some indications on the specifics of being ill while caring for a toddler.

Fundamentally, though, everything is fine and this is but a blip on the radar.

I've recently written a few article-type essays (one for the Shambhala Times and one for Elephant) which are a hell of a lot of fun to write, but also a little like offering my spiels while wearing Sunday formals, with a full face of make-up and a slightly artificial British inflection. Proper and buffed.
My intention for this blog has always been to be a place where I can show up in my tank-top with lopsided breasts and a pigeon's nest for a head of hair while I deliver the straight news and gory details on parenting and the like to those who choose to listen. First draft, no polishing necessary. This hasn't always been achieved as I tend to obsess upon polishing. But let the record show that it's been my intention to work towards working less.

So, here I am, merely one step up from being in my pajamas—casual loungewear—and wearing my new woven cap that keeps me from mindlessly twisting at my hair, gearing up to look at my own reflection in a cup of murky-pink Kombucha.
It's the same feeling as when I finally called my grandpa last night after way too long: a bit heartbroken at the amount of time I'd let pass by, water-logged by the preceding gap, a little guilty and brimming with love for him. I didn't quite know where to begin.

          Avast Mac Security Premier 2016   
Avast mac security antivirus app with on demand scanning iconName AVAST Premier 2016 [inc License].dm ...

          Jornada Ministerio de Salud aplica vacuna VPH a 106 mil niñas de VPH; las protege contra cáncer cérvix   

Santo Domingo.- Más de 106 mil niñas con edades entre 9 y 10 años recibieron la primera dosis de vacuna contra el Virus del Papiloma Humano (VPH) durante la  jornada de vacunación que desarrolla el Ministerio de Salud, a través del Programa Ampliado de Inmunizaciones (PAI) y el Ministerio de Educación desde abril de este año.

El coordinador nacional del Programa Ampliado de Inmunización (PAI) Zacarías Garib informó  que la vacunación continúa hasta llegar a la población proyectada, ya que la meta es alcanzar unas 190 mil niñas.

          Expertos temen que ciberataque fue peor de lo pensado   
El virus inicialmente parecía ser un tipo de ransomware
          Mononucleosi: come riconoscerla e curarla   

La mononucleosi è una malattia ghiandolare che colpisce adolescenti e bambini e mamme in gravidanza. Per conoscerla meglio, capire quali sintomi porta e come curarla, abbiamo preparato un approfondimento che racconta tutto quello che c’è da sapere su questo antipatico virus. Che cos’è la mononucleosi La mononucleosi è una malattia infettiva che si contrae per […]

L'articolo Mononucleosi: come riconoscerla e curarla proviene da Maternita.it.

          West Nile Virus Found in Mosquitoes in Yakima County   
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Health officials say West Nile virus has been detected in mosquitoes in Yakima County. The Washington state Department of Health said Thursday it's the first confirmed detection in the state this year... Continue reading…
          Why West Nile virus is a bigger risk in South Dakota than most states   
Culex tarsalis loves South Dakota's climate. Unfortunately, West Nile virus loves Culex tarsalis.

          Science Says: Pregnant or trying? Don't let Zika guard down   
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Zika virus may not seem as big a threat as last summer but don&apos;t let your guard down - especially if you&apos;re pregnant or trying to be....
          Hasta en el PRO rechazan la anulación de la obligatoriedad de las vacunas   
La polémica iniciativa de la diputada Paula Urroz (PRO) no cuenta ni con el respaldo de la mayoría de sus compañeros de bloque ni de la Comisión de Salud de la Cámara Baja.
El proyecto de ley que anula la obligatoriedad de las vacunas, impulsado por una diputada de Unión PRO no cuenta con el respaldo de la mayoría de sus compañeros de bloque ni de la Comisión de Salud de la Cámara baja, aseguró este jueves el legislador oficialista Sergio Wisky en medio de un fuerte rechazo a la propuesta por parte de las sociedades científicas referentes de pediatría, inmunología e infectología.

"El proyecto de pedir un consentimiento informado para aplicar vacunas, incluso las del calendario oficial, es una propuesta personal de la diputada Paula Urroz (PRO), pero no fue debatido ni en nuestro bloque ni en la comisión de salud, y en principio la mayoría tenemos una posición contraria", explicó Wisky (PRO) miembro además de la comisión de salud en la Cámara baja.

Y continuó: "El consentimiento informado es algo que se solicita cuando se trata de una práctica de alto riesgo, que no es el caso de la aplicación de vacunas. En este contexto, pedir esto implicaría una traba en la accesibilidad de un bien social, porque el beneficio es para toda la comunidad a través del efecto rebaño, esto es, cuanto mayor es la cantidad de personas vacunadas, menor es la carga viral que circula".

En referencia a si el proyecto tendrá tratamiento en la comisión, el diputado expresó que "tenemos una agenda prioritaria que está muy lejos de este tema".

Desde que se difundió el proyecto, diversas sociedades científicas vinculadas a la pediatría, inmunología e infectología como la Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría (SAP), la Fundación Huésped, la Sociedad Argentina de Inmunología (SAI), la Sociedad Argentina de Infectología (SADI), entre otras, expresaron a través de diferentes comunicados su rechazo a la polémica iniciativa.

"Es fundamental recordar a las personas la importancia de las vacunas que, junto al agua potable, son las dos herramientas sanitarias que más vidas salvaron en la historia de la humanidad", indicó la médica Carla Vizzotti, integrante de Huésped y ex responsable del Programa Nacional de Control de Enfermedades Inmunoprevenibles del Ministerio de Salud de la Nación.

La especialista recordó que desde que comenzó la ampliación del Calendario Nacional de Vacunación, que actualmente cuenta con veinte vacunas, "el país logró erradicar la viruela, el sarampión desde 2000, el síndrome de rubeola congénita y la rubeola desde 2009, la difteria desde 2006 y el tétanos neonatal desde 2007".

"Además -recordó- se eliminó el trasplante de hígado por causa de virus de Hepatits A, se redujo en un 50 por ciento la internación por neumonía desde 2012, y un 82 por ciento la letalidad por tos convulsa en neonatos".

En referencia al proyecto, la especialista sostuvo que "carece de todo tipo de contenido científico". "Antes que demostrar su eficacia, las vacunas tienen que demostrar su seguridad. Es irresponsable poner esto en duda".

En el mismo sentido, el médico infectólogo Eduardo López, presidente de la Sociedad Argentina de Infectología Pediátrica y Jefe del Departamento de Medicina del Hospital de Niños Ricardo Gutiérrez, sostuvo que "el proyecto transforma un deber del Estado en un acto voluntario, y de esta manera anula la idea de equidad social que contempla el calendario nacional de vacunación, y a la larga, va a generar inequidad".

Y concluyó: "Las contraindicaciones que tienen las vacunas están contempladas en la propia indicación. Ningún obstetra indica vacunas virus-atenuado durante el embarazo (por ejemplo contra el sarampión, la rubeola o las paperas), pero esto está absolutamente delimitado. El proyecto equipara una vacuna aprobada a un fármaco en investigación".
          Nueva variante de downloader pliskal con backdoor, que pasamos a controlar con elistara   
Win32 / Pliskal.C es un troyano que intenta descargar otro malware de Internet. Tiene funciones de backdoor que pueden controlarse de forma remota.

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ms, 30-6-2017
          Mas variante de cerber4 ahora identificado como crbr   
Y el ransomware CERBER4 ahora utiliza el nombre de CRBR en el tttulo de su pantalla de información

De los tres recibidos hoy, ofrecemos los MD5:

"2731FDC478D42701D9AEE3ACAF0BF472" -> 2731fdc4.exe 306081

"31158E0BA74B19AFB0357CDD664D619E" -> 31158e0b.exe 299273

"B7EFC66C8CC9C3E96C25284D3FE06DA0" -> b7efc66c.exe 274944

Y el preanalisis de virustotal del último recibido ofrece el siguiente informe:

MD5 31158e0ba74b19afb0357cdd664d619e

SHA1 ce8bc81345e45d9b0f3b8546c8d090ec53627fc6

Tamaño del fichero 292.3 KB ( 299273 bytes )

SHA256: ee2ebf2d87bc79ceb12ec659988436332c1bc7cb603a5696970b49d825b6cdb7

Nombre: 31158e0b.exe

Detecciones: 17 / 60

Fecha de análisis: 2017-06-30 11:31:38 UTC ( hace 1 minuto )



Dicha versión del ElistarA 37.16 que lo detecta y elimina, estará disponible en nuestra web a partir del 1-7-2017


          Y el downloader upatre va haciendo su trabajo...   
Desde hace tiempo no hablamos de este troyano, que se cuida de descargar malwares, y recopilamos hoy algunos de los de los últimos días, que aunque pasa desapercibido, no deja de ser peligroso por las descargas que realiza.

El informe de los MD5 correspondientes a los últimos 5 controlados, es el siguiente:

"CD7F32F3CF425D3E80B43D7070E06A36" -> nw(180).exe 155648

"B894EACEE861F76FF3FA3158AB07CC02" -> nw(181).exe 155648

"D10C8B6154166E563FE10BABCE7415FF" -> nw(182).exe 155648

"5D42E80FFCDA337D946005228AF05259" -> nw(183).exe 155648

"794BC93C609CBB221DEB5A7B6A6294D9" -> nw(184).exe 155648

Y el preanalisis de virustotal del último controlado, ofrece el siguiente informe:

MD5 794bc93c609cbb221deb5a7b6a6294d9

SHA1 6ce1f466b2c7a13754f421341d127b88957440fd

Tamaño del fichero 152.0 KB ( 155648 bytes )

SHA256: ae028de1ac1656a2c04016e05532b913bc210996b55ca7f61a9e7ea857958676

Nombre: nw(184).exe

Detecciones: 17 / 61

Fecha de análisis: 2017-06-30 11:16:20 UTC ( hace 0 minutos )

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           Global cyberattack seems intent on havoc, not extortion    
PARIS (AP) — A cyberattack that caused indiscriminate economic damage around the world was apparently designed to create maximum havoc in Russia's neighbor and adversary Ukraine, security researchers said. Computers were disabled at banks, government agencies, energy companies, supermarkets, railways and telecommunications providers. Firms including Russia's anti-virus Kaspersky Lab, said clues in the code indicate that the program's authors would have been incapable of decrypting the data, further evidence that the ransom demands were a smoke screen. The attack came the same day as the assassination of a senior Ukrainian military intelligence officer and a day before a national holiday celebrating the new Ukrainian constitution signed after the breakup of the Soviet Union. "Everything being said so far does point to Russia being a leading candidate for a suspect in this attack," said Robert M. Lee, CEO of Dragos Inc. an expert who has studied the attacks on Ukraine's power grid. Security experts believe MeDoc was the unwitting victim of something akin to a "watering-hole attack," where a malicious program surreptitiously planted at a popular destination infects parties that visit. The method was previously uses to infect industrial control systems operators through software updates in a cyberespionage campaign dubbed "Dragonfly" that was "widely attributed to Russia," said Williams. Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk, one of the global companies hit hardest, said Thursday that most of its terminals were running again, though some are operating in a limited way or more slowly than usual.
          Troyano marcher para se disfraza de una actualización de flash   
Investigadores advierten sobre una nueva aparición del sofisticado troyano bancario Marcher, capaz afectar a más de 40 aplicaciones financieras.

Zscaler explicó en una entrada de blog que la última versión del malware se disfraza como una actualización de Adobe Flash Player: Adobe_Flash_2016.apk.

El malware también utiliza ingeniería social para engañar a los usuarios para que deshabiliten la seguridad de sus dispositivos Android y permitan instalar aplicaciones de terceros.

Una vez instalado, el malware se esconde y elimina los iconos del menú principal, antes de registrar el dispositivo de la víctima y cualquier otro metadato relevante en su servidor C&C (servidor de control y comandos).

"Después de algunos unos ciclos de sueño, el malware espera que el usuario abra una aplicación desde su lista de objetivos. Encontramos que esta variante es capaz tener como objetivo a más de 40 aplicaciones financieras. Cuando el usuario abre cualquiera de las aplicaciones seleccionadas, el malware superpondrá rápidamente una página de inicio de sesión falsa, lo que atrae a la víctima para que proporcione sus credenciales de usuario", explicó Zscaler.

Esta versión de Marcher es particularmente peligrosa dado que contiene técnicas de ofuscación para ocultarlo de la mayoría de las herramientas antivirus, añadió la empresa.

En total, menos de 20% fue detectado en VirusTotal.

"Las páginas de acceso superpuestas (falsas) para las aplicaciones financieras se alojan de forma remota, lo que permite al autor actualizarlas según necesite", siguió explicando el proveedor de seguridad.

"Si el usuario cae en la página de inicio de sesión falsa e introduce sus credenciales bancarias, el troyano Marcher transmite la información al servidor C&C".

Zscaler dijo que las frecuentes actualizaciones de Marcher revelan que el malware es "una amenaza activa y frecuente para los dispositivos Android".

"Para evitar ser víctima de este malware, hay que asegurarse de descargar aplicaciones sólo de tiendas de aplicaciones de confianza, como Google Play", concluyó. "Al desmarcar la opción fuentes desconocidas en la configuración seguridad de su dispositivo, se pueden evitar descargas inadvertidas de fuentes dudosas".

Ver información original al respecto em Fuente:

          Muestra real del malware "exptr" o "nopetya" causante del ciberataque de finales junio 2017   
Tras la busca y captura del causante del dichoso ciberataque, hemos encontrado dos posibles ficheros relacionados, que pasamos a controlar a partir del ElistarA 37.16 de hoy

Por el tamaño de ambos pensamos que uno dropa al otro, siendo el informe del preanalisis del mayor el siguiente:


y el dropado (de la mitad de tamaño) el preanalisis de virustotal nos ofrece este informe:

MD5 71b6a493388e7d0b40c83ce903bc6b04

SHA1 34f917aaba5684fbe56d3c57d48ef2a1aa7cf06d

Tamaño del fichero 353.9 KB ( 362360 bytes )

SHA256: 027cc450ef5f8c5f653329641ec1fed91f694e0d229928963b30f6b0d7d3a745

Nombre: 027cc450ef5f8c5f653329641ec1fed9.exe

Detecciones: 54 / 60

Fecha de análisis: 2017-06-30 07:27:21 UTC ( hace 1 minuto )

informe global actual de virustotal


Darse cuenta que lo que indicabamos sobre dicho malware en


coincidia con el MD5 del fichero en cuestion, o sea:


Así que realmente la muestra "dropada" es la que ocasiona el ciberataque actual, y el SVCHOST "dropper" resulta ser un WinZip autoextraible que contiene y genera el malware final en cuestión.

Dicha versión del ElistarA 37.16 que los detecta y elimina, estará disponible en nuestra web a partir del 1 de Julio 2017


ms, 30-6-2017
          Nueva/s version/es de utilidad/es elistara 37.15   
Para nuevas variantes víricas según muestras recibidas, hemos desarrollado las nuevas versiones de:


---v37.15-(29 de Junio del 2017) (Muestras de (8)Ransom.Cerber4 "*.exe", (2)Ransom.Petya "*.exe", (4)DownLoader.Sounder "MS****.EXE", (4)Malware.Upatre.C "nw.exe", Malware.MobSync "mobsync.exe" y Backdoor.Androm.NMID "*.exe")

Ya se han subido a esta web exclusivamente para pruebas de evaluación en el foro de zonavirus


ms, 30-6-2017

          Watch Dogs 2: Update mit Party-Modus für vier Spieler steht an   
Ubisoft wird am 4. Juli 2017 ein weiteres Update für Watch Dogs 2 auf allen Plattformen veröffentlichen. Mit der Titel-Aktualisierung wird der Vier-Spieler-Party-Modus eingeführt. "Das freie Spiel (...) ist wieder da – über die Multiplayer-App auf eurem Smartphone können jetzt zwei bis vier Freunde eine private oder eine öffentliche Party erstellen. Bewegt euch frei durch San Francisco und sorgt für Chaos oder startet nach Belieben eine dieser Aktivitäten, die alle auf die optimale Dosis an Spielereien für zwei bis vier Personen ausgelegt sind: Kopfgeld, Invasion, PvP-LKW-Plündern, Rennen, Showd0wn, Roboter-Bosskampf und DedSec - Virus."

"Bei Aktivitäten wie Showd0wn oder Kopfgeldjäger, für die Rollen oder Teams zugewiesen werden müssen, erscheint ein Abstimmungsbildschirm, in dem jeder Spieler seine Rolle wählen kann. Bei Rennen können die Spieler über die Strecke abstimmen. Koop-Missionen werden im 4-Spieler-Party-Modus nicht verfügbar sein, da diese Missionen speziell für das Koop-Spiel mit zwei Spielern entworfen wurden. Da der 4-Spieler-Party-Modus dafür gedacht ist, dass ihr mit euren Freunden in San Francisco für Chaos sorgen könnt, sind zudem die Bestenlisten deaktiviert. Ihr erhaltet aber weiterhin Follower und Geldbelohnungen."

          دانلود مقاله بررسی تنوع ژنتیکی پروتئین حرآتی جدایههای ویروس برگ بادبزنی مو (Grapevine fanleaf nepovirus) در شمالغرب ایران و ترسیم درخت فیلوژنتیکی بر اساس پروتئین حرآتی آن فایل ورد (word)   

 دانلود مقاله بررسی تنوع ژنتیکی پروتئین حرآتی جدایههای ویروس برگ بادبزنی مو (Grapevine fanleaf nepovirus) در شمالغرب ایران و ترسیم درخت فیلوژنتیکی بر اساس پروتئین حرآتی آن فایل ورد (word) دارای 4 صفحه می باشد و دارای تنظیمات در microsoft word می باشد و آماده پرینت یا چاپ است فایل ورد دانلود مقاله بررسی تنوع …

نوشته دانلود مقاله بررسی تنوع ژنتیکی پروتئین حرآتی جدایههای ویروس برگ بادبزنی مو (Grapevine fanleaf nepovirus) در شمالغرب ایران و ترسیم درخت فیلوژنتیکی بر اساس پروتئین حرآتی آن فایل ورد (word) اولین بار در همراه شما پدیدار شد.

          No hay alerta epidemiológica por virus coxsackie: SSO     
Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax. 30 de junio de 2017. Los Servicios de Salud de Oaxaca (SSO) informan que no hay alerta epidemiológica por el síndrome de virus Coxsackie -conocido como enfermedad
          ВасилисаСчастливаяЯ: Как официально получить антивирус Касперского бесплатно на один год.   

Это цитата сообщения Владимир_Шильников Оригинальное сообщениеКак официально получить антивирус Касперского бесплатно на один год.

В погоне за пиратским софтом, кряками и ключами, часто забывают о том, что очень многие программы имеют свои официальные бесплатные варианты, которые немного отличаются по функционалу. Для большинства пользователей они отлично подходят! Не стал в этом плане исключением и известный во всем мире антивирус Касперского. Его бесплатную версию под названием Kaspersky Free мы сегодня и рассмотрим!

Чем отличается бесплатный антивирус Касперского

Kaspersky Free, ранее известный как Kaspersky 365, использует то же антивирусное ядро, что и платные версии: KAV, Internet Security, Total Security. Он отлично подойдет обычным пользователям для использования на домашнем компьютере, так как имеет в своем составе все необходимые базовые функции для защиты:

  1. Проверка файлов (файловый антивирус)

  2. Проверка почтовых отправлений (почтовый экран)

  3. Анализ интернет-трафика (веб-экран)

  4. Проверка съемных носителей информации (флешки)

Обновление баз происходит в режиме онлайн, автоматически.

А вот какие компоненты отсутствуют по сравнению с версий Internet Security:

отличие версий по функционалу

Вот что говорит о своей бесплатной утилите её непосредственный разработчик:

отличие фри версии

Установка и настройки

Скачать касперский фри антивирус на 365 дней можно бесплатно с официального сайта разработчика.

Внимание! Загрузка доступна только для жителей России, Украины и Беларуси. Если вы, к примеру, из Казахстана – ищите обходные пути в виде vpn :)

Главное окно программы выглядит таким образом:

внешний вид программы

Кликнув по значку шестеренки в левом нижнем углу окна утилиты, вы перейдете в Настройки, где можно включить либо выключить работу различных антивирусных экранов, а также настроить работу каждого из них:

настройки антивирусной защиты

Например, для файлового антивируса можно выставить уровень защиты, а также выбрать одно из четырех действий при обнаружении угрозы:

  1. Блокировать

  2. Лечить

  3. Удалить при невозможности лечения

  4. Удалять

настройки файлового антивируса

Многие пользователи премиум версий Касперского жалуются на то, что программа сильно грузит систему и съедает свободные ресурсы. Бесплатная версия антивирусника Касперского в этом плане менее прожорлива. Во-первых, она более легкая за счет освобождения от целого ряда процессов, которые многие пользователи используют очень редко (родительский контроль, спам-фильтр и пр.), и во-вторых, позволяет настроить производительность за счет ряда опций:

оптимизация утилиты

Kaspersky Free использует в своей работе и такой немаловажный процесс как Облачная защита Security Network.

Она использует самые оперативные данные о репутации сайтов и позволяет после выявления угрозы практически мгновенно реагировать на неё.

Kaspersky Security Network

При попытке перехода на фишинговый или зараженный сайт вы получите подобное сообщение в браузере:

сообщение об угрозе

В разделе Отчеты вы найдете информацию о всех проведенных действиях каждым из компонентов защиты:

экран отчетов

Все подозрительные и зараженные файлы попадают в Карантин, откуда их можно восстановить (если вы считаете, что угроза ложная) либо удалить.

зона карантина

Как я уже упоминал бесплатная лицензия дается на год (365 дней). Кто-то может сказать: «но ведь это просто пробная версия, которая через год потребует денег!» Не верно. Спустя 365 дней Вы вновь можете продлить лицензию через интерфейс программы, и делать так ежегодно :)

Посмотрите видео о том, как настроить программу на максимальную защиту ПК:

Отзывы о Kaspersky free

Как всегда, есть те, которые хвалят программу, и те, которые её ругают. Причем голоса разделились примерно на половину. Те, кто хвалят, утверждают, что бесплатная версия Касперского неплохо ловит вирусы.

Жалобы на программу касаются чаще всего того, что она потребляет много системных ресурсов и тормозит работу компьютера. Также многим надоедают периодически всплывающие предложение апгрейда до полной версии, но это недостаток большинства бесплатных продуктов :)

В целом распределение отзывов и оценок пользователей на сайте Отзовик выглядит таким образом:

отзывы пользователей о kaspersky free

Если вы, к примеру, размышляете над тем что лучше: касперский или аваст, то рекомендую посмотреть данное наглядное тестирование обоих программ в реальных «боевых» условиях:

Надеюсь, что данная статья была вам полезна.


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Kişisel bakım marketi olan Gratis’ten gelen mesajlara dikkat! İndirim vaad eden mesajlardaki linklere tıkladığınız an telefonunuza virüs geliyor. Konuyla ilgili Gratis yetkililerinden açıklama geldi.
DICAS ONLINE PARA FORMATAR O COMPUTADOR - Aprenda como fazer para formatar o computador quando ele começa a dar problema.
          With BullGuard Antivirus Simple Administration Create Fret Free Comput   
Cyber-attacks are brutal. This brutality can be avoided by installing the appropriate antivirus software.

          1800-832-424: Computer Protection from Virus Outbreak: Install & Confi   
Computers are incessantly vulnerable towards virus and hackers assaults, with the result they corrupt folders and destroying the essential information.
REDUÇÃO DE PREÇO DE SMARTPHONE NO BRASIL - Saiba tudo sobre a baixa dos preços de celulares que são vendidos no Brasil.
          Some women in the UK still unaware of cervical screening   

"Nearly a quarter of women who don't make cervical screening appointments are unaware that the process even exists, according to a UK survey," BBC News reports.

Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the cervix, the entrance to the womb. It's responsible for around 900 deaths a year in the UK.

Regular screening appointments to check for abnormal cell growth are offered to all women aged between 25 and 64.

This study found about a quarter of eligible women didn't go for a cervical screening test. Most women who didn't attend either said they were unaware of screening or that they intended to go, but were overdue for their appointment.

Cervical cancer became a high-profile media topic after the untimely death of reality TV star Jade Goody from the disease in 2009. It now seems that almost a decade later, the issue has dropped off the radar for many women.

The researchers suggest that interventions to increase the uptake of cervical screening should focus on three main types of non-participants:

  • those who intend to go to screening but don't actually confirm an appointment
  • those unaware of screening
  • those who actively decide not to be screened

Read more about cervical cancer screening, including why it's offered and who's invited for a screening test.

Where did the story come from?

The study was carried out by researchers from University College London (UCL) in the UK and the National Cancer Institute in the US.

It was funded by a grant from Cancer Research UK.

The study was published in the peer-reviewed European Journal of Cancer. It's available on an open access basis and is free to read online.

BBC News' coverage was balanced and accurate.

What kind of research was this?

This cross-sectional study wanted to assess the prevalence of women who didn't participate in the UK cervical cancer screening programme, and better understand the reasons why they didn't attend.

Cervical screening is used to detect any abnormal changes in cells in the cervix that could potentially develop into cervical cancer.

All women between the ages of 25 and 64 who are registered with a GP are invited for cervical screening.

But the uptake of cervical screening has been decreasing in the UK. The researchers wanted to investigate the reasons behind the fall in attendance.

Cross-sectional studies are useful for analysing data from a population at a specific point in time. But a drawback is that they can't confirm the cause for any observations or explore which factors could be having an influence.

What did the research involve?

Researchers surveyed 3,113 women eligible for screening in the UK using face-to-face computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPIs).

Four questions were asked around past screening behaviour and whether the women intended to attend screening in the future.

The questions were:

  • Have you ever heard of cervical screening, also known as the smear test or Pap test?
  • Have you ever had a cervical screening test?
  • When was the last time you had a cervical screening test?
  • Do you intend to go when next invited?

From their responses, the women were categorised as either participants or non-participants.

Non-participants were classified as:

  • unaware
  • unengaged
  • undecided
  • decided not to be screened
  • intending to be screened

Data was also collected on sociodemographic characteristics, such as:

  • age
  • marital status
  • number and age of children
  • occupational status
  • ethnicity
  • first language spoken

What were the basic results?

Of the 3,113 women, 793 (27%) were classed as non-participants:

  • 219 women (28%) were unaware of screening
  • 406 women (51%) were overdue for screening but intended to be screened
  • 118 women (15%) had decided not to be screened

Women between the ages of 25 and 34 were more likely to be classed as non-participants. They were also the most likely age group to be unaware of screening. Women aged 55-64 were most likely to have decided against screening.

Women from lower socioeconomic groups and who didn't work were more likely to be unaware of screening, overdue for screening, or to have decided against screening.

Single women were more likely to be unaware or to have decided not to be screened compared with married women.

Women from ethnic minority groups were more likely to be unaware of screening. But South Asian and black women were more likely to intend to go to screening than white British women.

When language was adjusted for, there was no difference between white British women and those from different ethnic backgrounds.

How did the researchers interpret the results?

The researchers concluded that, "This work suggests that the vast majority of women in Britain who are not participating in cervical screening as recommended are not making an active decision not to attend.

"Most non-participants are either unaware or would like to be screened but are unable to translate their positive intentions to be screened into action." 


This study presents interesting findings on the proportion of women who don't go for cervical screening tests, and the possible reasons for their non-attendance.

Researchers found most non-participants were either unaware of screening or intended to go to screening but still failed to go. This was most common in single women aged 25-34.

One point to note is that the data was collected through self-reported questionnaires, which carry the risk of inaccurate reporting because of the perceived social stigma around screening and the desire to give the "right" response.

In the case of cervical cancer screening, it's possible women know they should attend screening but for whatever reasons don't want to attend, but feel more comfortable saying that they do in fact plan to attend screening, even when they might not in reality.

Another point is that women who agree to participate in market research screening interviews may be from different socio-demographic groups to those who don't.

This means we can't be completely sure that this sample – despite being large – represents the views and screening participation of the population as a whole. 

The researchers suggest that this study will help focus interventions on three main types of non-participants to increase the uptake of cervical screening:

  • those who intend to go to screening but are overdue for the test
  • those unaware of screening
  • those who actively decide not to be screened

This incredibly useful study highlights the need for further exploration into the reasons why some women don't go for cervical screening – what is the exact reason women are unaware of screening, and why do they choose not to attend?

These questions are important, as cervical cancer is often preventable if abnormal cell changes are detected early.

In England, screening is offered to all women aged 25-64. Teenage girls aged 12-13 are offered the HPV vaccine, which helps protect against cervical cancer, as part of the routine NHS childhood vaccination schedule.

Links To The Headlines

No-show women at cervical screening 'unaware of test'. BBC News, June 30 2017

Links To Science

Marlow LAV, Chorley AJ, Haddrell J, et al. Understanding the heterogeneity of cervical cancer screening non-participants: Data from a national sample of British women. European Journal of Cancer. Published online May 20 2017

          The Best Antivirus Software of 2017   

Antivirus solutions come with options ranging from basic protection to full-fledged internet security suites that include additional security features such as parental controls, password managers and internet filters. One of the factors that makes the biggest difference, though, is the operating system on your computer and how well the antivirus program works with it.  

Top Ten Reviews tested 13 different antivirus software in three core areas:

  • Protection
  • Performance
  • Usability

See which software came out on top with the most impressive performance, useful features, solid support, and superb user experience. Stay ahead of the attackers by learning the pros and cons of each antivirus software. 

Note: Top Ten Reviews uses test results from the independent laboratory AV-Test as part of our review process for the best antivirus software. AV-Test looks specifically at protection, performance and usability on multiple versions of operating systems, and it performs these evaluations several times throughout the year. 

Request Free!

          Ecuador on ‘maximum alert’ to prevent foot-and-mouth disease contagion   
Ecuadornews:     Agrocalidad yesterday decided to prohibit the temporary entry into Ecuador of all types of livestock products (animals of all susceptible species, and its derivated products) from Colombia, which constitute a risk of transmission of foot-and-mouth disease virus. This measu...
          Science Says: Pregnant or trying? Don't let Zika guard down   
Zika virus may not seem as big a threat as last summer but don't let your guard down _ especially if you're pregnant or are trying to be.
          Yet Another Ransomware Threatens The World   


Just over a month ago, WannaCry ransomware struck a massive blow that circled the globe. Now, as the dust has barely settled from its cyber attack, a new threat from Petya has appeared on the horizon.

Ransomware, a new criminal venture born in this century, invades and takes over computer systems. The owner/controller of a hijacked system is told they must pay the perpetrator, usually in bit coin, a type of digital currency, to regain control of their systems. Businesses and governments, who rely heavily on computerized systems today, are the usual targets of the crime.

It was originally thought that this was a phenomenon limited to the Ukraine, but incidents have been reported in other countries, including France, Spain, Russia, and India. The threat goes well beyond the borders of these countries as more and more of those in positions of power find they cannot access their computers.

          Tailandia: Visitar Bangkok en 2 -3 días: planning, Itinerarios   
viruss Escribio: beat1989 Escribio: Muchas gracias @malik por tus respuestas, con el precio que me das me hago una idea del precio a pactar en caso que no encuentre quien me ponga el taxímetro. En cuanto a Wat Traimit lo veremos pues antes de Chinatown. Sí, nuestra idea era cenar por allí! ¿Qué tiempo se puede tardar en ver PatPong, teniendo en cuenta que no entraremos en ningún show después de ver las experiencias de otros foreros? Gracias de nuevo! Pronto os comento el siguiente día y a ver qué os parece!! Si te refieres al mercado de PatPong dependerá de lo que te gusten las compras, si vas buscando algo en particular, de todas formas se ve rápido, no es grande y ha perdido fuelle en los últimos años. Puedes dar una vuelta después de cenar o cenar algún día por la zona y aprovechar. Sí viruss a ese me refería. Cenaremos en Chinatown y luego iremos para allá, será el "fin de fiesta" a nuestro primer día en Bangkok!! Muchas gracias!!
          Diarrhea FAQ – Is Diarrhea Normal? Can Diarrhea Kill?   
Diarrhea is a common condition. It is not a disease but a symptom of several diseases. These diseases are sometimes referred to as diarrheal illnesses but in most cases diarrhea is not the only symptom. Most people do not seek professional medical attention for  every instance of diarrhea. However, when diarrhea is severe, bloody, persisting or worsening then it requires immediate medical attention. It is important to understand the various facets of diarrhea, from its causes, to the mechanism, treatment and prevention. There are several misconceptions about diarrhea and sometimes this can prolong or even worsen the diarrheal illness. Some of the common and uncommon questions about diarrhea have been answered below. However, it is important to seek professional medical advice for any diarrheal illness. Why does diarrhea occur? Diarrhea is a symptom of some underlying disturbance of the digestive tract, particularly of the bowels (small and large intestines). This may occur for many reasons. Acute diarrhea is where the diarrhea occurs suddenly and is usually severe but only lasts for a short period. Most of the time acute diarrhea is due to infections with viruses, bacteria or protozoa, or it is caused by the toxins from these infectious agents. [...]
          Heaven Fresh HF300C NaturoPure HEPA Air Purifier   

Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF 300C purifies the air in rooms up to 46 m² (500 ft²) using a unique 6-stage filtration process: HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, anti-bacterial pre-filter, air ionizer, germicidal UV lamp and sanitizer (for neutralising more powerful odours).

Additional filters for the HF 380 available to buy separately from BabySecurity.co.uk.


  • True HEPA Filter for the most effective protection against dust & allergens. Recommended by Department of Homeland Security and U.K. Centers of Disease Control.
  • Ionizer which disperses negative ions to seek out and remove particles & bacteria from the air. Proven by government studies to be effective, and to enhance performance of filters.
  • Activated Carbon Filter for chemicals, gases odors and cigarette smoke. The most absorbent filter material known to man.
  • Germicidal UV Lamp to destroy micro-organisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi (such as mold toxins). Recommended by U.K. Centers of Disease Control.
  • Programmable Sanitizer to neutralize powerful odors. Can be completely turned off when not needed. Includes High, Medium and Low settings for appropriate output according to need.
  • Washable Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter for larger particles, lengthening the life of the other filters.

Click here for spare HEPA filters >>
Click here for spare UV lamps >>

Regular Price: £169.00


          Heaven Fresh HF10 Refrigerator Air Purifier   

The Heaven Fresh HF 10 Refrigerator Air Purifier is specially designed both to neutralise reproductive capability of bacteria and viruses and to reduce unpleasant odours inside your fridge. Silent in operation and not requiring filter changes, the HF 10 kills 95% of fungi, bacteria and mould from contaminated food inside your fridge, thus lessening the chances of your family suffering from food poisoning. Its microprocessor-controlled 2-hour air cleaning cycle helps to preserve food in your fridge for a considerably longer period, thus preventing food waste and saving you money.

Specifications of the Heaven Fresh HF10:

  • Fridge capacity covered: 250 L
  • Ozone concentration: <= 0.5 mg/cm3 or <= 0.08 ppm
  • Power source: 4 type C batteries (6 W)
  • Power consumption: continuous operation for 3 months with each battery change
  • Rated voltage: DC 6 V
  • Dimensions: 13 x 6.5 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 190 g

Regular Price: £24.78


          Heaven Fresh HF290 NaturoPure Air Purifier   

Heaven Fresh HF290 Features:

  • 5 levels of filtration and air purification
  • Activated Carbon pre-filter
  • HEPA filter built in
  • Germicidal UV lamp removes bacteria
  • Negative ionizer breaks up particulates
  • TiO2 Oxidation board breaks up organic pollutants
  • Easy to control menu
  • Easy to take apart and clean with automatic shut of

Heaven Fresh HF290 Ultra Violet Air Purifier uses multiple different technologies to clean and purifier the air around to give you a clean and healthy living environment. The HF290 has five specialist filtration and air purifying technology's, between them these five filters remove most airborne pollutants and particulates as well as bacteria and viruses.

The first level of filtration is the activated carbon filter, this removes all airborne particles such as dust, dirt and mold it also removes odours to freshen the air removing smells like smoke or pet dander.

The second filter is a HEPA air filter that acts as a second level of filtration for dust and air pollutants, this filter removes 99.97% of particles from the air that passes through it. The last level of filtration is the Germicidal UV lamp, this lamp removes any micro particles just as bacteria and flu viruses, creating a healthy home.

To clean the air as it passes through there is a negative ionizer and a TiO2 Photo catalytic oxidation board. The negative ionizer emits negatively charged ions to break up the air pollutants to make it easier for the two filters remove them they also improve the air quality around you.

The TiO2 board is activated by the UV lamp and releases oxidation particles to break down organi air pollutants. The air purifier has an easy to control settings menu you on the top for you to selected the optimum setting for you, its easy to clean and the HEPA filter will last up to 1 year while the carbon filter can  be cleaned for reuse.

Regular Price: £135.99


          Heaven fresh NaturoPure HF 310A Air Purifier   

Heaven Fresh HF310A Air Purifier helps to ensure that the air you live in is clean and fresh throughout the day. The HF310a uses 5 levels of purification to cleanse the air with a room measuring 500 ft² every hour silently and without any disturbance.

The sleek and compact design ensures that the purifier fits within any room in the home without looking out of place. The air purifier uses smart sensors built in to the filter to detect dust mould and spores within the air this then activates the 5 levels of filtration.

The first level is the ionizer which uses negative ions to break up airborne pollutants into to smaller chunks for the HEPA filter the second level to filter the pollutants.  

The air is then passed through a carbon filter carbon filter which removes stubborn odours such as smoke and pet smells, the next stage is the germicidal UV light that kills bacteria and viruses to help prevent illness such as colds and flu.


  • Helps clean the air within a room             
  • Sleek design ensures it blends in to the room
  • Filters the air with a 500ft² once an hour
  • 5 levels of purification
  • HEPA Filter last up to  a year
  • Carbon filter removes stubborn odours
  • Germicidal UV lamp helps kill viruses and bacteria
  • Ionizer helps remove airborne particulates
  • Whisper quiet low power consumption


Regular Price: £359.93


          Zombie Zombie v1.0 Mod Apk   
Zombie Zombie v1.0 Mod Apk A serious virus crisis breaks out in Batty City. Citizens start turning into zombies one by one. Various heroes are sent to the city to combat zombies and try to figure out the cause of this crisis. Save the city with the powers of heroes’, and make yourself a hero …
          Heaven Fresh Ioniser Air Purifier HF210UV   

Heaven Fresh HF 210UV Baby Nursery Ionizer - with no filters to clean and 2 fan speeds for optimum filtering it is an affordable way to improve and control the quality of your babys atmosphere, filtering effectively in a 46 m² (500 ft²) room. It has an advanced air cleaning capacity where its electrostatically charged dust collection plates magnetically trap pollutants, and it produces a whopping 60 million ions per cm3 and removes pollutants as small as 0.01 microns.

Features of the Heaven Fresh HF210UV:

  • Colour: Black
  • Safe and effective: The unit produces 60 million ions per cm3 and removes pollutants as small as 0.01 microns.
  • Advanced air-cleaning capacity: The electrostatically charged dust collection plates magnetically trap pollutants.
  • Germicidal UV Light: Destroys micro-organisms such as germs, viruses and bacteria and helps create a healthier environment.
  • Independently controlled booster fan: Turned on during the day to increase distribution of ions and to turn off at night for silent operation.
  • Voltage & Power consumption: 220-240 VAC, 50~60Hz Adapter & 8 Watts
  • Coverage area: The unit covers up to 46 m² (500 ft²)
  • Dimensions: L: 35 cm x W: 21.8 cm x H: 12.7 cm

Regular Price: £84.99


          PNP on ransomware: Don’t click   
Don't click.   An anti-cybercrime unit of the Philippine National Police gave this advice to computer users to prevent their files from getting infected by ransomware, a virus that takes files hostage and frees them only after payment of ransom.   The PNP's Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG) said while ransomware attack or cyberextortion could be prevented, no cybercrime unit anywhere in the world had been able to stop it.   The most effective preventive measure, the ACG said, was not to click on suspicious internet links or open e-mail from unknown sources.   Senior Supt. Michael Angelo Zuiga, ACG operations division chief, said "ransomware is a prob...

Keep on reading: PNP on ransomware: Don’t click
          Science Says: Pregnant or trying? Don't let Zika guard down   
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Zika virus may not seem as big a threat as last summer but don&apos;t let your guard down - especially if you&apos;re pregnant or trying to be....
          Podcast FS Hebdo - 18 au 24 avril   
Du virus Zika qui peut se transmettre par voie sexuelle, en passant par les humains et l’intelligence artificielle qui peuvent s’unir contre les cyberattaques, le réchauffement climatique qui fait bouger la Terre, ou encore les carnivores qui se portent bien 30 ans après Tchernobyl, découvrez l’actualité scientifique pour la semaine du 18 au 24 avril.
          Podcast FS Hebdo - 4 au 10 avril   
De la possibilité de rendre du bois transparent, en passant par un virus fossile qui s’est réveillé dans notre ADN, l’énigmatique planète X qui serait à l’origine des extinctions massives, ou encore la découverte du passage emprunté par Hannibal pour traverser les Alpes, découvrez l’actualité scientifique pour la semaine du 4 au 10 avril.
          Heaven Fresh NaturoPure HF380A Air Purifier   

Heaven Fresh HF380A Air Purifier has been designed using advance technology to keep the air you live in clean and fresh and free from any bacteria or allergens. The HF 380A has built in sensors to detect any particulates within the air and has seven different leading technologies to remove virtually all pollutants.

The First stage of purification is the washable pre-filter, this filter removes large particulates such as hair or large dust particles.

The Second stage of filtration is the electrostatic plasma array, this removes micro particles using a magnetic field and collects the particles on a washable collection grid, this also helps extend the life of your HEPA filter.

The Third Stage is an activated honeycomb carbon filter that will remove domestic odours including smoke, body & pet odours and also airborne gases such as NOx and formaldehyde's.

Stage Four HEPA Filter (High-efficiency particulate absorption) will help to prevent further odour when used with the carbon filter and has a 99.97% efficiency rating.

Stage Five is a UV activated filter which will trap and kill a range of particulates including; Bacteria, mould, viruses, odours, formaldehyde's, ammonia and VOCs, this helps clean the air.

After the air has been filtered through the five stages it is then released from the back of the purifier to give you a clean environment to live in. The purifier has two sensors on the front which detect both dust and irritant particles that are sitting in the air, there is also an oduor sensor  this actively monitors the air and cleans it accordingly.

The HF380A comes complete with an infra-red remote ideal for you to control the purifier as you like to suit your needs, the system is easy to take a part and to clean and is all explained within the handbook.

Regular Price: £289.99


          Neotec XJ-2200 Ionic Air Purifier (UV Lamp, HEPA) Warehouse Clearance   

The XJ-2200 Air purifier from NeoTec is equipped with 5 leading air cleaning technologies to effectively eliminate airborne germs and odors for a healthier and more pleasant indoor environment.

 5   Proven Air Cleaning Technologies

High-Performance HEPA Filter - A must have technology for those  suffering  from allergies and asthma, effective in eliminate harmful airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns including dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses as well as other harmful airborne germs and pollutants efficiency up to 99.97%.

Activated Carbon Filter - Specialises in capturing and neutralising chemicals, gases, odors and cigarette smoke, which the Hepa filter cannot capture. The most effective filters for absorbing odors, toxic gases and hazardous chemical fumes including cigarette smoke and everything from paint fumes and toilet odors to poison gases.

UV Lamp - Germicidal UV lamp Kills micro organisms, bacteria, virus and other pollutants. At the same time it  prevents the reproduction of micro organisms collected by the HEPA Filter.

TiO2 Filter - Effectively reduce the growth of harmful micro organisms, household fungi, bacteria, viruses, dust mites and a variety of odours.

Negative Ions - Negative ions help to clean and refresh the air. The release of negative ions creates atmosphere similar to naturally occurring environments.

XJ-2200 is suitable for room with an area of 25m2. It is an ideal air purifler for your bedroom, baby's nursery, living room, study, hotel, hospital and other indoor places. It's main features are:

  • HEPA Filter highly-effective dust collection function.
  • Excellent dust collection rate up to 99.97%.
  • Ionic and activated oxygen eliminate nicotine smell and other unpleasant odours.
  • Ultraviolet radiation to sterilise.
  • Three levels of wind speed setting, low-noise motor design with quick circulation of the indoor air.
  • All electronic circuit design, save power and energy.

Special Features:

  • Effectively removes particulate from the air, such as allergens (including mould and dust mites), fine dust particles, bacteria, viruses, chemical fumes and other ultra-fine particles that a filter cannot capture.
  • Increase the effectiveness of the Hepa and activated carbon filter system by causing particles to magnetically attract together, resulting in larger particles that are easier for the filter to capture.
  • Disinfects viruses and bacteria trapped in the filtration bank of the XJ-2200 that would normally reproduce in the typical filter.
  • Has the ability to remove airborne particles away from the air purifier, in areas of the room where the filter has little effect. This is due to the fact that ions can circulate throughout a room. Negative ion circulation is enhanced as a result of the fan.
  • Hepa filter removes 99.97% of particles (0.3 microns in size) that pass through the filter, preventing them from becoming recirculated into the air. Largely considered the most effective type of air filter against allergens, dust and other solid particles.
  •  Captures a high volume of floating dust and other particles, including many of the ionised particles that would otherwise just settle to the ground if a typical ioniser were used.
  •  Germicidal UV light is scientifically proven to destroy a large variety of microbial contaminates, such as viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi (including mould).
  •  UV light has been used for years by the medical field (including hospitals) to sanitise rooms and equipment, in order to prevent the spread of illness and disease.


Model: XJ-2200
Rated Voltage: AC220-240V/50Hz
Power Consumption: 25W
Active Oxygen Output: ≤0.05ppm
Lon Output: ≥5 x 105cm3
Dust Removal rate: 0.1-1μm 95%
UV Spectrum: ≥20μm/cm2(at 10cm-distance)
Dimensions(mm): 380 x 254 x 105
Weight: 1870g
Applicable Area: 25m2

Regular Price: £109.99


          Kelly Smith posted a blog post   
Kelly Smith posted a blog post

How to Stay Safe When Using your Campus Wi-Fi

Campus Wi-Fi will ultimately be a godsend while you’re living on campus, both for work and for watching your favourite show on Netflix. Many universities are offering free, high-speed internet connections throughout college grounds, but is it secure?Typically, these networks will be pretty safe, but there are some risks involved in using a public network. Public networks are unsecured, that means your device is vulnerable to malware attacks. A malware attack will leave you with a damaged operating system or open to having your data stolen.If you take the proper precautions and use the right tools, it’s easy to stay safe. You can browse the internet on the campus Wi-Fi with no risk.Here are some useful tips for when you are browsing on campus.Turn on FirewallA firewall is the first level of security that protects your computer. It will monitor incoming and outgoing connections. It’s not foolproof, but you should always have it, any help is good. Always have it switched on when browsing on unknown networks.Confirm the Network NameSome clever hackers will set up fake networks. Connecting to the fake network will make it a lot easier for them to access your information. They are likely to use a name that is very similar to the campus Wi-Fi. Always double check the name and network before connecting. Another way to tell is by there is no login.Keep Your Anti-Virus Protection UpdatedAntivirus software is essential. However, it becomes obsolete if not frequently checked and updated. It’s another line of defence and essential to aiding the security of your computer. It will alert you as soon as the malicious software is detected. It allows you to fix problems as quick as possible.Don’t Connect AutomaticallySome smartphone and computers are programmed to connect to Wi-Fi automatically when a network is available. You should disable this feature and go without the slight convenience it provides. Now you will always be able to check what network you sign up to.Create Complex PasswordsHackers will be able to access information by cracking simple passwords. Creating a complex password is critical. Never use the same password or similar variations of one password. Once one is hacked, all your accounts will be at risk. Always use lots of numbers, symbols and lower and upper cases.Avoid Accessing Sensitive DataIf you are using a campus network or other public network, try to avoid accessing sensitive information. If it’s not imperative for you to access bank accounts and other personal information, DON’T do it! Use common sense; you can wait till you are on a secure network before accessing your private information.Use a VPNA VPN is a sure way to protect your computer from attacks when using the campus network. It will provide an encrypted connection for the sites you visit. You will have no weaknesses when hackers are trying to access your information. VPN’s provide some benefits for users and can be used a variety of devices including your smartphone. Do some research and find what VPN is suited to you.Turn Off SharingYour home network is relatively secure; you can share files, music, documents and more. Using public networks is not as safe, you should never use them to share similar information. Always turn sharing off, this will restrict access from outside sources when using a campus Wi-FiTake Care of Your BelongingsAlways be cautious of leaving your devices around. A campus library is a common place where individuals are trusting enough to leave their device while they go to the bathroom or have some lunch. Try to avoid doing this. It may be a hassle carrying around your device, but it could save you from somebody accessing your information. By all means, use your campus Wi-Fi as much as possible! Just take the proper precautions and steps to keeping your sensitive information safe.  See More

          Mattias Geniar: Ways in which the WannaCry ransomware could have been much worse   

The post Ways in which the WannaCry ransomware could have been much worse appeared first on ma.ttias.be.

If you're in tech, you will have heard about the WannaCry/WannaCrypt ransomware doing the rounds. The infection started on Friday May 12th 2017 by exploiting MS17-010, a Windows Samba File Sharing vulnerability. The virus exploited a known vulnerability, installed a cryptolocker and extorted the owner of the Windows machine to pay ransom to get the files decrypted.

As far as worms go, this one went viral at an unprecedented scale.

But there are some design decisions in this cryptolocker that prevent it from being much worse. This post is a thought exercise, the next vulnerability will probably implement one of these methods. Make sure you're prepared.

Time based encryption

This WannaCry ransomware found the security vulnerability, installed the cryptolocker and immediately started encrypting the files.

Imagine the following scenario;

  • Day 1: worm goes round and infects vulnerable SMB, installs backdoor, keeps quiet, infects other machines
  • Day 14: worm activates itself, starts encrypting files

With WannaCrypt, it took a few hours to reach world-scale infections, alerting everyone and their grandmother that something big was going on. Mainstream media picked up on it. Train stations showed cryptolocker screens. Everyone started patching. What if the worm gets a few days head start?

By keeping quiet, the attacker risks getting caught, but in many cases this can be avoided by excluding known IPv4 networks for banks or government organizations. How many small businesses or large organizations do you think would notice a sudden extra running .exe in the background? Not enough to trigger world-wide coverage, I bet.

Self-destructing files

A variation to the scenario above;

  • Day 1: worm goes round, exploits SMB vulnerability, encrypts each file, but still allows files to remain opened (1)
  • Day 30: worm activates itself, removes decryption key for file access and prompts for payment

How are your back-ups at that point? All files on the machine have some kind of hidden time bomb in them. Every version of that file you have in back-up is affected. The longer they can keep that hidden, the bigger the damage.

More variations of this exist, with Excel or VBA macro's etc, and all boil down to: modify the file, render it unusable unless proper identification is shown.

(1) This should be possible with shortcuts to the files, first opening some kind of wrapper-script to decrypt the files before they launch. Decryption key is stored in memory and re-requested whenever the machine reboots, from its Command & Control servers.

Extortion with your friends

The current scheme is: your files get encrypted, you can pay to get your files back.

What if it's not your own files you're responsible for? What if are the files of your colleagues, family or friends? What if you had to pay 300$ to recover the files from someone you know?

Peer pressure works, especially if the blame angle is played. It's your fault someone you know got infected. Do you feel responsible at that point? Would that make you pay?

From a technical POV, it's tricky but not impossible to identify known associates for a victim. This could only happen a smaller scale, but might yield bigger rewards?

Cryptolocker + Windows Update DDoS?

Roughly 200.000 affected Windows PCs have been caught online. There are probably a lot more, that haven't made it to the online reports yet. Those are quite a few PCs to have control over, as an attacker.

The media is now jumping on the news, urging everyone to update. What if the 200k infected machines were to launch an effective DDoS against the Windows Update servers? With everyone trying to update, the possible targets are lowering every hour.

If you could effectively take down the means with which users can protect themselves, you can create bigger chaos and a bigger market to infect.

The next cryptolocker isn't going to be "just" a cryptolocker, in all likeliness it'll combine its encryption capacities with even more damaging means.

Stay safe

How to prevent any of these?

  1. Enable auto-updates on all your systems (!!)
  2. Have frequent back-ups, store them long enough

Want more details? Check out my earlier post: Staying Safe Online – A short guide for non-technical people.

The post Ways in which the WannaCry ransomware could have been much worse appeared first on ma.ttias.be.

          Ghost Sign, North Platte, NE   

Robby Virus posted a photo:

Ghost Sign, North Platte, NE

Ghost sign on the side of a building in North Platte, Nebraska. It says "Leypoldt & Pennington; Hay, Grain, Flour, Feed, Salt, Coal; Stock & Poultry Feed".

          Bimbo di 2 anni colpito da meningite a Castiglione Messere Marino, attivata profilassi   
Bimbo di 2 anni colpito da meningite a Castiglione Messere Marino, attivata profilassi CHIETI - Un piccolo di appena due anni è stato ricoverato presso l'ospedale di Pescara,perche colpito dal virus della meningite, il piccolo originario di Castiglione Messer Raimondo, aveva accusato i primi malori martedì, gli esami a cui è stato sottoposto hanno stabilito che si tratta di Meningite da Menincococco C, una forma particolarmente contaggiosa, fatto che ha immediatamente fatto partire la profilasse su tutte le persone con cui il piccolo è stato in contatto. Con l'aiuto dei genitori sono stati ricostruiti contatti e attività del piccino, che hanno portato a rivolgere la profilassi a 18 adulti e ai 30 bimbi della Scuola materna di Castiglione, frequentata dai fratellini e dove lui stesso aveva partecipato alla feste di fine anno scolastico nella giornata di venerdì 23 giugno. Quindi si è proceduto alla somministrazione dell'antibiotico, grazie alla preziosa collaborazione offerta dalla pediatra di libera scelta del luogo, Silvana Di Palma, la quale, trattandosi di propri... leggi tutto l'articolo
          Watch Dogs 2: Four-Player Co-Op Incoming [VIDEO]   
Demo at E3!Watch Dogs 2 is receiving another major update. This update is going to arrive on July 4, the American Independence Day. Quoting the press release, „players can start a public or private party with room for up to four friends (or strangers, if you use matchmaking). From there, the party is free to explore San Francisco. […] Then, at any time, you can launch the activities that support the 4-player Party – Bounties, Invasions, Loot Trucks, Races, Showd0wn, Man VS Machine Robot Fights, and the DedSec Virus events are all available for you to have fun with.” You can read the 4-Player Party Mode patch notes here (https://watchdogs.ubisoft.com/watchdogs/en-us/news/152-294369-16/title-update-116-4-player-party-mode-patch-notes). „To celebrate this new update as well as the Bay Area’s rendition of Independence Day, Watch Dogs…


          What is the Best Format for Your Resume?   

You have many aspects of your resume to figure out before submitting it for consideration. You have to get your previous employers lined up, list all of your relevant skills and select your most relevant top-level accomplishments. Then, you have to scan the document for errors and typos. Once you finish all of this, you have to decide the best format for your document.

PDF Versus Microsoft Word

The two main formats that companies prefer are PDF and Microsoft Word. That's because most computers can these types of files very easily due to the ubiquity of the programs. A PDF is often considered more secure than Microsoft Word, because no one can alter the document. When you send your resume in Microsoft Word, someone can edit the document before sending it to the right person. Using a PDF format ensures that the actual document you created gets to the hiring manager.

There are additional reasons why many consider a PDF to be the best format for a resume. PDFs usually arrive in an email free of computer viruses and malware. Plus, these documents retain formatting no matter what type of email system sends them or what type of operating system the recipient's computer has installed. PDFs work on Windows and Mac computers.

If you send a Microsoft Word file and the person uses Google Drive to upload it, there could be issues with formatting. Some words and programming may not translate between the formats. Images, spacing, bullets and other in-text formatting may not come across clearly from one format to the next.


The one problem that PDFs have is that applicant tracking systems may read Word documents better. Consider sending your resume in both formats if you submit it through a direct email, LinkedIn or a company's website. When you have a choice of only one download through an online job board, you have to decide which format to use. You might follow up with a LinkedIn submission after going through the preferred channel.

Solving the Problem

Rather than rely on a traditional job application, submit your resume after making a network connection. Your contact can give you the email address of the person responsible for hiring you. In the email, use the text as your cover letter and then attach both formats at the bottom of the correspondence. Mention in your cover letter that you also applied through official channels, but you wanted to reach out since your networking contact felt you were a good candidate for the job. Having a vital network proves more valuable than having a dynamite resume when it comes landing a job interview.

Your resume provides a snapshot of your career. The format of your submission does matter to some extent, but mitigate any concerns by submitting a PDF and MS Word file directly to the hiring manager. Remember to review your resume thoroughly before sending it along.

Image Courtesy of Arthur Bolton at Flickr.com

          250656-2017: Belgique-Bruxelles: Logiciels de protection antivirus   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 13-07-2017 | Document: Avis de marché
          Girl Scouts and Palo Alto Networks: Preparing Girls for the Future of Cybersecurity    
There’s no escaping it. As time goes on our personal and professional lives will be even more dependent on the skills of cybersecurity experts to avoid everything from computer viruses to identity theft. Girl Scouts and Palo Alto Networks recognize that we all must work together to prepare for these technical challenges by creating the innovative cybersecurity problem solvers of tomorrow, through education today. According to the Computing Technology Industry Association, 69 percent of U.S. women who do not have a career in information technology cited not knowing what opportunities were available to them as reasons they did not pursue one.

To encourage girls to become the experts who can meet future cybersecurity challenges, GSUSA and Palo Alto Networks are teaming up to deliver the first-ever national cybersecurity badges for girls in grades K–12. In September 2018, eighteen badges will introduce cybersecurity education to millions of girls across the United States through compelling programming designed to increase their interest and instill in them a valuable 21st century skillset. This national effort is a huge step toward eliminating traditional barriers to industry access, such as gender and geography, and will target girls as young as five years old, ensuring that even the youngest girls have a foundation primed for future life and career success.

Mark Anderson, President of Palo Alto Networks and Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA

When asked about the partnership, GSUSA CEO Sylvia Acevedo said, "We recognize that in our increasingly tech-driven world, future generations must possess the skills to navigate the complexities and inherent challenges of the cyber realm. From arming our older girls with the tools to address this reality to helping younger girls protect their identities via Internet safety, the launch of our national Cybersecurity badge initiative represents our advocacy of cyber preparedness―and our partnership with Palo Alto Networks makes a natural fit for our efforts.”

Together, GSUSA and Palo Alto Networks will provide cybersecurity education to more than a million U.S. girls while helping them develop their problem-solving and leadership skills.

You can learn more about this partnership via the press release

          Los besos que no nos podemos dar   
Guadalupe aprovechó la alerta epidemiológica para poner en orden el estudio de su departamento y la cocina. Ella y su hija adolescente han compartido horas cambiando de sitio las cazuelas, las cucharas de palo, los sartenes, y colocando en la estantería los libros por nombre de autor, como lo tenían pensado hacer desde hace casi un año. Se sintieron bien uno o dos días, pero al tercero de verse las caras 24 horas, o casi, comenzaron a reñir por cualquier cosa. Están pensando en pintar una de las habitaciones, pero no han encontrado una sola tienda de pintura abierta, quién sabe si será por el puente o por la alerta, me comentó Guadalupe la otra mañana que aprovechó una salida de su casa para traerme tamales calientitos de cariño.

María no es que esté feliz, pero al menos tiene novio. Así me dice cuando nos llamamos para preguntarnos mutuamente cómo vamos llevando el encierro al que nos obliga la gripa AH1N1. “Yo al menos tengo novio”, me dice con voz satisfecha y una risita cómplice. Ellos sí pueden besarse, acariciarse, abrazarse, pienso. En cambio los amigos y conocidos no podemos ni tocarnos. Para mí eso ha sido terrible, sobre todo porque se me olvida y cuando veo a alguien que estimo, me lanzo a saludarlo de abrazo y beso. Pero me ponen el freno. No me empujan, claro, se supone que no deben tocar a nadie. Pero dan un salto tremendo hacia atrás. Un salto que provoca susto. Y que duele. Un momento nada más, pero duele.

No se si es porque no he estado tan atenta de toda la información que dan los medios de comunicación, pero no recuerdo que hayan abordado con detalle las medidas de prevención, si es que las hay, que deben tomar los amantes. Nadie ha dicho que no hay que tener relaciones sexuales; o que quien las tenga no debe besarse o que si lo hace, mejor que usen tapabocas. Nadie ha dicho si los besos en el cuerpo contagian o no. O si las palabras veloces plagadas de risa están más expuestas al virus que las palabras tristes. Lo digo porque estos días la gente, la poca gente que anda por la calle de la ciudad de México, lleva la tristeza encima. O al menos así lo parece. No creo que sea por el tapabocas, la sonrisa se mira mejor en los ojos. Al menos los que nos quedamos en la ciudad, escuchamos las pisadas de una tristeza generalizada. Una tristeza sin fe, como la nostalgia.

En el edificio donde vivo, solamente hay una familia con niños. Son dos y están en esa edad en que la energía que desparraman podría llegar a incendiar a la ciudad entera. Sus padres, pobrecitos, ya no hallan qué hacer para entretenerlos. Los primeros días se preocupaban por las horas y horas que pasan frente al televisor. Entonces combinaban con videojuegos. Pero también eso les preocupa. Se inventaron juegos de mesa, serpientes y escaleras, dominó cubano que tarda más en acabar, ahorcados, de todo. Francamente los papás merecen la medalla a la paciencia. Pero aún así, todas las tardes, a eso de las 6:00 horas, comienza el estruendo. Alguno de los dos niños abre la función llorando, alguno de los dos padres gritando. Al final los niños no se escuchan. Seguramente estarán otra vez frente a la televisión o en los videojuegos, imagino. Y quedan los reclamos a gritos de la madre al padre o viceversa. Casi todas las tardes desde hace 10 días, la relación entre ellos se erosiona. Ojalá les sobre amor para mañana, cuando llegue el silencio.

A mí me ha tocado estar sola en casa. Decidí no salir de la ciudad y aprovechar para terminar de escribir lo que tengo pendiente. Y sí, el ambiente para ello ha sido propicio, pero no tanto como pensé. Me siento a escribir cada mañana con la decisión firme de atravesar el mundo que narra la escritura sin perderme. O perderme por completo para regresar con la verdad de una historia inventada. Y casi lo consigo. Pero siempre hay alguien, uno o dos amigos, mi hija, que llama desde otro país para preguntarme cómo va la emergencia; como mi soledad, el tejido del ambiente triste. Y yo lo agradezco. Como agradezco igual la insistencia de los amigos también solos, que me acaban convenciendo a diario de que todo el día en casa enferma más que el aire. Un tequila no te caerá mal, me dicen y pasamos parte de la tarde tomando tequila y hablando de la influenza hasta que nos cansamos de escuchar nuestras voces diciendo lo mismo. Cuando callamos sentimos cerca a la tristeza. Y ya no tanto por la soledad de las calles o el encierro. Sentimos la tristeza que desata la etiqueta que nos han colocado a los mexicanos en algunos países del mundo. La tristeza y la rabia de no poder sino dejar abierta la ventana, para que entre la sombra de los besos. Pero tal vez cuando todo esto acabe, habrá sobrado amor para darnos las gracias. Y abrazarnos sin miedo y darnos los besos que no podemos darnos y recibir con amor a los 70 mexicanos sometidos al encierro en China y aplastar a golpe de solidaridad, a todos los racistas del mundo.

          Evaluation of 5 Commercially Available Zika Virus Immunoassays   

We compared the sensitivity and specificity of 5 commercially available Zika virus serologic assays to the recommended protocol of Zika virus IgM-capture ELISA and plaque-reduction neutralization tests. Most commercial immunoassays showed low sensitivity, which can be increased.

          What You Need To Know About Zika Virus   

Zika virus has made a worldwide media splash in the last few years following reports out of Brazil that it was linked to a spike in babies born with severe brain damage called microcephaly. Though media attention has diminished, Zika still poses a threat to many countries, including the United States.

          CDC Reveals Sharper Numbers Of Zika Birth Defects From U.S. Territories   

Michelle Flandez at home in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, in 2016 with her infant son Inti Perez. The baby was born with microcephaly linked to the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

          Dr Mastura Md Yusof : Dynamics of good cancer care   
I APPLAUD The Star for highlighting the need for more oncologists to serve our country in the report: “Wanted, oncologists and specialist docs who treat cancer” (Sunday Star, Feb 26).
We learnt from the report that our country needs to double the current number of about 110 oncologists to fulfil the recommended ratio of 10 oncologists to one million population.
A healthcare system with inadequate number of oncologists results in long waiting times, treatment delays, unequal access to care and, ultimately, increased cost.
The WHO has predicted that incidence of cancer will increase to 21.3 million new cases every year up to 2030, and approximately 70% will be from low- and middle-income countries.
A comprehensive national cancer programme that encompasses different aspects of prevention, detection and treatment is currently being planned in the latest national blueprint in an effort to develop efficient, sustainable cancer care programmes to meet the projected rise in cancer incidence.
The Institute of Medicine states, “Cancer is such a prevalent set of conditions and so costly, it magnifies what we know to be true about the totality of the healthcare system. It exposes all of its strengths and weaknesses.”
Cancer treatment has improved tremendously over the past three decades. Progress achieved in prevention, screening, early diagnosis, and treatment have led to lower mortalities and morbidities from the disease.
However, a new burden from these treatments is now emerging – “financial toxicity” from increasing cancer expenditures.
Cancer expenses are rising due to four main reasons: aging population, more patients with access to treatment, innovations, and treatment over-utilisation.
Our population is aging and older patients are at greater risk of developing cancer, resulting in them becoming candidates for anticancer therapy due to current less toxic treatment and optimised supportive care. This increases the proportion of cancer patients receiving therapies.
In many parts of the world, oncology is broadly divided into surgical and non-surgical oncology. The majority of non-surgical oncologists working in our country’s public and private sectors are clinical oncologists who are trained to deliver both systemic and radiation therapies, including brachytherapy and radioiodine therapy.
In contrast, non-surgical oncologists working in the health set-up in developed countries are divided into two categories: medical oncologists who deliver drug therapies, and radiation oncologists who deliver radiation therapies.
More than half of cancer patients require radiotherapy at some stage during their cancer trajectory, achieving various benefits like cure, symptoms relief, prevention of recurrence as well as avoiding mutilating surgery.
Majority of the most common cancers in Malaysia require multimodality management, including radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy.
Scholarships offered for training programmes should accord greater consideration to clinical oncology specialisation as the dual training has the potential for not only addressing the shortage in the workforce but also provide an opportunity for more efficient resource utility and cost-effective service delivery.
This model of working eliminates the need to consult different specialists, facilitates co-ordination and continuity of care and efficient healthcare delivery. Malaysia risks facing a catastrophic impact from higher average burden of cancer, advanced disease at presentation and poor access to care or varying quality of healthcare delivery.
Greater emphasis must be placed on practices or measures to prevent wastage by optimising prescription and dispensing practices as well as wider usage of generic drugs of the same quality to that of innovators, and less use of expensive medicines.
Radiation techniques such as giving hypofractionated radiotherapy (shorter duration of radiotherapy sessions while maintaining effective dose), brachytherapy, and combination chemoradiotherapy provide potentially cost-effective radiotherapy treatment options.
This will encourage shorter in-patient stays and reduce hospital costs. Prevention measures such as public health campaigns on prevalent risk factors like obesity, sedentary lifestyles and smoking have been pursued.
Obesity has to be tackled from pre-school level with broad educational initiatives, strict policies on food sold in school and regulations on food advertisement.
Preventive measures against the HPV (human papillomavirus) infection in cervical cancer offered to lower secondary school girls can be extended to school-going boys to prevent the risk of other HPV-related cancers such as oral and anogenital cancers in men.
Adequate financing of the public health system is integral to the success in improving the value of cancer treatment in our country.
A universal healthcare coverage for ensuring that our populations are protected from ill health from cancer can be initiated. In addition, the fee for treatment should be determined based on their ability to pay and not their risk for cancer.
As the number of public oncology facilities serving the greater proportion of patients within the country is few, more often than not the specialists serving the facility are overworked and are tempted to leave for other tenures.
We should consider assigning funds to adequately compensate cancer healthcare professionals in public hospitals to maintain an adequate number of specialists in the public sector.
Finally, we need to increase research efforts and spending in treatment areas relevant to our patient population. Only by focusing on our unique needs and challenges can we enable and plan beneficial and cost-effective treatment pathways with highly significant outcomes in the future.
Clinical Oncologist


          Global Influenza Market to Record CAGR of 8.33% Through 2020   

Global Influenza Market is Expected to exceed USD 6.87 Billion in 2020

Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2017 -- Zion Market Research has published a new report titled "Influenza (H1N1 Vaccines and Others) Industry by Product (Influenza Vaccines and Influenza Drugs): Global Market Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2014 – 2020." According to the report, the global influenza market was valued at USD 4.27 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach at USD 6.87 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 8.33% between 2015 and 2020.

Influenza infection can affect the throat, nose as well as lungs. It's a contagious disease in which three types of viruses include namely as influenza type A, influenza type B, influenza type C. Seasonal, Pandemic and zoonotic or variant are the types of influenza. Trivalent flu vaccines are made to protect against influenza viruses.

Request For Free Sample Report@ https://goo.gl/ZYLB3b

Increasing awareness regarding influenza is one of the major driving factors for global influenza market. Moreover, world health organization (WHO) has also come up with a global action plan for influenza vaccination across the globe. However, influenza market is expected to face a major challenge from the antigenic drift of influenza viruses. Influenza virus continuously evolves at a rapid pace. Additionally, lack of cold storage facilities presents a major challenge for the growth of influenza market.

Request For Free Price Quotation: http://www.marketresearchstore.com/requestquote?reportid=36077

H1N1 vaccines account for the major chunk of influenza market with around 79% share of the total market in 2014. Influenza market is also segmented based on drugs and vaccines. Vaccines dominated the influenza market with over 80% share of the market in 2014. It is also expected to be the fastest growing market segment during the forecast period. On the basis of regions, global influenza market has been segmented as Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and Asia-Pacific. Americas dominated the global market with around 60% share of the global market in 2014. Americas was followed by EMEA and Asia Pacific respectively.

Browse the full report at: http://www.marketresearchstore.com/report/influenza-market-by-product-36077

Some of the key industry participants in global influenza market include AstraZeneca, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Sanofi-Pasteur and others. Global influenza market is led by top five companies including AstraZeneca, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Sanofi-Pasteur. This five company accounts for over two-third shares of the global market.

This report segments the global influenza market as follows:

Product Segment Analysis: Influenza Vaccines, Influenza Drugs

Regional Analysis: North America (US), Europe(Germany, France, UK), Asia Pacific(China, Japan, India), Latin America(Brazil), Middle East and Africa

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          Russia's Gazprom hit by global cyber attack on Tuesday -sources   
MOSCOW, June 29- Computers at Russian state gas giant Gazprom were infected as part of a global cyber attack on Tuesday, a government official and a person investigating the incident told Reuters. The computer virus, which researchers are calling GoldenEye or Petya, has wreaked havoc on firms around the world as it spread to more than 60 countries.
          Zika Virus: A Serious Global Health Threat   
In February 2016, the World Health Organization declared Zika virus (ZIKV) infection a public health emergency of international concern, given the precipitous spread of the virus across the Americas. Unlike arboviruses such as Chikungunya and Dengue, which have also recently emerged in the western hemisphere, ZIKV was identified in communities where concurrent neurologic conditions such as microcephaly and Guillain-Barre (GB) syndrome were occurring at alarming rates. Thus, investigations to systematically evaluate the link between ZIKV, congenital malformations (including microcephaly) and GB syndrome remain a top priority.

          Malignancies in Children with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection – Our Experience at Chandigarh, North India   
Background: With improved survival in children living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection (CLHIV), malignancies are being increasingly recognized.Patients and methods: Among the CLHIV registered at our institute from January 1994 to March 2015, children with malignancy were analysed in detail.Results: In total, 734 children affected by HIV were registered. Out of these, 11 children (9 boys, 2 girls) were diagnosed to have malignancy. Malignancy was the presenting feature of HIV infection in 4 children. High-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) was the most common malignancy noted in 9 of 11 (81%) children, whereas the remaining 2 children had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Survival in our cohort was 80% among children in whom chemotherapy was initiated, and overall survival was 36% (4 of 11 children).Conclusion: NHL was the most common malignancy in CLHIV in our cohort. Low-conditioning chemotherapy protocols along with initiation of anti-retroviral therapy resulted in improved outcomes in CLHIV with malignancy.

          Epidemiological Features of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease during the Period of 2008–14 in Wenzhou, China   
This study aimed to analyze the epidemiological characteristics of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) during 2008–14 in Wenzhou, China. The epidemiological data of HFMD retrieved from the Wenzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention were retrospectively analyzed. HFMD infections with enterovirus 71 (EV71), Cox A16 or other pathogens were further verified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and real-time PCR. A total of 213 617 cases of HFMD were reported between 2008 and 2014 in Wenzhou. The average incidence was 384.31 of 100 000, and the fatality rate was 0.14‰. The incidence of HFMD peaked between April and July, and it occurred more frequently in males than in females. Approximately 92.68% of the HFMD patients were children aged <5 years. Nearly 80% of the cases were diagnosed within 2 days after onset. The major HFMD pathogen was EV71. This study suggested that appropriate comprehensive prevention and control measures should be taken to avoid the spread of HFMD.

          Review of Naturally Occurring Intussusception in Young Children in the WHO African Region prior to the Era of Rotavirus Vaccine Utilization in the Expanded Programme of Immunization   
Rotavirus vaccines, Rotarix and RotaTeq, are increasingly being introduced in national immunization programmes in Africa to prevent severe dehydrating acute gastroenteritis. A low-level risk of intussusception has been associated with rotavirus vaccines. We reviewed published data on intussusception in children <2 years of age in Africa. PubMed electronic database search was used to retrieve papers published on intussusception. The search was further refined to identify surveillance reports and case series conducted from 1980 to 2014, with at least 25 cases. The initial search identified 34 studies, and the refined search yielded 16. Intussusception occurred naturally in infants 2–4 months and peaked around 5–8 months of age. Delayed presentation was common and required surgical intervention in 87% (1008 of 1158) of cases with a high CFR, 10–33.7%. In African children, intussusception has been reported infrequently at a young age when the first dose of rotavirus vaccine is administered.

          Sky Action: Resident Evil: Retribution   
01.07.2017 19:35 - 21:15
Durch das T-Virus der Umbrella Corporation verseucht, verwandeln sich Menschen weiter in fleischfressende Monster. Retterin Alice (Milla Jovovich) erwacht in einer Geheimanlage von Umbrella. Mithilfe der Spionin Ada Wong (Bingbing Li) und ihres alten Freundes Luther West (Boris Kodjoe) versucht sie zu fliehen. Doch das ist schwierig, denn der zombieverpestete Bunker-Komplex erscheint als Simulation von Megacitys wie Tokio, New York oder Moskau. - Teil 5 der Hitreihe: Unter der Regie von Ur-R ...
          Commentaires sur Reportage-Pénurie d’eau à Dakar : Comment les ménages vivent le calvaire ? par mayday   
A Keur massar , depuis de 2 mois 20 coupures par jour.Pendant le DG nous parle d'excédent de production et des bénéfices réalisées. Quelle contradiction . Le virus du mensonge l'a t-il piqué?
          معلومات تهمك عن قطرة ايونوبس IONOPS للعين   

ايونوبس IONOPS قطرات للعين تستخدم لعلاج التهابات العين الناجمة عن فيروس الهربس البسيط HERPS SIMOLIX VIRUS . كثير من الناس يصابون بفيروس الهربس البسيط، في العادة خلال مرحلة الطفولة. بعد العدوى الأولى خلال الطفولة ، يبقى الفيروس معك مدى الحياة و لكن بشكل كامن .و من وقت لآخر ينشط الفيروس ليسبب بعض الإصابات مثل قرحة … متابعة قراءة معلومات تهمك عن قطرة ايونوبس IONOPS للعين

التدوينة معلومات تهمك عن قطرة ايونوبس IONOPS للعين ظهرت أولاً على فارماسيا.

          Survey by Initial Hygiene Reveals That Unhygienic Workplaces Are Affecting Employees' Productivity   

A hygienic workplace should be a mandatory practice to keep the workforce happy, both employers and employees alike. Spending longer hours at work makes it all the more crucial to implement proper workplace hygiene.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/22/2016 -- The majority of our time is spent at our workplaces, where the conditions of the environment may have either a positive or hazardous impact on our health and well-being. Having a well organised, safe, and healthy environment are conducive to our professional and social development, as dangerous exposures can have adverse consequences to our health.

There are viruses and germs all over our workspace due to various factors such as unhygienic dirty work areas, sick colleagues, and cross contamination from other germ hotspots. This applies to all areas of the work environment, from the washroom to pantry areas, work and common spaces, as well as storage areas. This increases the risk of catching illnesses more frequently, causing loss of time and productivity for employees as well as employers.

The Negative Impact of Poor Hygiene

Falling ill frequently can greatly interrupt our work performance, from causing missed deadlines, to incomplete tasks, unsatisfactory work quality, decreased productivity and so on.

The danger that lies behind an unhygienic environment can lead to the spread of common illnesses such as flu, cold, stomach issues, and headaches. Besides direct contamination, illnesses can be spread through cross contamination resulting in severe epidemic or even pandemic outbreaks including Hepatitis A and E, Influenza and typhoid fever that could be fatal. Even non-fatal illnesses such as a fungal infection might lead to irritation and discomfort that will affect our concentration at work.

Identifying Germ Hotspots in the Office Premises Enables Employers to Select the Right Hygiene Solutions for a Healthier Workplace

So where are germs commonly found? They are places where we tend to hold or touch, specifically doorknobs, handles, taps, sink, and more. Therefore, it is very important to clean and sanitise these areas properly and frequently. According to the World Health Organisation, hand hygiene is "the most important measure to avoid transmission of harmful germs."

A study has shown that because of our touch, germs are able to travel all the way from washrooms to working cubicles and eventually, back home with us. Identifying these high risk areas is the first step to:

1. Minimise cross contamination, thus reduced illnesses
2. Increase motivation and morale
3. Improve focus and productivity
4. A safer, healthier and more enjoyable place to work

Hygiene Detective Advocates Global Hand Washing and World Toilet Day

Initial, the experts in Hygiene, is spreading awareness on good hygiene habits with Hygiene Detective, a nationwide initiative launched in conjunction with the annual Global Handwashing Day and World Toilet Day that focuses on the importance of good hygiene. Historically, the primary target of these events has been children in developing countries. Recent reports are now increasingly highlighting hygiene shortcomings in adults and developed nations too.

This campaign highlights the germ hotspots and poor hygiene behaviours in office environments that can put the workforce at risk; with the aim of promoting good hygiene habits and creating a hygienic workplace via on-ground activation including interactive activities and videos.

Hygiene Habits result in Cleanliness

Cleanliness is said to be a dirt free state, and yet, it is impossible to get rid of germs entirely, as there are millions of germs circulating in the environment.

However, a clean workspace can also be referred to as a place where there is an all-round protection from germs. It should not only look clean but, actually be hygienic for the employer, employees and the visitors.

In an independent research conducted by Initial Hygiene UK, it was discovered that 57% of employees are more motivated and have higher morale when the workplace is clean and equipped with proper hygiene solutions. As a result, employees tend to prolong their employment duration as it shows that their wellbeing is taken into consideration.

A study suggests 64% of Malaysian office workers also believe the state of their office washrooms affects their productivity. A dirty place and clean mind cannot work together, hence good office hygiene can help improve employees' productivity and in turn result in better business performance and revenue. With improved staff morale and loyalty, there is lower absenteeism and recruitment cost can also be reduced.

"A clean and organised office environment will not just be beneficial for the staff but can also attract customers. Hygiene takes habit, and with ample of practices, it is easy and simple to create a clean working environment for all." said Carol Lam, the Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Malaysia.

About Initial Hygiene Malaysia
Initial Hygiene Malaysia has over 45 years of experience in the hygiene sector. Our services are backed by innovative research and development with a genuine understanding of a diverse range of business priorities. Besides Premium Scenting, we also provide a wide range of washroom hygiene services such as, hand hygiene, feminine hygiene and floor care.


For more information on this press release visit: http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/survey-by-initial-hygiene-reveals-that-unhygienic-workplaces-are-affecting-employees-productivity-753119.htm

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          Rentokil Malaysia Battling Rising Dengue and Zika Cases with Integrated Mosquito Management Programme   

Besides high number of dengue cases in Malaysia, Zika infections have also started to emerge locally. Learn what could be the main contributory factors and what can be done to curb this.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2016 -- In recent decades, global dengue and Zika outbreaks have grown exponentially. World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated that about 50% of the world's population are at risk for dengue and as many as four million people could be infected by Zika towards year end. As of August 2016, up to 67,437 dengue cases were reported in Malaysia with 153 deaths. The concerns on mosquito-borne diseases in the nation are now further exacerbated with the presence of Zika virus resulting in a total of 6 confirmed Zika cases so far.

According to Dr. Rose Nani Mudin, the Head of Vector Borne Disease Sector at the Ministry of Health Malaysia, climate change with alternating rainy and scorching weather is one of the main causes in the high density of mosquitoes. Furthermore, the hot and dry weather in Malaysia also made it easier for Aedes to breed compared to countries with a temperate climate. She further added that littering and inappropriate solid waste disposal have also resulted in high mosquito breeding index.

Dr Ashok Zachariah Philip, President of the Malaysian Medical Association, revealed that many Malaysians only dengue-proof their houses, but not the entire neighbourhood and this is insufficient to fight the outbreak. The community should in fact work towards a more sustainable protection by ensuring cleanliness and hygiene not only in their houses but around the neighbourhood.

Dr Philip also emphasised that mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and Zika virus infection can lead to devastating effects on infected individuals and their families. Therefore, he urges communities to clean up their neighbourhood and request for local councils to inspect potential breeding grounds, especially when there are construction sites nearby.

How Mosquito Borne Disease like Dengue is Inflicting Pain in Life

Often mistaken for the flu or normal fever, some people contracted dengue without realising it until the symptoms have worsened. Take Ruby as an example, a college student who suffered from symptoms of joint pains and migraines, and dismissed them as stress-related. She only visited the doctor when the pain became unbearable and was tested positive for the virus. Ruby then went through a spell of depression, worrying about her well-being and exams. Since her ordeal, she also shares her arduous experience with family and friends hoping that they will take preventive measures to protect themselves.

Besides causing a lot of pain and discomfort to the victims, dengue also greatly impacts the family members who care for the patient. Clementine from Petaling Jaya was terribly distressed when her mother contracted the virus and her work productivity was tremendously affected as a result of the many days off that she had to take to nurse her ailing mother. Once her mother recovered, Clementine has started to look into solutions for her home to be completely protected from mosquitoes.

Although dengue fever could ultimately result in death, the patient could be cured if given appropriate treatment at the right time. But is it different from Zika which will eventually lead to severe disabilities, especially to children (Microcephaly). A new research at The Rockefeller University and La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology suggests that certain adult brain cells may be vulnerable to infection as well. If the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes continues to remain uncontrolled, many of us in Malaysia would be at risk of contracting the virus.

Making the shift

Unfortunately, despite the alarming dengue cases, most Malaysians still maintain a reactive approach towards this epidemic. They only respond and take preventive measures when someone they know has contracted the virus. Many underestimate the perilous and interrelated burden of such mosquito-borne diseases and therefore, take little effort in controlling the vector. This reactive approach is indeed the biggest challenge in achieving a successful and sustainable effort of mosquito control. As part of a holistic solution to combat this mosquito-borne disease, Malaysians must adopt a proactive approach instead and the first step is ensuring zero stagnant water around their neighbourhood while maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

We should also do our part by constantly keeping alert on potential breeding sites and continuously engage the entire neighbourhood in taking action. This is because all dengue hotspots are also considered hotspots for Zika since the virus is being spread by the same vector, which is the Aedes mosquito. Consistent information to raise awareness within the community can help to educate and empower each individual to protect themselves from the virus. Everyone is equally susceptible to the virus as Aedes mosquitoes do not choose their victims.

Combating Mosquito effectively

Every mosquito species go through four distinct stages in its life cycle – egg, larva, pupa and adult. A teaspoon of clean stagnant water, which is easily found anywhere, is all it takes for an Aedes aegypti mosquito to lay a batch of eggs. Hence, for a winning battle, we should fight our enemy at every stage of its life cycle.

As part of their continuous effort to protect Malaysians from mosquitoes, leading pest company like Rentokil has designed an Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) programme, which has proven to be an effective approach to mosquito control in the long run. The IMM programme encourages the public to practise holistic approach in fighting mosquitoes at every stage of their life cycle, through the combination of removing potential mosquito breeding grounds, larviciding, water-based fogging and the use of adult mosquito traps. However, as mosquito species continue to evolve, it is equally crucial to have consistent community action and continuous information sharing to achieve a successful and long-term prevention.

"People often take the impact of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue for granted, but when we or our loved ones are affected, this impacts our life greatly. Hence, we need to be proactive in combating mosquitoes from the get-go. This is why at Rentokil Initial, we are committed to protecting people from the dangers of pest-borne diseases while enhancing their lives with integrated solutions that safeguard both their health and wellbeing." says Carol Lam, Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Malaysia.

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          Rentokil Initial Malaysia Shares Useful Insights on Dengue Outbreak in Conjunction with ASEAN Dengue Day   

15th June marks the ASEAN Dengue Day; an annual campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of dengue and Aedes mosquitoes. Experts share useful insights on global innovations and factors that contributed to the significant spike in dengue cases in Malaysia.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2015 -- Launched in 2011, the objective of this annual event is to raise awareness of dengue and strengthen the regional collaboration in prevention and control. While dengue is most prevalent in ASEAN region, the disease is spreading rapidly with a 30-fold increase in cases worldwide. Today, there are approximately 2.5 billion people at risk in over 100 countries.

Besides resulting in poor health and excess mortality, dengue has also affected the tourism sector and the socioeconomic development due to loss of work and productivity. The economic losses resulting from this disease made it even more compelling to accelerate the prevention and control efforts around the world.

Scientists in Brazil, Australia and the United Kingdom are currently conducting experiments with genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes to help control the emergence of dengue cases. Once the experiments and field trials are completed, the scientists believe that the GM mosquitoes will dramatically reduce the population of Aedes mosquitoes.

Other than that, the continuous spread and intensity of dengue cases have driven the interest and investment in dengue vaccine development. Hence, some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies are working hard to create a vaccine that is safe, effective and affordable. One of these vaccines has successfully advanced to phase-3 clinical trial with an efficacy of 60% and it is expected to be licensed sometime this year.

Meanwhile, the key to dengue control is to tackle the root of this problem by denying Aedes mosquitoes any chance to breed. An integrated mosquito management from Rentokil Initial Malaysia aims to control the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes by attacking each stage of the mosquito's life cycle with different solutions from larviciding to fogging. At the same time, customers are provided with sanitation advices and informative dengue knowledge through educational materials that can help to reduce their risk of being infected in the long run.

In Malaysia, dengue remains as a serious public health problem. As of 30th May this year, our Ministry of Health has reported a total of 141 deaths. The accumulated cases are now up to 47,112. The hardest hit states include Selangor (27,282), Perak (5,018), Johor (2,986) and Kuala Lumpur (2,938). In 2014, there was a 151% increase in dengue cases compared to 2013—with 108,698 cases and 215 deaths.

There are many factors that contributed to this alarming growth of dengue cases. Firstly, the switch of serotypes dengue virus from DAN2 to DAN1 also added to the surge in dengue cases. Although both serotypes are similar, as they share approximately 65% of their genomes, there is a vast difference in how each one interacts with our antibodies. As a result, people who were previously not exposed to the DAN1 virus are now vulnerable. Besides that, our monsoon season also played a major role in creating pockets of stagnant water that serve as Aedes breeding sites.

Other than that, we are fighting a losing battle due to lack of dengue awareness among Malaysians. As the public continues to litter, dump garbage illegally and practice poor environmental cleanliness that will ultimately lead to the increasing mosquito breeding sites.

As Aedes mosquitoes prefer to breed in stagnant water, by implementing good environmental hygiene practices and sanitation measures may help to minimise the disease. Here are a few simple and proactive tips to keep dengue at bay:

- Turn over empty pails and containers, so that they do not collect water. If the containers cannot be emptied, remember to keep it covered when not in use.

- Remove leaves, empty bottles and cans to avoid water collection.

- Clean and discard stagnant water collected in empty flower pots and add larvicide at least once a month to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

- Clean and clear drains around the house on weekly basis to prevent it from clogging.

- Clean and discard any dried leaves that may clog the roof gutters once a week to prevent water stagnation.

- Use aerosol spray or conduct fogging activities at home to kill and repel Aedes mosquitoes.

- Install window screens to prevent mosquitoes entering your home.

"According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), mosquito bites have resulted in hundreds of thousands human fatalities every year, making them the deadliest creature in the world. Like any other pests, mosquitoes can also develop resistance towards pesticide, hence, it is extremely important that proactive measures are taken along with eradication of breeding sites and adult mosquitoes in order to minimise the growing numbers of dengue cases." say Ms. Carol Lam, the Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Malaysia.

About Rentokil Pest Control Malaysia
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As one of Malaysia's leading pest control experts, Rentokil continues to be at the forefront in the battle against dengue. Rentokil provides both the public and commercial organisations with various training and education programmes such as the Community Oriented Health Education Programme (COHEP) and Total Hygiene Awareness Talk (THAT).

At Rentokil Initial Malaysia, three brands are focused on providing the best services with nationwide coverage, fast response and expert technical knowledge: Rentokil Pest Control, Initial Hygiene and Ambius Interiors. Visit http://www.rentokil-initial.com.my to find out how Rentokil Initial (M) Sdn Bhd services can add value to different business sectors.

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          Experience with B.E.S.T. H5 Vaccine   
Highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses (HPAI) continue to pose a significant economic disease burden to the poultry sector worldwide.
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Dreams of a gender-neutral O Canada are over — for now-[CBC]-YAHOONEWS-June 28, 2017

Canadians will not be singing a gender-neutral national anthem on Canada Day after a bill before Parliament to officially change the lyrics has stalled.The House of Commons overwhelmingly passed a private member's bill last summer that would alter the national anthem by replacing "in all thy sons command" with "in all of us command" as part of a push to strike gendered language from O Canada.Although the bill sailed through the House with government approval, Conservative senators opposed to the changes have scored a victory in the Red Chamber. A yearlong campaign successfully punted a vote on the bill until the fall, at the earliest, and even then the legislation faces an uncertain future."I'm trying to protect the tradition rather than, you know, water it down with a politically correct version that is historically inaccurate," Conservative Senator David Wells said in an interview with CBC News on Tuesday."I don't misrepresent why I'm [using parliamentary stall tactics] … I don't like this bill, and I will do what I can to ensure it doesn't pass."Wells and a number of other senators have said they oppose efforts to tinker with the lyrics written by a man long dead.(The lyrics have been changed since they were first penned by Robert Stanley Weir in 1908, but not since O Canada officially became the country's national anthem in 1980.) The late Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger introduced the bill, and many MPs backed the legislation as a salute to a colleague on his death bed."The bill was passed in the House compassionately and out of sadness for a dying colleague. While that is touching, it is not the way we make public policy in this country and it is not the way we do our legislation," Ontario Conservative Senator Lynn Beyak said.A flurry of amendments were introduced to the bill in the last few weeks of the parliamentary sitting — all failed to pass in the face of opposition from most Liberal and Independent senators — which dragged out debate considerably. Parliament rose for summer break before a final vote at third reading could be held.Ramona Lumpkin, the chancellor of Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, and a strong proponent of the bill, said she was deeply disappointed by the developments."We're so close and I really regret that there are a few senators who seem to have dug in and decided to delay. I hope it's not a permanent block," said Lumpkin, in an interview with CBC News."It's not as if the words were brought down from Mount Sinai on stone tablets like the Ten Commandments, they are words created by humans and subject to change as our social and cultural conditions change, and thank goodness they do," she said.Wells said national symbols cannot be altered to simply adhere to the "flavour of the day." He said Canadians were not consulted by the government and that there hasn't been an adequate conversation about a fairly significant change."I'll be working my hardest to delay this bill until there's a full debate," he said. "I get a lot of emails, and many comments to me personally, from people who don't want to see the anthem change, who see it as a part of our tradition and who see this attempt to change it as political correctness run amok. It is a slippery slope. Calls for inclusion will always be there, but my belief is all Canadians are already included in the national anthem."He said pictures adorning the walls of the Senate depict men in combat during the First World War. "Would we now airbrush females into those pictures to accurately reflect what it might be today with those pieces of Canadians' history? My answer is no, that would be an abomination, and I think that's what it is with the anthem as well."If the bill is amended in the Senate it would be sent back to the House for another vote. As per parliamentary rules, because Bélanger is dead, MPs will have to unanimously agree to replace him as sponsor or the bill drops from the order paper; that is unlikely given entrenched opposition from some corners of the chamber."That worries me," Lumpkin said. "I know language matters and I talk to students and young women regularly who still feel their voice doesn't carry as strong as the voice of their male friends. I think the gesture, even though it's symbolic, would say a lot to those young women."The Liberal government could also choose to introduce legislation of its own — with the same wording — to avoid some of the problems that often befall private member's bills; namely, the government could invoke time allocation to prevent procedural time delays.

DANIEL 7:23-24
23 Thus he said, The fourth beast (EU,REVIVED ROME) shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth,(7TH WORLD EMPIRE) which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.(TRADING BLOCKS-10 WORLD REGIONS/TRADE BLOCS)
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13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

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29 And Laban gave to Rachel his daughter Bilhah his handmaid to be her maid.

DANIEL 9:26-27
26 And after threescore and two weeks(62X7=434 YEARS+7X7=49 YEARS=TOTAL OF 69 WEEKS OR 483 YRS) shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary;(ROMAN LEADERS DESTROYED THE 2ND TEMPLE) and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.(THERE HAS TO BE 70 WEEKS OR 490 YRS TO FUFILL THE VISION AND PROPHECY OF DAN 9:24).(THE NEXT VERSE IS THAT 7 YR WEEK OR (70TH FINAL WEEK).
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Opinion-G20 is 'test run' for Trump-era climate governance By Simon Schunz-euobserver

BRUSSELS, 27. Jun, 09:06-Weeks after US president Donald Trump announced the US' withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, the debate is still raging on in regard to the possible implications of his decision.Some fear a global domino effect, with more countries renouncing climate protection pledges and ceasing domestic emission reduction efforts.Others argue that the Paris accord's architecture is sufficiently resilient, and that efforts to keep global temperature increases to "well below 2°C" – as stipulated by the agreement – will endure.Activities at the sub-national level in the US also seem to support the argument that the agreement will prevail and domestic opponents of Trump’s decision have mobilised remarkably quickly.Cities and states with progressive climate policies joined forces across the US, committing themselves to honouring the Paris agreement.For instance, support came via the bipartisan "US Climate Alliance" of states – including heavyweights such as California and New York – and the "We Are Still In" initiative, which involves hundreds of businesses, investors, and institutes of higher education.Moreover, these sub-national players are linking up with leading nations to create innovative climate diplomacy networks: California and China have held talks to collaborate on emission reduction efforts, while several US states have intensified climate cooperation with Canada.Though these developments enhance the Paris agreement’s chances of survival, they will not be enough.Fight for survival-The resilience of the agreement hinges on how other major emitters will react to Trump’s break.To pursue effective global climate governance, these countries must repeat the steps taken in the run-up to the 2015 Paris climate meeting, where a strategy of "multiple bilateralism" between US-China, China-India and China-EU (among others) served to build trust and resolve crunch issues.The emerging consensus among key emitters was translated into cooperation in the world’s club governance fora (G7, G20) and fed into the multilateral negotiations, leading to the Paris agreement’s ultimate entry into force.True to this spirit, six members (plus the EU) were already pressuring the US to remain committed to the Paris agreement at the recent G7 summit in Sicily. Not that it seemed to do much good, as Trump withdrew from the climate pact a few days later.The next litmus test for effective global climate governance comes in July, when leaders from countries accounting for 80% of global emissions meet for the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, on 7-8 July.With the US thrusting itself into isolation, the German G20 presidency will seek to gather the broadest possible support for the Paris agreement.But a question remains: is a G20 entente possible? It might be, if others show the way.Climate leaders-From the G7, the EU and Canada display the clearest leadership ambitions.EU heavyweights have signalled their "strongest commitment" to uphold their pledges to combat climate change.In his reaction to Trump’s Paris exit, Canada's prime minister, Justin Trudeau, confirmed his country's "unwavering commitment to fight climate change".The Canadian government has also vehemently denied recent reports that Trudeau wished to scrap references to climate from the draft G20 declaration, in order to appease the US government.But leaders need followers. And whether followers can be mobilised depends on how G20 members define their interests – economically and politically.Economically, many G20 countries appear to believe the energy transition – accelerated by the Paris Agreement – must continue.Investing in low-carbon development is no longer seen as a burden on growth prospects. If anything, there is a growing consensus that Trump’s decision will put the US at risk of lagging behind technologically.Politically, the relationship between G20 countries and the US (particularly the Trump administration) is tricky.Are countries like Australia, Japan, Turkey and the UK willing to risk relations with the president of a key ally by adopting a confrontational attitude over climate change? The answer depends heavily on whether the German G20 presidency can dispel their concerns by convincingly demonstrating that the world is changing – because it is.-Changing world-At an EU-China summit the day after Trump’s announcement, a draft joint declaration on climate change characterised the Paris Agreement as “an historic achievement further accelerating the irreversible global low greenhouse gas emission and climate resilient development” and outlined numerous joint actions.Although it was ultimately withheld due to trade-related differences, this declaration contains the blueprint for a shifting centre of gravity in global climate governance to Eurasia.If supported by India's prime minister, Narendra Modi, who has reiterated support for the Paris Agreement, a solid pro-climate coalition including three of the world’s top four emitters would emerge.Cooperation with Canada, and with the sub-national forces in the US, could then provide additional momentum to convince other G20 members.As a major guiding forum, the G20 represents a test run for the future of global climate governance during the Trump era.The direction this governance will take, depends heavily on the strength of emerging partnerships, and their ability to convince others to join them regardless of US policies.If the will is robust enough, this "multiple bilateralism" could bring about the dawn of a new era, and the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement.If it fails, however, global climate politics faces a complicated, daunting future.Dr Simon Schunz is a Research Fellow at the United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS), and a professor of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Leuven.

Opinion-EU parliament should befriend transparency By Sylvie GUILLAUME and Danuta HUEBNER-euobserver

BRUSSELS, 27. Jun, 17:24-A few days ago, an NGO representative expressed her concerns about the way the European Parliament was dealing with the European Commission’s proposal for a revised inter-institutional agreement on a “mandatory transparency register”.The proposal was submitted by the EU commission on 28 September 2016 and aimed at including the Council of the EU, where representatives of member states sit, as a new partner within the framework.Following the commission's proposal, the EU parliament’s Conference of Presidents entrusted us, as the responsible lead negotiators - supported by a contact group composed of one MEP from each political group - with developing a draft negotiating mandate.We organised five contact group meetings, where detailed discussions provided the opportunity for all political groups to give their input and ideas. It led to the endorsement of a balanced text on 11 April this year.We enriched our deliberations by means of a half-day meeting between the contact group and the involved NGO representatives - including Nina Katzemich from the website LobbyControl, and others from organisations such as Transparency International, Civil Society Europe and Corporate Europe Observatory.We listened carefully to their concerns, many of which we had already incorporated into our work, such as the necessity to enlarge the definition of lobbying and to include an independent observer in the management structure of the transparency register.We also discussed how we to pursue the negotiations with the EU commission and the council in order to get those concerns taken on board.Instead of the expected swift adoption of the mandate, which would signal the parliament’s readiness to enter into negotiations, we were deeply troubled to find that the item had been taken off the agenda of the Conference of Presidents on successive occasions.-Horse-trading-It appeared that some MEPs used procedural manoeuvres and political horse-trading to achieve repeated postponements of the adoption of the mandate, even though a large majority in parliament supported its content.It seems that it is sometimes those who believe themselves to be on the path of righteousness, who are most willing to misuse our system of procedures to score cheap political points.We found it disturbing that some wilfully ignored parliament’s power to determine its own internal organisation.It has also saddened us to see that some of those who claim to be at the forefront of stemming the tide of populism, do not seem to mind riding on that very same tide when it serves their own political ends.However, we were glad to see that the Conference of Presidents finally adopted the mandate two weeks ago on 15 June, in the very same form that had been proposed by the contact group.Following its adoption, the mandate was immediately published on the EU parliament’s website.Regarding the free and independent mandate of MEPs - enshrined in EU primary law - it is noteworthy that the independence of elected representatives is a cornerstone of a representative democracy and a principle this is not easily dismissed.Therefore, any limitation on MEPs in the exercise of their free mandate must be proportionate and cannot, for example, unduly restrict his or her right to seek information.Moreover, a principle enshrined in primary law cannot be altered by secondary law, let alone by an inter-institutional agreement.The mandate adopted on 15 June is based on a long line of parliament’s decisions regarding its relations with interest representatives.It reflects the position of a broad majority of MEPs and it constitutes a solid base for negotiations on a significant improvement to the current transparency register and a widening of its scope.-Negotiating framework-The mandate should be understood as a framework for the negotiations.Parliament’s position will continue to be adapted as the negotiations progress. Once the negotiations are concluded, parliament will adopt follow-up decisions with respect to its internal organisation, in order to implement the new inter‑institutional agreement.But the European Parliament still remains committed to pushing for a transparency regulation that would go beyond an inter-institutional agreement and lay down the relevant provisions on transparency and the register in secondary law.One should not forget the progress that parliament has achieved so far in this field. It initiated the Transparency Register as early as 1996, as well as a Code of Conduct with a commitment for registered lobbyists to act in accordance with high ethical standards.Parliament is, and remains, the most open EU institution, which can be seen with the web-streaming of its meetings and the ability for citizens to visit all of its buildings.Furthermore, parliament decided that registration on the transparency register was to be made a requirement to be invited as a speaker at committee hearings and to receive a long-term access badge for its premises.It also put in place a voluntary legislative footprint last year, and it encourages its MEPs to meet only with registered organisations.Katzemich considers the EU commission to have made a big step in 2015 by publishing meetings of commissioners, heads of cabinets and directors‑general.Certainly, this is true. However, this measure was decided by the commission with a view to its own internal organisation and cannot be easily translated to other institutions such as EU parliament or the council, both of which have a different set-up.Furthermore, the commission’s system is not without its flaws and has room for improvement, as Transparency International and other organisations regularly report.As the EU parliament's lead negotiators, we are particularly committed to getting the council on board and to adding significant value compared to the current framework.Three principles-A new register should encompass the following three principles.First, the widest possible scope of application for EU institutions and other bodies, including meaningful participation of the council.Next, a comprehensive and clear framework, without weakening the current system, for the regulation of interest representation activities.Finally, structures and resources that guarantee effective implementation.One of the main issues is that the new inter-institutional agreement provides a framework for coordination among the EU institutions, while at the same time fully respecting their different competences and prerogatives.-The mandate-The approach we have developed in our mandate would allow for:- The full respect of MEPs' independent mandate.- An inclusive transparency policy for all types of interest representative, as with the current register that features over 11200 registered interest groups from all over the world.- The possibility to maintain the wider definition of lobbying, covering both direct and indirect interest representation (as with the current system).- The full respect for each institutions’ needs, e.g. in the case of parliament as an open house but also with the need to know, for security reasons, who is coming in and why.- More flexibility in respect to the EU institutions’ roles and structures (parliament cannot simply duplicate rules that were designed for the commission).- Better quality information on the database – making the register more reliable as a source of information for the institutions themselves and for the general public.The quality of the new system will depend on how far the council can be convinced to match the parliament’s and commission’s commitment to transparency.We would therefore advise to look at the whole picture and analyse the situation comprehensively, especially with a view to scrutinising the council’s approach.It takes time to change long-standing practices, but we are fully committed to forge ahead, knowing that a pragmatic and constructive approach will yield the best results.Transparency certainly is one important aspect of ensuring citizens’ trust in the EU institutions. But it is not the only one. Keeping true to the facts is another.Sylvie Guillaume is a vice-president of the European Parliament, and Danuta Huebner is the chair of the constitutional affairs committee-Correction: The article's footnote originally said that Danuta Huebner is the chair of the foreign affairs committee, when in fact, she is the chair of the constitutional affairs committee

EU Commission could get say on Russia gas pipeline By Andrew Rettman-euobserver

BRUSSELS, 27. Jun, 09:29-EU states have given initial backing for the European Commission to negotiate the legal model of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with Russia.Pablo Micallef, a spokesman for the Maltese EU presidency, told EUobserver that “some 13” member states spoke out on the plan when EU energy ministers met for informal talks in Brussels on Monday.The incoming Estonian EU presidency is now expected to convene a working group to take things forward.The Danish energy minister, Lars Christian Lilleholt, who was among the 13 EU backers, said: “I’m very satisfied. It was the best thing that could have come out of the meeting”.The mandate will have to be formally approved later down the line in a “reinforced qualified majority” vote by member states, a higher than usual threshold of 72 percent of EU countries representing 65 percent of its population.Maros Sefcovic, the EU energy commissioner who drafted the proposal, told the Reuters news agency: “I’m definitely optimistic about getting the [formal] mandate, but I know this is just the beginning of the debate."Nord Stream 2 is to concentrate 70 percent of Russian gas supplies to Europe in one route to Germany under the Baltic Sea.But its critics, which include the Nordic states, the Baltic countries, Poland, and the US, say it would harm EU energy security and undermine Ukraine, a Western ally, by making Ukraine’s transit pipes obsolete.-EU laws-Anna-Kaisa Itkonen, the Commission’s energy spokeswoman, told EUobserver on Tuesday that the Commission wanted to talk to Russia on whether the offshore part of Nord Stream 2 should be covered by the EU’s so-called third energy package.That EU law would oblige Russian state firm Gazprom to open up its Nord Stream 2 monopoly to EU competitors - a demand which led Russia to stop a previous project, the South Stream pipeline under the Black Sea to Bulgaria.But Itkonen said the talks would “not [be] about a [Commission] veto, it is not about the future of the pipeline, not about the Commission approving it or not”.She said the Commission-Russia talks would be designed to give “legal certainty” on Nord Stream 2 and that they would be “nothing spectacular or extraordinary” because EU officials had held similar discussions with “third countries” on other projects.The Nord Stream 2 regulatory framework is currently being negotiated between Germany and Russia.German, Austrian, French, and Anglo-Dutch firms - Uniper, Wintershall, OMV, Engie, and Shell - are to take part in the project, with Germany and Austria keen to press ahead.Neither the German nor the Austrian minister spoke out on Monday, EU sources told Reuters, but Germany and Austria recently attacked the US over its threat to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 investors.“We decide who supplies us with energy and how they do it”, the German and Austrian foreign ministers said in a joint statement on 15 June.-Ukraine unhappy-Pavlo Klimkin, the Ukrainian foreign minister, told Reuters in Paris on Monday that Nord Stream 2 "would have disastrous consequences for the energy security of the European Union and would make the EU dependent on one source.""Maybe some companies will benefit for the time being, but in the long-run it will lead nowhere”, he said.He added that there was no progress on Russia ending hostilities in east Ukraine."How can you trust Russia in setting up a unique source of gas supply?”, he said, referring to broader EU and US concerns over Russia’s aggressive behaviour toward neighbouring states.

Focus-Nordics consider alternative to EU emissions trading system By Lisbeth Kirk-june 28,17-euobserver

Copenhagen, Today, 07:44-If the European emissions trading system is not reformed to work efficiently, a Nordic carbon price floor could be introduced to secure future green investments in the region, according to a new strategic review of energy co-operation by the Nordic Council.The plan, which has been in preparation for over a year, is penned by Finnish businessman Jorma Ollila, who had formerly chaired Royal Dutch Shell for almost ten years and was the chairman and CEO of Nokia.It comes at a crucial time, just as the final talks on reforming the EU's carbon trading scheme are due to take place in Brussels.On Tuesday (27 June), representatives of the EU member states, the European Parliament and the European Commission met for one of the final meetings on how the EU’s flagship climate instrument – the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) – should look in the 2021-2030 period.But before the real talks have even started, hopes of reforming the EU system to work efficiently are fading.”I think everyone realises that this is not enough. The [EU] proposal will not deliver a carbon price that we need to decarbonise the industry sectors,” said Femke de Jong, EU policy director for Carbon Market Watch.Her organisation brings together more than 800 NGOs and academics from 70 different countries, working to make the carbon market “an effective climate mitigation tool.””I think it is only logical to have a debate on how we can complement the system. A carbon floor price – at least at the regional level – seems a realistic option,” de Jong said.-Nordic energy union-Norway and Sweden are strong on hydropower, Norway produces oil and gas, Denmark has wind, while Finland and Sweden have built nuclear plants and are pushing for more bio-fuels as a future energy resource.Some 20 years ago, these countries decided to connect their national electricity grids with water reservoirs, allowing hydropower to serve as a kind of Nordic battery to compensate for periods without wind, for example.”There were significant benefits, welfare benefits, lower electricity prices and easier management of the generation of electricity in tough times or during high peak demand in winter times,” Ollila pointed out.This Nordic solution, Ollila said, has been "managed historically very well". He added that since the EU is looking into different prospects for the energy union, there is an opportunity to learn from "what has been done in Nordic countries over the past 20 years."In addition to Nordic carbon trade, Ollila also suggested a Nordic export strategy for green energy solutions, alignment of research and using the whole Nordic area as a testbed.Nuuk in Greenland has been suggested to become a testbed for the full deployment of electric vehicles, and Reykjavik in Iceland may become a testing ground for infrastructure and systems that can support electrification of visiting cruise and fishing ships.The Faroe Islands may become the place for the development of battery technology and energy storage.-Green transition and growth-Put together, the Nordic region today is one of the 12 largest economies in the world and it is already living proof that the green transition is not incompatible with economic growth.However, the Nordics must become even greener to complete their transition into renewable energy, the Nordic Council report said."The energy transition is already underway – but if the Nordic countries do not participate to the fullest, the jobs will be created elsewhere," warned Jorma Ollila."The renewables will take off faster than what was thought only five years ago. So, the role of the renewables will grow quite significantly," he added."The focus should be on securing the most efficient green transition. If the ETS does not provide this, it may be relevant and timely to discuss a joint Nordic approach to support the schemes for renewable energy," Ollila's report concluded.”Another approach could be to discuss the introduction of a Nordic carbon price, based on the United Kingdom’s carbon price floor, in order to secure stronger incentives for the green transition,” it said.-UK leads the way-The prospect of a regionalised European carbon trading system in the future is not limited to the Nordic area. For instance, the UK already introduced a carbon price floor in 2013.”So far, the only country in Europe that has a carbon floor price is the UK. There it was very effective. They introduced a carbon floor price in 2013 and it has resulted in UK coal emissions falling by almost 60% last year," Femke de Jong said, adding: "So it is really significant."She goes on to say that: "It can be a very effective instrument to – at least in the intermediate time – to make sure that the carbon price reflects the damage cost of the pollution to the society.”Under the UK carbon floor price system, carbon emission prices rise automatically – currently at 18 pounds sterling (€20) from 2016 to 2020.Currently the carbon price in Europe stands at €5, but it should rise to €40 to meet the objectives of the Paris climate agreement and rise further to €100 in 2030.-Regional carbon trade-”Ideally, this should be solved at the EU level, but if this is not possible in the short-term, it makes sense to go for a regional solution,” de Jong said.”France has been pushing for it very much in the past and we think that now, with Macron [as president of France], he will also push for that," she added."Let's see," she said, "maybe after the German elections, there can also be a regional carbon price in Western Europe – with Germany, maybe Belgium, the Netherlands and France."Linking the Nordic carbon trade to the British system might be made complicated by the Brexit process, however.”I think it might be tricky for the Nordic countries to join the UK system,” said de Jong.”It is still an open question if the UK will withdraw from the ETS or not. Maybe it is also an idea to team up more with other countries that are contemplating this,” she suggested.

Luxembourg not a tax haven, claims PM By Nikolaj Nielsen-june 28,17-euobserver

Luxembourg, Today, 08:42-Luxembourg continues to refute any notion that it is a tax haven, despite widespread evidence of dubious schemes that it cuts global tax bills for big firms."We were never a tax haven," Luxembourg's prime minister, Xavier Bettel, told EUobserver on Tuesday (27 June).Bettel's comments follow a grilling of Luxembourg's former prime minister and current European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker. Juncker in late May told the European Parliament that he was unable to explain why the Grand Duchy "didn't want to remove tax secrecy."But Bettel, who was fielding a wide range of questions from reporters at an event hosted by the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg, defended the country's tax policies by saying it was one of the first places to push transparency and the exchange of tax rulings with other member states."It is important for me that we have common rules and Luxembourg was one of the first one for transparency," he said.Luxembourg was rocked by scandal following media revelations in late 2014 that exposed how nearly 340 companies secured secret deals that shaved billions of euros from taxes, which were due to be paid elsewhere.The revelations ushered in a raft of new EU and national legislation to increase tax transparency and weed out abuse.The scandal also triggered a probe by the European Parliament, which slammed Luxembourg for allowing corporations to dodge "tax that could have been used to build schools, hospitals or pay down national debt."A report by the Brussels-based NGO, Eurodad, had also revealed last December that Luxembourg had in fact increased the number of so-called tax rulings in the wake of the 2014 media revelations by some 50 percent.The issue saw former PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) employee Antoine Deltour face prison time for leaking the secret rules to the media, posing larger questions on whistleblower protection laws.But Bettel maintained that his country was fully compliant with tax standards and had not committed a crime."There are over 20 countries in Europe doing [tax] rulings," he noted, echoing a similar refrain to his predecessor, Juncker.Luxembourg, under Juncker's decade-long leadership of the country, had also repeatedly blocked the rolling back of aggressive tax planning schemes throughout the EU, according to a cache of German cables leaked earlier this year.Bettel also opposes any pan-EU taxation system and refuses to impose any sort of tax on financial transactions.The financial transaction tax, also known as the FTT, aims to raise money for the public good by imposing a 0.1 percent tax on shares and bonds, and 0.01 percent on derivative products."I am fully against and I will block that," said Bettel. But he noted that other member states are free to move ahead on the file as part of a two-speed Europe.He also added that people in Luxembourg should not have to pay more tax only "because other countries were not responsible with public finances."

New cyberattack wallops Europe; spreads more slowly in US-[The Canadian Press]-YAHOONEWS-June 27, 2017

PARIS — A new and highly virulent outbreak of data-scrambling software — apparently sown in Ukraine — caused disruption across the world Tuesday. Following a similar attack in May , the fresh cyber-assault paralyzed some hospitals, government offices and major multinational corporations in a dramatic demonstration of how easily malicious programs can bring daily life to a halt.Ukraine and Russia appeared hardest hit by the new strain of ransomware — malicious software that locks up computer files with all-but-unbreakable encryption and then demands a ransom for its release. In the United States, the malware affected companies such as the drugmaker Merck and Mondelez International, the owner of food brands such as Oreo and Nabisco.Its pace appeared to slow as the day wore on, in part because the malware appeared to require direct contact between computer networks, a factor that may have limited its spread in regions with fewer connections to Ukraine.The malware's origins remain unclear. Researchers picking the program apart found evidence its creators had borrowed from leaked National Security Agency code, raising the possibility that the digital havoc had spread using U.S. taxpayer-funded tools."The virus is spreading all over Europe and I'm afraid it can harm the whole world," said Victor Zhora, the chief executive of Infosafe IT in Kyiv , where reports of the malicious software first emerged early afternoon local time Tuesday.In Ukraine, victims included top-level government offices, where officials posted photos of darkened computer screens, as well as energy companies, banks, cash machines, gas stations, and supermarkets. Ukrainian Railways and the communications company Ukrtelecom were among major enterprises hit, Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan said in a Facebook post .The virus hit the radiation-monitoring at Ukraine's shuttered Chornobyl power plant, site of the world's worst nuclear accident, forcing it into manual operation.Multinational companies, including the global law firm DLA Piper and Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk were also affected, although the firms didn't specify the extent of the damage.Ukraine bore the brunt with more than 60 per cent of the attacks, followed by Russia with more than 30 per cent , according to initial findings by researchers at the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab. It listed Poland, Italy and Germany, in that order, as the next-worst affected.In the U.S, two hospitals in western Pennsylvania were hit; patients reported on social media that some surgeries had to be rescheduled. A spokeswoman for Heritage Valley Health System would say only that operational changes had to be made. A Wellsville, Ohio, woman at one of its hospitals to have her gallbladder removed said she noticed computer monitors off and nurses scurrying around with stacks of paperwork.Security experts said Tuesday's global cyberattack shares something in common with last month's outbreak of ransomware, dubbed WannaCry . Both spread using digital lock picks originally created by the NSA and later published to the web by a still-mysterious group known as the Shadowbrokers.Security vendors including Bitdefender and Kaspersky said the NSA exploit, known as EternalBlue, lets malware spread rapidly across internal networks at companies and other large organizations. Microsoft issued a security fix in March, but Chris Wysopal, chief technology officer at the security firm Veracode, said it would only be effective if every single computer on a network were patched — otherwise, a single infected machine could infect all others."Once activated, the virus can automatically and freely distribute itself on your network," Ukraine's cyberpolice tweeted.Bogdan Botezatu, an analyst with Bitdefender, compared such self-spreading software to a contagious disease. "It's like somebody sneezing into a train full of people," he said.Ryan Kalember, a security expert at Proofpoint, said one reason the attacks appeared to be slowing down was that the ransomware appears to spread only when a direct contact exists between two networks — such as when a global company's Ukraine office interacts with headquarters.But once it hits a computer on a network, it spreads quickly, even among computers that have applied the fix for the NSA exploit."It's more harmful to the organization that it affects, but because it's not randomly spreading over the internet like WannaCry, it's somewhat contained to the organizations that were connected to each other," Kalember said.Botezatu said the new program appeared nearly identical to GoldenEye, a variant of a known family of hostage-taking programs known as "Petya." It demanded $300 in Bitcoin.Unlike typical ransomware, which merely scrambles personal data files, the program wreaking havoc Tuesday overwrites a computer's master boot record, making it tougher to restore even a machine that has been backed up, said Kalember.It may have first spread through a rogue update to a piece of Ukrainian accounting software called MEDoc, according to tweets by the country's cyberpolice unit. It said a rogue update seeded the infection across Ukraine. In a lengthy statement posted to Facebook, MEDoc acknowledged having been hacked.The motives of those behind the malware remain unknown. Ukraine has been a persistent target of pro-Russian hackers, who are blamed for twice shutting down large swaths of its power grid in the dead of winter and sabotaging its elections system in a bid to disrupt May 2014 national elections.Emails sent Tuesday to an address posted to the bottom of ransom demands went unreturned. That might be because the email provider hosting that address, Berlin-based Posteo, pulled the plug on the account before the infection became widely known.In an email, a Posteo representative said it had blocked the email address "immediately" after learning that it was associated with ransomware. The company added that it was in contact with German authorities "to make sure that we react properly."___Bajak reported from Houston. Associated Press writers Anick Jesdanun in New York, Vladimir Isachenkov in Moscow, Larry Rosenthal in Beaver, Pennsylvania and Jan M. Olsen in Copenhagen, Denmark, contributed to this report.Raphael Satter And Frank Bajak, The Associated Press.

Trudeau appoints his first climate change ambassador with revamped mandate-[The Canadian Press]-YAHOONEWS-June 27, 2017

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tapped a long-time Canadian diplomat to step into a revamped role of Canada's ambassador for climate change.Canada hasn't had such an ambassador since January 2015.Jennifer MacIntyre fills the role as of Tuesday, with a mandate to push Canada's international relationships on the climate change file, including promoting Canadian clean technology businesses abroad.She is the fifth person to hold the title of ambassador for climate change — but the first where the role is not the equivalent of Canada's chief negotiator for climate change treaties.As such she will not be on hand next week when Trudeau sits down with other G20 leaders in Germany where the Paris climate change agreement will be front and centre.Instead her role is to find ways for Canada to take advantage of any international opportunities for trade and investment that climate change policies bring.MacIntyre spent most of the last four years as the ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.The Canadian Press.

NATO chief: US allies to spend $12 billion more this year-[The Canadian Press]-YAHOONEWS-June 28, 2017

BRUSSELS — NATO's chief says U.S. allies are projected to spend around $12 billion more on defence this year, after President Donald Trump berated them for failing to boost military budgets.NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday that "we have really shifted gears. The (spending) trend is up and we intend to keep it up."Unveiling new figures, Stoltenberg said European allies and Canada have increased spending by almost $46 billion over the last three years.He said 25 of NATO's 29 allies aim to raise defence spending in 2017.Only the United States, Britain, Estonia, debt-burden Greece and Poland met NATO's spending targets last year. Romania says it will meet the 2 per cent of GDP guideline this year, while Latvia and Lithuania plan to in 2018.The Associated Press.


LUKE 21:25-26
25 And there shall be signs in the sun,(HEATING UP-SOLAR ECLIPSES) and in the moon,(MAN ON MOON-LUNAR ECLIPSES) and in the stars;(ASTEROIDS ETC) and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity;(MASS CONFUSION) the sea and the waves roaring;(FIERCE WINDS)
26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear,(TORNADOES,HURRICANES,STORMS) and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth:(DESTRUCTION) for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.(FROM QUAKES,NUKES ETC)

Wind fans the flames of Utah fire that has burned 13 homes-[The Canadian Press]-YAHOONEWS-June 28, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY — Firefighters are bracing for more high winds Wednesday as they try to slow a southern Utah wildfire that has burned 13 homes and forced the evacuation of 1,500 people.Firefighters are hoping to be able to put out hot spots on the southern end of the fire to allow residents to return to the ski town of Brian Head. Homes there have been evacuated since June 17 when authorities say it was started by someone using a torch tool to burn weeds on private land.The fire is the largest in the nation at 78 square miles (201 square kilometres ).The blaze is one of several in the West. Crews in California were making gains against two new fires that spread quickly, and firefighters in Idaho battled five lightning-sparked wildfires burning in grass and brush.

The Associated Press

EUROPEAN UNION-KING OF WEST-DAN 9:26-27,DAN 7:23-24,DAN 11:40,REV 13:1-10



GENESIS 6:11-13
11 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.(WORLD TERRORISM,MURDERS)(HAMAS IN HEBREW IS VIOLENCE)
12 And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.
13 And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence (TERRORISM)(HAMAS) through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

GENESIS 16:11-12
11 And the angel of the LORD said unto her,(HAGAR) Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael;(FATHER OF THE ARAB/MUSLIMS) because the LORD hath heard thy affliction.
12 And he (ISHMAEL-FATHER OF THE ARAB-MUSLIMS) will be a wild (DONKEY-JACKASS) man;(ISLAM IS A FAKE AND DANGEROUS SEX FOR MURDER CULT) his hand will be against every man,(ISLAM HATES EVERYONE) and every man's hand against him;(PROTECTING THEMSELVES FROM BEING BEHEADED) and he (ISHMAEL ARAB/MUSLIM) shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.(LITERAL-THE ARABS LIVE WITH THEIR BRETHERN JEWS)

ISAIAH 14:12-14
12  How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer,(SATAN) son of the morning!(HEBREW-CRECENT MOON-ISLAM) how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
13  For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
14  I (SATAN HAS EYE TROUBLES) will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.(AND 1/3RD OF THE ANGELS OF HEAVEN FELL WITH SATAN AND BECAME DEMONS)

JOHN 16:2
2 They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.(ISLAM MURDERS IN THE NAME OF MOON GOD ALLAH OF ISLAM)

Trudeau touts open Canadian immigration system in face of Trump travel ban-[CBC]-YAHOONEWS-June 27, 2017

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will continue to promote Canada's open immigration policy on the world stage as controversy rages over U.S. President Donald Trump's travel ban.Trudeau said Tuesday during a news conference in Ottawa to wrap up the parliamentary sitting that government officials have had "multiple conversations" with the U.S. administration about protecting Canadian rights in the face of immigration decisions south of the border."But at the same time, Canadians have been very clear that we see immigration as a net positive, that we know we don't have to compromise security to build stronger, more resilient communities," he said. "I will continue to stand for Canadian values and Canadian success in our immigration system as I always have, whether it's in Washington or in Hamburg next week or elsewhere around the world."On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed a limited version of Trump's ban on travel from six mostly Muslim countries to take effect.The justices will hear full arguments in October, but in the meantime, the court said Trump's ban on visitors from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen could be enforced if those visitors lack a "credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States."-Trudeau defends sniper role-In the wide-ranging news conference in the National Press Theatre, Trudeau was asked about topics ranging from trade concerns with the U.S. to recent news that a Canadian special forces member had shot and killed an ISIS fighter at a record distance for a sniper.Trudeau called the sniper actions "entirely consistent" with the role of troops in northern Iraq. The "advise and assist" mission has always had an element of defending Canadian forces as well as our coalition partners, he said."That is something that is integral to this mission, and that is something that has always been followed," he said.NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has said the incident suggests Canadian forces are actually involved in direct combat in Iraq, and has called on Trudeau to provide the public with more details on the role of the mission.Trudeau said the incident should be "celebrated" for demonstrating the excellence in training and performance of duties by the Canadian Forces.National Defence said the sniper, part of the Joint Task Force 2 special forces unit, was supporting Iraqi forces when he shot an enemy fighter from 3,540 metres away.That is more than a kilometre farther than the previous record, held by a British sniper who shot a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan in 2009.Trudeau also said he broke his key electoral promise to reform Canada's electoral system because there was no compromise from other parties, and he didn't want to use his Liberal majority to ram through fundamental change."There was no path to do that."-'No path' on electoral reform-Trudeau said Liberals preferred a ranked ballot system, while the NDP wanted a proportional voting system that would have led to "fragmented" parties.Conservatives wanted to keep the status quo, he said."It was a very difficult decision for me," Trudeau said in describing his decision to break the promise.Asked about when the government will eliminate the deficit, Trudeau said his government is targeting billions in new spending on infrastructure and other services Canadians need and will not put a timeframe on when it will "arbitrarily" balance the books.Trudeau also touted what he sees as the government's key accomplishments so far, namely helping improve the quality of life for the middle class and taking steps to tackle the opioid crisis before taking questions.The prime minister also reacted to a new round of anti-dumping tariffs imposed on Canada's softwood lumber industry by the U.S. Department of Commerce. He said he is focused on being "constructive" and working toward a deal that will help protect thousands of jobs in Canada.Earlier Tuesday, the prime minister issued a statement to mark Multiculturalism Day.'Differences make us strong'"Canadians come from every corner of the world, speak two official languages and hundreds more, practise many faiths, and represent many cultures," he said. "Multiculturalism is at the heart of Canada's heritage and identity, and as Canadians, we recognize that our differences make us strong."Canada's tradition of multiculturalism has meant fresh perspectives and new answers to old problems, Trudeau said.Noting that Canada is celebrating both the 150th anniversary of Confederation and the 35th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Trudeau said the milestones are a reminder of the values that unite Canadians: Openness, inclusion and deep respect for our differences."Whoever we are, wherever we come from, these values bring us together as equal members of this great country," he said.

U.S.-led coalition envoy visits Syria to discuss Raqqa aftermath-YAHOONEWS-[Reuters]-June 28, 2017

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Brett McGurk, the U.S. special envoy to the coalition against Islamic State visited north Syria on Wednesday and met the council planning to run Raqqa after its capture from the jihadists to assure it of support, one of its members said.The U.S.-led coalition is supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias that began fighting inside Raqqa three weeks ago.The SDF announced the creation of the Raqqa Civil Council in April to replace militant rule in a city that has for three years been Islamic State's de facto capital in Syria.McGurk has met the council in Ain Issa in north Syria twice before in meetings that were not publicized, a member of the Raqqa Civil Council, Omar Alloush, said.Colonel Ryan Dillon, spokesman for the coalition, said coalition members are routinely in northern Syria working with the SDF and other local entities including the council. He could not confirm McGurk's visit on Wednesday and referred queries to the special envoy's office.Alloush said McGurk and other coalition officials, including its deputy commander Major General Rupert Jones, promised infrastructure help but did not discuss how much money was available."They did not specify any sum, but they decided we will support first removing mines, lifting rubble, maintenance of schools, then electricity stations and water," Alloush said.This month, volunteers at the council told Reuters they had informed the coalition it would take about $10 million a year to restore power and water supplies, roads and schools.(Reporting by Tom Perry; Writing by Angus McDowall; Editing by Louise Ireland)

Cluster bombs kill at least 15 in eastern Syria-[The Canadian Press]-YAHOONEWS-June 28, 2017

BEIRUT — A cluster bomb attack on an Islamic State-held village in eastern Syria killed at least 15 people on Wednesday, activists said, the latest in a series of devastating airstrikes along the Euphrates River ValleyTwo Syrian monitoring groups, Deir Ezzor 24 and Justice For Life, said the weapons were dropped on the village of Doblan by an unidentified jet. Russian, Syrian, and U.S.-led coalition aircraft are all known to operate in the area.Cluster bombs are designed to spread small bomblets across a wide area, but many fail to explode, endangering civilians long after the fighting has ended.Omar Abou Layla, the head of Deir Ezzor 24, said 15 bodies, including of women and children, were recovered in the village. He said residents expect to find many more killed.Ali Rahbe, of Justice For Life, said local informants counted at least 35 dead in the village, which is between the IS strongholds of al-Mayadeen and Boukamal.The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights put the initial toll at 30 dead.At least 57 people were killed in an airstrike on an IS-run jail in the Euphrates River Valley on Monday. Activists said that airstrike was carried out by the U.S.-led coalition. The coalition said it was looking into the reports.Turkey's military meanwhile said it returned fire after an attack by Syrian Kurdish forces.A statement Wednesday said the People's Protection Units, or YPG, fired on Turkish territory overnight with anti-aircraft weapons from Syria's Afrin region. Turkish artillery units returned fire, destroying the "detected targets."The YPG is the main component of the Syrian Democratic Forces, a U.S.-backed militia that is battling the Islamic State group in the extremists' de facto capital, Raqqa. Turkey views the YPG as an extension of the Kurdish insurgency raging in its southeast.Turkey was angered by a U.S. decision last month to arm the Syrian Kurds, fearing the weapons will end up in the hands of Kurdish rebels in Turkey.The Associated Press.

Philippines says beheaded civilians found in rebel-held town-[Reuters]-By Kanupriya Kapoor-YAHOONEWS-June 28, 2017

MARAWI CITY, Philippines (Reuters) - Five decapitated civilians were found in a Philippine city occupied by Islamist rebels on Wednesday, the military said, warning the number of residents killed by rebel "atrocities" could rise sharply as troops retake more ground.The discovery of the five victims among 17 bodies retrieved would be the first evidence that civilians trapped in besieged Marawi City have been decapitated during the five-week stand by militants loyal to the Islamic State group, as some who escaped the city have previously reported.Some 71 security forces and 299 militants have been killed and 246,000 people displaced in the conflict, which erupted after a failed attempt on May 23 to arrest a Filipino militant commander backed by Islamic State's leadership.President Rodrigo Duterte promised to destroy the militants in Marawi and said the Philippines was now dealing with "a very dangerous situation" due to young Muslims inspired by the "mass insanity" of Islamic State."All they do is just to kill and destroy, and killing in a most brutal way," he said at an event where he received hundreds of sniper and assault rifles donated by China to help the military campaign in Marawi."They enjoy decapitating people in front of cameras. They have to be dealt with, with the same ferocity but not the brutality," he said.The information about the beheadings came via a text message to reporters f