Trump to meet Putin at G20 summit, White House says   
US intelligence agencies agree Russia was behind last year’s hack of Democratic email systems and tried to influence the 2016 election.
          iPhone 8: Wahnsinnig viel Mühe steckt in diesem Dummy-Video ...   
In diesem iPhone 8-Video steckt wahnsinnig viel Mühe, daher möchten wir es euch nicht vorenthalten. Der bekannte Leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer alias OnLeaks ließ auf Basis von geleakten CAD-Dateien aus einer Fabrik einen CNC-gefrästen Dummy erstellen, der einen sehr realistischen Eindruck vom Serienmodell verschaffen könnte. Dieser Artikel wurde einsortiert unter Mobile, Apple iPhone, Mobile Computing, Apple, Smartphone, Apple iPhone 8, Apple iOS 11.

          Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan ile Putin G-20 Zirvesi’nde yüzyüze görüşecek   
Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ile Rusya Devlet Başkanı Vladimir Putin ile de bir görüşme gerçekleştirdi.Cumhurbaşk...
          Trump & Putin to meet on sidelines of G20 summit, White House confirms   
Preview US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, national security adviser H.R. McMaster has confirmed. It will be the two leaders' first meeting since Trump's inauguration.
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          Russia, contro-sanzioni Ue fino al 2018   
Putin firma il decreto, riportano i media locali
          Trung Quốc xác nhận đã ký lộ trình về hợp tác quân sự với Nga   

Theo trang, Bộ Quốc phòng Trung Quốc ngày 29/6 xác nhận Trung Quốc và Nga đã ký một lộ trình về hợp tác quân sự trong giai đoạn 2017-2020.

Theo hãng thông tấn TASS, Bộ trưởng Quốc phòng Trung Quốc Thường Vạn Toàn đã gặp người đồng cấp Nga Sergei Shoigu tại thủ đô Astana của Kazakhstan hôm 7/6 bên lề hội nghị thượng đỉnh Tổ chức Hợp tác Thượng Hải (SCO).

Phát biểu họp báo, người phát ngôn Bộ Quốc phòng Trung Quốc Ngô Khiêm khẳng định ông Thường đã ký lộ trình trên trong cuộc gặp với ông Shoigu.

Theo người phát ngôn này, lộ trình trên đưa ra kế hoạch tổng thế cho hợp tác quân sự giữa hai nước trong giai đoạn 2017-2020. Lộ trình thể hiện sự tin cậy lẫn nhau ở cấp cao và quan hệ hợp tác chiến lược giữa hai nước. Ngoài ra, bản lộ trình cũng có lợi cho hai nước trong việc đối mặt với những mối đe dọa và thách thức mới trong lĩnh vực an ninh và trong việc cùng nhau bảo vệ hòa bình, an ninh khu vực. Trong bước tiếp theo, hai bên sẽ xây dựng kế hoạch cụ thể nhằm thúc đẩy hợp tác quân sự.

Trên thực tế, Trung Quốc và Nga đang tăng cường hợp tác toàn diện. Chủ tịch Trung Quốc Tập Cận Bình sẽ thăm Nga trong 2 ngày 3-4/7 và gặp Tổng thống nước chủ nhà Vladimir Putin. Theo Điện Kremlin, cuộc hội đàm này sẽ tập trung vào quan hệ đối tác toàn diện, hợp tác chiến lược và "một số văn kiện song phương sẽ được ký kết trong cuộc gặp thượng đỉnh này./.

          Comment on Google On The Verge Of A Major Quantum Computing Breakthrough (GOOG) by John   
Many of the problems this article is claiming quantum computing can solve are problems of will, of the body politic. We can solve them now. People just have to *want* to. Regular computers were going to make life Jim dandy half a century ago too, remember?
          UE extiende sanciones económicas a Rusia por seis meses más   
UE extiende sanciones económicas a Rusia por seis meses más
La UE impuso sanciones contra 150 dirigentes rusos y ucranianos, incluidos algunos cercanos al presidente ruso, Vladimir Putin.

          Hey @realDonaldTrump, you know your health care bill will still kill people. Also: does Putin ever make you breakfa…   

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posted: June 29, 2017 at 01:22PM

          Paul Messina: Race to develop the first exascale computer   

The more super-computing capacity the world has, the more it seems to need. Now the Energy Department has awarded contracts to six companies as a push to develop the first exascale computer, a machine capable of performing a quintilian calculations per second. Program director Paul Messina joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss the ins and outs of the project.

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          Non-Boring #Tech4Good Meetings for Nonprofits   
NetSquared organizers bring together the nonprofit technology community for face-to-face meetings ... but we all know that meetings are boring! Admit it, you sometimes dread going to those all-staff assemblies. Luckily for you, our NetSquared leaders are super creative when planning their #Tech4Good events. "Meetings" come in diverse and innovative formats like Mississauga, Canada's Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo; Pangani, Tanzania's Social Media Surgery ; and Birmingham, United Kingdom's Summer Tech for Good Social in a local pub. Join us at your local group. It will be fun — we promise! Find your closest NetSquared group Upcoming Tech for Good Events This roundup of face-to-face nonprofit tech events includes meetups from NetSquared , NTEN's Tech Clubs , and other awesome organizations. If you're holding monthly events gathering the #nptech community, let me know , and I'll include you in the next community calendar. Or, apply today to start your own NetSquared group. Africa The targets need to be linked like so: --> Jump to events in North America or go international with events in Africa and Middle East Asia and Pacific Rim Europe and United Kingdom Central and South America ## North America ## Africa ## Europe ## Asia and Pacific Rim --> North America Monday, July 3, 2017 Mississauga, Ontario: Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo Wednesday, July 5, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Thursday, July 6, 2017 San Francisco, California: Tech for Good Monthly Mixer Friday, July 07, 2017 Saint Paul, Minnesota: Tips and Tools to Doll Up Your Data | Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (Free) Tuesday, July 11, 2017 Naples, Florida: How to use Technology to Communicate and Manage Volunteers Vancouver, British Columbia: Full Spectrum Civic Engagement Columbus, Ohio: Nonprofit IT Forum Boston, Massachusetts: Tech Networks of Boston Roundtable: Nonprofit Organizations, Civic Data, and Civic Faith Phoenix, Arizona: Phoenix: QuickBooks Made Easy Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Los Angeles, California: Summer Social Phoenix, Arizona: Data Management: What Nonprofits Need to Know San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Monday, July 17, 2017 Kitchener, Ontario: Mail Management Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Greensburg, Pennsylvania: Bagels and Bytes — Westmoreland Marietta, Georgia: Easy SEO Fixes for Your Nonprofit Jasper, Indiana: Social Media Wednesday, July 19, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Portland, Oregon: QuickBooks Made Easy Thursday, July 20, 2017 Seattle, Washington: QuickBooks Made Easy Friday, July 21, 2017 San Francisco, California: Mobile Apps for Change Demo Day at the Salvation Army Monday, July 24, 2017 Nanaimo, British Columbia: "Free Money" (Microsoft Volume Licensing and Google for Nonprofits) Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Buffalo, New York: Why Nonprofits Should Use TechSoup and NetSquared Houston, Texas: Net2Houston Refresh! Wednesday, July 26, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Friday, July 28, 2017 Seattle, Washington: Roundtable for New Nonprofit Executives Tuesday, August 1, 2017 Naples, Florida: Tech4Good SWFL Meeting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Bagels and Bytes — Allegheny Wednesday, August 2, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Phoenix, Arizona: Defining and Targeting Your Audience: Marketing for Nonprofits Thursday, August 3, 2017 Cleveland, Ohio: How to Remarket to Website Visitors via Facebook and Twitter Monday, August 7, 2017 Mississauga, Ontario: Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo Tuesday, August 8, 2017 Columbus, Ohio: Nonprofit IT Forum Ottawa, Ontario: Review Progress on Data Analysis Projects Wednesday, August 9, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Los Angeles, California: Web Accessibility: Designing Inclusive User Experiences Friday, August 11, 2017 Saint Paul, Minnesota: Optimizing Your Communications for Mobile | Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (Free) Wednesday, August 16, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: The Internet of Things: You Only Live Twice? Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Houston, Texas: Net2Houston Refresh! Wednesday, August 23, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Asia and Pacific Rim Saturday, July 15, 2017 Jakarta, Indonesia: Strategy of Data Collection for Nonprofits Tuesday, August 15, 2017 Jakarta, Indonesia: YouTube for Nonprofits Africa and Middle East Saturday, July 1, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Monday, July 3, 2017 Beirut, Lebanon: Lebanon's Digital Big Bang — An AltCity Info Session Friday, July 7, 2017 Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Saturday, July 8, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Bamenda, Cameroon: How to Create Digital Stories Friday, July 14, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, July 15, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, July 21, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, July 22, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, July 28, 2017 Port Harcourt, Nigeria: Creating Apps and Other Tech Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, July 29, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Pangani, Tanzania: Social Media Surgery: WhatsApp for Farmers and Livestock Keepers Sunday, July 30, 2017 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Monthly Meeting of Local Members Friday, August 4, 2017 Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Saturday, August 5, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Wednesday, August 9, 2017 Bamenda, Cameroon: How to Create Digital Stories Friday, August 11, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, August 12, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, August 18, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, August 19, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, August 25, 2017 Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, August 26, 2017 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Monthly Meeting of Local Members Sunday, August 27, 2017 Pangani, Tanzania: Social Media Surgery: Instagram for Farmers and Livestock Keepers Europe and United Kingdom Saturday, July 1, 2017 Saint-Étienne , France: Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2017 Monday, July 3, 2017 Edinburgh, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Leith Tuesday, July 4, 2017 Saint-Étienne , France: Rencontres Professionnelles du Logiciel Libre Monday, July 10, 2017 Birmingham, United Kingdom: Data Analysis for Nonprofits Tuesday, July 11, 2017 West Bridgford, United Kingdom: User Research and Service Design — Lunch and Learn for Nottinghamshire County Council Staff Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Cambridge, United Kingdom Social Media Surgery — Hands-on Help with Social Media Tech for Good — Law and Justice Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Bath, United Kingdom: Design for All — Technology for Everyone, Accessibility, and User Experience Thursday, July 20, 2017 Milngavie, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Milngavie Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Renens, Switzerland: OpenLab: Visite du Fablab de Renens Dublin, Ireland: Design Thinking For Good: IBM Health Corps Tuesday, August 1, 2017 West Bridgford, United Kingdom: Organisation Design — Lunch and Learn for Nottinghamshire County Council Staff Wednesday, August 9, 2017 Cambridge, United Kingdom: Social Media Surgery — Hands-on Help with Social Media Monday, August 14, 2017 Birmingham, United Kingdom: Summer Tech for Good Social Tuesday, August 29, 2017 Paudex, Switzerland: 2. Objets Connectés — IoT Renens, Switzerland: OpenLab: Visite du Fablab de Renens Thursday, August 31, 2017 Edinburgh, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Edinburgh Image : Michele Mateus / CC BY Siobhan Aspinall with Umbrella at The Digital Nonprofit 201 : Elijah van der Giessen via Michele Mateus / CC BY-NC 2.0 --> spanhidden
          X-Men: Gold – Young Mutants in Love (or Love Is Golden)   

The on-again-off-again roller-coaster romance of Kitty Pryde and Peter Rasputin’s become the stuff of legend among X-Men fans, and it’s about to receive a new wrinkle in X-MEN: GOLD #9, out August 8.

The two star-crossed lovers first met in UNCANNY X-MEN #129 when Kitty first walked into the original X-Mansion and met the man-mountain mutant called Colossus. An inauspicious beginning to such a star-crossed love story, to be sure, but by UNCANNY X-MEN #174 they’d recognized their attraction to each other and shared a kiss or three.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #129

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #129

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Peter threw the first monkeywrench into the mix right around the time he’d returned from the first Secret Wars in UNCANNY X-MEN #183 and declared his love for the alien Zsaji to Kitty, though said Zsaji’d perished by that time. Ms. Pryde ratcheted up the anti-feels by joining Excalibur and heading into a hot-and-heavy thing with a guy named Pete Wisdom—a relationship Peter gave his “blessing” to, but also kept one metallic eye on. 

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #183

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #183

What is Marvel Unlimited?

When the Legacy Virus later tore apart the mutant population, Colossus seemingly sacrificed his life during the chaos in X-MEN #110, prompting Kitty to sort out her feelings for the big lunk and insure his ashes traveled back to Russia. Imagine her surprise when Peter turned up hale and hearty in ASTONISHING X-MEN #14, strange situation which led to a passionate reunion and a new outbreak of dating. 

X-Men (1991) #110

X-Men (1991) #110

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Alas, right around the time of the X-Men’s latest disagreement with the Juggernaut and his power source Cyttorak in UNCANNY X-MEN #543, Kitty broke it off again with Peter when she disagreed with his well-intentioned noble thoughts to die for her in battle. Sadly, that meant that she and Colossus’ couple-ness still existed in a state of suspension when Kitty got stuck in a giant bullet traveling around the solar system in GIANT-SIZE ASTONISHING X-MEN #1. Peter tried to move on with his life, but to his credit, he tattooed “Katya” in her memory on his chest in UNCANNY X-MEN #507

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #507

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #507

  • Published: March 18, 2009
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: February 11, 2011
  • Rating: T+
  • Writer: Matt Fraction
  • Penciller: Terry Dodson
What is Marvel Unlimited?

No good mutant hero ever stays lost, though, and so Kitty Pryde returned to Earth, thanks to Magneto, in UNCANNY X-MEN #522 and reclaimed her claim to the big metal guy in UNCANNY X-MEN #522…which of course hit the skids by UNCANNY X-MEN #543. The former Shadowcat struck up a few new relationships in the aftermath, in particular with Iceman in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #14, and with Star-Lord in X-MEN: THE TRIAL OF JEAN GREY #1-6

Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #14

Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #14

  • Published: July 25, 2012
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: April 08, 2013
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Writer: Jason Aaron
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Today, Kitty’s done with star-hopping scoundrels and Peter’s, well, Peter, and the two of them, as seen in X-MEN: GOLD #1, believe they can fight alongside each other as “just friends.” But, anybody who’s ever been in their position knows that trick never really works, right?

Stay tuned…we should be finding out whether or not our beloved Kitlossus will ever be a thing again very, very soon.

          Nallatech, A Molex Company, Joins Dell EMC Technology Partner Program   

LISLE, Ill., June 30, 2017 – Nallatech, a Molex company, recently announced its official membership in the multi-tier Dell EMC Technology Partner Program that includes ISVs, IHVs and Solution Providers.  Nallatech provides hardware, software and design services to enable high performance computing (HPC), network processing, and real-time embedded computing in datacenters.  Dell EMC has approved […]

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          AI End Game: The Automation of All Work   

Last week we reported from ISC on an emerging type of high performance system architecture that integrates HPC and HPA (High Performance Analytics) and incorporates, at its center, exabyte-scale memory capacity, surrounded by a variety of accelerated processors. Until the arrival of quantum computing or other new computing paradigm, this is the architecture that could […]

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          UCAR Deploys ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect in Supercomputing Network   

BOULDER, Co., June 29, 2017 — ADVA Optical Networking announced today that the University Corporation for Atmosphere Research (UCAR) has deployed its FSP 3000 CloudConnect data center interconnect (DCI) solution for ultra-high capacity connectivity to the Cheyenne supercomputer. The DCI technology is now being used to transport vital scientific data over two 200Gbit/s 16QAM connections between the […]

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          MareNostrum 4 Begins Operation   

BARCELONA, June 29 — The MareNostrum supercomputer is beginning operation and will start executing applications for scientific research. MareNostrum 4, hosted by Barcelona Supercomputing Center, is entirely aimed at generating scientific knowledge and its computer architecture has been called ‘the most diverse and interesting in the world’ by international experts. The Spanish Ministry of Economy, […]

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          InfiniBand Continues to Lead TOP500 as Interconnect of Choice for HPC   

BEAVERTON, Ore., June 28, 2017 – The InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA), a global organization dedicated to maintaining and furthering the InfiniBand specification, today shared the latest TOP500 List results, which reveal that InfiniBand remains the most used High Performance Computing (HPC) interconnect. Additionally, the majority of newly listed TOP500 supercomputers are accelerated by InfiniBand technology. […]

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          Erdoğan'ın Trump ve Putin görüşmelerinden sonra Beyaz Saray ve Kremlin'den açıklama   
Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan ABD Başkanı Trump ve Rusya Devlet Başkanı Putin ile peşe peşe görüşmeler yaptı. Görüşmelerin ardından açıklamalar geldi. Beyaz Saray'dan yapılan açıklamada iki liderin Katar sorununu konuştuğu dile getirildi. Kremlin'den yapılan açıklamada ise Erdoğan ve Putin'in Suriye konusunu ele aldığı belirtildi.
          Putin extends embargo on products from West through 2018   
A decree signed by Putin and posted in the official government database states that the embargo will now stretch to December 31, 2018.
          The 5 Most Important Benefits of Cloud Monitoring   

For any company that is heavily invested in information technology, it is inevitable that cloud computing becomes a dominant feature of its IT architecture. This…

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          Why the JVM is a Good Choice for Serverless Computing: John Chapin Discusses AWS Lambda at QCon NY   

At QCon New York John Chapin presented “Fearless AWS Lambdas”, and not only argued that the JVM is a good platform on which to deploy serverless code, but also provided guidance on extracting the best performance from Java-based AWS Lambda functions.

By Daniel Bryant
          Cuánto poder militar tiene realmente Rusia y a quiénes amenaza   

¿Está justificada la preocupación occidental por la estrategia en política exterior del presidente de Rusia, Vladimir Putin? A juzgar por la reacción de la Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte (OTAN) ante hechos como la toma y anexión de Crimea por parte de Rusia y el continuado apoyo ruso a los grupos rebeldes en el este de Ucrania, al menos se puede decir que siguen sus movimientos con mucha atención

etiquetas: rusia, poder, militar, amenaza

» noticia original (

          Charting Russia’s most dangerous cities for LGBT people   

Here are the towns where it’s dangerous to be gay in Russia. A culture of silence and a law “against propaganda” are keeping them that way. Русский

An LGBT pride parade in St Petersburg, 2014. Photo CC BY-NC-ND 2.0: Maria Komarova / Flickr. Some rights reserved.

It’s become a tradition across the globe to celebrate LGBT Pride in the last days of June. Usually, such events are held on the weekend closest to the 28 June, as it was on that day that the modern LGBT movement in the USA began in earnest. It was an initiative that inspired strategies and tactics of human rights advocacy in many other countries. Although it takes different forms across the world, LGBT pride raises issues of freedom of expression, human rights, and healthcare for LGBT people. In some cities Europe and the USA it has turned into something of a commercial event or cultural festival for the wider public. In other locations, LGBT people march under the threat of police brutality.

In Russia, the first LGBT pride march was held in 1991 on the square before Moscow’s Bolshoi theatre as part of the Soviet Union’s first LGBT festival. The more modern history of LGBT parades in Russia began in 2006 when LGBT activist Nikolay Alekseyev attempted to officially organise a pride march in Moscow. Years passed, and the city authorities still haven’t found the guts to permit a march for LGBT human rights through the capital’s streets and provide security for its participants. However, other banned marches have been successfully challenged in the European Court for Human Rights and Alekseyev has generated support in other regions of the country. He and his colleagues have applied for permission to hold pride marches in Blagoveshchensk, Cherkessk, Cherepovets, Kazan, and Nizhny Tagil among many other cities across Russia, though they have always been rejected and sued city governments in response. A notable exception came in 2013, when the governor of St Petersburg did not forbid the city’s LGBT pride parade, although it did encounter violently homophobic protesters who tried to obstruct the march.

The metrics of hatred

In fact, these violent far-right groups keep close tabs on LGBT activists in Russia and the events they hold – or try to. While the government fights some homophobic campaigners and inciters of hatred, it supports others. After all, instigating violence against LGBT people is essentially the Russian state’s official policy towards sexuality. For example, the 2013 law banning “propaganda” of “non-traditional sexual orientations” sparked a wave of hatred against LGBT people across the country. As we discovered from court decisions last year, after the “propaganda” bill was signed into law, the number of hate crimes against lesbians and gay men doubled. 

In 2012, we found 33 examples of such hate crimes, while 2013 saw 50 hate crimes against LGBT citizens. By 2015 there were 65. We registered not only a common rise of LGBT hate crimes, but also the rise of homicides: following the enactment of the “propaganda” bill, there were more and more murders of people simply for being LGBT.

The growth in hate crimes against LGBT people across Russia. Image courtesy of the authors.

Of course, these are only the recorded crimes – many LGBT people may not dare approach the authorities after harassment, humiliation, or worse. These data are based on official court statistics, though we had to dig through the results ourselves. Nobody officially collects information on violence against LGBT people in Russia. On the contrary, the authorities pretend that nothing is happening. This attitude sometimes reaches absurd extremes when government officials claim that LGBT citizens simply do not exist.

After facts came to light about the systematic torture of gay men at secret detention camps in Chechnya, the republic’s press secretary immediately retorted that “you cannot repress those who are not and cannot be here in the Chechen Republic.” Despite the justified focus on Chechnya, these claims are hardly specific to one culture or region within the Russian Federation – officials in other regions speak in much the same manner. For example, the mayor of Svetogorsk in Leningrad Region declared his city “free from gays.” He subsequently argued that LGBT issues and rights are irrelevant there, neither an LGBT community nor LGBT people exist in the small city.

This imagined absence of LGBT people constitutes an active policy of silencing and excluding some citizens from the wider national community on the grounds of their sexuality

This imagined absence of LGBT people constitutes an active policy of silencing and excluding some citizens from the wider national community on the grounds of their sexuality. These comments certainly reinforce existing prejudices and reproduce violence against vulnerable groups. But what is the real picture? Let’s say that the authorities of a Russian city actually permitted an LGBT march to go ahead? Would these violent protectors of a false morality then take to the streets to fight those marching, to stop their fellow citizens expressing their point of view and standing up for their rights?

It depends on where you are. In other words, how dangerous is it to be gay in different Russian cities?

A “sexual stratification” of Russian cities

Media doesn’t simply inform society about current affairs; it also provides frames for understanding social problems, rendering some topics more important than others by virtue of generating discussion around them. Violence against LGBT people may be a key cause for concern in the human rights movement, but that urgency is lost in public discussions.

But media can also remedy societies from oblivion by sharing stories which are otherwise forgotten or ignored, and spark positive change. For example, the murder of gay teen Matthew Sheppard was one of the most publicised hate crimes in the US history. The furore in the press eventually led to changes in hate crime law.

One of the effects of Russia’s “propaganda” law was not simply the rise in violence against LGBT people. It also led to more frequent ewspaper publications on LGBT topics, hence public discussion on a topic which still remains taboo for many people. This was not entirely what legislators intended. We benefitted from this situation by researching the details and contexts of violence against LGBT in Russia as they were reported in media. The Sexuality Lab studied almost 4,500 media publications about violence against LGBT people in Russia between 2011 and 2016. We categorised all newspaper articles in accordance with the sexuality of the victims reported and the locations of crimes committed. All cities were then classified by population, making it possible for us to calculate an index of safety for every urban settlement.

The data reveal that the most dangerous places for LGBT people are villages in the countryside and small towns with a population below 100,000: they are characterised by the highest rates of violence against LGBT people per 1,000 persons. The safest locations are the largest cities (Moscow and St Petersburg): despite the greater number of crimes against LGBT in these cities, their relative indexes are actually the lowest. This can be explained by understanding the circumstances of these hate crimes.

Statistically, a gay person is safer in St Petersburg than in a smaller city like Nizhnevartovsk

Very often, hate crimes are committed as soon as perpetrators learn about the victim’s sexuality, which is usually revealed in a conversation in a private space over a drink or meal. These social gatherings occur more frequently in smaller settlements, because that way of life is simply more common there: there are fewer bars to go to, fewer crowds to blend into, and more free time to kill. People drink alcohol and talk about their personal lives as there’s no other way to spend one’s spare time. Alhough many people in Russia actually do not give a damn about LGBT issues, some still react violently to a person’s coming out – and such reactions are more common in smaller towns and cities.

The graph below shows incidents of violence against LGBT people in different towns and cities of Russia. We compare capital cities, big cities (of 500,000 people and above) and smaller cities (of between 100-500,000 people). This graph shows that the smaller a city, the bigger the probability of violence against LGBT people. Statistically, a gay person is safer in St Petersburg than in a smaller city like Nizhnevartovsk. This could explain why the mayor of Svetlogorsk thinks there are no gay men in his town – anybody with half a mind in that position would leave the place as soon as they felt threatened. 

Violence and hate crimes against LGBT people across Russia, by city size. Image courtesy of the author.

These results aren’t surprising; they just prove once again that homophobia is on the rise in Russia and that hate crimes are supported in its remote regions. We have based our claims on a survey of media publications, which limits the whole picture only to material in the public domain. As a result, there will be many hate crimes which went unreported, and some remote regions not covered in our media survey. However, it is no exaggeration to say that there are parts of the country which are simply not safe for LGBT citizens.

One of the ways to protect oneself is to keep silent about one’s sexuality, concealing it from the public in order not to become a victim of violence. So this secrecy around the existence of homosexuals is reinforced not only by political decisions, but also by individual moves as many LGBT people opt to hide their sexuality. While their response contributes to a culture of silence, they cannot and must not be blamed for it – simply put, they fear for their lives.

The LGBT pride parades pursue a radically different approach: a public and full-throated political demand to recognise that LGBT people exist. Do our data confirm that Russian cities are not ready to host such events on their territories? If our goal is to fight the silence, the data show exactly the contrary: as long as anybody suffers and is killed because of their sexuality, it is important to shout at the top of our voices to try and stop the murders and political climate in which they are tacitly tolerated. Human rights marches across towns and cities of all sizes are one way of articulating this; a means to make violence visible and demand that it stop.

CC by NC 4.0

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 looks to take on Apple's iPad head-on, but we look at the tablet to see if you can really replace your everyday computer for various tasks.
          Russia on the Long and Difficult Path to True Civilizational Identity   
By now you must have heard it – Putin is “persecuting the Jehovah's Witnesses” in Russia. Alas, this one is true. Well, this is maybe not nearly as terrible as the Ziomedia makes it sound, but still, a pretty bad and fundamentally misguided policy. Why did the Russian government take such a drastic decision? The...
          Cavium and China Unicom trial 5G user cases on M-CORD   
Cavium, a provider of semiconductor products for enterprise, data centre, wired and wireless networking, and China Unicom announced a targeted program for the testing of 5G use cases on a M-CORD SDN/NFV platform leveraging Cavium's silicon-based white box hardware in M-CORD racks populated with ThunderX ARM-based data centre COTS servers and XPliant programmable SDN Ethernet-based white box switches.

Under the program, China Unicom and Cavium plan to shortly commence trials in a number of locations across mainland China to explore the potential of the new service.

Cavium and China Unicom are specifically demonstrating multi-access edge computing (MEC) use cases developed through a previously announced collaboration based on the ON.Lab M-CORD (Mobile Central Office Re-architected as a data centre) SDN/NFV platform at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai.

The demonstration involves a M-CORD SDN/NFV software platform and hardware rack integrated with virtualised and disaggregated mobile infrastructure elements from the edge of the RAN to distributed mobile core and the ONOS and XOS SDN and orchestration software.

The companies stated that this architecture is designed to enable turnkey operation in any central office or edge data centre for a full NFV C-RAN deployment. The solution is based on a Cavium-powered rack that combines the ThunderX ARM based data centre servers with the programmable XPliant Ethernet leaf and spine SDN switches to provide a full platform for M-CORD.

Regarding the latest project, Raj Singh, VP and GM of the network and communication group at Cavium, said, "Cavium is collaborating with China Unicom to explore 5G target use cases leveraging the M-CORD SDN/NFV platform and working towards field deployment… a homogenous hardware architecture optimised for NFV and 5G is a pre-requisite for field deployments".

  • Earlier this year, Radisys and China Unicom announced they had partnered to build and integrate M-CORD development PODs featuring open source software. For the project Radisys, acting as systems integrator, used the CORD open reference implementation to enable cloud agility and improved economics in China Unicom's network. The companies also planned to develop deployment scenarios for the solution in the China Unicom network.
  • The resulting platform was intended to support future 5G services by enabling mobile edge services, virtualised RAN and virtualised EPC. The companies also planned to develop an open reference implementations of a virtualised RAN and next-generation mobile core architecture.

          Keeping an eye on Alibaba Cloud, Aliyun – Part 1   
Alibaba's Jack Ma made headlines across the world last week by laying out a plan for rapid global expansion of China's e-commerce behemoth. In an Investor Conference held at the company's Xixi headquarters in Hangzhou, China, Ma made the bold claim that Alibaba could reach $1 trillion in gross merchandise value by 2021 by becoming the primary online store for 2 billion people, as well as by expanding into new areas, one of which is the international public cloud services business. While Alibaba's investor event was overshadowed somewhat by the news that Amazon will spend $13.7 billion in cash to acquire Whole Foods, the premium U.S. grocery store chain, Jack Ma unveiled a strategy with clear potential to disrupt the cloud market.

Meanwhile, business at Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) is 'fantastic' and is only going to get better this year, according to the company CFO. For the most recent fiscal quarter ended March 31, 2017, the company reported revenue of RMB 38,579 million ($5,605 million), an increase of 60% year-over-year, including:

•   Revenue from core commerce of RMB31,570 million ($4,587 million), up 47% year-over-year.

•   Revenue from cloud computing of RMB 2,163 million ($314 million), up 103% year-over-year.

•   Revenue from digital media and entertainment of RMB 3,927 million ($571 million), up 234% year-over-year.

Growth at the parent company is primarily being driven by the steady increase in active buyers on its ecommerce platforms, both in numbers and in the value of goods and services being transacted. Annual active buyers reached 454 million, an increase of 31 million from the 12-month period ended on March 31, 2016. Mobile monthly active users (MAUs) on Alibaba Group’s China retail marketplaces reached 507 million in March, up 97 million over March 2016. Gross merchandise volume (GMV) transacted on Alibaba’s China retail marketplaces in fiscal year 2017 was RMB 3,767 billion ($547 billion), up 22% compared to RMB 3,092 billion in fiscal year 2016.

Alibaba Cloud, or Aliyun as it is known in Chinese, is firmly established as the leading infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud in mainland China and is moving rapidly to become a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider and a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) retailer. Some important Aliyun metrics emerged from the Investor presentation, including (with additional commentary):

·         Public cloud is growing: based on Gartner's figures from March 2017, Aliyun estimates the global public cloud market will amount to $245 billion in 2017, growing to $436 billion in 2021, a 15.9% CAGR.

·         China’s public cloud market is growing even faster, with Gartner figures showing China’s public cloud market, valued at $14 billion this year, growing to $25 billion in 2021, a 17.2% CAGR; by 2021, China’s share of the global public cloud market would still be under 6%, which seems odd given the country's share of global GDP is much higher and that ecommerce, social media and mobile technologies are booming in China - why so low versus the U.S. market?

·         Aliyun cited figures from IDC Tracker 2016 H1/H2 Global Cloud Market (IaaS), indicating it currently is the No.4 player in public cloud services worldwide, but with only a 3.2% share; No.1 was AWS, $8.4 billion, 46.1% share; No. 2 Microsoft, $1.4 billion, 7.6% share; No.3 IBM, $1.0 billion, 5.8% share; No.4 Alibaba, $0.57 billion, 3.2% share; No.5 Google, $0.519 billion, 2.9% share.

Clearly, AWS is dominating the public cloud market, especially in the U.S. The other U.S. public cloud players are investing aggressively to catch up and they too seem to have ambitions that reach to the sky. Alibaba's Jack Ma has previously been quoted in the press as saying that Alibaba would catch and surpass Amazon. When it comes to cloud services at least, this will be extremely difficult given its current 3.2% share versus AWS’ 46.1% share, and a capex budget that appears decisively smaller.

In its home market of China, Aliyun's IaaS revenue is equivalent to the next seven players combined. The numbers cited in IDC Tracker 2016 H1/H2 Global Cloud Market are as follows:

·         No.1 – Alibaba Group, $587 million, 40.7% market share

·         No.2 - China Telecom, $123 million, 8.5%

·         No.3 – Tencent, $106 million, 7.3%

·         No.4 – Kingsoft, $87 million, 6.0%

·         No.5 – Ucloud, $79 million, 5.5%

·         No.6 – Microsoft, $72 million, 5.0%

·         No.7 – China Unicom, $67 million, 4.6%

·         No.8 – AWS, $55 million, 3.8%

In addition, as of March 31, 2017 Aliyun had 874,000 paying customers, had 15 data centres worldwide and had 186 cloud service offers. It also claims a 96.7% retention rate amongst its top paying customers in Q1 2017 compared to a year earlier.

Over one-third of China’s Top 500 companies are on Alibaba Cloud, including China's Public Safety Bureau (PSB), CCTV, Sinopec, Sina Weibo, Xinhua News Agency,Toutiao, Geely, Mango TV, CEA, Quanmin Live, Panda TV and DJI, while two-thirds of Chinese Unicorn companies are on Alibaba Cloud. Global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) now available on Aliyun include Accenture, SAP, Docker, here, SUSE, Haivision, Wowza, AppScale, AppEX, Hillstone, Checkpoint Software Technologies, Hitachi Data Systems and Red Hat.

Aliyun’s Computing Conference 2016 was attended by over 40,000 developers in person, with more than 7 million viewers online. At its investor conference, Aliyun also disclosed a number of major international brands that are now using its services, including Schneider Electric, Shisheido, Philips, Nestle and Vodafone, which is a good start. Nevertheless, attracting international companies will be harder, first, because Alibaba has only just recently begun building data centres outside of China, and two, they will be much less known and trusted than established brands such as IBM.

          GOP Operative Implied He Was Working w/Gen. Flynn To Get Hillary’s Erased Emails From Russian Hackers   
Russian Hackers

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that during the 2016 campaign a Republican opposition researcher named Peter W. Smith believed the emails Hillary Clinton erased from her basement server (she claimed they were personal) were hacked, probably by the Russians. Smith tried to track the emails down and retrieve them for opposition research.  According to the report, Smith […]

The post GOP Operative Implied He Was Working w/Gen. Flynn To Get Hillary’s Erased Emails From Russian Hackers appeared first on The Lid.

          Trump pertama kalinya akan bertemu Putin pada KTT G20   
Presiden Amerika Serikat Donald Trump akan bertemu dengan Presiden Rusia Vladimir Putin pada konferensi tingkat tinggi (KTT) negara-negara berperekonomian kuat dunia di Jerman pekan depan untuk pertama kalinya, kata seorang ...
          r 3.4.1-1 x86_64   
Language and environment for statistical computing and graphics
          r 3.4.1-1 i686   
Language and environment for statistical computing and graphics
          Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin face high-stakes meeting in Germany   
Meeting face-to-face with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Donald Trump's "America First'' policy will be put to the test if he opts to confront Russia over intelligence that Moscow meddled in the 2016 presidential election.
          TS93: Blue Jasmine, Putin's Anti-LGBT laws, Asian Girlz, Motown Philly   
Bryan barely pulls himself out of a "Blue Jasmine" haze to drive to Erin's for this week's Throwing Shade, wherein they chitty chat about Putin, Russia's archaic anti-LGBT legistlature, Day Above Ground's viral, racist, sexist opus, "Asian Girlz" and a very special phone call with Secretary of State Johnny Kerry. Enjoy this Throwing Shade with a nice chardonnay and a chevre.   See TSPOD live on our East Coast tour! Buy tickets here Subscribe and Rate on iTunes @gibblertron & @bryansafi #tspod Official Max Fun Page Facebook page RSS Feed
          TS86:Pakistan Gay Porn, Miss USA Miss Utah Miss Informed, with special guest Karen Kilgariff   
Erin and Bryan open a fresh can of "Butt Whip" on Pakistan's homsexual hypocracy, everything Miss USA and beauty pagaents, Putin's new Super Bowl ring, and Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference's plan on winning young voters with hilarious abortion jokes. With special comedy crush, Karen Kilgariff.  Do you like my body?  See TSPOD live on our summer tour! Buy tickets here Subscribe and Rate on iTunes @gibblertron & @bryansafi #tspod Official Max Fun Page Facebook page RSS Feed
          Hoffen auf Hamburg   
Außenminister Sigmar Gabriel trifft innerhalb von einem Monat zum zweiten Mal Wladimir Putin. Er hofft, dass der russische Präsident auf dem G20-Gipfel auch bilateral mit seinem US-Amtskollegen sprechen wird.
          Долгожданная встреча Трампа и Путина вызывает тревогу   

Противники России и эксперты по национальной безопасности обеспокоены тем, что из-за разговоров о дружбе и неясной повестки Трамп очень захочет угодить Путину. На следующей неделе президент Дональд Трамп планирует провести переговоры с Владимиром Путиным, стремясь к улучшению отношений с российским лидером вопреки многочисленным расследованиям предполагаемых связей его помощников с Кремлем. В четверг советник по национальной безопасности Герберт Макмастер (H.R. McMaster) […]

Запись Долгожданная встреча Трампа и Путина вызывает тревогу впервые появилась Беларуская Праўда.

          Werner Vogels (CTO, Amazon) : "Nous installerons au moins trois datacenters AWS en 2017 en France"   
Nouveaux projets et services, déploiement dans l'Hexagone… Le directeur technique d'Amazon décrypte sa stratégie en matière de cloud.
          视频演讲: Blink:阿里新一代实时计算引擎   

在开源大数据技术业界,第一代实时计算引擎是 Storm,随后出现了 Samza,近几年持续火爆的 Spark 也推出了 Spark Streaming,但我们更看好 Flink 这个新一代的纯流式计算引擎。阿里巴巴搜索技术团队从去年开始改进 Flink,并创建了阿里的 Flink 分支,线上服务了阿里集团内部搜索、推荐、广告和蚂蚁等核心实时业务,我们称之为 Blink 计算引擎。目前我们也已经在和 Flink 母公司 DataArtiscans 一起合作,将 Blink 的改进全部贡献回 Flink 社区,共同推进 Flink 社区的发展,本次分享将全面介绍阿里新一代实时计算引擎 Blink 对 Flink 的各项改进,并向大家分享 Blink 计算引擎在阿里内部的典型应用场景。

By 马国维
          Trump to meet Putin at G20 summit, White House says   
US intelligence agencies agree Russia was behind last year’s hack of Democratic email systems and tried to influence the 2016 election.
          Diego Maradona asistirá a la final entre Chile y Alemania por Copa Confederaciones   
El astro argentino está en Moscú y viajará a San Petersburgo. Se reunirá con Vladímir Putin por el Mundial de 2018.
          Ericsson Becomes an OpenStack Foundation Platinum Member   
Ericsson increases investment in OpenStack as platform for NFV, edge computing and distributed cloud.
          'New' Kontron Emerges With $1B Sales Target   
Following a difficult year, embedded computing system specialist has agreed a merger with S&T Deutschland, giving it an expanded portfolio and a role in hitting an annual sales target of $1 billion.
           UCAR Deploys ADVA CloudConnect for 200G in Supercomputing Network   
DCI technology being used to transport vital scientific data over two 200Gbit/s 16QAM connections.
          Erdoğan, Putin’le görüştü   
Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Rusya Devlet Başkanı Vladimir Putin ile telefonda görüştü
          Comment on U.S. Military Sees Future in Neuromorphic Computing by OranjeeGeneral   
IBM can do crap, they demonstrated a 5nm manufacture protype but they have nowhere near a production ready commercial 5nm process they don't even have a commercial FAB at all anymore. They might license parts of the process to GF and that's it. But until GF gets to actually implement it and run at production level it is going to be at least till 2021-2. Besides the current IBM TrueNorth prototype performs absolutely abysmal on state of the art DNN if you actually start investigating its usage. What they are right though is ASIC is the future especially for the cloud and HPC. And you don't need to be on a bleeding edge for getting a good ROI you can go to an old/mature/cheap process node and still gain. Read this interesting paper to get an idea what I am talking about "Moonwalk: NRE Optimization in ASIC Clouds"
          Comment on The Biggest Shift in Supercomputing Since GPU Acceleration by jimmy   
@Rob, the deep learning algorithms for object recognition by far surpass anything that people were able to with classical deterministic models. That's why they are being used for self-driving cars; they have been proven to increase driver safety by a good margin. You can mention the one-off cases in the early days of self-driving, but that's not an interesting statistic at all. Deep learning is essentially an attempt to make sense of tons of noisy data, and many of the models today are not understood by their authors: "hey we did this and now we got this awesome result", very ad-hoc. In the end though, it's all statistical-mathematics, it's just that at the moment the slightly theoretically challenged CS folks are playing with this new toy, and mathematical understanding is inevitable.
           German foreign minister welcomes Trump-Putin meeting at G20    
BERLIN (AP) - Germany's foreign minister welcomed on Friday the prospect of a meeting between the U.S. and Russian presidents on the sidelines of next week's...
           The Latest: Germany says US, Russia must work together    
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Latest on Donald Trump's plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin (all times local):11:40 a.m.Germany's foreign minister is...
          Global Cyberattack Seems Intent On Havoc, Not Extortion   

A cyberattack that caused indiscriminate economic damage around the world was apparently designed to create maximum havoc in Russia’s neighbor and adversary Ukraine, security researchers said. While the rogue software used in the attack was configured as extortionate “ransomware,” that may have just been a ruse. “It is clear that this was targeted indiscriminately at Ukrainian businesses, and the Ukrainian government,” Jake Williams, president of the security firm Rendition Infosec and a former member of the U.S. National Security Agency’s elite cyberwarfare group, told The Associated Press in an online chat. “The ‘ransomware’ component is just a smokescreen (and a bad one).” UKRAINE IN PAIN Although the attack was global in its reach, Ukraine bore the brunt. Computers were disabled at banks, government agencies, energy companies, supermarkets, railways and telecommunications providers. Many of these organizations said they had recovered by Thursday, although some experts suspected that work was incomplete. “There is still a lot of damage, especially in banks,” said Victor Zhora, CEO of the Kiev cybersecurity firm InfoSafe. “ATMs are working (again) but some bank operations are still limited.” He estimated damage in “the millions of dollars, perhaps tens of millions.” And that’s just in Ukraine. Microsoft said the malware hit at least 64 nations, including Russia, Germany and the United States. “I expect that we will see additional fallout from this is the coming days,” said Williams. In Ukraine, suspicion immediately fell on hackers affiliated with Vladimir Putin’s regime, although there is no direct, public evidence tying Russia to the attack. Relations between the two nations have been tense since Moscow annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in 2014. Pro-Russian fighters are still battling the government in eastern Ukraine. Experts have also blamed pro-Russian hackers for major cyberattacks on the Ukrainian power grid in 2015 and 2016, assaults that have turned the eastern European nation into the world’s leading cyberwarfare testing ground. A disruptive attack on the nation’s voting system ahead of 2014 national elections is also attributed to Russia. THE MOSCOW CONNECTION The malicious program, which researchers are calling NotPetya, initially appeared to be ransomware. Such malware locks up victims’ files by encrypting them, then holds them hostage while demanding payment — usually in bitcoin, the hard-to-trace digital currency. But researchers said the culprits would have been hard-pressed to make money off the scheme. They appear to have relied on a single email address that was blocked almost immediately and a single bitcoin account that collected the relatively puny sum of $10,000. Firms including Russia’s anti-virus Kaspersky Lab, said clues in the code indicate that the program’s authors would have been incapable of decrypting the data, further evidence that the ransom demands were a smoke screen. The timing was intriguing, too. The attack came the same day as the assassination of a senior Ukrainian military intelligence officer and a day before a national holiday celebrating the new Ukrainian constitution signed after the breakup of the Soviet Union. “Everything being said so far does point to Russia being a leading candidate for a suspect in this attack,” said Robert M. Lee, CEO of Dragos Inc. an expert who has studied the attacks on Ukraine’s power grid. What’s most worrisome and reprehensible, said Lee, is that whoever was behind the attack was unconcerned about the indiscriminate, collateral damage it […]

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          Discover CERN by drone   
aerial visit of CERN based on drone shots of iconic sites of the laboratory taken by drone competition pilot Chad Nowak, CERN Drone pilot Mike Struik, videographer Christoph M. Madsen and Photographer Maximilien Brice. Locations include: the Globe of Science and Innovation, ATLAS site on LHC Point1, the CERN Computing Centre, experimental Halls 180 and SMI2, the PS and PS booster area, LINAC 4, the CMS site at LHC P5, the ALICE site at LHC P2
           Putin signs decree to extend ban on Western food imports    
MOSCOW (AP) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to extend a ban on Western food imports for another 18 months after the European Union...
          New photos offer first glimpse of Microsoft’s canceled Surface Mini   

Microsoft's Surface Mini never saw release, having been canceled shortly before it was set to be officially announced but images of a near-final prototype have been released on the web.

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          Microsoft manages to cram artificial intelligence on the Raspberry Pi 3 PC board   

Microsoft said its Machine Learning and Optimization group compressed artificial intelligence down so it could run on the Raspberry Pi 3. The team used several techniques to reduce the AI's size and speed up its thinking process.

The post Microsoft manages to cram artificial intelligence on the Raspberry Pi 3 PC board appeared first on Digital Trends.

           Kissinger calls Putin-Trump meeting a chance to mend ties    
By Maria TsvetkovaMOSCOW, June 30 (Reuters) - Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have an opportunity to mend their countries' ties when they meet next week,...
          Trump Plans Giveaways to His Buddy Putin   
If the president set out to prove himself guilty, I can't imagine how he'd do a better job.
          6/30/2017: WORLD: Trump to have first in-person meeting with Putin at next week’s G20 summit   
WASHINGTON— U.S. President Donald Trump will convene a high-stakes meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the summit of industrial and emerging-market nations in Germany next week, the White House said Thursday. National security adviser...
          White House: Trump to meet Putin at G-20 summit   

President Donald Trump will convene a high-stakes meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the summit of industrial and emerging-market nations in Germany next week, the White House said Thursday, amid swirling allegations about Moscow's role in the 2016 elections.

National security adviser...

          Russian Intelligence Moves Back into Cuba Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (left) hugs Cuba’s President Raul Castro after a meeting at the Revolution Palace in Havana last week. This week, I listened to certain talk show hosts knock the Monroe Doctrine… saying that much of the trouble in South and Central America was due to our interventionism. What horsepucky. The Monroe […]
          (IT) Software Developer - Highly Skilled   

Location: Englewood Cliffs, NJ   

Job Title: Software Developer - Highly Skilled Qualifications: The CNBC Digital Technology team is seeking a Software Engineer to manage and build software solutions across CNBC's Digital Platform. Software engineer (primarily focusing on Backend development) will be responsible for building and managing software solutions for various projects. This role requires hands-on software development skills, deep technical expertise in web development, especially in developing with core java, spring, hibernate. Software engineer will be required to provide estimates for his tasks, follow technology best practices, participate and adhere to CNBC's Technical Design Review Process, Performance metrics/scalability, support integration and release planning activities in addition to being available for level 3 support to triage production issues. Required Skills " BS degree or higher in Computer Science with a minimum of 5+ years of relevant, broad engineering experience is required. " Experience with various Web-based Technologies, OO Modeling, Middleware, Relational Databases and distributed computing technologies. " Experience in Digital Video workflows (Ingest, Transcode, Publish) " Experience in Content Delivery Networks (CDN) " Experience with Video Content Management Systems " Expertise in cloud transcoding workflows. " Demonstrated experience running projects end-to-end " Possess expert knowledge in Performance, Scalability, Security, Enterprise System Architecture, and Engineering best practices. " Experience working on large scale, high traffic web sites/applications. " Experience working in financial, media domain. Responsibilities: Languages and Software: " Languages : JAVA (Core Java, Multithreading), Object Oriented languages 3Z 4 Web Technologies: XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, OO JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, SOAP and RESTful web services " Framework : MVC Framework like Spring, JPA, Hibernate, Jaxb " Database : RDBMS like MySQL, Oracle, NO SQL databases " Tools : Git, SVN, Eclipse, Jira
Type: Contract
Location: Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Country: United States of America
Contact: Hiring Manager
Advertiser: First Tek
Reference: NT17-03957

          (IT) Full Stack Developer   

Rate: £350 - £450 per Day   Location: Glasgow, Scotland   

Full Stack Developer - 12 month contract - Glasgow City Centre One of Harvey Nash's leading FS clients is looking for an experienced full stack developer with an aptitude for general infrastructure knowledge. This will be an initial 12 month contract however the likelihood of extension is high. The successful candidate will be responsible for creating strategic solutions across a broad technology footprint. Experience within financial services would be advantageous, although not a prerequisite. Skill Set: - Previous Experience full-stack development experience with C#/C++/Java, Visual Studio, .Net, Windows/Linux web development - Understanding of secure code development/analysis - In-depth knowledge of how software works - Development using SQL and Relational Databases (eg SQL, DB2, Sybase, Oracle, MQ) - Windows Automation and Scripting (PowerShell, WMI) - Familiarity with common operating systems and entitlement models (Windows, Redhat Linux/Solaris) - Understanding of network architecture within an enterprise environment (eg Firewalls, Load Balancers) - Experience of developing in a structured Deployment Environment (DEV/QA/UAT/PROD) - Familiarity with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - Experience with Source Control and CI systems (eg GIT, Perforce, Jenkins) - Experience with Unit and Load testing tools - Experience with Code Review products (eg Crucible, FishEye) - Excellent communication/presentation skills and experience working with distributed teams - Candidates should demonstrate a strong ability to create technical, architectural and design documentationDesired Skills - Any experience creating (or working with) a "developer desktop" (dedicated desktop environment for developers) - Experience of the Linux development environment - An interest in cyber security - Knowledge of Defense in Depth computing principles - Experience with security products and technologies(eg Cyberark, PKI) - Systems management, user configuration and technology deployments across large, distributed environments (eg Chef, Zookeeper) - Understanding of core Windows Infrastructure technologies (eg Active Directory, GPO, CIFS, DFS, NFS) - Monitoring Tools (eg Scom, Netcool, WatchTower) - Experience with Apache/Tomcat-web server "Virtualisation" - Design patterns and best practices - Agile development: Planning, Retrospectives etc. To apply for this role or to discuss it in more detail then please call me and send a copy of your latest CV.
Rate: £350 - £450 per Day
Type: Contract
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Country: UK
Contact: Cameron MacGrain
Advertiser: Harvey Nash Plc
Start Date: ASAP
Reference: JS-329601/001

          Body Language Analysis No. 3982: Bangkok Police Officer's De-Escalation Genius - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)    

Recently a man entered a police station in Bangkok, Thailand wielding a knife. That's when Anirut Malee's instincts took over. Malee, a Thai police officer, deescalated the situation like a Jedi.

In this first image, Anirut Malee's gestures in a palms-up fashion - which is very wise. He is asking, not telling. He is open, not hyper-authoritative, nor threatening.

This next frame may, at first, seem trivial - but it's not. Anirut Malee's entire posture changes. Notice he puts a hand on the desk, his weight on his right foot, and his entire posture is more relaxed.

Next Anirut Malee sits on the corner of the desk - lowering his stature and becoming even less physically dominant. Crucially, he "body-points" down the hallway - and NOT at the man holding the knife.

Officer Malee's repeated palms-up gesture - asking for the assailant to hand over the weapon - as he lowers his head/bends his neck, further de-escalates the situation.

Even when he finally takes the knife, Officer Malee still remains sitting on the desk. If he stood up at this particular moment, it could very well backfire. 

In this image, as gestures with his arms-wide and walks toward the man, Anirut Malee made the small mistake of not throwing the knife away before the hug. It would have also been a bit better if the officer's arms were lower in this moment. All things being equal, the higher the arms are positioned, the more threatening a person is felt to be.

As he begins the hug, Officer Malee throws the knife away.

For the second time, Malee waves off assistance. He's very aware that the man is emotionally decompressing.

The act of allowing the man to rest his head on Anirut Malee's neck-shoulder, is particularly disarming.

Summary: Much too often, police officers escalate confrontations when they should be deescalating. Yet Officer Anirut Malee is an exception. He masterfully defused a situation, which could have very likely ended much worse.

Group Appearances and One-on-One
Online Courses Available 

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          One Network Presents Cloud Computing Workshop at the Supply Chain and Logistics Summit North America 2011   

One Network Enterprises, a leading provider of demand-driven supply chain solutions in the cloud, is sponsoring the Supply Chain and Logistics Summit North America 2011. The event takes place at the Hyatt Regency, Dallas Texas December 5-7, 2011.

(PRWeb November 30, 2011)

Read the full story at

          One Network Named an Inbound Logistics’ Top 100 Logistics IT Company 2011   

One Network Enterprises, a federated cloud computing platform for supply chain 2.0, business intelligence and sustainability, has been selected as a 2011 Top 100 Logistics IT Provider by Inbound Logistics Magazine.

(PRWeb May 03, 2011)

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          One Network Sponsors the Aberdeen Supply Chain Management Summit 2011   

One Network Enterprises, a federated cloud computing platform for supply chain 2.0, business intelligence and sustainability, is sponsoring the Aberdeen Supply Chain Management Summit 2011. The event takes place at the Swissotel, Chicago, IL March 29, -30, 2011.

(PRWeb March 22, 2011)

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          Microsoft planning to unveil major reorganization July 5: report   

Microsoft Inc. is planning to unveil a major reorganization on July 5, the Puget Sound Business Journal has reported. The Seattle-based publication said sources told it the changes would better align the company with its cloud-first strategy. Microsoft has been putting more focus on its Azure cloud business, which competes with Inc.'s Amazon Web Services cloud-computing division, the leader in the business. Microsoft shares were slightly higher in premarket trade Friday, and have gained 10% in 2017, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 have gained about 8%.

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          Threat Monitoring Analyst - Verizon - Basking Ridge, NJ   
What you’ll be doing... Responsibilities : A Threat Monitoring Analyst plays a critical role in Verizon’s enterprise computing defense. Analysts are...
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          NYC Educator: Reverend Al and His Pals Support Mayoral Control   
NYC Educator: Reverend Al and His Pals Support Mayoral Control:

Reverend Al and His Pals Support Mayoral Control

You can stop holding your breath. Al Sharpton has finally weighed in on the mayoral control issue, and he strongly supports it. You won't be surprised that some of his friends support it too. Mike Bloomberg was a big fan, and Arne Duncan has also supported it. Newt Gingrich has yet to weigh in because he's running around telling important lies about the GOP's most recent assault on health care.

Of course he trots out the standard line that scores have improved, ignoring the fact that this is a nationwide trend, mayoral control or no. Reverend Al further can't be bothered to notice New York's rich history of rampant test score manipulation. All the reformies jumped up and down when they improved under Reverend Al's pal Mike Bloomberg, and viciously ridiculed Diane Ravitch, who noticed the NAEP scores painted a vastly different picture. The following year, the New York Times and others noticed she was right, and Mike Bloomberg's draconian methods made no significant difference.

I particularly like this line:

There’s no disputing this fact: Mayoral control is the best way to run the largest public school system in the nation.

How could anyone argue with that, since there's no disputing it? But actually, there is. Diane Ravitch has been calling it a myth for years, and wrote in one of her books that it was a reformy shortcut to circumvent democracy. Bill Gates didn't spend $4 million promoting it just for fun,  Leonie Haimson calls it fundamentally undemocratic. I argued in the Daily News that it was destructive to public education. So there is, in fact, dispute, and I'd argue Sharpton has put forth one of those new and trendy "alternative facts" here.

I was particularly fond of this line:

First, public comment rules would change and the Board of Education would be able to meet in “executive session” — in other words, behind closed doors. The board could therefore make decisions without public comment.

I've been to many PEP meetings, as well as school closing hearings, and I've never seen Al Sharpton show his face. Had Sharpton bothered to show 
NYC Educator: Reverend Al and His Pals Support Mayoral Control:

          Putin Kissinger'ı Kremlin'de Ağırladı   

Rusya Devlet Başkanı Vladimir Putin, Moskova'da eski ABD Dışişleri Bakanı Henry Kissinger'la bir araya geldi.
Devamı için Tıklayınız...
          A look at the camera setup on Oliver Stone’s Vladimir Putin Interviews, with DP Anthony Dod Mantle   

Comment on this article at the EOSHD Forum

Comment on the forum Anthony Dod Mantle is a well known cinematographer, responsible for pioneering work with digital from the very beginning, with Danny Boyle (28 Days Later) and Lars Von Trier. So why is he shooting with a 5D Mark II in 2017? Above: Dod Mantle (with XC10) and ancient Canon DSLR-sporting crew Oliver Stone has done a season of interviews with Vladimir Putin shot over a period of 2 years and the series is showing now on Sky Atlantic and Showtime. It’s a fascinating watch but I couldn’t help noticing, camera geek as I am, Anthony Dod Mantle sitting there with ... Read more

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          Fornektelse og fordømmelse   
Da filmskaperen Oliver Stone i et lengre intervju med Vladimir Putin spør om forfølgelsen av homofile i Russland, benekter presidenten at det er noe problem.
          C++ Developer - Distributed Computing - Morgan Stanley - Montréal, QC   
Comfortable programming in a Linux environment, familiar with ksh and bash. Morgan Stanley is a global financial services firm and a market leader in investment...
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          NECC 2008 Notes   
ISTE’s NETS•T Refreshed Roll-Out

We need real world, relevant assignments because we’ve already done well moving from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side. At this point we need to re-inspire teachers.

The new teacher standards include:
Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
Design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments
Model digital-age work and learning
Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility
Engage in professional growth and leadership

There is a new tool available through ISTE’s website that will assist administrators in determining the level of technology integration occurring with their teachers.

Check out fact flippers:

Dan Edelson, Getting out of the Classroom with Technology

Volunteer Geography: A variant of citizen science. For example, students can make and share field observations and analyze and provide interpretations of that data. The concept is that students collect data by taking measurements, thy submit the data via a web form, they visualize it using interactive maps, they analyze patterns based on the data and visualization, and they may report back to others in their classes. One problem with this is that students will only be able to see small amounts of data if they are involved during the start if the project. An example of this was students testing soil samples following use of salt on icy roads. Students get to experience the full spectrum of the scientific process. In this case, students used probes and collected data in the classroom and submitted information via a website.

NGS FieldScope allows students to collect real world data. NGS chooses a region to study and invites teachers and students to participate. The teachers must purchase the equipment which costs about $1,000.

Chris Dede, Ubiquitous Computing

Goal: Repurpose common items for educational purposes (e.g., using cell phones for augmented learning).

Cheryl Lemke

We need to recognize that adolescent learning includes the home, school, peers, work, distributed resources, and communities – not just school. Our goal at this point is scalability of using technology tools for 21st century teaching, not just focusing on use in our own classrooms.

She suggests we use research-based methods to develop lessons and units that serve as “sheet music.” The teachers base their instruction on the sheet music, but also improvise.

A good teacher blog including student podcasts is “Learning on the Go.” The teacher sets up her class as a fictional consulting agency and the students solve real world algebra problems. Another teacher uses authentic travel agent activities to teach about Greek history.

SimCalc: (teaches about perspective)

Media multi-tasking: We can only do one thing at a time, but we can quickly move from one thing to another. Kids are better at multi-tasking than adults. When learning, students are distracted when multi-tasking (except for things like music without lyrics in the background).

Universe: (identifies what is going on online in real time using a visual perspective)

Venezuela started teaching critical thinking to their elementary and middle school students 10 years ago. Now, they are finding increased average adult IQs across the country.


Alan November, “Designing Rigorous and Globally Connected Assignments”

This presentation is available from the “Archive of Articles” on This presentation is available at Digital Farm.

Students are connected to everyone in their lives – except their teachers because schools block everything. “Schools are the learning police.” There is more freedom in Chinese schools in terms of the Internet than here. We are so worried about their safety that we block their learning.

Vocabulary of the Web: Students need to learn information resources. This type of information is available on

By adding site:en to Google searches, you will only get sites with an English country code. To get Turkey-based sites, type site:tr.

Adding view:timeline to a search, you can access the most recent information about a given search term.

Type link: to find out how many links exist to that particular site.

Hall Davidson, “It’s in Your Pocket: Teaching Spectacularly with Cell Phones” (How kids use video on a daily basis)

Every classroom should have a student-designated web researcher. The teacher should never have to answer a factual question, they should only have to respond to higher-order thinking questions.

There is a Google feature that allows you to create your own search engine. November believes teachers and students should jointly build search engines. This will give students less stimuli when they do searches.

It would be nice if students could develop resources that teach content and then future students review these tutorials before class. Students, then, are responsible for learning their own content and class time is replaced with problem solving. When there’s not a lot of Internet access, students could have a DVD with all the information at home (because DVDs are more common in the home than Internet connections).

The is a downloadable application that allows you to create screencasts.

Instead of teaching teachers to use technology, November jokes that we should send two of our students to the training and one of the students should be the biggest trouble-maker in the class.

Wikipedia isn’t an encyclopedia, it’s a publishing house. Third grade students were told they would visit the Pitot House and write an article they would submit to the largest encyclopedia in the class. The students wrote and published their Wikipedia article and now they follow the RSS feed for the article and critique what other people write. Organizes donations to small business entrepreneurs. The donors get their money back and they get reports on their projects. You can also talk to the other people who have invested in the same entrepreneurial project. alters voice to text. You can call this service from your cell phone. Another option is
: Allows you to do automatic polls from cell phones (like the classroom response systems)

Terry Cavanaugh, GIS, Google Maps, and More for Literacy Projects

There are interactive maps that show all he locations mentioned in a book (e.g., The Travels of Marco Polo). [Note to self – check out the Bible.]

Gutenkarte ( also makes a map of a text, showing what places are most frequently mentioned. Amazon’s Concordance also does this by telling the 100 most used words in a given text. allows you to map a story using latitude and longitude in a spreadsheet. has 23 stories you can follow on Google Earth. You download the .kmz file and use it with Google Earth. An example is with Make Way for Ducklings. The entire story is mapped as sections are mentioned. Also, people have added pictures of items and informational text from specific locations in the book. Anyone can make a Google Lit Trip. Tells a story using a map – the text is embedded in the map.

Teachers can get the Pro Version of Google Earth by writing to Google and requesting it. It is possible to make a map for each student so they can each map out a story.

A dimensional mouse allows you to move in three dimensions. They are available through Amazon.

Using virtual map pins, students can add quotes from book, write facts about the locations mentioned, and adding multimedia books. This is a means of having students have greater interactivity with books.

In September, cameras will have cameras with embedded geo-tags. Some buildings are going to start putting in geo-tagging points in the buildings.

Tony Vincent, Audio is Great! Video is Cool! IPods Can Do More!

Learning in Hand iPods is his iPod podcast. See
will speak any text into audio.

You can create cover art and lyrics (or primary source text) through going to Get Info for an individual song.


iPrep Press has comic books you can download to your iPod. BrainQuest also has quizzes for the iPod. allows you to combine Notes files

IPrepPress allows you to download a dictionary and many primary sources. Get 100 Words every high school students should know. allows you to download books in the public domain.

iWriter allows you to link stories together as story

iQuizMaker allows you to make quizzes for your iPod. You can also share iQuizzes by going to iQuizShare (

Use monitor mode to make your iSight camera not cause a mirroring effect.

Check out doc imaging and doc scanning on the PC.

Get book making ideas from and check out her handouts on the NECC site

Download handouts from NECC site for Sharon Hirschy about making class books using PPT
          Apple's iPhone turns 10, bumpy start forgotten   

Apple's iPhone turns 10 this week, evoking memories of a rocky start for the device that ended up doing most to start the smartphone revolution and stirring interest in where it will go from here.

Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhones since June 29, 2007, but the first iPhone, which launched without an App Store and was restricted to the AT&T network, was limited compared to today's version.

After sluggish initial sales, Apple slashed the price to spur holiday sales that year.

"The business model for year one of the iPhone was a disaster," Tony Fadell, one of the Apple developers of the device, told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday. "We pivoted and figured it out in year two."

The very concept of the iPhone came as a surprise to some of Apple's suppliers a decade ago, even though Apple, led by CEO Steve Jobs, had already expanded beyond computers with the iPod.

"We still have the voicemail from Steve Jobs when he called the CEO and founder here," said David Bairstow at Skyhook, the company that supplied location technology to early iPhones.

"He thought he was being pranked by someone in the office and it took him two days to call Steve Jobs back."

The iPhone hit its stride in 2008 when Apple introduced the App Store, which allowed developers to make and distribute their mobile applications with Apple taking a cut of any revenue.

Ten years later, services revenue is a crucial area of growth for Apple, bringing in $24.3 billion (S$33.5 billion) in revenue last year.

New model

Fans and investors are now looking forward to the 10th anniversary iPhone 8, expected this fall, asking whether it will deliver enough new features to spark a new generation to turn to Apple.

That new phone may have 3-D mapping sensors, support for "augmented reality" apps that would merge virtual and real worlds, and a new display with organic LEDs, which are light and flexible, according to analysts at Bernstein Research.

A decade after launching into a market largely occupied by BlackBerry and Microsoft devices, the iPhone now competes chiefly with phones running Google's Android software, which is distributed to Samsung Electronics and other manufacturers around the world.

Even though most of the world's smartphones now run on Android, Apple still garners most of the profit in the industry with its generally higher-priced devices.

More than 2 billion people now have smartphones, according to data from eMarketer, and Fadell, who has worked for both Apple and Alphabet, sees that as the hallmark of success.

"Being able to democratize computing and communication across the entire world is absolutely astounding to me," Fadell said.

"It warms my heart because that's something Steve tried to do with the Apple II and the Mac, which was the computer for the rest of us. It's finally here, 30 years later."

on SPH Brightcove

Friday, June 30, 2017 - 09:54

          How U.S. and S. Korea differ on approaches to N. Korea   
President Trump welcomed South Korean President Moon Jae-in to the White House Thursday night. They're meeting to work on a joint policy to deal with the nuclear threat from North Korea. Eurasia Group founder and president Ian Bremmer joins "CBS This Morning" to provide context for the meeting and discuss the leaders' differing approaches. Bremmer also addresses President Trump's upcoming meeting with Russia's President Putin at the G20 summit in Germany.
          The Latest: Lavrov wants ‘pragmatism’ in Trump-Putin talks   

White House says Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit next week in Germany

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          White House: Trump to meet Putin at G-20 summit    
The White House says President Donald Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit next week in Germany.
          Rainbow Photons Pack More Computing Power   
Quantum bits, aka qubits, can simultaneously encode 0 and 1. But multicolored photons could enable even more states to exist at the same time, ramping up computing power. Christopher Intagliata...

--

          Zones CustomerConnect Conference Examines Software and Its Role in the Digital Enterprise   

Customer Event Focuses on Software Enabling Security, Mobility, Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things

(PRWeb October 14, 2015)

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          Zones Helps Customers Realize the Benefits of Cloud Computing through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program   

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program Allows Zones to Provide Direct Billing, Sell Combined Offers and Services, and Directly Provision, Manage and Support Microsoft Cloud Offerings

(PRWeb January 28, 2015)

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          White House: Trump to meet Putin at G-20 summit   

President Donald Trump will convene a high-stakes meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the summit of industrial and emerging-market nations in Germany next week, the White House said Thursday, amid swirling allegations about Moscow's role in the 2016 elections.

National security adviser...

I watched the new iMac launch yesterday and it left me thinking, "why not". I am working with a University that has just agreed to outfit some of their labs with iMacs. The reason, because it can run Windows seemingly as well as a Dell. This has got me thinking, "Are the iMacs pointing us to the future?"

My father went to work for GE back in the late 60's/early 70's after getting out of the Air Force (I promise this is relevant). One of the perks of the job was that he always got to bring home the latest appliances because that was the section he worked in. I remember when the side-by-side refrigerators came into fashion. There were a lot of factors that pushed it. 1) More and more food had preservatives in them and didn't need to be refrigerated so there was less space needed to store cold food. 2) Families grew smaller and didn't need as much storage. 3) The average house wasn't even close to the square footage as it is today so space mattered. People saw that they could get rid of their old freezer and refrigerator and get a combination that fit in the same amount of space as just one of their old appliances.

So how the heck is this relevant? Well I think it shows a trend that people often apply to only computing technology. That is individuals want less physical things that can do more functions. Look at cell phones, Phone + PDA + Camera + GPS device. Part of the problem in my opinion though is that different OS's are better for different types of activities. I think Vista has proven that for me because I bought the Home Premium and it is still just Windows. I know there are a lot of cool things underneath Vista, but at the end of the day even with my $600 vid card for my on-line gaming fix, it still isn't better than the Wii for gaming. Some of that is hardware but a lot of that is simply OS. The new iMac though showed me that hardware is no longer the factor with a single chip set, multiple OS's can be ran on a device. Wouldn't it be cool to have a single computing device that was good for business applications and great for on-demand media and great for music composition and great for gaming. Wouldn't it be cool to have a cool new smart phone that also was a great mobile gaming device (I am talking DS or DS lite cool not Live Search club cool). Well I think the iMac is showing us that this is and should be possible.
          Social Networking   
It has been interesting to see how people are reacting this last year to social computing technologies as they become part of the mainstream packages (Lotus Connections & Microsoft MOSS) and as other technologies (SocialText) become real opportunities for enterprise sized organizations. We have been approached by a whole lot more companies/organizations than I ever would have thought (of course my expectations were low <30) wanting to know more about how they could use it and what they could use it for.

The software industry still suffers from marketing self gratifications in this space. What I mean by this is that we come up with words like Wiki, Blog or RSS and post it around like everyone knows what the heck we are talking about. When you ask a non-tech outside they seem to think you are talking about a fruity drink with an umbrella (Wiki), some new form of the creeping crud or something you go 4-wheelin' thru if you are down in KY (Blog), or the latest Rave party drug (RSS). I remember the most hilarious meeting I had been to in a while was one that we brought a vendor to that had blog technology. They pitched it to the customer (someone that has about $600M in capital improvement programs a year) as a tool that "your organization can begin to build communities of interest from". The customer then turned around and said, in all seriousness, "I pay these folks to work not talk about knitting". LOL!

Let me help then a bit. We have been playing around with a lot of social computing tools and solutions lately. My company is about to role out social computing to about 20,000 employees in the next 4-6 months. We have 3 schools, 4 municipalities, 2 defense organizations and about 8 enterprise organizations that are currently going through the evaluation stages and a couple of those are actually now exiting to solution deployment. So what are all of these folks using it for.

1) Talent Retention. You want to keep good talent make them feel like they are part of the company and that their words are heard. When we establish these types of technologies for this solution, we establish a methodology that engages the top management to either participate directly or to ensure their participation in commenting in the community. We all know that tool such as e-mail, the telephone and stop by meetings are horrible ways for people to stay in touch with what others are thinking. However, if you have 10-15% of your staff participating it gives you a good vibe on the community and smart management can make adjustments.

2) Mentoring. We have several industries that the talent pool is retiring at a much faster pace then the new crop is coming through school or that technology can keep up with. That being said, these organization must find a way to capture the knowledge of those users and pass it along to the masses. Things like building classroom curriculum isn't always the most effect. We use these technologies to build a "pod of knowledge" to team people up on tasks but to ensure that the work is a cooperative effort.

3) A One-Way Communication. I know this goes against the concept of "social" computing a bit but I tell you it these are some nice tools if you want to publish updates on processes such as RFI/RFP. There are many type of black hole processes where people are afraid to open the flood gate of communications but with this they can just push out updates that are much easier to do than managing a web site.

I could go on, but that is it for now...
          Going to take another stab   
Well I got nailed the first time I tried to do this. I think I had some things set wrong on the blog and thus I created way more traffic for myself then I ever intended. I am ready to give this another go and have switched things around so that users can just post without my scanning the posts first (which by the way caused too many people to send me e-mails instead of just posting on the blog...a dynamic in social computing to blog about later).

My goal in this next go around is to post once a week. I have learned a ton on this area in the last 6 months or so as the consulting group I am with rolls out more and more social networking solutions. One of the big lessons is to be consistant. I think once a week is a schedule that I can keep....hopefully.
          Mobile Computing done right

Check these guys out!! This is a great take on the hoteling issues that have plagued us for a while. I have been a big user of VMWare for some time but the down side to that is that it requires an install on the host and the image is large because it is the entire OS. This helps eliviate all of that by a) running directly off of the storage device and b) just taking the apps you want. Pretty slick.
          Busy Putin will ‘try’ to make time for Trump: Kremlin   
The Kremlin has underlined that the planned meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump, will have to hinge on Putin’s busy schedule. Both leaders will attend the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany next month—an occasion that has long been touted as their first chanc...
          Will Mitch McConnell have enough votes to pass Senate health care bill?   
Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd tells Sunday TODAY's Willie Geist that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will attempt to pass the GOP health care bill by "trying to make a political argument rather than make policy changes." Todd also weighs in on new reports that reveal the Obama administration's struggle to punish Russian President Vladimir Putin.
          UOL HOST apresenta novo Criador de Sites   

websiteSÃO PAULO, 30 de junho de 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- O UOL HOST, unidade de hospedagem, serviços web e cloud computing do UOL, apresenta o novo Criador de Sites, a plataforma mais completa do mercado nacional para criação de sites, blogs e loja virtual, de maneira simples, fácil e rápida....

          Comisia lui Merkel – ascensiunea Germaniei în UE – declinul iremediabil al francezei   
Germana este limba în care discută Angela Merkel și Vladimir Putin. — Unul din aspectele mai puțin evidente ale modificărilor structurale survenite treptat în instituțiile europene este declinul aparent iremediabil al francezei și al influenței Franței și creșterea vertiginoasă a influenței Germaniei. Engleza domnea deja suverană, însă a crescut acum, venind din urmă, o masivă influență germană. […]
          Why The Elites Hate Putin   

As the “Russia-gate” farce continues to dominate the American “news” media, and President Trump’s foreign policy veers off in a direction many of his supporters find baffling, one wonders: what the heck happened? I thought Trump was supposed to be “Putin’s puppet,” as Hillary Clinton and her journalistic camarilla would have it. The Russian president, … Continue reading "Why The Elites Hate Putin"

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          Global cyberattack seems intent on havoc, not extortion   
PARIS – A cyberattack that caused indiscriminate economic damage around the world was apparently designed to create maximum havoc in Russia's neighbor and adversary Ukraine, security researchers said.

While the rogue software used in the attack was configured as extortionate "ransomware," that may have just been a ruse.

"It is clear that this was targeted indiscriminately at Ukrainian businesses, and the Ukrainian government," Jake Williams, president of the security firm Rendition Infosec and a former member of the U.S. National Security Agency's elite cyberwarfare group, said in an online chat. "The 'ransomware' component is just a smokescreen (and a bad one)."


Although the attack was global in its reach, Ukraine bore the brunt. Computers were disabled at banks, government agencies, energy companies, supermarkets, railways and telecommunications providers. Many of these organizations said they had recovered by Thursday, although some experts suspected that work was incomplete.

"There is still a lot of damage, especially in banks," said Victor Zhora, CEO of the Kiev cybersecurity firm InfoSafe. "ATMS are working (again) but some bank operations are still limited." He estimated damage in "the millions of dollars, perhaps tens of millions."

And that's just in Ukraine. Microsoft said the malware hit at least 64 nations, including Russia, Germany and the United States. "I expect that we will see additional fallout from this is the coming days," said Williams.

In Ukraine, suspicion immediately fell on hackers affiliated with Vladimir Putin's regime, although there is no direct, public evidence tying Russia to the attack. Relations between the two nations have been tense since Moscow annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in 2014. Pro-Russian fighters are still battling the government in eastern Ukraine.

Experts have also blamed pro-Russian hackers for major cyberattacks on the Ukrainian power grid in 2015 and 2016, assaults that have turned the eastern European nation into the world's leading cyberwarfare testing ground. A disruptive attack on the nation's voting system ahead of 2014 national elections is also attributed to Russia.


The malicious program, which is known by a variety of names, including NotPetya, initially appeared to be ransomware. Such malware locks up victims' files by encrypting them, then holds them hostage while demanding payment – usually in bitcoin, the hard-to-trace digital currency.

But researchers said the culprits would have been hard-pressed to make money off the scheme. They appear to have relied on a single email address that was blocked almost immediately and a single bitcoin account that collected the relatively puny sum of $10,000.

Firms including Russia's anti-virus Kaspersky Lab, said clues in the code indicate that the program's authors would have been incapable of decrypting the data, further evidence that the ransom demands were a smoke screen.

The timing was intriguing, too. The attack came the same day as the assassination of a senior Ukrainian military intelligence officer and a day before a national holiday celebrating the new Ukrainian constitution signed after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

"Everything being said so far does point to Russia being a leading candidate for a suspect in this attack," said Robert M. Lee, CEO of Dragos Inc. an expert who has studied the attacks on Ukraine's power grid.

What's most worrisome and reprehensible, said Lee, is that whoever was behind the attack was unconcerned about the indiscriminate, collateral damage it caused – much of it within Russia itself. That's highly atypical behavior for nation-states.


Williams and other researchers said all evidence indicates that NotPetya was introduced via Ukrainian financial software provider MeDoc. It is one of just two companies in the eastern European nation that supplies required tax software, Zhora said.

Security experts believe MeDoc was the unwitting victim of something akin to a "watering-hole attack," where a malicious program surreptitiously planted at a popular destination infects parties that visit. MeDoc's user base is heavily financial – and includes multinational corporations with offices in Ukraine.

NotPetya was cleverly engineered to spread laterally within Windows networks and across the globe via private network connections. Globally, dozens of major corporations and government agencies have been disrupted, including FedEx subsidiary TNT.

Danish shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk, one of the global companies hit hardest, said Thursday that most of its terminals were running again, though some are operating in a limited way or more slowly than usual.

Problems have been reported across the shippers' global business, from Mobile, Alabama, to Mumbai in India. At Mumbai's Jawaharlal Nehru Port, several hundred containers could be seen piled up at just two of more than a dozen yards.

"The vessels are coming, the ships are coming, but they are not able to take the container because all the systems are down," trading and clearing agent Rajeshree Verma said. "We are actually in a fix because of all this."

          Can You Host a Drupal Website on an Amazon EC2 Micro Instance?   
Can You Host a Drupal Website on an Amazon EC2 Micro Instance?
David Csonka Wed, 02/01/2017 - 05:15

If you are at the decision point of wondering which Amazon Web Services EC2 server type to host your Drupal website, you have hopefully already gone through a checklist to ensure that using AWS for your Drupal hosting makes sense. Starting at the lowest price point to access Amazon's EC2 web server platform, the "micro" instance is bound to be one of the most popular levels of service.

The AWS EC2 server types range from micro, to standard small, medium, large and a wide variety of other specially set up instance types for edge case needs. When selecting an EC2 micro as your Drupal web host, you'll want to take care to determine if the micro instance is suitable for your Drupal website's needs.

Burstable Instances

Micro instances are classified by AWS as "burstable", as in they provide a small amount of consistent CPU resources and will allow for an increase in CPU capacity in short bursts when additional cycles are available. They are well suited for lower throughput applications and web sites that consume significant compute cycles periodically but very little CPU at other times for background processes, daemons, etc. 

Amazon provides a series of charts highlighting CPU demand profiles which it deems are inappropriate for micro instances.

Considering Computer Cycles

Basically, if your application has consistently intensive computing needs you're going to want to use a standard class instance type, small, medium, or larger depending on your requirements. But even though at a steady state micro instances receive a fraction of the compute resources that standard small instances do, micros can intermittently and briefly burst up to 2 ECU's (EC2 Compute Unit). This is double the number of ECU's available for a standard small instance. 

Therefore, if you have a website with relatively low computing needs, like a blog, or a development site that doesn't receive much or any public traffic, a micro instance could be perfect suited for your project. A Drupal site that has the vast majority of its traffic coming from anonymous visitors (which can have completely cached pages delivered) can work quite well with a micro instance. Full caching that is augmented with APC or Varnish can help even a little micro server hundreds of requests.

However, if your Drupal site handles a lot of authenticated traffic (logged in users are considered authenticated), with users accessing dynamic content and viewing uncached pages, you're definitely going to want to consider a larger capacity standard class instance, or set up a robust auto-scaling system to roll out extra instances on demand to handle the load. Trying to do any work as an admin when your Drupal site has many modules installed, especially memory hogs like Rules or Views, can potentially bog down your micro server. You can utilize AWS Cloudwatch alarms to monitor CPU utilization of your micro instance to help determine if it is being overwhelmed.

Confused about hosting Drupal with Amazon AWS?

If you're considering using Amazon AWS to host your Drupal website, but haven't worked with it before, you might want to check out our other tutorials and blog posts on working with Amazon AWS. Specifically, review our tutorial on running a Drupal website on Amazon Web Services.

If you're not sure if you can set up Amazon AWS hosting on your own, don't worry we might be able to help you! Contact Us


          The American media are truly lost inside of their own little world,.   

The American people already knew that they were not going to vote for another Clinton or Bush, so they picked Donald Trump.

After the election, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media started saying no, it was Russia and Putin who helped Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. And Russia was hacking the American people Presidential election, spreading the behind the scene gossip that was said inside the DNC.

God almighty doesn't CNN already know that the American people don't believe CNN political bull talk by now either?
CNN doubles down on the implosion of its brand.
          Greta Van Susteren abruptly leaves MSNBC after six months   

greta van susterenAP/Charles Dharapak

MSNBC anchor Greta Van Susteren announced in a tweet that she is leaving the network after just six months.

"I am out at MSNBC," she wrote.

Van Susteren's new show premiered in January, several months after she was taken off the air at Fox, where she had worked for over a decade, amid a difficult contract renegotiation.

Chief legal correspondent Ari Melber, who has played a number of different roles at the network over the past several years, will replace Van Susteren permanently.

MSNBC President Phil Griffin informed staff about the change in a memo Thursday afternoon.

"MSNBC and Greta Van Susteren have decided to part ways," Griffin wrote. "Greta is a well-regarded television veteran and one of only a few broadcasters who can say they’ve hosted shows at all three major cable news networks. We are grateful to her and wish her the best.

"I’m also pleased to share that Ari Melber, MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent and host of the 'The Point' on weekends will become the permanent host of the 6pm hour next month. Ari is a frequent presence on TODAY and across various MSNBC shows and will continue those appearances as he takes on his new duties."

While cable programs often take years to steadily grow ratings, Van Susteren's show at 6 p.m. was one of the lower-rated shows on cable news in her time slot.

In the second quarter of this year, she trailed both Bret Baier's "Special Report" on Fox and Wolf Blitzer's "Situation Room" on CNN in overall viewers and in advertisers' coveted demographic of viewers between 25-54 years-old. 

NOW WATCH: 'Do you even understand what you're asking?': Putin and Megyn Kelly have a heated exchange over Trump-Russia ties

See Also:

          How U.S. and S. Korea differ on approaches to N. Korea   
President Trump welcomed South Korean President Moon Jae-in to the White House Thursday night. They're meeting to work on a joint policy to deal with the nuclear threat from North Korea. Eurasia Group founder and president Ian Bremmer joins "CBS This Morning" to provide context for the meeting and discuss the leaders' differing approaches. Bremmer also addresses President Trump's upcoming meeting with Russia's President Putin at the G20 summit in Germany.

          Administrare imobile- Repara acasa   
Administrare imobile- Repara Acasa Pe aceasta planeta avem nenumarate tipuri de persoane, fiecare persoana poate excela mai mult sau mai putin intr-unul sau mai multe domenii. Nu poti avea pretentia cu un meserias in lemn sa stie ce inseamna sudura sau ca un bucatar renumit sa stie ce inseamna industria modei. Fiecare persoana exceleaza in […]
          Morning News Call - India, June 30   

To access the newsletter, click on the link: If you would like to receive this newsletter via email, please register at: FACTORS TO WATCH 9:15 am: CDSL Listing ceremony in Mumbai. 11:00 am: Central Bank of India annual shareholders meet in Mumbai. 11:00 am: Singapore Airlines event in Mumbai. 2:30 pm: SpiceJet to launch its first SpiceStyle Store in Gurgaon. 3:30 pm: Earth Sciences Minister Harshvardhan at an event in New Delhi. 3:30 pm: Hindustan Unilever annual shareholders meet in Mumbai. 5:00 pm: India government to release May infrastructure output data in NewDelhi. 5:00 pm: RBI to release weekly foreign exchange data in Mumbai. 6:00 pm: Earth Sciences Minister Harsh Vardhan, World Bank Team at an eventin New Delhi. 6:30 pm: RBI Deputy Governor Viral Acharya, Banks Board Bureau ChairmanVinod Rai at an event in Mumbai. LIVECHAT - WEEKAHEAD Reuters EMEA markets editor Mike Dolan discusses the upcoming week's mainmarket inflection points at 3:30 pm IST. To join the conversation, click on thelink: INDIA TOP NEWS • Fast forward; GST set to transform face of Indian logistics industry India's greatest tax reform - replacing an array of provincial duties with anationwide goods and services tax - is transforming the logistics industry in acountry where moving stuff around is notoriously difficult to do, executivessay. • IndiGo eyes Air India stake in possible privatisation India's biggest airline, IndiGo, has expressed unsolicited interest inbuying a stake in state-owned Air India, the junior aviation minister said onThursday, a day after the cabinet approved plans to privatise the carrier. • Eris Lifesciences edges lower after $264 million IPO Indian drug maker Eris Lifesciences Ltd's shares swung between gains andlosses in a tepid market debut on Thursday, after raising $263.8 million in aninitial public offering. • Coal India betting big on renewables, says minister Coal India Ltd, the world's largest miner of the dirty fuel, will generate 1gigawatt of renewable electricity this year as part of its plan to produce asmuch as 10 GW clean power in total, a federal minister said on Thursday. • India could raise import taxes on crude, refined veg oils- governmentsource India is likely to raise import duty on refined and crude vegetable oils,like palm and soyoil, as local oilseed prices slumped below the governmentsupport levels, a government official told Reuters on Thursday. • Mutual funds managers need to improve due diligence: SEBI Indian mutual funds need to improve their due diligence before investing incorporate bonds and not rely only on credit ratings given rising concerns aboutpotential defaults, the chairman of the country's capital markets regulator saidon Thursday. • CRISIL Ratings buys 8.9 percent stake in rival CARE for $68 million CRISIL Ltd, majority owned by S&P Global Inc, bought a 8.9 percent stake inrival CARE Ratings for 4.36 billion rupees $67.55 million, expanding into thecountry's ratings business at a time of surging corporate bond issuance. GLOBAL TOP NEWS • China factory growth fastest in 3 months as new orders, output rise China's manufacturing sector expanded at the quickest pace in three monthsin June, buoyed by strong production and new orders, reassuring news forauthorities trying strike a balance between deleveraging and keeping the economyon an even keel. • Trump administration reverses policy on fiancés as travel ban takes effect U.S. President Donald Trump's administration reversed a decision late onThursday as its revised travel ban took effect and said fiancés would beconsidered close family members and therefore allowed to travel to the UnitedStates. • Their fortunes enmeshed, Trump and Putin to hold first meeting next week U.S. President Donald Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putinnext week at a summit in Germany that brings two world leaders whose politicalfortunes have become intertwined face-to-face for the first time. LOCAL MARKETS OUTLOOK (As reported by NewsRise) • The SGX Nifty Futures were at 9,504.50, little changed from its previousclose. • The Indian rupee will likely fall against the dollar on expectations localshares will follow regional peers lower, as bond yields harden in developednations amid bets interest rates are headed higher in the U.S. and Europe. • Indian government bonds are likely to edge higher today as some banks mayboost debt purchases on the last day of the fiscal first quarter. However, freshsupply of bonds and higher U.S. yields may lead to selling by some investors.The yield on the benchmark 6.79 percent bond maturing in 2027 is likely to tradein a 6.49 percent-6.54 percent band today. GLOBAL MARKETS • Wall Street fell sharply on Thursday, with the S&P 500 and the Dowindustrials suffering their worst daily percentage drops in about six weeks, asa recent decline in technology shares deepened and outweighed strength in bankshares. • Japan's Nikkei share average stumbled to two-week lows morning afterinvestors turned risk-averse as major central banks signalled that the era ofcheap money was coming to an end, which hurt both U.S. and European marketsovernight. • The dollar languished near a nine-month low against a basket ofcurrencies, bogged down by growing expectations of more hawkish monetarypolicies in Europe and Canada and doubts about another U.S. interest rateincrease this year. • Benchmark U.S. Treasury yields rose to six-week highs on Thursday on thelikelihood that central banks in Europe will become less accommodative, beforebonds pared price losses as stocks declined. • Crude oil futures were on track for their biggest weekly gain sincemid-May, ending five weeks of losses with prices underpinned by a decline inU.S. output. • Gold prices steadied, supported by an easing dollar and falling equitieseven as comments from global central banks suggested monetary tightening inEurope and Canada. CLOSE FII INVESTMENTS EQUITIES DEBT PNDF spot 64.56/64.59 June 29 -$176.48 mln $145.75 mln 10-yr bond yield 6.87 Month-to-date $498.85 mln $4.55 bln Year-to-date $8.48 bln $17.99 bln For additional data: India govt bond market volumes Stock market reports Non-deliverable forwards data Corporate debt stories [IN CORPD] Local market closing/intraday levels [IN SNAPSHOT] Monthly inflows [INFLOWS RTRS TABLE IN] ($1 = 64.63 Indian rupees) (Compiled by Benny Thomas in Bengaluru)

          Senior Solution Architect (iOS, Android, Windows, Mobile Technologies) / 33-6 Consultancy Limited / Knutsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom   
33-6 Consultancy Limited/Knutsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom

My client, a Large UK Retail Banking group is seeking a strong VP Senior Solution Architect to come in and join their team on a permanent basis. This is a very exciting opportunity to work in one of the largest Technology hubs in the North West.


Good understanding of mobile technologies.

Good knowledge of smart phones, emerging handsets, capabilities, different platforms (RIM, IOS, Android)

Lead problem solving and analytical sessions to find innovative technical solutions to address business problems.

Good understanding of Client Server Interaction, Application and Infrastructure.

Good Understanding of the Design phase within the application development life cycle.

Has written a document/cookbook for a specific subject matter.

Able to maintain high levels of productivity for prolonged periods, with "quiet periods built in to allow rest and recuperation. Able to refine and adapt techniques to meet new needs. Able to teach these skills to practitioners and experts.

Has wider interest in computing science eg mathematical methods or machine learning

Teaches and influences others to use different versioning strategies and systems.

Uses all Microsoft Tools.

Can use and advise on other tools that facilitate collaboration (eg SharePoint, Rationale, etc). Has awareness and keeps abreast of other industry tools. Uses MS Project as the planning tool of choice.

Financial services experience is desirable

Employment Type: Permanent

Apply To Job
          Russia's Rosneft set for global gas tussle with Gazprom   

By Vladimir Soldatkin and Olesya Astakhova

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's Rosneft, the world's top listed oil producer, wants to supply gas in parts of Europe where Gazprom is not present - or Moscow risks losing the market to U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG), a Rosneft executive said.

Gazprom, the leading global gas producer, enjoys monopoly rights on gas pipeline exports. It has lost its exclusive rights to ship seaborne LNG overseas to Rosneft and Novatek, Russia's largest non-state gas producer.

Rosneft, headed by Igor Sechin, an ally of President Vladimir Putin, has long been vying for pipeline gas exports as it strives to grow globally. It now wants permission to export to the parts of Europe in which Gazprom does not operate.

The Russian producer has a memorandum with BP, which owns a 19.75 stake in the Russian company, to trade up to 20 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas annually in Europe.

Rosneft vice president Vlada Rusakova, a former Gazprom executive, said the company wants to conduct "an experiment" in supplying gas to new markets "in coordination" with Gazprom.

"We are not counting on a total lifting of export restrictions. This would be harmful for Gazprom, especially against the background of a difficult financial and economic situation at the company," she said in emailed comments.

She added that as part of the "experiment", Rosneft could supply gas to markets where Gazprom is not present and into which U.S. LNG could be imported. Rusakova did not identify any such European countries.

"Of course, this should be done in close coordination with Gazprom, in order to avoid competition between Russian gas suppliers."

Gazprom targets $32-34 billion in revenues from exporting more than 180 bcm to Europe and Turkey this year. Rosneft produced almost 70 bcm of gas last year, earning 208 billion roubles ($3.5 billion) in revenues from gas sales at home.


Rosneft, like Novatek, is winning some of Gazprom's clients at home thanks to a more flexible gas pricing policy. But unlike Novatek or Gazprom, Rosneft plans to have an LNG plant only in Russia, as it eyes Russia's far east and Asian markets.

The company wants to export gas to China, where Gazprom plans to start shipping gas in 2019-2021 via the Power of Siberia pipeline, currently under construction.

It also wants access to China's domestic gas market and end-users via swap deals.

"There are significant gas resources in Russia's east, while no infrastructure has been built. And that's why we are interested in gaining access to the future Power of Siberia pipeline," Rusakova said.

Rosneft plans to produce 100 bcm of gas per year by 2020 and become the world's third-largest producer of natural gas sometime later, thanks to a number of international projects.

Last year, Rosneft agreed to buy a stake of up to 35 percent in Egypt's Zohr offshore gas field from Italy's Eni. The Russian company also plans to expand in gas projects elsewhere, including Mozambique and Venezuela.

Rusakova said Rosneft and Venezuelan state company PDVSA may consider building an LNG plant in Venezuela.

($1 = 59.3765 roubles)

(Writing by Vladimir Soldatkin; Editing by Katya Golubkova and Dale Hudson)

          White House: Trump to meet Putin at G-20 summit   
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump will hold a high stakes meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin when he attends the G-20 summit in Ge...
          USA: Forderung nach Transparenz bei elektronischen Wahlsystemen   
US-Präsident Donald Trump und Vize-Präsident Mike Pence im Oval Office, mit Stephen Bannon, Sean Spicer, Michael Flynn und Reince Priebus. Der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin ist allerdings ein Photoshop. CC-BY-SA 2.0 T.J. HawkVerschiedene elektronische Systeme sind in den Vereinigten Staaten bei Wahlen im Einsatz. Besonders wegen der Vertrauenskrise in der IT-Sicherheit und wegen der anhaltenden Diskussionen um eine Wahlmanipulation fordern Bürgerrechtler nun mehr Transparenz beim Einsatz von Wahlsoftware. Das sollte auch bei uns in Deutschland Standard werden.
          Пять вопросов, которые обсуждали Трамп и Путин   

28 января президент США Дональд Трамп и президент России Владимир Путин впервые поговорили по телефону. Разговор длился 45 минут и вряд ли из-за трудностей перевода. Аналитики и обозреватели думали-гадали, о чем же пойдет речь в разговоре Трампа и Путина после обильных комплиментарных авансов "русскому медведю" от американского президента. После встречи пресс-службы обоих президентов сообщили краткие […]

Запись Пять вопросов, которые обсуждали Трамп и Путин впервые появилась Новости в Мире.

          Real-time Twitter trending on a budget with riemann   

I recently stumbled upon this article by Michael Noll which explains a strategy for computing twitter trends with Storm.

I love Storm, but not everyone has a cluster already, and I think computing tops is a problem that lends itself well to single node computing since datasets often are very simple (in the twitter trend case we store a tuple of hashtag and time of insertion) and thus can fit in a single box’s memory capacity while being able to service many events per second.

It turns out, riemann is a great tool for tackling this type of problem and is able to handle a huge amount of events per second while keeping a small and concise configuration.

It goes without saying that Storm will be a better performer when you are trying to compute a vast amount of data (for instance, the real twitter firehose).

Accumulating tweets

In this example we will compute twitter trends from a sample of the firehose, as provided by twitter. The tweetstream ruby library provides a very easy way to process the “sample hose” and here is a small script which extracts hash tags from tweets and publishes them to a local riemann instance:

require 'tweetstream'
require 'riemann/client'

TweetStream.configure do |config|
  config.consumer_key       = 'xxx'
  config.consumer_secret    = 'xxx'
  config.oauth_token        = 'xxx'
  config.oauth_token_secret = 'xxx'
  config.auth_method        = :oauth

riemann = do |status|
  status.text.scan(/\s#([[:alnum:]]+)/).map{|x| x.first.downcase}.each do |tag|
    riemann << {service: tag, metric: 1.0, tags: ["twitter"], ttl: 3600}

For each tweet in the firehose we emit a riemann event tagged with twitter and a metric of 1.0, the service is the tag which was found.

The rationale for computing trends is as follows:

  • Keep a moving time window of an hour
  • Compute per-tag counts
  • Sort by computed count, then by time
  • Keep the top N events

Riemann provides several facilities out of the box which can be used to implement this, most noticeably:

  • The top stream which separates events in two streams: top & bottom
  • The moving-time-window stream

With recent changes in riemann’s top function we can use this simple configuration to compute trends:

(let [store    (index)
      trending (top 10 (juxt :metric :time) (tag "top" store) store)]
    (by :service (moving-time-window 3600 (smap folds/sum trending)))))

Let’s break down what happens in this configuration.

  • We create an index and a trending stream which keeps the top 10 trending hashtags, we’ll get back to this one later.
  • For each incoming event, we split on service (the hashtag), and then sum all occurences in the last hour
  • This generate an event whose metric is the number of occurences in an hour which gets sent to trending

Now let’s look a bit more in-depth at what is provided by the trending stream. We are using the 4-arity version of top, so in this case:

  • We want to compute the top 10 (first argument)
  • We compare and sort events using the (juxt :metric :time) function. juxt yields a vector, which is the result of applying its arguments to its input. For an input event {:metric 1.0 :time 2} our function will yield [1.0 2], we leverage the fact that vectors implement the Comparable interface and thus will correctly sort event by metric, then time
  • We send events belonging to the top 10 to the stream (tag "top" store)
  • We send events not belonging to the top 10 or bumped from the top 10 to the stream store

Fetching results

Running twitter-hose.rb against such a configuration we can now query the index to retrieve. With the ruby riemann-client gem we just retrieve the indexed elements tagged with top:

require 'riemann/client'
require 'pp'

client =
pp client['tagged "top"']

Going further

It might be interesting to play with a better comparison function than (juxt :metric :time), it would be interesting to compute a decay factor from the time and apply it to the metric and let comparisons be done on this output.

The skeleton of such a function could be:

(def decay-factor xxx)

(defn decaying [{:keys [metric time] :as event}]
  (let [ (unix-time)]
    (- metric (* ((unix-time) - time) decay-factor))))

This would allow expiring old trends quicker.

The full code for this example is available at:


Other applications

When transferring that problem domain to the typical datasets riemann handles, the top stream can be a great way to find outliers in a production environment, in terms of CPU consumption, bursts of log types.

Toy scaling strategies

I’d like to advise implementers to look beyond riemann for scaling top extraction from streams, as tools like Storm are great for these use cases.

But in jest, I’ll mention that since the riemann-kafka plugin - by yours truly - allows producing and consuming to and from kafka queues, intermediate riemann cores could compute local tops and send the aggregated results over to a central riemann instance which would then determine the overall top.

I hope this gives you a good glimpse of what riemann can provide beyond simple threshold alerts.

          The death of the configuration file   

Taking on a new platform design recently I thought it was interesting to see how things evolved in the past years and how we design and think about platform architecture.

So what do we do ?

As system developers, system administrators and system engineers, what do we do ?

  • We develop software
  • We design architectures
  • We configure systems

But it isn’t the purpose of our jobs, for most of us, our purpose is to generate business value. From a non technical perspective we generate business value by creating a system which renders one or many functions and provides insight into its operation.

And we do this by developing, logging, configuration and maintaining software across many machines.

When I started doing this - back when knowing how to write a sendmail configuration file could get you a paycheck - it all came down to setting up a few machines, a database server a web server a mail server, each logging locally and providing its own way of reporting metrics.

When designing custom software, you would provide reports over a local AF_UNIX socket, and configure your software by writing elegant parsers with yacc (or its GNU equivalent, bison).

When I joined the OpenBSD team, I did a lot of work on configuration files, ask any members of the team, the configuration files are a big concern, and careful attention is put into clean, human readable and writable syntax, additionally, all configuration files are expected to look and feel the same, for consistency.

It seems as though the current state of large applications now demands another way to interact with operating systems, and some tools are now leading the way.

So what has changed ?

While our mission is still the same from a non technical perspective, the technical landscape has evolved and went through several phases.

  1. The first era of repeatable architecture

    We first realized that as soon as several machines performed the same task the need for repeatable, coherent environments became essential. Typical environments used a combination of cfengine, NFS and mostly perl scripts to achieve these goals.

    Insight and reporting was then providing either by horrible proprietary kludges that I shall not name here, or emergent tools such as netsaint (now nagios), mrtg and the like.

  2. The XML mistake

    Around that time, we started hearing more and more about XML, then touted as the solution to almost every problem. The rationale was that XML was - somewhat - easy to parse, and would allow developers to develop configuration interfaces separately from the core functionality.

    While this was a noble goal, it was mostly a huge failure. Above all, it was a victory of developers over people using their software, since they didn’t bother writing syntax parsers and let users cope with the complicated syntax.

    Another example was the difference between Linux’s iptables and OpenBSD’s pf. While the former was supposed to be the backend for a firewall handling tool that never saw the light of day, the latter provided a clean syntax.

  3. Infrastructure as code

    Fast forward a couple of years, most users of cfengine were fed up with its limitations, architectures while following the same logic as before became bigger and bigger. The need for repeatable and sane environments was as important as it ever was.

    At that point of time, PXE installations were added to the mix of big infrastructures and many people started looking at puppet as a viable alternative to cfengine.

    puppet provided a cleaner environment, and allowed easier formalization of technology, platform and configuration. Philosophically though, puppet stays very close to cfengine by providing a way to configure large amounts of system through a central repository.

    At that point, large architectures also needed command and control interfaces. As noted before, most of these were implemented as perl or shell scripts in SSH loops.

    On the monitoring and graphing front, not much was happening, nagios and cacti were almost ubiquitous, while some tools such as ganglia and collectd were making a bit of progress.

Where are we now ?

At some point recently, our applications started doing more. While for a long time the canonical dynamic web application was a busy forum, more complex sites started appearing everywhere. We were not building and operating sites anymore but applications. And while with the help of haproxy, varnish and the likes, the frontend was mostly a settled affair, complex backends demanded more work.

At the same time the advent of social enabled applications demanded much more insight into the habits of users in applications and thorough analytics.

New tools emerged to help us along the way:

  • In memory key value caches such as memcached and redis
  • Fast elastic key value stores such as cassandra
  • Distributed computing frameworks such as hadoop
  • And of course on demand virtualized instances, aka: The Cloud
  1. Some daemons only provide small functionality

    The main difference in the new stack found in backend systems is that the software stacks that run are not useful on their own anymore.

    Software such as zookeeper, kafka, rabbitmq serve no other purpose that to provide supporting services in applications and their functionality are almost only available as libraries to be used in distributed application code.

  2. Infrastructure as code is not infrastructure in code !

    What we missed along the way it seems is that even though our applications now span multiple machines and daemons provide a subset of functionality, most tools still reason with the machine as the top level abstraction.

    puppet for instance is meant to configure nodes, not cluster and makes dependencies very hard to manage. A perfect example is the complications involved in setting up configurations dependent on other machines.

    Monitoring and graphing, except for ganglia has long suffered from the same problem.

The new tools we need

We need to kill local configurations, plain and simple. With a simple enough library to interact with distant nodes, starting and stopping service, configuration can happen in a single place and instead of relying on a repository based configuration manager, configuration should happen from inside applications and not be an external process.

If this happens in a library, command & control must also be added to the mix, with centralized and tagged logging, reporting and metrics.

This is going to take some time, because it is a huge shift in the way we write software and design applications. Today, configuration management is a very complex stack of workarounds for non standardized interactions with local package management, service control and software configuration.

Today dynamically configuring bind, haproxy and nginx, installing a package on a Debian or OpenBSD, restarting a service, all these very simple tasks which we automate and operate from a central repository force us to build complex abstractions. When using puppet, chef or pallet, we write complex templates because software was meant to be configured by humans.

The same goes for checking the output of running arbitrary scripts on machines.

  1. Where we’ll be tomorrow

    With the ease PaaS solutions bring to developers, and offers such as the ones from VMWare and open initiatives such as OpenStack, it seems as though virtualized environments will very soon be found everywhere, even in private companies which will deploy such environments on their own hardware.

    I would not bet on it happening but a terse input and output format for system tools and daemons would go a long way in ensuring easy and fast interaction with configuration management and command and control software.

    While it was a mistake to try to push XML as a terse format replacing configuration file to interact with single machines, a terse format is needed to interact with many machines providing the same service, or to run many tasks in parallel - even though, admittedly , tools such as capistrano or mcollective do a good job at running things and providing sensible output.

  2. The future is now !

    Some projects are leading the way in this new orientation, 2011 as I’ve seen it called will be the year of the time series boom. For package management and logging, Jordan Sissel released such great tools as logstash and fpm. For easy graphing and deployment etsy released great tools, amongst which statsd.

    As for bridging the gap between provisionning, configuration management, command and control and deploys I think two tools, both based on jclouds1 are going in the right direction:

    • Whirr2: Which let you start a cluster through code, providing

    recipes for standard deploys (zookeeper, hadoop)

    • pallet3: Which lets you describe your infrastructure as code and

    interact with it in your own code. pallet’s phase approach to cluster configuration provides a smooth dependency framework which allows easy description of dependencies between configuration across different clusters of machines.

  3. Who’s getting left out ?

    One area where things seem to move much slower is network device configuration, for people running open source based load-balancers and firewalls, things are looking a bit nicer, but the switch landscape is a mess. As tools mostly geared towards public cloud services will make their way in private corporate environments, hopefully they’ll also get some of the programmable


По его словам, повестка предстоящей на следующей неделе встречи двух президентов еще не определена... - и по сему приятному поводу уместно отметить,

что договоренность о встрече на полях, - без повестки, без выхода к прессе, но все-таки хоть какая-то толика внимания, - анонсирована сразу после официального заявления о "недостойном и крайне опасном применении химического оружия режимом Асада",

из чего прямо следует вывод о том, что если к чему-то очень сильно стремишься и готов ради этого многим жертвовать, рано или поздно своего добьешься...

          Putin telefonoval s Merkelovou a Erdoganom   
Klimatické zmeny budú ústrednou témou hamburského samitu
          Putin predĺžil zákaz na dovoz západných potravín   
Moskva varovala, že zákaz zruší iba ak USA a EÚ obmedzia sankcie, ktoré prijali v dôsledku anexie Krymu.
          la historia de la world wide web   

Historia de la World Wide WebEste NeXTcube usado por Berners-Lee en el CERN se convirtió en el primer servidor web.La idea subyacente de la Web se remonta a la propuesta de Vannevar Bush en los años 40 sobre un sistema similar: a grandes rasgos, un entramado de información distribuida con una interfaz operativa que permitía el acceso tanto a la misma como a otros artículos relevantes
determinados por claves. Este proyecto nunca fue materializado, quedando relegado al plano teórico bajo el nombre de MEMEX. Es en los años 50 cuando Ted Nelson realiza la primera referencia a un sistema de hipertexto, donde la información es enlazada de forma libre. Pero no es hasta 1980, con un soporte operativo tecnológico para la distribución de información en redes informáticas, cuando Tim Berners-Lee propone ENQUIRE al CERN (refiriéndose a Enquire Within Upon Everything, en castellano Preguntando de Todo Sobre Todo), donde se materializa la realización práctica de este concepto de incipientes nociones de la Web.
En marzo de 1989, Tim Berners Lee, ya como personal de la divisón DD del CERN, redacta la propuesta,[2] que referenciaba a ENQUIRE y describía un sistema de gestión de información más elaborado. No hubo un bautizo oficial o un acuñamiento del término web en esas referencias iniciales utilizándose para tal efecto el término mesh. Sin embargo, el World Wide Web ya había nacido. Con la ayuda de Robert Cailliau, se publicó una propuesta más formal para la world wide web[3] el 12 de noviembre de 1990.
Berners-Lee usó un NeXTcube como el primer servidor web del mundo y también escribió el primer navegador web, WorldWideWeb en 1990. En las Navidades del mismo año, Berners-Lee había creado todas las herramientas necesarias para que una web funcionase:[4] el primer navegador web (el cual también era un editor web), el primer servidor web y las primeras páginas web[5] que al mismo tiempo describían el proyecto.
El 6 de agosto de 1991, envió un pequeño resumen del proyecto World Wide Web al newsgroup[6] alt.hypertext. Esta fecha también señala el debut de la web como un servicio disponible públicamente en Internet.
El concepto, subyacente y crucial, del hipertexto tiene sus orígenes en viejos proyectos de la década de los 60, como el Proyecto Xanadu de Ted Nelson y el sistema on-line NLS de Douglas Engelbart. Los dos, Nelson y Engelbart, estaban a su vez inspirados por el ya citado sistema basado en microfilm "memex", de Vannevar Bush.
El gran avance de Berners-Lee fue unir hipertexto e Internet. En su libro Weaving the Web (en castellano, Tejiendo la Red), explica que él había sugerido repetidamente que la unión entre las dos tecnologías era posible para miembros de las dos comunidades tecnológicas, pero como nadie aceptó su invitación, decidió, finalmente, hacer frente al proyecto él mismo. En el proceso, desarrolló un sistema de identificadores únicos globales para los recursos web y también: el Uniform Resource Identifier.
World Wide Web tenía algunas diferencias de los otros sistemas de hipertexto que estaban disponibles en aquel momento:
WWW sólo requería enlaces unidireccionales en vez de los bidireccionales. Esto hacía posible que una persona enlazara a otro recurso sin necesidad de ninguna acción del propietario de ese recurso. Con ello se reducía significativamente la dificultad de implementar servidores web y navegadores (en comparación con los sistemas anteriores), pero en cambio presentaba el problema crónico de los enlaces rotos.
A diferencia de sus predecesores, como HyperCard, World Wide Web era no-propietario, haciendo posible desarrollar servidores y clientes independientemente y añadir extensiones sin restricciones de licencia.
El 30 de abril de 1993, el CERN anunció[7] que la web sería gratuita para todos, sin ningún tipo de honorarios.ViolaWWW fue un navegador bastante popular en los comienzos de la web que estaba basado en el concepto de la herramienta hipertextual de software de Mac denominada HyperCard. Sin embargo, los investigadores generalmente están de acuerdo en que el punto de inflexión de la World Wide Web comenzó con la introducción[8] del navegador[9] web Mosaic en 1993, un navegador gráfico desarrollado por un equipo del NCSA en la Universidad de Illinois en Urbana-Champaign (NCSA-UIUC), dirigido por Marc Andreessen. Funding para Mosaic vino del High-Performance Computing and Communications Initiative, un programa de fondos iniciado por el entonces gobernador Al Gore High Performance Computing and Communication Act of 1991, también conocida como la Gore Bill.[10] Antes del lanzamiento de Mosaic, las páginas web no integraban un amplio entorno gráfico y su popularidad fue menor que otros protocolos anteriores ya en uso sobre Internet, como el protocolo Gopher y WAIS. El interfaz gráfico de usuario de Mosaic permitió a la WWW convertirse en el protocolo de Internet más popular de una manera fulgurante

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          Russland verlängert seine Sanktionen gegen die EU   
MOSKAU (dpa-AFX) - Als Reaktion auf die Verlängerung der EU-Sanktionen gegen Russland schreibt Moskau seine eigenen Strafmaßnahmen gegen den Westen bis Ende 2018 fort. Präsident Wladimir Putin unterzeichnete den Erlass am Freitag in Moskau und ließ ihn veröffentlichen. Die russischen Sanktionen verbieten den Import von...
          Když zjistíte, kdo to vlastně je Petra Procházková, cenami v duchu Havlovy bombardovací humanity ověnčená žurnalistka, je vám jasné, kde se v ní vzala patologická nenávist vůči Rusku a Putinovi...   
Inu, co říct na závěr mé zprostředkované konfrontace Petry Procházkové versus Oliver Stone a Vladimír Putin? Možná by zde bylo na místě popřát ji úspěšnou léčbu u dr. Chocholouška, byť se již nyní zařadila mezi laureátky Ceny Václava Havla za kreativní disent; pokud ji v té své žni pofidérních cen už dávno nemá, stejně jako ji mají ve svých rozkrocích živé členky punkové skupiny Pussy Riot, jejichž veřejnou soulož již česká média rovněž zcenzurovala, nicméně fotografie ne… Zatím...
          Yes, Petty Idiocy Still Rules Society    

Late night loud yowls, most precious Big Cat Beauties... sheesh, geez, what a long busy-overwhelming week for this Big Cat... okay, really who cares about ENEMY-MSM Mika? However, petty idiocy still rules our society...sadly! But come on, Mika looks like a programmed android, and she is STUPID ... all you have to do is look at her, listen to her for a few minutes, and it's obvious--her IQ is not impressive, let's say... and let's get a dose of reality, how obvious is it that President Trump is just fish-hooking these brainless-wonder presstitutes into reacting crazily... MEANWHILE he's doing the real business of being president of these united states. BEHIND THE SCENES.

Yeah, the Kougar couldn't resist this political cartoon. ~smiles~

Okay, according to Sorcha Faal of there is a plot to possibly assassinate President Trump during the G20, when The Donald and Putin are supposed to meet... thus, to blame it on the Russians and cause a world war.




Save Me The Feigned Outrage Over Trump’s Mika Brzezinski Tweet

Paul Joseph Watson | The media has spent the last 2 years viciously attacking Trump over his appearance.




Senate Banking Committee features Sen. Corker plan to hand mortgage market to Wall Street and big banks



Catholic church involved in child sex once again 



Fake news ringleader hides from press 



Trump admin could launch false flag blamed on Assad

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov warns that the United States is preparing a false flag “provocation” as a pretext to launch a military assault on Syria.
Responding to a CNN report that the U.S. “has ships and aircraft in place to strike Syria,” if ordered to do so by the President, Pushkov cautioned that this could be the precursor to a staged incident.
“The United States put its Navy and Air Force on alert, and is just waiting for an excuse to strike Syria. Assad will not give them one.” This, Pushkov wrote, makes it “the perfect time for a provocation.”
США привели в готовность силы ВМФ и ВВС и ждут лишь предлога для удара по Сирии. Асад им предлога не даст. Идеальное время для провокации.
Earlier this week, the administration warned Bashar Al-Assad that the U.S. was aware of new preparations for a chemical attack and that he would pay a “heavy price” for any such action.
This was followed up by a tweet from Ambassador Nikki Haley in which she asserted, “Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia & Iran who support him killing his own people.”
Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia & Iran who support him killing his own people.
On Wednesday, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders indicated that the Trump administration’s warning to Assad had been “successful,” but Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova took the move as “a warning sign of an intervention.”
“The campaign, which was started by the US and is being backed by London and Paris, on the alleged chemical attack that is claimed to be prepared by Damascus, is not original, it’s a textbook script, which has already been used in several countries in the region,” Zakharova said.
“The situation seems to be a massive provocation, both military and information-wise, a provocation which targets not only the Syrian leadership, but also Russia,” she added.
Back in April, the Trump administration launched 59 cruise missiles against a Syrian airfield claimed to be the base for government aircraft that carried out a chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun.
The decision caused a split amongst Trump’s base because he specifically ran on the promise of not getting the United States entangled in more Middle Eastern conflicts that lead to the overthrow of secular leaders.
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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison




Legislation is "propping up" insurance companies

Senator Rand Paul continued to voice stern opposition to the Obamacare replacement legislation Friday, saying it isn’t even ‘Obamacare lite’ anymore, and instead is more like ‘Obamacare plus’.
Appearing on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” last night, Paul noted that the Republican legislation may actually provide more subsidies than Obamacare.
“[W]hen we look at the bill, we actually find that with the Obamacare subsidies, not only are we keeping them, we may actually be providing more subsidies than Obamacare has.” Paul exclaimed.
“Our early estimates on the bill are that the bill may spend more in the next year or two than Obamacare does.” Paul added.
“And so, it’s hard for us to get our mind around that this is a repeal bill if we’re spending more, keeping all the subsidies, and then we’re going to start a brand new federal entitlement program where we give insurance companies money.” the Senator explained.
“I keep reading it and…it sounds like Obamacare to me. It doesn’t even sound like Obamacare-lite. In some areas, it may be Obamacare-plus, on the subsidy side.” he urged.
Paul also warned that the bill “subsidizes the death spiral of Obamacare.”
“It dumps a bunch of federal money, taxpayer money, or borrowed money into the insurance industry and says, ‘Hey, please lower the prices if we give you money.’” Paul told viewers.
In a further appearance on Morning Joe Friday, the Senator said that the so called healthcare overhaul is actually centered around “propping up” insurance companies.

“The insurance companies make all the money; all of this is predicated upon still propping up the insurance companies.” Paul said, adding that “you should be able to get insurance for $1 a day. I mean, you really should.”
The Senator argued that the legislation will amount to more “bailing out” of insurance companies.
“I want the bill to look more like a repeal bill. I promised people I was going to repeal it; I didn’t promise people that I was going to replace it with a federal program of bailing out insurance companies,” Paul asserted.
“I mean, we could do this for cars,” he added. “New cars are expensive. We could have a car stabilization fund.” he further argued.
In an interview with Breitbart, Paul noted that “The bill keeps ten of twelve Obamacare regulations that causes the prices of premiums to spiral upward.”


          SON-TWIN10G-TB2 Twin 10G Thunderbolt 2 to Dual Port Copper 10Gb Ethernet Adaptor   
SON-TWIN10G-TB2 Twin 10G Thunderbolt 2 to Dual Port Copper 10Gb Ethernet Adaptor

SON-TWIN10G-TB2 Twin 10G Thunderbolt 2 to Dual Port Copper 10Gb Ethernet Adaptor

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          6/30/2017: OPINION: RUSSIA IS DEADLY SERIOUS   

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is on the offensive against Western democracy. Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014. Russia attacked America’s 2016 election, attempted to interfere in France’s 2017 election, and is expected to do the same in...
          A Guilty Verdict in Nemtsov Trial, But Impunity Reigns   

On Thursday, the 12-person jury sitting at the Moscow District Military Court rendered its verdict in modern Russia’s most high-profile political assassination. By a majority vote, the jurors found five men—all of them linked to the Kremlin-appointed leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov—guilty of the murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was gunned down on a bridge in front of the Kremlin on February 27, 2015. Zaur Dadayev, a Kadyrov associate and, at the time of the murder, an officer serving in Russia’s Interior Ministry, was convicted of pulling the trigger. The sentence will be handed down in early July.

The verdict followed a two-year investigation and trial that left more questions than it gave answers. From the start, the authorities went to great lengths to avoid any discussion of motive. Russia’s Investigative Committee refused to invoke Article 277 of the Criminal Code—“encroachment on the life of a statesman or a public figure,” instead qualifying the assassination of the former deputy prime minister, incumbent regional legislator, and leader of the opposition as a common murder. Indeed, those questions that attempted to probe the political motives surrounding the murder, asked by Vadim Prokhorov who represented Nemtsov’s family, were repeatedly disallowed by the judge. Despite Prokhorov’s continued requests—and despite obvious links between those accused and the Kadyrov regime—the Chechen strongman was not even formally questioned. Neither was General Viktor Zolotov, commander of the Russian National Guard (formerly of the Interior Ministry’s interior troops) in whose command Dadayev was serving at the time of the murder, and who is widely considered to be a go-between between Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov.

Both the investigators and the court proved unable—or unwilling—to go beyond the perpetrators to pursue those who masterminded and ordered the killing. The only person named as an organizer in the assassination at the foot of the Kremlin Wall was a Chechen driver who remains at large. Initial attempts by investigators to name Ruslan Geremeyev, another Kadyrov associate and Interior Ministry officer, as an organizer were (twice) vetoed by General Alexander Bastrykin, the head of Russia’s Investigative Committee. As for the masterminds, no one is even pretending to look.

“We saw a trial where it is forbidden to talk about the substance,” noted opposition politician Lev Shlosberg. “The court is investigating a political assassination without any questions about politics. This trial has done everything to make sure society did not get answers to the most important questions: who ordered [the assassination] and why. This shows that there are people who know the answers to these questions. And they are guarding them as a military secret of the state.”

“This was not a full-scale investigation but an imitation,” said Zhanna Nemtsova, the slain leader’s daughter. She has welcomed the guilty verdict for the perpetrators, but—in the absence of named organizers, masterminds, and motive—considers the case to remain unsolved and vows to “continue fighting to establish the truth.” So does Prokhorov, her lawyer. In this, they will be helped by Lithuanian lawmaker Emanuelis Zingeris, recently appointed by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe as a special rapporteur for the Nemtsov murder case, with a mandate to consider all aspects of the investigation and trial. Hours after the verdict, a message of support also came from the other side of the Atlantic. “Vladimir Putin and his thugs may have succeeded in taking Boris’s life, but they did not silence him,” US Senator John McCain, who knew Nemtsov and worked with him to pass the groundbreaking Magnitsky Act, said in a statement. “His memory, and the cause for which he gave his life, lives on in the hearts and minds of true Russian patriots, tens of thousands of whom have been taking to the streets in recent months to fight for truth and liberty for the Russian people. Inspired by Boris’s example, I know that someday they will succeed.”

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          Finisar, Applied Opto Join Davidson’s Fiber-Optic Pantheon   
D.A. Davidson's Mark Kelleher returns with three more optical picks, Finisar, Applied Optoelectronics and NeoPhotonics, benefitting from things such as the build-out of cloud computing and "3-D sensing" in Apple's iPhone.
          Jonny Sun and Jonathan Zittrain on Joke Tweets, Memes, and Being an Alien Online   
Join Jonny Sun, the author of the popular Twitter account @jonnysun, for a conversation in celebration of his new book “everyone’s a aliebn when ur a aliebn too” by jomny sun (the aliebn). This debut illustrated book is the unforgettable story of a lost, lonely, and confused alien finding friendship, acceptance, and love among the creatures of Earth. Constructed from many of Jonny’s re-contextualized tweets, the book is also a creative thesis on the narrative formats of social media, and a defense of the humanity-fulfilling aspects of social media born out of his experiences on Twitter. About Jonny Jonathan Sun is the author behind @jonnysun. When he isn’t tweeting, he is an architect, designer, engineer, artist, playwright and comedy writer. His work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses narratives of human experience. As a playwright, Jonathan’s work has been performed at the Yale School of Drama, and in Toronto at Hart House Theater and Factory Theater. As an artist and illustrator, his work has been exhibited at MIT, Yale, New Haven ArtSpace, and the University of Toronto. His work has been appeared on NPR, Buzzfeed, Playboy, GQ, and McSweeney’s. In his other life, he is a doctoral student at MIT and Berkman Klein fellow at Harvard. About Jonathan Jonathan Zittrain is the George Bemis Professor of International Law at Harvard Law School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Professor of Computer Science at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Vice Dean for Library and Information Resources at the Harvard Law School Library, and co-founder of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. His research interests include battles for control of digital property and content, cryptography, electronic privacy, the roles of intermediaries within Internet architecture, human computing, and the useful and unobtrusive deployment of technology in education. For more on this discussion visit:

          Impozitul pe cifra de afaceri, vazut ca o lovitura pentru companii   
Adrian Mitroi, profesor de finante comportamentale la Academia de Studii Economice (ASE), a declarat recent ca impozitul pe cifra de afaceri este probabil o lovitura pentru companii, iar economia reala nu o sa vada cu ochi buni lucrurile astea. "Din punct de vedere al corelatiilor economice, probabil ca economia reactioneaza la impozite mici si la crestere economica mai putin decat ne-am asteptat. Pentru ca se intampla asta, atunci trebuie sa te orientezi catre ceea ce teoria economica spune:...
          Toate firmele din Romania vor plati impozit pe cifra de afaceri. Proprietarii firmelor in insolventa, fara drept de a initia alte afaceri   
Conform noului program de guvernare anuntat recent de guvernul Mihai Tudose pare sa puna capac oricaror sanse de dezvoltare a unei afaceri in Romania. Astfel, una dintre masuri vizeaza trecerea la impozitul pe cifra de afaceri in loc de impozitul pe profit de anul viitor. Mai mult, antreprenorii care au cel putin doua afaceri in insolventa in palmares nu vor mai putea incepe o noua afacere pentru o anumita perioada de timp, stabilita de noul guvern. Drumul catre succesul in business e presarat...
          Beautiful Code   

Beautiful Code Edited By Andy Oram & Greg Wilson


Beautiful Code is a collection of essays from programmers working in a number of different areas, from language design, to operating systems, to enterprise application development. If you are a programmer, chances are good that at least a couple of essays in here will appeal to you.

First, the good. Some essays are great. Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby, has arguably the best (and shortest) essay in the collection, concentrating on what makes code beautiful and how those factors influenced his design of Ruby. Elliote Rusty Harold’s contribution on lessons learned creating XML verifiers is also a standout. He goes through several implementations, learning from each to improve the performance of the next, all while maintaining correctness across all cases. Charles Petzold’s description of on-the-fly code generation for image processing is dense, but interesting. As a sometimes Python programmer, Andrew Kuchling’s discussion of the design trade-offs in the design of Python’s dictionary implementation was much appreciated and gives insights into performance optimizations you can make with your application if needed.

Unfortunately there is also a fair amount of bad. One issue is that the book is simply too long. The editors mention they got a more enthusiastic response from contributors then they expected. They may have felt compelled to include all or most of the responses. But beyond the length, some of the essays are just bad. For example, Douglas Crockford’s “Top Down Operator Precedence” essay dives right in without actually explaining the algorithm. It is explained piecemeal throughout the code, but you never get a good feel for exactly what is going on. Other contributors have the view that whatever skills they need to do their work is essential to being a true software engineer. For example, Bryan Cantrill writes that postmortem debugging with core dumps “is an essential part of our craft - a skill that every serious software engineer should develop.” Quite honestly, only a very narrow niche of software engineers are serious then. Other authors take similar narrow views at times, whether it is the author of math libraries feeling that everybody needs to care about high performance computing or C programmers feeling that every real programmer should implement their own dynamic dispatch code in C at some point in their careers.

Beautiful Code is worth the read, but don’t hesitate to skim over the essays that don’t interest you. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I didn’t force myself through most of the them. (Also see Jeff Atwood’s review for a good explanation of why the title of the book is misleading.)

          Putin will Russlands Militär massiv aufrüsten   
Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin will die militärische Schlagkraft seines Landes weiter massiv ausbauen. Wie der US-amerikanische Verteidigungsnachrichtendienst Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in einem geheimen Dossier enthüllt, sollen die bereits jetzt mit 53 Milliarden Euro auf Rekordhöhe befindlichen Militärausgaben noch einmal erhöht werden. Den bisherigen Modernisierungsmaßnahmen bescheinigt der Nachrichtendienst dabei größten Erfolg.
          E. Lucasas. Dėl padidėjusio NATO aktyvumo Putinas gali kaltinti tik save   
Kaip jums patiktų toks kaimyno pareiškimas: „Neįsirenk signalizacijos savo namuose. Ir nedėk grotų ant langų. Antraip taip supyksiu, kad už pasekmes neatsakau“? Veikiausiai toks pareiškimas priverstų jus sunerimti – ypač jei kaimynų name anksčiau dirbo gangsteriai, mėgę grobti žmones, plėšikauti ir neteisėtai brautis į kitų namų teritorijas.
          Concert organizers dispute crowd size criticism   
The organizers of the Twilight Concert Series are disputing previous estimates of crowd size and reasserting their position that the shows are a safe, responsible public service. The Santa Monica Pier Corporation hired a professional service to count attendees at the June 22 opener. While the performer and public safety officials talked about a crowd... Read more →
          Russia, elections, money and Minnesota   

Vladimir Putin's Russia has one viable export industry: oil and gas. The Prirazlomnaya, shown here, is Russia's only offshore Arctic oil platform, located in the Pechora Sea.

          Java/Microservices - (Ipswich)   
Hello, Principal Java/Microservices Software EngineersDuration : 6+ months contract to hireLocation : Ipswich, MARequirements:o Minimum 10 years of experience in specification, design, development, maintenance enterprise-scale mission critical distributed systems with demanding non-functional requirementso Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems or related field of study. Master's Degree preferredo 8+ years of experience with SOA concepts, including data services and canonical modelso 8+ years of experience working with relational databaseso 8+ years of experience of building complex server side solution in Java and/or C#o 8+ years of experience in software development lifecycleo 3+ years of experience building complex solutions utilizing integration frameworks and ESBo Demonstrate strong knowledge and experience applying enterprise patterns to solving business problemsPreferred Qualifications:o Leadership experienceo Strong abilities troubleshooting and tuning distributed environments processing high volume of transactionso Familiarity with model driven architectureo Familiarity with BPM technologieso Experience with any of the following technologies: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Linux, Windows, NFS, Netapp, Rest/SOAP, ETL, XML technologieso In depth technical understanding of systems, databases, networking, and computing environmentso Familiarity with NLP and search technologies, AWS cloud based technologies, Content Management systems, publishing domain, EA frameworks such as TOGAF and Zachmano 2+ years of experience building complex Big Data solutionso Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills with ability to communicate complex technical concepts to technical and non-technical professionalsRegards Pallavi781-791-3115 ( 468 )Java,Microservices,cloud,AWS,architect Source:
          Software Development Engineer in Test - Folio - (Ipswich)   
SkillsRequirements:5+ yrs Java & Object Oriented Design/ProgrammingImplementation of 1 or more production RESTful interfaces in a microservices model2+ yrs product implementation experience with databases, both SQL and NoSQL ? PostgreSQL specifically is a plus2+ yrs product implementation experience in a cloud computing environment ? AWS specifically is a plus3+ yrs experience using Agile and/or SAFePreferred Qualifications:CI/CD using (eg) Jenkins, Maven, GradleSCM - Git/GitHubTest Driven Development (TDD) and Automated Unit TestingDeveloping automated integration and acceptance testsAutomating UI testing (eg Selenium, Sauce Labs)Developing performance and load tests at high scale (eg JMeter)General HTTP knowledge including familiarity with cURL or similar toolsLinux ? general knowledge, shell scripting ? RedHat/Amazon Linux specifically is a plusVirtualization ? Docker, Vagrant, etc.Open Source Software ? general knowledge SW dev model, experience contributing toRAML, JSON, XMLJavaScript and related tools/frameworks ? Both client-side and server-side - React, Node.js, webpack, npm/yarn, etc.Security related experience ?SSO, OAuth, SAML, LDAP, etc.Logging/Monitoring/Alerting/Analytics ? SumoLogic, Datadog, collectd, SNMP, JMX, etc.Why the North Shore of Boston and EBSCO are great places to live and work!Here at EBSCO we will provide relocation assistance to the best and brightest people. We are 45 minutes outside of Boston just minutes from the beach in Ipswich, MA. Ipswich is a part of the North Shore and contains a wide variety of locally owned shops, restaurants, and farms.
          Comment on There’s no Pride in Israeli occupation of Palestine by lnm3921   
Do they now. I'm sure the same number you allege do that don't acknowledge your by any means necessary philosophy of terrorism including Palestinian suicide bombings! Since you do, why not fly over there and blow yourself up for Palestine? Good riddance! Oh, and in regards to your disputing the existing of Kings David and Solomon, I noted today in reading about them that the Quran acknowledges their existence not just the Hebrew and Christian bible!
          Mathematics in Computing: An Accessible Guide to Historical, Foundational and Application Contexts   

          Byte Into IT - 28 June 2017   

This week on Byte Into IT we have Vanessa and Jo in the studio to talk about all things technology, computing and gaming.

Our interview for this week is with Sarah Moran from Girl Geek Academy, talking about SheHacks, an upcoming all female 'hackathon'.

          Președintele Putin a prelungit până la finele anului 2018 contrasancțiunile împotriva UE - Președintele Putin a prelungit până la finele anului 2018 contrasancțiunile împotriva UE Președintele Rusiei, Vladimir Putin, a decis vineri după-amiază să prelungească până la finele anului 2018 contrasancțiunile economice împotriva Uniunii Europene, transmite Reuters. Decizia președintelui rus vine la două zile după ce Uniunea … Rusia a prelungit contra-sancţiunile împotriva (Comunicat de…

Articol original

          Amazon Web Services: My EBS is stuck!   
Many of us were affected by the Amazon EBS issues at the end of October 2012. If you had EC2 instances in us-east-1, you were likely affected by the issues.
          Mountain Lion Roars….and Leaves Some Blood   
One issue I ran into when installing Virtualbox revolved around Apple’s software installation security in Mountain Lion
          TNR Global Launches Search Application for Museum Collections   
We use open source search technology that works with most museum software systems and databases including the popular museum software product PastPerfect.
          The Future of Search Doesn’t Come in a Box: The Google Mini Says Goodbye   
The future of search doesn’t come in a box. Last week while many were on vacation, Google abandoned the smallest member of its’ Search Appliance family, the Google Mini. The small blue piece of external hardware was used for smaller data sets with a stable, some might say stagnant, data with slow and steady query rates. [...]
          Bishop: Makes Your Web Service Shiny   
The idea is to provide a relatively small library that will make your life easier and hopefully more pleasant by making it straightforward to provide a consistent web service API that obeys HTTP semantics.
          New Systems and DevOps Blog   
has lots of new approaches to discuss in terms of systems, cloud computing, DevOps, System Architecture, and how developers and systems staff need to communicate well and work together
          Fast to Lucene Solr: Choosing a Document Processing Pipeline for Solr   
If we want to leverage the power that Solr offers, but we need support for a more robust document processing framework, what are our options?
          Elasticsearch Evaluation White Paper Released: Promising for Big Data   
We believe that Elasticsearch is a product that everyone working in the field of big data will want to take a look at.
          For Many Companies, Migration to a New Search Engine is Inevitable   
"It's basically a road map for companies looking at options for migration, and we outline Solr as a very good option"
          Mobile Search: Good UX means fewer touches, simple design   
Mobile search must be designed for a minimum number of touches before users arrive at the end result. If it takes more than 2-3 touches, the user will look elsewhere for answers.
          On the Depth-Robustness and Cumulative Pebbling Cost of Argon2i, by Jeremiah Blocki and Samson Zhou   
Argon2i is a data-independent memory hard function that won the password hashing competition. The password hashing algorithm has already been incorporated into several open source crypto libraries such as libsodium. In this paper we analyze the cumulative memory cost of computing Argon2i. On the positive side we provide a lower bound for Argon2i. On the negative side we exhibit an improved attack against Argon2i which demonstrates that our lower bound is nearly tight. In particular, we show that (1) An Argon2i DAG is $\left(e,O\left(n^3/e^3\right)\right))$-reducible. (2) The cumulative pebbling cost for Argon2i is at most $O\left(n^{1.768}\right)$. This improves upon the previous best upper bound of $O\left(n^{1.8}\right)$ [Alwen and Blocki, EURO S&P 2017]. (3) Argon2i DAG is $\left(e,\tilde{\Omega}\left(n^3/e^3\right)\right))$-depth robust. By contrast, analysis of [Alwen et al., EUROCRYPT 2017] only established that Argon2i was $\left(e,\tilde{\Omega}\left(n^2/e^2\right)\right))$-depth robust. (4) The cumulative pebbling complexity of Argon2i is at least $\tilde{\Omega}\left( n^{1.75}\right)$. This improves on the previous best bound of $\Omega\left( n^{1.66}\right)$ [Alwen et al., EUROCRYPT 2017] and demonstrates that Argon2i has higher cumulative memory cost than competing proposals such as Catena or Balloon Hashing. We also show that Argon2i has high {\em fractional} depth-robustness which strongly suggests that data-dependent modes of Argon2 are resistant to space-time tradeoff attacks.
          Privacy-Preserving Distributed Linear Regression on High-Dimensional Data, by Adrià Gascón and Phillipp Schoppmann and Borja Balle and Mariana Raykova and Jack Doerner and Samee Zahur and David Evans   
We propose privacy-preserving protocols for computing linear regression models, in the setting where the training dataset is vertically distributed among several parties. Our main contribution is a hybrid multi-party computation protocol that combines Yao's garbled circuits with tailored protocols for computing inner products. Like many machine learning tasks, building a linear regression model involves solving a system of linear equations. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation and comparison of different techniques for securely performing this task, including a new Conjugate Gradient Descent (CGD) algorithm. This algorithm is suitable for secure computation because it uses an efficient fixed-point representation of real numbers while maintaining accuracy and convergence rates comparable to what can be obtained with a classical solution using floating point numbers. Our technique improves on Nikolaenko et al.'s method for privacy-preserving ridge regression (S&P 2013), and can be used as a building block in other analyses. We implement a complete system and demonstrate that our approach is highly scalable, solving data analysis problems with one million records and one hundred features in less than one hour of total running time.
          دانلود موسیقی متن سریال Oliver Stone’s The Putin Interviews   

دانلود موسیقی متن سریال Oliver Stone’s The Putin Interviews دانلود موسیقی متن سریال Oliver Stone’s The Putin Interviews 2017 با کیفیت بالا دانلود آهنگ سریال Oliver Stone’s The Putin Interviews 2017 اثری از Jeff Beal با لینک مستقیم کیفیت اورجینال و استثنایی FLAC-Lossless اضافه شد اهنگساز: Jeff Beal آلبوم: Oliver Stone’s The Putin Interviews ژانر: […]

نوشته دانلود موسیقی متن سریال Oliver Stone’s The Putin Interviews اولین بار در دانلود موسیقی متن با لینک مستقیم پدیدار شد.

          Trump to meet Putin at G20 summit, White House says   
US intelligence agencies agree Russia was behind last year’s hack of Democratic email systems and tried to influence the 2016 election.
          Moving to the Cloud?   

Cloud computing is a fundamentally new way of providing technology infrastructure and other related components and services for your business. It has been the driving force in transforming companies and industries around the world. Here are the top business drivers…

The post Moving to the Cloud? appeared first on The Data Center Journal.

          The "Crime of the Century" is Bad Journalism   

The latest propaganda piece from The Washington Post, "Obama's secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin's election assault," is based, as usual, mostly on anonymous sources determined to make former President Barack Obama look good. The gist is that Obama tried his best to punish Russia for alleged interference in the 2016 election, but he fell short and left the matter in the hands of President Donald Trump, who has done nothing.

So Trump is blamed for Obama's failure. How convenient.

The essence of the piece is that "intelligence" was "captured" that somehow proved that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave "specific instructions" that he wanted  to "defeat or at least damage the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help elect her opponent, Donald Trump."

Pardon me, but I don't believe this for a moment. This "intelligence" may be what the Post seeks to expose-Russian "active measures" or disinformation.

As we reported back in January, "Looking at the election objectively, it is possible to say that Russian leader Vladimir Putin may have had a personal vendetta against the former U.S. secretary of state for some reason, stemming from allegations of U.S. meddling in Russian internal affairs. On the other hand, Putin may have preferred that Clinton become the U.S. president because her failed Russian ‘reset' had facilitated Russian military intervention in Ukraine and Syria, and he believed he could continue to take advantage of her."

This makes far more sense than the Post story.

Remember that Obama won the 2012 election after dismissing his Republican opponent Mitt Romney's claim that Russia was a geopolitical threat to the United States. Obama had also been caught on an open mic before the election promising to be "flexible" in changing his positions to benefit Russia.

"These comments provide more evidence that Obama was never the anti-Russian figure he postured as in the final days of his second term," we noted.

The Post story by Greg Miller and others is an obvious response to the observation that, if Obama thought the Russian interference was such a big deal, what did Obama try to do about it?

One can read the entire article if you are interested in how pro-Obama propaganda is manufactured by the Post. Some parts of the article are more ludicrous than others, such as this paragraph:

"Throughout his presidency, Obama's approach to national security challenges was deliberate and cautious. He came into office seeking to end wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was loath to act without support from allies overseas and firm political footing at home. He was drawn only reluctantly into foreign crises, such as the civil war in Syria, that presented no clear exit for the United States."

The paragraph is designed to mask Obama's indifference to Russian aggression in places like Crimea, Ukraine and Syria. In regard to the latter, Obama failed to save Syria from Russian aggression and facilitated a conflict-through secret arms shipments to the region-that now stands at 500,000 dead.

Obama's alleged "cautious" approach in the Middle East was to support jihadist groups in Syria and Libya, and back regimes such as the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, which was overthrown by the military backed by the people.

The hero in the Post account is Obama's CIA director John Brennan, who joined the agency after admitting to voting for Moscow's man in the 1976 presidential election, Gus Hall of the Communist Party USA. Suddenly, we are led to believe, as CIA director, he became anti-Russian after discovering a Moscow plot in 2016 to disrupt the presidential election.

"In political terms," the paper said, "Russia's interference was the crime of the century, an unprecedented and largely successful destabilizing attack on American democracy."

This is complete nonsense. There is no evidence any votes were changed as a result of this so-called "interference."

The crime of the century is bad journalism based on anonymous sources who hide behind papers like the Post to spread their self-serving and partisan propaganda.

"This account of the Obama administration's response to Russia's interference is based on interviews with more than three dozen current and former U.S. officials in senior positions in government, including at the White House, the State, Defense and Homeland Security departments, and U.S. intelligence services," the Post said. "Most agreed to speak only on the condition of anonymity, citing the sensitivity of the issue."

One paragraph in particular tells you everything you know about the anonymous sources behind this story. "Those closest to Obama defend the administration's response to Russia's meddling," the Post said. Yes, indeed, those "closest to Obama" would certainly do so.

Then we're told that that "They believe that a series of warnings-including one that Obama delivered to Putin in September-prompted Moscow to abandon any plans of further aggression, such as sabotage of U.S. voting systems."

There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever for this dramatic statement. It's completely made up.

Remember, this is the same Obama who once assured Putin that after he won his re-election campaign in 2012, he would have "more flexibility" with the Russian leader and be able to offer more concessions.

Now, all of a sudden, Obama is rough and tough and gets things done with the Russian leader. What a joke.

The paper reported that "Obama confronted Putin directly during a meeting of world leaders in Hangzhou, China. Accompanied only by interpreters, Obama told Putin that ‘we knew what he was doing and [he] better stop or else,' according to a senior aide who subsequently spoke with Obama. Putin responded by demanding proof and accusing the United States of interfering in Russia's internal affairs."

Or else?

It sounds like the red line in Syria that Obama had warned the Syrian regime not to cross. But they crossed it anyway.

Obama's so-called "secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin's election assault" exists in the minds of Post reporters who are waging a not-so-secret struggle to rehabilitate the former president's disastrous foreign policy toward Russia and most of the rest of the world.

Let's not forget one more debacle-Obama's deal with Russian client state Iran to facilitate the regime's nuclear weapons program and world-wide terrorism.

That may end up being another crime of the century, on par with President Bill Clinton's deal with North Korea that was supposed to prevent the communist regime from getting its hands on nuclear weapons.

Speaking of North Korea, whose nuclear weapons program accelerated under Obama, hear the words of Otto Warmbier's father about his son being released after Trump took office: "I think the results speak for themselves."

Obama's "cautious and deliberate" approach was to let the young man languish in a North Korean prison while being tortured to near death.

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          Discover CERN by drone   
aerial visit of CERN based on drone shots of iconic sites of the laboratory taken by drone competition pilot Chad Nowak, CERN Drone pilot Mike Struik, videographer Christoph M. Madsen and Photographer Maximilien Brice. Locations include: the Globe of Science and Innovation, ATLAS site on LHC Point1, the CERN Computing Centre, experimental Halls 180 and SMI2, the PS and PS booster area, LINAC 4, the CMS site at LHC P5, the ALICE site at LHC P2
          "Answers Staring Right in Front of us" by Reallucky1 - 6.30.17   
"Answers Staring Right in Front of us" by Reallucky1 - 6.30.17Hello Family:I was looking at a few sites today, and right in front of me were articles telling me that Putin and President Trump, will meet privately with McMasters at the G20 meeting.I kept thinking this G20 meeting in 2015 is what got the GCR going, and will be what will release the funds and put the rates into the market.The next

          Trump e Putin irão se encontrar pela primeira vez na semana que vem   
Encontro acontecerá à margem da cúpula do G20
          Donald Trump set to meet Vladimir Putin for the first time since taking office   

The meeting, on the sidelines of the G20 economic summit in Germany, is fraught with political overtones for Trump.
          Allies of slain Putin critic Boris Nemtsov allege cover-up after guilty verdict   

Mr Nemtsov, one of President Vladimir Putin's most vocal critics, was murdered in 2015.
          Putin telefonoval s Merkelovou i Erdoganom   

Moskva 30. júna 2017 (TASR/HSP/Foto:TASR/AP/Mikhail Klimentyev/Sputnik, Kremlin)   Nemecká kancelárka Angela Merkelová dnes telefonicky hovorila s ruským prezidentom Vladimirom Putinom pred blížiacim sa samitom skupiny G20 v Hamburgu. Informovala o tom agentúra DPA. Lídri hovorili o budúcnosti parížskej klimatickej dohody vo svetle vyhlásenia amerického prezidenta Donalda Trumpa, že Spojené štáty od tejto dohody odstupujú. Klimatické […]

Príspevok Putin telefonoval s Merkelovou i Erdoganom zobrazený najskôr Hlavné správy.

          Envisioning Middlebury: Talk by Gardner Campbell on Friday   
We are pleased to announce the second in our series of speakers for Envisioning Middlebury, our yearlong conversation. Dr. Gardner Campbell serves as associate professor of English and special assistant to the provost at Virginia Commonwealth University. In his talk, he will discuss how the paradigm of “romantic computing—the experience of wonders [and] uncanny encounters” […]
          Enabling more stable and scalable quantum computing   
Researchers have discovered a new topological material which may enable fault-tolerant quantum computing.
          2017 Arkansas Times Academic All-Star Team   
Meet the best and brightest high school students in the state.

The class of 2017, our 23rd, is made up of athletes, coders, budding politicians and brain experts. There's rarely a B on the transcripts of these students — in not just this, their senior year, but in any year of their high school careers.

Back in 1995, we created the Academic All-Star Team to honor what we then called "the silent majority — the kids who go to school, do their homework (most of it, anyway), graduate and go on to be contributing members of society." Too often, we argued then, all Arkansans heard about young people was how poorly they were faring. Or, when students did get positive attention, it came for athletic achievement.

As you read profiles of this year's All-Stars, it should be abundantly clear that good things are happening in Arkansas schools and there are many academic achievers who deserve to be celebrated. You should get a good idea, as well, of how these stellar students are busy outside school, with extracurricular activities, volunteer work, mission activities and more.

They'll be honored this week at a ceremony at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with plaques and $250 cash awards.

Many college plans listed here are not set in stone, as students await information on scholarships and acceptances.

Age: 17
Hometown: North Little Rock
High School: Mount St. Mary Academy
Parents: (guardian) Dennis Chudy
College plans: Duke University

Caroline Coplin-Chudy has a 4.4 grade point average — high enough to rank second in her class at Mount St. Mary Academy — and lost her mother to leukemia during her sophomore year, something she told us came to be a source of inspiration and drive during her academic development. "It was a big adjustment. After my mom passed away, it was just my stepdad. It's a weird realization coming to the idea that both of your parents are gone, and it's just you. ... I still think of her every single day. She motivates me to do well in everything, because my whole life I wanted to make her proud." Caroline is president of Mount St. Mary's Investment Club and of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). She's also been a regular volunteer for several years at the Little Rock Compassion Center, whose recovery branch provides meals and health resources to people suffering from addiction. Caroline said she found healing from her own grief in the friendships she forged there. As the recipient of a Questbridge scholarship, described by Caroline's guidance counselor and nominator Amy Perkins as a program where lower-income students qualify for tuition to schools with which they "match" via an early decision process, Caroline will attend Duke University on a full scholarship. "I'm going to study biology and psych, with a minor in Spanish. My plan is to work at the Duke Center for Addiction [Science and Technology] helping people with drug addictions overcome that sort of thing. It's something that I've had experience with, watching my family go through things like that."

Age: 17
Hometown: Pine Bluff
High School: Subiaco Academy
Parents: Sixte Ntamatungiro and Sylvana Niciteretse
College plans: Rice University, neuroscience

Axel Ntamatungiro grew up among books and maps dispersed throughout his home that "paint[ed] the walls with nuanced shades of knowledge." It shows. Not often can a high school senior explain, as Axel does, his love for studying the brain so easily. "Neuroscience is basically a neuron turning on and off," he said. "The fact that you have billions of these combinations that lead to consciousness, that's unbelievable." To continue learning about the mind, Axel is headed to Rice University on a full ride as a QuestBridge scholar. Maybe medical school or graduate school after that. Axel said his parents taught him a "humble intellectualism" that helped him understand "the irrationality of life." They always told him: "Work hard, but you need to realize you don't always get what you deserve." And life has been, at times, irrational and difficult for his family. Axel was the only member of his family born in the United States — in Little Rock in 1999. The rest migrated from Burundi in the early 1990s. They stayed here as the Rwandan genocide inflicted incredible damage in the area. That past was never hidden from Axel. "Instead of avoiding my questions, my parents level-headedly answered [them], telling me about Belgian colonialism, Hutu-Tutsi tension and the systematic poverty afflicting Burundi," he said. Maybe that is why Axel has never been afraid to ask big questions. He said it also helped to have a diverse group of friends who taught him new things. At his cafeteria table for lunch are kids from all over: Nigeria, Fort Smith, Japan, Bentonville and Russia. Everyone's small stories add to a global perspective, something bigger from something small, kind of like those neurons.

Age: 18
Hometown: Springdale
High School: Haas Hall Academy (Fayetteville)
Parents: Brenan and Tiffany DeSpain
College plans: U.S. Naval Academy, nuclear engineering

For Jade DeSpain, the question, "Where's your hometown?" isn't necessarily as straightforward as it seems. The National Merit semifinalist, swimming star and Quiz Bowler spent much of her childhood in Beijing, where her parents — both fluent in Mandarin — taught her Chinese concurrently with English (and where, she notes, she acquired an "incredible prowess with chopsticks.") "We've moved around so much that I don't really have a 'hometown,' but Springdale is the closest I've ever gotten," she said. She's made her impact there, too, tutoring students free of charge through her volunteer work with the M&N Augustine Foundation and putting in time at the Arkansas Council for the Blind and the Springdale Animal Shelter. Jade is ranked second in her class, and her high school transcript is full of aced courses in trigonometry, physics and calculus. She's also the co-founder of Haas Hall Academy's coding club, so a career in nuclear energy development — Jade's field of choice — isn't just an aspiration; it's the plan. "I have a deep appreciation for nature," she told us, citing Devil's Den State Park as a spot to which she feels closely connected, and stressing the importance of preserving natural spaces and developing more long-term options for sustainable energy. On Christmas Day 2016, Jade checked her email to find that she'd attained something she'd wanted as early as age 12: acceptance to the U.S. Naval Academy. There, she'll major in nuclear engineering and complete her five mandatory post-Academy years in the Navy, after which she hopes to acquire a Ph.D. in the field.

Age: 18
Hometown: Cabot
High school: Cabot High School
Parents: Dan and Melissa Elliott
College plans: University of Arkansas, medicine

Though many of our All-Stars seem destined from birth for academic greatness, there is the occasional inspiring All-Star who has had to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. One of those is Cabot High School's Avery Elliott, who was born with nystagmus, a condition that causes involuntary eye movements that can make it hard for sufferers to concentrate and learn. Though it's hard to imagine it now, when she was in elementary school Avery found herself falling further and further behind her classmates in reading because of her condition. "That was difficult," she said. "I was behind schedule until about third or fourth grade. I would have to go home and really work with my parents to keep up with the rest of the class." Even though she struggled early on, Avery said that, in a way, the nystagmus contributed to her success and gave her a direction to follow. "I had to learn to really study even outside of school," she said. "I learned some very good study habits. But I think it also really affected where I wanted to go as far as my career. ... I really learned that a medical team can not only dispense medicine, but can really affect someone's life." A National Merit finalist who has volunteered extensively with Special Olympics and already completed 43 hours of college-level coursework, Avery has been awarded the University of Arkansas Fellowship. She plans to study medicine at UAMS after completing her undergrad degree, then practice in Arkansas. That goal has always pushed her to succeed academically. "I wanted to go into the medical field from an early age," she said, "so I knew starting out in high school that I needed to make very good grades in order to get where I needed to. I had to really learn the material, rather than just trying to ace a test."

Age: 17
Hometown: Cabot
High school: Cabot High School
Parents: Dan and LeAnne Gilliam
College plans: University of Arkansas, engineering

When most young people say they want to change the world, it's easy to believe that's just pie-in-the-sky thinking by someone who hasn't yet been through the Academy of Hard Knocks. When Jared Gilliam says he wants to change the world, however, there's a good chance he might actually pull it off. Jared even has a plan: He'll change the world through engineering. A National Merit finalist and AP scholar with a GPA of 4.18 and a perfect score of 36 on the ACT, Jared is well placed to do just that. A musician who plays percussion with the Cabot High Marching Band, Jared said his favorite subject in school is math. "I think I'm mostly interested in engineering because I've always been sort of a problem-solver," he said. "I've enjoyed math and science, working through things and finding solutions to everyday problems. This year, I've been in robotics, so we've spent time working on a robot to perform various tasks. I've enjoyed that a lot. I think engineering is where my ability would best be used." He'll attend the University of Arkansas, which has offered him the Honors College Fellowship. He said the drive to excel academically has always been a part of his life. "I've grown up being encouraged to do well, and I guess I have my parents to thank for that and all my teachers," he said. "I think knowing that I have the ability to do all of this, I feel compelled to do what I can to make a difference. I think life would be pretty boring if I didn't go out there and do all the things I do. I don't think I could settle for not being successful."

Age: 18
Hometown: Fort Smith
High School: Southside High School
Parents: Drs. Bill and Janice Keating
College plans: Undecided

If you were looking for a ringing endorsement of Ben Keating's character, you'd need to look no further than Amy Slater, the guidance counselor who nominated him for our Academic All-Stars roster and who said of Ben, "He is all the things I hope my son turns out to be. ... He really thinks about things, and he practices the trumpet and piano for hours a day. It's crazy, his dedication." Ben probably had something to prove here; he admits to some skepticism on the part of his mother when he announced he'd be pursuing a career in music. He's certainly proved his mettle; Ben is band president at Southside, was a principal trumpet for the 2017 National Youth Honor Orchestra, first chair for Southside's Wind Symphony and for the All-State Jazz Band and was ranked in the top-tier bands for All-State Band and All-State Orchestra each year from 2014-16. The accolades go on and on: Ben has received a Young Artist Award from the International Trumpet Guild, a Gold Medal from the National Piano Guild and superior ratings from the National Federation of Music Clubs competitions for over a decade. He plays for the Arkansas Symphony Youth Orchestra and as a volunteer musician for the Fort Smith Community Band. Ben is still deciding where to attend college, but wherever he goes, he hopes to continue playing with an orchestra. Eventually, he wants to teach at the university level. "Ultimately," he wrote, "I want to use my passion to unite people of all different races, backgrounds and cultures. In today's society that is politically and culturally divided, it is more important than ever to share the universal language of music."

Age: 17
Hometown: Hindsville
High School: Huntsville High School
Parents: Shannon Hahn
College plans: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, biochemical engineering

Katherine Hahn is ranked first in her class at Huntsville High School, which she attends because her hometown of Hindsville is too small to support its own school system. The population of Hindsville is "about 75 people," she told us. At Huntsville High, Katherine plays bass drum in the marching band and marimba/xylophone in the concert band and runs with the Huntsville cross-country team. Her real passion, though, is science. "I think I've always wanted to go to a college that was science-based and research-based," she told us. Her high school principal, Roxanne Enix, noted her own surprise when Katherine announced that she'd take 10 credits her senior year, instead of the recommended eight. "I thought she had lost her mind," Enix stated. Those credits, over half of which are in AP classes, are what Katherine hopes have prepared her for the rigorous workload at MIT. Aiming for a career in pharmaceutical development, Katherine plans to study biochemical engineering, something she said resonated personally with her as a result of her mother's struggle with skin cancer. "Biology helps me understand why medicine does the things it does," Katherine told us. "Whenever I first started out, I wanted to do environmental stuff," she said, but turned her attention to drug delivery systems after observing so many friends and loved ones battling cancer. "I want to help stop people from being scared of losing people," she explained. Katherine, a native of Tahlequah, Okla., who moved to Arkansas around fifth grade, has served on the Madison County Health Coalition as Youth Leader and was named Student of the Year in 2017 by the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce and Huntsville High School.

Age: 18
Hometown: Little Rock
High school: Little Rock Christian Academy
Parents: Bob and Ann Burnside
College plans: Stanford University, biology and public policy

When this reporter mentioned to friends at UAMS that she'd just spoken to an amazingly poised, optimistic and intelligent young woman with a spinal cord injury, they said in unison, "You mean Georgiana Burnside." Her reputation as a teenager who at 16 was paralyzed from the waist down in a snow skiing accident but who considers the event a "blessing" no doubt goes further than UAMS, all the way to Denver's Craig Hospital, where she spent "the most memorable two months in my life," she said, and where she returns to continue her rehabilitation. What is a spinal cord injury? She answers that it is a) a life changed in a split second, b) finding out that a bad attitude is the true disability, c) a time to show off wheelchair tricks, and d) spontaneous moments of unfortunate incontinence. In her essay for the Arkansas Times, Georgiana writes, "my physical brokenness has developed wholeness in my heart about the capacity life holds for individuals regardless of their disabilities." In a phone interview, Georgiana, once a figure skater, talked about her work with Easter Seals, fundraisers for Craig Hospital, and giving talks and testimony about her faith. Georgiana has regained the ability to walk with hiking sticks and leg braces, thanks to the strength in her quads. And, thanks to support from the High Fives Foundation in Truckee, Calif., which sponsors athletes with injuries and which has paid for some of her rehabilitation, Georgiana returned to the slopes over spring break, skiing upright with the aid of long forearm equipment. At Stanford, she'll study to be a doctor, with a goal to return to Craig Hospital as a physician who'll treat other injured youths who, though they may have, like Georgiana, at first believed their life was over, will learn they have "a unique role ... enabling the advancement of society."

Age: 17
Hometown: North Little Rock
High School: North Little Rock High School
Parents: David and Susan Harvey
College plans: Likely Mississippi State University, chemical engineering

Mitchell Harvey is a big fan of the periodic table. "The elements are amazing little things," he wrote in his Academic All-Star essay. "They make up everything, yet we hardly see them in their pure form in everyday life." Mitchell decided they needed more exposure, so he started collecting examples of the elements and taking them to school for his peers and teachers to see. He extracted helium from an abandoned tank on the side of the road. He found zinc in wheel weights, grew crystals of copper with electrolysis and made bromine, which he describes as "a blood-red liquid that fumes profusely," from a "crude" homemade distillation setup and pool chemicals. Though you can buy sodium readily, Mitchell made his by melting drain cleaner (sodium hydroxide) with a blowtorch and then passing a current through it, separating the mixture into sodium metal, oxygen and water. His parents were OK with the procedure, he says, because he wore a Tyvek suit, three pairs of gloves, safety goggles and a face shield. While on a college visit in California last summer, Mitchell toured Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles and was impressed by the large periodic table display exhibit there. So he decided to build one for North Little Rock High. He got money from the school's alumni group, the Wildcat Foundation, to pay for the supplies necessary to construct the 9-foot-by-6-foot display. He hopes to have it completed in the next two weeks and fill it with examples of elements he has collected, though he may need additional funding to pay for other elements. No. 1 in a class of 687, Mitchell scored a perfect 36 on the ACT. He's also an Eagle Scout, and led a project to plant 800 native hardwood seedlings at Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park. After college, Mitchell said, he might start his own waste remediation business. "The business model I would be going for would be taking some byproduct that's hazardous and turning it into something useful."

Age: 18
Hometown: Mabelvale
High school: Bryant High SCHOOL
Parents: Kevin and Ruby Molder
College plans: University of Arkansas

Not everybody plays the mellophone and likes to draw up better interstate exchanges, but Carson Molder does both. The University of Arkansas Honors College-bound student, No. 1 in his class, likes to create three-dimensional schemes in his head, and has been creating road designs since he was young. But as a musician who plays the French horn in his school's orchestra and the mellophone in the Legacy of Bryant marching band, and who has won a band scholarship in addition to his Honors College reward to the UA, he said that one day he may be an audio engineer. "I'm going to put things together and see what sticks," he said of his future. Meanwhile, Carson said the internet has been his Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, taking him to new places that he otherwise could not get to. "I can count on my hands the number of times I have set foot outside Arkansas," Carson wrote in an essay for the Arkansas Times. But with the internet, "I can gaze into the redwood forests of California and the skyscrapers of New York City without leaving my desk." Without the internet, he said in a phone interview, "I would not be at the top of my class." Carson added, "It's not going to replace going out and visiting these things, but if you're a kid and don't have the money to go out, you can visit Yellowstone." Carson, who describes himself as "really ambitious," is looking forward to studying with Dr. Alan Mantooth, the director of the UA National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission. The UA, he said, "will provide me the tools" he'll need to succeed in graduate school, which he hopes will be Stanford University.

Age: 18
Hometown: Jonesboro
High school: Brookland High School
Parents: Kelly Webb and Jonathan Langer
College plans: University of California, Santa Barbara, chemistry

You might think that a student who is No. 1 in her class and a National Merit finalist with nary a B on her high school transcript might not consider one of her greatest achievements her selection as her high school's drum major three years in a row. But here's the thing: Schoolwork comes easy to Olivia Langer. "I never had to work hard," she told us. In fact, her style of learning is "conversation-based," she said; she enjoys "debate without argument." But music was different: "I struggled at points, and had to put in extra work to be good." Her selection as drum major was "something I know I've worked for," she said, and she has enjoyed the responsibilities that come with it. "I like to take care of people. The band calls me band mom," she added. Beside numerous academic awards, Olivia also earned a 2017 state Horatio Alger scholarship for students who have overcome great obstacles. Hers, Olivia said, was financial: She's always had a place to stay and food to eat, but she hasn't been able to afford academic programs. "Honestly, I wasn't able to visit any of the colleges I applied to," she said. So she will see the UC Santa Barbara campus for the first time when she arrives this fall. She's considering a double major in chemistry and anthropology; she's interested in the evolutionary side of anthropology, and plans to seek graduate and post-graduate degrees.

Age: 18
Hometown: Alma
High School: Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts
Parents: Eileen and Rick Parham
College plans: University of Arkansas or Hendrix College

On a visit to Hanamaki, Japan, with her school, Rebecca Parham noticed that once a month all the citizens would clean the front of their homes and shops. Folks would give each other gifts, too. "It was clear people tended to think for the whole," she said. "I thought that was really nice." An avid chemist, Rebecca did not just improve her Japanese on the trip, she brought those lessons of helping the community back to Arkansas. Her work has been at the intersection of heady science and community impact. In her robotics club, she noticed that girls were less likely to participate. "I decided that was not OK," she said. So, she designed a day with LEGO kits to encourage women to pursue STEM education. That desire to make an impact goes beyond school, too. For her senior project, Rebecca designed a test for homebuyers to see if meth had been cooked on their property (yes, meth). Her parents, on hearing of this project choice, asked her to "please explain a little bit further ... ." Here's the gist: The method of meth production in rural areas has shifted to something called the Birch reduction; older testing kits would no longer work. But Rebecca thought she could produce one that could. She designed a flame test. It finds lithium compounds left behind. The process of invention was "definitely frustrating," Rebecca said, but you "learn things you never thought of before." Rebecca did not plan to spend senior year in her dorm late at night "searching online" how to identify meth production, but she has a driving curiosity toward science and how it "connects to the world." She hopes to work in renewable energy — to be part of the global community, from Japan to Arkansas — making the world a nice place in which to live.

Age: 18
Hometown: Searcy
High school: Searcy High School
Parents: Eric and Lisa Robinson College plans: University of Arkansas

Grant Robinson's father is a cardiologist, and Grant long figured he would follow in his dad's footsteps. But now he's not so sure. Last summer, he was selected, among thousands of applicants from around the world, to participate in a Stanford University summer engineering program. He got to experience a taste of college life, to take advantage of Stanford's decked-out labs and to tour the area to see results of civil engineering. The most memorable part of the program? Grant's small group built a Rube Goldberg machine — a complicated gadget that performs a simple task in a convoluted way — that, by Grant's estimation, was "the most complex and aesthetically pleasing" in the program. It included an electromagnet the group handmade and chemical reactions triggered by the machine. Grant's academic achievements are the byproduct of a natural curiosity. He said he spends what little free time he has exploring YouTube, trying to figure out the way the world works. Another influence: His father, who pulled himself out of poverty to become a doctor, has always instilled in him the importance of hard work. The message clearly stuck. Grant is second in his class of 263, with a 4.27 GPA. He scored a 35 on the ACT. He's a Presidential Scholar. His classmates voted him most likely to receive the Nobel Prize. He also participated in Project Unify (now known as Unified Champion Schools), an effort by the Special Olympics to get young people with and without special needs to come together for activities. Grant helped plan a basketball tournament as part of the project. In the fall, he'll be rooting on the Razorbacks at the University of Arkansas.  

Age: 18
Hometown: Little Rock
High school: Little Rock Christian Academy
Parents: Jill and Steve Snyder
College plans: Cornell University, industrial and labor relations

Whatever you were doing by your senior year in high school, chances are you probably hadn't already authored a book, much less a book on the complicated intersection of taxation and politics. John Snyder has, though. His book, "The Politics of Fiscal Policy," explores the political aspects of economics, including the pros and cons of various governmental tax schemes and their effect on government spending. It's for sale on Amazon right now. "It's pretty concise," John said, "but I wanted a way to express all my ideas in economic terms. That was a great way to do that." A history buff who serves as vice president of his class, John has a stunning 4.49 GPA and is ranked first in his class of 129. Though he wanted to be a lawyer when he was younger, his plan now is to go into investment banking. "Ultimately I want to have my own hedge fund — this thing called an activist hedge fund — and eventually I want to be actively involved in politics, whether that's in the midst of my business career or after ... . I'd love to run for public office one day." At Cornell University, John will be studying industrial and labor relations, a field that marries his love of multiple subjects. "Basically it ties in business, law, economics and history all into sort of one degree," he said. "You can do limitless things [with the degree]. Some people go into law school, some go into banking, some go to politics. That's why I chose that degree." John said his philosophy is that we have only a limited amount of time on earth, and so we should try to make the most of our lives. "I think there are a lot of things I can do to change the way things currently are in society, whether it's related to business or in academia or public policy," he said. "If I don't play a role in that and I'm not striving to do my best, I would feel like I'm wasting my potential."

Age: 18
Hometown: Benton
High school: Benton High School
Parents: Haley Hicks and Brec Stone
College plans: University of Arkansas, pre-med

Benton High School's Big Man on Campus — No. 1 in his class, captain of the football team, an AP Scholar, straight As — can add to his resume the fact that he helped build his home. Preston, his two brothers and his mother bounced around a bit after her divorce, from Texas to Arkansas, living with grandparents and friends, Preston said. Then the family was selected by Habitat for Humanity, and he and his brothers pitched in to build their house. "It was the first place I could truly call home and it allowed me the stability I needed to grow into the kind of student I am today," he wrote in his essay for the Arkansas Times. Preston, who also helped build a school outreach group called SERVE to help new or struggling students, also credits sports for giving him purpose. He recently volunteered to trade in the pigskin for a basketball, joining a team that played boys at the Alexander Juvenile Detention Center. "It was an awesome experience," Preston said in a phone interview. "We were a little bit nervous at first" at the detention center, he said, but the team enjoyed the game — even though they lost to the Alexander team, formed to reward inmates with good behavior. "They practice every day," Preston said. Preston has received a $70,000 Honors College scholarship at Fayetteville. He won't be playing football with the Razorbacks. Instead he is thinking of following a pre-med track that will lead him to sports medicine. He plans to go Greek, as well.

Age: 18
Hometown: Little Rock
High school: Central High School
Parents: Amy Yu and Shawn Bao
College plans: undecided

Karina Bao embraces complexity. The Central High School valedictorian (in a class of 636) is a member of the school's back-to-back state champion Ethics Bowl Team, for which she said she spent hours "researching, discussing and sometimes even arguing" case studies. Unlike debate, she said Ethics Bowl is "really about the back-and-forth and considering different caveats and nuances and considerations" in issues ranging from local food to gender identity. As president of the school's Brain Club, she leads discussions on brain diseases, disorders and anatomy. It's a role for which she's more than qualified: She placed first in the U.S. Brain Bee, a youth neuroscience competition in which contestants answer questions about anatomy and make diagnoses based on patient actors. Placing No. 1 in the U.S. competition landed Karina a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, to the International Brain Bee, which happened to coincide with a Federation of International Neuroscientists conference, where Karina got to talk to scientists from all over the world about their groundbreaking research. She placed fifth in the international competition. A perennial outstanding delegate winner at Model United Nations competitions, Karina said Model U.N. has helped her to "not be scared of the complexity and interconnectedness of pressing issues we face today." In her spare time, Karina volunteers on the oncology wing of Baptist Hospital. "You don't get to do much," she said. "But at least we get to talk to people and help them with whatever they need and be there to listen." In her Academic All-Stars essay, Karina echoed the same drive for understanding: "The stories other people share with me become not my own when I retell them, but a part of humanity's collective spirit to understand each other. We grow from hours of listening and crying, to empathize, to have the strength and openness to pop each successive layer of the protective bubble that keeps us from seeing the very world in which we reside."

Age: 19
Hometown: Greenwood
High school: Greenwood High School
Parents: Mike and Robin Cohea
College plans: University of Tulsa or Vanderbilt university, biology

Though he grew up landlocked, far from the deep blue sea, Greenwood High School standout Bryce Cohea knew from an early age that he wanted to be a marine biologist. To reach that goal, Bryce had to start early. "In the ninth grade," he wrote in his Academic All-Stars essay, "I began planning out all my classes for the next four years. I wanted to graduate top of my class, and in order to do that I would need to take every advanced placement class and get an A in every class." That's exactly what he did, too, making nothing less than a perfect grade in every class for his entire high school career. With a 4.25 GPA and a rank of No. 1 in his class of 275, Bryce has volunteered extensively with the Salvation Army and collected shoes for the homeless; he helps unload trucks and stock shelves at the food bank at his church. A National Merit semifinalist, he also has the distinction of having scored the first perfect ACT score of 36 in Greenwood High School history. "I've honestly been a good test-taker," he said. "The first time I took it, I got a 34. After that, I got the test back and I worked on whatever I missed. After a few more tries, I got a 36." Bryce was still deciding on which university to attend when we spoke to him, but he definitely plans to study science. The subject has always interested him, he said. "I'm planning on majoring in biology and then specializing after that," he said.

Age: 16
Hometown: Rogers
Parents: James and Hyesun Gosserand

College plans: University of Southern California, Harvey Mudd College or Columbia University, computer science or environmental science

Imani Gosserand has a journal in which she organizes the many moving parts of her life — competitive gymnastics, AP classes, computer science, Young Democrats, volunteering — into lists. Personal stuff is in there, too: bucket lists, remembrances. The journal combines the creative and the organized; it is problem-solving with an artful flare, which is how Imani operates. "I really like being able to create something of my own," she said of computer science. At a camp at Stanford University, in California, her team won the competition to program a car. Imani, not surprisingly, is good at math: She learned multiplication at age 4 and went on to skip two grades. Imani thinks schoolwork is fun. "We had a huge packet of homework problems we had to do over one of our breaks," she said. "And no one else was excited about it except for me. I was like 'Oh, I'm so excited to do all these problems!' " She brings that enthusiasm for problem-solving to bigger issues, as well. "I feel like there are so many opportunities for me because our world relies on technology, so I think I could go into any field," she said. She's excited to explore and see where she can help. "I want to meet people from around the world and hear different perspectives."

Age: 18
Hometown: Little Rock
High School: Central High School
Parents: Bobbi and Dustin McDaniel and Chris and Kim Fowler
College plans: Yale University

C.J. Fowler has long been around Democratic politics. His stepfather is former Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel. But C.J. said he decided to become more politically involved himself after he came out as gay. "The situation that I'm in is not great," he said. "People are not always accepting. But it's on me if I want to try to change that and make it better for the people who come after me. I have to make sure that my community and all marginalized communities have a seat at the table, because far too often a bunch of old gray white guys are making policies that hurt everyone else." The student body president of Central High, C.J. said he's tried to move the student council, a glorified dance committee, toward advocacy and activism for students throughout the district, whose future is being decided by those "people sitting in dark rooms." He said students too often get left out of the conversation about the district "because we're too young to have opinions. But we're not; we're living it every day." C.J. has been a fixture at Little Rock School District public comment periods. Though he can't point to any policy victories, he said at least LRSD Superintendent Mike Poore knows who he is and that he disagrees with him. C.J., who is also the executive director of Young Democrats of Arkansas, sees the backlash against President Trump as encouraging. "We're realizing that, if we're going to go all in for progressive values, we need to go all in." Rather than join the chorus of progressives in the Northeast after he finishes at Yale, C.J. says he wants to come back to Arkansas and possibly continue in politics. He admires state Sen. Joyce Elliott (D-Little Rock) and says he hopes if he ever holds office that he can follow her example.

Age: 18
Hometown: Fort Smith
High School: Southside High
Parents: Claire Price and Scott Price
College plans: Vanderbilt University, political science

"Growing up, I would always argue with everybody," Sophie Price said. Sometimes it was just to play devil's advocate, but mostly, it was because Sophie wants to find the capital-t Truth. Some of this digging for truth is class: seven AP course just this year and 12 during her time in high school. But, some of it is also talking with people, discussing issues. "The best way to improve your argument is to hear the counters, to hear the other side," Sophie said, and often she is willing to be convinced. She wants to do the right thing; she believes in justice. Which is why after college at Vanderbilt on a full scholarship, she wants to field arguments as a judge. "My whole life I've followed this ideal that you have to do what's right," Sophie said. "I want to be a judge so I can kind of decide that." Vanderbilt was the only school to which Sophie applied. She knew it was the right one for her. She arrived in Nashville on a rainy day in January, but through the gloom, she knew. "Something about the beautiful campus and the intelligent people and these varying perspectives just sold me immediately," she said. In a few months she was back at Vanderbilt for a camp where she studied law, and it cemented the deal. "There was something so exhilarating about being able to have this case and have the facts and kind of create your own narrative and really advocate for someone that drew me in," she said. Watch out, because "everything I do, I want to give it a 120 percent," Sophie said.

Age: 17
Hometown: Fayetteville
High School: Fayetteville High School
Parents: Anjanette Olsen
College plans: University of Arkansas Honors College, chemical engineering

Fayetteville High School’s top student, with a perfect ACT score of 36, a 4.2 gradepoint average and the co-author of a paper on fractal self-assembly, is not just a bookworm. She’s a leader, her counselor Cindy Alley says, who shows “grit, motivation to succeed and a desire to help others.” She is also, Alley says, “a pure joy to be around.” In her essay for the Arkansas Times, Meagan talked about how she came to understand “ternary counters,” a base-3 method of counting in which only the digits 0, 1 and 2 are used. (Binary counters of 0 and 1 make up our computer’s “thinking,” as people with 10 fingers, we use base 10 to count.) Meagan, trying to make a “self-assembling ternary counter,” said she banged her head against “endless walls” for weeks. Then just after 1 a.m., she woke up with the answer. It’s a wise child who gives credit where credit is due: “I understood,” she wrote, “my mother’s advice about taking a break whenever I was upset.” Meagan’s paper on fractal self-assembly was published in the 22nd International Conference on DNBA Computing and Molecular Programing. She no longer lets frustration prevent her from solving a problem; sometimes, she’ll just sleep on it. Meagan told the Times she plans to attend a small conference this summer and then take some needed down time. She plans to use her degree from Fayetteville to pursue biomedical research.
          New Kernels and Linux Foundation Efforts   
  • Four new stable kernels
  • Linux Foundation Launches Open Security Controller Project

    he Linux Foundation launched a new open source project focused on security for orchestration of multi-cloud environments.

    The Open Security Controller Project software will automate the deployment of virtualized network security functions — such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and application data controllers — to protect east-west traffic inside the data center.

  • Open Security Controller: Security service orchestration for multi-cloud environments

    The Linux Foundation launched the Open Security Controller project, an open source project focused on centralizing security services orchestration for multi-cloud environments.

  • The Linux Foundation explains the importance of open source in autonomous, connected cars

    Open source computing has always been a major boon to the world of developers, and technology as a whole. Take Google's pioneering Android OS for example, based on the open source code, which can be safely credited with impacting the world of everyday technology in an unprecedented manner when it was introduced. It is, hence, no surprise when a large part of the automobile industry is looking at open source platforms to build on advanced automobile dynamics.

          Trump, Putin a Kim Čong-un tančí. I tak může vypadat reklama na mobily   
Sociálními sítěmi se šíří reklama honkongkského prodejce telefonů, firmy Wilson. Ten rozjel kampaň v duchu „Dobyjte svět, jedině s mobilním telefonem“, a koho lepšího mohl zvolit jako tváře reklamního spotu než Donalda Trumpa, Vladimira Putina nebo Kim Čong-una. Tedy alespoň jejich ...

Русофобия в Прибалтике уже давно завладела умами людей. Власти стран Балтийского региона постоянно видят вокруг «агентов Кремля» и ждут какого-то мифического «российского вторжения», которое должно «вот-вот» случиться, но никак не случается. И не меньше их беспокоит русскоязычная часть населения, которая проживает с ними бок о бок.

Языковая проблема, а также трудности взаимопонимания русскоязычных жителей стран Балтии и этнических представителей населения, являются наболевшей темой этих государств. И некоторые прибалты считают русских большой угрозой. Так считает писатель и публицист Михкель Мутть, изложивший свои мысли в статье для издания Postimees.

По словам Михкеля, власти прибалтийских стран, к примеру, Эстонии, всячески пытаются интегрировать русских, приобщить к своей культуре, принудить к изучению языка. В общем, проще говоря, ассимилировать. Но на деле разобщенность все равно остается. И на этом фоне прибалтов беспокоит тот факт, что русскоязычная часть населения может выдвинуть правительству требования предоставить равные права с этнической, так как многие русские воспринимают ассимиляцию как унижение. И в таком случае крупного внутреннего конфликта, по мнению журналиста, не избежать.

«Вообразим теперь, что триста тысяч выучат язык, станут гражданами, создадут одну партию, проголосуют за нее все вместе – и будут делать что захотят. Это крайне маловероятно, но даже вариант помягче создаст проблемы, если ему не будет сопутствовать, по крайней мере, доброжелательная нейтральность. Иначе нас не спасет ни пятая, ни любая другая статья союзников (5 ст. устава НАТО о коллективной самообороне – прим. ред.)», - пишет Мутть.

Писатель считает, что нужно более доброжелательно относиться к русскоязычным прибалтам, дабы снизить градус напряженности в обществе. И, как считает Мутть, сперва нужно отказаться от насильственной интеграции, которая только вредит. К примеру, вместо принуждения к изучению государственного языка, замотивировать русскоговорящих сограждан, побудив их к этому обучению. А также упразднить этнические вопросы при приеме на работу.

В попытках интегрировать русскоязычное население прибалты сами создали проблему, из-за которой у них возник лишний повод для опасений. Как говорится, насильно мил не будешь, а это значит, что в принудительной форме превратить русского, к примеру, в эстонца не получится. И если бы власти государств Балтийского региона прислушивались бы к словам таких людей, как Мутть, то, возможно, что этого повода для тревог попросту не было бы.

          Мнение чеченца про украинцев взорвало интернет!   
Мнение чеченца про украинцев взорвало интернет!

Перепост с одного форума.
Чеченец (Радуевец и Байсаровец) , который не очень то и любит русских (хотя и в адеквате) неожиданно рубанул... Удивило...

Неукто "Пулеметная лента", (из лички известно, что зовут его Тагир) попытался на основе опыта общения с россиянами систематизировать в одно целое суть, «за что россиянин не уважает украинцев».

А вот, собственно, и сама цитата :

1) Первое, это, конечно же, за беспринципность и за «правду» на каждый день. Россиянин любит фундаментальность, но не плавающее мнение. Для него плавающее мнение это ложь. Сколько помню россиян, у них была правда, что в 91-ом, что в 2014-ом. И если это правда и эволюционировала, то очень незначительно. Украинец же всегда подстраивает события каждый раз, что создает иллюзию беспринципности и приспособленчества.

2) Россиянин не любит предательство и чувствует в украинцах предателей. Он знает, что у украинца всегда найдется аргумент предать. Аргументы могут быть разные, но суть одна – нанести максимальный вред россиянину. Все, что делает украинец, он делает не для себя, а для нанесения вреда россиянам. На себя им, как правило, плевать, потому и живут они плохо.

3) Ненадежность самый главный фактор. Сегодня одно, завтра другое. См. пункт первый.

4) Россиянин не уважает украинцев за не уважение к своей истории. Для украинца истории не существует. Это для него лишь система замкнутых аргументов, но не наука. Он может ее переписывать бесконечно, потому то, украинец до сих пор свою историю и не знает. Украинец для россиянина это «Иван, не помнящий родства».

5) Россиянин не примелет сваливание вины на другого. Да, США для него враг, но от россиянина редко услышишь, что США виновата в проблемах России. Россиянин винит в своих бедах только себя. Украинец же напротив, никогда не виноват. Он весь в белом и жертва. Украина это карамельная страна, возле которой одни кучи навоза, которые мешают ей жить.

6) Украинцы, по равнению с россиянами не чувствуют интимной зоны человека, его неприкасаемой свободы. Украинцы порой легко в нее вторгаются с хамством и не спортивным поведением. Как бы россиян не разгонял «Беркут» они никогда не будут преследовать их дома – спортивное поведение, суть россиян. Украинцы же нет, они пытаются задевать за самое живое, что подчеркивает их мелкую, врожденую подлость. В России последнее, это западло.

7) Сплетни и слухи – не уважаются в России. Попросту презираются. В Украине нет.

8) Демагогия. Во всем и везде, с употреблением двойных стандартов. См пункт первый. Россияне все-таки фундаменталисты. Их, даже мне чеченцу, проще понять, и проще договориться с ними. Причем с русскими можно договориться на долгое время, с украинцами же на час… Далее их хотелки украинцев перечеркивают договор.

9) Не любовь к своей родине и народу это истинное украинское, несмотря на радикальный национализм. Украинец никогда не сравнивает Украину и Россию, он всегда сравнивает Европу и Россию. Это доказывает, что подсознательно Украины для него нет….

10) Украинец не увидит и бревнышка в своем глазу, но видит соломинку у Россиянина.

11) Из опыта чеченской войны, мной обозримой. Украинец никогда не будет воевать н а линии фронта как русский. Украинцы и были у Гелаева для диверсий. Россиян же мы доставали из луж мочи и кала, и в слезах, но. Они не покидают позиций. Собственно это меня и вводило в ступор всегда. Украинцы же воюют, когда удача лишь на их стороне. Собственно тут я согласен с Хаттабом, который назвал русских «упрямыми молчунами»…

          Хорошая новость о наших либералах. Очень хорошая   
Хорошая новость о наших либералах. Очень хорошая

Я вам скажу одну хорошую новость про демшизу.

Очень хорошую новость.

Каждый раз, когда мы слушаем их разговоры про «генетическое рабство русского народа», про то, что «Россия должна просить прощения у цивилизованного мира», что «министром иностранных дел Канады назначили украинку — ух, она вам покажет», что «в Киеве каштаны, а в Москве больно и стыдно», и про Гаагский трибунал, и про люстрацию, и еще раз про покаяние, и про репарации всем достойным народам, и опять про генетику, ну куда без генетики-то приличному человеку, — помните главное.

Они уезжают.

Они постоянно — год за годом, десятилетие за десятилетием, — эмигрируют.

Их сообщество внутри страны сокращается — и поколенчески уже не воспроизводится не то что в объеме 1927-го, но и 1977-го, и 1987 года.

Из десяти приличных людей 1987 года — через тридцать лет в России осталось максимум пять.

Бывшие общины окраин Российской империи, пройдя через миграцию в большие советские города как промежуточный исторический этап, — едут дальше.

А плюс к тому — и много новых государств у них появилось за все эти годы.

Загляните, если не лень, в лайки к любому из очень популярных лидеров демшизы — и вы увидите там не меньше 50% аплодисментов от людей, которые уже давно здесь не живут.

Конечно, кое-кто остается.

Но процесс идет — и я уверен, что уже в 2020-е мы увидим новое поколение либералов, которое, несомненно, не будет таким уж сладким и пушистым, но в нем не останется уже этой специфической ненависти, этой жестоковыйной, бешеной злобы, которую знает каждый, кто сталкивался с классической демшизой.

Будут обычные русские ребята полиберальнее прочих.

А уж если Путин просидит до 2024 года — есть шанс еще на тысячи разочарованных выездов в свободный мир, и чаще всего без обратного билета.

Так что не все так плохо.

Эмиграция из России всех этих милых людей — спасет Россию.

Дмитрий Ольшанский,
          Estas obras de arte han sido creadas por una doble red neuronal y logran gustar más que las pintadas por humanos    


Dicen que hay relación entre la creatividad y la inteligencia, y puede que ésta sea otra cosa a comprobar con la artificial. Y la verdad es que resulta bastante curioso ver cómo se desarrolla y defiende esta especie de "creatividad artificial" si hablamos de una inteligencia artificial que es capaz de crear arte mezclando estilos pictóricos.

Dejando pinceles y óleos a un lado y tirando de algoritmos y redes neuronales, lo que han hecho unos investigadores de la Universidad Rutgers (Nueva Jersey) y el laboratorio de IA de Facebook e California es crear un sistema dual para crear obras de arte. Pero el objetivo no era que fuese algo aleatorio o fundamentado en lo abstracto, sino que el sistema fuese capaz de crear algo catalogado como arte sin corresponderse a ninguna corriente artística existente (barroco, cubismo, etc.).

Dos cerebros juntos piensan más que uno, y dos redes neuronales también

Según explican en el trabajo publicado, para la creación del sistema se ha partido de la modificación de un algoritmo llamado Generative Adversial Network (GAN), denominación que deja ver la base de su funcionamiento, dado que lo que hace es enfrentar dos redes neuronales con el fin de que esa confrontación de un resultado cada vez mejor. Los componentes de este curioso enfrentamiento son una red que crea una solución y otra que se encarga de evaluarla, siendo el algoritmo el catalizador para que una y otra red den con la solución más acertada.

Aplicándolo a la creación de arte, el equipo habla de una Creative Adversarial Network (CAN), y se trata de que una de las redes (la generadora) genere imágenes continuamente y otra (la discriminadora) se encargue de catalogarlo o no como arte, enviando dos señales contradictorias a la generadora para conseguir una creación nueva, no demasiado innovadora y no perteneciente a ningún estilo. La discriminadora puede juzgar gracias a haber recibido un entrenamiento con 81.449 pinturas de 1.119 artistas distintos (del siglo XV al XX), con lo que es capaz de discernir entre una obra de arte y otro elemento (como una fotografía o un diagrama) y el estilo al que pertenece.

Like Esta selección es la que más gustó al jurado humano.

De ahí que, como decíamos al principio, el objetivo sea que el sistema dé con una creación que no pueda catalogarse en ninguno de estos estilos, siendo en la práctica un nuevo estilo per se. Explica Marian Mazzone en New Scientist, historiadora de arte en el Colegio de Charleston en Carolina del Sur que ha trabajado en el proyecto, que la idea es crear arte que sea innovador pero no en exceso.

De este modo, lo que buscan estos investigadores es lograr una generación de arte artificial al 100%, de modo que no intervenga ningún ser humano en el proceso. Aunque como explican, igual que la creatividad humana en el arte parte de experiencias y conocimientos previos, y que la motivación para el estudio parte de la hipótesis de Colin Martindale (que fue profesor de psicología en la Universidad de Maine) de que las nuevas creaciones de arte surgen de un intento de romper con lo previo y mejorar, lo cual han querido computerizar usando este GAN modificado.

Artistas imprevisibles y sin pinceles

En cuanto a los resultados, los investigadores concluyen que hay una marcada ausencia de figuras, tendiendo más a un estilo abstracto y que probablemente se deba a esa mínima de no basarse en ningún género ya existente. Y lo interesante es que lo que hicieron es mostrar los trabajos en público, de modo que éste fuese el encargado de catalogarlo como arte, así como diferenciar una creación humana de una artificial.

Para este cara a cara (con trampa) escogieron obras abstractas expresionistas (creadas entre 1945 y 2017) y otro set de obras que se mostraron en el Art Basel 2016, buscando trabajos que destacasen en creatividad (siendo éste un evento de referencia en el arte contemporáneo), frente a las creadas por los sistemas artificiales. A los sujetos se les preguntó si pensaban que las obras habían sido creadas por un ser humano o por una máquina, qué nota le pondrían (por gusto) o si daban la impresión de corresponder a un artista novel o a uno con experiencia.

Lo que vieron es que se le daba más nota a las imágenes generadas por CAN que a las del Art Basel (aunque reñido, 53% frente a un 42%), aunque enfrentando las de CAN al conjunto de obras humanas éste quedaba un 9% por debajo (53% versus 62%).

Unlike La selección de obras creadas por la AI que menos gustó.
¿Pero entonces lo que crea una AI es arte? Según sus experimentos, estos investigadores así lo consideran

¿Pero entonces lo que crea una AI es arte? Con el fin de determinar esto realizaron otro test preguntando por la intencionalidad en la creación, si se veía una estructura, una inspiración o si sentían que la obra se comunicaba con ellos. Según los resultados, explican que los sujetos encontraron las imágenes generadas por CAN "intencionales, visualmente estructuradas, comunicativas e inspiradoras", con lo que creen que pueden considerarse arte.

Ante ojos ignorantes en este campo, la verdad es que las muestras que vemos pueden ser asumidas perfectamente como la creación de un ser humano. Eso sí, esta vez no tienen ese factor espeluznante como los retratos artificiales que seguían nuestro cursor que veíamos la semana pasada.

Información e imágenes | Arxiv, Freepik
En Xataka | Este algoritmo imita el estilo de los pintores más famosos y lo aplica a cualquier foto

También te recomendamos

¿Cómo entrenar a una plataforma de inteligencia artificial? Jugando a Pac-Man, claro

Ni Twitter ni Facebook ni Google, ¿cómo se lo montan los chinos en Internet?

Google ha creado un 'Paint con esteroides': IA para que los que no sabemos dibujar obtengamos resultados brillantes

La noticia Estas obras de arte han sido creadas por una doble red neuronal y logran gustar más que las pintadas por humanos fue publicada originalmente en Xataka por Anna Martí .

          Buzaul sub cod portocaliu de canicula   
Buzaul sub cod portocaliu de canicula
Autoritatile judetene au trecut la punerea in aplicare a planului de masuri si actiuni pentru atenuarea efectelor temperaturilor ridicate asupra populatiei.   Pentru buzoieni urmeaza un week-end de foc, cel putin in cursul zillor de azi si maine fiind anuntate temperaturi care vor depasi 40 de grade. La nivelul judetului a intrat in vigoare, incepand […]
          77 DE CUVINTE: S-au tocit treptele supermarketurilor!   
77 DE CUVINTE: S-au tocit treptele supermarketurilor!
Numarul de supermarketuri si chioscuri alimentare creste. Ma intreb cum de au curajul de a se infiinta chiar unele langa altele? Si rezista! Au cumparatori! Nu pot sa nu fac o paralela cu numarul acestora, din urma cu 30-40 de ani. Erau cu mult mai putine, desi noi eram mai multi. Si… cam aveam ce […]
          Reply by pimp_my_planet   
It's times like these that I sometimes contemplate the common sense in the famous words of Timothy Leary when he proclaimed, "Turn on, tune in, drop out"! Which is worry all in itself :putin: [/quote] I was 6 when he said that, and one look at the guy and I knew I...
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And I will add 11 and 12 to this 11: Israel will not be involved with EU/Turkish clash, but will use this to clean up Palestine issues while everyone is distracted. 12. Putin will get secret Turkish guarantee of controlling Islamic insurgents against Russia by Turkey, Russia will...
          Essential Computer Security: Everyone's Guide to Email, Internet, and Wireless Security   

Essential Computer Security provides the vast home user and small office computer market with the information they must know in order to understand the risks of computing on the Internet and what they can do to protect themselves. Tony Bradley is the Guide for the site for Internet Network Security. In his role managing the content for a site that has over 600,000 page views per month and a weekly newsletter with 25,000 subscribers, Tony has learned how to talk to people, everyday people, about computer security. Intended for the security illiterate, Essential Computer Security is a source of jargon-less advice everyone needs to operate their computer securely. * Written in easy to understand non-technical language that novices can comprehend * Provides detailed coverage of the essential security subjects that everyone needs to know * Covers just enough information to educate without being overwhelming

           Tăng cường quan hệ hợp tác Việt Nam - Nga trên mọi lĩnh vực    
Trong khuôn khổ chuyến thăm chính thức Liên bang Nga từ ngày 28/6-1/7, tại Điện Kremlin ở thủ đô Moskva, Chủ tịch nước Trần Đại Quang và Tổng thống LB Nga Vladimir Putin đã có cuộc hội đàm với sự tham gia của Đoàn đại biểu cấp cao hai nước.
          Comment on Syria: Russians alarmed, Washington Befuddled, by White House threats by Moi   
The Russians already have S-300 and S-400 missiles in place around Syria and this is sufficient to cover much of the country. More of them would be superfluous. Then there is the point that the Russians haven't used the existing missiles to stop egregious US and Israeli attacks against Assad's forces. That is, the missiles are utterly useless without the political will to employ them. Putin's bluff has been well and truly called.
          Erdoğan, Trump ve Putin ile görüştü! Beyaz Saray ve Kremlin'den açıklama   
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          Is this Microsoft's cancelled Surface Mini? - CNET   


Is this Microsoft's cancelled Surface Mini?
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          Auf Schröders Spuren   

Zum dritten Mal in vier Monaten trifft Sigmar Gabriel auf Wladimir Putin. Der Außenminister pflegt die Beziehungen zu Moskau wie der Altkanzler.

          Kommentar zu Marketing-Hieb gegen Trump, Putin und Erdogan: Fritz-Kola provoziert mit neuer Kampagne von Antonios Georgiadis   
Gibt genug Flaschen in der dt. Regierung.Da muss man sich nicht andere aussuchen. Sieht aus, als wäre George Soros ein Investor von Fritz Kola. Werde diese daher Plürre meiden. ;)
          Kommentar zu Marketing-Hieb gegen Trump, Putin und Erdogan: Fritz-Kola provoziert mit neuer Kampagne von Erwin Schabrunski   
Der übliche Schanzen-Scheiß Suuuper, hammwa wiedermal Hitler mutig bekämpft tooooollll Jetzt erstmal nochn paar Brandanschläge und dann Soli-Party in der Flora mit Volx-küche von den veganen Dumpstern
          Team accelerates rendering with AI   
Modern films and TV shows are filled with spectacular, computer-generated sequences which are computed by rendering systems that simulate the flow of light in a 3D scene. However, computing many light rays is an immensely labor-intensive and time-consuming process. The alternative is to render the images using only a few light rays, but this shortcut results in inaccuracies that show up as objectionable noise in the final image.
          Trump si Putin se vor intalni pentru prima data la summitul G20 de la Hamburg. Anuntul facut de Kremlin   
  Reprezentantii Kremlinului au anuntat joi dupa-amiaza ca saptamana viitoare va avea loc prima

          Parade der Grüsel   
Trump, Kushner und Putin: Nun kann der Widerling wieder ganz selbstbewusst auftreten.
          Comentariu la #12 Omul zilei:Vrei sa facem poc ? Tu tot pe poc o ti de Auto Cam   
Sincer un motor de 1.2 de 65 caluti :)) tras de ea pana la 3500 de ture ... si nu intra ...daca eram asa nebun :)) ...dar ma multumesc sa stiu ca l am iertat si totusi mm.... l am chinuit putin ...dar nu avea rostul sa fac un accident sa facem o paguba la 3 masini...cand el o avea deja lovita toata ... probabil tot la fel 40 de ani poate are cativa de taximetrist .... nu ii mai schimba nimeni mentalitatea Am fost certat de alti soferi ca trebuia sa il las :)) ca ar trebui sa ma obijnuiesc in traficul din bucuresti ca este ceva normal si nu are rostul sa imi fac probleme ... Dovada in videoclipul colegului nostru : care multi multi soferi ii lasa crezand ca este normal, poate a gresit prefelectia si alte faze Am facut si eu ce am putut
          Four Hurdles to Trump and Putin Cooperation   

This post Four Hurdles to Trump and Putin Cooperation appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

As the G20 is set to meet next month, mounting tensions between NATO and Russia could be huge. Here's the four factors facing the expected meeting between Trump and Putin...

The post Four Hurdles to Trump and Putin Cooperation appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

          Putin, Merkel discuss topics of forthcoming G20 summit    
Putin and Merkel also touched upon issues of the Paris agreement on climate change and a number of aspects of bilateral cooperation
          Putin-Erdogan meeting may take place during G20 summit in Hamburg   
"This is possible," the Kremlin spokesman told TASS
          Putin and Erdogan discuss Syrian crisis ahead of Astana talks   
The Syrian crisis settlement has been the focus of Putin-Erdogan telephone conversation
          Kremlin to try incorporate meeting with Trump into Putin’s heavy G20 agenda    
According to Kremlin Aide Yuri Ushakov, an agreement concerning a meeting between the Russian and US leaders has been reached but "its format will be further considered"
          Putin extends Russian tit-for-tat sanctions against West until 2018   
Earlier, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the Russian government will propose extending the sanctions until December 31, 2018
          Kremlin comments on Kissinger's role in arranging Putin-Trump meeting   
Henry Kissinger, 94, held the post of the US national security adviser in 1969-1975 and worked as the US Secretary of State in 1973-1977
          Kremlin says work on Putin-Trump meeting is in progress    
"A decision was made through diplomatic channels yesterday to begin work to agree on the possible date and format of that meeting," the Kremlin spokesman said
          Lavrov assures Hamburg meeting between Putin, Trump will clarify Russian-US ties   
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump are expected to meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg
          White House expects Trump-Putin meeting on sidelines of G20 summit    
Earlier in the day, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stopped short of confirming that the meeting will take place
          President Putin receives former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger   
Putin and Kissinger have maintained warm personal relations over a number of years,the Kremlin spokesman said
          Putin hails growing ties between Russia and Germany   
The Russian leader expressed the hope that the positive trends will persist
          Russia shares priorities of Germany’s G20 presidency — Putin    
          Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, Rusya Devlet Başkanı Putin ile görüştü   
Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Rusya Federasyonu Başkanı Vladimir Putin ile bugün telefonda görüştü.
          German foreign minister ready to arrange meeting between Putin, Trump in Hamburg   
The G20 summit will be held in the German city of Hamburg on July 7-8
          Paris sees new opportunities for dialogue on Syria with Moscow   
"We will be able to work with all those who are ready to support the principles outlined by the French president during President Putin’s visit to Versailles," the French top diplomat says
          Kremlin says no progress in preparing Putin-Trump meeting yet    
          Putin to receive ex-US Secretary of State Kissinger Thursday    
The Russian leader will also receive German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel later in the day
          Erdoğan, Putin’le görüştü   
Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Rusya Devlet Başkanı Vladimir Putin ile telefonda görüştü
          Kremlin Says Putin, Merkel Discuss G20 Summit By Telephone   
The Kremlin says Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the upcoming Group of 20 summit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a phone call on June 30.
          Putin Extends Russia's Countersanctions On Western Food   
President Vladimir Putin has extended Russia's embargo on food products from the West until the end of 2018, continuing Moscow's policy of retaliation for Western sanctions against Russia for its seizure of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula and its support for pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine.
          White House Confirms Trump To Meet Putin On Sidelines Of July G20 Summit   
The White House has confirmed that U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet for the first time on the sidelines of the Group of 20 (G20) summit in Hamburg, Germany, next month.
          Russia's Milestones Are Gravestones   
Boris Nemstov's 2015 murder added to the list of prominent Russians killed during Putin's presidency. The Russian court decision finding five Chechens responsible adds to the list of ambiguous attempts at justice.
          Visit to PS1 in Queens   
I finished my midterm projects for Physical Computing and Intro to Computational Media on Friday, so I decided to get out and get some “culture” by attending the ArtOut with Marina Zurkow at PS1 in Queens.  Elizabeth, who I worked with to make the Herbivores animation, has an in-depth post about the visit.  I don’t … Continue reading Visit to PS1 in Queens
          Novinha gordinha fazendo boquete no seu brinquedinho   

Gordinha safada chupando o seu consolo Novinha gordinha fazendo boquete no seu brinquedinho, a gordinha peituda sozinha em casa pegou o seu consolo e fez um delicioso boquete para aliviar o tesão que a putinha estava sentindo, pois a coisa que ela mais queria era uma boa pica dura na sua bucetinha. Iae gostou do […]

O post Novinha gordinha fazendo boquete no seu brinquedinho apareceu primeiro em Baixar Pornô Amador - Videos Porno Amador - caiu na net - baixar porno amador.

          COLLUSION: GOP Operative Tied with Michael Flynn Sought Hillary Clinton Emails from Russian Hackers   

Remember when Donald Trump looked in the cameras during his July 27, 2016, press conference and asked Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s emails? Um, there was a reason for that….collusion. “Before the 2016 presidential election, a longtime Republican opposition researcher mounted an independent campaign to obtain emails he believed were […]

COLLUSION: GOP Operative Tied with Michael Flynn Sought Hillary Clinton Emails from Russian Hackers


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          Imaginile neputinței! UTA rămâne la Șiria. Primăria Arad a rămas corigentă la examenul „Motorul” (FOTO)   
Deocamdată vă prezentăm doar imaginile de pe arena Motorul, cea care la această oră, sau – să fim mai îngăduitori – peste două-trei săptămâni, trebuia să fie pregătită pentru jocuri...
          White House could offer to roll back sanctions in first Trump-Putin meeting   
The Guardian reports: Donald Trump has told White House aides to come up with possible concessions to offer as bargaining chips in his planned meeting next week with Vladimir Putin, according to two former officials familiar with the preparations. National security council staff have been tasked with proposing “deliverables” for the first Trump-Putin encounter, including […]
          Spies Fear Trump's First Meeting With Putin   
Buzzfeed reports;Spies Fear Trump's First Meeting With PutinMoscow believes its leader, ex-spy master Vladimir Putin, can extract major concessions from President Donald Trump when the two meet for the first time next week, European officials tell The Daily Beast.The officials  …
          Russia, Putin estende sanzioni contro Ue a fine 2018     
          GOP Congesswoman compares transgender soldiers to North Korea, Putin, and ISIS   
          Путин продлил российские контрсанкции до конца 2018 года   
Президент России Владимир Путин подписал указ, продлевающий ответные меры на санкции ЕС против России до декабря 2018 года. Контрсанкции подразумевают запрет на поставку в Россию некоторых видов продуктов.
1. Corporate Communication Office
. Assistant Manager/Manager
(Marketing Communication)

. Assistant Manager/Manager
(Publicity, Media and Account Relations)

2. High Performance Computing Initiative
. IT Specialist/Senior IT Specialist
(System Support Team)
. Research Engineer/Scientist
(Application Support Team)

          News re Russia and corruption and protests about it   
[+4] Discussion by ossobucotemp on 03/26/17 5:21 PM Replies: 6 Views: 423
Tags: Russia, Protests, Corruption, Putin
Last Post by tsarstepan on 03/28/17 6:38 AM
          Rucsac Salomon X Alp 30 Lime/Albastru   

Rucsac Salomon X Alp 30 Lime/Albastru

Rucsacul Salomon X ALP 30 intruchipeaza toate nevoile oamenilor de munte cu experienta. Cea mai importanta dintre ele e sa fie cat mai robust cu putinta, pastrandu-si versatilitatea in functie de situatia prezentata.

Asta nu inseamna ca face compromis la capitolul confort. Dotat cu tehnologia Airvent Ergoflow, asigura o circulatie sporita a aerului si suport optim al spatelui, indiferent de greutatea echipamentului carat.

Muntele nu ofera timp de ragaz, nu astepta si nu iti da avantaje, ci trebuie sa ti le creezi. Exact asta face rucsacul X ALP 30 – care isi arata atuurile in momentele critice. Fabricat din materiale ultra rezistente, poate gazdui tot echipamentul tau montan fara sa isi piarda integritatea, oferind, in acelasi timp, acces rapid la el.

Tehnologii si caracteristici:

- Curele de compactare cu care poti modifica volumul rucsacului
- Compartiment dedicat recipientului cu apa de pana la 2l
- Buzunar intern prevazut cu fermoar
- Un compartiment principal
- Bretele umar ergonomice pentru un confort sporit
- Acces rapid la compartimentul principal prin fermoarul extins, in forma de U
- Un buzunar cu fermoar la curea
- Fermoare YKK
- Doua curele pentru pioleti
- Extrem box – buzunar dedicat stocarii tuturor obiectelor importante din echipamentul tau, cu un sistem rapid de deschidere
- Tehnologia Airvent Ergoflow care ofera stabilitate si ventilatie purtatorului
- Suport detasabil pentru ski-uri
- Un buzunar superior cu acces rapid
- Curea transversala in dreptul sternului
- Curea Ergo
- Impermeabil

Greutate: 854g
Volum: 30L
Dimensiuni: 52 x 30 x 28 cm

Price: 614,99 lei Special Price: 559,99 lei

          Putin y Merkel hablan del Acuerdo de París de cara a la reunión del G20   
La canciller alemana, Angela Merkel, y el presidente ruso, Vladimir Putin, han mantenido una conversación telefónica sobre el Acuerdo de París y otros temas que se tratarán la semana que viene en la reunión de líderes del G20 en Hamburgo, según el Kremlin.
          Unleashing the Power of Google Apps   
Google Apps is one the latest challenges to Microsoft's dominance of productivity software on the desktop. A clear example of cloud computing, as all data created is stored on the Internet, Google apps includes applications for communications, including Gmail for electronic mail, Gtalk for instant messaging and Google calendar for organizing individuals schedules as well as sharing events, meetings and calendars with others; Google Docs, which can be used for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations; The Start Page which is a repository for users to preview their electronic mail, calendars and other content and Google Sites which maintains related documents and other information in place are part of the series of applications for collaboration and publishing. Google Apps is available in Standard, Premier and Education Editions, the first and last being free and the Premier Edition costing $50 per head per user per year.

According to Google, 500,000 businesses have signed up to use Google Apps, although the breakdown between paid and free subscriptions is unavailable. Many organizations are apparently impressed by the lower costs compared to a traditional desktop application, that include purchase of the software itself, reduced support and storage costs as well as claims of faster learning curves.

In addition, evidence is rising that that Google may be shaking up the software productivity market sooner than had been anticipated. Gartner's research has revealed many top corporations using Google Apps, with at least 6% of large enterprise information technology personnel using a Google web-based application on a daily basis. Google's share of the productivity market is becoming quickly pervasive.

However, in general, Google Apps are generally not as powerful in terms of capabilities when compared to Microsoft's Office Suite. However, whereas Microsoft's products are installed on desktops, Google's applications facilitate mobile collaboration, given their accessibility from the Internet at any time and any place. This capability for mobile users is very much ahead of Microsoft's plans for the deployment of its applications over the web. Yet, the heart of the controversy lies in the number of paid subscriptions to the service, which Google is hesitant to reveal, making it reliant on its income from these applications from advertising on the free edition of Gmail.

The implications for Microsoft and the industry are somewhat apparent. Microsoft will most likely need to adjust the pricing of its Office Suite in order to acknowledge the presence of Google Apps in the marketplace. In addition, users of office productivity have much to gain with this competition. Both suites will continue to add features and improvements in order to gain customers over each other.

Related to the applications arena, Google is now trying to be the premier search engine for image searching. Google has developed an image-recognition technology, called Visual Rank, which reduces the number of irrelevant images returned in a search by 83%. The implications for better search relevancy mean faster clicking through web pages which means increased revenue for Google. Other start-ups are making attempts in this arena, yet do not have the ability to make overall breakthroughs that can improve upon Google's technology. Their technologies may tackle image searches specific to an industry rather than compete against Google's which is geared for the computer industry in general. The release of this new capability is yet to be disclosed.

Visit for more information about the rugged laptop industry.
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          Fq MillenniuM, le mail dei lettori su “L’uomo forte”. Nel numero in edicola l’intervista all’erede di Stieg Larsson   

In attesa di potervi anticipare il tema del terzo numero di Fq Millennium (di grande attualità, come vedrete), in edicola sabato 8 luglio, pubblichiamo alcuni dei commenti dei lettori al secondo numero, dedicato alla “voglia di uomo forte”, con inchieste e reportage dalla Russia di Putin (che hanno scatenato una valanga di commenti nelle nostre […]

L'articolo Fq MillenniuM, le mail dei lettori su “L’uomo forte”. Nel numero in edicola l’intervista all’erede di Stieg Larsson proviene da Il Fatto Quotidiano.

          Migrate database for mobile application from to similar service by caius9090   
My Android App back-end was using to hold the data. This service has now shut down but I want to see if there still some way to migrate the data out and host it on a similar service. Migration... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Android, Cloud Computing, Database Programming, Mobile Phone, PHP)
          Big Data Developer   
NJ-Jersey City, Job Summary & Responsibilities Compliance Technology provides technology solutions to help Compliance manage the firm's regulatory and reputational risks, and enables them to advise and assist the firm?s businesses. Data Analytics team part of Compliance Technology is seeking Java/Scala developers with deep knowledge of distributed computing principles. The candidate is responsible for design, dev
          Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan’dan iki kritik görüşme   
Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, ABD Başkanı Trump ve Rusya Devlet Başkanı Putin ile telefon görüşmesi yaptı.
          Erdoğan ve Putin G-20 Zirvesi’nde görüşecek   
Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Rusya Federasyonu Başkanı Vladimir Putin ile bugün telefonda görüştü.
          Suriye’yi görüştüler   
Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Rusya Devlet Başkanı Vladimir Putin ile telefonda görüştü. İki lider Suriye konusunu ele aldı.
          Trump’la görüştü, Putin’le de görüşecek   
AK Parti Sözcüsü Mahir Ünal, ABD Başkanı Trump’la görüşen Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan’ın, Rusya Devlet Başkanı Putin ile de görüşeceğini söyledi.
          Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan Trump’la görüştü   
AK Parti Sözcüsü Mahir Ünal, Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan’ın ABD Başkanı Trump’la telefonda görüşmesinin sona erdiğini, Rusya Devlet Başkanı Putin ile de görüşeceğini açıkladı.
          Vụ tấn công Tòa án Venezuela : Chính quyền hoảng sợ   

Viên sĩ quan cảnh sát Venezuela, Oscar Perez, người lái trực thăng tấn công Tòa Án Tối Cao. Ảnh chụp tại Caracas, ngày 01/03/2015.Reuters
Thời sự nước Pháp với những quyết định đầu tiên của chính phủ về cải cách luật lao động, quyết định triệu tập Quốc Hội lưỡng viện tại Versailles của tổng thống, ngay trước phiên họp khai mạc Quốc Hội mới, gây tranh luận, là các chủ đề trang nhất của nhiều nhật báo hôm nay. Về thời sự quốc tế, Le Figaro có bài « Chính quyền Venezuela trong cơn hoảng sợ » lý giải nguyên nhân vụ trực thăng cảnh sát thả lựu đạn xuống trụ sở Tòa Án Tối Cao, khiến căng thẳng tại Venezuela tăng thêm một nấc.
Chiếc trực thăng cất cánh từ một căn cứ quân sự ở miền trung. Tiếp theo Tòa Án Tối Cao, đích ngắm là bộ Ngoại Giao. Chiếc trực thăng sau đó đã bình yên hạ cánh tại một căn cứ khác gần thủ đô. Le Figaro dẫn lời một chuyên gia về quân đội Venezuela, ông San Miguel, theo đó, chắc chắn vụ này không hề liên hệ gì với một âm mưu đảo chính. Trong khi đó, người lái trực thăng, thành viên của một đơn vị cảnh sát điều tra, đã công bố lên mạng 5 đoạn video để giải thích về ý nghĩa hành động. Theo viên phi công, hành động này là nhằm chống lại « chính phủ tham nhũng », và đứng đằng sau ông là một « liên minh gồm các công chức quân sự, chính trị và dân sự », có quan điểm « dân tộc chủ nghĩa, yêu nước và tôn trọng Nhà nước ». Mục tiêu của nhóm là tìm kiếm một thế cân bằng mới cho Venezuela, chống lại « chính phủ chuyển tiếp mang tính tội phạm » hiện nay. Trong bối cảnh căng thẳng kéo dài từ đầu tháng Ba đến nay, với các cuộc biểu tình phản đối chính phủ diễn ra hầu như hàng ngày, đối lập có phản ứng rất thận trọng về vụ trực thăng tấn công Tòa Án. Đồng chí của tổng thống Maduro muốn làm ‘‘Perestroika’’ Tổng thống Maduro tỏ ra rất lo ngại về vụ tấn công, ra lệnh cho các lực lượng đặc nhiệm vây bắt thủ phạm, đồng thời lên án một cựu bộ trưởng (ông Miguel Rodriguez Torres) đứng sau vụ này. Thế nhưng, vẫn theo chuyên gia San Miguel, nhân vật bị lên án nói trên vẫn bình yên vô sự, và điều này là « đáng ngạc nhiên ! ». Theo Le Figaro, nguyên nhân sâu xa của vụ tấn công nhằm vào Tòa Án Tối Cao và bộ Ngoại Giao Venezuela xuất phát từ sự bất bình của một bộ phận lớn trong quân đội, bất bình bùng lên với chủ trương tổ chức Quốc Hội Lập Hiến của tổng thống Maduro. Chủ trương bị chính tổng chưởng lý, người được coi là cùng phe với tổng thống Maduro kiện lên Tòa Tối Cao. Những người phản đối ông Maduro – vốn thuộc đảng cầm quyền - cho rằng đương kim tổng thống đã phản lại nguyên tắc dân chủ, được thiết lập dưới thời cố tổng thống Chavez. Phe này tố cáo, kể từ khi lên nắm quyền năm 2013, ông Maduro đã « đi hết từ sai lầm này đến sai lầm khác ». Đây là lúc cần phải tiến hành một cuộc « Perestroika », để quyền hành được giao phó cho một đảng khác, trung thành với cố tổng thống Chavez. Quan hệ Paris – Washington ấm lại nhân ngày Quốc Khánh Pháp 14/7 Bài « Donald Trump trên đại lộ Champs-Elyséees ngày 14/7 » trên La Croix dẫn lại thông báo của Elysée cho biết ngày hôm qua, tổng thống Mỹ đã nhận lời mời của nguyên thủ Pháp, được gửi đến hôm trước. La Croix nhận xét : « Sau những trao đổi khá cứng rắn giữa lãnh đạo hai nước (đặc biệt liên quan đến việc tổng thống Mỹ rút ra khỏi thỏa thuận Khí hậu Paris - người viết), sự hiện diện của tổng thống Mỹ tại quảng trường Concorde trong ngày Quốc Khánh với cuộc duyệt binh truyền thống có vẻ như là một thành công ngoại giao gây ấn tượng của tân tổng thống Macron », tiếp theo cuộc thượng đỉnh với tổng thống Nga Putin, được tổ chức tại lâu đài Versailles hồi tháng trước. Vẫn theo phủ tổng thống Pháp, các binh sĩ Hoa Kỳ sẽ tham gia lễ duyệt binh, đây cũng là dịp đánh dấu 100 năm ngày quân đội Mỹ tham gia Thế chiến thứ nhất. Le Monde chú ý đến cuộc điện đàm hôm thứ Ba, 27/06, giữa hai tổng thống, với chủ đề chính là biện pháp đối phó chung, nếu chính quyền Syria sử dụng vũ khí hóa học. Rút kinh nghiệm can thiệp của Mỹ hồi tháng 4, Washington chỉ thông báo cho Paris vài giờ trước đó, quá muộn để Pháp tham gia. Tuy nhiên, thách thức chủ yếu trong hồ sơ này là cần phải có được các tin tức tình báo chính xác. Theo Le Monde, chính quyền Damas rất có thể đã cất giấu kỹ lượng vũ khí hóa học chưa bị phá hủy. Bên cạnh đó, vấn đề cũng phức tạp hơn liên quan đến khí chlore. Theo Tổ Chức Cấm Vũ Khí Hóa Học (OIAC), loại hóa chất này tuy bị cấm dùng trong chiến tranh, nhưng lại không bị cấm sở hữu, và ít nhất trong hai năm gần đây, Damas đã nhiều lần dùng khí này. Thượng đỉnh Mỹ - Hàn : Moon Jae In tránh chọc giận Donald Trump Về thời sự quốc tế, báo chí Pháp chú ý đến cuộc thượng đỉnh Hoa Kỳ - Hàn Quốc, diễn ra hôm nay và ngày mai, thứ Năm 29 và thứ Sáu 30/06. Les Echos có bài « Thượng đỉnh Mỹ - Hàn căng thẳng ». Nguyên do là sự khác biệt lớn trong cách ứng xử với Bắc Triều Tiên. Cho đến gần đây, đối thoại với Bắc Triều Tiên là quan điểm chủ đạo của cả tân tổng thống Hàn Quốc Moon Jae In, cũng như tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump. Năm 2016, ứng cử viên tổng thống Mỹ từng tuyên bố sẵn sàng mời Kim Jong Un ăn hamburger. Ông Moon Jae In cũng tuyên bố có thể đích thân đến Bình Nhưỡng để đối thoại. Việc Bắc Triều Tiên tăng cường chương trình vũ khí hạt nhân, nhất là cái chết của sinh viên Mỹ Otto Warmbier, bị giam cầm trong những điều kiện khủng khiếp, khiến mọi ý tưởng tổ chức thượng đỉnh Liên Triều trở nên không thể chấp nhận được với Mỹ, theo một chuyên gia Viện tư vấn Asan Institute for Policy Studies, Seoul. Washington cũng rất bực bội trước việc tổng thống Hàn Quốc ngăn cản một phần việc triển khai hệ thống lá chắn tên lửa THAAD. Phe bảo thủ Mỹ cáo buộc Seoul đang làm suy yếu liên minh Mỹ-Hàn. Theo Les Echos, các nhà ngoại giao Hàn Quốc đã phải nghiên cứu kỹ lưỡng cuộc thượng đỉnh Mỹ-Nhật mới đây - được đánh giá là một « thành công lớn ». Các cố vấn của tổng thống Hàn Quốc phải tư vấn cho ông Moon Jae In cần phải chú ý trước hết làm sao để tổng thống Mỹ không tự ái, thì mới tránh bất đồng bùng phát thành xung đột. Bắc Triều Tiên : Bắc Kinh có cấm vận dầu mỏ ? Trong khi đó, vòng vây siết lại với Bắc Triều Tiên. Vẫn theo Les Echos, Trung Quốc có thể đã bắt đầu đình chỉ việc cung cấp xăng dầu cho Bình Nhưỡng. Trong hai tháng vừa qua, giá xăng tại quốc gia thuộc loại nghèo nhất hành tinh này đã trở nên đắt hàng đầu thế giới. Theo các chuyên gia, việc giá cả tăng vọt có thể bắt nguồn từ thông tin về khả năng Bắc Kinh cấm vận dầu mỏ với Bình Nhưỡng. Theo một chuyên gia viện Asan Institute for Policy Studies, cũng cần thận trọng trước viễn cảnh Bắc Kinh cấm vận dầu mỏ, bởi hai lý do. Thứ nhất là buôn lậu qua biên giới với Trung Quốc và Nga chiếm một tỉ trọng lớn trong thương mại biên giới. Thứ hai là Trung Quốc vẫn chưa đưa ra quyết định chính thức. Bắc Kinh vẫn tìm mọi cách để tránh cho chế độ Bình Nhưỡng trở nên quá suy yếu do các trừng phạt. Tấn công tin tặc : 240.000 máy tính nạn nhân Hôm thứ Ba và hôm qua, thế giới một lần nữa lại rúng động bởi một cuộc tấn công tin tặc quy mô lớn. Mục tiêu là hàng loạt doanh nghiệp lớn tại Ukraina, Ấn Độ, Mỹ, Úc, Tây Ban Nha và cả Pháp... Theo La Croix, thủ phạm là virus Petya, một loại mã độc tống tiền. Một khi đã xâm nhập, loại virus này có thể lan truyền đi trong toàn hệ thống, không cần bất cứ can thiệp nào khác. Tại Kiev, hành khách đi metro không trả được tiền bằng thẻ ngân hàng, tại Bombay, các container trên hải cảng bị tắc nghẽn, tại Nga, tập đoàn dầu mỏ Rosneft phải huy động một máy chủ dự bị để có thể tiếp tục hoạt động… Cũng tương tự như virus Wanna Cry, hồi tháng 5, Petya cũng tấn công vào một điểm yếu trong hệ thống điều hành Windows, điểm yếu mà cơ quan an ninh Mỹ NSA nắm được, nhưng thông tin đã bị hacker đánh cắp và phổ biến lên mạng. Việc vụ tấn công được khởi sự trước hết tại Ukraina, nhiều cáo buộc nhắm vào Nga, cho dù chưa có bằng chứng nào. Tổng thư ký NATO báo động là một cuộc tấn công tin học quy mô lớn có thể buộc NATO kích động điều 5 Hiệp ước NATO, điều khoản quy định toàn khối sẽ được huy động để bảo vệ một quốc gia nạn nhân. Theo Les Echos, đợt tấn công dường như đã giảm bớt nhiều về cường độ trong ngày hôm qua, sau khi tác động đến khoảng 240.000 máy tính. Tờ báo kinh tế lo ngại « các phần mềm hủy diệt hàng loạt » như vậy trong tương lai sẽ được phổ biến một cách rộng rãi. Google – Liên Âu : Quyết định phạt « lịch sử » Trong lĩnh vực kinh tế, quyết định của Ủy Ban Châu Âu hôm 27/06, phạt tập đoàn Google 2,4 tỉ đô la vì lạm dụng vị thế độc quyền, được Le Monde đánh giá là « lịch sử ». Quyết định, do ủy viên phụ trách cạnh tranh của châu Âu đề xuất, nhắm vào dịch vụ so sánh giá cả của Google Shopping, được đánh giá là « lịch sử » do mức tiền phạt, mức độ cứng rắn và các hệ quả của quyết định này. Tập đoàn Mỹ có trụ sở tại California có thời hạn 90 ngày để tuân thủ quyết định của châu Âu. Để ra được quyết định nói trên, cơ quan phụ trách cạnh tranh của châu Âu đã phải phân tích một khối lượng dữ liệu khổng lồ 5,2 tỉ terabyte. Theo Le Monde, quyết định của Bruxelles có thể là điểm khởi đầu cho một loạt các vụ kiện khác tại các nước có doanh nghiệp là nạn nhân của việc Google lạm dụng vị thế độc quyền. Cải cách luật lao động Pháp : Chính phủ công bố đề xuất đầu tiên Trở lại tình hình nước Pháp, tiêu điểm thời sự hôm nay là việc bộ trưởng Lao Động công bố các đề xuất cụ thể về cải cách luật Lao Động. Theo báo kinh tế Les Echos, đây là « lần đầu tiên » chính phủ thông báo về các dự định cải cách cụ thể. Sau một loạt thương thuyết, do ảnh hưởng của các nghiệp đoàn, vai trò của đàm phán tại từng doanh nghiệp giảm bớt tầm quan trọng, so với cương lĩnh tranh cử của ứng cử viên tổng thống Macron, ngược lại vai trò của các nhánh ngành nghề lại được giữ nguyên, thậm chí được tăng cường trong một số lĩnh vực. Theo Les Echos, các nghiệp đoàn nhìn chung hưởng ứng các thông tin mới nhất này, nhiều hơn so với dự kiến. Một tiêu điểm của các đề xuất mới của chính phủ trong dự án cải cách luật lao động là việc phát triển một hình thức hợp đồng lao động mới, gọi là « hợp đồng theo dự án ». Báo thiên tả Libération lo ngại, chính phủ có thể biến hợp đồng này thành một dạng hợp đồng không thời hạn « trá hình », để phổ biến rộng rãi, với mục tiêu chấm dứt dễ dàng hợp đồng với người làm công. Về phần mình, tờ báo thiên hữu Le Figaro lo ngại là cuộc cải cách « mẹ của các cải cách » này có nguy cơ bị đình trệ, do áp lực của công đoàn CGT, và nhất là lãnh đạo phong trào Nước Pháp Bất Khuất Melenchon. Pháp : Quyết định triệu tập Quốc Hội lưỡng viện của tổng thống gây xôn xao Vẫn về thời sự nước Pháp, các đề xuất cải cách luật lao động mới của chính phủ dường như bị che khuất bởi các phê phán rộ lên với việc tổng thống Emmanuel Macron quyết định sẽ phát biểu trước Quốc Hội lưỡng viện tại Versailles vào thứ Hai tới, chỉ một ngày trước diễn văn của thủ tướng về chính sách của chính phủ tại Hạ Viện. Tờ báo phổ thông Le Parisien đánh giá quyết định của tổng thống là « chưa từng có », « thật táo tợn ». Le Figaro cũng đưa ra nhận định là tổng thống Macron đã vượt mặt thủ tướng. Tuy nhiên, tờ báo này cũng dẫn lời từ phủ tổng thống, với nhận định là điều này hoàn toàn không có gì mới, tướng de Gaule trước đây cũng từng làm vậy, cũng như hai tổng thống Pompidou và Mitterand sau này. Theo giới thân cận của tổng thống, Emmanuel Macron sẽ phối hợp với thủ tướng Edouard Philippe điều chỉnh các diễn văn để hai bên không bị vênh nhau. RFI

          Một người Mỹ tại Paris   

Tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump tại sân bay Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino, Roma, Ý, 23/05/2017.REUTERS/Remo Casilli/File Photo
Donald Trump sẽ đến Paris vào ngày 14/07/2017 theo lời mời của Emmanuel Macron nhân Quốc Khánh Pháp. Nhiều đơn vị Mỹ sẽ diễn hành cùng với quân nhân Pháp trên đại lộ Champs Elysées ghi dấu 100 năm ngày Hoa Kỳ tham dự Thế Chiến Thứ Nhất. Tổng thống Pháp tính toán gì khi mời chủ nhân Nhà Trắng,người không được cảm tình của công luận châu Âu. Đề tài tốn nhiều giấy mực.
Libération đưa độc giả tới Mossoul trong hoang tàn đổ nát do Daech để lại trong khi Le Figaro khẳng định hoàng hôn phủ bóng tổ chức Nhà Nước Hồi Giáo tại Mossul. Nhật báo kinh tế Les Echos đưa hai tin báo động : thâm thủng trong ngân sách quốc gia do chính phủ trước để lại 8 tỷ đôla. Và cơn gió lạnh thổi qua thị trường chứng khoán châu Âu mà bất trắc đang chờ trong sáu tháng cuối năm 2017. Nhật báo công giáo La Croix đưa lên trang nhất thông tin gây chấn động tòa thánh Vatican : hồng y người Úc George Pell, bộ trưởng Tài Chính của Vatican bị tư pháp Úc truy tố về tội lạm dụng tình dục trẻ em trong thập niên 1970. Trong số các chủ đề đa dạng của các nhật báo ghi ngày thứ Sáu 30/06/2017, Le Monde dành bài xã luận với tựa đề : Một Người Mỹ tại Paris, mượn tựa của một tác phẩm nổi tiếng của Ernest Hemingway. Le Monde mô tả "người Mỹ Donald Trump" phải từ chối lời mời của nữ hoàng Anh và thủ tướng Theresa May vì thần dân Anh và đô trưởng Luân Đôn chống đối. Tại Đức, chính quyền chuẩn bị đối phó với những cuộc biểu tình lớn chống chủ nhân Nhà Trắng sang dự Thượng đỉnh G20 vào ngày 7 và 8/07/2017 ở Hambourg.
Một kết quả thăm dò ý kiến của Pew Research Center tuần qua cho thấy uy tín của tổng thống Donald Trump tuột dốc thê thảm trong công luận châu Âu, kể cả ngưòi Pháp. Tổng thống Barack Obama được hâm mộ bao nhiêu thì tổng thống Donald Trump bị ghét bấy nhiêu. Chỉ có Ba Lan là mong chờ đón tổng thống Trump vào ngày 06/07. Macron thực tiễn Thế nhưng, tổng thống Pháp Emmanuel Macron không phải là người dễ bị thuyết phục. Chủ nhân điện Elysée đã từng chứng minh ông không ngại tiếp xúc với những lãnh đạo bị ghét bỏ. Đòn ngoại giao ngoạn mục là mời tổng thống Nga Vladimir Putin sang điện Versailles, chứng tỏ thái độ thực tiễn trên hồ sơ Bachar al Assad, không buộc nhà độc tài phải ra đi làm điều kiện tiên quyết để giải quyết cuộc chiến. Với Donald Trump, một người xem thường Liên Hiệp Châu Âu, rút nước Mỹ ra khỏi hiệp định khí hậu Paris COP21, Emmanuel Macron, áp dụng bí kíp của Machiaveli (quân sư của nhiều lãnh chúa ở nước Ý thời Phục Hưng thế kỷ 14 - 15) đã đoạt ngôi vô địch "tâm cơ khó lường"của lãnh đạo siêu cường số một. Nếu chủ nhân điện Kremlin được khoản đãi trong cung son điện ngọc thì chủ nhân Nhà Trắng sẽ được chào đón với lễ nghi quân cách trên đại lộ Champs-Elysées. Cũng như khi dùng xe quân sự mui trần cho ngày nhậm chức, Emmanuel Macron muốn nói là ông gắn bó với những hình ảnh biểu trưng sức mạnh của nước Pháp và nước Pháp là cường quốc hạt nhân, là thành viên thường trực của Hội Đồng Bảo An, ngang hàng với Hoa Kỳ. Donald Trump muốn phục hồi "uy thế vĩ đại cho nước Mỹ " thì Emmanuel Macron muốn "trả lại uy thế vĩ đại cho địa cầu". Để đạt được mục tiêu này, theo tổng thống Pháp, cần phải vượt lên trên tâm lý tranh hơn tranh thua của trẻ con như cú bắt tay thử nội lực (tại Thựơng đỉnh G7) mà phải hợp tác chống khủng bố, giải quyết khủng hoảng Syria và chống biến đổi khí hậu. Làm những chuyện lớn này không thể thiếu nước Mỹ. Bên cạnh đó, tổng thống Pháp còn muốn đặt mình trong vai trò lãnh đạo Liên Hiệp Châu Âu trên chính trường quốc tế. Liệu nhà lãnh đạo 39 tuổi này có thể làm được không. Kết luận, và cũng là câu trả lời của Le Monde : Được, nhưng phải đi tới chứ không chỉ dừng lại ở hình ảnh và biểu tượng. Sự kiện tổng thống Pháp Emmanuel Macron mời tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump đã gây ngạc nhiên mà tổng thống Mỹ nhận lời lại càng bất ngờ hơn. Đây là một thành công mới của Emmanuel Macron, theo nhận định của một nhà ngoại giao. Trong bài «cử chỉ tính toán của Macron » thông tín viên Stéphane Le Bars từ Washington, cho biết lãnh đạo Mỹ-Pháp sẽ « tăng cường mối hợp tác đã chặt chẽ » từ chống khủng bố cho đến kinh tế. Trong bối cảnh hai nước đã đe dọa trả đũa Damas nếu một lần nữa, vũ khí hóa học được sử dụng tại chiến trường Syria, hồ sơ này sẽ được thảo luận trong dạ tiệc chiều 13/07. Theo Le Monde, sự kiện vị tổng thống Mỹ từng đưa những thông điệp thiếu lịch sự với Pháp như là « Paris không còn là Paris, thành phố ánh sáng » nay sắp đến Paris đã gây ngạc nhiên tại nước Mỹ nhưng ít được bình luận. Tại Pháp, nhật báo Công Giáo La Croix đặt câu hỏi có nên mời Donald Trump dự lễ diễn binh 14/07 hay không ? Phe ủng hộ cho rằng đây là biểu tượng của hai nước đồng minh lâu dài, nếu chỉ mời quân đội Mỹ mà không mời tổng tư lệnh tối cao thì chỉ gây bất đồng vô ích. Còn theo phe chống, đa số là cánh tả, thì tổng thống Pháp phải nhân cơ hội này để thảo luận sâu xa về thế cờ chiến lược chung và đặt thẳng vấn đề với Donald Trump về mối quan hệ với tổng thống Nga Putin. Một người Trung Quốc tại Hồng Kông Hồng Kông là chủ đề được quan tâm đặc biệt : 20 năm sau ngày Luân Đôn trao trả nhượng địa Hồng Kông cho Bắc Kinh (01/07/1997), vì sao chỉ có 20% người dân bán đảo mang tên Hương Cảng xem mình là người Trung Quốc ? Bên cạnh bản tin « Nước Pháp kêu gọi Trung Quốc trả tự do cho Lưu Hiểu Ba » là phóng sự của Le Figaro « Tập Cận Bình triệt hạ Hồng Kông ». Theo tường thuật của đặc phái viên Sébastien Falletti thì Hồng Kông đã biến thành một đồn lũy đón tiếp chủ tịch Trung Quốc Tập Cận Bình nhân 20 năm Bắc Kinh lấy lại chủ quyền. Các biện pháp an ninh đặc biệt, với 11.000 cảnh sát chìm nổi, được bố trí chặt chẽ đề phòng biểu tình và bảo vệ « tư lệnh khủng bố » như lời ta thán của một người đàn ông trung niên thuộc thế hệ thứ ba gốc Quảng Đông : 20 năm qua là 20 năm xấu. Người Hoa lục tràn sang xâm lấn làm vật giá leo thang. Chính nỗi bất bình này đã làm cho xu hướng đòi độc lập lên cao lấn át phong trào đấu tranh dân chủ, theo nhận định của nhật báo cánh hữu. Nhật báo kinh tế Les Echos điểm qua những khó khăn của « Hồng Kông đang bị Trung Quốc nuốt chửng. Người nghèo khó ngày càng đông và càng nghèo hơn, phải lên nóc cao ốc mà ở. Tuổi trẻ không bao giờ bỏ cuộc ». Tuổi trẻ không bỏ cuộc là lời xác quyết của Hoàng Chí Phong (Joshua Wong), cậu học sinh trung học trong phong trào Dù Vàng năm 2014, nay là một sinh viên thủ lĩnh đảng dân chủ Demosito, tiếp tục thách thức người khổng lồ Trung Quốc : chúng tôi sẽ chứng minh cho Tập Cận Bình thấy thời điểm này không phải là lúc ăn mừng mà là biểu tình phản kháng. Một khi Hồng Kông trở về Trung Quốc, Hoàng Chí Phong chỉ ra những mưu toan của Trung Quốc như dùng tư pháp để trói tay các nhà tranh đấu, dùng « tư bản đỏ » để xâm chiếm Hồng Kông, đầu cơ địa ốc hay qua bàn tay tỷ phú Jack Mã Vân, chủ nhân Alibaba, kiểm soát nhật báo có uy tín South China Morning Post. Gọng kềm Chiến thuật ba mặt giáp công : kinh tế, chính trị, văn hóa của Trung Quốc được nhật báo Công Giáo La Croix lược kể nhận xét của một vài thanh niên tuổi 20 trong bài « Định mệnh đắng cay của Hồng Kông ». Phần dẫn nhập nhắc lại khung cảnh trời mưa u ám trong buổi lễ bàn giao ngày 01/07/1997. Hai mươi năm sau, một thanh niên 27 tuổi nhớ lại : ba mẹ tôi không vui nhưng chấp nhận sự kiện một cách bình thường cho dù họ là những người tị nạn chế độ Mao Trạch Đông. Một giáo viên Anh văn 28 tuổi tuyệt vọng vì giá nhà đất lên cao quá. Một sinh viên tên Anthus Leung than phiền ra đường nghe tiếng quan thoại ngày càng đông. Mỗi năm có 50.000 dân Hoa lục sang Hồng Kông định cư (theo thỏa thuận với Anh Quốc), nhân lên 20 năm, tổng cộng là 1 triệu trên tổng số 7 triệu dân Hồng Kông : một cuộc xâm lăng văn hóa của Bắc Kinh. Liberation cũng dành hai trang để tường thuật « nỗi niềm thất vọng » của dân Hồng Kông với bài cùng tựa. Nhưng trong gọng kềm của Bắc Kinh, tuổi trẻ Hồng Kông vẫn tìm cách kháng cự. Cũng như mỗi thứ sáu, Trung Quốc mua 8 trang của Le Figaro để tuyên truyền. Trong số này có bài « phóng sự » : Tập Cận Bình tuyên chiến với ba thế lực ma quỉ là khủng bố, ly khai và cực đoan hầu chứng tỏ Trung Quốc là một cường quốc có tinh thần trách nhiệm đối với láng giềng và hòa bình thế giới. Lập luận của Trung Quốc có đáng tin hay không ? Trên trang kinh tế, Le Figaro đưa tin : Hàng giả vẫn phồn vinh tại Trung Quốc. Báo cáo của hải quan Liên Hiệp Châu Âu, phản ánh thực tế này, làm Bắc Kinh bất bình. Bạo lực gia đình tại Pháp : ai vô tâm ? Khác với các đồng nghiệp tập trung vào tình hình chính trị, kinh tế, nhật báo cánh tả độc lập chọn tệ nạn bạo lực trong gia đình làm chủ đề chính : 220 phụ nữ thiệt mạng trong ba năm qua trong sự vô tâm của tình nhân, của chồng hay chồng cũ. Án mạng gần nhất xảy ra hôm 11/06/2017 khi một ông chồng trói vợ trên đường rầy xe lửa cao tốc TGV. Điều tra « vụ án giết người hàng loạt », Libération xem lại những trang báo cũ ở địa phương để báo động trung bình mỗi ba ngày có một vụ giết vợ. Trong số 220 nạn nhân chỉ có 20 người nước ngoài và chỉ có 15 thủ phạm nghiện rượu. Các biện pháp đề phòng có sẵn nhưng theo Libération, hồ sơ này không phải là mối quan tâm hàng đầu của tân chính phủ Pháp. RFI

          NI: Угрозы Пентагона в адрес Сирии могут дорого обойтись США   
NI: Угрозы Пентагона в адрес Сирии могут дорого обойтись США

Не так давно в Белом Доме заявили, что в случае применения режимом Башара Асада химического оружия, сирийскому «диктатору» придётся «заплатить большую цену» за это, уточнив, что американская сторона располагает данными, согласно которым подобная нападение планируется. Популярное политической издание в США National Interest вслед за этой новостью опубликовало в статью, в которой обстоятельно расписано, почему подобная позиция по данному вопросу является нецелесообразной и представляет угрозу национальным интересам Соединённых Штатов.

Прежде всего, в статье National Interest указывается, что Дональд Трамп неоднократно как в ходе предвыборной гонки, так и после вступления в должность говорил о том, что одной из первостепенных задач США на сегодняшний день является борьба с терроризмом и исламским экстремизмом. В этой связи стоит отметить, что Сирию сегодня по праву можно отнести к главному рассаднику терроризма на Ближнем Востоке, да и во всем мире.

Именно поэтому, отмечает издание, даже самые отпетые русофобы в американском парламенте понимают, что без России и возглавляемой ею коалиции достичь мира в Сирии будет крайне затруднительно, если вообще возможно. И даже если гипотетически допустить, пишет издание, что США удалось расправиться с режимом Башара Асада и избавиться от русских в Сирии, то в дальнейшем потребуется выделять непомерно огромные суммы из американского бюджета на то, чтобы содержать там полноценный воинский контингент. Целью данного контингента будет сдерживание кровавого хаоса и распространения терроризма, заполнивших собой так называемый вакуум государственности, образовавшийся в САР после начала гражданской войны. Поэтому избежать подобных «издержек» просто не удастся в случае реализации описанного выше сценария развития событий!

Более того, ссориться с пророссийской коалицией, указывается в статье National Interest, нельзя ещё и потому, что американской администрации следует поддерживать умеренно-нейтральные отношения с Ираном, который заинтересован в борьбе с джихадистскими группировками на территории Сирии (и даже Ирака) куда больше, чем США. Такая позиция Тегерана обусловлена, прежде всего, резко возросший за последние несколько лет террористической угрозой внутри и вокруг Ирана (совсем недавно, 7 июня, в иранской столице произошел теракт, жертвами которого стали 60 человек; 43 получили ранения разной степени тяжести, 17 погибли).

Помимо всего прочего новый виток конфронтации между Тегераном и Вашингтоном невыгоден последнему потому, что это может поставить под угрозу достигнутое ранее с большим трудом соглашение по ядерной программе. Если США по собственной глупости поставят на нём крест (на соглашении), то получат ещё одно государство — изгой, которое стремится присоединиться к ядерному клубу. А в свете резко возросшей за последнее время ядерной угрозы со стороны Северной Кореи, это и вовсе может стать крайне неразумным и недальновидным шагом американской администрации.

Также издание подчеркивает, что устранить коалицию во главе с Россией Вашингтону не удастся в любом случае, так как у Москвы куда более прочные военные и дипломатические позиции в регионе. Более того, в статье National Interest утверждается, что у союзников пророссийской коалиции в Сирии намного более значимые интересы в Сирии, нежели чем у США. И действительно, стоит заметить, для Вашингтона судьба САР не так важна, ведь это лишь одна из множества стран, где американцы провернули искусственную революцию, хотя и не сумели довести её до конца.

Без сомнений описание всех аспектов взаимоотношений России и США в САР, фигурирующих в статье, является верным. Однако хотелось бы добавить, что подобные «резкости» со стороны Белого Дома влияют не только на совместную работу двух государств в Сирии, но и на весь спектр взаимоотношений России и США. Так что, господин Трамп, следите пожалуйста за тем, что говорят ваши подчинённые…

          Mark Hamill Voices Trump’s Latest Tweetstorm as The Joker (Audio)   

President Donald Trump’s latest famous tweetstorm has once again caught the attention of comic’s most iconic supervillain.

Mark Hamill tweeted out his latest impersonation of the President, where he reads POTUS’ tweets verbatim as the Joker.

Hamill may be best known for playing Luke Skywalker, but he’s been voicing the famous supervillain since 1992 and “Batman: The Animated Series.” So, if anybody can weigh in on whether Trump sounds like the Joker, it would be him.

His first impression came before Trump was even inaugurated, after he tweeted a happy New Year to his “many enemies.”

“Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do,” Hamill quoted, adding “Love!”

Hamill doesn’t pull out the voice in regards to Trump very often, but when he does, you know the president’s tweet was something special — or rather, especially villainous.

Trump sent out a pair of tweets about MSNBC morning hosts “Psycho” Joe Scarborough and “low I.Q. Crazy” Mika Brzezinski Thursday morning.

“She was bleeding badly from a face-lift,” he wrote of an encounter with Brzezinski.

Hamill has previously said that “nobody writes better super-villain dialogue than #Trumputin.” This was in response to a tweet by comedy writer Matt Oswalt, who suggested an app that would spit out every Trump tweet in The Joker voice.

The app idea is a bit tough to do, so Hamill’s occasional tweets will have to do for now.

You can listen to the impression below.

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          Trump’s European trip: How will he behave?   

Who blinks first?

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La radioafición esta presente en todo el mundo. Mapa de prefijos de los países Mundiales

=====    ==========    =====

Sueño radioeléctrico
                                          Pedro Martínez  EA3GFP

Suena muy bien poder viajar por las ondas radioelectricas, con el dedo en el dial del equipo en las  distintas frecuencias de radio. Hoy por hoy nuestra radio vive en los corazones de muchas personas, porque fue y es gran medio de comunicación. Yo siempre estoy con la radio como radioescucha y como radioaficionado con mi indicativo de llamada EA3GFP, a veces sueño con ella y creo que soy un viajero de las ondas.

                                                     ¿Que es un radioaficionado?  

La radioafición, origen mismo de las comunicaciones por radio, es una de las actividades más desarrolladas en el mundo entero por su expansión geografica y cantidad de personas que ejercen esta actividad, más aún con el importantisimo desarrollo de la electrónica. Desde los primeros de la radio, Hertz, Marconi,etc, el desarrollo de la radio comenzó a establecer de un modo amateur, por la investigación misma en una parte de la ciencia hasta entonces desconocida. Si leemos la vida de Marconi.
Vemos en sus trabajos y esfuerzo el espirítu de un verdadero radioaficionado. La construcción permanente de transmisores, receptores y antenas. Si nos restringimos a la definición establecida por la ley de qué es un radioaficionado podemos decir que es "una persona debidamente autorizada qu se interesa en la radiotecnia con carácter exclusivamente individual, sin fines de lucro y que realiza con su estación actividades de instrucción, de intercomunicación".
De más está decir, la cantidad de veces que los radioaficionados intervienen con sus estaciones y equipos, donde convocados o no, prestan su servicio en situaciones de emergencia, catastrofes, y otras necesidades donde las comunicaciones tradicionales cesan o no se cuenta con ellas. Destacamos entonces con ésto, que la actividad no es simplemente un hobby, sino un servicio, en la que el radioaficionado pone a disposición sus equipos y conocimientos, para ser utilizados para la comunidad, es por esta razón, además de por causas de interrelacionarse con otros tipos de telecomunicaciones, que lo rige una ley de la Nación. 
Desde sus comienzos, la radioafición ha colaborado en muchos campos y sobre todo en los casos de desastre, como huracanes, tormentas, inundaciones, terremotos, accidentes aéreos, ferrocarriles y calamidades de todo tipo en donde las comunicaciones regulares se han suspendido por causa de estos mismos desastres.Muchas personas le deben la vida a la radioafición ya que por su medio se ha logrado conseguir medicinas y ayudas médicas en lugares remotos, debido a una ágil comunicación entre radioaficionados.
Tambien tiene su importancia, el radioaficionado puede ser de cualquir parte de mundo, y cuando este está despierto, en otros países pueden estar en horario nocturno, por lo que el estar algunas horas sin dormir, es normal para conseguir el contacto de DX significa de larga distancia con el pais deseado, los prefijos de los indicativos han sido atribuidos a nivel mundial por la Unión Internacional de Telecomunicaciones.
El donde, es desde donde emite el radioaficionado, que generalmente será desde su domicilio, pero en ocasiones, hay expediciones de grupos de radioaficionados, los cuales se dirígen a una isla o país especifico, el cual no tiene entre sus habitantes, ningun radioaficionado. Dichas expediciones son anunciadas en la revistas y webs para conocimientos mundial.
El interés por la radioafición es universal y no tiene limitaciones en cuanto a edad, sexo,raza, religión, creencias politicas, ocupación o nivel puede encontrar entre los radioaficionados a persona de cualquier profesión y clase social hablando en cualquier idioma sin ello sea un obtaculo para establecer una comunicación y una amistad que puede durar toda la vida. los radioaficionados son una gran familia, una fraternidad universal, todos los radioaficionados tienen unos principios generales y comunes que los agrupan en torno a ellos y que pueden resumirse así. 
El porqué de esos contactos, es la satisfacción de haber contactado, aunque sea solo 40 segundo, con la estación deseada. Oir que dicha estación, pronuncia nuestra matricula (indicativo) dándonos paso para efectuar dicho contacto, pronunciando más tarde nuestro nombre de pila y dándonos tambien las gracias por el contacto, lo mismo le ocurre al corresponsal. Dicho contacto va culminado meses después, con la recepción mediante la Unión de Radioaficionados de cada pais (URE en España) de la tarjeta de confirmación del contacto, llamada QSL, las señales de radio viajan hasta los confines del mundo, a la velocidad de la luz.. Si el idioma es diferente, basicamente es un mero contacto, pero si se domina el inglés o es en habla castellana, se puede hablar de todo pero......hay un código ético del radioaficionado, el cual prohibe hablar de sexo, politica y religión ¿por que? Es obio que si estas hablando con un colega radioaficionada, o radioaficionado, de Israel, Irak, Marruecos, India, etc, todos cumplimos todas las leyes de Telecomunicaciones de no se asi cualquier radioaficionado puede comunicar nuestro incumplimiento.
El 15 de abril del 2012 hizo exactamente 100 años del hundimiento del Titanic tras colisionar con un iceberg. Los radioaficionados participamos ese día con indicativo especial del 1 al 30 de abril de 2012 para rendir un tributo especial al radioaficionado Jack Philips, que hasta su último aliento estuvo cumpliendo con sus funciones, transmitiendo la señal de socorro todo el tiempo que pudo. El Titanic, herido de muerte, gracias a la radio pudieron acudir otros navios para salvar muchas vidas.
Vale la pena mencionar que los prímeros satélites no oficiales lanzados al espacio fueron diseñados y fabricados  por radioaficionados. El caso citado es la serie Oscar (Orbital Satelite Carrying Amateur Radio) satélite orbital para el uso de radioaficionados.
Para terminar, un radioaficionado  es una persoma respetuosa y educada. Habla con cualquier tipo de persona y de cualquier estatus o clase social..  
                                ___________    ___   ___________



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 How to get there.
Situado al noroeste de la provincia de Almería, SeRón se alza en la ladera norte de la sierra de los Filabres, dominando desde su altura el valle del Almanzora. Su término municipal presenta una extensión de 168,80 Km y una población aproximada de 3.000 habitantes, que se reparten entre el núcleo principal y sus numerosas barriadas, salpicadas a lo largo de los márgenes del rió Almanzora. El actual pueblo de origen musulmán, presenta una estructura de calles estrechas y sinuosas que nos llevan hasta la parte más elevada, la cual aparece coronada por su castillo. Sus casas encaladas se descuelgan por la ladera creando un bello y pintoresco paisaje de la villa.

.Located northwest of the province of Almeria, SeRón stands on the northern slope of the Sierra de los Filabres, dominating from its height the Almanzora Valley. The township has an area of 168,80 Km and a populatión of 3.000 inhabitants, which is divided between the core and its many neighborhoods, dotted slong the banks of the river Almanzora. The present village of Muslim origin, presents a narrow, winding streets that lead up to the highest part, which is crowned by its  castle. Encalanadas  home unhook  the  side creating a beautiful and picturesque landscape of the town. 

                                               BARRIADAS DE SERÓN
                                                      SERÓN SLUMS 
                                     IGLESIA DE NTRA. SRA. DE LA ANUNCIACION
                                    CHURCH OF OUR. SRA. THE ANNUNCIATION
La iglesia de Serón fue construida conforme avanzaba el siglo XVI recién conquistadas las tierras de los árabes, se piensa en sequida en construir templos a los cristianos. Quizás sea este el motivo de tener en cuenta a Serón entre los territorios de realengo a los que la corona ayudaba con maravedies (Moneda en tiempos de los Reyes Católicos) para dotarlo de una catedral. Como casi todas las iglesias construidas en esta zona después de la reconquista son de estilo mudéjar, su planta es rectangular con tres naves separadas por grandes pilares. La capital mayor está un poco más elevada y situada tras el arco toral, es de planta rectangular y cubierta de armadura de limabordón lo que comúnmente se llama antesanado de madera. Tiene dos portadas que presentan idéntico diseño, son de estilo barroco, están realizadas en cantería, la principal situada a los pies de la iglesia esta franqueada por el escudo del obispo Portocarrero, descendiente del marques de Villena, personaje clave en la construcción del monumento.
                                                            --------             ---------
The church was built SeRón as the century XVI recently conquered the land of the Arabs, then you think to build temples to Christians, perhaps this is reason to consdes SeRón between the territories of the Crown to those who helped with mrs crown (currency in times of Ferdinand and Isabella) to give it a cathedral. LiKe most churches built in this area after the reconquest are Mudejar style, its plan is rectangular with three naves separated by pillars The more capital is alittle higher and located behind the arch, is rectangular and covered with armor limabordon what is commonly called wood crafts, It hastwo doors with identical design, they are in Baroque style, are made of stone, the main located at the foot ofthe churchis flanqed by the arms of Bishop Portocarrero, a descendant of Villena masque, a Key player in building the monument.
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El castillo de Serón, de época Nazari, data del siglo XIII y se encuentra situado en la parte más elevada del pueblo.Desde él se divisa todo el valle del Almanzora. La sierra de las Estancias y parte de la Provincia de Granada. Jugó un importante papel en época musulmana debido a su carácter defensivo y sirvió de refugio en la sublevación de los moriscos.
De la fortaleza original sólo queda una pared y algunos lienzos de muro diseminado a lo largo de la construcción. Su planta es rectangular, formada por cubos donde se van erigiendo torreones, construidos a base de mamposteria unida con argamasa, usando el ladrillo para las esquinas, puertas y ventanas, en ellos se distingue con precisión los que posteriormente se han adosado como elementos de restauración.
Lproporciones son bastante grandes, sobre todo en su base, ya que estas se van reduciendo conforme se asciende, que dando en la parte superior una pequeña explanada, donde se ha construido una torre de reloj.

The castle of SeRón, Nazari period, XIII century and is located in the highest part of town. Since you can see the whole valley of Almanzora. The sierra de las Estancias and part of the province of Granada played an important role in the Muslim period due to ist defensive nature and served as a refuge in the revolt pf the Moors. 
Of the original fort is only a wall and some wal oaintings Lorge spread to construction. Lts plan is rectangular, formed by the bucket where they are erecting towers, built of masonry together with mortar, using the bricks for the corners, doors and windows, they preciom Rainforest is with those who subsequently were attached as elements of restoration.
The situation of this castle is majestic, its proportions are quite iarge, especially at its base, as these are reduced as one moves, which give the top asmall plain, where it has built a clock thwer.

                                                        TORRE DEL RELOJ
                                                            CLOCK TOWER
En la parte más elevada del castillo, se construyó a finales del siglo XIX una torre para que albergara el mecanismo de un reloj.
La torre de estilo Neo-mudéjar, es de planta cuadrada, elevada sobre un zócalo de mampoteria, el busto se hace de piedra y se usa el ladrillo para recubrir la puerta, las ventanas y reforzar las esquinas. La torre se divide en dos pisos con ventanas bipartitas en cada uno de sus frentes, estas presenta en el remate un arco de medio punto realizado en ladrillo. Las campanas que coronan el edificio están destinadas a una para las señales en caso de incendio u otra catástrofe y la otra para el reloj que da un toque en los cuartos, dos en la media hora, tres en los tres cuartos y cuatro a la hora; que las repite dos veces.
                                                         --------     -------
In the highest part of the castle, built in the late nineteenth a tower to house the clock mechanism.
The tower of Neo-Mudejar style, is square raised on a plinth mampoteria, the bust is made of stone and brick is used to coat the door, windows and reinforce the corners. The tower has two floors with bipartite windows in each of their foreheads, are presented in the auction one arch made of brick.The bells that crown the buildind are designed to one for the signals in case of fire or other catastrophe and one for the clock that you tap rooms, two on the half hour, three in the backs and four at the time, that repeated twice.


                                               CHAPEL NTRA. SRA REMEDIES

Construcción Neoclásica del siglo XIX, que fue mandada  construir bajo el obispado de Don José María Orberá y Carrión, en su política de dotar a toda la provincia de templos dignos para el culto.
La ermita presenta un exterior muy sobrio, sin embargo su interior destaca por su simplicidad y belleza. Su ornamentación se organiza a base de orden jónico enmarcando arcos de medio punto y sustentando entablamentos, sobre los que se vuela la bóveda de cañón con lumetos terminados en óculos. Tras el arco toral se abre la capilla mayor donde se encuentra la imagen de la patrona la "Virgen de los Remedios" que se cubre con cúpula bellamente decorada con la paloma del Espíritu Santo y ángeles.
                                                         ---------   --------

                                                     CASA DE LA CULTURA
Edificio que junto con el Ayuntamiento dibujan la Plaza Nueva. En su interior se ha dado utilidad a la Biblioteca Municipal, Sala de Exposiciones, Oficina de Información Juvenil, Centro de Tercera Edad, y Guadalinfo Centro de Informática.
                                           ___________      _____________

                                                   HOUSE OF CULTURE
Building along with city draw the Plaza Nueva. The interior has been useful to the Municpal Library, Exhibition Hall, Youth Informatiòn Office, Denior Center, and Guadalinfo Computing Center

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CNN is in trouble, with its reputation tanking as a result of publishing an article connecting Trump ally and Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci, who served on the executive committee of Trump's transition team, to the $10-billion Russian Direct Investment Fund. The story based on a single antonymous source happened to be a fake. Despite swift retraction of the article, apology published and the following resignation of three veteran journalists, the image of the cable news network has been greatly tarnished.

The US media are waging an information war in an effort to oust Donald Trump from the White House. That’s where Russia – the country blamed for each and everything going awry in the United States – comes in handy. None of the stories regarding Russia and President Trump has been backed up by anything like solid evidence or facts. Even if only a small part of them were true, impeachment procedures would be launched but nothing like that has happened, except that US media has limited the President's room for maneuver with endless false stories about Russia.

What if the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller does not produce any facts to make the media information offensive look like a failed conspiracy to stage a quite coup d’état in the United States? Will those who work in the leading media networks waging the smear campaign and spreading around unconfirmed information be held responsible?

Media attacks negatively affect the prospects for a Putin-Trump meeting during the Russia-US summit to take place on July 7-8 in Hamburg, Germany. The US is no less interested in the positive outcome than Russia. With the troublesome news coming from Syria, tensions running high between Russia and NATO, arms control and non-proliferation regime eroding, and terrorists moving to Africa and the Asia Pacific, as well as a host of other issues on the agenda, the US media do a disservice to their own country by obstructing all attempts to revive the Russia-US dialogue on burning issues of mutual interest. Intensification of media attacks against the president in the days left till the event in Germany is something to be expected. But too much zeal is not always a good thing. Scoop stories attract public attention just for a few days, but a good reputation is hard to win and easy to lose. The CNN fake news scandal is a good illustration of the fact. 

Strategic Cultures

Fake Story Scandal: How Russia Obsession Led CNN into a Trap

CNN is in trouble but this has nothing to do with John Bonifield. James O' Keefe was mischievous because he didn't mention that John Bonifield was a senior producer of medical and science stories and had nothing to do with politics.

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          India Smart Cities Mission shows IoT potential for improving quality of life at vast scale   
The next BriefingsDirect Voice of the Customer Internet-of-Things (IoT) transformation discussion examines the potential impact and improvement of low-power edge computing benefits on rapidly modernizing cities.

These so-called smart city initiatives are exploiting open, wide area networking (WAN) technologies to make urban life richer in services, safer, and far more responsive to residences’ needs. We will now learn how such pervasively connected and data-driven IoT architectures are helping cities in India vastly improve the quality of life there.

Listen to the podcast. Find it on iTunes. Get the mobile app. Read a full transcript or download a copy.

Here to share how communication service providers have become agents of digital urban transformation are VS Shridhar, Senior Vice President and Head of the Internet-of-Things Business Unit at Tata Communications in Chennai area, India, and Nigel Upton, General Manager of the Universal IoT Platform and Global Connectivity Platform and Communications Solutions Business at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). The discussion is moderated by Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

Here are some excerpts:

Gardner: Tell us about India’s Smart Cities mission. What are you up to and how are these new technologies coming to bear on improving urban quality of life?

Shridhar: The government is clearly focusing on Smart Cities as part of their urbanization plan, as they believe Smart Cities will not only improve the quality of living, but also generate employment, and take the whole country forward in terms of technologically embracing and improving the quality of life.

So with that in mind, the Government of India has launched 100 Smart Cities initiatives. It’s quite interesting because each of the cities that aspire to belong had to make a plan and their own strategy around how they are going to evolve and how they are going to execute it, present it, and get selected. There was a proper selection process.

Many of the cities made it, and of course some of them didn’t make it. Interestingly, some of the cities that didn’t make it are developing their own plans.
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There is lot of excitement and curiosity as well as action in the Smart Cities project. Admittedly, it’s a slow process, it’s not something that you can do at the blink of the eye, and Rome wasn’t built overnight, but I definitely see a lot of progress.

Gardner:Nigel, it seems that the timing for this is auspicious, given that there are some foundational technologies that are now available at very low cost compared to the past, and that have much more of a pervasive opportunity to gather information and make a two-way street, if you will, between the edge and central administration. How is the technology evolution synching up with these Smart Cities initiatives in India?

Upton:I am not sure whether it’s timing or luck, or whatever it happens to be, but adoption of the digitization of city infrastructure and services is to some extent driven by economics. While I like to tease my colleagues in India about their sensitivity to price, the truth of the matter is that the economics of digitization -- and therefore IoT in smart cities -- needs to be at the right price, depending on where it is in the world, and India has some very specific price points to hit. That will drive the rate of adoption.

And so, we're very encouraged that innovation is continuing to drive price points down to the point that mass adoption can then be taken up, and the benefits realized to a much more broad spectrum of the population. Working with Tata Communications has really helped HPE understand this and continue to evolve as technology and be part of the partner ecosystem because it does take a village to raise an IoT smart city. You need a lot of partners to make this happen, and that combination of partnership, willingness to work together and driving the economic price points to the point of adoption has been absolutely critical in getting us to where we are today.

Balanced Bandwidth

Gardner:Shridhar, we have some very important optimization opportunities around things like street lighting, waste removal, public safety, water quality; of course, the pervasive need for traffic and parking, monitoring and improvement.

How do things like a low-power specification Internet and network gateways and low-power WANs (LPWANs) create a new foundation technically to improve these services? How do we connect the services and the technology for an improved outcome?

Shridhar:If you look at human interaction to the Internet, we have a lot of technology coming our way. We used to have 2G, that has moved to 3G and to 4G, and that is a lot of bandwidth coming our way. We would like to have a tremendous amount of access and bandwidth speeds and so on, right?

So the human interaction and experience is improving vastly, given the networks that are growing. On the machine-to-machine (M2M) side, it’s going to be different. They don’t need oodles of bandwidth. About 80 to 90 percent of all machine interactions are going to be very, very low bandwidth – and, of course, low power. I will come to the low power in a moment, but it’s going to be very low bandwidth requirement.

In order to switch off a streetlight, how much bandwidth do you actually require? Or, in order to sense temperature or air quality or water and water quality, how much bandwidth do you actually require?

When you ask these questions, you get an answer that the machines don’t require that much bandwidth. More importantly, when there are millions -- or possibly billions -- of devices to be deployed in the years to come, how are you going to service a piece of equipment that is telling a streetlight to switch on and switch off if the battery runs out?

Machines are different from humans in terms of interactions. When we deploy machines that require low bandwidth and low power consumption, a battery can enable such a machine to communicate for years.

Aside from heavy video streaming applications or constant security monitoring, where low-bandwidth, low-power technology doesn’t work, the majority of the cases are all about low bandwidth and low power. And these machines can communicate with the quality of service that is required.

When it communicates, the network has to be available. You then need to establish a network that is highly available, which consumes very little power and provides the right amount of bandwidth. So studies show that less than 50 kbps connectivity should suffice for the majority of these requirements.

Now the machine interaction also means that you collect all of them into a platform and basically act on them. It's not about just sensing it, it's measuring it, analyzing it, and acting on it.

Low-power to the people

So the whole stack consists not just of connectivity alone. It’s LPWAN technology that is emerging now and is becoming a de facto standard as more-and-more countries start embracing it.

At Tata Communications we have embraced the LPWAN technology from the LoRa Alliance, a consortium of more than 400 partners who have gotten together and are driving standards. We are creating this network over the next 18 to 24 months across India. We have made these networks available right now in four cities. By the end of the year, it will be many more cities -- almost 60 cities across India by March 2018.

Gardner: Nigel, how do you see the opportunity, the market, for a standard architecture around this sort of low-power, low-bandwidth network? This is a proof of concept in India, but what's the potential here for taking this even further? Is this something that has global potential?
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Upton: The global potential is undoubtedly there, and there is an additional element that we didn't talk about which is that not all devices require the same amount of bandwidth. So we have talked about video surveillance requiring higher bandwidth, we have talked about devices that have low-power bandwidth and will essentially be created once and forgotten when expected to last 5 or 10 years.

We also need to add in the aspect of security, and that really gave HPE and Tata the common ground of understanding that the world is made up of a variety of network requirements, some of which will be met by LPWAN, some of which will require more bandwidth, maybe as high as 5G.

The real advantage of being able to use a common architecture to be able to take the data from these devices is the idea of having things like a common management, common security, and a common data model so that you really have the power of being able to take information, take data from all of these different types of devices and pull it into a common platform that is based on a standard.

In our case, we selected the oneM2M standard, it’s the best standard available to be able to build that common data model and that's the reason why we deployed the oneM2M model within the universal IoT platform to get that consistency no matter what type of device over no matter what type of network.

Gardner: It certainly sounds like this is an unprecedented opportunity to gather insight and analysis into areas that you just really couldn't have measured before. So going back to the economics of this, Shridhar, have you had any opportunity through these pilot projects in such cities as Jamshedpur to demonstrate a return on investment, perhaps on street lighting, perhaps on quality of utilization and efficiency? Is there a strong financial incentive to do this once the initial hurdle of upfront costs is met?

Data-driven cost reduction lights up India

Unless the customer sees that there is a scope for either reducing the cost or increasing the customer experience, they are not going to buy these kinds of solutions.
Shridhar: Unless the customer sees that there is a scope for either reducing the cost or increasing the customer experience, they are not going to buy these kinds of solutions. So if you look at how things have been progressing, I will give you a few examples of how the costs have started constructing and playing out. One of course is to have devices, meeting at certain price point, we talked about how in India -- we talked that Nigel was remarking how constant still this Indian market is, but it’s important, once we delivered to a certain cost, we believe we can now deliver globally to scale. That’s very important, so if we build something in India it would deliver to the global market as well.

The streetlight example, let’s take that specifically and see what kind of benefits it would give. When a streetlight operates for about 12 hours a day, it costs about Rs.12, which is about $0.15, but when you start optimizing it and say, okay, this is a streetlight that is supported currently on halogen and you move it to LED, it brings a little bit of cost saving, in some cases significant as well. India is going through an LED revolution as you may have read in the newspapers, those streetlights are being converted, and that’s one distinct cost advantage.

Now they are looking and driving, let’s say, the usage and the electricity bills even lower by optimizing it. Let’s say you sync it with the astronomical clock, that 6:30 in the evening it comes up and let’s say 6:30 in the morning it shuts down linking to the astronomical clock because now you are connecting this controller to the Internet.

The second thing that you would do is during busy hours keep it at the brightest, let’s say between 7:00 and 10:00, you keep it at the brightest and after that you start minimizing it. You can control it down in 10 percent increments.

The point I am making is, you basically deliver intensity of light to the kind of requirement that you have. If it is busy, or if there is nobody on the street, or if there is a safety requirement -- a sensor will trigger up a series of lights, and so on.

So your ability to play around with just having streetlight being delivered to the requirement is so high that it brings down total cost. While I was telling you about $0.15 that you would spend per streetlight, that could be brought down to $0.05. So that’s the kind of advantage by better controlling the streetlights. The business case builds up, and a customer can save 60 to 70 percent just by doing this. Obviously, then the business case stands out.

The question that you are asking is an interesting one because each of the applications has its own way of returning the investment back, while the optimization of resources is being done. There is also a collateral positive benefit by saving the environment. So not only do I gain a business savings and business optimization, but I also pass on a general, bigger message of a green environment. Environment and safety are the two biggest benefits of implementing this and it would really appeal to our customers.

Gardner:It’s always great to put hard economic metrics on these things, but Shridhar just mentioned safety. Even when you can't measure in direct economics, it's invaluable when you can bring a higher degree of safety to an urban environment.

It opens up for more foot traffic, which can lead to greater economic development, which can then provide more tax revenue. It seems to me that there is a multiplier effect when you have this sort of intelligent urban landscape that creates a cascading set of benefits: the more data, the more efficiency; the more efficiency, the more economic development; the more revenue, the more data and so on. So tell us a little bit about this ongoing multiplier and virtuous adoption benefit when you go to intelligent urban environments?

Quality of life, under control

Upton:Yes, also it’s important to note that it differs almost by country to country and almost within region to region within countries. The interesting challenge with smart cities is that often you're dealing with elected officials rather than hard-nosed businessman who are only interested in the financial return. And it's because you're dealing with politicians and they are therefore representing the citizens in their area, either their city or their town or their region, their priorities are not always the same.

There is quite a variation of one of the particular challenges, particular social challenges as well as the particular quality of life challenges in each of the areas that they work in. So things like personal safety are a very big deal in some regions. I am currently in Tokyo and here there is much more concern around quality of life and mobility with a rapidly aging population and their challenges are somewhat different.
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But in India, the set of opportunities and challenges that are set out, they are in that combination of economic as well as social, and if you solve them and you essentially give citizens more peace of mind, more ability to be able to move freely, to be able to take part in the economic interaction within that area, then undoubtedly that leads to greater growth, but it is worth bearing in mind that it does vary almost city by city and region by region.

Gardner:Shridhar, do you have any other input into a cascading ongoing set of benefits when you get more data, more network opportunity. I guess I am trying to understand for a longer-term objective that being intelligent and data-driven has an ongoing set of benefits, what might those be? How can this be a long-term data and analytics treasure trove when you think about it in terms of how to provide better urban experiences?

Home/work help

Shridhar:From our perspective, when we looked at the customer benefits there is a huge amount of focus around the smart cities and how smart cities are benefiting from a network. If you look at the enterprise customers, they are also looking at safety, which is an overlapping application that a smart city would have.

So the enterprise wants to provide safety to its workers, for example, in mines or in difficult terrains, environments where they are focusing on helping them. Or women’s safety, which is as you know in India is a big thing as well -- how do you provide a device which is not very obvious and it gives the women all the safety that is there.

So all this in some form is providing data. One of the things that comes to my mind when you ask about how data-driven resources can be and what kind of quality it would give is if you action your mind to some of the customer services devices, there could be applications or let’s say a housewife could have a multiple button kind of a device where she can order a service.

Depending on the service she presses and an aggregate of households across India, you would know the trends and direction of a certain service, and mind you, it could be as simple as a three-button device which says Service A, Service B, Service C, and it could be a consumer service that gets extended to a particular household that we sell it as a service.

So you could get lots of trends and patterns that are emerging from that, and we believe that the customer experience is going to change, because no longer is a customer going to retain in his mind what kind of phone numbers or your, let's say, apps and all to order, you give them the convenience of just a button-press service. That immediately comes to my mind.

Feedback fosters change

The second one is in terms of feedback. You use the same three-button service to say, how well have you used utility -- or rather how -- what kind of quality of service that you rate multiple utilities that you are using, and there is toilet revolution in India. For example, you put these buttons out there, they will tell you at any given point of time what’s the user satisfaction and so on.

So these are all data that is getting gathered and I believe that while it is early days for us to go on and put out analytics and give you distinct kind of benefits that are there, but some of the things that customers are already looking at is which geographies, which segment, who are my biggest -- profile of the customers using this and so on. That kind of information is going to come out very, very distinctly.

The Smart Cities is all about experience. The enterprises are now looking at the data that is coming out and seeing how they can use it to better segment, and provide better customer experience which would obviously mean both adding to their top line as well as helping them manage their bottom line. So it's beyond safety, it's getting into the customer experience – the realm of managing customer experience.

Gardner:From a go-to-market perspective, or a go-to-city’s perspective, these are very complex undertakings, lots of moving parts, lots of different technologies and standards. How are Tata and HPE are coming together -- along with other service providers, Pointnextfor example? How do you put this into a package that can then actually be managed and put in place? How do we make this appealing not only in terms of its potential but being actionable as well when it comes to different cities and regions?

Upton:The concept of Smart Cities has been around for a while and various governments around the world have pumped money into their cities over an extended period of time.
We now have the infrastructure in place, we have the price points and we have IoT becoming mainstream.

As usual, these things always take more time than you think, and I do not believe today that we have a technology challenge on our hands. We have much more of a business model challenge. Being able to deploy technology to be able to bring benefits to citizens, I think that is finally getting to the point where it is much better understood where innovation of the device level, whether it's streetlights, whether it's the ability to measure water quality, sound quality, humidity, all of these metrics that we have available to us now. There has been very rapid innovation at that device level and at the economics of how to produce them, at a price that will enable widespread deployment.

All that has been happening rapidly over the last few years getting us to the point where we now have the infrastructure in place, we have the price points in place, and we have IoT becoming mainstream enough that it is entering into the manufacturing process of all sorts of different devices, as I said, ranging from streetlights to personal security devices through to track and trace devices that are built into the manufacturing process of goods.
That is now reaching mainstream and we are now able to take advantage of this massive data that’s now being produced to be able to produce even more efficient and smarter cities, and make them safer places for our citizens.

Gardner:Last word to you, Shridhar. If people wanted to learn more about the pilot proof of concept (PoC) that you are doing there at Jamshedpur and other cities, through the Smart Cities Mission, where might they go, are there any resources, how would you provide more information to those interested in pursuing more of these technologies?

Pilot projects take flight

Shridhar:I would be very happy to help them look at the PoCs that we are doing. I would classify the PoCs that we are doing is as far as safety is concerned, we talked of energy management in one big bucket that is there, then the customer service I spoke about, the fourth one I would say is more on the utility side. Gas and water are two big applications where customers are looking at these PoCs very seriously.

And there is very one interesting application in that one customer wanted for pest control, where he wanted his mouse traps to have sensors so that they will at any point of time know if there is a rat trap at all, which I thought was a very interesting thing.
IoT Solutions for Communications Service Providers and Enterprises from HPE
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There are multiple streams that we have, we have done multiple PoCs, we will be very happy as Tata Communications team [to provide more information], and the HPE folks are in touch with us.

You could write to us, to me in particular for some period of time. We are also putting information on our website. We have marketing collateral, which describes this. We will do some of the joint workshops with HPE as well.

So there are multiple ways to reach us, and one of the best ways obviously is through our website. We are always there to provide more important help, and we believe that we can’t do it all alone; it’s about the ecosystem getting to know and getting to work on it.

While we have partners like HPE on the platform level, we also have partners such as Semtech, who established Center of Excellence in Mumbai along with us. So the access to the ecosystem from HPE side as well as our other partners is available, and we are happy to work and co-create the solutions going forward.

          How confluence of cloud, UC and data-driven insights newly empowers contact center agents   
The next BriefingsDirect customer experience insights discussion explores how Contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) capabilities are becoming more powerful as a result of leveraging cloud computing, multi-mode communications channels, and the ability to provide optimized and contextual user experiences.

More than ever, businesses have to make difficult and complex decisions about how to best source their customer-facing services. Which apps and services, what data and resources should be in the cloud or on-premises -- or in some combination -- are among the most consequential choices business leaders now face. As the confluence of cloud and unified communications (UC) -- along with data-driven analytics -- gain traction, the contact center function stands out.

Listen to the podcast. Find it on iTunes. Get the mobile app. Read a full transcript or  download a copy. 

We’ll now hear why traditional contact center technology has become outdated, inflexible and cumbersome, and why CCaaS is becoming more popular in meeting the heightened user experience requirements of today.
Here to share more on the next chapter of contact center and customer service enhancements, is Vasili Triant, CEO of Serenovain Austin, Texas. The discussion is moderated by Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

Here are some excerpts:

Gardner: What are the new trends reshaping the contact center function?

Triant:What’s changed in the world of contact center and customer service is that we’re seeing a generational spread -- everything from baby boomers all the way now to Gen Z.

With the proliferation of smartphones through the early 2000s, and new technologies and new channels -- things like WeChat and Viber -- all these customers are now potential inbound discussions with brands. And they all have different mediums that they want to communicate on. It’s no longer just phone or e-mail: It’s phone, e-mail, web chat, SMS, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and there are other channels coming around the corner that we don't even know about yet.

When you take all of these folks -- customers or brands -- and you take all of these technologies that consumers want to engage with across all of these different channels – it’s simple, they want to be heard. It's now the responsibility of brands to determine what is the best way to respond and it’s not always one-to-one.

So it’s not a phone call for a phone call, it’s maybe an SMS to a phone call, or a phone call to a web chat -- whatever those [multi-channels] may be. The complexity of how we communicate with customers has increased. The needs have changed dramatically. And the legacy types of technologies out there, they can't keep up -- that's what's really driven the shift, the paradigm shift, within the contact center space.

Gardner:It’s interesting that the new business channels for marketing and capturing business are growing more complex. They still have to then match on the back end how they support those users, interact with them, and carry them through any sort of process -- whether it's on-boarding and engaging, or it’s supporting and servicing them.

What we’re requiring then is a different architecture to support all of that. It seems very auspicious that we have architectural improvements right along with these new requirements.

Triant:We have two things that have collided at the same time – cloud technologies and the growth of truly global companies.  

Most of the new channels that have rolled out are in the cloud. I mean, think about it -- Facebook is a cloud technology, Twitter is a cloud technology. WeChat, Viber, all these things, they are all cloud technologies. It’s becoming a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based world. The easiest and best way to integrate with these other cloud technologies is via the cloud -- versus on-premises. So what began as the shift of on-premises technology to cloud contact center -- and that really began in 2011-2012 – has rapidly picked up speed with the adoption of multi-channels as a primary method of communication.

The only way to keep up with the pace of development of all these channels is through cloud technologies because you need to develop an agile world, you need to be able to get the upgrades out to customers in a quick fashion, in an easy fashion, and in an inexpensive fashion. That's the core difference between the on-premises world and the cloud world.

At the same time, we are no longer talking about a United States company, an Australia company, or a UK company -- we are talking about everything as global brands, or global businesses. Customer service is global now, and no one cares about borders or countries when it comes to communication with a brand.
Customer service is global now, and no one cares about borders or countries when it comes to communications with a brand.

Gardner:We have been speaking about this through the context of the end-user, the consumer. But this architecture and its ability to leverage cloud also benefits the agent, the person who is responsible for keeping that end-user happy and providing them with the utmost in intelligent services. So how does the new architecture also aid and abet the agent.

Triant: The agent is frankly one of the most important pieces to this entire puzzle. We talk a lot about channels and how to engage with the customer, but that's really what we call listening. But even in just simple day-to-day human interactions, one of the most important things is how you communicate back. There has been a series of time-and-motion studies done within contact centers, within brands -- and you can even look at your personal experiences. You don’t have to read reports to understand this.
The baseline for how an interaction will begin and end and whether that will be a happy or a poor interaction with the brand, is going to be dependent on the agents’ state of mind. If I call up and I speak to “Joe,” and he starts the conversation, he is in a great mood and he is having a great day, then my conversation will most likely end in a positive interaction because it started that way.

But if someone is frustrated, they had a rough day, they can’t find their information, their computers have been crashing or rebooting, then the interaction is guaranteed to end up poor. You hear this all the time, “Oh, can you wait a moment, my systems are loading. Oh, I can’t get you an answer, that screen is not coming up. I can't see your account information.” The agents are frustrated because they can’t do their job, and that frustration then blends into your conversation.

So using the technology to make it easy for the agent to do their job is essential. If they have to go from one screen to another screen to conduct one interaction with the customer -- they are going to be frustrated, and that will lead to a poor experience with the customer.

The cloud technologies like Serenova, which is web-based, are able to bring all those technologies into one screen. The agent can have all the information brought to them easily, all in one click, and then be able to answer all the customer needs. The agent is happy and that adds to the customer satisfaction. The conclusion of the call is a happy customer, which is what we all want. That’s a great scenario and you need cloud technology to do that because the on-premises world does not deliver a great agent experience.

One-stop service

Gardner:Another thing that the older technologies don't provide is the ability to have a flexible spectrum to move across these channels. Many times when I engage with an organization I might start with an SMS or a text chat, but then if that can’t satisfy my needs, I want to get a deeper level of satisfaction. So it might end up going to a phone call or an interaction on the web, or even a shared desktop, if I’m in IT support, for example.

The newer cloud technology allows you to intercept via different types of channels, but you can also escalate and vary between and among them seamlessly. Why is that flexibility both of benefit to the end-user as well as the agent?

Triant: I always tell companies and customers of ours that you don't have to over-think this; all you have to do is look to your personal life. Most common things that we as users deal with -- such as cell phone companies, cable companies, airlines, -- you can get onto any of these websites and begin chatting, but you can find that your interaction isn’t going well. Before I started at Serenova, I had these experiences where I was dealing with the cable company and -- chat, chat, chat, -- trying to solve my problem. But we couldn't get there, and so then we needed to get on the phone. But they said, “Here is our 800 number, call in.” I’d call in, but I’d have to start a whole new interaction.

Basically, I’d have to re-explain my entire situation. Then, I am talking with one person, and they have to turn around and send me an email, but I am not going to get that email for 30 to 45 minutes because they have to get off the phone, and get into another system and send it off. In the meantime, I am frustrated, I am ticked off -- and guess what I have done now? I have left that brand. This happens across the board. I can even have two totally different types of interactions with the company.

You can use a major airline brand as an example. One of our employees called on the phone trying to resolve an issue that was caused by the airline. They basically said, “No, no, no.” It made her very frustrated. She decided she’s going to fly with a different airline now. She then sent a social post [to that effect], and the airline’s VP of Customer Service answered it, and within minutes they had resolved her issue. But they already spent three hours on the phone trying to push her off through yet another channel because it was a totally different group, a totally different experience.

By leveraging technologies where you can pivot from one channel to another, everyone will get answers quicker. I can be chatting with you, Dana, and realize that we need to escalate to a voice conversation, for example, and I as the agent; I can then turn that conversation into a voice call. You don't have to re-explain yourself and you are like, “Wow, that's cool! Now I’m on the phone with a facility,” and we are able to handle our business.

As agent, I can also pivot simultaneously to an email channel to send you something as simple as a user guide or a series of knowledge-based articles that I may have at my fingertips as an agent. But you and I are still on the phone call. Even better yet, after-the-fact, as a business, I have all the analytics and the business intelligence to say that I had one interaction with Dana that started out as a web chat, pivoted to a phone call, and I simultaneously then sent a knowledge-based article of “X” around this issue and I can report on it all at once. Not three separate interactions, not three separate events -- and I have made you a happy customer.

Gardner:We are clearly talking about enabling the agent to be a super-agent, and they can, of course, be anywhere. I think this is really important now because the function of an agent -- we are already seeing the beginnings of this -- but it's going to certainly include and increase having more artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and associated data analytics benefits. The agent then might be a combination of human and AI functions and services.

So we need to be able to integrate at a core communications basis. Without going too far down this futuristic route, isn't it important for that agent to be an assimilation of more assets and more services over time?

Artificial Intelligence plus human support

Triant:I‘m glad you brought up AI and these other technologies. The reality is that we've been through a number of cycles around what this technology is going to do and how it is going to interact with an agent. In my view, and I have been in this world for a while, the agent is the most important piece of customer service and brand engagement. But you have to be able to bring information to them, and you have to be able to give information to your customers so that if there is something simple, get it to them as quick as possible -- but also bring all the relevant information to the agent.

AI has had multiple forms; it has existed for a long time. Sometimes people get confused because of marketing schemes and sales tactics [and view AI] as a way for cost avoidance, to reduce agents and eliminate staff by implementing these technologies. Really the focus is how to create a better customer experience, how to create a better agent experience.

We have had AI in our product for last three years, and we are re-releasing some components that will bring business intelligence to the forefront around the end of the year. What it essentially does is alIow you to see what you're doing as a user out on the Internet and within these technologies. I can see that you have been looking for knowledge-based articles around, for example, “why my refrigerator keeps freezing up and how can I defrost it.” You can see such things on Twitter and you can see these things on Facebook. The amount of information that exists out there is phenomenal and in real-time. I can now gather that information … and I can proactively, as a business, make decisions about what I want to do with you as a potential consumer.

I can even identify you as a consumer within my business, know how many products you have acquired from me, and whether you're a “platinum” customer or even a basic customer, and then make a decision.

For example, I have TVs, refrigerators, washer-dryers and other appliances all from the same manufacturer. So I am a large consumer to that one manufacturer because all of my components are there. But I may be searching a knowledge-based article on why the refrigerator continues to freeze up.

Now I may call in about just the refrigerator, but wouldn't it be great for that agent to know that I own 22 other products from that same company? I'm not just calling about the refrigerator; I am technically calling about the entire brand. My experience around the refrigerator freaking out may change my entire brand decision going forward. That information may prompt me to decide that I want to route that customer to a different pool of agents, based on what their total lifetime value is as a brand-level consumer.

Through AI, by leveraging all this information, I can be a better steward to my customer and to the agent, because I will tell you, an agent will act differently if they understand the importance of that customer or to know that I, Vasili, have spent the last two hours searching online for information, which I posted on Facebook and I posted on Twitter.
Through AI, by leveraging all this information, I can be a better steward to the customer and to the agent.

At that point, the level of my frustration already has reached a certain height on a scale. As an agent, if you knew that, you might treat me differently because you already know that I am frustrated. The agent may be able to realize that you have been looking for some information on this, realize you have been on Facebook and Twitter. They can then say: “I am really sorry, I'm not able to get you answers. Let me see how I can help you, it seems that you are looking online about how to keep the refrigerator from freezing up.”

If I start the conversation that way, I've now diffused a lot of the frustration of the customer. The agent has already started that interaction better. Bringing that information to that person, that’s powerful, that’s business intelligence -- and that’s creating action from all that information.

Keep your cool

Gardner:It’s fascinating that that level of sentiment analysis brings together the best of what AI and machine learning can do, which is to analyze all of these threads of data and information and determine a temperature, if you will, of a person's mood and pass that on to a human agent who can then have the emotional capacity to be ready to help that person get to a lower temperature, be more able to help them overall.

It’s becoming clear to me, Vasili, that this contact center function and CCaaS architectural benefits are far more strategic to an organization than we may have thought, that it is about more than just customer service. This really is the best interface between a company -- and all the resources and assets it has across customer service, marketing, and sales interactions. Do you agree that this has become far more strategic because of these new capabilities?

Triant:Absolutely, and as brands begin to realize the power of what the technology can do for their overall business, it will continue to evolve, and gain pace around global adoption.
As brands begin to realize the power of what the technology can do for their overall businesses, it will continue to evolve and gain global adoption.

We have only scratched the surface on adoption of these cloud technologies within organizations. A majority of brands out there look at these interactions as a cost of doing business. They still seek to reduce that cost versus the lifetime value of both the consumer, as well as the agent experience. This will shift, it is shifting, and there are companies that are thriving by recognizing that entire equation and how to leverage the technologies.

Technology is nothing without action and result. There have been some really cool things that have existed for a while, but they don’t ever produce any result that’s meaningful to the customer so they never get adopted and deployed and ultimately reach some type of a mass proliferation of results.

Gardner:You mentioned cost. Let’s dig into that. For organizations that are attracted to the capabilities and the strategic implications of CCaaS, how do we evaluate it in terms of cost? The old CapEx approach often had a high upfront cost, and then high operating costs, if you have an inefficient call center. Other costs involve losing your customers, losing brand affinity, losing your perception in the market. So when you talk to a prospect or customer, how do you help them tease out the understanding of a pay-as-you-go service as highly efficient? Does the highly empowered agent approach save money, or even make money, and CCaaS becomes not a cost center but a revenue generator?

Cost consciousness

Triant:Interesting point, Dana. When I started at Serenova about five years ago, customers all the time would say, “What’s the cost of owning the technology?” And, “Oh, my, on-premises stuff has already depreciated and I already own it, so it’s cheaper for me to keep it.” That was the conversation pretty much every day. Beginning in 2013, it rapidly started shifting. This shift was mainly driven by the fact that organizations started realizing that consumers want to engage on different channels, and the on-premises guys couldn’t keep up with this demand.

The cost of ownership no longer matters. What matters is that the on-premises guys just literally could not deliver the functionality. And so, whether that's Cisco, Avaya, or Shoretel, they quickly started falling away in consideration for technology companies that were looking to deploy applications for their business to meet these needs.

The cost of ownership quickly disappeared as the main discussion point. Instead it came around to, “What is the solution that you're going to deliver?” Customers that are looking for contact center technologies are beginning to take a cloud-first approach. And once they see the power of CCaaS through demonstration and through some trials of what an agent can do – and it’s all browser-based, there is no client install, there is no equipment on-premises - then it takes on a life of its own. It’s about, “What is the experience going to be? Are these channels all integrated? Can I get it all from one manufacturer?”

Following that, organizations focus on other intricacies around - Can it scale? Can it be redundant? Is it global? But those become architectural concerns for the brands themselves. There is a chunk of the industry that is not looking at these technologies, and they are stuck in brand euphoria or have to stay with on-premises infrastructure, or with a certain vendor because of their name or that they are going to get there someday.

As we have seen, Avaya has declared bankruptcy. Avaya does not have cloud technologies despite their marketing message. So the customers that are in those technologies now realize they have to find a path to keep up with the basic customer service at a global scale. Unfortunately, those customers have to find a path forward and they don’t have one right now.
It's less about cost of ownership and it’s more about the high cost of not doing anything. If I don't do anything, what’s going to be the cost? That cost ultimately becomes - I’m not going to be able to have engagement with my customers because the consumers are changing.
It's less about cost of ownership and it's more about the high cost of not doing anything.

Gardner:What about this idea of considering your contact center function not just as a cost center, but also as a business development function? Am I being too optimistic.

It seems to me that as AI and the best of what human interactions can do combine across multichannels, that this becomes no longer just a cost center for support, a check-off box, but a strategic must-do for any business.

Multi-channel customer interaction

Triant:When an organization reaches the pinnacle of happiness within what these technologies can do, they will realize that no longer do you need to have delineation between a marketing department that answers social media posts, an inside sales department that is only taking calls for upgrades and renewals, and a customer service department that’s dealing with complaints or inbound questions. They will see that you can leverage all the applications across a pool of agents with different skills.

I may have a higher skill around social media than over voice, or I may have a higher skill level around a sales activity, or renewal activity, over customer service problems. I should be able to do any interaction. And potentially one day it'll just be customer interaction department and the channels are just a medium of inbound and outbound choice for a brand.

But you can now take information from whatever you see the customer doing. Each of their actions have a leading indicator, everything has a predictive action prior to the inbound touch, everything does. Now that a brand can see that, it will be able to have “consumer interaction departments,” and it will be properly routed to the right person based on that information. You’ll be able to bring information to that agent that will allow them to answer the customer’s questions.

Gardner:I can see how that agent’s job would be very satisfying and fulfilling when you are that important, when you have that sort of a key role in your organization that empowers people. That’s good news for people that are trying to find those skills and fill those positions.

Vasili, we only have a few minutes left, but I’d love to hear about a couple of examples. It’s one thing to tell, it’s another thing to show. Do we have some examples of organizations that have embraced this concept of a strategic contact center, taken advantage of those multi-channels, added perhaps some intelligence and improved the status and capability of the agents -- all to some business benefit? Walk us through a couple of actual use cases where this has all come together.

Cloud communication culture shift

Triant:No one has reached that level of euphoria per se, but there are definitely companies that are moving in that direction.

It is a culture change, so it takes time. I know as well as anybody what it takes to shift a culture, and it doesn't happen overnight. As an example, there is a ride-hailing company that engages in a different way with their consumer, and their consumer might be different than what you think from the way I am describing it. They use voice systems and SMS and often want to pivot between the two. Our technology actually allows the agent to make that decision even if they aren’t even physically in the same country. They are dynamically spread across multiple countries to answer any question they may need to answer based on time and day.

But they can pivot from what’s predominantly an SMS inbound and outbound communication into a voice interaction, and then they can also follow up with an e-mail, and that’s already happened. Now, it initially started with some SMS inbound and outbound, then they added voice – an interesting move as most people think adding voice is what people are getting away from. What everyone has begun to realize is that live communication ultimately is what everybody looks for in the end to solve the more complex problems.
What everyone has begun to realize is that live communication ultimately is what everybody looks for in the end to solve the more complex problems.

That's one example. Another company that provides the latest technology in food order and delivery initially started with voice-only to order and deliver food. Now they've added SMS confirmations automatically, and e-mail as well for confirmation or for more information from the inbound voice call. And now, once they are an existing customer, they can even start an order from an SMS, and pivot back to a voice call for confirmation -- all within one interaction. They are literally one of the fastest growing alternative food delivery companies, growing at a global scale.

They are deploying agents globally across one technology. They would not be able to do this with legacy technologies because of the expense. When you get into these kinds of high-volume, low-margin businesses, cost matters. When you can have an OpEx model that will scale, you are adding better customer service to the applications, and you are able to allow them to build a profitable model because you are not burning them with high CapEx processes.

Gardner:Before we sign off, you had mentioned your pipeline about your products and services, such as engaging more with AI capabilities toward the end of the year. Could give us a level-set on your roadmap? Where are your products and services now? Where do you go next?

A customer journey begins with insight

Triant:We have been building cloud technologies for 16 years in the contact center space. We released our latest CCaaS platform in March 2016 called CxEngage. We then had a major upgrade to the platform in March of this year, where we take that agent experience to the next level. It’s really our leapfrog in the agent interface and making it easier, bringing in more information to them.

Where we are going next is around the customer journey -- predictive interactions. Some people call it AI, but I will call it “customer journey mapping with predictive action insights.” That’s going to be a big cornerstone in our product, including business analytics. It’s focused around looking at a combination of speech, data and text -- all simultaneously creating predictive actions. This is another core area we are going in an and continue to expand the reach of our platform from a global scale.

At this point, we are a global company. We have the only global cloud platform built on a single software stack with one data pipeline. We now have more users on a pure cloud platform than any of our competitors globally. I know that’s a big statement, but when you look at a pure cloud infrastructure, you're talking in a whole different realm of what services you are able to offer to customers. Our ability to provide a broad reach including to Europe, South Africa, Australia, India, and Singapore -- and still deliver good cloud quality at a reasonable cost and redundant fashion –  we are second to none in that space.

Gardner:I’m afraid we will have to leave it there. We have been listening to a sponsored BriefingsDirect discussion on how CCaaS capabilities are becoming more powerful as a result of cloud computing, multimode communications channels, and the ability to provide optimized and contextual user experiences.

And we’ve learned how new levels of insight and intelligence are now making CCaaS approaches able to meet the highest user experience requirements of today and tomorrow. So please join me now in thanking our guest, Vasili Triant, CEO of Serenova in Austin, Texas.

Triant:Thank you very much, Dana. I appreciate you having me today.

Gardner:This is Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions, your host and moderator for this ongoing series of BriefingsDirect discussions. A big thank you to our sponsor, Serenova, as well as to you, our audience. Do come back next time and thanks for listening.

Listen to the podcast. Find it on iTunes. Get the mobile app. Read a full transcript or  download a copy. Sponsor: Serenova.

Transcript of a discussion on how contact center-as-a-service capabilities are becoming more powerful to provide optimized and contextual user experiences for agents and customers. Copyright Interarbor Solutions, LLC, 2005-2017. All rights reserved.

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<b>Andrej Babis</b> is a gangster oligarch, and a terrible populist: he will promise anything, that will help him elected... In reality, he supports immigration of cheap work-force for his industries and agricultures... He bought for his huge money a perfect PR agency, his team is really professional... One of most rich men in our country, started his bussiness career by stealing Agrofert bussiness from his former Slovak employee by ante-dating stockholders meeting and increasing stock amount, thus forcing previous owner into minority, continued by renting money from state bank for buying a large petrochemical industry with pledge of the stocks, but managed to get the stocks into different company and empty eggshell company with astronomic debt went to bankruptcy, leaving him with large petro-chemical bussiness... Then managed to evade huge taxes by trading untaxed stocks between his companies in recent years. A career leading to being one of richest oligarchs in our small country, full of fiddles and frauds... Meanwhile as a minister of finances aiming at better tax collection from middle-class by electronic tax evidence (every shop must send online information about the trade and print government-server response code on the bill)... All this over-taxation of middle class while blocking taxation of banks and stock companies, which wanted the other part of the current government coalition, thus protecting the richest... ----- The other man - <b>Milos Zeman</b>, is Czech Trump. He was elected by country people against huge media war, against Academy and "Prague cafe" artist clique. Against screaming of all Liberasts, he has good relations with both the West and the East, meeting Putin and Xi Jinping and also British queen, spending a lot of time travelling abroad with a good diplomacy and inland top regions to meeting with people, and is overwhelmingly popular. Zeman is really a wise old man. Formerly a Prognostic institute employee, then prime minister arround 2000. (But in our country, the President is just a honorary position, the executive power is on government supported by the parliament. President is just "talking"... Sometimes, the Right to Talk is a great achievement in a society, that blocks all dissenter's voices in mass media...) ----- Living on Czech countryside, I remember last year or even the previous I've seen a pair of niggers, probably tourists. There are <b>no muslims</b> here (probably some are at large cities? There also is one spa city near northern border where is a large community of rich muslims). There are some gypsies drinking and smoking out their brains in pubs, there are Vietnamese diligent retailers (probably some 5-10 families in the town), and 97% white people... And it's overwhelmingly <b>safe and calm</b> place. There are no places 40 km arround me where I would not dare to go alone on midnight. Even the capital Prague is a pretty safe place, overall we are among 10 most safe countries in the world... About arms - there is 3% people with gun permits. In our village, the Hunter (woodman) has a long gun. It's not much problem to get the permit, if you are sane and somehow healthy person, it requires doctor inspection and police permit... All men above 30 have been serving 2 (later 1) years in millitary service, unless they worked a civil service instead of it (as I did)... Only recently the mandatory 2 or 1 year millitary service has been abandoned, just when entering NATO...
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Diego Maradona, que llegó hoy a Rusia para la final de la Copa Confederaciones, calificó al presidente ruso, Vladimir Putin, de un "líder excepcional, un político de las Grandes Ligas" y lo comparó con "las figuras de (Fidel) Castro o (Hugo) Chávez". Sobre su estancia en Rusia declaró: "Vine para aumentar la credibilidad en el fútbol, que de hecho hay poca. Es parte de mi misión en el fútbol".

etiquetas: maradona, putin, rusia, fútbol

» noticia original (

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Sometimes Russian politicians are just giving angry retorts to American statements. Mike Pompeo's recent accusations are fake news and are Russophobic, their aim is to intimidate the minds of Americans, Irina Yarovaya, vice-speaker of the Duma, the Russian parliament's lower chamber, saidon Monday.
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Despite a show of strength and a charm offensive, Russian President Vladimir Putin's government is beginning to show its age. Russia is facing a dangerous protest movement against Putin's system, and he has responded with heavy-handed crackdowns and winsome public appearances. The message from the Kremlin is clear: Putin is a strong leader and a man of the people. But the message is beginning to sound stale, and a reckoning may be peeking above the horizon.
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300 000 Russen sollen in Grossbritannien leben, viele davon in London. Putin-Gegner laden zur «Kleptokraten-Tour» zu den Villen der Oligarchen, andere Russen geben sich unpolitisch. Unterwegs in «Londongrad».
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Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) shocking dismissal yesterday of over 300 elite police officers from protecting the lives of President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin at next weeks G-20 Meeting in Hamburg is due to their being infiltrated by an elite organization of American assassins responsible for the worst political murders in US history—and one of whose “provable” assassination attempts was in 1979 against President Jimmy Carter, who, like Trump, vowed to restore the United States government to its people. To the SVR’s most feared assassination scenario involving President Trump at next weeks G-20 Meeting in Hamburg, this report concludes, is that should these assassins be successful, the American “Deep State” will blame President Trump’s murder on Russia thus justifying their initiation of World War III—and that their elites are prepared for with their being able to rapidly flee to their underground bunkers while tens-of-millions of ordinary American citizens die.
          Video: US Senate Accuses Russia, RT & Putin In Election Meddling, Gives No Evidence   

The U.S. Senate has devoted an entire hearing to alleged Russian meddling in last year’s election.

          ‘Let’s Get Back To Russia’: Media’s Interest In Narrowing The Trump Story   

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a heavily edited video on Tuesday that quoted CNN health producer John Bonifield expressing skepticism about his network’s priorities. Despite O’Keefe’s well-deserved reputation for sleaze, lies and deceptive editing, the video does show a continuous shot of Bonifield complaining about his network’s insistence on continually pushing the did-Trump-collude-with-Putin? scandal to the headlines:

          Putin signs decree extending ban on Western food imports   

Russia has renewed retaliatory sanctions against the European Union after the bloc extended bans against Moscow over the Ukraine crisis.

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Friday, extending the counter-sanctions until the end of 2018.

The decree extends a ban on Western food imports for another 18 months.

On Wednesday, the EU formally extended its economic sanctions against Russia, which were imposed in July 2014 after the Crimea region separated from Ukraine and rejoined Russia after holding a referendum on the issue.

In a related move, Russia on Friday said it was suspending its contributions to the Council of Europe for 2017.

The suspension comes after a lengthy dispute regarding delegates from the country who were stripped of authority after Crimea's reunification.

The Kremlin said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had informed the Council of Europe's Secretary General Thorbjorn Jagland of the decision in a phone conversation.

The West claims Moscow is meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine and describes Crimea’s reunification with Russia as “Russian occupation” of Crimea.

Moscow denies meddling in Ukraine and says it would end the embargo once the Western sanctions are lifted.

          Putin Receives Former US Diplomat Henry Kissinger in Kremlin   

(*Kissinger: A name that is synonymous with Bad News)

          Video: ‘Unique People’: Putin Recalls KGB Times, Wishes Deep-Cover Agents Prosperity   

In a Saturday interview with TV presenter Sergei Brilev in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his work in the Soviet Committee for State Securit.

          The forgotten cyberspace of the Neuromancer computer game   

William Gibson's 1984 novel Neuromancer is far from forgotten; the times seem almost uncannily like an interregnum between the world he wrote in and the world he wrote. But the 1988 video game adaptation is another matter. [via]

Mark Hill:

The game’s developers were challenged with portraying this futuristic nonspace while still creating an accessible and interesting game, and all with computers that were barely a step up from a calculator and a potent imagination. The end result is surreal, abstract, and lonely. It’s a virtual world that’s simultaneously leagues beyond our internet, yet stunted and impractical, a world where you can bank online before doing battle with an artificial intelligence yet won’t let you run a simple search query and forces you to “physically” move between one virtual location and the next. It’s cyberspace as envisioned by a world that didn’t yet have the computing power to experience it for real, a virtual 2058 that would look archaic before the turn of the millennium.

Hill gets it, especially how the game seeks to understand cyberspace as a city. But I think he's wrong in suggesting that contemporary hardware limitations ("a step up from a calculator") were the game's undoing. If anything, I feel that the cusp of the 16-bit era was perfect for implementing Neuromancer as a solipsistic, non-networked adventure game. Indeed, much of the history of the 16-bit era can be read as increasingly successful efforts to implement the vision of Neuromancer as a narrative experience rather than a labyrinthine multidimensional bulletin board.

          Demand for Russian Warships Skyrockets Amid Syria Campaign   

International demand for Russian warships has been picking up since the start of Russia’s military operation in Syria, President Putin’s adviser on military-technical cooperation with foreign countries, Vladimir Kozhin, told reporters on Monday.

“Everyone sees the great job our ships are doing there. Our ships are in high demand, especially frigates and corvettes,” Kozhin said, when asked how the impact Russia’s operation in Syria has had on the export of Russian naval ships.

“We have also seen an uptick in foreign demand for our high-speed boats, coastal defense systems and small boats equipped with drones,” Vladimir Kozhin added.

"The Russian Navy's Admiral Essen, Admiral Grigorovich frigates and Krasnodar submarine launched six Kalibr cruise missiles from the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea on Daesh terrorist group targets in Syria," the ministry said in a statement.

The statement noted that the Krasnodat submarine carried out a submerged launch of the missiles.


And, of course, the American people, the European peoples, and the US and European governments are being conditioned by the “Russia did it” storyline to distrust Russia and to accept whatever dangerous and irresponsible policy toward Russia that Washington comes up with next.

Is the anti-Russian propaganda driven by ratings as Bonifield is reported to claim, or are ratings the neoconservatives and military/security complex’s cover for media disinformation that increases tensions between the superpowers and prepares the ground for nuclear war?

RT acknowledges that the entire story could be just another piece of false news, which is all that the Western media is known for.

Nevertheless, what we do know is that the fake news reporting pertains to Russia’s alleged interference in the US presidential election. Allegedly, Trump was elected by Putin’s interference in the election. This claim is absurd, but if you are Megyn Kelly you lack the IQ to see that. Instead, presstitutes turn a nonsense story into a real story despite the absence of any evidence.

Who actually interfered in the US presidential election, Putin or the presstitutes themselves? The answer is clear and obvious. It was the presstitutes, who were out to get Trump from day one of the presidential campaign. It is CIA director John Brennan, who did everything in his power to brand Trump some sort of Russian agent. It is FBI director Comey who did likewise by continuing to “investigate” what he knew was a non-event. We now have a former FBI director playing the role of special prosecutor investigating Trump for “obstruction of justice” when there is no evidence of a crime to be obstructed! What we are witnessing is the ongoing interference in the presidential election, an interference that not only makes a mockery of democracy but also of the rule of law.

The presstitutes not only interfered in the presidential election; they are now interfering with democracy itself. They are seeking to overturn the people’s choice by discrediting the President of the United States and those who elected him.


In just over a week, the G20 summit of nations is to convene in Germany.

This will be the first time that Donald Trump and President Putin will have been in the same room and many are suggesting that the two will meet on the sidelines of the main summit as world-leaders often do at such events.

Many in the generally unreliable western mainstream media are suggesting that Donald Trump is keen to meet Vladimir Putin at the G20 but that some US advisers to POTUS do not want the meeting to happen. It must be made clear that such reports are totally uncorroborated and are coming from sources such as Britain’s notoriously inaccurate and dishonest Independent.

But beyond the Trump-baiting innuendo of the western mainstream media, it is not difficult to imagine that the anti-Russian elements in Washington are telling Trump to stay clear of President Putin. It is equally conceivable that many who are still afraid of the Russiagate scandal which has been exposed by under-cover CNN employees as fake news, might equally want Trump to avoid being seen having a bilateral meeting with the Russian President.

And this brings us to US threats of aggression against Syria to allegedly avenge a chemical weapons attack that America admits has not happened, although they seem suspiciously sure that it will.

Russia has in no uncertain terms, warned America not to commit an illegal act of military aggression against Syria. This has not stopped Nikki Haley from alluding to regime change in Syria, although James Mad Dog Mattis has said the opposite.

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I was interrogated for seven hours and saw random people arrested. But the orchestrated hate and xenophobia I witnessed at Channel One was truly chilling

It takes a lot to shock me in Russia, after 45 years of studying it. But this month my blood ran cold. Not because I watched innocent kids being hauled off the street by thuggish riot forces, and not because I was myself arrested and questioned by police for seven hours – though those incidents played a part – but because of what I witnessed in a Russian state television studio. But let’s start at the beginning …

On “Russia day”, 12 June, thousands of people protested in central Moscow against Vladimir Putin and his kleptocratic clique. There was no rhyme or reason to the arrests that followed. “National guards” in black tunics sliced through the crowd in groups of five, snatching random people and hustling them into police vans. You might have been holding a Russian flag (on Russia day!), you might have been chanting “Russia without Putin”, or you might just have been watching, or even – in one case – explaining to an interviewer why you supported Putin … nothing protected you.

Continue reading...
          White House Says Trump to Meet Putin at G-20   
President Donald Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at next week’s G-20 summit, senior administration officials confirmed Thursday.
          New York Times, despre Tudose: Dragnea a gasit un premier considerat maleabil, care-l va lasa sa conduca din culise   
Un fost ministru al Economiei, putin cunoscut si care a renuntat la doctorat in urma unor acuzatii de plagiat a fost confirmat in functia de nou premier al Romaniei, o decizie care-i dezamageste pe reformatori.
          Spune-mi cum iti alegi imbracamintea ca sa-ti spun cine esti   
Este vara ! O vara torida care topeste Romania, ca de obicei de vreo patruzeci de ani . Clima noastra temperata, cu fermecatoare schimbari de vreme care ne intretineau o personalitate complexa, echilibrata si serena , devine din ce in ce mai mult una tropicala . Trebuie sa ne aratam corpul din ce in ce mai asudat si mai expus radiatiilor periculoase . Iata de ce in timpul verii imbracamintea este mai mult decat o fita estetica, este o prelungire a starii noastre de oameni in disconfort care cauta o protectie si mai vor si sa placa. Greu! Exista insa si lucruri perene in ceea ce priveste comportamentul nostru vestimentar . Lucruri care vor conta mereu si pe care trebuie sa ni le explicam. La ele voi face referire, bazandu-ma pe un foarte interesant interviu aparut in revista Psychologies : Nos-vetements-emotions, Anne- Laure Gannac, iunie 2017. Anne-Laure le-a intervievat pe psihiatrele Catherine Joubert si Sarah Stern. Ele sunt autoarele cartii de succes Deshabillez moi, pshychoanalyse de nos comportements vestimentaires (Dezbraca-ma, psihanaliza comportamentelor nostre vestimentare). Psihiatrele ne ofera raspunsuri la intrebari pe care cu siguranta ca ni le punem des . Aceste raspunsuri nu sunt chiar de bun simt ci de bun stiintific. Mai mult decat atata, aceste raspunsuri, cel putin pe mine, m-au facut sa-mi revizitez anumite zone mai umbroase ale comportamentului meu, punandu-le la lumina. Iata cateva intrebari esentiale si raspunsurile la ele. De ce apare la unele persoane bulimia vestimentara ? Bulimia vestimentara este acel comportament de cumparare de haine in exces , insotit tot timpul de sentimentul neplacut ca ceva lipseste totusi. Acest sentiment ii trimite pe bulimicii vestimentari inapoi in magazin. Exista o explicatie a acestui coporatment care-si trage seva din copilaria noastra cea mai timpurie. Explicatie Prima oglinda a copilului mic este privirea mamei si tot ceea ce este legat de ea : alegerea hainelor, admiratia din priviri, incurajarea din priviri, linistirea din priviri. Daca aceasta privire nu-si indeplineste functia de sprijin pentru copilul mic este probabil ca el sa devina la maturitate un bulimic vestimentar. Sentimentul neplacut ca ceva lipseste , care apare la cumparaturile de haine, este generat, in esenta, de lipsa sau calitatea slaba a privirii admirative , protectoare si incurajatoare a mamei in perioada copilariei timpurii. Este de reflectat ! De ce unii oameni se imbraca tot timpul la fel si cu acelesi culori de haine ? Fiecare , in experienta sa personala, a vazut astfel de persoane. Iata explicatia psihiatrelor. Explicatie Acest comportament vestimentar este un indicator clar al fragilitatii imaginii pe care o ai despre tine insuti. Ti-e teama sa-ti schimbi imaginea . Nu vei mai fi aceeasi persoana si eventual vei fi o persoana mai prost perceputa de catre ceilalti. Personal, cred ca la aceasta explicatie mai pot face unele comentarii. De ce studentele din Bucuresti se imbraca toate la fel ? Blugi stransi pe picior, geci de piele (sau imitatie de piele), de obicei negre. De asemenea, mai toate isi lasa parul lung, purtat pe spate . Foarte rar apar tinere care se abat de la acest canon. De ce oamenii poarta in aceasta vara ochelari de soare cu lentile oglinda? Doar pentru ca asa este moda ? Dupa parerea mea aceasta maniera de a te imbraca conform tradeaza ideea obsesiei de a fi acceptat de grup, de a face parte din grup, de a nu fi respins sau ridicol. Problema este ca de multe ori persoanele care se imbraca conform si tot timpul la fel ,de multe ori nu sunt avantajate de aceasta imbracaminte. Fetele scunde si corpolente nu sunt avantajate de blugii stransi pe corp, de gecile de piele si de parul lung lasat pe spate. Alteori, imbracamintea -uniforma se doreste in mod explicit a fi un indicator al grupului din care faci parte. Acest lucru se observa la subculturile de tineret . Rokerii autentici se imbraca mereu la fel si apeleaza la aceleasi marci de haine : geti de piele oxidate, blugi, lanturi, cizme . Skinheads isi cumpara bocanci DocMartens si T-shituri Fred Perry sau Ben Sherman (foarte scumpe). Punkerii au inventat pantalonii stransi pe picior. Raperii au si ei pantaloni specifici - cu turul pantalonilor cazut si largi- si caciulite . Spune ceva despre noi importanta pe care o acordam tinutei vestimentare ? Da, spune multe ! Explicatii Cei care acorda o importanta prea mare vestimentatiei De obicei aceste persoane doresc sa compenseze o fragilitate in mod narcisist. Daca esti sigur pe tine nu trebuie sa verifici tot timpul tinuta vestimentara si circumstantele in care ti-o expui. Cei care valorizeaza putin tinuta vestimentara Intrebati de ce au acest comporatment oamenii declara, de obicei, ca vor sa fie ca toata lumea sau ca nu vor sa iasa in fata. In realitate, de cele mai multe ori le este teama sa iasa in fata. Se strecoara printre ceilalti intr-un fel de uniforma passe-partout. O fi aceasta o explicatie si pentru comporatmentul vestimentar al studentelor din Bucuresti ? Ar fi tragic ! Exista momente in ciclul generational in care este mai important comporatmentul vestimentar ? Da ( ne spun psihiatrele nostre) ! In adolescenta . Am citit cercetari recente in care se demonstreaza ca un adolescent care nu primeste recompensa privirii curioase nu-si va dezvolta personalitatea in mod optim. Adolescentii au nevoie de priviri precum au nevoie plantele de apa. Aceste priviri ii fac sa creasca . Exista si adolescenti complexati / din motive bine intemeiate sau nu / care doresc sa se ascunda, sa nu fie priviti . Eu am trait aceasta experienta ! A te simti bine in pielea ta se poate extinde si la a te simti bine in hainele tale ? Da ! Cu un amendament important insa : sa ai posibilitatea sa alegi liber hainele cu care sa te imbraci si in care sa simti ca ti-e bine. Stiu ca exista state americane in care codicilul local le interzice femeilor sa-si puna pe cap palarii inainte de a-si fi consultat sotii. In Spania, pana la moartea lui Franco (1975) femeile nu au avut voie sa poarte pantaloni. Un prieten vechi i-a creat sotiei sale urmatoarea problema . I-a vandut toate rochiile, fustele si bluzele pe care a observat el ca nu le poarta. Cu banii obtinuti si-a dus sotia sa-si cumpere haine noi, pe care sa le poarte. Secretul ? A fost el inainte la anumite magazine, a ales lucrurile care-i placeau si si-a condus sotia sa-si aleaga hainele strict din stocul de haine pre-ales de el . Frumos, nu-i asa? Acestea fiind expuse, va urez sa va cunoasteti mai bine prin maniera in care va raportati la hainele voastre de toate zilele ! citeste in continuare
          Pe culmile disperarii, inaintea guvernarii   
Desi Varful Moldoveanu este cel mai inalt din Romania, este depasit cu mult de culmile absurdului. Nu era de ajuns audierea de catre comisiile de specialitate ale Parlamentului a unor ministri propusi pentru noul guvern care erau deja ministri in guvernul dat de grinda in urma motiunii de cenzura... ...mai trebuia sa vina propusul si inca neunsul, dar proaspat validatul ministru al Finantelor, Ionut Misa, si sa faca publice intentii marete. Omu’ nici nu depusese juramantul la Cotroceni, si s-a apucat sa spuna ca pensiile private obligatorii vor fi desfiintate, "iar banii se vor intoarce la cei care au cotizat, acestia avand posibilitatea de a opta pentru bugetul asigurarilor sociale sau pentru Pilonul 3 de pensii. Vor opta intre stat si privat". Daca, in semn de lehamite fata de un stat care nu este bine administrat si care schimba legislatia ca pe straturile de panselute, toti sau peste 85% dintre cotizantii la Pilonul 2 nu ar alege sistemul de pensii de stat si isi vor pune banii in Pilonul 3, adica pensiile private facultative? Asta trebuia sa se intrebe statul sau cel caruia i-a venit ideea. Deci, de ce sa desfiintezi fondurile private obligatorii, daca tot nu vei aduce cine stie ce bani la bugetul de pensii de stat? In acelasi timp, a fost publicat si... "noul Program de guvernare" al PSD. Culmea - iata inca una - programul apare dupa ce vechiul guvern, de fapt, fostul prim-ministru, a fost mazilit pentru ca nu a respectat... fostul program de guvernare. In fine, conform noului program, firmele ar urma sa fie impozitate pe cifra de afaceri, nu pe profit. Alta masura: impozitarea suplimentara, cu cel putin 20%, a profiturilor obtinute din extractia de resurse naturale neprelucrate in Romania. Toate aceste vesti au lovit ca niste buzdugane urechile mediului de afaceri de grija caruia se prefac ca mor toate guvernele, indiferent din ce partide sunt alcatuite. Asa cum este firesc, primele timpane impresionate au fost cele ale Bursei de Valori Bucuresti (BVB), care au bubuit a scaderi bruste si majore. In acelasi timp, pe piata valutara, leul s-a dus in cap, dupa trei zile de apreciere. La BVB, asa cum era de asteptat, in conditiile intentiei de impozitare suplimentara a profitului obtinut de companiile care extrag resurse din Romania, cel mai mult a scazut indicele BET-NG, cu 4,89%, iar cel mai putin BET-FI, cu 2,39%. Singura veste buna a fost lichiditatea mare pentru BVB (113,057 milioane de lei/24,846 de milioane de euro), un astfel de nivel fiind poate pe placul agentiilor care ar trebui sa ne bage in seama si in grupul de burse cu statut emergent. Dar ce sa vezi, minune (!) dupa vreo doua ore de la anuntata, fara dubii (!), desfiintare a Pilonului 2, la acea ora (inca) premierul desemnat, Mihai Tudose, casca ochii mari, cand auzea relatari despre declaratia ministului Finantelor si se intreba retoric, dand cumva vina pe presa: "Dumnezeule, de unde scoateti?!" Si adauga: "Cum sa spuna asa ceva, o sa vorbesc cu el. Nu se desfiinteaza. Punct!", a inchis discutia Tudose. Sa intelegem ca ministrul Finantelor s-a trezit vorbind? Nu s-a consultat cu nimeni, nici macar cu marele creator si critic de programe de guvernare al PSD? Sau, poate ca, dupa ce a vazut reactiile adverse dure si imediate la desfiintarea Pilonului 2, Tudose a facut pe niznaiul. Dar cum porneste la drum un ministru pus sa gestioneze banii unei tari? La fel ca noul guvern PSD-ALDE care poate intra in istorie pentru ca i-a adus pe oamenii de afaceri si pe investitori pe culmile disperarii, inca inainte de a fi efectiv in functie... citeste in continuare
          Guvernul vrea sa inlocuiasca impozitul pe profit cu unul pe cifra de afaceri   
De asemenea, autoritatile au in vedere, in sectorul energetic, impozitarea suplimentara, cu cel putin 20%, a profiturilor obtinute din extractia de resurse naturale si neprelucrate in Romania, relateaza Agerpres. Toate legile care vizeaza domeniul economic vor fi incluse in Codul Economic al Romaniei care urmeaza sa fie adoptat pana cel tarziu la 1 iulie 2018. Codul legislativ va contine Codul Fiscal, Codul de Procedura Fiscala, Legea de Infiintare a Societatilor Comerciale, Legea Evaziunii Fiscale si toate celelalte legi cu caracter economic. De asemenea, numarului taxelor va fi redus, de la 1 ianuarie 2018, urmand sa fie de maximum 50. Pentru populatie, vor exista cel mult 10 taxe, dintre care CASS, CAS, impozitul pe venit, impozitul pe teren, impozitul pe bunuri imobil, impozitul pe masina, contributia de solidaritate, vignieta. Toate celelalte taxe, tarife si comisioane vor fi eliminate. Pentru agentii economici numarul taxelor fiscale si nefiscale va fi de maxim 40. Sursa: Agerpres citeste in continuare
          Erdoğan, Trump ve Putin ile telefonda görüştü   

HABER MERKEZİ –Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, ABD Başkanı Trump ve Rusya Devlet Başkanı Putin ile telefon görüşmesi yaptı. AKP Genel Başkanı ve Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, ABD Başkanı Donald Trump ve Rusya Devlet Başkanı Putin ile telefon görüşmeleri yaptı. AKP Merkez Yürütme Kurulu toplantısının ardından Erdoğan’ın ABD ve Rusya devlet başkanlarıyla yaptığı görüşmeye ilişkin AKP Genel ...

Erdoğan, Trump ve Putin ile telefonda görüştü yazısı ilk önce Gazete Karınca üzerinde ortaya çıktı.

          Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, Rusya Devlet Başkanı Putin ile görüştü   
Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Rusya Federasyonu Başkanı Vladimir Putin ile bugün telefonda görüştü.
          AI's Emerging Role In IoT Highlighted At IBM Genius Of Things Event   

Photo: Bergman Group

IBM hosted an artificial intelligent (AI) event at its Munich Watson IoT HQ, where it underlined its claim as a leading global AI and internet-of-things (IoT) platform providers in the enterprise context. AI and the IoT are both very important topics for enterprise users. However, there remains some uncertainty among enterprises regarding the exact benefits that both AI and IoT can generate and how businesses should prepare for the deployment of AI and IoT in their organizations.

One year into the launch of its Munich-based Watson IoT headquarters, IBM invited about one thousand customers to share an update of its AI and IoT activities to date. The IBM "Genius of Things" Summit presented interesting insights for both AI and IoT deployments. It underlined that IBM is clearly one of the leading global AI and IoT platform providers in the enterprise context. Some of the most important insights for me were that:

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          Let’s see your personal computing workstations, here’s ours   
How us how you set your PCs (Macs, Chromebooks, iPhones and Android devices are all personal computers to someone)
          alles gute zum 60er, cern!   
Das war nicht schwer, heute was als Thema zu finden. Das CERN wird 60! Auf den Tag genau! Alles Gute!! [via] Für diejenigen Leserinnen/Leser, die nun überhaupt nichts mit dem CERN anfangen können, hier, das war März 1989: Imagos Creditos So ähnlich jedenfalls. Das Web war übrigens ein „Abfallprodukt“ von den Wissenschaftlern dort. Die ursprüngliche […]
          Trump will meet Putin next week, U.S. officials say   

Trump will meet Putin next week, U.S. officials sayPresident Trump will meet with Russian President Putin next week, their first face-to-face talks since U.S. intelligence declared that Moscow had meddled in the 2016 election.

          Gatinhas no cio – Desenhos pornô   

Animação de sexo com gatinhas no cio brincando de lésbicas, a putinhas peludinhas brincando de safadeza.

O post Gatinhas no cio – Desenhos pornô apareceu primeiro em Hentai - Quadrinhos Pornô, Hqs, Cartoons e mais..

          Storage Field Day 13 – Wrap-up and Link-o-rama   
Disclaimer: I recently attendedStorage Field Day 13. My flights,accommodation and other expenses were paid for by Tech Field Day and Pure Storage. There is no requirement for me to blog about any of the content presented and I am not compensated in any way for my time at the event. Some materials presented were discussed […]]> Disclaimer: I recently attendedStorage Field Day 13. My flights,accommodation and other expenses were paid for by Tech Field Day and Pure Storage. There is no requirement for me to blog about any of the content presented and I am not compensated in any way for my time at the event. Some materials presented were discussed under NDA and don&#rsquo;t form part of my blog posts, but could influence future discussions.

This is a quick post to say thanks once again to Stephen, Tom and Claire,and the presenters at Storage Field Day 13 and Pure//Accelerate. I had a super funand educational time. For easy reference, here&#rsquo;s a list of the posts I did covering the events (they may not match the order of the presentations).

Storage Field Day – I’ll Be At Storage Field Day 13

Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure//Accelerate 2017 – General Session Notes

Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure//Accelerate 2017 – FlashBlade 2.0

Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure//Accelerate 2017 – Purity Update

Storage Field Day 13 – Day 0

NetApp Doesn&#rsquo;t Want You To Be Special (This Is A Good Thing)

Dell EMC&#rsquo;s in the Midst of a Midrange Resurrection

X-IO Technologies Are Living On The Edge

SNIA&#rsquo;s Swordfish Is Better Than The Film

ScaleIO Is Not Your Father&#rsquo;s SDS

Dell EMC’s Isilon All-Flash Is Starting To Make Sense

Primary Data Attacks Application Ignorance

StorageCraft Are In Your Data Centre And In The Cloud

Storage Field Day 13 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure


Also, here&#rsquo;s a number of links to posts by my fellow delegates (in no particular order). They&#rsquo;re allverysmart people, and you should check out their stuff, particularly if you haven&#rsquo;t before. I&#rsquo;ll attempt tokeep this updated as more posts are published. But if it gets stale, the Storage Field Day 13and Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure Accelerate 2017 landing pages will have updated links.


Alex Galbraith (@AlexGalbraith)

Storage Field Day 13 (SFD13) – Preview


Brandon Graves (@BrandonGraves08)

Delegate For Storage Field Day 13

Storage Field Day Is AlmostHere


Chris Evans (@ChrisMEvans)

Pure Accelerate: FlashArray Gets Synchronous Replication


Erik Ableson (@EAbleson)


Matthew Leib (@MBLeib)

Pure Storage Accelerate/Storage Field Day 13 – PreFlight


Jason Nash (@TheJasonNash)


Justin Warren (@JPWarren)

Pure Storage Charts A Course To The Future Of Big Data


Max Mortillaro (@DarkkAvenger)

See you at Storage Field Day 13 and Pure Accelerate!

Storage Field Day 13 Primer – Exablox

SFD13 Primer – X-IO Axellio Edge Computing Platform

Real-time Storage Analytics: one step further towards AI-enabled storage arrays?


Mike Preston (@MWPreston)

A field day of Storage lies ahead!

Primary Data set to make their 5th appearance at Storage Field Day

Hear more from Exablox at Storage Field Day 13

X-IO Technology A #SFD13 preview

Hear more from Exablox at Storage Field Day 13

SNIA comes back for another Storage Field Day


Ray Lucchesi (@RayLucchesi)

Axellio, next gen, IO intensive server for RT analytics by X-IO Technologies


Scott D. Lowe (@OtherScottLowe)

Backup and Recovery in the Cloud: Simplification is Actually Really Hard

The Purity of Hyperconverged Infrastructure: What&#rsquo;s in a Name?


Stephen Foskett (@SFoskett)

The Year of Cloud Extension


Finally, thanks again to Stephenand the team at Gestalt IT for making it all happen. It was an educational and enjoyable weekand I really valued the opportunity I was given to attend. Here’s a photo of the Storage Field Day 13 delegates.

[image courtesy of Tech Field Day]

          Trump to Meet Russian President Vladimir Putin at G20 in Hamburg    
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin next week at the G20 summit, the White House confirmed Thursday.
          Diego Maradona asistirá a la final entre Chile y Alemania por Copa Confederaciones   
El astro argentino está en Moscú y viajará a San Petersburgo. Se reunirá con Vladímir Putin por el Mundial de 2018.

          C++ Developer - Distributed Computing - Morgan Stanley - Montréal, QC   
Comfortable programming in a Linux environment, familiar with ksh and bash. Morgan Stanley is a global financial services firm and a market leader in investment...
From Morgan Stanley - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 00:14:01 GMT - View all Montréal, QC jobs
          John Davis II: Who is actually responsible for cyber attacks?   

Who is actually responsible for that cyber attack that hit your organization? Often it comes down to guess work. Few people have much faith in the accuracy of the attribution. So what to do? John Davis II, senior information scientist at the Rand Corporation and co-director for scalable computing and analysis, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin with recommendations.

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          Geaca Trespass Qikpac Verde   

GeacaTrespass Qikpac Verde

Jacheta tehnica unisex Qikpac, de la Trespass, dispune de doua buzunare cu fermoar, de mansete elasticate, gluga ajustabila si de un snur elasticat de reglare. Cusaturile vulcanizate si proprietatile de impermeabilitate, respirabilitate si rezistenta la vant te vor proteja impotriva elementelor naturii la orice ora. Jacheta Qikpac de tip shell este fabricata din poliamida 100% si se strange foarte eficient intr-un saculet ocupand putin loc si fiind usor de purtat in orice rucsac.

Material 100% Poliamida

Membrana Tres-Tex

Impermeabilitate 5.000

Respirabilitate 5.000

Doua buzunare cu fermoar

Rezistenti la Vant

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Low Profile

199,99 lei

          Geaca Trespass Qikpac Negru   

Geaca Trespass Qikpac Negru

Jacheta tehnica unisex Qikpac, de la Trespass, dispune de doua buzunare cu fermoar, de mansete elasticate, gluga ajustabila si de un snur elasticat de reglare. Cusaturile vulcanizate si proprietatile de impermeabilitate, respirabilitate si rezistenta la vant te vor proteja impotriva elementelor naturii la orice ora. Jacheta Qikpac de tip shell este fabricata din poliamida 100% si se strange foarte eficient intr-un saculet ocupand putin loc si fiind usor de purtat in orice rucsac.

Material 100% Poliamida

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          Jacheta Trespass Qikpac Rosu   

Jacheta Trespass Qikpac Rosu

Jacheta tehnica unisex Qikpac, de la Trespass, dispune de doua buzunare cu fermoar, de mansete elasticate, gluga ajustabila si de un snur elasticat de reglare. Cusaturile vulcanizate si proprietatile de impermeabilitate, respirabilitate si rezistenta la vant te vor proteja impotriva elementelor naturii la orice ora. Jacheta Qikpac de tip shell este fabricata din poliamida 100% si se strange foarte eficient intr-un saculet ocupand putin loc si fiind usor de purtat in orice rucsac.

Material 100% Poliamida

Membrana Tres-Tex

Impermeabilitate 5.000

Respirabilitate 5.000

Doua buzunare cu fermoar

Rezistenti la Vant

Gluga ajustabila

Cusaturi vulcanizate

Low Profile

199,99 lei

          President Donald Trump Set To Meet With Russia's Putin Next Week   
The two leaders will meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Germany.
          Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, Trump ve Putin ile görüştü   
Cumhurbaşkanı Tayyip Erdoğan, Amerikan Başkanı Donald Trump ile telefonda görüştü. Konu Rakka operasyonuydu. 40 dakika süren görüşmede, Amerika'nın terör örgütü YPG'ye verdiği silahlar konuşuldu. Erdoğan, Trump'ın ardından Rusya Devlet Başkanı Vladimir Putin'i aradı. Cumhurbaşkanlığı kaynakları, "İki lider Astana görüşmelerine değindi. Erdoğan-Putin görüşmesinde Suriye meselesinin çözümüne yönelik işbirliğinin önemine dikkat çekildi." bilgisini verdi
          MareNostrum 4 entra en producción y comienza a ejecutar aplicaciones destinadas a la investigación científica   
29 de junio de 2017 MareNostrum 4, propiedad del Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS), está íntegramente destinado a la generación de conocimiento científico ... - Fuente:
          Meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin   
Decisions that will be made at the session of the Supreme State Council today should help promote the development of integration of Belarus and Russia, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at the meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin on 30 June.
          Việt Nam-Nga ra tuyên bố chung về chuyến thăm của Chủ tịch nước   

Nhận lời mời của Tổng thống Liên bang Nga Vladimir Putin, Chủ tịch nước Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam Trần Đại Quang đã thăm chính thức Liên bang Nga từ ngày 28/6 đến ngày 1/7/2017.  Chủ tịch nước Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam Trần Đại Quang đã gặp hẹp […]

The post Việt Nam-Nga ra tuyên bố chung về chuyến thăm của Chủ tịch nước appeared first on Thương gia thị trường.

          Quality Matters Reviews   
          Quality Matters Reviews 
some suggestions for visual and hearing components
By Grace Windsheimer

One of the ongoing issues in passing the Quality Matters rubric, is #8.2, visual and hearing impaired students. There are actually court cases against colleges right now from students who feel they don't have access to online courses because of their disability. Here is the information on the court cases for you. 

Visually Impaired
I found a ppt reader that students can download. Tried it and it reads both ppt (2003) and pptx (2007) text, so I'll be adding that to my Moodle pages for students to download if they choose.
Here is the link to the PowerTalk download-easy to download and use.

Here are some links to screen readers: from Linda Hughitt
Free screen readers:
Listing of programs:

Hearing impaired
I also try to find videos with CC (closed captions) to add to my Moodle shells for the hearing impaired-they are getting easier to find.   Here is a web page with closed caption videos,cc:1 You can also search on YouTube for cc videos. Here are some videos on You Tube for CGCC that have automatic captions.

Try them out, they actually are done quite nicely and for those that are hard to hear for all of us it is a great alternative.
          Quantum computing initiative advances drug discovery   
Quantum computing holds the answer for treating several serious neurological diseases, as well as offering solutions to the personalized medicine initiative. New research from Accenture, 1QBit and Biogen has delivered promising results.
          Putin prodloužil ruské sankce proti Evropské unii. Až do konce roku 2018   
Ruský prezident Vladimir Putin prodloužil až do konce příštího roku platnost ruských opatření, přijatých jako odpověď na sankce Evropské unie. Oznámila to ruská média s odvoláním na v pátek zveřejněný prezidentův výnos.
          Pomníky Rudé armády jdou v Polsku do bývalého skladu raket SSSR   
Pomníky na oslavu Rudé armády postavené v Polsku po roce 1945 budou přemístěny do bývalého podzemního skladu sovětských jaderných raket. Podle agentury AFP to oznámil polský Institut paměti národa (IPN).
          Putin přijal v Moskvě Kissingera. Ten varoval před vzdalováním Ruska od Západu   
Ruský prezident Vladimir Putin přijal ve čtvrtek v Moskvě bývalého amerického ministra zahraničí Henryho Kissingera. Podle agentury Reuters to oznámil Kreml, aniž upřesnil, o čem jednali. Kissinger je dodnes vlivný poradce a nedávno se sešel s americkým prezidentem Donaldem Trumpem.
          FAZ: Eşcinsel evlilik tartışması koalisyonu zedeledi   
Berlin’deki eşcinsel evliliklere izin tartışması, Hamburg’da yapılacak G20 Zirvesi ve siber saldırılar Alman gazetelerinde öne çıkan yorum konuları arasında yer alıyor.

Alman basınından özetler
Almanya’da eşcinsel evliliklere izin verilmesini öngören tasarının Federal Alman Meclisi'de cuma günü oylanacak olması, Koblenz’de yayımlanan Rhein-Zeitung'da şöyle değerlendiriliyor:

"Merkel, eşcinsel evlilikler konusunda milletvekillerinin kendi vicdanlarına göre oy vermesi gerektiğini belirterek, hakkını vermek gerekirse- eşcinsel evliliklere iznin önünü açmış oldu. Merkel, bunu birdenbire eşcinsel evliliklerin harika olduğunu düşünmeye başladığı için değil, partilerin seçim kampanyaları sırasında bu konunun gündeme gelmesinden korktuğu için yaptı. Böyle bir seçim kampanyasında, neredeyse diğer bütün partiler Merkel'e karşı olurdu. Ve hatta böyle bir seçim kampanyasında toplumun çoğuna bunu açıklamak zorunda kalırdı. Zira yapılan kamuoyu yoklamalarına göre halkın en az üçte ikisi eşcinsel evlilik açılımından yana. Bu oyunun yine de iyi bir yönü var: Demokrasimiz işliyor. Toplumun çoğu, başbakan karşı bile olsa, bir kararın alınmasında rol oynuyor. Bunu kim düşünürdü?”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung'daki yorumda ise Hristiyan Birlik partilerinden (CDU/CSU) gelen itirazlara rağmen, Sosyal Demokrat Parti'nin (SPD) eşcinsel evlilikler konusunun meclis gündemine gelmesini hızlandırması irdeleniyor:

"Başbakan Merkel’in bir kadın dergisinin editörleri ile yaptığı söyleşi sırasında, eşcinsel evliliklere karşı çıkanların oluşturduğu son siyasi kale de düştü. Hristiyan Birlik partileri grubu, geri çekilirken koalisyon ortağı Sosyal Demokrat Parti ile son kez çarpışmayı istiyor. Zira eşcinsel evliliklerin mecliste (bu hafta içinde) oylanacak olmasının nedeni Sosyal Demokrat Parti'nin öncesinde muhalefetteki Yeşiller ve Sol Parti ile işbirliği yapmış olması. Hristiyan Birlik partilerinin itirazına rağmen, bu üç partinin konuyu meclis genel kurulunun gündemine getirmesi, koalisyonun zedelendiğini gösteriyor. Bu durumda Merkel, Sosyal Demokrat Partili bakanları azledecek mi? … Sosyal Demokrat Parti, Yeşiller ve Hür Demokrat Parti, eşcinsel evliliklere izin çıkmadan (seçimler sonrası kurulacak) koalisyona katılmayacaklar mıydı? Burada aslında güvenin zedelendiğinden söz etmek lazım.”

Haftalık Die Zeit gazetesinde 7-8 Temmuz tarihlerinde Hamburg'da yapılacak ve Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'ın da katılacağı G20 Zirvesi ele alınıyor. Yorum şöyle:
"G20 Zirvesi, dönem başkanlığını üstlenen ülkede yapılıyor. Bu dönem, başkanlığı üstlenen ülke Almanya. İyi ki de Almanya. Bunun ne kadar iyi olduğunu görmek için Putin, Trump ve Erdoğan'ı aynı anda ağırlama fırsatı yakalanmasını değil,  dünyanın içinde bulunduğu durumda bu liderlerden birinin sanayileşmiş ve yeni sanayileşen ülkelere evsahipliği yapmasının nasıl olacağının düşünülmesi gerekli. Eşcinsellerin haklarını savunmanın büyük cesaret gerektirdiği zirvenin yapıldığı yerden dünyaya nasıl bir mesaj veriliyor? Zirveye katılan despotlar G20 sayesinde hangi iktidar sahnesinde oyunları sahneleyecekler? Buna karşılık Almanya liderlik ve sunum açısından kendini saklamak zorunda olmayan bir evsahibi. Alman federal hükümeti kendinden emin bir şekilde iklimlerin korunması gibi konulara ivme kazandırabilir. Ve vatandaş hakları ve eleştirel olanlara yönelik tutumu ile örnek olabilir.”

Berlin'de yayımlanan Tagesspiegel gazetesindeki yorumda dünyanın birçok ülkesini etkileyen siber saldırının ardından istihbarat birimlerinin güvenlik açıklarını kendi çıkarları için kullandığı iddia ediliyor:

"Eskiden bilişim uzmanları veya bilgisayar korsanlar, bulunan güvenlik açıklarını halka duyurur veya bu açığın kapatılması için yazılım üreten firmalara bildirirlerdi. Ama şimdi bu güvenlik açıkları, karaborsada istihbarat birimlerine bile satılıyor. Devletin kullandığı truva virüsleri yüzünden Alman vergi paraları ile bu ticaret körüklenmeye devam ediliyor. Devletler, bilgisayarlarda kendi izleme yazılımlarını kullanabilmek için güvenlik boşluklarının açık kalmasında çıkar görüyor ve böylelikle yeni siber saldırılar için kapıyı açmış oluyorlar.”
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           Seful Consiliului Local din zona Londra isi anunta demisia dupa incendiul de la turnul Grenfell   
Seful consiliului local din zona Londrei, unde cel putin 80 de persoane au murit intr-un incendiu intr-un bloc de locuinte sociale, a anuntat vineri ca va demisiona dupa ce a fost criticat pentru raspunsul institutiei la dezastru, relateaza Ruters.
           9 solutii rapide de racorire a casei, fara aer conditionat, pentru codul rosu de canicula   
Este cod rosu in jumatate de tara si se anunta una din cele mai calduroase zi din viata noastra. Ce putem face pana maine, pentru a ne imbunatati putin confortul termic? Solutiile propuse nu duc neaparat casa la temperatura de confort asa cum face aerul conditionat, dar pot ajuta cu catva grade, ceea ce in conditiile de maine poate fi un lucru util. Aerul conditionat oricum nu se poate monta de pe o zi pe alta si are costuri atat initiale cat si prin utilizare. Acest articol prezinta intr-un mod mai detaliat doar solutiile care se pot aplica rapid, dintr-un articol mai vechi care continea si solutii mai complexe, care au nevoie de mai mult timp sau un buget mai mare.
           Vremuri tot mai grele de mers cu trenul - De ce sunt atat de putine vagoane CFR pe unele rute si de ce in multe cazuri lipseste aerul conditionat   
In general mersul cu trenul este neplacut in Romania din cauza conditiilor de calatorie si din cauza vitezelor mici, insa in aceasta vara este si mai complicat. O parte dintre trenurile de lunga distanta au tot mai putine vagoane, numarul de calatori a crescut datorita gratuitatii oferita studentilor si peste 350 de vagoane nu au climatizare. HotNews a trimis cateva intrebari catre CFR Calatori. In articol puteti citi despre deficitul de vagoane de la CFR, despre explicatiile legate de lipsa aerului conditionat si despre cresterea numarului de calatori.
           Primaria Capitalei va acorda 5000 de vouchere in valoare de 500 lei/persoana pentru achizitionarea de biciclete, biciclete electrice, trotinete electrice si Segway/Ninebot. Bucurestiul nu are piste de biciclete   
Primaria Capitalei va acorda 5000 de vouchere in valoare de 500 lei/persoana, pentru achizitionarea de biciclete, biciclete electrice, trotinete electrice si Segway/Ninebot, potrivit unui proiect intitulat  "Biciclisti in Bucuresti", adoptat vineri de Consiliul General al Municipiului Bucuresti. Problema e ca Bucurestiul nu are decat foarte putine piste de biciclete, iar cele care exista sunt ocupate de masini.
          Logiciels Malvaillants dit Malware, ransomware et autres attaques   

Logiciels Malvaillants dit Malware, ransomware et autres attaques… Article écrit par Alexandre Laquerre, Ces dernières semaines, nous avons beaucoup entendu parlé dans les nouvelles internationales du […]

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          Владимир Путин с благодарност към „Берёзка”   
Националният балет на Русия „Берёзка”, превърнал се в една от емблемите на руската култура , през 70-годишната си история получава признанието и подкрепата на всички руски правителства. Ансамбълът, който е в структурата на ”дела под патронажа на президента” получи нова сграда в центъра на Москва, това съобщи лично Владимир Путин на среща с екипа на балета.
          Kommentar zu Tactic360 & TacticLight 360 Taschenlampe Erfahrungen von Holger Spangenberg, 45772 Marl   
Da kann ich ja froh, sein, dass meine Bestellung gar nicht erst geliefert wurde.Aus dem Hightechland Lerttland. Dort obern scheinen sich ja 'ne Menge Gangster rumzutreiben. Im Baltikum werde ich nie wieder etwas bestellen. Vielleicht haben die sich aber in meinem Falle nicht getraut, ihren Schrott zu liefern. Übrigens: Nach zwei Monaten haben dieses Gentlemen, ja bei mir angefragt, wie sie mir helfen könnten -lächerlich-dummdreist. Meine klare Antwort, ich möchte mein Geld zurück hat keinerlei Aktivität bei der Lettlandgang indiziert..trauirig, asber Realität. Ich werde mich nicht mehr darüber ärgern. Möge Putin dort oben alles auseinandernehmen. Eine Gangsterenklave weniger. Holger Spangenberg, Marl
          Cum sa ai o invitatie de nunta perfecta   
Prima impresie conteaza. Invitatia este de obicei primul contact pe care il au invitatii cu nunta de aceea alegerea acesteia este un proces de care trebuie sa tii cont. Partea buna este ca de obicei preturile sunt acceptabile daca gasesti furnizorul potrivit.

Cum ar trebui sa arate invitatia?
Invitatiile pentru nunta cele mai bune sunt cele care sunt inspirate de tema nuntii, cele mai prezinta cel mai bine modul de desfasurare si transmite un sentiment invitatilor.

Principalele lucruri la care trebuie sa te gandesti sunt culoarea, forma si detaliile, fiecare dintre acestea are o importanta majora pentru rezultatul final. Culoarea poate fi cea pe care ai ales-o pentru aranjarea salonului, este de preferat sa fie asa, dar nu obligatoriu.

In ceea ce priveste forma invitatiei, optiunile sunt diverse, sunt disponibile pe piata forme de mire si mireasa decupate foarte dragut, in functie de materialul invitatie se pot face si alte modele sau daca nu ai gasit ceva sa-ti placa le poti face pe comanda, costul este ceva mai mare.

In functie de tema nuntii puteti alege o invitatie simpla pentru o nunta traditionala, clasica, oaspetii se vor imbraca formal si se vor respecta traditiile zonei.

O nunta nonconformista necesita o invitatie pe masura, modelul de mai jos este perfect pentru o nunta relaxata, dar eleganta.

Indiferent de tema nuntii invitatia trebuie sa contina obligatoriu cateva informatii concrete precum:
  • Numele si prenumele parintilor
  • Numele si prenumele mirilor
  • Numele si prenumele nasilor
  • Adresa bisericii si a Starii Civile unde se vor desfasura ceremoniile
  • Datele de contact pentru a raspunde la invitatie

Cand trebuie sa comanzi si sa trimiti invitatiile?
Cel mai bun moment pentru a comanda invitatiile este cu 3-4 luni inainte de marele eveniment, este important sa ai toate datele de mai sus pentru a putea scrie textul. Poate parea o perioada prea mare, dar vei avea timp suficient pentru a corecta orice detaliu.

Invitatia trebuie trimisa cu cel putin 2 luni inainte pentru a te asigura ca oaspetii au timp suficient sa se pregateasca, mai ales daca ai ales o tema ceva mai dificila, in plus vei sti din timp la ce sa te astepti.

Puteti vedea mai multe modele de invitatii pe site-ul, de asemenea pentru intrebari si nelamuriri va rugam sa sunati la numarul 0763 939 253 sau trimiteti un e-mail la

          Sfaturi pentru tinuta de vara la birou   
Incerc in fiecare zi sa ma gandesc cu ce as putea purta la birou, este o adevarata lupta. Chiar daca lucrezi intr-un mediu mai casual, sa spunem asa, tot trebuie sa porti ceva care sa te puna in evidenta si sa fie si potrivit pentru activitatile din ziua aceea.
Imi plac blugii, nu spun nu, dar pentru birou nu cred ca sunt potriviti, de aceea va prezint in continuare cateva idei pentru a va completa garderoba de vara.

Rochiile – vara asta este despre rochii. Nu conteaza daca este o rochie din bumbac sau una maxi, orice femeie ar trebui sa aiba cel putin o rochie care sa-I vina bine. O rochie care imi place foarte mult si poate fi purtata la birou fara probleme este cea din imagine, un pic deasupra genunchiului, cu un model interesant.
Imi place hainele care aduc ceva din moda barbatilor, am o multime de pulovere, camasi si tricouri si am fost intotdeauna fanul rochiilor maxi din tricot, dar din pacate nici acestea nu sunt potrivit de obicei pentru o zi de munca.

Partea buna este ca s-au inventat pantalonii, sunt mai usor de asortat si ii poti purta cu orice pereche de pantofi, trebuie sa ai cateva perechi pentru zilele in care pur si simplu nu vrei sa ai picioarele la vedere.

          Cinci genti perfecte pentru serviciu   
Nefiind vorba despre o ocazie speciala unde designul posetei este cel mai important, in zilele obisnuite in care va duceti la birou, comoditatea unei genti primeaza. Aceasta poate fi oricat de simpla atata timp cat se potriveste tinutei si este comoda.
In geanta de serviciu trebuie saaveti loc pentru depozitarea mai multor lucruri decat portofel, cosmetice si telefon. Trebuie sa incapa la nevoie si o agenda, un dosar, ceva pentru micul dejun luat de acasa, o umbrela  sau ceva de imbracat si eventual alte electronice de mici dimensiuni. Niciodata nu veti avea nevoie de toate acestea dar oricare dintre ele trebuiesc sa se poata cara cu usurinta.
Iata cinci genti perfecte pentru serviciu sau mai bine spus cinci caracteristici pe care trebuie sa le aiba o geanta ideala :
Dimensiune mai mare putin decat o coala A4.
Fundul intarit cu o forma dreptunghiulara pentru a nu se deforma din cauza greutatii.
Buzunarele multiple reprezinta un avantaj atat cele interioare cat si cele exterioare.
In afara de bareta de umar sa aiba si manere pentru a fi sustinuta usor.
Sa fie usor accesibila dar totodata sa aiba inchizatorile sigure.

          Cum iti poti convinge partenera sa vina cu tine la masaj?   
Va puteti convinge partenera sa incerce masajul pentru cupluri doar explicandu i cat se poate de sincer avantajele acestui tip de masaj si ceea ce implica.

Este un masaj erotic pentru ambii parteneri unde acestia nu trebuie sa se separe ci sa si impartaseasca trairile. Ei primesc masaj de relaxare cu tenta sexuala ce are ca scop experimentarea unor noi senzatii si a seznualitatii.

Pentru a fi mai sigura pe ea, puteti lasa partenera sa aleaga maseuza si camera in care se va desfasura sedinta, incat sa fie oarecum stapana pe situatie si sa capete incredere.

Dealtfel dupa ce i ati explicat toate detaliile si este aproape convinsa ca masajul pentru cupluri nu este ceva rusinos sau de care trebuie sa se fereasca i puteti face cadou cu prima ocazie o astfel de sedinta. Va fi un cadou putin altfel decat cele obisnuite, veti ajunge sa va cunoasteti mai bine intimitatea unul celuilalt ceea ce va intari legatura de cuplu.
          Babydoll pentru un look seducator   
babydoll seducator
Nu exista femeie careia sa nu i se para ca o rochita tip babydoll nu arata intr-un fel... intr-un fel anume, bine, seducator. De ce ne plac rochitele babydoll? Argumentele sunt multe si sunt puternice.

Primul ar fi ca materialul nu se lipeste de purtatoare. Asta e foarte bine, indiferent ca afara sunt 40 grade Celsius sau -15. Faptul ca nu se lipeste materialul, e o binecuvantare si pentru persoanele de sex feminin care nu poseda o silueta tocmai de invidiat, in special in zona abdomenului. De asemenea, e foarte important ca poti sa te asezi in voie, iar rochita nu se va mula pe zonele mai pline din talie. Dar nici nu iti va lasa coapsele la vedere.

Si, nu in ultimul rand, rochia babydoll pentru un look seducator ofera purtatoarei o alura de fetita inocenta, de pustoaica ascultatoare. De fapt, babydoll-ul se potriveste oricarei femei, si pentru cele timide, si pentru femeile romantice, si pentru fetele indraznete. O rochita baby doll poate fi purtata pe post de lenjerie intima. Sigur te vei simti mai atragatoare si mai seducatoare cu un asemenea accesoriu.

Pentru ca tot vorbeam mai sus de materiale, am gasit pe site-ul magazinului online babydoll-uri din materiale de calitate, cum este voalul, fie simplu, fie accesorizat cu dantela sau fundite din saten. Sau din saten. Exista un model de babydoll din saten, in doua culori: negru cu paiete argintii sau argintiu cu paiete. Acest model este extrem de elegant, se leaga pe dupa gat si este accesorizat cu o centura lata, decorata si ea cu paiete identice cu cele de pe bust.

Un babydoll seducator este cel care te va transforma intr-o seducatoare, chiar daca esti putin mai plinuta. O rochita babydoll te va face sa te simti bine, pentru ca este o piesa de imbracaminte comod de purtat si foarte usor de accesorizat. Recomandam purtarea unor platforme sau a unor tocuri foarte inalte.
          Chipul tau este arma ta   
Vrei sa fii seducatoare si inca nu stapanesti arta seductiei? Incearca sa acorzi o atentie sporita chipului tau, deoarece cercetatorii au demonstrat: chipul tau este arma ta. Studiile arata ca barbatii apreciaza o femeie, in primul rand, studiindu-i chipul si trasaturile faciale.

Buzele sunt primele care atrag privirile barbatilor. Un barbat care studiaza o femeie, ii va analiza acesteia intai buzele. Daca acestea sunt rujate cu un lipstick roz, cu atat mai repede se va simti atras de ea. Buzele pline reprezinta trasatura cea mai atractiva, chiar si fara machiaj.

Ochii si privirea intensa sunt urmatoarele pe lista. Un machiaj discret, dar care sa-ti acopere micile imperfectiuni si care sa-ti transforme privirea in oglinda sufletului tau, este machiajul perfect pentru a-l seduce. Atunci cand machiajul lipseste cu desavarsire, ochii sunt cei care atrag atentia si care spun totul despre tine. Ai grija la privirea ta!

Legat tot de privirea ta, si pozitia capului poate sa te transforme intr-o femeie seducatoare. Ridica-ti usor capul, inclina-l putin spre stanga si priveste in sus. Cu siguranta este pozitia cea mai sexy pe care o poti adopta, conform unor studii efectuate pe o armata de voluntari, carora li s-au aratat fotografii ale acelorasi persoane, in diferite pozitii. Extrem de important este sa adopti aceasta postura intr-un mod firesc si natural, nu sa o testezi dinainte, sa para ca ai invatat-o si ai repetat-o in fata oglinzii.

Parul ingrijit este un atu de care barbatii tin seama in jocul seductiei. Ingrijeste-ti podoaba capilara, acorda-i atentie, rasfat-o si vei culege roadele atunci cand vei vrea sa-ti seduci partenerul intr-un joc erotic. Poarta-l desprins, lasat pe spate, in bucle largi cand vrei sa-l impresionezi; intinde-ti parul cand vrei sa adopti un look serios, poate office si prinde-l in coada de cal, atunci cand faci sport (chiar impreuna cu el) sau cand ai nevoie sa afisezi o tinuta lejera, lipsita de griji si emotii.

Un articol marca Ladys boutique

          Cum il seduci in functie de zodie   

Fiecare barbat are punctul sau in care cedeaza in fata farmecelor si armelor tale de seductie. Hai sa le analizam, in functie de zodia lui!

Barbatul varsator prefera femeile independente, femeile care isi doresc sa persevereze, care se specializeaza continuu, femeile optimiste si vesele.

Barbatul pesti se lasa ales, asteapta sa fie cucerit si intuit. Invata sa-l intelegi fara sa-l descosi, fara sa-l analizezi in profunzime. Fii misterioasa si nu i te dezvalui pe de-a-ntregul nicicand.

Barbatul berbec admira femeile dinamice si directe, femeile entuziaste carora le poate face curte asidua; este un tip energic, uneori poate fi prea direct.

Barbatul taur se lasa cucerit cu parfumuri exotice; acesta apreciaza atmosfera romantica, dar confortabila; muzica si bautura de calitate.

Barbatul gemeni apreciaza femeile spirituale, vesele, care isi stapanesc emotiile. Acesta apreciaza mintea ta mai mult decat outfit-ul si ii plac provocarile, inclusiv cele de natura sexuala.

Barbatul rac raspunde pozitiv unei femei pline de viata, frumoase si optimiste. Este putin timid si nesigur la inceput, asa ca poti prelua initiativa. Fii feminina si atrage-l cu romantismul tau.

Barbatul leu se va lasa impresionat de fizicul tau, dar si de atitudinea ta. Zambeste-i si lasa-te impresionata de calitatile si de modul lui de a fi. Nu-l face gelos si nu ii trada increderea.

Barbatul fecioara trebuie cucerit si abordat. Cu tact! Este un tip care apreciaza stilul clasic – elegant si apreciaza punctualitatea. Arata-i siguranta si nu il face gelos!

Barbatul balanta se bazeaza foarte tare pe simturi; il poti seduce cu un parfum subtil sau printr-un look studiat. Lumanarile parfumate si mireasma unor flori proaspat culese il provoaca.

Barbatul scorpion se ghideaza dupa instinctele primare. Fii sigura pe tine, trateaza-l cu complimente si laude ca sa-i oferi siguranta. Sfatuieste-te cu el si nu-l face gelos.

Barbatul sagetator are nevoie de libertate, asa ca nu il face gelos si nu ii face reprosuri. Nu te purta cu el ca si cand i-ai fi mama. Are deja una.

Barbatul capricorn adora sa preia initiativa, dar vrea sa se stie dorit. Apreciaza la o femeie tinuta de calitate. Sprinjina-l in ascensiunea sa pe scara sociala (pentru ca asta isi doreste) si fa-i fata. Fii atenta cu el, tandra si afectiva.

Un articol marca LadysBoutique

          Arma seductiei – comportamentul   
Prima impresie conteaza, asa ca, pentru a detine arma seductiei, trebuie sa avem grija in permanenta la comportament, chiar si in momentele in care nu tinem neaparat sa atragem atentia cuiva. Psihologul britanic Dr. Linda Blair, autoarea lucrarii “Straight Talking”, sustine ca este vorba despre un proces inconstient, derivat din instinctul de supravietuire, si anume capacitatea de analiza si catalogare rapida a unui potential pericol. Aceasta subliniaza ca instinctul ne determina sa cream o “matrice” in care sa incadram o cunostinta noua. In acelasi mod, si noi trebuie sa avem grija la propriul nostru comportament, pentru a face o impresie cat mai buna si a ne asigura, astfel, succesul.

Seductia este forma de a ne manifesta dorintele si trairile, care nu au neaparat o tenta erotica – aspectul seducator, alaturi de un comportament de seductie discret, reprezinta un avantaj. Asadar, arma seductiei - comportamentul, nu neaparat in ordinea importantei urmeaza niste pasi: increderea ca totul va fi bine si va decurge perfect – asta trebuie sa ne repetam in continuu in minte; apoi, un aspect ingrijit, si neaparat, o respiratie proaspata; o postura relaxata, prin indreptarea spatelui, privirea inainte si evitarea detaliilor nesemnificative; un semn de respect fata de interlocutor este inchiderea telefonului personal, sau setarea acestuia in modul silentios; alaturi de postura relaxata, un zambet sincer si o strangere de mana hotarata (fara sa exageram cu forta); in momentul in care purtam o discutie, e bine sa demonstram interes fata de interlocutor, ascultandu-i parerea pana la capat, fara a-l intrerupe; de asemenea, trebuie sa avem grija la limbaj si la tonul vocii.

Relaxarea este un element extrem de important: incearca sa fii permanent relaxata, chiar si cand lucrezi: descreteste-ti fruntea si afiseaza o expresie usor zambitoare. Totusi, nu forta mimica pentru a fi mai delicata, mai sexy sau mai feminina. Arta seductiei este arta de a sti cum sa-ti pui in valoare estetica feminitatii. Incearca sa ai o atitudine discreta, usor modesta, fara sa vorbesti despre aceste calitati. Zambetul este tocmai secretul seductiei, el trebuie sa fie cat mai natural, cat mai viu si sa te reprezinte. Postura ta trebuie sa fie mereu armonioasa, ai grija sa-ti mentii coloana dreapta, sanii usor impinsi inainte, si sa gesticulezi cat mai putin.

Comportamentul te tradeaza, asa ca, incearca sa te cunosti cat mai bine si sa corectezi ceea ce simti ca nu este tocmai in regula, respectand sfaturile de mai sus. Vei detine arma seductiei si te vei face remarcata in orice situatie.
          GOP Operative Implied He Was Working w/Gen. Flynn To Get Hillary’s Erased Emails From Russian Hackers   
Russian Hackers

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that during the 2016 campaign a Republican opposition researcher named Peter W. Smith believed the emails Hillary Clinton erased from her basement server (she claimed they were personal) were hacked, probably by the Russians. Smith tried to track the emails down and retrieve them for opposition research.  According to the report, Smith […]

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Как ты считаешь, одесситы сделали всё возможное 2 мая, чтобы спасти свой город от нацизма? Такой вопрос, на первый взгляд провокационный, был задан бывшему одесситу. Почему бывшему? Потому что события после государственного переворота, а в особенности после зверства националистов-бандеровцев, разделили Украину на ДО и ПОСЛЕ.

Вот его ответ

Те, кто там сгорел, и те пара сотен человек, которые оказались в тюрьме, сделали всё что могли. Единственное, чего я не понимаю, почему в миллионном городе всего несколько сотен таких людей. Если обобщить весь город, Одесса ничего не сделала – вообще ничего. То, что здесь произошло на Донбассе, когда захватили СБУ, когда люди местные взяли власть в свои руки, я, если честно думал, что мы это сделаем раньше, что мы будем в лидерах. Не знаю, как сейчас одесситы живут, глядя на этих, не хочу говорить как Гитлер, недочеловеков в форме, но они по сути такие и есть. После 2 мая я их по-другому никак назвать не могу. Насчёт того, возможно ли, чтобы в Одессе народ взял власть в свои руки с оружием, захватил райотдел, СБУ, я считают, что на данный момент и в дальнейшем это уже невозможно, поскольку там тоже не дураки сидят, они сделали свои выводы. Тогда украинские «адесьци» просто слили город нацистам.

Таково мнение человека, участвовавшего во всех событиях на Украине. Насколько он прав, решать, пожалуй, не нам, однако подобные слова отлично иллюстрирует готовность населения Украинского Государства бороться против преступных киевских властей.

2 мая, когда я сюда приехал, мне было стыдно, что я одессит, меня наоборот, парни тепло встретили, потому что обменяли меня голым-босым грубо говоря. Мне тут люди всё дали. Меня это сильно подстегнуло воевать, чтобы хоть как то доказать местным, что одесситы не все могут тихо-спокойно наблюдать, когда жгут их братьев, соседей, матерей. А Одесса сама, сами жители в общей массе, даже 2 мая забудут, это умрёт. Именно что касается серой массы. Не хватило в Одессе патриотов, сильных людей, сильных духом. Оружие было, весной, когда я этим всем занимался – всё это было подготовлено. Две ключевые причины: одесситы пассивными оказались, а вторая – что всё наше руководство Антимайдана, или добровольно, или как то, но я считаю, что они работали на СБУшников.

Молодой человек, оказавшись в плену у киевских нацистов, всё же был обменян на пленных боевиков ВСУ. Само собой, что после увиденного в самой Одессе и в плену, уроженец русского города не смог остаться в стороне, и встал на защиту мятежных республик Донбасса. Именно на таких людях в дальнейшем встанет ещё одна молодая Народная Республика – Одесская, как часть конфедерации Новороссия.

Автор: Виктор Злобин
          Неугомонный Саакашвили обнародовал шокирующий компромат на Порошенко   
Неугомонный Саакашвили обнародовал шокирующий компромат на Порошенко

Михаил Саакашвили никак не хочет смириться с участью «давно сбитого летчика», поэтому постоянно делает попытки привлечь к себе внимание и заручиться поддержкой украинцев на будущих президентских выборах.

С одной стороны, он понимает, что народ разочаровался в Петре Порошенко, с другой – все равно опасается, что за предводителя великих укров найдутся желающие проголосовать на выборах, сообщает «Политнавигатор».

Михаил Саакашвили решил, что в такой ситуации самое разумное – это максимально очернить нерадивого президента Петю, да так, чтобы он вызывал у людей стойкое чувство омерзения. Выступая на телевидении, он заявил, что Порошенко – редкий аферист, для которого нет ничего главнее наживы.

Саакашвили напомнил, что компания «Богдан», владельцем которой являлся Петр Алексеевич, в течение нескольких лет поставляла в Абхазию автобусы. И это несмотря на то, что для Грузии Абхазия точно такая же непризнанная республика, как для Украины ДНР и ЛНР! Получается, что Порошенко занимался антигрузинской деятельностью, причем делал это с редким цинизмом. Очевидно, что у Петра Алексеевича нет никаких моральных принципов.

Для Саакашвили странно, что президентом Украины является человек, который своей деятельностью целенаправленно вредил другому государству – Грузии. По мнению горячего горца, такому человеку нельзя доверять управление страной: ему наплевать на все, кроме собственной выгоды.

На Украине, как известно, скоро выборы. Поэтому можно запасаться попкорном и наблюдать как Саакашвили и Порошенко, будто два боевых петуха, постоянно нападают друг на друга. У людей не должно быть иллюзий: они оба – политические аферисты, для которых важны только власть и обогащение.

Эдуард Тич

          Порошенко проиграл «ВКонтакте»: на Украине «русские хакеры» готовят революцию   
Порошенко проиграл «ВКонтакте»: на Украине «русские хакеры» готовят революцию

Накануне петиция украинцев о разблокировке соцсети «ВКонтакте», расположенная на сайте президента, набрала 25 тысяч подписей. Пётр Порошенко предпочёл не отмалчиваться и ответить на требование граждан. Он заявил, что разблокировка российских сайтов невозможна. Свою позицию он объяснил тем, что через эти ресурсы Россия доносит до украинцев «неправильную информацию» и ведёт пропаганду. В интервью корреспондентам iReactor политолог Давид Гиберман дал своё объяснение позиции Порошенко касательно блокировки «ВКонтакте».

«Для Запада, любая позиция, отличная от его собственной – это пропаганда. Сегодняшняя Украина такого принципа придерживается в полной мере. Вот только США и Евросоюз отвечают на российскую «пропаганду» своей. Буквально недавно разразился скандал вокруг CNN, журналисты которого рассказали, что публикуют сюжеты о «русской угрозе» потому, что они пользуются популярностью.

Нужно признать, у западной прессы получается довольно виртуозно выворачивать любые события в свою пользу. Это объясняется тем, что там к работе привлечены профессионалы, а сами печатные издания и телеканалы занимаются пропагандой со времён Холодной войны с СССР. На Украине же ситуация плачевна. Одна часть страны смотрит Европу, другая – Россию. Украинские СМИ не востребованы, и дело тут вовсе не в пропаганде. Просто их выпуски больше напоминают комические шоу, вперемешку с похабщиной  и «чернухой». И везде они находят пресловутую «руку Кремля». Такой мусор мало кто воспринимает всерьёз. Чтобы хоть как-то изменить ситуацию, Киев сперва запретил вещание российских телеканалов на территорию своей страны, а позже подтянулся и запрет на социальные сети и новостные агрегаторы. Своей цензурой Порошенко фактически признал полное поражение от «русских хакеров».

Но главную угрозу украинским властям несут вовсе не российские новости. Если вспомнить 2013 год, то майдан организовывался именно через «ВКонтакте». Многочисленные «типичные» группы оказывали массированную информационную поддержку протестующим и призывали украинцев к бунту. Аналогичным образом «цветные перевороты» совершались и в других странах, хоть и с использованием других интернет-платформ. Современные соцсети – это мощный коммуникативный инструмент, который позволяет в считанные минуты доносить информацию до целевой аудитории и делать это круглосуточно. Если во времена Ленина революционеры спешили захватить телеграф и вокзал, то сейчас они оккупируют «ВКонтакте», Twitter и Facebook. Именно революции боится Порошенко, для него самый опасный «русский хакер» - это украинский народ».

Источник фото: Chernov

          Равнодушный Порошенко наплевал на просьбы украинцев   
Равнодушный Порошенко наплевал на просьбы украинцев

Петр Порошенко отказался снять блокировку с российских соцсетей. Несмотря на петицию, подписанную на президентском сайте более чем 25 тысячами украинцев, "ВКонтакте", "Одноклассники", "Яндекс", Mail.Ru и другие сайты останутся под запретом.

Петр Порошенко сообщил соотечественникам, что отмена блокировки российских интернет-ресурсов невозможна. По словам украинского президента, соцсети "широко используются спецслужбами для продвижения российской пропаганды и проведения информационных операций против Украины и ее граждан". Доказательством необходимости блокировки стала вирусная атака на украинские компьютерные сети вируса Petya, отметил Порошенко.

Запрет доступа к российским соцсетям от Mail.Ru и сервисам компании "Яндекс" был введен на Украине 16 мая 2017 года. Граждане направили главе государства петицию с просьбой отменить блокировку, но получили отказ. Впрочем, продвинутые пользователи давно ходят в Рунет, используя специальные дополнения к браузерам.

Как писали Dni.Ru, с позицией Киева относительно российских интернет-ресурсов, в том числе соцсетей "ВКонтакте" и "Одноклассники", согласны даже в НАТО. Блокировка является вопросом безопасности, а не свободы слова, сообщили в пресс-службе Североатлантического альянса. "Украинское правительство четко дало это понять", – подчеркнули там.

В организации отметили, что Брюссель работает с Киевом над "усилением реформ", которые включают в себя вопрос демократии и прессы. "Мы верим в приверженность Украины международным обязательствам и действующую на Украине систему сдержек и противовесов", – добавили в НАТО.

Между тем решение Порошенко вызвало шквал критики в Европе. Например, в Берлине назвали санкции Киева не соответствующими европейским ценностям.

По мнению спикера Госдумы Вячеслава Володина, позиция Европы относительно этого вопроса должна быть жесткой и бескомпромиссной. "Совершенно очевидно, что иллюзии, которые были, а у некоторых европейских политиков до сегодняшнего дня присутствуют, – они рассеиваются", – отметил он.

Автор: Алексей Минин для

          Порошенко продолжает «кошмарить» украинцев   
Порошенко продолжает «кошмарить» украинцев

Украинский президент Петр Порошенко ответил на петицию, призывающую разблокировать социальную сеть «вконтакте», и это довольно показательный момент. По всей видимости, в администрации Порошенко отдают себе отчёт, что в украинском обществе блокировка самой популярной социальной сети вызвала сильный негативный отклик, который нельзя оставлять без внимания.

«Отрабатывать негатив» решили по стандартной схеме, а именно «закошмарить население». По словам Порошенко, «вконтакте» и ряд других российских интернет-сервисов используются для продвижения антиукраинской пропаганды, а также для информационных спецопераций против граждан Украины.

Дескать, через социальную сеть персональные данные украинских граждан попадают напрямую к российским спецслужбам, вследствие чего украинские пользователи попадают под контроль Кремля. Кроме того российская разведка использует интернет-сервисы, чтобы узнавать «о передвижениях техники и личного состава в зоне АТО».

Иными словами украинское руководство выставляет собственный народ эдакими легковнушаемыми зомби. Достаточно получить их персональные данные — они тут же попадают под полный контроль, после чего бросают работу и денно и нощно собирают развединформацию, ползая на брюхе вдоль линии разграничения.

Никаких доказательств вредного воздействия российских интернет-ресурсов, разумеется, не надо. В Киеве «лучше знают», что угрожает нацбезопасности, а что нет. Вот только, как они будут выкручиваться, если доказательств потребуют российские интернет-компании через европейские суды?!

Не завидую украинцам. По всей видимости, запрет социальных сетей — только промежуточный этап окончательного закручивания гаек. Всё идёт к стандартизации украинского гражданина. В скором времени будет составлена подробная инструкция, как должен жить гражданин Украины, а контролировать её исполнение будет полиция мыслей. Антиутопия в реальности.

          Украина жестоко поплатилась за недопуск Юлии Самойловой на Евровидение   
Украина жестоко поплатилась за недопуск Юлии Самойловой на Евровидение

Юлия Самойлова
© Валерий Шарифулин/ТАСС

Руководящий орган "Евровидения" - Референтная группа - проинформировала Национальную общественную телерадиокомпанию Украины (НОТУ) о наложенном на нее штрафе в связи с задержками при подготовке конкурса 2017 года в Киеве и отсутствием надлежащего сотрудничества с Европейским вещательным союзом (ЕВС) при решении вопроса о допуске на конкурс российской певицы Юлии Самойловой.

Об этом заявил в четверг ТАСС официальный представитель ЕВС Дэвид Гудман.
"Решение о наложении штрафа приняла Референтная группа. Оно уже передано телерадиовещательной компании", - сказал он. Официальный представитель при этом не назвал сумму штрафа, заявив: "Мы это не комментируем".

Гудман сообщил, что у НОТУ есть право "на подачу апелляции в ЕВС против решения" о штрафе. Вместе с тем он не дал ответа на уточняющий вопрос о том, как долго может продлиться рассмотрение вопроса в случае подачи такой апелляции. "Мы не будем это комментировать, так как речь идет о внутренней процедуре", - отметил он.

Ранее в четверг Гудман сообщил ТАСС, что Референтная группа "рекомендовала" оштрафовать НОТУ. Он пояснил, что согласно этой рекомендации украинской телекомпании "должен быть вменен существенный штраф в соответствии с правилами конкурса". "Организация конкурса сопровождалась серьезными задержками, которые создали ненужные трудности", - отметил он.

"Кроме того, - добавил официальный представитель, - вещательная компания не сумела надлежащим образом выполнить свои обязательства, касающиеся сотрудничества с ЕВС в вопросе участия российской исполнительницы". В ЕВС считают, что в результате этого внимание было отвлечено от конкурса и под угрозу был поставлен бренд песенного конкурса "Евровидение".

ЕВС ограничился замечанием Первому каналу за его решение не транслировать "Евровидение" из Киева. Как сообщил Гудман, Референтная группа "вынесла порицание Первому каналу за неприсутствие на обязательной встрече глав делегаций в Киеве в марте и непроведение прямой трансляции выступлений". Референтная группа, однако, считает, что "не должно быть каких-либо иных действий в настоящее время" в отношении российской телекомпании.

          Цена русофобии: Бывшая жена украинского скомороха Мухарского не подпускает к детям «проклятого бандеровца»   
Цена русофобии: Бывшая жена украинского скомороха Мухарского не подпускает к детям «проклятого бандеровца»


Украинский скоморох Антин Мухарский, известный под псевдонимом «Орэст Лютый», начал успешно эксплуатировать тему русофобии еще задолго до майдана, при «кровавом пророссийском диктаторе» Януковиче, создав «проект» с красноречивым названием — «Лагидна (нежная) украинизация» в 2012 году, в рамках которого была записана песня «А я — не москаль», пишет «Журналистская правда».

Тема в то время была настолько жирной и приносящей доход, что, войдя в образ, Мухарский так и не смог из него выйти даже тогда, когда события начали диктовать новый тренд.

В моду вошли эпосы о всемирно известных «победах» ВСУ в Иловайском и Дебальцевском котлах и жалостливые песни под гитару о мужественных киборгах, яростно жующих свои погоны возле развалин Донецкого аэропорта.

У рагуль стайла Мухарского, конечно, остались фанаты, но уже явно не в том количестве, которое могло обеспечить жизнь на широкую ногу. Результат закономерен:

«В итоге — я в полном дерьме. Без работы. С долгом по алиментам в 1 500 000 гривен. С арестованными счетами, машинами, недвижимостью… теперь я — банкрот».

Жена Мухарского, Снежана Егорова, обнаружив, что в доме вместо Антина, за которого она выходила замуж, завелся некий бандеровец и национал-фашист Орест Лютий, от греха подальше предпочла развестись, забрать с собой детей и ограничить их общение с этим непонятным, психически неуравновешенным персонажем.

«Вы знаете, у меня с бывшей женой очень сложные отношения. И пусть бы там как… Наши проблемы — это наши проблемы. Я не о том. Вот уже восемь месяцев мне не дают видеться с детьми! Не отвечают на SMS, письма, а когда я прихожу в дом, где они живут, устраивают истерические скандалы:

„Пошел нах… проклятый бандеровец и национал-фашист! Дети, не подходите к нему, потому что ваш папа смертельно болен, вы заразитесь и умрете…“ (я не шучу). Дети плачут. У меня скачет давление».

Такова цена русофобии и упоротости на почве собственной национальной исключительности. Что-то подсказывает, что если Мухарский не покается и дальше будет упорствовать и отказываться от курса реабилитации в психиатрической клинике, то одними скачками давления он уже не отделается.

          «Шоколадная дупа с народа смеётся». Снайперша запустила новый хит про Порошенко   
«Шоколадная дупа с народа смеётся». Снайперша запустила новый хит про Порошенко

Другая Украина – это не только название ток-шоу Михаила Саакашвили, но и параллельная реальность, в которой уже три года пребывают майдауны, «вытираны» АТО и прочие патриоты.

Видимо, пытаясь компенсировать поражение «настоящей Украины» на Евровидении (неньку оштрафовали за недопуск российской исполнительницы Самойловой и «взяли в плен» залог в 15 миллионов долларов), в эфире у Михо девушка-снайперша исполнила песню «Шоколадна дупа», которая уже стала хитом сезона.

Вообще, тема ягодиц сегодня очень популярна у скакунов, исповедующих европейские ценности. В финале выступления Джамалы на Евровидении, украинский пранкер показал зрителям обнаженную «пятую точку», которая явно намекала, что и сама певица, и музыкальный конкурс являются откровенной задницей. Не прошло и месяца, как музыкальная композиция, явно адресованная президенту Порошенко, покорила сердца "гиднюков". Ещё бы, ведь там звучат строки, которые так близки скакунам, разочарованным итогами переворота: они не за то стояли и выбрали не тех. «На востоке Украины кровушка льётся, а шоколадная дупа с народа смеётся. Утопил Украину в слезах и крови, и сидит мерзавец на своем троне», - надрывается певица, ещё вчера стрелявшая из снайперской винтовки по жителям Донбасса. К слову, во время исполнения ролика видно, что его с насмешливыми лицами прослушивают сам Михаил Саакашвили, представители партии «Самопомощь» и бряцающие орденами «вытираны АТО». Они не могут сдержать улыбок, слыша: «Не спасет лукавство ни глистов, ни дупу. Придет час расплаты на ихню за***». А когда снайперша с чувством исполнила финальные строки - «Встанем братья – в этом наша сила. И с колен восстанет наша Украина!» - присутствовавшие слушатели с одобрением зааплодировали.

Невооруженным глазом видно, что песня носит ярко антипрезидентский характер: самого Порошенко за глаза называют «шоколадным корольком», ну а для самых тупых, клип снабдили видеорядом, где лицо гаранта нации появляется при каждом упоминании «дупы». Неслучайно выбрана и исполнительница: против женщины-героини АТО сложнее ввести репрессии. В общем, против Порошенко начинает восставать внутренний майдан, где роль активистов исполняют не какие-то майдауны-понаехи с деревянными щитами, а прошедшие боевые действия добровольцы и вояки ВСУ, умеющие обращаться с оружием. Ну, а вместо Руслана-спалахуйки на сцене, установленной Михо Саакашвили, скачет снайпер.

Все серьезно и президенту намекают, что он утопил Украину в крови, за что заслуживает если не кровавого термидора, то импичмента точно. К слову, с этой идеей всё чаще выступают оппоненты гаранта: Юлия Тимошенко, Надежда Савченко, Андрей Садовой, Сергей Тарута. И оскорбительный пасквиль, где президента открыто называют шоколадной задницей, говорит о том, что он по уровню «популярности» уже сравнялся с Януковичем.

Надо признать, что главком весьма оперативно отреагировал на музыкальный клип, показанный в студии программы Михо Сааакашвили - он просто закрыл программу. Буквально через сутки после исполнения шлягера про попку в коричневой субстанции выяснилось, что… у любителя галстуков закончился миллион гривен и контракт в львовским телеканалом ЗИК, где прозвучал шлягер. Оказалось, что производителем ток-шоу «Другая страна» было ООО «Укрмедиапростор» директором и учредителем которого являлась пресс-секретарь Саакашвили Дарья Чиж. Собственно, ООО специально для этого и был создан 28 марта 2017 года. 28 июня программа поставила финальную точку, а сам экс-губернатор Одесской области исчез из эфира. Простенько и эффективно Порошенко расправился с конкурентами, высмеивающими его «шоколадную дупу» - в отличие от того же Януковича, который беспрепятственно позволял гостям студии «Савик Шустер студио» поливать грязью действующую власть.

          Порошенко: Пересмотрим статус Крыма, вешать их будем потом   
Порошенко: Пересмотрим статус Крыма, вешать их будем потом

Президент Украины поручил подготовить поправки в Конституцию страны

Президент Украины Петр Порошенко поручил изменить в Конституции Украины статус Крыма. Задача возложена на Конституционную комиссию Верховной Рады, которая должна подготовить проект соответствующих изменений. Об этом в четверг, 29 июня, сообщил депутат от Радикальной партии, член профильной комиссии Юрий Чижмарь.

«Мы сегодня работаем только по статусу Крыма. Потому что поняли, что на сегодняшний день Автономная Республика Крым не может уже существовать в составе унитарной страны», — заявил Чижмарь в эфире украинского «5 канала».

Комиссии предстоит переработать и внести изменения в 10-ю главу Конституции, которая, согласно украинскому законодательству, регулирует статус Крыма. В частности, в пункте втором статьи 138 указано, что «к ведению Автономной Республики Крым относится организация и проведение местных референдумов».

Напомним: с марта 2014 года украинские политики придерживаются позиции, что Крым — это украинская, но «временно оккупированная» территория. Россия подобные претензии отвергает. Президент РФ Владимир Путин, комментируя ситуацию вокруг Крыма, заявил, что вопрос политической принадлежности полуострова «закрыт окончательно».

Заметим, что в Госдуме РФ также предлагали Украине обновить Основной закон из-за того, что он фактически устарел. В качестве возможного варианта российский депутат Руслан Бальбек предложил Верховной Раде вообще изъять из Конституции страны 10 главу.

А в феврале 2017 года тогдашний депутат ВР от Радикальной партии Андрей Артеменко предлагал провести на Украине референдум о возможности передачи Крымского полуострова «в аренду» России. По идее автора, Крым мог бы стать российским регионом на 30−50 лет. По истечении этого срока Артеменко предлагал провести на территории полуострова повторный референдум о принадлежности этой территории, за которым должны были бы наблюдать представители международных организаций.

«После выполнения этого плана санкции с России снимают. Ее отношения со странами Запада восстанавливаются», — резюмировал свои идеи Артеменко.

После подобных предложений — изложенных, кстати сказать, тогдашнему советнику по нацбезопасности президента США Майклу Флинну — Артеменко обвинили в нарушении украинской Конституции, и в итоге лишили мандата.

Сейчас на Украине история со статусом Крыма выходит на новый виток.

Пресс-секретарь президента РФ Дмитрий Песков уже заявил, что в Кремле не намерены обсуждать с кем-либо статус Крыма. «Мы не воспринимаем заявления зарубежных лидеров относительно наших регионов», — подчеркнул он.

Что стоит за инициативой Порошенко, как справится с его поручением Верховная Рада?

— Главная причина, по которой Порошенко вернулся к вопросу о статусе Крыма — он не хочет, чтобы полуостров выпадал из переговорного процесса России и Запада, — считает политолог, директор Института политических исследований Сергей Марков. — Крым на сегодня действительно выпал из повестки переговоров, и о нем почти не вспоминают. Запад фактически занял позицию, что к полуострову следует относиться, как к республикам Прибалтики в эпоху СССР — формально не признавать территории в составе страны, а фактически считать их ее частью. В случае с Крымом это позволяет Западу концентрироваться исключительно на проблеме Донбасса.

Киев такой подход не устраивает. Он хочет поддерживать тему Крыма, и воевать — прежде всего, политически, — не только за Донбасс, но и за возвращение полуострова.

Есть и еще одна, чисто прикладная, причина возвращения к крымской теме. Порошенко нужно занять каким-то делом структуры, которые сегодня на Украине «курируют» крымские проблемы, и якобы управляют полуостровом. Этим структурам, действительно, нужно чем-то заниматься, помимо подрывов столбов ЛЭП, идущих в Крым.

«СП»: — Какие варианты поправок в Конституцию Украины может предложить комиссия Верховной Рады?

— Думаю, варианты будут вынесены на публичное обсуждение — именно с целью инициирования новой широкой дискуссии по крымскому вопросу. Но в каком направлении эта дискуссия будет развиваться, сказать трудно.

Возможно, Крыму будут обещать расширенные права автономии. Это даст Киеву возможность на переговорах с западными партнерами представлять дело так, что украинские власти заботятся о судьбе полуострова.

Либо, наоборот, победит идея, что Крым злоупотребил данными ему правами автономии, и потому теперь у него нужно все права отобрать.

Наконец, возможно заигрывание с крымско-татарской общиной, чтобы подтолкнуть ее на возобновление противостояния Москве.

На деле, Киеву неважно, по какому сценарию пойдет обсуждение. Практических результатов от изменения статуса полуострова украинское руководство не ждет. В данном случае сам разговор на крымскую тему является большей ценностью, чем содержание этого разговора.

«СП»: — Чижмарь говорит, что Крым уже не может существовать в составе унитарного государства. Значит ли это, что поправки в Конституцию могут быть нацелены на федерализацию Украины?

— Не думаю. Федерализации киевский режим боится, поскольку федерализм означает увеличение роли населения, живущего на конкретной территории. В этом случае значительная часть населения Юго-Востока получит реальный политический ресурс, чтобы высказаться и по вопросу придания русскому языку статуса государственного, и за нормализацию отношений с Россией. Киеву это совершенно ни к чему.

Кроме того, надо понимать: социально-экономическая разница между регионами Украины не так уж велика. Но поскольку Киев осуществляет политику насильственной дерусификации и борьбы с православной церковью, то по этим вопросам разница между регионами оказывается громадной. В итоге, Украина в случае федерализации рискует оказаться на краю пропасти политического раскола.

Словом, на федерализацию Киев не решится ни при каких обстоятельствах. Но в качестве демагогического приема он готов, я считаю, использовать риторику об увеличении прав автономии Крыма.

Логику этого поведения, замечу, сформулировал еще в 2014 году Борис Филатов — тогдашний заместитель «губернатора Днепропетровской области» Игоря Коломойского. Его рецепт «успокоения» восставшего Юго-Востока выглядел так: «Никаких десантов с Майдана. Никаких экстремистских заявлений. Нужно давать мразям любые обещания, гарантии и идти на любые уступки. А вешать… Вешать их надо потом».

Сейчас Петр Порошенко, говоря о статусе Крыма, действует ровно по тому же рецепту.

Андрей Полунин для
          Why Does it Matter That America Is Now a Villain?   
by Neil H. Buchanan

The annual Independence Day holiday festivities provide an opportunity to reflect on the unique place that the United States holds in world affairs, for better and for worse.  How much worse has it become because of Donald Trump?  And does it matter?

Back in 2008, as the Bush era was ending and we were attempting to assess the disturbing legacy of the Bush/Cheney Administration -- the falsified case for the Iraq invasion, the horrors at Abu Ghraib prison that had been perpetrated by U.S. Army and CIA personnel, the ongoing human rights disaster that was (and still is) the Guantanamo Bay prison, and on and on -- it had become obvious that the reputation of the United States as a beacon of hope had taken a huge hit in the eyes of the world.

In December of that year, I wrote a short essay, "Our Reputation Matters," expanding on an editorial in The New York Times that had argued for closing Guantanamo as a matter of both moral imperative and national self-interest.  The key argument in that editorial was that the world would not continue to follow the leadership of the U.S. if we were to continue -- especially, I would emphasize, under our new and idealistic president-elect -- to violate all standards of justice and decency by keeping the prison open.

We now know that Republicans and many Democrats prevented President Obama from delivering on that campaign promise.  Even so, U.S. standing and leadership in the world generally improved during the Obama years.  And now we have Trump.

In my 2008 essay, I used a 1945 movie (Roberto Rossellini's "Rome: Open City") about the Nazi occupation of Rome during the latter part of World War II as a vehicle to consider how the rest of the world thinks about a country.  In that great film, a Nazi officer is depicted as the essence of pure evil, cruel and amused by the pain and death that he could impose on vulnerable people.

This was, indeed, the general theme of the world's collective memory of that war.  The Allies were the Good Guys and the Axis Powers were the Bad Guys.  And although it is true that history would not be told in that way if the other side had won, the essential point is that Americans were able to say with considerable justification that we had ridden to the rescue of the world when it was faced with unimaginable evil.

In other words, it was not just that we won.  We had a more than defensible argument that it was good that we won.

I do not want to overstate the case, of course, because there are certainly plausible arguments that we took too long to act, that the use of the atomic bomb (twice) stains our legacy, and so on.  Without taking a position on any of those issues, however, the point is that the U.S. has since WWII been able to say that we have at least tried to be on the side of human advancement.

Americans are sure that, unlike that Nazi officer in Rossellini's film, we are not cruel people who inflict pain on other, weaker people for our own gratification.  That is what bad guys do.

And even those of us who refuse to forget the state-sponsored evils of the Jim Crow era, or the history of the Vietnam War, have always been able to say, "Well, we have never lived up to our highest ideals, but the world still looks to us with hope."  The only question has been how to do a better job of living up to that reputation as we move forward.

Finding out that "we" tortured people during the Bush era was bad enough.  What was much worse was that the people who ordered the torture never admitted that what they did was a blatant violation of international law, that they were never prosecuted, and that they found champions throughout the American political system -- most obviously among Republicans who thought that the TV show "24" was a how-to manual.

And then, through an eye-of-the-needle win made possible by one of the many racist and elitist features of our Constitution (the Electoral College), we improbably elected a president who thinks that the world's apparent esteem for the United States is nothing but a cover for laughing at us behind our backs.

Trump was in fact merely mainstreaming an idea that has been rumbling around in U.S. culture for decades.  In movies and television shows, sometimes seriously and sometimes as a joke, it is hardly uncommon to hear an American say to a Brit, a Frenchman, or anyone else: "You'd be speaking German right now if it wasn't for us, you ingrate!"

That a reunited (and politically reformed) Germany is the country that is stepping forward to lead where the U.S. has retreated is of some irony.  But the larger point is that even people who have long criticized the U.S. (and again, there are plenty of valid criticisms of U.S. actions over the decades, even as our overall track record has been defensible) have nonetheless had reason to think that we would take the lead to make good things happen.

For example, sometime in the mid-2000's, I recall watching a TV show that examined how the child abuse scandal that had rocked the Roman Catholic Church was playing out in Ireland.  During a tearful interview with a U.S. news outlet, an Irish activist said words to the effect that "I know the U.S. will do something to make the Irish government do the right thing, if only we can let them know what's happening."

That an idealistic non-American would be saying this about the U.S., even in the middle of the Bush era, was in some ways astounding, but in other ways it was completely unsurprising and even normal.  We were the superpower that at least had some reputation for doing good for the sake of doing good.  Of course we would do the right thing!

And now?  Last week, the Pew Research Center published the results of global polls showing that the Trump presidency has delivered a severe blow to the reputation of the U.S. around the world.  The Washington Post quoted Frank Wisner, a former U.S. diplomat:
"America’s image has taken hits in recent years, from the decision to invade Iraq to the events of 2007 and 2008, when the American financial model took a huge hit.  But the most consequential is the ascent of Mr. Trump to the Oval Office."
How bad is it?  At the end of the Obama Administration, 64% of the respondents in 37 countries had "confidence" in the U.S. president, as opposed to 22% now.  Showing that the world is still holding on to a historic sense that the U.S. is more than its current president, almost half of respondents still have a "favorable view of the U.S.," but that is down by 15% in 2017 polls compared to 2014-16.

Those numbers, moreover, are propped up by responses from Russia, where positive views of Trump (53%) show marked improvement from Russians' views of Obama (11% positive), and Israel (where the rise has been much smaller, 49% to 56%).  So other than in two very unique situations (at least one of which does not reflect especially well on Trump), Trump has dealt a huge blow to the reputation of the U.S. around the world.

The Post's Aaron Blake followed up on the release of the Pew polls with an analysis highlighting four devastating points:

(1) The world distrusts Trump more than even Vladimir Putin,

(2) In each of allied countries, 9 out of 10 view Trump as "arrogant," 7 in 10 as "dangerous,"

(3) Even nationalists don't love Trump, and

(4) Trump's reputation is already worse than George W. Bush's -- at the depths of his presidency.

But maybe none of this matters.  It is not as if the U.S. has any right to believe that it will be the most respected nation in the world.  Conservatives argue that America is exceptional for specific reasons, but they usually use those reasons to argue that we should be more politically conservative rather than as a call to take our global leadership seriously.

Maybe the U.S.'s leadership position in the world was merely a historical accident, and the next stages of history will see our country becoming ever less influential and isolated.  Other commentators have noted that Trump's version of America First is more accurately described as America Alone, so Trump and his followers might even welcome the idea that the world no longer thinks of us as the good guys.

There is, however, something about the founding documents of the United States that pushes irresistibly against this pessimistic view of the future.

As noted above, it is not as if those documents (even after amendments that erased the Three-Fifths Compromise and allowed women to vote, among other corrections) are not situated in a history of exploitation and white supremacy.  Consider, for example, that the Declaration of Independence includes this complaint about King George III:
"He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions."
Wide-eyed innocence is unwise, of course, but the fact is that even given the complicated historical context, the Declaration and the Constitution are uniquely optimistic statements of human capacity for doing good.  For example, the Declaration of Independence, far from being the anti-tax screed that many Republicans think it is, is actually a call for the rule of law and truly representative government (and taxation with representation).

The Trump presidency and everything it represents twist and mock the highest ideals of our founding documents.  Worse, Trump represents a catastrophic departure even from this country's highly imperfect and inconsistent efforts to live up to some of those ideals.

Trump has shown again and again that he sees no reason for the U.S. to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing, because then the world is supposedly "laughing at us."  (As opposed to what is happening now?)  Indeed, it seems unlikely that he knows the difference between right and wrong.

Everything is supposedly about getting a good "deal," but even there, Trump still does not understand that bargains are supposed to be win-win.  If the other side gets something good out of a deal, then Trump hates it (unless, of course, the other party is an authoritarian government).  Winning means nothing less than total domination.

This is the mindset of old-style corrupt political bosses and organized criminals.  Government and power more generally are useful for the purposes of enriching oneself and one's (currently useful, but completely expendable) associates.  It appears that Trump thinks we can only be great if we act like wise guys.

The rest of the world disagrees, of course, as well they should.  Unfortunately, it does not end there.  In the view of Trump and many of his Republican enablers, only some Americans are real Americans.  Trump and the vast majority of his party would happily take away health care from tens of millions of people, because those people evidently do not truly count as the Americans who should benefit from our supposed return to greatness.

The U.S. government, as it is constituted under Donald Trump, is now making us villains abroad and gratuitously cruel at home.  No matter what one thinks about whether we Americans should be able to think of our country as a unique force for good in the sweep of human history, we are doing real damage to real people everywhere.

Is it too much to ask, as we celebrate our nation's birth, that we at least stop moving in the wrong direction?
Tezy „Białej księgi” zespołu parlamentarnego PiS, obalenie przez prof. Biniendę teorii „pancernej brzozy”, ujawnienie roli gen. Benediktowa i zadań moskiewskiego sztabu nadzorującego lot Tu-154, wnioski z opinii fonograficznej krakowskiego Instytutu Ekspertyz Sądowych, informacje po ekshumacjach zwłok Zbigniewa Wassermanna i Anny Walentynowicz.
Każde z tych wydarzeń, mających miejsce w latach 2010-2012, było kamieniem milowym w procesie burzenia smoleńskich fałszerstw. Każde przybliżało nas do prawdy o zamachu smoleńskim i pogłębiało wiedzę o matactwach i zaprzaństwie reżimu PO-PSL.
Każde też - gdyby III RP, choć przez chwilę była państwem prawa, a jej mieszkańcy świadomymi obywatelami, miało moc obalenia rządu-wspólników Putina.
Wówczas, przed pięcioma laty, zadałem na blogu pytania.  Zawisły w próżni, bo, podobnie jak dziś nie było woli, by zmierzyć się z takim wyzwaniem:
Co jeszcze musimy wiedzieć i jak koszmarne poznać tajemnice, by uświadomić sobie ogrom zbydlęcenia osób mieniących się politykami, funkcjonariuszami czy dziennikarzami tego państwa?
Po której odsłonie tych tajemnic pojawi się świadomość, że rządzą nami ludzie odpowiedzialni za śmierć polskiej elity, za bezczeszczenie zwłok polskich obywateli, tysiące kłamstw i niegodziwości?
Co dalej - politycy partii opozycyjnej, brylujący w rządowych mediach i salonach „warszawki”? Czy nadal wierzycie w mechanizmy demokracji i cudowną moc karty do głosowania? Czy pokładacie nadzieję w ponadpartyjnym „rządzie fachowców” i podziałach na złych i dobrych polityków grupy rządzącej? Czy zdobędziecie się na odwagę  powiedzenia Polakom, w jak zniewolonym kraju żyją i z kim naprawdę mają do czynienia?
Co dalej – księża biskupi, ślący podziękowania za „życzliwość i wrażliwość rosyjskiego ludu”, składający homagium lokatorowi Belwederu i  jednający się z agentem zbrodniczego reżimu? Czy Polacy broniący krzyża smoleńskiego nadal będą „fanatyczną sektą” i „ludźmi zadymionymi PiS-em”?
Czy usłyszymy wasz głos potępienia dla nieludzkich praktyk obecnej władzy? Czy staniecie w obronie rodzin ofiar Smoleńska, haniebnie oszukanych i wydanych na pastwę prokuratorskich hien?
Co dalej – zacni panowie publicyści i „nasi” eksperci,  pouczający „lud pisowski” o potrzebie głębokich reform i demokratycznych przemian, dywagujący o zagrożeniach demokracji i wolnych mediach? Czy nadal będziecie podążać za każdą brednią rzuconą przez medialnych terrorystów i drżeć przed ich ocenami?
Kiedy zrezygnujecie z mitologii „wspólnoty narodowej” i zdobędziecie na rzetelne opisanie polskiej rzeczywistości, bez koniunkturalnych światłocieni i środowiskowych uzależnień?
Pytanie - co dalej, musi być zadane. Nim ogrom upodlenia uczyni z nas bezmyślnych niewolników.

Dziś, gdy ekshumacje ofiar Smoleńska ujawniają kolejne dowody barbarzyństwa reżimu Tuska i Komorowskiego i nikt przy zdrowych zmysłach nie może przejść obojętnie wobec zbydlęcenia „elit” III RP,  mogę – tylko wobec siebie, udzielić odpowiedzi na pytania zadane przed pięcioma laty.
Nie ma takiej wiedzy ani takiej świadomości społecznej, które w realiach tego państwa spowodowałyby narodowy wstrząs i doprowadziły do wytyczenia „ostrej granicy” My-Oni.  
Choćby nasi rodacy uzyskali pewność, że rządzili nami zdrajcy i wspólnicy w dziele zabójstwa 96 Polaków, będą wierzyli w mit demokracji i kłamstwo „wojny polsko-polskiej”, zaś Obcym nadadzą szlachetne miano „oppositio”.
Nie będzie żadnego „dalej”, bo politycy PiS, hierarchowie Kościoła i ludzie rządowych „wolnych mediów”, nigdy nie rozstaną się z mitem o demokratycznej III RP i nie powiedzą  Polakom – kim są Obcy. Żaden z nich nie znajdzie dość odwagi, by uwolnić się od przekleństwa politycznej poprawności i postawić Obcych poza narodową wspólnotą.
Owszem - dalej będą epatować emocjonalnym pseudo-patriotyzmem, „mobilizować” wyborców ogromem smoleńskiego bezprawia i dbać, by nastroje elektoratu nie wykraczały poza normę „walki o demokrację III RP”.
Gdy słyszę dziś zapewnienia polityków PiS: „Nie spoczniemy i nie zatrzyma nas żaden krzyk, żadne opętańcze wycie, żadne rzucanie się pod samochody. Dołożymy wszelkich starań, by wszystkie okoliczności tragedii smoleńskiej zostały wyjaśnione, aby stanąć w prawdzie”, gdy czytam ich deklaracje: „to była prowokacja, niebywały skandal i barbarzyństwo. Odpowiedzialni za to ludzie z PO powinni zniknąć ze sceny politycznej” i publiczne zapowiedzi „trybunału stanu” i „politycznego końca tej formacji” – mam jeszcze i tę pewność, że Komorowskiemu, Tuskowi, Kopacz, Sikorskiemu, Pawlakowi i pozostałym „opozycjonistom” z PO-PSL nie spadnie włos z głowy i nie poniosą żadnej odpowiedzialności politycznej bądź karnej.
Pewność czerpię nie tylko z doświadczeń dwóch lat rządów PiS, podczas których nie wyjaśniono żadnej zbrodni III RP i nie podjęto żadnego śledztwa w sprawach najważniejszych dla Polaków, ale z prawdy stokroć bardziej oczywistej – z niezdolności  do wykluczenia Onych i traktowaniu ich, jako integralnej części polskiej wspólnoty.
Zaledwie jeden z prezydenckich ministrów popisał się populistyczną retoryką i zagrzmiał w pewnej telewizji:
„Partia, która w tak ordynarny sposób kłamie powinna na stałe zniknąć ze sceny politycznej. Nie tylko Ewa Kopacz. Ta formacja nie ma prawa, z punktu widzenia politycznego na jakikolwiek byt. Społeczeństwo, które zostało i jest okłamywane - i co więcej – będzie okłamywane dalej nie może pozwolić na trwanie partii, jaką jest Platforma Obywatelska.”, by dwa dni później, inny prezydencki minister oznajmił: „Jeśli tylko będzie zainteresowanie PO, Nowoczesnej, PSL i pozostałych ugrupowań, to pan prezydent jest gotowy na debatę konstytucyjną z tymi partiami. Pan prezydent zaprasza wszystkich do debat konstytucyjnych”.
Nikt z tych, którzy słyszeli te skandaliczne słowa, nie odważył się zapytać – jak można pogodzić te dwie, skrajnie różne deklaracje? Jak nisko musi pan prezydent cenić swoich rodaków, jeśli mówiąc, że tylko oni „mają prawo wypowiedzieć się w sprawie konstytucji”, do grona uprawnionych  zalicza ludzi, którzy dopuścili do profanacji zwłok ofiar Smoleńska i przez lata okazywali nam nienawiść? Jaką wartość mają publiczne deklaracje prezydenckiego ministra o „zniknięciu ze sceny politycznej”, skoro nie podążą za nimi żadne refleksje, czyny i decyzje?
Odpowiedzi na takie pytania nikt nie udzieli, bo większość naszych rodaków jest przekonana, że polityka polega na robieniu z gęby cholewy, zaś Oni to tacy sami Polacy, tylko mający „inne poglądy polityczne”. Za „pogląd polityczny” uznaje się zatem łgarstwo o „winie pilotów”, oddawanie moczu na znicze na Krakowskim Przedmieściu lub śmiech nad trumnami ofiar i bełkot godny enkawudzisty- „najlepiej byłoby pochować wszystkich razem i nie analizować, jaka część ciała należała do kogo”. Świadomość, że czyny popełnione przez reżimowców PO-PSL wykluczają z polskiej wspólnoty i były wymierzone w naszą tradycję, kulturę i interes narodowy – jest obca zdecydowanej większości Polaków.
Obca dlatego, że ci, od których winniśmy spodziewać się prawdy o realiach III RP i spełnienia obowiązku ukarania zdrajców, okłamują nas pustą retoryką i wiodą do kolejnego etapu „zgody narodowej”.
Uznawanie ludzi PO-PSL za jakąś „opozycję”, nadawanie im praw honorowych, celebrowanie ich słów i traktowanie z polityczną atencją – jest więcej niż głupotą. Jest zbrodnią fałszu, dokonywaną na otumanionych i niezdolnych do obrony Polakach. Uczestniczące w tym procederze rządowe „wolne media”, w których każde plugastwo owej „opozycji”, może liczyć na uwagę i poczesne miejsce,  wykonują doskonałą robotę na rzecz Obcych i stanowią jedno z największych zagrożeń dla naszej wolności.
Ci ludzie nie tylko uciekają przed definicją państwa-sukcesji PRL, ale wbrew narodowym powinnościom odrzucają podział na My-Oni i za szczyt patriotyzmu przyjmują dezyderat „zgody narodowej”. Tej „zgody”, w której zło miesza się z dobrem, postępuje amnezja historyczna i wzrasta komuna Obcych z Polakami.
Ordynarne kłamstwo o „podziałach między Polakami” – szerzone dziś przez ludzi partii rządzącej, fałszuje genezę historycznego konfliktu i obarcza nas niepopełnioną winą. Ci politycy, gotowi są stawiać znak równości między II Rzeczpospolitą i sukcesją PRL-u i przekonywać, że naród winien „wznieść się ponad niepotrzebne podziały i spory”.
Nie usłyszymy od nich, że nie Polacy są dziś podzieleni i nie poglądy polityczne nas różnią. Nie dowiemy się, że nie naszą winą jest stan „wojny”, bo wrogami polskości są tutejsi Obcy. Nikt z nich nie przyzna, że jedynym „dialogiem” z  antypolską zbieraniną, winna być infamia, banicja i długoletnie więzienia.
Ewa Kochanowska, wdowa po śp. Januszu Kochanowskim, w jednym z wywiadów powiedziała ważne słowa: „ dla wielu rodzin, mimo że się je oskarża o najgorsze rzeczy, właśnie ten moment wyjęcia ich bliskich z tych worków, o których wiedzieliśmy od pierwszej ekshumacji i zapewnienie godziwego wiecznego spoczywania jest dziś najważniejszy. To taki moment emocjonalnego zamknięcia tej sprawy, która wisi nad nami od tylu już lat.
Czas, w którym dowiedzieliśmy się, jak poprzedni reżim potraktował zwłoki najlepszych Polaków, mógłby - dla nas wszystkich, stać się „momentem emocjonalnego zamknięcia tej sprawy”. Czasem oczyszczenia i narodowego przełomu.
Prawda o Smoleńsku zawiera również prawdę o nienazwanej i niedostrzeganej dychotomii My-Oni. O podziałach, które nie dotyczą „różnic politycznych”, lecz sięgają tragicznych doświadczeń okupacji sowieckiej, biegną w głąb ludzkich sumień i systemów wartości i ujawniają się w braku lub w poczuciu tożsamości narodowej.
Tej wiedzy najbardziej nam trzeba.
Już dziś moglibyśmy otworzyć drogę do prawdy o Smoleńsku, gdyby ludzie, w których pokładaliśmy nadzieję odważyli się nazwać ten podział po imieniu i odrzucili zabójczą dla narodu wspólnotę z Obcymi. Gdyby prawdę, jaka wyłania się z zachowań antypolskiej hałastry, potrafili pokazać - jako dowód obcości i zaprzaństwa.   
Emocjonalne „wzmożenie” i epatowanie „skandalicznym” zachowaniem Onych – a tylko tak obecna władza zamierza wykorzystać wstrząsające informacje, nie prowadzi do wyjścia ze smoleńskich mgieł. Nic nie wniesie wiedza o wynikach ekshumacji, jeśli będzie tylko pożywką dla politycznych tyrad i materiałem dziennikarskich wyrobników. Nie stanie się zarzewiem narodowego wstrząsu, bo nie ma takich wiadomości, które mogłyby obudzić Polaków. Ponieważ ta władza nie chce rozliczyć winnych zamachu i nigdy nie udźwignie ciężaru odpowiedzialności, kolejne odsłony smoleńskiego memento, będą służyły wyłącznie doraźnym celom politycznym.
Drogą jest prawda o podziale My-Oni, bo tylko ona otwiera oczy na grozę naszego położenia i może wyzwolić społeczny bunt.

Odpowiedź na pytanie – co dalej, byłaby niepełna, gdyby zabrakło w niej konkluzji.
Ta, sprowadzona tylko do moich planów i zamierzeń, zawiera się w jasnej deklaracji: partia pana Kaczyńskiego już nigdy nie uzyska mojego poparcia ani głosu w tzw. wyborach powszechnych. Tym bardziej, nie dostanie go fałszywy „projekt pijarowski” - prezydent Andrzej Duda.
Ubiegając idiotyczne pytania w rodzaju: czy lepiej by rządzili Tusk i Komorowski, odpowiem: lepiej, by zło było jawne i nazywane po imieniu, niż kryło się za fasadą „dobrej zmiany” i czyniło spustoszenie w umysłach moich rodaków.
Lepiej, żeby Polacy zostali siłą doprowadzeni pod mur upodlenia i hańby i musieli spojrzeć w prawdziwe ślepia Obcych, niż stojąc pod tym murem, nie dostrzegali zagrożenia i sławili tych, którzy wiodą ich do zagłady.

Lista błędów i zaniechań prezydenta Dudy w kwestiach związanych ze sprawami bezpieczeństwa narodowego jest równie długa, jak rejestr werbalnych deklaracji, w których kandydat, a następnie prezydent III RP zapowiadał swoje zaangażowanie w ten obszar. Ponieważ wyborcom partii rządzącej odmawia się prawa do formułowania ocen i postulatów pod adresem pana prezydenta oraz wyłącza jego działania spod rzeczowej krytyki, wizerunek Andrzeja Dudy jest w tym zakresie obarczony potężną dawką demagogii, niewiedzy i fałszu.
Już jedna z pierwszych nominacji – wyznaczenie szefem Biura Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego historyka, „specjalisty” od obrony cywilnej i pożarnictwa, anonsowała stopień zaangażowania prezydenta w sprawy bezpieczeństwa. Nominacja ta, zapowiadana wcześniej przez „Gazetę Wyborczą” i życzliwie przyjęta przez gen. Kozieja („to dobra wiadomość”) mogła sugerować, że pan prezydent nie ma zamiaru dokonywać radykalnych zmian w zrujnowanym przez poprzednika systemie bezpieczeństwa narodowego i nie przykłada szczególnej wagi do kwestii obronności.
Ujawniony już wówczas dysonans - między deklaracją, a działaniem, słowem, a decyzją, stał się nieodłącznym elementem prezydentury Andrzeja Dudy. W jednym z pierwszych wywiadów, udzielonych przez prezydenta „Nowoczesnej Armii”, padło pytanie:
W swoim programie wyborczym szeroko pojęte bezpieczeństwo uczynił Pan Prezydent jednym z czterech głównych zagadnień. Dotyczy to również kwestii sił zbrojnych i bezpieczeństwa zewnętrznego. Czy zamierza Pan być aktywny na tym polu bardziej niż poprzednicy?”
Odpowiedź prezydenta była mocnym dowodem prymatu demagogii nad faktami:
- „Zamierzam być bardziej efektywny niż mój poprzednik” – odpowiedział Andrzeja Duda. „Kwestie związane z bezpieczeństwem państwa, w tym obronności, traktuję jako jedną z głównych kompetencji i zadań prezydenta.”
Gdy zapytano – „Jedną z pierwszych Pana decyzji była decyzja o przeprowadzeniu audytu w Kancelarii Prezydenta. Czy podjęcie podobnego kroku przewiduje Pan Prezydent w odniesieniu do szeroko pojętej sfery obronności państwa?” - padła obietnica, której Andrzej Duda i szef jego Biura Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego nigdy nie spełnili:
W związku z prerogatywami Prezydenta RP dotyczącymi bezpieczeństwa niewątpliwie potrzebne jest dokonanie bilansu otwarcia. Mam tu na myśli chociażby szereg działań pozwalających mi zapoznać się ze stanem obronności państwa. Jednym z nich jest analiza realizacji zapisów najważniejszych dokumentów strategicznych, takich jak Strategia Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego RP, Polityczno-Strategiczna Dyrektywa Obronna czy też wydanych niedawno głównych kierunków rozwoju Sił Zbrojnych RP.”
W sierpniu 2015 roku, Paweł Soloch oświadczył, że prezydent postawił przed nim pierwsze zadanie - „sporządzenia audytu bezpieczeństwa narodowego”. Szef BBN zapowiadał także „zmiany w strukturze i organizacji biura, wynikające z faktu, że pan prezydent ma swoją wizję działań w obszarze bezpieczeństwa i jest bardzo wyczulony na kwestie doceniania poświęcenia i ofiarności żołnierzy podczas różnych misji wykonywanych na rzecz Rzeczypospolitej.”
Żadna z tych obietnic nie została spełniona.
Nigdy nie było „bilansu otwarcia”, nie sporządzono audytu bezpieczeństwa państwa, zaś w samym BBN zakonserwowano (również personalny) stan posiadania, odziedziczony po poprzedniku. Widniejąca na stronie BBN i obowiązująca Strategia Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego RP została sporządzona w roku 2014 i jest wynikiem tzw. Strategicznego Przeglądu Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego (SPBN), zarządzonego w roku 2010 przez byłego lokatora Belwederu. Koncepcje powstałe w ramach SPBN (nad którym pracowali tacy „eksperci” jak Andrzej Karkoszka, Krzysztof Janik, Adam Rotfeld, Dariusz Rosati, Marek Siwiec czy Zdzisław Lachowski) mimo rażącej ogólnikowości i pseudonaukowego żargonu, zawierały fundamentalną myśl: współpraca z państwem Putina ma być gwarantem naszego bezpieczeństwa i stabilności. Była to teza kompromitująca - nie tylko w wymiarze politycznym i militarnym, ale naukowym i kompetencyjnym.
Stopień zaangażowania prezydenta Dudy w sprawy bezpieczeństwa doskonale obrazuje rejestr inicjatyw ustawodawczych. W okresie dwóch lat, pan prezydent zgłosił zaledwie osiem tego rodzaju inicjatyw, wśród których próżno szukać jakiejkolwiek poświęconej tematyce bezpieczeństwa.
Znajdziemy tam: projekt ustawy ws. wieku emerytalnego i kwoty wolnej od podatku, projekt nowelizacji ustawy 500+, propozycję ustawy z zakresu oświaty polonijnej i noweli ustawy o swobodzie działalności gospodarczej, projekt „ustawy frankowej”, projekt zmiany kodeksu karnego w zakresie praw dziecka oraz ustawę o Narodowych Obchodach Setnej Rocznicy Odzyskania przez Polskę Niepodległości.
Oznacza to, że przez blisko połowę kadencji, pan prezydent nie okazywał zainteresowania sprawami bezpieczeństwem obywateli i żadna z jego inicjatyw ustawodawczych nie dotyczyła obszaru wojska, modernizacji sił zbrojnych, reformy służb specjalnych czy koncepcji bezpieczeństwa narodowego.
Niemal identyczną aktywnością wykazał się szef BBN. Przez dwa lata, Paweł Soloch przeprowadził zaledwie dwie inicjatywy: 16 lutego 2016 roku powołał zespół ds. cyberbezpieczeństwa (o którego dalszych działaniach nic nie wiadomo) oraz sporządził tzw. „Strategiczną Koncepcję Bezpieczeństwa Morskiego RP”. O rzeczywistej wartości tego dokumentu, świadczą słowa ministra Solocha, który podczas prezentacji owej „strategicznej koncepcji” przyznał  że „celem i zamiarem stworzenia Koncepcji było doprowadzenie  do powstania Strategii Bezpieczeństwa Morskiego, czyli takiego dokumentu, który rzeczywiście będzie już deklaracją woli i działań zmierzających do zmiany sytuacji”. Prace zespołu eksperckiego BBN były zaledwie konsultowane z MON, co z kolei oznacza, że opracowana w ten sposób „koncepcja” nie musi być w ogóle uwzględniona przez Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej i zapewne stanie się bezużytecznym dokumentem. Tym bardziej, że w zakresie tzw. „rekomendacji na rzecz rozwoju sił morskich RP”, zasadniczo różni się ona od realizowanego obecnie przez MON programu operacyjnego „Zwalczanie zagrożeń na morzu”.
Ten dwuletni bilans działań ośrodka prezydenckiego pozwala postawić tezę, że obecna aktywność pana prezydenta i jego ministrów wokół tematów związanych z armią i bezpieczeństwem narodowym,  jest czymś niecodziennym, a na pewno wyjątkowym.
I pewnie wypadałoby się cieszyć z „przebudzenia” pana Andrzeja Dudy w sprawach tak ważnych dla Polaków, gdyby nie świadomość, że wiele z wcześniejszych opinii i ocen środowiska prezydenckiego na temat polityki bezpieczeństwa i współczesnych zagrożeń, okazywało się tyleż błędnych, jak szkodliwych. Jeśli ośrodek prezydencki próbuje dziś kreować się na głównego inicjatora i sprawcę rozwiązań osiągniętych podczas warszawskiego szczytu NATO, należałoby przypomnieć, że w latach ubiegłych, pan prezydent i jego urzędnicy prezentowali nieco inne pomysły na kwestię stałej obecności wojsk USA, zaś stanowisko samego prezydenta wyraźnie ewoluowało.   
W lutym 2016, podczas dyskusji zorganizowanej przez Stowarzyszenie Euro-Atlantyckie (którego jednym z założycieli i wieloletnim prezesem był B.Komorowski) – „Czego oczekiwalibyśmy od szczytu NATO w Warszawie", szef BBN Soloch oświadczył: „Oczekujemy, że zostanie tam przede wszystkim potwierdzone to, o czym mówimy my, ale też mówią sojusznicy, czyli postęp w stosunku do postanowień szczytu z Newport oraz zostanie powiedziane coś na temat wysuniętej na wschód obecności NATO". Czym – w opinii pana prezydenta, miałoby być owe „coś”, dowiedzieliśmy się dwa miesiące później. W wywiadzie dla "Washington Post" (25 marca 2016) prezydent sprecyzował swoje oczekiwania. Zapytany wprost – „czy twierdzi pan, że Stany Zjednoczone powinny mieć tutaj swoją bazę”, Andrzej Duda odparł – „Chciałbym widzieć znacznie zwiększoną obecność wojsk USA na naszym terytorium”. Jeśli pamiętać, że w maju 2015 kandydat na prezydenta utrzymywał, że „gwarancje NATO powinny zostać wzmocnione w sensie faktycznym - potrzebujemy baz na terenie Polski”, to przejście na stanowisko „zwiększonej obecności”, trzeba uznać za wyraźną recesję.     
Przypomnę również, że w przededniu szczytu NATO, który miał zdecydować o realnych gwarancjach bezpieczeństwa i obecności w Polsce wojsk Sojuszu, pan prezydent pozwolił sobie na wypowiedzi, które mogły poważnie osłabić nasze szanse na uzyskanie takich gwarancji.
Podczas wizyty w Danii, Andrzej Duda zapewnił: „Absolutnie nie uważam, aby Rosja była naszym wrogiem Nigdy takie słowo nie padło z moich ust ani żadnego odpowiedzialnego polityka w Polsce, aby Rosja była naszym nieprzyjacielem czy wrogiem. Rosja jest przede wszystkim sąsiadem (…)  jest partnerem specyficznym”.
Tymi kilkoma słowami, pan prezydent sprawił ogromny prezent Rosjanom oraz naszym „przyjaciołom” z Niemiec i Francji, którzy nie tylko nie widzieli potrzeby wzmacniania wschodniej flanki NATO ani instalowania tu stałych baz wojskowych, ale nasze obawy przed atakiem rosyjskim uważali za przesadne i wynikające z „polskiej rusofobii”. Przeciwnicy takich rozwiązań otrzymali mocny argument, iż obawy o bezpieczeństwo Polski nie są ani poważne ani racjonalne, zaś w relacjach polsko-rosyjskich nie ma mowy o wrogich działaniach Moskwy.
Publiczna deklaracja prezydenta oznaczała, że Polska nie obawia się agresji ze strony Putina i nie posądza Rosji o wrogie zamiary. Zanegowanie pojęcia wroga miało istotne konsekwencje.  Bo jeśli Rosja nie jest naszym wrogiem, lecz „sąsiadem i partnerem” - po co Polsce silne gwarancje państw natowskich i rozbudowa infrastruktury militarnej? Jeśli prezydent III RP nie dostrzega zagrożenia ze strony tego „specyficznego sąsiada” - jak można przekonać przywódców Zachodu do przysłania tu swoich żołnierzy i czym wytłumaczyć nasze obawy? Pytania byłyby tym bardziej zasadne, że w kontekście definiowania zagrożeń, prezydent Duda (wzorem swojego poprzednika) starannie unikał i nadal unika wymieniania Rosji i wskazywania tego państwa jako agresora.
Do arsenału, co najmniej nieprzemyślanych wypowiedzi Andrzeja Dudy z okresu poprzedzającego szczyt w Warszawie, zaliczam również solenne deklaracje o potrzebie prowadzenia „dialogu z Moskwą” oraz zapewnienia, że „w żaden sposób nie zamierzamy izolować Rosji”.
Na szczęście, to nie wypowiedzi pana prezydenta wyznaczyły wówczas stanowisko państw NATO wobec rosyjskiego zagrożenia, lecz twarde słowa ministra Antoniego Macierewicza:
Rosja jest dzisiaj największym zagrożeniem dla bezpieczeństwa świata.  Żadne państwo w historii ostatnich kilkudziesięciu lat tak nie podważyło ładu światowego, jak Rosja, atakując najpierw Gruzję, a później Ukrainę. I stale okupując terytorium niepodległego państwa, otwarcie wskazując, że nie chce akceptować niepodległości tego państwa i jego suwerenności. (…) - Tak długo, jak długo trwa ta okupacja, jak długo wybitni przywódcy rosyjscy będą sobie pozwalali na sformułowania, że Warszawa jest na ich celowniku, tak długo Polacy będą uważali, że to jest zagrożenie dla ładu i bezpieczeństwa europejskiego i światowego”.
Jeśli dzisiejsze wycieczki prezydenckich ministrów do USA miałyby sugerować, że środowisko prezydenta jest głównym autorem sukcesu szczytu NATO lub wskazywać na jego pozycję negocjacyjną w sprawie obecności wojsk sojuszu w Polsce, warto ten „pijarowski” przekaz konfrontować z faktami. Ani dwuletnia aktywność prezydenta ani jego zachowania w przeddzień warszawskiego szczytu, nie potwierdzają takiej tezy.
Wprawdzie pan prezydent wykazuje spore zdolności oratorskie i chętnie eksponuje się wśród tematów związanych z obronnością, to realne dokonania nie nadążają za medialnym wizerunkiem.
Również dlatego, że w sprawie priorytetowej dla naszego bezpieczeństwa wewnętrznego – przecięcia wpływów rosyjskich  na życie publiczne III RP, Polacy nie mogą liczyć na pomoc Andrzeja Dudy.
Publikacja Aneksu do Raportu z Weryfikacji WSI – to (jak w październiku 2015 roku zapewniał minister Szczerski) -"temat, którego nie ma". Zdaniem samego prezydenta Dudy – „to nie jest najważniejsza sprawa dla Polaków”. I choć wielu z nas może mieć odmienną opinię, a wzrost aktywności środowiska b. WSI potwierdza aktualność tego zagrożenia, pan prezydent nie pozwoli nam skonfrontować faktów z jego wyobrażeniami o potrzebach Polaków. Aneks nadal pozostanie tajny, co wyśmienicie ułatwia prowadzenie rozmaitych gier i kombinacji operacyjnych przez ludzi związanych z „długim ramieniem Moskwy”, a nas skazuje na nieznajomość prawdziwych mechanizmów III RP.
            O sprawy poruszone w tym tekście, nie wolno pytać pana prezydenta. Podobnie, jak w przypadku jego poprzednika, wokół Andrzeja Dudy wytworzono medialny parasol ochronny i wykreowano fałszywe wyobrażenia, oparte na pustosłowiu i telewizyjnych obrazkach. Pan prezydent nie musi więc odpowiadać na niewygodne pytania i do prezentacji swoich opinii może wybierać media kreślące lukrowany wizerunek.  Dzieje się to z krzywdą - dla nas, pozbawionych ośrodka prezydenckiego, jako gwaranta silnych struktur bezpieczeństwa, jak i dla samego Andrzeja Dudy, który przebywając w medialnym „azylu”, nie ma szans wyrosnąć na dojrzałego polityka i męża stanu.