How to Make Cocktails from Famous Movies   

Binging with Babish does a great job feeding us movie meals, but until now, we haven’t had anything to drink with them. If we’re going just by his channel that is. In this video, we get a whole bunch of cocktail recipes, all different and all delicious. The first one is the White Russian, as […]

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          (بدون عنوان)   

          (بدون عنوان)   


          (بدون عنوان)   




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スポーツスター 883R


車検 ~30年5月付



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          Help the ABA Journal select the Web 100   

Each year for the last decade, we’ve asked you to help us select the best 100 legal blogs. Now, we want your help as we…

          Europol, FBI, UK's NCA ride out to Ukraine's cavalry call   

Security service calls NotPetya an 'act of cyberterrorism'

Ukraine, hardest hit by this week's “NotPetya” ransomware/havoc-ware, has called for help from Europol, the FBI, and England's National Crime Agency to investigate who was behind it.…

          PacketFabric partners with Internet exchanges   
PacketFabric, provider of a scalable network-as-a-service platform and a NantWorks group company, announced it has partnered with multiple Internet exchanges (IXs) to extend Internet exchange services to users across the PacketFabric network.

Under the agreements, PacketFabric is initially partnering with multi-metro IXs including AMS-IX and DE-CIX, as well as regional organisations IX-Denver and United IX's Chicago Internet Exchange (ChIX) to launch its IX extension service.

The partnerships will allow PacketFabric to offer an expanded range of interconnection services via its network, as well as enabling its ecosystem partners to reach additional markets and new customers.

Recently, Netrality Properties, owner and operator of network-neutral carrier hotels and colocation facilities, announced that PacketFabric had established a presence at four of its data centre properties nationwide.

Netrality specifically announced the deployment at the following locations: 325 Hudson Street, New York City; 401 North Broad Street, Philadelphia; 717 South Wells Street, Chicago; and 1301 Fannin Street, Houston.

* PacketFabric's software-defined networking (SDN) platform is designed to allow instant, reliable, scalable and secure connectivity between two or more locations. Under the agreement, Netrality customers at the four locations can dynamically design and deploy any network configuration leveraging cloud-based network connectivity to meet their unique and growing network demands.

* PacketFabric, which launched in January this year, offers coast-to-coast connectivity between 130 key colocation facilities across 13 U.S. markets and enables cost-effective and scalable network deployment via its advanced API and web-based portal.

          Operator of Illegal Bitcoin Exchange Sentenced to Prison   

Anthony Murgio, 33, of Tampa, Florida, has been sentenced to five and a half years in prison for running a Bitcoin exchange connected to hackers. The exchange was used to launder more than $10 million worth of funds, authorities reported.

Both Murgio and Yuri Lebedev, 39, of St. John’s, Florida, operated through a fraudulent company called “Collectables Club.” According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, the illegal Bitcoin exchange used the firm’s misleading name to open financial accounts at banks pretending to be a “members-only association of individuals who discussed, bought, and sold collectible items and memorabilia.” Murgio and Lebedev, along with other co-conspirators, violated bank and credit card company rules and regulations by “deliberately misidentifying and miscoding customers’ credit and debit card transactions.”

“Lies conceived and deployed by Murgio permeated every aspect of’s operation, including its use of front companies, like Collectables Club and Currency Enthusiasts, to try to conceal the illicit nature of the operation,” the Department of Justice stated in its sentencing submission.

On January 9, Murgio pled guilty to three counts regarding operating, which processed over $10 million worth of illegal Bitcoin transactions. Murgio ran the Bitcoin exchange between October 2013 and July 2015 for Gery Shalon, 33, an Israeli citizen who was responsible for hacking at least nine companies, including JPMorgan Chase, E-Trade Financial Corporation and Dow Jones. sold bitcoins that came from illegal online transactions, such as victim payments to ransomware attackers who sought to launder the cryptocurrencies clean.

“I screwed up badly and made serious mistakes and misjudgments,” Murgio said, showing remorse, to U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan at his sentencing.

Shalon, along with Ziv Orenstein, 42, compromised data on approximately 76 million household customers and 7 million businesses by hacking the nine companies. U.S. officials described their operation as a “diversified criminal conglomerate” responsible for the largest theft of valuable information from a U.S. bank. The compromised data included the names of customers, along with email addresses and phone numbers. Authorities collected evidence stating that Murgio exchanged cash for the bitcoins of Shalon’s criminal gang. Israeli police arrested Shalon and Orenstein in July 2015, and they were extradited to the United States in June 2016. Both are facing serious charges, including aggravated identity theft, wire fraud and money laundering.

“Mr. Murgio led an effort based on ambition and greed,” and constructed on a “pyramid of lies,” Judge Nathan said during the sentencing hearing at the Manhattan federal court.

On March 17, a Manhattan jury found Lebedev and his co-conspirator Trevon Gross, 52, of New Jersey, guilty of charges connected to a bribery scheme in an attempt to hide the illegal activities of from financial institutes and regulators. Both of the defendants are facing a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. Judge Nathan scheduled the sentencing hearing of Lebedev and Gross for July 20, 2017.

Murgio’s father, Michael Murgio, 66, was also involved in the case. In October, the father plead guilty to “making a false statement to the National Credit Union Administration on behalf of his son.” By making a plea deal, Michael Murgio managed to avoid additional charges in the case, including “conspiracy to make corrupt payments with intent to influence an officer of a financial institution and making corrupt payments.” Judge Nathan sentenced the elder Murgio to one year of probation along with a $12,000 fine.

The FBI arrested both Lebedev and Murgio on July 23, 2015, for “running an unlicensed bitcoin exchange with the goal of helping individuals launder money.”

Despite the prosecution’s request for 10 to 12 years and seven months behind bars, the Manhattan federal court sentenced Murgio to five and a half years in prison. According to Reuters, Judge Nathan considered Murgio’s “generosity to friends and support to his family” and imposed a prison sentence half as long as the prosecutor recommended.

Judge Nathan has scheduled a hearing on September 1 to decide on the amount of fines, forfeiture and restitution Murgio has to pay to the state. The operator of the illegal Bitcoin exchange remains free on bail.

The post Operator of Illegal Bitcoin Exchange Sentenced to Prison appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

          How a Bitcoin Whitehat Hacker Helped the FBI Catch a Murderer   
whitehat (1).jpg

An ethical hacker breached the database of a phony darknet website offering hitman services and leaked the data. The information from the data dump helped the FBI in their investigation of a man who murdered his wife.

In November 2016, Stephen Carl Allwine, 47, of Cottage Grove, Minnesota, killed his wife in “one of the most bizarre cases ever seen,” police officers reported. The husband tried to mask the murder as a suicide, including putting a 9 mm pistol next to Amy Allwine’s elbow. However, detectives arriving on the scene identified the case as murder and collected evidence — mostly electronic devices, such as computers — belonging to Mr. Allwine. Later on, in January, investigators arrested and charged Mr. Allwine with second-degree murder based on the forensic evaluation of the confiscated electronic equipment.

In May 2016, a hacker called “bRpsd” breached the database of a controversial hitman service offered on a darknet website. The service, “Besa Mafia,” offered a link between customers and hitmen, who could register on the site anonymously. The price for a murder ranged between $5,000 and $200,000, but clients seeking to avoid fatalities could also hire a contractor to beat up a victim for $500 or set somebody’s car on fire for $1,000.

The hacker uploaded the data dump to a public internet website. The leaked files contained user accounts, email addresses, personal messages between the Besa Mafia admin and its customers, “hit” orders and a folder named “victims,” providing additional information on the targets.

The breach highlighted the fake nature of the website, which operated only to collect money from the customers. Chris Monteiro, an independent researcher who also hacked into the site, stated the owner or owners of Besa Mafia had made at least 50 bitcoins ($127,500 based on the current value of the cryptocurrency) from the scam operation.

According to a message posted by a Besa Mafia administrator and uncovered in the dump, “[T]his website is to scam criminals of their money. We report them for 2 reasons: to stop murder, this is moral and right; to avoid being charged with conspiracy to murder or association to murder, if we get caught.”

The leak of the Besa Mafia database helped the police investigating the murder of Mrs. Allwine. As the officers analyzed her husband’s devices, they discovered the suspect had accessed the dark web as early as 2014. Furthermore, investigators identified the pseudonym Mr. Allwine used on the darknet, “dogdaygod,” which was also linked to his email, “,” in some cases. Detectives found bitcoin addresses in the conversations between Besa Mafia and Mr. Allwine, which linked the husband directly to the “dogdaygod” pseudonym, providing authorities with necessary evidence for the case.

Eventually, law enforcement agents analyzed the data dump bRpsd leaked and discovered Mr. Allwine’s email in the list. In addition, investigators found messages between the suspect and the Besa Mafia admin. According to a criminal complaint, Mr. Allwine paid between $10,000 to $15,000 to the supposed hitman service to kill his wife. The complaint detailed how Mr. Allwine had decided to have the hitman shoot Mrs. Allwine at close range and burn down the house afterward.

However, once the funds were transferred, the Besa Mafia communicator told Mr. Allwine that “local police [have] stopped the hitman [from] driving a stolen vehicle and taken [him] to jail prior to the hit,” thus rendering him unable to complete his “service.” The complaint cited Sergeant McAlister who reported that during that time, “no one was apprehended in Minnesota and western Wisconsin in a stolen vehicle and possession of a gun.”

It is likely that the ethical hacker’s data breach had an impact on Mr. Allwine’s case; on March 24, 2017, the Washington County District Court charged him with first-degree murder. In addition, officers have gathered more evidence in the case — a drug called scopolamine was discovered at 45 times higher than the recommended level in Mrs. Allwine’s body. Investigators subsequently discovered that her husband had also ordered the substance on the dark web.

The post How a Bitcoin Whitehat Hacker Helped the FBI Catch a Murderer appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

          Krvavé řádění dětských gangů: Do Neapole se vrací omlazená mafie!   

          FBI Offers $10K Reward in Kidnapping Case of Visiting Scholar   
The search for Yingying Zhang continues as her family releases a statement about the case to Dateline.
          Warner: Why is US Soccer absolved?   

Former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner has told The Times that the Garcia report into corruption around the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids is “not even worth the paper it has been written on” and questioned why U.S. Soccer was absolved after he and Sepp Blatter met President Barack Obama.

The report, produced by American lawyer Michael J. Garcia in 2014 but only released in full this week, said the England 2018 World Cup bid team was found to have “accommodated or at least attempted to satisfy the improper request”of executive committee members, including Warner, ahead of the voting in 2010.

The United States’ effort to host the 2022 World Cup, meanwhile, was found to have generally followed FIFA’s bidding rules.

Warner, who was arrested and charged as part of the FBI’s probe into money-laundering in 2015 and then banned from taking part in any football-related activity for life, told the English newspaper in an email that he continues to “sleep very soundly” following the report’s release.

He wrote in an email: “For me the report is not even worth the paper it has been written on and of course not the whopping fee paid for it either. As it relates to me personally, I continue to sleep very soundly at nights for nothing in the report implicates me personally in any sleaze.”

The investigation found that Warner had requested England 2018 to find his “adopted son” Richard Sebro, a man with no obvious football credentials, a job with Tottenham, then at Wembley, before moving to Aston Villa.

Other favours granted to Warner were the waiving of a £168,000 debt owed to the Football Association by the Jamaican Football Federation and the sponsorship of a £36,000 Caribbean Football Union gala dinner.

Undisclosed “favours and benefits” were also granted by the FA to a team Warner owned — Joe Public Football Club.

Warner told The Times that all the requests he made to the English FA were “for other persons or entities and never for my family or me.”

He also questioned the decision to absolve the U.S. bidding team, citing a visit that he and then FIFA president Blatter had made to the Oval Office in 2009.

He wrote: “I have also taken note that the American investigator has absolved the US Soccer Federation and I ask myself how come? Was this not the same USSF that facilitated a visit to the White House for Sepp and me to meet Obama? How do you characterise that?

“Was this not the same USSF that arranged for [then Confederation of African Football president Issa] Hayatou and his Ex Co members to do the same? But then again this is the US that I guess determines if you fall, live or die.”

Meanwhile, the Serious Fraud Office in the United Kingdom is analysing the Garcia report.

The decisions to award Russia the 2018 World Cup and Qatar the 2022 edition have been dogged by allegations of bribery and corruption since they were made in December 2010.

An SFO spokesperson said: “The SFO is reviewing the Garcia Report. We can make no further comment at this stage.”

Confirmation of the SFO’s interest comes 20 months after its director, David Green, told MPs of potential money-laundering offences, including a payment of 500,000 Australian dollars (£295,000) made by the Australia 2022 bid committee to former CONCACAF president Warner, which may have gone through London.

At the time, Green, who was giving evidence to the Culture, Media and Sport select committee, said the SFO “cannot touch FIFA with the Bribery Act as things stand” as it became law in July 2011 and most of the World Cup allegations took place before then.

In October 2015, the SFO had a team of five going through more than 1,600 documents provided by the FA relating to England’s failed 2018 bid.

          School rallies around family of missing Chinese student   

Twenty days after University of Illinois graduate student Yingying Zhang disappeared from the Urbana-Champaign campus, her family called on the community Thursday to hold on to hope for her safe return.

"She's always a brave girl and she never easily gives up on anything," Zhang's boyfriend, Xiaolin Hou, told a crowd of well-wishers gathered at the school Thursday night.

"She never gives up as long as there's a glimmer of hope ... so we cannot give up either," he said.

Hou and members of Zhang's family led a procession of hundreds of well-wishers through the streets of the Urbana-Champaign campus Thursday night. They waved flags with her name on them and carried her picture as they chanted "let's find Yingying."

The family flew from China to the United States earlier this month to search for the 26-year-old visiting scholar. And they say they're not going home without her.

Zhang's father issued a plea earlier Thursday to those responsible for his daughter's disappearance: Let her go and I'll forgive you.

"The family hopes the kidnappers would not hurt her and know she is really well loved by family and friends," her father told CNN through a translator Thursday. "Let her go, let her come back as soon as possible."

Last seen June 9

Zhang had a yearlong position at the university's department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. She graduated from Beijing's prestigious Peking University in 2016 with a master's degree in environmental engineering.

Zhang is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds, the FBI said. She was last seen wearing a charcoal-colored baseball cap, a pink and white top, jeans and white tennis shoes. She carried a black backpack.

The last known sighting of Zhang was on the afternoon of June 9. Security camera footage shows her entering the passenger side of a black Saturn Astra hatchback that day.

University police said Zhang had just gotten off a public bus before the four-door hatchback approached her on the north end of the university campus. The FBI announced that investigators found the car on Tuesday, but provided no further details.

The FBI is treating the disappearance as a kidnapping, but campus police, in a recently released update, say they are calling it a missing persons case.

Support from around the world

Zhang is one of more than 300,000 Chinese students and scholars attending US universities. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is one of the most popular universities for Chinese students, with more than 5,600. They make up a sizable community both on campus and in the small town of 207,000.

Her disappearance has triggered widespread concern in China, with groups set up on messaging app WeChat to share information about the case.

A crowdfunding campaign set up to help Zhang's family with expenses as the search continues has raised more than three times its $30,000 goal, with many donors leaving messages of support in Chinese.

'Twenty days is a long time'

Her disappearance has struck a nerve on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

Supporters who joined Thursday's rally echoed her family's hopeful tone.

"I'm praying as I walk," said Champaign resident Donald Baker. "We're hoping we can bring her back home to her family and to this campus."

Another woman said she joined the rally to support Zhang's family. She has a daughter close to Zhang's age who travels internationally, and sometimes she doesn't hear from her for days, she said.

"It was important to me as Americans that we show love and care to this family," she said.

"I want to be optimistic that we will find her," she added. "Twenty days is a long time."

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           "A Hero of Our Time" By Mikhail Lermontov 當代英雄 (丘光譯)   
圖像裡可能有1 人


A HERO OF OUR TIME | Ep. 5 | Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema
"A Hero of Our Time (Russian: Герой нашего времени, Geroy nashego vremeni) is a novel by Mikhail Lermontov, written in 1839, published in 1840, and revised in 1841.
It is an example of the superfluous man novel, noted for its compelling Byronic hero (or antihero) Pechorin and for the beautiful descriptions of the Caucasus. There are several English translations, including one by Vladimir Nabokov and Dmitri Nabokov in 1958."
譯藝獎 2016 俄國文學翻譯 丘光 2016-Oct-01

俄國文學翻譯 譯藝獎 2016 得獎者: 丘光 2016-Oct-01 2010年, 丘光成立一個專門從事俄國文學翻譯的出版社,並以契訶夫(Anton…


《萊蒙托夫》萊蒙托夫 (豆瓣) -豆瓣讀書
萊蒙托夫 .作者:伊凡諾夫(Иванов)出版社: 上海譯文出版社譯者: 克冰出版年: 1993-6頁數: 515定價: 9.60元裝幀:平裝***





Published on May 30, 2012










“I was ready to love the whole world, but no one understood me, and I learned to hate.”
―from "A Hero of Our Time" By Mikhail Lermontov, with a Foreword by Vladimir Nabokov, Translation by Vladimir Nabokov and Dmitri Nabokov
In its adventurous happenings–its abductions, duels, and sexual intrigues–A Hero of Our Time looks backward to the tales of Sir Walter Scott and Lord Byron, so beloved by Russian society in the 1820s and ’30s. In the character of its protagonist, Pechorin–the archetypal Russian antihero–Lermontov’s novel looks forward to the subsequent glories of a Russian literature that it helped, in great measure, to make possible. This edition includes a Translator’s Foreword by Vladimir Nabokov, who translated the novel in collaboration with his son, Dmitri Nabokov. READ an excerpt here:

米哈伊爾.萊蒙托夫 Mikhail Lermontov, 1814-1841













           John Toland 的書《佔領日本》(Occupation);The Rising Sun ;Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography 等等   


...第二次世界大戰後的日本即為絕佳的例子。廢止軍隊,天皇之象徵化,警察權力之弱化,財閥之解體,透過農地改革而使小地主成為自耕農,對工會的獎勵,政治參與的擴大以及驅逐曾經協助戰爭的政治人物、官僚、企業家、評論者等,均成為主要的改革...就此意義而言,國際關係是界定國家與社會關係的根本。」(豬口 孝《國家與社會》劉黎兒譯,台北:時報出版,1992,第85-6頁。)
要了解19451949的日本情景,美軍為日本立憲,使其成為自由(某村落老師的解釋是「自主」「行動」)民主,軍法審判、兒女深情、愛恨情仇,美國決定將日本發展成亞洲的「工場大本營」(這使得財閥企業和資本主義結合)等等重要的社會背景,可參考小說: John Toland 《佔領日本》(Occupation)北京:中國社會科學出版社,【19871997

John Willard Toland (June 29, 1912 – January 4, 2004)[1] was an American writer and historian. He is best known for a biography ofAdolf Hitler[2] and a Pulitzer Prize-winning history of World War II-era Japan, The Rising Sun.




Pulitzer Prize-winning historian John Willard Toland was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin on this day in 1912.
"A hybrid of Prometheus and Lucifer.”
Toland's classic, definitive biography of Adolf Hitler remains the most thorough, readable, accessible, and, as much as possible, objective account of the life of a man whose evil effect on the world in the twentieth century will always be felt. Toland’s research provided one of the final opportunities for a historian to conduct personal interviews with over two hundred individuals intimately associated with Hitler. At a certain distance yet still with access to many of the people who enabled and who opposed the führer and his Third Reich, Toland strove to treat this life as if Hitler lived and died a hundred years before instead of within his own memory.


"He was learning how to appeal to the basic needs of the average German ... His 'basic values and aims' were as reassuring as they were acceptable. His listeners could not possibly know that the 'reasonable' words were a mask for one of the most radical programs in the history of mankind, a program that would alter the map of Europe and affect the lives, in one way or another, of most of the people on Earth."
John Toland, Adolf Hitler
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian John Toland’s classic, definitive biography of Adolf Hitler remains the most thorough, readable, accessible, and, as much as possible, objective account of the life of a man whose evil effect on the world in the twentieth century will always be felt.

Image result for rising sun toland

The Rising Sun
Book by John Toland

The Rising Sun: The Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire, 1936–1945, written by John Toland, was published by Random House in 1970 and won the 1971 Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction. It was republished by Random House in 2003.Wikipedia


Health care fraud is becoming a major issue.  The FBI has cracked down on health care fraud including but not limited to drug compounding.  Expect many people to be arrested.   If you have received a letter, you need to act quickly.   Our team of tough, smart health care fraud defense lawyers can help […]
          RoadBlasters Blast into the Future - 10.26.2008   

RoadBlasters Blast into the Future - 10.26.2008

RoadBlasters Blast into the Future - 10.26.2008

Back of the original box for RoadBlasters for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System. Description reads: Blast Into The Future In the distant future the ultimate race will occur. Half race and half battle. Grab the controls and accelarate to reach the rally points, Dodge mines and toxic spills, blast Rat Jeeps and Darting Cycles. Acquire weapons like Cruise Missles and U.Z. Cannons. Explore 50 levels of mind blowing authentic arcade action! Bottom right corner has the seal of the FBI with the message "WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS William S. Sessions, Director, FBI

          Atari Lynx Warbirds back of box - 10.26.2008   

Atari Lynx Warbirds back of box - 10.26.2008

Atari Lynx Warbirds back of box - 10.26.2008

Warbirds for the Atari Lynx Handheld system. English description reads: BATTLE FOR THE SKIES! It's the First World War and the conquest of the sky is your mission. Battle your way to the target with WarBirds, the totally three-dimensional, fly by the seat of your pants, dog fight game. Pick from any of six missions from Milk Run to The Swarm to dog fight one-on-one or fill the sky with war planes. Fight against a computer-controlled squadron or link with up to four Lynx friends to determine who is the greatest World War I Flying Ace. French Description reads: LUTTE A MORT DANS LE CIEL Premiere guerre mondiale. Votre mission: Conquerir l'espace aerien. WarBirds, jeu en trois dimensions, va vous fairee decoller de votre siege dans une lutte a la vie a la mort. De Milk Run (duel aerien sans merci) a Swarm (bataille aerienne grandiose), suivant le genre de sensations que vous desirez revivre, choisissez l'une des six missions qui vous sont offertes. Mesurez vous a l'ordinateur ou bien connectez 2, 3 ou 4 Lynx pour jouer a plusieurs ... et tentez de devenir l'As des As de cetter grande bataille. Bottom right corner has FBI seal and message "WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS, William L. Sessions, Director, FBI"

          Qix for Atari Lynx back of box - 10.24.2008   

Qix for Atari Lynx back of box - 10.24.2008

Qix for Atari Lynx back of box - 10.24.2008

Back of box reads: QIX is back and better than ever! If you are one of the millions who have grown to know QIX, rest assured that this is a faithful adaptation that includes all the exciting features you have enjoyed in the past and more! Neutralize QIX and its mutant offspring SPARX by claiming the territory before they frag you. Beware of the FUSE and the SPIRAL DEATH TRAP. Over one billion moves and shapes as you are challenged by 256 levels of increasing intensity. You never play the same game twice! Even a practice mode. For one or Two Players. Telegames. FBI seal with message \"Winners don\'t do drugs\" William S. Sessions, Director. FBI

          Atari Lynx Pac-Land Back of Box - 10.24.2008   

Atari Lynx Pac-Land Back of Box - 10.24.2008

Atari Lynx Pac-Land Back of Box - 10.24.2008

Has French and English Description and 2 Screen Shots. English description reads: It's hard being a celebrity. It really is. You always have to try and top what you did last. In Pac-Land, out friend Pac-Man (Registered Trademark) is facing more daring adventures than ever before. He is surrounded by colorful graphics, great music, and of coursse, fast-paced excitement. In his latest contest, Pac-Man comes face-to-face with the ghosts on their own turf! So get ready to do some serious fruit munching and ghost gobbling as you run through the forests, cities, and deserts of Pac-Land. French description reads: Le Poids de la celebrite est difficile a porter. Vraiment tres difficile... Il faut constamment se surpasser pur faire encore mieux que la fois precedente. Aussi, les adventures dans lesquelles notre ami Pac-Man se trouve entraine avec Pac-Land sont elles plus audacieuses que jamais ! Et pour ajouter encore a L'interet de ce jeu, Pac-Man est entoure d'objets mysteres colores, de Musique... et bien sur, tout se passe sur un rythme effrene! Lors de son ultime combat, Pac-Man devra affronter les fantomes sur leur propre terrain. Aussi preparez vous a grignoter des fruits a touts allure et a avaler moult fantomes tout le long de la course au travers des forets, des villes et des deserts de Pac-Land. Bottom left corner has Atari Logo, and Bottom right corner has FBI seal with message "Winners don't do drugs" William S. Sessions, Director. FBI

          Ultimate Chess Challenge (Telegames) Back of Box - 10.23.2008   

Ultimate Chess Challenge (Telegames) Back of Box - 10.23.2008

Ultimate Chess Challenge (Telegames) Back of Box - 10.23.2008

Back of box reads: The Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge. On your own against the "Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge" - the world's most powerful hand-held chess game - or against a friend, the stunning 3D graphics and advanced technology of this latest game from Telegames has to be played to be believed. The Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge uses the most powerful chess playing technology from the laboratories of Fidelity - The premier manufacturers of dedicated chess computers and developers of the world's only USCF certified Master rated (2325) chess program. Switch from 3D to overhead view for the final attact-. or use one of the many options available to review the game to date. Full on-screen statistics giving score, times, movies etc. and many ohter features on this world's fastest color hand-held chess game. Message from the FBI on the back of this box (as with many other games) reads "Winners don't use drugs" signed by William S. Sessions, Director. FBI

          Atari Lynx Checkered Flag Box back - 10.23.2008   

Atari Lynx Checkered Flag Box back - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx Checkered Flag Box back - 10.23.2008

This is the back of the box for the game Checkered Flag for the Atai Lynx handheld console. Video games were always popular among teen and the FBI here uses this to convey an anti- drug message "Winners don't use drugs" signed by William S. Sessions, Director. FBI

          New Beer Friday: End of June Edition   
There's no better way to say, adios to the month of June than with a little New Beer Friday action. It's not a massive NBF but it will satisfy. Today's beer meme is dedicated to Kirsten, who doesn't drink alcohol but loves her some New Beer Friday.

Oskar Blues Fugli - If you're not familiar with Yuzu and Ugli fruit, think Passion Fruit and that'll give you an idea of what's going on here. The Yuzu and Ugli fruit are subtle and just add a enough sweetness to balance out the bitter hops. 5.8% ABV @ Bayou

Upslope Citra Pale Ale - Orange peel pretty much dominates this beer. There is some hop bitterness and the malts are subtle, but if your not into orange peel? you will be sad. If you're a fan of Citra hop you won't taste 'em here. Not too bad for a fruit enhanced Pale Ale. 5.8% ABV

Sierra Nevada 3 Weight IPA - This new beer from Sierra Nevada was brewed especially for our market with input from local beer industry insiders, including Beer Bar's Rich Noel and Duncan Burrell. The Boys actually went to the Chico Brewery and help design the beer. The malts are light and somewhat cracker like. The hops have a dankness to them along with some citrus smack. Right now it's just on draft at Beer Bar, but it will start popping up in grocery and c-stores [12oz. bottles] in the coming weeks. 4.0% ABV

Strap Tank Dampfbier - This one is akin to steam beer. Lots of toasted malts, biscuit caramel. hops are mostly piney and herbal. The big difference here is the banana/clove flavors that you get from the yeast. A nice "change of pace" beer. 4.0% ABV.

Don't forget about tomorrow's SLUG Mag On-Tap Beerfest that's in support of the Utah Brewers Guild. I'm hearing there will be a DUI Blitz tomorrow, PLEASE USE PUBLIC TRANSIT.

          Fox & Friends ignores WSJ report suggesting possible Russia collusion   

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters

President Donald Trump’s favorite morning news show, Fox News’ Fox & Friends, completely ignored a Wall Street Journal report about a Republican Party operative who sought former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers and who may have been working with then-Trump senior adviser Michael Flynn.

On June 29, the Journal (which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News) reported that before the 2016 presidential election, GOP operative Peter Smith “mounted an independent campaign to obtain emails he believed were stolen from Hillary Clinton’s private server, likely by Russian hackers.” Smith “implied that he was working” with Flynn during his “conversations with members of his circle and with others he tried to recruit to help him,” according to the report. The FBI has previously said that it could not find definitive proof that Clinton’s server had been hacked.

Media Matters searched SnapStream for “wall,” “street,” and “Flynn” on morning shows of Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN that aired on June 30 and found that Fox & Friends did not mention the story even once. By contrast, CNN’s New Day covered the story in multiple segments, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosted the Journal reporter who broke the story to discuss it.

Fox & Friends has repeatedly dismissed the investigation into Russian interference in the election and whether there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and tried to delegitimize the FBI Russia probe, claiming there's "no evidence" of collusion. Their failure to report the story is yet another effort by the hosts to cover for Trump, who regularly watches and praises the show and has drawn upon it as a source for numerous policy and other ideas.

          Did a GOP politician effectively buy Roger Stone’s endorsement against Sen. Elizabeth Warren?   

Roger Stone posted social media endorsements of Massachusetts state Rep. Geoff Diehl’s bid to challenge Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) just days after Diehl rented his email list.

Stone, who contributes to radio host Alex Jones’ Infowars network and will soon host his own Infowars show, has a history of pushing racist, sexist, and conspiratorial rhetoric. Stone has been a longtime adviser to Trump and worked as a paid consultant for Trump’s campaign; he is now reportedly under FBI investigation as part of the agency’s probe into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Stone announced in May through a marketing company that he’s accepting advertisers for his “online presence,” which includes his email list and "social media posts."

Diehl’s campaign rented Stone’s list on June 16 for a fundraising email. A message accompanying the email stated: “We are excited to share with you a special message from one of our sponsoring advertisers, Diehl For Senate. It is also sponsors like them that help fund Stone Cold Truth. Please note that the following message reflects the opinions and representations of our sponsor alone, and not necessarily the opinion of Roger Stone.”

Endorsements for Diehl subsequently appeared on Stone's Facebook and Twitter accounts. Those posts gave no indication whether they were advertisements.

Stone’s Facebook page posted the following on June 23: “Help Us Fire Elizabeth Warren!!!!! Geoff Diehl: The REAL Deal for Massachusetts Help build our grassroots movement to support the real Diehl for Massachusetts. Stand with Geoff Diehl for U.S. Senate. Your donation will send a loud message that it's time to put Massachusetts first.” Much of that language is taken from Diehl’s website. Diel’s Facebook page subsequently touted the Stone post by writing: “The Stone Cold Truth is that we need a U.S. Senator who will put Massachusetts first. Donate today!” 

On June 24, Stone tweeted a link to a Diehl fundraising page and asked followers to "help us fire Elizabeth Warren."

Diehl retweeted Stone and a supporter who celebrated Stone's tweet:

Stone’s backing of Diehl is at odds with his colleagues at Infowars, which has thrown its support to entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai, who is competing against Diehl for the Republican nomination. He appeared on Alex Jones’ program on June 7 and June 25. During the June 7 interview, Jones said it was “really exciting” to have Ayyadurai challenging Warren, gave viewers his campaign website address, and asked the Republican how people can support his candidacy. Ayyadurai responded by asking Jones’ listeners to make donations and to volunteer with his campaign.

He appeared on Jones’ June 25 show with guest host Owen Shroyer for roughly 20 minutes; the video description stated: “Everyone show your support for Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai running against Democrat Elitist, Elizabeth Warren in 2018.” During the appearance, the candidate said that “what Alex does is probably, sort of the last sort of beacon of truth that’s out there.”

Requests for comment to Diehl were not returned.

           14 charged in Mexican Mafia gang-linked LA jail assaults    
LOS ANGELES (AP) - The FBI says 14 people have been charged in connection with a series of assaults on Los Angeles County jail inmates, allegedly at the...
           Nebraska State Patrol head fired; probe findings sent to FBI    
LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - Gov. Pete Ricketts fired the head of the Nebraska State Patrol on Friday amid an internal review that was launched after officers were...
          Manic Monday   

I think I found the be all and end all of dry shampoos! I was recently in a charity fashion show and was sharing my love of dry shampoo to the hair stylist that was volunteering for the day. He told me that most runway shows use dry shampoo on their models to get lots of volume that last and they always use the brand, PSSSSSST! Yes, the old school, original dry shampoo that has made a comeback! I love it and sometimes even use it on days that I washed my hair but want a little "pump"
 So far I've spotted it at Rite Aid and Ulta...around $5.00

           N Carolina man charged with lying about Islamic State plans    
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - A North Carolina man faces charges that he lied to the FBI when he denied telling someone he planned to fly to Syria and wanted to...
          Большая распродажа FPV-оборудования!   
Большая распродажа FPV-оборудования в Banggood!

           Sessions hopes Russia probe ends 'sooner rather than later'    
WASHINGTON (AP) - Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a vote of confidence Friday to former FBI director Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading an...
          Feldstein Winery   

Creative Agency: XPRESSIONS
Designers: Eddie Goldfine, Liron Silkov
Photographer: Hagit Goren
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Feldstein Winery
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Packaging Contents: Wine Labels
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, glass
Printing Process: Digital, Foil, Blind Embossing, Rustic white wine paper

"FELDSTEIN" is a privately owned winery located in central Israel. The head winemaker and part owner of this boutique winery, Avi Feldstein, asked us to develop a special series of labels characterizing his vision of a dynamic, diverse winery producing a rich variety of wines using chosen grapes from different locations. The labels use empty maps defined only by their coordinate borders as if to say, "we know not where the next harvest will occur".

"The spot is already located but our steps have yet to mark the path... our feet will draw the map" says Feldstein. The empty map is metaphorical as well- defining the varietals, areas, terrain, climate and history. "My winery's identity wishes to celebrate this search, the freedom and responsibility it allows and the magic it creates" adds Feldstein.

The empty map uses simple, elegant typography juxtaposed with visual elements from old maps and topographical graphics. The FELDSTEIN logo is designed using a scanned classic Hebrew wood-block typeface known as “Hatvi Hallul” designed in 1956 and is well known for its use in certificates, signs and official documents.

Read more

          Sessions Hopes Russia Probe Ends ‘Sooner Rather Than Later’   

Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a vote of confidence Friday to former FBI director Robert Mueller, the special counsel leading an investigation into potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign, but he also said he hoped the investigation could “move forward and come to an end sooner rather than later.” The attorney general’s comments during a “Fox & Friends” interview were his most expansive to date on the Justice Department’s appointment last month of Mueller to run the investigation. “Mr. Mueller is someone I’ve known a long time, and I’ve had confidence in him over the years,” said Sessions, an Alabama Republican who served for years on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the panel that oversees the FBI. Those remarks stand in contrast to a drumbeat of Republican criticism of the special counsel’s investigation, including from President Donald Trump, who on the same show last week contended that Mueller was “very, very good friends” with fired FBI director James Comey and characterized that relationship as “very bothersome.” Republicans have also raised conflict-of-interest concerns by noting that some lawyers on Mueller’s investigative team have previously contributed to Democratic candidates, though federal law and department policy does not permit the special counsel to take into consideration the political affiliations of a potential hire. Sessions said he was hopeful the investigation would conclude sooner than later, a point White House staff has repeatedly made, and he did suggest that questions about the composition of Mueller’s staff could be fair game. “We expect integrity from every person involved in this investigation. Mr. Mueller is entitled, lawfully, I guess, at this point, to hire who he desires,” Sessions said, “but I think he should look for people who have strength and credibility by all people.” Mueller was appointed FBI director by Republican President George W. Bush and held the position for 12 years. (AP)

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          Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe Under Federal Investigation   
This DIMocrat in disguise should at the least RESIGN or Trump needs to fire him ASAP. Do you think President Trump below is reason enough? STOP your freaking Tweeting all hours of the morning and start doing what you got … Continue reading
          Release Day Blitz: Talking with the Dead by Shiloh Walker    

Title: Talking With The Dead
Author: Shiloh Walker
Re-Release Date: June 29th 2017
Genre:Contemporary Romance


Surrounded by death, a man with a terrible gift reaches for life.

A horrific tragedy blasted open a door in young Michael O’Rourke’s mind—cursing him with the ability to talk with the Dead. Nearly two decades later, Michael has moved from victim to survivor, using his abilities to seek out those who would go unjudged.

With his gift, he talks to those who’ve died violently and seeks out their killers. Only once he’s found the murderer, can the victims be at rest. After his last case, the only thing he wants is peace and he hopes to find it in the small town of Mitchell, Indiana.

But something is horribly wrong—the dead are waiting for him there, as well.

Small town sheriff Daisy Crandall is frustrated. The murder investigation she’s leading is going nowhere, the few leads she’s had haven’t panned out. She needs a break—this case is personal and when a stranger arrives, turning up where he shouldn’t be, she’s suspicious. Finding out that he is more than what he appears to be should shock her but doesn’t. The fact she’s highly attracted to him at the worst possible time is a hindrance.

Unfortunately, teaming up with Michael is the only way.

Now it’s a race against time before the killer destroys the life of his next victim…

This book has been previously published. A prequel to the FBI Psychics series.

**Warning: this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, violence **


Talking with the Dead

**Mnix ~ Amazon Review**

Talking with the Dead is an intriguing quick read with a touch of romance. The main focus of the book revolves around the mystery of the killer with the romance between Michael and Daisy running on the

sidelines. I agonized with Michael in parts of the story, his inner struggles are written flawlessly. Michael and Daisy both have personal struggles to overcome before they can admit to wanting to be with each other. It was refreshing to watch as Michael dealt with his ghosts and finally went after what he wanted, Daisy.

 Talking With The Dead
Text Copyright © 2017 Shiloh Walker
All Rights Reserved

Although Lucas never mentioned it, and neither did Mom, Michael O’Rourke was a disappointment and he knew it.

Lucas, now, Lucas was everything their charlatan mother could ever hope for. She’d taught him well, teaching him how to run scams, how to pick pockets and how to evade cops and social workers. Yeah, she’d taught him well, all right – maybe too well. Lucas was sixteen. Strong. Smart. He wasn’t going to hang around and keep helping his mother run her scams.

She called herself Lavonne, but her birth name was Rachel O’Rourke. Her great gift in life was in the grift. She could run a scam like nothing Michael had ever seen. Evan Lucas couldn’t sucker them in the way Mama could.

But Lucas had gifts, real gifts, the kind Mama liked to pretend she had. He saw things.

The “sight” Mama called it. Ran in her family, she liked to say, although Michael didn’t’ think she had ever seen anything that he couldn’t see with his own two eyes. Lucas once told Mike that their mama couldn’t see a spirit if it bit her on the ass. They’d laughed themselves sick, thinking about it.

Lucas could see, though. He knew things. He had known when it was time to leave New Orleans and he had known when it was time to leave Memphis and he had warned her about going to Nashville. She’d pissed people off there, but Lavonne was stupid. Plain and simple. She was going to do what she wanted to do.

Shiloh Walker has been writing since she was a kid... she fell in love with vampires with the book Bunnicula and has worked her way up to the more...ah... serious vampire stories. She loves reading and writing anything paranormal, anything fantasy, but most all anything romantic. Once upon a time, she worked as a nurse, but now she writes full time and lives with her family in the Midwest. She also writes under the pen name J.C. Daniels.

          Ο ΠΡΩΤΟΣ πιο επικίνδυνος...   
Την μανία μου με τις εξερευνήσεις την ξέρετε. Άλλωστε το καταδεικνύουν και ο τίτλος του μπλογκ και η υπογραφή μου... Όταν λοιπόν έγινε ο μικρός χαμός με το δημοσίευμα του γερμανικού περιοδικού "Σπήγκελ", που εδώ αναπαρήγαγαν τα "ΝΕΑ", το "Πρώτο Θέμα" κ.ά., ότι ο Τσίπρας είναι ο ΔΕΥΤΕΡΟΣ πιό επικίνδυνος πολίτικός, βάλθηκα να βρώ ποιός είναι ο πρώτος.
Άμ! δέ...
Καμμιά δεκαριά «σάϊτς» επισκέφτηκα {τα οποία έδειχναν επαγγελματικά-βιοποριστικά αφού ήταν πηγμένα στις διαφημίσεις} αλλά σε ΚΑΝΕΝΑ δεν βρήκα να κατονομάζεται ο ΠΡΩΤΟΣ πιο επικίνδυνος.
Όλα αναπαρήγαγαν τα δημοσιεύματα των παραπάνω, που ΔΕΝ ξεκαθάριζαν αυτό το σημείο. «Επαγγελματισμός» να σού πετύχει...
Αποφάσισα λοιπόν να το παλαίψω αλλοιώς το θέμα.
Άμα εμένα μού μπαίνει ένα ερώτημα στο μυαλό, παθαίνομαι μέχρι να το απαντήσω.
Και νά! τί σκέφτηκα και έκανα για να βρώ τον ΠΡΩΤΟ πιο επικίνδυνο:
Έχω έναν εκτεταμένο κατάλογο από e-mail, συγγενών, φίλων, γνωστών {"παλιών καλών" ή και περιστασιακών}. Πάνω από 1.500 διευθύνσεις. Αρκετά μεγαλύτερο ως "δείγμα" από αυτά που χρησιμοποιούν οι εταιρείες δημοσκοπήσεων {συνήθως 1.000÷1.200}. Τους έστειλα λοιπόν ένα μήνυμα με αυτό το ερώτημα: Ποιόν θεωρούν ως το ΠΡΩΤΟ πιο επικίνδυνο -πολιτικά...- άτομο. Απάντησαν 173, δηλαδή κάπου 11%. Καλή ανταπόκριση. Έκατσα, ομαδοποίησα, κατέταξα και μελέτησα τις προτάσεις και αυτοπροτάσεις (υπήρχαν και τέτοιες...). Απόρριψα τις πλακατζήδικες, ξεδιάλεξα τις υπόλοιπες και σχημάτισα έναν κατάλογο επικινδυνότητας των 10 πιο επικίνδυνων.
Από αυτούς πήρα συνέντευξη. Τηλεφωνική ή ηλεκτρονική από τους περισσότερους και προσωπική από όποιους ήταν εύκολο και σχετικά ανέξοδο. Έτσι κατάληξα στον ΠΡΩΤΟ πιο επικίνδυνο που είναι ο εικονιζόμενος.
Στη συνέντευξη αρνήθηκε να τον τραβήξω "βίντεο" λέγοντας
«δεν μπήκα στο "σταρ-σύστεμ" όταν ήμουν νέος, τώρα στα γεράματα θα μπώ;»
Δεν θα αναφέρω βέβαια το όνομά του -είναι πονηροί οι καροί...- αλλά παραθέτω την τεκμηρίωση του γιατί αυτός είναι -κατά την έρευνά μου- ο ΠΡΩΤΟΣ πιο επικίνδυνος.
Δείτε τα 20, κυριότερα κατά την γνώμη μου, στοιχεία επικινδυνότητας:
1. Έχει τις ίδιες σπουδές και το ίδιο επάγγελμα (μηχανικός), με τους -παλιότερους- πρωθυπουργούς (της Τουρκίας) Ντεμιρέλ, Οζάλ, Ερμπακάν αλλά και τους -εν ενεργεία- επικίνδυνους  Άνγκελα Μέρκελ της Γερμανίας, Μαχμούντ Αχμαντινεζάντ του Ιράν και Αμπντουλραχίμ Αλ Κίμπ της Λιβύης.
2. Έχει δραστηριοποιηθεί ανατρεπτικά από το 1954, όταν -δεκατεσσάρων τότε- έσκιζε με ένα σουγιά (που μονίμως κουβαλάει πάνω του!!!) τα λάστιχα της μάνικας των πυροσβεστικών αντλιών, που κατάβρεχαν τους υπέρ Κύπρου διαδηλωτές. Ήταν το μόνο μέσο αναίμακτης διάλυσης διαδηλώσεων τότε. Δεν είχαν «εξελιχθεί» οι κρατικές υπηρεσίες καταστολής...
3. Την ίδια περίπου εποχή χρησιμοποιούσε γραφομηχανή για "εκτύπωση" ανατρεπτικών φέϊγ-βολάν. Εντοπίστηκε όμως από την "Ασφάλεια" της εποχής και -λόγω του νεαρού της ηλικίας- του επεβλήθη μόνον η ποινή επίπληξης και Εθνικής Ηθικής Διαπαιδαγώγησης.
4. Το 1961 λειτούργησε ως θρυαλίδα για να ξεπαστρευτεί η διαβόητη ΕΚΟΦ από το Δ.Σ. του Σπουδαστικού Συλλόγου της Σχολής του.
5. Ήταν οργανωτικό στέλεχος του φοιτητικού δημοψηφίσματος "15% για την Παιδεία". Μού έδειξε κατάλογο όσων έπαιρναν και έφερναν τα έντυπα με τις υπογραφές, που τον έχει φυλάξει από τότε. Αναγνώρισα κάποια ονόματα... που αργότερα μάς πρόκυψαν καθηγητές, φιλόσοφοι, ακόμα και "πολιτικοί".
6. Με τον «ανορθόδοξο» κομμουνιστή Σωτήρη Πέτρουλα είχαν καθήσει και συντάξει πρότυπο σχέδιο καταστατικού για τους φοιτητικούς συλλόγους, ώστε να μην μπορεί να αρπάζει η -διαβόητη, μην το ξεχνάμε...-  ΕΚΟΦ τα Δ.Σ. μέσω δικαστικών αποφάσεων λόγω ατελειών των τότε καταστατικών.
7. Ως έφεδρος διερμηνέας στον στρατό, το 1964 υπηρέτησε και στο Μεταφραστικό Γραφείο του ΓΕΣ. Και κύριος οίδε πόσα μυστικά έκλεψε από εκεί και τα διοχέτευσε στον εχθρό... Δεν μού ομολόγησε κάτι τέτοιο... Δικιά μου σκέψη είναι... Μού είπε όμως ότι παρατήρησε πως ο επί της "Διοικητικής Μέριμνας" του ΓΕΣ συνταγματάρχης κουβαλούσε σε μπιτόνια πετρέλαιο από εκεί για το καλοριφέρ του σπιτιού του. Δεν μού παρουσίασε στοιχεία πάνω σ' αυτό κι έτσι το εξέλαβα ως προσπάθεια υπονόμευσης του φρονήματος περί της εθνοπροσήλωσης του στρατού μας.
8. Από το 1965 έπαψε να αγοράζει οποιοδήποτε έντυπο του γνωστού "Συγκροτήματος", όταν αυτό τό 'στριψε προς τους αποστάτες αλλά και διαφήμιζε -τρόπον τινά...- το «θαυματουργό» νερό του κ. Καματερού. Η επιμονή του σε ωρισμένα θέματα μου φάνηκε ως ένα από τα πιο επικίνδυνα χαρακτηριστικά του.
9. Ως εργολάβος Δ.Ε. αργότερα κατάστρωσε και εφάρμοσε με επιτυχία σατανικό σχέδιο αποφυγής της δωροδοκίας, χαλώντας την -πολιτικώς ορθή- εργολαβική πιάτσα, και έφτασε μέχρι του σημείου να καταγγείλει δημόσια το 1971, μπροστά στον Υπουργό Δημοσίων Έργων της Εθνικής Επαναστάσεως, ότι η δουλειά του Μόρνου ήταν φτιαγμένη. Βγήκε βέβαια από τα ρούχα του ο Υπουργός αλλά τίποτα δεν τού έκανε, διότι η δημοπρασία του κολοσσιαίου -για τότε- έργου ήταν πράγματι στημένη για να την πάρει η ΕΔΟΚ-ΕΤΕΡ..., όπως και έγινε. 
10. Την ίδια περίοδο, μέσω του φωτοτυπικού της εταιρείας, ανατύπωνε στα κρυφά και ταχυδρομούσε δώθε-κείθε διάφορα ανατρεπτικά έντυπα κατά της Εθν. Επαναστάσεως, προερχόμενα από την παράνομη οργάνωση "λαός-2" {καμμιά σχέση με τον ...Καρατζαφέρη} παραφυάδας του, επίσης παράνομου, ΠΑΚ.
11. Ήταν φανατικός αναγνώστης-συλλέκτης του "αντί" από το πρώτο τεύχος του. Ως συνεργάτης του αργότερα δημοσίευσε σειρά ανατρεπτικών άρθρων, όπως περί εγκυρότητας της λευκής ψήφου, περί πραγματικής δημοκρατίας, περί τεράστιας δημόσιας κομπίνας στον καθορισμό της τιμής του διοδίου της Γέφυρας Ρίου-Αντιρρίου και άλλα παραπλήσια πολύ ενοχλητικά για τα πολιτικώς ορθά συμφέροντα.
12. Ήδη από το 1973 (και μέχρι το 1996) οργάνωσε και υποστήριξε την έκδοση εβδομαδιαίας ερασιτεχνικής "εφημερίδας", η οποία όχι μόνο πρόβαλε αντιεξουσιαστικές θέσεις και απόψεις αλλά είχε και το πολύ επικίνδυνο χαρακτηριστικό να διοικείται, χρηματοδοτείται, συντάσσεται και λειτουργεί με βάση τις αρχές της ελευθεριακής πραγματικής δημοκρατίας. Άσε που αργότερα την συνέχισε (και την συνεχίζει...) ηλεκτρονικά.
13. Ήταν βασικός οργανωτής του αντιβασιλικού αγώνα το Νοέμβρη του 1974 στην, πολύ βασιλόφρονα, περιοχή του αλλά με την παρουσία και των εξ Αθηνών Αντώνη Σαμαράκη και Γιώργου Κουμάντου επετεύχθη η μείωση του υπέρ του πολυχρονεμένου μας άνακτος ποσοστού στο μέσο ελλαδικό ποσοστό. Μετά πήρε ...φόρα και έγραψε και βιβλίο για το γιατί (και πώς) πρέπει να αναθεωρηθεί το αυταρχικό Σύνταγμα του 1975.
14. Το 1985 τόλμησε κι έγραψε θεατρικό έργο για τους μετανάστες το οποίο μάλιστα πήρε και το κρατικό βραβείο της χρονιάς. Αν η βράβευσή του δεν ήταν μεδόδευση τίποτε αναρχοκομμουνιστών της Κριτικής Επιτροπής, τότε αυτό το στοιχείο σημειολογεί πολύ μεγάλη επικινδυνότητα.
15. Μέσα στ' άλλα όχι μόνο παρουσίασε οικολογική δράση (καθιέρωση ειδικής στήλης στην εφημερίδα από το 1973, συμμετοχή στην Νέα Οικολογία αργότερα) αλλά και εφαρμόζει απαρέγκλιτα την επαναχρησιμοποίηση αντικειμένων, την ανακύκλωση υλικών, την διπλή χρήση του νερού κ.ά. Επίσης ρούχα-παπούτσια κλπ τα αλλάζει μόνον όταν φθείρονται και όχι λόγω μόδας, προκαλώντας έτσι μεγάλη ζημιά στο υγιές εμπόριο της υπερκατανάλωσης, της παραφουσκωμένης συσκευασίας και του "life style" γενικότερα αλλά και στην κοινή "εμφυτευμένη" πεποίθηση ότι την εμφάνιση πρέπει να προσέχουμε και όχι το περιεχόμενο.
16. Από την άλλη μεριά ούτε σίριαλ βλέπει στην τι-βί, ούτε ποδόσφαιρο, ούτε εκπομπές των "άνκορμαν", ΟΥΤΕ ΕΧΕΙ ΠΙΕΙ ΠΟΤΕ ΚΟΚΑ-ΚΟΛΑ ή άλλο όμοιο ...ελιξήριο. Μιλάμε για πολύ επικίνδυνο άτομο!
17. Κι ακόμα-ακόμα συμμετέχει ενεργά σε κινήματα ταραξιών της καθεστηκυίας τάξεως όπως το "δεν πληρώνω", τις αγανακτισμένες "Πλατείες", την Αλληλεγγύη, τις αχρήματες ανταλλαγές ειδών και δεν συμμαζεύεται. Άσε που επιχειρηματολογώντας πάνω σ' αυτά κάθε τόσο κοτσάρει και κάποια ρήση από την Καινή και την Παλιά Διαθήκη, το Κοράνι ή τις Βέδδες ενώ είναι -προ ...αμνημονεύτων χρόνων- "ντούρος" άθεος.
18. Όπως διακρίνεται και στην φωτογραφία, πάνω από το κεφάλι του δεν έχει την εικόνα του Χριστού ή της Παναγίας π.χ., ούτε του Τσέ-Γκεβάρα ή -άντε...- του Μάρξ αλλά του Δον-Κιχώτη!!! Πράγμα που το έχει επενδύσει και ιδεολογικά: Σημαίνει τον αέναο αγώνα, μού εξήγησε, τον ανιδιοτελή αγώνα, που δεν περιμένεις άμεσα αποτελέσματα για το τομάρι σου. Πολύ επικίνδυνος ο τύπος!
19. Δεν φαίνεται στην φωτογραφία αλλά σε άλλο σημείο του γραφείου του έχει κρεμασμένο ένα κάδρο με την πλατωνική ρήση: «Τοις μεν μη αδικούσι δίκαιος έπαινος. Τοις δε μη επιτρέπουσι τοις αδικούσιν αδικείν, πολλαπλάσιος εκείνου». Ακούς ο τρισκατάρατος ρητό που βρήκε να βάλει...
20. Επαναλαμβάνει συνεχώς, χειρότερα από ...παπαγάλο, και μιλώντας και γράφοντας, το : «Ο άνθρωπος απόχτησε μυαλό για να ανατρέψει τους νόμους της ζούγκλας, όχι για να τους εφαρμόσει», πράγμα που, όπως αμέσως αντιλαμβάνεσθε, αν υιοθετηθεί, θα πλήξει καίρια τόσο τις «Αγορές» όσο και τα θεμέλια της ίδιας μας της κοινωνίας, όπως τον ατομισμό, τη φιλαυτία κλπ!
Στην συνέντευξη-ποταμό κατέγραψα κάμποσα ακόμα σημεία επικινδυνότητας
αλλά θα ήθελα πρώτα την γνώμη σας για την αξία-επάρκεια των παραπάνω.
Τις  απόψεις του για το τί πρέπει να κάνουμε στην Ελλάδα και διεθνώς, ώστε να γίνει η ανθρωπότητα ανθρώπινη, απόψεις τόσο επικίνδυνες που οι ΣΥΡΙΖΑϊκές μπροστά τους μοιάζουν με ...παιδικό πάρτυ, μέ παρακάλεσε να μην τις δημοσιοποιήσω, διότι φοβάται πώς αν τίς μάθουν οι Μέρκελ και Ολλάντ μπορεί να πάθουν εγκεφαλικό ταυτόχρονα κι οι δυό, πράγμα δυσμενές για την Ευρώπη και το ευρώ.
Κι αν τίς μάθει ο Ομπάμα μπορεί να τις υιοθετήσει προεκλογικά και να τις εφαρμόσει μετεκλογικά, οπότε φοβάται ότι θα συμβεί ό,τι συνέβη και στον Χριστιανισμό, όταν τον υιοθέτησε και τον ...κρατικοποίησε ο ρωμαίος αυτοκράτορας Κωνσταντίνος με το περιβόητο «εν τούτω νίκα»...

          菅沼信治 容疑者61歳を殺人未遂容疑で逮捕 68歳女性会社員通勤途中殴打事件 通り魔ではなかった?品川区南大井   

  6月20日朝 東京都品川区南大井の路上で近くの会社に勤める通勤途中の68歳女性が自r転車で通行中 後方から何者かに鈍器のようなもので複数回頭部を殴られ一時意識不明状態になった事件が発生していたが この事件を捜査していた警視庁捜査一課は6月30日 事件発生現場から約170メートル離れたアパートに住む 菅沼信治 容疑者61歳を女性に対する殺人未遂容疑で逮捕したと報じられている。容疑を認めているという。被害を受けた女性は近くの不動産会社へ勤めており 菅沼容疑者が住むアパートはこの不動産会社が管理していたという。菅沼容疑者は家賃滞納など不動産会社とトラブルがありこのトラブルを担当して菅沼容疑者と面接・交渉を繰り返していたという。犯行に使用した鈍器はハンマーであるという。

  当ブログで何度も書いているがFBIの犯罪分析手法で「定型的犯罪・非定型的犯罪」というのがある。善悪は別として 犯行の原因・動機が容疑者の説明で第三者が理解可能なものであるか否か?と考えていただけばよいでしょう。例えば お金が無くなって腹が減ったから盗みをやって食べ物を手に入れた・・・・というのは一応 原因・動機と犯罪結果行動に矛盾はなく定型的犯罪と分析されます。片や 誰かが耳元で「あいつを殺せ 殺さなければお前が殺されるぞ」と囁いたから殺した・・・と説明された場合・・・原因・動機と犯罪行動結果には第三者が聞いても関連が理解不能であります。このような犯罪を非定型的犯罪と分類するというわけです。通り魔事件というのは典型的な非定型的な犯罪と言われております。しかし 菅沼容疑者・・・説明を聞いてみれば不動産会社の女性社員に対して恨みを抱いていたのであろうことは容易に推察できます。この事件は定型的犯罪に分類されます。  

  さて この事件の被害女性に限らず世の中には多くの職種があって難易度はそれぞれ異なるようです。またストレスにも差があるようです。本来であれば この難易度や予測されるストレスによって報酬(給与)に差があって当然でありますが 現代日本では必ずしもその通りには展開していないように見えます。待機児童を巡って社会問題化している保育所の保母さんなどがその典型であります。もちろん労働力は需要と供給のバランスの上に成り立つものでありますが もう一度 関係者は検討してみる価値があるとは考えませんか?

          Kenya's year-on-year inflation falls to 9.21 percent in June   

          Zimbabwe coal producer Hwange expects to return to profit in second half   

          Botswana's economy grows sluggishly in first quarter of 2017   

          Mauritius current account deficit widens in Q1   

          Nigerian stocks shed gains as funds prepare H1 accounts   

          Kenya sells additional 1 bln shillings worth of bonds via mobile phone   

          Zambia's consumer inflation quickens to 6.8 percent y/y in June   

          Ugandan inflation drops to 6.4 percent year-on-year in June: statistics office   

          Nigeria's state oil company agrees $700 mln joint venture: NNPC   

          Gambia proposes 6 pct budget cut for 2017 in bid to contain debt   

          Clarification: Trump-Russia stories   
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In stories published April 6, June 2, June 26 and June 29, The Associated Press reported that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have agreed that Russia tried to influence the 2016 election to benefit Donald Trump. That assessment was based on information collected by three agencies - the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency - and published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which represents all U.S. intelligence agencies. Not all 17 intelligen...
          PUNK!: Dissertation Shoot   

Hi Guys!

 I have been super busy these last few weeks since I returned back to university. As I mentioned in a previous post a few weeks ago I have been preparing for my dissertation practical . As I study a creative course we were given the option of doing an 8,000 word dissertation or a 4,000 piece with a response to what we were talking about/addressing in our essay. As my dissertation question is ‘How Has Vivienne Westwoods Early Punk Style Influenced Fashion?’. I have been looking at fashion designers who have been influenced in some way or another by punk. I decided to recreate 5 outfits from 5 different designers to portray this.
As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, I don’t always feel confident with photography at all, and styling is more where my heart lies within this area, so my friend James Robinson photographed both days for me as he is very good!! I re-mastered and styled both shoots with clothing I bought from eBay, charity shops and things I have found at home that would be perfect for my shoot. I paid close attention to detail by even sewing on buttons for them to look more like the original outfit. I had two professional models that both have an impressive portfolio of work between them, for the make up I used two girls who both study Hair and Make Up Design at my university Aprill Ross and Frankie Sassquatch. The whole team were amazing and I can’t wait to work with them all again in the future, - more shoots are 100% pending! I just thought I’d share some sneak peak photos with you from the shoot, I won’t be getting the final edited images until next week though. Enjoy!


          And the universe is in admiration of the phenomenon called TeamGreen...   

آپ کو یاد ہے ناں کہ ہم ہمیشہ آپ سے کہتے ہیں کہ مسلمان جب بھی کفار پر فتح یاب ہوگا، روحانی طاقتوں کی وجہ سے ہوگا۔ یہ اللہ کا فضل اور کرم ہوگا کہ وہ اپنی روحانی طاقتوں اور ملائکہ کو مسلمانوں کی مدد کیلئے بھیجے۔ کیا آپ نے نوٹ کیا کہ کل کے میچ میں کتنا واضح نظر آرہا تھا کہ اللہ کی تائید اور مدد شامل حال ہے اورروحانی طاقتیں ہماری ٹیم کی مدد کررہی ہیں۔
جب روحانی طاقتیں آپ کے ساتھ ہوں تو پھر ہوتا کیا ہے؟
پھر یہ ہوتا ہے کہ فخر کا کیچ پکڑا جاتا ہے اور وہ نو بال ہوجاتی ہے۔
بال وکٹوں کو لگتی ہے مگر بیلز نہیں گرتے اور حفیظ آﺅٹ نہیں ہوتا۔
دشمن جب آپ کو رن آﺅٹ کرنا چاہتا ہے تو اس کے نشانے وکٹوں پر نہیں لگتے۔
آپ کے کیچ ڈراپ ہوتے ہیں، دشمن کے سارے کیچ پکڑے جاتے ہیں، اگر دشمن کا کیچ ڈراپ بھی ہوجائے، تو اگلی بال پہ دوبارہ آﺅٹ ہوجاتا ہے۔
دنیا کی سب سے طاقتور ہندو ٹیم، دنیا کی سب سے کمزور اور ناتجربہ کار ٹیم کے ہاتھوں رسوا ہوتی ہے۔
اٹھارہ سال کا شاداب اٹھارہ سالہ تجربے رکھنے کو یوراج کو آﺅٹ کرتا ہے۔
پوری بھارتی ٹیم کے اعصاب اور حواس شل ہوجاتے ہیں، اور ہمارے نوجوان بچے شیروں اور دلیروں کی طرح ان کی تکہ بوٹی کرتے ہیں۔
ظاہری آنکھ سے دیکھیں تو یہی نظر آئے گا کہ ہماری ٹیم بہت اچھا کھیلی۔ مگر باطنی نگاہ سے دیکھیں تو نظر آئے گا کہ اللہ نے کس طرح صف در صف ملائکہ کو نازل فرما کر اس پاک سرزمین کی مدد کی، مشرکوں کو رسوا کیا، ہمارے کلیجے ٹھنڈے کیے۔
یہاں پر بہت سے لوگ یہ سوال کریں گے کہ ہم پہلے بھی تو انڈیا سے ہارتے رہے ہیں ، تو اس وقت یہ ملائکہ کہاں تھے؟ اللہ کی مدد کہاں تھی؟
اس بات کا جواب بہت اچھی طرح سمجھ لیں۔اللہ تو ہر وقت تیار ہے مومنین کی مدد کرنے کیلئے، مگر ہم ہی اپنی بداعمالیوں کی وجہ سے اس کی مدد طلب نہیں کرتے۔پوری قوم دعائیں کررہی ہو، اللہ کے آگے گڑگڑارہی ہو، مگر ٹیم میں کچھ کھلاڑی خیانت کررہے ہوں، جواءلگایا ہوا ہو، آپس میں پھوٹ پڑی ہو، اتحاد اور یکجہتی کا فقدان ہو، مقصد پاکستان کو عزت دینا نہیں بلکہ ذاتی شہرت اور پیسہ کمانا ہو، تو پھر ایسی ناپاک نیتوں کی وجہ سے اللہ کی مدد نہیں آتی!
مسلمان کا کام اپنی نیتوں کو پاک رکھنا اور پورے اتحاد اور یکجہتی کے ساتھ دشمن کے خلاف جان مارنا ہے، اس کے بعد آپ اس قابل ہوتے ہیں کہ اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کی مدد اور نصرت کیلئے روحانی طاقتوں کو بھیجے۔ یہ قانون کرکٹ کے میدان کیلئے بھی ہے، اور میدان جنگ کیلئے بھی!
کل کے میچ میں واضح نظر آرہا تھا کہ پوری ٹیم ایک جان ہو کر پورے خلوص اور جذبے سے پاکستان کیلئے کھیل رہی تھی۔ متکبر دشمن نے غرور کی آخریں حدیں پار کی ہوئی تھیں اور پھر یہ اللہ کی سنت ہے کہ جب مومنین ایسے متکبر دشمن کے سامنے خلوص نیت سے متحد ہو کر اللہ سے مدد طلب کریں تو پھر اللہ کی مدد لازماً آتی ہے، اور پھر پوری قوم نے دیکھا کہ اللہ نے کس طرح اپنی روحانی طاقتوں کی مدد سے ہمارے چھوٹے چھوٹے بچوں کو اتنے منجھے ہوئے اور طاقتور مشرکوں کی ٹیم پر فتح عطا کی۔
کل صرف ایک کرکٹ میچ نہیں تھا۔ اللہ نے پوری قوم کو ایک بہت بڑا سبق دیا ہے: یہ پاکستان اللہ کے رازوں میں سے ایک راز ہے، دشمن چاہے کتنا بھی زور لگا لے، نہ تو اس راز کو سمجھ سکتا ہے، نہ اس راز کو مٹا سکتا ہے، نہ اس راز کو شکست دے سکتا ہے۔ جب دنیا یہ سمجھے گی کہ اب پاکستان ختم ہونے لگا ہے، تو ان کو اسی طرح کا دھچکا لگا گے کہ جیسے اس عالمی کپ میں لگا ہے۔ پاکستانیوں کو صرف یہ کرنا ہے کہ اپنی نیتوں کو پاک کریں، اور آپس میں مضبوطی سے یکجان ہو کر ایک مضبوط امت رسولﷺ کی ملت ہونے کا حق ادا کریں۔ باقی کام اللہ کا اور اس کے ملائکہ کا اور اس کی روحانی طاقتوں کا ہے۔ ہم نے صرف میدان میں کھڑے ہو کر ”باﺅلنگ“ ہی کرانی ہوگی، وکٹیں اللہ خود گرائے گا۔
The debutant of the tournament became "man of the match" in final...
The guy playing his first major tournament gathered the "man of the series" and "golden ball" awards...
The spot fixer who was exiled for his sins, came back to decapitate the top batting order of india to atone for his sins...
A bunch of renegades rebelled against the aristocrats of cricket and humbled them...
The Underdogs defeated the Champions...
David has brought the Goliath down...
Modesty got the better of arrogance...
The weakest batting side scored the highest total of the tournament...
The strongest batting side was dismantled to pave way for the biggest margin of defeat in any ICC tournament final...
The records shattered like glass...
And The lowest ranked team became the Champion of The Champions...
Stats don't mean anything...opinions don't count either...paper and analysis mean nothing...
On one's best day, the ball doesn't dislodge the bails and the opponents overstep the lines...
The divine has finally spoken approvingly...
And the universe is in admiration of the phenomenon called TeamGreen...

          Republicans grow increasingly anxious about heading home without a health plan - Washington Post   

Washington Post

Republicans grow increasingly anxious about heading home without a health plan
Washington Post
The dispute within the Republican Party over health care widened further Friday as President Trump joined with two conservative senators in calling for an outright repeal of the Affordable Care Act if the party fails to agree on an alternative plan by ...
Conservative groups unleash on Senate Republicans over repeal billPolitico
What exactly does Trump want from this health care bill?CNN
GOP's Plan B for Obamacare repeal began with quiet push from Koch networkLos Angeles Times
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          Clarification: Trump-Russia stories   
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In stories published April 6, June 2, June 26 and June 29, The Associated Press reported that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have agreed that Russia tried to influence the 2016 election to benefit Donald Trump. That assessment was based on information collected by three agencies - the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency - and published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which represents all U.S. intelligence agencies. Not all 17 intelligen...
          Local computer whiz hopes to pursue career with FBI   
SHERIDAN — For some, understanding the interworking of computers will never happen. But Jesse Smith could tear a computer apart and put it back together before he could drive. Smith, 18, has already held several jobs in the information technology field, and he has no plans to call it quits. He began to take basic [...]
          King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo / 제빵왕 김탁구 (2010)   

Información General
  • Título: 제빵왕 김탁구 / Jeppangwang Kim Tak Goo
  • También conocida como: Baker King, Kim Tak Goo / Bread, Love and Dreams
  • Género: Romance
  • Capítulos: 30
  • Cadena: KBS2
  • Período de emisión: 09-Junio-2010 a 16-Septiembre-2010
  • Horario: Miercoles & Jueves 21:55
  • Audiencia: Máxima=50.8%, Promedio=38.6%
Kim Tak Goo es el hijo mayor de Goo In Jong, el president de la Empresa Samhwa, una leyenda en la industria de la panificación. A pesar de que es un panadero muy talentoso y parecía destinado a tomar el lugar de su padre como presidente, la familia de Goo In Jong conspira para robarle su herencia, porque es el hijo de la amante de In Jong. La determinación de Tak Goo de convertirse en número uno en la industria de la panadería le impulsa a reconstruir su carrera desde el principio a pesar de las muchas pruebas que se enfrenta


                                                                            Joo Won

                                                                     Choi Ja Hye


                                                                 Lee Young Ah

                                                                    Yoon Si Yoon

  • El episodio 4 fue movido a las 22:40 para evitar competencia con la covertura de la Copa Mundial en SBS.

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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 01
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 02
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 03
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 04
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 05
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 06
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 07RAW :
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 08
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 09
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 10
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 11
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 12
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 13
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 14RAW :
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 15
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 16
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 17
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 18
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 19
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 20
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 21
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 22RAW :
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 23
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 24
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 25
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 26
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 27
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 28
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 29RAW :
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King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo : Episode 30
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Coordinación: Francisvhl

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Video Parts Video Source Date Added
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 30 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Sep 23, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 29 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Sep 20, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 28 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Wat Sep 16, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 27 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Sep 13, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 26 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Sep 11, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 25 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Sep 09, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 24 1, 2, 3, 4 Dailymotion Sep 03, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 23 1, 2, 3, 4 Dailymotion Sep 03, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 22 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Aug 30, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 21 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Aug 26, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 20 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Tudou Aug 26, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 19 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Aug 21, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 18 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Aug 17, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 17 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Aug 13, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 16 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Aug 08, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 15 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Aug 08, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 14 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Aug 07, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 13 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Aug 07, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 12 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Aug 03, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 11 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Aug 03, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 10 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Jul 09, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 9 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Jul 09, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 8 1, 2, 3, 4 Dailymotion Jul 01, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 7 1, 2, 3, 4 Dailymotion Jul 01, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 6 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Jun 25, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Wat Jun 25, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 4 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Jun 18, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 3 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Jun 18, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 2 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Jun 18, 2010
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Episode 1 1, 2, 3, 4 Wat Jun 18, 2010

          Merchant Kim Man Deok (2010)   

Lee Mi Yeon interpretará a una valiente comerciante de la época Joseon y la forma en la que ella donó todas sus pertenencias a los aldeanos pobres que vivían en la isla Jeju.

Datos Generales:
Título original: 거상 김만덕 / Kuhsang Kim Man Deok
También conocida como: Merchant Kim Man Deok / Colossus Kim Man Deok
Género: Histórica

Número de Capítulos: 30
Emisión: Marzo 2010
Horario: Sábado y Domingo 21:40
Protagonisas :

                                                                        Go Doo Shim

                                                                     Ha Suk Jin

                                                                    Han Jae Suk

                                                                       Lee Mi Yeon

                                                                        Park Sol Mi

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Language :
Korean Sub : None

Echo: Episode 01

450p: Episode 01

450p: Episode 02

HAN: Episode 03

HAN: Episode 04

450p: Episode 05

HAN: Episode 06

HAN: Episode 07

HAN: Episode 08

HAN: Episode 09

450p: Episode 10

HAN: Episode 11

HAN: Episode 12

HAN: Episode 13

HAN: Episode 14

HAN: Episode 15

HAN: Episode 16

HAN: Episode 17

HAN: Episode 18

HAN: Episode 19

HAN: Episode 20

HAN: Episode 21

HAN: Episode 22

HAN: Episode 23

HAN: Episode 24

HAN: Episode 25

HAN: Episode 26

HAN: Episode 27

HAN: Episode 28

HAN: Episode 29

HAN: Episode 30END



Episode 01-Hardsub

Episode 02-Hardsub

Episode 03-Hardsub

Episode 04-Hardsub

Episode 05-Hardsub

Episode 06-Hardsub

Episode 07-Hardsub

Episode 08-Hardsub

Episode 09-Hardsub

Episode 10-Hardsub

Episode 11-Hardsub

Episode 12-Hardsub

Episode 13-Hardsub

Episode 14-Hardsub

Episode 15-Hardsub

Episode 16-Hardsub

Episode 17-Hardsub

Episode 18-Hardsub

Episode 19-Hardsub

Episode 20-Hardsub

Episode 21-Hardsub

Episode 22-Hardsub

Episode 23-Hardsub

Episode 24-Hardsub

Episode 25-Hardsub

Episode 26-Hardsub

Episode 27-Hardsub

Episode 28-Hardsub

Episode 29-Hardsub

Episode 30END-Hardsub

am-addiction Hardsub en inglés.

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Video Parts Video Source Date Added
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 30 1, 2, 3 Dailymotion Jun 18, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 29 1, 2, 3 Dailymotion Jun 18, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 28 1, 2, 3 Dailymotion Jun 13, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 27 1, 2, 3 Dailymotion Jun 13, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 26 1, 2, 3 Wat Jun 03, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 25 1, 2, 3 Wat Jun 02, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 24 1, 2, 3 Wat May 27, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 23 1, 2, 3 Wat May 27, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 22 1, 2, 3 Wat May 24, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 21 1, 2, 3 Wat May 24, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 20 1, 2, 3 Wat May 16, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 19 1, 2, 3 Wat May 14, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 18 1, 2, 3 Wat May 08, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 17 1, 2, 3 Wat May 06, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 16 1, 2, 3 Wat May 06, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 15 1, 2, 3 Wat May 04, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 14 1, 2, 3 Wat May 04, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 13 1, 2, 3 Wat May 04, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 12 1, 2, 3 Wat Apr 24, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 11 1, 2, 3 Wat Apr 15, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 10 1, 2, 3 Wat Apr 15, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 9 1, 2, 3 Dailymotion Apr 15, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 8 1, 2, 3 Dailymotion Apr 09, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 7 1, 2, 3 Dailymotion Apr 02, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 6 1, 2, 3, 4 Tudou Mar 29, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 5 1, 2, 3, 4 Tudou Mar 29, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 4 1, 2, 3, 4 Tudou Mar 29, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 3 1, 2, 3, 4 Tudou Mar 29, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 2 1, 2, 3, 4 Tudou Mar 21, 2010
Merchant Kim Man Deok Episode 1 1, 2, 3, 4 Tudou Mar 09, 2010

          Marchas Populares de São João 2017 em Beijós   
No próximo dia 23 de Junho 2017 a aldeia de Beijós recebe as Marchas Populares de São João.

A saída das marchas pelas ruas vai ter lugar  a partir das 20 horas. Este evento conta com a organização do grupo de Marchas e da Junta de Freguesia de Beijós.

          Eric Holder Sends Out Ominous Midnight Tweet to ‘Career FBI/DOJ Employees’. Note from Orly: time for a special prosecutor to investigate Eric Holder, Mueller, Comey, Lynch and Rosenstein for the cover up of Obama’s use of a stolen CT SSN and fabricated IDs   
Eric Holder Sends Out Ominous Midnight Tweet to ‘Career FBI/DOJ Employees’
Acting FBI Director McCabe Referred to DOJ Watchdog Over Potential Conflict of Interest in Russia Probe
          The Librarian Who Guarded the Manhattan Project's Secrets   
Her appointment was a victory for the women on the Hill. Though women were integral to the success of the Manhattan Project—scientists like Leona Woods and Mary Lucy Miller played central roles in the creation of the bomb—none occupied leadership positions. In this respect, Serber stood alone. As the head of the scientific library, she became the Manhattan Project’s de facto keeper of secrets, a position that soon saw her targeted for an FBI probe—and almost ended in her being fired from the project.
From The Librarian Who Guarded the Manhattan Project's Secrets - Atlas Obscura

          Smokin Aces 2 Assassins Ball (2009) 720p Bluray X264-DIMENSION   
Smokin Aces 2 Assassins Ball (2009) 720p Bluray X264-DIMENSION
Smokin Aces 2 Assassins Ball (2009) 720p Bluray X264-DIMENSION
Language(s): English
01:28:02 | 1280x720 @ 5593 kb/s | 23.98 fps(r) | DTS, 44100 Hz, stereo, 755 kb/s | 4.41 GB
Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Crime
IMDB info :

Walter Weed is an unassuming desk jockey at the FBI when the Bureau uncovers a plot to assassinate him.

          Isteri Pergi Ke Australia Untuk Surprisekan Suami Yang Bekerja Disana, Tapi Malangnya Suami Ada Kekasih Lain Yang Sarat Mengandung..   

Hati isteri mana yang tidak sedih dan kecewa apabila dapat tahu suami sanggup menduakan dan berlaku curang. Tambah-tambah lagi apabila ‘kantoi’ kekasih suami sedang sarat mengandung. Memang hancur dan kacau bilau emosi isteri.

Seperti kisah yang dikongsi Sarah Haron ini, suami kepada sahabatnya curang sehingga si kekasih hamil. Ingatkan sanggup berpisah dan berjauhan kerana kerja, rupanya-rupanya..

Sumber : Sarah Haron,Oh!Bulan

          ISIS Threats Number in The Thousands, Effect All 50 States Says FBI   

The number of active investigations into the threat of ISIS to the United States has topped 1,000 in recent weeks, according to the FBI.

The post ISIS Threats Number in The Thousands, Effect All 50 States Says FBI appeared first on The Constitution.

          Bernie Continues To Evade Questions Over Wife’s FBI Investigation   
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders grew into the liberal spotlight as a financial deity for the socialist-leaning leftists sick of Hillary Clinton's rampant corruption.

The post Bernie Continues To Evade Questions Over Wife’s FBI Investigation appeared first on The Constitution.

          クローザー シーズン2 第13話 信頼が崩れる時   
          クローザー シーズン2 第14話 灰色の任務(前編)   
          Algonquin-based District 300's first safety director caps nine years on job   
Retiring District 300 Safety Director Gary Chester remembers former Superintendent Kenneth Arndt asking him whether he would be one of those six-month wonders who stays for a short while until something better comes along.

Chester's background made him more than qualified. He spent 35 years as a police officer – 22 of them as a police chief and 15 of them as a public safety director, plus military experience and a certificate from the FBI national academy.

However, his family lived in Michigan, and while Chester reassured Arndt that his stay would last longer than half a year, in the back of his mind he thought he would take the next job offer he got closer to home.

Instead, despite several job offers, Chester spent the next nine years working for the district on weekdays and commuting to his Union City, Michigan, home on the weekends.

He never imagined he'd stay as long as he has, and now, as he moves on to retirement, he faces the challenge of leaving the friendships he's built and the community he's grown to love behind.

If his family was nearby, Chester said they would have to drag him out in his coffin.

"There are bookmarks in your life as you go on. Usually, it's marriage, it's your first kids, it's all your kids being born. It's graduation of the kids," Chester said. "This [job] is one of the big bookmarks of my life."

Looking back, Chester believes the most important part of his job was what staff affectionately dubbed the "Scary Gary Show" – training that covers what to do during weather emergencies, fires and violent situations.

How staff responds to an emergency situation is what ultimately determines the outcome, Chester said, and working on managing staff's psychological response to emergencies is important.

Knowing where to go and what to do in a crisis situation does not matter if a teacher or supervisor freezes up, he said.

"The general public and parents don't really understand how much responsibility we place on the shoulders of those teachers," Chester said. "It's hard enough to get through [a crisis situation] alone and now, we throw 20 to 30 kids at them and say protect them as well."

One piece to that training that Chester said many other schools and school districts fail to do is include substitute teachers.

There are anywhere from two to 20 substitutes in each school on any given day, which is why Chester made sure every substitute is required to watch a two-hour safety presentation before filling in for teachers.

"It's not just ensuring that our students have a safe environment," Superintendent Fred Heid said, "but that our staff does, too."

Heid said that the staff appreciated Chester's presence, and the training Chester gave was always well-received.

"It's easy to put policies into place," Heid said. "It's hard to get people on board with them."

Heid said he has seen safety directors at other districts have an intimidating presence and create an uneasiness when they enter a room. This is not the case with Chester, Heid said. Chester is just there to help.

Chester said he leaves District 300 feeling the appreciation of the community he served over the last nine years. A joint effort of several grateful staff members led June 14 to officially become Gary Chester Day.

Several staff members, local fire fighters, police officers and Algonquin village officials that Chester worked with over the years came together to celebrate his retirement and announce that his name is in several village calendars.

"Even though we promised not to make a huge fuss, we did anyways," Linda Keyes, Heid's executive assistant, said.

Keyes went to all nine municipalities that the district serves and asked them to put together a resolution for Gary Chester Day which was eventually passed with each one.

Chester started as safety director when it was a brand new position to the 22,000-student district. Todd Rohlwing will fill the position after spending the past two months being trained by Chester.

Rohlwing worked for the Illinois State Police and has a military background. To learn more about how school security works on the ground level, he took on the role of student security officer at Hampshire High School.

Chester believes he is leaving the district in good and capable hands, but still finds it to be a challenge to leave the position behind.

"What happened to all the years that [have] flown behind me? It's a transition," Chester said. "If I didn't love what I was doing, it would be a lot easier, but it's hard to walk away from something you love and the love I also get from the staff."

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          Trump wants to save the City of Chicago.   
Donald J. Trump — President of the United States
11 mins
Crime and killings in Chicago have reached such epidemic proportions that I am sending in Federal help. 1714 shootings in Chicago this year!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text

Thomas Williams Save the Children, Mothers, and Dads who are still trying to live a good life anyway, Mr. President.

ReplyJust now
Kim Eden Lehman Thank you, President Trump, for doing what has been needed for a long time.

Reply4 mins
Deborah Davis absolutely, they are not doing anything about it in Chicago, enough is enough,, Trump is a true life ..... yes

Reply2 mins
          Stand up and be counted Mr. & Mrs. Republican.   

Come on Republicans fight, fight, fight.

Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) was the only Republican to vote against Kate’s Law, a law that would impose harsher penalties on...
          Immigration symposium: On immigration matters, the court’s watchwords are caution and deference   

Immigration symposium: On immigration matters, the court’s watchwords are caution and deferenceRichard Samp is Chief Counsel of the Washington Legal Foundation, which filed a brief in Ziglar v. Abbasi on behalf of five former attorneys general and two former FBI directors, and a brief in Jennings v. Rodriguez on behalf of 31 members of Congress. The Supreme Court has long recognized that federal policy affecting aliens, […]

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          De Boekenboom, een zilveren rijder, van Bosch tot Breugel en waanzin en gekte in de 17e eeuw   
Spitten in het verleden, mijn liefste bezigheid. In boeken die het verleden laten herleven, in schilderijen waar ik naast de antieke beeltenis ook de schilder voor me zie herrijzen die de eeuwen tussen ons vandaan haalt, maar vaak ook heel erg letterlijk wanneer ik met mijn metaaldetector op pad ga.
Vorige week zondag liep ik, zoals vaker, over een akker. Thermo-ondergoed onder mijn jeans, laarzen soppend in de modder en gedachten op nul. Na slechts tien minuten had ik een mooi signaal en wat ik opgroef was een prachtig stukje historie - een zilveren Rijdersschelling (ofwel een 6 stuiverstuk) uit 1691. Ik moest even op een berg zand bijkomen van ontsteltenis.
De dagen erna ondernam ik meerdere tijdreizen. Ik volgde mijn tweede college in de reeks 'Waanzin in de letteren'. Het college had als onderwerp 'Waanzin en gekte in drama en lyriek van de 17e eeuw' en werd gegeven door Dr Jeroen Jansen. Ik had vreemd genoeg niet veel verwacht van dit college. Mijn interesse in de literatuur gaat vooral uit naar de 19e eeuw; Maar wat heb ik onverwacht genoten van dit college! Dr Jansen las stukken voor uit 'Warenar' van PC Hooft en de taal kwam tot leven.
De tekst op papier kon ik nauwelijks volgen, maar uit zijn mond onstond er begrijpelijke taal. Een belangrijke les hier opgestoken: wil je Oud-Nederlands kunnen begrijpen dan moet je het hardop lezen!
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor warenar backes
Sinds dat college heb ik de neiging om tegen vervelende mensen: 'Spoeytme van de deur, flucks, of je backes sel vlieghen vanghen' te roepen.

Na het college liep ik (wederom door de regen, net als vorige week) linea recta naar 'De Boekenboom'. Dit klein antiquariaat is met lengte de gevaarlijkste boekenwinkel van Amsterdam. De eigenaar deelt mijn smaak. Welke boekenplank ik ook bekijk, ik zie óveral boeken die ik wil lezen (en erger nog - bezitten). Daarnaast kan de eigenaar erg gepassioneerd vertellen over boeken. 'Oh...vond je dát mooi? Nou dan moet je déze lezen!'. Voor ik het wist zat ik in een grote stoel met een prachtig 18e eeuws boek, een boek over het jaar 1597 in Amsterdam ('mijn moeder had het in een ruk uitgelezen') én een Russische klassieker op schoot.

Ik was zo verstandig om met alleen een briefje van twintig binnen te komen (pinnen kan niet) maar het vervelende is nu wel dat ik volgende week terug moet voor de rest. En ik vrees dat ik dat met een blinddoek om moet doen omdat dit anders in ieder geval de komende maand (de resterende tijd van mijn colleges) een terugkerend fenomeen zal zijn.
De winkel is overigens propvol (op een uitzinnige manier). Op de bovenste planken balanceren de kunstwerken van de eigenaar Cees (hij is ook kunstschilder). En wanneer je daar in de 'gaststoel' zit heb je het idee dat je in een schuilkelder gemaakt van boeken bivakeert.

Arihant Abode for the benefit of low-income and middle income group people, to achieve what they have been dreaming all along. When a family wants to build their own house, every member makes out their wishes in the open, since it is an once-in-a-lifetime project to build a house. Very first on the list will […]

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          White House denounces media obsession over Russia, defends Trump's tweets   
The White House has once again gone on the offensive, condemning the media for constant coverage of the Russia probe, while defending President Donald Trump's recent tweets against MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski. At Thursday's White House press briefing, deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders cited a study conducted by the conservative Media Research Center (MRC), which found that the media has spent more than half of their total coverage on Trump dealing with the Russian probe. For their study, MRC looked at all 364 evening news stories in the five weeks since former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed to oversee the Russia probe. MRC found that out of the 640 minutes that the media covered Trump, 353 minutes was devoted to the Russia investigation and sacked FBI director James Comey. "That's the numbers guys, the numbers don't lie. The media's focus on priorities, they don't line up with the rest of America," Huckabee Sanders said.
          Hayahay sa Jomalig   
Jomalig Island
April 16-20, 2014

Pristine beach, crystal clear waters and sand as golden as the sunset? What more can you ask more for a 4-day vacation on a remote island off coast Quezon. Far... very far from the city. Who would risk the 3-4 hour land travel from Manila plus the 5-6 hours boat ride to the island? Well, the 9-10 hours worth of travelling will all be worth it once you set foot on the island.

The original plan for our group is to spend our holy week vacation at Palaui. But I've got an invite to explore Jomalig Island and stay there for 4 days. It is one of the hard-to-reach places and at the same time the coordinator conducted an outreach program where medicines (vitamins), rubber sandals and white shirts will be given to children. 

Outreach for the children of Jomalig
photo by Raymond Sagum

I tell you, better bring a stuff that will keep you busy for the 6-hour boat ride (passing by Polilio) to the island. You eventually get bored although you're facing the Pacific Ocean, there's nothing special happening like fish flying or birds flying. 

And finally we've arrive!!!

You can tour the whole island by renting a habal-habal for Php 70.00/motorcycle for 2 people. You can go to the other side of the island where the Kanaway Beach is or visit the Mangroves. Roam around the town proper and the other small barangays and meet the kind people and the "makukukit" children of Jomalig.

Kanaway Beach on the other side of the island
photo by Raymond Sagum

photo by Raymond Sagum

Ellidel planting a mangrove shoot
weeks old Mangrove shoots

We also visit what they called "Rock Mountain" or "Mag-asawang Bato". They said that there are a lot of birds nesting there. They come late in the afternoon. Boats cannot dock near cause it may hit the rocks. If you want to climb the said mountain, you'll have to swim to the shore, that is if your brave enough. Waves and the currents are pretty crazy you know!

This part of Salibungot beach has finer sand.

Finer sand
A plant in the middle of it all

Beautiful sunset awaits us every afternoon

Nice to play with silhouette and shadows

We try snorkling at Salibungot beach, to our dismay, there are very few corals present. Most of them are already dead. There are some fishes under the rocks, saw Nemo again and a lot of sea urchins.

One last time to swim in the clear waters of Jomalig

          Sabtang Island - Part 1   
Batanes Tour
February 15-20, 2014

Sabtang shore.
The island on the back is Batan Island

Since we are on a 6-day stay in Batanes, we opt to spend 2 days in Sabtang Island. A friend told me that we should stay at Chavayan Village because this is were the original Ivatans came from. We should experience sleeping at the famous stone houses built by Ivatans plus the scenic view of the Pacific Ocean and the mountain sorrounding the village.

Day 1 of Sabtang Tour consists of:
  • Savidug Village
  • Chamantad Cove / Tinyang Viewpoint
  • Chavayan Village
  • Sabtang Lighthouse
  • Nakabuang Arch (Morong Beach)
  • Back to Chavayan for overnight stay

Expenses on our 1st day in Sabtang:

Php     27.00 Jeep to Ivana Port
Php     75.00 Boat to Sabtang
Php   732.00 Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Php   200.00 Tourism fee
Php   150.00 Lodging Chavayan
Php 1184.00

We woke early the next day to catch the first trip to Sabtang Island. The caretaker at Novitas homestay arrange our transport to Ivana. Instead of hiring a van that will cost us Php 1500, she ask one of her friend, a jeepney driver who has regular trips to and from Ivana Port to pick us up. Our fare only cost Php 27.00 each. Saves us a lot of money. Trip from Basco to Ivana Port takes about an hour.

Port of Ivana

There are 2 regular trips in Sabtang. One in the morning @ 6 am and in the afternoon @ 1pm. The best time to travel is in the morning where the waves are not rough and high. But be prepared as for the waves are not the usual or normal waves. I bet this 45-minute bumby boat ride will make your stay in Batanes a very memorable one. Better bring Bonamine and plastic in case you can no longer contain it. They also say that sometimes the waves are as high as 10 feet. If the weather is bad, they have to cancel the trips going to Sabtang. Another thing, be careful in getting on and off the boat because the waves are so strong making the boat wiggle. Boat ride to Sabtang cost us Php 75.00 each.

This our boat ride to Sabtang

Sabtang Port

If your not used to a bumpy boat ride, the moment you get off the boat and set foot on Sabtang Port, you wanna scream out loud... "THANK GOD, I'M ALIVE!" I never get a chance to take photos while on board. I was afraid my camera might get wet or because of the bumpy ride, my camera might slip through my hands and fell. I remember the lady who sits beside me. Whenever the boat turns on its side because of a big wave she murmurs "Naku! Naku! Naku!" (Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!). When we finally dock at Sabtang Port, the other group never stop saying thanks to the boat driver and kept saying that it was their first time to experience that kind of boat ride.

Sabtang Lighthouse that is closed to the public

When we arrived at the port, I first look for our guide Kuya Jhun Castillo (thanks to Sir Tems!). He will be touring us around Sabtang for 2 days. You can contact him at +639084366357. Then, we finally have our breakfast at the nearby store. We have to rest for awhile because the bumby boat ride still has effect on us. 30 minutes or so, we head to the Tourism Office and pay Php  200.00/head for tourism fee. They also offer lodging for Php 300.00/head per night. But Kuya Jhun already arrange a place for us for only Php 150.00/head per night. Wow! much cheaper! :) After all is settled, we now proceed to our first destination which is....

A few minutes from the town proper, it is a small village with different types of stone houses. So small that you can walk around the old streets and check out the century old stones houses. If you take a closer look you'll notice that some of the stones still have corals in it. They use Cogon grass as roofs and it can last up to 20 to 30 years.

Where are all the village people go? It's was like a ghost town. Maybe they are still busy doing house chores. :)

Me at one of the stone houses
photo by Elmer
Group shot
photo by Elmer
Some of the broken stone  houses due to old age.
Some are destroyed by typhoon. Other are unfinished structures

A really small chapel perfect for a small community. On it's side is an old structure maybe a priest's house. You can take photos inside just be careful because the floor is not that stable.

The chapel all white in color
Interior of the chapel
Old structure beside the chapel
Inside the old structure

photo by Eman

Next is we go to a pastureland (don't know the name of the place) and kuya explain that it used to be a burial grounds that's why there are some part of the soil that has been dugged out. Then there's this mountain in a shape of a face. It is really fascinating. Truly nature is very mysterious in many ways.

See the face of a woman (side view)?
Here... closer

This place is truly amazing. The grassy slopes, reminds me of a landscape in Mt. Pulag and the view of the cove from the cliffs is truly beautiful. You can see how clear the water is. Makes me wanna go down there and swim.

The grassy slopes
The water is so clear. So tempting...
The cool wind soothes the heat from the sun. We just sit there for a while and watch the horizon.
photo by Eman
Group shot
photo by Elmer

It is highly recommended by my friend that we spend a night here at Chavayan Village. She said that we should experience sleeping in one of the original stone houses that was built by Ivatans. Also, meeting the village people is another story. By the way, it is said that the original Ivatans are from here.

When we arrive there and started walking around, it felt like the time stops and were back to old times where all the houses are made of stones (well actually it is!). The village is so peaceful that speaking in a medium tone is very awkward. The stone houses are beautiful that pictures are not enough to express how I feel each time I see one.

The houses are made of layers cogon grass as roof, that said to last 20-30 years and mixture of stones and limestones as walls (some have corals in it). It has another open room below (basement) that serves as storage. They also use it as shelter for their animals if there is a typhoon. If the weather is hot, it serves as their ventilation. The air that passes through the openings ventilates the whole house since the flooring are made of wood. What is unique is that the bathroom/toilet and the kitchen is separated from the main house.

On our way to Chavayan Village

Welcome to Chavayan
Stone houses

Another kind of house that is made of purely cogon grass

The Altar
Chavayan Chapel

View of the mountains and the Pacific Ocean

Sabtang Lighthouse is officially close the public. You can only take photos from the fence. The story behind is that the land that the lighthouse is standing is owned by one of the Mayors in Sabtang. By the time his reign ended, he declared it as one of his properties and was closed to the public. Sabtang Lighthouse is one of the beautiful lighthouse I've seen. Standing near the cliff plus the crashing waves makes it very perfect.

Sabtang Lighthouse

Known for its long stretch of white sand beach, the famous arc which was carve by the sea, the clear, cold greenish water and other rock formations scattered near the shore. If your talking about Batanes, this one landmark the place is known to.

view from the right
view from the left

You can swim here. There are spots without rocks and just sand.

The famous Mahayaw Arc

After taking photos, we go back to Chavayan Village where we will spend our 1st night. I was truly excited because this is the first time that I got to sleep in a house that was build a long time ago. By the way, don't forget to bring you jackets because at this time of the month (January-February), it is very old here in Chavayan.

For our summary, itinerary and our expenses each day please read "Batanes - A dream destination come true!"

          Cuteness Overload   
The kittens are so cute! We all run down to see them as soon as we walk in the door each night. Cappy is doing a great job feeding them and taking care of them. Sometime she licks them so hard she pulls them up into the air! We've started to hear their little rattle purrs alongside their mama.

This is the one that had such a hard time being delivered, then got left alone for part of a day which caused us concern at one point. It is also the LOUDEST, letting us know very clearly that it doesn't want to be lifted up away from mama. So, we always fuss over this one a bit. But last night I got an email from a darling Korean girl in Sweet Cheeks' class (who Firstborn tutors weekly) that her mom finally agreed she can have this kitten. So that makes homes for all three when it's time to leave mama. The calico will go to one of Miss Middler's friends who just had an elderly cat pass away. 

And this chubbiest fluff ball (the kitten, not the gal!) will go to my friend B, who loves kitties, never had a yellow one before, and told me before they were even born, "I want a yellow one if she has one." 

          Česká koruna poprvé od ledna 2015 zpevnila pod 23 korun za dolar   
Česká měna ve čtvrtek poprvé od ledna 2015 zpevnila k dolaru pod úroveň 23 korun za dolar. K 17 hodině posílila oproti předchozímu závěru k dolaru o 22 haléřů na 22,94 korun za dolar. K euru koruna také zpevnila, a to o deset haléřů na 26,22 korun za euro.
          Republicans grow increasingly anxious about heading home without a health plan - Washington Post   

Washington Post

Republicans grow increasingly anxious about heading home without a health plan
Washington Post
The dispute within the Republican Party over health care widened further Friday as President Trump joined with two conservative senators in calling for an outright repeal of the Affordable Care Act if the party fails to agree on an alternative plan by ...
Conservative groups unleash on Senate Republicans over repeal billPolitico
What exactly does Trump want from this health care bill?CNN
GOP's Plan B for Obamacare repeal began with quiet push from Koch networkLos Angeles Times
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          ERREKALEOR VIVE.   
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