Crime drops in Phoenix after city drops sanctuary city status, former cops say   
          Two Indonesian cops stabbed in Jakarta, attacker shot dead   

PETALING JAYA: Two Indonesian special operations police officers were stabbed in a knife attack while they were performing prayers at a mosque in Jakarta Friday night. According to Indonesian news portals and , the incident occurred in a mosque near the Bhayangkara Police Headquarters in south Jakarta.

          I grew up a white kid in suburbia & I know this. Can only imagine what kids of color go thru but cops always messed…   

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posted: June 24, 2017 at 01:05AM

          Japanese cops on the hunt for ‘sokaiya’   
Tokyo: About 1,000 police fanned out across Tokyo in a dragnet aimed at nabbing gangsters notorious for extorting companies on Japan’s bu­siest shareholder meeting day of the year.
          Two Indonesian cops stabbed in Jakarta, attacker shot dead   
PETALING JAYA: Two Indonesian special operations police officers were stabbed in a knife attack while they were performing prayers at a mosque in Jakarta Friday night.
          Celebrating Star Wars #21   

We all know that the first Star Wars film changed the face of pop culture forever when it hit theaters 40 years ago today—but it’s not just the movie that’s celebrating that milestone in 2017. Star Wars comics arrived with force in 1977, and hundreds of issues later, they’re more popular now than ever.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, we’re looking back at our 40 favorite moments from the history of comics from a galaxy far, far away—one day at a time.

Star Wars: Tag & Bink Are Dead (2001) #1

Star Wars: Tag & Bink Are Dead (2001) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

In 1966, a play known as “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”—later adapted to film in 1990—dared to retell “Hamlet” from the perspective of two minor characters. It offered a comedic take on key moments in Shakespeare’s masterpiece by implying that the bumbling duo in some way influenced key events.

Much along those lines, TAG AND BINK ARE DEAD delves into the background characters of “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back” to offer a little more “actual back story” to moments you’ve probably never thought twice about. Starting with the battle aboard Princess Leia’s Tantive IV that kicks off “Episode IV,” we follow two Rebels—the eponymous Tag and Bink—as they eventually escape Empire imprisonment and decide to disguise themselves as stormtroopers aboard the Death Star.

The comedic consequences result in “back stories” for moments like the lone TIE fighter that the Millennium Falcon encounters near the Death Star, the real reason Boba Fett showed up at Bespin, and how the Rebels acquired the shuttle Tyderium they’ll later use to infiltrate Endor in “Return of the Jedi.” Oh, and those two stormtroopers discussing “another drill” as Obi-Wan disarms the Death Star’s tractor beam? That’s Tag and Bink in inaction.

Writer Kevin Rubio masterminded TAG AND BINK ARE DEAD, and followed with a sequel in 2006—and this wasn’t the first time Rubio showed us “what really happened” in Star Wars movies. In 1996, he made a name for himself as the creator of “Troops,” a parody of “Cops” from a stormtrooper’s perspective largely responsible for ushering in an entire era of Star Wars fan films.

          Cops Can Now Download Your Smartphone Activity In Just Seconds   
It looks like cell phone privacy really is a thing of the past as New York prepares to pass a bill allowing police to steal people’s cell phone data. A bill currently working its way through the […]
          WATCH: Cops Break Mans Jaw, Lose His Puppy, Throw Camera In Pond To Cover It Up   
Chatham, GA — A Georgia man’s personal body camera footage is the only evidence being publicly released showing his alleged assault by Chatham sheriff’s deputy Franklin R. Rollins Jr. Luckily for the victim, Anthony Oliver, his […]
          Black Lives Should Matter Long Before They're Lost   
Black Lives Should Matter Long Before They're Lost It's easier to rally people with an injustice and a clear and appealing villain to point to than with prescriptive measures that are likely to help others avoid similar terrible outcomes. This is especially true when prescriptive measures involve advising people to take responsibility and to take a hard look at problems in a community that could be changed, in part, with more responsible behaviors. I've blogged previously about the problem of out-of-wedlock births and single motherhood in the black community. Jason L. Riley at the WSJ takes a different tack, but is still looking at the framework of society for a lot of black people with the question in the subhead of his piece -- "why not focus on bad schools and job-killing regulations?"
On a certain level, the decision by BLM activists to single out policing as a major obstacle to black advancement has always defied comprehension. Police shootings have fallen dramatically in recent decades. In New York City, for example, cops shot 314 people in 1971, 93 of them fatally. In 2015, New York police shot 23 people, killing eight. Which means that police shootings and fatalities in the nation's most populous city have declined by more than 90% over the past 4½ decades. A 2016 paper released by Harvard economist Roland Fryer examined the use of force by police since 2000 in some of the country's largest urban areas and found that "blacks are 23.8 percent less likely to be shot at by police relative to whites." In theory, there is no reason these activists couldn't play a more useful role in helping blacks overcome obstacles and take advantage of opportunities that were unavailable to previous generations. But that would mean abandoning nonsensical narratives that scapegoat law enforcement for high black crime rates and instead picking more substantive fights with fellow progressives. Why not side with the hundreds of thousands of black children nationwide who linger on waiting lists for charter schools that have a proven record of narrowing the achievement gap? Why side with progressive politicians who stunt the growth of charters out of deference to powerful teachers unions that oppose school choice? ...Of course, improving educational and employment prospects for the black underclass would lower black crime rates and thus go a long way toward reducing encounters with police, the goal that is so near and dear to the Black Lives Matter movement. It's a win-win, but first the activists have to decide whether the real goal is to help black people or to help themselves.
Important point there at the end -- one I think few people consider (thanks to how race issues are now the third rail of discussion and debate today). I sometimes get hundreds of retweets and shares of a blog post, but never those about race. At least a few of those must be at least a little interesting to people, but again, major no-go area. Oh, and on the job-killing regulations, consider how the government is trying to put moms who earn money caring for others' children in their homes out of business. As I blogged previously:
Mothers have taken care of other mothers' children throughout human history, usually without death or horrible things happening. There should be no reason why a mother cannot be the judge of whether the person she wishes to leave her child with is a safe bet, rather than having the state intervene. This regulation also keeps poor women who are mothers from having an income by taking in children and caring for them. Again, women have done this throughout human history. Yes, there's always a chance a child will be injured -- maybe in the parent's own home. But a child can still be injured in that *perfectly regulated* hothouse of government regulation. Regulation is mostly keeping the childcare "industry" safe from those who'd like to enter without going to college and jumping through 26 hoops.

          Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis by Roger Rich for Zoo Magazine #55   

Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis is photographed by Roger Rich for the latest issue of Zoo.

          CN ON: Cops Weed Out 7 T.O. Pot Shops   
Toronto Sun, 23 Jun 2017 - Latest raids to curb illicit sales Toronto's seven Canna Clinics have gone up in smoke. A team of Toronto Police, working alongside the city's Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS) officials, raided all seven illegal weed shops Thursday morning.
          Writing Cop Fiction in the Age of Black Lives Matter    
Crime writer Don Winslow says writing a novel about cops and cartels involves some pretty serious research. “In researching these books,” says Winslow, “I meet people. I’ve been to the funerals, talked to the cops. I’ve made the sympathy calls!” His newest book, about the NYPD, is The Force.

In the Spiel, Trump’s worst tweet yet! Oh boy.

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          Teen YouTuber Shoots and Kills Boyfriend in Video Stunt: Cops   
An aspiring YouTube star's boyfriend was killed after she shot him in the chest in a video stunt gone wrong, according to a criminal complaint.
          Translating a Raj Thackeray Speech   
I don't agree with Raj Thackeray's stance against immigrants from UP and Bihar. I can sort of, kind of, see where he is coming from, but I don't agree with the conclusion. And I find his forcible and occasionally violent methods to have his way (especially against powerless shopkeepers and job applicants) abhorrent.

However, as a Marathi person, I find the gap between what he says in Marathi and what is reported in the national media to be suspiciously wide. There are two problems. First, they wrongly translate a lot of what he says. Second, they seem to pick and choose the most provocative bits that can be spun into an attention-grabbing soundbite. I have written about the dangers of this phenomenon before.

Today Raj Thackeray led a rally to Azad Maidan (without permission from the police top brass) as a protest against the August 11 incident. He gave a speech there. Again, I marveled at the difference between what he was saying and what the national media was reporting he was saying.

So I had an idea. I have translated PuLa Deshpande's work before. Surely I can translate a speech. So here it is, the speech in Marathi, and then, what I think is an objective, unbiased, and direct translation in English. This is not an endorsement of what he said. Just a translation for illustrative purposes. I agree with some parts, and disagree with some. I'll leave you to judge it for yourself.

Note - I am translating it in a bit of a hurry. So please forgive any typos or inadvertent grammatical errors.

When it's an institution from Maharashtra, be it a police department, a media company, or anything else.... even just a person from Maharashtra....we should demonstrate the strength to ensure that no one ever looks askance at them again with the intention of harming them.

For the last two days, this has been going on... police officials come to me and ask, how will you take the rally from Girgaum chaupatty? I told them we'll walk.

(crowd laughs)

Then they're like, you can't go from here, you can't go from there...all these efforts at putting obstacles in our way have been spearheaded by Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik. I found out the other day..... in fact a few police officials told me this...that they'll try to stop our cars, and try other things to stop us. I called the Chief Minister right away, and asked him, what is this? What happens or doesn't happen (at the rally) is something we can deal with later. But can't we express our protest in a democratic way with a rally?

Why stop us at every point? I assured them at our rally will be a peaceful one, and they still refused us permission for it? And they had no problems giving permission for that Raza Academy rally? But here we are, with a rally to protest what happened the other day right here, and they refuse us permission?

Then there's (Home Minister) R.R. Patil who says - we won't spare anyone who threatens the law and order of the city. Really? So what happened that day? Was his tail between his legs?

(crowd laughs)

The other day he calls up (MNS MLA from Mumbai) Bala Nandgaonkar and says, "What could I do? What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to take a big stick and stand there?"

(crowd laughs)

There is this one boundary line that cannot be crossed. I have never crossed that line, and will never cross that line. Never raise your hands against the police.

(crowd applauds and cheers)

If you demoralize the police to such an extent, then where will the common man go with his problems? Where will he go? If this keeps happening, tomorrow even the police will say "we don't want to get involved here, do whatever you want".

Is this how a state is run? And this Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik. The cops caught the guilty people. And what does he say to the DCP who arrested the guilty people? He says, "You bastard, let them go!" He tells him to let the criminals go!

Our policewomen sisters were tormented here... they were pulled aside and beaten up and molested......all these guys, our Marathi police constables, were getting beaten up... and they weren't getting any orders?

Oh, and these (police head honchos) knew everything from the beginning. They knew that there were trains full of these goons coming for the rally. And they had choppers, and rods and everything else... tell me, are there ever any rocks lying around here (in Azad Maidan)? Where did the rocks come from?

These people had advance warning of all these facts, and they still ignored them. And they refuse permission for my peaceful rally? The other day, when some police officials came to meet me, I told them. I told them that the 11th August rally at least had targets. That mob knew that it was supposed to target the police and the media.

Who do we want to target (in this rally)? I have already declared our targets. Arup Patnaik, resign! R.R. Patil, resign! I declared this in the beginning itself.

We have not come here to destroy cars or set something on fire. We don't even wish to do all that. Even if we were to, whose cars would we destroy and whose property would we set on fire? Our own? Those belonging to our citizens from Mumbai and Maharashtra? This rally isn't for such purposes.

But how else are we supposed to express our anger? They won't let us express our anger at whatever happened. And they say, please respect democracy. This is democracy?

Go and look at the track record of Raza Academy and its rallies. A few years ago, this same Raza Academy had a rally in Bhiwandi. This bhadva (translates to 'pimp' but pimp doesn't have the same punch :)) Abu Asim Azmi went to that rally. He gave a speech there, that too an inflammatory speech. And they're sending me notices - "don't make inflammatory speeches". That Abu Azmi went there, made an inflammatory speech in Bhiwandi. You know what happened next?

The mob killed two police constables by bashing their heads in with big rocks. Then they cut off their private parts and threw their corpses into burning buses..... the government had no problems with that. And they refuse me permission for a rally?

Whoever came here (on 11t August) had no connection with Maharashtra. They all came from outside Maharashtra.

(crowd applauds and cheers)

After everything that went down here that day, this passport was found, a Bangladeshi passport...

(shows a Bangladeshi passport to the crowd)

This was found right here. Single entry passport (I assume he meant visa). Needed only to come into India. No intentions of going back, so it was thrown away here...

(throws it away)

There are countless such people coming into Maharashtra... they are all setting up their bases in Maharashtra. Tell me something....they say 'coincidence'....what coincidence?

In 1992 when the Babri Masjid was demolished, where was its retaliation felt instantly? In Mumbai! There was no violence anywhere else in the country (GS: this isn't true...there were riots in many other cities)...only in Mumbai! And when this incident happened during the rally on 11th August, its reaction happened in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. So something happens in Uttar Pradesh, there's a reaction in Mumbai, and something happens in Mumbai, there's a reaction in Uttar Pradesh. Doesn't India have any other states???

The reason is, all these people are coming here from there. All these Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who have infiltrated and set up bases in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and Jharkhand, they're all coming here by the trainfuls. And the bases that they are setting up here in Mumbai, those are going to create trouble for us in the future.

Otherwise tell me, this Abu Azmi is elected from two different constituencies in Maharashtra. Two different constituencies? Should any politician from Maharashtra get elected from two different constituencies? He gets elected from two constituencies because all the people in those two constituencies have all come from outside, and they vote for him.

That day, it finally came to the police (couldn't understand the word he said here despite re-playing it many times, at 12:20)...then they had to do it. While doing that, the guy who died, Abu Azmi announced 1.5 lakh rupees for him. So why not for our policemen?

(crowd applauds and cheers)

Even the state government hasn't announced anything yet. No announcements from the state government that they are going to provide compensation for those who were hurt or troubled in those events. Nothing. Nope, just get beaten up.

Why didn't R.R. Patil speak up then? He threatens us.... anyway, what's the point in threatening us? It's almost time for us (and him...a pun) to leave now.

(crowd laughs)

They don't think about anything that has already happened or what may happen. They don't do anything useful. Just get the cops beaten up. Anyone will come, drag our cops away, and beat them up?

The other day when they had that rally in Uttar Pradesh, rioted, destroyed property and all. The ones who did that were also all from outside - Pakistani Muslims and Bangladeshi Muslims. They all poured out into the streets. And what did they do? They defaced a statue of Gautam Buddha. Everyone saw it. Everyone saw pictures, saw it on TV.

Where is Mayawati? Where is that Ramdas Athavale? Where is R.S. Gavai? Where is Prakash Ambedkar? Why are they all silent? All they're obsessed with, as if possessed by a ghost, is Indu Mills Indu Mills Indu Mills Indu Mills. Don't they have anything else to do? What do they want to build in Indu Mills - a bungalow?

Why aren't they talking now? But no one will talk about these things now. They're not ready to utter a word. It's been so many days since the (11th August) incident. But there has been no statement about it from Ramdas Athavale. No statements from R.S. Gavai or Prakash Ambedkar or Mayawati, or anyone else. Nothing. Cat's got everyone's tongues.

This Mumbai Police Comissioner.....he has a "favorite" (that's the word he used) officer Dhoble. The other day, he takes a hockey stick and goes to that...what was that..juice center bar... juice center something...where did he go?

(crowd prompts)

Yes, Amar Juice Center. Is that a place to take a hockey stick to? Take your wife, your kids, I can understand, but a hockey stick? He takes a hockey stick there and beats up innocent people with that hockey stick? And what's his defense? He found drugs there....then why didn't he shut it down?

And this idiot...Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik....what's his explanation? He says Dhoble was on his way to play hockey and stopped over at the juice center. Tomorrow, if someone has gone for his honeymoon. So will he just turn up there naked?

(crowd laughs and cheers)

So Patnaik will go out of his way to protect Dhoble! Because Dhoble is his "favorite". And here (in Azad Maidan) when cops were waiting for orders to tackle the mob.....if not firing, at least give us orders for a lathi charge.... at that time Patnaik had nothing to say. And when our police officers were catching the guilty culprits, Patnaik abuses the officers, calling them "bastards"? He is demoralizing cops to such an extent?

This won't be allowed to happen in Maharashtra anymore. I only want to say one thing to R.R. Patil and Arup Patnaik. Even if you have a little bit of shame left...even a minuscule amount of shame left.... then resign. If you have even the slightest bit of shame left.

For the last two days, some newspapers have been saying - "Raj Thackeray's Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is now moving towards Hindutva". Whoever raises his hands against a cop, whatever his religion, he should be bashed up wherever he is.

When my own party's MLA was bashed up....Harshavaradhan he here?  When Harshavardhan was bashed up.... I gave the orders for him to be bashed up... would he have been bashed up otherwise? When I gave a speech at that time, I said the same thing. Harshavaradhan, no matter what happens, you DO NOT raise your hands against a policeman. Never raise your hands against a cop.

This has nothing to do with religion. All the constables who were here, all my policewomen sisters...the female cops... I consider them all my Marathi brothers and Marathi sisters. I have come out on the streets here for them.

The rally that day (11th August) was organized by Muslims and today I have organized a protest rally against it.... so immediately they're jumping to the conclusion that I am "moving towards Hindutva"? I only understand...this Raj Thackeray only understands one religion...and that is Maharashtra religion. I don't understand any religion except that one. No one dare cross this Maharashtra religion. No one dare think of harming it.

And today's rally is only to boost the morale of the police and to provide wholehearted support to the police.  Along with them, we have people from the media here. Media vans were attacked, burnt, photographers were beaten up.... this rally is to express support for all of them too.

I thank you all for the tremendous response to this rally. If ever such events reoccur, we must stand together in strength like this.

When you're going back...all of you, when you're going back...keep in mind and make absolutely sure that you don't indulge in any sort of untoward activities. Go back in an orderly and peaceful manner to wherever you came from.

I hope that in the future whenever I call upon you, you will return with the same enthusiasm. And now I take your leave.

Jai Hind! Jai Maharashtra!


          Cops arrest jerk for faking family’s death in London fire to get money   
London police busted a man who claimed his family was killed in the Grenfell Tower fire — just to get money and free lodging, officials said. The 52-year-old, whose name was not released, claimed that he lost his wife, son and all his possessions in the inferno that claimed at least 80 lives, the Telegraph...
          Family ID bandits killed by cops   

The men killed by police following a robbery at a Cunupia bar on Wednesday have been identified as friends Keiron Mitchell, 23, from Trincity and Desmond Samuel Francique, 26, of Las Lomas.

The two died at the Chaguanas Health Centre after they were involved in a shootout with police near the cemetery at Madras Road after robbing Harry’s NYC Bar.

The men robbed the bar around 1 pm, stealing around $2000 before fleeing in a white Nissan B13 motorcar. Police were alerted and after intercepting the car there was a shootout.

Relatives of Francique did not want to speak with the media when approached yesterday, but Mitchell’s relatives described him as being “harden”. Mitchell’s brother, L’Lron Alexander, was killed at his business, LA Mini Mart, at Back Street, Arouca, last month.

His relatives said he kept bad company and would follow Francique everywhere.

One relative claimed Mitchell was supposed to have gone with a friend on the robbery and the friend had a change of heart and decided not to go.

The relatives said they hope the death of the two men is a lesson to other criminals to change their source of income

          MDC announce new album “Mein Trumpf”   
Hardcore punk icons MDC (Millions of Dead Cops) have announced plans to release a new album this August. All we currently know is the record will be titled Mein Trumpf. Stay tuned for more details on the follow-up to 2004’s Magnus Dominus Corpus.
          Release Day Blitz: Talking with the Dead by Shiloh Walker    

Title: Talking With The Dead
Author: Shiloh Walker
Re-Release Date: June 29th 2017
Genre:Contemporary Romance


Surrounded by death, a man with a terrible gift reaches for life.

A horrific tragedy blasted open a door in young Michael O’Rourke’s mind—cursing him with the ability to talk with the Dead. Nearly two decades later, Michael has moved from victim to survivor, using his abilities to seek out those who would go unjudged.

With his gift, he talks to those who’ve died violently and seeks out their killers. Only once he’s found the murderer, can the victims be at rest. After his last case, the only thing he wants is peace and he hopes to find it in the small town of Mitchell, Indiana.

But something is horribly wrong—the dead are waiting for him there, as well.

Small town sheriff Daisy Crandall is frustrated. The murder investigation she’s leading is going nowhere, the few leads she’s had haven’t panned out. She needs a break—this case is personal and when a stranger arrives, turning up where he shouldn’t be, she’s suspicious. Finding out that he is more than what he appears to be should shock her but doesn’t. The fact she’s highly attracted to him at the worst possible time is a hindrance.

Unfortunately, teaming up with Michael is the only way.

Now it’s a race against time before the killer destroys the life of his next victim…

This book has been previously published. A prequel to the FBI Psychics series.

**Warning: this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, violence **


Talking with the Dead

**Mnix ~ Amazon Review**

Talking with the Dead is an intriguing quick read with a touch of romance. The main focus of the book revolves around the mystery of the killer with the romance between Michael and Daisy running on the

sidelines. I agonized with Michael in parts of the story, his inner struggles are written flawlessly. Michael and Daisy both have personal struggles to overcome before they can admit to wanting to be with each other. It was refreshing to watch as Michael dealt with his ghosts and finally went after what he wanted, Daisy.

 Talking With The Dead
Text Copyright © 2017 Shiloh Walker
All Rights Reserved

Although Lucas never mentioned it, and neither did Mom, Michael O’Rourke was a disappointment and he knew it.

Lucas, now, Lucas was everything their charlatan mother could ever hope for. She’d taught him well, teaching him how to run scams, how to pick pockets and how to evade cops and social workers. Yeah, she’d taught him well, all right – maybe too well. Lucas was sixteen. Strong. Smart. He wasn’t going to hang around and keep helping his mother run her scams.

She called herself Lavonne, but her birth name was Rachel O’Rourke. Her great gift in life was in the grift. She could run a scam like nothing Michael had ever seen. Evan Lucas couldn’t sucker them in the way Mama could.

But Lucas had gifts, real gifts, the kind Mama liked to pretend she had. He saw things.

The “sight” Mama called it. Ran in her family, she liked to say, although Michael didn’t’ think she had ever seen anything that he couldn’t see with his own two eyes. Lucas once told Mike that their mama couldn’t see a spirit if it bit her on the ass. They’d laughed themselves sick, thinking about it.

Lucas could see, though. He knew things. He had known when it was time to leave New Orleans and he had known when it was time to leave Memphis and he had warned her about going to Nashville. She’d pissed people off there, but Lavonne was stupid. Plain and simple. She was going to do what she wanted to do.

Shiloh Walker has been writing since she was a kid... she fell in love with vampires with the book Bunnicula and has worked her way up to the more...ah... serious vampire stories. She loves reading and writing anything paranormal, anything fantasy, but most all anything romantic. Once upon a time, she worked as a nurse, but now she writes full time and lives with her family in the Midwest. She also writes under the pen name J.C. Daniels.

          The Home Front: Mountain town cops use teens to sting bars that don’t card for booze. But the snitches walk out on their tabs   
“Two 18-year-olds working with law enforcement to conduct alcohol compliance checks might have committed a petty offense when they skipped out on their checks after […]
          Cops Comb For Bald Man Who Stole Rogaine   
Police in suburban Detroit can skip barbershops as they search for a man who stole a hair growth product.
          Student fatally shot by cops for holding pen was set to graduate   
A Seattle-area student fatally shot by police who thought he was armed with a knife was actually carrying a pen, according to officials. The King County Sheriff’s Office said Friday that 20-year-old Tommy Le approached deputies with the writing device in his hand on June 13 in Burien, Washington. Officers had been responding to a...
          Joe Jackson taken to hospital after Vegas car crash   
Cops said the Jackson family patriarch was riding as a passenger in a car when it was hit by another vehicle.
          Jang Hyuk para el nuevo drama de Poseidón   

Después de abandonar la melo-drama de fantasía de Secret Garden (que se sustituye por Hyun Bin, historia de fondo aquí), Jang Hyuk está cerca de elegir su próximo proyecto: próximo drama de acción y aventura de Poseidón.Piense dios del mar no, el cine de acción de Hollywood acerca de hundir barcos.El drama, escrito por el guionista Jo Kyu-won (IRIS) y dirigida por DP Yoo Chul-yong (All In, HIT, Swallow the Sun), se trata de la Guardia Costera. Er, no estoy seguro de si la Guardia Costera es correcto, ya que no es militar, sino más bien la policía océano. Si hay una mejor manera de clasificar oficialmente "policías de los barcos," entonces que había que estar.Yo no conozco a ningún otro detalles de la trama, pero si el escritor de IRIS está detrás de él, le espera una intriga, explosiones y armas de fuego. Realmente no me importa siempre y cuando se trata de trabajo vestido como él está por encima.El papel principal fue programado originalmente para Kang Ji-hwan, pero su batalla legal (en materia de contratos) que participan de la compañía de producción para el teatro, así que volvieron sus ojos hacia la nueva disposición Jang Hyuk por el liderato. Actualmente está leyendo el guión, y buscando en el proyecto favorablemente.

          Chronicle AM: SD Sued Over Forced Catheterization of Toddler for Drug Test, More... (6/30/17)   

The ACLU sues South Dakota over the forced drug testing of a toddler, Detroit residents again sue the dope squad for killing dogs in pot raids, Pennsylvania's governor signs an asset forfeiture reform bill, and more.

[image:1 align:left caption:true]Marijuana Policy

EPA Rejects California's Request to Recognize Allowable Marijuana Pesticides. Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt last week rejected the state's request to recognize acceptable pesticides for pot crops. Pruitt used the fact of marijuana's continuing illegality under federal law to justify the decision: "Under federal law, cultivation (along with sale and use) of cannabis is generally unlawful as a schedule I controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act. The EPA finds that the general illegality of cannabis cultivation makes pesticide use on cannabis a fundamentally different use pattern."

Medical Marijuana

Pennsylvania Health Department Issues Dispensary Permits. The Health Department announced Thursday it had granted 27 medical marijuana dispensary permits. Each permit holder can open up to three dispensaries. They will be permitted to begin selling medical marijuana in six months. Click on the link for a list of permit recipients.

Asset Forfeiture

Pennsylvania Governor Signs Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill. Gov. Tom Wolf (D) signed into law Senate Bill 8 on Thursday. The bill does not end civil asset forfeiture, but does impose a higher burden of proof on law enforcement before forfeitures can take place, mandate a hearing before any seized real property is forfeited, and add protections for third-party property owners.

Drug Testing

South Dakota Sued Over Forced Catherization of 3-Year-Old for Drug Test. The ACLU of South Dakota has filed a pair of lawsuits over the forced use of a catheter to take a urine sample from a three-year-boy to test for drugs as part of a child welfare investigation. The suit comes in the case of a Pierre woman whose boyfriend violated probation by testing positive for illegal drugs. Child protective workers then told the women her children would be taken away if she did not submit them to a drug test. The federal lawsuit names as defendants the state of South Dakota and the hospital whose employees actually performed the procedure.

Law Enforcement

Detroit's Dog Killing Drug Cops Sued for Third Time. A Detroit couple has filed a civil rights lawsuit against Detroit Police alleging officers needlessly and maliciously killed their three dogs during a July 2016 marijuana raid after officers refused to let them retrieve the animals from the back yard. That brings to three the number of active lawsuits filed against Detroit cops for killing dogs during pot raids. The culprit is the department's Major Violators Unit, which conducts hundreds of raids a year in the city, and which has left a trail of dead dogs in its wake. One officer alone has killed 69 dogs.

Illinois Supreme Court Rules County DAs Can't Form Their Own Dope Squads. The state Supreme Court ruled Thursday the county prosecutors cannot form their own policing units to conduct drug interdiction efforts, including traffic stops. The ruling came in a case involving the State Attorney's Felony Enforcement (SAFE) Unit created by the LaSalle County district attorney. The unit operated for five years, mainly stopping cars on their way to and from Chicago. Previously, state appeals courts had ruled that the units were an overreach of prosecutorial authority, and now the state's highest court has backed them up.

          Legal Marijuana Sales in Nevada: Eight Things You Need to Know   

This article was published in collaboration with AlterNet and first appeared here.

As of 12:01am Saturday, legal adult marijuana sales begin in Nevada. And they will commence immediately, with dispensaries on the Las Vegas Strip announcing plans to be open to usher in Sin City's newest attraction.

[image:1 align:left caption:true]But don't go lighting up on the Strip! Smoking in public is not allowed.

Nevada now joins Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington in allowing people to legally buy and sell weed in pot shops. It's the first of the states where voters legalized it at the polls to see shops open, getting out of the gate ahead of California, Maine, and Massachusetts.

That's because the state fast-tracked legal pot sales by granting licenses to a few dozen existing medical marijuana dispensaries in order to let them sell to any adults while officials finalized regulations for the legal marijuana market, which was mandated to begin by January 1, 2018.

So, now that you can add legal weed to Las Vegas's allures, here are a few things you need to know:

1. How much can I buy? Visitors and residents alike can purchase up to an ounce of buds and up to an eighth-ounce of marijuana edibles.

2. Where can I buy it? Look for medical marijuana dispensaries that have been granted recreational sales licenses. Those are clustered in the Las Vegas and Reno areas, including dispensaries on the Strip. There's a complete list of dispensaries here, but remember, not all have the recreational sales okay, so if you're about to go shopping, contact them directly to find out.

3. What do I need? You need to be at least 21 and have government-issued ID that says so. If you're a medical marijuana card holder, you don't have to be 21. And you need to have cash. That's because the federal government refuses to let banks handle marijuana business since pot is still federally illegal. Congress is working on this issue, but in the meantime, hit the ATM ahead of shopping.

4. What should I buy? Regular consumers will have a pretty good idea what they like, but novices can consult their budtenders. There will be a variety of high-quality, high-potency strains on sale, both "stimulating" sativas and "enervating" indicas, as well as a dizzying plethora of hybrid strains.

5. What about edibles? Edibles will be on sale, too, in a wide variety of forms, but because of emergency regulations issued Monday by the Department of Taxation, those products can contain no more than 10 milligrams of THC per dose or 100 milligrams per package. That 10 milligram measure is a good one; novice users will certainly feel an impact at that level. But those emergency regs, which also restrict packaging and labeling are likely to produce initial shortages of edibles given the short lag time between their promulgation and opening day.

6. What's it going to cost? Grams will be going for $10 to $15, ounces for anywhere from $150 for bargain buds to $325 for the primo. Edibles prices will depend on the various products.

7. Where can I smoke it? Well, therein lies the rub, especially for visitors. The only places smoking pot is allowed are at your home or on your front porch. There's no smoking it on the Strip, in clubs or casinos, at rock concerts, or any other public place. And there's no smoking it in hotel rooms, either. Either a lot of tourists are going to end up with public smoking citations, or they start making local friends in a hurry, or they end up paying smoke damage surcharges on their hotel room credit card bills, or all of the above. This is going to have to change, especially since estimates are nearly two-thirds of legal pot buyers are going to be visitors. In the meantime, it could make edibles more attractive.

8. Can I take it home with me? Not if you live in a state where it is illegal. And if you live in a state where it is legal, why bother? If you get caught trying to bring it onto an airplane, the TSA won't bust you (since they're looking for terrorists, not tourists), but will turn you over to the local cops, who also won't bust you (since your weed isn't illegal in Nevada), but the hassles might cause you to miss your flight.

          Less-than-lethal Tasers ‘were not effective’ so Seattle cops used guns to shoot 20-year-old to death   
It was the night before his college graduation and 20-year-old Tommy Le was shot and killed by police because they said that tasers “were not effective” in subduing him. The bizarre story of the student surrounds the King County Sheriff’s Office in Washington state, which received ...
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          Comment on I Want a Gun So Small I Can Conceal It Well by Joe O'Sullivan   
So much of this denigrating of mouseguns is so logically flawed. The scenariosame posited are nonsensical followed by "but better to be safe". The gun control arguments quickly evolve into distances of twenty feet. Caliber arguments evolve into stopping power. Lets get real. I am not a cop or caped crusader, I do not get into arguments or altercations that could escalate into personal attacks. The bad guy I ecounter will not be a psycho meth head or Mad Max in leathers. It will be a mugger or drunk or sexual deviant with a normal will to live. Given that assumption here is the reality, I will not be firing my gun at a distance greater than 10 feet. probably much less if the person is advancing. So let's take the gun control crap off the table. Center mass a little more than an arms length away, not an issue. Stopping power. The gun, regardless of size, IS the stopping power, I am not looking to arrest the guy, only inctivising him to stop and go away. I grew up in the city and know these guys. They become downright charming when the tables turn, They know they play the odds every time they do it. This is not Hollywood with glib one liners and steely eyed villians, This is " whoa dude, chill. My bad. Sorry". There is no percentage in hanging around or escalating if a simple mugging goes sideways, Only cops and movie stars encounter people who advance on people pointing guns at them. Sorry but that is the truth. And if you face that one in million or billion who ignores the most basic of human instincts and moves toward certain death for no good reason you pull the trigger as you back away. I don't know what universe you have to be in to imagine any human being who just experience the sudden explosive sound of a gun at close range and the impact of any size bullet and may be within minutes of dying, especially if he will be shot more times not having survival instincts kick in and flee. I now keep handy little Beretta 22lr in my pocket at all times. It is a well made firearm as reliable as any larger gun. It is loaded with the most powerful copperclad bullets that will consistently penetration to the required 12 inches, The round is appropriate for its size and it handles well. With so many small high caliber guns dominating the market the bad guy isn't going to assume a small round from a small gun. Because it is a pleasure to shoot I go to the range often. Far more than when I Han my mini nine. And the gun is loud as hell, Gunshots attract attention and sound travels a long way, Bad guys like a few things: easy money, to be in control, and no attention, The diminutive little buddy that travels everywhere in my pocker will deny him of all there just as surely as a street cannon will, With the added advantage that j the little guy is nestled in my palm and all but impossible to grab or dislodge, Ideal for a real close physical encounter. Weigh the odds of facing the one in a million psychopath vs, the chances of not having your heavier gun with you.
          7/1/2017: NEWS: Te Anau police vacancies hard to fill   
Te Anau police have two vacancies that they have had no luck in filling and now a Southland district councillor is concerned police can’t attract cops to the town. Cr Ebel Kremer said it was a bit concerning that officers were moving on from Te Anau...
          [wanabidii] News Digest: Live updates: India braces for GST rollout   
Friday, June 30, 2017
Today's Headlines

Live updates: India braces for GST rollout

Will buy AI only if profitable for us: IndiGo president
"Let me be very clear that if it is not profitable and does not add value to our employees, customers and shareholders, we will not embark on this journey," IndiGo president Aditya Ghosh wrote in a mail to staff on Air India acquisition bid.

Debt-hit RCom seeks to give up Rs 340 cr worth spectrum

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'Half-a-degree of warming boosted extreme weather'
Comparing two 20-year periods -- 1960-79 and 1991-2010 -- between which average global temperatures jumped 0.5 C (0.9 F), scientists found that the hottest summer temperatures increased by more than 1 degree C across a quarter of Earth's land areas, while the coldest winter temperatures warmed by more then 2.5 degree C.

Ice-free areas of Antarctica to increase by 2100: Study
Ice-free areas may increase in Antarctica by 25 per cent due to climate change, leading to drastic changes in the continent's biodiversity, a study warns. They found the melting ice could create up to 17,000 square kilometre of new ice-free area across Antarctica.

Rare Siamese crocodile eggs found in Cambodia
Conservationists have found a nest with 19 eggs from one of the world's most endangered crocodiles. It is boosting hopes for species threatened by poachers and habitat loss. Researchers believe only 400 adults still exist in the wild, the baby crocodiles will be raised at a conservation centre

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Europe to meet US plea for more troops to Afghanistan
European allies pledged more troops to support Afghanistan's hard-pressed military on Thursday but left details on numbers vague until the United States clarifies its new strategy to break a stalemate with the Taliban.

Washington plans $1.42 bn arms sale to Taiwan
The State Department said the package included technical support for early warning radar, high speed anti-radiation missiles, torpedoes and missile components. The US is the sole arms supplier to Taiwan, which China deems its own and has never renounced the use of force to bring the self-ruled island under its control.

German parliament legalises same-sex marriage
Germany's parliament voted by a wide margin to legalise same-sex marriage. The parliament voted by 393 votes in favour of same-sex marriage to 226 against. Chancellor Angela Merkel freed members of her ruling conservative bloc to follow their personal conscience rather than the party line.

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Nasa rocket releases artificial colourful clouds
Nasa has finally launched a sounding rocket that created artificial colourful clouds that were visible from New York to North Carolina. The artificial clouds were launched to track particle motions in space. The rocket was delayed many times over the last 30 days.

In rural Kentucky, solar eclipse preparation keeps town busy

NASA's quieter supersonic jet closer to reality
The US space agency completed the preliminary design review (PDR) of its Quiet Supersonic Transport (QueSST) aircraft design. QueSST is the initial design stage of NASA's planned Low Boom Flight Demonstration (LBFD) experimental airplane, otherwise known as an X-plane.

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GST sale: 12 hot deals on smartphones, TVs and more

Comparison: Honor 9 vs Honor 8
Comparison: Honor 9 vs Honor 8

Apple iPhone turns ten: 7 little-known facts about the smartphone
Apple fans, one of your most-loved devices has turned 10. It was 10 years ago that the original iPhone hit stores on June 29, 2007 in the US. Here are some not-so-known facts about one of the world's 'favourite' smartphone.

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Plus III admissions 2017: DHE Odisha declares first selection list
The Department of Higher Education (DHE) has declared the first selection list for +3 admissions on their official website today.

TS EAMCET seat allotment 2017 result declared

TN govt's new policy of reserving 85% quota for state board students challenged in High Court

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Grains and spices market of APMC remains shut in protest against GST

Train coach wheel derails near Kalyan, Central railway service affected

Mumbai: Aunt arrested for two-year-old's murder
Two days after the body of a two-year-old boy was found in a gunny bag at Malad, the police arrested his aunt on Friday.

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Live blog: Heavy rains lash Delhi-NCR

Delhi, Haryana to work together to prevent flooding in Gurugram
Officials from Delhi and Haryana will undertake a joint inspection for assessing silting in the Najafgarh drain over the next two days. This will be done in order to carry out desilting, if required, as part of measures to be taken up to prevent flooding in Gurgaon, that created a havoc last year.

Video: Delhi wakes up to fresh morning showers
Fresh spells of rain lashed the national capital on Friday morning.

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Video: Protest-hit Bengaluru Metro covers Hindi signboards

Video: Elderly man held for molesting minor

Sadarame's Kalla is Kannada theatre's superstar
B Jayashree brings alive her grandfather, Gubbi Veeranna’s, timeless character

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Video: Akbaruddin Owaisi attack case: Pahelwan acquitted, 4 others convicted
Six years after the murderous attack on MIM legislator, Akbaruddin Owaisi, a local court in Hyderabad convicted four men and sentenced them to 10 years of rigorous imprisonment.Prime accused .

'No mob lynching in my name,' decries Hyderabad

Stink rises in Osmania General Hospital, patients helpless
One of the oldest hospitals in India, the Osmania General Hospital (OGH) presents a dirty picture, replete with filthy wards and stinking toilets.

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Presidential elections: Ram Nath Kovind, Meira Kumar to campaign in Chennai on Saturday
NDA presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind and opposition parties’ candidate Meira Kumar will be campaigning in Chennai on Saturday.

Medical seat scam: ED attaches four properties of Madhan
The Enforcement Directorate on Friday provisionally attached four immovable properties of B Madhan of Vendhar Movies, who is an accused in the medical seat scam.

Stalin says TN govt won't take any action, whether it is gutka scam or bribe to voters
The AIADMK government in Tamil Nadu is facing several accusations but it is not ready to take action against the erring officials and others, said DMK working president M K Stalin on Friday.

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PM Modi inaugurates two water projects for Gujarat farmers

Video: PM releases postal stamp, coin to mark Shrimad Rajchandra's birth anniversary

Cop's son killed in accidental discharge from service gun
According to the police report filed by Darji, when Bhavya was looking for his school notebooks in a drawer in the living room, he came across the service revolver which was loaded.

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Rains lashes Sangam city throwing normal life out of gear

Allahabad University makes online fee deposit mandatory

Roli, Tika to welcome students as primary schools reopen on July 1
In a novel gesture, teachers of Primary and Junior High schools of district would be welcoming both boys and girl students up to class VIIIth by applying `Roli’ or “Tika” on their foreheads as schools are all set to reopen after summer vacations on July 1.

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Asian Athletics Championships: Odisha hires two Mercedes Benz buses from Telangana
The state tourism department has hired two sophisticated Mercedes Benz buses from Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation for movement of delegates during the Asian Athletics Championships.

Shopaholics go on a shopping frenzy over pre-GST discounts

Asian Athletics Championships: Odisha's traditional handloom for flag bearers
Flag bearers at the 22nd Asian Athletics Championships will wear traditional handloom saris of Odisha during the opening ceremony of the function. All major varieties of traditional handloom saris will be provided them by Boyanika, official sources said.

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          New York Post: Cops ID woman whose tattooed torso was found along pier   
NYPD cops have identified the woman whose torso was found floating in a Brooklyn waterway — using the only clue they had, a Sanskrit tattoo, police said. Cops had released 
          Innocent man kidnapped and raped by Las Vegas cops for legally refusing to show ID   
Just this week, KTNV's 13 Action News televised the GoPro footage from Solomon Silk Galloway's violent arrest by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. Galloway was recording when officers pulled over his car for allegedly speeding. Even though he wasn't driving the car, he quickly became targeted by Vegas police. Galloway told officers he did not consent to a search of his vehicle and, as a passenger in the car, he was not legally bound to identify himself when cops demanded his ID. However, Vegas cops did not care about his rights, so they jerked him out of his car, kidnapped him and caged him. "Do what you got to do, because we gotta find something," the officers can be overheard saying to each other while unlawfully searching the innocent man's car. And, do something they did. When he was taken back to the police department for legally refusing to ID as a passenger of a vehicle, he was strip-searched and forced to undergo an anal cavity search. Still, they found nothing.
          Comment on Court Documents: Property Dispute Leads to Arson by a relative   
Wow... nice slant you have singing the praises of the neighbor. So much for unbiased reporting. The cops did nothing after Delbert's storage sheds were lit on fire (right after a dispute with the neighbor when they went into town). Cops keep telling them there is nothing they could do for them, but always went out of their way to allow Norris to do whatever he wanted, whether it was operating a business without a license or widening the driveway without a permit and not up to code, and more. If anyone can actually help provide legal support to the Nichols, please do. They don't have the money needed to fight. This whole episode was under duress - the result of years of getting no support from law enforcement.
          Comment on Father of Arson Suspect Arrested After Alleged Threats to Victim by a relative   
Wow... nice slant you have singing the praises of the neighbor. So much for unbiased reporting. The cops did nothing after Delbert's storage sheds were lit on fire (right after a dispute with the neighbor when they went into town). Cops keep telling them there is nothing they could do for them, but always went out of their way to allow Norris to do whatever he wanted, whether it was operating a business without a license or widening the driveway without a permit and not up to code, and more. If anyone can actually help provide legal support to the Nichols, please do. They don't have the money needed to fight. This whole episode was under duress - the result of years of getting no support from law enforcement.
          PAYDAY 2: Crime Spree - New Modifiers, Rewards and more...   

The police will be stepping up its war on crime with new challenges for any heister that is trying to commit a Crime Spree in their city. Any heister that wish to claim the new rewards added to the cosmetic item pool will surely have a challenge ahead of themselves. There will be new abilities and buffs for existing enemies and even some new unit variants to be deployed against them.

The Spree system has also gotten a bit of an update. The initial buy-in cost is gone for a level 0 Crime Spree. That means you only need to pay when skipping levels in the Spree.

The modifier selector is also different with the new update. After the update there will be three modifier intervals to work with.

Loud Modifiers every 20th Crime Spree Level
Stealth Modifiers every 26th Crime Spree Level
Forced Loud Modifiers every 50th Crime Spree Level.

Stealth and Loud Modifiers will have the player choose from a set of old and new modifiers that will change the gameplay in different ways. Forced Modifiers will always increase the enemies health and damage and will be automatically applied to the Crime Spree when the appropriate level is reached.

The heist selector will no longer be divided in long, medium and short heists like before. The choice will now be stealth, short or long heists. The stealth heist may be long or short.

When downloading this update your current Crime Spree will disappear, we highly recommend claiming your rewards before downloading the update. Any unclaimed rewards will be lost when the update is installed.

Now it’s time for some good old fashioned lawbreaking.
OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Update size: 129.1MB

The Desync Beta will be deactivated until we release a new beta update.

  • Made a slight visual update to Jacket
  • Fixed so that items will show their DLC lock again instead of "Ultimate Edition"
  • Players can no longer be downed while in casing mode
  • Fixed some advanced video options not resetting when defaulting video options
  • Players can no longer select "loud" tactic on stealth only heists like The Yacht Heist
  • Fixed players being refunded cash when default weapon parts were removed from their weapons during weapon validation
  • "Fixed some visual issues with the Beanies masks on lobby characters
  • Fixed an issue where Continental Coins on the end of heist screen wouldn't use thousand separators correctly while counting
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching profiles fast in the inventory

  • Fixed a portal issue
  • Fixed some floating graffiti
  • Fixed enemies running through the wall before you blow it up
  • Fixed a spot where the truck could get stuck
  • Moved a tent so that the player can't get stuck behind it
Biker Heist
  • Fixed host players being able to give the Mechanic the chrome skull, soda, or tools, even if somebody else was holding it
Diamond Store
  • Fixed so that cops can no longer shoot you through the wall in the alley
Election Day
  • The player can no longer grab the drill from another room in Breaking Ballot
  • Fixed some floating objects in Breaking Ballot
  • There are no longer 2 escape zones at the end of Breaking Ballot
  • Players can no longer get stuck between desk and chair behind the voting machines on Breaking Ballot
Framing Frame
  • Fixed so that the player can not throw a bag where he can't reach it
Goat Simulator
  • Fixed a crash when kickstarting the saw on day 1
Golden Grin Casino
  • Fixed so that there is cash in the vault on Mayhem and One Down
Hoxton Breakout
    Fixed a crash if Hoxton was on the bridge when it was blown up on day 2
New Safe House
  • Fixed so that the Goat trophy does not appear until you finish the trophy
  • Fixed a blue box in Scarface room on Tier 1
  • Fixed a sniper that would not shoot at the player during a raid
  • Fixed a lamp that was clipping with the wall in Scarface room
  • Fixed some floating money in Scarface room on Tier 2
  • Fixed so that players can no longer throw bags up on the roof
  • Fixed so that the butler no longer gets stuck
  • Fixed an issue where Dragan’s hands were clipping with the floor when he was doing push ups
  • Fixed so that Bonnie is no longer floating when she is next to the roulette wheel
  • Fixed a hole in wall between Sokol and Bodhi's rooms
Panic Room
  • Fixed an issue where one sniper could end up in a position where the player could not kill him
Scarface Mansion
  • Fixed a portal issue inside of the mansion
  • Fixed the HP of the Scarface boss
The Diamond
  • Fixed an exploit where 3 players could stand in one spot and let 1 player do the objectives without enemies
  • Fixed a floating camera

  • Fix incorrect ammo & stability values with akimbo skill and hitman perk deck

  • Fixed the icon for the "Spacegoat" skin for the Kross Vertex
  • Fixed an issue with the Santa's Helper skin on the Lebensauger
  • Fixed both barrels and the extra mag for Barbwire skin for Chimano 88 Pistol
  • Fixed so that the Donald compensator changes color depending on the skin being used
  • Fixed some issues with the color of the Flying Pelican Skin

  • Fixed an issue with the RPG rockets sometimes not being accurate for clients

          Police: Man with gun leads cops on nearly mile-long foot chase from downtown into Back Bay   
Thu, 06/29/2017 - 19:54

Boston Police report officers responding to a report of a guy acting "suspiciously" on Tremont Street in front of the alley leading to the Orpheum found themselves running a race with the man - which they won. Read more.

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          Liam Gallagher – Chinatown Lyrics   

Well the cops are taking over While everyone’s in your car ‘Coz happiness is still a warm gun What’s it to be free man? What say you’re a peon? Me I just believe in the ...

          Cops asked not wear uniforms in Ottawa Pride parade   
Police officers asked not to wear their uniforms in Ottawa Pride parade

          Too Many Cops?   

          The lies we tell / Theresa Schwegel.   
cover image"In THE LIES WE TELL by Theresa Schwegel, Chicago police detective Gina Simonetti is keeping a secret from the department: she has multiple sclerosis. Raising her young niece on her own, Gina hides her disease; she can't afford to lose her job. Anyway, she is healthier than most of the cops she knows, and greatly appreciates the responsibility of caring for a child. But Gina's secret is threatened when a colleague calls her in to help trace a suspect: Johnny Marble has added to his rap sheet with an assault charge--this time against his mother. When Gina pays a visit to the mom in the hospital and winds up running into--and after--Marble, she finds herself in a physical confrontation she can't possibly win. He gets away, and Gina is faced with an impossible situation. She has to find him, but knows doing so means turning in the one person who knows the true story of what happened. After all, now that he's seen her fight, Johnny Marble can reveal her deepest secret to the police department. Though alone in her struggle, Gina isn't alone in her search: in addition to a loyal partner, there is a curious detective and an entire force of coworkers on the hunt. And she's sympathetic to Marble's mother, a woman who is losing her mind to Alzheimer's. Still, Gina fears the fallout: she has no idea how will she keep her own world intact once Marble is found and the truth is out. Once again, Schwegel brings her remarkable talent to bear in this compelling crime novel about imperfect people struggling against all odds--and this time, against the very people who are supposed to help"-- Provided by publisher.
          Split Verdict in Michigan Twitter Hate-Stalking Case   

A Michigan man who used Twitter to threaten to kill school children and Jews was acquitted Wednesday, June 28, of two felonies, including aggravated stalking of the Maryland man who turned him in to the FBI in 2015.

While a jury in Grand Rapids, Michigan, determined there wasn’t proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict David Joseph Lenio of aggravated stalking and use of a computer to commit a crime, the panel did convict him of malicious use of telecommunication services, a misdemeanor.

Lenio, 30, who has been in jail since late February in Grand Rapids, was released on his own recognizance, but the judge banned him from using a phone or the Internet until sentencing in August.

Lenio did not testify in his own defense during the three-day trial.

He was accused of stalking and using a computer to threaten and engage in willful “repeated or continuous harassment” of Jonathan Hutson, a Maryland anti-gun violence advocate whose Twitter-sleuthing led to Lenio’s arrest when Lenio was briefly living in Kalispell, Montana, in 2015.

At that time, Flathead County, Montana prosecutors charged Lenio with two felony charges of intimidation and malicious intimidation for making online threats of violence. A search of his apartment in Kalispell turned up a handgun and two rifles – a bolt action and a semi-automatic.

Lenio, a former high school cross-country athlete, used his Twitter account to say he wanted to execute 30 or more grade school children -- to exceed the number killed at Sandy Hook in December 2012.

He also posted tweets about shooting up a synagogue, boasting that he wanted to put two bullets “in the head” of a rabbi or Jewish leader. He additionally posted comments about going on a killing rampage until “cops take me out.”

David Joseph Lenio was convicted of one misdemeanor and found not guilty of two felonies related to online threats made against children and Jews. (AP Images/Flathead Beacon, Greg Lindstrom)

But the Montana prosecutors suddenly dropped the twin felony charges just days before the 2015 trial under a “deferred prosecution” deal that the charges against Lenio would be dropped in 2018 if he broke no laws, including contact with Hutson.

However, after returning to his hometown in Michigan, Lenio early this year again used Twitter – this time to “terrorize, frighten, intimidate and harass” Hutson in violation of the Montana court order.

During the Michigan trial that ended Wednesday, there was a “point of confusion” between the prosecution and defense whether Lenio violated the Montana delayed prosecution agreement, according to the news site Michigan Live.

Hutson told Hatewatch he hopes, as a crime victim, that he will be able to address the court at Lenio’s sentencing hearing.

“My primary concern remains that David Lenio should receive the mental healthcare he needs and deserves” at his own expense, Hutson said.

He also said he will urge the court to place Lenio on probation for two years, during which time he would be banned from social media, not contact any witnesses, and not own or possess guns.

“I hope he will turn his life around,” Hutson said. “He needs intervention and support to do that.”

          SpotCrime Weekly Reads   
Police involved shootings rulings questioned, hate crimes not being reported, Sessions and the Mary Jane debate continues, the fight over body cameras and police transparency, and more... 


Perjury charge dropped against Texas trooper who stopped Sandra Bland (Houston Chronicle)

Charlotte's Citizens Review Board requests evidentiary hearing for Keith Scott case (TWCNews)

Jackson County jail guards took bribes to smuggle contraband, feds allege (

Three Chicago Cops Charged With Conspiracy to Cover Up Laquan McDonald Killing (NBC)

Officer used excessive force in several cases (Fox)

White St. Louis police officer shoots off-duty black officer (CBS)

More Than 100 Federal Agencies Fail to Report Hate Crimes to the FBI’s National Database (ProPublica)


Will Trump Use Science to Fight Crime? (

STOPPING GUN CRIME: Revamped ballistics strategy targets Houston's serial shooters (Houston Chronicle) See Also: These 14 Facts Are Crucial to Understanding Gun Violence in America ( And Also: Prof. Andrew Papachristos on Gun Violence and The Company You Keep (

When the Mailman Unwittingly Becomes a Drug Dealer (WSJ)

What Jeff Sessions Gets Wrong About Marijuana (Bloomberg)

Portland condemns apartment building because of frequent police visits (

‘NC is the only state where no doesn’t mean no’: Court case ruled women can’t back out of sex (


How Body Cameras Affect Community Members’ Perceptions of Police (

The Right to Record and Police Accountability (

Bill should expand use of police body cameras in Pa., but limits release of video ( See Also: Opponents Say Police Body Cam Bill Hinders Access (Public News Service)

Disusun Oleh:Eko Prasetiyo (XI IPS 4 – 10 -2012)


Apabila Anda mendengar kata “Keanekaragaman”, dalam pikiran anda mungkin akan terbayang kumpulan benda yang bermacam-macam, baik ukuran, warna, bentuk, tekstur dan sebagainya. Bayangan tersebut memang tidak salah. Kata keanekaragaman memang untuk menggambarkan keadaan bermacam-macam suatu benda, yang dapat terjadi akibat adanya perbedaan dalam hal ukuran, bentuk, tekstur ataupun jumlah.
Sedangkan kata “Hayati” menunjukkan sesuatu yang hidup. Jadi keanekaragaman hayati menggambarkan bermacam-macam makhluk hidup (organisme) penghuni biosfer.
Keanekaragaman hayati disebut juga “Biodiversitas”. Keanekaragaman atau keberagaman dari makhluk hidup dapat terjadi karena akibat adanya perbedaan warna, ukuran, bentuk, jumlah, tekstur, penampilan dan sifat-sifat lainnya.
Sedangkan keanekaragaman dari makhluk hidup dapat terlihat dengan adanya persamaan ciri antara makhluk hidup. Untuk memahami konsep keseragaman dan keberagaman makhluk hidup pergilah Anda ke halaman sekolah. Amati lingkungan sekitarnya! Anda akan menjumpai bermacam-macam tumbuhan dan hewan. Jika Anda perhatikan tumbuhan-tumbuhan itu, maka Anda akan menemukan tumbuhan-tumbuhan yang berbatang tinggi, misalnya: palem, mangga, beringin, kelapa. Dan yang berbatang rendah, misalnya: cabe, tomat, melati, mawar dan lain-lainnya. Ada tumbuhan yang berbatang keras, dan berbatang lunak. Ada yang berdaun lebar, tetapi ada pula yang berdaun kecil, serta bunga yang berwarna-warni. Begitu pula Anda akan menemukan tumbuhan-tumbuhan yang memiliki kesamaan ciri seperti: tulang daun menyirip atau sejajar, sistem perakaran tunggang atau serabut, berbiji tertutup atau terbuka, mahkota bunga berkelipatan 3 atau 5 dan lain-lain. Begitu pula pada hewan-hewan yang Anda temukan, terdapat hewan-hewan yang bertubuh besar seperti kucing, sapi, kerbau, dan yang bertubuh kecil seperti semut
serta kupu-kupu. Ada hewan berkaki empat, seperti kucing. Berkaki dua seperti ayam. Berkaki banyak seperti lipan dan luwing. Juga akan tampak burung yang memiliki bulu dan bersayap.

Di samping itu, Anda juga akan menemukan hewan yang hidupnya di air seperti: ikan mas, lele, ikan gurame. Dan hewan-hewan yang hidup di darat seperti kucing, burung dan lain-lain. Ada hewan yang tubuhnya ditutupi bulu seperti burung, ayam. Ada yang bersisik seperti ikan gurame, ikan mas, dan ada pula yang berambut seperti kucing, kelinci dan lain-lain.
Dari hasil pengamatan atau observasi di halaman sekolah, Anda telah menemukan adanya keseragaman dan keberagaman pada makhluk hidup.
Untuk lebih memahami uraian diatas, cobalah Anda kerjakan kegiatan praktikum berikut:
Keanekaragaman hayati tidak saja terjadi antar jenis, tetapi dalam satu jenis pun terdapat keanekaragaman. Adanya perbedaan warna, bentuk, dan ukuran dalam satu jenis disebut variasi.
Untuk mendapatkan gambaran yang lebih jelas tentang tingkatan keanekaragaman hayati, simak uraiannya berikut ini:
1. Keanekaragaman Hayati Tingkat Gen
Apa yang dimaksud dengan keanekaragaman hayati tingkat gen? Untuk menemukan jawaban ini, cobalah amati tanaman bunga mawar. Tanaman ini memiliki bunga yang berwarna-warni, dapat berwarna merah, putih atau kuning. Atau pada tanaman mangga, keanekaragaman dapat Anda temukan antara lain pada bentuk buahnya, rasa, dan warnanya.
Demikian juga pada hewan. Anda dapat membandingkan ayam kampung, ayam hutan, ayam ras, dan ayam lainnya. Anda akan melihat keanekaragaman sifat antara lain pada bentuk dan ukuran tubuh, warna bulu dan bentuk pial (jengger).

Gambar 1. Keanekaragaman gen pada ayam
Keanekaragaman warna bunga pada tanaman mawar. Bentuk, rasa, warna pada buah mangga, serta keanekaragaman sifat, warna bulu dan bentuk pial pada ayam, ini semua disebabkan oleh pengaruh perangkat pembawa sifat yang disebut dengan gen. Semua makhluk hidup dalam satu spesies/jenis memiliki perangkat dasar penyusun gen yang sama. Gen merupakan bagian kromosom yang mengendalikan ciri atau sifat suatu organisme yang bersifat diturunkan dari induk/orang tua kepada keturunannya.
Gen pada setiap individu, walaupun perangkat dasar penyusunnya sama, tetapi susunannya berbeda-beda bergantung pada masing-masing induknya. Susunan perangkat gen inilah yang menentukan ciri atau sifat suatu individu dalam satu spesies.
Apa yang menyebabkan terjadinya keanekaragaman gen? Perkawinan antara dua individu makhluk hidup sejenis merupakan salah satu penyebabnya. Keturunan dari hasil perkawinan memiliki susunan perangkat gen yang berasal dari kedua induk/orang tuanya. Kombinasi susunan perangkat gen dari dua induk tersebut akan menyebabkan keanekaragaman individu dalam satu spesies berupa varietas-varietas (varitas) yang terjadi secara alami atau secara buatan.
Keanekaragaman yang terjadi secara alami adalah akibat adaptasi atau penyesuaian diri setiap individu dengan lingkungan, seperti pada rambutan. Faktor lingkungan juga turut mempengaruhi sifat yang tampak (fenotip) suatu individu di samping ditentukan oleh faktor genetiknya (genotip). Sedangkan keanekaragaman buatan dapat terjadi antara lain melalui perkawinan silang (hibridisasi), seperti pada berbagai jenis mangga.
Perbedaan sifat pada jenis mangga dapat Anda amati pada tabel berikut:
No. Mangga Bentuk Buah Rasa arima
3. golek
gedong lonjong panjang
bulat telur, besar
bulat, kecil manis
lebih manis tidak wangi
tidak wangi
Pada manusia juga terdapat keanekaragaman gen yang menunjukkan sifat-sifat berbeda, antara lain ukuran tubuh (besar, kecil, sedang); warna kulit (hitam, putih, sawo matang, kuning); warna mata (biru, hitam, coklat), serta bentuk rambut (ikal, lurus, keriting). Cobalah perhatikan diri Anda sendiri! Ciri atau sifat apa yang Anda miliki? Sesuaikan dengan uraian di atas?
2. Keanekaragaman Hayati Tingkat Jenis
Dapatkah Anda membedakan antara tumbuhan kelapa aren, nipah dan pinang? Atau membedakan jenis kacang-kacangan, seperti kacang tanah, kacang buncis, kacang kapri, dan kacang hijau? Atau Anda dapat membedakan kelompok hewan antara kucing,harimau, singa dan citah? Jika hal ini dapat Anda bedakan dengan benar, maka paling tidak sedikitnya anda telah mengetahui tentang keanekaragaman jenis.
Untuk mengetahui keanekaragaman hayati tingkat jenis pada tumbuhan atau hewan, anda dapat mengamati, antara lain ciri-ciri fisiknya. Misalnya bentuk dan ukuran tubuh,warna, kebiasaan hidup dan lain-lain.
Contoh, dalam keluarga kacang-kacangan, antara lain; kacang tanah, kacang kapri, kacang hijau dan kacang buncis. Di antara jenis kacang-kacangan tersebut Anda dapat dengan mudah membedakannya, karena antara mereka ditemukan ciri-ciri yang berbeda antara ciri satu dengan yang lainnya. Misalnya ukuran tubuh atau batang (ada yang tinggi dan pendek); kebiasaan hidup (tumbuh tegak, ada yang merambat), bentuk buah dan biji, warna biji, jumlah biji, serta rasanya yang berbeda.

Gambar 2. Keanekaragaman jenis pada kacang-kacangan
Contoh lain, keanekaragaman pada keluarga kucing. Di kebun binatang, Anda dapat mengamati hewan harimau, singa, citah dan kucing.

Gambar 2. Keanek ragaman jenis pada hewan (a) harimau, (b) singan, (c) kucing dan (d) citah.
Walaupun hewan-hewan tersebut termasuk dalam satu familia/suku Felidae, tetapi diantara mereka terdapat perbedaan-perbedaan sifat yang mencolok. Misalnya, perbedaan warna bulu, tipe lorengnya, ukuran tubuh, tingkah laku, serta lingkungan hidupnya.
Cobalah Anda perhatikan perbedaan sifat dari hewan berikut ini :
No. Ciri-ciri Kucing Harimau Singa Citah


3. Ukuran tubuh
Warna bulu

Tempat hidup Kecil

Hitam, putih, kuning
Hutan, rumah Besar

Hitam, putih, kuning
Hutan Besar

Hitam, putih, kuning
Hutan Sedang

Hitam/ putih
Demikian pula pada kelompok tumbuhan yang tumbuh di dataran tinggi dan dataran rendah akan memperlihatkan perbedaan-perbedaan sifat pada tinggi batang, daun dan bunga. Contohnya kelapa, aren, pinang, dan lontar, seperti tampak pada tabel pengamatan berikut ini.
No Ciri-ciri Kelapa Aren Pinang Lontar
1. Tinggi Batang >30m 25m 25 15-30m
2. Daun -Panjang tangkai daun 75-150cm
-Helaian daun 5m, ujungruncing dan keras -Panjang tangkai daun 150cm Tangkai daun pendek -Panjang tangkai daun 100cm
-Helaian daun bulat, tepi daun bercangap menjari
3. Bunga Tongkol Tongkol Tongkol Bulir

Gambar 2. Keanekaragaman pada suku Palmae
Dari contoh-contoh di atas, Anda dapat mengetahui ada perbedaan atau variasi sifat pada kucing, harimau, singa dan citah yang termasuk dalam familia/suku Felidae. Variasi pada suku Felidae ini menunjukkan keanekaragaman pada tingkat jenis.
Hal yang sama terdapat juga pada tanaman kelapa, aren, pinang, dan lontar yang termasuk suku Palmae atau Arecaceae.
3. Keanekaragaman Hayati Tingkat Ekosistem
Di lingkungan manapun Anda di muka bumi ini, maka Anda akan menemukan makhluk hidup lain selain Anda. Semua makhluk hidup berinteraksi atau berhubungan erat dengan lingkungan tempat hidupnya.
Lingkungan hidup meliputi komponen biotik dan komponen abiotik. Komponen biotik meliputi berbagai jenis makhluk hidup mulai yang bersel satu (uni seluler) sampai makhluk hidup bersel banyak (multi seluler) yang dapat dilihat langsung oleh kita. Komponen abiotik meliputi iklim, cahaya, batuan, air, tanah, dan kelembaban. Ini semua disebut faktor fisik. Selain faktor fisik, ada faktor kimia, seperti salinitas (kadar garam), tingkat keasaman, dan kandungan mineral.
Baik komponen biotik maupun komponen abiotik sangat beragam atau bervariasi. Oleh karena itu, ekosistem yang merupakan interaksi antara komponen biotik dengan komponen abiotik pun bervariasi pula.
Di dalam ekosistem, seluruh makhluk hidup yang terdapat di dalamnya selalu melakukan hubungan timbal balik, baik antar makhluk hidup maupun makhluk hidup dengan lingkungnnya atau komponen abiotiknya. Hubungan timbal balik ini menimbulkan keserasian hidup di dalam suatu ekosistem. Apa yang menyebabkan terjadinya keanekaragaman tingkat ekosistem? Perbedaan letak geografis antara lain merupakan faktor yang menimbulkan berbagai bentuk ekosistem.

Gambar 2. Keanekaragaman ekosistem (a) padang rumput (b) padang tundra (c) gurun pasir
Perbedaan letak geografis menyebabkan perbedaan iklim. Perbedaan iklim menyebabkan terjadinya perbedaan temperature, curah hujan, intensitas cahaya matahari, dan lamanya penyinaran. Keadaan ini akan berpengaruh terhadap jenis-jenis flora (tumbuhan) dan fauna (hewan) yang menempati suatu daerah.
Di daerah dingin terdapat bioma Tundra. Di tempat ini tidak ada pohon, yang tumbuh hanya jenis lumut. Hewan yang dapat hidup, antara lain rusa kutub dan beruang kutub. Di daerah beriklim sedang terdpat bioma Taiga. Jenis tumbuhan yang paling sesuai untuk daerah ini adalah tumbuhan conifer, dan fauna/hewannya antara lain anjing hutan, dan rusa kutub.
Pada iklim tropis terdapat hutan hujan tropis. Hutan hujan tropis memiliki flora (tumbuhan) dan fauna (hewan) yang sangat kaya dan beraneka ragam. Keanekaragaman jenis-jenis flora dan fauna yang menempati suatu daerah akan membentuk ekosistem yang berbeda. Maka terbentuklah keanekaragaman tingkat ekosistem.
Totalitas variasi gen, jenis dan ekosistem menunjukkan terdapat pelbagai variasi bentuk, penampakan, frekwensi, ukuran dan sifat lainnya pada tingkat yang berbeda-beda merupakan keanekaragaman hayati.
Keanekaragaman hayati berkembang dari keanekaragaman tingkat gen, keanekaragaman tingkat jenis dan keanekaragaman tingkat ekosistem. Keanekaragaman hayati perlu dilestarikan karena didalamnya terdapat sejumlah spesies asli sebagai bahan mentah perakitan varietas-varietas unggul. Kelestarian keanekaragaman hayati pada suatu ekosistem akan terganggu bila ada komponen-komponennya yang mengalami gangguan.
Gangguan-gangguan terhadap komponen-komponen ekosistem tersebut dapat menimbulkan perubahan pada tatanan ekosistemnya. Besar atau kecilnya gangguan terhadap ekosistem dapat merubah wujud ekosistem secara perlahan-lahan atau secara cepat pula. Contoh-contoh gangguan ekosistem , antara lain penebangan pohon di hutan-hutan secara liar dan perburuan hewan secara liar dapat mengganggu keseimbangan ekosistem. Gangguan tersebut secara perlahan-lahan dapat merubah ekosistem sekaligus mempengaruhi keanekaragaman tingkat ekosistem. Bencana tanah longsor atau letusan gunung berapi, bahkan dapat memusnahkan ekosistem. Tentu juga akan memusnahkan keanekaragaman tingkat ekosistem. Demikian halnya dengan bencana tsunami.
Tahukah Anda, bahwa Indonesia merupakan salah satu dari tiga Negara yang memiliki keanekaragaman hayati yang tinggi? Dua negara lainnya adalah Brazil dan Zaire. Tetapi dibandingkan dengan Brazil dan Zaire, Indonesia memiliki keunikan tersendiri. Keunikannya adalah disamping memiliki keanekragaman hayati yang tinggi, Indonesia mempunyai areal tipe Indomalaya yang luas, juga tipe Oriental, Australia, dan peralihannya. Selain itu di Indonesia terdapat banyak hewan dan tumbuhan langka, serta hewan dan tumbuhan endemik (penyebaran terbatas).
Untuk lebih memahami materi tersebut, silakan Anda simak uraian mengenai keaneragaman hayati yang terdapat di Indonesia berikut ini!
Indonesia terletak di daerah tropik sehingga memiliki keanekaragaman hayati yang tinggi dibandingkan dengan daerah subtropik (iklim sedang) dan kutub (iklim kutub). Tingginya keanekaragaman hayati di Indonesia ini terlihat dari berbagai macam ekosistem yang ada di Indonesia, seperti: ekosistem pantai, ekosistem hutan bakau, ekosistem padang rumput, ekosistem hutan hujan tropis, ekosistem air tawar, ekosistem air laut, ekosistem savanna, dan lain-lain. Masing-masing ekosistem ini memiliki keaneragaman hayati tersendiri.
Tumbuhan (flora) di Indonesia merupakan bagian dari geografi tumbuhan Indo-Malaya. Flora Indo-Malaya meliputi tumbuhan yang hidup di India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, dan Filipina. Flora yang tumbuh di Malaysia, Indonesia, dan Filipina sering disebut sebagai kelompok flora Malesiana.
Hutan di daerah flora Malesiana memiliki kurang lebih 248.000 species tumbuhan tinggi, didominasi oleh pohon dari familia Dipterocarpaceae, yaitu pohon-pohon yang menghasilkan biji bersayap. Dipterocarpaceae merupakan tumbuhan tertinggi dan membentuk kanopi hutan. Tumbuhan yang termasuk famili Dipterocarpaceae misalnya Keruing ( Dipterocarpus sp), Meranti (Shorea sp), Kayu garu (Gonystylus bancanus), dan Kayu kapur (Drybalanops aromatica).
Hutan di Indonesia merupakan bioma hutan hujan tropis atau hutan basah, dicirikan dengan kanopi yang rapat dan banyak tumbuhan liana (tumbuhan yang memanjat), seperti rotan. Tumbuhan khas Indonesia seperti durian (Durio zibetinus), Mangga (Mangifera indica), dan Sukun (Artocarpus sp) di Indonesia tersebar di Sumatra, Kalimantan, Jawa dan Sulawesi.
Sebagai negara yang memiliki flora Malesiana apakah di Malaysia dan Filipina juga memiliki jenis tumbuhan seperti yang dimiliki oleh Indonesia? Ya, di Malaysia dan Filipina juga terdapat tumbuhan durian, mangga, dan sukun. Di Sumatera, Kalimantan, dan Jawa terdapat tumbuhan endemik Rafflesia. Tumbuhan ini tumbuh di akar atau batang tumbuhan pemanjat sejenis anggur liar, yaitu Tetrastigma.

Bagaimana dengan wilayah Indonesia bagian timur? Apakah jenis tumbuhannya sama? Indonesia bagian timur, tipe hutannya agak berbeda. Mulai dari Sulawesi sampai Irian Jaya (Papua) terdapat hutan non?Dipterocarpaceae. Hutan ini memiliki pohon-pohon sedang, diantaranya beringin (Ficus sp), dan matoa (Pometia pinnata). Pohon matoa merupakan tumbuhan endemik di Irian.
Selanjutnya, mari kita lihat hewan (fauna) di Indonesia. Hewan-hewan di Indonesia memiliki tipe Oriental (Kawasan Barat Indonesia) dan Australia (Kawasan Timur Indonesia) serta peralihan. Hewan-hewan di bagian Barat Indonesia (Oriental) yang meliputi Sumatera, Jawa, dan Kalimantan, memiliki ciri-ciri sebagai berikut:
1. Banyak species mamalia yang berukuran besar, misalnya gajah, banteng, harimau, badak. Mamalia berkantung jumlahnya sedikit, bahkan hampir tidak ada.
2. Terdapat berbagai macam kera, misalnya: bekantan, tarsius, orang utan.
3. Terdapat hewan endemik, seperti: badak bercula satu, binturong (Aretictis binturang), monyet (Presbytis thomari), tarsius (Tarsius bancanus), kukang (Nyeticebus coucang).
4. Burung-burung memiliki warna bulu yang kurang menarik, tetapi dapat berkicau. Burung-burung yang endemik, misalnya: jalak bali (Leucopsar nothschili), elang jawa, murai mengkilat (Myophoneus melurunus), elang putih (Mycrohyerax latifrons).
Sekarang mari kita lanjutkan dengan hewan-hewan yang terdapat di Kawasan Indonesia Timur. Jenis-jenis hewan di Indonesia bagian timur, yaitu Irian, Maluku, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, relatif sama dengan Australia. Ciri-ciri hewannya adalah:
1. Mamalia berukuran kecil
2. Banyak hewan berkantung
3. Tidak terdapat species kera
4. Jenis-jenis burung memiliki warna yang beragam
Irian Jaya (Papua) memiliki hewan mamalia berkantung, misalnya: kanguru (Dendrolagus ursinus), kuskus (Spiloeus maculatus). Papua juga memiliki kolek si burung terbanyak, dan yang paling terkenal adalah burung Cenderawasih (Paradiseae sp). Di Nusa Tenggara, terutama di pulau Komodo, terdapat reptilian terbesar yaitu komodo (Varanus komodoensis).
Sedangkan daerah peralihan meliputi daerah di sekitar garis Wallace yang terbentang dari Sulawesi sampai kepulauan Maluku, jenis hewannya antara lain tarsius (Tarsius bancanus), maleo (Macrocephalon maleo), anoa, dan babi rusa (Babyrousa babyrussa).
Nah, untuk mengetahui kemampuan Anda mempelajari materi tersebut, silahkan kerjakan tugas praktikum berikut ini:
I. Mengamati Keanekaragaman Tingkat Gen
Tujuan : Mengetahui adanya variasi morfologi pada buah mangga.
Alat dan bahan : Berbagai macam buah mangga yang terdapat di sekitarmu.
Cara kerja :

1. Amatilah ciri-ciri masing-masing buah mangga. Ciri-ciri yang harus diamati, misalnya warna kulit, bentuk buah, ukuran buah, warna daging buah dan ukuran biji.
2. Tuliskan hasil pengamatan Anda ke dalam tabel berikut !
No. Ciri-ciri Mangga
Harum manis Simanalagi Indramayu

Cocokkan jawaban Anda dengan meng-klik kunci jawaban!
Pertanyaan :
1. Apa penyebab timbulnya keanekaragaman pada mangga?
2. Jelaskan pengertian dari gen!
3. Apa kesimpulan hasil kegiatan tersebut?

II. Mengamati Keanekaragaman Tingkat Jenis (spesies)
Alat dan Bahan:
1. Penggaris
2. Timbangan
3. Lima (5) jenis biji kacang hijau, kacang kedelai, kacang tanah, kacang kapri, dan kacang panjang.
4. Buku catatan praktikum
Langkah Kerja:
1. Buatlah tabel pada buku catatan praktikum, seperti contoh di bawah.
2. Amati secara seksama bentuk biji kacang satu persatu.
3. Amati warna setiap biji kacang.
4. Ukurlah dengan penggaris panjang setiap biji kacang, satu persatu.
5. Timbanglah berat setiap biji kacang, dengan menggunakan alat timbangan
6. Isikan data hasil pengamatan ke dalam tabel.

No. Jenis Biji Bentuk Warna Panjang Berat
5. Kacang Hijau
Kacang Tanah
Kacang Kedelai
Kacang Panjang
Kacang Kapri .......
....... .......
....... .......
....... .......
1. Berdasarkan hasil pengamatan, adakah keanekaragaman sifat pada biji-biji kacang tersebut?
2. Menurut Anda, apakah yang menyebabkan adanya keanekaragaman jenis?
3. Apa yang dimaksud dengan keanekaragaman tingkat jenis?
Cocokkan jawaban Anda dengan meng-klik kunci jawaban!

III. Mengamati Keanekaragaman Tingkat Ekosistem
Alat dan Bahan:
1. 3 macam gambar ekosistem
2. Buku catatan praktikum

Langkah Kerja:
1. Pelajari gambar-gambar ekosistem dengan seksama
2. Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan di buku catatan praktikum Anda

Gambar 1 Gambar 2 Gambar 3
1. Apa nama ekosistem pada gambar 1, gambar 2, dan gambar 3?
2. Tuliskan macam flora atau tumbuhan yang terdapat pada ekosistem gambar 1, 2, 3?
3. Tuliskan macam fauna atau hewan yang terdapat pada ekosistem gambar 1, 2, 3?
4. Dari ketiga macam ekosistem, manakah yang memiliki jumlah dan keanekaragaman makhluk hidup yang paling banyak?
5. Apakah yang dimaksud dengan keanekaragaman ekosistem?

Pilihlah satu jawaban yang Anda anggap paling tepat dengan memberi tanda silang (X) pada huruf di depan jawaban tersebut.
1. Perbedaan yang ditemukan di antara sesama ayam dalam satu kandang
disebut ……..
A. evolusi
B. adaptasi
C. variasi
D. keberagaman
E. adaptasi dan variasi


Di antara individu sejenis tidak pernah ditemukan yang sama persis untuk semua sifat. Hal ini terjadi karena adanya perbedaan…………
A. lingkungan
B. induknya
C. jenisnya
D. lingkungan dan gen
E. gen dan plasma nutfah

3. Keanekaragaman ekosistem ditunjukkan oleh adanya perbedaan komponen berikut ini, kecuali …………..
A. sumber energi primer
B. jenis produsennya
C. produktifitasnya
D. jenis konsumennya
E. komponen biotiknya

4. Dua makhluk hidup menempati daerah yang sama dapat disebut spesies
apabila …….
A. habitat dan warna rambutnya sama
B. warna dan bentuk rambutnya sama
C. jenis makanan dan cara makannya sama
D. cara reproduksi dan jumlah anaknya sama
E. dalam perkawinan menghasilkan turunan fertil

5. Anjing pudel dapat dikawinkan dengan anjing boner. Anjing-anjing tersebut dapat melahirkan anak-anak yang fertil karena anjing-anjing tersebut ……
A. satu genus
B. satu familia
C. satu species
D. satu ordo
E. satu kingdom

6. Hutan bakau di Kalimantan, hutan hujan tropis di Jawa Barat, dan savanna di Papua, merupakan contoh keanekaragaman hayati tingkat …….
A. genetik
B. species
C. ekosistem
D. populasi
E. individu


Keanekaragaman warna bulu, misalnya pada burung parkit, merupakan hasil segregasi gen secara bebas. Contoh keanekaragaman bulu pada burung parkit tersebut merupakan adanya keanekaragaman tingkat ……
A. gen
B. genus
C. ekosistem
D. species
E. individu


Makhluk hidup penghuni bumi ini begitu beraneka ragam. Sumber keane-karagaman makhluk hidup tersebut adalah …………..
A. sperma
B. ovum
C. gen
D. kromosom
E. zigot

9. Berikut ini yang bukan faktor-faktor penyebab terjadinya keaneragaman hayati adalah …………
A. variasi genetik
B. keaneragaman jenis
C. keanekaragaman genetik
D. keanekaragaman daur energi
E. keanekaragaman ekosistem

10. Variasi gen dalam tingkat jenis dapat menyebabkan terbentuknya ………
A. individu
B. varietas
C. species
D. populasi
E. ekosistem
          Jury at Andrew Loku inquest recommends giving Tasers to all front-line cops    

Annual anti-Black racism training for police, Tasers for all front-line officers and the collection of race-based data were among the key recommendations delivered by the jury Friday at the coroner’s inquest into the death of Andrew Loku.

Before handing down its 39 recommendations, the five-person jury also declared Loku’s death a homicide, although that finding carries no legal weight. The 45-year-old father of five was shot and killed by Toronto police Const. Andrew Doyle on July 5, 2015.

Other non-binding recommendations delivered by the jury Friday include:

  • Provincial collection of race-based data relating to all interactions involving police and persons in crisis, as well as funding for research and analysis of the data. The results of the analysis should be made public.

  • Exposing officers in training “to the perspectives and lived experience of racialized communities, the Black community and individuals with mental health issues and/or addictions.”

  • Amending the annual use-of-force recertification to include qualification in areas including mental health, anti-racism, and particularly anti-Black racism.

  • A continued emphasis on alternative methods of communication and de-escalation when an individual does not comply with the police challenge.

  • A 24/7 telephone crisis support line for individuals living in supportive housing and in mental health and addictions programs.

  • Additional funding for more nurses in order to staff mobile crisis intervention teams in each Toronto police division, 24 hours a day.

  • Additional funding for 911 operators to allow them to begin the de-escalation process during 911 calls.

  • Funding and supporting the participation of members of the mental health and addictions community, racialized communities and the Black community in training at police colleges.

Read more:

Police officer who shot Andrew Loku describes the last 21 seconds of his life: DiManno

Video shows moments before Andrew Loku was shot by police

Andrew Loku 911 call released: 'Oh my god, there was gunshots’

Ontario’s police watchdog, the Special Investigations Unit, declined to lay criminal charges against Doyle last year, finding the use of force to be justified. The decision and the lack of transparency around the SIU’s investigation were met with outrage and sparked a protest outside police headquarters by Black Lives Matter Toronto that lasted 15 days.

After weeks of pressure, the government released a heavily redacted copy of the SIU report into Loku’s death, and appointed Court of Appeal Justice Michael Tulloch to conduct a sweeping review of police oversight bodies.

“If the police had followed the training, if the police had de-escalated, if the police had taken a bit more time then Andrew would still be here and there wouldn’t be the need for these types of recommendations,” Loku family lawyer Jonathan Shime said Friday.

“That being said, we heard about three weeks of evidence that covered a broad range of issues, and I think the jury listened very well, and most importantly, they really got that this proved to be another case — one more, too many — of a Black man dying at the hands of the police.

“The reality is, statistically, Black men are dying disproportionately at the hands of police in Toronto and Ontario, and police forces across the province need to figure out why that is and come to terms with that and ensure there are zero deaths of anybody, Black or white, at the hands of the police.”

The inquest had featured a long list of participants, including lawyers for Toronto police and its board, the Toronto Police Association, the Black Action Defence Committee (BADC), the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health's Empowerment Council, and Across Boundaries, a mental health organization serving racialized communities.

The parties were sometimes at odds about the purpose of the inquest, with tensions rising around the role racism may have played in Loku’s death.

While overseeing coroner Dr. John Carlisle had allowed for implicit, or unconscious bias to be part of the scope of the inquest, racism was not — leading to an 11th hour motion to allow for the explicit mention of racism.

“If these recommendations are adopted and put into force, I think we can avoid future deaths like Andrew’s,” said Across Boundaries’ lawyer, Howard Morton, who urged the government and police to immediately begin implementing the recommendations.

“This jury really got it. Right from the get-go, you could tell they were attentive, they asked very relevant questions, and they were completely open to our suggestion that anti-Black racism was clearly within the scope of this inquest.”

Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Sandy Hudson told the Star that some recommendations were promising, but highlighted that many have already been proposed before at previous inquests, attracting little or no action on the part of the police and government.

“This is the issue with the whole inquest process, where these recommendations are merely suggestions that police officers and the powers-that-be can choose to listen to or not listen to, and we’ve heard over the inquest process that they choose not to listen to them,” she said.

In more than two weeks of witness testimony and evidence, the jury heard the detailed circumstances of Loku’s 2015 fatal shooting, including from the officer who pulled the trigger.

Doyle, a 13-year police veteran, testified that he shot Loku as he advanced toward him, hammer raised, in the hallway of his apartment building, which is leased by CMHA to house people with mental health challenges.

Both Doyle and the rookie officer he was mentoring, Const. Haim Queroub, said they had been shouting at Loku to drop the hammer prior to the shooting.

In his closing address to the jury, Shime had stressed that Loku did not have to die, and was shot because “they let their fear of a black man with a hammer (8.5 metres) away overcome what should have been a compassionate and humane response.

“If only they had let compassion guide them instead of fear, if only they had let good sense and training guide them instead of panic, if only they had followed a multitude of recommendations made by previous inquests, then Andrew would be alive today.”

          There's A Fight Brewing Between Palantir And The NYPD   
Big data helped New York's cops bust Bobby Shmurda. But as the NYPD's contract with tech giant Palantir comes to an end, things could get messy.
          FollowUs – Die Netzpiloten-Tipps aus Blogs & Mags   

ROBOCOP golem: Dubai führt Polizeiroboter für Patrouillen ein: Bei der 360° Überwachung sollen jetzt kleine, selbstfahrende Miniatur-Polizeiautos der Polizei in Dubai unter die Arme greifen. Als Helfershelfer werden sie Menschenmengen beobachten und nach gesuchten Personen fahnden. Informationen, wie beispielsweise Kamerabilder, schicken sie ihren Kollegen dann an die Zentrale. Zur Orientierung

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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup - Think DATABASE! If you're here reading up on reverse cell phone traces you're probably looking to catch a prank caller, a cheating spouse, or a swindler who's avoiding your calls. Such traces have even helped the cops catch the bad guys on occasion.
          A few points to note after the Scarlett Keeling murder   
Much has been said and written about the Scarlett Keeling murder in Goa.

A few observations from my end (I know a lot has been said already about the case, but i have to revive my blog)

1) Much as we would like to blame this crime on outsiders (read as non-Goans), the culprits were very much Goan. So the hospitable and friendly Goans have darker shades to them and i am glad the world knows it well now.

2) There exists a murky network between drug peddlers and cops. Drugs are easily available in Goa. That is the truth.

3) Getting caught with their pants down in front of international media will not change the Goan cops. They are beyond repair.

3) To the single female tourist - If you do not go out alone at 4 a.m. anywhere else in India because you think it is unsafe, why go out in Goa?

4) To mothers of 15 year olds - You do not leave your 15 year olds alone in Goa. 15 year olds are never at fault. At 15, i wanted to try everything.

5) There have been murders and rapes of foreigners before in Goa, which have gone unreported. Some have been passed off as suicide or drowning cases. The reason the Scarlett Keeling murder got front page attention was because her mother chose to fight and the national and international media paid attention.

6) The press in Goa are a complete sham. Laughable. One of the three P's in Goa that compete with each other to be the prized puppets in the hands of the rich and powerful, the other two being the Politicians and the Police.


There are two many unanswered questions about the murder even after the Goa Police has claimed the case has been cracked. These questions will appear as headlines in the international media soon.
          എന്റെ പണക്കുടുക്ക തരാം, അമ്മയുടെ മരണകാരണം അന്വേഷിക്കുമോ? ;പോലീസ് സംവിധാനത്തെ നാണം കെടുത്തുന്ന ചോദ്യവുമായി പിഞ്ചുബാലിക   

ലഖ്‌നൗ  : അഴിമതിയിലും കൈക്കൂലിയിലും മുങ്ങിക്കുളിച്ച ഉത്തര്‍ പ്രദേശിലെ പോലീസ് സംവിധാനത്തെ നാണം കെടുത്തുന്ന ചോദ്യവുമായി പിഞ്ചുബാലിക. രണ്ട് മാസം മുമ്പ് ആത്മഹത്യ ചെയ്ത അമ്മയുടെ മരണ കാരണം അറിയണമെന്ന ആവശ്യവുമായാണ് അഞ്ചു വയസുകാരി പോലീസ് ആസ്ഥാനത്തെത്തിയത്. വേണമെങ്കില്‍ തന്റെ പണക്കുടുക്കയിലെ മുഴുവന്‍ സമ്പാദ്യവും കൈമാറാം. അമ്മയുടെ മരണ കാരണം ഒന്നു കണ്ടെത്തുമോ- മനുഷ്യ മനസാക്ഷിയെ നടുക്കുന്ന ഈ ചോദ്യം ഇപ്പോള്‍ രാജ്യം മുഴുവന്‍ അലയടിക്കുകയാണ്. പടിഞ്ഞാറന്‍ ഉത്തര്‍ പ്രദേശിലെ മീററ്റ് സ്വദേശിയായ മാന്‍വിയാണ് അമ്മയുടെ മരണ കാരണം തേടി പോലീസ് മേധാവികളെ കാണാനെത്തിയത്. ഐജി രാം കുമാറിന്റെ ഓഫിസിലെത്തി അദ്ദേഹത്തെ കണ്ടു മാന്‍വി. മുത്തച്ഛനും കൂട്ടിനുണ്ടായിരുന്നു. കൈക്കൂലി നല്‍കിയില്ലെങ്കില്‍ അന്വേഷണം നീങ്ങില്ലെന്നാണ് അറിഞ്ഞത്. തനിക്ക് അമ്മയുടെ മരണ കാരണം അറിയണം. അതിന് വേണ്ടി തന്റെ പണക്കുടുക്ക മൊത്തം കൈമാറാം- മാന്‍വി പറഞ്ഞു. കേസ് വേഗത്തില്‍ അന്വേഷിക്കുമെന്ന് ഐജി മാന്‍വിയോട് പറഞ്ഞു. ഇവള്‍ നല്‍കിയ പണപ്പെട്ടിയും തിരിച്ചു കൈമാറി. കുട്ടിയുടെ പോലീസ് ആസ്ഥാനത്തേക്കുള്ള വരവും കേസ് അന്വേഷണവും ഇപ്പോള്‍ ഉത്തര്‍ പ്രദേശിലെ പ്രധാന ചര്‍ച്ചാ വിഷയമാണ്. ഏപ്രിലിലാണ് മാന്‍വിയുടെ അമ്മ സീമ കൗശിക് മരിച്ചത്. ആത്മഹത്യയാണെന്നാണ് റിപ്പോര്‍ട്ട്. ഭര്‍ത്താവും കുടുംബങ്ങളും പീഡിപ്പിച്ചതാണ് മരണത്തിലേക്ക് നയിച്ചതെന്ന് സീമയുടെ ബന്ധുക്കള്‍ ആരോപിക്കുന്നു.സ്ത്രീധനം നല്‍കുന്നതുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട പ്രശ്‌നം ഇരുകുടുംബങ്ങള്‍ക്കുമിടയിലുണ്ടായിരുന്നു. ഇതേ ചൊല്ലി സീമയെ ഭര്‍ത്താവിന്റെ കുടുംബം പീഡിപ്പിച്ചിരുന്നുവത്രെ. തുടര്‍ന്ന് മനം മടുത്താണ് യുവതി ആത്മഹത്യ ചെയ്തതെന്ന് പറയുന്നു. എന്നാല്‍ ഇതുമായി ബന്ധപ്പെട്ട കേസന്വേഷണത്തില്‍ കാര്യമായ പുരോഗതിയുണ്ടായിട്ടില്ല.

The post എന്റെ പണക്കുടുക്ക തരാം, അമ്മയുടെ മരണകാരണം അന്വേഷിക്കുമോ? ;പോലീസ് സംവിധാനത്തെ നാണം കെടുത്തുന്ന ചോദ്യവുമായി പിഞ്ചുബാലിക appeared first on Pravasishabdam.

          Working with Emotions   
I actually dreamed about writing this blog.  Sometimes, when I am laying down to sleep, and I know I have something to do the next day that requires some creative inspiration (like writing a blog!), I'll ask for inspiration while I dream.  I had this dream about my mom and a sister (which I don't have...) getting into an argument, and struggling to overcome the emotions involved in order to work things out.  And I remember clearly thinking, while dreaming, that this was what I was to blog about.

I almost scrapped it when I woke up.  I thought it was something I have blogged about before (though a quick check over the last year and a half doesn't show any obviously similar blogs...I really need to get better with my blog labels).  And I wasn't sure it really fit with the stuff I typically write about.

But the more I got to thinking about it, the more I was leaning towards writing it.  As an empath, I deal with emotions all the time (both my own innate emotions, as well as borrowed ones).  I also feel that we all interact with others in many different ways, and when emotions rear their heads, being able to navigate those emotions is helpful for anyone.  And finally, if I am going to ask for inspiration I shouldn't ignore what I receive.

So, when thinking about emotions, I think there are three basic categories:  personal emotions, borrowed emotions and other people's emotions.  Personal emotions are ones that well up from inside of you, are inspired by experiences in your own life and are innate to yourself.  Borrowed emotions are ones we feel because of some outside source.  This is typically what I think of when I think of emotions bleeding over as an empath.  If I see a commercial on the tv and start feeling emotional, that is a borrowed emotion, just as if I am around another person who is deep in an emotion so I start feeling it too.  Other people's emotions are the things they are feeling and going through while you are interacting with them.  Even if you aren't borrowing their emotion, trying to work with someone who is deeply sad or caught up in anger requires separate tools.

I think it best to start with personal emotions, as they are ours.  Everyone feels stuff, and you may notice that you have certain emotions that you feel easier than others.  I definitely have my share of anger (and the deep, brooding kind, not the flash in the pan kind) as well as a sort of baseline melancholy.  Over the last couple of years, I feel like I have developed a lot of anxiety around different things.  I definitely feel happy and content a lot of the time, but I also don't feel like those emotions need dealing with.  When I have emotions I need to sort out it is almost always anger, sadness, anxiety/fear or confusion.

My basic process for working with emotions is to really express them.  For me this typically manifests in two methods:  physical expression and journal work.  Physical expression doesn't always mean that I go outside and scream out my anger to the sky (although that can work..assuming that your neighbors don't call the cops on you), but it definitely involves some kind of physical action.  Sometimes, if I know I am angry, but I also know that the thing I am angry about isn't worth making a fuss about (I do get angry for no good reason sometimes...especially when I'm emotionally off kilter and something small and trivial sets me off).  At times like this, repetitive action works very well to help me burn off that emotion.  So I clean!  I will find something in the house that needs cleaned, and really go to town on it.  But other repetitive things can work too:  sewing, sanding, folding laundry...really anything that gets my body moving and lets my mind tune out.

I also like to dance as a form of physical expression.  I'll load up a song that really fits my mood and start moving.  It doesn't have to look pretty (I do this when I'm alone mostly), and you don't have to match the beat or anything.  Just loose yourself in the music and move!  Sometimes I'll sing along if I feel the need to.

But my favorite way to work through emotions is journaling.  I've worked with quite a few different methods of journaling now, from more or less standard "write about what your feeling" to very specific techniques that use journaling as part of something bigger.

One of the first emotional journaling techniques I learned I called the brain dump.  You grab some kind of paper (something that you can destroy later), and write everything and anything, as fast as you can.  Scribble out your feelings!  Write big and angry and fierce.  Don't worry about grammar or anything like that, you can make little doodles if you need to, or just write single words.  Just write until you feel like you are done.  Once your page is written, you may want to do a little ritual of releasing.  You can crumple up your page and hold it tight in your hands and whisper to it the reasons you appreciate the emotion but don't need it controlling you right now.  You can bless the paper to transform the emotion into something else.  Then you destroy it!  Tear it into little pieces, burn it, flush it down the toilet, bury it in the back yard. 

A slightly different version of this is the 'to whom it may concern' version.  This time, you are writing a letter, to someone who is making you feel what you are going through.  It may be to a specific person (your mother, an ex-partner, your gym teacher, your boss, the guy who cut me off on the road today, my younger self) or it may be a generic letter, addressed to the universe or to Divinity.  In the letter, you pour out all the things you are feeling.  You can say those things that you wish you could say (but often don't really mean) or the things you wish you had said (but didn't).  These letters can be burnt as well, to send the message out into the world.  I find this works really well when my emotion is directly aimed at a particular person.

I am really enjoying transformational journaling right now.  I'll start by journaling about a topic, then I'll transform my journal page in some way.  I may meditate on what I need to move forward and then paint or collage a new image over the words.  Or I might tear up my journal page and use those pieces to make a mojo bag or paper mache them into a totem to further work with that emotion.  The key here is to take the thing you wrote and turn it into something new, something that helps you further your work with that emotion.

When it comes to borrowed emotions, I find that the first thing I need to do is identify the source of the emotion (especially noticing that it is NOT my own emotion).  Even if I use one of the same methods to work with the emotion, I need to be aware that it is from an outside source and not an internal one, because that changes how I respond to the emotion.  If I treat a borrowed emotion as a personal one (or vice versa....) trying to work with it becomes much harder as I am not actually working with the source of the emotion, merely treating the symptoms (which often means it will come back).

I am extremely emotionally tied to the stories I encounter, in books and tv/movies.  It is very common for me to identify quite strongly with a character, to the point of going through the emotional states they go through.  Most of the time this isn't a problem....unless I don't finish the story!  If I set a particularly moving book down when I am only halfway through, especially if the character I am identifying with is caught up in a big emotional conflict, I will find myself manifesting that emotion myself.  The easiest way for me to fix this is to finish the story.  But, if for some reason I can't, I can pick up another story and essentially overwriting the emotion with new ones (which I can then see to completion).

When borrowing emotions from other people, I definitely turn to shielding.  I like knowing what other people around me are feeling, but I don't always want to be going through it myself.  I also feel it is very important, especially when I am trying to interact with someone who is going through an emotion, that I not because lost in it myself.  This becomes particularly counterproductive.  If you have a friend who is sad and you want to help them, but instead you join in their misery, you may find yourself not able to actually help them.  If you are in an argument with someone and you let their anger overcome you, it becomes much harder to present your perspective in a way that they will understand and appreciate.

My first step when shielding a borrowed emotion is definitely a deep breath and grounding/centering.  I want to pull myself back into myself, so that I can separate what is me from what is coming from outside.  For borrowed emotions, I think of my shields like glass:  I can see what is going on outside them, but things can't get in to me.  This way I can still empathize with the other person, but I am no longer borrowing their emotions and being effected by them.

Sometimes, a borrowed emotion will trigger a personal emotion though, and you will need to work with both sources at the same time.  If you only work with one, you won't fully work through the emotion. 

I think the hardest thing for many people to work with is other people's emotions.  There is a tendency (especially with empaths!) to treat other people's emotions as you would your own.  But not only do we all often respond to the same emotion in different ways.....other people's emotions aren't truly yours to deal with!  We can work with other people and help them work out their emotions, or we can work around someone else's emotions, but the work of actually dealing with the emotion has to fall on them.

My husband and I are a great example of how emotions manifest differently in different people.  He is very much a flash in the pan anger person.  He will get set off by something (things that, to me, seem silly and inconsequential) and his anger will flare!  He will get very angry, very quickly, and rant and rave.  But two seconds later, once the stimulus is past, he is over it.  Like absolutely over it, and confused by why I am still even thinking about it.  I, on the other hand, stew.  When something makes me angry, it will be like a little glowing coal deep inside me, and it will stay there for days or months.  I may not look angry on the outside, but that anger is there, waiting to burst into flame.

If I try to treat my husband's anger like I do my own, it doesn't work.  When I am really upset about something, I often want to talk about it.  My husband, in the throes of anger, just wants to lash out and burn it off.  Trying to talk to him just fans the fire.  Instead, if I remove myself from the situation or tune it out, it passes quickly.  So what I have found is that it is important to make sure you are thinking about other people's emotions from their own perspective, and not yours.

Sometimes this means that you have to give the other person time to work things through before you try to interact with them.  I think this is especially true for both grief and anger.  Some people need to figure things out on their own, before they can deal with other people.  If you try to interact with them too soon, they lash out or close up, because they just aren't ready yet.

Other people need support, they need someone to help them drag themselves those first few steps.  They may need a shoulder to lean on (or cry on).  You may not need to do anything at all, just to be there.  In this case, you might need to resist the urge to try to help them too soon.  They may need to fully express their emotions before they can start to work on them.

Emotions are ultimately a very tricky and individual thing.  Your emotions are different from my emotions, and I need to remember that when working with someone else who is in the throes of an emotion.  But my own emotions also stem from many different sources and I need to do my best to fully understand where an emotion is coming from in order to work through it.  And all anger isn't the same, what works for one situation might not work for another. 

By figuring out your general process for identifying and working through emotions, you can have a roadmap that helps you plan out how to work with any particular emotion.  Like any plan, you may have to adjust it along the way, but it will at least get you headed in the right direction.  And the more work you do with your personal emotions, the better you will become at working with other people who are caught up in their own emotional crisis.  Emotions can be overwhelming, but they don't have to be insurmountable!
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The story of Ramdas Wagah could be straight from a Bollywood potboiler. It involves action, death and surprisingly there is also a climax where the protagonist returns from the dead for his insurance money.

But with a twist. Wagah's plot to lay hands on an insurance policy of Rs 4 crore did not pan out. He is on the run now.

A real-estate broker hailing from Nashik, Wagah planned to cash in his insurance by killing an innocent waiter, whose dead body he then proceeded to stuff with his credentials to bolster his insurance claim. He and his accomplices then drove over the body mutilating the face beyond recognition.

The body along with Wagah's ATM cards and electricity bill was discovered by the Nashik Police at Trimbakeshwar on June 9. Initial observations led the cops to label it as a case of highway accident.

Post-mortem reports, however, confirmed that it was a murder, setting the investigators on an intense manhunt.

The Police were baffled to find Ramdas Wagah alive and during subsequent investigation could identify the deceased as Mubarak Chand Pasha, a waiter at a local restaurant. The restaurant was operated by one of Wagah's accomplices.

Police are hoping to net Wagah soon. Three of his accomplices, including the owner of the restaurant, are already in custody.

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Packers Letroy Guion to Cops: “I Know I’m Drunk, I’ve Been Drinking Henny All Night”; More Details From His Arrest

          Els banys públics de Barcelona   
Vestíbul dels Baños Populares de la Ronda de Sant Pau
© Aigües de Barcelona. Prohibit l'ús sense l'autorització d'Agbar

Diumenge 6 de novembre de 2016 ens assabentàvem per un article de l’Helena López a El Periódico, que el Sant Pau Sport Club de la Ronda de Sant Pau, 46, corre el perill de ser tancat. Aquest establiment compleix des de fa més de 75 anys una funció social relacionada amb l’higienisme i avui és encara un centre que aplega els veïns dels barris del Raval i de Sant Antoni, molts d’ells amb un poder adquisitiu molt baix i fins i tot amb risc d’exclusió. Però raons socials a banda –sens dubte més importants que qualsevol d’altra–, aquest establiment té una història que cal explicar i preservar perquè la ironia del destí ha volgut que el que passa avui estigui íntimament lligat amb el seu origen. Començarem pel principi.


Malgrat que l’higienisme va començar a imposar-se a Barcelona a finals del segle XIX durant la construcció de l’Eixample, de la mà d’Ildefons Cerdà i Pere Garcia Fària, molts habitatges no van disposar de vàter, banyera o dutxa fins ben entrada la dècada de 1960. Les cases tenien una comuna, normalment a l’eixida, que en moltes finques havia de ser compartida pels veïns. Pel que fa a l’espai públic, els primers dissenys daten de l'any 1848. Eren construccions d'obra i estaven pensats per ser aixecats en llocs emblemàtics de la ciutat, i segons algunes notícies l'any 1874 n'hi havia quaranta repartits per la ciutat, d'ús exclusivament masculí.

 Gravat i plànol del projecte dels urinaris
dissenyats per Gaudí (1878)

El 1878, segons La Vanguardia, l'empresari Enric Girossi va guanyar un concurs municipal per a la instal·lació i explotació d'una vintena d'urinaris dissenyats per un jove Antoni Gaudí, que combinaven aquests serveis amb parades de flors, que alhora que els embellia en permetia la vigilància. Aquests urinaris, però no van arribar a construir-se i l'Ajuntament va anul·lar la concessió per incompliment de contracte.

Una vespasiana a la Rambla, l'any 1908

Arran de l'Exposició Universal de 1888, es van començar a instal·lar per la ciutat, seguint una moda parisenca, urinaris públics prefabricats a l’aire lliure, coneguts amb el nom de vespasianes en honor a l’emperador romà Vespasià, que va ordenar la instal·lació d'urinaris públics a Roma i establí un impost sobre els orins. Una notícia de La Vanguardia del 16 de febrer de 1892 anuncia la imminent arribada d'uns urinaris, que es troben a l'estació de Portbou i que anomena "water-closets", que seran instal·lats en llocs com l'Arc de Triomf, la Rambla de Santa Mònica i les places de Jonqueres, Pi i Sant Agustí; i acaba dient que se situaran "en donde existen las garitas de hierro actuales", fent referència a les vespasianes.

Però no va ser fins l’any 1908 que l’Ajuntament, sota l’empenta del doctor Comenge, director del Servei d’Higiene Urbana, va fer un esforç perquè els establiments de concurrència pública com teatres, cafès, casinos i comerços disposessin de vàters per als clients.

Urinaris de la plaça dels Josepets (Lesseps), l'any 1909
Foto: Frederic Ballell

Va ser en aquestes dates que es van començar a construir els primers urinaris públics subterranis, de pagament, que al llarg dels anys es van anar estenent per tota la ciutat com es veu a la llista dels que hi havia l'any 1924, alguns dels quals han persistit fins a dates molt recents en llocs com les places del Teatre, Josepets (Lesseps), Espanya, Urquinaona, Catalunya o Sagrada Família, al carrer Salmerón (Gran de Gràcia, amb Sèneca), davant l’Arnau, al passeig de Sant Joan (entre travessera de Gràcia i Pare Claret, darrere del monument a Clavé), o a l’avinguda de la Llum, en unes condicions molt lamentables.

Urinaris públics de l'any 1924

Potser us preguntareu on feien les seves necessitats els vianants abans que s'instal·lessin les primeres vespasianes i els urinaris subterranis. A casa ens deien que al carrer s'hi havia de sortir pixat. Però en aquella Barcelona tancada dins muralles, atapeïda, sense il·luminació, plena de carrerons enfangats i solitaris, i amb un Raval on encara abundaven els horts, la gent pixava pels racons, com es torna a fer avui perquè només tenen urinaris públics les estacions de ferrocarril. El cul-de-sac del final de la Rambla, entre l'antiga foneria de canons i el carrer d'Anselm Clavé i avui tancat, diu la memòria popular que rebia el nom de carrer del Cagar-hi fent referència al seu ús com a latrina pública.

En tot cas, a la primera meitat del segle XIX i en temps més reculats, els vianants amb urgències podien alleugerir-se dins les porteries d'alguns edificis, que disposaven d'una latrina que habitualment se situava sota l'arc de l'escala i que es buidava en el pou negre que s'alimentava de les evacuacions de les llars de la finca i que calia buidar periòdicament. Una solució molt poc higiènica, i més tenint en compte que no es disposava d'aigua corrent. Els urinaris públic al carrer van acabar amb aquesta pràctica més aviat sinistra.

Banys públics, portàtils i balnearis

La higiene personal s’havia de fer, en el millor dels casos, a la pica de la cuina, en un cossi o al safareig. Si es volia fer una neteja més a fons, calia acudir als establiments de banys públics, tots ells privats i poc accessibles a les butxaques de les classes populars. L’any 1900 hi havia una dotzena d’aquests establiments, però arran del reglament de sanitat de 1929 el nombre es va ampliar considerablement, alhora que les cases benestants comencen a disposar de bany i vàter.

El Raval, pel seu caràcter obrer i deficitari en infraestructures de tota mena, és potser el barri que va tenir més banys públics. La situació era tan precària que el GATEPAC se’n va fer ressò en el número 7 de la revista AC. Documentos de Actividad Contemporánea, del tercer trimestre de 1932, i el GATCPAC en el Pla de Sanejament de l’any 1937 fent instal·lar dutxes públiques en els llocs més deprimits de Ciutat Vella.

Els banys de Tras-Correos, del passatge de la Pau

Alguns banys van tenir molta fama gràcies a oferir serveis imitant els balnearis, com Can Casteliu del carrer de l'Arc del Teatre (1814), que passa per ser el més antic de la Península i l'edifici del qual encara subsisteix rere una porta enreixada;  o els banys de Tras-Correos, un impressionant edifici d'estil arabitzant (entre els anys de 1910 i 1956 va ser el prostíbul Xalet del Moro) que tenia entrada pel carrer Nou de Sant Francesc, Gínjol, pels passatges de la Pau i Escudellers, i pel Dormitori de Sant Francesc.

L'any 1846, el metge Antoni Pujadas (no va completar els estudis de medicina fins dos després) obre uns banys terapèutics a la Rambla de Sant Josep, però els trasllada, el 1850, al carrer de la Canuda, 31, cantonada amb Ventrallans, i els posa el nom de Neothermas. L'establiment acull, també, malalts mentals, que seran traslladats a Sant Boi l'any 1853 i el centre clausurat, davant les queixes dels veïns, que argumenten que els crits dels pacients els molesten dia i nit. Seran els inicis del manicomi de Sant Boi, inaugurat el 1854.

Durant la primera meitat del segle XIX es construiran altres banys escampats per la ciutat: els del carrer del Cid cantonada amb Mina; els de Sant Pau, davant de l'Arc de Sant Agustí; o els banys del carrer de Davant del Portal Nou, entre el Rec Comtal i el carrer d'en Cortines.

L'any 1869, el doctor Nunell obria les Termas de Cataluña a la plaça de Santa Anna, que van estar actius fins 1892, moment en què, davant de l'èxit, va decidir ampliar-los i traslladar-los al número 3 de la Rambla dels Estudis, just al costat dels grans magatzems El Siglo i l'església de Betlem. Les noves instal·lacions oferien als típics banys de pila i les dutxes un servei de tècniques de rehabilitació amb hidroteràpia, electroteràpia i gimnàstica mèdica; servei de sauna, que era anunciat a la romana: frigidarium, vaporarium i caldarium, i que funcionaven amb un sistema d'estufes graduades; i banys d'aigua i vapor a l'estil d'altres països: turc, rus, irlandès o egipci.

N'hi ha hagut molts des d'aquell llunyà 1814, i n'hi ha que van sobreviure fins la dècada de 1970, alguns en un estat força precari: els Baños Romanos i els Orientales de Nou de la Rambla; el Baños Higiénicos y Medicinales Riera de Sant Pau, 18, que oferia servei de perruqueia i manicura per a senyores; els Baños de Juan Badó de Santa Margarida, 4; els Baños Ledesma; els del carrer de Lancaster, les dutxes dels quals estaven al voltant d'un jardí; els de la plaça de Sant Agustí Vell; els de Marquès d'Argentera, al costat de l'Estació de França; els del carrer de Santa Anna, 21;  els del carrer de Sant Domènec, a Gràcia; els serveis de dutxa, urinaris i perruqueria de la plaça de Salvador Anglada (plaça de Sants), per a homes i dones; els del carrer de l'Art, 12, al Guinardó (propietat de la família Soriano); al carrer Arizala (Les Corts, entre Pintor Pahissa i travessera de les Corts) o les dutxes i urinaris l'Avinguda de la Llum, que, en un estat molt decadent, van tancar definitivament el 1990.

Publicitat dels Baños Riera del carrer
de Sant Pau, l'any 1925

Però els banys de què guardem una memòria més recent eren els de la plaça Urquinaona, que disposaven de dutxes, lavabos, urinaris, perruqueria, servei de neteja de sabates i una centraleta de telèfons amb cabines. Van ser construïts a finals de la primera dècada del segle XX i es van tancar l’any 1999. Van romandre ocults sota la plaça fins que l'any 2012 van ser definitivament enderrocats i tapats, sense que cap signe exterior ens faci sospitar la seva antiga existència.

Sala de banys dels Serveis Municipals d'Higiene
de la plaça Urquinaona, els anys 20

Els banys de Manuel Solé del carrer de Fortuny (amb un local a Gràcia, amb entrada per la Riera de Sant Miquel i pel carrer de Salmerón, 15, avui carrer Gran de Gràcia) formaven part del gimnàs on el 29 de novembre de 1899 Joan Gamper, amb d'altres socis, va fundar el Futbol Club Barcelona, i on s'oferien servei de dutxes, banys de pila i banys portàtils o a domicili, que eren utilitzats per particulars que volien rentar-se a casa i s'ho podien pagar, o per malalts que no podien desplaçar-se. També hi va haver uns banys portàtils als jardins de la Casa Gibert de la plaça de Catalunya (1882).

El gimnàs i els banys de Manuel Soler, del carrer de Fortuny,
el 1909, abans que el carrer fos obert cap a la Rambla

D'altres, en canvi, es van guanyar la fama de la burgesia barcelonina que començava a habitar l'Eixample durant el darrer terç del segle XIX. En aquests casos no es feien servir els noms bany o dutxa, sinó que s'oferia als usuaris unes luxoses instal·lacions que oferien serveis que anaven més enllà de la higiene. La salut i la cura del cos va portar al bell mig de la ciutat la construcció de balnearis. A la dècada de 1870 s'obria l'Establecimiento Balneario Recreativo, situat a la cantonada dels carrer Bailèn i Casp. I més tard, el doctor Lluís de Castellarnau posava en marxa l'Instituto Hisdroteràpico Barcelonés, amb seu al passeig de Gràcia, 22 (1884-1895), tocant a la Diagonal i aleshores municipi de Gràcia;  i al carrer d'Aragó, 331 (1897-1929), avui 275, entre Passeig de Gràcia i Pau Claris.

Els banys de mar

Tot i que neixen amb finalitats terapèutiques i més tard lúdiques, els banys de mar o d'oleaje (a l'estiu) també oferien habitualment banys de pila i dutxes. Segons Mercè Tatjer, els més antics eren els de Can Soler (o Solé), coneguts també com de la Senyora Tona o de la Casa de la Caritat (a partir de 1827), oberts a finals del segle XVIII, situats al final del carrer de la Maquinista i desapareguts quan s'hi va construir La Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima. De 1829 són els banys de Benet Trulls, situats al peu de la muntanya de Montjuïc sobre el que havia estat un antic molí fariner, prop de la platja de Santa Madrona. A la premsa barcelonina, especialment a les pàgines del Diario de Barcelona durant la dècada de 1810-1820, apareixen les primeres notícies de barraques de banys de fusta al peu de la muntanya de Montjuïc i les primeres referències i consells sobre els banys i els banyistes. A l'estiu de 1848, el Diario de Barcelona descrivia una barraca destinada a ús exclusiu d'homes, que comptava amb servei de bany i d'higiene, situada a la platja de les Drassanes, a la Barceloneta.

Després vindrien els Baños Orientales (1872), que a més dels banys de mar oferia els de pila, servei que, de fet, també oferien els altres banys de la Barceloneta: la Deliciosa, Junta de Damas, Astillero (1856), Sant Miquel (1861, situats inicialment a Can Tunis), Sant Sebastià (1910), Neptuno, la Sirena, el Tritón o el Pabellón del Ejército. A aquestes instal·lacions de banys de pila i dutxes, i banys de mar a l'estiu, cal afegir els clubs de natació com el Barcelona (1907), l'Atlètic (1913) o el Barceloneta (1929).

El 1860, la platja de la Barceloneta era, segons el Diario de Barcelona, ​​"una especie de población de baños", que el 1864 ja comptava, com explica Tatjer, amb restaurants, venda de diaris, banys flotants, aparells gimnàstics i una secció per a senyores. I és a partir d'aquest mateix any que els banys de Sant Miquel i l'any següent els de l'Astillero afegeixen els banys de mar temporals a l'estiu.

També se'n van instal·lar a altres platges de la rodalia de Barcelona, com els banys de la Marina de Sants i Can Tunis: España, Colón, Cibeles o Zoraya, conegut popularment com el Balneari, que suplien La Perla del Mediterráneo, un agosarat complex balneari d'hidroteràpia i esportiu, de gust neoàrab, que l'arquitecte Enric Sagnier va projectar el 1884 però que no es va arribar a construir. Inaugurat el 13 de juliol de 1905 i tancats a principi dels anys 30, el balneari Zoraya oferia banys de pila i d'onades, piscines, gimnàs i restaurant, i a l'estiu s'hi organitzaven regates de vela. El públic del balneari era benestant, en uns anys en què la burgesia barcelonina freqüentava la Marina de Sants, com ho indica que va ser aquí on es va construir l'hipòdrom de Barcelona, anomenat de Can Tunis (1883-1934)

A Sant Martí de Provençals, els banys de Pere Serra (1875) i La Martinense (1881), que l'any 1912 s'unifiquen amb el nom de banys de la Mar Bella.

A partir de mitjan la dècada de 1910, Barcelona s'obre al món com a ciutat turística (vegeu Barcelona... de vacances) i els banys de mar es diferencien dels banys higiènics tot i que el seu caràcter popular sempre els va fer oberts a aquests usos fins a la seva desaparició.

Els Baños Orientales, l'any 1881

Termes i banys turcs

L’any 1929, arran de l’Exposició Internacional, l’Ajuntament crea els primers banys municipals en el subsòl de la plaça d’Espanya. Amb el nom de Termas Municipales, l’establiment tenia entrada per l’hotel de l’exposició del xamfrà de la Gran Via i Creu Coberta. Passat l’esdeveniment internacional, els banys van caure en desús a causa de l’elevat cost de manteniment. Malgrat tot, es va revifar quan va passar a mans del Club Femení i d’Esports. El dia 25 d’octubre de 1932 el president de la Generalitat, Francesc Macià, i l’alcalde de Barcelona, Jaume Aiguader, van inaugurar les noves instal·lacions. L’entitat, que va desaparèixer l’any 1936 després d’una intensa i important tasca esportiva i cultural, va ser el primer club esportiu exclusivament femení de l’Estat espanyol. Les termes, però, van continuar en funcionament, sobretot com a urinari públic i en un estat cada cop més decadent (era notòria la manca de llum i ventilació), fins la dècada de 1980. Actualment no se sap amb exactitud què va passar amb aquestes instal·lacions. Adaptades a altres usos, segurament subsisteixen en el subsòl.

 Dutxes de les Termas Municipales de la plaça d'Espanya

La piscina de les Termas Municipales de la plaça d'Espanya

De la dècada de 1930 són els Baños Turcos del carrer de Calàbria, 79, xamfrà amb Sepúlveda. Eren privats i  oferien, en un ambient orientalitzant, sales de vapor i piscina, amb tractaments específics contra l'obesitat amb una publicitat pedagògica que incorporava informació sobre com prendre un bany i quines eren les propietats sanadores de l'aigua calenta. També s'oferien banys convencionals amb departaments dotats de banyeres. Malgrat aquesta oferta tan específica, l'establiment també tenia com a clientela els veïns del barri que no tenien dutxa a casa i que hi anaven un o dos cops per setmana a tenir cura de la seva higiene personal. Van estar en funcionament fins la dècada de 1980 i van ser enderrocats quan es trobaven en plena decadència.

Publicitat dels Baños Turcos del carrer de Calàbria
Arxiu particular d'Enric H. March

Piscina dels Baños Turcos del carrer de Calàbria
Arxiu particular d'Enric H. March

Baños populares

Acabada la Guerra Civil i desmuntat tot l’aparell republicà que havia posat en marxa mesures tant higienistes com sanitàries, el problema va tornar a augmentar en una població que va haver de viure una postguerra plena de misèries i necessitats urgents.

Arxiu particular d'Enric H. March

Davant d’aquests problema, la política paternalista franquista va fer construir, entre l’any 1940 i 1941, els Baños populares, unes instal·lacions públiques de la Societat General d’Aigües de Barcelona, que disposaven de banyeres, dutxes, banys de vapor i piscina, en tres llocs estratègics de la ciutat. I és aquí on aquest repàs per la història de les mancances higièniques de la població de Barcelona. Els primers Baños Populares es van inaugurar el 21 de novembre de 1940 a la Ronda de Sant Pau, amb la presència de l’alcalde Miquel Mateu, i els assistents van ser obsequiats amb un inefable “vino español” i van brindar per l’èxit de la iniciativa que incloïa, a més de les qüestions higièniques, incrementar l’afició per la natació esportiva. Entre finals dels anys 50 i 1966, anys en què es va inaugurar la piscina coberta de la plaça de Floch i Torres, el CN Montjuïc va fer servir la piscina dels banys per fer-hi entrenaments i cursets de natació.

Imatge actual de la piscina dels Baños Populares 
de la Ronda de Sant Pau

Els altres establiments es van construir un al carrer de la Sèquia Comtal, 4-6, en el barri del Clot, en el mateix indret on hi va haver el molí de Baix, que funcionava amb la força motriu de les aigües del Rec Comtal, més tard convertit en el Cinematógrafo el Recreo Martinense, conegut, precisament, com “el Molí”. Tancades i en desús, les instal·lacions encara perviuen a la planta baixa dels edificis d’habitatges que formaven part de la mateixa construcció.

Vestíbul dels Baños Populares de la Sèquia Comtal
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l'autorització d'Agbar

El tercer establiment estava a la Travessera de Gràcia, 218-220. L’any 1943 li va ser concedida la gestió al C. N. Catalunya fins l’any 1970, en què l’establiment es va convertir en la discoteca Trocadero i actualment és un supermercat, però ja sense cap vestigi dels banys ni de la piscina. Només se'n conserva la façana porticada que ens recorda un passat ocult.

Porxos i vestíbul dels Baños Populares de Gràcia
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En aquest context va néixer la instal·lació del Sant Pau Sport Club de la Ronda de Sant Pau, que conserva la piscina original de 1940. És cert que es pot qüestionar la necessitat de conservar aquests Baños Populares perquè el valor arquitectònic és relatiu. Però si per a alguna cosa serveix la història és per conservar i refrescar la memòria. Encara que fos una iniciativa de l’ajuntament franquista, va néixer per pal·liar unes necessitat socials importants en la postguerra més dura. La proliferació de centres esportius d’oci durant les darreres dècades ens pot fer pensar que allò que va ser una necessitat avui és un luxe o un entreteniment superflu. Però la realitat concreta que viu el Sant Pau Sport Club ens ha de fer pensar que l’accés als centres de salut física estan limitats al poder adquisitiu i que són molts els ciutadans que no gaudeixen de les mateixes oportunitats que més afortunats. En aquest sentit, el Sant Pau no només és necessari, sinó que ens explica una història que es repeteix i que hauria de ser explicada al vestíbul i a la façana per recordar-nos d’on venim i a on anem.

Agraïments: Jaume Almirall, Josep Azemà, Jorge Álvarez, Francisco Arauz, Miquel Barceló, Enric Comas, Carmen Giménez, María José González, Joan Ramon Rovira, Mercè Tatjer, Ramon Vilalta.

 Abans del bany, 1895
Ramon Casas, Museu de Montserrat

          Querida amiga   
Projecte de l'Instituto Francis
Ronda de Sant Pere, 18
Nil Tusquets (anys 60)

[Article publicat originalment el 4 d'octubre de 2012]

Elena Francis

Durant la postguerra, l’Espanya negra retratada per Goya, Gutiérrez Solana o Buñuel, aquella Espanya miserable i analfabeta que a cops de crucifix i d’alçaments militars va apartar una bona part de la població de l’Humanisme i de la Il·lustració i que va convertir el país en el racó folklòric d’Europa, va tenir la seva continuïtat a la ràdio i al quiosc vestida de cultura popular. D’una banda, El Caso (que tan bé ens ha descrit Sícoris) es convertia en el màxim exponent de la crònica negra, que els diaris convencionals adscrits a la Prensa del Movimiento s’encarregava d’enllustrar per fer-nos creure que vivíem en un país normal. D’una altra, les radionovel·les perpetuaven els drames dels folletins i la literatura de canya i cordill, i els consultoris sentimentals i de bellesa posaven capes de maquillatge a la realitat diària de milers de dones que demanaven consell per justificar unes vides amb poc marge de maniobra, dins d’una societat profundament masclista que els donava el matrimoni i la maternitat com a únics valors i esperances.

Carta dirigida a l'Elena Francis demanant consell per avortar

En aquest context de postguerra, l’any 1947 naixia el Consultorio de Elena Francis, un espai radiofònic dirigit al públic femení, que s'estructurava al voltant de la correspondència que dirigien les radiooients a una suposada experta, Elena Francis, que contestava els dubtes, consultes i confidències que es plantejaven. Les consultes anaven des de temes estrictament domèstics, com cuina, jardineria, salut i bellesa, fins els problemes que gaudien d’una més gran expectació i dramatisme: els sentimentals i els psicològics.

La idea del consultori la va inspirar Francisca Elena Bes, que pertanyia a una família amb negocis dins del món de la cosmètica, propietaris, junt amb el seu marit Josep Fradera, de l'Instituto Francis i els laboratoris del mateix nom. Situats inicialment al carrer Pelai, 56, es van traslladar els anys 60 a la Ronda de Sant Pere, 18, a l'edifici dissenyat per l'arquitecte Nil Tusquets, el projecte del qual encapçala aquest apunt i on continua encara avui. El nom Elena Francis prové d'invertir l'apel·latiu familiar de l'empresària.

El consultori va començar les emissions a Ràdio Barcelona, des d'on va emetre fins 1966, i posteriorment va passar a Ràdio Peninsular i a Ràdio Intercontinental, fins la cancel·lació del programa, l’any 1984, per baixa audiència. Alguna cosa havia canviat en el país. L’educació i la bonança econòmica havia transformat els interessos i les aspiracions del públic potencial, malgrat que les revistes del cor continuaven tenint un públic fidel que s’emmirallava en les vides, els vestits i les cases dels famosos, que inspiraven il·lusions i esperances des de les pantalles del cinema o des de les corts reials europees i orientals, plenes de princeses glamuroses: Soraia, la "princesa dels ulls tristos", repudiada pel Xa de Pèrsia, que després es va casar amb Farah Diva; Grace Kelly, casada amb el príncep Rainier de Mònaco; Rita Hayworth, segona esposa d'Alí Khan, príncep dels ismaïlites; o Fabiola, germana del desheretat Jaime de Mora y Aragón, que va esdevenir reina dels belgues quan es va casar amb Balduí. Miralls on s'hi reflectien la mediocritat i els somnis.

Del consultori de l’Elena Francis, a la memòria popular hi ha quedat, sobretot, la sintonia del programa: l’Indian Summer, de Victor Herbert, que a la ràdio sonava en la versió d’André Kostelanetz, amb una lletra adaptada al contingut del consultori, i que podeu escoltar i recordar en el vídeo adjunt. I igual que la música, en el record queda la veu de la locutora Maruja Fernández, que després de Maria Garriga i tres locutores més va ser la veu de Francis de 1962 fins el darrer dia.

Inicialment, les respostes a les consultes (unes set en cada emissió diària) eren redactades per un equip de guionistes, però a partir de 1966 se’n va fer càrrec el periodista i crític taurí Juan Soto Viñolo. Elena Francis no només no existia sinó que era un home. La notícia es va fer pública l’any 1982 quan Gerard Imbert va publicar Elena Francis, un consultorio para la transición. El descobriment va causar una gran commoció en moltes dones, tant pel fet de no existir com pel fet d’haver posat la seva intimitat a mans d’un home. De tota manera, el programa ja era un moribund i dos anys més tard va passar a millor vida. Desmantellat l’espai, el material va desaparèixer de l’emissora, fins que una part de les cartes i alguns guions va ser trobats a Can Tirel, una masia de Cornellà de Llobregat propietat de la família Fradera: 70.000 documents del període comprès entre 1951 i 1972, i que des de 2007 són a l’Arxiu Comarcal del Baix Llobregat.

Les sorpreses, però, no acaben aquí. Mitjan la dècada de 1990, l’amiga d’una amiga (lamento no recordar el seu nom) estava fent la seva tesi d'antropologia sobre el consultori de l’Elena Francis (gràcies a ella tinc gravats en una casset alguns programes, entre ells el darrer, emès l’1 de febrer de 1984). Poc després, vaig conèixer Juan Soto Viñolo, que feia poc que havia publicat Querida Elena Francis (Barcelona: Grijalbo, 1995). Per qüestions professionals editorials vaig tenir l’oportunitat de compartir experiències i confidències radiofòniques amb ell.

Tant la investigació dels materials per a la tesi con el mateix Juan Soto van confirmar que la grisor dels consultoris amagaven més d’una tragèdia. Centenars de cartes no van ser mai emeses per antena. Moltes, perquè no tenien prou interès i calia fer una selecció; d’altres, perquè el seu contingut reflectia absolutes tragèdies: maltractament físic i psicològic, assetjament, violacions, incestos i embarassos no desitjats a causa d'aquests abusos (molts d’aquests casos venien de Galícia, lloc on l’estupre amb la filla sempre ha estat elevat, per causes diverses); drames personals i familiars diversos, i delictes de tota mena que testimoniaven que la realitat és aparent... excepte per a qui la viu i la pateix.

Però hauríem d’esperar fins el 2008 perquè Pietat Estany, que va treballar durant vuit anys en el consultori radiofònic d'Elena Francis, ens ho expliqués en el llibre Estimades Amigues. El darrer escrit d'una Doña Elena Francis silenciosa i silenciada (Barcelona: Dèria Editors / La Magrana, 2008). Pietat Estany va ser l’encarregada, durant aquest temps, de contestar per escrit les cartes que no passaven la selecció del programa; ella va ser l’encarregada de donar consol a les veus que cridaven auxili, i ara el seu relat ens ajuda a reconstruir un escenari que, encara, és ple de buits, d’ombres i de foscor.

Montserrat Fortuny

Però a casa érem més de l'altre consultori que rivalitzava amb la Francis, el Consultorio femenino de Doña Montserrat Fortuny, de Radio Reloj de Radio España (EAJ15), que més tard esdevindria Cadena Catalana. Les raons són històriques, com veurem, però n’hi havia una que ens cridava l’atenció: el patrocinador del programa era Laboratorios Eupartol (després LRT, de Laboratorios Ricardo Trilla), que tenien la seva seu en el carrer Xifré 48 (entre Provença i Mallorca), en el barri del Clot de Barcelona, just al costat de casa.

Temps després, quan van enderrocar l’edifici, aquell solar es va convertir en un descampat de deixalles dels laboratoris, que van despertar la curiositat de la canalla que hi anàvem a jugar. Els laboratoris produïen medicaments i material de ginecologia i obstetrícia, com vam poder comprovar inspeccionant les restes, entre elles pinces umbilicals, noves i usades. Usades vol dir que n’hi havia amb restes de teixits, no sé si de nadons o de vés a saber quins animals, que segurament servien per comprovar la fiabilitat de l'instrumental d'una empresa que s'anunciava a la ràdio amb una veu que deia: “Eupartol alivia el dolor de los problemas de la mujer”.

El consultori de la Montserrat Fortuny té els seus orígens en el Consultori femení de bellesa Eupartol, que Ràdio Barcelona emetia l’any 1935 en el programa Radiofémina. L’any següent el consultori passa a Ràdio Associació de Catalunya, que després de la guerra seria reconvertida en Radio España, “la emisora de las Ramblas”. I seria l’any 1945 que el consultori prenia el nom de Montserrat Fortuny.

Montserrat Fortuny era un pseudònim, però darrere s’hi amagava una persona real: Emilia Saez de Tejada, esposa de Ricard Trilla, amo dels laboratoris. De tota manera, qui posava la veu i la presència a la ràdio va ser, durant molts anys, l’actriu Mercedes Laspra (Astúries, 1915) fins que quan es va jubilar (1981) la va substituir Carme Nubiola.

Mercedes Laspra, la veu de Montserrat Fortuny

El consultori de Montserrat Fortuny va acabar també l’any 1984, però per alguna raó no ha generat la mateixa expectació que l’Elena Francis. És possible que la discreció dels treballadors de la ràdio i la prudència i el control dels laboratoris hagi fet que no s’escampés cap llegenda sobre el contingut de les cartes. L’emissió local del consultori també haurà ajudat, tot i que això no vol dir que no hi hagi una Catalunya negra. No se n’han escrit llibres, ni tesis, i la pervivència resta només en la memòria sense fer gaire soroll.

Sintonies de Radio España

A molts de nosaltres, però, ens va deixar el record inesborrable de la sintonia i d’alguna de les falques musicals. El caràcter oral de la ràdio ha propiciat la retenció memorística de cançons, anuncis i de les veus dels locutors. La sintonia la podem taral·lejar, però no en sé el nom; sembla un vals. Potser algú la pot identificar en el vídeo adjunt (cap el minut 2). Una altra sintonia del programa era la Marxa del Coronel Bogey, la melodia militar britànica que els soldats del coronel Nicholson xiulaven quan desfilaven a la pel·lícula El pont sobre el riu Kwai. Però sobretot, mai he oblidat una cançoneta encantadora que m’emociona de forma totalment irracional, el Dites-moi, d'Ngana i Jorome, de la pel·lícula South Pacific (1958).

Ignoro si ara hi ha consultoris sentimentals a la ràdio. M’és ben igual; no gosaria escoltar-los. Durant la infantesa aquella narració tenia el mateix valor de ficció que les radionovel·les. El temps ens ha fet descobrir que aquells relats no eren més ficció que la realitat del carrer i eren la conseqüència natural de l’ambient històric i social en què vivíem. I les nostres mares ho sabien, és clar.

Carta a Montserrat Fortuny (1949)

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Sintonia horària de Radio Reloj


En antena: 75 anys de ràdio a Espanya. Madrid: Promotora General de Revistas, SA, 1999.

Espinosa i Mirabet, Sílvia. "Cronologia dels programes femenins a la ràdio catalana d’abans de la Guerra Civil". Comunicació: Revista de Recerca i d’Anàlisi [Societat Catalana de Comunicació], vol. 27 (novembre 2010), p. 65-88 [PDF].

Herrera Damas, Susana. "La participación de los oyentes en los programas de radio, ¿un género radiofónico?" Revista de Comunicación, vol. 3, Facultad de Comunicación de la Universidad de Piura, Perú, 2004, p. 7-19.


          D'excursió al mont Tàber   
Placa que marca la cota altimètrica del punt més alt
del mont Tàber, al carrer del Paradís

L’altre dia, el bon amic Joanot Pasqual em preguntava a quina declinació llatina pertanyia el topònim Taber, el nom amb què és conegut el petit turó que els romans aprofiten per fundar Barcino juntament amb l’altre turó on s’assenta la basílica dels Sants Màrtirs Just i Pastor. La resposta no és fàcil i pressuposa que el nom és d’època romana. Però, i si no fos així?

Aquesta petita elevació rep a l’Edat Mitjana els nom de puig del Miracle o mons Tàber. El lingüista Joan Coromines, autor de l'Onomasticon Cataloniae i dels diccionaris etimològics tant de la llengua catalana com de la castellana, creu que l’origen del topònim és religiós i que segueix la moda del segle XIV, quan molts noms de lloc són canviats per mots bíblics.

En el cas de Taber, el nom faria referència al mont Tabor (הַר תָּבוֹר), un turó de Galilea a l'extrem nord-est de la plana d'Esdreló (anomenada també de Jezrahel o de Megiddo, a Israel). El Tabor és esmentat diverses vegades a l'Antic Testament, i el cristianisme el venera perquè la tradició diu que en aquest cim es va produir la transfiguració de Jesús, és a dir, aquell moment en què la naturalesa divina passa a acompanyar l’aparença humana del messies cristià. El segle V s'hi va fer una basílica bizantina, substituïda el 1924 per l'actual església de la Transfiguració.

De la mateixa època en què Taber/Tabor apareix a la toponímia barcelonina, també ho són altres noms com el de la Vall d’Hebron (חֶבְרוֹן), habitada per ermitans fins que el segle XIV s'hi va construir el monestir de Sant Jeroni, desaparegut durant el segle XIX i del qual només queden les restes de la capella de Santa Magdalena, amagada entre la vegetació que envolta la carretera de Sant Cugat.

D’aquesta mateixa època són les llegendes que atribueixen l’origen de Barcelona a la fundació d’Hèrcules (Hèracles) i Mercuri (Hermes), de la qual parlàvem fa poc arran de la publicació de La Barcelona d’Hermes. En aquest context, doncs, també podria ser que un Taber d’origen romà o adoptat pels romans s’associés al Tabor hebreu en uns temps en què el poder reial atribuïa orígens antics als elements patrimonials per justificar-ne el dret de possessió a través d’una fictícia línia successòria que relacionaria emperadors, comtes i monarques al llarg dels temps.

Si l’origen medieval del nom Taber és cert, la resposta a la pregunta del Joanot seria que aquest topònim no es declina perquè no és llatí. Però... i si ho fos?

Com a bon etimòleg inquiet, Joan Coromines intenta rascar una mica més i fa algunes comparacions. Jugant amb els ètims i la localització geogràfica, esmenta alguns paral·lelismes com Tavertet (Osona), un poblet medieval situat sobre la cinglera que domina el pantà de Sau i el riu Ter; i l'illa de Tau, l'actual Sète (Llenguadoc), que abans es deia Tàvaro. En un plom escrit amb signes ibèrics del poblat d’Ullastret (Baix Empordà) hi apareix escrit “taberku”. Ben a prop d’aquest poblat n’hi ha un altre, el del Puig de l’Illa d’en Reixac, un promontori que fins ben entrada l'època moderna va ser un illot al mig de l'estany d’Ullastret, avui dessecat. Com explica Antoni Jaquemot, iberista i expert en onomàstica, és possible que el nom de taber, o el també conegut tavaro, vulgui dir "costa, pujada, turó", de tabar>patar, que ha donat topònims com Albatàrrec (Batarri), Tabarra (Navarra). I estenent-nos una mica més encara podríem pensar en turons específics en forma de promontori sobre una extensió d’aigua, com són els primers topònims esmentats.

Quina relació té tot plegat amb el Tàber i Barcino? Intentarem veure-ho si li posem una mica d’imaginació.

El passat dimecres 13 d’abril, la Carme Miró, responsable del Pla Barcino, l’arqueòleg Jordi Ramos i l’arquitecte Pep Llinàs, van exposar els resultats de les intervencions arqueològiques de les torres 27 i 28 de la muralla, i els plans de recuperació del recinte fortificat i la seva integració en el teixit urbà i ciutadà. Una de les inquietuds a l’hora de projectar la visibilitat de la muralla és aconseguir que el vianant sigui capaç de copsar-ne la magnitud com ho haurien fet els viatgers o els enemics de l’època a l’acostar-se a Barcino quan la colònia romana no tenia al seu voltant cap impediment urbanístic ni geogràfic que n’impedissin la visibilitat.

Cal que ens imaginem Barcino com un poblament lleugerament elevat sobre un promontori, aleshores coronat per les muralles del segle III; una mena de petita península limitada a banda i banda per la badia on desembocava la riera de Sant Joan, situada aproximadament a l’actual Via Laietana, i després desviada per la desapareguda plaça de l’Oli i convertida en el Merdançar, que passava pel carrer dels Assaonadors; i la riera del Pi i la Rambla per l’altra banda, que amb el temps acabarien formant aiguamolls i el Cagalell, els vestigis del qual encara es poden identificar en les depressions d’alguns indrets del Raval.

 Gràfic amb la hipotètica línia de costa des de la prehistòria a avui

Només cal que tanquem els ulls i ens imaginem Barcino sobre el mar, en un taber envoltat d’aigua, perquè ràpidament prengui sentit l’etimologia proposada per Jaquemot i que ens porta als símils comentats per Joan Coromines. Si és així, Taber es deuria declinar en els primers moments en què s’hi estableix la colònia romana, però aviat el turó va deixar de ser una referència quan en el cim s’hi construeix el temple d’August (en queden quatre columnes en el carrer del Paradís, 10, seu del Centre Excursionista de Catalunya) i es converteix en l’epicentre del fòrum de la ciutat. Així, doncs, davant la manca d’informació al respecte parafrasejarem la dita castellana i farem “mutis por el foro”.

El perquè de Barcino

Ja que som fent el turista a Barcino, plantegem-nos una altra pregunta que ronda de fa temps el magí dels historiadors. Quina va ser la raó de ser de Barcino? Per què se’ls acut als romans establir una colònia en un lloc com el Tàber no tenint-ne cap necessitat?

La ruta comercial entre les dues grans poblacions de la Mediterrània, Emporiae i Tarraco ja tenia Baetulo (Badalona) com a eix central i lloc de control de la costa central i de les rutes cap el Vallès.

Emporion, enclau grec des del 580 aec i ciutat romana amb el nom d'Emporiae des del 197 aec després de la segona Guerra Púnica (218 aec), és un dels grans centres comercials de la Mediterrània. Tarraco, que també té els seus orígens en la segona Guerra Púnica, esdevindria una de les grans ciutats de l’imperi, capital de la Hispania Citerior i després de la província Tarraconense. Baetulo és fundada ex novo cap l’any 100 aec també sobre un turó vora el mar. Poblada amb colons itàlics, es convertirà en una ciutat dinàmica i pròspera gràcies a una economia agrícola especialitzada en la producció i exportació de vi.

En aquest context ens podem imaginar les naus romanes navegant d’Emporiae a Tarraco fent escala a Baetulo i divisant l’skyline del litoral barcinonensis amb un imponent Montjuïc dominant l’estuari del Rubricatus (l’embocadura del Llobregat, que aleshores arribava fins a Ad Fines, prop de l’actual Martorell), i la coqueta elevació del Tàber, ambdós poblats per laietans que es miraven les naus des dels turons ignorant que aviat es convertirien en mà d’obra dels romans.

A Montjuïc, pel costat sud, hi van construir un primitiu port que serviria segurament per mantenir la flota a recer del mal temps i on es va desenvolupar alguna mena d'indústria i magatzems. I al Tàber, que en aquell temps deuria tenir el caràcter idíl·lic que altres colonitzadors van veure a la Costa Brava segles més tard, hi van construir una colònia d’acollida de legionaris llicenciats que ocuparan les vil·les del camp (ager) i que troben en el sol, les vinyes i les oliveres de la plana el lloc ideal on desenvolupar una activitat econòmica i retirar-se. Naixia, entre el 15 i el 13 aec, de la mà d’August, Iulia Augusta Faventia Paterna Barcino, una colònia de ciutadans romans amb un estatus que els feia lliures de pagar impostos.

Barcino era una ciutat bàsicament administrativa, que aplegava dins del territori murallat institucions polítiques i religioses, grans vil·les (com les del carrer de la Fruita i Avinyó), termes i un petit nucli industrial (bugaderia, tints, salaons i vins), diferent d’urbs com Baetulo i Tarraco. La seva fundació va comportar la romanització de l’entorn rural i la transformació del mode de producció i de la propietat de la terra, que esborra el rastre dels antics habitants de la zona, així com el model d’assentament. Quan pensem en Barcino hem de mirar més enllà de les muralles i així entendrem perquè el Pla de Barcelona ha estat tan ric en masies, que hem acabat destruint.

Però Barcino, com explicàvem a Barcelona... de vacances, també es convertia en terra de promissió senzillament perquè era bonica. I mentrestant, els ibers laietans es preguntaven, amb mirada encuriosida, com es pot sobreviure a la intempèrie de la plana podent mirar la línia de l'horitzó des dels turons.

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The Palm Beach County Court Clerk’s Office confirmed that Barson’s family filed the lawsuit Friday against the tennis star, the Associated Press reported.

On Thursday, the Palm Beach Gardens police released a report saying Williams caused a June 9 crash that left Barson seriously injured with head trauma, leading to his death two weeks later. However, the 37-year-old Grand Slam champion has not been cited or charged.

Witnesses, including the victim’s wife Linda, say that Williams’ SUV crossed in front of the Barsons’ sedan after the couple’s light turned green. Williams told investigators her light was green when she entered the six-lane intersection but she got stopped midpoint by traffic and didn’t see the Barsons’ car before she crossed their lane, his car then T-boned hers. Williams told police that she didn’t have time to stop.

Williams’ attorney Malcolm Cunningham told TMZ on Thursday: “Ms. Williams entered the intersection on a green light. The police report estimates that Ms. Williams was traveling at 5 mph when Mrs. Barson crashed into her. Authorities did not issue Ms. Williams with any citations or traffic violations. This is an unfortunate accident and Venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one.”

There was no evidence Venus was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Cops also said there’s no evidence Williams was distracted by an electronic device.

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A total of 501 juveniles have been reported missing in D.C. since the beginning of the year. This startling number has forced the hands of several officials who’ve written a letter to call on special help from the Justice Department in investigating the matter.
The letter, obtained by the Associated Press, asked FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed.” It was signed by Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-La) and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, who represents D.C. in Congress.
“Ten children of color went missing in our nation’s capital in a period of two weeks and at first garnered very little media attention. That’s deeply disturbing,” Richmond’s letter said.
As the AP reports, the District of Columbia logged 501 cases of missing juveniles, many of them black or Latino, in the first three months of this year, according to the Metropolitan Police Department, the city’s police force. Twenty-two were unsolved as of March 22, police said.
The Twitter profile for the DC police department is quite literally riddled with images of missing young Black and Latino girls. In spite of the officials’ concern and the posts on Twitter, police are assuring the public that there is nothing out of the ordinary.

“We’ve just been posting them on social media more often,” said Metropolitan Police spokeswoman Rachel Reid.
“We can’t focus on the numbers,” said Derrica Wilson, co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation. “If we have one missing child, that’s too many.”
Police then went on to dispel talk of these girls being kidnapped and sold into slavery by human traffickers.
“We have no indication to believe that young girls in the District are being preyed upon by human traffickers in large numbers,” said police commander Chanel Dickerson, leader of the Youth and Family Services division, according to NBC News 4.
Notice how Dickerson said “in large numbers” as a qualifier, meaning he didn’t rule out the fact that there are human traffickers in the area preying on young girls.
As the Free Thought Project pointed out on several occasions, some of these traffickers have already been caught in D.C. — and some of them have been cops.
Linwood Barnhill Jr., a veteran of the D.C. Police Department, was exposed by the Free Thought Projectfor running a child sex ring out of his house. In 2014, in an early morning search warrant issued for his Southeast D.C. apartment found a 15-year-old girl who had previously been reported missing by her parents.
When police rescued the girl she told officers that she had met six other girls inside the Southeast D.C. apartment who told her they were also being prostituted, including with ads posted on Barnhill also took naked photos of the girls, purportedly for use in advertisements for sex.
Marijuana, condoms and a large mirror were also seized from the apartment; law enforcement officials say that the seized mirror had the names of other females who were being trafficked written on it.
Around that same time, another cop in the area was also exposed and arrested for trafficking teens. Lamin Manneh, 32, of Baltimore, pleaded guilty to traveling across state lines and using a telephone and internet to operate a prostitution business using two teens he prostituted out over 300 times.
According to the AP, Wilson also said she is concerned about whether human trafficking is a factor, citing the case of 8-year-old Relisha Rudd, who has been missing since she vanished from a city homeless shelter in 2014. A janitor who worked at the shelter was found dead of apparent suicide during the search for the girl.
“They prey on the homeless, they prey on low-income children, they prey on the runaways, they prey online,” Wilson said.
“Whether these recent disappearances are an anomaly or signals of underlying trends, it is essential that the Department of Justice and the FBI use all of the tools at their disposal to help local officials investigate these events, and return these children to their parents as soon as possible,” Richmond said.
According to the anti-Human Trafficking group, Polaris, located in D.C., the number of trafficked humans in the US is startling.
Sadly, the US government appears to spend far more time looking for an illegal plant or for Tom Brady’s jersey, than they do on missing children.
Matt Agorist is the co-founder of, where this article first appeared. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been

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先上示例代码直观地感受一下qt信号与槽的用法,后面再详细解释。通过QtCreator创建一个Qt Widget工程(没有创建ui文件,其它选项为默认值),工程名为SS,最后在SS目录下会生成5个文件:main.cpp、mainwindow.cpp、mainwindow.h、SS.pro和,然后对这几个文件稍作修改,最终的源码如下。——

QT += core gui
QT += widgets


SOURCES += main.cpp\

HEADERS  += mainwindow.h——


#include "mainwindow.h"

#include <QApplication>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QApplication a(argc, argv);
    MainWindow w;;

    return a.exec();



#include <QMainWindow>

class MainWindow : public QMainWindow

    MainWindow(QWidget *parent = 0);

    void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event);

    void mousePressed();

//private Q_SLOTS:
private slots:
    void onMousePressed();

#endif // MAINWINDOW_H


#include "mainwindow.h"

#include <QDebug>

MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent)
    : QMainWindow(parent)
//    connect(this, &MainWindow::mousePressed, this, &MainWindow::onMousePressed);
    connect(this, SIGNAL(mousePressed()), this, SLOT(onMousePressed()));

    setGeometry(100, 100, 360, 360);

    disconnect(this, SIGNAL(mousePressed()), this, SLOT(onMousePressed()));

void MainWindow::mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event)

    emit mousePressed(); // Q_EMIT

void MainWindow::onMousePressed()
    qDebug() << "[SLOT] MainWindow::onMousePressed";


最后,通过QtCreator运行SS工程,在弹出的窗口上按下鼠标就会输出“[SLOT] MainWindow::onMousePressed”,这个log就是通过信号与槽实现的。


信号(signal)与槽(slot)是qt的一大特色,由元对象系统(meta object system)提供,用于对象间的通信,类似的还有借助于函数指针的回调机制,理论上,信号与槽比回调的反应速度要慢,但前者用起来更灵活。下面以SS工程为例,简单介绍一下信号与槽的用法。SS.pro为工程文件,main.cpp文件实现了必需的main函数,这两个文件不作更多解释,重点在于mainwindow.h和mainwindow.cpp。

使用信号与槽,首先,类必须直接或间接继承自QObject,如示例中的MainWindow继承自QMainWindow,而QMainWindow间接继承自QObject;然后,在类入口处使用O_OBJECT宏,这是必须的;接着,使用signals或Q_SIGNALS声明信号,如示例中的mousePressed,信号类似于成员函数,只不过其返回类型一般为void,但可以有参数,而且只有声明不需定义,使用private、protected或public slots或Q_SLOTS声明槽并定义槽,如示例中的onMousePressed,槽就是个普通的成员函数,只不过声明时多了个slots或Q_SLOTS而已;最后使用connect连接信号与槽,信号与信号也可以连接,当信号发送时,就会触发与之连接的槽,使用disconnect断开连接,两者连接时它们的参数列表必须相同,示例中在构造函数中connect,析构函数中disconnect,重写了虚函数mousePressEvent,当有鼠标按下事件时就会调到这个函数,函数中通过emit发送mousePressed信号,进而触发与之连接的onMousePressed槽,输出log。connect和disconnect有多个重载函数,这里不作详细介绍,其中connect连接的信号与槽可以通过取地址符直接取对应的地址,或者使用SIGNAL与SLOT进行包装,但后者更好用。




struct qt_meta_stringdata_MainWindow_t {
    QByteArrayData data[4];
    char stringdata[40];
#define QT_MOC_LITERAL(idx, ofs, len) \
    qptrdiff(offsetof(qt_meta_stringdata_MainWindow_t, stringdata) + ofs \
        - idx * sizeof(QByteArrayData)) \
static const qt_meta_stringdata_MainWindow_t qt_meta_stringdata_MainWindow = {
QT_MOC_LITERAL(0, 0, 10), // "MainWindow"
QT_MOC_LITERAL(1, 11, 12), // "mousePressed"
QT_MOC_LITERAL(2, 24, 0), // ""
QT_MOC_LITERAL(3, 25, 14) // "onMousePressed"




// 1. QByteArrayData is QArrayData with 5 data members
typedef QArrayData QByteArrayData;
struct Q_CORE_EXPORT QArrayData
    QtPrivate::RefCount ref; // see below
    int size; // int
    uint alloc : 31; // unsigned int with 31 bits
    uint capacityReserved : 1; // unsignet int with 1 bit
    qptrdiff offset; // in bytes from beginning of header // see below
    // others ...
// 2. What is QtPrivate::RefCount
namespace QtPrivate
class RefCount
    // others ...
    QBasicAtomicInt atomic; // typedef QBasicAtomicInteger<int> QBasicAtomicInt;
// 2.1 QBasicAtomicInteger
template <typename T>
class QBasicAtomicInteger
    typedef QAtomicOps<T> Ops;
    typename Ops::Type _q_value; // >> ref of QArrayData stored here (type is int) <<
    // others ...
// 2.2 QAtomicOps
template <typename T> struct QAtomicOps : QBasicAtomicOps<sizeof(T)>
    typedef T Type;
// 2.3 QBasicAtomicOps
template <int size> struct QBasicAtomicOps : QGenericAtomicOps<QBasicAtomicOps<size> >
    // something ...
// 2.4 QGenericAtomicOps
template <typename BaseClass> struct QGenericAtomicOps
    // something ...
// 3. What is qptrdiff
typedef QIntegerForSizeof<void*>::Signed qptrdiff; // qint32(int - 32 bit signed) or qint64(long long - 64 bit signed)
template <class T> struct QIntegerForSizeof: QIntegerForSize<sizeof(T)> { };
template <int> struct QIntegerForSize;
template <>    struct QIntegerForSize<1> { typedef quint8  Unsigned; typedef qint8  Signed; };
template <>    struct QIntegerForSize<2> { typedef quint16 Unsigned; typedef qint16 Signed; };
template <>    struct QIntegerForSize<4> { typedef quint32 Unsigned; typedef qint32 Signed; };
template <>    struct QIntegerForSize<8> { typedef quint64 Unsigned; typedef qint64 Signed; };
// 4. What is QT_MOC_LITERAL
#define QT_MOC_LITERAL(idx, ofs, len) \
    qptrdiff(offsetof(qt_meta_stringdata_MainWindow_t, stringdata) + ofs \
        - idx * sizeof(QByteArrayData)) \
// 4.1 macro definations
    { Q_REFCOUNT_INITIALIZE_STATIC, size, 0, 0, offset } \
#  define Q_BASIC_ATOMIC_INITIALIZER(a) { (a) }
// 4.2 What is offsetof
// offsetof from sqlite3.c
#ifndef offsetof
#define offsetof(STRUCTURE,FIELD) ((int)((char*)&((STRUCTURE*)0)->FIELD))
// offsetof from stddef.h
#define offsetof(TYPE, MEMBER) __builtin_offsetof (TYPE, MEMBER)


static const uint qt_meta_data_MainWindow[] = {

 // content:
       7,       // revision 7 is Qt 5
       0,       // classname
       0,    0, // classinfo count and data
       2,   14, // methods count and data
       0,    0, // properties count and data
       0,    0, // enums/sets count and data
       0,    0, // constructors count and data
       0,       // flags since revision 3
       1,       // signalCount since revision 4

 // signals: name, argc, parameters, tag, flags
       1,    0,   24,    2, 0x06 /* Public */,

 // slots: name, argc, parameters, tag, flags
       3,    0,   25,    2, 0x08 /* Private */,

 // signals: parameters

 // slots: parameters

       0        // eod




// The following macros are our "extensions" to C++
// They are used, strictly speaking, only by the moc.
#ifndef Q_MOC_RUN
# if defined(QT_NO_KEYWORDS)
#  define QT_NO_EMIT
# else
#     define slots
#     define signals public
#   endif
# endif
# define Q_SLOTS
# define Q_SIGNALS public
# define Q_EMIT
#ifndef QT_NO_EMIT
# define emit
// others ...
/* qmake ignore Q_OBJECT */
#define Q_OBJECT \
public: \
    static const QMetaObject staticMetaObject; \
    virtual const QMetaObject *metaObject() const; \
    virtual void *qt_metacast(const char *); \
    virtual int qt_metacall(QMetaObject::Call, int, void **); \
private: \
    Q_DECL_HIDDEN_STATIC_METACALL static void qt_static_metacall(QObject *, QMetaObject::Call, int, void **); \
    struct QPrivateSignal {};
#else // Q_MOC_RUN
#define slots slots
#define signals signals
#endif //Q_MOC_RUN


// qt_static_metacall函数从其名字来看是一个调用函数的方法
// 参数_c值为InvokeMetaMethod时说明将调用函数
// 然后根据参数_id值去调用对应的信号或槽
// 参数_c值为IndexOfMethod时通过成员指针对信号地址进行检查
// 返回值为信号对应的_id
void MainWindow::qt_static_metacall(QObject *_o, QMetaObject::Call _c, int _id, void **_a)
    if (_c == QMetaObject::InvokeMetaMethod) {
        MainWindow *_t = static_cast<MainWindow *>(_o);
        switch (_id) {
        case 0: _t->mousePressed(); break;
        case 1: _t->onMousePressed(); break;
        default: ;
    } else if (_c == QMetaObject::IndexOfMethod) {
        int *result = reinterpret_cast<int *>(_a[0]);
        void **func = reinterpret_cast<void **>(_a[1]);
            typedef void (MainWindow::*_t)();
            if (*reinterpret_cast<_t *>(func) == static_cast<_t>(&MainWindow::mousePressed)) {
                *result = 0;
// staticMetaObject变量保存了所有的元数据
const QMetaObject MainWindow::staticMetaObject = {
    { &QMainWindow::staticMetaObject,,
      qt_meta_data_MainWindow,  qt_static_metacall, Q_NULLPTR, Q_NULLPTR}
// metaObject函数用于获取QMetaObject
const QMetaObject *MainWindow::metaObject() const
    return QObject::d_ptr->metaObject ? QObject::d_ptr->dynamicMetaObject() : &staticMetaObject;
// qt_metacast函数用于提取参数_clname对应类的信号与槽的名字
// 因为qt_meta_stringdata_MainWindow.stringdata的第一个数据段保存的是类名
// 所以可以通过strcmp进行类名比较
void *MainWindow::qt_metacast(const char *_clname)
    if (!_clname) return Q_NULLPTR;
    if (!strcmp(_clname, qt_meta_stringdata_MainWindow.stringdata))
        return static_cast<void*>(const_cast< MainWindow*>(this));
    return QMainWindow::qt_metacast(_clname);
// qt_metacall函数根据参数_id及_c执行不同的动作
// 当_id<2且-c==InvokeMetaMethod时
// 执行前面介绍的qt_static_metacall
// 这里的数字2表示的是信号和槽的总数为2
int MainWindow::qt_metacall(QMetaObject::Call _c, int _id, void **_a)
    _id = QMainWindow::qt_metacall(_c, _id, _a);
    if (_id < 0)
        return _id;
    if (_c == QMetaObject::InvokeMetaMethod) {
        if (_id < 2)
            qt_static_metacall(this, _c, _id, _a);
        _id -= 2;
    } else if (_c == QMetaObject::RegisterMethodArgumentMetaType) {
        if (_id < 2)
            *reinterpret_cast<int*>(_a[0]) = -1;
        _id -= 2;
    return _id;
// 发送信号其实调用的就是这个信号函数
// 信号函数由moc通过QMetaObject::activate实现
// 第一个参数为当前对象指针this
// 第二个参数为上面介绍的staticMetaObject
// 第三个参数为从0开始的信号索引
// 第四个参数为空指针NULL
void MainWindow::mousePressed()
    QMetaObject::activate(this, &staticMetaObject, 0, Q_NULLPTR);


// qglobal.h
/* These two macros makes it possible to turn the builtin line expander into a
 * string literal. */
#define QT_STRINGIFY2(x) #x
// qobjectdefs.h
Q_CORE_EXPORT const char *qFlagLocation(const char *method);

#ifndef QT_NO_DEBUG
# define QLOCATION "\0" __FILE__ ":" QT_STRINGIFY(__LINE__)
#  define METHOD(a)   qFlagLocation("0"#a QLOCATION)
# endif
# define SLOT(a)     qFlagLocation("1"#a QLOCATION)
# define SIGNAL(a)   qFlagLocation("2"#a QLOCATION)
#  define METHOD(a)   "0"#a
# endif
# define SLOT(a)     "1"#a
# define SIGNAL(a)   "2"#a

#define QMETHOD_CODE  0                        // member type codes
#define QSLOT_CODE    1
#define QSIGNAL_CODE  2



connect(this, SIGNAL(mousePressed()), this, SLOT(onMousePressed()));


QMetaObject::Connection QObject::connect(const QObject *sender, const char *signal,
                                     const QObject *receiver, const char *method,
                                     Qt::ConnectionType type)
    // 先判断函数参数是否有效
    if (sender == 0 || receiver == 0 || signal == 0 || method == 0) {
        qWarning("QObject::connect: Cannot connect %s::%s to %s::%s",
                 sender ? sender->metaObject()->className() : "(null)",
                 (signal && *signal) ? signal+1 : "(null)",
                 receiver ? receiver->metaObject()->className() : "(null)",
                 (method && *method) ? method+1 : "(null)");
        return QMetaObject::Connection(0);
    QByteArray tmp_signal_name;

    // 检查信号对应的宏SIGNAL是否正确使用
    // SIGNAL在信号前面添加了数字2
    // check_signal_macro通过这个数字2进行检查
    // 是否正确使用了SIGNAL
    if (!check_signal_macro(sender, signal, "connect", "bind"))
        return QMetaObject::Connection(0);
    const QMetaObject *smeta = sender->metaObject();
    const char *signal_arg = signal;
    ++signal; // 跳过SIGNAL宏中的数字2
    QArgumentTypeArray signalTypes;
    Q_ASSERT(QMetaObjectPrivate::get(smeta)->revision >= 7); // moc设置了revision为7
    // 提取信号名signalName和参数列表signalTypes
    // decodeMethodSignature函数使用了strchr函数定位左、右括号在signal字符串中的位置
    QByteArray signalName = QMetaObjectPrivate::decodeMethodSignature(signal, signalTypes);
    // 提取信号索引signal_index
    // 从当前类到父类查找signalName对应的索引
    // 失败时返回-1
    int signal_index = QMetaObjectPrivate::indexOfSignalRelative(
            &smeta, signalName, signalTypes.size(), signalTypes.constData());
    if (signal_index < 0) {
        // check for normalized signatures
        tmp_signal_name = QMetaObject::normalizedSignature(signal - 1);
        signal = tmp_signal_name.constData() + 1;

        signalName = QMetaObjectPrivate::decodeMethodSignature(signal, signalTypes);
        smeta = sender->metaObject();
        signal_index = QMetaObjectPrivate::indexOfSignalRelative(
                &smeta, signalName, signalTypes.size(), signalTypes.constData());
    if (signal_index < 0) {
        err_method_notfound(sender, signal_arg, "connect");
        err_info_about_objects("connect", sender, receiver);
        return QMetaObject::Connection(0);
    signal_index = QMetaObjectPrivate::originalClone(smeta, signal_index);
    signal_index += QMetaObjectPrivate::signalOffset(smeta);

    // 同理下面获取槽的名字和索引
   // 因为信号可以连接到槽和另外一个信号
   // 所以对槽进行处理时还要判断是否为信号
    QByteArray tmp_method_name;
    int membcode = extract_code(method);

    if (!check_method_code(membcode, receiver, method, "connect"))
        return QMetaObject::Connection(0);
    const char *method_arg = method;
    ++method; // skip code

    QByteArray methodName;
    QArgumentTypeArray methodTypes;
    const QMetaObject *rmeta = receiver->metaObject();
    int method_index_relative = -1;
    Q_ASSERT(QMetaObjectPrivate::get(rmeta)->revision >= 7);
    switch (membcode) {
    case QSLOT_CODE:
        method_index_relative = QMetaObjectPrivate::indexOfSlotRelative(
                &rmeta, methodName, methodTypes.size(), methodTypes.constData());
    case QSIGNAL_CODE:
        method_index_relative = QMetaObjectPrivate::indexOfSignalRelative(
                &rmeta, methodName, methodTypes.size(), methodTypes.constData());
    if (method_index_relative < 0) {
        // check for normalized methods
        tmp_method_name = QMetaObject::normalizedSignature(method);
        method = tmp_method_name.constData();

        methodName = QMetaObjectPrivate::decodeMethodSignature(method, methodTypes);
        // rmeta may have been modified above
        rmeta = receiver->metaObject();
        switch (membcode) {
        case QSLOT_CODE:
            method_index_relative = QMetaObjectPrivate::indexOfSlotRelative(
                    &rmeta, methodName, methodTypes.size(), methodTypes.constData());
        case QSIGNAL_CODE:
            method_index_relative = QMetaObjectPrivate::indexOfSignalRelative(
                    &rmeta, methodName, methodTypes.size(), methodTypes.constData());

    if (method_index_relative < 0) {
        err_method_notfound(receiver, method_arg, "connect");
        err_info_about_objects("connect", sender, receiver);
        return QMetaObject::Connection(0);
    // 检查信号与槽的参数列表是否一致
    if (!QMetaObjectPrivate::checkConnectArgs(signalTypes.size(), signalTypes.constData(),
                                              methodTypes.size(), methodTypes.constData())) {
        qWarning("QObject::connect: Incompatible sender/receiver arguments"
                 "\n        %s::%s --> %s::%s",
                 sender->metaObject()->className(), signal,
                 receiver->metaObject()->className(), method);
        return QMetaObject::Connection(0);
    // 对connect的类型进行处理
    int *types = 0;
    if ((type == Qt::QueuedConnection)
            && !(types = queuedConnectionTypes(signalTypes.constData(), signalTypes.size()))) {
        return QMetaObject::Connection(0);
    // 最后通过QMetaObjectPrivate::connect进行真正的connect
#ifndef QT_NO_DEBUG
    QMetaMethod smethod = QMetaObjectPrivate::signal(smeta, signal_index);
    QMetaMethod rmethod = rmeta->method(method_index_relative + rmeta->methodOffset());
    check_and_warn_compat(smeta, smethod, rmeta, rmethod);
    QMetaObject::Connection handle = QMetaObject::Connection(QMetaObjectPrivate::connect(
        sender, signal_index, smeta, receiver, method_index_relative, rmeta ,type, types));
    return handle;


QObjectPrivate::Connection *QMetaObjectPrivate::connect(const QObject *sender,
                                 int signal_index, const QMetaObject *smeta,
                                 const QObject *receiver, int method_index,
                                 const QMetaObject *rmeta, int type, int *types)
    // sender和receiver去const
    QObject *s = const_cast<QObject *>(sender);
    QObject *r = const_cast<QObject *>(receiver);

    // 获取receiver中method的偏移量
   // 因为其method_index是个相对值
    int method_offset = rmeta ? rmeta->methodOffset() : 0;
    Q_ASSERT(!rmeta || QMetaObjectPrivate::get(rmeta)->revision >= 6);
    QObjectPrivate::StaticMetaCallFunction callFunction =
        rmeta ? rmeta->d.static_metacall : 0;

    // 对sender和receiver上锁(mutex pool)
    QOrderedMutexLocker locker(signalSlotLock(sender),

    // type为Qt::UniqueConnection时作特殊处理
    // 确保connect的唯一性
    if (type & Qt::UniqueConnection) {
        QObjectConnectionListVector *connectionLists = QObjectPrivate::get(s)->connectionLists;
        if (connectionLists && connectionLists->count() > signal_index) {
            const QObjectPrivate::Connection *c2 =

            int method_index_absolute = method_index + method_offset;

            while (c2) {
                if (!c2->isSlotObject && c2->receiver == receiver && c2->method() == method_index_absolute)
                    return 0;
                c2 = c2->nextConnectionList;
        type &= Qt::UniqueConnection - 1;
    // 最后是真正的connect对象QObjectPrivate::Connection实例化
    // 存储了所有的connect信息
    // addConnection最终保存了这个connect操作
    QScopedPointer<QObjectPrivate::Connection> c(new QObjectPrivate::Connection);
    c->sender = s;
    c->signal_index = signal_index;
    c->receiver = r;
    c->method_relative = method_index;
    c->method_offset = method_offset;
    c->connectionType = type;
    c->isSlotObject = false;
    c->nextConnectionList = 0;
    c->callFunction = callFunction;

    // 解锁
    // connect成功后还会调用一次connectNotify函数
    // connectNotify是个虚函数
    // 我们可以重写connectNotify在connenct成功后进行额外的相关操作
    QMetaMethod smethod = QMetaObjectPrivate::signal(smeta, signal_index);
    if (smethod.isValid())

    return c.take();



    // internal index-based signal activation
    static void activate(QObject *sender, int signal_index, void **argv);
    static void activate(QObject *sender, const QMetaObject *, int local_signal_index, void **argv);
    static void activate(QObject *sender, int signal_offset, int local_signal_index, void **argv);


void QMetaObject::activate(QObject *sender, int signalOffset, int local_signal_index, void **argv)
    // 信号在元对象数据结构中的实际索引
    int signal_index = signalOffset + local_signal_index;
    // 判断信号是否已经connect
    // 判断是否注册了信号监听回调函数(用于QTest)
    if (!sender->d_func()->isSignalConnected(signal_index)
        && !qt_signal_spy_callback_set.signal_begin_callback
        && !qt_signal_spy_callback_set.signal_end_callback) {
        return; // nothing connected to these signals, and no spy
    // 判断信号是否被block
    if (sender->d_func()->blockSig)
    // 用于QTest
    if (sender->d_func()->declarativeData && QAbstractDeclarativeData::signalEmitted)
        QAbstractDeclarativeData::signalEmitted(sender->d_func()->declarativeData, sender,
                                                signal_index, argv);
    // 用于QTest begin
    void *empty_argv[] = { 0 };
    if (qt_signal_spy_callback_set.signal_begin_callback != 0) {
        qt_signal_spy_callback_set.signal_begin_callback(sender, signal_index,
                                                         argv ? argv : empty_argv);
    // HANDLE句柄即当前的线程id
    // unix平台上通过pthread_self获取
    Qt::HANDLE currentThreadId = QThread::currentThreadId();

    // 上锁(多线程、异步)
    QMutexLocker locker(signalSlotLock(sender));
    struct ConnectionListsRef {
        QObjectConnectionListVector *connectionLists;
        ConnectionListsRef(QObjectConnectionListVector *connectionLists) : connectionLists(connectionLists)
            if (connectionLists)
            if (!connectionLists)

            Q_ASSERT(connectionLists->inUse >= 0);
            if (connectionLists->orphaned) {
                if (!connectionLists->inUse)
                    delete connectionLists;

        QObjectConnectionListVector *operator->() const { return connectionLists; }
    ConnectionListsRef connectionLists = sender->d_func()->connectionLists;
    // connectionLists为空时unlock后直接return
    if (!connectionLists.connectionLists) {
        // 用于QTest end
        if (qt_signal_spy_callback_set.signal_end_callback != 0)
            qt_signal_spy_callback_set.signal_end_callback(sender, signal_index);
    // 获取connect列表
    const QObjectPrivate::ConnectionList *list;
    if (signal_index < connectionLists->count())
        list = &connectionLists->at(signal_index);
        list = &connectionLists->allsignals;

    do {
        QObjectPrivate::Connection *c = list->first;
        // 循环取得一个非空的Connection
        if (!c) continue;
        // We need to check against last here to ensure that signals added
        // during the signal emission are not emitted in this emission.
        QObjectPrivate::Connection *last = list->last;

        do {
            // 查找有效的receiver
            if (!c->receiver)

            QObject * const receiver = c->receiver;
            // 判断当前线程与receiver线程是否一致
            const bool receiverInSameThread = currentThreadId == receiver->d_func()->threadData->threadId;

            // 根据connect类型及receiverInSameThread进行不同的处理
            // 立即执行queued_activate或者放入消息队列postEvent等待后续处理
            if ((c->connectionType == Qt::AutoConnection && !receiverInSameThread)
                || (c->connectionType == Qt::QueuedConnection)) {
                queued_activate(sender, signal_index, c, argv ? argv : empty_argv, locker);
#ifndef QT_NO_THREAD
            } else if (c->connectionType == Qt::BlockingQueuedConnection) {
                if (receiverInSameThread) {
                    qWarning("Qt: Dead lock detected while activating a BlockingQueuedConnection: "
                    "Sender is %s(%p), receiver is %s(%p)",
                    sender->metaObject()->className(), sender,
                    receiver->metaObject()->className(), receiver);
                // 多线程时势必要用到同步机制(锁、信号量)
                QSemaphore semaphore;
                QMetaCallEvent *ev = c->isSlotObject ?
                    new QMetaCallEvent(c->slotObj, sender, signal_index, 0, 0, argv ? argv : empty_argv, &semaphore) :
                    new QMetaCallEvent(c->method_offset, c->method_relative, c->callFunction, sender, signal_index, 0, 0, argv ? argv : empty_argv, &semaphore);
                QCoreApplication::postEvent(receiver, ev);

            QConnectionSenderSwitcher sw;

            if (receiverInSameThread) {
                sw.switchSender(receiver, sender, signal_index);
            // 下面通过三种方法去调用信号连接的槽
            const QObjectPrivate::StaticMetaCallFunction callFunction = c->callFunction;
            const int method_relative = c->method_relative;
            if (c->isSlotObject) {
                QScopedPointer<QtPrivate::QSlotObjectBase, QSlotObjectBaseDeleter> obj(c->slotObj);
                // 方法一 通过call调用receiver中的函数
                obj->call(receiver, argv ? argv : empty_argv);

                // Make sure the slot object gets destroyed before the mutex is locked again, as the
                // destructor of the slot object might also lock a mutex from the signalSlotLock() mutex pool,
                // and that would deadlock if the pool happens to return the same mutex.

            } else if (callFunction && c->method_offset <= receiver->metaObject()->methodOffset()) {
                //we compare the vtable to make sure we are not in the destructor of the object.
                const int methodIndex = c->method();
                if (qt_signal_spy_callback_set.slot_begin_callback != 0)
                    qt_signal_spy_callback_set.slot_begin_callback(receiver, methodIndex, argv ? argv : empty_argv);
                // 方法二 callFunction即moc实现的qt_static_metacall
                callFunction(receiver, QMetaObject::InvokeMetaMethod, method_relative, argv ? argv : empty_argv);

                if (qt_signal_spy_callback_set.slot_end_callback != 0)
                    qt_signal_spy_callback_set.slot_end_callback(receiver, methodIndex);
            } else {
                const int method = method_relative + c->method_offset;

                if (qt_signal_spy_callback_set.slot_begin_callback != 0) {
                                                                argv ? argv : empty_argv);
          7/1/2017: WORLD: Widow the first to hold killer cops to account in Duterte’s war on drugs   

The police knew they had the wrong address when they stood outside Luis Bonifacio’s narrow house in a poor Manila suburb last September, debating whether to proceed with the late night drugs raid as those inside drifted off to sleep. Neighbours...
          Comment on Jail Guards Caught Smuggling in Heroin, Impersonating Cops, Preventing Inmate Mail by Michelle   
That 1 guard isn't the only problem. A couple weeks ago there were 5 overdoses in one pod. That guard in the photo hasn't been there since his arrest. I know for a fact that there are other guards bringing alcohol and obviously drugs into the facility. They don't need to stop inmate mail to stop the problem. They need to do a full investigation and not use 1 guard as a scapegoat.
          Comment on Jail Guards Caught Smuggling in Heroin, Impersonating Cops, Preventing Inmate Mail by Ron   
Bruce is a scumbag he should be in a place called concord state prison
          Comment on Jail Guards Caught Smuggling in Heroin, Impersonating Cops, Preventing Inmate Mail by Jacob Newton   
They cover up crimes here so often its common knowledge. Their power base, though, is QUITE secure.
          Comment on Jail Guards Caught Smuggling in Heroin, Impersonating Cops, Preventing Inmate Mail by Jacob Newton   
I live right here, grew up in Dover all my life. The level of corruption in this state can be linked to a small few number of prominent families and their corruption has tentacles that reach into all aspects of official NH operations/departments etc.
          Comment on Jail Guards Caught Smuggling in Heroin, Impersonating Cops, Preventing Inmate Mail by Persephanie   
I believe they are doing what they can to keep the inmates safe as far as the your concern about them having no contact with family and friends, they can make phone calls have visits any day of the week and be emailed pictures... They are doing everything they can to try to keep this under control they are only human and as far as the men who were charged with crimes they are being held accountable and I believe it was a lesson for the caption and the other staff at the facility. I was an inmate for 7 months in 2016 and the programming and the staff helped me rehabilitate in more ways than one. Out of all the facilities I've been incarcerated, this was by far the best. The decisions of former employees may have been poor but the conditions and programming in impeccable.
          Review: Gang Rush Breakout:: Review #594 by Deskovehry: Gang Rush Breakout - War on a bridge   

by tadzi

You surely know all those gangster movies in which thieves run away from the police in a thrilling chase. But this time, on their way to success, gangs will become enemies. Getting across the bridge in one piece with most of stolen finances into your hiding place is main goal. Best thief gets a reward in the form of an adjutant’s position.

And one such bridge will welcome all the players who make it into world of board game Gang Rush Breakout, which was prepared for us by the pair of designers Galladur and Henri Pym. Everyone contributed with their part – the first one is author of the idea, which was then processed by the latter into shape of this game. And Ankama company took the whole idea and published it. Graphics were made by Rémi Farjaud and its a novelty for 2017.

Box has a square shape, but its size does not belong to those classic larger games. On the contrary, it is making its own way being a drop smaller and better to carry. On the lid, we see a really explosive event in which cars fly through the air and trays are getting empty in a split-second. But the game does not disappoint even under the lid. First of all, there is a game board, which consists of a bridge with five lanes. But it also includes a number of cardboard pieces that make it a real treat for the eye. Using them, players complete their gaming environment in which the bridge goes really up and down. And all this is dominated by a large (of course cardboard) construction.

But setup continues with other components. Before the first game, players assemble freight containers from a series of cartons, but also jumpers and above all round pointers. They will be split among the players, but first they have to choose each one of the classic old gangster cars. And it will also determine color of the pointer, which will allow the players not only to monitor speed of their car, but also show damage and symbol in there indicates special skill of that car. They put miniatures on the starting line to determine initial funding. Finally, on the sides, they line up bonus tokens and a set of dice.

The ranking of opponents will determine the order of the cars on the bridge for the first turn. Who is more ahead will start the main stage (in the case of a tie, whoever is standing more to the left). But the round starts by putting up new obstacles and this brings advantages to those, who are left behind at the moment. Players can then choose from five different obstacles (tiles on offer) and place them on any position on the bridge. The only limitation in the rules is that two identical pieces of hazard must never be adjacent.

But then the players will move in the main stage, one after another, as their cars are placed. The first one takes five dice and tries to get the most advantageous set of symbols. He has two rethrow options. Then the icons have to be used and, as a result, first repair or damage their car in the first place. According to this outcome, he turns his pointer so that six holes show one green dot less (or more), than before.

At the same time, this level also corresponds to number of hundreds of dollars the vehicle is able to carry. However, due to the tachometer symbol, the vehicle can also accelerate and player moves its hand one point to the right. In case of a damage rolled, banknote has been lost and should be left in the place, where car is standing.

It is speed, that determines how many spaces player can move his vehicle. These points can be used to move forward or sideways, depending only on the player himself. However to do this, it is necessary to spend not only point of movement but also two symbols of turning rolled on dice. Only one point is sufficient for moving in straight line. But cars always have to avoid obstacles that stand in their way.

In addition, each player also has weapons and can fire with them when the revolver symbol is shown. The bullet always moves forward only in one line and always reaches the first car at an unlimited distance. Gangster can shoot even more times and injure each opponent for one point, and thereby make them lose hundred dollars from their trunk. The shot can also destroy barrier or force the police to do an evasive maneuver.

For their finances in front of themselves (in the form of small cards), players can buy bonuses from the offer. For each unused dice, they collect new hundred dollars if they have space to store them. However, income can also come from positions where it was left by others. On the road the cars can also hurt themselves or against the obstacles around. And as a result, it loses points and dollars with it.

Much more interesting options are special maneuvers, which can be a reaction to unexpected events. Players can stop or even turn their car around. And then they will surely welcome action to return the car in the right direction using handbrake. But this uses even more steering wheel symbols from dice. In addition, a stopped car can spend money and repair itself. On the player’s route, ramps can also be used by drivers to jump. As a result of the impact, their car may (decided by luck) suffer some damage.

Game ends, when one of the cars crosses the finish line and all other players have had opportunity to move their vehicles one more time. They will receive a reward for their position in the race, but it may not be enough to win. Players add up money left in trunk of their machines. Only the one who has the most money becomes the winner. But that does not apply to last competitor in order, who instead earned an unpopular one-way ticket to Alaska from the Mafia boss.

Gang Rush Breakout is a gangster game with everything in it. But its not a soulless shooter or a battle full of betrayal. It’s a purebred race full of shooting, chase, cops, and money. Somewhat in the style of Mafia II or similar computer games.

The theme is really great and perfectly suited to the gameplay. The game is not a dry and uninteresting tactic attempt but is full of unimaginable moments, twists and conflicts with other rivals. This is because the cars are not simply racing on an empty track, but there are many collisions between obstacles and reduced maneuvering space everywhere.

The bridge is always free space at the beginning of the game and is filled only as the game progresses. And that creates differences between each match. The offer of obstacles and bonuses is always different and dice are making another variations. Rear cars have always a large weapon at their disposal in the form of barrier placement (every turn), that their rivals in the lead must avoid or crawl through.

It is these gangster options that are, however, the essential element of the gameplay. Every failure means loss of some banknotes that are then just lying on the bridge and waiting for the one who picks them up first. And shooting belongs to the daily bread of every right criminal, so bullets will not be only some emergency.

Players are clearly forced into conflict because target bonus simply is not enough. Everything, however, is controlled by dice and their successes or, on the contrary, failures. Fortunately, it’s not all that bad, because players have the ability to reroll their results and at least partially transform symbols into their own image.

It is clear that the track requires more cars on the bridge. In the minimum of three, the battle is far from interesting. The more cars, the more obstacles. But it also raises the unpredictability that can spoil the game for some players.

What, on the other hand, is great? We are talking about processing. The game looks fantastic on the table and it’s not just the toy cars but the overall environment. And yet we have a single complaint that is a bit wasteful – the banknotes are so terribly small and thin that manipulation with them is really unpleasant. Due to the amount of cardboard material in the game, it’s surprising what lead the game publishers to include such incompatible content.

Gang Rush Breakout is a very interesting gangster game. Players will compete in non-traditional way on a bridge, in cars, with weapons in their hands. But at the same time, they struggle not only with each other, but also with luck of dice, and in particular with dirty banknotes, which make their lives uncomfortable. This all makes Gang Rush Breakout just the right entertainment for many.

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          Comment on Jail Guards Caught Smuggling in Heroin, Impersonating Cops, Preventing Inmate Mail by Jumping Jacks   
More Derrick paranoia and BS. Where do you get you're facts from? The only one crying are the criminals who were convicted by a jury and sent to prison. Just paranoia and BS
          Comment on Understanding False Flag Operations In Our Time (Video) by Squodgy   
The wonderful exposee of the fact that the 7/7 2005 London Bombings was a Government Co-ordinated FALSE FLAG event designed to kill ordinary innocent folk, and create fear and loathing of Muslims is now well established, but only for those who want the truth. This video is a frightening analysis regarding a man called JamesWesley Howell, an American, set up by the CIA to carry out a false flag event in California, but he rightly sussed he was going to be shot and panicked and handed himself into unsuspecting cops. He is a dead man walking coz nobody dare champion his cause for fear of being suicided by the DeepState CIA.
          Cops: Three-car accident reported at Depot Lane, Route 48 intersection   

Multiple injuries were reported after a three-car accident at the intersection of Route 48 and Depot Lane in Cutchogue Thursday...
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          The Private Eye: a supervillain tries to bring the internet back to a world where the press are the cops   

          This man used fidget spinners and snacks to lure boys at Quick Chek, cops say   
One of the boys at the Old Bridge Quick Chek became uncomfortable and alerted a store employee. Continue reading…
          Car, shed … elevator? The Los Angeles art spaces proving smaller is better   

A range of alternative galleries have sprung up in the city, creating micro-museums that offer unique experiences not found in ‘white-walled galleries’

I receive the text telling me my car was downstairs. Outside waiting for me there’s a metallic gray Ford Crown Victoria, the workhorse American automobile often used as cops cars or taxis. But this is no ride-sharing vehicle like a Lyft or an Uber – it’s a mobile art space, Gallery1993. Scattered throughout the car are objects created by artist Tita Cicognani for her current exhibition, Your Ground. In the footwell opposite me, a ceramic figure of a fork-tongued demon sat atop a custom floor mat adorned with flames, a whimsical, vehicular vision of hell.

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          Cops comb for bald man who swiped Rogaine in Detroit area   
DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) -- Police in suburban Detroit can skip barbershops as they search for a man who stole a hair growth product....
          Girl, 4, Fatally Struck by Houseboat, Father's Legs Severed as He Tried to Save Her: Cops   

Girl, 4, Fatally Struck by Houseboat, Father's Legs Severed as He Tried to Save Her: CopsThe boat driver has been charged with criminally negligent homicide in connection with the girl's death.

          VIDEO: Tour historic LGBT sites in Greenwich Village, from Stonewall and beyond   
Forty-eight years ago, just after 1:00am on June 28th, police raided Greenwich Village’s Stonewall Inn, the well-known gay bar on Christopher Street. Unlike past raids against gay bars, the crowd outside fought back, throwing bottles at the cops and protesting around the site for the next six days. According to the NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project, the event is “generally credited as the beginning of the modern LGBT rights movement,” sparking “the next major phase of the gay liberation movement, which involved more radical political action and assertiveness during the 1970s.” But as they also note in an earlier interview with 6sqft, […]
          Oregon Woman Flags Down Police or She'll Miss Walker Texas Ranger   
Well, stuff like this really does happen. An Oregon woman flagged down the cops to let them know she needed a ride or she'll miss her favorite TV show, Walker, Texas Ranger. Remember the scene in the movie Rain Man... Continue reading…
          Wanted Man Plays Worst Ever Game Of Hide And Seek With Cops   
"You will not be surprised to find out that yes we did find him."
          Skinny Blonde Milf Became Just One More Victim Of Dirty Cops   
Watch Skinny Blonde Milf Became Just One More Victim Of Dirty Cops at free fuck and porn video site
          Cops: Crash downs pole, power lines on Selden, Farmingville border   
A single-vehicle crash into a utility pole downed power lines and knocked out traffic signals Friday morning at an intersection on the border of Selden and Farmingville, Suffolk County police said.
          Chicago: Stop Losing Credibility and Cash—Instead, Cut Costly Criminal Cops   

Storied Chicago architect Daniel Hudson Burnham urged city planners to “Make No Little Plans.” Has Chicago’s Mayor Emanuel appropriated that sentiment to rein in the city’s police force?

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          Cops Search for Cheyenne Home Burglar   
Police are asking for the public's help in finding a thief who stole cash, electronics and jewelry from a Cheyenne home. Continue reading…
          Comment on FBI: Highland Park cops beat and rob man, then deal cocaine for him by web design Seattle   
<strong>Digg</strong> While checking out DIGG today I noticed this
          TRAGEDIE pentru o tânără din Copșa Mică: Însărcinată în aproape 7 luni, și-a găsit sfârșitul joi seară pe DN1, la Azuga   

Un accident oribil, urmat de o acțiune dramatică în încercarea disperată de a salva un făt, după ce mama, o tânără, a murit pentru că autoturismul în care se afla s-a izbit crunt de un TIR pe Valea Prahovei.


          DAR DIN DAR SE FACE RAI: Ajutor umanitar de la Copșa Mică pentru copii de la Valea Plopului (Județul Prahova)   


Când dăruiești cu inimă bună, când faci un bine, cu fapta ta deschizi poarta Raiului... Localnicii din Copșa Mică sunt oameni cu suflet mare și dovedesc asta ori de câte ori au ocazia. Iată ce faptă bună au făcut deunăzi...


          Wife Of Arrested Guy Gets a Good BBC Anal Law Lesson From Cops Bobby Starr   
Watch Wife Of Arrested Guy Gets a Good BBC Anal Law Lesson From Cops Bobby Starr at free fuck and porn video site
          Multnomah County Republicans Formally Allow Militia Groups to Run Security   
by Doug Brown

A Three Percenters militia member running security at a pro-Donald Trump event in April
A Three Percenters militia member running security at a pro-Donald Trump event in April Doug Brown

The Multnomah County Republican Party (MCRP) has formally decided to pair up with right-wing militia groups to run security at local events.

The formal resolution was passed on on Monday and its text was leaked to the Mercury Friday morning. MCRP Chairman James Buchal, despite being displeased with the leak, confirmed his group approved pairing up with the Oregon Three Percenters and Oath Keepers via a resolution earlier this week:

Proposed Resolution of Chairman Buchal: Resolve that the MCRP may utilize volunteers from the Oregon Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, and other security groups. To provide security where such volunteers are certified to provide private security service by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. Kay Bridges moved and Janice Dysinger seconded. Resolution passed.

Update: We got ahold of the meeting minutes from Monday night MCRP meeting at the Shiloh Inn. Here's the relevant section:


The Guardian reported late last month—in the wake of the MAX hate crime stabbings and ahead of a June 4 alt-right rally downtown—that the MCRP was considering allowing the militia groups to run security for right-wing events. It's now official.

Such arrangements have already caused uproar. At the June 4 rally, a militia member was spotted helping a federal cop detain and arrest a protester. The Department of Justice announced it would investigate the incident.

Militia groups have also previously volunteered as security at pro-Donald Trump rallies in Lake Oswego in March and at Patriot Prayer's Vancouver, WA, rally in April. Patriot Prayer is hosting a rally in downtown Portland Friday evening.

"The volunteers are afraid of going to Portland street fairs and Portland events because of what happened to them," Buchal tells the Mercury, specifically citing the anonymous email threat regarding the MCRP marching in the 82nd Avenue of the Roses Parade that led to the parade's cancellation. "Our only recourse is volunteers because we got no money. This volunteer resource is available."

Using these volunteer militia groups is necessary, Buchal said, because of "unhinged people screaming at (Republicans), in one case shoving them and in another case spitting on them. They don't feel like it's safe environment out there."

The resolution calls for the militia members to be certified by the state to run private security. Buchal said he didn't know if the Republicans will ask each militia member to prove their certification before working security, as the kinks haven't been worked out yet.

"I don't understand how it's a whole hell of a lot different than rich people hiring private security guards," explained Buchal about the volunteer militias. "I don't understand why it's so different."

In the Guardian last month:

The Oath Keepers are described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “one of the largest radical antigovernment groups in the US”, recruiting current and former military and law enforcement personnel. They have recently appeared at rallies from Berkeley, California, to Boston, standing with activists from the far right, activists holding what were once fringe positions who have recently risen to national prominence.

The Three Percenters are described by Political Research Associates as “a paramilitary group that pledges armed resistance against attempts to restrict private gun ownership”. They were a highly visible presence in Burns, Oregon, before and during the occupation of the Malheur wildlife refuge by rightwing militia early in 2016.

"One of the things we did before going down this road is research these groups," Buchal tells the Mercury on Friday. "Because of all this gross disinformation in the media that they’re racist, white supremacists, Nazis and so forth — I was very pleased to find their bylaws and internal procedures say that nobody’s going to tolerate racism and that kind of stuff. That’s not what it’s about. They are concerned that with the government overstepping its constitutional bounds."

This post has been updated with more quotes from James Buchal and more information on the militias.

For the latest in information about rallies, marches, and political events, consult the Mercury's RESISTANCE & SOLIDARITY calendar. Want to publicize an event? Send the info to

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          Gresham Man Accused of Pointing Handgun At Hispanic Couple, Yelling "You Damn Mexicans"   
by Doug Brown

Kevin Meehan, 59, waiting for his arraignment at the Multnomah County Justice Center
Kevin Meehan, 59, waiting for his arraignment at the Multnomah County Justice Center Doug Brown

A white Gresham man is accused of pulling out his loaded handgun and pointing it towards a Hispanic couple after he yelled "you damn Mexicans" at them.

Kevin Meehan, 59, was arraigned Wednesday at the Multnomah County Justice Center for one count of unlawful use of a weapon—a felony—and pleaded not guilty. He was out of jail after posting bail. He was booked Tuesday by the Gresham Police Department with additional menacing and second degree intimidation charges, but the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office is not prosecuting him on those.

The alleged "road rage" incident happened on March 12 around the in the area of SE 181st and Yamhill. The Hispanic couple was in their car, stopped at a red light when Meehan, driving a black Hyundai, pulled up next to them and "starting yelling racial slurs at them, including 'You damn Mexicans,'" the probable cause affidavit for Meehan's arrest states.

The passenger of the car yelled back at Meehan. That's when Meehan allegedly pulled out his gun, police say. The couple got a picture of Meehan's car and license plate, drove away, and immediately called police.

Gresham police tracked the car to Meehan's house and talked to him there. Meehan told the cops he was angry about being cut off in traffic, so he "caught up with them and yelled at them."

"MEEHAN admitted that he did use racial slurs," the affidavit states, and that he did have his 9mm Beretta with him, which he admitted he keeps loaded, but he originally denied pointing it at the couple. After some more questioning Meehan allegedly said "Maybe I accidentally showed it."

Court records indicate Meehan has three "violent misdemeanor convictions," with the most recent coming in 1992.

Court records also show Gresham police originally booked Meehan for this case with one count of misdemeanor menacing in early April, a few weeks after it happened. The district attorney's office declined to prosecute then. About a month later, he was booked for menacing and intimidation—both misdemeanors—for this incident and again prosecutors issued a "no complaint." He was booked for a third time with those two charges and the felony unlawful use of a weapon charge, and the district attorney's office is now just going after him on the felony. He'll be out on bail through the conclusion of the case.

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Lyric Arts Main Street StageLaura Tahja JohnsonEmail/contact

Superior Donuts


By Tracy Letts
Directed by Matt McNabb

Show Information

Runs January 12-28, 2018 (11 performances).
Full performance schedule and show description found here.
First Rehearsal: November 20


Monday, July 17, 2017
6:00 to 9:00 pm
Tuesday, July 18, 2017
6:00 to 9:00 pm


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

From the Director

Tracy Letts has crafted a hilarious and moving story of friendship and redemption filled with vibrant diverse characters. We are looking for well-rounded, dynamic character actors to bring this joyful and hysterical story to life.

Audition Preparation

Please prepare a one minute contemporary comedic monologue.

Character Descriptions

Max Tarasov, Male, 49 years old, Russian. Owner of Uptown International DVD Rental. Outspoken. Poor social skills.

Officer Randy Osteen, Female, 49 years old, Irish-American. A cop with seven brothers. (All cops.) Comfortable. Pretty.

Officer James Bailey, Male, 43 years old, African-American. A good cop. A Star Trek superfan. Tough.

Lady Boyle, Female, 72 years old, Irish-American. Homeless. Usually drunk. Wise.

Arthur Przybyszewski, Male, 59 years old, Polish-American. Owner of Superior Donuts. Smart. Usually stoned. Tired. Lost. Must be in good physical condition and comfortable with intense stage combat.

Franco Wicks, Male, 21 years old, African-American. Writer and poet. Charming. Proud. Witty.

Luther Flynn, Male, 45 years old, Irish/Italian-American. A gambling bookie. Intimidating. Blunt. Must be in good physical condition and comfortable with intense stage combat.

Kevin Magee, Male, 28 years old, Irish-American. Luther’s goon. A weasel. Aggressive.

Kiril Ivakin, Male, 35 years old, Russian. Tall. Strong. Looks like Dolph Lundgren from “Rocky”. Struggles speaking English.

General Information

Actors of all races and ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition. Lyric Arts is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in the casting of its productions and, therefore, encourages actors of diverse backgrounds and from underrepresented groups to audition.

  • Auditions are open to ages 18 and up.
  • Auditions are held at Lyric Arts Main Street Stage
  • Appointments are suggested, but not required. Those who arrive without an appointment will be seen as time allows. Appointments can be made by clicking here.
  • Please arrive with a calendar outlining all possible conflict dates between the first read-through and the final performance.
  • Please come prepared with a headshot (or any non-returnable current picture) and resume, if available. Each auditioner will be asked to complete an audition form, a copy of which can be found here.
  • Stipend paid



Monday, July 17MenWomenPaidAbility inclusiveColor inclusiveAuditions763-233-0801
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
          DevSecOps Engineer - Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) - Toronto, ON   
Build automated security processes in cloud environments to reduce reliance on manual processes and repetitive tasks....
From Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 18:42:33 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
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Thieving ain't easy. Jasmine learns that the hard way when Luke, her lover and partner in crime, betrays her to the cops to land her behind bars. With the help of three badass inmates, Jasmine busts out of prison and plots to steal a rare jewel worth millions. Watch the nonstop action unfold as these sexy criminals go head-to-head with Luke's armed gang as they hunt down the priceless gem . . . and each other.

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  • PNP Director General Chief Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa lectured a police desk officer.
  • The officer was not saluting properly to him.
  • He checked the position of the officer from head to toe.
PNP Director General Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa once again lectured a police officer who was not saluting properly to him. Chief dela Rosa recently visited Mandaluyong Police Station to personally talk with the rookie cops who were involved in police brutality caught on camera.
In a video posted by News5, Chief dela Rosa was seen disappointed and irritated by the improper salute of the police desk officer upon entering the station. The officer received several sermons from the cranky PNP chief.
“Ayusin mo yan,” Chief dela Rosa told the desk officer while he was correcting the position of his hand.
He further inspected the officer if his feet are standing 45 degrees. Chief dela Rosa then headed inside the station along with his entourage. Netizens also praised the chief for disciplining him.
The viral cops he was going to confront were Police Officers Tandog and Enriquez. However, he was left disappointed as the two cops were not there. They were the cops who were allegedly caught in a video beating a civilian inside inside San Jose Barangay Hall in Mandaluyong City.
The video was uploaded on Wednesday and instantly received multiple criticism from social media users. PO1 Tandog and Enriquez quickly surrendered to the authorities after their video went viral.
Earlier this week, Chief dela Rosa attended the recognition rites of police trainees of Police Regional Offices 6 and 18 in Bago City, Negros Occidental. During his speech, he challenged the 821 trainees.
“I want to make sure that after taking your oath as police officers of the Philippine National Police, it doesn’t mean that you’re PO1 only of Bacolod or Iloilo City Police Offices, or Regions 6 or 18, but you are PO1 of the PNP, meaning you can be assigned anywhere in the Philippine archipelago,” Chief dela Rosa said.
“It should be your mindset and [you should be] willing to offer [your] life in the service of the country. Ang pinaka ayaw ko sa pulis ay yong duwag,” he added.
He stressed that as police officers, they should serve the people and enforce the law. He also added that they don’t become a cop to get rich or get involved into illegal organizations.

          Ding Ding Final Round !   

I was doing my best to try and forget about the Jury that didn’t find the guy guilty of attacking me, I was telling the truth throughout and anyone with any common sense would be able to see that it couldn’t have happened any other way. As Scotty from Star Trek would say “It’s beyond the laws of physics Jim” There is no way I could have dragged an 18 stone guy over my desk by the wrist, there was no way I could even reach him over my computer monitor to do so, his version of events was a lie from start to finish, but then it had to be otherwise he would get sent to prison. I was disgusted with the Tactics of his defence Barrister, The Police Investigation, the Farce that was 3 trials, the laughable Prosecution Barrister,  but most of all I was disgusted with myself for not conveying what happened to the Jury in a way that would and should have left them “beyond all reasonable doubt”

In order to make sense of this Blog, you need to read this one first

As my front door opened and I struggled in carrying my shopping, I could see a business card on the floor in the Hall, I had seen enough Police officers business cards to know that this was one too, on it was a message “Please ring me” Crikey I thought, what have I done now?
The Officer told me that they had confiscated the firearms off the Guy who had attacked me, when he was arrested, and he’d recently had the cheek to ask for them back, even though he had been found “Not Guilty” the cops had refused his request so that speaks volumes in itself! He wouldn’t take no for an answer and he had re-hired the same Barrister who had defended him previously, and he was taking them to a court of appeal, if the Police lost he would get his licence back, and his shotguns back, and the cops would be responsible for his costs too, they wanted me to appear as a witness again, but this time on their behalf.  
I resented the jury’s verdict more than even I realised, and I launched into an epic rant, which started off  “ As much as I like being made to stand up in court and get called a liar after every sentence by some bitch who knows full well that her client was guilty, I’m afraid I will have to decline your offer” “I would rather stick pins in my eyes, than go through all that again” I carried on for about another hour giving him all the reasons why I felt the Police, British Justice, the Crown prosecution service, and the people who make halfwits do Jury service had let me down, at the end of my rant the Police Officer said something like “so that’s a no then is it?”
I ended my call by putting a deal to him, I knew my attacker had a relative who was a high ranking Police Officer, so I said that if the Cops could arrange a meeting, and after listening to my story the high ranking Officer thought that he was really innocent and deserved to get his guns back, I would appear in court as a witness, if not then the High ranking Police Officer could save every bodies time and trouble by convincing my attacker that he was lucky not to be in jail and he should forget about ever being able to own a firearm again. I left that option with him, but the meeting never happened.
A few months later I was contacted by another Police Officer, he asked if he could come and see me, it wasn’t really a question, so reluctantly I agreed. He explained that this time it would not be in front of a Jury, but a Judge and 2 Justice of the Peace, I would have to go through exactly the same procedure, his Barrister would cross examine me again, it would be no picnic, I wouldn’t get the Justice I deserved, the previous verdict would not be overturned, there wouldnt be a retrial, this was just to prevent him getting his guns and his licence back.
I agreed, but on the condition that I would not be stuck in the waiting room for days on end like I was last time, I would turn up for 1 day, and 1 day only, I would give my evidence, take an earbashing and be called a liar off Cruella, then I would go home and I never wanted to hear the guys name again, we shook hands, It was a deal.

I am probably prevented by some Liberal do gooder law, and couldn’t begin to tell you anyway just how harrowing it is sitting in the witness room. There are several cases going on at once, prosecution Barristers are in and out, and the stories you hear being related are horryfying. I could hear a witness sat next to me, being intimidated on the phone by the defendant she was testifying against, It makes you wonder how this can be allowed to happen and what kind of society we are living in.
So I had been sat there from 9.00 am till 1.00 am, our agreement was out of the window, the Judge had started reading another case first, and we would be next. So I made my way to the Courts Canteen. I was again reminded of the incredibly stupid works of the British Court system. There are separate rooms for Defendants’ and Witnesses, you can only get in the Witnesses room by an assistant punching in a key code. To get into the court, you have to go through a metal detector and be patted down, they had confiscated a small torch that I always carry, because “it could be used as an offensive weapon! My sarcasm was lost on the guy that frisked me when I said “sure that’s what I was going to use it for, I was going to shine the guy who attacked me to death”
 I was now sat in the canteen, there were knives, forks, glasses, hot water any amount of things that could be used as weapons, and in walked the guy who had attacked me, he positioned himself diagonally opposite me, and sat there sneering, the whole system is just a joke. My ears were burning and the people he was with kept turning around to look at me, there were plenty of witnesses this time, I sat there trying to look like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, but I was seething I really wanted him to start something, this time I was ready, and I would finish it. I wanted the chance for closure, but he didn’t.
At approximately 3.30pm I was told the case had been adjourned and that I could go home, another wasted day!
The new date came through a few months later and the timing would guarantee that my Christmas and New Year would be spoiled if this verdict went against me. I had decided that I wasn’t going to be polite or conduct myself as a Gentleman this time, I would say what I thought and no amount of people telling me to be quiet was going to stop me. if being heard meant that I would get done for contempt of court, then so be it, but no one was going to shut me up or talk over me when they didn’t like my answer!
I was called to the Witness Box, and asked questions by the Prosecution Barrister, this guy was good. I told my story and was then asked to explain what the photographs were of, and which injuries they depicted, and how I had received them. Now it was Cruella’s turn and the familiar “You’re a liar Mr Crampton” filled the court room. When she told me her clients version of events, I laughed, it was just too ridiculous for words. She wasn’t ready for my answer “Wow you’ve changed your version of events yet again,  it’s your client that’s the liar, and you know he is too, otherwise you wouldn’t have had to change your story 4 times to fit the answers I gave you in the first 3 trials! And how can you say that he was trying to calm me down and subdue me when there were punch and kick marks on the back of my shirt, what do you think I was trying to do, hit his fist with my kidneys?
She bit! her answer surprised me and gave me a chance to score some early points, she said that I never gave evidence in the first trial, and that if I knew anything about the law I would know that she was allowed to change her story, my reply hurt her “That’s the thing, I’ve told the same story 4 times, but I’m telling the truth” and using a line i borrowed from the film The Highlander, I said “So there can be only one!” version. She was clearly rattled and came back at me immediately, saying that I was a liar, and she had never heard my evidence in the first trial. I told her that she was at best mistaken, but my implication was that she was lying, I invited her to look back through the records, she just ignored me and asked me another question but I continued with my answer to her first question. She began to try to talk over me, and ask me the another question time after time. It reminded me of a pop record called La La La by Naughty Boy that was in the charts at the time
I engaged my selective Noise Cancelling Hearing (covered in a seperate blog and ignored her question I continued to remind her of the first trial. She kept demanding that I answer her new question, which I did when she eventually gave up allowed me to answer the first question she had originally asked me. I testified that I had been stamped on, that I had footprints on my shirt and one on my head in blood, my shirt had been lost for several months in Police evidence, the previous Barrister had opened the evidence bag when i distinctly told him not to, it was only sent to forensics 18 months after the incident. The defence Barrister made a big play that they could not identify a footprint, and I said Im not surprised that a dusty foot print had worn off after 18 months of being manhandled and messed with, but I had taken a photograph of it within a few hours of the incident. The prints that were available in the court were just very poor photocopies of my photos and I complained to the Judge that they were pathetic and there was no excuse as I had supplied them with 8MP pictures on a DVD, and they should have made better copies in order to show the detail and extent of my injuries.

Referring to the photographs, the Defence Barrister said that the pictures were the ones that scenes of crime had taken and supplied. I took my opportunity to point out that she was wrong again and I replied that I had taken the photos she was looking at, again she snapped "you’re a liar!" She wasn’t on her A game today at all, I asked if I could get my Ipad out to prove it, I could also show them the footprint on my shirt and all the timed and dated pictures in sequence I had taken as the bruising came out. At this point she objected and said to the Judge “If Mr Crampton wants to introduce new evidence he should have done it before this hearing”, I didn’t want to introduce anything, they all ready had all my pictures they were just very badly printed, they were already looking at my evidence and I just wanted to prove that she was wrong yet again. The Judge ruled that I wasn’t allowed to produce my Ipad.

I took my opportunity and turned to the Judge and told him that I had taken the pictures minutes after I had been attacked, I asked them to pay close attention to the footprint in blood on my head as it was vitally important that they understand the significance of it, the print was a different shape than the cut that was left underneath when I washed the blood off, this proved “transference” it proved beyond all doubt that I couldn’t have got my injuries when “I went mad and he tried to calm me down and subdue me” It proved that he had stamped on my head at least twice, and he could have only have done that when I was on the floor, as he wouldn’t have been able to lift his leg 6 feet off the ground to kick me in the head, and If he could I cerytainly wouldn’t have stood in the same place and let him.
I also pointed to the bruising on my lower leg, which showed a perfectly shaped shoes sized and shaped bruise, again to inflict this injury on me, I would have had to be on the floor and him stood over me,  otherwise the only injury I could have gotten was off his toes, and not his full flat foot.
Satisfied that I had made my point, and explained it thoroughly enough that even the last jury would have realised that it was the truth. I turned back to Cruella ready for her next question and I recognised the look she was giving me, I used to see in my last Girlfriends eye when I had done something really unforgivable, like useing the wrong fork in a restaurant, or tweeting a picture of a registration number that looked like it said something naughty, usually with my Girlfriend I had done it completely accidently and just by being me, but in this courtroom it was accidently on purpose. I had gotten right on her nerves, and I could see she was fuming! Cruella went straight for my Jugular, and tried to ridicule me,  I set her up with the ammunition. So Mr Crampton where did you get your extensive knowledge of forensics then? "I never miss and episode of CSI Miami" I replied, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. She couldn't believe her luck, "You got your knowledge from a  TV program?" Before she finished off he theatrical laughter that was for the benefit of the Judge, I said “It doesn’t matter where I got it from does it, we both know I'm right!” she stopped laughing.
It was a good job I had won that point because her next move had me very confused, she produced an AA report which pulled the car I had sold to pieces, she took great delight in asking me to read each line of it out loud to the Judge, the report was very damming. If I had have sold a car as bad as that I would have expected and also deserved a slapping. I countered the report by saying that the things they said were wrong with it, could not possibly have been wrong otherwise the oil warning light, brake fluid warning light, disk pad warning light, and low coolant warning light would have been illuminated and they weren’t! She smiled and I knew that was a bad sign, it was, and she got me.
Wouldn’t that also be the case if the warning lights were faulty Mr Crampton? “Yes it would, but they were working fine”. Turn to the last page of the report Mr Crampton, and read the last paragraph! I read ahead a couple of lines and although I knew that this was complete lies, basically I was f#### I started reading it out, a lot quieter than my cocky replies to her previous question had been “The warning lights on the vehicle were faulty and inoperative. I started thinking out loud, while my brain processed the information, I said “That’s not the report you showed me at the first 3 trials, the report you had was off some oily rag at Kwik Fit who was trying to sell them a car of his own, and if you’d have had a report off the AA you would have used it! I was speed reading through the report, I really couldn’t believe it, there was only one explanation it had been fabricated. I made a fool of myself and said that report has been made up, it hadn’t, and I didn’t mean that she had made it up, I meant that her Client had, She turned to the Judge and again made a big point of doing her hysterical laughter routine at my preposterous statement she said “Well, I have been called a liar, and now I’ve been accused of fabricating evidence”
I hadn’t done myself any favours, things were looking bad, and even I was starting to think that I had indeed sold a defective car, but then I saw the date on the report it was the 31st of May, 28 days after the incident. The AA had picked up all the faults that the Oily Rag from Kwik Fit had picked up, plus the one about the warning lights, and then it all fell into place and I knew what had happened! I turned to the Judge and said that even if this report hadn’t been fabricated it was dated almost a month after the incident, and he couldn’t have confronted me with it, it wasn’t the report that had been fabricated it was the faults on the car, all the faults were low fluids, easily done by draining the fluids out, the car had been sabotaged, there were no mechanical faults. I knew that they’d had 28 days to tamper with the car and create these faults before the AA guy got to inspect it, I had the Judges attention.
I demanded to see the original report, I was convinced that I had been Kwik Fitted Up,  Cruella said that was it and I again told her that she was mistaken, and added "Again!" I described the report that I had seen in detail to her, the original was burned into my memory and I  demanded to see it, I asked the Prosecution Barrister to search through his previous notes for it, this time it was her that was flustered and as she shuffled through her paper work, I continued to bend the Judges ear with my conspiracy theory, but I knew I was right.
Cruella snapped, she demanded that the Judge removed me from the court as “ I wouldn’t shut up” he didn’t, but he continued to listen to me and then asked me “if the car had been faulty, as it said in the report, what would I have done?”, my answer was that I would have fixed it, or given him his money back, and if the Customer hadn’t wanted it to bring it to me he could have taken it to any VAT registered garage as per the conditions of the written warranty that I had supplied with all the cars  I sold. But then I added that his question was purely hypothetical because it wasn’t faulty when it went out. She eventually got the original report from the Kwik Fit guy which was a joke, and I ridiculed it again. I did a bit of my own hysterical laughter when I came to the bit that said "Water pipes touching the Engine" Touching, not only do they touch the engine, theyre attached between the engine and the radiator, LOL LOL LOL, right then, she couldnt have hated me more if she'd been married to me.
She moved on, then she pulled a photograph out of her briefcase that wasn’t in any of the bundles, she passed it to the Judge and the Justices of the peace,  then she asked me to look at it, and confirm that it was my Cabin, it was, and I did. But  it occurred to me that she had just introduced evidence, so why couldn’t I. Again I turned to the Judge and said, am I right in thinking that picture has just been introduced without permission, and if she can produce evidence whenever she feels like it, why can’t I produce my Ipad?. A wry smile crossed the Judges face and I could tell he was thinking along the lines of “ Smart Arse, why did I bother going to Law School for 10 years when I could have just watched the DVD Box Set of CSI Miami", then he said  “Thats a good question Mr Crampton, does the council for the prosecution want to add anything?", he did, he wanted to add that my Imy Ipad should be introduced as evidence, this time there was no objection from the Defence, just a deep sigh.
The reason she wanted the Judge to see  a picture of my cabin was to show that it was raised off the ground. My 2 witnesses at the trial had testified that they had seen a commotion and had run across to my Cabin, one had pulled the guy off me, and the other had pulled the woman off who was apparently kicking me. The CCTV showed them running across, but then she stopped it and accused me of lying, and also one of my witnesses, this was the first time she had used this and I was baffled, the reflection in a cars bodywork appeared to show the legs of one of the witnesses as if he stayed outside my cabin, at the time I couldn’t offer a reasonable explanation, she was right it did appear to show this, all I could say was he did come in, I saw him! Then the “You’re a liar, your witnesses are liars blah, blah, blah started again.
On the spot in the Witness Box, being confronted with this evidence for the first time and under intense pressure from her, I couldn’t for the life of me explain it, and She won the round, it did look like I had lied, and if I had lied about that I am sure that could have put enough doubt in a Juries mind to get him off with the reasonable doubt thing. I have since studied the tape on a 65 “ Screen in great detail and in step by step motion, they both came in the office but the guy who pulled the woman off stood in the doorway, the reflection of his legs could be seen because the car door was convex shape and the reflection was from in the office and not on the floor, it wasn’t a 90 degree reflection from your view point as would be shown in a mirror, it was reflecting a view from inside my office,  she used the element of surprise to throw me off, I couldn’t explain it but perhaps her tactics didn’t work as I stuck to the story that I knew was true no matter how implausible it seemed at the time, and perhaps the Judge had sussed it when I hadn’t.

The next thing she tried to ridicule was my explanation that he had come across my desk, and again it had been something that I had struggled to answer, I had my head turned away when he hit me and jumped over, he came over so fast that I was convinced his punch had dazed me and time had stood still, while he dragged his lard arse across my desk, the thing that troubled me was that I do remember him landing on me with an incredible force, so much so that it bent the steel l shaped panel which attached the back rest of my chair.
 Now often when I am faced with a problem, I wake up with the answer, my subconscious works on it till I get the answer. I used to keep a pen and paper by my bed so that if I woke up I could write the answer down, and not go back to sleep and forget it. Now I have an Iphone, so I just type the solution into notes and then doze off immediately.
I could remember being alerted by the sound of a chair moving, but he seemed to punch me and get across the desk in one movement, I couldn’t figure out how he had got the drop on me and I hadn’t managed to stand up, and go toe to toe with him. Time and time again I relived the attack in my thoughts, dreams, and nightmares, but I always woke up in the same place, my subconscious was trying its best to solve the problem for me but it wasn’t working, until one night shortly before the this appeal, too late for the 3 trials but just before his firearms appeal I woke up reached for my iphone and typed in, “Launched himself off her chair” this time my dream had continued past the point where I hear his chair move, he punches me and I wake up, this time I heard another noise, it was her chair moving, and it moved not because she was getting up to join in as I had thought, but because with his right leg he had stood on her chair and launched himself across the desk on to me, like he was a human cannonball, problem solved.

She had asked me the same question in the 3 previous trials and I never had a satisfactory answer, but this time I answered with conviction, and it was so obvious, I don’t know why I had never figured it out before. I am pretty good at reading body language, and hers said FFS!
I’m sure at this point she still hoped that she had done enough to win the case for her client, she had already planted the seed that I was a lying dodgy car dealer, now all she had to do was make me look like an interfering busy body and I was only here because I held a grudge against her client. Cruella asked “Do you know what this hearing is about, Mr Crampton? I replied “Yes, it’s a firearms licence appeal” and what’s that got to do with you may I ask? “Well, your Client threatened to kill me, so the last thing I want is to have him running around Preston with a couple of shotguns!”
I could tell that wasn’t one of any of the possible answers that she had rehearsed in her head, or indeed hoped for. She set off with an incredible rant, a whole tirade of insults, punctuated every so often with you’re a liar Mr Crampton. But that was my part in the trial over, the prosecution Barrister took my Ipad back into court, he showed them crystal clear photographs of the footprints on my shirt, head, all the bruises, and I made sure there was a couple of pictures of the car that I sold which looked a million dollars, I wasn’t allowed back in, but my Ipad must have done the trick.

Long story short, he didn’t get his license back.

          Yippee Ki Yay Mr Customer   

I poured her a glass of wine, but before she could take it from my hand I jumped back almost spilling it, she was startled to say the least, I’m not sure what startled her the most, the fact that I had jumped back like a lunatic, or that she thought that she wasn’t going to get the wine, I explained the incident without going into too much detail, my explanation was "Sorry, it’s just that a gang of crooks have threatened to kill me, I saw a red dot on my chest in the mirror and I thought it was a laser sited firearm aimed at my heart” I could tell by her expression that wasn't really what she wanted to hear, I tried to make light of the situation, sat back down on the settee and carried on watching the TV as if it was an every day occurrence in my life, and hoping she would forget.

It wasn’t a sniper about to pull the trigger it was just a shaft of light refracting off the bezel of my Rolex and through the glass of Merlot  that I was about to pass her, my explanation seemed to do the trick as she was pretty quiet for the rest of the night, but she did drink more than her fair share of Merlot.  

I'm pretty sure she just thought I had watched too many movies, which in fairness I had, but that didn't mean I wasn't telling the truth. I hadn't known her very long so I thought it was better not to go into too much detail and scare her off there and then, I would just let matters take their natural course as it usually took at least a couple of months before they got fed up of me, this incident wouldn’t help matters at all but over the years I hadn't changed for the better in any way what so ever, so the chances that it this one would turn into a long term relationship were slim to zero, after all I was getting on a bit and none of my previous ones had. 

Later that night it was my turn to be startled by her, when she let out a piercing scream and jumped out of bed, for reasons best known unto herself she had put her arm under my pillow, and felt the cold steel of my Beretta, nope that’s not a euphemism it’s actually an Italian made semi automatic pistol, and in my opinion, it is to hand guns, what Ferrari is to super cars.

I tried to calm her down by telling her it was the same gun that Mel Gibson used in Lethal Weapon, the gun overshadowed his acting and was the real star of the film, all the gun shops in America sold out within a few hours of the movies release,  when I saw Mel unload a full clip and take out a Sniper, I just had to have one too, however when she had mumbled “why”, apparently what she had actually meant was, why did I sleep with a loaded gun under my pillow, not why had I bought it in the first place, she also added “You Moron” through gritted teeth, I thought that was very brave of her, particularly as I was now holding a loaded gun in my hand, nothing but the full story was now going to shut her up.

I would like to stress that this was an extreme measure, I am a law abiding person, but I was genuinely in fear for my life, if they were going to come after me,  I wasn't just going to roll over and die. I held a valid Firearms Certificate, and I am a very good shot. When not being transported to and from the gun club where I practiced Combat shooting (Pop Up Targets), technically my Stainless Steel Beretta 92 FS should have been locked up in my gun cabinet, and not where it actually was when I was in bed, under my pillow, cocked and locked with, 15 x 9mm Parabellum bullets in the magazine, and another one up the spout (in the firing chamber), but a gang had really threatened to kill me and I had taken their threat very seriously indeed.

When I was outside of my house I would be a sitting duck, but to get at me inside my home, first of all they would have to find where I lived, and that would mean following me home from the garage, I was always very careful to make sure I wasn't being followed, I went to great lengths, driving home via different routes, different directions, different times, in different cars, always keeping an eye on the cars behind me.

If they did manage to find where I lived, to get me they would have to defeat my security system and get up my creaky stairs, avoiding the step with the hidden pressure pad, then get through my security locked bedroom door, without waking me, if they woke me, I had a panic button by my bed, if that didn't frighten them off and they got through the door, then I'm afraid they would need to be bullet proof, because there would be 16 high velocity Parabellum rounds heading in their direction, it was a last resort, but as I said I did take their threat very seriously indeed.

You're probably thinking that I would have had time to get my gun out If I heard an intruder downstairs, true, my gun safe was concealed in my bedroom, but it was not easy to get my gun out as I had made sure that no one would be able to steal a weapon of mine and use it to commit a crime, I would never be able to forgive myself if that had happened.  My gun was kept in a safe, within a safe, it was also wired to my house alarms "Tamper" circuit, which meant that even if my house alarm wasn't  armed, the klaxon would sound immediately the safe was opened, or if someone tried to remove it from the wall, the only way to open it was by entering first the alarm code, then the special engineers code to take the system completely off line.

I had contacted the Police to ask for help and advice but the desk Sergeants response was something like "Oh Dear, that's not good is it, but what do you expect me to do ? I took it from his attitude that putting me in the witness protection program was not something the Walton Le Dale Police force were familiar with, and my request for a new identity and relocation to a Safe House in Miami with Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs guarding me fell on deaf ears.

(Parabellum loosely translated means "prepare for war" ) I'm a Parabellum kind of guy, I prefer a quiet life, but if it’s a war you want, I’m prepared for it!  

(Back to my explanation)

It briefly crossed my mind to use the excuse that a friend of mine used to avoid any potentially awkward "We need to Talk's"  with his girlfriend,  early on in their relationship he had confided in her that he was in the SAS (Special Air Service) and there would be times when he was called away at a moments notice,  whenever she suspected that he’d been up to no good, he would say that "He had been on a Top Secret Mission, he could tell her about it, but then he would have to kill her”, his excuse worked for a short while until she realised that it was unlikely he would come home smelling of alcohol, perfume and be covered in lipstick if he had actually been sent on a mission to dispatch a few terrorists. 


It was clear that my Girlfriend was absolutely horrified, I'm not a very good liar as I havent had much practice, so I couldn’t pretend that I was in the SAS, and anyway it was my mates wife who had introduced us, she knew everything about me including that I was an above average dyed in the wool car salesman, not an elite die in a combat zone killing machine,  she had already warned my girlfriend not to get too attached to me or she’d only end up being disappointed.

After discovering my gun, my soon to be Ex now thought that I was involved in the seedier side of the Car Business and that I was some type of Gangster, it was clear that she wasn't going to let the matter drop, forget about it, or think that she had been dreaming,  so before I could go back to sleep myself, I had to explain  everything in great detail. 

I began my story with "You will laugh at this" it all started when I advertised my Rolex for sale" I was wrong she didn't laugh!  

Would my story convince you?  

When I want something I can’t rest until I’ve got it, but when I’ve got it I lose interest immediately and I don't really want it any more, I’ve always been the same, I had saved every penny till I could afford to buy a Rolex, when I got it after I'd worn it a few times I didn't want it anymore, I scratched it the on the garage doors the first day I got it and the last straw was when I wore it on a night out in Preston with my mates. 

After last orders I left to make my way home I usually walked which gave me chance to get some fresh air and sober up a little, although I was a bit tipsy I noticed that a guy who had been staring at my wrist all night had followed me out of the pub, he either fancied me or he wanted my watch for himself, I could see his reflection in the shop windows, he was about 30 feet behind me and I knew he was biding his time till he could jump me I found myself hoping it was my watch he was after. 

I satisfied myself that he was actually following me and I wasn't being paranoid, by going out of my way in the wrong direction, cutting up a side street then doubling back on myself, he wasn't very good at following people, he mustn't have realised that I was on to him and he probably thought that I was very drunk and would be easy prey. 

Ahead of me I saw a shop called Past Times which was undergoing a refit, the builders had left all the bits which they had ripped out of the shop on the floor outside, as I turned the corner I saw a big piece of wood, I picked it up and stood it against the wall within arm’s reach just in case the guy was carrying a concealed weapon, and then I waited. 

I had turned off the main road and on to a dimly lit side street, the would-be mugger realised that this would be his best chance to get me, he had quickened his pace and he came round the corner almost running, but he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me waiting for him, steadying himself with his arms as he almost overbalanced and fell forward, he looked as though he was balancing and trying not to tip over the precipice of a cliff. 

I asked him "what time it was", the penny dropped and he realised I was on to him,  it was "time" for him to get his ass out of there, let’s just say he wasn't as keen to attack me from the front when he realised that I had sobered up quickly and I was expecting it. 
I realised that being able to tell the time in Gold and Diamonds was just asking for trouble, I was fed up of having the watch, it was a Perpetual Motion self winding model and would only self wind due to the motion of your wrist, the state of peoples driving in England meant that it was in constant danger of being over wound when I was wearing it. 

I couldn't wear it to work as it would get ruined, and the conditions of my insurance specified that if it wasn't on my wrist it had to be locked away in my safe, which coincidentally was where I kept my gun, every time I took the bloody thing off for more than 12 hours it would stop, and then it would take me at least half an hour to reset the Day, Date and time it was becoming too much aggravation, I had bought a special box which actually had an electric motor that replicated the movement of your wrist and kept the watch wound, but it wouldn’t fit in my safe when my gun was in there. It was just too much hassle I didn't want the watch anymore so I decided to sell it. 

A couple of days after the magazine that it was advertised in hit the newsagents shelves, I got a call from a Liverpudlian, after qualifying him ( Sales Speak for asking questions, ) I had a feeling that he wasn't being entirely honest with me, my heart sank "here we go again" I thought! I realised that a prospective thief would also think that anyone stupid enough to spend that amount on something that just tells the time, would more than likely have a few other valuable possessions, so instead of inviting him to my home where he could possibly check out my security from inside only to return later and rob me, I arranged to meet him at 2 o'clock the next day at the garage where I worked. 

I was waiting at the front of the showroom when he arrived, and although he said he was coming from Manchester, I had seen him walking down the road but there was no sign of a car, this just didn't seem right at all, it got worse, he had a Mullet haircut, I didn't like him at all, I didn't believe a word he was saying and pretty much called him a liar, he probably thought that I was the worlds worst salesman and I finished my pitch by telling him that I had been in the car job a long time and had seen pretty much every scam and con there is, so if he was thinking of trying one on me, he would come off worse.

I couldn’t have made my mistrust any clearer and anyone who wasn't a Con Man would have been insulted and told me where to stick my watch, I gave him every opportunity to abandon the con which I suspected he was going to attempt, but he didn't, he was convinced that he could outsmart me, or he took my words as a challenge instead of a warning, the game was on!  

He had just looked at my watch in the box and I saw that he was careful not to touch it with his finger tips, he may as well have worn a stripey t shirt, a mask and and a bag with "Swag" written on draped over his shoulder, I took my watch out of its presentation box and handed it to him, in a way that he couldn't refuse,  now I would have his fingerprints too, he knew he would either have to buy back the evidence with real money or come up with a very convincing con.

We agreed a price and he went off to draw the cash out, saying that he would return before the close of business, I walked with him to the front of the showroom and watched as he walked up the road, he kept turning round to see if I was still watching him, every time he turned round his stupid mullet haircut swirled from side to side like the girls in the Harmony Hair Spray advert, that annoyed me more than thinking he was trying to con me, so I walked back inside, but then when I was out of his sight I ran round the back of the garage, jumped over the wall and watched him through the gaps in our fence.

When he was satisfied that I was no longer watching, I saw him signal to someone, then a car pulled out of the pub car park up the road, there were 3 other occupants, and the guy who thought he was going to get a free Rolex got into the front seat, I could see they were all laughing as they drove away, I was laughing too as  I wrote down their registration number, Finger prints and his car registration number, I knew I had them bang to rights now if they did try to Con me. 

He didn't return that day but about 4.30 pm he rang to say he was having trouble drawing out the money at the building society, they wouldn't release that amount in cash (which I knew was often the case) but they would give him a building society cheque (same as a Bankers Draft, guaranteed funds) which would be as good as cash and it would be made out directly to me. 

I knew he was lying, but just to confirm my suspicions I used an old pre “Caller Display” Salesman's trick, I told him that I was dealing with a customer in my office so I would need to call him back in a few minutes when I was finished, I asked him what telephone number he was calling from, he wasn't expecting that, if he gave me the number I would have a means to trace him, he lost his composure, clearly flustered, there was silence then he blurted out "Eeerrr,  I’m calling from my mates house and we’re just going out, I'll call you back in 15 minutes, my in built Bullshit detector jumped into the red, I now knew for definite that he was going through with his plan to Con me. 

The phone rang 15 minutes later, there was no pips as the call connected so he was still in the same place and not ringing from a call box, we had a quick chat, I played along with him and agreed to take a Building Society cheque, but asked him which Building Society he used, we made arrangements for him to come and pick my watch up at 2 O'clock the next day, this would allow me to ring the Branch from where the cheque was issued while they were still open  and see if it was real, I was still clinging on to the slim hope that he was going to relieve me of my watch by paying me for it with real money. 

As soon as I put the phone down I rang the building societies Head Office, I explained that I thought someone was trying to defraud me and the girl described in detail, the size, colour, watermarks, and every detail of how the cheque should be printed, signed and counter signed, she also told me that a number of blank cheques had been stolen from one of their branches.  

At 2 o clock I was ready and waiting, I had telephoned the local Police station to pre warn them that I would need their services, I had primed our mechanic to be on standby and to make sure he got the make, model and registration number of the vehicle the "Buyer" turned up in, but the buyer was a no show. 

I thought he had decided that it would be too risky to try and get one over on me and had abandoned his plan. At about 5 O’clock I was sat reading the paper when my office door opened and in walked a guy who looked like he belonged on a wanted poster, he threw a brown envelope down on the desk, and said I've come to pick the watch up for D#####, I didn’t like the first guy, but this guy was even more obnoxious, all the Building Society cheques I had ever been given before, and have been given since have been in White good quality self seal envelopes, not thin, cheap brown ones that require licking to stick down. 

It was without doubt an attempted con! But it was amateur hour, when I tore open the envelope the cheque looked genuine, but my name and the amount of money it was made out for looked like it had been done with a pen and a children’s stencil set, not machine printed. I asked Mr Mug shot to wait outside while I made a quick phone call, It was too late to ring the Building Society but I didn't need to, only a complete idiot would have been taken in by this pathetic forgery, It was obvious D##### didn’t have a very high opinion of me, and it was going to cost him dearly. I put the cheque in our photocopier and printed off a couple of copies, then I put it on my desk, picked the phone up and dialled the cops. 

As usual they weren't answering their phone, and as I cursed them under my breath “Mug shot” ran in to the office, he grabbed the cheque, and ran out of the showroom, our mechanic followed him up the road to the pub car park and made a note of the registration number of the car he'd come in, when the cops eventually answered I gave them all the details. 

A few days later I was contacted by the CID, it transpired that the gang had committed thousands and thousands of pounds worth of fraudulent transactions up and down the country, buying hard to trace high value watches and antiques using forged cheques. 

Like the old joke, “Someone had stolen the toilet from the Police Station. A Spokesman said at the moment the Cops had nothing to go on” 

I was the only one who had a lead to the perpetrators, I had his finger prints on my Rolex,  and I had gotten the registration numbers of their cars, all the other victims had let their valuables go, and were just left with a forged cheque and an invoice with a fictitious name and address on, they couldn't even claim on their insurance as the items weren't stolen, they had willingly handed them over, and the only way they could pursue their monies was through a civil court, but they didn’t know who to pursue. I was also the only one who hadn't fallen for the con, the Police set up surveillance on the cars that I had identified and pretty soon they apprehended all except one of the gang, he had managed to keep one step ahead of the posse and skip the country, I hadn't realised the scale of their operation, or the amount of criminals involved in the scam, I had severely pissed off a lot of the underworld.

I can’t be certain, ( I have some strange mates, and they would go to unbelievable lengths (and have done) to wind me up)  but I'm assuming it was him who rang me a couple of nights later, I knew the caller was phoning from abroad by the beeps when I answered the phone, his message was simple and to the point, he said " We know where you work, you're a fu#### dead man ! if it was D##### it was the first thing he had said to me that had a ring of truth to it!

Never being one to know when to keep my mouth shut, or putting on a foreign accent and saying "Sorry, I think you've got the wrong number, I replied "Dont say I didn't warn you, bye the way "Have you seen that new film Die Hard? that’s exactly what Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) said to John McClain (Bruce Willis) and look how well that turned out for him!” (Incidentally Bruce Willis used a Beretta too) 

Just in case he ignored that warning too, I ran upstairs, got my Beretta out of the safe, and put it in my shoulder holster! 

Yep, it’s official I do watch too much TV

          Non Paying Tennants and The Da Vinci Code   

I knew it couldn’t be the very reasonably priced painter and decorator that we had hired to paint the showroom, because he’d finished, and had been paid up, but I had definitely heard a noise coming from the workshop, I was on my own in the garage and as I went to investigate I knew it could only be someone that shouldn’t be there, as I got to the mottled glass door which divided the showroom from the workshop I could see their outline, I could also see they were dragging a large toolbox.

The toolbox was very heavy and must have had a square wheel as it wasn’t exactly gliding across the workshop floor, I had the keys to the front door in my pocket so I ran to it, put the lock on it so he couldn't get out and told the intruder to “pack it in” and go home, I knew him, and although he was an intruder it was debatable whether he was stealing the tool box as I suppose rightfully it was his, but I was holding it and some other stuff hostage till he paid us what he owed.

Looking back on the incident now, I am sure I could have handled it a heck of a lot better. It had all started a few weeks earlier, when I noticed a stranger repairing a car in the unit we were renting out next door,  I asked him where the regular guy was, expecting him to say that he was ill, and he was standing in for him, but it was like I had injected the guy with Sodium Pentathol (the truth drug) he gave me chapter and verse, his reply was “Oh he’s had enough of this place, he won’t be coming in any more, after he picks up his stuff tonight, “Over my dead body he will, and you can clear off and tell him that he better come and see me, Urgently! , he never came to see me, so  I made sure he couldn’t come back that night after I had gone home by changing the locks on the workshop and parking a van sideways across and about ¼ in from the door.

The guy he was referring to was our tenant and he was about 3 months behind with his rent. After the gypsy squatters ( separate blog we had decided it would be better if the buildings were occupied and then it wouldn’t be as tempting for, Gypsies, Kids, Vandals and the local little Banksy’s (for Banksy substitute “Bastards” or Street Artists if you prefer ). We had put an advert in the local paper and we were inundated with enquiries, mostly from Fast Food franchises, but if it was turned into a  Kentucky Fried Chicken shop, I would have weighed about 50 stones and I wouldn’t have lived to see 25.

The unit next door was equipped with a ramp and a rolling road brake tester, it was a great little workshop and it would have been a shame to rip it all out and replace the stuff with deep fat fryers. Originally when it was built it had been an MOT station but the regulations had changed, and in order to comply now it would need to be extended about 10 feet, the previous owners of the building (Esso) couldn’t do that as it backed directly on to the boundary line of our land, and we didn’t want to sell any of it to them as we were short of space already. Opening an MOT station would have been the next logical step to expand our business, but that would have meant taking on more staff, we'd had enough of the ones we'd got already, ( we didn’t want any more, so our only option was to rent it out.

We had done a deal with Esso to buy the place and in return for a substantial discount we had promised to use their products in future. Esso products were quite a lot dearer than our existing supplier, but buying the old Petrol station was the only way we could expand our used car display so it could be seen along the main road, we only wanted the frontage, and not the buildings. The person we would eventually rent the garage to would have to agree to use Esso products and not set up in competition with our workshop. One of the enquiries stood out from the rest and he sounded ideal, when we met him he seemed like a good lad, and after talking to him we agreed a deal.

Even in those days it was hard to get a new business off the ground so as part of the deal we gave him a few weeks free rent so that he could get sorted out, do a bit of advertising and get some work and some money rolling in, we also gave him a  reduced rent for the first 6 months until he got established, he assured us that he already had a few regular customers so meeting the rent wouldn’t be a problem, but soon he began to spend more time in our workshop than his, he was taking on jobs that were beyond his abilities, and his tools, it was obvious that he wasn’t a mechanic he was a simple oil, filter and service guy and that was it.

I tried to keep a watchful eye on him and to me he seemed to spend more time messing about on his computer than he did fixing cars, Computers were a relatively new thing then, I really wanted one and we didn’t have one so I was very jealous, he was far better set up than us on the automated billing side but he struggled to do the actual repair work, he was always asking our mechanics for help, or if he could borrow tools, I didn't mind this so much, but he never brought them back so when we needed them we had to go searching for them and wasting more time, we were a Main Dealer and our mechanics had to fill in time sheets, each of our job cards had to be costed manually using the tear off front copy, and any warranty jobs would fail the manufacturers audit if the mechanics time wasn’t allocated on the back, it soon became clear that our services and repairs were starting to take longer, and our sold man hours were going downwards because our mechanics were too busy helping the guy next door to do his work, rather than doing theirs.

We used a manufacturers recommended service menu pricing book so the cost of our mechanics extra times were never passed on to the customers, but as a business we were losing out, I made a mental note of the times our mechanics spent next door and if I had charged our tenant for our labour costs as well as his rent, his business wouldn’t be able to stand it. Our overheads had increased but we persevered hoping that we would be paid back in the long run by having a trusted tenant next door for a while to come. One of the things that made us choose him was that he had told us he didn’t have to rely on servicing work as he made a lot of money by sourcing non running cars, then fixing them up when his workshop was quiet and selling them for a good profit, so long as he didn't start buying the same sort of cars that we sold, that wouldn't be a problem to us.

A couple of months into our rental agreement, in my opinion he had gotten too ambitious and made a huge error in judgement, he bought 2 cars exactly the same, it was a model that looked great but they were notoriously temperamental, unreliable and difficult to keep running at the best of times, let alone fix them when they broke down. He had bought them cheap, one of the 2 cars was a non runner supposedly it had a duff engine, but a very tidy body and interior, the other one had a good engine but was a pretty rough car, his idea was to swap the engines, retail the good car and sell the other for parts, in theory it sounded like a good plan but unbeknown to us he had used all his money and taken a gamble that he would be able to fix the car and sell it before the end of the month, if he didn’t he wouldn’t be able to pay his rent.

He swapped the engines but then he couldn’t get the good engine to start either, and he was left with 2 un saleable none running cars. Looking back I think desperation then set in and when you’re desperate you don’t think straight. I tried to help him by suggesting that I didn’t think it was a fault with the engine, and that he should be looking for an electrical problem instead, my reasoning was that it had worked in the donor car so it was more logical that the engine wouldn’t start now after it had been transplanted in to this car due to a fault with the Electronic Control Unit, or even simpler it could just have been a problem with the alarm immobiliser function. I did try to soften the blow that he had probably done all this work for nothing, by pointing out that if he could find the problem he would then have 2 cars with good engines and would make a lot more money.

He had jumped to the conclusion that the engine was faulty what he should have done was eliminated all the other possibilities first before concluding that it was the most expensive problem, the engine, but he couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I had learned the hard way, when I was younger if there was a right way and a wrong way to do something, let’s just say that I would have needed at least 2 goes. He chose to ignore my advice, and more or less told me to mind my own business, luckily for him up to that point I hadn’t been doing or we would have evicted him already.

He started taking the good engine to pieces looking for a problem that didn't exist, but he managed to make one and it never ran again! - he devoted all his time trying to fix it, and he stopped taking on paying work, he was unable to pay his rent for the next 2 months and another payment was coming due in a couple of days, but rather than tell us that he had decided to pack in, he was going to do a “Moonlight” (disappear overnight) instead, he would have succeeded if his “friend” hadn't just cocked him up and spilled the beans. I was very annoyed, because I thought we had done everything we possibly could do to help him succeed; he had let us down badly. I was still fairly new to the motor trade and didn’t realise that soon, being let down badly was to become the norm.

Our tenant didn’t come to see us to try and sort out an amicable solution, but his girlfriend rang and left me a number to call in case of emergencies, she never explained what emergencies she could foresee, but she was right I would be needing it a couple of weeks later. We had decided to try to rent the workshop out again, this time instead of putting an advert in the local paper we put a to let sign on the unit, we tidied it up and moved our old tenants tools into our workshop.Incidentally it was doubtful that we would ever get our money back as he could have gone out and bought all his tools brand new 10 times over with the amount he owed us, but God loves a tryer!

So back to my story, I had stopped him getting out with his tool box but he had started taking smaller items out through the side door and through the showroom, he couldn't have got his tool box through there as the doorway was too small, and so were the gaps between the cars. I threatened to call the police if he didn’t leave, he took no notice so I called our local community Bobby, who I knew well, he used to call in for brews and a chat, and he was a good guy, he would apply common sense to the matter instead of the letter of the law, I knew he would just warn our tenant and take no further action, I wasn’t looking to get him arrested, but I wouldn’t be able to face my Boss and tell him that I had just let him come in and take the stuff without at least trying to stop him.

I needed to detain him till our community Bobby showed up, so when he went back into the workshop I got my keys out to lock him in, that’s when to my horror I discovered why the guy we had hired to paint the showroom was so reasonable, the man was a complete idiot, for reason’s best known to himself he had blocked the keyhole in the workshop door up with filler, sanded it down and painted over it, I couldn’t even see where the key hole used to be, let alone lock the door from the outside!.

Our tenant was a lot bigger than me and I certainly didn’t want to get into a fight, but I can be a little bit stubborn and Gung Ho, more to the point I didn’t want him to get one over on me either, so I took a deep breath, stepped into the workshop, locked the door behind me, and prepared myself for a scuffle.  It occurred to me that I didn't want a big guy routing through my trouser pockets either, so I made sure that he saw me put the keys in my jacket, just in case he decided he was going to forcefully retrieve them. There was no talking to him, so I dialled the emergency number on our “state of the art” cordless telephone and spoke to his girlfriend who I hoped would make him see sense, I told her what was happening and then passed the phone to our tenant he just ended the call without speaking and put the phone down, he was a man on a mission, but so was I.

I had delayed him long enough for the Community Bobby to get to the garage, I unlocked the workshop door and let him in, while I was explaining what had happened, our tenant calmly walked past us carrying more of his tools out to his car.

The policeman followed him outside and stood in our doorway, warning the tenant that if he tried to set foot on our premises again he would be arrested for “Breach of the peace” I thought that would be the end of the matter but it wasn’t, he tried to gain entrance by pushing past the Police Officer, knocking his helmet off in the process, saying “You Don’t Understand” he was right, our community Officer didn’t, he picked his helmet up dusted it off, said  “right, so that’s assaulting a Policeman and Breach of the Peace! You’re nicked mate!, then he got his handcuffs out. As I said our local Bobby was one of the good guys, and he just put our tenant in a cell till he calmed down, read the riot act to him about what would happen if he did it again and let him go.

I had been wondering what exactly he had meant by ”You don’t understand”  it couldn’t have been any simpler, he wanted his tools back, and we wouldn’t give him them till he paid the rent he owed us, I understood perfectly, or so I thought.  A few weeks later I was on my own in the garage, it was only about 11 am on a Sunday morning and we didn’t officially open till 12, I would have been out late the night before, as I always was back then, so I was sat in my office, feet up on the desk, reclined on my chair, eyes shut and more than likely I was in the land of nod,  when suddenly my office door was yanked open with such force that one of the panels in the suspended ceiling was sucked out, I dropped my feet to the floor and sprang forward.

There were 2 rather menacing figures stood in the door way, well actually the first menacing figure was so big he filled the doorway, so the other menacing figure had to stand behind him, there was no way to get out of the office other than going through them, and that wasn’t going to happen. If they had only come a bit earlier I would have stood a chance, I always went clay pigeon shooting on Sunday Morning before I went to work, Just 20 minutes before, and I would have been awake and in the middle of cleaning my shotgun, I’d like to see them barge in when I was holding a Twelve Bore, but unfortunately my Browning was now, cleaned, oiled and dismantled in its case and safely packed away under my desk.

The big guy pointed at me and said “You’re the one that reported “######” to Five O?”  I deduced  that he was from another country, firstly because he had a strong accent, secondly because it was several years after Hawaii Five O starring Jack Lord had finished and 30 years before the new series where the character of one of McGarrets original Big fat Male Hawaiian sidekicks "Kono Kalakaua"would then be played by a very thin woman, also here in England we don’t call the police 5 O so that was a bit of a giveaway too, sheepishly, and trying not to wet myself,  I replied “erm yes that would be me, and added rather apologetically  “but I only did it because he owed us money”, He looked and spoke like Bad Attitude Baracus  (Mr T) out of the tv program The A Team “You  got something of mine” he said, I expected him to say “Fool” at the end of his sentence like Mr T did, but he didn’t need to, I already knew I was a “Fool”,  and our tenant was right, I didn’t understand, there was more at stake than a few dirty old tools, he had been hiding something from me and I wasn’t in possession of all the facts.

I asked Mr T what it was, that we had?  Not wanting to get beaten up, I said that if the item belonged to him and not our tenant I would be more than happy to retrieve it for him if I could. Mr T wouldn’t tell me what it was, which in my experience also meant that what I didn’t know couldn’t kill me, so I asked him how big it was? He moved his arms forward and made 2 L shapes with his thumb and forefinger, I didn’t know whether he meant he was going to strangle me if I didn’t stop asking questions or he was making  a square, if it was the latter I judged that the sides would have been about 6 to 8 inches, but I’m a guy so realistically it could have been quite a bit smaller.

His answer aroused my curiosity, so pushing my luck a little and half expecting to be throttled, i said OK, let me ask you another question, if  this thing of yours that I’m supposed to have is only that big, and is important enough for you and you’re mate to come charging in here trying to put the shits up me (and succeeding I might add), why didn’t “####” (our tenant) retrieve it when he had the chance, instead of trying to take a massive tool box, he could easily have got it, and been in and out of the workshop without me even knowing, and for that matter why on earth did he get himself arrested? they both looked puzzled and I could almost hear their brains working, they started to mutter to each other, I heard one of them say “he has got a point” then they both turned and walked out of the showroom. I followed them out and watched them jump into a Blue Jaguar, and drive off. In the back seat of the car, looking more than a little bit scared was our tenant.

I called the Police and reported the incident but heard nothing more, I assumed that our tenant had tried to buy himself some time by telling his “friends” that I had their item, hoping they’d come looking for me, while he packed his bags and caught a plane to Timbuktu,  his plan had backfired when they brought him along for the ride, I did wonder why he sat waiting for them in their Jaguar though rather than taking the opportunity to scarper, perhaps he'd repaired the door locking on the car and now it wouldn't open or he had been handcuffed again, who knows perhaps it was part of a bluff to show he thought he had nothing to fear from them be cause he was innocent.

That night making sure that I wasn’t being followed I went to the place where we had stored the confiscated equipment, I was going to search very carefully and very thoroughly through every item until I was 100% certain that there was nothing illegal, the last thing I wanted was to get “caught in possession “ of something that I would have a difficult time explaining to cops, I found nothing, the only thing I had left to search was his tool box which was locked, it wasn’t exactly insurance approved and after a few minutes messing about I had opened it, in one of the drawers was a box of 5 1/4 “ floppy discs, perhaps this was what Mr T was meaning, if it was, our tenant obviously wasn’t the brains behind whatever scheme they had going on, and he must have forgotten his key when he came to retrieve the discs, so he was forced to try and liberate his whole tool box. 
I never saw B A or his partner again, and I never found out exactly what happened to our tenant,  I felt safer not knowing, but I can tell you he is OK, It’s possible that he either remembered where he’d put their contraband, had kept backup copies elsewhere, or came up with another explanation and an acceptable repayment plan,  In reality I think they were perhaps involved in nothing more sinister than trying to collaborate to make one of the first computer games and they'd had a fallout.

It’s also possible that when he was f####g about on his computer instead of repairing cars and making money to pay his rent, he had inadvertently solved the Da Vinci Code and B A was actually a member of Opus Dei who’d come looking for the answer, either way he’s still alive as I saw him in PC World a couple of years later buying a new computer.

Five 0,  erm sorry,  the Police came back to interview me again, but it was only to rule out B A Baracus as a suspect from a shooting that had occurred in a local pub, the witnesses who saw the shooters getaway car had described it as a dark blue saloon car, they had got a partial plate number and a description of the Hit man, the Police were investigating the possibility that there was a link between the 2 incidents,  I eliminated B A from their enquiries, I had gotten the complete registration number of his Jag when he was driving off our forecourt, and that wasn’t the getaway car, the description of the shooter was as far from B A as it was possible to be!, but it did make me wonder was it a square 5 1/4 inch floppy disc that B A was making with his thumbs and forefingers, or could it possibly have been two guns!

Hopefully I will never know!

          Cops comb for bald man who swiped Rogaine in Detroit area   
DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) -- Police in suburban Detroit can skip barbershops as they search for a man who stole a hair growth product....
          Good Cop, Bad Cops   

(By American Zen’s Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)

(Disclaimer: The proprietor of this blog and Mr. Wilson have an ongoing years-long friendship, in which the former has benefited on several occasions by the generosity of the latter. However, that in no way, shape or form has influenced the blog owner’s decision to post an article about his case nor the content of what is written below.)

We need police. That’s the long and the short of it.
     Whatever your view of the very real problems our society faces in bad cops who shoot unarmed African Americans or the mentally disabled when sent to the scene of a medical emergency, the simple fact is that those cops take a lot of oxygen from the honest, dedicated law enforcement professionals whose good to society far outweighs the bad we incessantly hear about on the news and social media.
     The need for some law enforcement was understood in the days of the Roman Empire and in AD 6 answered in the form of the vigiles urbani. And 1823 years later, Sit Robert Peel well understood the need for a professional police force and that’s how Scotland Yard was created, with the passage of the Metropolitan Police Act, in 1829.
     So obviously, there will always be the need for “the thin blue line” because where there are laws, there will always be criminals. And latter day human society is always in desperate need of good cops to make up part of that vital buffer between civilians and lawlessness and disorder. But what happens when cops forget whatever high-minded ideals that led them to apply to the Academy when they turn on their own, when pensions and reputations are at stake?
     We all remember what had happened to Serpico. And Serpico was an exception that gradually became more of a norm than an exception. And today, I will write at length about the bizarre case of Antone Raneo Wilson, a good cop who got railroaded by his own. Not only his own, but lazy, collusive, avaricious attorneys (including three who were suspended), a famously corrupt Boston political power structure and virtually every principal involved. It’s a case that is so intensely radioactive that no mainstream media journalist or attorney will touch it with the proverbial 10 foot pole. (Most recently a reporter with the Boston Globe looked into it then, like Homer Simpson or Sean Spicer, slowly melted into the bushes). That was when I was contacted by former Mass State Trooper Antone Wilson.

The Beginning
It began on a miserable, wet rainy day in December of 2000 in Franklin, MA. It wasn’t even a routine traffic stop. Franklin, in Norfolk County in southern Massachusetts, is generally a friendly city, one of just 14 granted a charter to run a city government. It’s the kind of place where, when you hear a car backfire, you assume it’s a car back-firing and Honor Roll high school graduates bound for college make the front page of the local paper.
     However on this day, off duty State Trooper Antone Wilson was driving through Franklin and ran into a detail manned by three officers from the Franklin Police Department. He stopped long enough to ask for directions and one of the young officers, perhaps resenting his posting on a foul day, was immediately surly. The situation quickly escalated and when Trooper Wilson was asked for ID, he produced his State Police creds.
     Rather than de-escalating what was already a needless confrontation, the Franklin Police essentially detained Trooper Wilson as they wouldn’t hand him back his badge and ID for upwards of 20 minutes. At one point, one of the young officers even deliberately nudged Trooper Wilson’s shoulder with his own in order to manufacture an escalation. Trooper Wilson was by this time already 39 years-old and didn’t bite on the bait.
     It ought to be mentioned that despite Franklin’s lowkey reputation and outward gentility, at this exact same time the Franklin Police Department was already under federal investigation from the Chief on down for corruption. Even 16½ years ago, the allegations went back three decades.
     Ironically, even though Trooper Wilson was the one being wronged, it was the Franklin Police Department who’d fired the first salvo in the form of a complaint against Trooper Wilson for assault and verbal abuse. They almost surely did this to cover their own asses as a pre-emptive counter suit to protect itself from what they expected to be Trooper Wilson’s own complaint. However, Trooper Wilson never filed that complaint.

Can We Spell Conflict of Interest, Boys and Girls?

     As if tempting the Fates into bringing about a self-fulfilling prophecy, the Franklin PD had filed a complaint that had brought about an investigation into Trooper Wilson for misconduct, specifically regarding physical assault and verbal abuse. As if that wasn’t enough, the Massachusetts State Police had saddled him with an attorney who was jurisprudence’s answer to a canvasback club fighter on the take.
     Without immediately making full disclosure to his client, this attorney represented not only the MA State Police union but also the Franklin PD’s union. Almost immediately, as if trying to sweep it under the rug, Mr. Wilson’s representation was, in his own words, “increasingly strident” about getting his client to admit to some guilt in the interests of speedy resolution. Attorney/client privilege is intended to protect the client from prying outside parties, not the attorney from his own client.
     Deeply suspicious of his own lawyer’s intentions and motivations, Mr. Wilson then asked him, repeatedly, if he also represented the Franklin PD’s union and his concerns about collusion were dismissed. Eventually, as the investigation gained traction, Trooper Wilson was in the absurd and very unenviable position of watching growing evidence proving his innocence rebuffed by his own attorney. Yes, Antone Wilson’s own attorney was working in concert with investigators to ensure some responsibility for misconduct would be proved or admitted to. Finally, after confronting his lawyer by asking him if he was indeed working for the Franklin PD’s union, he answered in the affirmative, albeit vaguely. As much as honest individuals hate to use the word, Trooper Wilson realized his concerns about a conspiracy were well-founded. Putting a cherry to this revelation was Wilson’s ominous caveat: “(Y)ou’d better not be telling state secrets.”
    Several days before Trooper Wilson’s disciplinary hearing, two senior officers who’d been assigned to the board were replaced. This was particularly suspicious because Wilson had expressed to his original attorney his satisfaction with the two officers that were subsequently removed. This action was unnerving because it implied that Wilson's attorney had shared confidential information with the State Police (remember the quaint notion of attorney/client privilege?). The move, Wilson suspected, was a final attempt to force a negotiated settlement in an attempt to forestall a disciplinary hearing. It was clear that the "prosecution" didn't want a hearing that would compel the sworn testimony of the Franklin PD "witnesses" and generate a permanent, transcribed record. Trooper Wilson was convinced his own attorney was abusing his trust by sharing confidential, privileged information with the same party (the Mass State Police) that was attempting to get nonexistent dirt to stick on him. He was, nevertheless, determined to force the hearing.
     As the rescheduled hearing approached Trooper Wilson's plainly useless attorney had recused himself from the case and the replacement attorney-appointed without Wilson's prior consent- would be presenting the case. "I understood," Wilson later stated, " that there were only two real scenarios: The hearing would be 'on-the level' or it wouldn't" What Wilson didn't understand was that this was the beginning of an ordeal that would endure for over 17 years...

          Man Forced Robbery Victim to Commit Sex Act in Inwood, Cops Say   

A Queens man was arrested Monday for allegedly robbing a woman and forcing her to commit a sex act in Inwood, Nassau County police said.

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          Man Found Dead in Inwood a Homicide Victim, Cops Say   

An 22-year-old Brookylan man who was found shot dead on the front lawn of an Inwood home was likely targeted by the shooter, Nassau County police said. A passerby reported finding a man bleeding in the bushes in front of a home at the corner of Jefferson Street and James Street 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, police said. Fourth […]

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          Man Threw 2 on Hot Coals at Inwood BBQ, Cops Say   

A Queens man has been accused of throwing a 56-year-old woman on hot coals from a grill that he knocked over before allegedly stabbing her with a BBQ barbeque utensil in Inwood. Nassau County police arrested Frederick Walker on charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Police said the 43-year-old Far Rockaway man […]

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          Venus Williams Blamed In Fatal Car Crash…78 Year Old Man Dies   
Venus Williams is being blamed for the death of a 78-year-old man in a recent car crash in Florida. The 78-year-old man went to an ICU unit where he died 14 days later. The driver of the other car — the wife of the victim — told cops she was approaching an intersection westbound in […]
          Police Impersonator Reported Fake Crimes, Cops Say   

The suspect allegedly called 911to report nonexistent shootings, fires and traffic stops over the past three months.

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          MN secretary of state 'troubled' by Trump election commission's sweeping request for voter information    

Is this part of that “smaller government” thing we’re always hearing about? Erin Gulden of the Strib reports, “Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon said Thursday that he’s 'troubled' by a sweeping request from President Donald Trump’s Election Integrity Commission for detailed information about every voter in all 50 states, and he made no guarantee he will comply with it. Simon said in an interview that his office is reviewing legal issues raised by the request for full voter roll data, including the name, address, party affiliation, last four digits of Social Security numbers and voting history back to 2006 of potentially every voter in every state.”

With the travel ban temporarily in effect the AP says, “Attorneys in the Twin Cities are preparing for the impact of the Trump administration’s revised travel ban, which requires new visa applicants from six mostly Muslim nations to have a close family or business tie to the U.S. St. Paul immigration attorney Kara Lynum is organizing an effort to monitor international flights to ensure no one is wrongfully denied entry when the ban takes effect … .”

Colorado? Rachel Stassen-Berger of the Pioneer Press breaks it to us: “The federal government came out with a new, 226-page report that surveyed on nearly everything you may want to know about the 2016 election. But here’s the one thing you need to know: It does NOT show Minnesota as No. 1 in voting turnout. … Nope, according to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s 2016 Election Administration and Voting Survey, Minnesota cannot wave the No. 1 foam finger around for its showing last year. Colorado takes the No. 1 spot for turnout as a percentage of voting age population, the report says.” Of course, they’re all stoned.

Important (but routinely ignored): Andy Mannix and C.J. Sinner of the Star Tribune report: “Crime across Minnesota dipped in 2016, hitting its lowest statewide rate in 50 years. The numbers, released by state police Thursday, show that a long trend of diminishing crime rates is continuing in Minnesota — even in urban areas — despite high-profile incidents of violence that have fueled concerns that crime could be on the rise.” Oddly, this is not the story the NRA is selling.

Good news, IMHO. Eric Roper of the Strib writes, “The Twin Cities suburbs aren’t sprawling like they were before the recession. Instead, the seven-county metro area is growing taller and filling in, with new apartments and redevelopment of older buildings in more urban areas, according to a new Metropolitan Council aerial land-use survey.”

Riham Feshir of MPR reports, “One year after his death, the city where Philando Castile was shot will no longer be patrolled by the department responsible for the fatal shooting. The controversial switch in police services stems from the tragic police shooting that caused weeks of protests and led to what is believed to be the first-ever trial against a Minnesota law enforcement officer for a fatal shooting. … The city of St. Anthony initially intended to negotiate a new contract with Falcon Heights. But the new terms included a request to shift all liability to Falcon Heights, meaning Falcon Heights would be responsible for the actions of St. Anthony police officers if they happen within those borders.” You don’t need Earl Gray to tell you that’s a bad deal.

The AP says, “Jurors have found a Florida police chief not guilty of culpable negligence in the death of a former Minnesota woman who was accidentally shot during a citizens academy "shoot/don't shoot" exercise. News outlets report that Punta Gorda Police Chief Tom Lewis was acquitted on Thursday. Authorities say former officer Lee Coel mistakenly shot and killed 73-year-old Mary Knowlton during a role-playing scenario last summer. Prosecutors had argued that Lewis, as Coel's boss, was partially responsible.” Since when does responsibility matter?

          St. Paul police chief outlines plan to deal with increased gun violence   

Mara Gottfried of the Pioneer Press says, “Two cases that St. Paul officers encountered on Tuesday represent the kind of danger police face every day, but that rarely gets widespread attention, the city’s police chief told the City Council. They resulted in two guns taken off the streets and people under arrest, and came as officers are increasingly spending time responding to gun violence. … A week after Axtell addressed the council about his first year as chief, which has included skyrocketing reports of shots fired in the city, council member Dan Bostrom asked him to come back to the council and provide more details.”

Also from Gottfried: “A 34-year-old man broke into a St. Paul police station, stole a police radio and used it to taunt a dispatcher, according to a criminal complaint filed this week. … [Jason] Phyle used the radio to speak to police dispatch. … Phyle told dispatch that he was inside Target and was wearing red and tan, the complaint said. Officers saw Phyle leaving the store with the radio and arrested him at 3:16 p.m. ‘Police noted Phyle seemed very paranoid and exhibited other indications he was high on an illegal substance,’ the complaint said. Phyle told police he snorted methamphetamine a day earlier, before he picked up his minor son.” 

The Forum News Service has moredetails on that YouTube stunt-gone-wrong: “Details of the shooting were contained in a complaint filed in Norman County District Court Wednesday against the victim’s girlfriend, 19-year-old Monalisa Perez of Halstad. She was charged with second-degree manslaughter after telling authorities on Monday evening that she and her boyfriend, 22-year-old Pedro Ruiz III, were making a YouTube video when she shot him in the chest. The incident took place in Halstad, about 35 miles north of Moorhead in western Minnesota along the Red River.”

Way to go St. Paul. MPR’s Danielle Wong says: “St. Paul's fire department said Wednesday the city has earned the highest fire protection rating in the state, and that may mean lower insurance costs for homes and businesses. Previously, Insurance Services Office, Inc. averaged fire losses over the previous five years to arrive at a rating. This time, the ISO performed a comprehensive evaluation of the city's fire protection capabilities, which the department said included firefighting, water supplies, dispatching and community risk reduction. With the evaluation, the department says St. Paul is the first city in Minnesota to achieve a Class 2 rating.”

Old law suits never die. Stribber Beena Raghavendran says, “The job security shielding veteran teachers makes it difficult to kick out the lousy ones, a group of parents from around Minnesota argues. Those parents are fighting to have their lawsuit against the state heard after a lower court threw it out last fall. The Minnesota Court of Appeals on Wednesday heard oral arguments in a high-stakes teacher tenure lawsuit, the third of its kind nationally.”

Further proof that somebody will steal anything. Says Euan Kerr at MPR, “The St. Paul Ballet wants people to be on the lookout for a missing dance floor it believes was stolen. The floor was stored in a customized trailer locked behind the company's studios in the Hamline-Midway area of St. Paul when it was taken sometime Saturday night. Whoever took the floor probably doesn't know what they have, said Zoe Henrot, the ballet's artistic director. Dancers used it for 25 shows last year in venues such as the Landmark Center and the Mall of America.”

If you’re even thinking of trying it, don’t. Say Tim Harlow and Rochelle Olson of the Strib, “Wednesday's commute into downtown Minneapolis was even worse than many had feared. Express buses took hours to arrive and downtown streets were parking lots well into the day. … Carpool passengers got out around the last 30 car-lengths of the Fourth Street entrance ramp to walk to work, Zieska said. And bus drivers were letting people off after they crossed Second Avenue … . Road and light-rail work downtown appeared to be the culprit Wednesday, along with morning rain that likely compounded an already tricky downtown grid bogged down with lane closures on seemingly every street.”

Vice news does a piece on vaccines and the Somali community. Says Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani, “The misinformation tidal wave about autism started in 2008, when worried Somali parents in the state reported seeing kids diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at alarming rates. These concerns made their way to Amy Hewitt, a senior research associate at the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Community Integration, who in 2013 conducted the largest-scale study ever looking into the number of Somali children with autism in any U.S. community. The results of her study were interpreted as evidence that Somalis are more likely than other kids to have autism — something Somali parents had long feared. The thing is, that wasn’t entirely true. ‘The findings of the study got misrepresented in headlines and news bites,’ Hewitt told VICE News via phone.”

          In Venezuela: Hoax or not, Venezuela chopper caper spells trouble   
Venezuelans disagree on whether a helicopter grenade attack claimed by rogue cops was a coup or a hoax. Either way, it shows security forces risk turning against the government.
          Comment on Violence erupts at Dolores Park, twerking reveler changes the mood by Didi Delgado   
Exactly. They are so triggered by cops until something like this happens. Then its "where were the cops?!" Also, anyone blaming this on tech or oakland is an idiot. Sf has its own indigenous gangs who have been around a LONG time. Own it. Look into what is happening in the schools where you pretty much have to kill someone to get suspended.
          Need some help please   
*Lost or stolen Smith and Wesson model 19-4* Sadly, I got careless. Was looking for my 2 ½” nickel finished model 19-4, and realized It is not anywhere in my home or car. After a two day long, “grid” search, by two retired but still sharp cops it did not turn up. Giving it a great deal of...
          Jan De Dobbeleer: DocOps Part I - No time to rest   

Recently, I got the chance to assist a team of frontend and back-end developers to do a bit of open heart surgery. The scope of the project is as follows, migrate a BBOM monolith towards a new BSS system but keep the frontend part, and convert another web frontend and one mobile app to the same BSS system. To facilitate this, and because it’s common sense, the decision was made to create our own REST API in between. But, we were faced with an issue. Time is limited and we wanted to start creating everything at once. Without a working API implementation and the need for a defined interface, we decided to look for a tool to assist us in this process.

Gotta have swag

We began to create our API using API Blueprint in Apiary, but that soon turned out to be quite annoying because of a few reasons. One, everything exists within the same file. This implies the file grows quite large once you start adding endpoints, examples and responses. Secondly, there’s no nice way to start working on this as a team, unless you get a Standard Plan. We could debate about whether or not migrating to another plan would have solved our problem, but let’s be honest, I’d rather invest in the team than spend it on unnecessary tooling.

I began a venture to migrate this to another tool, and eventually ended up playing with Swagger. First off, Swagger also supports yaml, which is a great way to describe these things. Secondly, the ecosystem is a bit more mature which allows us to do things API Blueprint does not provide, such as split the specification into smaller parts. I found this great blog post by Mohsen Azimi which explains exactly this, and following his example, I added a compile.js file that collects the .yaml references and combines those into one big swagger.json file.

The advantages are interesting as we can now split the Swagger specification into folders for context and work on different parts without creating needless overhead all the time, like merge conflicts for example. To make sure we know the changes comply with the Swagger definition, I added a check after compiling swagger.json using swagger-parser to validate the output. Combined with a docker container to do the compilation and validation, we’ve got ourself a nice way to proceed with certainty. Adding this to a CI is peanuts, as we can use the same docker image to run all the necessary checks. The project is currently being built using Travis, you can find a sample .travis.yml file in the repository.

The setup of the project is as follows. The explanation of the components is listed inline, be aware I only listed the parts which need an explanation. Refer to the repository for a complete overview.

├── definitions // the data model used by the API
|   ├── model.yaml // model definition
|   └── index.yaml // list of model definitions
├── examples // sample json output
|   ├── sample.json
|   └── second_sample.json
├── parameters
|   ├── index.yaml // header and query string parameters
├── paths
|   ├── path.yaml // path definition
|   └── index.yaml / list of path definitions
├── swagger-ui // folder containing custom Swagger-UI
├── gulpfile.js // build and development logic
├── makefile // quick access to commands
└── swagger.yaml // swagger spec base file

While this sample contains model, path and parameter definitions in the root of each sub folder, nothing stops you from creating more folders to structure the definitions inside. As the compile function in gulpfile.js (previously compile.js) takes care of stitching the YAML files into one JSON spec, it can be as flexible as you want. The makefile contains a few handy commands so everyone can use the project without the need for specific setup or docker knowledge.

To change the spec you can use any editor of choice, I have Visual Studio Code setup together with the Swagger Viewer plugin. This way I can work on the spec and have it preview in a tab next to me. In case I need to validate the changes, I can also use the pre-configured validate task to quickly get feedback in my editor console. The tasks are added to the project to get you started using Visual Studio Code. If you do, make sure to also add a key binding to spawn the tasks. Open keybindings.json and enter the following (change the key combo if needed).

        "key": "ctrl+shift+r",
        "command": "workbench.action.tasks.runTask"

On top of that, one of my colleagues, Joeri Hendrickx, extended the setup by creating a watch function inside the gulpfile.js file that automatically reloads changes in Swagger-UI while you adjust files. This way, there’s no need for a specific setup and you can use any editor you like. As an extra bonus, it will also display the errors on top of the page.

To run the swagger specification, use the make swagger command or the swagger task in Visual Studio Code. By default, Swagger UI will be available at localhost:3000, unless you specify another port using the SWAGGER_PORT environment variable. To enable the watch function, make use of the make watch command or watch task in Visual Studio Code.

Are you mocking me?

This leaves us with one open item. How do we create a mock service using our Swagger specification? As it turns out, there’s a very useful tool out there called Prism that does just that. Part of the Stoplight tool set, their CLI tool allows you to create a mock server by simply using a Swagger spec. This provides you with all you need to design, test and move fast.

The docker image has been extended to also pull in the latest version of Prism and add it to our path. You can run the mock server through the make mock command or the mock task in Visual Studio Code. By default, the mock server will run on localhost:8010, unless you specify another port using the PRISM_PORT environment variable.

Starting the mock server prints the available endpoints. You now have the ability to start developing and use the mocked API, or validate your work via Postman, curl or any http request tool of choice. Using this repository, the curl following command will output a mocked result.

curl -X GET http://localhost:8010/v1/ping -H 'authorization: Basic trololol'

If for any reason you need to debug inside the container, you can use the make interactive command. This will open a shell inside the container for you to mess around in. I never needed it until now, but it’s there. Just in case.

The setup we have at work currently uses Jenkins to validate the spec which is deployed to Heroku every time the build on master succeeds (which is, well, every time). This way we have a single place of truth when it comes to our Swagger specification and accompanying mock service for developers or partners to play with. We can prototype fast while collecting feedback, or change current implementations fast and knowing the impact. Our production API is tested against the Swagger specification, which is integrated in that repository as a submodule to decouple designing and implementation. To get a more behavioral representation of a real API, we created middleware in Python which can keep track of the data you send and respond accordingly for certain processes. Changes to this part are also validated against the specification in order to reduce the chance of creating errors.

Feel free to mess around, ask questions or even create issues and pull requests on GitHub and let me know what you think. And stay tuned for Part II which covers technical documentation!

Source code

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          Chief: Shooting of unarmed parolee who threatened cops was justified   
SCHENECTADY -When Anthony Logan was wounded Monday morning by city cops, he was not armed, but  some of the first officers responding to the domestic dispute call at his Mumford Street home spotted him toss a backpack into an adjacent dwelling, Police Chief Eric Clifford said. Inside that knapsack, which which police quickly retrieved, was
          DevSecOps Engineer - Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) - Toronto, ON   
Maintain up-to-date detailed knowledge of the information security industry including new and enhanced security solutions relating to enterprise cloud...
From Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 18:42:33 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Cops Interrupted Homeless Latin Couple Fucking By The River   
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          Actress’ abduction: Don’t rely on suspicion, DGP tells cops   

Close on the heels of questioning of popular actor Dileep and his director friend Nadirshah in the actress abduction case, state police chief T P Senkumar has asked the probe team to find out the “truth” and not to rely on “suspicion.” Senkumar, who is retiring from the top post today, said he had given […]

Actress’ abduction: Don’t rely on suspicion, DGP tells cops

          Episode 97: The novel strategy of making money, and investing to do so - Amazon + Whole Foods   
Looks like we’ll be getting cheaper organic food what with Amazon buying Whole Foods. What exactly is the strategy at play here, though? Other than the obvious thing of doing online groceries, how is Amazon advantaged here such that others (like Wal-mart), can’t simply do this themselves. We go over these questions and how they related to M&A in general. Plus recommendations and some podcast meta talk. Mid-roll This episode is sponsored by Casper, who’s looking for some good senior SREs ( If you’re into building out and managing infrastructure that keeps code running and makes sure you can sleep soundly at night, check out the job listing, apply (, and be sure to mention that you heard about it on Software Defined Talk. According to Glassdoor reviews (,17.htm), it’s a damn fine place to work. You can also just email and browse all their openings at ( LOOK, MA! I PUT IN DATES! DevOpsDays Minneapolis, July 25 to 26th: get 20% off registration with the code SDT ( (Thanks, Bridget!). SpringDays ( - Atlanta (July 18th to 19th) ( Matt will be at: DevSecOps at RSA Conf APJ ( Sydney Chef Meetup August 1st ( Auckland AWS User Community August 3rd ( Brisbane Azure User Group October 11 ( Podcast meta-talk to be able to track what you listen to ( Just paying for podcasts. $220m+ estimated TAM ( We have a Casper ad! Amazon Buys Whole Foods This was not covered in the Mary Meeker slide-fest. Coté’s notebook on the topic ( Stratechery on WF Acquisition ( Exponent Podcast ( What exactly are the barriers to entry here for other grocery stores. The business: online, and just the grocery store on it’s the 460+ physical stores for other goods? Barriers to entry, Amazon buyers (Whole Foods looks good now?), culture clash?, HEB love, private label BONUS LINKS! Not covered in episode. Gartner Magic Quadrant for IAAS is Here! Larry D. ( Once again, what a change from way back when: CRN ( The Register ( Johnny Leadgen can get a copy ( On Oracle: “Gartner warns potential customers to be cautious of high-pressure sales tactics.” How Microsoft Is Shifting Focus to Open Source Link ( “Chef is used to manage thousands of nodes internally across Azure, Office 365 and Bing.” Amazon Eyeing Slack? Link ( “Buying Slack would help Seattle-based Amazon bolster its enterprise services as it seeks to compete with rivals like Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google.” Walmart Buys Bonobo I’ve got a Bonobo suit I really like ( They had ModCloth and some others. Their M&A strategy has really shifted of late. Walmart Sez Get Off the AWS Finally a reason for multi-cloud ( BigCo’s gonna bully that supply-chain. What’s Wrong with Jenkins? Jenkins is the Nagios of CI/CD ( “No toolchain is perfect, but you can achieve software delivery perfection (or something close to it, at least) when you implement the right culture.” Tools don’t substitute culture. Oracle’s Swinging For the Fences (and missing) Link ( “He was also unwilling for Specsavers to become a guinea pig for Oracle's cloud.” Ubuntu Mobile Post Mortem Not much strategy… ( Serverless and the Death of DevOps Link ( Spoiler: “DevOps is the ultimate reactive, or event-driven, tech use case. It’s not going anywhere” State of DevOps 2017 Report Johnny Leadgen to the rescue (! Commercial Open Source Software Companies Link ( A bit of sourcing on the numbers would be valuable Glad Chef’s not on the list, wouldn’t want to comment on the numbers Cloud Foundry Summit A whole mess of videos! 121 of them. ( Heptio Out of Stealth Mode with K8s Management Tool TheNewStack covere ( Official page ( File under “It didn’t already do that. I see.” Not sure this qualifies as “coming out of stealth”, everyone knows they work on open source K8s. I’m not seeing a monetization strategy yet beyond support & training. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but they raised $8.5 for their A-round BMC Software Exploring Merging with CA STOP THE PRESSES! TERRIBLE MEETS TERRIBLE ( So far, no confirmation, but ( “While the two companies were once dominant in the systems management industry, the analyst notes that CA and BMC have 7.5% and 8% share respectively as of FY16 which combined would put them on a near even footing with IBM, the largest vendor, at 15%.” “There are also many other vendors in the market including MSFT (7%) and NOW (5%) so anti trust concerns should not be an issue.” High Level Kubernetes Overview Link ( “Basically Kubernetes is a distributed system that runs programs (well, containers) on computers. You tell it what to run, and it schedules it onto your machines.” More on Service Meshes From James Governor, RedMonk ( Recommendations Brandon: The Scholar and the Drop Out podcast (; Coté’s add-on: Karl Lagerfella’s day (, no exercise and long night-shirts. Matt: Commando: Johnny Ramone’s Autobiography ( Coté: Gulf Shores, Alabama; Hillbilly Elegy ( and “The Dead Pig Collector.” (
          Jailed In Tiny Bikini Japanese Beauty Mikuni Maisaki Gets Fucked By 2 Black Cops   
Watch Jailed In Tiny Bikini Japanese Beauty Mikuni Maisaki Gets Fucked By 2 Black Cops at free fuck and porn video site
          6/30/2017: EDITORIAL & LETTERS: Remarks spoken honestly   
Grant Dalton has endured four years of criticism from home and abroad. Backed by loyal sponsors, financial backers and supporters, he has battled on and led Team NZ to a stunning victory. After winning he spoke with honesty and cops more flak. He now...
          Cops comb for bald man who swiped Rogaine in Detroit area   
DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) -- Police in suburban Detroit can skip barbershops as they search for a man who stole a hair growth product....
          A STEADY RAIN Extends After Sold-Out Hollywood Fringe Festival Run   

After a sold-out run during the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival, and the 2017 Better Lemons Audience Choice Award winner, A Steady Rain, written by Keith Huff (Mad Men, House of Cards) and directed by premier acting coach John Kirby (The Count of Monte Cristo, Peter Pan, Scream 4, This is Us), continues its run that has audiences on the edge of their seats. A Steady Rain re-opens July 14 at The John Kirby Studio in Hollywood for a three-week run through July 30.

Filled with sharp storytelling and biting repartee, A Steady Rain is a gritty, darkly poetic duologue about two Chicago police officers whose inner need to serve and protect consumes them - and also rips them apart. RJ DeBard (The Commission, Remnant, God Shots) and Andy Hoff (Mad Men, NCIS, NCIS LA, Lethal Weapon, Justified, How I Met Your Mother, A Perfect Getaway) star as partners on the force whose lifelong friendship is put to the test when a deadly error of judgment sends their lives spinning out of control.

Joey (Hoff) and Denny (DeBard) are Chicago cops and lifelong friends. After being passed over for detective promotions the third time in a row, it's obvious that Denny's aversion to following protocol, Joeys drinking problem, and dual formal reprimands from the department are stonewalling their careers. When a domestic disturbance call takes a twisted turn, a severe lapse in judgement begins to unravel their trust and loyalty. Told entirely by the two characters, this story rips, seamlessly, between individual recounting and live action. It's increasingly apparent, however, that the two sides of their story don't add up.

Initially produced by Chicago Dramatists in 2007 and then at the Royal George Theatre in Chicago in 2008, A Steady Rain won the Joseph Jefferson Award for Best New Work. In 2009 it opened on Broadway in a production that starred Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig and broke box office records. Time magazine named A Steady Rain one of the Top 10 Plays of 2009, noting that "Huff's taut, tough-minded script takes potentially clichéd material - the moral challenges faced by cops on the urban mean streets - and makes it fresh and compelling."

"I was drawn to this remarkable story of friendship. These two Chicago childhood best friends have the same dream to "serve & protect". When the system fails them and the competition begins, who's going to protect them from their own human weaknesses. Keith Huff wrote a brilliant script that captures all humanities frailties," explains Kirby. "I was intrigued by this remarkable story of friendship. This two character piece allows my actors to go on a ride with every dimension of the human condition bringing about tour de force performances!"

Keith Huff has written the film adaptation of A Steady Rain for Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson (EON Films); original pilots for HBO, Steven Spielberg/Dreamworks TV and AMC; and was writer/co-producer for Season One of the NetFlix series House of Cards, featuring Kevin Spacey, and Season 4 of AMC's Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning series Mad Men, for which he won a 2011 Writers Guild Award (Best Drama Series). Other plays include Big Lake Big City, The Detective's Wife, Pursued By Happiness, and The Bird and Mr. Banks. A Steady Rain continues to be produced across the US and around the world, including in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela. Huff has an MFA from the University of Iowa's Playwright's Workshop, is a Resident Alumnus at Chicago Dramatists, and is the recipient of a Joseph Jefferson Award, the Cunningham Prize, the John Gassner Award, the Berrilla Kerr Award, and three Illinois Arts Council Playwriting Fellowships.

John Kirby was born to a successful theatre and television actor Bruce Kirby, and younger brother to the late actor Bruno Kirby, has balanced a demanding career that has spanned over three decades. At age 21 he held the Artistic Director Position at the renowned 'Cast Theatre' for several seasons with the late Ted Schmidt, kept busy writing a weekly column called "Casting About" for Dramalogue (now called BackStage West) and continues to dedicate himself and his abilities to each actor he works with. Hailed by the Hollywood Reporter as "An Actor's Guardian Angel" Kirby has trained, worked with, coached, taught, and directed thousands of incredible actors; from Oscar winners like Jeff Bridges, to a long list a Movie Stars including Cameron Diaz, Jim Caviezel & Morris Chestnut to Tony winners such as Judith Light for her Broadway performance of Wit. Kirby's work has taken him across the globe from numerous states in the U.S. to Australia, Scotland, Ireland, and South Africa. He has also worked with and coached on numerous Television programs including Chrissy Metz on NBC's new hit show This Is Us. He has also shared his expertise by appearing weekly on If I Can Dream, Hulu's first reality series produced by American Idol. Throughout the years, Kirby has directed numerous plays across the United States including; The Crucible, Our Town, Tartuffe and he also coached the entire cast of The 2015 National Tour of Tyler Perry's Madea on the Run.

Scenic design for A Steady Rain is by Mike Flannery; lighting design is by Donny Jackson; sound design is by Aaron Lyons; stage manager is Mara Aguilar; and produced by Andy Hoff and Nathan Nesbitt.

Performances of A Steady Rain take place on Fridays and Saturdays @ 8 p.m. and Sundays at 7 p.m., July 14 through July 30. Tickets are $20. The John Kirby Studio is located at 1510 N. Las Palmas Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90028. For reservations and information, call (323) 467-7877 or go to

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          Smokers, growers seek solutions to mask skunky aroma - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 PST   

Way before legalization, marijuana smokers tried all sorts of methods to keep the smell away from parents, roommates, employers, neighbors, the cops or maybe even the kids. Solutions were sometimes as simple as masking the smell with stronger aromas, such as deliberately burnt popcorn.

          The stealth game Serial Cleaner has a release date   
The iFun4all team has announced that the stealth game inspired by 70 Serial Cleaner will be available from July 14 on Xbox One . This means that you won't have to wait long to assume the role of the protagonist and clean up crime scenes while avoid the cops.

          The Muse Jay-Z’s New Album Features ‘Becky’ Admission, His Mom Coming Out | Screengrabber Suspect Le   

The Muse Jay-Z’s New Album Features ‘Becky’ Admission, His Mom Coming Out | Screengrabber Suspect Leads Dozens Of Cops On Hour-Long Chase Through Countryside, Is Rewarded With Beatdown | Fusion States Respond to White House’s Voting Roll Demands With a Resounding ‘No’ | The Root Fla. Woman Shot, Killed at Home Hours…


          Innocent Handyman Jailed for Three Months After Police Thought Drywall Was Cocaine   
A perfect storm of drug war idiocy leaves Karlos Cashe wondering where is the justice?




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          Legal Pot Sales Begin Tonight in Nevada: 8 Things You Need to Know   
Look out, Denver! There's new competition when it comes to cannabis tourism destinations.

As of 12:01 a.m Saturday, legal adult marijuana sales begin in Nevada. And they will commence immediately, with dispensaries on the Las Vegas Strip announcing plans to be open to usher in Sin City's newest attraction.

But don't go lighting up on the Strip! Smoking in public is not allowed.

Nevada now joins Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington in allowing people to legally buy and sell weed in pot shops. It's the first of the states where voters legalized it at the polls last year to see shops open, getting out of the gate ahead of California, Maine, and Massachusetts.

That's because the state fast-tracked legal pot sales by granting licenses to a few dozen existing medical marijuana dispensaries so they could sell to any adults while officials finalized regulations for the legal marijuana market, which was mandated to begin by January 1, 2018.  

So, now that you can add legal weed to Las Vegas's allures, here's a few things you need to know:

1. How much can I buy? Visitors and residents alike can purchase up to an ounce of buds and up to an eighth-ounce of marijuana edibles.

2. Where can I buy it? Look for medical marijuana dispensaries that have been granted recreational sales licenses. Those are clustered in the Las Vegas and Reno areas, including dispensaries on the Strip. There's a complete list of dispensaries here, but remember, not all have the recreational sales okay, so if you're about to go shopping, contact them directly to find out.

3. What do I need? You need to be at least 21 and have government-issued ID that says so. If you're a medical marijuana card holder, you don't have to be 21. And you need to have cash. That's because the federal government refuses to let banks handle marijuana business since pot is still federally illegal. Congress is working on this issue, but in the meantime, hit the ATM ahead of shopping.

4. What should I buy? Regular consumers will have a pretty good idea what they like, but novices can consult their budtenders. There will be a variety of high-quality, high-potency strains on sale, both "stimulating" sativas and "enervating" indicas, as well as a dizzying plethora of hybrid strains.

5. What about edibles? Edibles will be on sale, too, in a wide variety of forms, but because of emergency regulations issued Monday by the Department of Taxation, those products can contain no more than 10 milligrams of THC per dose or 100 milligrams per package. That 10 milligram measure is a good one; novice users will certainly feel an impact at that level. But those emergency regs, which also restrict packaging and labeling, are likely to produce initial shortages of edibles given the short lag time between their roll-out and opening day.

6. What's it going to cost? Grams will be going for $10 to $15, ounces for anywhere from $150 for bargain buds to $325 for the primo. Edibles prices will depend on the various products. k

7. Where can I smoke it? Well, therein lies the rub, especially for visitors. The only places smoking pot is allowed are at your home or on your front porch. There's no smoking it on the Strip, in clubs or casinos, at rock concerts, or any other public place. And there's no smoking it in hotel rooms, either. Either a lot of tourists are going to end up with public smoking citations, or they start making local friends in a hurry, or they end up paying smoke damage surcharges on their hotel room credit card bills, or all of the above. This is going to have to change, especially since estimates are nearly two-thirds of legal pot buyers are going to be visitors. In the meantime, it could make edibles more attractive.

8. Can I take it home with me? Not if you live in a state where it is illegal. And if you live in a state where it is legal, why bother? If you get caught trying to bring it onto an airplane, the TSA won't bust you (because they're after terrorists, not tourists), but will turn you over to the local cops, who also won’t bust you (since your weed isn't illegal in Nevada), but the hassle might cause you to miss your flight. 



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          The War on Drugs Places 'Black Joy' in the Line of Fire   
Black youth never get the privileges of innocence and 'youthful indiscretions' extended to their white peers.

*Editor's note: In this monthly blog series, the Drug Policy Alliance will examine the nexus between the War on Drugs and law enforcement practices that result in the mass criminalization, incarceration and dehumanization of communities of color.  These pieces will reflect on the ways in which the institutions of policing and prosecution- both driven by calls for “law and order” in the wake of the War on Drugs-  continue to function as instruments of reinforcement for the overarching structural racism on which the drug war was founded.

Over the past several weeks, the details surrounding the tragic killing of Jordan Edwards have been revealed under the intensely watchful eye of a public that continues to face a seemingly never-ending flood of stories recounting instances of police brutality and the pervasive lack of justice for black victims on the receiving end of police misconduct.

Outside of a media sphere permeated by meticulously crafted, state-serving narratives marked by the use of coded language as a form of fear mongering that encourages brutalization in carrying out the war on drugs and cultivates public apathy towards the victims of such violence, a situation in which a police officer responding to a neighbor’s call about possible underage drinking that ends with the use of lethal force on a car full of frightened kids could not be dressed as anything other than a senseless act of violence. This murder reinforces the message that the protections associated with the assumption of innocence and positive police discretion towards instances of youthful indiscretion are not privileges extended to black youth

Further, a failure to also identify this situation as one where the duty to protect and serve was superseded by aninstitutional obsession with policing and restricting the autonomy of black people would require willful ignorance of the history of enslavement and subjugation of black people in this country.

Jordan’s story is not anomalous. The explosion in exposure of police brutality across the nation and subsequent reflection on my own experiences with law enforcement while growing up in Dallas quickly led me to the sobering realization that any of the nights I enjoyed not long ago, when I was Jordan’s age, could have ended in tragedy. The price of this realization has been an existence marred by constant feelings of fear and anxiety about what could happen and how my personal relationship with drugs might be used in an attempt to strip me of my humanity posthumously.

As a result, I often find myself preemptively policing my actions, my speech, expressions of my emotions, my movements, and even my writing, but none of these things have proven adequate in protecting me from potentially volatile interactions with law enforcement or figures that have been endowed with authority to use force by whatever institution employs them.

Knowing that I am not alone is deeply saddening.

What is much more devastating, however, is reading in the Dallas Morning News that kids who occupy some of the same spaces I once did experienced such a degree of psychological trauma from Jordan’s death and similar situations that they feel they have no choice but to forfeit simple joys of youth like playing basketball and partying with friends.

Living with the psychological burden imposed by the constant threat of state violence is not freedom. We cannot begin to chip away at the hyper-criminalization of black and Latino youth until we end the war on drugs. If not, the reality most of America is privileged enough to enjoy - the assumption that an interaction with law enforcement will not end in their demise - will remain an aspiration at best.

When I was in elementary school, a large part of the school’s efforts to convince us to “just say no” to drugs involved encouraging us to “dare to be different.” As an adult, I am imploring the powers that be and those who have been complicit in cultivating this drug war climate to put the same amount of time and resources into daring police to allow all youth the space to enjoy their lives without fear of those entrusted with the responsibility of protecting them.

This piece first appeared on the Drug Policy Alliance Blog



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          Comment on Cop Beats Mother and Pounds Her Face Into Table in Front of Her 8-Yr-Old Child by catmando   
...And here I was, thinking the only scumbag cops on the beat were in this country. Hey Justin you need to step in on this one...
          Gangsta Complete Season 1   
In the city of Ergastulum, a shady ville filled with made men and petty thieves, whores on the make and cops on the take, there are some deeds too dirty for even its jaded inhabitants to touch. Enter the "Handymen," Nic and Worick, who take care of the jobs no one else will handle. Until the day when a cop they know on the force requests their help in taking down a new gang muscling in on the territory of a top Mafia family. It seems like business (and mayhem) as usual, but the Handymen are about to find that this job is a lot more than they bargained for.

Release date: 19 Jul, 2017

Country of origin: Japan
Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English subtitles
Runtime: 300.0 mins
Format: DVD, Region 4

Catalogue: MMA4817
          Gangsta Complete Season 1 (Blu-Ray)   
In the city of Ergastulum, a shady ville filled with made men and petty thieves, whores on the make and cops on the take, there are some deeds too dirty for even its jaded inhabitants to touch. Enter the "Handymen," Nic and Worick, who take care of the jobs no one else will handle. Until the day when a cop they know on the force requests their help in taking down a new gang muscling in on the territory of a top Mafia family. It seems like business (and mayhem) as usual, but the Handymen are about to find that this job is a lot more than they bargained for.

Release date: 19 Jul, 2017

Country of origin: Japan
Languages: English, Japanese
Subtitles: English subtitles
Runtime: 300.0 mins
Format: Blu-Ray,

Catalogue: MMA4817BR
          Hungarian Police Search for 'Hip Hop Cops'   
          New York Cops Spied On Hip Hop Artists...   
          Cops: Couple robs woman at knifepoint on East Main Street Thursday morning   
Riverhead Police are investigating a knifepoint robbery on East Main Street Thursday morning. Police said a woman was robbed by a man and a woman who approached her on East Main Street near East End Arts yesterday at about 11:30 a.m. The man displayed a knife and the couple removed a bank envelope from the […]
          Cops: Fedora-wearing man wanted for theft at Home Depot   
Suffolk County Crime Stoppers and Riverhead Town Police are seeking the public’s help to identify and locate the man who stole merchandise from a Riverhead store. A man wearing a fedora hat stole $2,000 worth of merchandise from Home Depot, located at 1550 Old Country Road, Riverhead on June 4 at approximately 2:30 p.m., police […]
          Cliff Diver, by Carmen Amato   

When Emilia Cruz, Acapulco's first and only female police detective, dives into the investigation of a dirty cop's death, she might just hit the rocks instead of the water. With hot nights on the beach and suspense straight out of the headlines, CLIFF DIVER and the Emilia Cruz mystery series go inside Mexico's drug war with a fearless style and a woman who'll be hard to forget.

Forced to lead the murder investigation into the death of her shady lieutenant, Emilia faces resentment from the other detectives as well as a blood-spattered crime scene, no witnesses, and the shadow of counterfeit ransom money. Reluctant to take on the investigation, Emilia soon learns that the dead lieutenant led a double life in Acapulco full of illicit sex and financial manipulation, all of which would be either red herrings or keys to the crime. Missing police files, the lieutenant's involvement with a past kidnapping, and a possible link to a gang working for a drug cartel further combine to make this a messy case with too many loose ends. 

Expecting to become a target herself because of her own brush with the lieutenant's counterfeit scheme, Emilia must move quickly to find the killer. But as she pieces together the lieutenant's last hours, she becomes a pawn in an ugly game of corruption, money, and power being played by the Pacific resort city's ambitious mayor and a police union strongman with questionable motives. Luxury hotel manager Kurt Rucker has some advice for Emilia but the heat between them quickly becomes a complicating factor. 

Under pressure from politicians, other cops, and the powerful union, Emilia feels like Acapulco's famous cliff divers, plunging into suspense and praying not to crash on the rocks below. She'll follow her instincts but will she survive if she uncovers the truth?

Purchase Cliff Diver in print  

Purchase Cliff Diver for Kindle  
          #WTFasho City Offering Rewards For People Who Snitch About Fireworks   
The city of Riverside, California, is inviting the upstanding citizens in the community to rat out their friends for using fireworks. The City Council voted earlier this week to give $1,000 to anyone whose tips help the cops and fire department bust people for shooting stuff off. The phone lines are open and operators are […]
          Cops: Teens raped Georgia woman as son watched   

Two Georgia men were arrested for allegedly assaulting and raping a woman in front of her child.

          DevSecOps Engineer - Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) - Toronto, ON   
Build automated security processes in cloud environments to reduce reliance on manual processes and repetitive tasks....
From Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 18:42:33 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Rick and Morty Returns July 30th!!!   

Season 3 is comin' soon! Don't tell Jerry!

Read the full article on AICN

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have announced the official premiere date for Season 3 of Rick & Morty. It's about damn time!
July 30th sees the debut of the new season on Adult Swim and that sounds both super close (about a month away) and super far off (it's a whole month away!). Rick and Morty is one of my favorite things on TV and that's saying something in the current golden age of amazing TV. It can't get here soon enough.
To hold you fellow Ricksters over, check out the trailer for the new season that promises to be the darkest one yet. I don't know how they can get much darker than burying your own body behind your house or the safety protocols on Rick's ride waging psychological warfare on one of the cops by recreating his dead son, but I'm down to watch them try to top that shit.

I need this in my eyeholes ASAP. Someone get me a time machine!
-Eric Vespe”Quint” Follow Me On Twitter

Finish the article on AICN

          Black Cop Warns Black Men of White Cops   
It isn’t like we haven’t seen a lot of evidence of some white cops escalating what should be a routine stop to murder. In combination with stacked juries and corrupt state prosecutors who protect bad cops from even murder prosecution, this creates a situation for increased violence instead of de escalation. The problem here, at […]
          Breaking News: Black M.D., Dr. Henry Bello, Former Employee Commits Mass Shooting in Bronx Hospital, Shooting 7, Killing 1; Killer Has been Killed   

Outside the crime scene at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital/Robert Kalfus

By “W” and An Anonymous Reader

Gunman opens fire inside Bronx hospital, multiple people shot
By Larry Celona, Shawn Cohen and Danika Fears
June 30, 2017 | 3:18pm | Updated
A man with a doctor’s coat and a rifle opened fire on multiple floors of a Bronx hospital Friday afternoon, killing one woman and injuring up to six people, sources said.

The shooter, Henry Bello, is a former employee at Bronx Lebanon Hospital, according to sources.


Killer, Dr. Henry Bello

He’s dead, sources said.

Bello went on a shooting spree around 3 p.m., opening fire on five floors of the hospital, sources said. There was an explosion on another floor, sources said.

Three of the victims are doctors, according to the New York Times.

As a gunman opened fire, people inside hid in place as authorities searched for the gunman.

“What do you do when you hospital has shooter in it,” @herrydrk posted on Instagram, with a photo showing her door boarded up with a chair and and [sic] garbage can.

She later took a selfie in the same room, with the caption, “Nice start of the weekend.”

Another Instagram user, @bodonf, posted a video in Spanish calling himself “just a guy stuck in a room in the hospital.”

He said was told to stay put while the hospital was placed on lockdown.

          Cops Search for Cheyenne Home Burglar   
Police are asking for the public's help in finding a thief who stole cash, electronics and jewelry from a Cheyenne home. Continue reading…
          Two Cops Shot in San Antonio: SAPD: Officers Down in Shooting North of Downtown, 1 Suspect Killed, Another Detained    


By a Texas Reader

SAPD: 2 officers down in shooting north of downtown, 1 suspect killed, another detained

SAN ANTONIO — Police are reporting an officer-involved shooting north of downtown in the area of San Antonio College Thursday afternoon. Man, woman detained…

          Tokyo cops: Suspected women’s underwear thief found with 30 pairs in residence   
Suspect apprehended with 7 pairs in a pants pocket [...]
          Tokyo cops net 60 persons in fraud ring employing teens   
Ring is believed to have swindled multiple persons nationwide out of ¥1.2 billion [...]
          Tokyo cops nab man for online post claiming bomb to go off at Shibuya Station   
Suspect claimed incident would be an 'act of terror' on 2-channel [...]
          Tokyo cops: Men posed as officers in fraud scheme   
Suspects swindled multiple persons out of ¥50 million over past year [...]
          Tokyo cops use sting to nab woman in attempted fraud of man   
Victim alerted police after receiving a suspicious phone call [...]
          Niigata cops: Woman pimped daughter, 14, to elderly man   
Woman allegedly instructed girl to not refuse sexual demands of male acquaintance in exchange for cash [...]
           Illegal turned over to authorities wins $190k    
An illegal immigrant has won a whopping $190,000 settlement from San Francisco after cops turned him over to immigration officials.
           Homicide suspect live-streams shootout with SWAT team: Cops    
A homicide suspect live-streamed on Facebook as he traded gunfire with police, eventually shooting a Los Angeles SWAT officer before a police round struck him, a law enforcement official said.
           Accused creep broke into New Jersey woman's bedroom, asked to stay the night: Cops    
Police in New Jersey say a man broke into a woman’s home and lay next to her in bed before asking to spend the night.
          Two Women Shot by Police in Santa Fe Carjacking: One Dead, One Critical   
At a press conference that ended moments ago, a Denver Police Department commander confirmed that the two people shot by Englewood or Littleton officers on Santa Fe Drive after a suspected carjacking and chase early this morning were both women. One is dead, while the other is in critical condition at this writing. In addition, a spokesperson said it's unknown at this point if the suspects shot at police before cops on the scene opened fire or if a weapon was found in or near the stolen vehicle.
          Giri Giri moment ! (1)   
Depuis un ptit moment je veux poster des dessins de mon frère (Orenjin de son nom d'artiste) et sa cops (Orenjikao, là aussi show business oblige ;)).

Je vais donc "régulièrement" publier 2 dessins, comme ça, juste pour le plaisir des yeux. Et ouais, y a pas de raison que je sois le "seul" à en profiter !


Une élémentaire d'eau by OrenjiKao : "Un poster que j'ai fait pour le site e-kaki qui le vendra peut-être à la manga expo."

Meine Kleine by Orenjin : "Ma meilleure amie qui est dans ma classe : Johanna. Effet texturé et pictural mais réaliste."

          Et un ptit ravalement de façade !   
Après un peu plus d'un an d'existance, ce look orange et vert d'un thème Blogger de base commençait un peu à me courrir ...

Quelques Googleries plus tard je tombe sur ce look, moins agressif et plus en accord avec la nature ... ;)

Restait plus qu'à trouver une bannière (pas encore terminée :)) moins "nature" et plus "Sebz' Mess". Pour cela, une seule solution, faire appel aux artistes de la famille. Mon frero et sa cops.

Moi : "Yo le jeune, me faut une bannière pour le nouveau look de mon blog, z'êtes chaud ?!!"
Frero : "Yo le nase [ouais on s'aprecie beaucoup], tu veux quoi ?"
Moi :
"Un chambre en bordel, pour exprimer le "mess" de Sebz' Mess"
Frero :
"Ok, facile, d'ici fin de la semaine t'as ça !"

Et voici l'évolution de la dite canisse ehu ... bannière ;)

Première version pour placer les éléments (le fréro) :

Deuxième version, on change un peu les couleurs (le fréro) :

Troisième et AVANT-DERNIERE version ;), on affine (la cops) :

Quatrième version, on TERMINE ! :)

Alors si vous aussi vous voulez voir cette bannière terminée, vous pouvez lacher un commentaire avec la phrase : "Bon, les jeunes, vous nous la finissez cette bannière ;)"

Merci au giri giri studio pour la bannière :)
          Comment on Why do cops have mustaches but not beards? by Mirosław Lachuda   
It depends, I like royale beard like here But I'm not sure If I wanna moustache on me
          Home Invader Crawls Into Woman's Bed to Ask If He Can Stay the Night: Cops   

Home Invader Crawls Into Woman's Bed to Ask If He Can Stay the Night: CopsA woman in New Jersey may have been visited by a serial stalker, cops say.

          Cops comb for bald man who swiped Rogaine in Detroit area   

Cops comb for bald man who swiped Rogaine in Detroit areaDEARBORN, Mich. (AP) — Police in suburban Detroit can skip barbershops as they search for a man who stole a hair growth product.

           Cops comb for bald man who swiped Rogaine in Detroit area    
Dearborn police have security video of a bald man who is suspected of stealing Rogaine from a Walgreens store on June 22. Police Chief Ron Haddad says it's "not the most hair-raising crime," but he wants the public's help.
          Youth dies in clash with cops   
One person was killed and many were injured in a clash between police and protesters at Kharboja village in lower Assam's Goalpara district this morning.
          4th of July Weekend Checkpoints, DUI Patrols Start Tonight   
Uber, Lyft, Tipsy Tow and sober drivers are your friends this 4th of July Weekend. Cops will be out in full force.
          IN CHICAGO, THOUGHT-POLICE BRUTALITY; Chicago Theater Critic Shunned for Racial Honesty: In Chicago…   
IN CHICAGO, THOUGHT-POLICE BRUTALITY; Chicago Theater Critic Shunned for Racial Honesty: In Chicago, where there were more homicides last year than in Los Angeles and New York City combined, expressing any support whatsoever for the police is now considered an outrage. Should you point out that, say, a play seems to suggest cops are evil […]
          Can't make this up...   

Man Busted For Phoning In Bomb Threat To Police Used Pay Phone In Precinct Lobby

An Oklahoma man is facing a felony charge after allegedly phoning in a bomb threat to the Muskogee Police Department from a pay phone in the station’s lobby.
According to cops, Michael Prince Myers, 22, called 911 at 3:30 AM Tuesday to report that he "placed a bomb at the police station." Myers “also stated he was a terrorist and wanted to turn himself in.”
Investigators quickly determined that the call was coming from inside the precinct house and collared Myers, who is seen above. Myers, a Muskogee resident, is being held in the county jail for making a telephone bomb threat.
Myers, court records show, was convicted in 2013 on two felony burglary charges (for which he received a suspended seven-year sentence).

          Erratic Driver Ends up in Trouble with Truro, Wellfleet and Orleans Cops   
Bailed out, then goes on a rampage at impound lot...
Hub Category: 
Main Image: 
Thumbnail Image: 

Release from Truro Police Department appears below  (We cannot make up this stuff if we tried!):

On Thursday 6/29/2017, at approximately 3:25 pm Truro Police Department advised Wellfleet Police Department that they have an erratic operations complaint. A green Jeep with a California registration, reported to be travelling at a very high rate of speed (reported at 100 mph), passing vehicles travelling towards Wellfleet. Wellfleet officers stationed themselves on Route 6 by the Truro line. At approximately 3:35 pm, Wellfleet officers observed the green Jeep speeding and subsequently stopped and identified the operator as a white male from Oxnard, CA, 20 years of age.

During the motor vehicle stop, officers learned that his right to operate in MA was suspended and he had an outstanding arrest warrant. During the inventory of the vehicle, officers identified a Trek mountain bike, bolt cutters and a cut bicycle lock. Officer’s seized the items as possible evidence of a crime, and later learned that the bicycle was stolen from Provincetown.
Based on the above Locke was arrested for operating a vehicle after his rights were suspended and the outstanding warrant. The vehicle was towed to Orleans by a local tow company to be secured.

On 6/30/17 at approximately 5:30 am after being bailed and several angry phone calls from the above operator, Wellfleet PD became suspicious of possible criminal activity at the impound lot in Orleans. Wellfleet PD contacted Orleans PD to check the tow company for suspicious behavior. Orleans PD checked the business and located the above person within a gated compound driving around and that he attempted to remove his vehicle from the area. Orleans PD were able to gain access to the compound and place the party under arrest on their own charges.

Wellfleet & Provincetown PD are continuing the investigation of the stolen bike and other possible criminal activity. Future criminal charges may be forthcoming.

          Cops comb for bald man who swiped Rogaine   
DEARBORN, Mich. — Police in suburban Detroit can skip barbershops as they search for a man who stole a hair growth product. This guy is bald. Dearborn police have security video of a bald man who is suspected of stealing Rogaine from a Walgreens store on June 22. Investigators say the man put seven boxes...
          Kodas 999 / Triple 9 (2016)   
In TRIPLE 9, a crew of dirty cops are blackmailed by the Russian mob to execute a virtually impossible heist. The only way to pull it off is to manufacture a 999, police code for officer down. Their plan is turned upside down when the unsuspecting rookie they set up to die foils the attack, triggering a breakneck, action-packed finale filled with double-crosses, greed and revenge.
          What happened when Camden started rethinking policing to build trust   

Watch Video | Listen to the Audio

JUDY WOODRUFF: Next: a look at how one police force is rethinking the way its officers do their job.

In the aftermath of a succession of deadly police shootings, law enforcement officials across the country have grappled with how police officers might better interact with the public.

In Camden, New Jersey, new procedures meant to bring officers into closer face-to-face contact with the people they serve seem to be having a positive effect.

Hari recently traveled to Camden, and has this report.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Officer Vidal Rivera is a native son of Camden, New Jersey, a street cop who can see the blocks he patrols through eyes that grew up here.

VIDAL RIVERA, Camden Police Department: Out here, it was like a market, like a flea market. You could go to any corner and get whatever you need, or whatever they were looking for. They was coming out to buy drugs.

HARI SREENIVASAN: He’s referring to customers from Philadelphia who came across the Delaware River to buy drugs. They still come in, but in smaller numbers. By day, Rivera is police, by night, a young professional boxer. But he says, as a boy, his mother didn’t let him play outside.

VIDAL RIVERA: It was just too dangerous. There was just too much going on. She feared that something could happen, someone high, driving a car, a shoot-out, everything.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Rivera is part of a revamped force, rebuilt more or less from the ground up in 2014. The faces in the squad room during morning roll call are notably young, new officers recruited to replace an ineffective department.

VIDAL RIVERA: I remember being a kid that, something happened, you weren’t allowed to say nothing to the police.

HARI SREENIVASAN: You weren’t allowed to tell the police because you didn’t trust them?

VIDAL RIVERA: You didn’t trust them. It was the fear that you had.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Historically, one of the country’s most impoverished and violent cities, Camden is home to some 77,000 people, nearly all of them Latino and African-American. And a number of the department’s newer officers have been recruited from the community.

Police Chief Scott Thomson also grew up in Camden, and he has been largely responsible for the reforms. His entire career has been with the Camden P.D. He ordered his officers to leave their cars, patrol neighborhoods on foot, knock on doors, look in on shopkeepers, get to know and become known to the people they served.

CHIEF SCOTT THOMSON, Camden Police Department: We saw, almost instantaneously, a change in the atmosphere within neighborhoods. That’s what people wanted from us, and it has helped us significantly, and for us to provide better policing services to them as well.

One, we have greater lines of communication now, which has given us a tremendous ability to not only solve crime, but prevent crime from occurring in the first place.

HARI SREENIVASAN: The statistics back that up. Since transitioning from the old force to the new in 2014, the number of murders dropped by almost 70 percent, burglaries by 27 percent, robberies 33 percent, and even an eye-catching 143 percent spike in rapes that the department attributes to increased reporting, as well as new broader federal guidelines on what constitutes rape.

Overall, the city’s crime numbers are the lowest in decades. Those are impressive statistics for any police department, and residents don’t dispute them. But some say seeing them in a report vs. feeling the difference every day are two different things.

MAN: I see prostitutes on my street. I see drug transactions on my street, in broad daylight, every day.

HARI SREENIVASAN: This local business owner was one of several people who asked not to be identified, citing concerns that his remarks could complicate relations with local police officers he knows. The crimes, he suspects, are visible to police as well.

MAN: Those must be caught on camera, but I can’t tell that it makes a lot of difference in how much of it or little of it is happening.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Surveillance cameras are a major piece of Chief Thomson’s formula. Some 200 of them are deployed throughout the city. The chief showed us the Central command Center. On these screens are the real-time video feeds from every camera, the location of every officer on patrol. There are also gunshot-detecting microphones placed at certain locations, meaning police know the location of the shots to within a few meters seconds after it happens, and can begin responding before anyone even calls 911.

Still, not everyone is won over. A Camden resident sees both the opportunities and costs of increased surveillance.

MAN: I feel it’s a violation of civil rights, on some level, with the cameras, because now you’re unknowingly filming people who didn’t give you permission to film them. But I have also been on the side where family members has lost other family members to violence and the cameras had assisted in the apprehension of the person who committed the crime.

MAN: If the police department came to me and said, you’re going to have to give up all your privacy, but we’re going to reduce crime, then make you a little bit safer, I would probably say no. Nobody came to me and asked me that.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Is there a concern that people could feel like their civil rights are being violated?

MAN: We don’t have any secret cameras stored away in the city. Everything is overt. They’re up there on a pole. They’re not hidden.

And we’re sensitive to the fact that there’s people that may not necessarily want the camera there. But what we have found is the majority of people do want them.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Another major focus of reform is de-escalation, training officers to use force only as a last resort, a tactic that played out dramatically in this video shot two years ago.

A man was wielding a knife at a restaurant, then began walking down the street brandishing the weapon. Rather than taking him down, police formed a containment bubble around him, then followed him for blocks until he could be disarmed. That restraint and patience earned praise from the chief.

SCOTT THOMSON: We’re handling them exactly the way that we want to. And at the end of the day, you know, what’s happening is, more people are being returned to their family. And every time that an officer pulls the trigger, it’s life-altering for them.

HARI SREENIVASAN: His department’s records show that, since 2014, the frequency of officers using force has dropped by 24 percent. And citizen complaints of police using excessive force are down 49 percent. But do these methods put an officer’s own life at risk?

MAN: Sir, drop the knife, or I will Tase you.

SCOTT THOMSON: What we’re telling officers to do is slow it down, is — that which we’re training officers to do is actually safer for the officers, when, historically, officers have been rushing into situations because that’s the training we provide, and it’s been dangerous for them, and often leaving them with the only option that’s left is deadly force.

HARI SREENIVASAN: That’s counter to the more militarized approaches taken by other cities.

What’s the hardest part about changing culture?

SCOTT THOMSON: So, for us, it was that transition from warrior to guardian. You still have to have the warrior mentality and the ability to trigger that warrior element when the time calls for it. However, that shouldn’t be your operating premise. That should be the anomaly. Right? That should be the exception, not the rule.

The rule should be, you’re a guardian. You’re in this neighborhood.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Throughout this story, I spoke to a number of people sitting on their stoops and sitting on their porches, but none of them wanted to talk to me on camera. It wasn’t because they felt that the new police practices were helping their neighborhood or hurting. It was a mixed bag.

It was because they felt that talking to me would invite unwanted attention.

Some feared a police they still didn’t fully trust. And others feared drug dealers, who may have left street corners, but are now behind closed doors.

TIM GALLAGHER, Social Worker, Guadalupe Family Services: There were just dime bags and needles all over the place.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Tim Gallagher is a social worker at Guadalupe Family Services. He works on a block that’s seen tremendous improvement, but he is still cautious.

TIM GALLAGHER: I think their Manning concerns are that it could happen again, that the good cops who are here will leave, and that other cops will replace them who won’t really know the neighborhood.

HARI SREENIVASAN: Good cops like Vidal Rivera, who is 6-0 in the ring, undefeated, but knows the fight for the streets of his hometown is just getting started.

For the PBS NewsHour, I’m Hari Sreenivasan in Camden, New Jersey.

The post What happened when Camden started rethinking policing to build trust appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

          Cops comb for bald man who swiped Rogaine in Detroit area   
DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) -- Police in suburban Detroit can skip barbershops as they search for a man who stole a hair growth product....
          FB Post of Cops Stealing Man’s $60k Got Trolled so Hard the Comments Are Being Deleted   
(ANTIMEDIA) Civil asset forfeiture, the process by which government agents can steal cash and other property from Americans without so much as charging them with a crime, has drawn sharp criticism in recent years. Though President Donald Trump encouraged the practice during a meeting of law enforcement agents in February, many Americans are fed up. In 2014, alone, government agents confiscated $4.5 […]
           28° Episódio (#28) - 21.09.2006 - Parte 2   
itunes pic
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          7/1/2017: TIMES CITY: Three cops held for robbery, graft   
New Delhi: It was a black Friday for the Delhi Police with three cops getting arrested on charges ranging from robbery to corruption. The department also dismissed its absconding rogue crime branch cop Aslup Khan wanted for ATM robberies in south...
          7/1/2017: TIMES CITY: Cops help girl lost in South Campus find her family   

New Delhi: A five-year-old girl from Kashmir was reunited with her family hours after she got lost in South Campus on Thursday night. A woman constable found the girl, Afreen, sitting on the roadside at Satyaniketan, crying. The woman made a PCR call...
          Bihar top cops caught playing mobile games even as Nitish Kumar speaks at event   
          “I Stole a Day” by Bob Sawyer   
Bob Sawyer I STOLE A DAY I stole a day today. It was an outright theft. I just took it and hid it away. There was no planning, There was no premeditation or calculation, just a simple burst of spontaneous … Continue reading
          NYAFF ’17: Blood of Youth   
Su-ang is living proof of the brutality of China’s orphanages, but not for long. He is slowly dying from the brain injuries he sustained while living in a provincial facility as a teen. However, he plans to go out with a vengeful bang in Yang Shu-peng’s Blood of Youth (trailer here), which screens during this year’s New York Asian Film Festival.

You could also say Su-ang knows where the bodies are buried, because he just tipped off the cops to the location of a corpse buried in the woods over a decade ago. He also dropped a dime on a bank heist planned by Shen’s gang, then rather perversely warned Shen the cops had the drop on him. He is definitely playing a dangerous game, but he has an accomplice: Lin Qiao. He and Lin were orphans together and now she is cellist the orchestra conducted by Li Zhimin, who happens to be married to Su-ang’s doctor, Han Yu.

Of course, there are no coincidences in Blood. However, Su-ang, Yang, and his co-screenwriter Li Chenxi closely guard their secrets until well into the third act. It is a dark and twisted tale copper Zhang Jianyu will have to unravel the hard way. At least he will have a bit of (possibly unethical) help from Dr. Han Yu.

Wow, Chinese language cinema hates classical musicians. While not as spectacularly odious as Michael Wang’s hammy opera singer in Nightfall, Guo Xiaodong is still all kinds of sinister as the baton-wielding, sexually harassing Li. You can cut the tension and resentment brewing between him and Yu Nan’s Han Yu with a blunt butter knife. On the other hand, she develops weirdly ambiguous but compelling chemistry with both Zhang Yi and Oho Ou, as Zhang and Su-ang, respectively.

Frankly, it is not clear the big kahuna revelation really can be made to retrofit with everything that went before it, but at least Yang is swinging for the dramatic fences. In terms of category, Blood is a psychological thriller, but it has the tragic sweep of opera. It is a bold work, especially given its hints of social conscience. Highly recommended, Blood of Youth screens this Sunday (7/2), at the Walter Reade, as part of the 2017 NYAFF.
          Cops comb for bald man who swiped Rogaine in Detroit area   
DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) -- Police in suburban Detroit can skip barbershops as they search for a man who stole a hair growth product....
          Cops asked not wear uniforms in Ottawa Pride parade   
Police officers asked not to wear their uniforms in Ottawa Pride parade

          Graveyard Shift (Hardcover)    
£12 RRP £18.99

Police procedurals go supernatural in this gritty urban fantasy debut by Michael F. Haspil in Graveyard Shift

Alex Menkaure, former pharaoh and mummy, and his vampire partner, Marcus, born in ancient Rome, are vice cops in a special Miami police unit.

They fight to keep the streets safe from criminal vampires, shape-shifters, bootleg blood-dealers, and anti-vampire vigilantes.

When poisoned artificial blood drives vampires to murder, the city threatens to tear itself apart.

Only an unlikely alliance with former opponents can give Alex and Marcus a fighting chance against an ancient vampire conspiracy.

If they succeed, they’ll be pariahs, hunted by everyone. If they fail, the result will be a race-war bloodier than any the world has ever seen.

          Blame Obama   
Mort Sahl once said: "Jimmy Carter has been a great ex-president. He should have gone straight to the ex-presidency." No-one can say that about Barack Obama. Lately, both the right and left have been throwing crap at him -- and some of that crap is well-deserved.

The crap coming from the right is very crappy indeed. The Trumpists are crying foul about "unmasking." That's their way of saying: "When the previous administration caught us doing something wrong, they should have kept our identities masked." Seriously, that's what the argument comes to: "How DARE the cops keep us under surveillance while we case the bank?"

The crap-attack coming from the left is far more serious. It has long been clear that, well before the election, Barack Obama possessed enough evidence to expose Trump's perfidy, yet the former president refused to do so.


The focal point for the current controversy is this WP story, which appeared yesterday. The article discusses a highly-classified report on Putin's personal involvement in the Great Election Hack -- a report which reached Obama in August. Obama took measures which now seem far, far too cautious.
But other administration officials look back on the Russia period with remorse.

“It is the hardest thing about my entire time in government to defend,” said a former senior Obama administration official involved in White House deliberations on Russia. “I feel like we sort of choked.”
Damn right they did. Remember, in June -- well before that August report -- Paul Ryan and other Republicans were already trading "jokes"-that-weren't-jokes about Putin's stranglehold on the Republican party in general and on Trump in particular. Trump's interactions with Russian mobsters like Sater were either known or easily knowable. Even then, some people were asking questions about the Putin-linked banks that were willing to deal with Trump after most other financiers had decided to steer clear of him.

Here's Charles Pierce's reaction to the WP piece:
This, right here. This is where they choked. The American people had damned close to an absolute right to the information their government already had. The most fundamental act of citizenship is the right to cast an informed vote. The idea that the Obama administration withheld the fact that the Russians were ratfcking the election in order to help elect a vulgar talking yam is a terrible condemnation of the whole No Drama Obama philosophy. Would Donald Trump have raised hell if the White House released what it knew? Of course, he would have. But, as it was, the American people went to vote with only about half of the information they needed to assess his candidacy. This was a terrible decision.
From The Hill, this morning:
Then-President Obama was too cautious in the months leading up to the election, frustrated Democratic lawmakers and strategists say.

“It was inadequate. I think they could have done a better job informing the American people of the extent of the attack,” said Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee who co-chairs the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee.

And even after the election was over, they say, the penalties Obama levied were too mild to appropriately punish what by all accounts was an unprecedented attack on a U.S. election.

Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), another House Intelligence member, called the penalties “barely a slap on the wrist.” Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who supports tougher sanctions Russia, said in a statement Friday that the administration “abjectly failed to deter Russian aggression” and “failed to impose any meaningful costs on Russia.”

Some Republicans argue the Obama administration only started to take the Russia threat seriously after President Trump had won the election.
Of course he did. The question is why.
Former Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson on Wednesday told lawmakers that the White House held back on responding to Russia because it didn’t want to play into fears, propagated by then-candidate Trump, that the election would be “rigged.”

“One of the candidates, as you'll recall, was predicting that the election was going to be rigged in some way,” Johnson said. “And so we were concerned that, by making the statement, we might in and of itself be challenging the integrity of the election process itself.”
What a surreal situation! Trump was allowed to make baseless accusations, and those baseless accusations became an excuse for Obama to refrain from making accurate statements. As always, an infuriating double standard allows the R people to do that which the D people may not.

My take on this differs (as you might expect) from the standard responses you'll encounter on most progressive sites.

First: I believe that the voting tabulation machines were hacked directly. The people who keep offering us assurances that such things are impossible never discuss the details; we are simply asked to take these pronouncements on faith. The FBI's "experts" have displayed little expertise, as revealed in this edition of Brad Friedman's podcast. Much of that episode focuses on the predictable GOP "win" in Georgia, but you will also hear some very important observations about the 2016 general election, and about American elections in general.

Months ago, I expressed my opinion that Trump kept hammering the "rigged election" theme because the machines really were rigged, though not by Hillary. A forensic examination of the machines would have exposed the malware. Thanks to the demonization of Hillary (from both the right and the left), the public would have instantly presumed that her team planted the malware.

During the recounts, Trump's lawyers did everything in their power to prevent any forensic examination of voting equipment from taking place, a course of action which stands outside of all innocent explanation. Why wouldn't Trump want such an examination? That's like telling your spouse: "No, I did not place a keylogger on your computer. Nevertheless, I forbid you from running a scan for trojans."

Second: I view Obama's actions (or inactions) through the prism of 2008. In that year, as in 2016, Hillary Clinton was subjected to the worst smears in the history of American politics. But in 2008, the sinister figure behind the smear campaign was Barack Obama himself. The only difference between Obama and Trump is that Trump was willing to get his hands dirty personally, whereas Obama let bots and surrogates do all of the truly filthy work. In that sense, Trump comes across as the more honest -- and therefore more honorable -- of the two political fighters.

Nearly all of the tactics ascribed to Putin and Cambridge Analytica in 2016 were pioneered by David Axelrod and Team Obama in 2008. True, social media was not quite as important then as it later became. Nevertheless, bots were employed, smears were launched, "fake news" hit hard, websites were overwhelmed, opinion was artificially manipulated, caucus primaries were rigged, delegates were apportioned unfairly -- and anyone who dared to counter the many anti-Hillary lies would be shouted down by a million seemingly-real voices.

Remember when shit like this appeared every minute of every hour of every day on Democratic Underground, TPM, HuffPo and Daily Kos?

I sure as hell remember. I'll never forget. And I'll never stop waving the bloody shirt. Some wounds cannot be forgotten or forgiven.

The public still does not understand that Axelrod ran a perception management firm called ASK which performed the same manipulative tricks in 2008 that Cambridge Analytica performed in 2016. As I noted in my first piece on ASK, they first made their mark by mounting a campaign to deregulate electricity.

Remember the disaster that hit California? Remember Enron? Remember how the internet was filled with voices pooh-poohing the "conspiracy theory" that Enron deliberately engineered California's woes? Remember how anyone who dared to say "There's something funny going on here" was inundated with ever-so-clever remarks about tin foil hats? Remember how those ever-so-clever remarks disappeared the day the Enron tapes came out and we all learned that some conspiracies are real?

From my second piece on Axelrod's operation:
That year saw not just a fevered political campaign but the creation of a genuine cult of personality. Big blogs like Daily Kos and TPM were inundated with comments from individuals never seen before or since, and they all spread horrific lies and rumors about Hillary and Bill Clinton while lauding Obama in reverential, almost messianic terms.

Were these personas? Were the Obots actually...bots?

Don't be silly. The question isn't even a question.

My own blog, humble as it was, got battered by a "vitriol monsoon." The hate-spew came every few minutes, day and night. Software was obviously involved. A large amount of that hate commentary -- including several death threats -- came from the same ISP in Chicago, Illinois. The home of the Obama campaign.
Obama screwed over Clinton in 2008 and he did it again in 2016. How could he pin the blame on either Russia or Cambridge Analytica? What did they do that he didn't?
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          The Driver (1978)   
This week we take a look at the intense neo-noir, The Driver.  Directed by Walter Hill, this cold neo is a perfect example of how film noir evolved into experimental crime films in the 1970s.

No doubt inspired by Le Samourai which itself was inspired by This Gun For Hire, The Driver is a cold, lean piece of pure cinema.  A night time world of criminals and angry cops.

Film noir isn't known for car movies, but there are some great moments of criminals "on the lam" living and dying in cars.  Gun Crazy and the recent Criterion release of They Live By Night have some hypnotic crimes taking place with the point of view from inside the car looking out.  The point of view draws the viewer into the driver's perspective and it's always mesmerizing.  You almost always get a jolt of adrenaline when you feel you're in a real car on a real street corner.  Walter Hill's The Driver takes those moments and makes an entire movie out of it.

Starring a very disco cast, the film has barely any dialog.  Bruce Dern gets the most lines as the man chasing the "driver." Mostly he frustratingly barks at middle-aged-hard-life-cops played by day-player actors that peppered every crime films of the time.  Beautiful Isabelle Adjani is the female lead.  And Ryan O'Neal is the handsome driver.  Sporting long-ish, wavy hair and an open collar, he looks more like a playboy trying to pick up Diane Keaton at a bar than a hardened criminal.

Originally Steve McQueen and Robert Mitchum were at least close to playing the Ryan and Dern roles.  The film would most definitely be more beloved -- even possibly a classified as a classic -- than forgotten if they had those guys in it.  But would it be a better movie?  I'm not so sure.  Ryan has no actual backstory but his look just makes him more interesting.  What is his story anyway?  Hell, the guy doesn't even have a name.  That's exactly what I thought watching the killer in Le Samourai.  Why and how did they become what they are?  O'Neal also has a great entrance.  Slowly rising.  Coming into frame one one of those man lifts that parking garage guys use to go up flights quickly.  And Bruce Dern was never better than he was in the 70s.  He looks like he could be Ryan's brother.

The film succeeds when you realize and accept there's not much plot or humor.

Just enjoy the ride.

It resists the Burt Reynolds joke-y 70s car movie hijinx and takes thing very seriously (and I love those fun Burt Reynolds comedies).  Never do you think O'Neal is enjoying his driving or frustrating police.  With a deadpan face and unmoving hair, it's all about the visuals in 70s neon-lit downtown LA and the pleasing sound of metal bending, tires squealing, and gears changing.  It's amazing that McQueen turned the role down saying he didn't want to do "another car movie."  It would have been one of his best.  Instead, it's a pretty much forgotten film that was panned as pretentious in 1978.  A box office bomb that would be a critical darling if it was put out today.

With the release of Baby Driver, director Edgar Wright has made it clear that his film was made because of the inspiration of watching The Driver over and over again late night on the BBC.  The Ryan Gosling film Drive, a completely different movie than Baby Driver, was also a direct tribute to the 1978 neo noir.

You could pair off The Driver with a number of different films for a double feature.  As I mentioned before, They Live By Night, Le Samourai, and a number of other 70s thrillers like Sorcerer, Bullitt, or even the equally panned romantic Aloha, Bobby and Rose would all make great double features with the beautiful, petal-to-the-metal neo-noir The Driver.

Some would argue that a film like this shouldn't be considered noir.  Well, they'd be wrong.  It has all the elements of a film noir without trying to pretend to be from the 1940s.  And it's a hell of a ride.

          Comment on Cops Search For Pair In String Of Storefront Burglaries In Sunset Park by Shadow   
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          PRETTY LITTLE LIARS 7x20: Til DeAth Do Us PArt   

Friends, Rosewoodians, countrywomen, lend us your ears!


Live look at your recappers

We truly thought we would be coming to you today to bury PLL, not to praise it. But if you were as glued to your screens on Tuesday as we were, then you’ll already know: they fucking pulled it off. Not perfectly; not with a bow big enough to cover their many, damaging Charlotte-blunders. But in terms of better-than-LiarLogic™ gAme closure? OH MONA DID THEY EVER DO IT.

The things we wanted—everybody is twins; Mona is redeemed; the Liars loving each other; two hours to work everything out; a fun and as unproblematic-as-possible psychotic A.D.; WILD wedding fashion—we mostly got! The one thing we wanted least—an Ezria wedding—we ALSO got! The thing we never asked for—an exact Season One reboot with Rosewood’s Liars 2.0??—we also somehow got! (Alexis has some deep dive analysis of this one, at least.)


Do. Not. Jinx. It.

It’s a lot, so we are going to break this down into manageable pieces: the first, plotty half, we’re recapping like normal; the second, more expository half, in Q+A format like we did for the ChArlotte reveal.

We did a monster all-series Awards post on Tuesday evening (written BEFORE the finale), so check that out for the everything not appearing in the finale.

THAT SAID—this finale was bonkers; we've got some totally new (and last!) awards to hand out.



Look, we always want to give this to Mona, and Spencer DEFINITELY deserves more than a cookie for having the mental wherewithal to swipe Mary’s bobbypins and break her and Ezra out before Alex got back with that axe, and what a perfect opportunity this is for us to use this gif to hand out an award…


…but honestly?



Jenna, Toby and a danged horse truly won the cup here in the final hour. Sometimes it pays to be blind/blinded by love/horsewitted!


By the logic above, the LVPs in this final episode just have to be all the non-Spencer Liars. Ladies! You’re not blind! You can hear! Spencer is one of your oldest boon companions! GET A CLUE.







Rosemary has been calling this since the pilot, and she is NOT going to be quiet in her victory. Sure, Alex didn’t make it onto the scene until after Charlotte fled the US as Vivian Darkbloom, but then again, that’s just Alex’s story. And like Catie said: Alex is a maniac! WHO KNOWS when she really got herself involved??


Lolololololol…Christopher Paolini, "Without fear, there can be no courage," quoted by Spencer in Mona's snowglobe daydream.


Yes, the author of epic YA dragon series, Christopher Paolini; you did not hear wrong


Dipping into the fanfic well for this one: find the right twin!


One of these women is…probably the Emison twins' genetic mom.

Toby's heart did well. 


Like, how do you even write a Previously On section for the series finale to THIS show? Literally everything you could possibly imagine plus some weird doll shit you probably COULDN’T imagine brought us here (self-decapitation, anyone?). Besides, you’ve got seven years’ worth of recaps to read if you’d like more than that!



We open on the Liars, sitting around a cafe table on Rosewood’s only street corner, drinking iced coffees. In sundresses. At night. It’s hard to concentrate on what they’re actually saying (something about “Vanderwaal original” handbags selling for $1k a pop?), though, because Lucas is literally tap-dancing up and down the street in a white tuxedo. “I can’t believe we never figured out who A was,” Alison says dreamily, as Jenna rides a horse in full circus regalia (both her and the horse) right past them. Of coures, the internet denies us this scene in gif form.

“Do you think we miss A because now our lives are just so boring?” another Liar posits. At this point, we know it’s not real. Probably a dream. Or…even better, a come-to-life scene straight from Mona’s adrenalized hyperreality?


Ding ding ding! Just then the weather shifts from summer heat to winter cold - two things it’s-always-fall-here Rosewood has never experienced - and snow* starts to fall. The camera pulls up and out and we see that Mona, in her room at the bastion of compassionate, uncompromised healthcare that is Welby, is holding a snowglobe like two inches from her perfect eyeballs.

She smiles at her hyper-adrenalized daydream, but then someone opens the door to her room. Someone tall. Someone in a black hoodie. She drops the snowglobe on the tile, shattering it to pieces. “I never would’ve guessed it was you!” she says, drawing back into a defensive curl in against the wall. “Are you here to kill me?”

Obviously not! But we'll have to wait a year (give or take 8,759.5 hours) to find out.

*Alexis truly wished these snowflakes were actually the embers of Rosewood after the Liars had set it ablaze. Alas.


Happily Ever After?

We start things off with a bang! And by a bang, we mean a shovel to the back of the head, and by a shovel to the back of the head, we mean, the Liars are all finally “happy” and “safe.”

First up: Ian and Lucy wander the backlot of Pretty Little Liars playing Ezra and Aria touring the backlot of Warner Bros. Studios in LA, marveling at how “their” “book” is about to be made into a movie, then sweeping each other up into a kiss right as a studio tour cart drives by laden with a dozen Snapchat-armed Ezrians. Lucky Leon’s Cupcakes is right offscreen; the building that houses RHS on one side and the RPD on the other is like ten feet behind them. It is simultaneously VERY META, and also the cheapest location shot PLL has done since sending Spencer to “London” and “DC.”


Would've thrown my phone at them if I'd been on that tour.

Anyway, if your hopes about this ‘ship were up seeing Ezra, at least, ringless even a full year after A.D.’s game ended, sorry: that sweeping kiss? Meant to show us these dolts are definitely still getting married.

Meanwhile, in a house we’re pretending is across the United States but is actually about fourteen feet away, Emily is joyfully feeding the world’s whitest baby…except oh wait! There’s two of them! Emily and Alison had twins, which, we feel the need to point out, don’t technically run in the non-white side of their nontraditional family. HMM. Could Rosewood’s local health/genetic testing center have actually been compromised by a meddling A.D., and the white, blonde, blue-eyed twins actually be Drakes/DiLaurentises? In Catie’s medical/expert PLL-fan opinion, probably (verbatim: “Alexis. This is PLL. When has a blood test ever been real. Mike probably stole the vials and hid them in the woods.”)! Rosemary totally buys that the doctor who performed the blood test was a life-sized doll (if he’s the same fertility doctor Mona and Emily worked over, he’s not even an adult!). Which means, as far as Rosewood twins go, we ought to start taking bets on which of them is an evil mastermind and which will end up murdered (they’re part of Liar Generation 3.0, natch).


"Just eat it, Grace, Mommy already checked for a note from A!"

Alison comes downstairs and kisses her family goodbye before sneaking off to The Radley to meet up with none other than Wine Mom #3, Pam Fields! “I hate lying to her,” Pam says to Alison. Alison agrees (SINCE WHEN, GIRL??), but assures her that Emily will learn “the truth” soon enough, and promises to always take care of her. It’s pretty vague, but knowing this show, it probably means someone is either 1) dying, 2) pregnant, 3) getting back with a high school lover. Given it’s Alison, maybe all three!

Next up: Spencer! She’s found her riding boots and is back in the saddle (lolz) with none other than Sister Melissa. They bond over their adopted horses until a rogue woodsman appears, backpacked and unbearded. It’s a Wild Toby! He’s been walking around since last we saw him—like literally ::walking around:: confused and lost, hoping to end up somewhere familiar—but he grew up in a one-street town, and the rest of the world has too many options, so he turned his bearded face south and headed right back to Rosewood! Luckily, he’s stumbled into the stables of his ex-girlfriend who seems much happier to welcome him home than we are. Anyway, Bashful the Horse likes him (and literally no one else).


Bashful back there solving mysteries before they even start.

Alison is still teaching at Rosewood High School, and Addison WhatsHerFace, Rosewood’s least woke lil’ bitch, is still terrorizing everyone around her. Like, we don’t disagree with Ali’s karmic retribution being dealing with every iteration of her each new graduating class can come up with, but shouldn’t Addison’s time in her classroom have been finished last year?? Apparently not. Which is good, because Addison is so terrible she is still calling Ali both by her first name and by “lesbo” and is planting stabbed-up dolls in a hearing-impaired girl’s locker and is saying scads of mocking, politically incorrect things right to Jenna’s blind face, because Jenna works at Rosewood High now, too? Okay, we guess? Jenna is mad fierce swiping Addison’s wrist out of midair as Baby Beast tries to mock her blindness physically, but honestly, unless you’re one of the few people interested in seeing a Pretty Little Liars 2.0 spinoff, It all turns out to be hardly relevant anyway, so we’ll just move on.

Who’s next? Oh, yes, the Marin-Riverses, so happily married in secret that night before Hanna almost got arrested. Turns out, all is not well in paradise! Wedded bliss ended way back when they never left Rosewood because Hanna, the only Liar with a heart tbh, couldn’t bear to leave Mona behind in Welby. So Caleb sold Lucas some fancy software, and used the money to buy the Lucas Loft—even though he, like the rest of the Liars AND ASHLEY, clearly doesn’t share Hanna’s belief that Mona’s worth waiting around for.

In any case, they can’t fight about it now, because Mona is home from Welby! She looks healthy if a little plain (Mona isn’t Mona without bedazzled earrings and shoulder-padded blazers), and she seems sad when she realizes Hanna can’t have dinner with her because she and Caleb are going to Ezria’s bachelor/ette party that evening/overnight. We’re pretty peeved at Hanna for having the forethought to be Mona’s sponsor, but NOT to schedule her return to the world on a night that she could actually be home to BE sponsor. Mona’s fine, though; she’ll just watch a little TV, maybe the All Day Game channel! (We laughed at the idea that Mona watches any TV until she said “game channel,” because, oh, right, she totally would).

Righteous! Party On!

Speaking of that double-batch party, Spencer, new owner of the Lost Woods Resort and world’s biggest overachiever (and also, remember in the pilot how Spencer was Really Into interior design then it was never mentioned again?) has redesigned the Lost Woods to mimic the style of the great cabins of the Adirondacks (settle down, Aria). And sure, half-sister Alison maybe helped but probably not because she has twin infant daughters and Spencer is not great at group projects and tbh, there is only so much Intense Fringe that can be in one room before the room spontaneously combusts.

Anyway, they’re hosting a sweet little bachlor/ette dinner for Ezra and Aria there in the woods, with all their friends except Mona, who saved their literal lives literally a dozen times, but they aren’t alone! Someone is watching them from the bushes!

Not that the Liars+Friends notice—they are too busy embroiling themselves in ‘ship drama.

To wit: Never good at hiding exactly what’s going through her mind, Hanna pines jealously over Ezria’s honeymoon plans, flashing a resentful glance at Caleb as she mutters she never had one. He rolls his eyes like the long-haired rebel hobo teen he once was. Ezra voices that he doesn’t think marriage will be all that hard, which warrants a snort from Emison. “Try having kids, lol, speaking of we have the night away we’re going to have sex byeeee.” (That’s almost verbatim.) Everyone save for Spencer and Toby follow their cue and retire to the cabins. Spencer looks up at Toby through her lashes. “Want to take me back to your room?”

Cut to them playing Scrabble on the bed (throwback!) and Spencer telling him she’s closer than ever to her mom and sister and generally, actually happy (which mom??? which sister??? TIME WILL TELL…OR NOT).


Mmm, feel that limerence.

This sweet convo is interrupted by a flash of Ezria/Emison sex scenes (respectively, of course) set to a syrupy sweet R&B soundtrack and juxtaposed against Caleb and Hanna bickering, Hanna’s legs up in the air as she lies naked in bed. YUP, this gal’s trying to get knocked up, and if Caleb doesn’t shut his piehole, he’s going to scare her ovaries. Keeping up his entitled teen boy routine, Caleb bitches that his living situation and his sex drive are both at Hanna’s ovulating/Mona-loving whims and he’s tired of it. So yes, this is exactly perfect timing to introduce a baby to the mix.

In her own room, Aria gets a late night phone call and slips out of the room to answer it. “Are you sure?” she asks, as a black hooded figure watches her from the window. Spencer, having left Toby asleep on top of the Scrabble board in his room, finds Aria crying in the living room, sniffling that she can’t marry Ezra after all. We nod our heads enthusiastically, even though we know this is not going to turn out how we hope it will. The Liars convene and try to convince Aria that she has to tell Ezra whatever this horrific secret is, and she needs to do it BEFORE the wedding, but she refuses.


"I'll steal this motel like I stole that barn."

Outside, the black hooded figure turns and gasp! It’s Melissa! Except she reaches up a gloved hand and pulls off a VERY REALISTIC mask and gasp! It’s Mona! Except she reaches up a gloved hand and pulls off a VERY REA—just kidding, it actually was Mona.

She glances down at her phone, where she’s FaceTiming with A.D. wearing her own face (GIVE US A MONA SNAPCHAT FILTER OR GIVE US DEATH) and talking about Aria’s secret. Just like A.D. forced Aria to do their bidding, they are now forcing Mona to do the same, but Mona refuses to play by the rules.

The Morning After, AKA Then And Now

The next morning, after all the Liars have gone home, Aria breaks a wine glass and dissolves into tears. When Ezra comes running to ask if she’s okay, she starts crying. “I got a confirmation yesterday,” she says, “I can’t have kids.” They move to the couch where Aria apologizes to Ezra for keeping her doctors appointments secret, but he assures her that they will have a family if they want one. “We will adopt, get a surrogate, we’ll do whatever we have to do.”


Girl, SELL IT.

Relish this moment; it’s the best you’ll get from Ezra for the remainder of this show. Lucy Hale, btw, absolutely kills the emotion in these scenes. Bravo, girlfriend.

In case you’ve been wondering where Mary Drake’s been hiding (you haven’t), we see her escorted into a room at the prison for her supervised visits. She’s shackled at the wrists and ankles and wearing an orange jumpsuit. Spencer waits for her at the table wearing a VISITOR badge, but our TwincerSensors™ are abuzz because this Spencer seems a little too excited, a little too perky, at the sight of Mary. “I’ve missed you sweetheart,” Mary says. “It’s been weeks since your last visit.” They hold hands under the table as Spencer/Twincer tells Mary she needs her help.


Hanna arrives to Ezra and Aria’s rehearsal dinner with Caleb and Mona in tow, the latter of whom raises a few eyebrows. Specifically those of Ashley, Alison and Aria, who has a bit of a bridezilla “you brought her to MY rehearsal dinner” moment. Which, let’s get real, you want a rehearsal dinner free of former foes, maybe try getting married on an island in the Caribbean and not the town where every fourth person has tried to murder you. Hanna, faithful to Mona to the bitter end, tells the girls to freaking chillax and fake it for one night because it’s hard to find a babysitter for someone in their 20s.

At the same time, Ezra and Byron drink scotch and have a ridiculous/regressive conversation about permission and blessings and Aria’s happiness, while Ezra’s mom and Ella fight over cocktail weiners. We’d go into more detail but that’s literally it.

As Ezra’s mom stalks away (hopefully forever), Ashley and Veronica join Ella around the hors d’oeuvres to bitch about Ezra’s mom. “Sometimes I wish we were still in the basement,” Ella admits. “Pam didn’t drink for a year after that,” Ashely counters. #WineMomSpinoff2018




Wine Mom #3 Pam Fields can’t make the reunion because she’s too busy scheming with Alison across the room, which does not go unnoticed by Emily. But as she attempts to cross the room to find out what’s up, she’s stopped by two high school waitresses, we will assume Mini-Spencer by her glasses and Mini-Emily by her ambiguous ethnicity. Turns out, Mini-Emily is actually Maya’s niece, but that’s all the fan service Maya stans will get this episode. These girls tell Swim Coach Fields that Addison (Mini-Ali) is bullying them, to which Emily preaches long and hard about the importance of not letting the mean girl get them down. Which is frickin’ GOLD coming from the girl who has two babies and a dubious plan to marry the Addison of her generation.

Afterward, everyone’s making their way out to the street, where Toby and Spencer rendezvous. He invites himself to go riding with her Sunday and hints that she played a word that meant “unrequited love” on the Scrabble board after he fell asleep the other night. The way Spencer nervously runs away hints that this is the actual Spencer who is scared to admit her feelings, and not Twincer, who jumps Toby’s bones every time they’re near one another. Meanwhile, Ashley is telling Hanna that Caleb’s right and she should kick Mona to the curb to save her marriage or something. We don’t have too much time to question Ashley’s advice here, as the rest of the Wine Moms sweep her away into Veronica’s Range Rover for a night of WINE MOM MADNESS.

The soon-to-be-newlyweds are choosing to spend their final night as single people apart, so as Ezra walks Aria to her hotel, he asks how long she’s known about the infertility thing, then has the gall to be annoyed that she’d been seeing fertility specialists for weeks without telling him. Sure married people share stuff, but this was about her, not about him. And she was afraid this would be a deal breaker for him. “If you think so little of me, why would you want to marry me?” GREAT QUESTION. We’ve been asking this for many seasons now. Aria tells him she loves him, and he responds with, “I love you too but it’s not really the same thing, is it?” What does that even MEAN? Why is he the WORST? When will it END?

(Answer to all three: who TF knows.)

(Hashtag) Wedding D-DAy

To illustrate how far Alison has fallen from the captivating, complex and alluring teenage nightmare she was when this show began, she is now donning an oversized sweatshirt emblazoned with a pug who is “waiting for the weekend,” and bangs bad enough to prompt Rosemary’s husband to ask if they made her a “middle aged country music singer.” Her transformation into a sad damsel in distress over the course of the show is almost as disappointing as the way they refuse to allow Mona to be the bright and shining star she truly is. Because this person? This person could never both inspire and also strike fear into the hearts of a group of girls, making them love her enough to lie for her while also hating her enough to wish they hadn’t.

When Emily pushes Alison to tell her why she was whispering with Pam, Alison doesn’t even have the energy to lie or pretend to put up a fight (literally the two things she was once best at). Instead she heaves a sigh and digs in her purse, pulling out Emily’s grandmother’s engagement ring. “When I was at my most lonely and unhappy and angry place, you loved me,” she says. “I was an ugly human being, you saw a beautiful soul.” Her proposal is so dang sweet, it manages to melt even our stone cold anti-Emison hearts.



It'd be easier to ~feel~ things if this weren't happening with a Waiting for the Weekend pug sweatshirt backdrop.

Emily says yes, duh.

Speaking of love and marriage and babies (the only three things this cast seems to care about), Caleb is pouting on the couch pretending that a fried chicken informercial is more exciting than impregnating his hot wife. Hanna comes out of the bedroom and sits next to him. “The decisions you make don’t just affect you,” he says. To which Hanna responds all “cool cool cool” and tries to make out with him. She will tell Mona to move out, but it can wait until the morning. Caleb, who must have been half-ghost for the last five years and thus unable to remember anything happening around him, responds, “How much damage could Mona do in one night?”


Ahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahhahahaa…ah. Caleb, you sweet, precious ghost angel.

In his hotel room, Toby gets out of the shower and digs through a bag while wearing nothing but a towel. Someone knocks at the door, and when Toby answers, Spencer/Twincer barely has time to mutter a joke about room service before she rips off his towel and they have sex.

There’s an immediate and weird cut to Spencer getting out of the shower (again with utterly unwashed hair). Too soon to be “later that night” and also no longer at the hotel, she’s back at the barn, and she starts to hear bad piano music play. But when she walks out to see who it is, Mona appears in a black hoodie. “Déjà vu, bitch,” she says, bafflingly, before punching her right in the face.

Spencer comes to in a strange metal room. It’s like a futuristic prison cell, reminiscent of Charlotte’s Minority Report space station A-Lair from Game Over Charles. Glass panels with little air holes divide the cells, and tunnels connect to other tunnels with tubes of glowing green light outside. It’s all very strange, which is in part because we’re seeing it through Spencer’s eyes as she slowly regains consciousness. She reaches up to rub her head and sees herself reflected in one of the glass panels. But then, as she’s still holding her head, her reflection drops its hand.




After Mary Drake, star of A Mother’s Betrayal new on Lifetime!, handcuffs Spencer to the bed in the corner, Twincer stands up and jauntily makes her way inside, sits backwards in a chair, and opens her beautiful mouth. And while Rosemary has always known that Spencer’s evil twin would be end game, she never once expected what came out of that mouth.


To quote a different pair of American/Cockney adult twins meeting for the first time: 

Alison Hendrix: This one's some kind of lowlife grifter! How do we know she didn't push her?

Sarah Manning: Oi! I already told you... I didn't want to be her. I got stuck! I was running from my own shit.

Alison Hendrix: [Alison sarcastically replies] I can only imagine.

TWINCER IS REAL. SHE’S REAL AND SHE’S BRITISH. And not just any British. We’re talking My Fair Lady/Sarah Manning, lots-of-coal-makin’-lots-of-’eat, Cockney British. Which, since everything that follows, plot-wise, from here is basically Twincer switching off with Mary telling a trapped-Spencer her backstory, while the rest of the Liars gather around Aria to help her get married slash mourn/worry over Ezra, while Toby, Jenna, Mona and Bashful work in tandem to Get Shit Done, means it’s time for the Big ReveAl Q+A!


Q: Million-mask question first—WHO IS A.D.?
A.D. = Alex Drake. WHO?!?! WELL. Let us tell you. It turns out that Peter Hastings, He of the Mightiest Libido, didn’t just knock up Mary Drake. He knocked her up twins-style. But he was in such a damn hurry to gather his baby and get the heck out of Radley that fateful night in (apparently) 1934, he didn’t wait around long enough to hear the doctor yelling that baby #2 was on the way. Alex Drake, born to Mary Drake and Peter Hastings and identical twin sister to Spencer, was born in Radley then sold to the highest bidder in exchange for enough travel money to buy Mary a ticket out of there.

Mary claims that Alex was adopted by a rich British family for a brief period of time before they noticed that something was “off” with her and dumped her at the Ambrose Home for Wayward Children, because once again, this story is apparently taking place in 1904 instead of 1994. Seriously. There was no better place in England to take an unwanted infant than something that sounds like the name of a horror movie about baby ghosts? Alex managed to stay in the orphanage until she ran away at age ten, at which point we are to assume that she lived like a little Oliver Twist on the mean streets of London, making her own way as a mouthy bartender until the fateful day one Dr. Wren Kingston, Esq. comes in from the rain and orders a drink from her.


"Ew me? Oi'm jussa bird wif a braid slinging pints. Mus be da wrong girl innit?"

At first, Wren is as shocked as we are to see the little sister of his former fiancée/the 15-year-old he used to mack on tending bar in a pub, but eventually he manages to put all the fractured plot pieces together and befriend/seduce Alex, then introduce her to Charlotte. Which began the trifecta of crazy evil genius that gets us where we are today.

Q: Where did Alex get the money for all of this?
Charlotte’s misbegotten Carissimi Group funds, which Archer helped requisition by conning Ali after Charlotte’s death.

Q: Who shot Spencer?
Alex shot Spencer; Wren shot Alex to LOOK like Spencer.


Medically I can’t be down for shooting someone in the shoulder just to make them look like they were shot in the shoulder. - Catie, a real doctor

Honestly it’s not like Spencer was missing half a finger. There are other ways to fake a scar, but the fact that Alex insisted on a matching bullet wound made her a level of looney tunes that was SO EXTRA, and so much more fun to watch than had they chosen a random B-list character to be A.D.

Q: Was Wren ever a ghost?
Yes and no! Not, evidently, all that time we made jokes about it, when Spencer flew off to London to stay with him and Melissa but only ever saw Melissa. But YES, now he is—at least if you consider a diamond compressed from human ashes to be a ghost, which we do. Alex straight up murdered and diamondized her boo, all because he was a reminder of her old life as Alex, and she was ready to move on up into inhabiting Spencer’s life fully!



Shine bright like a diamond, Wren.

Sorry, Wren. Maybe you should have adhered to that “first do no harm” oath a bit more often, yeah?

Q: When did Mary find out about/meet Alex?
We honestly have no idea! We spent a lot of time going back and forth, trying to figure out if it was always Spencer visiting Mary until Alex visited her last, or if it was always Alex visiting Mary and Spencer closing that chapter, or if it was sometimes Spencer and sometimes Alex and no one but Alex and Mary knowing. And even if we knew that, did Mary meet Alex before confessing to Tanner/leaving an entire property to Spencer+Ali? If so, when? If not, when?

It is possible that we could rewatch this monster of an episode to figure it out. It is not likely that we will do so until the next time we rewatch the whole series for our Murdercabin Returns podcast, twenty years from now.

Q: Wait, so which Spencers were *for sure* Alex-Spencers, then?
The Spencer who appeared bang-less to Hanna from the torture shed; the Spencer who gave Toby the poetry book and asked him for a kiss; the Spencer who slept with him on The Night Of All The Sex in 7x19 when Tanner was about to close in; the Spencer who ran into Ezra at the airport while arguing with Wren; and the Spencer who looked at a baby photo album with a weird look on her face during 7x08 (about which, Rosemary recapped, “Nothing strikes the viewer as unusual, but Spencer has a very strange look on her face, like she's having A Revelation. What did she figure out about her family? Is she adopted? Is SHE Mary's other baby?”)

If we had to make guesses about which other Spencers were actually Alex but not revealed to us in the finale…we wouldn't even know where to start. Check back in twenty years when we finally get to that podcast!

Q: Who was the sperm donor for Emily’s Ali’s babies?
Well according to Alex, speaking only to the baby and not to anyone whose belief in a lie might benefit her, Wren was. Willingly or not, we’ll never know. We’ll also never know if the eggs really were Emily’s or if they were actually Ali’s or Alex’s, and Alex planted data at the health clinic to make the Liars believe Emily’s worst nightmares to be true. We mean, that headcanon fits the evidence a lot more than the shown canon does, so whether or not that’s what they intended, that’s at least what (me, recapper) Alexis is going to the grave believing.

Q: What in Vanderjesus’ name, then, is the actual, official Liar family tree?
This took literal back-of-the-envelope calculation, but here is what we have:

CHARLOTTE is half-sister to Spencer and Alex by Peter, half-cousin to Ali and Jason by Jessica, and not related to Melissa by blood at all

SPENCER & ALEX are half-sisters to Melissa by Peter, half-sisters to Charlotte by Mary, half-cousins to Ali by Jessica, and both half-sisters AND half-cousins to Jason by Peter and by Jessica

JASON is half-brother AND half-cousin to Spencer & Alex by Peter and by Jessica, half-cousin to Charlotte by Jessica, half-brother to Melissa by Peter on the other side, and half-brother to Ali by Jessica

ALISON is half-sister to Jason by Jessica, half-cousin to Spencer & Alex by Mary and half-cousin to Charlotte, also by Mary, and not related to Melissa by blood at all

MELISSA is half-sister to Spencer & Alex by Peter, half-sister to Jason by Peter, and not related by blood to Ali or Charlotte at all

THE EMISON BABIES are either not related to anyone above (if the blood testing proving Emily’s parentage and Alex’s whispering about Wren’s parentage were true), or are some measure of daughters to Ali/nieces to Jason/second cousins to Spencer, Alex, and Charlotte, or are daughters to Alex/nieces to Spencer, Melissa, Charlotte, and Jason

PETER HASTINGS is patriarchy incarnate.

Q: Does Charlotte’s post-Dollhouse (retch) trickery and almost-betrayal of Alison make any more sense now, with all the pieces together?
Ye-es, in that we now know that Charlotte did find a real (half-)sister to love and be loved by without any of the baggage connections to Rosewood carry, and the stuff with which they made their bond was the stuff of insanity borne by abandonment, so it makes a certain amount of sense that THAT is what Charlotte would have held onto throughout those five years of “therapy,” to also hold on to the one sister who actually knew and loved her for exactly who she was. We doubt even the most skilled, most patient therapist could have disentangled Charlotte from her specific type of brokenness without knowing about the existence of Alex—and we all know Rosewood/Welby are pretty short on even moderately ethical medical providers, let alone rockstar ones.

Still, this does not absolve the show of what its (accidentally and then willfully) anti-trans transgressions. As much as we all wish it were otherwise, Charlotte and Rosewood do not exist in a cultural vacuum, and representation matters.

Q: Where did Mike end up?
Mystic Falls, we guess!


Don't worry; Mona gave him all the skills he needs to survive those lupine wilds.

Q: How did the Wine Moms escape?
SHHHH! They’ll never tell.



Q: How was Sydney involved?
She was a patsy, had been stealing from the bank she worked at (how very Ashley Marin of her), which Alex used as leverage.

Q: How was Jenna involved?
Well, aside from saving Spencer and Ezra’s hides, she was also a patsy leveraged by Alex, although with more of a connection to the Liars, as Alex promised her enough money for yet one more eye surgery.

Q: How was Lucas involved?
He wasn’t!

Q: How was Melissa involved?
She wasn’t!

Q: How was Jason involved?
He wasn’t!

Q: How was Peter involved?
Literally we didn’t think of this question until it came out of our typing fingers. Peter was Alex’s dad, too! One would IMAGINE that one of her very first steps would have been to murder/frame him, but alas, no—it seems like Peter Hastings, even moving Out Of Town permanently, kept some of that ol’ Rosewood Patriarchy magic, and escaped paying for this worst half of his long-ago error, too.

Q: Peter’s influence maybe being contagious aside, why are all these 24-year-old girls so obsessed with having babies?
Another excellent question, and one that baffled Rosemary especially. Is 24 an okay age to have a baby? Sure, we guess. Is it an okay age to be so panicked about having a baby that you prop your legs up against the wall after sex, or make an appointment at the adoption agency THE DAY you get home from your honeymoon? Not so much, we think. We can’t really compare these girls to ourselves at 24 or even other 24 year olds we knew since they have clearly been through events much more traumatic than most experience, but wouldn’t their trauma make them a skoshe hesitant to bring a bunch of babies into this cruel, cruel world? Especially when most of them ARE STILL LIVING in the town that played host to their torture?

We mean, whatever: to each their own. This just seemed like a very strange thing to hone in on for all these specific ladies. Had one of the Liars been baby-obsessed, we’d buy it, but the whole group? Sure there’s a *touch* of suspension of disbelief happening, but even this seems unrealistic.

Q: So did ALL the Liars end up back with their high school bed buddies?
Yes. Which, again, statistically unrealistic.

Q: And now they’re all back in Rosewood? Forever?
Considering that Rosewood is a black hole of seasonless autumnal weather and motorcycle jackets, it appears that way. We don’t actually know if any of the Liars plan to leave Rosewood. Emily and Alison seem pretty cozy with the twins in the DiLaurentis house, working at Rosewood High. Hanna and Caleb now own the Lucas Loft and are living off Caleb’s sweet software money, and though Hanna once had a dubious future as a Fashion Designer, the only plan either of them seem to care about at the moment is Baby Haleb. Spencer and Toby appear to be rekindling their relationship, despite the fact that Toby failed to recognize the not-ness of Spencer's lady parts every time Alex sexually assaulted him (which, we hope, is something he and Spencer will work through carefully and with compassion for one another). And Aria’s only get-out-of-town plans at the moment are her honeymoon in the South of France. Surely of all the Liars, Aria will have reason/will enough to leave this hellscape once she’s making mad bank for her book-turned-movie.

Q: WAIT. I’m still stuck on the mystery-mystery. So how was the RPD/Tanner involved? What happened to Mary and Alex??
Hahahahahaha…they weren’t. Sure Mona SAID she called the cops while the rest of the Liars lost their heads on the race to Toby’s old-new house, and sure a “cop” showed up to “arrest” Alex, but, like always, not one Liar appears to have 1) noticed his French accent or 2) ever thought to follow up on Alex’s criminal case, or Mary Drake’s whereabouts (shame, Spencer!), and not one officer of the RPD ever thought to follow up with the Liars about the same. ROSEWOOD. Y’ALL ALMOST DESERVE EACH OTHER.

Q: Okay, so what happened to Mona?
SO GLAD YOU ASKED. Because our queen Mona DID get out of Rosewood. As a matter of fact, she hightailed it all the way to a creepy, old-timey street in Paris where she runs a creepy, old-timey doll shop while wearing berets and ballet flats. Very on-brand.

And remember that cop that arrested Alex? The one with the weird French accent? Turns out he wasn’t a cop at all, but rather Mona’s petit ami. Where did he come from? How did she meet him? How long can she POSSIBLY have known him, if Wren showed up at Welby a year ago, and she only got sprung back to the real world 48 hours ago? WHO KNOWS. But we do know that on that fateful night, under the fake-ass starlight sky in Alex’s underground bunker, when Mona said she “called 9-1-1” on her way over, what she actually meant was she called her French boyfriend to show up dressed as a cop and haul Mary and Alex away.

And knowing that she is surrounded by buffoons too caught up in their own ridiculous lives to so much as wonder at the fates of anyone other than themselves, Mona managed to smuggle Mary and Alex out of the country to her own underground bunker, under the floors of her Parisian doll shop, where she keeps them behind glass, dressed as dolls locked in an eternal hellish tea-time. She sips her tea and watches them through the glass, and we who had faith in Mona all along sleep well at night knowing that our girl got what she deserved in the end: to win the game.


Reign on, queen; reign on.

Q: So…is Rosewood actually an allegorical construct?
Funny you should mention! YES. Regarding the noir-ness of PLL’s use of Rosewood as a central character, Alexis wrote this in the Series Awards post:

Raymond Chandler’s subject was Los Angeles, and the anonymous, unrelenting darkness its shiny surface hides; at its best, Pretty Little Liars’ subject has been Rosewood, standing in for all anonymous American small towns, and the unrelenting darkness their quaintness hides.


Twenty-four hours a day somebody is running, somebody else is trying to catch him. Out there in the night of a thousand crimes people were dying, being maimed, cut by flying glass, crushed against steering wheels or under heavy car tires. People were being beaten, robbed, strangled, raped and murdered. People were hungry, sick, bored, desperate with loneliness or remorse or fear, angry, cruel, feverish, shaken by sobs. A city no worse than others, a city rich and vigorous and full of pride, a city lost and beaten and full of emptiness.

After so many seasons, and so many As, and so many figures of authority blaming the Liars for what all the As have put them through, the truth that the show shows clearest—whether it means to or not—is that there is nothing special at all about these 4-6 girls; nothing special about what they have gone through, nothing special about who they each are, nothing special about how they have endured. THEY, personally, have never truly been the root cause of any of the As’ brokenness. They are just girls, now women, trying to make it through an unfeeling world without suffering too much damage in the process. But in a world where the toxicity of the patriarchy is baked into every interaction, even ones that are private, even ones that are in girls-only spaces and relationships, making it through undamaged isn’t possible. The As torturing the Liars are heightened, unhinged manifestations of the damage girls and women suffer just to grow up, but so are the killers and plots in Chandler’s noirs. Rosewood is just the box that contains it.

Given that many precious minutes, including a full, beat-for-beat replay of That Night from episode 1x01 with Addison Derringer’s Liars 2.0 *after* our Liars said their series farewells to each other and us, and given that the Liars all chose to stay in Rosewood, despite the years of literal torture they experienced there (and the enormity of the world outside of Rosewood), Rosewood being an allegory for all the anonymous, dark small towns in America hiding the same anonymous, dark misogyny that plagues all girls, at all ages…well, it seems pretty darn believable.


Sorry, Emison twins: we guess we’ll be seeing you in 15 years.

Lingering Questions:  Who is the shady contractor that makes serious bank from building all these underground bunker torture chambers in Rosewood? Who are the actual parents of Emison’s twin babies? Where the heck are Mona’s parents? Why on earth do they think we want to relive this with a spin-off? Didn’t Veronica have cancer? Where is Magic Mike? What about "The Lady In Black is EndgAme" (Wilden's funeral)? HOW DID THE MOMS ESCAPE THE BASEMENT???


Nothing! That's it. We did it. We got the Liars all the way from sisterhood to amazing independent careers to marriage and babies! THE DREAM.

We also got some really solid friendships with each other, and hope for female-friendship-driven media in the future. 


No snarky caption, not even in the face of this, Aria's most amazingly ARIA outfit to date, just <3 <3 <3

We love you all. We will miss you.


A(lexis, Rosemary and Catie)

<-- Pretty Little Liars 7x19: Farewell, My Lovely

<-- Pretty Little Liars: 'A' is for All the Awards

And unless we get a Pretty Little Liars 2.0 starring Rosewood as the 10th Circle of Hell, we have officially reached the point of…



          Kerala Actress’ abduction: Don’t rely on suspicion, DGP tells cops   
Thiruvananthapuram | Close on the heels of questioning of popular actor Dileep and his director
          Savant's New words in 2017.   
I was exposed to the Panthers as a kid while growing up in then 1960s & 70s.. It turns out they were quite correct in inferring that the then nascent technological revolution, electronic revolution within global capitalism, would eventually make work obsolete, and that as black (and other) labor became obsolete, the danger of greater repression, possibly genocide, might increase. The Panthers were looking at the big picture, but were way ahead of their time. The police were always inclined toward destruction or containment of the Black community; but when a revolutionary movement like that of the Panthers emerged, then naturally authorities would see them as a special threat, or in the words of former FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover, the Panthers were "the greatest threat to national security." The more highly conscious you are, the more dangerous you are---at least if this consciousness is REAL, and expresses itself in a commitment to fundamental social transformation. As for an effort to destroy biracial women I know of no such effort by police, the government, or the corporate sector. There may be biracial black women who, contrary to yourself, possess of social (and even REVOLUTIONARY) consciousness, and who may be targeted. But they're not targeted because they're biracial or light skinned. They're targeted because of their defiance, their dissidence, their subversive activism. At your present level of consciousness, you needn't worry.

One difference now is, as you observed, the social media. Prior to this century, or at least prior to the 1990s. Negroes with these self-hating anti-Black attitudes couldn't avail themselves of computers and the internet to spew their venom at each other. Probably such attitudes were not as common nor as extreme where they did exist. Black communities were once more cohesive than they are now, less polluted by possessive individualism, acquisitiveness, narcissism and sheer simplemindedness. Our values were more COMMUNAL than they are now. People looked out for children, and not just their own biological children. Under the more overtly repressive old Jim Crow regime with its naked terrorism, Black folks knew they needed each other, and most acted accordingly. Even those Negro males and females who did have negative attitudes of that kind usually kept it to themselves. They didn't spew their venom into newspapers, magazines or radio. Unlike Uncle Tom Soto or SBT, they'd be ashamed to do so, and were half ashamed for even having such attitudes anyway. Fortunately, such venomous Negro gender warriors and haters are not a majority even now. But they feel a lot freer to show their dumb a___ _, and the internet aids in their buffoonery.

The failure to make such distinction is evidence of an underdeveloped. For such discernments are essential to critical thinking. Actually, the records of the time seem to indicate that in communities which had Panther patrols police abuses against the community decreased, but was intensified against the Panthers themselves. In some communities where Panther presence was strong one often saw communities come alive creating clinics, breakfast for the children, neighborhood associations, etc. One often saw substantial drop in violent crime and in the flow of drugs. Claims that it didn't work are bogus. In the eyes of fascistic police Blacks are not "ladies" and "gentlemen "--nor even human. That is why Blacks from all walks of life have found themselves targets of police brutality. Some of the tactics of the Civil Rights Movement need to be reconsidered and revised in light of the needs of a new time and movement.

If you do, then you should be publicly chastised---which I once saw members of the Fruit of Islam do to a wayward brother for wife beating. Rarely, do I agree with anything said or done by NOI. That was an exception. I despise punks who beat women. But that seems to have become acceptable to some younger Negroes. At least in the past it was deemed unacceptable even by most men--because they were MEN.

 I don't think Angela Y. Davis is a fool but I suspect that you are--at least if you actually believe the misinformation you post, and especially if you're as academically trained as you say and believe it. Black only look like animals to racists. That is not the doing of Angela Y. Davis. Also, what evidence have you that "most black intellectuals have fled to the South"? There are Black intellectuals throughout the country, but the South is still home to over half the Black population of the USA. Many Black intellectuals were already in the South, especially those who taught in black colleges and universities--most of which were and are in the South. But black intellectuals can be found all over the country, though there is some concentration on the East Coast. As for your being brighter than Angela Davis, or even close to equally bright as Angela Y. Davis, you've thus far shown no evidence of this. And if you have notable accomplishments as a "National Achievement Scholar," no one--not even the most perceptive--would have guessed it from posts that we've seen thus far.

 First of all, Angela Davis didn't have Blacks marching with guns. This was the practice of the Black Panther Party and also the Deacons for Defense. And as long as racist Klan and cops patrol and terrorize Blacks with guns then Blacks have a right to self defense, including even the forming of militias if necessary. That's a natural human right--and rightly regarded as INTELLIGENT, not "declasse. " (By the way, your use of the word declasse is incorrect, a malaproprism.) No evidence exists, or you have not offered any, of white supremacist support for the Black Panther Party or even the Nation of Islam. I was around (though very young) when the BPP operated in Baltimore. They organized in Black churches (mostly Protestant) as well as Catholic churches (white and black). They also had their own offices. They held meetings on college campuses and properties of civic organizations. Frankly, your claim about their being funded by white supremacists is a fabrication. As for the Nation of Islam, as best as anyone can tell they were founded by a religious leader whose leadership was eventually followed by that of Elijah Muhammad. No evidence I know of indicates that they were started by the government, but we know they were infiltrated by the FBI---which is a different matter altogether. They did at times have questionable contacts with the American Nazi party.

Anyone who has actually read Dr. King thoroughly knows that he didn't think northerners were particularly trustworthy, or that racism was some peculiarly southern malady. After all, he did say that MOST white Americans lived racism as a way of life. And also that his experiences of racism in Chicago easily equaled or exceeded what he had seen in Alabama and Mississippi. And these observations run throughout his works from 1950s --1968.

Obviously, you are unintelligent as well as new here. Most people know that I am a revolutionary and scholarly African American man--with little tolerance for BS even from other Blacks, Secondly, you committed an Argumentum ad Hominem, a fallacy of relevance. Your statement was FALSE, and I called you on it. Learn some history, fool. And a bit of advice in case you happen to be a male--for you're clearly not yet a black MAN-- of color, from Malcolm X: "The Black man will get respect from NO ONE until he learns to respect his black woman."

Ghettoes were created mainly by segregation imposed on us by WHITES, not by interracial Black feminists. Stop making up history, fool!  (

The Confederate flag does have the same meaning it always had: white supremacy, nativist fascism, slavery, racist terrorism, and right wing government tyranny.

 Dr. King made disparaging comments about capitalism, some going back to his college years. Dr. King also expressed sympathy for socialism, a democratic socialism.
If you look at his famous speech against the Vietnam War you can see that he denounces American IMPERIALISM which he sees as emanating from capitalism. Moreover, he was attempting to organize an anti-capitalist Poor Peoples Campaign when he was assassinated, a campaign which may have included shutting down the US government.
It was not China which was threatened by Dr. King's increasingly revolutionary movement. It was the United States government and American capitalism that was threatened.

 Dr. King acknowledged no innate intellectual differences between races because none exist--nor can they exist. As early as the 1960s he noted that modern anthropologists hold that "there is no basic differences in the racial groups of our world" and that most "deny the existence of what we have known as race." (TESTAMENT OF HOPE, pp. 121--122). Modern genetics offers even stronger evidence that race is a social category, not a creation of Nature. Hence King was right in arguing--as do most contemporary scientists in biology and genetics--that "there are no superior and inferior races" if for no other reason than that there are no races. Race exists only as an historical-social phenomenon, and only is a racialized--indeed RACIST--society can there be superior or inferior races.

 King's comments on capitalism were scathing, and saw in its a similar moral relativism and materialism. He also stated more than once that he favored socialism.
As he was speaking his true convictions, he was neither lying nor being misleading. You may try to prove him wrong, but that entails another philosophical argument.
Personalism, which was King's basic philosophical position, is a form of philosophical idealism. Hence his opposition to materialism whether it be the philosophical materialism of Marx, or the crude practical materialism of capitalism or Soviet style Communism.
The Civil Rights Movement was primarily a movement for freedom and justice at least as such are possible within a bankrupt capitalist society. Peace, as Dr. King repeatedly emphasized, can only be achieved on the basis of justice. Without justice peace is at best a tragic mirage.
The difference between Dr. King and both Communists and capitalists is that he believed in the inherent dignity of every human personality. Communists sometimes claimed to believe in it, and human dignity is often trumpeted in western capitalist countries. But it is mostly a pretext which their practice proves to be a sham.
By the way, communism in the original sense of a classless society King did not see as objectionable. But the practice of Communist parties was a different matter.

 Actually, Venezuela is the latest victim of imperialism whose motivating force is capitalism, the market. It is interesting that the corporate media--both liberal and conservative--have the same line on Venezuela, denouncing the democratically elected government in favor of the local plutocracy and proto-fascist opposition which operates by means of violence that would be denounced as terrorism if directed at one of America's right wing allies.
It is also interesting the liberal and conservative corporate media has not directed its animosity to the reactionary government in Honduras, established by a military coup against another democratically elected government. That coup received the implicit blessing of Obama, and apparently also of Il Duce Don Trump.
It goes to show the Democrats and Republicans, "liberals" ad "conservatives" are both subservient to imperialism, to corporate money and interests.
Both parties must be neutralized and a revolutionary democratic alternative formed.


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Santa Ana, California law enforcement came to the aid of four pint-sized Egyptian geese on June 28, 2017. Police officers answered a call from a concerned citizen who said baby geese were stuck in a storm drain. The cops along with firefighters and an animal control crew all worked together to try and rescue the...

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Niagara Falls is known for the breathtaking view of its iconic waterfalls, but a wild turkey has recently been stealing the landmark’s thunder. Known as “Jake the turkey,” he’s been spotted wandering around on his own and even causing traffic jams on a regular basis. But instead of being frustrated by the feathered fella, they’ve embraced him as an...

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          6/30/2017: MURDER COPS PROBE GANG ATTACK   

AMAN was left lying in a pool of blood after a brutal gang attack. The 23-year-old was knifed by thugs who followed him in a car, and then left him in the street. A murder bid probe has been launched.
          Lack of caution leads to motorcycling diaster   

Youtuber Erica Hoff shares this video of a motorcyclist having a very bad day.

This guy merged onto the I-80E (Sacramento, CA) on his motorcycle as we were driving in the fast lane. As he merged, his bike would shake and wobble. He sometimes would only have one hand on the handle bars while it was shaking!! We couldn't figure out why it was shaking, but we noticed it would only do it once he hit high speeds. We paced him for 5-10 miles after watching him "almost" loose control (about 5 or 6 times), so I got my phone out, thinking "its only a matter of time before he crashes" and I wanted the video as evidence in case anyone else got hurt. Sure enough the very moment I get my phone out, happens to be the time he loses control. We pulled over immediately.....called 911, and help the man (and his bike) off to the side of the road as quickly as possible. He did walk over to the right shoulder by himself. His face was really mashed up (his nose looked broken) and arms covered in blood. Crazy road rash!!! I still wonder how he's doing :(

Oh, and the sirens you hear in the background aren't because he's being chased by the kids were watching peppa was just a coincidence ;)

          Lirik Lagu Bump Heads Artist Eminem   
Bump Heads 

[feat. 50 Cent, G-Unit]

[50 Cent]
Yeah, Shady, Hahahaha
G G G G G G G G-Unit

Here we go again

[50 Cent]
Does it make you mad when I switch my flow?
You can't understand how I get my dough
50 Cent I'm on fire cause Shady said so
I'm on fire

Everybody's in a rush try to get the throne
I just get on the track and try to set the tone
I ain't tryna use nobody as a steppin stone
But don't compare me
I'm better off jus' left alone
And I ain't even tryna go there wit record sales
I'm just tryna keep it humble and respect myself
Say what up, keep steppin, and just rep D-12
Keep my nose clean, stay away from weapons, jail
And livin wreckless
But if you go check my belt
You may see something else I used to protect myself
A vest, to stop a Rueger and deflect the shells
And send 'em back at you faster than they left the barrel
And I don't even carry guns no more, I don't got to
Got undercover cops that'll legally pop you
And I done seen a lot of people cross the line
But this motherfucker Ja musta lost his mind
That X, got him thinkin' he was DMX
Then he switched to 'Pac now he's tryna be him next
So which one are you? X, Luther, Pac or Michael
Juss keep singin' the same song, recycled
We'd all much rather get along and fight you
Me and Hailie danced to your songs we liked you
And you don't really wanna step inside no mic booth
C'mon now, you know the white boy'll bite you
I hurt your pride dawg and you know I don't like to
But I will if I have to, with syllable after syllable I just slap you
Killin' you fasta than you poppin' pill afta little pill of them tabs of that shit you on

But if you want it you got it you'd bump this shit too, if we ain't diss you on it
But if we lock horns we can charge harder than Busta
We bump heads wit any motherfucker that wants to
So whats the, deal where was all the tough talk?
When I walked up to you like, Ja what up dawg?
How come you didn't say you had a problem then?
When you was standin' there wit all your men, we coulda solved this then
I'ma grown man dawg come holla
All you did was slap hands, smile and swallow,
another one of them little X pills in front of me
And tell me 50 Cent was everything you wanna be come on

[50 Cent]
I know you don't want it with me
You know you don't want it with me
You, talk an' you soon will see
You don't wanna bump heads with me
I know you don't want it with me
You, talk an' you soon you will see
You know you don't want it with me

[Tony Yayo]
You couldn't son me if my father helped you
My punchlines is hot, my bars'll melt you
Ja you Stuart Little, shells'll lift you
Every other week I'm buyin a new pistol
I clap at your ass with this chrome 38
And put six thru your hats of seven 3/8
Irv you ain't Suge Knight, you should shook night
I put my knife in ya wind pipe and freeze ya on the turnpike
You know and I know who took ya chain
You got robbed two times so ya ass is lame
I'm down to die for this shit all I need is bail
You betta stick to tha movies with Steven Seigel, bitch

[50 Cent]
I know you don't want it with me
You know you don't want it with me
You, talk an' you soon will see
You don't wanna bump heads with me
I know you don't want it with me
You, talk an' you soon you will see
You know you don't want it with me

[Lloyd Banks]
Fuck that I'm miles away
And these industry niggas startin' to get outta hand
I'ma find your whereabouts by stompin' 'em out ya man
Tellin' New York, even in Compton they understand
I'm on the block where you was raised doin' chocolate out tha game an'...
They see me more pop a boy for icey cuz I could
Shootin' guns for money you probably forgot your way around the hood
Bitch when you paranoid it's hard to make a song
Now you want it wit' us, half your artists got to make a point
Every magazine I own your on your knees takin' prayer picture
And you ain't even got shot yet, you scared bitches
You don't know nuttin' about what pain is sucka
I'll put your ass to the ground like a train conductor, muh'fucker

[50 Cent]
I know you don't want it with me
You know you don't want it with me
You, talk an' you soon will see
You don't wanna bump heads with me
I know you don't want it with me
You, talk an' you soon you will see
You know you don't want it with me

[Tony Yayo]
Yeah nigga yeah
Shady Aftermath G-Unit
Fuck you think they call us G Unit for
Cause we move units uhha
Don't think we ain't billin you for this motherfucking studio time
A matter a fact keep call it a 50 we'll call it even

          Great library humor ahead.   
Seriously, my library friends (especially those of you in public service), read this and laugh till you cry.

I Hate You Library Patrons!

Date: 2005-09-14, 10:47AM CDT

When I became a librarian I was woefully under prepared for the mess that awaited me beyond the library door. I’ve been a library patron, but the libraries that I frequent are quiet, studious places filled with lovely library patrons who read books and do research on the computers. The library that I work at on the other hand is a mish mash of the ignorant, the indigent, the clueless, the rude, and my personal favorite the aromatic.

Please find somewhere else to spend your miserable time. I’m sick to death of dealing with you. Why is it that no one understands that the library is not a homeless shelter, free baby sitting service, social service agency, video arcade, peep show, or an other of the 999 other inappropriate uses that you have for it?

To the smelly homeless guy that is always asleep by the magazines: For the last time, no you cannot sleep in the library. It’s a rule that we had to make to keep people like you from sleeping all day in the library. I feel bad for your situation, really I do, but I also know that you can get free meals, a place to sleep and a shower if you just stop at the shelter that is 3 blocks away from our front door.

To the guy who asked me if we could keep his extra malt liquor in the staff fridge: No, in fact if you bring it in here I’m going to call the cops. Not because I’m a tight assed bitch, because that’s the rules, dude. It’s called public intoxication and it’s illegal.

To the girls who smoke pot in the bathrooms: Yes it was me who called the cops. No that doesn’t make me racist and no you can’t come back. I don’t care that it’s going to rain. When you get arrested in my bathroom you can’t come back, even if it means you get wet.

To the parents of the children who are running around screaming: You make me want to run around and scream my head off too, but I don’t, I control myself, why can’t you control your offspring? When I was a Children’s Librarian we called it using your inside voice. Try it.

To the parents who tell your miserable offspring to come to the library after school because you choose not to find a babysitter/daycare: We are not a free babysitting service. Yes, we have nice books and computers for the kiddies to use, but you need to come along with them. Otherwise I will get their information from their library card and call social services. It’s not my job to watch your brats.

To the 99.9% of computer users who don’t have the faintest idea how to use the Internet: I’m happy to help you get started, but I won’t help you beyond that. We have a lovely (and free) series of classes to teach you, but I have others to help and I can’t hold you hand all day long so that you can sell your shit on EBay. I also can’t help you file your divorce even though the courthouse told you that I would. I’m not a lawyer, I’m a librarian, so I can’t help you out.

To the man who just told me that Wisconsin sure isn’t like Illinois: No shit Sherlock. We like it that way. If you and your trophy wife hadn’t allowed your spoiled brat of a daughter to be drinking at Country Thunder you wouldn’t have to pay that $400 ticket that she got. Yep, underage drinking is illegal in Wisconsin, and nope, I’m not going to agree that it sucks. I’ve worked both here and in Illinois, and even though patrons here get under my skin I’ll take them any day over the soccer mommies in Lincolnshire. Suck it up, pay the ticket, don’t let your daughter drink until she is 21 and get out of my state.

To the people who want me to hold their hand and show them exactly where the book they want is: Don’t look at the piece of paper that I’ve written the call number down for you like it’s Sanskrit. Can you count? Then you can use the Dewey Decimal System. At least try to find the book because there are 15 other people waiting for me to solve their problems for them too. I know that they teach this stuff in elementary school, so try to figure it out on your own. But since I like you because you are actually looking for a book, if you really can’t find it come and ask me nice and I’ll help you.

To the people who want me to fix the computer so that you can spend 15 hours a day chatting, playing solitaire, looking for your one true love, etc. online: Don’t get me wrong, I like the Internet. I just don’t like it when you are sitting around doing nothing library related every single hour we are open. That means that people who have an actual research need can’t get to the computers, so no, I’m not going to help you solve why it’s hung up. Don’t you have something else to do with your time – like work maybe? I know for a fact that the McDonald’s just up the street is hiring, maybe you should apply. By the way, I know how to fix the problem, I’m just not going to help you because I hate you, so I will always turn it off and make sure you have lost everything that you have done so far. Consider yourself warned. Lots of people hate Bill Gates; I hate him for his philanthropy. I wish I could throw the patron computer out the door and drive over them with a dump truck.

To the people who check out books, DVDs and CDs and never bring them back: I hope you die. Seriously. You are the worst people in the world. There’s a technical word for people like you – thieves. Won’t you be surprised the next time you get pulled over and your car is impounded because I’ve sworn out a warrant for your arrest. Yep, theft of library materials is a crime, and I intend to start having it enforced. So to those self-righteous religious zealots who stole all my sex, Wicca, true crime books so that they couldn’t corrupt others, beware. Or if you stole them for your own collection, I hope you don’t want to renew your driver’s license or plates. Those materials belong to everyone, not just you. That’s what we mean by public library.

To my co-workers: Stop bitching because I have two desks and you have to share one with two other people. There are a couple of reasons for this. I don’t really have two desks; one of these so-called desks is the reference desk so I guess by that logic you have two desks too. One of them is the circulation desk. Enjoy your newfound space. Second, I’m a full time employee, so I am entitled to a private workspace (especially in light of the fact that you are never here at the same time as the people you share with). It’s in my contract, you can check. Third, I outrank you. I have a master’s degree to your GED. Yes, I’m 30 years younger than you are, but we all make choices in life. It wasn’t my choice to get knocked up in 1968 and then take a low paying job at the library that you have kept for the past 37 years. We all make choices and I guess you made yours. Also, I have way more work and way more responsibility than you. You might think that checking books in and out and getting them to the right place on the shelf is hard work, but guess what it’s not. If you want to do the budget sometime, or deal with the patrons who don’t want to pay their fines, then we can talk about a challenge. Until then, shut up and do your damn job!

To anyone else I have forgotten: If you’re not sitting quietly reading a book, magazine or newspaper, or using the Internet to do homework or research, chances are I hate you too. I’m not going to go out of my way to help you. Five years of being treated like crap by the general public have seen to that. It’s not personal, you just suck.

So basically if you are a nice, well-mannered person, welcome to the library. I’m glad that you are here. I will bend over backwards to make sure that your information needs are met. If you are a jerk, a pest, a leech, or any other kind of pariah, I will go out of my way to make sure that you leave the building as soon as possible, hopefully with some kind of police escort. You’ve been warned.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian

          NFL starter was reportedly so hammered, he unbelievably outed himself to cops   
Police, in an arrest report, said he appeared to be in bad shape,
          Even the Bigshots Get Spanked When It Comes to Stealing Material   
An April 11, 2007 AP news report out of New York details the firing of a CBS News producer for plagiarizing a story from The Wall Street Journal. It was for a Katie Couric piece about libraries. I don’t know about you, but my first inclination is to quote Homer Simpson: “D’oh!”

One might be tempted to ask “Why?” but the sad part is that it happens all the time. People get busy. They feel pressured. It’s more or less for the same reason students cheat. And, boy, do our students cheat.

According to information on the Caveon Test Security Web site, a recent survey of more than 36,000 students by the Josephson Institute illustrates the problem of cheating among students in that the majority (60%) cheated on a test during the past year, and one in three (33%) said they used the Internet to plagiarize an assignment.

Don Sorenson, Caveon’s Vice President of Marketing, writes:
According to Michael Josephson, president and founder of Josephson Institute, "The good news is that things aren’t getting any worse — the 2006 results are almost identical to those reported in 2004. The bad news is that unacceptably high rates of dishonesty have become the norm. It doesn’t bode well for the future that so many kids are entering the workforce to become the next generation of corporate executives and cops, politicians and parents, journalists, teachers, and coaches with the dispositions and skills of liars, cheaters and thieves."
See the correlation here . . . journalists are mentioned by name!
So in spite of our inclination to ask “Why?” the more important and interesting question is, “How do they expect to get away with it?!?”
Cheating takes many forms. Managers who steal ideas from their staff and take credit for them. Students who pay for others to write their papers and then pass them off as their own. People from every industry who liberally utilize the vast information available on the Web in their promo materials, articles, books, and white papers and fail to credit the sources. Authors and reporters who create fictitious stories and pass them off as “memoirs” or “news.”
People who feign injury and disability and then file pricey insurance claims – and the doctors who sign off for them.

The most obvious, though, and seemingly easy to spot, are those who plagiarize – because (a) the plagiarizers, seeming not to be the sharpest knives in the drawer, somehow tend to forget that people who watch TV also read. Or people who read one book are quite likely to read another; and (b) with easy access to the Internet, it’s only a matter of typing a few keys and tapping a few buttons before you can find out if the material has been borrowed, stolen, or pilfered.

There are those in the info products industry who feel that it’s completely kosher to pay for “public domain” articles and repackage them into your own reports, eBooks, home study courses. This is not exactly the same as plagiarizing – as public domain means no one owns the rights to the materials.
However, I always suggest to my clients that they go for original. Honestly, there are no new ideas. I’ve said this before. Unless you’re performing cutting-edge scientific or medical research or are hot on the trail of the biography of the most up-to-the-minute celeb-to-be, there will be other material out there on your subject. And depending on the subject, possibly a LOT more material. But that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t write your own stuff, and it definitely does not mean you should take someone else's ideas and call them your own. You were blessed with a brilliant brain. You’ve got insights and instincts and a perspective that are all your own.

Does the mere fact that a search on for “marketing” yields 224,868 titles mean you should not write a book about marketing? Not at all. But it does up the ante somewhat, in terms of the necessity for you to make your book stand out from the rest. New characters. A new strategy or concept. A new spin on an old strategy or concept. A very specialized and underserved niche. A creative teaching concept.
The most important thing is that you make it yours! That’s what the CBS producer forgot to do. He/she thought the borrowed story was a good idea . . . but forgot to find a new angle or a different perspective about the piece. Hell, he/she could even have taken the OPPOSITE perspective of The Wall Street Journal and created some controversy . . . good controversy . . . about libraries, no less.

Remember: it’s OK to borrow liberally if you ask permission (where necessary) and always credit your sources. Otherwise, simply look to others' concepts for inspiration, ulitmately making the final product your own. And if you have others doing research for you, be sure to double-check their matter how much you trust them. Regardless of how CBS decides to handle this situation, if YOUR name goes on a piece – whether it's writing, music, video, or visual art – if you're honest, you will admit that you've got some liability in the process that creates it.

          Venus Williams killed a guy in a car accident   
Venus Williams was at fault in a car crash two weeks ago that has now claimed the life of a 78-year-old man.

While Williams' lawyer has said in a statement that his client was not issued any "citations or traffic violations" at the time, the police report obtained by TMZ says Williams was "at fault for violating the right of way of [the other driver]".

Police spokesman Major Paul Rogers said the investigation into the June 9 crash is ongoing.

This violating the right of way of other drivers goes on all the time. Like texting or driving while on the phone - cops seem to be the only ones who don't see it.

Jerome Barson was a passenger in a car that struck Williams' 4WD, which was blocking an intersection in Palm Beach Gardens in Florida, according to the publication.

Mr Barson suffered head trauma and spent the next two weeks in ICU before succumbing to his injuries.

His wife, 68-year-old Linda Branston, was driving the vehicle and had some broken bones and other injuries, her lawyer told TMZ.

TMZ says it obtained the police report, which has contradictory statements from both parties.

Mr Barson's wife says Williams suddenly darted into the intersection and there was no time for her to stop.

Williams' lawyer Malcolm Cunningham said in a statement to CNN that his client "entered the intersection on a green light".

Cunningham stated Williams was travelling at less than 10km/h by police estimates "when Mrs Branson crashed into her".

"Authorities did not issue Ms Williams with citations or traffic violations.

"This is an unfortunate accident and Venus expressed her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one," the statement said.

Just like Laura Bush.

Not Venus' first go round with car incidents:

In September 2009, she was topped and fined for not having proof of her driver's insurance with her while driving her brand new Mercedes Benz.

Williams was issued a $116 fine, which was increased to $139 two months later due to late payment.

In July 2013, Williams was involved in a crash in Palm Beach, Florida, and later lost her licence for again failing to pay fines.


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          10 of the Biggest “What If” Scenarios in History   

The world is full of “what ifs?” What if JFK hadn’t decided to go cruising through Dallas in an open-top car? What if Gandhi had never got teed-off with the British Empire? What if we’d been wearing pants that time the cops pulled us over? That’s the nature of things: we can never truly know. […]

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          Less-than-lethal Tasers ‘were not effective’ so Seattle cops used guns to shoot 20-year-old to death   
It was the night before his college graduation and 20-year-old Tommy Le was shot and killed by police because they said that tasers “were not effective” in subduing him. The bizarre story of the student surrounds the King County Sheriff’s Office in Washington state, which received ...
          The Philando Castile Verdict is a Reminder That in America Black People are the True Walking Dead   
In my best NPR fundraising voice, I would like to thank all of you who have donated to the June fundraiser to support The Chauncey DeVega Show and my other projects. This is the last week of the fundraiser any support is greatly appreciated.

There have been some very nice acts of generosity and kindness to get the fundraiser to this goal. Thank you emails are forthcoming. If you can and are willing--and have the means to do so--any donation into the virtual collection plate that can be found via the Paypal link on the right-hand side of the screen would mean a great deal.


In America, driving while black can be a death sentence.

Last summer Philando Castile was driving his car in the suburb of Falcon Heights, outside St. Paul, Minnesota, when he was stopped by a police officer over a broken taillight — and also because Castile’s big, black, wide nose made him “look like a suspect” in a felony case. Castile calmly and politely answered Officer Jeronimo Yanez’s questions and then volunteered, per the requirements of the law, that he was a registered gun owner and had the weapon in his possession.

Following Yanez’s directives, Castile then tried to show the officer his identification. At that moment, Yanez was apparently overcome by Negrophobia and shot Castile five times. Castile’s girlfriend and child were in the car when this happened. Diamond Reynolds recorded the killing of her boyfriend and father of their child in real time, transmitting the images of his violent death via Facebook Live so millions of people could bear witness to the de facto lynching of another innocent black man by American police. Reynolds was then handcuffed and put in the back of a police patrol car, along with her child.

Where was the National Rifle Association? It does not care if a black gun owner is killed by the police.

Where is the FBI and the Department of Justice? Under Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the police are encouraged and protected in their violence against black and brown people.

Where is the outrage from White America? There is none or at any rate not enough. The police are enforcers of the color line and in that role protect “good” white folks from “bad” black and brown people. If innocent black and brown people are killed in the process, such an outcome is merely an inconvenience. Given America’s bloody history along the color line, it would not be the first time that the suffering and death of black people has been used to pay the psychological and material wages of whiteness.

Where are the bloviators who shouted, “All Lives Matter!” Of course they are silent — if not actually celebrating the killing of Castile and the exoneration of Yanez. “All Lives Matter” was always just an updated and more polite version of saying “White power!” or perhaps “Sieg Heil!”

Where are the “white allies” who oppose racism? There are a few but not enough. As has been true from before the founding of the republic to the present, white people of conscience are rare in America.

Last week a jury found Yanez not guilty for his killing of Castile. Like so many other police officers, Yanez had mastered a simple phrase that almost always exonerates them for killing a person of color. All an officer ever has to say is some version of “I was afraid for my life,” and murder by cop becomes legal.
This grotesque system of American justice was shown to be even more twisted and wrong when a second video recording of Yanez’s encounter with Castile was released to the public on Tuesday. Here, the camera does not lie. Recorded from his police car, Yanez is shown to be a reckless coward who shoots Castile dead about 40 seconds after first speaking with him. In essence, Officer Yanez decided to play the role of the Grim Reaper. After revealing that he was a lawfully armed black man out in public, there was little if anything that Castile could do to avoid being shot dead.

This second video is a reminder of what black Americans (and some others) already know.

In America, being a black person is an existential condition that provokes and legitimizes violence against you.

In America, a gun is as a magical totem and fetish object that is inseparable from white masculinity, white manhood, white citizenship and a near monopoly by whites on lawful violence, especially against nonwhites. Black Americans are excluded from that compact, virtually by definition.

In America, black people are the walking dead when they encounter a police officer. In his book “Slavery and Social Death,” the sociologist Orlando Patterson observed:
The condition of slavery did not absolve or erase the prospect of death. Slavery was not a pardon; it was, peculiarly, a conditional commutation. The execution was suspended only as long as the slave acquiesced in his powerlessness. The master was essentially a ransomer. What he bought or acquired was the slave’s life, and restraints on the master’s capacity wantonly to destroy his life did not undermine his claim on that life. Because the slave had no socially recognized existence outside of his master, he became a social nonperson.
These insights about “persons” and “nonpersons,” power, life and death apply to black people and their interactions with the police in post-civil rights era America as well.

The legal murders of Philando Castile, Sylville Smith, Charleena Lyles, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown and so many others by America’s police and their allies is why the slogan “Black Lives Matter!” is both a demand for justice as well as an affirmation of the value of black folks’ lives.

The stress of living in a country where police violence and other types of institutional white supremacy are daily threats to their collective well-being largely explains why black Americans die at such disproportionate rates from diseases like heart disease and strokes. Racial battle fatigue is lethal.

State-sponsored violence against Philando Castile and other black people is why NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was correct to observe that America’s police can trace their origins to the slave patrols of the antebellum United States and too often act in the spirit of that lineage today.

Black Americans are not crazy, deranged, deluded, overly sensitive, lying or confused when they tell white people that the country’s police are racist and that the legal system is unjust and biased. For white Americans to believe otherwise, as recent public opinion surveys suggest they do, requires is willful denial, delusional thinking and cultivated ignorance. Even when confronted by the video and photographic evidence of police thuggery and violence against black and brown people, many millions of white Americans will convince themselves that cops are to be given the “benefit of the doubt.”

Ultimately, why is police thuggery and violence against black and brown Americans so common? On a basic level, this is the system working precisely as designed. White Americans, as a group, more or less go along with it. The verdict in the Philando Castile case should in no way come as a surprise. But this fact makes the outcome no less outrageous.
          TELEPORTING AWAY FROM JASON! (Friday the 13th The Game Funny Moments)   

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          Apoorva and wife Shilpa Agnihotri plus Rahul Sharma arrested at rave party   
Mumbai: The news of police’s raid at the rave party in Mumbai, where the celebrities and the cricketers were arrested along with many others, has been making the bigger rounds of the web and the media. The news went viral and the people are getting glued to the web to learn the updates. Among the arrested celebs and the other people, famed TV couple Apoorva Agnihotri and his wife Shilpa were also caught and taken along with the police on Sunday night when the cops raided at the suburban hotel in Mumbai city. Police raided at the rave party when
          Wisp S01 WEBRip x264-iNSPiRiT   
When a deranged serial killer torments a small town, two detectives, one a rookie, one a veteran, come together in an unlikely alliance. As the two cops soon learn, the killer they’re following is about to lead them into a twisted sequence of events darker than anything they’ve experienced before. Links: HOMEPAGE – iMDB Wisp.S01.WEBRip.x264-iNSPiRiT […]
          Man Allegedly Called in Bomb Threat to Cops from Police Lobby   
According to authorities, Oklahoma man Michael Prince Myers didn't make a bomb threat in the most foolproof fashion.
          Undocumented Immigrant to Win $190K Settlement After Cops Gave Him Up to ICE   
The city of San Francisco could pay up after a local cop told federal authorities about an undocumented immigrant.
          Venus Williams Blamed for Fatal Crash, Report Says   
Tennis star Venus Williams is responsible for a fatal car crash on June 9 that left the other driver a widow, cops said.
          Perp Shows Cops “Get Out of Jail Free” Card, Does Not Get Out of Jail Free   

Well, it was worth a shot, right?

The post Perp Shows Cops “Get Out of Jail Free” Card, Does Not Get Out of Jail Free appeared first on Made Man.

          Posar ordre per donar valor a la Sanitat Pública   
Malgrat l’encara relativa bon salut de la sanitat pública espanyola, sempre que les retallades en forma de cops de destral pressupostaris no l’acabin desestabilitzant a curt termini, el seu pronòstic [...]
          MauiTime Publisher appeals traffic stop photography arrest case to Hawaii Supreme Court   

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly five years since two Maui Police Officers arrested MauiTime Publisher Tommy Russo (on Nov. 20, 2012) when he was photographing them on Haleakala Highway during a traffic stop. The Prosecuting Attorney’s office charged him with failure to comply with police officers and disorderly conduct (the cops’ original charges […]

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          another one bites the dust   

Our yard has been teeming with wildlife this spring and summer. There's a family of foxes - including two baby foxes, who we often see romping and rolling in our yard on weekend mornings. I haven't been able to get a picture of them, but fox kits are just about the cutest things I've ever seen. Gravy and Banjo disagree. I'm surprised they haven't broken a window in their rage that these critters are playing in their yard! I've seen the vixen almost every day over the pasts few weeks, too. And the bunnies! SO MANY BUNNIES. Bunnies, bunnies, everywhere.

I've watched three bunnies zip around our yard chasing each other, and then witnessed two of them doing unspeakable things in the bushes. (Making more bunnies!) I've watched tiny baby bunnies - some the size of hamsters, some the size of guinea pigs, hopping across our patio on a daily basis. They are fearless and clueless and sometimes get within two feet of me. I've tried to scare them off to prevent bloodshed. With a greyhound and a coonhound constantly patrolling our backyard, I suppose it was only a matter of time before the inevitable occurred. I only wish it hadn't happened right in front of me!

Unfortunately, it's time for more haikus.

Dear Rabbits, I tried
to warn you about the beasts.
Our yard is not safe.

Why do you come here?
Two eighty pound dogs wait to
kill you with their mouths. 

Hippity hopping
Baby bunnies everywhere
No sense of danger.

From flat dog to fast 
dog. Gravy is built for speed.
Zero to fifty.

Greyhound on the loose.
Run bunny, run for your life! 
Oh no, you're too slow!

Lounging on my chair,
drinking a beer. Gravy runs.
Baby bunny dies.

A flash of red fur,
Gnashing teeth in the flowers.
RIP bunny.

In a split second
Gravy runs, grabs, and kills it.
Apex predator.

A murderous scene
Happens in my own backyard
Cold-blooded killer.

There's fur in his teeth
Now he has a taste for blood
Let's catch another!

Scream bloody murder.
That was me yelling at dogs.
Please don't call the cops.

Yard full of babies.
So tiny and sweet. Gravy
chews on bunny meat.

A summer's evening.
Peaceful, calm. Interrupted
by canine killers.

Mother Nature, so
cruel. I did not need a
front row seat for that.

Woke up the next day.
More baby bunnies in the
yard. They never learn.

I confess that I only watched the first episode of Netflix' Making a Murderer non-fiction series. I didn't think the documentary was that well done, and had no great interest in watching ten hours of this story: its premise was that Steven Avery, wrongfully convicted of a rape and imprisoned for 18 years, was also wrongfully convicted of the rape-murder of Teresa Halbach subsequent to his release, and that police planted evidence to convict him. I am well aware of how venal human nature can be, and I am certainly aware of corrupt cops, but I found it hard to believe that men who had long-time honorable careers would suddenly risk those careers, as well as jail time, just because Avery filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit -- after all, whatever money judgment he received would have come from the taxpayers, not out of the pockets of those law enforcement officials. It would also mean that the "real" killer would get away with a ghastly crime, and be left free to attack and murder more innocent women. I don't buy it. Yet, apparently the prosecutor in the original rape case knew of Avery's innocence and did nothing to stop his conviction ... Two recent books look at the Teresa Halbach murder and the Netflix documentary about Steven Avery.

AVERY: The Case Against Steven Avery and What Making a Murderer Gets Wrong. Ken Kratz with Peter Wilkinson. Foreword by Nancy Grace. Benbella; 2017.

Ken Krartz, the prosecutor on the case, intelligently explains how the documentary, which can hardly be accused of objectivity, distorted or withheld key facts so that Avery would seem innocent. Kratz, who was disgraced when he foolishly sexted a crime victim, received death threats not for that behavior, but because he supposedly prosecuted an innocent man. Many of these hateful messages, I believe, are generated by criminal types who hate the police and the justice system.

Avery makes a strong case that Steven Avery was guilty as sin, Kratz may make excuses for his reprehensible behavior -- the old sexual addiction ploy -- but that doesn't mean his case against Avery isn't solid. Avery built up a lot of hate over those 18 years in jail, and although he only succeeded in screwing up his own life even more, he took out his hatred on a perfectly innocent woman. With all the hoopla over the documentary, it's sad that the victim, Teresa Halbach, has been almost forgotten.

Verdict: The other side of the story. ***.

INDEFENSIBLE: The Missing Truth About Steven Avery, Tersa Halbach, and Making a Murderer. Michael Griesbach. Kensington; 2016.

Michael Griesbach is a prosecutor, but he did not work on the Steven Avery murder trial. He found it hard to believe that police officers he greatly respected would have framed Avery for murder, but he was troubled by much of what he saw in Making a Murderer -- until he dug deeper and discovered how the documentary withheld information and used editing tricks to support their theory that Avery was innocent. Grisbach is unsparing in his condemnation of the men who allowed Avery to be (in this case) wrongly convicted of the original rape charge, but he intelligently and astutely makes the case for Avery's murder of Teresa Halbach. Griesbach allows that there might have been mistakes made, such as in the interrogation of Avery's nephew, but point by point he exposes Making a Murderer's inaccuracies (to put it mildly) and the fact that the documentary leaves out much information that would point towards Avery's obvious guilt. Indefensible is an eye-opener.

Verdict: Possibly the final word on Steven Avery. ***1/2.

          Multiple people shot at New York's Bronx Lebanon #Hospital, cops say: Live updates   
6:05 p.m. Witnesses to a shooting at New York's Bronx Lebanon Hospital are describing chaos and panic as they barricaded themselves inside the hospital during the gunman's rampage. "I thought I was going to die," said Renaldo Del Villar, a 55-year-old ...
          The Suicide of Western Civilization Part 1: Secular Causes   
The current "refugee crisis" has two fronts on which it needs to be fought, and I don't mean to the side or benefit of the "refugees". And yes, I do mean fought, in that the lies and deceit which have infested our society are leading us down the pathway to suicide, and to avert the death and torture of innocents we will need to be discerning and decisive and win in the philosophical battle of ideas.

Physical violence always follows intellectual violence, and giving up in the latter ensures the former.

The first front is secular, the second front is religious in nature, but both hit on similar philosophical problems, because much of modern Christianity has been infested with the same flawed secular philosophy that our culture at large suffers from, and that wasn't accidental.

The secular angle is apparently based on the following chain of logic:

1) People are in trouble in another country.
2) It is our responsibility to eliminate troubles in other countries.
3) We cannot stop the trouble happening in the other country.
4) We cannot rely on any other country to stop the trouble from happening.
5) We must take the people out of their country and into ours which does not have the same trouble.

I am certain that different spins on these basic premises could be made, but these are what look to me to be the secular underpinnings of the current media push in regards to the "refugee crisis". I'll now go over the problems with each premise stated above.

1) People are in trouble in another country.

Seriously, why does anyone believe that there is a problem in Syria? Is it because you saw it on the news? The same news that gets caught lying regularly? The same media that lies to you about things happening in your own country you expect to be honest about things happening in other countries? The media which is owned by a small handful of companies and has often published articles with the same content and claims within minutes of each other? The media which has been caught staging bodies (dead or alive) for photo shoots to intentionally play on people's emotions and drive page views?

The plain fact of the matter is that you don't actually know what is going on in Syria any more than you do one city or state over unless you are in direct contact with someone in Syria. Everything you have heard about and seen in the mainstream media can be fabricated and lied about, you would never know the difference, and you would never have the ability to verify it.

Most folks should be aware by now that the TV shows you are watching aren't the "product" being sold in exchange for your monthly subscription fees, it's targeted advertisement space, and that's where TV networks really make most of their money, and why actual viewership matters more than just subscribers. This is true whether it's a soap opera, a sitcom, or the nightly news. The reason they have commercial breaks is to pay the bills, and to pay the bills better they need you to be motivated to stick around to watch the commercial space they sold. Everything you see on TV is intended to get you to keep watching it.

This is why services like YouTube and Hulu sell advertisement space in their videos, and showing ads more and more often than when they first started offering their services, because "free services" need to pay to keep the lights on. They'll offer a subscription to remove the ads, or some of them, but they are basically just taking the same advertisement model TV used and putting it on the internet. They get people hooked on the content and service, and now they'll sell your eyeballs to advertisers to keep the business going.

So if the primary mechanism that you use to get informed does not actually have any interest in educating you, but only entertaining you to keep selling ad space, why would you trust anything that they tell you that you cannot verify yourself?

I don't know if there's actually a civil war going on in Syria or not. CGI and makeup effects are better than ever, and I am sometimes incapable of telling the difference between what is real and what is not. So anytime an assertion is made that I cannot verify, it should be viewed with great suspicion, especially when it comes packaged with "here's why you should do something, and what you should do".

2) It is our responsibility to eliminate troubles in other countries.

Interventionism breeds chaos, because humans cannot reliably predict the future.

Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and/or delusional.

Oh sure, on simple things like me stopping someone from touching a live electrical wire, I can claim that I know the immediate and direct outcome of my actions - that being that I stopped someone from touching the live electrical wire.

I cannot even begin to fathom all of the subsequent indirect effects for apparently saving that person's life, but could I really say that my action saved their life? Perhaps in the moment before they touched the wire, the power was shut off. Or they may have been wearing protective gloves that insulated them from being shocked and I just hadn't noticed them. Or perhaps they do get shocked but it isn't life threatening. Or any other variation of things that could have happened that I couldn't have predicted.

Now, does this mean I never intervene just because I can't perceive or predict everything accurately? No! It just means my intervention should be backed up by good solid reasons, as it cannot be an intrinsically "good" or "correct" action all by itself. It is not self-justifying. I cannot intervene merely for the sake of intervention, I need to have a good solid reason to do so.

Did the USA have a good reason then to intervene in the affairs and politics of the Middle East during the Bush and Obama years? Turns out that is a resounding NOPE.

Does the USA have some responsibility to clean up the mess it has made? YES.

Is that something the USA should be doing on its own? NO, and for the exact same reasons that the original interventions were not correct. These people we messed with do not believe as we do, do not value the same things we do, and so forcing our ideals on them as a solution to the problem caused by our ideals is just plain old colonial tyranny, which we're supposed to be busy feeling guilty about.

The USA should be partnering with the nations in the region to clean up the mess it made, but oops, those other countries in the region are taking advantage of the power struggle and have stabbed all efforts to work together in the back to benefit themselves as much as possible.

This is the part where the USA then has to wash its hands and walk away. We can only work together to try and fix a problem when folks want the problem fixed. If the locals embrace and prefer the chaos, it is not our responsibility to correct them via political or military means, and we should stop spending money and lives trying to fix a problem that nobody actually wants fixed.

3) We cannot stop the trouble happening in the other country.

This one should be shorter. We cannot fix the problem because the people don't want the problem fixed in the way we want to fix it. Our efforts are undermined, our money wasted, our soldiers lives put at risk for no good reason.

The problem is human nature, and since we cannot change human nature, the problem literally cannot ever go away. Because the problem cannot ever go away, but can manifest in many different ways, it becomes an infinite source for reasons to motivate any sort of action, like intervention.

The same leftist lies that remove the responsibility for the citizen and place it in government's hands (childcare, education, healthcare, employment, etc) are now being applied to people in other countries. The corruption here at home is sufficiently complete, so we must now spread the infection elsewhere, and get those other people believing the same lies.

We cannot stop the trouble because we identified human nature as the trouble and then refused to address the reality of making an intrinsic part of humanity the enemy of "progress".

4) We cannot rely on any other country to stop the trouble from happening.

This one is shorter still because something we can't solve ever obviously can't be solved by anyone else ever, so again, it becomes a wellspring to justify actions which would otherwise never be justifiable. This also makes inaction on the part of other countries somehow justifiable, especially if they are not perceived to be as well off as the USA, even if they are actually rich and are in closer proximity and share the same religion (like Iran or Saudi Arabia).

5) We must take the people out of their country and into ours which does not have the same trouble.

Now, even after all of this leaping without looking, we then have the jump from providing reasons for us specifically to provide aid, straight to the only apparent method we can use to provide aid. Think about that. How often does a problem have only one solution? Why are people who recommend other solutions not being heard or being called "racist"?

Ignoring that Syria is "war torn" because of a civil war and not some external conflict, all the sudden we have to just extricate everyone who will come, as opposed to setting up controlled areas in Syria where violence is not occurring. This is considerably less expensive than importing them and putting them on government aid, and thus allows us to help more people at the same time, yet just like how getting government out of marriage altogether was never on the table when it came to homosexual marriage licenses, we're told by the people who are paid to entertain us so we watch commercials that our only solution is to import them here, bypass our immigration laws and processes (like medical quarantine), and immediately get these people on taxpayer funded aid. We aren't told there are other options and so people presume there aren't any.

Here's the thing though, even with just that at face value, in almost every city that these "refugees" are placed in with government housing, there are already homeless and poor people who are being ignored. We already have folks who are living in abject poverty that need our help, but apparently unless the people we are helping will make us feel better about ourselves, we just can't be bothered.

This is a demonstration of "virtue signalling". Virtue signalling is when you are claiming to do or support something that would otherwise be charitable or good, but then also trying to reap the social benefits of doing so. It's pure arrogance. It's a big show of "look how good of a person I am for helping these poor people. WORSHIP AND VALUE ME."

Combine that with the "victim culture" where people who are bored and incompetent try to find ways to become a victim so that other people can feel good about taking care of them. In the same way that a person 50 years ago "felt good" about helping an old lady cross the street, folks today want to be the old lady, and instead of just across the street, they want their entire lifestyle paid for by someone else. To do that, you have to make up things that would otherwise disable you, and then beg society for support, and get recognized as a victim in need of help.

"I can't do , but if I claim they didn't hire me because I am (insert victim class here) , and shame them publicly, they'll hire me to end the public scrutiny."

This works every time, because people love joining the mob to attack what they think is a "bad guy". They don't stop to think about whether the "bad guy" is actually bad, they want the good feelings that come from the social acceptance of participating in a group, and so you see otherwise normal people performing horrible atrocities when they get in groups just to remain in the group. For the same reason that people like to advertise something good that they did, people like joining in on punishing "bad" people, because punishing "bad" people is an unequivocal "good", and you wouldn't want to exclude someone from feeling good, right?

But remember, the real problem was human nature, which still exists in this country as much as any other. This is why the same people who will tell you we need gun control and only cops need guns also talk about police brutality and the racism in law enforcement. They will talk about affirmative action and diversity as being necessary in the workplace, but then decry the fate of failing companies who did not actually produce anything because they were too busy being diverse as as failure of "the market".

The "problem" we are trying to get people away from is still here and in full force, with the same infinite manifestations and in turn justifications for action. We can say that some percentage of a percentage of people not being able to use the bathroom they want is a horrible injustice and yet murder millions of unborn babies every year without batting an eyelash. The problem is the same in all of these circumstances, but people don't want to blame anything that might reflect on themselves poorly, so they will do anything possible to avoid blaming human nature explicitly.

Folks then demand evidence and reason to change their mind on some topic without realizing that evidence and reason were never part of them having made up their mind in the first place. They've been manipulated through their emotions and desires, and manipulated so well that they believe it came from themselves.

This is how the current narrative then gets to where it is:

The USA has a responsibility to help people in a different country because of a problem we created but cannot solve, so we must expend resources on behalf of the people in the other country because they are bigger victims than the poor and homeless we have in our own country, and we will collectively feel better about supporting them than if we helped our neighbors because these people are the bigger victims.

So, what happens when you have an illogical, immoral narrative that requires huge assumptions that don't survive scrutiny which you need to get political support behind? You give people a religion which is also illogical and immoral, so you can pretend that your narrative has support not only of Government, but God.

If people won't trust the Government, they'll trust God, right?

To be continued in Part 2: Religious Causes.
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What would you do if you knew you were about to be arrested? Would you give yourself up peacefully? Would you try to run? Would you plead? Would you... pretend to be constipated? Guess which one this week's perp derp picked.

According to the folks at WAVE-TV, Myra Cook was at the University of Louisville Hospital when police showed up to let her know that she would be arrested for drug charges upon discharge. This put Cook into a panic, but she quickly came up with a foolproof plan—or so she thought. She told the officers she needed to use the bathroom before being ushered off to jail. The officer found this to be reasonable and allowed her to go.

After about an hour, she peeked out of the bathroom to let the officers know that she was constipated and her arrest was going to have to wait. But the officer was having none of it and told her she had another minute before she would be charged with resisting arrest as well. So Cook improvised by faking a seizure. This did not go well, and she was ultimately sedated. Even after being sedated, she was not going to jail without a fight—it took seven cops just to get her into a police car! To be fair, being constipated can make you rather cranky.

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The Lies We Tell by Theresa SchwegelThe Lies We Tell by Theresa Schwegel is a compelling crime novel about imperfect people struggling against all odds―and this time, against the very people who are supposed to help (available July 3, 2017).

Raising her young niece on her own, Gina hides her disease; she can’t afford to lose her job. Anyway, she is healthier than most of the cops she knows, and greatly appreciates the responsibility of caring for a child.

But Gina's secret is threatened when a colleague calls her in to help trace a suspect: Johnny Marble has added to his rap sheet with an assault charge—this time against his mother. When Gina pays a visit to the mom in the hospital and winds up running into—and after—Marble, she finds herself in a physical confrontation she can’t possibly win. He gets away, and Gina is faced with an impossible situation. She has to find him, but knows doing so means turning in the one person who knows the true story of what happened. After all, now that he's seen her fight, Johnny Marble can reveal her deepest secret to the police department.

Though alone in her struggle, Gina isn’t alone in her search: in addition to a loyal partner, there is a curious detective and an entire force of coworkers on the hunt. And she’s sympathetic to Marble’s mother, a woman who is losing her mind to Alzheimer’s. Still, Gina fears the fallout: she has no idea how will she keep her own world intact once Marble is found and the truth is out.

[Read an excerpt from The Lies We Tell...]

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Tuesday 4 July 2017
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Friday 7 July 2017
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