Running Webpack on AWS Lambda   
AWS Lambda, but more importantly the serverless ecosystem, is changing the way we can create and think our softwares on the cloud. With serverless we can really focus on coding our service more than worrying about the infrastructure. Serverless is not useful in any occasion but there is a wide range of situation where using … Continue reading Running Webpack on AWS Lambda
          Programming with Glitch: microservices and serverless computing   

LgbNpkq 400x400Yes, this post is indeed an attempt to fit as many buzzwords that I don't really understand into the title. I've been playing around with Glitch, which is a delightful project from Fog Creek (makers of Trello and co-creators of Stack Overflow).

On first glance Glitch looks weirdly retro, and it took a little while for me to get the hang of things. Bit it's fun and very powerful. Basically it's a place where you can start creating web apps in your browser, and each app is automatically hosted online. If you see an app that you like you can see the source code (just like you can see HTML using "view source" in your browser). if you want to hack on the code you can simply create a copy and it's yours to play with (this is called "remixing", like forking on GitHub). Your copy gets a cute name (possibly annoyingly cute) and away you go.

If you're a developer, then at this point you're probably wondering what is actually happening under the hood. Each Glitch app is a node.js app, which means you're programming in Javascript (you can just use HTML and client side Javascript if you want to avoid node.js). I'm very new to node.js, so Glitch has been a fun way to experiment.

There are two things which make Glitch very powerful. The first is the "remix" feature. Don't know where to start? Find an app that looks like it might do something you want to do, remix it, and hack away. The code is edited online, and the editor works very well. It also checks your code for Javascript errors as you type, which is helpful (usually).

The second great feature is that you get built in hosting for free. As soon as you remix an app you have a functioning web site. Remixing is very like forking in GitHub, and if you're running node.js on your local machine then the benefits of Glitch might not seem obvious. But hosting is often a pain, either you need to set up your own servers, or use a hosting service. Glitch takes care of this for you, so your app is instantly available for others to use.

So, what can you do with Glitch? There's some great examples on the Glitch site, but I want to show an almost trivial example. I've created an app called "enchanting-bongo" (yes, the name is a bit irritating) that does one simple thing. You give it a DOI for an article and enchanting-bongo tells you whether any of the authors of that work have an ORCID. For example, try the DOI 10.3897/zookeys.555.6173. Why did I write this? I'm interested in ways to link people to the work that they've done, especially work that ends up being aggregated in large-scale biodiversity databases like GBIF (see Possible project: #itaxonomist, combining taxonomic names, DOIs, and ORCID to measure taxonomic impact).

Screenshot 2017 05 31 17 09 32

The app does one thing. It takes the DOI and calls the ORCID API to see if anyone has claimed authorship of the paper with that DOI. You can use the app with a web browser, or you can use an HTTP client and call the API (e.g.,

Glitch is an example of servers computing, where you don't have to worry about physical servers or the software infrastructure that runs on them (e.g., the web server itself), you just write code. Like any buzzword, there is some pushback, see for example What Is “Serverless”? An Alternative Take, but for a fascinating essay I recommend Why the fuss about serverless?. But the notion that I can simply hack away on some code and have an instantly available web app is very attractive.

The other buzzword is "microservices". I'm forever needing to do tasks such as find a DOI for a paper, match a "microcitation" to the enclosing article, locate a specimen in GBIF based on catalogue number in a paper, parse some text into structured data, such as a reference, geographic coordinates, etc. These are tools that I need in lots of contexts, and I've written software to do this on my machine, often as part of larger projects. "Microservices" is the idea that instead of large, monolithic apps we write a series of minimal tools that typically do one thing, and do it well. We then chain the together to do various tasks. Having small tools means that we can treat each problem independently, and if the tools communicate over the web (HTTP) then it doesn't matter what programming language we use. I've started thinking more and more about adopting this model and developing a bunch of small services to perform many of the tasks I need. Hosting these services then becomes in issue, I have web servers in my office but they are a pain to maintain (my university is forever insisting that I upgrade their software), so cloud-based hosting seems the obvious way forward. Free-hosting looks ideal, so Glitch is looking very attractive.

So, I'm hoping to experiment more with this approach. One thing I might do is create a series of services very like enchanting-bongo, have a simple web interface and an API that the web interface calls. That way users can play with it in their web browser, then call the service via the API if it does something useful. As a more sophisticated example of a service, I'm working on tools to parse Wikispecies reference strings, and link specimen codes to records in GBIF.

One reason I'm enthusiastic about Glitch is that it is fun!. Some of the best shifts in technology that I've made have been because a tool made something easy and fun to do. For example, CouchDB made working with structured data fun, and that was a revelation (databases, fun, surely not). Fun is a much neglected characteristic of the tools we use.

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          (USA-WA-Seattle) Senior Product Marketing Manager - Serverless   
Do you wake up in the morning excited about what cloud computing can do for customers of all shapes and sizes? Are you excited to be able to explain the benefits and capabilities of serverless architectures to customers? Do you have a passion for helping customers understand how serverless technology can make a big difference to their businesses? Do you have a knack for creating high quality marketing deliverables that crisply convey value propositions? Are you one of those rare technologists as comfortable working with engineering team as talking with a journalist? The Amazon Web Services Product Marketing team is hiring! Serverless architectures allow you to build and run applications and services without having to manage infrastructure. Your application still runs on servers, but all the server management is done by AWS. You no longer have to provision, scale, and maintain servers to run your applications, databases, and storage systems. You will have the opportunity to define the strategy for how we communicate to our customers about the core services, AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway, that support these architectures. You will be responsible for defining our positioning and messaging to customers, creating the most compelling content to help customers understand the use cases and value propositions, and building the right programs to increase awareness and adoption. You will also work the engineering teams to shape the product vision and prioritize features. You’ll get to work on a growing business and have a big impact every day. Here are some other qualities we are looking for: Be great fun to work with. At Amazon Web Services, we have a credo of “Work hard. Have fun. Make history”. In this role, you will love what you do, and instinctively know how to make work fun. You will be technical and creative, and willing to take on any challenge and make a big impact. Enjoy communicating with customers of all shapes and sizes. You will have a passion for helping customers of all shapes and sizes, from hot start-ups to established enterprises understand how our services can help take their applications to the next level. Have an unbridled passion for technology. In 2015, AWS launched more than 700 new features and services, and we are continuing to innovate at a rapid pace. The ideal candidate will be passionate about technology and helping articulate the most complex technical concepts in simple terms that make sense to customers. Roles and Responsibilities + Own the development of all value propositions, core content, marketing, and go-to-market strategies for AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway + Lead the definition and delivery of our programs to engage with customers + Crafting & developing compelling audience-specific messages and tools (demos, reference architectures, whitepapers, presentations, how to guides, etc.) + Disseminate guidance and best practices for serverless architectures at events, meetups, and conferences + Measure and analyze opportunities to improve our developer programs and innovate new ones + Work with the engineering teams to distill key functionality and benefits into core product marketing messages and define, track, and meet customer engagement goals + Work effectively across AWS with groups such as sales, business development, recruiting, evangelists to achieve business goals + Build and maintain positive relationships with industry analysts + 4+ years of relevant work experience in fields such as product marketing, technical pre-sales, technology investment banking, management consulting, or product management + A Bachelors degree in marketing, business, technology, or relevant field of study such as computer science + Demonstrated ability in launching and growing innovative technology products + A career path that demonstrates increasing levels of responsibility and a knack for driving and/or being associated with benchmark industry products/services + Ability to easily transition from high level strategic thinking to creative and detailed execution + The demonstrated ability to work independently and autonomously + Superior oral and written communication skills + The candidate must also be a strong leader and excellent communicator who can drive consensus and articulate program recommendations and tradeoffs to senior executives + MBA and/or computer science, engineering, technology background is preferred + 3+ years of software development or solutions architecture experience + 3+ years experience leading cross-functional software projects + 3+ years experience actively engaging in developer communities, through blogs, forums, conferences, or other developer-focused sites + Experience with launching new and disruptive services preferred AMZR Req ID: 552517 External Company URL:
          Can't load .so file in AWS   

Hello everyone

I try to upload lambda function using serverless, and call it.
In the function, A so file is loaded, but it didn't work correctly,
The .so file is downloaded from S3, and saved in tmp.

Error message is follow:

/tmp/ /tmp/ ELF load command past end of
file: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /tmp/ /tmp/
ELF load command past end of file

I want to know reason of error, and way to remove it.

Best regards,


          Access/get query parameters in aws lambda function   

regarding binary
check this:
The important steps are to
- to register binary media types (that's not possible with serverless - you either need to do this manually or use some plugin)
- to send a "Content-Type" request-header with one of the registered binary media types as value
- decode the base64 encoded body, manually

regarding the timeout:
- Spring Boot is a probably a little heavy... try to unregister everything that's not really required (add some logging to see where you actually waste the time)
- increase the timeout of your lambda function to 60s

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SYS-CON Events announced today that TechTarget has been named “Media Sponsor” of SYS-CON's 21st International Cloud Expo, which will take place on Oct 31 – Nov 2, 2017, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. TechTarget storage websites are the best online information resource for news, tips and expert advice for the storage, backup and disaster recovery markets.

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          (USA-WA-Redmond) Program Manager 2   
Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise division is looking for a Senior Program Manager to work with us on the next generation of mobile developer services and tools. With industry-leading services like HockeyApp, Xamarin Insights, Xamarin Test Cloud, CodePush, Azure Mobile App Services and Mobile Center, our continued investment in tools for “Any developer. Any app. Any platform” has never been more alive. We are uniquely positioned to reshape the market. If you want to be part of shaping the future of mobile development at Microsoft, come join us. For this role, we are looking for a passionate leader to help define our Azure MBaaS strategy. You’ll be working on services related to serverless computing (Azure Functions), structured data (tables), Identity (AAD B2C), File Storage and more. If you are passionate about mobile, excited by learning, thrive in an ever-changing environment and – above all – love to build great products using customer feedback, then we want to hear from you! We need a talented, multi-disciplinary program manager who’s able to combine empathetic customer listening with sharp development and writing skills to reach iOS, Android, and Windows developers on a global scale. If you’re interested in making a big splash among the development community, then this position will give you the opportunity to innovate, solve tough problems and engage with mobile developers on the daily. Job responsibilities include: • Deliver a successful, and well-loved user experience informed by customer feedback, market research and usage data. Personally engage with a breadth of customers to gather both technical and business requirements, help unblock and onboard customers and partners onto the platform • Distill customer, market and business insights into long-term strategies comprised of end-to-end scenarios based on deep customer and competitive insights. • Drive delivery of end-to-end scenarios within releases working within the component engineering teams and partner teams to ensure deliverables align with customers’ needs. • Analyze the COGS of feature areas including ensuring alignment with key KPIs for improving the profitability of product areas. • Be the face of both your own scenario and Mobile Center at-large by presenting at public forums and community events, and publish technical papers to educate customers about Mobile Center features. • Contribute to successful partnerships inside the company (e.g. cross-divisional collaboration) to create more compelling developer workflows and outside the company (e.g. other tool-makers) to achieve success and scale. • Actively and successfully drive customer adoption, success and deep engagement with developer tools and services. • Craft measurable product hypotheses and test them through experimentation. • Perform competitive analysis and customer research to better understand how the value props delivered in your feature area compare to the marketplace. • Act as “Product Owner” for your feature area by establishing a vision, defining measurable goals, and tracking progress through quick iteration. • Influence management and broad features teams to the benefit of our customers and the business. • Enable the feature team to iterate quickly by removing obstacles, sharing new information as it becomes available, and engineering consensus among stakeholders. Successful candidates will have: • 5+ years of experience in customer-focused feature design • 5+years of technical program management or development experience • 5+ years collaborating across teams and functional areas • Knowledge of mobile development (e.g. iOS, Android, Xamarin, React Native) • Record of successfully developing strong relationships and successfully managing complex, cross discipline projects • A history of relationship-building, process management, measured accountability, project management, collaboration and operational support. • In depth, working knowledge of PM lifecycle processes is a must (ITLC, Waterfall, Scrum, etc). • Demonstrated experience successfully influencing technical product design and UX design based on feedback from customers • Strong technical problem solving skills • Great cross-group collaboration skills • Relentless drive for results • Excellent written & oral communication skills • BS or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field. • Strong sense of teamwork Basic Qualifications: • 1+ years in technical software program management • 1+ years with Agile methodologies • 1+ years collaborating across teams and functional areas • 1+ years in modern web and/or mobile technologies • BS or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field. Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, ancestry, color, family or medical care leave, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, national origin, physical or mental disability, political affiliation, protected veteran status, race, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws, regulations and ordinances. If you need assistance and/or a reasonable accommodation due to a disability during the application or the recruiting process, please send a request to Program management (engineering)
          How to deploy sails.js in aws lambda function ?   
i want to deploy my existing sails.js project in lambda function but i don't know how i this point of time my project running in EC2 but i want to migrate from ec2 to lambda for serverless. can please guid me how i do.
          Re: AWS::Serverless::Api generates additional stage   
Known bug. See for more details.
          (USA-DE-Dover) Tech Lead, Development & Architecture   
**Tech Lead, Development & Architecture** Location **US-Remote (United States)** Job ID **11872** Apply Now **Overview:** This position may be filled by an engineer who is remote or on-site, but will report to the technology organization in our Chicago, IL office and will require periodic travel to our Chicago office. As a Tech Lead, Development & Architecture at OpinionLab, you will work closely with other highly skilled engineers and architects to maintain, design and build the next-generation of our SaaS VoC platform. Your expertise building and managing scalable cloud hosted systems with open source components and tools will be critical in this role. To join our team, you must embrace and thrive in a collaborative, fast paced, team oriented environment that focuses on delighting our customers via high-quality, innovative solutions. **Principal Duties and Essential Responsibilities:** + Design, develop, and maintain software applications + Develop end-to-end platform architecture + Work with Product, Front End development, and Ops to build continuous deployment customer facing features **Minimum Requirements:** + 2+ years developing with Amazon Web Services + 15+ years back end service development using current languages and methodologies + A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience + Proven data modeling and architecture design skills + History of delivering scalable, reliable infrastructure + Excellent oral and written communication skills + Successful completion of Verint background screening process including, but not limited to, employment verifications, criminal search, OFAC, and SS verification + Significant Database experience **Preferred Requirements:** In-depth knowledge and experience working with 2 or more of the following: + Relational databases + NOSQL databases + RESTful service design + Distributed Architecture + Automated code deployment + Test driven development + Security driven design You should be interested in: + Continuously learning new tools and techniques + Mentoring + Working in a fast paced environment + Working in small, flexible teams + Cloud Native Architecture + Serverless Architecture + Event Driven Architecture Bonus points if you: + Have worked on highly available, scalable systems + Have front end development experience + Are skilled at UI/UX design As an equal opportunity employer, Verint Systems Inc. prides itself in providing employees with a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. This means we are committed to providing equal opportunity to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to one’s race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, disability, alienage or citizenship status, marital status, creed, genetic predisposition or carrier status, sexual orientation, Veteran status or any other classification protected by applicable federal, state or local laws. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment including but not limited to hiring, placement, promotion, compensation, training, leave of absence or termination.
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          Error with initial NPM install of Severless   

I'm seeing this with the latest version (1.16.1)
going back to 1.16.0 eliminates the issue.
npm install -g serverless@1.16.0